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Full text of "The history of the Treman, Tremaine, Truman family in America, with the related families of Mack, Dey, Board and Ayers : being a history of Joseph Truman of New London, Conn. (1666); John Mack of Lyme, Conn. (1680); Richard Dey of New York city (1641); Cornelius Board of Boardville, N.J. (1730); John Ayer of Newbury, Mass. (1635); and their descendants"

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IN memoria:m 

Lafayette Lepine Tre:sian 



The present volume is the result of labors instituted by Ebenezer 
Mack Treman and carried on for some time during the years 1893-4, 
and partially abandoned for several years, owing to the pressure of 
business duties, to be finally revived in 1901, and carried to a suc- 
cessful conclusion, with the assistance of Murray E. Poole. The 
latter can not refrain, in this connection, from expressing to the 
former his sincere thanks for the encouragement which he has ever 
received in the prosecution of the w^ork, and desires further to bear 
testimony to his colleague's strong love of family and pride in its 
achievements and to his public spirit and generosity in providing 
this family memorial. An earnest, and we hope successful, attempt 
has been made to gather together, in this volume, the widely scattered 
family records. As the years go by they will become more and more 
valuable. It is hoped that the members of the family will take great 
care in preserving family records. If this work brings the various 
members of the family into closer communication, one of its objects 
will be attained. Its value as a contribution to local history must 
necessarily be great, while it is an authentic record which may some 
time prove of great value in enabling some member of the family to 
establish his right in the courts of law to an inheritance, or before 
the Interior Department to a pension for war service, or to prove 
eligibility to membership in the hereditary patriotic societies. Gene- 
alogy, once interesting to a few, has become a popular study. In the 
early days of few newspapers and with books seldom indexed, one 

6 . Preface. 

would seldom meet, in print, his family name ; nowadays the news- 
papers print long lists of names of individuals and a book of an his- 
torical character without an index is a rarit}'. Historical, biographical 
and directory publishing companies also provide many sources of 
genealogical information. The plan of this book is so simple as to 
need no explanation. The price is placed at actual cost. 

If any mistakes occur, and it is almost impossible to prevent them, 
in the thousands of names and dates, it is hoped that they will be 
reported for correction in some future edition. If any names have 
been omitted, it is regretted, as an effort was made to include every 
person bearing the family name or related to the family by intermar- 
riage. We desire especially to thank those who have furnished 




Ithaca, N. Y. 


The Treman, Tremaine, Truman family is of Norman origin. 
The first ancestor of the family in England came over from France 
with William the Conqueror. The original family name Tremayne, 
meaning three hands, was of Norman origin. The meaning of the 
name was lost and then from losing its meaning it gradually became 
converted into another name that had another meaning. This was 
not a very unusual occurrence in family names and can not be 
explained philologically. The change came by modification and use. 
The first of the name of whom we have any knowledge was Perys 
Tremayne who resided in Cornwall, England, in the reign of 
Edward III. (1312-1377.) His descendants were seated in Corn- 
wall for many generations. There is an old saying "By Tre, Pol and 
Pen, you may know the Cornish men." The first of the family 
bearing a different name, of whom we have any knowledge, was 
Rev. Henry Trewman, instituted rector of Cromwell, Nottingham- 
shire, England, July 27, 1635. His successor was Rev. Joseph Tru- 
man, D. D. The meaning of this name was, obviously, true man. 
An explanation of the change of name is found in the original pro- 
nounciation of the names Tremayne and Truman, the letter "u" in 
Truman having the sound of French "u" which is the sound of 
English "e", showing that the two names sounded very much alike. 
The Anglo-Saxons spelled the name Troewman, meanmg wood-man-. 
In America the name appears Treman, Tremaine and Truman. As 
illustrating how families re-adopt the old name it may be mentioned 
that many of the grandsons of Joseph Truman, the first American 
ancestor, remembering the family tradition that the old family name 
was Tremayne, adopted the old name Tremaine, as the name was 
spelled Tremayne and Tremaine in the olden time in England. 

History of the Tremayne Faiviily 


(froim burke's landed gentry.) 


Tremayne, John, Esq., of Heligan, Cornwall and Sydenham, 
Devon, M. P. for East Cornwall from 1874 to 1880, and from South 
Devon 1884-85, J. P. and D. L., High Sheriff 1859, b. 15 April, 
1825; m. 13 Nov. i860, Hon. Mar)- Charlotte Martha Vivian, dau. 
of Charles Crespigny, 2nd Lord Vivian of Glynn, and has issue, 
I. John Claude Lewis, J. P. Co. Cornwall, d. 29 Oct. 1869. 
L Onera Mary Georgiana. 
H. Harriet Maud, 
in. Grace Damaris Matilda, m. 1889, Charles Babiugton, Esq. 

Line a ire. 

From the manor of Tremayne in the parish of St. Martin, on 
the banks of Helford Haven, this family derived, at a verj' remote 
period, its designation. In the reign of Edward III. (13 12-1377), 
Perys Tremayne was there resident. By his wife. Dame Opre Tres- 
kewys, he was father of 

John Tremayne, to whom, having no issue himself, s. his brother, 

Perys Tremayne, who m. Onera Trevertea, and was grand- 
father of 

Thomas Tremayne. This was the last resident of the family at 
Tremayne. He m. Isabella, dau. and sole heir of Trenchard of 
Collacombe, and removed in consequence to that estate, where his 
descendants flourished for more than three centuries. Isabella 
Trenchard, surviving her husband, remarried with Sir John Damerell. 

Thomas Tremayne was s. by his elder son. 

The Tremayne Family in England. 9 

Nicholas Tremayne who was s. by his son, 
Thomas Tremayne who m. Elizabeth Carew. 
John Tremayne, of Collacombe, who m. Emma, dau. of John 
Beare, of Huntsham, had issue, 

1. Thomas, his heir. 

2. Richard, of Tregonan, Cornwall, ancestor of Lewis Tre- 
mayne, of Heligan, who commanded a regiment of foot for King 
Charles L, and was Lieutenant Governor of Pendemis Castle. This 
gallant person had two sons, 

1. John (Sir), King's Serjeant, and author of the Pleas oj the 
Cro2V7i, who d. s. p. 

2. Charles, whose son, 

Lewis Tremayne m. Mary, dau. and co-heir of Clot- 
worthy, Esq., of Rashleigh and Clotworthy, in Devon, and was s. by 
his son, John, m. Grace, youngest dau. and co-heir of Henry 
Hawkins, Esq., of St. Austell, and left with a dau., Grace, wife of 
Charles Rashleigh, Esq., younger brother of the house of Menabilly, 
a son. 

Rev. Henry Hawkins Tremayne, of whom hereafter, as repre- 
sentative of the family at the decease of Arthur Tremayne, Esq., of 
Sydenham, 1808. 

Mr. Tremayne was s. by his only son, Thomas Tremayne of 
Collacombe, High Sheriff of Cornwall 2 Henry VH. (1485). He 
m. Philippa, eldest dau. of Roger Grenville, Esq., of Stowe, and had 
eight sons, with as many daus. The former were, 

L Roger, who d. s. p. 
H. Edmund, of whom Prince, in his Wo?'thies of Devon, gives the 
following account : "Being a younger brother, he became servant to 
Edward, Marquess of Exeter, and a great sufiferer for his inviolable 
fidelity to his noble master; for when the Marquess of E.xeter and 
the Lady Elizabeth (afterwards Queen of England, of glorious 
memory) were committed to the Tower in Queen Mary's days, upon 
an accusation of being privy to Wyat's conspiracy, Mr. Edmund 
Tremayne was set on the rack, thereby to extort from him a confession 
of their guilt (prisoners were oft examined about her, and some were 
put to the rack to try if they could be brought to accuse that lady), 
wherein approving their innocency and his own fidelity, with invincible 
resolution, he was, upon the Lady Elizabeth's advancement to the 

lo History of the Tremax Family. 

throne, made one of the clerks of her Majesty's most honourable 
privy council. He had also an honorary salary settled upon him by 
the City of Exeter, for the good offices it had received and expected 
from him," He m. Eulalia, dau. of Sir John St. Ledger, and had 
two sons, named Francis, who both died issueless. 
in. Digory, eventual successor to the estates. 

IV. Richard (twin with John), in holy orders, and an eminent 
divine. He was educated at Oxford, and became a fellow of Exeter 
College in that university, which he retained until the accession of 
Queen Mary when he was obliged, from his zeal for the Reforma- 
tion, to seek an asylum in Germany, having been deprived of his 
fellowship. Upon the elevation of Elizabeth to the throne, he 
returned from exile, and, visiting his college, had the honour of 
receiving both degrees of divinity at once, on 15 Feb., 1565. Dr. 
Tremayne subsequently removed to Gates Hall, and thence passed 
within a short period into his own county, being instituted Canon 
Residentiary of St. Peter's, Exeter, and Treasurer of that church. 
He was esteemed in his time a famous preacher, and he is styled by 
Carew "well born, learned, and well beloved." He m. Joan, eldest 
dau. of Sir Piers Courtnay, of Ugbrook, but d. s. p. 1584. 

V. John (twin with his brother, Dr. Tremayne). 

VI. Nicholas ] twins ; between these brothers so great a resem- 
VII. Andrew I blance in person and sympathy and affection 

subsisted, as scarcely to have been paralleled in any other instance. 
Risden, in his survey of Devon, relates some singular facts regarding 


Upon the monument of these remarkable brothers, tht.' following 
lines are engraved : — 

"These liken'd twins, in fomi and fanc\' one. 
Were like affected, and like habit chose ; 
Their valour at Newhaven siege was known. 
Where both encounter'd fiercely with their foes ; 
There one of both sore wounded lost his breath, 
And t'other slain, revenging brother's death." 
VIII. Robert who d. an infant. 

The two elder sons, Roger and Edmund, dying issueless, the 
estates eventually devolved upon the third son, 

Digory Tremayne, Esq., who thus became of Collacombe, and 
was s. by his son, 

The Tremayne Family in England. ii 

Arthur Tremayne, Esq., of Collacombe. This gentleman m. in 
1586, Mary, dau. of Sir Richard Greville, Knt. of Stowe, by whom 
he had a numerous family, and dying 1634, was s. by his eldest son, 

Edmund Tremayne, Esq., of Collacombe, who m. Bridget, dau. 
of Sir John Cooper of Dorsetshire, and had issue : 

I. John, d. unm. IL Thomas, d. unm. 

IIL John, one of the most gallant and devoted of the Cavaliers. 

IV. Edward, like his brother, a distinguished and faithful 
adherent of King Charles L 

V. Arthur. 

The youngest son eventually inheriting the estates became, 

Arthur Tremayne, Esq., of Collacombe, and was a Col. in the 
army. He married Bridget, dau. of Nicholas Hatherleigh, Esq., of 
Lamberton, and was father of 

Edmund Tremayne, Esq., of Collacombe, m. Arabella, dau. and 
sole heir of Sir Edward Wise, K. B., of Sydenham, Devon, and had 
issue, Arthur, his successor ; Edward Wise, who appears to have d. 
s. p.; Arabella ; and Bridget. Mr. Tremayne was s. by his eldest 

Arthur Tremayne, Esq., of Sydenham, m. Grace, dau. of Sir 
Halsewell Tynte, ist Bart, of Halsewell, and was s. by his son, 

Arthur Tremayne, Esq., of Sydenham. He m. Miss Hammond, 
of Wilts, and left an only child, 

Arthur Tremayne, Esq., of Sydenham, b. 1775, who dying unm. 
Dec, 1808, devised the principal estates of his family to 

Rev. Henry Hawkins Tremayne, b. 27 July, 1741, the lineal 
heir, and after the decease of said Arthur, representative of the 
ancient hou^e of Tremayne. Mr. Hawkins Tremayne m. 1767, 
Harriet, dau. and co-heir of John Hearle, Esq. of Penryn, some time 
Vice Warden of Cornwall Stannaries, and left at his decease, 10 
Feb., 1829, an only son, 

John Hearle Tremayne, Esq., of Heligan and Sydenham, J. P. 
and D. L., b. 17 March, 1780; High Sheriff of Cornwall 1831, and 
M. P. for that Co. from 1806 to 1826. He m. 11 Jan., 1813, Caro- 
line Matilda, youngest dau. of Sir William Lemon, ist Bart, of 
Carclew, and by her (who 27 Aug., 1864) had surviving issue, 

I. John, now of Heligan and Sydenham. 

n. Arthur, Col. in the army, now of Carclew (see that name). 

12 History of the Treman Family. 

III. Henry Hawkins, J. P., b. 24 March, 1830; m. Charlotte 
Jane, 3d dau. of John Buller, Esq., of Morval, and has seven children. 

I. Harriet Jane, m. 25 Jan., 1842, Sir John Salusbury Trelaw- 
ney, 9th 15art. of Trelawney. 

n. Mary, m. 13 Feb., 1851, Hon. and Rev. John Townshend 

III. Caroline, d. young. 

Mr. Tremayne d. 27 Aug., 1851. 

Arms — Gu, three dexter arms, conjoined at the shoulders and 
flexed in triangular or, fists ppr. Crests — Two arms embowed, hold- 
ing between their hands a man's head ppr!, on the head a high- 
crowned hat sa. Motto — Honor et honestas. 

Seats — Heligan, St. Austell, Cornwall ; and Sydenham House, 
Lew Down, Devon. 

Town Residence — 18, New Cavendish St. N. W. 

Clubs — Carleton and Arthurs. 


Tremayne, Arthur, Esq., of Carclew, County Cornwall, J. P., 
D. L., educated at Eton and Christ Church College, Oxford, served 
in the 13th Light Dragoons in the Crimea, and commanded them as 
Lieut.-Colonel, 1860-61, b. May 15, 1827 ; m. Sept. 22, 1858, Lady 
Frances-Margaret Hely-Hutchinson, 2nd dau. of John, 3d Earl of 
Donoughmore, K. P., and by her (who d. April 11, 1866) has issue 
I. Arthur, b. Sept. 17, i86r ; d. Jan. 30, 1862. 

II. William Francis, b. Oct. 25, 1862. 

III. Charles Lewis, b. Feb. 14, 1864. 

IV. John Hearle, b. March 11, 1S65. 
V. Caroline Mary. 

Col. Tremayne s. by will, March, 1868, to the estates of his 
uncle, the late Sir Charles Lemon, Bart, of Carclew. 

Liiieage and Arms — Same as Tremayne of Heligan. 
Seat — Carclew, Perranworth. 

(From "The Homes of Family Names in Great Britain," by 
Henry Brougham Guppy.) 
'■'' Cornwall.'' 

One of the oldest and most distinguished families of Tremayne 
is that of Heligan. This name recalls more than one deed of daring 

The Tremayne Family in England. 13 

in which the Cornish Tremaynes have taken part. During the reign 
of Pendennis, in Cromwell's time, Lieutenant Colonel Tremayne of 
Helligan escaped by swimming through the enemy's fire from one of 
the blockhouses to Trefuse's Point. A branch of the Tremaynes of 
Cornwall has been seated in Lamberton, Devon, for many centuries, 
(Worthy's Devonshire Parishes.) 

(From the Book of Dignities.) 

John Tremayne, Common Sergeant, 1383 ; Recorder of the 
City of London, 1389-1392. John Tremayne, King's Sergeant May 
I, 1689. 

(From Legends, Superstitions and Sketches of Devonshire on 


^'In the parish of Lamerton, three miles from Tavistock, is Colla- 
combe, an old house that for generations was the seat of the Tre- 
maines (in their origin a Cornish family). Before the marriage Col. 
Arthur Tremaine with Bridget Hatherleigh induced them to remove 
to the more splendid mansion of Sydenham. When we visited the 
church we were much pleased with viewing the old monuments there 
existing of the family of Tremaine. But before I speak of the twin 
brothers I must say a few words of their father and family. Our 
great ancestors in the reign of Richard IL founded an hospital at 
the west end of the town of Tavistock and dedicated it to St. George. 

Thomas Tremaine, the parent of the twins, had eight sons and 
as many daughters. Edmund, the second son, was the devoted fol- 
lower of Ekiward, Earl of Devon and Marquis of Exeter, and suffered 
severely by his unshaken attachment to that nobleman during his 
many troubles. He was by order of Queen Marj^ racked in the 
Tower of London in the hope he would reveal enough to prove the. 
guilt of the Marquis, but no torture could compel him to accuse the 
innocent or betray the confidences of his friend. The Queen did 
not forget the fidelity he had evinced under such a cruel test, as on 
her accession to the throne she rewarded Edmund by making him 
one of the Clerks of the Privy Council. 

The family of Tremaines is of ancient standing. Their arms 
consist of three united arms with clinched hands, and two hands 
above support a Saracen's head as the crest. 

14 History of the Treman Family. 

The hall window of Collacombe House has 3545 small panes of 
glass in it. 

We visited the interesting old house of Sydenham commenced in 
the time of Elizabeth and finished in that of James I. The mansion 
is built in the shape of the letter E. One of the gables has been 
despoiled of its beautiful old windows and common modern ones put 
in — supposed to have been the whim of a certain old Mr. Tremaine, 
the father of the late possessor of Sydenham, who was born in 1708 
and died in 1808. 

Sydenham was garrisoned for King Charles and taken by the 
parliamentary forces in January, 1645. 

Among the pictures in one of the apartments was the sister of 
the former Mr. St. John, who acted in concert with Hampden and 
Pymir during the rebellion. This lady was by marriage connected 
with the family of Tremaine. Over the chininey piece is the portrait 
of the gallant Col. Arthur Tremaine who lived to see the monarchy 
for which he fought and bled restored, and to wed with fair mistress 
Bridget Hatherleigh, who at that period had become for want of male 
issue the heiress of Sydenham. Bridget was grand-daughter of Sir 
Thomas Wise and by her marriage with the brave Col., the house 
and lands of Sydenham came to the family of Tremaine. Mr. Tre- 
maine, the present worthy and respected proprietor, does not often 
reside in this princely but decaying mansion. He inherited it by will 
from the last old gentleman dying unmarried, who, though he had 
never seen him, left it on account of his being the same name and 
being the younger branch of the family with whom, however, he had 
kept up no communication. 

Nicholas and Andrew Tremaine were twin sons of the afore 
named Thomas Tremaine, born at Collacombe House in Lamerton. 
They were of such close resemblance in feature and gesture that they 
could not be known the one from the other by their own parents or 
friends. They wore a knot of colored ribbons to distinguish them. 
In 1563 they bore arms among the English forces sent into France, 
the one as Captain of Horse, the other as a volunteer. In one of 
the engagements near Newhaven, now Havre de Grace, they stood 
side by side. At last one fell and the other immediately took his 
place and shared his brother's fate. 

The monument in Lamberton Church is that of their family. 

The Tremayxe Family in England. 15 

The following epitaph on Nicholas and Andrew appears inscribed on 
a tablet of marble with several rude rhymes to the memory of the 
same race: 

These likened twins in form and fancy one, 
Were like affected and like habits chose. 
Their valor at Newhaven seige was known, 
When both encountered fiercely with their foes. 
Then one of both sore w'ounded lost his breath, 
And t'other slain revenging brother's death." 

The Tremaynes are said to come from Sydenham. (This is 
Sydenham Damerel, 4 miles N. W. of Tavistock in Devon.) 

There is now no parish of St. Martin on the banks of Helford 
(? Milford) Haven. 

Tremain is a parish 4 miles N. E. of Cardigan, Wales. 

Tremaine is a parish 6 miles N. W. of Launceston, Cornwall. 

St. Martin is 6 1-2 miles S. of Liskean, Cornwall. 

St Martin is near Owesly, Shropshire. 

(From Wescote's Hist, of Devonshire.) 

Tremayne of Collacombe in Lamerton. Arms, gules, three arms 
joined in the centre or, hands closed argent. 

Nicholas Tremayne of Collacombe, married a daughter of Sir 
John Damarel, Knight, and had issue Thomas ; who married a 
daughter of Carew and had issue John, and a daughter married to 
Sir Richard Edgcomb of Mount Edgcomb, Knight. John, son and 
heir, married a daughter of Warr and had issue John ; who married 
a daughter of John Bear of Hunsham, Esquire, and had issue Thomas, 
Jane (married to Oliver Kelly, of Kelly, Esquire) — (wife first to Olner 
Wise, secondly to James Chudleigh.) 

Thomas Tremayne, Esquire, married Philippa, eldest daughter 
of Roger Grenvile, of Stow in Cornwall, Esq., and had issue Roger, 
Edmund, Digory, Richard and John, twins, and Nicholas and Andrew 
also twins (both slain at Newhaven in 6th Elizabeth, 1564, so like in 
all lineaments of body that they could not (or very hardly) be known 
one from the other by their parents but by hidden marks ;) Robert 
died young, Bridget, (married to Philip Dennis of Padstow ; son and 
heir of Henry, brother of Thomas of Holcomb-Burnel, Knight, and 
had issue Philippa, married to Francis Courtenay. of Ethy, in Corn- 

i6 History of the Treman Family. 

wall. Esq,, secondly to Richard Savory in Rattery, Esq., both sons' 
issue, and Zenobia married to Robert Stafford, of Stafford, and had 
issue a daughter married to Sir Thomas Wise, Knight of the Bath) ; 
Katharine (married to John Harris, of Lawrest in Cornwall) ; Jane 
(to John Southcot, of Southcot in Wear Gifford, Esq.) ; Margaret (to 

Thomas Dennis, brother of Philip) ; (to Samuel of Restormel in 


Roger Tremayne, son and heir, married Ann, dau. of Richard 
Coffin, of Portledge, Esq., and had issue Wilmot (wife of — Smith, 
of St. Germans in Cornwall) ; Philippa (married to Hannibal Vivian 
of Trelowarren in Cornwall) ; Dionisia and Mary both died unmarried. 

Edmund Tremayne (second son and heir to his brother) married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John St. Leger, of Anner}-, Knight, and 
had issue. Francis and Francis both sons' issue, Katharine unmar- 
ried, Elizabeth (married to John Gifford of Halsberr)% Esq.;) Philippa 
(to Earnly of Bideford and Wiltshire. Esq., son's issue). 

Digory Tremayne (third son, and heir to his brother Edmund) 
married Elizabeth, dau. of — Vacy, of Vacy in Tamerton, relict of 
Richard Browning and had issue Arthur. 

Richard Tremayne* (fourth son of Thomas) treasurer of St. 
Peter's Cathedral, Exeter, married Joan, daughter of Sir Piers Court- 
enay, of Ugbrooke in Chudleigh, Knight, and died without issue. 

Arthur Tremayne, son and heir, married Mary, dau. of Sir 
Richard Grenville, of Stow, Knight, and had issue, Edmund, Digory, 
John, Arthur, John, Richard, Roger, Elizabeth, Mary, Eulalia, Bridget, 
Margaret. Katharine, Rebecca, Philadelphia and Mary. 

(From Moore's View of Devonshire.) 


The ancient family of Tremayne, originally of Cornwall, settled 

in Devonshire in consequence of a marriage with the heiress of 

Trenchard of CoUacombe in the parish of Lamerton, where for many 

generations was the chief seat of the family. 

The mansion, now used as a farmhouse, is of the style of the 
Elizabethan age, and in the parish church are some of their 

*His will dated Oct. 27, 1576, proved 15 Dec, 1584. His widow Joan's 
will made at l^gbrooke 24 April, 1591, proved 25 July, 1593. 

The Tremayne Family in England. 17 

It is impossible here to enter into genealogical details and for 
these we must refer to Prince, nor can we do more than briefly notice 
the most distinguished individuals. 

Wescot, in his manuscript View of Devonshire, informs us that 
one of this ancient family, whose Christian name he does not men- 
tion, found-ed an hospital in the western part of Tavistock in the 
reign of Richard II. and dedicated it to St. George. 

But the most remarkable instances of distinguished individuals 
occur in the family of Thomas Tremayne, Esq., who had sixteen 
children, eight sons and eight daughters by his wife Philippa, who 
twice had twins. Their second son, Edmund, was servant to the 
Marquis of Exeter, when he was thrown into the Tower, and was put 
on the rack, with the view of extorting from him some confession ; 
nothing, however, was elicited from him ; and for his firmness on this 
occasion, when Elizabeth came to the throne he was made one of the 
Clerks of the Council. He also had an honorary salary settled upon 
him by the city of Exeter, for the good offices which they had 
received from him, and expected. 

Richard, the fourth son and eldest of the first twins, was edu- 
cated for the church at Exeter College, Oxford, and being deprived 
of his fellowship there, on account of his firm attachment to Protestant 
principles in the reign of Mary, he fled into Germany, but on the 
accession of Elizabeth, he returned to his college, where he received 
both his degrees in divinity at once. He was afterwards made Canon 
residentiary of Exeter Cathedral and also Treasurer of that church. 
He likewise became Vicar of Menheniot in Cornwall, and was 
esteemed an excellent preacher in his time. He died without issue 
in 1584. 

Nicholas and Andrew were the second twins, then follows 
account of their similarity and death at Newhaven (Havre de Grace). 

The most remarkable monument in Lamerton Church of the 
Tremayne family is that of Thomas Tremayne, wife Philippa and 
sixteen children.* 

^Richard and Nicholas Tremayne proclaimed traitors in 1556. A copy 
of the proclamation in the Bertie papers ; penes Bertie Greatheed, Esq., at 
Guys Cliff. Lysons. Pt i. pclvii. 

i8 History of the Treman Family. 

(From Visitation of Devonshire, 1620. Harleian Society 


Arms. I. Gules, three dexter arms, conjoined at the shoul- 
ders, and flexed in triangle, or, with fists clenched argent [Tremayne] 
(2) Or, a chevron between three escallops azure [Trenchard]. 3. 
Gules, three plates, each charged with a chevron sable. (4) Purpure, 
3 eagles, displayed argent [Gattiscombe]. 

Crest. Two arms embowed, vested or, holding between their 
hands a head proper, on the head a hat sable. 

Note :— (a) This John in the 9th of Henry VII. granted all his lands 
in Cornwall to John, his son, and to the heires, male, of the said John. 

(b) Thomas Tremaine in the 4th year of Edward VI. granted all his 
lands in Cornwall to Roger and Anne, his wife, and to the heires of the body 
of Roger reserving all the tinworks, 25 shillings rent, and in the same year 
of Edward VI., granted certain of his lands in Devonshire to the like use, 
the latter deed never executed. John Tremaine, anno 9 Henry VII. entailed 
all his lands in Devon to Thomas and to his heires, male. 


Thomas Tremaine, Esq., married and had two sons : 

1. John, son and heir. 

2. Thomas, Jr., of whom presently. 

John Tremaine married and had a son John, son and heir, who 
died in his parents' lifetime. 

Thomas Tremaine, Jr., of Collacombe, in Devon, heir to his 
brother John, married Philippi, eldest dau. of Roger Greenfield, of 
Stow, in Co, Cornwall and has issue : 

1. Roger, son and heir. 

2. Edmund. 

3. Degorie. 

Degorie Tremaine, 3d son, married Elizabeth, dau. of Vasy of 
Tamerton, relict of Richard Browning and had issue : 
I . Arthur. 

Arthur Tremaine, of Collacombe in Lamerton, son and heir, 
aged 70 (in 1620) married Mary, dau. of Sir Richard Greenfield of 
Stow in Cornwall and had issue : 

The Tremayne Family in England. 


Edmund, son and heir. 



Degorie, aet. 29. 

John, m. Bohemia aet. 22. 

Richard, aet. 19. 


Roger, aet. 17. 

Edmund, aet. 25. 

Elizabeth, m. Baldwin .\ckland of Hackendge. 

Alalia, m. Thomas Lower of Trelack, Corn. 








Edmund Tremaine, son and heir, married Bridget, dau. of Sir 
Jno. (^oop of South, and had issue: 

1. Thomas, son and heir, aet. 2. 

2. John, aet. i. 

Degorie Tremaine m. Mary, dau. of Addington of Biddeford, 
who came from Harlow in Essex, and had issue : 

1. Grenfield, aet. 5. 

2. Arthur, aet. 3. 

(From Dictionary of Nation.\l Biography.) 

Edmund Tremayne (d. 1582), Clerk of the Privy Council, was 
second son of Thomas Tremayne, of Collacombe, Lamerton, Devon- 
shire, where the Devonshire branch of this old Cornish family had 
been established since 1366. His mother was Philippi, eldest 
daughter of Roger Grenville, of Stowe. Of this marriage were born 
sixteen children, of whom four — Edmund, Richard and the twins, 
Nicholas and Andrew — acquired some reputation. The twins 
Andrew and Nicholas were strikingly alike, physically and mentally. 
The elder, Andrew, fled with Sir Peter Carew, on 25 Jan., 1554, and 
both were imprisoned on suspicion of piracy on 24 Feb., 1555, but 
escaped to France where they were pensioned by the French King. 
They were also implicated in the Sir Anthony Kingston plot in 1556. 
After Elizabeth's accession they entered her service. Andrew led a 
brilliant cavalry charge against the French at Leith in April, 1560, 
and was killed at Newhaven (Havre) on 18 July, 1562. Nicholas, 
who seems to have been a special favourite of Elizabeth, w-as fre- 

20 History of the Treman Family. 

quently employed in carrying important despatches between France 
and England, and distinguished himself at the siege of Newhaven 
where he was killed on 26 May, 1562. Edmund entered the service 
of Edward Courtenay, Earl of Devonshire, in the autumn of 1553, 
but was committed to the Tower in February or March following, on 
suspicion of being concerned in Wyatt's rebellion. He was racked 
during the time Elizabeth was a prisoner in the Tower (Fox) but 
would not implicate her or Courtenay, his master. On Friday, 18 
Jan., 1855, h^ was released with Sir Gawen Carew, the three sons of 
the late Duke of Northumberland and others. His fine (40 1.), was 
the lowest enforced. Tremayne seems to have joined Courtenay in 
Italy. Courtenay wrote from Venice on 2 May, 1556, "I am sorry 
for Tremayne's foolish departure, albeit satisfied and content there- 
with as he shall well perceive, but I trust the cause thereof will prove 
as you have written." This probably means that the Earl thought it 
foolish of Tremayne to leave England and lay himself open to a 
charge of treason. Courtenay died at Padua on 18 Sept., 1556, and 
it is possible that Tremayne entered the service of Francis, Earl of 
Bedford, who was in Venice in 1557. The appointment he received 
in 1 56 1 of Deputy Butler for Devonshire must have been through the 
influence of the Earl of Bedford, then lord lieutenant of Devonshire. 
Tremayne spent some time at Elizabeth's court, and Burghley thought 
so highly of him that in July, 1569, he sent him on a special mission 
to Ireland, "to examine into the truth and let him know^ quietly the 
real condition of the country." Tremayne remained in Ireland until 
the close of 1569, writing frequently to Cecil on Irish affairs. On 3 
May, 157 1, he was sworn clerk of the Privy Council at Westminster. 
He wrote in June a paper entitled "Causes why Ireland is not 
Reformed," which was endorsed by Burghley with the words, "a 
good advice." Tremayne was returned M. P. for Plymouth (1572) 
with John Hawkyns. In June he drew up, with Lord Burghley, an 
important document, "Matters wherewith the Queen of Scots may be 
charged," from which Burghley's signature was afterwards erased. 
Tremayne succeeded to the family estates on his elder brother's 
death on 13 March, 1572. He still maintained a special interest in 
Irish affairs, and revisited the country late in 1573. (See "Instructions 
given to Mr. E. Tremayne upon his being sent to the Lord Deputy of 
Ireland by the Lord Treasurer," 1573. in Lambeth MSS.) The 

The Tremayne Family ix England. 21 

City of Exeter granted Tremayne in 1574 a reversion to Sir Gawen 
Carew's pension of 40 I. "in reward of their good services done this 
city." (Isaacke.) Carew outlived Tremayne, so the latter never 
benefited by the grant. The family mansion of CoUacombe was 
altered and enlarged by him; the date 1574 still appears with the 
family arms and those of his royal mistress in the great hall. Tre- 
mayne was in 1578 senior of the four clerks to the Privy Council, 
but he chiefly resided in Devonshire, where he acted as commissioner 
for the restraint of grain and held other local offices. On 24 Oct., 
1580, the Queen wrote from Richmond commanding him to assist 
Francis Drake in sending to London bullion brought into the realm 
by Drake, but leaving ten thousand pounds' worth in Drake's hands. 
This last instruction "to be kept most secret to himself alone.'' Tre- 
mayne made his will 17 Sept., 1582. The Earl of Bedford wrote to 
announce his death to Burghley a few days later. Burghley, in reply, 
described Tremayne as "a man worthy to be beloved for his honesty 
and virtues." In September, 1576, he married Eulalia, daughter of 
Sir John St. Leger of Annery. A son Francis, named after Tre- 
mayne's "Good Lord" Bedford, lived for only six weeks after his 
father, and at his death the estates passed to Degory, Edmund's 
third brother. Degory erected in 1588 a fine monument to his five 
brothers, Roger, Edmund, Richard and the twins, with their effigies 
well modelled and lifelike. Edmund appears as an elderly man w'ith 
a refined and thoughtful face. Tremayne's "Discourses on Irish 
Affairs" remain unprinted among the Cottonian manuscripts at the 
British Museum. 

Richard Tremayne (d. 1584), younger brother of Edmund, was 
fourth son (the younger of twins) of Thomas Tremavne. He was 
sent to Exeter College, Oxford, where he graduated B. A. in 1547-8. 
He was elected a fellow on March 28, 1553, and proceeded M. A. on 
July 17. He vacated his fellowship by flying to Germany in the first 
year of Mary's reign. On his epitaph he is stated to have "fled for 
the gospel's sake." He was at Louvain on Nov. 16, 1555, acting as 
tutor to Sir Nicholas Arnold's son. He was reckoned among the 
conspirators against the Queen, and on April 4, 1556, was declared a 
traitor with his brother Nicholas and others who were concerned in 
Sir Anthony Kingston's plot. Tremayne returned to England very 
soon after Elizabeth's accession, and was favourably regarded at 

22 History of the Treman Family. 

court. He was made Archdeacon of Chichester by Elizabeth on 
April 7, 1559. Cecil had some correspondence with Sir Nicholas 
Throckmorton, ambassador in France, regarding Tremayne's employ- 
ment in the diplomatic service, "he having the high Dutch tongue 
very well." But he stayed at home, and was ordained deacon by 
Grindal, Bishop of London, on Jan. 25, 1560. He had been re- 
elected fellow of his college on Oct. 17, 1559, but vacated his fellow- 
ship by absence the ensuing May. He was also presented by the 
college to the vicarage of Menheniot (Carew), and was installed 
treasurer of Exeter Cathedral on Feb. 10, 1560, For reasons not 
stated in the "Bishop's Register" he was deprived of his treasurer- 
ship, but re-installed on Oct. 27, 1561, and held the office until his 
death. He became rector of Uoddiscombleigh on Jan. 15, 1561, 
holding the living until 1564, when he resigned. Tremayne was 
something of a puritan. He sat in convocation as proctor for the 
clergy of Exeter, and signed the Canons establishing the Thirty-nine 
Articles. On Feb. 13 he spoke, and gave his two votes in favor of 
sweeping alterations in the Book of Common Prayer. He was 
elected fellow of Broadgate's Hall (afterwards Pembroke College), 
Oxford, on Feb. 20, 1565. On Feb. 15, 1566, he took the degree of 
B.D., proceeding D.D. on April 26. He became rector of Combe- 
Martin in 1569, and the Earl of Bedford vainly recommended him 
on July 23, 1570, to Cecil for the vacant bishopric of Exeter. Tre- 
mayne was buried on Nov. 30, 1584, at Lamerton, and his will proved 
on Dec. 15 at Exeter, On Sept. 19, 1569, he married Joanna, 
daughter of Sir Piers Courtenay of Ugbrooke. His only child, Mary, 
married Thomas Henslowe. He gave to Exeter College a copy of 
the polyglot Bibles in eight volumes, printed by Christopher Plantin 
at Antwerp, 1569-72, at the command of Philip H. 

Sir John Tremayne or Tremaine (d. 1694), lawyer, eldest son of 
Lewis Tremayne, Lieutenant Governor of Pendennis Castle, who 
married Mary, daughter and co-heiress of John Carew of Penwarne 
in Mevagissey, was born in the parish of St. Ewe, Cornwall. He 
was brought up to the study of the law, by 1678 was a man to be 
consulted, and soon acquired considerable practice. His name fre- 
quently occurs in cases before the House of Lords from 1689 to 
1693 ; he was counsel for the crown against Sir Richard Graham, 
otherwise Lord Preston, and others for high treason, January 1690-1, 

The Tremayne Family in England. 23 

was engaged for Sir John Germaine in the action brought against 
that adventurer by the Duke of Norfolk for adultery with the 
duchess, and he acted for the Crown on the trial of Lord Mohun, a 
brother Cornishman, for the murder of Mountford, the actor, January, 
1693. Tremayne was called with others to be Sergeant-at-law on 
May I, 1689, was made King's sergeant, and next day took the oaths, 
when he and his colleagues entertained the "nobility, judges, ser- 
geants, and others with a dinner at Sergeant's Inn in Fleet Street," 
London. He was Knighted at Whitehall on Oct. 31, 1689, and in 
1690 was returned to Parliament for the Cornish borough of Tre- 
gony. In June, 1692, he was a candidate for the recordership of 
London, but was beaten at the poll. It is recorded by Luttrell on 
Feb. 20, 1694, that Tremayne was dead. He died issueless. His 
brother's descendant now lives at Heligan, near Mevagissey (where 
the Sergeant rebuilt the family mansion), and inherits the ample 
estates in Cornwall and Devon. His useful volume, "Placita Coronae 
or Pleas of the Crown in matters Criminal and Civil," was pubUshed 
in 1723, many years after his death, when it had been "digested and 
revised by the late Mr. John Rice of Furnival's Inn." An English 
translation by Thomas Vickers came out in two volumes at Dublin in 
1793. A collection by Tremayne of "Entries, declarations and 
pleadings" in the reigns of Charles II. and James II., numbering in 
all 182 pages, is at the- British Museum. 

Joseph Truman (1631-1671), ejected minister and metaphysi- 
cian, son of Richard and Mary Truman, was born at Gedling, near 
Nottingham, and baptized there on Feb. 2, 1631. His father, who 
held some public post in the place, got into difficulties by speaking 
disrespectfully of the "Book of Sports." Joseph was educated first 
by the minister of Gedling, and afterwards at the free school at Not- 
tingham. He was admitted a pensioner at Clare College, Cambridge, 
on June 9, 1647, proceeded B.A. in 1650, and M.A. in 1654. He 
was made rector of Cromwell near Nottingham (probably by the 
Assembly of Divines, as his name does not appear on the institution 
books), some time after Dec. 4, 1656, when the former "minister of 
Cromwell" (Henry Trewman, instituted July 27, 1635), was buried. 
The similarity in the two names (or possibly identity with a variation 
in the spelling) suggests a family connection. After the passing of 
the Act of Uniformity in 1662. Truman, according to Calamy, 

24 History of the Treman Family. 

declined to read the whole of the service in the Book of Common 
Prayer, because, he said, there were "lies in it" ; to prove his asser- 
tion, he quoted the collect for Christmas Day, and pointed out that 
not only was the birth of Christ stated to have taken place that day, 
but also on the following Sunday. The collect is said to have been 
amended in consequence, but in reality it had been altered by the 
Savoy Conference in 1661. Truman's successor in the rectory was 
instituted on Nov. 3, 1662. After his ejectment he resided in Mans- 
field in order to be near his friend Robert Porter, and always attended 
the services of the established church. He refused, however, all 
offers of preferment, was frequently indicted for non-conformity, and • 
was once unsuccessfully sued to an outlawry. He died at Sutton in 
Bedfordshire on July ig, 167 1, and was buried in the chancel of the 
church there on July 21, In 1669 Truman published anonymously 
his first work, "The Great Propitiation," in which he endeavored to 
explain the Apostle Paul's theory of justification without works. He 
attached to his work (also anonymously) "A Discourse Concerning 
the Apostle Paul's meaning of 'Justification by Faith,' " in which he 
maintained that it was not intended "to exclude repentance and sin- 
cere obedience from being a condition of our justification," but that 
they were indeed included in the meaning of the word "faith." "The 
Great Propitiation" reappeared in London in 167 1, 1672, and 1843. 
On the appearance early in 1670 of Bishop Bull's "Harmonia Apos- 
tolica," Truman felt that many of his positions were seriously 
assailed, and commenced at once to write an answer in English for 
private circulation. It was, however, published anonymously under 
the title of "An Endeavour to rectify some prevailing Opinions con- 
trary to the Doctrine of the Church of England" (London, 167 1), 
Truman's main contention was the all-sufficiency of the Mosaic law, 
which, he argued, was able not only to work true sanctification in 
man, but if rightly interpreted, to insure eternal life. Interpreted as 
a law of grace, it was no type or shadow, but the very gospel itself, 
to which the Sermon on the Mount had added nothing essential, and 
which remained in force to the present day. In the same year (167 ij 
Truman, still with Bull's views in mind, published anonymously "A 
Discourse of Natural and Moral Impotency," in which he contended 
that whereas natural inability excuses from blame or guilt in propor- 
tion to its extent, moral inability aggravates it in like proportion, 

The Tremayne Family in England. 25 

consisting as it does in aversion of the will. The book was re- 
published with the writer's name in 1675 and again in 1834. Bull 
answered Truman at some length in his "Examen Censurae," pp. 
149 et seq. Truman's writings all exhibit close, subtle argumentation. 
He was a man of unusual learning and untiring diligence and industry. 

(From Alumni Oxonienses.) 

Samuel Trewman, son of Sam., of Westerly, Co. (Gloucester, 
gent., St. Edmund's Hall, matric. 18 May, 1666. 

Josiah Truman, born in Lincoln, s. Henry, of Hucknoll, Wotts, 
pleb., Magdalen Hall, matric. 24 March, 1637, aged 16. B.A., 12 
Nov., 1640. M.A. from Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 1645. 

(From County Families of the United Kingdom, by E. 
Walford, 1882.) 

Lieut. Col. Arthur Tremayne, of Carclew, Cornwall. Second 
son of the late John Hearle Tremayne, Esq., J. P. and D. L. of Heli- 
gan, Cornwall (who d. 1851) by Caroline Matilda, dau. of the late 
Sir W. Lemon, Bart.; b. 1827 ; s. his uncle. Sir C. Lemon, Bart., in 
the estate of Carclew, 1868; m. ist, 1858, Lady Frances Margaret, 
2nd dau. of John. 3d Earl of Donoughmore (she d. 1866) ; 2nd, 1870, 
Emma Penelope, 5th dau. of the Rev. Thomas Phillpotts, of Porth- 
gwidden, Cornwall ; he has by the former, with other issue, William 
Francis, b. 1862. Col. Tremayne, who was educated at Eton and 
Ch. Ch., Oxford, is a J. P. and D. L. for Cornwall (High Sheriff, 
187 1) and a Lieut.-Col., retired; was formerly in the 13th Hussars; 
was M. P. for Truro 1878-80 — Carclew, Pcrran-ar-worthal ; Carl- 
ton, and Army and Navy Club, S. W. 

John Tremayne, Esq., of Heligan, Cornwall. Eldest son of 
the late John Hearle Tremayne, Esq., D. L. of Heligan (who d. 185 1) 
by Caroline Matilda, dau. of the late Sir W. Lemon, Bart, (ext.) b. 
1825; m. i860 the Hon. Mary Charlotte Martha, eldest dau. of 
Charles, 2nd Lord Vivian, and has, with other issue, John Claude 
Lewis, b. 1869. Mr. Tremayne, who was educated at Eaton and 
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1847) is a J. P. and D. L. for Cornwall 
(High Sheriff, 1859), a Magistrate for Devon, Lord of the Manor of 
Heligan, and Patron of two livings ; was M. P. for E. Cornwall 

26 History of the Treman Family. 

1874-80, Heligan, St. Austell; Sydenham, Lew Down, Devon; 
Carlton, and Arthur's Clubs, S. W. 

(From an English Work.) 

Tremaine — Devonshire. 

Original Seat — Collacombe, Lamerton. 

Present Seat — Sydenham, Marystone. 

Arms. Gules 3 dexter arms, conjoined at the shoulders, and 
flexed in a triangle, habited, or, the fists clenched, argent. 

Crest. Two arms embowed vested or, cuffed argent, between 
their hands, a head proper, thereon, a high crowned hat, sable. 

1. John' Tremayne md. Miss Warr, 
He of Collacombe in 1494. 

Ch. were : 

2. John- Tremayne md. Emma Beare. 

3. Richard" Tremaine md. Joan Wire and had Christopher^ 

4. Henry- Tremayne b. 

5. Oliver' Tremayne b. 

6. Leonard" Tremayne b. 

John- Tremayne (2) md. Emma Beare of Huntsham, Devon, 

Ch. was : 

7. Thomas' Tremayne md. Phelip Grenville of Stow, Co. Corn- 
wall, Eng. : Thomas of Collacombe, 1550. 

Thomas' Tremayne (7) md. PheUp Grenville. 
Ch. were : 

8. Digory' Tremayne, of Collacombe, md. Elizabeth Vasey, of 
Lamerton, Devon. 

9. Roger^ Tremayne b. 

10. Robert" Tremayne b. 

1 1 . Edmond-* Tremayne b. 

12. Nicholas' Tremayne b. Killed at Battle of New Haven 
in 1564. 

The Tremayne Family in England. 27 

13. Andrew^ Tremayne b. Killed at Battle of New Haven 
in 1564. 

14. Richard^ Tremayne b. d. 1584. 

Digor}'^ Tremayne (8) md. Elizabeth Vasey. 

Ch. were : 
15. Arthur^ Tremayne md. Mary Grenville. dau. of Sir Roger 
Grenville, of Stow, Cornwall. 

Arthur^ Tremayne (15) md. Mary Grenville. 
Ch. were : 

16. Edmund* Tremayne md. Bridget Cooper, dau. of Sir John 
Cooper, of Southampton, Eng. 

17. Arthur* Tremayne b. 

18. Digory* Tremayne b. md. Mary Addington. 

19. John* Tremayne b. 

20. Richard* Tremayne b. 

21. Roger* Tremayne b. 

Edmund* Tremayne (16) md. Bridget Cooper, dau. of Sir John 
Cooper, of Southampton, Eng. 
Ch. were : 

22. Thomas' Tremayne b, 1618. 

23, John^ Tremayne b. 16 19. 

Digory* Tremayne (i8j md. Mary Addington of Biddiford. 
Ch. were : 

24. Grenville" Tremayne b. 16 15. 

25. Arthur" Tremayne b. 161 7. 

The following letter is from J. Henry Lea, Esq., an American 
genealogist resident in London, England, who has been retained to 
ascertain the direct lineal ancestry of Joseph Truman of New Lon- 
don, Conn., (1666) and his connection with the Tremayne family of 
Cornwall, England. The result of his research will appear, inter- 
leaved, in this volume : 

28 History of the Treman Family. 

7 Pleasant Street, Taunton, Mass; 14 June, 1901. 
Dr. Murray E. Poole, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Dear Sir — Your note of the 5th inst. to Mr. Greenlaw has been 
forwarded to me by him for reply, and, has just reached me at this 
place where I am detained at the deathbed of a near relative — a fact 
which must plead my excuse for a hurried and incoherent reply. 

I should be very pleased to undertake your case and use my 
best efforts to solve it for you. 

For the next two or three days my address will be as above, 
after that at my home at South Freeport, Maine, where letters will 
always reach me. 

Truman, Treeman, Tremaine, etc., are probably all variants of a 
common name and you are no doubt correct in attributing its origin 
to Cornwall, where it is well known. You are probably familiar with 
the Tremaine pedigree as given in Col. Vivian's Cornwall Visitations, 
which book, while not strictly reliable, is very useful as a guide. I 
have a good correspondent in Devonshire who can obtain Exeter 
Willis (covering Cornwall) without traveling expense from London, 
quite an item. 

Please give me all possible detail known of Joseph Truman and 
his family on which to base my quest. Do you wish detailed report 
of search or simply the sifted results of value ? 

Awaiting your further advice in the matter I remain, Sir, 

Yours faithfully, 

J. Henry Lea. 

First GrENERi^Tio:N^. 


I. Joseph Truman. His ancestors lived anciently in Corn- 
wall, England. He was born in Nottinghamshire, England. He 
married in England but neither his wife's name, nor the name of her 
family, has yet been ascertained. He appeared with his wife, and 
perhaps some of his children, at New London, Conn., in 1666. In 
the following year he was chosen Constable, a position of considerable 
honor in those days. He purchased in 1667 from Alex. Piggins, and 
about 1670 from Hugh Roberts, some pits for tanning, which were 
located in a meadow near the entrance of Cape Ann Lane. Truman 
Brook and Truman Street are named after him and his family. He 
had two tanneries, one at each end of this street on Truman Brook, 
The brook ran into Bream Cove near the Hempstead lot. He 
appears as plaintiff in law suits in Oct., 1682; May, 1683; Oct., 
1683, and May, 1685. He died in 1697 at New London, Conn. In 
his will, executed m Sept., 1696, he mentions four children, Joseph, 
Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary, his daughter Ann having died before 
the will was made. In a note-book, now in the possession of Lucy 
E. Greene of Denver, Col., which was owned by her great-grand- 
father, Jonathan Truman, appears the following entry in 1822 : 
"Jonathan Truman, owner of this book, is the son of Jonathan Tru- 
man, born at New London, June 25, 1730. He was the son of 
Thomas Truman who was also born at New London. His father 
who was named Joseph, came to America from England (Notting- 
hamshire), in company with a brother who settled in Virginia. He 
left at New London two sons, Joseph and Thomas, and a number of 
daughters. Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut say : 

"Trueman, Joseph. Oct., 1682. Whereas Joseph Trueman has 

30 History of the Treman Family. 

complayned to this Court that he is greatly prejudiced by an 
execution that was served upon John Higly, for a judgment of 
court he recovered against him at New London, September 20th, 
'81, for 26 galons of Rume and cost of court, one pound ten 
shillings and sixpence, the execution being levyed upon two 
hundred seventy one yardes of old statute lace, and apprized 
to answer the judgment. — The Court having veiwed the execu- 
tion and the lace cannot judg it of a quarter of the value of the 
judgment, and therefore that righteousness may be attended in this 
case doe order that the Marshall doe return the lace to the sayd 
Higly, and that he demand him to prsent the estate granted by judg- 
ment, and in defect or want of that estate some other good and 
pasable estate he is to present for execution, and if he doe refuse to 
make such presentation, the Marshall is to levy the execution upon 
the body of the sayd Higly ; and this Court appoynts Mr. John 
Loomys and Tho. Stoton and Mr. John Fyler to be apprizers of what 
shall be seized by execution." 

"Trueman, Joseph. May, 1683. In answer to John Higley's 
request. This Court haveing October last, ordered a new execution 
to goe out against Higley's estate to answer a judgment of court 
Joseph Trueman obteyned against Mr. Higley at New London court, 
Septr 20, 1 68 1. This Court doe now see reason to repeale the 
former order for a new execution and doe grant Joseph Trueman 
liberty to prosecute his case against John Higley, by way of appeale, 
at the Court of Assistants, October next." 

"Trueman, Joseph. Oct., 1683. Upon the petition of Mr. 
Steven Richardson that he might have liberty to appeale from the 
judgment of the county court at New London, June last, wherein 
Joseph Trueman was plntf. against him. This Court haveing 
considered the petition of Mr. Richardson, and findeing that 
that Court where Mr. Richardson did reveiw to, fell, by the 
providence of God, This Court grants that Mr. Richardson should 
have liberty to appeale from the afoarsd judgment of the court, to 
the next Court of Assistants in May, providing he enter his appeale 
in the records of the court of New London and give the sayd True- 
man timely notice thereof." 

"Trueman, Joseph. May, 1685. In answer to the motion of 

First Generation. 31 

Richard Edwards, this Court grants Joseph Trueman liberty to 
prosecute John Higly at the Court of Assistants in October next." 

History of Nqw London, Conn., Caulkins, 1852, says: 

"Truman, Joseph. Hugh Roberts was a tanner, and had his 
pits or vats in a meadow near the entrance of Cape Ann Lane. 
His establishment was purchased about 1670, by Joseph Truman." 

"Truman, Joseph. Persons who are mentioned as inhabitants. 
In 1667, appear John Baldwin, Peter Treby, Joseph Truman and 
John Wheeler." 

"Truman, Joseph. Patent of New London sanctioned by the 
Governor and Company, 14 Oct., 1704. Seventy seven names are 
registered in the patent of which Joseph Truman is one." 

"Truman, Joseph. Joseph Truman died in 1697. Joseph Truman 
came to New London in 1666, and was chosen constable the next year. 
Truman's Brook and Truman Street are names derived from him and 
his family. He had a tannery at each end of this street on Truman's 
Brook and the brook which ran into Bream Cove, near the Hemp- 
stead lot. In his will, executed in September, 1696, he mentions 
four children : Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary. Neither his 
marriage, nor the births of his children are in the town registry." 

Savage's Genealogical Dictionary says : 

"Joseph Truman, New London 1666, constable 1667, died in 
1697, made his will in Sept. 1696, mentions children Joseph, Thomas, 
Elizabeth, Mary and Ann, all perhaps born before he went thither. 
Joseph, New London, son of the preceding, m. 5 Dec, 1701, Mary 
Shapley, d. of Benjamin." 

(See Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers. 
Caulkin's History of New London, Conn. Public Records of Conn. 
Records of Court of Assistants. New London, Conn., Town Church 
and Probate Records. American Ancestry.) Residence New London, 

Children : 

2. Joseph. 7. 

3. Thomas. Born in i6Sr, in New London, Conn. 20. 

4. Elizabeth. 

5. Mary. Baptized as an adult, and united with the Church, Oct. 15, 

1693. Married April 15, 1700, Benony Horton. 

6. Ann. Died in or before Sept., 1696. 


7. Joseph Truman. (Joseph.) 2. He married, Dec. 5,1701, 
Mary Shapley (daughter of Capt. Benjamin Shapley and Mary 
Picket of New London, Conn., son of Nicholas and Ann Shapley of 
Boston. Mary Picket was the daughter of Capt. John Picket and 
Ruth Brewster, daughter of Hon. Jonathan Brewster, Assistant, and 
Lucrecia Oldham, of New London, son of Elder William and Mary 
Brewster of Plymouth Colony.) She was born March 26, 1677, at 
New London. He_ was a tanner. It is recorded that Joseph 
Truman and others received a grant of land Oct. 14, 1704, from the 
Governor and Company of the General Court, by authority of Letters 
Patent, to them given by Charles H, dated April 23, 1663. An 
order was made, April 10, 17 11, by the Governor and Council to 
pay him a sum of money out of the treasury of the colony. Also 
another order in Sept., 171 1, on the treasurer of the colony, to pay 
him for leather furnished to the colony for shoes for the soldiers in 
the Indian wars. He was a constable in 1724. He was sent by the 
people of New London to Gov. J. Talcott, Dec. 28, 1730, to obtain 
money from the treasury of the colony to build a battery at New 

Colonial Records of Connecticut say : 

"Truman, Joseph. 17 10. At a meeting of the Governour and 
Council in New London, Sept. the 29th, 17 10. Ordered, that Richard 
Christophers, Esqr. pay the several sums following, viz , To Joseph 
Truman, 7 shillings, 9 pence." 

"Truman, Joseph. April, 171 1. At a meeting of the Gover- 
nour and Council in New London, April 13th, 171 1. Ordered pay 
out of the colony's money in his hands, to the persons hereafter 
named. To Joseph Truman, 3 shillings, 6 pence." 

Second Generation. 33 

"Trueman, Joseph. Sept. 171 1. Ordered, that the treasurer 
do pay out of the colony treasury to Mr, Joseph Trueman of New 
London, the sum of three pounds and twelve shillings, money, for 
eight pieces or sides of leather which he furnished our Indian 
souldiers with, for shoes, that are gone on the present expedition." 

"Trueman, Joseph. July, 1724. On account of service done by 
Joseph Trueman, constable of New London, for pressing of men and 
horses, dated June 24th, 1724, amounting to one pound, fifteen shill- 
ings, was examined in Council, and all that was certain in it was 
reduced to five shillings, and an order made out for the said five 
shillings to be paid him:" 

Conn. Hist. Soc. Collections say : 

"Truman, Mr. Committee for building battery at New London, 
to Governor Talcott. New London, Decembr 28th, 1730. Honoured 
Sir : Therefore we pray your Honour in Council to send us some money 
down by the bearer, Mr. Truman. (Signed) J. Plumbe, Jno. Pickett, 
Richd. Christophers, Committee." 

"A letter from J. Talcott to Capt. Hez. Wyllys directs him to 
send an Act relating to drawing money out of the treasury for the 
building the battery at N. London, and send it by the bearer, Mr. 
Truman. No date." 

(See Savage's Genealogical Dictionary. Caulkin's History of 
New London, Conn. Colonial Records of Conn.) Residence New 
London. Conn. 

Children : 

8. Mary. Born Oct. 2, 1702. Bap. Nov. i, 1702. Died before Nov. 

15, 1709. 

9. Elizabeth. Born Aug. 29, 1704. Bap. Sept. 3, 1704. Married 

June 8, 1725, John Griffin 
ID. Eleazor. Born Dec. 6, 1705. 26. 

11. Joseph. Born Nov. 20, 1706. Bap. Nov. 29, 1706. 34. 

12. John. Born Dec. 20, 1708. Bap. March 6, 1709. 40. 

13. Mary. Born Nov. 15, 1709. Married July 3, 1726, Peter Harris. 

14. Jane. Born Dec. 20, 1710. Bap. Dec. 24, 1710. Married June 20, 

1733, Samuel Lee. 

15. Henry. Born April 22, 1713. Bap. April 26, 1713. 

16. Benjamin. Born July 11, 1 715. Bap, July 17, 1715. 55. 

17. Daniel. Born Oct. 24, 1717. Bap. Oct. 27, 1717. 65. 

34 History of the Treman Family. 

20. Thomas Truman, (Joseph.) 3. He was born in 1681, in 
New London, Conn. He married Susanna Mosier. She was born 
Jan, 21, 1685, He made profession of the Christian faith, entered 
into covenant with God, and was baptized Feb. 14, 1731. She made 
confession of her fault, professed her faith, entered into covenant 
with God, and was baptized Jan. 4, 1736. He died Jan. 15, 1747, 
at New London. She died Dec. 3, 1759. His gravestone is still 
standing. Residence New London, Conn. 

Children : 

21. Ann. She made profession of faith and was baptized Jan. 30, 

1732. Married, July 15, 1739, William Hancock. 130. 

22. Jonathan. Baptized Jan. 4, 1736. 90. 

23. Susanna. Baptized Feb. 15, 1736. 

24. Thomas, no. 

25. Philip. 75. 


Third GrENERiVTioisr. 

26. Eleazor Truman. (Joseph% Joseph'.) 10. He married, 
Oct. 19, 1727, Mary Clark. They were both members of the Sab- 
batarian Church at Hopkinton, R. I., 1740-68. Residence New 
London, Conn., and Hopkinton, R. I. 

Children : 

27. John. Born Sept. 10, 1728. Residence, 1784, Long Island. 

28. William. Born April 10, 1730. 210. 

29. Clark. Born Sept. 29, 1736. 

30. Mary. Born July 25, 1740. Married Oct. 3, 1774, William Lane. 

31. Susanna. Born April 13,1742. Memberof church at Hopkinton, 1785. 

32. Jonathan. Born Oct. 6, 1745. His wife, Anne, in 1785, was a 

member of the church at Hopkinton. 

33. Hannah. Born Aug. 2, 1747. 

34. Joseph Truman. (Josephs Joseph'.) 11. He was born 
Nov. 20, 1706. He married (ist) March 22, 1733, Mary (Hallam) 
Hempstead (daughter of Nicholas Hallam, and widow of Nathaniel 
Hempstead.) She was bom Oct. 11, 1705, at New London. He 
married (2nd), in or before 1738, Elizabeth. Upon the memorial of 
Joseph Truman and others in May, 1732, they were incorporated by 
the Assembly under the name of the New London Society United 
for Trade and Commerce for the promoting and carrying on trade 
and commerce to Great Britain and His Majestie's Islands and 
Plantations in America and other of his Majestie's Dominions and 
for encouraging the Fishery. 

Colonial Records of Connecticut say : 

"Trueman, Joseph. May, 1732. Upon the memorial of Thomas 
Seymour, Joseph Trueman, junr., and Thomas Stanly, representing 
to this Assembly that for the promoting and carrying on Trade and 

36 History of the Treman Family. 

Commerce to Great Britain and his Majesties Islands and Plantations 
in America, and other of his Majesties Dominions, and for encour- 
aging the Fishery &ca, Resolved and granted by this Assembly be 
constituted one society, name. New London Society United for Trade 
and Commerce." 

"Truman, Joseph, and Elizabeth his wife. Oct., 1738. On the 
petition of Thomas Edgcomb of Norwich vs. Joseph Truman and 
Elizabeth, his wife, all of New London." 

(See Colonial Records of Conn.) Residence New London, Conn. 


35. Mary. Born Feb. 6, 1733. Bap. Feb. 10, 1734. Married in 1753, 

William Parker of Groton, Conn. 

36. Elizabeth. Born Jan. 2, 1736. Bap. Jan. 4, 1736. 

37. Joseph. Born April 5, 1738. Bap. April 9, 1738. 

38. Sarah. Born in Feb., 1740. Bap. Feb. 10. 1740. 

39. John. Bap. Nov. 3, 1745. He married Jan. 28, 1794, by Rev. 

Stephen Gano (Baptist), Sally Hammond of Providence, R. I. 
He bought land in 1801 at Providence. 

40. John Tremain. (Josephs Joseph'.) 12. He was born 
Dec. 20, 1708, at New London, Conn. He married, Aug. 3, 1743. 
by Judge John Ashly (Yale 1730) of the Court of Common Pleas, 
Elizabeth Sexton (daughter of Benjamin and Mary Sexton, of West- 
field, Mass., son of George and Catharine Sexton of Windsor, Conn.) 

Land Records at Springfield, Mass., say : 

"John Tremain of Westfield, Mass., bought land in Poontosuc 
(Pittsfield) Mass., March 13, 1737 (deed recorded July 20, 1748) and 
sold the same July 20, 1748, to Benjamin Tremain of Westfield. 
John Tremain of Westfield bought land, March 31, 1748, from 
Daniel Cooley of Springfield, Mass., "Part of my homestead in West 
Springfield, Agawam parish." John Tremain of Westfield sold the 
above, May 30, 1758. John Tremain of Westfield bought land in 
Westfield, Oct. 4, 1755, and sold the same April 27, 1756. John 
Tremain of Westfield bought land in Westfield, March 9, 1759. 
This deed not recorded untill Aug. 9, 1796. John Tremain of West- 
field sold land in Westfield, April 2, 1762. John Tremain of Egre- 
mont, Mass., sold land in Westfield, Aug. 26, 1765. John Tremain 
of Egremont sold land in Sheffield, Mass., April 11, 1774. John 

Third Generation. 37 

Tremain of Westtield sold land in Pittsfield, Dec. 18, 1752 to Josiah 
Wright. Deed not recorded untill Oct. 11, 1765." 

He removed to Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y., where he was 
living in 1761. (See Land Records at Springfield, Mass. Collin's 
History of Columbia County, N. Y.) He died in 1790, probably at 
Austerlitz, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

41. Philip. Born June II, 1744. Bap. June 24, 1744. 220. 

42. Jonathan. Born April 4, 1746. Bap. Nov. 23, 1746. Soldier in 

Revolutionary War from both Mass. and New York. The 
following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revo- 
lution : "Tremain, Joseph. Private, Capt. Ephraim Fitch's 
Co., Col. Ashley's (Berkshire Co.) regt ; enlisted July 8, 
1777; discharged July 27, 1777; service, 19 days." Soldier 
in Col. James Clinton's New York Regiment of the Line 
and also in Col. Philip Van Cortlandt's New York Regiment 
of the Line in the Revolutionary War. Resettled in 1796, at 
Trumansburg, N. Y., but we hear no more of him. (See New 
York in the Revolution. Landmarks of Tompkins County, N.Y. ) 

43. John. Born Dec. 29, 1747. Bap. July 11, 1748. Died in infancy. 

44. Gains. Born March 12, 1750. Bap. March 25, 1750. Died Sept. 3,1 751. 

45. Gaius. Born March 3, 1752. Bap. May 24, 1752. 230. 

46. Julius. Born Sept. 24, 1754. 240. 

47. John. Bap. June 22, 1755. 260. 

48. Elizabeth. Born Dec. 20, (0.26) 1756. Bap. April 10, . 1757. 

Married a Lamberton. He was of Holland Dutch descent. 

49. Daniel. Born Oct. 21, 1758. Bap. Aug. 19, 1759. 270. 

50. Jared. 280. 

51. .Abner. Born Dec. 25, 1761, at Hillsdale, N. Y. 300. 

65. D.ANiEL (Joseph-, Joseph'.) 17. He was born 
Oct. 24, 1 7 1 7. He married Dec. 10, 1 741 , Deborah Dennis (daughter 
of Ebenezer Dennis). She was born in 1720. He died April 17, 
1791. She died March 26, 1801. 

Children : 

66. Deborah. Born March 29, 1742. Bap. Oct. 24, 1742. Married a 


67. Esther. Born March 29, 1744. Bap. .\pril i, 1744. Married a 


68. Sarah. Bap. March 2, 1746. 

69. Henrj". Born Nov. 15, 1748. Bap. Nov. 20, 1748. 320. 

38 History of the Tremam Family. 

70. Mary. Born Jan. 28, 1761. Married Capt. Daniel Chapman. 

71. Benjamin. Born May 20, 1768. 

72. Daniel. Born Jan. 8, 1766. 330. 

(Joseph-, Joseph'.; 16. He married, 


Benjamin Truman, 

Nov. 9, 


Mary Way. 




Born in 1 760. 



. 365. 


90. Jonathan Truman. (Thomas^ Joseph'.) 22. He was 
baptized Jan. 4, 1736. He married. 175 1, Abigail Pearce of the 
Island of Prudence, R. I. He appears as plaintiff in a law suit in 
May, 1760. 

Colonial Records of Conn, say : 

"Trueman, Jonathan. May, 1760, On the petition of Jonathan 
Trueman, of New London in the county of New London, vs." 

He resided in New London, Conn., till June, 1781. He then 
removed to North Providence, R. I. 

Children : 

91. Thomas. Born May 16, (0.17), 1752. 370. 

92. Nathan. Born April 11, 1754. Died in 1756, at New London. 

93. Sarah. Born April 22, 1756. 

94. Abigail. Born May 16, 175S. Died April 7, 1842, in Providence, R.I. 

95. Susannah. Born Aug. 17, (o. Aug. 4), 1760. 

96. Jonathan. Born Aug. 17, (o. June 25), 1763. 380. 

97. Elizabeth. Born June 25, 1763, (o. Feb. 12, 1765.) 

98. Nathan. Born May 7. 1767. 390. 

99. John Ephraim. Born Aug. 9, 1769. 400. 

100. William. Born in 177 1. Died in 1843, in Providence. 

no. Thomas Truman, (Thomas* Joseph'.) 24. He died 
in the latter part of 1786, a bachelor or childless widower. 

Synopsis of the Will of Thomas Truman of Preston, dated Oct. 
28, 1786. (Norwich Probate Records.) 

"To kinsman, Jonathan Truman of Preston, & son to my brother 
Jonathan Truman. To Daniel Andrus is to revert all" above 47 1-2 
acres of land out of about sixty I formerly bought of him. To my 
sister, Anna Hancock, of New London. To my cousin, Anna 
Potter, daughter to the aforesaid Anna Hancock. To my nephew. 

Third Generation. 39 

Thomas Hancock of New London. To Thomas Hancock, Jr., son 
to the aforesaid Thomas, when he shall arrive at the age of twenty- 
one years. To my aforesaid nephew, Jonathan Truman of Preston, 
who was made sole executor." Inventory, Dec. i, 1786, ;^i 163, los.iod. 
(Norwich Probate Records.) Residence Preston. Conn. 

115. Philip Tremain. (Thomas', Joseph'.) 41. He married 
June 13, 1 7 16, by John Pynchon, J. P., Rebecca Granger of West- 
field, Mass. She married (2nd) before 1747, a Cooley of Springfield, 
Mass. Philip was a soldier in Col. Thomas Westbrook's Massachu- 
setts Regiment in the Indian Wars in Maine in 1724. He died May 
22, 1743, at Westfield, Mass. (See N. E. H. G. Reg. Vol. 45. 1891. 
Pages 218 and 249. Also same, Vol. 46. 1892.) 

Children : 

116. Jonathan. Born June 20, 171 7. Died July 7, 171 7. 

117. John. Born Oct. 17, 1718. 

118. Jonathan. Bom Sept. 30, 1720. 

119. Joseph. Born Jan. 24, 1722. 

120. Benjamin. Bom Feb. 2, 1724. 415. 

121. Rachel. Born Aug. 23, 1726. Married Thomas Pier, Jr. 425. 

122. Nathaniel. Born April 18, 1728. Bap. April 21, 1728. 430. 

123. Simeon. Born March 18, 1730. Bap. March 22, 1730. 440. 

124. Ann. Born July 26, 1731. Bap. Aug. i, 1731. 

125. Violet. Born April i, 1737. Bap. April 3, 1737. 

130. William Hancock. He married, July 15, 1739, Ann 
Truman. 21. He resided at Stonington, Conn., at the time of his 
marriage. She resided at New London, Conn., in 1786. 

Children : 

131. Thomas. Married and had a uiinor son. 

132. Thomas, Jr., residing at New London, Conn., in 1786. 

133. Anna. Married a Potter. She was living in 1786. 

FOUTHTH Gei^eh^tioi^. 

200. John Truman. (Eleazor,^ Joseph% Joseph'.) 27. He 
married. Residence, 1784, Southold, L. I., N. Y. 
Children : 

201. Susannah. Married Nov. 19, 1795, Maxson Lamphere, at Southold. 

202. Daniel. Married Dec. 10, 1795, Nancy Stillman of Westerly, at 

Westerly. ^ 

210. William Truman. (Eleazor\ Joseph^ Joseph'.) 28. 
He was born April 10, 1730. He married. Soldier in Capt. George 
Morey's Company, Col. James Dwight's Mass. Regt. at Louisburg, 
1757. (See New Eng. H. G. R. Vol. 25.) Residence Norway (?), 

Child : 
211. Joseph. 880. 

220. Philip Tremain. (John^, Joseph', Joseph'.) 41. He 
was born Jan. 22, 1744. He married (ist) Althea Warren. She 
died. He married (2nd) Dec. 22, 1778, Anna Chapman. She was 
born in 1759. She died in 1845. He settled in March, 1793, ^t 
Ledyard, Cayuga Co., N. Y. At the first Town Meeting of the 
Town of Ulysses, held April 7, 1795, he was elected Commissioner 
of Highways. Soldier in Rev. War. 

The following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in Revolution : 

"Tremain, Phihp. Corporal, Capt. John Holmes's co.. Col. 

John Fellows's regt., which marched April 21, 1775, on the alarm of 

April 19, 1 7 75, from Egremont ; service, 23 days ; residence, Egremont. 

"Tremain, Philip. Private, Capt. Ephraim Fitch's co., Col. 
Ashley's (Berkshire Co.) regt.; enlisted July 8, 1777; discharged 
Aug. 14, 1777 ; service, 37 days. 

Fourth Generation. 41 

"Trimons, Philip. Private, Capt. Aaron Rowley's co., Col. John 
Brown's (Berkshire Co.) regt.; enlisted Sept. 5, 1777; discharged 
Sept. 25. 1777 ; service, 20 days at Northward of Pawlet." 

He died in 1805, in Ohio while visiting his daughters. Anna 
Chapman; his wife, died in 1845. Residence Egremont, Mass. and 
Ledyard, N. Y. 

Children : 

221. Benjamin. Rorn June i, 1768. 725. 

222. vSarah. Born Sept. 12, 1770 Married and settled in Ohio. 

223. Olive. Born in Feb., 1773. Married and settled in Ohio. 

224. William. Born Sept. 18. 1775. 740. 

230. Gaius Tremain. (John\ Joseph', Joseph'.) 45. He 
was born March 6, 1752. He married (ist) Elizabeth Bailey. She 
died Feb. 20, 1782, aged 27 years. He married (2nd) Philomeah 
Bostwick. She was born in 1767. Soldier in Revolution from Mass. 

The following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution: 

"Tremain, Gaius. Private, Capt. Ephraim Fitch's co., Col. 

Benjamin Simonds's detachment of Berkshire Co. militia ; enlisted 

Dec. 16, 1776; enlistment to expire March 15, 1777; muster roll 

dated Ticonderoga, Feb. 25, 1777." 

The following is from Records at Washington : 
Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, 
D. C, April 10, 1 90 1. Sir: In reply to your request for a state- 
ment of the military history of Gaius Tremain, a soldier of the 
Revolutionary War, you will find below the desired information as 
contained in his application for pension on file in this Bureau. 
Jan'y., 1776, 15 days, Private, Capt. Barrett, Col. Peter VanNess, N.Y. 
June, 1776, 3 days. Private, Capt. Barrett, Col. Peter VanNess, N. Y. 
June, 1776, 5 mos. Private, Capt. Stephen Dewey, Col. Smith, N. Y. 
Dec, 1776, I mo., 25 days, Private, Capt. Ephraim Fitch, Col. 
Symonds, Mass. Jan'y, 1777, 35 days, Private, Capt. Barrett, Col. 
\'anNess, N. Y. Battles engaged in, none mentioned. Residence 
of soldier at enlistment, Spencertown, (now Austerlitz) N. Y. Date 
of application for pension, Apl. 22, 1834. Residence at date of 
application, Austerlitz, N. Y. Age at date of application, 82 years. 
Remarks : His claim was allowed. Very respectfully, H. Clay 
Evans, Commissioner. 

42 History of the Treman Family. 

He drew a pension until his death. He died April 26, 1839, 
at Austerlitz, N. Y. His wife, Philomeah, died Aug. 4, 1845. 

Children : 

231. Augustus. Born May i, 1776. 750. 

232. Amasa. Born Nov. 15, 1780. 

233. Mile B. Born May 28, 1797. 755. 

240. Julius Tremaine. (John^ Joseph", Joseph'.; 46. He 
married Lucy. He resided in 1779 in Egremont, Berkshire Co., 
Mass. He removed to N. Y. State. He died in the Town of Butter- 
nuts, Otsego Co., N. Y. She died in 1832, in Parkersburg, VV. Va. 

Children : 

241. Sylvine. Bom March 4, 1776. Married a Throop. 

242. Martin. Born April 4, 1778. Twin with Lois. 765. 

243. Lois. Born April 4, 1778. Married a Roberts. 

244. Roswell. Born July 4, 1780. 775. 

245. Russell. Born July 30, 1782. 7S0. 

246. Stephen. Born Aug. 2, 1784. Died Sept. 28, 1786. 

247. Lyman. Born Oct. 29, 17S6. 790. 

248. Calvin. Born June 12, 1789. 800. 

250. Betse}'. Born Sept. 20, 1791. Married William Tefft. 830. 

251. Julius. Born April 8, 1794. 8ro. 

252. Lucinda. Born Sept. 11, 1796. Died at Troy, Ohio. 

253. Lodema. Bom Feb. 19, 1799. Died in 1S45, at Parkersburg, W. Va. 

254. Jehial. Born Dec. 6, 1802. 820. 

260. John Treman. (JohnS Joseph", Joseph'.) 47. He was 
born Dec. 29, 1747, at Westfield, N. Y. He married Patience 
Whiting. He removed to Trumansburg, N. Y., where he built a 
factory for wool carding and cloth making, about the year 1800. 

.The petition for the probate of the will of John Treman of Can- 
andaigua, N. Y., shows the following : 

"Patience Whiting Treman of Canandaigua, widow ; sons Elijah 
Treman of Canandaigua, John Treman and Lucinda, his wife, of 
Beebe, Ohio ; Jeremiah Treman of Beebe, Ohio ; Sitton Treman and 
Whiting Treman of Canandaigua." Will proved Oct. 12, 1829. 

(See Landmarks of Tompkins County, N. Y.) He died about 
Oct. 12, 1829, at Canandaigua. Residence Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Children : 
261. Huldah. Born March 6, 1773. Married Otis Comstock. 870. 


Fourth Generation. 43 

262. Elijah. 

263. John. 840. 

264. Jeremiah. 850. 

265. Sitton. Married. All of his children are dead. He died at 

Jonesville, Mich. 

266. Whiting. Born Sept. lo, 1792. 860. 

270. D.\NiEL Tremaine. (John', Joseph", Joseph'.) 49. He 
was born in Oct. 21, 1758. He married. Soldier in a Massachusetts 
Regiment in the Revolution; settled in 1793, on the Chenango River, 
at East Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y. 

The following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the 
Revolution : 

"Trimain, Daniel. Private, Capt. Ephraim Fitch's co., Col. 
Hopkins's (Berkshire Co.) regt ; enlisted July 15, 1776; discharged 
Aug. 3, 1776 ; service, 19 days, on alarm in N. Y,, at the Highlands." 

"Tremain, Daniel. Private, Capt. Ephraim Fitch's co.. Col. 
Benjamin Simonds's detachment of Berkshire Co. militia ; enlisted 
Dec. 16, 1776; enlistment to expire March 15, 1777; Muster roll 
dated Ticonderoga, Feb. 25. 1777 ; reported on command as a scout." 

He died in Dec, 1853. (See article on Town of Greene, 
Chenango Co., in French's Gazetteer of the State of New York.) 
Residence East Greene. N. Y. 

Child : 

271. Erastus. Rorn in 1793. 89S. 

280. Jarei) (John\ Joseph', Joseph'.) 50. He was 
born at Westrield, Mass. He married. He settled at Trumansburg, 
N. Y. He died at Trumansbnrg. 

Children : 

281. Sophia. Married (ist) Edmund King. 6S0. Married (2nd) 

David Williams. 

282. Asenath. Born in 1800. Married Stephen Baker. 690. 

300. Akner Treman. (John\ Joseph", Joseph'.) 51. He was 
born Dec. 25, 1761, at Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y. He married, 
July 30, 1785, at Alford, Mass., Mary McLallan (daughter of John 
McLallan of Alford, Mass., and Hillsdale, N. Y.) She was born 
Nov. 5, 1767. He was a soldier of the Revolution. At the age of 

44 History of the Treman Family. 

sixteen years, he enlisted Sept. 5, 1777, as a private soldier in Cap- 
tain Aaron Rowley's Company of Col. John Brown's Mass. Reg't., 
serving 24 days, at northward of Pawlet, and was honorably discharged 
Sept. 29, 1777. After his removal to New York State he joined the 
Second Regiment of the Line, commanded by Colonel Philip Van 
Cortlandt of New York, and was assigned to the Fifth Company 
where he served till the close of the War. He was one of the picked 
company selected by Washington himself to accompany Gen. Anthony 
Wayne in his hazardous and successful attack on Stony Point. He 
was one of the advanced guard under Lieutenant Gibbon, a forlorn 
hope, in which he acquitted himself as a cautious and brave soldier 
in an extremely dangerous service. He also accompanied that brill- 
iant young Irishman to whom due credit has never been given, Gen. 
John Sullivan, with over one-third of the Continental Army, in his 
Indian Expedition in 1779, to punish the Six Nations. He was 
successively Corporal, Sergeant and Sergeant Major. He was also 
honored with a Badge of Merit. He served five years and two 
months, and after his death his widow applied, Feb. 16, 1839, for a 
pension which was granted. He received for his war services six 
hundred acres of land, located in what was then the County of 
Herkimer. This land is now in part occupied by the Village of 
Trumansburg, N. Y. It was named after the family and was once 
called "Tremaine's Village" but in making out his commission as 
Post Master the name of the place was misspelled "Trumansburg" 
and so it has remained. He came in 1792, with his wife, three 
children, his brother Philip and Philip's son Benjamin, and his wife's 
brother, John McLallen, with his bounty warrant and took possession 
of his land. He immediately commenced clearing up his land and 
in 1794 built a grist mill procuring the necessary machinery from 
Chenango Point, now Binghamton, N. Y. It was on his homeward 
journey that he froze his feet so that one of them had to be amputated. 
He built his first log cabin on a site opposite the present M. E. Church 
where he subsequently built a frame house which is still standing. 

The following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the 
Revolution : 

"Trimons, Abner. Private, Capt. Aaron Rowley's co., Col, 
John Brown's regt ; enlisted Sept. 5, 1777; discharged Sept. 29, 
1777 ; service, 24 days, at Northward of Pawlet." 

Fourth Generation. 45 

Ne'w York in the Revolution says : 

"Trimmins, Abner. Private in Colonel Philip Van Cortlandt's 
Second Regiment of the New York Line." 

Washington Records say : 

"Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washingtori,- 
D. C, February 24, 1893. Sir: — Referring to your communicatiort 
received in this Bureau by the reference of Hon. A, C. Hopkins irt 
which you request information concerning the military history of 
Abner Treman a soldier of the Revolutionary War. I have to state 
that his widow Mary McLallen (maiden name) was granted a pension 
for his services in that war as a private in the Second New York 
Regiment for five years and two months. Dates of enlistment and 
discharge, officers under whom service was rendered and battles 
engaged in not mentioned. It appears that he was honored with a 
Badge of Merit for three years faithful service. In the widow's 
application for pension dated Feby. i6th, 1839, ^^^ states that she 
was married to the soldier July (30) thirtieth, 1785, at Alford, Mass., 
and that he died August i8th, 1823. Very respectfully, Charles P. 
Lincoln, Deputy Commissioner." 

"Landmarks of Tompkins County" says of him : 
"Abner Treman passed his boyhood and reached the age of 
responsibility just as the struggle for freedom by the American 
colonies was being inaugurated and with four brothers patriotically 
assumed his share in the memorable contest. He was sixteen years 
of age when he enlisted in Col. Van Cortland's Regiment and was 
assigned to the Fifth Company, serving until the close of the war. 
His courage, firmness and ability were such that he was selected by 
Gen. Washington himself, as one of those to assist in the, capture of 
Stony Point, on the Hudson River. General Wayne was in command 
of the expedition ; Lieutenant Colonel Fleury had the immediate 
command of the right wing, which was composed of one hundred andl 
fifty volunteers, and these were led by twenty men under Lieutenant 
Gibbon as a forlorn hope. Of these twenty men Abner Treman was. 
one. He was in General Sullivan's army and accompanied him om 
his expedition through the Wyoming Valley and up the Susquehanna.. 
He was successively corporal, sergeant and sergeant-major. It 
appears from the records at Washington that he was honored with a. 

46 History of thh Treman Family. 

Badge of Merit for faithful service. He received as a bounty for his 
services in the Continental Army six hundred acres of land located 
in what was then the County of Herkimer. The Indian title had 
been extinguished, and the State of New York had divided a large 
tract of land into twenty-eight townships of one hundred lots each, 
and each lot containing six hundred and sixty acres of land, to pay, 
as a bounty, to her soldiers who were in the army of the Revolution. 
Abner Treman's number drawn was Lot No. 2, Township No. 22. 
It proved to be a strip of land three-fourths of a mile wide, and 
about two miles in length, on which is now located the beautiful 
village of Trumansburg, N. Y. He came in 1792 with his wife, three 
children, his brother Philip and Philip's son Benjamin and his wife's 
brother, John McLallen, with his bounty warrant to take possession 
of his land. He immediately commenced clearing up his land and 
gave a man a deed of one hundred acres of it for one year's service 
to work it. In 1794 he concluded to build a grist mill, and went 
east to Chenango Point, now Binghamton, to purchase the necessary 
machinery. On his return he stopped all night at Davenport's 
tavern which was located a mile from Ithaca on West Hill, It was 
in the month of February, and there came on a snow storm which 
covered the ground about two feet deep. He left the tavern at nine 
o'clock in the morning ; after walking all day and until about mid- 
night he arrived at the house of Mr. Wayburn on Goodwins point, 
and about two miles from home. He could go no farther, he was 
exhausted, frozen and nearly dead. They kindly cared for him but 
imprudently put his feet into warm water ; one of them had to be cut 
off and it was this that made him a cripple for life. Abner Treman 
took up land on the site of what is now the village of Trumansburg. 
The settlement at this point has had several names, but its present 
one is derived wholly from the fact of Mr. Treman's settlement 
there. It was first called 'McLallen's Tavern,' and it is said that at 
one time it was known as 'Shin Hollow.' Upon the authority of 
Dewitt Clinton it was also, and much more appropriately, known at 
an early day as 'Tremaine's Village.' Just how or when the final 
transition to its present name occurred is not known. Mr. Treman 
had married Mary McLallen, daughter of John McLallen, several 
years before his migration westward. For their dwelling he built 
the first house on a lot opposite the present M. E. Church. It was 

Fourth Generation. 47 

of course a primitive log cabin, its roof covered witli bark. There 
several of his children were born and on the same lot he eventually 
erected the house which is still standing. It has been written of 
Abner Treman that he was a man of marked characteristics, full of 
life and animal spirit, of robust physique and powerful voice, brusque 
and sometimes rough in speech, generous and charitable, yet exacting 
as to his rights ; he was respected by all good citizens and feared by 
the bad. The blood that flowed in his veins was good and strong 
and he transmitted to his posterity the sterling qualities which he 
possessed in so eminent a degree, and his children and children's 
children in turn became prominent and representative people 
wherever they lived."' 

The following is from the pen of a noted local historian : 
••Recollections of Abner Treman. [From the Ithaca Daily 
Journal, November 28, 1877.] A Tompkins County Revolutionary 
Hero. Editors Journal : Having written a few incidents of the early 
settlement of Ithaca, it has given me an opportunity of learning the 
history of not only its early settlers but one of the heroes of the 
Revolution. I have stated before that on the platform, which con- 
tained the officers of the day, (on our Fourth of July celebrations of 
over fifty years ago), men were seen who had fought to establish us 
as a nation. One of them who used to be there with his wooden leg, 
was x\bner Treman (or Tremain, as it was then spelled) whose 
histor)', most of which I have learned from his son Jared Treman, 
now living at Trumansburg. Mr. Abner Treman was born in 
Columbia county. New York, in 1761, and at the early age of sixteen 
enlisted in the Continental army in the year 1777, serving nearly six 
years, or until the war was finished and received his discharge signed 
by Gen. Washington. He was the grandfather of Leonard Treman, 
Lafayette L. Treman, and Elias Treman, who have been residents of 
Ithaca for over forty years, and who were born in this county. I will 
commence his history on events that happened ninety-eight years ago 
but I might say that it would have commenced an hundred years 
before (1778) at the battle of Monmouth, if he had not been sent to 
the hospital, as being sick with the smallpox, a few days previous. 
His courage, firmness and ability were such that he was selected by 
Gen. Washington himself, as one of those who were to take a hand 
in the capture of the fort, that was located on Stony Point, on the 

48 History of the Treman Family. 

Hudson river, (you will permit me, Mr. Editor, to take a little from 
history of its situation, and the manner that it was captured, on the 
night of the 15th of July, 1779, that we may better understand the 
hazard our hero underwent in that battle.) It is several years since 
I have seen the Point, but it is well named Stony Point, for it is 
covered with stones, and is about 300 feet in height. It was Wash- 
ington's plan to have taken another fort at the same time,, but that 
failed, as the men did not come to time. If the Americans could 
have taken both forts, they would have made it difficult for the 
English war ships to 2:0 up the Hudson river, and would have given 
the American army the ferry at that point of the river. It was 
Washington that planned the taking of the fort and selected the men 
for the difficult task, and he well knew that if taken at all, it must be 
by surprise. Six wrecks previous the English had taken it from the 
Americans, and had placed there six hundred men who were building 
and adding to it breastworks for large cannon ; there was also built 
half way up the hill an abatis of two rows of sharpened trees. There 
had also been placed there a considerable quantity of stores. 
General Wayne was put in command of the expedition. Lieutenant 
Colonel Fleury (a Frenchman) had the immediate command of the 
right wing, which was composed of one hundred and fifty volunteers, 
and these were led by twenty men under Lieutenant Gibbon as a 
forlorn hope. Of these twenty men, Abner Treman was one. They 
had to pick their way up the stony hill and when they came to the 
abatis it was their duty to make a way through it for others to 
follow. The left wing was composed of one hundred volunteers led 
by twenty men constituting another forlorn hope under Lieutenant 
Knox. At half past eleven at night orders were given to march. On 
the right wing was Commanding General Wayne with Lieutenant 
Colonel Fleury, and Treman says : 'that as the forlorn hope of 
twenty men, under Gibbon, passed Col. Fleury to take the lead up 
the hill, he took each one of them by the hand, and with tears gave 
them a parting kiss. That there might be no confusion. Gen. Wash- 
ington had directed that each man should have pinned on his cap a 
piece of white paper, and every gun was unloaded, the bayonet only 
to be used,' and Treman said, 'that instead of a flint he only had a 
piece of wood put in its place. When the right wing came to the 
abatis, they encountered the out-post of the enemy. Gen. Wayne 

Fourth Generation. 49 

was wounded and seventeen out of twenty of the forlorn hope were 
either killed or wounded. Treman was one of the three who were 
unhurt. Major Murphy, with his men came to the rescue, and within 
an hour the fort was taken with the loss of fifteen killed and eighty- 
three wounded. The British had twenty men killed, seventy-four 
wounded, fifty-eight missing, and four hundred and seventy-two taken 
prisoners with stores valued at $150,640. Mr. Abner Treman had 
an older brother in the army who, after the fort was taken, remarked 
to him, 'Abner, I would rather have seen you dead than to have you 
been a coward and not gone with that forlorn hope.' And whose 
heart would not move with emotions of pride and pleasure, if he 
could say that 'my father's father was there' ? 

•'We have all read of Sullivan's expedition through this country 
in 1779. Abner Treman was one of the soldiers of that army, 
whether he came up the Susquehanna with Gen. Sullivan from 
Wyoming valley, or was with Gen. James Clinton, who started from 
Canajoharie, on the Mohawk river, and went over to the Otsego 
Lake, and came down the Susquehanna, I am not able to say : but 
the two armies met at Tioga Point (now Athens) and formed an army 
of about five thousand men. The battle of Chemung was fought on 
the 29th of August, 1779, near Elmira. 

"In reading the history of the battle it appears that on the side 
of the Indians there were more white men than Indians. It is not 
necessary for me to enter into the particulars of that march, but it 
was finished in the month of September, about the 28th. There 
must have been about six hundred of that army in Ithaca. Mr. 
Jared Treman says, 'that his father's Colonel was Col. Courtland,' 
and that he visited them at Trumansburg, after they settled there. 
Mr. George W. Schuyler remarks 'that his father had a cousin by the 
name of Courtland in that army, as Colonel, who camped on South 
Hill, near Aurora street bridge. The Tuscaroras who were scattered, 
lived two miles up the Inlet ; those at the head of the lake being the 
Cayugas. There are two names that will always remain green in 
connection with that expedition, Horseheads from the number of 
horses' heads found there, which were left by the army, and Pony 
Hollow from the number of ponies found there, that had also been 
left by them. 

"Abner Treman came here in 1792, settled, and made this his 

50 History of the Treman Family, 

home, a number of years before there was even a township organized, 
and this section was in the county of Herkimer. The Indian title 
had been extinguished, and the State of New York had divided a 
large tract of land into twenty-eight townships of one hundred lots 
each, and each lot containing 640 acres of land, to pay, as a bounty 
to her soldiers who were in the army of the Revolution. Abner 
Treman's number drawn was Lot No. 2, Township No. 22. It 
proved to be a strip of land three-fourths of a mile wide, and about 
two miles in length, on which is now located the beautiful village of 
Trumansburg. He came in 1792 with his wife, three children, and 
his wife's brother, (a Mr. McLallen), with his bounty warrant to take 
possession of his land. His title was of the best as was his land. 
He immediately commenced clearing up his land and gave a man a 
deed of one hundred acres of it, for one year's service to work on it. 
In 1794 he concluded to build a grist mill, and went east to 
Chenango Point, now Binghamton, to purchase the necessary machin- 
ery, that could not be made at the farm. On his return he stopped 
all night at Davenport's tavern, which was located a mile from here 
on West Hill. It was in the month of February, and there came on 
a snow storm which covered the ground about two feet deep. He 
left the tavern at nine o'clock in the morning, after walking all day 
and until about midnight he arrived at the house of Mr, Wayburn on 
Goodwins Point, and about two miles from home. He could go no 
farther, he was exhausted, frozen, and nearly dead. They kindly 
cared for him, and as far as they knew did what was for the best, 
but they imprudently put his feet into warm water, one of them had 
to be cut off and it was this that made him a cripple for life. He 
died August i8th, 1823, aged 61 years. W. T. Eddy." 

The following letter was written by a grandson : 

"Mecklenburg, N, Y., Mar, 22d, 1876, 

"Dear Son : — I learn from Erastus Treman today that in the early 
settlement of this country as he was informed by Grandfather Abner 
Treman and also his nephew, Benj. Treman, that Phillip Treman, a 
brother of Abner Treman, and Phillip's son Benj. came to this 
country on foot, about the year 1792 or 3, from about 30 miles north 
of Albany, each with a gun and an ax and provisions for 30 days 
and one dollar in money, having only 6 cts. left upon their arrival 

Fourth Generation. 51 

here in the month of June and Phillip, as he says, struck the first 
blow by any white man at or near Trumansburg. They cut down 
about 8 acres of timber on the east bank of the creek in Trumans- 
burg where the M. E. church now stands. 

•They came back there in the fall of the same year and cleared 
up the timber that they had cut before, saving enough and putting 
up the body of a log house on the N. W. cor. opposite the now Meth. 
church and sowed the land to wheat, my grandfather, Abner Treman, 
giving them each 50 acres of his land for coming here and settling 
with him. Grandfather came here the next spring from Chenango 
Co., starting with oxen and sleigh in the month of Febry, 1793 or 4, 
and arrived here about the first of March, with his family, wife and 3 
children, after living in Chenango Co. one year, having moved there 
the year before from Columbia Co. Says there were quite a good 
many Indians here at that time. 

•'Late in the fall of the same year Grandfather, Abner Treman, 
took his oxen down to what is now Ithaca to have them kept there 
on the marsh through the winter, and in returning from there late at 
night froze both his legs, rendering amputation necessary of both 
legs, one below the knee, the other the front part of the foot. 

"George B. Treman." 

The following letter was written by Abner's son Jared : 

"Trumansburg, Nov. 24th, 1877. 

"Dear Nephew : — I believe Uncle John McLallen built the first 
frame house and Wm. Treman cut the first tree. But who cleared 
the first land I don't know. Father gave Jesse Herriman one hundred 
acres of land for one year's work. Father built his first house or 
shanty down by the creek. I think he did not live there long. I 
know there used to be preach trees there, where I used to get peaches 
when a lad. Father built a log house within a few feet of the house 
he lived in when he died. I remember when they used to have 
dances or balls there. Wm. Atwater and Isaac Varna and many 
others would attend. Father's frame house now stands in center of 
village; was raised in 1806. I think if Mr. Eddy will call on Mrs. 
James McLallen she will let him look over James' genealogical record, 
he will get more information than he can anywhere else. James was 
better posted than any one that I know and had the record of many 

52 History of the Treman Family. 

events. If you ever come here (it don't look as if you ever would) 
I would go over there with you and you could look for yourself. I 
think it would be very interesting to you as he had I think nearly 
two ledgers full of events or things that transpired during his lifetime. 
I think Leonard, Lafayette and Elias would be well paid for their 
trouble to see for themselves. Nothing more at present, good by. 

"Yours, etc., 

"Jared Treman." 

The History of Four Counties, so-called, says : 

"Feb. i8, 1819, Abner Treman gave a deed to the First Pres- 
byterian Church of Ulysses three-quarters of an acre of land for $100, 
for cemetery purposes, where the 'Old Cemetery' now is, reserving 
certain rights that the following quotation from the deed will explain : 
'It is hereby agreed between the Trustees of the First Presbyterian 
Church of Ulysses, in the County of Tompkins, and Abner Treman, 
of said town, that the said Abner Treman, his heirs and assigns, 
shall have the exclusive privilege of pasturing the premises within 
described forever, provided that the said Abner Treman, his heirs 
and assigns, shall not put into the said ground anything but calves 
and sheep ; the said Abner Treman, his heirs and assigns, yielding 
and paying therefor yearly, and every year, on the first day of May 
in each year, one pepper-corn.' " The same work says : 

"The tombstone of Abner Treman contains the following 
inscription : 'This monument is erected to Abner Treman, died Aug. 
13, 1823, aged 61 years. A native of Columbia Co., N. Y. A soldier 
of the Revolution, in Colonel Courtland's Regiment, and merited lot 
No. 2, Ulysses, where his remains repose. He was the first settler 
in Trumansburg, in 1792, from whom it takes its name.' 

"Abner Treman erected the first grist mill, in 1794. Part of 
the timbers are still (1878) to be seen, a little above the stone mill of 
J. W. Bouton, in the village of Trumansburg." 

The following in regard to Abner Treman is from the Trumans- 
burg Free Press of May 12, 1894: 

"One hundred years ago this winter Abner Treman brought 
from the East the first grist-mill erected in this township, in fact, the 
first mill between Owego and Geneva. The winter was exceptionally 
severe, and Mr. Treman was so badly frozen on his trip that it 

Fourth Generation. 53 

became necessary to amputate one of his feet. This was in the 
second year of the history of Trumansburg. 

"The amputation was performed by Dr. Lewis Halsey, then a 
young physician of Seneca County, son of Hon. Silas Halsey, the 
first physician and one of the earliest settlers in the country between 
the lakes. 

"When Dr. Halsey was called by Mr. Treman, and saw that 
amputation was necessary, he said to him: 'You had better send for 
some one else. I am a young man and have not had the necessary 
experience.' But the old soldier had so much confidence in his 
young friend that he replied : 'Whoever else you get, I want you to 
take it off.' Then the young surgeon went to work and was just ten 
minutes in performing the operation and ligating the arteries." 

The Souvenir of .the Trumansburg (N. Y.) Reunion (1897) says 
of him : 

"In mid-winter 1792, a revolutionary soldier living in Columbia 
county, resolved to brave the dangers and privations of a journey to 
the 'far west' and personally occupy the square mile of land for 
which he held the grant, and had located — on the map. Abner 
Treman was no common man ; he came from good stock, had proved 
his worth on the battle field, was in the very prime of his young 
manhood, full of that spirit of patriotism, progress and expansion 
that gave the nation her freedom and has made her the pride of its 
people, the admiration of its sister nations and the terror of its foes. 

"Mr. Treman was at this time thirty-one years old and his family 
consisted of a wife, Mary McLallen, two children and a brother-in- 
law, John McLallen, a lad nineteen years old. With this little family 
and all their earthly possessions, in a sleigh drawn by two horses he 
turned his face westward and began a journey that was the opening 
of a new life. After weeks of toilsome journeying in the beginning 
of the first month of spring, he for the first time saw the country 
that was to be the home of him and his generations. Just at night- 
fall after a beautiful day the little caravan emerged from the forest 
on the hills to the south of what is now Ithaca. Out to the north 
and west lay the beautiful Cayuga. On its glassy surface was 
mirrored the dense forests which for as far as the eye could reach 
lined either shore. Masses of towering pine stood like sentinels in 
the midst of oak, hickory and maple, whose bare and leafless branches 

54 History of the Treman Family. 

seemed to seek shelter under the evergreen of its stalwart neighbor. 
At their feet lay the plain, buried under its snowy mantle, across 
which, somewhere out among the hills beyond but a few miles away, 
lay the haven of their hopes and destiny. The following day the 
hill was descended, the swampy plain crossed and striking an old 
Indian trail along the west bank of the Lake, night found them at 
Goodwin's Point, eight miles down the Lake, and the guests of Mr. 
Weyburn, who had located there the summer before. They were 
most hospitably entertained, and their joy on finding that they were 
to' have at least one neighbor, can be imagined. From Goodwin's to 
their destination there was no trail, but Mr. Weyburn kindly offered 
his services as a guide, and the next day the party halted in the dense 
wood, near the center of Mr. Treman's grant, on the very spot where 
now stands the Cooper house, Main street. Here Mr. Treman 
struck his ax into a tree, saying, "Here I build my home," and here 
he did build it, a rude log hut with no windows or doors ; but it was 
home ; and from that little hut sprang the great race of Tremans. 
Trumansburg was born. 

"The following year Mr. Treman returned as far east as Utica, 
where he purchased a set of mill-stones and the machinery for a grist- 
mill. On his return he became lost in the wilderness, and when 
found was so badly frozen that amputation of one foot was found to 
be necessary. It is tradition that the operation was performed by a 
carpenter with the ordinary tools of his trade. 

"This first mill, erected in 1794, was the nucleus around which 
grew in a comparatively short time quite a settlement. The mill 
was built of logs on the site of the present Stone Mill. Its con- 
struction was of the simplest possible character. There was but one 
T\\n of stone, and no elevators or conveyors of any description. The 
grain was emptied directly into the hopper and the product found its 
way by gravity through the various processes to the bag of the 
customer. In those days a grist-mill was the center of civilization 
for a large extent of territory which was being rapidly cleared and 
settled, and as one industry naturally opens the field for others so it 
was here. A blacksmith shop, shoe shop, carpenter shop, tailor 
shop and tavern soon followed, and in five years from the time that 
Abner Treman struck the first blow with his ax he saw clustered 
around him a busy hive of industrious workers." 

Fourth Generation. " 55 

At the time of his death the Ithaca Journal said of him : 
"Abner Tremain was a hardy and brave soldier of the Revolution. 
In this character he served in the regular army with fidelity and 
honor, till he obtained a proper discharge. His arm helped to 
achieve that independence, and those social advantages, which we 
now enjoy. God shielded him in the day of battle. The savage 
shout, and the clangor of arms, w^ere not permitted to announce the 
period of his mortality. Unlike many of his fellow-soldiers, he pre- 
served the lands which he merited and received for his military 
services, at the hands of a grateful country. Improved by his 
industry and economy, they are now chiefly possessed by his bereft 
widow and offspring. The deceased w^as one of the earliest settlers 
in his town. He experienced, in an eminent degree, the hardship 
and privations incident to such enterprizes. He has moved in most 
of our social circles. We have long known and respected him as a 
neighbor and friend. But the ardent eye of the soldier is suffused 
in the darkest shades ! The warrior's powerful arm is palsied ! 
While the companions of Washington and Warren, of Greene and 
Montgomery, are falling in rapid succession to the tomb, the bosom 
of the patriot heaves a sigh, and his eye drops a tear over the frailty 
of man." 

Calendar of Land Papers of New York says : 

"Abner Tremain and others, in Nov., 1791, gave a power of 
attorney to 'jasper Hopper, to obtain their warrants from the United 
States for lands to which they were severally entitled, and when 
obtained to assign the same to the Surveyor General, for the use of 
the people of the State of New York." 

The following is a certified copy of Abner Treman's deed for 
his bounty lands : 

The People of the State of New York, by the Grace of God, 
Free and Independent : To all to whom these Presents shall come. 
Greeting : Know ye. That in pursuance of an Act of our Legislature, 
passed the 6th day of April, one thousand seven hundred and ninety, 
entitled "An Act to carry into effect the concurrent Resolutions and 
Acts of the Legislature for granting certain Lands promised to be 
given as Bounty Lands, and for other purposes therein mentioned," 
We have given, granted and confirmed, and by these presents Do 

56 History of the Treman Family. 

give, grant and confirm, unto Abner Trimmins All That certain tract 
or lot of land, situate, lying and being in the County of Montgomery, 
and in the Township of Ulysses known and distinguished on a map 
of the said Township (filed by our Surveyor-General, in our Secre- 
tary's Office, agreeable to law) by Lot number Two, Containing Six 
Hundred Acres ; Together with all and singular the rights, heredita- 
ments and appurtenances to the same belonging, or in anywise 
appertaining ; Excepting and Reserving to ourselves all Gold and 
Silver Mines, and also five acres of every hundred acres of the said 
tract or lot of land, for Highways : To Have and to Hold the above 
described and granted premises, unto the said Abner Trimmins, his 
heirs, and assigns, as a good and indefeasible Estate of Inheritance, 
for ever. On Condition, Nevertheless, that within the term of seven 
years, to be computed from the first day of January next ensuing the 
date hereof, there shall be one actual settlement made on the said 
tract or lot of land hereby granted ; otherwise these, our Letters 
Patent, and the estate hereby granted, shall cease, determine and 
become void. 

In Testimony Whereof, We have caused these our Letters to be 
made Patent, and the Great Seal of our said State to be hereunto 
affixed : W'itness, our trusty and well beloved George Clinton, Esq.uire, 
Governor of our said State, General and Commander-in-Chief of all 
the Militia, and Admiral of the Navy of the same, at our C4ty of New 
York, this eighth day of July in the year of our Lord, one thousand 
seven hundred and ninety, and in the fifteenth year of our Independ- 

Geo. Clinton. 

Approved of by the Commissioners of the Land Office, and 
passed the Secretary's Office, the 24th day of December, 1790. 

RoBT. Harpur, D. Secr'y. 

Examined and compared with the Original by me. 

RoBT. Harpur, D. Secr'y. 

State of New York, OflSce of the Secretary of State, ss : 

I have compared the preceding copy of Letters Patent, with the 
record thereof, in this Office, in Book Number 5 of Military Patents, 
at page 399, and I do hereby certify the same to be a correct trans- 
cript therefrom and of the whole of the said record thereof. Witness 


H^^rL «^*— T" \-m^ -■? V Anil, HHIl 

-- — — — -i"' x^^^^HHhPI 

^^^^A'-^v'*^'' -': 


Fourth Generation. 57 

my hand and the seal of office of the Secretary of State, at the city 
of Albany, the fourth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and 

[l. s.] Th. E. Benedict, Dep. Secretary of State. 

The following in regard to Abner Treman and the name of 
Trumansburg is from the Ithaca Journal : 

"The subjoined description of Ithaca and vicinity, in 18 10, is 
taken from the private journal of DeWitt Clinton, written during his 
journey through this state as one of the commissioners appointed by 
the legislature to explore the country between the Lakes and the 
navigable waters of the Hudson, and to report upon the most eligible 
route for a water communication. 

"Governor Clinton arrived at Tremain's Village (Trumansburg) 
on August 10, 18 10, and passed the two succeeding days in Ithaca 
and vicinity. 

"Concerning this locality at that date the journal reads as follows : 

" 'We dined at Tremain's Village, so called from the soldier who 
owns the lot for military service. He resides here and is proprietor 
of the mills, and in good circumstances. The village has several 
houses, three taverns, and two or three stores, and mills in a ravine 
or hollow, formed by a creek which runs through it. It is in the 
town of Ulysses, and was formerly called Shin Hollow, by some 
drunken fellows, who, on the first settlement, frequented a log-tavern 
here, and on their way home broke their shins on the bad roads.' " 

The following lines are from a poem by Rev. Lewis Halsey, 
D.D., at the Trumansburg Reunion, Aug. 18-19, iS97> printed in the 
Free Press of that date : 

"The very family whose fame 
Gave to Old Trumansburg its name, 
Has almost disappeared from view 
In Trumansburg we call the new." 

The following is a list of the deeds given by Abner Treman 
and recorded in the Tompkins County, (N. Y.) Clerk's Office : 

"Abner Treman and wife to Laura Bond. Deed March 26, 
181 1. Record Book B. P. 353, Jany 28, 1819. Consideration 
Si 00. Conveys 32 rods of land on Lot 2, town of Ulysses. Abner 
Treman to Levi Valentine. Deed March 16, 18 19. Record Book 

58 History of the Treman Family. 

C. P. 27, July 16, 18 19. Consideration $100. Conveys 25 acres on 
Lot No. 2, town of Ulysses. Abner Treman to Trustees of 1st Pres. 
Church. Deed Feby 18, 1819. Record Book C. P. 148. Consid- 
eration $150, Conveys 3-4 of an acre on Lot 2, town of Ulysses. 
Abner Treman to Albert M. Crandall. Deed May 15, 1820. Record 
Book C. P. 315, June 2, 1820. Consideration $225. Conveys 2 
acres on Lot No, 2, town of Ulysses. Abner Treman and wife to E. 

B. Eely. Deed Feby 4, 181 7. Record Book A. P. 119, Aug. 2, 
18 1 7. Consideration $184. Conveys 40 rods in the village of Tru- 
mansburg, town of Ulysses. Abner Treman and Edward B. Eely to 
Henry D. Barto. Deed July 8, 18 17. Record Book A. P. 120, Aug. 
5, 1817. Consideration $256. Conveys 39 rods of ground in the 
village of Trumansburg. Abner Treman and wife to Hermon Camp. 
Deed March 12, 181 7, Record Book A. P. 241, Oct. 25, 181 7. 
Consideration ^80. Conveys 13 square rods of land in Trumansburg, 
Ulysses. Abner Treman and wife to Hermon Camp. Deed April 
9, 18 1 4. Record Book A. P. 242, Oct. 25, 18 17. Consideration 
$300. Conveys 5 acres and ^^ 1-2 rods of land in town of Ulysses 
on Lot No. 2. Abner Treman and wife to Hermon Camp. Deed 
Aug. 5, 1817. Record Book A. P. 244, Oct. 25, 1817. Consideration 
$225. Conveys 37 square rods of land in Trumansburg. Abner 
Treman to Edward Stilwills. Deed Dec. i, 18 13. Record Book A. 
P. 316, Dec. 30, 18 1 7. Consideration $36. Conveys 5 rods of land 
in Ulysses on Lot No. 2. Abner Treman and wife to Ashbel Tre- 
main. Deed Dec. i, 181 7. Record Book A. P. 343, Jan'y 5, 1818. 
Consideration $700. 37 1-2 acres in Hector. Abner Treman to 
Christopher J. Hines. Deed Nov. 6, 181 7. Record Book B. P. 10, 
May 9, 1818. Consideration $200. Conveys 79 1-2 rods of land on 
Lot No. 2, town of Ulysses. Abner Treman to Daniel Barto. Deed 
Dec. 4, 1818. Record Book B. P. 314, Dec. 30, 1818. Consideration 
$100. Conveys 1-2 acre on Lot No. 2, town of Ulysses. Abner 
Treman to Erastus Crandall. Deed April 11,1820. Record Book 

C. P. 529, Jany 27, 182 1. Consideration $280. Conveys 9000 feet 
of land in Trumansburg, town of Ulysses. Abner Treman to Byard 
Barnes. Deed Oct. 13, 182 1. Record Book D. P. 329, Oct. 15, 
182 1. Consideration $150. Conveys i acre, 2 roods and 25 rods 
of land on Lot No.. 2, town of Ulysses. Abner Treman to Nathaniel 
Ayers, Nicoll Halsey and oths. Deed Aug. 7, 182 1. Record Book 

Fourth Generation. 59 

D. P. 337, Oct. 27, 183 1. Consideration $30. Conveys lot in 
Trumansburg for a Masonic Hall. Abner Treman to Samuel Lewis. 
Deed Aug. 12, 1822. Record Book E. P. 186, Aug. 13, 1822. 
Consideration $600. Conveys i 1-2 acre of land on Lot 2, town of 
Ulysses on the creek. Abner Treman to Hermon Camp. Deed 
May 7, 182 1. Record Book F. P. 36, April 5, 1823. Consideration 
$100. Conveys i acre of land on Lot No. 2. town of Ulysses." 

He was Post Master and Justice of the Peace for many years 
and in 181 1 was one of the charter trustees of the Ulysses Philo- 
mathic Librar}-. He died Aug. 18, 1823, at Mecklenburg, N. Y. 
She died June 5, 1852. Residence Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

301. Mary. Born Aug. lo, 178S. Married Levi Valentine. 630. 

302. Jonathan. Born July 17, 1790. 510. 

303. Annis. Born June 27, 1792. Married Isaiah Smith. 645. 

304. Calvin. Born Sept. 13, 1794. 52S. 

305. Ashbel. Born Sept. i, 1796. 540. 

306. Lucinda. Born Aug. 17, 179S. Married Jeremiah Ayers. 

307. Jared. Bom Oct. 5, 1800. 560. 

308. Abner. Born Jan. 12, 1803. 570. 

309. Charlotte. Born June 30, 1806. Married Minor King. 660. 

310. Alfred. Born Jan. 30, 181 1. 600. 

3[i. Erastus Rose. Bom July 31, 1813. 615. 

320. Henry (DanieP, Joseph^ Joseph'.) 69. He 
was born Nov. 15. 1748, at New London, Conn. He married a Starr. 

Child : 
321. Daughter. Married a Hazard. 

330. Daniel Tru.\i.\n, (Daniel\ Joseph^ Joseph.') He was 
born at New London, Conn.. Jan. 8, 1766. He married (ist), Aug. 
II, 1792, Amelia Thompson (daughter of Isaac Thompson of New 
Haven, Conn.) She was born Oct. 18, 1771. She died Aug. 8, 
1803, in New Haven. He married (2nd) April 27, 1805, Mary 
Thompson (daughter of Col. Joseph Thompson of New Haven, Conn.) 
She was born March 25, 1777. She died June 24, 1838. He died 
April 10, 1832, in New Haven, Conn. Residence New Haven, Conn. 

Children : 

331. Eliza. Born Sei)t. 26, 1793. Died Sept. 5, 1795. 

6o History of the Treman Family. 

332. Eliza. Born Sept. 6, 1795. Died in .\ug. 1796. 

333. Amelia. Born Dec. 31, 1798. 

334. Jane. Born March 20, 1801. Died Sept. 30, 1815. 

335. Son. Born Aug. i, 1803. Died Aug. 4, 1803. 

336. Daniel Henry. Born Feb. 13, 1806. 890. 

337. Henry Gilbert. Born March 19, 1807. Died Feb. 24, 1S25. 

338. William Thompson. Born Sept. 5, 1808. 885. 

339. Elizabeth. Born Feb. 27, 1810. Married H. D. Sharpe. 

340. Mary Chapman. Born Oct. 30, 181 1. Married Rev. Dillon 

Williams. Died March 16, 1S63. 

341. Rebeccah. Born July 5, 1813. Married Jasper Griffing. Died 

Dec. 25, 1851, at New Haven, Conn. 

342. Jane. Born Aug. 31, 1816. Died Feb. 16, 1S91, at Brooklyn. 

350. Shem Truman. (Benjamin^, Joseph^ Joseph'.) 76. He 
was born about 1760, at Sheffield, Mass. He married (ist) Abigail 
Spellman, (daughter of Elijah Spellman of Sheffield, Mass.) Soldier 
in a Massachusetts Regiment in the Revolution. He was a soldier 
from Conn, and drew a pension while residing in New York State. 
He was also a soldier in Mass. 

The following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the 
Revolution : 

"Shem Truman. Private, Capt. Daniel Sackett's co.. Col. 
Ruggles Woodbridge's regt. ; enlisted Aug. 20, 1777; discharged 
Nov. 29, 1777 ; service, 3 mos. 10 days at Northward. 

"Also, descriptive list of enlisted men belonging to Hampshire 
Co ; age, 19 yrs. ; stature, 5 ft., 4 in. ; hair, light ; residence. West- 
field ; enlisted for 9 mos. ; Capt. Moseley's co., Col. Moseley's regt. 

"Also, descriptive list of men enlisted from Hampshire Co., for 
the term of 9 mos. from time of their arrival at Fishkill ; age, 19 
yrs ; stature, 5 ft., 4 in. ; complexion, light ; residence, Westfield ; 
belonging to Capt. Moseley's co., Col. Moseley's regt. ; arrived at 
Fishkill, June 16, [yr. not given.]" 

"Shem Tremain. A Return of Men enlisted into the Continen- 
tal army from Capt. Mosley's co. ; Sworn to April 5, 1779. Residence, 
Westfield. Enlisted for Westfield. Term of enlistment, 9 mos. 
[Name crossed from roll.]" 

The following is from a Connecticut record : 
"Shem Trueman. Private, Conn. Pensioners in Rev. acct. 1818, 
residing in New York State." 

Fourth Generation. 6r 

He removed to Canaan, Conn. His wife Abigail died in 1785 
at Canaan, Conn. They had 3 children. He removed in 1785, with 
his three sons, to the Black River country in New York State, He 
married there (2nd) Sarah (Barto) Rose. He removed soon after 
his second marriage, to Genesee, N. Y,, and from there to Sparta, 
N. Y. His second wife died at Sparta, N. Y. He married (3d) 
Lucy Remington. She was born in 1767. They had six children. 
His wife, Lucy, died in Oct. 1831. (See Conn, in Rev., Gay's 
Historical Gazetteer of Tioga County, N. _Y.) He was living in 1804,. 
at Sparta. Residence Sparta, N. Y. 

Children : 

351. Levi. Died young. 

352. Lyman. Born in 1783. 900. 

353. Aaron. Born July 27, 1785. 910. 

354. Asa H. Born Feb. 26, 1793. 925. 

355. Lucy. Born at Sparta. Married Henrj- Williams. 980. 

356. Ann. Born at Sparta. Married Charles Kellogg. 990. 

357. Lovisa. Born in 1802. Married Ebenezer Porter. 1000. 

358. David. Born Ma}' 17, 1799. 940. 

359. Lydia. Married a Scott of Sparta. Their daughter, Phileta Scott, 

married a Loomis and had children living in Kansas. 

365. David Truman. (Benjamin^ Joseph^ Joseph'.) 77, 
Soldier in Rev. War. 

Connecticut in the Revolution says of him : 

"David Truman. Enlisted May 26, 1777, for the term of the 
war, in Capt, Ezekiel Sanford's Company of Redding, Conn., in Col. 
Philip Burr Bradley's Rfld. Reg. (See David Freeman. Don't 
seem to be certain of Truman or Freeman.)" 

Record of service of Connecticut men, in the War of the Revo- 
lution, War of 181 2, and Mexican War, compiled by authority of the 
General Assembly, Hartford, 1889, says: 

"Fifth Regiment 'Connecticut Line.' Formation of 1777-1781. 
Regiment raised for the 'Continental Line' of '77, to continue through 
the War. Recruited largely in Fairfield and Litchfield Counties 
with men from all parts of the state. Rendezous Danbury ; went into 
camp at Peekskill in spring of '77 and in September ordered to 
Pennsylvania with McDougal's brigade. Engaged in the battle of 
Germantown, Oct. 4th, '77, and suffered some loss. Assigned to 

62 History of the Treman Family. 

Huntington's Brigade and wintered at Valley Forge ^yj-yS. On 
June 28, '78, present at battle of Monmouth and went into camp at 
Redding 'yS-yg. In operation of '79 served in Heath's wing east 
of the Hudson ; its Light Co. under Capt. St. John detached to 
Meigs's Light Regt. Wintered at Morristown, '79-'8o, and in 
the following summer served in Conn. Division with main arm}- on 
both sides of the Hudson. Wintered '8o-'8i at 'Camp Connecticut', 
village near Robinson's House opposite West Point ; there consoli- 
dated for formation of '8o-'83." 

"Name, David Trueman. Company, Capt. Sanford's. Enlist- 
ment, May 26, 1777. Term, War. Remarks, See David Freeman." 

"David Freeman, Company Sanford, enlisted May 26, 1777, for 
the War. Second Regiment 'Connecticut Line', David Freeman, 
paid from January ist, '81 to Dec. 31st, '81. This David Freeman 
(or Trueman) was a private, and the status is that this (regimt) 
formed from the Fifth and Seventh Regiments of previous formation." 

Again on page 364, under "Size Roll of Capt. Robinson's Com- 
pany, Feb. ist, 1783," is David Freeman. Resides Middletown. 
Enlisted May 24, 1777 for the War. (This is evidently not the 
David Freeman of the first quotation.) And again, on page 496 
there is a David Freeman in Capt. Shepherd's Company which 
marched March 31st, 1777, and was discharged May 19th. This 
also not likely the first David Freeman. Again page 634, in the list 
of pensioners is David Freeman, private, on the pension roles in 1818. 

This ends the clear references relating to David Freeman, to 
which name reference is made under David Trueman, it being very 
probable that the first was believed by the compiler to be the same 
man, or possibly the same. 

Again, page 644, in the list of the Revolutionaiy pensioners, is 
one Seth Trueman. 

370. Dr. Thomas Truman. (Jonathan, Thomas', Joseph'.) 
He married Jan. 31, 1773, by Rev. J. Snow, at Providence, Sarah 
Jenckes (daughter of Ebenezer Jenckes of Gloucester). Surgeon in 
the Independent Company of Light Infantry in Providence during 
the Revolution. The census for 1774 in Providence mentions 
Thomas Truman as having a family of five — himself, two sons under 
sixteen and two female adults. His will was proved Aug. 10, 1786; 

Fourth Generation. 63 

mentions his three children who are to continue with his parents and 
have their education looked out for. Residence Providence, R. I. 
Children : 

371. Sylvania. 

372. Guy. 

373. Sarah. Married, June 6, 1804, by Rev. James Wilson (Cong. ), 

John Richmond. 

380. Jonathan Truman. (Jonathan', Thomas^ Joseph'.) 96. 
He was born Aug. 17 (o. June 25), 1763. He married March 4, 
1787, Mary Willett. She was born May 25, 1765. He was appointed 
sole executor of his uncle Thomas Truman's will in 1786. 

June 20, 1789. Daniel Andrus of Domby, Vermont, "for the 
Consideration of a certain Sum of money" sold to Jonathan Truman 
of Preston'-'S Ct., "one certain Tract or Parcel of Land Lying in the 
West Society of Preston aforesaid and being a Part of a Lot of Land 
I formerly sold to Capt. Thomas Truman late of Preston, Deceased, 
and is the Same mentioned in said Thomas Truman's Will * * * 
containing tifty-five acres and a half whereof all above 47 & 1-2 
acres was given me by said Capt. Thomas Truman in his last Will 
and Testament. To Have and to Hold" &c. [Preston Deeds, xi. 356.] 

Jan. 30, 1792. Jonathan Truman of Preston, in consideration 
oi £18 purchased of Richard Starkweather of that place, "one cer- 
tain piece or tract of Land lying and being in said Preston Being Two 
Rights or Shares of Land in a Tract of Land Set out to the Widow 
and Relick of Capt. Joseph Brewster, Late Deceas'd as her right of 
Dower in sd Deceas'd Estate which Rights were purchased of Silas 
Brewster and Joseph Brewester, heirs to said dec'd estate — reference 
to the Division of said estate being had." [Preston Deeds, xi. 195.] 

The same date, Jan. 30, 1792, in consideration of ;^i8, Jonathan 
Truman transferred this property to Deborah Starkweather of 
Preston. [Preston Deeds, xi. 194.] 

April 4, 1792. Jonathan Truman of Preston, leased to Park 
and Elijah Benjamin "a certain farm or Tract of Land lying in Said 
Town of Preston * * * with a Dwelling House, Barn, Tanyard 
and Barkhouse thereon standing * * * for the Term of Ten 
Years to come at and on the first Day of April, One Thousand Seven 

*Preston taken from Norwich and named in October, 1687. First church 
organized in 169S. 

64 History of the Tremax Family. 

Hundred and Ninety-four * * * that they will pay Said Truman 
Twelve Pounds LawfuU Money for the use of the Premises Annually 
During Said Term at the Expiration of each and every year amount- 
ing in the whole to one Hundred & Twenty Pounds Lawfull Money." 
[Preston Deeds, xi. 492-3.] 

Oct. I, 1792. Elijah Lathrop of Norwich, "in consideration of 
Eight Pounds" sold to Jonathan Truman of Preston, "a certain Piece 
of Land Lying and being in the Township of Preston * * * 
containing half an acre." [Preston Deeds, xii. 24.] 

Dec. 29, 1792. "Jonathan Truman and Mary Truman his Wife 
booth of Preston -^ •<< ^-a for the Consideration of five Pounds, 
Ten Shillings, L M" leased to Abel Spicer of Preston, "one-half of a 
certain Dwelling House being in sd Preston & is the westerly part of 
the Same, it being the House in which said Jonathan Truman now 
lives, together with Twelve feet of Land around said Westerly Part 
of Said House * * -^ for the Term of Two years from the first 
day of April next." [Preston Deeds, xii. 85.] 

Jan. 16, 1793. Jonathan Truman of Preston, "for the Consid- 
eration of three Hundred pound L M" sold to John Smith of the 
same place, * * * "the whole of the Lands being and lying in 
the Town of Preston =^ * * No. i '■- '^ '-'^ including by 
estimation about One Hundred and Twenty acres with a House, 
Barn, Cornhouse and Cyder press thereon standing. No. 2 * * * 
containing about fifty acres with a Dwelling House, barn, Barkhouse 
and Shoemakers Shop Standing thereon. No. 3 Containing fifty-five 
acres and half * ^ * To Have and hold" &c. [Preston Deeds, 
XII. 83.] 

April 16, 1793. John Smith "for the consideration of Three 
Hundred Pounds L M" sold the same property back to Jonathan 
Truman. [Preston Deeds, xii. 155.] 

April 27, 1793. Jonathan Truman of Preston, "In considera- 
tion of the Sum of Sixty Pounds Lawfull Money" leased to Elias 
Brown of that place, "the Farm and Buildings that I have let unto 
Park Benjamin and Elijah Benjamin for and During the term of 
Nine years from and after the first day of April, A. D., 1804, said 
farm containing by estimation about Twenty acres more or less, 
together with the Dwelling House, Barn, Tanhouse cS: Works, also a 
Shoemakers Shop." [Preston Deeds, xii. 157.] 

Fourth Gexeratiox. 65 

April 27, 1793. ''For and in consideration of the Sum of one 
Hundred and fifty Pounds Lawfull Money," Jonathan Truman of 
Preston leased to Elias Brown of that place, "the whole of my Lands 
and buildings that I have in the Said Town of Preston Except the 
Land and Buildings that I have leased unto Park Benjamin and 
Elijah Benjamin for and During the term of Twenty Years from the 
above date. [Preston Deeds, xii. 158.] 

Aug. 27, 1793. Jonathan and Mar)- Truman of Preston, '-for 
the consideration of Thirty Pounds Lawfull Money," sold to Capt. 
Philip Harvey of that place, "the one-half of a certain dwelling House 
being the same we purchased of John Holmes Andrus li: is situated 
in Preston." [Preston Deeds, xii. 154.] 

Jan. 2, 1794. Jonathan Truman leased to Nathan Truman of 
Providence, R. L, "one Certain Tenement or Farm of Land with the 
Buildings, Xrc, which lies in Preston '■> * -•- and contains about 
Two Hundred acres lying in three lots, it being the Same farm and 
tenement which the said Jonathan Truman has Let & Leased out to 
Elias Brown, Esq., for the term of Twenty Years from and after the 
month of April last." The new lease was to begin at the expiration 
of that held by Elias Brown and was to continue through Jonathan 
Truman's life. [Preston Deeds, xii. 224.] Consideration ;^43, 8 s, 9 d. 

He died Oct. 28. 1833. She died Oct. 16, 1843. Residence 
Norwich Great Plain. Conn. 

Children : 

381. Hannah Andrus. Born July 27, 178S. IMarried Jan. i. iSii. 

Henry Boon of Lj-me, Conn. 

382. Amanda Nancy. Born July 3, 1791. Married ( ist) Dec. 9, 1813, 

Erastus Bromley of Lyme, Conn ; he died in 1817 ; (2nd) Aug. 
16, 1S21. Rescom Tabor of Nantucket; he died in 1827 ; (3d) 
July 25, 1830, Isaac Miner of Lyme. 

383. Abigail Pearce. Born July i, 1793. Married Duty Greene. 1025. 

384. Thomas Leffingwell. Born June 22, 1797. Married Oct. 25, 181S, 

Elizabeth Rose of Groton, Conn. They had a large family of 
children. Residence Ohio. 

385. Lucy .A.nn. Born Sept. 12, 1S05. Married Francis INIorgan 

Chapman. 1030. 

386. William Henry Pearce. Born June 27, 1808. Unmarried. Died 

at sea, May 21, 1835. Synopsis of Will of William Henry 
Truman of Preston, mariner, dated July 30, 1834. [Norwich 
Probate Records, xv. 314-15.] To widowed mother, Mary 

66 History of the Treman Family. 

Truman. To nephew Francis William Chapman, land on the 
"old plain," so-called, a part of the "lower Truman" farm, 
situated on the Norwich and Providence Turnpike. To my two 
nieces, Lucy Ann Taber and Joanna Taber. To my brother, 
Thomas L. Truman. To my three sisters, Nancy A. Miner, 
Abby P. Greene and Lucy Ann Chapman. Inventory, Preston, 
Nov. 30, 1835, I2439.12. 

390. Nathan Truman. (Jonathan', Thomas-, Joseph'.) He 
was born May 7, 1767. Married, Dec. 8, 1811, by Rev. Stephen 
Gano (Bap.), Mary Oldham, at Providence. She was born in 1774. 
Apothecary. He bought land in 1796. His will was proved Sept. 
28, 1818. She died Sept. 25, 1858. Residence, Providence, R. I. 

Children : 

391. Nathan. Born in 1814. 

392. Sarah. Married (ist) John Oldham ; (2nd) Christopher B. 

Arnold. 1015. 

400. John Ephraim Truman. (Jonathan^, Thomas-, Joseph'.) 
99. He was born Aug. 9, 1769, at North Providence, R. I. He 
married, Oct. 16, 1801, Amy Hoag, at Coeymans, N. Y. She was 
born Feb. 6, 1777. He removed to the town of Butternuts, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., in 18 16. Their home, established by them was called 
Truman Hill. He died Dec. 19, 1831. She died May 13, 1849. 
They had several sons. Residence Butternuts. 

Children : 

401. Nathan. Born Nov. 26, 1808, in Albany County, N. Y. 825. 

402. Thomas. 840. 

415. Benjamin Tremain. (Philip^, Thomas', Joseph'.) He 
was born Feb. 2, 1724. He married May i, 1749, at Sheffield, 
Rhoda Pier (daughter of Thomas and Margaret Pier of Great Bar- 
rington, Mass.) She was born Aug. i, 1732. Benjamin Tremain 
of Westfield, Mass., bought land in Poonsutuc (Pittsfield) July 20, 
1748 (deed recorded July 20, 1748) from John Tremain of Westfield. 
Benjamin Tremain of Sheflfield sold above land Oct. 19, 1752. 
Benjamin Tremain of Sheffield bought land there Jan. 3, 1749 ; deed 
recorded 1765, together with deed of 1751, selling same property. 
Benjamin Tremain of Sheflfield sold land in Springfield, May 27, 
1763. Benjamin Tremain of Egremont sold land in Springfield, 
May 30, 1763. Benjamin Tremain of Egremont; Joseph and Solo- 
mon Tremain of Alford ; Moses Root and Sarah, his wife, of the 

Fourth Generation. 67 

Gore, so-called ; James \irgin and Rhoda, his wife, of the same 
place, and Julius Tremain and Lucy, his wife, of Egremont, sold 8 
acres of land in Great Barrington, in March, 1779, to Timothy 
Younglove of the same place. Consideration 180 pounds. Deed 
acknowledged July 5, 1779, before Ephraim Fitch, J. P. Recorded 
March 9, 1782. The said 8 acres was a piece of land set off to the 
heirs of Rlioda Tremain, as part of their share and proportion of 
real estate of Thomas Pier, late of Great Barrington. 

She died in, or before, 1779. (See Land Records at Springfield, 
Mass. Berkshire County Land Records, Vol. 14, page 89.) Resi- 
dence Egremont, Mass. 

Children : 

416. Benjamin. 822. 

417. Joseph. Born in 1751. 805. 

418. Solomon. Born Sept. 30, 1758. 790. 

419. Sarah. Married Moses Root. Residence, 1779, the Gore, either 

Cohmibia Co., N. Y., or Berkshire Co., Mass. 

420. Rhoda. Married Janres Virgin. Residence, 1779, the Gore, X.Y.(?) 

421. Julius. 818. 

425. Thom.\.s Pier, Jr. (Thomas and Margaret Pier.j He 
married, Dec. 12, 175 1, Rachel Tremain, 121. Residence Sheffield, 

Children : 

426. John. Born May 30, 1752. 

427. Levi. Born June 3, 1754. 

42S. Solomon. Born Sept. 30, 1758. 

430. N.\THANiEL Trem.aine. ( Philip\ Thomas", Joseph'.) 82. 
He was born April 18, 1728. He married April 11, 1755, by Rev. 
Mr.- Ballantine, Sarah Kellogg. Residence Westfield, Mass. 

440. Simeon Tremain, (Philip^ Thomas-, Joseph'.) 123. He 
was born March 18, 1730. He married, May 19, 1757. by Rev. Mr, 
Ballantine, Alice Collins of Westfield, Mass. He died at Alford, 
Mass. She died at McConnelsville, N. Y. Residence Westfield, Mass. 

Children : 

441. Nathaniel. Born Sept. 14, 1757. 750. 

442. Justus. Born May 8, 1763. 775. 

443. Lucretia. Born Oct. 25, 1760. Died in or before 1763. 

444. Lucretia. Born Sept. 26, 1763. Died Aug. 12, 17S3, at Salisbury, 


Fifth GrEisrEiiiVTio]sr. 

510. Jonathan Treman. (Abner\ John^, Joseph-, Joseph'.) 
302. He was born July 17 (0.19), 1790, at Hillsdale, N. Y. He 
married Annis (o. Ann) Trembly. She was born Sept. 10, 1792. 
He built the "Red Furnace" foundry at Trumansburg. N.. Y. He 
died March 26 (0.24), 1853. She died about 1861. Residence 
Tnnnansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

511. Betsey Ann. Born May 29, iSio. Married Miner Colegrove. 1901. 

512. Lufanna. Born Jan. 9, 1812. Married George Grant. 1910. 

513. Mary\ Born Oct. 16, 1813. Married Hon. Willett B. Goddard. 


514. Sarah. Born Dec. 13, 1815. Married Edwin Hopkins. 1950. 

515. Susan M. Born July 16, 1818 (0.1817). Married George D. 

Turner, i960. 

516. Nanc}-. Bom Jul}- 21, 1S20. Married Samuel Turner. No 


517. William Gilbert. Born Feb. 6, 1S23. 1S65. 

51S. Roxana. Born Nov. 17, 1825. Married Alva Hicks. 1970. 

519. Alfred Riley. Born Feb. 22, 1828. 18S0. 

520. Miner C. Born in July, 1830. 1S90. 

521. James \V. Born Oct. 4, 1832. He resided several years in Cali- 

fornia. Unmarried. He died in Jan., 1876, at Mecklenburg,N.Y. 

522. Jerome. Born April 20, 1835. Died young. 

528. Calvin Treman. (Abner", John^, Joseph^, Joseph'.) 304. 
He was born Sept. 13, 1794. He married Jan. 7, 1813, Ann Ayers. 
(For an account of her ancestry see the History of the Ayers Family 
in this work.) She was born Nov. 7, 1793. Merchant. He was 
owner and proprietor of a flouring mill. He died Oct. 18, 1849. 
She died April 11, 1863. Residence Mecklenburg, N. Y. 



Fifth Generation. 69 

Children : 

529. Abner. Born March i, iSi6. Unmarried. Died, a young man, 

in Ithaca, N. Y. 

530. Madi.son. Born May n, 1S18. 19S0. 

531. Richard. Born May 29, 1820. Unmarried. Died in July, 1846, 

at Wapakonneta. Ohio. 

532. Elizabeth S. Born April 29, 1822. Married James Burnham 

Bodle. 2000. 

533. Parnel. Born April 24, 1824. Married Elisha Goldsmith Earle. 


534. Mary Ann. Born Aug. 9. 1S26. Married Jonas Rappleye. 2025. 

535. Emily A. Born Sept. 18, 1828. Married William G. Goldsmith. 


536. George B. Born Nov. 21, 1830. 

537 Calvin. Bom April 30, 1833. Died Aug. 13, 1884. 

538. Ellen M. Born July 22, 1835. Married in Feb. or March. 18S7, 

William W. Wheeler. No children. Residence, 1901, Farmer, 

N. Y. 

540. AsHBEL (Abner\ John\ Joseph", Joseph'.) 305. 
He was born Sept. i, 1796. He married Oct. 16, 18 17, Mary 
Ayers (daughter of Richard Ayers. For an account of her ancestry 
see the History of the Ayers Family in this book.) She was born 
Dec. 19, 1799. He went abroad, visiting Amsterdam, Holland, 
before his marriage. He was a merchant and farmer, and an 
able business man. She was a member of the Baptist Church at 
Mecklenburg for many years and lead in the singing. He was a 
Trustee of the Baptist Church. After her husband's death she 
removed to Ithaca, where she was for many years a member and 
regular attendant of the Park Baptist Church. She gave a fund to 
the Sunday School of her old home church and after her death, her 
son, Lafayette Lepine, gave a fund to the same church in memory of 
his parents. He was a Democrat in politics. 

At the time of her death the Ithaca Daily Journal said : 
"In the death of Mrs. Treman our community loses an old and 
most highly esteemed resident. Her long life was spent within the 
radius of Tompkins county, at Trumansburg, Mecklenburg and 
Ithaca. She was born at Trumansburg. Dec. 19th, 1799; moved to 
Mecklenburg after her marriage, and from there, in 1858, to Ithaca, 
where she has since resided. Mrs. Treman was marked by unusual 
religious earnestness, and her life was characterized, more than any- 

70 History of the Treman Family. 

thing else, by her service and interest in such matters. Early in life 
she became a member of the Baptist Church and was an earnest and 
ardent supporter of its teachings until her death. For many years 
she was prominently identified with the Mecklenburg Baptist Chiirch, 
being the leader of its music, and increasing in many ways its use- 
fulness. Since her removal to Ithaca, she has been a beloved 
member of the Park Church of this place ; a society she dearly 
loved, and to whose prosperity she has been, in every way ever since 
her connection with it, a generous contributor. Her attendance at 
church was something remarkable, being maintained long after the 
infirmities of age had made it hazardous. She was trained in the 
old school of religious expression, and the fervor and depth of feeling 
which characterized her utterances on all religious themes, will not 
soon be forgotten." 

He died Nov. 14, 1837, at the comparatively early age of 41 
years, at Mecklenburg. She died Sept. 15, 1887, at Ithaca, N. Y. 
Residence Mecklenburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

541. Leonard. Born June 18, 1819. 1800. 

542. Lafayette Lepine. Born April 3, 1821. 1804. 

543. Ellas. Born Dec. 9, 1822. 1808. 

544. .\nn Floretta. Born Dec. 19, 1S24. Married Charles G. Galezio. 


545. Mary Caroline. Born Nov. 20, 1835. Married Charles Dey 

Johnson. 1818. 

560. Jared Treman. (Abner^ John^, Joseph", Joseph'.) 307. 
He was born Oct. 5, 1800. He married (iSt), Nov. 23, 1819, Anna 
Maria Louise (LePine) Paddock. 

Anne Marie Louise LePine, the wife of Jared Treman, was born 
Nov. 27, 1794. Her father, Joseph Roch Paul Gilbert Lafayette 
LePine, was a godson of the Countess de Charwagnac, and a friend 
of General Lafayette, who was ten years his senior. He came to 
this country with Lafayette on the occasion of the latter's visit in 
1784. He owned or thereafter acquired extensive interests in San 
Domingo, and was also interested in a vessel or line of vessels 
operating between San Domingo, France and New York. 

Prior to 1790 he had married Catherine Kearney, a lady of 
Holland Dutch descent residing in New York. Louise was the third 




Fifth Generation. 71 

child ; her brother Joseph being five years older, and her elder sister 
dying in childhood. When Louise was five years old, she went with 
her mother and Joseph to join the husband and father in France, 
where they resided for a time, and where Madame LePine died. 
While Napoleon was first consul Louise went with her father and 
brother to San Domingo. It was during the troublous times on the 
island which marked the beginning of the century, and one morning 
Mr. LePine went out from the city to his plantation never to return. 
He undoubtedly perished in the general massacre of the whites. 

Disguised as an orange girl, the little Louise, then about ten 
years of age, escaped on board a merchant vessel bound for New 
York. Hidden beneath bags of coffee, she could hear the tramp 
and clanking guns of the black soldiers on the deck above searching 
for refugees ; and as long as she lived she vividly remembered the 
terrible experience. The escape of Joseph on a vessel bound for 
France ; its capture by a Spanish privateer ; his escape from the 
coast of Spain and return to his grandmother Kearney in New York, 
are equally thrilling. It was not many years after, when he was 
drowned in the East River. 

Bereft of parents, and too young to know how to find her 
relatives in New York, from whom she had been separated so long, 
Louise was taken into the family of Captain Mussneau, where she 
found a home until at the funeral of Alexander Hamilton, she was 
recognized by a nurse who had formerly been in her mother's employ. 
The nurse, taking the child's address, at once informed her grand- 
mother ; and that night after Louise had gone to bed, she was 
summoned to meet her brother Joseph. She immediately exclaimed, 
"My brother !" and rushed into his arms. 

In 18 10, she was married to James Paddock, by whom she had 
four children, Louisa, Emily, Ann Eliza and Catherine. Before the 
birth of Catherine the family had moved to Trumansburg, N. Y., 
where Mr. Paddock soon after died. 

In 1 8 19 she was married to Jared Treman. Soon after the 
birth of Adriana (1824), Gen'l Lafayette, who was then in this 
country, was informed of the fact and asked the privilege of naming 
the child after his wife. He wrote on a slip of paper now in posses- 
sion of the Stone family, "Adrienne is the name, to which I beg leave 
to join my most affectionate thanks."' 

72 History of the Treman Family. 

But a small portion of the property interests held by her father 
was ever recovered except, that in return for the lands confiscated in 
San Domingo, a small annuity was secured from the French govern- 
ment, and paid to her for many years. 

She died Sept. 19, 1857. Her personal appearance is described 
by one who remembers her well as follows : "petite, erect, dark eyes, 
a pretty way of dressing her hair by parting it on one side, pretty 
caps, slender fingers, pleasant voice, full vocabulary, easy in manner, 
though dignified and rather reserved." 

He married (2nd), Feb. 16, 1859, Wealthy (Crampton) Clark 
(widow of Samuel E. Clark, M. D., of Trumansburg, N. Y.) She 
was born Sept. 8, 1804, She died March 19, 1881. He built the 
flouring mill at Enfield Falls, N. Y., which he owned many years. 
He afterwards resided at Enfield, Trumansburg and Millport. 
Chemung Co., N. Y. He also owned a flour mill at Millport. He 
was one of the earliest Masons in his part of the state, being a 
member of Trumansburg Lodge. He was a member of the Pres- 
byterian Church many years. Captain in the Militia. He was a 
Democrat in politics. 

At the time of his death the Ithaca Journal said of him : 

"He spent the business portion of his life at Enfield Falls, 
Tompkins County, building the grist mill at that point, and remain- 
ing until 1850. Then he bought the homestead at Trumansburg, 
but after a time removed to Millport, going into partnership with S. 
B. Banks in the purchase of the grist mill at that place. The firm of 
Treman & Banks conducted operations for about twelve years, and 
two years afterwards Mr. Treman returned to Trumansburg where 
he lived until about 1881. His subsequent life was passed with his 
children, and the last year with his daughter, Mrs. S. B. Banks. 
The deceased was for many years a member of the Presbyterian 
Church, and one of the oldest Masons in the country. His life was 
one of industry and usefulness. His character commendable in al! 
respects, right principles guiding all his actions." 

He died July 10, 1889, at Watkins, N. Y. 

Children : 

561. Adriana Phedora. Born Oct. 19, 1820. Died Aug. 9, 1821. 

562. Adriana Leonora. Born June 27, 1823. She was named by Gen. 

Lafayette, after his wife. Married Jared C. King. 2060. 



Fifth Generation. 73 

563. Lepine Camp. Born June 10, 1825. Died .\ug. 22, 1826. 

564. Josephine Amelia. Born June 3, 1827. Married Stephen Baker 

Banks. 2o8cj. 

565. Cornelia Ann. Born Nov. 19, 1829. Married Isaac Harmon 

Newman. 2100. 

566. Gertrude Theodosia. Born July 3, 1832. Married (ist) John 

Harris Marshall. 2110; (2nd) Jehiel Halsey Bailey. 2120. 

567. Ellen Augusta. Born May 9, 1836. Married Samuel Clark 

Allen. 2125. 

570. Abner Treman. (Abner^ John', Joseph", Joseph'.) 308. 
He was born Jan. 30, 1803. He married Jan. 30, 1823, Jemima 
Thomas. She was born Nov. i, 1803, at Bridgeport, Conn. He 
was the owner and proprietor of a flouring mill nearly all his life. 

At the time of his death the Trumansburg Sentinel said : 

"His life has been one of more than ordinary usefulness. In 
early life, and in his mature years, he had followed the milling 
business. He left this business only when impaired health, largely a 
result of his years, made his retirement a necessity. 

"While possessed of a mild disposition, he was very firm in his 
convictions. He was a bold advocate of principles which he thought 
to be true, without catering to public sentiment. He was a temperance 
man, when temperance w^as not as popular with the people as in these 
times. He was anti-slavery in his sentiments, and early identified 
his sympathy with the abolition party, long before that sentiment had 
reached ascendency in the history of the nation. 

"His religious life began in 1830. At that time he united with 
the Methodist Church, and remained a faithful member through all 
his subsequent life. His companion, Mrs. Jemima Treman, with 
whom he had lived in sweet conjugal affection for more than 64 
years, still survives him; though in very feeble health. 

"In his life Abner Treman made many friends, and very few 
enemies : if, indeed, he ever had an enemy. Those who knew him 
longest and best, loved him most. His house was always open for 
the entertainment of ministers of the Gospel, and many of these have 
shared his hospitalities. Many with whom he worshiped in early 
life had preceded him to the Higher State of Being. While possessed 
with a mind of unusual strength, and of rare judgment, he was modest 
and retiring in disposition, 'esteeming others better than himself.' 
His death was more a result of old age, than from any apparent 

74 History of the Treman Family. 

disease. Having lived beyond 'the allotted time,' he has finished his 
work, and ended his mission upon the earth. 

"Conscious that his end was near, he conversed upon the 
subject with great freedom with his friends. When the time came 
for his departure, the faith which had sustained him so long, was 
equal to the hour ; and with no fear, and no regrets, he waited the 
coming of the death angel, and then, imparting his blessing upon 
his companion and children, entered into life eternal. Seldom have 
we the opportunity of recording the death of one whose life had been 
so pure, so eventful and true." 

The Ithaca Daily Journal said : 

"His life has been one of earnestness and uprightness, while 
possessing a nature gentle and kind, yet was uncompromising in his 
convictions of right. He was forgiving and charitable in all his 
intercourse with his fellow men. He commanded the respect of all 
who came in contact with "him, and was a liberal giver for all church 
and charitable purposes. He was a quiet and earnest Christian, 
exemplifying his profession by his daily life. He will be greatly 
missed by the entire community and all who knew him. The 
bereaved family have the sympathy of all. He leaves an aged wife 
and four daughters to mourn his loss." 

He died Sept. 30 (0.20), 1887. She died Oct. 17. 1891. 
Residence Waterburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

571. Elias Thomas. Born Nov. 12, 1S23. Died Dec. 30, 1S23. 

572. Evaline McLallen. Born Nov. 17, 1824. Died Sept. 24, 1S27. 

573. Mary Jane. Born April 25, 1826. Died Sept. 21, 1827. 

574. Cynthia. Born Nov. 28, 1827. Married Charles Wesley Wyckoff. 


575. Jared Smith. Born Nov. i, 1S29. Unmarried. Died Oct. 17, 

1852, in California. 

576. Melissa. Born May i, 1832. Married Archlous WyckoflF. 2140. 

577. Orinda L. Born June i, 1834. Married Elijah A. Updike. 2145. 

578. Mary L. Born Aug. 18, 1836. Married William Bower. 2160. 

579. Abner Chase. Born April 3, 1838. Unmarried. Died Jan. 10, 

1862, at Aurora, 111. 

580. Caroline Elizabeth. Born Dec. 2, 1840. Married David Bower. 


581. Alfred. Born April 3, 1843. Married in Oct., 1864, Eunice Good- 

year. Died Aug. 12, 1865. 


Fifth Generation. 75 

600. Alfred Treman. (Abner^ John\ Joseph-, Joseph'.) 310. 
He was born Jan. 31, 1811, at Trumansburg, N. Y. He married, 
June I, 1828, Mary Ann Trembly (daughter of John Trembly). She 
was born May 3, 181 1. He removed about 1845 to Aurora, 111. He 
died Dec. 2, 1885. Residence Aurora, 111. 

Children : 

601. Alonzo. Born Oct. 4, 1S31. Died at the age of one and a half 


602. William Wallace. Born June 22, 1S35. 2180. 

603. Louise Anna. Born June 3, 1S37. Married Alfred Edson. 2220. 

604. Sarah Elizabeth. Born April 13, 1839. Married, Feb. 23, 1881, 

Peter A. Stolp. He died Dec. 12, 1894. 

605. Mary A. Born April 26, 1841. Married Elias Snyder. 2230. 

606. Henrietta. Born Aug. 28, 1844. Married Charles W. Gay lord. 


607. Antoinetta. Born Aug. 28, 1844. Married Charles S. Carpenter. 


608. Sevellen Alden. Born Aug. 19, 1846, at St. Charles, 111. 2190. 

609. Erastus. Born April 20, 1849, at Aurora. 2200. 

610. Adrianna. Born Oct. 27, 1851. Married Charles Clement. 2260. 

611. Frederick Demont. Born April 16, 1854. 2210. 

615. Erastus Treman. (Abner^ John\ Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 311. He was born July 31, 1813, at Trumansburg, N, 
Y. He married, Dec. 15, 1836, Mary Buck. She was born Feb. 
20, 181 1, at Truxton, Cortland Co., N. Y. Farmer. President of 
the Treman Family Association, 1879. 

The following account of the Treman Family Reunion is from 
the Owego (N, Y.) Times of Aug. 21, 1879 : 

•On Thursday last the Trumans of this village and vicinity, and 
the Tremans of Tompkins county, held their first reunion at Taghanic 
Falls. There is one peculiarity about this family, the residents in 
Tompkins County spell their name Treman and in Tioga County 
Truman. About five o'clock on Thursday morning last, the Truman 
family consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Truman, of Flemingville, 
Lyman Truman, Jr., and sister, Mrs. Gorman, Orin T. Gorman and 
wife. Mrs. Dodge, Orin Truman, Geo. Truman and wife, William 
Truman and wife, Gilbert Truman and wife, A. Chase Thompson, 
wife and child. W. P. Stone, wife and daughter, B. L. Truman and 
wife, George Stratton and Lyman Stanbrough, left Owego for Ithaca. 

76 History of the Treman Family. 

They arrived in that village about seven o'clock and immediately 
took the steamboat at Cayuga Lake for Goodwin's Point. They were 
met by Leonard Treman and Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson, and 
taken in carriages to the residence of Mr. Thompson, where they 
were elegantly entertained, and were then taken to Taghanic Falls, 
where the reunion took place. After the festivities of the day were 
over, the Owego delegation was brought to Ithaca in Mr. Treman's 
steam yacht, and then came by cars to Owego, arriving here in the 
evening. The party wishes to return their thanks to William Thomp- 
son and family and other friends, for the numerous courtesies 
extended them." 

We clip the following in regard to the reunion from the Ithaca 
Journal : 

" 'The first reunion and picnic of the Treman and McLallen 
families took place at Taghanic Falls north side, Aug. 14, 1879. 
The early morning, which indicated a stormy, unpleasant time, soon 
gave way to a most delightful day, neither too hot nor too cold, with 
a cool north breeze, it seemed as if nature herself had done her best 
to render the occasion a delightful one. With the arrival of the 
regular steamer Frontenac, from Ithaca at 71-2 o'clock, came a 
delegation of about thirty of the Truman family from Owego, and 
Mr. Wm. Thompson, of Goodwin's point, very kindly furnished 
carriages to convey the party to the ground. At about ten o'clock 
the stream of carriages began to arrive and from that time until 
noon the incessant arrival made one wonder if the population of 
Tompkins County was composed entirely of the families of Treman 
and McLallen. At about noon the Ithaca delegation arrived escorted 
by the Mecklenburg cornet band and officers of the day who met 
them near the lake. The members of the two families from Owego 
and different parts of Tompkins County composed the greater part 
of the assemblage, but numerous relations were present from Meck- 
lenburg, Elmira, New York, Olean and Westfield, Pa. 

" 'At about one o'clock the company were invited by the com- 
mittee of arrangements to the grove where long tables were literally 
groaning beneath the weight of good things which had been brought 
to satisfy the wants of the inner man. In a short time the large 
company numbering, it was estimated, fully four hundred persons, 
were seated and a pleasant sight it was to look upon. In a short 

Fifth GptXERATiox. 77 

time it became quiet and a photograph of the scene was taken by 
Hall, an artist from Trumansburg, after which Rev. J. E. Cathell 
invoked the blessing of the Giver of all good upon the company 
present. The onslaught began and in a short time, the hunger of 
the multitude being satisfied, a resolution was offered and passed 
that a similar gathering take place on the second Thursday of 
August, 1880. After which the following officers were elected for 
the ensuing year. 

" 'President, E. R. Treman ; Vice Presidents, Jared Treman, D. 
K. McLallen, Abner Treman, Wm. H. McLallen, Aurora, 111., Elias 
Treman, Ithaca, George Truman, Owego ; Secretary, Leonard 
Treman. Trumansburg; Treasurer, G. J. McEallen. 

•' 'Prayer was next offered by Rev. J. J. Phelps, which was 
followed by an original poem written for the occasion by Rev. 
Dwight Williams, the preacher poet, who was followed by Rev. J. E. 
Cathell, who made a short speech. Next, Rev. J. J. Phelps made a 
short but happy speech and the exercises at the table terminated. 

" 'It being the wish of many present, about a dozen of the older 
members of both families were grouped and a photograph of them 
taken by the artist, Mr. Hall, and a more venerable group it would 
be hard to find. May their days be long upon the land. A book 
was kept in which all members of either family were requested to 
record their names and we believe nearly all did so. 

" 'The utmost harmony and good feeling prevailed ; people who 
had never met each other before becoming acquainted without the 
formality of an introduction, saying : 'We are all cousining today, let 
us know each other better.' To the enjoyment of the occasion the 
genial proprietors of the Taughannock House, Messrs. Root & Burg- 
hardt, contributed verj' largely, doing all in their power for the comfort 
of their guests. Keeping the house as they do on strictly temperance 
principles, makes it a very desirable place for such gatherings. As the 
day grew on those from a distance began to think of returning home 
and each went feeling that it had been good to be there and that if 
their lives were spared the second Thursday in August, 1880, would 
again find them gathered together to renew the acquaintance made 
that day. A resolution was passed to the effect that an account of 
the gathering should be furnished the Ithaca Journal and in accord- 
ance with that request I offer the foregoing outline of the day's 
pleasant event. F. B. A.' " 

78 History of the Treman Family. 

He died August 2, 1881. She died Dec. 8, 1892. Residence 
Trumansburg, N, Y. 

Children : 

616. Orlin. Born Nov. 9, 1837. 2270. 

617. Dewitt C. Born July 14, 1841. He enlisted July 22, 1862, in Co. 

G, 109th Regt. N. Y. Vols. He was wounded in battle before 
Petersburg, June 17, 1864. He died July 6, 1864. 

618. Jerome. Born April 18, 1845. 2280. 

619. Leonard. Born April 5, 1852. 2290. 

630. Levi Valentine, (His father was an officer in the Revo- 
lutionary War.) He was born July 18, 1777. He married, April 
29, 1804, Mary Tremain. 301. She was born Aug. 10, 1788. He 
died March 22, 1838. She died Feb. 13, 1869. Residence 
Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

631. Anna. Born June 4, 1808. Married Daniel Lampkin. 2335. 

632. Truman. Born June 24, 1810. L^nmarried. Died Feb. 18, 1S39. 

633. Calvin. Born Oct. 16, 1812. 2300. 

634. Lufana. Born Nov. 6, 1814. Married (ist) Hugh E.Thompson. 

2340. Married (2nd) James H. Waring. 2350. 

635. Mary T. Born Sept. 17, 1819. Married William C. Giflford. 2360. 

636. Henry. Born July 30, 1821. 2310. ' 

637. Warren Treman. Born March 3, 1825. 2320. 

638. Lucinda. Born April i, 1827. Married George W. Goodrich. 


639. Eliza. Born Oct. 11, 1829. Married George W. Carman. 2330. 

645. Gen. Isaiah Smith, (Christopher and Nancy Smith, 
who removed from Repack, Somerset Co., N. J,, to Covert, N. Y.) 
He was born Aug. 15, 1788, in New Jersey, He married Jan 24. 
18 10, Annis Treman, 303. Major General in the New York State 
Militia, 1827. Supervisor. Superintendent of the Sunday School of 
the M. E. Church many years. He was an early and prominent 
member of the Masonic fraternity. He died Dec. 30, 1870, at 
Covert. She died Jan. 11, i860. Residence Covert, N. Y. 

Children : 

646. Mary. Born Oct. 3, 1811, Married (ist) Abram Hyatt. 2410. 

Married (2nd) John Bachman, 
.647. Lucinda. Born March 7, 1813. Married Almerion P, Sears. 2430. 



Fifth Generation. 79 

64S. Charlotte. Born Feb. 24, 1S16. Married Dr. Herman Camp 
Skinner. 2440. 

649. William Harrison. Born Oct. 22, 1814. 2390. 

650. Elizabeth. Born July 4, 1818. Married (1st) Israel H. Cooper. 

2450. Married (2nd) a Newton. 

651. Ira Terry. Born March 31, 1820. 2400. 

652. James S. Born Jan. 18, 1824. He went to California in '49 and 

died Nov. 9, 1849, ^^ the mines there, unmarried. 

653. Peter. Born Dec. 26, 1824. Died Maj' 11, 1825. 

654. Christian. Born March 13, 1S26. Married Theodore Bainbridge 

Carman. 2470. 

655. Ashbel T. Born Dec. 27, 1S21. Died April 14, 1823. 

656. Evaline M. Born INI arch 11, 1829. Married Aaron Brown. 2475. 

660. Minor Kino. He was born March 25, 1800. He mar- 
ried Jan. 13, 1822, Charlotte Treman. 309. He was a lumber 
merchant. He resided at Albany, N. Y., several years and then 
went to California where he remained several years. Afterwards he 
travelled extensively visiting Australia and other countries. He died 
June 21, 1 88 1. She died Sept. i, 1889. Residence Albany, N. Y. 

Children : 

661. Eraslus T. Born April 27. 1823. 2480. 

662. Ervin T. Born Aug. 23, 1825. 2490. 

663. William Trembly. Born Jan. 3, 1827. 2505. 

664. Leander Rutherford. Born P'eb. 3, 1829. 2510. 

665. Mary Ann. Bom Jan. 6, 1831. Died May 19, 1832. 

666. Mary Ann. Born June 27, 1833. Married Peter Meyer. 2520. 

667. Wilson. Bom Jul}- 13, 1836. 

668. Fanny Louisa. Born March 4, 1838. Died March 21, 1845. 

669. Adrianna. Born Feb. 28, 1841. Died July 15, 1841. 

670. Franklin Hamilton. Born Dec. 27, 1845. Book-keeper. Died 

May 20, 1888, at Ithaca, N. Y. 

671. Sarah Louisa. Born Dec. 31, 1849. Died F'eb. 21, 1851. 

680. P2i)MUND KiN(i. He married Sophia Treman. 281. 
Residence Trumansburg. X. Y. 

Children : 

681. Reuben. 2050. 

682. JaFed C. 2060. 

683 Justina. Married Perry Smith. 2040. 

725. Benjamin Trkmain. (Philip^ John\ Joseph-, Joseph'.) 
J2I. He was born June i. 1768 (0.1767), in Massachusetts. He 

8o History of the Treman Family. 

married (ist) in 1795, Phebe Kortright of Venice, N. Y. She was 
born in 1767. She died in 1828. He married (2nd) in 1829, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Jipson of Ledyard. She was born in 1783. She died in 
1859. Farmer. Soldier in War of 18 12. He died in 1845. Resi- 
dence Ledyard, N.Y. 

Children : 

726. Philip. Born in 181S. He went to New" Orleans, La. The last 

letter from him stated that he was about to return home. The 
Yellow Fever prevailed there at that time, and it is supposed 
that he fell a victim to that disease. Unmarried. 

727. Daniel M. Born June 23, 1798. 2530. 

728. Clarissa. Born Jan. 24, iSoo. Married James Moe. 2610. 

729. Warren. Born in 1802. 2540. 

730. William. Born July 10, 1805. 2550. 

731. Abram K. Born May 12, 1807. 2560. 

732. Harvey. Born in 1808. 2580. 

733. Maria. Born in 1812. Married Rev. Ross Clark. 2620. 

734. Gardner K. Born April 15, 18 14. 2590. 

735. James Kortright. Born in 1818. 2600. 

740. William Tremain. (Philip-', John', Joseph-, Joseph'.) 
224. He was born in 1775. He married Rebecca Finch. Farmer. 
No children. He died in 1857. She died in 1843. Residence 
Venice, N. Y. 

745. Erastus Tremain. (Daniel-*, John^ Joseph", Joseph'.) 
271. He was born in 1793. He married. He died Nov. 14, 1872. 
Residence Chenango Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

746. Richard. Born Oct. 15, 1S17. 2640. 

747. William. Residence, 1901, Akron, Iowa. 

750. Hon. Augustus Tremain. (Gaius^ John^ Thomas', 
Joseph'. 231, He married, in 1798, Sally McKinstry (daughter of 
Col. Charles McKinstry, Member of Assembly, and Tabitha Patter- 
son, of Hillsdale, N. Y.) She was born Aug. 13, 1780, at Hillsdale, 
N. Y. He was Associate Judge of Columbia County. Member of 
Assembly, 181 1, 1814-15, 1822. He died in 1851. She died April 
17, 1845. (See McKinstry Genealogy in the New England Histori- 
cal and Genealogical Register, Vol. 13, page 43.) 

Fifth Generation. 8i 


751. Charles Patterson. He attended Union College in the class of 

1S22. Died in 1834. 

752. Augustus Porter. 2630. 
753- Jane. 

755. Rev. MiLO B. Tremain. (Gaius^ John', Joseph", Joseph'.) 
233. He was born May 28, 1799. He married (ist) Feb. 19, 18 18, 
Rosannah Tiffany. She died. He married again. Baptist minis- 
ter. He died in 1851 (0.1852), near Racine, Wis. He had three 
children by his first wife and one by his second wife. Residence 
Austerlitz, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

756. Russell. Born March 6, 1S19. 2642. 

757. Charles. Born Sept. 11, 1S22. 2650. 

758. Amelia Ann. Born July 13, 1837. Married a Stanley. She died 

in March, 1901. Residence OsVjorne Hollow, Broome Co., N. Y. 

759. Mary Jane. 

765. Martin Tremaine. (Julius\ John% Joseph-. Joseph'.) 
242. He was born April 4, 1778. He married Catharine. He 
died in 1824, near New London, Ohio. 

Children : 

766. Martin. Residence, iSSi, Xenia, Ohio. 

767. Abram. 2740. 

76S. Mary. Died at Ravenwood, Ya. 
769. Emily. 

775. RoswELL Tremaine. (Julius*, John', Joseph-, Joseph'.) 
244. He was born July 4, 1780, on the Hudson. He spent his 
early life near Albany and Troy. He also assisted his uncle, Abner 
Treman, in building and operating his Hour mill at Trumansburg. 
N. Y. He removed to Ohio in 1815, or 1816. He died April 4, 
1 87 1, in W. Va. or Ohio. He married four times. By his first wife 
he had five sons, including Jared, Munson and Warren, and four 
daughters. One of the sons died when he was a young man. The 
other four sons married and had large families. Two of the older 
sons lost their lives in the Civil War. Their families are grown up 
and scattered over two or three counties in Indiana. The oldest and 
youngest are somewhere in Ohio. Two of the daughters are in Ohio 

82 History of the Treman Family. 

and two in Illinois. By his second marriage he had one child. By 
his third marriage to a Cane he had four children, two sons who died 
and two daughters, one of whom is named Molly. There were no 
children by his fourth wife. 
Children : 

776. Jared. 

777. Munson. 

778. Warren. 

779. Molly V. Married a Wood. Residence Bentonville, Adams Co., 


780. Russell Tremaine. (Julius-*, John\ Joseplr, Joseph'.) 
245. He was born July 30, 1782. He married in 1800, Lydia 
Orcutt. He removed, about 1845, to Newark, 111. He died about 
1855. She died since 1855, Residence Newark, 111. 

Children : 

781. Daniel. Born Dec. 2, 1803, at Lindley, N. Y. 2750. 

782. Justus. Born Nov. 2, 1816. 2760. 

783. Sophia. Married Maylon Mulford. She died in 1862, at Newark, 

IlL He died at Lawrenceville, Pa. 

784. Mary Ann. Married William Atherton. 2780. 

785. Julius. 2770. 

786. Diantha. Married Samuel Cady. 2790. 

787. Celestia. Married Isaac Drew. 2820. 

788. Julia Ann. Married John Drew. 2810. 

790. Lyman Tremaine. (Julius\ John\ Joseph-, Joseph'.) 
247. He was born Oct 29, 1786, in Egremont, Mass. He married 
Jan. 16, 181 1, Sophia Mercereau (daughter of Judge Joshua Mer- 
cereau of Sidney, Delaware Co., N. Y.) She was born Aug. 24, 
1786, on Staten Island, N. Y. He removed when a young man to 
Unadilla, Otsego Co., N, Y., and afterwards to Lindleytown, Steuben 
Co., N. Y., and Lawrenceville and Westfield, Tioga Co., Pa. He died 
Jan. 13, 1864, at Westfield, Pa. She died Aug. 10, 1880. 

Children : 

791. Edward. Born Dec. 2, 1812. 

792. Julius. Born Oct. 4, 1814. 2840. 

793. John M. Born Dec. 2, 1816, at Lindleytown, N. Y. 2850. 

794. Joshua. Born Feb. 16, 1819, at Lindleytown. Died June 12, 1828. 

795. Martin. Born Dec. 14, 1820, at Lindleytown. 2865. 

796. Theodore. Born April 10, 1825, at Lindleytown. 2880. 

797. Arthur. Born Aug. 26, 1827, at Lindleytown. 2S90. 

Fifth Generation. 83 

800. Calvin Tremaine. (Julius^ John\ Joseph-, Joseph'.) 
248. He was born June 12, 1789. He married about 1815 Hannah 
Carman. He served in the War of 181 2 and received aland warrant 
and located at Lawrenceville, Pa. He died May 18, 1857. She 
died Dec. 25, 1872. Residence Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., Pa. 

Children : 

Soi. William F. Born May 26, 1S17. Died Jan 2, 1824. 

802. Mary Ann. Born Dec. 2, 1818. Married Henry Creswell'. 2910. 

803. Jane. Bom July 13, 1821. Married Edward Kelts. 2920. 
S04. Lydia. Born June 27, 1823. Married Justus Tremain. 

805. Sylvina. Born Feb. i, 1825. Married Alfred M. Sherman. 2930. 

806. Albert. Born Oct. 7, 1827. 2900. 

810. Julius Tremaine. (Julius^ John\ Joseph-, Joseph".) 
254. He was born April 8, 1794. He married, in 182 1, Polly 
Knapp. She was born Sept. 15, 1799, at Lawrenceville, Pa. He 
died Nov. 27, 1881, at Lindleytown, N. Y. Residence Lawrence- 
ville, Pa. 

Children : 

Sir. Lois. Born in 1822. Married Joseph Simmons. 2970. 

812. Sylvina. Born in 1824. Married John McCollum. 2940. 

S13. Emily. Born in 1826. Married Benjamin Simmons. 2950. 

814. Charles. Born Dec. 6, 1833. 2965. 

820. Jehial Tremaine. (Julius\ John\ Joseph-, Joseph'.) 
294. He was born Dec. 6. 1802. He married, in 1828, Catharine 
Middaugh. He died at Farmington, Tioga Co., Pa. She died at 
Farmington, Pa. 

Children : 

821. Clark. Born in 1830. 29S0. 

S22. George. Born in 1835. Officer in Civil War. He was captured 
near Petersburg, Va., and was a prisoner some time. Paroled 
and died on his way home from Annapolis in 1865. 

823. Harriet. Born in 1839. Died in 1866, at W^ellsboro, Pa. 

824. James. Born in 1840. Soldier in Civil War. Killed in Sept., 

1862, at battle of .\ntietam. 

830. Hon. William Tkkt. He married Betsey Tremain. 
Judge of the Court. He died in 1850, at Parkersburg, W. Va. She 
died in 1854, at the same place. 

84 History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

831, William. Born Sept. 16, 1S16. 3000. 

832. Betsey A. Born July 24, 1818. Married E. A. Hutchinson. 2990. 

840. John Treman. (John'', John', Josephs Joseph'.) 263. 
He married. He died at Canandaigua, N. Y. 

Children : 

841. Hiram. 3010. 

842. Huldah. Married a Barber. 













870. Otis Comstock. (Nathan.) He was born Aug. 30, 
1770, at Adams, Mass. He- married (ist), in 1792, Huldah Tre- 
man. 261. She died March 31, 1813. He married (2nd) Amy 
Smith. She was born Feb. 11, 1776. She died Sept. 21, 1845. 
Otis Comstock, his father Nathan, brother Darius and two others 
were the first settlers of Farmington, N. Y., coming from Adams, 
Mass., in 1789. Otis was left there alone that winter the only 
white man in the settlement to care for the stock. His marriage with 
Huldah was the first one at Farmington. The ceremony took place 
at the house of Isaac Hathaway and was performed by Dr. Atwater 
of Canandaigua. Most of these early settlers of Farmington were 
Friends and were disowned by the Society for settling in the wilder- 
ness. Later they were restored to membership. Otis Comstock was 
severe and plain in speech as were many of the Priends of that time. 
He sheltered many slaves and helped them by night on their way to 
Canada. His farm was about two miles from Salem Village once 
known as Pumpkin hook. Buried in Friends Burial Ground at 
Farmington. He died Aug. 2, 1850, at Farmington. Residence 
Farmington, N. Y. 

Children : 

871. Augustus. Born March 25, 1793, at Farmington. Died in 1S55 

at RoUin, Mich. 

872. Zeno. Born Sept. 23, 1794. 2710. 

Fifth Generation. 85 

873. Patience. Born .\pril 21. 179S. Married Hon. Nathan Power. 


874. Nathan. Born Feb. 10, 1802. 2715. 

875. George F. Born March 6, 1804. A life long invalid. .\n amateur 

botanist. Resided the last few years of his life at RoUin, 
Mich. Died June 16, 1855, at Dansville, N. Y. 

876. John Treman (or Truman). Born May 3, 1807. 2725. 

877. Cynthia. Born June 11, 1809. Married (ist) in 1S30, Dr. 

Erastus Aldrich. Dentist. Farmer. Settled at Rollin, 1833. 
Cynthia, brought up a Friend, became with him an Adventist. 
He was born in 1 81 2, at Perrinton, N. Y. He died in 1858 at 
Rollin, Mich. She married (2nd) in 1867, Andrew Whitmah 
of Champaign, 111. Adventist. He died. vShe married (3rd) 
in 1S81, Michael Griflfen. He was born in Ireland. Catholic. 
She had no children. She died Dec. 13, 1887, at Rollin, Mich. 
He resides, 1901, Philadelphia, Pa. 
87S. Rachel Smith. Born Dec. 13, 181 r. Married William Beal. 2660. 

950. Capt. Nathaniel Tremaixe. (Simeon^ Philip', Thomas-, 
Joseph'.) 441. He was born Sept. 14, 1757, at Westfield, Hamp- 
den County, Mass. He married Dec. 7, 1780, OUvia Lyman 
(daughter of Simeon Lyman of Salisbury, Conn.) She was born 
May 16, 1762, at Salisbury, Conn. Soldier in Mass. Militia and in 
the Continental Line in the Revolutionary War. 

In a Report of the Revolutionary Pension Roll made to the ist 
Session, 23d Congress, in 1835, appears the following: 

••Nathaniel Tremain. Private, Mass. Continental Line, placed 
on pension roll, May 27, 1820. Pension to begin April 24, 1818, 
under act of March 18, i8i8. Pension suspended by act of May i, 
1820. Pensioned again by act of June 7, 1832. Age." 

Nathaniel Tremain of Salisbury, Conn., had deed, July 26, 
1782, from Simeon Lyman of Salisbury. Nathaniel Tremain of 
Alford, Mass., had deed May 9, 1796, from Stephen Kelcey of Sher- 
burne, N. Y., of land in Alford. He sold same land in 1801. 

Smith's Hist. Pittsfield, Mass., says : 

•'Tremain be a committee to converse with all the members of 
this church." 

Proceedings in Commemoration of the Organization of the First 
Church of Christ in Pittsfield. 1889. 

Tremain, Nathaniel, p. 50. Nathaniel Tremain is one of the 
incorporators named in an Act passed by both houses, Februarj- 25, 

86 History of the Treman Family. 

1809, to incorporate certain persons, inhabitants of the town of 
Pittsfield into a ReHgious Society by the name of Union Parish. 

Hist. Pittsfield, Mass., Smith, Vol. H. 1876. 

Tremaine, Isaac, Nathaniel, Olive, p. 123. The above names 
appear in a list of candidates for admission to the new church 22 
Aug. 1809. Most of the candidates in this list were members of the 
First Church of Pittsfield. 

Tremaine, Capt., is appointed on a church committee, p. 124, 
apparently in Aug. 1809. 

Tremain, Capt. p. 276. The new church (Union Parish) 1816, 
appoints Captain Tremain one of a committee of three to confer with 
that of the First Church. 

Tremain, Nathaniel, p. 276. The church of Union Parish 
voted that Deacons Goodrich and Chapman and Nathaniel. 

Washington Records say : 

"Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Washington. 
D. C, April 10, 1 90 1. Sir: In reply to your request for a statement 
of the military history of Nathaniel Tremaine, a soldier of the Revo- 
lutionary War, you will find below the desired information as contained 
in his appHcation for pension on file in this Bureau. Dec. 1775, i 
year. Private, Capt. Wareham Parks, Col. Learned and Col. Wm. 
Shepherd, Mass. Feby. 1777,4 mos.. Private, Capt. Faxon, Col. 
not stated, "Mass. Battles engaged in, none mentioned. Residence 
of soldier at enlistment, Westfield, Mass. Date of application for 
pension, Ap'l. 24, 18 18. Residence at date of application. Pittsfield, 
Mass. Age at date of application, 60 years. Remarks : His claim 
was allowed. Ver)' respectfully, H. Clay Evans, Commissioner." 

He was admitted to membership in the Congregational Church 
at Pittsfield, Mass., in 1805. He died Dec. 29, 1844, at Pittsfield, 
Mass. She died Sept. 29, 1833, (o. Feb. 13, 1844,) at Stockbridge, 
Mass. (See Lyman Genealogy. Smith's History of Pittsfield, Mass. 
Land Records at Great Barrington, Mass. Town Records of Salis- 
bury, Conn.) Residence Pittsfield, Mass. 

Children : 

951. Isaac. Born Dec. 28, 17S1, at Salisbury. 3134. 

952. Levi. Born June 13, 1783, at Salisbury. 3160. 

Fifth Generation. 87 

953. William. Born Feb. 23, 17S5, at Salisbury. Died May 4, iS[2, at 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 3190. 

954. Olive. Born June 13, 1787, at Salisbury. Married William 

Strong. 3200. 

955. Nathaniel. Born Veh. 23, 17S9, at Salisbury. 31. So. 

956. Calvin. Born March 19, 1791, at Salisbury. Died Aug. 11, 1792. 

957. Chloe. Born March 3, 1793, at Salisbury. Unmarried. Died 

Aug. 22, 1836. 

958. Calvin. Born Nov. 25, 1794, at Salisbury. He and brother Isaac 

were the founders of Tremain's Village, near Toledo, Ohio. 
He died Oct. 3, 1845, at Sylvania, Ohio. 

959. Myron. Born Dec. 17,- 1796, at Alford, Mass. 3170. 

960. John Milton. Born Oct. 11, 1798, at Alford. Died Nov. 2, 1803. 

961. Eliza. Born July 3r, 1800, at Alford. Married a Holcomb. No 

children. She died Oct. 6, 1S29, at Richmond, Mass. 

962. Milo. Born .\ug. 20, 1802, at Pittsfield, Mass. Died Jan. 23, 1805. 

963. Laura. Born Oct. 30, 1805, at Pittsfield. Married L. T. Good- 

rich. 3210. 

964. Milo. Born Sept. 8, 1S07, at Pittsfield, Mass. 3150. 

975. Rev. Justus Tremain. (Simeon'', Philip', Thomas-, 
Joseph'.) 442. He was born May 8, 1763. He married Sarah 
Jewell. She was born Nov. 11, 1761. Justus and Sarah Tremain 
gave deed March 17, 1801, to Elijah Tickner, of land in Alford. Mass. 
He removed in 18 14 from Berkshire Co., Mass., to Vienna, Oneida 
County, N. Y. Methodist minister. Residence Paris Hill, Oneida 
Co., N. Y. (See Land Records at Great Harrington, Berkshire Co., 
Mass., Vol. 38, page 563.) 

Children : 

976. Justus. Born Sept. 2, 1797, in Berkshire Co., Mass. 3095. 

977. David. Born Feb. 4, 1800. 31 10. 

978. Jonathan. Born Feb. 4, 1800. 3120. 

979. Rev. Horace. Born in 1803. 3080. 

980. Phebe. Married a Rood. Their son, Andrew Rood, resided in 

1893 at Lockport, N. Y. 

981. Lucretia. Married Orrin Stacey. 3127. 

982. Sarah. Married Cyrus Snow. 3165. 

983. .\lice. Married F^mulous Stacy. 3132. 

990. SoLOMox Tremain. (Benjamin\ Philip', Thomas', 
Joseph'.) 418. He married twice. He had children Reuben and 
Joseph by his first wife. He married (2nd) a Collins. He resided 
at Alford, Mass., in 1779. Soldier in Rev. War. 

88 History of the Treman Family. 

The following is from Mass, Soldiers and Sailors in the 
Revolution : 

"Trimain, Solomon, Private, Capt, Ephraim Fitch's co., Col, 
Hopkins's (Berkshire Co,) regt,; enlisted July 15, 1775; discharged 
Aug. 3, 1775 ; service, 19 days, on alarm in N. Y, at the Highlands, 

"Trimain, Solomon. Private, Capt, John Holmes's co., Col. 
John Fellows's regt,, which marched April 21, 1775, on the alarm of 
April 19, 1775, from Egremont ; service, 17 days; residence, Egre- 

"Tremain,, Solomon, Order for bounty coat or its equivalent in 
money due for the 8 mos. service in 1775, dated, Dorchester, Dec. 
19, 1776; Capt. William Bacon's co,; Col, John Fellows's regt, 

"Trimon, Solomon. Private, Capt. Bacon's co.. Col. John 
Fellows's regt.; enlisted May 8, 1775; service, 3 mos., i day; resi- 
dence, Egremont; roll dated August i, 1775. 

"Truman, Solomon, Private, Capt. William Bacon's co.. Col. 
John Fellows's regt.; residence, Egremont ; Co. return dated Dor- 
chester, Oct. 6, 1775," 

Solomon Tremain of the Gore, State of New York, gave a deed 
to Roger Newberry of Egremont, Mass, Date of deed May 2, 1787, 
Acknowledged in Whitestown, Oneida Co,, N, Y,, Oct, 18, 1798, 
before Talcot Camp, J, P, Recorded Nov, 13, 1800, He removed 
from Alford, Mass,, and founded the village of Tremaine's Corners, 
Jefferson Co,, N, Y. (See Mass, Soldiers and Sailors in the Revo- 
lutionary War and Records of Adjutant General's Office of Mass, 
Land Records at Great Barrington, Mass,, Vol, 37, page 551.) 

Children : 

991. Dorothy. 

992. Polly. 

993. Squire. 

994. Benjamin. 

995. Solomon. 3070. 

996. Joseph Collins. 3040. 

997. Henry. 3060. 
99S. Reuben. 3050. 

999. Daughter. Married W. D. Alport. Residence, 1S93, Rodman, 
N. Y. Their daughter is Mrs. Angie E. Coolej'. Address, 
Care of Levi H. Brown, her attorney, Watertown, N. Y. 

Fifth Generation. 89 

1005. Joseph Tremain. (Benjalnin^ Philip', Thomas', Joseph'.) 
417. He was born in 1752. He married. His wife's name was 
Margaret. She was born in 1752, Soldier in Revolution, 

The following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the 
Revolution : 

•'Tremain, Joseph. Corporal, Capt. Ephraim Fitch's co., Col. 
Benjamin Simonds's detachment of Berkshire Co. militia ; enlisted 
Dec. 16, 1776; enlistment to expire March 15, 1777; muster roll 
dated Ticonderoga, Feb. 25, 1777." 

He resided at Alford, Mass., in 1779. He died April 13. 18 14. 
in Oneida Co., N. Y. She died April 23, 1814. 

Children : 

1006. Justin. Resided in Jefferson Co., N. Y. Soldier of Revolution. 

The following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revo- 
lution : Trimon, Justin. Descriptive list of men enlisted from 
Hampshire Co. in 1779 to serve in the Continental Army ; age, 
16 yrs. ; stature, 5 ft., 6 in.; complexion, light; residence, 
Westfield. Also, List of men who enlisted into the Continental 
Army for the term of 9 mos. agreeable to resolve of June 9, 
1779, — returned by Justin Ely, Commissioner, as received of 
Xoah Goodman, Superintendent of Hampshire Co.; return 
dated Springfield, Oct. 19, 1779 ; enlisted for Westfield. 

1007. Sylvester. Resided in Madison Co., N. Y. 

1008. Solomon. 3276. 

1009. Ira. Born Nov. 2, 17S0, at Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N. Y. 3280. 
loio. Joseph. Resided in Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

loii. Lula. Born in 1794. Died in Aug., 1814. 

1012. Cynthia. Married a Gridley. Her son, Ephraim A. Gridley, 

resided in 1893 at New London, Ohio. 

1013. Annis. 

1014. Mabel. 

1018. Julius Tremain. (Benjamin^, Philip', Thomas', Joseph'.) 
421. He married Lucy. Julius Tremain and Lucy, his wife, of 
Egremont, Mass., with others, gave deed in March, 1799, ^^ Timothy 
Younglove, of 8 acres of land in Great Barrington, Mass. The said 
land was set off to the heirs of Rhoda Tremain, as part of their 
share and proportion of real estate of Thomas Pier, late of Great 
Barrington. Julius Tremain of Great Barrington gave deed May 3, 
1 781, acknowledged May 8, 1783, at Egremont, to David and Jona- 

go History of the Treman Family. 

than Noble, of land in Great Barrington. There were evidently two 
Tremains having the same Christian name Julius, residing in Berk- 
shire County, Mass., at the same time, both having wives with the 
same Christian name Lucy. The family names of the wives are not 
known. (See Julius.) (See Land Records.) Residence Egremont, 

I022. Benjamin Tremain. (Benjamin^ Philips Thomas^, 
Joseph'.) 416. Benjamin Tremain of Sheffield, Mass., bought 
land in Great Barrington in 1750 consisting of three-fourths of an 
acre including the house where his father then lived, from Joseph 
Noble and Benjamin Tremain, Sr. Deed not recorded until 1765. 
Benjamin Tremain of Hillsdale, N. Y., gives deed to Robert Watson 
of Egremont, Aug. 27, 1787, acknowledged Feb. 5, 1797, at Egre- 
mont, of 3 acres of land in Egremont. (See Land Records at 
Springfield, Mass. Berkshire County Land Records at Great Bar- 
rington, Mass. 

1025. Nathan Truman. (John Ephraim^ Jonathan\ Thomas'. 
Joseph'.) 401. He was born Nov. 26, 1808, in Albany County, N. 
Y. He married, Oct. 6, 1833, at Unadilla, N. Y., Loretta Field 
(daughter of Abizer Field of Norton, Mass.) She was born Dec. 6, 
1810. He died March 24, 1887, at Unadilla, N. Y. She died May 9, 
1 87 1, at "Truman Hill," Otsego Co., N. Y. Residence Unadilla, N. Y. 

Children : 

1026. Henry L. 

1027. Amy J. 

1028. Ira A. 

1029. James C. Born June 12, 1841. 3300. 

1030. David S. 

1 03 1. Thaddeus F. 

1040. Thomas Truman. (John Ephraim-*, Jonathan^ Thomas-, 
Joseph.') 402. He married Electa Goldsmith. He died. She 
died. They had children. Residence Otsego, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

Child : 

104 1. Asaph C. Soldier in the Civil War. Enlisted in the i52d Regt. 
N. Y. Vols, in 1863. Died in the service and is buried in the 
National Cemetery at Washington, D. C. 

Fifth Generation. 91 

1050. Na'hhan Truman. (Nathaii\ Jonathan', Thomas-, Jo- 
seph".) 391. He was born in 18 14 in Providence. He married 
(ist), June 13, 1839, Caroline H. Fenner. He married (2nd), Nov. 
3, 1 85 1, Maria C. Fenner. Dry Goods merchant. He died March 
30. 1 886. His wife Maria C. died in 1894. Four children, besides 
those mentioned below, died in infancy. Residence Providence, 
R. I. (See Westminster Church Marriage Records.) 

Children : 

1051. Nathan H. Born Aug. i, 1852. Lawyer. Residence, 1901, 

Providence, R. I. 

1052. Anna H. Born Nov. 23, 1857. Died Oct. 20, 1880. 

1053. William F. Born in 1859. Died May 25, 18S5. 

1054. Albert F. Died Jan. i, 1857, aged one year. 

1055. Maria C. Born March 29, 1S60. Died Aug. 22, 1S60. 

1056. Son. Died Feb. 27, 1854. 

1057. Son. Died Jan. 8, 1855. 

1080. Joseph Truman. (William\ EIeazor\ Joseph", Joseph'.) 
211. He married Feb. 4, 1798, Asenath Rogers (daughter of Davis 
Rogers of Montville, Conn.) Residence Norway, Conn. 

Children : 

1081. Cynthia. Born Jutie 12. 1800. 

1082. Clarissa. Born July 13, 1802. 

1085. William Thompson Truman. (DanieP, Daniel', Joseph-, 
Joseph'.) 338. He was born Sept. 5, 1808. He married March 
26. 1834, Elizabeth Davis Hotchkiss (daughter of George and Pegg 
Hotchkiss of New Haven. Conn.) He died March 16, 1845, ^^ 

1090. Daniel Henry Truman. (Daniel^ Daniel', Joseph^ 
Joseph'.) 336. He was born Feb. 13, 1806, at New Haven, Conn. 
He married (ist), Jan. 12, 1833, Susannah Keeler (daughter of 
Joseph and Hannah Keeler of Norwalk, Conn.) She died Feb. 15, 
1836, at Lisbon. He married (2nd), June 23, 1841, Sarah Augusta 
Gilbert. She died June 23, 1844. He married (3d), Oct. 20, 1845, 
Cordelia Mead (daughter of Shadrach and Elizabeth Mead of Green- 
wich, Conn.) She was born Oct. 12, 1822. She died March 26, 
1896, at New Haven, Conn. He died in April, 1870. 

92 History of the Treman Family 


1091. Ella S. Born June 30, 1843 




Henry Hertel. Born Feb. 7. 1847. 3305. 

Mumford. Born Feb. 8, 1849. 3310. 

Louisa. Born Jan. 30, 1852. Died Jan. 23, 1853. 

1095. Susan. Born July 10, 1S55, in Brooklyn. Died Aug. 24, 18S4, 

at New Haven, Conn. 

1096. Florence. Born Sept. iS, i860, at Brooklyn. 

1 100. Lyman Tru!\ian. (Shem'', Benjamin', Joseph", Joseph'.) 

352. He was born in 1783, in Berkshire Co., Mass. He married 
in 1809 Lucy Barlow of Candor, N. Y. He died Nov. 2, 1822, in 
Candor, N. Y. Residence Candor, N. Y. 

Children : 

HOT. John L. 

1102. Levi B. Born Sept. 11, 1S09. 3325. 

1 103. James. 

1 104. Stephens. Born April 28, 1816. 3335. 

1 105. Benjamin L. Born June 23, 1822. 3340. 

1 106. Sybil. Born Nov. 23, 1812, in Candor, N. Y. Married William 

P. Stone. 3442. 

1 107. Eliza. Born April 30, 1818. Married F. R. Weed. 3447. 

1 1 10. Aaron Truman. (Shem'', Benjamin^, Joseph^ Joseph'.) 

353. He was born July 27, 1785, at Granville, Berkshire Co., Mass. 
He removed in 1804 from Sparta, N. Y., to Owego, N, Y., to teach 
school. He married, in 1805, Experience Parks (daughter of Capt. 
Thomas Parks, a privateersman of the Revolution.) She was born 
Oct. 17, 1782, at Mysic, Conn. He died Jan. 13, 1823. She died 
May 16, 1844, at Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

nil. Lyman. Born March 2, 1806. 3350. 

1112. Charles E. Born Nov. 11, 1S07. 3360. 

1113. Dorinda.M. Born Feb. 24, 1809. Married John Gorman. 3382. 

1114. Orin. Born Feb. 17, 1811. Cashier of First National Bank. He 

was wealthy. Unmarried. He died Sept. 30, 1885. Residence, 
Owego, N. Y. 

1115. Francis W. Born Dec. 13, 1812. Merchant many years. Manu- 

facturer of leather and also of agricultural implements on an 
extensive scale. Vice President of First National Bank. He 
was very wealthy. .\t the time of his death the Owego Record 
said : "In 1836 he entered mercantile business in Owego with 

Fifth Generation. 93 

three of his brothers, Lyman. Georj^e and Oriii, under the firm 
title of L. Truman & Brothers, in which he retained his 
interest for many years. He became interested in the manu- 
facture of the Champion grain drills and other agricultural 
implements, under the firm name of Messrs. Gere, Truman,. 
Piatt & Co. He was also associated in the tannery at Catatonk,. 
owned by George Truman & Co., and was also Vice President 
of the First National Bank of Owego. Mr. Truman was a 
wealthy man and for several years he had given many presents 
to friends and acquaintances, notable among which were gold 
w^atches and rings presented to the young lady teachers itt 
Tioga county's public schools. He also gave liberally to the 
poor, his donations of coal in one winter amounting to eighty 
tons, while scores of children were provided with clothing, 
shoes, etc. At the time of the Jamestown disaster he packed a 
box and sent it to the unfortunate people there. " The follow- 
ing is a .synopsis of his will : The will is dated April 23, 1881, 
and has two codicils, one dated October 9, iS8r, and the other 
on the 20th of May, 1884. First, he bequeaths Mary Cady, 
Adeline and Adelaid Blewer, #5,000 each. Second, the children 
of George Truman — William S., Gilbert, Mrs. A. C. Thompson, 
and George Truman, Jr., each I4000. Fifteen thousand dollars 
in trust to his sister, Mrs. Gorman, and at her death to go to 
her children absolutely. Seven thousand, five hundred dollars 
in trust to his sister, Mrs. David Goodrich, (now dead), and at 
her death to go to her children absolutely. Seven thousand, 
five hundred dollars in to David Goodrich, and at his 
death to go to his children absolutely. Fifteen thousand dollars 
in trust to Mrs. Mary Dodge (sister), and at her death to go 
absolutely to the children of Mrs. Gorman and Mrs. Goodrich. 
Four thousand dollars in trust to his brother, Charles E. 
Truman, and at his death to go to his children. To Mrs. Mary 
Dodge the house she now occupies on Front street, and at her 
death to go to residue of the estate. Thirty-five thousand 
dollars in trust to his executors as trustees, to apply the income 
as follows : |i,ooo to Charles Truman, 55.000 to Helen Truman, 
$3,500 to Aaron Truman. to Grin T. Gorman, I5.000 to 
Mrs. Emily Stratton. |5,ooo to Lyman Goodrich, 55.5oo to 
Lydia Hammond, I5.000 to William Blewer. In the event of 
the death of any of the above, the amount will go absolutely to 
their children. If any die without children then it will go to 
the residue of the estate. One thousand dollars to the Congre- 
gational Church of Owego. Four thousand dollars in trust in 
bonds to his executors, to apply the income to Mrs. Ann Parks, 
Elizabeth, Ella, and :Mary Parks, at their death to go to the 
residuary legatees. The interest on one thousand dollars each 

94 History of irME Treman Family. 

to Eliza Judd and Lillian Truman. At their death to residuary 
Jegatees. Four thousand dollars absolutely to each of his 
:grand nephews and nieces, excepting the grandchildren of the 
late Lyman Truman." Among the heirs who are not mentioned 
in the will are Charles T. Goodrich, Lyman B. Truman, Elias 
Truman, Lucy Mead, and the grandchildren of the late Lyman 
Truman, but they will come in as residuary legatees. If the 
estate holds out, the rest and residue of the estate to be dis- 
tributed among his brothers and sisters and their issues of such 
brothers and sisters who shall have died leaving issues. The 
executors named in the will are Orin Truman (now dead), 
William S. Truman, and Lyman Goodrich. Unmarried. He 
died Jan. 20, 1893. Residence Owego, N. Y. 

1116. Charlotte. Born Sept. 12, 1S14. Died Sept. 20, 1S15. 

1 1 17. George. Born June 16, 1816. 3375. 

1 1 18. Fanny. Born April i, 18 18. Married David L. Goodrich. 33S7. 

1 1 19. Mary E. Born June i8, 1820. Married, Jan. 9, 1859. Alfred 

Dodge. He was born May 12, 1820. She resides at Owego, N.Y. 

1120. Adeline. Born June 17, 1822. Died Feb. 13, 1823. 

1 125. Asa H. Truman. (Shem^ Benjamin^, Joseph^, Joseph'.^ 
354. He was born Feb. 26, 1793, at Sparta, N. Y. He married 
Jan. I, 1815, Betsey S. Dean. She was born July 22, 1795, at 
Stamford, Conn. Merchant, 1825-46, at Owego. He died Feb. 6, 
1848 (0.1846.) She died June 21, 1882. Residence Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

1126. Julia. Born Oct. 29, 1815. Married John C. Lanning. 3426. 

1 127. Lucius. Born April 2, 18 18. 3392. 

1 128. Edward D. Bom May 19, 1820. 3404. 

1 129. Aaron. Born Jan. 29, 1823. Died Oct. 14, 1S25. 

1 130. Charles L. Born March 24, 1825. 3410. 

1131. Laura H. Born Sept. 4, 1829. Died Jan. 5, 1832. 

1 132. Aaron. Born in 1827. Died Oct. 14, 1830. 

1 133. William H. Born March 2, 1842. 3420. 

1 140. David Truman. (Shem'', Benjamin\ Joseph^ Joseph'.) 
358. He was born May 17, 1799. He married Oct. 18, 1832, 
Phebe M. Pryne. She was born April 30, 181 2. He died Dec. 18,1844. 

Children : 

1 141. Lucy. Born Jan. 5. 1834. Unmarried. Died Feb. 8, 18S2. 

1 142. Mary E. Born June 24, 1837. Married Fred P.Smith. 3440. 

1 143. James. Born July 10, 1842. 3430. 

Fifth Generation. 95 

1 180. Henry Williams. He married Lucy Truman. 355. 
He died Jan. 26, 1834. She died Feb. 25, 1829. Residence 
Newark Valley, N. Y. 

Children : 

iiSi. Lucy Maria. Born July 5, 1.S13. Married George C. Cook. 3455. 

1 182. Melvina. Born Nov. 21, 1815. Married John Fleming. 3460. 

1183. Stephens. Born Aug. 16, 1821. 3450. 

1184. Lucina. Born March i, 1817. Married Amos C. Stedman. 3465. 

1185. Rachel L. Born Jan. 20, 1820. Married Andrew H. Arnold. 3470. 

1186. Alto Truman. Born Nov. 28, 18 11. Died in 1813. 

1 187. Lyman Truman. Born June 2, 1823. Died July 25, 1824. 

1 190. Charles Kellogg. He married Ann Truman. 356. 
He removed to Yazoo, 111. 

Children : 

1 191. Charles. Born July 7, 1813. Married Dec. 22, 1876, Julia 

Porter. 1206. 

1 192. Henry. 

1 193. Casendana. 

1200. Fbenezer Porter. He married Lovisa Truman. 357. 
Children : 

1201. Sally Ann. Born Oct. 29, 1821. Married Mel vin Robinson. 3475. 

1202. Lucy. Born June 11, 1824. Married Blake 3480. 

1203. Lyman. Born in 1829. 3500. 

1204. Elizabeth. Bom Sept. 6, 1828. Married Joseph Narregong. 3510. 

1205. Charlotte. Married Levi Shultz. 3525. 

1206. Julia. Born May II, 1839. Married ( ist) Charles Ferrin. 3535. 

Married (2nd) Charles Kellogg. I191. 

1207. Mary P. Died young. 

12 15. Christopher B. Arnold. He married Sarah Truman. 
392. Residence Providence, R. I. 

Children : 

1 2 16. Sarah Elizabeth. 

1 2 17. Nathan Truman. 

I 218. Christopher B. Married. She resided, in 1858, in Providence, R. I. 
1 2 19. F'rederick W. 

96 History of the Treman Family. 

1225. Duty Greene. He married, Nov. 19, 1818, by Rev. 
Stephen Gano (Bap.), Abigail Pierce Truman. ^8t,. He was very 
wealthy. Residence Providence, R. I. 

1230. Francis Morgan Chapman. He was born Aug. 28, 
1807. He married, Jan. 18, 1829, Lucy Ann Truman. 385. He 
died Dec. 23, 1886, She died March 25, 1876. Residence Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

Children : 

1231. Amey (Emma). Born Oct. 11, 1829. Married Andrew Jackson 

Greene. 3630. 

1232. Francis William. Born July 18, 1S32. Married, June 22, 1859, 

Lucy H. Perry. No children. 

1233. Mary Willett. Born April 7, 1835. Died April 10, 1837. 

1234. Dutee Greene. Born Dec. 24, 1S38. Died in 1888. No children. 

1235. Thomas Nelson. Born Feb. 28, 1842. Married, March 27, 1863, 

Mary Williams. 
J236. Abby Pierce. Born April 10, 1845. Adopted by her uncle, 
Duty Green. Married Senator Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich. 3640. 


Sixth GrEi^iiin^VTio: . 

1800. Leonard Treman. (Ashbel% Abner-', John\ Joseph , 
Joseph'.) 541. He was born June 18, 1819, at Mecklenburg, N. 
Y. He attended the Ithaca Academy, 1834-5. He married, Oct. 
20, 1846, Almira Corley (daughter of John Corley, merchant, of New 
York City, and Katharine Fernhower of Philadelphia, son of Henry 
Corley and Katharine Corley, who came from Germany in 1782 to 
New York City and afterwards resided at New Rochelle, N. Y. The 
history of the Corley family is as follows : Henry Corley came to this 
country from Germany in the year 1782 and landed in New York. 
Soon afterwards moved to New Rochelle ; was a millwright and 
carpenter by trade. His wife's name was Katharine. Had five sons 
and two daughters, born in succession as follows, viz : Henry, Joseph, 
Casper, Eliza, Katharine, John and Christopher. He lived in New 
Rochelle about ten years, when he died and was buried there, his 
son John then being twelve years old. About two years after that 
the family moved to New York. Katharine, his wife, died in New 
York in about the year 1824 and was buried in the Presbyterian 
Cemetery between Rivington and Staunton Streets. She was about 
ninety years old. John Corley, the son of Henry and Katharine 
Corley, was born in Germany in the year 1782. He came to New 
York with his father's family when eighteen months old, moved to 
New Rochelle and lived there till he was twelve years old, then his 
father having died the family moved to New York. About that time 
John went to Hudson, where he lived with a man four years, working 
at all kinds of work and then came back to New York. Soon after 
was bound for the term of five years to Cams & Hazlett, on John 
Street, near Cliff, to learn the chairmaker's trade. After working out 
his apprenticeship he worked jour work for about three years, when 
work became ver\- dull and he got out of work. He then went into 

98 History of the Treman Family. 

the grocery business at the corner of Fiatta and Henry Streets, 
At the end of one year he sold out and in the year 1812 
during the embargo he went into the chair business at No. 7 
Peck Slip, He was there 7 years, then went to west side of Pearl 
Street, near Beekman Street, Afterward he moved to Franklin 
Square and continued there 18 years. The lot ran through to Cliff 
Street, Lived on the same premises. He was married on Dec. 27, 
1806, being one year after the great eclipse, to Katharine Fernhower 
who was bom in Philadelphia in 1787, but at that time lived in New 
York, John Corley was baptized July 2, 18 14, He died Feb, 8, 
1869, Katharine, his wife, was baptized March 3, 18 16. She died 
Nov, 22, 1853), Almira Corley was born May 25, 1823, He was 
the first of the notable Treman brothers to take up his residence in 
Ithaca. After leaving school he entered the store of Wood & Nye 
at Ithaca as a clerk where he remained two years, until his father's 
death when he returned home. Having a natural aptitude for 
business he again took up a business life, becoming a clerk in the 
hardware store of Edmund G. Pelton in Ithaca, In the year 1844 
his brother Lafayette joined him and they purchased Pelton's busi- 
ness and established the firm of L. & L, L, Treman, which became 
Treman Brothers when their younger brother, Elias, joined the firm 
in 1849, They were associated together in business over half a 
century. He was one of the organizers and the first President of both 
the Ithaca Water Works Company, 1864-88, and the Ithaca Gas 
Light Company, 1870-88, President of the Ithaca Savings Bank, 
1887-8, Director in the Newfield and Ithaca Plank Road, 1850, 
Director in the Ithaca and Athens Railroad Company, 1869-74, and 
Cayuga Lake Railroad Company, 187 1-4. He was a Democrat in 
politics. Trustee of the Village of Ithaca, 1850 and 1869. Treas- 
urer and Trustee of the Congregational Church many years. 

Landmarks of Tompkins County says of him : 

"Leonard Treman's early education was obtained in the district 
schools of his native village, finishing with a term at the Ithaca 
Academy in the winter of 1834-5. In the latter year he took up his 
first occupation on his own account by engaging as a clerk in the 
store of Wood & Nye, in Ithaca, where he remained two years, when 
his father died and he returned to Mecklenburg. His early tastes 
were whollv turned towards a mercantile career, and with the purpose 

Sixth Generation. 99 

of making that his life work he again came to Ithaca and entered the 
employ of Edmund G. Pelton, who was carrying on the hardware 
trade. From that time onward until near the time of his death he 
retained his connection with that business. In the year 1844 his 
brother, Lafayette L., joined him, and the firm of L. & L. L. Treman 
was founded as successors of Mr. Pelton. The business prospered 
as most business will when superintended by men of ability, integrity 
and industry. On the first of February, 1849, Elias, the youngest 
brother, came to Ithaca and joined the firm, the style becoming 
Treman & Brothers. On the first of February, 1857, Leander King, 
a cousin of the Tremans, who had been long and faithful in their 
employ, was admitted to the partnership and the style was again 
changed to Treman, King & Co., and so remains at the present time 
(1894). though other changes have been made in its membership. 

'Tn the year 1849, when Elias Treman came into the firm, they 
acquired a foundry and machine business then located on the East 
Hill on the south bank of Cascadilla Creek. These works were 
subsequently burned and the business was then transferred to the 
corner of Cayuga and Green Streets, and was very successfully con- 
ducted under the firm name of Treman & Brothers and distinct from 
the hardware trade. Under the firm name of Treman & Co., Leonard 
Treman also established a general hardware business in Watkins, 
Schuyler Co., N. Y., which was continued until a few years ago. 

"While these extensive operations would seem to have been 
sufficient to satisfy the ambition of most men, as well as to employ 
one's whole time, such was not the case with Mr. Treman or his 
brothers. They foresaw the future importance of the village and its 
needs, and were the builders and owners of a large portion of the 
stock of the Ithaca Water Works, which has continued in the family 
ever since, and they took a large share of the stock of the Ithaca 
Gas Light Company. Mr. Treman was made president of the former 
company in 1864 and of the latter company in 1870 and held the 
offices until his death. It hardly need be added that the various 
important positions to which he was chosen were filled and their 
duties administered with the same faithfulness and ability that had 
long characterized the conduct of his private aiTairs. In the business 
and social life of Ithaca his position was an enviable one and was 
honored by him in the same degree that it honored him." 

loo History of the Treman Family. 

At the time of his death the Ithaca Democrat said : 
"In the death of Mr. Leonard Treman, which occurred last 
Friday morning, our community has lost another good citizen whose 
hold upon its business and social life was a strong one. Seldom has 
a death here made a more profound impression. It was hoped that 
his illness, caused by a disease of the spine producing muscular 
atrophy, would not prove fatal, but as he had not been in robust 
health for some time his powers of resistance were unable to cope 
with a malady that might not have proved immediately fatal to a 
younger or a stronger man. Mr. Treman had nearly attained the age 
allotted to man, being sixty-eight years old. He leaves a widow and 
one daughter, Mrs. John Bush, of Buffalo. Deceased was the senior 
member of one of our oldest and most reliable business firms, first 
known as Treman Brothers, successors to Edmund G. Pelton in the 
foundry and hardware business, and latterly as Treman, King & Co., 
firm names which have long been associated with enterprises that 
have added greatly to the growth and prosperity of Ithaca. Mr. 
Treman was the oldest son of the late Ashbel Treman, of Mecklen- 
burg. Two brothers, Lafayette and Elias Treman, and one sister, 
Mrs. Charles D. Johnson, are the surviving members of his family. 
He began life, as so many of our self made men do, as a clerk, in 
order to obtain that knowledge of business methods that he was 
afterwards to make so valuable to himself and others in building up 
a large business on enduring foundations. The firm which he founded 
has been dissolved only by death. As a village official, the leading 
spirit of several local railroad enterprises, director of the Tompkins 
County National Bank, president of the Savings Bank, Ithaca Water 
Works and Gas Light companies, and trustee and treasurer of the 
Congregational Church, Mr. Treman well and faithfully performed 
all the duties which these various interests required. In his social 
relations, his genial manners were but the expression of a kind and 
sympathetic nature. A staunch Democrat, he was always true to his 
party and rejoiced in its success. In closing this imperfect tribute 
to a character and career of marked worth and usefulness, we regret 
to so ill express the loss that this community has sustained by the 
death of Leonard Treman." 

The Ithaca Daily Journal said : 

"Leonard Treman died of spinal disease and muscular atrophy 

Sixth Generation. ioi 

shortly after ei;^ht o'clock this morning. Mr. Treman's health had 
been feeble for some months, but it was not until about three weeks 
ago that he was obliged to relinquish his numerous business cares 
and remain a prisoner at home. When first prostrated it was 
generally hoped and expected that his naturally robust constitution 
would prove sufficiently strong to throw ofT the ailment and permit a 
speedy return to health. But about two weeks ago his family realized 
that his condition was critical and that the end was surely at hand. 
Mr. Treman was one of Ithaca's landmarks, having been very prom- 
inently identified with the community's important industries for more 
than two generations. 

"Mr. Treman personally superintended the many important and 
varied interests of which he had long been the head, and regularly 
fulfilled the public duties that had claim to his attention. In 1862 
he went to Europe and visited England, Ireland, Scotland, Switzer- 
land and France. 

"Mr. Treman was a man of military bearing, of unfailing courtesy 
and possessed a well-poised judgment. His knowledge of history 
was found in familiar conversation with friends to be quite thorough 
and extensive. 

"His loyalty to truth and justice was well known. He never 
gave his support to a policy or institution until convinced of the 
claims of it, and any cause or friend once gaining his adhesion, his 
devotion could be absolutely relied upon so long as sound reasons 
for his support remained in force. He was a man of tender sympathy 
and ever ready to minister to those who were in trouble. His loss 
will be deeply felt by the Congregational Church and by the 

The Ithacan said : 

"Mr. Leonard Treman, one of Ithaca's most prominent, wealthy 
and influential citizens, passed away from earth life last Friday 
morning. The sad event cast a pall over the entire community, for 
his friends were legion. Mr. Treman had suffered from failing health 
for several months, but it was not until about three weeks before his 
demise that he reluctantly laid aside the cares of business, to which 
he had so long been accustomed, for the confinement of his home 
and the sick room — never, alas, to leave alive. Spinal disease and 
muscular atrophy was the cause of his death. There was no thought 

I02 History of the Treman Family. 

at first of a fatal tei;mination of the disease and his death seemed 
sudden to the many who were wont to meet him daily in the numerous 
circles of business with w^hich he was so prominently connected. 

"Leonard Treman has filled numerous positions of public trust 
and responsibility in the village of his choice, having served the 
people as trustee and director of many important enterprises during 
its history. For many years he was trustee of the Ithaca Savings 
Bank, until recently when he was elected its president. He was 
director of the Tompkins County National Bank, president of the 
Ithaca Water Works Company and the Ithaca Gas Light Company. 
Mr. Treman had also for several years been a trustee and treasurer 
of the Congregational Church of Ithaca. He has ever fulfilled with 
promptness and faithfulness the various duties devolving upon these 
several important positions, and his loyalty to truth and justice are 
too well known to need comment." 

At the time of her death the Ithaca Daily Journal said : 
"At the age of 13 she came with her parents, on a canal-packet- 
boat — the only mode of travel, in that day, between New York and 
Ithaca, excepting coaches. Here since that time she has resided. 
Mrs. Treman derived from her German parents most estimable and 
solid traits of character. She possessed a charitable disposition and 
sound judgment, and her speech was guided by instinctive wisdom. 
With a liberal hand she responded to the demands of religion and 
philanthropy. Mrs. Treman as well as her late laniented husband, 
was profoundly concerned in the welfare of the church to which she 

"In the city hospital, also, she was deeply interested, and before 
she succumbed to illness she had made wise arrangements for the 
completion of the furnishing of a room in that institution. The society 
of Ithaca experiences a great loss in the death of Mrs. Treman. 
An only surviving sister, Mrs. Sammis, resides in New York City." 

He died May 25, 1888, at Ithaca, N. Y. She died May 19, 
1897, at Ithaca. Residence Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

1801. Daughter. Born Oct. 23, 1847. Died Oct. 25, 1847. 

1802. Katharine Corley. Married John Westervelt Bush. 4010. 

1803. Son. Born Sept. 13, 1851. Died Sept. 14, 1851. 



Sixth Generation. 103 

1804. Lafayette Lepine Treman. (Ashbel=, Abner-*, John\ 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 542. He was born April 3, 182 1, at Mecklen- 
burg, N. Y. He attended Penn Yan Academy. He married April 
9, 1849, Eliza Ann Mack (daughter of Hon. Ebenezer Mack and 
Eleanor Dey, daughter of Peter Dey and Eleanor Board. For a full 
account of her ancestry see the History of the Mack, Dey and 
Board Families, in this volume.) He was one of three brothers who 
have left their impress upon the history of the City of Ithaca, N. Y.. 
where they spent nearly all their liv^es, taking a leading part in the 
social, business, religious, educational and political affairs of its 
people. An older brother, Leonard, had preceded him in Ithaca 
but he soon joined him and formed the firm of L. & L. L. Treman 
in the hardware business ; the firm name became Treman Brothers 
upon the accession of their younger brother, Elias, to the firm in 
1849, and with various changes in the firm name, the three brothers 
were associated together in business for a period of over fifty years. 
He commenced his business life as a clerk in the hardware store of 
James D. Morgan, at Penn Yan, N. Y. He came to Ithaca in 1844, 
to engage in business for himself and ever afterwards made it his 
home. The success which he won was due to his own energy and 
talents together with a courtesy and kindliness which ever made him 
friends. His activities did not entirely cease even in advancing 
years till age compelled him to devolve many of his duties upon his 
son who had been trained to, and did, succeed him in most of his 
business positions. His business activity may be shown by the 
many official positions which he held. He was elected President of 
the Tompkins County National Bank in 1873 and held the position 
until his death in 1900. Under his administration this bank became 
known as one of the soundest financial institutions in the interior of 
the State. He w^as also one of the organizers of both the Ithaca 
Gas Light Company and the Ithaca Water Works Company and was 
President of both companies from 1888 until his death. He was 
also a Director of the Ithaca Trust Company, and of the Lyceum 
Company, Upon the organization of the Ithaca and Athens Rail- 
road Company he was elected its Secretary and held the position 
several years. He was a Democrat in politics but did not care for 
office. He early took an interest in the affairs of St. John's Protest- 
ant Episcopal Church, of which he was a member and Warden over 

I04 History of the Treman Family. 

fifty years, 1847-1900, being a generous contributor to the support of 
its many interests. He also remembered the church of his father 
and mother, and just before he died he sent the Baptist Church at 
Mecklenburg a handsome fund in their memory. In his death 
Ithaca lost one of its most upright citizens, one who was foremost in 
every movement for the welfare of the community in which he lived. 
His presence was ever welcome in the Church and social circle and 
if he had any enemies they did not make their presence known. 
The officials of the bank and other institutions over which he pre- 
sided, passed appropriate resolutions upon his death, recognizing 
his worth and paying just tribute to his memory. He was a member 
of St. Augustine Commander}', Knights Templar, of Ithaca. He 
was an Ensign in the old State militia. 

Landmarks of Tompkins County says of him : 

"He received his education in the common schools supple- 
mented by a period of study in tiie Penn Yan Academy. In that 
village he found his first employment away from home as a clerk in 
the hardware store of James D. Morgan. In the year 1844, when 
he was twenty-three years old, he came to Ithaca and joined with his 
elder brother, Leonard, in the hardware trade under the firm name 
of L. & L. L. Treman, succeeding Edmund G. Pelton. 

"This young man was possessed of exceptional natural business 
ability, which he had assiduously cultivated during his clerkship at 
Penn Yan, arfd when the two brothers joined their interests in 
Ithaca it was with a firm determination to accomplish just what they 
ultimately did accomplish, the building up of a successful and exten- 
sive trade in an establishment that would be an honor to the place 
and bring them a justly earned competence. This determined pur- 
pose has governed Mr. Treman ever since, and while other interests 
have in later years claimed much of his attention, he has never per- 
mitted his allegiance to his first legitimate business to falter. 

"The qualifications before noted soon gave Mr. Treman an 
acknowledged position among the most enterprising business men of 
Tompkins County, while his reputation for staunch integrity led to 
his being called to several positions of trust and responsibility. He 
served for a time as Secretary of the Ithaca and Athens Railroad 
before its consolidation with the Lehigh Valley system. He early 
became a Director in the Tompkins County National Bank, and in 

Sixth Generation. 105 

1873 was chosen its President, a position which he still holds, (1894). 
Under his skillful financial guidance this sound old institution is 
known as one of the most successful of the banks of the interior of 
the State. In 1888 he was made President of the Ithaca Gas Light 
Company and the Ithaca Water Works Company, both of which 
positions he still occupies. In their management his counsel has 
always been for enterprising liberality towards the public, a policy 
that has at the same time been to the interest and prosperity of the 
companies. He is also a director and one of the principal promoters 
of the Lyceum Company, which has just completed one of the 
finest opera houses in the State. He is also one of the original 
Board of Directors of the Ithaca Trust Company. In all of these 
positions Mr. Treman has won the entire confidence and respect of 
those with whom he has been associated. Modest and retiring in 
his temperament, with unfailing courtesy for all and a broad charity 
and kindliness for the weaknesses of human nature, Mr. Treman has 
found a warm place in the community outside of his large circle of 
business connections. He is a member of the St. John's Protestant 
Episcopal church, and since 1847 has continuously held the office of 
Warden, contributing cheerfully of his means to the building up of 
the cause of religion. Like other members ot his family Mr. 
Treman is a Democrat in politics, but entirely without desire ar 
taste for public office." 

At the time of his death the Ithaca Democrat said editorially : 

"With the death of Lafayette L. Treman there passes away from 
the city of Ithaca one of its most highly honored and justly esteemed 

••For more than hfty years Mr. Treman has been prominently 
identified with the business life of this community. Coming here 
in 1844, with his brother, Leonard Treman, he engaged in the hard- 
ware business. He lived to see a modest hardware store of early 
days, in what was then only a small village, grow to be one of the 
most prosperous and one of the largest mercantile establishments of a 
thriving city. 

"Among the men who have won success in the business life of 
Ithaca, of few can it be more truthfully said than of Mr. Treman, 
that success was truly earned and well deserved. 

io6 History of the Treman Family. 

"His enterprise, his good business judgment, his industry, his 
integrity won for him the high position in this community which he 
enjoyed. Of his customers he made friends. His conscientious 
regard for fairness and justice in business transactions led him to be 
accorded many positions of trust and responsibiUty and the qualities 
which made him a successful merchant made him a successful banker. 

"He was the President of the Ithaca Gas Light Company and 
the Ithaca Water Works Company and his management of these 
enterprises was always characterized by a generous and considerate 
treatment of the working classes. 

"Mr. Treman was a Democrat in politics, and a true Democrat 
by nature. No man in humble station was by him despised. 'Before 
man made us citizens, great Nature made us men." Mr. Treman 
recognized in all men something of worth. Courtesy and kindness 
were not by him reserved for some, but were habitually extended to 
all with whom he came in contact. . His death will be sincerely 
mourned by all who knew him." 

The Ithaca Daily Journal said editorially : 

"Ithaca loses in the death of Lafayette L. Treman a character 
of whose kind there are all too few representatives. Upright and 
respected all his life, manly and admired all his maturity, Mr. Treman 
held the confidence of the community for many years. He was a 
leader in business affairs, a pioneer in public spirit, and a promoter 
of public improvements. In church and in charity he was ever ready 
with work and with substance ; his counsel was valued and followed. 

"Mr. Treman was distinctively a man of positive character, of 
energetic and forceful mind. He was progressive in all that the 
word implies — forward and upward. His daily association was a 
benefit ; his converse was uplifting ; his doings were an example. 
Cleanly and commendable in words and works, Mr. Treman was 
highly and justly esteemed, and his memory will be a constant 
inspiration to those who knew him." 

In another column the same paper said : 

"Lafayette L. Treman passed to the other world at 4 o'clock 
this morning after a brief illness, during which his family had been 
encouraged to hope that he might recover. The announcement this 
morning on the doors of the Treman, King & Co. stores, 'Closed on 

Sixth Generation. 107 

account of the death of Lafayette L. Treman, one of the founders of 
the firm,' was read by hundreds of the people, and through all the 
city during the day the history of the deceased was the most promi- 
nent topic discussed. 

''He was a member of the St. John's P^piscopal Church and since 
1847 has continuously held the office of warden, contributing cheer- 
fully of his means to the building up of the cause of religion. 

"Like other members of his family Mr. Treman was a Democrat 
in politics, but entirely without desire or taste for public office. 

"For nearly sixty years the name of Lafayette L. Treman has 
been coupled in Ithaca with purity and modesty, rare intellectual 
power, gentleness, consideration for employes, firmness, integrity. 
He was a model husband and father, always looking far in adyance 
of his day ; profoundly respected and trusted by the entire community ; 
a sincere churchman, a loyal friend and an ideal of physical manhood, 
not indicating his ripe age. All the honors due from mankind to 
such a combination of virtues and graces are now cheerfully and 
publicly accorded to him who laid them down this morning for final 

"Not one word has been uttered about him except of praise and 
respect, and of sympathy for the family whose loss and sorrow are so 

The Ithaca Daily News said : 

"This morning Ithaca lost one of its oldest and most highly 
esteemed citizens, in the death of Lafayette L. Treman. He was the 
last of three brothers who took a very active interest in the business 
life of Ithaca during the last half century. For several months Mr. 
Treman has been in failing health and to his family and nearest 
friends his death at this time was not wholly unexpected." 

At a meeting of the directors of the Tompkins County National 
Bank the following memorial was presented : 

"In the death of Lafayette L. Treman, which occurred on the 
27th of April, the Tompkins County National Bank suffers the irre- 
parable loss of its president, and this community one of its most 
upright and prominent citizens. 

•He died at the ripe age of 79 years, after a life more than 
ordinarilv filled with the activities of a varied and successful business 

io8 History of the Treman Family. 

career. For more than half a century he left the imprint of his own 
personality upon the numerous business enterprises, both corporate 
and private, with which he was identified, and to all of them he 
brought the aid of his wise counsel and sound judgment, and con- 
tributed his unceasing effort to promote their successful devel- 

"This Bank owes much to his devotion. He was first elected 
as a director 42 years ago, and was chosen its president in the year 
1873, ^^^ ^^ continued to hold this office until the time of his 
death. During all these years he has given his best efforts to up- 
build this institution, and its present highstanding is owing largely 
to his untiring energy in its behalf. 

"He was a safe counselor, and an earnest advocate of a high 
standard in all business methods. He commanded the respect of 
all classes in this community, not only because of his probity in all 
business affairs, but by reason as well of his manly virtues in his 
private life. His death is universally lamented and will cause 
especial sorrow in his family circle, and yet the grief there as every- 
where will be tempered with the fond recollection of a well spent and 
a well rounded life. 

"Resolved, That the foregoing be spread upon the minutes of 
the Bank, and a copy thereof suitably engrossed, be presented to the 
family — to whom in their bereavement we tender our sincere 

Minutes adopted April 28, 1900, at a special meeting of the 
Vestry of St. John's Church : 

"Since it has pleased Almighty God, in His providence, to 
terminate the earthly life of our late associate, Lafayette L. Treman, 
Senior Warden of St. John's Church, 

"Therefore the Rector and Vestr\', representing the whole parish 
and congregation, desire to put on record our sense of the great loss 
we have sustained in the departure of one who as Vestryman and 
Warden had served so long and so faithfully. 

"It is now fifty-three years since he was first elected Vestryman. 
Thirty-nine years ago he became Warden and was re-elected each 
year. In the discharge of the duties thus imposed upon him he was 
ever most faithful. His interest in the church was sincere and 
unwavering. His judgment was sound, and his advice invaluable. 

Sixth Generation. 109 

His hand was always open and his benefactions constant. Kind 
and courteous to all, he was universally esteemed and beloved, and 
was the ideal of a Christian gentleman. 

■ "His life was rounded out to completeness and in the fullness of 
days he was gathered to his fathers in the communion of the Church : 
in the comfort of a reasonable hope, and in perfect charity with alii 
men. With full hearts we bid him farewell for a time, and commend 
him to the holy keeping of Him whom he faithfully served. 

"In the full consciousness of our own loss we turn to those whO' 
are indeed bereaved, and we offer to his widow and children our 
tenderest sympathy in the heavy trial which has befallen them. We 
commend them to Him who alone can give strength in the time of 
trouble, and that eternal peace which passeth understanding. 
"H. V. BosTwicK, Warden. 

"D. W. BURDICK, "] 

"C. B. Brown, 

"G. W. Melotte, 

"T. ¥. Crane, 1 ^r . v 

,,0 r^ ^xr r vestrymen. 

"b. G. Williams, [ ■' 

"Jesse W. Stephens, j 

"J. C. Gauntlett, I 

"S. B. Turner, J 

At the time of his making the gift to the Mecklenburg Baptist 
Church the Ithaca Daily Journal said : 

" 'A Blessed Christmas Day.' A Gift of $1,000 by Lafayette L. 
Treman to the Mecklenburg Baptist Church. At the close of the 
musical program on Christmas night in the Mecklenburg Baptist 
Church, the pastor. Rev. J. Bruce Abbott, made an announcement 
to his people and friends of a 'Christmas Gift' of one thousand 
dollars from Lafayette L. Treman, to that society. In the letter 
accompanying the same Mr. Treman states his wish to thus honor 
his beloved Christain mother, long a member of said church. Said 
gift coming to and also honoring his cousin, Mrs. Lufanny Grant, 
the oldest living member of the church, who lovingly handed the 
same over to its pastor and people at once. Well, indeed, did it 
conclude the most excellent exercises, and add to brighten the 
already brilliantly decorated little chapel, and also brighten many 
eyes and faces, and make glad all true hearts of God's children. It 
so impressed others that glad tears of joy were visible and put such 

no History of the Treman Family. 

a genuine meaning upon the whole evening of God's great Gift of 
Love in His Son (for lost humanity). 

"Other members of this loyal family have already remembered 
this dear old church in honor of their parents, as well as others of 
different families now living in this vicinity, and it will be indeed 
good news to all to know of this last gift and also to know that our 
finances are already in good investments, and satisfactory to the 

"A unanimous vote of this church, thanking our dear benefactor 
and brother for his generosity to us, is the desire of all concerned." 

He died April '27, 1900, at Ithaca. She resides, 1901, at 
Ithaca. Residence Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

1805. Ebenezer Mack. Born Dec. 13. 1850. 4000. 

1806. Jeannie Mead. Married John Sayles Waterman. 4005. 

1807. Anna Louisa. 

1808. Elias Treman. (Ashbel^, Abner^ John\ Joseph", 
Joseph".) 543. He was born Dec. 9, 1822, at Mecklenburg, N. Y. 
He attended Penn Yan Academy. He married July 6, 1853, Eliza- 
beth Lovejoy (daughter of Robert Henry Lovejoy, of Owego, N. Y., 
and Philadelphia. Lovejoy family history : Robert Henry Lovejoy, 
born in 1809. Died in Elmira, Jan. 30, 1890. Married Oct. 21, 
1829, Betsey Curtis, born in Stratford, Ct., in 1808. Died Dec. 30, 
i860. Their children: i. Elizabeth Lovejoy, born June i. 1832. 
Died July 14, 1901. Married July 6, 1853, Elias Treman, born Dec. 
9, 1822. Died Oct. i, 1898. 2. Frederick Lovejoy, bom May i, 
1834. Died Nov. 3, 1894. Vice President of the Adams Express 
Company. Married Sept. 24, 1856, in Elmira, Annie C. Hepburn, 
who died in New York, Dec. 13, 1896. No children. 3. Susan 
Lovejoy, born March 16, 1837. Died Jan. 2, 1895. Married Dec. 
3, 1862, Daniel Terry Durland, born March 18, 1834. Their 
children: i. Frederick Lovejoy Durland, born Feb, 3, 1868. 2. 
Charles Edward Durland, born Nov. 10, 1873. Died June 20, 1874. 
3. Harry Courtney Durland, born April 10, 1875. 4. Louise Dur- 
land, born Jan. 29, 1879. All unmarried. 4. Sarah I. Lovejoy, 
born July 23, 1839. Died Nov. 21, i860. 5. Cornelia C. Lovejoy, 
born Nov. 3, 1846. Died Dec. 15, i860. Never married). She 


/^ (p3k' 'i'^f 

w r 

" j% 


Sixth Generation. hi 

was born June i, 1832. at. Stratford, Conn. He was the youngest of 
three brothers who settled at Ithaca and became noted in its history 
as successful business men and prominent citizens for over half a 
century. After leaving school he entered the hardware store of his 
brothers at Ithaca in 1847, and two years afterwards became a 
partner in the business under the tirm name of Treman Brothers. 
He was one of the organizers and a Director in both the Ithaca Gas 
Light Company and the Ithaca Water Works C9mpany. Director 
in the Tompkins County National Bank several years and also in the 
Ithaca Trust Company. Trustee of the Ithaca Savings Bank. 
President of the Village of Ithaca, 1861. Captain of the Protective 
Police of the Fire Department eighteen years. Chief Engineer of 
the Fire Department. 1866. Member of the Board of Education 
several years. He was a member of the Citizens' Committee which 
prepared the Charter of the City of Ithaca. He was a Democrat in 
politics. He was for many years a Trustee of the Presbyterian 
Church of Ithaca. He built the Lyceum Block at Ithaca in i8g8. 

"Landmarks of Tompkins County" says of him : 
•'Ellas Treman attended school in his native village and finished 
in the Penn Van Academy, after which he entered the employ of 
Morgan & Armstrong in Penn Yan as clerk in their hardware store 
( where his brother was already engaged) and remained there six 
years. In 1847 he came to Ithaca and entered the employ of the 
then well established tirm of L. & L. L. Treman, becoming a partner 
in said firm on February i, 1849, the style being thereby changed to 
Treman & Brothers. In this connection he has ever since remained 
to the present time (1894). Uniting his admirable business qualifica- 
tions with those of his brothers, a foundry and machine shop were 
built and the hardware trade largely extended. When the building 
of the water works was taken up he was made one of the directors 
of the company, and also in the Gas Company, which positions he 
holds at the present time. A large share of the burden of directing 
the mercantile business of the firm falls upon his shoulders. He is a 
Democrat in politics, like his brothers, but also like them has never 
become an aspirant for public office, though he has capably filled 
the position of President of the Village of Ithaca. Mr. Treman 
enjoys to the fullest extent the confidence and respect of the 

112 History of the Treman Family. 

He was thrown from his carriage and seriously injured June ist, 
1898, and died from the effects of his injuries. 

The following account of the accident is from the Ithaca Daily 
Journal, June 2, 1898: 

"Our well known townsman, Elias Treman, met with a serious 
accident yesterday afternoon while driving to his summer cottage on 
the west shore of the lake. He was accompanied by Charles D. John- 
son, who sat with him on the rear seat of a democrat wagon, Jasper 
Woodsin driving Mr. Treman's gray horse singly. When nearly 
opposite the James L. Baker place a snake was seen gliding across 
the road at which the driver aimed a blow with his whip. The swish 
of the whip startled the horse, causing it to spring forward so abruptly 
that the seat and its occupants were thrown out. Mr. Johnson was 
slightly stunned by the fall but quickly regained control of his senses. 
He saw Mr. Treman lying motionless in the road, with the seat 
across his body, he having struck on the back of his neck, and sus- 
tained a dislocation of the neck. Mr. Treman was placed in Professor 
John L. Morris's carriage, which came along opportunely, and brought 
to his home in this city, where he was attended by Dr. Biggs. 

•Tn answer to inquiries this morning relative to Mr. Treman's 
condition a reporter was informed that he passed a fairly comfortable 
night but that both legs were paralyzed from his hips down. It is 
hoped that this condition may be only temporary, inasmuch as Mr. 
Treman despite his advanced years is an unusually strong and 
robust man. 

"The news of the accident spread through the city very swiftly 
last evening and awakened a general sentiment of regret. 

"A specialist in consultation is expected to reach here tonight." 

The same paper said editorially, June 4, 1898 : 

"Not half a dozen men in this city have been so long, actively 
and extensively engaged in business here as Elias Treman. Few 
citizens, if any, enjoy as large and intimate acquaintance with the 
people of Tompkins county. Hale and cheery to the very instant of 
the accident which suddenly invalided him it is but natural that 
thousands are eager for frequent and detailed reports from his bed- 
side. The fortitude and cheerfulness which marked his daily walk 
are reported unimpaired." 

Sixth Generation. 113 

At the time of his death The Ithaca Democrat said editorially : 
•In the death of Elias Treman, Ithaca loses one of its ablest 
and staunchest business men, one who has impressed upon the 
business life of our city the stamp of his individuality to a remarka- 
ble degree. 

'•His name has ever stood as a tower of strength in our business 
and commercial circles. His sturdy integrity, his cheery encourage- 
ment, his indomitable courage and spirit has furnished to many a 
young man that incentive which has resulted in business success. 
He was ever a man of the people caring little for ostentation and 
outward show, and wonderfully gifted in his ability to correctly read 
and judge the men with whom he came in contact. 

'•He more than any man the writer ever knew valued men for 
what they were rather than what they appeared to be. He hated 
sham ; but ever prized and applauded in no uncertain way what he 
saw of good in mankind without reference to the coat or social posi- 
tion of the wearer. His friends and business acquaintances every- 
where valued his friendship because they believed it sincere, and thus 
it is that throughout this and neighboring counties there is many a 
sad heart today plunged in real grief because of his death. 

"His has been a long, prosperous and honorable career. One 
that may well serve as an example to the younger men of Ithaca. 

••While his life was essentially a business life to which he was 
ever devoted, he yet found time to mingle freely with his fellow 
citizens in social functions where he was ever a favorite, and to 
make himself felt in everything that pertained to the welfare of our 

•'A good citizen in every sense of the word, a kind neighbor, a 
fearless advocate of the right, a manly man, such was Elias Treman. 
Ithaca will miss him sadly, but she cannot forget the e.xample of his 
life so closely allied to the business integrity and public spirit 
of her citizens." 

The Ithaca Daily Journal said : 

"Elias Treman died about one o'clock this morning of the 
injuries he received by being accidentally thrown from his carriage, 
near his summer cottage on the west shore of Cayuga lake, the first 
of last June. Distinguished non-resident surgeons were called to aid 
his own physician, but they frankly admitted their inability to avert 

114 History of the Treman Family. 

the inevitable and fatal result that must follow so serious an injury 
as the severing of the^spinal cord. 

"Elias Treman accepted his awful misfortune in a philosophical 
and Christian spirit. During the long contest with the Angel of 
Death he never complained. He suffered no pain. His passing was 

"The prominence of the deceased and his immediate family, a 
prominence long maintained and steadily increasing, in the financial, 
intellectual, social and religious life of Ithaca, makes a sketch of his 
ancestry interesting and appropriate at this time. * • * * 

"Elias Treman, the subject of this article, was born in Decem- 
ber, 1822, fifteen years before his father, Ashbel, died. His child- 
hood was passed in Mecklenburg, his youth in Penn Yan. 

"In 1844 Leonard and Lafayette Treman purchased the hard- 
ware store of Edmund Pelton on the southeast corner of Owego (now 
State) and Cayuga Streets in Ithaca. They continued the hardware 
store in conjunction with a foundry and machine shop. In 1847 
Elias came to Ithaca and served as clerk in the store. In 1849 ^^^ 
became a partner. In 1857 Leander R. King, R. H. Treman in 
1883, and in 1892 C. E. Treman, became partners. 

"Leonard Treman died in 1888. Lafayette retired from the 
firm in 1897. 

"Treman Brothers met with success from the beginning of their 
mercantile venture. The hardware store became the basis for a 
system of wider and more important corporate and financial pursuits, 
including banking, gas works, water works, etc., for which Leonard 
and Lafayette withdrew from active service in the store many years ago. 

"The published history of the town of Ulysses credits Abner 
Treman, his grandfather, with 'great force of character, plain and 
expressive manner and address.' That also applied to his grandson, 
Elias Treman. He had also a stately presence and a splendid con- 
stitution, for at 75 he appeared as vigorous and nearly as supple as 
he was at 45. 

"Although an earnest Democrat, Elias Trem,an could not be 
induced to accept party or political office, except In 1861 when he 
was elected President of the Village of Ithaca. In 1865,. while a 
member of Tornado No. 3, he was elected Chief Engineer of the Eire 

Sixth Generation. 115 

"He was a member of the non-partisan Citizens' Committee that 
framed our city charter. 

"At the time of his accident he was a member of the Protective 
Fire Police, having been its captain for fourteen years, a member of 
the Board of Education, a director of the Tompkins County National 
Bank, the Ithaca Savings Bank, the Ithaca Trust Company, the 
Ithaca Water Works Company, and the Ithaca Gas Company. 

"He was chairman of the board of trustees of the Presbyterian 
Church and senior member of the well-known firm, Treman, King «& 

"He was opposed to rhetorical obituary or passionate praise of 
the dead. He once said : 'A community knows its own members 
well." Hence his theory is followed in this article and words of 
praise are unsaid, for Elias Treman was one of the best known men 
in the city and county." 

The Ithaca Daily News said : 

"Elias Treman passed away peacefully at one o'clock this morn- 
ing at his home on the corner of Buffalo and Geneva Streets, his 
death being the result of an injury which he received by being thrown 
from his carriage on the first day of last June, when on his way to 
his summer cottage on the shore of Cayuga Lake. He was thrown 
backward from the carriage, and the accident resulted in the severing 
of the spinal cord at the seventh vertebra, causing paralysis of 
the entire body. He was confined to his bed for the four months 
following the accident. He was always cheerful, and accepted the 
result of the accident with resignation. 

"Elias Treman was an ardent Democrat in politics, but was 
never very active, holding only one political office, that of President 
of the \'illage of Ithaca, in 1861, and was one of the Citizens' Com- 
mittee selected to form the present Ithaca city charter. 

"He was always much interested in the Ithaca Fire Department, 
being elected Chief Flngineer in 1865. He was also one of the 
organizers of the Protective Police, and was captain of the same for 
eighteen years. 

"He was chairman of the board of trustees of the First Presby- 
terian Church of this city, was a director in several corporations, 
among which are the Ithaca Water Works Co., Ithaca Gas Light Co.. 
Ithaca Savings Bank, Ithaca Trust Co., and Tompkins County 

ii6 History of the Treman Family. 

National Bank, and was senior member of the firm of Treman, King 
& Company. He was also a member of the Board of Education." 

The Elmira Telegram said : 

'"Elias Treman, one of Ithaca's most loved citizens and respected 
business men, passed away this morning, at i o'clock. While the 
fatal fall from his carriage last June had prepared the minds of all to 
expect the inevitable result, yet when the end came, expectancy 
could not allay the deep-felt grief of a surviving community. 

"By Associated Press : 

"Elias Treman, of the retail and wholesale hardware firm of 
Treman, King & Co., died at his home in this city at an early hour 
this morning, at the age of seventy-six. Mr. Treman was one of 
Ithaca's foremost citizens. He was a Ufelong resident, promi- 
nently identified with all movements looking to the improvement and 
welfare of the city. He was a director and large stock-holder in all 
the banking houses of the city, and is well-known throughout the 
business world. The cause of his death was paralysis, coming from 
injury to the spinal cord, resulting from a fall from his carriage in 
June last." 

At a meeting of the Board of Education the President, Roger 
B. Williams, said : 

"Gentlemen of the Board of Education : 

"As we assemble here tonight our eyes naturally turn to that 
vacant chair which has been for so many years and so regularly 
occupied by Mr. Treman. • Our thoughts revert to the unfortunate 
accident which has for four months deprived us of his companionship 
and counsel, while he lay with unfailing cheerfulness and heroic 
patience bearing the heavy cross that was placed upon him. And 
now they turn to the scene we witnessed yesterday when all that 
was mortal of our beloved friend was placed out of our sight forever. 
Nothing can efface our admiration of his character, the inspiration 
we have received through his example, or our reverence for the 
memory of Elias Treman. We mourn his loss, but we glory in the 
record he has left behind him and are thankful that for so many 
years we have been privileged to know him and work at his side."' 

Sixth Generatiox. 117 

President Williams from the committee appointed at the special 
meeting t(,) prepare resolutions in memory of Commissioner Treman 
presented the following report : 

"To the Board of Education : 

"Your committee appointed to prepare resolutions in memory of 
Commissioner Treman respectfully report the following : 

"Whereas, This Board has sustained an irreparable loss through 
the death of our esteemed fellow commissioner, Elias Treman, which 
occurred on the morning of October i, 1898 ; be it 

"Resolved, That we hereby record our profound realization of 
the severe blow that has fallen upon us, and upon our work, in this 
dispensation of an all-wise Providence, beneath which we humbly 
bow. We would place upon record, also, our high admiration for the 
character, abilities and business methods of the deceased, and our 
full appreciation of the notable aid his efforts have given to the 
advance of education and educational methods in this city. 

••Elias Treman entered this Board in 1885, since which he has 
been a leader among us ; and, not only by his personal efifort, but by 
his counsel and example, he has aided in the intelligent, methodical 
and harmonious prosecution of our work. 

"He was a man of unswerving integrity, unselfish purpose, and 
unfailing devotion to duty ; an untiring worker, a conservative adviser 
and a faithful friend. He conspicuously combined the wisdom and 
experience of age with the keen, active vigor of youth. He was out- 
spoken and frank in the expression of what he thought to be wise 
and right. He was noted for his superior business judgment, his 
thorough Christian honor and devoted personal friendship. 

"After his thirteen years of faithful service as a member of this 
Board, in which he has met with us regularly, performing with fidelity 
the duties of his office, we shall miss his cheery presence and his wise 
counsels. We mourn the loss of a kind friend, wise counsellor, and 
upright citizen. His memory will be cherished, and will inspire all 
who know him to emulate his virtues. 

•To his bereaved family we tender our warmest sympathy. 

•'To our schools and to our city, who have lost one of their 
strongest and wisest leaders, we commend the example of his life for 

ii8 History of the Treman Family. 

"Resolved, That this preamble and resolution be inscribed upon 
the records of this Board, and a copy thereof presented to the family 
of the deceased. 

"R. B. Williams, ^ 

"A. B. Brooks, > Committee. 

"H. W. Foster, ) 

"On motion of Commissioner St. John the resolutions were 
unanimously adopted." 

In memory of Mr. Treman the public schools were closed during 
the afternoon of the day of his funeral and the flags were at half-mast 
throughout the day. Places of business were also closed during the 

Frorh report to Board of Education by Supt. Foster, published 
in the Ithaca Journal, Oct. 6th, '98 : 

"In the death of Mr. Treman I feel a personal loss. Prompt, 
keen and frank, having the experience of age with the vigor of youth, 
he was quick to reach his decisions ; and was outspoken in his 
opinions. During all the time of his illness, his interest in the 
affairs of the schools- continued unabated and he inquired frequently 
concerning what was being done. I shall always treasure it as a 
valued memory that on the last evening when he was fully conscious 
he asked for me to come and see him. The same keen interest 
inspires every member of the Board, and it is this which makes it 
possible to make our work successful. 

"H. W. Foster, Sup't." 

At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Ithaca Trust 
Company and upon the announcement of the death of Elias Treman, 
a member of such Board, it was ordered that the following memorial 
of our deceased associate be entered upon the records of the Com- 
pany and that a copy thereof, attested ofticially, be presented to the 
family of the deceased : 

"The death of Elias Treman, one of the Directors of this Com- 
pany, creates a new vacancy in our number, and leaves us the duty 
of joining in the wide sorrow for his loss and recalling the many 
traits of his character which made him not merely our business 
associate but our welcome and cherished friend. 

"He bad long been a resident of this city, and taken an active 

Sixth Generation. 119 

part in promoting its growth and adding to its prosperity. The 
vigor and industry and intelligent care which he gave to his own 
affairs was fully developed in those enterprises which, beyond his 
personal interests, touched also the public welfare and affected the 
general health and safety. In the early lighting of our streets and 
homes, and, later, in the bountiful supply of water for the public 
safety and health, his business ability and courage found a wide and 
useful field of activity, with results not only beneficial to himself and 
his associates, but vitally essential to the health and security of the 
City, and which even yet we scarcely appreciate as they deserve. If, 
as is true, his private interest was the impelling motive of his share 
in the enterprise, at least it was directed to worthy and useful ends, 
and demanded of him and his associates a foresight and courage the 
utility of which for all of us we are slowly beginning to realize. 

"When the Trust Company was organized, and took its place 
quietly among the City's financial institutions, he came among us 
with the same business ability and watchful oversight which had 
carried his own enterprises to success, and beyond that, brought 
with him a constant cheerfulness, a playful bluntness of expression, 
and a regard for his associates lurking under a humorous welcome, 
which made us all his sincere and attached friends. That cheerful 
and kindly temperament followed him through the long days of his 
last illness and left him only at the end. 

"His place we can supply but cannot fill. We can only put upon 
our records this memorial of the man, and of the loss which as his 
business associates we have sustained. 

"We shall see his face no more, but he has left us the legacy of 
a sincere and lasting respect for his memory. 

"W. H. Storms, Secretar}-." 

Resolutions of the Protective Police : 

"It is with deep sorrow that we miss from our midst the form of 
Kx-Captain Elias Treman whose death occurred at his' home in 
Ithaca on Oct. ist. He was a charter member of this Company and 
for fourteen years its Captain, and was deeply interested in the wel- 
fare of the Company. For more than fifty years he has been a 
prominent and influential member of our business community. As a 
member of the house of Treman, King & Co., a Director of the 
Tompkins County National Bank, of the Ithaca Water Works Co., 

I20 History of the Treman Family. 

of the Ithaca Gas Light Co.. one of the organizers of the Ithaca 
Trust Co., and since its organization a Director and member of its 
Finance Committee, his ability, wise counsel and sound judgment 
contributed largely to the success of each and every one. During 
his active business career he was ever mindful of his duty to his 
church and to the public. As Chairman of the Board of Trustees 
of the Presbyterian Church he gave freely of his time to the business 
interests and welfare of this body. He was an active and faithful 
member of the Board of Education, and a highly valued Trustee of 
the Ithaca Savings Bank. Mr, Treman commanded to an unusual 
degree the respect and admiration of this entire conmiunity, and his 
warm greeting and bright smile will be missed by all. 

"We valued his friendship in life and will always treasure his 
memory in our hearts. 

•'Resolved, That this minute be spread upon the records of this 
Company and a copy thereof be sent to Mr. Treman's family. 

"H. L. Hinckley, ) 
"D. B. Stewart, '■- Committee." 
•'E. L. Williams, ) 

At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the First Presbyterian 
Church, held Dec. 26th, 1898, the following report of committee, ap- 
pointed Oct. loth, was, on motion, unanimously approved and adopted : 

"While the members of our Board were appalled and grieved by 
the loss of our worthy treasurer, General Blood, we were doubly 
bereaved by the sad accident on June ist, to our beloved President. 
Elias Treman, that deprived us of his wise counsel and ever courteous 
presence at the head of our Board. While denied all his usual 
activities and realizing only too well his own helpless physical condi- 
tion, he did not sorrow as one without hope, but gave to all who 
were privileged to minister to his needs, or to visit him for a moment, 
abundant evidence of heroic Christian fortitude and wonderful 
patience in waiting for the inevitable end. 

"The interest that he manifested in the welfare of the church he 
served so faithfully and so long, the brightness and cheer with which 
he encouraged those around him must be to his family, as it is to 
his friends, a source of great comfort. The end came on October 
I St and we, with the entire community, sorrow for one whose place 
can hardly be filled. 

Sixth Gp:neration. 121 

"Therefore, be it Resolved, That the Board of Trustees of the 
First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca extend to the family of our 
beloved President our deep and sincere sympathies in their bereave- 
ment and that we commend them to our Gracious Father above who 
alone can give them full consolation. 

"Resolved, That we desire here to testify to the faithful and 
unselfish services of our associate as trustee for more than twenty 
years, the last ten of which he served as President. We wish to bear 
testimony to his kindly consideration, his courteous treatment, his 
unfailing regularity and promptness in the despatch of business, and 
to his readiness to take upon himself much more than his share of 
the details of our woik. 

••Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be presented to the 
family and that they be spread upon the minutes of our Board. 

••T. G. MiLi,ER, Sec'y. 

"C. D. Stowell, Chairman, pro. tern. 

"Ithaca, X. Y.. Dec. 26th, 189S." 

The Tompkins County Democratic Convention, Oct. 3, 1898, 
adopted the following resolution : 

"We. the representatives of the Democratic party, assembled in 
County Convention, desire to express our sympathy and condolence 
to the family of the late Elias Treman in their bereavement. In Mr. 
Treman's death we have lost a highly valued friend and wise 

The following letters were among many received by the family : 

••()ra\(;k, Oct. 3. 1 898. 
•'Nh Dkar Mr. Trem.\n: — 

••I have just received the Ithaca paper with the news of your 
father's death. 

••I need hardly say in what high regard 1 ever held him for I 
think you must know how long and at one period of his life how 
intimately 1 knew him and that was before and up to the time of his 
marriage. He was always just the manly man that his straight and 
manly figure symbolized. He was outspoken, you always knew where 
to find him on ever}- question of importance, political, local, social or 
religious that came up for discussion. 

122 History of the Treman Family. 

"I cannot multiply words but I feel his loss. * * * 

Please assure your mother of my own and my daughter's sympathy 
and respect for her and the entire family of your lamented and re- 
spected father. 

'•I am sincerely yours, 

"A. Schuyler. 
•'Mr. R. H. Treman.'" 

"Albany, N. Y., 5 Oct., "98. 
••My Dear Rob : — ■ 

"I want to express to you and the entire family my sincere 
sympathy in the great loss you haYe sustained. I have often thought 
since hearing of your father's accident how hard it must have been 
for one so full of energy and vitality to be afflicted as he was and 
though I hear he bore it with the utmost fortitude and resignation, I 
was thankful, for him and his family, when he was released from 
suffering. I know what it means to lose a father and how severe the 
shock is when the end finally comes, even though it has been for some 
time anticipated, and am truly sorry for you. The loss comes to you. as 
it did to me, after you had reached manhood and were well able to 
go alone — but you cannot help feeling that you have lost a strong 
prop and support and a wise and prudent counsellor. Your father 
will be sadly missed by many in Ithaca outside his immediate family — 
his strong personalitv having impressed itself on all who came in 
contact with him socially or in business. 

'•Yours truly. 
'•W^L H. Sa(;e."" 

"New York. Oct. 14, 1898. 
"Robert H. Treman, Esq.: 

"Dear Sir: — -The notice of your good father's death has come 
to us. and its saddening information brings a pang of deep sorrow to 
me, his long time personal and admiring friend. For more than 
forty years have I known and many times have I met him, and each 
time enjoying his presence more than the preceding. His hearty 
cheerfulness, his candor, his integrity, his old time lively, breezy 
ways, combined with his shrewdness and sagacity made him a 
delightful person to meet either in a social or business way. 

'•The first time I saw him, as perhaps I have told you. was soon 
after he was married, when he was living at the hotel — the 'Clinton.' 

Sixth Gkxeration. 123 

I think — and from the first I was interested in him, an interest that 
has increased as the years have gone by. 

"To your mother and to his children I desire to convey the 
assurances of my most tender sympathy with sincere and earnest 
wishes for their comfort and consolation. 

"Faithfully yours, 

"Georcie Henry Sarc.ent. 
"Three score and ten. Oct. 29. 1898." 

"rNiTKi) States Le(;ati()N', Tokio. 
"My Dear Friend Chakit.s : — 

"I wanted to send you a line to let you know that I think of 
you and your mother and family at this sad time. 1 will not try to 
say more now. but you must know in what high respect I have always 
held your father for his upright, sterling character. You may not 
know, however, that it was he who largely influenced my father to 
send me to Cornell, and you can appreciate how much college meant 
for me. Please give especially my affectionate regards and sympathy 
to your mother and write me when you can. 

"Fver sincerely your friend. 

•■Rant S. Mi leer. , 
••November 21. 1898.'' 

"Hudson-, Wis., Oct. 5th. 1898. 
•'Mr. Leander King, Ithaca N. Y.: 

"My Dear Friend: — I received last evening from you the 
Ithaca News announcing the death of Flias Treman. I ha\e his 
countenance as clearly in my mind as when I left the dear old town. 

••Elias Treman was a man I shall never forget. My acquaintance 
with him was different of course than with you and others nearer 
my age, yet like Judge Finch with whom I studied law 1 could never 
forget Elias Treman. U'hile he was independent and fearless and 
did not stand on conventionalities, as I knew him he was so kind, 
considerate, thoughtful and gentlemanly toward those younger, that 
today I remember him with that high esteem and deep respect that 
the high, noble and manly qualities which he possessed ever command. 

•'In what I have said I hope you can recognize not only its 
truth but also recognize that my memory is not dim. 

"Sincerely yours. 

"11. I,. Hi \IlMlkKV." 

124 History of the Tremax Family. 

From the Ithaca Daily Journal, May i, 1899 : 

"The children of the Central School celebrated Arbor Day by 
planting trees and by appropriate exercises in their school rooms. 

"The Persian poet says : 'When a good man dies, all mortals 
weep, but the angels rejoice that his trials are ended, and that they 
have him amongst them.' 

"No man deserved this exquisite Eastern verse better than did 
Mr. Treman. 

"It is not necessary to mention here his munificent works of 
benevolence or devotion to public good. A Christian man, a faith- 
ful friend of the schools, a gentleman thorough in all good works, 
these describe one whom 'none knew him but to love him, none 
named him but to praise.' 

"To Mr. Elias Treman we dedicate this tree. May it ever be a 
reminder to cherish his memor)^ with affection, to be thankful for 
his example and to think of him now as in the 'light perpetual' of a 
glorified existence." 

From the Ithaca Daily Journal, Sept., '98 : 

"As the Journal goes to press this afternoon the Ithaca fire 
department is making its 39th annual parade in a broiling sun. 

"As the Protective Police marched by the stalwart form of Elias 
Treman was missed at their head. The company of Protective 
Police was organized in 1868 by Elias Treman and Joseph Esty. and 
today, for the first time in thirty years since its organization, Mr. 
Treman was absent from the line. This is a remarkable record, and 
probably cannot be duplicated by anyone connected with the Ithaca 
or any other department. The patient invalid, doubtless, had this in 
mind today when the strains of the band told of the fact that this 
was the annual parade of the department." 

Mrs. Treman gave to the new First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca, 
as a memorial to her husband, one of the finest organs in the countr)'. 

At the time of her death the Ithaca Daily Journal said : 

"Mrs. Treman was a member of the First Presbyterian Church 

of this city, and always took an active part in church work. She 

was a woman of very fine personal character, always cheerful, and 

by the geniality of her temperament won a large circle of warm 



Sixth Generation. 125 

friends, and, withal, she was an ideal mother of a well-nigh perfect 
home, until death entered to mar its happiness." 

He died Oct. i, 1898, at Ithaca, N. Y. She died July 14, 1901, 
at Ithaca, N. Y. Residence Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

1S09. Elizabeth Lovejoy. Born Feb. 26, 1856. PMucated at Miss 
Porter's School, Farmington, Conn. Married Mynderse Van- 
Cleef, Esq. 4030. 

1810. Robert Henry. Born March 31, 1S5S. 4015. 

1811. Charles Edward. Born Oct. 11, 1868. 4025. 

1815. Charles G. Galezio, Esq. (He was of French ances- 
tr)'.) He was born at Frederick, Md. Lawyer. Soldier in an 
Ohio Regiment in the Civil War. Recorder of Deeds. He married, 
May 9, 1850, Ann Floretta Treman. 546. She died Jan. 4, i860, 
at Ithaca, N. Y. Residence Wapakoneta, Ohio. 

Children : 

1816. Leonard Ashbel Treman. Born July 15, 1852. 

1817. Lafayette I.epine Treman. Born Feb. 16, 1855. 4040. 

1818. Charle.s Dey Johnson. (Ben^ JesseS John^ Thomas', 
Joseph-, William'.) He was born Sept. 24, 1831, at Ithaca, N. Y. 
He prepared at the Lancasterian School and Ithaca Academy, and 
attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, X. Y., 
1852-3. He married, Jan. 20, 1858, Mary Caroline Treman. 545. 
(For biographical sketch and an account of their descendants see 
the History of the Dey Family in this book.) 

1865. William Gilbert Treman. (Jonathan', Abner\ John^- 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 517. He was born Feb. 6, 1823. He married, 
Aug. 23, 1 85 1, Sallie Abigail Woodruff. He died April 29, 1884. 
Residence Aurora, 111. 

Children : 

1866. Clinton Dewitt. Born July 11. 1S53. 4050. 
1867., Eva. Born April 13, 1S59. Died Aug. 20, 1859. 
1 868. Albert Lincoln. Born .^ug. 28. 1S60. 4060. 

1880. Alfred Riley Treman. (Jonathan% Abner\ John'. 
Joseph=, Joseph'.) 519. He was born Feb. 22. 1828. He married, 
Oct. 2, 185 1, Mary Jane Trembly (daughter of John and Ro.xana 

126 History of the Treman Family. 

Trembly). She was born April 28, 1832. He died Oct. 5, 1898. 
Residence Elgin, 111. 

Children : 

1881. Mary Ann. Born April 20, 1S53. Married Clark H. Wilson. 


1882. Carrie I. Born Feb. 28, 1856. Married John Craft. 4090. 

1883. Frank A. Born Oct. 5, 1863. 4070. 

1884. Minnie Mae. Born Nov. 10, 1872. Married George E. Fleming. 


1890. Miner C. Treman. (Jonathan^, Abner-*, John', Joseph-, 
Joseph'.) 520. He was born in July, 1830. He married Caroline 

Children : 

1591. Anna. 

1592. Caroline. 

1 90 1. Miner Colegrove, He married, Sept. 28. 1826, Betsey 
Ann Treman. 511. Innkeeper. They are both dead. Residence 
Mecklenburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

1902. Elizabeth. Married a Putnam. 4120. 

1903. Charles. 

1904. Julia. 

1905. A. Emmett. Married Nathaniel Garrison. 4130. 

1906. Ida. Unmarried. Died, aged about 23. 

19 10. George Grant. He was born Aug. 5, 1807. He 
married, Nov. 9, 1828, Lufanna Treman. 512. He died Feb. 2, 
1899. She resides, 1901, Mecklenburg, N, Y. 

Children : 

1911. Irvin. Born July 11, 1829. Unmarried. Died Feb. 2, 1861. 

1912. Ann Elizabeth. Born Nov. 26, 1830. Married George B. 

Treman. 1990. 

1913. Edwin. Born April 8, 1832. 4140. 

1914. Susan Harriet. Born Aug. 19, 1834. Married Hiram H. 

Hewitt. 4170. 
'915- Jonathan. Born July 13, 1836. 4150. 

1916. Mary. Born Oct. 19, 1838. Married Stewart C. Snyder. 4180. 

1917. Sarah. Born Ma}- 13, 1840. Died July 20, i860. 

1915. Andrus T. Born June (o. Aug.) 27, 1842. Unmarried. Soldier 

A.MK> I!. C.iiDLK 

Sixth Generation. , 127 

in the Civil War. Killed July 2, 1864, at the battle of Peach 

1919. George. Born May 29, 1845. 4160. 

1920. A.shbel. Born June 3, 1848. Died Aug. 9, 1850. 

1921. Ferdinand. Born June 22, 1850. Married Nora McKiggen of 

Corning, N. Y. No children. Residence, 1901, Syracuse, N. Y. 

1922. Knmiett C. Born March 18, 1854. He graduated at Cook 

Academy, Havana, X. Y. Married, Nov. 12, 1878, Grace 
Lambert. No children. Postmaster. Residence, 1 901, Farmer, 
N. Y. 

1930. WiLLET B. GoDDARi). He married Mary Treiiian. 513. 
He re.sided at Dryden several years and removed from there to 
Truniansburg, N. Y. He owned a line of stage coaches in the early 
days and was a prominent business man. County Clerk of Tompkins 
County, N. Y., 1840-3. Sergeant-at-Arms of the New York State 
Assembly, 185 1. She died in 1840. Residence Truniansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

1931. Susan. Unmarried. Died. 

1932. Helen. Unmarried. Residence, 1901, Truniansburg, N. Y. 

1933. Mar}'. I'nmarried. Died in the West. 

1934. Melissa. Unmarried. Died. 

1950. Edwin Hopkins. He married Sarah Treman. 514. 
They are both dead. Residence Delaware. 

Children : 

1 95 1. Theodore. Died. 

1952. Charles. Died. 

1953. William. 

i960. GEORdE 1). Turner. He was born July 27, 1815. He 
married, Oct. 12, 1836, Susan Treman. 515. He died Oct. 24. 
1870. She resides. 1901, Canisteo, N. Y. 

Children : 

1961. Willet G. Born May 17, 1837. 4190. 

1962. William .\ndrew. Born July 26, 1839. 

1963. Mary Cornelia. Born Dec. 30, 1844. 

1970. Alva Hicks. He married Ro.xanna Treman. 518. 
She died. Residence Aurora, 111. ' 

128 History of the Treman Family. 


ren : 

1971. William. Residence, 1901, Aurora, 111. 

1972. Frances. She died at Aurora, 111. 

1980. Madison Treman. (Calving Abner\ John', Joseph', 
Joseph'.) 532. He married, Jan. 10, 1839, Juha Bodle. He died 
in April, 1882, at Watkins, N. Y. 

Children : 

19S1. Sarah P. Born ^lay 22, 1839. Married Josiah Hazard. 4200. 
Died Aug. 26, 1871. 

1982. James Calvin. Born Sept. 16, 1848. Married, June 3, 1868, 

Virginia L. Speed. He died Dec. 22, 1892. 

1983. Elbert B. Born Sept. 26, 1852. 

1984. William McDonald. Born Jan. 15, i860. 

1985. Charles B. Born Oct. 24, 1839. Died Feb. 10,1842. 

1990. George B. Treman. (Calvin^, Abner^ John', Thomas', 
Joseph'.) 538. He married, Nov. 8, 1853, Ann EHzabeth Grant. 
19 1 2. Merchant. Residence Mecklenburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

1991. Frank Walter. Born July 30, 1854. 4210. 

1992. Alida Ellen. Born Sept. 30, 1855. Died Oct. 20, 1882. 

1993. Edwin Grant. Born Jan. 22, 1S57. Died Jan. 17, 1872. 

1994. Howard Lafayette. Born Feb. 1 1, 1858. 4220. 

2000. James Burnham Bodle. (Jonathan Bodle and Elizabeth 
Taylor of Orange Co.,- N. Y.) He was born Aug. 27, 1819. He 
married Oct. 14, 1840, Elizabeth Treman. 534. He removed in 
1858 from Binghamton, N. Y., to Chicago. 111. Proprietor of Exchange 
Hotel at Binghamton. Merchant in Chicago. He died Jan. 3, 
1893. She died March 27, 1887, in Chicago. Residence Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

2001. Margaret Taylor. Born April 22, 1844. .Married Thomas 

Jefferson Wilder. 4250. 

2002. Abner Lafayette. Born Sept. 30, 1846. 4230. 

2003. Millard J. BorniniSsi. Diedini85i. 

2004. Nellie E. Born April 23, 1853. Died in Feb., 1S55. 

2005. George W. Born Nov. 25, 1856. 4240. 

2006. Emily. Born Oct. i, 1864. Died Oct. 31, 1S64. 

2010. Elisha Goldsmith Earle. He was born April 18, 
1822. He married, May 2, 1848, Parnel Treman. 535. He 






Sixth Generation. 


removed in 1856 to Aurora, 111., and in 1887, to Tingley, Iowa. She 
died April 23, 1897, at Tingley. Residence, 1901, Tingley, Iowa. 

Children : 

2TII. Clarence Lepine. Born Feb. 14, 1849. Died Sept. 7, i860. 

2012. Calvin Treman. Born April 8, 1850. Died Jan. 17, 1884. 

2013. Charles Goldsmith. Born March 22, 1851. Died June 14, 1858. 

2014. Ellen Lucia. Born May 19, 1852. Died April 28, 1858. 

2015. Frank. Born June i, 1854. 4270. 

2016. Flora Anna. Born Oct. 5, 1858. Residence, 1901, Farmer, N. Y. 

2017. Grover Avers. Born May 14, 1862. 4260. 

2025. Jonas Rappleye. He married, in 1856, Mary Ann 
Treman. 536. She died in 1867, at Ypsilanti. Residence Ypsi- 
lanti, Mich. 

Children : 

2026. Adel. Married a Riggs. 

2027. Ella. Married a Riggs. 
202S. Flora. 

2030. William G. Goldsmith. He married Emily A. Treman. 
537. Residence, 1901, Mecklenburg, N. Y. 

Child : 

2031. Julian. Married Ida Clapp. 
Elten. N. V. 

Druggist. Residence, 1901, Van 

2035. Stephen Baker. He was born in 1802. He married 
Asenath Treman. 282. He died Oct. 14, 1878. She died Feb. 
19, 1895. Residence Willow Creek, near Ithaca, N. Y. 





Clark. Born in 1825. Private Co. G., 109th Regt. N. Y. Vols. 

in the Civil War. Enlisted Aug. 11, 1862. Died July 30, 

1S64, in Andersonville prisort. Unmarried. 
Jarvis D. Born Oct. 16, 1827. 4280. 
Elijah. Born in 1831. Soldier in the Civil War. Promoted. 

Married. They had children. He died in Chicago, 111. 
Emily A. Born in 1836. Married Richard C. Taylor. 4300. 

2040. Perry Smith. He married Juliana King. 683. Black- 
smith. He died. Residence Ithaca. N. Y. 

130 History of the Treman Family. 


ren : 

2041. Gardner. Married. Clerk. Resided at Ithaca, N. Y. many 

years. He removed to the West. He afterwards returned to 

2042. vSon. 

2050. Reuben King. (Edmund.) 681. He married a Van 
Amburg. He died at an advanced age at Olean, N. Y. Residence 
Olean, N. Y. 

Children : 

2051. VanAmburg. Editor of a newspaper at Olean, N. Y. His name 

was the same as his mother's family name. 

2052. Daughter. Married a Weston. Lumber manufacturer and 

merchant. Residence Olean, N. Y. 

2060. Jared C. King. (Edmund.) He married, Sept. 16, 
1839, Adrianna Leonora Treman. 562. Millwright. He died at 
Covington, Pa. She died in 1893 in Virginia where she bought a 
place after her husband's death. Residence Covington, Pa. 

Children : 

2061. Charles Freeman. 4315. 

2062. Joseph Lafayette. 4320. 

2063. Josephine Augusta. Married James McElwie. 4360. 

2064. Edmund Dewdtt. Married Ellen Dyer. No children. 

2065. Anna Maria. Born in 1848. Died in 1849. 

2066. Ervin. 4330. 

2067. Jared Treman. 4350. 

206S. Louis Lepine. Twin with Louisa Marie. 4340. 
2069. Louisa Marie. Unmarried. 

2080. Stephen Baker Banks. (John Banks and Sophia 
Marshall, John Banks and Abigail Brundage, Capt. Joseph Banks. 
Joseph and Hannah Banks, John Banks and Abigail Lyon, John 
Banks who married first Mary Taintor, and second Mary Lyon. He 
came from England and settled at Norwich, Conn,, about 1629.) 
He was born Aug. 18, 1828. He married Jan. 24, 1853, Josephine 
Treman. 564. He with his father-in-law owned and operated the 
flouring mill at Enfield Falls, Tompkins County, N. Y., for several 
years. He afterwards owned and operated a flouring mill at Mill- 
port, Chemung Co., N. Y., for several years. He resided for some 
years in Missouri. Postmaster at Cream Ridge, Livingston Co., 

Sixth Genp:ration. 131 

Mo., 1859-60. Member of Old Oak Lodge, F. & A. M. at Millport, 
N. Y., and was one of the charter members of the Royal Arch 
Chapter of Masonry at Gallatin, Mo. She died May 20, 1897, at 
Watkins, N. Y. 

At the time of her death a Watkins paper said : 
"Mrs. Banks was a thoroughly good woman, pure, upright, kind, 
gracious, unostentatious, true. A kind and devoted wife, an affec- 
tionate mother and a truly Christian woman." 

Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

20S1. Morris Treman. Born Sept. S, 1854, at Wurtsboro, Sullivan 
Co., N. Y. 4370. 

2082. Louisa Lepine. Born Feb. 6, 1856, at Truniansburg, X. Y. 

Educated at Cook Academy at Havana, N. Y. Married George 
Delos Utter. 4390. 

2083. Charles Frederick. Born Jan. 24, 1859, at Millport, N. Y. Died 

Nov. 5, 1863. 
20S4. Stephen Edwin. Born Jan. 17, 1861, at Millport, N. Y. 4380. 

2085. Carrie Elizabeth. Born Jan. 31, 1S63, at Millport, N. Y. Edu- 

cated at Cook Academy. Married Samuel L. Lacey. 4394. 

2086. John Baker. Born Jan. 30, 1865. 4385. 

2100. IsA.\c Harmon Newman. (Harmon Newman, of Penn- 
sylvania ancestry, whose wife was an Ozmun. Augustus Neander, 
the German Church Historian, discovered that his family name, 
which in English is Newman, originated with the Greek words neos, 
new, andreas, men.) He was born April 10, 1823, in Lansing, 
Tompkins County, N. Y. He married, Dec. 16, 185 1, Cornelia 
Ann Treman, 565. She was born Nov. 19, 1829. He was a 
prominent and wealthy business man and farmer. He was a Repub- 
lican in politics and held the offices of Supervisor and Railroad 
Commissioner of the Town of Enfield, Tompkins County, N. Y. 

At the time of his death the Ithaca Journal said of him : 
"He was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in this 
city and is spoken of by all who knew him as having possessed 
sterling qualities, being a God fearing, upright, charitable man, a 
loving father and a faithful friend." 

132 History of the Treman Family. 

He died June 7, 1893. She died Nov. 7, 1881. Residence 
Ithaca, N, Y. 

Children : 

2101. Jared Treman. Born Nov. 4, 1855. 4400. 

2102. Ellen Augusta. Born Sept. 6, 1861. Graduated at the Ithaca 

High School, 1880, and attended Wells College, 1881-2. 
Member and Sunday School teacher and active worker in the 
First Presb}'terian Church of Ithaca. Unmarried. Died Nov. 
25, 1896, at Ithaca, N. Y. 

2 1 10. John H.\rris Marshall. He married, March 10. 
1852, Gertrude Theodosia Treman; 566. He was born Oct. 10, 
1828. He died April 6, 1863, at Enfield, N. Y. Residence Enfield, N.Y. 

Children : 

2111. James Lepine. Born Dec. 14, 1855. 4410. 

2112. Charles. Born Jan. 16, 1859. Died March 2, 1863. 

2120. Rev. Jehiel Halsey Bailey.. He was born Nov. 4, 
18 1 7. Educated at Cazenovia Seminary. Methodist minister. He 
married, Aug. 26, 1868, Gertrude Theodosia Treman. 566. He 
died May 2, 1900, at Townsend, N. Y. 

2125. Samuel Clark Allen. (Benjamin.) He was born 
Sept. I, 1845. He married, May 18, 1868, Ellen Augusta Treman. 
567. Miller. He died Sept. 3. 1895. Residence Millport, Chemung 
Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

2126. Henry Benjamin. Born April 17, 1870. 4420. 

2127. Jared Treman. Born April 12, 1872. Educated at Cook Acad- 

emy. Miller. Unmarried. 

2128. Mary. Born Aug. 5, 1875. Graduated at Cook Academy, and 

attended Cornell University two years. Unmarried. 

2129. Samuel Charles. Born March 18, 1879. Died Sept. 20, 1893. 

2135. Charles Wesley Wyckoff. He was born April 26, 
1826. He married, March 27, 1849, Cynthia Treman. 574. Man- 
ufacturer of wooden water pipe. He died Oct. 30, 1896. She 
resides, 190 1, at Stamford, Conn. 

Children : 

2136. J. T. Born Jan. 11, 1S50. Died March 20, 1S52. 

2137. William Arthur. Born June ir, 1854. Died Oct. 17, 1865. 


Sixth Generation. 133 

2138. I'Vank Treman. Born Sept. 17, 1856. 

2139. Alfred T. Born May 9, 1862. Died Oct. 17, 1865. 

2140. Archlous Wyckqkk. He married, May 19, 1855. 

Melissa Treman. 576. Wholesale boot and shoe merchant. She 

died Aug. 31, 1865, at Klmira, N. V. No children. Residence 
Elmira, N. Y. 

2145. Elijah A. Updike. He married, Jan. 12, 1853. Orinda 
L. Treman. 577. He died May 6. 1895. Residence, 1901. 
Aurora. 111. 

Children : 

2146. Martha C. Married a Bristol. 

2147. Alice J. Married a Stolp. 

2148. Melissa T. Married an Albee. 

2149. Abner G. Married. 

2160. William Bower. He married Oct. 19, 1858, Mary L. 
Treman. 578. Residence, 1900, Perry City, N. Y. 

Children : 

2161. Carrie. Born Oct. 22, 1S59. Died May 21, 1863. 

2162. Lucy. Born Dec. 30, 1862. Married, May 9, 1887, William P. 

Thompson. He was born Feb. 18, 1862. Residence, 1901, 
Cleveland, Ohio. She died April 9, 1894. 

2163. P:ilen Lissa. Born Dec. 31, 1865. Married, Feb. 17, 1886, Ira S. 

Bower. He was born May 3t, 1862. Residence, 1901, Hector, 
N. Y. They have two children : Ellen Lucy Bower, born 
June 14, 1888. Theresa Bower, born May 27, 1890. 

2170. David Bower. He married, Nov; 7, i860, Caroline K. 
Treman. 580. County Superintendent of the Poor. 1901. Residence. 
1 90 1, Jacksonville, N. Y. 

Children : 

2171. Abner T. Born Feb. 21, 1862. 4450. 

2172. John. Born May 3, 1865. 4440. 

2173. Bertha. Born July 19, 1874. Died June 21. 1S98. 

2174. Alice. Born June 3, 1877. 

2175. Carl \V. Born March 19, 1882. 

2176. Wesley Wyckoff. Born Sept. 16, 1884. 

2180. VYiLLiAM Wallace Treman. (Alfred% Abner^ John'. 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 602. He was born June 

134 History of the Treman Family, 

March 27, 1858, Mrs. Helen Edson Hastings. He died April 28, 
1870, at Aurora, 111. Residence Aurora, 111. 

Children : ^ 

2181. Ella Asenath. Born Jan. 15, 1S61. Married Dr. Edwin Pasco 

Whitford. 4490. 

2182. Zidon Wallace. Born Aug. 19, 1862. 4460. 

2183. Emma Viola. Married Edward Alonzo Turner. 4500. 

2184. Byron Edson. Born Jan. 6, 1866. 4470. 

2185. Ray Arthur. Born .\ug. 10, 1870. Died Sept. 12, 1S97. 

2190. Sevellen Alden Treman, (Alfred^, Abner-*, John\ 
Joseph'^, Joseph'.) 608. He was born Aug. 19, 1846, at St. Charles, 
111. He married, Aug. 13, 1868, Julia Ellen Bishop. She was born 
Nov, 25, 1850, at Brimfield, Peoria Co., 111. Residence, 1901, Storm 
Lake, Iowa. 

Children : 

2191. Alden James. Born Sept. 17, 1869, at Marshalltown. 4515. 

2192. Harry Bishop. Born Oct. 26, 1875, at Marshalltown. 

2200, Erastus Treman. (Alfred^, Abner^ John^*, Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 609. He was born April 20, 1849. He married (ist) 
Belle Robinson by whom he had one son. She died. He married 
(2nd), July 3, 1 88 1, Jennie Martha Thompson. Residence, 1901, 
Aurora, 111. 

Children : 

2201. Walter Roy. Born July 3, 1882. 

2202. Mary Jeannette. Born Sept. 31, 1885. 

2203. Ada Bell. Born Jan. 26, 1891. Died Dec. 28, 1892. 

2204. Gertrude Pearl. Born Oct. 26, 1892. 

2205. Ida Bell. Born Sept. 29, 1894. 

2230. Elia-s Snyder. He married, June 23, 1865, Mary A. 
Treman. 605. Residence, 1901, Conrad, Iowa. 

Children : 

2231. Lillia Luetta. Born March 28, 1866. 

2232. Dean Treman. Born July 3, 1867. 4520. • 

2233. Otis Elias. Born July 8, 1871. 4530. 

2240. Charles W. Gaylord. He married Henrietta Treman. 
606. She died March 24, 1892. Residence Aurora, 111. 

Sixth Generation. 135 

Children : 

2241. Minnie Kola. Born July ii, 1870. IMarried, Oct. 14, 1886, 

Frank Wooley. He died March 4, 1893. 

2242. Louis Newell. Born Dec. 29, 1872. Married, May 28, 1896, 

Km ma Josephine Gates. 

2244. George Klmer. Born April 7, 1880. Married Feb. 27, 1901, 

Grace F'idament. 

2245. Harry Clifford. Born March 8, 1882. 

2246. Clarissa Bell. Born April 4, 1888. 

2250. Charles S. Carpenter. He married, April 14, 1866, 
Antoinetta Treman. 607. Residence, 1901, Pa.sadena, Cal. 

Children : 

2251. Mary Kli/abeth. Born Oct. 21, 1868. Died March 19, 1886. 

2252. Adreana. Born June 2, 1872. 

2253. Anna Louisa. Born July 4, 1875. 

2254. Clara. Born April 18, 1877. 

2255. Kleanor May. Born Feb. i, 1884. 

2260. CHARLE.S Clement. He married in Oct., 1869, Adrianna 
Treman. 61 1. She died March 11, 1887, in Southern Illinois. 

Children : 

2261. Jessie Kstell. Married a Craig, i son. 

2262. Frank. 

2263. Arthur. 

2264. Isaac. 

2265. Charles. 

2270. Orlin Treman. (Erastus Rose^ Abner^ John', Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 616. He was born Nov. 9, 1837, at Trumansburg, N. 
\'. He married (1st), Nov. 19, 1863, Angeline Waterman of Union, 
X. Y. She was born Aug. 14, 1844, in Caroline, Tompkins Co., N. 
\. She died Jan. 20, 1881. He married (2nd), April 3. 1883, 
I'annie Baker. She was born June 6, 1847, i" Rochester. N. Y. 
Residence, 1901, Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 

2271. LeolaMay. Born Jan. 13, 1866. Married John Watkin Baker. 4560. 

2272. Dewitt Charles. Bom March 29, 1S75. 4550. 

2280. Jerome Tre^lvn. (Erastus Rose', Abner\ John\ 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 618. He was born April 18, 1845, ^^ Trumans- 

136 History of the Treman Family. 

burg, N. Y. He married, Feb. 28, 1866, Carrie Huff of Covert, N. 
Y. She was born July 6, 1845, at Ovid, Seneca Co., N. Y. No 
children. Residence, 1901, Rochester, N. Y. 

2290, Leonard Treman. (Erastus Rose^, Abner^ John% 
Joseph^, Joseph.') 619. He was born April 5, 1852, at Trumans- 
burg, N. Y. He married, Feb. 18, 1890, Minnie Belle Carr of 
Truxton, N. Y. She was born Nov. 28, 1862, at Truxton, Cortland 
Co., N. Y. Residence, 1901, Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 

2291. Leonard Carr. Born Aug. 19, 1S92. 

2292. Amy Lovenia. Born Feb. 17, 1894. 

2293. Mildred Buck. Born Aug. 17, 1896. 

2300. Calvin Valentine. (Levi.) 633. He was born Oct. 
16, 18 1 2. He married Angeline Breese. He died July 17, 1861. 

Children : 

2301. Ransom. 

2302. Charles. 

2310. Henry Valentine. (Levi.) 636. He was born July 30. 
1821. He married, April 26, 1843, Harriet Dickerson. He died in 
1898, in Chicago, 111. She died Dec. 9, 1884, in Chicago. 

Children : 

231 1. Mary H. Born Jan. 8, 1851. Died Dec. 13, 18S0, in Chicago. 

2312. James Henry. Married. Residence, 1901, Chicago 

2313. Walter D. Married, Oct. 19, 1882, Mary Helen Garfield. 

2320. Warren Treman Valentine. (Levi.) 637. He was 
born March 3, 182^. He married (ist) in 185 1, Laura Loomis of 
Delhi, N. Y. They had two sons who died in infancy. She lived 
but three years. He married (2nd) in 1857, Mary (Russell) Elliot 
(daughter of James Russell, Esq., of Hamden, N. Y.) He was an 
iron founder and member of the firm of Treman & Valentine over 
thirty years. He died March 31, 1884. She died Oct. 5, 1894. 
Residence Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

2321. Laura Christena. Born May 20, 1859. Residence, 1901, Boston. ' 

2322. Warren Russell. Born Oct. 26, 1872. Graduated at Cornell 

University, M.E.,1894. Assistant superintendent of the Pittsburg 
Plate Glass Co. Residence, 1901, Terrantuni, Pa. 

Sixth Gkneration. 137 

2325. (iFX)Rc.K W. GooDRUH. He was born Feb. 4. 1822. 
He married April 17, 1S45, Lucinda \'alentine. 638. 

Children : 

2526. Mary L. 

2327. Flora M. Bom Tan. 12, 1853. Married Hihvin S. Jone.s. 4580. 

2328. Charles A. Born Oct. iS, 1859. 4570. 

2329. Emily A. Born Oct. i, 1861. Married Charles S. Jones. 4590. 

2330. George W. Carm.'\n. He married, Oct. 21, 1846, 
Kliza Valentine. 639. Residence, 1901, Canton, Pa. 

Children : 
2;3i. Orville G. Horn July 4, 1S51. Died April 29, 1852. 
2332. Mary Valentine. Born vSept. 28, 1866. 

2335. D.ANiEL L.AMKix. He was born Dec. 24. 1809. He 
married. Nov. 2t„ 1829, Anna Valentine. 631. She died Aug. i, 
1892. Residence Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

2336. Abner. Born Nov. 5, 1830. Died Oct. 6, 1866. 

2337. Eunice A. Born March 4, 1S32. Married Daniel L. .\iken. 4600. 

2340. HuoH E. Thompson. He married, Sept. 19. 1833, 
Lufanna Valentine. 634. He died May 10, 1840. Residence 
Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

2341. Sarah. Born July 12, 1839. Residence, 1901, Trumansburg, N.V. 

2342. Mary Helen. Born July ir, 1836. Died 1899. 

2350. J.VMEs H. \V.\RiN(;. He married, Sept. 16, 1843, 
Lufanna Valentine. 634. He enlisted in January, 1864, in the 
< i\il War. He died in service. She died Aug. 5, 1877. Residence 
I'rumansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

2351. William Hanford. Born June 24, 1844. Died Dec. 4, 1864. in 

the Rebel prison at Dansville. 

2352. Florence Emily. Born Jan. 4, 1S47. Married Henry 11. Rumsey. 


2360. William C. Gifford. He married, Dec. 18, 1839, 
Mary Valentine. 635. She resides, 1901, X. W. City. 
Child : 
2361. Ella. Married Archibald L. VanNess. 4610. 

138 History of the Treman Family. 

2390. William Harrison Smith. (Isaiah% Christopher'.) 649. 
He was born Oct. 22, 1814. He married, Nov. 2, 1834, Emily 
Miller of Lodi, N. Y. She was born June 18, 18 18. Choir-master of 
M. E. Church many years. He died Oct. 4, 1862, at Waterloo, N. 
Y. She died April 20, 1899. Residence Covert, N. Y. 

Children : 

2391. Madison Truman. Born Jul}- 6, 1836. 4620. 

2392. Louisa R. Born March r, 1S38. Married Claudius Cowan 

Tunison. No children. She died April 12, 1.S99. Residence 
Farmer, N. Y. 

2393. Lucinda S. Born Nov. 28, 1S39. Married (ist) John James 

Blauvelt ; (2nd) a Burrows. Residence, 1901, Farmer, N. Y. 

2400. Ira Terry Smith. (Isaiah-, Christopher'.) 651. He 
married, Jan. 23, 1849, Caroline Sears. School Commissioner. 
Justice of the Peace. Supervisor several years. He died July 27. 
1869, in Covert, N. Y. She died. Residence Covert, N. Y. 

Child : 
2401. James Herbert. 4640. 

2410. Abram Hyatt. He married, Nov. 18, 1828, Mar\' 
Smith. 646. He died in Aug., 1853. She died Aug. 2, 1859, at 
Millport, N. Y. Residence Town of Catlin. Schuyler Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

2411. Nelson. Born about 1830. 4640. • 

2412. Harrison Smith. 4645. 

2413. Jay. 4650. 

2414. Ira T. Born in 1836. Died in 1S54. 

2415. Charlotte. Married Charles D. Wells. No children. She died 

April 2, 185S. Residence, 1901, Tyrone, N. Y. 

2430. Almerion p. Sears. He married, Nov. 21, 1836, 
Lucinda Smith. 647. He died about 1885. She died Nov. 29, 
1867. Residence Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Child : 
2431. Eugene. 4665. 

2440. Dr. Hermon Camp Skinner. He married, Nov. 3, 
1836, Charlotte Smith. 648. Physician. He resided at Covert, 
Buffalo and N. Y. City. He died in June, 1880. She'died in, 
1880, in N. Y. City. Residence N. Y. City. 

Sixth Generatiox. 139 

Children : 

2441. Ambrose. Died aged 19. 

2442. Helen. Married Joseph Mastersoii. 4660. 

2450. Israel H. Coopkr. He married, May 12, 1836, 
Elizabeth Smith. 650. He died Dec. 22, 1863. She died April 
22, 1867. Residence, 190 1, Woodland, Barry Co., Mich. 

Children : 

2451. Dr. Oscar. Dentist. Died. 

2452. Antoinette. Died. 

2453. Mar}'. Died. 

2454. Ashbel. Died. 

2455. Douglas. Residence, 1901, Woodland, Mich. 

2456. Adelaide. 

2457. Christine. 
245S. Evaline. 

2459. Ambrose. 

2460. Cora. 

2461. Helen. Died. 

2470. Theodore Bainbridge Carman. He married, Dec. 
28, 1851, Christian Smith. 654. He resided at Farmer, Seneca 
Co., N. Y., many years. He removed to Ithaca, N. Y. He died 
Feb. 16, 1884, at Ithaca. She resides, in 1901, at 1242 Sterling 
Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Child : 

2471. Annis Smith. Born March 17, 1853. She graduated at Cornell 
University, B. S., 1H77. She was a teacher in Ten Broeck 
Academy, 1877. Residence, 1901, 1242 Sterling Place, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

2475. -'^Rt^N Brown. (Jonathan and Nancy Brown.) He was 
born March 6, 1813. He married, Dec. 19, 1857, Evaline M. Smith. 
656. He died Feb. 12, 188 1. Residence Covert, N. Y. 

Child : 
2476. Alfred Trenian. Born Dec. 30, 1S57. 4635. 
2480. Erastus T. King, (Minor.) 661, He was born 
April 27, 1823. He married March 18, 1845, Elizabeth J. Cook. 

2490. FLrvin T. King. (Minor.) 662. He was born Aug. 
-'3. 1825. He married. Aug. 29, 1853, Emma E. Culver (daughter 

140 History of the Treman Family. 

of Lewis H. Culver, one of the leading merchants for many years, of 
Ithaca, N. Y.) He died Sept. 4, 1883. Residence SanFrancisco, Cal. 

Children : 

2491. Daughter. 

2492. Daughter. 

2505. William Trembly King. (Minor.) 663. He was 
bom Jan. 3, 1827. He married, Jan. 6, 1858, Mary Elizabeth Best. 
She was born Feb. 18, 1836. He died Dec. 30, 1897. 

Children : 

2506. Charles Albert. Born Oct. 3. 1S58. 4665. 

2507. .\lice Best. Born June 12, 1S62. Married William Henry- 

Blank. 4670. 

2508. Annie Sharp. Married Frank E. Potter. 4675. 

2510. Leander Rutherford King. (Minor.) 664. He was 
born Feb. 3, 1829, at Albany, N. Y. He married, June 13, 1865, 
Mary Woodruff (daughter of Charles F. Woodruff. For a full 
account of her ancestry see the History of the Mack Family in this 
volume.) Merchant and member for many years of the firm of 
Treman, King & Co., wholesale and retail hardware merchants of 
Ithaca, N. Y. Director in the Tompkins County National Bank 
and the Ithaca Water Works Company. Stockholder in the Lyceum 
Theatre Company. He was appointed, in 1862, by the Governor, as 
one of the Town Committee to raise volunteers for the Civil War. 

At the time of his death the Ithaca Daily News said of him : 

"Leander R. King, one of Ithaca's oldest and most highly 
respected business men, died this morning, shortly after 6 o'clock, at 
his home at No. 1 1 1 West Green Street. 

"Mr. King's last illness began about three weeks ago, while on 
a trip to Canada. At Tadousac he had a very severe attack of 
angina pectoris, but recovered sufficiently to return home, which he 
did about ten days ago. 

"Since that time he has been confined to the house, but up to 
the very last his family entertained great hopes of his ultimate 
recovery. The end came quite suddenly and until a few minutes 
before his death it was supposed that he was getting better. Then 
indications were seen that denoted a change and the end came 
quietly and peacefully. 



Sixth Generation. 141 

"Leander King was born at Trumansburg, February 3rd, 1828. 
At an early age his family moved to Albany where he received his 
early education. He came to this city at the age of 23 and entered 
the employ of Treman Brothers, who were then engaged in the hard- 
ware business on the present site of the store. In the year 1857, 
Mr. King was taken into the partnership and the new firm did busi- 
ness under the name Treman, King & Co. Mr. King continued as a 
member of the firm until 1870 when he was obliged to retire from; 
business on account of his health. After a year of complete rest in 
California, he was able to resume his work, and upon his return to- 
this city he re-entered the firm, where he continued his interests up 
to the time of his death. 

"Mr. King was the senior member of the present firm, Treman, 
Kmg c^ Co., and the last survivor of the original firm which consisted 
of himself and the three brothers, Leonard, Lafayette, and Elias 
Treman. Mr. King was a cousin of his partners. 

"For many years Mr. King has been closely identified with 
many of the principal business interests of this city. He has been a 
director of the Tompkins County National Bank since '71, and he 
was also a director of the Ithaca Water Works Company, and a 
principal stockholder in the Lyceum Opera House Company. Mr. 
King was a genial gentleman and his social qualities made him many 
friends. He has always been a successful business man and his 
judgment on financial matters was respected by his associates. For 
years he has been a prominent member of St. John's Protestant 
Episcopal Church and was at one time a vestryman. His life was an 
exemplary one, and his demise is mourned by the whole city." 

He died Sept. 20, 1900, at Ithaca. Residence Ithaca. N. Y. 

Child : 

251 1, .\lice Farrington. 

2520. Peter Meyer. He was born Jan. i, 1829. He married. 
May 25, 1863, Mary Ann King, 666. He died June 8, 1886. She 
resides, 1901, 9 Beverly Street, Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 

2521. Annie. Born May 5, 1864. Married William Benson Gray. 46S0. 

2522. Mary. Born May 8, 1865, Died June 16, 1S65. 

142 History of the Treman Family. 

2523. Lottie Meta. Born March 23, 1S66. Married George William 

Pease. 4685. 

2524. Fannie Louise. Born July 24, 1869. Married Charles Bullnian. 


2530. Daniel M. Tremain. (Benjamin^, Philip% John\ Joseph\ 
Joseph'.) 727, He was born June 23, 1798. He married, June 2. 
1826, Ruth C. White. She was born March 26, 1802. He died 
July 9, 1844. She died Dec. 3, i860. Farmer. They had seven 
children. Residence Venice, N. Y. 

Children : 

2531. Laura C. Born Jan. 18, 1827. Died Sept. 5, 1S3S. 

2532. Noble D. Born Jan. 12, 1828. 4700. 

2533- Hudson. Born Sept. 16, 1831. Died April i, 1S33. 

2534. George A. Born June 5, 1837. 4710. 

2535. Abram K. Born Sept. 12, 1841. 4725. 

2540. Warren Tremain. (Benjamin^, Philip^ John\ Joseph-, 
Joseph'.) 729. He was born in 1802. He married, in 1828, Maria 
White of Venice, N. Y. He died in 1842 at Delta, Ohio. She died 
in 1887. 

Children : 

2541. Son. Died in infanc}-. 

2542. Son. Died aged nine years. 

2543. Clotilda T. Born March 10, 1835. Married A. H. vSmith. 4740. 

2544. Lucinda. Born in Sept., 1837, in Fulton Co., Ohio. Married 

\V. H. Anway. 4750. 

2550. William Tremain. (Benjamin', Philip\ John\ Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 730. He was born July 10, 1805. He married Feb. 27, 
1833, Sally Moe. She was born Feb. 14, 1810. He died March 26. 
1857. She died Feb. 21, 1897, in Genoa, N. Y. Residence Fjve 
Corners, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

Child : 
2551. Mary. Born Feb. 5, 1834. Married I-'ulton Goodyear. 4760. 

2560. Arram K. TRK^L'\IN. (Benjamin^ Philip\ John^ Joseph, 
Joseph'.) 731. He was born May 12, 1803 (0.1807.) He married. 
Feb. 3, 1827, Martha Lull Brooks. She was born April 6, 1809. 
He died July 11, 1850. She died Nov. 24, 1886. They removed in 
1830 to Scipio, now Republic, Ohio. Soldier in War of 181 2. He 
was at Buffalo at the time it was burned. They had 10 children. 

Sixth Generation. 143 


2561/ Charles W. Born Oct. 2, 1S29, at Lucllowville, N. V. 4770- 

2562. .\nna. Horn Oct. S, 1S31. Died April 8, 1832. 

2563. Cieorge. Born .\pril 2, 1S33. Died Sept. 4, 1S33. 

2564. James K. Born Dec. 25, 1835. 4780. 

2565. Mary J. Born Jan. 28, 1837. Married Oscar Gray. 4800. 

2566. .Maria C. Born March 28, 1839. Married Albert Barnard. 4810. 

2567. Ross C. Born vSept. 29, 1841. 4790. 

256S. Kern. Born July 4, 1844. Died March 16, 1846. 

2,569. Elmina A. Born May 7, 184S Married Frederick Russell 4820. 

2570. Martha I-:va. Born Feb. 11, 1851. Died Feb. 5, 1852. 

2580. H.\RVEY Tremain. (Benjamin^, Philip^, John', Joseph-, 
Joseph'.) 732. He was born in 1808. He married Emeline Perry. 
They had four children ; three died in infancy. She died Oct. 27. 
1898. Residence, 1894, Peru, Huron Co., Ohio. 

Child : 
25S1. Daniel M. Born .\pril 3, 1841. 4830. 

2590. G.ARDNER K. Tremain. (Benjamin^ Philip\ John\ 
Joseph^, Joseph'.) 734. He was born April 15, 1814 (0.1813.) 
He married, Oct. 14, 1834, Elizabeth A. Miller. She was born 
March 8, 18 14, in Dutchess County, N. Y. They removed in 1836 
to Fulton County, Ohio. He died Feb. 3. 1864. She died May 5. 
1887. They had eight children ; four were dead in 1894. 

Children : 

2591. Daniel M. Born Jan. 26, 1840. 

2592. John J. Born in 1837. 4850. 

2593. I'hebe E. Married John Shoaff. 4880. 
2.S94. Abraham C. 4860. 

2595. .Minnie. Married a Henry. 4890. 

2596. Martha E. Married .Arthur Dumaresq. Residence, 1S94, Delta, 


2597. Warren B. 4870. 

2600. James KoRTRKiHT Tremain. (Benjamin, Philip'. John . 
Joseph , Joseph'.) 735. He was born in 1818 at Venice, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y. He married Helen S. Wood, daughter of Rev. Alonzo 
Wood and Angeline Mallery (daughter of Hon. William Mallery of 
Cortland, N. Y.) She was born in March, 1834, at Cortland, X. Y. 

The following account of the Tremain Family Reunion at the 

144 History of the Tremax Family. 

home of James K. Tremain and the historical address delivered by 
him is from the Genoa Tribune of July 7, 1893 : 

"West Venice, N. Y., June 29, 1893. 

"A grand occasion was the Tremain Centennial Picnic which 
has been held at the residence of James K. Tremain today. 

"The day has been remarkably pleasant and no place could 
have been chosen more appropriate for this occasion, since it was 
just one hundred years ago that the father of James K. Tremain, 
Benjamin Tremain, built his log cabin in the woods, and with his 
family began life on the very ground where the tables were spread 
today. Neither could a pleasanter spot have been chosen than the 
spacious and shady lawn fronting his residence. 

"For many weeks, James K. Tremain, the only survivor of a 
family of ten children, has labored unceasingly perfecting arrange- 
ments for this reunion whereby the descendants, many of whom have 
never met, might come together and celebrate this the centennial of 
his father's settlement on this spot, and his heart has been truly 
gladdened by so many responses from different parts of the Union. 

"Carriages kept coming until at noon one hundred and fifty were 
comfortably seated at the tables which were groaning under their 
load of good things. Rev. E. A. Peck offered thanks, then associa- 
tion and appetite strove for the greater endurance. After dinner 
the relatives were grouped together and views were taken of the 
gathering by Wm. Battey, of Rochester, with a kodak manufactured 
at that place. During all this time sweet music was being discoursed 
by Moravia's popular orchestra. 

"After this came a delightful little programme of exercises 
presided over by Geo. Truman, of Nashville, Michigan. The 
exercises were opened with prayer by Rev. E. A. Peck, of Ledyard, 
the orchestra following with a tine selection. The address of welcome 
was delivered by James K. Tremain in a manner which none could 
help feeling was indeed a welcome from the heart. It was neatly 
responded to by Rev. U'eslev Mason of Skaneateles. A quartette 
from Ledyard favored the company with a choice selection after 
which a poem, written for tlie occasion, was read by C. M. Swift, of 
Cortland. Another of the orchestra's fine selections was then neatly 
rendered when came a historical sketch given by James K. Tremain, 
a portion of which we cannot help repeating. He says: 

Sixth Generation. 145 

'"In a backward glance, covering a period of one hundred years, 
justice would demand of me an impossibility under existing 

'' "In the presentation of this historical sketch, I am somewhat 
embarrassed as the ancient records, dating back to the emigration of 
the Tremain family, four brothers, from England to America in 1666, 
were destroyed at the burning of my house in 1862. 

'" 'In the rush and push and cry of hard times that reach us on 
every hand in this last decade of the nineteenth century, it is well to 
pause and consider : Who laid the foundations of this Great Republic ? 
Who rushed to the front to drive back an invading foe ? Who felled 
the mighty forests unaided by modern implements ? 

" 'With the primitive ax, patient ox and mammoth chain came 
together the logs with which the cabin of the pioneer was builded. 
Well may we honor the memory of the fathers, though dead their 
works remain, while we reap the reward of their labors. It is fitting 
and right that the descendants, friends and neighbors should assemble 
to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of this settlement. 

" -Philip Tremain and family are supposed to be the first settlers 
in this vicinity, locating on this farm in 1793, erecting a cabin in 
about the center of this yard, digging this well from which hung the 
old oaken bucket that has supplied the family with pure cold water 
for a century. 

•• -In 1790, the family emigrated from the Bay State to the then 
far West. The route over which they came to Cayuga County with 
their household goods was toilsome in the extreme. The Hudson 
river furnished means for reaching Albany. Between that point and 
the Mohawk great difficulties were met. Sixteen miles over sand 
barrens to Little Falls. There a portage was made. The canoes 
and light boats were carried by men while the large ones were drawn 
by oxen. The time required to make the journey from Schenectady 
to Cayuga Lake was twenty days. The family made the first settle- 
ment where Trumansburg now stands, my father felling the first tree, 
giving the hamlet the name of Tremainsville, later changed to 

" 'In the month of March, 1793, with their household goods on 
a sled drawn by oxen, the}- came around the head of the Lake, follow- 
ing the shore to the mouth of Salmon Creek, taking that to the forks. 

146 History of the Tremax Family. 

thence the Little Sahnon to Section 83 and 84, where they purchased 
185 acres and again commenced life in the woods. The family then 
consisted of Philip, his wife, Anna, and sons, Benjamin and William. 

" 'A few years later my father married Phoebe Kartwright. 
They became the parents of ten children, eight sons and two 
daughters, all reaching man's estate. 

" 'My grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, my 
father in the War of 18 12 and grandsons in the late war. 

" 'The early towns were very large. Whites Town, founded in 
1788, embraced the entire State west of Utica. The first election 
was held at Cayuga Ferry. Voters living as far east as Utica came 
to vote, a distance of eighty miles. 

" 'The settlers in coming into the wilderness did not leave their 
Puritan training behind them but gathered in the cabins, holding 
religious meetings. In 1833, the M. E. Church was organized at 
Ledyard. Father united there and was an earnest worker until his 
death. He walked to church in the morning, was taken ill in class 
and died that night, aged 77 years. Father was a public spirited 
man, was largely interested in the reforms of the day, especially the 
Anti-Slavery and Temperance movements. Slaves were then held 
in Cayuga County. I have yet to learn that either of my brothers 
ever used intoxicating drinks, although raised when whisky was con- 
sidered indispensable. 

" 'After quite an extensive correspondence, I have found the 
direct descendants. My father's grandchildren located in eight 
different States from Oregon to Florida, each of my brothers and 
sisters having living representatives. Four generations are repre- 
sented here today. A great and rare privilege that so large a number 
are permitted to have communication today. The absent present in 
spirit passing from the first to the second century.' 

"x\t the conclusion of Mr. Tremain's remarks he was congratu- 
lated by the relatives for so complete and interesting history of the 
family, and requested that for the benefit of the many relatives who 
were unable to attend it might be printed. 

"The further exercises of the hour were taken up in volunteer 
speeches, indulged in by Mr. Ross Tremain, of Ohio, and Rev. Mr. 
Peck, of Ledyard. 

"In conclusion, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Tremain were presented 

Sixth Generation. 147 

with an elegant Silver Water Set in appreciation of the early tem- 
perance training in the house. 

"The company separated feeling that they had been abundantly 
paid for the effort of coming together." 

Residence, 1894, Ledyard, N. Y. 

Children : 

2601. Flora S. Died in infanc}-. 

2602. Ida Delphene. Born May 13, 1S57. Married Clayton Merrin 

Swift. 4900. 

2603. Venice. Born June 17, i86r. He graduated at Cazenovia'Semi- 

nary, 1880. Secretary and Treasurer of Tremain Stamp Mill 
Company. Residence, 1901, San Francisco, Cal. 

2610. James Moe. He was born Jan. 26, 1800, at Genoa, N. 
Y. He married, Aug. 19, 1827, Clarissa Tremain. 728. ' He died 
June 30, 18S4. She died Feb. 12, 183 1. Residence Genoa, N. Y. 

Children : 

261 1. Maria T. Born June 23, 1S28. Married Alfred Lanterman. 4920. 

2612. Edson H. Born Sept. 24, 1828. 4910. 

2620. Rev. Ross Clark. He married Dec. 9, 1835, Maria 
Tremain. 733. She was educated at Genesee Seminary, Lima, N. 
Y. Methodist minister. He died Nov. 30, 1838. She died June 
7. 1840. 

Children : 

2621. Orinda E Bom Oct. 20, 1836. Married Rev. Wesley Mason. 4930. 

2622. Lucy. Born in April, 1838. Died Feb. 14, 1839. 

2630. Augustus Porter Tremain. (Augustus^, Gaius^, John^, 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 752. He married (ist), Nov. 11, 1830, Amanda 
Collin (daughter of David Collin and Lucy Brigham of Hillsdale, N. 
Y.) She died. He married (2nd), Sept. 28, 1841, Lucy B. Collin 
(daughter of David Collin and Anna Smith.) She was born March 
15, 182 1, at Fayetteville, N. Y. One son resides, 1901, Florida. 
Residence Fayetteville, N. Y. 

Children : 

2631. Augustus. Born March 27, 1834. 

2632. Charles. Born April 23, 1S43. 4940. 

2633. Porter. Born Jan. 24, 1845. 

148 History of the Treman Family. 

2640. Richard Tremain. (Erastus^, DanieP, John^ Joseph^ 
Joseph'.) 746. He was born Oct. 15, 18 17. He married. He died 
Feb. 15, 1901. 

Children : 

2640 — I. Charles A. Residence, 1 901, Brisbin, Chenango Co., N. Y. 
2640 — 2. Richard. Residence, 1901, Brisbin, N. Y. 
2640 — 3. Edward. Residence, 1901, South Oxford, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. 

2642. Russell Tremaine. (Milo B.^, Gaius^ John^ Joseph^ 
Joseph'.) 756. He was born in 18 19. He married in 1842 Almira 
Worden. He died March 7, 1889, at Austerlitz, N. Y. Residence 
Austerlitz, Columbia Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

2643. George. Born Jan. 20, 1843. 

2644. John. Born Nov. 21, 1845. Died June 6, 1867. 

2645. Ahnira Amanda. Born May 14, 1850. Married a Stanley. Her 

grand-daughter. Rose Springer, is married and has a child and 
resides, 1901, Brookvale, Broome Co., N. Y. 

2646. Elvira Maranda. Born May 14, 1850. 

2647. Charles. Born Nov. 18, 1855. 

2650. Charles Tremaine. (Milo B.^, Gaius\ John\ Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 757. He was born Sept. 11, 1 82 2, in Austerlitz, N. Y. 
He married, Feb. 16, 1845, Marilla Wilson of Schenevus, N. Y. 
She was born Jan. 14, 1822, at Schenevus. Residence, 1901, Marion, 
Wayne Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

2651. Margaret Jane. Born Nov. 13, 1S45. Married, Dec. 27, 1865, 

FredN. G. Brown. No children. They were drowned together, 
July 14, 1873, ill Lake Ontario. 

2652. Elizabeth Ard ell. Born May 27, 1852. Married John S. Dean. 4944. 

2653. Charles Wilson. Born July 18, 1863. 

2660. William Beal. He was born March 24, 1806. He 
married, March 10, 1831, Rachel Smith Comstock. 878. He re- 
moved in 1830 to Lenawee County, Mich., where he was a pioneer. 
He was a successful farmer and builder, and owned and operated a 
flouring mill and lumber mill, together with his large farm for many 
years. He contributed largely to the establishing and building of 

Sixth Generation. 149 

the Raisin Valley Seminary near Adrian, Mich. He was a strong 
temperance and anti-slavery man. He was a Friend. He was a 
man of great energy. He died Oct. 16. 1872, at Rollin, Mich. She 
died March 4, 1888, at Addison, Mich, Residence Adrian and 
Rollin, Mich. 

Children : 

2661. William James. Born March 11, 1833,31 Adrian, Mich. 5060. 

2662. Joseph Otis. Born March S, 1835, at Adrian, Mich. 5070. 

2663. Mary Comstock. Born Oct. 27, 1848, Rollin, Mich. Educated 

at Raisin Valley Seminary, Adrian, Mich., and Rowland 
Institute, Union Springs, N. Y. Married Oliver C. McLouth. 

2670. Lieut. Oscar W. Treman. (Whiting^, John^ John^ 
Joseplr, Joseph'.) 862. (850. Jeremiah Treman. (John-*, John\ 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 264. He married. He died in Granger, Ohio. 
Residence Granger, Ohio. Children: 851. John. Married Betsy 
Hatch. Died in Granger. 852. Julius. Married Nancy Phillips. 
Died in Wood County, Ohio. 853. Saloma. Married Hod Hatch. 
Died in Granger. 854. Lydia. Married Lyman Hall. Died in 
Medina, Ohio.) (860. Whiting Treman. (John-*, John^, Joseph-, 
Joseph'.) 266. He was born Sept. 10, 1792. He married March 
27, 1823, Margarette Young (daughter of Uriah Young and Nancy 
Poole.) She was born June 23, 1803. He died Feb. 19, 1874, at 
Medina, Ohio. She died July 26, 1889 at Medina. Residence, 
Canandaigua, N. Y., and Weymouth; Ohio. Children: 861. Cor- 
nelia. Born Dec. 17, 1823, at Medina. Died May 17, 1859, at 
Medina. 862. Oscar W. Born May 30, 1825. 2670. 863. 
Amanda. Born Oct. 12, 1827. Married Ephraim Williams. 2690. 
864. Nancy E. Born Oct. 27, 1830, at Weymouth, Ohio. Married 
Lyman Pritchard. 2700. 865. Sabra. Born July 2, 1833. Married 
Adna Carpenter. 2703. 866. Francis. Born July 21, 1837. 2680. 
867. James Harney. Born March 17, 1843. Soldier in the Civil 
War. KiUed at Port Republic, Va. Died June 8, 1862.) He was 
born May 30, 1825. He married, Aug. 29, 1854, at Buckyrus. Ohio, 
Zelina Townsend (daughter of Caleb and Eliza Townsend of Starkey, 
N. Y.) Second Lieutenant, 3d Regt. Ohio Cavalry in the Civil War. 
Resigned May 10, 1862. She died in 1901. Residence. 1901, 
Animosa, Iowa. 

I50 History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

2671. Ella. Born July 5, 1855, at Newton, Iowa. Married, June 21, 

1SS2, Samuel R. Oldaker. No children living. Residence, 
1901, Helena, Montana. 

2672. Anna. Born Oct. 15, 1S57. Residence, 1901, Animosa, Iowa. 

2680. Francis Treman. (Whiting^, John\ John\ Joseph-'. 
Joseph'.) 866. He was born July 21, 1837. He married, Aug. 
25, 1870, Helen L. Codding (daughter of George and Eliza Codding.) 
She was born March 15, 1843, '^t Granger, Ohio. Residence. 1901. 
Weymouth, Mass. 

Children : 

26S1. Jay C. Born Sept. 11, 1871. Married Oct. 24, 1895, Elida 
(ranyard (daughter of George and Mary Ganyard of Granger, 
Ohio.) She was born July 17, 1872. 

2682. LeRoy. Born April 25, 1875. Residence, 1901, Weymouth. Mass. 

2690. Ephraim Williams. He was born Aug. 29, 1819. He 
married, Oct. 27, 1852, Amanda Treman. 863. He died Jan. 3, 
1-882. Residence Fairchild, Wis. 

Children : 

2691. Amanda Jane. Born July 17, 1853. Married Henry Alonzu 

Ranous. 4970. 

2692. Frank Whiting. Born Sept. 26, 1S55. Died June 2. 1S61. 

2693. Willie Eugene. Born July 6, 1857. Died June 18, 1859. 

2694. Sarah Margaret. Born Feb. 20, 1859. Married William P'reder- 

ick Hood. 4960. 

2695. James Albert. Born Oct. 23, i860. Married, Nov. 3, 18S6, Mary 

Jane Austin (daughter of Frank and Mary .\ustin.) Residence, 
1901, Green Bay, Wis. 

2700. Lyman Pritchard. He was born July 16, 1816, at 
Waterbury, Conn. He married July 3, 1864, Nancy E. Treman. 
864. He removed in 1820 to Medina, Ohio, where he was one of 
the pioneers. He died June 25, 1898. She died Jan. 6. 1875. 
Residence Medina, Ohio. 
Children : 
27or. Melvin T. Born May 27, 1866. 4970. 

2702. Clarence Eli. Born Jan. 3, 1871. Married, Aug. 26, 1S96, 
Cynthia Fish (daughter of Henry and Anna Fish. ) She was 
born April 4, 1871, at York, Ohio. Residence, 1901, Medina, 

Sixth Generation. 151 

2703. Adna Carpenter. He was born March 4, 1835, at 
Brunswick, Ohio. He married in i860, Sabra Treman. 865. 
Residence, 1901, Janesville, Minn. 

Children : 

2704. Stella Irene. Born May 5, 1S61, in Blue Earth Co., Minn. 

oNIarried Dr. Martin Jellette Taylor. 4980. 

2705. Cora. Born Dec. 27, 1S63, Blue Earth Co., Minn. Teacher. 

Residence, 1901, Janesville, Minn. 

2710. Zeno CoMSTOCK. (Otis^ Nathan'.) 872. He was born 
Sept. 23, 1794, at Farmington, Ontario Co., N. Y, He married in 
18 1 5, Sally Brown (daughter of Ichabod and Rebecca Brown.) She 
was born Nov. 21, 1794, at West Groton, N. Y. Lumber manufact- 
urer at Lockport. Owned and resided on his farm in Tompkins 
County, N. Y. He removed, about 1850, to Adrian, Mich. They 
were both genial, hospitable Friends. No children. He died Feb. 
22, 1865, at Momence, Kankakee Co., III. She died Aug. 7, 1866, 
at Momence. 

2715. Nathan Comstock. (Otis% Nathan'.) 874. He was 
born Feb. 10, 1802, at Farmington, N. Y. He married, Dec. 2, 
1824, Anna Pound (daughter of Hugh Pound and Sarah King of 
Farmington, N. Y.) She was born Feb. 17, 1807, at Farmington. 
Miller. Methodist. He died Oct. 8, 1845, at Farmington. She 
died Feb. 15, 1886, at Lockport, N. Y. Residence Farmington, N. Y. 

Children : 

2716. Caroline .Amelia. Born May 2, 1826, at Farmington. Graduated 

at Ontario Female Seminary, Canandaigua, N. Y., 1847. 
Teacher of History seven years at Clover Street Seminary, 
Rochester. N. Y. Teacher three years at Friends Academy, 
Union Springs, N. Y. Teacher one year at Aurora (N. Y. ) 
Academy, and several 3'ears at Rowland School, Union Springs, 
N. Y. Principal of Granger Place School for Girls at Canan- 
daigua, N. Y., from 1876 for twenty years. She was a remark- 
able teacher and woman, an inspiration to her pupils and 
friends. She died March 21, 189S, at Canandaigua, N. Y. 

2717. Huldah .\. Born Dec. 11, 1829. Married Jeremiah Ramsdell. 


2718. William Otis. Born Jan. 8, 1836. He completed two years of 

work in one year at Rochester University and left in broken 
health. He died May 12, 1861, at Egypt (near Fairport), N. Y. 

152 History of the Treman Family. 

2725. John Treman (or Truman) Comstock. (Otis=, Nathan'.) 
876. He was born May 3, 1807, at Farmington, N. Y. He married 
(ist) in 1 83 1, Rowene Crane (daughter of George and Charity Crane 
of Palmyra, Mich.) She was born in 1809, at Macedon, N. Y. She 
died in 1850. at RolUn, Mich. He married (2nd) in 1858, in 
Canada, EHzabeth Rous Wright (widow of LesHe Wright.) She was 
born Oct. 30, 1815, at Maidenhead, England. She died Aug. 3, 
1 89 1, at Union Springs, N. Y, He was one of the earliest settlers 
of RoUin, Mich., in 1834. He was an earnest, genial Friend often 
••speaking in meeting." He wrote and published a small volume of 
verse pertaining to Indian and pioneer life. His second wife was a 
"Quaker preacher" of considerable note and excellence. He died 
Aug. 3, 1834. Residence RoUin, Lenawee Co., Mich. 

Children : 

2726. Elizabeth. Born Nov. 8, 1S32, at Macedon, N. Y. Married (ist) 

William H. Lamb. 5020. Married (2nd) J. Mills Lamb 
(brother of William.) He was born Aug. 12, 1827, at Vill- 
anovia, N. Y. Manufacturer and capitalist. Residence, Clay- 
ton, Mich. 

2727. Edna. Born Jan. 8, 1836. Married William K. Green. 5030. 
272S. Amy. Born Dec. 24, 1837. Married Lebbens H. Foster. 5040. 
2729. Charity Crane. Born March 7, 1S46. Married Hon. John 

I'nderwood Harkness. 5050. 

2735. Hon. Nathan Power. He was born April 19, 1801, 
at Farmington. Ontario Co., N. Y. He married. Feb. 14, 1834, 
Patience Comstock. 873. He was a farmer and a strong temper- 
ance and anti-slavery man. Member of Michigan House of Repre- 
sentatives, 1855-6. He and wife were genial, kind Friends. He 
died Jan. 21, 1874, at Ypsilanti, Mich. She died Sept. 2, 1872. at 
Farmington, Mich. Residence Farmington, Mich. 

Children : 

2736. Otis. Born March 15, 1836, at Farmington, Mich. 4990- 

2737. Huldah. Born Sept. 17, 1839, at Farmington, Mich. Married 

Philip A. Brown. 5000. 

2740. Akram Tremaine. (Martin', Julius-*, John\ Joseph". 
Joseph'.) 767. He married. He died at Ravenswood. Va. 

Sixth Generation. 153 

Children : 

2741. John. Residence, 18S1, Gallipolis, Ohio. 

2742. George. Residence, 1881, Parkersburg, W. Va. 

2743. Alice. Married a Rice. Residence, 1881, Ravenswood, Va. 

2744. Mary. Married an Annis. Residence, 1881, Parkersburg, W. Va. 

2745. Nora. Residence, 1881, Bellaire, Ohio. 

2750. Daniel Tremaine. (Russell^, Julius^ John\ Joseph^, 
Joseph'.) 781. He was born Dec. 2, 1803. He married, April 
26, 1825, Catharine Burns. She was born in 1804 at Rochester, N. 
Y. He died Jan. 24, 1865. She died in 1865. Residence Nelson, 
Tioga County, Pa. 

Children : 

2751. Mark. Born Oct. i, 1S27, in N. Y. 5090. 

2752. Saul. Born Sept. 13, 1829, in Pa. 5100. 

2753- Nancy. Born March 4, 1832, in Pa. Married John Managan. 5130. 

2754. Sophia. Born Nov. 7, 1835, in Pa. Married Dr. A. M. Loop. 


2755. Russell. Born Jan. 27, 1841, in N. Y. 51 10. 

2756. William Wallace. Born Sept. 2, 1847. 5120. 

2760. Justus Tremaine. (Russell^, Julius', John\ Joseph"', 
Joseph'.) 782, He was born Nov. 2, 1816. He married, Feb. 11, 
1841, Lydia Tremain, He removed from Lawrenceville, Pa., to 
Illinois and later to Kansas. He died in 1887. She resided, 1892, 
Elsinore, Allen Co., Kansas. 

Children : 

2761. Marshall Victor. Born March lo, 1845. 5150. 

2762. James Byron. Born June 7, 1846. 5165. 

2770. Julius Tremain. (Russell^, Julius\ John^, Joseph-', 
Joseph'.) 785. He was born at Lindleytown, Steuben Co., N. Y. 
He married ( ist) Sylvia, by whom he had two sons and a daughter. 
She died. He married (2nd), about 1849, Sarah Jennings of Bel- 
fast, N. Y., by whom he had one daughter. He removed, about 
1837, to Newark, 111. He removed to California but returned to 
Newark about 1854. He died in 1869. She resides at Belfast, N. Y. 

Children : 

2771. .Aaron. Born and died at Newark. 

2772. Jane. Born and died at Newark. 

2773. Norman. Resided, 1891, Iowa. 

2774. Daughter. Residence Belfast, N. Y. 

154 History of the Treman Family. 

2780. William Atherton. He married Mary Ann Tremaine. 
784. He died at Belfast, N. Y. She died in 1864, at Springfield. 
111. They had three daughters who are now, 1901, teachers in 
Springfield, 111. Residence Belfast, N. Y. 

Children : 


He married Diantha Tremaine. 786. 
Pa. She died in 1882 at Newark, 111. 
Residence Lawrenceville, Pa. 

Children : 






Betsy. Married a 





2790. Samuel Cady 


at Lawrenceville 


Lydia Ann. 






Amelia Jane. 










0. John Drew. 

He died 

at Lawrenceville. 


:eville, Pa. 


Idren : 

281 1 












He married Julia Ann Tremaine. 788. 
She died at Lawrenceville. Residence 

I2820. saac Drew. He married Celestia Tremaine. 787. 
He removed to Minnesota. He died. She died. Residence Min- 

Child : 

2S21. Byron. Residence, 1901, ]Minnesota. 



CO. F. S6TH REGT., N. V. VOLS. CO. C, 161ST REGT., N. V. VOLS. 



CO. D., 207TH REGT., PA. VOLS. CO. D., I4IST REGT , N. V. VOLS- 


Sixth Generation. 155 

2830. Capt. Edward Tremaine. (Lyman-. Julius\ John\ 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 791. He was born Dec. 2, 18 12. He married, 
in 1835, Sarah Roff. She was born in 18 12, at Lawrenceville, Pa. 
He was the first Clerk of Lindleytown, Steuben Co., N. Y. Captain 
of State MiUtia. First Town Clerk of Lindley. Lumberman. He 
died April 25, 1840, while on a trip down the Susquehanna River, at 
Charlestown, Md. She died May 1900, at Galeton, Pa. 

Children : 

2831. Edward H. Born, about 1839, at Lindlej'town. 5175. 

2832. Floyd. Born about 1840. Residence, 1880, Pittsburg, Pa. Mar- 

ried, about 1875, Clara. Residence, 1880, Buffalo, N. Y. 

2840. Julius Tremaine. (Lyman^, Julius^ John', Joseph". 
Joseph'.) 792. He was born Oct. 4. 1814. He married, Oct. 12. 
1835, Ann Roff. She was born Sept. 30, 18 14. Lumberman. He 
died Dec. 29, 1882. She died Jan. 31, 1892. Residence Lawrence- 
ville, Pa. 

Children : 

2841. Susan A. Born June 10, 1S37. Married, Jan. i, 1S56, Washing- 

ton Winters. 5220. 

2842. Sarah J. Born April 10, 1839. Married, June 30, 1S67, A. 

Thomas Porter. He was born Jul}- 8, 1837. No children. 
Residence. 19 >i, Lawrenceville, Pa. 

2843. Charles H. Born Feb. 4, 1841. 5185. 
2S44. George D. Born Oct. 13, 1844. 5195. 

2845. William B. Born May 30, 1847. 5210. 

2846. Levi J. Born May i, 1852. Married in 1S86, Anna Reep. No 

children. Residence, 1901, Lawrenceville, Pa. 

2847. Mary E. Born July 18, 1854. Married Erwin J. Grant. He 

was born Aug. iS, 1853. He died Nov. 26, 1890. No children. 
She resides, 1901, Somer's Lane, Pa. 

2850. John M. Tremaine. (Lyman^, Julius\ John', Joseph', 
Joseph'.) 793. He was born Dec. 2, 1816, at Lindleytown, Steuben 
Co.. N. Y. He married (ist), Dec. 12, 1836, Abigail B. Goodwin. 
She was born May 30, 1816, in Mass. She died June 30, 1855, at 
Lawrenceville, Pa. He married (2nd), Jan. i, 1858, Mrs. Betsey 
(Pierce) Whipple of Westtield. Pa. Lumberman and farmer. He 
removed to Lawrenceville, Pa., in 1846 and to Westfield in 1858. 
He died Jan. 15. 1878, at Westtield, Pa. She resides, 1901, at 
Westfield. Pa. 

156 History of the Tremax Family. 

Children : 

2851. Almira M. Born June 17, 1838. Married Orson Edgcomb. 5300. 

2852. Seth K. Born July 2 [, I "^39. 5230. 

2853. Lyman J. Born Sept. 24. 1840. 5240. 

2854. John A. Born Nov. 12, 1841. Soldier in Civil War. He enlisted 

in 1861 at Lindleytown. in Co. F., 86th N. Y. Vols. Killed at 
the battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 1S63. 

2855. Gilbert H. Born Dec. 26, 1843. 5250. 

2856. Warren H. Born Nov. 26. 1845. 5260. 

2857. .\bigail A. Born April 30, 1S47. 

2858. Orrin A. Born March 10, 1849. 5270. 

2859. Maria L. Born March 27, 185 r. 

2860. Theodore M. Born June 30, 1855. 5280. 

2861. W'illis J. Born July 4, i860. 5290. 

2S62. Luther D. Born April 30, 1866. Died Dec. 25, 1868. 

2865. Martin Trem.atne. (Lynian=, Julius-*, John^, Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 795. He was born Dec. 14, 1820. He married (ist), 
Oct. 30, 1842, Mary Ann Andrus of Middlebury, Pa. She was born 
July 20, 182 1. She died Dec. 12, 1845. He married (2nd), July 
28, 1846, Julia A. Middaugh, of Lawrenceville, Pa. She was born 
May 28, 1818. She died Feb. 11, 1854. He married (3d), Oct. 17. 
1867, Mrs. Jane B. Clark of McKean Co., Pa. She was born July 
22, 1830. He removed about 1870 from Lawrenceville, Pa., to 
Wichita, Kan., and about 1893 to Willow Springs, Mo. He died in 
1894 at Willow Springs. Residence Lawrenceville, Pa. 

Children : 

2866. Edward J. Born Feb. 25, 1844. 53io- 

2867. Mary A. Born Dec. 8, 1845. Died Dec. 14, 1845. 

2868. Dorr P. Born Oct. 23. 1847. 5320. 

2869. Wallace W. Born Jan 25, 1849. Killed May 6, 1882, at Wichita, 


2870. Emma S. Born Dec. 9, 1850. Married in 1872 a Cluney. They 

have three children. Residence Port Alleghany, Pa. 

2871. Henry D Born May 2, 1853. Married in McKean Co., Pa., 

and has a family. Residence, 1891, East Hickory, Forrest 
Co., Pa. 

2880. Theodore Tremaine. (Lyman^, Julius^ John', Joseph', 
Joseph'.) 796. He was born April 10, 1825. He married, Dec. 
31. 1851, Josephine Sprague. She was born April 23, 1832. She 
died July 14. 1859. He married (2nd), Oct. 19, 1861, Hannah 


Sixth Generation. i57 

Reynolds. She was born Sept. 24. 1834. Residence, 1901, West- 
field, Pa. 

Children : 

2881. Hermon J. Born July 24, 1853. 5335. 

2882. Augustus E. Born Nov. 24, 1856. 5350. 

2883. Samuel E. Born Aug. 14, 1858. 5360. 

2884. Josephine S. Born Dec. 28, 1862. Married William Kress. 

Residence, 1901, Addison, N. Y. 

2885. Lyman H. Born April 26, 1864. Unmarried. 

2890. Arthur Tremaine. (Lyman^, Julius'', John', Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 797. He was born Aug. 26, 1827. He married (ist), 
Nov. 22, 1849, Maria L. Sprague of Westfield, Pa. She was born 
Oct. t8, 1828. She died Feb. 16, 1890, at Chatham, Pa. He 
married (2nd), Sept. 11, 1890, Ellen M. Mack of Chatham, Pa. He 
died May 3, 1898. She resides, 1901. Philips Station, Pa. 

Children : 

2891. Ira L. Born Feb. 5, i853- 5375- 

2892. David Frederick. Born June 15, 1857. Married March 11, 1882, 

Malvina F. Cisco. She was born Feb. 17, 1865. They have 
children. Residence, 1901, Philips Station, Pa. 

2893. Norman Benjamin. Born Sept. 21, 1859. Married July iS, 

1887, Eliza Cooper Collins. She was born Ma}- 11, 1849. Thev 
have children. Residence, i9or. Philips Station, Pa. 

2894. Mary Eveline. Born April 10, 1855. Married Jul}- 4, 1876, 

Frank M. Johnston. 5385. 

2900. Albert Tremaine. (Calving Julius^ John^, Joseph^ 
Joseph'.) 806. He was born Oct. 7. 1827. He married (ist), Nov. 
12, 1856, Susan Thomas. She was born June 20, 1838. She died 
March 23, 1867. He married (2nd), Nov. 30. 1876, Margaret 
Bryan. She was born July 15, 1833. He died in Feb.. 1899, at 
Nelson. She now resides at Nelson, Pa. 


2901. Delia. Born Feb. 4, 1863. Married in 1886. Willard E. Pierce. 
He was born in 1853. He died March 8, 1901. She resides, 
1901, Elkland, Pa. 

2910. Henry Creswele. He married, in 1843, ^lary Ann 
Tremain. 802. Business man. He died at Montoursville. Pa., 
since 1883. Residence Lawrenceville, Pa. 

158 History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

2911. Garrison. Born Oct. 20, 1S45. 

2912. Maria. Born Nov. 13, 1847. Died Jan. 9, 1875. 

2913. Augusta. Born Jan. 12, 1855. 

2920. Edward Kelts. He was born at Lawrenceville, Pa. 
He married Jane Tremaine. 803. Slie died in 1874. Residence 
Lawrenceville, Pa. 

Children : 

2921. Delos. Born in 1844. Residence, 1901, Lawrenceville, Pa. 

2922. Augusta. Born in 1853. Residence, 1901, Montoursville, Pa. 

2923. Dighton. Born in 1855. Residence, 1901, Montoursville, Pa. 

2930. Alfred M. Sherman. He was born Sept. 17, 1824. 
He married, Dec. 14, 1848, Sylvina Tremaine. 805. He removed, 
about 1854, from Lawrenceville, Pa., to Iowa, where he died. 

Children : 

2931. Eunice. Born Oct. i, 1849. Died Oct. 22, 1849. 

2932. Avilda. Born March 30, 1851. Married, Nov. 9, 1876, Henr^- 


2933. Valisce. Born July 15, 1853. Married Nov. 27, 1879, Mattie 


2934. Eugene. Born July 15, 1865. 

2940. John McCoLLU^L He married, about 1844, Sylvina 
Tremaine. 812. He died. She died about 1890. Residence 
Farmington, Pa. 

Children : 

2941. Charles. Born about 1845. Residence, 1901, Elbridge. 

2942. Mary. 

2943. Joshua. 

2944. Delphine. 

2945. Martha. 

2946. Lula. 

2950. Benjamin Simons. He married about 1846, Emily 
Tremaine. 813. He removed about 1870 from Farmington, Pa., 
to Iosco County, Mich. Children all born at Farmington. 

Children : 

2951. Julius. 

2952. George. 

Sixth Generation. 
















2965. Charles Tremaine. (Julius^ Julius-', John^, Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 814. He was born Dec. 6, 1833, He married, June 19, 
1855, Emily Butler. She was born April 24, 1839. Soldier in Civil 
War. Wounded several times. Honorably discharged. Residence, 
1 90 1, Caton Centre, N. Y. 


2966. Austin. Born Sept. 5, 1856. Unmarried. 

2970. Joseph Simons. He married about 1843, Lois Tre- 
maine. 811. He removed about 1870 from Farmington, Pa., to 
Iosco County, Mich. Lumberman, Children all born in Farming- 
ton. She died in Iosco Co., Mich. 

Children : 















2980. Clark Tremaine. (Jehial=, Julius\ John', Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 821. He was born in 1830 at Farmington, Pa. He 
married Emeline Shafer. He removed from Farmington several 
years ago and it is supposed settled in Delaware Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

2981. Charles. Born at Farmington. 
29S2. Child. Born at Farmington. 

2990. E. A. 
Betsey A. Tremain. 
W. Va. 

Hutchinson. He married, Sept. 18, 1834, 
832. She died Feb. 12, 1900, at Parkersburg. 

i6o History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

2991. Alma. Married James Montgomery. 5400. 

2992. Emily. Married an Ash. Died in 1879, at Erin, Tenn. 

2993. Lon H. Married a Cole. Residence, 1881, Mt. Vernon, 111. 

2994. William. Married. Residence, 1881, Parkersburg, W. Va. 

2995. George. Unmarried. Residence, 188 1, Bowling Greene, Ky. 

2996. Jennie H. Married a Laird. Residence, 1881, Parkersbnrg, 

W. Va. 

3000. William Teft. (William.) 831. He was born Sept. 
16, 1816. He married ( I St) Sarah Creel; (2nd) Laura Tomlinson. 
They have six sons and six daughters. Residence, 1881, Chillicothe, 

Children : 













3010. Hiram Treman. (John\ John^ John', Thomas-, Joseph'.) 
841. He married. They had six daughters. Residence. 1894, 
Atlantic, la. 

Children : 

301 1. .A.lice. Born in 1875. 

3012. Viola. Born in 1892. 

3040. Joseph Collins Tremaine. (Solomon^, Benjamin\ 
Philip^ Thomas-', Joseph'.) 797. He was born Jan. i, 1789, in 
Berkshire Co., Mass. He married twice. His first marriage took 
place Feb. 9. 1809, at Whitesboro. N. Y. His first wife's name was 
Sally. She was born May 24, 1789, at Hartford, Conn. He mar- 
ried (2nd) Harriet Turner of Fredonia, N. Y. By his second wife 
he had one child, George L. His wife Harriet died in 1861. 
Lawyer, justice of the Peace. He died July 5, 1872, at Algona, 
Iowa. Residence Laona, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. 

Children : 
3041. George Lafayette. Horn in June, 1833, in Chautauqua Co., N. 

V. 5615. ' 

Sixth Generation. i6i 

3042. Jane Lincoln. Residence, 1S93, Conewango, N. Y. ' 

3043. Ralph J. Born June 10, 1810. Residence, 1S93, Milwaukee, Wis. 

3044. Betsy. She died before April 3, 1S93. 

3045. Flavia. She died before April 3, 1893. 

3046. Lydia A. Residence, 1893, Oilman, Iowa. 

3050. Rev. Reuben Tremaine. (Solomon-', Benjamin^ Philip', 
Thomas", Joseph'.) 998. He was born in Connecticut. He re- 
moved to Columbia County, N. Y., and later to Jefferson County, N. 
Y., where he founded Tremaine's Corners in the Town of Rodman. 
He married Laura Gridley. Deacon. He was ordained as a Con- 
gregational minister. Soldier in Revolution from Mass. 

The following is from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the 
Revolution : 

'•Tremain, Reuben. Private, Capt. Ephraim Fitch's co., Col. 
Benjamin Simonds's detachment of Berkshire Co. militia ; enlisted 
Dec. 16, 1776; enlistment to expire March 15, 1777; Roll dated 
Ticonderoga, Feb. 25, 1777." 

"Tremain, Reuben. Private, Capt. Ephraim Fitch's co., Col. 
Ashley's (Berkshire Co.) regt ; enlisted July 8, 1777; discharged 
Aug. 14, 1777; service, 37 days." 

He died, in 1866, at Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y. Resi- 
dence, 1845, Rodman, Jefferson Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

3051. David. Died in Wisconsin. 

3052. Sophia. Married Clark Near. 

3053. George C. Born about 1S05. Unmarried. He died in Nay- 

sance, Ont. 

3054. Mary. Married John Ward. 

3055. Gains. 5510. 

3056. Laura. Married (ist) Virgil Mathews; (2nd) Buell Fox. 

3057. Asahel. 5525. 

3058. Harriet. Married John Merrill. 

3060. Henry Tremaine. (Solomon^, Benjamin'', Philip'. 
Thomas^ Joseph'.) 997. He married. Residence, 1845, Wooster, 

Child : 
3061. Silas Adams. Residence, 1901, Strawberry Point, Iowa. 

1 62 History of the Treman Family. 

3080. Rev. Horace Tremaine. (Justus^, Simeon", Philip^, 
Thomas*, Joseph'.) 979. He was bom in 1803, at Paris, Oneida Co., 
N. Y. He married. Methodist minister. He died, aged about 80, at 
Rome, N. Y. 


3081. William Carey. Graduated at Hamilton College, 1849. Lawyer. 

Residence, 1893, Belief ontaine, O. 

3082. Sylvester F. 5535. 

3083. Sarah. Married Dr. J. B. Ellis. Residence, 1893, Whitesboro,N.Y. 

3084. Julia. Married Otis Parsons. Residence, in 1893, Michigan. 

3095. Justus Tremaine. (Justus^, Simeon-*, PhiUp^ Thomas-, 
Joseph'.) 976. He was born in Mass. and Uved there till four 
years old. He married Lura Bushnell (daughter of Joshua Bushnell 
of Lee, Oneida Co., N. Y.) He removed in 1834 to Petersburg, 
Michigan. He died, aged about 82. 

Children : 


Earl F. Residence, 1893, Petersburg, Mich. 



Teressa. Married M. T. Davis. Residence, 


1893, Petersburg, 







31 10. David Tremaine, (Justus^ Simeon^ PhiUp^, Thomas-, 
Joseph'.) 977. He was born Feb. 4, 1800, at Salisbury, Conn. 
He married Annis Bushnell (daughter of Joshua Bushnell of Lee, 
Oneida Co., N. Y.) He died, aged 81, in Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

31 1 1. Justus Jay. 5550. 

31 12. Rev. David A. Baptist minister. Residence, 1893, Vienna, N.Y. 
31x3. Myron J. 5540. 

3120. Jonathan Tremaine. (Justus^ Simeon-*, Philips 
Thomas-, Joseph'.) 978. He married Harriet Fillmore Bushnell 
(daughter of Joshua Bushnell of Lee, Oneida Co., N. Y.) He died, 
aged 54, at Vienna, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Sixth Generation. 163 

Children : 

3121. Sarah. Married Henry S. Rogers. Residence, 1893, Vernon, N.Y. 

3122. Alva H. Lawyer. He died Oct. 14, 1894. Residence, 1893, 

Albany, N. Y. 

3123. Cyrus. Residence, 1S93, Vienna, N. Y. 

3124. Justus. Merchant. Residence, 1893, Buffalo, N. Y. 

3125. Cyrus Snow. He married Sarah Tremain. 982. She 
died, aged about 79, at Vienna, Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Child • 

3126. Charles. Residence, 1893, Vernon, N. Y. 

3127. Orrin Stacy. He married Lucretia Tremain. 981. 
She died, aged 58, at Dansville, N. Y. 

Children : 

3128. Horace. Residence, 1893, Dansville, N. Y. 

3129. Edwin. Residence, 1893, Wilson, Niagara Co., N. Y. 

3132. Emulous Stacy. He married Alice Tremain. 983. 
She died, aged about 70, at Lockport, N. Y. Their granddaughter, 
Mrs. William Mix, resided in 1893, at Eaton Rapids, Mich. 

3134. Isaac Tremaine. (Nathaniel^, Simeon-*, Philip^, Thomas-, 
Joseph'.) 951. He was born Dec. 28, 1781. He married (2nd), 
in 1828, Caroline Stoddard of Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y. She 
was born in 1810. He and his brother, Calvin, were the founders 
of Tremaine's Village near Toledo, Ohio. He was admitted to the 
church in 1805 at Pittsfield, Mass. He had one son, perhaps other 
children, by his first wife but no children by his second wife. He 
had descendants residing in 1 901, at Hinsdale, Mass. 

The following is from Smith's History of Pittsfield, Mass : 
"Tremaine, Isaac, p. 132. A meeting of January 12, 1810, 

cited Zebediah Stiles and Isaac Tremaine, to answer on the 19th to 

a charge of having 'joined the separation.' " 

He died March i, 1849, ^^ Sylvania, Ohio. 

Child : 

3135. Son. Married. They had a son, John, baptized in 1820, at 
Pittsfield, Mass. 

164 History of the Treman Family. 

3150. MiLO Tremaine. (Nathaniels Simeon", Philip^, Tliomas^ 
Joseph'.) 964. He was born Sept. 8, 1807. He married Sophia 
F. Otis of Dalton, Mass. She was born Nov. 25, 181 1, at Hinsdale, 
Mass. He died Dec. 22, 1836, at Pittsfield. Residence Pittsfield, Mass. 

Children : 

3151. Edwin. Born June 21, 1832, at Pittsfield. 5500. 

3152. Isaac. Born Dec. 6, 1833, at Pittsfield. Died Dec. 19, 1836. 

3153. George F. Born Nov. 18, 1835, at Pittsfield. Soldier in Civil 

War. Killed at the battle of Mobile, April 9, 1865. 

3160. Levi Tremaine. (Nathaniel^, Simeon", Philip^ Thomas% 
Joseph'.) 952. He was born June 13, 1783, at Salisbury, Conn. 
He married Mindwell. He died July 15, 1861, at Durham, 

(o. Oak Hill), Greene Co., N. Y. Their children were all born at 
Durham (o. Oak Hill.) Residence Salisbury, N. Y. 

Children : 

3161. Lyman. Born June 14, 1819. 5440. 

3162. William. Born June 17, 1813. 5450. 

3163. Israel P. Born May 17, 1815. 5460. 

3164. Edwin R. Born June i, 1817. 5475. 

3165. Pluma E. Born Feb. 4, 1822. Married Frederick M. St. John. 

Residence, 1893, N. Y. City. She died. 

3170. Myron Tremaine. (Nathaniel, Simeon", Philips 
Thomas-, Joseph'.) 959. He was born Dec. 17, 1796, at Alford, 
Mass. He married. They had three daughters. Residence Dur- 
ham, (o. Oak Hill), Green Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

3 1 71. Daughter. 

3172. Edward L. Residence, 1S93, Auburn, N. Y. One daughter 

married a Corning. 

3173. William (o. Daniel.) Died at Auburn, N. Y. 

3174. Amelia L. Residence, 1893, Windham, Greene Co., N. Y. 

3175. Laura. Married William Goodrich. They had manj- children. 

3180. Nathaniel Tremaine, (Nathaniel^, Simeon", Philip', 
Thomas^ Joseph'.) 955. He was born Feb. 23, 1789, at Salisbury, 
Conn. Married (ist), Nov. 10, 1814, Lydia Barnes of Canaan, N. 
Y. She was born June 29, 1787, at Canaan. 

Sixth Generation. 165 


3182. Charles Ives. Born May 26, 1819, at Lee, Mass. 5485. 

3183. William Henry. Born Aug. 29, 1S15. 5495. 

3184. Parthenia. Born July 19, 1821, at Lee. Married Egbert Rock- 

well. She resides, 1901, Cambridge, Mass. 

3185. Olive L. Born June 26, 1817, at Lee. 
31S6. Charlotte A. Born May 18, 1825, at Lee. 

3190. William Tremaine. (Nathaniel^, Simeon^ Philips 
Thomas-. Joseph'.) 953. He was born Feb. 23, 1785, at SaUsbury, 
Conn. He married. WilUam Tremain of West Stockbridge, Mass., 
had deed Aug. 4, 1808, from Elijah Andrus and Mary Anne, his 
wife, of 1-4 acre of land in West Stockbridge. He sells the same 
April 5, 1809. He died in 1815. Residence, 1808, West Stock- 
bridge, Mass. 

Children : 

3191. Caroline Augusta. Born March 11, 1808, at Alford, Mass. 

3192. William Augustus. Born March 30, 1810, at Durham, N. Y. He 

went West. 

3193. John Milton. Born March 14, 1S12 (o. 1813.) 5425. 

3200. William Strong. (King Strong and Hannah Noble, 
descendant of Elder John Strong of Northampton, Mass.) He was 
born Sept. 25, 1787, at Pittsfield, Mass. He married, in April, 1809, 
Olive Tremain. 954. He died Nov. 24, 1865, at Jackson, Ind. 
She died Peb. 27, 18 15, at Pittsfield, Mass. No children. 

3210. L. T. Goodrich. He married Laura Tremain. 963, 
Residence Westfield, Mass. 
Children : 

321 1. Lyman Porter. Born vSept. 22, 1S25. Died Oct. 11, 1828. 

3212. Lyman Butler. Born Nov. 11, 1S29. Died Oct. 16, 1855. 

3213. John Calvin. Born Dec. 11, 1831. 

3214. Eliza Tremain. Born March 22, 1S33. 

3215. Edward Milton. Born Oct. 30, 1836. 

3216. Olive Augusta. Born Jan. 28, 1839. 

3217. Pluma. Born May 4, 1841. 

3218. Caroline Aletta. Born July 22, 1843. 

3219. Charles Tremain. Born .\pril 4, 1846. 

3220. Laura Parthenia. Born March 29, 1849. Died March 12, 1865. 

3276. Solomon Tremaine. (Joseph^, Benjamin-*, Philips 
Thomas^ Joseph'.) 1008. He married. Residence Rodman, N. Y. 

1 66 History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

3277. Tompkins. 

3278. Warren. Residence, 1901, Cleveland, Ohio. 

3280. Ira Tremaine, (Joseph^, Benjamin\ Philip% Thomas-, 
Joseph'.) 1009. He was born Nov. 7, (o. 2), 1780, at Hillsdale. 
N. Y. He married (ist). Jan. 8, 1807, Betsey Strong (daughter of 
Othniel and Lucy Strong of Paris, N. Y.) She was born March 9, 
1787, at Great Barrington, Mass. She died Feb. 28, 1818, at Paris, 
N. Y. He married, (2nd), Oct. 13, 1819, Ruth Harwood (daughter 
of Clark and Susannah Harwood of Deerfield, N. Y.) She was 
born July 23, 1786, at Bennington, Vt. She died March 13, 1880, 
at Oconomowoc, Wis. He died Jan. 27, 1842, at Alden, N. Y. 

Children : 

3281. Emily. Born April 20, 1808. Died March ri, 1809. 

3282. Truman. Born June i, 1809. 5625. 

3283. Emmons. Born Nov. 2, 1810. 5640. 

3284. Orrin. Born Sept. 5, 181 2. 5650. 

3285. Joseph. Born Oct. 14, 1814. 5660. 

3286. Lucy Emily. Born May 10, 1817. Married. Died. 

3287. Betsy. Born July 23, 1820, at Paris, N. Y. Married William 

Radcliffe. 5690. 

3288. Ira Harwood. Born Feb. 17, 1822, at Paris, N. Y. 5670. 

3289. Mary Maria. Born April 7, 1824, at Paris, N. Y. Died May 19, 

1873, at Oconomowoc, Wis. 

3290. Charles A. Born May 19, 1828, at Paris, N. Y. 5680. 

3291. Henry Levi Truman. (Nathan^, John Ephraim^ Jon- 
athan'', Thomas-, Joseph'.) 1026. He was born Oct. 20, 1834, at 
Truman Hill, N. Y. He married, Sept. 30, 1857, Eunice Ann 
Davis (daughter of Thomas J. Davis of Unadilla Centre, N. Y.) She 
was born Sept. 17, 1841. Farmer and teacher. He died Aug. 14, 
1875. Residence Unadilla Centre, N. Y. 

Children : 

3292. Isaac N. Born Sept. 8, i860. Died March 22, 1861. 

3293. Elliot D. Born Feb. 27, 1862. Married (ist) Lena Connolly, 

who died April 25, 1895. Married (2nd), in 1896, Ella (You- 
mans) Truman. She was born June 15, 1864. Merchant. 
Residence, 1901, Bainbridge, N. Y. 

3294. Anna L. Born March 2, 1867. Died Jan. 6, 1869. 

3295. Nathan Elbert. Born May 24, 1874. Graduated at Cornell 

University, A. B., 1900. Fellow in 1901-2. 



Sixth Generation. 167 

3296. Ira a, Truman. (Nathan^, John Ephraim\ Jonathan^, 
Thomas% Joseph'.) 1028. He was born May 3, 1838, at Truman 
Hill, N. Y. He married, Oct. 17, 1859, Philinda J. Wait (daughter 
of Abijah Wait of Unadilla, N. Y.) She was born in December, 1839. 

Children : 

3297. Milo A. Born Jan 31, 1861. 

3298. Enos. Born in December, 1862. Died Feb. 28, 1863. 

3299. Fred. Born May 15, 1868. 

3299—1. George. Born Oct. 31, 1879. Died Jan. 3, 1S95. 

3300. James C. Truman. (Nathan^, John Ephraim^ Jonathan^ 
Thomas^ Joseph'.) 1029. He was born June 12, 1841, at Butter- 
nuts, Otsego Co., N. Y. He was educated at Gilbertsville Academy 
and Collegiate Institute. He married, in June, 1863, Serena Wilbur 
(daughter of Henry Wilbur of Fall River, Mass.) He established 
the express business of Truman & Co., in 1864, in California. He 
published the Binghamton Daily Times, 1873-4. He selected the 
railroad route through the State of Sonora, Mexico, from Guyamas 
to Nogales, in 1874. He established the stage and express line 
from San Gregonia Pass across the California Desert to Tucson, 
Arizona, 1876. New York State Commissioner at the World's 
Exposition and Cotton Centennial, New Orleans, 1884-5. Chief 
Auditor Internal Revenue Accounts United States Treasury, 1886-8. 
Post Master of Binghamton, 1888-9. Founder of Nepera Park, 
Yonkers, N. Y., 1890. Delegate to National Democratic Conven- 
tion, 1896. Chairman New York State Democratic Executive Com- 
mittee, 1896-7. President of Continental Realty Company. Treas- 
urer of Graystone Land Company, Member of Dobson Club of 
Binghamton. Member of Democratic Club of New York City. 

The following interesting letter was written by him : 

"Binghamton, Oct. 11, 1898. 
"To THE Editor of The Journal : 

"Sir : — I read with much interest your article in The Journal 
of Oct. I, 1898, written upon the event of the death of the lamented 
Elias Treman of Ithaca. 

"I hope it will be pardonable for me to attempt to correct your 
article that it may accord with the chronological history of the Tru- 
man family in this country. 

1 68 History of the Treman Family. 

"The first representative of the family to come to America was 
Joseph Truman who settled in New London, Conn., in 1666. The 
following year 1667 he was elected to the office of constable. He 
continued his residence there until his death which occurred in 1697. 
His will which is on file was dated the year prior to his death in 
which he bequeaths his property to his five children, Joseph, Thomas, 
Elizabeth, Mary and Ann. 

"Joseph married Mary Shapley, daughter of Benjamin Shapley, 
Dec. 5, 1 701. They had four children, John, Simeon, Nathaniel 
and Benjamin. 

"John Truman, the first child of Joseph, married and they had 
nine children, Jonathan, Eliza, Philip, John, Gaines, Julius, Daniel, 
Abner and Jared. 

"Abner, next to the youngest, born in 1761, entered the army of 
the revolution in 1777 and became distinguished for his bravery: 
his son, Ashbel, was the father of the late Elias Treman. 

"The Truman family in Owego are direct descendants of Simeon 
Truman, the second son of Joseph and Mary Shapley his wife. 

'•The writer is a direct descendant of Thomas Truman, who was 
born in New London, Conn., A. D. 1681, and died there Jan. 15. 
1747, he being the second son of Joseph Truman, who came from 
England in 1666 as before stated. I am much indebted for the 
knowledge I have been able to obtain of the Truman family in 
America, to George Truman, Esq., of Owego, N. Y., to the late Mrs. 
Christopher B. Arnold, of Providence, R. L, who in 1858 permitted 
me to make extracts from the record of a very old family Bible in 
her possession, which formerly belonged to her grandfather, Jonathan 
Truman, of New London (my great grandfather), and also to 'New 
England Chronological History,' by Savage, a work of great merit. 
My conclusions, after giving the subject much attention, are that the 
name Treman and Tremain and Trueman were all primarily and 
purely from the English name Truman, of New London in 1666, and 
that the exciting and disrupting scenes during the long years of the 
revolution and the conglomeration of nationalities, the Babel of 
tongues, are responsible for the different ways of spelling names of 
the oldest families in the United States. 

"Very respectfully yours, 

"James C. Truman 


IP «-v 


P JMl .^-.^^HHB 


f^ ' ' ' 









Sixth Generation. 169 

He has resided at Binghamton for twenty-nine years. Office i 
Madison Ave., N. Y. City. Residence, 1901, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children : 

3301. James Henry. Born Sept. 22, 1864, at SanFrancisco, Cal. Died 

Feb. 21, 1868, at Gilbertsville, N. Y. 
3301 — I. Nathan. Born Dec. 14, 1865, at Gilbertsville, N. Y. Died 

Feb. 29, 1868, at Gilbertsville. • 

3301 — 2. James C. Born Dec. i, 1868. 5700. 
330 r — 3. Benjamin C. Born May 25, 1870, in Philadelphia. Died 

August 2, 1870, at Philadelphia. 
3301 — 4. Cleveland. Born May i6, 1S72, at Binghamton, N. Y. 5710. 
3301 — 5. Serena Loretta. Born July 4, 18S0, at Binghamton, N. Y. 

3302. David Sanford Truman. (Natlian^, John Ephraim\ 
Jonathan', Thomas-, Joseph'.) 1030. He was born June 8, 1844, 
at Truman Hill, N. Y. Educated at Gilbertsville Academy and 
Hamilton College. Teacher and lecturer. He died March 14, 1884. 

3303. Dr. Thaddeus Field Truman. (Nathan', John Eph- 
raim^ Jonathan', Thomas^, Joseph'.) 1031. He was born March 
15, 1849, at Truman Hill, N. Y. He graduated at the University of 
Pennsylvania and the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons. 
He married, Dec. 14, 1886, Ella Youmans (daughter of Deacon 
Youmans of Unadilla, N. Y.) He died May 29, 1893, at \^'ells 
Bridge, N. Y. 

Child : 
3303 — I. Mabel. Born March lo, 1890. 

3304. George Kelley. He was born in 1817. He married 
May 25 (0.22), 1S89, Amy Janette Truman. . 1627. She was born 
Aug. 20, 1836, at Truman Hill, N. Y. He died May 27, 1891. 

3305. Hon. Henry Hertel Truman. (Daniel Henrys 
DanieP, Daniel', Joseph-, Joseph'.) 1092. He was born Feb. 7, 
1847, at Greenwich, Conn. He married; Nov. 18, 1874, in New- 
York City, Julie Marie JudsoTi (daughter of Charles Gideon Judson 
of Woodbury, Conn., and New York City.) Broker. Member of 
New York Stock Exchange. Mayor of Orange, N. J. 

The National Cyclopedia of American Biography says of him : 
"Henry H. Truman, son of Daniel Henry and Cordelia (Mead) 
Truman, was born in Greenwich, Conn., Feb. 7, 1847. After the 

170 History of the Treman Family. 

usual preparatory course in the rudimentary branches, he was sent 
to the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. After completing his studies, 
he left on one day's notice to begin his business career with the firm 
of Le Grand Lockwood & Co., Wall Street brokers and bankers. 
His salary was small at first, but his progress was rapid, and he was 
so well liked by his employers, that his advance was rapid, and it 
was but a few years before he received a large salary. The failure 
of the firm in 1869, threw him out of employment, but with the 
money he had saved he was enabled the same year to start in busi- 
ness for himself, having in 1869 purchased a seat in the Stock 
Exchange. He was successful from the start, but default of one for 
whom he was doing business necessitated a suspension in 187 1. He 
subsequently met every dollar of his obligations. In 1871 he entered 
into partnership with Roswell P. Flower (later Governor of New York) 
and E. C. Benedict, under the firm name of Benedict, Flower &: Co. 
This firm passed through the great panic of '73 with credit unimpaired. 
The firm dissolved in 1875. I" ^^7^ ^^- Fruman entered into an 
arbitrage business, that is buying and selling shares and bonds be- 
tween New York and London or other cities. Mr. Truman was for a 
time a member of the Petroleum Exchange. He was a member of 
the Governing Committee and Chairman of the Membership Com- 
mittee of the Consolidated Exchange, after the union of the Mining 
and Petroleum Exchanges. He withdrew from this Exchange in 
1885, as the rules of the Stock Exchange at that time prohibited 
membership in the Consolidated Exchange. Later he has also be- 
come a member of the N. Y. Produce Exchange. 

"Mr. Truman settled in Orange in 1885, and three years later he 
purchased a fine building site on the S. W. corner of Lincoln and 
Highland Avenues, where he erected a beautiful villa, comprising 
the best of modern architectural features known as the American 
Domestic, the first story being of Belleville brown stone, the stories 
above it of frame. 

"At the time Mr. Truman was asked to accept the nomination 
for the mayoralty of Orange, he had not been in public life nor had 
he ever taken any interest in politics. It was known that he was a 
staunch Republican and being a man of the highest reputation, his 
constituents believed that these qualifications would insure the suc- 
cessful administration of the affairs of Orange. Before entering 

Sixth Generation. 171 

upon his duties Mr, Truman made himself thoroughly familiar with 
the condition of public afifairs and of the needs of the city, and 
pledged himself to use his best endeavors to influence for good gov- 
ernment. No one questioned his honesty, his integrity or his busi- 
ness capacity to execute the plans he formulated. His ability, how- 
ever, to carry forward the work, and execute the laws as he inter- 
preted them was largely dependent on the cooperation of those asso- 
ciated with him. A difference of opinion as to the best methods of 
accomplishing the desired results, caused some friction and by the 
close of his first year's administration it was generally understood 
that Mr. Truman would not approve of any improper legislation. 
His second message at the beginning of 1891 showed that he was 
fully conversant with every department of the city and his recom- 
mendations received the most careful consideration. His presenta- 
tion of the city's financial condition was a most able exhibit, and 
showed his familiarity with all the details. His recommendation to 
the council that an effort be made to have the new issues of bonds 
exempt from taxation and the advisability of issuing long bonds, 
evinced great wisdom and forethought. 

"He said truly that 'as the growth of the city continues the cost 
of the permanent improvements, which are now being made, and 
which benefit all proportionately, can be, and shall be, paid for by 
those who receive the ultimate benefit.' Mr. Truman urged that the 
system of sewerage so long under consideration should be pushed 
forward with all possible diligence and recommended the issue of 
four per cent bonds in such amounts as would enable citizens who 
were not property holders to invest and thus become interested in 
the affairs of the city. Mr. Truman referred to the Board of Educa- 
tion in praiseworthy terms, having made a personal investigation of 
the schools. Referring to the Police Department he recommended 
that all appointees should be required to pass a physical examination, 
and that any who were unfit for duty should be retired or dismissed ; 
he also recommended that a patrol service be introduced and that 
'call boxes' be established in different parts of the city, which would 
do away with at least one roundsman and give more efficient service. 
Mr. Truman called special attention to the valuable franchises granted 
by the city to railroad and other corporations, and to the small 
amount of revenue received by the city from these sources and rec- 

172 History of the Tremax Family. 

oiTimended a plan which would insure a large annual revenue. No 
man ever labored more earnestly in the interests of a community, or 
worked more faithfully to effect the desired reforms than did Mr. 
Truman and when it is considered that his time and his energies were 
expended in this direction without any compensation whatever, he 
certainly earned and fully deserves the lasting gratitude of his fellow 

"During his residence of sixteen years or more, in Orange, Mr. 
Truman has given much time and attention to the moral and relig- 
ious interests of the community. Before coming to Orange he was a 
member of the Church of the Incarnation of New York, he was con- 
firmed by Bishop Potter in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, 
in i860. He was long a member of Grace Episcopal Church of 
Orange. He contributed to the building of St. Andrews Episcopal 
Church at Montrose Park, South Orange. At the first meeting of 
the new parish for organization he was proposed for and elected to 
the office of Senior Warden. He is also interested in the work of 
the Young Men's Christian Association, having been one of the early 
members of the Orange Association and later assisted in the organi- 
zation of the Orange Valley Association, of which Association he was 
the President. He is a man of strong religious convictions, thought- 
ful, earnest, painstaking and imbued with a sincere desire to be help- 
ful to others and to benefit his fellowmen. He is a member of the 
New England Society of Orange, the Orange Lawn Tennis Club and 
other organizations. 

"Mr. Truman married Julia M. Judson, a daughter of Charles 
Gideon Judson of New York City, formerly of Woodbury, Conn., a 
son of Charles and Fannie (Marvin) Judson, son of Elijah, son of 
Gideon, born March 8, 1748, son of Elijah (born 17 15) and Sarah 
(HoUister) Judson, son of Jonathan, 1682, son of John, who was one 
of the original signers of the Fundamental Articles for the settle- 
ment of Woodbury, in 1672. He was the son of Lieut. Joseph, 
eldest son of William Judson, who came from Yorkshire, England, in 
1634, with his family, Joseph, Jeremiah and Joshua. He lived four 
years at Concord, Mass., and removed thence to Stratford, Conn., at 
its first settlement in 1639. l^ev. Adoniram Judson, the missionary 
to Burmah, was a descendant of William and cousin to Gideon, 
above mentioned." 

Sixth Generation. 173 

At the time of his inauguration as Mayor an Orange newspaper 
said of him : 

"The inauguration of Henry H. Truman as tenth Mayor of 
Orange on Tuesday evening, March 25, 1890, was an eventful period 
in the history of Orange. His predecessor, Mayor Hartford, had 
held the position for twelve consecutive years, first as a Democrat, 
and for nine years as the People's candidate. Mayor Truman, 
although not a politician was elected by the Republican vote. On 
taking his seat he was heartily congratulated by his predecessor, wh& 
in his closing remarks said : 'Now that I am about to retire it gives 
me unbounded pleasure to know that my successor is a gentlemani 
whose name is above reproach, and who I am confident, will have 
only the city's best interest at heart.' Mayor Hartford was over- 
come by his emotions and was compelled to sit down. Mr. Truman 
returned thanks for the hearty welcome extended him and especially 
for the 'kind words of his predecessor, who had served so long and 

"The Truman family from which Henry H. Truman is descended 
is identified with the early history of the Connecticut colony. The 
origin of the name was undoubtedly, as the spelling indicates, Truman 
or Trueman, meaning a true man and this has been a characteristic 
of the family through every generation. 

"I. Joseph Truman, the ancestor, was born in England, and 
came to America with his family, which consisted of five children, 
viz : Joseph, Thomas, Eliza, Mary and Ann. He settled in New 
London, Conn., in 1666 and was chosen constable the next year 
where he died in 1697. The records show that 'he purchased some 
pits for tanning from Alexander Piggins in 1670.' Truman's Brook 
and Truman Street derive their names from this family. 

"H. Joseph Truman (2) son of Joseph (ij settled in New 
London. He with 77 others received a grant of land, Oct. 14, 1704, 
from the Governor and Company of Her Majesty's Colony of Con- 
necticut in General Court assembled by authority of Letters Patent 
given to them by Charles H, dated 23rd April, 1663. This was a 
part of the addition made to the bounds of New London, which 
included the Mohegan reservation which had long been claimed by 
the town, but not legally included in their bounds. The grant was 

174 History of the Treman Family. 

signed by Deputy Gov. Treat of Conn., one of the original settlers 
of Newark. 

"Joseph Truman (2) married Mary (born 26 March, 1677) 
daughter of Capt. Benjamin Shapley (son of Nicholas, (who was the 
son of Alexander Shapley, born in England. Chosen Treasurer of 
the Province of Maine 1649. Captain 1653, Major 1656, Magistrate 
1662, next to the right worshipful Henry Josselyn) and Mary Pickett, 
daughter of John and Ruth Pickett (Brewster). The children of 
Joseph and Mary (Shapley) Truman were Elizabeth, Eliza, Joseph, 
John, Jane, Benjamin and Daniel. 

•'HI. Daniel Truman, the youngest child of Joseph and Mary 
(Shapley) Truman, was born in New London, Conn., Oct. 24, 1717, 
died April 17, 1791. He married Deborah, daughter of Ebenezer 
Dennis, Dec. 10, 1741. She died March 26, 1801, aged 81 years. 
Their children were Deborah, Esther, Henry, Mary, Benjamin, 
Daniel. He was a Captain in the marine service. 

'TV. Daniel Truman (2) son of Daniel (i) and Deborah 
(Dennis) Truman, was born in New London, Conn., Jan. 8, 1766, 
died in New Haven, April 10, 1832. He married Amelia, daughter 
of Isaac Thompson in New Haven, Aug. 11, 1792. She died in 
1803. He married, secondly, Mary, daughter of Col. Joseph 
Thompson, in New Haven, April 27, 1805. By his second wife he 
had a son, Daniel Henry. He was a Captain in the marine service 
and a man of integrity. 

"Daniel Henry Truman, son of Daniel (2) and Mary (Thomp- 
son) Truman, was bom in New Haven, Feb. 13, 1806. He married, 
in Greenwich, Conn., CordeUa, daughter of Shadrach and Elizabeth 
Waite Mead of Chestertown, Warren Co., N. Y., son of Titus Mead, 
grandson of Ebenezer (i) born in 1663, son of John (2), son of John 
Mead (i), who emigrated from England about 1642, or William Mead 
1635. The family was an ancient and honorable one, one of the 
ancestors having been the friend and physician of Queen Elizabeth." 

(See White's National Cyclopedia of Biography.) Office, 1901, 
New York City. Residence, 1901, Orange, N. J. 
Children :- 

3306. Eulalia. Born Sept. 27, 1878. 

3307. Gertrude. Born May 4. 1882. 


Sixth Generation. 175 

3310. MuMFORD Truman. (Daniel Henry^, Daniel-*, Daniel\ 
Joseph^, Joseph'.) 1093. He was born Feb. 8, 1849. He married, 
June 4, 1875, Elizabeth S. Whitney (daughter of Charles A. Whit- 
ney of New York City.) He died Sept. 23, 1891, at Plainfield, N. J. 

Children : 

3311. Edith Sophia. Born Jan. 27, 1879. 

3312. Marjorie Cordelia. Born Aug. 10, 1880. 

3313. Whitney. Born Aug. 23, 1S83. 

3314. Marie Faure. Born May 19, 1887. 

3325. Levi B. Truman. (Lyman^, Shem'*, Benjamin^ Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 1 102. He was born Sept. 11, 1809, at Candor, N. Y. 
He married, Oct. 23, 1834, Louisa Lawrence. She was born Sept. 
24. 1809. She died Oct. 20, 1881. He died May 21, 1879. 

Children : 

3326. Lucy. Born March 14, 1837. Married F. R. Weed. 3447. 

3327 Mary. Born Feb. 24, 1842. Married M. B. Weed. 5840. 

3328. Frances K. Born Oct. 11, 1849. 

3329. Lyman R. Born May 29, 1845. 

3335. Stephen S. Truman. (Lyman^, Shem\ Benjamin \ 
Joseph^, Joseph'.) 1104. He was born April 28, 1816, in Candor, 
N. Y. He married. Nov. 2, 1843, Cordelia Belknap. She was born 
April 28, 1824. Merchant, 1840- 185 7. Stockholder in the Owego 
Gas Light Company. Treasurer of the Tioga County Agricultural 
Society, 187 1. Residence Owego, N. Y, 

Children : 

3336. John B. Born April 18, 1847. 572o. 

3337. David. Born March 5, 1854. 

3340. Benjamin L. Truman. (Lyman', Shem\ Benjamin', 
Joseph^ Joseph'.) 1105. He was born June 23, 1822, in Candor, 
N. Y. He married (ist), Nov. 15, 1852, Maria Dean. She was 
born April 16, 1828, She died May 30, 1882. He married (2nd), 
Feb. 28, 1884, Susan Sophronia Long. Merchant. Residence, 
1887, Owego, N. Y. 

Child : 
3341. Nellie E. Born June i, 1858. Died July 26, 1865. 

176 History of the Treman Family. 

3350. Hon. Lyman Truman. (Aaron-\ Shem-', Benjamin', 
Joseph", Joseph".) mi. He was born March 2, 1806, at Park 
Settlement in the Town of Candor, Tioga Co., N. Y. He married, 
Jan. 10, 1838, Emily M. Goodrich (daughter of Aner Goodrich and 
Ruth Stratton, Noah Goodrich who removed in 1802 from Conn., 
and located in what is known as Goodrich Settlement, in the Town 
of Tioga, near Owego, Tioga Co., N. Y.) She was born Dec. 30, 
181 7. He removed in 1830 to Owego, N, Y. He was a merchant 
nearly all his life. He became very wealthy. He founded, in 1836, 
the firm of L. Truman & Brothers which conducted a mercantile and 
lumber business for about half a century. President of the Bank of 
Owego and its successor the First National Bank of Owego from 
1856 until a short time prior to his death. He was a Republican in 
politics. Supervisor. State Senator, 1857-63. 

The History of Four Counties, so-called, says of him : 

"Hon. Lyman Truman is at the present time the leading busi- 
ness man of Tioga County, and its wealthiest citizen. He was also, 
until a recent period, the leading Republican politician of that 
county. His life is a remarkable example of what one can accom- 
plish, unaided and alone, without any external advantages of wealth 
or family, in working out for himself a successful personal career by 
force of character and a temperate, moral, industrious, and economi- 
cal habit of life. 

"He started a poor boy, on a farm remote from any business 
locality, the eldest of a family of ten children, of whorh Aaron Truman 
was the father. 

"Aaron Truman was born in Granville, Mass., and came to 
Owego in the year 1804, where he married the following year Miss 
Experience Parks of Candor. Lyman Truman, the brother of 
Aaron, came in 1808, and Asa H., another brother, followed about 18 14. 

"Lyman Truman, the subject of this memoir, was born March 
2, 1806. Aaron, the father of a large family, died in 1822, when 
Lyman was but sixteen years of age. The only property left by the 
deceased to his family was a small farm of sixty acres, incumbered 
with a debt greater than its value ; and it was due to the sympathy 
of creditors -only that the household was not driven from its humble 
shelter, which was but little better than a cabin, located on a farm. 
By the blessing of Providence, the mother, who was endowed with 


'"^■^ iySanmd Sir'"' 



Sixth Generation. 177 

remarkable sagacity and energ)-, so admirably stimulated and directed 
the efforts of the young but industrious and untiring family, that 
within three years she not only succeeded in paying the heavy debt, 
but erected a comfortable house, that still remains as a monument to 
their thrift, ^-'rom the death of his father until the year 1830, Lyman 
continued to follow the drudgery of day and farm labor, raising and 
carting the produce of the farm to market, making shingles, and 
sawing and selling boards. 

"Of course the intervals of labor in such an overtasked youth 
left but a few scanty weeks for schooling, at the district school 
before, but not after, his father's death. These brief intervals were 
improved, however, with the same energy that has characterized all 
of the subsequent career of the man. 

"In 1830 he left the farm and became a clerk in the store of his 
uncle, Asa H. Truman, at the village of Owego, N. Y. He rapidly 
acquired the skill and tact in trade that made him desirable as a 
partner, and enabled him soon to start in business for himself, though 
without capital, as a member of the firm of Greenleaf & Truman, 
composed of John M. Greenleaf and himself. 

"In 1836, with a magnanimity and love for his family that have 
characterized all his subsequent arrangements, he brought three of 
his brothers, Orin, Francis and George, from the farm, and sharing 
with them what he had earned, associated them with himself, under 
the firm name that has since become distinguished in the locality for 
its credit and solidity, of 'L. Truman & Brothers.' This firm, for 
certain purposes, continued until the present time, 1879. 

"From 1836 onward, uniform success, unchecked by any con- 
siderable reverse or misfortune, has marked the business career of 
Lyman Truman. 

"That success has been largely due to the strong native sense 
and almost unerring sagacity that has rapidly solved, with instinctive 
accuracy, every business problem that presented itself ; he having 
never engaged in any speculation, except an extensive purchase, at 
government prices, of Illinois lands in 1856, which proved very 
remunerative. These lands were skillfully located before any settle- 
ment of the region, in the vicinity of streams and along the lines 
which their sagacity predicted prospective railroads must take. In 
the profits of this enterprise he generously associated the other 
members of the firm of L. Truman & Brothers with himself. 

178 History of the Treman Family. 

"In 1856 he was elected President of the Bank of Owego, and 
continued to hold that office until that institution became the First 
National Bank of Owego, of which he is still the president and 
principal stockholder, 1879. 

"In 1857 he was elected State Senator from the senatorial 
district composed of Tioga, Tompkins and Broome ; and continued 
to be elected to that position for three successive terms. His strong 
native sagacity, and his known integrity, gave him a commanding 
influence in that body ; and although he made no pretensions to 
skill as a public debater, yet, even in that capacity, the directness 
with which he addressed himself to the subject under debate, the 
promptness w-ith which he laid open the real point at issue, and the 
personally independent, frank, and outspoken fashion in which he 
treated all the influences at w'ork to defeat measures that he favored, 
made him a formidable antagonist in debate. His original style and 
manner had a certain peculiar relish, and his home thrusts remark- 
able point and force. 

"When the War of the Rebellion broke out, Mr. Truman was, 
as a matter of course, one of the foremost in favor of every measure 
calculated to bring the war to a speedy issue, and from its very com- 
mencement he contributed largely to the support of the families of 
ten volunteers. 

"Dunng all of Mr. Truman's active life his pecuniary help, and 
his invaluable personal direction and superintendence, have been 
often sought, and largely and successfully given to carrying business 
friends over difficult and embarrassing emergencies in their affairs. 
When, in 1849, ^ ^^^ nearly destroyed the principal business portion 
of Owego, he was largely influential and active in rebuilding it, 
expending a large part of his own means, not very profitably, for 
that purpose. He has always been a ready contributor to public 
enterprises, and very helpful to many in the way of private charities. 

"Since he left the Senate, Mr. Truman has retired from political 
life, the cares of his large property interests, now estimated by his 
neighbors at upwards of a million of dollars, demanding his exclusive 
attention. Over all, however, that bears the name of 'Truman,' the 
ex-Senator, as the head of the house, still extends, as ever, his 
supervisory care, and from time to time, as needed, his kindly and 
never-failing pecuniary and personal help." 

Sixth Generation. 179 

Our County and its People (Tioga), by L. W. Kingman, says of 


"Lyman Park Truman was from 1833 until his death in 1881 
the most conspicuous citizen of the county in the lines of its com- 
mercial activity, and the impress of his indomitable will and keen 
business acumen was seen far beyond its limits. He was a natural 
financier, a man of creative impress and of original and highly suc- 
cessful methods. Where other men could see only ordinary condi- 
tions his brain would discern far-reaching possibilities, which under 
his almost unerring sagacity would develop into vast sources of 
wealth, business activity or political power. He was blessed with 
natural advantages. He came of a long line of stalwart New England 
ancestors who so conserved -their vital forces as to strengthen the 
stock with each generation, and he possessed a massive physique 
with wonderful powers of endurance and a brain large and com- 
mensurate with his great body. From the commencement of his 
commercial activity, little by little, steadily and continually, the 
influence of his personality expanded until all the circles of business 
energy existing in a wide radius were controlled by impulses projected 
by his brain. He never imitated. Whatever successes others won, 
mattered nothing to him. He developed his own plans, perfect in 
detail from conception to consummation, and dictated to others the 
methods to insure success. He -dominated his associates and his 
ideas became theirs. He attached men to him so that their aid and 
service resembled the loyal devotion of the ancient vassal to his liege 
lord, and he never allowed contradiction. In everything in which he 
had part his will was law. Although holding local office to some 
extent and ably serving three terms in the State Senate, his home 
was in the region of business and finance. There his nature was 
given full play and the result was the acquisition of great fortunes 
for his own and others' enjoyment. Had his lot been cast in the 
broader opportunities of New York City and the more responsive 
atmosphere of Wall Street, Lyman Truman would have shown him- 
self facile princeps among the moneyed Napoleons and financial 
kings of that great metropolis." 

He died March 24, 1881. She died April 9, 1896. Residence 
Owego, N. Y. 

i8o History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

3351. Adeline. Born Dec. 18, 1838. Married Dr. John Blake Stan- 

brough. 5723. 

3352. Emily Augusta. Born April 21, 1841. Married Hon. Eugene 

Buell Gere. 5727. 
3353- Dora Experience. Born Ma}- 6, 1844. Married Clarence A. 

Thompson. 572S. 
3354. Aner G. Born June 11, 1847. Died Oct. 2, 1848. 

3360. Charles E. Truman. (Aaron\ Shem'', Benjamin^ 
Joseph^ Joseph". 11 12. He was born Nov. 11, 1807. He married, 
May 26, 1836, Harriet Webster. She was born Oct. 8, 1808. Post 
Master. Justice of the Peace. Residence Flemingville, N. Y. 

Children : 

3361. Aaron B. Born Jan. 22, 1839. 573°- 

3362. Adeline. Born June 10, 1840. Married John B. Blewer. 5764. 

3363. Adelaide. Born June 10, 1840. Married William Henry Blewer. 


3364. Helen. Born Oct. 8, 1841. 

3365. Lyman B. Born Nov. 5, 1843. 5740. 

3366. Elias W. Born Oct. 7, 1846. 5750. 

3367. Charles F. Born Oct. 7, 1846. 5760. 

3368. Lucy. Born April 2, 1848. Married William Mead. 5770. 

3369. Lydia. Born July 29, 1850. Married Adalbert Hammond. 5775. 

3375. George Truman. (Aaron^, Shem'', Benjamin^, Joseph", 
Joseph'.) 1 1 17. He was born June 16, 18 16, at Owego, N. Y. He 
married, Nov. 19, (0.17), 1842, Eunice A. Goodrich (daughter of 
Erastus Goodrich and Hope Talcott of the Town of Tioga, Tioga 
Co., N. Y.) She was born Aug. 20, 18 18. Merchant. President 
First National Bank of Owego since 1881. Trustee of N. Y. State 
Hospital at Binghamton. He is a Republican in politics and has 
often been a Delegate to State Conventions. Treasurer of the Tioga 
County Agricultural Society, 1873. He was one of the original 
members of the Owego Hook and Ladder Co., in 1837. (See Tal- 
cott Pedigree.) She died Oct. 6, 1897. Residence, 1901, Owego, N.Y. 

Children : 

3376. William S. Born July 10, 1844. 5770. 

3377. Sarah F. Born Sept. 9, 1846. Married A. Chase Thompson. 5795. 

3378. George. Born June 25, 1848. 5780. 

3379. Gilbert T. Born Feb. 9, 1850. 5790. 

3380. Frank. Born June 15, 1853. Died July 10, 1853. 

Sixth Generation. i8i 

3382. Capt. John Gorman. He was born in Aug., 18 14. He 
married, Sept. 7, 1841, Dorinda M. Truman, 1113. Captain of Co. 
C, 109 N. Y. Regt. Vols. He was killed May 31, 1864, at the 
battle of Cold Harbor, Va. Member of Owego Hook and Ladder 
Co., 1837. She died Sept. 12, 1895. 

At the time of her death the Owego Times said : 

"She was a woman given to dispensing alms, helping the needy, 
anxious to relieve suffering and distress, whenever she found them. 
Time can never reveal what she has done to lighten the burden of 
other lives. Many will rise up in eternity to thank her. 'Let her 
own works praise her.' 

"Of her love for the Church, and her intense interest in its 
prosperity, too much cannot be said. When unable, longer, to 
attend upon the services of the sanctuary, by reason of infirmity, she 
was always inquiring as to Zion's welfare. Often has she been heard 
to say, T do love the Church,' and none who knew her at all, can 
doubt that she did. The Congregational Church has lost a true, 
earnest and faithful member, and while the Church on earth has 
been made the poorer by her departure, the society of the redeemed 
in heaven has been enriched by her coming to them. 

"Of the sacred and tender relationship in the home, we need 
say but little. There was cheer and sunshine about her home-life, 
which was a blessing to all who came under its influence. 'Her 
children rise up and call her blessed.' The sisters and brothers 
know something of the richness and preciousness of that home-life. 
They feel to exclaim in the words of Scripture, 'Many daughters 
have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.' The large number 
present at her funeral on Sunday afternoon attest, more loudly than 
words can, the high esteem in which she was held by all. On that 
occasion her pastor, Rev. C. M. Bartholomew-, chose for a text, Luke 
II, 37, speaking of the old age of Christian faith and confidence as it 
applied to her life and its work. Renan has said, 'The highest style 
of living is to live so, that in ceasing to live, one does not cease to 
be loved.' Be that as it may, one thing is certain, our dear friend is 
still loved. Reviewing such a life and observing its happy, triumphant 
end, one feels like saying with one of old, 'Let me die the death of 
the righteous, and let my last end be like his.' " 

Residence Owego, N. Y. 

History of the Treman Family. 


3383. Orin T. Born Feb. 19, 1849. 5870. 

3384. Mary. Born April 26, 1847. Died Sept. 10, 1852. 

3385. Emily. Born Sept. 8, 1853. Married Edwin Stratton. 5880. 

3387. David L. Goodrich. (Erastus Goodrich and Hope 
Talcott.) He was born June (o. Jan.) 3, 1813. He married, July 
13, 1841, Fanny Truman. 11 18. Surveyor. Member of Owego 
Hook and Ladder Co., 1837. He died July 3, 1896. She died 
in 1892. Residence Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

3388. Mary. Born April 16, 1842. Married W. Dwight Cady. 5900. 

3389. Charles T. Born Sept. 2, 1845. 5910. 

3390. Lyman T. Born July 13, 1849. 5920. 

3392. Lieut. Lucius Truman. (Asa H.^ Sheni*, Benjamin^ 
Thomas-, Joseph'.) 1127. He was born April 2, 1818. He 
married (ist), Aug, 11, 1840, Mary P. Beach. She was born in 1816. 
They had seven children. She died in July, 1862. He married (2nd), 
Mary Devereaux. She was born Nov. 13, 1849. They had two 
children. He was one of the original members of the Hook and 
Ladder Company of Owego in 1837. First Lieutenant, 13th Pa. 
Regt. Reserves, Col. Thomas L. Kane. Transferred R. L. M. May 
31, 1864, to 190th Regt. Pa. Inf. Vols. U. S. Deputy Collector of 
Internal Revenue, 1883. Residence Owego, N. Y., and, 1883. 
Wellsboro, Pa. 

Children : 

3393. Albert A. Born Oct. 6, 1841. 5800. 

3394. Ferdinand. Born Dec. 21, 1846. Married, Dec. 15, 1870, Louise 

M. Bache. 

3395. Harriet. Born Oct. 22, 1843. Married James VanValkenburg. 


3396. Elizabeth M. Born Oct. 16, 1848. Married Oct. 13, 1870, W. 

P. Bigony. He was born Sept. 17, 1848. 

3397. Irving L. Born Sept. 17, 1848. 

3398. Herman. Born Aug. 3, 1856, at Owego, N. Y. 

3399. Lillie J. Died young. 

3400. Lillie B. Born Dec. 26, 1874, at Wellsboro, Pa. 

3401. Edgar M. Born Feb. 19, 1877. Died March 15, 1882. 

Sixth Generation. 183 

3404. Edward D. Truman. (Asa H.^ Shem-*, Benjamin^ 
Thomas^ Joseph'.) 1128. He was born May 19, 1820. He 
married, Nov. 10, 1843, Eleanor M, Soule. She was born Sept. 8, 

1824. Merchant, 1840-57, at Owego. Removed in 1857 to Illinois. 
He died June 6, 1862. 

Children : 

3405. Frederick A. Born Aug. 15, 1844. Stockholder in Gas Light 

Company. Bookseller. Residence, 1893, Dixon, 111. 

3406. Augustus. Born May 31, 1847. 5810. 

3407. Nellie J. Born April 27, 1862. 

3410. Lieut. Charles L. Truman. (Asa H.^ Shem", 
Benjamin', Thomas^ Joseph'.) 1130. He was born March 24, 

1825. He married, July 12, 1849, Anna Thurston Dexter (daughter 
of Stephen Dexter and Deborah Thurston, of Exeter, R. I., and 
Owego, N. Y.) She was born June 24, 1826. First Lieutenant i8th 
Regt. Infantry, U. S. A., March 6, 1862. Brevet Captain Sept. 19, 
1863, for gallant and meritorious service at battle of Chickamaugua. 
He was killed in battle Sept. 20, 1863. (See History of Thurston 

Children : 

3411. Asa H. Born Aug. i, 1850. 

3412. Catharine. Born Jan. 2, 1852. Died in 1871. 

3420. William H. Truman. (Asa H.^, Shem", Benjamin^, 
Thomas-, Joseph'.) 1133. He was born March 2, 1842. He 
married (ist), Mary Palmer. They had one son, Frederick. She 
died Jan. 13, 1873. He married (2nd), March 21, 1877, Sarah 
Wild. She was bom Feb. 3, 1852. 

Children : 

3421. Frederick. Born April 22, 1865. Died Nov. 11, 1877. 

3422. Frederica. Born Dec. 9, 1877. 

3423. Charlotte N. Born Nov. 9, 1879. 

3424. Julia. Born Aug. 6, 1881. 

3426. John C. Lanning. (Gen. John Lanning of Owego, N. 
Y.) He was born July 14, 1816. He married, July 15, 1839, Julia 
Truman. 1 126. Prominent business man in Owego for many years. 
Chief Engineer of Fire Department, 1861. Residence Owego, N. Y. 

1 84 History of the Treman Family. 

Child : 
3427. Julia. Born Oct. i, 1842. Married Henry Cook. 5930. 

3430. James Truman. (David^, Shem\ Benjamin^ Thomas', 
Joseph'.) 1 143. He was born July 10, 1842. He married, Nov. 
20, 1870, Sarah L. Kingsley. She was born June 24, 1850. He 
died Oct. 7, 1874. 

Children : 

3431- Lillian E. Born Dec. 18, 1872. 
3432. Lyman D. Born Aug. 22, 1874. 

3434- Fred P. Smith. He was born Jan. 18, 1835. He 
married, Feb. 10, 1864, Mary E. Truman. 11 42. 

Children : 

3435- Abner C. Born Feb. 20, 1866. 

3436. Herman. Born Oct. 15, 1868. 

3437- Willard B. Born Nov. 10, 1870. 

3438. Stella A. Born July 20, 1872. 

3439- Fred M. Born June 12, 1876. 

3442. William P. Stone. He was born June 26, 1810, in 
Stillwater, Saratoga Co., N. Y. He married, Nov. 5, 1836, Sybil 
Truman. 1106. He removed in 1817, to Flemingville, N. Y., and 
in 1834, to Owego, N. Y. Merchant, 1834-74. Deputy Collector 
of Internal Revenue. Trustee of Colgate University. Director in 
First National Bank, 1865. 

Children : 

3443- Eli W. Born Dec. 4, 1836. 5850. 

3444. Jennie L. Born April 17, 1840. 

3445. James T. Born Aug. 22, 1853. 5860. 

3446. John. Died before 1894. 

3447. F. R. Weed. He was born June 31, 1819. He married, 
Aug. 15, 1844, Eliza Truman. 1107. She died Sept. 6, 1864. He 
married (2nd), June 6, 1867, Lucy Truman. 3326. They had a 
daughter Jennie. He died April i, 1882. 

Children : 

3448. Frederick. Born Aug. 7, 1856. 

3449. Jennie. Born March 25, 1872. 

Sixth Generation. 185 

3450. Stephen S. Williams. (Henry.) 1183. He was born 
Aug. 16, 1 82 1, He married, Sept. i, 1849, Theresa Gunn. He died 
Nov. 14, 1879. 

Children : 

3451. Jennie. Born May 2, 1853. Married John Mathews. 5960. 

3452. Harry. 

3455. George C. Cook. He was born March 10, 181 1. He 
married, Nov. 10, 1834, Lucy Maria WilHams. 1181. He died 
April 17, 1884. Residence Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

3456. Henry. Born July 10, 1836. 

3457. W. Wilson. Born Nov. 30, 1S38. Died Sept. 23, 1S47. 

3460. John Fleming. He married Melvina Williams. 1182. 
He died in June, 188 1. She resides at Aurora, 111. 

Children : 

3461. Irving B. Born June 9, 1840. Died Jan. 7, 1862. 

3462. Robert H. Born Sept. 19, 1837. Died Feb. 16, 1866. 

3465. Amos C. STEI)^L\N. (Amzi Stedman and Anna Can- 
iield.) He was born July 25, 1815. He married, Nov. 22, 1836, 
Lucina WilUams. 1184. She died Feb. 19, i86g. Residence 
Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

3466. Homer. Born March 7, 1841. Soldier in Civil War. Killed 

July 3, 1863, at the battle of Gettysburg, Pa. 

3467. Anna L. Born May 22, 1847. Married J. C. Wilson. 5970. 

3470. Andrew H. Arnold. He was born in Jan., 1819. He 
married Rachel L. Williams. 1185. He died Dec. 5, 1870. 

Children : 

Married Sept. 8, 1S67. 5940. 
Died Jan. 26, 1865. 

3473. Henry Kellogg. (Hiram was the name of his father, 
instead of Charles as stated in 356 and 1190. Hiram Kellogg was 
born May 18, 1793, at Barkhamstead. He married, Oct. 12, 18 14, 
Ann Truman. 356. She was born April 21, 1794, at Sparta, N. Y. 


Emmet S. 

Born Feb. 24, 1845. 


Orange H. 

Born Oct. 7, 1846. 

1 86 History of the Treman Family. 

He died March lo, 1846, at Kirtland, Ohio. She died about 1844, 
at Kirtland. Children (corrected Hst) : i. James. Born July 22, 
1815. Died in youth. 2. Henry. Born Nov. 19, 1816. 3. Charles 
N. Born Feb. 5, 1820. 4. Cassandana. Born Sept. 10, 1825. 
Died at Kirtland. 5. Martha Ann. Born Oct. i, 1833.) He was 
born Nov. 19, 1816. He married, Jan. 29, 1836, Nancy Kellogg 
(a cousin.) She was born April 26, 1808. He died in June, 1862. 
in Iowa. She died Nov. 18, 1865, at Lyons, Iowa. 

Children : 

3473 — I. Elias. Soldier in the Civil War. He was never heard from 

after entering the amiy. 
3473 — 2. Charles. Married Sarah A. Tennery of Chicago. Residence 

Charlotte, Iowa. 
3473 — 3. Henrietta. Married, Dec. 20, 1S57, William Eaton, at Crusco, 

Kossuth Co., Iowa. She died at Lyons, Iowa. 

3474. Charles N. Kellogg. (Hiram.) 3473. He was born 
Feb. 5, 1820, at Sparta, N. Y. He married, Jan. 15, 1843, Zilpha 
A. Hopkins, at Conneant, Ohio. She was born Dec. 18, 1823, at 
Monroe, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. She died Jan. 24. 1874, at Bedford, 

Children : 

3474 — I. Leslie H. Born June 29, 1844, at Slieetsboro, Ohio. 6020. 

3474 — 2. Ida A. Born April 8, 1846. Married Sebert Morgan. 6050. 

3474 — 3. Alice C. Born Aug. 29, 1849 Unmarried. 

3474 — 4. Jennj' L. Born Jan. i, 1850. Married F. x^. Wrightman. 6060. 

3474—5. Louis K. Born April 9, 1852, at Bedford, Ohio. 6030. 

3474 — 6. Jessie M. Born May 8, 1858. Married Emile Malle. 6070. 

3474 — 7. Lula A. Born March 13, 1862. Unmarried. 

3474 — 8. Ola E. Born June 6, 1863. Unmarried. 

3474—9. Leon N. Born Oct. 25, 1867. 6040. 

3474 — 10. Charles H. Born May 15, 1869. Unmarried. 

3475. Melvin Robinson. He was born Oct. i, 1825. He 
married, July 28, 1850, Sally Ann Porter. 1201. She died April 
23, 1877. Residence Michigan. 

Children : 

3476. Myron. Died Oct. 4, 1864. Soldier in Civil War. Killed in 


3477. Mary L. Born Oct. 9, 1857. 

3478. Charles. Bom Oct. 30, 1861. 

Sixth Generation. 187 

3480. Blake Purchase. He was born Aug. 12, 1819. He 
married, Feb. 2, 1843, Lucy Porter. 1202. Residence Michigan. 

Children : 

3481. Charles D. Born Feb. 29, 1S44. Soldier in Civil War. Died 

Sept. 24, 1862. Killed in service. 

3482. Frank \V. Born Jan. 15, 1S49. Married, Jan. 16, 1S77, a 


3483. Sophronia P. Born Ma}^ 23, 1S54. 

3500. Lyman Porter. (Ebenezer.) 1203. He was born in 
1829. He married in 1857, Mary Warner. She was born in i 839 

Children : 

3501. Ella. Born Nov. 11, 1858. Married, May 30, 1882, W. H. 

Rodgers. He was born in 1S57. 

3502. Mary. Born Nov. 10, 1863. Married, Jan. 3, 1883, John Bergus. 

I child. 

3503. Elizabeth. Born Dec. 26, i860. Married, Nov. 25, 1S81, Stanley 

Pierson. i child, born Nov. 26, 1882. 

3510. Joseph Narregang. He was born June 23, 1819. He 
married, April 18, 1846, Elizabeth Porter. 1204. 

Children : 

351 1. Charles. Born July 4, 1853. 

3512. Mary. Born Oct. 11, 1850. 

3513. Alma. Born Jan. 20, 1848. 

3514. Lucy. Born May 15, 1856. 

3515. Ellen. Born Aug. 7, 1859. 

3516. Delia B. Born June 7, 1863. 

3517. Willie B. Born July 17, 1869. Died Dec. 25, 1869. 

3525. Levi Shultz. He married Charlotte Porter. 1205. 
Children : 

3526. Mary. 

3527. Clarence. 

3528. Joseph. 

3535. Charles Ferrin. He was born May 11, 1839. He 
married Aug. 8, i860, Julia Porter. 1206. He died May 24, 1872. 

3536. Mary. Born Aug. 27, 1865. 

i88 History of the Treman Family. 

3540. Frederick Demont Treman. (Alfred^. Abner-*, John% 
Joseph^ Joseph'.) 611. He was born April 16, 1854. He married, 
Feb. 10, 1880, Carrie Frances Bishop. Residence, 1901, Aurora,Ill. 

Children : 

3541. Leonora Eudora. Born Dec. 22, 1880. 

3542. Carrie Olive. Born Dec. 24, 1882, 

3543. Inez Leah. Born Dec. 18, 1891. 

3550. Alfred Edson. He married, June 25, 1855, Louise 
Anna Treman. 603. Residence, 1901, Pasadena, Cal. 

Children : 

3551. Frank. Born June 10, 1856. 

3552. Jesse. Born June 22, 1S60. Died Jan. 25, 1862. 

3630. Andrew Jackson Greene. He was born June 24, 
1829. He married, Aug. 11, 1851, Emma Morgan Chapman. 1231. 

Children : 

3631. Frank Truman. Born May 17, 1852. 

3632. Frederick William. Born Dec. 13, 1855. 6080. 

3633. Lucy Emma. Born Oct. 26, 1869. Residence, 1901, 1574 Penn- 

sylvania Ave., Denver, Col. 

3640. Hon. Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich. (Anan E. Aldrich 
and Abby Burgess.) He was born Nov. 6, 1841, in Foster, R. I. 
He married, Oct. 9, 1866, Abbie Pierce Chapman. 1236. He 
received an academic education ; engaged in mercantile pursuits, 
and was President of the Common Council of Providence, R. I., 
1872-3. Representative, 1875 ; Speaker, 1876. Member of Con- 
gress, 1879-81. United States Senator from Rhode Island since 1881. 
Wholesale grocer. President of the First National Bank of Provi- 
dence since 1877. Director in Roger Williams Bank. He was one 
of the incorporators of the Mechanics' Savings Bank. Director in 
Hartford and Fishkill R. R. Company. Prominent member of 
Masonic fraternity. 

The Cyclopedia of American Biographies, by John Howard 
Brown, says of him : 

"Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich, Senator, was born in Foster, R. I., 
Nov, 6, 1 841. His early education was acquired at Killingly, Conn. 
He then attended the academy at East Greenwich, R. L, and when 


Sixth Generation. 189 

graduated began a business life at Providence, R. I. His practical 
interest in city affairs caused him to be elected in the City CounciJ 
from 1869-75, and from 1872-3 he was its President. On leaving 
the Council he was elected as a Republican to the General Assembly 
of the state, and in 1876 was Speaker of the House. In 1878 he 
was elected to represent his district in the 46th, and was re-elected 
in 1880 to the 47th Congress. His practical business methods 
applied to legislation so increased the confidence he had already 
won in the state, that in 1881 he was elected by the Rhode Island 
legislature to the vacancy in the United States Senate, caused by the 
death of Ambrose E. Burnside. He was re-elected in 1886 and 
again in 1892. During his several terms, he served on important 
committees, notably on that of finance, on which he was retained 
during his entire term of service in the Senate. He thus became 
thoroughly familiar with the intricate questions of finance and tarift", 
and Senators accorded him an attentive hearing whenever he had 
occasion to present his views. Large credit is due to Senator 
Aldrich for the reciprocity features introduced in the McKinley tariff 
bill, his suggestions being accepted, after the proposition made by 
Mr. Blaine had been discussed and dropped by mutual consent. In 
his subsequent career in the Senate he has been prominent in the 
discussion of the great financial questions that arose in Congress and 
was conspicuous as an earnest advocate of mono-metallism." 

They have four children. Residence, igoi. Providence, R. 1. 

Children : 

3641. Abbie Greene. The newspapers of the country of Aug. 27, 190 1. 
announced her engagenient to John Davidson Rockefeller, Jr. 
The wedding day is Oct. 9, 1901. The New York Journal of 
Aug. 27, 1901, says of her : "The engagenient of Miss Abbie 
G. Aldrich, second daughter of the millionaire Senator from 
Rhode Island, to John D. Rockefeller, Jr., only son of the 
Standard Oil king and heir presumptive to the greatest fortune 
in the world, was announced yesterday. She is handsome, 
brilliant, a favorite of society, the bearer of a distinguished 
name ; he is stalwart, earnest, pious, rich even without his 
great expectations, a business man. They are about the same 
age — twenty-six — and they have been in each other's thoughts 
since he was a college student at Brown and used to visit at 
Senator Aldrich's big town house, on Bennett Street, Provi- 

I90 History of the Treman Family. 

dence, and at the villas at Warwick Neck. The same wire 
that brings news of the betrothal carries the intelligence that 
young Rockefeller is negotiating for the purchase of Rocky 
Point, the most beautiful shore resort on Narragansett Bay, 
which adjoins his future father-in-law's place. The match is 
no surprise ; it has been an understood thing for some time, 
and society's main interest in the event concerns the future of 
the young pair who will start in wedlock so well endowed. 
Miss Abbie Aldrich has not been more conspicuous in church 
circles than most young ladies of her station in society, while 
the young man has been a leader in Baptist circles ever since he 
came from college. He is treasurer of the Fifth Avenue Sun- 
day School, and has always seemed to dread the responsibility 
of the great wealth that will be his, rather than to consider it a 
means to promote his own pleasure. He is fond of speaking 
before religious bodies and has been known to refer to himself 
as a steward from whom an accounting would one day be 
demanded. Now the question is : will she make a society man 
of him, and will the Rockefeller name become a synonym for 
the magnificent entertainments she is so competent to give, or 
will he make a devotee of her ? Or, will each adopt something 
of the other's character and make the house of Rockefeller 
famous alike for piety and for social splendor ? When the 
young man was at Brown he was the manager of the football 
team and displayed his business quality by making the football 
team self-supporting for the first time in the college's history. 
He was a very democratic j^oung fellow at college, made no 
display of his wealth, and though the football and his fraternity, 
Alpha Delta Phi, took much of his time, he was a good deal of 
a grind at his studies. He was at college to learn, and it is his 
nature to get the full worth of anything he goes into. It was 
through his influence that his father gave 1500,000 to Brown 
University last fall. Young Rockefeller has had few diversions 
since he left the university. He rode horseback a little, but 
his life lay mainly between the offices of the Standard Oil 
Company and the Baptist Church. Recently he has emerged 
in a small degree from his retirement, and last week organized 
a dancing class, which will meet at Delmonico's four times' 
next season. This is probably the greatest dissipation of which 
he has ever been guilty. As a business man he won his spurs 
in Leather stock a year ago. He bought in 700 shares of 
Leather at 1 1 to 20 and sold it at 30 or 40, thus making his first 
million. He went into the Standard Oil offices as a clerk and 
ran the gamut of the office routine. Now he is supposed to be 
competent to take his father's place and handle his vast hold- 
ings whenever he is called on to assume that great responsibility. 

Sixth Generation. 191 

His life is as regular as that of a boy at a military school. He 
rises at 6:30 a. m.; from 7 to quarter of 8 he exercises — walking 
or chopping wood. He takes half an hour to breakfast, catches 
the 8:40 train at Tarrytown for New York, goes immediately to 
his office and remains there, except for half an hour for 
luncheon, until 3:15 p. m., when he returns to Tarrj-town. He 
drives for an hour and then dines, and by 9:30 is in bed. His 
prospective father-in-law was a grocery merchant of very mod- 
erate fortune in Providence until he went into politics. Thirt)- 
years ago he became President of the Providence Common 
Council. In 1876 he was a member of the Rhode Island General 
Assembly. He went to Congress, and in 1880 became a United 
States Senator. He is a member of the Committees on Finance, 
Pensions and Ordinance and Warships and Chairman of trans- 
portation routes to the seaboard. He is said to have been the 
real author of the McKinley tariff bill. His position, apart 
from the Government, is President of the United Traction 
Company, of Providence. The bride-to-be had a narrow escape 
last month. She was on the yacht Wild Duck when it ran 
down the Joy Liner Tremont in Long Island Sound." The 
New^ York W^orld of Sept. i, 1901, says of her : "Miss Abby 
G. Aldrich, second daughter of the senior United States Senator 
from Rhode Island, who is to become the wife of John D. 
Rockefeller, Jr., the man who will probably be the first 
billionaire in the history of the world, is a cultured, brilliant 
and serious-minded young woman. Notwithstanding her 
father's long residence in Washington, she has passed most of 
her life in Providence, where she was born. Usually in the 
winter she goes to Aiken, N. C. The great social functions of 
the capital seemingly have no charm for her, although it has 
been stated that Senator .\ldrich has taken a mansion in Wash- 
ington this winter and will entertain, with Mrs. Aldrich and 
his two daughters, Miss Lucy T. and Miss Abby, as hostesses. 
Heretofore the Aldriches have lived at the Arlington Hotel and 
have done no entertaining, as Mrs. Aldrich and the girls have 
not been in Washington more than .six months all told during 
the long service of Mr. Aldrich in the Senate. Probablv the 
most interesting fact about Miss Aldrich is that, except in the 
most general way, she does not care for society and its frivoli- 
ties. She is pretty and attractive and could easily shine should 
she care to enter the lists. Her interests are in opposite 
directions. She had advanced ideas about education and is a 
student of literature. Her pin money, her friends say, goes 
mostly for the newest high-class books and for the solid 
magazines. She is interested in practical charity and much 
prefers to investigate and relieve a genuine case of distress than 

[92 History of the Treman Family. 

to spend an afternoon with a dressmaker talking about the fit 
of a gown. From this it must not be imagined that Miss 
Aldrich does not dress well, for she does. Her father is several 
times a millionaire and lavishes his money on his family. But 
she cares for dress only as a young woman of her station who 
has no infatuation for society should care for it. It is not a 
passion with her and does not distract her mind from the larger 
problems of life, of which she is an earnest student. Miss 
Aldrich's fad is a firm belief in the higher education of both 
sexes. She is thoroughly in harmony with the educational 
ideas of the Rockefellers. She is devoted, also, to church work. 
These features of Miss Aldrich's character, in addition to her 
great personal charm, must appeal to both her future husband 
and to John D. Rockefeller, his father, whose financial support 
of the Baptist Church is only equalled by the great gifts he 
makes to the Chicago University, of which he is virtually the 
founder. Senator Aldrich, her father, is often spoken of as 
the "business man" of the Senate. He rarely makes a speech, 
but he is at the head of the immensely important Finance 
Committee, through which all tariff and other business legis- 
lation must go. His predominating trait of mind is exactness. 
He is thoroughly business-like. Miss Abby has inherited these 
qualities to a marked degree. In her charitable work she is as 
precise as the most painstaking manager of a business enter- 
prise. She gives generously, but never until she has investi- 
gated the merits of each case brought to her attention. She 
does not believe in indiscriminate charity and will not afford 
the slightest assistance until she knows the facts. She tells to 
her intimates the story of an experience she had in Aiken which 
strengthened her resolution in this regard. A few winters ago, 
before she knew as much of the wiles of mendicants as she does 
now, a negro girl approached her with a tale of woe that was 
heartrending. Her mother was dead, her grandfather almost 
dead from rheumatism and she herself ill and suffering from 
hunger. Miss Aldrich was much moved by the tale of mis- 
fortune and called the girl into her house. She gave her a 
meal and some clothes and a generous sum of money for her 
immediate necessities. She promised also to find her work. 
After the girl left Miss Aldrich began to wonder if she had 
done her full duty in so distressing a case. Should she not 
have sent something to the rheumatic old grandfather? She 
decided afiirmatively and told the cook to put some food in a 
basket. Then she ordered her pony chaise and drove to the 
address given by the girl. There was no house there. She 
searched the neighborhood and finally learned from a police- 
man that the girl was an impostor and the rheumatic grand- 

Sixth Generation. 193 

father a myth. So she gave the meal to an old negro woman 
who lived near by and drove home. Then she formulated this 
rule, which guides her now in all her charitable work : 'Never 
give even five cents to a mendicant until you have investigated 
the story. In benevolent enterprises the greatest benevolence 
is to punish the unworthy and thus protect the deserving cases 
of charity.' Undoubtedly in the great affairs with which Miss 
Aldrich will be connected after she becomes Mrs. John D. 
Rockefeller, Jr., she will follow this rule. Her tastes are so 
entirely in harmonj^ with those of her future husband that the 
benevolences which they will institute will be carried out on 
the lines already indicated by the senior Rockefeller. It is 
understood that Mr. Rockefeller and Miss Aldrich have been 
lovers for some years and that the engagement has existed for 
some time. Nearly a year ago Senator .\ldrich hinted some- 
thing of the kind to his intimates in the Senate. Miss Aldrich 
is not particularh- fond of outdoor sports, although she shares 
Mr. Rockefeller's love for horses. She golfs a little and can 
swim and sail a small boat. She much prefers to read a solid 
work or an educational topic than to dance or attend a dinner 
party. She is tall, graceful and a charming talker. Just now 
she is at Greenwich, R. I., where Senator Aldrich has a summer 
home. Her social ideas may be summed up in the statement 
that although she is but a few miles from Newport and its 
gayeties she never goes there." 

3642. Lucy W. 

3650. Hon. Benj.4Min Cummings Truman. (Henry Ham- 
mond^, John'', Joseph^ Joseph^ Joseph'.) 861. (212. John Tru- 
man. (Joseph^ Joseph", Joseph'.) 39. He married Jan. 28, 1794, 
by Rev. Stephen Gano (Bap.), Sally Hammond of Providence, 
R.I. House carpenter. He bought land of E. Ormsbee, in 1801, 
in Providence. His name appears in the Providence Directory in 
1824. Residence Providence, R. I. Children: 213. George. He 
went to sea early and was never heard from again. 214. John. 
He went to sea for many years. He retired in 1843. He married 
in 1847 in New Brunswick, N. J. They have many children. He 
was living in 1885, in Oregon, eighty years old. 215. Sarah. Born 
in 1798. Unmarried. Died May 13, 1874, at Providence, R. I. 
216. Nathan. 217. Elizabeth. 218. Henry Hammond. Born in 
1814. 860.) (860. Henry Hammond Truman. (John", Joseph', 
Joseph^. Joseph'.) 218. He was born in 1814, at Providence, 
R. I. He married (ist) in 1834, Susan Cummings of Bristol, R. I. 

194 History of the Treman Family. 

He married (2nd)' June 19, 1842, Amanda M. F. Slack. He died in 
1894. Amanda M. F. Truman died Jan. 12, 1900. Residence 
Providence, R. I. Children: 861. Benjamin Cummings. Born 
Oct. 25, 1835. 3650. 862. John. Born in 1837. Died in 1847. 
863. Caroline Foster. Born in 1838 in Providence. Married Jan. 
17, 1864, James H. Easterb rooks (Benjamin Easterbrooks and Phebe 
Smith) of Bristol, R. I. Child: Walter E. Born Jan. 26, 1872. 
The following letter was written by her : 

"Children's Home, 
"23 ToBEY Street, Providence. R. I. 
"Mr. M. E. Poole: — Dear Sir — Simply nothing do I know of 
our family name. My grandfather was John Truman ; back of that 
I cannot say. An older brother of my father (John Truman) had the 
family record. He has been dead some years. From his children 
we have tried to get the record. I believe it is lost. A daughter of 
John Truman, lives in Germantown, Penn. Her name by marriage, 
Mrs. Thomas Ottinger. Very truly, 

"(Mrs.) C. F. T. Easterbrooks. 
"Monday, August 5, 1901." 

Residence, 1901, 23 Tobey Street, Providence, R. I. 864. 
Susan. Born in 1842, in Clayville, R. I. Married in 1870, Frank 
H. Pratt. She died. Residence, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 865. 
Clara F. Born in 1844 in Providence. Married in 1869, Richard 
C. Mansir. She died. 866. John Henry. Born in 1847 in Provi- 
dence. Educated at Brown University and Columbia University. 
Lawyer. Law School, Washington, D. C, and in Europe. Attorney 
for the Illinois Central R. R. Company. Author of two law books. 
He was very wealthy. He married a Louisiana lady. He died in 
1 88 1 in Chicago, 111., leaving a widow and one son and two daugh- 
ters. 867. Imogene A. A. Born Nov. 20, 1856, in Providence. 
Teacher in the schools of Providence. Residence, 1901, Provi- 
dence, R. I.) He was born Oct. 25, 1835, at Providence, R. I. He 
married in 1869, Augusta Maillard. (Her great-great-grandfather 
was a Virginia soldier in the war of 18 12. Her great-great-great- 
grandfather was Captain Eugene Maillard of Gen. Lafayette's staff 
in the Revolutionary War. Her grandfather was an officer of 
Napoleon I.) 

^ 'l^^^ 




Sixth Generation. 195 

Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography says of him : 

Benjamin Cummings' Truman, author, b. in Providence, R. I., 
25 Oct., 1835. He was educated in Canterbury, Merrimac Co., 
N. H., and adopted the profession of journalism. In 1862-5 he 
served on the staff of Andrew Johnson, the military governor of 
Tennessee, and as a volunteer participated in the battles of Stone 
River, Nashville, Mobile and other engagements. He afterwards 
became private secretary to President Johnson, and in 1865-6 was 
special commissioner to the southern states to inquire into the condi- 
tion of the negroes and poor white inhabitants. He was special agent 
of the post-office department for the Pacific coast in 1866-9 ^"^ again 
in 1878-9, was president and secretary of the Southern district agri- 
cultural society of California in 1873-7, and now (1888) is connected 
with the Pacific Railroad Company. He has published "The South 
after the War" (New York, 1867); ''Semi-Tropical California" 
(1870); "Occidental Sketches" (1878); "Winter Resorts of Califor- 
nia" (1880); "From the Crescent City to the Golden Gate" (1882); 
"The Field of Honor," a history of duelling (1884); and "Homes 
and Happiness in the Golden Gate" (1886). 

"Who 's Who in America" for 1899 says of him : 

Benjamin Cummings Truman, journalist, author, soldier, b. 
Providence, R. I., Oct. 25, 1835 ; educated common and high 
schools. Providence and Boston ; taught school in Canterbury, 
H. H., at age of 17; learned to set type at 18; compositor and 
proof-reader New York Times, 1854-60 ; reporter Philadelphia Press, 
1861 ; went to Nashville, Tenn., as Capt. and on staff of Andrew 
Johnson (then mil. gov. of Tenn.) in March, 1862 ; served in Army 
of the Cumberland as staff officer and correspondent of New York 
Times. After death of Lincoln was 18 months on President John- 
son's staff ; then went to Calif, as special agt. P. O. Dept.; later 
special agent Treasury Dept.; has been to China, Japan, Hawaii and 
Alaska for Gov't, and three times to Europe ; asst. chief floriculture 
World's Columbian Exp'n ; one of Calif, comm'rs to Paris Exp'n, 
1899 ; m., 1869, Augusta Mallard. Author: "See How It Sparkles :" 
"The South During the War;" "Semi-Tropical California;" "Occidental 
Sketches ;" "Winter Resorts of California ;" "From the Crescent City to 
the Golden Gate;" "The Field of Honor;" "History of World's Fair in 

196 History of the Treman Family. 

Chicago;" ''Campaigning in Tennessee." Address: Los Angeles, Cal. 

Tiie following interesting letters on family history were written by 
him : 

Chica(;o, III., Jan. 15, 1892. 

My Dear Truman : — My grandfather's name was John Truman, 
who had three sons and two daughters: i. Nathan Truman. 2. 
John Truman. 3. Henry Hammond Truman (my father). 4. Sarah 
Truman. 5. Elizabeth Truman. All were born in Providence. My 
father was the youngest, bom in 18 12. I am the oldest of his chil- 
dren : I. Benjamin Cummings, born Oct. 25, 1835. 2. John, born 
in 1S37 ; died in 1843. 3- Caroline, born in 1839. 4- Susan, born 
in 1842 ; dead. 5. Clara, born in 1845 5 dead. 6. John Henry, 
born in 1844, graduated at Brown University, and at the Columbian 
Law College in Washington, made a fortune, married a Louisiana 
lady, had three children, one boy and two girls, all living ; he died in 
1881. 7. Imogen, born in 1858, and the only unmarried one, who 
still lives with her parents. We were all born in Providence. 



P. S. I had a boy born in San Diego in 1870, who died in Los 
Angeles in 1871. Georgie was born in Los Angeles in 1873. My 
wife's great-great-great-grandfather on her father's side was Captain 
Eugene Maillard of Lafayette's staff, and her great-great-grandfather 
was a sergeant in the war of 18 12, and was killed at the battle of 
Tippecanoe. He was a Virginian. I would like to know if any of 
our fathers' fathers were "in it". 

The first twelve lines of the following letter refers to a news- 
paper article written in Los Angeles, Cal.. and printed in a New 
York paper : 

Los Angeles, Nov. 12, 1897. 

Mv Dear Jim : — Yours came safely to hand with enclosure. It 
wasn't so bad after all, and much of it was true, especially regarding 
their soldiers and some of the so-called "Castilians". But there were 
quite a number of very nice people here before those last comers 
during the boom, of which the writer thinks brought the better 
classes. He undoubtedly considers himself one of the cre'me de la 
creme. On the whole he was a little too severe. I really appreciated 
your pedigree search, which seems to be complete. Of course dur- 

Sixth Generation. 197 

ing the past thirty-five years a great many persons of our name have 
come from Ireland and England, but none are of much account. Our 
family is certainly one of the oldest American families, and although 
there never has been any criminals or scrubs in it, it has probably 
improved with every generation up to our own. I see that my name 
occupies about thirty lines in Appleton's Biographical Encyclopedia, 
and mention is made of me as an author and soldier in the Brittanica. 
Here are some of the positions I have occupied, which, as you have 
taken so much pains to get the records, I will let you know : 

Benjamin Cummings Truman. Born in Providence, R. I., 
Oct. 25, 1835. Graduated in high school studies at age of 13. 
Went to Shaker School in Canterbury, N. H., until I was 17, then 
taught school No. 9 of Merrimack Co. for one year. 1854 worked at 
printing business in Providence. 1855 went to New York, and set 
type and read proof on N. Y. Times for five years. In Oct., 1859, 
went to Philadelphia as correspondent of N. Y. Clipper. Soon 
became editor of the Sunday Mercury, then managing Ed. Forney's 
Washington Chronicle. On March 6, 1862, was appointed captain 
and provost marshal on staff of Andrew Johnson, who had been 
made Brigadier General of Volunteers and Military Governor of 
Tennessee. Was also war correspondent of New York Times for 
more than rwo years at one hundred dollars a week. Staid with 
Johnson until he was elected vice-president. Returned to him after 
he became president. In August, 1865, was appointed special com- 
missioner to investigate condition of the South. Returned in" March, 
1866. Two days afterward was appointed special agent of the 
Treasury Department and sent to South Carolina and Florida to 
investigate Direct Tax Commissioners. In August, same year, sent 
to Paris on a secret service trip by President Johnson. December of 
same year made special agent of the P. O. department of entire 
department of entire Pacific Coast from Alaska to Mexico, with juris- 
diction of China, Japan and Hawaiian mails at $5000 a year and 
traveling expenses. This position I held three years, and visited all 
the countries above named. Dec. 8, 1869, married Augusta Mallard 
whose paternal grandfather was on the staff of Napoleon, and whose 
maternal grandfather was a soldier of the Revolution. From 1870 
to 1877 owned the Daily Star of Los Angeles. From 1878 to 1879 
was again special agent of P. O. D. From Jan. i, 1879 to Jan., 

198 History of the Treman Family. 

1890, eleven years, I had charge of literary work of Southern Pacific 
R. R. Company at salary of $400 a month, and in that time I made 
thirty-eight trips across the Continent, accompanied by my family. 
Had executive charge of exhibit of South Pacific Co. at N. O. Exposi- 
tion in 1884-5. Represented same Co, in London (American Ex.) 
in 1897 and in Paris in 1889. Had an exhibit in Chicago for 1891 
and 1892 for So. Cal. and Santa Fe R. R., and was assistant chief 
of floriculture of Columbian Exposition. Am author of eight bound 
books and many others. Belong to Bohemian and Press Clubs of 
S. F. and Union and Press Clubs of Los Angeles. Belong to Loyal 
Legion and seven other associations. Of course you would be glad 
to know that we are not afraid of the wolf at the door. In other 
words, we are in good circumstances. Am now managing a fine 
newspaper in Los Angeles, Have one child, a daughter, twenty-four 
years old. I believe that gives you my record up to date. It is 
accurate, so far as I can remember, and I think there is no mistake 
in dates ; if there were, though, that would be no disturbing feature. 
My brother Johnnie was born in Providence in 1846, studied in 
college and in Europe, and graduated from the Columbian Law Col- 
lege, and was attorney for the Illinois and Rand & McNally. He 
made a fortune in Chicago at law in six years. Was the author of 
two law books and died in 1881 of pneumonia, leaving a wife and 
four children. His name was John Henry Truman, my only brother. 
I have three sisters living, all widows, all younger than I. 

Residence, 1901, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Children : 

3651. Clarence. Born in December, 1870, in San Diego, Cal. Died in 

January, 1872, at Los Angeles, Cal. 

3652. George. Born in December, 1873, ^t Los Angeles, Cal. 




4000. Ebenezer Mack Treman. (Lafayette Lepine.* Ashbel=, 
Abner/ John,^ Joseph,- Joseph.') 1805. He was born Dec. 13, 
1850., at Ithaca, N. Y. He prepared at Eaglewood Military Insti- 
tute, Perth Amboy, N. J., and the Vermont Episcopal Institute at 
Burlington, Vt., and attended Cornell University, 1868-9. He mar- 
ried (ist) April 22, 1884, Eugenie MacMahan (daughter of Oliver 
MacMahan, of Lyons, la.). She was born in 1861. She died August 
17, 1886. He married (2nd) April 23, 1891, Isabelle Norwood 
(adopted daughter of Miles L. Clinton, instructor in Cornell University, 
of Ithaca, N. Y.). While in college he was a member of the Chi Phi 
Greek-letter fraternity, and as a local alumnus, has given much time 
and financial support to the Cornell chapter, which has one of the 
finest homes among American colleges. While in college he was a 
member of the crew of the Sprague Boat Club and he was also a 
member of the University Baseball Club. He was afterwards a mem- 
ber of the old Ithaca Baseball Club. After leaving college he at once 
entered the hardware store of Treman, King & Co. to prepare himself 
for an active business career in which he has been eminently success- 
ful owing to natural ability of a high order and the training of a father 
who was the equal of any in business ability ever in this part of our 
State. Under his father's guidance also, and by his advice, he 
severed his connection with the store, after a few years' service, and 
entered the office of the Ithaca Gas Light Company and the Ithaca 
Water Works Company, of both of which companies his father was long 
President, and with these companies he has since remained, a period 
of over fifteen years, he having been, however, promoted to Secretary 
and Superintendent, which positions he successfully filled many 
years, and to the Presidency of both companies, upon the death of 

200 History of the Treman Family. 

his father, in 1900. He was also elected a Director of the Tompkins 
County National Bank to succeed his father, in 1900. He is also a 
Director in the Ithaca Trust Company. Aside from his business 
duties he has found exercise for other talents ; being a musician 
himself, and intensely interested in the subject, he has found ways in 
which to use his knowledge and wealth, to contribute not only to the 
gratification of his own artistic tastes but to contribute, through the 
channels of music, to the value of the work of his church, and to the 
pleasure of his fellow citizens. He is undisputably the leading musi- 
cian and patron of music in Ithaca and that part of the State. He 
was one of the founders of the old Mozart Club, and its successor, 
the Ithaca Choral Club, taking an active part in its productions and 
giving it loyal support. He at an early age took entire charge, as 
choirmaster, of the music of St. John's Protestant Episcopal church 
of Ithaca and the fame of its choir has been treasured as a memory 
by thousands of students of Cornell in every part of the world. It was 
through his efforts that the church has had for several years one of the 
best organs procurable. He was elected a Vestryman in St. John's 
P. E. church to succeed his father in 1900. He several years ago saw 
the need of a new Opera House in Ithaca, and while it did not 
promise, and has not realized, a profit to its promoters, yet prompted 
by a public spirit, worthy of emulation, he and a few other men of 
wealth, mostly in his own family, erected one of the finest play-houses 
in the State, at a cost of over sixty thousand dollars, that the college 
town might have some attractive place of assembly ; of this, the 
Lyceum Company, he has been President since its organization. Not 
content m his many activities thus far in the musical line, he deter- 
mined that Ithaca should have a band — not an ordinary band of the 
brass variety — but a band that would be the pride of its citizens 
wherever it should appear. This desire has been more than realized. 
The Ithaca Band is known favorably all over the country, having 
taken prizes in numerous contests with other famous bands, and 
filled an engagement of one week, August 6-1 1. 190 1, at the Pan- 
American Exposition. Its success is largely due to his judicious 
advice and firm financial support and knowledge of music and musi- 
cians. He has accumulated, with discriminating judgment and at 
large expense, one of the finest general and musical libraries in the 
country, and wrote a manuscript History of Music in four volumes 

Seventh Generation. 201 

which has been beautifully embellished. He early took an interest in 
his family history and its achievements and spent much time in the 
collection of data relating to the family, till the pressure of business 
necessitated that he turn it over to another to complete, and the 
result is seen in the present volume, which shows an evidence of 
pubhc spirit and unusual interest in one's family. In "Landmarks 
of Tompkins County, N. Y.," will be found a well written short his- 
tory of the family from his pen, which shows much research and is a 
valuable contribution to both family and local history. He has 
always taken an active interest in Democratic politics but has invaria- 
bly declined political office. He is a member of Knights of Pythias, 
St. Augustine Commandery, Knights Templar, and the Odd Fellows 
fraternities, and Tornado Hook and Ladder Company. 

"Landmarks of Tompkins County" says of him: 

"He became associated with the large interests of his father, 
though not a member of the hardware firm. He is secretary and 
superintendent of both the Water and Gas Companies, positions 
which require executive ability of a high order and fully occupy his 
time. He is also president of the recently (1894) formed Lyceum 
Company, and the erection of the new theatre in Ithaca is the reali- 
zation of plans which he has had under consideration for many years. 
He is a young man of popular social qualities and highly esteemed 
in the business circles of his native city." 

Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

4005. John Sayles Waterman. He was born at Smithfield, 
Providence County, R. I. He graduated at Cornell University, 1877. 
While in college he was a member of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity. 
He was a member of the victorious Cornell 'Varsity crew at Saratoga 
Lake in 1875. He married Jeannie Mead Treman. 1806. He was 
engaged for several years in the manufacture of agricultural imple- 
ments under the firm name of Treman, Waterman & Co. at Ithaca. 

At the time of his death the Ithaca Daily Journal said of him : 

"He was not only a close student while in the University but a 
fine athlete as well, and much of the credit of the Cornell crew's 
famous victories at Saratoga was due to his prowess, he pulling bow 
oar in those memorable contests. Some of his friends are of the 

202 History of the Treman Family. 

opinion that his early physical decline was attributable to his over- 
exertion in those races. After finishing his studies, Mr. Waterman 
became interested in business here as a member of the firm of 
Treman, Waterman & Co." 

He died March lo, 1891, at Pittsford, Vt. She resides, 1901, 
at Ithaca, N. Y. 

Child : 
4006. Louisa May. Born May i, 1887, at Providence, R. I. 

4010. John Westervelt Bush. (His father, Myron Philander 
Bush, was actively interested in all that pertained to the progress of 
Buffalo, financially, politically and socially. His mother, Margaret 
Westervelt, was of Dutch descent and her ancestry can be traced 
back to the early history of New York City. His paternal grand- 
father was a man of strong convictions, a staunch Baptist, who did 
much for his church. His paternal great-grandfather who was a 
soldier in the Revolutionary War, was of German ancestry.) He was 
born May 22, 1844, at Buffalo, N. Y. He married April 15, 1869, 
Katherine Corley Treman. 1802. He was a member of the firm of 
Bush & Howard, manufacturers of leather, 1869 -1886, when the firm 
went out of business. He has been out of active business since 1886. 
Director in the Marine Bank of Buffalo, 1 878-1 895. Director in the 
Ithaca Gas Light Company and the Ithaca Water Works Company 
for several years. He never engaged actively in politics. He was 
one of the charter members of the Buffalo Club. She is a member 
of the Board of Women Managers of the Pan-American Exposition. 

At the time of her election the Buffalo Times said of her : 

•'Mrs. John W. Bush, a member of the Board of Women Man- 
agers of the Pan-American Exposition, and on the Committee on 
Entertainments and Ceremonies and the Committee on Education of 
the Women's Board, was formerly Kate C. Treman, and was born in 
Ithaca, where she lived until her marriage. She is a graduate of the 
Buffalo Seminary, member of the Graduates' Association, the Alumnae 
Association of the Buffalo Seminary, of the Twentieth Century Club, 
and of the Buffalo Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. 
For this latter society she has written several papers ; her last, on 
"Hawaii", which was read in March, having been widely copied. As 




Seventh Generation. 203 

Chairman of the Study Committee of the Graduates' Association, 
Mrs. Bush showed her executive abihty to a marked degree, and her 
work on both committees of the Women's Board will be of valuable 

Another Buffalo newspaper said : 

"Mrs. John \V. Bush, of 762 Delaware Avenue, has been 
appointed a member of the Board of Women Managers of the Pan- 
American Exposition, to succeed Mrs. George E. Matthews, resigned. 
Mrs. Bush was appointed by the Board of Directors of the Pan- 
American Exposition on the recommendation of President John G. 

"Mrs. William Hamlin, President of the Board of Women 
Managers of the Pan-American Exposition, has appointed Mrs. Bush 
on the Committee on Entertainments and Ceremonies, and also on 
the Committee on Education, Mrs. Bush taking the place of Mrs. 
Matthews on both these committees, to which Mrs. Matthews was 
originally assigned. 

"The resignation of Mrs. Matthews and the appointment of Mrs. 
Bush were acted upon by the Board of Directors at its last meeting. 
Mrs. Bush is a member of the Twentieth Century Club and also of 
the Graduates' Association. She has been an active worker in the 
Graduates' Association, especially for one year, when she was the 
efficient Chairman of the Study Committee. She is one of the best- 
known women in Buffalo." 

Office, 1 90 1, Room 20, City Bank Building. Residence, 1901, 
762 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children : 

401 1. Katherine Tremaine. Born June 2S, 1871. Educated at St. 

Margaret's School, Buffalo, and Mrs. Piatt's School, Utica, 
N. Y. Married William Horace Hotchkiss. 6530. 

4012. Myron Philander. Born June 28, 1872. 6520. 

4015. Robert Henry Treman. (Elias", Ashbel% Abner-*, 
John\ Joseph"^, Joseph'.) 18 10. (His mother, Elizabeth Love joy, 
1832-1901, was the daughter of Robert Henry Lovejoy, 1807-1890, 
married 1829, Betsy Curtis, son of Ezekiel Lovejoy, 1 763-1 837, 
married 1791, Hannah (Penfield) Hawley, son of Phineas Lovejoy, 


204 History of the Treman Family. 

1733 — , son of Ezekiel Lovejoy, 1 706-1 748, married 1728, Elizabeth 
Wilson, son of Nathaniel Lovejoy, 1667-1751, married 1694, Dorothy 
Hoyt, son of John Lovejoy, 1621-1691, who settled in Andover, 
Mass., prior to 1644, married 1651, Mary Osgood.) He was born 
March 31, 1858 at Ithaca, N. Y. He prepared at the Ithaca 
Academy and graduated at Cornell University, 1878. While in col- 
lege he was a member of the Chi Phi fraternity. He married June 
24, 1885, Laura Hosie, (daughter of Robert Hosie, of Detroit, Mich, 
Hosie family history : Alexander Hosie was the first of the name of 
whom we have any knowledge. His son was James Hosie, born July 
13, 1764. Married July 22. 1791, Jean Carmichiel, born March 13, 
1769. Their children: i. Helen Hosie, born Feb. 4, 1794. 2. Jean 
Hosie, born Jan. 9, 1796. 3. Alexander Hosie, born Oct. 2, 1798. 4. 
Mary Hosie, born Dec. 19, 1800. 5. James Hosie, born June 3, 
1803. 6. Peter Hosie, born August 21, 1805. 7. John Hosie, born 
April 12, 1808. James Hosie, born June 3, 1803. Died March 28, 
1864. Married Elizabeth Howie, born Oct. 17, 1805. Died June 
19, 1897. Their children : i. James Hosie, born Aug. 2, 1827, in 
Glasgow, Scotland. Died in 1846. 2. Margaret Hosie, born May 
26, 1829, in Glasgow. Died in infancy. 3. Robert Hosie, born 
Dec. 25.1831. Died Feb. 11,1901. Married July 14, 1864, Isabella 
Taylor Ely, born July 9, 1843. Died March 29, 1875. 1'heir chil- 
dren : I. Laura Hosie, born June 5, 1865. Married June 24, 1885, 
Robert Henry Treman, born March 31, 1858. 2. Emeline Hosie, 
born August 7, 1867. . Unmarried. 3. Elizabeth Hosie, born Nov. 
7, 1872. Married June 6, 1901, C. Frederick Heyerman. 4. Peter 
Hosie, born July 7, 1835, in Glasgow. Died Jan. 7, 1876. 5. John 
Hosie, born Sept. 29, 1838, in Glasgow. Died in childhood. 6. 
Alexander Hosie, born Dec. 20, 1841, in Glasgow. Ely family history: 
Josiah Ely, born July 17, 1739. Married August i, 1765, Phebe 
Denison, born Nov.. 1746. Their son: Josiah Griswold Ely, born 
at Lynn, Ct., Aug. 26, 1766. Died at Brooklyn, N. Y., May 16, 
1823. Married at LeRoy, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1793, Betsey Tillborn, born 
July 10, 1774. Died Dec. 8, 1854. Their son: Giles Sill Ely, born 
at Lynn, Ct., Aug. 29, 1796. Married Oct. 18, 1832, Emeline A. 
Hoe, born Dec. 31, 1809. Died April 12, 1862. Their children: 
Mary Elizabeth Ely, born Aug. 15, 1833. Married June 20, 1855, 
Harvey Baxter. Emeline Hoe Ely, born May 25, 1835. Married 



Seventh Generation. 205 

June 25, 1856, Wm. Macnaughton. Isabella Taylor Ely, born July 
9, 1843. Died March 29, 1875. Married July 14, 1864, Robert 
Hosie, born Dec. 25, 1831. Died Feb. 11, 1901.) Robert H. Tre- 
man, whose ancestry is noted above, after graduation, entered his 
father's hardware store as a salesman, and after several years' ser- 
vice was admitted as a partner in his father's firm. He took an 
active interest and leading part in the'firm's business, and rapidly built 
up and extended its trade, and the firm now has an extensive whole- 
sale business. He is one of the foremost business men of the City 
of Ithaca. He early took an active part in the banking business, 
commencing as a Director in the Tompkins County National Bank, of 
which he became President in 1900. Trustee of the Ithaca Savings 
Bank. Director of the Ithaca Trust Co. Trustee of Cornell Uni- 
versity several years. Member of the old Mozart Club, and its suc- 
cessor, the Ithaca Choral Club. Member of the Town and Gown Club 
and the Country Club. Member and Foreman in 1884 of Tornado 
Hook and Ladder Company. Member of the Protective Police of 
Fire Department. Graduate Treasurer of the Cornell Athletic Asso- 
ciation. Treasurer of the Cornell Central Club, an organization of 
the Alumni to raise money to build an Alumni Hall on the University 
Campus at Ithaca. He is an officer in the Business Men's Association. 
He is an officer and prominent member of the Presbyterian Church 
of Ithaca. He is a stockholder in the Lyceum Opera House Com- 
pany and the Cayuga Lake Cement Company. He is now building 
a residence on grounds adjoining the Cornell University Campus. 
Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

4016. Robert Elias. Bom April 2 1, 1888. 

4017. Allan Hosie. Born Aug. 8, 1899. 

4025. Charles Edward Treman. (Elias^ Ashbel\ Abner'', 
John^ Joseph^, Joseph'.) 181 1. He was born Oct. 11, 1868, at 
Ithaca, N. Y. He prepared at Ithaca High School and graduated at 
Cornell University, B. L., 1889. While in college he was a member of 
the Kappa Alpha fraternity. He married Dec. 5, 1900, Mary Agnes 
Bott, (daughter of Arthur Bott and Mary Warner. Arthur Bott was 
born in 1830 in Fulda, Hesse Cassel ; was graduated, Ph.D., from 
Marburg University; came to America in 1855. Mary Warner was 

2o6 History of the Treman Family. 

the daughter of Joseph Warner and Jane Meech, born in Middlebury, 
A^ermont. Joseph Warner was the son of Joseph Warner and Asenath 
Little. Jane Meech was the daughter of Ezra Meech and Mary 
McNeil, daughter of John McNeil who married a Breckinridge. John 
McNeil was the son of Capt. Archibald McNeil and Lady Sarah 
Johnson). Mary Bott was born Jan. 26, 187 1, at Albany, N. Y., edu- 
cated at Albany, the Burnham School, Northampton, Mass., and in 
music in Germany and Italy. After leaving college Charles E. Treman 
entered the hardware store of his father as a salesman, and three years 
later was admitted as a partner in the firm. He is one of the most 
prominent and active young business men of the City of Ithaca. He 
is a singer and takes an active interest in musical affairs and was a 
member of the Ithaca Choral Club. Graduate Treasurer of the 
Cornell University Musical Clubs. President and Director of the 
Ithaca Conservatory of Music. Director in Tompkins County Na- 
tional Bank and Ithaca Trust Company. Director in Lyceum Opera 
House Company. Secretary and Treasurer and a Director in the 
Cayuga Lake Cement Company. Trustee and member of the Pres- 
byterian Church of Ithaca. Member of the Country Club. Foreman 
of Tornado Hook and Ladder Company, 1895 and 1896, and now 
member of Protective Police of Fire Department. He has always 
taken an active interest in Democratic politics. President of the 
Democratic Club of Tompkins County. Treasurer Democratic County 
Committee, 1900, 1901 and 1902. Delegate to State Democratic 
Convention, 1900. Chairman of the Ithaca City Democratic Com- 
mittee, 1901 and 1902. Member and Director of the Business Men's 
Association. He is building a residence on grounds adjoining the 
Cornell University Campus. Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Child : 

4026. Arthur Botl. Born Sept. 29, 1901. 

4030. Mynderse VanCleef, Esq. (Alexander Martin Van- 
Cleef and Jane Elizabeth Garlick, George Cunningham VanCleef and 
Joanna Squires, Lawrence VanCleef. The family is of Holland-Dutch 
descent. His great-grandfather, Lawrence VanCleef, was a soldier 
in the Revolutionary War, and accompanied Gen. John Sullivan in 
his memorable march to punish the Six Nations of Indians. He 
passed through the beautiful country where he afterwards settled. 


Seventh Generation. 207 

He received military bounty land elsewhere, but in 1790 settled 
at Seneca Falls, N. Y. He was the first white settler there and his 
son, George Cunningham VanCleef, the grandfather of Mynderse 
VanCleef, was the first white child born there. Dr. Charles Edward 
VanCleef, only brother of the subject of this sketch, was a prominent 
and highly educated physician, who died at a comparatively early 
age. He was born Sept. 29, 1850, at Seneca Falls, N. Y. He pre- 
pared at Canandaigua Academy and graduated at Cornell University, 
187 1, and the Homeopathic Medical College of New York City, 1873. 
He settled in the practice of his profession in Brooklyn, N. Y., where 
he was resident surgeon at the Homeopathic Hospital and a member 
of the Brooklyn Board of Health. He removed to Ithaca in 1880 
where he practiced medicine until his death. He was President of 
the Tompkins County Homeopathic Medical Society and of the Cor- 
nell Universitv Alumni Association of Ithaca, and a Director in the 
Ithaca Trust Company. Member of the Kappa Alpha college frater- 
nity. Member of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He died, unmar- 
ried, Aug. 4, 1896, at Ithaca, N. Y.). He was born Aug. 29, 1853, 
at Seneca Falls, N. Y. He prepared at the Ithaca Academy and 
graduated at Cornell University, B.S., 1874. He attended the Colum- 
bia Law School, 1875-6. He also studied law in Ithaca and was 
admitted to the Bar in September, 1876. He married Dec. 21, 1882, 
Elizabeth Lovejoy Treman. 1809. He is one of the leading attor- 
neys of Ithaca, has been referee in many important law-suits and 
executor, administrator and trustee of many important estates. He 
is a Republican in politics, was President of the campaign club in the 
presidential campaign of 1896, and was Commissioner of the United 
States Circuit Court, 1880-1900. He has been for several years 
attorney for, and a director in, the Tompkins County National Bank, 
Ithaca Trust Company, and Ithaca Mechanics' Society. He is also 
attorney for the Ithaca Savings Bank, Ithaca Gas Light Company 
and Ithaca Water Works Company. He is also attorney and a stock- 
holder in the Cayuga Lake Cement Company. He is also a director 
in the Lyceum Theatre Company and the Cayuga Lake Transporta- 
tion Company. President of the Ithaca Paving Commission. Presi- 
dent Corporate Association of the Kappa Alpha college fraternity 
since 1886. Alumni Trustee of Cornell University, 1881-91 ; Trustee 
by election of the (jeneral Board since 1895. Associate Trustee of 

2o8 History of the Treman Family. 

the Cornell Library Association. Trustee of the First Presbyterian 
Church of Ithaca. Member of St. Augustine Commandery, Knights 
Templar, -and Country Club. Formerly member of the Town and Gown 
Club. Member of the Protective Police of the Ithaca Fire Depart- 
ment. He is building a fine, large residence on beautiful and 
sightly grounds near the Cornell University Campus. Residence, 
1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

4031. Eugenia. Born Aug. 18, 1886. 

4032. Jeannette. Born March 14, 1888. 

4040. Lafayette Lepine Treman Galezio. (Charles.) 1820. 
He married. Mechanical Engineer. Residence, 1901, New York 


4041. Leonard. 

4050. Clinton Dewitt Treman. (William Gilbert*, Jonathan', 
Abner^ John\ Joseph-, Joseph'.). 1866. He was born July 11, 
1853. He married Sept. 23, 1885, Mary Ida Hoar. Residence, 
Aurora, 111. 

Children : 

4051. George Clinton. Born I>ec. 5, 1886. 

4052. Maria Ives. Born May 5, 1893. 

4060. Albert Lincoln Treman. (William Gilbert*, Jonathan', 
Abner-*, John\ Joseph^, Joseph'.) 1868. He was born Aug. 28, 
i860. He married, March 17, 1886, Nellie CofTey. Merchant. 
Residence, igoi. Aurora, 111. 

Children : 

4061. Frank Lincoln. Born Dec. 10, 1S86. 

4062. Harry. Born June 7, 18S9. 

4063. Eva Ruth. Born March 6, 1894. 

4064. Raymond. Born Jan. 27, 1901. 

4070. Frank A. Treman. (Alfred Riley^ Jonathan', Abner^ 
John3, Josephs Joseph'.) 1883. He was born Oct. 5, 1863. He 
married March 3, 1886, Maggie Powers. He died March 12, 1891. 

Seventh Generation. 


Children : 

4071. Harry Ray. Born April i, 1887. 

4072. Lula. Born Feb. 6, 18S9. 

4073. M. Blanche. Born Oct. 4, 1890. 

4080. Clark H. Wilson. He married Mary Ann Treman. 
1 88 1. No cliildren. 

4090. John Craft. He married Carrie I. Treman. 1882. 

Cliildren : 

4091. Walter. 

4092. Bert. 

4093. Lena Maud. 

4094. Grace. 

4095. Roy. 

4096. Ira. 

4097. Harry. 

4100. George E. FlEiMIng. He married Aug. 21, 1890, Min- 
nie Mae Treman. 1884. Residence, 1901, Elgin. 111. 

Child : 

4101. Leola Maurine. Born Dec. 13, 1895. 

41 10. A. Emmett CoLEGROVE. (Minor.) 1904. He married. 
Residence, 1901, Ion, Allamakee Co., (o. Waukee, Dallas Co.) Iowa. 

Children : 

4111. Anna. 

41 1 2. Betsey. 

4120. Putnam. He married Elizabeth Colegrove. 1901. 
They had two or three children. They are both dead. Residence. 
1 90 1. Ion, Allamakee Co., la. 

4130. Nathaniel Garrlson. He married Julia Colegrove. 
1903. They had five or six children. She died. Residence, 1901, 
Canisteo, N. Y. 

4140. Edwin Grant. (George.) 19 13. He was born April 
8, 1832. He married Marilla Ink, of Enfield Centre, N. Y. He 
died May 30, 1900, near Cincinnati, Ohio. Residence, Lexington, 

History of the Treman Family 


4141. Eudora. Married. 
'4142. Irving. Married. 
4143. Syra. Married. 

4150. Jonathan Grant. (George.) 1915. He was born 
July 13, 1836. He married Mary Ann Caywood, of Lodi, N. Y. 
Soldier in the Civil War. Killed at battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 
1863. She died several years ago in the West. 

Child : 
4151. James. Residence, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

4160. George Grant. (George.) 1918. He was born May 
29, 1845. He married, Dec. 11, 1869, Sarah Auble, of Mecklenburg, 
N. Y. Soldier in Civil War. He graduated at Elmira Business 
College. Residence, 1901, Mecklenburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

4161. William Tecumseh. Born Nov. 29, 1870. 

4162. Adelbert. Born Jan. 9, 18S1. Died April 14, 1887. 

4163 Maud E. Born June 6, 1873. Married Oct. 13, 1897, Charles 
Gulick. Residence, 1901. Mecklenburg, N. Y. 

4164. Louise. Born March 27, 1S75. 

4165. Lufanna. Born June 25, 1S88. 

4170. Hiram H. Hewitt. 19 14. He married Susan Harriet 
Grant. 19 14. He died Aug. 9, 1858, at Beaver Dam, Wis. She 
died Sept. 8, 1858, at Beaver Dam. 

Children : 

4171. Newton Benedict. Born July 10, 1854. Residence, 1901, Kings 

County, Cal. 

4172. Mary Elizabeth. Born Aug. 8, 1855. Married Norman Stanley. 


4173. Lydia Jane. Born Dec. 7, 1856. Married Myron Tiflfany Fish. 


4180. Stewart C. Snyder. He was born May 30, 1839. He 
married, Sept. 9, 1863, Mary Grant. 1916. Residence, 1901, 

Mecklenburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

4181. Lottie A. Born June 17, 1865. Died March 17, 1874. 

4182. Louis W. Born May 20, 1S75. Died Aug. 7, 1876. 

Seventh Generation. 211 

4183. Lena Ma}-. Born May 20, 1875. Married June 16, 1900, Samuel 
J. Stackhouse. No children. Residence, 1901, Olean, X. Y. 

4190. WiLLETT G. Turner. (George D.) 1961. He was 

born May 17, 1837. He married July 8, 1858, Kate E. Hoagland. 

Soldier in the Civil War. He died July 10, 1863, in the army. She 
died Oct i, i860. 

Child : 

4191. Kate E. Born Jan. i, i860. Married W. H. (o. Frank) Peck- 
ham. 7100. She died in May, 1894, at Canisteo, N. V. 

4200. JosiAH H.AZARD. He married Sarah P. Treman. 198 1. 

Child : 

4201. Madison T. Born Dec. 19, 1S6S. Died July 12, 1869. 

4210. Frank Walter Treman. (George B.°, Calvin,'" Abner/ 
John,^ Thomas,- Joseph. 'j 1991- He was born July 30, 1854. He 
attended Claverack Institute, 1878-80. He married June 2, 1880, 
Emma F. Allen (daughter of Ephraim Allen and Mary Barber, of 
Perry City, N. Y.) Accountant. Residence. 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

421 1. Walter. Born March 21, 1883. Student in Cornell University. 

4212. Barbara Ellen. Born March 20, 1885. 

4213. Robert Carlton. Born Sept. 2, 1892. 

4220. Howard Lafayette Treman. (George B.*, Calvin, = 
Abner,-* John,^ Thomas,"* Joseph.') 1994. He was born Feb. 11, 
1858. He attended Cook Academy, Havana, N. Y., 188 1-3. He 
married June i, 1882, Helen L. Taber, (daughter of Augustus Taber 
and Samantha Baker [daughter of Major Baker], of Dryden, N. Y.) 
Accountant. Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

4221. Howard Dwight. Born Aug. 29, 1884. Died May 18, 1896. 

4222. Emmett Taber. Born May 12, 1886. 

4223. Augustus. Born June 2, 1893. 

4230. Abner Lafayette BoDLE. (James BurnTaam^ Jonathan'.) 
2002. He was born Sept. 30, 1846. He married in Oct., 1869, 
Louise F. Field. He died Feb. 11. i8g8, at Chicago. She resides, 
1 90 1, Northport, Wash. 

History of the Treman Family. 


4231. Elizabeth Belle. Born Aug. 22, 1872. Married (ist) Mark H. 
Maher. He died within a few weeks afterwards. Married 
(2nd) in Feb., 1901, FredSlocum. Residence, 1901, Northport, 

4240. George W. BoDLE. (James Burnham^ Jonathan'.) 2005. 
He was born Nov. 25, 1856. He married in Oct., 1881, Clara 
Roberts. Druggist. Residence, 1901, Chicago, 111. 

Child : 
4241. Clara P. Born in Dec, 1888. 

4242. Edward Floyd Bodle. (James Schuyler.) He was 
born in 1859. ^e married Oct. 3, 1882, Nellie Elizabeth Bodle. 
No children. 

4250. Thomas Jefferson Wilder. He was born Oct. 3, 
1836. He married Oct. 3, 1859, Margaret Taylor Bodle. 2001. 
He died Oct. 25, 1898, at Spokane, Wash. She resides, 1901, at 
Ellendale, N. Dak. 

Children : 

4251. Jay Edwin. Born Oct. 13, i860. 7110. 

4252. Nellie Elizabeth. Born Dec. 14, 1862. 

4253. Frank Ellsworth. Born Sept. 30, 1864. Died April 27. 1881. 

4254. James Bodle. Born July 21, 1867. Unmarried. Residence, 

1 90 1, St. Paul, Minn. 

4255. Eugene Jonathan. Born Aug. 30, 1S68. Died Oct. 9, 1875. 

4260. Grover Ayres Earls. (Elisha Goldsmith.) 2017. 
He was born May 14, 1862. He married Dec. 23, 1886, Eva Lom- 
bard. They have one son and eight daughters. Residence, 1901, 
Oswego, 111. 

Child : 
4261. Clarence. 

4270. Frank Earls. (Elisha Goldsmith.) 2015. He was 
born June i, 1854. He married August 25, 1885, Cora Ann Stevens. 
Residence, 1901, Tingley, Iowa. 

Children : 

4271. Sarah Parnel. Born Feb. 9, 1887. 

4272. Lilly. Born March 31, 1889. 
.4273. Myrtle, Born Nov. 11, 1893. 

Seventh Generation. 213 

4280. Jarvis D. Baker. (Stephen.) 2037. He was born 
Oct. 26, 1827. He married Maria A. Frazier. (Her mother was a 
Hankins.) She was born Nov. 9, 1840, in Lincolnshire, England. 
Private, Co. I., 137th Regt. N. Y. Vols. Enlisted m Aug., 1862. 
Honorably discharged in 1865. Residence, 1901, Glenwood (P. O. 
Ithaca), N. Y. 

Children : 

4281. Emma Jane. Born June 2, 1S57. Died July 9. 

4282. Stephen. Born Jan. 28, 1859. Unmarried. Residence, 1901, 

Ithaca, N. Y. 

4283. Barnard Smith. Born Dec. 14, i860. Married J uha. They have 

two daughters. Residence, 1901, lUinois. 

4284. Mary. Born May 31, 1S62. Died Sept. i, 1863. 

4285. Mar)' Louise, Born Dec. 25, 1864. Married Fred June. 6700. 

4286. Fred. Born Feb. 25, 1867. 6690. 

4287. Frank. Born Feb. 25, 1867. 

428S. Catherine Frances. Born Jan. 27, 1870. 

4289. George W. Born Oct. 19, 1872. Died Aug. 18, 1877. 

4290. Chester. Born Jan. 29, 1879. Died Aug. 25, 1886. 

4291. Sarah Pauhne. Born Aug. i, 1876. Married July 8, 1899, Will- 

iam T. Billings, of Ithaca, N. Y. 

4292. James Edward. Born Feb. 28, [882. Died May 9, 1896. 

4300. Richard C. Taylor. He married Emily A. Baker. 
2039. He died May 2, 1896. Residence, Willow Creek, N. Y. 



Deha. INIarried William H. Allen. 6660. 

Mary. Married Menzo Wortman. 6670. 

Kate. Married Charles Teed. 6650. 

La wren L. 6640. 

Myra Susan. Born Jan. 28, 1869. Married Eugene Terry. 6680. 

Charles. Married Clara L. Tallmadge. 

Minerva L. Unmarried. 

4315. Charles Treman Kin(;. (Jared C", Edmund'.) 2061. 
He married ( I st) Sarah Brink; (2nd) Sarah Hopkins. Residence, 
1901, Covington, Pa. 

Children : 

4316. Brink. 

4317. William. 

214 History of the Treman Family. 

4320. Joseph Lafayette King. (Jared C.^ Edmund'.) 2062. 
He married Addie Boston. They had five children. Residence, 
Big Rapids, Mich. 

4330. Ervin King. (Jared C.^ Edmund'.) 2066. He mar- 
ried. His wife's name is Katharine. Residence, 1901, New Jersey. 

Child : 

4331. Katharine. 

4340. Louis Lepine King. (Jared C.% Edmund'.) 2068. He 
married Delia. Residence, 1901, Big Rapids, Mich. 

4350. Jared Treman King. (Jared C.^ Edmund'. 2067. He 
married. They have children. Residence, 1901, Big Rapids, Mich. 

4360. James G. McElwee. He married Josephine King. 
2063. Business man. He resided, in 1S93, at Big Rapids, Mich. 
Residence, 1901, Tennessee. 

Children : 

436 r. Fred. 
4362 Harry. 

4370. Morris Treman Banks. (Stephen Baker", John''. John^ 
Joseph', Joseph', John-, John'.) 2081. He was born Sept. 8. 1854. 
He married June 7, 1886, Mary Wilson (daughter of Richard W. 
Wilson and Elizabeth Neely, of Denver, Col.) She was born June 
7, 186 1. Hardware merchant in the old Treman store at Watkins, 
N. Y., for several years past. His store is now managed by his 
brother-in-law, George D. Utter, while he is engaged in business at 
Ithaca, N. Y. Elder in the Presbyterian Church of Watkins. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

4371. Louise Latta. Born March 26, 1889. 

4372. Elizabeth Wilson. Born Jan. 17, 1894. 
4374. Josephine. Born April 20, 1897. 

4380. Stephen Edwin Banks, Esq. (Stephen Baker', John*^, 
John5, Joseph-*, Joseph^ John^ John".) 2084. He was born Jan, 17, 
1 86 1. He prepared at Cook Academy, Havana, N. Y., and gradu- 
ated at the Cornell University Law School, 1895. While in college 
he was a member of the Delta Chi fraternity. He also studied in a 


Seventh Generation. 215 

law office, was admitted to the Bar, and is now an attorney in active 
practice. Before he took up the study of law he was a book-keeper 
in the Tompkins County National Bank at Ithaca from January, 
1 88 1, to April, 1885. He was also a hardware merchant in the old 
Treman store at Watkins, 1885-97. He married Oct. 5, 1898, by 
Rev. Joseph Frederick Eitschen (Pres.), Bertha Calvina O'Daniel 
(daughter of Addison H. O'Daniel and Mary H. Gardner, daughter 
of Calvin Gardner, of Ithaca, N. Y.) She was born Aug. 23, 1872. 
Deacon in the Presbyterian Church of Watkins. He is a Republican 
in politics and was elected Special County Judge of Tompkins County 
in 1900. Director in the Ithaca Conservatory of Music. Residence, 
1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

4385. John Baker Banks. (Stephen Baker', John*, John,^ 
Joseph-*, Joseph^ John'', John'.) 2086. He was born Jan. 30, 1865. 
He attended Cook Academy at Havana, N. Y. He married June 
12, 1889, by Rev. Thomas K. Beecher, D.D. (Cong.), Mary R. Stone, 
(daughter of Lauren Stone and Abigail Cronk, of Elmira, N. Y.) She 
was born March 10, 1864. Train Dispatcher. Residence, 1901, 
Elmira, N. Y. 

Child : 
43S6. Gertrude. Born Nov. 2S, 1S91. 

4390. GEORfiE Delos Utter. He was born Oct. 18, 1852, 
near Elmira, N. Y. He married July 25, 1878, Louise Lepine Banks. 
2082. Business man. He is manager of his brother-in-law, Morris 
T. Banks', hardware store at Watkins, N. Y. He removed his family 
to Ithaca recently to educate his children. He resided at Keysville, 
Va., in 1892. Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

4391. Josephine Treman. Born Aug. 27, 1881, at Millport, N. Y. 

4392. Linda Louise. Born Oct. r, 1885, at Canton, Pa. 

4394. Samuel L. Lacey. (Dr. James Lacey and Mary Allen, 
daughter of President Allen of Hampden-Sidney College.) He was 
born in March, 185 1 (o. 52). He was educated at Hampden-Sidney 
College. He married Feb. 10, 1892, at Keysville, Va., by Rev. R. 
V. Mcllwaine. D.D., President of Hairipden-Sidney College, Carrie 
Elizabeth Banks. 2085. Colporteur of the Synod of Virginia in 

2i6 History of the Treman Family. 

behalf of the publications of the Presbyterian Committee of Publica- 
tion for several years. He is now a planter. Residence, 1901, 
Lombardy Plantation, near Abilene, Prince Edward's Co.. Va. 

Child : 
4395- Josephine. Born July 18, 1897. Died July 20, 1S97. 

4400. Jared Treman Newman, Esq. (Isaac Harmon^ Har- 
mon'. ) 2101. He was born Nov. 4, 1855, in Enfield, Tompkins 
County, N. Y. He prepared at the Ithaca Academy and graduated 
at Cornell University, Ph. B., 1875, ^nd the Albany Law School, LL.B., 
1879. While in college he was a member of the Delta Upsilon fra- 
ternity. He studied law with Judge Marcus Lyon, of Ithaca, and was 
admitted to the Bar in May, 1879. He married Oct. 7, 1886, by Rev. 
Asa Severance Fiske, D.D. (Pres.), Jane Edwards Williams (daughter 
of Hon. Josiah Butler Williams. State Senator and President of the 
First National Bank of Ithaca, and Mary Hardy, daughter of Charles 
E. Hardy, merchant, of Ithaca, N. Y., and sister of George Russell 
Williams ; Prof. Henry Shaler Williams, of Yale University ; Roger 
Butler Williams : and Otis Lincoln Williams. One of her sisters 
married Prof. John Henry Tanner, of Cornell). She attended Wells 
College. Mr. Newman was a Law Lecturer in the Cornell University 
Law School, 1897-9, continuing his law practice at the same time, 
but declined to accept a Professorship. Member of the New York 
State Bar Association, Town and Gown Club and Country Club. 
He is a Republican in politics and was Special County Judge of 
Tompkins County, 1882-6, and City Attorney of Ithaca, 1895-9. 
Director in the First National Bank of Ithaca, the Ithaca Business 
Men's Association and the Ithaca Street Railway Company. Alumni 
Trustee of Cornell University since 1895 and of Auburn Theological 
Seminary since 1898. First President of the Ithaca Conservatory of 
Music. Elder in the First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca and Dele- 
gate to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church at Wash- 
ington in 1893. He has a beautiful home. Residence, 1901, 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

4401. Mary Louise. Born Sept. 9, 1887. 

4402. Robert Williams. Born July 28, 1889. 

4403. Henry Otis. Born April 8, 1S91. 

4404. Charles Hardy. Born April 8, 189 1. 


Seventh Generation. 217 

4410. James Lepine Marshall. (John Harris.) 21 11. He 
was born Dec. 14, 1855. He married Jan. 30, 1878, Flora Rhoena 
Foote (daughter of George Nelson Foote and Ann Eliza Ellick, of 
Trumansburg, N. Y.) She was born Jan. 24, 1855. Dealer in 
agricultural implements. Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

441 1. Gertrude Rhoena. Born Aug. 15, iSSo 

4412. Alice Louisa. Born Aug. 16, 1884. 

4413. Georgianna. Born April 7, 1886. 

4414. Grace Lepine. Born Oct. 6, 1888. 

4415. Charles Perry. Born July 9, 1892. 

4416. Lillian Esther. Born Sept. 9, 1896. 

4420. Rkv. Henry Benjamin Allen. (Samuel Clark.) 2126. 
He was born April 17, 1870. He attended Cook Academy and 
Cazenovia Seminary. He married, Dec. 16, 1896, Sarah Augusta 
Kellogg. She was born April 13, 1873. Methodist minister. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, East Canton, Pa. 

Children : 

4421. Samuel Philip. Born June 8, 1898. 

4422. Mary Elizabeth. Born Feb. 4, 1900. 

4430. Frank Treman Wyckoff. (Charles Wesley.) 2136. 
He was born Sept. 17, 1856. He married, Oct. 17, 1878, E. Anna 
Corel. She was born July 15, 1857, at Horseheads, N. Y. Member 
of the Society of Sons of the Revolution. Manufacturer of lumber 
and wooden water pipe at Williamsport, Pa. Residence, 1901, Stam- 
ford. Conn. 

Children : 

4431. Sybil Cynthia. Born Nov. 24, 1879, i" Elniira, N. Y. Died 

April 23. 1882, at Williamsport. 

4432. SpofFord Frank. Born Aug. 30, 1890, at Williamsport. 

4440. John Bower. (David.) 2172. He was born May 3, 
1865. He married, June 14, 1888, Nellie Thorp. He died April i, 

Child : 

4441. Sibyl W. Born May 9, 1890, 

2i8 History of the Treman Family. 

4450.- Abner T. Bower. (David.) 2 171. He was born Feb. 
21, 1862. He married, Oct. 17, 1894. Carrie Barber. 

Child : 

4451. Vivian. Born Nov. 3, 1S97. 

4460. ZinoN Wallace Treman. (William Wallace*, Alfreds 
Abner\ John^ Joseph^, Joseph'.) 2182. He was born Aug. 19, 
1862. He married, Oct. 21, 1890, Annie Kidman. 

Children : 

4461. Lillie Alice. Born Sept. 21, 1891. 

4462. Lester Wallace Born April 13, 1894. 

4463. Perry Earl. Born Feb. 2j, 1S97. 

4470. Byron Edson Treman. (William \\'allace\ Alfred-'. 
Abner^ John^, Joseph", Joseph'.) 2184. He was born Jan. 6, 1866. 
He married, March 20, 1896, Fannie Elizabeth Smith. He died July 
12, 1 90 1, at Jamesport, Mo. 

Children : 

4471. Ruth Ethel. Born Jan. 4, 1S97. 

4472. Mark Reed. Born March 14, 1898. 

4473. Helen Martha. Born Jul}' 19, 1900 

4490. Dr. Edwin Pasco Whitford. He married, Sept. 4, 
1884, Ella Asenath Treman. 2 181. Physician. 

Children : 

4491. Homer Pasco. Born May 21, 1892. 

4492. Eliot Treniain. Born May 24, 1895. Died .\pril 2S, 1896. 

4500. Edward Alonzo Turner. He married, Nov. 5, 1884, 
Emma Viola Treman. 2183. 

Children : 

4501. George Arthur. Born Dec. 15, 1886. 

4502. Pearl. Born June 26, 1899. 

4510. Frank Ed.son. (Alfred.) 2221. He was born June 
10, 1856. He married (istj, Dec. 15, 1879, Franc P. Saxton. She 
died Dec. 25, 1886. He married (2nd), Nov. 18, 1889, Julia Emma 
Baumgart. No children. 

Seventh Generation. 219 

4515. Alden James Treman. (Sevellen Alden^ Alfreds 
Abner", John\ Joseph^ Joseph'.) 2191. He was born Sept. 17, 1869. 
He married, March 20, 1894, Ida Mary Miller. She was born Jan. 
20, 1875, ^t Tipton, Iowa. Residence, 1901, Storm Lake, Iowa. 

Child : 
4516. Eva Alice. Born March 31, 1895. 
4520. Dean Treman Snyder. (Elias.) 2232. He was born 
July 3, 1867. He married, Dec. 4, 1888, Luella Myrtle Crookshank. 

Children : 

4521. Maud Ma}'. Born July lo, 1890. 

4522. Clifford Eugene. Born March 20, 1894. 

4530. Otis Elias Snyder. (Elias.) 2233. He was born 
July 8, 1871. He married, April 21, 1896, Hattie May Eyestone. 

Children : 

4531. Arthur Paul. Born Feb. i, 1897. 

4532. Hazel Bell. Born Dec. 15, 1899. 

4533. Ralph Dean. Born Jan. 12, 1890. 

4550. Rev. Dewitt Charles Treman. (Orlin*, Erastus Rose\ 
Abner\ John\ Joseph-, Joseph'.) 2272. He was born March 29, 
1875. ^6 married, Oct. 20, i8g6, Alice Dowd, of Rochester, N. Y, 
Minister. Residence. 1901, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Children : 
455 r. Frederick Orlin. Born Jan. 7, 1S99. 
4552. Dewitt Carlton. Born July 23, 1900. 

4560. John Watkin Baker. He was born Aug. 30, 1868, at 
Rochester, N. Y. He married, June 7, 1894, Leola May Treman. 
2271. No children. Residence, 1901, Rochester, N. Y. 

4570. Charles A. Goodrich. (George W.) 2328. He was 
born Oct. 18, 1859. He married Nov. 18, 1886, Fanny T. Robinson. 
She was born July 31, 1865. Residence, 1901, Cylon, Wis. 

Children : 

4571. Milo C. Born Oct. 26, 1S87. 

4572. Helen. Born June 26, 1891. 

4580. Edwin S. Jones. He married, Oct. i. 1876, Flora M. 
Goodrich. ^327. Residence, 1901, Cylon. Wis. 

History of the Treman Family 


4581. Belle. Born July 26, 1877. Died Oct. 5, 1877. 

45S2. Edith A. Born Feb. 13, 1881. 

4583. Warren L. Born June 8, 1884. 

4584. Clyde L. Born April 23, 1890. 

4590. Charles S. Jones. He was born Oct. 21, 1858. He 
married Sept. 14, 1881, Emily A. Goodrich. 2329. Residence, 
1 90 1, Cylon, Wis. 

Children : 

4591. Walter V. Born May 27, 1882. 

4592. Elmer C. Born March 16, 1884. 

4593. Mildred. Born Dec. 31, 1894. Died Jan. 15, 1895. 

4594. Neale V. Born Feb. 5, 1900. 

4600. Daniel L. Aiken. He was born July 15, 1825. He 
married, Dec. 21, 1851, Eunice Lamkin. 2337. 

Children : 

4601. Frank B. Born May 17, 1854. 6610. 

4602. Fred L. Born Jan. 5, 1858. 6620. 

4603. Henry H. Rumsey. He married Jan. 4, 1870, Florence 
Emily Waring. 2352. Residence, 1901, Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

4604. Florence Lufanna. Born May 25, 1871. 

4605. Harry Hanford. Born July 17, 1873. Died Feb. 28, i88r. 

4606. Lulu Mary. Born Sept. 8, 1864. 

4607. Anna Sarah. Born May 14, 1877. Died Sept. 7, 1877. 

4608. Edith. Born June 4, 1879. Died Au^. 21, 1880. 

4609. Edna Belle. Born Aug. 18, 1880. 

4610. Archibald L. VanNess. He married Feb. 12, 1868, 
Ella Gififord. 2361. Residence, 1901, New York City. 

Children : 

461 1. Archie. Married June 22, 1899, Mary Gregory, of Keysville, Va.' 

4612. Walter. Married Dec. 3, 1900, Marie Trevilian, of William 

burg, Va. 

4613. Lewis. Born 1883. 

4620. Madison Truman Smith. (William Harrison^, Isaiah 
Christopher'.) 2-391. He was born July 6, 1836. He married, June 


Seventh Generation. 221 

16, 1869, Mary A. Swartout. Business man. President of Board of 
Education. Residence, Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

4621. Minnie L. Born April 15, 1870. 

4622. Herman L. Born Jan. 3, 1876. 

4625. John James Blauvelt. He married, Dec. 23, 1863, 
Lucinda Smith. 2393. He died. Residence, Farmer, N. Y, 

Child : 
4626. John M. Born Jul_y 17, 1S67. 6600. 

4630. James Herbert Smith. (Ira T.-, Isaiah Christopher'.) 
2401. He married Ella Douglas. Residence, 1901, Trumansburg, 
N. Y. 

Children : 

4631. Jennie. 

4632. Lillian. Died young. 

4633. Ethlyn. 

4635. Alfred Treman Brown. (Aaron-, Jonathan'.) 2476. 
He was born Dec. 30, 1857. He married March 2, 1881, Mary E. 
Brown (daughter of Marvin R. Brown and Nancy Auble). She was 
born May 29, i860. 

Children : 

4636. Myrtie May. Born Dec. 5, 1883. 

4637. Leslie Alfred. Born Aug. 23, 1888. 

4640. Nelson Hyatt, Esq. (Abrani.) 241 1. He married 
Celia Wright. Lawyer. Editor of the Ovid Bee, the name of which 
he changed to Ovid Independent, She died. Residence, 1901, 
Penn Yan, N. Y. 

Children : 

4641. Franklin. Married. 

4642. Charlotte. 

4645. Harrison Smith Hyatt, Esq. (Abram.) 2412. He 
married Mary Woodworth. She was born Dec. 25, 1833, at Ovid, 
N. Y. Lawyer. He removed in 1 861, to Fulton, 111., and later to 
Quincy, 111., being connected with the schools of those cities. He 
removed in 1865 to Clinton, la., where he resided till 1873. He 

222 History of the Tkeman Family. 

resided later at Louisville, Ky., and St. Louis, Mo. He was pub- 
lisher of the Daily Herald, of Clinton, part of the time between 1865 
and 1873. She died, in 1879, at Clinton, Iowa. Residence, Clinton, 

Children : 

4646. Charlotte. Resides, 1 901, with her uncle, Frank Woodworth, at 

St. Louis, Mo. 

4647. Daughter. 

4648. Daughter. 

4650. Jay Hyatt, Esq. (Abrani.) 2413. He married in 
Bui^alo, N. Y. He studied law with Smith & Barto at Truman sburg, 
N. Y. Lawyer. No children. He died at the age of forty-one 
years at Pass Christian, Miss. Residence, Buffalo, N. Y. 

4655. Eugene Sears. (Almerion.) 2431. He married Louise 
Dickinson. Residence, 190 1, Trumansburg, N. Y. 

Children : 

4656. Cora. Married Jerome Stanle}'. Residence, 1901, Trumansburg, 

N. Y. 

4657. Margaret. Married a Hickok. Residence, 190 1, Utica, N. Y. 

4658. Lucinda. Married a Christopher. 

4660. Joseph Masterson. He married Helen Skinner. 2442, 
Detective. He died. She resides, 1901, N. Y. City. 

Children : 

4661. .Ambrose. Born about 1870. Residence, 1901, N. Y. Citj-. 

4662. Lillian. Born about 1893. Actress. 

4665. Charles Albert King. (William Trembly-', Minor',) 
2506. He was born Oct. 3, 1858. He married Aug. 10, 1898, 
Lillian June McAllister. 

Child : 
4666. Deborah. Born May 23, 1899. 

4670. WILLL4M Henry Blank. He married in July, 1893, 
Alice Best King. 2507. 

Child : 
4671. Clarence Henry. Born March 17, 1897. 

Seventh Generation. 223 

4675. Frank E. Poiier. He married Sept. 21, 1887, Annie 
Sharp King. 2508. 

Child : 

4676. Alice Winifred. Born Oct. 22, 1SS9. 

4680. William Benson Gray. He was born Nov. 3, 1864. 
He married March 24, 1892, Annie Meyer. 2521. Residence, 190 1, 

Children : 

46S1. Dorothy. Born Dec. 23, 1892. 

4682. Helen. Born Nov. 26, 1895. 

4683. Mary. Born March 16, 1897. 

4685. George William Pease. He was born June 30, 1862. 
He married, Sept. 30, 1886, Lottie Meta Meyer. 2523. Residence, 
1 90 1, Springiield, Mass. 

Children : 

4686. George Edward. Born Dec. 12, 1887. 

4687. Marian Cartwright. Born Sept. 4, 1890. 
46SS. Helen King. Born Aug. 26, 1896. 

4690. Charles Bullman. He married, Oct. 21, 1891, Fan- 
nie Louise Meyer. 2524. Residence, 1901, Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 

4691. Eloise. Born Aug. 13, 1892. 

4692. Charles. Born Oct. 24, 1893. Died June 7, 1894. 

4693. Margaret. Born Oct. 25, 1894. Died June 24, 1895. 

4694. Miriam. Born Oct. 23, 1895. 

4695. Benjamin Pray. Born Sept. 3, 1897. 

4700. Noble D. Tremain. (Daniel M.*, Benjamin^, Philip^ 
John\ Thomas', Joseph'.) 2532. He was born Jan. 12, 1828. He 
married (ist) Jan. 9, 1856, Mary H. Fessenden. She died Feb. 13, 
1867. He married (2nd) Nov. 16, 1887, Catharine Martin. He 
died April 7, 1889. 

Children : 

4701. .\rthur K. Born March 27, 1858. 

4702. Hudson. Born Nov. 20, 1859. 

4703. Harvey. Born Nov. 20, 1859. Died Aug. 9, i860. 

224 History of the Treman Family. 

4704. William. Born Nov. 20, 1861. Married Nov. 8, 1882. Ella E. 

Atwater. Residence, Ledyard, N. Y. 

4705. Georgana. Born March 11, 1864. Died July 15, 1880. 

4710. George A. Truman. (Daniel M.*, Benjamin', Philip\ 
John'', Thomas", Joseph'.) 2534. He was born June 5, 1837, at 
Venice, N. Y. He married, Dec. 27, 1859, JuUette Frink, (daughter 
of Nathan P. and AngeUne D. Frink, of Marshall, Mich.). She was 
born Aug. 6, 1837, at Jackson, Mich. President of Farmers' and 
Merchants' Bank of Nashville, Mich. Vice-President of the Will- 
iams Fruit Evaporating Company. The only political office he has 
held is that of Treasurer. Merchant. Resided at Marshall, Mich. 
Residence, 1901, Nashville, Mich. 

Children : 

471 1. G. F. Married Ella Stephens, of Heuvelton, St. Lawrence Co., 

N. Y. 

4712. Isabelle. Married Freeland T. Boise. 6950. 

4713. Nellie. Married Harry R. Banks. 6960. 

4714. Sanford J. Born in Nashville, Mich. Merchant. Residence, 


4715. Edna. Born in Nashville. Married William Montague Ferr}-. 


4725. Abram K. Treman. (Daniel M.*, Benjamin^, Philip-*, 
John', Joseph^ Joseph'.) 2535. He was born Sept 12, 1841, at 
Venice, N. Y. He married Dec. 21, 1862, Gertrude Harrison. 
Residence, 1901, Lansing, Mich. 

Children : 

4726. Eugenia. Born March 6, 1864. Died Sept. 30, 1S64. 

4727. Louisa. Born Aug. 16, 1865. Married John K. Vlier. 7080. 

4728. Gertrude. Born Jan. 12, 1868. Married Aug. i, 1897, Harry R. 

Banks, of Kansas City, Mo. 

4729. Clement. Born Sept. 4, 1869 (o. 1870). 6500. 

4730. Elizabeth. Born Jan. 23, '1873 (o. 1872). Married Ernest Part- 

ridge. 7090. 

4740. A. H. Smith. He married Nov. 25, 1855, Clotilda T. 
Tremain. 2543. Flour manufacturer. Residence, 1894, Delta, Ohio. 

Children : 

4741. Eva A. Born July 13, 1857. Married F. O. Bates. 

4742. Warren T. Born March 30, t86o. 


Seventh Generation. 225 

4750. W. H, Anway, He married in Sept., 1857, Lucinda 
Tremain. 2544. Residence, 1901, Republic, Ohio. 

Children : 

4751. Emma. Born Aug. 17, 1858. Died Nov. 17, 1872. 

4752. Katie. Born Sept. 10, i860. Married Nov. 16, 1SS3, A. J. Stick- 

ney. She died Nov. 18, 1885. 
4753- William Warren. Born April i8, 1863. 7000. 
4754. Laura S. Born Feb. 16, 1865. Married Colonel Ellsworth 


4760. Fulton Goodyear. He married, June 9, 1853, Mar}' 
Tremain. 2551. Merchant. He died June 4, 1859. She died 
April 25, 1855. Residence, Five Corners, Cayuga Co., N. Y. 

Child : 
4761. Daughter. Died in infancy. 

4770. Charles W. Tremain. (Abram K.^ Ben jamin^, Philip'*, 
John\ Thomas-, Joseph'.) 2561. He was born Oct. 2, 1829, at 
Ludlowville, N. Y. He married, Dec. 30, 1850, Louisa B. Osmun. 
He is the inventor and patentee of several valuable machines ; one 
is a stamping machine for gold ore. Residence, 1901. Chicago, III. 

Children : 

4771. George. Died in infancy. 

4772. Frances. Unmarried in 1893. 

4773. Nellie. Married M. L. Depue. 7020. 

4774. Mildred Elwell. Married, June 27, 1900, Alex Lee Parker. 

4780. James K. Tremain. (Abram K.*, Benjamin^, Philip-*, 
John\ Thomas=, Joseph'.) 2564. He was born Dec. 25, 1835, at 
Republic, Ohio. He married, Dec. 21, 1859, Nancy J. Brecken- 
ridge. Master Mechanic. Residence, 1893, DesMoines, la., (o. 
Chicago, 111.) 

Children : 

4781. William. Civil Engineer. Residence Pacific Coast. 

4782. Laura. 

4783. Edith. 

4784. Dwight. 

4790. Ross C. Tremain. (Abram K.^ Benjamin^, Philip", 
John^ Thomas', Joseph".) 2567. He was born Sept. 29, 1841. He 

226 History of the Treman Family. 

married Georgia Risley, of Oberlin, Ohio. Soldier in the Civil War, 
1 86 1 -5. Merchant. He resided at Blue Earth City, Minn., several 
years. Residence, 1893, Mount Dora, Florida. 

Children : 

4791. Louie R. 

4792. Ella. 
4793- Roy. 

4800. Oscar Gray. He married, Oct. 4, 1856, Mary J. Tre- 
main. 2565. Residence, Fort Howard, Wis. Lumber manufacturer. 
Child : 
4801. Hattie. Born Nov. 2, 1S57. Married Rev. J. H. Sampson. 7030. 

4810. Albert Barnard. He married. May 12, 1859, Maria 
C. Tremain. 2566. He died July 3, 1866, at Bellevue, Ohio. She 
died May 21, 1876, at Bellevue. 

Children : 

4S11. Fred. Unmarried. Residence, 1893, Chicago, 111. 
4812. Fannie. Married Frederick L. Dole. 7040. 

4820. Frederick Russell. He married, Oct. 2, 1866, Elmina 
A. Tremain. 2569. She died in June, 1867. 


4821. Minnie. Married, Dec. 28, 1893, T. F. Hubes. Architect. Resi- 
dence, 1893. Toledo, Ohio. 

4830. Daniel M. Tremain. (Harvey^ Benjamin', Philip-*, 
John', Thomas^ Joseph'.) 2581. He was born April 3, 1841. He 
married, March 26, 1862, (o. March 3, 1863), Julia Ludlow Snyder. 
She was born July 16, 1843. Residence, 1894, Peru, Huron Co., 

Children : 

4831. Martha Ellen. Married John C. Davis. 

4832. Judson H. Unmarried. Residence, 1901, Havana, Ohio. 

4833. Ross Clark. Married, Nov. 25, 1899, Lena Converse, of Palmyra, 

N. Y. Residence, 1901, Rochester, N. Y. 

4834. Fay C. 6510. 

4840. Daniel M. Tremain. Gardner K*., Benja^min^, Philip^ 
John^ Thomas^ Joseph'.) 2591, He was born Jan. 26, 1840. He 

Seventh Generation. 227 

married. His wife's name was Catharine. She was born in 1846. 
She died July 1, 1894, at Toledo, Ohio. He enlisted Sept. i, 1861, 
in Co. K., 38th Regt. Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He re-enlisted and 
served till the close of the Civil War. Honorably discharged July 
12, 1865. Residence, Sparta, Ohio. 

Children : 

4841. Arthla L,. Married a Carpenter. 
4S42. Ruth A. Married a Goodwin. 

4850. John J. Tremain. (Gardner K.'', Benjamin^, Philip'', 
John\ Thomas-, Joseph'.) 2592. He was born in 1837. He mar- 
ried Nancy Meeker. He enlisted Aug. 19, 1862, in Co. H., looth 
Regt. Ohio Vol. Infantry. He died Jan. 27, 1864. 

Child : 
4851. James B. Died in 1864. 

4860. Abraham C. Tremain. (Gardner K.^, Benjamin^, 
Phi]ip\ John^, Thomas', Joseph'.) 2594. He married Ida M. Skeels. 
Residence, 1894, Delta, Ohio. 

Children : 

Married a Zellers. 


Gertrude H. 


Tarance T. 


Ross S. 


Charles E. 


Carhon A. 


Atla S, 

4870. Warren B. Tremain. (Gardner K.^ Benjamin^, Philip-*, 
John^ Thomas-, Joseph'.) 2597. He married Rachel A. Baker. 
Residence. 1894, Delta, Ohio. 

Child : 

4871. Floyd. 

4880. John Shoaff. He married Phebe E. Tremain. 2593, 
She died June 8, 1872, 

Children : 

48S1. Mira E. Married a Mallery. 

4882. Martha. Married a Burgis. 

4883. Minnie. 

4884. Tremain. 

228 History of the Treman Family. 

4890. Henry. He married Minnie Tremain, 2595. Resi- 
dence, 1894, Morrice, Shiawassee Co., Mich. 

Children : 

4891. Jonas J. 

4892. Herbert D. 

4900. Clayton Merrin Swift. He was born in 1853. He 
married Ida Delphene Tremain. 2602. Business man. Supervisor, 
1887. He died Nov. 24, 1890. He resided at Summer Hill, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y., and Cortland, N. Y. She resides, 1901. Cortland, N. Y. 

Children : 

4901. Edith May. Born Nov. 25, 1880. She graduated at the State 

Normal School at Cortland, N. Y., 1901. 

4902. Tremain L. Born Nov. 27, 1892. Died Sept. 17, 1893. 

4903. Helen Merrin. Born Nov. 7, 1890. 

4910. Edson H. Moe. (James.) 2612. He was born Sept. 
24, 1828. He married (ist), Dec. 14, 1856, Lodelia Adell Arnold, 
of Venice, N. Y. She died Aug. 26, 1863. He married (2nd), April 
23, 1868, Cordeha Stillwell, in Buffalo, N. Y. Residence, 1894, 
Berlin Heights, Erie Co., Ohio. 

Child : 
4911. William T. Born April 25, 1858. 6970. 

4920. Alfred Lanterman. He was born Oct. 30, 1829, in 
Lansing, Tompkins Co., N. Y. He married, Jan. i, 1849, Maria T. 
Moe. 261 1. Supervisor, 1872. Justice of the Peace, 1886-94. 
President of Patrons' Fire Relief Association of Cayuga County, 
N. Y., 1882-94. Residence, 1894, Kings Ferry, N. Y. 

Children : 

4921. Clara T. Born Nov. 30, 1849. Residence, 1894, Kings Ferry. 

4922. Ai. Born Oct. 20, 1854. 7050. 

4923. Jay. Born Dec. 17, 1856. Died June 27, 1857. 

4924. George S. Born Dec. 10, 1867. 7060. 

4930. Rev. Wesley Mason. He married, Jan. 14, 1862, 
Orinda E. Clark. 2621. She attended Cazenovia Seminary. He 
attended Falley and Cazenovia Seminaries. Methodist minister. 
Principal of Red Creek Academy. Commissioner of Public Schools of 




Seventh Generation. 229 

Cayuga Co., N. Y. Pastor of churches at Phoenix and Owego, N. 
Y. Residence, 1901, Ovid, N. Y. 

Children : 

4931. Edwin Clark. Born Nov. 7, 1862, at Owego, N. Y. 7070. 

4932. Flora Maria. Born May 27, 1871, at Ledyard, N. V. Died Oct. 

19. 1886, at Syracuse, N. Y. 

4935. Augustus Tremain. (Augustus Porter", Augustus', 
Gaius^ John\ Joseph^, Joseph'.) 2631. He was born March 27, 
1834. Treasurer and Auditor of the Tavares and Gulf Railroad 
Company. Residence, 1901, Orlando, Fla. 

4940. Hon, Charles Tremain. (Augustus Porter*, Augustus', 
Gaius\ John^, Josephs Joseph'.) 2632. He was born April 23, 
1843, at Fayetteville, N. Y. He married, in 1883, Esther H. Jack- 
son (daughter of Peter A. H. Jackson, of New York City). He 
commenced business in Wall Street, New York City. He later com- 
menced the manufacture of paper at Manlius, N. Y., and still later at 
Springfield, Mass. He removed in 1879 to Oswego, N. Y., and took 
an active partnership in the Shade Cloth Company, of Minetto, N. Y., 
which in the past few years has grown to large proportions. He is 
a Thirty-second Degree Mason. Member of Assembly. Vice-Presi- 
dent and Director Columbia Shade Cloth Company and Tavares and 
Gulf Railroad Company. Member of Union League, Republican and 
Atlantic Yacht Clubs of New York City, and Citizens' and Mer- 
chants' Clubs of Syracuse, N. Y. (See Landmarks of Oswego 
County, N. Y., New York Biographical Directory). He owns a sum- 
mer cottage at Twilight Park in the Catskills. Oflfice, 41 Union 
Square. Residence, 1901, Hotel San Remo, New York City. 

4944. John S. Dean. He was born May 14, 1846. He mar- 
ried, Dec. 27, 1870, Elizabeth Ardell Tremain. 2652. He died May 
14, 1891. 

Children : 

4945. Jennie Marilla. Born Aug. 19, 1873. Married Clarence Sweezey. 


4946. Nellie Francis. Born Dec. 28, 1S74. Married, Oct. 28, 1896, 

.\lbert Fetter. 

4947. INIilo Byron. Born Jan. 24, 1882. 

4948. Albert Llewellyn. Born April 22, 1884. 

230 History of the Treman Family. 

4950. Henry Alonzo Ranous, (Charles and Jane Ranous, 
of Harvard, 111.) He married Jan. 5, 1875, Amanda Jane Williams. 
2691. He died Sept. 15, 1900. Residence, Evanston, 111. 

Children : 

4951. Arthur Henry. Born Oct. 30, 1875. 

4952. John Gains. Born June 11, 1879. 

4953- Paul. Born Jan. 11, i88r. Died Sept. 23, 18S6. 
4954. Grace Williams. Born Feb. 25, 1885. 
4955- Pearl. Born Dec. i, 1888. 

4960. William Frederick Hood. (William and Mary Hood, 
of Green Bay, Wis.) He was born May 7, 1857. He married Dec. 
27, 1882, Sarah Margaret Williams. 2694. Residence, 1901, Fair- 
child, Wis. 

Children : 

4961. William Frederick. Born Nov. 25, 1883. 

4962. Ruth Anna. Born Sept. 10, 1885. 

4963. Helen Amanda. Born Aug. 28, 1889. 

4964. Albert Russell. Born Dec. 5, 1892. Died Feb. 21. 

4970. Melvin T. Pritchard. (Lyman.) 2701. He was 
born May 27, 1866. He married April 17, 1892, Lura Baker (daugh- 
ter of Barlow and Sophia Baker). She was born Jan 27, 1861, at 
Weymouth, Ohio. Residence, 1901, Medina, Ohio. 

Children : 

4971. Orlie B. Born May 28, 1S94. 

4972. Melvin C. Born April 20, 1898. 

4980. Dr. Martin Jellette Taylor. He was born Feb. 28, 
1856, in Huston Co., Minn. He graduated M.D. at the University 
of Michigan. He married Sept. 15, 1886, Stella Irene Carpenter. 
2704. Residence, 1901, Janesville, Minn. 

Children : 

4981. Marvel Bernice. Born Jan. 5, 1891. 

4982. Douglas Winston. Born April 7, 1S94. 

4990. Otis Power. (Nathan.) 1736. He was born March 
15, 1836, at Farmington, Mich, He married, in 1863, Susan E. 
Brown. She was born Feb. 23, 1839. He died Feb. 9, 1881. She 
resides at Detroit, Mich. 

Seventh Generation. 231 

Child : 

4991. Ellsworth C. Born June 7, 1867. Travelling salesman. Resi- 
dence, 1901, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

5000. Philip A. Brown. (Brother of Susan E. Brown.) He 
was born Feb. 22, 1833, at Salem, Mich. He married, Nov. 27, 
i860, Huldah Power. 2737. She died Dec. 7, 1893, at Fowlerville, 
Mich. Residence, Farmington and Fowlerville, Mich. 

Children : 

5001. Maybell. Born Sept. 7, 1S61. Died June 16, 1862, at Farming- 

ton, Mich. 

5002. Nathan P. Born Feb. 2, 1S63. 7170. 

5003. Son. Born April 21, 1S64. Died April 25, 1864. 

5010. Jeremiah K_\msdell. He was born Aug. i, 1822, at 
Egypt, N. Y. He married, Oct. 12, 1854, Huldah A. Comstock. 
2717. Farmer for many years at Egypt, N. Y. Justice of the Peace 
at Fairport, N. Y., twelve or fifteen years. He died March 4, 1894, 
at Fairport, N. Y. She resides, 1901, No. 317 Highland Ave., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Child : 

5011. Catherine C. Born Feb. 21, 1S61, at Fairport, N. Y. Married 
Ernest C. Moses. 71 So. 

5020, William H. Lamb. He was born Feb. 16, 1830, at 
Villanova, Chautauqua Co., N. Y. He married, Jan. 8, 1896, Eliza- 
beth Comstock. 2726. He was a farmer, temperance worker and 
Friend. She is a Friend. He died Jan. 24, 1893, at RoUin, Mich. 
She resides, 1901, Clayton, Mich. 

Child : 

5021. Ellington C. Born Jan. 23, 1862, at Rollin, Mich. ^Married Jan. 
17, 1883, Carrie Newell, at Elkhart, Ind. vShe was born April 3, 
1862. Farmer. Wire fence manufacturer. Residence, Rollin, 

5030. William K. Green. He was born Jan. 21, 183 1, at 
Otto, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. He married, Oct. 23, 1856. Edna 
Comstock. 2727. Farmer at Rollin, Mich. Superintendent of 
Raisin Valley Seminary, Adrian, Mich. Farming again. She died 
Oct. 25, 1895, at Whittier, Cal. Residence, 1901, Whittier, Cal. 

232 History of the Treman Family. 

Child : 

5031. William Blanchard. Born May 31, 1S66, at Rollin, Mich. Mar- 
ried, Feb. 14, 1900, Lucy Belle Smith, at Red Wing, Minn. She 
was born Feb. 19, 1S68, at Red Wing, Minn. Post Office clerk. 
Residence, T901, Redlands, Cal. 

5040. Lebbeijs H. Foster. He was born March 2, 1834, at 
Spencerport, N. Y. He married, Nov. 10, 1859, ^"^7 Comstock. 
2728. Residence, 1901, Adrian, Mich. 

Children : 

504r. Hervey D. Born Dec. 16, 1861. Died in Sept., 1862. 
5042. Blanche M. Born Jan. 4, 1864. 

5050. Hon. John Underwood Harkness. He was born May 
12, 1840, in Raisin Township, Lenawee Co., Mich. He married, 
Nov. 15, 1862, Charity Crane Comstock. 2729. Farmer. Member 
of Michigan House of Representatives. 1883. Superintendent of 
Raisin Valley Seminary, near Adrian, 1885-7. Superintendent of 
Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., 1887-97. Residence, 1901, Rol- 
lin. Mich. 

Children : 

5051. Llewellyn. Born Feb. 26, 1S64. 7190. 

5052. Lina Rowene. Born Aug. 26, 1876. 

5053. Beulah Elizabeth. March 27, 1883. 

5060. Prof. William James Beal, A.M., Sc.M., Ph.D. (Will- 
iam.) 2661. He was born March 11, 1833, at Adrian, Mich. He 
married Sept. 2, 1863, Hannah Ann Proud, (daughter of John and 
Ann Proud, of Michigan, formerly of New Jersey). She was born 
April 28, 1837, atMedford, N. J. 

The following is from a Book for the Teachers of Michigan, by 
J. H. Beers & Co., Chicago, 1899 : 

"Professor Beal's boyhood was spent on the farm with one year 
in the grist mill. When seventeen years of age the opening of Raisin 
Valley Seminary, four miles northeast of Adrian, afforded him an 
opportunity for advanced study, and in 1855, he spent some months 
in completing a preparation for college at Lodi Academy, Lodi, 
Michigan (long ago closed). On October i, 1855, ^^ entered the 
classical course in the University of Michigan, where he was gradu- 


Seventh Generation. 233 

ated in 1859 ^^'^^^ ^^^^ degree of A.B. At once he became teacher of 
Natural Science in Friends' Academy, Union Springs, Cayuga County, 
New York, remaining there until March, 1861, when he entered the 
Lawrence Scientific School of Harvard University, remaining for one 
and one-half years, studying Botany, Zoology and Comparative 
Anatomy, under Gray, Agassiz and Wyman. In 1863, he became 
teacher of Natural Science in Rowland School at Union Springs, 
New York, remaining until the summer of 1868, with the exception of 
one term of the spring of 1865 at Harvard, where in that year he 
graduated with the degree of Sc.B. He was the Professor of Natural 
History from 1869 to 1871 at the University of Chicago, and lecturer 
in many schools and some academies and colleges. In 1870 he was 
lecturer in Botany; 1871, Professor of Botany, and from 1871 to 
1 88 1 he was Professor of Botany and Horticulture in the Michigan 
State Agricultural College, and has since held his present position. 
He was also one of the professors connected with the Botanical 
Department of the Correspondence University, started at Ithaca, New 
York, and later removed to Chicago, where it has since been dis- 

"( )ur subject received the degree of A.M. in the course from the 
University, in 1862, Ph.D. (honorary) University of Michigan, in 
1880, and Sc.M. (honorary) University of Chicago in 1875. ^^ the 
various societies with which he has united he has always been recog- 
nized as a leader. While in the University of Michigan he was a 
charter member of XI Chapter of Zeta Psi fraternity, and its first 
president during its senior year. He is a fellow of the A. A. A. S., 
and was president" of Section F. in 1883; was the first president of 
the Botanical Club of the Society organized in 1883 ; first president 
of the Association of Botanists of the United States Experiment Sta- 
tion, 1 888 ; first president of the Michigan State Academy of Science, 
1894; one of the organizers of the Society for the Promotion of 
.\gricultural Science, 1880, and served as the first president for two 
years, 1880-2 ; secretary of the American Pomological Society for 
two terms (four years), 1881-85; president of the State Teachers' 
Association in 1882, and of the College Section, 1893; director of 
the State I'orestry Commission, 1888-91 ; member of Capitol Grange 
No. 540, North Lansing, joining about 1878, and active for five years 
as a lecturer and for three years as master of Ingham County Grange. 

234 History of the Treman Family. 

He is the author of reports, lectures and accounts of experiments in 
Michigan Agricultural Reports from 1870 to 1S98, amounting in all 
to a large volume, and his reports and lectures and papers prepared 
for the Michigan Pomological and Horticultural Society from 1870 to 
1898, make a fair sized volume. He has also prepared several papers 
for the reports of the American Pomological Society and also edited 
two volumes, 1881 and 1885. He has been a frequent contributor 
to the American Naturalist, New York Tribune, Scientific Farmer, 
Prairie Farmer, Rural New Yorker, American Garden, Philadelphia 
Press, Farm Home Journal, Illinois Teacher, Michigan Teacher, 
Michigan School Moderator, and an occasional writer for numerous 
other papers, including the American Journal of Science, The Micro- 
scope, Garden and Forest, Mechanical Fngineering, State Teachers' 
Association, while he has written many papers for the A. A. A. S., and 
articles for both editions of Michigan and her Resources. His books 
are: Vol. I, "Grasses of North America," printed in 1887; Vol. I, 
"Grasses of North America," 2nd Ed., Vol. H, "Grasses of North 
America," isi Ed., both in 1896, published hy Henry Holt & Com- 
pany, New York ; "Plant Dispersal, or How Plants Travel," for 
teachers and high schools, published by Ginn & Company, Boston, 
Mass., 1898. 

"Born a Quaker, Professor Beal has never joined any religious 
society, while politically he is a Temperance Republican." 

The Cyclopedia of American Biographies, by John Howard 
Brown, says of him: 

"William James Beal, botanist, was born at Adrian, Mich., March 
II, 1833. He was fitted for college at the Raisin Valley Seminary, 
and entered the University of Michigan in 1855, graduating in 1859. 
He then taught school for about three years, and in 1862 entered 
Harvard Universitv, where he took a post-graduate course under 
Agassiz and Gray. In 1868 he accepted the professorship of Natural 
History in the University of Chicago, and in 1870 he was given the 
chair of Botany and Horticulture in the Michigan Agricultural Col- 
lege, which he held until 1883, when he was transferred to the pro- 
fessorship of Botany and Forestry. He became a member of numerous 
scientific societies, and contributed many original papers to the 
American Naturalist, the American Journal of Science, and to the 

Seventh Generation. 235 

reports of the Michigan Board of Agriculture and the several state 
societies. In 1875 he made a collection of grasses and woods for 
the Centennial exhibition at Philadelphia, which received much atten- 
tion and won two diplomas. He was president of the Michigan 
State Teachers' Association in 1881, and president of the Society for 
the Promotion of Agricultural Science in 1880-81. He published 
"A New Botany" (1881) and "The Grasses of North America," both 
of which are highly esteemed by scientific men. Speaking of the 
latter work, Prof. A. J. Cook says : 'He is without doubt the best 
authority on the Graminecr in the United States and one of the 
highest authorities in the world. His work on this family of plants 
is not only scientific and exhaustive, but is wonderfully accurate, so 
that the practical man can rely on it as a certain guide.' " 
Residence, 1901, Agricultural College, (P. O.) Mich. 

Children : 

5061. Jessie Irene. Born March 17, 1870, at Chicago, 111. Graduated 

at Michigan Agricultural College, B.S., 1890. Attended Michi- 
gan University one and a half years. Married Ray Stannard 
Baker. 7200. 

5062. Son. Born June 4, 1873. Died June 5, 1S73, at Lansing, Mich. 

5070. Joseph Otis Beal. (William.) 2662. He was born 
March 8. 1835, at RoUin, Mich. He graduated at Michigan Normal 
School. He married, April 13, 1865, Elvira Westgate (daughter of 
Jonathan Westgate and Hannah Gorton). She was born April 13, 
1843, ^t Palmyra, Mich. Farmer. Residence, 1901, Rollin, Mich. 

Children : 

5071. May P'lorence. Born May i, 1S70. Died Sept. 27. 1S72, at Rol- 

lin, Mich. 

5072. William Otis. Born Feb. 18, 1874. 72 lu. 

5073. James Emerson. Born Nov. 14, 1S77. Graduated at Raisin 

Valley Seminary, Adrian, Mich., 1895. Residence, 1901, Rollin, 

5074. Vinora. Born June 10, 1879. Graduated at Raisin Valley Sem- 

inary, 1S98. Attending State Normal School, Ypsilanti, Mich. 

5075. Faimie Esther. Born July 31, 1883. Attending High School at 

Hudson, Mich. 

5080. Oliver C. McLouth. He was born Jan. 20, 1847. He 
married Oct. 10, 1872, Mary Comstock Beal. 2663. Teacher when 
a young man. Farmer. Residence, 1901, Addison, Mich. 

236 History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

5081. John DeWitt. Born Nov. 24, 1875. 7220. 

5082. Florence. Born Dec. 6. 1SS4. Graduated at Addison High 

School, 1 90 1. 

5090. Mark Tremaine. (DanieF, Russell^ Julius^ John^, 
Joseph^ Joseph'.) 2751. He was born Oct. i, 1827. He married, 
Dec. 2, 1852, Betsey Burrall. She was born Oct. 13, 1831, at Scio, 
N. Y. Iron founder. Oil producer. Flour manufacturer. He died 
in June, 1885. She died July 24, 1889. Residence, Wellsville, 
Alleghany Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

5091. Alice E. Born July 3, 1856. Married, April 11, 1876, Simeon A. 

Elliott. He died Jan. 14, 1883. 

5092. Mary Frances. Born June 3, 1S62. Married May i, 1890, George 

F. Stephens. He was born Nov. 17, 1859, at Cold Water, Mich. 

5093. Helen Katharine. Born May 28, 1864. Married Milton D. 

Haskins. 7320. 

5100. Saul Tremaine. (DanieP, Russell^, Julius-*, John% 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 2752. He was born Sept. 13, 1829. He mar- 
ried, March 22, 1853, Desire Handy. She was born May 4, 1830. 
He died Jan. 22, 1888. She died Dec. 2, 1900. Residence, Law- 
renceville. Pa. 

. Children : 

5101. Lewis Erwin. Born Oct. 4, 1854. 

5102. Ella. Born Sept. 4, 1856. 

51 10. Russell Tremaine. (DanieP, Russell^, Julius'', John^, 
Joseph-, Joseph'.) 2755. He was born Jan. 27, 1841. He married, 
July 2, 1863, Sylvia E. Burrell. She was born Sept. 20, 1841, at 
Belfast, N. Y. Soldier in the Civil War, wounded at Perryville, Ky. 
Honorably discharged, Feb. 4, 1863, at Louisville, Ky. Oil producer. 
Post Commander G. A. R. President of the village of Wellsville. 
President of the Board of Education. Residence, Wellsville, N. Y. 

Children : 

51 11. EHzabeth Miriam. Born April 13. 1871. Married William Henry 


5112. Robert. Born Nov. 27, 1875. Died May 31, 1S76. 

Seventh Generation. 237 

5120. William Wallace Tremaine. (DanieP, Russell^, Julius^ 
John^, Joseph% Joseph'. 2756. He was born Sept. 2, 1847. He 
married, Feb. 24, 1872, Abbie Moore. She was born Sept. 11, 1852, 
in Wellsville, N. Y. Residence, 1901, Wellsville, N. Y. 

Children : 

5121. Harry C. Born Aug. 27, 1872. 

5122. Lewis. Born Dec. 25, 1874. 

5123. Edward V. Born Nov. 24, 1876. 

5124. Robert E. Born Aug. 29, 1880, at Amity. 

5125. Mark J. Born Feb. 20, 1885. Died June 22, 1891. 

5126. Russell R. Born Feb. 24, 1S89, at Alma. 

5130. John Managan. He married, April 12, 1857, Nancy 
Tremaine. 2753. Soldier in the Civil War. Honorably discharged. 
He died in 1881. She died. Residence, Nelson, Pa. 

5140. Dr. a. M. Loop. He married, April 2, 1865, Sophia 
Tremain. 2754. Residence, 1901, Nelson, Tioga Co., Pa. 

Children : 

5141. Mark. T. Born Sept. 5, 1869. Unmarried. Residence, 1901, 

Nelson, Pa. 

5142. Dr. Wallace B. Born Aug. 8, 1872. Physician. Residence, 

1901, Hope, Idaho. 

5150. Marshall Victor Tremaine. (Justus*, Russell^ Julius'', 
John', Josephs Joseph'.) 2761. He was born March 10, 1845. He 
married Maud. He removed about 1893 from Fort Scott, Kan., to 

Children : 

5152. Winnie Dell. Born in 1869. 

5153. Mont Morenca. Born in 1871. 

5154. Ernest Russell. Born in 1873. 

5155. Lillian Lula. Born in 1877. 

5156. Bertha Bell. Born in 1879. 

5157. Mary Pearl. 

5158. Maud Victoria. Born in 1885. 

5159. Ray. Born in 1887. 

5165. James Byron Tremaine. (Justus*, Russell^, JuliusS 
John\ Joseph", Joseph'.) 2762. He was born June 7, 1846. He 
married, about 1875, Millie. Residence, 1901, Elsinore, Allen Co.. 

2^S History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

5166. Lyda May. Born in 1877. 

5167. Victor Eugene. Born in 1879. 

5168. Ira Bert. Born in 1888. 

5175. Edward H. Tremaine. (Edward*, Lyman^, Julius^ 
John^, Joseph", Joseph'.) 2831. He was born in 1839, ^^ Lindley, 
N. Y. He married, in 1861, Mary Coldstock, of Middlebury, Pa. 
Lumberman. Residence, 1901, Galeton, Pa. 

Children : 

5176. Eva. Born in i862atLawrenceville, Pa. Married, in 188 1, Wil- 

son Biggs. They had three or four children. She died in 1895 
at Ulysses, Pa. 

5177. Louis. Born in 1869. He married, in 1894, Eva T. Briggs. 

Business man. They had two children in 1880. Residence, 
1 90 1, Galeton, Pa. 

5178. Ada. Born in 1878, at Clymer, Pa. Married, in 1898. Resi- 

dence, 1901, Galeton, Pa. 

5179. Grace. Born in 1880. 

5 185. Charles H. Tremaine. (Julius^ Lyman^, Julius*, John\ 
Joseph^, Joseph'.) 2843. He was born Feb. 4, 1841. He married, 
Nov. 21, 1865, Thurza Guiles (daughter of Joseph Guiles and Susan 
A.Leonard). She was born Dec, 18, 1 841. He died. She resides, 
1901, at Lawrenceville. Residence, Lawrenceville, Pa. 

Children : 

5186. Frank B. Born June i, 1867. 

5187. Julius E. Born June 17, 1883. Residence, 1901, Somers Lane, Pa. 

5195. George D. Tremaine. (JuUus^ Lyman^, Julius", John^, 
Joseph", Joseph'.) 2844. He was born Oct. 13, 1844. He married, 
about 1870, Lodia Roff (daughter of James and Maria Roff). She 
was born Dec. 18, 1841. Residence, 1901, Brookfield, Pa. 

Children : 

5196. Clarence. Born Feb. 7, 1871. He married in 1892. They have 

children. Residence, 1901, Corning, N. Y. 

5197. Katie. Born in 1877. Married, Nov. 2, 1898, Albert D. Good- 

win. He died Oct. 27, 1899. She resides, 1901, Westfield, Pa. 

5210. William B, Tremaine. (Julius^ Lyman^, Julius", John\ 
Joseph^ Joseph'.) 2845. He was born May 30, 1847, He married, 

Seventh Generation. 239 

Feb. 24, 1869, Ella Edmunds. She was born Aug. 17, 1852, at 
Sunderlandville, Pa. 

Children : 

521 1. Harry. Born Aug. 30, 1868. Died Jan. 5, 1876. 

5212. Jessie M. Born Oct. 29, 1870. Married, July 15, 1887, George 

B. Colby. 

5213. Lizzie M. Born Nov, 29, 1882. 

5220. Washington Winter. He was born in May, 1827. He 
married, Jan. i, 1856, Susan A. Tremain. 2841. He died Nov. 7, 
1900. She resides, 1901, Lawrenceville, Pa. 
Child : 
5221. Anna. Born Aug. 17, 1874. Married, Aug. 3, 1896, Albert Carey. 
He was born July 31, 1869. 

5230. Capt. Seth K. Tremaine. (John M.*, Lyman^, Julius^ 
John^ Joseph^ Joseph'.) 2852. He was born July 21, 1839, at 
Lindleytown, N. Y. He married (ist), March 3, 1867, Amelia King 
(daughter of James King and Louisa Hoover, of Westfield, Pa.). She 
was born Jan. 28, 1845. She died July 14, 1888, at Westfield. He 
married (2nd), July 22, 1889, Florence M. (o. Mary F.) Beardsley, of 
Wellsboro, Pa. Soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted, at the first 
call for troops, at Lawrenceville, Pa., for three months, at the expira- 
tion of which time he enlisted at Lindleytown, N. Y., in the 86th 
Regt. N. Y. Vols., serving three years, participating in many battles, 
being wounded in the battle of Gettysburg, in July, 1863. Second 
Lieutenant, 86th N. Y. Vols., Dec. 15, 1864. He re-enlisted and 
served until the close of the war, being discharged in July, 1865, as 
Lieutenant of Co. F, 86th Regt. N. Y. Vols. He was Brevet Cap- 
tain and officiated as Colonel during the last year of service. He 
has held several town offices. County Commissioner of Tioga 
County, Pa., three years. He died Sept. 7, 1901. 

At the time of his death the Westfield Free Press said : 

"Seth Tremain was born July 21, 1839, ^^ Lindleytown, Steuben 
County, N. Y., and died at his home in Westfield, Sept. 7, 1901. 

"He was of English stock, his ancestors having emigrated to 
America in the early part of the seventeenth century. From them he 
inherited a sturdy frame and those sterling qualities that made him 
respected as a man and a citizen. 

240 History of the Treman Family. 

"In 1846, he, with his father's family, moved to Lawrence ville 
where he resided until the breaking out of the Civil War, when he at 
once enlisted in Captain Phil Holland's company in the Pennsylvania 
Reserves, this being one of the first companies to enlist from Tioga 
County. Later he enUsted in Company F, Captain Harrower's com- 
pany in the 86th N. Y., for three years. When his term of enlistment 
expired he again re-enlisted in the same regiment and served until 
the close of the war in 1865. 

"Those, who are familiar with the history of the brave 86th, can 
form some idea of Mr. Tremain's experience as a soldier, for this 
regiment took part in nearly all the battles of Virginia, from Bull Run 
to Appomatox. Mr. Tremain, himself, was in some twenty battles 
and skirmishes, and was promoted to Second Lieutenant, then to First 
Lieutenant, and finally Brevetted Captain for meritorious service. 

"In the battle of Gettysburg he was wounded, and while in ser- 
vice he contracted inflammatory rheumatism from which he never 
recovered, and as the result of this disease at last was stricken by death. 

"March 3, 1867, he married Amelia King who died in 1888, 
leaving two daughters, Iva, now Mrs. Thos. Lynch, of Cross Fork, 
and Thyrza, now Mrs. B. V. Pritchard, of Corning. A little son had 
preceded the mother to the land of shadows. 

"In 1889, he married for his second wife, Mary F. Beardsley, of 
Wellsboro, who survives him. A daughter, Dons, is the only child 
of this union. Four brothers, G. H, Tremain and Orrin 'tremain of 
this borough, Warren Tremain, of Elmira, Munson Tremain, of Frank- 
linville, N. Y., and two sisters, Mrs. Almira Edgcomb and Mrs. 
Amelia Nealy, of Elmira, live to mourn the sundering of one more 
family tie. 

"Besides Mr. Tremain's services to his country as a soldier, he 
has served the town and borough as constable and collector, and in 
1887 was elected to the responsible office of County Commissioner." 

Residence, Westfield, Pa. 

Children : 

5231. Carrie Iva. Born Sept. 29, 1875. Married, Jan. 2, 1900, Thomas 

Lynch. Residence, 1901, Cross Forks, Pa. 

5232. Thyrza C. Born July 18, 1880. Married B. V. Pritchard. Resi- 

dence, 1901, Corning, N. Y. 

5233. John H. Born Sept. 4, 1886. Died July 7, 1887. 

5234. Doris C. Born Jan, 15, 1890, at Wellsboro, Pa. 

Seventh Generation. 241 

5240. Lyman J. Tremaine. (John M.^ Lyman^, Julius\ John^ 
Joseph^, Joseph'.) 2853. He was born Sept. 24, 1840. He married 
Sept. 26, 1 86 1, Elizabeth Martin, of Lawrenceville, Pa. He enlisted in 
the spring of 1862, at Corning, N. Y., in Co. D, 141st Regt. N. Y. Vols. 
He was discharged in the fall of 1862. He re-enlisted in Co. C, i6ist 
Regt. N. Y. Vols. His regiment was transferred to the Department 
of the Gulf. He was wounded at the battle of Red River in 1863. 
He was with his regiment at x\palachicola, Fla., in July, 1865, since 
which time his people have had no tidings. In the fall of 1865 his 
wife and their child went with her people to Ohio. 

Child : 
5241. Elizabeth. Born Jan. 27, 1863. 

5250. Gilbert H. Tremaine. (John M.^ Lyman^, Julius"*, 
John', Joseph^ Joseph'.) 2855. He was born Dec. 26, 1843. He 
married, May 26, 1869, Adelia King (daughter of James King and 
Louisa Hoover, of Westfield, Pa.). She was born Jan. 28, 1845. 
He enlisted in Co. D, 141st Regt. N. Y. Vols, in May, 1862, at 
Lindleytown, N. Y., and served with his regiment until the battle of 
Resaca, Ga., May 15, 1864, when he was shot in the left side. He 
was discharged from Elmira Hospital in 1865. Railroad station 
agent and express agent. School Director. President of borough 
of Westfield. He is a Knight Templar in Masonry. Residence, 
1 90 1, Westfield, Pa. 

5260. Warren H. Tremaine. (John M.*, Lyman^, Julius^, 
John\ Joseph-, Joseph'.) 2856. He was born Nov. 26, 1845, at 
Lindleytown, Steuben Co., N. Y. He married, Sept. 11, 1876, Eva 
M. Phillips (daughter of Dr. Henderson A. Phillips and Althea M, 
Judd, of Knoxville, Pa.). She was born Aug. 19, 1855, at Windsor, 
Broome Co., N. Y. Soldier in the Civil War. He enUsted Aug. 20, 
1862, at Lindleytown, in Co. D, 141st Regt. N. Y. Vols., and served 
with his regiment thirty-three months in Alrginia, and under Sherman 
until after the capture of Atlanta, Ga. He participated in the 
skirmish at White House Landing, Va.,in 1863, and in the battles of 
Resaca, Dallas, Pumpkin Vine Creek, Lost and Keenesaw Mountain, 
Hall's Farm, Marietta, Peach Tree Creek, and Atlanta in 1864. 
Honorably discharged May 20, 1865, at Elmira, N. Y. School 
teacher, 187 1-6. Merchant, 1869-70. 

242 History of the Treman Family. 

The following account of the Tremain Family Reunion at his 
home is from the Elmira (N. Y.) Gazette of Sept. 7, 1900: 

"A reunion of the Tremain family, and some of their relatives, 
was held yesterday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Tremain, 
•No. 557 Coburn Street. The lawn was nicely arranged with plants, 
flowers, tables and seats, with a large canopy over all for shade. The 
day was all that could be wished for, and all present enjoyed them- 
selves immensely. There was a large attendance. It was decided to 
hold a reunion each year and the following officers were elected to 
manage the affair for the coming year : G. H. Tremain, Westfield, 
Pa., President ; Miss Thyrza Tremain, Westfield, Pa., Secretary ; 
Committee of Arrangements, O. A. Tremain, Westfield, Pa.; David 
Tremain, Phillips' Station, Pa.; Julius Tremain, Somer's Lane, Pa.; 
Mrs. Sarah Porter, Lawrenceville, Pa.; G. W. Neily, Elmira, N. Y.; 
Charles W. Edgecomb, Elmira; Russell Tremain, Wellsville, N. Y. 
The next meeting w^s appointed to be held at the home of Seth Tre- 
main in Westfield, Pa., in the month of September. An elegant 
dinner was served at one o'clock p. m., after which a social time was 
enjoyed ; talk of old times and new, music, croquet, etc. At an early 
hour some of the out-of-town guests left for home, with good wishes 
and many happy returns of the day. Warren H. Tremain deserves 
special mention for managing this first Tremain reunion in such a 
manner that there was not a hitch in the arrangements." 

Residence, 1901, 557 Coburn St., Elmira, N. Y. 

Child : 
5261. Bessie A. Born Oct. 5, 1878. 

5270. Orrin a. Tremaine. (John M.^ Lyman^, Julius-*, John', 
Joseph-, Joseph'.) 2858. He was bom March 10, 1849. He mar- 
ried, June 18, 1879, Clara Phillips (daughter of Charleton Phillips 
and Thankful Ellis, of Westfield, Pa.). Soldier in the Civil War. 
He enlisted, Sept. 5, 1864, at Westfield, Pa., in 207th Regt. Pa. Vols. 
He was severely wounded in the charge before Petersburg, Va,. in 
1865. He was discharged from the hospital in Philadelphia in the fall 
of 1865. Mill proprietor and farmer. Residence. 190 1, Westfield, Pa. 

Children : 

5271. Roy D. Born April 29, 1880. Residence, 1900, Westfield, Pa. 

5272. Mabel C. Born Nov. 4, 1S83. 


Seventh Generation. 243 

5280. Theodore M. Tremaine. (John M.*, Lyman^, JuliusS 
John^, Joseph", Joseph'.) 2860. He was born June 30, 1855. He 
married, July 4, 1884, Eva Dunning (daughter of Frankhn Dunning, 
of FrankUnville, N. Y.). She was born Oct. 10, 1859. 

Child : 

52S1. Robert Ellsworth. Born Oct. 28, 1887. Residence, 1901, Frank- 
linville. Pa. 

5290. Willis J. Tremaine. (John M.*, Lyman^, Julius", John^, 
Joseph^, Joseph'.) 2861. He was born July 4, i860. He married 
(ist), April 4, 1 88 1, Florence R. Jandall, of Marshall, Mich. She 
was born Aug. 3, 1863. He married (2nd), in 1893, in Kansas. He 
removed to Michigan about 1885 and later to Kansas. Residence, 
1 90 1, Vanderwoort, Ark. 

Children : 

5291. Varnum W. Born March 5, 1883, at Westfield, Pa. 

5292. Edith. Born in 18S4 in Marshall, Mich. 

5293. James. Bom about 1895. 

5294. Harry. Born about 1S97. 

5300. Orson Edgcomb. He was born April 7, 1838. He 
married, Dec. 31, 1861, Almira M. Tremain. 2851. Farmer. Lum- 
ber manufacturer. He died Nov. 3, 1879, ^^ Westfield, Pa. She 
resides, 1901, 422 South Broadway, Elmira. N. Y. 

Children : 

5301. Hester A. Born March 9, 1863. Married George Daugherty. 


5302. John C. Born Sept. 30, 1865. 7240. 

5304. Charles W. Born Nov. 30, 1877. Residence, 1901, Elmira, X. Y. 

5310. Edward J. Tremaine. (Martin*, Lyman^, Julius-*, John', 
Joseph", Joseph'.) He was born Feb. 25, 1844. He married, April 
27, 1868, Maria M. Howard. She was born Aug. 26, 1847. Soldier 
in the Civil War. • He served in the Union Army for three years and 
was honorably discharged in 1865. He removed about 1873 from 
McKean Co., Pa,, to Sunny Dale, Kan. He moved about 1893 to 
Willow Springs, Mo. She died about i8g6 at Willow Springs, Mo. 
Residence, 1901, Willow Springs, Mo. 

244 History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

5311. Mary E. Born Jan. 19, 1869. Married and has one son. Resi- 

dence, 1901, Willow Springs, Mo. 

5312. Emery E. Born Feb. 16, 1872. He resided in 1893 in California. 

5313. Martin I,. Born Dec. 22, 1S73. 

5314. Clarence L,. Born March 29, 1876. 

5315. Calvin W. Born July 8, 1878. 

5316. Wallace H. Born Oct. 9, 1880. 

5317. Jennie. Born about 1885. 

5318. Hettie. Born about 1888. 

5320. Dorr P. Tremaine. (Martin'^, Lyman^ Julius^, John^, 
Joseph", Joseph',) He was born Oct. 23, 1847. He served three 
years in the Union Army and was honorably discharged. He mar- 
ried, in 1875, Viola Ackerman. He died March 27, 1888, in 

Child : 

5321. Franklin. He was born in 1877, in Iowa. Residence, 1901, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

5335. Herman J. Tremaine. (Theodore*, Lyman^, Julius^ 
John^, Joseph", Joseph'.) 2881. He was born July 24, 1853. He 
married, Dec. 23, 1874, Betsey A. Taft. She was born Feb, 18, 
1855, She died Dec. 16, 1895, at Traverse City, Mich, Residence, 
1 90 1, Midland City, Mich. 

Children : 

5336. Claude A. Born Nov. 18, 1875. Died March 2, 1881. 

5337. Maud M. Born Oct. 17, 1879, at Clymer, Pa. 

5338. Josephine O. Born March 25, 1885, at Midland. 

5339. Lulu B. Born Aug. 24, 1892, at Lee, Mich. 

5350. Augustus E, Tremaine, (Theodore^ Lynian^, Julius^ 
John^, Joseph^ Joseph',) 2882, He was born Nov, 24, 1855. He 
married, March 8, 1880, Lucy Elizabeth Simpson. She was born 
May 23, 1850. No children. Residence, 1901, Knoxville, Pa. 

5360. Samuel E. Tremaine. (Theodore*, Lyman^, Julius"*, 
John^, Joseph", Joseph',) 2883, He was born Aug, 14, 1858. He 
married, July 4, 1878, Eva M, Hunt. She was born Nov. 22, 1862. 
Residence, 1901, Milan, Bradford Co., Pa. 

Seventh Generation. 245 

Children : 

5361. Leon R. Born Sept. 12, 1879, at Westfield, Pa. 

5362. Gilbert R. Bom April 22, 1884. 

5363. Arthur B. Born Dec. 12, 1885, at Deerfield, Pa. 

5364. Harrj- E. Born Dec. 29, 1896, at Costello, Pa. 

5375. Ira L. Tremaine. (Arthur'^, Lyman^ Julius-*, John', 
Joseph^ Joseph'.) 2891. He was born Feb. 5, 1853, at Chatham, 
Pa, He married (ist), Sept. 28, 1876, Helen E. Boom. She was 
born Aug. 11, 1856, at Chatham, Pa. She died Oct. 23, 1895. He 
married (2nd), March 9, 1897, Ida B. Burley Keeler. She was born 
Oct. II, 1859. They have children. Residence, 1901, Phillips 
Station, Pa. 

Child : 
5376. Margaret L. Born Oct. 26, 1881. Married, March 6, 1901, 
Charles A. Smith. Residence, 1901, Cowanesque, Pa. 

5385. Frank M. Johnson. He was born Feb. 5, 1853, at 
Westfield, Pa. He married, July 4, 1876, Mary E. Tremaine. 2894. 
He died April 6, 1894, at Westfield. She resides, 1901, Westfield, Pa. 

Children : 

5386. Vernon Hubert. Born March 10, 1879. 73oo. 

5387. Herman Rual. Born Sept. 18, 1880. 

5388. Meda Louisa. Born Aug. 23, 1884. Married Julius Hitchcock. 


5389. Emma Maria. Born Dec. 24, 1890. 

5400, James Montgomery. He married Alma Hutchinson. 
2991. Residence, 1881, f^vansville, Ind. 
Children : 

5401. Frank. Married Lillian. They have a daughter Frances. 

5402. Harr}-. Died in 1878. 

5410. George W. Neily. (Rev. John Neily and Harriet 
Nichols.) He was born April 6, 1844. He married Oct. 16, 1870, 
Abigail Amelia Tremain. 2857. Contractor and builder. No chil- 
dren. Residence, 1901, Elmira, N. Y. 

5415. Robert Walker. He was born Nov. 6, 1844. He 
married, Jan. 11, 1869, Maria L. Tremain. 2859. He died May 26, 
1898. She died Feb. 15. 1893. No children. Residence, West- 
field, Pa. 

246 History of the Treman Family. 

5425. John Milton Tremaine. (William^ Nathaniel^, Sim- 
eon'', Philip^ Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3193. He was born March 14, 
1812, (o. 1813), at Pittsfield, Mass. He married, in 1837, Eliza Ann 
(o. Carohne) Thompson, of Pittsfield. He resided at Albany in 1837. 
He removed to Cohoes, N. Y., and engaged in the lumber business, 
and about 1840 to. Brooklyn, N. Y., where he continued the same 
business. He died May 2, 1878, at Pittsfield, N. Y. She died. 
Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children : 

5426. Charles Milton. 6810. 

5427. John Newton. Died in or before 1901. 

5428. William Burton. Born July 5. 6820. 

5429. Laura Elizabeth. Married Capt. Luther Gavton Billings, U. S. N. 


5430. Milmancia Antoinette. Married Captain Colby Mitchell Chester, 

U. S. N. 6830. 

5431. Alonzo Thompson. Married. No children. 

5440. Hon. Lyman Tremaine. (Levi^ Nathaniel^, Simeon"*, 
Philips, Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3161. He was born June 14, 1819, at 
Durham, N. Y, He married Helen Cornwall, of Catskill, N. Y. 
County Judge and Surrogate of Green County, N. Y., 1846. Attor- 
ney General of the State of New York, 1858. Member of Assembly, 
1866, and Speaker, 1868. Member of Congress. 

Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography says of him : 

"Lyman Tremain, lawyer and statesman, b. in Durham, Greene 
Co., N. Y., 14 June, 1819; d. in New York City, 30 Nov., 1878, 
After passing through college, he studied law, and was called to the 
bar in 1840. He began practice in his native county, and continued 
it in Albany, was elected supervisor of Durham in 1842, and became 
district attorney in 1844. In 1846 he was elected surrogate and county 
judge of Greene County, and in 1858 he became attorney-general 
of the State of New York. He was sent to the Assembly in 1866-8, 
and in 1872 was elected congressman as a Republican over Samuel 
S, Cox, serving from i Dec, 1873, to 3 March, 1875." 

He died Nov. 30, 1878, in New York City. (See Lyman Gene- 
alogy.) Residence, Albany, N. Y. 

^^^^^/^»^,«*0 ix^»-fi-t«-*-*i-^^ 

Seventh Generation. 247 


5441. Col. Frederick Lyman. Born June -13, 1843, at Albany, N. Y. He 
attended Hobart College, 1860-1. Member of Theta Delta Chi 
college fraternity. First Lieutenant 7th New York Heavy 
Artillery, Volunteers. Promoted Adjutant Dec. 11, 1863, to 
Capt. and A. A. G. Lieutenant Colonel 10th N. Y. Cavalry 
and Assistant Adjutant General U. S. Vols., New York. Died, 
Feb. 6 (o. 8), 1865, at Hatcher's Run, Va. The History of the 
Lyman Family says of him : "He went from Hobart College 
into the army, and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of 
the loth N. Y. Cavalry. Having passed through twenty -five 
battles and skirmishes, and achieved a brilliant record, he was 
killed by a rebel sharpshooter while leading his regiment at 
Hatcher's Run, Virginia, in Feb., 1S65. The brief and brilliant 
career of this youthful warrior, which for heroic daring in 
action, coolness, consummate skill and generalship has seldom 
been surpassed, deserves a further record than time and space 
will now allow. Parental affection has fondly and eloquently 
said : To the pen of history belongs the noble task of record- 
ing the military operations in which he had the honor to par- 
ticipate during the ever memorable campaign of 1864. And yet 
when we consider the bloody and obstinate nature of the battles 
that were fought, the glorious and unconquerable resolution 
which was displayed in conducting the movements of the Union 
armies, the immense loss of human life, the masterly combina- 
tions of those armies, the vast extent of country which consti- 
tuted the field of their display, the number of those brilliant 
raids performed by the cavalry alone, through the heart of an 
enemy's country, each one constituting an interesting history 
of itself, the toil, the sacrifices, the fatigue, sufferings and perils 
to which the heroic soldiers in those armies were continually 
subjected, and to which, with unflinching fortitude and cheer- 
fulness they submitted, when we consider, too, the innumerable 
deeds of personal bravery, performed both by officers and men, 
the holy patriotic purposes by which the great body of those 
armies was prompted, the willingness thej' manifested 
to sacrifice their lives for the preservation of the honor, the 
integrity, and the unity of their country, and, finally, the 
glorious and successful results of all these operations, we may 
well doubt whether history will ever contain more than an out- 
line skeleton of them all. He participated in no less than 
twenty-five battles and skirmishes in ten months, rose high in 
rank, and achieved at the age of twenty-one years a reputation 
for military qualifications and talents which were the admira- 
tion of all and might well be the envy of renowned veterans. 

248 History of the Treman Family. 

The scene of his splendid achievements was the famous battles 
of the Wilderness and in connection with them the ever memor- 
able raids of Gen. Sheridan, in which he acted a conspicuous 
and brilliant part until struck down by the deadly aim of a rebel 
sharpshooter. Col. Tremain went to the field in the fall of 
1862, as Adjutant of the Seventh Volunteer Artillery. Not 
relishing the monotony and inactivity of garrison life, to which 
duty the regiment was assigned, he sought and obtained a 
transfer, and was detailed to staff service in the field, with Gen. 
Gregg, in the cavalry corps of Gen. Sheridan. And there he 
found abundant opportunity for the display of his high sol- 
dierly qualities. He was foremost in every battle in which that 
corps engaged, and which has rendered it and its heroic leaders 
famous in the annals of the war. He was in that ever memora- 
ble ride from Rapidan to the James, during which a score of 
battles were fought, millions of the enemy's property destroyed, 
the outer fortifications of Richmond entered, and prodigies of 
valor displayed by every member of the heroic band. On the 
James he joined in most of the cavalry reconnoissances and 
raids which have passed into history as among the most dra- 
matic of the war, and fell while engaged in driving back the 
rebel force which attempted to check the resistless progress of 
our troops. Col. Tremain was a young man to be admired and 
loved. He combined, with a noble presence, winning manners 
and attractive social qualities. As a soldier he was prompt and 
fearless. He was a brave rider, and coveted nothing so much 
as perilous adventure. He early attracted the attention of his 
superior officers by his manly bearing and gallant deeds and 
earned his promotions by his heroic achievements. Educated 
and chivalrous, he speedily won the confidence of his superiors, 
and promotion soon followed the development of the soldierly 
accomplishments which distinguished him in the many battles 
in which he participated. No better evidence of his merits 
as a soldier need be cited than the fact that he earned the rank 
of Lieutenant Colonel at the earh- age of twenty-one. The 
history of this war, participated in by so many of the youth of 
the country, and oflFering unprecedented opportunities for pro- 
motion, affords but few instances of one so young attaining this 
distinction." Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography 
says of him : "Frederick Tremain, soldier, b. in Durham, Green 
Co., N. Y., in June, 1843 ; d. near Petersburg, Va., 6 Feb., 
1865, entered Hobart in i85o but abandoned his studies in 1862, 
and entered the National army. He was appointed adjutant of 
the 7th New York Heav}- Artillery, served in the defences of 
Washington, and was afterwards made Adjutant-General with 

Seventh Generation. 249 

the rank of Captain, on the staff, in Kilpatrick's division of the 
Army of the Potomac. In December, 1864, he was commis- 
sioned Lieutenant Colonel of the loth New York Cavalry. He 
commanded this regiment at the battle of Hatcher's Run, where 
he received the wound of which he died." 

5442. Granville E. Born April 19, 1845. 6780. 

5443. Helen Elizabeth. Married Enos Throop Martin. He graduated 

at Union College, 1867. Manufacturer. Residence, Auburn, 
N. Y. 

5444. Lyman. Died in 1868. 

5450. William Tremaine. (Levi'^, Nathaniel^, Simeorr*, Philips 
Thomas", Joseph'.) 3162. He was born June 17, 18 13, at Durham, 
Greene Co., N. Y. He married, Dec. 9, 1838, Harriet Blanchard 
(daughter of Hon. Joseph Blanchard, of Durham, N. Y.). She was 
born Feb. 23, 1816, at Durham. Residence, 1893, Ninevah, N. Y. 

Children : 

5451. Maj. Frank W. Born Oct. 31, 1843, at Durham. The History 

of the Lyman Family says of him : "Major Prank Treniain, 
entered the army as a private, but by his bravery and excellent 
conduct rose to the rank of major and was instantly killed, April 
2, 1865, by a bullet received in his forehead at the moment w^hen, 
at the head of a storming party, he was about to enter a cap- 
tured fort near Petersburg, Virginia." Private, 89th N. Y. 
Regt. Vols. He was killed while leading the regiment as 
Major in the taking of Fort Gregg near Petersburg, Va., April 
2, 1865. 

5452. Arthur L. Born Sept. 30, 1846, at Durham. 

5453. Helen. Born Jan. 26, 185 1, at Sandburgh, Sullivan Co., N. Y. 

5454. Flora. Born July 18. 1855, at Lanesboro, Susquehanna Co., Pa. 

5460. Israel Phelps Tremaine. (Levi*, Nathaniel^ Simeon^ 
Philip^, Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3163. He was born May 17, 1815, at 
Oak Hill, Greene Co., N. Y. He married, Jan. i, 1840, Harriet 
Allen (daughter of Samuel Seabury Allen, of Oak Hill, N. Y.). She 
died March 6, 1881. President or Cashier of the National Union 
Bank of Monticello, 1863-83; Director, 1853-93. Leather manu- 
facturer. He died Sept. i, 1893, at Monticello, N. Y. Supervisor, 
1854. Trustee of Village of Monticello, 1 89 1. Vestryman, 1840-63, 
and Warden, 1863-83, of St. John's P. E. Church. 

At the. time of his death the Sullivan County Republican said : 

" 'Like one 'iVho wraps the drapery of his couch 
About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.' 

250 History of the Treman Family. 

"The angel, whose summons all must heed, visited one of our 
oldest and most respected citizens, Israel P. Tremain, on Friday, 
Sept. I St, at half-past four in the afternoon, and called him to his 
rest. So gentle and quiet was the summons that, surrounded by the 
comforts and love of his home, seated in his favorite chair, the 
deceased seemed but to slumber peaceful and calmly, to shortly 
awaken ; but the sleep was eternal. 

"Mr. Tremain's health had been poor for the past two years. 
He had known his days on earth were limited and had often spoken 
of it, and had truly 

" 'Sustained and soothed 
By an unfaltering trust, approached his grave.' 

"He suffered with an organic disease of the heart, which trouble 
for the past few months, necessitated his being very quiet, and avoid- 
ing all excitement. 

"On the day of his death, he was about the house as usual and 
did some writing, after which he remarked that he was tired and 
wished to rest. He sat in his easy rocking chair and as a child drops 
off to slumber, passed away ; spared even the slightest touch of pain. 

"Deceased was born May 17th, 18 15, in Oak Hill, Durham 
Township, Greene Co., N. Y. From his boyhood to his majority he 
worked in his father's tannery and attended school. His education 
was begun in the district school at his home and completed at the 
Durham Academy. 

"The scarcity of hemlock bark at his place of business, necessi- 
tated a change, therefore in 1836, he came to Monticello and went to 
Tannersville, south of Bridgeville, where his brother Edwin Tremain, 
Gideon Howard and himself, purchased the large tannery of Bush- 
nell & VanHorne. 

"In August, 1839, he bought out his brother's interest in the 
tannery and was thereby a two-thirds owner in the concern which 
operated under the name of Tremain & VanHorne. This firm con- 
tinued business until 1866, when they closed up, as the hemlock bark 
was nearly exhausted. They had used on an average 3,000 cords of 
bark per annum for the thirty years they had been in business, or 
90,000 cords in all. Mr. Tremain resided at Tannersville from 1836 
until 1852, when he removed to Monticello where he lived until the 
time of his death. 

Seventh Generation. 251 

"The Union Bank of Sullivan County, was established in the 
fall and winter of 185 1 and 1852, and in 1863 it was reorganized as 
the National Union Bank. Mr. T. was a director in the bank from 
1853 to 1884. Mr. Bennett retired from active duties in 1863, and 
left the bank in charge of Mr. Tremain, who from that time until 
1884, when he resigned, was at times either President or Cashier of 
the institution. 

"Since 1884, Mr. T. has lived a quiet and uneventful life, attend- 
ing to his own private affairs, taking much interest in his garden and 
home. On several occasions he was asked to accept the candidacy 
for legislative offices, but declined. He was elected Supervisor over 
Captain Hamilton in 1854, and was a trustee of the village of Monti- 
cello in 1 89 1. 

"Mr. Tremain was married to Miss Harriet Allen, daughter of 
Samuel Seabury Allen, a merchant, and Harriet Flower, and aunt of 
Gov. Roswell P. Flower, at the bride's home in Oak Hill, January ist, 
1840, in the Episcopal Church at that place, by Rev. E. K. Fowler, of 
St. John's Church, of Monticello. Rev. Mr. Fowler was taken by 
Mr. Tremain from this village to Oak Hill, in a sleigh, which brought 
the bride and groom of fifty-three years ago, back to Monticello, 
where the honeymoon was spent. 

"A warm friendship existed between the minister and Mr. Tre- 
main, which gives an example of the worth of the first rector of St. 
John's Church. Mr. Tremain was en route to Bridgeville and was 
very sick, Mr. Fowler noticed him, and getting in the stage accompan- 
ied him to his home, and lovingly nursed the sick man through a danger- 
ous illness, only coming to Monticello on Sundays to preach while the 
sickness lasted ; and from that time no two men loved each other better. 

"Mr. and Mrs. Tremain were both confirmed in St. John's 
Church in 1840. Mr. T. was a vestryman of the Church from 1840 
to 1863, and a warden from the latter date until 1883, when he 
resigned, as the new stone church was completed, ready for occupancy 
and fully paid for." 

Residence, Monticello, N. Y. 
Children : 
5461. Mary L. Born Jan. 29, 1841, at Tannersdale, N. Y. Married, 

June 18, 1863, John P. Jones, Jr. He died before May 2, 1893. 

She resided in 1893 at Monticello, N. Y. 

252 History of the Treman Family. 

5462. Pluma A. Born Feb. 10, 1843. Married, Dec. 26, 1866, Hon. 

Thornton A. Niven, member of Assembly. Residence, 1893, 
Monticello, N. Y. 

5463. L,ieut. Hobart L. Born May 22, 1847, at Tannersdale. Unmar- 

ried, May 2, 1893. He graduated at the United States Naval 
Academy, 1868. Midshipman, Sept. 26, 1864. Master, July 12, 
1870. Lieutenant, Jan. 26, 1872. Retired. 

5464. William Henry. Born Aug. 19, 1855, at Monticello. Unmarried, 

May 2, 1893. 

5465. Adaline Allen. Born Aug. 19, 1855, at Monticello. Married, 

March 15, 1882, L. J. Hatch. Residence, 1S93, Olympia, Wash. 

5475. Edwin R. Tremain. (Levi^ Nathaniel^, Simeon^ Philip^ 
Thomas-, Joseph'.) 3164, He was born June i, 181 7, at Durham, 
N. Y. He married, in 1838, Mary Briggs. Leather manufacturer at 
Tannersville, near Monticello, N. Y., 1836-9. He died Dec. 20, 
1877, in New York City. Residence, New York City. 

Children : 

5476. Gen. Henry Edwin. Born Nov. 14, 1840, in New York City. 


5477. Lieut. Walter R. Second Lieutenant, 73d Regiment, New 

York Infantry Volunteers. Resigned Aug. 20, 186 1. Died. 

5485. Charles Ives Tremaine. (NathanieP, Nathaniel^, 
Simeon'', Philip^ Thomas% Joseph'.) 3182. He was born May 26, 
1819, at Lee, Mass. Married, May 17, 1843, Elizabeth Olmstead 
Allen, at Canaan, Columbia Co., N. Y. Residence, Waterbury, Conn. 

Children : 

5486. Dr. William Allen. Born Aug. 22, 1853, ^t Valatie, Columbia 

Co., N. Y. 

5487. Harriet Allen. Born June 11, 1849, at Canaan. 

5488. Elizabeth Rockwell. Born July 22, 1851, at Valatie. Married 

Charles Henry Field. 6860. 

5495. Dr. William Henry. (NathanieP, Nathaniels Simeon'', 
Philip^ Thomas^, Joseph'.) 3183. He was born Aug. 29, 181 5, at 
Westmoreland, N. Y. He married, March 15, 1842, Lavinia Bel- 
knap. Physician. Residence, 1893, Hartford, Conn. 

Children : 

5496. Rev. Charles Henry Belknap. Born March 14, 1843, ^^ New 
Marlborough, Mass. He graduated at Trinity College, 1866, 
and Berkeley Divinity School, 1S69. While in college he was a 


Seventh Generation. 253 

member of the Psi Upsilon and Phi Beta Kappa fraternities. 
Protestant Episcopal minister. Secretary of Diocese of Connec- 
ticut, 1877-82. Residence, Hartford, Conn., 1869-76; New 
Haven, Conn., 1876-82. He died Dec. i, 1882, at New Haven, 
5497. Mary L. Born Nov. 8, 1S46, at Haddam, Conn. Married (2nd), 
C. A. Brooks. Residence, 1901, New Haven, Conn. 

5500. Edwin Tremaine. (Milo*, Nathaniel^, Simeon-*, Philips 
Joseph-, Joseph'.) 3151. He was born June 21, 1832, at Pittstield^ 
Mass. He married Mary A. Pierce, of Hinsdale, Mass. She was 
born Nov. 16, 1843, ^^ Hinsdale. Residence, 1901, Hinsdale, Berk- 
shire Co., Mass. 

Children : 

5501. Frank M. Born June ii, 1862. Electrical Engineer. Residence. 

1 90 1, New York Cit}'. 

5502. George F. Enlisted in 76th Regt. Illinois Vols. Killed at Fort 


5510. Gakjs Tremaine. (Reuben*^, Solomon^, Benjamin'*, 
Philip^ Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3055. He married Mary Ann Sawyer. 
She died. (See History of Sawyer Family.) Supervisor of the Town 
of Rodman, Jefferson County, N. Y., several terms. He removed in 
1864 from Rodman to Fredonia, N. Y. He died in 1869. 

Children : 

55 II. George R. 


5512. Lucy H. 

5513. Gains M. 

5514. Pamelia S. 

5515- Mary A. 

5516. Emily J. 

5517. Harriet N. 


5518. Helen M. 

5519. Grace E. 

5525. ASAHEL 


Philip^, Thomas-, Joseph'.) 3057 

Child : 

(Reuben*, Solomon^, Benjamin^ 
He married. 

5526. William. Residence, 1893, vSandy Creek, Oswego Co., N. Y. 
5535. Dr. Sylvester F. Tremaine. (Horace^ Justus', Sim- 
eon^ Philip^ Thomas", Jo.seph'.) 3082. Married. Dentist. Resi- 
dence, 1893, Rome, N. Y. 


History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

5536. Ambrose Barnes. He graduated at Hamilton College, 1886. He 

attended Columbia College, 1886. While in college he was a 
member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity. Lawyer. Partner of 
Thomas E. Pearsall, Esq. Residence, 1893, 183 Montague St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

5537. Dr. William Fen ton. He attended Hamilton College, 1884-6. 

He graduated at the Philadelphia Dental College, 18S9. Mem- 
ber of Psi Upsilon fraternity. Member of the Fifth District 
Dental Society. He married L,aura Munsell (daughter of Joel 
Munsell and Mary Reid, Joel Munsell and Cynthia Paine, Hez- 
ekiah Munsell and Irene Bissell). Residence, 1901, Rome, N. Y. 

5540. Myron J. Tremaine. (David*, Justus^, Simeon'', Philip^ 
Thomas-, Joseph'.) 3113- He married CaroUne E.Randall. He 
removed in 1894 from Tecumseh, Mich., to Chicago, 111. Residence, 
1 90 1, 5318 Jefferson Ave.. Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

5541. C. Adele. Married Fred Rosacrans. 6803. 

5542. James Eugene. 6S00. 

5543. Myron D. 

5550. Justus Jay Tremaine. (David^ Justus^, Simeon\ 
Philip^ Thomas^ Joseph'.) 31 n. He married. He died in 1868, 
at Buffalo, N. Y. 

Child : 

5551. Rodman C. Married. He died. 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

His family reside, 1901, at 

5560. George Tremain. (Russell*, Milo B.^, Gaius', John^, 
Joseph^, Joseph'.) 2643. He was born Jan. 20, 1843. He married, 
in 1 87 1, Nellie C. Wing. Residence, Ghent, N. Y. 

5570. Charles Tremain. (RusselP, Milo B.-\ Gaius^ John\ 
Joseph^ Joseph'.) 2647. He was born Nov. 18, 1855. He mar- 
ried, Oct. 3. 1878, Carrie M. Duncan. Residence, Chatham, N. Y. 

Child : 
5571. Lena E. Born June 19, 18S2. 

5580. Charles Wilson Tremain. (Charles*, Milo B.^, Gaius\ 
John^, Thomas^ Joseph'.) 2653. He was born July 18, 1863. He 
married. May 27, 1887, Sybil E. Martin. 



Seventh Generation. 255 


5581. Bessie E. Born Dec. 13, 1888. 
55S2. Leon M. Born July 25, 1890. 
5583. Milo H. Born Sept. 10, 1892. 

5615. George Lafayette Tremaine. (Joseph Collins^ Solo- 
mon=, Benjamin^ Philip^ Thomas^ Joseph\) 3041. He was born in 
June, 1833, in Chautauqua Co., N. Y. He married, Aug. 2, 1855, Min- 
nie Blake, of Strawberry Point, Iowa. She was born July 9, 1838, at 
Niles, Mich. She died Dec. 9, 1898, at Humboldt. President of 
The People's Bank, 1 893-1 901. Director in the Iowa Road Improve- 
ment Association. 

The following interesting letters on family history were written 
by him : 

"Humboldt. Iowa, Feb. 24, 1893. 

"Dear Sir — Yours of twenty-first received. I regret to say I 
am unable to tell you much about the Tremains. My father said but 
little about his parents or grandparents, largely, I think, because he 
was left to provide for himself at about ten years of age. We came 
West in 1845 and while I had then seen but an uncle and cousin, 
and them but once, I never again saw a relative of my father's. My 
father, Joseph C. Tremain (the middle name was Collins), was born 
in Massachusetts about 1788; losing his first wife, he married in 
Chautauqua County, N. Y., Harriet Turner — my mother — her father 
was one of the first settlers at Fredonia. One son, Ralph J. Tre- 
main, and two daughters, by my father's first wife, still live. I am 
the only living member of the family of the second marriage. My 
father died in Iowa in 1880, my mother in 1861. 

"My father early spelled the name Treman, leaving out the i. 
In 1845, father's brother, Reuben Tremain, then living at Rodman, 
Jefferson County, N. Y., with his bachelor son, Geo. C, and his son 
Gains and his wife visited us just prior to our starting West. I 
clearly recall incidents of that meeting. My uncle Reuben, it seemed 
to me, was hot a handsome man, but as I heard him talk and discov- 
ered the nobility of his mind, I came to think him a noble looking 
man. I recall a discussion of my uncle and father as to the correct 
way of spelling the name. Uncle for Tremain, father for Treman. 
Uncle prevailed and ever afterwards father spelled it Tremain. Uncle 

256 History of the Treman Family. 

Reuben was an ardent Presbyterian, father an ardent Universalist ; 
both were debaters and men of more than ordinary abiUty and liking 
to argue, 

"My cousin, George C, then a man of about thirty-eight to forty, 
was a large, fine looking bachelor. A five dollar gold piece he tossed 
me, a boy of twelve, saying, 'it's because you (meaning me) are called 
George,' has never been forgotten. I was proud to bear the name of 
so fine a looking man. I recall, as we went West by team, our visit 
in Ohio with one, Henry Truman, my father's half-brother, — he, it 
seems, had without any authority quietly adopted the name Truman — 
it seemed to me he had hit on the best name of the three — Truman, 
Treman, Tremain. Since then and up to 1880 I knew a son of his 
who spelled his name Truman, so it would seem my father's attempt 
to get this half-brother to adopt the Tremain was fruitless. 

"My father was about 5 feet 10, rather stout built, a great reader, 
an active participant in every current event. First a Democrat and 
finally a Republican ; quite a lawyer, or as we would now say, a good 
backwoods lawyer ; an ardent temperance man and a fair speaker. 
Money getting was to him the last thing to consider. G. M, Tre- 
main, of Fredonia, N. Y., whom I have visited, has much of the 
same build and I should think he would be able to give you much 
information. However, I think he writes his name Tremaine. There 
lived until recently a family of Tremains in Hamilton Co., Iowa. Ira 
Tremain, the father, was a tall, spare man. He served in the Iowa 
Legislature and was, I am told, an excellent man. That family are 
now living on the Pacific Coast. 

"I was born in Chautauqua County, N. Y., June, 1833. I am 6 
foot I, and weigh 210. I have two sons, man grown, both living 
here. I am very sorry and have for years felt the regret that I did 
not know more about the family, the name and nativity of our ances- 
tors, but I have treasured up all I ever learned, and my regret must 
be not that I forgot, but that I did not learn. 

"W. H. J. Tremain, of Nora Springs, Iowa, came into my office 
this morning in a hurry. I know nothing of his family history, but 
he thinks we must be akin and certainly his physique bears that con- 
struction. I am very much interested in your letter and hope to hear 
farther from you, and here tender you my services in anything you 
think I can do. Yours truly, 

"G. L. Tremain." 

Seventh Generation. 257 

"Humboldt, Iowa, April 3, 1893. 

"Dear Si-r — On my return home find yours of 15th ult. and 
give it my best attention. I do not know anything of my father's 
half-brothers or their famihes. One, Silas Truman, did a few years 
ago live at Brush Creek, Iowa. He was a son of my father's half- 
brother, one that called himself Truman. As I recall it, Reuben was 
my father's own brother. Henry was a half-brother, and as I see 
them, Reuben and my father had a strong resemblance while Henry 
had none of it. 

"I do not often see W. H. J. Tremain, of. Nora Springs. Per- 
haps you better not rely on me for news of him or his. I have 
recently learned that Ira Tremain has moved into Webster City, 
Iowa. He has a son, H. H., living at Eagle Grove, Iowa, a mail 
agent on C. & N. W. R. R. 

"G. M. Tremaine, of Fredonia, N. Y., would, I think, be able to 
give you much information. I have met him ; he has the earmarks 
of our tribe and is, I think, a good man. 

"It occurs to me you have undertaken a big job ; one that leads 
to much work, no little annoyance, much delay and how much profit. 
I conclude you have a taste in that especial direction, and work more 
to gratify that taste with little other reward. 

"When you think I can be of service to you command me. 

"G. L. Tremain." 

"Humboldt, Iowa, Feb. 3, 190 1. 
"M. E. Poole, Esq., Ithaca: 

"Dear Sir — Answering yours of January 26th. Up to 1845 """7 
father wrote his name Treman. Then at the instance of his brother, 
Reuben Tremain, of Jefferson Co., N. Y., he added the i and ever 
afterwards wrote Tremain. 

"Reuben Tremain came to our house when I was a boy of 
twelve in 1845. ^ understand uncle Reuben was a Presbyterian 
minister. He had a son Gaius and a son George, both of whom I 
also saw in 1845. 

"There is now living at Fredonia, N. Y., a G. M. Tremaine, a 
descendant of the Jefferson County family who uses an e at end of 
his name. There is living at Webster City, Iowa, a Doctor Tremaine. 

"On our way West in 1845 we called on a half-brother of my 

258 History of the Treman Family. 

father's at or near Wooster, Ohio. He spelled his name Truman. I 
can't recall his given name but a son of his, Silas Truman, now lives 
at Strawberry Point, Iowa. 

'T have never been able to understand why such a variety of 
names or spellings came about. I followed my father closely and 
since 1845 have stuck to Tremain. My full name is George Lafay- 
ette. I always sign G. L. Yours, 

"G. L. Tremain." 

Residence, 1901, Humboldt, Iowa. 

Children : 

5616. William D. Born April 30, 1856. 68S0. 

5617. Emma J. Born Aug. 20, 1858. Married W. W. Sterns, Assist- 

ant Cashier of the People's Bank. Residence, 1S93, Humboldt. 
56[8. Harry J. Born May 20, 1869. 6890. 
5619. Mira E. Born June 19, 1866. 

5625. Truman Tremaine. (Ira*, Joseph^, Benjamin-*, Philip^ 
Thomas', Joseph'.) 3282. He was born June i, 1809, at Rodman, 
N. Y, He married, July 12, 1847, Mary McCullough, of Alden, N. Y. 

Children : 

5626. Albert S. Died Oct. 10, 1849, at Alden, N. Y. 

5627. Mary. 

5628. George. Residence, 1893, LosAngeles, Cal. 

5640. Emmons Tremaine. (Ira^ Joseph^, Benjamin^ Philip\ 
Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3283. He was born Nov. 2, 1810, at Rodman, 
N. Y. He married, Dec. 18, 1838, Lucy J. Atwater, of Stafford, 
N. Y. Their children were all born in Morganville, Genesee Co., N. Y. 
He died Dec. 8, 1899, at Adrian, Mich. Residence, Adrian, Mich. 

Children : 

5641. Martha. Born in 1844. Married a Richards. 6893. 

5642. Clara A. Born in 1S54. Married a vSleeper. 6895. 

5643. Albert W. Born Dec. 29, 1S39. 

5650. Orrin Tremain. (Ira*, Joseph', Benjamin\ Philip^, 
Thomas^, Joseph'.) 3284. He was born Sept. 5, 1812, at Rodman, 
N. Y. He married, Nov. 8, 1.837, Clarissa Hall, of Clinton, N. Y. 
He died Sept. 17, 1849, at Alden, N. Y. 

Children : 

5651. Orrin. 

5652. Duane. 

Seventh Generation. 259 

5660. Joseph Tremain. (Ira^', Joseph^, Benjamin^ Philip'. 
Thomas"', Joseph'.) 3285. He was born Oct. 14, 1814, at Rodman, 
N. Y. He married, April 15, 1847, Susan Inman, of New Hartford, 
N. Y. He died Nov. 15, 1888, at Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Children : 

5661. Charles B. 

5662. Frank. Residence, 1893, Oconomowoc. 

5670. Hon. Ira Harwood Tremain. (Ira^ Joseph^, Benja- 
min^ Philip^, Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3288. He was born Feb. 17, 
1822, at Paris, N. Y. He married, Oct. 9, 1849, Rosalia Howe, of 
Alden, N. Y. Member of Iowa Legislature. Residence, 1901, Web- 
ster City, Iowa. 

Children : 

5671. Harmon H. Born Aug. 5, 1S52, at Oconomowoc, Wis. 

5672. Dr. Orlando G. Born Nov. 21, 1854, at same place. He gradu- 

ated at Hahneman Medical College, Chicago, iS8r. Residence, 
1901, Webster City, Iowa. 

5673. John D. Born Sept. 17, 1856, at Oconomowoc. Died Nov. 15, 

18S9, at Clynier, N. Y. 

5674. Sarah Minnie. Born .A.pril 24, 1861, at Oconomowoc. 

5675. Frank. Born May 10, 1863, at Webster, City, Iowa. 

5680. Charles A. Tremain. (Ira*, Joseph^, Benjamin\'Philip\ 
Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3290. He w^as bom May 19, 1828, at Paris, 
N. Y. He married, Nov. 16, 1864, Mary A. Phillips, of Petersburg, 
N. Y. Merchant. He removed West in 1847 with his mother and 
sister. He resided, 1893, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Child : 
5681. Thomas P. Bom April 13, 1869, at Oconomowoc, Wis. 

5690. Wii.Li.^M Radcliffe. He married, Oct. i, 1843, Betsey 
Tremain. 3287. He died. Residence, Stafford, N. Y., and Mani- 
towoc, Wis. 

Children : 

5691. Charles William. Born Oct. i, 1S44, at vStafFord, N. Y. Died 

Dec. 20, 1845. 

5692. Edward A. Born Oct. 10, 1848, at Oconomowoc, Wis. 

5693. Mary E. Born Aug. 10, 1856. 

26o History of the Treman Family. 

5700. James C. Truman. (James C.*, Nathan^, John Ephraim*, 
Jonathan^, Thomas^, Joseph'.) 3301-2. He was born Dec. i, 1868, 
at Gilbertsville, N. Y. He married, in Jan., 1891, Mattie E. Fee 
(daughter of WilUam Fee, of Nepera Park, Westchester Co., N. Y.). 
Soldier in the Coast Artillery of the United States Army in Cuba. 
Residence, 1901, Nepera Park, N. Y. 

Children : 

5701. Dorothy Fee. Born Oct. 30, 1891. Died in July, 1892. 

5702. Christine Victoria. Born Nov. 19, 1S92. 

5703. Martha Field. Born July 25, 1898. 

5704. John Stewart Wells. Born May 22, 1900. 

5710. Cleveland Truman. (James C.*, Nathan^, John.Eph- 
raim^, Jonathan^ Thomas'", Joseph'.) 3301-4. He was born May 
16, 1872, at Binghamton, N. Y. He married, Jan. 14, 1893, Grace 
Helen Smith, of Binghamton. He died Sept. 14, 1894. 

At the time of his death the Elmira Telegram (Binghamton cor- 
respondence) said : 

"The announcement yesterday afternoon of the death of Cleve- 
land Truman, was as startling as it was heart-breaking and crushing 
to the friends of the young man and sorely bereaved family. For the 
past two weeks the deceased has been ill with fever, but at no time 
was his condition considered dangerous or critical, until yesterday 
morning, when the fever took a sudden change, and he sank rapidly, 
passing away about four o'clock, surrounded by the beloved ones 
who had done all that was possible in human skill to save him. The 
deceased, who was the son of Hon. J. C. Truman, of this city, was 
one of the most honorable, manly and popular young gentlemen of 
the city, and was beloved and respected by the wide circle of admir- 
ing friends and acquaintances. He filled the responsible and trusted 
position of money-order clerk under Postmaster Hull, and was one of 
his most trusted associates. He was twenty-two years of age, and 
leaves a wife and little daughter, besides his parents, to mourn his 
untimely demise." 

Residence, Binghamton, N, Y, 
Child : 
571 1. Marjorie Cleveland. Born Oct. 11, 1S93. 

Seventh Generation. 261 

5720. John B. Truman. (Stephen S.^ Lyman^, Shem", 
Benjamin^, Thomas-, Joseph'.) 3336. He was born April 18, 1847. 
He married (ist), Dec. 19, 1867, Clara S. Ketchum. She died 
March 28, 1870. He married (2nd), Aug. 7, 1872, Mary Deirsteiner. 
She was born in 1852, at Albany, N. Y. 

5721. Harry J. Bom March ii, 1870. Died Dec. 11, 1877. 

5722. Frederick Weed. (F. R.) 3448. He was born Aug. 
7, 1856. He married Kate D. Bunnell. She was born Feb. 6, 1858. 

Child : 
5722-r. Margaret Frances. Born July 10, 1880. 

5723. Dr. John Blake Stanbrough. (Thomas Goldsmith 
Stanbrough and Jane Eager.) He was born Sept. 16, 1829, in Mont- 
gomery, Orange Co., N. Y. He married, April 25, i860, Adeline 
Truman. 3351. He studied dentistry with his brother. Dentist 
several years. Hardware merchant many years. First Lieutenant 
in Company I, 124th New York Regiment of Volunteers in the Civil 
War. Honorably discharged after four months' service, for disabili- 
ties, in 1862. He is a Republican in politics. President of the 
Board of Trustees of the New York State Hospital, Binghamton. 
Trustee of the Village of Owego, 1872-3. Loan Commissioner of 
Tioga County, appointed in 1873 and 1880. Member of the Board 
of Education. He is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity. 
He became a Mason at Farmer, N. Y,, 1852 ; member of Royal Arch 
Chapter at Ovid, 1853. Member of Friendship Lodge, Owego, and 
New Jerusalem Chapter, R. A. M., Owego. He organized Highland 
Chapter at Newburg, 1863, and in 1866 organized Ahwaga Lodge at 
Owego, of which he became the first Master. He resided in 185 1. 
at Union, thence removed to Lisle, thence to Farmer, thence to 
Owego, thence to Newburg and then returned to Owego. Residence, 
1 90 1, Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

5724. Dora Truman. Born Oct. 26. 1861. Educated at St. .\gnes 

School, Albany, N. Y. 

5725. Lyinan Truman. Born Jan. 11, 1864, at Newburg, N. Y. He 

prepared at the Owego Free Academy, attended Cornell Uni- 

262 History of the Treman Family. 

versity and graduated at the Columbia Law vSchool, i8SS. While 
in college he was a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity. He 
studied law with Judge Charles A. Clark and Hon. H. Austin 
Clark, of Owego, and MacFarland, Boardman and Piatt of New 
York City. Admitted to the Bar, Nov. 18, 1887. Trustee of 
the Lyman Truman estate. Director in the First National 
Bank of Owego. He is a Republican in politics. Supervisor of 
the Town of Owego and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors 
of Tioga County, N. Y., 1896-S. Member of the Country Club 
and the Owego Club and Defiance Hook and Ladder Company. 
Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 
5726. Frank Truman. Born June 7, 1867, at Owego, N. Y. He pre- 
pared at the Owego High School and attended Cornell Univer- 
sity. Member of the Kappa Alpha college fraternit}'. Business 
man. Trustee of the Lj'man Truman estate. Member of the 
Country Club and Owego Club and Defiance Hook and Ladder 
Company and Sasana Loft Tribe, I. O. R. M. He died by 
accidental drowning July 17, 1901, while trying to save the 
lives of a woman and another man. The Owego Gazette gave 
the following account of the accident and tribute to his mem- 
ory: "Two of Owego's best known society men lost their lives last 
evening. Frank T. Stanbrough and Alva S. Odell were bathing 
in the Susquehanna river with two girls, one of whom they were 
trying to teach to swim. Getting into deep water Odell lost 
control of the young woman and called to Stanbrough to come 
to his assistance. In the struggle all three went down, but the 
girl was rescued by Superintendent Ditmar, of the Owego Gas 
Company, who was out in a rowboat. She was unconscious 
but soon revived. When Stanbrough and Odell were finally 
pulled out of the water there was little evidence of life. Haifa 
dozen physicians worked over them on the river bank for an 
hour, but with no success. The men were among the best 
known society people in town. Stanbrough is the 3-ounger son 
of Dr. J. B. Stanbrough. He was about thirty-five years old 
and w'as one of the heirs of the large Truman estate. Both of 
the 3'oung men were very popular and held in high esteem in 
this village. When the news of the terrible calamity spread 
over the village the river bank was crowded with the friends of 
the dead men, who hoped the doctors would be successful in 
restoring them to consciousness and who deeply sympathize 
with the members of the bereaved families. Mr. Stanbrough 
was bookkeeper at his father's stove and plumbing store in 
Front street. He was a member of Defiance Hook and Ladder 
Company, No. 5, and also a member of Sasana Loft Tribe, 
I. O. R. M." 


Seventh Generation. 263 

5727. Hon. Eugene Buell Gere. (Isaac B. Gere and Ada- 
line Drake [daughter of Judge Joho R. Drake, M. C, and Jerusha 
Roberts, daughter of Rev. Joseph Roberts, of Owego, N. Y., son of 
Rev. Reuben Drake, of Plattekill, N. Y.], Luther Gere, of Ithaca, N. 
Y., and his wife who was a daughter of Judge Sahnon Buell, of 
Ithaca, N. Y. Luther Gere was Associate Judge of Tompkins 
County, N. Y., and President of the Bank of Ithaca.). He was born 
Dec. 4, 1 84 1, at Havana, N. Y. He prepared at Owego Academy 
and graduated at Albany Law School, 1861. He married, June, 18, 
1867, Emily A. Truman. 3352. He studied law with Warner, 
Tracy &. Warner. Admitted to the Bar. Lawyer. Enlisted in 5th 
N. Y. Cavalry and was 2nd and ist Lieutenant of Co. G. Captain 
of Co. B, 2 1 St New York Cavalry Regiment of Volunteers in the 
Civil War. He was shot through the shoulder at Orange C. H., 
Va., Aug. 2, 1862. He was a Republican in politics. Justice of 
the Peace five years. District Attorney of Tioga County, N. Y., 
1870-3. Member of Assembly, 1876-7. Editor and publisher of 
the Owego Daily and Weekly Blade several years. He died Aug. 30, 
1899, at Bealton, Fauquier Co., Va. No children. Residence, 
Owego, N. Y., and Fredericksburg, Va. 

5728. Clarence A. Thompson. (Anthony D.=, Henry'.) He 
was born Feb. i, 1848. He attended Cazenovia Seminary. He 
married, June 9, 1869 (o. 1867), Dora E. Truman. 3353. Cashier 
of First National Bank of Waverly, N. Y. Assistant Cashier of First 
National Bank of Owego, N. Y. Cashier of Owego National Bank, 
1 883- 1 895. He is a Republican in politics. Treasurer of Village 
of Owego, 1876-80, Treasurer of Tioga Co., N. Y., 1887. Member 
of Board of Education. Officer in Custom House, N. Y. City. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Owego, N. Y. 

Child : 

5729. Dr. Sidney Welles. Born Fel). lo, 1873. Graduated at River- 
view Military Academy, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and New York 
University Medical College, 1896. Member of Tioga Co. Med. 
Society, I. O. O. F., and I. O. R. M. Married, Oct. 12, 1897, 
May Davis. Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 

5730. A.'VRON B. Trum.\n. (Charles E.*, Aaron^, Shem^ Ben- 
jamin^ Thomas', Joseph'.) 3361. He was born Jan. 22, 1839. He 

264 History of the Treman Family. 

married, Jan. 22, 1862, Delise Harris. She was born Dec. 18, 1843. 
He died Jan. 31, 1892. Residence, Gaskill's Corners, Tioga Co., 

N. Y. 

Child : 

5731. Fanny. Born Jan. 20, 1S68. Married, Nov. 26, 1S85, Charles 
Ford. Children: i. Lillie E. Born in September, 1887. 2. 
Truman. Born ]March 27, 1891. 

5740. Lyman B. Truman. (Charles E.*, Aaron^, Shem^ Ben- 
jamin^, Thomas", Joseph'.) 3365. He was born Nov. 5, 1843. He 
married, Dec. 25, 1867, Mary Beers. She was born May 18, 1850. 
Postmaster. Residence, 1887, South Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

5741- Annie G. Born Oct. 13, 1869. Married Bert Perry. Residence, 

1901, Newark Valley, N. Y. 
5742. Orin. Born June 9, 1879. 
5743- Mabel. Born Dec. 3, 1S82. 

5750. Elias W. Truman. (Charles E.*, Aaron^, Shem-*. Benja- 
min^, Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3366. He was born Oct. 7, 1846. He 
married, March 16, 187 1, Jennie Darling. She was born Jan. 13. 
1849. Residence, 1895, Cadis, Pa. 

Children : 

5751. Bertie L. Born March 4, 1872. Married, Dec. 5, 1894, Frank 

Slosson. Residence, 1895, Cadis, Pa. 

5752. Frank C. Born May 11, 1879. Residence, 1895, South Owecro, 

N. Y. 

5753- Charles F. Truman. (Charles E.^ Aaron^, Shem-*, 
Benjamin^, Thomas^ Joseph'.) 3367. He was born Oct. 7, 1846. 
He married Ada Chapman. Residence, 1887, Flemingville, N. Y. 

5754. John B. Blewer. He was born March 29, 1838. He 

married, Aug. 18, 1862, Adeline Truman. 3362. Residence, Wel- 

onville, N. Y. 

5755- William Henry Blewer. He married, April 15, 1862, 
Adelaide Truman. 3363. He died June 20. 1875. Residence, 
Weltonville, N. Y. 

Children : 
5756. Frederick. Born June 8, 1866. Married, Dec. 29, 1886, Evelyn 

Seventh Generation. 265 

O. Anderson. She was born March 9, 1865. Children : i. 

Mary A. Born July 28, 1889. 2. Helen T. Born June 24, 

1893. Residence, 1895, Weltonville, Tioga Co., N. Y. 
5757- George F. Born Aug. 8, 1870. Residence, 1S95, Weltonville, 

N. Y. 
575S. William H. Born Feb. 3, 1875. 

5760. William E. Mead. He was born Aug. 2, 1845. He 
married, May 21, 1868, Lucy Truman. 3368. Residence, 1887, 
Gaskill Corners, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

5761. Nelson Frank. Born Sept. 10, 1872. Married. Residence, 1895. 
Gaskill Corners, N. Y. 

5762. Charles L. Born March 2r, 1874. Residence, 1S95, Gaskill 
Corners, N. Y. 

5763. Alexander. Born June 5, 1886. 

5765. Adelbert C. Hammond. He was born May 16, 1847. 
He married, Jan. 28, 1874, Lydia Truman. 3369. Residence, 1895, 
Newark Valley, N. Y. 

Children : 

5766. Experience T. Born May 18, 1880. 

5767. Adaline. Born Oct. 27, 188 1. 

5768. C. T. Born Jan. 23, 1885. 

5770. William S. Truman. (George^ Aaron\ Shem-*, Benja- 
min\ Joseph^ Joseph'.) 3376. He was born July 10, 1844. He 
married, June 8, 1869, Kate A. Stedman. She was born Sept. 20, 
1845. Cashier and a Director in the First National Bank of Owego, 
N. Y., many years. President of Owego Light and Power Company. 
Vice-President of the Champion Wagon Company. Residence, 1901, 
Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

5771. Frank S. Born Aug. 23, 1870. Married, Oct. 2, 1895, Laura 

Mersereau (daughter of George Mersereau, of Owego, N. Y. ). 

5772. William D. Died. 

5773. William Chase. Born .\ug. 10, 1874. He graduated at Cornell 

University, Ph.B., 1896. Married, June 19, 1900, Willia Bas- 
sett, of Owego. 

5774. Addie S. Born Feb. 6, 1877. 

5775. Sarah E. Born May 12, 1884. 

266 History of the Treman Family. 

5780. George Truman. (George^ Aaron^, Shem-*, Benjamin', 
Joseph^, Joseph'.) 3378. He was born June 28, 1848. He mar- 
ried, Nov. 23, 1887, Elizabeth A. Hamilton (daughter of R. S. Ham- 
ilton, of Providence, R. I.). She was born Dec. 11, 1859. Merchant. 
Director in Tioga National Bank and First National Bank. Treas- 
urer of the Owego Glove Company. Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 

Child : 

57S1. Robert Hamilton. Born Sept. 21, 1895. Died Sept. 21, 1S95. 

5790. Gilbert T. Truman. (George*, Aaron-, Shem\ Benja- 
min', Thomas''. Joseph'.) 3379. He was born Feb. 9, 1850. He 
married, Feb. 15, 1870, Alice T. Steele. She was born Aug. 7, 1852, 
Director in First National Bank. County Superintendent of the Poor. 
Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

5791. George Steele. Born April 30, 1S71. Married, Oct. 12, 1S97, 

Jeannette Orcutt. 

5792. James Steele. Born Aug. 24, 1874. He graduated at Cornell 

LTniversity, Ph.B., 1896, and LL.B., 1898. He was admitted to 
the Bar in January, 1899. Member of law firm of Clark & 
Truman. Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 

5793. John G. Died Feb. 8, 1886. 

5795. A. Chase Thompson. He was born April 28, 1843, in 
Tompkins County, N. Y. He married, June 14, 1868, Sarah F. 
Truman. He removed to Owego in 1865. Dry goods merchant 
several years, 1865-88. Founder and active manager, since 1888, 
of the Standard Butter Company which manufactures a superior 
grade of butter for the N. Y. Citv market. He owns a rice planta- 
tion in S. C. Treasurer of the Tioga County Agricultural Society, 
1878. Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

5796. Annie. Born May 21, 1870. Married, June 12, 1S95, William 


5797. George W. Born April 30, 1876. Married Florence Payne. 

Director in Tioga National Bank. 

5800. Albert A. Truman. (Lucius*, Asa H.-\ Shem-*, Benja- 
min^, Joseph-, Joseph'.) 3393. He was born Oct. 6, 1841. He 

Seventh Generation. 267 

married, Nov. 28, 1868, Ann S. Bache. She was born Sept. 18, 
1 841. Agent of American Express Company. Residence, 1901, 
Wellsboro, Pa. 

Children : 

5801. Minnie Bache. Born Aug. 18, 1871. 

5802. John Bache. Born in Dec, 1S73. Bookkeeper in First National 


5804. James VanValkenburg. He was born Aug. 24, 1845. 
He married. May 30, 1872, Harriet Truman. 3395. 

Children : 


Irving L. 

Born May 27, 


Died July 




Herman L. 

Born Aug. i 

3. 18: 



Asa H. Born Feb. 25. iJ 



. Augustus Truman. 

(Edward D.* 

, Asa H. 

', Shem^ 


\ Joseph^, J 

foseph'.) 2>A 


He was born 

May : 

31, 1847^ 

He married, Aug. 7, 

. 1875, Elizal 


M. Barry. 

She died 

May 17 


Child : 


Eleanor E. 

Born :May 6, 


. Died May 



5840. M. B. Weed. He was born Jan. 11, 1821. He married, 
Nov. 16, 1865, Mary Truman. 3327. 

Children : 

5841. Cora L. Born July 20, 1867. 

5842. Henry. Born Sept. 29, 187 1. 

5850. Eli W. Stone. (William P.) 3443. He was born 
Dec. 4, 1836. He graduated at Colgate University. He married, 
Sept. 18, 1 86 1, Charlotte Metcalf (daughter of Dr. Azel E. Metcalf). 
She was born Dec. 12, 1836, in Otsego Co., N. Y. Professor in Col- 
gate University. Lieutenant in a New York Regiment in Civil War. 
He was a Republican in politics. Chairman of Tioga County Repub- 
lican Committee many years. Treasurer of Tioga County, N. Y., 
several years. Assistant Cashier of Tioga National Bank of Owego 
many years. He died Oct. 12, 1898, at Owego, N. Y. She died 
Feb. 25, 1901. Residence, Owego, N. Y. 

268 History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

5851. Fannie M. Born Sept. 8, 1862. Married Clarence T. Wall. 

Merchant. Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 

5852. Dr. William M. Born June 12, 1871. Graduated at Williams 

College, A. B., and at a medical college. Residence, 1901, 
N. Y. City. 

5860. James T. Stone. (William P.) 3445. He was born 
Aug. 22, 1853. He married, July 17, 1895, Emma Campbell (daugh- 
ter of Arba Campbell, of Owego). Deputy U. S. Collector of Internal 
Revenue at Owego several years. Flour manufacturer. Steward of 
New York State Hospital at Rome. Residence, 1901, Rome, N. Y. 

5870. Orin T. Gorman. (John.) 3383. He was born Feb. 
19, 1849. He married Aug. 11, 1869, Emily Fulcher. She was 
born Sept. 19, 1848. Director in First National Bank. President of 
the Village of Owego, 1897. Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 

Child : 
5871. John M. T. Born Nov. 18, 1874. 

5880. Edwin Stratton. He was born Sept. 21, 1848. He 
married, Jan. 17, 1878, Emily Gorman. 3385. Merchant. President 
of the Village of Owego. Supervisor. Residence, 1901, Owego, N. Y. 

Child : 
5881. Donald. Born Jan. 29, 1884. 

5900. W. DwiGHT Cady. He was born in Nov. 1835, in Berk- 
shire County, Mass. He married, Oct. 7, 1861, Mary Goodrich. 
3388. He removed to Binghamton, N. Y., in 1869. President of 
the Binghamton Produce Company, 1882-1901. Supervisor, 1900- 
1902. Residence, 1901, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Child : 
5901. William F. Born March 26, 1S64. 

5910. Charles T. Goodrich. (David L.) 3389. He was 
born Sept. 2, 1845. He married, Oct. 6, 1870, Sarah Crouch. 

591 1. Lora B. Born Jan. 5, 1871. 

5912. David D. Born June 30, 1872. 

5913. Samuel. 

5914. Fannie. Born Dec. 2, 1873. 

Seventh Generation. 269 

5920. Lyman T. Goodrich. CDavid L.) 3390. Born July 
13, 1849. He married, Aug. 11, 1869, Cynthia Cornell. She was 
born Feb, -17, 1852. 

Child : 
5921. Lora A. Born June 21, 1S74. 

5930. Henry W, Cook. (George C.) 3456. He was bom 
July 10, 1836. He married July 9, 1862, Julia Laning. 3427. He 
died July 5, 1892. Residence, Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

5931. George Churchill. Born Oct. 28. 1864. 7340. 

5932. Lina Wheeler. Born Nov. 19, 1869. Married Henry James Mac- 

Farland. 7350. 

5933. Josephine Rozet. Born March 26, 1871. Married. 

5940. Emmet S. Arnold. (Andrew H.) 3471. He was born 
Feb. 24, 1845. He married, Sept. 8, 1867, Fannie L. Lathrop. 

Children : 

5941. Lowe E. Born Dec. 2, 1868. 

5942. Andrew B. Born July 14, 1870. 

5943. Fanny L. Born Jan. 10, 1875. 

5950. J. C. Wilson, He married, Jan. 13, 1869, Anna L, 
Stedman. 3467. She died Oct. 5, 1875, 

Child : 

5951. Bertha M. Born Dec. 5, 1869. 

5960. John Mathews. He married, Dec. 30, 1874, Jennie 
Williams. 3451. 

Children : 

5961. John W. Born Feb. 24, 1876. 

5962. Theresa J. Born Jan. 18, 1878. 

5963. William. Born Oct. 22, 1879. 

6020. Leslie H. Kelloog. (Charles N.% Hiram'.) 3474-1. 

270 History of the Treman Family. 

He was born June 29, 1844. He married, March 17, 1881, Anna 
McLellan, at Bryan, Ohio. 

Children : 

6021. Cynthia. 

6022. Eugene. 

6030. Louis K. Kellogg. (Charles N.^ Hiram'.) 3474-5. 
He was born April 9, 1852. He married, March 13, 1874, Kate 
Croft, of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Children : 

6031. Kitty. 

6032. Alice. 

6033. May. 

6034. William. 

6035. Clara. 

6036. Fred. 

6037. Marcella. 

Died in infancy 

6038. Helen. 

6040. Leon N. Kellogg. (Charles N.^ Hiram'.) 3474-9. 
He was born Oct. 25, 1867. He married, Sept. 10, 1890, Ella Lyons, 
of Northfield, Ohio. 

Children : 

6041. Zilpha. 

6042. Raymond. 

6043. HazeL 

6044. Helen. 

6050. Sep.ert Morgan. He married, Oct. 2, 1872, Ida A. 
Kellogg. 3474-2. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Children : 

6051. Daniel. 

6052. Percy. 

6053. Nellie. 

6060. F, A. Wrightman. He married Jenny L. Kellogg. 
3474-4. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Children : 

6061. Alma. Died Aug. 20, 1889, aged 16 years. 

6062. Bertine. 

6063. Lynn. 

Seventh Generation. 271 

6070. Emile Malle. He married, July 17, 1875, Jessie M. 
Kellogg. 3474-6. Residence, Bedford, Ohio. 

Children : 

6071. Edward. 

6072. Nettie. 

6073. Clarence. 

6074. Howard. 

6075. Percy. 

6080. Frederick William Greene. (Andrew Jackson.) 
3632. He was born Dec. 13, 1855. He married, Feb. 22, 1881, 
Ella E. Peckham. She was born Jan. 24, i860. 

Children : 

6081. Frederick William. Born April 13, 18S2. 

6082. Thomas Peckham Ernest. Born March 22, 1883. 

60S3. Florence Chapman. Born in Feb., 1889. Died in March, 1889. 


6500. Clement Tremain. (Abram K.', Daniel M.^ Benjamin?, 

Philip-*, John^, Josephs Joseph',) 4729. He was born Sept. 4, 1869. 

(o. 1870). He married, Jan. 18 (o. 8), 1894, Carrie Prouse. Resi- 
dence, 1894, Durand, Mich. 

Children : 

6501. Letha. Born Aug. 28, 1S95. 

6502. Lilah. Born Jan. 18, 1897. 

6510. Fay C. Tremain. (Daniel M.', Harvey*, Benjamin?, 
Philip^ John% Joseph", Joseph'.) 4834. He married, Nov. 4, 1897, 
Ameha Wilomine Seel, of Monroeville, Ohio. 

Children : 

651 1. Seelon Fay. Born Aug. 30, 1898. 

6512. Fern Ludlow. Born Sept. 21, 1900. 

6520. Myron Philander Bush, Esq. (John Westervelt^ Myron 
Philander'.) He was born June 28, 1872. He attended the State 
Normal School at Buffalo and graduated at the Buffalo Law School, 
LL.B., 1897. He studied law with Parker 8z Hotchkiss and was 
admitted to the Bar in August, 1898. He is connected with the law 
firm of Hotchkiss & Templeton. He married, Oct. 6, 1898, Carrie 
C. Benson (daughter of Morris Benson, of Buffalo, N. Y.). Member 
of the Country Club. Residence, 1901, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Child : 
6521. Caroline Benson. Born August 15, 1899. 

6530. William Horace Hotchkiss, Esq. (Mason K. Hotch- 
kiss and Rachel A. Merriam, Horace Hotchkiss and Diadama Pearce, 
daughter of Mason Pearce, Shubael Pearce, b. 1761 ; d. in Hampton, 

Eighth Generation. 273 

N. Y.; Private in Capt. Joseph Wilmarth's Co., Col. Thomas Carpen- 
ter's Regt.; enlisted July 28, 1780; marched to Tiverton, R. I., on 
alarm.) He was born Sept. 7, 1864, at Whitehall, Washington 
Co., N. Y. He prepared at Glidden's Classical School, Jamestown, 
N. Y., and graduated at Hamilton College, 1886. He studied law with 
Judge John D. Teller, of Auburn, N. Y., and was admitted to the Bar 
in 1888. While in college he was a member of the Chi Psi and Phi 
Beta Kappa fraternities. Clerk of the Surrogate's Court of Cayuga 
County, N. Y., 1887-9. He removed in 1891 to Buffalo, N. Y., where 
he is one of the leading attorneys. He married, April 25, 1895, by 
Rev. Samuel V. V. Holmes (Pres.), Katherine Tremaine Bush. 4012, 
Lecturer in the Buffalo Law School. Member of the Society of Sons 
of the American Revolution, the Buffalo Club, the Liberal Club, the 
Independent Club of which he was President in 1897, and the New 
York State Bar Association, Editor of the Purple and Gold, 1886-90. 
Contributor to the Review of Reviews, Munsey's, Outing and the 
Buffalo Illustrated Express. He is a Republican in politics, a mem- 
ber of the Republican League of Buffalo and was editor of its organ. 
The Opinion, for one year. 

" Men of New York " says of him : 

"William H. Hotchkiss, though still a young man, even if the 
term be narrowly interpreted, has already made a name for himself, 
and accomplished much good in a field of usefulness cultivated too 
little by men of his standing and capacity. He is a type of the young 
professional men, of liberal education and well-developed talent, who 
interest themselves in public affairs for the public good. He was 
prepared for college at Glidden's Classical School in Jamestown, 
N. Y., going from there to Hamilton College, where he graduated at 
the age of twenty-two with the degree of A.B. He secured the much 
coveted Phi Beta Kappa Key, besides honors in literature, oratory, 
debating. Greek, Latin and mathematics, and delivered the Head 
prize oration and Latin salutatory. Three years after his graduation, 
his college conferred on him the degree of A.M. 

"Law was the profession that Mr. Hotchkiss had chosen for 
himself, and with a view to obtaining a practical knowledge of legal 
procedure as early as possible, he accepted, after completing his 
college course, the appointment of clerk of the Surrogate's Court of 

274 History of the Treman Family. 

Cayuga County, at Auburn, N. Y. The surrogate at that time was 
John D. Teller, whose name became familiar throughout the State by 
his candidacy for judge of the Court of Appeals on the Democratic 
ticket in 1895. Mr. Hotchkiss served as clerk two years, 1887-9. 
Meantime, in 1888, he was admitted to the Bar. Judge Teller took 
him into partnership, and he practiced at Auburn, in the firm of 
Teller & Hotchkiss, till i8gi. He then moved to the larger field of 
Buffalo, Avhere he entered into partnership with E. L. Parker, and 
where he has since pursued his profession. The firm of Parker & 
Hotchkiss has risen rapidly in both influence and volume of business, 
and now ranks among the leading commercial and banking law firms 
of Buffalo. Mr. Hotchkiss is a lecturer on the law of personal 
property in the Buffalo Law School. 

"The great problems of municipal government, so long neglected 
in American cities, were just beginning to receive serious public 
attention when Mr. Hotchkiss began the real work of his manhood. 
To the study of these problems he addressed himself with the energy 
of youth, the earnestness of strong convictions, and an honest desire 
to serve right purposes. He has contributed articles frequently to 
the Review of Reviews, Munsey's, Outing and the Buffalo Illustrated 
Express, his range of subject including travel as well as municipal 
problems. In the latter field, however, he has become recognized as 
an authority. He wrote a pamphlet monograph on Urban Self Gov- 
ernment in 1892, and has since delivered numerous lectures on that 
and kindred subjects. His interest in politics has been in the line of 
promoting ideas, rather than in the actual work of machines. He 
took an active part in exposing the ballot frauds in Buffalo in 1892, 
and has served as Secretary of the Committee on law and legislation 
of the Buffalo Citizens' Association for three years. He is also an 
active member of the Buffalo Republican League, having served two 
years on the executive committee, and one year as editor of its organ. 
The Opinion. He is a member of the Chi Psi college fraternity, and 
served as editor-in-chief of its magazine, Purple and Gold, from 1886 
to 1890. He belongs, also, to the Sons of the American Revolution, 
the Buffalo Club, the Liberal Club, the Independent Club, and the 
New York State Bar Association. Especially worthy of mention is 
his work in connection with the drafting of the reform charter of 

Eighth Generation. 275 

(See Year Book of the New York State Society of Sons of the 
American Revolution.) 

Residence, 1901, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Children : 

6531. Son. Born June 6, 1899. Died June 11, 1899. 

6532. Katherine. Born Dec. i, 1900. 

6540. William Tecumseh Gr.\nt. (George^ George'.) 4160' 
He was born about 1870. He married, Dec. 12, 1891, Pauline 
Kirby (daughter of George Kirby). Residence, 1901, Enfield Centre, 

N. Y. 

Children : 

6541. Enimett G. 

6542. George G. 

6565. Norman Stanley. He married, about 1876, Mary 
Elizabeth Hewitt. 4172. Residence, 1901, Naples, N. Y. 

Children : 


Newton B. 


Hugh C. 






Mary E. 



6575. Myron Tiffany Fish. (Henry Fish and Cilicia Hazen, 
of Groton, N. Y.) He was born Oct. 18, 1855. He married, Jan. 
30, 1877, Lydia Jane Hewitt. 4173. Traveling salesman. Member 
of Masonic fraternity. Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

6576. Emmet Grant. Born Oct. 2, 1877. He is now (1901) attending 

Cornell University, in the course in medicine. 

6577. Mary Elinor. Born July 2, 1879. 

6578. Ethel Belle. Born .\ug. 10, 1881. Twin with Edwin. 

6579. Edwin. Twin with Ethel Belle. Born Aug. 10, xSSi. Died 

Feb. 5, 1882. 
65S0. Susie Elvira. Born March 31, 1883. 

6581. Henry Myron. Born Feb. 20, 1889. 

6582. Stewart Snyder. Born Nov. 26, 1893. 

276 History of the Treman Family. 

6600. John M. Blauvelt. (John.) 4626. He married Pearl 
Wilson. Residence, 1901, Farmer, N. Y. 

Child : 
6601. Marjorie. 

6610. Frank B. Aiken. (Daniel L.) 4601. He was born 
May 17, 1854. He married, Dec. 22, 1875, Mary C. Kelsey, of 
Trumansburg, N. Y. She was born April 16, 1875. Justice of the 
Peace. Supervisor of the Town of Enfield, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 
Superintendent of Five Counties Milk Producers' Association, Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Enfield, N. Y. 

Children : 

6611. Clara Louise. Born Oct. 20, 1876. Died June 28, 1895. 

6612. Mary Alice. Born Feb. 21, 1879. 

6613. Howard Kelsey. Born Oct. 8, 1885. 

6620. Fred L. Aiken. (Daniel L.) 4602. He was born 
Jan. 5, 1858. He married, June 8, 1879, Emma A. PoUay. She 
was bom Aug. 14, 1858. He resided at Warrensburg, Mo., 1883-93. 
Residence, 1901, Enfield, N. Y. 

Children : 

6621. Daniel L. Born July 31, 1881. 

6622. Anna R. Born Sept. 7, 18S2. 

6623. Frank P. Born Sept. 16, 1883. 

6624. Ernest. Born Feb. 6, 1885. Died Feb. 17, 1885. 

6625. Stuart S. Born March 10, 1886. 

6626. Ethel May. Born May 3, 188S. 

6627. Inez Mary. Born Sept. 4, 18S9. 

6628. Hazel A. Born Dec. 25, 1S90. 

6629. Harry F. Born Dec. 26, 1S93. 

6630. Marilla S. Born Nov. 14, 1895. 

6631. Alice E. Born Nov. 25, 1900. 

6640. Lawren L. Taylor. (Richard C.) 4304. He married 
Frances Swartout. 

Child : 
6641. Henry. 

6650. Charles Teed. He married Kate Taylor. 4303. 

Child : 
6651. Daughter. Died about 1878. 

Eighth Generation. 277 

6660. William H. Allen. He married Delia Taylor. 4301. 
Residence, Jacksonville, N. Y. 

Children : 

6661. Lewis H. 

6662. William. 

6663. Ernest. 

6664. Nina. 

6670. Menzo Wortman. He married Mary Taylor. 4302. 
Children : 

6671. Warren. 

6672. Laura. 

6680. Eugene Terry, Esq. (Leland Terry and Rhoda Wixom, 
of Covert, N. Y.) He was born Oct. 22, 1861, in Covert, N. Y. He 
attended Ithaca High School and Cortland Normal School. He 
taught school two years. He married, Nov. 8, 1888, Myra Susan 
Taylor. 4305. He studied law with Myron N. Tompkins, Esq., 
Jared T. Newman, Esq., Judge Bradford Almy and Dewitt C. Bouton, 
Esq., of Ithaca. He was admitted to the Bar, Nov. 18, 1893. He 
has since been engaged in the active practice of his profession. 
Clerk of the Surrogate's Court of Tompkins County, 1891-1900. 
Supervisor of the Town of Ulysses. He takes an active interest in 
politics. He is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows 
and of the Royal Arcanum. He is of an inventive turn of mind and 
has invented and patented several valuable inventions. 

" Landmarks of Tompkins County " says of him : 

"As a boy his ambition was to secure a good education, and 
after exhausting the resources of the district schools he became a 
student of the Ithaca High School. The year of his majority he 
taught school in the town of Ulysses, and in 1883 he entered the 
State Normal School at Cortland, after which he became the principal 
of the Jacksonville school, where he remained for five successive 
terms. It was his intention to follow teaching as a profession, but 
the study of law was too strong an attraction for him to resist, and in 
1887 he came to Ithaca, and the following three years we find him in 
the law office of M. N. Tompkins, Esq. He then spent a year in the 
office of Jared T. Newman, Esq., and then became law clerk in the 

278 History of the Treman Family. 

office of Almy & Bouton. Bradford Almy was elected County Judge 
in the fall of 1891, assuming the duties of the office January i, 1892, 
and that was the date of Mr. Terry's appointment as Clerk of the 
Surrogate's Court of Tompkins County, which office he still holds." 

He resigned in 1900 and opened a law office of his own. He 
was elected Supervisor on the Democratic ticket, in the strong Repub- 
can town of Ulysses, in 1901. Democratic candidate for Member 
of Assembly, 1901. Office. Ithaca, N. Y. Residence, 1901. Jack- 
sonville, N.Y. 

Children : 

6681. Richard Taylor. Born Oct. 14, 18S9. 

6682. Leland Wixom. Born July 6, 1894. 

6690. Fred Baker. (Jarvis D.", Stephen".) 4286. He was 
born Feb. 25, 1867. He married Jennie King, of Ulysses. Resi- 
dence. 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

6691. Leroy. 

6692. Edna. 

6693. Ethel A. 

6700. Fred June. He was born Aug. 27, 1868. He married 
Mary Louise Baker. 4285. Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Children : 

6701. Fred. Born May S, 1S88. 

6702. Martha. Born March 9, 1891. 

6703. Frank. Born April 25, 1893. 

6704. Lucy. Born Dec. 27, 1894. 

6705. Homer. Born January 29, 1898. 

6715. Edwin Clark Mason. (Wesley.) 4931. He was born 
Nov. 7, 1862, at Owego, N. Y. He graduated at Oakwood Seminary, 
Union Springs, N. Y., 1881, and at Syracuse University, 1888. He 
married, June 21, 1894, Eloise S. Cool, of Syracuse, N. Y. Journal- 
ist. He is advertising manager of the Rochester Herald. Residence, 
1 90 1, Rochester, N. Y. 

Child : 
6716. Donald W. Born in 1S97. 

6720. John C. Davis. He married, June 28, 1894, Martha 


Eighth Generation. 279 

Ellen Tremalne. 4831. He formerly resided at Wakeman, Ohio. 
Residence, 1901, Havana, Ohio. 

Children : 

6721. Fae. Born May 30, 1895, at Wakeman. 

6722. Tremaine. Born Oct. 4, 1896, at Peru, Ohio. 

6723. Martha. Born Nov. 4, 1897, at Peru, Ohio. 

6724. John Kenneth. Bom April 28, 1899, at Havana. Died Aug. 27, 


6740. Lewis Erwin Tremaine. (Saul', DanieP, Russell', 
Julius-*,, John', Joseph", Joseph'.) 5101, He was born Oct. 4, 1854. 
He married, April 29, 1879, Ella L. Earnest. She was born Dec. 6, 
1854. Residence, 1901, Lawrenceville, Pa. 

Children : 

6741. Katie A. Born Aug. 25, 1882. 

6742. Harry Leon. Born Nov. ir, 1886. 

6750. Frank B. Tremaine. (Charles H.', Julius^ Lyman^, 
Julius^ John^ Joseph^ Joseph'.) 5186. He was born June i, 1867. 
He married, March 26, 1891, Bird M. Kelts (daughter of Delos and 
Maria Canfield Kelts.). She was born March 31, 187 1. Residence, 
1 90 1, Somer's Lane, Pa. 

Children : 

6751. Charles D. Born July 16, 1892. 

6752. Gilbert E. Born Feb. 24, 1896. 

6753. Hugh C. Born June 9, 1900. 

6760. Edward V. Tremaine. (William Wallace', DanieP, 
Russell^, Julius^ John^ Joseph^, Joseph'.) 5123. He was born Nov. 
24, 1876. He married, Feb. 24, 1899, Edith Schenck. She was 
born Dec. 22. 1874, at Wellsville, N. Y. 

Child : 
6761. Hazel M. Born March 18, 1900. 

6770. Gen. Henry Edwin Tremaine. (Edwin R.', Levi", 
Nathaniels Simeon\ Philip', Thomas', Joseph'.) 5476. He was 
born Nov. 14, 1841, in New York City. He graduated at the College 
of the City of New York, i860, and Columbia Law School, 1867. 
He served in the Union Army through the Civil War and was pro- 

28o History of the Treman Family. 

moted from Private to Brevet Brigadier General, and was awarded 
the Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery in action. Captain 
73d Regt. New York Infantry Volunteers. Honorably discharged 
May I, 1865. Attorney and Counsellor-at law. First Assistant 
United States Attorney in New York City, 1873-7. Member of the 
law firm of Tremaine & Tyler. President of the Republican Club of 
New York City, 1901. Member of Lawyers' Club, Association of 
the Bar of the City of New York and of the Society of Sons of the 

Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography says of him : 

"Henry Edwin Tremain, soldier, b. in New York City, 14 Nov., 
1840. He was graduated at the College of the City of New York in 
i860 and then entered Columbia Law School. On 17 April, 1861, 
he enlisted in the 7th New York Regiment as a private, and served 
through its two months' campaign about Washington, after which, on 
13 July, he entered the National volunteer service as ist Lieutenant 
of the 2nd New York fire zouaves. During the peninsular campaign 
he was on Gen. Daniel E. Sickles' staff, and w-as in the battles of 
Williamsburg, Fair Oaks and Malvern Hill. He was then transferred 
to Gen. John Pope's army, and engaged at Bristow Station and the 
second battle of Bull Run, where he was captured while endeavoring 
to check a temporary panic and the rapid advance of the enemy. 
After several months' confinement in Libby prison he was exchanged, 
resumed duty on Gen. Sickles' staff as assistant inspector-general 
and was present at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, where he 
served as an aide to Gen. Joseph Hooker. Meanwhile, on 25 April, 
1863, he had been commissioned major, and was chief staff officer to 
Gen. Sickles at the battle of Gettysburg. He was on Gen. Daniel 
Butterfield's staff at Chattanooga, and took part in the battles of 
Dalton and Resaca. In 1864 he was ordered to the Army of the 
Potomac and served successively on the staffs of Gen. David M. 
Gregg and Gen. George Crook, participating in the cavalry battles 
under these officers, until the surrender of the Army of Northern 
Virginia. He was brevetted brigadier-general of volunteers on 30 
Nov.. 1865, and continued on duty in the Carolinas until his discharge 
on 29 April, 1866. Gen. Tremain then resumed his law studies and 
was graduated in 1867, after which he entered into practice, forming 

Eighth Generation. 281 

in 1868 the firm of Tremain iS: Tyler. From 1870 till 1885 he was 
usually retained either by or against the government in its legal con- 
troversies in New York, and he was connected with the Marie-Garri- 
son litigation involving the title to the Missouri Pacific railroad. He 
has been active as a Republican in political canvasses, and for five 
terms, beginning in 187 1, he has been president of the associate 
alumni of the College of the City of New York. On 19 April, 1887, 
he was elected colonel of the veterans of the 7th Regiment, the oldest 
organization of its kind in this country. His campaign notes of 
'Last Hours of Sheridan's Cavalry,' were edited by John Watts de 
Peyster (1885)." 

"Who's Who in America" for 1899, says of him : 

"Henry Edwin Tremain, veteran volunteer, general-lawyer ; b. 
New York Nov. 14, 1841 ; grad. Coll. City of New York, i860; 
Columbia Coll. Law School, 1867 ; served in U. S. Vols., April 19, 
1 86 1, to April 25, 1866, from private to bret. brig.-gen. in Army of 
Potomac ; received congressional medal of honor for distinguished 
conduct at battle of Resaca, Ga., May 15, 1864; first asst. U. S. 
Attorney, New York, 1873-7 ; active in Republican campaigns ; Col. 
veterans of the 7th Regt. N. Y. Nat. Guard, 1887-91. Author: 
'Sailor's Creek to Appomattox Court House, or the Last Hours of 
Sheridan's Cavalry ;' also numerous papers and addresses on military, 
political and legal subjects, and in favor of a protective tariff, etc." 

Office 146 Broadway, N. Y, City. Residence, 1901, New York 

6780. Grenville E. Tremaine. (Lyman^ Levi*, Nathaniel, 
Simeon-*, Philips Thomas"', Joseph'.) 5442. He was born April 19, 
1845. He was prepared at Dr. Reed's School, Geneva, N. Y., and 
graduated at Union College, 1866, and the Albany Law School. 
While in college he was a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity. 
He studied law with Peckham (\: Tremaine and after his admission 
to the Bar became a member of the firm. He married Miss Martin, 
of Auburn, N. Y. They had five children. He was a lawyer of 
great ability. He early took an active interest in Republican politics, 
was a very effective stump speaker and was the Republican candidate 
for Attorney General of the State of New York in 1877. He was the 
orator at many historical celebrations. 

282 History of the Treman Family. 

At the time of his death an Albany newspaper said : 

"Perhaps there has never been more general regret expressed 
and felt in this city, than over the early death of Grenville Tremain. 
Handsome in person, gifted in intellect, possessed of high powers of 
eloquence, he was the beau ideal of the young advocate, and exhibited 
powers that would have placed him yet higher than in the high 
rank of the profession that he illustrated and adorned. At such a 
time as this, it is not so much the genius of the man or his ability, 
the strength or grasp or shrewdness of his intellect, that recurs to 
the minds of his friends — these things but increase the already in- 
tense sense of loss by magnifying its greatness — but those attributes 
of the deceased that, while they add a new pang, sweeten the bitter- 
ness of the calamity, are his perfect manliness, his truthfulness, his 
high, clear sense of honor, his love of the true and right. No one 
can recall in all the activity of his life a cruel or an unkind word, a 
slur or innuendo, or an insinuation that would tend to throw even a 
shadow upon a rival reputation or wound the tenderest sensibilities. 
He had all the strength of the strongest man with the sweetest 
sensibilities of the most deUcate woman. There was about him a 
freshness and naturalness from which the roughest contact never 
took the bloom. In all his legal and forensic contests he was never 
accused of taking an undue advantage or of delivering an unfair 
blow. He was the Bayard of the profession, without fear and with- 
out reproach. He was a patriot not only from cool judgment, but 
with the warm enthusiasm that loved his country even as his mother, 
and as his elder brother gave his life for fatherland so Grenville 
would have been ready to have sacrificed his had his country called ; 
to him patriotism was a belief, and a sentiment that is stronger some- 
times than a belief; all this crystallized into the golden sentences 
dropped by his silver tongue in the matchless oration pronounced 
by him at the laying of the corner stone of the Williams monument, 
when the great concourse gathered there declared that never did 
Webster give birth to more fitting discourse — for the audience were 
moved by the manly beauty and entranced by the noble eloquence of 
the orator. This effort was perhaps the most complete, scholarly, 
and rhetorical of the many speeches of his busy life. 

"To the advantages that Mr. Tremain possessed in person and 
voice and intellect, he added an untiring industry that was undoubt- 

Eighth Generation. 283 

edly the cause of his death. Possessed of so fine a physique, he 
never seemed to think that the keen blade could wear out the strong- 
est scabbard ; he gave himself no rest ; night and day he labored at his 
professional duties ; and when in his last hours his mind wandered it 
wandered into those professional paths where had been won his early 
garlands and his youthful fame. Nominated by a great party for 
the high office of attorney-general ; nominated without hint or asking 
from himself, his nomination was received by his own party with 
glad acclaim ; and hundreds of the opposite party, those who knew 
him, marked their appreciation of his honesty, his ability, and his 
fitness for the place, by giving him the v.otes that carried him ahead 
of his fellows on the same ticket. He leaves to his familv. to his 
widow and his children, the proud, the blessed memory and inheri- 
tance of a name kept unstained and unsullied through the fierce 
turmoil of professional and political contests, and a faith as clear 
and simple and as honest as that of a little child, — one of those who 
shall always see the face of the Father, for of such is the kingdom of 

Another Albany paper said : 

"It is with sorrow unfeigned and deep, that we announce to our 
readers this morning the death of Mr. Grenville Tremain, which 
event occurred at his residence in this city yesterday afternoon about 
two o'clock, after a brief illness. He was the son of Hon. Lyman 
and Mrs, Helen Tremain, and he inherited many of the talents of 
his most distinguished father. He was born in the little village of 
Durham, Greene county, on the 19th day of April, 1845, and was 
consequently in the thirty-third year of his age. At an early period 
of his life, his father removed from Durham to this city, and entered 
into partnership with his old friend, the late Judge Peckham. Gren- 
ville was the second son, his brother the late Lieut.-Col. Frederick 
Tremain, who was killed in the last year of the war, being his senior 
by two or three years. Young Grenville was educated at the school 
of Dr. Reed, in Geneva in this State, and from that institution en- 
tered Union College, where he graduated with high honors. He 
then entered as a student the law oftice of Peckham & Tremain, and 
also attended the Albany Law school and graduated from that insti- 
tution ; and then further pursued his studies in the oftice, until in 

284 History of the Treman Family. 

1867 he became a partner in the firm of Peckham & Tremain, and 
from that day until the day of his death he was an active and useful 
member of that firm. Mr. Tremain early displayed at the bar the 
qualities of an able, learned, eloquent and accomplished lawyer. He 
entered at once into the litigations with which his firm was connect- 
ed, and scarcely a case was tried by either member of the firm at 
Albany, that was not prepared by him, and that did not receive the 
benefit of his indefatigable industry and painstaking research. He 
very early received the confidence of his clients, and he was soon 
engaged as attorney and counsel in many important litigations. He 
had the entire respect and confidence of the bench, and no judge 
ever listened to Mr. Tremain's statement of the facts of a case with- 
out an entire trust in the substantial accuracy thereof. 

"When Mr. Judson was elected Mayor, no other name than that 
of Mr. Tremain was thought of for the important and laborious posi- 
tion of Corporation Counsel, and from that day to the time of his 
death it can be truly said that he knew not a leisure moment. No 
one who has not occupied that office is aware of the engrossing 
nature of its duties when properly performed, and no one of his 
able predecessors ever brought to the discharge of the duties of that 
office a more conscientious determination to discharge them fully 
and properly than did Mr. Tremain. No department of the city 
government hesitated to call upon him for advice and assistance at 
all times, and no city official ever left him without being satisfied 
that he had received from Mr. Tremain the counsel which he de- 
sired, and which resulted from a most painstaking and exhaustive 
examination of the subject submitted to him. When his term of 
office expired, he kept on in the discharge of his professional duties 
without rest, recreation or interruption. 

"The delicate health of his father at this time left the firm to 
grapple with something of a large practice, and Mr. Tremain took 
his full share of the labor and responsibility of active professional 
life. Last year about this time, upon the failure of certain insurance 
companies in New York, and the appointment of a receiver for them, 
he was retained as counsel for such receiver, and from that time on 
he was busy, literally, night and day. The business called him fre- 
quently to New York, and he shrank from no labor that the human 
frame could endure, in order to faithfully and ably discharge the 

Eighth Generation. 285 

duties of the high trust that had been committed to his care. And 
It was melancholy in his last illness, when the hand of death was on 
him, and his mind wandering, to hear from his incoherent speech, 
how firmly his thoughts were fixed upon the discharge of his profes- 
sional labors. 

"Last fall, at the Republican Rochester Convention, without 
the suspicion of a request from him to any man, unsought and 
wholly unsolicited, the high honor and compliment of a nomination, 
by acclamation, for the office of Attorney General of the State, was- 
accorded to this young man, then standing in the very front rank of 
his profession among the younger members of the bar. Though 
suffering the fate of his ticket, it was most gratifying to him and his 
friends to see the way in which he was appreciated by those in whose 
midst he had grown up and passed the whole of his professional life. 
His vote in Albany county was many hundreds greater than that re- 
ceived by the rest of his ticket. 

•'Thus he stood but yesterday, as brilliant and eminent a lawyer 
as any one of his age throughout the length and breadth of the State. 
To-day he is at rest. 

"To those who knew Mr. Tremain socially, his loss will be 
irreparable. There was a manliness in his carriage, a frankness and 
tenderness of character about him, that charmed with the irresistible 
force of a pure, generous and loving heart. He leaves a wife and 
five small children, and he died on the birthday of his only son, who 
is, alas ! too young to feel the loss of as generous, loving and tender 
a father as son ever had. 

"He rests from his labors, and may he rest in peace. His 
stricken family have the profound sympathy of this community in 
this their hour of dire distress, and there is no heart but goes out in 
pity for the sorrow which this terrible calamity brings upon his suf- 
fering father." 

Another Albany paper said : 

"The sad announcement in our last edition of yesterday — com- 
ing as it did without a warning to any save a very few of the nearest 
friends — conveyed a shock to this entire community, and carried a 
deep sense of personal loss to many hearts. There is something 
peculiarly touching in the sudden death of a young man of robust 

286 History of the Treman Family. 

form arid bright promise at the very threshold of a brilhant career. 
When a man of long years and wide fame passes away, a deeper 
impress may be left ; but in the loss there is also a feeling that his 
opportunity has been given and his mission well advanced, perhaps 
altogether accomplished. But when one of rich talents and noble 
character and honorable ambition is cut down in the very dawn of 
youth, just as the full radiance of his promise was throwing its light 
over the pathway of his shining future, it adds the sorrow and the 
pathos of an opportunity denied and a work unfulfilled. It is like 
the blight of winter falling upon the early glory of summer. 

"Grenville Tremain was only in his thirty-third year. The sec- 
ond son of Lyman Tremain, he inherited much of the ability and 
many of the characteristics of his honored father. Trained at 
Geneva, graduating at Union in 1866, and next winning the diploma 
of the Albany Law school, he engaged at once with ardor and en- 
thusiasm in the profession whose severe tests and worthy prizes 
stimulated the highest impulses of his nature. He joined the firm to 
which two of the most eminent members of the Bar had given dis- 
tinction, and both the names of Peckham and Tremain were well 
sustained by those who inherited them. Young Tremain leaped im- 
mediately to the front. He had great aptitude and admirable quali- 
fications for his profession. He loved the science of the law and 
faithfully mastered its principles. His mind was acute, penetrating, 
fertile in resources and ready in action. With these fine intellectual 
attributes he united rare gifts of speech. He was fluent, graceful 
and forcible ; his bearing was dignified and impressive while at the 
same time winning and unassuming ; and the sense of honor, candor 
and truth which stamped all that he said and did, added the weight 
of character to the force and logic. Indeed, he combined in an un- 
usual degree the qualities which adorn and strengthen his profession 
and mark the possessor for sure distinction. 

"With this excellent equipment of natural gifts and acquired 
accomplishments, Mr. Tremain achieved immediate success. He pre- 
pared many important cases and participated prominently in their 
trial. So early and unmistakably had his abilities been shown, that 
when Mayor Judson appointed him Corporation Counsel, the fitness 
of the selection was universally recognized. His administration 
fully vindicated the public confidence. He reduced expenditures, 

Eighth Generation. 287 

took the work on his own shoulders, cut off extra counsel, success- 
fully defended the city in many suits and effected a large public 
saving. Throughout his service he was impelled by a deep and con- 
scientious sense of public duty, and when he retired it was with the 
sincere and cordial respect of all his fellow-citizens. Less than ten 
years at the bar, he had yet acquired such a standing that the Re- 
publican State Convention last fall unanimously presented him for 
the high office of Attorney General — a very marked tribute to so 
young a lawyer. During the progress of that canvass these columns 
contained a statement of some of the more important work which he 
had done in the law, and it was a record which few men of his years 
could equal. Though devoted chiefly to his profession, Mr. Tre- 
main's sympathies and activities were not confined to it. He felt a 
warm interest in the higher range of politics and public questions, 
and was a favorite on the political rostrum. Occasionally he turned 
aside from the exacting demands of law to woo the muse of literature. 
Perhaps his most notable address of this character was that which 
he delivered at Schoharie on the dedication of the monument to one 
of the captors of Major Andre — an address which attracted wide at- 

"Mr. Tremain united the highest personal attractions with in- 
tellectual grace and moral strength. There was manly beauty in his 
form and manly virtue in his character. He was clean, pure, gener- 
ous and ardent. No unworthy instincts debased the moral symmetry 
of his being. His manner was kindly and sincere ; his words were 
gentle and persuasive ; his whole individuality w^on the honor and 
esteem of all who knew him. He had a frankness and nobility of 
character with which only honorable aspirations could be associated. 
And with it all there was so much vitality, so much of virile life and 
strength, that he seemed the very picture of ideal manhood. How 
closely the blow strikes to those who were identified with him and 
counted him among themselves ! We can hardly realize that he is 
gone — gone in the very flush of early life — gone within the few days 
since his hand was grasped. Always thinking of him as he stood 
before us, we may say of him as Mr. Curtis said of another who also 
in the morning of life 'moved for\vard,' and who was not unlike our 
departed in stainless beauty of character and vigorous buoyancy of 
manhood — the brilliant Theodore Winthrop : 'Such was the electric 

288 History of the Treman Family. 

vitality of this friend of ours that those of us who followed him could 
only think of him as approving the funeral pageant, not the object of 
it. We did not think of him as dead. We never shall. In the 
bright spring morning, 'he was alert, alive, immortal.' " 

Another Albany paper said : 

"A sad and most painful duty has devolved upon the editor of 
this journal, — that of recording the death of Grenville Tremain, which 
occurred in this city yesterday afternoon about three o'clock. It was 
only so recently that he was about, apparently in full and vigorous 
health, attending to his professional duties, and there were so few of 
his acquaintances and friends aware of the fact that he was ill at all, 
that the announcement of his death causes an unusual shock, and 
falls with crushing weight upon those who knew, admired and loved 
him. Just at the opening of what promised to be a useful and per- 
haps even a great career, Grenville Tremain has been called away, to 
plead before a higher tribunal than any in which his voice was accus- 
tomed to be heard. In the full vigor of robust manhood, with the 
most brilliant prospects opening up before him, with everything in 
life to live for, the grave beckoned to him, and with his form closes 
in the noble aspirations and ambitions of a manly and generous 
nature, shrouds more than one household in gloom, and leaves a large 
circle of friends to shed tears that are idle because they cannot call 
him back. 

"Mr. Tremain was born in this city in 1845, ^^^^ would have 
been thirty-three years of age if he had lived till next month. He 
was the second son of the Honorable Lyman Tremain, and early 
gave promise of the talents which he developed later in life. He was 
graduated from Union College in 1866, and from the Albany Law 
School a year later, subsequently to which he passed a rigid exam- 
ination before a committee appointed by the Supreme Court, and was 
admitted to practice as an Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law. The old 
and well known law firm of Peckham & Tremain, which had for years 
consisted of Judge Rufus W. Peckham and Lyman Tremain, was 
continued after the retirement of the former from active practice, the 
new firm consisting of Rufus W. Peckham, Jr., and Grenville Tre- 
main, with whom Hon. Lyman Tremain was associated as counsel. 
It speedily became one of the prominent legal firms of the city, and, 

Eighth Generation, 289 

indeed, of this part of the State. Grenville Tremain took naturally 
to the profession of the law. He had been properly trained for it. 
He possessed a logical mind, and that was sustained and reinforced 
by a remarkably acute and accurate memory. He did not forget 
things that he had once learned, and his capacity for learning was 
far above the average. Withal he was a pleasing and graceful 
speaker, a ready and courteous debater, and a thorough gentleman in 
his professional as well as in his private life. There are some law- 
yers who are gentlemen in their domestic and social relations, but not 
in their professional life. Grenville Tremain was not one of these. 

"Possessing these qualities, and besides them a thorough knowl- 
edge of the law, a most hearty and kindly manner, and a warm and 
generous disposition, it is no wonder that Mr. Tremain should have 
made rapid advances in his profession, and in the confidence and 
esteem of his fellow citizens. It is not saying too much to remark 
that, at the time of his death, no man of his years in the city of Albany 
had more brilliant or more apparently certain prospects of a useful 
and distinguished career. 

"Mr. Tremain, while by no means an office-seeker — which, 
indeed, he could not afford to be — nevertheless always took a lively 
interest in politics and political affairs. He was a thorough going 
Republican, and for that party had done much effective service as a 
speaker in several important campaigns. He was a forcible and at 
the same time pleasant and popular speaker, and the announcement 
of his name was always certain to draw a crowd. Under the admin- 
istration of Mayor Judson, Mr. Tremain served with great accepta- 
bility as Corporation Counsel of this city, and last fall he received the 
unanimous nomination of the Republican State Convention for the 
honorable and responsible office of Attorney General of the State. 
Perhaps we could not speak more eloquently of his popularity among 
his friends and neighbors than by recalling the fact that in this county, 
which is supposed to have a legitimate Democratic majority of 2.500, 
Mr. Tremain last year received a majority of 600. 

"In all our municipal affairs, and in everything pertaining to the 
interests of our city, Mr. Tremain was deeply interested. He was an 
active member, an officer in and one year President of the Young 
Men's Association. We believe he was a life member of that body. 

"Mr. Tremain was married several years ago to Miss Martin, of 

290 History of the Treman Family. 

Auburn. His wife, and an interesting family of five young children, 
survive him. 

"The writer of this article had for some years been the associate 
and intimate personal and political friend of the deceased. Having 
known him so well, he feels justified in saying that a truer friend, a 
more generous-hearted gentleman, a more faithful man in the dis- 
charge of trusts committed to his care, never lived. Such a man 
must have made his mark, had his life been spared a few years. 
Indeed, he had already made it ; but in a few years more it would 
have been carved deeper and broader. The death of such a promis- 
ing man is not to be considered a personal affliction alone. It is a 
public loss as well. Our friend has been called away, not, indeed, 
full of years, nor even yet of honors ; but honored, and loved and 
mourned as one whom we knew to be faithful and true." 

Another Albany paper said : 

"The announcement of the death of Grenville Tremain, at three 
o'clock yesterday afternoon, was a painful surprise to the citizens of 
Albany, and will be received with regret by the public generally. No 
young man in this city was more widely known or universally re- 
spected for his brilliant talents and spotless character ; and certainly 
no member of the Bar in this State had a more promising future. 
His professional achievements had already won for him an enviable 
reputation as a lawyer ; while his oratorical powers, his acute reason- 
ing faculties, his familiarity with public questions, his persuasive 
eloquence, and magnetic personal qualities fitted him for political 
leadership, and justified the expectations of his friends that he would 
become eminent in public life. These expectations were suddenly 
crushed by the hand of death ; and the sorrow of his hosts of friends 
is the deeper because the blow was so unexpected. Most of them 
were unaware that he was ill ; for up to a week ago he was in the 
active discharge of his professional duties, in the apparent enjoyment 
of vigorous health. Indeed it was only within a day or two that his 
disease, typhoid fever, exhibited any alarming symptoms. 

"Mr. Tremain was a graduate of Union College, and subse- 
quently of the Albany Law School. He became a partner in the 
distinguished law firm of Peckham & Tremain in 1865 ; corporation 
counsel under the administration of Mayor Judson, and last fall 

Eighth Generation. 291 

received the Republican nomination for attorney-general of the State. 
'•The deceased was a son of Hon. Lyman Tremain, who, we 
regret to learn, is lying seriously ill at his residence in this city. He 
leaves a wife and five children. To the afflicted family such a 
bereavement as this can be assuaged only by the consolations of 
religion, and the reflection that he has been called to higher rewards 
than this life affords ; but it may be some gratification to know that 
the symf)athy of the whole community is extended to them in their 
overwhelming sorrow." 

He died March 14, 1878. Residence, Albany, N. Y. 

6790. Arthur L. Tremaine. (William^ Levi^ Nathaniel^ 
Simeon-*, Philip^, Thomas^ Joseph'.) 5452. He was bom Sept. 30, 
1846, at Durham, N. Y. He married. Residence, 1893, Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. 

Children : 

6791. Robert William. Born Nov. 23, 1873. 

6792. Frederick Walter. Born Oct. 4, 1875. 

6800. Dr. J. Eugene Tremaine. (Myron J.', David*, Justus^, 
Simeon^ Philip^, Thomas^ Joseph'.) 5542. He graduated at Hah- 
neman Medical College, Chicago, 1891. Physician. He married 
Clara J. Lindquist. Residence, 1901, 5318 Jefferson Ave., Chicago, 

6803. Fred Rosacrans. He married C. Adele Tremaine. 
5541. Residence, 1901, Tecumseh, Mich. 

Children : 

6804. Leon F. 

6S05. Harry T. 

6806. Florence E. 

6807. J. Eugene. 

6808. Marion A. 

6810. Charles Milton Tremaine. (John M.^ William*, 
Nathaniel^, Simeon\Philip\ Thomas", Joseph'.) 5426. He married 
Marianna D. Newhall (daughter of Isaac Newhall, of Lynn, Mass.). 
He died before, or in, 1893. She resided, 1893, 203 West 122nd 
Street, N. Y. City. Residence, New York City. 

292 History of the Treman Family. 

Children : 

6811. Florence. 

6812. Charles Milton. Residence, 1893, 203 West 122nd Street, N. Y. 


6813. Marie Estelle. 

6820, William Burton Tremaine. (John M.", WilUam^ 
Nathaniel^ Simeon-', PhiUp^, Thomas", Joseph'.) 5428. He was 
born July 5. He married Emeline C. Dodge (daughter of Rev. Orin 
Dodge and Laura Burrows). Manufacturer of organs many years. 
Vice-President of the Aeolian Organ and Music Company. Office, 
1901, 18 West 23d St., N. Y. City. Residence, 1893, 35 Mt. Morris 
Ave., N. Y. City. 

Children : 

6821. Henry Barnes. 7S00. 

6822. William Burrows. 

6825. Capt. Luther Gayton Billings, U. S. N. He was 
born in 1836 in New York. He married Laura Elizabeth Tremaine. 

"Who's Who in America" for 1899, says of him : 

'•Luther G. Billings, paymaster U. S. N., retired, March, 1898 : 
b. New York, 1836 ; entered navy as acting asst. paymaster, Oct. 22, 
1862, on U. S. S. Water Witch; took active part in engagement, 
June 4, 1864, when Water Witch was boarded by Confederates, sev- 
eral of whom, including their commanding officer, he killed in hand 
to hand conflict, but, was wounded and captured, taken to hospital, 
and later to prison ; escaped from moving train, but was recaptured 
by aid of bloodhounds ; imprisoned in Charleston and later in Libby 
prison; exchanged late in 1864; afterwards served on various sta- 
tions; was on the Wateree when it was carried about 500 yards 
inland during earthquake, Aug. 14, 1868; commissioned paymaster, 
U. S. navy. May 4, 1866; gen. inspector pay corps, Sept., 1897, 
until retired with relative rank of Capt. Address, Navy Dept., 

Children : 

6826. Laura Elizabeth. 

6827. Frederick Tremaine. 

6828. Livingston G. 

6829. Luther Gayton. 

Eighth Generation. 293 

6830. Capt. Colby Mitchell Chester, U. S. N. He was 
born in 1845 in Conn. He graduated at U. S. Naval Academy. He 
married Milancia Antoinette Tremaine. 5430. 

"Who's Who in America" for 1899, says of him : 

"Colby M. Chester, Capt. U. S. Navy; b. Conn., 1845; grad. 
U. S. Naval Acad.; assigned 1863 to steam sloop Richmond; par- 
ticipated in operations against Mobile; Master, 1866; Lieut., 1867 ; 
Lieutenant Commander, 1868 ; Commander, 1881 ; Capt., June 12, 
1896; hydrographic inspector, coast survey, 1881-5 ; commanding 
U. S. S. Galena, 1885-8; member commission to establish navy yard 
on Pacific Coast, 1888-9 5 member of board of organization, 1888-90 ; 
commandant cadets, Annapolis, 1890-4; commanding U. S. S. Rich- 
mond, Newark, Minneapolis, 1895-7 ; commander-in-chief S. Atlantic 
squadron, 1897-8; commanding U. S. S. Cincinnati, 1898-9; now 
assigned U. S. battleship Kentucky. Address, care Navy Dept., 

Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography says of him : 

"Colby M. Chester, naval officer, b. in Connecticut in 1845. He 
was graduated at the U. S. Naval Academy, assigned in 1863, to the 
steam sloop Richmond of the western gulf squadron, and participated 
in the operations against Mobile on 5 Aug., 1864. He was promoted 
master 10 Nov., 1866, commissioned lieutenant, 21 Feb., 1867, lieu- 
tenant commander, 12 March, 1868, became commander, 15 Oct., 
1 88 1, and was hydrographic inspector of the coast survey from 1881 
till 1885." 

Children : 

6831. Arthur T. 

6832. Colby M. 

6850. Dr. William Allen Tremaine. (Charles Ives", Nathan- 
iel, Nathaniel^ Simeon^ Philip', Thomas", Joseph'.) 5486. He was 
born Aug. 22, 1853, at Volatie, Columbia Co., N. Y. He graduated 
at the Harvard Medical School, 1883. He married, Oct. 3, 1888, 
Ada B. Bampton in New York City. Physician. Residence, 1901, 
Providence, R. I. 

Child : 
6851. Frederick Bampton. Born at Providence, R. I. Died there. 

294 History of the Treman Family. 

6860. Charles Henry Field. (Henry Baldwin Field, of 
Great Barrington, Mass., and Sarah Bulkeley, of New Haven, Conn.) 
He was born March 21, 1849, i" Baltimore, Md. He married, Sept. 
20, 1 87 1, Elizabeth Rockwell Tremaine. 5488. (See Leavenworth 
Genealogy.) Residence, 1880, Hartford, Conn. 


6861. Edward Bronson. Born April 27, 1872. 

6862. Francis Elliott. Born July 21, 1873. 

6865. George R. Tremaine. (Gaius', Reuben*, Solomon% 
Benjamin\ Philip^ Thomas^, Joseph'.) 551 1. He married. 

Children : 

6566. Charles. Residence, 1901, Pennsylvania. 

6567. Edward. Residence, 1901, Pennsylvania. 

6870. Gaius M. Tremain. (Gaius^, Reuben*, Solomon^, Ben- 
jamin-', Philips, Thomas-, Joseph'.) 5513. He married. Insurance 

The following interesting letter on family history was written by 
him : 

"Fredonia, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1901. 
"M. E. Poole, Esq.: 

"Dear Sir — Your favor of 22nd ult. was received. I made 
inquiry of Mary Ward, of Naysance, Ont., only surviving child of 
Reuben Tremaine. She says his father's name was Solomon ; that 
he lived in Oneida County, N. Y. His children were Reuben and 
Joseph, sons by his first wife, name unknown to me ; and Henry, 
Benjamin, Squire, Polly and Dolly, children by his second wife, whose 
maiden name was Collins. It is stated that Solomon, the father, 
died at Watson, Lewis County, N. Y. Reuben Tremaine married 
Laura Gridley. Their children were David, George C, Gaius, Asahel, 
sons, and Harriet, who married John Merrill, Mary, who married 
John Ward, Laura, who married Virgil Mathew, first husband, Buell 
Fox, second husband, and Sophia, who married Clark Near. 

"Reuben Tremaine lived for the greater part of his life in Rod- 
man, Jefferson County, N. Y., but passed his last days and died in 
Sandy Creek, N. Y. He was an active compatriot with Revs. Finney, 

Eighth Generation. 295 

Knapp, and more particularly with Rev. Jedediah Burchard in their 
forays upon the 'hosts of Satan,' holding 'protracted meetings' in 
northern New York. Reuben was most generally known by his title 
of Deacon, but was ordained a minister of the Congregational church. 
As a preacher he would hardly be compared with his compatriots, 
but in prayer and singing he was very effective. I can in my mind 
hear him render, 'When I can read my title clear to mansions in the 
skies' even now. But he departed from this life in 1866 and his 
chance of reaching his inheritance in the aforesaid mansions was as 
good as that of any one I ever knew. His son David died many 
years ago in Wisconsin. George C. was never married and he died 
in Naysance, Ont. Gains married Mary Ann Sawyer ; her name 
appears in the book of the Sawyer family. She made the first prayer 
in the 'Crusade,' and was an earnest worker in religious and temper- 
ance affairs. She also has her present residence in one of those 
'mansions'. Gains passed most of his life in the town of Rodman, 
Jefferson Co., N. Y., where he served several terms as supervisor. 
He removed to Fredonia, N. Y., in 1864, and died in 1869. Gaius' 
sons were George R. and Gaius M., daughters, Pamelia S., Mary A., 
Emily J., Harriet N., Helen M., Grace E. and Lucy H. George R. 
and Harriet N. have died. The sons of George R. are Charles and 
Edward, who live in Pennsylvania. Gaius M. (myself) has one son, 
Gaius M., Jr., and one daughter, Anne M., a graduate of Cornell 
University and of the Women's Medical College of New York City, 
and now has a position in 'Craige Colony' at Sonyea, N. Y. She has 
also been connected with the Board of Regents at Albany, N. Y. 
Gaius M., Jr., is the present Supervisor of the town of Pomfret, being 
where Eredonia is located. He has one son, Gaius M., the 3d. 
Asahel, the son of Reuben, had one son, William, who lives at Sandy 
Creek, N. Y. 

"Referring to the foregoing, I would say that I think the recol- 
lection of my aunt, Mary Ward, is dimmed by the years, reaching 
1 about ninety. She makes no mention of a Gaius who was an uncle 
or great-uncle of my father and was a soldier in the Regular Army 
of the U. S. I also think Reuben was born in Connecticut and that 
it is so stated on his tombstone at Sandy Creek, N. Y. There was a 
Solomon Tremaine in Rodman from whom 'Tremaine's Corners' 
took its name. He was a relative of Reuben and had a son, Tomp- 

296 History of the Treman Family. 

kins Tremaine, and Warren Tremaine ; the last I think Uves in 
Cleveland, Ohio. Joseph Tremaine, brother of Reuben, lived many 
years at Laona, N. Y., close by Fredonia, and was for a considerable 
period a justice of the peace and known widely as Squire Treman. 
It is too bad that he should not have known how to properly spell 
his own name. The family are from the County of Cornwall, En- 
gland, where there is a manor held by the family. A book of heraldry 
published in England shows the name ; it was 'Tremayne'. But to 
return to the subject. The sons of Joseph were Ralph and George 
L. and perhaps others. George L. is a banker at Humboldt, Iowa, 
and an inquiry made to him might supply other information of the 
family beside that of his own father. Dr. William S. Tremaine, a 
surgeon noted in this region, has died since I wrote before. He used 
the final 'e' in the last years of his life as his surviving family do now. 
I supplied the information which caused the correction. Now this 
has been written in a crude way and I think if the matter is not 
urgent in the way of time I could dig up some more. A few years 
ago I could have obtained much more information, but the sources 
from which I could have obtained it are no more available. In your 
work you have my best wishes. Get as near to the flood as you can, 
but as I never heard of the name of Noah in the family records, I 
conclude that the mists of the ages have obscured it or else the Tre- 
maine family had a boat of their own. Of traditions which might 
have referred to that occasion, I have only the recollection of a men- 
tion of wet seasons when there was a poor outlook for the corn crop. 
I should be glad to hear from you again, and if I can supply any 
other material for your work will do so. 


"Gaius M. Tremaine." 

Residence, 1901, Fredonia, N. Y. 

Children : 

6871. Annie M. She graduated at Cornell University 1893, and at the 
Women's Medical College of New York City. Physician at 
"Craige Colony," Sonj-ea, N. Y. , 

6S72. Gaius M. 7810. i 

6880. William D. Tremaine. (George Lafayette', Joseph 
Collins", Solomon^, Benjamin^ Philip\ Thomas-, Joseph'.) 5616. He 

Eighth Generation. 297 

was born April 30, 1856. He married Jennie Rankin. They have 
three children living April 3, 1S93. Residence, 1893, Fort Dodge, 

6890. Harry J. Tremaine. (George Lafayette', Joseph Col- 
lins*, Solomon^, Benjamin\ Philip^ Thomas', Joseph'.) 5618. He 
was born May 20, 1869. He married. His wife's name is Carrie L. 
Residence, 1901, Algona, Iowa. 

Child : 
6S91. Harry Raymond. Born Nov. 25, 1900. 

6892. Albert W. Tremaine. (Emmons", Ira^ Joseph^, Benja- 
min^ Philips Thomas', Joseph'.) 5643. He was born Dec. 29, 
1839. He married. He died March 7, 1893. 

Child : 

6S93. Raymond. Born in 1S77 at Batavia, N. Y. Residence, 1893, 
LeRoy, N. Y. 

6894. Richards. He married Martha Tremain. 5641. Resi- 
dence, 1893, Adrian, Mich. 

6895. Sleeper. He married Clara A. Tremain. 5642. Resi- 
dence. 1893, Adrian, Mich. 

Children : 

6896. Helen. 

6897. Ray. 

6910. Harmon H. Tre>l\ine. (Ira Harwood', Ira*, Joseph^, 
Benjamin^ Philip\ Thomas% Joseph'.) 4101. Postal clerk. He 
married Nettie A. Residence, 1901, Eagle Grove, Iowa. 

Children : 

691 1. IraH. 

6912. Marguerite M. 

6913. Ruth. 

6920. Thomas P. Tremaine. (Charles'', Ira*, Joseph', Benja- 
min\ Philips Thomas", Joseph'.) 5681. He was born April 13, 
1869, at Oconomowoc, Wis. He married, April 15, 1895, Mary S. 
Phillips at Hoosick Falls, N. Y. Residence, 1901, Oconomowoc, 

298 History of the Treman Family. 

6930. Charles B. Tremaine. (Josephs Ira*, Joseph^, Benja- 
min-*, Philips Thomas^ Joseph'.) 5661. He married, in 1874, 
Rosetta Tuttle. No children. Residence, 1901, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

6940. Frank Tremaine. (Joseph^ Ira*, Joseph^, Benjamin^ 
Philip^, Thomas=, Joseph'.) 5662. He married, in 1876, Fannie 
Armitage. Residence, 1901, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Children : 

6941. Pearl. Born Nov. 26, 1877. 

6942. Ruby. Born Oct. 24, 1879. 

6943. Glenn. Born May 18, 1883. 

6944. Wayne. Born April 6, 1888. 

6945. Frank. Born April 3, 1890. 

6946. Earl. Born April 27, 189S. 

6950. Freland T, Boise. He was born Dec. 3, 1852, at 
Sandusky, Ohio. He married Isabelle Truman. 4712. Merchant. 
He was Secretary and Treasurer of the Williams Fruit Evaporator 
Company. He died Aug. 13, 1896. She died Jan. 20, 1900. Resi- 
dence, Nashville, Mich. 

Children : 

6951. Paul Truman. Born Dec. 3, 18S6, at Lincoln, Kan. 

6952. Freland Thomas. Born April 10, 1893, at Nashville, Mich. 

6960. Harry R. Banks. He was born Oct. 8, 1859, at Balti- 
more, Md. He married Nellie Truman. 4713. Merchant. She 
died Sept. 8, 1897. Residence, Baltimore, Md. 

Children : 

6962. Robert T. Born Nov. i, 1888, at Lincoln, Kan. 

6963. Juliette Louise. Born Jan. 5, 1890, at Baltimore. 

6965. William Montague Ferry. He was born March 27, 
1870, at Grand Haven, Mich. He married, Jan. 3, 1895, Edna 
Truman. 4715. 

Children : 

6966. Sanford Truman. Born Oct. 4, 189S. 

6967. William Montague. Born Oct. 4, 1898. 

6970. William T. Moe. (Edson H.% James'.) 49 11. He 
was born April 25, 1858. He married, April 26, 1880, Nettie May 
Whitman. She was born April 26, 1862. He died Oct. 23, 1890. 

Eighth Generation. 299 

Children : 

6971. Olive Adell. Born June 22, iS8i. 

6972. Lizzie May. Born June 28, 18S4. Married, March 21, 1901, 

John P. Stickle. Residence, 1901, Genoa, X. Y. 

6973. Bessie Bell. Born July 17, 1SS5. 

6980. F. O. Bates. He married, in Oct., 1882, Eva A. Smitli. 
4741. Residence, 1894, Wauseon. Ohio. 

Child : 

6981. Daughter. Born in Sept., 1883. 

6990. Warren T. Smith. (A. H.) 4742. He was born 
March 30, i860. He married in 1886. Merchant. Residence, 
1894, Delta, Ohio. 

Child : 

6991. Daughter. Died at age of four years. 

7000. William Warren Anwav. (W. H.) 4753. He was 
born iVpril 18, 1863. He married, Dec. 20, 1887, Minerva Sciple. 

Children : 

7001. George William. Born Sept. 2r, 1891. 

7002. Glen Dore. Born Oct. 10, 1893. 

7003. Florence Mabel. Born April 23, 1S9S. 

7004. Harry Baker. Born Feb. 11, 1900. 

7010. Colonel Ellsworth Kashner. He was born Aug. 2, 
1863, in Seneca Co., Ohio. He married, June 23, 1887, Laura S. 
An way. 4754. 

Child : 

7011. Alice E. Born April 28, 1888. 

7020. M. L. Depue. He married Nellie Tremain. 4773. 
Conductor on railroad. Residence, 1S93, Fon du Lac, Wis. 

Children : 

7021. Daughter. She and her sister died, one in Jan., and the other in 

I'^eb., 1888, in infancy, from diphtheria. 

7022. Daughter. 

300 History of the Treman Family. 

7030. Rev. J. H. Sampson. He married, Feb. 15, 1876, Hat- 
tie Gray. 4801. Residence, Mount Carroll, 111. 

Child : 

7031. Gray. Born Jan. 12, 1878. 

7040. Frederick L. Dole. He married Fannie Barnard. 
4812. Residence, 1893, Kansas City, Mo. 

Children : 

7041. Cora. Born in Chicago. 

7042. Harold. Born in Chicago. 

7050. Ai Lanterman. (Alfred.) 4922. He was born Oct. 
20, 1854. He married (ist), May 26, 1881, Ella Town. She was 
born Feb. 16, 1852, in Ledyard, N. Y. She died May 17, 1892. He 
married, Sept. 21, 1892, Aleavia M. Gilkey, of Genoa, N. Y. She 
was born June 26, 1869, in Lansing, Tompkins Co., N. Y. Resi- 
dence, 1894, Groton, N. Y. 

Children : 

7051. Child. Born July 26, 1882. Died in infancy. 

7052. Frank Alfred. Born Nov. 22, 1893. Died Feb. 23, 1894. 

7060. George S. Lanterman. (Alfred.) 4924. He was 
born Dec. 10, 1867. He married, Dec. 10, 1889, Hattie Ferris. She 
was born March 15, 1870, at Genoa, N. Y. Residence, 1894, South 
Lansing, N. Y. 

Child : 

7061. Clara Mildred. 

7080. John K. Vlier. He married, March 9, 1893, Louisa 
Tremain. 4727. Residence, 1901, Pasadena, Cal. 

Children : 

7081. Delia. Born March 11, 1894. 

7082. Lucile. Born Jan. 24, 1897. 

7090. Ernest Partridge. He married, Aug. 16, 1896, Eliza- 
beth Tremain. 4730. Residence, Provo, Utah. 

Child : 
7091. Ruth. Born Dec. 23, 1898. 

Eighth Generation. 301 

7100. W. H. Peckham. He married, in 1881, Kate E, Turner. 
419 1. She died June 13, 1893. 

Children : 

7101. Clarence L. Born July 17, 1883. 

7102. Jessie M. Born May 31, 1889. 

71 10. Jay Edwin Wilder. (Thomas Jefferson.) 4251. He 
was born Oct. 13, i860. He married, Dec. 13, 1886, Mattie J.Gray. 
Residence, 1901, Emboden, N. Dak. 

Child : 

7111. Margaret Edna. Born May 24, 1891. 

7120. Clarence Sweezey. He married, Jan. 18, 1893, Jennie 
Marilla Dean. 4946. 

Child : 

7121. Myrna Bell. Born July 8, 1899. 

7130. Carpenter. He married Arthla L. Tremain. 4841. 
Residence, 1894, Liberty Center, Henry Co., Ohio. 

Children : 

7131. Royal H. 

7132. Imo B. 

7140. Goodwin. He married Ruth A. Tremain. 4842. Resi- 
dence, 1894, Delta, Ohio. 

Children : 

7141. Pierce A. 

7142. Daniel L. 

7150. Mallery. He married Mira E. Shoaff. 4881. Resi- 
dence, 1894, East Toledo, Ohio. 

Children : 

715 1. Earl. 

7152. Gracie. 
7153- May. 
7154. Eddie. 
7155- Nellie. 
7156. Emerson. 

302 History of the Treman Family. 

7160. BuRGis. He married Martha Shoaff, 4882. Residence, 
1894, Delta, Ohio. 

Children : 

7161. Phebe. 

7162. Morris. 

7163. Sherman. 

7170. Rev. Nathan P. Brown. (Philip A.) 5000. He was 
born Feb. 2, 1863, at Farmington, Mich. He graduated at Howell 
(Mich.) High School, 1886, and Albion College, 1890. He attended 
DePauw University one year. He married, Nov. 8, 1893, Carrie 
Leeman, at Petoskey, Mich. She was born March 29, 1865, at 
Sharon, Mich. Methodist minister. Residence, 1901, Springport, 

Children : 

7171. Esther Winifred. Bom Sept. 28, 1894, at East Jordan, Mich. 

7172. Ruth Alferetta. Born Sept. 20, 1896. Died Jan. 20, 1897, at 

Luther, Mich. 

7180. Ernest C. Moses. He was born July 7, 1862, at Mar- 
cellus, N. Y. He married, Sept. 4, 1888, at Canandaigua, N. Y., 
Catherine C. Ramsdell. 5011. Dealer in steam and hot water 
heaters. Residence, 1901, 317 Highland Ave., Syracuse, N, Y. 

Children : 

7181. Kenneth R. Born June 7, 1889. 

7182. Muriel C. Born Aug. 13, 1892. 

7183. Helen C. Born July 24, 1894. 

7190. Llewellyn Harkness. (John Underwood.) 5051, He 
was born Feb. 26, 1864, at RoUin, Mich. He married, March 4, 
1885, Susan F. Cole (daughter of Amos Cole and Elmira Beal, of 
Rollin, Mich.). She was born in 1865. Residence, 1901, Rollin, 

Children : 

7191. Edna E. Born March 27, 1889. 

7192. Elizabeth P. Born Feb. i, 1896. 

7200. Ray Stannard Baker. He was born April 17, 1870, 
at Lansing, Mich. He graduated at Michigan Agricultural College, 
B.Sc, 1889. He attended Michigan University, 189 1-2. He mar- 
ried Jessie Irene Beal. 5061. Journalist. He was on the staff of 

Eighth Generation. 303 

the Chicago Record, 1892-8. Special writer for McClure's Maga- 
zine, N. Y. City. 
Children : 

7201. Alice Real. Born Ma}^ i6, 1897, at Chicago. 

7202. James Stannard. Born July 17, 1899, at Yonkers, N. Y. 

7210. William Otis Beal. (Joseph Otis\ William^ Nathan'.) 
5072. He was born Feb. 18, 1874, at Rollin, Mich. He married, 
in 1898, at Tecumseh, Mich., Linora Charles (daughter of William 
H. Charles and Elmira Dillon). She was born Oct. 31, 1874, at 
Fairmont, Ind. He graduated at Raisin Valley Seminary, 1892, at 
Earlham College, B.S., and at Haverford College, A.M. Post- 
graduate student at Chicago University, 1901. Instructor in mathe- 
matics at Mich. Agricultural College, 189 7- 1900, 

Child : 
721 1. Charles Satterthwaite. Born Feb. 9, 1900. 

7220. Rev. John DeWitt McLouth. (Oliver C.) 5080. He 
was born Nov. 24, 1875, at Addison, Mich. He graduated at Addi- 
son (Mich.) High School, 1893, and at Michigan Agricultural College, 
B.S., 1897. He married, Nov. 25, 1897, Ethel Caroline Binns 
(daughter of Daniel Binns and Caroline Nickel). She was born Aug. 
3, 1878, at Woodstock, Mich. Methodist minister. Residence, 
1 90 1, Samaria, Mich. 

Child : 
7221. Oliver. Born June 2, 1899, at Addison, Mich. 

7230. George Daugherty. He married, March 9, 1863, 
Hester A. Edgcomb. 5301. Residence, Brookfield, Pa. (P. O. 
Sylvester, Pa.) 

Children : 

7231. Myra E. Born Oct. 8, 1888. 

7232. John W. Born in 1891. 

7233. Orson E. Born Feb. 25, 1901. 

7240. John C. Edgcomb. (Orson.) 5302. He was born 
Sept. 20, 1865. He married, April 24, 1889, Kittle Melvin, of 
Goldsburg, Pa. She was born March 9, 1870. Businessman. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Westfield, Pa. 

Child : 
7241. Faye A, Born Nov, 12, 1893. 

304 History of the Treman Family. 

7280, George Colby. He was born Sept. 27, 1861. He 
married, July 13, 1887, Jessie M. Tremaine. 5212. Residence, 
1 90 1, Lawrenceville, Pa. 

Child : 
7281. Lawrence. Born Oct. 23, 1890. . 

7290. William Henry Judd. He was born March 20, 1869, 
at Wellsville, N. Y. He married, Dec. 27, 1895, Elizabeth Miriam 
Tremaine. 5111. 

7300. Vernon Hubert Johnson. (Frank M.) 5386. He 
was born March 10, 1879. He married, Feb. 11, 1900, Julia E. 
Miller. She was born April 15, 1882. 

7310. Julius Hitchcock. He was born April 18, 1876. He 
married, Jan. 15, 1900, Meda Louisa Johnson. 5388. 

Children : 

731 1. Jerald Sewell. Born March 14, 1901. 

7312. Rual Marion. Born March 14, 1901. 

7320. Milton D. Haskins. He was born May 20, 1862, at 
Centreville, N. Y. He married Helen Katharine Tremaine. 5093. 
Merchant. Oil producer. Residence, 1901, Wellsville, N. Y. 

Children : 

7321. Bayard Tremaine. Born July 2, 1893. 

7322. Bertha Katharine. Born May 10, 1S96. 

7340. George Churchill Cook. (Henry.) 5931. He was 
born Oct. 28, 1864, in Chicago, 111. He married, Aug. 11, 1888, 
Melvora Marguerita Goss, of New Orleans, La. 

Children : 

7341. Juliet Laning. Born July 22, 1889. 

7342. Charles Frederick. Born April 19, 1891. 

7343. George Churchill. Born March 24, 1894. 

7350. Henry James MacFarland. Born in Upton, Mass. 
He married, Nov. 12, 1894, Lina Wheeler Cook. 5932. She died 
Feb. 3, 1898. 

Children : 

7351. Henry James. Born Oct. 6, 1895, at Manchester, Mass. 

7352. Laning. Born Jan. 15, 1898. 


Ninth GrEisrEHi^TiON. 

7800. Henry Barnes Tremaine, (William Burton'', John 
Milton^ William*, Nathaniel^, Simeon-", Philip^, Thomas", Joseph'.) 
6821. He married, April 2, 1890, Maud Aline Cooke (daughter of 
Henry Clarence Cooke and Harriet Ruth Waters, Charles Dexter 
Cooke, Capt. Benoni, Christopher, Capt. Peter, Deacon Nicholas, 
Walter Cooke, of Weymouth, Mass. Harriet Ruth Waters was 
daughter of William Waters and Harriet Duier, Stephen Waters and 
Ruth Metcalf, Capt. Michael Waters and Sarah Bray, Capt. Michael 
Waters and Sarah Gray, William Waters and Mary Gray, Robert 
Waters and Phebe Duier, who came to Lynn, Mass., where he died 
1680. Charles Dexter Cooke's wife was Mary Anna King, daughter 
of Gov. Samuel Ward King and Catharine Latham Angell. Charles 
Dexter Cooke's mother was Amey Brown, descendant of Chad Brown, 
of Providence, R. I.). She was born May 23, 1869, in New York 
City. Manufacturer of organs for many years. President of The 
Aeolian Organ and Music Company. Office, 18 West 23d St., New 
York City. Residence, 1901, New York City. 

Children : 

7801. Dorothy. Born Aug. 23, 1891. 

7802. Clarence Cooke. Born Dec 25, 1896. 

7810. Gaius M. Tremain. (Gaius M.^ Gaius", Reuben*, 
Solomon^, Benjamin", Philip', Thomas^, Joseph".) 6872. He mar- 
ried. Supervisor of the Town of Pomfret, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., 
1901. Residence, Fredonia, N. Y. 

Child : 
781 1. Gaius M. 



8000. Joseph Truman, i. ("Early Generations of the Brew- 
ster Family" in New England Hist. Gen., Reg., vol. 53, 1899, gives 
the following information : "William Brewster, father of Elder Will- 
iam Brewster, was appointed by Archbishop Sandys, in Jan. 1575-6, 
receiver of Scrooby and bailiff of the manor house in that place 
belonging to the Archbishop, to have life tenure of both offices. 
Elder William Brewster, his son, matriculated at Peterhouse, Cam- 
bridge, Dec. 3, 1580, but it does not appear that he remained there 
long enough to take his degree. The name of Elder Brewster's wife 
was Mary. Her maiden name has not yet been discovered. She 
d. April 17, 1627, at Plymouth, New England. Jonathan Brewster, 
son of Elder William Brewster, married, April 10, 1624, Lucretia 
Oldham, of Darby. Their daughter Ruth was born Oct. 3, 1631, at 
Jones River. She married, March 14, 165 1, John Picket, of New 
London. She died May i, 1677. He d. Aug. 16, 1667.") 

Caulkins' History of New London, Conn., says : 

"Jonathan Brewster, died in 1661. 

"No probate papers relating to his estate have been found ; but 
bills of sale are recorded, dated in 1658, conveying all his property 
in the town plot, and his house and land at Poquetannuck, with his 
movables, cattle and swine — -'to-wit 4 oxen, 12 cows, 8 yearlings and 
20 swine,' to his son, Benjamin Brewster, and his son-in-law John 
Picket. Feb. 14th, 166 1-2, Mr. Picket relinquishes his interest in 
the assignment to his brother-in-law, stipulating only 'that my mother- 
in-law, Mrs. Brewster, the late wife of my father, Mr. Jonathan 
Brewster, shall have a full and competent means out of his estate 

Appendix I. 307 

during her life, from the said B. B. at her own dispose freely and 
fully to command at her own pleasure.' 

"The same trustees, Brewster and Picket, also conveyed certain 
lands to their sisters, Grace and Hannah, but in the settlement of 
the estate, no allusion is made to other children. 

"Mrs. Lucretia Brewster, the wife of Jonathan, was evidently a 
woman of note and respectability among her compeers. She has 
always the prefix of honor (Mrs. or Mistress) and is usually presented 
to view in some useful capacity — an attendant upon the sick and 
dying as nurse, doctress or midwife — or a witness to wills and other 
important transactions. She was one of the first band of pilgrims 
that arrived at Plymouth in the Mayflower, December, 1620, being 
a member of the family of her father-in-law, elder William Brewster, 
and having one child, William, with her. Her husband came over 
in the Fortune, which arrived Nov. loth, 1621. 

"Jonathan Brewster settled first in Duxbury and was several 
times representative from that place. Subsequently he engaged in 
the coasting trade, and was master and probably owner of a small 
vessel plying from Plymouth along the coast to Virginia. In this 
way he became acquainted with Pequot Harbor, and entered the 
river to trade with the natives. In the spring of 1649 ^^'^ ^^^ him 
overwhelmed with pecuniary disasters. Mr. Williams, of Providence, 
gives this notice of his misfortunes to Mr. Winthrop : 

" 'Sir (though Mr. Brewster write me not a word of it) yet in 
private I am bold to tell you that I hear it hath pleased God greatly 
to aftlict him in the thorns of this life. He was intended for Vir- 
ginia, his creditors in the Bay came to Portsmouth and unhung his 
rudder, carried him to the Bay where he was forced to make over 
house, land, cattle and part with all to his chest. Oh how sweet is a 
dry morsel and an handful, with quietness from earth and heaven.' 

"At the time of this misfortune, Mr. Brewster was purposing a 
change of residence and probably removed to Mr. Winthrop's planta- 
tion as soon as he could arrange his affairs with his creditors. He 
was 'Clarke of the Towne of Pequitt' in Sept., 1649. ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ 
family came with him ; but several children remained behind. He 
had two sons, William and Jonathan, on the military roll in Duxbury, 
in 1643; the latter only sixteen years of age. William was in the 
Narragansett war of 1645, after which his name is not found on the 

3o8 History of the Treman Family. 

old colony records. Jonathan disappears from Duxbury about 1649, 
and it may be assumed that these two sons died without issue. Two 
daughters are traced in the old colony — Lucretia mentioned at the 
early date of 1627, and Mary, who married John Turner, of Scituate. 
"At New London we find one son and four daughters. Benja- 
min married, 1659, Anna Dart, and settled at Brewster's Neck, on 
the farm of his father. Elizabeth married, first, Peter Bradley, 
and second, Christopher Christophers. She was aged forty-two in 
1680. Ruth married John Picket, probably about 1652. Grace 
married, August 4th, 1659, Daniel Wetherell. Hannah married, 
Dec. 25th, 1664, Samuel Starr. She was aged thirty-seven in 1680. 
Ezekiel Turner, a grandson of Mr. Brewster, from Scituate, settled in 
New London, about the year 1675." 

"John Picket, died August i6th, 1667. 

"It is much to be regretted that a full record of the early mar- 
riages, which were undoubtedly by Mr. Winthrop, was not preserved. 
The marriage of John Picket and Ruth Brewster belongs to the 
unrecorded list. Their children were : i. Mary, who married Ben- 
jamin - Shapley. 2. Ruth who married Mr. Moses Noyes, first 
minister of Lyme. 3. William, who died about 1690. 4. John, 
born July 25th, 1656. 5. Adam, born Nov. 15th, 1658. 6. Mercy, 
born January i6th, 1 660-1. Married Samuel Fosdick. 

"Mr. Picket's estate was appraised at ;^i,i4o. This was suffi- 
cient to rank him, at that period, as one of the wealthiest merchants 
of the place. 

"Ruth, relict of John Picket, married, July i8th, 1668, Charles 

"The three sons of Mr. Picket died young, and at sea ; two of 
them, and perhaps all, in the island of Barbadoes. John and William 
were unmarried. 

"Adam Pickett married May i6th, 1680, Hannah, daughter of 
Daniel Wetherell. He died in 1691, leaving two sons: Adam, born 
in 1681 ; John, in 1685. The former died in 1709, without issue, so 
that the family genealogy recommences with a unit. 

"The Picket house-lot, at the southwestern extremity of the 
bank, descended nearly integral to the fourth John Picket, among 
whose children it was divided, and sold by them in small house plots, 
between 1740 and 1750. Brewer Street was opened on the western 

Appendix I. 309 

border of this lot in 1745, and at first called Picket Street. John 
Picket, the fifth of the name, removed from New London, and with 
him, the male branch of the family passed away from the place. 
Descendants may be traced in the line of Peter Latimer, whose wife 
was Hannah Picket, and of Richard Christophers, who married Mary 
Picket, daughters of John Picket the fourth." 

"Benjamin Shapley, died Aug. 3d, 1706. 

"Benjamin, son of Nicholas Shapleigh of Boston, was born, 
according to Farmer's Register, in 1645. We find no difficulty in 
appropriating this birth to Benjamin Shapley, mariner, who about 
1670 became an inhabitant of New London. The facts which have 
been gathered respecting this family are as follows : 

"Benjamin, son of Nicholas Shapley, of Charlestown, married 
Mar}', daughter of John Picket, April loth, 1672. Children: i. 
Ruth, b. Dec. 24th, 1672. Married John Morgan of Groton. 2. 
Benjamin, b. March 20th, 1675. Married Ruth, daughter of Thomas 
Dymond. 3. Mary, b. March 26th, 1677. Married Joseph Tru- 
man. 4. Joseph, b. Aug. 15th, 1681. Died young. 5. Ann, b. 
Aug. 31st, 1685. Married Thomas Avery of Groton. 6. Daniel, 
b. Feb. 14th, 1689-90. Married Abigail Pierson of Killingworth. 7. 
Jane, b. 1696. Married Joshua Appleton. 8. Adam, b. 1698, 
Died young. 

"Mary, relict of Benjamin Shapley, died Jan. 15th, 1734-5. 
The Shapley house-lot was on Main Street, next north of the Christo- 
phers lot, and was originally laid out to Kempo Sybada, a Dutch 
captain. Shapley Street was opened through it in 1746. Captain 
Adam Shapley, who received his death wound at Fort Griswold, in 
1 78 1, was a descendant of Daniel Shapley." 

8020. Joseph Truman. 34. Caulkins' History of New Lon- 
don, Conn., says : 

"Hallam. John and Nicholas Hallam were the sons of Mrs. 
Alice Liveen, by a former marriage, and probably born in Barbadoes 
— John in 1661, and Nicholas in 1664. John married Prudence, 
daughter of Amos Richardson, in 1682, and fixed his residence in 
Stonington, where he died in 1790. His possessions were large ; a 
thousand acres of land were leased to him in perpetuity by John 
Richardson of Newbury in 1692 'for the consideration of five shillings 

3IO History of the Treman Family. 

and an annual rent of one pepper-corn ;' and his inventory gives 
evidence of a style of dress and housekeeping, more expensive and 
showy than was common in those days. It contains silver plate, 
mantle and coat of broadcloth, lined with silk, 'seventeen horse kind,' 
four negro servants, &c. 

"Nicholas Hallam married Sarah, daughter of Alexander Pygan, 
July 8, 1686. Children: i. Alexander, born Oct. 22, 1688. 2, 
Edward, born April 25, 1693. Married Grace Denison. 3. Sarah, 
born March 29, 1695. Married Joseph Merrills. (Mrs. Sarah Hal- 
lam died in the year 1700.) Nicholas Hallam was married Jan. 2, 
1 700-1 to widow Elizabeth Meades whose maiden name was Gulliver, 
in Bromley church, on the backside of Bow without Stepney church, 
in London, Old England. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in the 
parish of St. John Wapping, near Wapping New Stairs, in London 
Feb. 22, 1701-2. Married Samuel Latimer. 5. Mary, born in New 
London, Oct. 11, 1705. Married Nathaniel Hempstead and Joseph 
Truman. 6. John, born Aug. 3, 1708. Married Mary Johnson. 

"Mr. Hallam's gravestone states that he died Sept. i8th, 17 14, 
at the age of forty-nine years, five months and twenty-nine days. His 
wife survived him twenty-one years. 

"At this period, many families in town owned slaves, for domestic 
service ; some but one, others two or three ; very few more than four. 
The inventory of Nicholas Hallam comprises 'a negro man named 
Lonnon,' valued at ;!^3o; his wife disposes of her 'negro woman 
Flora and girl Judith.' Among the family effects are articles that 
were probably brought from England, when Hallam returned with his 
English wife in 1703 — such as a clock and secretary. Mrs. Hallam 
bequeaths to one of her daughters a diamond ring, and a chest made 
of Bermuda cedar ; to another 'the hair-trunk I brought from London, 
and my gold chaine necklace containing seven chaines and a locket.' 

"Alexander Hallam died abroad. The will of his father con- 
tains a bequest to him 'if he be living and return home within twenty 
years.' In 1720 his inventory was presented for probate with the 
label, supposed to be dead. Edward Hallam was town-clerk from 
December, 1720, to his death in 1736." 

8050. John Griffing. 9. (Sergeant Ebenezer Griffing. He 
was born in 1773. He appeared at New London, Conn,, about 1698. 
He married, Feb. 9, 1703, Mary, daughter of Gabriel Harris and 

Appendix I. 311 

widow of Ebenezer Hubbell. He died Sept. 2, 1723.) He married, 
June 8, 1725, Elizabeth Truman. 9. Residence, New London, 

Children : 

8051. John. 8060. 

8052. Elizabeth. 
S053. Ebenezer. 

8054. Mary. 

8055. Peter. 

8060. John Griffing. (John.) 8051. He married, Aug. 22, 
1750, Mary Rogers. 

Children : 


James. 8070. 














3. James Griffing 

in 1771, 

Hannah Strickland. 

Children : 












Frances M. Marriei 

(John=, John'.) 8061. He married, 

:ph Miner. 8080. 

8080. Joseph Miner. (Thomas Miner, ancestor of the Miner 
(Minor) family of Conn., was born at Chew Magna, Co. Somerset- 
shire, Eng.; came with Winthrop in the Puritan Colony, was one of 
the First Church at Charlestown, Mass., afterward at Hingham. 
Thence to New London where he settled in 1646. His son Manaseh 
was the first child born of English parentage in New London.) 
(Lieutenant Thomas Minor w^as born in 1607. He married Grace, 
daughter of Walter Palmer. He bore a conspicuous part in the set- 
tlement, both of New London and Stonington, Conn. He died Oct. 
23, 1690. The only son of Thomas Minor who settled permanently 








Charles H. 





312 History of the Treman Family. 

in New London was Clement Minor, who usually appears on the 
records either as Ensign or Deacon. He married, in 1662, Frances, 
widow of Isaac Willey, Jr., by whom he had several children.) He 
married, Sept. 7, 1817, Frances M. Griffing. 8076. 
Children : 


8090. Charles H. Miner. (Joseph.) 8084. He was born 
Sept. I, 1827. He married, Oct. 31, 1854, Miss L. H. Comstock. 
Residence, 1901, New London, Conn. 

Children : 

8091. Christopher. Unmarried. 

8092. Charles W. Died young. 

8093. Laurence. Unmarried. 

8094. Frances M. Married Charles M. Graves, M.D. 

8100. Capt. Silas Adams Tremaine. 3061. Captain, i nth 
Regt. N. Y. Vols. Resigned Jan. 7, 1863. 

81 10. William P. Stone. 3442. He died about 1890. She 
died in 1899. 

81 15. Lyman D. Truman. 3432. He married, Nov. 19, 
1893, Lina Reed. 

8120. Lillian E. Truman. 3431. She married, Dec. 25, 
1889, D. C. Kuhn. They have one child. Residence, Sparta, N. Y. 

8130. William H. Truman. 3420. He died Sept. 5, 1895. 
Sarah Wild died Dec. 20, 1894. 

8135. Jennie Weed. 3449. Died Oct. 12, 1898. 

8140. John C. Laning. 3426. He died in 1900. 

8145. Charles E. Truman. 3360. He died July 21, 1897. 

8150. Allie Tremain. 2645. Married, in 1877, J. Thorn 
Clark. (Elisha Clark and Sarah Angell, William Clark and Clara 
Pratt, Isaac Clark -and Rebecca Cadman. Isaac Clark came from 
England to Lyme, Conn., thence to Austerlitz, N. Y., served in Rev. 

Appendix I. 313 

Army.) He was born in 1848. Supervisor, 1901. (See Munsell's 
Columbia County, N. Y.) Residence, 1901, Austerlitz, Columbia Co., 
N. Y. 

8160. Dr. Thaddeus Field Truman. 3303. He attended 
Michigan University Medical School, 187 1-2. 

8165. Joseph Narregang. 3510. She died Sept. 16, 1895, 
in Greenville, Mich. 

8170. Nelson WiLMARTH Aldrich. 3640. He received the 
honorary degree of Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) from Brown University, 


S171. Stuart Morgan. 

8172. William Truman. Student at Brown University, 1S96-7. 

8173. Richard Steere. 

8174. Lucy W. 

8175. Abby Greene. Born in 1875. Student at Brown University, 

1S99-1900. Married, Oct. 9, 1901, by Rev. James G. Vose 
(Cong.), at Warwick Neck, R. I., John Davison Rockefeller, 
Jr. (John Davison Rockefeller. President of the Standard Oil 
Company, and founder of the Universitj- of Chicago, to which 
he has given over ten milhon dollars.) Office, 26 Broadway, 
N. Y. City. Residence, 1901, New York City. 

8 1 76. ELsie. Born in 1890. 

8180. Isaac Newton. 3292. 

8 18 1. Elliot Davis Truman. 3293, He graduated at the 
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1893. Pharmacist. 

Child : 
8182. Leon. Born April 18, 1S94. Died Dec. 15, 1894. 

8183. Anna Loretta Truman. 3294. 

8184. Nathan Elbert Truman. 3295. Prepared at Phillips- 
Andover Academy. He received a scholarship (instead of a fellow- 
ship as stated in 1395) in June, igoo. at Cornell University. Post- 
graduate student in Philosophy, 1900-2. He received the degree of 
A.M. at Cornell University, 1901, and is a candidate for the degree 
of Ph.D. in 1903. 

314 History of the Treman Family. 

8185. John Ephraim Truman. 400. 
Child : 

8186. John. Unmarried. Died in 1S96, aged about 85 years, at Wells 
Bridge, N. Y. 

8190. Ira a, Truman. 3296. Residence, 1901, East Wind- 
sor, N. Y. 

Children : 

8191. Son. Died in infancy. 

8192. George W. Youngest son, died aged 15 years. 

8193. MiLO A. Truman. 3297. Married, Feb. 5, 189 1, Orrie 
E. Palmer (daughter of W. R. Palmer of Port Crane, N. Y.}. She 
was born in 1869. Children: i. Mary. Born Feb. 29, 1896. 2. 
George. Born Jan. 5, 1901. Residence, 1901, East Windsor, N. Y. 

8195. Fred W. Truman. 3299. Married Florence Palmer 
(daughter of W, R. Palmer, of Port Crane, N. Y.). She was born in 
1871. They have one child: Erwin B. Born Aug. 29, 1897. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, East Windsor, N. Y. 

8197. Amy Janette Truman Kelly. 3304. Residence, 
1 90 1, Wells Bridge, N. Y. 

8200. Ella YouMANS. 3303. She was the daughter of Jerome 
Youmans who married a Lyon. 

8205. Nathan Truman. 1025. He was born at Coeymans, 
N. Y. 

8210. Thomas Truman. 1040. 

Children : 

821 1. Asaph C. Born March 22, 1S39. 8236. 

8212. Charles Elmore. Born April 6, 1841, at Otsego, N. Y. 8220. 

8213. Mary Ann. Born May 18, 1843. Died Oct. 15, 1867. 

8214. Jay Emery. Bom May i, 1846, at Otsego, N. Y. 8230. 

8215. Orson. Born July 12, 1849. Died Dec. 5, 1850. 

8216. Lucinda. Born Nov. 14, 1851. Died July 3, 1863. 

8220. Charles Elmore Truman. (Thomas^, John Ephraim'', 
Jonathan^ Thomas-, Joseph'.) 821 1, He was born April 6, 1841. 
He married, Sept. 23, 1861, Juliette Place, of Otsego, N. Y. She 

Appendix I. 315 

was born Sept. 19, 1841, at Otsego, N. Y. He died Feb. 23, 1899. 
She died Oct. 29, 1894. Residence, Otsego, N. Y. 

Children : 

8221. Mar}^ Ette. Born May 24, 1863. Married Robert Derward Potter. 


8222. Gilbert Ehner. Born May 25, 1868. 8240. 

8230. Jay Emery Truman. (Thomas^, John Ephraim'', Jona- 
than^ Thomas^ Joseph.') 8212. He was born May i, 1846. He 
married (ist), Sept. 23, 1867, AHce Eliza Youmans, of Otsego, N. Y. 
She was born Sept. 21, 1849, i" Bradford Co., Pa. She died March 
12, 1883. He married (2nd), May i, 1884, Esther Ann Youmans, 
of Milford, N. Y. She died Jan. 20, 1887. Residence, Otsego, N. Y. 

Children : 

8231. Nellie Melvina. Born Oct. 7, 1874. 

8232. Ora Mabel. Born June 21, 1880. She is attending the State 

Normal School at Oneonta, N. Y. 

8233. Frank Elmer. Born March 8, 1883. 

8234. Maggie Mae. Born Feb. 20 (o. 26), 1886. 

8236. Asaph C. Truman. (Thomas^, John Ephraim-*, Jona- 
than', Thomas-, Joseph'.) 821 1. He was born March 22, 1839. He 
married, Sept. 16, 1862, Ella E, Slade. He died June 3, 1863. 

8240. Gilbert Elmer Truman. (Charles Elmore*^, Thomas^, 
John Ephraim*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Joseph'.) 8222. He was born 
May 25, 1868. He married, March 21, 1888, Minnie May Youmans, 
at Crumhorn, Milford, N. Y. She was born Sept. 19, 1869. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Milford, Otsego Co., N. Y. 
Children : 
S241. Ray Edgar. Bom Dec. 19, 1892, at Windsor, N. Y. 
8242. Howard Vernon. Born Aug. 25, 1896, at Otsego, N. Y. 

8250, Robert Derward Potter. He married, Nov. 21, 
1888, at Gilbertsville, N. Y., Mary Ette Truman. 8221. Residence, 
1 90 1, Windsor, Broome Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

8251. Earl Minny. Born April 7, 1890, at Windsor. 

8252. Mildred Lucy. Born Jan. 7, 1896, at Otsego, N. Y. 

8253. Robert Hillis. Born July 14, 1898, at Windsor. 

8254. Glen Derward. Bom June 27, 1901, at Windsor. 





8600. Ethan Rogers. (Nathan Rogers and Hannah Cran- 
dall, of Hopkinton, R. I.) He was born Dec. 5, 1768. He married 
Sally Truman, Residence, Montville, Conn, 

8610. Peter H. Truman, Married Nov, 11, 1784. Sarah 
Chapel. Residence, Montville, Conn, 

8620. Tremain. He married Ann Otis (daughter of Shubael 
Otis and Abigail Thomas, of Hinsdale, Mass,) (See N. E. Hist, 
and Gen. Register, vol, 4, 1850.) 

8630. John Tremain, He was born Dec, 29, 1747, at West- 
field, Mass, He married Patience Kellogg (daughter of Lieut. 
Stephen Kellogg and Mindwell Loomis, of Egremont, Mass.) She 
was born Oct. 8, 1749, in Sheffield, Mass, She was under age Sept. 
15, 1768, for she had a guardian appointed over her. She is named 
in the distribution of the estate of Stephen Kellogg. Administration 
granted Oct. 27, 1767. He appears with a wife Patience as early as 
1774. In 1786 he and his wife Patience are of Claverack, Columbia 
Co., N. Y,, when they join the other heirs of Lt. Stephen Kellogg in 
giving a deed of land in Sheffield, Mass. He must have gone to 
Claverack from Egremont, Mass., in 1784, for he and Patience sell 
April 8, 1784, land in Egremont "including lot my house stands on." 
John Tremain and Patience Tremain both of Claverack, N, Y,, deed 
to Nehemiah Kellogg of Egremont, April 17, 1790, and recorded in 
1795, right to that part of Stephen Kellogg's (of Egremont) real 
estate which is the 3d part that is set off to Mindwell Loomis, which 

Appendix II. 317 

■was widow to said Stephen, meaning all our right, which is one-eighth 
part of the thirds so-called. (See Berkshire Land Records at Great 
Harrington, Mass.) 

8640. Elijah Truman. Associator, or Signer of the Pledge, 
June 8, 1775, at Goshen, Orange Co., N. Y,, during the Revolutionary 
War. (See Eager's History of Orange County, N. Y.) 

8650. Elijah Tremain. "Elijah Tremain, of Westfield, Mass.,. 
gave a deed Sept. 3, 1799, to Nehemiah Kellogg, of land in Sheffield,, 

8660. Nathan Truman. Colonial Governor Clinton granted 
the patent of Newburg, N. Y., to Nathan Truman and others. They 
sold out their titles and removed soon after 1752. (See Eager's 
History of Orange County, N. Y.) 

8661. Anne Tremaine. She was a widow and spinster when 
she sold land in New Marlborough, Mass., in 1774. 

8670. James Truman, D.D.S. Professor of Dental Pathology 
in Univ. of Pa., 1896. 

8675. Mary A. Tremain, B.Sc, A.M. Prof. English History 
at University of Nebraska. 

8678. Josephine Tremain, A.M. Professor of Latin and 
Greek at University of Nebraska. 

8680. Abel G. Truman. Married, Nov. 29, 1871, Florence 
E. Wyatt. He died in 1894. Residence, Providence, R. L 

Children : 

86S1. Gertrude E. Died Oct. 25, 1S72, aged 2 months. 

8682. Florence A. Died Aug. 10, 1878, aged 7 months. 

8683. Chester H. Died Aug. 27, 1882, aged 6 months. 

8690. Caroline Truman. Died in 1840, aged 9 months, in 

8695. Henry Truman. Died in 1843, aged 8 years, in 

8700. John H. Truman, He married, in 1S46, at Norwich, 

31 8 History of the Treman Family. 

8710, William Truman. Died Dec. 20, 1843, at Providence, 
R, I., aged 72 years. 

8715. Henry Truman, Died Feb. 23, 1845, ^^ Providence, 
aged 8 years. 

8720. Percival Henry Truman, Graduated at Williams 
College, 1898. Residence, 1901, Providence, R. I. 

8725, Henry Truman, Minor over 14, Has guardian ap- 
pointed Aug. 2, 1830, at Providence, R, I, 

8730. John Truman. Residence, 1901, Providence, R. I. 

8735. Mary Truman. Widow. Residence, 1901, Providence, 
R. I. 

8740. Truman Beckwith. (His mother was a Truman.) He 
was a very wealthy business man. He died. Residence, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

8750. Fergus Truman. Civil War of Bpt. Ent. Aug. 5, '62. 
Mustered Sept, 10, '62. Priv, Pro. May i, '64, m. out Aug. 9, '65. 

8760. Frank A. Truman, of Norwich. Ent. Dec. 16, '63 ; m. 
in Dec. 16, '63; wd. May 15, '64, Newmarket, Va.; dis. Nov. 30, '64. 

8770. John Tremain. The following letter refers to him : 

"3133 PoRTis Ave., St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 18, 1901. 
"Mr, M, E, Poole : 

"Dear Sir — I wrote to Mr. Roy Tremain and his father referred 
me to you for information of the Tremain family. One of our family 
of 'Judd' by name married a John Tremain, and I wish to know if 
you have any record of a marriage of said party. Also if you are 
related in any way to the 'McCord' family as one of them married a 
Dr. Robert Poole. Hoping to hear from you soon, I am, 

"Very Resp., 

"L. E. Judd." 

8780. Elizabeth A. Truman. Married July 27, 1840, at New 
Haven, Hezekiah D. Sharpe (son of Clement and Sarah Sharpe). 
He was born Dec. 9, 181 1. He settled in N. Y. City, but removed 
in 1843 to Brooklyn. (See Hyde Genealogy.) 

Appendix II. 319 

8800. Joseph Truman. He married Fanny Risley. 

Child : 

S801. Joseph C. Born Nov. 25, 1828. 8810. 

88 10. Joseph C. Truman. (Joseph.) He was born Nov. 25, 
1828. He married, March 12, 1851, Mary Ann^ Hollister (daughter 
of Pierpont* Hollister and Martha Wallace, Joseph^, Thomas", 
Thomas^, John^, John Hollister'). She was born in South Manches- 
ter, Conn., Sept. 28, 1832. He is a successful farmer, and resides at 
Rockton, 111., where he went in 1853. He has been prominent in the 
affairs of the town, and has held several town offices ; has been 
assessor and school director for many years. He and his family are 
members of the M. E. church, and he has held all the lay offices in 
the gift of the church. Residence, 1886, Rockton, 111. (See Hollis- 
ter Genealogy.) 

Children : 

881 1. Arthur Hollister. Born June 23, 1855. Died March 29, 1856. 

8812. Burdette Clark. Born Dec. 13, 1858. 8820. 

8813. Lizzie May. Born July 18, 1866. 

8814. Frederick Colfax. Born June 23, 1872. 

8820. Burdette Clark Truman. (Joseph C.^ Joseph'.) He 
was born in Rockton, 111., Dec. 13, 1859. He married, Feb. 26, 
1880, Rhoda A. Weed (daughter of David L. Weed, of Lanark, 
111.) She was born Oct. 29, 1857. Burdette C. Truman is a 
farmer at Rockton, 111. He is a member of the M. E. church of 
that place. , 

Children : 

8821. Roy Burdette. Born Dec. 30, 1880. 

8822. Frank Weed. Born June 26, 1882. 

8823. Lafayette Hollister. Born Sept. 11, 1884. 

8830. Phaon Truman. He married. He died in 1785, 
Residence, South Egremont. Mass. 

Child : 
8831. Phaon. Born in 1785. 

320 History of the Treman Family. 

8840. Phaon Truman. (Phaon.) He was born in 1785. He 
was an orphan at birth. He married Betsey. She was born in 1790. 
He died April 30, 1874. She died Oct. 13, 1859. Residence, South 
Egremont, Mass. 

Children : 

8841. Lawrence W. Bom in 1813, Died April 30,1850. 

S842. David H. Born Oct. 31, 1820, at Egremont. He married Achsah. 
She was born in 1821. Merchant in New York City, 1893. He 
died Nov. 7, 1897. She died April 22, 1S83. Residence, New 
York City and South Egremont, Mass. 

8843. Child. Died in or before 1893. 

8844. Child. Died in or before 1893. 

8845. Child. Died in or before 1893. 



9500. John Trueman. He came from England and settled at 
Charlestown, Mass. He married (ist), Nov. 19, 1730, by Rev. 
Timothy Cutler, D.D., Jane Sickle, of Boston. He married (2nd), 
July 13, 1743, by Rev. Timothy Cutler, D.D., Elizabeth Cookson, of 
Boston, Mass. He married (3d), Sept. 30, 1750, Elizabeth Lee, of 
Boston. (See Reports of Boston Record Commissioners.) Resi- 
dence, Boston, Mass. 

Children : 

9501. John. 9520. 

9502. Thomas. 9535. 

9503. William. 9550. 

9504. Adam. Residence, 1788, Boston, Mass. 

9520. John Trueman. (John.) 9501. He married. They 
had four sons and seven daughters living in 1790. Residence, 1790, 
Boston, Mass. 

Children : 

9521. John. Born before 1774. 9600. 

9522. Son. Born before 1774. 

9523. Son. Bom after 1774. 

9524. Son. Born after 1774. 

9535. Thomas Trueman. (John.) 9502. He married. 
Residence, 1790, Boston, Mass. 

Children : 

9536. Daughter. Born before 1790. 
9537- Daughter. Born before 1790. 

322 History of the Treman Family. 

9550. William Trueman. (John.) 9503. He married. 
"William Lowersby, hatter, attended the Selectmen and proposed 
Thomas Greenough, instrument maker, and William Truman, cutter, 
both of this town, for his bondsmen. At a meeting of the Selectmen, 
February 9, 1763." Residence, 1790, Boston, Mass. 

Children : 

9551- Sally. Married Nathaniel Spear. 9565. 

9552. Daughter. 

9553- Son. Born before 1774. 

9565. Nathaniel Spear. (Gershom Spear who married, in 
1770, Elizabeth Bradlee, George Spear of Braintree, Mass., who died 
in 1738.) He married Sally Truman. 9551. Residence, Boston, 

Child : 

9566. Sophia. Born in 17S6. Married Thomas Bates. 9580. 

9580. Thomas Bates, (Robert^ Thomass John^ John^, 
Increase-, Edward'.) He was born Sept. 14, 1784. He married 
Sophia Spear. 9566. He died Feb. 9, 1827, She died Sept. 24, 
1842. (See Bates Genealogy.) 

Children : 

9581. Joel. 

9582. Thomas. Born in 1782. Died April 19, 1801. 

9583. Robert. 

9584. Sophia Ann. Born in 1809. Died Aug. 24, i8r6. 

9600. John Truman. (John^ John'.) 9521. Grocer. Tru- 
man, John, occupant and owner of a wharf with a shed thereon, 2450 
square feet, valued at 500 dollars in 1798. He died soon after 1794. 
Residence, 1790, Boston, Mass. 

Children : 

9601. Thomas. Born March 14, 1794. 9700. 

9602. William. 

9603. Susan. Born Nov. 14, 1791. Married April 11, 1813, Edward 

Nichols (descendant of James Nichols of Maiden, Mass., 1660). 
He was born Jan. 28, 17S9. He died Maj' 12, 1842. She died 
Jan. 9, 1854. (See New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg. Vol. 14, page 
28, i860.) 

9604. Lydia. 

Boston Branch. 323 

9700. Thomas Truman. (John\ John-, John'.) 9601. He 
was born March 14, 1794, at Charlestown, Mass. He married 
SaUie Lathrop, of Norwich, Conn. He removed to Lebanon, N. H. 

Children : 

9701. Celia. ]\Iarried a Jackson. Their daughter married Thomas 

Buskirk, Esq. Lawyer. Residence, 1901, Paoli, Ind. 

9702. Jedediah Lathrop. 9715. 

9703. Horace P. Removed to I^uisville, Ky. He died. Married a 

Flanders. Children : i. George. Residence, 1901, Knoxville, 
Tenn. 2. Mabel. 

9704. Orville. 9720. 

9715. Jedediah Lathrop Truman. (Thomas^ John', John^ 
John'.) 9702. He was born Jan. 7, 1822. He married a Saunders. 

Child : 

9716. Charles M. Born July 13, 1855. He married, May 3, 1876, Emily 
Chamberlain. Proprietor of the Scovill House. Residence, 
1901, Waterbury. Conn. Child : Percy Edwin, born May 21, 
1S80, who is married and has a daughter. 

9720. Orvill Truman. (Thomas-*, John^, John^ John'.) 
9704. He married a Maynard. He removed to Louisville, Ky. 
He died. 

Children : 

9721. Horace. 

9722. Clara. • 

9723. Ella. 

9724. Harry C. Assistant Cashier of American National Bank, 1S93- 

1901. Residence, 1901, Louisville, Ky. 

9725. Orvill. Residence, 1901, Louisville, Ky. 

9730. Capt. Truman. Report of Boston Record Commission- 
ers says: "Boston, ss. At a meeting of the Selectmen Sept. 22d, 
1756, Mr. Mangears, a taylor. his wife and child from North Caro- 
lina, voted to send for Capt. Truman by whome they came." 

9732. William Trueman. Residence, 1849-50, Boston, Mass, 

9734. J. Albert F. True>l'lN. Residence, 1887, Boston, Mass. 

9738. Alfred A. Trueman. Residence, 1887, Boston, Mass. 

9740. John T. Trueman. Residence, 1887, Boston, Mass. 



loooo. James Trueman. He married Mary. Residence, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Child : 

loooi. Morris. 10020. 

10020. Morris Trueman. (John.) loooi. He married, 
July 5, 1 78 1, Mary Sharpless (daughter of Joseph Sharpless). She 
was born in Middletown 9 mo. 2, 1756. She died in Fayette Co., 
Pa., after 1838. She received a certificate from Chester to Darby, 
Mo. Mtg., 9 mo. 21, 1 78 1 ; whence they took one to Philadelphia 8 
mo. 31, 1786. With three, Joseph, James and Hannah, they pro- 
duced one to Darby, 10 mo. 4, 17 87, and obtained one thence to 
Chester 5 mo. 2, 1799, with children Joseph, James and Morris. In 1777 
Morris Trueman and Joseph Cruckshank purchased six acres of land 
on Darby Creek below Kellyville and the next year erected a paper 
mill thereon, of which Truman became sole owner in 1785. In 1799 
the property was sold to John Matthews, and Morris Truman pur- 
chased from Samuel Trimble 136 acres on Chester Creek in Middle- 
town for ;^i30o. In 1807 the family removed westward taking a 
certificate dated 4 mo. 27, 1807, to Redstone, Mo. Mtg. In the 
history of Fayette County it is stated that Morris Truman with his 
three sons, settled at Bridgeport (opposite Brownsville) where they 
erected and put into operation works for the manufacture of steel 
about 181 1. They afterward built a machine and engine shop for 
the first steamboats on the Monongahela River. All the family died 
at Bridgeport except the mother, who died at their country resi- 

Philadelphia Branch. 325 

dence. Jonathan Binns writing to Abraham Pennell, 12 mo. 10, 
1830, says: "My brother-in-law, Morris Truman, died three or four 
weeks ago." In 1838 "James Truman says his mother is rather 
better this summer." One child died in infancy and the names of 
the others are below. "Morris Truman's child" buried at Middle- 
town 6 mo. 8, 1802. (See Sharpless P^amily.) 

Children : 

1002 1. Joseph. Died unmarried. 

10022. James. Married Margaret Troth. 

10023. Hannah. Born 1786 or 1787. Died young. 

10024. Morris. Died unmarried. 

10025. Mary. Died young. 

10030. Irwin Joseph Truman, He was born Oct. 27, 1840, 
at Philadelphia, Pa. He was President of the Columbian Banking 
Company of San Francisco for four years. He is also a successful 
farmer, and has taken an active part in the public affairs of his city, 
county and state. 



10300. John Tremain. He was a son of Michael Tremain, of 
Cornwall, England. He married a Gurney. He died in Cornwall, 

Children : 

10301. John. Born Nov. 26, 1808, in Cornwall, England. 10310. 

10302. Richard. Born in Cornwall, England. 10320. 

10303. Jenefer. Born in Cornwall, England. Married a Dr. James, 
and remained in England. 

1 03 10. John Tremain. (John.) 10301, He was born Nov. 
26, 1808. He married, April 30, 1840, Catherine Greatsinger 
(daughter of Stephen Greatsinger and Deborah Letz, of Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y.). She was born July 29, 1805, at Hyde Park, N. Y. John 
Tremain, after the death of his parents, at the age of 17, or about 
1825, came to America. After his marriage in 1840, he came to East 
Elmira, N. Y., and purchased a farm where his children were born 
and where he died Sept. 22, 1899. Residence, 1901, East Elmira, 

Children : 

10311. George W. Born June 22, 1841, at East Elmira, N. Y. 10350. 

10312. Jenefer. Born April 30, 1844. Married, in 1871, Jacob L. Bos- 
worth. Merchant. Residence, 1901, Lowmansville, N. Y. 

10313. John. Born in April, 1846. Died in June, 1846. 

10314. Julia. Born March 22, 1848. Died Oct. 11, 1888. 

10320. Richard Tremain. (John.) 10302. He was born 
Jan, 22, 181 1, at St. Minver, County of Cornwall, England. He 


East Elmira Branch. 327 

married Anna Mutton, of Cornwall, England. One of their daughters 
married C. E. Barnard and resides, 1901, at Henry, 111. 

Children : 

10321. Albert. Born March 22, 1841. Residence, 1901, Batavia, 111. 

10322. John. Born July 5, 1849. 

10323. Alonzo. Born Sept. 16, 1852. 

10324. Mathew (o. Vasser). Born Sept. 13, 1S54. 

10325. Richard. Born March 6, 1859. 

10326. Anna Maria. 

10327. Emma Sophia. 

10328. Jenefer. 

10329. Mary Elizabeth. Married a Richie. Residence, 1901, Henry, 
Marshall Co., 111. 

10350. George W. Tremain. (John^ John'.) 10311, He 
was born June 22, 1841, at East Elmira, N. Y. He married, Dec. 
30, 1873, Clara A. Chapman (daughter of Orren Chapman and Mary 
Mills, of Big Flats, N. Y.). She was born June 22, 1842. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, 1045 Walnut Street, Elmira, N. Y. 

Child : 

1035 1. John Ford. Born Jan. 27, 1875, in Elmira, N. Y. He is an 
editor and at present manager of the Albany Bureau, Publishers' 
Press, at Albany, N. Y. 


10500. Jonathan Tremain. He was born April 24, 1742, at 
Portsea, Hampshire. England. He and his brother Richard attended 
school with relatives at Maidstone, Kent, Eng. His brothers, John, 
Richard, Joseph and Benjamin, came to New York City in 1764, 
where they became merchants. He resided there nineteen years. 
They were Loyalists and on the evacuation by the British army at the 
Peace, removed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and resumed business. 
They were engaged in flour mills, ship chandlery, hardware and rope 
walks. He married (ist), in 1770, Abigail Stout. He married (2nd), 
Oct. 17, 1793, Mary Lee (daughter of William Lee, of Halifax, Nova 
Scotia). (See Descendants of John Lee, of Agawam, Mass.). Resi- 
dence, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Children : 

10501. Charles William. 10600. 

10502. John Lewis. 10610. 

10503. James Scott. 10620. 

10504. Mary. Married a Hartshorne. 10625. 

105 15. John Tremain. He was born at Portsea, Hampshire, 
England. Merchant. He removed from N. Y. City to Halifax, 
Nova Scotia. He married, Oct. 22, 1801, EUza Lee (daughter of 
William Lee, of Halifax, N. S.). Residence, Halifax, N. S. 

Children : 

10516. Eliza Lee. 

10517. Catherine Mary. Married Charles Twining, Esq. 10650. 

Nova Scotia Branch. 329 

105 iS. John Dunsier. 10630. 

10519. George Lowell. Married. They had two sons. 

10520. Ellen Maria Eupheniia. 

10521. Edward Thomas. 10640. 

10530. Richard Tremain. He was born at Portsea, Hamp- 
shire, England. He and his brother Jonathan attended school at 
Maidstone, Kent, Eng. He came to New York City with his brothers 
Jonathan, John, Joseph and Benjamin. Married. Merchant. Loyal- 
ist. Removed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, at close of Rev. War. 

Child : 
1053 1. Louisa. Married Charles William Tremain. 

10540. Benjamin Tremain. He was born at Portsea, Hamp- 
shire, England. He came to America with his brothers. He became 
very wealthy. He has sons and grandsons residing in Upper Canada. 
Residence, Quebec, Canada. 

10550. Joseph Tremain. He was born at Portsea, Hamp- 
shire, England. 

10560. James Tremain. He was born at Portsea, Eng. 

second generation. 

10600. Charles William Tremain. (Jonathan.) 10501. 
He married Louisa Tremain. 10531. Residence, Halifax, N. S. 

Children : 













. John 

Lewis T 



ried Anna C. K. Dodd (daughter of Chief Justice Dodd, of Cape 
Breton). He died in 1871. 

Children : 

1 06 1 1 . Edgar Lewis . 
uj6i2. .\nna. 

10613. Mary Lee. Married Charles Harrington, Esq., barrister, de- 
ceased, and lives in the United States. 

330 History of* the Treman Family. 

10614. Alfred. Married. Residence, 1888, Lynn, Mass. 

106 1 5. Seward. 

10616. Barclay. Barrister. Residence, 18SS, Cape Breton. 

10620. James Scott Tremain. (Jonathan.) 10503. He 
married (ist), Anna Hartshorne (daughter of Hon. Lawrence Harts- 
home). He married (2nd), Charlotte Knowles (daughter of Lt. 
Knowles, R. N.). They have children. 

10625. Hartshorne. (Hon. Lawrence Hartshorne.) He 
married Mary Tremain. 10504. They had no children. 

10630. John Dunsier Tremain. (John.) 105 18. He mar- 
ried, in 1830, Eliza Kennikel of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. Postmaster 
at Port Hood, Cape Breton, over forty years. County Treasurer over 
twenty-five years. American Consular Agent. County Coroner. 
They had eleven children, seven sons and four daughters. Resi- 
dence, Port Hood, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 

Children : 

1 063 1. William Lee. 10700. 

10632. Georgianna Adelaide. Married Alexander E. Hoj-t. 10740. 

10633. Edward Dunsier. 10720. 

10634. Frederick Valentine. 10730. 

10635. Rufus Arthur. Barrister at Law. Adjutant of Sth Inverness 
Regiment. Residence, 1893, Truro, Nova Scotia. 

10636. Eliza Marian Maud. 

10640. Dr. Edward Thomas Tremaine. (John.) 1052 1. 
He was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He married (ist), Ann Maria 
Ladd (daughter of Judge David Ladd, of Ohio), by whom he had one 
son, David Ladd Tremaine. She died March 21, 1840. He married 
(2nd), in 1852 in New York City. He graduated at the Harvard 
Medical School, 1834. Physician. He went to California in 1849. 
He went to the Sandwich Islands. He settled in 1852 in New York 
City. He died March 29, 1884, at Williamsport, Pa. His second 
wife died there. Residence, New York City. 

Children : 

10641. David Ladd. Born INIarch 21, 1S40. Residence, 1S93, Char- 
lotte, Eaton Co., Mich. 

10642. Edward George. 10750. 

10643. Charlotte. • Married a Hill. 

10644. Daughter. Married. 

Nova Scotia Branch. 331 

10650. Charles Twining, Esq. He married Catharine Mary 
Tremain. 105 17. Barrister at Law. They have several children. 
Residence, Halifax, N. S. 

10685. Charles Tremaine. (Charles William", Jonathan'.) 
1 060 1. He was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The following letter 
was received by him : 

''Fortress Monroe, Virginia, March 8, 1897. 
"Mr. Chas. Tremaine : 

"Dear Sir — I am at work on the genealogy of my family and 
wish to trace the Tremaine branch. My great-grandfather was Peter 
Miller, an Englishman ; he married Phebe Mott who was a cousin of 
the Tremains of Halifax. James Tremain, of Halifax, visited the 
Millers, their cousins in Baltimore, about 18 17, and Hannah Miller 
the daughter of Phebe, visited the Tremains in Halifax. 

"Catherine Miller, daughter of Phebe Mott Miller, married Joseph 
Robinson, of Baltimore, my grandfather. She had cousins in New 
York by the name of Stout whom we think were English. I tell you 
this as it may be a help with regard to the Tremain connection. I 
will be much obliged for any information you can give me on the 
subject. Hoping that, you take as much interest in such things as I 
do, so that then it will not be a trouble to you, I am, 

"Yours truly, 

"Mrs. \Vm. H. Corbusier." 

Residence, 1893, 187 Carleton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

THIRD generation. 

10700. William Lee Tremain. (John Dunsier=, John'.) 
1 063 1. He was born Oct. 14, 1835, at Port Hood, Cape Breton, 
Nova Scotia. He married, Sept. 3, 1868, Keziah Mudge, at Port 
Hawkesbury, Strait of Canso. She was born Aug. 21, 1849. He 
removed in 1885, South Newcastle, Maine. Merchant at Port Hood, 
C. B. Residence, 1893, South Newcastle, Me. 

Children : 

10701. Millie Lee. Born Jan. 17, 1S70, at Mabon, C. B. Died Jan. 26, 


10702. John Henry. Born July 2, 1871. 

10703. Philip Augustus. Born July 2, 1S71. 

332 History of the Treman Family. 

10704. Eva INIaud. Born Dec. 30, 1873, at Mabon. 

10705. Eliza Bertha. Born May 16, 1875, at Mabon. 

10706. Luella Teressa. Born Feb. 23, 1877, at Mabon. 

10707. William Edward. Born May 29, 1882, at Mabon. 

10708. Robert Luther. Born Nov. 8, 1885, at Edgcomb, Maine. 

10709. Glenvell Dunsier. Born March 5, 1892, at Edgcomb. 

10720. Col. Edward Dunsier Tremain. (John Dunsier^ 
John'.) 10633. He married Emma Hadley. Barrister at Law. 
Collector of Customs. Judge of Probate. Colonel of the 8th Inver- 
ness Regiment. They had one child in 1888. Residence, 1888, 
Port Hood, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 

10730. Frederick Valentine Tremain. (John Dunsier^ 
John'.) 10634. He married Zaidee Hoyt, of Annapolis, N. S. N. S. 
officer, I St class, P. O. R., N. S. They have one child. Assistant 
Postmaster, 1893, at Halifax, N. S. 

10740. Alexander E. Hoyt. He married Georgianna Ade- 
laide Tremain. 10632. Telegraph superintendent. They have 
three children. 

10750. Edward George Tremain. (Edward Thomas-, John'.) 
10642. He married. Residence, 1893, 164 State St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

10800. Dr. William S. Tremaine. He was born in Nova 
Scotia. Physician. Surgeon of 21st New York Cavalry in the Civil 
War. Official War Records say : "Appointed from New York. Asst. 
Surg. 24 Mass. Vols. 7 Aug., 1863. Must, out 12 Apr., 1864. Maj. 
and Surg. 31st U. S. Cal. Troops 22 May, 1864. Resigned 9 Sept., 
1864. Asst. Surg, Vols, i Sept., 1864. Must, out 4 June, 1866. 
ist Lt. Asst. Surg. 28 Feb., 1866. Capt. Asst. Surg. 16 Sept., 1866." 
Professor of Surgery in Niagara University, Niagara Falls, N. Y., 
1897. He died in 1900 in Buffalo. Residence, Buffalo, N. Y. 

1 08 10. B. E. L. Tremaine. Born in Nova Scotia. Appointed 
from Alexandria Co., Va., Clerk in Subsistence Department of War 
Department. (See U, S. Official Register, 1899.) Residence, 1899, 
New York. 



iiooo. Harmon Trueman. (His father and gfand-parents 
came from Billsdale, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, in 1775, and 
settled at Point de Bute, then called Prospect.) (See Bent Family in 
America.) He was born Sept. 27, 1778, at Point de Bute, N. B. He 
married, Jan. 8, 1807, Cynthia Bent (daughter of Martin*, Jesse^ 
John^, Joseph', Joseph-, John'). She was born in Fort Lawrence, 
N. S., Sept. 7, 1787, and died in Point de Bute, N. B., July 16, 1874. 
Harmon Trueman was a farmer and mechanic. He died in Point de 
Bute, Sept. 18, 1856. 

Children : 

Stephen Bamford. Born Feb. 17, 180S. Died Dec. 29, 1875. 
Married, Feb. 11, 1836, Eliza Wells (also of Yorkshire descent), 
who died May 3, 1876. Children : i. George Harmon, living 
in Moncton, N. B. 2. Elizabeth Amy, married (ist), Capt. 
Rufus Freeman Cutten, of Amherst, N. S., who was lost at sea 
in January, 1887. Married (2nd), in April, 1891, Rev. Douglas 
Chapman, D.D. 3. Frederic Alexander. Died, unmarried, 
Dec. 27, 18S1. 4. Humphrey Pickard. Residence in Sack- 
ville, N. B. 5. Louisa Cynthia. Residence, Point de Bute, 
N. B. Married Charles Ford McCready, of Tenobsquis, N. B. 
6. Sarah .\nne. Residence, Sackville, N. B. Married Will- 
iam McLeod, of Sussex, N. B. 7. Margaret Jane. Died Nov. 
14, 1889. Married Alex Ford, of Sackville, N. B. 
Amy Elizabeth. Born April 17, 1810. Died March 17, 1839. 
Married, Oct. 4, 1837, John Wesley McLeod. of St. John, N. B., 
who died Sept. 8, 1888. Child : Elizabeth Cynthia. Residence, 
Moncton, N. B. Married William J. Robinson, of Moncton^ 
who died June 22, 1893. No children. 

334 History of the Treman Family. 

11003. Sarah. Born Aug. 27, 1812. Died Nov. 14, 1850. Married 
Rev. Alexander W. McLeod (brother of John W. above), a 

1 1020, Dr. Thompson Joseph Trueman. Bom March 24, 
1856, at Point de Bute, N. B. Graduated at Bowdoin College, M. D., 
1883. Residence, 1889, Acadia Mines, N. S. 

1 1025. W. A, Trueman. Secretary, Treasurer and General 
Manager of the Albert Southern R, R. Company. Residence, 1896, 
Albert, New Brunswick. 



moo. Susannah Truman. Witness to will of Humphrey Clay. 
Dated Sept. 15, 1707. Residence, New York City. 

iiiio. Richard Trueman. Married Cornelia Haring. Resi- 
dence, New York City. 

Child : 

1 1 III. Peter. Baptized Sept. 20, 1713. 

1 1 130. Peter Truman. Married, Aug. 5, 1765, Elizabeth 
Harris. Residence, New York. (See New York Marriages.) 

I II 35. Peter Truman. Married May 25, 1773, Rebekah 
Montanye. Residence, New York. (See New York Marriages.) 

11140. Catharine Truman. Married, April 24, 1760, Thomas 
Jackson. Residence, New York. (See New York Marriages.) 

I II 45. Thomas Trueman. Member of Capt. Peter Harris' 
Co., Dutchess County Militia, May 28, 1761. Age 25. Born in 

1 1 150. William C. Tremaine. Civilian Employee. Messen- 
ger, Headquarters of Dept. of Cal., War Department. Born in New 
York. Appointed from S. Francisco. Employed at S. Francisco. 

11160. Edward Tremain. Born in Illinois. Appointed from 
Rock Island. Employed in U. S. Arsenal at Rock Island, 111. 

II 170. Truemann. There is a family by this name living in 
the Mohawk \'alley. Some of them were merchants at Amsterdam, 

336 History of the Treman Family. 

N. Y. One member of the family went to California and on his 
return with a moderate fortune assumed the above spelling of the 
family name, it is said, although the original spelling was "Truman." 

1 1 175. Capt. Almas Truman. Burlington, Vt. Captain of a 
vessel on Lake Champlain about and after 1805. He was still living 
in 1867. (See Hemenway's Gazetteer of Vermont.) 

1 1 190. George W, Truman. Norwalk Land Records say: 

"Know all men by these presents : That we, Thomas B. Hoyt 
(Thos. B. Hoyt, res. Syracuse, N. Y., 1866, was present at Stamford 
Hoyt Family meeting then), George W. Truman and Betsey A. Tru- 
man, Chas. D. Hoyt, Joseph Smith, Jr., and Hannah M. Smith, 
George N. Hoyt, Thomas George and Julia George and William M. 
Hoyt, all of the State of N. Y., by their true and lawful attorney, 
John Knapp, of Norwalk, in Fairfield Co. For the consideration of 
sixty-three dollars, sixty-three cents of John Bull, of Norwalk, all 
claim we have in or to the seven-elevenths part of a certain piece of 
land lying in sd. Norwalk in quantity one acre, more or less, bounded 
northerly by heirs of Stephen Wood, dec, westerly by heirs of Heze- 
kiah Raymond, dec, southerly by Ira Hoyt and John Bull, including 
the driveway to the highway, and easterly by heirs of William Bouton, 
dec, and Ira Hoyt, being the same property which the said grantor 
inherited from the estate of Thos. Hoyt, late of sd. Norwalk, dec, and 
sold by sd. Knapp by virtue of power of attorney. Recorded on sd. 
Norwalk records Jan. 14, 1833." 

"Benj. Isaacs, Justice of the Peace. 

"Recorded Jan 31, 1833, by Benj. Isaacs, Regr. (Vol. 27, pa., 
new No., 743, old No. 373, L. Land reed.)" 

1 1200. Nelson Gore Trueman. Student in the Harvard 
Medical School, second year, 1901. Residence, 1901, Boston, Mass. 

1 1 205. C. P. Truman. Residence, 1901, Volga, Brookings 
Co., N. D. 

11210. Giles Tremain. Residence, 1893, Sackett's Harbor, 
N. Y. 

11215. W. Cabell Trueman. Editor of The Critic, Rich- 
mond, Va., 1888. 

Appendix III. 337 

1 1220, Ens. Lewis Truman. He was born Nov. 5, 1784, at 
Farmington, now Avon, Conn. He removed when a small boy with 
his father and family to New Marlborough, Mass., and afterwards to 
Vernon, Oneida County, N. Y. Ensign in War of 181 2. (See 
Young's History of Warsaw, N. Y.) 

1 1230. Thomas Truman. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1813, as a private 
soldier under Lieut. Col. Freeman Tracey in the War of 181 2. 

11235. Capt. William H.Truman. Married, July 21, 1896, 
in the Church of the Heavenly Rest, Adele Fitch, of New York City. 
Member of New York Athletic Club, Old Guard, gth Regiment Veter- 
ans' Association, Walworth Lodge F. & A. M., and Benevolent Pro- 
tective Order of Elks. Captain in the Old Guard. Broker at 501 
Produce Exchange, N. Y. City in 1893. Claim Adjuster in 1901 for 
3d Ave. R. R. They have a child. Office 11 19 Third Ave., N. Y. 
City, Residence, 1901, 26 West 50th Street, N. Y, City, 

11240. B. Tremaine. Clerk to Gen. Woodruff at Manilla, 1 90 1. 

1 1 260, Thomas Truman. He married. 

Children : 

1 1 26 1. Thomas. 

11262. Elizabeth. Married a Sherman. 

11 263. Mary. 

1 1 264. Sylvester. 

1 1270. Thomas Truman. (Thomas.) 11 261. He married. 
Children : 

11271. Ira. Born Oct. 10, 1S47. 11280. 

1 1 272. Ezra. 

1 1 273. Eri. 1 1 290. 

1 1 274. Freeman. 11300. 

1 1280. Ira Truman. (Thomas^ Thomas'.) 11271. He was 
bom Oct. ID, 1847. He married, Jan. i, 1868, JuHa Brown. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Cortland, N. Y. 

Children : 

11281. Elizabeth. Born April 4, 1S72. Married, Oct. 29, 1SS8, William 
Cross. Children : i. Rena. 2. Lena. Residence, 1901, Mari- 
posa, N. Y. 

338 History of the Treman Family. 

11282. Iva. Born July 12, 1874. Married, Oct. 12, 1899, Charles P. 
Butler. Residence, 1901, Cortland, N. Y. 

1 1 283. Devere. Born June i, 1876. 

1 1284. Fanny. Born May 29, 1879. Married, Oct. 25, 1898, Edgar D. 
Foote. Children : i. Floyd. 2. Karl. She resides, 1901, 
Cortland, N. Y. 

1 1 285. Sarah. Born March 3, 1882. 

1 1286. Bessie. Born April 29, 1885. 

1 1 290. Eri Truinian. (Thomas-, Thomas'.) 11273. He 

Children : 

1 1 291. Nellie. 

.11292. Harry. 

1 1293. George. 

1 1 294. Bert. 

1 1300. Freeman Truman. (Thomas^ Thomas'.) 11274. He 

Children : 

11301. Gertrude. Married a Davis. 

1 1302. Grace. 

1 1303. Goldie. 

1 1304. Gladys. 
U305- Grove. 

1 1306. Genevieve. 

1 1307. Glycera. 

1 1320. Dr. Irving P. Truman. Graduated at Homeopathic 
Hospital Medical College, Cleveland, 1870. Residence, 1900, Hor- 
nellsville, N. Y. 

1 1322. Dr. George A. Trueman. Graduated at Rush Medi- 
cal College, Chicago, 1895. Residence, 1900, Munising, Mich. 

1 1324. Dr. Harmon S. Trueman. Graduated at University 
of Pennsylvania, M.D., 1880. Residence, 1900, Somerville, Mass. 

1 1326. Dr. H. G. Trueman. Graduated at University Medi- 
cal College, Kansas City, 1897. Residence, 1900, 603 Altman 
Building, Kansas City, Mo. 

1 1328. Dr. James E. Trueman. Physician. Residence, 1900, 
San Jose, Cal. 

Appendix III. 339 

1 1330. Warren W. Tremaine. Residence, 1893, 241 Seventh 
Ave., N. Y. City. 

1 1332. Richard Tremaine. P. O. Inspector. Office, 1893, 
P. O. Building, N. Y. City. Residence, 1893, Syracuse, N. Y. 

1 1334. Scott Tremaine. Office, 1893, 280 Broadway, N. Y. 

1 1336. Emma Tremain. Residence, 1893, 156 East 32nd 
Street, N. Y. City. 

1 1338. D. Truman. Residence, 1893, 1135 Park Ave., N. Y. 


1 1340. James Truman. Residence, 1893, 670 Eleventh Ave., 
N. Y. City. 

1 1342. Joseph Truman. Residence, 1893, 244 East 87th 
Street, N. Y. City. 

Samuel J. W. Truman. Residence, 1893, 48 West 39th Street, 
N. Y. City. The following letter was written by him : 

"New York, February 6th, 1901. 
"Mr. M. E. Poole : 

"Dear Sir — I am afraid I cannot be of any use to you as 
regards family affairs. My parents came from England and I. have 
never kept any record at all of my ancestors. 

"Yours respectfully, 

"S. J. W. Truman." 

11346. Stephen J. Tru>L'VN. Residence, 1893, 224 West 59th 
Street. N. Y. City. 

1 1348. Florence TRU^L\N. Residence, 1893, 1389 Ave. A., 
N. Y., City. 

1 1350. J. W. Tremaine. Postmaster. Residence, 1884, Elsi- 
nore, Allen Co., Kan. 

1 1352. L. D. Treeman, Cashier of Farmers' and Merchants' 
Bank. Residence, 1900, Perry City, O. T. 

1 1354. E. H. Treeman. Born in New York. Clerk in U. S. 
Quartermaster's Department at Large. Residence, 1883, Portland, 

340 History of the Treman Family. 

1 1356. Robert Truman. Born in Illinois. P. O. Clerk. 
Residence, 1883, Fairburg, Neb. 

1 1358. Dr. John Truman. Assistant Surgeon, 62d Regt. 
Ohio Infantry Vols, in Civil War. Resigned June 26, 1863. 

1 1360. Maj. Alfred F. Tremain. 13th Regt. Mass. Infan- 
try Vols. Promoted Brevet Major, March 13, 1865. Regiment 
organized at Lowell. 

1 1362. Henry Abner Tremaine. Graduated at Michigan 
University, School of Pharmacy, 1875. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. 

1 1364. Dr. Alexander Smith Truman. Graduated at Mich- 
igan University, Medical School, 1872. Residence, 1900, 11 14 W. 
69th St., Chicago, 111. 

1 1366. Dr. Henry Tremavne. Physician. Residence, 1900, 
Ionia, Mich. 

1 1368. Dr. George T. Truman. Physician. Residence, 
1900, 421 West 57th St., N. Y. City. 

1 1370. Dr. Horace F. Truman. Physician. Graduated at 
Miami Medical College, Cincinnati, 1882. Residence, 1900, Toledo, 

11375- James Trueman. Archives of Maryland, Vol.' 5, Pro- 
ceedings of Council, William Hand Brown, 1887, say: 

"Commission of the Peace for the County of Calvert by order of 
the honorable Deputy Lieutenant's authorizing. Major Thomas 
Brook, James Trueman, Nathaniel Trueman, etc., gents of the 
Quorum. February, 1669. 

"Mentions Major General Truman in the Army of King Charles 
II. of England. 

"We find Major Truman was tried for suffering five Indians to 
be killed but was cleared by the Assembly." 

1 1380. Charles Edward Treman. 4025. (Breckenridge, 
James (Scotch Irish), born in 1696, came to America in 1727 and 
settled in Palmer, Mass. James Breckenridge, son of the above, 

Appendix III. 341 

born in Ireland in 172 1. Was six years old when his father came to 
America. Settled in Bennington, Vermont. Was very prominent in 
New Hampshire grants dispute, taking side with New Hampshire. 
He was a member of the Provincial Congress in 1775, and was sent 
to England by the settlers on a mission to the King for redress of 
grievances. Was chosen on account of his courtly manners and fine 
bearing. Refused to bear arms against the King, in the Revolution, 
though he did not take any active part against the movement. He 
was expelled from the state, with his son-in-law, John McNeil, but 
was allowed to return, and died in Bennington. Mary, daughter of 
the above, married John McNeil, of Charlotte, Vermont. 

McNeil. The McNeils, along with other Scotch clans, were 
sent to the north of Ireland to act as a buffer against the wild Irish. 
After several generations, some of them came to this country ; among 
them, Captain Archibald McNeil, in about 1729. He came in his 
own ship, wdth a chest of gold at the mast. His wife was Lady 
Sarah Johnson, from Antrim, Ireland. They were ship-wrecked — 
some say on the coast of Nova Scotia, others on Massachusetts Bay, 
The former is probably correct. Captain McNeil went to Brantford, 
Connecticut, and from there to Litchfield in about 1740. He served 
in the British Army as captain of a Connecticut company, during the 
French and Indian War (1756 to 1763). He went with the British 
Army to Ticonderoga, and also to Havana when that was besieged 
by the British. Date of death unknown. His son, John McNeil, 
w^as born in 1740 and died in 1813. Married Mary Breckenridge 
and settled in Tinmouth before the Revolution. When Burgoyne 
made his invasion of New York, John McNeil asked for the protec- 
tion of the British Army. For this, he was called a. Tory by a cer- 
tain faction, and his lands confiscated and seized by Ira Allen, brother 
of Ethan Allen. There is no evidence that he was a Tory, other 
than the above. He then moved to Charlotte, Vermont, where he 
was elected as Town Clerk, Representative, was Judge of Probate 
Court, Judge of County Court and was delegate to both Constitu- 
tional Conventions of 1791 and 1793. He is spoken of in the records 
as General McNeil ; but there is no known reason for the use of this 
title. His daughter, Mary, was born August 30, 1780, and married 
Ezra Meech. Note : John McNeil had a son, David B. McNeil, who 
was very prominent in the affairs of northern New York. He held 

342 History of the Treman Family. 

the commission as General, and was at the battle of Plattsburg. He 
was a brother of the above mentioned Mary McNeil, 

Meech. Henry Wallbridge, and brothers, William and Stephen, 
from Dorsetshire, England, fought with the Duke of Monmouth in 
his rebellion against James II., and after the defeat at Edgmore 
(1685), fled to America. They first settled at Dedham, Massachu- 
setts, then fled to Preston, Connecticut, near Norwich. Stephen 
changed his name to Meech, taking his mother's maiden name. 
Daniel Meech, son of Stephen, married Amy Wilcox, a woman of 
extraordinary beauty. Elisha Meech, son of Daniel, emigrated to 
Hinesburgh, Vermont, in 1785. Married Faith Satterly and had 
five sons. Ezra Meech, son of Elisha, was born in Connecticut, in 
1773, and married Mary McNeil in 1800.) 

ISIi^cK History. 



1 1800. John Mack. He was born in 1669 in Scotland. He 
came to America about 1680, was at Salisbury, Conn., in 1681, and 
settled at Lyme, Conn., in 1697. He married (ist), April 5, 1681, 
Sarah Bagley at Salisbury, Conn. He married (2nd), May 4, 1733, 
Abigail Daniel, a widow. He died in 1734, at Lyme, Conn. Resi- 
dence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

11801. John. Born April 29, 1682, at Salisbury, Conn. 11820. 

1 1802. Sarah. Born in 1684 at Salisbury. Married Matthew vSniith. 

11S03. Elizabeth. Born between 1682 and 1693, at Salisbury. Married 
Jonathan Reed. 11917. 

1 1804. Lydia. Born between 1682 and 1693 at Salisbury. 

11805. Josiah. Born in 1693 at Salisbury. 11840. 

1 1806. Jonathan. Born between 1693 and 1697 at Salisbury. 11850. 

1 1807. Orlando. Born between 1693 and 1697 at Salisbury. 11870. 
1180S. Ebenezer. Born Dec. 8, 1697, at Lyme, Conn. 11890. 

1 1809. Mary. Born Nov. 10, 1699, at Lyme. Married, April 3, 1717. 
John Peters, at Hebron, Conn. 

11810. Rebecca. Born Oct. 4, 1 701, at Lyme. Married Caleb Benit, 
Jr. 1 1920. 

11811. Johanna. Born Sept. 17, 1703, at Lyme. 

11812. Deborah. Born Oct. 11, 1706, at Lyme. Married Theophilus 
Lord. 1 1930. 

Seco^^td GE:^^ER^TIO^ 

11820. John Mack. (John.) 11801. He was born April 29, 
1682, at Salisbury, Conn. He married, Jan. 13, 1704, Love Benet 
(daughter of Henry Benet). She received a deed of gift from her 
father, Feb. 24, 1707. She died Jan. 25, 1733. He married a sec- 
ond time. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

11821. Sarah. Born Oct. 10, 1704. Married Joseph Starling. 12390. 

11822. Phebe. Born June 28, 1707. Married James Lewis. 12410. 

1 1823. Elizabeth. Born Feb. 4, 171 2. Died before April 2, 1734. 

11824. Patience. Born April 3, 1714. Married Richard Hays. 12425. 

1 1825. Abigail. Married Henry Benit, Jr. 12440. 

1 1826. Ebenezer. Born Feb. 24, 1716. 12300. 

11827. Lydia. Born June 4, 171S. 

1 1828. John. Born April 26, 1720. 

11829. Ezra. Born April 5, 1722. 12320. 

11830. Nehemiah. Born Jan. 5, 1724. 12335. 

11831. Esther. Born Nov. 30, 1725. 

21832. Hezekiah. Born Jan. 20, 1728. 12350. 

1 1833. Dorothy. Born Dec. 11, 1729. 

1 1834. William. 12360. 

11835. Elizabeth. Born April 2, 1734. Married, May 6, 1754, Reuben 
Sumner at Hebron, Conn. 

11836. Josiah. Born in 1743. 12375. 

1 1840. Josiah Mack. (John.) 11805. He was born in 
1693, in Salisbury, Conn. He married Abigail. Deacon. Hebron 
Land Records say: "Jan. 29, 1720. Deed to Josiah Mack of Lyme, 
Conn." He died Nov. 21, 1769, at Hebron, Conn. She died April 
29, 1767. Residence, Hebron, Conn. 
Children : 
11841. Josiah. Born Aug. 19, 1721. 12470. 

Second Generation. 345 

11842. Esther. Born March 22, T723. Married (ist), Feb. 17, 1745, 
Nathaniel Brown ; (2nd), Jan. 26, 1764, James Rowe. 

1 1843. Lydia. Born March 22, 1725. Married Feb. 10, 1747, Samuel 

11844. Elisha. Born April 25, 1727. 

1 1845. Abigail. Born June 25, 1729. 

1 1846. John. Born May 29, 1732. 12520. 

1 1850. Jonathan Mack. (John.) 11806. He was born 
between 1693 and 1697 at Salisbury, Conn. He married, Aug. 24, 
1728, Sarah Benit. Soldier in Capt. Doan's Company of Col. Shu- 
ball Gorham's Massachusetts Regiment in the Old French and Indian 
War and went to Louisburg. He died in 1776. Residence. Lyme, 

Children : 

11851. Elizabeth. Born Dec. 30, 1728. 

1x852. Joseph. Born July 22, 1729. 

11853. Jonathan. Born July i, 1731. 

1 1854. Love. Born April 15, 1734. 

1 1855. John. Born Jan. 15, 1736. 

1 1856. Josiah. Born Jan. 25, 1741. 

11857. Samuel. Born May 3, 1743. 

1 1 858. Sarah. Born April 8, 1745. 

1 1859. Abijah. Born Sept. 30, 1746. 12540. 

1 1860. Louis. Born Nov. 30, 1747. 

1 1 86 1. Lucia. Born Nov. 12, 1750. 

1 1870. Orlando Mack, (John.) 11807. He was born between 
1693 and 1697 at Salisbury, Conn. He married, March 14, 17 18, Dam- 
aris Dutton, of Hebron, Conn. She was born in 1702. He removed 
to Hebron, Conn., from Lyme. Hebron Land Records say: "17 17. 
Deed to Orlando Mack of Lyme." He died Jan. 28, 1768, "in a 
violent storm of snow". She died Jan. 17, 1774. Residence, Hebron, 
Tolland Co., Conn. 

^'44, Isaac 

Children : 

11871. Louise. Born May 9, 1720. 

1 1872. Catharine. Born Feb. 10, 1722. 

Married, May 2 


T1873. Orlando. Born May 24, 1724. 


11874. Daniel. Born March 23, 1727. 


346 History of the Mack Family. 

1 1875. Phebe. Born May 2, 1729. Died Feb. 28, 1769. Married 
Joseph Gary. 12620. 

11876. Jemima. Born April 24, 173 1. Died Aug. 28, 1742. 

11877. Abner. Born Aug. 12, 1734. Died Sept. 19, 1762. 12600. 

11878. Rachel. Born Nov. 13, 1738. Died Oct. 9, 1770. 

11879. Damaris. Born May 4, 1 741. 

11880. Stephen. Born Aug. 8, 1743. Died Sept. 15, 1762. 

1 1890. Rev. Ebenezer Mack. (John.) 11808. He was 
born Dec. 8, 1697, at Lyme, Conn. He married, April 30, 1728, by 
Rev. George Griswold, Hannah Holly. Pastor of the 2nd Congrega- 
tional Church of Lyme. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

11891. Phebe. Born Jan. 20, 1729. 

11892. Deborah. Born Sept. 16, 1730. 

1 1893. Solomon. Born Sept. 15, 1732. Married, Jan. 4, 1759, Lydia 
Gates (daughter of Daniel Gates of East Haddam, Conn. ). No 

11894. Hannah. Born Oct. 15, 1734. 

1 1895. Samuel. Born Nov. 15, 1736. 

1 1896. Hephzibah. Born May 7, 1740. 

11897. Stephen. Born June 15, 1742. Soldier on Long Island in N. Y. 
Colonial Troops, 1761. 

1 1898. Elisha. Born July 16, 1745. 

1 1899. Azubah. Born Nov. 28, 1748. Married Jasper Huntley. 12630. 

11910. Matthew Smith. He married, Nov. 28. 1706, Sarah 
Mack. 1 1802. Residence, East Haddam, Conn. 

Children : 

1 191 1. Thomas. Born March 26, 1710. 

11912. Sarah. Born Feb. 21, 1712. 

11913. Elizabeth. Born April 20, 1716. 

11914. Lydia. Born Feb. 24, 1718. 

1 191 5. Matthew. 12645. 

1 19 1 7. Jonathan Reed. He married, Dec. 24, 1722, Eliza- 
beth Mack. She died Jan. 17 (o. 18), 1753. Residence, Lyme, 

Child : 
11918. Jonathan. Born Sept. 17, 1723 (o. 1724). 

Second Generation. 347 

1 1920. Caleb Benit, Jr. (Caleb.) He married Rebecca 
Mack. 11810. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

11921. Thankful. Born March i, 1728. 

1 1922. Caleb. Born Jan. 12, 1730. 

1 1930. Theophilus Lord. He married May 8, 1728, Deborah 
Mack. 11812. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

. Children : 

11931. Lydia. Born March 19, 1729. 

1 1932. Deborah. Born Nov. 26, 1730. 
1 1933- Sarah. Born Feb. 20, 1733. 

1 1934. Huldah. Born July 16, 1735. 

11935. Hephzibah. Born June 22, 1737. 

1 1936. Elizabeth. Born July 5, 1739. 

Third GrEisrERA^Tio:Nr. 

12300. Ebenezer Mack. (John^ John'.) 11826. He was 
born Feb. 24, 17 16. He married, Nov. 23, 1736, Abigail Denis. 
Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12301. William Woman. Born Jan. 26, 1738. 

12302. Abigail. Born March 4, 1740. 

12303. Sophia. Born Feb. 7, 1744. 

12304. Lydia. Born June 25, 1746. 

12320. Ezra Mack. (John% John'.) 11829. He was born 
April 5, 1722. He married, Aug. 21, 1770, Lydia Gibbs. Resi- 
dence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12321. Lydia. Born June 10, 1771. Married Neal Courtney. 12875. 

12322. John. Born Feb. 15, 1773. 

12323. Nabby. Born Jan. 23, 1775. 

12324. Charles. Born Dec. 12, 1777. 

12325. Meorath. Bom Jan. 19, 1780. 

12326. Deborah. Born May 2, 1782. 

12327. Elaine. Born Oct. 19, 1786. 

12328. Polly. Born Sept. 26, 1789. 

12329. Ezra. Born Aug. 11, 1791. 

12335. Nehemiah Mack. (John^ John'.) 11830. He was 
born Jan. 5, 1724. He married, Feb. 5, 1749, Mrs. Eunice Beck- 
with. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12336. Mehitable. Born April 4, 1752. Died Sept. 6, 1776. 

12337. Nehemiah. Born May 18, 1754. 

12338. Benjamin. Born Sept. 15, 1756. 12900. 

Third Generation. 349 

72339. David. Born Jan. 4, 1759. 12910. 

12340. Eunice. Born Feb. 20, 1761. Died July 16, 1780. 

12341. Hezekiah. Born Jan. 20, 1763. 

12342. Silas. Born Oct. 4, 1765. 

12343. John. Born Oct. 25, 176S. 

12344. Elizabeth. Born July 24, 1770. 

12350. Hezekiah M.^ck. (John", John".) 11832. He was 
born Jan. 20, 1728. He married Ann. 

Child : 

1 235 1. Rachel. Married Samuel Martin. 12950. 
12360. William Mack. (John-, John'.) 11834. He mar- 
ried, June 12, 1759, Ruth Gee. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

1 236 1. Delight. Born Feb. 11, 1762. 

12362. Dorcas. Born Feb. 16, 1764. 

12363. Ebenezer. Born Jan. 26, 1766. 12920. 

12364. Abigail. Born Nov. 2, 1770. Married Reuel Huntley. 12945. 

12365. Molly. Born Feb. 8, 1773. 

12366. William. Born April 6, 1775. Died Jan. 18, 1785. 

12367. Elijah. Born July 7, 1778. 12935. 

12375. Josiah Mack. (Joh^^ John'.) 11836. He was born 
in 1 741. He married. His wife's name is not known. He died in 
1805. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12376. Elisha. Born in 1768. 12960. 

12377. Josiah. 12970. 

12390. Joseph Starling. He was born in 1707. He mar- 
ried, July 2, 1730, Sarah Mack. 11821, He died Dec. 19, 1748. 
She died Aug. 6, 1762. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12391. Samuel. Born Oct. 14, 1732. 

12392. Sarah. Born July 22, 1734. 

12393. Mary. Born July i8, 1736. 

12394. Joseph. Born March 8, 1739. 

12395. Hannah. Born .A.pril 5, 1741. 

12396. William. Born May 28, 1743. 

12397. Phebe. Born April 26, 1745. 

12398. Lydia. Born April i, 1747. 

350 History op the Mack Family. 

12410. James Lewis. He married Phebe Mack. 11822. 
Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12411. Esther. Born May 22, 1741. 

12412. -Joanna. Born March 4, 1743. 

12413. Nehemiah. Born June 20, 1745. 

12414. Seth. Born Feb. 15, 1748. 

12415. John M. Born Nov. 9, 1751. 

12425. Richard Hays. He married April 24, 1735, Patience 
Mack. 1 1824. Residence, Lyme, Conn, 

Children : 

12426. Silas. Born Feb. 15 (o. 5), 1736. Died in or before 1747. 

12427. Seth. Born Dec. 26, 1737. 

12428. Richard. Born June 30, 1740. 

12429. John. Born May 25, 1742. 

12430. Catharine. Born Nov. 7, 1744. 

1 243 1. Silas. Born Feb. 5 (o. i), 1747. 

12432. Philemon. Born Feb. 26, 1749. 

12433. Joseph. Born May 15, 1751. 

12440. Henry Benit, Jr. (Henry.) He married, Feb. 22, 
1733, Abigail Mack. 11825. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : • 

1 2441. Mary. Born Oct. 3, 1734. 

12442. Abi.^ail. Born Sept. 20, 1736. 

12443. Ruth. Born Jan. 20, 1739. 

12444. Ducy. Born Nov. 5, 1740. 

12445. Dorothy. Born Aug. 17, 1742. 

12446. Lydia. Born Oct. 6, 1744. 

12447. Henry. Born April 18, 1747. 

12448. Sarah. Born July 8, 1749. 

12449. Phebe. Born March 28, 1752. 

12470. Capt. Josiah Mack. (Josiah^ John'.) 11841. He 
was born Aug. 19, 172 1. He married (ist), April 21, 1843, Hester 
Trumble. She died May 14, 1747. He married (2nd), Oct. 12, 
1747, Mary Peters. She died Feb. 3, 1789. He married (3d), July 
9, 1789, widow Deborah Porter. He died May 24, 1812. Residence 
Hebron, Tolland Co., Conn. 

Third Generation. 351 

Children : 

1 247 1. Hester. Born Dec. 16, 1744. 

12472. Sarah. Born April 30, 1747. 

12473. Josiah. Born July 12, 1748. Died in or before April 8, 1758. 

12474. Anna. Born April 4, 1750. 

12475. Lydia. Born March 28, 1751. 

12476. Sybil. Born July 13, 1752. Bap. April 5, 1753. Married, April 
27, 1779. Joseph Hutchinson. 

12477. Mar}'. Born Sept. 24, 1754. Bap. April i, 1755. 

12478. Rxperience. Born Oct. 25, 1755. Bap. April i, 1756. 

12479. Huldah. Bap. April i, 1757. 

12480. Josiah. Born April 8, 1758. Bap. April i, 1759. 12985. 

1 248 1. Henry. Born Sept. 27, 1759. Bap. April 1, 1760. 13000. 

12482. Aaron. Born Jan. 11, 1761. Bap. April i, 1761. 

12500. Elisha Mack. (Josiah^, John'.) 11844. He was 
born April 25, 1727, at Hebron, Conn. He married, March i, 1750, 
Mary Ellis (daughter of John Ellis, of Sandwich, Mass.). She was 
born Sept. 27, 1733, in Plymouth, Mass. He removed after June 12, 
1773, to Middlefield, Mass. He died May 24, 1783, in Middlefield, 
Mass. She died June 24, 1819, at Middlefield, Mass. Residence 
Hebron, Conn., and Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

12501. David. Born Nov. 29 (o. Dec. 10), 1750. Bap. April i, 1752. 

12502. Lois. Born Nov. 15, 1753. Bap. April i, 1754. Died Dec. 8, 

12503. Abigail. Bap. April i, 1756. Married David Taibox. She 
died March 16. 1827. 

12504. Elisha. Born May 13, 1759. 13035. 

12505. Molly. Born June 2, 1760. Bap. April i, 1761. Married Abel 

12506. Warren. Born June 16, 1763. Bap. April i, 1764. Married. 

12507. Mindwell. Born July 10, 1765. Bap. April i, 1766. Died April 
25, 1775- 

12508. Sarah. Bap. April i, 1767, (o. born July 6, 1767). Married, 
June I, 1786, Oliver Blush. He died July 20, 1846. She died 
July 10, 1818. 

12509. ^Martha. Born June 6, 1769. Bap. April i, 1770. IMed [May i, 

1 25 10. Lois. Born Nov. 28, 1770. Bap. April i, 1771. Died May 8, 


352 History of the Mack Family. 

i25ri. L3'dia. Born April 27, 1772. Died March 25, 1773. 

12512. Lydia. Born June 12, 1773. Bap. April i, 1774. Married, 
June 21, 1795, vStephen Wood. 

12513. John. Born Oct. 13, 1776. Died Oct. 29, 1776. 

1 25 1 4. Moses. Born March 27, 1778. Died March 28, 1778. 

12515. Aaron. Born March 27. 1778. Died April 11, 1778. 

12516. John. Born April 27, 1779. Married Sarah Richards. He died 

Feb. 13, 1833. 

12520. Lieut. John Mack. (Josiah^ John'.) 11846. He 
was born May 29, 1732. He married, April 22, 1756, Eunice Fish, 
of Hebron, Conn. Lieutenant. His commission was dated about 
1776. He died Oct. 17, 1778. Residence, Hebron, Conn, 

Children : 

1 252 1. Son. Died Dec. 26, 1756. 

12522. Mercy. Born Jan. 29, 1758. Died Sept. 3, 1782. 

12523. Ralph. Born June 13, 1760. Bap. 1760. 13050. 

12524. Eunice. Born Oct. 12, 1762. Bap. 1762. 

12525. John Fish. Born Jan. 30, 1765. Bap. 1765. Died Oct. i, 1769. 

12526. Hannah. Born May 17, 1767. Bap. 1767. 

12527. Milisent. Born Jan. 2, 1770. Bap. April r, 1770. 

12528. Sarah. Born June 28, 1772. Bap. 1772. 

12529. Prudence. Born June 18, 1774. Bap. 1774. 

12530. Abigail. Born Aug. 5, 1776. Bap. 1776. 

12540. Abijah Mack. (Jonathan^, John') 11859. He was 
born Sept. 30. 1746. He married, Sept. 19, 1773, Eunice Rogers. 
Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

I254t. Elisha. Born May 11, 1774. 

12542. Mehitable. Born Dec. 5, 1775. 

12543. Sarah. Born Aug. 4, 1777. 

12544. Jonathan. Born Oct. 2, 17S0. Married, Nov. 27, 1831, Jane 


12545. Elizabeth. Born Jan. 22, 1783. 

12546. Joseph. Born Aug. 21, 17S5. 

12560. Ens. Orlando Mack. (Orlando-, John'.) 11873. He 
was born May 24, 1724, at Hebron, Conn. He married, Nov. S, 
1744, Abigail Adams, of Hebron, Conn. Ensign. He removed, 
about 1763, to New Marlborough, Berkshire Co., Mass. She died 
June 20, 1769, at Hebron, Conn. Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Third Generation. 353 

Children : 

12561. Abihu. Born March 31, 1745. 

12562. Sybil. Born Sept. 19, 1746. 

12563. Orlando. Born Oct. 10, 1747. 13070. 

12564. Seba. Born May 3, 1749. 

12565. Abigail. Born Oct. i, 1750. 

12566. Daniel. Born Oct. 22, 1752. 130S5. 

12567. Samuel. Born July 20, 1754. Died March 11, 1780. 

12568. Abner. Born Jan. 12, 1757. 14000. 

12569. Susannah. Born Feb. 15. 1759, at Hebron. Bap. April i, 1759. 
Married Dr. Asahel M. Huxley. 14030. 

12570. Hannah. Born Dec. 6, 1763, at Hebron, Conn. 

12571. Ebenezer. Born at New Marlborough, Mass. 14010. 

12572. Stephen. Born March 20, 1765, at New Marlborough, Mass. 

12580. Daniel Mack. (Orlando^ John'.) 11874. He was 
born March 23, 1727. He married, Aug. 15, 1751, Ehzabeth Gary, 
of Lyme. He removed, after Sept. 23, 1755, to Norfolk, Litchfield 
Co., Conn. Member of Congregational Church at Norfolk, Sept. 10, 
1769. He died in Jan., 1792. She died March 10, 1772. Resi- 
dence, Hebron and Norfolk, Conn. 

Children : 

12581. Ebenezer. Born Sept. 23, 1755, at Lyme. Soldier under Col. 
Ethan Allen and with him (about 18 in all) captured near Mon- 
treal, Canada, Sept. 25, 1775, and afterwards confined at 
Halifax. (Records of State of Conn., Vol. I., p. 39.) 

12582. Orlando. Born Oct. 28, 1769, at Norfolk. Bap. Dec. 24, 1769. 

12583. Elizabeth. Died Nov. 16, 1776, at Norfolk. 

12600. Abner Mack.. (Orlando-, John'.) 11877. He was 
born Aug. 12, 1734. He married, March 30, 1758, Phebe Lord, of 
Lyme, Conn. He died Sept. 19, 1762. Residence, Hebron, Conn. 


1 260 1. Barzeliel. Born vSept. 18, 1760. 

12620. Joseph Cary. (Descendant of John Cary, first Town 
Clerk of Bridgewater, Mass.) He was born Sept. 28, 1723, at Wind- 
ham, Conn. He married, in 1747, Phebe Mack. 11875. Residence, 
Mansfield, Conn. 

354 History of the Mack Family. 

Children : 

12621. Richard. Born Jan. 15, 17.59, at Mansfield, Conn. 14050. 

12622. Asa. Born in 1770. 14060. 

12630. Jasper Huntley. He married, Dec. 31, 1768, Azubah 
Mack. 1 1899. He died June 12, 181 6. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12631. Sarah. Born July 26, 177 1. 

12632. Hannah. Born Nov. 20, 1773. Died in Nov., 1790. 

12633. Ezra. Born Jan. 5, 1777. 

12634. Azubah. Born Nov. 23, 1782. Died in June, 1784. 

12635. Jasper. Born Nov. 13, 1790. Died Dec. 6, 1790. • 

12645. Matthew Smith. (Matthevir.) 11915. He married 
Sarah Church. 

Children : 

12646. Matthew. 14060. 

12647. Azariah. Born Dec. 7, 1784. ' 14075. 

Fourth GrEisrEn^Tioisr. 

12875. Neal Courtney. He married, Sept. 6, 17S-, Lydia 
Mack. 1 232 1. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Child : 
12S76. Manson. Born Nov. 28, 178-. 

12900. Benjamin Mack. (Nehemiah^ John=, John'.) 12338. 
He was born Sept. 15, 1756. He married, Jan. 29, 1781, Nabby 
Lord. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Child : 

12901. Benjamin. Born Dec. 6, 1781. 

12910. David Mack. (Nehemiah^ John^ John'.) 12339. 
He was born Jan. 4, 1759. He married, Feb. 9, 1783, Mrs. Sarah 
Rogers. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Child : 
12911. David. Born Nov. 2, 1784. 

12920. Ep.enezer Mack. (William^ John^ John'.) 12363. 
He was born Jan. 26, 1766. He married, Aug. 12, 1787, Polly 
Hawes. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12921. Esther. Born June 10, 1788. 

12922. Polly. Born Aug. 2, 1790. 

12923. Salmon. Born July 20, 1792. 

12924. Chamiis. Born March 6, 1795. 

12925. Chabris. Born Nov. 5, 1797. 

12926. Cornelius. Born March 16, 1800. Married March 28, 1849, 
Harriet Watrous. 

356 History of the Mack Family. 

12935. Elijah Mack. (William^, John=, John'.) 12367. He 
was born July 7, 1778. He married, April 4, 1799, Lydia Tillotson. 
Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12936. Dorcas. Born Feb. 25, 1800. 

12937. William. Born July 7, 1802. 

12938. Joshua T. Born Sept. 16, 1804. 

12945. Reuel Huntley. He married, Sept. 18, 1788, Abigail 
Mack. 12364. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

12946. Sally. Born June 8, 1789. 

12947. Spicer M. Bom April i, 1792. 

12948. Lodowick M. Born March 7, 1797. 

12950. Samuel Martin. He married Rachel Mack. 12351. 

Child : 
1 295 1. Adeline. Married Fred Henry Williams. 14400. 

12960. Elisha Mack. (Josiah^, John^ John',) 12376. He 
was born in 1768, at Lyme, Conn. He married, in 1802, Taphena 
Lord (a descendant of Thomas Lord, a pilgrim father of 1635). He 
removed to Brooklyn. Susquehanna Co., Pa. He died in 1839. 

Child : 

1 296 1. Enoch. Born in 1S06. 14420. 
12970. JosiAH Mack. (Josiah^, John=, John'.) 12377. He 
was born at Lyme, Conn. He married. He removed to Oswego, 
N. Y. He died at Oswego, N. Y. 

Child : 
12971. Elisha H. 

12985. JosiAH Mack. (Josiah^ Josiah% John'.) 12480. He 
was born April 8, 1758. He married, Jan. 20, 1790, Mary (Gillet) 
Porter (daughter of Aaron Gillet and Anna Pratt, and widow of E. 
Porter). She was born March 30, 1763. (See N. E. Hist. Gen. 
Reg., 1894.) Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Child : 
12986. Josiah. Born Aug. 28, 1793. 

Fourth Generation. 357 

13000. Henry Mack. (Josiah^ Josiah% John'.) 12 481. He 
was born Sept. 27, 1759. He married, Dec. 30, 1786, Mehitable 
Hull, of Hebron, Conn. Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Children : 

1 3001. INIartha. Born Oct. 20, 1790. Bap. 1790. 

13002. Aaron. Bap. 1791. 

13003- Josiah. Bap. April i. 1793. 

13004. Chester Hull. Bap. April i, 1796. 

13005. Mary. Born Aug. 6, 1797. 

13006. Deborah. Born Aug. 27, 1799. Bap. Nov. 3, 1799. Died Aug. 
8, 1S22. 

13015. Col. David Mack. (Elisha^ Josiah^ John'.) 12501. 
He was born Dec. 24 (o. 10), 1750, in Hebron, Conn. He married, 
April 24 (o. 21), 1774, Mary Talcott (daughter of John and Abigail 
Talcott). She was born Sept. 21, 1757. He was the subject of the 
famous tract "The Faithful Steward". He removed to Middlefield, 
Mass., in 1776. Selectman, 1783-4; 1787-8. Representative, 

Professor William S. Tyler's History of Amherst College says of 
him : 

"Col. David Mack was a truly Christian patriarch who left to his 
7uimerous descendants and to society the fragrant memory of a life 
of ninety-four years consecrated to piety and usefulness — was the 
subject of that well-known and highly instructive tract, entitled 'The 
Faithful Steward'. No one could see him for once and converse 
with him on the most casual subject without feeling that he was a 
genuine descendant and representative of the Pilgrim Fathers of New 
England. And those who knew him most intimately, knew that he 
was just what he seemed, a living impersonation of their characteristic 
virtues. Gen. Mack himself was the worthy son of that worthy sire." 

The following is taken from the tract entitled, "Col. David Mack, 
the Faithful Steward". 

"He was of Puritan descent ; his ancestors were noble ones, for 
the blood of the Pilgrims ran in their veins and the love of the Pil- 
grims' God burned in their hearts. 

358 History of the Mack Family. 

"Col. Mack and his wife had each fifteen brodiers and sisters ; 
and Jabez EUis his maternal uncle, lived till he was one hundred 
years and forty days old, and was connected with his wife in marriage 
seventy-six years. 

"In those days, family government had not changed hands ; 
children were subject to their parents. But not so all ; there were 
some who, like the sons of Eli, made themselves vile and were not 
restrained ; and it was among such, that Col. Mack was situated in 
his youth. But his parents prevented him from running to the same 
excess of riot. 

"They absolutely debarred him from attending the fairs, horse 
races, dances and other amusements in which his neighbors freely 

"And when David — feeling as he did, that this separating him 
from all associates, was unreasonable and unjust — ventured to remon- 
strate with his father, as they were together in the field, the reply of 
the good man was, 'My son, I do this to save you from ruin ; for 
mark me, those young men will assuredly come to a bad end.' This 
prophetic speech was sadly and literally fulfilled ; three of them 
expiated their crimes on the gallows, others were sent to the state 
prison, and all came to a lamentable and disgraceful end. 

"Not so with him who was trained in the way he should go, and 
did not depart from it when he was old. He honored his father and 
mother, and his days were long in the land, which the Lord gave 
him ; and that too, notwithstanding imminent exposure to death. 

"As he removed his family from Hebron to Middlefield, in 
crossing the river at Norwich, the unexpectedly high water swept 
them rapidly down the current, to the point of being carried over the 
dam ; when looking for death, and the spectators giving them up for 
lost, Providence, at the moment of despair, ordered a way for their 
escape safe to land. 

"Afterwards, as he was hunting in the deep snow in pursuit of a 
large deer, the animal suddenly turned on him, pressed its antlers 
against his breast, and set its fore feet on both his snowshoes, holding 
him fast ; and thus crippled, it was with difficulty that he got in hand 
his hunting-knife, and with his utmost remaining strength, drew it 
across the deer's throat, when the animal struck him with the hind 
foot a terrible blow upon one of his temples, which completely stunned 

Fourth Generation. 359 

and almost killed him. As near as he could judge, he lay senseless 
about an hour. On recovering, his first thought was, 'I am dead !' 
but rising up, he found that the deer was dead and lying prostrate at 
his feet. 

"Thus was he delivered out of his distresses, that he might serve 
his generation by the will of God, and that God might fulfill the 
promise of long life to one who honored his parents, not only while 
they lived, but long after they had departed this life. And not only 
did Colonel Mack honor his parents 'he rose up before the hoary 
head, and honored the face of the old man'. While yet a youth, an 
aged man of choleric temper had, from some unknown cause, con- 
tracted towards him a strong dislike. Meeting him one day, Mr. 
Mack saluted him respectfully, but received only the unkind reply, 
'Don't speak to me.' 'I shall sptak to you,' said he, 'for I have 
always been accustomed to respect age, and I always intend to do it.' 
This changed his churlishness towards him ever after into civility ; 
thus exemplifying the truth that, 'a soft answer turneth away wrath'. 
It may be remarked that this respect for his parents and the aged 
was a result of parental fidelity. 

"The son, thus faithfully dealt with, was in his turn faithful in 
all his house. He, too, ruled well having his children in subjection. 
'My father,' says one of them, 'excelled in government. He never 
inflicted punishment without fully setting forth the criminality of the 
offense and its evil consequences, calmly and coolly, without excite- 
ment or passion ; but he did not desist till there was a perfect yield- 
ing, a full confession and promise of amendment ; and would often 
add, 'It is because I love you that I punish.' 

" 'We were,' he continues, 'kept in on the Sabbath, and taught 
the catechism and had other religious instruction, which he faithfully 
imparted. He never allowed his children to be absent in the even- 
ing without his permission, and he required their return by nine 
o'clock. And not only did he command his children but his house- 
hold. He had for several years twenty or more in his family in the 
summer, and in the most hurrying time of business he insisted that 
all under his care should be present at family devotions, and attend 
public worship on the Sabbath. If a hired man persisted in using 
profane language he dismissed him.' 

"Such fidelity in the stewardship God crowned with his blessing. 

360 History of the Mack Family. 

He gave him thirteen children, three sons and ten daughters, all of 
whom lived to be married, and twelve of them became members of 
the church of Christ. They are honored of God and their country, 
and their children in their turn are rising up and calling them blessed. 
His descendants, living and dead were, at the time of his decease, 
about two hundred ; there were eight or ten of the fifth generation 
his grandchildren's grandchildren. These, as well as his other 
relatives, he regarded as a high trust, concerning which God would 
require an account of his stewardship. For their temporal and spir- 
itual welfare, he labored, prayed and counselled. As evidence of this 
and of his general Christian character, a few extracts will here be 
given from letters written in the later period of his life, for he brought 
forth fruit in old age. 

"Writing to a child, December 10, 1824, he says: 'By the grace 
of God, I have been carried through the various stages of manhood, 
and am this day sevent}'-four years old. I have set apart this day 
for prayer, and have been reading the forty-second Psalm. I have 
enjoyed in some measure the light of God's countenance. O, it is 
good to draw nigh to God, for he has styled himself a prayer-hearing 
God ; and never said to the seed of Jacob, seek my face in vain.' 

"'December 12, Lord's Day. I had great desire to enjoy the 
light of God's countenance, for which I attempted to pray ; and I 
think my poor feeble attempts were not in vain. My enjoyment con- 
tinued through the day and evening. Thanks to Almighty God, that 
he can subdue the hardest heart and bring such sinful rebels as I am 
to bow before him. When I look back on my life and see how I have 
lived, more than forty years since I experienced religion, if indeed I 
ever did, I have reason to blush and be ashamed and repent in dust 
and ashes. I feel that I have more reason to be thankful to God, 
than anv of the sinful race. If he should see fit to continue me in 
life, my prayer to him is, that he would make me more faithful in his 
service, and that the remainder of my days may be filled up with duty 
and usefulness to God and man.' 

"In 1832 he writes: 'Alas! my dear children, with shame and 
confusion of face, I am often confessing before the throne of grace, 
that when I would do good, evil is present with me ; that while I 
delight in the law after the inner man, I am so drawn aside by my 
indwelling corruptions, the snares of the world and Satan's tempta- 

Fourth Generation. 361 

tions, that were it not for a strong belief, that I have an advocate 
with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, who is the propriation for 
our sins, and the sins of the whole world, I could have no confidence 
towards God, being condemned by my own heart. In short, I can 
do no other, than allow, that all my best services are defiled with 
sin, and need to be washed in that fountain, which the Lord has 
opened for sin and uncleanness.' 

"In 1835 he wrote to a brother : 'For many years I have thought 
much on the importance of being prepared for death ; but it appears 
to me that during the last year, I have grown more in the knowledge 
of Christ than in any previous year of my life. I can say in my most 
favored moments, I know him, I love him, I am his and he is mine. 
No name awakens such tender and interesting feelings in my mind as 
his ; nor is there any being in the universe, whom I so much delight 
to honor or desire to see. And why should it not be so ? We are 
under greater obligations to him than to all the world besides. We 
have more" to do with him, every day of our lives, than with any other 
being in the universe. No being in heaven so much beloved as he 
is ; none has manifested such love towards us as he has. No wonder 
that our heart and flesh should cry out for him. 

" 'My dear brother, if you and I are what we profess to be, we 
shall be in a short time with him, where he is, to behold his glory, 
which he had with the Father, before the world was. Although my 
health is good, my reason tells me, the time I have to stay here is 
short. I often look over my life, to see if I have done anything on 
which I could place the least dependence, viewing it as righteous in 
the sight of a holy God ; but comparing my life with his holy word, I 
am constrained to say that in all things I have come short of my 
duty. I have nowhere to go but to God through Christ, and plead 
for mercy in his name.' 

"Again he writes Dec. 10, 1835 : 'My dear children, I am this 
day eighty-five years old. I have spent most of the day in calling to 
mind the numerous blessings of which God, in his holy providence, 
has made me the unworthy partaker, and in reading and meditating 
upon the 25th and 29th chapters of Genesis, the 34th chapter of 
Exodus, 32d of Deuteronomy, and the two last chapters of Joshua. 
I enjoy good health, and have attended meeting every Sabbath this 
season. When I call to mind what God has done for me, and what 

362 History of the Mack Family. 

miserable improvement I have made of his numerous mercies, I 
have great reason to be humbled before him.' 

" 'December 31, 1835. In the good providence of God, I am 
brought to the close of another year. There is no closing year in 
eternity. The solemn influence of this season is among the means of 
grace connected with a probationary state. 

" 'My dear children, it becomes you and me, faithfully to exam- 
ine the foundation of our hope, and see to it, that we are not deceived ; 
that when God shall call us hence we may be prepared for the sum- 
mons ; our work done, and well done, for which 'the time is short.' 

" 'January i, 1836. I have been loudly admonished the year 
past by the deaths of many aged friends. I am the oldest man in 
town — there is not one living who was here when I came. In one 
sense I am almost alone ; in another, I am not alone. I enjoy the 
presence and smiles of my Saviour in my room, which is the best of 
company. I have great enjoyment on the Sabbath, in going to the 
house of God, in hearing the Gospel, and in visiting my' Christian 
friends on week days. If I am not deceived my evidences for heaven 
are brighter, and my faith stronger as I advance in life. 

" 'Yet, many times I see myself to be so great a sinner, it seems 
impossible I should be of that happy number whose sins are forgiven. 
And yet, I do not despair of mercy on account of the greatness of my 
sins, for I firmly believe that the atonement which Christ has made 
is sufficient to atone for my sins and for the sins of the whole world. 
He 'came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance,' such 
as feel themselves to be sinners, old sinners.' 

"In 1836 he thus addressed his grandchildren : 'My dear and 
much esteemed grandchildren : — God, in his holy providence, has 
lengthened out my unprofitable life much longer than I expected. He 
has bestowed upon me many blessings. My health is as good as it 
ever was. I can read with spectacles and some without. My hear- 
ing is perfect. Although my health is good, my reason tells me I 
have but a short time to stay in this world of trouble and sin. May 
I so live, that when God calls me home, to be here no more, I may 
be found watching, and enabled through grace in Christ Jesus, to 
give up joyfully my spirit to him who gave it. 

" 'It is uncertain whether you will ever hear from your aged 
grandfather again in this way ; will you therefore, my dear grand- 

Fourth Generation. 363 

children, allow me to give you a few words of advice ? I have great 
concern for your temporal and spiritual good ; and knowing, as I do 
from experience, how liable young people are to go astray, from the 
commands of God, into forbidden paths, I would warn you of your 
danger. Be careful what company you associate with, for such will 
be your character. 

" 'Never marry for riches or beauty, for beauty is vain and riches 
take to themselves wings and fly away. Exercise judgment. Be well 
acquainted with the temper and disposition of your intended bosom 
friend before you decide. Lay hand suddenly on no one. When 
you commence housekeeping, be careful to erect the family altar. 

" 'Let me enjoin it upon you, often to read your Bible, with 
prayer to God, for a right understanding of what you read. Be 
always ready to do your part in supporting the Gospel. The man 
who is not willing to support the Gospel, cannot, with propriety, be 
called a good member of society. 

" 'Despise not the poor, because he is poor. The great object 
of our existence is to glorify God, in whom we live and have our 
being, and who bestows all our comforts. Take heed that you faith- 
fully perform all the duties and business of life, from a regard to his 
commands and with reference to his glory. We are placed in this 
world to labor for him, (not to become rich and great), and to do 
all the good we can. Let it be your aim to have the glory of God as 
your ultimate end in all you do. I desire to commit you to, and 
leave you with, the Father of all mercies and God of all grace. 

■ " 'That you may be directed safely through an evil world to 
God's heavenly kingdom, is the sincere prayer of your aged grand- 
father, David Mack.' 

"By such counsels as these, and a corresponding example, and 
fervent prayers, he was a faithful steward in the care of the children 
which God gave him, and also of his children's children ; and this 
labor was not in vain in the Lord, for most of his grandchildren are 
hopefully pious. 

"Col. Mack's early advantages were very limited, for previous to 
his marriage he had been to school but six weeks. He once expos- 
tulated with his father because he did not give him more opportunity 
to attend school. His father replied, 'David, I never went to school 
but three weeks in my life ; you have been six and ought to be satis- 

364 History of the Mack Family. 

fied.' But this did not satisfy him. He afterwards went to the 
common school of those days with his own children, and spelled in 
the same class with his son David who was six years old. 

"Thus improving his mind, Col. Mack increased in understand- 
ing. He kept along with the progress of the times. He was a 
friend and patron of learning, and gave large sums in aid of public 
seminaries. He assisted indigent young men in their studies, and 
offered his three sons a liberal education. 

"His life is identified with the entire history of the town in which 
he lived ; in his prime he was prominent in all its public affairs, con- 
stantly filling some office of trust and honor, as selectman, assessor, 
justice of the peace, representative to the legislature, colonel of the 
militia and deacon of the church. To this last office he was early 
appointed, an.d served in it acceptably until he resigned at seventy- 
five years of age. 

"It was principally by his agency that Middlefield was incorpor- 
ated into a town, the advantages of which were from the first foreseen 
by him. Having obtained a knowledge of the region while hunting, 
and defined the boundaries for a new town, he called a meeting of 
the citizens to consider the matter. They approved the object, but 
dreaded the expense and the opposition of the interested towns. He 
told them he would undertake the business ; if successful, they 
should defray the expenses ; if he failed, the loss should be his own. 
They consented, and he succeeded. The act of incorporation was 
granted March 12, 1783. It was also mainly through his agency, 
that the meeting house was erected in 1791. Previous to this reli- 
gious meetings were held in his barn and large chambers of his house, 
and town meetings in his kitchen. He occupied the pew in which he 
was first seated, fifty-four years, during which period more than thirty, 
who were at different times his seat mates, deceased. 

"He attended constantly on divine worship. He was not afraid 
of the snow and vapor, the stormy wind, rain or distance. He was 
glad to go ; he was joyful in God's house ; he sat there with great 
delight, and the preaching seemed better and better. Col. Mack had 
a heart for it ; and for years, until there was a religious society in 
Middlefield, he went, on foot, to Chester, six miles, during a great 
portion of the year. And, in the winter's cold on those mountains, 
he frequently went with an ox sled, carrying his own and his neigh- 

Fourth Generatiox. 365 

bors' families. This occupied him from sunrise to sunset, and fre- 
quently longer. 

"He had a strong constitution, good health, a keen discernment, 
sound judgment and untiring industry. Besides the land on which 
he settled, then a wilderness, he used facetiously to say, that when he 
removed to Middlefield, his property consisted of a poor horse, an 
axe and his wife and child. 

"Thus it was not much that he had to begin with ; but he was 
industrious, economical and faithful ; so prompt in the payment of his- 
debts, that no one, in any instance during his long business life,, 
called for money due from him, without his paying it ; a peculiar 
excellence and worthy of all imitation. 

"He was a merchant as well as a farmer; and he established 
many young men in the mercantile business in the adjacent towns. 
He also established in business the first blacksmith, the first boot 
and shoemaker, and first saddle and harness maker who followed 
their respective trades in Middlefield, 

"In those days it was not customary to promote benevolent 
enterprises, but he was in advance of the times in which he lived. In 
large sums he bestowed more than eighteen thousand dollars ; and 
his smaller offerings, to promote human welfare, are supposed to 
have been not less than eighteen thousand dollars more. He was 
one of the founders of the Hampshire Missionary Society ; and he 
made himself, by his contributions, a life member of twelve benevo- 
lent societies ; and, at a period when it was regarded as doubtful 
whether all the missionary societies in the country could support one 
missionary in a foreign land, he removed that doubt by a donation of 
one thousand dollars, which, at that time, was an almost unparalleled 
act of liberality. 

"In the year 18 14, he presented each of his children with a set 
of Scott's Family Bible, which cost him three hundred and sixty dol- 
lars. He left for the church and society, of which he had so long 
been a member, a fund of three thousand dollars for the support of 
the Gospel, in all coming time. 

"Col. Mack was not too faithful. He felt that he had done too 
little for the Savior who died for him. His hope was in Christ and 
in him alone. He felt himself to be nothing but a sinner saved by 
grace. He lived till satisfied with long life. Though his hearing 

366 History of the Mack Family. 

was yet perfect, and his eye scarcely dim, and his natural force not 
much abated, he did not wish to live longer ; his days were full, his 
work was done, he chose to depart, 'and he was not for God took him.' 
"The youngest child was twenty-seven years old before there 
was a death in the family." 

He died March 24, 1845. She died July 11, 1827, in Middle- 
field. Residence, Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

13016. Mary. Born Nov. 17, 1774, in Hebron, Conn. Married 
Ebenezer Emmons. 14500. 

13017. Lois. Born March 14, 1776, in Middlefield, Mass. 

13018. David. Born February 17, 1778, in Middlefield, Mass. 14480. 

13019. Mindwell. Born Sept. 6, 1779, i^i Middlefield, Mass. 

13020. John Talcott. Born Aug. 23, 1781, in Middlefield, Mass. 

13021. Elisha. Born May 26, 1783, in Middlefield, Mass. 14490. 

13022. Anna. Born Dec. 26, 1784, in Middlefield, Mass. 

13023. Phebe. Born June 30, 1786, in Middlefield, Mass. 

13024. Zilpah. Born Feb. 3, 1788, in Middlefield, Mass. Married 
Hon. Azariah Smith. 14495. 

13025. Lucy. Born Feb. 19, 1790, in Middlefield, Mass. 

13026. Hannah. Born Oct. 29, 1791, in Middlefield, Mass. 

13027. Abigail. Born June 17, 1793, in Middlefield, Mass. Married 
William Elder. 14520. 

13028. Laura. Born June 4, 1795, in Middlefield, Mass. Married 
Solomon Root. 14530. 

i3°35- Capt. Elisha Mack. (Elisha^ Josiah-, John'.) 12504. 
He was born May 13, 1759, at Hebron, Conn. He married, in 1781, 
Sarah (Blossom) Howe, of Cape Cod, Mass. Selectman, 1792 ; 
1793-5; 1796-8. He died in 1850 in Lenox, Mass. Residence, 
Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

13036. Elisha. Born in 1784. 

13037. Josiah. Born in 1798. 

13050. Ralph Mack. (John^ Josiah^ John'.) 12523, He 
was born June 13, 1760. He married, Jan. 6, 1783, Lydia Gilbert, 
of Hebron, Conn. Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Children : 

13051. John. Nov. 7, 1783. Bap. April i, 1784. 

13052. Mercy. April 15, 1786. Bap. 1786. 

Fourth Generation. 367 

13053- Welthia. Bap. April i, 1791. 

13054. Lydia. Bap. April i. 1794. 

13055- Pliila. Bap. July 7, 1799. 

13056. William Champion. Bap. in or about 1799. 

13057- Samuel Augustus. 14585. 

13070. Lieut. Orlando Mack. (Orlando^ Orlando^ John'.) 
12563. He was born Oct. 10, 1747, at Hebron, Conn. He married 
(ist), Dec. 21, 1769, Mehitable Chapman, at Hebron, Conn., by 
whom he had a son Orlando, born Dec. 14, 1773. ^^ married (2nd), 
March 8, 1792, Lucy Baldwin, of New Marlborough, Mass. Soldier 
in the Revolutionary War. Ensign, Oct., 1776. Second Lieutenant, 
Jan. I, 1777. First Lieutenant, Feb. 16, 1777, in the 8th Regt. Con- 
necticut Continental Line, formation of 1777-81, commanded by 
(ist) Col. John Chandler, (2nd) Col. Giles Russell. Retired by re- 
arrangement of officers Nov. 15, 1778. Lieutenant May, 1779. He 
removed after the close of the Revolution from Hebron, Conn., to 
New Marlborough, Mass. He removed afterwards and settled at 
Ludlowville in Tompkins County, N. Y. During the War of 181 2 
he transported supplies for the American troops on the Niagara 
frontier. He died during the war at Black Rock, near Buffalo, N. Y. 
His widow drove to Black Rock and brought back his team. They 
had several children who died in infancy, besides those mentioned 
below. Residence, Ludlowville, N. Y. 

Children : 

13071. Orlando. Born Dec. 14, 1773. Died in or before 1796. 

13072. Maudana. Born in 1794. Married Andrew Myers, Jr. 14610. 
13073- Lucy. Married (ist), a Loveless. 14625. Married (2nd), Asa 

Eddy. 14650. 

13074. Orlando. Born in 1796. 14590. 

13075. Almira. Born May 23. 1803, at Owego, N. Y. Married Stephen 
Pierson Morehouse. 14680. 

13076. Daniel. 14600. 

13085. Daniel Mack. (Orlando^, Orlando^ John'.) 12566. 
He was born Oct. 22, 1752. He married Elizabeth Torot. Resi- 
dence, New York City. 

Children : 

13086. Susan. Married Dr. Lewis Hallock. 14700. 

13087. Charlotte. Married, for his second wife, John McChain. 14702 

13088. Caroline. Married a Belcher. 

13089. Sarah. Married George WoodruflF. 147 10. 

368 History of the Mack Family. 

13090. Robert. Residence, 1851, Newtown, L. I., N. Y. 

13091. Lucinda. Married, April 23, 1812, John Steen. She died leav- 
ing two sons. 

13092. Daniel. Born Nov. 8, 1787. Graduated at Columbia College, 
1807. Died. 

14000. Abner Mack. (Orlando^ Orlando^ John'.) 12568. 
He was bom Jan. 12, 1757, at Hebron, Conn. He married Anna 
Gilbert. Private, Capt. Hezekiah Parson's Company, 4th Regt. 
Conn. Continental Line, May 15 to Dec. 10, 1775. Re-enlisted Dec. 
4, 1776, in Captain Warner's Company, 3d Regiment. Corporal, 
1777, under Capt. Thomas Seymour and Col. Samuel Wyllis. Musi- 
cian, Oct., 1777. Corporal, May, 1788, at storming of Stony Point, 
July 15, 1779. Wintered, 1779-80, at Morristown, N. J. On the 
Hudson, 1780, as Corporal and Sergeant. Sergeant, Jan., 1781, in 
Colonel Durkee's Regiment. Paid to Dec. 31, 1781. He died Jan. 
22, 1799, in Otsego, Otsego Co., N. Y. 

Child : 
14001. Ebenezer. 14750. 

1 40 10. Dr. Ebenezer Mack. (Orlando^ Orlando-, John'.) 

12570. Corporal in Col. Hinman's Conn. Regt. in Rev. War. He 
was taken prisoner with Col. Ethan Allen near Montreal, Canada, 
Sept, 25, 1775, and remained in close confinement 19 months, was 
sick much of the time, lost all his baggage, was carried to Quebec, to 
England and Ireland, thence to Cape Fear, Halifax and finally New 
York City where he escaped and returned to his home at Norfolk, 
Conn. Physician. Author and poet. Author of the "Cat Fight", 
1828, and other works. Unmarried. He died. Residence, New 
York City. 

14015. Hon. Stephen Mack. (Orlando^, Orlando-, John'.) 

12571. He was born March 20, 1766, at New Marlborough, Berk- 
shire County, Mass. He married (ist), Mary Chambers (o. Miss 
Taylor); (2nd, in 1797, at Cooperstown, N. Y., Mary Serjants 
(daughter of Lemuel Serjants, of Bellows Falls, Vt. The following 
is a copy of Lemuel Serjants' will : 

"I, Lemuel Serjants of Milford in the county of Otsego in the 
State of New Yorke, Do make and ordain this my last will and testi- 
ment in manner and form following, viz : I give and bequeath to my 


Fourth Generation. 369 

dear beloved wife Delia Serjants, one cow and all my household furni- 
ture and the interest anuely of all money that is due to me by bond, 
Mortgage or otherwise or that is held in trust for me in money or any 
securities therefor by any person or persons whatsoever for and 
during the time she shall remain my widow. I give and bequeath to 
my daughter Polley Mack fifty dollars, to be paid at the death of the 
said Delia or whenever she may ceas to be my widow and all the 
Rest and Residue of my Estate and property I give and bequeath to 
my children, viz : Lemuel Serjants, Jun., Pulatiel Serjants, Salley 
Avery and Polley Mack to be equally divided and apportioned among 
them after the afore mentioned legacies are paid and discharged, and 
I do nominate, constitute and appoint William Barnard, Esq., and 
Lemuel Serjants, Jun., executors of this my last will and testament here- 
by revoking all other and former wills by me at any time heretofore 
made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at 
Milford the sixth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and twenty. 

"Lemuel Serjants. 

"Signed, sealed and published and delivered by the said testa- 
tor — Lemuel Serjants, as his last will and testiment in the presence 
of us who have subscribed our names as witnesses hereunto in the 
presence of the said testator. 

"Jacob Edson, 
"MicHAL Chaplin, 
"Rebecah Chaplin. 

"A coducal to the last will and testiment of Lemuel Serjants, 
made and published the sixth day of August in the year of our Lord 
one thousand 800 and twenty, I give to my beloved wife, Delia Ser- 
jants in adition to what I have given her before, one morning gown, 
one handkerchief, a pair of gloves and one yard of crape ; this adi- 
tion I make for her kindness in my sickness, and I direct my execu- 
tors to fuUfill this as part of my last will and testiment given under 
my hand and seal at Milford, sixth day of August in the year of our 
Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty in presence of Roswell 
Grove, Aaron T. Grove. Lemuel Serjants.") 

She was born in 1779. He removed to Kinderhook, Columbia 
Co., N. Y., and from there to Cooperstown, N. Y., and later to 

370 History of the Mack Family. 

Owego, N. Y, He, while a merchant at Cooperstown, had a contract 
in 1799 with the government to furnish about 100,000 spars, to be 
deUvered at Baltimore. In March of that year a freshet in the Sus- 
quehanna river carried away all the timber, which he had purchased 
and paid for in goods out of his store, and made him a bankrupt. He 
removed in 1799 to Owego, N. Y. He engaged again in the mer- 
cantile business. He purchased, in 1805, the American Farmer 
printing office, and published the newspaper until his death. He 
was a prominent and influential citizen. Justice of the Peace. 
Supervisor, 1807-8, 1811-12. First Judge of Broome County, N. Y., 
18 1 2-1 4. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity, and Aug. 28, 
1804, was one of the petitioners for a lodge at Owego, He was a 
taxable inhabitant of the Town of Tioga, Tioga County, N. Y., in 
1802. He died April 14 (o. 16), 18 14, at Owego, N. Y. His second 
wife Mary died Feb, 20, 1862, at the same place. 

"Stephen Mack was born in New Marlborough, Mass., March 
2oth, 1766. He was twice married; first to Mary Chambers, who 
died while they resided at or near Cooperstown, leaving four children, 
Elizabeth, Stephen, Phoebe and Ebenezer. Subsequently he married 
in 1797 at Cooperstown, N. Y., Mary Serjants, daughter of Lemuel 
Serjants then recently from Bellows Falls, Vt. She survived him 
nearly half a century and died at Owego February 20th, 1862. By 
his second wife he had two children, Horace and Maria. Mr. Mack 
removed to Owego in 1799 and soon became one of the most active 
and prominent citizens. We find it recorded that 'in the early settle- 
ment of Owego he held the office of Commissioner of Highways, 
Assessor, Excise Commissioner and Constable and that he repre- 
sented the town of Owego on the Board of Supervisors in 1807, 1808, 
1811, 1812. He also served several years as Justice of the Peace. 
From Nov. 11, 18 12, until his death which occurred at Owego, April 
1 6th, 181 4, he held the office of First Judge of Common Pleas of the 
County of Broome under a commission from Governor Tompkins. 

" 'Sometime previous to 1807 he became the publisher of the 
American Farmer which he continued until his death, but in the few 
copies of this paper that time has spared we find little or nothing by 
way of editorial to give a clue to his cast of mind, political bent or 
literary ability. His remains now lie in Evergreen cemetery, having 
been twice removed, first from the old ground on Court Street to the 

i t ><^ ^ s :j^ j ^ 


i -ii^- 


^ 1 


i . ^ ^ "^ 

~ -; -^ :; ^ .= >i ^ 

Fourth Generation. 371 

Presbyterian yard on Temple Street and thence, in 1875, to their 
present resting place.' " 

The following is from Gay's Historical Gazetteer of Tioga County : 

"Judge Stephen Mack, the second newspaper publisher in 
Owego, was born in Massachusetts March 20, 1766. In 1799, while 
keeping a general country store in Cooperstown, N. Y., he made a 
contract with the United States government to furnish about 100,000 
spars, to be delivered at Baltimore, Md. He purchased the timber 
in the winter, paying for it in goods from his store. In March, 1799, 
while about to start it down the river there came a great freshet, 
carrying away and scattering along the stream all of his timber. He 
came down the river to Owego in quest of his property, but ascer- 
taining that it would cost him as much to secure it as it would be 
worth when gathered together again, he abandoned his search. The 
loss of his timber made him a bankrupt. 

"During his sojourn in Owego he had become impressed with 
the beauty of the Susquehanna valley and its apparent advantages to 
settlers, and he at once returned here to live. He was a man of 
great vigor, enterprise and ability, and he at once became an active 
and prominent citizen. He engaged in the mercantile business, in 
which he was successful. He was prominent in public affairs and 
held the offices of commissioner of highways, assessor, excise com- 
missioner and constable, and he represented the town of Owego in 
the board of supervisors in 1807, 1808, 1811 and 1812. He also 
served several years as justice of the peace. From 18 12 to 18 15 he 
was first judge of the court of common pleas of the county of Tioga. 
He died in Owego April 16, 18 14, in the 49th year of his age. His 
remains were interred in the old burying ground in Court Street. 
They were afterward removed to the Presbyterian yard in Temple 
Street. In 1875 they were again removed to Evergreen cemetery." 

The following is a copy of his commission as County Judge : 
"The People of the State of New York by the grace of God free 
and independent. To all to whom these presents shall come Greet- 
ing : Know ye that we reposing especial trust and confidence in the 
ability and integrity of Stephen Mack of our county of Broome, 
Esquire, have nominated, constituted and appointed, and by these 
presents do nominate, constitute and appoint him the said Stephen 

372 History of the Mack Family. 

Mack first Judge of the Court of Common pleas to be holden in and 
for our said County of Broome hereby giving and granting unto him 
the said Stephen Mack, all and singular the powers and authorities 
to the said office by law belonging or appertaining, To have and to 
hold the said office of first Judge of the Court of Common pleas to 
be holden in and for our said county, Together with the fees, profits 
and advantages to the same belonging, for and during such time as 
he shall well behave himself therein or until he shall attain the age of 
sixty years. 

"/tz Testimony whereof We have caused these our Letters to be 
made patent and the great seal of our said State to be hereunto 
affixed. Witness oviX trusty and well beloved Daniel D. Tompkins, 
Governor of our said state. General and Commander-in-chief of all 
the Militia and Admiral of the Navy of the same by and with the 
advice and consent of our council of Appointment at our City of 
Albany, the Ninth day of November in the year of our Lord one 
thousand eight hundred and twelve and in the thirty-seventh year of 
our Independence. 

"Daniel D. Tompkins. 

"Passed the Secretary's Office the nth day of November, 1812. 

"Arch. Campbell, 
"Dep. Secretary." 

At the time of her death the "Owego Gazette" of Feb'y 27th, 
1862, said : 

"Departed this life on Thursday, the 20th inst., at the residence 
of her son-in-law, John Carmichael, Esq., Mrs. Mary Mack, aged '^^i 
years, consort of Hon. Stephen Mack, one of the early residents of 
this Village. Indeed, he may almost be said to have been a pioneer 
in this locality, for he settled here as early as 1799. Partaking in a 
large degree of the elements of personal popularity, and combining 
talent with conceded integrity and purity of purpose, he was among 
the most prominent of the public men of this section of our State, 
and filled many stations of honor and public trust. His family con- 
sisted of three sons and three daughters : Stephen, Ebenezer, Horace, 
Betsey, Phoebe and Maria. The three former resided many years in 
the Village of Ithaca, Tompkins County, and were among the most 
useful and respectable of the citizens of that place. The eldest was 

Fourth Generation. 373 

a lawyer by profession, the second edited for a long period a public 
paper and subsequently was elected to the Senate of this State, and 
the third was distinguished for his moral worth and business capacity 
as a merchant. The eldest daughter, Betsey, married Benjamin 
Benedict, Esq., for many years a resident of the county of Delaware, 
some time since deceased. Phoebe, a Mr. Crawford, and Maria, the 
youngest, was the former wife of Mr. Carrnichael. She died at 
( )wego, N. Y., Sept. 22, 1829, 8 p. m., ac. 29 y. 2 ms. 22 d. These 
children are all dead with the exception of Mrs. Benedict. Judge 
Mack died in 18 14, and the subject of this notice has remained his 
widow from that time down to the period of her death. Blest by 
nature with a strong constitution, and possessing great physical and 
mental energ)', she seemed admirably calculated for the labors and 
responsibilities incident to her early life ; and, indeed, she retained 
those qualities until within a short period before its close. In the 
year 18 18, she united herself with the Presbyterian Church in this 
village, and it may with much truth be said that her daily walk and 
conversation have been in conformity with her profession. In a 
conversation with her pastor, a few days before her death, she 
expressed a full confidence in her religious faith, but seemed to enter- 
tain some dread as to the moment of conflict when the soul was to 
separate from the body. We are happy to learn, however, that before 
the hour of dissolution came, her mind was at rest upon that point, 
and that nine o'clock on the evening of the day already announced, 
she feel quietly asleep, in the arms, as we trust, of her Saviour and 
Redeemer : — 

'Mild as a saint, whose errors are forgiven ; 
Calm as a vestal,' and composed as Heaven.' " 

The following ancient deed was acknowledged before William 
Piatt, Esq., father of U. S. Senator Thomas C. Piatt : 

'•This Indenture, made the twenty-eighth day of July, in the 
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen. Between 
Nathaniel Bacon, of Woodbury, in the County of Litchfield and State 
of Connecticut, of the first part, and Polly Mack, of the Village of 
Owego, in the County of Broome and State of New York, of the 
second part, Witnesseth, that the said party of the first part, for and in 
consideration of the sum of five dollars to me in hand paid, by the 

374 History of the Mack Family. 

said party of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby confessed 
and acknowledged ; Hath remised, released, and for ever quit-claimed ; 
And by these presents Do remise, release and for ever quit-claim, 
unto the said party of the second part, i?i her actual possession now 
being, and to her heirs and assigns for ever. All that certain piece or 
parcel of land situate lying and being in the Village of Owego Afore- 
said and known by Lot Number Thirty-two containing one acre, and 
also that part of Lot Number Eleven in the Village aforesaid which 
remains after deducting from the same that part of said Lot this 
Day Deeded by the Party to the first part to Joseph Draper. To- 
gether with all singular the hereditaments and appurtenances there- 
unto belonging, or in any wise appertaining, and the reversion and 
reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof ; 
and all the estate, right, title, interest, claim or demand whatsoever, 
of the party of the first part, either in law or equity, of, in and to the 
above demised premises, with the said hereditaments and appurte- 
nances. To Have and to Hold the said above described premises to 
the said party of the second part, her heirs and assigns, to the sole 
and only proper use, benefit and behoof of the said party of the 
second part, her heirs and assigns for ever. 

"In Witness whereof, the parties to these presents have hereunto 
interchangeably set their hands and seals, the day and year first above 

"Nathaniel Bacon, 
"Rebecca Bacon. 

"Sealed and Delivered, In the Presence of 

, "Samuel Sherman, 

"Horace Mack, 

"State of New York, ss. : On the sixth day of August in the year 
one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, before me, William Piatt, 
Master in Chancery, personally appeared Horace Mack, a person to 
me well known, who, being duly sworn, saith that he knows Nathaniel 
Bacon and Rebecca Bacon, the within grantors, and that they are the 
persons described in and who executed the within deed, and that 
they severally signed, sealed and delivered the said deed for the uses 
and purposes therein mentioned. And that he, this deponent, and 
the other subscribing witness, Samuel Sherman, subscribed their 

Fourth Generation. 375 

names to said deed as witnesses to the execution of the same. I 
having examined the said deed and finding therein no erasures or 
interlineations do allow the same to be recorded. 

"Wm. Pi. ATT, 
"Master in Chancery. 
"Broome County, ss. : 

"Received for recording August 6, 1814, at 3 o'clock f. m., and 
recorded in book of Deeds No. 4, page 295. 

"William Woodruff, Clk." 

Letters of Administration on the estate of Stephen Mack : 

"County of Broome, ss. : The People of the State of New 
York by the Grace of God free and Independent : To Polly Mack 
and Stephen Mack, of the Town of Owego and County of Broome, 
send Greeting : 

"Whereas due proof having been made before Eleazar Dana, 
Esquire, Surrogate of our said County of Broome that Stephen Mack, 
late of the Town and County aforesaid, is dead and as is alledged 
lately died intestate having whilst living and at the time of his death, 
goods, chattels and credits within this State by means whereof the 
ordering and granting Administration of all and singular the goods, 
chattels and credits aforesaid and also the auditing, allowing arid final 
discharging the account thereof doth appertain unto us and we being 
desirous that the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased 
may be well and faithfully Administered, applied and disposed of, do 
grant unto you the said Polly Mack and Stephen Mack full power by 
these presents to administer and faithfully to dispose of all and singu- 
lar the said goods, chattels and credits to ask, demand, recover and 
receive the debts which unto the said deceased whilst living and at 
the time of his death did belong ; and to pay the debts which the 
said deceased did owe so far as such goods, chattels and credits will 
thereto extend and the law require. Hereby requiring you to make 
or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular 
the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased which have or 
shall come to your hands, possession or knowledge and the same so 
made to exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Office of the Surro- 
gate of the County of Broome, at or before the expiration of six 
calendar months from the date hereof, and also to render a just and 

376 History of the Mack Family. 

true account of Administration when thereunto required. And We 
do by these presents depute, constitute and appoint you, the said 
Polly Mack and Stephen Mack, Administratrix and Administrator of 
all and singular the goods, chattels and credits which were of the 
said Stephen Mack, deceased. In Testimony whereof we have 
caused the Seal of OfBce of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed. 
Witness, Eleazar Dana, Esquire, Surrogate of said County at Owego 
the twenty-eighth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and fourteen. 

"Eleazar Dana, Surrogate." 

Residence, Owego, N. Y. 

Children : 

14016. Elizabeth. Born Feb. 6. Married ( ist), Benjamin Benedict of 
Delaware Co., N. Y. ; (2nd), a Bartley. 

14017. Stephen. Born Dec. 29, 1784, at Kinderhook, N. Y. He gradu- 
ated at Yale College in the class of 1813. He studied law with 
Hon. Samuel Sherwood, M. C, of Delhi, N. Y. Admitted as 
attorney May 16, 1817 ; counselor, Jan. 15, 1822 ; solicitor same 
date. He removed, in 1814, to Owego, N. Y., and about 1816 
to Ithaca, N. Y. Master in Chancery. The following letter 
refers to his appointment as Commissioner of the Supreme 
Court : "Albany, 19 Dec, 1838. Dear Sir — I have received 
your letter in relation to your not receiving your Commission 
of Comr. of the Sup. Court. I am now at the Sug. Office and 
on examining the Records find that you were appd. on the j8th 
Apr. last. It appears by the Records here that your commis- 
sion was duly made out and forwarded to the Clerk of Tompkins 
Co. It is probable that it is now in that office but if it is not 
and has miscarried another will be made out and forwarded on 
my receiving notice that the previous one was not reed. I will 
return Judge Dana's resignation if I can lay my hands on it. 
At all events he may consider it not accepted. It will not be 

. handed over to my successor without his direction. Yours, &c. , 
W. L. Marcy." At the time of his death the "Tompkins 
County Democrat" said : "Died, in the Village of Ithaca, on the 
7th of January, 1857, of consumption, Stephen Mack, aged 72 
years. His funeral will be attended at 10 a. m. of Friday next 
from the residence of Mrs. E. Mack. Stephen Mack was bom 
December 29th, 1784, at Kinderhook, N. Y., and therefore at 
the date of his death, was about 72 years of age. He graduated 
at Yale College almost half a century ago, having belonged to 
the class of 18 13, of which Senator Badger, of North Carolina, 

Fourth Generation. 377 

is one of the few surviving members. He studied law with 
Samuel Sherwood, of Delhi, N. Y., and, upon the death of his 
father, moved to Owego, from whence, about the 3'ear 1816, he 
came to Ithaca, and commenced the practice of law, which he 
continued until the period of his death. He was never married. 
As a lawyer he was methodical, diligent and learned, and often- 
times in a case requiring great study, care and investigation, a 
formidable adversary. Quiet and retired in his habits he min- 
gled little with the world, and gave almost his entire time to 
study and reflection. His illness was brief, originating in a 
sudden cold, and rapidly advanced to a fatal termination. In 
his death another of the links binding the present to the past 
has been rudely sundered. He was a brother of Ebenezer and 
Horace Mack, who, though younger in years, preceded him to 
the grave, and whose memories yet linger freshly among us. 
Now all are gone, and we shall see their familiar and accus- 
tomed faces no more among the scenes of life." The same 
issue of "Tompkins County Democrat" said : "At a meeting of 
the Bar of Tompkins County, held January 8th, 1857, upon 
occasion of the decease of Stephen Mack, Caleb B. Drake was 
appointed chairman, and Amasa Dana, secretary. Upon mo- 
tion, Messrs. B. G. Ferris, Alfred Welles and F. M. Finch were 
appointed to draft appropriate resolutions, upon whose report 
the following were unanimously adopted : Resolved, That in 
the removal by death of our professional brother, Stephen 
Mack, we feel called upon to pay that respect to his memory 
which his character deserves as one of the oldest members of 
the Tompkins Bar — as a diligent student, a learned lawyer, an 
honorable practitioner, and an honest man. Resolved, That as 
a mark of our respect for the memory of the deceased, we 
attend the funeral in a body. Resolved, That a copy of these 
resolutions be furnished to the press of our village for pub- 
lication. (Sgd.) Caleb B. Drake, Ch'n. Amasa Dana, 
Sec'y . ' ' The following are copies of his licenses to practice law : 
"By the Honorable Smith Thompson, Esq., Chief Justice of the 
Supreme Court of Judicature of the people of the State of New 
York, to all to whom these presents shall come, greeting : 
Know ye, That Stephen Mack having, on examination, in this 
present term of May been admitted and appointed by the said 
Court an Attorney at Law, I do hereby authorize and License him 
to Practice in the said Court as attorney according to the Laws of 
this State, and the Rules and Orders of this Court. Given under 
my hand and seal, the sixteenth day of May, in the year of our 
Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, and the forty- 
first 3'ear of the Independence of the United States of America. 
Smith Thompson. Be it Remembered, that on this sixteenth 

378 History of the Mack Family. 

day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun- 
dred and seventeen, the within named Stephen Mack, personally 
appeared in open court, and then and there took and subscribed 
the oath of oflBce as Attorney at Law, as required by law. J. A. 
Varick, Clk." "By the Honorable Ambrose Spencer, Esq., 
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, of the State of New York, 
to all to whom these presents shall come, greeting : Know ye 
that Stephen Mack, Esq., having been duly examined and 
regularly admitted as a Counsellor in the Supreme Court of 
Judicature of the State of New York in this present term of 
January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred 
and twenty-two, I do hereby authorize and license the said 
Stephen Mack to appear in the said Court and there to practice 
as a Counsellor, according to the rules and customs of the said 
Court and the Laws of this State. Given under my hand and 
seal the eighteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one 
thousand eight hundred and twenty-two, in the forty-sixth 
year of the Independence of the United States of America. 
A. Spencer. Be it remembered that on this eighteenth day of 
January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred 
and twenty-two, the within named Stephen Mack personally 
appeared in open court and then and there took and subscribed 
the oath of office of a Counsellor at Law and the oath prescribed 
in and by the act entitled an act to suppress duelling. Fr. 
WOODEORD, Clk." Unmarried. He died Jan. 7, 1857, at 
Ithaca, N. Y. 
1401S. Phoebe. Born April 29, 1788. Married a Crawford. 

14019. Ebenezer. Born May 9, 1791. 14800. 

14020. Horace. Born Jan. 20, 1799. 14810. 

14021. Maria J. Born July i, 1800. Married John Carmichael. 14825. 

14030. Dr. Asahel M. Huxley. He married Susan Mack. 
She died in Feb., 1837, at Avon, Conn. He resided, in Oct., 1837, 
at New Marlborough, Berkshire Co., Mass. 

Children : 

14031. Albert. Residence, 1837, New Marlborough, Mass. 

14032. Dr. Asahel. Residence, Woodbury, Conn. 

14033. Eliza. Married a Wilcox. Residence, 1837, Avon, Conn. 

14034. Lavina. Married Russel Morley. Residence, 1846, East Beth- 
any, N. Y. 

14050. Richard Cary. (Joseph.) 12621. He was born Jan. 
15, 1759, at Mansfield, Conn. He married, about 1782-3, Susannah 

Fourth Generation. 379 

Ford. Deacon. Soldier in the Revolutionary War. He removed 
about 1804 to Boston, N. Y. 

Smith's History of Buffalo and Erie County, N. Y., says of him : 

"In 1805 the principal settler in the territory of Boston was 
Deacon Richard Gary, a veteran who had served in the American 
army during the greater part of the Revolution. He was an ener- 
getic and industrious farmer, but a feeble wife and eight children had 
depleted his store, until on his arrival at his new residence he had 
but three cents in his pocket and was two dollars in debt. Here he 
soon made himself a comfortable home." 

He died in December, 1841, at Boston, Erie County, N. Y. (See 
Cary Genealogy.) Residence, Williamsburg, Mass., and Boston, 
N. Y. 

Children : 

1405 1. Richard M. He removed to the West. 

14052. Luther Harvey. Born Feb. 9, iSoo. 14850. 

14053. Calvin. Born in 1792. Died in December, 1813. Smith's His- 
tory of Buffalo and Erie County, N. Y., says of him : "At the 
time of the burning of Buffalo, in December, 1813, Calvin Cary, 
son of Deacon Richard Cary, was killed. Although only 
twenty-one years old, he was a man of extraordinary size and 
strength, weighing nearly three hundred pounds. He was 
found with his broken musket (still preserved by his kindred) 
h'ing by his side, and tradition asserts that being pursued by 
three Indians he shot one dead and killed another with his 
clubbed musket, but was shot, tomahawked and scalped by the 

14060. Asa Cary. (Joseph.) 12622. He was born in 1770. 
He married. He removed in 1808 to Boston, Erie County, N. Y. 
At the first town meeting of Eden in 18 13 he was elected Poormaster. 
At the first town meeting of Boston, in 181 7, he was chosen Commis- 
sioner of Highways. He died in 1851, after an industrious life. She 
died in 1863 aged 90 years. Residence, Boston, N. Y. 

Children : 

14061. Truman. Born in 1792. 14S60. 

14062. Joseph. Married. 

380 History of the Mack Family. 

14070. Matthew Smith. (Matthew^ Matthew'.) 12646. He 
married Asenath Anable. 

Child : 

14071. Matthew. 14860. 

14100. Warren Mack. (Elisha^, Josiah^ John'.) 12506. (The 
names and dates of births of the children of Elisha Mack (12500), 
his father, are given by another authority as follows: i. David. 
Born Nov, 27, 1750. 2. Lois. Born March 15, 1753. 3. Elisha. 
Born May 13, 1759. 4- Matty. Born June 2, 1761. 5. Warren. 
Born June 16, 1763. 6. Bienclude. Born July 10, 1765, 7. Sarah. 
Born July 6, 1767. 8. Martha. Born June 6, 1769. 9. Loita. Born 
Nov. 28, 1770. 10. Lydia. Born June 12, 1772. The date of birth 
of Esther Mack (i 1842), his father's sister, is given by the same 
authority as March 22, 1725.) He was born June 16, 1763. He 
married. He died. She died. 

Children : 

14101. Elisha. Born March 19, 1793. 14550. 

14102. John. 

14103. Warren. 


14400. Fred Henry Williams. He married Adeline Martin 
1 295 1. Residence, Connecticut. 
Child : 

1440 1. Adabel. Born in Connecticut. Married Edward C. Beecher. 
She is a member of the Society of Daughters of the American 

14420. Rev. Enoch Mack. (Elisha^ Josiah^ John^ John'.) 
12961. He was born in 1806. He married, in 1827, Phebe L. 
Roberts. Pastor of Free Baptist Church of Dover, N. H., 1835. 
Editor of the Morning Star newspaper. Missionary of New York 
City Mission nineteen years. He died in 1881. Residence, Living- 
ston, N. Y. 

Child : 
1442 1. Henry Quincy. Born in 1829. 15300. 

14450. Elisha H. Mack. (Josiah-*, Josiah', John-', John'.) 
1297 1. He married Emma E. Filley (daughter of Hon. Henry R. 
Filley of Weedsport, N. Y.). Alderman of the City of Oswego, N. 
Y., 1853. He and his wife were members of the Baptist church. 
Residence, 1859, Oswego, N. Y. 

Children : 

1445 1. Eveline. Married Augustus Field. They had three children. 
Residence, Auburn, N. Y. 

14452. Ella W. 

14453. William \V. Married Laura Jane. Director in Marine Bank. 
They were members of the Baptist church. Residence, Oswego, 
N. Y. 

14454. Royal I,. Married Mary C. Director in the City Savings 
Bank. They were members of the Baptist church. Residence, 
Oswego, N. Y. 

382 History of the Mack Family. 

14480. Hon. David Mack. (David^ Elisha^ Josiah^ John'.) 
130 1 8. He was born Feb. 17, 1778, in Middlefield, Mass. He 
married (ist), Jan. 14, 1812, Mary Ely (daughter of Dea. Nathaniel 
Ely of Longmeadow, Mass.); (2nd), May 16, 1844, Harriet (Parsons) 
Washburn (daughter of Rev. David Parsons, D.D.). She was born 
in Aug., 1793. Town Clerk of Middlefield, Mass., 1807-31. Repre- 
sentative, 182 1-4, Lawyer. Major of Colonel Enos Foote's 
Massachusetts Regiment in the War of 181 2, and went to the de- 
fense of Boston. General in the militia. Trustee of Amherst Col- 
lege, 1836-54. 

Professor William S. Tyler's History of Amherst College says of 
him : 

"Hon. David Mack was a member of the Board of Trustees of 
Amherst College from 1836 to 1854. He was born in Middlefield, 
Mass., in February, 1778. He fitted for college at Windsor Hill, 
where Roger Sherman was his fellow-student ; but his eyes failed him 
and he was compelled to relinquish a public education. For twenty 
years he was a merchant in his native place. In 1834 he removed 
to Amherst. 

"He was several times Representative from Middlefield in the 
General Court, and once a member of the Massachusetts Senate from 
Hampshire County. He was also a member of the Governor's Coun- 
cil. In 18 1 2, he commanded for some months the militia of Boston, 
and thus acquired the title of General, by which he was usually 
known. For many years he was the senior deacon of the church in 

"Elected a member of the Board of Trustees shortly after his 
removal to Amherst, he continued a member till, after eighteen years 
of faithful service, his connection was dissolved by death. During 
nearly all these years he was a member also of the Prudential Com- 
mittee, and of building and other working committees generally. 
Being a resident in town he was always present at the meetings and 
constantly charged with special duties and responsibilities in relation 
to the College. At the same time he was always ready to contribute 
liberally to its pecuniary necessities according to his means. 

"Gen. Mack died September 6, 1854, aged seventy-six years. 
^He was a man of great decision of character and a devoted Christian, 

Fifth Generation. 383 

liberal in his benefactions, and never shrank from any duty he could 
perform or pecuniary sacrifice he could make.' " 

Residence, Amherst, Mass. 

Children : 

14481. Samuel. Merchant. Residence, St. Louis, Mo. 

14482. Julia. Graduate of a Ladies' Seminary. Married Moody Har- 
rington. Prof. William S. Tyler's History of Amherst College 
says of him : "In an account of one of the College 'revivals' of 
religion, of which there were many — this one in 1831, Moody 
Harrington, class of '31, did a work which, if he had never done 
anything else, would entitle him to a place among those who are 
wise and turn many to righteousness. ' ' And in a note the follow- 
ing : "Mr. Beecher (Henry Ward, who entered Amherst in 1831), 
is accustomed to speak of Mr. Harrington as almost his spiritual 
father, to whom he owed more religiously than to any other 
man in College. Mr. Harrington afterwards married the daugh- 
ter of Gen. Mack. " 153 10. 

144S3. David. He attended Williams College in the class of 1823, and 
graduated at Yale College, 1823. Died 1878. 

14484. Eli Thornton. Graduated at Williams College, 1830. Teacher. 
Tutor in Williams College, 1833-4. He received the degree of 

14490. Hon. Elisha M.-^ck. (David", Elisha^ Josiah^ John',) 
1302 1. He was born May 26, 1783, in Middlefield, Mass. He 
graduated at Williams College, 1804. He married (ist), Catharine 
Orne by whom he had a daughter, Mary C. He married (2nd), 
Harriet E. Clarke (daughter of Rev. John Clarke, D.D., of the First 
Church of Boston). Lawyer. Representative. Police Judge. He 
resided at Salem, Mass., forty years. He died in 1852. Residence, 
Salem, Mass. 

Children : 

14491. Mary C. Born Sept. 25, 1816. Married Dr. Henry Wheatland. 

14492. Dr. William. He graduated at Harvard College, 1833, and 
Medical School, 1838. Physician. Unmarried. Residence, 
Salem, Mass. 

14493. Calvin Smith. (Calving Matthew^ Matthew'.) Mer- 
chant. Residence Manlius, N. Y. 

384 History of the Mack Family. 

Child : 

14494. John Calvin. Teacher. He received the honorary degree of 
A. M. from Hamilton College, 1856. He died in 1883. Resi- 
dence Manlius, N. Y. 

14495. Hon. AzARiAH Smith. (Matthew^, Matthew-, Matthew'.) 
12647. 14072. (No. 12647 should be 14072.) He was 
born Dec. 7, 1784, at Middlefield, Mass. He was one of a numerous 
family. He attended Westfield Academy. He taught school several 
years. He removed in 1807 to Onondaga Hill, N. Y., where he 
became a clerk in the store of his cousin, Calvin Smith. He became 
a merchant at Manlius, N. Y., June 3, 1807. He married, in Aug., 
i8ii,byRev. Jonathan Nash, Zilpah Mack. 13024. He engaged 
in the manufacture of cotton. . Trustee of Manlius Academy, Ham- 
ilton College, 1838-46, and Auburn Theological Seminary. Super- 
visor several years. Presidential Elector, 1824, Member of Assem- 
bly, 1838-40. He died Nov. 12, 1846, at New Haven, Conn. 
Residence, Manlius, N. Y. 

Children : 

14496. William Manlius. Born Sept. 26, 1823. 15317. 

14497. Charles Hatch. Born in 1829. Graduated at Hamilton Col- 
lege, 1849. Merchant. He died in 1882. Residence, 1849, 
Manlius, N. Y. 

14498. Dr. Azariah. Graduated at New York Central College. Mis- 
sionary to the Aintab Mission. 153 16. 

14500. Hon. Ebenezer Emmons. He was born April 23, 1766. 
He married, about 1791 or 1792, Mary Mack. 13016. Selectman, 
1806-10. Representative, 1819-20. He died Sept. 20, 1835. 
She died Sept. 14, 1822. Residence Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

14501. Mary. Born March 23, 1793. Married Justus Browning. 15330. 

14502. Amanda. Born January 14, 1797. Married Timothy Root. 

14503. Ebenezer. Born INIay 16, 1799. 15360. 

14504. Justin. Born May iS, 1802. Died March 11, 1806. 

14505. Harmony. Born Oct. i, 1807. Married Samuel Hamilton. 

14506. Harriet. Born Nov. 26, 1S12. Married Sumner Uriah Church. 

Fifth Generation. 385 

14520. William Elder. He married Abigail Mack. 13027. 
Residence, Courtlandtville, N. Y. 

Child : 

1452 1. Marett Abigail. Born June 17, 1S17. Married Rev. Lemuel 
Strong Pomeroy. 15400. 

14530. Hon. Solomon Root, Jr. He married Laura Mack. 
13028. Captain in War of 1812. Selectman, 1824-30; 1832-4. 
Representative, 1834. Residence Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

14531. Elvira. Married John Smith. 15420. 

14532. Solomon F. Town Clerk, 1855. 

14540. Church. (Grandson of Hon. Uriah Church.) He 
married Phebe Mack. 13023. Residence Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

14541. Hon. William F. He organized Ohio's Department of Insur- 
ance, of which he was the commissioner several years. Resi- 
dence, 1883, Cincinnati. Ohio. 

14542. Julia Mack. Married Prof. Edward Payson Smith. 15414. 

14550. Elisha Mack. (Warren*, Elisha3,Josiah^ John'.) 141 00. 
He was born March 19 (o. Dec. 10), 1793, at Pittsfield, Mass. He 
married (ist), Abigail. She was born Feb. 25, 1798, in Petersburg, 
N. Y. She died March 14, 1845, at Dansville, N. Y, He married 
(2nd), March 2, 1847, Hannah Niles of Bath, N. Y. He owned two 
or three farms. He died in March, 1879. She died in February, 
1880. Residence Bath, N. Y. 

Children : 

14551. Jane Eliza. Born .Vpril 23, 1820, at Warren. Married Jan. 15, 

1837, a Stover, at Dansville, N. Y. She died. They had 

14552. Rhoda .■\nn. Born June 16, 1821, at Warren, N. Y. Married 
Horace Wheeler. 1542S. 

14553- Orlando. Born Jan. 26, 1823. 15422. 

14554. Sally Ann. Born July 6, 1824, at Warren. Married, Dec. 31, 

1S45, Silas Cotton, at Dansville, N. Y. She died Nov. 2, 1863, 

at Hornellsvilie. N. Y. 15429 — 15. 

386 History of the Mack Family. 

14555. Abigail. Born Dec. 3, 1829, at Richfield, N. Y. Married, Jan. 
30, 1849, John Hawkins, at Bath, N. Y. She died Oct. 19, 
i860, at Great Valley, N. Y. 

14556. Elisha. Born March 10, 1831, at Richfield, N. Y. 15426. 

14557. Amos. Born Sept. i, 1833, at Richfield, N. Y. Died Oct. 5, 


14558. Emeranda. Born vSept. 20, 1834, at Richfield, N. Y. Died May 
2, 1852, at Bath, N. Y. 

14559. Bianca. Born Aug. 19, 1836, at Dansville, N. Y. Married a 
Smith. They had several sons and daughters. Residence 
Bath, N. Y. 

14560. Mary Sophia. Born Jan. 30, 1839. Married, Oct. 12, 1857, a 
Guthrie. They had children. Residence Great Valley, N. Y. 

1 456 1. Electa Mariah. Born Dec. 15, 1840, at Dansville, N. Y. 
Married in December, i860, Augustus Wilcox. Soldier in 
Civil War. One son. Two daughters. All married. Residence 
Humphrey, Cattaraugus Co.. N. Y. 

14562. John Warren. Born March 11, 1848, at Bath, N. Y. 

14585. Samuel Augustus Mack. (Ralph^ John^, Josiah^ 
John'.) 13057. He married. 

Child : 

14586. Ralph Gilbert. 15410. 

14590. Orlando Mack. (Orlando^ Orlando^, Orlando^ John'.) 
13074. He was born in 1796. He married. He removed to Ken- 
dall's Corners, Orleans Co., N. Y. He died about 1880. She died 
young. Residence, Kendall's Corners, N. Y. 

Children : 

14591- Francis. 15435. 

14592. Harriet. Married. They have 9 children. They reside in the 

14593. Daniel. Unmarried. He is an extensive traveller and well 

14600. Daniel Mack. (Orlando'', Orlando^ Orlando-, John'.) 
13076. He married, Aug. 3, 1825, Electa Jane Morehouse (daugh- 
ter of Pierson Morehouse). She was born April i, 1809, at Genoa, 
N. Y. Printer. Founder, editor and proprietor of the Chenango 
Republican, a newspaper established in 1826 at Oxford, Chenango Co., 
N. Y. He died Dec. 24, 1830, at Oxford, N. Y. She resides, 1901, 
at Lansingville, N. Y. Residence, Ithaca, N. Y,, and Oxford, N. Y. 

Fifth Generation. 387 


14601. Harriet. Unmarried. Died aged about 15 years in Michigan. 

14602. Sarah. IMarried Henry H. Lawrence. 15440. 

14603. Susan. Married Henry. Wright. 15450. 

1 46 ID. Andrew Myers, Jr. (Andrew, a .soldier in the Rev. 
War, of Orange County, N. Y., who removed to Ithaca, and in 1792 
to Myers, N. Y.) He married, Jan. 15, 18 12, Mandana Mack. 
13072. Soldier in the War of 1812, with his canal boat. He was 
one of the most prominent business men in Tompkins County. He 
owned a farm of six hundred and forty acres of land, a mill and 
several canal boats and was a man of wealth and influence. He 
resided at Myers' Point on Cayuga Lake. He died. She died March 
16, 1876. Residence, Myer's, N. Y, 

Children : 

14611. Louisa. Born April 3, 1813. Died Oct. 30, 18 15. 

14612. Arvilla M. Born Dec. 20, 1814. Died Nov. 18, 1815. 

14613. Alonzo. Born Oct. 15, 1S16. Died June 6, 1834. 

14614. Eliza. Born Oct. 22, 1S18. Married Robert Mills. 15535. 

14615. Luther B. Born Dec. 10, 1820. 15480. 

14616. Arvilla. Born April 11, 1823. Married (ist), Dr. Levi H. Fen- 
ner. 15550. Married (2nd), Samuel Love, Esq. 15555. 

14617. James Andrew. Born April 7, 1825. He sold horses to the 
Government during the Civil War while residing at Watkins, 
N. Y. Unmarried. Residence, 1901, Ludlowville, X. Y. 

1461S. Lorenzo. Born Nov. 17, 1826. 15490. 

14619. John Henry. Born Sept. 30, 182S. 15500. 

14620. Charles. Born Sept. 24, 1830. 155 10. 

14621. George. Born Jan. 3, 1834. Soldier in the Civil War. Un- 
married. Died May 7, 1876. 

14622. Benjamin Colyer. Born July 16, 1835. 15525. 

14625. Loveless. He married Lucy Mack. 13073. He 
died away from home. She died in 1898. Residence Ludlowville, 
N. Y. 

Children : 

14626. Daniel. Born about 1823. Unmarried. He bought a farm at 
Kendall's Corners, N. Y. He died about 1845, aged 22 years, 
as the result of a horse's running awa}', receiving an injury 
causing lock-jaw. 

14627. Leander. Married. Soldier in the Civil War. They had two 
children. Residence Cleveland, Ohio. 

388 History of the Mack Family. 

14650. Asa Eddy. (His brother was a wealthy merchant in 
Rochester, N, Y.) He married Lucy Mack. 13073. He died over 
twenty years ago. Residence Ludlowville, N. Y. 

Children : 

14651. Charles. Married. His son, A. M. Eddy, has been editor and 
pubhsher of the Albion newspaper, several years, at Albion, N. 
Y., where both reside, 190:. 

14652. Daniel. Principal of a Western school, 1901. 

14660. Elisha Mack. (Elisha'*, Elisha^ Josiah=, John'.) 13036. 
He was born in 1784 at Middlefield, Mass. He married Sarah Hay- 
ward of Plainfield, Mass. He removed in 18 16 from Middlefield, 
Mass., to Albany, N. Y. He died in 1854 at Albany, N. Y. She 
died March 4, 1819. Residence Middlefield, Mass., and Albany, N. Y. 

Child : 
14661. Elisha. Born Feb. 7, 181 r. 15560. 

14675. JosiAH Mack. (Elisha", Elisha^, Josiah=, John'.) 13037. 
He was born in 1798. He married, in 1822, Maria Ward (daughter 
of Capt. John Ward.) He died in 1861. Residence Lenox, Mass. 

Child : 

14676. Edward Elisha. 15575. 

14680. Stephen Pierson Morehouse. (Pierson Morehouse 
and Lecta Conger, John Morehouse and Sarah Pierson, John More- 
house, John Morehouse who emigrated from Maidstone, England, to 
Southampton, L. I., N. Y., in 1683. Lecta Conger was a daughter 
of John Conger and Sarah Jones of Hanover, N. J, Sarah Pierson 
was the daughter of Stephen Pierson, Theophilus Pierson, Henry 
Pierson and Susannah Howell, Henry Pierson who came from Lin- 
colnshire, England, to Southampton, L. L, N. Y., in 1640. Record 
of the Morehouse Family. John Morehouse emigrated from Maid- 
stone, England, to Southampton, Long Island, in 1683. He died 
Oct. 10, 1701. Had two daughters, Mary and Phebe, and one son, 
John Morehouse, 2nd, the date of whose birth and death 
is unknown. He had three sons, Nathan, Gideon and John. 
John Morehouse, 3d, was born about 1740 and died in Redstone, 
Pennsylvania, about the end of the Revolutionary War. He 

Fifth Generation. 389 

married Sarah Pierson about the year 1766. They had seven 
children : Mary, who married labish Aber. Both died in 
Yates, Orleans Co., N. Y. Content, who married David Garrison, 
Both died in Staten Island, N. Y. Gideon, who married Phebe 
Skellinger. Both died in Ludlowville, N. Y. Nathan, who married 
Susannah Earle. Both died Demarara, South America. Pierson, 
who married Lecta Conger. Both died in Ludlowville. Sally and 
Phebe both died young. After the death of John Morehouse, 3d, 
his wife, Sarah, married Andrew Wager, about the year 1785. They 
had two daughters : Nancy, who married Nathaniel Mack. Both 
died in Ulysses, Tompkins Co., N. Y. Lydia, who married John 
Mack. Both died in Ulysses, Tompkins Co., N. Y. Andrew, who 

married Reeves. Both died in Ludlowville, N. Y. John Mack 

was the father of Erastus Mack, who died about 1873 ^^ Lockport, 
N. Y. Pierson Morehouse's Family. Pierson Morehouse was born 
Feb. 16, 1776 in New Jersey and died Oct. 5, 181 1. He married, 
April 15, 1797, Lecta Conger. She was born Jan. 26, 1779, i" New 
Jersey, and died May 28, 1853. Children : John Conger was born 
June 26, 1799 at Egg Harbor, N. J. He married in Jan., 1822. He 
died Mch. 30, 1842. Content Garrison was born Feb. 6, 1 801, at 
Newark, N. J. She married May 9, 1820. She died Sept. 25, 1841. 
Stephen Pierson. He was born April 12, 1803 at Newark, N. J. 
He married Oct. 8, 1823. He died Sept. 11, 1882. Susan Ross. 
She was born May 18, 1805, at Newark, N. J. She married Jan. 2, 
1822. Betsey Ann. She was born June i, 1807, at Newark, N. J. 
She married April 7, 1825. She died April 15, 1849. Lecta Jane. 
She was born April i, 1809, at Genoa, N. Y. She married Aug. 3, 
1825. Sally Dickinson. She was born July 21, 181 1, at Genoa, N. 
Y. Gideon and Lecta Morehouse Family. Gideon Morehouse was 
born Aug. 30, 1770, in New Jersey. He died March 8, 1842. He 
married, March 31, 18 13, Lecta (Conger) Morehouse. Children : 
Hannah Ludlow. She was born Jan. 8. 18 14, at Ludlowville. She 
married March 21, 1833. Malinda. She was born Feb. 8, 1817, at 
Ludlowville. She died Jan. 16, 1818. Malinda (2nd.) She was 
born Jan. 18, 1819, at Ludlowville. She died Jan. 18, 1819. William. 
He was born Jan. 4, 1820, at Ludlowville. He married May 10. 
1847. Gideon Howell. He was born Jan. 9, 1823, at Ludlowville. 
He died in April, 1874. Helen Phelps. Born Dec. 24, 1856. 

390 History of the Mack Family. 

She married Chas. Kennedy, in Nov. 1886, at Buffalo. W. Wert 
Morehouse. He was born in 1862. Not married, ^e Uves in 
Buffalo. Bookkeeper. S. P. Morehouse's Family. Stephen P. 
Morehouse. He was born April 12, 1803, at Newark, N. J. He 
died Sept. 11, 1882. He married, Oct. 8, 1823, Almira Mack. She 
was born May 23, 1803, at Owego, N. Y. She died Aug. 25, 1836. 
Children : Cynthia. She was born July 25, 1824, at Ludlowville, N. 
Y. She married April 16, 1844. She died Oct. 15, 1844. Horace. 
He was born Feb. 10, 1826, at Ludlowville, N. Y. John. He was born 
Sept. 3, 1828, at Ludlowville, N. Y. Pierson. He was born Jan. 30, 
1 83 1, at Ludlowville, N. Y. He died Jan. 4, 1857. Almira. She 
was born Sept. 29, 1832, at Ludlowville, N. Y. S. P. Morehouse 
married, Feb. 17, 1837, Lucinda Bates. She was born March 29, 
1804, at Southampton, Mass, She died May 2, 1869. Children: 
George Edward. He M'as born Nov. 19, 1837, at Buffalo, N. Y. 
Mary Bates. She was born Dec. 19, 1842, at Clinton, Mich. She 
died Jan. 31, 186 1. S. P. Morehouse married, Oct. 19, 1869, Julia 
A. Joy. She was born April g, 18 18, at Ludlowville, N. Y. Record 
of the Pierson Family. Henry Pierson, ist, was born in Lincoln- 
shire, England, in 161 5, emigrated to Southampton, Long Island, in 
1640. He died in 1680 or 1681. He had son, Henry Pierson, 2nd, 
born in 1652, married Susannah Howell, and was one of the first 
settlers in Bridgehampton, Long Island, where he died in 1701. He 
had son, Theophilus Pierson, who was born in 1690, and died in 
1742. His son, Stephen Pierson (who was the great-grandfather 
of Stephen Pierson Morehouse mentioned above), was born 
about 1720, date of death unknown. He had two sons, Theophilus 
and Elias, and daughter, Sarah Pierson. She married John More- 
house about the year 1768. Record of the Conger Family. John 
Conger (the grandfather of S. P. Morehouse (mentioned above), was 
born in the state of New Jersey in 1752. His father and mother 
died about 1745, in Hanover, New Jersey. They had four sons, 
John, Thomas, Zenas and David. John married Sarah Jones about 
1772. Children: Nancy, born 1773, married Dan Hurd. Both 
died in Sparta, N. J. Phebe, born 1776, married Isaac Hurd. Both 
died in Yates, N. Y. Lecta, born 1779, married Pierson Morehouse. 
Both died in Ludlowville, N. Y. Zenas, born 1781, married Esther 
Thorp. Both died in Yates, N. Y. Elijah, born 1786, married 

Fifth Generation. 391 

Hannah Ludlow. He died in Milan, Ohio. Hannah, born 1783, 
married J. Chilcoat. He died about 18 10. Miscellaneous Memo- 
randum. John Conger, born Feb. 14, 1752 or 1753, died Jan. 28, 
1828. Elijah Conger, born Oct. 16, 1786. Sarah Jones Conger, 
born May 30, 1756, died Sept. 16, 1807, a; 53. Sarah Wager died 
April 27, 181 1, X 67. Phebe Morehouse, born Sept. 18, 1770, died 
May 14, 181 2. PYederick A. Seymour, born Feb. 2, 1797. Benjamin 
Joy, born June 23, i8oo. Julius A. Clark, born Sept. 19, 1802, died 
Sept. 27, 1853. Zenas Conger, Sr., born March 15, 1756, died 
March 14, 1846. Isaac Hurd, born Sept. 29, 1774, died Aug. 12, 
1848. Daniel Mack died Dec. 24, 1830.) He was born April 12, 
1803, at Newark, N. J. He married, Oct. 8, 1823, Almira Mack. 
13075. He removed from Ludlowville, N. Y., to Albion, N. Y. He 
resided at Decatur, 111., at one time. Contractor and builder and 
farmer at Ludlowville. Hardware merchant at Albion. He died 
Sept. II, 1882. She died Aug. 25, 1836. Residence Ludlowville, 
N. Y., and Albion, N. Y. 

Children : 

14681. Cynthia. Born July 25, 1824. Married, April 16, 1844, a 
Vaughn, of Albion, N. Y. They removed West. No children. 
She died Oct. 15, 1844. 

14682. Horace. Born Feb. 10, 1826. Married a daughter of Maj. John 
Baker oT Dryden, N. Y. They have two sons. They reside in 
the West. 

14683. John. Born Sept. 3, 1828. Married. They had three or four 
children. He died at Decatur, 111. 

14684. Pierson. Born Jan. 30, 183 1. 15595. 

14685. Almira. Born Sept. 29, 1832. Married George H. Sickles. 


14700. Dr. Lewis Hallock. (Jacob.) He was born June 
30, 1803, in New York City. His father, Jacob Hallock, of the 
Southold, L. I. family of that name, was a merchant in New York 
City until his death in 18 13. Lewis prepared at Clinton Academy, 
E. Hampton, studied medicine with his uncle, Dr. Elisha Hallock of 
Southold, L. L, N. Y., and with Dr. John W. Francis of New York 
City, and graduated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 
New York City, 1826. He married (ist), Feb. 7, 1827, Susan Mack. 
13086. She died Aug. 11, 1832, He practiced allopathy fifteen 
years and in 1846 joined the American Homeopathic Institute. He 

392 History of the Mack Family. 

was offered twice a professorship in the Homeopathic Medical Col- 
lege in New York City, was Censor many years and received from 
that institution the degree of M. D. in 1876. 

The National Cyclopedia of American Biography says : 

"Hallock, Lewis. He was born June 30, 1803, in New York 
City, son of Jacob and Sarah (Mather) Hallock. His father, a 
native of Southold, L. L, was a prominent merchant in New York 
until his death in 18 13. The family descends from Peter Hallock, 
leader of a colony ; the first white settlers on the eastern end of 
Long Island, where they purchased a large tract of land from the 
Indians and founded the town of Southold. After the death of his 
father, Lewis Hallock went to live with his grandmother at Matti- 
tuck, L. I., and completed his preparatory education at Clinton 
Academy, the second incorporated school in the State. He began 
the study of medicine with his uncle. Dr. Elisha Hallock, of Southold, 
and at the end of the year returned to New York City to continue 
his preparation under Dr. James W. Francis and at the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, where he was graduated M. D., in 1825. 
After fifteen years of successful practice, his attention was called to 
the homeopathic system of medicine, then rapidly gaining strength 
in America, and after carefully investigating its claims, he announced 
himself a convert. The same course was pursued by a goodly por- 
tion of his classmates. In 1846 he joined the Homeopathic Institute 
of America, and later also the county and state societies; being 
President of city and county societies for one year each. For many 
years he was one of the board of censors of the Homeopathic Medi- 
cal College, in which he was twice offered and declined a professor- 
ship, and in 1876 received from its faculty and trustees the honorary 
degree of M. D. This honor was conferred on the occasion of the 
fiftieth anniversary of his graduation, when a dinner was given him 
at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. He lived to see the seventieth anniver- 
sary of the same event, and then received another complimentary 
dinner at the Savoy Hotel from the New York Medical Club, at 
which several highly congratulatory speeches and a poem by Dr. 
William Tod Helmuth were delivered on his nearly unparalleled 
record as an active practitioner. Although living to the advanced 
age of ninety-five, he continued in active practice until within a few 

Fifth Generation. 393 

days of his death. Throughout hfe he was an earnest advocate of 
temperance, having as a young man founded the Young Men's Total 
Abstinence Society, which in 1836 published a weekly paper advo- 
cating the cause. To his principle in this regard he attributed his 
longevity, and indeed his unusual quickness of comprehension and 
rapidity of judgment was an excellent evidence of faculties well 
used. His contributions to homeopathic periodicals were numerous 
and representative, and to his influence is attributed much of the 
popularization the system has achieved. At the annual meeting of 
the American Institute of Homeopathy, held in Newport, R. I., in 
June, 1895, he was greeted with the greatest enthusiasm and made a 
few appropriate and pleasing remarks. Personally, Dr. Hallock was 
an exemplar of the most charming, old-fashioned, courtly manners 
and bearing, and although justly popular with a wide circle of friends 
and professional associates, was pre-eminently domestic in his tastes, 
belonging to but one club." 

He died March 3, 1897. Residence New York City. 

Child : 

14701. Sarah Mather. Born Sept. 5, 1S29. Married, June 2, 1851, 
Francis Hawley Nash. He was born May 27, 1825, at South 
Norwalk, Conn. Manufacturer of stoves, heaters and tinware. 
Residence, 1S75, South Norwalk, Conn. 

14702. John McChain. He married Charlotte Mack. 13087. 
Provision merchant. He owned or was financially interested in 
several ships which were wrecked. He and wife are both dead. 
Residence New York Citv. 

Children : 

14703. Lizzie. Died unmarried. 

14704. Caroline. Died unmarried. 

14705. Susan. Died unmarried. 

14706. Daniel. 15600. 

14707. John. 15604. 

14708. Hattie. Married Jules Ilalbran. They had one son. Residence, 
1901, Olean, N. Y. 

14709. Charlotte. Married George Jacques. 15608. 

147 10. George Woodruff. He married, May 21, 1808, 
Sarah Mack. 13089. He died when his son was three years old. 
She died when her son was six years old. Residence New York City. 

394 History of the Mack Family. 

Children : 

14711. Charles Farrington. 15610. 

14712. Elvina. Married Charles Belcher. 15620. 

14750. Ebenezer Mack. (Abner*, Orlando^, Orlando^ John'.) 
1 400 1. He married Betsey Brand. 

Children : 

1475 1. Samuel S. 15630. 

14752. Clarissa. Married Anson Spencer. 15650. 

14800. Hon. Ebenezer Mack. (Stephen^ Orlando^ Orlando^ 
John'.) 14019. He was born May 9, 1791, at Kinderhook Landing 
(now Stuyvesant), N. Y. He married, in February, 1820, Eleanor 
Dey. (For her ancestry see the History of the Dey- Family in this 
work.) She was born May 27, 1800. He was a partner in the 
pubUcation of the Owego Gazette. He removed to Ithaca in 18 16. 
He was one of the most prominent and respected citizens of Ithaca 
in its early days. He was the editor and publisher of the Ithaca 
Journal, 1816-33. He also owned a bookstore, printing office, book- 
bindery and the Ithaca paper mills. He was called upon to fill 
many public positions. Member of Assembly, 1830. State Senator, 
1835-7. Trustee of the Village of Ithaca, 1823. Colonel in the 
State Militia. He was one of the commissioners to receive sub- 
scriptions to the stock of the Bank of Ithaca, incorporated April 22, 
1829, and was elected one of its first Directors. Secretary of the 
Ithaca and Owego Railroad Company, 1828. School Trustee, i8r8. 
The firm of Mack & Andrus, of which he was a member, were 
publishers of many books, some of their books, like Cobb's Spelling 
Book, having a very large sale. He was a member of the Masonic 
fraternity. An interesting journal kept by him, of a journey taken in 
1835 to New York City and Philadelphia, is in the possession of the 
family. He wrote a Life of Lafayette. He was foreman of the 
Columbian printing office in New York City and resigned to enter 
into partnership, June 15, 18 15, with Stephen B. Leonard in the 
publication of the newspaper now known as the Owego Gazette. 

The following letter of recommendation given to him at the 
time has been preserved in the family : 



Fifth Generation. 395 

"New York, Januar}- 7, 1815. 
'•The bearer, Mr. Kbenezer Mack, is a young man of genius, 
intelligence, sobriety and integrity, a good writer (in verse and prose) 
and correct republican, and a capable and quick workman as a 
printer ; as I have found by the experience of between three and 
four years past. "Charles Holt, 

"Edit. Columbian." 

The Ithaca Democrat in 1S8S published a History of St. John's 
Protestant Episcopal Church of Ithaca, N. Y., which contained the 
following reference to him : 

"April 8, 1822, a few faithful churchmen held a meeting in the 
Methodist 'Meeting House' and organized an iLpiscopal Church. 
Ebenezer Mack was chosen a vestryman." 

At the time of his death "The Flag of Our Union," said : 

"Our village is again called to mourning — and not only the 
village, but the county and the state at large. 

••This morning, at half-past six o'clock the stroke of death 
passed upon Ebenezer Mack. Mr. Mack was a man of rare endow- 
ments ; for him nature had done much, and the talent and qualifica- 
tion thus bestowed, was, through the changes of an extended and 
busy life, improved, for the benefit of society, by the most untiring 
industry and a never yielding energy. 

"Possessed of a strong mind and cultivated intellect, which was 
always actively engaged for the good of those around him, Mr, 
Mack laid deeply, in the regard of our whole community, the founda- 
tions for that high estimate for character and moral worth, which 
now, in the realization of his loss, is everywhere manifested. He 
was a man of the most sterling integrity, none more reliable in 
friendship than he, none more ready to engage in any work of public 
importance and utility, and push it to a successful issue. Providence 
prospered him greatly in his undertakings, and he had the happiness 
of living to see his family, his friends, and this his cherished village, 
with all its religious, benevolent, literary and business institutions, 
eminently prosperous. 

'•Mr. Mack has filled a large place in the political concerns of 
our county and state, having been for many years a member of the 
Assembly and of the Senate, postmaster in the village, and printer to 

396 History of the Mack Family. 

the Senate. In his poHtical as well as in his social connections, his 
loss will be deeply felt. 

"Mr. Mack was born at Kinderhook Landing, now Stuyvesant, 
in 1 79 1. In early life he came with his father's family to Owego. 
There his father purchased the printing establishment of the late 
Dan Conger, and published a paper called the American Farmer, 
(if we recollect rightly.) Here Mr. Mack acquired his knowledge 
of the craft. He aided, and after his father's death, succeeded as 
the publisher. This establishment he sold to S. B. Leonard, Esq., 
from whom, we think, it received the name — the Owego Gazette. 

"After some improvement in his qualifications in New York, 
Mr. Mack came to this village, then in its incipient condition, in 
1815, and purchased a press, etc., which had been started here by 
IngersoU and Shepherd. This was the origin of the Ithaca Journal 
which was conducted by him, as editor, for many years. The 
exertion of his talents and industry resulted in giving to that paper 
the high character which, under him, it enjoyed at home and abroad. 

"About twenty-six years ago William Andrus, Esq., became 
associated with him in the concern, and the business was gradually 
but speedily extended from the small beginning of a very limited 
book and stationery establishment connected with the newspaper, 
until it has become the largest bookstore, printing office, bindery and 
paper making establishment in western New York. The interest of 
Mr. Mack in the Journal ceased many years since, as is well known. 
"Mr. Mack was a member of the Episcopal Society in this village. 
He died of consumption in the fifty-ninth year of his age. His 
decease occurring this morning just as we were about to put our 
paper to press, (we stopped for this notice), it is not in our power to 
do what would be just to the memory of the deceased, and satisfactory 
to our own feelings. 

"To our village the language of Divine Providence, in the 
removal, within a short time, of many of our most prominent and 
useful men, is very express. The loss of Frederick M. Camp, Daniel 
Bishop, Ben Johnson, Timothy S. Williams, Charles F, Woodruff 
and Ebenezer Mack, would be felt in any city of the Union. There 
is no exemption from the inevitable decree. 

"Alike the river's lowly tide 
Alike the humble violet's glide 
To that sad wave. 
Let us look for light bej'ond the tomb." 


Fifth Generation. 397 

At the time of her death Rev. Dr. A. B. Beach, her pasto,r 
said in the Churchman : 

"In Ithaca, N. Y., June 26, 1882, Eleanor Mack, widow of th 
late Ebenezer Mack, died, aged 82 years. So hath passed from 
earth to the rest of the blessed, one who was truly a mother in Israel. 
Ripe in years, steadfast in Christian faith, full of charity toward the 
church and the world, having finished her course she passed away 
from loving children, who rise up and call her blessed." 

He died July 19, 1849, at Ithaca, N. Y. She died June 26, 1882. 
Residence Ithaca, N. Y. 
Children : 

14801. Stephen Henry. Born April 5, 1S21. Died Dec. .4, 1822. 

14802. Hannah Maria. Born April 20, 1823. Married William Henry 
Hall. 15660. 

14803. Mary Jane. Born Sept. 17, 1824. Unmarried. Died May 14, 

14804. Eliza Ann. Born Feb. 24, 1829. Married Lafayette Lepine 
Treman. 1804. (For her descendants see History of the 
Trenian Family. ) 

14805. Eleanor. Born March 4, 1831. Married Robert Cartwright. 

14806. Peter Dey. Born Aug. 25, 1833. Died April 10, 1835. 

14807. Elvina. Born Feb. 17, 1838. Married Nathan S. Hawkins. 

1 48 10, Hon. Horace Mack. (Stephen^ Orlando', Orlando^ 
John".) 14020. He was born Jan. 20, 1799, at Cooperstown, N. Y. 
He married, Jan. 19, 1826, EHza Ann Ferris (daughter of Judge 
Joshua Ferris of Spencer, N. Y.) She was born Oct. 27, 1804, at 
Spencer, N. Y. He removed in 1799 ^^ Owego and in 181 7 to 
Ithaca, N. Y. In 1838, Mr. Mack joined John James Speed, Jr., 
his former colleague in the Legislature, in the purchase of the Fall 
Creek mill property, from Jeremiah S. Beebe, where, under the title 
"Mack & Speed," they conducted a wholesale flouring business until 
April I, 1840, when Mr. Mack sold his to Chauncey Pratt 
and Chauncey L. Grant. The Ithaca Falls Woolen Manufacturing 
Co. succeeded to the property in the same or the following year. 
County Clerk, 1849-52. Member of Assembly, 1832. President of 
the Village of Ithaca, 1851. Trustee, 1839-40. 1845, Supervisor, 
1 84 1. Director in Bank of Ithaca and Tompkins County National 

398 History of the Mack Family. 

Bank. Member of first Fire Company in Ithaca, 1823, He was 
member of the building committee when the present court house was 
erected, in 1854. 

Goodwin's History of Ithaca says : 

"About the year 1822 an almost fatal encounter took place be- 
tween Horace Mack and a German fencing master. Mr. Mack had 
expressed some doubts regarding the quaUfications of this gentleman, 
who resented it very highly, and the final result was a challenge by 
the German to fight a duel. The challenged of course having the 
choice of weapons, selected pistols. The day and hour were chosen, 
and the place for the affair of honor appointed on the banks of the 
Six Mile creek, directly opposite the reservoir of water called the 
'Hemp Hole,' which was about ten feet deep. At the appointed 
time and place for the deadly combat to come off hundreds of 
people, of all sexes and ages, were found awaiting on the banks, 
where they soon expected to see the green turf drink the blood of 
the vanquished. The good sense of Mr. Mack arid the seconds 
proved most valuable. The arrangements and order were perfect. 
The combatants approached each other, as is usual, to shake hands, 
when Mr. Mack, taking a rather strong hold of the man of the sword, 
and with a peculiar look, and a more peculiar trip and jerk, sent the 
offended German headlong into the ' Hemp Hole' where he was 
received without a dissenting voice. The roars of laughter which 
followed the maneuver were loud and hearty and we doubt not are 
still heard by the man, who failing in subduing his rival foe, took a 
hasty and precipitate retreat from the county." 

At the time of his death "The American Citizen" said : 

"Hon. Horace Mack, one of our oldest and most respected 
citizens, died in this village on Monday afternoon last. Mr. Mack 
was a merchant among us many years ago, in which capacity he 
formed an extensive business acquaintance, and won the esteem and 
respect of all. He was elected to the Assembly of this state from 
this district some years since, the duties of which station he per- 
formed with ability. In 1849 he was elected clerk of this county in 
which office he acquired the renewed confidence of the entire com- 
munity. As a private citizen and a neighbor Mr. Mack has ever 

Fifth Generation. 399 

been beloved, and he leaves behind him a population who are in 
sorrow at his loss." 

The following is from the "Ithaca Journal and Advertiser" of 
Sept. 1 2th, 1855 : 

"Mr. Horace Mack, an old resident of our village, died on 
Monday afternoon last, of prevailing disease, dysentery. Mr. Mack 
was for many years a merchant here, and in that position he won 
the respect of the entire community. He was elected County Clerk 
in 1849, ^^^ served out his term with honor to himself, and in all 
the public stations which he has filled, he has ever been esteemed 
and beloved." 

The following notice of Horace Mack appeared in the same 
paper (Ithaca Journal and x-Vdvertiser) of date Sept. 19th, 1855 : 

"As our paper of last week was going to press we were suddenly 
called upon to briefly record the decease of Horace Mack, Esq., one 
of our oldest and most esteemed citizens. We say oldest, not in 
years, but as a citizen of Ithaca, having been identified with its 
business and interests for the space of nearly forty years. 

'He was brother of the Hon. Ebenezer Mack, who established 
the Journal we now continue, and whose decease a few years since 
we recorded. 

"Mr. Mack was born at Cooperstown, Otsego County, January 
20th, 1799, and in infancy removed with his father's family to 
Owego, Tioga County, where he resided until the year 18 17, when 
he made Ithaca his residence and where, with slight exceptions, he 
resided till his decease. 

"Mr. Mack's history is nearly that of the mercantile history of 
our village. On his coming to Ithaca he entered the mercantile 
house of Mr. Levi Leonard, then one of the largest operators in our 
infant place, where he remained till 1820, when Jeremiah S. Beebe, 
Esq., from New York, made this his home, and Mr. Mack entered 
his establishment as salesman and acted as such until the year 1825, 
then commenced business on his own account under the firm of H. 
Mack & Co., since which time, excepting 1834-5 — when on account 
of ill health he made his residence in Spencer, Tioga County, and 
gave his attention to farming and milling — his history was that of 

400 History of the Mack Family, 

the mercantile history of our place until 1848, when he retired from 
active mercantile life. 

"Politically, Mr. Mack was a Democrat of the old school, and 
in that way largely enjoyed the confidence of the public. He repre- 
sented this county in the Legislature in 1832, during the stormy 
times of the United States bank question, and aided in sustaining 
our state institutions against that gigantic monied power. He was a 
member of the board of directors of the Tompkins County Bank, 
from its organization in 1836, till his decease. He was Clerk of the 
County from 1850 to 1853. 

"The deep sympathy manifested by the public in view of his 
demise, is the fruits of a life not alone devoted to his individual 
interest. He possessed a large and liberal heart, and his freedom 
from selfishness endeared him to all who were favored by his acquaint- 
ance. In him the young man, the mechanic, the laboring man, 
always found a sympathizing friend, the public a faithful servant, 
and society one of its most desired ornaments. Of him as a hus- 
band, father and neighbor, we need not speak, for to all who thus 
knew him his loss is irreparable." 

In the same issue also appeared the following : 

"At a regular meeting of Ithaca Lodge No. 71, held at their 
room, on Friday, Sept. 14, 1855, the following resolutions reported 
by Bros. Selkreg, Buckbee and Wells, were unanimously adopted : 

"Whereas, The Almighty Ruler of the Universe has seen fit in 
his Providence to remove from active life, Horace Mack, a member 
of this Lodge, who as a merchant commanded the respect and 
esteem of his fellow tradesmen, whose character as a public oflficer 
was above suspicion, and who as a man has left a void which will 
long remain unfilled, therefore 

"Resolved, That while the shadow of the grave hides all his 
faults if any ever existed, and while his virtues grow brighter from 
the knowledge that we shall see him no more on this earth forever, 
we mourn the departure of Bro. Mack, one of our most enterprising 
citizens, and condole with the family of the deceased and his stricken 
relatives, who knew him more intimately than the world, and loved 
him more fully and entirely. 

"Resolved, That, as a sense of our loss as an order, and our 

Fifth Generation. 401 

sympathy with the bereaved friends, that a copy of these resolutions 
be presented them, entered on our minutes and published. 

"(Sgd.) M. R. Barnard, N. G. 
"(Sgd.) E. R. Terry, Sec'y." 

He died Sept. 10, 1855. She died Dec. 19, 1896. Residence 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

14811. Joshua F. Born Oct. 13, 1827. Died Nov. 6, 1828. 

14812. Susan Maria. Born June i, 1830. Married Henry Fitch 
Hibbard. 15720. 

14813. Horace. Born Sept. 26, 1833. 15700. 

14814. Eliza Ann. Born March 3, 1836. Unmarried. Died, June 13, 
1894, at Ithaca. 

14815. Mary Eleanor. Born Dec. 31, 1838. Assistant Librarian of 
Cornell Free Library many years. Unmarried, Residence, 
1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

14S16. Stephen Ferris. Born July 10, 1841. 15710. 

14817. Frances Louisa. Born March 7, 1844. Died June 29, 1845. 

14818. Ebenezer. Born Dec. 6, 1846. Died vSept. 5, 1851. 

14825. John Carmichael. He was born Aug. 12, 1795, '^^ 
Johnstown, N. Y. He married (ist), Dec. 25, 1824, Maria J. Mack. 
1 402 1, He removed from Johnstown to Owego, N. Y., in 18 19. 
He was a jeweller at Owego till the great fire of 1839. He was 
Village Collector, 1825-34. Assessor four years. Treasurer of 
Tioga County, N. Y., 1837. Treasurer of the Tioga County Agri- 
cultural Society, 1842-6. 

At the time of his death the "Owego Gazette" said : 

'•Again we are called upon to record the death of one of Owego's 
oldest and most respected citizens. John Carmichael died at his 
residence on Church Street at six o'clock yesterday morning in the 
eighty-third year of his age, after an illness of several months. 

"Mr. Carmichael was born at Johnstown, Montgomery (now 
Fulton) County, August 12, 1795. At the age of sixteen years he 
went to Albany and commenced an apprenticeship to learn the trade 
of a jeweller and watchmaker. He came to Owego on the 31st day 
of October, 18 19, and hired a shop in Caldwell Row, a wooden 
block of stores which occupied the ground on which the western 


402 History of the Mack Family. 

portion of the Ahwaga House now stands, and commenced business 
as a jeweller. In 1835 he built a store on the ground now occupied 
by the Tioga National Bank where he continued to conduct a suc- 
cessful jewelry business until his building was destroyed in the 
great fire of September, 1849. As he was in poor health at that 
time, he retired permanently from active business, being succeeded 
by his sons, who continued the business in Lake Street. 

"Mr. Carmichael was twice married — first on the 25th of Decem- 
ber, 1824, to Maria Mack (daughter of Judge Stephen Mack, 
deceased) who died Sept. 22, 1829; afterward, June 10, 1835, to 
Harriet Ely, who survives him. 

"Mr. Carmichael was the first Collector of the Village of Owego 
at the time of its organization in 1827 and was elected every year 
thereafter to 1834 inclusive. He was also one of the Village 
Assessors in 1845, 1851, 1852 and 1853. 

"Mr. Carmichael has been an active, conscientious and useful 
citizen. In business affairs he has been scrupulously correct. A 
man of kind and amiable sentiments and feelings, he was universally 
esteemed. He was for many years a faithful member of the Pres- 
byterian Church and he lived and. died a true Christian. He leaves 
a wife and one son, Mr. Charles S. Carmichael." 

He died April 24, 1878. She died Sept. 22, 1829. 

Children : 

14826. Charles Stephen. Born Jan. 22, 1S26. 15730. 

14827. Horace Mack. Born Feb. 8, 1829. Jeweller. Died Sept. 24, 1866. 

14850. Luther Harvey Cary. (Richard^, Joseph'.) 14051. 
He was born Feb. 19, 1800, at WiUiamsburg, Mass. He married, 
Dec. 16, 182 1, Lucy Doolittle (daughter of Calvin Doolittle of Little 
Valley, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y.) She was born April 25, 1794, in 
Wallingford, Vt. Residence Boston, Erie Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

Graduated at Geneva Medical College, 

[S27, at Boston, N. Y. 15740. 


Dr. Luther Harvey. Gra 



Van Rensselaer. 15735- 


Richard L. Born Feb. 11, 


Talcott P. 


Amzi B. 



Fifth Generation. 403 

14860. Hon, Truman Gary. (Asa*, Joseph'.) 14061. He 
was born in 1792. He married. Lieutenant Golonel in the State 
Mihtia. Resigned about 1824. To\\'n Glerk of Boston, 182 1-2, 
1824-5, 1838. Supervisor, 1823 and 1826. Member of Assembly, 
1837. He Uved to be over 85 years of age. Residence Boston, 
Erie County, N. Y. 

Children : 

14861. D. A. Town Clerk, 1S62-3. Supervisor, 1S64-6. 

14862. Truman S. Supervisor, 1868-9. 

14870. Hon. Matthew^ Smith. (Matthew3,Matthew=,Matthew'.) 
14071. (Matthew Smith (11910), his great-grandfather, was born 
in 1684, at Lyme, Gonn., and removed to East Haddam, Conn. He 
married Sarah Mack. 11802. He died Dec. 6, 1751. Children: 
I. Mary. Married Joseph Gone. 2. Ruth. Married Jared Cone. 3. 
Lydia. Married Josiah Arnold. 4. Sarah. Married Thomas Rogers. 
5. Susanna. Married Nehemiah Tracy. 6. Elizabeth. Unmarried. 
7. Thomas. Married Hannah Gates. 8. Matthew, Jr. (12645.) 
Born in 1722 at East Haddam, Conn. He married, Jan. 16, 1745, 
Sarah Church. Children: i. Asa. Unmarried. 2. Elizabeth. 
Married Oliver Ackley. 3. Matthew, 3d. (14070.) 4. Azariah. 
Unmarried. 5. Jeremiah. Married Temperance Comstock. 6. 
Calvin. Married Anna Anable. 7. Sarah. Married John Park. 
Matthew, 3d, (14070) was born May 12, 1753, at East Haddam, 
Conn. Married (ist), in December, 1777, Asenath Anable ; (2nd), 
July 30, 1826, Mrs. Elizabeth (Percival) Gates. Justice of the 
Peace. Selectman, 1787-8; 1791-5 ; 1799-1803; 1806. He died 
July 30, 1833, at Middlefield, Mass. Children (all by his first wife) : 
I. Anna. Died young. 2. Azariah. Died young. 3. Anna. Married 
Clark Martin. 15416. 4. Azariah. 14495. Married Zilpah Mack. 
13024. 5. Matthew, 4th. 14870. 6. Joseph. Married Sophia 
Wattles. 7. John. Unmarried. 8. Asenah. Unmarried. 9. Samuel. 
14890.) He was born Aug. 25, 1787, at Middlefield, Mass. He 
married, Dec. 2, 1813, Betsey Ward. Lieutenant in the War of 1812 
and went to the defence of Boston. He was afterwards a Captain. 
Selectman, 182 1-7. Representative, 1832-3; 1844. Member of 
School Committee. He died March 20, 1855. Residence Middle- 
field, Mass. 

404 History of the Mack Family. 

Children : 

14871. Matthew. Born Sept. 13, 1814. 15900 — 176. 

14872. John. Born March iS, 1816. 15900 — 190. 

14873. Eliza. Married E. T. Spencer. 

14874. Asenath. Married Elisha Strong. 

14875. Azariah. 

14876. Benjamin F. 

14877. Mary Ann. 

14878. Sally. Married Charles Wright. 

14879. Mary Ann. Married Albert Smith. Selectman, 18S0. Resi- 
dence Middlefield, Mass. 

14880. Elmira. Unmarried. 

14890. Hon. Samuel Smith. (Matthew^, Matthew^, Matthew'.) 
14073. He was born Aug. 28, 1797, at Middlefield, Mass. He married, 
July 10, 1822, Lucina Metcalf (daughter of John Metcalf and Lucina 
Root of Middlefield, Mass., formerly of Herkimer, N. Y.) He was 
noted for his enterprise and devotion to religion. Selectman, 1828- 
31; 1835; 1838-40; 1844. Representative, 1839. Member of 
School Committee, 1838; 1841-5. He died Sept. 27, 1877. Resi- 
dence Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

14891. Judson. Born June 28, 1S37. 15413. 

14892. Edward Payson. Born Jan. 20, 1840. 15414. 

14893. Samuel. Selectman, 1863. Member of School Committee, 


14894. Metcalf J. Born Nov. 18, 1837. 15415. 

14895. Azariah Lawrence. Born Nov. 18, 1837. '15415 — 15. 

14896. Lucy. Graduated at Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 1844. Registered 
from Middlefield, Mass. Teacher, 1844-67. Married in 1867, 
Ambrose Newton, of Prairie Du Chien, Wis. He died in 1878. 
She resided in 1877 at Middlefield, Mass. 

14897. Sarah. Graduated at Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 1844. Teacher. 
Married in 1856, Dewitt Gardner, Esq. Residence 1S77, Ful- 
ton, N. Y. 

1489S. Anna. Born Nov. iS, 1837. Graduated at Mt. Holyoke Semi- 
nary, 1846. Married Solomon Francis Root. 15900 — 165. 
14S99. Son. 

14900. Gen. David Mack. (David^ Elisha^ Josiah', John'.) 
13018. 14480. He was born Feb. 17, 1778, at Middlefield, Mass. 
He married (ist), March 2, 1803, Independence Pease. She was 
born Aug. 25, 1776. She died April 13, 1809. He married (2nd), 

Fifth Generation. 405 

Jan. 14, 1812, Mary Ely. She was born Feb. 4, 1787. She died 
Dec. 15, 1842. He married (3d), May 16, 1844, Harriet (Parsons) 
Washburn. She was born Aug. 6, 1793. Justice of the Peace. 
Postmaster. He was one of the only seven men who voted to 
support the government in the War of 181 2 in the town meeting of 
July 13, 1812. He and Lieutenant James Dickson (father of 
Andrew Dickson, grandfather of Hon. Andrew Dickson White, Pres- 
ident of Cornell University and Ambassador to Germany) and 
Lieutenant Matthew Smith, were appointed in November, 1787, a 
committee, by the town, to apply to the General Court for a commit- 
tee to fix the place for the meeting house. The same committee, 
who seem to have been called in to cut Gordian Knots, was appointed 
to decide the question of seating the church. They were instructed 
to "Dignify the seats according to a compound ratio of the age and 
valuation of the persons to be seated. Five years of age were to be 
equal to ;^i. By this "Dignification" age and wealth would have 
seats on the broad isle. (He had no son, Eli Thornton Mack, as 
stated in 14484.) He died Sept. 9, 1854. Harriet (Parsons) Wash- 
bum died May 21, 1874. Residence Middlefield, and Amherst, Mass. 

Children : 

14901. David. Bom May 23, 1804. 144S3. 15750. 

14902. Julia. Born April 27, 1806. 14482. Married Rev. Moody 
Harrington. 14482. 15765. 

14903. Lyman. Born Oct 21, 1807. Died Aug. 21, 1817. 

14904. Nathaniel Ely. Born Dec. 28, 1813. Died Jan. 4, 1814. 

14905. Samuel Ely. Born Nov. 8, 18 15. 1448 1. 15755. 
14906: Lyman Pease. Born Feb. 9, 1818. Died Oct. 22, 1822. 

1 49 10. John Talcott Mack. (David^ Elisha^ Josiah^ John'.) 
13020. He was born Aug. 23, 1781, at Middlefield, Mass. He 
married (ist), March 5, 1805, Lydia Randall. She was born Dec. 
25, 1778. She died Oct. 30, 1817. He married (2nd), Dec. 17, 
1818, Tirzah Chapin. She was born Oct. 4, 1783. She died May 
22, 1863. He died April 16, 1858. Residence Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

14911. Betsey. Bom Feb. 27, 1806. Died Feb. 24, 1816. 

14912. Lucy. Born Jan. 14, 1808. Married George Foote. 15781. 

14913. William. Born April 22, 1810. 15771. 

14914. John Talcott. Born Aug. 2, 181 2. 15772. 

4o6 History of the Mack Family. 

14915. Mary. Born Aug. 17, 18(5. Died Oct. 8, 1841. 

14916. Lydia Randall. Born Aug. 31, 1819. Married Clark T. Lj'man. 

14917. Dwight. Born July 26, 182 1. 

14918. Lyman. Born April 10, 1823. 15774. 

14919. Catharine. Born May 24, 1826. 

14920. James Wallace. Born April 17, 1828. 15777. 

14921. Jane Maria. Born Oct. 3, 1830. Residence, 1878, Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

14925. Hon. Elisha Mack. (David", Elisha^, Josiah^ John'.) 
1302 1. 14490. He was born May 26, 1783. He married (ist), 
Oct. 7, 1 813, Catherine Sewall Orne. She was born in September, 
1780. She died Dec. 24, 1818. He married (2nd), Nov. 28, 1820, 
Harriet Clarke (daughter of Rev. John Clarke, D. D., of the first 
church of Boston, Mass.) She was born March 12, 1792, in Boston, 
Mass. He died Dec. 9, 1852. She died in Salem. Residence 
Salem, Mass. 

Children : 

14926. Dr. William. Bom Aug. 11, 1814. 14492. Residence, 1878, 
Salem, Mass. He died about 1898. 

14927. Mary Catharine. Born Sept. 25, 1816. 14491. Married Dr. 
Henry Wheatland. 15315. 

14928. Esther C. Born Sept. 25, 182 1. Residence, 1878, Salem, Mass. 

14929. Harriet O. Born Jan. 31, 1827. Died March 15, 1879, ^^ 
Salem, Mass. 

14935. Jacob Robbins. He was born Jan. 7, 1768, in Con- 
necticut. He married, Sept. 17, 1794, Lois Mack. 13017. He 
removed from Middlefield, Mass., to Warren, N. Y. He died Feb. 
22, 1855. She died July 20, 1862. Residence Warren, Herkimer 
Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

14936. Samuel. Born Jul}- 24, 1795, at Middlefield, Mass. 15795. 

14937. Philander. Born Jan. 12, 1798, at Warren, N. Y. 15S00. 

14938. Percy. Born Oct. 22, 1800. Died Aug. 12, 1801. 

14939. Luna. Born March 15, 1802. Died April 28, 1823. 

14940. David Talcott. Bom Dec. 25, 1803. 15803. 

14941. Linus. Born May 10, 1806. 15814. 

14942. Polina. Born March 9, 1808. Married Henry Sturdevant. 


14943. Eber. Born June 6, iSio. Died Aug. 10, 181 o. 

Fifth Generation. 407 

14944. Elisha. Born March 9, 1S12. 15S21. 

14945. Lyman. Born Nov. 2, 1815. 15827. 

14946. Benjamin. Born Nov. 13, 1817. 15831. 

14950. Maj. Ichabod Emmons. (Nephew and brother-in-law 
of Ebenezer Emmons. 14503.) He was born Sept. 6, 1779, at 
East Haddam, Conn. He married, Dec. 9, 1799, Mindwell Mack. 
13019. Major in the State Militia. Representative in the Mass. 
Legislature several terms. He died April 26, 1839. She died June 
23, 1862. Residence Hinsdale, Mass. 

Children : 

14951. Monroe. Born Feb. 11, 1800. 15850. 

14952. Noadiah. Born July 5, 1802. 15860. 

14953. Eliza. Born May II, 1804. Married John Cady. 15865. 

14954. Laura. Born July 3, 1810. Married Augustus C. Frissell. 15870. 

14955. Emily. Born June 2, 1815. Married Lyman Payne. 15880. 

14956. Mary. Born March 20, 1823. Married J. J. Warren. 15890. 

14960. Isaac Clark. He was born Aug. 13, 1779, at Becket, 
Mass. He married, April 17, 1806, Anna Mack. 13022. He died 
Sept. 21, 1837. She died Nov. 27, 1857, at Aurora, Ohio. Resi- 
dence Windham, Ohio. . 

Children : 

14961. David. Born Aug. 13, 1S08. Died Sept. 15, 1808, at Becket, Mass. 

14962. Isaac Mack. Born Aug. 13, 1808. 15900 — i. 

14963. Mary Ann. Born June 17, 1811. Married Horace Campbell 
Taylor. 15900 — 10. 

14964. Edward Freeman. Bom Jan. 16, 1814. 15900 — 15. 

14965. Julia Maria. Born Oct. 9, 1826. Died Sept. 24, 1828. 

14968. Jo.SEFH Eggleston. He was born July 6, 1779. at 
Middlefield, Mass. He married Anna (Mack) Clark. 13022. He 
died Nov. 26, 1872, at Aurora, Ohio. She died Nov. 27, 1857. No 

14970. Hon. Uriah Church. (Hon. Uriah Church. Repre- 
sentative, 1808.) 14540. He was born April 30, 1785. He married, 
Jan. II, 1810, Phebe Mack. 13023. Manufacturer of woolen goods 
on an extensive scale. (He had no daughter, Julia Mack Church, as 
mentioned in 14542.) Representative, 1845. Residence Middle- 
field, Mass. 


History of the Mack Famfly. 



Sumner Uriah. Born Now 17, 1810. 15380. 

James Tallmadge. Born Sept. 12, 1813. 15900—25. 

Lyman. Born Aug. 4, 1815. 15900 — 35. 

Wihiam Fuller. Born Feb. 28, 1S18. 14541. 15900 — 45. 

Caroline. Born June i, 1820. Died Sept. 11, 182 1. 

Oliver. Born March 12, 1822. 15900 — 50. 

14980. Hon. Azariah Smith. 12647. 14072. 14495. ^^ 
married, Aug. 29, 181 1, Zilpah Mack. 13024. She died March 14, 
187 1, at Manlius, N. Y. (He had no son, Charles Hatch Smith, as 
mentioned in 14497.) 

Children : 





Calvin. Born April 17, 1812. Died Nov. 9, 1812. 

John Calvin. Born Sept. 14, 1813. 15900 — 60. 

Azariah. Born Sept. 19, 1815. Died Sept. 13, 1816. 

Azariah. Born Feb. 16, 1817. 15316. 

Charles. Born July 13, 1818. 15900 — 65. 

Mary. Born July 21, 1820. Died Aug. i, 1821. 

William Manlius. Born Sept. 26, 1823. 15317. 

Zilpha. Born April i, 1825. She was educated at Mrs. Emma 

Willard's School, Troy, N. Y. Married Walter Storm. 15900—75. 

14990. Selden Spencer. He was born Feb. 10, 1790, at 
Middlefield, Mass. He married, May 13, 1813, Lucy Mack. 13025. 
He died March 24, 1827, at Northampton, Mass. She died Dec. 
9, 1841, at Hinsdale, Mass. Residence Hinsdale, Mass. 

Children : 







Harriet. Born April 2r, 1814. Married Henry Hinsdale. 
15900 — 120. 

Maria. Born Feb. 11, 1816. Died Dec. 13, 1832. 
John White. Born March 11, 1817. 15900—90. 
George. Born Aug. 14, 1818. He is engaged in mining. 
Residence, 1878, Helena, Mon. 
James. Born Nov. 26, 1819. Died July 3, 1820. 
Julia. Born Junes, 1821. Married Dr. Ashman H. Taylor. 

Eliza. Born June 5, 1821. Married James H. Moseley. 15900 — 

Lucy. Born Oct. 30, 1822. Died Aug. 11, 1S40. 
Selden. Born Nov. 18. 1823. 15900 — no. 

Fifth Generation. 409 

15000. Geor(;e W. McElwain. He was born May 4, 1783. 
He married, June 10, 1817, Hannah Mack. 13026, He died July 
18, 1861. She died Nov. 20, 1836. No children. Residence 
Middlefield, Mass. 

15010. William Elder. 14520. He was born May 5, 1789, 
at Chester, Mass. He married, Sept. 5, 1815, Abigail Mack. 13027. 
He died Oct. 17, 1865. She died July 5, 1840. Residence Cort- 
land, N. Y. 

Children : 

15011. :Marett Abigail. Born June 17, 1S17. Married Rev. Lemuel 
Strong Pomeroy. 15400. 

15012. Corinth Smith. Born Jan. 24, 1S20. Married Rev. Azariah 
Smith, Jr. 153 16. 

15013. William. Born Sept. 3, 1821. Died Sept. 5, 1821. 

15014. Theresah Mary. Born Dec. 4, 1823. Married Dr. Theodore 
Clapp Pomeroy. 15900 — 140. 

15015. I-lora Patience. Born June 24, 1825. Died Aug. 10, 1825. 

15016. Madorah Jenett. Born April 26, 1827. Married Rev. Addison 
K. Strong. 15900 — 150. 

15020. Hon. Solomon Root. 14530. He was born Feb. 8, 
1 79 1, at Middlefield, Mass. He married, March 16, 18 15, Laura 
Mack. 13028. Postmaster. Town Treasurer. Deacon in Baptist 
Church. He was a non-commissioned officer in the War of 18 12. 
He died Dec. 24, 1874. She resided in 1883 at Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

15021. Laura Mack. Born March 11, 1816. Married Lewis Dwight 
Boise. 15900 — 170. 

15022. Maria Delight. Born Dec. 31, 1817. Married Matthew Smith. 

15023. Elvira. Born Sept. 24, 1819, at Richmond, Mass. Married 
John Smith. 15900 — 190. 

15024. Solomon Francis. Born Aug. 31, 1826. 15900 — 165. 

Sixth GrEisrERi^Tioisr. 

15300. Henry Quincy Mack. (Enoch^, Elisha-*, Josiah^, 
John-, John'.) 14421. He was born in 1829. He married, in 
1872, Mary E. Janes. Residence, 1901, Catskill Station, Columbia 
Co., N. Y. 

15315. Henry Wheatland. (Richard Wheatland and Martha 
Goodhue.) He was born Jan. 11, 181 2, at Salem, Mass. He grad- 
uated at Harvard College, A. B., 1832, and the Harvard Medical 
School, 1837. He married, Feb. 3, 1858, Mary C. Mack. 14491. 
He never engaged actively in the practice of medicine. He early 
became interested in the study of natural history, and both in the 
neighborhood of his home and during voyages for his health to 
South America and Europe, he made extensive collections, which 
have enriched the cabinets of the scientific institutions of Salem. He 
was chosen superintendent of the museum of the East Indian Marine 
Society in 1837, and held that office till 1848, when, chiefly through 
his efforts, the Essex County Natural History Society and the Essex 
Historical Society — he being an active member of both societies — 
became united as the Essex Institute, to the build-up of which he 
has since untiringly given the greater portion of his life, and of 
which he is now the President. He is one of the original trustees of 
the Peabody Academy of Science and its Vice President, a trustee of 
the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethology of 
Cambridge and a member of the principal scientific and historical 
societies of the country. He died Feb. 27, 1893. No children. 
Residence Salem, Mass. 

1 53 1 6. Dr. Azariah Smith. (Azariah-*, Matthew^, Matthew^ 
Matthew'.) 14498. 14984. He was born in Manlius, N. Y., Feb. 

Sixth Generation. 411 

16, 1817 ; died in Aintab, Asia Minor, June 3, 1851. He was grad- 
uated at Yale, A. B., 1837, and M. D., 1840 ; (he did not graduate at 
New York Central College as stated in 14497 ;) studied theology, 
and in 1842 embarked for western Asia as a missionary. He arrived 
in Smyrna in January, 1843, "lade numerous journeys into the interior, 
and was the travelling companion of Sir Austin Henry Layard. Sub- 
sequently when Asiatic cholera raged there, he successfully practiced 
among the sufferers. He settled at Aintab in 1848, and taught and 
preached there until his death. He wrote several valuable papers on 
meteorology and Syrian antiquities for the American Journal of Sci- 
ence. She died Sept. 8, 1888. 

Children : 

15316 — I. Zilpha Abigail. Born Sept. 29, 1S50. Died Oct. 7, 1S50, in 

Aintab, Syria. 
15316 — 2. Azariah. Born Feb. 19, 1S52. Died Feb. 19, iS52, in Aintab, 


15317. Dr. WiLLi.-wi Manlius Smith. (Azariah,^ Matthew\ Mat- 
thew,- Matthew'.) 14496. 14987. He was born Sept. 26, 1823, at Man- 
lius, N. Y. Prepared at Manlius Academy and graduated at Yale Col- 
lege, A. B., 1844. Member of Scroll and Ke> college fraternity. He 
studied medicine with Dr. William Tully of New Haven, Conn., and 
Dr. Alden March of Albany, N. Y. Student in Albany Medical 
College, 1845-6. Graduated at University of Pennsylvania, M. D., 
1S49. He married, Aug. 6, 1847, Frances L. Hall of New Haven, 
Conn. He engaged in practice of medicine at Syracuse, N. Y., 
1848-9 ; at Manlius, N. Y., 1851-72. Professor of Pharmacy, New 
York College of Pharmacy, 1872-3. He has followed chemical 
pursuits since 1875. Physician to Sing Sing State Prison, 1874-5. 
Professor of Chemistry and Botany, College of Medicine, Syracuse 
University, since 1876. Secretary of New York Medical Society 
from 1877. He has published "Toxicological Contributions" in 
Transactions of New York State Medical Society, 1864 ; "Unofficial 
Iodides," ibid, 1865; "Conium maculatum," ibid, 1869. He died 
in igoo. Residence, 1887, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Children : 

1531S. Dulles. Born May 17, 1848. Died in September, 184.9. 
'53 '9- Mary. Born in October, 1850. Died in March, 18.59. 

412 History of the Mack Family. 

15320. Zilpha. Born Aug. 4, 1852. Married Lewis S. Tripp. 

15321. Hattie. Born Nov. 4, 1854. Residence, 1901, Syracuse, N. Y. 

15322. Azariah. Born Aug. 7, 1856. Died Feb. 23, 1887, at Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

15323. Aulus. Born July 18, 1858. Printer. Removed, about 1901, 
to California. 

15324. Walter. Born Feb. 7, i860. Instructor in Chemistry, Syracuse 
University, 1880-2. Died Dec. 11, 1888, at Syracuse, N. Y. 

15325. Newton C. Born Aug. 21, 1862. 

15326. Allen M. Born June 26, 1864. 

15327. Clara. Born Feb. 5, 1866. 

15328. Louisa. Born July 18, 1868. 

15329. Ludlow H. Born Aug. 7, 1870. Student in Syracuse LTniver- 
sity, 1890. 

15330. Justus Browning, He was born Dec. 27, 1794, in 
Peru, Mass. He married, March 20, 18 17, Mary Emmons. 14501. 
He died May i, 1820, on the way home from Nassau, just as the steamer 
was entering the harbor of New York. He was buried in Trinity 
Church yard. She died Sept. 10, 1822. 

Child : 

15331. Mary Smith. Born September 14, 1818. Married Milton 
Smith. 15900. 

15340. Timothy Root. He was born Dec. 4, 1793. He 
married, May 14, 18 18, Amanda Emmons. 14502. Selectman, 1844. 
He died March i, 1856. She died Dec. 31, 1867. No children. 
Residence Middlefield, Mass. 

15360. Prof. Ebenezer Emmons. (Ebenezer.) 14503. He 
was born May 16, 1799. He married Maria Cone. She was born Dec. 
28, 1 80 1. In his youth he was wild, but he became an excellent man. 
He entered Williams College when quite young, married before he 
graduated, studied medicine, first practiced in Chester, Mass., then 
South Williamstown, While there he had a call from Williamstown 
Center to take pins from the throat of a child, other physicians 
having failed. He succeeded so well that they invited him to come 
and settle there, and while there had the appointment of two profes- 
sorships, Geology and Chemistry. After some years he was 
appointed to make a geological survey of Ohio, and he was so 
successful that New York invited him to make a survey of that state. 
He removed to Albany, and while there, wrote several books on 

Sixth Generation. 413 

Geology, made the beginning of the best cabinet of minerals in that 
state. He surveyed North Carolina, found gold, purchased a large 
tract of land, he and his family spending part of the time in North 
Carolina and part in Albany. When the war broke out he was not 
permitted to leave, but was obliged to make powder for the rebels. 
Jeff. Davis sent for him to go to Richmond, to show them how to- 
make it, but Gov. Vance would not let him leave the state. He 
graduated at Williams College, A. B., 1818, and Berkshire Medical 
School, 1830. Lecturer on Chemistry, 1828-34 ; Professor of 
Natural History, 1833-59 ! Professor of Mineralogy and Geology, 
1859-63, at Williams College. Professor of Natural History and 
Obstetrics in Albany Medical College. State Geologist of New York, 

The National Cyclopedia of Biography says of him : 

'•Ebenezer Emmons, geologist, was born at Middlefield, Hamp- 
shire County, Mass., May 16, 1799, son of Ebenezer and Mary 
(Mack) Emrhons, nephew of the celebrated divine, Nathaniel 
Emmons, D. D., and descendant of an early settler of Connecticut. 
His father was a farmer, and between home duties and attending 
school he found a little time, when a boy, to spend in collecting 
insects and minerals, a taste he developed early. He was sent to 
Plainfield, Mass., to study under Rev. Moses Hallock, pastor of the 
Congregational Church there, who was famed as an educator, and 
had at various times, as members of his family and pupils, William 
Cullen Bryant, John Brown of Ossowotamie and James Henr>' Cofhn, 
the meteorologist. From Plainfield he went to Williams College 
where he had as instructors in science Amos Eaton and Chester 
Dewey, and was graduated in 18 18. He then entered the Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Institute at Troy, N. Y., and was graduated in 1826. 
In the same year he published a 'Manual of Mineralogy and Geology' 
for use as a text-book in the Institute. He now studied medicine at 
the Berkshire Medical School, and settled as a practitioner in 
Chester, Mass.; but in 1828 removed to Williamstown, Mass., and 
in the same year was appointed lecturer on Chemistry in the college. 
In 1833 his department was broadened, a chair of Natural History 
being founded, but he was retained at its head and remained pro- 
fessor of Mineralogy and Geology after the department was divided 

414 History of the Mack Family. 

in 1859, serving until his death. From 1830 until 1839 ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ 
additional position of junior professor in the Rensselaer Institute. 
Dr. Emmons carried on, at the same time, an extensive practice and 
rose to the head of his profession in Berkshire County. In 1836 he 
became connected with the geological survey of New York State, 
having been appointed by Gov. Marcy. He chose the second dis- 
trict, which included the Adirondack mountains, partly because that 
region abounded in minerals ; partly because it gave him an oppor- 
tunity to verify certain conclusions propounded by Professor Eaton 
in his lectures at Williams College. These related to a system of 
stratified rocks, constituting a subordinate range of the Appalachian 
system, and including the Berkshire, Mass., and Vermont limestones. 
Professor Emmons, in his geological report published in 1842, 
claimed that this system of rocks, which he named the Taconic, after 
the range to which belong Mt. Washington and Greylock, in Massa- 
chusetts, underlaid and was older than the Siluvian system. This 
opened a controversy with other geologists that continued up to the 
time of his death, and he was denounced and ridiculed unmercifully ; 
but his conclusions were strengthened by later discoveries and are 
now accepted, in part at least, by nearly all American geologists. In 
the latter part of 1842, by appointment of Gov. Seward, Prof. Emmons 
became custodian of the collections made by the survey, which had 
been arranged by Prof. Vanuxen and Prof. Hall at Albany, and 
aided the latter in completing the work in agriculture and paleontol- 
ogy. In 1843 1^^ g^^^ ^P paleontology to devote himself, by appoint- 
ment, to an investigation of the agricultural resources of New York 
State, and published five reports (1846-54) treating of the geology, 
climate, soils, agricultural products, insects injurious to vegetation, 
and allied subjects. He resigned his custodianship in 1848, and 
about the year 185 1 was appointed State Geologist of North Caro- 
lina, and, besides 'determining the probable age of the red sandstone 
belt that stretches from the Connecticut valley to North Carolina,' 
made important discoveries of fossils in the coal measures of the 
Deep and Dan rivers. Three volumes of reports were published 
(1856-60), one of these relating to the geology of the midland 
counties ; the other two to the agriculture of the eastern counties 
and to the science of agriculture in general. His published writings 
not already mentioned are: 'Toology of Massachusetts' (1840J, 

Sixth Generation. 415 

dealing with the quadrupeds ; 'American Geology' (1855); 'Manual 
of Geology' (1859). His name is borne by one of the Adirondack 
peaks and by the highest summit of East mountain in the Berkshire 
hills. He remained in North Carolina after the Civil War broke out, 
and died in Brunswick County in that state." 

He died Oct. i, 1863. His widow resided, in 1878, with her 
son, Ebenezer, in Albany, N. Y. 

Children : 

15361. Amanda. Married Elias V. B. Conklin. They have children. 

15362. Ebenezer. Married. Assistant State Geologist of Ne'^ York, 
1S37. Residence 1878, Albany, N. Y. 

15363. IMary. Married Chauncey Watson. Merchant. They have 
children. Residence, 1878, Albany, N. Y. 

15375. S.\MUEL Hamilton. He was born March 30, 1799, in 
Chester, Mass. He married, Nov. 22, 1826, Harmony Emmons. 
14505. His early life was spent in Chester, working on his father's 
farm. On the death of his father he went to Greenfield, N. Y.; was 
clerk in a store one year, after that time for ten years he laid stone 
wall in summer, and taught school in winter. After his marriage 
they lived one year in Chester, then removed to Hartford, Conn., 
and, in 1878, still resided there, being one of Hartford's wealthy 
men, and an active business man. No children. 

15380. Hon. Sumner Uriah Church. (Hon. Uriah Church.) 
He was born Nov. 17, 1810. He married, Sept. 27, 1837, Harriet 
Emmons. 14506. Manufacturer of wooden goods. Representative, 
1872. Residence, 1878, Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

15381. Sumner Ebenezer. Born Aug. 28, 1838. Died Oct. 19, 1838. 
153S2. Caroline. Born Sept. 4, 1839. Married Edwin McEl wain. 15930. 
15383- Mary Emmons. Born Aug. 2, 1843. She attended Mt. Holyoke 

Seminary, 1864. Residence, 1878, Middlefield, Mass. 
153S4. Harriet. Born Sept. 2, 1846. Married John W. Crane. 15940. 
15385. Corinth Mack. Born March 15, 1850. Died Dec. 29, 1856. 

15400. Rev. Lemuel Strong Pomeroy. He was born in 
1812. He graduated at Hamilton College, 1835, and Auburn 
Theological Seminary, 1836. Minister. He married. May 20, 
1837, Abigail Mack. 14521. He died Feb. 19. 1879, at Junius. N. Y. 

41 6 History of the Mack Family. 

She died July i8, 1852, at Otisco, N. Y. Residence, 187 1, Pompey 
Hill, N. Y. 

Children : 

15401. William Elder. Born May 24, 1838. Died Aug. 16, 1838. 

15402. Edward Payson. Born Aug. 17, 1839. 16080. 

15403. Abigail Theresa. Born July 19, 1841. Died June 28, 1843. 

15404. Mary Theresa. Born Aug. 27, 1843. Married (ist) Lieut. 
Almond L,. Clark. 16085. Married (2nd) William King 
Munson. 16090. 

15405. Willie Dwight. Born Sept. 12, 1845. Died Feb. 9, 1849. 

15406. Emma Corinth. Born July 19, 1850. Married Robert E. 
Goodwin. 16095. 

15407. Marett Abigail. Born July 14, 1852. Died July 20, 1852. 

15408. Ralph Gilbert Mack. (Samuel Augustus^, Ralph-*, 
John^, Josiah', John'.) 14586. (Ralph Mack (13050), his grand- 
father, died June 25, 1806, at Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N. Y. His 
wife was the daughter of Hon. Samuel Gilbert of Hebron, Conn, 
Children: i. John. Married Mrs. Cynthia Buchanen. 2. Welthy. 
3. Betsey. Married Bennet Rice. 4. Samuel Augustus. (14585.) 
Samuel Augustus Mack (14585), his father, was born Feb. 22, 1789. 
He married, June 18, 181 7, Thankful Bailey (daughter of Abraham 
Loomis Bailey.) Children: i. Ralph Gilbert. 2. Samuel Dwight. 
15410. 3. John Clinton. 4. Delia. Married Cornelius Battelle. 15 41 2. 
He died Feb. 20, 1864, at Watertown, N. Y.) He was born July 
26, 1818. He married, Sept. 23, 1842, May Colton (daughter of 
Heman Colton of Adams, Jefferson Co., N. Y.) Flour manufacturer. 
Residence Watertown, N. Y. 

Child : 

15409. Frances M. A. Born Aug. 22, 1846. Married Capt. Fayette 
Washington Roe, U. S. A. 15945. 

1 5410. Samuel Dwight Mack. (Samuel Augustus^, Ralphs 
John^, Josiah^ John'.) He married three times. He married, in 
1864, Sarah E. Dutton of Rutland, N. Y. She graduated at Mt. 
Holyoke Seminary, 1862. Residence, 1901, Watertown, N. Y, 

Child : 

15410 — r. Dr. George. Residence, 1901, Pleasantville, Westchester 
Co., N. Y. 


Sixth Generation. 417 

15411. John Clinton Mack.. (Samuel Augustus^, Ralphs 
John^, Josiah", John'.) He married Sophronia Terwilliger. 

Child : 
15411 — I. Delia. 

15412. Cornelius Battelle. He married Delia Mack. 15410. 
Child : 

15412 — I. Elizabeth. Married a Fletcher. Residence, 190 1, California. 

15413. Rev. Judson Smith, D, D. (SamueP, Matthew^, Mat- 
the\v% Matthew'.) 14891. He was born June 28, 1837, at Middle- 
field, Mass. He graduated at Amherst College, 1859, ^"*^ Oberlin 
Theological Seminary, 1863. Member of Psi Upsilon and Phi Beta 
Kappa College fraternities. He married, Aug. i, 1865, J. Augusta 
Bushnell of Hartford, Ohio. Tutor in Latin and Greek, Oberlin 
College, 1862-4. Instructor in Mathematics and Physics, Williston 
Seminary, 1864-6. Ordained Congregational Minister, 1866. Pro- 
fessor of Latin, Oberlin College, 1866-70. Professor of Ecclesiastical 
History, Oberlin Theological Seminary, 1870-84. Lecturer on 
Modern History, Oberlin College, 1875-84. Trustee of Oberlin 
College, Mt. Holyoke College and Williston Seminary. Associate 
Editor of Bibliotheca Sacra. Corresponding Secretary of American 
Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions since 1884. He 
visited missions of the board in Turkey in 1888, and those in China 
in 1898. Delegate to World's Missionary Conference, London, 1888. 
Delegate to Ecumenical Conference on Foreign Missions, 1900, and 
Chairman of General Committee of same. Author of Lectures in 
Church History and the History of Doctrine, 1881 ; Lectures in 
Modern History, 1881. He received the honorary degree of D. D. 
from Amherst College, 1877. Office 14 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 
Residence, 1901, 218 Walnut Ave., Roxbury, Mass. 

1 541 4. Prof. Edward Pavson Smith. (SamueP, Matthew\ 
Matthew% Matthew'.) 14892. He was born Jan. 20, 1840, at 
Middlefield, Mass. He graduated at Amherst College, 1865. He 
attended Oberlin Theological School and Andover Theological Sem- 
inary. Member of Psi Upsilon and Phi Beta Kappa College frater- 
nities. He married, Nov. 26, 1868, Julia Mack Church. She 
graduated at Mt. Holyoke Seminary, 1866. Principal of Hinsdale, 

41 8 History of the Mack Family. 

Mass., High School, 1865-7. Professor of Latin and Greek in 
WilUston Seminary, 1868-70. He studied and travelled in Europe, 
1870-1. He was licensed to preach in 187 1. He was in Europe 
for study of French, 1872. Professor of Modern Languages and 
Political Science in Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1889. He 
received the honorary degree of Ph. D. from Syracuse University, 
1888. He died in 1892. She resides, 1901, 67 Quincy St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Children : 

15414— I. Emily Lucy. Born Feb. 10, 1874. 
154 14— 2. Edward Church. Born Dec. 10, 1877. 

1 541 5. Hon. Metcalf J. Smith. (Samuel'*, Matthew^ Mat- 
thew^ Matthew'.) 14894. He graduated at New York Central 
College. Selectman, 1870-2 ; 1874-9; 1882-3. Member of School 
Committee, 1868-80; 1883. Residence, 1883, Middlefield, Mass. 

1 541 5 — 15. Rev. Azariah Lawrence Smith. (SamueP, 
Matthew^, Matthew^ Matthew'.) 14895. He was born Nov. 18, 
1837. He graduated at New York Central College. Teacher for 
thirty years in the public schools. Pastor of several churches in 
Missouri. Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mattock, Iowa, for 
several years. He has contributed both prose and verse to the 
periodical press and some of his poems have been given a place in 
standard works. Residence, 1883, Boston, Mass. 

15416. Clark Martin. (Thomas.) He was born Dec. 31, 
1779, ^t Washington, Mass. He married, June 19, 1806, Anna 
Smith. 14870. He died July 12, 1823. Residence Washington, 

Children : 

1 54 1 7. Anna. Married Elisha A. Wells. 

15418. Asenath. Married James Noble. 

15419. John Clark. Married Maria Louise Harper. 

15420. Thomas. Born Aug. 29, 1S18. 15950. 

15422. Orlando Mack. (Elisha^, Warren-*, Elisha^ Josiah=, 
John'.) 14553. He married, Jan. i, 1848, in Wayne. He died 
March 19, 1855. Residence Campbell, N. Y. 

Sixth Generation, 419 

Children : 

15423. Herman. 

15424. Elisha. Married and has children. Residence, 1901, Keuka 
Park, N. Y. 

15425. Margaret. 

15426. Elisha Mack. (Elisha=, Warren^ Eli.sha^ Josiah^ 
John'.) 14556. He married, March 20, 1850. He died June 21, 
1852. Residence Bath, N. Y. 

Child : 
15427. Jane. Married a Davis. 

15428. Horace Wheeler. He married, March 3, 1842, 
Rlioda Ann Mack. 14552. They are both dead. Residence 
Fremont, N. Y. 

Child : 
15429. Norman. Residence, 1901, Hornellsville, X. Y. 

15429 — 15. Silas Cotton. He was born Jan. 7, 1822. He 
married, Dec. 31, 1845, Sally Ann Mack. 14554. He died Sept. 
28, 1863. 

Child : 
15429 — 16. George E. Born Dec. 30, 1854. 16175. 

15430. John Warren Mack. (Elisha^, Warren-*, Elisha^ 
Josiah^ John'.) 14562. Born March 11, 1848, at Bath, N. Y. 
Graduated at Cornell University, B. S., 1872. He was a post- 
graduate student at Cornell University under Dr. Burt G. Wilder for 
one year. He attended Michigan University, 1874-5. Member of 
Delta Upsilon fraternity while in college. He married, Aug. i, 1877, 
Helen Jerusha Whaley (daughter of Alexander Whaley, Jr., M. D. 
and Jerusha Parker (daughter of Rev. Samuel Parker, who saved 
Oregon to the United States), Alexander Whaley, M. D., and Abi- 
gail Snow, Samuel Whaley and Olive Darrow, Alexander Whaley 
and Elizabeth Shaw, James and Margaret Whaley of Montville, 
Conn. Parker Family History. Robert Parker. Born about 1629. 
Came to America and settled at Barnstable, Mass. Married. Child- 
ren : I. Mary. Born 1658. 2. Samuel. Born 1659. 3. Alice. 
Born 1662. 4. Jane. Born 1664. 5. Thomas. Born 1669. 6. 
Daniel. Born 1670. 7. Joseph. Born 167 1. 8. Benjamin. Born 
1673. 9- Hannah. Born 1676. 10. Sarah. Born 1678. 11. 

420 History of the Mack Family. 

Elisha. Born 1680. 12. Alice. Born 1681. Benjamin. Born 1673 
Married. Children: i. Jacob. Born 1702. 2, Elisha. Born 1704 
3. Hannah. Born 1700-02. 4. Joseph. Born 1706. 5. Thankful 
Born 1708. 6. Hannah. Born 17 10. 7. Benjamin. Born 1712. 8 
Sarah. Born 17 15. 9. Rebecca. Born 17 17. Jacob. Born 1702 
Married. Children: i. Jabez. Born 1725. 2. Thomas. Born 
1729. 3. Hannah. Born 1731. 4. Benjamin. Born 1733. 5 
Rebecca. Born 1737. 6. Desire. Born 1742. 7. Jacob. Born 1746 
8. Elisha. Born 1747. Married. Children: i. Rebecca. Born 1767 
2. Sylvanus. Born 1769. 3. Apthia. Born 1774. 4. Thankful 
Born 1778. 5. Samuel. Born 1779. 6. Thomas. Born 1784 
Samuel. Born 1779. Married. Children: i. Jerusha. Married Alex 
Whaley. 2. Samuel. 3. Henry. Webster Family History. John' 
Webster came from Warwickshire, England, and was one of the 
early settlers of Hartford, Conn. He married Agnes. Robert" 
Webster. John^ W^ebster. DanieP Webster, Married Miriam 
Kellogg. Noah^ Webster. Married Mercy Steele (daughter of 
Eliphalet Steele.) Jerusha* Webster. Married Joel Lord. Jerusha 
Lord''. Married Rev. Samuel Parker.) Journalist and insurance 
agent. Instructor in Mathematics and French at Ithaca Academy, 
1872-3. Teacher of Higher Mathematics, French and German in 
Delaware Literary Institute, 1875-6. Principal of the Bloods Union 
School, 1876-7. Editor of the Bayonne Herald, 188 1-2. Editor 
and business manager of the Hornellsville Times, 1885-6. He was 
on the staff of the Farmers' Club Journal, 1887. Editor of the 
Hornellsville Times, 1888. Secretary of the Underwriters' Printing 
and Publishing Company. Chief of Division of Insurance Statis- 
tics, U. S. Census, 1890. Elder in Eastern Presbyterian Church of 
Washington, D. C. Senior Elder and Clerk of Sessions of Harlem 
Presbyterian Church. Author of the Whaley Record. (See Whaley 
Record.) He died Nov. 25, 1900, in New York City. Residence 
New York City. 
Children : 
15431. Wilfred Whaley. Born April 17, 1879, at Ithaca, N. Y. Grad- 
uated at Grammar School No. 89 in New York City, 1895 ; 
attended the College of the City of New York, 1895-7 ; gradu- 
ated at Ithaca, N. Y., High School, 1898 ; and attended Cornell 
University, 1898-1901. He is now on the staff of the New 
York Sun. 

Sixth Generation. 421 

15432. Lawrence Alexander. Born Aug. 31, 1883, at Hornellsville, N. 
Y. Graduated at Grammar School No. 89 in New York City, 
1898 ; was the highest scholar in New York City for that year 
and was Valedictorian of his class ; attended the Morris (now 
Peter Cooper) High School, New York City, 1898-1900 ; and is 
now attending Ithaca High School. 

15433. David. Born July i6, 1891. Died Aug. i, 1892, at Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

15435. Francis Mack. (Orlando^, ()rlando^ Orlando', Orlando^ 
John'.) 14591. He married. They had several children. He died. 

Child : 

15436. Daughter. Married. Her husband is a wealthy banker or 
broker. Residence, 1901, Jackson, Mich. 

15440. Hon. Henry H. Lawrence. He was born at Penn 
Yan, N. Y. He married Sarah Mack. 14602. He went to Cali- 
fornia in the early mining days and returned home and married. 
Assayer United States Mint at San Francisco, Cal,, for many years 
and until about 1895. They had several children. Residence 
Oakland, Cal. 

Child : 

15441. Son. Married Cynthia Morehouse. 
15450. Henry Wright. He married Susan Mack. 14603. 
They had several children. He died. She resides, 1901 , Groton, N, Y. 

Child : 

1 545 1. Henry I,. Editor and proprietor of the Groton and Lansing 
Journal several years. He is now, 1901, editor of the Clifton 
Springs (N. Y.) Press. 

15480. Luther B. Myers. (Andrew-, Andrew'.) 146 15. He 
was born Dec. 10, 1820. He married, April 6, 1848, Margaret A. 
Lawhead. He was one of the volunteers who fought the bush- 
whackers in the Rocky Mountains in the summer of 1863, He has 
owned and operated a flouring mill for many years. Residence, 1901, 
Ludlowville, N. Y. 

Children : 

15481. Alice Mandana. Born Jan. 8, 1S49. Married Albert Aimsley 
Cowing. 15960. 

15482. Minnie Louise. Born Dec. 14, 1855. 

422 History of the Mack Family. 

15490. Lorenzo Myers. (Andrew^ Andrew'.) 146 18. He 
was born Nov. 17, 1826. He married, July 3, 1850, Charlotte H. 
Sperry (daughter of Alvah J. Sperry.) Town Clerk, 1869-70. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Ludlowville, N. Y. 

Children : 

15491. Polly. Died in infancy or childhood. 

15492. Frances. Died in infancy or childhood. 
15493- Hattie. Died in infancy or childhood. 

i55°o- John Henry Myers. (Andrew^ Andrew'.) 14619. 
He was born Sept. 30, 1828. He married Margaret Clark (daughter 
of William Clark.) He died Oct. 6, 1898, at Ludlowville, N. Y. 
She resides, 1901, Ludlowville, N. Y. 

Children : 

15501. Florence. Born about 1878. 

15502. Bessie. Died at the age of 6 or 7 years in California. 

155 ID. Charles Myers. (Andrew^ Andrew'.) 14620. He 
was born Sept. 24, 1830. He married, Dec. 9, 1862, Adeline E. 
Bennett. She was born Dec. 9, 1841. Soldier in the Civil War. 
Private, Co. D., 143d Regt. N. Y. Vols. Enlisted Sept. 16, 1863. 
Honorably discharged in 1865. Residence, 1901, Porcupine, Wis. 

Children : 

15511. Ben. Born April ]o, 1863. 15990. 

15512. Abbie M. Born Aug. 31, 1866. Married a Donley. 15970. 
15513- George K. Born Oct. 27, 1869. 15980. 

I55H- Charles H. Born March 28, 187 1. Died July 4, 189S. 
15515- Iva I. Born Dec. 28, 1879. Married a Doonspike. 15995. 
15516. Florence E. Born Oct. 26, 1883. Married, June 5, 1901, a 

15517- Leon R. Born July 22, 1885. 

15525. Benjamin Colyer Myers. (Andrew-, Andrew'.) 14622. 
He was born July 16, 1835. He married Eliza Slocum (daughter of 
Abner Slocum). He has been owner and proprietor of a flouring 
mill for several years. Residence Harford Mills, Cortland Co., N.Y. 

Children : 

15526. Alice Mandana. Born Sept. 26, 1875. She studied medicine 
with Dr. Edward D. Leonard and attended Cleveland Medical 
College (Homeopathic), 1S94-5. She is now, 1901, attending 
the Ithaca Conservatory of Music. 

15527. Arthur Albert. Born Sept. 20, 1890. 

Sixth Generation. 423 

15535. Robert Mills. He married Eliza Myers. 14614. 
He removed from Ludlowville, N. Y., to Watkins, N. Y. He was 
the owner and proprietor of the steam flouring mills at Watkins, N. 
Y., several years. He later removed to Lucas, Kansas, where he 
owned and operated a grain elevator several years. She died in 
March, 1896. Residence Lucas, Kan. 

Children : 

15536. Adalbert. Died young. 

15537- Duane. Died young. 

15538- Charles R. Born in 1844. He owns and operates a grain 
elevator. Married Mary Phillips of Watkins, N. Y. She died. 
No children. Residence, 1901, Lucas, Kan. 

15550. Dr. Levi H. Fenner. He was born at Delaware 
Water Gap, Pa. He married, April 8, 1841, Arvilla Myers. 146 16. 
He was one of the "Forty Niners" who went to California and 
accumulated a moderate fortune after a five years' stay. He returned 
home and studied medicine and graduated at the Cleveland Medical 
College. Homeopathic physician. Captain in the New York State 

At the time of his death a Norwalk, Ohio, newspaper said of him : 
"The many friends of Dr. L. H. Fenner will receive the intelli- 
gence of his death with deep regret. He died in Cleveland last 
Wednesday night. He had been in poor health about two months, 
and a short time previous to his death he took up his abode at the 
Cleveland Water-Cure, hoping to be benefited by Hydropathic treat- 
ment. But all efforts were unavailing, and he has been cut down in 
the full vigor of manhood. 

"Dr. Fenner came to Norwalk a little more than a year ago and 
became associated with Dr. Tifft in the practice of medicine. His 
correct and gentlemanly deportment, together with the strict atten- 
tion which he paid to the practice of his profession, caused him to be 
highly esteemed by our citizens generally. In his death, we feel 
that our town has lost one of its best inhabitants." 

When he and his companions started from New York City they 
purchased the ship Comorro in which they made the journey around 
Cape Horn to San Francisco. He engaged in business there and 
bought the interests of his partners in the ship. He loaded the ship 

424 History of the Mack Family, 

with hides and started it for New York City, under Capt. Nathaniel 
Gorden. The Captain threw the hides overboard and sailed for the 
coast of Africa and engaged in the slave trade, Mrs, Fenner corre- 
sponded with the American Consul at Rio Janeiro, Brazil, and the 
Captain was arrested, tried, convicted and executed. She was chiefly 
instrumental in securing his conviction. 

The following is a copy of a document in connection with the 
affair which proves the value of her testimony at the trial : 

"U, S, Marshal's Office, 
"Southern District of New York. 
"New York, July 3rd, 1866. 
"I certify that previous to the Execution of Nathaniel Gordon, 
the African Slave Trader, in this City, in February, 1862, I delivered 
to President Lincoln certain papers furnished me by Mrs. Fenner, 
disclosing the fact, that Gordon had stolen the Brig 'Camargo,' be- 
longing to her husband, and proceeded with her to the coast of 
Africa, and after taking on board a cargo of negroes, thence pro- 
ceeded to the coast of Brazil, After discharging the negroes and 
selling them, he burned the vessel, and made his escape in women's 
clothes. These papers were delivered to the President by me, about 
a week previous to Gordon's Execution, in order to prevent a com- 
mutation of his sentence, 

"RoBT. Murray, 
"Seal, U. S, Marshal." 

The New York Tribune of Dec. 17, 1868, said: 

"A writer in The Atlantic Monthly, referring to the execution of 
Gordon, the slave trader, says : 'Whatever Gordon's life may have 
been worth to him or to his friends, I think this country put it to a 
very good use when she hanged him, A storm of protests was 
made against his death. Twenty-five thousand people petitioned 
Abraham Lincoln to spare that man's life, and Abraham Lincoln 
refused. Gordon was hanged. All through the little ports and big 
ports of the United States it was known that a slave trader had been 
hanged. And when that was known, the American slave trade 
ended. All up and down little African rivers that you never heard 
the names of it was known that an American slave trader had been 
hanged, and cowardly pirates trembled, and brave seamen cheered 

Sixth Generation. 425 

when they heard it. Mothers of children thanked such gods as they 
knew how to thank, and slaves shut up in barracoons, waiting for 
their voyage, got signal that something had happened which was to 
give them freedom. That something was that Gordon was hanged. 
So far that little candle threw its beams.' " 

Dr. Fenner died April 28, 1858, at Cleveland, Ohio. Residence 
Ludlowville, N. Y., and Norwalk, Ohio. 

Children : 

15551. Helen Augusta. Born Feb. 13, 1842. Died March 4, 1845. 

15552. Andrew Mj'ers. Born March r8, 1846. 16000. 

15555. Samuel Love, Esq. He was born in 1797. He 
married (3d), Sept. 9, 1879, Arvilla (Myers) Fenner. 146 16. 

The History of Four Counties, so-called, says of him : 

"Prominent among the members of the Tompkins County bar, 
in days past, and the pioneer of that respectable body, in fact, is 
Samuel Love, who for upwards of half a century practiced law in 
Ithaca. Samuel Love was born in Kingsbury, Washington County, 
N. Y., July 28, 1797, and is consequently now (1878) in the eighty- 
second year of his age. His father, John Love, was born in Rhode 
Island, in June, 1764, and his mother, Annar Burnett Love, was also 
a native of that state. In January, 1813, the family removed from 
Washington County to the town of Groton (then Locke) where 
Samuel received the rudiments of his education at the public schools. 
His father died in 1823, and his mother in 1842, and the only sur- 
viving members of his family direct are one brother, Isaac Love, of 
Ithaca, and a sister, Esther, now the wife of John D. Fuller of 
Moravia, N. Y. Mr. Love commenced the study of law with Lewis 
Tooker, and completed his legal studies in the office of Alpha H. 
Shaw. He was admitted to the bar of Tompkins County in 1824, 
and two years later was made a practitioner in the Supreme Court 
of the State. He entered upon the duties of his profession with a 
commendable determination to succeed, and after a long and suc- 
cessful practice has nominally retired on a well-earned competency. 
In 1828, Mr. Love was elected Clerk of Tompkins County, and such 
was the satisfaction he gave in that responsible office that he was 
re-elected in 1831, serving in all six years. In 1835 he was appointed 

426 History of the Mack Family. 

District Attorney, which position he retained six years, performing 
its duties impartially and well. The main characteristics in the 
career of Samuel Love has been a desire to discharge all public and 
private duties in a conscientious and upright manner, to maintain a 
reputation for individual rectitude and integrity, and, in short, to 
make a personal application of the Golden Rule, believing that the 
basic fabric of moral and civil law is founded upon that grand old 

Lawyer. County Clerk. District Attorney. He died April 9, 
1 88 1, at Ithaca, N. Y. No children. The Cayuga Lake Salt Com- 
pany's plant is built on her farm. She resides, 1901, Myers, N. Y. 

15560. Elisha Mack. (Elisha=, Elisha\ Elisha\ Josiah', John'.) 
1 465 1. He was born Feb. 7, 181 1, at Windsor, Berkshire Co., Mass. 
He married, in 1837, Julia Ann Murphy of Watervliet, N. Y. He 
removed in 18 16, with his parents from Middlefield, Mass., to 
Albany, N. Y. He was for many years one of the most prominent 
police officials of Albany. Contributor to the History of Albany 
County. Residence, 1886, Albany, N. Y. 

Children : 

15561. Elisha. Residence, 1887, Albany, N. Y. 

15562. Ella L. Married Edward Elisha Mack. 

15575. Edward Elisha Mack. (Josiah^, Elisha'*, Elisha^ 
Josiah^ John'.) 14676. He married, in 1864, Ella L. Mack. 
Residence, 1887, Albany, N. Y. 

15585. Hon. George H. Sickles. He married Almira More- 
house. 14685. He was very wealthy. Presidential elector, 1892. 
They had two or three sons and a daughter. He died at Albion, N. 
Y. She resides, 1901, in New York City. 

Children : 

15586. Son. He is a wealthy business man. Residence, 1901, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

15587. Daughter. Married. Her husband is a wealthy business man. 
Residence, 1901, New York City. 

15595. PiERSON Morehouse. (Stephen Pierson=. Pierson'.) 
14684. He was born Jan. 30, 1831. He married. He died Jan. 4, 

Sixth Generation. 427 

Children : 

15596. Cynthia. Married a Lawrence. 

15597- Pierson. He removed to California. Married the adopted 
daughter of Samuel Hopkins and Hannah Morehouse. 

15600. Daniel McChain. (John.) 14706. He married 

Sophie. He was engaged in the sugar business. He resided 

several years in New Orleans, La. She died. Residence, 1901, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children : 

15601. Son. Born about 1S65. 

15602. Son. Born about 1866. 

15604. John McChain. (John.) 14707. He married Jennie 
Gail. Soldier in 7th Regt. N. Y. Vols, in Civil War. Dry goods 
merchant. He died about 1890. Residence White Plains, N. Y. 

Children : 

15605. George. Born about 1875. 

15606. Daniel. Born about 1876. 

15608. George Jacques. He married Charlotte McChain. 
14709. She died. Residence, 1901, New York City. 

Child : 

15609. Alida Eloida. Married Henry Kellogg. No children. Resi- 
dence, 1901, New York City. 

15610. Charles Farrington Woodruff. (George.) 14711. 
He married, April 3, 1839, Minerva Jeannette Pelton (daughter of 
Judge Piatt Pelton of Monticello, N. Y., and Phebe Snow, daughter 
of^Eli Snow of South East, N. Y. Philip Pelton, Philip, Benjamin, 
Samuel, John Pelton.) She was born May 16, 181 7. Printer, 
publisher and paper manufacturer. He was one of the leading and 
wealthy business men of Ithaca for many years. He was an officer 
in the State Militia. (See Pelton Genealogy.) They had four 
children. They are both dead. Residence Ithaca, N. Y. 

Child : 
15611. Mary. Married Leander Rutherford King. 2510. 

428 History of the Mack FamiIvY. 

15620. Charles Belcher. He married Elvina Woodruff. 
147 1 2. Merchant in New York City many years. Residence 
Camptown and Irvington, N. J. 

Child : 

15621. Caroline. Married Col. William Nichols. 16010. 

15630. Gen. Samuel S. Mack. (Ebenezer^, Abner'', Orlando^, 
Orlando^ John'.) 14751. He married Mary Carr. Colonel of the 
1 08th New York Regiment in the War of 181 2. 

"Samuel Mack of Watertown, N. Y., buys land in Sheffield, 
Mass., in 1813." 

Child : 
15631. Sarah. Married Joseph Caswell Arnold. 16020. 

15650. Anson Spencer. He married Clarissa Mack. 14752. 
Child : 
15651. Betsey Brand. Married Thomas Johnson. 16030. 

15660. William Henry Hall. (William.) He was born 
May 22, 1818, at Londonderry, N. H. He married, Sept. 7, 1843, 
Hannah Maria Mack. 14802. Teller in the Tompkins County 
National Bank many years. Charter member of Ithaca Lodge of 
the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1840. He died Sept. 27, 
185 1. She resides in 1901, at Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

15661. Eleanor Mack. Born May 25, 1844. Married Cyrus Strong. 

15662. William Henry. Bom Dec. 29, 1847. Business man. He was 
in California several years. He removed in 1876 to La Porte, 
Ind. He took an active interest in Republican politics and 
was President of the Republican Campaign Club of La Porte in 
1880. He was a communicant of St. James (P. E.) Church 
and a member of the Shakespeare Club. He died Jan. 12, 
1883, from injuries received in the Newhall House fire, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

15670. Robert Cartwright. He was born in Philadelphia. 
He married Eleanor Mack. 14805. He was connected several 
years with the Baldwin Machine Works of Philadelphia. Civil and 






Sixth Generation. 429 

Mechanical Engineer for many years and later became a gas engineer. 
He built the Ithaca Gas Works, besides many others. Foreman of 
Hook and Ladder Company at Ithaca, 1857. He resided many 
years at Ithaca, N. Y. Residence, 1901, Rochester, N. Y. 

Children : 

15671. Eleanor Mack. Married Elbert Baldwin Mann. 16043. 

15672. Robert Henry. Student at Cornell University, 1877-80. He 
died, unmarried, in November, 1899, aged about 40 years. 

15673. Marion Greenough. Unmarried. 

15674. Alice Gertrude. Unmarried. 

15675. Eliza Treman. Married Irving Baldwin. He was born in 
Cleveland, Ohio. He is a man of wealth. They have lived in 
various places. No children. 

15676. Louis Francis. He died, unmarried, about 1896. 

15677. Grace Ethel. Married Dr. Frederick Edward Cheney. 16048. 

15690. Nathan S. Hawkins. He was born Feb. 15, 1836. 
He married, Dec. 3, 1863, Elvina Mack. 14807. Dry goods mer- 
chant for many years. Member of Protective Police of Ithaca Fire 
Department. She died Nov. 3, 1883. Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Child : 

1 569 1. Edward. Born Nov. 24, 1S76. 16050. 

15700. Horace Mack. (Horace", Stephen'.) 14813. He was 
born Sept. 26, 1833, at Spencer, N. Y. He attended Hamilton Col- 
lege in the class of 1858. While in college he was a member of the 
Sigma Phi fraternity. The college afterwards gave him a diploma 
in 1898. He married, Sept. 24, 1857, Lucy Wheeler (daughter of 
John H. Wheeler and Lucy Fisk, of Brattleboro, Vt.) She was born 
March 7, 1838. He is the author of several poems which have been 
published in leading periodicals. Assistant to the Treasurer in the 
land office of Cornell University. Secretary of the Tompkins 
County Historical and Scientific Society. Member of the Dewitt 
Historical Society. Trustee of the Village of Ithaca, 1862 and 1864. 
Member of the Board of Education. 

"Mr. Mack was born at Spencer, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1833. When 
three years old, removed to Ithaca, N. Y., where he has since 
resided. After reading law for a time in his uncle's office, he entered 
Hamilton College with the class of 1858, where, on account of his 

43° History of the Mack Family. 

father's death, he remained but one year. He conducted a manu- 
facturing business from 1856 to i860, and was thereafter employed 
in various local enterprises until 1882. Since the latter date he has 
served as Assistant in the Land Department of Cornell University. 

"Aside from occasional contributions to the local press, his 
published literary efforts have been few. He wrote a Historical 
Sketch of Ithaca for the Centennial year, 1876, which, in modified 
form, was published by Everts & Ensign, Philadelphia, in their 
'History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler Counties,' 
1877 ; Histories of the towns of 'Chicopee,' 'Amherst' and 'Hadley' 
and a chapter on 'The Regicides,' for the work entitled 'History of 
the Connecticut Valley,' L. H. Everts, Philadelphia, 1878 ; and the 
'History of Columbiana County, Ohio', W, E. Ensign, Philadelphia, 

"Mr. Mack was a Trustee of the Village, 1862, 3, 4, and 5 ; and 
a member of the School Board, from March, 1875, ^o July, 1883." 

The Owego Gazette of May 30, 1878, contained the following 
interesting letter from him : 

"Ithaca, May 25th, 1878. 
"Messrs. Beebe & Kingman : 

"The dates of the file of the old American Farmer in my pos- 
session are from August 29th, 18 10, to July 2d, 181 1, — vol. 8, Nos. 
8 to 47 inclusive — whole Nos. 367 to 411. All have the cut of an 
eagle in the heading, such as described by you. The legend borne 
in the beak of the bird I have deciphered to be 'Pleuribus Unum.' 
E seems to have gone astray. As mention was made in your article 
of 23d of my father's apprenticeship to the printing business, and its 
abrupt termination at his father's death in 18 14, I would merely add 
that he (Horace) was again apprenticed, but to the mercantile, not 
printing, business, to Horatio Ross, for five years from Jan. 20, 1815. 
This service was performed for a yearly salary, increasing from eighty 
dollars for the first year to two hundred for the fifth. In addition 
Mr. Ross agreed, in the language of the 'Indenture' (now before me,) 
'to find and allow the said Horace Mack, meat, drink, washing and 
lodging during the said term fit and convenient for the said appren- 
tice.' On the other hand, as to the apprentice, it reads, 'at cards, 
dice, or any unlawful games, he shall not play. Taverns or ale 
houses he shall not frequent. Matrimony he shall not contract. 


Sixth Generation. 431 

From the service of his master he shall not depart, etc' This 
document is witnessed by Stephen Mack and Wm. Piatt. By the 
commission to Stephen Mack, Esq., which I have, dated Nov. nth, 
181 2, and signed by Daniel D. Tompkins, the said Mack was made 
first Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in and for the county of 
Broome. Emanuel Coryell was appointed first Judge of Tioga 
County March 31, 18 10, and was succeeded by Judge Gamaliel H. 
Barstow, June 22, 1818. It appears, therefore, that Owego was then 
in the county of Broome. 

"H. Mack." 
Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

15701. George William. Born Feb. 13, i860. He attended Cornell 
University, 1876-8. He removed, April 8, 1880, to EUiston, 
Mon. Unmarried. Residence, 1901. EUiston, Mon. 

15702. Laura White. Graduated at the Ithaca High School, 1880. 
Born Feb. 14, 1862. Married Horace Sauers Kephart. 16060. 

15703. Julia Whiton. Born Nov. 3, 1S77. Graduated at the Ithaca 
High School, 1896, and at Cornell University, A. B., 1901. 
Member of Kappa Sigma and Alpha Phi fraternities and Raven 
and Serpent Society. 

1 57 10. Stephen Ferris Mack. (Horace^ Stephen'.) 148 16. 
He was born July 10, 1841. He attended the Ithaca Academy. He 
married (ist), June 29, 1866, Fannie E. Thomas of Waverly, N. Y. 
She was born May 18, 1846. She died Dec. 6, 1874. He married, 
(2ndj, July 27, 1895, Anna Kellogg Lindsay (daughter of Hiram 
Lindsay of Owego, N. Y., and Turah Kellogg, daughter of Joseph 
Kellogg of Connecticut, who married a Loveless of French descent, 
David Lindesay who came from Scotland and married Eleanor Mapes, 
daughter of Gen. William Mapes of the Revolutionary War.) She 
was born March 27, 1855, at Owego, N. Y. Residence, 1901, 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Children : 

Horace. Born Aug. 5, 1867, at Waverly, N. Y. He graduated 
at Cornell University, B. L., 1891. Unmarried. He attended 
the .\rt Students' League in New York City. Teacher. Resi- 
dence, 1 901, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Frederick Thomas. Born March 16, 1869. Unmarried. Resi- 
dence, 1901, Pittsburg, Pa. 

432 History of the Mack Family. 

15720. Henry Fitch Hibbard. (Henry^ Timothy Warner^, 
Nathan", Ebenezer^ Robert^ Robert'.) He was born April 15, 1823, 
at Ithaca, N. Y. He married, Sept. 4, 1850, Susan Maria Mack. 
14812. Merchant for many years. Supervisor. 

Landmarks of Tompkins County says of him : 

"The first of the Hibbards to come to this county was Henry 
Hibbard, a native of Winham, Conn., who came here in 181 2, and 
in partnership with JuHus Ackley established the first hat manufactory 
in Ithaca, later adding a store in the same line. In 181 6 he married 
Rhoda Ackley, who died without issue, and he married second, 
Nancy Tillotson, in 18 19. by whom he had two children : Mary, who 
married Thomas St. John ; and Henry Fitch Hibbard. Timothy, 
the father of Henry, first mentioned, came to this county about 1818, 
and settled on a farm in the northeastern portion of this town, which 
settlement has ever since born the name of Hibbard's Corners. He 
died in 1837. Henry Hibbard was one of the most prominent busi- 
ness men in the early history of this city (Ithaca), taking an import- 
ant part in all enterprises for the public good. He was heavily 
interested in real estate, and in 1828, in connection with Ackley & 
Beebe built the Clinton House which still stands as a landmark of 
the county. He died in 1863. Henry F. Hibbard was for a number 
of years the teller in the old Ithaca Bank, and later conducted a 
general store. In 1853, in company with Thomas P. St. John, he 
established a factory for the manufacture of sewing silks, which 
until 1 86 1 was one of the leading industries of this section, at that 
year, however, he returned to the mercantile business. He was at 
one time greatly interested in speculation, but during his later years 
withdrew from all active business with the exception of his connection 
with the Savings Bank of which he was a founder. He was a Demo- 
crat and served as Supervisor at one time." 

At the time of his death the Ithaca Journal said of him : 

"In his death Ithaca loses one of its foremost leaders in all 
thought and action regarding public projects and its best advocate 
in all things looking to its weal. A man of sympathy, kindly 
impulses and untiring energy — his loss will prove a greater one than 
many of its citizens endowed with greater wealth. The organizer of 

Sixth Generation. 433 

a yet young manufacturing business, daily increasing in importance, 
and in its demands upon his moments and energies, he never refused 
pubUc demand upon either his time or purse. He was truly a warm 
hearted friend, a man of rare abilities, a companionable man and a 
public spirited citizen in all that the term implies. To those who 
know him best his memory will remain dearest." 

He died Aug. 4, 1880, from injuries received on night of 
reception of the victorious Cornell crew. Residence Ithaca, N. Y. 
Children : 

15721. Mary Louise. Born May 26, 1S51. Unmarried. Residence, 

rgor, Ithaca, N. Y. 

15722. Susan Maria. Born Aug. 28, 1852. Married Clements T. Steph- 
ens. 16075. 

15723. Horace Mack. Born Nov. 29, 1853. He prepared at Ithaca 
Academy and graduated at Cornell University, 1873. Civil 
Engineer. He was Assistant Engineer on the Boston, Hoosac 
Tunnel and Western R. R., now part of Fitchburg R. R., and 
on several other important railways for seven years. He then 
returned to Ithaca and engaged in manufacturing. Treasurer 
Ithaca Autophone Company twenty -one years. Treasurer of 
the Cornell University Alumni Association fifteen years. Dem- 
ocrat in politics. Supervisor. Secretary and Treasurer of the 
Sewer Commission of the City of Ithaca. Member of St. 
Augustine Commandery, Knights Templar, and of the Knights 
of Pythias. Member of City Club. Unmarried. Residence, 
1 901, Ithaca, N. Y. 

15724. Henry Fitch. Born July 15, 1855. Died Nov. 12, 1885, at 
Sioux City, Iowa. 

15730. Charles Stephen Carmichael. (John.) 14826. He 
was born Jan. 22, 1826, in Owego, N. Y. He married Margaret 
Camp (daughter of Adolphus and Margaret Camp, John Camp, Col. 
Asa Camp.) Jeweller. Past Master of Friendship Lodge F. & A. 
M. of Owego, 1865. He died June 12, 1893, at Owego, N. Y. She 
resides, 1901, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Children : 

1 573 1. Eva Maria. Born Dec. 28, 1864, at Owego, N. Y. Graduated 
at Owego Academy, 18S5. 

15732. Harriet. Born Sept. 19, 1868. Graduated at Owego Academy, 

15733. Helen White. Born Feb. 14, 1873. Graduated at Owego 
Academy, 1891. Died Sept. 4, 1893. 

434 History of the Mack Family. 

15734. Dr. Luther Harvey Gary. (Luther Harvey^ Richard, 
Joseph'.) 1 485 1. He was born June 28, 1823. He married, in 
Sept., 1846, Arvilla Ferguson. He removed to Wisconsin. Surgeon 
in the Civil War. He afterwards removed to Oakland, Cal, His 
surviving children are named below. He died in 1888. Residence 
Oakland, Cal. 

Children : 

'5734 — '• Florence. Born in 1859. Married Joseph Ziegenfus. They 
have four daughters. Residence, igor, Oakland, Cal. 

15734 — 2. Louis Harvey. Born Aug. 31, 1S65. Married. They have 
three children. Residence, 1901, Lincoln, Cal. 

^5735- Van Rensselaer Cary. (Luther Harvey^ Richard", 
Joseph'.) 14852. (Joseph Cary (12620) and Phebe Mack (11875), 
his great grandfather and his wife, had twelve children. Richard 
Cary (14050), his grandfather, married (ist), in 1782, Susanna Ford 
of Williamsburg, Mass., who was the mother of his children. He 
married (2nd), in 1802, Mrs. Luther Doolittle. Revolutionary soldier 
seven years. Richard came to Boston (or what is now Boston), N. 
Y.. in 1806, when it was an almost trackless wilderness, to lay the 
foundations of society and civilization. His nearest neighbor on the 
south was at Little Valley, forty miles. The nearest mill to grind his 
grain was at Niagara Falls, also forty miles away. He had little or 
no money, a large family of small children and an invalid wife. 
Richard lived in Nelson, Madison County, this state, for a few years 
on his westward migration, after leaving Massachusetts. Richard 
was a deacon and in pioneer days sometimes was called upon to 
officiate at the funeral of some neighbor when no minister was to be 
found. Children: i. Susanna. Born in 1784. Married Calvin Doo- 
little. They had many children. Residence Freeport, III. 2. Lucy. 
Born in 1786. Married, in 1804, Nathan Streeter. They had two 
daughters. Residence Erie County, N. Y. 3. Phebe. Born in 1788. 
Married Jonathan Bump. They had many descendants in several 
states and in Canada. 4. Clarissa. Born in 1790. Died about 1874, 
at Abbot's Corners, N. Y. She has no surviving descendants. 
Married Tallcut Patchin, an officer in the United States Army, who 
was wounded at the battle of Chippewa. He was at one time leader 
of a religious sect and author of a book. He went to Texas in 1833, 
where he died. They had two sons who died in Texas and a 

Sixth Generation. 435. 

daughter, Clarissa, who married Dr. D. Drysdale. She died in 1888, 
at Abbot's Corners, N. Y. 5. Calvin. Born in June, 1792. 14053. 
6. Richard M. Born Dec. 19, 1794. Married, in 181 5, Susanna 
Rice of Williamsburg, Mass. He removed to Rock County, Wis. 
Free Baptist minister. He was a man of great strength of character 
and great ability though without education. They had twelve children 
whose descendants reside in many western states. He died Oct. 
17, 1868. 14051. 7. Luther Harvey. (14850.) Born Feb. 9, 1800, 
at Williamsburg, Mass. Died in 1874. Married. They had eight 
sons. Children: Luther H. (15734), Van Rensselaer (15735), 
Richard Leander (15740), Tallcut Patchin (15745), Amzi Beriah 
(15745 — 10), and Eugene (15745 — 15). 8. Relief. Born in 1802. 
Married in 1821, William Titus. They had two sons and two 
daughters. They have several descendants residing in widely sepa- 
rated places. Residence Hamburg, Erie Co., N. Y.) He was born 
Aug. 23, 1825. He married, in November, 1850, Jane A. Skinner, 
of Boston, N. Y. School Commissioner of the 3d District of Erie 
County, N. Y. Their surviving children are named below. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Boston, Erie Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

15735 — I. Elgin Bruce. Born July 4, 1855. 16100. 
15735 — 2. Luther Drysdale. Born May 19, 1857. 161 10. 

15740. Richard Leander Cary. (Luther Harvey ^ Richard", 
Joseph'.) 14853. He was born Feb. 11, 1827, at Boston, N. Y. 
He married (ist), in April, 1851, Lucy Annette Beecher (daughter of 
Charles Mortimer Beecher of Ellicottville, N. Y.) She was born 
Dec. 27, 1833, at Ellicottville, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y. She died 
May 7, 1866. He married (2nd), Anna Wand (widow of Dr. Matte- 
son of Fredonia, N. Y.) She died in 1892. Merchant. Post Master 
of Dunkirk, N. Y., March 25, 1861, to Jan. 24, 1866. Residence 
Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Children : 

15741. Richard Lincoln. Born July i, 1854. He married in New 
Orleans. The}' have one daughter, Hazel, born in Feb. 1882. 

15742. Eugene Charles. Born Nov. 2r, 1857. 161 20. 

15743. Philip B. Born May 4, 1864. 16125. 

15744. Lucia Beecher. Born May 6, 1866. Residence, 1901, Dunkirk, 
N. Y. 

436 History of the Mace Family. 

15745. Talcutt Patchin Gary. (Luther Harvey^ Richard^, 
Joseph'.) 14854. He was born April 11, 1828. He married Eliza- 
beth Magee. He removed in early days to San Leandro, Cal. 
Residence, 1901, San Leandro, Cal. 

Children : 

1574.5 — I- Lucy. Born Sept. 9, 1S57. Married Austin Walrath. Died. 

They had one daughter, Avis, born in 1884. 
15745 — 2. Margaret. Born Aug. 28, i86r. Married Edward Perkins. 

They have three sons and one daughter. Residence, igor, 

Modesto, Cal. 
15745 — 3- Arnzi. Born Nov. i, 1863. Married. They have three 

daughters. Residence, igor, San Leandro, Cal. 

15745 — 10. Dr. Amzi Beriah Cary. (Luther Harvey^ Rich- 
ard^ Joseph'.) He was born Aug. 31, 1830. He married Ellen 
Wade. He removed to Wisconsin. Surgeon in the Civil War. He 
died in service. 

Children : 

15745 — II. Frank. Born Oct. 21, 1857. 16130. 

15745 — 12. Helen. Born May 21, i860. Married Elliot Prilchard. 16135. 

15745 — 15. Capt. Eugene Cary. (Luther Harvey^ Richard-, 
Joseph'.) He married, in 1858, Martha Rowe of Michigan. Captain 
in a Wisconsin Regiment in the Civil War. Manager of German 
American Insurance Company in Chicago. No children. Residence, 
1901, Chicago, 111. 

15745 — 20. Truman Sylvester Gary. (Truman^, Asa=, 
Joseph'.) 14682. (Asa Cary (14060), his grandfather, was born 
April I, 1770, at Williamsburg, Mass. He married, June 24, 1790, 
Damaris Hickox of Conway, Mass. He removed, in 1809, to 
Boston, N. Y. He died Sept. 19, 1852. She died in 1863, aged 
91 years. 12 Children : i. Truman Cary. 14860. Born May 31, 
1791, at Williamsburg, Mass. Married, Nov. 4, 1813, Fanny Alger 
of Gazenovia, N. Y. Deacon. He died Sept. 3, 1879. 6 Children: 
I. Mary Gary. Born Feb. 19, 18 15. Married Rev. D. M. L. RoUin. 
15745 — 35. 2. Damaris Cary. Born Feb. 18, 1817. Married Smith 
Jones. 15745 — 45. 3. Aurelia Gary. Born Aug. 29, 1819. Married 
Dr. L. L. Davis. 15745 — 50. 4. Truman Sylvester Gary. (15745 — 
20.) Born Nov. 27, 1821. 5. Roxana Cary. Born Jan. 16, 1824. 

Sixth Generation. 437 

Married (ist), Patrick Martin; (2nd), Ellis Whiting. They removed 
to Wisconsin, where Mr. Whiting died in 1892. She resides, 1901, 
Boston, N. Y. 6. Danford A. Gary. Born July 31, 1833. 2. Sylvia 
Gary. Born June 17, 1793. Married, Dec. 24, 1809, Aaron Adams. 
Residence Boston, N. Y. They had five sons and one daughter. 
Ghildren : i. Asa Adams. Married. Residence Steuben Gounty, 
N. Y. They left descendants. 2. Mortimer Adams. Married. 
Residence Boston, N. Y. 2 Ghildren: i. Emma Adams. Married 
(ist), George Velzy and had five children. Married (2nd), a Garvin 
and had one son. 2. Glara Adams. Married S. A. Ashcraft. Resi- 
dence Boston, N. Y. 3. Merzevan Adams. He removed to the 
West. Married. They left descendants. 4. Lysander Adams. 
Married. Residence Indiana. They left descendants. 5. Daughter. 
Married a Branham. 3. Asa Gary. Died in childhood. 4. Joseph 
Gary. Born Dec. 24, 1797, at Williamsburg, Mass. Married, Oct. 
5, 1823, Eliza Ayer, in Erie Gounty, N. Y. He removed to Freeport, 
111. He died Dec. 8, 1870. 3 Ghildren : i. Wesley Gary. Born 
Sept. 8, 1824. Married, in 1853, Hannah Pass. They had five 
children. 2. Erastus Gary. Born Sept. 28, 1828. Married, Dec. 
10, 1852, Priscilla Bonebright. They had two sons and one daughter. 
He died Oct. 19, 1870, at Freeport, 111. 3. Wealthy Gary. Born May 
16, 1839. Married Austin Smith. Residence Webster Gity, Iowa. 
5. Rev. Sylvester Gary. Born Aug. 16, 1800, at Gazenovia, N. Y. 
Married, Jan. ig, 182 1, Gynthia Alverson. Presbyterian minister. 
Removed from Erie Gounty, N. Y., to Michigan, where he died. 2 
Ghildren: i. Amy Gary. Born April 28, 1822. Married Luman 
Fuller. They had seven children. She died April 24, 1853. Resi- 
dence Milford, Mich. 2. Emery Gary. Born Sept. 12, 1831. 
Married Meta Walters in Michigan. He removed to New Orleans, 
La. He died in the South. They had four children who all died 
in infancy. 6. Harriet Gary. Born Jan. 13, 1803. Married Erastus 
Torrey, of Boston, N. Y. They had six children. She died July 30, 
1850, at Silver Greek, 111. 7. Van Rensselaer Gary. Born Jan. 5, 
1805. Married, Jan. i, 1826, Sophia Streeter. He removed to 
Freeport, 111. He died there. Ghild : Sylvester Gary. Born Feb. 
23, 1827. Married. Residence, 1901, Jennings, La. They have 
two sons and one daughter living. Ghildren: i. Alice Gary. Born 
April 16, 1856. Married Dr. Graig, of Manchester, Iowa. They 

438 History of the Mack Family. 

have one son and two daughters. Their daughter, Clara Craig^ 
married Paul Daniels of Welch, Iowa. 2. Howard L. Gary. Born 
April 26, i860. Married. They have children. Residence, 1901, 
Jennings, La. 3. Curtis L. Cary. Born Sept. 28, 1867. Married. 
They have children. Residence Jennings, La. 8. Damaris Cary. 
Born March 31, 1807. Married (ist), in 1823, P. J. Jenks. They 
had eight children. Married (2nd), Elihu Johnson. No children. 
She died in 1892, in Erie Co., N. Y. g. AureUa Cary. Born Oct. 
II, 1809. Married, Sept. 6, 1827, Hiram Hemmenway. They had 
three children. She died March 30, 1858, at Freeport, 111. 10. 
Loduska Cary. Born Jan. 6, 1812. Married Tillinghast Vaughn. 
They had six children. She died aged over 80 years, in Louisiana. 
II. Almira Cary. Born Aug. 8, 1814. Married Sept. 10, 1832, 
Rev. George Wilkinson. They had five children. She died, Jan. 
22, 1848, at Painted Post, N. Y. 12. Asa Cary. Born Aug. 22, 
182 1. Married, Nov. 18, 1849, Laura Rice. Residence, 1901, 111. 
Five children: i. Homer A. Cary. Born May 28, 1854. 2. Elmira 
A. Cary. Born Dec. 25, 1858. 3. Sibian G. Cary. Born March 12, 
1861. 4. Laura A. Cary. Born Sept. 24, 1862. 5. Edgar H. Cary. 
Born Sept. 27, 1864.) He was born Nov. 27, 1821. He married 
Theresa Folsom. He died June 17, 1896. Residence Boston, N. Y. 

Child : 

15745 — 21. Mary. Born March 25, 1862. Married Charles Churchill. 

15745 — 25. Danford a. Cary. (Truman^, Asa^ Joseph'.) 
14861. He was born July 31, 1833. He married, in March, 1853, 
Esther O. Peck. He died Nov. 19, 1868. Residence Boston, N. Y. 

Children : 

15745 — 26. William S. Born March 30, 1855. 16145. 

15745 — 27. Fanny. Born Au^. 27, 1858. Married (ist), Andre Horton. 

16150. Married (2nd), in 1891, H. H. Smithers. Residence, 

1901, BuflFalo, N. Y. 
'5745 — 28. Nancy M. Born May n, 1863. Married Elgin Bruce 

Cary. 16 100. 

15745 — 35. Rev. D. M. L. Rollin. He married Mary Cary. 
15745 — 20. Free Baptist minister. She died Feb. 13, 1895, at 
Byron, N. Y. 

Sixth Generation. 439 


15745—36. Mary. Born in 1838. Married John Budlong. They have 

four sons and two daughters. 
15745 — 37- Cary. Born in 1843. Married Lucy. They have a 

daughter, Emma. 
15745 — 38. Emma. Born in 1845. Residence, 1901, Boston, N. Y. 

15745 — 45. Smith Jones. He married Damaris Cary. 15745 — 
20. She died in 1872, at Boston, N, Y. 

Child : 

15745 — 46. George Cary. Born in 1846. 161 55. 

15745 — 50. Dr. L. L. Davis, He married Aurelia Cary. 
15745 — 20. She died Nov. 30, 1900. Residence Boston, N. Y. 

Children : 

15745 — 51- Adelaide. Died in childhood. 
15745 — 52. Emmet. Born in 1843. 16165. 
15745—53- Millard. Born in 1849. 16170. 

15750. David Mack, Esq. (David^, David^ Elisha\ Josiah=, 
John'.) 14901. He was born May 23, 1804, at Middlefield, Mass. 
He married, Aug. 12, 1835, Lucy Maria Kollock Brastow. She was 
born Sept. 24, 1809, at Wrentham, Mass. He graduated at Yale 
College, 1835. He studied law with his uncle, Judge Elisha Mack, 
of Salem, Mass. He was admitted to the bar and practiced two or 
three years. Teacher for many years. He founded the Belmont, 
Mass., Public Library. He died July 24, 1878, at Belmont. Resi- 
dence Belmont, Mass. 

Children : 

1575 1. Dr. David. Born Sept. 22, 1836, at Wrentham, Mass. Gradu- 
ated at Harvard Medical School, 1863. Surgeon in the United 
States Navy. He died in 1894. Residence Piru City, Ventura 
Co., Cal. 

15752. Laura. Born July 7, 1839, at Cambridge, Mass. Married 
William James Stillman. 16185. 

15753- Isabella. Born Sept. 8, 1842, at Northampton, Mass. 
15754. Annie Maria. Born Nov. 14, 1854, at Belmont, Mass. 

15755. Samuel E. Mack. (David^, David^ Elisha^ Josiah", 
John'.) 14905- He was born Nov. 8, 18 15, at Middlefield, Mass. 
He married, Sept. 7, 1841, Rebecca Robins. She was born April 3, 


History of the Mack Family 

1814. Merchant at Amherst, Mass., until about 1848, when he 
removed to Cmcinnati, Ohio. He entered the insurance business 
and was promoted until he became General Agent of the Home 
Insurance Company of New York at St. Louis, Mo., in 1858, which 
responsible position he held until his death. He was one of earth's 
noblemen. He died Dec. 16, 1866. She resided in 1878 at St. 
Louis, Mo. 


ren : 


Mary Ely. Born July 3, 1842. 

Died July 3, 1842, at Amherst, 


Mary Ely. Born Sept. 8, 1843. 


Henrietta Robins. Born June i 
Lamb Eliot. 16190. 

2, 1845. Married Rev. Thomas 


Ephraim Robins. Born Feb. 3 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

1848. Died Aug. 25, 1848, at 


Harriet Rebecca. Born Dec. i 
Covington, Ky. 

, 1849. Died July 12, 1850, at 


Henry Ely. Born Oct. 19, 185 1 

. 16180. 


Cornelia. Born Nov. 14, 1852. 

Died Aug. 14, 1S53, at Cin- 


Edward Pitcairn. Born Dec. i. 

1855. Died Jan. 26, 1865. 


Charles Samuel. Born Dec. i 

3, 1856. Graduated at Harvard 

College, A. B., 1879, and Columbia University, M. D., 1882. 
Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in University of 

15765. Rev. Moody Harrington. He was born April 10, 
1798, at Cornish, N. H. He graduated at Amherst College, 1831, 
and attended Auburn Theological Seminary. He married, Dec. 16, 
1835) J'llia Mack. 14902. Minister. Chaplain of the House of 
Correction at Springfield, Mass., 1865. He resided at Camillus, 
Morrisville, Preble and Lafayette, N. Y., and Middlefield, Mass. 
His epitaph reads "Fervent in spirit, serving the Lord." He died 
July 12, 1865, at Albany, N. Y. She resided in 1S78, at Amherst, 

Children : 

15766. Julia Mack. Born Oct. 8, 1S36. Residence, 1878, Amherst, Mass. 

15767. Moody. Born Sept. 25, 1838. Residence, 1878, Amherst, Mass. 

15768. Mary Pease. Born Aug. 13, 1840. Died July i, 1867, at 
Amherst, Mass. 

Sixth Generation. 441 

15769. Nancy Amelia. Born Aug. 14, 1843. Married Col. Samuel 
Colville Vance. 16189. 

15770. David Mack. Born April 22, 1847. Died March 22, 1S63, at 
West Springfield, Mass. 

1 577 1. William Mack. (John Talcott^, David-*, Elisha^ 
Josiah'', John'.) 14913- He was born April 22, 18 10. He married 
Maria C. Watkins. They had five children and five grandchildren 
in 1878. Residence, 1878, Lanesboro, Mass. 

15772. John Talcott Mack. (John Talcott^, David^ Elisha^ 
Josiah", John'.) 14914. He was born Aug. 2, 1812. He married, 
Jan. 27, 1839, Julia Rust. He died May 31, 1861. She died in or 
before 1878. 


15773- Sarah. Died in September, 1858. 

15774. Lyman Mack. (John Talcott^ David^ EUsha^ Josiah% 
John'.) 14918. He was born April 10, 1823. He married, June 
30, 1847, Maria Parsons. She was born Feb. 24, 1821. Soldier 
in 49th Regt. Mass. Vols. He contracted disease in the military 
service besides losing one leg. Residence, 1878, Hinsdale Mass. 

Children : 

■5775 John Parsons, Born Nov. 17, 1848. 
15776. Mary Ellen. Born Sept. 18, 1S57. 

15777- James Wallace Mack. (John Talcott^ David\ 
Elisha\ Josiah', John'.) 14920. He was born April 17, 1828. He 
married, March 6, 1853, Lamira O. Lord. She was born Feb. 26, 
1835. Soldier in the Civil War. Killed at the battle of Honey Hill, 
Nov. 30, 1864. She resided in 1878, at Lordsville, N. Y. 

Children : 

15778. Eva Francis. Born Dec. 22, 1S55. Died Jan. 22, i860. 

15779. --^da Augusta. Born Dec. 2, 1858. 
157S0. James Seigel. Born Aug. 22, 1862. 

1 5 78 1. George Foote. He married, Oct. 14, 1833, Lucy 
Mack. 14912. He died July 3, 1859. She resided in 1878, at 
South Bend, Ind. 

442 History of the Mack Family. 

Children : 

15782. Mary. Born Feb. 13, 1836. Married G. S. Donahue. 16200. 
15783- Sarah. Born April 29, 1837. Married A. N. Baker. 16205. 
15784. Harriet. Born Feb. 17, 1839. Married Norman W. Faulk. 


15785- John H. Born Jan. 2, 1849. 16214. 

15786. Charlotte. Born March 19, 1852. Residence, 1878, Preston 

Hollow, N. Y. 

15787. Clark T. Lyman. (Samuel Lyman, Rev. soldier of 
Conn.) He was born Feb. 17, 1813. He married, Aug. 3, 1842, 
Lydia R. Mack. 149 16. Residence, 1878, Washington, Mass. 

Children : 

15788. Mary Elizabeth. Born May 16, 1843. Married Alanson B. 
Pomeroy. 1621S. 

15789. Sarah Jane. Born Nov. 11, 1848. Married John Adams Manly. 


15790. Charles Dwight. Born Sept. 3, 1853. Residence, 1885, Ida 
Grove, Iowa. 

15791. George Seymour. Born Oct. 10, 1858. Residence, 1885, Ida 
Grove, Iowa. 

15792. MosES Dibble. He was born Feb. 15, 1820. He 
married, March 13, 1855, Catharine Mack. 14919- Residence, 
1878, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Children : 

15793- Charlie Dwight. Born May 3, 1859. 
15794. John Mack. Born June 18, 1862. 

15795. Samuel Robbins. (Jacob.) 14936. He was born 
July 24, 1795, at Middlefield, Mass. He married (ist), Jan. 28, 
1818, Pernicia HoUister. She was born July 11, 1793. She died 
March 27, 1819. He married (2nd), Aug. 14, 1821, Lydia Seymour. 
She was born Aug. 24, 1795. He died Oct. 24, 1876, at Windham, 
Ohio. Lydia Seymour died Oct. 15. 1876. Residence Windham, 

15796. Henry Seymour. Born Dec. 29, 1822. 16230. 
■5797- David Mack. Born Feb. 6, 1S24. 16240. 

15798. Sally Polina. Born April 24, 1825. Married Dr. Fred C. 
Applegate. 16245. 

15799. Azariah Smith. Born -\ug. 2, 1826. Residence, 1S78, Oak- 
land, Cal. 

Sixth Generation. 443 

15800. Philander Robbins. (Jacob.) 14937. He was born 
Jan. 12, 1798, at Warren, Herkimer Co., N. Y. He married (ist), 
Oct. 18, 182 1, Lydia DeLong. She was born Feb. 7, 1799. She 
died Oct. 29, 1858. He married (2nd), Aug. 7, 1859, Mrs. Betsey 
Thompson. She was born Feb. 2, 1804. Residence, 1878, Wind- 
ham, Ohio. 

Children : 

15801. Luna Cornelia. Born Feb. 16, 1823. Married Matthew Higley. 


15802. Amasa Franklin. Born Ma}- 9, 1S28. Died July 21, 1829. 

15803. David Talcott Robbins. (Jacob.) 14940. He was 
born Dec. 25, 1803. He married (ist), June 24, 1827, Candace E. 
Leavitt. She was born Aug. 16, 1804. She died Oct. 24, 1851. 
He married (2nd), in March, 1852, Mary Ann Blatchley. She was 
born in July, 1812. He died April 25, 1873. She resided in 1878, 
at Jordanville, N. Y. 

Children : 

15804. Lois. Born Aug. i. 1828. Died Oct 8, 1828. 

15805. Sophronia. Born Aug. 17, 1830. Died Sept. 7, 1830. 

15806. Emily. Born Sept. 4, 1831. Died April 8, 1832. 

15807. Enoch L. Born Feb. 28, 1833. Died March 11, 1837. 

15808. Elizabeth. Born April 29, 1834. Died June i, 1834. 

15809. Benjamin. Born July 3, 1835. Died July 26, 1835. 

15810. Lucius L. Born July 22, 1S37. 16258. 

15811. Pantha A. Born Dec. 22, 1838. Died April 15, 1839. 

15812. Linus A. Born Jan. 3, 1840. 16265. 

15813. Eunice. Born Jan. 26, 1844. Died Sept. 15, 1S45. 

15814. Linus Robbins. (Jacob.) 14941. He was born May 
10, 1806. He married, Jan. 31, 1826, Flavilla Belshaw. She was 
born July 21, 1806. She died Feb. 10, 1863. 

Children : 

15815. Monroe. Born Nov. 9, 1829. Died July 24, 1832. 

15816. Lydia Mariah. Born July 28, 1831. Died Feb. 19, 1868. 

15817. James Jerome. Born Sept. 20, 1833. 16266. 

15818. Livonia Florilla. Born June 14, 1835. Married Aaron Keller. 

15819. Sarah Jane. Born Dec. i, 1840. Married Myron Richmond. 


15820. Emily. Born Oct. 28, 1843. 

444 History of the Mack Family. 

1 582 1. Elisha Robbins. (Jacob.) 14944. He was born 
March 9, 1812. He married, Jan. 22, 1835, Sarah Louisa Hutchins. 
She was born Feb. 29, 1812. She died Feb. 7, 1879. Commissary 
Sergeant in the Civil War. He died June 15, 1865, in the South. 

Children : 

15822. Paulina S. Born March 3, 1837. Residence, 1878, Union 
Square, New York City. 

15823. Laura A. H. Born April 13, 1845. Died Jan. 11, 1S46. 

15824. Florence L. Born May 23, 1847. Died April 12, 1S48. 

15825. George F. Born March 26, 1849. 16285. 

15826. Esther Florence. Born July 5, 1851. Married George M. 
Preston. 16286. 

15827. Lyman Robbins. (Jacob.) 14945. He was born 
Nov. 2, 18 15. He married, March 8, 1838, Jane Beebe. She was 
born Jan. 23, 1816, in Oswego Co., N. Y. He removed in 1866 
from Herkimer Co., N. Y., to Mexico, N. Y. He held several town 
offices. He owned a flouring mill. He died Jan. 26, 1899. She 
died in 1888. Residence Mexico, N. Y. 

Children : 

15828. Monroe. Born Jan. 4, 1841. 16288. 

15829. Francis. Born Feb. 26, 1845. 16291. 

15830. Wilfred A. Born June 24, 1853. 16293. 

1 583 1. Benjamin Robbins. (Jacob.) 14946, He was born 
Nov. 13, 1817. He married (ist), July 31, 1842, Sarah Leavitt. 
She was born Nov. 14, 181 7. She died Sept 2, 1848. He married 
(2nd), April 5, 1849, Elizabeth Pettitt. She was born July 24, 182 1. 
Soldier in the Civil War. Residence, 1878, Shell Rock, Iowa. 

Children : 

15832. Leicester. Born July 25, 1843. Died Sept. 4, 1864. 

15833. Leavitt. Born Sept. 30, 1845. 16295. 

15834. Parintha. Born Sept. 14, 185 1. Married, Dec. 25, 1877, Robert 
Hunter. 16300. 

15835. Sarah. Born Feb. 6, 1853. Married Joseph 16310. 

15836. Frank. Born April 8, 1S56. 

15837. Eugene. Born March 2, 1859. Died March 22, 1S59. 

15838. Burton. Born Sept. 12, i860. 

15839, Henry Sturdevant. He was born March 5, 1800. 

Sixth Generation. 445 

He married, June 3, 1833, Polina Robbins. 14942. She died Dec. 
7, 1867. Residence, 1878, Ravenna, Ohio. 

Children : 

15840. Seympur. Born June 4, 1834. 16278. 

15841. Harvey. Born Sept. 13, 1837. 16283, 

15850. Monroe Emmons. (Ichabod.) 14951. He was born 
Feb. II, 1800. He married (ist), June 10, 1830, Seraph Hutchins. 
She was born in 1808. She died Sept. 21, 1836. He married (2nd), 
May 22, 1838, Louisa Wood. She was born Jan. 29, 18 13. He 
was educated at Hinsdale and Hopkins Academies, Hadley, Mass. 
Merchant. Post Master over thirty years. He died Dec. 8, 1865. 
Louisa Wood Emmons resided in 1878, at Hinsdale, Mass. 

Children : 

15851. Monroe. Born July 14, 1839. Died July 25, 1861. 

15852. James Henry. Born Aug. 10, 1842. 

15853- Charles Richard. Born Sept. 20, 1845. Died Aug. 4, 1857. 

15854. David Mack. Born May i, 1847. He was engaged in mining 
in 1878, in Nevada or Colorado. 

15855. George Ichabod. Born March 22, 1849. Died Sept. 22, 1851. 

15856. Hanis George. Born April 20, 1851. 

15857. Mary Louisa. Born Nov. 27, 1852. Died Sept. 30, 1865. 

15858. Emma Hannah. Born Sept. 25, 1854. 

15860. NoADiAH Emmons, (Ichabod.) 14952. He was born 
July 5, 1802, at Hinsdale, Mass. He married (ist), June 25, 1840, 
Susan Warren. She was born Aug. 12, 1804, at Brimfield, Mass, 
She died Sept, 30, 1877, ^t Hinsdale, Mass, He married (2nd), 
April 2, 1878, Maria (Benson) Ball. She was born April 23, 1833, 
at Washington, Mass. Residence, 1878, Hinsdale, Mass, 

Children : 

15861. Fitz Henry. Born June 10, 1841. Died Sept. 10, 1842. 

15862. Susan Elizabeth. Born Nov. 28, 1842. Died Oct. 15, 1844. 

15863. Isabel. Born Oct. II, 1845. Died Oct. 19, 1864. 

15865. John Cady. He was born Aug. 21, 1802. He married, 
Nov. 30, 1826, Eliza Emmons. 14953. Post Master. Residence,. 
1878, Hinsdale, Mass, 

446 History of the Mack Family. 

Children : 

15866. Wallace. Born Aug. 30, 1841. Died June 5, 1842. 

15867. Eliza. Born Oct. 4, 1846. Died Nov. 28. 1857. 

15870. Hon. Augustus C. Frissell. He was born April 9, 
1806, at Peru, Mass. He married, Nov. 30, 1833, Laura Emmons. 

14954. Captain in the State Militia. Representative, 1848. He 
died Nov. 14, 185 1. She resided in 1878, at West Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 

15871. Eliza. Born Sept. 23, 1S35. Married Henry A. -Messenger. 

15872. Emily. Born May 2, 1837. Married William Joy. 16335. 

15873- Seraph. Born Aug. 20, 1840. Graduated at Mt. Holyoke Sem- 
inary, 1869. Teacher until 1872. Graduated at Michigan Uni- 
versity, M. D., 1895. Residence, 1878, Pittsfield, Mass. 

15874. Susan. Born Feb. 19, 1845. Married Charles E. White, Jr. 

15875- Solon E. Born May 25, 1847. 16350. 
15876. Thomas Augustus. Born Oct. 18, 1851. 16360. 

15880. Hon. Lyman Payne. He was born July 8, 181 1, at 
Hinsdale, Mass. He married, May 28, 1837, Emily Emmons. 

14955. Representative. Residence, 1878, Hinsdale, Mass. 

Children : 

15881. Monroe. Born July 23, 1838. Died Dec. 6, 1840. 

15882. Mary Emmons. Born Dec. 10, 1844. Died Nov. 29, 1858. 

15883. Lyman Mack. Born Feb. 4, 1847. 16370. 

15884. Emily. Born Jan. 11, 1851. Married Azariah S. Storm. 16380. 

15890. James J. Warren. He was born March 23, 1822. He 
married, Oct. 28, 1844, Mary Emmons. 14956. Commission mer- 
chant. Residence, 1884, Worcester, Mass. 

Children : 

15891. Fanny Emmons. Born June 21, 1846. 

15892. Ellen Ehza. Born Oct. 6, 1848. 

15893. Mary Wheeler. Born March 31, 1854. 

15894. John M. Born May 10, 1857. Commission merchant. Resi- 
dence, 1884, Worcester, Mass. 

15900 — I. Isaac Mack Clark. (Isaac.) 14962. He was born 
Aug. 13, 1808. He married, Sept. 12, 1832, Sarah Frary. She was 

Sixth Generation. 447 

born Nov. 26, 1808, at Becket, Mass. Residence, 1878, Painesville, 

Children : 

15900—2. Julia Maria. Born June 20, 1833, at Windham, Ohio. 
Married, Nov. 7, 1S53, Edward Benjamin Higley. 16395. 

15900 — 3. William Hanaford. Born July 19, 1835. He removed in 
1859. with his brother, Isaac, to Nebraska. They took up a 
large tract of land which they soon afterwards sold. He invested 
money in lands on the Platte River and in town lots in Denver, 
Col. He let his land lay, paid his taxes and went into mining 
in Montana in which he was successful. Meanwhile Denver 
grew into a large city and his real estate there became very 
valuable. He also engaged in mining in the San Juan silver 
mines and prospected for claims in the Black Hills. Residence, 
1878, Denver, Col. 

15900 — ^4. Isaac Theodore. Born Oct. 14, 1838. He removed with his 
brother, William, to Nebraska and Pike's Peak. He removed 
to California afterwards. He was engaged in silver mining in 
Nevada for years. He died March 8, 1 871, at San Bernardino, 

15900 — 5. George Frary. Born April 23, 1843. 16410. 

15900 — 6. Anna Mack. Born June 7, 1845. Married Truman D. 
Gibbens. 16425. 

15900 — 7. Abbie Sarah. Born April 2, 1848. Married Edward Payson 
Branch. 16435. 

15900 — 10. Horace Campbell Taylor. He was born in 
1S09, in Nelson, Ohio. He married, in May, 1836, Mary Ann 
Clark. 14963. He died in 1877, ^^ Texas. She died in November, 
1841, at Oberlin, Ohio. 

Child : 
15900 — II. Asa Mahan. He is supposed to be dead. 

15900 — 15. Edward Freeman Clark. (Isaac.) 14964. He 
was born Jan. 16, 1814. He married, Oct. 26, 1837, Mary A. Sayles. 
She was born Sept. 16, 1816, at Maysville, N. Y. He died March 
12, 1869, at Windham, Ohio. She died Sept. 17, 1875, ^t Lansing, 

Children : 

15900 — 16. Celia A. Born Sept. 3, 1838, at Windham, Ohio. Married 
Lanson D. Woodworth. 16450. 

448 History of the Mack Family. 

15900 — 17. Edward Payson. Born Dec. 31, 1S40. 16465. 

15900 — iS. Alvin W. Born Jan. 5, 1S45. 16475. 

15900 — 19. Mary A. Born Jan. 10, 1848. Married Volney R. Can- 
field. 16485. 

15900 — 20. Albert D. Born Oct. 6, 1850. 16495. 

15900 — 21. Emma F. Born in April, 1853. Married Morrell G. 
Donaldson. 165 [o. 

15900 — 25. Hon. James Tallmadge Church, (Uriahs Uriah'.) 
14972. He was born Sept. 12, 1813. He married, Feb. 14, 1839, 
Emily Bates. She was born Oct. 10, 18 16. Selectman, 1841 ; 
1845 — 6; 1851. Representative, 1841. He died Nov. 2, 1878. 
She resided in 1878, at Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

15900 — 26. Laura L. Born Feb. 16, 1840. Residence, 1878, Middle- 
field, Mass. 

15900 — 27. Francis Tallmadge. Born Nov. 14, 1S43. Died March 
23. 1845- 

15900 — 28. Julia Mack. Born Nov. 11, 1846. Married Prof. Edward 
Payson Smith. 14542. 

15900 — 35. Lyman Church. (Uriahs Uriah'.) 14973. He 
was bom Aug. 4, 1815. He married. May 7, 1839, Amanda 
Meacham. She was born April 6, 18 16. Residence, 1878, Hunt- 
ington, Mass. 

Children : 

15900 — 36. Myron Lawrence. Born Sept. 16, 1S40. 16520. 

15900 — 37. Clara Amanda. Born May 18, 1S46. Married William D. 

Kiles. 16530. 
15900 — 38. Son. Born July 20, 1851. Died July 20, 1851 . 

15900—45. Hon. William Fuller Church. (Uriah% Uriah'.) 
14541. 14973. He was born Feb. 28, 1818. He married, April 
19, 1843, Caroline M. Parsons. She was born Feb. 6, 1819, at 
Amherst, Mass. Clerk in a store at Amherst, Mass., for six years. 
Bookkeeper in a wholesale importing house in New York City, 1840-2. 
He removed to Elyria, Ohio, and engaged in selling goods. He 
removed in 1849 to Cincinnati, Ohio. Insurance Adjuster for many 
years. State Insurance Commissioner of Ohio, 1872-5. He went 
abroad in 1867 on an excursion party and is mentioned in Mark 

Sixth Generation. 449 

Twain's "Innocents Abroad." No children. Residence, 1878, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

15900 — 50. Oliver Church. (Uriah-, Uriah'.) 14975. He 
was born March 12, 1822. He married, July 22, 1849, Lucy Smith. 
She was born May 27, 1828. Manufacturer of woolen goods. Resi- 
dence, 1878, Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

15900 — 51. Emma Lucy. Born April 22, 1852. Married Henry G. 

Taylor. 16540. 

15900 — 52. Celia P. Born April 23, 1854. Died Jan. 3, 1856. 

15900 — 53. Son. Born March 18, 1859. Died March 24, 1859. 

15900 — 54. Ella Phebe. Born May 6, i860. 

15900—55. Alice Bertha. Born Aug. 23, 1861. 

15900 — 56. Oliver U. Born Oct. 3, 1864. 

15900 — 60. John Calvin Smith. (Azariah", Matthew^ Mat- 
thew^ Matthew'.) 14494. 14982. He was born Sept. 14, 1813. 
He married, June 2, 1835, Catharine Eliza Storm. She was born 
Nov. 15, 18 1 4, in New York City. Merchant at Manlius, N. Y., for 
nine years. Wholesale merchant in New York City for twenty-one 
years. He retired from business in 1865. He received the honorary 
degree of A. M. from Hamilton College, 1856. (He was not a son 
of Calvin Smith as mentioned in 14494.) He died Aug. 21, 1883, at 
Manlius, N. Y. She died June 18, 1895, at Chicago, 111, 

Child : 

15900—61. Louisa. Born June 3, 1836. Educated at Mrs. Cooke's 
School, Bloomfield, N. J., and at Prof. H. B. Tappen's School, 
New York City. Married Peter VanSchaack. 16550. 

15900 — 65. Charles Smith. (Azariah", Matthew^ Matthew-, 
Matthew'.) 14985. He was born July 13, 1818, at Manlius, N. Y. 
He married, Dec. 27, 1843, Juha Maria Huntington. She was born 
Sept. I, 1820. Merchant for many years. He died Aug. 7, 1855. 
She resided in 1878 at Binghamton, N. Y. Residence Manlius, N. Y. 

Children : 

15900 — 66. Daughter. Died in infancy, Sept. i, 1844. 

15900 — 67. Julia Sophia. Born Aug. 2, 1845. Died Feb. i, 1847. 

15900 — 68. Julia Sophia. Born Aug. 18, 1847. Graduated at Mt. 

450 History of the Mack Family. 

Holyoke Seminary, 1868. Teacher. Married John Manier. 

15900 — 69. Herbert Huntington. Born Jan. 22, 1851. 16570. 
15900 — 70. Anna Louisa. Born April 15, 1853. Died May 6, 1854. 

15900—75, Walter Storm. He was born Sept. 3, 1820, at 
New Hamburgh, N. Y. He married, March 5, 1845, Zilpha Smith. 
14988. He removed to New York City in 1831. Wholesale grocer, 
1842-65, in New York City. He was engaged in the tea trade 
from 1865 until his death. He died Aug. 9, 1878, at Hinsdale, 
Mass. She died March 21, 1901. Residence New York City, N. Y., 
and Jersey City Heights, N. J. 

Children : 

15900 — 76. Azariah Smith. Born June 5, 1847, in Brooklyn, N. Y. 
15900 — 77. Clara Eleanor. Born Aug. 24, 1850, in New York City. 

Married Charles S. Simpkins. 16590. 
15900 — 78. Daughter. Born Aug. 22. 1852. Died Aug. 24, 1852, in 

New York City. 
15900 — 79. Son. Born July 17, 1854. Died July 28, 1854, at Bergen, N.J. 
15900 — 80. Walter Lamont. Born April 10, 1856, Died Jan. 27, 1857, 

at Bergen, N. J. 
15900 — 8[. James Bernard Bonnell. Born April 8, 1859. Died Jan. 

16, 1863, at Bergen, N. J. 
15900 — 82. Bertrand. Born May 22, 1864, at Bergen, N. J. 

15900 — 90. Capt. John White Spencer. (Selden.) 14993. 
He was born March 11. 1817, at Hinsdale, Mass. He married, 
May 12, 1849, Pamelia Andrews. She was born Dec. 16, 1827, at 
Marlborough, Conn. Captain in the Civil War. Farmer. Residence, 
1878, Newton, W. Va. 

Children : 

15900 — 91. Lucy. Born Dec. 21, 1850. Married Eli Rogers. 16600. 

15900 — 92. George. Born May 18, 1852. 16615. 

15900 — 93. Myra. Born Oct. 2, 1853. Married Joseph C. Young. 16625. 

15900 — 94. Selden. Born July 8, 1855. 16635. 

15900 — 95. Roselta. Born Jan. 8, 1S58. 

15900 — 96. Wilbur. Born Oct. i, 1859. 

15900—97. Harriet. Born July 16, 1861. 

15900 — 98. Parmelia. Born Jan. 23, 1864. 

15900 — 99. Julia. Born April 23, 1866. 

15900 — 100. Eliza. Born Aug. 29, 1868. 

Sixth Generation. 451 

15900 — no. Selden Spencer. (Selden.) 14998. He was 
born Nov. 18, 1823, at Hinsdale, Mass. He married, April 4, 1848, 
Harriet E. Blakesley. She was born July 24, 1830, at West Stock- 
bridge, Mass. Farmer. Residence, 1878, Aurora, 111. 
Children : 
15900 — III. Lucy. Born Aug. 14, 1850, at Hinsdale, Mass. Died Feb. 

26, 1852, at Sugar Grove, 111. 
15900 — 112. James Kenyon. Born Dec. 19, 1852, at Sugar Grove, 111. 

Died Sept. 28. 1854. 
15900 — 113. Frank. Born Dec. 15, 1859. Died Aug. 20, 1S64. 
15900 — 114. Bennie. Born Feb. 3, 1S64. 
15900 — 115. Bertie. Born Feb. 3, 1864. 
15900 — 116. Jessie. Born April 21, 1874. 

15900 — 120. Henry Hinsdale. He was born Sept. 10, 1810, 
at Hinsdale, Mass. He married, Sept. 24, 1835, Harriet Spencer. 
14991. He died April 9, 1847. No children. She resided in 1878 
in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

15900 — -125. Dr. Ashman H. Taylor. He was born June 16, 
181 5, at Charlemont, Mass. He graduated at Berkshire Medical 
College, 1844. He married, April 28, 1845, Julia Spencer. 14995. 
He removed to Keosauqua, Iowa, in 1845. He returned in 1847 to 
Massachusetts and continued practice in Heath (then Charlemont) 
and Shelburne Falls, Mass., and owned a drug store in Shelburne 
Falls village until 1868. Representative. She died Nov. 25, 1864, 
at Charlemont, Mass. Residence, 1878, Shelburne Falls, Mass. 

Child : 

T5900 — 126. Rosa Spencer. Born March 14, 1858. Died Nov. 20, 
i860, at Charlemont, Mass. 

15900 — 130. James H. Moseley. He was born Nov. 21, 
18 1 8. He married, Nov. 14, 1844, Eliza Spencer. 14996. Resi- 
dence, 1878, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Children : 
15900 — 131. George Spencer. Born April 14, 1847. 16645. 
15900—132. Charles Selden. Born Aug. 18, 1852, at Williamsburg, L. 

I., N. Y. Died March 22, 1854, at same place. 
15900 — 133. Mary Eliza. Born Aug. 18, 1852. at Williamsburg. Died 

April 2, 1854, at same place. 
15900'— 134. Sarah EHzabeth. Born Oct. 25, 1855. Married, Feb. 20, 
1878, John McCormick. 16650. 

452 History of the Mack Family. 

15900 — 140. Dr. Theodore Clapp Pomeroy. (Brother of 
Rev. Lemuel Strong Pomeroy. 15400.) He graduated at Hamilton 
College, 1 841, and Geneva Medical College, 1845. He married, 
May 21, 1845, Theresah Mary Elder. 15014. She died Aug. 3, 
1854, in Onondaga Valley, N. Y. Residence, 1878, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Children : 

15900 — 141. Theodore Edgar. Born Dec. 25, 1846. 

15900 — 142. Clara Theresah. Born Oct. 23, 1848. Married Vincent 
Whitney Bayless. 16660. 

15900—143. Anna Corinth. Born Oct. 4, 1850. Teacher in High 
School. Residence, 1878, Binghamton, N. Y. 

15900 — 144. Willie. Born May 5, 1852. Died June 2, 1852, in Onon- 
daga Valley, N. Y. 

15900 — 145. Carroll. Born May 5, 1852. Died May 15, 1852, in Onon- 
daga Valley, N. Y. 

15900 — 146. William Dwight. Born July 20, 1854. Died Oct. 5, 1857, 
at Cortland, N. Y. 

15900 — 150. Rev. Addison Kellogg Strong, D. D. He was 
born]March 27, 1823, at Aurora, N. Y. He graduated at Hamilton 
College, 1842, and Auburn Theological Seminary, 1845. Ordained 
in Dec, 1846. He married (2nd), Oct. 10, 1849, Madorah Jennett 
Elder. 15016. Congregational, and afterwards, Presbyterian min- 
ister. Chaplain of 7th Mich. Vols, ten months. He received the 
honorary degree of D, D., from Hamilton College, 1869. He re- 
sided at Otisco, N. v.; Monroe, Mich.; Galena, 111.; Syracuse, N. 
Y.; Harrisburgh, Pa., and Clyde, N. Y. Residence, 1882, Hoboken, 

Children : 

15900— 151. William Salmon. Born Feb. 6, 1851, at Otisco, N. Y. 

Died Feb. 7. 1851, at same place. 
15500—152. Mary Elder. Born Feb. 6, 1851, at Otisco. Married Dr. 

Ezra Baldwin Pratt. 16670. 
15900 — 153. Rev. Edward Kellogg. Born Sept. 2, 1852, at Otisco. 

Graduated at Princeton College, 1874, and Auburn Theological 

Seminary, 1878. Ordained May 19, 1881. Residence, 1880, 

Homer, N. Y. 
15900—154. Anna Theresah. Born Oct. 30, 1854, at Manhus, N. Y. 

Died May 29, 1857, at Monroe, Mich. 
15900—155. Louisa Smith. Born April 29, 1857. at Monroe, Mich. 

INIarried Rev. Alfred Kelley Bates. 16685. 

Sixth Generation. 453 

15900 — 156. Fannie Madorah. Born Nov. 14, 1858, at Monroe, Mich. 
15900 — 157. Sarah Elizabeth. Born Nov. 28, i860, at Monroe, Mich. 

Teacher. Residence, 1878, Auburn, N. Y. 
15900 — 158. Helen Armitage. Born July 25, 1864, in Galena, 111. 
15900 — 159. Cora Gertrude. Born Oct. 26, 1868, at Syracuse, N. Y. 

Died Feb. 9, 1871, at Harrisburgh, Pa. 

15900 — 165. Solomon Francis Root. (Solomon.) 14532. 
15024. He was born Aug. 31, 1826. He married (ist), Jan. i, 
1850, Anna Smith. She was born July 24, 1828, at Middlefield, 
Mass, She attended Mt. Holyoke Seminary in the class of '47. She 
died March 24, 1874, at the home of her brother in Boston, Mass. 
He married (2nd), April 13, 1876, Amanda Lane. She was born 
July 9, 1839, at Gloucester, Mass. Town Treasurer and Justice of 
the Peace at Hinsdale, Mass. Town Clerk and Member of School 
Committee, at Russell, Mass. Merchant. They both are active and 
prominent in the temperance cause. Residence, 1878, Dalton, Mass. 

Children : 

15900 — 166. James Francis. Born Sept. 24, 1850. Died May 23, 1866, 

at Middlefield, Mass. 
15900 — 167. Azariah Smith. Born Feb. 3, 1862. 167 10. 
15900 — 168. Martha Lane. Born Feb. 22, 1877, at Hinsdale, Mass. 
15900—169. Francis Solomon. Born May 5, 1879, at Dalton, Mass. 

15900 — 170. Lewis Dwight Boise, He was born Aug, 17, 
18 14, at Chester, Mass, He married, Feb. 25, 1839, Laura Mack 
Root. 1502 1. He removed from Middlefield to Lowell, Mass, 
Merchant in Boston, Mass, Residence, 1878, Newton, Mass, 

Children : 

15900 — 171. Henry Dwight. Born Dec. 17. 1839, at Lowell, Mass. 

Died Dec. 8. 1841, at same place. 
15900—172. Daughter. Born April 2, 1842, at Middlefield, Mass. 

Died April 3, 1842. 
15900—173. Lewis Dwight. Born Aug. 23, 1844, at Middlefield, Mass, 

Died July 19, 1846, at same place. 
15900 — 174. Frank Anson. Born Aug. 9, 1847, at Dracut, Mass. 

Merchant in Boston, Mass. 
15900 — 175. Laura Mack. Born Sept. 4, 1849. 

15900 — 176. Hon. Matthew Smith, 8th. (Matthew^ Matthew*, 
Matthew^, MatthewS Matthew\ Matthew^ Matthew.') 14871. 
(Matthew Smith, ist, came to America from England in 1637, 

454 History of the Mack Family. 

Matthew Smith, 5th (12645), was born Nov. i, 1722, at East 
Haddam, Conn. He married, Jan. 16, 1745, Sarah Church. 
She was born July 4, 1724. He died Oct. 9, 1804. She 
died July 21, 1796. 7 Children: i. Matthew Smith, 6th (14070.) 
Born May 12, 1753. 2. Calvin Smith. Born Nov. 28, 1760. Mat- 
thew Smith, 6th (14070), married (ist), in December, 1777, Asenath 
Anable. She was born Feb. 4, 1756. She died Dec. 14, 1825, at 
Middlefield, Mass. Married (2nd), July 30, 1826, Mrs. Elizabeth 
(Percival) Gates, She was born July 19, 1755. She died Nov. 23, 
1835. He died in 1833, at Middlefield, Mass. He moved to 
Middlefield about 1783. Child: Matthew Smith, 7th. (14870.) 
Calvin Smith, son of Matthew Smith, 5th, was born Nov. 28, 1760, 
at East Haddam, Conn. Married, Jan. 15, 1784, Anna Anable. She 
was born in October, 1762, at East Haddam, Conn. She died July 
29, 1852, at Middlefield, Mass. He died Nov. 18, 1832, at Middle- 
field, Mass. He moved to Middlefield with his brother, Matthew 
Smith, 6th, in 1783.) He was born Sept. 13, 1814, at Middlefield, 
Mass. He married, March 15, 1840, Maria Delight Root. 15022. 
Teacher for many years. Selectman, 1850-56, 1863. Representative, 
1878-81. He resided nearly all his life at Middlefield, Mass. He 
was chiefly instrumental in the founding of the Highland Agricultural 
Societ3^ Merchant. Residence, 1901, Huntington, Mass. 

Children : 

15900—177. Son. Born June 15, 1841. Died June 15, 1841. 

15900 — [78. Son. Born Sept. 22, 1842. Died Sept. 26, 1842. 

15900 — 179. Helen Maria. Born Dec. 9, 1843. Married Senator 
Francis Emory Warren. 16700. 

15900 — 180. Eliza Ann. Born May 20, 1846. Married Henry Ells- 
worth Stanton. 16720. 

15900 — 181. Matthew. Born Sept. 15, 1848. Unmarried. Died Jan. 
I, 1871. 

159C0 — 182. Emma. Born .\pril 17, 185?. Died Dec. 27, 1856. 

15900—183. Charles Sumner. Born May 27, 1856. Teacher. 

15900 — 190. Hon. John Smith. (Matthew^ Matthew^ Mat- 
thew*, Matthew'.) He was born March 18, 18 16, at Middlefield, 
Mass. He married. May 19, 1841, Elvira Root. 14581. 15023. 
Justice of the Peace and Member of School Committee at Becket, 
Mass. Town Clerk, 1849-53, at Middlefield, Mass. Representative 

Sixth Generation. 455 

two years, while residing at Becket, Mass. Agent for Scotch Hill 
Slate Co., for ten years. Member of Fair Haven Marble and 
Marbleized Slate Co., in 1878. He died Sept. 3, 1885, at Northamp- 
ton, Mass. Residence Middlefield, Mass., and Fair Haven, Vt. 

Children : 

15900 — 191. John Henry. Born July 12, 1842. 16730. 

15900 — 192. , Sophia. Born April 21, 1847. Married Thomas Martin. 

15900 — 193. Mary Ann. Born Oct. 20, 185 1. Died Oct. 20, 1851. 

15900 — 200. Frederick Almon Wilson. (William Wilson 
and Rhoda Gould.) He was born Sept. 16, 1822, in Stoddard, N. 
H. He married. May 5, 1846, CordeUa Rebecca Mack. (David 
Mack(i29io), her grandfather, married Sarah Rogers. He with 
his brothers, Benjamin, who married wife Abigail, and John, 
removed from Connecticut to Woodstock, Vt. He enlisted in Capt. 
Christopher Ely's Company, Col. Jedediah Huntington's Connecticut 
Regiment, May 23, 1777, for a term of three years. 3 Children: i. 
David Mack (12911). 2. Samuel Mack. 3. Daniel Mack. He 
married Rebecca Cordelia Ayers (daughter of George Ayers and 
Hannah True). She was born Jan. 5, 1798, at Goshen, N. H. He 
died about 1830, at Holyoke, Mass. She died Feb. 10, 1868, at 
Winchendon, Mass. Children: i. Rufus Simonds Mack. Born 
April 19, 1823, at Plainfield, Vt. Married (ist), April 30, 1846, 
Elizabeth Angeline Bates (daughter of Josiah and Perlina Bates, of 
Winchendon, Mass.) She was born Aug. 30, 1824, at Tamworth, 
N. H. She died Dec. 15, 1883, at Stockbridge, Vt. He married, 
(2nd), Sept. 10, 1887, Mrs. Mary Amelia (Basha) Richardson, of 
Manchester, N. H. Soldier in Co. H., i6th Regt. Vt. Artillery and 
3d Regt. Vermont Vols., in the Civil War. 5 Children: i. Almira 
C. Mack. Born April 29, 1847, at Winchendon, Mass. Married, 
June 29, 1870, Charles H. Dwyer (James Dwyer and Asenath 
Heath). Residence, 1901, East Bethel, Vt. 3 Children: i. George 
L. Dwyer. Born Feb. 6, 187 1, at Stockbridge, Vt. 2. Fanny A. 
Dwyer. Born Sept. 13, 1875, ^^ Stockbridge, Vt. 3. Charles C. 
Dwyer. Born June 3, 1884, at Stockbridge, Vt. 2. Daniel Alva 
Mack. Born Nov. 8, 1849, at Templeton, Mass. Died in April, 
1852, at Lowell, Mass. 3. Alva R. Mack. Born May 12, 1854, at 

456 History of the Mack Family. 

Lowell, Mass. Residence, 1901, Reede's Ferry, N. H. 4. Laura 
P. Mack. Born June 10, 1859, at Winchendon, Mass. Died in 
1879, at Stockbridge, Vt. 5. Eva D. Mack. Born Sept. 26, 1867, 
at Stockbridge, Vt. Married (ist), a Newell. Child : Artie Gray 
Newell. Born Sept. 12, 1889, at Stockbridge, Vt. Married (2nd), 
Nov. 27, 1890, Henry W. Davis. Residence, 1901, Bethel, Vt. 2. 
Laura Diadema Mack. Married Samuel Burr. She died in 1900. 
They had two children. Mrs. E. Shaw, Gardner, Mass., can give 
information of her family. 3. Rev. Daniel Alva Mack. Married. 
They had four children of whom three died. Child : Mrs. Jennie V. 
Mack. Residence, 1901, Columbus Ave, Boston, Mass. 4. George 
C. Mack. Married. Died in Westminster, Cal. They had several 
children. Children: i. Stella M. Mack. Married a Bryan. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Westminster, Cal. 2. Oscar E. Mack. Residence 
1022 Union St., Oakland, Cal.) She was born March 22, 1827, at 
Plainfield, Vt. He died July 24, 1897, at Sullivan, N. H. Residence 
Winchendon, Mass. 

Child : 

15900 — 201. Edgar Vinton. Born July i, 1S47, at Winchendon, Mass. 

15900 — 225. Asa Willis. He married, in 1844, Harriet 
Kendrick. (Nehemiah Mack (12337), her grandfather, married, 
about 1780, Caroline Niles, probably in Conn. She was born Oct. 
14, 1760. Soldier in Revolutionary War for nine months. He re- 
moved from Connecticut to Woodstock, Vt. He died Jan. 3, 1828. 
She died Oct. 16, 1839. ^ Children : i. Elisha Mack. Born in 
Connecticut perhaps. Married. 2. Polly Mack. Born in 1783 at 
Woodstock. Married, in 1808, Richard Kendrick. They had nine 
children, five of whom died in infancy. Child: Harriet Kendrick. 
Born before 18 16. Married, in 1844, Asa Willis. 3. William Mack. 
Married. 4. Zebulon Mack. Married. 5. Nehemiah Mack. Married. 
He died in 182 1, at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. His wife and three 
children survived him. 6. Sally Mack. Married George Ayers for 
his second \vife. No children. 6. Child. Died quite young. 7. 
Enos Mack. Unmarried. 8. John Mack. Married Irene Wilson 
(daughter of Daniel Wilson of Plainfield, Vt.). Four Children : i. 

Sixth Generation. 457 

Mary M. Mack. Residence, i8g6, Amesbury, Mass.j She resided, 
in 1896, Marshfield, Vt. 

Children : 

15900 — 226. Martha C. Married Gardner L. Heath. 16750. 
15900—227. Mary. Married F. B. Cahill. Residence, 1901, Plain- 
field, Vt. 
15900 — 228. Hattie P. Married Edwin Bond. 

15900 — 235. Francis Hawley Nash. (Daniel Kellogg Nash 
and Sally Raymond.) He was born May 27, 1825, at South Norwalk, 
Conn. He married, June 2, 1851, Sarah Mather Hallock. 17701. 
Merchant. He died Feb. 12, 1888. Residence South Norwalk, Conn. 

Children : 

15900 — 236. Lewis Hallock. Born April 16, 1852. 16760. 

15900 — 237. Emily Cornelia. Born Aug. 7, 1854. Died March 27, 1855. 

15900 — 238. Fanny Clarine. Born Feb. 28, 1856. Died May 28, i860. 

15900 — 239. Frank. Born Feb. 13, 185S. 

15900—240. Horace Raymond. Born March 24, i860. 

15900—241. Clarence Charles. Born Aug. 15, . 16770. 

15900 — 242. Williametta Orton. Born Sept. 15, 1867. Residence, 1901, 
South Norwalk, Conn. 

15900 — 250. Ralph Gilbert Mack. (Samuel Augustus^, 
Ralphs John', Josiah^ John'.) 14586. 15408. (Capt. John Mack 
(12520), his great-grandfather, of Goshen, Conn., was 2nd Lieut., 
5th Co., 3d Regt., 1755; ist Lieut., 1756; Captain, 4th Co., 3d 
Regt. Conn. Militia, "Raised to go on Expedition to Crown Point, 
March, 1756," in the Old French and Indian War. Capt. Ralph 
Mack (13050), his grandfather, was born June 13, 1760, at Goshen, 
Conn. Soldier in a company raised at Goshen in the Revolutionary 
War. He served three enlistments, when seventeen and eighteen 
years old, and was at the burning of New London, Conn. He 
removed to North Adams, Jefferson County, N. Y., and later to 
Watertown, N. Y. He married Lydia Gilbert the eldest daughter of 
Samuel Gilbert and his first wife, Lydia Post. She was born in Sept., 
1764. Children: i. John H. Born in Nov., 1783. 2. Mercy (or 
Mary). Born April 11, 1786. 3. Samuel Augustus. Born Feb. 22, 
1789. Died Feb. 20, 1864. 4. Weltha. Born in July 1791. 5. 
Lydia, Born Oct. 4, 1794. 6. Betsey. Born April 2, 1797. 7. Phila 

458 History of the Mack Family. 

A. Born June 7, 1799. 8. Ralph Gilbert. Born June 2, 1803. 9. 
William Champion, Born July 29, 1806. He removed to Chicago, 
111. He married. He died in Chicago. They had several children. 
Samuel Augustus Mack (14580), his father, was a man of good mind 
and education. He was blind many years before his death. Deacon 
in the Presbyterian Church. His first wife died and after many 
years he married, March 4, 1851, her youngest sister, Elizabeth 
Bailey. (Their father's sister was the wife of Rev. Thomas Nash of 
pioneer fame, of Otsego County, N. Y. He married (ist), June 18, 

18 1 7, Thankful Bailey. Children: i. Ralph Gilbert. Born July 26, 

1818. 2. Samuel Dwight. Born Feb. 29, 182 1. Married (ist), 
Sept. 17, 1844, Mary Ballard; (2nd), May 12, 1855, Ellen S. Dickin- 
son ; (3d), Nov. 5, 1864, Sarah E. Dutton. He died Sept. 5, 1898. 
3. John Clinton. Born Oct. 21, 1825. He married, Sept. 9, 1857, 
Appolonia H. Leininger. He died May 2, 1858. 4. Carlton Henri. 
Born July 13, 1829. Died June 18, 1843. 5. Anna Maria. Born 
Oct. 7, 1830. Died Sept. 9, 1832. 6. Delia Elizabeth. Born Sept. 
6, 1833. Married, x\ug. 31, 1858, Cornelius W. Battell. She died 
June 17, 1864.) He married a daughter of Deacon Heman Colton. 
Residence, 1901, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

15900 — 255. John Warren Mack. (Elisha^, Warren-*, Elisha^, 
Josiah=, John'.) 14562. 15430. Secretary and Director in Under- 
writer Printing and Publishing Co. Director in Weekly Underwriter 
Co. Member of Reform Club, American Geographical Society, 
Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural 

At the time of his death the Weekly Underwriter said editorially : 

"The life-record of our friend and associate, who died this week, 
appears on another page. It is full of the evidences of , high principle, 
noble endeavor and the achievement of purpose. Mr. Mack's 
methods were quiet, but what he aimed to do he followed with per- 
sistence, and generally accomplished. We believe that no man in 
our vocation was more liked and respected by those whom he had to 
meet in business. The letters which have spontaneously come to us 
from prominent underwriters, deploring Mr. Mack's untimely death, 
show that he was indeed to them, as he must have been to all, 
persona grata. Further, no man could ever justly say that he had 

Sixth Generation. 459 

done him wrong ; very many could say, as did the citizens of the 
town whose good order and clean politics he defended, as an editor, 
with his life at stake, that his career was a benefaction. To those 
who were nearer his service was a long blessing. Measured by these 
standards Mr. Mack's life was a success and an example. It can be 
summed up — the life of an earnest, manly. Christian gentleman." 

The same paper in another column said : 

"John Warren Mack died at his home, 471 Lenox avenue, in 
this city, early on Sunday morning, after an illness from typhoid 
fever of nearlv seven weeks. His last appearance in this office was 
on Wednesday, October 10, when he attended to his usual duties, 
although he was already suffering from the first effects of his malady. 
It was a serious case from the beginning, and its progress was 
watched with much anxiety by his family and friends, and when the 
fever had run its course it left him too weak to rally. All that the 
best medical skill and the attentions of a devoted wife and children 
could do were of no avail. 

"Mr. Mack came from sturdy old New England stock, and was 
born at Bath, Steuben County, N. Y., March 11, 1848. His boyhood 
education was principally obtained at the Haverling Union School, 
at Bath, where he was prepared for college. He entered Cornell 
University in his twentieth year and was graduated with the class of 
1872, taking the degree of ' Bachelor of Science. Although his 
natural bent was for journalism, and his first venture in that direction 
was a brief experience at the case, the early years of his life after 
leaving the university were devoted to education. He had a taste 
for the acquirement of languages and became a proficient French, 
German and Italian scholar. These languages and the higher 
mathematics he taught at the Ithaca Academy and subsequently at 
the Delaware Literary Institute. He was also for some time princi- 
pal of the North Cohocton public school. 

"The entry of Mr. Mack into the vocation of his choice was as 
editor of the Bayonne, N. J., Herald. This was about the year 1881.. 
In 1883 he removed to Hornellsville, N. Y., to accept the post of 
business manager of the Herald, and, with a short incursion into life 
insurance as the local agent of the New York Life insurance com- 
pany, he continued with that paper until 1889, being the last two 

460 History of the Mack Family. 

years its editor. While he was occupying that position it became 
his duty to attack the poUtical rascaUties then rife at Hornellsville, 
and his fearless course so exasperated the gang in power that his 
editorial room was entered one evening when he was at work and he 
was brutally beaten and injured severely. The indignation of the 
community over the assault and its approval of his conduct as a 
conscientious journalist more than compensated him for his suffering 
in its behalf. He never failed to put into practice his conception of 
what was right, no matter what might be the possible consequences 
that threatened. 

"His public career and his reputation as a careful and intelli- 
gent statistician led to his call to the service of the Government in 
the taking of the census of 1890. He was appointed to the division 
of insurance statistics, acting as chief under the direction of Special 
Agent Charles A. Jenney. In 1S94, when the census work was com- 
pleted, Mr. Mack accepted an offer to join the staff of The Weekly 
Underwriter, and became its outside business representative. In 
that capacity he was known to and highly respected by underwriters 
throughout the United States. He was a director and the secretary 
of the corporation by which the paper is published. 

"Mr. Mack was an unobtrusive professor of reUgion, and was 
from early manhood a member of the Presbyterian communion. On 
becoming a resident of the city of New York, in 1894, he connected 
himself with the Harlem Presbyterian Church, and at the time of his 
death was its senior elder. His strong business sense was of great 
value in the management of its secular affairs. In this beautiful 
church edifice the funeral services were held on last Tuesday even- 
ing. They were opened by the present pastor, and the funeral 
sermon was preached by his old pastor and friend, who was in charge 
when he became a member, and who paid a just and eloquent tribute 
to Mr. Mack's qualities as a man and a Christian." 

From the numerous tributes to Mr. Mack by his brethren of the 
insurance press, the following have been selected as expressive of 
their sense of the loss which has fallen on the profession and the 
community by his death : 

. From the Insurance Age : 
"As we go to press we learn of the death, after a lingering ill- 

Sixth Generation, 461 

ness, of John W. Mack, of The Weekly Underwriter. In this brief 
space we can only add our small tribute to the testimonials which all 
who knew him are ready to pay to the splendid character and sub- 
stantial worth of this Nature's nobleman who has just passed on. As. 
Ave lay him to rest, let it not be only with brimming eye and breaking 
heart, but also with joy at the remembrance of an upright and spot- 
less Hfe, over which the King of Terrors can never wholly triumph.'* 

From The Chronicle : 

"He was a gentleman, was John W, Mack, a Christian gentle- 
, man, and a newspaper man of thorough training, rare attainments 
and highest class. He was one of those men whose presence com- 
manded respect and consideration, because those whom he met in 
social or business intercourse recognized instinctively a nature of 
fine instincts and high ideals coupled with good taste and common 
sense. His death leaves a distinct gap in this profession, which 
needs just such men as he. Aside from our sense of personal loss 
at the death of a friend, we join with the fraternity in mourning the 
loss of a sterling character," 

From The Record : 

"He was a man of high character and fine attainments, a grad- 
uate of Cornell University ; and although of a retiring disposition he 
made and kept a host of warm friends among insurance men and 
his journalistic associates," 

From the Philadelphia Intelligencer : 

"John W. Mack was a true gentleman. He was also a trained 
and capable newspaper man who understood his work well and did 
it quietly but effectively. The one thing, however, that always 
impressed you when you met Mr. Mack for the first time, and which 
grew on you the more times you met him, was that he was a gentle- 
man. Clean cut, positive as to his convictions, but kindly and 
courteous in his expression of his views and in his relations to those 
about him." 

From Thrift : 

"The news of the death of Mr. John W. Mack, the secretary of 
the Underwriter Printing and Publishing Company, on the 25th 

462 History of the Mack Family. 

inst., was received with general regret by his co-workers in insurance 
journalism, and has called forth many tributes to Mr. Mack's memory 
from prominent life and fire underwriters." 

From the Insurance Advocate : 

"A scholarly and high minded gentleman, Mr. Mack was a 
credit to insurance journalism and gained the high respect of all with 
whom he had dealings." 

From The Surveyor : 

"While the deceased was, perhaps, not as widely known as 
some others, because of his retiring disposition, he was in his per- 
sonal character one of the shining lights of the business of insurance 
journalism. His death came as a shock to many who esteemed him 
greatly for his gentle sincerity and the abilities that his modesty 
could not conceal." 

From Views : 

"The death of Mr. John Warren Mack, secretary of the Under- 
writer Printing and Publishing Company, New York, who succumbed 
to typhoid fever the morning of the 25th ult., is deeply deplored in 
insurance circles. The practice of uniform courtesy and nicety to 
his colleagues, his unobtrusive nature and gentle manner, won their 
esteem and friendship. The Weekly Underwriter has, indeed, lost a 
good staff, and insurance journalism a conscientious and talented co- 

From the Insurance Monitor : 

"Insurance journalism lost an honored representative in Mr. J. 
W. Mack, who died on November 25 at his home in New York. Mr. 
Mack became connected with The Weekly Underwriter in 1894. 
Prior to that connection, he had been engaged in journalism for 
many years. He was an expert statistician, and was employed by 
the Government in the taking of the census of 1890, under Mr. 
Charles A. Jenny. Mr. Mack had the respect and esteem of all with 
whom he came in contact, and his untimely death is mourned by 
many friends." 

Sixth Generation. 463 

From the Insurance Herald : 

"Mr. Mack had been with The Weekly Underwriter since 1894 
and has contributed to some of the most important features of its 
work. He was a graduate of Cornell University and had been 
successively printer, teacher and principal of schools, life insurance 
agent, editor and business manager of journals in Bayonne, N. J., 
and Hornellsville, N. Y., and special insurance census supervisor of 
the Government from 1890 to 1894, previous to his connection with 
The Weekly Underwriter. Mr. Mack was in the prime of life, aged 
tifty-two, and will be greatly missed and deeply mourned." 

From The Vigilant : 

"Mr. Mack was able and conscientious ; everything he undertook 
to do he did well. He was always a gentleman, a good citizen and 
a loyal endeavorer for righteousness." 

From The Standard : 

"Few men will be more genuinely missed from the ranks of 
insurance journalism than John Warren Mack, of The Weekly 
Underwriter, New York, who died on Sunday of typhoid fever. A 
man of wide information, a skilled linguist, a gentleman always, and 
an enthusiast in his profession, of which he was a modest and yet 
conspicuous ornament, his loss in the midst of a successful and 
honorable career will be deeply deplored in journalistic and insurance 
circles, in which he was highly and deservedly esteemed. * * 
Mr. Mack's journalistic work was of the highest order — accurate, 
polished, and always honest. His loss will be felt especially by his 
colleagues on The Weekly Underwriter, who were greatly attached 
to him for his solid and endearing qualities. The funeral services 
were held in the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, 
on Tuesday evening, and were attended by a large number of 
insurance journalists and insurance men. At a meeting of insurance 
journalists in the office of C. J. Smith, Mutual Life Building, on 
Tuesday, appropriate resolutions were adopted." 

15900 — ^260. Orlando Mack. (Elisha=, Warren-*, Elisha\ 
Josiah^ John'.) 14553. 15422. He was born Jan. 24, 1823, in 
Warren, Herkimer Co., N. Y. He married, Jan. i, 1848, Eliza 
Earnest. He died March 19, 1855. 

464 History of the Mack Family. 

Children : 

15900 — 261. Ernest Harmon. Born Oct. 30, 1848. 16780. 15423. 
15900 — 262. Elisha Sweet. Born Oct. 12, 1851. 15424. Married, 

Oct. 18, 1887, Hannah Welch. She died Feb. 21, 1901. No 

15900 — 263. Daughter. Born Dec. 25, 1853. Died Dec. 29, 1853. 
15900 — 264. Margaret. Born May 12, 1855. 15425. Married James C. 

Stewart. 16785. 

15900 — 270. Prof. William Manlius Smith. (Azariah", 
Matthew^, Matthew^ Matthew'.) 14496. 14987. 15317. He at- 
tended Albany Medical College, 1845-6. Professor of Materia 
Medica in Syracuse University, 1877-8. Village Trustee of Manlius, 
N. Y. Secretary of Onondaga Medical Society for several years. 
Secretary of State Medical Society, 1877-89. Secretary of Manlius 
and Pompey Agricultural Association for over twenty years. Elder, 
trustee, clerk and treasurer of Presbyterian Church of Manlius, N. Y. 
He died May 4, 1900. 

Children : 

15900 — 271. Aulus. 15323. Residence, 1901, Pacadena, Cal. 

15900 — 272. Walter Storm. He studied chemistrj- under Prof. Goess- 
nian, Amherst Agricultural College, Mass., 1882-3. 

15900 — 273. Dr. Clara. Graduated at Syracuse High School, 1884, 
and at Syracuse Medical College (at the head of her class), 
1887. Physician at the State Hospital, Utica, N. Y., since 1891. 

15900 — 274. Dr. Louisa. Graduated from Syracuse High School, 1885. 

She took a special course at Cornell University, 1892-4. 

Graduated at New Haven School of Gymnastics, 1895, (taking 

the two years' course in one year). Graduated at Syracuse 

Medical College, 1898. Appointed Director of the Gymnasium, 

Bryn Mawr College, 1898. 15328. 
15900 — 275. Ludlow Hall. 15329. (He was not a student at Syracuse 

University as stated in 15329.) Educated at Syracuse High 

School. Residence, 1901, Pasadena, Cal. 
15900 — 276. Harriet. Born Nov. 4, 1854. Manager of Western Union 

Telegraph Company at New York Central R. R. Company's 

Office, Syracuse, since 1886. 

15900 — 290. Edward Elisha Mack. (Josiah^, Elisha-*, 
Elisha^, Josiah-, John'.) 14676. i5575- (Josiah Mack (14675), 
his father was born June 15, 1798, at Middlefield, Mass. He 
married, Sept. 26, 1822, Maria Ward, of Middlefield. He died 

Sixth Generation. 465 

April 7, 1861, at Lenox, Mass. She died Aug. 8, 1882, at Grinnell, 
Iowa.) He was born Feb. 5, 1836, at Lenox, Mass. He married, 
June 30, 1864, Ella L. Mack, at Albany, N. Y. He removed to 
Denver, Col. Manufacturers' agent. She died March 31, 1894, at 
Albany, N. Y. Office 44 Bank Block, S. W, corner 17th and 
Arapahoe Streets. Residence, 1901, Denver, Col. 
Children : 

15900 — -291. Fannie Minerva. Born May 7, 1866. Died Aug. 23, 

1 866, at Albany. 
15900—292. Jessie Spencer. Born July 21, 1867. Died Jan. 3, 1871. 
15900 — 293. George Henry. Born July 15, 1869. Died Aug. 2, 1869. 
15900 — 294. Russell Little. Born May 24, 1871. Residence, 1901, 

Albany. N. Y. 
15900—295. Nellie Lewis. Born Feb. 5, 1876. Died Sept. 3, 1876. 
15900 — 296. Hayward Seaton. Born March 20, 1882. Residence, 190 1, 

Denver, Col. 

15900 — 300. John Warren Mack. 15900 — 255. (He was 
not a member of Reform Club, American Geographical Society, 
Metropolitan Museum of Art and American Museum of Natural 
History, as stated in 15900 — 255. It is Jacob W. Mack who belongs 
to those Societies. The mistake was due to a mistake in New York 
Biographical Directory.) Author of the Whaley Record. After his 
death Mrs. Mack superintended the printing of the rest of the book. 

15900 — 305. Henry Hinsdale. 15900 — 120. Harriet 

(Spencer) Hinsdale died Jan. 30, 1892, at Aurora, 111. 

15900 — 310. Capt, John White Spencer. 15900 — 90. He 
married Permelia Andrews. He died July 17, 1894, at Linden, W. 
Va. They had ten children. She resides, 1901, Ula, Franklin 
Co., Va. 

15900 — 320. George Spencer. 14994. He died April 30, 
1894, at Linden, W. Va. 

15900 — 325. Dr. Ashman H. Taylor. 15900 — 125. He 
died April 12, 1880. 

15900 — 330. James H. Moseley. 15900 — 130. He died in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. She died May 20, 1889, in Brooklyn. 

15900 — 335. Cornelius W. Battelle. 15900 — 250. He 
married Delia Mack. 15900—250. She graduated at Cooperstown, 

466 History of the Mack Family. 

N. Y., Seminary. He graduated at Cooperstown Seminary and 
attended Hamilton College. He studied law and medicine. Resi- 
dence Quincy, 111. 

15900 — 340. Henry Quincy Mack. (Enochs ElishaS Josiah^, 
John'', John'.) 14421. 15300. (Rev. Enoch Mack (14420), his 
father, was born Jan. 30, 1806, at Lyme, Conn. Married, May 24, 
1827, Phoebe Loretta Roberts. She was born Feb. 20, 1810, at 
Charleston, Montgomery Co., N. Y. Children: i. Henry Quincy 
Mack. Born May 5, 1829. 15900 — 340. 2. Nannie. Born June 20, 
1833, at Wilkesbarre, Pa. Married Edward Howe. 15900 — 345.) 
He was born May 5, 1S29, at Tunkhannock, Pa. He married, Jan. 
15, 1872, Mary Elizabeth Janes. She was born Aug. 20, 1837, at 
Hartford, Conn. 

Child : 
15900 — 341. Arthur Carlyle. Born Sept. 21, 1S73, in New York City. 

15900 — 345. Edward Howe. He was born March 8, 1820, 
at Portland, Me. He married, July 3, 1832, Nannie Mack. 15900 — 
340. Residence New York City. 
Children : 

15900 — 346. Edward Enoch. Born March 24, 1S64. Teacher. Resi- 
dence, 1892, New York City. 
15900 — 347. Theodore Frederic. Born Aug. 25, 1865. 
15900 — 348. Alfred Henry. Born Jan. 28, 1870. Secretary of a cor- 
poration. Ofl&ce 49 Warren St., N. V. City. Residence, 1S92, 
Jersey City Heights, Jersey City, N. J. 

15900 — 360. William Stover. He married, Jan. 15, 1837, 
Jane Eliza Mack. 14551- She died. 
Children : 
15900 — 361. Mary. Born Jan. 27, 1839, at Richfield, N. Y. Married 

a Van Court. Residence, 1901, Oak Tree, N. J. 
15900 — 362. Manila J. Born June 5, 1842. Died. 
15900 — 363. George W. Born April 22, 1844. Residence, 1901, Oak 

Tree, N. J. 
15900 — 364. Emma E. Born Jan. 22, 1848. Married a Freeman. 
Residence, 1901, Oak Tree, N. J. 

15900—370. Horace Wheeler. 15428. He married, March 
3, 1842, Rhoda Ann Mack. 14552. He died Jan. 21, 1900. She 
died May 8, 1900. 

Sixth Generation. , 467 


15900—371. Norman O. Bom Nov. 8,1843, at Exeter, N. Y. 16795. 
15900 — 372. Ephraim Elon. Born Feb. 24, 1856. Died Oct. 14, 1872. 

15900 — 380. Silas Cotton. 14554. 15429 — 15. Sally Ann 
(Mack) Cotton died Nov. 2, 1863. 

15900 — 385. John Calkins, He married, Jan. 30, 1849, 
Abigail Mack. 14554. She died Oct. 26, i860. They had 
children. Residence, 1901, Allegany, N. Y. 

15900 — 390. Elisha Mack. (Elisha^, Warren'', Elisha^, Josiah^ 
John'. 14556. He was born March 10, 1831, at Richfield, N. Y. 
He married, March 20, 1850, Sylvia Hitchcock. He died June 21, 1852. 

Child : 
15900—391. Jane. Married Lewis Davis. 
15900 — 395. Abner Smith. He married, April 2, 1854, 
Bianca Mack. 14559. Residence Campbell, N. Y. 

Children : 

15900 — 396. Norman O. Born Sept. 9, 1S57. Married. They have 
two children. Residence, 1901, Dansville, N. Y. 

15900 — 397. Susan L. Born Sept. 2, i860. 

15900 — 398. Mary J. Born Oct. 26, 1864. Married a Warren. They 
have one child. Residence, 1901, Bath, N. Y. 

15900 — 399. Alice. Born Jan. 29, 1868. Married Albert Pepper. They 
have two children. Residence, 1901, Watkins, N. Y. 

15900 — 405. Edwin Guthrie. He married, Oct. 12, 1857, 
Mary Sophia Mack. 14560. 

Children : 

i590o-!-4o6. Eveline. Born Jan. 14, 1859. 

15900 — 407. Frank. Born March 22, 1861. 

15900 — 408. Ida. Bom July 10, 1863. Died July 23, 1869. 

15900 — 409. Eddie. Born Sept. 16, 1865. 

15900 — 410. Elisha. Born Nov. 28, 1867. 

15900 — 411. Josephine. Born March i, 1870. 

15900 — 412. Allen. Bom June 30, 1872. 

15900 — 413. Burdett. Born Dec. 26, 1874. 

15900 — 420. Augustus Wilcox. He married, Nov. 21, i860, 
Electa Maria Mack. 14561. They have three children and several 
grandchildren. Residence, 1901, Bradford, Pa. 


15901. Milton SiNiiTH. (01iver^ Calvin*, Matthew^ Matthew*, 
Matthew^ Matthew^ Matthew'.) He was born Oct. 27, 18 17, in Mid- 
dleiield, Mass. He married, May 2, 1843, Mary Smith Browning, 
15331. Member of School Committee, 1862-5. Residence, 1878, 
Middlefield, Mass. 

Children : 

15902. Justus Browning. Born Dec. 24, 1844. 18300. 

15903. Clarence Emmons. Born Nov. 21, 1846. 183 15. 

15904. Julia Louisa. Born Dec. 22, 1848. Died January 4, 1871. 

15905. Dwight. Born February 5, 1851. Died Sept. 7, 1872. 

15906. Wayland Francis. Born July 26, 1853. 18310. 

15907. Alice Amanda. Born January 30, 1857. Married Edwin 
Smith. 18320. 

15908. Mary Emmons. Born March 26, 1859. Married Arthur P. 
Combs. 18325. 

15909. Fanny Root. Born March 26, 1859. Married Lyman Ebenezer 
Smith. 18330. 

15930. Edwin McElwain. He was born Nov. 5, 1833. He 
married, Dec. 30, 1863, Caroline Church. 15382. She attended a 
Ladies' Seminary, Member of School Committee at Middlefield, 
Mass., 1857. Treasurer of Kibbe Brothers' Co. (incorporated). 
Residence, 1901, Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 

15931. Charles Church. Born May 14, 1872. Member of Massachu- 
setts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. 

15932. Arthur Edwin. Born Feb. 8, 1879. 



Seventh Generation. 469 

15940. John W. Crane. He was born May 23, 1847. He 
married, Nov. 4, 1875, Harriet Church. 15384. Merchant. Resi- 
dence, 1901, Springfield, Mass. 

Child : 
15941. Son. Born April 15, 1877. Died April 18, 1877. 

15945. Capt. Fayette Washington Roe, U. S. A. (Rear 
Ad. Francis Asbury Roe, U. S. N., and Eliza J. Snyder (daughter of 
Dr. Samuel C. Snyder of Charlestown, W. Va., a descendant of Gov, 
Simon Snyder of Pennsylvania, of German descent, nephew of 
George Fayette Washington Snyder), Isaac Roe and Hannah Drake 
(daughter of Edward Drake and Susanna LaFarge), John Roe and 
Sarah Harris, John Roe of Newburg, N. Y., a descendant of John 
Roe, who came to America from England and settled at Port Jeffer- 
son, Suffolk Co., L. I., N. Y,, about 1630 or 1640.) He was born in 
Virginia. He graduated at United States Military Academy, 187 1. 
Second Lieutenant, 24th Regt. U, S. Infantry, June 12, 1871. 
Transferred to 3d Regt. Infantry, Aug. 4, 187 1. He married, Aug. 
19, 1871, Frances M. A. Mack. 15411. Adjutant of his regiment 
three years when he resigned to accept the position as Aide-de- 
Camp to Gen. John R. Brooke, which he held over four years, until 
his promotion to Captain, 3d Regt. U. S. Infantry. Lieutenant 
Colonel U. S. Vols, and Judge Advocate, ist Army Corps, in Spanish 
American War. Retired Dec. 13, 1898. He is a member of the 
Society of Sons of the Revolution. 

"Colonel Fayette Washington Roe. Born Aug. 7, 1850. Grad- 
uated U. S. Military Academy, 187 1, and assigned to Third U. S. 
Infantry. Regimental Adjutant, 1885 to 1888. Aide de Camp to 
General OfBcer, 1888 to 1892. Captain Third U. S. Infantry, 1892 
to 1898. Lieut. Col. U. S. Volunteer Staff and Judge Advocate 
First Army Corps, 1898. Member of following war societies: i. 
Colonial Wars. (Lt. Gov. of Minnesota Society.) ' 2. Sons of the 
Revolution. 3. The War of 18 12. 4. War with Mexico. (National 
Association of Veterans.) 5. Loyal Legion. (Civil War.) 6. Indian 
Wars of the Great Plains, 187 1 to 1888. (Personal service.) 7. 
The War with Spain, 1898. (Personal service.) Frances Mack Roe 
(Mrs. F. W. Roe). Born Aug. 22, 1848, Houndsfield, N. Y. 
Primary education, Watertown, N. Y. One year at Elmira College. 

470 History of the Mack Family. 

Three years at private school for languages, Elmira, N. Y. Studied 
vocal music two years in Cincinnati, Ohio. Member of following 
societies: i. Descendants of Colonial Governors. 2. Connecticut 
Society of Colonial Dames of America. 3. Daughters of the Revo- 
lution. Her experience of military life on the frontier has been full 
of exciting incidents. Twice she was under fire at Fort Sully, 
Indian Territory, when the fort was attacked by Indians. She was 
the only woman on a big buffalo hunt in Colorado, when four buffaloes 
were killed, fall of 187 1. Riding after English grey hounds for 
antelope was an everyday occurrence, but always with a pistol in her 
saddle pocket with which to kill herself, if overtaken by Indians. 
She was an expert rider, and a fine shot." 

Mrs. Roe is a member of the Society of Descendants of Colon- 
ial Governors and the Connecticut Society of Colonial Dames of 

The following letters were written by her : 

"Port Orange, Florida. 
"Hon. Murray E, Poole : 

"Dear Sir — 

"I know nothing of the McDougals in connection with the 
Macks ; was in hopes you had discovered something. I only saw a 
mention of it in some little town history. 'Gilsum,' N. H., I believe. 
My grandmother (step-grandmother), Elizabeth, always insisted that 
we could go right back to 'Rob Roy,' and seemed to know much 
about the family, but not one of us paid much attention to it. I 
have endeavored to recall who my grandfather's sister. Wealthy, 
married, but I cannot. 

'November twenty-ninth, 1901, 

"Very sincerely, 
"Frances Roe. 

'Fort Snelling, Minn. 
"January twenty-sixth. 

"My Dear Mr. Mack : — 

"Did your father, in his accounts of the family, ever intimate 
that our name was not Mack, but McDougal in Scotland ? My 
cousin, George Mack, writes me that our grandmother said it was 
McGregor and that we were direct descendants of Rob Roy 

Seventh Generation. 471 

McGregor, but no documentary evidence to this effect was found 
among her papers. I have found once in the Historical Ubrary that 
our name was probably McDougal from the fact that the early Macks 
used the same crest as the McDougals of Scotland, a bear's head 
erased. I am 

"Your cousin, 

"Frances M. A, Roe." 

Permanent address — Care of Adjutant General, U. S. Army. 
Residence, 1901, Port Orange, Fla. 

15950. Thomas Martin. (Clark% Thomas'.) 15420. He was 
born Aug. 29, 1818, at Washington, Mass. He married (ist), April 
16, 1843, Permelia Wheat; (2nd), Nov. i, 1887, Sophia Smith. 
15900 — 192. She was educated at Chapman Grammar School, and 
Girls' High and Normal School, Boston. Teacher. He was a 
prominent and wealthy business man. Merchant. He was connected 
with the Hartford Bridge Company for fifty years. President, 
Secretary, Treasurer and Director in Hartford Bridge Company. 
He died Jan. I, 1887, at Hartford, Conn. She resides, 1901, 120 
Windsor Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

15960. Albert AiNSLEY Cowing, f Cowing Genealogy : John 
Cowen, or Cowing, came from Scotland and bought an estate in 
Scituate, Mass. He married Rebecca, widow of Richard Mann, in 
1656. Their children were five in number : i. Joseph. Born in 1657. 
2. Mary. Born in 1659. 3. John. Born in 1662. 4. Israel. Born 
in 1664. 5. Rebecca. Born in 1666. Of these children, Joseph 
was killed in Philips war, 1676, at Rehoboth. John married Deborah 
Litchfield in 1687. Rebecca married Obadiah Holmes of Dorchester, 
Mass. John's children were seven in number: i. Jonah. Born in 
1688. 2. Joseph. Born in 1690. 3. ^ohn. Born in 1692. 4. 
Joshua. Born in 1694. 5. Caleb. Born in 1696. 6. Israel. Born in 
1701. 7. Mary. Born in 1705. Caleb married and had two children : 
I. James. Born in 1740. 2. David. Born in 1738, or 1742. James 
Cowing was born in Rochester, Plymouth Co., Mass., in 1740, on 
1 6th of May [old style] or 27th May [new style]. He died April 8th, 
1829, in Seneca, Ontario Co., N. Y., aged 88 years, ten months and 
eleven days. He married Mary Cottle. Their children seven in 

472 History of the Mack Family. 

number: i. David. 2. Olive. 3. Hannah, 4. Eunice. 5. Polly. 
6. Still born. 7. James. Born in 1769. Married for 2d wife, Sarah 
Randall. She was born in Rochester, Plymouth Co., Mass., March 
23d, 1763. She died Aug. 19th, 1808, in Seneca, Ontario Co., N. 
Y., aged 45 years. Their children were : i. Phebe. Born Feb. 25, 
1782. 2. Celinda. Born March 17, 1783. 3. Caleb. Born March 
3, 1785. 4. Aseneth. Born Aug. 8, 1786. 5. Sally. Born May 14, 
1788. 6. Ruby. Born May 9, 1790. 7. Betsy. Born May 3, 1792. 
8. Sophia. Born Feb. i, 1794. 9. Cynthia. Born March 13, 1796. 
10. Parmela. Born March 26, 1798. 11. Marshall J. Born March 
18, 1800. 12. Sophronia. Born June 22, 1802. 13. Albert Ran- 
dall. Born June 5, 1804. 14. John Philo. Born Feb. 26, 1807. 
Sophia died July 12, 1795. Parmela died Aug. loth, 1799.) He 
graduated at Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, in which he 
was afterwards a teacher for several years. He married Alice 
Mandana Myers. 15481. He prospected in the Rocky Mountain 
region. Jeweler. President Electric Light Company. Member of 
Masonic fraternity. Democratic candidate for County Treasurer. 
She is a member of the Society of Daughters of the Revolution. 
Residence, 1901, Watkins, N. Y. 

Children : 

15961. Child. Died in infanc)^ in the West. 

15962. Lawrence Albert. Born April 25, 1877. Educated at Cook 
Academy. Inventor of Flexo System of Physical Culture. 

15970. DoNLY. He married Abbie M. Myers. 15512. 

Child : 

15971. Daills. Born Aug. 6, 1896. 

15980. George K. Myers. (Charles^ Andrew', Andrew'.) 
155 13. He was born Oct. 27, 1869. He married June 10, 1893. 

Children : 

15981. Blanche. Born June 27, 1894. 

15982. Gale. Born Sept. 24, 1898. 

15990. Ben Myers. (Charles^ Andrew% Andrew'.) 15511. 
He was born April 10, 1863. He married Feb. 24, 1901. He was 
recently seriously injured by a horse. 

Seventh Generation. 473 

15995. DooNSPiKE. He married, Dec. 20, 1899, Iva Myers. 
Child : 
15996. Sadie. Born Aug. 4, igcx). 

16000. Andrew M. Fenner. (Levi H.) 15552. He was 
born March 18, 1846. He married, Dec. 31, 1873, Anna M. 
Havens. She was born Feb. 22, 1854, in Yates County, N. Y. 
Private, Co. D. 35th Regt. N. Y. Infantry. EnUsted Dec. 7, 1861. 
Honorably discharged 1863. Pensioner. His widow is a pensioner. 
He died July 7, 1898. No children. She resides, 1901, Myers, N. Y. 

1 60 10. Col. William Nichols. He married Carolin Belcher. 
1562 1. Residence Maryland. 

Children : 

16011. Carolin Belcher. Married a Stuart. They reside in the 
Oranges, N. J. They have two sons. 

1 601 2. Elsie. Married Frank Urquhardt of Newark, N. J. 

16020. Joseph Caswell Arnold. He married Sarah Mack. 
1 563 1. Residence Burlington, N. Y. 

Child : 

16021. Hon. Lynn John. Born Sept. 28, 1864, at Burlington, N. Y. 
Lawyer. Surrogate of Otsego County, N. Y. Member of the 
Society of Sons of the American Revolution. Residence, 1901, 
Cooperstown, N. Y. 

16030. Thomas Johnson. He married Betsey Brand Spencer. 
1 565 1. Residence Cooperstown, N. Y. 


16031. James Anson Melrose. Born Sept. 25, 1856, at Cooperstown, 
N. Y. Agent for estate. Member of Society of Sons of the 
American Revolution. Residence, 1901, Cooperstown, N. Y. 

16040. Cyrus Strong. (Cyrus% Cyrus', descendant of Elder 
John Strong of Northampton, Mass.) He was born June 28, 1841, 
at Binghamton, N. Y. Educated at Williston Seminary, Easthampton, 
Mass. He married, June 30, 1868, Eleanor Mack Hall. 15661. 
President of the Strong State Bank, Binghamton Building Company 
and Home Mutual Loan and Savings Association. Director in the 
New York and Pennsylvania Telegraph and Telephone Company. 

474 History of the Mack Family. 

Member of the Binghamton Club, Union League and Republican 
Clubs of New York City and Society of Sons of the Revolution. 
She was a member of Christ (P. E.) Church and took an active 
interest in the Susquehanna Valley Home and St. Mary's Home. 
She died April 23, 1898. Residence, 1901, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Child : 

16041. Cyrus M. Born Oct. 11, 1872 (o. 1S73). Educated at Stamford, 
Conn. Banker and broker. Cashier of Strong State Bank, 
1896. Director in the Strong State Bank of Binghamton. 
Member of Binghamton Club, Calumet and Players Clubs of 
New York City and Society of Sons of the Revolution. Resi- 
dence, 1901, New York City. 

16043. Elbert Baldwin Mann. He was born in 1856 in 
Rochester, N. Y. Educated at Williams and Yale Colleges. He 
married Eleanor Mack Cartwright. 1567 1. Dry goods merchant. 
General manager of dry goods house of Flint & Flint. Member of 
the Merchants' Exchange. Member of University, Liberal and 
Wanakah Golf Clubs. Business address 554 Main Street. Residence, 
1 90 1, 117 Lexington Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children : 

16044. Eleanor. 

16045. Baldwin. Born in 1SS2. Student in Williams College. 

16046. Donald. Born in 1896. 

16048. Dr. Frederick Edward Cheney. He graduated at 
Harvard Medical School, 1885. He also studied in Germany. He 
married Grace Ethel Cartwright. 15677. Residence, 1901, Boston, 

Child : 
16049. Robert. Born about 1895. 

16050. Edward Hawkins. (Nathan S.) 15691. He was 
born Nov. 24, 1876. He married. 

1 605 1. Edward S. Born May 21. 

16060. Horace Sauers Kephart. (Rev. Isaiah Lafayette 
Kephart, D. D., and Mary E. Sowers, Rev, Henry Kephart and 

Seventh Generation. 475 

Sarah Goss.) He was born Sept. 8, 1862, at East Salem, Pa. He 
was educated at Lafayette College and Cornell University. He 
graduated at Lebanon Valley College, 1879. He married, April 12, 
1887, Laura White Mack. 15701. Assistant in Yale University 
Library. Librarian of St. Louis Mercantile Library since 1890. 
Author and writer. Contributor to Magazine of American History 
and other periodicals. 

Who's Who in America, 1891-2, says of him: 

"Horace Kephart, librarian St. Louis Mercantile Library since 
1890 ; b. E. Salem, Pa., Sept. 8, 1862 ; s. Isaiah L. and Mary Sowers 
K.; ed. Iowa public schools; grad. Lebanon Valley College, 1879 
(A. M., 1882); post-graduate studies at Cornell, Boston Univ., and 
Yale; m. April 12, 1887, Laura White Mack, Ithaca, N. Y.; Asst. 
Cornell Univ. Library, 1880-4; in Europe, 1884-6; Asst. Yale 
Univ. Library, 1886-90. Address, Mercantile Library, St. Louis." 

Residence, 1901, St. Louis, Mo. 

Children : 

16061. Cornelia. Born Aug. lo, 1888, at New Haven, Conn. 

16062. Margaret. Born April 28, 1890, at New Haven. 

16063. Leonard Mack. Born Jan. 10, 1892, at Ithaca. 

16064. Lucy Wheeler. Born March 30, 1893, at St. Louis. 

16065. George Stebbins. Born Dec. 30, 1894, at St. Louis. 

16066. Barbara. Born Aug. 4, 1897, at St. Louis. 

16075. Clements T. Stephens. (Philip.) He was born in 
1849, at Ithaca, N. Y. He attended Clinton High School and Briar 
Cliff Military School on the Hudson. He married, in 1881, Susan 
Maria Hibbard. 15723. Merchant. Member of St. Augustine 
Commandery, Knights Templar. 

Landmarks of Tompkins County says of him : 

"He is the only surviving son of Philip Stephens. He was 
educated at the High School, CUnton, N. Y., and at Briar Cliff Mili- 
tary School on the Hudson. In 1878 he bought out the firm of E. 
C. Gregg, agricultural implements and seeds, and located there until 
the summer of 1893 when he removed to the corner of Aurora and 
State Streets, and has changed his line from agricultural to stove 
and house furnishings. In 1889 he bought the East Hill Coal Yard 

476 History of the Mack Family, 

of Harmon Hill, which he still conducts, in connection with his other 
business. He is also engaged in the plumbing business under the 
firm name of Stephens & Masters." 

Residence, 1901, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Child : 
16076. Fitch Hibbard. Born Sept. 26, 1882. 

16080. Edward Payson Pomeroy. (Lemuel Strong.) 15402. 
He was born Aug. 17, 1839, ^^ Elbridge, N. Y. He married, June 
14, 1866, Jennie E. Degolier. She was born Aug. 29, 1846. Mer- 
chant. No children. Residence, 1878, Savannah, N. Y. 

16085. Lieut. Almond L. Clark. He was born June 27, 
1842. He married, Dec. 5, 1865, Mary Theresah Pomeroy. 15404. 
He died Oct. 31, 187 1, at Jackson, N. J. Residence Otisco, N. Y. 

Children : 

16086. Lucian Pomeroy. Born May 31, 1867, at Tully, N. Y. Died 
June I, 1867, at same place. 

16087. Anna Marett. Born Aug. 15, 1868, at Jackson, N. J. Died 
Aug. 9, 1870, at Pompey, N. Y. 

16090. William King Munson. (Jared G.\ Lamberton^, 
Abner-, Caleb'.) He was born Oct. 24 (o. 18), 1844. He married, 
Nov. 29, 1873, Mary Theresah (Pomeroy) Clark. 15404. Nursery- 
man. Residence, 1896, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Child : 
16091. Jared Pomeroy. Born Jan. 26, 1S77. 

16095. Robert E. Goodwin. He was born Aug. 28, 1848. 
He married Sept. i8, 1872, Emma Corinth Pomeroy. 15406. Resi- 
dence, 1878, Sharon, Conn. 

Children : 

16096. Jennie Marett. Born Oct. 24, 1873. 

16097. Mary Corinth. Born March 15, 1875. 

16098. John Pomeroy. Born Aug. 17, 1877. 

16100. Elgin Bruce Cary. (Van Rensselaer-*, Luther Harvey^, 
Richard^ Joseph'.) 15735 — i- He was born July 4, 1855, at Boston, 
N. Y. He attended Cornell University, 1876-7. He married, May 

Seventh Generation. 477 

5, 1895, Nancy M. Gary. 15745 — 28. Residence, 1901, Patchin, 
Erie Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

16101. Van Rensselaer. Born March ii, 1896. 

16102. Howard Elgin. Born Oct. 6, 1897. 

161 10. Luther Drysdale Cary. (Van Rensselaer'*, Luther 
Harvey^, Richard^ Joseph'.) 15735 — 2, He was born May 19,. 
1857, He married, Oct. 20, 1880, Carrie B. Goodspeed of Boston,. 
N. Y. 

Children : 

161 1 1. David D. Born Sept. 20, iSSi. 

161 12. Frank A. Born June 28, 1883. 

161 13. Robert. Born Oct. 20, 1893. 

161 20. Eugene Gary, Esq. (Richard Leander'*, Luther Har- 
vey^ Richard"", Joseph'.) 15742. He was born Nov. 21, 1857. He 
graduated at Cornell University, B. S., 1878. He married Mary 
Wand of Buffalo, N. Y. Principal of High School and Superin- 
tendent of Schools, Bedford, Iowa, 188 1-4. Lawyer. Director in 
the Bank of Niagara, Bank of Suspension Bridge, Power City Bank 
and Niagara County Savings Bank of Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Men of New York (1898) says of him : 

"Eugene Gary, prominent in the legal and political circles of 
Niagara Falls, was born in Dunkirk, N. Y., somewhat less than forty 
years ago. After attending the public schools of his native place, he 
obtained higher instruction at Cornell University, graduating thence 
in 1878 with the degree of B. S. He then devoted a year to business 
in his father's hardware store at Dunkirk, and the winter of 1879-80 
he passed as principal of a school at Sinclairville, Chautauqua 
County, N. Y. 

"By this time Mr. Cary had decided to make the practice of law 
his life-work. Entering the office of Judge Thomas P. Grosvenor, 
therefore, at Dunkirk, he applied himself with characteristic zeal to 
the task of mastering legal science. He continued his reading until 
August, 1 88 1, when the position of Superintendent of Schools at 

478 History of the Mack Family. 

Bedford, Iowa, was offered to him. He accepted this opportunity, 
and managed the public schools of Bedford with marked efificiency 
for the next three years. He found a little time for his law studies 
during these years in the West, and had no difficulty in passing the 
bar examinations at Buffalo in June, 1884. 

"From November, 1884, until October of the next year, Mr, 
Gary practiced law at Forestville, near Dunkirk, in partnership with 
Daniel Sherman. Niagara Falls was already beginning to give 
promise of its later industrial supremacy, and Mr. Gary resolved to 
settle there. Associating himself, accordingly, with Henry G. Tucker, 
he practiced at the Falls in the firm of Tucker & Gary from October, 
1885, until May, 1887. For the next six years he carried on a large 
practice without partnership assistance. Since May i, 1893, he has 
been associated with William G. Wallace in the well-known firm of 
Gary & Wallace. He has become a familiar figure in the Gourts of 
Niagara Gounty, and is widely known as an able and trustworthy 
attorney. ' 

"Outside of his professional work Mr. Gary has been especially 
interested in politics. He was a member of the executive committee 
of the Ghautauqua Gounty Republican Gommittee in 1884. In the 
fall of that year he edited the political columns of a Dunkirk news- 
paper. Since going to Niagara Falls he has been on the Republican 
Gity Gommittee several times, and in the important campaign of 1896 
he was chairman of that committee. He was one of the Alternate 
Delegates to the Republican National Gonvention at St. Louis in the 
same year. He has been a delegate to every Republican judiciary 
convention in his district for the last ten years, and was chairman of 
the convention in 1895. Notwithstanding his activity and import- 
ance in the counsels of the Republican party, he has never cared to 
hold public office. He has, however, been a member of the Niagara 
Falls Board of Education since March, 1896. 

"Mr. Gary has been somewhat active in the business life of 
Niagara Falls as well as in law and politics. He holds directorates 
in Power Gity Bank, and in the Bank of Niagara ; and acts as 
attorney for these institutions, and for the Bank of Suspension Bridge. 
He is a Trustee of the Niagara Gounty Savings Bank, and President 
■of the Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital." 

Residence, 1901, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Seventh Generation. 479 

Children : 

16121. Anna. Born about 1883. 

161 22. Richard. Born about 1885. 

161 25. Philip B. Gary. (Richard Leander'', Luther Harvey^ 
Richard", Joseph'.) 15743. He was born May 4, 1864. He married 
Kate, of Dunkirk, N. Y. 

16126. Eddie. Born in 1894. 

16127. Winifred. Born in 1898. 

1 6 130. Dr. Frank Gary (Anizi Beriah'', Luther Harvey^, 
Richard^ Joseph'.) 15745 — n. He was born Oct. 21, 1857. He 
married Harriet Heyl, of Dunkirk, N. Y. She graduated at Gornell 
University, A. B., 1881, and Blackwell, M. D., 1884. She has been 
Secretary of the Medical Board of the Hospital for Women and 
Children of Chicago, 111. He is a physician. Residence, 1901, 
Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

16131. Eugene. Born Nov. 11, 1885. 

16132. Louis. Born in 1889. 

161 33. Clara. Born Nov. 2, 1897. 

16135. Elliot Pritchard. He married Helen Cary. 15745—- 
12. Residence, 1901, Illinois. 

Children : 

16136. Lucile. Born in 1893. 

1 6137. Elliot. Born in April, 1896. 

16 1 38. Frank. Born in 1900. 

16140. Charles Churchill. He married Mary Cary. 
15745 — 21. Residence, 1901, Boston, N. Y. 

Child : 

16141. Theresa. Born in October, 1886. 

16145. William S. Cary. (Danford A.", Truman^, Asa^ 
Joseph'.) 15745 — 26. He was born March 30, 1855. He married 
in July, 1876, Amelia Vail. Residence, 1901, Boston, N. Y. 

Children : 

16 146. Danford A. Born April 25, 1877. 

1 6147. Edward T. Born March 28, 1884. 

480 History of the Mack Family. 

16150. Andre Horton. He married, in March, 1876, Fanny 
Gary. 15745 — 27. He died in 1889. Residence Boston, N. Y. 

Children : 

16151. Esther. Died in childhood. 

16152. Mildred. Born July 10, 1881. 

16 1 55. George Gary Jones. (Samuel.) 15745 — 46. He 
married Maria Braids of Buffalo, N. Y. He died in 1874. Residence 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Children : 

16156. Harry. 

16157. Maud. 

16158. Katharine. 

16 1 59. Gary. 

1 6 165. Emmet Davis. (L. L.) 15745 — 52. He was born 
in 1843. He married Emily Beebe. She died years ago. They 
had two children who died years ago. Post Master. Residence, 
1901, Boston, N. Y. 

16170. Millard Davis. (L. L.) 15745 — 53. He was born 
in 1849. He married (ist), Mary Gotton, in Salt Lake Gity, Utah, 
by whom he had a daughter, Mollie. He married a second wife. 
He died Feb. 12, 1887. 

Ghild : 
16171. Mollie. Born in March, 1S78. Died in May, 1896. 

16 1 75. George E. Gotton. (Silas.) 15429 — 16. He was 
born Dec. 30, 1854, at Howard, N. Y. He married, Nov. 4, 1880, 
Ida M. Herbert. Residence. 1901, Hornellsville, N. Y. 

Children : 

161 76. Clair H. Born Oct. 30, 1882, at Fremont, N. Y. 

16177. Nellie M. Born Feb. 15, 1884, at Fremont. 

1 61 80. Prof. Edward Payson Smith. (Samuel', Matthew^ 
Matthew^, MatthewS Matthew^ Matthew", Matthew'.) 15414- 

Children : 

16181. Philip Mack. Born Jan. i, 1883. 

16182. Robert Metcalf. Born March 29, 1886. 

Seventh Generation. 481 

16 183. Henry Ely Mack. (Samuel*, David^, David-', Elisha^ 
Josiah-, John'.) 15761. He was born Oct. 19, 1851, in Covington, 
Ky. He married, Oct. 9, 1876, Sarah Grace Lathrop. Wholesale 
dealer in paper. Residence, 1901, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Child : 
161S4. Joseph Lathrop. Born Sept. 28, 1877. 

1 6 185. Hon. William James Stillman. He was born June i, 
1828, at Schenectady, N. Y. He graduated at Union College, 1848. 
He married, Nov. 19, i860, Laura Mack. 15752. United States 
Consul at Rome, Italy, 1861-5 ; and in Crete, 1865-9. Litterateur, 
author and artist. Art editor of New York Evening Post-Nation. 
He has resided at Rome, Italy, since 1886 as the correspondent of 
the London Times for Italy and Greece. Author of the History of 
the Creton Insurrection ; Poetic Localities of Cambridge ; Herze- 
govina and the Late Uprising ; Turkish Rule and Warfare ; On the 
Track of Ulysses ; and Manual of Photography. She died April 1 1 , 
1869, in Athens, Greece. Residence, 1898, Rome, Italy. 

Children : 

16186. John Ruskin. Born May 2, 1862, at Belmont, Mass. Died 
March 27, 1875, near Shanklyn, Isle of Wight, England. 

16 187. Eliza Romana. Born Dec. 23, 1865, at Rome, Italy. 

16188. Bella Helena. Born June 14, 1868, at Canea, Island of Crete. 

16189. Col. Samuel Colville Vance. He was born Aug. 
22, 1839, at Indianapolis, Ind. He graduated at Amherst College, 
1862. He married, July 11, 1862, Nancy Amelia Harrington. 
15769. Captain 27th Regt. Mass. Vols., Major and afterwards 
Colonel, 132nd Regt. Indiana Vols, in the Civil War. He was mus- 
tered out Sept. 5, 1863, at IndianapoHs, Ind. He re-enlisted in 

1864, organizing and taking command of a regiment of home guards 
from May to September. She died April 13, 1863, at Indianapolis. 
Residence, 1878, Indianapolis, Ind. 

16190. Rev. Thomas Lamb Eliot, S.T.D. He graduated at 
Washington College, St, Louis, 1862, and Harvard Divinity School, 

1865. He married, Nov. 28, 1864, Henrietta Robins Mack. 15758. 
Unitarian minister. He received the honorary degree of S.T.D, from 
Harvard University, 1889. Residence, 1901, Portland, Ore. 

482 History of the Mack Family. 

Children : 

16191. William Greenleaf. Born Oct. 13, 1S65. 

16192. Mary Ely. Born Sept. 22, 1867. Died April 22, 1878. 

16193. Dorothea Dix. Born Feb. 14, 1870. 

16194. Ellen Smith. Born Feb. 20, 1873. 

16195. Grace. Bom Sept. 13, 1876. 

16200. G. S. Donahue. He married, Feb. 13, 1836, Mary 
Foote. 15782. She died in September, 1859. Residence, Mani- 
towoc, Wis. 

Children : 

16201. Charlotte. 

16202. John W. 

16205. A. N. Baker. He married in September, 1858, Sarah 
Foote. 15783. Shedied Dec. 25, 1867. Residence, South Bend, Ind. 

Children : 

16206. George A. 

16207. Helen M. 

162 10. Norman W. Faulk, Esq. He was born July 9, 1831. 
He married, Feb. 14, 1857, Harriet Foote. 15784. Lawyer. Resi- 
dence, 1878, Preston Hollow, N. Y. 

Child : 
16211. Carrie. Born March 16, 1859. 

1 62 1 4. John H. Foote. (George.) 15785. He was born 
Jan. 2, 1849. H^ married, Aug, 4, 1872, Lena Glass. Residence, 
1878, South Bend, Ind. 

Children : 

16215. Sarah B. 

16216. John H. 

162 18. Alanson B. Pomeroy. He was born Feb. 8, 1842. 
He married, Sept. 22, 1866, Mary Elizabeth Lyman. 15788. Resi- 
dence, 1878, Washington, Mass. 

Children : 

16219. Frank Alanson. Born July 14, 1867. 

16220. Jessie Lyman. Born Oct. 19, 1869. 

Seventh Generation. 483 

16221. Mabel Elizabeth. Born Aug. 24, 1871. 

16222. Wilbur Irving. Bom July 30, 1873. 

16223. Rupert Hayes. Born July 29, 1876. 

16224. Carlton Mack, Bom April 13, 1878. 

16226. John Adams Manly. He was born March 11, 1850. 
He married, Nov. 27, 1873, Sarah Jane Lyman. 15789- Residence, 
1878, Washington, Mass, 

Children : 

16227. Alice Lyman. Born Sept. 6, 1874. 

16228. Son. Bom June 20, 1879. 

16230. Henry Seymour Robbins. (SamueP, Jacob'.) 15796. 
He was born Dec. 29, 1822. He married, Oct. 10, 1843, Betsey 
Hoadley. She was born Jan. 28, 182 1. He died Sept. 26, 1872. 
She resided in 1878 at Newton Falls, Ohio. 


16231. Ella N. Born Aug. 13, 1848. 

16232. Rosella. Born April 17, 1855. 

16233. Lilliel. Born Sept. II, 1859, 

16240. David Mack Robbins. (SamueP, Jacob'.) 15797. 
He was born Feb. 6, 1824. He married, Nov. 2, 1847, Edith A, E. 
Smith. She was born Dec. 14, 1828, He died March 22, 1870. 
She resided in 1878 at Hiram, Ohio. 

Children : 

1 624 1. WilmerJohn. Born Sept. i, 1848. 

16242. Joseph William. Born March 23, 1S52. 

16243. Margaretta J. Born Jan. 21, 1854. 

16245. Dr. Fred C. Applegate. He was born Feb. 28, 182 i. 
He graduated at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, 1863. He 
married, Aug. 26, 1846, Sally Polina Robbins. 15798, Residence, 
1878, Windham, Ohio, 

Children : 

16246. F. Seymour. Born Jan. 2, 1847. Died Jan. 19, 1847. 

16247. Fannie L. Born Dec. 3, 1849. 

16248. Calvin S. Born June 13, 1852. Residence, 1878, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

484 History of the Mack Family. 

16250. Matthew Higley. He was born Sept. 12, 1813. He 
married, Sept. 25, 1839, Luna Cornelia Robbins. 15801. Residence, 
1878, Windham, Ohio. 

Children : 

16251. Ivovisa. Born Aug. 15, 1841. 

16252. Philander R. Born Jan. 17, 1843. 

16253. Minnie C. Born June 13, 1848. 

16254. Perkins B. Born July 3, 1850. 

16255. Franklin M. Born April 24, 1851. Died March i, 1865. 

16256. David Mack. Born Dec. 16, 1858. 

16258. Lucius L, Robbins. (David T.-, Jacob'.) 15810. He 
was born July 22, 1837. He married, March 31, 1861, Maria L. 
Burton. She was born March 3, 1836. Residence, 1878, Newton 
Falls, Ohio. 

Children : 

16259. Burt L. Born Aug. 2, 1865. 

16260. Miner D. Born Sept. 24, 1873. 

16265. Linus A. Robbins. (David T.-, Jacob'.) 15812. He 
was born Jan. 3, 1840. He married, Nov. 12, 1862, Elizabeth Hoff- 
man. She was born Oct. 28, 1842. No children. Residence, 1878, 
Newton Falls, Ohio. 

16266. James Jerome Robbins. (Linus-, Jacob'.) 15817. He 
was born Sept. 20, 1833. He married, July 22, 1858, Laura Hub- 
bard. She was born Oct. 17, 1836. Residence, 1878, Sheboygan 
Falls, Wis. 

Children : 

16267. Willie A. Born Dec. 16, 1861. 

16268. George A. Born March 14, 1864. 

16269. Frank H. Born May 14, 1S72. Died Sept. 7, 1873. 

16270. Julia A. Born July 29, 1874. 

16271. Emma. Bom Nov. 8, 1876. 

16272. Aaron Keller. He was born April 29, 1834. He 
married, March 14, 1861, Livonia Florilla Robbins. 158 18. No 

16273. Myron Richmond. He was born Feb. 27, 1842. He 
married, Dec. 28. 1864, Sarah Jane Robbins. 158 19. She died 
March 11, 1878. 

Seventh Generation. 485 


16274. Cora. Born Aug. lo, 1867. 

16275. Lillie. Born Aug. 13, 1869. Died Oct. 2, 1869. 

16276. Jennie. Born Aug. 4, 1872. 

16277. Ida E. Born Nov. 5, 1876. 

16278. Seymour Sturdevant. (Henry.) 15840. He was 
born June 4, 1834. He married, May 28, 1857, Laura Bartholo- 
mew. She was born July 30, 1833. Residence, 1878, Ravenna, 

Children : 

16279. Henry. Born Feb. 16, 1S59. 

16280. Annie. Born June 17, i860. 

16281. Clinton B. Born Aug. 8, 1865. Died Sept. 18, 1866. 

16282. Fanny A. Born April 7, 1869. Died Oct. 25, 1873. 

16283. Harvey Sturdevant. (Henry.) 15841. He was 
born Sept. 13, 1837. He married Mary Hewitt. She was born 
Dec. 13, 1844. Residence, 1878, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Child : 

16284. Julia D. Born Sept. 12, 1868. 

16285. George F. Robbins. (Elisha-, Jacob'.) 15825. He 
was born March 26, 1849. He married, Nov, 8, 1871, Ettie PhilUps. 
She was born June 28, 1848. No children. Residence, 1878, Ver- 
million, N. Y. 

16286. George M. Preston. He was born March 13, 1845. 
He married, Dec. 18, 1873, Esther Florence Robbins. 15826. 
Residence, 1878, Union Square, N. Y. City. 

Child : 
16287. Leslie E. Born March 19, 1875. 

16288. Dr. Monroe Robbins. (Lyman^ Jacob'.) 15828. He 
was born Jan. 4, 1841. He graduated at Bellevue Hospital Medical 
College, 1865. He married, March i, 1865, Harriet Helmer. She 
was born June 18, 1843. Residence, 1893, Aurora, 111. 

Children : 

16289. George R. Born June 20, 1867. Died July 27, 1867. 

16290. Frank R. Born Oct. 1 1, 1868. Died July 13, 1869. 

486 History of the Mack Family. 

16291. Francis Robbins. (Lyman^ Jacob'.) 15829. He 
was born Feb. 26, 1845. He married, Sept. 30, 1873, Grace 
Stephens. She was born Dec. 18, 185 1. Residence, 1878, Sheri- 
dan, 111. 

Child : 

16292. Wilfred C. Born May 7, 1874. 

16293. Wilfred A. Robbins. (Lyman-, Jacob'.) 15830. He 
was born June 24, 1853, in Herkimer County, N. Y. Educated at 
Mexico Academy. He removed in 1866 from Herkimer Co., N. Y., 
to Mexico, N. Y. He married, Sept. 20, 1876, Martha Whitney, of 
Mexico, N. Y. She was born April 15, 1852. Proprietor of a flour- 
ing mill. Postmaster, 189 1-5. Deputy District Grand Master of 
Masons. Residence, 1901, Mexico, N. Y. 

16295. Leavitt Robbins. (Benjamin-, Jacob'.) 15833. He 
was born Sept. 30, 1845. He married, June 11, 187 1, Joanna Young. 
She was born Aug. 7. 1847. She died March 17, 1874. 

Children : 

16296. Edwin L. Born Sept. 2, 1872. 

16297. Minnie. Born Sept. 2, 1872. 

16298. Grace. Born Jan. 30, 1874. Died Aug. 12, 1874. 

16300. Robert Hunter. He was born in 1850. He mar- 
ried, Dec. 25, 1877, Parintha Robbins. 15834. 

1 63 10. Joseph Pease. He was born May 5, 1849. He mar- 
ried. May 29, 1877, Sarah Robbins. 15835. 

Child : 

16311. Mary. Born June 22, 1878. 

16325. Henry A. Messenger. He was born June 16, 1830. 
He married, Feb. 13, 1862, Eliza Frissell. 15871. Residence, 
190 1, Federalsburg, Md. 

Children : 

16326. Henry Burdett. Born March' 11, 1863. 

16327. Jennie Eliza. Born April 22, 1864. Died July 25, 1865. 

16328. Robert William. Born Feb. 28, 1869. 

Seventh Generation. 487 

16335. William Joy. He was born June 25, 1831. He mar- 
ried, March 16, 1862, Emily Frissell. 15872. Residence, 1901, 
Peru, N. Y. 

Child : 
16336. William Ashman. Born Nov. 21, 1872. 

16340. Charles E. White, Jr. He was bom March 30, 1847. 
He married, Sept. 2, 1870, Susan Frissell. 15874. Residence, 1878, 
Shelburne Falls, Mass. 

Children : 

1634 1. Madalene. Born May 19, 187 1. 

16342. Charles Euclid. Born Oct. 24, 1877. 

16350. Solon E. Frissell. 15875. He was born June 27, 
1850. He married. May 25, 1875, Fannie E. Boutwell. She was 
born June 27, 1850, at Montague, Mass. Residence, 1878, West 
Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 

16351. Fred Boutwell. Born Sept. 2, 1876. 

16352. Marion Emmons. Born Sept. 20, 1878. Died Nov. 3, 1878. 

16360. Thomas Augustus Frissell. 15876. He was born 
Oct. 18, 1851, at Peru, Mass. He married, June 9, 1878, Susie 
Hutchinson Bingham. She was born Dec. 28, 185 1. Merchant. 
Residence, 1901, Hinsdale, Mass. 

16370. Lyman Mack Payne. (Lyman.) 15883. He was 
born Feb. 4, 1847, at Brighton, N. Y. He married, Oct. 22, 1872, 
Helen Tuttle. She was born Aug. 27, 1845, at Hinsdale, Mass. 
Residence, 1878, Elizabeth, N. J. 

16380. AzARiAH Smith Storm. (Walter.) 15900 — 76. He 
was born June 5, 1847. He graduated at Williams College, 1870. 
He married, Nov. 7, 1872, Emily Payne. 15884. She was born at 
Brighton, N. Y. Tea merchant in New York City for several years. 
He removed from Elizabeth, N. J., to Hinsdale, Mass. Residence, 
1890, Hinsdale, Mass. 

Children : 

16381. Mary Payne. Born June 17, 1873. 

16382. Emily Lilpha. Born July 29, 1874. 

488 History of the Mack Family. 

16383. Katie Kittredge. Born Aug. 14, 1S76. 

16384. Lyman Payne. Bom Nov. 9, 1880. Died May 13, 1881. 

16385. Mack Payne. Born May 23, 1888. 

16395. Edward Benjamin Higley. He was born Oct. 24, 
1832. He married, Nov. 7, 1853, Julia Maria Clark. 15900 — 2. 
She was educated at Oberlin College. She graduated, Chautauqua 
Course, 1882. Real estate dealer. 

From Spencer (Iowa) News, Feb. 8, 1894: 

■"A biographical sketch of Mrs. E. B. Higley read at the Farmers' 
Institute last' week. 

"It seems fitting that we turn aside, for a few moments, from the 
regular business of the day and give our attention for the intervals to 
a review of the life and works of one whom every person here must 
remember with deepest respect as well as with gratitude for the work 
done in this institution, especially in advancing the work of the 
special department now under discussion. 

"Miss Julia M. Clark was a native of Windham, Ohio. Born on 
a midsummer day when the world was at its loveliest, her infant eyes 
opened on a world of flowers and all her life she has held no task 
sweeter than the cultivation and study of these beautiful gifts from an 
all-wise and good Creator. She was educated at the academy of her 
native town and took the preparatory course of Oberlin College, but 
owing to financial reverses in her father's family she was compelled 
to give up her cherished dream of college life and bravely took up the 
task of teaching to assist in educating the young brothers and sisters, 
of which there were six, she being the eldest. 

"Always a close and thorough student, her studies did not end 
with her school days but have continued through all her useful and 
busy life. In later years she took up the Chautauqua work and com- 
pleted the four years' course of reading in 1882, just before removing 
to Iowa, but ever since the organization of a C. L. S. C. circle in 
Spencer she has been an active and useful member, and held a place 
of honor in the hearts of all her associates. 

"In 1853 she was married to Edward B. Higley, and for forty 
years she has shared all his joys and sorrows. She was always ready 
to give her influence in the cause of temperance. In the dark days 
of our republic when war and bloodshed were over the land, her 

Seventh Generation. 489 

time, work and influence were given to aid the national cause, and 
being the possessor of a remarkably rich contralto voice she was the 
leading member of a musical club which gave from time to time 
excellent concerts for the purpose of raising funds to supply the neces- 
sary help to soldiers in field and hospital. She was a devoted Chris- 
tian and a member of the Congregational church at Windham, from 
which she took letters to the same church in this place. She first 
came to Spencer in 1882 but went to Mason City the following year 
and remained until 1886, since which time her home has been in 

"Active in charities both in public and private, her hand was 
ready and quick to aid any one in distress. Practical in all things if 
she had work to do she gave it where the remuneration would supply 
the greatest need. 

"She gave her aid to every good cause for the advancement of 
her fellow beings intellectually, financially or socially, and was quick 
to see and advocate any measure to raise the standard of life in those 
around her. Many will remember the effort put forth some years 
ago for purchasing and beautifying a portion of land for a city park. 
Her efforts were not crowned with success as they deserved, but no 
doubt did some good as no good work is ever entirely lost. 

"With eyes to see and an intellect to appreciate the beautiful in 
nature and art her most enthusiastic work was given in the line of 
horticulture and floriculture. She spared no pains to make success- 
ful any movement for their advancement. She was a member of the 
Portage county horticultural society in Ohio, and did efficient service 
in that body for years before coming to Iowa. She has been a mem- 
ber of the State horticultural society of Iowa since 1884, and her 
name has been held in honor as one of the capable workers. Being 
a learned and skillful botanist she was at one time employed to make 
a sectional report of the flora of northwestern Iowa by the state 
organization. You all know what her work in this society has been. 
From its earliest organization she has been its most faithful advocate. 
With characteristic independence she attended the first session with 
no other woman to support her, and from that time until she was 
called away she has been on the most important committees in the 

"With all her services in public life she was a devoted wife, a 

490 History of the Mack Family. 

true home maker and a source of emulation to her many friends on 
account of her brilliant conversational and sweet womanly social 

No children. She died Dec. lo, 1893, at Spencer, Iowa. 
Residence, 1901, Mason City, Iowa. 

16410. George Frary Clark. (Isaac.) 15900 — 5. He was 
born April 23, 1843. He married, April 25, 1870, Adella Loretta 
Ball. She was born Dec. 15, 1849, at Hillsdale, Mich. He owned 
in 1878 a cattle ranch in Colorado. Residence, 1878, River Bend, Col. 

Children : 

16411. William Mack. Born Jan. 27, 1871. Died July 5, 1872. 

16412. Sarah Frary. Born May 19, 1872. 

1 64 1 3. George Dwight. Born April 13, 1874. 

16414. Coral May. Born Nov. 14, 1875. 

16415. Edwin Mack. Born July 11, 1878. 

16425. Truman D. Gibbons. He was born March 19, 1843, 
at Plattsburg, N. Y. He married, Oct. 4, 1864, Anna Mack Clark. 
15900 — 6. Broker. She died in Florida. Residence, 1878, Jack- 
sonville, Fla. 

Children : 

16426. Julie Clark. Born July 21, 1866, at Painesville, Ohio. Married 
a Goodell. Residence, 1901, Jacksonville, Fla. 

16427. Lockie Truman. Born March 30, 1874, at Dansville, 111. 
16435. Edward Payson Branch, He was born May 26, 

1844, at Madison, Ohio. He married, Sept. i, 1875, Abbie Sarah 
Clark. 15900 — 7. Lumber merchant. Contributor to magazines 
and papers. Residence, 1901, Melbourne, Fla. 

16450. Lanson D. Woodworth. He was born Oct. 10, 1837, 
in Windham, Ohio. He married, Oct. 6, 1859, Celia A. Clark, 
i^goo — 16. Residence, 1878, Youngstown, Ohio. 

Children : 

1645 1. Inez. Born Dec. 9, i860, at Ravenna, Ohio. Died Feb. 3, 1861, 
at Windham, Ohio. 

16452. Lola. Born Dec. 21, 1861, at Ravenna. 

16453. Carl C. Born Nov. 14, 1863, at Windham. 

16454. Lanson D. Born Nov. 8, 1869, at Youngstown, Ohio. Died 
Dec. 12, 1870. 

16455. Jessie I. Born June 25, 1871. 

16456. May L. Born Oct. 31, 1873. 

Seventh Generation. 491 

16465. Edward Payson Clark. (Edward Freeman.) 15900 — 
17. He was born Dec. 31, 1840, at Windham, Ohio. He married 
(ist), Nov. 13, 1867, Sarah M. Higley. She was born Aug. 10, 
1847, at Windham. She died Jan. 5, 1874, at Windham. He mar- 
ried (2nd), May 5, 1875, Emily A. Kingsley. She was born Jan. 8, 
1847, at Windham. Residence, 1878, Mahoning, Ohio. 

Child : 

16466. Edward A. Born Jan. 22, 1870. 
16475. Alvin W. Clark. (Edward Freeman.) 15900 — 18. 
He was born Jan. 5, 1845, at Windham, Ohio. He married, Oct. 4, 
1870, Sarah H. Beckwith. Residence, 1878, Mahoning, Ohio. 

16485. VoLNEY R. Canfield. He was born Sept. 13, 1846, 
at Niagara Falls, N. Y. He married, Oct. 25, 187 1, Mary A. Clark. 
15900 — 19. Residence, 1878, Lansing, Mich. 

Child : 
16486. Stanton. Born April i, 1877. 

16495. Albert D. Clark. (Edward Freeman.) 15900 — 20. 
He was born Oct. 6, 1850. He married, June 29, 1874, Jennie 
Goodsell. Residence, 1878, Mahoning, Ohio. 

Child : 
16496. Gleeland. Born Sept. 3, 1873, at Windham, Ohio. 

1 65 10. Morrell G. D0NALD.SON. He was born March 16, 
1849, at Parkman, Ohio. He married, June 10, 1875, Emma F. 
Clark. 15900 — 21. Residence, 1878, Mahoning, Ohio. 

16520. Myron Lawrence Church. (Lyman.) 15900 — 36. 
He was born Sept. 16, 1840. He married, June 7, 1866, Lida Belle 
Hawes. She was born June 26, 1841. Merchant. No children. 
Residence, 1878, Huntington, Mass. 

16530. William D. Kites. He was born April i, 1836, at 
Fair Haven, Vt. He married, June 21, 1871, Clara Amanda Church. 
15900 — 37. Residence, 1878, Russell, Mass. 

Children : 

16531. William Ivyman. Born Jan. 3, 1873. 

16532. Louis Clifford. Born Sept. 14, 1875. 

16533. Maud A. Bom Sept. 8, 1878 

492 History of the Mack Family. 

16540. Henry G. Taylor. He was born Aug. 14, 1847. He 
married, Dec. 9, 1875, Emma Lucy Church. 15900 — 51. Whole- 
sale dealer in leaf tobacco. Residence, 1901, Westfield, Mass. 

Child : 
16541. Harry Church. Born May 7, 1S77. 

16550. Peter VanSchaack. He was born June 3, 1836, in 
Manlius, N. Y. He married, Sept. 16, 1857, Louisa Smith. 15900 — 
61. He resided at Charleston, S. C, for four years after their mar- 
riage. Wholesale druggist. President of Peter VanSchaack & Sons 
Go. (incorporated). Olhce 138-140 Lake Street. Residence, 1901, 
Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

16551. John Calvin. Born July 2, 1S58, at Manlius, N. Y. 18410. 

16552. Henr}' Cruger. Born Dec. 14, 1S60, at Charleston, S. C. 18420. 

16553. Robert Hubbard. Born March 21, 1862, at Mill Point, Canada. 


16554. Cornelius Peter. Born May 26, 1863, at Manlius. Wholesale 
druggist. Residence, 1890, Chicago, 111. 

16555. Catharine Louisa. Born May 26, 1863, at Manlius. Married 
Joseph Rathborne. 18450. 

16560. John Manier. He was born May 19, 1851. He 
married, Nov. 4, 1875, Julia Sophia Smith. 15900 — 67. Cashier of 
First National Bank, 1884. Treasurer of Chenango Valley Savings 
Bank, 1896. Secretary and Treasurer of Binghamton Safe Deposit 
Company, 1896. Trustee of Chenango Valley Savings Bank, 1900. 
Residence, 1900, Binghamton, N. Y. 

16570. Herbert Huntington Smith. (Charles^ Azariah^ 
Matthew^ Matthew^ Matthew'.) 15900 — 69. He was born Jan. 22, 
1 85 1, at Manlius, N. Y. He prepared at Manlius Academy and 
attended Cornell University, 1868-70. Scientist and author. He 
has been engaged upon geological surveys in Ohio, New York and 
Brazil. Author of Brazil, the Amazon and the Coast. Contributor 
to Scribner's Monthly Magazine. He accompanied Prof. C. Fred 
Hartt, of Cornell University, on the Morgan Expedition in 1870, to 
Brazil as his assistant in science. He has since made four trips to 
Brazil for studying and collecting animals. His work was mostly on 

Seventh Generation. 493 

the Amazon, 1873-7, and afterwards at Rio de Janeiro. He made 
two trips for Scribner's Monthly in 1878, and, accompanied by his 
wife, explored the Amazon visiting its sources, 188 1-6. He travelled 
in 1888 in Mexico and was engaged in 1890 in scientific work in the 
West Indies for the Royal Society and British Association. Con- 
tributor to American Naturalist and Gazeta de Noticeas of Rio de 
Janeiro. Contributor of most of entomological terms in the Century 
Cyclopedia. Member of American, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro Geo- 
graphical Societies. He married, Oct. 5, 1878, at Woburn, Mass.,. 
Daisy W. Smith (daughter of Daniel Smith, engraver, of New York 
and Boston. Her mother was the daughter of Rev. William B. 
Tappan, hymnologist). She was born Jan. 10, 1858, at Woburn, 

Child : 

1 657 1. Holland Huntington. Born Nov. 5, 18S6. 

16580. Lewis S. Tripp. He was born Nov. 9, 1852. He 
married, Jan. 7, 1875, Lilpha Smith. 15320. She attended Man- 
lius Academy and the Ladies' Seminary at Hamilton, N. Y. He 
died July 14, 1875, ^t Manlius, N. Y. She resides, 1901, Pasa- 
dena, Cal. 

Child : 

16581. Hattie Louise. Born Oct. 23, 1875, at Manlius, N. Y. 

16590. Charles Stephen Simpkins, Esq. He was born May 
22, 1847. He graduated at Columbia Law School, 1873. He married, 
April 13, 1876, Clara Eleanor Storm. 15900 — 77. Lawyer. Office, 
165 Broadway, New York City. Residence, 1892, 1290 Dean St.,, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Children : 

16591. Lilpha. Born Nov. 13, 1877, at Bergen, N. J. 

16592. Anna A. Born Aug. 23, 1879. Died Nov. 22, 1886. 

16593. Bessie. Born April 4, 1881. Died Aug. 5, 1881. 

16594. Charles Webster. Born Aug. 9, 1882. 

16595. Bertrand D. Born July 13, 1884. 

16596. Edgar W. Born Feb. 26, 1886. Died July 18, 1886. 

16597. Frank McClellan. Bom June 28, 1887. 

16598. Leon T. Born April i, 1889. 

494 History of the Mack Family, 

16599. Bertrand Storm. (Walter.) 15900 — 82. He was 
born May 22, 1864, at Bergen, N. J. Accountant, Residence, 1890, 
Syracuse, N. Y. 

16600. Eli Rogers. He was born April 30, 1845. He mar- 
ried, Dec. 21, 1870, Lucy Spencer. 15900 — 91. 

Children : 

16601. Alberta A. Born May 17, 1S72. 

16602. George T. Born Oct. 5, 1873. Died Nov. 30, 1874. 

16603. Leonidas D. Born Dec. i, 1874. 

16604. Benjamin E. Born Aug. 4, 1876. 

16605. John W. Born Oct. 4, 1877. 

16606. Son. Born Jan. 30, 1879. 

16615. George Spencer. (John White=, Selden'.) 15900 — 92. 
He was born May 18, 1852. He married, March 12, 1872, Nancy 
Webb. She was born Feb. 17, 1849. 

Children : 

16616. Charles. Born Feb. 23, 1873. 

1 661 7. Emory. Born April 16, 1875. 

16618. Frona. Born April 27, 1877. 

16625. Joseph C. Young. He was born April 5, 1849. He 
married, Nov. 22, 1872, Myra Spencer. 15900 — 93. 

Children : 

16626. Bertha. Born March 8, 1874. 

16627. Edward. Born Jan. 24, 1876. 

16628. Katie. Born May 27, 1878. 

16635. Selden Spencer. (John White^ Selden'.) 15900 — 94. 
He was born July 8, 1855. He married, Aug. 24, 1873, Mary Jane 
Young. She was born June 13, 1855. 

Children : 

16636. Eunice. Born Jan. 30, 1874. Died April 16, 1875. 

16637. Herbert. Born Aug. 11, 1875. 

16638. Rosa. Born Dec. 2, 1877. 

16640. Bennie Spencer. (Selden=, Selden'.) 15900 — 114. 
He was born Feb. 3, 1864. He married. They have children. 

Seventh Generation. 495 

16643. Bertie Spencer. (Selden^, Selden'.) 15900 — 115. 
He was born Feb. 3, 1864. He married. They have children. 

16645. George Spencer Moseley. (James H.) 15900 — 131. 
He was born April 14, 1847, ^^ Jersey City, N. J. He married, Nov. 
5, 1868, Frances A. Kelley. She was born May 14, 1847. Business 
man. They have three or four children. Residence, 1901, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Child : 

16646. Albert. Born Sept. 15, 1870, at Williamsburg, L. I., N. Y. 

16650. John McCormick. He was born Dec. 15, 1842. He 
married, Feb. 20, 1878, Sarah Elizabeth Moseley. 15900 — 134. 
Wholesale dealer in tropical fruits. They have four children. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

16660. Vincent Whitney Bayless. He was born Oct. 15, 
1845. H^ married, Sept. lo, 1873, Clara Theresah Pomeroy. 
15900 — 142. Cashier of Chippewa Valley Bank of Eau Claire, Wis., 
1884. Residence, 1884, Eau Claire, Wis. 


16661. Harry Cornelius. Born March 19, 1877. 

16670, Dr. Ezra Baldwin Pratt. He was born Oct. 14, 
1845. Ms graduated at New York University, M.D., 1869. He 
married, June 27, 1872, Mary Elder Strong. 15900 — 152. He 
removed from Chaumont, N. Y., to Brownville, N. Y. Residence, 
1893, Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y. 

Children : 

16671. Addison Strong. Born May 4, 1873, at Chaumont, N. Y, 

16672. Helen Eunice. Born Dec. 10, 1874, at Brownville. 

16673. Katie Madorah. Born July 28, 1876. 

16674. Edmund Hull. Born Aug. 16, 1878. 

16675. Mary Elder. Born Aug. 16, 1878, 

16685. Rev. Alfred Kelley Bates. He was born Dec. 14, 
1853, in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated at Princeton College, A.B., 
1874, and Theological Seminary of Northwest. He married, Jan. 

496 History of the Mack Family. 

30, 1878, Louisa Smith Strong. 15900 — 155. Presbyterian minis- 
ter. Residence, 1878, Mount Vernon, Ohio. 

16700. Hon. Francis Emory Warren. He was born June 
20, 1844, at Hinsdale, Mass. He received an academic education. 
Private and non-commissioned ofificer, 49th Regt. Mass. Vols., 
1862-5. He was afterwards a captain in the Massachusetts militia. 
He married, Jan. 26, 187 1, Helen Maria Smith, 15900 — 178. He 
engaged in farming and stock-raising in Massachusetts until 1868, 
when he removed to Wyoming (then part of Dakota). He is now 
engaged in mercantile, live-stock and lighting business. Director in 
the First National Bank of Cheyenne, Wyo., 1878. President of the 
Council of Wyoming Legislature, 1873. Member of Council, 1884. 
Mayor of Cheyenne. Treasurer of Wyoming for three terms. Gov- 
ernor of Wyoming Territory, 1884-5 ; 1889-90. He was elected 
first Governor of the State of Wyoming. He was elected United 
States Senator in December, 1890; twice re-elected ; present term 
expires in 1907. President of the F. E. Warren Mercantile Company. 
Residence, 1901, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Children : 

16701. Helen Frances. Born Aug. 16, 1880, at Cheyenne, Wyo. 

16702. Frederick Emory. Born Jan. 20, 1884, at Cheyenne, Wyo. 

16705. Charles Sumner Smith. (Matthew®, Matthew^ 
Matthew^ Matthew^, Matthew^ Matthew^, Matthew", Matthew".) 
15900 — 182. His name was changed to Charles Matthew Smith. 
He married, March 20, 1883, Laura Parks. She was born June 5, 
i860. She died June 2, 1890. No children. Residence, 1890, 
Cheyenne, Wyo. 

16720. Henry Ellsworth Stanton. He was born July 23, 
1846, at Huntington, Mass. He married, Nov. 21, 187 1, Eliza Ann 
Smith. 15900 — 180. Soldier in the Civil War. Lumber manufac- 
turer. Residence, 1878, Huntington, Mass. 

Children : 

16721. Emory Ellsworth. Born June 30, 1873, at Huntington. 

16722. Robert Henry. Born May 7, 1875, at Middlefield. Died Sept. 
27, 1877, at Huntington. 

16723. Luke Winchell. Born April 22, 1879, at Huntington. 



Seventh Generation. 497 

16730. John Henry Smith. (John", Matthew^ Matthew", 
Matthew'.) 15900 — 191. He was born July 12, 1842. He mar- 
ried, April 8, 1873, Mrs. Sarah Eveline (Aborn) Parks. She was 
born Oct. 14, 1840, at Lincoln, Yt. Orderly Sergeant 47th Regt. 
Mass. Vols. He removed in 188 1 to Dalton, Mass. Grocer. Chair- 
man of Board of Selectmen at Dalton, Mass. Residence, 1890, Dal- 
ton, Mass. 

Child : 

1 6731. Sophia Elvira. Born Jan. 28, 1875, at Fair Haven, Vt. 

16735. Prof. Azariah Smith Root. (Solomon Francis-, 
Solomon'.) 15900 — 177. He was born Feb. 3, 1862, at Middle- 
field, Mass. He was prepared at Hinsdale and Pittsfield, Mass., 
Academies and graduated at Oberlin College, 1884. He attended 
Boston University Law School, 1884-5 '■> Harvard Law School, 
1886-7 : and Gottingen University, 1888-9. OberUn College gave 
him the degree of A.M., 1887. He married, April 30, 1887, Anna 
Mayo Metcalf of Elyna, Ohio. She was born July 26, 1862. She 
graduated at Oberlin College, 1884. Cataloguer, Oberlin College, 
1885-6. Member of Bibliographical Society of Chicago, 111. Mem- 
ber of American Library Association. Member and President of 
Ohio Librar}' Association. Librarian since 1887 and Professor of 
Bibliography, Oberlin College. Member and Librarian of Ohio 
Church History Society. Secretary of Oberlin Alumni Association. 
Editor of Triennial Catalogue of Oberlin College. Residence, 1901, 
Oberlin, Ohio. 

Child : 

16736. Francis Metcalf. Born Sept. 24, 1889. 

16740. Edgar Vinton Wilson, Esq. (Frederick Almon% 
William'.) 15900 — 201. He was born July i, 1847, at Winchen- 
don, Mass. He graduated at Cornell University, B.S., 1872. He 
married, July 22, 1878, Emma May Pollard (daughter of William W. 
Pollard. Her mother was a Hall). She was born in March, i860, 
at Woodstock, Vt. Lawyer. Member of School Committee. No 
children. Residence, 1901, Athol, Worcester Co., Mass. 

498 History of the Mack Family. 

16750. Gardner L. Heath. He married Martha C. Willis- 
15226. He died in 1883. Residence, 1896, Marshfield, Vt. 

Children :' 

1 675 1. May L. 

16752. Harley W. 

16760. Lewis Hallock Nash. (Francis Hawley.) 15900 — 
236. He was born April 16, 1852. He married, July 3, 1882, Anna 
Maria Archer (daughter of Charles Archer and Anne Knight). 

Children : 

16761. Marion Hallock. Born Oct. 19, 1885. 

16762. Mildred Archer. Born Aug. 28, 18S8. 

16763. Douglas Eliot. Born Sept. 7, 1889. 

16764. Harold Lewis. Born March 5, 1892. 

16770. Clarence Charles Nash. (Francis Hawley.) 15900 — 
241. He was born Aug. 15. 1863. He married, Oct. 12, 1899, 
Harriet Irene Rockwell (daughter of Theodore Frelinghuysen Rock- 
well and Clara Ketcham King). 

16780. Ernest Harmon Mack. (Orlando*, Elisha^, Warren^ 
Elisha^, Josiah^ John',) 15900 — 261. He was born Oct. 30, 1848. 
He married, June i, 1869, Susan D, Smith. Residence, 1901, 
Keuka Park, N. Y. 

Children : 

16781. LaVern Prentice. Born Jan. 24, 1872. 

16782. Nina Lois. Born Dec. 4, 1876. Married John C. Sutfin. 18335. 

16785. James C. Stewart. He married, Jan. 10, 1884, Mar- 
garet Mack. 15900 — 264. 

Children : 

16786. Carl L. Born July 16, 1885. 

16787. Bina Clare. Born April 29, 1894. 

16795. Norman O. Wheeler. (Horace.) 15900 — 371. He 
was born Nov. 8, 1843, ^^ Exeter, N. Y. He married, Jan. 21, 1874, 
Ida Everett. She died Sept. 4, 1888. 

Child : 
16796. Ada. Born Jan. i, 1875. 

Seventh Generation. 499 

16797. AzARiAH Smith. (William Manlius=, Azariah", Mat- 
thew^, Matthew^ Matthew'.) 15322. He was born Aug, 7, 1856. 
He married, May 10, 1883, Edith K. Carter. She was born Feb. 
10, 1858, in London, England. Deacon in Good Will Congregational 
Church. He died Feb. 23, 1887, at Syracuse, N. Y, She resided, 
i8go, Providence, R. I. 

Child : 
16798. Gurdon Bradley. Born Jan. 28, 1885. 

16800. Newton Chadeayne Smith. (William Manlius^, 
Azariah'', Matthew^, Matthew-, Matthew'.) 15325. He was born 
Aug. 21, 1862. He attended Syracuse University, 188 1-3. He 
married, June 26, 1901, Ida Bowen. Bank Clerk at Binghamton, 
N. Y. Residence, 1901, Pasadena, Cal. 

1 68 10. Dr. Allen Macy Smith, U. S. A. (WiUiam Man- 
lius^, Azariah'*, Matthew^ Matthew-, Matthew'.) 15326. He was 
born June 26, 1864. He was prepared at Syracuse High School and 
graduated at Amherst College, A.B., 1886, and Syracuse Medical 
College, 1889. He married, June 5, 1892, Mary Irene Drew. 
Assistant Surgeon U. S. Army. Commission dated June 6, 1890. 
He has been stationed at Manilla for past two years. He expects to 
leave Manilla in December, 1901, to be stationed at Baltimore, Md. 
Permanent address — Care of Adjutant General, U. S. A., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 


16811. Richard Keene. Born March 26, 1893. 


18300. Justus Browning Smith. (Milton^ Oliver", Calving 
Matthew^, Matthew'', Matthew^, Matthew^ Matthew'.) 15901. He 
was born Dec. 24, 1844. He married, June 27, 1873, Ella Loveland. 
She was born July 10, 1845. Merchant. No children. Residence, 
1890, Mittineague, Mass. 

1 83 10. Wayland Francis Smith. (Milton^ Oliver', Calving 
Matthew^, Matthew^ Matthew^, Matthew^, Matthew'.) 15905. He 
was born July 26, 1853. He married, Feb. 18, 1875, Lillie C. 
Ingham. She was born Dec. 17, 1854. Residence, 1890, Mittineague, 

Children : 

18311. D wight Ingham. Born Aug. 21, 1878. 

18312. Effie Lnella. Born Sept. 15, 1880. 

183 1 5. Clarence Emmons Smith. (Milton**, Oliver', Calving 
Matthew^ Matthew', Matthew^ Matthew-, Matthew'.) 15902. He 
was born Nov. 21, 1846, at Middlefield, Mass. He married in 
September, 1883, Addie Eliza Fuller. She was born April 25, 1856. 
Merchant. Residence, 1890, Mittineague, Mass. 

Child : 
18316. Carl Browning. Born July 20, 1884. 
18320. Edwin Smith. (Ebenezer', Calving Matthew^, Mat- 
thews Matthew^, Matthew", Matthew'.) . He was bom Oct. 23, 1856, 
at Middlefield, Mass. He married. May 30, 1882, Alice Amanda 
Smith. 15906. Residence, 1890, Mittineague, Mass. 

Child : 
18321. Mary Browning. Born Jul}- 3, 1889. Died Jan. 6, 1890. 

Eighth Generation. 501 

18325. Arthur P. Combs. He was born Dec. 12, 1859, at 
Middlefield, Mass. He married, April 23, 1884, Mary Emmons 
Smith. 15907. Merchant. She died June 21, 1887. Residence, 
Springfield, Mass. 

Children : 

18326. Louis Eugene. Born Aug. 24, 1885. 

18327. Winfred Emmons. Born June 3, 1887. 

18330. Lyman Ebenezer Smith. (Ebenezer', Calving Mat- 
thew^, Matthew*, Matthew^ Matthew', Matthew'.) He was born Aug. 
31, 1858. He married, April 23, 1884, Fannie Root Smith. 15908. 
Residence, 1890, Mittineague, Mass. 

1S335. John C. Sutfin. He married, Jan. 8, 1896, Nina 
Lois Mack. 16782. 

Children : 

18336. Josephine. Born Aug. 29, 1898. 

18337. Evelyn. Born May 29, 1901. 

18340. Perkins B. Higley. (Matthew.) 16254. He was 
born July 3, 1850. He married, Dec. 15, 1875, Hattie Messenger. 
She was born June 22, 1856. Residence, 1878, Windham, Ohio. 

Child : 
1 8341. Lula May. Born Aug. 9, 1877. 

18345. Dr. Benjamin F. Hawn. He was born July 4, 1848. 
He graduated at Lavall University, Quebec, M.D., 1873. He mar- 
ried, May 31, 1871, Ella N. Robbins. 16231. Residence, 1893, 
Youngstown, Ohio. 

Child : 

18346. Frank Seymour. Born Feb. 5, 1874. He married, Nov. 19, 
1895, Minnie Walters. Children: i. Seymour William. Born 
Nov. 17, 1896. 2. Francis Gilbert. Born March 23, 1899. 

18350. F. L. Rumbaugh. He was born Nov. 3, 1846. He 
married, March 19, 1873, Fannie L. Applegate. 16247. Residence, 
1878, Vinton, Iowa. 

Children : 

18351. Nellie P. Born April 10, 1874. 

18352. Jessie L. Born Sept. 20, 1875. 

502 History of the Mack Family. 

18360. Henry B. Walden. He was born May 8, 1832. He 
married, Dec. 24, 1863, Lovisa Higley. 1625 1. Residence, 1878, 
Windham, Ohio. 

Children : 

18361. Frank H. Born Feb. 3, 1866. 

18362. Luna E. Born Aug. 13, 1867. 

18363. Delia A. Born Oct. 12, 1873. 

18364. Carrie M. Born Jan. 30, 1875. 

18370. Philander R, Highley. (Matthew.) 16252. He 
was born Jan, 17, 1843. ^^ married, Oct. 12, 1870, Adda M. Can- 
non. She was born Nov. 4, 1849. Residence, 1878, Windham, Ohio. 
- Child : 

18371. Maud. Born Dec. 20, 1877. 

18380. Carl W. Smith. He was born Sept. 3, 1853. He 
married, Feb. 2, 1875, Rosella Robbins. 16232. ^ Hardware mer- 
chant. Residence, 1878, Newton Falls, Ohio. 
Child : 
18381. Leonora. Born Feb. 2, 1876. 

18390. WiLMER John Robbins. (David Mack^, SamueP, 
Jacob'.) 16241. He was born Sept. i, 1848. He married, Sept. 
13, 187 1, Matilda F. Thayer. She was born March 16, 1851. 
Residence, 1878, Hiram, Ohio. 

Children : 

18391. Edith A. Born Dec. 12, 1872. 

18392. Fred H. Born Feb. 7, 1876. Died Sept. 12, 1876. 

18400, David A. Wager. He was born Oct. 13, 1850. He 
married, March 7, 1875, Margaretta J. Robbins. 16243. Residence, 
1878, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Child : 
18401. Albert R. Born Aug. 27, 1876. Died Aug. 14, 1877. 

18410. John Calvin VanSchaack. (Peter.) 1655 1. He 
was born July 2, 1858, at Manlius, N. Y. He married, March 26, 
1888, Florence Lillian Palmer. She was born July 28, 1868, at Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Residence, 1901, Chicago, 111. 

Child : 
18411. Calvin. Born April i, 1889. 

Eighth Generation. 503 

18420. Henry Cruger VanSchaack, Esq. (Peter.) 16552. 
He was born Dec. 14, i860, in Charleston, S. C. He married, May 
12, 1886, Renetta J. Sweet. She was born Jan. 29, 1865, in Chicago, 
111. Lawyer. Mortgage banker. Residence, 1901, Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

18421. Henry Cruger. Born March 12, 1887. 

18422. Robert Cornelius. Born Oct. i, 1888. 

18423. George Schuyler. Born July 26, 1890. 

18435. Robert Hubbard VanSchaack. (Peter.) 16553. 
He was born March 21, 1862, at Mill Point, Ontario. He married, 
Nov. 2, 1887, Carrie Libbey. She was born Feb. 16, 1862, at 
Chicago, 111. Wholesale druggist. Treasurer of Peter VanShaack 
& Sons (incorporated). Residence, 1901, Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

18436. Albione Libbey. Born Sept. 18, 1888. 

18437. Robert Hubbard. Born Feb. 16, 1890. 

18438. Louis Fairmount. Born Jan. 23, 1892. 

18440. Cornelius Peter VanSchaack. (Peter.) He was 
born May 26, 1863. He married, July i, 1890, Maude H. Byford. 
Wholesale druggist. Secretary of Peter VanSchaack & Sons (incor- 
porated). She died Feb. 2, 1900. Office, 138-140 Lake St. Resi- 
dence, 1 90 1, Chicago, 111. 

Children : 

18441. Byford Cornelius. Born Sept. 2, 1891. 

18442. Cornelius Peter. Born Jan. 22, 1893. Died Feb. 23, 1893. 

18450. Joseph Rathborne. He was born Dec. 12, 1845, in 
Virginia, Ireland. He married, Dec. 27, 1882, Catherine Louisa 
VanSchaack. 16555. Lumber merchant. She died Sept. 12, 1885. 
Residence, 1901, Chicago, 111. 

Child : 

18451. Joseph Cornelius. Born July 20, 1884. 



18500. John Mack. 11800. He did not marry a second 
time. It is thought that this family dropped their original names, 
retaining the prefix only, thereby being better able to escape perse- 
cution on account of their religious belief. It is said that part of 
their coat-of-arms was a boar's head. The Scotch families of Mc- 
Dougal and McTavish have as parts of their coats-of-arms a boar's 
head erased. One branch of the family thinks that the original name 
was McDermon. He was the original and only early settler of that 
name in Conn, and the ancestor of all the early Macks of that state. 

For information in regard to Mack family see: i. American 
Ancestry. Vols. I and II. 2. Bedford, N. H. Centennial. 3. Hay- 
ward's History of Gilsum, N. H. 4. Lancaster's History of Gilman- 
ton, N. H. 5. Hubbard's Stanstead County, Canada. 6. Liver- 
more's History of Wilton, N. H. 7. Olin Genealogy. 8. Parke's 
History of Londonderry, N. H. 9. Secomb's History of Amherst, 
N. H. 10. Sheldon's History of Deerfield. 


18525. John Mack. (John.) 11801. He married (2nd), May 
4, 1733, Abigail Daniels, a widow, 

18550. Rev. Ebenezer Mack. (John.) 11890. History of 
Gilsum, N. H., says of him: Ebenezer Mack resided at Lyme, Conn., 
where he "dropped dead" as he was bringing in a "back log" in 
1777. His wife was Hannah Gates (this is probably an error as 
Town records say her name was Holly), died 1796. The names of 
some of their children follow. 

Children : 

1855 1. Elisha. 

18552. Samuel. 

18553. Solomon. 19080. 

1S554. Hepzibeth. Married Abishai Tubbs of Marlow, Cheshire 
Co.,N. H. 

18565. Theophilus Lord. 11930. (Thomas Lord', the first 
person bearing the family name in America, settled at Hartford, 
Conn. He married. His son William Lord" married and removed to 
Lyme, Conn. He died about 1681. Children: i. Thomas. 2. Richard. 
3. Robert. 4. William. Thomas' Lord married, Dec. 22, 1693, 
Mary Lee. He died June 22, 1730. Children: i. Thomas Lord. 
Born Sept. 22, 1694. Married, June 6, 1727, Esther Marvin and 
had ten children. 2. Mary Lord. Born March 20, 1695. 3. Joseph 
Lord. Born Oct. 17, 1697. 4. Theophilus Lord. Born Dec. 19, 
1698. 5. Elizabeth Lord. Born Oct. i, 1701. 6. Daniel Lord. 
Born Dec. 19, 1703. 7. Samuel Lord. Born Dec. 22, 1705. 8. 
Abigail Lord. Born in May, 1708. 9. Martha Lord. Born March 
3, 1710. 10. Daniel Lord. Born June 9, 1715. Ensign Thomas 
Lee, the first of the name in America married and had a son, Thomas 
Lee, father of Mary (Lee) Lord, who married twice. His first wife 

5o6 History of the Mack Family. 

died May 21, 1676. He married (2nd), July 13, 1676 (or 1677), 
Marah De Wolf. Children: i. John Lee. Born Sept. 21, 1670. 
2. Thomas Lee. Born Dec. 10, 1672. 3. Sarah Lee. Born Jan. 
14, 1674. 4. Bel Lee. Born Aug. 14, 1677 (or 1678). 5. Mary 
Lee. Born April 23, 1678 (or 1679). Married Thomas Lord.) He 
was born Dec. 19, 1698, at Lyme, Conn. He married, May 8, 1728, 
Deborah Mack. 11812. In 1754 Theophilus Lord gave a piece of 
land "for the love and good will I have to my son David Beebe and 
his wife Sarah". In 1752-3 "to my loving and dutiful son Abraham 
Emerson". In another deed is "for the love and good will I bear 
unto my eldest daughter Lydia the wife of Stephen Ransom of 
Lyme". This land was on the east end of the farm on which he 
himself lived. He died Feb. 28, 1761. She died Feb. 4, 1776. 
Residence, Hadlyme, New London Co., Conn. 
Children : 

18566. Lydia. Born March 19, 1729. Married Stephen Ransom. 

1S567. Deborah. Born Nov. 26, 1730. She (or Hulda or Hepzibah) 
married Abraham Emerson. 

1856S. Sarah. Born Feb. 23, 1732. Married David Beebe. 200S0. 

18569. Hulda. Born July 16, 1735. 

18570. Hepzibah. Born June 22, 1737. 

18571. Elizabeth. Born July 5, 1739. Married Jesse Gates. 20090. 

18580. Matthew Smith. (Matthew^ Smith and Mary Cutler 
(daughter of John Cutler), Matthew^ Smith, Matthew' Smith and Jane 
Smith who came from Sandwick, County of Kent, England, and 
settled at Charlestown, Mass., in 1637.) 11910. He was born in 
1684, at Lyme, Conn. He married, Nov. 28, 1706, Sarah Mack. 
1 1802. He removed, Nov. 6, 1706, to East Haddam, Conn. Tanner. 
He died Dec. 6, 1751. She died Jan. 18, 1755. Residence, East 
Haddam, Conn. 

Children : 

18581. Thomas. Born March 20, 17 10. 20100. 

18582. Sarah. Bom Feb. 21, 1711. Married Thomas Rogers. 201 15. 

18583. Mary. Born in 1713. Married Joseph Cone. 20130. 

18584. Elizabeth. Born April 20, 1 716. Unmarried. Died in 1741. 

18585. Lydia. Born Feb. 24, 1718. Married Josiah Arnold. 20150. 

18586. Ruth. Born March 29, 1720. Married Jared Cone. 20160. 

18587. Matthew. Born Nov. i, 1722. 15900 — 176. 20210. 

18588. Susanna. Born in 1725. Married Nehemiah Tracy. 20220. 

Third G^E:^^^ERiVTIo:^. 

19000. Joseph Mack. (Jonathan^, John'.) 11852. He was 
born July 22, 1729 (History of Gilsum, N. H., says 1728), at Lyme, 
Conn. He married (ist), Lois. He married (2nd), Lydia. He died 
in Jan., 1792, at Alstead, N. H. 


ren : 







Born Oct. 2 





Married Jot 

n Slade 




Born Sept. 

6, 1770, 

at Alstead, 

N. H. 



Married Jose 

ph Razor. 

19050. Abner Mack. (Orlando-, John'.) 12600. History of 
Gilsum, N. H,, says he died in 1784. Phebe Lord Mack came to 
Gilsum with her sons Berzeleel (as he always wrote it) and Abner. 

Children : 

19051. Berzeleel. Born Sept. 18, 1760. 20820. 

19052. Abner. Married Sept. 20, 1803, ''Sibel" Chapman of Sullivan, 
N. H. He removed to Bethel, Vt. 

19080. Solomon Mack, (Ebenezer', John'.) 11893. 18552, 
He was born Sept. 26, 1735 (History of Gilsum, N. H.). (Sept. 15, 
1732, at Lyme (Lyme, Conn., Town Records). He married, Jan, 4, 
1759, Lydia Gates (daughter of Nathan Gates), She was born Sept. 
3, 1735, at East Haddam, Conn, 

Children : 

19081. Jason. Born at Marlow, Cheshire Co., N. H, 

19082. Lydia. Born in 1764 at Marlow. Married Samuel Bill. 

19083. Stephen. Born June 15, 1766, at Marlow. 20830. 

5o8 History of the Mack Family. 



Lovisa. Born at Mario w. Married about 1784, a Tuttle. 

died in 1789 at South Hadley, Mass. 


Lovina. Born at Marlow. Unmarried. Died in 1 788. 




Solomon. Born Jan. 28, 1773. 20850. 


Lucy. Born July 8, 1775. Married Joseph Smith. 20870. 

19090. Lieut. Richard Hays. 12425. Ensign and First 
Lieutenant of Train Bands of Lyme, Conn. 

20050. Stephen Ransom. (Joseph^ Matthew'.) He was 
born May 8, 1724. He married Lydia Lord. 18566. He served 
twenty-eight days as a soldier in Rev. War. He was a Minute Man. 
He was admitted to the Hadlyme Church after 1750. He died Feb. 
14, 1796. Residence, Lyme, Conn. 

Children : 

20051. Theophilus. Married. Mrs. Ella Bishop Ransom who resides, 
1901, at Wyoming, Ohio, is one of his descendants. 

20052. Dorothy. Bap. Oct. 8, J 758. Married her cousin Theophilus 
Lord Gates. 20885. 

20053. Anna. Bap. Oct. 8, 1758. Twin with Dorothy. 

20080. David Beebe. He was born in 1723. He married 
Sarah Lord. 18568. He died Nov. 27, 1810. She died June 13, 
1793. Residence, Hadlyme, Conn. 

20090. Jesse Gates. (Deacon and Ensign Daniel Gates and 
Lydia Fuller, Daniel Gates, Capt. George Gates. Lydia Fuller was 
the daughter of Shubael Fuller and Hannah Crocker, John Fuller, 
Samuel Fuller, Edward Fuller of the Mayflower. Hannah Crocker 
was the daughter of Jonathan Crocker, John Crocker, Dea. William 
Crocker and Hannah Howland, daughter of Lieut. John Howland, 
John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley who both came over in the May- 
flower.) He was born April 5, 1734, at East Haddam, Conn. He 
married March 2, 1758, Elizabeth Lord. 1857 1. She was admitted 
to the church April 12, 1761, at Millington, Conn. They are said to 
have had nine children. Residence, Lyme, East Haddam, Hartland 
and Millington, Conn. 

Children : 

20091. Theophilus Lord. Born April 13, 1759, at East Haddam. Bap. 
April 12, 1761, at Millington. 208S5. 

Appendix IV. — Third Generation. 509 

20092, Uriah. Bom April 26, 1761, at East Haddatn. Bap. June 4, 
1 76 1, at Millington. 

20093. Huldah. Born April 22, 1764, at Millington. 

20100. Thomas Smith. (Matthew*, Matthew^, Matthew^ 
Matthew'.) 18581. He was born March 20, 17 10, at East Haddam, 
Conn. He married (ist), Feb. 9, 1737, Hannah Gates. She was 
born about 1814. She died Jan. 12, 1754. He married (2nd), May 
27, 1756, Mrs. Anna Osborne (widow of Dr. Osborne). She was 
born about 1715. She died April 16, 1791. He died Dec. 23, 1797. 
Residence, East Haddam, Conn. 

Children : 

20101. Thomas. Born Jan. 21, 1738. 20900. 

20102. Matthew. Born Sept. 11, 1740. 20920. 

20103. Samuel. Born Dec. 6, 1757. 

201 15. Thomas Rogers. He married April 19, 1746, Sarah 
Smith. 18582. He died after 1774. She died Dec. 20, 1754. 
Residence, East Haddam, Conn. 

Children : 

201 16. John. Born Feb. 3, 1747. 

201 17. Elizabeth. Born March 19, 1750. 
2ori8. Mary. Born July 15, 1752. 

201 19. Thomas. Born Dec. 15, 1754. 

20130. Joseph Cone. (DanieP, Daniel' Cone, who was born 
in 1626 in Edinborough, Scotland, came to America in ship "John 
and Sarah" in 1651, and was one of the twenty-eight who purchased 
the greater part of Middlesex County, Conn., from the Indians. He 
married (ist), Mehitable Spencer (daughter of Jared Spencer of 
Cambridge, Mass.). She died about 1691. He married (2nd), the 
widow of Richard Walpley of Haddam, Conn. He died Oct. 24, 
1706.) He was born March 20, 17 11. He married, Nov. i, 1734, 
Mary Smith. 18583. 

Children : 

2013 1. Joseph. Born Nov. 2, 1735. 20935. 

20132. Mary. Born March 27, 1738. Married David Emmons.