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Full text of "The history of trauayle in the West and East Indies, and other countreys lying eyther way towardes the fruitfull and ryche Moluccaes. As Moscouia, Persia, Arabia, Syria, Aegypte, Ethipoia, Guinea, China in Cathayo, and Giapan: With a discourse of the Northwest passage. In the hande of our Lorde be all the corners of the earth. Psal. 94"

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Hijlory of Tranayle 
in the 

Weft and Eaft Indies, and other 

countrcys lying cytherway, 

cotoarDca tlje fnutfull ant rpcfce 

Ethiopia, Quint*, Cbitu in CttbajH 
Gi*f*n : With a dilcourfcot 
the North well pa (- , 

3n tU ftanDt of out lo/ut be tn tb co^ietf if 

^vV w^^^v^^^^^^ 

^Jmprihted at London 

by Richarde luggc. % 
M77- ( 


H o 

To the rygbt noble and excellent 

Lady.thc L.idy Brigit,Countcllcoi Ikd- 

f ordf./ny fuv*ulcr c;ood Lady and 


L ftudies haue thcyr fpeeiall 
'tyracs (Ryght noble Lady) all 

Nand raaynteyncd with honour, 
yjrhcfeely chyldelcarncthinhis 
tcder age how to fpeake,to readc,to writciyoug 
laddcs bcftowc thcyr tymc in the ftudy of other 
libcrall fcicnccs: as yccrcs come on,and wyt cri- 
crcafeth/o finally, the whole courfcotlearnyng 
isrunneoticr. Agayne^thcartcof Grammcr is 
wonterftto be learned, and than Logikc after- 
warde : naturall Philofophie gocth not before c- 
loqucncc in our fchooles: Geometry i* firft read, 
& than Geography, So that the ftudics of good 
letters haue their times in refpecteof mans age, 
they haue thcyrtymes in the order of learning: 
yea they haue atyrnc, thatmaketh vsalltobc- 
ftowe therein our tymc,and to ftudie echc facui- 
tic in due tyme, I meanc thatipeciall tymc they 
floryshein, I may not dcnye but that Icarnyng 
hath at all tymcs ben well accomptcd of, in mo(i 
countreys the f kyll of dyucrs lancuaccf well 
thought of, & learned men to haue ben nlwayes 
rewarded. what is than that fpceiall tyrncwl ir- 
inalinudicsdocfljoryilR^ Lcarnyngmay bee 
ryght \ycllcomparcdvnco the iloutcs^* fumes 

(,>. of 

The Fpiftle. 

of the earth, and the fpecialltymeof lcarnyng f 
vntotheyrfingulerfeafons. In May, flourcs:in 
Iunc,Cherics:at Harueft,cornc: in September, 
Crapes: foforcth it in the ftudy'of good letters* 
There was a tyme whathearteofgrammcr was 
fo muchecfteemed, that Gramaricns proceeded 
matters thereof as woorfliypfully, as other pro- 
feflbu rs now doe in any other facultie.Than wa* 
it honourable to be a Poet: honourable I lay, for 
that the Poet Laureate enioyed the honour of a 
Palatinc.that tyme is paftc . There was a tyme 
\vhan Logike& Aftrology onelyfo wecried the 
heades of young fchollers, yea and bufied olde 
agealfo, that true Philoiophiein dccdewas al- 
moft forgottcn,eloqucnce defaced, the langua- 
ges exiled, that tyme is part, Not long fince hap- 
py was he that had any f kil in the greke tongue, 
he was thought a great fcholler that could make 
a grecke verfe , N owe a daycs,who ftudieth not 
rather the Hebrue language f Where haueyou 

almoft any grecke aucthour prin tcdf Geography 
kye hyddcn many hundred yecres in darkeneffc 
and obliuion,withoutregarde and price : of late 

whotaketh not vpponhim to difcourfc of the 
whole worlde, and echc prouince thereof parti- 
culcrly, euen by hearcfay, although in the firfl 
principles of that arte, he bee altogeather igno- 
rant and vnf kylfull '. This cyme is now. S o long 
as Poetry was cftcemed, the artcof grammer 
acc'ompredof, Logikcmuchemade of, A^lro- 
logy well thought of: DiuinePoets,goodGra- 
maricns, perfcdc Logiciens, excellent Aftro- 
nomers no where wanted , 

4 fhfflt en you utu(Y Kant then one Mtcenas // HottOU f & 

promotion bcftowed vppon the mayntcyners 
ofcontrouerficsin religion, hath brought gray 
hearcs from endlefle Sophi(rry,from Scotus for- 
malites, from Buridan and Burley, from Hoi- 
cot, from Bricot, from Vadcmecum, from Dor- 
mi fccurc, and taught yonger yccrcs rather to 
paiTe through Ariftotlc and his intcrpretcrs,tharr 
cucr to dwell therein : caufed them toftudie the 
fcriptures, to readc ouer the fathers, to conferrc 
languages, to feaichc the Chalday Paraphraftc, 
toperufcthe olde Dolours, to tranrfat* the 
newe wry tcrs^to hcape vp common places, ta 
difcourfe of fc#es,to wrytc cunningly^to preach 
eloquently : and made them to be, for braulyng 
Sophifters,graue Philosophers, for formal Don- 


Itisnowealmoftone hundred & ffftieyeeres 
agoe,that Don Hcnrico,fonneof lohn thcfyrft 
of that name Kyngin Portugale, andNepheir 
vnto our Kyng Henry the fourth, made his vy-* 
age after the conqueft of Septa to the Canaries, 
and encouraged the Portugales to fearchc the 
coaftcsof Atrica 3 and to feckc the landes therea- 
bout not fpoken of to fore. His grandcNcphett 
John the (econdc, fo furthered this cnterpryfe, 
that the Portugale fliyppes hailed the Cape of 
good hope > difcouercd Ethiopia, and layled 
where antiquitie denycd paflage, beyond all A- 
fricainto the Indian kas.Hefentalfo expert snd 

cunning traueylcrs into ^Egypr, andthercddc 
fca coaftcs to efpyewhat way the Portugales 
might Jookc for beyond the Cape of good hope 
to Calecut in India: the which viage in his fonnc 
Emanuellhistyme, was profperoufly taken in 
hand by Vafqucz Gama, the nienth day of luly, 
ntheycereofourLorde.i497.&happely ended 
luly againe,two yceres after, to his great cre- 
dit and preferment, to the immortal fame & ho- 
nour of his Prince and countrey.Here began the 
ftudie of Geographic,that eucr fincc Ptolomeus 
raignc layetrodcnvnderfoote,& buried in duft 
and aflies,to fpring vp agaync, and by the relati- 
ons of f kilful traucylers in Europe, Affrike,& A- 
fic:through the difcouery of the far Indies, the 
Moluccaes,& new founde landes,of late fo to be 
wondred at,as no other facultic more. I dare be 
bold to fay,thatgencrally all Chriftians, Icwes, 
Turkes.MooresJnfidclSj&Barbares bcthis day 
in loue with Geographie.The wy Ide and rogiflic 
Tartares myght for famine perifli e in the winter, 
it they in the fomracr f kylfully followed not the 
funnc,Thc heathen Giapans diuided the worldc 
into three partes : Afrikc was defcribed by a 
Moore , The lewes report the eftates of all coun- 
treycs to the Turkcs. The Turkiflie Basfl)aes go- 
uernc the fwceteft prouinccs in Europe, A- 
fnke, andAfia, no men greater traucylers than 
Chriftians. Who but Geographers doc teach vs 
what partes of the earth be cold, warme,or tem- 
perate? Of whom doe we learne howe to diuydc 
the world into partes,th e partes into prouinccs, 
the prouinccs into fhyrcsfof Geographers, vnto 


whom haue wcc to make rccourfe for Mapped 
Globcs,tablcs, and Gardes, wherein i he dyuers 
ographcrs.Set Geographic afyde, youfhalncy- 
therbcabletogetinrelligencesof the frtuation 
andftrengthofany citie, norofrhclimites and 

uernement of any kingdome, nor be able wefto 
trauaylcoutof yourownedoorcs, wilyou fee 

.._ -- j .- "t "HI Ml III fc'tVl- 

metrv and Aftronomy, (for that is to bee a Geo- 
grapher in deede) be able to doe fl.ooke you on Kyng of 
the King of Portugales title: the two panes, of Portugal 
the three therein,were atchiucd by Vafques Ga- * AI 5 ar 
ma,and other traueyleisaduentures . Confidcr Lordcof 
the fruiteMhc drugges, the pea, le, the treafure, Sfe 

haue brought out of the wrfwHBSSe SiSS? 

farftviagc of ColumbusrThcgrcat commodities into Etlno^ 
our nation reapeth by thetraucyleo'f ourcoun- pia,Arabia. 

treymenintoBarbary,Guiny 3 andMofcouia,wil pcrfia * &In * 
beafufficientteftimony vntoallvs Engli(hmen dia * 
whatitistobeafkilfultraueyler, what to bee a 
ftaineful Gcographer 3 and learned. Dcfire of rule 
brcedeth vi&ories 5 vidrories come by coqucfles 
conqucftesare furthered by traueylc, traueylc 
cannot bee maynteyncd without great wealth, 
wealth maketh all traueylc plcafanr.The North* 
weftcrne vyage,br it nc tier fo full of difficulties, 
will become as plattfible asany other iourney, 
if our paffengers may rctui ne with plcntie of fil- 
ucr,filkcs,and pearle.Lct Columbus, Amcricus, 
C"" fully 


Iy rewarded, you flial hcare of other iiewe found 
landes vet altogeather vnknowen . Let Gamabc 
let in place, and Gama will tell you the fituation, 
thcmancrs,thcfbrceand wealth offorrcyncna- 
tipns.forGamahis endeuorwas, not oncJy by 
his friend Codius to defcrye the countrcy whcr- 
>euerhecame, but alfotolcarne himfelfethe 
"ches, ftrength, and conditions of the people, 
honour may ntcyneth arte : and the f kill ia Ge- 
ography^s all other fciciKcs,hath bttta tymcof 
preferment, the whichc than chiefly inyght bee 
looked for, whan it is moft cfteemed. This in the 
noblemyndeof Cadamuft bred that earnoftdc- 
nre,after Don Hcnrico his example,to traucylc, 
topenhisowncaduenturcs into the Southeaft 
an 5 ^? ft partes^to make the nauigation of Gama 
and his companions knowen vnto the worldc. 
modines wherof v Barros a counfeller of thePor- 
tugaleKyng, -payntcd out long agoc in manyc 
ookeSjOforius of latc,hiftorically hath written 
the famein fewe. This made Marcus Paulus Ve- 
nctus a courtier in Tartary, Hay ton the Arme- 
nian to become a Frenchman,Lcwts Vartornan, 
ratraueylcr in Ethiopia, firocardus an inhabi- 
T of Iury,& eche one of them to leaue his pain- 
ful iorncy with pofteritic in wryryng.This enfla- 
med the Spanyardes to take vppon them the dif- 
couery of the VVcft and South weftcrnc landes, 
done and written by Columbus, Pinzonus. All 
fonfus, Cortcfius, and Americus, of whom that 
region America hath name.VVhofc long letters 
and tedious rcportesof thingcs there brought to 



[cinthecbiiqueft of that halfc world*; the 
_ raungc bcaftes, thefundry fortes of fruitcs ,thc 
ioycs and riches the whichc that countrey yeel- 
dcth, the manners and fafhionsof the people, 
their citics,and princely palaces, they r no bilitic, 
their maner of gouerncment,thcir warres/heyr 
fcruilecftatc vnder the kyngesof Spayne,their, 
conuerfion vnto the Chriftian fay th,P. Martyr 4 
learned and graue man,bornc at Anglerla in the 
duchy of Milanc,then Prefidcnt *i the Spanifh 
kinges counfcll for the wtft hid ics, gathered in- 
to one volume, and leauing a fide all fupeifluous 
narrations, made thereof, as it were,onc briefe 
and con tin uall hiftone.This volume deuided he 
into eyght Decades, after the Greeke worde,fo 
calling the fundry parcels thereof, for that eche 
one conteyneth in it ten particulcr bookes or 
chapters* R* Eden our countrey man dyd into 
Englifh, whan K, Philippe was in Englande, the 
three fird Decades, and the fourth alfo, though 
vndcr a wrong title, according to the Dutch c 
Printers cdition.wherin the fifrc, (ixte, feuenth, 

_J__I-^TX_ __i_r^_ ^ t_. . _ ft . 

moreouerGonzalesFerdinandusOuiedus bre 
alary of the weft Indies, &geathercd togeather 
oat of many myghty and huge vvorkcs, fomc 
other prety paraflcttcs concernyng the Spany- 
ardesand Portugallcs voiages into the late dit 
Couered lands,adding thereto certeine difcour- 
fcs of the north paries* Thcfc his aforefayde do* 
inges,asfewemennesworkes at the firft come 
exadly abrodc, this paynefull tra nfla tour my n- 
dcd, if not to amcndc > at the lead to augment, 
<. ?^i by 

The Fpiflle. 

by putfyns* thereunto in Enplifli Lewes V.irro- 

mannus Nauigation into JfLgypte, Arabia, Si* 

ia Pcr/ia 5 and India, with our Mcrchantcs Aio(- 

couianandPciiJan trautlles: I ut death rcutn- 

rcJ his purpolcyior iuhrynghim to atcomplilli 
lus deiirc. 

Chnlhan c 1 aritic therefore vnto the party dc- 
parted,cau(cd me to hclpc his workes iorwardc: 
Nature moucd me to take fomepayncs in pla- 
cing orderly, thatwhichchchad confufclygy- 
ucn^out, the better todirecl, and the more to 
profit the reader : My prortfTion enforced me to 
cut of fomcfuperfluous tranllations, and to fill 
vp the reft of his doingcs with I>, Martyrs other 
writingcs 3 and finally to furniflie his want with 
my owncftorc. Hoping and perfvvadingwith 
myfrlfe, that ifGodlikcwifccallmc from thefc 
worldly Nauigations, and earthly dcfcriptions, 
before my other traucll in this facultye, takea 
long fincc in handc,bc cndcd:fomc other profcf- 
for of Cofmography wil fo rewarde me after my 
death, as presently of this dead man I doe de- 
feruel Other credite fcekel none therefore, I 
lokefornoprayfe,Ihope not for honor, I gape 
for no gayne by this kind of ftudic . I knowe this 
day no place,no prefermem,no publikc chayre, 
no ordinarieleclure 5 no commune ftipende, no 
fpecial reward due vnto theftudentes 
graphy : no notat this time, when this faculty, 
was neuer more fetby : no not in this realme, 
whercytneuermoreflorinicd, The honorable 
narncofaChriftian, and the infallible fruites 
thereofjeucrmclinedmcjeuen from my tender 


yccres,for the final portion of learning that gocf 
hath lent me, to do goodjif I could,vntomany : 
and Specially to make thofe my fnendes and wel 
doers knowcn vnto thcworlde,by whofc bene- 
uolence & fauour I doe liue,and am maintained. 
In the fmal number whereof,for among ft many 
wel willersl findebut few well doer s,yourHo- 
nor(right noble Lady) my Lorde & you, his no- 
ble children and yours, fince my nrft returne 
from beyond the leas, muft I confetfe to haue 
ftoodc me chiefly in fteede: & humbly acknow- 
ledge^thefirftyecrely pcnfion I euer was aflu- 
red of in England,ro haue ben by your Ladifhip 
beftowed on me* Wherefore as I will moft wil- 
lingly yeelde vnto many other of your Honors 
gcrleme to come of great houfes,to haue welthi* 
cr friendesjlargcr potfetfions & i cuenucs than I, 
to be more a&iue,more comely,more wyfe, po- 
licike^learned^ tohaue feene more: fo in huble 
ducty,loyal fcruice/mccrc aifcdion & good wil 
to your Honor, I raay,Ican 5 I wyl contende with 
any of them all, cucn to the v t term ufl force and 

& foule. In tcftimony whcrof, and full adurancc 
of my feruice vnto you for euer, thefe lad doings 
of H, Eden newly encreafed, my fuft labours in 
our language, his hiftory &naine of irauel in cbe 
Aveft &baft ludies,altogeathcr in one volume, 
duetifuily do I prefcnt vnto your Honour, with 
al humility praying & moft earn eft ly rcquefting 
your good Ladiftjip, that you will vouchfarc 
it, & by ley furc, in this iourney, the w.hiche my 
^ii, Lordc 


The Epiflte. 

Lordcandyouhauc determined intothe'wcft 
count rey, to let your pagereade them ouerto 
your Honours recreation, as one of the princi- 
pallcaufes wherefore at this tymc they were fet 
foorth. If varietie of matter, occurrents out of 
forraigne countryes , newcs of newc foundc 
landes, the (undry fortes of gouernement, the 
diflfcrcnt manners &fafbions of diuers nations, 
the wonderfull workes of nature, the fighres of 
ftraungetrees,fruitesjfoule, and beaftes, the in* 
finite treafureof Pcarle^olde, Silucr,&ioyes 
may recreate and delight a my ndc trauelled in 
weighty matters,& weened with great al 
credit me, good Madam, in kftning vmo ihis 
worke,fliall you haue recreation, yod (hall finde 
delight in reading ouer thcfc relations, wherein 
to ncwe, fo%aunge,fo diuers, fo mttiy recreati- 
ons and delightes of the mynd are ocprcfled . 
Your Honours good lykyng thereof, wyll be to 

mcnofmalleontentationforthis worke pavnc- 
nillydoone, a good occafion fpedyly to finifli 
thcreftofmyownc labours concerning this fa 

iny whole time hereafter only in that ftndy> 
k Crc ^ it ^ aH m y former knowledge in Philoio- 
>nyand Geography may c ndc . Thcwhiche, 
conuenientiy now, I am in good hope to peiw 
irme, w i t h my Lordc and your Ladyfhyps 
goodleauc, and continuance of my duety and 
tecruall defirc to doe your Honours the better 
teruicc. M L9rid(tn ih( ^.oflnlj. .577. 


R. VVille? Prcf-ccvntothc Reader, wherein is 
let dow nc a general! ftimrre as it were of the 

whole workc, 

Dia grtat* ana large bofome cwOftftti 
pMnnpallpcffourepartc0,a$rceab!e bmt 
tbofc fourc coiners of ctjc laojlw, tt)&ertwi 
to tbe f hitfull feamen ano me rcbaumca afr 
ucnturr r0 of late rccrcs !;aue rbteficlp era* 
if ilf D ,ano pet fpcnallp are tuont to refute, 
fcbe ftrft part omtepnerb foore Denfte*, ?> ftrft P *rr , 
tojiete n Up f. M ^rfyr, a learncD f grane cotmfeUrt of Cfeirie* ^ ^^ Oct^t 
ftr Cmpcnmrfifteof^atnamf, concernimg t^c ^panptttea 

tljeft n:m!pDtfeoiierfD parted of tbetooiloe, tl>e tol)icbe ufuallp 
tQccnouirall tbeUieff /^>J. Hereunto bauetoe aDdco GM%*- 

IMS Ecrdnun.'.us Ouifdus bltefc IjliTo^IC tOUdjing tfje fame RU^ 

flrr/oefc tbefirftpwt ofowr baUiraeUatb fiur particular booked 
Jncheftrf! lu'jcrcofcap 1.1,3 4 ana 5.?. A4*mr&e(cribrt&c- 
/!' r fir.l dn^ fee onu nautgattonji ano mfcooniwof cerufnc 
Jfan^cs maoc bi> tjpm fpeciatl? anD bts b?oct?er,3!n ctje 6 dMptet 
tn b 3 jK: tbrreof (foi b Jtb w we finoc) ii fet foo?:lj c^m- 
^Jtijtra brajc 3 an^ tlje Dtfconrrp of Terujn rtx maipe Hiefl 
/n,///^ ten&e. Jn tfje fcucntbsbts trouble batfc in tbeUicft /^/>/. 
ano rc:oarne into <^paigne tuul? his biot{)cr,betng botb p?tfo 
nets. bc 8. is of r. ///O'^bopagwrbatfamctowp Jncbep. 
areDfdarco tljc trauatles ofi'inctnt anD Tetrr T w^i 5 anD odiet 
fepanurDfl likcuitfe tljttbcr from f f W. t!;e i o. is a ronrlufion 
iftl)^ ^l)Dl DccaDc,U)i:b parttailrr mention of fomc fpcnal no- 
tie Ities,^ Ca/ir<j fwirtb boiage beganac.^o (bat in rtie firtt Oe- 
aoepoaljaitc biITo?tra!!p fctDo^ctbc Dtfc:ucrpc of (bcturU 
faft>/,fatai in banocnbout rt;c vcrre of our Ioioc.i492.bp Co- 
/W&M: ano bis rompaiuon3,\)mill tljc pccre 1510. as T. M.-rtir 
hJitncffctbfol .8.4? 4" &54 -CMMUJo^Ptraii^Ifran-afKil' 

ipojtetlj c.ip.25 . ml i*gencrall lr.f!oc de las Jndia^ 
fc conD Dcraoc contcpnccl; />> matccra,cmimlf D bp f . 
C red>tui i tythicnsjfytt i^a fotifmnu 02 matjnc laiiDe,a* 
tit. in 

in iff DC t'c to of it felfe tmft tfce rcfl of J merit*, in Fpfce mt> 
net as Curopf ,affrpk,t 8Qa,be one continent 01 matgne fort* 
bntD togeattjer . 3n tUc fp?& ano fcconDr chapters of cbus Dt 
caDf ,fbail pou reaoe $c uopages of fogtd* and Xicuef*, to Z>*- 

r/nu.Jn d;e tbpjD, Co/moww trauaplc0, Xuutf* Iji0 Dcai&,anD 
tfce / mtyfcr kpng Cornopus be nc uolmc f : Jn tljc fourtij,/ ' Vf ^ 
Kifmrcc Dopnges to f'r^j gulfe . Dia conquett of rebellious 
Barbarian kpngdtn t^c fifte.jntbefpjrt^/Vr^/^ c*bntn*ris 
ambaffao^ out of 2>4riVn to HifttnioUMfo tl;e religion of King 
CimmnxUtor in c^,^e Cnicnti booke conteincrl) f rtr*; >rui 
(o?oep to T-r/4 in f rrn.fcte.8. r^c Dtflemion be ttotjct tte &pani< 
art>w anoi^tugales fo? rt;cp^bounDc0 3 and mabpng of fpue 
^t(bo|W in t^efe netoelp founoe partes of rl>e Uwjfce . 3fn rbr 9 
are (be IWD tbe rputrs of'D^nrw, ano pljtlofopljicallp tbe cau&i 
of fo great Utter* rtiere . ^accoumreptaDcfcnbc&imlK 10 
anD tbe ejtrtme Inmgcwbpooen bp tbe companion^ rtKifuefa, 

3ln tbe rp^tt, fectm^anfi r^ djapter* of tfee ttjp?Dc Df caDf , 
wcontepnco an abjtDgtment of V&m rs>nf^relationg,con* 
ccrntng bw borage to ri;e fout^ fea,fo; itlpedj (butfe from 2)^r/m. 
Ufuallp termt o notoe a Dapcg MM ^/^rand map alfo be calico 
$t topee eatt JnDpQje Ocean . be Difcouerp thereof made bp 
N*nnczj tfee kpng fuboueD bp bpm, cfpeciadp kpng c'owww- 
^rj rttfiflcnpngbp rlje name of Carles, anD tl;e topimpng of 
kpng rM4M<m4 o^ Tubtnvna ano l;ts counttep . 3?n tljc fmtrt^ 
chapter (hal pou rpnDCo/M^tt; foiirty bpage, began ^.//o. 1 502 
to tl)e mapnc toed 3InDpfl;e lanoc, iuu() tbe Defcnptton of feme 
pare rberof, Ipitjg bctiup ft cur 3 :Iamike 01 tuedcrne )ctan,ano 
tt;e ao)?efapDe Ma ^/^r,aa f r^4, anD rr^M . Jn refpecte 
of tbe biflojp anD courfeotpeere0,t^i0 booke nipgbt Me been 
plareD before tlje ft-conoc DC caoe, but it ujoulDe fee me tfcat tbefe 
repute came no factur to.T. \ian\i Ijis IjanDe?> luhercfojc be 
began rijis fotirtlj bcoke irell tijud . 3 teas Determined. ?c. 
tZTbe fpftb booke eomcpiiet(j.?. /r/d/toinrp n?ennoncDDcc,2 
Iib.y. to t^c nojtlj fpDe of ?ir, therein Cutl^tm aws MM- 
i^ttoo famous !)auena,&o ftartDe,U)idi a Dcfmptton of ttjc coun* 
trep anD people thereof. Jn tl.e fpn pou baue a Difputatton touch* 
fog t(;e ieuam ftreanic o? caflernc furge of t{)C Cca,t!jc Difcoucr^ 


To the Reader. 

ot . P.jrui arriuafl in Damn, 4* 5in> 

rommooutcs ano unurfjolcfoutic (Te of Vine*, . 3ft tfre .7. ^.9 
fcoohe &, foal pott Ijauc a ocfrnpaon of Htft*ni9l*,c*b*>mb ogee 
3danocg rfjereabout,Dojie bp ./fatal Moralu. 3no in $c . i o 
foall POU rea&e of djc Jlanoc >/ in Ma dclztur, of *e kpng 

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of toe Barbart fotolpng^ tbe nanncc of t tjc gcatj^rpng of goto 


e^c fourth DccaDe,fb7foU)aJt'fnamfDfntljf^iMiiparl>frt^ 
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topf, after co/m^; uopagra: tfj boofce j Tap Uww bp .f. Af <r. 
culled out of tbe Jnotan tcgtfttd, comejmpng fpcctafl nocc0 

nerp of r mavm Jlanots ano crrkrs, mmefy /jtf4^m(D0nr bp 

fermnJesofCcMj $ 1)18 COtt1|MMOQ0) C^mf//*,tbe3}lanO 

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g.Kicn^crcin be conquerto ftf^r^^n^tnnetoc fepapnr, ri)e 
DCdti) tfy*ttuu*,b ctccutton of KI/CN/ Xumif joking MuMtzt* 
Its p^efmccB toCbarfta tbe Cm|rrour,bis bookt0Jcctrrd,anH 
fupcrlhtion^, finallp tbcrume o : HifpMniol*, ano Utter oetapi 
tfjcreof^fbefoe Ojouloenotbetalmtntpme. 
jLaftofal G9nz*lui Ottdus btftont cof mctfj t'n.iS. 
feucrafl chapters (cebc one tube retf batlj bis proper title) a b?tefe 
Dedarationofrtie tocft JuDpfl) naugaiicn, of ttjc metals tfje 
tobicb are founo in tljofe latclv DtfctucrcD lano,of tbe manerg of 
the pc opJr ,ritcc,ctifioinca,an& cerniome s,of ibt bcaftcs/ouka, 
bpjDcg, ttoimeij, fpftje^, fca, riucrtf, ftypngctf, tree 0, planers, 
^carbe0,9 biw rs otber rln'ngrs tlja< arc cngcntycD tl)f re borli on 
tbe lano t tn rije twter . Co tt)ts batx lue aorr o r ertauie fpenall 

tl;c trul pare of 

To the Reader. 

djrrcCOTrtJ <^WUtuiilMUuiii uu>, ypiij* 

jwit. title tbctcof fct wtw.Jf fll'sso. Co iupt,a otfcourfc to p^uc 

tk<& tljcrc 16 a y adage tatbc Molucca lw tbc nojtijtwctf, tljf 
tobicbe piefend? .M.Cip.F*rbifjcr attempted), U)icb ccrtapwc 
repojtes of tbepiouincc <: >* in '.ttbyo. to{jere be batlj co ttnkc 
tn^wt nepagc, airtJt'ipiDlD ofGr<04n,anQ ocbcr JiauDcs bp ttie 
top. Ct)etoi)icltt feconoc part, uljcrciu matter ronrernfng tbt 
imjcbtoet is bnO!r D, ta fo mucte tbe mo ? tcr, bp ha to inarb tbe 
rpift part feemeo oucrlong; be^oestbat tiw: paracu'armcs of 
rbts corner of tbe UJO^IDC are net pet fo tbiou jblp knoiuen, but 
t^at otber ttntcera (bai Doubrteffr in mo?e ample matter iroptope 

w|Kcw. je' W)irb 3! ftpfbettue nwft bippteano p^cfpcrouo. 
n tbep niott twUanrlp (f patncttUp, to tbe rcnoiune of our Cng 
rpfte nation,oo fl;etue to Ijaue t.kcn it in banDc. 

3In tbe tbjno part Owl pourpio aoifrnptton of tbf najcbea- 
true tftpibt torn fifddpfeag ano kmgDonralpingtbat toap ;aa A/oyiwX 

Art. JthiuM4,tyfaun4rkf,(htejfad<Jll*i{if,L*poniiitXorVa}, Sue* 

Xt*.Vf SrtodbmkJBatbtUttBCtthUDdc : out ofZeigltrus, Tw- 
in /*r/,H > 4/ioii,anD Sebaftw free Io:D o^ Baron of Hub eft a*. 
to^cbecountrfpa8iDriLnoitanDnouljca(ll i eponDA/o,<:oj</u, 
Bawdp ?aft2^ /K^r^anD otur pixjuinccs of tbe Castaw : .10 
Ub tbe^owigrg niape tb^oug) Mofam* bp tbe nicrcbaunti of 
Conotm two fYr/n, eontemyig manp fpeciafl tbpnges luoo tlj 
tbe knotDleoge ,botli of tbe couitrcp tc fclf,t(?e commodities tbcre^ 
of, tbe manners of tbe propleano tbe pnitikD^cs qraumeo Unco 
ourmetcfraumes bp tbe SopbL o? sb*ngb tbe -/vr/^iipnn;. 
f inallp in tljc fourrij par are fee ootune our mcrcbauntci 

J^ n* fcopagts into Cuine*, atitt cbe otber parctUca ot iiffrite Iptiij 
lotBarotf tlje ft>Dt!ri)ea(l , L^*M i-'atmammt natujationtf 

cucn to cbe fruttcfiill A/O/ ;, loitb tbe pure* of 
anu otbcr Uwrr g bioutybt fmin tbcnce . CCitjcrc:o ib; a con 

about tbe UibofeU'oilDttderomenrton \\\: 
ano $>MnarDe$ foj teAf/a^tcWft-ic 

To the Render. 

tf-ror; fourelatt DfcaDe0 5 tofcerem rfpectallp tfcat now* no 
glmpou0conqefltf Afofe typrten. 6enerap #0 inwfr 
ofttjcfoarcparteaoftN large Uoluitie . fce Ufo JS 

>ccaDc3.jrof.i7^.aiiDin tlje rtfp- 

table rtjcrcof at al tlje rcaoer grcatlp 
- ibletorfmcniber in tol;at region 

^eu*idjeu)o ? tbpfptljerel;i 3 labours Deferuc, petnotcoflatier 
torn ncttbcr,uer; anj ^faulre baeb ben conmrnti :D: as 

o?te aa rbcfc are, notbpiig mferioi to the 
Mta of aunnent to ? uer0 5 far ejccceop., 5 dje inulmui of to 
W commenrinn ao friuolou* tranamon0,to to r 


nr,W O 

difcoucrvne; of tlicImTiff. 


Ot the fyrfl cii ftoucryng of the 

well Indies . 

, Certapnc Carauel faplpng in foe ttlcfl Of ean,abouf tfre 
coaftcs of >p,ipnc, biDafo?fpbIpanDcominuaIl topnoe Kbar 
from tl;c C ifl.iu'Krbp it UMB D;pucn to alanD Unknoluen, rug. 
anD not Defcribco in anp map oj carDe of tbe fea, anD U)a0 
typucnflpl along bu tl;e cjaQe of tljc famcfo?tbefp.iceofma= 
np Dape^untpfl'it came to alwuen, UJljereinaO)o?ttpme tl;e 
tnoa part of tljc uiarpiiers,bepng long before br rp toeahe ani> fe 
blebpreafonofljungeranDtrauapIl, DpeD: feotbatonelptbe 
piloc,tou!j tl)iee o? fourc otber, rcmapnt D afpue . 3nD not onlp 
(beptbatDycDjDpDnotimopc tbe JnDiestobiebctfjcpfpja Difco* 
uereD to ttjepj uirftouune, but tlje refpDue alfo tbat IpueD baD m 
nianercglttlefruiuonoftbefame: notleaupng,o? attbeleattnoe 
openlp puMpf^pn j anp ir emo?(e tbercof, neptber of tlje p!ace,o? 
tn'jat ic toa3 nlleD, o) in Uiljar peere it U)aa fbunDr. 3ibf if, tbe 
fault toas iu)ttbfp?s 5 but ratbertbemalpce ofotber, o? t^e emiie 
of tljat tofricb toe call fcntune. 3! DO nst tl;erfo?e maruepie,rl)at foe 
aunciem biflo^ieB aflfp^mr , tl;ai great tljpnges p^oceeDe ano in= 
creafe of fmall ann obfcurebcgpnnpnges, fptb Ue bane feene tfee 
fameberpfico in tbta fpnomg; of tit 3noies, being fo notable arm 
nette a tbpnj COc ncede not be curious to fecKe t\)t name of tt;e 
]pilot/pd) oeatl maoc a (bow moe of bis Dopngea . &omc u^l, 
tbat be came from ^/uk/K^MnD iraDeD ro tbe Jiianoes of CM* 
ru,ano tbe 3ilao of A/4^rr^,ui:)entb(s large anD mortal naui , 
garion cbaanceu bmo Ijpm. O.berfaptbatbeluasa tyfcumc, t 
ana traort into Cnglatioe ano jTraunce ^tber alfo,tljat be toas 3 "* lf *' 

lutocljajreetb tuell U):t!j tlje naineofrbefenctoelanDes, as 31 rttfiwu 
(Hiue fapo before . 3gapne,fome tbere be tl;at fap tbat be b;ougb< 
t!^ Carauel to ]i3o;tu(ja!e. o? to fte j!anD of v/^^ r j,oj to fome 
orbcrofrt;eJUttt)eseaHeD? lujz$ret . petoa noneofttcm 
afij^me anp tbpng, afiljougti thep al affirme tijat t(je pilot Dpro 
intbcbonfi'ofc^rr//o^'frCe / c/j J U)itl) tubomrenwpncDa!lfuc!)C 
tojupnges ano annotations as be IjaD maoc of bis iiouage in t(* 
fjoCaratiell, afu>c!l of fi;cb ri)pn3C0a8i;eobferucDbotljup!anO 
ano fca, as alfo ofrlje elc nation of tU pole in t(;ofc lauoe^ uiljicbe 



The TaMi 

ff ftTjcfniittfu! citieofEfflnajartHtbt hpngtJontf of 

flarfinsj. Op.ff. fjf. $fU 

tftljeDocititfc, agilitieanDtontfofCfepbanfea. C>:p9JFoi 58^ 
(TftbcingcnD;pngof<CIepbantcs: XiD oftl>c magnflceiicr ar.o rvcftea of 


ThetnTtnrti t f rt>e r yfth htkf 

I"f tfoe famous anD trcbt tttie of Cat f exit 
!TftbekpngcofaIccut:3iiDoftbev; Jootatrpe. 


after tbeotatlj of tftekpng. 

C>f tbef r mancr of toarrr. 
Cbt palace auucourte of t&ebpng of talccut. 
tH)C*p(erjBof Calcntt. 
Cbcfou(e0anQbp;Df0of Calrmr. jS6 

Cay i F nl. ;<?7 
Cap.i.j-'ol 37 

rbe cttirof Ca 

0" ap. 1 1. JF ol. j9c 
Cap.iifof. $91 
Cap.ij.fol. 392 
Cap.i4.jFol 391 
Cap.iv.fol. 39? 
Capi6jFol. 39* 
C^p.iT.jFo!. 394 
C ap 18 JFol 394 
Cap.i9.fol 395 
Cap. 20. f J. 3,; 

6otot tbtp? 13 bffittona titflt tbc flckc folkt*. C ap 18 JFol 394 

^ftbwerc|jaungctc,baiikcrB,a:vOl)2ohtrf. Cap.i9.fol 395 

fl5ftbinbabttantcflof]3o!uit nnfi Inraua. Cap. 20. f J. 3,;^ 

ff)ffcrefouttDbcaftc T fou!fg,aDt)^Df8of C.ilemt. t,ip.?i. jFcl. 39 
Of ccrtapnc ^trpcurce \rbtcbr art (cent iti Calrcut. (Cnp. 12 J-ul. 59 
Iff tbt Ipjbrts anD lamped UJl)u!;c are feme in ttjc palate of tl;c 
*?ngofCalecw. C?y :j.f ol. ;9tf 

fcfce great multttuDt of IflolaterBtobicbc"^;" to pat-Dan of 
t^Qnittf. (Lap :4.j"ol. 396 

Cfffetcttte of Caicolon anD colon. 

2)ftCv;omanDcla(ineof InDu. 

2)f ttje Jlanoe of ^tlon, ar.D (fee picciouc nonrs 'ouiiDc 


SDftberrecofina'tiom:t:n:f J!a:'.ccof?ailon. 
ff f T3aleacbet, a citit ot JuOta. 
ff f Carnafan,a (Cine ot JnDta. 
f tbc tuplDt ano taint IK nttc& in the ctric of CT nrraf. 1 . : 
^te m.mer tolntbe ti)c k>ng of cainaiauw;Uwe 

tovfcto be Bcflcuj^tD oftDtemm. 

CTap.i. fol ;< 


i tt ; 

Carnar.::;. CL*.^; 

^bcJurtiiftirbtchthtnbal' ::M{aiiobfcruc. ta . . 

r thcpabun.e:ancabi:iyiflintUei;ie of 

Ctl>lo(ri&{rjoftt)ttt r .1:5 .^ap.12..-. 

9( TBanffena, affttat anO rpcfc citieoflnafa: 3nDofrbe mat 
tbekwjo: rpat ctne. <r a ,, 



- ai>i 

Pftjetttteof fc3i!.Kba, and tbc great tufr of Ow. Cap 17 O f 

f hrr bonTif nf 1 ^,,,,,.., . a Ift f_i 

Sotoe tbe gtmmica of aioee * laffrpirfom, are p;ouco. 

Cfmuet 5 mtuljaimrcfl in tbe Jlanoe of Sumatra o; 

fff tie Jlano of Kantian toberejRutmessrcjfBafe are 

fl)f certapne obfeniationg ttco jr. - : 


JDf the JIanD of <>iau3, j tbe mann * 
Cf tbe crur II maner in Ueping r ij, 

$f tbeftrange courft oftbc *>unnctn 
>f tbe?; rt. urne from tlje JIano o{ <e 
a gapne of t be citte of Calec ut after tt 


oto tOe ^abuateta puca cal 

ion to t be 

Cap 2*.jFol. 4 o8 


I 0"jn *s\ ~1 . . 



tbe CI);iniat!8aiiDipal)uinrtan0: Jut n 
(rtDibleualiamninV, gauc tbf ?^ crinntep tbe uuei 
kpng of Cattonoii tcio^cD at tbe tocti ;:i 


ti . 

Op. i ' 

' ol.4>0 

The TAW 


Cube Rubuf tobjcbe grotoe in the JlanDt of ?t fUm, 

2)f tb kfnDt of Rubtc calico Qpttullr. 

IDf fcurtjuetfcf. 
fft Jactnrbw. 

foT. 4n 
/ol. j 
/ !. 4 
jp |. 42! 
jpol. 4 
fol r * 

f ol, 42? 
jFoL 4ic 
fof. 426 

cc, tofcre 

Of Ctou. 

of pepper. 


JFot. 427 

jrof. 427 

ff)f t^t flpot^curtes DMiggc0 > anD of to^at p;( t^tp ire in Cattcur mo 

SDftbetocfrttt*ofp8;tugltantjJnota,anD!;otDtlKpa8rff. fol. 429 
f tfct tyage maot bp ibt^panvatDro rounDc about tbc tooilDe. jrol . 42^ 
J^ajctmilUin ^ranfilaamw letter thereof to t ^ CarOiiwll of 

l^t DclMtt WB ftrfff, btttDetnt tlje *ponfarDrfl antpo;fngalffo; tbt 
Diutfion of tftc Jnmw, aD t^e traOc of ^ptce,anD t^e i^oluccaee,ont of 
lopi?Dtomara. fo\. 4.4^ 

tbe repartUJon anD uiuiflon cftlif JnUiwanGnctocluojlDrbttlDcenf i!x 
*8>pan?arDe0iDtbtponugalc8. JFol. 44* 

CbecaufeanDMetbojtnt tobcrrbptbr? DentDcDtbc ?nmr. 

/ol. 451 



Imprinted at London by I\ ycl 

e. Aniv>. 1577, 





ano not rcicnbco in an? map o? car&e of tbe fw, anDHw* 
ffplalon.'xb? t(je eoafte of tbe famcfojtfcfpaeeofm* 
up Dapes,untyl( it came to aijaucn, utfjeretrafljojtrpme tb : 
moft part of ti;r itwnmer^bepng long bcfcjetarptoeake and fe* 
tie bp rcafon of fcunfrr anD trauapH , D?eD : feo tbat ondp tbf 
|2itlot^irtj tfycc o? foure otl;cr, 

uercD to tbepj tuvftou;;n:, but tit r cfpouc alfo tbat ImieD IjaD m . 
manetaautle fruition of tiie fame : not lcaupno;,oi at ti;efe* not 
openip pnbl-'ftrnj anp memojf e tbcreof, neprtjer of ftt 9!acc,0} 
toijat it UKJS c illeD, o? in luljat peere it iuaa founDei Sltrtr, & 
3>fci!t rntbertbe malpce oforbcr, o^ tbe cnw^ 
ot tbat Uiijiclj toe ca-.i to? tune. 31 DO not t!;ecf jjc nwrucpie,tbai 
atinctcnt li(lc^ci> ;ff^r>ne, great (bpnges p^ocecDe ar.D 
creafe of fmali anD obfoire bvgpnnpnges, fptb uic baue feene ti. 
ian^ma:D in tijis fpnom r of tbe j notes, being fo notable am* 
netBefcftvng. CCic nccDe not be curious to fecftc tbe name Of tbe 
puot,(p:b Dcatlj maD a Incite rtioc of bis Dopngcs . S>omc topi, 
tbat be came from Andaluzia,axto traDeD to tbe JItanDes of Can^ 
-riu^nDjf^JIana of A4"4^r4,to'.)entbis large anD mortal nauf*^ rftt |^^ t4At 
gation cbaunccD Unto Ijpm. O:berfaptbatbeUKi0a 'Byfcanne^ frjutounoe i$i 
anD trabeD into CnglanDe anD JT raunce . (btber alfo 5 tbat be teas 3uDlw 

r, a tbat either be Uxnt o? came from A/m4 o? /<//<: 
_ , _ .. ._ tb tocll toitb tbe nameoftbefenctoelauDw, as 31 1 
' baur QPD before . ^gapne,fome tbere be tbat fap tbat be b?ougbf 
" : iarauel to ipojtnpa'e, p? to tbe llanD of Mdntjvi to fomr 
"tbeJlanoegcaHeD^/w^orf/ . pet DO noneoftbem 
1 anp tbpng, altbougb rijep al affir me ttja t tbe pilot Dpco 
\tf)t\Jtoih of Cbrtjh pier Colon, tottb tMljornrcmapncDallfucbC 
litptigetf auD aitnotattons aa bc^baD maoe of bis bopagc in tbe 
~ afu>eU of fucb tfepnged as be obfrruco botb bp lano 
laftbedejiiutonof diepoIcintWc lanDcstobicbe 


. -. 

VVhatratncrof man Chwftopher Colon (otfeei* 

wy fc called Columbus) was,and how he came 

fyrft to the knowledge or thclndics. 

?>?f fropber Co/an fca c bojne in Cugwco, oj (aa fomc fa 
in Nr ri, a tillage in tbe tcrrttcne of c cmia in 3iraiic 

Defer ifleD as fomc tbpnbe, of il;e bcufe of tbe Tt 
ftaccntU in Lumbar die , J[)e begaime of a ebptoe to fce a 1 
marpner: tftobofe artetlKp bane great erercife en tljc rpuer of ; 
Gtnua . $: trace J many pr eres into > w,anD odjcr par res of tbe ' 
aft* #fter tljie,be became a ntatfi cr in makpng carDcs fo? tbe 
fea. l> ', cnbp be IjaD great Uantage . Oe came to 
to fenjUJ tljereaf.n ^ oefcripiion of tljefoutb coaCes of 
ano tbe ir.w.vioin of rlje I3o?tf:ga!c0, tberebp to make 
rar8fgiro?epcrfrcre to be folDr . l^cmarpctinp^tugale. 
fowe r/5f :'o? wmanpfap, 

Blucff arfiicbetwiieastbefapo CaratieU arrpueD tbcre, 
ot faioji;euin bi'3boufc,anDDpeDalfbt(jere 9 u(queatbpngti 
>n bis caroe of tbe ocfcription of fucbe netue landes as be bal : * 
unti,U)bcrcbp Colon bao tljefpift knoujleogcof tbe JnDres. 
j^omc baue tbounbt p ^kn tuns toel iearneD in p Ijctnuvpm 
ano tbe fctence of Cofmoarapbie : ano tbat be tuas tbcrel^ rp?ft 
moiieD to feefee tbe lanus of^^or/WjanD tlje rpcb 3!lanDeof c/- 
pwo, \uberof Marchus T.<u!ns U)?ptctb 2lfo tljat be bao rcnue 
iMliat 5Vrf/o in bis Dialogcs ofTimcus anD CI/'CMJ, u^irr tb ottt*- 
great 3i!anDc tfjt!anti<it, anD of a great lanD in tbe ueft Ceeao : * 
UuDtfcouercD^bepng bpgger tbcn 3Qa anD afirica. Jf urtbermoje 
tbat be baD foioiuleDge UJijat^r///o^//anD J btopbrafttsfyt t 
tl;ep? bookes of maru-iples; , tobere tbep to?pte tbat eer* 
tapne n:erel:auntes of Cartbage, faplpng from tbe Urrpg[jtes 
tUGlMuv toirarDe tlje Celt ft anD^outb, fbunDf after man? 
Dapes a great J(anue not inljabtrco , pep rcplcnpQjcD tuttb 
MIiar altbmigcsrcquifttc; anD bauing manp nauigable rrvens , 
Heete c 0/^/1 UMS not greatlp learneD : pet of godo i 
<3nDU>I;cnbcbao knotuleoge of tbe la^De uctoe lanDes bp 
info?ma:ioa of tbe Drau pilot, maDe relation djereof to 

men t toncD of oloe amour? (c cottirnuuuitco 

H^p^ ' 

-.^ayg^^J Eden. The decades. 
I Bancroft Library* 



What man Colo., 

maiuraa tfcac ije ~ r % anomanptbpngea 
teaft Unfycto, fcere tojitrwtip :!;; r * 

Jon? before fjaue communicat tljis L. 

men tlje G&iutftr *ljt nauaple 

not Become mtas&papnc fo?tijis pttrpofc. ^tu oouuielefle 

Ije ncucc itjouglj t of anp fucb tljpng, before ^e cljauncco to be ac 

QttamccoU)ict)t(jerapDcptlot^o founoe tljofe lanDca bp fov 

ftme, acco^png to tfje faptng of |9lim> ; 

0a^ of ins fir* 1 ' ' jUtQiuce ano inlimte ^uooncTe, at t(je 
lentil) uitti; f peg,. impafPon as tc men (oobpng toiunc fron 

eapmuiie> mtenDeo c ucit tl^i: (fiv canC, > f ni . na 
Co rapfe t!;bfe iupnim of uaf : " M , ..t tar..utll ((;c r*", 
<no(t Ipkc unto dr ftpppc of J^i -, tu' \p tije eTr..intc of tlje 
i^iuic IMO?IU toas fa UCD, as bp itjis Ct, . . el c(ji2 n ctoe UIO?!DC it 
rcpticB t !jc fpift bopr of tl;ep? fa!uatton) v-ift D^pucn to tfteft 
lanoca . 73c IDC topH no\r Declare toiMt area: tbpi gjes folotur D 
of djis fmall begpnnpr^,nnt> bolue c" ; - . m . tuco f;t3 mat(cr,re* 
eealcD unto Opmnot Jicijout 

What labour and trauayic Colon tookc in attcmp- 
t)iighis f) rlt voyage to the Indies. 


AjTccrrijeteatljofttjeiatlot (j titarpncroftbe^)panp(be 
Carmtell tbat otfcoucreo 3!np!'e0, c briber c/o pur* 
pofeD to feehe tlje fame . But in Ijoiuc muclje mo^e (;: Oe 
fp?eD tin*, tljc WTe luas (jt0 potter to arcompl & Ijts DC* 
^e . Jf oj, bcfpDe rljat of bpmfelfe be luasnot al 4 ' rod 
Mclbpppe, belacteDaifo tlje fauoureofa kpn^' :rcr , 
P?otec:ton be mpsfcc fo eniope tlje rpcljes Ije bopco to fpnoe 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


# The attempt of Colon* 

am> frpng tbe fcpng of lpo?tugale occupied in t(;e conqueft of 

attempteo,tbekpngof CaQpIe rpKe^pfenoIcDTe uufpcD in fte 
toarre0 of Grw^4, be fcnt to fcta bjo#er&rffc*/Mr>f c/c 
(ttN) toas aUh p j'ute to tins fecrete) to pzaetife twcb tbe kpng 
of C,fe. no vOenrp tbe fcuentb) bepng IK rp t pdje ano Dritboot 
twnw,p? i//ngcob?pngbpmgreatrpcbe0uia)o?f tpme.if 
bc^outoeu>toebpmfauour 3 anDtopQjebpm toirb D>pp0 to 
Dfcourr tbe netoe 3nDfe*tobmofbebaDccrtapneknouwDaj. 
3ut neptber bere bcpng able to bipng b^fate to paOe, be raufeo 
tbe matter to be moueD to tbe kpng of poj tugnle 'Don jflonfaikt 
fpftb of tbat name : at tobofe l;anDt s be founDe nc itberfauour noj 
J!!!?*! 11 ^ - nwnp/o)afmudj aa tbe Lutnc^f c alzadilla tbe bifljop of VilM* 
anD one mattter 'fydri^ men ot creDtce in tbe fctence cf Coutio* 
grapbtejimtbdooDebpm^nDcontenDeD tbattbere neitber Uiad 
: ttcotiDeanpgotoety otbcr rpcljcs be founDe in tbetoe^ad 
Colon affuitieD. T$* reafrn tubereof be la0 berp faD anD penOue? 
but pet mas not Difcou*ageD,c? DefuatrcD of tbe bope of (its gooo 
aouenture,U)bict be afrertuaroe founDe . ^bis Doone, Ijf tooke 
Ojppppng at Ltfburne, anD cametof4'wOi e /^^Kfr,ti}berc bi 
communeD toitl) Martin /W -i inzon, an ejcpert]|DiIot, *'. 3 
offereD bpm felfe unto bpm . &fter tbi^Difdofpng tbe mijole fe* 
rrete0 of bia mpnD to lohn fertzjg Mtrchen* (afrper of t(;oz 

anD Dedarpng unto bpm bo*u?e bp folou t -ng tbe courfeof tljc 
S)^nne bp a temperate boparrc, rpd; anD gu-at lanDee mpgbt be 
founDe : tbefrpcr grcatlpcommcnDcDbtamt:rp?|Kc,a3>D gau 
iiim counfaple to bzcake tbe maijcr to tbe Duke of Medina side* 
niajDon Enrique of Gu^nan^ great lozoe,anD*>crprpcb : anDal* 
fo to Don Luis of Crr^tbcDufee of Medina a/Mubo at tbat time 
l;aD great pzoutHon of ilpf/s ujcl fumpn;eD in Iji batten of Janta 
Man* . But U)berea0 botb tU(c Dukes tooke tbe matter fo? a 
oieame^anD a^s a tbpnff DetnieDofanvitaitanDecepurr^uibo Catf 
tbep tbougbt) baD befbzeuntb Ipke pzetenee DeluDco tbe kpuge* 
of CnglanDe anD Ipoztugale, tbe fryer gaue bpm courage to go 
to cljecotirte of tijeCatbolpkc princes Don Fcrdin*ndo,aito laDp 
J/4^// pztncca of CaOpie , aft^mpng tbat tbe.p UionlDe be lopftil 
of Qicie nctoejj ; ano fb} i)ig better funberaueebereui, ^oce 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



. CifT^rrC^tljatfb^rcpap?tDto tfce count rf tfre 
h>fcp^tc > inn)epeew.i4S^anDOcltnieret> Jmtotbepj 
of fr Wtoantiet $w ttfjb^ 

e boa* tbep mpgbt D?pue tbe $no r ^ out 01 tbe 

tttarin banDe, DPD iptrte ;? noftpn? eOecme tfje mitttr . Tut 
Colon M t^ua DtfcourageU) founoe tlje meaner to Declare Ijtd 
Cote to fudje as bao fometpnies p^iuate contmuntcatton tmtij ttje 
kpng . P brcaufc ije luas a flr aunger,anti tocnt but in (httple 
a pparcli,no? otbcrtopfc crcoiteo tljen bp tlje letter of a grap frier, 
t^ep belccuc n bpm not, neptber <aue tare to ij is ujoo^es^crc * 
bp be was greatlp to;menu& m ijis imagination. ' JDnefp ^/o/o 
of4i'>Mfl'/"'$e ftpnopcs cbicfeaDitour,g.iue bpm meate ano 
typnfce atbisi oume djarges, ano bearoe glaDIp fneb tbpnge0 a^ 
lie Declarer) of tljc laiioea not tben foun > c : DcOnpng bpm in tbe 
meane tptne to be content toitb tljat poo;e enf mepnment , ano 
not to oefpap? e of Ij 10 eut er pi pfe : puttpng bpm alfo in gooD com 
fo^tetbatljedjou^, atonetpmeo^ctljer, cometotbefpeacb^of 
t! . C.itljolpUe ponces . 3nD ctjus Qjo^tlp after,bp tlje meane* 
of//o/ooffi/w^w//4,co/otoajSbwiugbt to tbe p?efence ano 
aunience of tbe CaroinaD 2)o 'fero uonzales of Memio^ arcb 
btfyop of To/^o, ar. anofgreatreucnucsanD^itijojicic U)tt(j 
tbefepnganoqueene^Dbob^ougbtbptii before ti)em,after tbat 
be iDril perceiueo ano ejcamtneo bid intent. 3nD bp tb(0 meaner 
tons bis Cute IjearDe ot tlje Catboiphc p^tnct^U^o alfo reope tbe 
booke of bis memorials mbicbe bep^efenteo bntoiijem .' 3nP 
altbougb at tbe fp?^ tljep toofte it fo? bapne ano falfe tbat be p?o 
mpreD,neuertbelp(retbepputi)pmtngooDbope tbat be (brttoe 
be laa DifpatcbcD toben tbep IjaD fpnpfljcD ttje toarres of GM*. 
^4 toljielje tbep baD nottw ia ijanDe . cOtrtj luljiclj aiifU)ere 5 Co/o 
began to rettpue bts rpthte0,tBrtb bope to be better eff eemcD^nn 
mo?efauo?abl? tobebearDcamongtbegcttfelmett 9 noblemen 
of cbe courte, tobp before tookebymonelpfoj a eraftte fclotoe 
ano Deet puer : anobas notbpngoifmapoe o? Dacouragett tuben 
Ibeuer lie Debated tbe matter tomb item, altbougb m wp mDgeo 
Ipt pbamantcan, as i ttje matter of ignorant men, to cai a 

Eden* The decades* 
Bancroft Library. 

5 . 

The atrmpt of Colon 

9 fljpnfcpng tljc tuujloe to be no Opggcc 

tfrat $ep pjefrmeto graanteD bpntljis ocmaunoe to feefee t&e 
lanoes, rno to typngfrom tfjencc goioc, fpluer, pearle0, 


gav&pmalfatljKtentljpartof all tljc r enemies ano 
Due bnto (6e kpng,of all fuel; la noes as Ije fl;ou!oe Difcouc., noe 
uopng p^tuDice in anp ctipngto^ekpngof^o^ugale. ^bc 
patticalorjs of t^ta agreement acre made m tlje tottnecajlen 
Stntu Fe : ano tbc p? tiitleoge of tbe rcluaroe in Gr4^tf tljc 

U)ljecca0 tlje fapde Catljolpke ponces iiao not monp pufcmlp to 
mfpatcl) Colin, w/of .&. /^f/,tijehpngc0fccretarpofac 
r'inte0,lemtljtni fpjce Qutntes of Mara.^ toljicljemagroflc 
fummc mahe.rut . tbcufanoe Micaoc0. 

JIntf)C feutcljeon ofarmc0 geucn to Columbus bp fcrtintm 
4* anoquccnc //*:;//<*, tbefc uccfcs mere Bitten. 

for CtJlelU, ypor Leon . \ueuo mondo -J'-> Co! on. 

Why they werf called Indies, 

S)mc tljpnkc tljat tlje people of tbe IK JDC luoilo tocre cnlfco 
JinDtan2 3 Opcaufe tljep are of tljc colour of tl;c eafl 37nDiamL 
^^ **rt(w Crnime^tomotljcpDpffcrmucb m 
, colour atto fa^ion0, pet 10 tt tmc.tbat of Jnoia tljcp twre 
caflcD 31 noians . B noia 10 proper lp calico tb<r great p ?out nee of 
aOa- tn t^c tobtdjc great aieyanocrtcpte ^^10 mrrca , ano ttai 
fo namttj of tljc rpucr /ROM: mote Diutoeo into manp kpng* 
lumte0 confinpng toirij t^c fame . from t^ts great KnDia (ca'.lea 
tlje Can 3inDta)cantc great companpc0 of men > iu?pttett) H< 
rWow j, ano in^abitco tOat pare of etlj topi a tljat Ipetlj beciDecnc 

annt^crpuerof^/n aO tt^tclje regions i^t great Ctgffltan 
p?incc Trrtcrhln Dotl) nou>c poflfOc . HPjcfato Jnoiantf 
thrp hrrfrip 

*lr*'( i^%w%*^ 

The decades 
Bancroft Library. 



. of the name of the Indians.* 

Siwof tfcatlantJCjanu callcD it 3!nuw ; 
opw alfo M> of long tptw bencaHeoSnofo. 3no ftereupoti 
tame tt tbat >{jMfc sir M, ano certapne otfter oloe atitfjoeir* 
fopD 3 tljat 3Ir.Oia toad not farre from &papnc . 3ftcr tfti'0 alfo,of 
later Dapes our toeainoiatoaa ft ca8cD,of tfte fapocSnDia of 
prtjler hhn U)(iere tljc l|9o?tugate fao ttjcp? traDe : 5^0? (6f 
pilot cftljcCf,raue|IeI;attaa8fp?KD?paen Dp fo?cibfe Ujpnoeta 
an Dnknotarn lanoc in tljc tteft JDccan, calleo tlje fame 3lnof a,be* 
raufe tljc la^tngnU a fo called fuclj IanDc0 as t(;c p I;ao latelp mf 
tcucreo c a ft aaro. cbriftopbor Colon alfo,afccr d;e fapD pilot, calf 
IcDtlicuieftlanDcsbptbcfame name : Slbeit fome cljat rake 
co/owft/ fo; an ejcpert CofmograpOer, tljpnke tljac be fo namefr 
t!jcmof:lje Catt Jnoia , aatobetije furtljeftanDtwiknotom 
enoc tljereof 5 reaefipng into tbe fineft, Unoer tbe after ftemtfpfte* 
r ie o? liaif: globe of tlje cnr tlj benratft U0 : affirming tftat tofjcn fte 
fp^CeattcmpcetJtomfcoucrtljeJnoies, Ijc toent cljieftp to&eke 
tbe rpcfte Jlanoeof c^^o , UJfticftefaHctft ontfte part of^rtae 

Cbin* 0? C^^4>, as U)jpietl) Marcus Twins I'enetus,anti ocfcrt 

3no tbat be iljonloc fooner come tbptber Dp foiouipttg tl;e courOt 
of tljc Ratine CCtcftuiaiD, tljcn agapntl tlje fame. 


Of the colour of the TncTians. 

j!52 of t&cirarueptottt tljpnges ^ (Don bfetr) in tfte coma 
polltion of man, 10 coloureiujbicbc D oub:Icfle can not be 
confpDereDtoitftorit great aDmiration,in(;oropno; one (9 
Detubpte.anD an otbec bfackr, bepng coIour-3 W(erl? 
tontrarp : fome^tetopfttobrpealoUK^idje fo bctlfietue 
ftlache a HD Uiljite : ano other of otber coionr^ae it tuere ofoiuer i 
liuen'es.anoastbefe colotirjsarctobcnwniepIcDac, eitcn fo ia 
itto be connDErtDjbotoe tftcp ^(fcr anefronwn^tr^j it twre 

0f U)ljitne0,velouje after outer* manew of pdoa*#|(fefcft afa* 
BPttcw fojfg of blackened DOUJ from U^itc t!;cp go to peloU) b? 
inGwlouringto b?otone$ reo an& to biackebpaQje colour, t^&eioiirti 
nutrp,fomiul)at lifter tljen blacke^ taUJrtp life onto tfcetiiefl j 

aiui Ipkc ^ 

''' ^^ 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


The colour of the Indian* 

Mttaeotaflefititte*, oj of tfe calotte of &cflmittrtoj0* 
tabtcb colour 10 to tbem naturall: ano not bp ibep j goptw 
( as man? baue ttjou^ttalbett tljcp? nakeonclTe baue fome- 
^efttbfrcbnto.^berefo?ein Ipke manrr^anDUJitl) fucbc 
- tte wme;iarecommoRlpuiI)pteineurope,anD blacfcein 
awrftf, ttien uiitb Ipke lianetie are tbfp taiunep m 

j ueraofsree^Duerpmriinpn^n^fojilcire to 
wlacRt e? tobpce. Jft j leOe marueple ia tc to coii03cr,ti)at men arc 
totoite tn d>:ue 3 ai> bUcUe at ftc cape of $*cn* spew**, ana of 
Cfcettnut colour ac t&e rpuer of T^f^ beinff an in equal! Degree* 
fremrijeequtno^aUIpne . ipketopfc>t!j<ic tinmen of ^flrfte 
ana aa^tUat ipue UnDer U;e bwrncline uaHco zw rorr^)arc 
ftlacketanonott^ptbatlpuetieneacd, o? ontljigfuDe defame 

Ipne,a0m MtxktXtttm&ff&ttWU, LiantKiwa&ua, Put*. 
m*.S*ntoDimingo J 'ParU.Capt SaMl /ugHfiinc, Lima. Quit* 

ano o((jerUnoe0 of TeruMjitf) cottc^ein rt;e fame equinoctial!. 
*o^m aK t(je tracre of tfjefc coaOe0 5 ctrtapne blacbe men toere 
founueonfp inQjureqtu, tofjen Vafcbus N^of <B*llx>4 Difco* 
uercD t(ie fea of sr . Bp reafon Hereof it map feeme, rfjat fucd 
Uarietie of colotir0 p?oceeoet(j of man^no not of tbt eart!;:U)bicb 
map luel bc 5 aWjougft U)e De a!ljo?neof aoam 9 && totonoc 
tlje caufe U)[jp 6ooijat& fo o^epittDtt,otIjeruiifc rijen ?o coufinet 
^ f ^ Wrf* m4ie(!ie batlj Done tfji0,a0 in2nite oti;er,to Declare 


ppee not onfp in tlje nature of man,but tlje like alfo in bcaltt, 
bpjDWjana flare0,tu^ere Dioew aD contrarp colour* arc fr cue 
in one lide featf>er, o? tl;e leaues grotopng o of one litle ftalfcc. 
5n orijertbing ia alfo greadp to be oteD5a0 toucbinp; tbefe Jm 
Dian0:anp tbis i0, tbat tbeir beare i0 nat curio, as is tl;e spoo?e* 
anD Ctbiopian0 tbat inbabite tbe fame clime : nepdjer are tbep 
tafoe,ejrcepteberpfi:Dome 3 anDtbac^ 
ttiapgpuefitrtber occadon0to pbilofopbens to fearclje tbe ft 
crete0ofnatre s anDcompletton0ofmcn 3 tmtftttienoueltteji of 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 


mojl duncient teftimonie of the 

VVcft Indies,by die writing of thediuinc 
Philofophcr Plato. 

Lato in bia famous anD Diuinel 
namcD Timtus, tubere be cntrcatetb of tbe 
uniticrfaH nature anD frame of tljc iDljole 
toojtoe, tahctbfoj IJB principle t!;e moire 
nctcnt IjpftoMc of an jlanoc, in cpmc of 
atantiquitie, nameo jtbUnMcs, ma* 
twig; alfo mention of tljc Ispng,pcop{c,ar,a 
inbabit<intei of tbe fame : anD tbattbep kept tuarre agapntt tbc 
^/jpM/w,anu Uiere otiercome of tbem- f/^/o alfo tbere inDwcins 
tbeGipDcbpftoiiecobcrebcarfeo bp one namcD Critia, luboat 
firmeD tbat be bao often beatue it of bis &ncle, tobo Uia0 in tbe 
tpmeof So/o/;, oneoftbe feucn fage*oftbe<Drckc$> Cbis 
Cr/fwDcriarcD* rijat U)!;en Solon uient into Cp^pt to a certapne 
ritienameo S4/w,fituateupon tbe titter of ^/w^lubere tbe oituft- 
on anD rceurrpng; of tbe riuer, maketb tljc Jfanoe $e!ta, be tbere 
fpake UJt'tb certapne Icarneo pitcacs ,l)crp fkpitiil in hnoiulcDge 
of antiquities of manp tooiloc s pad . Infoir.ucb tbattbep matte 
mention ofmanpe tbinjes tljat lucre Ocfo?e tbefloooof J^oc, o^ 
QeucaKm, anu alfo before tlietontucrdil conflagration 02 burning 
oftbetDo^lDeimberpmeof ?^f^?/,fo?afmucbea0 tbe uiarrctf 
bcttucrtie tbe people of tbcHipDeJIanuc of AtbUntldes anD tbe 
Athcn\en! t \Qn$ long Ocfoic tlic general flooD 5 anD tbe conflagra< 
tion afo^clapDe* *Ptato inottcctl; rt;c pjiefljfpeakingtaSo/cwin 

^IjingesmofT manteploud anD true (0 Solon) rcmapne ui 
atmcient toittiingcss anD mcmojic of our pieDcccflburtfj anD 
otocagegtongVfoieoiirtpmc*. l^ttt abottc all rijpngcg, one 
ncecDetb al aomtration to? t^e greatnefle anD Cngularitie iere- 
of, lubiche is tins: It!fliinourreco?Dcgofmo&camtqiutie^ 
tbac in timed pad pour cttie of Athens batb oftcntpmc^ kepte 
hiarrfsngapnftan innumerable mulmu&c of nations u>bicbe 
came from tbe fca jftblantite, mmanetuitoalFw^anoX/^ 
iDbcrrasnotoe ^ppcr.retbno fucbe nation, fojafmucbe ad tbe 

The decades- 
Bancroft Library. 


fntfjemmtft, anoaafetoeretnt&eemtfe (tofjtrepou place t&e 
Columned of Berenice) an Tlanoe urtjtdjc toas fapo to be nuirii 
greater tljen al Africa ano ///*, ana tljat from tljence toast paf* 
frgc co manp otljcr 3ilanoe$ ncare thereabout, ano Trent tljc 
fapoe 3jton&e! to tbe continent o> fpime (anDc,UiIjtcIjc ttwg ngljt 
micragnpnflitncarelmtotljefea: pet, tbattottljmrlje mou:0, 
rijereto^alitlegulfcUJitbapo^c: tljcocepefcaUHtljout, luag 
t Ijc true Tea, ana tije lanne toitljout UMS tljc true continent. ^IjijS 
SliiMtoa<3nmmJtb! i intides t ano in it iuaa akpngcfmar 
ueploug great poUicr ant) mpgbt, tulj o IjaD tlje oomt nion of tije 
fapoe 3PfatiDe, ano ntanp otl;er> ano alfa a o^cat part of tije com i* 
nentlanoc Hereof Uieijaue fpoken, ant) mudje moietouiaroc 
ottr partcsialfoj foi ifmudje as tljcp lucre nominatoura of tfje 
t!jp?oe part of tije too^loe .contepnpno; Jfrictjigyfl, ano Furore. 
euen unto t!je fea Tirrbenum. &)t potuer tberefoje of cljem be 
pngtycnfo great, tljcp came to umnoebotl) pour coumrepano 
ourjj, ano alt otljcr tljat are luiifjm tijc CoJumnes of t,)erculetf . 
^(jcn (0 Solon) tfjcuertueofpourcittefljetDeoitfelfefamouis 
innnojiammtticanofcatesofarmcgjUJirij tije aflemblanceof 
fijc otljer (Drect'ar.g, in refpdpng tljepi great potuer, bntpl pou 
baoouuen them out of ourbnM, ano reflo^eo us to our Itberttc. 
25t fl; onlp after tljat tl -13 cntcrpnTc Uias atrijiucD, bcfel a man 
ueploug great cart!)quake 3 ano erunoation c? ouerflotoing oftbc 
fea, toljidj eontimteo f0? tbcfpace of one Dap ano nvgbt: 3in tljc 
toljtc'je tfje eartb opencD it felfr, anD inghttteDall tfjofc uali 
antandtoariikemen, anotl;e (ai>oe 3!!anO? MMtntides fonkc 
into tbe bottome of tljc fea, b!;ic!jc luad tf?c cccafion tljat neuec 
from t(;at tpmefo?U)aroe,anp flipp tculoe faplc tljat lrap,fcp rea< 
fon of tbe great muooe ano flpme U)!jid;c remapncu of ci;e ty&a* 
neo 3Ifanoe* 

i)i3 id ttje funime of tfjofc tlipngcd tobirije oloe Critia fapoe 
t)e!jciDtjnucr(lo^e of Solon. Sno ccrtapnelp tl;efe toojoeg of 
7*0 of tbe -fato JIanD,(jaue caufco great contention among ma.* 
n> 5reat Ii9l)ilofopljer8,u)bid> Ijauc Bitten commentaries upon 
rtjc fapoe Dialogue of r/m^i compofeD bp TUto : Jnfomucbe 
d)at tJjc fame in tbofe nape? being btterlp uriknoojc n,manp baue 
taken tbt* narration of 5o/w, fb? an allegorical febte, ana baiw 
Mt^(di^(to^^aecit(l^ 3i5ut it 

TJ: ' 

J Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


nwp nofoJcUJefl appcarc tjje true meaning hereof to be tfjfei tfjac 
VUtt intenopng to typte of tlje umiterfaU frame of tlje toojloe , 
t be fctjtdje he knctoc to be made an Ijabttattonfy dje m'uf ne bed 
man,anoa!fabeljolDpngtljcrintbc great ornament ano beau tie 
of tbe Ijeauen an* ftarre*, toUercbp man mpgljt hnotoe Ijts 600 
ano crca tour, it mpgbt feeme to Ijpm a tljpng to farre from rca- 
fon,tljatonlp tujopartcg thereof fl;ouloe be inbabtteo, anotfje 
otljcr part oefolate ano Dep^iuco of men : ano tljat tljc 3>unne 
anDftarresmigljt feeme to n;cluc tljcpj Ipgbt onlpfjalfetljcp? 
coutfe Untbout piofitc,fbining onlp upon tbefeaanDOcfoIate pla- 
ce^ oeditute of man ano otljcr liutng creatures . <3na tljcrc foj c 
fltto fab in great aomtration tljc Ijptto^ie of tbe fapoe Cgpptt- 
'' an piieff> mahpng mention of an orljcr part of tlje tuo^loe befpoc 
4& Eurof*, anD Af ica, ano tbowgbt i tooo^tbp to be rebearfeti 
in rije begutm'ng of Ijis otttine Dialogue afo?e&poe. C2le ougfjc 
tljerefo?c certatnelp to tijinhe our fclucg mo0 bounoe Unto 600, 
tljat in tlj efc our tpmet; it Ij a tl; pleafeo Ijpm to rcueale ano Difco* 
tier tbfo fecrtte in tbe rpnopng of tin's netoe too?loe, urfjerebp lue 
are eertapnrip aflureD, tljat unoer our pole ft arrtjana onoer tbe 
fttmo#;'tf/ line, are moft gooolpe ano ample region?, asiDfll 
a no commootouflp inT; abitco, n? are o tljer panes of tlje too^lDc 

The teftimonie of the Poet Seneca in his Tragcdic 

$t Mth*, where by the fpirite of 

Poetical fune.hc Ciytli* 

Venlent tnnit 

Sccula feris,qwbtts Occtnus 

YinculA rtrttm laxet.etMgens 

Ptte* teUtujyplif^uf nouot 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The Epiftlc of Peter Martyr." 

Typbit jiSaufgatton netoe Uio?toc0 fijal fpnDe ottf, 
Wen 0)al not fcftple fo? laft be left out. 

3na fijctoc foojtft netuc U)o?foe*, rcgion^ano lan&es*. 

ifc? Totbemojle noble prince anctca* 

tholike kynge,Charles,Perer Martyr of An- 
glcria wishctl) perpetual fclicitie. 

Dc m'trine p? on turner, from tljctimc t^ac 
e fp?(l crcatcDtljc tuo^lDc, IjatO rcfcruco 
itntto t(;t'0 Dap tlje knotoIcDgc of tfye great 
' rgc Occnn Tea : 3in tf;e tdjiclje tpmc 
tljopeneD tljefatm, rttcfHpimto 

o t0t* tap, gy japou (mode mtgfjtt'e lp?tncc) lip tl;cn;ooD 

foumtne ana bappt'e fucceOe of pour grano* 
fatljet bp pour mother fptie . ljc famcpiouiocncc (31 foiotoe 
not 6p toliat uettenie) Ijat^ ^ougljt me out of mp natrae coun* 
trep of ^tlaiieyauD out of tlje xftie on&ome(Urtjere 31 eonttmieD 
. alnvol ]c,peeregO into S>patrt'c , ttjat 31 mpg&t parttcularlpe col- 
lecte t(;efe maruetlot^anDncUietbinge^ luljirijfljoulDeocbcr* 
Sopfe p crljappe 5 1;aue lien tyofemeo in dje Uiijirlepooie of obluu* 
on,f o)afinurije &$ t!;c &panparfte0(men U)o?t(jp great commas 
tation) Ijaft drilp care to ^e geitedH inticn tions of t^efe djtnged. 
Jftottott&ffani)mg,'3f DO not cfjaleiigeDnto me onfortje tljattof 
of ttje trauatle beftoUJCD deretn^tuljereajEi d;e djiefe reUiarDe tjjer- 

toa* topHtng to Dcpartc out of tljc cine to be pjeTent at tbe 

C&e toarrwal fesm* of Granttum, DitoDffl lite frOWIH^purpOfe: But 

feeing tljat 31 toast ftirip f cfdhKti to ocpartc 3 tjcOo^teD $ required 
me to lujitc unto ()tm fucljc ncluc^ as lutrc fatnouei tn ^patiiCj 
^UKi?tt)pto be noccD. Jco^ertKtfojc mp fourttfvimo^papne, 
dnefeip fo? tbe Deft^e 31 daD tafce rtjerpemcion tobtcbe toast 
p^epareD agapitlT t!;ccmmi'e{ of ftc fape^, fb?afmud;e agin 

etwJDe fpnDe,np t (^^^ ^^^^^^^ 


Kden. The decades. ' 
Bancroft Library. 




The Epiftle ofPcter MartyK 

of tftpnge*. 3} totf tberefbp pjefente at tbe toarre*, from 
tobence 31 tyitte to Carninal afeanitis, anDbp funojp epiflfes 
ccrtifpeu bpm of Oicb tbinges aa 3! tbotigbt mofl tooojtbpe to be 
put in mcmone 33ut toibcn 31 pcrccmcD tbat bis fortune toad 
tunico from a natural! mortjer to a f!cpoamc 3 31 ccafleo from 
to?ptpng.??et after 3! fatoc 3 tbat bp tboucrtbiotoe of tbe cnimres 
of our faptb,fcpapne tows pourgco of tbe Q9oo?c3 3 as of an euil 
toceuc pluckeo tip bpdjerootcs, leffe 31 fboufoebe(!ob)emp 
flipperp pcares in unprofitable Jlencrre 5 3iU)as mpnDeo tore- 
tttrnc to 3Italie . 15ttt tbe (tngulcr bcnignitte of botb tbe Catbo 
ipkc kpng and queene noUie ocpartco, ant tfjcpi large p? omifcsj 
touwrDe me upon nip returne from nip legacie of Babplon, 
oct cpncft me from nip purpofe.^et Dotb it not repent me tbat 3! 
tyeto backe mp footr ,afu)d fo> tbat 37 fee in no otljcr place of tlje 
H)o?lD at tijte tpmetbe Ipke ujoo?tbp tbinges to be none: as alfo 
tbat in maner tl^ougboutall 3!talic 3 bprcafonoftbeDifco? 
b?itttan WnccSj^pcrceiueDaHtljpngcsto runne bcaitong 
into ruinc 3 tbe countreps to be DedropenanDmatiefattetthtlj 
bumanc WOOD, tbe cities fackco, uirgins anu matron es loitb 
tbcp? gooos anu poITculons caricoau}apascaptiuee 3 anomi' 
fcrablc tnnocentcs uittljout offence to be napnc bnarmeo Untbiii 
tbep^oumcboufes. Of tfjcuHjicbe calamities, 37 Dptinotonclp 
beare tbe lamentable out crpcs , but opft alfo frclc tlje fame : JTo? 
euen tbe blooti ofmpnc otune kwflfolkes anu frenocs, toas not 
free from tljat cradtie. ^s 3! UJasrtjerefo?emurpngto!tbmp 
felft of tljefe tbpnges, flje Caroinal of 3rragone, after tbat be 
bau fecne tljc two fpift bookes of mp Decaues to?pttcn to 3 fca* 
nius, require* me in tbe name of fcpng tf reocrike bis Unde, to 
put foojtb tlje otljer epgbt eptdle bookes. Jn tbe meanetpme ' 
alfc 3 U3bple3ltDa0uoj)DeofaUaitaStoudjtng tbe matters of 
tbe Ocean,tfje ^ipofloHcafl trnffengers of tbe bpfbop of Home, 
leo tbetentlj (bptobofcljolfomecounfapleanuattcdjonticuje 
trufl tbe calamities- of 3ftafpfba!be ^nflbeo) rapfeD me as it 
tocrefromnecpc, $ enco^agometop^oceeueas3Ibaubegtm, 
o bis bolpneffe3I to?ptte ttoDecauc!ai 3 ccmpj[pfeDinibo?t 
6ookes 3 aftcr tlje manier of cpi (lies, anu auoeft them to tbe rp^fl 6 , 
iDbidj uws p?inceu \uitbout mine auutfc, as iljal furtber appeare 
PKface foloU)png . Ii5ut notoe 31 rctttrnc to po(niofl 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The Epiftle ofPctcr Martyr, 

noble t3?f nee) from to'jom 31 Ijaue famlubacDigrcfreD. 
foic tebera* pour granDfacber bp pour mocbew (iDe,baue fobDu< 
jMtem tt>e eDalfrpainebDerpourD3mfmon,ercept onlp one comer of tbe 
fame, and ijauc alfo lefts pou tbc fttngpomc of #aple0,tuitb tbe 
friueful 3Ilanw of our feas, it i0 furelp a great tbing anD toojtbp 
to be noteD in our cronade* . But not offenDpng tbe reticrcnce 
Due to our pie&eceOTourg, \Dbatfoeuer from tbe begpmtpng of tbe 
luoitoe batij been Doone o? uoiptten to tbi0 Dap,to mp iuDgcment 
fr cmetb but Ipccle , pf lu: confpDerUibat netbe IaiiDc0 anD coun* 
trep3, toljac netue fea0, tu'ja c funD^p nations anD totmge0, luljat 
goioe mpne0,U)!jat treafurie0 of pcrlea tfjcp baue iefte unco pour 
Ijpgbnelle, befpDe otber rettentte0 - Ebe to(ncbe,U)!;at tbep are, 
anDbotoegreate, tbefe tbjeeDecaDea Ml Declare. Come tber 
foie rnoft noble ^tnce elecceo ofcS>oD,anDcniope tbatbpabe 
cttate of tbtn^ea not pettntDerffoDe to men , Wz offer unco pou 
i^?fti p e r c?' tbe $ m0#/4// ipnebptbcrtobnknotoen,anDbunebptberuri 
iuuioftuiH uu; 0:10 beate of tbe fonne,anD Dnbabttable after tbe opinion of tbe 
"Stwtu*?* ^ e ^P^s a f ctoe ercepteD : but notue founDe to be mott re* 
plcmflbcb Uiitb people,faire,fruiteftrt,anD mod fojtunate,lnitb a 
tijoitianDe 3llanDes( croluneDi)DttbgolDeanDbeU)titullpeatie{r 
I)efpue0 tbat greate pouion ofeartbfuppofeDtobeparteoftbe 
rontinent 01 fimte ianDe, erceDpng in quantitie tb?ee Curopca Come t&er* 
fo?e anD emb^afe tots netoe U)o?lD 5 anD fufifer U0 no longer to com 
fume in oefp?e of pour Defence. jrrombencc,frombcnce3;fap 
- m ar w5f (moff noble potmg l^ince) fya! mttrumentejSbepjtepareDfi^ 
pou,U)!jerbp al tbe tuojtoe fbalbe Unoer pour obcpfance. 3im 
tbu 31 bpD pour mat eflie fareuiell : to mbofe tatte ff 31 
fl;al perceaue tbe fruites of tfj 10 mp tpDage to be 
Delectable, 31 topQ Ijeareafter Do mp enDeuoure 
djatpoumap receaue tbe fame mo?eabun 
Dattntlp. JTrom^a^tD, tbe Dap be- 



Eden The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

Thef)rft decade. 

^ of the *Decadesofthc 

Occan,written by Per Martyr of Anglcria Mi* 

lcnoes,counfaylour to-the king of Spaync, 

and Protonotaric Apoftohcall to 

Jlfcmus Sj>borcia 9 Vicount 


[lf;e reuerenne and thankful antiquittctoaa 
[aecuffomcd to ciTeeme tbofe men as god 3 
I bp Uiljofe induflrie and magnantmtt ic Cucb 
and regions tuere Difcoucred, ad 
bnkncUien to tbrpj pieDeccflours. 
! 115 ut unto be, Ijaupng onlp one <8od,tobom 

I ttie bonour tn triplicitie of perfon, tbi0 re* 

ft etf), rijat alb c it loe do not uioifln p tljat kinoe of men toitl; diuine 
[)onour,petdolxjereuerencc tl;em, anD tuoonljplp maruepleat 
ft ep: noble actejs and cnterpipfcs. Onto fepnges and pitnccs toe 
gtuc due obepfaimce,bp U)!jofe gouernance and furtljerancc tljep 
ij me ben aided to per four me tljetr attempt: tae commend botlj, 
and foj tbep? iut!de(af(c0 luoo^tl;plp eytol tbem. 2tl}ercfo?e,aj< 
concerning t!;e Jlanded of t!j c luert Oceania telp d tfcoucred 3 and 
oftijeauctours oftfjefame Ouljid;e tbpngpou dcfpie bp pout 
letters toUnoloe) 31 ujpl begpn at rije r>?U auctljour tljcreof, lert 
3! be iniurioutf to anp man. ^afeett tberefo^e a0 fo!otoet(; 

CbrijlopborKS Colonus (OtlKrUJpfe called Columbus) a gcntfC 1 

manof3Italie 5 bo?ne in tbeet'tie of Gc^per(baded Fernando Cl 
and l;?aberf), ratbolikepipnccs, tbatlje doubted not to rpnde 
certapne JIandca of India, nere Unto our Ocean Tea, ifftcp 
tooulde fi irnpHie bpm vuitl) ffjpppes and otrjer tljvngesi appartep* 
npng: affpjmprgriiattberbpnoconelptbe db?tttian itligiott 
mpgljt be enlarged, but^>papne aUb enrpcbefi bp tbe great plcn 
tie of gotoe- pearles, pieet 0113 (toned* and fptcc^ lu jicljc mpg?jt 
be founde tbere . ^t tbe lengtl) tl)?ee (bpppea toere appopntca 
Dpm ac ri)e kingw c&argea : of t(je tt^icte one u0 a great 
taracte tuicij decked , and tbe otljer turn lucre !:gb t mard)attme 
ttpppegiUJitljout decker, tubicbe tlje S)pan!arde 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 

1 ^ 

Thefyrft Decade. 

tbcfoifttunx calentJesS of September, fntljcpfcrcofClmtTe, 1492. aim fa 
age of colon us fojtuaroe on bia luage, being; accompanies uwb C C .17, &pa< 
nparoea . (je ftn mnacc 3Hanoc0 (a* manpe tbpnke tljcm to be, 

if ague, 
C " epn 


Otffaume from t be UHanoetf of G4<fc/ a tljoufan oe ant) tUio ,bun 
oietb mpleg, accoimmg to tljep? accampte*, fo? tbcp fap cbe? 
areoiffaw tbjee bunojeo leagues : tobercaa; furije ad are cjcperc 
Tea men, affirme tbat etterp league contetuctl; fou re mtle3, aftet 
tfw fuppucattomei. ^ibcfe 3IIanoesU)cre calico fortunate, foj 
tbe temperate ap^e U)!jicbe iis iiubcm. Jro^ neptber tlje cotonctTe 
of toptiter 10 fljarpc unco tijem, no c i tlje beate of fomnu r intalfe- 
rablc. ^etfome men are of opinion,tbac tbofe luere tn oloe tpme 
calleD cbe fortunate 3!Ianoes, toljiclje cbe "po^tugalcs call c *$ 
rtrJt.CtltmstbttfoH fapleD rp^totbeJilanOe^ofCfl/w//.*, to 
riic tnteme tbere to rcfrcflje Ijts fljpppes toich freflie tuacerano 
fuell, befoic be commuceft bpm felfe to tljts fo laijotons a utapje* 
3n D bccaufc 31 baue beare mane mention of tbe manors of c - 
nari<e , it fljal not l)i nuiclje from mp pur pofe,to Ucdarr Oclue of 
unUnoiuencIjep became Unotoeiii anD of fattaoje anu luiloe, bet- 
ter manureD : jfoj bp tlje long coitrfe of manp peereu^ljep mere 
forgotten, anaremapne&asunhuotoen* 

^Oefe feuen 3Hannetf (tberefo?e) calleu tlje CM*, toerc 
fountie bp cbauiKe bp a frencljc man,caUeD Zetanchor, bp tbe pet- 
million of quecne Eatljarine^^otectrtjce of king 3!obn ber fonne, 
(jeiuac; pet in bw nonage, about tbe peere of dfyifte. 
bor inuateu ttoo of tbefe 3ilanoe< 

to better culture . Oc being Dean, Ijie fonne ano beire foioc bocbe 
tbe faplte Jilantied to ccrtapne S>p a niaro e ^ . 

QfottbityFarnandus Teraria aitD Ijt0 topfe,inuaDeD Ferrea anO 

Gom<T4. ^be otber tlr^ce toere fubmteo in our timrmc*+i+ 
bp Tetrus de i' era, citizen oftbe noble tide ofXerkium, ano S^u 
ebael of Moxica. <Palm* ano rw//w,bp dpbonfus L**o, at tbe 
kings; charges, GO >? w ano ff rr w toere eafilp fuboueo : But tbe 
mattertoentbaroe tnitb M$lnf*s Lugo. jTo? tbat naked ana 
toptoe nation,rpgbtpng onlp ujidj ftonejs ano cUtbbed , tr?ouc bii 
armie to 6igbt at tbe firtt aflaulte, ano flue about foure buno^eo 

Eden. The decades. L 
Bancroft Library. 

1 16 

tf)C taw* of Cutti* tuerc aDDeD to tbe Dominion of fcpapne, 
jfroin tbefe 3IlanDes Coto/ius Dircctpng bid uopage toiuaroe tbe 
iwtt^otoujpng tbe falling of tbe funne,but Declining fcmetobat 
toUiarDe tbe left banoe, fapIeD on fo^toarDe.rrriii Dape0 confirm* 
aflp,baupng onlp tbe fruition of tbe beauc n anD tbc toater. fcben c olotmg meff 
tf)e&p3nparDe0to!)icbe lucre accnmpanpeD luit!) bpm, began rc&ei 
^tt to muntiurefccrccelp among tbeinfe(ue,?.no il;o?ttp after &? 
toitb luo^eja; of rep?ocbe fpake euil of Colonus tfjep; gouernour, 
anoconfultcD UJitbtljeni felucsf, 

cepweQ of a rtrangcr,an oiirlanDp(I;c mai^a Ligurian,a 03 cnuc? , 
anbbiouo[i)t into fucbe Daui^ecoujS placed, tljat tl/ep migijc 
neucr rctimie agapae. 3nD after, trjciiuoapeu tuere pafl, tbcp fu* 
riouflp crpeo out againd Ijim, anu tl;?cat ;;eD bint tbat be fyouto^ ^ pje 
pafrenoftictber,73utbeciierU):ti; geu f Ietuo?DC|saiUJ large p;o 
imfbjappeafcD tbetr furie, anop^o'ongeDDap after Dap, fontc 
tpm^Dcipipngtbem tobearetDitljOpm pet a lubple, ano fome 
time putting rijem in rcmeinbrmce tbat pf tbep fi;pn!oe attntipt 
anp tl;ing againft bim 3 o? crijeriupfe Difobep bpm, it Uioulo be re< 
ptitco fa; treafon. "COtis after a felue Dape0,u>it!) c ?) careful Ijarw 
tbcpefpieD tljclanDc longlookeDfoj. 31n tljts fpifl nauigatioiu i{anDe3,\i)!'erof ttoo toere erceeopng great: flDf 
tobirbc,tbc one be caUeo H( pani -la, anD tbe otljer lob*. But 
attbattpmebe knem. not perfectlp tbat IM>*nna (otljerujpfe 
ealleDC^)uia0 ,in ffanDe. ^0tbepcoa(!eD along bpt!;efljoje 
ofcmapneoft!jefeilanDe0, tbep beardej^pgljtpngale0fpugin 
tbe tbpcke luooDDea in tbe monetlj of ji5ouember ^bep founDe 
alfo great rpuergi of fre^nujater, anD^mraUbmiensij ofcapa* 
ritie to barbour great nanies of (bippe0, Sapling bp tbe coanttf 
0fio^ n< i,fromtbeno?rfjpopnttotbeUJea 5 be roDe title lelfe 
tben eigljt buni^eD mile0(fo? rijep cal it a bunojeo anufuurefco^e 
kagues) fuppoOng tbat it baD ben tbe continent oj rp?me lanDc, 
beeaufe be coutoeneidjet rpnDe tbe Ianoe0 enoe, no? anp token of 

tttmmrt to turne b*eagapne, bepngpattlp tbereto enf^cti 
JP*erot^neireflftbe tea, fojt&e fea banket of t!je flanw rf 
Wd * Dp (unD^pe tDprtDpiigetf anD t uc npnge0, bcnDt tlj ent 
m (o mucfje touwroe fte no?tb,tbat He nqftn 


Lden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


rougWp tofletrtfje ujpttf bp rcafon of tljc urinf cr. 
foje $e ff emmeai of ljia Cbpppeg touiaroe tlje Caff, Ije affpjiwD 
tijat be Ijao fount) tlje ilanoc of 0/fc/r,tt)(jidjcr feolomonjai ujippea 
jjpjjj f 0? g j De> ^ ut ^ Diferiytion O f tij e Cofmograpljers iucli 
cnnfiD;rcD, it feemetlj tljat bo'lj tljefe, ano tljc odjcr liatttw ao 
i opnpno;,arc tlje tlanos ofsfntiHa. ^Ijts ilanoe l;c calico Hifonit 
/ 4 ^ on \i)[) fcno?tb fpDe a0 Jjc app^ocljcD ncate to tije tenure 
kccle o? bottome of tlje Digjett Ueflfell ramie bpon a blpnoe rocfee 
couereu luttlj \uater, anu clone in fun&cr : buttlje plapnrncfle of 
tl;e vocfee \u,ig a (jcip c to tljcm tljat tljep lucre not D^oumeD . ^ 
&pna;Ija(le rljcrfojc luitl; tijc otljcr tUio fijppg to Ijdpc tl;eni s tOf 
cue propic of ^ouoj{)t aUiiPC al tljc men U)d)out ljurtc. i[)erc coiniutnn; fp^ff a 
tDe jiauoc. ianU 3 tl)tp faiwe ccrtapne men of tlje Ilanue > tuljo perceiupng an 
Unknouien nation comming toUiarD tljcnijflockcD togwtljcnano 
j^aaco peopu. rnnnc al mto tix ^V ckc luooDoyis ic (jaD ben Ijatts courfeo Untl; 
gtt IjotmDes . Otic men pucfuino; tljem,toohe onelp one toomaiij 
tuljoin tljep bjottgijt to tljc ujip? : luljcuc fplUng Ijer uiitlj meate 
ano uipne, ano appareling fjer, tljep let Ijcr Depart to Ijer compa< 
npe. ^o?tlp after <: greatt- multitune of tljem came runnpng to 
tljc Hi 01 c to bebolo tljt^ ncluc natton 3 U)ljom tl;ei> tljottgljt to Ijatte 
Difcc;:Dco from Ijeaticn.^ljep cad tljem fdues Dp Oeapcs into tljc 
tpert npm^ fea,t camefujimming to tljc Ojpppe^b?pnging golo UJitlj tljetn, 
So r ioVoi earth Wcbe tljep djaungen tuitlj our men fo? eartljen pottcs^ tyinking 
aii& giaofe. glaffe^popntesi^inn ?3 5 (jaluke0be^)Iooktng glafles,? furfj o- 
t(jer trifles, '^jjus grouitng to furtfjer familiaritie^oucmentDcre 
j|^4np hpnge ijono^ablp entertatneD of tlje king of tljat part of tlje ilanu s Uiljoft 
name tuag G**t*uril*KiQ it Ijatlj manp kpnn;^ , as U)lj;n ".?- 
4; amucD in J!talp,lje foituD Latium Dim'aeo into manp kingoom^ 

an& pjottince^atf LatMn,Mezeutlwn,TurnumAXto Tanbontcm, 

toljiclj toere fcparateo Uiitjj narouie b canoes, n^ fljal tno^e (argfp 
appeare Ijcreaftcr. at tlj: eitcn tioe about tlje falling of tijc fonne, 
Ui!jen our men tucnt to p?aper, ami futeeieD on tljcir kneesi after 

mancrfo euer tljep (atoe tljem p^nptetljecroCTe, t(jepfdoto 

tljem in al popnteg ajj luel aia! tljep couloe * ^Ijep ftcUxo mucfc 
ljumanut e t ouwrw our men, anti Ijelpeo rljcm toitf) tljep? Ipgfc 
cct$ o^Onal uoatc0(toljic6 tbeg^l C4/;wj)tounUoe rljcir broken 

Kden. The decades. Lj|fjf ^.^ 

Bancroft Library. 

i STJ 


frenoe fin frenDe, 01 kpiifrman fy kpnfemmt, in fuel) cafe moueD 

toittj y (tte, cotttoc tio moje 3Tbep? boaces are mane ottfp of one 

tree,maDe bolotrc toftb a eertaine (barpe Cone (fo? tbep tyuie no |J2? 

pjon) anD are berp long anD narofte* 89anpaffirmetbattbep no icon. 

feaue fcene feme of tbem untfj fojtie o?c0, t:()c toitoe ana uipfdje* 

uoits people cafleo Canfalcsjai c*r;7>fj,to!jtcljetoereacnirtoiHeD ^"^JJ' ' 8 * 

to eate mans flcfteOt can^o of tlje oloe totter?, jtttbn&btf) ?tm!jio5o* 

moled tbeni c]ccceDpngIp 3 tnarjtn3 tljcir countrep, tahpng tbem u a 8' 

taptuie,ftpllpitg t catpng tbem.33 our men faplco to clje itanDe? 

of tbcfr mckc ano Ijumane people, tl;cp !efc (be t!anD0 of tlje C*~ 

^/w, in manet in tbe miDCeff of tbcp^uiage coiDaro c^e foiitd* 

bcp coinplapncD tfjac tbep^ ilanD0U):re no lefletiejreD luitb tbe 

focurfrona! of ibcfe imnl):mc?n$ Canibaks toljcn rijep goc fo^dj a 5T(je r nirjtte cf 

roupnj to fceke tl)ep? pjap,clj.:n are otber tmnc bcalics^of Liona '*' <*"*** 

ann Ciijcrs.^ucb cbpltyenag tbeptakr,tbep gelo tonwkc tljcm 

far, ad toe Do cochcc!)ickcn-3anDpcun$!)on:g;s 3 'iiiDcatcciKm 

toben tbep ate tod fe^e: of fuc'je as tljep eaff,:bep fp?(t eate ii)z 

intrallcs nnu ecntme par ^5,33 bauDe0)fcetr,nniiCt,ncrke,ano 

iieau. iCijc other mod fletljpc parte^tbei) pouDcr fo? (tozc,as toe 

Do pelf els of pnike,anD gammonues of bakon : pet Do tljeu ab* 

Hepne from eatpng of toomen,anD coitnte it in Ic, ! crfoic fucbc 

poimo; toomen as tljep take,tbep kepr foi increafc, 33 toe DO (jem 

nesi to lepc ego^is : tbe otoe toamen, tbcp make tbcp? D?uDo;ejj( 

^bep of rbe i(anDe0 (tobteb toemapnotoecalouc*) botbe tbe 

men anD $ toome^toljen tbep percetue tbe Cdmbaks commpno;, 

(;aue none otber (bpft bttt onelp to flee : fin aitijotigb t(;ep bfe ue< 

rpu)arpe arrotoe0 maDe of rccocd, pec are tbep of fin all frnce 

eo rep?efie p furie of tbe Canbales : fo^ eucn tbep tbem feluos eon* 

fefle, tbattenoftbeC*mMarcab!e toouercomeabunt)?eD of 

tbcm if tbep eneountre toitb t!;em . <bep; meate tso n rertapnc 

roote,tobieb tbep cal jtge*m\d)t fpke a nauetoe roote in fburme 

arm greatnefle , but of fmeete uO^itucb Ipke a grcrae djednutte, 

lubereof rbep make b?eaD in lQ>te manec . ^bep ufe Jgn i 
moje often rotteD oj foDDen, t^en to make b^eaD tbereof ^ut 
tfep nciter eate Iwca , ercept it be firtt fliceD anD ineffeo ( fo^ 


: C ii 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. F^ 

19 . 





The fyrft Decade. 

maraepkaat, tbat fte iufce of tfji* rootctea popfonasffrong 

iraiigenainr;. as yffOMiwwJo tljat ifit tcdiunke,itcaiifctlj piefentDcatl', and 
pet tbe bjead made of tbe maffe thereof, n of good taffe and Ijol- 
lbme,aa tbep all Ijaucpiooucd. bcp make alfo anotljerfepnde 
ofb?ead ofacertapnepulfe, called Tanicum, jmicl;e like unto 
tobcate, Hereof is great plentie in tlje Dukcdome of ^illane, 
&papne,and Cranatum. 35uttbatoftbisCountrep is longer bp 
afpanne/omcujbatlbarpetotuatdctbe cnse, and as bpggeas 
a mans arme in p b?aUmc: tbe grapnes Uiljerof are fet in a mar* 
neplous ojder, * arc in fouruic fomctuljat Ipke a ]dcafe. CCUjpU 
tbep be foiire and Unripe,tbep arc lbpte,but toljcn tbep are ripe, 
tbcp be Ucrpblackc , tuljen tljcp arc broken, tl;cp be toljiter tljcn 
fnotoc : tbis kpnde of grapne tbcp call Maizium. Colde is of 
fomccflimattoh among tOcm: fo? fome ofiljcmbangcertapne 
fmall pccccstbcrcofat tbep? earea and nofetb?pilc0. 3 lulc bc^ 
ponde tljis place, our men lucnt a lanoe fo? freflje tomter, lubere 
tbep cb.nmrcdUpona riucr,u. r jofefande mag mp^cdluitb mucbc 
golde. Clicp founoc tbcre no ktndes of foure footed bcaffcs, cp 
ceptcbiccfunocsof litlc tonics. Cbefc ilandes alfo nourpuje 
fcrpcntcs^bttt fuclic as arc uritbout ljurt . ilikcluife luildc gccfc, 
turtle doucs,and duckcs, mucbc greater tbcn ours,and as Uiljite 
as fu)atinrs,U)itb beaoes of purple colour. Ufo ^opiniapes, of 
tbe U)i;icbe fume are grcenc, fome pelotocyj fome Ipke tbemof 
India, uritb pclotue rpngcs about tbcp? ncckes,ais Daiinic dcfai 
tetb tbcm. Df tbefe tbf p toougbt fourtic Uiitb tljem, of moffe 
iiniclp and dilcctablc colour?, baupng tljep? featljers entcrming* 
led U)i(b grecnc, peloU)r,and purple, mljicbc uarictie Dclpgbtctb 
tbe fcnfe not a lulc. Cbus mucbc tljougbt 3i good to fpeake of 
JDo ; :pniapcs (rpgljt noble p?ince) fpecial'p to tljis intent , iljac 
albeit tbe opinion of cbnflopboms Colonus (tobo afip^mett) tljefc 
ilanues to be part of India) oorb not mail popntrs anree limb 
tbe ludgcment of aui^icm lu?ptcrs as toucbpng tbe bpgncDTc of 
tlje &p!jere and contpaffe of tl;c (Dlobc, as conccrnpng tlje na* 
uigablc po?tioii of tbe famebeing Under us, pet tbe popiniape* 
rno manp otljcr tljpngcs b?cugljt from t bence, or o declare tljat 
tbr fc 3I(andes fauoiir fometobat of < w^,eptljet bcpng neare im 
to it,o? els of tbe fame nature: fojafmucljc as Jriftolt alfo, about 
tl)ccndeof|jiia bookc dcCdovMundQ, attd lifectopfe 

^^'4 " 

Turtle Douco. 


ace part of 


Lden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

20 " 


The rft Decade. . II 

ia t* no long tracte bp fca, mtam from s paine 
lip tfee UjettCcean, fjp tfoe fopfeof tbefcaanoeatypngetl) foojrtj 

ffialr^ai*MnaunttWO^^ . 

Do^/^,eCottonaIfooftl)c6oaampmeitce, a^tn/ ^in K" 1 

rf;e countrep of tfle people calUD S>erc0, *>'* 

Cdetongtiage* of agnations! offtefei>.flDc, ;w toell ^ ftr i ailgn a w 
be H7pcten tint!) our lattne letttra, jTu^ tU^ w ^cauen /ir. jf j^f J* 
. 3 gooD man, Tai 

Ip ast toe DO gelatine tongue. Jn ttjefc tlanue tbepfounDeno 
frees buotoen bitto rfjf m,but 13inc ajip^e tree MnD ^te trcw, 
anocbofe ofmaniepIou3ljeftjJt,anD ejcceeopng Ijartc, Opria* 
fon of tlx great mopftnctfe ano fatnefle oftlje grotmoe, toitlj /.uant mopn 
conrinualano temperate beate of t&cfwmc, Dljiclje enDtir^ SSefommn* 
fo al rije toljrie pert. ^Ijep plapnelp atftrme tijc ilmiDe ofHifpa* -' * temperate. 
n/o/4 to be tbe moUe fruttcfuU lanoe cut rljc ijeaucn compaflr 1) utatoujifyi* 
about, adQ>aiImo?e^rge(pappcare (jereafif*- in tbeparticulcr "">< 
Defcripcion oftbe famc,%)Iji clj me cntenoe to fet fooub luljcn toe 
-*Mhe better inarueteD. 'CUi makpng a league of rrenoC;pp 
k)i tf tlje ktng^no Icauing Uiitl) Ijpm, rociutt t men to G: ar d/c tl) c 
tlanpe,()e Departed t9&papne,taknig ^ l t{ ) bpnt tenne oftbe in* . 
^abttauntes ro learnylje ^>pam(T)e tongue, to fbe intent to Ufe 
tbem afceruiaro ft? interp?etor.Co/wmj tbcrfo'c at Ij:0 returne 
Uvijj tjonourablp recrmco oftOe kpnganDqueate,to!;ocajtfeo 
injm to fpt hi rljep? p^efence, tufeicbe is a tohcn of great loue 
anD bonour among d;e &panpanwa. Upc uus; aifo inaoc 3Dml* 
ral of cbt cean^nfibU b^ot^er gmternour of 4jc tlaiiDe. 
tjitoartj ttje fefonn bopao^ be tuasfurntaicD uiitlj . ruii. ujiprf, ^ f frront , e 

great caractes of? tboufanne tmmc, tit. uicrc ! JOIM 3 of <co$ 

fcaDatoatboidanoeairt rtno bunDjeu armeo 
t among tDfyfcb tocrt many arttfii 

terg,mpww, amjfuctje otbot certapne \vffmai alto, tocfl 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



tivnrt biop 
tree comum* 

Cartella Oe* 

jbcanesj a**D peafc, atrtJ 
otber^afoid foj foue as to fotoe : befpoe Dines , pfattte*, anc 
ft cDc0,offucbe tiers, rruites,anDbearbe$, aatbofe coumrcpcs 
lacte, anD(jwtco be fo?gten)fimmp tynoes of artplferie ano 
iron v )olcs,a^ .ioii,t'3,arroU);S5crofOoU)C3,OpHes,l)iira;abulTf s, 
DpDcftuaotf-e-jk.'gc targctf cs, ppkes, mattuckes, fljoticiles, 
bammcr j, iiavlc \faUics,, ano fuebe otber. bs brpnn; 
furnifbeo actu^^vUr 'ti iu?toarD ftoiM tbe JIanoes of 04- 
,les (nouic caHcD c^/cj) tbe(euentb bap before tbe Ca(ennes of 
October,in tbe peere of C(w ft . 149^ ana artuco at tbe tlanoctf 
of at tljeCalenoes of October : Of tbefe ifanoes, tbe 
laff is calico Fema, in toljirbe tbere i0 no otber toater tbat map 
be ontn kc, but onlp tbat is geatbt oof the Deatoe, tobicb eonti* 
ntwllprnflfpfletb from one onip tree, grotopngon tbe bpgfjed 
l^nckc of tbe il mce.ain faUetb into a rounoc trcndje maoe U)itb 
mans banoe : ID: mere cnfourmeD of tljcfe tl^r^cs Untbin fetue 
D; jes after bis o vrctu * ^^ ac fl ^ afi TuceeeDe, toe topi cenifie 
pou bereaftcr. t^ua lore pe toeU, from rf je courtCj at tjje Jioeu 

The fcconde bookc of the fir ft Decade>to 
jifcanius rpborci*, Vicount 

|Ou repeate (rp^bt bommrable p?mce) tbat 
'pou are oefp?ous to hnotue uiUat neiucs toe 
! ijauc in ^papnefrom tbe netoe too^Iae,anD 
^tbattbofe tbma^ UucgrearlpDelptcDpou, 
! ! to!ricbc3! to^ote unto poor^gbneOeoftbe 
jtp^ft jpaaigation : ^ou fljal notoe tbe 
1 iiie to'jat batb focceeueo. " - f 

>;us a famottji totone in big!) fepapne,in refpect from poo, 
ano is in tbat pane of &>papne tobidje t eaifeD c*ft<lU y<ttu . 
bepngoidantfrom Giles about, jcimpfes, 5>ere tbe rotate re* 
mapneft, toben about tbe. fr. of tbe Calenoen of 3p?piL 

^ ^ ^ .'.^^*/^ ^ f . . . - >W A * _ * 

qoeene, rrttfijmp; tbem tbat tbercDiere 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


The firft D<cade. 

if ftiDbpppKl &nt too oj&c rotljc ftpngano qutflic, f&at fjc tan 

none ot&er matter to ccrti&c tljcmof bp tije poto, but onlp 

tfjac tljc 3 Dniira! tuitb Sue fl;pppe j, anu fourefco?e ami ten men, 

remapneo ftpll fa HijpamoU to fearcfce tOc fccreteg of dje ilanoe, 

ana rijat as toitcbpng; odjcr matters, be bpm felf*, luoulo fljo^tlp 

make relation in tljep? p?efcncelip tojoo?tjc of moutl) : t!jerefo?e 

tlje Dap before t^e jf5cnc5 of 3p?pl,l)e contetotOeCourte (;pm 

felfe Klbac 31 learns of (? wi, aim ctlicr faytbftill atio credible 

men,U)!jid)e came Untb Inw from die 3D!ntrn!I,3i Uiti rcijcarfe 

Unto pou,in fucbe o:o:r as tbrp Declare D tljc (ante to me,tu!;en 31 

DemaunoeD tbem : tahc i c therefore as foloujc:!;, l;e rtjirD oap 

of tOe 3loes( of October, ticpartpng from Ferrer ibelatte oftbe 

ifanoeji of Canarj*Atiti from t!je coattfieiof &papne 3 Urit!j a j^a 

we of feuemccne n)ippcs,tl)cp fap!eD,)c,ci.Dape!9i before rljep came 

to anp tlanoe, inclining ofpurpofemojetouwioc tlje leftljanD 

tljen at tlje rp^ll uopagc/oloUJinp; tljc no?tlj nojitfjeaft toinoe^aim 

arriwctJ fp^tt at t!;e ilanoes of tlje Canibdes o^ Caribes, of lu!jiri;e 7 imtc or $ 

onlp t(;e feme luas; totoen to our men. 3monn; tbefe, ri;cp 

cljaunccD fu)tt upon one/o befet luuij trccs 3 rljat tljrp coulee not 

fee fo murije asf an die fpace of bare care!) 01 ttonie grouiiDc 3 tbi{ 

tljep calico 2)ow/M/cd,bf caufc tOcp fauiiD it ondje^unDap.Cljep 

tarieo bere no time^ecaufe tijepfato it to be Defart. 3!n tbe fpace 

of tfjefe.rri, Dape( 9 tbep tljpnke rijat tljep fapled cpcrjjt btm&ieo $ 

(b frefijlp foIoujtD rije (lerne of djep? ffjpppea. Sfter d;ep Ijao fap 
leDalpdeftirtljer, rijep efpieo Dittcrs ilanaeisreplenyfljcD mitlj 
fim^phmtit3oftrce0 5 fTcnnOclu{jicl;c came frag;vant OiuourjS 
offppcttano (beete ummest: Oeretljep faiueneptljerman 
no? beaft ,c rcept certapne Ipfartes of ljuge bppjne(Te 3 ad tljep re- ipCtrtM. 
ptytro lulncb tocn t alaito to utette tbe countrep. ^:lj ts t lanu djep 
called G4/i4 o^ 04/4/1^4 : from tbe cape o? popnt of rtjia flanoe, 
cfppmgamoumapneatoTcof, tljep (apIeDtbpdjer, about. 
mple0(romtt)(i$ mountapne, tljep &tne a rpuer Dcflenn 
tofjtcb feemco t o be a token of fome great anD large flooD , 
wtbefp^a ianoe tobicoe fttp fatniDe uibabiceD from tlje flan* 

S e t ; 
ftwn * 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 





rrrYour:' Cftrotmoe about tn ojaer, makpngtbedreeteincompatTelpke 
a market place. 3no fojafmuebe a* 31 (jaue maDe mention of 
he hmi&nnor ^W ^ ou ^) ft 'H not be greatlpfrom mp purpofc to Deferibe 
in ui jat manner tbep are buvloeo : ^hep are maDe rounoc Ipke 
belles oj rotnne p intlunuL bcpi frame is rapfeD of ejcceeDpng 
bigb t r ees,fer dole togeacber, anD fad rampaireD in tbe grouno, 
fo tfanDtng aflope, anD benoing imuarDe, ttjat the topped of the 
trees iopne togeatber, anD beare one agapntt anoihrr, baupng 
alfo ttritbm the bottfe certame drong anD fljan p joppes o? pottca 
loljtclje fudepne the trees fromfallpng. ^hepcoiiertbemluitli 
tbe leaues of Date trees, anD other trees utonglpe compact mm 
tarDcneD, tobcrUiith tbep make them dofe from toinoe anD uiea- 
tbcr. ^t the U)iite podes m p}oppea toirhin the ijoufe, tbeptpe 
ropes of tbe cotton ofgoflampine trees,o? other ropes maDe of 

u(oiV." r ' certapne long i rough roctcs, much Ipke Unto tbe U)?ubbe cal!eo 
^4rtm,tuberof in olD tpme thep ufeo to make banDes fen uincs, 
anD gables am ropes f ftp-.'.pcs. ^befetbcptpeouertbluarte 
tbe boufe front pode to pode, en thefe tbep lap as it tocre ccr* 
tame matreUes maDe of the cotton ofgoflfamptne trees, urfjicbe 
gro *o)c plenttfullp in thefe ilauDcs. ^his cotton the ^panparD^ 
cal /&:lo, anD tbe31taliana*3w^/i/^: anD tbtudjepfleepe 
inljanjpngbcDDes. 3 1 the entrance ofoneoftbtp?boufes,tbep 
fatuc ttoo images of uiooDlpke Unti fer Denies, tobicbe tbep 
thought b-iD been fuche tDo!s as tbep honour : but tbep learnco 
afceruiarDetbatdjep lucre fet there onfpe fo? comelpneffe, fo? 
tbep knoUie none other goD then the funne anD moone, althoucrj) 
tbep make certatne images ofgolfampiiie cotton to p OmtlituDt 
of fuche pbantades as dnp fap appeareto tljcm in tbe npgljt* 
Our men founD in tbepit Ijotfes, al kinDes of earthen uefTels, not 
muchc bnlpke onto ours. ^Lbep founDe alfo m tl;ep? fcptcbens , 

jpine eortttie. mansflen)e,Ducke30eU)e,ffgoofefleflje v 'rtmonepot,aitDotbet 
on the fppts reop to be UPDC to tbe fp?e. en: ring into their inner 

flrrofebeattf Io:} 5P n 3 c3 5 ^ founD * fa?gottes of tbe bone u of mens armes 

fboiwf. ami legges, tu'.jichc tbep f cferue to make heaoes fo]t rbep?ar 
ro>o;s, beeaufe thep lacke iron , tbe other bone 3 tbep cad auwp 
to'.ien tbep b-we eaten thefl t '(he.^:i)epfoinnelpkeiapfttbebeao 

. "'he decades, 
Bancroft Library, 


The f)fft decade. Ij 

m re*tbafl o? paflace, 

thepcontetogeatbtt toplape Cabentljeppereciucotbeeom* 
rnpngof our mciMbepfleaae. 3!n tbeflt Ijoufes tlje? fount 
alfoaboutijirttcrtUD?encapttuc0,U)(jidje lucre referueo ta 
be eaten, but otirmen tooke tljetn atoap to bfet'jemfo? inter* 
pietert. *ard)inaj mojc otligt mlp tbe timer parts of $e ilanD , 
tie? founoc feucn otljer rpuer*, bpgjcr tljcnttjts toljtclje lue 
fpahe of before, rumtpngt^ougi) tljc tianoe, Undj ftuiterull 
anD plcafaum banhc0, Delectable to tdjoloc , ttljts tlanne 
tljep callcu Guadalupcafo} tljc foiitlt tt ifie tljac it Ijotlj to t^e mount Ttlr monnt 
GW4//'Mrm^papne,U4eret|}e imajjeof tl;e birgtnCparic oua&aitipu* 
is rdigiounp Ijonoureu, but $e !nljabitaunte call it CArucuena, <Canif nfti ^ 
o? Qjttraquiera : 31 1 is tljc c'.jeefc habitation oftljc c<<w;7;4/fj.ctjcp 
bjotigljt from tljis tlanD.Uii.popirtiape?(,big[o;cr tfjen pljcfants, 
mudbeDpfferpna; from otljer in colour, Uaupngtljep^baclxes, 
fycae*, anu bellied of putple colour, aun tlicpi lupngea of otlj cr 
Variable colours : in al tljefc llanos is no lefle plentte of poppt^ 
tape^ rljeu tuit Ij 03 of fpa rrolues o? ttarclr n^etf* a 3 toe tying; 
bp capons anti Ijenncss to frankc ano make tljem fat, fa DOO ti;cp 
rijefe bigger feinoes of ^oppniape* fo? tbe fame purprfe. 3ftet 

, asfoone as D|luf toftp8!J 
tljepljau efpiet tt)cm)tl)cpcalleD tljcir conipaiipcoa:cat(jer ? an9 
as (bone as tljc p bao biokcn p CaniUles boates 07 luljrcrs (uriH 
d)e tbep cal c JHM / ) tljcp loofeo tijcp? anKers tbe oap bcfb;e tbe 
3Ioes of iSouemberjanD Departeo from GudAlupca. Cohnu* tbe 
awtitral/o^ tbe Dt fp?e Ije baD to fee bia comyaniona, uibicbe at 
bi$ f>?(! uopage lie left tbe pecre before in flifpamoU to fearcb tbe 
countrep,letpaffe>nanpiIanoebotbonbiBrp0fbt banDc 3 gt!eft 
banDe,anofapIeooircctlp tbptbet ^pdjetoaptbereappeareo 
from tbe nojtb a great ilanD 3 uM)ici) clje captiuea tbat toene eaten 

inHiffwioLi, eafleD Madanino, 0? Matiww, affirmmg tttobc 

Wwbiteu onfp tat!) ujomen^to to*5 tbe Cnftifo baue acteOe at 

Uxmten t&ep keepe twd^tbem 

Lden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 


Hiefyrft Decade, 

ttfep &atic gveat And flrtnw catted ojt oennetf fit ftf 
grounDe, to tljc \abicbe tbep flee fyfafftamifanpmen refojce 
bnto tbem at anp ocber tpme tbenig appopntcD 9 ano tljcreDe* 
fenbe ttjc iti feiue 9 toitb bo t&00 ano arrott)0 s agapitff tb e W olenct 
offline &0 attemp te to tmwtJc tbem ^Tbep couloe not AC ttji^j 
tpmeapp^ecotljtgaanDe, Oprcafonof tbe j?5o?tl; no^tbeaH 
topnne, urfjiclj bletne fo Ueijemcndp from tfje fame, UHjeraiJ cbcp 
nouie folotueb tf)e Call foutbcaae . after tbcp oeparteo from 
Madanino, anD fapleti bp c^e fpacc of .0. mple^, tbcp paffeo not 
farre from another ilanoe Wdj tljccaptpueisfap^etobcuerpe 
poptausf, ana rcplcnpilicu toirtj al t'.jpngcg! neceifarte fo? tlje 
ft of man W0 t&ep catoo Af nu 5m^i. becaufc it toad fall 
*tu. of momitapnw , ^Ije captpues further Declare*, cbat tbe Cam 

aboue arljou&nuc mplcs coljtmtfa^mcn. Ebe Dap folototng, 
tfjepfatue an otber ilanue, tOe toljiclje 
tbep cafleo 

an otljer, tobic^e rljcp caHeu s. Af *#//, Uibidje rijep let paOe 
tnttus Mir- alfo,becaitfe tljep dan noleafure to tarrpe . IpKeiopft t&e tfjtrDe 
nut. 0ape tbep efpteo another, ti*ofe2)/4mrtr4/fpoeje3ctenopng front 
Maria tbeaaetotbeUJea,tbeptu05eDtobeaOmiD?eD ^fpftiemple* 
is%cp affirntc aQ cljefe Oaaoc0 to be maruelottd fap;e anD fruite- 
full : (n'g laH, tfjep cafleD Sanaa Maria Jntiijua. ^>aplpno; foj* 
toaroc, anD leaupng; manp otljer ilanDetf , after tbep baD fin}* 
IeD about fourttemplecijt^ep cbaunceDbpon an otbff^ntucb bppj^ 
/!!< ernci/, fi^tbenanpoftberea,tii|)tdjt!jmbabitan0 call XyXr,buc tbep 
?3MriN or ' nameDit Iw&bamb : i&ere t^ep caa anker to fetcjje fretbe 
jc 4Tanu>aic0 . juater C&c 3Dmtral alfo commaunDeD ,r#, men to goe a lanoe 
ootofbtiSoumebpp,anDto&arcbebeflanD: i[)eretljepfoanDe 
foure Do&jesi on dje Iboje . W)t SltibabttaiitjS txtCtmbAles, ano 
maradousfypertetnOjooring, asladtoomenasJmen, antiufe 
to infect tbcir arrotueis Untft popfotiQLlben tbep ^aD tarieD tfjtrc 
ttoo Daprjai, tbep fatoc a fatre of a CK>* , in tbetoftcbetaere 
_ __ etgbt men, anD ad manp foramen, Ijaupng bno) tbem bolue^ 
raD l" 1010 ^ $fyp fiend? aflaplcD our men ttttboot afl 
fcait, airt 

teuetenct^anii obepeD as tbouglj (be toerc tbep? 
tow toaptcD i^uon (et) be^ng apoung nwn, flronglp 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


,of fcrriWc antjfroUmjmgcoiintcnaticc^rtJaltefacc. 
Our men, leatte tlxp fljoulpe tafce tfee mo?e fcurtc bpbepng 
UiounDcDafarreof, tl>oi;glKitbeaetoiopnetoul) tbcm. fcber* 
fine tiiitb al fpceDe,f: t; tng fym.uD uritb tljetr o?es tfce tytganoine 
in utoiebe tljcp lucre fettealanoe, tljcp oucrtunico tbetrC^n^ 
tuitlj a great btolencc, uiljfriK being oucrtuljelmetybep nottoitlj- 
nanDing,a0 tod tbc uwmcn ajs rijc nwn,ftpmmtng, cade tbep^ 
cartes at our men tincfce ano tli jccfoloe 3 1 tfjc Icngtl), geo 
tljcrpngtljcm fduesi togcatljcr upon a rode couereo tuttij tbc 
mater, tfjep fougljt uianfuHpbmpltt(jcpU)ca- cttcrccmcantJ ta- 
ken, one bepng flapne, ano tlje qucencs fonnc fo?ctoounDcD. 
tililjcn tljcp lucre bpugbt into tfje admirals tytppe, djep Dpo no 
moicputoftbcir ficrceuesianncruelcountfnaimre^tbcnDotbe CDC 
lionisof /;>iw Uiljen tfcep percetuc tbem fehttjci to be bounce in * r bl 
cbapnetf.Cbere i^ noman ablerobeljolDetljcm, butljcWl 
fcclcljis bo^elss grate luttO a certapne ^rour, nature ijarl> 
c nmieo tljcm luitlj fo terrible menarincj ano crueH afpeet. Fiji's; 
coniccmre 31 mafte of mee felfe,$ otfjer ruljtcl; oftentpmed tuent 
tuirij me to fee tljcm at Metlymm Campi: but nolue to returne 
totljeuopage. 15?oceemngt^us fiirdjeranDfiirtIjer,nto?et!jcn 
fpue Ijuno^cD inpie0, f^fte toUjarue tljeluettfoutljUJctl, tljen 
touiaroe t[)e foutljlyett, and at tlje lengtl) toUiaroe tl;c Uicd 
no?rf)U)ett,tljepentreD into a mapnc large fca, Oaupngtuitin* 
numerable ilanDc 0, manteplouflp Dpfferpnp; one from anc tber y 3fnnnmrrai>!t 
fo?(ome4ftbem towt uerp fruiteM, aim fuHofijearbeg anu suinaea. 
treed , odjer fonic, uerp o?pe,barreny antj rotigb, tutttj (jiglj roc* 
fepe niottntapncjs(of(lone,tOijcrcof fometoere ofb^pgljtblcUir, 
*} afuriiie colour, antj otl)ergIpnerpngU^pte:U)berefo;etl)cp 
p^ctoujs (Jone0j buttberoutf;nen^oftl)efet 5 anD nudtttulie 
i!anDea(ranijpng(btl)pefie togtatljier, I;pii5ereo tl;cm fo, tfct 
Jljepcoulue cad no anher, left dje bigger ucffefle0fl)oulDtrunne 
bppontlje rocket : tyerefye tbep Dgferreo t^c fearcljpng of 
rfcefe. Cannes bntpti anote rpnte: ftep lucre fo manpe, aim 
ftoooelbrbpcke, ifeat $ep coulfte not number rbem, pet $* 

tbem, anDnumb?ebfourtieanorpr^ Canoed , btit tlje bpgger 
fMWftlmtiooft in tje mapne fiw* fbj toe of ftc rockcss. 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

DC rea ran* t*e? tan tfe fea tote ttytf multitude of tiatot* are 

abtente* eaU 

Ojfl**u: but tfcp WlttlCD it //. S . Jobmur. 

fbem ^^ tee tyro Dripucreo from t!)e CtmMes, fapoe tl;ac 
tl)cpU)ercbo?nem dji0 flanue, affirming it to be toerpepopulDu* 
ano trutcfua^auros alfo manp faire UJOODDCJJ aiiD Oaucnjs . ^6er 
12 ncaWp bantu ano continual battaplc bertnenetfjcmanutfje 
CMibaUs.Wbw ijaue no boated to paffe from tfjeir olane coaile* 
to the Caw^/w : but if it be tl;cir cbaunce to ouercome tljcni 
to'jcn t!)cp make innirfion into rijep? countrep to fccke tljctr 
p?ape (as it fometpme Ijappenetb, tlje fin tune of toarre being bn> 
ttttapnc)ti>epferue c ^em <+ ifa fattfc, requiting ocatb fo? 
Dca tb . jTo? one of ibem mangeletlj an oti;er in pieces, anQ roflfe 
tijm > anDcate^cmcuen before tljcir epetf. ^OcptarpcDnot m 
tin* ttanfte : |? et in rijetocU angle tl^crof, a&Uieof tbem tocnt 
a lantjcfoifreflbeujater, anDfounoea great ano bigbboufcafttt 
rtjc maner of tbeir buplDpivg^bauing jrii otbet of tijcir txdgare 
cotage* placeu about t'je fame , but lucre all lefte ftefofate, tuljc^ 
tber it bxre tfcattfcp refo^ted to tbe motmtapne0 bp reafon of tbe 
( jea te ufcic& Dowtljattpmeof tbe peere, anD to rewrite to tbe 
plapnete^entbeap^tovetbcouloerj o?elsfi)?feareoftbe c 

3!n al tbts Oanoe id onlp one kpng . 3Dbe foutb fpoe Ijntof errcn^ 
Detb about ttuo btmo^etlj mpletf S>!jo?dp after,tbep came to rtje 
ilanne of Hiftaruol*, being nidame from dje firde toe of 

out of o^Dcr, ano tbep? feb)Uie0 flapne tticbe tfcep lefte bere 
e. 3fn 

attbdtWtopige. 3fntbeb^pnfnjngofH^mf/4 
ban* fo (t manp regions ano fcpngDome* ad toe batteiapoe ) 

iMguee. ^ e jjg^j rf ^^^ , toboftkpng 10 nameO Guaccanarilbs. 



<*"' afcboitgMe tfOmnile&tbe fame, anop?etenoci>h^^tbe 

vi0M|V0Wtf ffCttFtlf i ^MP ftttf fftttt ZdP*D Oft ft^C ^ ftHfTnfnfffa 

tbep efpteba long Cano* uw'tb manp o?ed, 

b^otfretof G**ww/flk<.trift otfp one 

Eden, The decades. 
Banoroft Library. 



tbe name ofbi* tyotber , an* totoe a tale 
language a0 ccncernpngtbe watfcof ourrwn/aartjeppjoouco 

afariDarDf, butat tljia tpmc baDno regard* co Ijt0 commune 

cation fojlaefce of intcrp?ctour*, tobicbe toereeptljcrafloead, 

cj cfeapcd ana ff trine atoap toljen tfjep Djctoc neare tlje 

But of tbe ten/euc n i>peD bp cbaitnge of ap?e ann Dpec* 

Ijat)ttaunte0oftljefe ilanDes Ijaue ben euerfoufco 

licrttc, tnplap anD paflpmc, tljat t^ep can Ijarolp atuap luttl; 

tljepoUc of feruttioe, luljirlj tljcp actempte to fijahcof bpa 

meaneisi ttjep map . 3D furclp pf ebep bat reeemeu our religion, 

3Itoou!oe tbpnfte tljep? Ipfemoffebappte of all men, 

ntpgljt tberetuitlj entope tbep? aunricntlibertie 

tontcntetl;cm 5 baupngnoDelptemfudjefuperfluitie^ 

lull i cljc in onjer places men take infinite papne*, ano commit 

ijianpeiinlaujftill acccsSyjnDpetarenciierf 

npebaue to muclje 5 anD none pencugb. ^ut among tljefe fpmple 

fouIcs,cifciDcriotljesfcrue tl;c nakeft: toeigbtes anu mcafurcs 

are not neeocft rt to fudj c asi ean not Chpl of era ft ano tecepte,ano 

baue not tlje uft of p e(!i feroiw monep, t(je feeoe of innumerable 

mifrijcetiescfotbarpf lue (ball not be adjameo to confelft tlje 

rruetb, tljep fecme to lute intljatgofoentoo?Ioeof tljeurfjidje 

o]DeU)?pterg fpeafee fo mucl;e, uiberein men Ipueo 

ano innoccntlpe tut tbout enforcement of latoe^toitbout Quarrel* 

Ipna;,tuDge0,anDubti!e0,contem onlp to fatifue natttre,luitljout 

further bcjtatt on fo? knotukogeof tbpnged to come. $>ett(jcfe 

naketi people alfo are to?mentcDUhtb ambition, fo^pDefiretbep &AH* mm 

ant) oeutop one anotljer, from tlje Uiljtrije plague 31 fuppofe tlje 
golucn Ujoilne Uiais not free. Jf oj euen tljcn alfo, c edejim ted*m, 
rljat te^ette ptocr 3 ano 31 toill not gette placed entreD among <5eu pi* t. 
inen,But notoe to recurne to tlje matter from ttfjicl) uie baue Hi* 
grefleD. ^e admiral defemtgl to knotu fiirtber of ocarij of but 
men, fern fo? Giucctntvllu! to come to Ijim to bi0 fljip 

notUmg btfoje <wr rmn&ad fcipucreu 


I Eden. The decades 
Bancroft Library. 


c of 



The fir ft 

from tfje c Anil dies , anp earnefflp rfWBpng one of tljem tojjom 
ourmencalleo &at(jerine, Ije rpakegen:elpbntoljer, 3n&t!jus 
toljcnbe Ijao fcenc miD marucplea at tljc Ijojfeg, atio fucfj ofe 
tl;png;0 as uicrc in tljc ftpppCjUnknoUJcti to tbem^nD (jao toicfc 
a gooo grace ano merplp afkeD leaue of tlje ^Dmiral, y r Depac< 
teD.r/ctfomctl;ere toerc ui'jf dje counHipIeD cl;e Somirall ta 
feeepe I;pni ftpll, cfjac pfc(;ep mpoftt bp atrp meaner piooue $at 
ijc U)*10 confentpng to tlje Dca tl; of our men, Ijc mpo^t br punp< 
Qjeo aceo?opnglp, But tlje ^Drniral confpoerpng rtjatittuai 
pet no time to tncenfe the mljabttanteg niintics to U)iat(; 3 mfmif< 
fed !)im, ^tje ncrtoap folotopng:, tlje bpnp;c0 1??otljer rcfo?tpng 
to rtje n)pppe( 3 ept^cr tnljis ounw name oj in (jig b?ot(jer3,(eriu 
fcotljeluoinen. tfoj on tlje nejctnpgbt about mponpgljt, tljris 
Eatljerme 3 aftueatorecouerl;eroU)neIibertie, a0 alfo fcer fe 
IoU)ei2S 3 betng; fubo^neo thereto ettljer bp tlje king o? l;t* b?otberrf 
^omtfe^attempteD a mucbe mo?e Difficult anD iwunrjero0 aD< 
uenture tljen opu c/o^w of Home 5 Ujijtdje bepng in Cottage toit& 
otbermapDeaftotOeking Torcetu, Deceiueo ter fe^eperg, anu 
rooeoucr ^ rwer Tiber, uwtj tbeotljer uirginatuljidjujerepleo' 
ge0 toitfj Oer, jTo? Uiljerea0 tfjcpfujamrae oer tlje riuer on fjo? 
bncfte 3 tln)S Katljermc init^ feuen otfoer tQomen,miffpng onlp to 
tlje drengrtj of tfteit otone anne0 5 fujam aboue tfjjec long rnile^, 
anotfjatalfo atfurijetimeastljeleaUiaa fcmetoW roug^: fo? 
euen fo farre of from ri;e fljo?e lap tlje (frpppes at roDe, a0 np$ 
a0 tbep coulue confecture. But our men folouring tljem tottlj tlje 
n)t'pboate0,bp tlje fame lig^tfeene on t&e fl)o?e,toberebp t^e UJQ.- 
mentoereleODe 3 tooftettj?eeoft^em, fuppoOngt&at laa^crine 
Uitcfj tlje orlicr fcure,tuent to Guaccanarillus : fo) in tljc (p^png 
of t\)t mining, certaine meOengew being fent bnto l^tm bp tlje 
i intelligence tfcat Ije Uws fleUDe toitfj al Ijiu fonulie 

Cifpectum tljat be toad confempng to tbc Deatlj of our men. 
GLH;erefo?e tlje aDmiratl fentfoo^tij an armie of tfyce fjunti?eD 
men, ouer tl;e Web be appopnteD one Melcbior to be captaine, 
y^w tljerefb?e toi* tJ;e fmaileabeOrfleseiurpngintg tbe 
cotmtrepliptfjehuergj auDfcourpngtbeQjo^j, cfcunceo into 


Eden, The decades 
Bancroft Library. 


ftippoftng tljnt it l;ad bpn rfje mourf; of fomc great rpucr 
foimoebcare alfoa Ucrp conmtodtousandfafeljauen, and 
foje named it Portus %* /// . lj*P Cap tbat ibe entewnce of tba 
10 fo croohco ana bending, tbat after tbefljpps are once toritbin 
tlje fame,tobdjer tbep turne tbem to tlje left bana,oj to tlje rigbf, 
tfjep can not percepue tuljcrc tfjep came in,lmtpl tbep rcturne ta 
tlje moutl) of tlje rpucr, altljougO it be tfjere fo b^otie tbat tbjce of 
tljc bpggeft teflcls map faple togearljer on afroont , Ije fljarpe 
ano ijiffij IjpHcis on tlje one fpDe ant) on tljeotljcr,fo bwhc the 
topnDCjt'.iat djep Uiere bnccrtaine Ijoui to rule tljep? faple0*3ntlje 
mpoDle gulfe of tlje rpuer, tl;ere fe a mmottafr o? point of fa 
lano luitlj aplcafant grouejftil of ipopingiapesi ana otfjcr bp^Dos, 
mljtdjbjceDetljcrtn^finp; berp ftueetlp : ^;cp percepuco alfo 
tljat tmci rpuerjsof no final largcuefle fell into tlje Ijauen, COhplc 
tljcp tljitiS fcardjeD tlje lanoe betUicne bodj , MeUhiorefyitoz 
tigljljoufea forreofy tu!;ere fitppofing tbat Guaccanarillus ijati 
Ipen IjpD, ije mane totoaroe it : ann as be uiaiei gopno;, tlj ere met 
bym a man Uiidj afcoiunpng countenance, ann a grpmmc lookr, 
ml) a ljuiiD;cD men folotupng Ijpm , armeo uiitlj DOUJCS ano ar^ 
rolur 0, ano long and Q)arpe (taueiai Ipke iauelpnnc0, maoc 
(jiirocattljccnocs luitljfpjf, U)ljo app^odjing toUurocs our 
mei^fpa&e outalouo UJttli a terrible Uopce 3 faping tljat tljcptocre 
r<j/H/(tljat i$) noble men,ano not Caoibales : but U)l;en our men 
(jaogcucntljemfignes of peace, tljep left bodj tljcp? lueaponis 
anD ficrccncire.^ljits geupng edj of tljem ccrtapne banker beltf, UWICB i>cu. 
tbep tooUctcfoifo great a retuarde, djattl;epoefp?eo to enter 
tonnea of neare frenDUjpp luitlj U3 3 nnD feareo not immeoiatlp to 
fubmi t tljem fdttcs under our pouter, anD refo?tcD to our fljppst 
tot tb tljetr p?efcntc 0, ^:ljep tbat meafitreo tbe boufe(bepng maDc n urge tour*. 
in round foitnnc) found tt to be from fpoe to fpdr. jcrjtii. great pa< 
ct0, compafleo about un dj rrjc.o tljeu oulgare Ijoufeis, Ijaupng in 
tbem manp beamed crofle oucr, ^ couereo Untlj rceueis of fundip &**** & fim* 

l U8 ' 

cur men aiked fome of tbem tofeere djep migbt fino G uaccantnl* 
*t ^bep anftoereo,tedjat region UMSS none of bt0, but tljcp? 


0a&png ttjerefye a bjotljerfp league toftf; tW """' ftbat fii 
to Hip a fcpng) tbep returnee totbe flamiral, to make relation 
U)lMt tljep Ijaafeene anatjearoc: thereupon be Cent focitljto 
tiers otijer Cemuriana Untlj tbep? Ijunajeaea, to frardje ilje 
countrep pet furtber : among toljidjeujere Hoicdus atiD GoruaU. 
>.s noble pounggentlemen s ana of great courage, flnaaa tbep 
luent touwae tlje mountapnea to feefce G*uc*Krillm t &tuu)mg 
tlje mouneapnca bet'4)eene tbem, one of tfjem founae on tbe one 
4? !b til fpaetbereof, fottre rpuera fallpng from tlje fame motmtapnea, 
3 ana tlje otfjet founoe tfjjcc on tbe otijer fpae . 3In tlje fanoca of a! 
tfjefe ritterat'sfoimue great plentte of golae^Ijiclje tbe tnljabt- 
tatmte0oft[jefametianaeti)b(cbeU)crc tuitb uei, geatberea in 
tljia manner: mnkpngljolea in tbe fanaetuitljdjep^anaes a 
Oibitc aeepe^ ana tahpng up fanae untij tljein left banaea from 
t!) c bottotne of tlje fame, tljep ppckea out grapnca of golae iuitf) 
tbep?rpgbtljanDw Uhtljout anp mo? e art o^ cumipng, ana fo 
acluiereaitcoourmen, toljo affinite tljatmanpofrijem djus; 
geatberea, toere as bpgge aa tares! oj fptdje0 3na 31 mec felfie 
faU)c a malTe of rifle golae (tljat ia to fap, fttdje aa toas neuet 
moulten) Ipl\e Unto ftidje Hones aa are founae in tlje bottomed 
of rpuersi, tueigljpng m'enc ounce*, lubidje Ho/Wd Ijpm fclft 
founae* Bepng content imtlj tljefe ftgnea, rtjep returnea to 
rije Qamirall to ccrttficfjpmljcreof . JT o? t^e ^amt'ralUjaa cent; 
maunaca bnaer papne of ptinpO nicnt, tljat tljep ujoulae mcaafe 
nofurtljertljentbep^commiuKon: luljtcbe toason^tofe.ndjc 
tlje placea toitlj tbepj fignea. JTo? tlje fame toent tljat tbere lu.^ 
a certapne kpng of tbe mountapnea from torfjence tbofe rruert 
(jaa tljep? faU 5 \uljom tfjep cal CAMUS CAtmaioadw. \s$,t lo^a of 
rij e Ijoufe of golac/o* tbep cal a l;oufe 'Boa, golae, Caun;, ana a 
kpng o? Io?ae Cacicus.w toe fcauefapae before. ^l;ep afftrme 
that tljere can no teljcre be founae better fpujr, no? of mo? c pie* I 
fant tane,o,i mo^e Ijotfome tljen in tbcfe riuera : alfo tlje uiatcrt 
of tlje fame to be mode Ijolfomc to a?pnke . M Mior bim fdft 
tcfoeme, tljat in tbe monetb of Deccmber 5 tbe aapea ^ npgbtrt 
igtb among tlje, Candies : but t|je fpljere o? en* 
dta of tbe beauen agreetb not tbcreumo, albeit tbat in tlje fame 


tec, atJb plcn; 

^e^e^bprealbnof *e teate, bepng rat&cr con 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


.The firft Decade: 17 

tfjcn etftcmc $c toloc niealfo b)(?cn3 quethoneu tuitfj 
ljutt at conrrnung; y equation of rijc pole fro tljc ljo?i?omal line, 
t&atalcfKlhrrescaUeD ?/**rw*o;t caries impne, arc 
wrrfjetftojtbpcle to t!je c+iib*ks. 3nofure!prtjerer 
nonefrom tljence at $ia b:oa3c,to tufran tljere 121 mo?e creDitro ortjje yolr * 
be geuen, djcn to rfjijsman . But if fee IjaD bpn fluifttU in 0ilro* 
nonnc, be n.iouioe (jauc fapae tljactlje Daplua^almoae equafl 
iDit^ t(je n%W : JTo? in no place tatoamtftcflap of d;eftmne 
(calfeD Solflidum ) cant&e ntg^c be cquall lutrij tfec uaj> , 
6? tljcm, tl;epneuercamebn!JCcdjc^jK.'ow/, fojafm 
tfjcp {iaD nar tljc JI5a?tI; pole t(jen gu^> -1^ cuer elcuate in 
OgicabotietfjeHor/^oM^/. ^:i)si>me3 t^iffrip m^'tten iwico 
pour bonmir, ajs niucbe agi 31 ri;ougljc fufficient at t f ^i0t?!Me, 
ano fyall (Ijottlp bcreafrer (Op ($000 fauoure)U^ptelmtopou 
mo?clar0cfp of fuel) m^tttcrd as tbaflic Daplp Dcrter kitolani jfoj 
tbe ^omtral OpmfjIfe(Ui!;oni 31 Ufefamptrip as nip ijerpfrenDe) 
ft-Ttlj pjiciiuTcD me bp I)i0 letterd^Oat !;e lopl grue nirlxnctolcD je 
of al fud) Binges a0 fljall cbatmce. Of l?arij noUic cljofcn a ftioiirj 
place iDiict c (^ ntap builD a c(t:e,itrarc unto a c5mootou0 -jaaen, 
anD ijat^ alreop btrploeo ntanp Ijcufr^anD a c!;apc! 5 m tlje \uljicb 
(a in a nclue too?lbe!jerctofo?e uopDe of all religion) (SoDijx 
DaplpfcruetUJit!;.iriu.p?ieto,acco?Dpnp;to tlje manet of our 
t^ardjeg. Q!icntOctpmenoU)2app?oet)CD tljat (jc p^ompftD 
to fcnDc to tfiekina; anD qt-een r, ano Ijnupno; pioCpcrcua lufnbe 
fo? tl;a: purpofc, fent bad tlje.ictuCaraucllejcisUJljf roftuc nurtie 
mention before: U)!j;cl; toa d no fnwi ijpnDcrance atiD gt ctfe bnto 
()pni, cfpeaalfp eonH^erpng rtje oeart; of l;tt men U)i;om Oc lefte 
iiuljc i!ance at djcfp?Hucpaae,tu!;crl)pUJearcrctipo^mof 
manp placet; aia o:!jer fecretfs, tu!;crrf Die mpn^t oiljcrtopfe 
&aue ban fortbcr fenotulcsge : bur as (pme Pjall retteale tl;em a- 
gapne, fo topll 31 amiertpfirpouofttcfame . 3nu tljatpounta? 
t|je better ftnotoe bp conference bao mitb tOe A$Qtbtc& its anD 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The fyr ft Decade. 

altbougb tbep be not burtfuH, pet ioj tbep? rjeette of beate, tbep 
are (barpe, ana bpte tbe tongue pf tbep rcmapne anpurtnie 
tljcrcon: but pf tbe tongue beblpftereo bp taftpng of tbem, tbe 
fame is taken atoapbp D?pnfejmg of \uater. Of tfce co?nealfo 
toljercof tljfpmalierijep?b?eaD5tI)i;3b?pnget (ball ueliuer feme 
grapnc0 to pour loiDQjpp^orlj mbyte ano blac&e, aim d;cru?it (^ 
. 01 alfa atrunkeoftl)ctrceof ^/<j,rijctobic(jepfpoiiaitin peecc0, 
lignum ior0. pou (ball feele a ftoeete fauour to pjoeec&e from tbe fame, 
fare pou Ijartilp uH 9 from tbe Court fMi&y 
i tjpjDc oap before tlje Calcwoeis of spap, /f wo 2)om. 1 4^4, 

The tliyrde booke of the firft Decade, to 

Cardinall ofjtragonie, and 
Neuicwe to thcJcyng. 

gapne rule tbe cbanotss of tbe &>urme , ano 
contenoe to tyatoe facetc hcours out of tbe 

ttefipnt,tebcra0 pou require me conif 
crtbe tei CD pou tbe netne too j to, fount) in tbe 

ft bp tlje goon fortune ano goiieniaur. * t 

of t(jcCatI)OU(}uep?mcCS FcrMnandtu- atiO 

, pour ade ano aunte , (betopng mealfo tbe Icttc ns 
of fcpng Ftederiks pour Unrie,ujntten to me in tbat bebalfe: But 
fptlj poubaue lapDe tbt^buroen on mpbacke,in UJljfli: pouicr it 
iiStocomnwunttemcto take bppon me mo?e tbeit 31amtocU 
able, pe botb (ball receiuetbw pie ciotw (lone ntoelp elofeo ui 
lean after mp manner of toojfcemanfbpp. <I22bcrefo?e,U}benpou 
(balpercciuetbclearneDfo^t frtntrtp, tbe maltttottf ettutoufltf, 
ano tbe bachbvters rurioi^p, to benoc tbep? flaunocrous darted 
agapnttour fap?e Wjmpb of rfje Ocean, poa (bafl frerip pjoteft 
(nboiue (bo?ttpme,anom tbempooeftof tobattrouMeaanoc* 

pou toeytom Gr<4M tlje ntentlj cap. fcefo^e tbt Calenftw if 

*<!, fllfcW.efct^rfjfrC^^Kifc 

Eden. The decade 
Bancroft Library 

ThefirftDecacfc l8 

t 3$ut notDeiueemenDe further to fyetoc 
luljat be fowioe as concerning the nature of to tlanDc, aftcc 
ibat be Iiao better fearcheo the fecretes of the rune : LpKetbpfe 
of the ilanoe ot t - ncare Ditto tt , luljfcljc be fuppofeo to be cljc 
fmnteMnDe. Htj'f.v.hla tfjercftnc (lubtcbebe affirmed; to be 
0/'A/;u)!)ercGfU): reaoc lutljerbPioe bookc of the kpnges) ts 
oflatituDf fwc font!) Degrees, (jaupng the no?t(j poteeleuarc 
otuljenouijfpDc jcrui. Decrees, ano "on the foutbfpDc (a3tl;ep JKJ 
fop) mi. Degrees, itreacijetl) in lengrb from ^aft to CClcd, fc* 
itcn OtinDico ano foitrefco^emples, it is Diftamfrcm the timiDfsf 
of (caHen Cj/ t i)]cltt, oej;ree6,aiio maKr^s fontefap: the 
fouvmeoftljeilanocrerembletl; tiiclcatfcof a Cocfmttie tree. 
U.JonaOpgbhpHonthc J^oitb fyD: of tljeilanDe, t;c ImplDro j f , baiX 
a ct:ic,bee.iun: tbi'3 place ID.VJ molt apt foj tlj.u purpofe,bp rca* 
fonofamvneof (Ione0 to'jutc UM3nearcu:KotI;efemc, fcr* 
upngtuellbotijto tolDeiuirh, anDa!C.itouidkclvnie: at the 
liottome of this! hvlf, is there a great plapne 6f d)?ecfco:e nirf r si 
in length, anDinbieaDrfj fomeusliere )t.fomcU)!!e$ 
luljcreit i0 biotJe(t,'t ltj:c mpfcs inhere it is iwrrotof I! : rhjotiglj 
cbis plapnc runtie Dtuers fapje rpucrs of tubolfonic luat cro, but 
the greatest of them,U)hiche is nantga^le, falleth into ti;e batten 
cf tl>e cie foj the fuaecdftaifc a furlong: holue fertile anD fi uit* 
fill this iiallep 1 3, voddMmoerftanDe bp theO: thptiges lu'nche 
folonw. Ac Q}c?eTpis truer, rijep haue Ipnuttco ano en* atofcfnofnfnr , 
dofeo eertaprt^rottnDj'to nuke gatDen? ano o?c!)parDes,in the union* frmf'e<i 

<j fucheocher,U)a]ce rppe luithin joi capes after the feeoe 
isfo^en, IvkeUipfe ^clones, (3oiirDcg,Cuninicr?5anDfudK 
other, toitl)inthefpaeeof.]cr]cii.Dape^, thefc garDen bearbes p}j[? f eu)l)0le 
thep haue freifie $ grecne al the urfjcle pcere. 0lfo the rootcs of 
djc eancs o? reeoec; of the Weottr thereof fuger te matir , gjotoe 
a nibttchpgh U.ntljuuherpaccof,vu.Bap0, but the licour 10 um. 
notpetharonieo. l;e Ipke thep atfrme of planter o?fl)?otiDesf 
ofpotmgumes, ano that thep haue the feccmoeK^S^^o 
rppe aiiD fiueete gra p es of the (ante : but bp r eafon of to much c 
tankenefif thep beare but toe chiders . ,f itrthcnnoje, a man 
eoimerep fokoeo a Iptie Cabfite about tbe 

ano tyougljt iwuhhpm tot^e ctucan^aiiofm dftm. 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


Ctje region of 

|t golbttt 
rtgfon of 


Thefyrft Decade". 

of tbe rppe eare* oftbe fame tbe tbpitie cap before tbe catenae* of 
apiill, tobicb tta* tljat peere tbcbigfleoftbeftifurrectionof 
ourlo?D . ai(b,alkpn&e* of pulfe, a0 beane*, peafon/ptdiea, 
tare$# fudj otber,are rppe ttopfe in tbe pern, as ai tljep Uiljtdje 
come from tbence afficme untlj one toopce, pet tbe grounoe 
to not brauerfaHp apte to beare iu!;cate . In tlje meane tpme 
lubple tbefe t(jtng;es lucre Doinn:, tljc ^omirall tent out a com* 
panpe of .)C]Cjc. men to fearrije tfce Eegion of apanga, otbettopft 
calico dbana. ^tjig! Uejiontsfullof monntapnesi miD rorkcs: 
ano in tlje mpODie bacKe of tljc U)ijole tianoe i^ ^reat 
plcnticofgoloe.CjCtljentljcp tbat toent to fearri;e tbe region 
lucre returncD,tbep reporter) marudoug tljingw ag toucbino; ti-c 
great rj>cOe0 of to Hegion, /from tbefe mountapnesJ, oefccnoe 
foure great rpuera, lulji cb bp tbc maruelouji tnmtfrrpe of nature, 
DiuiDctl) tl;e U)fjo!e tianoe into foure partej3,in niauer equaf,oiicr-- 
fp?eaDing t tuaterpng tlje U)(jole ilanoe ttntb tbeir b^ancbed , Of 
tbefe foure rpuer&tbe one reacbetb toUwroc tlje Carte, tb&tbe 
inbabitantca call lunnai anotber totoaroe tlje Uieftc, ano tit 
cafleo -.Jttibtmicusi tbe tijiroe toinarD tijc jfto?tb,nameD lac hew. 
tlje laHe reacljct b into tbe ^poutb , ano is calleo ^/^. ^be Dap 
before tbe Iocs of ^arcbc,tbeaDmiraIIbtmfelfe,tottbalb 
bojfemen,. ano foure bun^ro footemcn, mardjeo Direedp to-- 
luaroe tbe^outb fpoe of tbe goloen licgion ^bud pairing otter 
tbe rpuer, tlje plapne, anotijemouncapneiDbtcbenuironeDtbe 
otberfpDeoftbepIapne, Ucbaunccutippon anotber bale, tatd; 
a rpuer mticb bpgger tben tbe fpjfle, $ nianu otljcr meane rpuent 
running tb^oagb CCt ben be Ijao alfo ccnucigljeD b w armpe ones 
tbe rptter, and paQeo tbe Ceconne bale, tobicb ^ag in no part it* 
ftriour to tbe fp?ff, be maoe auiap tb^ougb tbe tljtrue moimtaine, 
tubere toasf no paffage before, ano oefcenDeo into anotbc^bale, 

v . 

rtmne manp fluooea ano rpuerjj out of etterp Ijpfl, anDtn tbc 
fanwsiof tbem all 10 founot great pfentie of gotoe . ^nololjen 
be ban notoe tmren th?eefco?e an& ttodue mpleis into tbc 
goloen Hegtpn from tlje rttie^cntenoeo to bitplot a foptflfc 
bppon tbc toppe of a bpU, ftanopng bp ^ fto>c of a etrtapnt great 
rpuer, tbat be tnpgbt tbe better aim mojefafolpefcardjetfceifc 


The firft Decade. 


, rtje ntfjabttatmtes bcpng Defpjon* of bauhea <5oibe roi 
ijcOeMia odjer of our rbf nge*> refojteo Daplp tbptber, to tobom ** M! 
tlje 3DimraU DcdarcD, tbat pftlje?tt)outoeb?pun;golDc, clje? 
ftoutoc baue usljatforuer rijcp tuoulDe afke. jf oo?ttilmelj turning 
tbepjfaackcM"Q"pNa;to tbefooje oftbe nert ruter, tljcp 
reoiriicD in a fhoite tpntc, b?pno^ng tuitt; d;em tljcp^ (janoes fid 
ofgolue. amongaallotl;^ tljerecameanolDeman^pnffpnd; ^^p,,,,, 
iBit^imtttJoptbbleffoncjaiofgolDCjtucpgbpng an otmcc,orfp- 
rpngtljmtogcucfjpnia bell fo? tfjefame: ^otaHjcnljcfaluc 
our men mnrtttpic at tl;c bprrnene thereof, Ije mace fipcs; tbac 
tijcptocrcbut (mallanDofnaualtic tnrcfpccteof foine tbat !;e 
[MD fcene , ano tahpng m bus Ijanoc fourc (toned, tlje !ea(l tuber* 
of iwaa as biggc as a Walnut, anft tl;c btgged as btgge 00 an 
fiD;ange, Ije fapo tl;at tljcrc founoe pcece0 of goioe fo bpgge 
in bis rotintrep, bepng but IjalfeaDapesftoimicpfrom tfjcnce, 
anDtOattjjepbaD norcg3rtrctotljegeat(jerpngtljereof,U)(jerbp 
toepcrrnuentUattljep paffcnotimicfjefoi golDc^nafnuirijeafii 
it is golue onlp,butfo farre eOeeme ft, a^ tijc Ijanue of tl;e Srti* 
ficcrbatb fefljtoncl? it manpcomelp fcurmr. .foiurtjoDootlj 
p^eatlp effccmc rougO marbie,o? t)nto?oug!)t 3!uo?te. J but if tljep 
be to?oti(T[lK luitlj tbe cunning banoe of Phidias o? f raxitclcsmb 
QjapeD to tl;c ftmflttaoe of ^ fapje ^tmpbes o? JTaires of rt)C fca 
(calleD Ncreudts) o? t&e jTap?es of tbe UJOODDC?S (calltD Hama* 
driaties)ti)ty ft;al neucr lacte bper0. BefpBe rijis otoe man,rljere 
came alfo D wcrs otfjer, bipngpng toitlj tfjcni ppbble fl onc^ of 
go!ne,toet'gbmg r.o^.ru D^amme0,^feartD not to confciTc, tljae 
inp place tuyere tljep gearijereD tljat golD,$ere toere fbuiiD fom< 
tpme ftonea of goloe as bpgge ag djc l;can of a ct)t(oe. CCIfjcn &e *for e of 

gentlcman,tD&f) a ft lu armeD men. to fearcb a! tbe parted of tbt* of 
tegiomtobo at bfc retttt ne^epo^tcu tbac tbe tnbaiittama (betueu 
bint greater tbpngearbentocbauefpoten of bere befbje,lmtbe 
tipdopenlp Declare notbpngtbereof, lobtcbc djep tbougbt 

li<Mfttfe' JLL-MmAaiEJifJ 



Eden, The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 




neceflarie0. 30 Luxtnus returned to d>e 3mtnrall (to&idje 
toa* about t&e3!oe0 of C^arc&e)!je founot int&e toooD0 certaine 
taritoeuine0,rppc 5 anDof pleafant tatte, but t&e mfeabitaunte* 

rockc0 (ano ferijerefojecaBeactfww, toijir&e i0agmudjeta 

fap a0 a ttonc)pet it id tort replenpflieD tott& trcc0 ano palrure0, 

1 pea t&cp conttandp afltrme^t&at pf graOe of t&cfe mountapne* 

be cutte, it grotoctij tott&in t&e fpace of foure 

Jolftr tit t&e 
m&e tf rp> 
era failing 
:om tDe 

iftmfe anb 
Etje inonti* 
a?i0 art 


Boa fall in t&ig region* toljcreof t&e rpttettf ano fioo&oc0 
t&ep? encrtafe, in euerp of t&e to&ic&e gdoe isi fbutwe m^t toit& 
fanoe in all place* , djep iuDgc i Ijat dje goIDe ijai ti^puen from t&e 
mouncaync0,bp tljc bdjcment courfc of t&e ftrcamcs lu&ic&e fan 
from t&e fame, ano runne into t&e rpuenr* f;e people of c&i$ 
region are gettcn to itienetTe ano plap, fo? fuclje as tnbabtte t&t 
mcinuapnc0, fpt quafepngfo? colDc in dje capntcr feafon, ano 
&aD rat&er to toanncr u p ano ootonc toeHp, t&en take dje papne* 
to make t&cm apparell, toijcrc ass tljcp &atie toooDDcsi ftill of 
(Soflampine cotton : bit: fticlje a0 DtocII int&e ballet o? plapnesf, 
feelc no coioc in Cctpn tcr. CClljen t&e ^DmiraQ IjaD tlju0 fear* 
(&eo t&ebegiimmg of t&e region afabanafa rcpawcD to Ifabel* 
I* (foi fo Ije nameo t&e cttic) to jcre,leaupng dje gouenwuncc of 
c&e3llanDe tottlj &i0 Deputies, ljep?cpar CD Ijpmfdfc to feared 
fitrt&er t&e limi ttc0 of dje 3!lanne of Cuba o? lobama, ui&ic&e &e 
petnoubteoto bet&efinnelantie auo Dtdant from H///><m;o/< 
snip ttr, ntplc0 vC&i0 DPD &e toidj nioic UJCCDPC crpcDttioii 
calipngtorcmmib^auncc t&ckpngcscomniaunDcmcnt, tolja 
toplleo &pm rp^tt toitl; al celcrttie,to oucrrunne t&e coaff c0 of t&e 
BrAft mp otbn neto 31lanDe0 5 !clI anp ot&c r p?mcc Qj ouloc in t&e m cane time at* 
Pitnw. c. j^pj ^ i^ajj fa faM^ f 0? ^g i^pj^ O f jpojtugate affirmed 

oifcr nttott eljat it partepnca onlp to&im to mfcouer t&efe unhnotocn lanom 

berjurene tbe 

graiuucttto tlje hpngof spapnc bp tljeauctljo?t 
tieofi;Klefrt)cnbuUe0, tiiatnoote prince l^ouiDe be foboloc, 
a0 to make anp uopagcs to anp of cptv iniuiotnm tcpjtond^p' 

-Ti'T" - " " ^' w 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


The firft Decide. 10 


partepne to tbe fepng of pojtugale ,anu from tfcefe b<0 Ippiotes, 
fcbicbeao pccrelp fearrbe netoe coaile* ami regions, oirecte 
tbep? courfc to tbe <au% foplpng euer totuat DC tlj: (eft ^anoe bp 
(be back of 3 pb?ike, an* fce fea$ of tljc ^toptantf : ntpdjcc 
to t^i0 0ap bad t^e lpo?to;alf js at anp rpmc fapleo 

ftie tlj?ee fljpppc0,be niaoe baffc tovuaroc tfje 3Kanoe tfiohanna 

01 c*4, U)!jptljrr be came in (I;o?t fpacr, aim namco tl;c popnt 

teof, Uftere be rV?(!c arrpucD, ///^^ ano 3 tfjat is, tl;c fp?ae 

airt>ij;latt: fo) fje fuppofeD tljat cbcteljaDbctuljcenDeorotic 

aff,bceauf tlje fonnc fallctlj tljcrc , ano of tijc CCIeff,becaiifc it 

rpfttlj tljcrc, JTo? it is apparanr, tbac (Iftcftuurte, u i* tl;c be* 

ghmino; of /w</w bepon^c tbe rpuer of Ganges > ano CadtoarDe a 

t^eftirrtjca ctc oftlje(amc: ttMetypng i0 not contrarpjo &" "^ 

re afen,fo?afmuclic as clje Cofmograpbcries fyaue left the Ipnuttes 

of India bepono G <<f j unuctcr mined , luljerc as alfo fonic toece 

of optnion,tljat /<# load not farre from tbe coa ft eg of ^pame, 3, 

as toe bane faio before. 2linjin tbe piofpect of tljc beginnpng of fl 

c^4> be foutiDe a commodious baucnmtbe cr.rcine angle of 

tbe JtanDc of tf//jtwWrf, fojin tljiss part dje 3Ilande rccetuet^ 

A great goulfe: tbtsi bautn be named Sittt J15icl)ola0 pojtc, 

png fcarcdp ttoentic leagues from Cuba. 3s be departed from 

bcnce 3 andfapIedCae(ltoard bp tbe &outbfpde Of *<, tbe fur* 

tber tbat be toent, fo mucbe tbe mo?e tbe fea feemed to be ec tea- 

fpdepfc^ btbunoeau3ilcmDcUJbirijc tbe udjabitaumetf calf 

tbisi be aflfirmetl) to. Ue longer gt b^eocr tben tbe37(anq cje ita 

begmrang from dje fea, rpfetb bplide and litle into tljempddea 


a5 goe bp <o tbe toppe of tbe ff me 4 , eatt fcarcilp jwccwe tfjat 

: ;( 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


TKc fir A Decade, 

fcoutoe batiearpueD, tfrep came a* 
itiefc igainft ban^no foibooe bint toiclj tbjeacnpng Uwjoes : but 
bepng ouercome, tbep maw a league of fremH&pp luted bpm, 
^btw uniting from itmaicabt fapieo comarD tlje iOetl,mtc(i 

fccreate of 


gof rye 

tbpnfcing tbac be ban paffcD fo farre bp tlje compaOe of tbe eart& 
being bnoerncatb W 3 tbat be (jao ben neare Unto Aw* ckrfon*. 
/* (notoe calleo Malacch*) in our eatt Jnota, beponae (be be* 
gpnnpng of P*r fides : i o? be phpnelp beieeneo rijat l;e ban left on* 
Ip tlua of tbe tiDelue Ijouresf of tbe funne, toljt'clj tuere bnknoluf n 
(o b0> fo? tbe ol DC ujip tag; Ijaue left Ijalfe tlje courfe of tbe funne 
bntoucjcD,Uj[jere ad tbep bane but onip DifcufleD tbat fuperficial 
part e of tlje ear tljtojljicljelpetljbettucene tbe Jlanocjsi of Gates. 
DC rtuct or and tbe rpuer of Gangc s > oz at tbe bttermoft, to AMA cherfanc- 
angw. y^ 3^^ j^auigation, be cbaimceo on manp furiotus ftau, 
. running toitb a fad ag; it bad ben tbe Oreame* of fiooty* 5 alfo 

"r?no7nw ffMPSto*!*j bpreaftfhoftbeinultituue of ilanBe^lrijtcbelapon 
hterp fpoe. But not regaropng ai tbefe perpKe^, be oetcrminea 
to pioceeDe 3 bntt( (je bao cer cat n e Knoiuleon^ U}etber Ct^4 tare 
ant!an&e,o?firme lanoe. ^rinis be fapleo fo?uwro 3 coaITi'ng euec 
!rp tbe fooje toUDam tbe CQett foi tlje fpace ^h'.ieagueaf s 
tfiat ; ^ 5 abaticatbptu7mljeanofi)KelnK>?eomvfe3 , anogaue 
tmtte^tdfeuetibtutt^eiiilanoes bp tfjeuiap 9 leaupng afibontbe 
left banae Ca^ be feareo not ta report) cbpe tboufanoe berc anD 
tbere. "But IcttsnolDereturnetofud^etbpnges asbefounDf 
toomtfji) to be noteo m tbt^ ntiuigation, Sxipfpng n*jerefo?e bp 
?Cul>4, and fearc&png tbe nature of t^placesi, be i 

fi^oto^ man? tomt* ^^ofeerttraunrt tt 'OMpng, bepng ttv 
capeg o)popmeg^cbercceie tbe 
afto of epcwopng 

n^iij^j f ^-fdi^i Ifatijf > rr nf in i i^ 

ibuum cirtapw qipuen or BOMB 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

' r 40 T" 

The f)rft Decade. 

potmue tariff, anattoofcrpsnte* of ep$efootefotio;apeem 

Horrent marueplpno;, ana loottpng about if cljep coulo efppean? 
of tfce inijab t tatmte ,ano t Ijac none appeared in fpgftt (foi tljep 
fleDDealtotbcmountapncsiat tfjccominpngofourmen) tijcp 
frttotbep?meate, ann ate tber>(be taken teit&ot&ermenstra* 
uaric,but tbcp abffepneo from tljc ferpenteg, tobicb tjjep affirm e 

neflc: fb? (as flmic fapd))CrocoDiIe0 ljac fometpmcjs ben fount) 
of .j^m. cubits long:, but of tijefetljebiggctttocrebutofcpgfjt 
fo c tc. l;:t$ br tnp; UK! rcfr cnjctr^ljcp c ntrcu into : r ;e ne.ct UiopO, 
tofjcrc rijcp founD tuanp of tljc (ante kp jjoc of ftrpcntcoj Ijan^tn j 
bpon boug{)C0 of twa, office ttJtjicfje, Tome Ijao tljcp? moutljed 
tpco tatttj Hrpngc jfyjno fonie ty ep? tcctb taken out $no as f bcp 
fcarcljeo tlje places neare imto tbe bauenv tbep fatoe about* icr . 
men in tfre top of a bpgl) roc&e, tiiljidje fleo aie( foone as tijcp !;aa 
cfppcD out men, toljo bp fign0- ano tokens of peace callpn^ 
tljem agopn^c^cr e Uws one tDlj: clj came neare djrn^anti (foooe 
ontlje toppeofa rockc, fcempnp; a^ tfjoutjijOeiDcrepct fcare= 
fu[(: but t^c aomiral fcnt one 2)^<:m to ljpm,a man of tlje fame 
rount rep, Urfjom (;e l;au at l)is fp^(!e Ucvacyc taken in tlje tlatiDe 
rfGnanaba'mi, being neare twito ct4, ujpllpnj Opni to come 
neare^nu not to be afratoe. 22Kwt be bearoe iUic r fptake to 
Ijpm in b& oiutTc tongue,ije came bololp to Opm, anD Hioulp af 
tec rcfoucD to l;iai compnnp, perfbamng tijent to come untbout 
H feare. after tbfe meflage toajf oone, ttjcre oeHenoeo from 
tbe rocftes to tbe $pp*, about t^eefco^e antJtenoftljetnlwbu 
tan te0 3 pering ft ettt>0)ip ano gemleneHe to our men : tofjidje 

oittcra retoar* 

fbjtbatljefjiiDhitriltgencc bp !2>/<^ 
i^ rentrftb 
pnff a folemne feafltofjtcDc 
fc? another lipnf. <3nou*ereat{t^3DmiraIle0 mm bao eaten 


wrnon people to earr of tfecm, m 

ftW tf^ f ftccme ft mucfjr 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 




mejeAefeme apgbt. BcpngafkcDtobpt&epfpHfc 
rofteDtbcfpfljetobicbetbepentenDeDtobcare to tbep? kpng^r 
cbep anfuoeareo, tbat tbep mpgbt be tbe frefber ano UncojrupteD, 
ittm iopnpng banner fo? a token o f furtber frenDlbpp, euerpe 
man refojteD to bis ottme . Cbe aomirall twcnt fo?tt)arDe an be 
Ijao appopntcD, folotopngtbefaflpngof tbe funne from tbe be- 
ginning of c^, calleD ///>^ ano o .- tbe fljajes o? Tea banke* 
citcn unto tljig bauen, albeit tbep be full of tree* , pet are tbep 
rougbtoitbrnountaine*: of tljcfc trees, form lucre full of blof- 
fomeganDflotoje*, anD otberlaDenttitb fruttcA ^eponDe tbe 
l/aucn,nje lantjc id mo^e fertile anD populus,U)bofe t nljabitantcs 
are mo?c gcntle,anD inoje odp^ous of out tbpngcg: fo? ay foone 
astbepbaD efpieD our fljpppetf, tbep flockeD all to tbe fijoie, 
lipngpng uiitb tljem fudje b^eaD a0 ti;cp are accuftomeD to cate, 
anD gourDe0 ful of toater, otferpng tbem Unto our men, anD fur* 
rber,Delwpng tbcni to come alanDe. 31n al tbefe 31lanDe0 ta a ccr 
tame kiiibe of tree* as bigge as CImc3, toijicfjc bcarc 6ouroc3 
in tbe deaDe of fruite*, tbefe tbep bfe onlp foj Dzpnkpng potter, 
anD to fetcbe toater in, but not foi mcate, fo? tbe inner fubffance 
of tbem is fottner tbcn gafl, anD cbe barke as bame agf anp (bell. 
3t tbe 3lDejJ of q^tbetuatcbmenlookpng out of tbe top cattle 
of tbe Qjppi toiuarDc tye &outb faiuea mtutttuDeof3ilauDC!t 

IQ muitttuttt OanDpng tbpcke togeatber, being al U)d repleniOjeD Hut!; tree*, 
grafle, anD jjearbe*, anD toell inbabiteD : in tbe Ojo^e of tbe const* 
ncnt, be cbaunceD into a nauigable riuer, tobofe toater toas To 

eotte loatcr. &ot, tbat no man migbt enDure to abpDe bis banDe tberein anpe 
time. be Dap foloUnng,efpping a far re of a Coma of fpibermcu 
of tbe inbabitantesJ, fearing left tbep Qjouloe flee at tbe fpgijt of 
our men,bc commaunoeD certapne to aflaple tbem p?iuilp untb 
tbe u)ip boater : but tbep fearing nothing, tarpeD tbe commpng 
ofourmetu Jriolue njaUpoubeareanetoekpnDeoffpQjpna;. 

S*5c of R ^^ as toe ^^ ^ r ^unDej; Do bunt 5>area in tbe plapnc 


< goutt0. 

eof not mutbe Dnipke a great peeie, baupng 
on djebpnoer parteof tbe beaD auerp 

buetljc boDpe 
on djebpnoer 
ttttb i coiDe* let Dotowfo 

^^^r ~ TT^ * ^" ^^^^^^^ ^^ 

tye toatcr* (bat tbe fitbc 

'W ^^^^^^ ^^r^W W^^.T^^^ 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. : 


Tliefyrfi Decade. 

to no cafc abpw tbe fpgbtof t&ea#t*Rw*ti*encbf efopeaiip 
great fptbe, o? fcojtopfe (foberof tbere i* great afcmMnee,bpg *y!ES* 

flje fretetb bcrlelfe loofeo ,(be inuaDetfj tf?e fpfljeo? fcojtopfc a* 

f ujtftlp ad an art oiue,anD utfjere fye batb once fatten* D l;cr Ij oloc, 

Ojecaaet^tdepurftoffkpnnc, luljcrtof toe fpafee before, ann 

bp t^atopng tljc fame togeatljer, fo gralpcletf) ()er p?ap, tt^at no 

man0 ftrengtl; t* fuffpcient to tmtofe tfje fame, ertepte bp Iptle 

ann Ipfle D^aUipng djelpne, U;e be IpfceD fomiuljat aboue tbe 

b^pmme of tbe toater , fo? tljcn 5 a* Tone as foe fcetb tbe b^igbt' 

nefTeoftbeapjte, (belettetb goeberbolDe. &bep?apetbcrfo?e 

bcpngnoioeii?aU)en nereto tbe b?pmme of tbe ttater, tljere 

leapetb fooenlp out of tbe boate into tbe &a,fo manpe fpfbcr a0 

map fufftcc to ijoluefaa tbep?ape,imtpli tbe rca of tbe companp 

bauetahen it into tbe boate* &btcbe tbpng Doone, tOcp loofe 

fa mucbe of tbe co?oe , tbat tbe Ijimtpng fpftje map agapne 

returne to bet place uritljm tbe tuatcr, to Ijcre bp an otber CO^DC, 

tijcp letoottmetoberapceceoftijep^ap, asiucufrcoreUjarDc 

grepbointow after tbepbatte kpIIeD tbepjt game* 'Gjis fpflje, 

ftep cal Guaicamm, but otir men caJ it tyuerfum. ^bep gaue our 

men fiwrefcojtopfcgtafcenbptbis meaner, anD tbofe offudjc 

bpggeneffe, tbat tbep almoft r>Ueo tbep?fpfl)png boate : fo$ 

tbefefptbtiai are efteemeu among tbemfojDripwteraeate, Cue 

men rcconipcnfcD tbem agapne Uiicljotijcrrfluarnc^anDrolcc 

Cbem depart. ^epngafkeooftbecompafTeoftbatiaiitie, tbep 

aunftoeareu tljat it bao no enoetuefttoar&e . 9^o(l tnlTamlp tbep 

*efp?ett tlje^mmraH tocomea!anDe,o^mbt0name to fcnoe 

one witb tbem to falute tbep? Caucus, (tbat ijj) tbeir fepng, af pei 

tapngtljatijeujouloegcueourmcnmanp p?efente*j, pfttjep 

toouto goe to bpnt But rije aomiraiyeft be (Woe be IjtnDcrcb 

of tbe Lepage to!)td3ebcl)at)begtmiic, refttfet)togoeU)itb(bem 

$ben tbcp oefp^D Co knotue btt name, aim totoe our men f pke 

Wfttbenameof tbep?iimg IDbua facing on pet furtljcr ettec 

totnaroe tbe C^t e(!, tuitljui fetue oaped be came ntre onto a cer 

Eden. The decades, f 
Bancroft Library. 




itpifttti oftuplpfbule yn niaurtbfng rdjyouflp of 

tbt*petn>te.aD&puet* otter fe# men $^^ 

into one of ft* torn being 

our nun : get founDetbrp cfrete firart oogges of maruelmu; ue 

tljep rate 20 UK DO goace^Oere iu great plencte of geeft,mtcfe, 
ano ^carotid . ^etioene c^e& tlannes ano t^e conttuenc^ be eii" 
tereoinco fo narobie ttrepaj^tejt, djac ^e couftjf fcarfefu cume 
badtet^eftpppes, ano^efeaUbfolbalotoej^atrijekefieofrtje 
fi)pppc3 fomtpme tafeo on t^c fanner . ^ZTljc tuacer of cOefc ttrcp? 
gbtefl^ tbc fpace of fourtie mple^uiast tofcite anD t^prkt,Ipfte 
atf romttn ttieaif naff ben 

, and lucre itotoe come into a mapne ano large Tea, ano l;a& 
lapleo tberon foj tbe fpace of fburefcoje mpletf, tbtp cfppco an c-- 
tber ercemng bpgb motmtapne, tobptber tbe 3mmran refo^teo 
Baobttn or & ttoje bti fijpppes toiclj frclbe tua ter anD fuel . Upeare among 
at iters. cettapne UjooDoes ofDate cree0,f ppneapple treetf of ejcceopng 
beigbt, be fottnoe tuw natfue fp^pnge^offrenjetuateT.Jntbe 
meanerpme, tobpietbtU)oooDeuM^cut(pttg,anotbebaiTeneil 
fpllpng, one ofourarri)cr0iuentintot|)eUJooBCol)unc, filbert 

g^jc wmw ^o^pjef f a?nt ^ arpe 0f Mtrcefa, tijat at tbe fp?(te figbtbe 

bpm^e^ngamanoftbeiamecniier: buttuiootberfofouxftbtm 
t*tinicouiclpe out of tbe lame tttooooed* ^(jo^dp after, be (aloe a 
farre of atubole companp of men dotbeo in appacei^betng about 
nn. )rr^ in nttmbn: . ^jen turning f;t^ backt, ano crptng out to Iji^ 


t ttbati t w 

Ml to flee, ^^awtt^ailbepng atjuertpftbbfteof, ami not 
a Iptle teapcpng tbat be bao fbunoe a ctufle people, m- 

Mlrf ""'iem fan anneo men, tnftb commauttdeitifiie 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 




mcn,o?otj)cnnljabicatint8iof tljatcoonttcp. CZiben tbepbao 
paffeo otter tbe Uwoo, tbep came into a great piapne fid of grafle 
.ino bearbes,in tobicbe appeareo no toten of an? patbuwp.^erc 
attemptpngtogoe etjougbtbegraflfe and bearfccs, cbeptoere 
10 cntanpo anD betojapt tbetrin, t|)ac tljrp toer e fcarfdpe able 
to paDfe a mple, #e grafle bepng tJ;erc Iptle lotter tljen our ripe 
cojne : bepng tWrefoie UieerpeD , tfjc? UJCT e enfo?ceD to rctitme 
sg;apne,finotngno pacljUwp, ^!jcDapfoIoiupngljrffntfoo?tfj 
r ru.artncD men aiiodjcr toap^otnttutinopiig tfecnt to 111*1 he Ditr 
gent fcarclj aim tnqinfittoa uiljat manner of people tnbabtteo tt; e 
lanoe: CCH; o Depactpn^tuben tftcp Ijan fmmD, not farre from tfje 
u : Hoe^cettapne Hepg of topic beafte*, of tbc urfn'rii tljcp liifpcc* 
rf o fome to be of lions fette , bepno; ftrpefccn toitb fcare, mur* 
ua-netJ backe agapne. 30 tfjep came, tbep fottnoe a Uiooo m rijc 
toljidje toere manp natiue binc^, ijere ano ttjere crceppng about 
fcpgbtreea, toitb manpotber trees bearpntr aromaticai (hates 
ano fppces* flDf tbefe uines tbep b?ottgljt turn; tbem into &paine 
manp clutters of grapes, berpponDcrot^anDfuI of Ucounbut ftuue0 
of tl; e otbcr rhtites tljcp bioiig;, t ncnr, becattfc tljep ptttnficD bp 
cbe toap in tlje Oipp y t tocre cad into tijc Tea. ^Ijrp fap atfo tljat 
in tlje lanoes o? meootoes of tijofe tuoooDes,t!;cp (htoe flockes of 
great Cranes,ttopfe as bpggc as ours. 3s be \uciu foiVUiirD,ann 
tiirncD bis faples toluaroe ccrtapne otljer mountapnrjj s be cfptcu 
ttuocotageson tbefl;oie, in tljc lubtdjcbc Cilncoiriponcnwn, 
U^obeingbicwgbt totbefljtppe, fiptficu ttntbbea^rpngcrs, 
anti bp al otbcr ftgnes tbat be couloe Octtife,tbat tbe lance Uiljtdje 
lap bcvonoc tbofe motnitapnes bias uerp full of people : anc as 
tbe 3Dmiral oietn neare tbe tl;o of tbe fame, there met bint cer< 
tapne C4M04j,|ianpng in tbtm manp people of tbe couatrcp,u#o 
mnDcfignesano tohens of peace anttfrenDfl-pp.l5utbjre!Z)/</4- 
w tbe tnterp?etoin*,U)bicb UnocrftooDe tbe language of tbmba* e 
bttantes of tbe beginning of ci44)nDetttcoe not tfccm one tobtf, 
tuberebp tbep conTpoereD tbat in fttntijp p^outaces of Cul*+ tuere 
ftm^p language s.ips baD alfo tutettigence^bat in tijr inlanoe of 
ibis region mas a long of great potarr, 9 acrttftomeo to uicarc 
appartll: be fapoe tbat ail tbe crane of tlHSlbojctuas D?OM> 
o tatt) toater, an) ful of muooe - befctte 1^4 manpe trees, 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library* 





in OKI &(ter tfee maner of ottr marpfbes : tict b*eitas m tfjfe ptocr 
tfceptoentalanoefoj freQje toater, tbepfouuoeitianpaftbenel 

rpfyes tn tbe U)!jt cl)e pearies are gratbetco . 33ut tbat couloc not 
caufe tlje 3om trail to tniete rbc tpme tbere, enteiiDmgatr!,t; 
Uiage, onlp to pume botoe manp lander p fens be coulo Difcouc , 
accoiDing to tbe Hinge* comnuitinDrment . 30 tfjfp wt PJOCCDCE 
fo>uiarDf ,tl)cp Hiluc Ijcre aao tfjere,al ebe luap along IIP ttjc fl)o?r , 
a great fmokc rp(tng,UntpU tljcp cametoanottjermountarne 
fotirc froic mplcs Dittant. there toad no coche 07 l)p|{ tljrt 
couloe be fceue, but rf# fame UJ.w all of a fmofce , 715ut tobetbf : 
tbefe fp^es toere niaoc bp tbtnljabuantecs foj thett needier j 
bufpnca, 01 (asi-ue are tuonttofcttc bcacon0onfpjcU;ljcntoe 
fofpccte tljappiocbc of our cnmncs) tbcrebp to geue toarninr, . j 
ttjcpi ncpgljboursi to be tn a rcuines, t gcattjer togcatber, if p.r = 
baps out men fljoutoe attempt anp tbpng: againtt tljcm, 02 otljci 
topfe aj3(feemcrii moft Ipkr (u)to ral tbcm togeatljer, as to a iron^ 
D^to beboloe cur Jbpppw, tbep knouie pet noccrtcntur. Jn 
tljic tractc, t!je fljoics benDrofomtptne toUMroe the ftoutii, ano 
fometpnic totoarne tlje CaeftanilucHfoutbiuell, anDtbefca 
^ cucrpctobcrccntanglcoiMUb J lancet, bpreafon Uihereof, 
tfce keeles of tbc (lipppr s often times ralea tije Rnocs foj flialoiu^ 
nefle of t(jc Ulster : & o tbat r!;e fljpppes being uerp foie bnufcQ 
ano appapjtcD 3 tl;efeple$,cMes,anD otber tacUelinges, mmancr 
rottc^ anu tbe uptailesi (efpeetallp tlir btfkette bicao) comtp:co 
bp tahpng irater at tbe rpftee etipli cicfeo, the ^ omtraH uias cti- 
fojceo to titrnc bari^c ngapne: Cbw ^^c popnte U)l;erc lie 
toudjcD of c uba (not pet being Knotucn to be an ilanoe) be calieD 
Euangdijla . l)tis turning bis faplc 6 toloaroc otber ilanors IP- 
ingnotfarre from tbe CuppofeD continent, be cljaunccfi into a 
& rnnittmbt r ntapnc fea^crc toas fucbe a mtiltuuDe of great Copapfo^fcl 
cuar laitop- fonitpme ttjep ftapeo tbe flipppes: .^otJongafter,be entreo into 
ic^uifcofttjjjut ^gulfc of U)IjpteU)ater,lpke Unto tbat tuber of toe fpahe before. 
9c tbe length, fearing tbe fbcifcd of tficil. nDe^rctunicD to tbe 
Q)0?e of Cub* bp tbe fame Uwp UJhtciT be r aine.tpcre a multituoc 
oftbtnbabitantwi, asUclIli)oinenasnu:n,rc(o?tcD tobpmnjirfi 
rljecrefull countenance^ ano luiti) feare , mngpng tottb tbetn 
popingaped, b?eaD, water, ano cunmec, but efpcttailp ftcrhc 
5cuc? 3 muci; bpgger tljen ouw a ujljic(j yc ut ' . ntct^iauour ano 


Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 



fcne nMjerc as in eating r/ tbem be percetueD a eertapne fauourc 
of fppce to precede from tijcm, be commaunocD tlje croppe to 
be openeD of iurijc as tocre ncuirip Kpilct, anD founDe tbe fame 
full of fuieetc fppeetf, urijicbe be argucD to be tl;c caufe tf tbep? 
ftrangetaffe: j r o? it flanoetb UndjgooDreafon, rijat clje fiefye 
of beaflca", ujouloe Djatuc dje nature anDqualttie of tljep? ac 
ruflomeD nourpftrncm , 3s tbe QDmtrali baroe maflc on tlje 
flwc, tijere came touwrDeOpm a eertapne gouernoure, a nwn 
of fburefeo?e peered of age, anD of great granitic, altljougl) Ijc <n>< 
toereiwkeD (auing Ijt* p?puie partes . ![)ebaDagreattrapneof SjoVgoSSpir 
men ttwpting on b^ni, ailtjjeiMljpletbepitieQeUKwat made, 
be OICUJCD bim felfe bcrp bitmble , anD gaue rencrent attendance, 
uiitb gr.nie anD Dtmure coimtenaunre . CCIIjen tbe mafic Uia0 
enoeD, IjepiefemcD to tbe 3Dm:raIl abafhetteoftfjefruitesof 
bis countrrp,Dcipucrtng4be fame luitb bis oiune IjanDcs. Clbcn 
the 3DmtrallbnD gentellp entertapneD bim, D.lpimg ieaue to 
fpeake, be maoe an oration mtbepiefenceof2)/*/ufJtbe mtcr- 
picter,to tbis cflcct.3: Oaue bpn aDiiertifeD(moa migbtpp^nce) Kn OMtlonof 
tiiat pon baue of late initb great potucr fiiboueo manv lanDs anD mr nan to 9 a* 
HcpJfon?ybptl)ertounknoU)fnto pou,anDljaue b?oug!jt no Iitle ueri!8ur - 
fcare bpponatl tbe people ar.D tnljabitaumes cf tlje fame: tbe 
toljicbe pour gooD fortune, pou (I>al beare tottO lefTe mfoiencie, if 
pouremetwbcrtba(ti)eWe3 of mm baue ttoo louniere* after 
tbcpare DeparteDfrom tbisboDp: je one,foule anD D,irkc 3 p^ 
pareD fojt fttcbe aa are uriuf ious anDrrueUto manKpiiDc: tl>c 
odjer, pleafaunt anD DefectabIe,ojDepneD fo? item luljiclj in tljcjn 
Ipfe tpme loueD peace anD quietnes.if tberfoic pou acknolukDge 
pour fcife to be mo^tall, anD ronfiocr tb<u eucrp man u;al re cai-c 
conDigne retuarDe 02 punpfycmrnt fo^ lucljc tl;pngc0 as be bad] 
Done in ttnslife, ^uUiplu^ugfiiUpburte no man. CCliien lie 
Ijao faiDe tbcfe luoioes auD odjcr Ipkc .Urijic j mere DcclatcD to iljc 
^Dnurali bptljc interpreter, be marweplmgnt tije iuDgcmciu of 
tijc nakcD olDe nun, anfiuearcD, t bat be uias giacDe to beare Iju 
opinion as touching tbe kiito? iournepe anD i ciuai DCS ot foulc* 
^eparteD fromt(>epiboDfc, fuppofingtljat ncttiKrl>c, oj anp 
ot tljinbabttanteu of tijofg Rtgian*, baD luDanphmii^ 
t(jreof ; Declaring fwdjcrj tjjaulje c(?ufe uufc of (w 

(Eden. The decades, j 
Bancroft Library. ^ ^ : 


tg t&Wer,ta* toftmet tbcm to fiicf) pulp knotofrtgc 
auu true religion : ami ctetbeUMUJ fent into thofe cotuttrcpce in 
rouiDc "at t&e Cbjiffian kpn$ of fepajme (bte Io?D anD matflct )fo? rijefamc 
^! l0r - purpofe, aim fpecfallp to fu&Dne anD ptmpfijc tlje c abates, an& 

[J W fudx otber imfdjeuoua pcoplcyino to ocfeitD nmcccntes againft 
rbc biolence of eupl DBoer0, luplipno; bpm, nnD al otl^cr fiid;e 
as imfyactD ucrtwe, fn iw tafe to be afrapDe, but raider to oprn 
lii$ mpnoe unto bpnt, pf eptljer be, 02 anp otljcr fucbe quiet men 
ae be uws, baD fudcpncD anp toong of tfiep^ nep^bour^ , ano 
tfwt de tooutoe fee (!K (ame reuengeD. Clxfc eomfoitablc UMT DP 
of tbe 3cmtraH fo pleafeD rbc ottie man, tljat nottettbffanDjmu 
!)t* crtremc age. be U>ouke gtoolp batie gone totrb ttie ^wntr,^ r 
a0bebaDDnneinDceDe 9 pf ^'BttipfeanDehplDKn ban notljpu 
&ettd Opm of fjtei purpcfe : tort be mantcplcD not a Itnlc, t^at ttu 
3DnuralUM3bnitrrfx Dominion of another: anB muc^mme, 
lubni tbeimerpietout tolDebpm of rl;e g!o?pe, nngntficcm 
pompc, great yotuer,a no fttrntmcntcjs of roam of our Hinges, 
anDoftljctmiltmiDcsof tifieg anD toume0 UJbicbc lucre bnuct 
tljep? Dominions! . 3!ntcnDpng tberefo?c to (jaue gone tottb the 
^Dnnrafl, bis topfc anD d)plo?en fell p?otrrate at Ijw feete , Uiirij 
teareg Defying inm not to fo? fake them anD leaue rfeem Defolate: 
at lubofc puttul reoiteitcs,tijc mcoithp olDc man bcpng mooticD, 
temapncD at Ijome to t(je comfort of his people anD fannlic, fa< 
ttffipng tether ttjtnt tljcn l;pm felfe: foi not pet ccaflpng to 
tuoouDcr, anD of bcautc countcnanre bccattfc be mpgljt not De- 
part, be DcmaimDcD ofcentpme0 pf tljat lanDe lucre not l;eauen, 
luljicbe fyotigbt fooitt!) fitcbc a kpuDe of men.-* Jf o? it isi ccrtatne. 
tljat among them tbe lanDe i0 as common a0 tf;c iunnc anD uu* 
Smwin : ter , anD tljat cppne anD t:i)pne (tbe feeDca of all rapfdjeefe) 
baue no place butb ftem. ^rijepareconicntluitJj fo fptle, that 
info large a cottntrep tl;ep l)aue catherfuperftuttietbenfcarcc 
tttfle: format (a^iiiebauefapDe before) t(jepfcemetofpue m 
tbe golDcntDo^lDelDttljwit topic, Ipupngin opengamcn0, not 
intrencbcD loitfj Dpdjns, DnnDcD toitb beDgc, tn DcfenDcD tuidi 
tnallcs : tfyep Deale tntdp one tutcl; another U)ttb wit Iatoc0,U3itij 
out boDfecjs, anD tuithout Htcge0 : tf.cp rake l;pm fm an enpl ano 
mpfdjeuou^man, u^idje taketb pleafurcinDoopngljurtto o- 
4er. ^HD albeit tljat niepDelpte not uifupcrfltiuifgj p 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


The firft Deeafc: 


t contemca tuitb fucfce 

fpmple Dpet 5 tljeret)p bealtb \t p?f r erueti, anD oifeafea auopoeD. s.mpu tprt 
bc 2mirall tbercfc>e oepartpng from tljence,anB mpn&png to 
retnrneagapneQx^tfp after, cbaunceD to come agapneto tbe 
3Hmoe of lanuuc*, bepng on MX roudj fpoe tbereof , ano coaden 
all a- ong bp tlje fljo^e of tbe fame from tbe C&cft to tf;e Caff, 
from lubofe latt comer on tbe e all fpoe, tofjcn be falue totuamc 
ct;e /5o^tb fpor on I)i0 left (jwioe certapne bpsb mount .ipnw,be 
Ixiiciue at rlic lengtb tbat it iua0 tbe foutb fpoc of tbe 37lanoe of 

Olcnocs of September, eiirrpn$ into t^cljatieu of ttefame 
Jliunc, calico faint j^icljolafiilxwcn, I;crepap:eDbifl)pppe0, 
tc $e intent tlw t l;e miglj t agapne tuade ano fpople ttje Jlan&es 
of tbe Ctnibales, ano bunw all rijepj c^nw/^e rljofc rauenpng 
luoltics mtojjt no longer perfccuce ano oeuotnt tijc innocent 
Oieepe : out fte teas; at tijia tpme I jpimerco of bis purpofe,bp rea< 
fon of a Difcafc tolncb be b-iD gotten bpto nu:cJ; lu.ncljing.^ljui 
bepng feeble anotoeahe, l;e Uwsleooeof tlK^arpnertfto tfte 
ritie of /yi^//4,urf)cre,iin; btji tuw b?etlj?enU)btebeU)ere ttwe, 
anoot^er of big familiar*, be recouereD bis ijealtlj in fljoite 
fpace : pet cmtloe be not at rbts tpme aflaple tbe Candles* bp 
rr afon of feottion tbat toad riftn of late among tbe fepanparoei 
tobiri)e bcljau left in Hifo*nhU t thereof tt)e u?pnfpeke mo^c 
kerf after. 

The fouHi bookc of the fit ft Decade, to 
Lodiuify Cardinal oijrtgonit. 

Ohnw tbe aomfndl 

be fuppofeD) from tbe continent 
lanOe of Cad f 

*rit*. an olw&maiar of tfr hpnge*, m 
noble man, ttrnf) rfuewsotbet of tboft to 

^ ___ 

3^m^r,U)ere (of cojrupteD mprtoe agapnffbpm) uepartcD in'o 
taberefb?J^(hl to purge l^m^ of fuci&e crime*, 
Ci an 

Lden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



men in tbe place of djem tobidje lucre returntD, anD efpeeiaflpc 
to pioutoc fo? Upttualies, a0 tobeaf c,unne 5 ople, anD furije otber, 
tobirfjetbe&panparDc0are accuttomcD toeate, becaufe tljep 
coulDc not pet toel! agree aritb fucb meates as rbep fbunDe in tbe 
3!lanoes, DetermineD fl;o?tlp to take bis bopage into &papnr: 
lut Uto lje DpoOcfae bis Departure, 31 U)plib?ccfrlp rebtarfe. 
*Ebe kpnge0 of tbe 3Iianocs tobicb baa bptberto IpueD quietly, 
auD content nntb tljep? Iptle toljtdje djcptbcugbtabounDant, 
nje lung e * uHjeraa tbep nouw perceiueD tbat our men began to fatten foote 
bru. tou\w tbep? region*,? to bcare rule among djcm, rijep toke dje 

matter fo greeuouflp,djat djep tbougijt notbpng el3 but bp mbat 
meaner djep mpgijtutterlpe oettrop rijem, anD fo? euer abolpuje 
arbw uinbj* ^ e ntemo?p of tbcp? name, fo? tbat kinDe of men (tbe &>panp* 
1 4ui$uc. arDe0 3i meanc, toljt cb foIolueD dje ^Dmiral in tbat nautgatton) 
fcuere fo? tbe motte partbnndp,regarDing notbpng but iolenctfe, 
plap,anD Itbcrtie, anD tuouloe bp no meane0 abftepne from iniu* 
ries, rautfljing of tbe u/omen of tbe JIanDe0 b(fo?e dje face0 of 
djeir buQjmiDc0,fatljrr *, anD b?edjien : bp tobicb tbep? abonnna 
We mpf&emeanDitr, tbep DifqmeteD tbe mpnDes of all tbe inljabt* 
tanrest, infomucbethat luljeretbeucr tbep founDc anp of our men 
ft in 'i tta tonpitpaw D , tbep flue djem toitb fucb fierccnefle anD glaDaefle, 
lt * a0 tfjougb d)f p bao ottereo facrifit to <SoD. JntenDpng tbcrfoje * 
to pactfie djepi troubleD mpNDec , anD topunpflje tljeradjat 
flue bts menbefo?cbeDeparteofromt!)encejbefent fo?tbkirfi 
of tbat baIe,U)!jtd)e in tbe booke bcfoie IDC DcfcrtbeD to be at tbe 
fbotc of tlje mountapne0 of tbe region of cHuna * gn& kpnge^ 
namcU)a0 Guartwexius : to>o, djemo?e flnipgljtlptoconcple 
bnto bpm dje frenDfljvp of dje ^DmiraH, gaue bis fpftcr to topft 
to 'DMacusA man front Iji0 rijplDes age b?ougbt bp Uritb tbe 3D- 
miraH, U)ljom be UfeD fo? Iji0 intcrp?eter in tbe p?ouince0 of c- 
1n. afcer tijts, be fent fo? Caunahu, caUeD tbe lo?ne of dje boufe 
of golDe,tbat t0 ) of tbemmmtapnes of Ctb<m*:jroi tijt0 Caunabo* 
be fent one Captapue Mcda, inborn tbe Dittonaried ofcaitndo* 
<yitapni 90* baD enfo?eeD ta keepe Iji0 bolDe, befit g^ng fo? tbe fpace of tbirtie 
l *^** ' tapes tbe fb?tre(Te of faint &jomas , in dje tubicbe Hoieda bntb 
bis fpfttefoulDiers ttooDe attbep?Defence,tmtpll tbecomming 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 



perftwotngfcmi mnoeonDitun to permit^ Cbji- 
ftians totnbabite tbe UIonDe, ertept be baa rather ferae tljen 
ntle. On rfje otber partie, Ho/v^ atwewfeD Caunaboa to goeto 
tbe3DimraI,andtomaUe a league of fren&G)pptettbbpm: but 
(he ambafTaDottw on tbecontrarp part,tbieatneD bpm, tbat tf lie 
toouloe fo DOO, tbe ot!;cr kpnge* tuouloe miner l;t s rcgton.^ut 
Hoieda aunfojcrcti tijcm agapnc, tljat tu'^crcas tbc p ronfptrcn to 
mapnteime Aep? fibertte 3 tl)cp QjoulD bp tljat mcancs bcb^ougfjt 
to fcruituDe ^ Deffructton,if tljep entcntwo to refill o? kepe luarre 
^rainfttljc Indiana* ^Ijua Caurubo* ontljeoncfiDc anotlje 
ot()cr bcpngtrDtibkD, asiQiKTcarockcm the Tea bcatnituit^ 
contrarp fl ootiDesf, aiD nmrl;r mo^e beteo rfjc ftoimc^ 
of l)is gpltie confnence, foi rijat !K i;ao p^iiuip Capne. tr. of our 
men Unoer p^etf nceof peace ,fearco to come to tljc ^omirall: but 
atrOelcnstb^aupnpjercop^tareolnc! accept, to Ijatte flapne tljc 
^Dmirall an^btsf conipanve,uiioert|je colour of frenDlhpp, pf 
opojtunittc luoulD fo haue fenieD,l)e repapzeo to ^ 'A DmtraXtotnj 
fet'g UJljde fan {tlie^noiiMnp utbcr toapttng on fjtni, arntco after 
tf;epj manner . Beptig oemaimDcD toljp be b^ougtjtfogreata 
rout of men laid) btm,f]e aunf oicrcD, tbat it luaa not Decent fo? fo 
grcAtap?incen0beu>a3, topjoeoutofbieiljotife luitljout fucbe 
abanfteofmen: but tbetbpngcbaunccDmucbeotteriupfetbcn 
l}eIookcDfb),fo? be fell into tbefharcj; UiJjirije !;e I;ao pieparca 
fo? otber,fo? urijereas bp tlje trap le began to repent bpm tljat be 
came foo^tb ofbiis boufc, tf ^4 luttl; nwnp fap:e IDOO?DCS $ p?o* 
nnfes biouojbtbmuo tijc 3onura!, at tuljcfe comniaunDrmcnt 
be toa0 inimettatlp taken aim put in pufon, fo tljat t(;e foufcfi of 
our men toere not lon^fromtbepjboDpcsUnreuengeD. ^b 
Caunaboa tutrij al bis familte beviin; taken, the 3tJimrall U)ag DC* 
termincD to runne mier tbc Jlanoe, but be toass certificD tbat 
Ujeretoaafiicljcfamrne among the mfiabttattntes, tbat tbere jf*| 
bJa^alreDpfpfttedjoufantemenDeaD thereof, anDdjatdjcpDp' 
etJpetDaplp 5 as{tt to^re rotten fl;ecpe,tbe caufe uibereof, luas 
tori knoUien to be tbew oume obftmaeie ano frotDaronelTe : foi 
toi^rag diep fatoe tbat our men entnioeo to cboofe tbem a Dlucl* 
too: place in d;e 3(lame 5 fuppolhtg tbattljep mpjbtbaueD^p* 
en t^crn from thence if tlje tuttuaile^ ofcbe 31lanDc fyoulo Me, 

C u 

Lden. The decades. : 
Bancroft Library. 


of golbe can* 
f'tt] Create 

The fyrft Decade. 


t r of 

plantpncr,, but aifo to DC drop ano ptoehe bp Op tlje roote*, cuerp 
maninbwoume region, to tolncbe djepbaDalreDpfolU(n,of 
lodjkpnBes of bjeaD, tobereof toe made mention intbefirffc 
booke, but efpeciaflp among rbemoumapnetf of okw*, other* 
topfe called c//M/n;^ foiafmudjc as djep bad knotoledge tbat 
tbegoloe tobiebc abounoetb mdmegion,toa0tOee{)tefeeaufe 
tbat detepned our men in the Jlano. In tlje meaite (pmc, U rent 
foonlj a Captapne tottfj a banoc of men, to fe.irrije tfje ^oudj 
fpoe of tlje J!atjf,toijo at Otss retiirne, rcpoitea tljat rljjoiurjjouc 
all tlje regions tljat Ijc tratiap leD,t!jere toas fuctc fpr ccneffe of 
bieaDjtljntfbj tljcfpace of. pi.oape0, ije ate notfjpnp; but tlje 
rootes of be arbe0, anD ofpoungoate tree0,o? tbe fauces of ori;et 
toptoe trcca : bt Guaruncxw tlje hpng of njet)ale,l|>ing beneath 
dje motnitapnes ofcibM*. tol;ofe hpngoome toas notlb Uwileo 
aa dje otljer, gaue our men certapne bpttuallr ^ CCttrbtn a 
fetocDaped after, borijrijatdje iourncpsi mpjijt be tlje (boater, 
airt>alfod>i tour men mpgbtbatteio?e fafe places of refuge, 
if rije inijabttaimtesfljouloe bcreafter rebel! in Ipkc manner, Ije 
buptoeo anotljer fo^treffe (Uibid^ijecaJleodje ^olD?cofCon* 
ception)betioeene tbeCitic tflfMltjott* Swint ^Oomais fop 
rrcffe, in t(;e marr be0 of tlje Kpnnpome of djts Guarionexiut, 
toidnntbe piieftncteof C/^IM, upondjeu/DcofabpIl, baupng 
afapierittcr ofljoifome toater runnpng barde bp tl;e fame. 
^Inis tobcn tlje mbabftantes fatoe netuc buploiuge? to be Dapf p 
erecteo, anD our Ojtppes; Iping in d)e Ijaucn rotten ana baffe tn^ 
ken. itjep began to Difpap^e of anp bope of Itbernr ,anD toantnee 
op anD Dotone toitb Ijeauie cljeare . jrroni the Coune of Concep* 
cwn, feard;png Dtfagendpe d)e inner partes of rfje mountapnea 
of Ctb*n*. tbcre toa* a eertapne kpng toi)iri>e gauc dj?m a maffc 
of ruDe gotocas biggeadamansfpi^toetgbuig.jcic.ouiiees: tljts 
goloe luas not founDe in rlir banke of djat huer,but in a beape of 
D?pe eartlj, ana toas Ipke Unto eljc (lone called r^/w, lubieijc 
MfooncrefolucDnttofanDe. btfi maffc ofgotoe 3! meefeife 
fato ; in Ca(We,in tbe famous Citie of Mctbjmn* Campi, toberc 
tbe Court lap al tbat topnter. 31 fatoe alfo a great peeee of pun 

Eden. The dec ad- . 
Bancroft Library. 


The firft Deofe 
otocfpmc of copper tfje o'tte ofcorintbus. fcljfa peece of~ irmimrt 
(rrtrwi toaa of foc&e uieigfrt, to 31 toa* not onlp um& bot& mp 
Ijanscji unable to lift u from rfje gtounD , but alfo not of ftretiga; 
to rcmoue it cpttcr one luap marker: ri;epaffttttteDtbatittaep* 
en mop tbcn tfyee IjtmDieD ppunDe foepgbt, cpgfct ounces t"9 or vio> 
tocbepotm0e,tttoas founuetn t^c^oufe of acercapnc p?pncc, Jf/apr" opfois 
nn left bpmbpl)t0p?cDccctTmtr0: ano albeit tl;at tntl;eoape0 anD'mao tuctJ 
of tbe intjabicaantesf pet Ipupna:,F/^/rKm was no tobere DijgcD, n/nV !!igrfa* 
pet knetoe ibcp uiljcfc tije mpne thereof toag , b:it our men uittl; trr m unction 
muelje auoo eoutoe IjatDelp eaufe tljcm to fljeiue rtjem tOe place, ?h",ff e ' f 
tljcp boie ttjcm fudje ptiute Ijatren, pet at tfje lengtl; rijcp curunt. 
biottgljt tbcni to tlje nipne,bepnp; itolu rutnnte ano ftoppco tuirlj 
lloncs anD uibbpHjetit tg nuiclic eafper to Dpo;a;c tljcn 1 6 tljc iron 
mpne,ano mtp^t be r:(ToKD a japne^pf mpncrs! anD otljcr luoik - 
men fkplrul therein lucre appopnteo tljereto. /5ot farre from 
ttjetotu^eof^onccpaon, intbefameniountapne^ it founoe 
great plentie of 3mber, anuoitt of certaine rocket oftbefdme, JJ" f 
DiftiDetbafubaanceofftcpelolue colour Uiljiefje tlje papntrrai 
Ufe. Jf5ot farre from t^femountapnes; arc manp great tuooDai, Sef. cmcilt01 
*? tfee toljtdje are none otber tree* tOen B^afife^ljtcb tlje 3!tali 
anneal Verzino. But Dcre perfjapa (rpgljt noble p?pnce) pott teoobbrsof 
taouIocafke,U)ljat fljotrto be tljecaufe, tbat'ujlicreafi t(je^>panp< ' 
aroes (iaue biougljt out of tfjcfe JlanDcc certapne ilipppcs laDen 
toirij l^afife, fomeUi^at of (SofTmnpine cotton, aquantitreof 
Slmber 5 a Iptle ffotoe,(j fome fppces,U)l;p tljep ijaue not ujougyC 
fuclje plentte of goloe, anD fucbe orljer rpdjc inard)auiiDi>c3, act 
rlje fhntefulnclfcof tljcfe regions feeme fop?ompfr': Cotlji* 
31 aunftoere, tijat luljen Cohnus tl;e 3DmiraII luas fpkrtupfe Dc^ 
maundeotlje caufe |jcreof 3 i)e maDeatmfuicre, tljac tlje ^pa- 
nparDesi tubtcbe Ije tooketuit^ l;pm into tijefe retyion^tucre ge 

uenratljertofleepe, plap, anomlenefle, tfjen to labour, anD *wnw 
toerc mo?e ltDiotif of feottton anD neUJC0,tIjen Deftrotis of peace trrnr!' 
ano quietnt fle : alfo, tljat being getten to Iicencioufneflc, tljcp re- 
bcllcc it foifisohc Ijtm, finDpng matter of falfe accufation againd 
Ijpm, becaufeljctocnt about to rep^cfle rljepi outragioufnefTe: 
bp reafon lul;crcof, fjeuiaai not pet abletobicaketbcpotocrof 
tl)c inljabttaumc^anDfrcflpe topoflelTc tlje ftiH Dominion- -ef 
anD ^efe Opiuwtauncw to be tlie caufe tfjatju* 
C iii tljetto 


Bancroft Library. 


Tficfirfl Decade* 

tmtcruapkc tbe charge* : aT< 

bctt,euent!)t^pccrcujbple3iij?otet^cfcri)png;!3 ntpottr rcqueff, 
**P geatberea in ttoo monetbe* tbe fimrnie of a tboufanoeano 
}< mine. tU) 3 bunDjca pomiocs luepgbt ofcr.olo, But bccaufe toe emcno e 
tofpeakcmmc largelpof ttjefe tl)pno;cs in tljcp? place, toetopll 
noiuc returne from U)ljence uic bane Dtgrefleo * CClben tbc tnija* 
bitaunte* perceiueo tbat tl;cp couloc bp nomcancatljahc tbe 
poke from tljepi ncck3,tljcp mane bumble (up plication to tljc 9o 
miral) tljat tbcp mpg^)t danoe to tl;cp? tribute, a no a p pipe tljcm 
felue3 to rctucreafe tlje (Vuites of tljep? countrep, bcpng notue al* 
mott luattcD, Ocffratmteo tfjemtbcp? requcft, ano appopnteo 
fiicbc omcr chat etterp region Ojouloc pap tbcp? tribute, UittJj 
tl)c contmoDitt'ed cf thcpi count reps, nccoibpng to tljepj pomon, 
ano at furije tpme as tljep \uerc aijreeD upon : but t(;e biolent fa* 
mine DID fruftrate al tbcfe appopntmentes, foi al tfje trauaplest 
oftbcp? boopesi, toere fcarcclpe able to fttffife tofpnoetbem 
meate in tbe IUOODDCS , U)ljerebp to fu tone tbepi Ipue0, bernj 
oHoiij tpnte contenteo uritlj rootca ano tlje fruited of toploe 
tree0 : pet manp of tl;e hpngea Uiitb tbcp? people,euen in tbi3 ep 
treme neccflfute, b?ougljt part of tljepnnbute, modljumblpe 
Hefp^png: rlje Somiral to battc campaflion of tbcir calamittesf, 
ano to beare uiirb tbem pet a tubple,Untpl tbe Jianoc lucre redo* 
reo to tbe oloe Hate, p^ompfpngfurtljer, tbat tljat luljiclje Uia^ 
noiuc luantpno;, rtjoulDe tljcn be Double retompencto. But fcluc 
of tbe tnbabitauntetf of tbe tnountatmea of C&AUA Kept djep? pio> 
mtfe^becaufctbepujerc frncr opp>e(TeD Uiitb famine tben anpe 
of tbe otber.tfcbep fap tljat tbe inbabitantcs of djefe mountapnt^ 

nif nature or ^ er no Ic ^ c * n lan 3 ua S c anlj manners from tbem tobtcbe 
DC region mi* D\ucl in tljc plapiiea, tijcn auions us tlje rutti calle a of tlje coun* 
ier"? iS e "oV Ke P> froni ty gentlemen of tl)e courtc : tuberas; notluitljlTanDinp; 
iu. ' tbcpIpuca8ittocrebotbbnDeroncpo?tionofbeauett,anDinma' 
nptbingetf mucb after one failjion , as innakcDnelTc , anD rune 
fc fimplicitie. Butnoiucletus returne to Caunabo* tbe king of 
tbe boufc of goloe^bepns in captiuitie. CQben be pcrccwcD bpm 
fclfe to be cafl in p]tifon , frettpng ano OJ^tP"0: bw teecb, a0 ic 
ijao been a lion of Libia, ano Daplp ano npgbtlp u ein> fpno; unrij 
Ijpm ftlfe botocbempjbt beodpuereo, begantieto perftwoc 
tip flomiralj ty^t fo^Oimcljc as ^ Ijao notoe takeu unto bid 


.. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. [ ,_ 



tomnifott tieregfcnof c/^^ o? cifou (librrffetaitf fcfhg) 

anDbo?&erer*:foj&efap&e, fbatit tea figmnrt unto bim,tbat 
tije countrep toad tutuleD ano (ported toitb fiicbe incurfions. 

bts fyotfjertobtcbe toasin tbat region, 
fotkes ana frenoe* tot* tfcpj a&Oerentes^ouUi Ijaue takrn,ep* 
t^crbpneigbto? fb^ce^s manp of our mot ass mpgbt baue ro 
Deemed bpm . $ot tlje 3 Dm tral unDcr Hanopiio; Ijis ctaftt e me 
R vng, fern H w>^4 Uitrtj fuc'je a compatrpe of men, a0 mpgbc 
i).inqmO)ecbec^4^n^ pf tfcp (bottlDc moue toarre agipntt 
tfcm- Ctit men Ijao fcarcdpe entrea into t!;c region, but rije 
b?otber of Catmaboa cameagapnff tbem tontljanarmie of fpue tfamiab04 w 
ftoufanoe nakeo men, armc D after tljepi manner, tot tlj riubbc 0, b, ttm bri 
arrotoe^tipttoitb bones, anofpeare^maoe ljar0eattl/ecnDCS l b- 
Uht^tp?c, ?)c (!de upon our men bcpng tn one of tljcp? Ijcttfcg, 
ano encampeo nmnoe about tbe fame on euerp fpoe* ^Ijis &'->* 
wan, as( a man not tgnownt in tljc DifnpUnc of U)arrc, about 
rije mftaunce of a ftirlong from tl;e Ijoufc. DiuioeO Ijis armie 
into fpue battapie^, appopntpng to cuerp one of tfjem a circuite 
bp equafl Dtuifion , ano placco tljc troonc of bis otone batcaple 
ntrectlpagapnUour men. CO ben foeljaD tbttsfet Ijisbattaples 
in o^ou a rap, be gauc cettapne fignes tftat p toljole anttie fboulo 
mardje fytoarfte in ozoer toitb equafl paces , ano tottb a larome a conflict t ^ 
freQ)Ip afliple fljep? enimies,in futfe (b?c tbat none mtgbt efcape. S'JJwf 
25ut our men iuop^np; it better to encotmrre tottlj one of ttje bat* t&c *yam*t*i 
taples, tben to abpDet!jeb?unt of t^e tol;ole armie, gaue onfet 
on tic mapne bartaplc arangeo in the plapne,uccaufc ojac place 
tocismoacominotjfousfoi rbeljo?fmcn. Cctbcn tbebo^fincn 
rljtrcfo^e Ijao gtucn tbe charge, tbep ouertb?etoe tbetti toitb tbc 
b;elles of t&ep? (jo?(eg,anD flue 3 manp ad abooe tlje enoe of ti;e 
fi0jbt,ti)e refiouc bepng ttrpcttfn toitb ftarejOtlparci^Mno fleoot 
totbemounfapnesanorockes: from tol;ence t^epmattfapiti 
foil botolpnpjtoour mtn, ucfp^png tbemtofparecbem, p?o 
teflpngtfcatrijeptooutoeneuermojerebeU, butuootobatfoe* 
net tbep toouloe commauno ojem, pf n;ep toouloefufrer ttem 
in 4cn obme countwp, ebitf tjje b^otjjcr of c*auh* 

Eden. The decades. : 

Bancroft Library. '_' ; . 


The fuft Decade 

bcpngtekra, tlje arnmral liceneeo tbe people to refojf ewrpe 

mantoljisotune: tljefc thpngcs cljujs fominatdpatrijiuco,tlji* 
region toagfpacifieo. among tfcefemotmtapned, tbe balctoln* 
cbe Cwnaboa m!jabitet>,i3 calico nfagna,<mbi$ crcecDing fruit- 
ful, bailing in it manp gooDip fp?inges anD riuertf , in rijc fonoe 
lubcreofw founDegpeatplemieofgoloe . ^Tbefamepeeit in 
tlje monetb of June, tljep Tap there arofe fucb a bopiloua tern* 
uiji of imtc. ' peft of urinoe from tbe outbuiett,aa Ijarij not ligbtlp ben beam 
of,tbe uidencc toljerof U)a0 fudj,tbat it pluckeD up bp tbe rooted 
tobatfoencr great treed mere fcitbin tbe readje of tlje fojee tljec* 
of. Caben tljigU)fjp?letopnDeeamcto tljeljauenoftljecitie, 
it beatDotune to rlje bottome of tljc fea cfyee fijt'ppc5,U)ljidjc 
lap at anker, anD b:ohc tlje cables 1 1 funDcr, ano tfjat (tali idie (tf 
tbe greater manicplc) mitljour anp Uoime 01 rougljnciTe of tije 
fea, onlp turnpng tbem tlj?ee oj fotrre tpmed about. ^Ije inba* 
bitaunte0alfo affp^me, tljat tlje fame peere tbe fea ertenocoic 
felfc ftirtljer into tk lanoe, ano rofe bpgber tben euer it opo be 
foie bp tfjc memoiic of man,bp rtie ipace of a aibtt. ^Oe people 
tljcrefaie mutterco among tijrm fdue0, tljatouniationijao 
troublco tlje elemenre^^ caufcofudje poitento:i0 figne0. ^befe 
tempedes of tljc apie c^Oiclje tlje Grecians 1 call Tiphoncs, tfjat 
t0,tu!jpifeU)pnOf0)tbep call Fuwam ^tobtcljetfjepfap5Doo often 
tpme3 djauncc t:i t Ijis Jlanoc : but tljnt nrptber tf)ep,noi tbepj 
great graunofatbets, encr fauie fudje biolent ano furious Fura- 
c,mrj,tlja:plucftetj up great irer0 bp tlje roo:e0, neptber pet fudj 
furges ano udjemr nt mocionion tljc fea,tljat fo toalTeo tlje lano: 
as in occoe it map appeare,fo?afmudje a0 luijercfoeucr tl;e fea 
ban^e0 arc ncerc ta anp plapnc,tljere are in mancr euerp Urfjcrc 
floipujpngmcoolues ruicljing cuen Unto tbe Qjoic: but nouic let 
titfrcturneto Caund',4. 30 lipng Cwnaboa tbercfbze anoljis 
b^otber Qjonloe ijaue ben fjjougljt into fepapne, tljcp opeo bp tbe 
toap/o?ucrp penfiuencnfe anD anpifl) of minoe, ^fje 3Diiia:al 3 
iDljbfe fljippca U)ct e Diountco m tlje fo^efapo tanpeH,pcrcciuing 
(jtm felfeto be nciur cndofcD, ccmmaunoeo foztb\uub tuio othci 
fl)pppes(Uj!jidje tl)t s -^>patuarOcsl ral Carau'Us) to bemaoe: foj 
bcljaDiuitljbpm all manner of artificers partepnmg tljerrun* 
to. cClbplerljefetljimgcsuweDoapni^ Ije lent foo^tb Bartb^- 
^bptfterj bepng tiewetciwmoftteJilanoe, 

.tMitrlt toitt 

Eden. The decades. ; 
Bancroft Library. 

The f>rft Decade. j 

ttyccfcoje If agues froratlje ritfe t&ijdtUd, to!;td)e toere founoe 
bprtje eotttmcte of ccrtapne people of t&e 3!Ianbe, bcfx>?e tie 
mpneiSofc^^o^^MdtocreluujtDeit 3fnt(jefempne* tbep 
founDc certapne oeepe ptttes,tuJji rfj baD ben Dpggeo in oto time, 
DutofriKfcppttes,d;e3Dmiral (totjo affirmed; tfns 3ilanocof 


Iomon^cbpna;of Hicrufaletn Ijao #0 great rpcte* ofgottf, ' 

thereof tucreatietntfje oloc t:c(tamfnc 5 anD djat I)t5fl)pppe<5 
favlco to tijia Dpljtr bp tbe gulft of ?fr/? 4, called S/IMJ f frjk*. 
But to Wjer it be fo o? nor ,i t Ipctfj not in me to t uftge,but in mp 
opmton it is farreof. 30 tbe miners tyggeft tfje fitper final o? 
bppcrmoft partof^jeeartt) of 6 itipnts,Durpngfoi tbefpacecf 
fiye mple0, * in opuers places fpftco tlje fante on tlje D?pe lanoe, 
tljcpfotuioe furi)cp!cnrtc of gotoe, that eticrp (,p2etj labourer 
cools eatilp finuc atcrp Dap tljc freight of rincc manim^^befe 
mpnrtbepngrijugi feaTdjeo^fbun^tfjelicuetenam certifirti 
tbe aomtrail Ijcreof bp f)is letters, tljc tolud) tobeti be Ijao reeefc 
ucMje nftb oap of t^e Toes of tpareMw/;<> . 1 495 .be emteo into 
Ins neuie nappes, ano tooke bis uopage Dtrrctlp to ^papne, to 
aDuertifc tljekpngofallljisaffapjes, leaupng die tuljolc regi^ 
mc of d;e Jlanoe toitl) Ijts b^ot^cr tlje Lie uetenant, 

The fift boolcc of the fyrfl DccaHe, to 
lo^ow^fCarciinall of Jrtgonit. 

jTter tbc ^mmwls Departing; into ^jatne, 
bid Inotbet tfje Licuetenatmt 

'nwunDeDljpm: tbiji ijt caiFet) the goloen 
toiu:c, brcaufe tfje labottrersfoiutoeojolDt 
m dje eartl) 5 anD fhme nrfjerof tbep maot tbe 
lfcsofriKfbitreire. fyt confitnteo rbxte 
monedje* hi maltmg t^e tnUrttmcncco urtjereUH'tb tbe goloe 
Ojoulpe be ofewljetb, toaffjef , trpco, anfi <noiilten : pet toas Ire 
at $is tpme, bp reafon of toante of uittualleg, enforced to leattc iMk t of tu* 
ritbpngfSimpcrfecte, ano to goeftefce fo^meate* 
he,UHttj abanueof orrtKO ttten, Ijao entwo t^eefco^t 

Lden. The deer* . 
^^A Bancroft Library. 


The fyrft Deca&. 

*elJnti,tbt people of djecotmtrep here ant) ftnre 

refojtpngto&pm,gaue fcpmacertafne ponionoftbepibjcaD, 
: to ey cbaonge fo j o tber of one tfrpngea : but be coutoc not long 
tarpljcre, becaufc tbep Uckeo meate in tbc faitKfle, lufwber be 
fjadco &it& fucb as be baft nob) gotten. Lcaupno; tberefbjc in tbe 
foitreCTcagmriron oftenmen, tnitb tbat ponton of tbe 3?ImtDt 
bjeao to'jicbe pet rcnupnetJ, leaupng alfo tomb tbem a Routine 
totaketbofekpntjeaiof Iptle beaftea Uibidje rijcp call T/MJ, not 
ntuc.'ie Unlpke our Comes , be returnee totbefonrcflcof Con 
ceptton. Cbttf alfo luasi tbe monetb uiljerem tbe kpnj Guam.*- 
jf^^anDalfo MtfmV^^x/Mxbo^DemUntobpin, (boulDe finur 
biongbt in tbep? tributes. Remapnpng; tbere tbe U)!jalc manctb 
of 3Iunc,be ejcacteo t^e totjole tribute of drefe ttoo kimo:ca,f upt- 
tualles neeeltarp fo? bpni ano fucb as be biotigbt Uiiti; Spm, tulji* 
cbc luere about fottrc IjunDicD in number . &!)oulp after, about 
t(^e Ealenoed of 3iulp,tbere came tbiee Carauris from ^papne, 
Ringing bud) tbem funoipe hpndes of bpttttalles, as ujjcatc, 
opleyUkne, bakon, ^ ^.wtclmasi bcefe, tbbicbc lucre ounoeD to 
nirrpmanaeco^pnga^ neeoe reqmrcD, form adoUiasiort tn- 
cbe carpage foi lacke of gooo lookpno; to. 3 1 tbe arpua( of tbefe 
fijpppes, tbeiieittenaunt rccctnco contmattnoement from tbe 
kpnganc tbe Admiral l;ijaib?ocber,tbat be toiftbismcnfboulD 
remotietbetrbabitationto tbefoutbfpoc oftbeKanDr, becaufc 
it bias nearer to tbe gotoe mpne* : 3lfo tbat be fyouloc make 
Diligent fearclje fo^tljofe kingeStoljtcljcfwDflapnrtbe Cbitftu 
an men, ano to fenoe tbem Uiicb tbcvi confco crates bounoe into 
fep^pne. 3t tbc ne]tt bopage t(jerefo?e be fent tftieelumwcD cap* 
tiue^, taitlj tb?ee kpnges, ano toben be ban Dtiigemlp fearcbeo 
cbe coaSes of tljcfoutl; ipoc, be tranfpouco bis habitation, and 
intplocD a fo^trefTc tljcre, Upon tlje toppe of a bpll near c unto a 
^ ton: tbi* fo?trtO*e Ije calleo faint Dommikes touc. 
3!nto tins banen runnetb a nuer of U)Ijollbmeiuater,rcplcrafljco 
luitb funtyp kpnbes of gooD fplbcs : tbep afFp^ne tljts rptier to 
I;aue manp benefices of nature, fmtobcre fo atent run:ictlj, 
ail tbrngcs arc cjcceeopng pleataunt anofruitcfull, (KHipng 
oneuerp fpoe groues of Date trees, anDDiuewotljer of (be 
Silanoe fruttes fa plenttfuUpe, tbat as tbcpfoplcD along bp tbe 
ftoK, oftentpme^ tlje ^aunc^os tljereof, iaocn iunljfloiu;e 


Lden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 




flrtb fmte,!)onn:ro otter c^epi bf ai0 5 tfjatffjfp migfjt phicke' 

torn tori tb tbeft banacs : aifo rfjat tbe fruttftrfnes of $10 greunD, 

tsfr^crcqualIUJtrij(ljeroj)Ieof3]fjOcHa,o?bcttct, Jnifabdl* ^rabeiut 

lie Icfte onlp ccrtapne firke men, ana Q;ippe to#gf)te0, toljom 

Ijc bao appopmco to make eertai-ne carauete, tlje refi&uc of bis 

ui(n,be rontietgljeo to tfce foutij, to fapnt Doimntcfces tolioc. 

after be baa bupfocDtbtifojtrefre, leaojmgfljmna garrpfon 

of. IT* nien, Ijctuitlj tbercmaiicmofln^foufoin-0, pieparco 

tl cm fclucs to fearclje tlje tinier parted of tljc CCUfl fpue of 

tlje31lanoe, bptlKrco faioluen onelp bpname. ^Ijertfo^e 

about .we. leagues, (tl;at is) fourfTcojc ano tcnne m^f3 

from tlje fo^trefle, Ije djmtnceu on tlje rpwer Kaiba , tubidjc / 5? r l ? rttfrir 

UicfapoetoDcfcwoefromt^e mountapncs of C^M/*, r|>ojljuo 

luaroc tbe four!;, bp tljc nipDtJcft of tije tlanDe . CClljcn l?c baD 

mtcrpaffeD tbis rptttr toritb a companpe of armed men DiupDeo 

into .rrb. Dccutionsi, tl;ati0 s tennein a companp,tottb tbeyj ca 

pttapnc^,bt fenc tuio oecurions to tlje regions! of tbofe kpnge^ 

in Ujljofe lanoeiai mere tbe great UJOODOJS of biafilc treta . 3?arip< 

mngtoUjaroetbelefte IjanDfjiljepfotinDctbe toooUDes,emreD 

into tljcni, ano fcllcu tbe bigb ano piectoiis trees, lubtcb toere to 

tljat Dap untoucbf D , Cclje of tbe Dcairiona fillco rertapne of die 

ihinoc IjouffiJUittbtljctrtmhcs of bjafile, tberc to be rcfcrtteo 

imtil tlje Qjippe^s came Uiljir b ftoulo carp tbem aluap , X^ie tbe 

L leutenaunt Directing bts ioumcptott)arDetbeng()tban^e,not 

farre from tbe banke0 of p rtuer of Xaibajfowtot a e ertatne kpftg 

Uiljofe name tuag jBtucbiut Jnacaucboa, cncanipcD agamd tinn- 

Ijabitancw of t^e^oomce of Xd;7^,to fubDue tbcmbnDer bis Do 

mtmon,ag be bftO Done trutnp otljcr Kingg of the ilairtj,bo)terer0 

Unto bun, $$e palace of tljts great htng,t0 ealfeo \'ar^ua^ \& 

Otuate toUiaro tbe CClett enDc of the ilanoe, Dtflant from tbe rp> 

tier of Wfiba . m- tbe pipnccs Uibiri) DlweD bettoene 

tbe CO eft enoe t big palace , are DI nonaries unto him . 3fl tbat 

region from Naibajo rije ftmliefl martbca of tbe twcft^isi utterip 

Uitt(jou(goiDe 9 aItbougbit& ftril of mcumapnefl . 8hbot tbe 

hpng Ijao efpieo our men, laping a part bis tueapong, $ jeupng 

Hgues of peace, be fpake genteflp to tbem (unrertepne Uiljctber 

it tee of bumaratie m fearc)anti DrmatmDeo of tbem tobat ti>ep 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 



The fyrft Decade. 

ppe tttbflte to tbe 9Dmtrafi bto b?otber, in tbe name of df?e 
b?*flian kpng of&papne. to tabom be fapBe , l)otoe can pou 
requp?c tbat of me,tobereas neurr a region tmDer mp Dominion 
b?ingetb fo?tb gotoe* Jf o? be bao beam,tbat tbere toast a ffrange 
nation entrco into tbe ilanDe,tobicbe maoc great feard; fo? (rotoe: 
But be CuppofeD tbat tbep Defp?eD fome otber tbpng . &be lieu- 
tcnauiu anftucareD agar-ne , <3oD fo?bpDDe tbat toe (botily en 
iopne anp man to papefucb tribute as be mpgbt not eafclp fc? 
beare, o? fucb as toere not engenoereo o? grotoing in tbe region- 
but toe UnDcrtfanne tbat pour regions b?png foo?tb great plen< 
tieof(0o(ramptnecotto%anobempe,toitb fucb otljer, toberof 
tue Defpje pou to geue us parte * tctben be bearD tbeie toooiDes, 
be p?ompfeD toitb cljerefiUl countenaunce, to geue bpm as muclj 
of tbefe rtjpnges .is be toouloe rcqttpie, ^bus Diiiniulng bi^ 
apwp, ano fenoing meffcngers befoie, be btm fdfe accompanieo 
tbelieutennunt,anobjougijtbimtobto palace, being Diftam 
(ad toe bauc fapue) m- leagues . 3"n ai tbis tracte, tbep paiTco 
tl)?ougb tlje iurifoiction of other pjinccs, bepng imoer bid oomi 
nion : )f tbe tobicbe, fome gaue ebem bempe, of no leflc gooo^ 
ties to make tackelinges fo? tljpppcs tljen our toooD : Otber 
fame Inougbt b?eaD, anD fome goflamppne cotton . 3nD fo 
euqrp of tbempapoetrpbute toitb fucbe commoDittes as tfiepj 
couiurepsbioiigbtfoonb. 3t tbe lengtb tbep came totbektn* 
ge* manGon place tXar.igua. Befo?e tbep entercD into tbe pa 
lace, a great mtdtituDe of tbe kpnges feruaimtes t fubiectes re 
fo?tcD to tbe court, bono?ablp(after tbeir maner) to recepue tbeir 
kpng Beucbhis dnacaucboa, toitb tbe Hrangcrs toijicb be b?mtg()t 
iwtij bun to fee tbe magnificence of big court . But noto iljal pou 
b^are botoe tbep toere tntertaineo . among otber triumpbes ano 
Tpgbtes , ttoo are efpeciaQp to be noted : jf p?ft,tbcre metre 
tbemacompanpof.jrrj. toomen, bepng al tbe kpnges topues 
we0. an0 foncubinejaf, bearpttg in tbep? baizes b?andjes of Date tree0 3 
fiagpng anD Daiwfpug : tbep toere all naked , fattpng tbat 
tbcp? p?pme partes toere couereo toitb bieecbcs of goflampmc 
cotton: but^euirgingjbaupng tbcp? beare bangpng Dotone 
about tbeir Cbsuloers , tpeD about tbe fb?ebeaD toitb a fpllet, 
toere utterip nakeD^bep affirme djat tbep? faces,b?eaffe^,pap^ 
pwAanoe?, anD otber pim* of tbep; boopeis , toccc erceeopng 


Lden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


Tfiefirft decade* 

(hu>d)C,aiiD toefl pwtioneDjbut fomuiljat fodfpnpug to a lottc* 
ty bioune . bep fuppofea tbat tljep Ijao feene ttiofe moft beutp> 
yi flrjWfj, o? tlje natpue npmpbc oj fepjc* of tbe fountapnesf 
irtiertof tbe antique* fpake fomudje, tlje fyatmcbcs of Date 
treed, ttj tc& tbep b o?e in tljep? rtglj t Ijanoc* tuljcn tljep oaunceD, 
djcp onpuerea to ttie Itcuetenaunt, U)itl; lotoc curtefp mto fmp-- 
ipng cotmtemunce . ^Uud emerpnj into tlje kpnge^ tjoufe, 
t^ep founoc a Ddpcnte fuppcr p?cparcD fo? tljcm, after tljcp^ 
maner. caijcnt^ep lucre toellrefreflxoumbmcate, tjjcnpgtjt 
^atopngon, t^ep toere tyougtKbptbeKpngca officcr0, cucrp 
man to fjtss loogpn^cco^tng to (jig Degree ,in ccrtapnc of tljep? 
tjoufcaabout tljepallatce, UJljere rljep refteo tljcm in Ijangpns 
lieDDce, after tlje mancr of tijc countrcp, u^erof DJC (jaue fpoken 
mo?e largeip in an ortjer place. 

^Ije oap folotopng, tbep b?ongbt our men to tfjeir common 
dafl, into tljc U)ljtci;e tijep come too^adjer r,0 often as tijcp make 
aup notable game0 o? trutmpbe ' 3 a0 toe Oauc fapDe bi foic.Dcre, 
after manp Daiwfpngc0, fpn^inged , maffeingees runnpnge0, 
lu?eIr1png0,anD otber trping of ma(rrpes 5 foDapnfp tljere appea p 
rcD in a large plaine necre unto tbe bal,tuio great arm tec of men 
of uiarre, urfjtrijc tlje hpng fo? iji^ pa(!ptiie IjaD caufcD to be p?e^ 
parcD, a* rt;e ^>pantarDe0 ufe tlje ptope toitlj reeDe0, luijidj tt)ep 
tiXUugtdeCaaiAt. dstijenrmtetfDieUjeneeretogeatlKr, rijep 
ailaplci t!jc one tlje operas fierfelp, as ifmoitaH cmmt'esluitO 
rtep? banew fpIcaDe 5 fljoulD figljt fo? tljep? gooDes, tijcp? JanDea, 
t^ep? Ipue0, tl)t^ Iibcrtic, tljepi countrep, t!>ep? Iuptie0 $ rljep? 
r!nlD:cn,fo tljat ixntljin tbe momentc of an ljcure,foure men lucre 
flapne, anD manp tooimDcD , lje battaple aUb fljoulDe baue 5? 8 " re wrn 
tontpnueD longer, pf tbe Upng baD notyit d)e requeft of our men, u< 
taufeD tljcm to eeaOe. ^e ripjtDe Dap, tt;e lieuetcnont cotui* 
f.iplpng d)e hpng to (blue mo^e pltnttt of gofiamptneuppon tije 
banker neere unco ttjcuiatcrsfpoe, tljat n;ep mpgbt t be better 
pape tbep? trpbute p^puatelp, acco^ttg to tlje muItttuDc of 
to pjepapjcD to //^f/^>toUpQtetijefpckemen 
Icftc tljcre, anD altbto fee Ijolre ty$ U)oo?kcs 
. Jntfjetvmcof Ijta! abfrncc .)crr. of bis men 
toereconfumeD Uiitb Diuerle Difeafc0 C21berefo?e bcpng fo?e 
in ty* mpifDt, ano m nwnct axl;i!JUJptte0 enoc , 


*W _ ^ I 

1 h "' '"I 

Bancroft Library 


j tooura of 

neceOarie, as ttd to reffoje tbem to bealtb tobtcbe toert pet 
arrafeo, as a ifo Hi taples to mapntapne p lubole multituDe,tober e 
as there teas pet no (bpppe come from &papne:at tbe length, 
fccDetermpncD to fenDcabjoDctbe fickc men bere ano tbere to 
funtype Regpons of tbc tlanDc, ana to tbe caHeUe* irijicbe tbep 
bao erecten m tbe fame, jf oj Dirtrlp from tbe citie of Jfabella 
to fapnt Domunkes totmc, tbat is, from tbe noitb to tbe foutb, 
tbiougb tbe ilattDe, tbep bao buptoeo tbu* manp eaffle*, / pjft, 
try tii. mples Diftamfrom3ifbeHa, tbep bnptoeD tbe cattcll of 
sperantia.ftm\sper*ntu.w.wplc3, toastfje catlell of fapnt 
featbarine. JTrom fapnt H\a tbannes .rr mpIes 5 U)a0 fapnt lames 
tJtine.sDtbcr. rr. tuples from fapnt James toto?r ; U)as a fhong^ 
rr foureOTe tbcnanp of tljc otber, toljidje tbep calleDtbc toto;e 
of Concepnon,U)btct) be matte tbe l!ronger,bccaufe it boas Otttat 
attijeroorca of tbegoIoenmotmtapnesofCiuatia, m tbe great 
moinuaintcg anD large plapne,fo frutteful ano toell inbabiteD as toe baue be 
foic DefcrtbeD . ^e buploeD alfo an otber in tbe mpooe Uiape bc< 
tiDcne tbe toune of Conception, -t fapnt Domlnikes toto^c 5 tbe 
b)btri)e alfo toas Wronger tben tbe totoie of Conception, becaufe 
it uMStottbm tbe Ipmtttes of a great kpng, baupngunoer bts 
Dominion Quc tljotifanoe men, tobofe cijiefe citic anD beaD of die 
Bealme, bepng caflcD 'Bonauum^ be topileD tbat tbe cafteli fi;ouio 
alfo be calico after tbe fame name * ^berefcnc leatipng rije ficke 
menintbefe catJels, ano otber of tbe ilanbe boufes nereunto 
tbe (ante, bel)pn?feIfercpap?cDtofapntDomimkes, exacting 
trpbutes of a! tbe kpnge* tubtcbe tuere in bts uwp . Wlitn 
be baD tarpeD tberea fcuie oapes, tbere toas a rumour fpjeDDc, 
djat all tf;ekpngcs about tbe btnDers of tbe tounc of Conn; 
tion,baD confpp^cD tairb Defperate mpnDes to rcbell agapnil 
tbe fejwniarDes , CClben tbe Itetttniaum teas ccrtifieo berrof, 
be tooke bis tountep totoaroe tbem tmmeDiatelp, not bepng 
mfcojagcDcptbcrbptbc lengdj of tbe uwpe, o? fecblaicOfe of 
bis foulopers , bepng in matter fb^ctoeneDtoitbtrauaplc. *U 
D^ttoe ncre unto djem, be baD acmcrtpfement tbat kpng 

tce^ to be tbe Capitapne 

ofdjw rebellion, ano tbat be Uiaa enfo^leD tberto balfie lmu>pl< 
5 bcpng CtOuctD bp perfuwjftons ano pjouocations: tbe 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library* 


ThefirftdecKk g| 

Micfe fc tittle tpfcdp to b e true, fin t&at &e &aa fcefc? e &at> 
experience of dje poUitr ano poiicie of our men* fcep came to 
geat|)erataDapeappopnceD,aecompanpeD towd;,rtj. tl;ou(anDe an arm? or 
men, armeo after tbeir manner, once agapne to jnouettje fo^ ru. tnourana 

ft **- - - y - ^.^ .-,.-. j_ ^ ^f-^.. 2ftAIOATlAnf> 


tapne of tfc fojtrefle ana rijc otber fouiDiers of tobom Ije Ijao tijc 
ronDucte, fterernipnco to fette upon t^cm imtoarcs in t ijeir otunc 
^ufcg^efb?e^cpcouUie prepare tljep? arm?. ft)e fern footed 
rijercfo?etoeiierpkpng a Centurion, tbatt*, a captapnc of a 
jittnDjeDjtobc& toere commaunoeo bpon a funocn to tnuaoe tljep? 
Joiife* i u tfje np^t 5 anu to take cijcm flccppnn;,befoie tfje people 
(being fcattreo bere * tOece) mpglK aflemWe togeadjer . 
fecretlpenterpngtnto tbetr bpBage0, not fo?ttfieo 

rijciii, =tlf n abiap euerp man bis pjtfoncr accoioma; as tl^ep tore 
conuiwimoeu . l>e lieuetenant bpm felfeumu b0 Ijunoico 
men, aOapleo ftpng Guarionexitu a0 tlje too?tl)ier perfonage, 
toljom l;c tooke p^pfonrr^s DID tlje otf^cr captaitviei tijcp? kmgs, 
anoac r&e fame Ijoute appopnceo . jTotirctcene of tijem lucre 
biotigljttljcfainenpgljtto ttje to^e of Conception. &Uo?tlpe 
after, ln!jcn!)c bat) put to Dearij tluo of tU kpngegi luljirije UK re 
tbe djiefeaiitouru of tbw nelue reuoltr , ano Ijao fubojneo G4> />- J ^ 
-i f tbe otber kpngcjj to attempt tije fame , leaU tlje people 
fe fo^oujc of tbep? hingeti fljouloe neglectc 0) fo^Gke tljcir couu-- 
trcp, tobi we tljpng mpnftt toe ben great imonunowuc to cur 
mcn,to!jooptinncreaiGtoftOep?feeoe0 ano fruitcs lucre often* 
tpmcaapDeD,l)efreeIppar&oneoaiiDOiOmireo GUMQUCXIUS anD 
tije other kpngea, tlje people iti the meane tpme flocking togca 
ther abotittbe tou^e, to tlje number of fpue tljoufenDe uiuijout 
tucapoti0,uut() ptnfid bottling foj tije Oeluterance of tUeirkiuges: 
^bf ap?e tlnmoereD, 9 tbe eartl> tremblco ttoomjO tlje uebcmci: 
tie of tbep? outcrp, ^be iieutenaunt toarneD Guahnsxiui A\\D 
tie ortjer kpngeis(,UJit!j tb?canpnges, toirij reU)aroe;,anD unili 
pionipfes,muertljereafcertoauemptanp fudje tbpng. l;cii 
(^nmtxnu ntaoe an oration to tbe people, of p great potter of 
ourmen,of$ep?ctotiencie totoarre offenDeta(,rtlibera!itict3 
^ct)e airemaineftitb&iIljOefpiing tbem to quiet tljcp? muioccf, 
neptljermDeeoc no^ tjou^t to interp^fe 



Eden. The df.- 
Bancroft Library. 


ttcepte tbep tootdDe Daplp bjpng tbem We* into fartbercaia. 
mitie*. ^Iben tbe option ttwu fpnpOEjeD, tbep toofeebpmup, 
anD fetbpm on tbepjtboutoer*, aim focarpeDbpm borne to tju 
oumepaOace: ano bp tbtemeane* , tbi* Hcgion toas pact* 
tpeD fo?a fobple, Bw our men, ttftb beanp countenaunet 
tuanocreD bp anD Dotone 3 a0Defolateni a Orange comtro>,lacit. 
pnff mttau"e$, anD UHnne out of apparefl, moneto 
toere notoc paflco fence tbe 8tnttirals Departure 5 Durpng tab i c^; 
tpme, tbep coulne bcare notbpng out of <a>papne . 'Cbe ltcue< 
tniaimt comfytcD tbem afl tbat be coulDe Untb fap^e toir.Dca 
anop^ompfetf* 3!ntbemeane tpme, frockM* A**C mcboa (tte 
kpnp; of tbe Wtft parted of tbe Hegion of Xdra^u* (of tobtmt 
uiefpake before) fentmenengen(totbe Lteuetenaunt,tofigni< 
fi>c unto bpm, tbat be O^tJ in a refcpnes tijc godampine cotton, 
anD fucbe otbcr tbvngcjf as be topOeD bpm to prepare fojtbe 
papmentofljtstrpbute. ^Ibereupon tbe Iteuctcnaimt took* 
bus totirnep tbptber, art) toas bono?ablp re cctucn of tbe kpng anD 
jjia fplter, fomtpme tbe topfe of c^wd^tbekpngcofci^^, 
bearpn^noletTeruIeintbegoucrnatmce of bcr biodjera kpng^ 
Dome, tben be bpnt felfe : /o^ tijepanlmtcDber to be a tupi 
toomanjOf gooD manenf,^ plea(aunt in companp,^>be earned? 
pctf cuaDf D ber b^otber, bp tbe f ample of bcr bufbamsto loue ano 

(bunnetntl)* palace of Zcucbius jtn*cdu<hoa. jncriLkpngs^tabtcb 
ban b^ou^bt tbcp? tributes! ttitfj tbem, anD abone bi commintr 
tbcp b?ougbt toitb tbem a!fo,bcfpDe icp? tnbut affigneD tbciit 
furtbtr topemcrite J fauonr of our men,great plcntic ofuitatfcs 
aa botb kinDes of b^eaD } omnie0,anD fiil)e0 5 autDp D?ieD,bcC(iiifi: 
tbep fljouiD not putrifie : ^erpentc^ alfo of tbat kpnDe tabtcb UK 
(apD to be edemeD am ong tbem ad mod Delicate meat, anD I. 
bnto Croconilcs failing; in bpgned * lje(e ferpentc0 tbep cal ~\* 
4rw4j,U)ljicb our men learneD (fomb)bat to late) to baue ben en 
gcnn?rD in tbeilanne: f o?bnto tbat Dap,nonc of tbem DurttaB' 
uenture to tauT of tbem, bp reafbn of tbep? bo^rible deform 
anD lot Wbmnca, ^et tbe 1 ieuetenan^bemg cmpfc D bp tbe piff 
of tbe kpngejs fpttcr, DetermincD to tail of tbe ftrpentrt 
tofjen be &Uc fte fleflje thereof to be (b Dclpcate to 


J Bancroft Library. 


rompanans percmriMcr,, lucre 

mfonmcl) tfru cbf p baa notu none ctber tafte,tben of ti;e ftu;cr e 
nefle of tbefc ferprnrc 9 , toincb tljep r.ffpmie (o be of mo?e plea* 
(aunt ra.fe , tl;en epdjcr our plKfantca o? laartrtebes: but 
efjf p tofe ebe w ra ^?, r rccpt ftep be p?f pattD after n c crcapnc fiv- 
0)OH, a0D0el3facorl\cs<mD|3!KfATiff^ p:ccpttl;cp be enter* 
la DCQ before r?Kp Ocro(!cD,^4;cpp?cpairiUm djmfoic after 
tl;ta marmer ; ^p?lt, faking cut tljep? bdxjeae0 5 ct!cnftointl)C 
tlnote to tfjc rfjpjjtjeiS, tijrp nwflje ano rwbbc tbq ; ? bcD):c5 Uerp 
rtraiieboi^ ttffton * UHtbotir,tI)cn roilmrj tbc m togptl}fr on a ni> 
tie, 'iniolueo *ft ertljf manner of a flecppng fn.^c, tl)eprt)?iine 
ttjcm into pos of no bto^c r eapacme ri;ai to I ,otoc il;cni onlp, 
ri)WDonf, pa-ting alirteuwter Unto tljent, U)ttl) n pojrion of 
t^eJlanDfl^.pper, rl)CpfietUetl;emU)u!)afofttp:c offuee:c 
ftraoD^nDfuc 1 .* as trahctb no great fmoke: fl)rtbe fa tc of dinn 
bepngtljticfiDDe, idina&cnn ereeeopngplcafantb?o^o?poc* 
cage. !)fpfap a(fo,tljattljerei3 no utrate to be eotrparcu to dje 
cggw of tljefe fcrpcntc0,U)ijie!) tbep Ufe to feeil;e bp tfjeni (cities: 
tbep are gooD to be eaten as focne a 3 rfjcp are foDDe, no map T 
aifo be refcruto manp Dapes after . 15r fmtipng in De tints 
mtiri) of tbeir r ntertapnnnent anb papntte fare, let W notuc 
fpeaheofottjermatrerai CCtbenrhetieiictnttunrfjaD fyUeo one 
oftfjt Jl<mDe fjoufratoid) dje oITampine eottcn Uj:;ifb Ijeljao <5orropin 
reeciueofb^ tribute, tljthpngcs p^ompfeD furtlKrmo?etogttic fo ' 
l;pm as mucbe of dKP? bjcaD as be luou'oc ocinaunDc : I;e gaue 
tbnn barttetljanhes, aitfi gcntlp arer ptf o tl;ep; frenolp picffer. 
Tntbemcanetpm^tol^led)^ b?CtiDtoa3 a geatbfrpngm fun* 
tap region3,fo be b^oti^bt to ri)e paKare of Beucb'w JnacbaMco* 
bpngofA'*!*^, be fent nieflengersi to //4M/rf,fojoneoftbe 
ttoo Cariucilcs ti)!;id:e toere latelpmanc rijere, intenDpng to 
fei) rtjr fame againc tbttber lacen toit!) b?raD. ^be ^arpner 
rtauofrtjrTe tropngw, fapleDa!jou!tf)e Jlanoe, ano infl)0?te 
Fprfccbzongftf tbe nipppe to dje coaffes tfx*r*i*a. [?e fpiler 
offepng truck jtnacAucboA, tjjat topfe ant) plealaunt tuoman 
^4^rfjetopfefomet|niieofC44^rbc Kpng of die &<fr auttl 
nw ofrljemounwpnts if cthan*, tobofe btifbanoeDpeu in caona. 

he decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



The fyrft Decade. 

tiue countrep, perltoa&cD tbe king bar tyotfcer, Ujattber bod) 
mpgbt gee together to fre it: foj rije place lubere tljc fypppe. lap, 
toad nor paffe. ut. mples Diff ant from Xaragua. ^ep reflea aU 
"^ H 1 ^ e mlDma ?> * n a certapnc UpHage in ti)c to! ; id; toas die 
f <&urr ue trcafurie o? ieiud feottfe of jiMcaont, $)et treafure Uias ncitljet 
goloc. I'iluec^oj p^ctious ftones^but oiilp tljpngic necefTarp to be 
ufcD, ad cbap?cs 5 Qooles 5 fcttelg, Diffljcs, pohngerd, potter, 
pannes, bafons, trcpea, atiD fuel) other IjouQioloe ilufe anD tn< 
antmnite5,U3oikctnan!pniaDcof a certapnc blacke anD Ijaroe 
(bpntng luooD,\i)l)tc!) Cljat ctccllcnt Icarneo pljifitton, Jo n bap- 
titt H $**, affirnictlj to be lp , bcuc. CCtbatfocucr portion of luit 
nature Ijntlj geuen to tbe uibabttaiucs of rfocfc ilaiuies, tljc fame 
cotlj mod appcare in cbefe hpnoe of tooo^kr (, in tuljicf) tbe? 
fl;eU)e great art anD cuimwig, but tljofe Uiijtclj tljts tuoman fjaD, 

The ?lant>e of ^^ nwlJC ln ^C AanU ofG*anabba y fttuatC in ti)e IllOUtl) of tije 

IB; fl fpoe of BifrattU : Jn tl^cfe tljcp graue tbe ipuefp imaged 
of fad) pljantaftcs a0 ttjep fuppofe ttjep fee lua&ebp npgljt^ 
UJijiclj the anti(iue0 calico Lnnures: 3lfo tlje imagee of men, fcr 
paus^eallesis^UHjatfocuer odjerrtingtljcp Ijauconce feene. 
CCl^at Uiouloc pou tbinkt ( mode noble pitnrc ) tljat tbcp couioe 
two.iftljepljaodjeufeof Jtonanoaeele^ Jro^ ^ep onlp fp$ 
make dicfcfoft intbe fp:e, ^ aft eruu roe make djem Oololue and 

n ft oiv m tbe cartie ttjem torn!) a cettapne (lone luljtrij tlje-p fpno tn tbe rpuerd. 

oeroctf 3ton. )fft 00 ic( anD cbap?e2(, flje gauc tljc iicuetenatint fourteene, 
ano of ueflfellcfi par tapmng to timetable anD feudjcn, fl;ec gaue 
Ijpm tl^erfco?e,fome of UIOOD, anD tome of card;, aifo goffam 
pune cotton rcDpe fpunne, foure great bottomed of crcceoin^ 
\i>cigl)t, Uc nap foioujina;,tMljen rijep came to dje fea fiDe^oljei c 
Uxisau otbct milage of tbe ttpnge^, $e liettetenaum com 
maunDcodiefbpppeboateto be brought to tl)e(bo)e CUckpmi 
alfoOaDpiepareDtU)oCanoa0,papnteD after tbcp? matter, one 
fo? Ijpm feife ano certapne af Ota geutelmcn , au otljcr foi bts ft 
8er^<f'Ott4attD(}crtoapemgtyemca:but Auuawa Dcfp^co ta 
be caneD in a)e U ippe boate toitl) tbe Licuctcnaunt. CClhr 
tljtp notue appiocbcD-ncarc unto die fl)ippe, crrtapne great pc : 
ces of ojainaunce lucre oifdjargeD of purpofc, tbc fea UMS fv:- 
1(0 uwlj c^imocr, anO(|)eap^cU)ttb fmoke, d) 

. 7 
Bancroft Library. 



ito guakeD fo j fe: rt,fupp ofpng tbat t&c frame of t&e totftoe (jnD 

bcninDdungrr oftalipng, UutUJljcnttjcpratDctljetiacvrnant 

laugbj anD loohe ritfarefuHp on tfcem,tiep called agapnctfcep? 

fpiwe auanD toben tbep pet tytetoc nearer to tbe fl)pp 3 anD brarDe 

tbe nopfe of tbe to^fbatouw^nDDMnnme^tbep bicre toon* lin , al mf 

DcrfullpaaomcD at tbc fuicctc Iiarmonie thereof. Cmrpng into 

tbc llipppc,artt) bebolDwg tbe fojeftpp anD ttje rt:mc 5 tlie coppe 


iotl;ct fpicpng bis epe on tije fpacr> aiiD tljt fpttcc ( t ?D aouura* ' 
on tl)C b?oti;cr, djep lucre botl) as u lucre DummcanoamaTCD, UOM 
anD ujpftcnot ttJijattofap fouo tnudje tuoonD^png;. CCU;vIc 
bcljolDimg; tbcfe tbpnga, tljep toanucreD up ano Dolunc rtjc 0)ip, 
tljc iinitcnaunt conmtaunDCD rijc ankers to be loofcD , anD tbe 
feples to be bopfeo up. jen toere djf p furtber aftonpfbcD^tuljeii 
cbep fan) Go great a mole to mooue as it mere bp it felfe, toitbout 
o?c0^aD toitljout d(je fo^cc of man: foj tbere arofe from tbc eartlj 
fucbe a topnce,aj( a man tuoulo? baue Uipfl;eD fo? of pnrpofc.Pec 
furt!;ermo?e,toiicn rijcp percetueo tbe Ibtppe to niooue fumeanie 
ftutoarDe,ano fomerpinc bac^arDjfonitt^ne touiaro tlje rigi;t 
banDiviiD fomctpme :oiuarDc rljc iefte^nD tljat UJt tb one uitnnr, 
anD in manner at one t nftam, tbep Uiere at tljcpi toptres CDC foi 
to mud) aontiratton* 0efr tiipnges fiinfl)eD,iinD tbc flxppes li 
ncn tuub b?cao,aiU) fudje otberreluarncg, tbcp bcpno; nlfo re 
conipcnceDUJitbocljcrifour , beoirmilTcD not onclp 
t^e kpng Bcutbius jnubaucb >a anD I)i0 fpffcr, but Ipkcluifc afl 
trjcp) fcruaunted $ luomcn, repIemflieD U)tcb iopc f toouDenng. 
3ftcr tfjt S, be bpin feire toohe bi? to:ncp bp foote tattb bid foul* 
filers to tbe cittc of //J^T //..-, \ubcre be U)aa ntnicrttfeo tbat one 
?.oW4ntt;A r j?ftt;,anougIjtp{eloujc;tuboin bcfojc , bepng ()isi 
ftruantjljebaD p^eferreo tobccapuapncoftbcmpncr0 anD Ia 
bourera^it after maoc bptn a luoge in canfergi of controueifte) ^ 

jpaDufcDbpmfelfe outragiouflp, anD uwa maltdouHp mpnDCD riif iturmpr.- 
againftljpm, anD further, t^e caufe of mud) mtfcljiefc tnbiii Jf" r f ^,5' c ] a:rc 
bftncc * jr o? kpng Guarhnexlus (njbo a uibple before toa0 par* ll 

&OIUD of bid former rebellion, anD perfuaDeD tbe people to obep 
tbe &panpatte*)fcM0 bp \)i& uougljtie Ufa^ano fnd)e otljer a0 
tocre confeDereo luttb bpni, fo accenfeD to reuenge tbc intnnca 
at ty* b^Dc^, befpoe dx abonunabie 

. The decades. 

Bancroft Library 



of aefperate mmoe fleDDe to tbe moontame*, befog Diffaunt 
from //ifc/fc onlp eetrae Iraguai UKfftoart*, tofcaroe $e no?oj 
ftoe of tbefea. befemoumapnc*,anDaIfa t&einbabttatintf* 
of die feme, tbep call bp one name, c/g w. tie great king of 
aHt&ektngesanaregunwof t&efcmountapne*fccalIe&A*4w- 
btncxht!, ano I)t3 court o? paflacc 10 nameo c*pron*i : tfce 
mourn apited are roiigf), (jtgl?) ano furd ad no man can pa fie to 
ti^e toppes tbcrof, t^ep are alfo bctioi 115, anD (jaue t^etr coi ni ri 

ootonetot^eua* ^ettucene botlj tfte coulters of tlje 
motmtapne0, w tberc a greate plapne, bp tfje to&icfce manp r i 
urr3 fail from tfje mountapnc0 into d)c Tea, tljc people are tcrve 
fierfcano loarltke men, bautng tbcp? original of tlje Cam bales: 
foi toben tfjcp oefceno ton $e mountapne0 to tbe plapnes, to 
fceepeioarretDtd) ri)cw boiDcreca, tbcp eate all fucb as tbep ki(. 
Cuarionfxiu! tbcrfo?e,fleeinp; to tbte ttpng of t'jefc motmtapne^ 
gaue btm manp p?dhttcs of fttcb t bingca 80 are uianttiig in bis 
wirntrcpjtberuntb Declaring ijoui utlcip,l)i(lanoflp 3 anu uiolenc* 
IpljebaDbentHeo of our men> tottb wljoin be couloe nodjpmj 
pjeuaile,nettber bp fap^e meanea, no^ bp foide, norbcr bp bumt- 
ttrie,no? bp ftoumefle , aim tbattoto tbe caufc of btsf refoptng, 
to bpm at tbat tpme,mo3 fium')!p DC fp^tno; bim to be fct* oetnice 
agapnUtbopp^elTtotu of fucijc mufrijctions people* Mud A* 
*^Ar;Kjbereuppon 3 mauel)pnipjom'neto apue ano Ijcfpe bpm 
againatbeCl)itaian3altl)<uljcmin:!)t be lieutenant tbere 
fo?e maoe bade to tbe foj trefle of Conception, tobirijer^ (bone 
astbetDascom^defentfui 'TyldtnuiXtmiws. tobottntb fudjc 
asfoloujen bpm,fap in certapne of tbe Jtonu utHarres, jc'trnple^ 
rtdcmt from tbe fo?treOe. Qlt^wcommpnp;, tbclieuetenaont 
afkco btm m'tft al tbefc ffnntd aim rumuto mrant^ l[)e anfuje* 
red toitbout abatement, ?Dour b?otbcr t^ 3umtral barb to DOO 
tberetoulj, anDfijallaunfuierefb^beramobeflpetljekpno^ fo? 
toeperm'uctbattbekpmjljarbfaput bpmmtnia, tbatbebatlj 
^aDtioicjarDetow: bere tuc perpOje fo? bungtr, ttftple toe 
fbtouiepott, anDarcD?pen tofeeheourUnbapppefooDe in tbe 
ttfarte*: ^ourb^otber alfo afflgneft me aOpttauntUinb pcu 


Eden. The decades 
Bancroft Library. 

The firfl Decade. 35 

rtfpecte bnto b<? jlue art Determines no longer to be Imftrr pour 
obeote nee. Cdl)nT/\?/ '*; b*D fpokenfbcfeUMnDc^anD fucfje 
otber, tbc Iteuctenaum UJotiloc bauc tapoe basDcs on bpm, but 
be efCiipco bis rpncr,er0,anD flcDDc to tbe COefl panes of tljc regi* 
on of A r ar4^<i,baupnp; tottb bpw a trapne of tbiccfeoje anDten 
tncn,U)!jtcI)e lucre of iris eonfcocracie. l)jre tbts fplrlip fpnhc of 
rebcllcs thus confptreo, pi ^pDc rijcpi uage^^no ipucD undj loofc t, ff ,, n mtrn 
b^pDlc0malk;>nDcofmpfc!)rcfc, robbing tljc people, fpoplmo; m.ui>ew. 
tljceoi'.n(rcp 5 a;iD rauifl)pnn;botl)Uiiwcs anrJUirgun, CCUjplc 
djcfet'jpngcs UJCTC Doomn; in ttje JlanD:,tljc ^onitral Ijao cigljc 
OjippcsappopntcDinmbptljchpng, of dKttflrcljc l.efrmtuio 

Direetfp to tljc Lieuctciwnt I);s Ozotljer. ^;l;efc flivps bp rljtmnee u " ro - 
arrpueOfp^rtontlnitfpDeofibc 'jf^noc luljere T^Uanus Xcmi* 
nut ranged U)iti)ljt 9 ronipaniotu. \-k.vM in fljo^t trmeljao fc* 
t)iieeDti)em,p!omprpn3tfjeininthcltefDc cf maitockes, tocn 
cbea pappca : foi Idbottr, ylcdfiirc : foi l)tina;rr, nbunoancc : ano 
fo?lu:erpneiTcant)U).ite ! ?ui5.flecpe(inD qmc nelfc Guanonevius 1 * 0| 
tntbemcane tpmc aflembicD ctpotueroffjiafi-enDeaanDeon: 
fcDcrarc0, * came oftcntpmeo Dotonc into tfjc pfapnc 3 anD flue a* 
manpoftbcCljndtan men as be cottloc meere conuementlpc, 
anDalfot')cJlauDcmen tufjtebc tucre rtjcin frecnoes, todfrtno; 
djcp? rrjounoc, Deftropingrbepifeeoey, anDfpopitiTjdjctrUpl* 
lagcs; But tyldanus ano Ins aoberentes, albeit tjicp Ijao knoiu* 
Icoge rtjattbc 3Dmiral ujauioe iljonlp co?tic, pet fcareo tbep no* 
tbtno;, bccaufe tbep bao feouce^ rt)c ncluc men U)!;td)c c.tme in 
rijc fpift ilipppcg. CClbplc tbe Lieuetenaunt tuas rijus toffcD in 
tbe mpDDeft of tbefc Holmes, tn tbe mcanc tpme bt0 b)bcr ri)e 
^Dtntralfetfo?toarDC from tbe coato of >papnc : but notot^ 

rectfp to Hifpaniola, fo? IjC tUHICO mO?C tOUKirDC tljC foUtb.Htl t!)C T&f tDnjb bo; 

toljtcbcuopage,tobatbeoi)0,tubatcoatlcsbortjoftl)cIanDe ano 
fta be eompaffeDianD luljat nelwe regions be fiifcoticrcD, toe topi 
fptf Declare : foi to tofjat enDcano condufion tbe fapD tumultcs 
, uxujpl e^cOein^eenoeoftftc boofcefb* 


Lden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



eilanb or 



Thefyxtbookcofthefyrft Decade, to 

, tbe tbiroe aapoftfe 
|Cal:nDc0of June, mtbe peewof Cbjifte 
4 !' 1 498. bopfeoupijtsfaplesnitbebaueuof 

tfjC tottme <Barramfdabas , not fant oiftaitt 
from Ctf/rr, .HID fct fojuiarDc on Ijt0 uopaje 
ttritbcpgbt ftpppca laoen iwtb UtttuaHctf 
and otOcr necellartes.ipc outer ten from in* 
9 tD{jtcbc luas Dp tl;c IlanDctofCanarit , bp rco< 
(on of certapne trencljincn pp^atts ano rotters on d)f fc a 5 uHjicIje 
lap in tbe rpgljt uap to niecte luitlj ljpin.3fn tiie luap from C4/n 
to tije 3HanD3 ofOum 5 , about fotircfcoie ano tennc mplcsco* 
toaroe tfje left b.inDr,is t c 3itonec of Main*, moje foutbvu.irD 
tbcn tljc cute of OK/A op four; DCO^CCS, foj tbe pole 3rtike us 
eleuare to C'tt/.V-rrrDLDcgrces, but to tbis JIanue (as tije Ba- 
nner s fau) onlp. icncti.Oef.wfcDtbcri'lbiefp^ to w^/r/^nD 
ftnopnrj fr^pi tbmce Directlp to Hi^amoU tbe redone of tbe 
fijippes laocn uiitb UtttuaKes anD other neccffarics , be bint frifc 
toirij one (Ijpppe toitb occhcs, ana tluo sparc ; jant Can.ueUctf, 
coafteD touicirDc tbe &outb to come to tbe Cquinoc ttal (pne,anO 
fofoo?tbtofdoU)tl)c tracte of tbe fame toiuaroetbeCacft, to 
tbe intent to fear cb tbe natures of fitrije places as be couioc finoe 
bnoer 01 neare Unto tbe fame Jlcaning Hi; [amok on tbe nonb fioe 
on bts rpgbt banoe. 3Rn tlje miDDle of tbia race, Ipr rut. Hanoea 
of rije lpa?tua;alefi(, lubtcbe tocre in oloe tpme caHeo Hejfrrrifa, 
ano are notue calleD Caput Vwidcjsti Caboucrde, rijefe are fituarein 
tfee fea, rpgb t oner ao;atmf! tbe inner parted of Ctlnopc , Writ* 
Uwmtvuo Dape0 fapipno;. One of tbeft tbe jsoirugalea call 

tanoc, manp lepjous men are beaten anD cleanfeo of tlicpi lep^ 
Of Departing: foDatnlp from ncnce, bp reafon of tbe comajjiooP 
neiTe oftije av^e,befdplcD. CCCClrrr mpiestottarDtlje COetl 
foutbtoca, UJbtcbeismtliembDeabettoentrtbetadlanorbe 
&3tttb. bere tuass be fo uereo \iritb malaotw ano tjca tc (fo? it 
to w tbe itnnetb of 3Iune) tbat big (bp^0 tone almo'l fet on rp?e: 
fCbt boopee of bis barrefocracfteo awo fyakc, anD tbe freQ u 
tttwowoiu, tlje imnal(bcampIa?ncotbatt(>eptoerenaWe 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


^ JT<~- 

Tfie firft Decade. 

foafctne ftat etfremtrfe ofheate.foeretpe nojtb pofetotfcfeitate 
onelp. u , Degrees from the ^o?t?ontall . Jf oj tlje fpace of tiiti* 
Dape^mrijetoljicljbefiifftreottjcfcfictrfmitca, onelp tip rpjtt 
toapttasfapje, but a! the other, riotoDpanorapnv, petntucr- 
thcleffcferaembotte: ea'/erefcneit oftentimes repen'eD bpm 
not a lit! e, that cucr be tooke that Nap, Tfteing toflcD in tlje r e Dan* 
get* ano IK rations epght continual! Dapcs, at tbr !f ngti;e an 
C.iftfou [heart lurnDf arofe,ann a piofperous blade to lji< 
faplw . CCUjicdc iipnDe foloiMino; Dtrectlp toluaroc the luert, Ije 
fcunDe tbe (larres ouer tOat paralcll placeo in other o?oer, 
anoanotljerhpnDcof apic, astfcc ^omirall hpm felfe totloe 
me. 3trt)thfpalaffmne,t!)atU)itl)ituh?ee Dapeei fapltnj, tljep 
fotmoe mot! temperate ano pleafiunt av?e , ^"Ije 3Dmiral al 
fo affi(niicti),tljat from the dime c f the areat Ijeate ano Unholfomc 
anc,hceuerafcenDrDbpthcL),:ekcof the fea, w it mere bp a 
Ijpg'j mountapne toujarcc hcauen , pet in all tl)is tpme, couluc 
ie not once fee anp lano:T5;it at the Jen jth,tlje Dap before t!)r <a* 
ICITDCS of JuIp,tV ttiatcljman lookpnjfooiti) of tip toppe cartel 
cf t(je (prafea ft/ippe,mcD cut aloubc foi top tbat he efpteo t^ee 
etccomj hpjh monntapne^, crooning hta feloUies to be of gooD 
cljrerr, ano to put auw al pcnfiuenes : fo? tiiepUiere Uerp bwup 
anD fo^oU)fiJfja& uir Hfp? the grc.fc bhiei) diep fuftepncDbp rea 
fon of thintoUerabie heate, as alfo that their frcfbc toatcr fapleo 
tltiii, luhielje rannc out at the rpftes of the barels, c^ufefi bp ep* 
trrme heare, as luc haueOipD , ^hus being U)el eon.f Jiteo, tbep 
D?C U) to the lano, but at tliepi ^rt appjocb tbep coulo not anme, 
bp reafonof the fljalotories or the fea netrc tie tl:o^c: pet lohirp; 
out of thcp: fljpppes, ti'ep mpglit tuell perceuie that the Begion 
tuas in'jabpteD, anDtuelculturcD, fo^thep(au)euerpfap^egar* 
Den?, anD plcaPnint meooires : trom tlic treefl anD hcrbes tuber* 
of, to'jen the mo?npng oeaun s beganne to rpfr,d) ere pior r aocD 
nianpe ftueete fauouccs . ^tueiitit mptcs otftant trim Ijmf , 
tljtp cfjaunceo tmo a haucn, berp apte to!Mibo?oU)eOipppec, 
lut it l;ao no rpuer running mto it, feaphng on pet fcmurfjat 
ft'ftlKr, he foutttieat the length a commoDicus Ijauen^trin ije 
might repap?e his ftpppes, anD mahe p^uificn of frefl;e Uwrct 

ano rud. trends caflcttj this lanD Tut a . ^l;f p founo no hodes ??' ' ral * * f 
umotl;el;auen, but innumerable Oeppes of cmcpnimlDe 


Lden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. ^_^ x 


, oftbetolricbetbep (broiDe one Dean, mtfcWplea 
goate- be Dap folotnpng, tbcp fatoe a anoa c ommpng a fane 
of,baupng in tt foure ano ttoentic poung men of gooDlp cojpoja* 

m MK 
rc'tijc 4?qiu* ti)c Ocarc of tljcpj bcaDcs >)'ns long anD p!apne,anD ciitte on rbe 

" fo?ebcaD mucb after tbe manner of tfje S>panparDs, tbetr yjpuie 
partcs uiere cmiereo lutri) fpiicts of ojofiamptne cotton, of fun* 
D?p colours cnterIaceD 3 tlflerc befiocal ouer ndkeo Jj)erctlje 3o- 
miral,confpDcrmg luitlj Ijtm fclfc tl)C coipo?ature of tlji^? people, 
ano nature of tbe lanDc, he OeleeucD tl)c fame to befo muclje rtjc 
nearer Oeauen,tljcn orijer regions of tbe fame parnle!,anD furrijer 

nigi D rcmoouf D f rom t | )e grro^ u a p 0urg O f ri)e uales, anD inarpflie*, 
Ijoiuc muclje tljc UpgOcd topped of tlje bpggeft mountapnetf 
are Dtftant from tlje Deepe Dales foi Ije earneflfp aflftrmetl),tl)at 
inaltljatnatugatton, !;e netterU)cntoucofc(jeparaIeisoftb^ 
ope : <>o great Difference 10 tlxre be: tuct nc tljc nature of tljurfja* 
btt<nintes,anD of rtie Topics of outers regtons,ai under one dime 
o? par.ilcl, as ts to (eebetUieene flic people anD regions bcpng 
in the fp: mr fanDe of Ctliiope, anD tljem of tbe JlanDcs tuiDec 
tl)e fame dnttc, l;aupng tlj.: pole Oarre eleuate in p fame Degree. 
4To^tl)e Cilnopicuis are all blacftr, bauing rijep^bearecurieo, 
mo?c like uiool then Ijrarc-.but tljcfe people of tOe 3llanD offuta* 
(brpng as 3! I) me fapoe unoer tbe clpme of Ct htopc) are tobtte, 
tahtlj long fjcare,ano of pelolu e.lotir CObcrcf^eitisapparant, 
tbe eaufe of tljis TJ great Dinrrence,to be rarfjcr bp rijc Dtfpofition 
of tbe cartb, then condttutton of beaucn . jTo: toe Knotur, 
rfjat fnotre falletb on tb: mountapnes of die Equinoctial, oz 
burnt Ipne, anD t!;e fame to cnDurt tljrre cominuaflpe : tue 
fcnofre Ipkeiupfe, tbat tbe uibabitattntes of tbe regions farrc Di 
Kant from tbat Ipnc totuaroc tbe nojtb,arc molctteD tmtb great 
beate. 0e ^DmiraQ, tbat bempgbt aluretbe poung men to 
bpmlDttbp^ntienefle,ujeUicDtbemIookpnggIa{re0 9 fap^e ani 
b?pgbtbelTet0ofct>pper,bauKes bclles,anDfucbcotber tljpngc^ 
bnknouien to rijem . But tbe moie tbep Uicre calleD, fo mucbe 
tbe moie tbep (ufpecteD craft anD Dtcepte, anD flcDDe backc* 
tojaroe: petDpQ tbep luitb gren aDmtration bcbotee our 
men ano tbep? tbpnges, b Cpfl baupng tbep? ojeia! in tbepj 
ianDe^ rcop to flee. COfjcn 4e 4DiiuraU toe 4at be coutoe 


The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


^cotttoeootm*ntuacaninflrumentej5, ano tberefye com* 
ntaurt)CDd)at^n)tiiyicl)cttieteintl)egrMceftIbpp^)oun) plap /nnaenifw 
roibep?0?umme* an&lbatolmw. 35wt tbepotmgmenfupp* onunmw. 


Ipngofanepebaatbepjarrotoea in rfjep? botoea^no cijep? tar* 
getsontbetrarmes: anorijua erecting rtjep^arromcgtouwtoe 
out mat, Oooue in execration to fcnotoe tobat tbt* nopfe migbe 
meane, flDur men Ukettpfe pjeparpng tUcw bouics ami ar 
rotoea , app?odjeu totoaroe tljeui bp iitlc anD nde . $ut tbep uc= 
parting from tfc ^omtraljs Qjpppc,anD ttuQing to tljc Derreritic 
of tiro o?es,camc ft ncare one of tbe lefle (bpppc 0, tijat one of 
tbcmpfuekfDtljedokefromtl^gouernoutoftljeQjpppf, anO 
00 toci as$ tljep cotdoebp Ogne*, rctiuireo bpm to come alanoe, . 
p^omifpng faptlj tbat tbcp toouloc commune undj btm of peace. 
But uiljentUepfaluebimgoetotbe8DimrlBU;pp,tol}ptberl)e 
toent to afte leaue tbat be nf igbt commune tut rt)tbem,fulpect ino; 
Ijerebp Come furdjet necept,(5ep leapt immeuiadpe into tbe Ca- 
noa.aitpflceoDe asCtopft a0 tljetopnae ,fo ^tbat to conduw, tfcep 
coulo bp no meaner be aflureo to fanuliaritie: CO Wb?e d;e ^u- 
nural tbougt)t ic not conutnient to bcltotoe anp longtime tbere 
attljtsuopage, JfSo great fpace from tbw 3!Unuie^terfottart)e^ biolmt 
d)e COed^be 3mtiiral faptb b? fbrniD fo outragtotis a fai of toa* "nrre of toe 
trr,runnpngtnd) fucbeautoience from tbe eafttotbeOftcfi, 
ri)atitU)a0notl)pngmffrio?toa mpgbtte ttreamefaHpng front 
^pgbmountapue0. ^alfoconfeiTeo, djatfpncetbe fpjft tap 
tbat eurrbehnetDC tobattbe fta meant, be ttjaancucr infucbe 
ftare. ^oceeopng ptt fuiiKlu^atfurtberindjisoauiigci'ou* 
bopage,be founoe rectapne gutfcd of epgljt mpleayi^ it ban ben 
tbe encrattnce of fome great baoen, into dje tobicbe dje lapoe 
btolemftreameatpofen. ^beft gulfess o?0repgbtc0be cat 

otrecdp oueragapntt tbe (ante, be caHeo Mg*riu. 
tbefe Orapgbtw, iffueD no leOc fo?cc of frcQje mater, 
cbeencounterpng tuitb tbe folte , Dpo ffrpne to pafTe fbo^rfj, 
*o tbat bettoecne botb tbe luatfcs , towi no fittafl conflpcte* 
into tbe gutfe, at tbe lengtb be founue tbe 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


<ugf region 

if pica. 

The fyrft Decade. 

Ipm fcKe,t) tfjep tobtcb ttere bfo companions fit AfotoMge; 
bepng men of gooD ereoit, anD pcrceauing rop Dilygeitcc rn 
fearebpngfojtbefe mattery toloc me pet of a grtttffftpff* 
tbat i$,tbat foi tbe fpacc of ,rrut. leagues, amoumpng to a 
bunojetbanDfourcmpIes, befavleDeuerbp frefte uwer, info- 
nttcb tljat tlje ftrrtber Ije pioceaDcD, rfpr ciallp toin.irbc t!jf U)c(!, 
fceaffinneDriKUwer to be tlje freftcr . 3fter this, Ijc dime 
to a Ing'jc moimrapne mhabttcD onclp lu'tl) S^onkf pcs( o? Vfi ir 
ntatus,on tfjat part tottnroc cl)C C itt : Jr 01 tb it fpor U) 13 rotugb 
Uittf) rockve am tlonp ino'intapnrs, an^i ciiercfojc not ttt'iabttf o 
tuitljmni. J^cttljevtbatlufmnKiuDefo rcarc'?cr ! }C co.uitrcp, 
fotmoc ncrc Untotljc fca, manp fapjc ft:I?cs, U)dl ft'ltro anD 
foluen, bu:nopeop!e,uoipctl]ouff3oj roM^rs: par!)appcef 
tlepUJere gone further into the coimtrep, u (blue t'^rp? CJMIC, 
anDapplpetl)CPil)uflwno^'vi3 \uce often fee our t)ufu.inDniicH 
to ieauetbepi ftattons .inoutHagca foi the fame purpaPe . 3hi 
tlje lurft fpcc of tljat moitntarne , tljf P cfppeo a la'-gc p'apiir, 
toljttljer tljcp maoe IjalT, .itn eaU airtcr in tijcbiooe ruti?r 3 
foonea-jti)em!)abttante^!jabhnoU)!et)a;cti)at a fti.rujc ndtton 
Uias airpucD in tbepz coa.les, t()fp came floehpnn; iDftljowt 
all fr are to lee our men. eCie unDeriooe bi> tfjcpi fppes anD 
popmpna;e0, tljat dji^ Hegton lua-i rilleD /" JM^, ano cliat te 
toils uetp large : info imiche thattljefurtOtr it reae tt!) toU):irDe 
tbetue!te, to be fomudictljc better inijabiteD ano replemfljeo 
toirfj people. l)e 3umtral t!jerfo]e,tabpng into I)t3 (bippc foure 
oftl)emenoftl)atlwoe,fearcbeDtbe &Kft pJRM of tlje fame. 
3i5p tl)etcmperatene0 of dje aper,tl>e pleifautnes of t^e grounn , 
ano die mnlti ttiuc of people U)!uc ; ) tljt p fauir oatlp moie i mo.ic 
aatlKpfavfeD, tbep contecturrD tljat tl)efe tbpnges pouenucD 
fome great matter: as in oceoc t'.ictr opintnon faileo tljcm nor ,a i 
toe toill furt'.jer Declare in Ins place . ^be fonne nat pet rpfen,but 
btgtnnpng etien notoc to rpfe, being one Dap allureD bp rbe pfea 
fjtmtncs of tbe place, and ftoeetc f uiours U)bic2)e b^earljcD torn 
cbe lanDc to rbe fypppes, tbep uient a lanDe: Dcre tbep founDe a 
greater multptuDe of people, tben tnanportjer place. 3s otir 
menapp;tocbeD-toUiarDetbem, there came crrtetnc melTcngera 
from tbeir Cacici.tfat i0,tbc kmgw of tbe countrep,to Defp^e tbe 
Somirall ui tl;e name of ttjepj piincc^ to come to t^ejn 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library, 


tnaniDcment* flBben tbe amraraii bao tfranto tan, ano 
nuiOljK(n;cii(cfb?^attpmc,tf)ere com innumerable people 
toitbt!jep?boatt$to tbe fypppes, baupng foj tbe mod pane 
cbepne* about tbepjneckea, garlanDea on tf*# beaars, ami 


monlpe,tbat our ttwmen in plape**no trpumpbe*, fcaue not 

greater plentie of ftonc* of gtefle anD crpttaB nt ttjep? garianD^ 

crotunef, gtr&ete, ano fuctie ottjer tp?emente3 . Bepno; afteo 

tobere rtjcp gatbereo tljem, tljep popmeo to tfte nrrt fl)o?e bp rije 

reabanto.djepOpifieoaUb, bp cmcpnefco^nefull teffinttf 

tobidie tfjep ntaoe tiittb djrp? moutbed ano banocg, tbat tbep HO 

tbpng ettccmco pearleis . taking alfo baOtttte? in tbeir IjanDf 0, 

ftjcp maoefignes ri)at tlje fame mpgbc be rpQeo toitb tljtni in 

(boite fpace* But becatife tbe copte Uibnruntb bis ft)pppca lucre 

lar en to be carpeo into r? i/jwiw/^a D taken burc bp rr afon of tbe 

fait toatcr , be betentiincD to Dcferrc tljt^ ntarte to a nto?e conue* 

hinit tpntf :gct be fent to land ttoo of tbe (bpp ba.urs iaoen totrt) 

men,to tljimcnttofetrijfomegarlanDsof peadesfoi eprijange 

of owrtt)pnge3,anu atfofbmtebat to fcarcbe tbe nature oftbe He* 

gion, ana wfpofition of tbe people. bcp entertepnco our mai 

gentdip, ano came nocking to tbem bp beape*, aantbaoben 

to bebolDefome ftrange monflers, jfpirt tljcre came to meete 

ournien.tuiomen of graui tic, uibom tbe mulmiioe fbloUxo: 

)ne of tbefeuiad nieQ in age, ano tbe ot^er but poung . ^bep 

ftmke ittua* tbe fatber, toitbbi6fonntoIndjefl;ouUj fucceeoe 

(pm. CObentbe one Ijao (aluteo aim emfyafeo tbeofljer,rijep 

b^ougbt our men into a certepne rotmoe bonfc, ncere unto tbe 

tobicbe twg a great cowrte.lDptber twre b^ougln man? cbapew 

. 9fter tbat our men ano tbep? pjinces toere fettc, 
tbfwtoaptpngmencamein lauen, feme tottbfim^p Dripcate 

mD dwfeof opuera kpnDdS, ano utterlp bi^no\Doi(o to . 
topwtoa^ botb tubpteanD rcD&r, not maoe of grapess but of) 
tbe Ipccur of opuera fruke^ anoucrpplcanwmettfDjtpnkpno;:. 
wr tbtt banquet wade in tbe otoc mans tjoofe t fbe im$ 
^ b^ooojic *ewto tetiljcnwcleo^ inantiom>l<oe, inbere. 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 

The fyrft Decade. 

IM.I great compairobotb of men ammamett, but tbep (toone 
men Ditteucrco tbe oncfcomcl)cotl)cr. Oep are urtpte, cucn atf 
oroHKnate, failing fuebea* arc mticb conuerfantintbefunne. 
^ijcp are alf j uerp gentle, ana full of bumanittc toto.iroc (Iran* 
gets. ljep cotter tbep? pitute partea ur.tb goflfomptnc cotton, 
Unaujljtumljfunmp colour 3, anoarebefpae alhnkcD. Cbcrc 
toagfcU)?, 01 none, tbac bad not eprtjer a toller, arbnw, oj a 
bracelet of goloe ana pearled, ano manp baoall, l^epngaf. 
keo toberetbep Oan tbac goto?, tbe)>po?nteD to certapne mourn 
tapncs, fcempnglottb tbepicounreiutmreto Dt(Tb)iocourmen 
from gopng tbitbenJTo? putting cbep? armea in tbepj moutlje0, 
anogrpnnpnjad cbougb tbep bptte tbefame, ftpU popntpng 
to the mountapne?, tbep feemeo to intinuate tbac men mere 
eaten tljere: b: it lubetber tbep meant bp tbc Cantbales, o]t uiploe 
beattes, our men couloe not u>cl percetue . Ebep tooke it e.ccee- 
bpnggreeuouflpe, tbac cbep couloe neptber bnoerdanDe our 
men,no^ our men tljem . caijcn tbep tt)l)td)e taere ft n t to lanoe , 
lucre returnee to cbefljpppca about 'tbe of tbc cloche at after 
noonecbe fame Dap, bipngpnguritb tbem cercapne garlanoe^, 
ana callers of pcnrlcs,tljcp loofcD tbepi ankcra Co ocpartc, m:n- 
Dpng to comcagapnefbo?clpe, luben all r!jpnge uiere fet in 
gooDo>QerinH^mo/4 .- but be tuaa picuentco bp another, 
^bidjc oeftateD bim of tlje reuiaroe of bis trauaple. fyz tow al< 

if t&c f<. fo bpnnereD at tfci* time bp reafon of tbe (baloluneiTe of dje fca, t 
Violent courfe of tbc U)atcr,io!u'c') tmtb contimta'l to(Tpng;,biuifca 
tbe grearett (btppe a0 often aa anp great gale of tmno arofe. Co 
anopDc tbc oaungew of fucbc flmloiuc places anDfbelfcd, 

oe ufe of <ra.- l;e eucT Cent one of tiic fmallcrt CaraueUe befoie to trpe tbe 
^ *?* femDpng , ami tbe bpggeft (bpppcii fblotoeD fae= 
bpnoe ^be regions bepng in tbe large piowncc of T aria, fo? tlje 
fpace oCCCrrjcjnples^re cafleo of ri)C inOabicanw,cM4,an5 
Manac apart from tbtfc regions Dtdant .Ir .leagues! , t si tbere an 
otber region calico Curiana. caben be ban cbus pafleo ouer tljtrf 
long tract of fea/uppofing u>l t"mt it baD ben an HIanoc,t ooub< 
tpngrljatbempp^t paOebp tbe caedcotbe JftoitijoMTcrfpto 
^tjmto a rpner of,rtr.cuniwoea|itb,anD 

^mewtobe,rrutu;ieagucu. a Ipde further totoarDe tbe 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 

76 [ 

,petrowfoJjatin0?c foutfetoardr, a* #e boom of cfte 
be entered mtoafcafuflof Ijcrbea o? 

fetDe of tte Ijrrbc s iuijtcte ftupn.rce on tfcc iuaicr, are 
niucbelpkedjebcrrpea of tfce ate callc D jfi/aa,tol)icbe beat* 
rtb fte ftoJcete gammr calUo A* fix : tb c p getter fa f tyckr, 
tfrattfcrpfomtpn^mmancraapeDtfocftpppcs. b* aonurai 
rcpojrco, rijat fcnt tbcre 10 not rne Dape tbjoufiijout all tljc 
peeretmut longer oj flx^ttr fan an ot^cr, antu&attbe jl?o?t() 
pole wftereeleuate ondp fpue Degree* as at ?*>r". in urtjofe 
rracte afl cljcfe coattea Ipe . il)e alfn mlarrD ccrtn^nr ttjintyc s 
a0concernpngO)ebaneteof^eno^ pole: tbe mbicbeberaVe 
thepfceme contrarpe totljoprnpontfoMI! tfec 3Irrcnoircr0, 31 
topHcouctjetbcmbutlmr|ja D?pe firotr, as fapttj tlic pioiurbf, 
BucutsfcKllknotoen (woanoWep?mce)tljathJ{)icbe Uic rail 
tljcpoleft.irre,ojno?tbftarre (calico cf tljc Jtn!ian0 7'ramon- 
rd4) is not tl)e ucrp popnt of d> pde 3rtpfcc,bppon tlje totjtcfje 
tlje nres 01 cjccrnnitiesi of bcauaw are ntrnco about . (>e U)!;t 
rteteg maptwfllttp?oue^ifti^cntt)e(!aiTfar>^(!appfait 3 
poubcljoloc tljc pole ttarrc tfi^ougO nnp narotue !.:b?c: JTo? fo, 
ap piping pour tnffrument t^crto hi OK nio^nvng, fomu>!jat be* 
f o? e tlje Dape fp jing bane blcrn tfl)CD rt;ep^ ligl; t, pf 1 1 j c n poa Icofe 
tl)jcugl)tl)ercimcljo!c, pottfljall pcrrnucit to lie nioucD from 
tiic place tobereponfauje it fpjift. 15uc l;rU)e it ccmmrtb to 
paOe, tbac at rijc begpnnpng of ttjc euenpng ttatli 01) t it id denate 
in tfcatHegiononlpfpue Degrees in tlje nioncrtj of 3lunr, ano 
in tl)emo?npng Degree bp tlje feme 
qu^ant, 3! ooo not unDrrttanue, no; pet Doo djc reafons "'* 
W)tc!)ebeb?pngetb, inanppopntlktpffpe me. JTq \}t faprt; 5 
tljat be berebp contcaurcD > tl;at ttje card) id notperfccrip roumfe 
but tljat luljen it Um0 ereateo , rljcrc Uia0 a ccrtapnc beapc 
tapTeo ibcron, murbe bpgtier tljcn the o tljcr pattc* of rbe fame. 
feo tijat (as be fapo it is not rowcafter tie fo?me of an appfe 

, ann ttjat PM:* is tlje Begum ujlncb polTclleri) tbe 
nento? JjpgfjeftparcrberofncarefUmtobeaticn: 3!n fo 

roudjt ojatbc cacnctttp tonrcnoetb* tljc canfylp H^araty' fc to u0 
we in tfcr tapper uftljofe tfyct Ijpllrt , toindje me (apue 
&%, I^t^xat4timla^ottt:of4eiopye catfei of 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



totnrijefoutolentlpe tffljuc oue oftlje fapoc gulfetf, ano flrpue 
fo tottb tbc fait toater, fall b w&long from tbe toppcs of tbe faioc 
mountapne0: But of cbia matter, ttfl;aUfuffpcc to bauc fapor 
cbus mucfre . Ice b0 notoc tbercfoje return* to tbe fopflojie 
from tobiebetoe baue Digrcfleo , CZTien be pcrcciueo Ijtm feltc 
cobetbua mUn.TppcDtnfo great a girifcbrponoc bn Cjcpccca^ 
tron, io t^ac be bao notoc tioljopc to fwioe attp paffagc totuarOe 
tlje no^tlj, H:rbp ijc mpgbt faplc Dircctlp to Hijpanola, \)t Uia^ 
enforce to tunic backctljc fame map bp the toljtci:c became, 
anODtrecteDbisbpoagcto HHpMida bptbcno?tboftbat!anne 
IpmgtotiwrDe tlje Catt . ^ijcp ttjicl;c aftetuwrDe fearebco tljis 
lanDemo?ecurpounye,tpH ttto be pane of tbc comment oj 
feme lanoe of Jito, anD not of ci.i as the Qonural ftippofeo: 
jf o? tbere ait manp laljirije affunte tbat tbep bauc fapleo rotmD 
aboutc 'ub* . But Urfjetber it be fo 01 not , 07 lubetlier emiping 
tbe goou fortune of tlnsf man, tbep fake- occafpon of quarclpng 

in tpme appopnteo, rewcaletlj botb ttutb anDfalfeboD, But UJ'oe* 
tbcc ^Fur/4 be comment 01 not, tbc 3umtraU ootb not mtidje 
contenoe, but be fuppofctb it to be comment : )e alfo afftr* 
wetb tbat Taria 10 mo?e foutbnjarrje tbnt HifranioU, bp cpgljc 
lKutD?cofourefeo?e and ttuo mpleis. at tbclengtbbe came to 

tbe tbp?o Dap of tbe caf enoca of ^epecmber, in tbe peere . 1 498. 
but (as often timed cijmmcetlj m bumanetijpnged) among ijii 
fomanp p?ofperoiw, pleafaunt, ana lucfcpe aflfap?e0, fortune 
tnpngleDfomefeeDe^of tooimetooou, ano cojrupteoljispurc 
*o?w toitlj tbe malicious toecDca of cockle, 

<[ The fcucnth booke ofthcfyrft decadc,to 
the fame Lfdouike Girciinal.&c 

(pen tbe 3 mmral luas note come to tii c 3^ 
IanneofH///'4/e/4,befounDe au tbpngca 
D ano out of o?oer . Jfo? J^anus 
(of tobom toe fpake before) refufeo in ijitf 
abfenee to obep bis b?otber,tntfting to tlje 
multuittK of Hid; a0 lucre confeoerco tuttd 

.J Ldr:;. ~'h deci 

] Bancroft Library. 


frpm , ana rot ontlp faftattcft torn frife woaoeip affaptift Ac 
aomiralles better ana ueiiftenant, fonictpmc b& matter, 
but nifo Tent letters to Ins repjocbc to tljc kpng of $>papne,tber 
in ar cufpng botb tljc b?etb jcn, laving bepnoua matters to tljcpj 
l^ut tbc QDmiraU agapne fcnt mcflcngcrs to tijc 

oeipiing bio grace to fence Ijpm a ncbie (upplpe of men, 
tu: crbp be imgbtfuppicftc tl)fp) Icct ntictifncs, aim puntflj tbcm 
ft; tljepi itnfdieumis actcs , ^:(jep accufeo tljc ^Dmtrall anoOis( 
biotber to be umuft mm, cruel emraies, ano flieDDct^ of tijc 
^panpfbeblooD, ocdarpng tl)at Uppon euerplpsbc occafpon 
rijcp tuotdDeCi.cke them, Vdtig tljeni, and beao tljuit , ar.o tfjac 
tljcptooheplcafutctljcrni, ano tfeat tfjep Departed from (fccm, 
asfromcniell tp^imcs anD inploe beafles retcpcpng; m WOOD, 
alfotbehpngeg emnu'ea: aflfpniipng (pftelupfe, t'.attljcv lucl 
perceuteDtljep^ententtobeuoncotbertljento bftirpe tOemptrc 
oftljeJLinDeg 5 UiljidjeibpngCti^pfapDc) tl^ep fufpecteo bpa 
tljoiifanoc roniccturc a, atiDefpcciallpintOat ci-ep toouioc pec* 
nut none to refouc to tbe goloe mpnes , but onlp fit cbe as lucre 
djep? famiUcrd . ^Ije Qomtrall on tlje contrarp part, Uiljcn be 
oefp^eoapDcoftfjekpno; to infring tljep? infolcncie, auoudjcn 
tljataltl)ofelji!3(accufer0, MMdjIjaooeutfeofucbe Ipcs agapnft 
two, tuere notigljtte felouie 3 abljoimmib!e biwues ano Uiiain*, 
t^eeueg anD bauoefijruffiana^Dultereriaf,^ rauifljerja! of Juomcn, 
falft pcrtunb Uagabounoes, and fud; as IjaD be n cptijer comact, 
in pipfonsi, DJ flcDDc fo? fcare of tuDgement : To efcapino; pumflj* 
inentjbutnot Irauingbice, .tyfcnn tljcp ftpU compnutD, anH 
bioua;i)t tbe fanu: toit^tbon to d>e flanoJpuing tljirc in like ma< 
ner as before, in tbcftc, ledjcrp, $ all kpttDc^ of m Icbetfe, ano 
To gpuen to Joleneg and fletpe, tljac terras tbepluere b?ougOt 
tljpte fo? mpners, labourers, $ fcuupans, tljep luoidd not nom 
goc one ftffioflfi from t(>cp?boufes,ereepf Ojep Uietc Uojne on 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


Tterftfcifrtofan towenft 

00 tbatfcetobfcfce wdDettifcfc mofle agtifcie make 
ofont oft!)o(epoo?eti?etd)w to ftee qirpteanD clcanc from tije 
bonpeto^egrounoeatoneOrocke, be tta0 tbe bcftman,ano 
cowttcumofl fcon^abl* , tfteft tbpng*, ano manp fitcije otljc r , 

_ tent Mtf b?ocJjtr tbe 

Icaaeienaunttweban armp of fottrefco?eanD tcimc fooecracn, 
imp ft* fttoe ^0|(emeit (toitl) tb?cc tVoufanoe of tljc Jlanoe ITICITJ 
tolXcbe toere mo?tan entmpea to tjie Ctguautan^ ) to meet e 

f apftaptte,. ttfeo fwu noone nmrije mpfdjecfc to oar men, ano 
fiKfye a0 feitonrco tftctn ^bcrefo^e uH^cti tlje Lifuceitauut 
baftcott5iiccco^t0antiptot()cbaitkc3of a rertepne great rptirt 
rumrongbp riKp!apnc,itH)i^eiuefapDcbero?e to Ipe iiettucne 
f^(^tier^oft^iiKwntapttc^of%4iMano^e(ea, Ixfounttc 
ttoofcoutoioftjiiJenhnfeiSUtrkpngin rertfpnebulbe^) Uiljcrc* 
of tte om, wdpng bpm feifebeaolong into tf)e fea, efcapco, ana 
bpt^emoutbofrijerpucrfujamtmouertobtacompamonai: rije 
otljcr being taken, DcctarcD tljat in t^e UJOODDC on tlje otber fpoe 
t^erpuer, tberelapin campefijcerijoufanteCi5tiautar0rcDp, 

l)s tobole armp entreo into ri;e rpuer , t^e Urfjicb tbing U)(jcn the 
Ctguauiartf U^efppeu, tljcp came rtmnpng out of the UJOOUDC ^ 
iuubatcrrrtjfecrpe,aiimoabo?nblcafpecf,n]udi like Unto t&e 
people c aUed Jg*ti} rfi, of Urfjom nie poet bit gil fpeafced) : jToi 
tbeph)ereaUpaputrtJai>fpotteD toidj fnD?p coloursi, ano cf 
peciaflt)^WacfeeanreD 5 ti}bie1?tl)eptakcoffertfpitcfnutc 

lrtrof*e|pajmttf)em felwes from tbe faflm*, euen,to n)e 
f kudu taKtt, baupngt^ep^are (tol)idjebpartt!?ep make long 

mtrmentoaDeuoaert^rpuer, t^ejrQxKte at 

our men : inQmrncJe tjat if tftep bao not bo^ng of t^e 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



ttep? tefgettc*, fte matter bao gone tyottg toft& 
t|)cnu^etattbeIfnffdj,manpcbepngU)ounDeD, tbe? paflei 

b^realbnof t^ep^ftnpftneOf uffoote. iw$bfpiig f itbelfloooo- 
K^rfjep fliotte at out men mo jc fafclp, foj cljcp U jmg accuffr* 
mcD to tbe toooroe? , ano nafceo tottbout anpr 'ere, patteo 

our men luere bpnoereo bp rtr. i of rijep? ap 
pare II, targeting iauelins,* ignenaunce of tbe place flftber* 
fo? e, toljcn be bao reffeD t b ere a! tbat npgbt tn uapne,an& tbe Dap 
fob&pngbefotDentUtirrutgintbe UJOOODCS^ beiuent (bp tbe 
counfcl ano confticte of tljcotber 3ftonoe men toljicbe toere in 
Jjt0antip,tmnieDiarip trotijcncc x tbe mountapne*^ntbelubf 

lage caflco Cgu***.^ tbe u4)tcb name alfo d;e kpngtf palace N*P* 
load caiIeD,5ipii^ in . .e fame UtHage.'^bus <tiarcl)t ng fciUwrDe 
twKj bid armic,about tluclue tuples of, bw encc. .npco in tbe Iril* 
bge of ano tbcr hpng, lubi^e tbe inljabf tauntctf b "b fo?fa^en foj r 

ftttreof our men* J*et maKpnff Duictent (earcbe^tuep founotU)o 
bp toljom tfjep bao fojo ujfeogc tb. : tijer e uws tenne bingejs tuitb 
Maidaitxius tn Iji0 palace of ctpronum, luitb an armie of eigbt 
tnotifarifr fly t fftf flttiflTttf > y t ni^ -ict-itflTf *^0 tyj^ir ^tutMtocn%uC otiVir AM vi^mu *^ 
not gene tbem battaple, untpn be bao fomeiubat better fearcbeo nsti t njourar 
nie region pet opn be in tbe meane tpme fhp^mp(]j ' tuttb tbem 
itopfc. ^Tbe oejrt npgbt avout mpoiipgbt> be ftnt fooulj fcoutc ^ 5 
wDtot'tbtbem gttfoes of tbe 3flanue men lubirije teluc tbe 
wmtrep: caibont tbcCtguautan^crppingfrotljemountaines, 

mapne armp bat) bin 

^placetoberetljepencampeD,feapingout of tbe UJooD0e0, 
?Bp(eattempteo tbefo?tune of inaate,tetdpaflipuiigout 
Jj^Wtb a mapne ftyce 9 ano tDounotng manp before tbcp 
v cornier tbem luttij tbepj targetresc get our men put 
fluettwnpe, a^ofemaupe, tbere5oue 

I mod 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


THefyrft Decafe"' 

e. fcftlrem Wtfc mere eaten; fee fettfmte, am 
teWtfjmi anodjeroft^3!finBcmeii,^tcgtDag of bis 
M+.obantxiurjwtb cnfv.mauiiDcwent tn tins effect, bc JLicuc* 
ttnaunt b?cugi)tnotbptbcr b& nrmp(SD Mrtbauxms) to feepe 
tame eitber jgainft pou,o;i pout p^ple , foj be greaflp Defpietb 
j>rir frcnDfttpftut fete intent is a tbat G4no;m'/,tul;o batlj per* 
ima&eD pov tc *>e bfc aj>DC agatnrt Utm, to ?bc great dc ftni ctton 
of pour people, an&unoopno; ofvourcountrep, map haiie Due 
correction, afunfo? UtjmifotJCDtence toUiaroe l;pm , as alfo foj 
rapf. iw; :un:u!rc3 anwujj tfoe people: Ca!)crcfb?el)e require^ 

POU, anU ej;ljO?tet!j pOU to DCliuet Guarionexius into IjW IjanDW, 

c^e tu!)ic!)C t Ijtuj pf pou Ojal perfourmc,rl)C 2lmirall I;i0 b?otljet 
bipll not onlp glaulp aontpt pou to I/ is fnenD(I)pp , but alfo en 
large ana&eftupe pour nomL^.1* 3nti pf&ercinpou retufeto 
acccntplp:i;e [)t^ requcff , it uipll fololue , tljat pou fiial (Ijo^ 
Ipe repence pou thereof: jTo? pour bpmpome fl^aliie tuaHeiF 
tottb ftcDioc aim r>?f, ann pou n^aK a&p&t .ijt ui/iwie of toarre, 
thereof pou ljuuc M experience luith fauotir, as pou Call 
furrljer bnoto Uarenfter to pour papn^, pf fcml) (rubbernefle pou 
V?ouokebimton)luc^euttcrmoaeofii!c^U)er Cafjcn tlje 
weflcnojerbaot^usuoouc^itf .rant, Maubanexius anfuiereu, 
tIjatG^r/o^;jU)asag^oDmaii,inDucD Uiulj nianv tertueg 
as afl men knetoe, no tl;ifo?e be tljougfr bim tonbp bfe aptt, 
erpea'anpinasmurbagljcfletifoljimfb^ furcoure,anD tbat lie 
baft mane bnti fucbe p^emtle, tobom auo be ban p^otteo to Mi* 
feitljfiiH frenD: apjatne, tbat tljep tuere h jtirrinp men,ui olciif , and 
crucll, Dcfirtng otber mend gootied, anu fu ch as f parto not to 
Q)caumaceme0 bloom in fine, tbat (jctuaulo not baueto DOO 
toitb fucbe mp&beuoudmen, no? pet enter into freiftfijpppe 
toitl) cbem* QRbcn tbcfe djpnpjedcametot^eiieiietenaunted 
care, be eommatnftcatbc tillage to be burn: a)!jerc be ^m feife 
encampeD, toitb mnnpe ot'ier tillages tljere about: ani toljen 
be Djetoe nere eo tbe place tobere Maiolntxhu lap 5 be (hit ntef* 
fengera to bimagapne, to common tbe matter Uritb lu'm, an? to 
topll bpmto fcnufome one of bid ntoffe faptb&ifl frenDcs to 
ffflrcate toitb bpm of peace. Caijereuppon tbe Upng (em ut> 
tobpmoneofbwcoec5tr^ntelmen 5 anou)itbbpm ttoo otbet 
Kttapte*i|nmt. COben^came cotbe iicuetcnauntf^ y^ 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


The firft Decade. 4J 

fence, (e fremrfp reqttftrt Opm to peritoaDe 5& loft mtu mat Her ^ 1 
inl;i$name 3 an&earne(Hpto aomoiufte &pm 3 notto fuffer&te 
fionfypngkpngDometobe fpopreDjOjbpmfelfe'oabpDetfjcba* 
farbe ofbarrc fo? Guarionexius fake : auD furtfjcc to ejcfjo^te !;pm 
to DcIpuer!)pm,e]cceptc[jcUJoulDe procure tbcDefl.ticeion bod) 
of!nwfeIfe,&i)0ipeop{c,anDbfe countrep.Sa&en to? meOenp: 
totfreturneD, Watobancxius aflemMcD tlje people. Declaring 
into tbcm tofjat luas Doone: but tfjcp crpeo out on ij;m to Ddtuec 
Guarionexi-tsy ano began to atrlc tije Dape tty c euv* 1 tljep (jaD rc^ 
ceaueo Ijpm, tfrua to Dtfftnte tljcp? quteateffe. Mahbawxius an* 
foiereatOem, t^atG4rwfAr/K;tt)a 
fenteft of Ijim, pjeutnj bn manp p?inceip p? efentcs, anD Ijao aUb barou0 npng 
tatto^t botlj !jt^ \uife anD ijim to imn: anb Dauncc, luijidj djiuo; be 
HID not little etteeme, anniua^ujcifoie^Hp rcfolueo in no cafe 
tofo^fahe(;tm,o^ a^apnttal Otmtanitte to betrap Opa frenoe, 
to!jic(j flev rt w " fn3 fiiccoure, but ratljer tc abioe al extremities 
tojtfo l;im,t!;en to mtiuilcr occafion of ablor-f UP to flaunccrer^to 
repo?te cljdt be OaD bctraicD 0?si gb:ft 3 ul;om Ijetokeimoljiis 
feoufe tote!) toarrantics* ^us vjiimfling tije peop .:, figbin j ano 
toit^ fo?ou>fuli (;attC0) Oc calleD GnarhMxius before bun, p?8tin 
fing Ijinj agapne, t(;at ije luoulo ue partaker of big fojntne toljtlc 
life lafteD: in fomucbtbatijetfjougfjt it not bed tofcnDanpfur- 
tijer tooo^oe to tbe lieuetenaunt, but .ppopntco &im toftom be* 
fo?e (je Tent to (it n, to k? "pc tije toap uittlj a rjarrifoti of men, to 
tl:ment 5 tfjatpfanpmefltiger^mauiobc fentfroui tbelteu^ 
tenauntjto flap tbetn bp'tlje toap,an& ouniit none to commumca* 
turn, o? further entreatt'e of peace* 3!u t^e meane time,tbe lieu* 
tenaimtfent ttoo, tufjcrof rlje or,e toag a captitte Ciguauian, aim 
tijeotijtran 3IlanDman,of tbnu utfjicl) lucre frenoed to our 
4jotb taken anoflaine. ^Ijeiteutenauntfo* 
itlj ten footemen $ foure Ijojfemen, finding h^ 
tiCn tije tuap, be teas further p^ouokeoto 
^tbj ano Determinetmo?eertretmlp to mle lui'tb Af/in^- 
w ,t ttjerfo?e Doent fb^aiD tnconnnentlp tottb Ijts loljole at> 
wp to (tf* cfteefe pallace of c^r ow,to(jece be pet Jap incampe, 
3t bigapppcbe,al v kingcg fleD, etterp manto bjap^fb^bkc 
4>eircapitaine M^^*WJ ttt^iubtoftt al (jte famplpe, 
(to (a fi mo^ moMne^ S)ome of tbe Ctyidan*fott$tfo> 

O U Guariontxius 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 

Tfte fyrft Decade. 

caufe of aH t&efe 

motmtaine*X;ew fc lurkeo in maner alone among o)e oetotatc 
rodte* . cameras note rtje tieuet*nauntw foutoier* toere fo^ 
e,tou& toatdjing, laboure, anDbungec 

(fjj ft toa* nofoe tfoee monetbe* fence tbe toarrc* began)manp 
DefpjeD leaue w Departe to tbe totoje of Conception, ta^ere Hie? 
11 ID granegefc* ^erctfeu tilfage.(J)e gaite tfjem tdetr pa(Tepn?t)J 


toit ^pm . jefc rij?ec mouetljes uunre, tljcp c ompnueo ucrp 

papnefuUmiDmpferablpei^ocljacmtrpnsal rijat tpnie, tljtp 

cut i>paitir* Jao none ot^er meate but onlp c^/K tbat i&fudj rooteis tul;et* 


ana rfjen tljrp toohc Come tot tb tbcp? Ijotmtieial, ^(jct'r Diinke toaii 
norieotbet tbentoafer 9 fucbasdljep fbunr**, l *"?tte ftoeece, 
anDfomtpmemi'^.rauerpnffofrtje marp^fjs;* Cmonjj tl;*fe 
ocliciitess, (Ijac Iptcle (lecp: tijat tl;cp f)au , U)aa f tier fo? tl;c mod 
parce afyofte Diioer cljc 6rmament,anu tlja t not uittljouc uiatdje* 
men 3 anti m continual remooutng,as tbc nature of toarte requp 
re ** ^** rtjeft toe *fe^ *^ Lt'euet enatmc DeternmcD to 
fenrdje tljc niountapnc0, Denned) anD catted, if (je coutoc in anp 

raeane tpm" certapne of bis men (tubo^n ljunger e nfojceD to goc 
a Ijunting, to inoue if ttjep con^e take ?*\v contcsf) djaunctD bp< 
pon ttoo of Maiobanexius fatnilper^ 5 tuljicb lucre fent to certaine 
Uillage^ of big, to mnfce piottifion of bicaD, ^bcfe (je cnfojceo to 
Dedare tobere tfjep? lo^De lap biD^ft bfeD t&e fame alfo fo? giiiDeii, 
to b?>nff our men to the place, ^twclue of owe men tooke tbig rn 
f rpipfc tn banu, painting tlje m felue^ after f naner of ilje Cig* 
uauians: 5>o rbat bp tbigi ftratageme 01 poline,tbcp canu- fooen- 
Ip uppon Maiobanexiusjttto tooke Ijpm p?ifoner 3 b)itl) Ijid topfe, 
t|)ilD?en 3 ^ familp^no roraietgbeD tljem to t^e toU^e of Concep* 
rion tortjeLietittenatmt. t&irtjina fcu>e Dapes after, (junget 
tompeneDGK4ri(wrx to come out of tfce Denned 3 lubom cet* 
tame of rije people fcarinrttije iieuetenannt, beui?apeD to our 
tamer* &)t Iteuetenmihc being certtfteD bereof, fent foo?tf) 
a banDe of fbote men^commaunDing tljem to Ipe inambuu)e un 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

. 84 U 


The firft Dccafo JJJ 

fpfl CuAe tpme aa Gtummuxius term from t&e pfoptte* to ft c 
moijntapneg, and tt;en fodenlp to entrap pe (jpm ;ep toei.J atf 
tijeptoerecommaunded, toohcijpm, andbjOugbtbpm afoap 
toitb rfjem,ano bp tbte mean** lucre a! tbe region? neare about 
pacified anu quieten, 3 eertapne noble Woman :* neare kpnreQ 
MAfaitbanexius, andtopfcto anotber kpng, luljcrcDoniinun 
fa).i0 pet bntotic^co, folotueo I;pm in an t(jefc aoueiiiiied , fjep 
afFirmetetoioman tobed;cfap?e(l and mn ft ^autifuU, tljr.; 
t tier nature b?ougl)t fooitb in tljc 37IanO: &EMm,toben tbe hing 
ber fmrbanDe,tobo loueo ber mod aroentlpCasi b?r beatific Defer* 
ucD) bcarDelaptbatfljctoag taken pivfoner, be Uinnocreoup 
ann nolune tbe Defarted Ipke a man out of (jtc uipttc 5 not hnoto< 
pnjiuljaceo DOO 02 Cap* But at tljc lengtb, be came to tbe 
iieutenaunf, p^omirpngmofttaptijftillpe, tbatbetooutoefub* 
mttOimfelfeanD altljatbecoulDe matte, UnDcrlu'fipolucr, fo 
tbat be toot> ft >* ******* bpmbfe topfc.'Cbe lieutenaunt acccy^ 
teDtbe conoition,^ reitoreD btm bw U)ifc,D v ^ -*ttmneotOer ru 
icrs ann gentlemen tu'jir'j 1; c bap taken pipfoncrs befoie : djar 
ging tljent,ann bpnding tb m luicb an otbe,to be eticr reDp at btct 
commaonoemenf. S>l;o?dp after, tbisfetng of \)i$ ouincfrce 
motion, r^meagapne to tbe Lieutenaunt, b^pngpngtuitbbun 
^ue tboufmtDe men luitbouc tueapons/aitpng onlp fncbe tnCfrw * 
mcnteis! af tbep bfc in tpllage of tbep? gi ouno. fpe bjotigbt toitb 
bpm alfo feeoetf to fotue, Hjerluttb atbiai oume cbarce, be cau* 
fcD furij piemtc of tbep? co^ne anD fmt teg to grotue in funDip pTa< 
ces of tlje larg ua(e, uoljerof toe Cpake before, tbat (l;o?tlp after, 
toerefeenemanpfap?e and ftuitfuH fedocji tbat came tbcroft 
antjfo? bis gcmelnefle being retuaroeo of tije lietietenaume 
toitb certapneof our tbpngeg, be Departed iopfonpe. Oben 
tlje report bcreof ca ^ ^o tbe Ciguauians,tt mocued tbe minder* p e 
oftbekpi-geg to bope of cfemeneie, tobereuppon tbep came *?$ 
togetber to tbe lieuetenaunt toitb bumWe fubmttnon and fattb* 
llp?omp(e, euer after to be Under bfe obedience, defpjpng 
ipm to refloje Unto tbem tbep? ftpng toidj bi f miilie. 3t tbcpj 
r ftmea 5 tl;ekpnge)B; topfe and bt0 bouftotoe toa0 fetat liber* 
J^uttf)ekingkept(*pla0ap?pfoner 'Wetbpngea dpdd^e 
.utenatmtintbe3Hande, not petknoiDpng luljatbfeaduer* 
^ndamiftnj.^d Japdeto|> cbarge before ftekpngof 

<D iii ^papnc: 

Eden. The decades, j 
Bancroft Library, j 

The fyrft Derate 

uarclm^mtTi act* 

greate abunonce of goloe ana otljer tlipngeo, there Uias a* pet 
bmlptrtf tyougljttmo&payne, aypcpntco a netoe guuernour, 
' Mn&tyoutn'feeareDjieflem tljek tfcpngedtanD epiljerto pu> 
i.pflje fucf; )a mere fautte. oj ete ta fense tljtm to Ijtm . C&ijac 
bug fottrue ujjapnl t^e ^Diuirall ano bw ^ot^er, o? agapnft 
Ijt0 aoucrfar ies irfjiclj accufcd Ijpm, 37 Do not u?e!i fcnolne. i? tic 
tljtcf 31 am fure of,. A 1jat botij tlje bietlj^en arc taken, bjougljt, ano 
cade in p?tfon,U):tfj tl;ep? gooocs conftfcate. ^5utasfooiiei3 
tlje kino; unDtrftope tljac tOcp U)crc tyougOt iiounDe to *alc0 3 lje 
Cent mefTeuger* in pollc, toitf) comutaunoement tfeae tljcp 
(bou!Dl)e(oofct)anocomefrccIpto!jt0 p?cfencc: loljcrbp l;enc 
darco ti;a t (jc tofee tljeir trouuivS gr c cuouflp. 3)t t ^ alfo fato, tljac 
tlje ncU) gouernour Cent letters to tl)e kpng, Bitten untl> rl;e ( <lo- 
mtrallcs lj<ino in (Traungc ano bnknofrcn fuuhcringesjto Ijtjj 
l?otl)tctljcLtr'rfrn ( iuut being abfcn^tupHpngijpm to be in a 
reupnca mttb a povner of armco men to come ano apo Ijpni 5 ^tfje 
<Douernoorkfl)ottlDp?offtrljpni an; Utolcnce* &UOcrof ttje go 
ttemour(mnghnoUi!eDge (a,s Ijelaprij) '.epngalfo attierrifco 
that tlje licuetcnaunt \u^s ^-onc to InsOiotljer befoiet^e men 
toljidjc tjeljaD p^epareotuere in a rcowcs, app^eMKft tfjetn i 
botlj bnuiares, before tU multituDe came togeatljer , MJbat uipi 
folotoe, rvme, tbe molt true ano jnuoem 3lm>getopfl Declare. 

The eygth booke of tlic fyrft Dccatfc, 
to Crdinil I Lodouikf. 

tkrifaphwus Colwus tU Slmftt \ _ c . ., . 

to?ftie 9 furtherance of tije Catfjolpkekinnf, 
1 31 bauepiefenteD unto poor Ijenour (rpgtX 
nobleld?ince)liRea gotocn djapneUnU)o?k 
manlptoiougbt : but pouQjalnoto recede 

ap?etiousielDel(fobeappenDaunctljerto. ^:^erefb?e among; 

fad) as lucre pplotuy^gowcrnourjj unuer ^eamnp?aIl,anD 
" m*keDt&gcourfe*Dp~ 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 

I 86 L 

tbe# otune cbargrs, upon con&tttonropapbpm 

ponton, tuljieb is tbe rpfcc part. 35ut bccaufc atnnge all ocber, 

one Tttrus jlphonfut, cafleo Wffius bp bis fiirnam*, fapleo to* cue n<wfgi> 

ptter,3Itbinkettbe(lfirllto fpeake fomcuibat of (H uopag :, 
$e tberfoie uiitb onlp one (bpp, Ml furnifyeo a 1 1;. a c umc cbac* 
ges, after tbat be bao bis pancpojte,U3itlj commaunDementm 
no cafe to cat! anker pan fpftpe league* otfla .ttrouianpe place 
ttbm tbe aomtrali ba: toucijeo, faplen fpjft to Tariajnlm tbe 
Hcmiral founoe botb tbe men ano Uionien fo laoen luttlj c'jetncsf , 
garlanoes,ano b?afelettes of pearles, as tueljatteGu'tic before. 
Coadpng tbcrfoic along bp tlje fame Qjo^e, acco^opng to tbe 
b'ngs commaunocmcnt (pet Icauauj ue!;pno bpm tbe regions of 

Cumana 3110 Mattatapana) fjC CaiTlC tO tbe rcgtOHS U)ljicb tljinfja* 

bttantes tberof cal rr''*/d,U)!)cie be founo a bauen (as be faitb) 
mttdj Ipke tbe pojt ot Cades o? c^/: into tb^ lu'ncb emei f >ng,'je 
fauieafarrcof certapne (joufed one tbe fl;u?e, ano perccpueo, 
toben be 01 clue neere, tljat :t uiast a uillagc of onlp jpgl)t l;oufe^ 
5P?occaDing pet fui .bcr foi tbe (pace of tljrce mplcs,ljc efptco 
an otber milage Ml replenpfljcu uiitb people, u!bere tbere nice 
bpm fpftpe nakeo men on a companp, Ijautng U)ttb tbem a ccr* 
tapne ruler, inbooeTp^eo 3lpboi;(ii0 : jcome totbcpj coattcs. 
iJ)ebroug{jtU)Ubbpmatdipstptne,manp baukes belles, ppn* 

cotuuerfet Hones ano giaifeg, ano fucb otber trpfclles, tbe uilji cb 
to.tbin tl;e moment of an Ijoure, be bao ercbaungeo foi fpftecne 
ounces of tfoep? pearles, tobtcl) tbep toojc-aboittc tbepi ncckes 
antiarmes. t^bentbep petmoje 
cotbepicoatojp imufpngl;pmtbat be fliouioe tbere 
manp p arlecJag je U)ouloebefp?e. Cpe conoifcenocoto tljep? Orf At plfnrit 
requed; ano tbeoap foiounng, came to Replace tobere tbep ap of peatu*. 
popnteo Opm: Iping tbere at anker, a great muUituoc of peop!e 
ftfoHeO!ol)pm,tnftamlpKnup?ing bpm to come a!anoe. line 
toben be cdnTpoereotOe innumerable muiutuoe of people tubict 
toas tbere alTembleo, ano be bao onlp . rjrw , men in bis com* 
PflM;eourft not commit bpm felfr , -Vep? lnnDes,butgat;e . 
bp (pgWaiTO tokens, tljut rt;cp fljcttloe 

^p uit conic 

" .... ~) 

Eden, The decades. | 
Bancroft Library. 

men of toe fcno caJ c<m<w) are mane otdp of one to&ole peecc of 
tuoooadintoeTIIanDed s petmo?eruoe, and not fo arttficiallp 
ad toep?d are : toefe tljep call a*////*;. ^Oefe ftaarmeo d;erfo?e 
totoefbppM^illeasitoepmt^o^uip^nglmto toem greate 
p! Tttp of prirted (ttJljicO toep cal Tenons) changing tlje (ante 
fo? our nunMnoied, (>e founnc tots pcuple to be of gentpH 
nana*,ftmple 3 ano innocent, bung conuerfanttoitfj tljemin 
tbrp?l;ouft05iu? ti). fpace of rjc, oapeft ^Ijcp? boufcis are made 
of icon, couereo tatty toe leaner of Date trees* (jeir meate fo? 
* e motte P*^ * * *? fbelfpQje^ in toe toijiri; tlje pearled are en 
genoereD, urfjcrof toeir tea coQes are full. Cljep Ijaue alfo greate 
pientpoftoptobeaffe^asbawejS^toptobo^^anDconnied liHe 
unto Oared, bo to in coloure **.iv bigncfle 3 ftocftc Dotted alfo, 
ano turtle Doued: Ipketopfe gccfe ano ourites, tuljtdj toep no^tuje 
tntoep^oufesadUieDoo* yeacockegflef about c in manertn 
etterp Uuao ano orouc, but tOep are not oiftmct umu funo?p co- 
lours as ourd arc: to? djc cocked are like unto toe Ijenncd . ibtfe 
people afCurLna arecraftieOuntcrd % inocrceoing running ar 
tlierdjfotoat toep toiH not Ipglnlpmtfle nnp 'ea(Jeo?bp?oetoat 
tOcpfijooteat* )urmenconfu.neo certapneoapedbeare bcrp 
plefatmtelptourpug uiOicO time, urfjofoeuer biowgljt toem a 
manner P ^ *^* ^ ^ ^ am( ^ urc pinned : be toat bjougbt a pOea* 

of 'iMrgapiung. foonte, bao ttuo, anD fo? a docke ooue, o? turtle ooue, one, ana 

fo? a goofe, a Ihiale looking glaffe, o? a u tie Hone of glaffe. ^0 u d 

rbep botigOt ano foloe uiitl; p?ofering anu bpooing, oenping and 

refiiftng,ad it Oao bpn in a greate market* CClljeii piunes ui: re 

i ^ ; piofiereo toem, toep a(keo luba t toep (b ouloe DO tori to to em,bc- 

ing-nakeo: BtttottrmcnfatifficothcniUiitoacraftie anfluere, 

li uft of D edarnwf bp tokcnd toat toep towre berp necetT irp,to picke toep? 
tetto onotopufltoo?ncdoutoftoep?flelbe^aaboue M topn- 

Daukr0 &eiu0 gf g, (jaukes belles lucre mod cftecmco among t Oem, fo? toep? 

So?." 1 a> w5 1 faire colotnr, ano tuoutoe djerfoje geue mitcb fo? one of 
tli cm. ur men, lor ging in tbeir Imufcs, Oearo in toe npgbt fea* 
fonboinblenopfed ^ro?pngcdof hnlo beaded in toe toiooooed, 
tolrcbearefuHof ejrceoing great ano OpgO treed of fun:?pe 
Wnoe butt&e beat^ f tbefetoooued, are not nopfimte 
to nim 3 fo? tlje people ofxlje cowwepgoo oapl^e a ljuntpng 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The fjrft Decade, 

nafccD, toitfj tbep? botoea ano arroux* , pet (jarb ft not ben 
jjaroe of, tfjat anp man batlj ben flapne of anp tuplDe bead 3s" 
mafip Ijartcs o? toptoe bojies as our men tooulDf Defp?c rljcm to 
b?png,'tljep tooutoe fcpU in tbe toooDes toritlj tbeir arrotoes, anD ? bo * c0 * 
not to faple to typng tfcem ^Ijeplacftc fcpne,goau0 anD a eepc. 
Cbcp? bjteaD is maoe of rootc^as ts tijcp^s of tlje ?lanD0,^"-i3 
natiorijfcatlj btacke Uarfjgroflc anD fomuH;at c..ilr?, pet long 
alfo* ^ljcpkeepetljep?tcctOuerpU)fjpte. anDfo^tljat pucpofe 
bfc to carp a certain c !;er be betujene tljep^/ppt^ fo? djc molt 
part of tic Dap, anD to luatbe tljcp? motity cs u?I;cn tljep cad tc 
atoap . ljc tuamcn DOO aU tljep? bufpues at (joinc tn tl;rpji IjOUf 
fcs, anD Ijaue alfo tlje nire of tpllage of tfje grounDe : but tlje men 
applp tbeni fellies to tlje luarred anD Ijuntpng, to plape, fpng* 
pnganDDaunfpng. ^Tljepljaiur..D?pkpnDe3 of Uiater potted, 
tuggcs, and Dnnkpng cuppes maDe of eartlj in otljer placed 
about tbem, anD biougl)t tbptljer foi c vdm ting of otljer tbpnges: 
jf o? tbep uic ui^/cb anD markettcs fo? tlje fame purpoC, anD are 
^catlp DLfpiousoffucbtijpngcs, as au not b?oug!)t foitlj o; 
maDe in tlje p^countrep, as nature Ijatlj geueiu Difpofptton to 
*\ men, to Dcfpic HID be DdpteD uiitlj nc IDC anD flrano; tljpngesf. 
Spanp of tbem IjaD bangpng aiJjepjt pearles tbe images of cer* 
teinc biafles anD birDes, uerp artifitiouflp maDeof golDr, but not 
pure : tlje tc alfo are b?--. ughc tljcni frcn otljer placet to? eccljang 
of otljer rijpngejS.^ec^olDetoberoftljep are maoc, is 1 nattuc, 2s 
anDofnuicblpkefinenestotljatUJberof rije flo^eiu are covneD. 
^Ijemenoftljis cotnucp, inctofc tbep? p^iute members in a 
gourDe,cuttc after tl;e fafijio of a coDDeptce,o? ds cotter the fame 
torn 1) tl;c ileli of a to?topie, tneD about tijcpi lopnes Uiitlj laces of 
goflampine cotton: Jn oti;er places of that tract, tbep cijiuit tlje 
fvncui U)ttljin tlj fi eetb tljer of, anD bpnDc tlje fkunic fa(! uii t Ij a 
ftrmgfr. itlje g wttupIDebeaffcstuljerof U)efpakcbcfo:e, anD 
manp otljer tbpnges luljicb are not fotino in anp of tlje JlanDrs, 
teftific tbit tljis region is parte of p continet oj firme lanDe. But 
ti'-ec'oiefeft comeciutetuiierbpcbepdrgue tlje(iiuie,is 5 tl)atbp tlje r "tu<ent o* 

tlje u?eft,rije faleD 

abouttb?fe.^.mpUs,fmDpng no figne o? token ofanpenDe. 
^befe people of Curiana (tpljtdje r "..; tall Curt am) being De- 
mauDeD\ljctetljepl;aDfuci)plcmieof goloe, figiuacD tl;at it 

[ Eden. The decades. 

^ I Bancroft Library. 

_ . _ 


of CAIU 

cut tow. 

tDcfluiarue : ano 'bat tbep? images of golct lucre maDe in tbe 
fame region. OTbereupon our men oirecteo tbet>? bopage tbp 
tber immeDiad)', ano arptteo ttjen at tbe Kale noes of /3^ 
ucr ber, in *be peere of CJ)?itte a tboufmoe ano fpue l;tm- 
tyco. ibe people of tbe cotmtrep refo?tc& to r bcm untboue 
fwe, b?pngpng uritb tbem of tbe goloe tobfrte tor fapoe to be 
natiue in tbat : region Elris people ban alfo rollers of pearler 
about tbep? neches,tobicl) toere b?ougbt tbem from Curian* fo? 
occijaungcoftbcp? marclianoifes . Bone otibcm to;u!Derjc< 
djaunge anpe of tbofe tbpngcs ui'jicbe tbep ban out of otljcc 
countr^ps : as nep^ier t(jeurtan0 goloe, uo? tbeCancbictantf 
pearles: pet among tbe Cancb.ti^nsJ tbep fotmoe but Iptle goloe 
rcop geatbereD.^ijep tohe tuttb tbem from tbence ccr f apn? uerp 
*ap?e $parmafcts o? SJ5 k nikepc0,anumanp TDnnpnwes of fun* 
u?pe coloured- 3in fbe monetb of . remember, tlje ap?e toas tfjere 
::to(l temperate, ano notlipng coloe . Cue guarDens of tbe 
no?tlj pole toere uut of fpgbt to botb tf;:fe prople, tljeparefa 
neare tlje ^quinactial flDftljeoegrces of tbe p.Ie,tbcp can geue 
noneotbcr accompte . ^bcfe people arctoeloifpofeo men,of bo^ 
neft conditions, anDnotbvnglufpitious, fo? almoft al tbe npgl;t 
long tbep rcfo?teo to tbe fl. t >ppe toitb tbep?boate0, ano toent 
aboo?oe (bppne toitbout feare, a0 cpo tljf Curian^. ^bep call 
pearles, Cora jr. 3l;ep arefometobat iclott0, fo?toben anpe 
ftraunger* come among tbem, 1 tbep cucr place tbep? toomcnbe? 
bpncetbem. ijntbia region of Canckiet*, tbe goflampine trees 
groioe of tbem felue* commonlp in manp places, as DOO toitb 
U0 elmc0, topllotocs, ano fallotoes : ano tbercfojc tbep ufe to 
mafee b?eecbe0 of cotton, toberetottb tbep re ier tbep? p?iuie 
parted in manp otbcr regions tljereabout. tat,.ni tljep l.iurec 
(apleo on fo?toaroe bp tbe fame coaftcg, tbere came fintb againd 
tbem about ttootboufanoemen>armeD after tbep? manner, fo?< 
bpDDpng tbem to come alanoe. tbffe people toere foruDeano 
fauage, tbat our men coulee bp no mcanc0 allure tbem to fam t - 
liaritic* )ur men tljercfo?c, contentco onlp luitb tbep? pear(e0, 
rcturncD badte p fame tor . f .' 7 came,tobere tbep remained to(j 
tbe Curiand continually fo? u)e fpace of,,r]c, oapc0 5 $ rplleu tbep? 


Eden. The decades, i 
Bancroft Library. 

from ir.p purpofr , to Declare UHjat cbaunreo unto tljem in tljep? 
refurne toljen tijep came notu ur. tbm tbe figbt of tfje coaft of T** 
ria. fcljep bappei.eo tljerfoje in tbe tuap, at Oj <D>aconis, ano tlje 
gulfed of r*rM(to!jerof u* fpake before)! o mccti toirfj a nmip of 
r\wt Canoas of Canibale a,U)tj tc!j tocm a rout nc^ tn bunt foj *tiem atttbaies fn 
rj^oa(rpcncail)*)>baocfptei>ourtr,en 5 aflaae T clrirtyt'p fierce 
!p, 9 toitljon fcare nidofco p fame, DtfttirOiuo; our men on tuerp 
liDe Uiitb tbcir arrouies : but our men fof att v tljcm luttO ctjep j 
guimc0,tOat tljep flco immeotati p, toljo our men foloujing luulj 
the Hipp boat e, tocfee one of tljepj Canoasf, anotniconlpone 
Canibal(fo? tlje otbet bao efcapeD) ano tottlj bim another man 
bounoe, tuljo untb tearee ninnpng Doiwne ijia cOeeto, ano tottd 
gclTitre of Ins banDca, epc3 3 . .., !jeaD, Ognifieo tljatfire of Ijte 
companions liao ben crudip cut in peeces,anD eaten of tljat mif* 
cljcumis nation, ano tljat be fl^ouloe Ijatie bcnlikeUJpfeljanDleD 
the tiap toioujpn^: j^i;erefo^e tt;epgue()pmpotrcrouectue 

oiime dubbe^e lapoe^i bpm al (bat |je mtgl}. D^pueUiitlj Ijanoe 
anD foote, grir. :ing arm fretting as it ban ben a topic bo?e, tljin* 
kpngtbatbel;aonot petfufFa^mfp reuengeo the Deal; of big 
companions, toben be bao beaten out bis b?apncisanD gutter 
tCtben be toasDemaunoeD after U-'MC foittljc Canibales Uiere 
tooout to inuaoeonjer countrcpjss, be anfujereMjat tljcp euer 
bfco to carpe UJittj tbem in tljcp? Canoas, a great mttltttuDc of 
cfobbeMje Urt)ict)e,ail;erefoeuer tljep Dolanne,tOeppptctj in tt;e 
groiu>e 5 anD encamp c tbem feluesi U)itbin tbccompaOe of tlje 
fame, to Ipe tlje mo^e fafelp in tlje npglj t fcafon. In Curiana tljep 
founoe tije beao of a captapne of t be Canibaled, naplen ouec tlje 
oooieofaecr ipnr gouernour fo?atokenofm'cto?pc 5 as it (jao 
irntbetoD cDeo^ljefmet taken from tlje entmietnbauaple. 
3ln tljefe coaftes of Taria ig a region calkD Haraia, in tlje tobirij 
great plentie of fait 10 geatbereo after a ttrange fo^te : fo? tlje fea 
bcpng tljcre toflco uiltb tije pouier of tlje UjpnDes, D^puetb tbe 
fdtc maters into a large phpnebp tbe (eafpoe, UJljere, afceo 
fea ttaretb calme, ano tbe funne begpnnetlj 

toujtne, tbe toaterie cameal^^^ 

innumcratOe ^peu; mpgljt be laoen, pfrnen 

~ :j ' 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


Si? 2wr r 

ttfoictf)et6erfo^!jeramebefo?e^ercfdle rntp r^ne: Jto tfie 
rapne mtfcetb it, ana caufetb it to fpnfee into tbc fame, mtu fo Op 
t!)epoo?e0oft!reartb 5 toreturne to tbe place from Uifjcnce u 
uiag o?ptten.Q;l)er Tap, tbat tbe platwe te not fpIIcD from tbc Tea, 
kttt f cwteiue fpipntjea to!)ofe tnacer is mo?e fl;irpe ano falc 
rijntbcuiar^oftberea.Cbinbabitantea Do tjrcaripe elteeme 
tljts Dap of hit, U)!j:clje rtjep ufc, not onlp fo? i(jcp % olune commo* 
Otrfe, but alfottooikmg t&efame into a fquarc foinic Ipfte unto 
onckc3 3 tljcp ft ti u i (trailers fo? occbaimgc of otfjcr cljpatjcs 
Uiljtcljetljclacke. Jintljitj; fiction, tljcp flrctrbc and DIPC 

uponacertapneframeofiuooDDc, nncfje 
grcotren, uittb a gentrll fp?e Unoer tfje fame, Op Ipttle ann Ipttle 
confumpnp; tljc Qedje, anD kcp u.^ J;e fhpnnc (j o!c luiclj tljc oncai 
tndofeo tOerefn. Sljcfc DipeD carcafe^, tbep b vae in great rewc- 
rence,aw> Ijonour tbem fo? tbep? boudjouloe ** fitt!)icr gong, 
^bepfap rbatintljitf Macetbep fatoe ama:i, ^in an ori)er place 
rujomait^busi^^eDauoreferueD. (Hlljen tbepDcpartenfrom 
Gtfw4jtbe.lHu. oap of tbe 3Ioe of JeO?uarp 3 tarettmie to 
&papne,tbepbaotb?eefco?eano .r'or pountie0ucip;bt(after.uiit. 
Unceiai to tbe potmue) of pearler u<!jicb tbep Oottgot fo? ejc^ange 
of our tbmge*,flmountmg to tbe baUie of q>ue Qjillmjea-Dcpar- 
tmgtberfo?e 5 (bepconfumr tbieefc3?e uapeis in tbep? iournep 
(altbougb it tnere ffjo?ter tben from Hift><m:ol<t) Op reafon of tbe 
continual! courfc of tbe fea in tbe U)e&,tu!nn; DP* not onlp great' 
Ip ftep tbe fljippe, Outalfo fomtpmeai t?pttc it bache. But at tbe 
lentftb tbep came borne fo latien toitb pcarlea, tbat tbep lucre 
toitb euerp marpner, in mancr as; commDn as cbaffe . But tbe 
matter of tbe Cbpppe^rtn" A lf>honfus,bein$ accufeo of biiai com* 
panpon* tbat be bao (touilen a great multituof ^ c tiousi pear* 
leiei, ano nefrauoeu tbe kpng of \i* pout on uilj t cb t toaa tbe afrfj^ tahen of Fernando de VtgA$, man of ojeat lenn'ng ano 
experience, 9 gouernour of G4//f fw,U)!;er>tbep arpueo, anD tuag 
tbere kept in pipfon a long tpme . But be OpU oenpetb tbat eti ;r 
be Detepnco anp part of tbe pearler ^panp of tbefe pearled lucre 
ajj *WB a ^ Wefl nuttttf, anil ad o^iente (a* toe call it) a* 
cbepbeoftbe Caffparteu ^ctnotoffogreatp?pce,0pre^ 
not (bpcrfecte, Cai;en3lmp 


Eden. The decades 
Bancroft Library. 

teas bigae to aprater tmtb bim,in tfc otic of 
tobpmabouea bttmnecanu rtuemie ounces of j.;aric0 to be 
{blDejtoticbcfurelptJpDgrcartttDdptemc toicb cljfr fapjene* 
ano tyigbtnw . &ome fop, tbat Jlpbonfus bad not '''fe peariea 
in c<w, being affiant from Oj foaconi* moie tl;en a IjtmtycD 
f ttoentie leagues, but ttjat tfjep ban tbcm tit tljc regions of c- 
w44 anu Manacapana, nere bnto QJ 2)rdf OMW a-- *'ie ilanoe of 
jkf4rg4r/w: fty tbep naip tbattberetuanpp arle0 fimnoe in 
crw/w. 3ut fit!) tl)c matter is pet in controaecfie, tue Uipl pafle 
to otljer matters . VL\w ntuebe pou Ijaitf ,uljerebp you map con> 
lecture, uiljat r ommoDitic in tpme to come map bee lookco foi 
from tljefe netoe lanoes of rije toel! ^^catt, toljereag at fte fp?ll 
Difcouerinflf,tbepu;eUJCfcIje tokens of great rpdjeu. 


.iT.booke of the fyrft 7 : . 'dc 
to Cardinal Lodomk** 
Incentiagncs Tinzorms, gt alfo jfries fin?o~ 

nus, Ijt0 neuter bp bi0 fa?otljcr fpf e, toljirije 
aecompanpetirlje <3omtral Cohnui in Ijts 
(tluerf ht> Ijim appopntca to be 
mailTersof ttuo of cije fman flnppr tubiclj 
tfje^.miarD0 call Car.iuttas, beiu^moueo 
bp tbe jreat rj:cl;e0 (t ampliriiDc of tbe netu 

fttrnp(?;ed of tljep? ouine charges fottre Corauela, in tl;e 
'liauen of rf;epj otone coimtrcp5UiI)iclj tlje &panparoc0 cal 'Tatos, 
bo^Dering on tbe tuctt Ocean, ^auins tberfojte tljc kings licence 
fr paITepo>t to Depar* , tbep loofto from tfce Ijaucn, about tbc Ca^ 
Decembr * n vbe peere. 1 499- ^biss baiwi of -falos, 10 
e f ttuefue mples oitlant from Gadts, commonlp calleo 
u mpIe0fromCiuile, 3H tlnnljabitantes of rljia 

totoiKjvx one e]tr epteD, are greatfp geue to fearcljing of tbe Tea, 
no rontimuriip e?ercifeo in faing, )eu alfo Dtrecten tbeir bi 

1 ** 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



iuno. jofotoei, cbefottt&niea ttpnDe,bepng in t&e mpODitf bettoenc tlje 
(bud; una $* toett. CBIjcn tfjcp fpppofeO tljat tl>ep fcaofaplca 
about tifjpe bunDretfc leagues b? tljc fame topnoe, tbep fap tljat 

ir&enoit& peie t&ep loft . fp$t of tfje J2o?tlje8arrc: anatoere ftqtelp after 
** tofleo tovtf) ejcceopng tempeff es botbe of uapnDe aim Tea^ana uc p 
co uhtd intolferabie bcate : get fapleo rfjrp en fart&crCuot uiit^ 
cttt great w -?r)fo? tbe fpace of ttoo Ijuntyco qt fo^tie leagues, 
folotuing pet tlj faii jc upii Up rfjelott po!e,ia(jer(b?e,U)l)cdja; 
Habitable regions be unset djc CquinacttaU Ipne o? not^et tljefe 
w ano tbc oufte tu?pict0, aftuel pljUofopijeriai as pcrtc-a 
connojpapdtrtf tnfculfo jTo^djefeme afftrmcictobebabitt-blCj 
an0 nieruelotiflp replent^^ toid) people : mm tbety !jat u is urn 
babitable bp rcafon of ffje ftmne beametfUepenimig perpcii 
.larlp o? Dfreertpe oucc tljefaine.^etiuere ti;erc manpof tlje doe 
tojpter*, Uibtcijcattempfco to p;out v '; **'' ^'*, ^Ijefe in* 
rpners betnr ; ; M nm^cijif fc> fato t(je Tout!) pole, tfjep .^nfiuc 
rcti tijat tljr > bncUi no ftarre tljere Itfce unto tOtfii pole^ljat ni 
tie Decernen about tlje popm : but d)at tl;ep (a\ue an otljcr O:DCT 
of ffarte^ano a certepne tlrche utptl rpfpng from tbe (lo^ijanrafl- 
Ipnr, tobicbeo^eatlp Ijpunereo tljep? fpgljt "Cbcp rntenie aifo. 
that rfjere te a great ijcape o? rpfpug in tlje mpuoeft of tl'e eanfe | 
U)f;tcl)e Mfeetl) aitmp tijc fpgfjt of tfje foutb pole 5 umplltljcp ljiut 
btterlp^afleDouertljefame: but t';ep0erelp belecue tbat tljcp 
fatoe otljcr imaged of (larre^mucl;^ Differing from tfje Gtuation 
of ttje (tarred of our ijetmfpijerie^ Ijalfe circle of (jeaen.5)oiw j 
fo euer tlje matter be, as tljep info?me Ue( 3 U)e certtue pou. 3 1 tlic 
lengrfj, tfje (euentlj Dap of tlje caienoes of 4f cbjuarpe, t(je efpico 
lanoe a farce of, ano feeing tbe toater of t!>e fea to be trobeloutf, 
CbunDing toitb iep? plummet, rtjep for...: it to be,jrtt tiok&mtt 
aeepe (Soing a lanoe, antj tarptng tljert fo? tbe fpace of nix) 
Dapeu, ttjep Drparteo, bpcaufe rljep fatuc no people Bering, 
tfcougij tljepfounoe certepne ffcppes of men bp tbe Tea fp 
^bu0 grauingon tlje trees $ tlje ftone3 nere bnto tlje ujo)f , tde I 
kpnges name ano 4cp^, ano tbe tpme of rbep? commpng djf 
tier, tbep Departed - ftot ferre from tljts Cation, fblolupng fix | 
fjper0ono)e lano dp npgfct, ftep fotinoe a nation Iptng unwt 

Eden. The decades. , 
Bancroft Library. 

P94 ' 

Tnefirfldeca<fo; 43 

df open fp?wamcnt, after rlje maner of toarre . Wurmen 
ft ougb t it not bed to trouble t Ijcm bntpH tb e mojnpng . 't ^ ere 
foif, at t&e rpfpng of tlje foratr, fo? tie cf our men Ml armed, 
time toUwriJc ujcm : agapnft urijom came fojtlj. jcrjcii. of them, 
juiujbctHCjs, flpnges ano&ar.20, euenreaptofpgbt. lje o* 
fter companpe folotoeo tbem^rmeb after rfce feme ii^ner, flDur ^ f w A 
men afftrmetbat tbep Viere of bpgber dature tben crber tbe ai* !JSZ. 
inapn es o? ft>a nnoutans . ljep beljelD our men uiulj frotonpng 
^tl)?catenpng countenauncc: but our men t(K .^:itnptgooD 
to fal to bickering luttij rfjem 3 Uncertapne uljetljer it ttiere 
fo? fe are,o? bpcatife tljep toonio not D^pue tljcm to fligljc. W\w> 
foic tbep luent about to allure tljcm bp fair e meaner $ rctuarn0: 
tiittfjep rcfufcD an hpnrJCofgemclnc?,annffooDeeucrin are* 
tmcgi to ftgbr, oeclanng tbe lam ' ; fignerf auo tokens, ljua 
wtr n:cnrefo?teuto tbep?n;pppe0, aim rl;ep to tke place from 
toljeuce tbep came^tnuijoutanp further btcline^^e fame npgrjt 
about nipDnpijin, IMKP ueooe, $ left tbe place uopoe luljere tljep 
lapiifUjecampe-fiDurmenftippofctbemto Jtai. igabunD ano \ 
toanuertng nation, Ipke bntn ttje S)cptb:an0, uiitbi tt boufes o? 
rcrtepne Diuelltngp'^c^ Ipuing onlp tuttb tlje fruiter of tbe 
earth, Ijautng tbep? topucs ano cop' /rn fo!oU)ing tljem, S>udje 
ag nieafurtj tljcir footedepped in tbe Canoe, affirmc toitb great 
ttfjetsrtjatotierifrijepjfecteisalmod af long aa ttoo fecte of C1 
our men of tbe mcane fojtc. Sapling on pet fut tljcr, t!;ep founoe 
an otber riuer,but not of oeaptlj fjfftrient to beare ti;e <^jtraue!s: 
^cpfenttljcrefoictlje four t fijippc boates to (ano:, full ofnr* 
WCD men to fearrij tlje countrep .^Ijep efypea bppon a l;pgl) bpU 
rorc \jntotljcfeafpuc, a grcate nutltituiye of people, to ujfjom 
otir companp fentfoo?tb one man Untb certepne of our tbpngea 
to allure tliein to ere' ange . ^notoljen Ije bao cad a baulks bell 
ttftasrt c tVcm, tljer caU ootone a toeoge of gcloe a cubit longe: 
tljc uj'jtr!; asibedo:peOtotahcUp, tlicpfoDciiIpinclofeDlipm, 
anficarpeubpniatoap, But be luasiajojdp after refcueubp bis 
companioncjto feme of djeir papnes; : fo? rljep Hue epgbt of otrc 
toenjt toounfieo manp a farre of,tnitb tljep? arro\uef,anD Darted 
Riauc of luaoD, baroeneo at tbe enpea uiiti) tpic * 3 ft er t Ijts tbep 
jnconipaCftD our ftippe boateauwbm^ ^uer, ano came raft> 
of one men, toping fcoloe OH tye boated 


Eden. The decades. I 

Bancroft Library. 



bailing no men in it: fbj tbe gouenwmr thereof bring Oapne 
toritlj an airouue, rlje otber flcDDt anl efcapcu* 8na tint* tljrp 
!eftetfn'0 fierce anutwrlpfee people, faplpng totoaro tlje no?t(Ji 
toeu%a!"nbptbefameeoaae*, uxoj bjotoftill Ijartea foj tljt 
Deatboftbep?companpon*. OTbentfcep Ijao faplcD about .rl, 
ftfraoffte** league*, t^p tounrea intoafca offwdjefrcftjeujatcr, ttjat 

ing tlje cauft bercof, tjep uniierUoote tljac a bd;cmc nt ccurfe of 
rhiers mfccnneD toitlj great Violence from tlje toppes of ccrtapnt 
great bplle* . fc&ep fap alfo tljnt tbere Ipetl; toitljin tbe (ea, ni* 
fruitful npe fb?runate ano fruttftl ~lanticp, ano toel! inbabitco, ano 
tbattl;in!;abitantesoftbi*tracte arc men of mecfee nature, ano 
fudjc a? ooo not rcfufc (fraunger*, per fpttle piofvtablc to tljcin, 
beca.fe tbep Ijaue no mardjannpc* foi r.jcic purpute, as go toe, 

tbp?ticcapi,ue*tofellfo?flauciEi. ^tljirrfjabitantcs call tljt0 re 
StQuMaiiMtambaLTEfyc region of tlje eaftjart of tljatrpuer, rs 
caUctr Camoworus, ann t[jat J tlje U)c(l part ( P<mVor<, in tbc into* 
lanae UJbmof, tl^'nbabttantc* fignirpeo n;at tberc i w great plcn-, 
tie of goloe : jf m,foIoHng tljisi rtticr ntrccrlp totoarD tlje .t^t(> 
(as tljebcnoing ofrlje Q;o?c rcaup?ctJ)tbej) re ccucrcD againc rije 
fpgljt oftl;e no?tlj pole , ail iljc coauc of tlji* tracte, pam pnctd 

to Tariajljt UHjidX^S! tUeTaJ>D befo^)^ as fyfl fimnD bp C c'cnu 

oit> ptarie0 bpmfclfe,anDbatlj in maner in euerpp'ace great abunDauuce 
of pearlc* . t^bep fapa*)at tljcfecoafles arc aDiopnpng untc, aitt 
all one tuitij Os <Dracwis 9 anD alfo bo^ticrjma; bppon tlje rcg'cntf 

i t ManacApant, Curiana, Caucli <*, anD C*tbib*cb* 

: :bep tbougfct it to be part of IDC i nrd lane- cf JnDia, 
bcponoe tlje riuer of Gangt j,4f o? tlje great $ large compalTc r(jcr 
of, ootb not permit ujat it fyotilce be an ilaroe /ilbeit tljr v'-.oit 

l^nue, jTromtljepopntofiljarlanoUJljcrerijn) toft tlje fight rf 
tbe no^tfj pole , faplpng bp a continual! tracte flbout tlucc biffl* 
u?eo leagues totuanv .:, : lueftfpsc of ?<m'<uljep fan ,"'., 

Eden. The decades 
Bancroft Library. 



The firft Dfcafc 

tofotie Ae?amrmetofce of fu#e erteesptig Bjeatt 
nit^tfecme mumble, pf^e antiques DpDnotmatementum 
eftljelpfce. ^epngDemaunDcaofmepfit uxrcnot fait toatn: 


teJfcerpfrtajeantjfojeete, ana tbat tbe further it rarme,to be fa 
mucf;ett)rfre(bfr:aIfofulof31Ianoc^anD toboifomefpOje: tbep 
frareauottdjetbebieaDebttjerofto be mo^tbembirtte league*. 

anD Spirioftomca, ti)t ItUttUte of $e fantOUjS riOCt 

of //l*r (nobte caHeft Vanuhus) ano boiuc fern tfcp btolacc o| 
corrupt ttje fait toatec ttxtb *eic fafonef&jtoe fi)!cea(recomati 
ur j)le,aWjoug!j tbt'0 otber riuer be greater : fo? tobo can Dimimty 
tiic p o U)cr of nature, out ttja t it map matte t bis bigger toen tbe 

9no 3; fuppofe ri;ij3 to be 

tbe rpuer ttbmof Co/oww ttjc 3omiraUmaDe mention in ttje 
Dcfcription of bis Dopagc in tbrfe coaae0.But toe fljal bereafter 
baue furtljcr hnoUJlcUgc bereof: let usnoluetberefo.ieretunie cDrroimn^ 
to tbe commoouies of tbeferegionsi.^bepfouttO in manp 3HanD0 *""* of n> n 
about (P<r/4, great ttoaroc* of B?a(aetrert, anob?ouo;^atoap SS" 
Jntri)tbemtlj?eet|ioufanDe pounoeg toepgbt tljereof. ^bep fap 
tljattbeB?anieofHi//>4wW4, wmucbe better tbentbij? to ope 
rlori)U)it|jamo?efap?eanD Durable colour .jrrombencc,foloujx 

liana Gr^) djep paCTeD bp manp 3IIanOe0 berp fruiteful,pet left 
D cfolate ano toafleo bp reafon of tbe erueltie of tbe Canftale* : 
foubcp tDentalanoetnmanp place*, tbepfounnenjerumeaof 
manp oeOropeo boufcfc pet in (bme placed tbep founDemen^ut 
tljofcerceeDpngfearefuII, fleepngcotbemountape0, rocked, 
anutooooj)eattbefpgbtofeuerpttraungero> u^ppe,*tiiii 
^rpnjtnitJjoutboufeso? certapneabpDpng placet fio?frare of 
tbe Cantbato taping toapte a 

in opueraplacw 

bjpng fimb tbatfruite o? fpice, tobtcb tbeapotbccarie0cal c*f- 
^jN* anotbatof nolelleo^oDneire, tfjea tbat lubicb Ow ftaul ^ 
Pbififianfimtmfhrtofucbeajabeoifeafeo toitbtbe ague, butit 


1**^- -. 

.. The decades. 

Bancroft Library. 




lptofi#e,ai , . 
Ipke 8 man, anD fcete Ipke an ape> bearpng ber uHjdpcjs dboutc 
tarftftbcrinanoutuxtrDc beflpc ntucb Ipkc into a great bagpjt 
o? purfe. fcbe DeaDe carkajs of tbfe beaff e, pou fame uritb me, 
anD curncD it ouer anD oiier toi tb pour ottme banDes, nianvjfr 
ipng at tbat nrui brtlp, anD uionDcrful p?ouifion of nature. Ctief 
lap it 10 hnoiucn bp experience, tbat (be neuer lettc tb ber irfjel* 
PCS goo out of tbat purfe, ercept itbectljer to plap, o? to (u eke, 
Dnpllfiicljetpmetbat rbcpbeableto gettetfjep? Ipupngbp 
cbetn felue^ Cbcptooke tbp# bcafletott^ beruipclpegt 15ut 
tbe tnbelpe^DpeD tbo^tdp after in tbe (bpppes > 3^etcbe Damme 
IUICD ccrtaine monetijed: but at tt)e length, not being able to a- 
btoc fo great alteration of apje, anD change of meate, (be DteD al* 
fom tijeuwp. H5utoftbisbeaft> 5 U)ebauefatDt enono>letM 
noujtbcrfoic rcttirne to tbe aucioawoftbefe t^mgeiEe. ^bcft 
ttuoTm?oM/ 9 tbe Uncle anD tbe neutetD 5 futtepneD manp greatc 
troubles ^ Ooirible tcmpcto anD periDe^itttbi^natngation. 
fo) uiben tbep baD notoe fail CD bp tbe coaft&rof ftm* about fyft 
buirt)?cD leagtie^ (a0 tbep fuppofcD) beponD tbe atie of Cat hay, 
anD tbe cotfeg of Cad 3lnoia beponD tbe ruter of <&ange0, tbcrt 
rofefoocnlpfo fierce a tetnpeft rntbemonetbof3fulp,^atoftbe 
fotir Caraueteujbicb tbep baD toitb tben^ ttootuere Djotoneo 
men before tbep^ epc0: anD tbe tbpjD Iptng at anker, toitb Ipke 
foDenne0 caneootit of tbepjt fpgbt tbjotugb tbeutoiencc of tbe 
tifmpert:ti)efouttbalfolpnigatanftct,ttia9 (bu)akenanDb?oo 
lira, tbat afl tbe ftamegtberofujerealmoll locfl^: JDetcanv 
tbepcolanDwitof tbi latt (bpp, bututterlpDefpap^pngoftbe 
tl^p, caberfo?econfultpngtottb *emfetaeutt*at totftea 
tobccoonnetnfoertreemeacafe, ana botD top^oapDet^em 
afafeDlueUpng placcmtbofe Hegtonsf, bepngout ofafl bope 
bom to Depart from tbewe, t^ep DetermpneD to flap aUtbeut* 
Ijabptanmejs of tbe coumrepnere about tbem, leatttbeptuuti 

Snotbeotber tbat remapntD, tDa0faueDanDjip?eir 

Lden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 


ThefirftDecufc. 50 

*y%^ - v ^c C WW "^C! , ww ^ -^^ ^7 ,'^~< 

anDdjpanen,tbe0apbefb?etI)eCalenDe0of October, _^_ 
?frenD0^neigbboitt>^bep bjougbt 

tottb ti;em Cmamomemio ginger: but notberpgooft, bccaufe J; 
rfjeptoerenoctbere full? frafoneo tmtbfbe beateof tbe fonne, 
before tbeptyottsbttbemfromtbence, bepbmsbcaObca> 
tapne weriou0aone0,to';icbS^tt/r4F/^j tbaterceUempbi 
Wbpber, ana poor lo?D(bpppe0p#ftoon, afftnw^ti be true 
opafc0. after tbefe men* mume 9 otberofttoiwg|b^ 
emulation, to pjwic pf 

fonuncujolD b: anp better, Ipkc men ofgooo co?age, bcpngno rnenorncWi 
tbmg Dtfcomfo?tcD bp tbe barb fortune of tbeir neigl)boure0,fciu> "" 
touig tbat it often times cbaunceo^tbat tbat U)lj(cb i? one man* 

bnooinp;,i0 an otijer mawi making, attempt^ a ncme4)oiagc to> w .. 

lunr D tue fou tb bp ^ code 3 of ?<ir/4,folouipn(t tbe ftcp 3 of Colonus ^pA0>. 
tlje ^Diiural, tobo bao fp^fte Difcouereo tbe (ante. 3Tbep alfo 

yieciousfmcoiane calleo ofuje^pant'aro0 jinm^t album, ^ v ^ 
perfume t0 of mod erccllcnc effect to beale tbe rcumcs, murrey 
anD Ijeatttntfl! of tbe beau. 9l0touebms tbts upage^jS pet 3} knoto 
no otber netted tbat 31 tbougbt luoo^p to ceru&e pou of,uibcr* 
fo?c, 31 topi notoe make an enoe of tlj t s booke, becaufe pou put 
me fo often in remembrance of pour Departure : get to a cccm* 
plptbe tbeDecaoe,31 toploeclare fomeojbat of dje fuperOition^ 
goufljall nouie tberfbje bnoerdanD tbe ifiuOoiuJ 
3ilanDel)aue ben fcmiceo after tbe 

^ 9 ^ anotpanbereD in tbe tgttojtaunce 

anoWpnonefleof bumanenature, corniptcDbptlje^iiobeoimce 

theface oftbe eartb,ercepttoljereitbatljpteareDCI55DDbp tbe 
lp5btofl;iifptritebpbistooo)De, topot^e Upon bis elected^ 
grace of renonation, bp tbe Ipgfe Hereof tbe natutai uarte* 

e tbepknetoe tbat tbe people tbcreofbououreD 

: bw intaitliej.bao ten nou>e long wnuerfajmt 


' Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



language,^ to afitri 

foiotopng, out of a booke to?ptten bp one V 1 " an toercnme, 
tobomco/oj bad left twtb ccrtapne kpngcsoftbe 3Hand* to 
inftruct tbem in tbe Caiman fapdj. 3nd becaufc in manner tfceir 
lutjole religion id none otber tijpng tbf n ioolatnc> 31 toil begpn 
at tfycpj idoiles* 31 1 is tberefoje apparant bp tbe images totji* 
cbe tbep bontjur opeirip and commonlp , tbat tbere appeare onto 
tbem in tbe npgbt fcafons, cmapne pljautaOes and OluOon* of 
ji uuda it or wft fpir it w/edu ei ng tbem into manp fonde and fooitfl) errours: 

tail fpitttc 


[fpttttt*. fo^ tbep make ccrtapne imaged of (0oflamptne cotton, ., 
gdSJmJiSt o?t^eat()edartertbep?manner,ambardtoppedD^^ 

imaged tjep mate fpttpng, mucbe Ipkt onto tbe pictured of 
fptritcd and deupld uobicb our papnterd are actuffomed to pavnt 
Upon toaHed but fb^afmucbe ad 3! mee felft (ent pou foure of 
tljefc imaged, pott map better p^efentlpOgniac unto tbe kpng 
pour uiirie jUiljat manner of tbpnges tbep are, and Uotoc like on* 
topapnteddeuplled, tben 31 can crp^eOe tlje&mebpto?ptpng 

made to tbefpkenetTeofpoungdeupldi tbcpbpntjetotbeirfi)?e 
Beaded toben tljep goe to tbe marred agatmff tbep^t enimies ^ind 
fi*at purpofcbaue tbeptboftflrmged iiano^ngattbettitobi* 
pou fee. fiDf tbefe, tbep beteeue toobtepnerapne,pf rapne be 
lachpng, Ipketupfe cip^e toeatber* fb^ tbep tbpnke tbat tbe(e 
Zema sttifat nttdtatour0 and mc0enger0 of tbe great goD 5 
omntpotent,and muUfWe ^btt^ct<erp king batb bid particuler 
Zcmes, tobicbe be bonouretb* "3jep cal die eternal goo bp tfcefe 
nuo named) locmn* and Guamaowon, ad tbep? pjeoecetlburs 

cbingtbeo?iginai of manure is mtbtllfanM wgwn talleo 


fo?tt)oftbemoutboffl)e bpc^tft caut, tndtbeleafl(b?t otu of 

i: 9 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


The firft Deal*. 


caue, tfe moutlj of tfc cauelnas kept ana UK* 

Dcpartpnj fometu&at farre from tfcc caue, to tfje intern 
to fee tofcac t&ingp fcere atyooc, fcaa fooenlp taken of tfee Game* 


not recurnc before tbe t?fpS of tfje funne(*c u*ic^e fctoa*itot 
latofid fo? t^nn to bebo top) tl;cp toerc cranff our ttico into q0p^ 
balane trec0 5 U)l)iri) of djetit fellies grouj plnuifallp m tbe3!ten&* 
^bep rapfurtI;ernio?C5 tfjat a certapne ruler caflen yagoniom, 
fenc one foojttf) of tbe caue to goe a fptypng, lubo bp like djaunce 
tow timwiXtito a j?5pgbttTw;alr 5 bf wufe tbe (untie toaa rpfen be* 
fo?e Uc came agapiie tcube taue: ano tbac pf crelp about f^e 
fame rime tljatbetoaiesfumcD into a bpiDf,ljCDortj int^e npgfjt 

caufe tofjp tfjat bpiD fpnffetfj in tfej npgbt feafon, But V 

troubfeo m Ins mmb fo; tbclode ofi/is fimtliar frcno 

*ep? fticftpno; cbpiu^en, leaupng 

tlje ttomen in one of tfee ?f anua of i l;at tracte, called Matbmino, 

opp^cfleti toitfj feminej fapMtfi atto tcmapueo on tljcbturke of 
A cert apne rtuer ,toOere ebep toere mrtitD into frogg^s^mj crped 
ro^^4,tbatt^wrfmw^mtfMi,agcbpH?cnaretooontto crpe 
fo?rijemotberpappe v 3nu hereof tbep fop it commetb ttw 
iTogflff^ufftocrpcfopittfiillpin tbc (p?pnj tpttte ofdjepeerct 
^nDt^tmentoete fcattereoab?tH>emtbecatios of H 

ana pet bp a fperial grac enenet tranfttwrmrt, Offcendrt to a 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



fepngc* a* goodlr fttoclefc aa 

moQljolpreluiuca. But natee (mode noUeftpoa) pea Qxfl 
bearea riioje plcafwnt fable. fcljere iff a cettapnecatteiafleD 
ivunMtu* in tf>e temtojie of a certapne fcpng&We name us 
Mackimicfb : 3ti)iz caue tfcep I;cncur moje'reltgiouflp tben opD 
tlje (Srckea in cpnu paUc, Cormt^ ^/r^, pj Ny/i , antj l;auc 
aoour neo it luittj ppcairei of a tfeoufent fa'l; tonjs 3!n ^entrance 
of tljts c me tbep bane tl3 gjaurn Zfmu , tubrrof tie one t* cal* 
. ico 'Biothaixl, ano cljc otljct M*rolm. Bepng Demaunotf) UHjp 
tlKp i>iu to caue in fo great reucrcnce^tbep awfuicreo earnetHp. 
bccaufc tljc funne and tljt moone caiefp?a mu of tbefameto 
tor bum* and geue jpg^ to t \ )t \wflw tljep bauc rrifeioufli concourft to edcft 
wae? 5 a2(iyeareaccu(!omeotogoe on pplgrimage to Home, 
0) Oaticane, Compo&elia, o^ ^ienifalcni, as mott Ijrip $ beat 
places of otic religion, ^bey ace aUb fubiect xo anotber kpnoe of 
:^ tbe? ibpn^tbat oeatrfb&e0 toatite toftemgb^ 

to!;ac like Unto a 2uinfc: a%mpng alfo tljat tijep are couerianC 
ioitb Iptipng people 3 euen in tbep? beDOe0^Mi to occeiue toomen 

Ibougft tljep tooulDe baue topa uxcb tbn but ttftcn tbe matter 
commetlj to actual oecoe, fooapndp to iMmfiw auiap, 3lf an? DO 

jjg2^ al m tljpng in tbe beo,tbcprap beOialbeoitt of Doubt bp ffdpng of cbe 
beflp t l jereo6affp?mpng 

boup Ipetb bpbutbe feclpiig 10 iinmcoiadp wfotocD,ep be* 

manbcOcWe ano 
out of feare, tbe bntafie taapOjetb incoutinewlpt J but pf 
anpe fcare, tlje ^tafpe o? biOon Dootb 6 affaulte bpm anl 
Ifrpte bpm umb ftat&ci &art } ^at manpearetbertbp adoop< 

ij> bp Dtuxttt. of ufrntattacr* tift 

^W ^Tjf W1*9F^^ W% >^^>****W^^ ItQVi 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

TfiefirfttKoK' & 

nl ttMtyte ) 

becaufe tfcep fett neuec anp tetotzfrDffr of letter* 
fpngbefb?c t^e people on cmapiwfolcmtteottftftwdl Hoped, 
as moardrffiou0ceremonie: U^ple mt^emeanetpme ttw? 
plap on A cet tatae tntlnniient ntaoe of one to^oie pcect of uwoo, 

mflruot ttjem 

anDfubttfcteafioUJcto Detente t^e fpmpfe people UH;tdj 
tijew in great reuetcncn fo? tf;:p pcrftoaue (^eni t^at dje Znnes 
bfcto fpeaketoitfec^em 
conie.anopfanpt)aue ben fpckr,anD arc 

Kom/ bpinjf rijemfei(ie^tomuc^e fa3pn5,anoouttonte dean- 
IpneOfjannpotirgpngf^ efpcciaUpUJijcntbep take upon t^em 
tbe core of anp prince , fo? djen ti^p D?pnkt dje poiuoer of a cet* 
taine fcetbebp tobofequalirte 

cbc tune(as< (be? fap) tljep learne manptbinges bpreuriation 
puttpnjfecmejp tntlw 

commaunDpng alto Depart out oft&atplace^eeptoneojftiw, 
tobo:nitajalpleafetljerpckema!jtoappopiit; ttug Done, tUep 

fiicfcpno; t^efotC^eaD) teittp!e0)aiiDneckeof(|)f netotnirpnf* 

pattern, 1 

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togeadjer, t^nmtxtttiy 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


t* angrp> eycfcr be 
cdufe tx Ijatfrnot touptott) ^ttt t ci)8ppf Q^ 0jt noc bononrcu buti 
to iipmagroueoj gatDtii, Qno 

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carp in tbcpj ntoutljw, pf t^ctoottttiiwncoiticbp tbftUjtfjfp 
brieeupng *em co be greatly effectual! 

to Oc (pc toointn (rauap F pn^toici)djplDc 5 anti ttjcrcfo^c 

now Zfwr/of m'uers feQjtoiw : fomemake^cmoftijaoD, a* 
eawtonpiTicu btJ ccrtapnttttfions appearing uiico ci}tnt 
, \DljfdjeljaucrccriucD aunfujfre of tljcm 

amon$ c^e tocfecjs, m Jke tbcm of ffoneano marble. Nettie tljep 
mateofrootcg, to djefmnlitu&coffudjeaa appeare to tbem 
iXjtiittjcpdre je|jerjmp; t^c rooted caUcb ^rr> 
mate t6epj b?eao,a$ toe bane {apDbefti?f. Cbcft Z 

01 p 
of tut gcn> beletieD fucli fap^ic a o? fpiritejf as tijrp cafleft !Z)ry^e j. 


eare to tbrp? itwocattons. Klberrfw often ag tbe 

ittcreafe of fruitcs,^ fcarcene0,o? bed* an&0cloieffir,tbep inter 

tobere, (Mfma; up tma 

Cfteponbtrtrf 4l^H()^4e)mMrtifC^^ 

tow^brttt. a* tt*nt 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


TfcefyrflDfcacfe. 5} 

frtnaro franco, r># &e fumWetb 

cerwpnc of tl;enobrtitieo?c^erfe gentle- 
men tl;at are about bim (fy none of tlje common peop!c are aD 
mitteato t&efe mpfterie*)Uritb louoe toopce* geuc tofecn* of re- 
ioy ring te be is murneo to tljem from rtje fpcart) of t&e ^rmr / 
iwmaimDpngof fjpm trfjat lie l;atl) feene. $3jen tie oyenpng Ijta 
mout^, Doatetfc ttjat t(je 2r)wj fpa^e to &pm ourjmg tfje tpme of 

o^plcntte, IjraW) oj fpckenefle, 
0) ujljatfoeuer Ijapp enetb fp^tt on Ijts tongue* Jf5otoe(moa noble 
jDjineOto&at neew pon hereafter to marueple of c^e fpirite of 
jpfo fofbakpno; bt0 wbpfle0 tofc&mremcfurfe: jnm batJ 
tljoitgijt tbac tip fnperOtttou* antujuttt'e Ijau pcrpfljeo* But 
ttotne U^era0 31 baue trectarcu rt;u0 muc^e of tlje^rmw in gene* 
raljUcijou^ticnocpoticoIet pade toljat is fapDe of tbem HI 
particuler. $bep fap tOerefo^e ^ac a ccrtapne fepng calleo Gu~ 

maretuf, \flb&<mes tt!)ofe name UJajal Corocbuum, tofeo (fljep 

fap) tuasi oftentimes tooont to Defreno from rije bp^cfl place of 
fte fcouTe tJ^ere Guam***** lupt inmt faff bounD.^bcp affirme, 
(bat t be f aufe of tljis l)is b?eakpnnt of l)t'0 banner ano Departure, 
toaseptljertobpDebpm frife,o? togoe feeke fo?mcate, o?da 
to? ttje acte of generation : ano tljat fomerpmes bepng ofifenoen 


inen tfCorocbot*m $c Zfmr;, Cbep fapne Iikciup(e,r|)at Gtt*m 
mj being ouereome of ^ge;:imic0 in battaple,r.nol)ia milage 

anoUM0af(etmatDef0w;Deafiirlongof, fafe ano toitfcout 
iititte/ ^e^jtbaflb awtber Z*wcato F/^f^m^mrteof 
tooeo 5 te(bpf ipbeafbure foorco bead: tol?o affois fapoe, 
often tpwe0 to baue gonne from tlje place tol^erc be i I)iou 
red ^ into tbetDooooc0, 30 foonea^tbep percetuebpm tobc 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

. ctufceneuerfenaiie fanne, ttfrertrtfef DfotaebjfcoeOni* 

fcettflS Of a UJOtttan, ORttfrOtlt tMpCCB 

t^ptocrcmpniOemto^er.Oncof tliefe^ejccniteo tfcofffceofa 

commatmncnient of t^us luoman, to ratft tu?ic0, doiu>e0 5 ana 
rapne. ^l;e otljerwairoacbcrcoTwrninrtnTtcmamefrengerfo 
tlje otto Zmirt, lubict; are wjmcu britfc (jer to gouernatmce, to 

fbelwHetWjt^at being looftD, tiiep map toit|)fia bleoutm- 
togrcatcfloo^^no ouerflolm ftecountrep, pfrtjCpcopfeDo 
notgetteotte Uonoure to ber Jmagc.^berercmapnctljpetone 
tbtn0 tto^p to be twtc^ tobeflm^ U fcuifl imhe n enD t fiWii 
kook.31ti)3arijtngU)ril fcnoften, anopee frcftehi mcmo^a- 
mong tfje tnbab ttantetf of ttjc OanD, t&ac ri^cc toas fomtime turn 
fangs (rf tfce toUtcU one toagi t|befiit(jcr of Gudrmtxm j,of toljom 
toe maoe mention before) trfjid; tocre uioont to abttcpne !?ue 


bcpng acceptable to cI)CttZfm<;^rprtctpu(Dairru)f re of tfecm, 
wpu. tljatUJitljinfeujpecrejs^creQjoii&eccnTefotbeaanoe anaton 

intg! anD ctrunonif s of d)e tlanD, anD cpdjcr flap al djcp^ ctpl j 
Bjcn, o? tying tbem into feruttuDe 3Dl;e common fojt of tlje peo< 
pleunoerftcue tb^o^adtto be mem of ^e CanibaleiJ, 9 tber 
>|)aa aitpknotoletigeof^ conimm&tfrpeaer 

condtmtu t^att^ atfce naaon to^ic teMtf 

fljp8ea<(Wtfntt!pteft>Ocft: JQojjct 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

106 ] 

iMttant moUi tadaraiHt p^ent 

Bump tfrptigH betaofe pott put mt to remembrance tfwr to mo* 

rotoe pou cafcr pour iopup totoarae pour coomrep, 

atftecommauifteimmof fcptig JTreocttte pew boric. 

fo?e 3! bpopoufaittodlf^t^tmtCjUefwptig 

inename oftfte 

The tcntfc and laR bookc of tlie fyrft Decades a coo* 
clufion of the former bookes : wry ttcn to 
IMC us Ifl/^ Afnubcius, Countie of 
TanM*>.8c viceroy of Grout*, t 

^T t^e fjnft bcgpnning ann ncto? attnrtptf, 
toftra Colons ^aB taken upon t>pm t^e e 
.ter^pfe tofeardje tfie Ocean fta, 31 toa* 

of cmaine of mp fitmw anu noble men of 

jfOE rf)ep tri^ifpereD ttvti great AIM 

ano nations W* Itoeo natoano after tfeeiafee of nature 3 tfje? 


t^er^^ being caaomor^Hawbpt^freitt^ 



J*en tbt Court remaineo at Gr^^ttiwpou art Wte^ 


jwmewte bp Mi opfri* fpde (bepno;- at 


Eden. The decades. 

Bancroft Library. A^2 

107 _ 

Mtetttpepp *o*e*,bf' 

ltowifiefee (aspau kiumx)?rtto3te3!tbe 
ttaten bppottmf > mto >pplpcompfege^tPiptmg> 3>iiane 
tijerftye cboftn tljefc fetus tbpflpjes, out of a grwtc bcapc of fuc^ 
'ajsfeenifotomcmoll U)o?cl;ptobe notco amomjt^e large 
ip?p(ygcg of tfjt aucttwr^s aim fcarc^cra of djc fame. Clltjcp 
foje, fo?afmudj as pou Ijatte ettoeuoreo to toj?ed cm of mp ban 
Oe0 t'^e U)l;ole orampJe of all mp uioo^i to awie rtje (ante to 
tfje innumerable uoUmtfg of pmtr Ipb^arie, 31 tbougbc ttgooo 
notue to mahea b?cefe reberfaflof tljofe cfepngeg u*frij lucre 
Donefrom tbatpcareofatljouranoauDfiaeJjwiDieD, aim unco 

tf opo grmmt me tp. 

31 ^aD^utcnaUJbolebookcbpitfclfi:ofci;e faperapciowfof 
ti)c people of tbe tlanu,fappof^ig tbcttoptb to batie arcont(Hp 

&ct>tbt$totbetcur() ad & perpenDpcidcrIpne,ano 
batkc^utDeo^rerctDdTtretotbe otbcn&o tljitpou mapknptte 
tijcfyft tend) to tbenjnstb)^ impute tbw to occuppet^e place 

te^led31(bouttffbe contpelleD ofcrn ttmeg to to^pte otter tide 

HOit Hr^tftt% 01 tCtfff yfltt Cof 1'flttlC OCTwCl^O 5D03lM0tvftJ 000 Ot^ 

ButiurtBletuscometo oorputpofe.^3jr(bpppe 
anQ mariners no outr maupcoaflcsi 

ItfiBKtttitfyBtof rbcfinntiinDo^copttneatof 

tippdiictrta neto 

jpAuub friHfcufiuct* jPpntQi I^OBgftc than tbract tnanj* 
fatmlte ano oudjc0 of golof > Aft pjreate pkittte nf frinkenfoicCf 
^ baoiifttepeoirteoftWe comttopw, |l?clb| 

Eden. The decades. 
BELncroft Library. 

108 . 


founDc ntanp bcaftes, botb creeppng ano fourt fboteu, mucf) 
Dvffrrpng frorn'ourSjUarpableano of funtype (bapea imwmc* 
ribic: pet not burtftil^ejccepc Lionel, $%er0,androcomfe* 
t)i)33imeanemfimDjp regions of tbatgreatelandeofP**. 
buenot in tbe Uanoes : no not (bmucbeas one, fo?alltbe 
Katies of tbe iliinoes, art mecke ano tmtboot burte, erccpt 
m:n,U)ljiri)(agtoeebauefapOe)areinmanp ttanaes oeuourera 
of man* fleflbe. ^ere are aifo Dpwer0 kpnttes of fouler 3nD in 
manp places battess of furl) bppes, to tfjepartcqualtuittlj 
turtle ooued. b efe bat te^ baue oftentpmeg aflalteo men in tbe 
nigtitmrijcp? fleepe,anDfobptteno;em toritbtljep? benemoutf 
teeth, tijat t be? baue ben tberbp almoU D^puen to ma&ne*, in Co 
nuidi tijat rij ep bauc ben compelleD to flee from fucb placed, a i< 
from ratic nous Harpies. 3in an otfeer place, luber e ccrtaine of 
tljem (lept in tbe nigbt fcafon on tlje fanos bp rije fea fpDe,a mon* 
ftacommpngoutoftftefea, came Upon one of tbemfccrecclpe, 
ano carpeD Ijpm atoap bp tlie inpnoeff out of oje fppjOc of bis fc 
loiw* 5 toU)()ombecrpeDinbapne fb?!)elpe 5 untpltbebeaa leapt 
into tbe fea hhttj ber piap, it tuas! tfje kpngcs pleafure (bat ftep ft<c of tut fe. 
fliouluc remapne in tbefe ianoes, ano btipldc totones ano foitref* 
fes : titecumo ttjep toere fo Utcil topllpng, rijat oiur rs pioferco 
tiiemfclucs to take upon ttjemtljc fubDupng of (be lanoe, ma 
fumg great futte to tbe kpng (bat tbcp nipjbt be appopntco 
tiiereto* 'je coail oftlns traccc is ejcceeopno; o^reat anD large, 
ano ri)e regions ano lanots tbereof ejctenoemarueplous farre, 
Co tbattl)epaffh:me tbe continent oftbeferejpionsUiitljtijeTIan* 
Des about tbe fame, to be tbipfe as bpgge as nl Curope, befine 
tbofc lanues tbat (be Ipo^tugales battc founoe foutbtoaroe, tolji- 
cbearealfo ejcceenpnglarge. Cberfa?eDoubticfle^)papnebatb 
tjeferueo great piapfe in tbeft our oapes, in tbat it batb made 
knotoen unto us fo man? tboufanDe* tfAripdit tu^icbe lap bto 
before 3 arto unknotuen to our fo^efatbers ano batb tberebp mi* 
mftreu fo large matter to impte of, to fudje learneD topttcs m 
arc Ddp?ou0 to fet foo?tb knoUricoge to tbe comrnooitte of men : 
to tobom 31 openeo a map toben 31 geatbereo tbefe tbfogptuDe* 
be togeatbcr as pou fee : tbe tobicbe, neuertbekde 31 mule 
aftteU fo; 4ot 31 can not tfuxirne 

. ":h iecc : 
BanoroTt Library. 



fctibefeD in Ijafte, to fattfftc tljfttt, front toboft commaunoc* 

aigrefleD penousb, let us mmv tbtf efojc renirnc to Hi/panioU. 


ijs offmaiarentb toOicbeasbauebenufeo taourbjcaD mane 

ofUifytftti) anu tbat tbcpj ftren&tbe? UKrctnucbcDtcapcDbp 


t^at toljcacc ftouloc be fotoni tljere in Diucrg plar c0, anontfum 

carea, bm t&ofe berp bpgge tan ftmtefhtt* 

lo tfce beigfjt of co?nc> 15eac 07 cattet,become of bpggcr flature, 
anoctcecDpng fat 5 batt|)cpjiflelbei0mo^bnfauene5 anotbep? 
bones (ass ibepfap)eptbertoitboutmaroU) 5 o? tbcfame to beuc* 
rp tuatcrp(be j but of bogged ano fuipnejtbep afftrme tbc contra* 
rp^bat tbcp ate nto^e U)bottbme 3 and of better ta(lc 5 bp rcafon of 

bepng of mucb better 


foment tljen made. 

flcfljccommonlpfolDe in tlje market, 
AtejcceeDpngipencreafen, ano become toptoe as fooneasi 

inttif or ofbeaQcg ano foulc^ tljat tbep Qjal IjereafterbauenonceD: to 

g^ aiu bmte anp b?ougl;t from otfor placrt. je inqtaft of altafc* 

groto bigger tbcn tbe bjooue tbep came oy>p reafoo of (be rdu 


tbem fducsi toloe our itiento^ni t^fearrijeo tlie 

of,tl)at tt toasl toitbout enlie. Jpo^ tt)t^ nation bnmgnato, ano 

,***** ti*l <* I***JLk ^ Mti 

rontcnt iDitp a ipne, ano 

crtp, tg not grttttp cnrumg to tertar totat 

inn gicou^ muuMg iu mnm>^ wyov MK{^ ircpjpjuuui 

tbelargenefleof *ep> otmunion, no? petfenetoc tbep 

C* it ftmftc 

Eden. The decades 
Bancroft Library 



(Wo t&efltteft, awAe longer tfen 

rromtfjeJ3o?d)totbe&out&, muc^e 

fo^tlje moll part urrpfruitcfuJIanOpltaraunt. eafttt)artr,not 
ferre from mfpawla, tberelpetfc an 3Itoa> letfe tfcen HifcmioU 
mojeri;enbpd#baife,tof)icbeottr mm called s<m& libauu. 
bcpngmmmmerfquare, in tfci* tbepfbunDeerceeopng 
gotcc mpue0 * but bepng noUie occuppco in dje goloe mpncs of 
HifranieUjfotp ^tie not pet fcnc labourer^ into tlje 3llano, 73uc 
tl;e plentte ano reitcntic of goloe of al otfeer rc^ionj, gcue place 
to Hifpaniola, iw^cre tljcp gate tfrem fciuejs in manner to none 
ottjer tbpng tljcn to geatbec gojtoe, of luljtrije tuo^ke tljti o?oer tee 
appotntcD.o euerp fuel; tntttte anD Mful man as is put in trull 
to be a furuepour o? owerfter of tbefc tooi\x& , tljcre id aOtgnen 
one o? mo?c king * of die 5Ian&,U$ tljetr fubiccts. Cljefc king^ 
acco?Dpngtotl)ep? le ague, come tottf) ojep? people at crnapne 
tpmeBofrijepeere, anorefo^t cuerpoftljemto tlje gotoempne 
to dje tot)ic'o e be IB affigneo, tol;ere tbep Ijaue al manner of Dpg* 
gmg o? mining too!e0 DelpuercD tljcnij ana euerp king uhrfj ijis 
men, fjaue a certapne reujaroealotoeo tljeuifo? tfjepj labour. 
jr 01 tol;en ri;ep Depart from tlje mpnes to fotopng of co^ite, ano 
otbcr tpllagc (ttdjcntnto rijep are a Dotct at certaine otbcr epmtflf, 
lell tbcpj foooe (ipulo fatle tbem,) tljcp receiue fo^ tljetr labour, 
one a ierkin,o? a Dublet,anot^cr a ftp&anotfeer a cloke 01 a cap: 
f 01 cljcp nolue take plcafur c in tbefc t^pno^ano goe no mo? e na 
kco as tbep toere tooont to DOO. ^no tbug tycp ufe tlje belpc ano 
labour of djc iiiljabitauntc?, bo tlj fo? tbe tpUage of r&epj grouno, 
anDtnt^ep^goloempne^ ascbougbtfjtpujtre rljepjfcruames 
01 bonontien. ^tjepbeare djis poke of feruituoeunt^aneupU 
topi, but pettljepbearcit: tbepcal tbefc Ij^cjd labourer^ Aw 
lorias: pet tJjckpngDootftnotfuffirdja:tfaep(l)olDebeDfeDaf 
bonoemen, attt onlpatlns pleafure, tljcparefetatUbcrtie,oj 
appopmeo to toffee. 3t fucbe rpnie a* tbep are caHen togearijer 


bleu of tbep? centurions) manp of t(jem ftele auwp to tlje moun* 
tapned anb uwooocsi, tobere tbep Ipe utrkptig, bepng com 
ttntfo?d)attpmetolpue uiirij topioeforite*, ratberdjen take 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 




^^g-^ ^^tftjfcA 4*44.*^} A ^k.MAAAjbM ftL*^MA jfeVta* ftftJlMAfW4M^tf 

Dine nouie tfuenp to^gottenrotfreiuoe lupmjuums, 
faeieue gooip , anQbearefteU inmento^piucb 
uxtbtbe tfyitftft of one men, ant act tnttcucteo in letters anu 
nianer^* C^tben tbep are grotoen coman^age, 

ciaflp to souerne tUepeople, pf $eft fathers; be oeao^accljep 
map tlje better fct fo^ctj ttjc Cij^ittian rdtgtoiij anD fceepctfyepj 
fubtectea tnloueanDobeutence. Bprcafon toljerof, ttjep come 
noto bp faire meaner 9 gencd perfuaafums, to cljc minea tu^tc^ 
SSSSK* ^ ^ wttoo tegtonafc^eflanDe, about tbpjtte 

from tbe cptie of 'Dom/^^tDberof cbe on i* catteo s*nto cbrifio* 
:anocbe otberbepng Diflanc aboute fomfco^e ano tenne 
^i^caneoCf^iM^ not farre front tbe ^eefe batten caQeo 
w . 0efe regions are uerp large, in tbe ttbtcb in 
tttanp placed bere ano tbere, are founoe Qmttpme euen in tbe up- 
per crn3 of tbe eartl) 3 anu fomtpnte among tbe (tones, certapne 
rounoe pieced o^ plates of goioe, fontetime of finale ojiantptie, 
ano in (ome places of great toapgbt* in to ntucb tbat tbere (jatb 
Jbpn founte ronnoe pieced of tb^ee bnno^eo pounoe Uiepgbt, 
^niy ottf or tiirc^ ttiotifiiiiv^ % vozcc octitn^co HUD ccitttc 

mtbat(bppmtbeU)btcbtbegouernotn;9o^//4 tua^ commpng 

tbetoap 3 bprcafonuti)a!E;ouerlaaentottb tbeuepgbtof golot 
tnulntuoeofmen, albeit, tbere tnere 


tljefummeofcbeiJucateof gdo,\atb tbecopnccaHeDTrLr, 

ano po^ )^ate,tjscaneo to tljetotoet of Conception, tobere 

SgofeSSf ^nltie,anDeaettuicotoeu^batDdoi^c^ 

kpngedpo^ttontberof, tobtcbid tbefpftepartt, anDforo 

gotteUittb bid labour. 

Eden. The decades. 

Bancroft Library. 

The firft Decade. 

to rf)euplidge cattcD Ba^rw^r-. 3fntfKfecuaop0, to mo* 

anp man bebnotuen DeceptfuUpe to feeepe bache anp poj 
i ;o;i of goloc,uii)ereof lie fjacb not matt tbe kpnge0 officers pji- 
utc, lie foifrpretb cijc fame fin a fpnc. ^bere ebaunectb among 
tbcni oftc rupmes m.inp contentton0 ano conxoucrficsfj tbc Uitju 
cljf unlefle rijc majiftratcs of i!)c Jlanoc Do fpnpOK, tt;c cafe t 
tf moucD bp appellation to the fapglj coun r aple of rije court/rom 
lu'.ofcfeiitencc tt isnotJauifuU to appeale mal iljeDomimonsf 
ofCaftpIe* 115ut Iett>notoerectirnetot^nelae!anoe0, from 5JJJ* 1 " 1 
luiience toe baue Digrcffco. Cljep are inmmiera Wc^iucr^ano 
ercecDpngfintunate. CCibercfoietljc^panpatocetntljffe our 
Dapc3,anDtljcpj noble rrttcrpipfcs, DO not gair place ept(;cr to 
tl? : factea ofsaiurnus, o? Hacu'es, 02 anpe otljcr of ttje aunctcnc 
pipnces of famaus memoip, toljirij lucre canont^cD among cbe 
goODc0, calico Hfrofj, fo? tlKp?feard)pngof ncU)elanoe0ano 
rc;s;,Dbjpngpnpjtl;efanieto better culture attD ctuditte* 
j 6orj, Ijotoc large ft farre Qjal our pofteri t ie fee tbc Cbnttian enfargmtff or 
rcii g! on ertetioeol l;otur large a campe l;auc rticp no tu to toanDer J Jj oi 1 rhdn 
in,uj|jic!)ebpr!;f true nobflirie djat 10 in tbrm,o? mooucn bp uer 
cue, tupill attempt eprber to ocferoe Ipbe p^frp(e among men, oj truf 

^ CObat 31 ronceiue m mp 

tongue. 3i tuti noUJ rtjerfine fo make an end of t!j is pcrpe 
condiifion of tbe urijolc Dccaoe 5 a0 mpnopng; bereafrer to fcard) 
*mo geatber euerp tbpng prricuter1p,tixtt 3! map at furtber ty* 
fwreiujptet^efamemine at taage. /oj Colonus fa ammrai, 
toiri) foure Q)tp0,ano a lunin: r D,dj]erfco?,anD ten men,appopu 
tctbpt^ekpng, Di(couercDwtf^peire of Cf^iOe. 152^ rte 
fenoeoueragapnltbe Wett coper tfcubj, DtOant from tbe 
^me About a iwno^D and time leagues : in tbe mrooeft of 
^c^etracteJpetbanSlIcUttiecaaetio^ii^. jfromtocebe 

: eoitt, fuppofpnj :b^t be fl)ou!oc bauefountie tbe coafteg of 
*&*<* (of UJbom m ^aur 

L'.^n. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 




The fyrft booke of the feconde Dccadr, to * Bifhop 

oi Roinc.the tenth of that naroe,ot the fuppo* 

fed continent or firmc lande. 

, anD lobamft C*r+ 
y^ of JTio?encc (mod &olp fatter) 
came to ttje Carijoliqiie kpng of 
S>papne 5 rfje one ofpourljoiincITe 

I) is contra on iwal ei? , 31 
tows euer foj tfye raotte parte 

companpc, and I 
toes ana topfeoome fetf Aem in 

as $ep tuere ojeatlpe groen to tttfrfe, ato continual! rcuol* 

let flpppe out of rap baffle*, entreatjmg of tfce 
antireffiongiljpt^mo !pino;bpD,aoa!moft^e(l 
tnffy oflate bp cije i^panparoe^. 3Det ttfuut afiureo 
oelpteatotl) o> netDnclft anouraungtneuTp of tije matter, 

tuody aoournrtMbep conwienoeo oy(anie ? 

faraefflpaefpjpiigmemt&epj obmename^ano requiring me 

fet^ name of pow 

to aooe hereunto a! fiict)t|pngc* 

botb tjotoe great commooimte ctanccD to tt ppgenfeof 


Hiaiia^u 5 09 auu mwut ui w/i iiuuuaui UNigu^anuii 

in rteft our oape^, bj>tl)efi)?tanate enterp?pfooCojekpngcg 
ftepitpue* 4fo^lpkea0rafeDanDtnpapnteotab(e0) areaptc 
tomoue &4at ftwirnwi (bitter are toft ^auei tlevron bp 
H^e^noe of^epapmer , earn & tbcfcnaheoana fimple peo* 
pie, ooo (oone recepoe *e cuOome* ofourreugion, anDb? 

Eden. The decades. 
] Bancroft Library. 


tatowulheflr.J fjaue tfcou&toit gooo tberfye to fefflfe 4e 

name , toljcrunto not to baue obept u, 31 ftjoul&e efteeme nip felfe 
to i/aue tommptteo a bepnoua offence. &tycrfb?e 31 topU notoe 
b :icflp rdjearfe in o?Der,tobat bpo coaffe* tbe fcpanparDe* otier* 
raiijtoooUJeretbauctOoursrijcrofjtotKre tbepreflebj tii&at fur- 
ther Ijopc tbep biougbr, anofinaUpe tuijatgreatetbpngcstbofe 
traetea of Ianbc Do piompfe tn time to come* 3!n tlje Declaration 
of mp Dceaoc of tfoe ocean, tobtd; id notue yjpntco anu opfperfea 

me. ^ Defer ibeo 

ken, aitO tlMt curnpng fcom tljcnce coiuaroe t Ijc lefc baioc fouc^ 
toaro, be cbaunceD into grr ate rf giona eflantt*, anu large fea$ 
^dantfromrtjcCquinoctiai! Ipne, ondp fromfpueoegreejsto 
tenne.- tuljere be foiuioe b?ooe rpuers ano cjccc eDmo; bpgb moun* oant from me 
tapnc0comreo tutto fiiotoe,anu fcaroe bptbefeabanke0,UJbeit SSKJJI 1 ^' 
toere nwnpe commootou3 ano qupet ban rnsf, But Cohnus bring greeo to ten. 
noto Dcpartea octt oftbia Ipfc, tbekpng brganne to take care, i 0f Dfdt j,, f 
^ou) tijofe lanoa migfr be inbabtteo unt Ij Cb^ttlian men, to t bin* <oiouu. 
freafeofourfaptb: cajcrupponbc gaue Ipcence bp t)ia letter? 
patcntea to al fucb aa Uratdo cake clje matter in IjanD, ano efpetu a 4n 
ailp to ttoo, to^erof ^o 2^/vr/4 toaa one,^ tbc ottjer Uw0 ^/- 

g rj^l ttitbtfoeebomrjeo tbutotofromtbeilanoe 
itU (tn tbe tubid) lue fapo tbe fepamaroes Ijau butloeo 
a cptie^ planted ri P? babttatton) $ faplpng in maner fill fotttb, 
be came to one of cbe battens founo befcnc,U)bt cb Ctltmus named 
f 9rt*s cart<-tgmis, bDtb bccaofe oftbe ilano aanopno; agapnde 
tbe coutle of o)e (htame, ano alfo tbat bp rcafcn oftbe larjeiieCTe 
tf tl;e place ano bennpng fvoca, it ia mud) Ipke to tbe batten 
ff ^papnc calteoc^jt^a , l# inljabptantcss caU dje3Ifantc 
c ^, as tbe fepatiparoca cat tbe 3Hanne of dm bauen 
faflje Wcbe tbepaffy?me botb tbe mcnano tocmen tobce of caViSS?/ 
gooMp Oatttre, but naked, ^be men baue rijep? beare cutte 
carea, but tbe toomcn tterr itfong, borb tbe 

JEden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


Tfie feconcle Prcttte 

cmtfrt wHctje HW**lwttt, fy^tmtfa\w*^Vwtiw t 
tnme into uoi* eaten CfpenaUp tbe Ojatotre of tbe tret 10 contagious, fo? fad) 
a tohore wtteepeunwritanptpme,bane tbcpjfceate* f twite, ant loft 
4t>oi0fi tbeitOgbt: butiftbrpfltepebutatobtle, rijep? Ogbt romnten) 
Durum. % agapneafterafctoe tapctf. fcbia pojtete tiftantfoure bonnet, 
fpft;e#0jcemple* from tbat po?t of tf//^ 
nvarocs call fafrf, intfce uibidjealfotl;cpftmirfl;e tljcm firtuei 
luljcn thcp prepare anpe Uopaoje to feckc otljer mtue lante^. 
2CI Ijen Eogtda bat enrret into ttje batten, be enuatct, due) aiio 
$oplcttbep:ople, uiljcmbe founte naket antfcatteret : foj 
tljep lucre ojeuen fjim foi a p^ap bp tbe kpntjes letters patentee , 
becaufctbepljat ben before tpme mttflagapnlf rljeeCtyifliana, 
antcouioentuerbeallnret topcrmptre t!;em quietlpe to come 
toitbtn tijep? tominion^. Cpere tbep founte golur 3 bnt in no threat 
quantities? pet tbat pure : tljep make of it certapne li?ett plarea 
antb?ooclK9! uibtcbe tbepiuearefo^comelpnelTe. ^ut F^r/4 
not content tot tli tbefe fpopfesf, ufvng certapne captuics, tuijtcfj 
be bat taken before, fo? gupoes, enrret into aupliage ttoelue 
mptesDpttant from tbe fra fete fur tlj into tbe lante, into tbe 
IDbtcb tbep UK re flet tuljeti lj c fpid enuat e t. pere be fo unt a na 
kctpeople,butaptetoU)arre : fo? tbep kuere armet Uiub tar* 
gette3,n)ielDe^,longfu)oo?tes! mateoftuoot, antboUi?^ lutri) 
arr oloes tppt tmtb bone,o? bartenet toitb rpje. 3s (bone as tbep 
bat efppet our mcn^tbep intrb tbep? pjbetTeis U)bo tbep bat recei* 
cepuct,a(Tap!et tbcm tmtb teiperate mpnte^epng tbcrto moie 
earneftlp piouokf tjbebolovng tbe calatmtie of tbefe tubicbe flcQ 
unto djenijbp tlje Uiolencetone todjep?toomen ant cbptojen, 
in tbe fpople ant flaupjbter* 31 n tljts conflpct out men bat d;e 
ouertf)?olue: in tbe tobicb, one itiamct fo Lacofla(bt\n$ in auc* 
tboiitic ncpt Unto fogtda tbe captapnc, ant alfo tbe fpjfte tbat 
geatberet grit in tbe fantces of /v-/^) ujaji (laine toirij ftftie foul* 
tiers: foj tbefe people mftcte tbeir arrotnet; tutd; tbe teatlpe 
popfou of a certapne Ijcrbe. ^DbeotberUJidj 

^f^bepnpjtifcomfitet, fletoe todjefbpppea, 
mapnettbus in tbebaomof Ctrtbtgo. fo^otoftd ant penfiue fo| 
djznautgan* ^ciofTeoftijfp^comparaons, tbeotbtr captapnc 

SH of x 'if 50 -. - - ._.-. 

i Eden. The decades, j 
k_ - ^ Bancroft Library. 

The feeonfe Deofe 

mo (pReeNe wen 
number of foufopcrs fotouieD Ngj botbe bccaufc free 
Ipbertpe tua0 j^itien tfecnt to djoofe tu^icfj of tlje capptapne$ 

auctbojprie: But eOpetwlIp bccaufe tbe rumoure toast $at 

, acdjcarrpual of ^r/4 9 ti)ep confultcu Uifjac luajj 
teff cobeooone: atto Dctermpnco fp^Qeto reuenge tljeocatl^e 
of tfcp}fdotD0 Cdljcruppon , fettpng cbep? battaple in arapr 5 

0edpngontcm Uauiarcatn tbc la tie 
toatr&e of t'ge npgtt, ano encompaflpng tbe upOagc Uibcre cbep &* *??- 
lap, cowfplrpng: of a yun^eo (joufe^ anu rno^e, Ijaupng alfo in tc 
ttj^pfeaa manpoftljep? nepgbbouttatfoftljemfelue*, tljcp 
fcon^e,tutcbo<Iigemtoat^e tbat none mpg^c cfcape* 9no 
tditjBintbo^thitetljep b?ongl)f them antt tt)cpiljottfc0 to aQjC^, 
ano maoe tbem pape tbe ratmfome of blooo witij blooo : fojt 
of a great inulti tuBe of men anD uiomcn , tUep fpareD onlp fpjce a great oanfft* 
tf)pfti?en, aH ottjcr bcpnj DedropeD toidji fpic 01 tooiDjCjcccpt ter * 
fittoc tuyic^e efcapea p^tu(p,tbcp (earneo bp ttjcfe rcfcrueo c^pl 
ft?en,t(jatcf4 anD fjtsffloujes toere cut tn peccetf, anD eaten 
cftljeratfjatfliie^em. Bpreafon tt^creof, tbep fuppofe tl;at 
Jbcfe people c(C*m#ri toofte tljepi original of t!;e c^n'^^ ot^er- 
topfe calleD Cantta'a. ^)erc ttjcp founoe fome goloc among tye ^nibaiM. 
atbw . jfo? (be banger of gotot DpD no Ie(le tnconrage our men 
to aDiwtmtre tbefe perpte anD labours, tben opb tbe poDTeflpiw 


mbtofefotte0reuengeD,tremnteDtotbebmten. after 
tins, F^tobtclje came fp?a,fp^aiphcU)p r eDepartpnj totrfj 
^t0amncto feeke Kr^,comimt?cD toljtst gouernaunce, fapleu 

tmort^eto!jicbeDeCrenDtug,ijefounDe jfit. 
ittobeanJtanDe of tbe Cantbalc^ bjpn^png tot* bpm from 

befoMMmcbecotagei of t^ttntbat flew>e,bunD?eD, 
^Dteme Dimmed of goloe, 

*% to tb 

1^*4v*V *V *TT 


Eden, The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



; The fecondc Decade. 
CfcftewflWof rrd. ttbic&e tbe iubabitatmte* 
from licence tlj e Caribcg 19 Canibales of tbe 3iUitfKtf ttt fapfr 
to baue rijep j name anu ojiginall. tyere be began to btntoe a fbp 
trcfli?, aun a bpllage ncere onto tljc fame, therein intfliDpno; to 
place tbey? fpjft babttatton, &!)0jtly after, beptwj mftruaeo Up 
ccrmpiie captpucji, tbttt ere tiws about ttocluemplcj furtyet 
toitUn ti;e Ianuc,a cer tapiw UpHage calirD r/v/5, Ijaupng in ic a 
rpcbc goloe inpnc, IK octcrnitiuD to Deflrop tt;c utlhige, to tbc 
U)l>ic!j U) jcn l;c came ,lje fotuiDe t!je inljalmamca re Dp to oefcnoe 
tbepi rp j;I; t s atn tbat lo Cmulpe, tbat eiu ounterpno; luitlj tljcm, 
|)c toad r epuIfcD um!j fijanic ano oomatyc : fo? djefe people alfo 
bfe b oiueis am bcnetn ou a arrouv & CCtitbt n a fclwe Doped after, 
bepn^f enfb^ CCD fo? lackc of ui t cualles to tnuaoe another uillage, 
be(;pm felfc Uias ftrprkcnin tbet!;pg!j Uurfj an arrotoe fi>omc 
of b i B fdotocs Tap, tbat be iwaa tiju0 inotuiDeD of one of tbe rnlja* 
tttaunrea Uiljoie topfe be bao le^De aluap eapti ue before* (jcp 
(ap alib tbat be bao fp^d frenolpe coinmtmeo tttcb fogffa fo^ re* 
Deeming of bis to.fe,anD ba^ appopnteo a Dap to tying a portion 
ofgolDefo?berraunfouie ) anDtba < cbccamcattbeDapa(ngneD 
not LiDenluitbgolD^butarmcDUiitOboUicsaiiDarroUw^tDitb 
cpgbc otljcr conftDerate tuttb bpm.iuljtcb bao ben btf0?e parta* 
kers of tbc iniuhes Done to tbcm fp?ft at tbe baucn of C4w^^- 
ano aftertoaro at tbe burnpng of tbe bpilage, in reuenge^bet* 
of^bep baD Defperatelp confecrateo tbcm feluejai to oeat b: ^5ut 
tbe matter bepng knoiueu, tbe captapne of tbta confptracte toai< 
fiapne tfFogcdaiyit companions, aD bid lupfe Detepnrt. iit eap* 
ti'uitte,. f <^f^ alfo tb^ottgb cbe maiictoiifnc ffe oftbe bnume, 

cIjaunceD tbusf, fbepefpteD r^fr/a tbe otb 

^(M tl)e region of tbe <jQert fptje of ^v^ UM0 afllpcD to 
fob alrite. 5>e gaue DopnD to bt^ (apled to talc bis bopaae totuarD 
Sfr^rf, tbe Dap after tbac f0gd4 DeparteD out of tfe bawi of 
C4n^o.^e ttn'cb bw armie tbat be b^ougbt twb b^ftt, coaRett 
tuer along bp tl;e(bo^,bntp becametocbe 

it)erebefottnDetbep;kiigiage wbe 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library, 


p?mtce oj t 

CQitljtn a fetoeoapc* after, be 
l;pm fclfe entrpng into one oft&ofe marcl>auntu;pppc0tal^ 
tljetbe&panparDeg call CaraueUs, commatmDedt&attfjebig' 
gcrucircIistboulDfoloujfarrebdjiMe. i)e tooKctoitbbpiwuia 
fmri fl^ppes coramonlp calleD ^erpjamjincsoj^iganDinetf, 
31 (jatte t bougfjt it good in d tlje Difctmrfe of tbcfe bookca, to ute 
tlje common names of djinffes, becatife 31 tjao rai!;er be plapne 
tljcn curious, efpeciallp fo?afinud;e ajs rt;erc DO oaplp arpfc nw^ 
np netuc tOpnge? untmotoen to t!;e anttrjtttc,toljereof tljcp Ijaiie 
left no true names. *3ftetttjcueparmreofN;ff/4,tl;ere came a 
fi;vppc from HijpawU to Fogcda. t\)t captapne u^erof,U)agJonc 

tottf; t!;?ecrco?e men, tuitljout leaue o? aDince of tlje 3umiral and 
tfje orber goiiernottrs. COtitO rf)euptcuane0 U)Ijtcij tljis fljpppe 
b>o;urjjf, t^p rcfrc.^eD tOemfducsf, anofometDljatrecouertO 
rf)fpj(toni$tiKS, nniclje toeakcneo fo?lacfeeofmeatf Fo&ed* 
W companions luIjrtpereD and muttereuagapnftbpniDapIpe 
mo:e ana maje, tbat be feoae rt;cm foojtO UJitb uapne bope : 

cijofebptlje hmgescommt(noncobeauiDgemcaure0, bccaatc 
lie toas learneo in tbe laU))to come fyojtlp after i)im toitb a fypp 
hDraim'tljUpttitaHfS, anDtbatbemaraepIeDtbatbeUjaieJ not 
tome manp oapc s fpnce- 3no bercin be fapD noriiinp; but truetfn 
foj iu!jen be oeparteo, Deleft Andfia balfe reDpe to fo!ouc bpm 

&aa ben fapneo, fome of rijem Determined pjiuifp to tteale auiap 
the ttuo W ^urtrfnes from % r.^ and to returne to HiftanioLt. 
BntFojf^baupnjfvnoUrfcDgcbereof^euented tfjep? deutcet 
foj leawmp; f cttffodieofdK teeffe :Uritb a certapne nolHegen- 
flenran caCed F> rfc//if o bint fetfe ri)ua ujounDeDjyoitb 
a fttoe otfjer in bis pmpanpe^ntred into rfce (bpppe loberof toe 


mou * 

. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 



befmputeDtotfjcmfojtreafon, to Depart from thence pf be 
came notacjapneatrbe Dap appopmeD, nxfy upttuale*, an* a \ 
netoe fupplpe of men. fcbefe.flj.Dape* bepng note pal^toberatf 
tbepcoufoepetbearenotUpngof f^td^ anDtoereDapfp mo^e 
ant>m3?eopp?e(TeDUntt)Q)arpei)uiiger, tbcp cntrcD into rbe 
Quo 13^ ijanoincs lo'jidj toete left) auo Departed from tbat Iano 
3nD as tl;ep mere notee faplpnp; on tbe ntapne fca totmroe fl / A 
> a tempeft fooapneip arpfpng, OuaiomeD one of rije iby* 

tio.ura tu.tD mpnj about tlje WganDtne (fb? djofe fra* b?pno; Gu^tbgreaC 


Det of tije fijpppe in peece*,\ubtcbe faplpng, tbeB?iganDtne be 
tnpj D^tuen about Up fbjct of tbe temp eft 5 U)as tyotwteD not farrc 
from tlje3iianDcalieD Fr* wiping bettoenetbe coatoof ft^ 
tten cr^oauuKr4/4.a tljep of tfre otljcr 
baue lanneDin tlje 3l(anDe, ttjep toere d?pttenbacketott(j 
botoes anD art oU)e0 of tt^e fierce barbarians* ^ocfeDiugt^ 

moutbof tberiuertobicbccljc ft>panvatDe0caneD So/aw _ 
tfoictMK&ottfeoftfrecattc, bccauft tbepfatuc acatfefp?toi 

came toitb a (bpppe laDen oxtb al t^pnges ueceflMf> bot^ftf 
nteate, anDD^pnfce^ and apparcH, 

another B^tganDtne. ^bta ^befo?tobore ctmwipng^eeap- 





Eden, The decades. 
Ranoroft Library. 

rn fa ftfe tufedfr, retunte bpw M# OBO AoutanK 


toit Hf^MWto|wirW|wfft ) to<wwf one tbynj 

aMofmrcmpaim -ne 

but OKK (btmnot f. 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


tempt to &j we tf;em from tijep? coafleM^ otfturbe tbet r tl)pp# 
arjupnrt, rtjeitt of f jlUe ano ccuelttCjSn} further tljjcdtnpnj cljctc 
ruine mro Deffraetf an, except t&ep uwtrt&e uTe t^nn feluc0 mo?e 
frcnocfo toluiiroe tljem . JTdjt Ijeaoumifro rijem tlwi tljfre 
tooutoc fij^tJpe come into tOep? teh& a: mo mm, m number , 
{the Unto rtje fanD3 of tljefea^na c(;at to ti/cj?x uttet o(bictio;r, 
not onlp vf t^p rdpttet> tfjem not, bt alfo cjfcept t &cp rcc.-mca 
itljfm, anD cmatapneotljcm IjonouraMp. 3iutficmeanetime, 
ctieufe of tar* j*i5fii* toss enfottrmco tOaf^tii men toerc cetcracD ; U)!jmfo?e 
ftrfpf ctpng Tome occepte, be bitftiflflji fowl) afl (jljS far^f t men, 
fo?Feaw of rijep^Uencmoua arrotocs : ano fcctpn^cm w l\tri 

men* But be tulj i dj: commantn Uittb t be u. 1 * r tar ians, gf uvng; 
tpm a finite tmrl) Iji3 Ijar.De to piorcr De no fiirther,!)c ftapeOjano 
t aflpnn; to (#m ti)e ot!)cr 5 0e luicl*: t^t -.! u>,i* fafc ; fo^tOe bar* 
tanatm p^orcreo IJJMU pracc, tiecMe tl;ep lucre nor tljr? \uljcm 
t^ep fufpectrti tljem to Ijaue torn, mcmipng bp r^r A f Wcntfl. 
to^o baofpopko tljeupftagtftanopnn: tljcre up tlje (eafpoe, ano 
carpeo atoap manp cap tttte^, anO alfo burnt anat^cc opKage fr- 
t!)tr U)i tftin tbe lanoe. 3nu tijmfou (a* tljcp (apoe) u>ccau(e of 
tl)ep? commons tljptljcr, toa^torm^etl)oreilur, ?fb? 

fpgi)tan:apnttanp,notbepugp?otioKto,lapwg apart u)ercfo?e 

eitfrr^pnco out mcngenteifp, 

totftftietn g^omtrafc' 


place of Cidje as toere Deat> : alfo t^ue ^parta, aw mw?c 
funnr, mm otfjer bca!%^m^mflwiie^tota(r. 

Eden. ie decades. 
Bancr. t Library. 


fe? a0 iljcp lucre cuen nolue emrpng into dje (janen, (be goum 
nouroftijeOjpppctoOic^faeeattOeijdnic, Orofce tfc fopppe 

ipcn tfje fane c0 5 Uiljne it toas (b fad c nrtofeo ana beaten uutlj uiiac 
tlKU)an9oftyefca 3 ti)atitopcntDintl;e mpODcft, and all loft 
tljat luas tljcrein, atiipngfurcIpeniircruWetaWjolDe: fo? of 
aHtI;cUpmiaIlejg tljat iljcp tjao 3 tIjtpfaucDoiHj/ttodwijarrclIfa 
of mcalc, toitl; a feUie dj ccfcs 5 anD . a Iptle i)^r{ 0?cftD , fo? ai 
fijc be aa U)erc tyoUmca, anD tljcp tijcm fcUtc ^ efcapco IjartM 
Ip ano Ijalfe nakco, bp Wpc oftljc^n^nDiiicaitt flbip bonce, 
carping untUtJjemonlp a fetoeiueapons* <(>ug$epftUfrom. 
one calamitie into anotl}cr,bf ^ng noujc mo^e careful! foj tbcp? 
ipue0 tljcn fo? goloe. ^et bcpng fyougtjt alpue anD in l;caJt|j to 
tijat fanue tobiclje $cp fogreaUp ocfp?cD,t!)rp coittoc DO no left, 

couloe WK Ipwe on'P Op/a^ 

tljcp muft nec^ Ipue bp oti#r utens. ^cr among tOefrfo utanp 

antif rGticg,ohe gooD cijannce offeree 1 1 frif c Unto tljcm : fo? tbcp 



tljev feu dfo of JDaxr lai.aiiD i|jc rooter of poung Date trccs^i- 
dje tfjepcatcltttttBtft inCiuile ano Crwu, tuyere tl^p call 
/<K>off iemiw ^ 




Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 


fcaueacertapneftwetenelTe m^ceun^ 

^trfjab?:a:itei plant djefe tree* 
gatDena.awrioipTje tfwn fottlj greace 


leaaeMepgiMin turnkeys berplpke Ditto Decree tfatbea- 

tt tbe fcupce wllea Zia^W, UJbicb fte apodjecariw caO 

cocomc :m^tmippon toirt) cbepiJrijole armp^ftep enterco 

expert arcbetrf. Jwfa bao in bt cojnpanpe, abun^eo men. 
^bepmette bp rijetijaptoicbonlp cb^emenof rtwWntant, 
MU bottmuc. naj^p^ ^n^ armeu uritb b oinea 9 totnontousf ato^ueiJj UI T JO ttiitb* 
out all feare, afapleo written fpereeflp, tnounueu manpe, ato 
flttemanpe, ano toben tbep eutprpeo rijepjq miew, fleooeaji 

rbpfteoffootebpreafoiiof tbtp?loore gootng froin tbep? ctn> 
te^ajejtbepa^meebattljep letteflppno arrotot ootof t&ep? 
botoeautUapne.SDurmen tberfb^ retitrneofljefame totptijac 
t^cpcame, mucbe mo?e unfortunate tben t(jeptocrebefo?Mno 
coniltlceD among tftem Wow fo leaue tbe lao^e^edalpbecanft 
tbe inl^bptantesljat) ouertlj^otane t| fo^ttefft tobi* ^/4 
buploeo,anDbal> burnt ttetieyoufci oft^eb?oage,asfoo!r ai 

25p *< occafion tberfo?e, being n^puen to fedte further, tbe? 
m?efruufim^better to Matt*. MH^e, tfre? fern tfce one 

neeretotljerearpDeontbeeaapart. ttto guB^ to fourteen* 
mple* w b?eaotb, an6 yotoenrac^e tbefwfter ttentemb into 
tbe^melanDe,it w fo tnuc^tbe narobier 3lnto n>e gttft of 

MHM . 

35S51 natetbmtterpuCTtfN^faCgppt. tliwrpuet w caDeoD^ 
grade) djepentenwota pUnte tixp? netw colonpe 19 Wxta* 
, nrni. Teut 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


" The fcconde Decade. 

Ifcer0f,fp?(!fenf atoap rijtpj cbptojen and toeakeffe fojt oftbrp? 

people totci) ri; ep? baggage ana boutyou: D ftufft, aiio atte mbleD 

all furfje togcadjer bctb men anD uramcn, as fcere meet e foj tbe 

toarrr * . t bus bepng armcD uritb toeapons anD Dcfperate nun- 

tes 5 tbep GOODC in a rcDpneffe to fygIjt,anD tarpeD tl;e comnunj 

of our men upon a Iprte tjpd, a si tt lucre to take tf je aouaunrage 

ofdjc grounne : our men tUUgcD lljcm tote about fuieljmio:eo 

fa number. ^:()cn>f^tfjc captapncof ourmen,anultcue 

tetuntm m t|ie fleeoe of fo^da, fettpng I;t0 men in o?ocr of bat* 

taple arap 5 ano tottlj big We companp kncciing on Iji s kncetf, 

tbcp all maDcljumble papers! to0>Dfo?tl)cuioiic,ano a 

boUK totfje unagc ottljcblclftD tjirgtniBbicljeis; tjououreoin 

Ctufle, b? rbe name of &#* Af <rw yf ^^ pjompfyng to 

frnoe tjer manp gotom p^ftc0 3 anD a ttraungec of rijat eotmtrep: 

alfo, to nametbebpHage Santta AfarU^nti^a after l;cr name: 

Ipketupfe to erecte a temple eal(eo bp tbe Gime name, o?at 

tl;e lead to ne&ieate tlje King of tljat pjoutnceljt^ pallaee to time 

bfe,if tt fijoulD pfeafe ber ro affift tljr m in tlji^ Dangerous enter* 

fltfe.fcM* Done,al tbe fmiWm toke an otb,tljat no man Qjouto 

turne l;is backe to bis eirimSfe. ^ben v eaptapne comma anDing 

tbem to be in a reopnefie uxrf) tbep? targets anD iaudpns, ann 

tbe tnimpctter to blotue tbe battaple 5 rtjcp fiercdp aflapfeD djepi 

enimtes tuitb a farome : but tbe nakeD barbarians^not long able 

to abpuc t^e fe?ce of our men jnen put to fligbt,urinj tljep? kpno; 

ano capr npne Cm**itJQm men entreD into d)e UpUage,U)bere 

tbep foiintie plentt e of meate, furl) as t&e people of tbe eotmtrep 

bfe, fufftctent to atHiwge rtjep? p?efent ung^r, a 3 ineaD maDc of 

rootes, ttKtb certapne fruttes unlpke imtooui'0, "tebjcje tftep 

reumte fo? ftoje, as lue too C^eOnutted* f rtjefc people, tbe 

men are btterlp nakeD, but tljc toomen, from tbe naitel Dotone* 

toanre" are couereD totdj a fpne riotb maoe of gottawpme cot* 

ton. TOs repni is btterlp toidjont anp IbarpeneCT: of lupmer: 

fo? tlje mourb of tbw rpuet of 'Damn, is onlpe epgljt Degrees ^run, tut 

biOaum from tbe EjuinotHtU ipne, fo tbat tbe common fojfe 

if our men ,fc aretlp percepue anp DptTcrtnce in leugtb lie tuieene 

tbe Dap anD npgbt all tbe triple peere : but becaufe tbep are ig* 

o^aunt in afironomte, ttep eanperetpue no (mall Difference.* 

^efo^e toe iiem not nwcije poire if o) degree 0ife (bme* 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


(begreat. frjeoap after tljat tbep arpueD at tbe Une, 
leo along bu tbe rpucr, lujerc tbep foutfijc a great tbpcfeetef 
mDes,coimmnmgfbjti.e fpaceofamplemlenjtb, fuppoffng 
(as it etraunccD m DecDe) djat d)c b uDerers hereabout IB!; t cijt 
bao flco, bao ember (pen Itirkpnj tbcre, oj ria to ba'te btD djepi 
ftutTe among t,ofe rteoe^ : CclOereuponi aiming rbem fefuei 
iDitb t!;ep? targe t^fojtfearc of tbe people Iptng m aihbufbe>tLq 
S?n f pciir t e tettdw tlje tbpeket Diligentlp , ano fuuncc it iu:tbout men, but 
of rceDts. replenpH; ;o vu tb botitljolDe ttittft anD golDr* &jep founoe alfo 
a great multuioc of il)etc0,ma:e of tbe filke n? cotton of tbe gof* 
ieft plate g ftw^uie tree : Ipfeetopfe Diueraf kpnoea of ueflfe!0 ? tooles maDe 
r goiof . of UN)oD,anD trump of earti) : a'fo many fyeft plates of golDe^nd 
ourijes UJiouDctjt after tliepi manner , to tbe funimeofa buno^eo - 
9 ttuo pouno tocig! 1 1 : fui tbep aifo take plea fare mtbe beaut e of 
goloe >ano tu j?ke tt uerp arculetailp, altbougb it be not ti^e p?r a 
of tbpngs among tijem as uiitl) us. fcfccp bane t'f out of atl:er rc 
jpona, fo? errijatinge of fud) tbpngrg a0 fbep? i 

c^ ion* n foitt) : fo^ fud) regions as Ijaue pfcmie of bieao ana nllnipf e, 

to? mDft Jan tacte gotoc, ano fucbe a0 b?png fb^Q gotoe^ure foj r*rmo8 {art 

^ w. rougl) tuitlj moutuapncs ano rockes, ano tUerefJo^e Wren : mo 

tbs tfeep eyereife marcOanDirt Unt^ouc cfeebfe of men p. He 

iopfpng: ti;erefoie tuitb Dot:ble gtatmefle^afiwi in ttai cliepfatoc 

great IpkenelU of golDe,a0 alfotljat fortune Ijadoffcreo ttjcmfo 

fap?e anD fnutetul a eountrep, tbep fern foj tljepj felotocs tojjom 

eUep bao left before in tbe aft fpoe of tbe gulfe of f'rub*. pee 

fome fap, tbac tbe apie cs cberc unujbolfome,becaiife tljat part of 

tbe region Ipetb in a lotoe twUep, erauroneo lottij motmrapnt* 

The fccondc bookc of the fccondc Decadc,of the fup- 
po fed continent. 

ttfchbeo to poor fjcfpnrfle tobere 

tractwof Vr*l>* toa0 affigneo to tn 
te)enteRDeo to fatten ttjepjfbote. let 
MDtDe tl;erefo?e tame tbem of VI&A fb> 
a U^ple, ano tmrne aga^ne to XJM}*& 

Eden. The decades. I 

Bancroft Library, 

pjouince rtBcrag** (bepng tfce CQeft fpoc of $e guffe tfVrab*) 
toa* appopmeo, <BRe bauc Dcdareo botoe Kicuej*, Departing 
toutb one Maraud ano lino BjtganmnesJrom Kwfo cbe mnfo t c* 
cum of but frenD ? companion fogcda, mrcctc D 1; t s courfe CJ eff 
toarceto fr44jcaufno;tbebpgget typppesfometobatbeljmo 
bpm,to fdotocljpmafetre o^ but !je tookf tliia; Dcuice man 
tuplbcttt^fo? tie botb toll [)tsfcloU)fgmtf)cnpgl)t, ano tornt 
pgit tiyniMutt) of cf?e nucr Sr r^*, tofjicbe be cl;cefdpfougbc. 
One * 0/4wj aCamab^tan, anDgoaernourofone of (fee 
(peat ipHe0)ban tbe conouct of one of djc l^tjanomcs : be 
commpwpdel)ynDe 5 lcarncD of ri)embabitauntcs,BMjtd>e luag 
tbe luap CaftuwrDe to tbe gulfe of tieragua, ouerpafGro ano (c ft 
bfbpnoe iWaufiOUmt tberfo^c Dtrectpng bis courfe toUwro 
tbe Cad, met imtb cbe otber B?iganoine, tuljicb bao alfo tuan^ 
DercD out of tbe map bp reafon of tbe Darkened of tbe nigb i ^Oe 

bott) being gjlwf tbep? Tneetpng,tbep confuted tobat uwg bed 
tobeDonii anDttbtd)em\ptbfprouloccomccture djepjgotier- 
nour ba^tafembts uopage^frcr Deliberation, tbep tubgeo tbac 
Nn ttf/4 coutoe no mo^e lackc finne to put bpm in remembrance 
of B"44, tben tbep tbem fdued toer e minorul bereof, boppn^ 
alfo totpnoe bpm rijere.^bep fapleo tl;erefo?e touwroe frr^u*, 
tobere tbepfounoe ttitbtn.icuu mples Dittany rpttcr UHjtebe Co- 
/ow naraet 'L*gat oj,becau(c it nourptbetb great Lpfarw,u# 
rbem^Hfepan'tbetongueare called Laiartos. ^befe Iplatu^ 
are ljurtrul bo ri) unto man ano beaft,an& m tbape mucb Uhc Unto 
tbe Crotooilcg of tbe rpuer wins tn Cgvpt, Jin rbtd rpitcr tbep 
fount* tbep? companions ano feloUics of tbrpj crrour, Iping 
at anberttntbtbe great fl)pppe0,\nljicbe fo'oirco btbpnoc bp 
tbe goucrmurfii commaunDemcnt. (Jxrc tbc tobde aflcmbite bo 
pngcarefiilaibDifqutctcD bp reafon of the goucrnouw rrrour, 
afrer confiatatton, bp tbe aouire of tbe captapne s of tbe iv-iggn* 
omc s^Urfjo bao rafeo neere Unto the coaflcs of 'Berdgna >tbcp fap* 
feooiitcdpiptber. Vcragua, in tbe language of dje inhabitant* 
f tfcc feme toouiticc,td as mucb to (ap^a tbe golDnt riuer. be 
Rftonit fdfe is alfo caileo bptbe fame name, tahpng name 


Eden. The decades, I 
Bancroft Library. 


The feconchr Defchfo 

t*f!**er,a comtepsbeDafl ftefl uicmalrfaft otfernfc* 
fane* to 
cobecbep?gouernourm Ueeoeof 

ibatall bopt of Departure mpgbtoe taken front tbe fotfDperd 
ivbfcb tbep (MO noto fyottojbt tbpcber,ano to make tbem tbc mo^c 
tep&mg to mfcimrtbat lanDc,tbep Uttert?fb7(uokc ano cade 
of tWe fljpppea btFii? noujc rotten fb]t a^c, ano fuffcreD tljcm 
to ie ftake n ano bjoofco of rijc fctrg:0 of tbe fca pet of tfcepj 
foun^cilc p ank,tnptl)otljct nctoc, maDeof ibetree* oftljac 
, tte gum (tobiffj tfcep fapt to be eicccem'ng; biggc ano bpgb) tbep 
franicD a netu caraudl Qjo?tripe after, ui^tcDe tljep mprjDt life to 
feme fu? tfjf p? neceCTttte* But 'Bsragua \uas founoe bp tbe bnfo^ 
*? tf ! r S |I f e ftmate ^^"^ f ^ rtrw ^ ^n^rw, /oj f^f , bepng a man of 
01 iitSju p?<ftn tott ajiD apt fcntoanmcOe to attempte tljtn jes (in toljicb 
fometpmc fortune uhlf beare a ff roke notiuitbttanmnj our pio* 
utDence) tooke bppon hpm djaoumture to fearcbe tbe Ojo?c, to 
tljintaittofpnDeatDdpfcj2 b-s felotDcdU^eretbepntpo^tbetlc 
romeaianfi.jfo?tbt8purpo(f,fKri)ore bpm .rtt.marpn:r3,an5 
toent aboo^ue tbe (bpp boate tobtcbe ferueo tbe grcateft u>pppe& 
^be fl Jtupng of tbe Tea, rageo ann ro? CD ttiere, lot tb a Oo?rpb!e 
tolmrititg^ toe reaDe of tbe Daungercui place of SylU m ri;e 
(** of Cictlic, bp reafon of tbe bouge $ ragjyco rccke mcbtno; 
into tOefta, from luljicbe tbe tu-iucs rcbounoinglottijupolrncc, 
"** mafceagreat nopfeanorouabne(tcontbetoer,Uibcd; rou^ 
neffc o? itflotoino;, tbe fepanMroes call fyfaca. Jn tbefr oaum 
tD?eut[rt>a loljilq, but in ibo^t fpace, a 

featte of tbe fefralmoUe aa bpgge as a moumapoe, rebotmopng 
from tbe rockes, ouermbrimco tbe boate,aiu> oeuourtD tbe fame 
tntb tbe men$euen in tbe figbt of tbetr felon** *> tbat of them 
AH) onlp one efcapcD bp realbn be ttw0 expert in (\Dutimtng- jfo^ 
getting botoe of tije cpinct of a rocke, ano (UdepMng tbe rage of 
tbe fea iratpa tbe nefr Dap to!)en it tiwreo caulme, anD tbe ftjoje 
hwD^pebp tbe &H of tbe toer, be efcapeDanorefo^teDtobirf 
companpe. But Vnbri*. ttntb tbe otbrr eleuen, toere utterlpe 
eaOe atujpe . Cbe refpooe of tbe companpe, ourft not commttte 
tbem feiuetftotbc ftpppc boater, but toxmalanDe tottb tfcep? 
. TObere temapmng a toe top*, anD feplpng 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

1 128 \ 

Yfce fcconcfe Deeafe 
itmgBp fterptttf, rbep 

tteflevmoto fotoe few* after fbe manner of tbepj eotmtrep, in 

acmdpneba!coffruttcftiln;rcwn!3c 3 bfcaufe in otljer plarrsrljc 
region is barren, 2s tbefe tbpngs lucre tl;ua Domj in BVA&U*. 
one of ttjepj companpe ftanmnpj upon tbe cop of a uigb rocfee of 
efpertall, ano Ipftpng in* epes totoaroe tbe ^Heit, began co 
crpe, t praien faplea, Iptmeit faplea, 3 nD tl;e neercr it D;ctuc to* 
taurDe ^pm, t;e pcreeiueu it to be a fljpp boate, cominpng toirij 
alpclefaple: pet reccmeurtjep ittoitlj muclje reiopctng, fo? it 
to^3 tbefpflber boateof Kicutfaftt Caraoei, aim of capaatie to 
carponlprpue men, ano IjaDnoUiebutri^ceintc, urf;tcl;e ban 
0o!ne it from N. ; cr/4,beeaufe Ije reftifco to jcuc creoite to tljem 
tebebaopafteD Knag, anolefcitbcljinDebtm CaftojarDe. 
4Toi tljcp feepng x/v r/4 ano bis fetouieg to confumeoaplpe bp 
famine, tbougljt tljat tbep uwulo pioouc fortune luub boatr , 
pftljcp?cbamicempojl)tbetofpniw!Bpr^^0 in oeeoe it tow. 
D:batpngt(?erefo?e tintbtbcp*fehrtnesoftbefe mattery tljep 
Dcriarco boto Kkmf* erreo ano loll d;e Carauri bp tempe(!,anD 
t&at \)t tttad notoe toanoerpng amono; t^e marpOjes of bnhnott)* Mft of J^wt 
en coa(Te0,ftiII of miferie ano in extreme pcntirie of all rijpngCB, 
noUie Ipuen fo? tbe fpace of tbieefcoje aio f emie bapesf, 

onlp toitb I)trbeg ano roote,t frioome tuitb fruiter of tbe rottn* 
trcp, eonttnteoto D^pnfee toater, ano pet tljat ofccntpmea fap* 
Ipng, becaulebcttaawaont to trauaple COefttoaroe bp feote, 
fwppofpno; bp rijat meanest to come to Bera^ua. Cohns tlje fpjft 
fpn^er of djti mapne lanDe^baDcoaHeo along bp tbi i traete,anH 
itanico it Gratia 'Dr/,bt tOintjabitantca cai it c>r4^4>o. ^b?otigfj 
ftw rrgton,tl)cre runnetb a rtuer, tobies our men nameo 54ft' s&e rincr or 

^cu anu tljp?tie mplra. ![)ere 3! let pafle tlje name of tljt s r tucr, 
no cf manpe otber placed bp tfjc names! ttljirbe tbinlabitanreis 
Wfibecatife ourmen are tgno^atmt thereof* WJM Lupus 0!am 
the coiumcto^ of one of tfce Qjppsiof Kuucfa, ano notoealfo ttce 
Xieuetenaint inl;isi fteew, after tfjat be f;at> rtccpaeu \W 
infojtmation of tfee cparpnert, fent d^tljer a ^isanrtne 
^Ocfe ^atpneus rbercfo?e,t(jrc5ecame 

Eden* The decades. 
Bancroft Library 


The (ecotaft $e<a<J 

and accufedljpm of treafon, becawfe be ufurped tbe auetbojitte of 
ibe Lieuetcnaumfypp, and tbat foj tbedefpjebebad to beare 
rule miD betnauctbonnc^jctonkenocarcofijtscrrours: alfo 
tbat bebdjautt bnn feife negUgcntlp^emaundpngfurtljermoze 
of f)wu, U)l)at UMS tl;e caufc of big fo long detep. Ipketupfe lie 
fpakc to at tlje Under officer fl)arpc!p,and tmtlj a troubled mtim, 
anaimtl;mfelNeDapeg! after, commaunded tbcm to truOe by 
tljcpj packe*,ano m< ^ c ^an reup to Depart. <EIjq> Defp? cu Ijun 
to tjupct bptti Orffc 5 ano to fb^beare tljem a ujfjplt) Untpl tijep Ijao 
reaped tbe co?neti)attljepljarifoUicn,ti)lnri;e luouluc fl;o?tlpl 

eutrpe nctij after it i* fouien. But be uttcrlp ucnpeo to tarpc anpc toljpc, 
fme tbat be teouloe foojtbUMb Depart from tbat unfortunate 
landr, and plucked up Op tljc rooted an tbat euer toa^ b^ougbt 
into toe guife of 2-^4, and commaundedtbem to direct tbepi 
coorfe totuarde rtjc Call, 9fter tljpp Ijad fapled about tbe fpace 
of fijctccne mple3,a c:rtaine poung man,\ubofe name Uiag <0re* 
go?te, a (Dcnues! boine,anD of a cbp{de ougljt Up toitb Cohnus, 
called to re incmOiautice that tbere toaaaljauennotfarrefrcm 
tbcnce: and topiooucbw faptngestitie, be gatic bis fcloUifis! 
tbcfc c ofxens, t^atia, tljat tljep Qxxdde fpndc Upon tbe fl;o^ 
an anker of a loll fypppe balfe couered toitlj fande 3 and bnder a 
treene]ctt)ntotbeb<utenafpipng ofdeare luater. ^bep came 
to tbe landc, fo wide tbe anker and tbe fpipng, and commended 
tbe toptte and wemo?ie of tbe pounp; man, rijat be onlpe antong 
m^peofdje^^nCTSUJbic.) badfeattbedtbofccoaaesiUHrij 
m 3 m.xii coJoftj , boie tbe tbpng fo uoell in mpnde. 

oiomw. called ftrjttfidh* C2lto a^tntbisiuopagefo^ackeofupt 
euaUeg, tbep lucre (bmetpmea enforced to goe alandc, tbep tocre 
eupl entreated of tfjmljabttantca : bp rcafon tobcreof, tbe?; 
. ftmigtl))5iocrefoU)cakeneD tottbbunger, tbat tbep lucre not 
able to keepe toarrc againS nafted men,o? fcarcrip to beare tUeir 
barncifc on tlicpi bacRcs: and tberefo^e our men loft tluentte of 
tbep^ companions, tuljtcb iwre flapne tottb Uenemou0 arroiucd* 
^bep confulted to Icatte tbe one balfe of tbepj felotoesf in tbe ba- 
tten of Tortus -Stilus ) tbe oiber part N/v */* tote Untb bpi" w 1 
toaroetbcCoa, uii;ere aiwut tiuentte andfjgjt m^ejat from 


Eden* The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

130 ^ 


a fbjfrefle (waeoptbeTea 
fpde,bpon tbe popnt o? cape,tobiri;e in tpme paft co/ow named ,, 
Marmar, but tljcp tocre fo feeble bp reafon of long Oungcr, tbat ' 
tbepjftrengtb feweo tbem not to fuftepnc fudje labour, pet be m< 
erected a Iptle t ofo?e, able to refpft tbe fpift aOaulte of tbe inba? 
bitaumw : tbte toto?c be called Nowi 2) . from tbe tpme rtjat ^ 
be left $craua, tobat in tbe iournep among tbe fandie plapned, 
tben alfo fo? btmgec toljtlc be builded rijc totme, of tbe feuic Mju 
cbe remapneo dpue, be loft ttuo bundled. 3no rijtis bp Ittle ano 
Iptle, tbe multitude of feucn bundled, tburefcoie, and fpuc men, 
toasb?ougbt notue tofcarcdpe one bundled* ullbple i^cucf* 
IptifdUxtbtljcfefetoemifer able men, tlicrcarofea contention, 
among cbem of Vr*b*, ad concempng tbc licuctenanribpppe: 
fo? one Vaft us WtjnncZj bp tbe iuogcment of al men, truftpng 
moie to bid ftrengtb then frit, ftpirea Dp ccrtapnc ligljr felotiuca 
agapnft Jnafus, faprng tbat /mifks bad not die ftpnp letters 
patentee fo? tbat office, and tbat it lua0 not ftfficicnttbacbe 

ereaitetbe office of tbe lieuetcnauntaipp , and topllcd tbem ta 
cOoofecertapneoftbep? otone companpe, bptobofe counfaple 
and auctboiitie tbep mpgbt be gouemci ljus being diuiocn 
into facttond, bp reafon tbat fogcda tbep? captapne came not a* 
gapne,ttibomtljepfuppofedto benoluedead of fits uenemous 
tumino, tbep contended Uiljetber it toerc beft to fubftitme zxy e- 
f* in bid place. 3Ebe Dopfeft fo?c,fucbe aa mere fannUertoktb'^ 
wf*% couto notbeare tbe infolencie tfi'afcus Xunnez, tboujbt 
u good tbat Hicuefa fl)ouldc be fougbt out tbjotujbout al! djofe 
coaftes : fo? tbep bad knotuledge tbat be departed from $cragn* M 
becaufe of tbe barremteire of tbe grounde,ana tbat bp tbc ejcam* 
pie ofjncifus, and fucbe otbrr as bad made fl;ppUJ?ack':,!t toere 
poulble tbat be mpgbt Uiandcr in fome fecrcte place, and tbat 
tbep cotdde not be quiet in tbepi mpnded, Unrpl tbep knctoe tbe 
tertapmie toljctfje r be toitb bis fcloUiedUicre aline o? Dead, out 
VAfWNgnncz^ fearpng left at tbecommpngof \icuefa, be 
fboulde not be bad in auctbo?itie among bidfelotocjs, fapd tbep 
toeremadmentotbpnhe djat Xicuefa (pued, and aidjottgbbe 
alpue, pet tljat tbep ban no nee&eof bid bcipe : fo? be. 
of bid felptocd, tfeat IDCTC not 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

n'of'cijam.' to aittj fro,one tydcricus Colmenaris arpucD in tbofe coadc* U.i:(J 

r* tU)o great Qjpppesjjaupnj in tljem tljjcefeojc faflje men, uwjj 
great plemie of upttuillea ana apparell. Of t'je naut'gauon of 
ttjici Co'mtnaris. 3! cnteno to fpeake fomeurtjat moje, i[}e djerfoje 
tiepartco from the l;auen ofHijp*nhla, cattto'Ecata (ufeetljep 
prepare am furnpflie tijem fef we* U)!jtrfje make anp bopage into 
tfjefc lames) aboat tbe 3!Dea of October, in tbe peere* 1510. 
mo lanoeD Ji33tia0cr tn a region in tljc large picumre 
of fa, foun!e bp Coftj betuienetU bauen 

of t ;e ca,an5 5creene{Te oftfje 
commoDit.esf : foi iD'jfnbisfre^e Uuatcr fiplctj,!)efai)lcoto tbe 
nioutlj of a rertapneriucr tobirij tbi'nljabitantcs calG^/r^bcpng 
apt torcfciticnnppc3. ljt sriuerbaobia com fe from tbe toppe 
tt free cbjmg O f an ejrceeDpng tipglj mountapne eouc red tuitl; fnomc, bpgbcc 
Slime wurreD tben tbe U) )icbe, al tlje eompaniona. of tljis eaptapne %fcw*J 
fap,ri)at tbep ncuer niU):: ^InD tbat bp goon rcafon, pf it fewre 
couereD Urit(j fnolne in tbat region,U)btcb i* not pad ten Degree* 
cidant from tbe Equ.noctialtynt. 30 tljep began totyatutoatet 
mtt of tbepi tljpp boafc 5 a ccrtapne kpng inaoe touiaroc tf)em,ap< 
parellco iitb uelTwres of golfampine cotton, baupng ttoemie 
noble men in bis company appareUeD alfo: luljiclj tbpngfeemeo 
(rraunge to our men, ano not feene befb^ein tljofe parnea. 
ki mjc0 apparcll bong loofc from bis fl:oulDcrs to bi0 
ano from tbe gpiolc oolunetoarDe, it toas mudj Ipke a uiomantf 
kpIe,reacl)ing euen to bis beelea. 3s be D:elue nci re toluarne 
otir mrn,lic Teemed freenDlp to aomonpilje t!;cm to take none of 
rijc lua'er of tbat rpuer,affpmipng tt to be unUHjolfome foj men, 
atiD fl)CU)co tljcm tbat not farre from c';enre, tljere uiaa a rpuer, 
of gooo uwter. ^bep eame to tfje rpuer, ano enoeuourpng to 
eome neere rlje fljo?e, djep toerc o^iuen backe bp temped . 5lfa 
'tbe I'urbuling of tbe fano^eriarco tbe fea to be but Ojatoto 'Jjcre. 
tTljfp uicrc tfjcrcfoic enfojeeo to returue to tljefp^derpuct 
toberetbepmpgljtfafefp cad anker . "Cbi3 kpng iapoetoapte 
fo^ our men: fo? ad tljep luere fpllpngtljepj barrelled, be fet 
on tbem Uiitb about (euen IjunoieD men (a* our men tuft* 
gco) armeo after t^ep^ manner, aityougb t^ep toerc naktw 

Eden. The decades. L 
Bancroft Library. 


The fecoifck Decacfe 

A? only tfecltptig find bi0 noWe men 
tooke atoap tbe fcppboate , and fyobe it m manner to cbips 
tercel? aOapIpng our men toitb tbepj uenemous arr ou>e*, tbat 
tbep flue of tbem fourtie and feuen, before tbep coutoe couer 
tbem fetaeatDitbtbeir target*, if oj tbat popfon t$ of Oicbfo?ce, 
tbat albeit tbe tooundea lucre not great, pet tbep dped tberof i m* 
mediatlp , foj tbcp pet knetoe no remedie agapnft tb w kvnde of 
popf<m,aa tbep after learned of tbe inbabitaumea of Hifpani&l^ 
fojtbifl 3iluiide l^pngetlj foo^banbearbetobtcbquencbetbaiid 
tiiomfietbtbemoientpopfon of tl;e beartje>ll;erU)itljtbep^ ar 
roioeare infected, fo tbat it be mimttredintpme Qttwouc 8<IDIIft 
eompanpeto!)tdjeU)tnt fozUiater, fetiencfcapeDtljatconflpcte, 
and bpODe tbem fdues; in a bollottc tree, lurkpng tljcre UntplI 
npgl)f,pet efcaped tbep not tlje bander of tbep) enimiea : foi tbe 
(bpppe departed from tbence in tbe npgbt feafon , and left tbem 
tberr, fuppofpng tbat tbep bad ben flapne, $Dbu bpinanpc 
fucbe perpU and daungert (ftbicb 31 Ipgbdp ouerpaffe, hccaufe 
31 topH not be tedious to pour bolpneflcO be arpued at tbe 
lengtbattbebauenof VnbA, and cad anker at tbe Caff fpde 
tijcreof,trom Alienee not long before, our men departed to tbe 
COedfpDe^preafonoftbebarrenneffe oftbatfople, CUbenbc 
bao continued a tobple in tbe baucn, and lame no man Hy?rpng, 
maruepicd at tbe fcilence of tbe place? (foj be fuppofeD tbere to 
baue found bid ftlouies)be could not conjecture tubat tbu ujoulo 
meane : and thereupon began to fufpeet tbat eptber d)ep luere 
dead, o^ tbat tbep bad changed tbe place of tbep^ babuation, Co 
KRutoetbecertapnaebereofsbecommaundcdall tbe great o f >di 
iiaunce, and otberfuuU gunner UJ'.)tcbe be bad in bwQ;pppe0, 
to be cb*rged,and fpera to be made in tbe nigbt upon die toppe* 
of tbe rocked . ^bud d;e fpers bepng kpndled, be commaunded 
al tbe gU!ined to be foot of at one inttant > bp tbe bo^ribie nopfc 
tebci eof>cbe gulfif I&VWA uwa u>aken,alcbouglj it uerc..?u 
mplea waant,fo? fo b^ode is tbe guife. ^bid nopfe 
of tbep^ feloiMee in $*ritn*, and tbcp wnftuctfcd tbetn 
totnj mutual fpcrs . Caijetefo^bp djc fioUnopug of tbefe 

p. Oerc 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library 


'i^^^*^ * ** - ~^ -* - ' ' 

toe?} DODPtB, 

fiicb htnoe of rctopfpnaj,a3 ctjcj^ pjcft nt tw cc tlttie feentf & to re* 
ijuire : fM Unread tbep iwte bffoic f;i0 contntpii^toic^out Uit* 

twnfce,amj ,ip par ri 3" t rtaetf) noto(mott botp rac ! )er) co Declare 
c:;eoi0entfon among c^cm of Vv*ba> an amcct* 

The thirdcbooke of the fccondc Decacfex>f 
the fuppofeci continent* 

j 11 tfjc djf cfr offifcrsf in J^r^^ ano fuct)C 
as lucre moffpoltttke in cotmfaple 5 &ettrrm 
J rrcD clj-ic X/vf/d fljoulo be fougfjt out , pf bp 
, anp meanes&e coutoe be foinioe. caOertip* 
Ipon cOep roofte from // tfee geuer* 
i nottr, rrfufpng tlje commtng of K/Vw/4, a 
?igiinDtne tiXjtcfje Ijc maDc of ()i0 otwe 
: ano agreco , a^apnfr borij tf?e topi gf/fntifw, ano rije 
mm'ttcr of ftnce r^w N*nntZj tljat Nii/i flxmto be fottgfje 
fb^rb to rake atoap tfje Orpfe a toud>mo: tlje gouermnent.^ p 
Hectetr tbettfo^e Ctlmen*ris (of toOom uw fpate before) (o take 
find matter in IjanDe , UnUfng him to make Dtltrcent fearc^c foi 

(earn that be IjaD foifaken tertgm tf;e region of an bnfrwtefiil 
grour* l)ep gaue btm c^erfo?e commattnOement to b^ng N/- 
tnefa tintf) Ojmi,anD ttirtWr to Declare Unto f)tm ttmt be fljoulD 00 
rfgbegoofrferttfce to come tbpdjer, in tfcpn$ abwp tfje octadon 
reoitron^. CoImmMm toolte tl)e tfrptij upon bpm tl)t 
e> teat ft* tor? frenoe, (uppofpng 
ttf$ utttttaflei CNnrfDe benoI^tbankentB to 

tberefbj e out of bfe clone l&pppw totyci) be b?ongt)t iDitb 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 



(jmg atom; bpaltbe coaflw an* gufe* neert efre*eaf>oac,tc&e 

kngrb, at tbe pojmt cafleo Mtrmor 


in bid eompanp, left aliue of tewen bmrt?eo. tTbep al feemea to 
bim fo mifcrable, tbat be no lefle lamented djep? cafe,tben pf be 
bad found tbem dean ot ulmnaris comfo? ted bi s ft end x *. 
/* ,and embjacpng bpm untfj tearea ano djearcftil too?d$ , relee- 
ueDbiafptntes^anDfurtber enctmrageD bpiuiuuh great bope 
of better fo?tune,u*clarpngalfo tbat bis commpnguiaslooluo 
fo?, aim greatlpe &rfp?co of ail tbe gooo men ofi'rab*, fo? tbat 
tbep bopco tbatbp bi? auctbo?ttie, tbep? Difco?oeaito contentton 

fuciwfo^easbiecalamwte required ^(nutbeptookefbppto* 
geatber,ano faileo oircctlp to I'raba. I5ut fo uanable ano uncon* 
ttaitt if( tbe nature of man, tbat be foone grc tuetb c u; of ufe, be 
r oinjnetb infolent ana onrnpnafull of benefited after to niucbe fe jnMtntit nr tt 
licure: fsiWguefa after And nianpteares and tuecppngMfta: mti4K ftU4tt* 

after fo nuutp 

tokefgeupng,pea after tbat be bad fallen doujnr to tbe ground 
and kpffed tbe fcetc of Cttmeutrit bid fautour,be began to quard 
bntb bpm before be came pet at rr^repjouing bpm t tbem al 
62 tbe alteration of tbe date of tbpngea in rr^^^ano fo? tbe gca* 
tberpng of goloc, affwnpng cbat none of tbem ougbt to baue 
lapde bande of anpe gcl&e tuidjout tl;c aduicc of bpm o? f*gtd* 
bw companion* iClbentbefefapfngesaitdrucbelpkej came to 
tbe earw of tbem of I'****, tbep fo ftp?red up t !je mpuoes of A- 
tif*s lieuetenaunt fojt f9e<U, and al'b of ft^u ^ttwie^ of 
tbe concrarp pan, agapnft ^(uef<> tbat (bo?t Ip after bis arpuafl 
tttttbbtd tbieefco?eimn, tbepcwnmaundca bpm ^iitb tb^cat^ 
npngtoDrpart fromtbence : but tbid plw&d not die bcttet 
fe?t.get frarpng led tunwtt (botrto be among tbe peoute,U)bom 

to o^e place tojgrtatett. ^to^tcbeomaari)er&?e 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

135 [ 

M|if|t fftimpiieo dlput .' Vt (oolc ftfppt fn t(jf 
Cafcifoe* of flparcbe, in the pcere. 15 n. utten&png to goc to 

tfraniol* fOCOmplJjne tftbf raujndfe OC K4/c<hw Nwnwr^ 

15ut be entree into 

r. ^Ijep fuppofe tbat tbe Bjigamrine u>as DjotoneD Uritb at 

otit of one mtfcrp into anot!jer,enue& bis Ufe mo?e mtferablp then 
(F IpiifD. ^/V'/4 being rtjtisbplefp rdecreDymD tljep? Upttuals 
ccfmumetttit/icb Colmwaru tooa$t tliem^falltng tn mantr i 
fbibuiigcr, tfjcp lucre cnffyceolpkeraueningujoolufjs fee 
tfW P?ap>to tnuane fucbe ao otodt about tbepj confyneji. 
t fa* ^w/mr^tbrrfb^tfjeir ncto captaine of tbetr otom election, 
aTTcmblpng togiatber a Ijuno^eo ano tbtrtie men, anb fcttpng 
Aem in o:ucr of battaple after bi0fmoo?DpIapewfa(bion, puf* 
(buptoitbpipDe, pfaccDbtai foloicrg{a0pleafeobpm, in tbe 
fo7ett)atDeanbrereluarDP,nnDfjme, as parpens, about bid 
jpamittt enfoi^ otone perfon, $lnwi aflbliatpng toirij bpm Colmenaw, beluenl 
ft^K to fpople tlje kpngea urf)trij toere bo?oerer0 tbcrabout, ant came 
tffcrrta hpns fV*(r to a region abotit tbat coaft raflep Coib* (tobereof toemaoe . 
mention before) iinperiouflp mj u>irij crudl cotimenauee com* 
mattnopng tbe fcpng of tbe region, tobofc name toati Caret a (of 
uHjoni tljep tucrc newer troublco as often as tljep pa(feo bp bttf 
Dominions) to geue rijem bpttttallea. But c^rr^ oenpco tbat be 
coutoe geue ebem anp at tbat tpni?, afleagpng tbat be ban often* 
tpme* apDco tbe C(j?iatanst as tbep paffeobp tjiofe coattes, bp 
itafon iMfjercof , l)tis( (lo)e lua nolue confamcn: alfo cbat bp tbe 
meanest of tbr continual! tuarre tubicbe be kept euer from bi* 
(fufDe0 age toitb a Kpng toljofe name Uia^ Toncba, bo^berpng 
Upon f) is bomim'on, be ano bt0 femflie lucre in great fcarcenede 
of a! tl;pnge0. But i'*fchus tuoutoe nnmpt none of tbefe ercufe0, 

iMKrn aiiD b^onfrj)t bini botutoe toitb bis ttoo lupuc^ anocbplt7en 9 ant all 
b(0 familtefo?)4r/>i4, OLtttf) ^iskpngC4r^,tbepfiMmDtb?ec 
of tbe ioii)e0 of NIC* <y*,n/e mKcb toy* J*.icittjA pAQeo bp tboic 
ctufrr to(eeke!Bfr<f^M > fearingptuM(bmem fo^ tbep; eutf oder 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

130 ' 

people of tlje coanwep, Durpng t^w tpmr, *t mte oft 


ano fbpne,ufcicfr ttoatbpnge* mooue ana enforce weatofiicte, 
Ijarw 0>?fte* and miferieiybat inlpwpag tfcep fame not to Ipae* 
pet oefpjco t&ep to wtorw to tfcgpj oioe ear**, of faebe fc?ce UJ; 

Duration ano naturall affection 


tl)e ullage of CAT eta, (o bt3 felotoes left in ffcrw;*, toajs ratljer 
ft mcuiljat to afftua^ e tl;cp? p?efen t hunger, t ben uttcrfp to take 
atoap tbf p? ncccflttte, 13 uc a0 touching Jntifm, bcpng lieuc* 
tenaiutt fo^ Fo^, tobet^cr it tiwre befiB?e t(^rfe tfjpngs^ after, 
31 knotoe not : but tfei031 am fure of, tfcat after t^c rcirerpng 
^/ttt<-/4,manp occafionis toere fought againl!/f /// bp f^c^r 
anoljid factumaries . Ootofoeucr ituia0, AcfGv toa0 taken, 
ano eat! in pjpfon, ano W goooess r onftfcate : tl>e caufe bcreof 
tua 3 (ast r<</^ w allcagcD) rijac ^nc// j bad I;t0 comntt OTi on of 
tt e t ieuetcnaumfljpp of Figi 4i onlp,tu(;om tbp fato to be notn 
DeaD,an0notoftbekpng, (aping t^atljcunulde not obepanpe 
man tfoat tuaai not put in off cc bp tl;e kpng bint feifc bp bid let* 
K . is patented ^Pet at tbc rcquett of tbc grauetl fo?t^e toad feme* 
lubatpaeificMno Dealt mojegenttHptoit&bpm, baupng fonie 

tobe!ro&o ^o/iwbepngatUbcrtie, tookeftpppe to Depart ft w 

al t(;e toifeft (b^t refopet to bins umblpc uefpjpng lj pmro re 
nime agapne, p^ompfpng t|jat ujep luculDt ttoo tbeir DI ligenet s 
tbat r^w being reconcile^ be mpgbtbcrctTo^eo to ft* full 
au ctbojirie of (be Iieuetenauntfl)pp : but >/f /yj refufeo to con* 
lent tottjcp? reque(T,aitijfo Dcpartco, ^et fome tfjcre tterrfljac t 
murmuret tbat 600 ano l)is angeld (beU)eo tbt renenge Upoa of 
AJ/I, bttaufe ^v*/4 u^js retec(eifb?ougbNc5unfaplf* 
(OUK foeucr it be. tbe fearcberd of tfjemtoelanoedfenbeaDi 
long into rumebp tbcp? atone foUie, conftmipng tl;an(3rfuc0 
Juitbouiieoiffo?w, not iwigbingfo great a matter, no?emi c ittt * 
enoeuour ibowttye (amc 3 ajj t|;e tuugtfcp 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

i? 7 '. 

wfc eftet&wg; rewrite*. 3lnc^meict?me,*epd?tni* 
moaUtoitb we agitementjtelenwmeirengera into fi#M*b 
to tbe pong aomiralanD uicerop,fomieaitt bep?e to chnjtybo* 
rtts c*!cnuj ttje fpntjcr of tljcft lanDes, an? to die otycr goart* 
,, HOOT0 of tbe 3ilan0e (from tabom t';c nctae lan&c* rcceiue tbe# 
apiw ano I atujg) to figmfie unco tbem Uibat Hate rfjep ftoo&e in, 
anD in tt$at ncccfTuie tl;ev lute J, alfo Uiha: tijcp Ijao fomoc, ano 
in uiljat Ijope tljcp tunt of greater tbjwp,tf ttjrp tuerc frm!l;co 
tDitj j plnuie of uymwllcs and otOer ncceflfarie i * /o? t bu pur 
pofeti;rpelectft,at tije afliigncmenc ifj'tfcbut. one /V/w/^be* 
ing one of iji faction, ana mttructeD lip bpni agapntl Jncifa, 
anoto t)cafOlTiiitUJitfjl;pti!, ri;cp aypopineDoneZrm^ja 
Cant aO?ian , fo commaanDnnenc iras geucn to Vdldmia to 
retuntcfrom Htfignida tuitljuirtual^f Ztmudius tuag ^ppopm 
tcocotakf btstopj^cinto i>papnetctbckung. ^IJCP tohe H;ip 
botlj cogectljn: twtfi ^ t ; >U)atipng;f n niino to crrtific the king 
fco&e tijings UKTC f;anoieti tOrre, mad; oilj^unfc tucn ZawW/- 
*/ info^mattcn, 3! mec fclfe fpakc luttb b3tb /c// r ; 9 Zsmttditt 
at ttcir ccmming to tlje court.COlipfe tf;ep tocrr nccupud about 
tijcfe matters, tbofetoetri;cDmenof fltriena luofrD c^r/4 1! e 
king of c:i- > bpon conoi aou d;af be fyooioc aj? cl;em in rbeir 
ftotg voMttja. toarrea agapntt bt0 eninue ano tbep^, hpng ?&n<r&tf,bo?&trpng 
Upon bis Dotramons. o* niaae a league unt{; ttjem^ontifuig 
itjat as tbep paHeD bp btss ktngoome, be tomi'Dc gctte tbcm all 
tfeingg neccirarityt mecte tbcm tmtb an armte of mcii,to goc fo: 
toaro tuicb cbem to tbe battaile agaiuft Totuba. ^(jep? u>r apoirs 
ait aeptbcr botucd no? uenomefi atroiues^fi UK lapoe tbinbabr * 
taunts to bant, bbicbe Dtod eaOtoatt) bepondr tbe guift.^,l;cp 


aJfo long ttanes !pke taneipn^barDrnrd at tbe enoes untb ft^e, 
o? tppt tottb bone, alfo certapne fipngce ano Danes. Ou0 -tier 
tbe league raafteimtiK*"''' botbbeano ourmenljatcer apne 
Bapt0 apnopnteo tbem to t?U tt;eti grotuiDe anofcuic tlup? 
rceDe0bi0wne,tiptbeapiieofCrfrrt4^rt)i)pbi0 ronimcticn, 
*m*ro tbep mardjeo totuaroc de pailace of f ow^ mbo fico &t 
comnuug. ^ep foopfco bis bpUage, 

Eden. The decades. I 
Bancroft Library. |^ 

J "138 ^ 


not Wpe n># fclotae* tl>eretoi tlj,Up reafon of t&e fatte aifomct 
of t&e place, altfoougl; tljep lja& great pfentt e : fo? tfce UpHage of 
?orJ>j UM0 mo?e tljen a !)imc?fn mplea apffant from <Dantna 9 
mi)frta-3 uw0 alfo none otfcer remeote,bta rfjat rtje fame Oxntfoe 
tjauc ben carped on men* barfccs to tlje Tea fpoe 3 bepng farre of, 
tore tbep left tfcpi nappes in tbc toljtc&e tbep came to tl;e W- 
lagtofC^rrt^ JiKre t!;rp foun&e certapne pounces UjetgfK of 
gof D, grauen ? tD?ongI)t into funo ? p oud^es;. 3fter ti)e (acfcpito; 
cf tljis UpHage^rp rcfo? tcD touinrD tU n)tp0,t ntenotng to !cac 
ri)C kpnges of ttjc mlancc imtoudjco at rijis tpme,anD to iraiade 
on!p (bcm uil;^ otucit bp tljc fca coafte*, JRot farre from Coifa. 
in tf?c feme tracte,tl)ere 10 a region namcO ComogrtMto t!)e king 
Hereof called cowo^m. after Defame name* ^o tl)t0 ftpng 
rfjcp eamerjn(!nert after tljefubuertion of fonch*, ano fosnoe 
|)ts pallace ficuate in a fruuefiil pUrnc of.Fii.leagne3 in b^eaDri), 
at tlje rootes of tbe fitrt^er fpDe of p were mountapne^ComogrK/ 
bao in fy rourte a certatne noble man of nccrc conTangnitte to 
kpng Caret*, trijtclje Ijao flea to Comogns bp reafon of certapne 
mffemionsi tufrctj teas bectaene Caret* $ fjpm, tijcf: noble men, 
riirp ral i*. ^l)is /r4 tl)ercfo?e of Cwta, met our men bp tlje 
nxns and conr ilen Cemogrus to tljetn, becaufe l;c U)ao toe I knoto* ft png <omv 
rn to our men,from tl;c tpme rtjac Xicue/a paflco fpifl bp tljofe 
^:!e0.C)urineutf)erfb?eU)cnt qmetlpto tliepaUaceof Cow- 
^ M< . .bepng mffant from ft'mn* tljiitic leagues Up a pl.unc uw? 
abont tie motwtapne^. ^:l)t3 Kpng Co wo^rj ha^ feuen fonttcg* 
poong men 5 of comelp fourme aimltarurc,UH)id) be &an bp f unD?p 
top 2*0. 0t3 paflacf UM0 frameti of poftes 01 picppes maoc of 
tree0 fatteneo togcrt)er after a Orange fojt^atiD of fo Itrong buif^ 
Dtng,tl)atiti0ofncfcirefiren.jt!)ti;en UjaHesofdone. Cbff 
tt^c meafarc D tlje length of the flooic tbercc^founDe it to be a 
btmajca ana fpftte paceui^nD nib^eaDrn, fouicfco?e foote,bo 
png ron>o ana paueo umb maruepfou0 atte CtjepfotmDe i)W 
manner of d)ep?countrep, ann bisiopiiefdlerrep!ciuaxaU)Kti 
great ueCTeliea of eart& ann aifo of toooo/pUco tmd) tljeir Ktnoc 
ofatneanafpoer, fo^ ti^ep l)aue nogrape0: but lute as rljep 
maiict()ep?b|ea0of djofe tb?ee kinoe0 of rootee called 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

139 ' 

j ,_ - 

The fecoodc Dftacte 

:oft&efrafcrt ofiOitrateu J i4^itir 
tber ftuitea m feeae,a* ao tbe 3ltwpnca,jpiettr;n jea^ti j 
Ip.faraen, $ otic *pattp<irte3 to jtcu inbsliice tbe mou itaiueg, 
A* tbe y*fto*s an) jii\wi*M : Ipkctopfe in t!)e maunapneai of 

: o?pnkea of bariep,fcbeate,boppe*, a:ia apple* fcbep fap 
; tuitb Comogrus tbep ajunlic toinra of fuaaip talea, b #b 
ana blacke. But notoe pauMbeareof atbprnmxic 
mondrou^ to bdjolae . Cntrpn j t(;etefo?e into tl)e inner pa rte^ 
oftbepallaccj tbep tterei)?ouo;btmtoacb'niiberbanjeodbjut 
butb cbe carbaOe* of men, tpea tottb topcsi ofgoftampme cot* 
ton. Bcpng aemaunaca toljat tbep mtant bp tb fwperrtcttan, 
tbep anfoierea tbat tbofe turre tbe carcaTes of tb: &tber,graiwa* 
fa tber, f gveatgraunafatbcr, toitb otber tbe auncetouns of djcp? 
kpng cwjriM, aedarpng tbat tbep baa tbe fame in great reue* 
ren:c, ana tbat tbep to oh: it fo? a goalp tbpng to bonoiir tbcnt 
rritgtouflp, ana tberefo?eappareHeanterpoftbefainefumpm* 
ottHp toity gala ana p?ecioua 3one2i,acco?atn5 onto tbep? efrate, 
after d;is( fo?te apa tbe aatiquttie bonour tbep? Tcnatts, tobicbe 
tljep tbougljt baa tbe gouernance of tbep? (mte^^onae tbep a?pc 
tbefe c arcaJTcs Upon ceruine infoumente* maae of uiooD,lpke 
Unto buracite , taitb a fofc fp?e anaer tbe Cwnc, fo tbat onlp tbe 
fkmne remapnetb to bolo tbe bones togeatf^lue baoeaefcrtbeo 
wtbefo?mer Dccaae. SXComogrut bi0 feuenCmntd, tbe el' 
Dctt baa an rrcellcnt natural topt. IE)etbercfo?et;)Ottgutit gooo 
to flatter ana pleafe tbts Uianaerpng kinae of men (out men 3 
mcane)It utng onlp bp Qnfte* ana fpople^ed being nfftifteD^iKi 
faking ocealtoua agatnd btm $ bt* famiUe, tbep d)ou!o Unair 
(;pm ag tbep apa otber tobic'g fougbt no meanes boto to grattfe 
tljem : Cit(;erefo?e, be gaue l' a/chut ana Colmtmrir foure tbou 
fanae mincer of golae amficianp to?otigbt, ana alfafiftie flan, 
fcubcbebebaatakenintbcujarrej;: fe? fitrte, fptfrrtbe? 
fell foiercbaonge of otber tbpoges, ^atiiemffe ufedieai 
afitbemlUletb, fo?rijep bauenottfKureofmonrp/^itB gofiK 



Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library. 

140 ' 

The fccon* Def a <k 

$e efoud ff oticd, fljoutoc be affigncD eo 4* kpnged fttafiirc rd : ... 
ano ilje reGDi'e to be DtuiDeD among tljcm fruud bp compoto 
on. 4>ere ad b?abb(png*nD contention arofe among our men 
about t!:e Diuicpng of go.De, this cl&efl fonne of kpng 
D:pnffp?crcnt,U)ijoin UJCp^pffOfo^ljistupTcDoiti 
foincuHjat urtljanangrpe couiucnauncetoUiaroe Uvm 
|jf !DC tlje baUnuncc^, !jc llroke tljcm Uittfj bta fptTc , ano fcatte^ 
rcoaitbegolDetljat luaa therein about tbepo?cbc, 0)arpclpe 
rrbukpng tljcm ml) UJOOJDCS in tljts cOcc^c Cai;ac 10 tijc 
matter, pcu C?ittian men, tljat pou fo greatlp eflee me fo Iptte 
pojttcn of gotoe nuje tl;rn pout oiunc qutetnelte, tuljtcbe neucr< 
t^cIcfTepou eittenuc to Deface frcmtl;erefap^ecuc!je0, anoto 
melt tbc fame into a ruDemafle. gf pour Ijtmger of goloe be fa 0* hang* of 
mfat table, tljatonlpe fo? d;eDefp?epou Ijaue thereto, pouotG 0oioe. 
quictc fo manpe nations, and pou pour fcluesalfo fuftepnefo 
nunv calamities; anD incommoDitie^Ipupng Ipke baiuflicb men 
outofpourotune countrcp, 31 UiplI fljctue pou a region floui' 
png toitb goloe, tobere pott map fatifne pour rauenpng ay* 
uetucs: But pou mull attempt tt)c tljtng tmtU a greater poiucr, 
(b? it ftanoetlj pou in fjano bp fo?ce of armed to ouercome Kingsl 
of great puiflaunce, anD rtgojottg ocfenDouwi of tbep? Domini- 
ons!, jf o? befpDc otljer, dje great hpng Tumanama uipUcome 
foo?ojagapmlpou,UibofekpngDome ismoftricbe luitt; goiDe, IItUlw 
anD Didam from Ijencc onlp fpre mimed, tljat id, fpre Daped : fo? 
tbep number tbe Daped bp tbe funne . Jf urtbermo?e,oi euer pou 
ran come tljirtjer, pou muttcpaffe ouer tbemountapncdinlja* 
biteDoftbe cntel! Cambaled>a fierce kpnDc of men, Dcuourerss 
of man s ficuje,lpuptigtoirboutUtoed, UianDerpng, anDiu'.t|j ; 
out empire : fa? tljfp alfo bepng Defpzoud of goiDe, baue 
fubDucD rijemunDertbcpi Dominion , Wcbe before mljabiteD 
rljegolDempnedoftbemountapned, anD ufetbem Ipke boitDe* 
men,bfpngtl)ep? labour in Dpggpngaitoujoojfcpngrtjcir goiDe 
in plated anD funDip images, Ipke unto tljefe iM'jiclje pou fee 
bere: fo? \ue DD no mo?e ellecme ruoe goiDe unUJiougbt, tljen 
toe DO cloDDed of cartlj , bcfye it befourmcDbptbeban^eof 
t6eU)oo?kentintotbe fomutuDeeptfyrof fome ueflell necefla* UUO< 
riefo? ourbfe, 01 fome oucbe bMuttful! tobeuiojne . jefe 
ooa lot recepue of d;au foj change of otljer of 
t out 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 




The feconde decide, 

* of pjpfonew taken tn team, tobfc&et&ep (ope 
to eatc, 01 fm fljeetc0 ano otljet rijptigetf partepnpugtodjefur* 
ntture of Ijoufnoloc, fuclje a* tijep iaeke utfjiclje fofjabite die 
moumapnes ; ano efpectallp foi utl&iaHei^tobereof djep ffanoc in 

great nceoe,bp reafon of dje barrerates 
iournep therefore mutt be maoe open bp fo?ce of men, ano tulje:i 
pou are paflpng ouer tljefe moumapnea (popntpng toicfj (jigf fin - 
ger totoaroe tlje foudj mountapnea) pott fljal fee another fea, 
U)ijercri)epfapleU)idj fljpppca aa bpggeaa pours (meanpng 
tljc Cacattela)ufpng bod) faplcg ano ojea aa pou ooo, aldjouglj 
djemenbenaheo as toe are : all dje toaptyatdjetuaternm* 
neoj from rije moumapnes, ano al djat fpoe Iping totoaroe the 
^oudj,b^pngeti) fooidj goloe abtmaaumlp* 3a l;c fapocljcfe 
U)oo?oc!3,ljcpopntcDCod)c ueflellea tnlaljidjedjep ufe to feme 
tftep? meate,a%mpng djat kpng Twuanama, ano ail dje otljer 
kpngs bepono dje mountapnea, Ijao fudj $ al odjcr tljcpi Ijoufc* 
Ijoln fiufle of goiot,ano djat rijcrc lua$ no lefle pientie of goio a* 
mong tbofe people ofdjc S>oud;, tljen of Jron UJtcfjbs : foi 
beknctoe bp relation of our men, tuijereof our ftoocr.oes ano 
oojer lueapons unrremaoe. Our capt,ipneu manteplpngattl.ic 
oration of the nakeopoung man (foirijcpbao fo? interpreter* 
tfjofe djjee men toljicbe Ijao ben befoic a peereanoa!;alfecou> 
uerfatmt in tlje court of kpng C*m4)pouoereo in djep? minoca, 
anoearncftlpconfpoereobisfaptuge^, fo djat ^iaraQmede m 
fcattcrpng dje gotoe out of dje ballaunces, djep turneo to mvitfj 
anObrbamtie,commenoptigljia ooopngano faping d)erin*^bcn 
tijcp a(keo Ijpm frenolp, ipoii Uiljat eertaine kuoluleoge Ije (pake 
tiofe djpngea, o^ UJljat Ije t^ougljt bell Ijerctn to be oone,pf djc ; 
fijoulo bung a greater fnpplp of men*: Co tOts poung Comog*. 
taping a toi)ple Uiitb Ijtm feHe^a it tuere an O?atour pieparing 
^pm felfe to fpeake of fome grauc matter,ano otfpoftng (jis bocp 
to a tdTt ire meete to pcrfujaor /pake tl^ua in bis mother tongue, 
Ccuc eare unto me,O pou CbiiUtana . Qlbett that rije grct 01 c 
(nmger of goloe Ijatlj not pet nrrco b0 nakeo men, pet oo UK oe 
ffrop one anotljcrbp reafon of ambition ano ocfp^e to rule, 
iixreof fp^pngett mortal (jarreo among us,a no (jereof commctlj 
our oeftuiction. )ur p?coccc flours kept Uiarrc0, anofo or 5 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

] 142 

The fcconde decade. 75 

yn Ac toljfdic toarrcs, as toe Ijoue ouercome, fo (jauc toebfn 

cticrcomc, asuotb appeare bp n)e number of bon&men among 

bs, tufctrij U)c toke bp ttje oucrttyotoc of our enimic^of rijc to(;i= 

rljc 31 Ijaue geuen pou fpft ie. Lphettpfe at anotljcr tpme, our an* 

ucrfaries f;aupng tlje bpper Ijaime agapnff w, leooe atoape 

tnanp of tyg caprine, fo? furijcis tljc djaunce of tuarre* 3!fo 3 

an long our fanulicru (thereof a great number Ijauc ben cap* 

riucg luttl) tficm) bdjoloc (;crc t0 one tub tdje of long rime lee 

a papneful Ipfe in bonoage.unDer t!je poke of tlj at itpng bcpor.De 

tlie mountapnc Jf,f n luljofc hpngDome 19 fudj abtmoance of goto. 

)ft)pm,anDfud;eot{jertnmtmerable, aim IpkeVopfe bptljere* 

fine of free men on tljepi fioe commpng eo bsi, aim agapne of out 

men refo?epng eo rijem bp fafe connuct, eljete eljpngeg; Ijaue ben 

r tier as iDclIknotucnumoljrt, as our otone potTciftons: but 

ojaepoumapbetlje beeter affureo hereof, ano be oueofalftiO uejjfmfni 

pecrione!;aepoufbaflnotbe0eceiueD, make me eljegupue O f yerftoaaon 

elj(3 bopagc, bpncpng me fad, ano Kceppng me in fafe cuftooic 

to beljangeo on tlje ncrt tree , pf pou fpimc mp fapfnge0 inanpe 

popne Untrue, jfololucmpcounfapletfjcrefb^e, aim fcnocfo^a 

tljoufanDcClwfttan men aptfo? tljcUwrres, bp toljofc potocc 

toe map, toitl) alfo rije men of toarre tfComogrus mp faeljer, ar* 

met> after our manner, tnuanctUe Dominion* of our cnimicsc 

toljere bod) pou map be fatifheo toitlj goloe, anu iwc fo; our con* 

Ducepnganoaptipng pou in tljisi enterpjtpfe, (ball tl;infec our 

(clued abuimanelp retoaroeo, in tljat pou fljal bclpe to Deliuer bjS 

from tbe iniurie0 aim perpetuall feare of our cmmics , 3ftei* 

tijefc tooo?oe0, tbijs p^uDentpoungCow^mjljelDe big peace, 

ano our men momifDtomlj great bope ano ljungcr of gotee s be- 

gan agapne to fuwtolw Dotonc tljepi fppcele* 

The fourth bookc of the (ccondc Decade, of 
the luppofed continent* 

ijffer tjjat tfjep bao tarpcD bcre afetee 
loapesf, anD baptifco Comogrw, imtlj ail 
1 bttffamftic, ano namen bpiii bp tljcname 
j of Cbarlesf, after tl;e kpng of ^papne, 
t&epreturncoto rl)ep? feloto0in Q*ric** 
, leaupng untf; i;pm u)e bope of (tie thou* 


Eden. The decades. I 

Bancroft Library. [__ : 

I 143 

The fcconde DecaJe.' 

Conn* requires opal? atter ft# 
:u:b fca. Cm enmmjfmafle 

returns tt)tt!nn fircttnncrljes afcer 
parture, but U)it!; no g^cat plcntie of u^tm ulc, 
tyougljtbutafnul fbpppc: pec ti)iO Ippc t')at fl 

fuppfpc of men. jfojt poitng a/onj tl)e SDnural, aio uicerop of 
Hifpawtla, anD rije ocljer gaucrnotirs of tbe 3Hanoe 3 ackno v o):c5 
gea t^at bpcberto cljcp Uao na rcfpec: to tbeiu of z>^ i>-M,bcca jfe 
tU cp fuppofcD that ^ncifui t'oe Ltcuctenwnx t)ao fafelp arrpueQ 
ttjcrc tDtti) b t5 Obpppe laocn luitb uptruallea; : uipllin j ri jcm rr am 
(jcnccfooulj ro be of 5000 cljeare, and rij it tbcp tbouloc Iac^eno< 
tbpng ^crca'ter^lnit tbatattbis p^fenttpmc tbcp baa no bt jgct 
flip \u!)crbp tl;ep mpgbt fcitt tbcm greatrr plemie of nrceflartei 
bp I'aLU.iij. ^i)c optmal* tbafoic U)i)tcb be bjou^jt, ferueo ra 
djer fom\n!)at to nuttgatc tfjepi picfeiu neceltttie^en to fa:i(Be 
t!jepi lache, Caberc^e, uitcijin a fctttf Dapes after K4^/;4 bt^ 
rcturne, tijcp fela^apne tntolpke fcarccncffe : efpccialfp foiaf- 
mttcbe asa jrca: do^me ano temped toWjt came from tbe 
Uppjb moimtapnc^joitlj Ijo^nb'c tljunDer ano ipffbtnpng tntlje 
monc ^ of JRouember, b?oug!;t Uritb it fiic^e a flooDDe, t&at it 
itnig in tiie partip carpcDatu.ip, anDpariIpDioluncoalti;e co^neanc fccDfi 

jMunnbcr ^^ ^ l)a ^ oUjen ^ tl)e monct ^ of ^ptember, in a fruitt* 
full grounDe before djep Uienttofcpn0Como^ri. bc fecoetf 
tohtclie tbep of ftifamiJ* call Mai^um, ano ttiep of fr*ta call 
HW/,toftereof djcpmake djcpj b^ean , tu'jtcije alfo toe (apoe to 
be rppe tl^pTe euerp pecre , bccaufe tbofe regpiona are notbpttnt 
tottbibe fyarpenefte ofU)pnterbpreafonofti;cp?necrereneta 
tijf CquinocaaHpiie. 3!t is alfo agreeable to tljc pjincipte of 
iwttiral pljilofopbic, rbat tfjia bieao maoe tfMaiziut oj Hobfa* 
n^oulDe be mo^e toljolfonie fo? tbe mbabttauntecs of tbofe rotni- 
trep0ti)enb;eaDmaoeofti)beate 9 bp rcafon tbat it w of eaftrt 
cigcttion: fo?U)bcrea3 coloe i toantpng, tlje natural (jeatei* 
notD?pttcn from tfic outtn^roc parted into tbc inruaroe parted 
anu pieco?ota^, loberebp Djgettion i mucbe (IrengtbcncD. 
^epng t!;erefo?e tto rnrtrrate of rbeincreafeoftbepjfttbrt, 
ncere about tycm, fpoplen of bo* 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The fecondc Decafe 

f, t&ep toere enfojceoto feekeftepj raeafe Rirt&erof; 
ano tijcriuid) to ftgnpfie to dje gouernoiird of Hifptniola um!j 
tobat great ncceflme djep luerc oppiefleo, ano tSjat t&epbao 
iearneoof Comogm* ad concerning tljeBegions toUiaroe tlje 
&outn, totlfpng djcmin confiDcrationtljereof,toaDuertife tfoe 
fepngto fenn djcm a tboufanoe foutoierd, bp tofcofe Ijelpe djep 
uipgljtbpfojcemaketoapc ttyouglj tlje mowitapned,ottuopng 
tljcfcaonbotbfpocd, ifdjep couloenot bipng tlje fame to pafle 
Qiuctlp, '%fyttomty*Uutid\na& alfofenton tljis me(Tage,carpi 
uigiuitbbpin tot^e kpnged treafurerd (bauing tbepj office of 
receipt in Htjponiola ) djiee IjunD^eo pounoed toepgfjt of gotoe, 
after epgbt ounced to ttje poimoe, foi tljerpft pouion Due to tlje 
fcpnged cjrcljeker, ttljis pounD of eiglit otniced,tlje &paniarDe* 
call \farcba, urfjidje in tuci($t amountct!) to r>ftpepeeced of 
golDecaQeDC4/?r//4w,butdjeCa0iUand calla pounoe Tefum. 
CCteconcIuDe tljerefine, dut tfje fumme hereof, uad.)cU.tbott 
faD of tijofe peeced of goto calico c/h//4m.3no djudtd it appa^ 
rent bp d?id nccompt, tljat djepreceiueD of tlje barbarottd kinged, 
a tijoufaiiDc anDfpue f)unD?ebpottnDed,of epgbc ounced to tlje 
pounDe: all tbe ruijiclje tfiep founoereaDpe tootigbt infunDipe 

of oudjed, ad cbepned, b^afcfetd, tablets, anD plated, 
before tljep? b?cffed,anD alfoat tljep? eared, ann 
'4/^urijerfo?rtookeOjppptngtn tbe fame Cara* 
uell m tlje toljiclj Ije came Ia(t, anD renmteo alfo before tlje rtjpjDe 
Dap of tbe JDed of 3!anuarp, in tjje peere of C(j>ifte ^ . D , 3f 
CCIljat cljaunceD to !)pm in djts oopage,^ lurll Declare in place 
eotttieraent. 15tit let Ud oto retntne to tbem to!)td;e remapneo 
ini'ralxt. after tfjeDifmiflpng of V aiding bepng p^tckcD foj 

wner parted of tljat gulfe in funDjp placed* ^e ejctreeme angle 
ft popnt of tbeCime gulfc id oiftant from tljc enterance thereof, 
about fotirefco^emplee. TOd angle o^ corner, tbe ^paniaroetf 
tall CuUta. Vajcbuj fcprn fdft came to d?id popnt Urttb a ^unD^eDi 
^en, eoafttng along bprijegulfe loitf) one bipojanDineanD cer 
^pneof tbc boated of tbofe regions, Urijidjetbe arabtand call 
Udnclje ttjintjabttminted ofHifaniolj call 

^ clit gulfe^cni tirneiS btgaenbcnAe rvuer of D 

JL i 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The 6con<Je T>ecaclfr 

fo Mtetfj mf o tlje fame . S>aplpng along bp rfje rpttcr about tfje 
fpaceoftlipuiemples(fc;t cljcp ealunifnefcaguis) aaofonie* 
lulwt eiHtynpng; toU)arDetl;e rpg'.t banoe ^curljtoaruc, tljcp 
founae cercapne bpllages oftbinUabitauntc.yli e hpng toUrccf 
to.i8 r.iiitD 2Un//*. Cur men alfo torn ccrtifoo Ocloje, tljat 
i c mat chus tbc kpng of><irit0tf, toljcm tijtpput tofipgljt tntfce 
1,1 triple ,fleoDc to dj w Qabaiba, but at t(je commpng of our men , 
Vakil* alfo flcDDc, 3it t{ tf)oug;bt tfjat Ijc toas aDmonpi!;co bp 
Cr ?*,. ^j, tljac be i'toulDc not abpcr tbe bounce of our men . tye 

uefolate : vet cur men faunae beapes ot botocs ano arrou>e$, al 
fo mucbc Ijoufyotoc !!uffc 5 anfi manp tpfijpng boate* 15uc iljofe 
marpfljC rcrctmDrs lum neptljcr apt fo? folwmo; effect, o? 
plantpng of trees , bp reafon thereof, tbcp founoe tbere fetoe 
fiicbe tbpngea as tl;ep Dt fpieo, tbat is, plentie of upttualles : fo? 
tbe t nbabitaumca of tbis region bauc no bjeaD, but fucb as tbep 
geat in otljcr coantrcpa nearc about tbem bp ejcdjange.fy tbeic 
fptlje, onlpc tofmictbep? obmcncceflttte: pet founoe tbep in 
tbe bouff 3 of tljofe mbtclje fleooe, pjottie^ougbt ano grauen,a 
mountpng to t(jc fummc of feuen tljoufanoe of tbofe pecce0,Uj(ji* 
djeU)cfapBctobcca!IcD CajMaui: alfocertaineCanDas^ftije 
luljidjf tljcp biotigbt auiap tiuo tottb tbcn i, ano great plentie of 
tbep? bwflioiD ltuffc 5 tottlj certaine tmnoelsof botues $ atrobxs* 
tibep fap,tbat from tbe marpfljes of tbat riuetj tbere comtcec* 
tapne batten in tbe npgbt feafon^s bpgge as turtle ooues^naa* 
upng men, ano bptpno; tbem umlj aoeaolp uwunoe, tsfomcof 
tbem teffine idjidie baue ben bptten of tbe fame. 31 met felfe 
romitutntnpj tuitb jdntijus tbe JLieuetcnant luijomtbepretccteD} 
anDantongorijenbpngesJafkpngbpmof tljebenemotosbpttng; 
tui(u bitten of tbefe battcs, be totoe me tbat be bpm felfe uias bptten bp one 
fa 2ftMu. f ^jni on tbe bcrie, bts fiaotc Iputg uncmierco in tbe npgljt, bp 
reafon of tbe bearetn fommcr fealbn , but tbat tt ljurte Ijpni na 
nio;e,tbett tfbc bao ben bitten bp any ortjer bead notbencmotis* 
SDtber fap,tbat tljc bpting offome of tbem 19 tuncmou&pet tbat 
tbe fame (s bealet) mconmicmlp , pf it be tuafljeo luitb tuat er of 
tljefca. Am if us toloe me alfo, tbat tbe uencmous UiounDes 
mane bp tbe Canibalcs arrouics infectco toitb popCbu, are be* 


Eden. The decades 
Bancroft Library. 



teparteD tbercftnefromcepopncoftljegulfeof ^r^^.notuid 
conteme&,becaufe tljc p hint not iaucn tout? bittttaUeft. 3!n tlji* 
rfjcrc arofc Co great a temped in tbat topoc gulfr, 

tltft tfcep toere enfincea to catt into tfce fea al tfce ljouu)oto ffuflfe, 
tobielje d;ep tooke from tfce poo?c UJ?ct ci;w tolj trije teD onfp bp 
fpfijpng* Cfjefea alTofuidotKD up tije tuio boatcatfjattljep 
tooke front ttj cnr, uj'jcrctui dj tbe men lucre IpkeUipfc DioUincD* 
^e (ante tpmetljat K4/"ciw NKW ^attentpteoto fearc^e t^e 
popntof t^e gutfe toiu.irDe tbe foutb, euen tljcn bp agreement, 
DPD KodcriM Colmenaris take ijt^Uop.nj. toiuarD p mountatnes 
l)pri;ceatt,unt()^eefco?em?n, bp tberiueroftfteotfeergutte, 
^boMtfourtte aiples; Diltant front t!;c mout(; of tlje ori;et rpucr, 
(fo? be p can a ttteiite league 3)bc founoc certapne upl(age fitu- 
acebpon t^e battles of tfjc rpuccrtoft CM(t^at t0)kpng,t^ep 
ral Curui . CJi ft tlji s kpng Opo Colmenaris pet r einapnc, totjen 
r^< \fcbut after Ws remrne to Varicna ,faplpng bp tbe (ante rpoer, 
cam: to bpnt . Orre refit (bpn$ t^ep? U)l;olc eompanpc tuulj tlje 

tgcr f.)urr ie mplco front Ijenc e,t be rpuer encompaCfcrij an 3|(anQ 
in'MbitcD unrtj fpfl;cnne n. 3!n tbuMtecaufe rljep falue ojea^ plen- 
tie of trees lubiclje beare C4//i /^/^, t^ep nameft tije 31ianoe 
CMM^UU, Etjcp founo in it (r.biUagefii often cotagcs apcece. 
On tbe rpgOt fpoe of t^e J tonoe tl;crc tunnctb auodjer rtuer, c ' 
luljofe cdand i0 ofoe iptl) furTicient to beare BuganoiuejS, ^(;DS 
rnier djep calleo '^m r\/^r/,fr 6 tije moiitl) luljetof, about.rti 
milcjs DiffairtifljfpfotmD a toiune of fiue.C!)Oufe0fetiereo,U)Oole 
cbebi (t^at t8)fepna;,toa0 ra!(eo jfbenamtchti. ^(jep al fojfooke 
tbep^ I)oufc0,.i3 foone a ? tbcp fjearo of our menja! commptig: but 
toljf n riicp fato ojat our men purfueo t!jem, r bep turnco againe,t 
ran upon tijcm fcml; or fperatc mhtDe0,ae men b^tuen from rtjeu; 
otone pofleulomi. ^bcp? weapons are ouuO^DjS of ui JOD,I 

neprt;er btt0cd no^ arrottCM*? anp ctljcr of (U iiiljabitauntea 
cf fa SCleil fpoe of rije julfe. Cbe poo^c nakeb u^etdjetf iwere 
eafplp D^puentoflpijht u;i:I) our twaponi. &* our men fo* 

/, and 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

1 _. . ~ 

Tncfccomfe Decacte 

ecrtatnt of bi* noble nun. 3 common foutoter of our*,tobom tbe 
hpngbaaujotufleD, commpng tobpmtobenbeujas taken, cut 
ofbtearmeatoneftroketowbbis frooojae: buttljismas Done 
tmatoarca! to dje captapnea. ljc number of tlje Cbjiftian men 
luljtdjctoercljcre, toas about anljuntyeD anDfpftic: tljc one 
balfeiuIjercoftbccaptauiKsfeftfjcrc, ano tbcp luitlj tlje refc? 
Hue r olucD up tlje nucr agapne,tiritb ttoelue of tbe boater of ibofc 
regions, toljicbetbep caf/v,aa tbcp of H/^wok eal tbem c^ 
Mod;asU)ebauefapDc. Jrrcmtlje rpuerof%jN/^anDt^e 
3llanoe ofcannafiftttla, fo? tl)^ fpace of %eefco^f ano ten rnple^, 
leattpng botl; on tljc rio^jt hanne anu on tljc ltft,manp nuers fal* 
ling into it bpp;o;er tljen it feife, tljcp cntreo into one^jp (be com 
Ouctpngofoneoftije nafeeo inljabitauntes, bcpng appopnteoa 
gupoe fo) tbat purpofe, Uppon tljc luime of tbis rpuec ncrt 
Unto tljc mouti) of clje fame, there Uias a kpng cafleD jlb&nba. 
Uibobecaufe tfje tendon luaaful ofmatpu>e0 5 baobw pallace 
buptoeo in tfje toppe of a bpgb tree>a ncto kino of btiilDpngjanD 
tree. felDomc fcctic : but tbat lanne b?pnget(j fa? t'j treed of fact) cr cee-- 

Hino; ljetg(jt,tfjat among tbepj b^andjcs a man map frame large 
Ijonfea : as toe reaoe ttje Ipke in : niutm auctoursf , Ijoloe in man? 
region jlu'jerfcbe Ocean fearifctl) and oucrflotoerij tljc lanoe, 
ti)t people lucre accutlomeo to flee to tljc bpgb trees, ant) after 
a. t | jc f a n D f tlje uwer, to tahe tbe fp(be left on tbe lanoe. ^bi ma- 
ner of bnplopng, is to lap beamed croflfe ouer djc b^ancbe^ of tbe 
rree0,fa(l bounce togeatber,ano thereupon to rapfe tbep? frame, 
ItonglpmaDeagapnftUipnQeanD tocatber* Our menfuppofe 
tbat tljep buttoe ttepj boufe in treed, bp reafon of tbe great 
flooD0ano ouertiotiipng ofriuew, loljtdjeoftentpmescyaicicc 
inrbofe regions, Ebefe treed are of fucbe bepgfjc, tbat tbe 

Dutut. 4 ^,ano otber auctourd, tobicbe to?ite tbat tbe treeg in fome pla- 
ces in India are fo bigb bp reafon of tbe fruitefulneg of p grouno, 
abimoance of twter, ano bcate of tbe region, tbat no mania 
able to ujoote otter tbem tnitb an arrooie : ano bp lu&gemcw of 
all men, it i0 tbmtgbt tbat tfjere i0 no fruiteniUer grounoe bit* 
n^ cbefunne, tben tbfe <$ tdbereof toe note emreate . 

urt&ctem to 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


The feconde Decide. 

fuclje fu'gneg, to feuenmen, pea fomctimctf efgfjt, 
fcanOe in banoe tuitb tbepj arnica ftrct cijeo foojtb. lucre frfelp 
able to fatbame tbem about : pet Ijaue rbev tljcpj tellers in tbe 
grounoe, loril rcplenpflKU toitl) furl) lupncs luljcrof IDC (jaiie 
fpokenbcfoic. jFoKilbctttbactbc urljemcnctc of tbc tomue ti 
notofpoUierton!TDoU)nctl)ofe ljoufcs,oj to b?cakc tlje bjan 
cbes oft^c trfesf,vctarec!}eptoireDtIjereucIj,anDruj.iperom< 
tolwt front fpoe to fpoc, bp reafon Hereof, tljc topne f1;outoe be 
rnudje ttouliieo U)it^ mootitno; . 3H otljer neccflarpe tljingea, 
tljtp !;aue luitf; tbe:n in tlie trees * CClaen tbe Hpnp; o? anp odjer 
of cljc noble tneiu mmc o? fuppe in tbefe tree0, tljt'pz tupues are 
bjcugbttljctn front tljcccllcrsbp tbew feruauncca, to^icbc bp 
mc.m^a of rpcrcifr, are acnitToinec uitcb no (cfle celerptie to 
ru nne up ant) Dolune tbe Uatrca aDfjcreme to t!;c tree, t ben noa 
ourtua^ting bopcs uppon ti;e plapnc groanae fctcbe us tt'jat 
tuce calJ foi from the cobbarDe brfpDe our Dpntno; cable . >ut 
men tberefo^e catne to tbe tree offepng jMtib*, anD bp tbmter 
pietourec calleo bpm faoub to comuumt cation, gcuing (jpm 
fignes of peace, anD thereitppontPpUingbprnto conic ooume. 
ButbeDenpcDtbat be uiotrioc come out of bis boufe , Deft* 
ring tljcm to furTalipm to Ipuc after I;i0 fa(l)ton: but our men 
fell from fapjc uiooities co tb?eotni:tg, t r ut ercepc be tomiloe Def- 
cewDcttJttb dl Ins famtlie, tbeptuoutoe epc'oer owertb?oUje tbc ^ ibttbA rh 
tree, 01 elle^&t ic on fp?e . COben be bao nemeD rijent agapne, img or roe 
djcpfcntobetDtnof^ecreetottbcbcp^ares, Meiba feting tbe "o 
cbippes fall from tbecrce on autpfpoe, cbaungeoljispurpofe, 
ann came ooume UJicb onlp tluo of (jf foimes . ^Tbus after tbcp 
bad entreateD of peace, cbep communeo ofgca:berpngof golor, 
MM* mntftoeareD tbat be (jao no goloe, ano tliat be newer l;ao ^ olbc m 
ftnp neeoe tbc rof 5 no> pet regaroeo ic anp moie tben floiie3.But cacmu * 
toben t^ep toere intlante uppon bptr, be DpOebntotbon, 3ff a<m<0t 
poufogreatipDcfp^egolDe, jltupll feehe fo? foment tbc nert 
ntountaptie a, anu b?ptuj ttbmo pott : foj tt is plentifttJfp eno:en 
iijeDtncIjcfemountapnes. ^bcnbcappopntcDa oapetuijmbe 
toilw b?mg tbt gotoe* 3ut ^Iw^- came neptljet at tfce Dap, 
no^ after tbe Dap appomteo .Ijrp ueparteo tl;erfo?e from tbence 

, but not tan* 50 toe 


Eden. The decades* 
Bancroft Library. 


The fceonde Decade. 

80 concerning nje gotoe UtplWf AW tyl Cit 

balce,as tfccp Ijear&c bcfoje of kpng Corner*/. $>nplpnc; pet to 
ti;cr about rtjvute mplcs , tljcp cljiumceo upon ceitapne cotage* 
of t(jc Cambaics, but utterlp uopoe uutljout men oj fluflr : foj 
fcrf; en tljep fjno knoMcoge tlja t cur mm toanDcreo in tljc p^outn* 
c3 nccre about rijem, tljcp i cfojtcD to tljc mountapnos, carping 
U)it(; tljcm. 

The fy fee bookc of the feconde Dccadcof 
fuppofcd continent* 

tbe mcanc tpmc 

] Doerc none along up d)c fljo^cs o? banker of 
'i tl;crpuer,a ccrtapncOcairian, tfcat w,a 
caprapneottcc tciinc, of tljc companpe of 

tt)0fe luljtclj r4/c/- j anD Colmenaris IjaD left 

fo? a garrpfon in %o Ni^ra, in t&e Domini? 

onofhpng Abm<m*cbti y urfjctbcr ttuicre 
djatl)eU)a0compdlcD tli^ouglj ljungtr, ojt tljatlji? fatal nap 
bias noDoe come, be attcmpten tot rij ins fotiloicra to fcardjc tlje 
t ountrcp0 nccrc tijcrc abcitt 5 anti cncreo into tlje upllage of a Kino; 
eallcu jibi<uba> W* captapncs name toas 5\4M,toOom^^r^4 
fluctouljtujoofljisfcloujeajbut tljerefioueflcWie. COrtijin a 
CeDPCoapetf after, /^'^ijaupng companion on tlje calami tic 
of |)i0 Kpnfman anD nepgb'jour dbenaraubtitts, bepng o?iue ti 
from I)i3 olunc pofleflion^ (urf^ofe arttte alfo toe fapo bcfo?c tljat 
one of tljc foulotcrs cut of at tlic rater of %p N/gro) anD noli) re 
mapnpng luitl; Jkraiba, to toljcm |)e fieo bp ttcaltl; after Ije Uiast 
taften,DDcm to /^6^4 tbinljabitour of tije tree, mljo Ijao noujc 
Dtetopft fo?fakcn Ij 10 countrcp fo? feare of our men, ano townee- 
reD in t^e Ddbiatc mountapnedono toooos, COben l;e ^ao tljer 
fo?c fwtnoe lipm^e fpake to bpm in tlji0 efft cf , COIIjat djpng id 
tbt0, o^ Unfortunate jibibriba *i o^ toljat nation to rbfe tbat fo to^ 
mcntetij u0,tbat me can not cniop our quiet 1 iber.ttrt IJODJC long, 
fcotoe long 31 fap^ali ux differ ttep^ cnieltie Vttwre it not muc& 
better fo? Us to cpe 3 djen ( ? abioe fudje UKuriejj ano opp^ltlona 

& pOtVUI Jlbinamtcbtiuim kuifman^ Cem4ccbns,W CtrtU, 

a* T oncb*. ns 3! ano otber mpncea of our o^oer ooo fuacptu? 

. The dec P. : 
Bancroft Library. 


The feconde Drcadf . j6 

our cbptojen, ana ottr fubi:ctea, to be leDWatoap capftuefc 
*m> our gooftea to be fpoplco cucn before our faceai? . '.*! take Ac 
goDtf to ttttnefle,tbat Ji fpeake not fo mueb fo? mini- oiunc part, 
a0 31 DO fo? pou,toi;ofr cafe 31 lamenfcfo? albeit tbep b*ue not pet 
toucbeD me,neuertbclca bp tberample of otlj: r, J ougbt to tijtnke 
tljat mp Deftructio ta not farre of. let w tberfo?e(if tte be men) n*en ** i** 
true our ftrengtb,* piocuc our fortune agapnfl tljcm uiljic^ [jaue 
Dealt tbt w cnicUp \nit(; jibi namacbeiusM o^tuc n bur out of Ij ia 
coun trrp , let u 3 fct on t (j cm luitlj al our potter, ano Utterip DC* 
drop ti;em . 3 no if toe can not flap tlje al,pet fljal Uie make tijem 
afraioc either to affaplc U3 agapne,o? at tljc lea 2 Dtmtntu;e time 
potter : fc^ ttl)attoairr (hal befaH, no:bpng can c'jauncc ttoo^fe 
Unto 'j a rijen tlja: ttljicb tte notte fuflft r . Cdl Ijcu jMc;!;* IjearD 
tljcfe tt3?D3, t fuel) onjcr ip&c, be coiocfcenDco to DO in al tljmg* 
3 /braiba ttotiloe require : ttbereupon tbep appopnteD a Dap 
to bipnj tbepi eonfptracie to paflfe, but tbe tbpng cbaunceD not 
arcojDpnjtotbeir oefp^e: foioftl;ofett!jicbetoe fapD to baue 
pafTep to tbe Canibal^tbere returneD bp cbaunce to %w z^rr. 
tbe m'gbt before tbe Dap appopnteD tottoo^ke tbeir feate , tljtrtie 
men, to tbe apDe of ebem ttbtcbe ttere (efc tbtre, pf anp feotaon 
(boulD rife aa tljep fufpec^eD. Cberfo^e at tbe Dattntng of tbe Dap, 
tijtconfeDerarekpng(,ttttbfpuebun^etb of tbep? Diaonarie* 
armeD after tbep inianer, befiegcD tljc milage tuitlj a terrible a 
lar ome, knottpng; not!; t nj of tbe nctue men ttlj i dj c came tbi:bet 
tbe fame npgbt. i^cre our target men came fooj;b agatnd tbern, 
anD firH aflapleD tbcm a farre of ttitb tljey i arr OIDCS, tben tttr|| 
tbe^ ppkes, anD lad ttttb tbep^ fU)oo?Dc* : but tbe nakep feelpe 
fot u*3 , pcrcett ipng a greater number of t Ijcp? aDucrfar tc a tben 
tbep lockcD foj, ttere foone Djpucn to flptrjjt, anD flapne fb^tbe 
inoHpartelpkefcatterpnj fljccpe. ^Dbe kpngea efcapco,tljep 
flue many, anDtoobemanpcapttue0, urfjtcljetfjepfcnt to >"- 
riena. ttbere tbep bfcD tbcm foi labourers to tpll anD fotte tl;ep? 
grounDc. ^befetbpngeflitbua Ijappplpatcbpueo, anDtop^o* 
utnce quieten, tbep returneD bp tbe rpuer toX),wc4, Kv.upng 
tbep? tbpjtie men fo? a gamfon,UnDer tbe gcuemance of one f *- n gamtfon tr 
Mb a captapne.bt0 Fvratado tljerfo?e,fent from % N/gro. 
tu'jere be tta0 appopnteD gouernour, rjc. of bis felottea, anD one 
tooman, ttitb^tu,capnue0,tor4/f/>w0nDbi0companfe l ia 

tun one 

Eden. The deer. 
^) Bancroft Liorary. 




eof t&e bpggcft CJWM* of tbat pjottmce , 9te tfeep rotoefc 

aotonc bp tbc rpuer, tbere came wojtb foDcitlp ouert&Uwrt tbe 
6p rpuer agapnft tbem finite great c<w*, tobieb ouertbjett* rijepj 
bo.uc,anD(lueas inanp of tfjeinastijcp coulDcconiebpjbccaufe 
tljcp lucre impieparcD, fufpectin^ no fttdj tbpug. Our men lucre 
all D?ottneo aim (Umc,er ccpt tU)o,U)l;tclj l;io tljcm fciue^ among 
certepne fago t tea tlj a t ftoamme on ttje Uiater, in elj e luljt c^e rt;ep 
lapc lurhpno;, ano (b efcapco to tbep j fcloU)e0 in Danena : toljo 
bp tljcni bcpng aouertpfco bcrcof, bcgannc to call tbepi toptttf 
liiijat Jj is tbpng mpgln meanr , being no Icffe foltcttate fo? tijcm 
Cdues, tbcn meoitatpng hi iwlj at Datmgec tbep? fclotocs ban ben 
in *%o N^ro , eiccepte bp gooD fortune, tbofe tl;irtie neiue men 
tobicbe tare fern to tbem, Ijau come to tbe upllage tljc npgtjt 
before tbe confpiracie 0)OiilDe bane ben U^ougbt * Confultpuj 
djerefo?eUjl;atUja!3be(l tobeDooneljeretn, at tbe lengtl) fcritj) 
tilr sent fear cbpng, tbcp bao intelligence fpue fepnge0 5 tbat 
wtotoptte, Jbttciba tlje inljabitour oftbetree, anDCfwwcaa 
t^puen from bis upUage loljtcb our men noluc poCTeflcD, ^w/t j 
a jf ^5 jbenamacbfms, kpnfemenjtoctb 2)^4^4 tbe fcpng of tbe 
fp(ber men, tnbabpting tbe corner of tbe plfc tulj t cbe toe calleo 
Culata,\uew a! affcmbleD to confptre tbe Clj^i than mcnsj DC ftruc* 
ttonataDapeafTipco jiubtcbetbpnsbaDfurriP come to paffe, 
(f it bao not ben otbertopfe bpnoerco bp (6000 p^ouioence . 3lc 
i0tberefo?eafcrpbDtoamp?arie, and truripnotumuojtbplp, 
tftoeiuapeboUK cbaunce Detected anobett^apeo tbe counfaple 
oftbefe hpnged . 3no becaufe it & tuojtbp to be bcaro, 37 U)vU 
Deriare it in ftujeujoo^oc , ^/f f Xunnez tberefo?e, tofjo ra 
tber bp p oU)er tben bp election, Ufurpeo tbe gouernance in VM> 
ena, bepng a mailTer offence, anb ratber a rafbe ropaer tben ft 
polttihe captatne (altbou^ fortune fomtimefauourctbfoolcis) 
among manptoomentobicbeinDtuer^ oftbefe regions be ba? 
taherKaptuie,ba& one, toljicb in fauour ami bcutie crcellcD all o 
tber.&o tbts \noman ber b?otber often tpme* refo?teo,tobo ui.itf 
air ^ tttet) out of ^ ls countrep tuitb king Crauc^^,untb toljoin 
bc^^rpfamilper 5 anDoneofbti2(cbeeftgemebtieiu among 
otbercomtmtnication tobicbebebaoujtcb 610 fpfter uibom be 
loueo entierlp,be uttereo tbefe U)oo?oe , S^p oeare ano toribclo- 


Lden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The feconcJe Decade. 77 

ftatb*idie3ltopnDedtmito?o, pf pou M^ejfour atone 

tojcaltlj ano ntpnf 9 ano tljc p? ofpcritte of out countrcp artD kpnfc- 
folhcjs. %bt infolenrie ano crudtteofrfjcfemcntubtelje Ijaue 
mpucn D0 one of out poffefllon*, ts fo intoflgabfe, tljat $c pjuv 
ccs of tljclanoc are tjctcrmpnetj no longer tofuacpne tbep? op* 
pjeffions Bp tlje conmicttng rt;erefo?c of rpue kpngca (toljictje 
^e nameu in o?uer) r|>ep ^aue p^eparco a Inm^eo o^reat c*no j/, an atmtr ^ 
tottbrpne ^ou&nDemenoftDairebplaiiDcanDbp fta,to<tlnit SlwiSJJai* 
ftialj^alfomt^cuiaageofr/^/r/, fiifftdenc to mamapne fucbc 
anarmp: Dedarpngfintljrc, fyat rijc fepngccs bp agreement, 
gooocsi ano tieanesi of out men, 

ano ri)ertfo?e aomonpfljco Oer, aetfte Dap appopnteo Up fome 

occaaontoconucigblicrfelfeoucofrijc to.ip, left (be (fcouloe be 

flapnemtOcconfuOonoftbeliactJpIe : jTo?tbcfoiitoicr uictou* 

rcr,t3not tuoonttofpareanp to commed; in Iji^ rafe * 3ttt 

ttjus tT)etum3ln3fp(lert^eDapatngneDfori)e fljticrjjtcr, Ije oe* 

par ceo. ^5uc tlje pouno; luomaii (fo? tt is tlje ftuoo^e tljat UM> 

men feare,ano obferue mo?e tljen cbe graufcte of c^o)to^erber tt 

locrc fo? tfce loiie 01 fcare rtjat (be baft to Vafcbm, foigctring bet 

parentes,I)er hpnffolhc^feer coon trep^no all !jerrreenoc3,pea 

anDaltljekyngcstnto toljofe tooted K4/ffcj Ijao tb?ude !ji* 

ni)oopc,aie openeDal elje matter tmtobpnvanoconcealeo none 

of tbofetbtnp;e0Ui!jic^berbnirffcreteb?otberbai) neelareoto&er. 

CBben ^4/c/;; cb?rfo?eljaD IjearDe rlje matterjje rattfeo fu!nia, 

(foi To Oau tbep nameo 5er)to fenoe foj bet biori)er,m!)o came to 

bet immetw'atlp,Uxi^ tahen, $ enfoicco to eel tbc toljolc circunv 

ftance0 of cbe matter: U>!jerapon be plapnelp confc(TeD,tljat king 

Cew4a^/bt*lo?oanDmat(ler, femtbofefowreCanoas co tbe 

nedrucctonofottrmen, anDtbatcbefeneUJconrptradwtoere^ 

tempteo bp bid counfatle : likeUnfe (bat Cenuccbns fought cbe 

tefouctfon ttr*f(bus bimfelie,tben be Cent bim.)rf inen,lmoei: 

pretence of fitnofyppjto rpH ano fotoe bia groun&c,after tit m* 

ner of cbe count re p, ofeiiinpj tbem in com.tunDcment to flap VA^- 

ibus at A/4mj, uibitbec be refojec o to comfort Ijis labonrer^a^ 

tbe maner id of al goo* buftanoes , pet ourd tbep at no time crt* 

cute tbetr lo?Ded commatinDermm upon bpm, - becattfe r*ftkm 

came netter among tbem a footeo? unarmtD 9 but 

Eden. The decodes, 
Bancroft Library. 



* tut wen, 



. COberfoje Cfmtcch.a being fhttrrate of 
laff tbing in baitte, to Ijis 
otime Defrruetion art) bid neigbbours : fo? tbe confptrane be* 
mgDetecteD, r^wjcaHeDt^eefco^eanDtcnncfoulDicrs, com* 
maunoing tbem :o folotoe b?m, but occlareo noting Unto rbem 
mbftbet be luent, ai tobat be entenDeo to Do . fye toem fo; uurDe 
djerfb^e fp^Jt toiuai'D Cemace \ us, urfjtclj lap from bjptu onip tenne 
tuples : but be baD knotalccge tbat U teas flcDDe tt&**^, tlje 

fotiuDcanoblcma!i 5 arulerUnoergpm, and alfo l;(0, 
uH;om be tooke p?pfui?cr, tottfj nianp ot(;er of (;t0 famturrg ano 
frenoes botlj men ano toomen . ^je fame botire tbat be fet fo^ 

toarDe to feffeC fo> Cewutcbtu.fyfait*! Colmenaris roUttO Up tbe 

rpuet toJttb foute of tbcp? bpggeH Ca.-uat, ano t!)?rdco?emcn,bp 
tbeconimctionoftbemapDesb^otbecUJljo biougljt (jpm to tbe 
UtHatre of Ticb?fijx( p tuliicb use faio al ttjc ir uitttials to rcmatne 
tobieb tocre p^eparcD fo? tbep? annpe Colmenaris tberfoie faefe* 
CD tbe bi!Iage,ano poOctTeD all tbeir utttuai*,anD toinc of funDip 
colours jlikcUJtfe tooke tbe gottemour tbereof p^tfoner, ano 
bangeo btm on ti;e tree in tobtebe be oiurit bint felfe, eommaun* 
Dpngbpmto be (botte tb^ongb tottb arrotues in tlje fpgbt of 
tljml)abitantc0 5 anDU)itbbpmfoureotber rulers to be bangeo 
on gtbbet^totbe example of otber rebeftes ^bt0 punpfljmcnt 
tbus creaitcD uppon tbe conlpiratours , firobc fte barter of all 
cbmbabitantesoftbe p^ouinceuncbfucbfeare, tbat djercicnot 
notwe a man tbat care ftp?re bis fpnger agapnft tbe tyatb of out 

tbep? example Do tbe giaolpet Jpue in fubtcction, UritbleOe 

The fyxtc bookc of the fccondc Decade, of 
the (uppofed continent* 
?)efe tbjmges tbusfpnpO;eD, aflembltng a! 
tbep? companptogcatbcr 5 Ujep Deter mmco 
toitb oneconfcnfjtbatametTfngcr (bouiw 
foo^tbtoitb be fern to aiffamU (from 
*obencetbepbatbcp?lau0anoa|>De) to 
Declare (be u^ole O^DW of al fyde aft:p?f s. 


Bancroft Library. 

Tlie fcconcfe dead* 73 

ffcft to rt t 3dmfral ant) gouernour of tbe JlanDe ,ana after toarD 

totbeEpngof &papne, and to perftuade bpm to fende ibofe 

tboufancc men tolj<cbe poung Como^rMs Cipoe to be expedient to 

paflc oucr tfjc mountapne 0>lping betluene rljcm and tljc goiocn 

regwnstotomdtbe&outb- J'tf/ffoj bpmfelfcdpd greattpe af* 

feet tbi* embaflage: Out nettbcr tooola tbe rcfioue of tjts felotoe* 

riembpm tljerto, no? big facttonarie* fufifer (jpm tooeparte, 

afwcH fo? ttiat tfjeredp tljcp rtjougljt tljep fl^oulo be left aetolate, 

82 alfo tl)at tijep murmiirco, t[;at if Vtjihu fijoulo once go from 

il;em,lje UiottlOe ncuer recurnc to fudjc turmopfcs anD calami* 

tte>np tbe ocample of raldiuu rjnu zamudws, u^o Ijao ben noto 

abfent fence tbe monetij uf 31anuarp,in fo mud; tfcat t I;cv tljougljc 

tiiep toouloe nrucr come agapne : but tfje matter UMS otljcr* 

topfe tijen tl;cp toobe it, as 31 UjpU ftetoe in Ijw place , fo? tijcp 

totre periujeo , 3t nje Icngt lj after maiip fcrutint e0, t he v eleetcD 

oneWnfiwVr^agrauemanjtoeiuipeerw, and trealbtirer 3oUfln.cui<w* 

rf dje kpngee Crcljequer in t^oft p?oumce0: tbepljad coneetueo ^ & mt * 

j gooo opinion of rijw QjiMJto, tiw ail tljpnges flioutoc be Uiell 

b?ougi)t to pa(fe bp bi0 meaner, afuieli fo? bts lupfoonie, as al(b 

$at tljep Ujere in gooo bope of but return,becatife be bao b?ougljC 

bta mifrujtib bpw to tbofc regions, Uibom bekft toitb bus fo 

lotues fo? a pledge of bis comming agaitie.SCibcn tijep l;ao tbutf 

electeD &uiccdns 9 tfjep lucre againc ofDiucrs opinions tuljont 

rljep mtgbt iopne Uhtb bun fo? affiftancc, affirming tbat it toere 

a oaungerotts tijtng to commute fo luefgbtiea matter to one 

n .ma l;anoes, not tljattbepnuuruCtcD^K/ff^^tu bceaufetbe 

life of man is fraile^ tbe c^angeof dje ap?e periUous, r (penally 

to tljem^aupngnoU) of long time ben accuftmncft to tbe tcmpe* 

rature neere bato tfje Equinoctial, if tbep (IjotdD be compeHcD to 

returneto p J5o?tb5tottb alteration ofap?e ^Diet ^Ijfp tboug^c 

it $erfb?e good to appopnt a companion to Quiccdus, tbat i 

botb efeapeo, tbe King ftouto gcuc p better credit to tbe relation 
of botb.after long confultation tti^e^bep c(joft Wains Col- 
tntnariiA man of good erpertcnce,of urfjom toe baue oftentimes* 
mane meJitton:fo? from bis poutb be Ijad trauaileo ouer a! Europe 
bp lande and bp fta, and towa p?efent at tbe dopngea of al tl) 
Wlulie agapna tj|c JTr 


Bancroft Library* 

fHfonotoun'bope.becaufcbe baomanp farme*, ans &at> fpffeU 
ano fotomc mud) grotm&e nt Dvitna, bp tbe mcreafe lberof,be 
mpgbe get mud; 90(0 bp felting; Oe fame to bi 3 felolu :a. JJ)e left 
iberfo?e tbe cbarge of al bis affipjee; in 2>4>_i unto Iji 5 partner 
Jlpbonfus Kiinncz^ a iuage of tbe IcrtNc, iu!)3 lfo tiwa Ipke to 

^ ftue ^ en c ^^ n P^CliratDKC of d)W bopao^ befoiC CoLne.iaris.yf 

one bao not pnt c^em in remtm^iance cijat Ije l;ao a \nifr at MA- 
tritis, fearing left being ouercome trndj Ijcr tcares, be uiairioe no 
mo?ereturne. Cohuentr'u rt}erfb?e,a free man,? at Ubertie 5 bf ing 
aflfoctatc affpttant ttritb 2/c^f .djcp cooke (Ij^ppng cogctbct 
in a B^tganbine, tbe founlj oap of clje Calenocs of Jf^auember, 
inti;epeereoftntfte.i5i2. 3iiitOi3Uopage,DrpnffCo(lcDtoitli 
funo?p tempeftc5,tl)rp tucrc bp tbe oioiencc of tljc toinDe cad up* 
on tbe tfteft coaUea of tljat large 3ilana, mljtci) in tbe fp?(! D?> 
caDf toe calico c ai^fuppofen to bauc ben feme Iann*Ebep lucre 
fine oppKlTeDtuttJj hunger, fai it u>aa nome tlnee manedjeai 
fpnre tbep ocpar teo from tbcpi fclo^ca : bp reafon ^creof,t!jn> 
toere enforced to take!anDe,to piooue tuljat apoe ft?p couloc gee 
among tbe inbabitaumed* ^bepi cbaunce cbcrefo^e uiaj to 
arrpuc mtbatpart of the 3llanoe, inbere r^/^wuujas D7puen 
aiano bp temped* But ob pou unctdjco men of Damn*, carp foi 
r<iW;w,uibompou Cent to pioutoe to bclpcpour ncccffitiea, 
l^oupDe foi ponr fclues ratber, ano rrutt not tot'oemia^afe 
fi^tune pe faiotoe not. jfoj uil)eii be arrpueo in c^tye inbabt^ 
tames doe bpm untb al bi0 feloU)e2( 5 anD left tbe Caranef uri;cr tn 
tbep Ujcte c-trpeo, toine in petce*, ano balfe couereo uutb (anne 
tn tbe iljo^c, uibere Quicedu ano cdmenaris fpnoing tbe fraip 
menten tbcreof, betuapleo tbep? fctotte* mpffoiome : but tbe? 
fotinne none of tljep? carcadc^, fappofpng tbat tbep toere eptbet 
D^otuneo, o) oeuourcD of tbe Cantbale0>Uibicb oftc nttmcu make 
tnctnfiona mto tbat 31(anoe to bunt foi men , K5tit at tbe lengdh 
bp ttno of he aianoc men Web tbep bat) taken, tbep ban hnoto 
leoge cfValMuia bfe DeOnic tion, ano tbat tbe inbabitauntea tbe 
moze greeotlp attempted tije faitie,foi tbat tbep bao bearo bp tbe 
babtjlpng of one ofbfeiotoe^ tbat be bau great plentte of 
(o d f f Si S^^fo?tbepalfotakepleafreintbcbcautteofgotoc, lubtdic 
tbep fourme artificiaflp into funwp aicbetf . fcbua onr mm Ono 
kenuntb penuuewOe fo? t(K aoctt XOew of tbep? ftloiw , 



I Bancroft Library. 

, _____ ..I 


The lecondc Decade. 

nu fn bapne feeing reuengefyt&epj tm'ttrfnr, Determtnefrtd 
fojfafeetbatbnfommate tonoe, Departing fromtbofe couctoua 
naheD barbarians, toritb mo?e fojotoe ano neceflirte tben tbep 
lucre in befo? c. >j cttcr tljr p baD paflco tbe &ourfj fpoe of otf* 
tl;ep fel into a tboufanoc mpufyrtmcs, ano fjaa inf ellt pnce ttjat 
Fogft/rfatrpueutfjerabout, IcaopngamifcraWe Ipfr,tofle0an8 
tiirmoplco toitb tcttip0fte^ 3 anD bcjreo tottb a tljoufonDc pcrplcjrt* $ ogco 
ties tfotbac Departing from tbcncealmoft alone, bis feiotar* 
bcpnijfb?tbcmoa part MconfumeDtoitbmaiaweiJanD famine, 
becametoitbrnitcbDifficuItieto Hiftmd*, UJbercbeupco by rmiur 
fo?ce of tljepopfonoftjigi uemmoug tootmoc tobicbbcbao re 
ceiueoinry^a$uiebaefapoe before* Bt/^riecteo 
Iteufcnat^fapleobpaltljofccoatotDttljmuclj better fojittnr: 
fo?a0bel)pmftlfetoltieme 5 be&unde pwfpcrous topnoegin of 
ftjofe parties, ano Uws Uwl enter tepneD of tbnrfjabitaures of c- 
ti . but tbia fpeet allp in tfje Dominion of a certapnc kpnn: uibpfe 
name U)a0 Cmmend*tor : fo? mber as IK ocfp?co of (be Cb?(0 tan 
men trfjidje paffeo bp,to be bap tifcD^emaunDvng clje name of 
tbe gotternouc of tbe 31lanne ne?t unto Hi/>4n/o/4,bepng a noble 

arc calico CammauUtorts,ihto bingtf oefp?eU)aj( to be nameoaf 


9 gaite bim great abundance of al sbtnge* neceflarie. 35ut ijub^c 
jfmifus learneo of cbepj religion During tbe tpme of bi$ remav* 
mmgrtjere, 31 batte tbougbc gooD toaDuerttrepotirljolpnefle. 
;. ou djal tberfo^e UnDcrdanDe, tbat cercapne of our men faplpnj 
bp rtje coaftes of Ctt^x, left toub feprg Cow^M^or a certapne 
poo^SparpnerbepugDtfeafeo, lubo inu)o^tfpacerecouerpn^ 
biis bcaltb*anD baupng notoe fometobat leantcD tbcpj lantrjwge, 
began to groloe into great eltimation tuttb tbe kpiig anD bfe 

tenant in bis uwrres agapnfl otijer princes bis bcnDerers. 

mans fortune toasfogooD^bataltbpnges piofpereD u>e!l tbat 

be tooke in banoe : anD albeit tbat be lucre not IearneD,pet mad 

be a bettuou* anD ttefl meanpng man, accoiopng to bis Knom* 

letige, anDDpD reltgiotnlpebotuiur tbe blefleo 0irgut 5 bearpng 

euer about tixtb btmbet ppcmre fap?e papnteD upon paper, anD "L 

W^CD in Ji}5 apparel Mil Unto biji b^elTj (igntfipng unto 

Eden. The decades 
Bancroft Library. 

fiuaDinglnm toDootfoc like, ana to att atnap aU fya 
toliicl) uicre none o$er tfrn tljefimittmae* of eudl fpthte^mof! 
crttfQ enimies ami Dcuottrew of our fculetf 5 anD to tafie Unto 
fxm tbe Ijolp Wrgtn anD mot'jcr of Ouo to be &is patnmefle, if 
fee DefpjeD ail Ijis affapje* afiurt in toarre a^ in peace to fncceeoe 
p?ofperouflp : alfo tijat il;c bleffro btrgrm UICU!DC atno tpine 
feple dprn, but be eucr reopc to helpe ftim and In0,if ti;ep tuouloe 
Iwtl;0nu3utljartescaii bppon ()ct name, tdjc inarpnet ijao 
foone pcrftiMDeD tl^e nakeo iiattoti , anD t^crruypongaucdje 
king (uiijouemaimoco cfeeGmi?) tji^ppcttttc otcUUtrgiii, to 
Wjom ye buploeD ano Dcmeatco a (tiapeil aittj an al -f c , euer af 
^comnmiuig ano retectrngljifi /CT^^Dfrbefe Zt mr r maDe of 
gotfampine cottoiijto d;e finultttiDca of foiritcrf toalhing in tije 
npgfet,U}lncb tljcp oftentimes fee, anD (pca&c toitlj tljctn familp* 
crlp,U)e baue fpohcn ftrff.cicmlp in tl;e n;c w& booke of tljc urff 
Dccaoc . Jr urt emio^c, ar co?ott:jj to tl>c inlunttion of tljiss ma 
rpnet,Uiljen rije fonnc D^atoetlj tottaroe t^c faS, d;m king; c om* 
mendator luirij al Iji0 fampip,bod; men atm toot ncu, 1 1 f^t baplre 
to tbe fame ey apcU of rtjc uirgin ^arie, u>bcre ftucelmg; on tfccpz 
knees, anD reurrentlp boluuig DOUJKC tbep? Ijeaocd, (jolDpng 
tJ^ep? IjanDgt topneo to^etljcr, ti;ep falute t(je image of tlje birtpn 
toitU ttjefe tooo?oe0, ^* M^>u, ^r Maria , foj feiuc of tljcm 
can rebearfe anp mo?e too?oe0 of tbisaf p?per , 3 1 jtntifus tyt be< 
fog tKf , tbcp tooke bpm anD l)i feloboefl bp Ujt fjanDes , ano 
leODe tt?mi to tljig ebapell toirij reiopdno;, fapino; djat tiiep 
luoidDe fljctue fljem nunieplous rijtnge0 . CCUjen ti;ep lucre err 

^n, alto be fet anD b^nffco about uwlj ouctjeg anD letDri^ann 
manp earthen potter, fplieo (pme UiitU funDjp rneates, anD fome 
toitljtoaterjramDe about all tip tabemarie : fb^ ibefc tfcutgtf 
crofter to Ac unage in tbe fteeae of faenfiee, arrowing to 
imo an t^cp^ oloe fupenhtion toowrDc tljepj Zw. Being ncimunDeo 
to*p*epBipO*a0 d;epanfUJereD,ieartc image ftotrtDrackc 

delate tfcat imagf^ map iwngcr, and tbat tjjipp Dooete^D?infte. 

* i^of tfce jUc&co uirgpn, it i^ 

he decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


atrtteu): fyb?(&ertpo?tofourttien,tbett wfitcbferuentgoiN 

IP lotieanDjcalcintljcreCniplcmfntotoartJ tbebolp uirguybat 

totbembemgmtbe&awtnpet of toarre agapntt tbep? emnriea, 

t&ep DOO in maner (pf 31 map fo terme it) compel ber to Defcenoe 

from !;eaucn to liclpc tljcm tn tbep? nctefimcis , jf o? fuel) 10 (be 

gooDnes of 600, tljat be Ijatb left unto men in matter a p?pce 

toijcreOp toe map pnrdiale (jpm tottb W* ijolp arujeltf fapntw, iano , antt 

tijat 10 to tottte, burnpng loue, djarttieyinD jeale , C;oU)e djcr- K i>e UUKIU 

fo?e cnn ti^ blcficu D trgtn at anp time be ablem from rtjcm totjicfj 1 10 

call fo? Ijer Ijdpc untb pure fat rtj miu fentent ioue ^ Cotmaendator 

Ijim felfe, toitlj al bid noble men ami gemef men,Doa teffule Uha> 

one bopce, tbat in a fouoftt battapte in tljc lubirij e tlj t s marpner 

tong capitame, bearing bub bint tljis ptcturc of tbe tirgin ^a* 

rie 5 ri;e Zmes oftbep? cmmie* turmu tbetr backer 5 aw> trem* 

WCD in tbe Defence of tbe uirgtn^ image,anD in tbe (tgbt of rijf m 

aU : fo? enerpeoftbemb?pngtbep?Ztotbebattaae, Ijo* ^i?" 

ping bp tfjepi belpe to obteine tbe uicto?ie.|>ca tijep fap fttrtber, 

n)atDurtngtbe time of tbcbattaile,iljep fatonot onfp an Jmagc, 

butaUuefptoomandotbeoinfap^eanp tuljtte apparel, ai>oing 

tijcm agamtt tbep^ enimied : toljicb tbing alfo tbe cninticd tfjcm 

felucsacknotoleDgcD, con&flpng tbat on tbe comrarppart,(be 

appeared to tbent (fjakpng a fcepeer in Ijcr banoe luitb ilj?eate* x notaBir rpe 

wmg eotmtenance 3 ujbiebe catifeD tbep? feartes to fljake ano faint Stmii!5! ftical 

b? feare: but after tbat ring Sgarpner oeparteo from rtjem 3 beino; 

taken into a (bpppe of emapne COuftians paPTpng bp tbofe 

coafl w, CwimtndAiiY DccIaretJ tbat be toitb al ijis fubiect^con* 

tinuallp obferueD bid inftitutiond : infomucb tbat bcpng at con ^ 

tcmion toitb anotber pjtnee , toljidje of tljen^^ uieremott 

Ijofp ano of greated poii)er,tbc matter gretoc to fudj crtrcnut ic, 

tbat tbcp rrpcD it Uiitb banuc (Trokeg : ano tbat in ail tbefe at- <onc bia^^ 


fcntinthrb?unt of tbe battapie, and gauebpmeaCte uctone IU 
Iwttfj a total potocr or men ,agaimt a mainc armic of bie ennmea. 
^epngDcmatinoeD with toljat bioo^oea tbep crpeoiipontbe bir- 
fitn J^arp U)ben ti;ep aflapteD tbep? enimiea,tUep antereo tbat 
Kwp bad le arnco no otber too?De0 of tbe flparpnera 

. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The fceonjc Decade 

wfljc tongue : foj be ban left tbefc U)D?De$ tn tbe moutbca of aR 

men, cabple tfcep mitrtbcreo ano cclrropeo tbem (clued tbus oti 

lotb fpaes, tbep fcfl to emreatie of peace,ano agreed to trpc tbe 

matter, not (janoe to banoe bp combatte of certawe cbofcn 

fb^botb parried, ad tbe manettoas among the Honwnes ano 

Dtuers orber nations in tljc olo tpmc,oi bp anp flctgbt oj policte, 

btittbatttoopoungmcn fl;oiilDebecbofn,fo?ed;e panic one, 

bntb tbcpj banaes bounce fattc bebpnoe tbem tn tbe plapnc 

rprlDCjbotbe parties bcpngfujome to arknotnleDge tbatZrm?; 

(o be tbc better, tuljicb rpjtt loofeo tlje banoes of ty e potmg man 

taHjicijttooot bounce foj tbe trpallof bis religion . ^bus Diut- 

Dpng t(jet:t fclues, ano plaepng tbe fapD potmg men before tbem 

intbefpgbt ofrijemnll, toitb rijep? banoes fad bounce bptbrpz 

SmS'ina { cmm ^ g s { ^ c wntrarp parte calleo rp?tt ont&epj Zeme* (ttjat is 

ipheneore. ttje Deupl, to toljofe ftmilitttoe tbep? Imaged are maoe) tojo tm* 

*pjjat itkenee^ meoiatelp appearro in bid Ipkenefle aboute tbe poung man 

* tbat floooe bounce in tbe Defence of S>atans hpngcome, 

35ttt as foone as Commentator toitb bis eompanpe crpec Sanfa 

JMaiiaadiuuatioStSantta Maria adiuutno;, fb?t!)Uhtb tijcreap 1 

n dr/ntgc mp pear CD a fapie birgin elotbco in \u!jpf e, at tobofe Defence tbe ce 
ratienottobe itpiDano^fljeDtimneoiatlp.Butt^bir^bautngalotigroi) in 
ber bance, $ putting tbe fame on tbe banoes of tbe poung man 
tbat ftoooe fbj Cmmtiubtorjfc IjanOes lucre loofcc tmmeoiatlp 
in tbe fpgbt of tbem all, ano bts bances founo about tbe banoes 
of bpm tbat (f oooe fo? tbe otber partpe, infomucb (bat tbep tbem 
fctaeafounoebpm Double bounoe, Butfo^antbi^tnerenottbe 
emmiesfaaffpec ,qtwrellmgtbattfjisfbpnguwd ooneb?iome 
Oepgbt o? oemfe of man, 9 not bp tbe polnei: of tbe better Z*me<, 
3nc tbereuppon requp?ec 5 fo?tbaOuopDpng of ail fufpection, 
tbat tl)crempgljt becpgbt graue ano fagemenappopnteo, fo? 
ecbe One foure,tobicb H)ouio bpnoe tbe men in tbe fpgbt of tbem 
fl,auo alfo getieuicgementujbetber rtied)tngU)ercDonetuttb' 
out craft o? gupte . 2)b pure fimplicitie ano canffant fapd) : 
ob gotoen anc bleOTeo confiDenctCommrW^cr ano bts fanuiiers, 
ooubtco not to graunt tbep? emmies tbep? requea,toirijlpke 
(be Dtfeafec uioiitan obtepneo bealrt) of tbe 


The fccondc Dfecafo ft 

tea* tfcr fpgfjt of (jig trailer i#iu; ^efeponngmcn tfjcrftye 
lucre bounce in tlje piefcnce of t l;cfc cigttf grattc men, ano lucre 
placcti tuitinn top? Ipfe in tlje fpgljt of bod* parties lws 
bpnnafignc gciKn,U)bendjep calico bpon tlicpj Zwc/, t&cre 
appeareo in tlje figbt of cjjcin al,a oeuil Urid) a long tailc,a imoe 
mowlj, great tcetlj, anDijowcs, refemblpng dje Omiutuoeof 
tije image tuljtcljc tbekpng bcpng eutrntc to c ommtndato, bono 
rco foi I)t6 Ztmej 3$ ti;e DC upl attcmptCD to loofe tlje banocs of 
bid clicnr.thc bleQco uirgin luas itntr eounlp picfem as bcfoic at 
C^c cal QfCommtndator $\)is fubicctg,^ toiti; l;cr roDDe toofro dje 
t)anW3ofl)erluyiJlpaiu, lul;irt>e toerc tigawicUkctDpfe fottnoe 
faft tpco about tljcfjanoeja! of ijvm tljat itoonrfo? tbccontrarpe 
part. ^:be enimiw ti)erfo?cof a>nmf/;</4^r,lje(na; flricken toitb 
great fcarr,ano amafcD bp reafon of tljw great nipiaclc , confef* 
ftD tljat d)e 'Ames of die uirgin uiag better rijcn tbep? Ztmt f : fo| 
tljc better pioofc UJl)ereof,tl^efc pagans being bo juerers to com* 
wf /j./4/or ,ujljicijt OaD eitcr before ben at continual! tonrre anD en 
initie toiri) (jpm, u^en tliep UaD knoujfeoge tljat /fnc//; ttw0 at* 
rinieo in tljofe coalTea, tljcp fent ambafiaDanraUnujlnmt, to 
ocitre Otm to fence tbem pnefleS 5 of inborn d)cp nugl)t be baptt* 
feD: uiljcrupon IjcfenttbemtUJoujljicljljeljaD tljcrc ittidjbpin 
at tljat picfcm. l)ep bapttfcn in one Dap an IjuntneoanD djp^ttc 
of t!)inl;al)itaiu cfi 5 louietiaie cnimiea to CcmmertdMbut uouie 
fn0{renDeo,anDiopneDU)itl)ljpminali.mce. ^ilfiiri^e as came 
^bebapttfeo, gaue tlje p^ieftca of t!;ep? ountelibera(ittc,et 
tl;er a coche o^ a fjcnne, but no capons, to^ tljep can not pet 

crrtapnc falteo 6Q)(,anD neUic fpne cakes maoe of tOepi b^eao: 
likeurife certapnc foules frankco ano ttiaoc fatte. CCll;en rije 
piieffcs refo^tco to tl^c Qjpppe3,fprc of tljcfe netoe baptifeo men 
accompanpeodjemlaBentDttbuitata^, tuljerciuttO tfjcplcnoe 
a f opful gaffer : fai on tlje &unD ap,tto o D .n es bc^e fapnt L*~ 
^m oap, tbep oeparteD from v*rien j,anD toucljco at rt;at tpme 
cmlp tlje cape 02 angle of Cuba, ucere onto ibe Caft i>oe of Hi/' 
/* w/4. 3t t l)e requeft ofConnundator, /incijut left utl) Ijtm one 
of INS corapanpc, to dje intern to teactje 1) vnn ano his fublect ea, 
toirt;o(berl]itetjoiocrcr^ die latetiticjt oftbt-angtl!, luljiclic 
toe cal t(e /f ^<r: fo? $eu tlj^iila tbtm fdncu jto be fo timed 

Bancroft Li 


* fetpnt. 

none uiaa 

takpng ftfe i Mue O f 

ftpng Co wmw<irt0r,DtrectD 1)10 CQUrfe tO H iff tniola, from ttbld) 

be tatf not farre. febcndp after, be toote bis toopage to fcpapnr, 
ano came CD VtllMt* to tfce fepng:,to luljotii be maoe grceiioua 
complapntoftljemfolencieof/^/c^f NKJW^ infomurijetljac 
bp bt* procurement tbe kpnj gauefcntcnr e agapntt bpm- 'Cto 
djebaue3!t(jou5l)t0;ooD (mottbolpfatber) Hereof toatt 


on^not onlp as 31 baue ben enffnicteo of dndftu (tmtb bibom 31 
tojaatwplpcanucrfaummclje Court, anDUffDbpmfaiiuliaripc) 
but alfo aa 3! toast enfburntcD of Dtuc r0 otber men of great auo 
tljontte,fot!)e intent tljat pair fjccrilenne map unoertlanoe 
boU)e Doable t!j t s ftpno of men are, ano Untb tobat faciti tic t!jc? 
itiapbeallintD to otibiace our rritjion: but ti>i0 can not be 
none fooettlp , pet toe baue great caufe to bone tbat in (bo? t tune 
tbep lupl be a! Diatwcn Dp Ittle ano litlc, to tbe Cuangdicai latue 
ofCb?ttte,to tbe great encreafe of bwflocfte. But tetU0notoe 
rettimetotlje meffengew o? upcuracourjj ad concerning tlje 

Thefcuenth booke of the feconde Dccade,of the fujv 
po fed continent. 

mftaritnato H/#J/ok, ttfepgbt Dc1pe 

faplpng^no fometimes letfe bxtb a p jofy o 

tbep^ocuratoum of 0<wViw. bp rcafonof 
tempeffes $ contrary U)tnDc0j coulo fcnr cc* 
Ipfaplettin abttno^eooape^. caijcn tfjcp 
bao tarpeo a toe iwpejs m HifpantoU, and 
baDDedareotbecaufeof tbecommpngtotbeStrmiraJl and tbe 
otber gouernour0, tbep tcfce fi)ipptng in ttoo marcbant 0)tppe0 9 
bepng rcftpfurnpfteft, tubtdje toere alfo accuftomeu to faple to 

uepaneu fim2)^4 (a0 toe fapoe befo?e)tbefoiu:tbtwp of tbe 
tt tbe court tefop *e CaleaWof^aptetbe peere fbtetopnft 

Eden. The decade; 
Bancroft Library, 


The fccondc Decade. St 

create* o 

, Urfjomauo fo?lji0 faptfcftuUeruice to* n , w0mnM 

Cmramffariem tour* of ** 

men commpug from tbe netue too?toe 3 rrom uakeo nations, ano cmua at tpc 

ffce 33pfl)0p Of 3*rgM, Qtuctdfis anO Colmcntris iuerc blOUgljt 

tefoje t&e fcpng, aim Deriareo tbepj legacie in biisf p^cfimcc. 
&ucfee nctucs ano p?efcntc0 as t Ijcp b?otigl;t, lucre Dticctable to 
, fi^t^c nettmefle anu ttrangeneCft 

tenatmces DO occUre tJ;e tntemperaateUe of rijc ap^e ano region 
tf-Daritna, foi tljep are pcloUic,? pke Unto tljetti t!;at Ijaue tl;c pe 
loiue gaunDic3,anD alfo f wine : but tbep afcrtbe tjj e caufe ljere 
of, to tfee bungcr luljicfje tfjep fuaepneo in tpmcs pad. 3! Ijaue 
ben auuertifco of tbe affap?es of tl/w ueluc iiio?lDc, not onlp bp 

tljCfc p?OntratOUr0 Oftiaricna, anD Jtncifus, anO Zamtdius, but 

alfo bp conference tuirtj S4 w t^e laUiper, U)l)o ran oner a great 
part of tt^ofe coaffes: Ipftetopft bp relation of ymccntius .X^. 
tbc patrone of tfce Q)pp0,anD jtfybtnfns NJ& >ius&&b being men 
of great e icper tence,anD tucl trauaileo in rl^ofc pame0,beftoe ma* 
npot(jer,of u^oin toe feauemaoe mention inotber places, foj 
tbere came neuer anp from tbewce to tbe court, but tooke great 
pleaftirc to c erctfie me of a! djpnge0^rpti;c c bp Uioioe of moiulj 01 
>pt?prpng, f manp t^pnges tberefo?e tolncbe 31 learneoof 
t'jem, 3? fjaue gea^ereo fucb as to mp iungtuent feme mod u>oj* 
t'jp to facile tt;em tl;at take oclpte in bifto}:e0. 15ut let U0 IIOUK 
oedare iubat folotoD after tl;c commpng of tlje pjomratouw of 

to tfc court, tljattfjeweefc goucniourssano linieten^iKes 
rp/4 and Fogeda, alfo lobanncf de U Co/J j(a man of fudj reputa* an)f gnat ma* 
tion,t&at bp tfje kinge* Ictterja; patentes t)eiaj3 nameD tljc great trftutki.ig* 
mauler of tbe kpng* OwpcjOtoere al perpQjet bp mtfcljauncr. * 
fttt tbattbofe feme toljtcte pet remained aiptte in 0ffo*Me 
t cowcntion ano oifco?oe among t(jcm feutes , fo tfct tbep ne i 
^ eimeuoureft t^cp? Diligence to allure tljofe fpmp'e na 
^Wtoour&p^, no? pet Ijau rcgaroe to ftarri;e tljenamrcs 
f^oterfgion^ 31n con^ocrationttJtieceof, tbckpngiuag DC- 

it terniintO 

Bancroft Library. 

femtfneo totem* a netoe captapr* tbptber, toljicfc tyouto rtffojt 
ant) fet al tOpnges in <POJ ojoer,ano put tbem out of auctbojitte 
lubicoebao bfurptotljc inpircoftijofcpioumce0 uwbouttljt 
fuwjesfpeeiaU conmiaunoement . ^otWoflftcfjUiaaone??- 
?r J ^ r/ ' s afltgnco,a man of gK at p jotocflr >anD a citizen of s*- 

&:nuur of o ,u, bllt Mjru UK plOCUMtOllTfif Of Variena (jaD puW?(bfO m 

inc cM'.rre hotucgrwt a matter it uias, aim of luliat moment, 
nwnp iabouw D cai n:-T(p to ti;c Kmig;,to tofee tbe office out of (jis 
bniDcsf : but tlje ^>til?op of Jter^rJb(pf tl;c kpngfi cijce fc cljap- 
lipir y inD one of ti/c CoinmiiTtone nai appopntto bp fjpm m tljde 
tcrnfcB Ijcrcof, cameinmtcoiatlp to tlje fumy, 

je option of Ul 

rue ispQjou of to UWerftame (nto!T catljoltquc p?pnce) tljat-UiIjcraa Tetrus J- 
tnwuriTttt!' "**# man of ualiant coura je ano gjcat feruice, l;atb offreD Ijim 
wujs &u*. felfe to auucnturc Ijts It e in pour maicftics nfif^trcs 3 unDer imccr* 
tapnc ijope ofpjaptir^no mod ccrtapne pcrp's(,pet rijatnotuutlj* 
ftanDpnj, foni: uthcr batic ambiciouflp maitceo bis felicittc anQ 
preferment , labouug fo^ tbe office luljerto Ue is elf cteo. 3lt map 
pleafc ponr grace lierein fo to (IjeU) Inm pourfauour^ano permit 
iipm to cm op Ijts faptsr office , as pour maieflie oo knoU)c fipni 
to be a UJDO^cbpanDmeeteman foz tbe fame, Ijaupng intpmc 
t)art I;aD o^eat experience of bis pioloeffe ano UalpanmelTe, aO 
toe! in beijaitpn$ ()im felfe, at( oioerpng 0:0 fouloiers, as pout: 
bpjbneire map tbe better confpptr, pf it iljal pleafe pon to call to 
cjettre0 of rommfyaunce Ijts ooopnges in t!;c toarres of 3pb?pca, toljerc 
be HjeiDCD bun felfe botb a uxfe Captaute,ano aualiant foulotcr 
8 conccrnpng bis manners ano bftgcs otbertuapes, tbep are 
notbnknolunuo pourmaiedic, unncrU)ljofeUJpno;beliaibof.7 
rijplDebenb^oiifrJjt upmtljeCotirte, antjeuerfbunoe faptbtuU 
totuaro pour b'.ffunefle . Cdlberfo^c, to Declare mp opinion, un 
oer pour graces fauour (U)!jom it batb pleafcD toappopntmea 
CommilHoner in tbefe affap^ea) ? tbpnhe it tuere Ungoolp tijat 
Jje (boulDe be put from bis office at tbe ftutc of anp otbr r , efpcd' 
aflp Uepng tfj. reto mcpoueo bp ambition aiffl couctoufnttTe, uiijo 
percbaimre luouiu pioouc tfrmfrlue* to be rJje lame men in the 
office, if tljep ujouiD obtepne u,as tbep noU) fl)cUJ tbem fclues iti 
toe ambitious Dcfpipng of tbe fame, COIjen tbe ^iujop ijaD fapQ 


Bane r 

The fccon fc D&ufc. 

fcpnia rfjoufanDeanotUJo(junD?cDrourDtcr0at(,t0c()ar(5e)2( 5 ma* 
kpng bpm a toarrant to tbe officer* ofbi* Occ&equer 5 to Delpuet 
bpm money in pjeff ft? tbe fame purpofe, fetnu AW tberfo?e 
bcpngrijus put in office, ano auctijo?ifeD bptlje fringes letter* 
patented tm&er bis Inooe feale, d)ofe a great number of bte 
foulmcre! in rtjc cottrt,anDfo DcparceD from rattle to, about tljc 
Olcnos of Octol)er 3 tn tljc vere. 1 5 1 ^ ,anD fapleo ffrlt to Citule, 
bepnp; a uerp rprije ci tic,ano Uiel replenifl;eo iut tl) p eople,U)ljere 
bp tbe itpngetf ma a;tftrate0,!jc uias furnpHjcD lut tlj men ana upc* 
tualIe0,anD otter ncceflaried partepnpngto fo great a matter: 
fo? tfje fepng &ati) in t^tjef citie erecteo a boufc, ferupng onlp fo^ 
$e a(fap?e0 of rtje 2)cean,to tlje to&t'c&e al rtjep tbat goe o? come 


to (be ftpng map be truel? atifu)ereD of bw cuomc of tbe fpft 
par t,botl) of goloe anD otber tbpngcaf, as toe baue fapfte before. 
1tty$ botife tbep cal tbe boufe of tbe Contracted of /<//. Te* 
tins MM founoe in Cmtlc abcuc ttoo tboufano poung men,tobu 
che maue great fw'tc to goe tuirtj Ijpm 5 !ph elur fe no fmal number 
of couetotUGi oluc men,of t!je tt)bicbe,manp offeren tbem feltiess to 
goe toirb bt'm of tbeir olune cljarges luitbout tbe kmg (Tipetme. 
But led tbe (bips (Ijouloe be pcttereo tnitb to great a mul wuDe, 
oileffuittfMfefljouloefaple tbem, tbe libertie of free paffage 
tuas; re0rapnt.3f7t toag alfo necreeo tljat no (Iranger mpgbt paffe 
ioitbout tbe kpngeis licence* Cftberefoic 3" DOO not a iptle ir,ar* 
napie at jtloifats cdamuftus a Venetian, aim nr?pter of tbe IJDOI- 

&panpafteg nauigationd : toe tuen t 3 iue faU)e,lue opo : 
be neuer U)ent 5 no? anp Venetian lame, bttt be dole certapne an> 
notations out tbe tb?ee6rff booked ofmp fjnftDecaue, to)?pt- 
ten to Caroinal Afiawtu 9 /rci^oWttj,fiippofptig tljat 3! uiouto 
neuer battepubfpftjeD tbe fame* 3!t mpgbt alfo bappcntfjat be 
came bp tbe copie tberof at tbe bano of feme antbafTaoour of Cte< 
wee, (b? 31 baue grauntcD tbe copt'e to manp of tbem, $ tows noe 
fnmgvrou0 to fo?bpfc tbem to communicate tbe fame to other. 
$otoe ft etter it be, tbca bonett man Jloifi*s Cad*mujl*s fearcn 
wt to $*fenge uma^mt^e fnrite of another mans labour. 


Bancroft Library, 


tii of $rtcu0 


)ftbefmtettttooftbepo?tugale0 (tatycbe fhrefparetooon* 
oerful) toberber be bane ui?ttten tb*t lulncb be barb feene (as be 
faitb)o? ukrtuifc bereaueo otber men of tbe tuff commenDationa 
of tbep? trauaplcs, 37 top! not WDgp, but am content to let bpm 
Ipuc after bis mamur. 3mong; tbe company of tbele fouloicrs, 
tbere lucre none em'-urkeo but fuel) as lucre iicecrD bp tbe ktticj, 
ercf pt a feu* 31talia,6emic 5 \ubo bp rrencfl)? 1 ; anD fuite tocre 
aDmittcD foi tbe 3DtmralIes fake pauno; dlamsfm* anb bep?e 

to Cbrijhpborus Colonus, tJ)e fpj It fpnDer Of tbofe !anDe0. Tehuf 

jtrias tberfo^e take fl;ipptmr, in tl)e nuer 'Bttis (noto calleD G4- 
dalquf ir)runnin3 bp ibc eitic of Ciutle,about tl;e bep^mtpng of 
tl;e pecre of b;it(t,i 5 i4But be loofeD anker in an eupl bourc, 
foi fuel) a temped fololueD (Ijo^tlp after bis Departure } tbnt it rent 
in peeees tuio ofliicj finp3 5 anD fo toffco tbe otber, ttjat tbep lucre 
cnfir CCD to beaue ouerbooioe part of tbep? upttuallcs to Ipgljten 
tbent ^llfuebe as efcapeD, fapIcDbacheagapne to tbe coaiteis 
of ^papne, U)bcrc,bepno; mtulp rump(beD anD refrefljeo bp tbe 
kpnp ofitcerSjtbep lurntfo?luarD on djep? bopage.^be maltec 
pploteoftbegouernourstljpp, luai lobanncsycftutius* /lo* 
rentine,tbe neuieluof Ammcu* rr/pM*/*/,U)boleftbim as it lucre 
bp Dtfcent of in'.jcrttancc^ljcr pcrtence of tbe f^arpners faculttc, 
anD knouiIeDge of tbe fca, carDf ,anb compafle^But luc Uiere ao^ 
uertifeD of late upcertapneiubiclje came bomHifttniola, tbat 
tbep bao palTcD tbe Ocean luttb mo?e p?ofperott0 luinue:fo? tb t li 
marcbaunt fi;j ppe commpno; from Hift*niola> founoc tbem lan 
Ding: at eertaine 31lanD3 neere tberabout.But in tbe meane timr, 
tobplemp importunate callers tm y Galeacc*s <Butrig&Yi<As,wto /<?- 
banner c//Mj,nien(luDioiid bpalmeanestojjratifiepourbolp' 
ncfte,ceafteD not to put me in remembrance tbat tbep bao one in 
a remnes to Depart into Jta!p,t taneD onlp to carp toitb bimbn* 
to pour bolines tbefe mp fapje Nr r</w^ltbougb niDelp Decked, 
left 3! QjoulDe bcltolu mucb tpme in Uapnej31 batte let pafle manp 
tb:ngs,f U)il reljerfe onlp fucb as feemein mp iuogement mode 
luourjp tncmorp t altboupjb fomtobatoifo?DcreD,a0 occaQon Ijnd) 
feruco. S>o it 10 tberefo?e,tbat tb^ T'trus jirias batb a luife na 
meD Helifabttba $oad*lU t bepiigniefc bp dje brorbers fpoe to ti)0 
t"* 1 ' ****' marques of todilU, tobid;e reno?eD tbe citte of Seguti* to fer*. 



Bancroft Library, 


tfaktegDome of <afrfle 5 bp reafoti tofterof, 
ep lucre encouraged fp?ft to refpR 3 ano tJ;cn tart tfi open tuarre 
(o aflaplc ana ffputfe tbcl|ao?tugalc$ 5 fo? tbe grr attreafure toW- 
ctje kpng $enrp b? orljcr to queene 5>eli(abetb bad geatbere D to* 
gcatber rbcre. fcljfe marQuefle , urtiile fl;e luted, DID cucr fbetoe 
a nianlp and 0oute mpnDe, bo tb m peace nnD loarre , fo tl;at bp 
(er cotmfaple, n wnp noble tbingc nitre taottgbt to gooD effect e 
in Cflftile: Uiuo cijta noble luoinan tlje Uipfe cfPctrus jrias tea* 
ntde bp ber bjotljfrs fvDe- ^>!jc /ololipng tljc inagnammttic of 
Ijcr aunt^percetupno; !)cr btifDauD nouic furnpajpng tjpm fdfc to 
Depart to tt;eUnknotoen coaftcs oftOcncluciuoilDf, ano tliofe 
large tracts of ! anoc ano fea/paUc tljcfc U)o:Dc0 Uuto l)pm: 99p 
moff DeareanoiuelbeloweD btifbanoe^loe ougfjc notnome tofo?* 
geat tbat from our poting peered u?c jjaue ben i opneo togeartjer 
tuttlj tljcpokc of(;olp matrtmonte,to tlj intent cljat uie (IjotilDe fo 
ipue togcaojer^and not afimoer, ourpng tbe tpme of our natural 
Ipfe : toberefb?e fo? mp parf,to Dedare mp affection (;crein, pou 
(bal tmDerftantie, time Uiljttljcr focuer pour fatall Drflemc QjaU 
Djpue pou, eptber bp tbe turtoua toaue0 of tije great Ocean, o? 
bp tlje inanpfutOcatD Ijojrt'ble aaungcrs of rijc Ianoe,3I tup! fure 
Ipbeare pou companp: t^ere can no perpll cOauncc tonic fa 
(attble, no? anp hpnoe of oeat^ fo cruel!, tfjac 0)al not be vnucbe 
eafperfo^meto abpDe, tljento hue fofarrcfcptirate from poiu 
37t lucre tmidjc better fo i me to Qpe, anD cptljer to be cad into 
tbe fea, to be oeuoureo of tfje f pfyca, 01 on rljc lanoe to t(;e 
niba!e0, tljenUntfj continual niournpnganDbcUi^plpna;, toliue 
inDea^anoDpelpupng, uiljple 3! confume inlookpngradjct 
fo?mpl)u(banDe<Ietter05t^eiifo?(jpnifelfe. ^ijs wmpruloe* 
termtnation, not rafylp, no? p?efent!pejccogttate, no?concci^ 
ucobp rijelpgbtpbamafteof uiomans biapne, but uiuljfonrj 
Deliberation anD gooa aDutfement. BoWt(;erefo?e rioofeto 
tuljedjer of tljtfc ttuo pou topfl aflent, cptljcrtotl)nt(!epouc 
fluooiDe in mp tljiotc, o? to graunt me mp requcft . ^ ^ fo? dje 
rtitoicn toljicij god barb gcncn bo as pledge* of our infcparable 
loue(fo?rbepbadfburefomc^, anu as manptua^jters) (bail 
not (lap me a moment : let us leaue unto tbcm fucb ff ood : an) 
roirclTtonssasbaueben Icfcu^ bp our paremcd and frecnBfg, 
toterebp r^ep nwp Ipuc among t!;e tooo?a;ppfuU of tl;ep^ o?den 

H3 tt:i fog 

Bancroft Library. 


fig ot&ttttpnge* 31 Cake no can-, COljen tiji* noble matrone of 

manlpuertue Uao fiuiiljeo cljcfe tooojoe*, bcr IjufbanDc feepng 
t()e eonftam mpnDe ofljis topfe, ano Ijcr in a rcopneflfe to DO ac 
cojopug co ber woojoeg, bao no bat t to oenpe bet loupng petiti- 
on, but enlacing Oennljtsarmes, commenoeo ber intent, 
ano confenteo to bet requetf* ^>(;e folomeo Ijym tljerfo?e, as Dto 
Ipficratea ber &/ itkttiatts, tottb l;er Ue^re jtfngpng loofc a'jouc 
Ijcr QjoulDerd : fen (be Imteo ber (jufbantJ, a0 DpO Hakcarnajfea of 
C4) u i)cr^betng Dean, ano as opo jfrtcmifta ber Afaujolus, CCte 
(wuc alfo bao aouertifment Qncc tljcpi oeparture,cbat fljcCbcpno; 
bzott ji)t Up ad it mere ampg foft fctbcrs) Uatlj unrij no lefTe Route 
courage fudepneo tljc roj tngc^ ano rage* of cbe >cean,tben DPD 
cptbcr Ijcr bu(banoe, 0.1 anp of tbe ^Darpnerg b^otigbt Up etien a- 
mong tbe fottrges of tbefea- But to Ijaue fapoe tljus inuclje Ijcrc< 
of,tljt3fl;aurutfife: Ictusnolucfpcakc of otljer djpnges no leflc 
Doo^tbp memo^te cijcrfoiCjUJljcrag! in tbe fir (I Decaoe Uie batie 
maoe mention of yincentius /nnezjPin%<)nns,yt njalunoerttanD, 
tbatbe accoyanieo Cbrijlopbom Colonus tbe ^onuraUn bts firil 
bopage, ano aftertuaroe maoe an otber uopage of bid oione d;ar< 
ges U)ttb onlp one (bpppe* a gapne , tbe rp^d peere after tbe DC- 
partpng ottbe Captapncs Xicuefa ano t'ogedafa ran oner tbofe 
coafleis from Hifpaniola, anb fearcbeo al tbe ^outb fp^c of Cuba, 
from tbe Caft co tbe CCtetf ,anD fapleo rounoe about tbat JIanD, 
tutjtC'je to tbat oap, foi tbe great lengtb tbereof, luas tbougbt to 
baue ben part of tbe continent o? 6rmcIanD 3 altbougb fonte otl/cr 
tap tbat tbepopp tbelpfce Vincent jtnnez. tberefoje,knon)png 
nouie bp erperience tbat Cuba toag an Kanoe, fapleo on further, 
ano fmmo otber ianor g (laettuiaroe from Cuba, but fucbe a0 tbe 
2omiral bao ftr ft toticbeo . COberfo^e, bepng in manner encotn 
paffeo totcb tbts netae Ianoe,tuming (jig courfe totoaroe tbe left 
feanoe, ano raOng tbe coaltcs of tbat lanoc bp tbe Cat!, ouerpaf- 

Cng Olfo tbe moutbCiS Of tbe gUlfrt Of Be ragn*, I'raba. anO Cuibi' 

^^,bearrpueoattbetcgionMi()idjein tbe firH Decaoe UK 
calico Tana ano Os firaconis, ano entreo into tbe great guife of 
frc U;c luater, lubicb Colonus Difcoucreo, bepng replenpu)eD luit !j 
great abmioanee of fpflje^no famous bp rcafon of tbe multuuoc 
of 3!lanoes Iping in tbe fame, bepng otttantCafttoaroe from 
C*r/44 abou( an Juno^o ano ^irtic mplejJ 3 in t^e utyd; tract c, 


. :. 

lancroft Lil: 


are t&e regions of CWWH* ano M ****}**, i^ic&e aflb to Ac 
fttbooke ofrijefpjftDecaoetoefepotobe reginn* of t&e large 
Ujouince of 'Pariajtfwt manp affpjme to be tljcgreatetf plentie pcariea, 
of t&e beft pearled, and not in Curiana. fcbe kpnges oft&efe re* 
gion$ (to&om tljep cal ckiacones, ajs rtjep of Hfianiola cal t&em 
c/if Obcpng certineo oftljc comnung of our men, fent certapne 
fppcs to enquire urfja t neiu nation luagf arrpueo in tljepi coafte*, 
U)ljat tljep b?oup;f;t 5 anD toljat tl;cp tuoulo !jaue,ano in tl;c meanc 
tpme furnptljco a number of tljep? c ano as (tttydje rtjep call c/;/- 
f^j)Utb men armeo after t^ep? manner: fo? t^ep toerenoc 
a Iptle atton vll;ctj to b cljolD c our Ojip pes luulj tlje fapieei fpieaD, 
uljercasi tbepufe no faple0, no) can bfe but fnwn ones pf $ep 
tuoulDe^bpreafonofttje naroiunclTcofdjcpjCmoas;. &ttttr 
mpng tijerefotf about tbcfiipppe luitlj tbep? Canoas (luljtdje 
tuemapUielca! Monoxyla, becauTedjeparemaoeofoneluboIe 
tree) tbep fearcD not to (boote at our menjbepng pet U)ttlj in tijeic 
(Ijppped) anD kerppng ttjem feluesi bnoer tlje (jatdjeg, a0 fafelp 
aspftijepljaDbcnDefenDcD toitO (tone lualied, 15utU)Ijen our 
men IjaD ujotte of certapne peeceiai of o?Dinaunce agapnll tljem, Cl . ebfe ^ 
lijeptoerc fo oifcomfiteD Uiidj tlje nopfeano ilangfjtertljercof, 
tljat tbep mouc tbem fclue^ to flpgljt, Being tbus Difpar eleu,ottr 
men djafeo tijem luidj tlje ujip boate 9 toke manp 9 ano Hue rnanp* 
caijen tlje fcpnge* bearD tbe nopfe of t&e gumte*, ano uierc cer* 
tifteD of tije Io(Te of tjjepj men 3 tljep Cent ambaffaDouw; to r/'f i- 
tiussigM to entreate of peace, fearpng tlje fpopleof tljepj 
goooes, ano Detraction of tljep? peoplc,pf our men fyoulo come 
alanoe in tljep? UJiatfj ano mrie. ljep iefpieo peace rijerefoie, 
ajicoulDebeconicctureobptljep^fipes ano popntpnge* : fo? 
ouimenunoerftoooc not one uiooio of t&ep? language, ^nofb? 

toitb tti?ee tljoufanDe of tljofe toepgbtc0 of goto t&ac tlie ^>panp= 
aroe* ca!I Ctjlellanum Jureum, ujljiclje tljep commonlp call Ve- 
lum. aifo a great barrel of tiioo&fu! of motte ejcceHnit mafcu* 
line jTranKencetife,tteig!)ing about t\joo tboufanoe ano fire bum 
tyeo pounooi toeig^t, after eigbt ounres to d^e pounoe :u*ot * 
bpd)epKnetoed)atdjat lanoe bwugljt fooitl) great plemie of t rrn..t ?r r ,ihia. 

fo^ djere is; no entercourfe of marrijaunoies 
mljabitaunteg of ?4r/4 ano tlje &*bean$ 9 being fo 



Bancroft Library. 

fern trf(!ant,tobetag rtfo tfcep of tori* fcnotoc noting toftfcwt 
ffcepjoHmccoaftea. ffiKttb tbegotoean&y rankencenfc u^icfoc 
tbep pjefemcD to our men,tl)ep gaue tljetn alfa a great mulct CUDC 

tod to fetiffte top? pjefent neceffitic, as alfo to carrp toxcjj djem 
tmo&papnefo;ifncreafe,lpkU)pfe cmapne carpettes, couct' 
letces, table dote, ano bangpngs, maoe of (Sottampme Dike, 
findp u>jout$c after a Orange D:uice,tDttt; pleafant ano uariablt 
colouca, baupng goloen beUe0,ano fucb otljc r fpangfc* ano pen< 
ttauntesf, aa tie SKalnnscaU Sonagbos, ano tf;c &panparoe* 
Ctfctutlcs, dangpng at tl^e purfleg tfeerof. ^I)ep gae tljem fur* 
^ermo^efpeakpngpoppngape^ of funo^p colours, agmanpa* 
C^ep tooidoe alke: fo? (n X ; dr/4 tljcre ts nc IcfTe plentte of poppn* 
gape0^en Wit\) U0 of oaueis o? fparoiwa. Clnn'oabitanta of tljcfe 
region^Ootl; men $ U)ouicn,arc appareiko uiitlj uelhtrcs mace 
of goflamptne cotton, il;e mcH to tbc kneeig,ano tfjc uiomen to 
tty calfe of dje Icggc.^tjefaiion of tljc pi apparel ts Out pie ana 
plapne, muc^e Ipke unto tbe ^tirkcg : but tljc nieus f g Doullc, 
ano quiUeOjlike tljat luljiclj tljc Curkcs bfe in tlje toarres. ^;fje 
Hair * fa P W^ of ^ y w arc rulers but fo? one pcere : bot tl^ep? aucto?itte 
one pew? w no letTe among tbe people botlj tn peace ano uxirre, tl;en t^ 
$aucto?ttic of on)er hpngs m tbofe regions, ^etr utllages are 
Sife SSona ^' DeD " l compafle, along bp tljc banket of al tljat great gulfc. 
* JTpue of tljep? ponces came to our men Uittfj tfcepj piefentc^ 
tofjofe named 3! tl;ongbt Uioo^tbp to b: put in to bt(to;ie,in re> 
immb^ance of fo notable a ttqtyCfoaMif cbuwch* (tljat 10, 
cch*,foi o)ep cal pjuicea o? Uingts cbi 


ano cbt acorns potto, dje gulfc bepng firft founo of rtje 9lDnural 
Co/o//j,t|)ep cal <M 2S^sff4m,becaufe be entrco into tbe feme 
in tfce Dap of ^ natuittte of C^ift, but at tljat tune Ije onlp palTcn 
bp it unrljotrt anp further (earcbpng , ano B4M in $e ^>panpfl)C 
tongjOgnrfiedb a gulfe. &Hbe Vmccntw ban tto maoe a league 
toitbtbcfep?incej5,folclu)'ngl)taappopmeo courfe, be founoc 
manp regions totoaro p au%Defoia;c bp re afon of O(uer0 flooo^ 
ano ouerfloujpngfi of luatcrg : alio manp (lanopng pooled iii m< 
uew placw, ano tbofeof ejcceeotnglargenefle. ^)t ceadeo not ta 
fblotue tbu3 tracte 3 bntpl (e came to tl;e popnt o^ cape of tljat 

;, The decn : 
Bancroft Libr&ry. 


Tnefeeon<!e<!eca<!, & 

moftlong tonne. fcbt's popnt feem etb ad tbougb ft liwto nrattr 

riie mount /ft/*/ in jtpknca : fo? it pjofpectetb totuarw rbat part 

af apb?tfotobtcl) tbe 19ojtugales eal CapMt fan* ^HMkQJ 

popntes o? capes of tbe mount ^/4>,are rougb ano feuage,neere 

Unto tbe fea. be cape of Sow* s/f Tanza , o;catberetfe t^tit ano 

foure Degrees of tbe feoutlj pole, caHeo t^e pole antartike, but 

tbat popnt onlp fcuen Degreejet, 3! fuppofe tbw Iawe to be ftat, 

tobitbt 31 fpnoe in oloe lu?pters of Cofmograpbte to be caUeo tbe 

great 3!Ianoe artantike, taritbout an? further Dedarpng eptfccr ^e gtt t j4 

cf tijc nutation, o? of ifee naxiue tljcrcofc tanf ntunui 

The eight bookc of the ftcondc DC cade, of 
the fuppofcd continent, 

il[)en 3fobn tbc fct'ng of ^o^mgafe U'ufir, 
tobiri;eUw8p]fDfcc(Tour toljtm tijatnoluc 
raignedj, tbere arofe a great contention be tfnrtfflfrimi fc 
ftoccnc tbc Ca(lilian0 auD tijc ^(ugales, nne SfC? 
as concernpngtbe Dominion of tbefcnetoe Jj 
fbunoe ianaea, ^be ISo^tugalw, becaofe 
ti;ep tuere fp?H tljat Dtirrt attentpc to 
fearcbetbeCcean Icafpncctbenicmojicofman, a(finneD rijac 
iltljenauigations of tbe Ocean, ottgbt toparttyncto tbcmon* 
!p. trbe Calriltans argue o on tt;c contrarp par t ,tljat tutjatfocucc 
6oD bp tbe miniftrarion of nature Ijatlj crcatco on tbe eanb,t0atf 
*t tbe beg]mnpng common among men, ann tbat it is tberrfo^e 
lauiful to euer? man to poffclTc fucb lanDs as are tmpoe of Cb?i* 
Cianinbabiumrs. cZlbple tbe matter teas tbns tmcenapnelpe 
ocbatcn bod) parties agreeo tbat tbc comronerfie fliouloc be oe 
rpDeo bp tbcbpfljopofKomc, ano pligbteo faptb to (tanotta 
ftis arbitrement* ^be Kpngoome of Cafitiefoaa at tbat tpme 
goucracD bp tbat great queene Hehfabctb ujith ber luilbanD : fo? 
tJjeKealmeof Caftrle urns ber oo^ie, ^bealfoanDtijekpno; 
cfl|Do?tuga(e, toere cofpn germane s of tluo fpftcrs , bp reafon 
toijereof, ri;eDiircmtonU)asmo?eeafpIppaciSeo, BptbeaOent 
tberfbje of botb parties, 3Ie jcan&er tbe btfbop of Uomc, tbe. t tof ctrt bi/fcop of 
tbat name, bp rbaucttwitK of fr* Jeaoen btt!l,u?ete a rigbt ipae 

. Th* dec ad 
Bancroft Library. 



t, o? C^WKT^, totcbin tbe compaOe of tljis fpne (altljoujfo 
fome oenpe it) falletb tbe popnt of tbid lanne tobereof UK baue 
fpoken,tobicbe tbep cal u$ut Sdntti jiuguftini, otbertopfe caKeo 

Vromontorium SanHi jtuguftini, tbat 13, faint 3ugufline0 Cape 0> 

popnt : and tberefye it id not latoful foi tbe Caftilians to fatten 
^iote in dje begpnnpng of tbat lano. VmtnXus jnncz. tberefoje 
neparteo from tbettce, bepng amterttfeo of tbe inbabttanted,t!jat 
ontbeotberfpoeoftbebpgb moantapned totoarDe tbe feourlj, 
Iping before bid epe*,tbere ina$ a region calico cwwki.tobieijc 
biougbt foitb great plentie of goto e, Of ccrtapne captiued ui'ji- 
cbe be tooke intbeplfe of ^nXtoljicbc certapne^ partepnetb 
to tbe dominion of Cadile) be b^ougbt fome uritb bim to ffifl* 
mo/*, ano leftdjem luiclj tljepoimj 3Dintrall to learncourto 
guage ; but b e bpi n fclfe rcpapieo to tbe court, to make earned 
mite to tbe kpng, tbat bp bid fauour be mpgljt be gouemour of 

ftant from HifptnioU onlp.ricU Jeaguetf)becaufe be tuas; tbe fp?d 
finoerofgotoemtbac 31(anoe. Before rifi^m^efuitefo? 
tljia office, one Don Cljndopber, a po^tupjale^tbe fonnc of tbe 
countte itoajpOMl goiiernour of tbe 3lanD, tubom tbc<a< 
ntbales of tbe orijer 3I!anDC2i 0ur,tmtb al tbe Cb^fftan men tijac 
mere in tbe fame, except tbe BiOjop auo bt'0 familier0, tuljicbe 
fieo ano njpfte D fo? tbem felued,fo^faitp;ta; tbe cburcbe ano ai tbe 
o^twmentes tbereof : foj pout boIpnelTe batb confecrateo fiuc bp* 
^P 2; * n *^ e 3IianDsi^t tbe requeft of tbe mod catboiiquc king* 

a regider jTrper of tbe o^oer of faint jr rauncid, is bplbop. 3Cn tbe 
totome of Conception, Doctoi Petrus Xutm offieza , ano in tbe 
!UmDeof(amt3lol)no? Vwicbcn*, jflpbonfa Aftnfa alicencu 
ate, being botb obfimwmted of tbe tnflitutton of faint petrr. ^Ije 
fburtb id ^Trper H5aniar oe of \ffft t a man of noble parentage, 
bo^ne hi Toledo, a p jeacbet, $ bilbop of tbe 3IlaiiDc of Cuba. i)e 
8ft id lohvmes Cabedus, a frper pjtcacber, lubom pour Ijolpncflc 
annopnte5miniOerofCb?idc, to teacbetbeCbjtlHanfaptb & 
mongcbemliabitamedofZ)4r/>4, ^beCantbaleafljalllioitlpe 
repent gem, ano tbe blooo of ourmenfljalbcrewengco , and 
fooner, bccaufe tl;at feojdpafter cftcp tao commpttcQ 




tfcfe afowtfaable flaugfcter of tar tmn, ttep came agrtpne fawn 

to our mm, a no ate ()pm, anD al Old fnnuJp, utterlp fubuerrpng 
jjis trillagCjbpon tin* occafion,tbat uiolatuig rijc laui of Ooffage, 
tje Ijao flapnc feucn ambalcs U)ljtdje toercleftiwtbbpmbp 
compofuton to make ccrtapne Canoad, Dcc.nifctlje 3lanoeof 
5/iwf/i lobannis beared) greater trces,<mD aptcrfo^ tljatpurpofe, 
tijen Dotl; rtjc 3Jlano of 5rfw^' o^rije cbeefe ijabttatto of tlje Ca 
mbalcsf . ljcft Cantbale0 pet remapnpug in t!je JIanD,ccrtatne 
of our men faplpng from Hfiamola, djauncc D bpon tljem. ^Tlje 
tbvng bi piig DitDcr (Toooc bp tijc interp^ecour^ our men qttarel* 
ling luitl; tbcm.anD calling rijcm to acrompt foi njat nnrdjcuoutf 
oeeoc^ep immeDiatlp outctco tijcp? bouic^ ano ucnemouo a* 
rotuesi againft tljcm , ann tuittj cruell countenanced rijjeatne^ 
tfjem to be qttict, led it (^ouloe repent tljem of tl;cpi commpng 
thptljer, fiDur menfcatpngtfjepiDcncmousarroUJos (fo^tljep 
mere not p?cparco to rpgbOgaue tljem fcgnejsi of peace. Bepn^ 
kmaimDeotobp tljcp Dertroptorijc bpllage,ano tote t&efcinp; 
teas luidj 1)13 famtltc, djep anfttereD,tbat tljcp rafeo tljc Upllage, 
ano nit tlje fepng tottb IJIB familte in peccetf, anD ate t!;cm in tljc 
reuenge of tljep? feuen Uioo^kmen : ano tljat t(;cp ftao maoe fag* 
gottea of tijepjboneg, to carp tOem to tlje uriues anD rijtloicnof 
rijcv?flapneUJOo?Kcmcn 5 in tuptnefte tijattljcboopcssof tbcpj 
tjufbanoe^ ano parente* lap not Unceuengeo, anD tbcrcuntlj 
fiicincD rije faggottesi of bones to our men, ni)o bepnga(bmp 
Ibro at tjjep? fierceneflfe anDcrueItte,luereenf(^ceoto Diflcmble 
the matter, ano botoe tfjep? peace, quarellpng no furt!;cr toit^ 
tijonat tljat tpmc, ljcfe anD fud)e otijer ttjpngrg Doooaplp 
d)auncc ,tbe tubicbe^I DO let palfe,le(l 31 ujpulo oficnDe tije eared 
of pour bolpnefle uittb fuel) bioooop narrations, ^bus baue toe 
Mcientlp otgrefleD from tbe region* Maagua anD Vi abate* 
png t^e djeefcU funoatictw of our purpofe. C&e tupll noto tber* 
ft^entrcatefometobatof rije largeraCfe ami Deaptb offte rp* 
ucra of I'rab* : alfo Declare botb lubat tbep anD the lanDes ta?btdj 
tljcp runnc tb^ottgb DO l^png foo?tb : lpke\upfe of t^e greatneOe 
fif tbe lance from tfte aft to rije MJe(l,mD of tlje b?eaDrij tfcere* 
f from ttic^outi) to 4e J*m% anD toJjac ttyw opinion ana 


. ~'h rt deca ies. i 
Bancroft Library. 

The (econde decade, 


begpn at ttjc netoe named, toberimtlj tfce >panparoe0 Ipue n# 
meD tbefe pjoutnce* ,fpnce t(jep tuere totter ti;c Dominion* of tt;e 

The nicnth bookc of the fccond Dccadc,of 
the fuppofed continent, 

~Fr4g4tberfoje tljep caflea c*]MU 
it ig^golDcn Camle , anD Vraba tl;cp na< 

ft JncUlufta noua, tbat 10, MfcC 3nDalU 

' Ga, $nb Ipke a0 of manp ilanoe* U)btd;e 

tbfp fllbDUCD, Ojcp djofe HifpanioU fin dje 

cbecfe place of tljcpj habitation : fotn the 
jlarge tracte of Tana, tljep appopntco rijt pi 
colonie e? biDmg place in tlje tiuo regions of t'raba anD $fragu* t 
t^atalfudjcas attempt anp uopage0 in tljole eoaOe0, map 
refo?Gtoti;em,a0 tofafepo^tc0 to be rrfrcfljeD trijcn tbep are 
toeertc o? D^.pucn to neccnttie. 91 our fccDc0 anD plantcs Do notu 
martieplouflp mcreafe in rr^j^pkciupfc blaDe0 9 (ette0,flippc0 ) 
fee fruitful* gtafff a, fuger canc0, anD fudjc odjcr a0 are bioiigljt front otOcr 
cuoofraba. placc0 to tl;ofc regions, a0 alfo ibeattc* anD fouie0, aslucbane 
fepo before: O maniep!oit0 fruitefulnefff . ^toentie oapetf aftec 
c^e feeDc 10 fatten, tbep gcatfjer rppe cucumbers, anD fudj Ipbc, 
buc<CoIluoo?tcs 5 13eete0, Icttuf^l^o^ge, irerppc tuulwitfje 
fpace Qftenoape0 6ouroe0, ^clones, a?io pompion0,uiitfj:n 
cue rmttf ftii* ^g fyace of.jcruut -Dape0. <Dariia Ijatb manp natiue (ree0 ana 
nft fruitc0,of Diuer0 kinD0 5 toitlj funDjp taflc0,!t Ijolfcme fo? ibe ufe 
of men, of tlje lut;idj J l;aue tliougijt it gooD to Defcribc cer tame 
of tljc bcft. ^bep nourpfbe a tree uibidie tl.iep 
bearetb a fruite mud;e rcfc mblpng rije KinDc of Citroi 
are commonlp calico tnwone0, of tatle fomUibata)arpe,niprt 
toitb ftoeettne&$:bep iintte a^fo abunDance of mat of ptnetrce *, 
anD great plcntie of Date trce0,lubicb beare fruite0 bigger iljcn 
tbc Date0 t^at are hnoiuen to be^bi.t tf^ep arc not ape to be eaten 
fbj tbep? to mueb fotojeneffe, JffltlDc ^ barren Date trees grotu 
of tljem (Hue0 in funbjp place0,tlic t?.^ rues urfjerof rljep i>fc foj 
bcefome05anD eate alfo rt;e foftues of tbe fame. GttarauansbtiiQ 


The fcconde decade, 

frufte & bpgge a# pome Citrons 3T ber e ijs anotfttt fret tttueft 
Itketoacbetrnuttree, luboferhute is like to tl;c bigger fojre of 
fpggjbepngbolfomean&ofpleafant cade. Af*>m,i0anotbcr 
tree tbac b jingctb foj tlj finite ag bpgge aa an o?ange,m Me no* 
fting inferio? to tbc bed kinoes of ^clones. Guanantla, bearetfj 
4 frutte lefle tJjen aitp of d;e otbcr,but of ftoeete fauour like fpicc, 
ID of intertable tadc. Houos is another trce,tol;ofc frtu'te Ootlj in 
ty ape ano tade (0 mtirlje Iphc to puuieg, but fomelubat logger: 
tt}f p are furelp perftDaDtu tljat tbi is tljc Myrobalanc tree'.lje(e 
groluefo abunoantIpinH///'4io/4, tljat tbe !)ogge0 arefcDDc 
luttb tbcfrtucc tl)crof,as U)itO mall among b& ^(je boggcs like 
tbiskpnoe offeenpng fa tod, tljat tofjcti tljcfc fhtttes rtpf, 
tlje fu)inebearD0 can bp no meancg kecpe tljem out of tlje UKJOD )J 
of tljcfc trees, bp reafon tobereof, a great mult mine of tljem are 

10 of mucbc better carte ano mc?e toljolfome t^en mutton : fb? it of better 
tenottobeooubreD, buttbattjitieriskmoegi of meatesiDoocn* 
gt noer funo^p tafleg ano qualitiea in futfj a^ are iiourifljeo trjet* 
tottb^e mod puiflant p?tncc fmi/ Wj,oedareD tfjat be ban 
eaten of anotfoer frutte b?ougbt from tfjofe lanocs, being fiUl of 
fcales.tott b Uepes, mttctj Ipke a pineapple in four me ano colour, 
but in tenocrnes equal to nidoto pepons,anD in tadc er cceopntj 
xl gr-ocn fruited : fo? it is no trec,but an bearbe 3 muclj like Unto 
an arrijidjokCjOj jfi-antbo: lje king bun felce gatte tbc diecfed 
connnenoation to tbi& 31 bane eaten none of tbeft fruits : tbi of a 
great number uiljicb tljepbjougbt from tbence,onlp one remap* 
neobncomiptco, tijeotljer be ing putnueobp reafon of tbe long 
bopage. 31 fucbe a0 battc eaten of tbem netolp geatbereo in tbetc 
nattue fople, oo marueploudp commenoe tljcpj fueetenefte ano 
pleafaum tadc. bepupgge alfo put of tbe gi-ounoe certapnc 
rootes grotopng of tbem feluesi .torjidje tfjcp call Bctatat, mucbc 
Ipkebnto tbe nauie rootea of ^Jfane, o? tbc^rcatpufreaoj 
nuid^onics of tbe earrb* Cpotofocuer tbep be o?eirs cptljec 
frpe&ojfoDUe, tljcp geue place to no furije kpnoe of meate in 
pieafam tenDcrnes, die fkinne is fomtubat tougber tljen cp tbec 
tlje nauieg o) mullromw, anD of eartbp colour, bat tbe iraift 
tneate f bcrof is ucrp toljtte : Qjcfe are nourifljeD in garocnM* 

^bep are alfo eaten ratof, 



^ . 

***** tbeufc ofratof Aelbnitflf, bat arefirni^ttfttnkg 

topIno\D2tl)crefo?cetttretcof t'jpnge? fencitiue. 
anaaefolate paSures of tbefc region*, are inhabited mo Deitoiu 

ifon0nto wo oftoptoe ana terrible beaffe *,* lto^ ^pgpw, anu fuc^i 
ptbecmonftew aiUJenQUiEfeiaU)e v anDfiaueben^ftcibro of 
oldeauctouwmtpme pat. Buctbcrete (licctoHpoiiebeatreti. 

Mortngc geiidjed bete,fn lulj icb nature l;a cl; enaetnurw to fyetu Ije c ctra 
npng: ^(jjlbealli0a0 bj><y$ea3n$]ce, armen uitt{j a long 
Oiouce Ipke^n ^Cif pljant, ann pet in dep Ijaat , of cbe coloac of 
an o;e,and pec no o;e, toit ti tlje I; aoft of a ljoifc,ano pet no baife , 
luityeareafalfamucl;efpkebntoan (glepijant, but not fo open, 
no^ fo mud) Ijangpno; Doume,pet mtscbe UJPDCC tijen tbe eared of 
anp orijcr bead. "SDf tlje bead inljtdj beacetb bet ti^elpetf about 
toitfj Ijcc in I;cr fecono bellp as ttt a pur fr(ber nj ftno\u:n to none 
of dje olDe Ui^pter0)li bauc fpokcn tit cl^c fp? ft D:caoc, lu!)irg | 
Daub c not to Ijauc come to tljc banner of pottr boipnelTc. let us 
notoe cljercfo^e Declare toljat rcltetlj of tljc flo JDDC^ attu rpucru 

tottfj a narolu cljan?!, fcarcelp able to beare tbe Canoaei 01 Ltp> 
tew of tljac p^otttnce,ano runneti) b? ti;e btlfejc iuljerc tbep djofe 
tbcp^oujenpng; place, but tbc rpnectn tbe cojtner of r(je gtilfe 
tu jiclj 2 toe fapoe tbat T^/^M ; palTeo bp,tb cp fotmoe to b e.icrtiiu 
furtojigejEi in b^eautb (toljiclj tbep caU a !eague)at> of ejtceeDpng 
Deap tbyia of ttoo bul^eo cubtt^faHpng into tbe ff ulfe bp oitier 
moutlje0.^bep Tap tbat tl)i$ rt'tter fal'ecb into tbe gulfe of Vrab*. 

falletb into tbe fea liDamifte, ano Ni/^ into tbe feaof Cjppt, 
Uiberefo^e tbep named it Gnndisdw ia,great : mljtcbe alfo tljep 
crocobtu i affpime to nourplbe manp ano great Crocomie0,a* ^^ olDimt* 
a (er ^ tcUifie otl^fus, ana cfpcct'alfp as 31 bauelearncDbpfjc* 

3j ujaa (em Jlm'jairbour to tbe ^>ouloanc of fllcap? ,ac tbe com* 
maunoemcnt of the mod catboltquc fepng. CSJIjat 3! map tljrre* 
fo^e ge atbec out of tyc urptpnge* of fo manp learned auctbour* 
80 concernpnj toe rtucr ofi^lur^ knotoe not: fo? tbep Tap tbat 
nature bb geuen ttuo rpuers* of tbat name to toatertbe lanoe, 
toyctjectbe^topl t&cm tof^pngoutoftf;? mouwtapnejJ of tbe 


Lden. The decades, f 
j Bancroft Library. 



The fccon<k DccaJe. 


tilbat Q>a!ttefap in ft* place <t>frbat Nik; fnegpptc^m 

/i, paflpng unoer f equinoctial fpne ,among tbepj martteplot* 

moone, ana tbat itisianotOer c^anelofx\//j,brcaufett^tngcff) 
fimfc CrocoDilea, tubereaa it frtb not ben reao befoje time, rtjat 
anp otljer nucr nourtftjeo Crocooile0 fdtunp; oirip i^lui. ^fjis 
niter tlje ]3o?tugalcs( cat Seneg*. Jc runiuclj tlpugtj tljc region 

on rije S>out!) fpne ftnoie ano rouglj. Crocootlcs are alfo engem . 
o: CD Ijercin . CClfa t fljal toe tben Tap of fljw tljtroe ^ pea 3} map 
uiel Cap t\)t fourtlj : foi 31 fuppofe tbcm alfo ta be CroccDrteflf 3 tobt* 
cijc Co/9'jttj toitlj bw companp founrijdrmcD uiiclj fcalesi as bam 
as> fijcllcs, in tbe rptter cafleu VtUiartor, toberof toe bone mane 
mention before, &bal toe fap tbat tbefe rpuerg ofvaricn* aifo and 
r^/'j , baue tbep; original from tbe mouncapneg of tbe moone, 
tulicraa thep fp?png out of tbe nejcc moiuif apnesi , a nu can bp no 
ntcanea Ijauc tlje (atne original ttottb ^'/f in Cgppt, o? tbat in 
N/gn/4,0? ela tbat in tbe fepngnome of Melmda&m tubence fa 
cucrtijep areDcrpueO) to!jerea0 tbe&otber '(aguicljauefapDe) 
fpiing out of tbe nejcc mmtntapned^tobicb niut'De snotfjer ^outb 
ff ij toitb no greatoiftance from tbe Bo?dj Ocean, tabercfojte, 
it appeared) bp erpen'ence of fucb aa bane trauaileo tbe IDO?!D in 
our tpme,tbat otber tuacers befpoe tbe n'uer of Nilus in gvpt, 
map Ivkciupfe b^png fpo?tb CrocoDilea". 3In tbe Slfcirpfljea alfo 
ano fennea of tbe regions tfiParima, are fouiiDc great plcrn 
tteofpjefanreaan^l^eacoda^ (but not of uariaWeco!om#) 
iDitijmanpe otber kpnbea of bp?z>ea anD fbulca bnlpKe bnro 
wtra, afojel apt to be eaten, aa alfo to oelpretbe earea of men 
U)i;[) pleafauntnopfe . 3$nt our &panparoc0, becmtfe tfccp 

ptngapeaoffun^pfepnDea nre fottnUecbatteringineljegroueiJ 

are fome 

r't Library, 


The feconJe Decade. 

bjougbtano frnt to tbe courtea great mmiber of euerpkpnDe, 

aJi a Ifc^^ali m it ^n-*-- * -* ^ * ^^- - - ^ >^ ^^ *- i fc 

ipeiD^tajemiwiflwunnu 102 autDepeopie tooctyUDe* anDate 
pet Daplpb2ou5fjt in like manner. $bere renwpnctb pet one 

coiif rmng to* to {#ue cljaunceo into tbe \WK* of Cwirt o? Lmic 4en ou 


10 fopoe cf tbe bcnne tbben ft e feetb ber potmg d)pdten inunap. 
cue bira*t& peo in totoe 02 date. bcb?eawbofil)atIanDffromtOe>5o2tb 
^ cean to .** fou ^ ***> ls onlp Cre Da?es Ioumc P> b P relation of 
riuergontbeonefpoe, ano outbeotberfpoctbenarotontOe of 
tbeiano?,b#mgme into fucljc Doubt botoc ttcan cometopalTe, 
tfcae in fo Iptle a fpace of tb?ee oape0 iournep, mcafurpng from 
tbcbig!) toppcgof tboft moutuapnes, 31 DOO not Uaoerdanoe 
|H>U)e fo manp ano fo great rpiicrs map bauc recourfe Unto iljig 
J2ojtb fea : foj it i0 to be tbougbt>tbat ae manp Do floUi totoan 
tbinbabitamci of tbe foud; ;efe riuers of / >^u are but fmal!, 
in comparifon of manp otljcrin rijofe coafte* : fo? tbe ^>panp 
aroc s Gip ,tbat in tbe tpme of Co/o; ,tbcp founy anD paffrD bp an 
otber riuer after t ljis,ia{jo(c guUe fallpng into p fca,tijcp affinne 
to be Utle Icffe tben a IjnnDieo mplcs in ti;e fpjft coafte0 aSTaria, 

toppcg of Ij 13!) moumapnr toub fo fopft ano furioua a courfc, 
tbat bp tbe uiolence ano greatnrift tbereof, it oipuetb backc t!>e 
fca,alf l;ouglj it be rougb $ enfb^reD ttxtb a contrarp topno. l;tp 
al afllrmc Ipheiuvfc, tbat in al tbe large tracte tbtro^ep felt no 
(buj)eo^ fait Uwter, but tbat aO tbetoatcrtnais rrecfl)f,fujcctc, 
anoapt tobeD2unke. binj0bitam*e* cafi djwrpuer Ma*? 
nonum, ano tbe region* aDtaccm to tbe fame, M<ai4un&A\, c*- 
tnamorusM Tancora : bcfpDe tbofe riuert tt^tdjc 31 bauc na 

Gw*. t^ep Uibidj oflatt baue feardjca 
ibofe coades, i^ue fixinDe manp otber. Drliberatpng tbero 

The decades ^ 

Bancroft Library. 


iurototftnft ncarebntotbe feaonborb fpfte*, fjattrfucfje great 

!j olotoe cauesi en Demies of fuel) capacitie, ano from U)lj. ncc t!;ep 

are fplleo, to cart foonl) fucbe abur.Danee of mater: bereof alfo af 

&png tbem tbe opinions of tbe mbabiraunte;?, tbep aflfirme cbem 

to be of Diners iuDgementcs fjerein , alleaging fp.ifl dje greatne* 

oftbemountapncstobetbccanfe, luljtcljc tijcv fep tobeucrpe 

l)igb,U)!)icbc tbpng alfo Co.W; tbe firff fpnDer thereof affirmetb 

to be true, aDDpng thereunto that tljc paraotfe ot pfe.ifttre is in 

rljc tops of tbofe niountaimes toljicljc appear c from tbe (jultc of 

PJTM at Oi 'Draconis ,<is be is fuKp pcrfujaDco. (K p agree tberc* 

fbictijat rtiere are ojeat eaur s uncbin tljefe niotmt-ipnes , but it 

reffetlj to can^pccr front Uiljcnce tlieparc fyllc&.'Jftficrfaeal cl;c 

ritic ra of freinc njatcrs,bp tbe opinion of innnp, Do fo floiue out 

of tlje fca, ass Diptten ano compclleo tb?ouglj tljc palTafresf o^ **' ftfc 

pQ?e0oftijeeartU 3 bv tbe portocrouaiuepcrjjtoftljefeaitfelfe, 

aatDefeet{)einb?eahcfoo?tboftbcfp^n3es ? ano Dtrectctljep? 

courfetotbcfeaagapne, tben tip tOpng is Ictfcto bemaruep* 

If u at bere,tbcn mother places: foi loe fjauc not reaD tl;at in 

anpotber place, tujofudje fctisiianccimtronctianp lanDc U)f) C j, c , anbf rt , 

fonarotoelpmpttC3:fo? it bad? on ibe rptjbtfpDc tbe great Oce* tioreb 

an,U)Ijere tbe funne goetb DOUJIIC en tljc left banoc , anD anotbet tum 

on r be otber fpoc tobere tbe fuime rpi e tl),no t! IPHQ; mfenour to tbe 

fyidein greatnefle, fo? tbepfuppofe it tobemprteanotopitea 

as al one tuitb tbe fea of Cai 3!nm. ')ia lanoc tberfo^e bcpwj . 

fcurDcneo uiitf) fo great a uupgbt on tbe one fpDr, t on tbe other, 

(pft(;is opinion be of anp value) is nif^KCDiofiualctDcUpfud) 

oeuoinreD Uiater0, and a^apne to cad fooubtbe fame in open 

fpiingea and nreamcg . But pf me tlall Denpe tljat tbe eartfc 

Dialect bnmours of tbe fea,anD agree tbat tAi fountapnes o? 

fp?pnge0are engentyea f tbe conuerfion o? furnpug of ap^e 

into luater,mUillmg untbin tbe boloui placrg of tbe mountaines r m ttic w- 

( tbe mo!t part tbinke) toe uipli gcue plaec ratbcr to tbaiict')o< 

ntte of tbem luljicbe ftpcke to tiiofe reafontf, tljcn tbat our u'tifc 

10 (atiffietj of tbe fill traf ti; thereof. $>et Do 3! not rep ugne>tbat in 

fome caties of mountapne*, toater is turned into ap^e : fo? 31 

niee felfe bane feene, boU)c in tbe enure of manpe motmtapnex 

ft &papne, in manner fliou^ea of rapne DO fail connnuaUpe, 

no tyat ttn toatet geattereo bp ftfe mewiw, ootOtoefoo?di 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 

The feeomfc Decade* 

mtepnt riuets bv rije fpued of tbe mountapne*, tofjeretoftft all 
fiicbc creed ad ate planteD on tlje fteepe oj footc of tljc inountap* 
ned,auined,oliue trcef,anDfucljcot{;cr,ate U)atereD 5 anDtl)te 
e^eciaUp in one place : ad ttje rigljt Ijonojabie LoDouiUe tlje 
CarDinalonragome, motfobfequtoudtopourljoJpncflc, anD 
ttoo other bifyopd of 3!ta'p,toljereofcf)e one id s^*" <Patulonut. 
anD tljc otljer an 3rcljbiuj>op(toljofc name ano title 3i DO not rt> 
member) can beare me untncfle : fc j tuljen toe lucre togeacfjer at 
Granata, latelp DcUucvco from clje Dominion of tlje ^oo^ed) ano 
tealttefc fo? our padpme to certaine pleafam lji!Ica(bp dje tnljtdje 
ctjf re r.innc a fap^e rpucr) tuljtlc Cardinal ioDouthe occuptco 
bpm felfe in Qjootpng at bpjDcd tubicljc lucre in tlje budjed nccre 
unto tbc rpuer,3! . tbotljer tluo bifijopd DctcrmwcD to clime tlje 
ittoumapnes, to fearc^e tlje oitginal ano fp?png of tlje rpuer : foz 
toeluere not farre from tfjc topped tljcreofc jfolotopng tljcrfb^e 
ri)e cottrfe of tlje rpttcr , tue founoe a great cane, in u>l)ic(j luag a 
continual fa! of uiarcr, ad ttljao ben a (bottic ofrapnc, tljc Uia- 
ter lubcreof , falipng into a trcncljc maoe luttlj mans lj<inDc,cn- 
creafetlj to a rpucr, anti runnctb ooumc bp tt;e fpoed of tljc moun* 
tapncs. lje Ipkc r'd alfo fccne in tljia famous fofrne of / -'allado* 
/r Ktuljere luc noUic foioiirne)in a ccrutnc greene clofc,ttot pal! 
a furlong Didant from tljc mailed of tljc toUine. 31 graum tljcrc^ 
fo?c, tljatin certapncp!acc$,bp conueruon of ti;e apnc Dcauie in- 
to umtcr,urit!jtn tljc caued of fucbe mountapnes, manp fpiingea 
ano rtucr a arc cngcnD.ien: bat 3! fuppofc tbat nature mad not for 
Itcitatctcbjvngfonjib furijc great ROODS bptljidfofmall inDu 
(Inc. ^UJG rcafona tlirrfaicDofouiiDebelttompiuDgcmcm: 
.he oftm f.n or ujljerr f tl;e one is,tljc often fal of rapne : tl;c oti'er, dje continual 
autume ? rpjpngtp;neU)bici) id in t&ofe rcgions,beingfo nccrc 

tpmc unto tljc Equinoctial, tljat tbc common people can pcrcciue nc 

tiau quuloc> Difference bcttoeenc tije lengtb of tlje Dap anD tbe upgbt tt)?ougf)- 
our all tlje pccrc, ui! ere as Ujefc ttuo fcafona are moje apt to erv 
ginDcrabunDance of rapne, tben eptljcre)ctremctoipnter,o?fcr.' 
ucut fc-mmer, 3n other reafon in cflvct muclj like Unto tljc tp?ft, 
hf pojifl of ** MM 3if tbe fea be tui of po^ed^nD ti^at bp tbe po^cg tberof^e* 
the rra, AMD t\\t ing opcncD bp tljc fotitb UipnDed, tue fljal confcm tbat uapourd 
comp ujpnue. xt j^ bpj thereof t&e taaterp riouDed are engenD^eD, 
lanDe muUnecned be mopfteD toity 


Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library, 

The ftconJc Dccacfc. & 

tter, pfitbeaa narotoeaatbcpfap, tt>emtironrt toirf; (too 
nwpiurfcagconatcraflpljcatpjigonttiefamc: botijfoeuerit be, 
3! can not but gene crc&ite to fbe report of fucbe too?dp men as 
fcaue recourfe to rijofe region*, ana can no Icto tbenoecfare (be 
fame, albcic it map fccmetncreoibfetofome ignojant perfon*, 
not knotting tbe potoct of natures U)!join,]pUnie tuas perfoa* 
Drtjtljat no tag toaa impofltble. &Be Ijaue tfjcrcfoj e tbougbt it 
good to makctbfc Dtfcotnfe Optbetoap of argument, led on 
(be one fpoe, men of gooo learnpng ano niogement, ano on 
*'JP oH;er rnc 5 Tucbe is are (hiotou0 to finoe occadons; of quarefr 
: - h in o* - ,ens U)?pcpnge^ , (boutoe iuoge U3 to be fo umri f 
cre(e,UTfji!p to geue cremte to eucrp tale, me being confon*nt 
to t c.i r on : but of (be fence ano great btolence of tljofc frc(I;e lua 
tcr0,Utijic-je repulfpng (be fea,mabe fo great a gu!ft(aie( toe baue 
fapoc) 37tbpnketbe catife tbereof tobc tbe great multttuoe of 
flooDs(anoru!fr. . jfocbebepnggeatbereDtogcatber, make fa 
great a poofe, ano not one rpucr, a* tbep ftippofe 3 nu fo?af 
mtfy 9 tlj2 mouat^inoJ are r yceeoing btgb ano fteepe,31 tbtnkc 
tbe uiofencc of (be fall of (be tuater* to be of fucbe fojce, tbat tljta 
conflict bcttoeenc rije ui.iter, 10 caufeo bp tbimpulGon of tbe 
poolc, tbat tbe fait uwcer can not enter into tbe gulfe. But be re 
pcrOaps fome UipU marueple at me, U)bp 3! (boulD marueple Co 
mucbe bercat, fpeakpng unto me fco?ncftillp 5 aftcr tins manner: 
cabp Dotb be fo marueple at tbe great riuerjiof tbofe regions* 
tyadjnotitaIiebi*r'Vk*/, nameotbckpngofrptierg of tbe &J 
olo lusters *i ^aue not otljer regions alfo tbe Ipkrt as toe reaoe 
of r<tnAii,G*nges, ano Vanubius, urfjidj are fapoe fo to oucrcome 
tbetea f rljatfrc(be frater map beo^atoen founie mpleatoitbin 
tbe fame, fftefe men 31 tooulo fantfie tomb tbfe atmftuere. be 
famous rpuer of P^J in Jcalie (uHjiclje tbep no\e call fo. 
ano toaj; of tbe 6reekea calico Eridanus) batb tbe great moun* 
tapnes calico ///,w'uiDing tfraunee, 6cnnante^no panno 
nte, front 3! tali c ,Iptng at tbe backe tbero^ as it lucre bultuaritetf 
agger, ftOI of mopffure, anutoitbalong tracterecetupng r/- 
, uxtb innumerabie otber great rpuer(() falletb into tbe fca 

tbeftrpocr ( our men torn enfourmeobp tbe kpngw) faU 
into *e cean tea toftftlarp^ ano tuflerc^^ 

Eden. The decades. 
Banoroft Library. 


otijer places, altfcaugb it be but narotoe bere* fcbcre commetb 
alfotomprcmemtyaunce another caufe, tbe urtjidje altljcugij 
it be of no great fojce, pec DO 3! entenoe to tojpte it. ]derffap* 
tijercfrjetijelengtbof tbelanoe reading toe from tbe att 
to (be CCieff ,tf u be naroluc,map be a belpe bcreimto : fo? a* toe 

cue rpur t reaDf 9 tbat tbe rpuer .X//>^ / patfecb tb^ougb tljc Ijolouie placed 
UnDcrrtiefea,fromtbeacieoff//j <n Teloponcfo, ano b?eake(b 
fojtb at tbe fountapne on fp?pno; Jretbufa in tbe 3Ilano tfsiulti*, 

ione raue0 m fo fa it poffiWe tljat tbeiemountamesJ map baue fudj long wie" 
partcpnpngumotbem, tljattbep map be ti)e )tau... ' 
(be uwter pairing (b?ougb tl;e lanort bepng farre witaiu 3 iiL 
tljat tbe fame luatcrs commpng bp Co long a tracte, map tu -ije 
luap be gceatlp encrcafeo, bp tbe conuerOon of apje HUG uatcr, 
as U) Ijaue fapDe. ^bits mud) baue 31 fpokcn freelp, pcrmi>?ing 
botb to tljcm loljtrij DofnnDIp interp^cte P ' -menjB Doupnge, 
ann alfo to tbe malitious fco?ncrS 3 to take tbe ttjiuir ci.;:: s tljcm 
Ipftetb, fo? bptljerto Jcanmakencfurdjcr juu.rrTf.unucrcof, 
but Uiben tbe mtetb fljalbe better fenoluen, J, toil DO nip Diligcr cc 
(o commit tbe fame to Unptpng. J^otoe tljerfo^e, fojafomcbas 
toe Ijaue fpofeen tljus! murijc of tbe b?caotlj of tljis lanoe, toe ci; 
tenoc to oefcribe tlje Icngtb anDfourme of tbe fame, 

The tenth booke of the feconde Decade, of 
the fuppofcd continent* 

. _ k . ,at!an0ercacbetb fbo?ti into tljc rca 3 citcn 
SUSS?* I CW** aicalis altbotigl^notlphetlxlegge 

a ni^^^ it Dotb. Vut notoe 31 compare 
pigmeano? a Dtoarfe, to a (Biant: fo? 
Itijat part tbcrcof tobirije tbe &panpart>c* 
baue ouer runne, from tbe fipo CaiT popnt 
'toljifi) readjetb totoaroetbe Tea 3dainikr, 
(tbe enoe not bepng pet faunae totoaroe tbe CClcft) is; mo^e tljcu 
epgbt tpmeai longer tben 3i talie . 3nD bp tobat reafon 31 am mo* 
urbolpneirelbaUlmtertlmj^ Jfrom 

tt^tpmetberefo?etbat3!rp?Ceoetertnine to obepe tbep? rc 

W ^ 

Eden. The decades* 
Bancroft Library. 



ftfngeafot&e tatine tongue,?! afDrnpenDettonrtSaf alr&fnga 
mpgbt come foojrijtutt& Due trpa! anD cjrperfcnce : fobcrcupon 
^rrpapjcDtotbeiiifljopofte^, bepng tbecbeefe refuge of 
tbis nawgatton Qg toe toere tfcf rfine fccretclp togcatbcr in one 
cl;amber 5 te baa many tnflrimiente patterning to tbefc affaire*, 
as globes^ rrmnp of tbofc maps! urfjtcbe are commonlp caflcD 
tbeftjipmana caroe^oj c.iroea of tljcfea 

tol;auepttcto!)t3 Oanue, bctmg a man mod cjrperc in te 

cu!cie,<Tfo a ^{o^cntine boine,U)()o alfo unncr tlic itipenDe of tbe 

po^tignIes x (|aD topics totoaroetlje ^>outlj pole manp Degree* 

bcponoe tbe <jqiimoctt(ill Jn tins carDc \DC toniJc tbc firrt front 

of tljttf lance to be bjcDer tljen tbe hpnges of I'rala IjaD per- 

ftuaueD ottr men of tljcw mountavnw. ^o anotber, Colmus ri;c <qj c f a r be or 

3DnnraT,lubtIc !;epetlpttcD, anDfcarcbcDrijofc placed, l;aDge= <oionn. 

urn tbc bc-jittiun g U)ttl) bis ovone bnnnea : toijercunto Barthtio- 

meui ColoitHs bis b?otljer ant ItcuetcnatmtbaDaDDcD I;u iitDge^ 

inent, fo? be erifo baD fapIcD about tljofe coate. S)f tbc &panp * 

am* Iphetopfe, ad manp ad tljougbt tbem fclues to baue anpe 

kiioM cDge Uibat panepneo to meafure tbc ianD t tbc Tea, D:ciuc 

certapne carDe0 in parebmem as; conccnipng tbefe nmngutiongf. 

>f another, tbep moae cfteetiic fcrofcW* /***/ <fr/4 

Cop tbe eompantou of Fo^^ (tuljom uie fapDc to be fl^pne of ^ 

tbe people of Catmam tn tbe baucn of ar*^o)anD anotber e.t* 

pert pplotc ealleD An<be*s Moralis.fyto fet foojtb. 9nD tbtg af- ^ Mrl)c of 

toe! fin tbe great experience tobf clj t^ep botb baD(to toljom tbcfe a.i&ie 

trartcftUiereatMKiuaai a*ty^ 

fes)aalfoftwe^eptoctett)0ttp^tittljc oamuigertn tbatparc 

of Cofmo(rrapbfr , n*tcf) tw^etb die Difcnptton ant) mcafurino; 

of tbe rea.Confetrotg rljerfiwe 1 at tfjeft carDes togcatbcc,tn euerp 

(o mwfintfccfea coallca after tbis^DerJTrom 
tbat popnt ? ftoiw idW^f tne fapot w be mchiDtD wtdnn- 

bptbepataIeteofxtjr3llajjDBof C^rrar, 




Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


bwnwtyc ftlfo 




tncratmce of tlje rittcr A/4r^ow: and from tfcence to Os to** 

comv,feucn IjuitycD IcagiieSjbut fomtoljat ledc bp rOe mfcription 
of fomc, foj tljep DOO not agree in al popmca cr quifitrip. be 
S>panpar&6tupl t'jat a league comepne foure mplcs bp Tea, ano 
Itu tljjee bplan&c. JFrom Os <Draconis,to tU cape 01 popntof C- 
cbibacoaM)idw being pafleo, tljcre is a gulfe on (be left banoe, 
tuc mcafureo tbicc bun&jeo leagues in one Came, j muclj tljcre- 
about in anotbcr. /from t(jf d popnt tXCuMaco*. to tlje region 

Of Caramairijn U4)tdje is! tlje bauen Carthago (\0\Mt foitlC CaJ 

crt&4rHtf)toc founD about a buno^o^feucntic leagues, JTrom 
Car amain totbe 3ilauD Forrn/pfhe league*, jf rom tljenrcto tlje 
gtrtfeis of Vraba, among tbe lubidje te tbe UpHage called S4f/4 
Maria AntipaMysxt fyt S>panparDs Ijaue appopntcDtljep^ lja* 
bitation ) onlp.)C)[]ciit.ilcague3. < f rom tlje rpuer of / ' raba in tlje pio 
uince of <D*ri(n4,ta p rtuer of "Bt r^4,\u!jerc Xicuefa bao intcn* 
Deo to Ijattc failcnco Ijis foote,tf (DoDljaD not otljerUipfe Decree^ 
luemeafurcDaljtmD?eDanutbirtie leagues, jfrom $cragud, to 
tljat riuer, \ubicb lue faio of Cobnut to be calleo SanlH M attbei, 
in tlje tobiclj alfo T^cuefa loofing bit arauef 5 U)anDere& in great 
calamitte 5 , ID; founfic in our Caroed onlp a bun^eo ana four tic 
leagues: pet manp other urtjieljeoflatetpmcljaiie come from 
rljcfe partcs, Ijaue Defcnbeo manp mo leagued in tljia tract from 
tbe rpuer of s*nili Mattbri, in tobidjealfo tljep place Diucrtfrp* 
uer5 5 as M*rtm*Mtt tije llano calico Stutum Catt piping be< 
fa?c it,Uj!jofe bpng name i* Fides combuji*. liheluife anotbcr 
rpuer caUco Zobraba, aiter tbat, Vrid*, ano tbcn <D*r*b4 f in tbe 
tobtf) goloe id founoc. JTurtbertru^e, manpgooolp battens, as 
Cf ; 4/;4>-o ano ^i^ calleo of tbe mbabitaunte^. ^ndtljuspf 
pour bolpnelfc Uipfl conferre rtjefe numbers togeatljcr, pou flMll 
fpnoc in tiji* accomp t ,a tljottfann,fpue ljtmD?cD,tU)erme ano fine 
Icajuesf^tuljiclj amount to fpue tboufanDe 9 Teucn buuD^eo milee, 

from tlje popnt tfSenlk MAUbaMlfat tljep Cal SiutmiferMto- 

rw ,tbat i0,^be gulft of ^ loll men,15ut toe map not Icaue Ijerei 
T>f nautgatt* ^ after *> Jftw Ouetenfit,Ml)ttf))tfe nameO hbtrmes Di- 
on of SOD* w MS dt So//j,bo?ne in Nebriffa (tubtcbe b?pngetlj foo^tb manp lear> 
it ^w0. WD men)fapling from ri>i0 rtuer tottaroc tbe CIeft> ouerranne 
manp coaae0airtj leagues, but tbe miDOcft of djatnjo^c benoetlj 


. .. , . . ^ 

Eden The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


about ttoeebunojeo league** 5>erebpmappougeat&erinbat i* 

tbe lengtb of tbta lanDf ,buc of tlje bjeautb, perfjapa toe fya! berc* 

after baue furtber knotolcoge. let Us notoe fp cake fomctob at of 

tbcbarietieof tlje Degrees of tbe eleuationoftl;epolc(larre0, 

TOalanDctberefoje, altljougb urcaclje foojtb from tbe Caft 

into tbe SOleff, pet 10 it croohco, ano fjatb tbe popnt bnicpn T; Co 

CoiuarDetlje&outlj, tljat itloofetb tbcfpgljtofil;c/3orlj pole, 

ann tj3 rjrtcntcDbfponue tlje Cqwnoctial IpnefcuenOfgreeiJ to- 

toartctlje^outb pole: but ttje popm Ijrtcof, partepnctb to 

the iun(biction of t^e 13o?tugale^,a0 tue Ijauf fapoe, JLeauino; 

tftt'0 popnt,aitD faplpng totoarDe ?4r/-, t|>e J^o?tlj ttarre 10 ff e ne 

agatne ,( is To nuicb tlje mo?e Itfteo Up, m fyoU) ntticlj tl;c region 

fitclinctl) WOK trftoartc tlje CCUft. ilje^panpaiDcstbcrfoie 

baue utucrs ocgrcca ot clcuations , iintvll tUcp come to Varies, 

being tljcpi cbccfc (Tat ion ano Dluclling place in tbofe Ianoe: fo? 

tbepljauefo?fakenSfr^4, lufcretljepfounDetlje ji5o?tb prfe 

tleuate,\jtti. Degrees 5 but from bencc, tijc lano Dot!; fo muclj benD 

totuarbe the J^o?tb, that it id i Ijcre in manner equal ttritb tlje De< 

grew tftfye ftrapgljte^ of i^ercules pplleria! , efpenallp pf toe 

meafure rename' lanuea founoe bp tficm totoavD tlje .r3o?tij fpoe 

of fli/j'4wio/*,among; tlje trfjicb tljerc is an 3ilano ab:.ut tl^ee.C. 

ano.wu.lea juea fro Hifpaniola, an tljep Cap toljtc 1 ^ bane fearc^eo 

tbe(ame,nameo!Bwc^^ /(gw4w,intl)e toljicljisa rontinuafl 

fp^ing of running uiater,of fudj mar uei lous ucrrufjrijat p luatcr 

hereof being u?unke,pcrbapB Uiitlj fonteDiet,maket!) O!DC men Jjf J US"" 1 * 

poung agapne. 3nD Ijere mutt 31 make pjoteltation to pour (jo* amatct of maw 

nefle, not to tbpnbe tbistobefapoc Ipgljtlpojrafylp, fo?tliep ueilous umu * 

Ijauc Co fp?eaD tins! rumour foi a tru etlj tlj^ougljout al rtje eourte , 

that not onlpe al tl;c people, but alfo manp of tljem mfiorn lupfc- 

Dome oj fortune batb uiuioeo from tbc common foH,tf)nfcc tt to 

be true : but pf pau fljal afke mp opinion Ijerein, 31 toplanfojere, 

tiiat3iU)pHnot attribute fo great potter to nature, but tljac 

<3oo ijatl) no Je (ft r cfcrucD tf;i0 p^erogartue to Ijprn feift, then to 

fearebctlje Ijartfaofnien, o? to geue fublTaunrc to pjnuation, 

('bat ta) bcpng.tonobepng, crrept U)c (ball belceuetbefa* 

tie of Colchis of Eftn renouate, to be a* mie M tqetojptpn- 

Eden. The decades, 
Bancroft Library* 

The feconde decade, 

tf age ma? bt 





bp tbe bfe of certaphe fecretemeDicine* ana Dpet, (be aecroe 
of age (aa tbep cal (bem) map be long bpanen anD DeferreD 3 U)!ju 
cbetbeptopltobe bnaerftooaebptberenouation ofage.amjto 
baue fapDc tbtis mucb of tbe lengtb anD bicaotlj of tbefc regions, 
anD of tbe rough anD bugioua mountapne 3 ,U)i tb t l;epi toa tery e 
Ciiues, alfo of tlje omcrss Degrees of tl>ac laioe, 31 tljinfui it fuf- 
firient . But 31 tljougtjt it not gooD to lee pa(TeU)(jac cUaunceo 
torijefennftraWemen among rt;ep? generall calamtctesi. 3lre 
member tiiactuljen 31 teas a c&ptoe, me tljougto mp botocllea 
graced,ano t^ac mp fptri(e0 toere marueplouflp troitbleD fo? uerv 
pitte,toOeH 31 reaD in tfce poete dirgpl^ wmA*k**iM* tuaa 
bpon tfje fea banto0 imong v> glances callen cych- 
luljerefo?tl;efpace of manp Dapc3 from tbcDepartpngof 
ctJHtfl tfje eomming tfEncar, !je race none otljer meatc, 
but onlp berries anD Ijatoes. But our bnfoutmate fepanparo :, 
u>btel)e foloUieD i^cuefa to inbabice SwagM. tuoulo Oaue eilcc 
mco Ijaiue^ t berries foi great oelieate?. CCJfj.ic Ojoulo 31 bearc 
fpeake of tfce beao of an a(Te bought fo j a great p?pcr , ano of fucij 
otljer extremities ajs menljattc fufltrrD in totunca beftegeov 
8fter tljat Kjc uefa ban Determines to leaae s? rayu foj tlje bar^ 
rmnefle of tlje fople, (je attempted tofearelje Port um ^//w,anD 
ti;endje eoato oftbe popnt calico M armor, pf |je mpgtjt rijerc 
rpnoe a place mo?e fortunate to inbabite. 3In t!^3 meane trnic, 
fo grecuous famine opp?eflcD Ijis iblDicr0,tljat ri;cp ncptijer ab 
tleineD fro eating of mangte Dogge^tubicb tljep bab lui tlj tbem, 
aftuel fo^ tljep? Defence ae( fo? bunrpng (fo? in tbe tuarre agapnlt 
tlje nabco people, Dogged floope tbem in great (leaDe) no? pet 
fometpme from tlje flame mbabttatwtes: fb? tljep founD not tbcr c 
anp fruitful tree0,o? plentie of fouleja, as in *ricnaJbai a barren 
grotmD,anD not niecte to be tub abtteo. pere cmainwf tfjc foul' 
D ierjs niaoe a bargapne tui tlj one of tlje tr felouies fo? (be p?pc ; of 
a leane oogge^o alfo toag almolt oeao fo: ljunger : rijep gaue 

Ai golDen Caftfflan&^bu* agreeing of rijc pipee, d;ep 
flapeo tbe Dogge ta be eaten^mo catt (nu mangie rkmne^itb tie 
bones of tbeljenD bangpng tbemo, among (be butbejs. 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library. 


The feconde decade. 

png . lt>e l^cugljt it borne tottb bpm,foDDe ft, anD eate ft . Sganp 

rcfo:tco to Ijpm Uritfj ttjcpj Dpftljes fb? tlje fyotlje of tfje fcDDc 

foptme, peering bpm fbj cuerpe Dpflftefttil a piece of gotoe. fk P nltr * 

<3n o tijcr founDe too coaDe*,anti Tonne ctem 3 uij td; a fpckc man 

botijljt of I;pm fo? tU)o fine fljttrtc0 3 curtouflp Unougtc of Ipnncn 

iutnnp]CD Uiitf; goioe . Ccrtapnc otter toatioerpng about to 

Me fo?OiCtiiate,founDina pntljluap in tlje niPDDca of a frelDe, 

a Dtao man, of tlje tnljabitantesijU^frij fjan ben flame of Ijts ottme 

rompanp, anDUias nolue rotten anD Opnfipnff . ^fjep D?ctoe 

Ipnia fpne 3 mfmcmbjeo [jpmftcretelp, rotten bpm, anD ate 

ljy.ii , djeretmtbaflbagpnp; ttjcp.i fjung;er,as pf tijtp IJ.ID ben 

fcDOc ut(j pljca(aunte0 . One alfo, U)I;id;e Of parting from !j w 

companions in tlje npgfjt fcafon, tor ma ft'fl png among; tlje 

recDcs of tfjc marpffljcgy ptieD onlp totrij flpme 01 muDDe to? tlje 

fpaceofcertapne Dape0, untplattljc Icngtb crceppngyt almoft 

DcaDf , Ijc founDe tlje Uwi>ro()i3 felotocs . 3nD tlni tljcfc mife-' 

wble men of :>^rf,uer eo U)itb rijcfe and fudjc other a tf'c tionsf, 

lucre b^ougljt from tlje number offeiien l)tinDKtl;,tl)ieefcoic ano 

ten foultitcrs, fuirfclp to fonrtie, bepn^notuealfo aDDeoto tbe 

companp of tijem in Varitna . ft\oe lucre fl*pnc of tljinljabu 

uunted, lx tlje refpoue c onfumcD bp fjmiue, fyeatijeo out 

rijep?U3rpfonlr5CpeMpngaU3aptotljcneU)e I-.uDesfo? fucbe 

as foal come ifter tl;em,appeafpng tlje fur p of tl:e barbarous na^ 

tious,U)!'lj t(jep?iceofii;cpjbIooD. ConfvDennigtljerfo!e 5 after 

tljcfe ttoimes, toitlj Ui!;ar eafe otljer men (ball ouerrutme ano in* 

ljabiteti)efc!anles,inrcfpecctotbe calami ties to tljcfe men 

IjauefuRcreo^ttjcpnjallfeemeto goetobipDcfcate,tuljere all 

tljpngcs are rcDp p^epareo agaptid tljcpj connnpng. But uiljere p f t m 8 acta 

lews Jrias atrpueD luitlj tfje hpnges nauic anD neiuc fttpplp of ^w 

men, to tljisl)oure31 fenotoeno certamie, eaijatujal djaunce 

Ijeareafter, 31 topi make Diligent mquultum,if 31 fljalunDerffano 

tljis to be acceptable to pour Ijohmes . ^bus 3", bpD pou farelneU 

from tlje courte of tlje mofl Otljolpke hptig, tlje cape before tlje 

none0 of December, in t&e peerc of d;?ift, 1514* 

Eden. The decades. 
Bancroft Library.