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^OF Wist- 


T II E 11 EED F A M I L Y 

3:11 lEurope null <^mcrtca. 

jACOi J wi 1 rri'KMCMiK Rked. 

liOSTON: - : . • 

'22, SriKHJi. Siiii:kt. u «J ^' 

'■'"'•'• ? V 8 6 7 11 



/« ( <• t^ /c/L, ,,r 

Kiitcred, accor<tiiig to Act of Coiigros», in tho y«ar IStil, 


lo lUe Clcrk'i Oifice of tlio District Court of tho District of llassocliusetts. 

» t 

ni E F A C E. 

The author began this work ten years ago, principally 
for his own edification ; but, as he proceeded in his 
hibors, his manuscript was souglit after by many per- 
sons, who persuaded him to prepare it for the press. 
There are, doubtless, some mistakes in the work ; as 
it is impossible at this late day to prepare genealogical 
statistics with perfect accuracy. There are many 
omissions ; but he has done his utmost to inchide all 
by the name of Reed, with the collateral branches, 
so far as they could be obtained. He has written 
liundreds of letters of inquiry, to which he never 
received a response ; and many others, to which the 
answers were so meagre, that little information could 
be obtained from them. He has spent much tiipe 
and money in travelling to search old records, and 
has done all in his power to make them as full 
and complete as possible. Not a few, both ladies and 
gentlemen, were unable to give the Christian names 
of grandparents, — showing the deplorable neglect 
of many of their forefather in preserving records of 



fimiily cvoiits ; while others have provideil him with 
much that is vahuihlc and interesting, going back 
several generations. J lis nuissive aceumuhition of 
correspondence, and his copies of records, show a 
great variety of taste and disposition ; and tliey arc 
all preserved as mementoes for the perusal of coming 

The origin of the name, and other hypothetical 
remarks, at the conunencement of the work, may be 
criticized and ridiculed by some who have never de- 
voted much attention to the subject; but there is 
much more evidence to stibstantiate the theory of the 
author than a casual observer would suppose. If all 
the vouchers were inserted, the book would necessa- 
rily be too large. It is much easier for people to find 
fault with the work of others than to do it well them- 

The body of the work is mostly taken from state, 
county, town, pansh, churchVand family records; but 
in some cases it consists merely of the oral statements 
of members of those particidar families to which they 
have reference ; while in most cases, where there 
were no records, different members of the same 
branch would differ in many points of their state- 
ments, and thus make it necessary to search for other 
proof to establish the facts. 

If the subject had been postponed twenty years 
longer, much that is contained in this volume could 



\ not have been obtiiined ; for many who, ten years 

aj^o, stood as huidniarks between the living and the 
! dead, have gone to their rest. 

I The engravings have been procured at great 

; expense, and are generally pronounced complete 

1 likenesses of those whom they are designed to repre- 

• sent. 

i The errors, so far as discovered by the author, are 

I noticed at the end of the book. Those who find 

; their individual record incomplete should turn to the 

' Appendix, as all information obtained after pi-int- 

ing the body of the work had to be thus inserted. 
, The records here comprised arc substantially all 

' tliat can be obtained on the subject ; and the blank 

leaves are inserted to enable each family to carry out 
i their record in the book for generations to come. 

C O N T E N T S. 


^ CiiAFTKR. Page. 

J Introduction I 

\ I. Origin op the Name, and History of tue Clans . 9 

t 11. WfLLUM Rkadb of Boston, and his Descendants . 41 

I III. Col. Thouas Head op Sai.em, and his Descendants 41 

IV. William Ueade op AVoburn, and his Descendants . Gl 


VI. John Head op Kehouoth, and his Descendants . . 180 

VII. Elias Head, and uis Descendants ...;... 272 

VIII. William Reade of Weymouth, and his Descendants 310 

IX. Philip Reade of Weymouth, and his Descendants 414 

i X. John Reede of Plymouth County 410 

I XI. John Read op Freetown, and his Descendants . . 417 

j XII. John Reade and others 427 

i XIII. John Read of Alexandria, and his Descendants . 429 

XIV. John Read, Sen., and his Descendants in America 4:^1 

; XV. John Read of Norwalk, and his Descendants . . 445 

I XVI. Joseph op Lynn, and his Descendants ....'. 4 J8 

I XVII. Lyme, Halifax, and Wisconsin Stock 401 

XVIII. The Londonderry Reids 404 

XIX. Burlington Stock 470 

XX. The Reads of the Benjamin Franklin Stock . . 473 

XXI. The Bootiibay Stock 478 



ClfAl*TRK. r 



XXIV. Ki^KD OF TKic "Constitution" and "Guehhiere" 


XXV. Hekds of various Families 

XXVI. The laNCA.sTKR Stock 

XXVII. Ukid of Ethan Notoriety, and others. . 

XXVIII. Kekds, Kkads, or I<eu)s, kot i traced . . . 

XXIX. Miscellaneous List of Marriages 


an rs • 

INDLX . , 



ClIAPTKIC. l*AC;i:. 

XXIL 1U:ki>s of yakious Kamiues 4a 1 


XXIV. Hked of the "Constitution" and **Guerrier£" 

Notoriety 498 

XXV. Hekus of various Famiue.*! 5U0 

XXVI. The Lancaster Stock 604 

XXVII. Ueid of Ktiiax .Vi.i.en Notoriety, and others. . 507 

XXVIII. Kekds, Heads, or Keids, kot fully traced ... 014 

XXIX. MiscKi.LASEous List of Mauriages uiil 

XXX. JosiAii IU:ad of Connecticut, and his Descend- 
ants ' 529 





^PIIB )>C(]igrcc or dilTercnt families has been kept up to 
-^ some extent hy uliuost all nations, so that every man 
could l>e called hy the peculiar name and relation of his 
family. So sti'ong was this hahit in anetcnt times, that a 
man without a pcdij^ree was considered equivalent to being 
without a parent ; as was Molchisedek, King of Salem. As 
far as my observation extends, the practioo of retaining a 
pedigree first fell into disuse among tlie Americans soon 
after the country began to be settled by European emigraiitb, 
who came hei*e during the Bovcnteenth century; and for tho 
following reasons : First, the most of those who came here 
were in bettor circumstances at home than they were after 
their arrival here; but, having spent all their means in 
I emigration, they were obliged to remain. Having been 

t misled by designing and interested men to believe that 

America was a land which possessed every thing desirable, a 
large proportion of the emigrants were sanguine in the 
expectation of bettering their temporal condition by emi- 
j gration ; very much as people were misled by exaggerated 

statements in reference to California, and as they have 
always been misled by representations in reference to the 
West. But in former days it cost a fortune to conns from 



Kuropc lu Aiurrica ; and llioso who ciiiharkcd in siurli an 
cnlci'|iri?^c gcnurully hail to give up all thuy posscsscil, 
or a great proportion ol* it, to get here. Afauy oi' tlieni 
\Yho had tlie iucan» returned to Kngland ; but tiiose wlio 
had not were oldiged to make the best of a bad bargain. 
They had almndoned all hope or ex|>cctation of any remit- 
tances from Knroi)e. Many had been outlawed, and dared 
not go l>ack. They had turned their backi> on all beyond 
sea; and, under such cireumbtauees, it wasi most congenial 
to their feelings to bury the whole subjeet in oblivion. 
It \vus acetrt'dingly annoying to them to converse on the 
3ul)jcet; and, to a great extent, they refrained from con- 
versation in reference to these matters in the pre^enee of 
their chihhen. Their location and pecuniary circumstances 
also combined to cau^c ilic interest in genealogy to aliaie, 
us they were sciittered over a largo extent of country. 
And M'hat attention and strength was not exercised in 
defending themselves, their wives and children, from the 
tomahawk, wns^ rct^uired to clear the land, to build the 
cottages and barns, to dig stumps and stones, to buihl 
bridges, tind erect mccting-lioubcs and schoolhouses ; and 
the taste lor all kinds of knowledge, not -called into im- 
mediate use to accomplish these and kindred objects, neces- 
barily ceased. 

AVhon these difficulties ceased in sonno measure to be 
objects of solicitude, and they had greatly overcome tiicse 
almost overwhelming dillicitities; when the howl of the 
wild boast and Indian had become in some degree silenced, 
and, in their stead, had beeu rearod in every town the 
jMirish-cliurch, witli its spiro pointing towards heaven ; when 
their childi-en licgan. to move to tho sound of the church- 
going bell, and |>eace and comfort Hcemed to dawn ui»on 
them, — then tlie French War broke out, with all the ter- 
rors of the French and Indians combined : and, as soon 

TN'TllODUirnoN. 3 

as (hoy IiihI ovciconio llic Immmorublo evils of this war, 
lli:tt of the 1*ovolutioii coiniiitMRed, which ciillud into sor- 
vii:o all the men thai coulvl ho .^purocl from the |)loiigh ; and 
much of the luhor of tho huslKindnian hud to he done hy 

'J'hc next generation was auitatcd hy another war with 
the mother-country; fo that, till rooently, the people had 
no time to spare to study the virtues, the achievements, the 
mental qualities, the political condition, or physical constitii- 
litm, of their ancestors. The lirst while inhal)itants of this 
country were hotter educated than their childrc!i. They 
were hronght up in ICurope ; and a hir»^e proportion of thein, 
hcing younger sons of the landed <rentry aiul of wealthy 
trailesmen, had all the care heslowed upon them necessary 
in those days to lU them lor the various civil and nnlitary 
stations of life, which were at that time fdled generally hy 
that class, as was the case with the ecclesiastical. la short, 
the various responsihlo oHices and duties of life were at that 
time filled by the younger sons ; and even tradesmen and 
nicchauics were of that class, as none could ho put to trades 
without paying a considerahle sum of uioncy in addiiiou 
to their personal service; whieh made mechanical jnirsuits 
hi^ond the reach of tho poor. 

It was likewise a time of the greatest religious contro- 
versy ever known in Kuropo; and these people had hcen 
proscrilKjd on account of iheir ihcological opinions. This 
controversy was carried on not only in jjuhlic places, hut 
even in private life, and intruded itself on the sacredness 
of the family circle; so that, in many cases, a man's foes 
were emphatically those of his own household. Tho father 
would generally he more consen-ative than his children ; 
and the ehler son, aware of his rights by seniority, wordd 
naturally take the course most likely to be in kccjiing with 
government and the laws: while the younger sons, with loss 


of the world fo contn>l tlicir course, were not so politic, but 
more Jsiucere and enthusiastic. 

From these and kindred circumstances, the controversy 
was warmest, and tlic hickerings most severe, iu the do- 
mestic circle. On tliis account, many left wealthy parents 
and res]>0iisihle stations, and sought an asylum in the wilds 
of America ; and, when they dejtarted from Catholic Eu- 
rope, they turned tlteir hacks on tlieir Catholic friends 
whom they had left liehind. 

It was impossiiilc for such people, unaccustomed to hard- 
ship, and surrounded hy wild beasts and savage Indians, to 
educate their children. Consequently, the lirht generations 
of those born in this country could not so well preserve 
written details, — a Aict which ap)>ears by the church and 
town records. Kven up to tho period of the Uevolution, 
education was iu so low a state, that many distinguibhed 
ofiiccrs and statesmen were unable to write a legible hand, 
and others were unskilled in orthography. ]>ut, since some 
attention has been paid to genealogical research, it is found 
that these persons were descended from illustrious families 
in Euro|)e. 

Since the people of this country have overcome the ctTccts 
of the various wars in which they have been engaged, more 
attention has been paid to education ; and, of late, genea- 
logy has brought many curious and interesting reminiscences 
to light, ami, as the community wakes up to the subject, 
will probably bring to light many more. Some, who scarcely 
knew any of their ancestors farther back than grandfather, 
can now trace their genealogy to the Norman Contjuost, 
and tlio blood iu their veins to noblemen and kings. 

There is still in tho minds of many a prejudice against 
paying any attention to the history of their ancestors: but 
the feeling is fast wearing away ; and the people are now 
gratilied in receiving information on the subject, though 


Tew arc willing to devote to it that lime and expense which 
its ]m|>ortance domnnds. 

The question has l)eeu often a^^ked md, and douhtless has 
1>cea put to others, What do you ex|)ect to gain hy it? liy 
some 1 have been asked, if 1 was induced to devote so mucli 
of my timo and money to tlio suliject, IVom the expectation 
of being al>Io to distribute an Knglish fortune among the 
Uceds of this country. In answer to all such inquiries) I 
can say, that though there arc large estates in England, 
which, if they could )>rove beii-ship, would go to the Iteeds 
of America, yet, for the want of such proof, none of it will 
ever be obtained. ]hit 1 feel compensated, IVom day to day, 
by the information which I ol)lain, and by tlie satisfaction 
which it affords me. Though laughed ut, and called a 
monomaniac on the subject, 1 have received a constant re* 
ninneratiou in the new dii^^covcries which 1 have made. 

It is the sincere desire of the author, that those of his 
name and blood may ex)>erience as much satisfaction in the 
Iiorusal of the work as he hus had in preparing it; and that 
they will regard it, on his i»art, as a labor of love, lie is 
confident tliat all who have the blood of the Iteeds How- 
ing in their veins will feel interested in perusing these 

Ife congratulates his friends that he has been able to 
demonstrate that the Uecds are of no mean origin ; that, 
though their connection with thrones and empires has long 
since ceased to exist, they have been, and are at the present 
day, a powerful race, and, as a body, have acted well their 
part on the stage on which they have been placed. 

1 have learned, by the investigations 1 have made, the 
|)cctiliar mould and cast of mind which has shown itself in 
my ancestors, in diiferent ages and under diiVerent circum- 
stances, for several hundred years ; also their physical 
strength and developments, the aduptcditess of my race to 


h iNTiionrrnoN. 

certain O(!o.\ipjilions, ami llniir avcra*rc length of life. I can 
say IVoni dliMM-vation, that, nnlcsji tlirongh i'Toss carcluhs- 
ncss, but few ol" them ilic ot* pulmonary complaints. Thoy 
generally live to old aue ; eighty-live or ninety, or even a 
humlreil years, heing mithing unusual. Tliey arc capable 
oi* great endurance, especially under opposition; and |)os.sess 
a determined will and perseverance, which generally carry 
them through whatever they mean to accomplish. 1 have 
seen much in them that is (jraiseworthy, — much worth 
imitation, and less to ))e condenmed. 

Tho race of Keeds was originally of large and almost 
gigantic size and strength. This is supportctl hy the ac- 
counts we have of them when they fought the Caledonians 
and llomans. Their fiery and poisonous darts struck terror 
into tho hearts of the Roman i»oldiers, and put thcui to 
(light. Amrient statues also represent them to be of an 
uncommon si/o ; an*l, at the present day, they are generally 
taller than the average of men. 

They are to be found in all parts of the civilized world, 
especially in ICngland, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the 
adjacent islands, as well as in (icrmany and America. 
They arc mixed with all clasbcs of society, and pursue all 
branches of business. In intellect they are above mediocri- 
ty. Some are in [)Ossessujn of great wealth, and only a 
few of them are really what is called poor. They have 
generally been found ready, in times of emergency, to place 
themselves in the froiU rank of danger, in order to defend 
their country and its laws; and have been always willing 
to encounter dilliculty and hard.^hip for the community, 
lacing strangers to fear, and exhibiting their 'true character 
host when opposed or persecuted. An instance of this 
force of will is exhi))itcd in the conduct of (icn. lioid, of 
Londonderry, N.ll. lie had been api>ointed by Gov. Sul- 
livan Oomnuinder-in-chief of tho troops raised to put down 


Shay's liobcllion. Tlic towiisimui of Oon. Ueid syiii|ia- j 

Ihi/A'tl ^tron^^Iy with llie Shay parly, and were very imlig- J 

Haul at (loti. Hoid for aeccptini:' the n]i|)oiiitiiiont. On the 
:iiic(:ec(1in<,^ i^i^iit, when ]K3oiilo niiuht he supposed to )>c 
ill MHuid sleeji, lie saw from his irliainher-window a large 
iiiinihor of men u|jproachin(j: tin; house, armed witli all man- 
ner of olVonsive weajtons, eviilently with an intent against 
hi.s per^»on. lie raised the wind(»w, and told them that the 
man who advanced anolher slop would 1)0 shot. His man- ' 

ner and known determination of eharaeier eonvineed lliem 
at once that he would act as he said, and that they were 
fortunate in l»eing thus timely discovered hy him when 
they were at such u safe distance. He then took advantage 
of the impression he had made, to give them some wise and 
w holesome advice relative to their duty as eiti/ens ; and, 
when he had brought his harangue to a close, the parties ' 

bcparated, — the mob to their several homes, and he to 
(|uiet slumber. 'J'he next sabl)ath morning, he received an 
curly cull from the venerable jiastor of the parish to suggest 
the propriety of his staying at home that day, on account 
of the fury of the |)Opulaee ; but his reply was, that he 
should be in church at the [proper hour. He was accord- 
ingly there ; but his determined countenance and his repu- i 
tution were suOicient to keep the ])eople under restraint, ' 
and no violence was done to him. He lived long enough | 
to convince his townsmen of the justness of the cause he 
had csiKiuscd ; and they loved and respected him the more 
for his inde|)cndence of character. 

liut few of those bearing the name of Uecd have ever 
been a public charge, or inmates of penitentiaries. They 
have been usually of a religious turn of mind, being (irm 
sup|X)rters of the institution of the gospel ; but they are 
fond of nurth and fun, — a propensity which seems to run 
through all of the name within my observation. 


lluviii«^ goMC thus riU', I hope to l)C iiululgcd in iiothig 
cue cu^^tom which has lo souie extent iirevailctl among llic 
Reeds: 1 mean that of their marrying rehitives. Tiiis 
practice grew out of the exelusiveness of society in Pui-ituu 
times, and perhaps, in some eases, to save [iroperty in llie 
family: hut its eonseciucnces luive heen injurious; many 
of the olTspring of sueli marriages dying in infancy, early 
youtli, or middle age, and hut few of them living to ad- 
vanced years; to say nothing of cases where the elVect has 
been still more melancholy. 


ClIAriTJl 1. 



EED, Road, Reid, Rede, Rod, Ri\d, Rhcado, Rheadiis, 
Wredc, Whicdc, Ucdu, Rudii, Rodlui, Wada, Wradc, 
llaad, Iticd, arc all derived from the word Rhea, which hud 
its origin in Phoenicia; having bccu used soou after the 
I dispersion of the people in cousc(|uenco of the confusion 

I of language at Bahyloiu Rhea was a name given to tito 

(Joddcss Ops, the daughter of Coclus and Terra, She was 
♦ the sister and wife of Saturn, by whom she had Vesta, 

\ Ceres, Juno, riuto, Neptune, etc., whom her husband de- 

j vourcd. Her next son was Jupiter, ller residence was on 

* Cybcle, one of the mountains of Phrygia in Asia Minor. 

She was woi*:>hi|)pcd in llittt part of the world, and was a 
ruling deity, ifer name was in soino form attached tu 
many persons and places in IMicenicia and Asia Minor, 
and was identified with government and rulers. The na- 
tions that Avcro her votaries became more advanced in 
commerco and civilisation than those around them. 

Across the corner of the ilediterranean Sea stood the 
City of Tyre, the capital of ancient IMiccnicia, as its name 
implies ; and Ruad, or Raad, was in its ncighl)orhood. Tlic 

I 2 

10 t)in(;IN OP TIIK NAMK, 

woiil Tyre ))rol»al>ly meant the ruling city, or the city of 
tlic tyrant, or kin^*. All governments were Ihen iJes|)olie. 
''King" juul "lyrunt'* were synonymous terms; and it 
only liecame necessary to know that a city or country had 
a tyrant to know tliat he was a king: aud the fact of his 
being a king also gave the assurance that. he was a tyrant; 
each of the words implying one who ruled. The word 
Msau seems to bo the word " red,*' or " read," in another 
dialect ; and the Red Sea is iu some books called the Head 
Sea, as was also the Arabian Sea. The name Esau meant 
" the elder,** or one having the riglits of primogeniture ; as 
Jacob meant " the younger,*' or one without those rights. 
The rights of seniority were very early established, and 
the elder was in all cases considered the ruler; ^vhile the 
Jacobins, or Jameses, or the younger, wei-e the subjects. 
Ksau was called the lied, being one of the greatest men of 
his time; his country, Kdom, or lied; as the Erylhrujan 
Sea, contiguous to his dominions, was called tlie Head or 
lied yea. 

Pha'nicia, Kdom, and Asia Minor, were in advance of 
their neighbors in connncrce and civilization. They so far 
excelled in manufactures and colors, that the rulers of 
oUicr countries sought their fabrics for their kingly robes; 
and thus the passage of Jrfcripture : ** Who is this that 
Cometh tt-om Kdom with dyed garments?'* &c. These 
dyed garments were called red, having reference to Edom, 
or the country, with a ruler or king; as the fabrics of the 
present day are called damask. The word " read " and its 
allinities ure used at the present day among nniny nations 
ill that part of the world. 

One of tho principal cities of Persia is called by that 
name; and some of the rulers of India have a tillc which 
jirobably originated from the same source as '^ raja," or 
^' rajah," for king. The word has at times been partly 


filUMcd for Iho sake of euphony, or to sxiit the iilioia of 
other ilialeets, anil has been more or less coiniected witli 
other words, inakin^r a union of both deflnitions : as, Ethel- 
red, or Reed the (Jood ; Conrad, or Heed the Powerful; 
Khhed, or lleed the KIder; Ueinus, belonging to the State; 
and Uegina, (jucen. 

Among llic elass of words belonging to this stock, in 
addition to those already luciitioned, are Wraid, Hade, 
(icrurd, Oerardcn, Rath, rogiuin, i*cign, regent,, regalia, t 

reason, rhetoric ; and also the coni|iound of other words, 
ns Krythra)an, Tyrrhenian, lleate. Rages (now culled Itei), 
Regia, Rhenus, Rhedarian, Rlieidlingine, Reedel (or Riddle), 
Redesdale, Dalraid, Ualreda, and many otiiers. j 

At a later period, the word I^eeame more extended in its ; 

Mgnifteation, and iniplied counsel, advice, wisdom, Sic. 
Siill later, it meant one who could read, or the act of read- I 

ing; as so few understood the art of reading, that one 
Riide was sullicient for a parish; and, the holy book being 
chained to the desk, a (lerson would be employed to read 
us a clerk. This last expression gave rise to the word 
*' clergy," or " clergyman ; " meaning one who can read. 
The art of reading was considered so beneficial to the 
public, that all who understood it were entitled to the bene- 
fit of clergy ; which phrase meant boring in the hand, or 
other corporeal punishment, for crimes committed, instead 
of death. i 

The following is the definition given by Koah Webster : — 

"Sax. nvtl, rwlf rc«7, Hpi't'ch, discourse, counsel, advice, knewledge, ! 

lu'iietit, retuon ; r(vttunt rv*Utn^ to reiul, tu decree, to np]>uint, to eoinmaiid,^ i 

to rule or gorcrn, tu conjecture, to give or tiikc cnuuHe) -, ininUtUf to ! 

read, to tell, to narrate ; «/i/<i(/<iii, tu read, to consult ; yiiiolt i«ode, con- , 

dition or Mtate, reason, ratio or account, knowludgo, instruction or learn- 
ing;, untl, us an adjective or ])urtici|de, knowing, inntrucled, retttif/t suito<l; 
4/rtati iicf*tif to bo itaih/, to accord or a^^ree; yctudotl, excited, (|ui(k. 
These signiriculiouv unite tiuH wmd wiili nudij ; wliicli bee. (ier. i-i'</(', 



speech, talk, aceomit; rvtlitt, to spoiik. Diit. inle, ^)Cvv\i', wden, roa- 
MJU. Dan. nilc, account uud rcmly. Ocr. bentUn^ to berate; rath, 
advice, couum4, a council ur venule ; ml f i vu, io ud>ise, to conjecture or 
guess, to solve a r'uUUi\ J)ut. vamU counsel, advice; raadcn, to cotnisel. 
Swcd. r/i(/, Dan. raad^ counsel; rada, ratuhr, to counsel, to iiihtruct. 
Wei. 9'}tuith, straight, rif^ht (that is, set right), decision, verdict; rheitlHij, 
rhetoric, from rhaUh, Dun. ^W, law, justice, right, reaxo/t. S%ved. rait, 
ratia, id. Ir. raillt, u saying; radham, to say, tell, relate. Wei. adraicz, 
to tell or rehearse. Gr. {uu^ for /ut/u, to say or tell, to flow; (niTUft^ a 
speaker, a rhetorician, Golh. rodi/an, to apeak. The primary sense of 
read is, to speak, to utter ; that is, to push, drive, or advance. This is 
also tho primary sense of ready ; that is, prompt, or advancing (piick. 
The Sax. r/crad, ready, accords also in elements with the Wei. rhad, 
Lat. tjraiia ; the primary sense of which is, jirompt to favor, advancing 
towards, free. The elements of theso words are the same as those of 
ridt;, and Lat. yradiur, ^rc. The sense of reason is secondary, — that 
• which is uttered, said, or set fiulli ; hence counsel also. Tlie »Swcd. rattu, 
Dan. ret, if not contracteil words, are from the same root." 

The present clinbrciit inctliods of spelling the woi-d arise, 
in a great measure, from fancy ; there l)eing not loss liuin 
eleven orthographical forms, in which the natural result is 
the same. The moilc of s]>olling in use by our Puritan 
ancestors was usually Remade, but, in some cases, licede ; 
and one of them spelled ii Rede. One who figured with 
Napoleon I. spelled his name Wrede. A iJuvarian general, 
who fought against Na|u)lcon at the head of tho Bavarian 
troops, wrote it Ueid. His biographers, however, sometimes 
wrote it Ried. Tho Irish formerly spelled it Recdha, or 
Redha ; from which came " ready." The Scotch method 
was formerly Raid. The mode of spelling the name, in 
this country has gradually assumed one of the three follow- 
ing forms; namely. Read, Rued, and Reid: but it alfords 
no clew to the history of the word, as dilTcreut members of 
the same f;imily use all these melhods. 

It was conunon, in the infancy of governments, lor kings 
and prmces, who had been vanipiishcd in the nmre civilized 
countries, to steal away with their cHccts and retainers, to 



seek au asylum in the wiKKs of Europe, and, by superior 
skill, flattery, aiul s«tralegeiu, or l>y marriage, to work iheiu- 
selvos iuto the good graces of the barbarous tribes among 
whom they sought shelter: as was the c;iso with Dido, the 
Carthaginian queen, who iled from her o])pressive brother 
Pyt^malion, the King of Tyre, after lie had murdered her 
liushand; or like JOncas, who, after the saeking and de- 
struction of Troy, sought a place of settlement, and finally 
presented his suit to Latinus, the King of the Latins, for 
the hand of Lavinia, his only daughter, — by that alliance 
becoming successor to the throne of his father-in-law, and 
ancestor to the founder of the Roman Empire. 

Many more instances might l>e named where vanquished 
rulers became refugees among an uncivilized and barbarous 
people, and worked their way into power by dint of su- 
jKirior skill or valor : as Cecrops, the founder of Athens ; 
CiKlnius the Phainician, who introduced alphabetic writing 
into (i recce, and founded Thebes in Jheotiu; Danaiis, the 
founder of Argos; Pelops the Thrygian, whose descendants, 
intermarrying with those of Tyndureus, King of Lacedie- 
inon, acquired the ascendency in (j recce. 

About fourteen luuidred years before the Christian era, 
Teucer, a native of Crete (now Cundia), led, in time of fti- 
minc, a company to a promontory on the shore of the 
Hellespont, and became the founder of the Trojans. He 
introiluced the worship of Cy))ele, who, according to liea- 
then mythology, was the mother of the gods; and gave to 
tlie mountains of Phrygia the name of Ida, from a moun- 
UiUi by that name in Crete ; and to many other locations 
Cretan names, among whicli was ililetus, — a city so called, 
as tradition says, from ^liletus, the son of Apollo, but pro- 
bably from a city of that name in the island. The godde.-s 
was called Cybele from Mount Cybelc in Phrygia, and was 
believed to be the connuon parent of all the inhabitants of 


the cailli. Slic was enllod Rlioa IVoinhcr buiii*^ the nilinjy 
iloity, and from the hoaoiils and pnironago she dl^triinited 
to all her votaries. The promontory oil wliich Tcncer 
huulcd and .settled was called lUixUcuu). This Cybelo 
bccamo tlio tutelar deity of that region. Those emigrants 
wore a commercial people, and were called Milesian mer- 
chants. One method used in those times to increase trade 
was to establish colonies in other parts of the world, and 
to extend traiVie through them; which was done by the 
inhabitants of Miletus and other commercial cities. 

A colony of this kind was established in Italy, the founder 
of which was Tyrrhenus. The city of lleate (now llieti) was 
built by this colony, as were also Uavenna and Veii. The 
sea contiguous was called the Tyrrhenian Sea. This colony 
was van(|uished by the (iauls al>oiit three hundred and 
eighty-nine years before Clirist; and a |)ortion lied to the 
north of Italy, where they established their new home, and 
called it Rluctia, which comprised what is now the Tyrol 
and a |)art of l>avaria. One |)ortioii of the Alps is, at the 
present time, called the Illuetian Alps. Tho inhabitants of 
ancient Ilhictia were called Rhedarians, — a name which 
was undoubtedly derived originally from Rhea. The river 
Rhine has its source in ancient Retia, and was formerly 
called Rheuus. Tho government of Rlioetia was made 
tributary to Rome, by Nero, in the year of Christ 50 ; and 
the inhabitants were overrun and partially conquei*ed by the 
Alemanniy or Germans, about tho commencement of tho 
thiinl century. Some of tho remnant of the nation of 
Rhedarians continued to lurk about their old homes ; and 
were finally overrun by Otho, Emperor of Germany, in tho 
tenth century. In time, they became amalgamated with 
their conquerors ; but some of their ancient towns and 
cities retained their former names, being slightly altered to 
^uit the idiom of the langtmges now in use. The Alemanns 


were ill their turn sii|)orsctled in the sixtli century by an 
association of flcnuaii triljcs called I>avariaiis. This* ac- 
counls for tl»e existuiico of Reads in Havaria, and for names 
of places in Bavaria which retain the name in connection 
with some other word indicating their location or history : 
as Rednitz, on the borders of Regia ;. and Rcidlinggine, 
moaning ** the place of the lleids." It is a very conunon 
name in the German States, and is abbreviated from Riieda^ 
rium. Some of the descendants of the ancient Rhedarians 
may have found their way to l*]ngland at the time of the 
Saxon invasion, and retained the name; but I think it is 
very clear that the Reads of England, Scotland, and Ire- 
land, wont there by a dillerent route. 

About fourteen or fifteen hundred years l)cforo the Chris- 
tian era, there prevailed a general fever for Western emi- 
gration, wliich was resorted to by tribes, wlio selected some 
new location in order to get lietlcr feeding-places fur their 
flocks, or for purposes of plunder. The oidy method then 
known of obtaining possession of a desired spot was by 
what wc now term "fillibustering;" qs was the case with 
the Cretan Teuccr and his company, from whom arose the 
Rhedarians, Dalraids, Reedhas, or Reeds. Tlie advent of 
the Israelites into the hind of Canaan was in keeping with 
the spirit of tlie times. The stronger would drive out tlio 
weaker; and the vantiuishcd were under the necessity of 
ex|>elling some nation weaker than tliemselves, in order to 
gain a habitation : and tlius a general commotion pi*ovailed. 
Tlie children of Israel fixed on the land of Canaan for 
their portion ; and the Phcenician States, comprising Tyre 
and Sidon, wei*e set oiF to the trilie of Ashur. Though 
these never got possession of either, their conquests in the 
neighborhood, and almost certain success in every engage- 
ment, filled the minds of the Phu^nicians with fear. The 
latter were a commercial people ; their property consisting 


of bliips and incrchiimU>c, with silver and gold, precious 
stones, itc. 

The j)eoiile {^^cnerally were very ignorant of the country ; 
and tlic )>o|Hilur ojiinion was lliat tlio linnts of tlie wodd in 
this direction were what were called the Pillars of Hercules 
(now Gibraltar) and a mountain on the opposite side of 
the straits. This place was supposed to be the gates, or 
entrance, to the infernal regions, or dominions of Pluto; 
but, to the Phu^niciau or Milesian merchants, this hcUef was 
known to be ignorant sn]ierstittou. Tho ']Yi*i»ns had esta* 
blished a colony a little lieyond the gates, to which they gave 
tho name of Gades (now Cadiz), where they traded, and ex- 
tended their couimerce through the colonists to the natives 
of Spahi. This jilace became a rendezvous for iheir ship- 
ping in sailing and trading along Iho coast; and wliiie the 
other inhabitants of Asia, Kuro|)e, and Africa, knew com- 
paratively nothing of that section, the Plncnicians and 
Milesians had become fully acqtiaiuted with the coast of 

About Ave hundred years before the Christian era, the 
Athenians having burned the city of Sardis, — the capital 
of Lydia, one of the provinces of the Persian Empire, — the 
Persians became emagcd, and began to invade the (irecian 
States contiguous to them with an immense army. The 
city of Miletus was next in importance to that of Tyre, and 
was one of the twelve cities which constituted the confede- 
racy of Ionia, — one of the Grecian States. A company of 
merchants from Sliletus, Krythrm, and other confederate 
cities of Ionia, rather than sulTer the evils of a Pei^sian inva- 
siony fled with their shipping, eirects, and retainers. They 
visited the friendly colonies along their route, and made 
headquarters at Uadcs ; and, from that place, an expedition 
was fitted out against Ireland, which they conquered, and 
divided into two kingdoms. The capital of one they called 



IJallyrcda, wliich is in tlic county of Westmeath, and, in 
Knglisli, means Rccdstown : the capital of tlic other kingdom 
was Rcgia Altera (\\ovi Limerick). Tlicse invaders were 
called Gadelians by tlic Romans, because they came upon 
the Roman frontier through the gates of the infernal rogiotts, 
and were believed to be the sulyocts of old Phito. 

Tlie figure drawn by St. Paul, in desciibing the armor 
of God necessary to withstand the fiery darts of the wicked, 
may have had reference to these fillibustcrs, as it describes 
their wea))ons and mode of warfare. Their most ancicni; 
coat-of-arms also had upon it tlie poisoned or bloody .dart. 
The Romans, also having a nation of Rhedarians on their 
frontier in Italy, were under the necessity of distinguishing 
them by diflereut names ; and the name of Oadeliau was a 
very proper phrase to express the character of the people 
referred to. The inhaljitants of ancient Erin called them 
Dalredas, or Dalrcdhas. The Caledonians called them Dal- 
raids. On account of their intruding themselves u|)on tho 
ancient inhabitants, and taking possession of their estates, 
they were called Scuits, or ** wanderers," — a phrase which 
gave name to Scotland. Surnames were not in \iso till 
about tho year 1170; but clans had appropriate names, 
which >omc retained ; and others took such names as had 
reference to their location, occupation, or some {icculiarity 
or achievement. 

Tho Dalraids crossed over from Ireland to Caledonia, 
and so annoyed the Caledonians and the Romans, that, in 
order to keep them back, the latter built the wall called 
Agricola*s, running from the Frith of Forth to tho Clyde. 
Prince Reda and his knights scaled the wall, and put the 
Romans to flight, A.D. 180. After he had got possession 
of that part of Kngland and Caledonia, the Romajis (A.T>. 
210) built the wall, running from Newcastle to Carlisle, 
called Adrian's. 


Tho'Dalraids kept possession of the territory between tlic 
two walls, foiistituling a portion of the county of Northum- 
berland. They finally conquered Caledoiiia, A.D. 843 ; 
and the Dritons, as a sort of reproacli, afterwards called it 
Scuitland, or a land of interlopers, or wanderers. The 
predatory excursions of these people were called " raids." 

The Reads, or Heeds, of England descended from the 
above Raids, Reeds, or Reedhas; and I am able to trace 
the principal families to them. 

The river Tync, in the north of England, is so called 
from its having tyncs, or branches, — one of which is 
called North Tyne; another, South Tync. A third branch, 
taking its rise in Cartcrfcll, and other highlands between 
Englaiul and Scotland, is the river Reed. The valley 
through which the stream winds its way to its mouth is 
Redcsdale, comjirlsing a portion of Northumberland. This 
territory formed the principal scat of the border wars. On 
the banks of the river Reed was fought the bloody battle 
of Otterburne, or Otterbrook, at the junction of a small 
stream by that name with the Reed Waters, as the river is 
called by Sir Walter Scott. This battle is sometimes called 
the battle of Chevychase; meaning a chase, or park, for 
deer. Upon the edge of Carterfell — a mountain between 
England and i?cotland — is Reed's Square, — a corruption 
of wear, a Scotch phrase for a fort or castle, — named in 
honor of Sir Reginald Reed, who was distinguished in the 
Border wars. Following the stream down, the ruins of 
several Ik'cd castles and fortifications may be seen. Some 
splendid castles still occupied by persons of the same name 
and blood are also found ; among which is Ghipcliaso Castle, 
not far from the junction of the Reed with the Tyne. 

It may not l>e inap))ropriate here to give some further 
description of the territory between the wall of Agricola 
and that of Adrian ; it being the hive from which a large 


portion of the ancestors of the Kajrlish and American 
Uecds orif^inatcd. It is boinided ca^it I*y the North Sea, 
and extends westerly to the river Tweed, on the borders 
uf Scothind ; southerly to tlie Cheviot Hills, Carterfell, and 
tlic disputed grounds ; easterly hy the river Tync and 
Adrian's AVall; and forms a barony l)y the name of Kedes- 
dale. John Thomas Freeman Alitfoid — a descendant of 
Hubert Mitford, otlicrwise Robert of Uedesdale — is the 
present Uaron of liedesdalc; who was born Sept. 9, 1785, 
and succeeded to the barony on tlie death of his father, 
Jan. IG, IH'SO. lie is a prominent member of the House of 

The scenes in Scott's novels and poetical works are laid 
here. The territory is rich in monuments of the pasit, — 
in the relics of the su|>erstitious ceremonies of the Druids, 
and in the ruins of ancient Itoman roads, fortifications, and 
towns* Tho wild and unfrequented glens, desolate moors, 
interspersed with rich alluvial valleys, splendid towns. 
Tillages, and castles; chases, parks, and forests; with the 
history of momentous events, — make Uedesdale a romantic 
and interesting spot. This is the Ilrst starting-point of the 
Heeds of England and Scotland. Many of the name still 
i*euiain there, scattei-ed through the towns, cities, and rural 
I districts. 

! Among tlie relics of former days at Risingham, — the 

Romau uamo of which is liabitancum, — on the banks of 
' the river Itecd, upon an eminence covered with scattered 

! birches and fragments of rock, there is cut in alio relievo 

a remarkable figure called Robin of Redcsdale ; which, if 
adapted to our language, would be Robert Reed. Tradi- 
tion says he was murdered by his brother, who lived at 
"Woodburn (otherwise Woodbrook), an adjoining parish. 
The figure represents a man of large size, dressed in armor, 
and called by the peasantry in the neigliborhood *^ tho 


Oiant." This \ioh\\\ of Ueilesilalc (meaning tlio Dale of 
IViuco Wlieila) ilourisltcd in (ho liftocnth century, and was 
associateJ with Karl Warwick, lie fought and conquered 
the Karl of Penil»rokc, in the year 1470, at Panesmorc, 
near Kdgceoat in iNorthani|»tonshirc, aboiit three miles from 
Banbury. Ilia name was Tlol^ert; and he took the name of 
ilitford, from a fording-phice near his residence, to distin- 
guish him from another of the same name. The menu- 
moni was on liis own estate, and intended to (>erpetuato his 
memory for his valor and success in the Border wars. 

Further x\\} the river is the Pringlc, — a snuill stream 
which cnjptios into the Heed. Tradition says that Percival 
or Percy Jieed, Ksip, fell into the hands of a company of 
moss-tix)opei*s, who rohlicd and murdered him at JJating- 
hopc, — a place on the hanks of tiiis stream; and that his 
spirit haunts tlic Pringlc. 

Another legend is, that Mr. Reed, of Bowland, — a gen- 
tleman of landed projwrty in the Vale of (Jala, — was 
prosecuted for a very considerable sum, — the accumulated 
arnsai-s of toind, or tithe, — for winch he wns said to he 
indebted to a noble family, the titulars of the tithes. Mr. 
Keed was strongly im])ressed with the iKjIicf that his father 
had in his lifetime, by a form of process peculiar to the law 
of Scotland, purchased these lands ; and that the present 
prosecution wi|s graundless. But after an industrious 
search among his p&|>ers, an investigation of i)ublic records, 
and a careful inquiry among all persons who had transacted 
law-business with his Aither, no evidence could be obtained 
to support Ilia defence. The period had now arrived at 
which he considered the loss of his case as inevitable ; and 
ho had formed his determination to ride to Edinburgh the 
next day, and make the best bargain he could by way of 
Compromise, lie went to bed with this resolution, and 
with all the circumstances of the case floating in his mind, 


ami liail the following ilronm: His futlicr, who liad boon 
ilcaJ many years, :t|>jMMircil, ns ho lhuu;!:ht, to him, and 
a^koil him why hu wais troiihled iu luinil. Mr. Heed 
thoii^dit that he iurormed his father of the cause of his 
di^lrc<s; adding, that it was more distressing oa account 
of knowing that it was not due, (hongli he was unuhle to 
]irodut'C sati>factory cvidoneu lo the contrary. " You arc 
right, my son,'* replied the iiaturnal shade. "The jKipcrs 

lu jirovc the same arc in the hands of i[r. , an attorney, 

who has retired from business, and resides at Ivernisk, near 
E»linhurgh. Ife was a ]>crs()n whom I employed oa that 
occasion for a particular reason, liut who had never done 
any business for me at any other time. It is jxissible that 
you amy fmd the evidence there. Ho may have forgottcu 
it: but you may refresh his memory by the cii*cumslaace, 
that wo had some dilliculty in nraking change, as 1 oH'cred 
liim a Portuguese piece of money ; and that we drank the 
balance at a public house.*' !Mr. lieed awoke iu the morn- 
ing with the full force of the vision upon his mind, and 
ianucdiatcly set ont for Ivernisk, and found the person 
ilc.Ncribed in the dream to be a very old aian. Upon 
making the inquiry, the old gentleman could aot recollect 
the circumstance ; but, on mention of tlie jiicco of money, 
it became fresh to his recollection, and he found the papers 
necessary for J[r. Iteed lo prove his case. 

The theory of Sir Walter Scott Is, timt this dream was 
only the recapitulation iu the aund of the sleeper of what 
he iiad learned from his father, while awake, aiaay years 
kforo, but had forgotten it ; there being nothing straage iu 
I)CO])lc's recovering, while asleep, tlio thread of somo idea 
forgotten while awake. Jt amy be added, that this remark* 
nhle circumstance was attended with bad coasequeaces to 
.Mr. Ilccd, whose health and spirits were afterwards impaired 
hy the continual couteaqjlatioa of the aiattcr. 



Many more iiitcrcstini^ legends, whieli woiiUl fill a volume, 
might be told of the Valley of lledcsdalc. Some of the 
present names of towns and parishes are a corruption of 
a former word, wliicli was derived from Reed ; as llcdsford 
for Ileedsford, Uadhani for ileedham, and Uiddle for Hedes- 

On<5 of the most important towns of Rcdesdalo is Mor- 
peth, on the Wensbach River, — a small stream emptying 
into the North Sea. 

Tlio Reeds arc numerous, from the fact that they are de- 
scended from a clan, or nation, and not from an individual. 
Though they have taken their origin from Aschanaz, the 
great-grandson of Noah, they have had an opportunity of 
becoming a numerous people ; and, whatever their reputation 
. might have been when the world was in a state of barbarity, 
they have, since mankind emerged from darkness, filled their 
places well, and Inive been among the leading men in this 
country and in Kurope. They have generally been of a 
religious cast. Rut few have been found among the in- 
mates of penitentiaries or alms-houses. 

As the lino of England and Scotland was constantly 
changing according to the valor and strength of parties, tho 
Reeds became mixed up, more or less, with both nations. 
And as borderei-s in all nations arc more exiM)sed to the depre- 
dations of tho enemy, so they have the better chance of 
distinguishing themselves ; consequently are more likely to 
be promoted in civil departments. This was the case with 
tlio liocds of tho English and Scotch borde4's. They were 
connected with the royal family of England long before the 
days of William tho Conqueror. Thcro was AVithrod, King 
of Kent, hi the seventh century ; iSthclred, or Read tho 
Uood, King of England, in 8150 ; Alfred, or Reed the Shrewd, 
in 871 ; Eldred, or Reed the Elder, in 946 ; Ethelred tho 
Second, in 978; and wheii William the Conqueror took 

f .• 



]>osscssion of the English throne, in 10G6, tho legal heir to 
the throne was hrothcr-in-law to ihc King of Scotland. Na- 
tions have in all ages unitcil as nuich by marriage as by 
war. The RccJs were of Celtic origin, and the most power- 
ful noblemen were of Saxon blood. Much jealousy existed 
between tlie two races. Edward tho Confessor, son of 
Ethelred, being aware that his lineal descendants did not 
possess tho energy and power to hold the crown against the 
opposition of the Saxon noldes, mado a compact with his 
cousin, the Duke of Normandy, liy which WiUiam was to 
have the crown at his decease ; tho crown beijig then in tho 
power of tho king to dispose of like other pro|)erty. Harold, 
tho son of Earl Godwin, represented the Saxon stock, and 
was placed on the throne by tliat interest. It should be 
here understood, that, when English historians speak of 
the people, they mean only the nubility; as tho common 
people then had no more voice in matters of state than tho 
kids upon the Cheviot hills. William camo over from 
France to carry out tho provisions of tho compact; and 
llarold, in behalf of the nobles, met him, and was slain. 
Thus ended the struggle which had been carried on between 
the two races, and wliich had been the means of inviting the 
Danes, at several ditlerent times, to land upon the English 
shores, being encouraged by existing jealousies between 
tho races. There appears to have been no difliculty be- 
tween William and the descendants of Ethelred ; the legal 
heir waiving his claim, and tiie son of William marrying 
the heiress: and both houses merged into one in the chil- 
dren of Henry ; he being descended £i*om Alfred, by both 
father and mother. 

Tlie Reeds were among the reigning princes of North- 
uiuhcrland, Kent, Wesscx, and Mercia, and seem to have 
been of the same blood ; and political alliances existed 
between them. 



Rcfom proceeding any further, it will be proper to give 
tlic iliiliniliun of sonic ancient English ami Scoltisli words 
\vliich arc in some way connected witii tliis suhjcct : viz., a 
'Uowu" is a settlcuicnl containing suilicieut inhabitants to bo 
entitled to a market; a '^ village'' is u settlement of somewhat 
less inhabitants than a town; a^Muuulet" i» less than a 
village ; and a " court " is the manor of u nobleman or gentle- 
man, containing the mansion and dwellings of less magni- 
tude for the residence of his retainers and peasants. Towns 
or villages in England, ending with " ham," were once ham- 
lets ; and the first part of the word, in most cases, though 
not always, was the name of the principal owner. In the 
course of time, the hi>t syllable was dis|>enscd with; and, in 
some cases, the word ^^ handet*' has become wholly disused. 
In others, the orthography is slightly altered, so that the 
original cannot be identilled without cai-c and attention. 
As for instance : the word ** llenham '^ was, originally, 
^' Heed's hamlet ; " and, in the course of time, the last sylla- 
ble and one of the " e's" were omitted, the name being pro- 
nounced Uedham ; and, by substituting an "n " for a '* d," it 
became Kenham. A similar fate has followed the names of 
many other places. Other words have been not only abbre- 
viated, hut have entirely lost their original bignificanco. 
Thus Sussex was South Saxony, or the southern settlement 
of the Saxons in England ; Essex was East Saxony, or the 
eastern settlement; AVessex was the western settlement; Mid- 
dlesex was the middle settlement ; and Norfolk was the north 
folks. Norwich was the northern bailiwick, or sherilldom; 
Canterbury was the place of the principal castlo for the 
kingdom of Kent, as ^^ bury " meant castle ; and Kent has 
l)ccn somewhat altered by substituting an c for an a. Dor- 
chester meant the place of keeping the chest, or public 
depository, for the county of Dorset. The word Exeter 
meant, ** towards the river Exo." . Newcastle denoted the 


castle built after tlio erection of Adrian's Wall. In refer- 
ence to the name of Reading there is some douht; for English 
historians, being dispo.sedto give u Saxon origin to every 
thing, suggest that ancient Reading was derived cither from 
the river (Rhea), or from Redin, the Knglish word for" fern," 
which they say grew in great abundance thereabouts. Tliis 
fact would probably apply to many otitor places iu England, 
if we go back to a time anterior to agriculture : but the 
town is called, in the Saxon annals, Iteading, Redding, and 
Uaeding; and, being in the vicinity of several of the Read 
establishments, it is fnll as reasonable to suppose that they 
gave the name to it. AVe know that many of the towns by 
that name in America were so called in honor of individuals 
by the name of Reed or Read, who Avcre prominent in the first 
settlement of their respective towns; and others were named 
fix)m Reading in England. IMuces ending with "ford" 
liad, befure the introduction of bridge:^, reference to a ford- 
ing-placo across a body of water ; as Bradford, in ancient 
times, meant Brad's fording-place. The word " burn," an- 
nexed to many ancient towns and parishes, had reference to 
some brook: consequently the word Ottcrb\iru would be 
heitcr understood at the present day if called Otterbrook; 
and the same would be true of Bannockburn, and all other 
places of the same termination. 

Many counties and towns in tlie United States took their 
names from places in England, Scotland, or Ireland, witli- 
out much reference to the original uicaning; as Boston, 
in Massachusetts, from Boston, in the county of Lincoln, 
England; Plymouth, from Plymouth iu England; Read- 
ing in Pennsylvania, and Reading in ^lassachusctts, from 
Reading in England. The mimes of persons have under- 
gone as great a change as those of places. Thus a Welsh- 
man, having pierced the eye of an English officer, received 
the surname of Pierce-eye, which originated the name Percy. 



The same is now Pierce, or Poarco. The name of Peal)0(ly 
meant 'Mnomilain-Hr.iH/* and had reference to (he remnant of 
tlie bnhjucts of Ijoailicea, an English queen, Avtio was t;iken 
prisoner by the Konians, and the i-emnant of lier army Hod 
to the moxmtains of Wales, and were called Peabodies, or 
^' mountain-men." Winn is said to be au abbreviation of 
lilewellyn, the Welsh prince who was taken and slain by 
Edward 1. ; Parker, from one who was keeper of a park ; 
Forester^ from one who was keeper of a forest, and the 
name J>ccamo Foster. 

Somo surnames have a significance of their own, as being 
illegitimate descendants of princes and noblemen, particu- 
larly all names ending with ^' son,^' as Johnson and Peterson : 
the Ibrmer meaning the illegitimate descendants of John ; 
and the latter, those of IVter. The name of l*erry is said 
to be a corruption of Ap Harry, or the son of Henry. 

Tlie lirst nolice taken of any person V>y the name of Uede, 
in Kent, was Withred, King of Kent, in the seventh century. 
Their .seat was at llede, in the hundred of Merdinnie, the 
modern name of which is Marden. There was John, of this 
place, in the muster-roll of William the Conqueior, a.d. 107o ; 
and a John of Merdinnie sold the manor of Silham in 
Ilenham, or Ueedham, in the year 1280. Rede is in the 
north-westerly part of Kent, adjoining to Maidstone, a cele- 
brated military station, it is within the district of the 
weald, and has from the earliest times bceti esteemed a 
part of the king's manor. The mansion is on the north side 
of the district, and has always been called Keade Co\irt. 
There is likewise a Reade Court in the parish of Friends- 
bury, in the same county, situated on tlio river Medway, 
and adjoining to Hoo. 'i'iiere are likewise two other manors 
in Kent, which Jbr a great length of time l>elongcd to the 
Reads, — namely, East and West Kuherst, in Tunbridgo 
Wells; but they belonged to the Iteads of MaiHlen. 


The ancient seats of tlic Heads in Jfei-cia were Rocking- 
i ham Casilc, at North ilaiuptoii; so named from l^okcn, a 

biuall stream and ])ari>h of the same name on the hanks 
of Hedesdalc, the rerjidenee of one hranch of tlic Reads. 
This caslle was llie residence of Rrjhin of Riddisdale. Tlie 
]ti;eds had also an cstalilishinent at Wrangle, near J>oston; 
and another, at Norwieh. Tlie manor called tiie l^owers of 
(lilTord, ahout eight miles from Ihllerica and thirty from 
lA>]idon, was owned by tiic Keeds a hundred and thirty 
years, but was not one of their original scats. Jolm died 
ill possession of it in 1G27, and had a son and heir by the 
name of Roger. Henry died sei/.ed of it in 1712; but 
tlic manor passed out of tiie family in 1747, Henry having 
sohl it to George ilontgomery, Ksq. Tliero was likewise 
Ijorcplace in the county of Kent, and Rarton Court, tlic 
seat of a bloody battle between the Loyalists and the l^arlia- 
mentarians. The huNt-nameil manor was defended by its 
owner, Itobcrt Read, till it was burned down over his head. 
The Heads also had an establishment at IJarric, Rrocket 
Hall, of Abington, and Renham, or Reedham. Chipchase 
Castle, near the junction of the Reed with the Tyne, is oc- 
cupied by Sir Christopher Ree<l at the present time ; as is 
also rrestwich Lodge in Newcaslle-uiK)n-Tyne, the owner, 
sou of Sir Christopher, being Deputy-ljieutenant of tho 
county. Ewellgrove, Ipsdenhouse, Ashmaus, in the county 
of Sutrolk, Woodparks in the county of Oalway, Ros- 
senara in Kilkenny, and many other manors, are now 
I30ssesscd by tho Reeds. It was common to have several 
establishments ; a portion of the household residing at one, 
and another portion at another. Those in tho remote parts 
of England held the old country establislunent, and, at the 
same time, another seat at or near the metropolis. This 
was the case with Itobbin of Riddisdale, who held his pro- 
perty on the banks of the Roken and also at Rockingham 

28 OlUr.lN OF THE NAME, 

Castle, The family of Read, in the county of Kent, held 
their cslates in the north of England and south of 
Scotland; and nearly all who lived in and ttl>out London 
ownod estates in Northunil)crland or in the soutliern parts 
of Scotland. They have lost their identity with royal fan^- 
lies; but, as will bo shown iioreafler, many of them are 
persons of influence and wealth. 

In books on heraldry are laid down a great many coats 
of arms of the Heeds, only a few of which I shall describe 
in their proper place. 
^ BttUNUS DE KKnE was living in tlio year 1180, and was of 
Mor|)elli, ou the Wensliack Kiver, in the north of England, 
lie had three sons: 1. Ifobert of Ucde; 2. William, who 
was Bishop of Chichester ; and, 3. Thomas of Uedydale. 

Itobert of Redo had a son by the same name, who was 
Bishop of Carlisle. lie was also Bishop of Chichester, 
and built a fuio stone piazza in the centre of the city. 

William, the second son of Jkianus, had a son Robert, 
who had a sun (jalfrinus. The lulter had William, Thomas 
of lledydule, and Robert. The latter had sons Riciiard, 
Philip, and Robert who held the manor of Uallbury in the 
seventh year of Henry VI. 
' AVilliam, tho son of (Jalfrinus, married Sfargarct Qlan- 

^ ville: they had Robert, who had David, John, and William. 

The latter was one of the bailifls of Norwich in 1260, and 
had a son John, who sold the manor of Silham in Reedham 
in 1280. 

David had a Robert, who married Cecilia Randall, and 
died in 1346, leaving a son Robert, Bishop of Carlisle, Feb. 8, 
1306; and the same year made Bishop of Chichester, and 
died in 14ir}, Ho was chosen in 1381 to provide and deliver 
out bows, arrows, swords, etc., to defend the city in the 
** Tyler and Jack .Straw insurrection." 

William, tho son of Galfrinus, also had a son William, 


: ^ho was Bishop of Cliicliestcr in I'illO, ami died in liiSf), 

j louviiig a son by tlic same name, who was hibhop of Chiclics- 

tor, Sussex County, in 13U9. John, son of William and 
I Margaret, was llector of St. Michael's iu Norwich in 1393, 

und died in 1395. 

Tiiomas of Itcdydalci, the son of Galfrhius, liad a son of 
i the same name, who was living in 14'J9, and had a son 

; Thomas, who |>ossossed au cstuto at Ueddington, Oxon, and 

I married Christiana, daughter of Uol)ert James Lapolo, 

! and sister of ]\Iichael Dc Lapolc, Lord Chancellor. This 

i Lajiole Family constituted some of tlic worthless favorites to 

j Avhom, as historians say, the king delivered liimself up. 

The true iiitcrpi*ctaliou probably is, that the Lapolo Family 

were not of noble birth, and were on that account obnoxious 
I to the nobility, who eontriveil to mako them un]>opuhir with 

the common ))Cople. Sensible of the value of their services, 
I King Richard, in order to save them, stooped iu vain to such 

; acts as wero considered ignoble iu a prince. Tliey were 

. attainted, and condemned to sulfur as traitors ; and, though 

* cue of Lapole's associates was hung at Tyburn, Lapole found 

means of escape to the Continent, and much of his ellects 
I passed into the hands of his son-in-law, instead of the public 

I treasury. This name of Do Lapolo is understood to be the 

1 same as that of Pool iu America; persons of this name 

! ' being numerous iu Weymouth, Taunton, and other places 

iu ^lassachusctts. 

' Thomas of Kcdydalo had also an Edmond, who was the 

; owner of an estate at Ueddington. Thomas and Christiana 

^ also had Jonn, who was Mayor of Norwicii in 1388. The 

latter had an Edward, who married Isiod Stanley; and they 

had John ; Bartholomew, who was Mayor of London iu 

ir)02 ; Itobert, who was Lord Chief-Justice of the King's 

I llench ; and William, who was Professor of Divinity. Mayor 

John likewise had a son Ifeury, who was patron of ClothcU 

80 OlilOlN OF THE NAMK, 

ill IJerks in 1105. / Juliii, son of Edward, iiiarricd Joan 
liudlow, and died Nov. 11, 1502, leaving a son, Thomas of 
IjOccIcs, who married IMiilipa IJacon, and had five sons: 
1. William, his heir; 2. John of Norwieh, who was warden 
of Xcw College, Oxon, in I'rlOy and died in loiil ; 3. Alvan, 
Abbot of Waltham in 1507 ; 4. Edward, SherilV of Norfolk 
in 1508, and member of rarliamciit ; 5. Thomas, who was 
lieclor of Deceles, and died in 15-13, leaving a son by the 
name of William, who, in 15o8, married a Tooley, and died 
in 1545, leaving a son by the name of Thomas, also a Wil- 
liam and six daughters. The latter William Wiis of Jjondon, 
and married Anna, daughter of William Fcrnley of Creeling, 
and died in 1552, leaving a son, who was Sir William 
of Dceelcs, born in 1551 ; and lliehard, who was Com- 
missioner of the Court of Kejiuests. The widow of William 
of London, who died in 1552, married Sir Thomas Cresham. 
Sir William of Beceles married Gertrude Paston for bis 
first wife, and a (Goldsmith for bis seeoud wife, lie died 
in 1599, leaving a daughter, who married Sir iMiehael 
Stanhope; a son, known as Sir Thomas, who married 
Mildred Cecil, daughter of the Karl of Exeter ; and Franeis, 
who married the widow of Lord Cobham, by whom be had 
four daughters. 

Thomas, son of William and iliss Tooley, married Marga- 
ret Guints for his first wife, and, for his second, the widow 
of John Goldingham, Esci. ; and died in 1554, leaving a sou 
Francis, who was incumbent of Ellough ; a George, who 
married Ann IjCc; and John of IJecclcs and Weston, who 
built Weston Hall, was member of Parliament for Guil- 
ford in 1575, and married Ursula Cook. He sold tho cstato 
of Oatlands, and died in 1005, leaving a son Thomas, who 
married Anmi, daughter of Sir F. (iandy, Judge of the 
C^ucen's l>ench. They had sons Henry, and Edward, who 
married Elizabeth Edgar. Ilenry married Elizabeth, the 


iluu^liter of Nicholas Oariicys, Ksq., of Kcdisham, and Imd 
a sou Thomas, who married Al)i<rail Kd^nu* of Gloiiham, and 
died ill 1714, luavinj^ a son iMward, who left by Ins wifo 
Klizahcth one danghlcr; Thonnis, who left a son Thomas, 
I who married Anna Farr of Nortlieone, who died hi 1723, 

I leaving Thomas, Esfj., of Weston Hall, who married Martha, 

I dau«^htcr of John Ehny, l«]s(i., of I5eccles, and died Sfarcli 25, 

170(5, leaving a dau<rliler ^fartlia, who married a Carter ; 
Anna, who married Col. Anderson ; and a Thomas, who was 
l>orn in January, 17^J0, and married Thcopila, daughter of 
AVilliam Ijcmon, Ksq., and married, for seoontl wife, Elizabeth, 
dauglitcr of IJohert Wilson, Escj., of Didlington, and, for tliird 
wife, Rachel, the widow of John Donaldson, Esq.; and died 
Jan. 21), 1811. Children: Thomas Lcman, who married 
Anna Rullcn, and liad a daughter Louisa, and son Titomas 
William, who married Ann Jlills, and liad Rohort, Ciiar- 
lottc, Anne, Henry, and Sarah Lemon. Thomas and Theo- 
pila also had Robert, who built Ashmans in the county of 
SulTolk, and married Charlotte, the daughter of Wrlliam 
Audci-son, Bart., and died Aug. 18, 1822. Sarah Lemon, 
daughter of Thomas and Thcopila, married Rev. Samuel 
Lovick Cooper, November, 1787. Their children were, — 
Rransby Rtakc; Robert, born April 10, 179G, married 
Louisa, daughter of !>cnjamin Ilcnshaw, Esq., of Moor Hall, ' 
county of Essex ; Louisa Cliarlotto, Annie, Marianne, Sarah 
Rransby, Kladaline Naunton Lemon. He came into pos- 
session of the estates of his maternal uncle, Aug. 13, 1822 ; 
at which time he assumed the name, and lives at Ashmans. 
Edmond, the son of Thomas and Christiana, married Alice, 
and had by her Edmond, who was Lord of Portstal ; Thomas, 
and John. His widow Alice was executrix of the will of 
William l>c Pulham in 1372. Thomas, the son of Thomas 
and Christiana, i)ossesscd great estates in Wrangle, Boston, 
Burgh or Bury, Winthrop, Bennington, Leake, and Lineston. 


Eilmond, the son of Edmoiul, liad a sou William ; also llobcrt 
and John : the latter was a incrclmnt, of great wcaltii, in 
IJostou. lie lived at Wrangle in IIGO. There continued to 
he a Joini in this braneli of the family till 1G2C. The last 
one was knighted in IGOl), made Sheriff of Lincohi in IGIO, 
and died in IGiiG, aged sixty-live years. Charles Crafts Kead, 
who moved away from Wrangle, and in 1C76 lived in Bard* 
well, was prohahly a son of the last-named John. There is 
a record of the death of Charles Crafts in 1GG2; which 
makes it probahlc there were u father and son by that name. 
The latter married ilary, the danghter of Thomas llenet; 
and she inherited the manor and royalties of Tishohnry. 
The Reads, in 1G75, had disappeared from Wrangle, partly 
by emigration to America; and the remainder had taken up 
their residence on their other estates. Francis, the son 
of Thomas and Bridget, left there in 1074. The Crafts of 
liardwcU, the Cjerards of Sutlolk, the Greshams of Norfolk, 
and the Eltons of Finshnry in liineolnshire, were relatives 
of the Roads of Boston and Wrangle. / Edmond, tlie son of 
Thomas and Philipa, married Isiod Stanley ; and they had a 
son Potoi^, who was knighted l>y Charles V. at the siege of 
Barbary. He gave his houses in St. Giles to pay for ringing 
the gi*eat bell at four in the morning and at eight in the even- 
ing. There is a picture of him in the council-chamber, with 
a hawk on his Rst, and the anns of Redo, with an account 
of the douatioti for ringing the hell, and of a large charity 
to be distributed to the poor of tlio city. He married Annie, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Bleugrehasset, Knt. She was the 
widow of George, Duke of Brampton, lie died in 15G8, 
leaving a son Giles. His wifo died April 15, 1577. Tlie 
records abound with the charities and l)eiiuests of Sir Peter 
Itedo; and his name is spelled Rede, Read, Redde. His 
father's name was s|)elled Redo and Reed. This family 
dwelt in the black flint house opposite to the north side of 



j the clnirchyard in Nonvicli, in which many of their arms 

I remain. There was also a Peter Kcdo in Doston, in loI12, 
who probahly belonged to this family ; Init 1 find no account 
of his pedigree. Tliomas, the son of Kihnond and Alice, had 
a son William, who inherited great estates from his father. 
lie married Alice for his first wife, ilargaret for his second, 
and Anna, the daughter of William Fcndcy, Ksq., of West 
Creeling in the county of Suffidk, for his third wife. Ho 
provided ohits to he observed annually for himself and his 
three wives at the Feast of ihe luvenlioii of the Holy Cross. 
He died in 1-1.>3. His widow married Sir Thomas (iresliam, 

I a wealthy FiOndon merchant, who died in If)?!), having made 
over a large portion of his estate in fee-simple to his wife. 

I After her death, which took place in loDG, that portion 
passed to her sou William IJeade, who was l)orn in 1538, 
and was afterwards known as Sir William of Rockingham 

i Castle in the county of Northampton, one of the ancient 
seats of the Itcad Family. He had a son "JMiomas, who died 

i without male issue ; a daughter Anne, who married Sir 

j ^Michael Stanhope; Jane, who luarried Lord Fitzwater, and 

afterwards Sir Willian\ Wctherpole ; Klizabetli, who married 

Lord Kerkley ; and Ihidget, who nuarried George, Earl of 

• Desmond, Sir William died in 1G21 ; and his widow mar- 

* ricd Sir Edward Spencer, of the Sunderland Family, who 
j held the Uurolstoa Estate many years in the right of his wife ; 
I he having willed it to her, with remainder over to his three 
I grand-daughters, the children of his son Thomas. Rocking- 
' liam Castle is now a ruin. 

Robert, the son of Kdmond, married Christiana Lapolc, a 
descendaut of Robert James Lapole. She lived at Wrangle 
after the death of her husband. 
i Robert, the sou of ivUvard, was executor of the will of 

Henry Yll. He was Justice of the Common Pleas, and 
afterwards Chief-Justi(*e of the King's Bench, in the reign 
/ 6 

34 omoiN or THE namk, 

of Henry VI U. Lord Oliief-Justice Robert Ucnd married 
Margaret Alpliew uf Ch*HliiHj>tune, ami, when yuiing, lived 
at Morpelli, Jllaeklriars, in the north ul" Enghind, the neij^h- 
horhood ol* large paiernal estates of ihe family; bnt, inlf).**!), 
he and his wifi! were memliers of the Corpus Ohristi Onihl at 
]>oslon in the county of fiinecdn, — an institution under the 
old Kngliy-h laws, hy which the community was diviiled into 
tens, hundreds, ami thousands. The members of teu were 
responsible for the conduct of each member of his ten. The 
tens orij^inated the pru>ent institution of towns, — a wonl 
whiiii is derived from ten; as also the thousamis orit'inaleil 
that of counties. The hundreds were a class, or division, 
which lias never been atlopted in this country. The children 
of fiOrd llobcrt and Alar^^aret were, — John, who was ilayor 
of Xorwicli; Uridiret, who married Francis Willoughby, 
afterwards Lord Chief- Justice Willou^bby ; and three other 
daughters. Ife inherited the two uianors of East and West 
Kuhcrst; and lie bad estates in Chidingstone, Mor]»eth, ]>os- 
ton, Norwich, and other places. The estates of Kast and 
West Kuherst passed to Ijady Willoughby in the division of 
Lord Robert's estate. His son John was ifayor of Xor- 
wicli, and was also ShcirilVof Norwich in loOS. IHoomfiebrs 
History says, *• In l.">7:i, on the 1-lth of June, about nine 
o'clock iu the forenoon, a jijood and godly and virtuous 
brotlicr of this bouse O''^*-* «^ul>»^ Rede, alderman), a big man, 
and bot witli travel, after reverence to Mr. Mayor and other 
brethren, and iu bis jilaee taken in the council-<;bamber, 
being troubled witli a rheum that fell from hia head, as it is 
supposed, did cough three times, wbcrewitl^be was stopped, 
and Ids wind failed, and so, iu a sudden, seized down, and 
never spake any word ; and so there presently departed this 
transitory life unto a more joyful place of rest." 

Richard, the Connuissioner of Requests, bad a son by the 
same name, wbo studied music twenty-two years, and was 



:ii] milted Raclielor oC Music. IFc coiuposoil church-sorviccs 
and other matters for inblruiuijiUs, which arc scattered in 
several books. 

(jlilcs, the son of Sir Peter and Annie, married Cathcrino 
Greville, the daughter of Karl i>rooke. 

Tliomas Itead, Ks(|., of l«arton Court in the county of 
Berks, was living in 1373. lie nn\rried Ann, the daughter 
of Thomas IIoo, Ksij., of the lloo, in tlie county of Hert- 
lurd ; and they had Thomas of l>arton, wlio married Mary 
Stonehouse, of l/ittle I'eckham in tl\e county of Kent, and 
Kadley. He was (Merk of the (ireen Olotli. 'J'hcy had a 
son of the .same name, who was knighted, and nmrriod Afary, 
tlie daughter of Sir John l>rocke(, of lirocket Hall in Hert- 
lbnl>hire. Their eiiihhen were Thomas, John, and James, 
who were all haroneleil. 'VUry also had two daughters. 
Thomas, son of Sir Thomas auil Mary, nnirricd Mary, the 
daugliter of Tluunas Ci)rn\v;dl, Lord of Slriiphshire. Their 
children were Comi»tun, lulwanl, and three sons whose 
names are not given, but probably Thomas, William, and 
Julm, wlio came to America. Compton, the son of Sir 
Thomas and Mary, married Mary, the daughter of (Jilbert 
Cornwall of IJerford. They had one child, named Kilward, 
M ho succeeded his father to Shipton House in Oxford, and 
]>arton in Berkshire, and was made baronet, in 1000, by 
Charles U. He married Elizabeth, the daughter of Francis 
Hardy, Ks«|., of Adslon in Northampton. Their children 
were, — Tiiomas, who siicceeiled his father; and Ceorge, 
who became member of Parliament for 'J'ukesbury in the 
county of (ilouccster, and was a brigadier-general. Tliomas, 
the son of Kdward and Klizabeth, married Juno Dutton. 
They had a son named John, who succeeded his father to 
his estate and titles. 

Thomas, the son of Thomas and Jane, had a son by tho 
same name, who had John and Thomas, twins, born in 1702. 


The latler died in ISHT; the father died in 177o. John, 
ihc iwin-liroihcr of 'UmiiiUs, jiiarriud Jane, the daughter of 
Sir John Candos ifuskins, l>art. They had a John Candos, 
of h'hipton Court, Oxford County, who was born Get. 17, lhl4, 
and died July i)l, 18.j1. 

Kdwurd, tlic son of Tht)nia.s and Mary Corwall, inherited 
the estate of Jpsden in 1037; ho al^o had an estate in 
Jfeckford, Essex County, lie liad a daughter Klizabeth, 
who was married, Feb. 12, Itjoo, to John Winlhrop, jun., the 
first governor of Connecticut, and settled at New London. . 
Ho also had a son Thomas, who was one of the first proprie- 
tors of New London; and John, who was of New London 
in lGr>l. The land granted them was forfeited for not being 
occupied ; and they |)rol)ably never permanently settled 

William Readc of Aikenhcad had a son by the name of 
Robert, who was l>ishop of Orkney ; and a daughter Allison, 
M'ho married Edward, the son of Sir David Bruce, ubout the 
year lool. 

Alexander Reid of IJarrie was created a baronet of Nova 
Scotia in 1700. lie married Agnes, tlie eldest daughter 
of Sir AlexaiuliM* Oglovie, i]art., of Forglen ; and, dying in 
1770, was hucceoiled by his only son James, who died 
in 1771, and was succeeded by his son John, who was born in 
17G0, and nuirried, Juno 2, 1785, Barbara, the daughter 
of Thomas Livingston, Esq., 3L1)., of Downyhills in the 
county of Aberdeen. Uis son John, the fourth baronet, 
had a son Alexander, Nov. 12, 1708 ; and William, a clergy- 
man, who is the present baronet. 

John Reid, Esq., of Kirkmahoc in the county of Dum- 
fries, married Ifelen, the daughter of John Davison, Esq., 
of Woodside, in 1701, and died Jfay 20, 1775, leaving 
Thomas, born Oct. 2t>, 17t)2, who was made baronet, Nov. 10, 
lb23, and had .sons John and Thomas. The latter had a 


si^u of the same name, bom May 21, ISOf); Alcxaiulcr, 
June 8, I80(j; Jose|*li, Aug. 24, ISIO; Kdward Maillaiid, 
Jan. IG, 1815; Ifciiry Afau.srord, Au«c. 22, 1817; Ocorgc 
Jaities Grey stone, July 30, 1828; Agnes il. Helen, Eliza- 
belli B.y Mary Ann, and Louisa. He had been an eminent 
merchant in London, and fur some time Chairman of the 
Court of Directors of tlic Ka^t-lndia Company. 

^^ir John Held, of Kwell Cirove in the county of Surrey, 
son of James, Esq., niarried Ahiria Louisa, tlio only danghlcr 
of Richard Eaton, l'>q.,Se|it. D, IS40. Their children were, 
— John, born Aug. 14, 1H41 ; a son, bora Feb, lu, 184.3; 
and a daughter, in 184^. He succeeded his father as second 
baronet, Feb. 20, 1824 ; and was CJovernor of the Ihink of 
England in 1840 and 1841. 
/ Williain Ueadc, S.T.P., son of Edward and I^ioil, supposed 
to be born about 1450, Inul a son Sir William^ who mar- 
ried Ann Menis, and had a mju William, who marritnl 
Rebecca, the daughter and coheir of .^[cnis. Their chil- 
dren were Matthew, John, Uichuid, Thomas, William, and 

Mattncw, Esq., the son of William and Itebecea, married 
J Alice, the daughter of Andrew Ward ; and they had William, 

and a daughter who inanicd Sir Henry Oxinden of Dene, 
and was heir to half his c^^iate. They also had a daughter 
Elizabeth, who nunricil Moracc Dixwcll, Esq., of liroomc 
iu the county of Kent. A\ illiam, the ton of Matthew and 
• ^ Alice, married Eu cy Henoi^e ; and they had John and Wil- 
liam, llichard, tlie son of William and Itebocca, born in 
1577, married Joan, daughter of Kal|>h Dale of London ; 
I and they imd a son Iiichard, who lived at Whittlesey; Wil- 

I liuin, and a daughter Itcbccca. He was living at London 

iu 1057, aged eighty-seven years. John, the sou of William 
and llebecca, was knighted in 1041 by Charles I. Williau),. 
^'\\o sailed from Oravehond in 1G35, and settled in Woy- 

is OUKWN 01-^ Tl!E NAME, 

nioulh, may have l>oou sou of Ivichard, aiul grandson of 
AVilliani aiul Koljcccu. 

Sir Juliu Itcadc of Dodiiigtou in the county of flluu- 
custcr, Kiit., had Dorothy, who luaniod Lord Olivei' St. 

Thomas IJead was aihnittcd LL.!)., .May 8, 1038, of Now 
College. Ifc aflerwards was a great royalist; ami, by his 
majesty, was nominated Principal of Magdalen (yollego, ou 
the flight of Wilkinson to the Parliament. Afterwards he 
changed ins veligiou for that of liume, lived l)eyond seu, 
and wrote certain nnitters against Dr. Kdward IJangor. 

Thomas lihead, M.A., of Ahfrdeen in Scotland, was uu 
author of di^lincliun. 

Alexander lihead, Xl.A., of Ahenleen, was created Doctor 
of Physic in the House of Convocation, hy virtue of letters of 
King James 1. 'J'his leariicd Scot, who was afterwards one 
of the College of Physicians iu London, and a brother of the 
Ooui|)uny of Barber-Chirurgeons, has written and published 
"A Description of the IJudy of Man,** and also " Chirogical 
Lectures*' on tumors and ulcers. He was afterwards mini- 
ster of Yeatley in Hampshire, whore lie died in 1028. 

Thomas Kede, Kector of Agotte St. Lawrciicc, lost his 
living; and his family was reduced to such necessities, that 
some of them came to be maintained by the public charity 
of the Corporation for Mini>Lers* Widows. One of this name 
was llcctor of Ollley in 1(»17, 

John Ucade of New College was Fellow of AVykcham 
Oollcge, and made Doctor of Decrees, Jan. 29, lo07. It 
was granted to Mr. John llede, M.A., Hachelor of Divinity, 
and Warden of Wykeham College, near Winchester, that 
be be created D.D. by a cap put on his head by Dr, Fauntc- 
roy, the commissioner, the proctor, and two nuisters. He 
Itad been tutor to Prince Arthur ; was then Canon of Chi- 
chester; afterwards Warden of New College in Oxon ; and 


Master of the IToj»pilal of St. M«ry Magdalen, near Wiu- 
chostcr. lie wa^ niuile LL.!). in ISliS. 

Ill M:)7, Riclianl, IMiitlip, uiui llobcrt llcde held tho 
luunor of Ilalllmry, in tho 7th and loth of Henry VI. 
Henry Reade was SlicrilVof IjonUun in 1477. 
Simeon Tle.ado was Mayor of Norwich in 1502. 
Kdmund Reed of Morganslcigh in the county of Devon- 
shire, rector, was onee interrupted and abused iu tlie pulpit, 
and at Icnirth dc|H)sed when he had been nearly forty years 
minis^ter in that ))hice. lite chief accusation against him 
was liis approval of the " i>ook of Sijorts." He lived to bo 
restored, hut died soon after. 

Charles Read, Ksrp, built and endowed a celebrated school 
and hospital at Tux ford on llie river Trent. There is at 
the present time a Oiiahlrs Rkkd, who is a distinguished 
Knglish author. 

There was a Dr. Samukl Rkad of Slalford in England, 
who, in 1G45, furnibhed one Cook with funds to build a 
gristmill in Camlnidge, Mass., and took a mortgage of the 
suinc. Whether this mill was on Charles River, or on a 
small stream which is in West Cambridge, I have no know- 
ledge; but it was a great enterprise for those days, and 
controlled the location of highways in that section. He was 
proiiably a relative of the Turitan emigrants of the same 
name, and lived in the vicinity of Boston in England. 

There was a John Reado of Si. Jolni's College, who was 

made Bachelor of J^ivinity, April 10, 151G ; and died in 1587, 

Ijcing the Prebendary of Westminster. He was buried in 

St. John's College Cha)>el. There was a Thomas Reade, 

who was Rector of Adcome in Somersetshire, who died 

f about the year ir>70. Thomas Reade of IJpham married 

I Alice J*etrc, about the time of Henry VI 11. Sir John of 

f ^Sussex married Bridget, the daughter of Lord Thomas 

Munson, about the year ItiOO. Sir John of Bodinglon had 


a ihuigliler Doiotliy, wlio luameil Lord Oliver St. John, 
There was a Oeorgo lleetle of Leis Garden, who died Feb. 
iio, l.>oO ; and there is a inoiuuncut to liis memory iii llora 

Clement Rcadc of Maryfield married Ann, tlic only 
daughter of'Jolni J>uker. l{al|)h Read in Lone, county of 
Kent, married the datip;hter of llidph liufkin. There was 
a James Reado who was Rector of St. Augustine. Thomas 
Rhcad, M.A., of Aberdeen in Scotland, was an author of 
distinction. There is a Raron Von Rhecde of Von Gudshoorn 
in IloUand ; but nothin«^ is known of his pedigree. A 
Rogor Reed of IfaYorhinge bequeathed large amounts 
for objects of charity and jiublic utility. Tliere was also a 
Simeon Reed of the same jdncc. There is one Isaac Reed, 
Esq.^at Ilampstcad in Kngland, who was a com[)anion of Dr. 


(;IIAITKU 11. 


Wr how arrive at a tinio wlioii it is dilUciiU to trace tlie 
dilVereiit families, as there was u great rush for America; 
in consctjuence of wiiich, bonie brunches liecaiue extinct iu 
Kurope, and there upjieared to be a di.s|iositiou, on the part 
of at lea.stsomc of tho Puritan emigrants, to blot out every 
thing that would connect thciu witli families in Europe. In 
conse(|ucnco of this, their de5ccndants lost the means of 
proving lteirsln|) to great estates, and left their posterity in 
uncertainty and doul>t in reference to their ancestry. 

Tlic author Iuih devoted iuuch attention to tho subject, 
and is unablo to give that a:3surance which ho would like ; 
hut is uicUncd to think that the first by the name of Reed 
in this country was, — 

1.* William, tho son of llichard Read of Whittlesey in 
the county of Kent. Jfo came to America with (iov. 
Winthrop iu l(i;iO, or about that time; and settled first 
in Weymouth, but removoJ to Boston, lie was engaged in 
mercantile business, but, a portion of the time, commanded 
his uwn vessel. IJo died on his homeward |)assage from 
Ireland, on Ijoard the ketch *' William and ^lary,*' of which 

* Tlio Arabic figures at tlio coiiiincDCciiieiit of i)ar.igm|«l)s, Rlwnys tliruughout 
Ui)« wurk, umUcuCo tii6 gcnvruticiii. 


be wns part owner. An inventory of his estate was taken 
Sept. 23, 16G7, in thd scheilulc of which was real estate at 
the North Knd and in King Street (now Stale Street), 
some hroadeloths, a tailor's goose, cte. lie pruljably had 
done some business as a merchant tailor. His first wife's 
Christian name was Susan, who died Oct. 12, lGo3. IIo 
married, for a second wife, a person whoso Christian name 
was Hannah, Nov. 25, 1056. His children were, — Kdward, 
who was born in 1018 ; John, 1020 ; Samuel, 1024. Theso 
three settled in Marhlchead. Ho had a daughter ifargaret, 
who married Richard Stuhhs of Hull, March 3, 1058; Rich- 
ard, who settled in ]^^arhlehcad ; Susanna, who married 
Samuo Smith, Dec. 13, 1059 ; William ; Esther, who nuu-- 
ried John Csiun, July 30, 1001 ; Christopher, who was a 
tanner in Charlestown, and died in 1000, leaving a widow 
by the name of Catherine. 

2. Samuel, the son of Capt. William of Boston, was a 
proprietor of land in Marblehcad previous to 1073. His 
children were, — Samuel; Renjamin, who died in 1700. 

8. Samuel, tho son of Samuel of Marblehcad, married 
Abigail Rowland, March 17, 1084. Their marriage was 
solemnized by Mr. Moses ^laverick, tho first town-clerk of 
llarblohead. Their children were Samuel and lionjamin. 
IIo married, for a second wife, Jane Stacy, Nov. 4, 1002. 
lie was a purchaser of land in Marblchoad in 1087. 

4. Samuel, the son of Samuel and Abigail, married Mary. 
Their children were, — Samuel ; Richard, born Aug. 4, 1700 ; 
Mary, Jan. 12, 1714 ; Esther ; John ; Rridget. His will was 
dated Nov. 12, 1718. 

5. Samuel, the son of Samuel and Mary, married Mary 
Tyler of Boxford. They were married in Boston, Aug. 18, 
1725; and had a son Renjamin Tyler. 

C. Benjamin T., tho son of Samuel and lilary, married 
Mary Appletou of Ipswich. Their children were, — Benju- 


mill Tyler, William, Polly, Rebecca, Martha. ITo was a 
cahiiict-inakcr and an iiiuhoUlor. ITis wife died in 1830. 

7. licnjamiii T., the sou of ]>cnjainin T. and Mary, mar- 
ried Rebecca Blacklcy. Tlioir clilldren were, — Benjamin T., 
Lucy Ana, Mary, Rebecca. Ills wife died Feb. 8, 1837, in 
lier sixty-third year, ile died June 6,1829, of jaundice, 
aged fifty-four years, lie was known as E:^quire Reed. 

8. Benjamin Tyler, the son of Benjamin T. and Rebecca, 
was formerly Treasurer of the Eastern Railroad, lie married 
ElizabctliT. Hooper; and had a son, — John Hooper, who 
is of the firm of Reed and lloojicr, in State Street. 

8. Hon. William, son of Bonjamin T. and Mary, married 
ITannah Hooper. He was a member of Congress. He died 
suddenly, of apoplexy, Feb. 22, lb:>7, aged sixty years and 
six months. This family of Reeds, with their relatives thq 
Hoopers, arc among the wealthiest people of Massachusetts, 
and arc also distinguished for high moral religious standing 
as well as business talents. }>enjamin T. was for several 
years Treasurer of the Eaj-tern Railroad, and his son is one 
of the Jiaiikcrs of State Street. Hon. William Reed was a 
very distinguished man ; and his widow survived him till 
recently, and was known as Madam Reed. She was looked 
up to ill Marblehead as a pattern of piety aiid virtue* Her 
abundant wealth enabled her to do much for the poor, and 
to make her splendid mansion a home to the philanthropist 
and the destitute. 

7. Polly, the daughter of Benjamiu T. and l^Iary, married 
the Hon. William Hooper of ilarWeUead. Tiieir children 
were, — Robert C; Isaac r).,Avho died young; Mary; Han- 
imli; Rebecca, who married Robert Hooper, aiid both de- 
ceased, leaving one child. 

8, Mary, the daughter of William Hoopor and Polly Reed, 
iiKirried Francis Blacklie. They have two sons and four 


8. iranimli, llic daiij^liter of AVilliam Hooper and Polly 
Tlced, married S. T. Williams, and died, leaving one 

8. ifartha, the daughter of AVilliaui Hooper and Polly, 
married Rev. Nelicmiah Adams, J). I)., of the K.ssex-i>lreet 
Church, J>ostou. She died iu 184S, leaving two sous and 
four daughters. 

7. Keheeea, the daughter of Benjamiu T. Heed and Sfary, 
married llev. David Jewelt. Their ehildren arc, — Uev. 
William Reed Jewett; David Jiraimird ; Mary A., who mar- 
ried Rev. J. AVhituey; and Klizaheth. Jfrs. Jewett died 
at the residence of Jlr. Whitney, April IG, ISoO, aged 

7. ]\Iartha, the daughter of Bcnjan\iu T. ami ilary, mar- 
ried William Ropes, a distinguished merchant in Roston. 
She died in 182*J, leaving three sons and five daughters. 

8. Lucy Ann, the daughter of Renjamin T. and Rebecca, 
married Rev. W. C. Woodbridgo, and died at Frankfort, 
Germany, in 1839, leaving a sou by the mime of William 
Heed, now in Yale College ; and Lucy Ann, who was born iu 

j , 8. Mary, the daughter of Renjamin T. and Rebecca, mar- 

I ricd Rev. 0. Kastman of New York. Their children are, — 

Renjamin Reed, William, John Cotton, Mary, Elizabeth, and 

5. John, the sou of Samuel and Sfary, died in 1704, 
leaving a son by the same name, who administered upon his 
father's estate, and died in 1773, leaving also a son of the 
same name, who was a sea-captain, and a large landholder 
in Windham in the State of Maine. The latter left a widow 
by the ]iamc of Annis. Ho also had a sister Mury, who mar- 
ried a Malcom. She left a son John. Annia, the widow of 
Capt. John, married Kbeuezer Foster of Roston, May 2, 
1778. The town of Windham was first called New Marble- 


hoiul, probably on account of so many people in i[ai*blehcail 
being propriclors of luntl in thiit township. 

5. Uicbard, the son of Sanincl, niarriecl Klizabcth Tucker, 
May 5, 17'JO. Tlicir chilihcn wore, — llary, born i)cc. o, 
17o0; Samuel, Nov. iM, 17;i2; Uichanl, June G, 17)11; 
Klizabetb, Hept. 0, 1738 ; Kbenc/or, iMarcb 12, 1741 ; Sarab, 
Aug. 31,1744 ; Andrew, April 1, 1747 ; Henjannn, Sept. 14, 
1749; Tabitba, Juno 17, 1705; Jercmiab, Oct. 3, 1757. 
Administration was granted on bi.s estate in ISOl. 

I), libenezer Reed, tlio sou of liiciiard and Klizabetb of 
Marbleliead, born Jfarcb 1*2, 1741, married Sarah Harris, 
March 12, 1772, and, in the time of the Revolution, movtjd 
to Londonderry, N.ll., where ho matlo bis Avill, which was 
witnessed by Jonathan Reed. He died in ^farblebead early 
in 1785. His widow died Sept. 23, 1822, aged scventy-livo 

G. Ricbard, tbo son of Richard and Klizabeth, married 
Haiuiah l>owcn, July I, 17G2. 

G. Uenjamin, tbo son of lUcbard and Klizabcth, married 
Damaris JMcket, Sept. 29, 1774. Ho married, for a second 
wife, Elizabctb Cordon, Scja. 7, 1779. 

2. Ricbard, the son of Capt. AVilliam of Roston, bad a son 
by tbe samo name, wbo nrarrie<l Haimab Walker, Slay 21, 
1705. Their children were, — Ricbard, born in Ronton, 
Aug. 2G, 1708; Kstber, Feb. 15, 170G; Hannah, June 17, 

There was a Mary Reed of Ronton who married John 
Vcntcnnan, May 9, 1710. She was doubtless a j^rand- 
duugbter of Capt. William ; but 1 have been unable to ascer- 
I tttiu who wore ber parents. Tlicy had a daughter ilary, 

; who married in Rosion to Ibirges Reed of Slarblebead, 

i June 8, 1725. Their cbiblren were, — Mary, born May 12, 

172G ; Vcnterman, baptized in Roston, at the Second Church, 
May 25, 1729. 


5. John, the sou of Jului and Hannah, born Pel*. 2G, 1722, 
married Ann ifansfiekl, June 23,1748. ChiUh-eu, — John, 
a seaman, who died at the AEarino Hospital at Charlestown, 
July 20, 1822; Lydia, married Jolm llobcrtson, May 3, 

John llccd in Marblchcad married llebceca Ornc, Nov. 10, 
1782; William married Ifary Shields, July 21, 1783; 
John married Jane Moon, Sept. 5, 1790 ; Nicliolas married 
Anna fturncy, April 17, 17*Jl ; William married Susan 
Frost, Mareh 23, 181 G. 

Venterman, the son of Durges and Mary, married Urith 
Fabins, May 2G, 17o2. He married, for seeond wife, Eliza- 
beth, who died at the alms-house, Feb. 17, 1817. 

2. John, the son of Ca[jt. William of lioston, settled in 
Marblchead, and had a son of the same name, who married 
Elizabeth. They had a son John, born in l>oston, Dec. 21), 
170G, who married Hannah. They had a son of the same 
name, born in iioston, Peb. 2G, 1722 ; IJenjamin, Mareh 27, 
1724; Mary, Nov. 25, 1723; Denjamin, Feb. 3, 1731 ; Wil- 
liam, April 10, 1734 ; William, Mareh 8, 1737. 

0, Samuel, son of Samuel and Elizabeth, born Nov. 23, 
1732, married Tabiiha. Children. — Mary, born Sept. 5, 
17uG, died June 2,1821; Tabitha, Jan. 14,17A8; Nieholas 
Gordon, Feb. 10, 17G0, died March 28, 17G0; Nicholas Gor- 
don, May 30, 17G1, died Aug. 12, 17G1. 

2. Christopher, the son of Capt. William of Boston, mar- 
ried Catherine. He was of Worcester in 1G80. Ho rendered 
some military service under Major AVillard in lG7p, aud 
afterwards lived in Charlestown. Administration of his 
cstato was granted to his widow, Dec. 3, IGDG. 




1. Col. Head is supposed to have been a sou of Sir 
Thomas and Mary Cornwall, of IJrocket Ilall in Ileitford- 
shirc, Kngland. His paternal grandfather had been Clerk 
of the Green Cloth, and his maternal grandfather was 
Lord of »Strophshirc. His elder brother Compton was a 
baronet. He came to America in the great fleet in 1G30, 
with Winthrop and others, and settled in Salem, Mass. lie 
was made freeman the same year, lie had a town-grant 
of three hundred acres of land in IG37, lying contiguous to 
that of Gov. Endicutt, and being what now constitutes the 
celebrated farms of Kendall Osburnc, Esq., and the Hon. 
Ilicard S. llogcrs, in South Danvers, known many years 
as the Derby Farms, together with some smaller lots. The 
flrst settlers had grants of land in proportion to their amount 
of funds in the connnon stock, antl their means of cultivat- 
ing the same. There were but four persons in Salem who 
had as large grants of land as Col. Head. The name 
of his wife was Alsea. Their children were Thomas, Jacob, 
and Abraham; and they were probably born in England. 
Ho was a very prominent man in the Colony, and held the 
rank of colonel as early as 1G43, and was probably an officer 
of that rank before he came to America. He was a colonel 
iu the British Army, at the restoration of Charles H., in 


ICiGO. lie (liod ill Engliiiid in 1003, and his son Abraham 
settled his estate. 

2. Jacob, sou of Col. Thomas, was pixihably boru in Eng- 
huid, and was a frcehohler in Salem in IGOl, hut lived in a 
house belonging to his lUlher. Tliere is but little known of 
tiio descendants of this Jacob. There is a tradition that 
they at some time went ^^outh; and he may have been the 
ancestor ol* Gen. Jacob Ueude, who was Uniteil-Statcs senator 
from 17*Jo to IbUl ; and also of Jacob P. Heed, an attorney- 
at-law in South Carolina at the present time. lie had a son 
Aaron, who was accidentally shot in Salem, by Joseph Small, 
when they were out on a hunting excursion, llth of niuth 
month, liJTO, 

2. Abraham, son of OoL Thomas, was probably named for 
Abraham Palmer, a distinguished emigrant, and in some 
way related to Col. Head's family, lie occupied the farm 
of his lather in South Danvers, and purchased land ui Salem 
in 1U77. He had a son Sanmcl, who returned to England, 
and was a merchant in London. 

3. Samuel, son of Al»rnham, by his attorney Waitstill 
Wiuthrop, sold the farm in South Danvers to Daniel Epps in 
1701. He was then described as Samuel Head of Lojulon, 

•J. Thoma.s, son of Col. Thomas, was born in England. 
lie married ^lary, and prulmbly liveil at one' time in Lynn. 
He was appointed ensign, and, in l(i-i7, was made captain, 
and had several lots of land granted him in Salem, of the 
class called ten-acre lots. 

Children, — Susanna, liaptizcd Sept, 2S, 1G4U ; John, 
Juno 13, lOol, died young; Mary, April 10, 1053; Eliza- 
beth, May 13, 10").') ; Uemembcr, April 20, 1057 ; Jacol), 
Dec. 22, lGo«, died Sept. DJ, 101)2 ; Surah, born at Salem, 
March 15, 1000, died March 4,1002; Jacob, 7th of sixth 
month, 1003 ; John, 2lst of eighth month, 1002 ; Sarah, 

AND 1II9 di;??ci:ndant3. 49 

Oct. 14, l(iljr>. lie prul>al»ly iHud soon after the l»irlli of 
the youngest child, as liis wife was known as Widow Mary 
Head soon after that time. Tlic hi^t known of liini is in 
IGGG, when lie conveyed some land in Salem to Uichard 

3. Jacob, son of Capt. Tlionias and ifary, born 7tb of 
sixth month, 1GG3, married 10li/.al)etli Green, December, 
IGM. ChiUlren, — Aaron, born nt Salom, January, 1004, 
died; John, Dee. 20, 101)5 ; ifary, 10U7, married Nathan 
Proctor, March, 17:iO ; Jacoii, Feb. 4, hVM ; Jonathan, 
Jan. 12, 1701; rtarah, May la, 170:5 ; Kliicabeth, March 13, 
1701. His will is dated Jan. &, 1742; and his wife was 
tlicn Uving. 

3. Jonatlian, the son of Jacol) and Elizalieth, was l)orn iu 
Salem, Mass., Jan. 12, 1701 ; ami married, fii'st, a Hanson ; 
and married, for second wife, Sarali Kcmpton, Jan. 1, 1744. 
His chihlren by his first wife were licnjamiu ; Hanson ; 
Daniel; John; Jacob, who died in Smithlicld, H. 1., in 
Octol>er, 1749, and his father settled his estate ; AVilliam, 
born in 1729, and sjjttled in North YarmouLli, Me. ; and hix 
other children. His children l)y his second wife wore Oliver ; 
Aaron, who died unmarried. Several of his sons by his 
first wi|e appear to have settled in or near Rhode Island. 
He was principal legatee and executor of his father's will ; 
which was dated Jan. 5, 1742. 

4. John, the son of Jonathan, married a Hanson ; and 
they had a son David, also (leor^e and John. 

f). George, the son of John of Salem, lives in Woonsockct 
Villat^e, and has a son lOlisha, who is cashier of a bank. 

4. licnjamiu, the son of Jonathan, had a sou of the same 
name, who moved from Kalcni to Farmington, and had a 
son George, who married Hannah Jones of Seekonk. Their 
children were, — Oeor«^e J., born at Seekonk in 1813 ; Han- 
nah W., at Providence iu 1815 ; Julia^ 1817, died young; 



^Yilliam If., ISID. lie niarrioil, fortiscroiul wife, Cliarlotle. 
CliihJren, — AUicrt D., kau inlS^'J; Jiunjamiii (>., 1S21 ; 
Charles 10., ]H2r>; Coruelia A., 182G; James K., I«:i8. 

7. Albert 1)., llio sou of George and Charlotte, married 
Mary W. Page, and lives iu Provnlenco. Children, — A»rnes 
C, bornini84:>; Alice, lcS44 ; ^lary E., 1845; Lucy M., 
1849; Maduliuc, ItSol. 

5. Uciijamiu, the son of Itcnjamin of Farmington, lives at 
Frauklin Mills in New Hampshire. 

7. J>enjanun ()., the son of (Jeorj^c ami Charlotte of Provi- 
dencc, lives in liasi Ouml)ridge, Mass. He married Isabella. 
Child, — Ellen, born March ;i, 1S40. 

4. Hanson, the son of Jonatlran, had a son of the same 
name, who was born in 177^, and died in 18o0. Ho 
married Lueiuda Ijrown, of Cnndierland, ll.l. Children, — 
William li., boi'u at Hehol)oth, Nov. i!;^, 1800, and died in 
1880; Klias, born at Pawlueket, Jan. 28, ISll ; .Maria, 
Sept. 24, 1813, married Ferdinand Horton ; Thomas, Aug. 
27, 1815, died in 181G; Elizabeth, Aug. 10, 1817, married 
Jubcz Pierce ; Sarah, l>orn at North Providence, Feb. 28, 
1820, died in 1821; Hanson A., Hec. 10, 1822. Ho was 
a clothier. 

t). Hanson A., the son of Hanson and Lucinda, born 
Dec. 10, 1822. Child, — Elizabeth. He lives at North 

4. Jacob, son of Jacob and Eli/abetli, probably settled at 
what is DOW Gorhaui, Me. ; as be was taken by Indians 
at Gorhamtown, and carried into captivity. He died Sept. 20 
of the same year. 

4. William, son of Jonathan of Salem, born in 1720, 
married Mary Tattle, and seUled lirst in North Yarmouth, 
Me., about the year 17iiO, and moved to Sodgcwick in ITGO, 
and was a captain in the Itevolutionary War. Gliildren, — 
Samuel, born 1700 ; Abraham, born in 1757 ; William ; 



Isaac ; Zcbnlou ; Jacol) ; iferoy, 17r»7, laarricd Stephen 
Iliirris ; Amia, 17i>l, manic*.! a l*ray ; ilary, who nuir- 
ricJ John Sniilh; liytlia, 17<>J, married Moses Black. He 
died in 1790, aged sixty-one. 

5. Sunniel, son of William and Afary of Sedgcwick, horn in 
170^3, married Sarah Soames. Ohihlren, — Al>raham, Wil- 
liam, Betsy, Hannah, Anna, John, i lo died at Mount Desert. 

r>. William, son of AVilliam and Mary of Hedgewick, born 
17r)7, married Hannah Jlerrill, and settled in Cumberland, 
Me. Children, — l^rudenee ; Mary; William, who lived in 
North Yarmouth; Abitrail. lie died in 182G, aged sixty- 

o. Isaac, son of AVilliam ami Mary of Sedgcwick, had 
George, Feb. 7, 17t»l; Isaac, l>ec. 17, 1707; Elijah, Fob. 
15, 171)1) ; Mary, May 2i», ISOl ; Elusia, July aO, 1805 ; 
Narcissa, Aug. 2, 1807 ; l{cul»en JI., July 31, 1809 ; Sally, 
Sept. lo, 1811. [le was a payer of direct taxes in 1799. 

5. /ebulon, son of William and Mary of Sedgewick, born 
March, 17Go, married Anna Alerrill. Children, — Abigail ; 
Nancy, who married Jeremiah Heed of Balh, Me.; Reuben, 
who lives in Georgetown, Mass. ; Mercy ; Narcissa ; Ze- 
bulon; Jane C. ; Jacob; Enoch M. ; Asa S. ; Cynthia. 
He died in 1841, aged seventy-six. 

ilercy, daughter of Zebulon, married W^illiam Lawrence 
of Pownal. Child, — William, who is a sea-captain, and 
lives in Dath. Alarried Jeremiah Reed for second hus- 
band. Child, — Zebulon, who lives in Hath. She died, and 
Jeremiah Reed married Nancy. Children, — Thomas L., 
Adrian, Calvin, Augusta, Enoch. 

5. Jacob, son of William and Mary of Sedgcwick, born 
1755, married Sarah Ruiler, Children, — Rebecca ; ]i)'dia ; 
Jacol) ; Sarali ; John H., born April, 1799; William; 
Aliigail ; Ann. He settled in Cumberland, Me. ; and was 
a seaman, and died at sea in ISO'2. 


5. Aliraliam, pon of Williani and Afary of Sedj^cwiok, 
born ITiV.*, niamcil l*rudoncc Soanics. Children, — ilorcia, 
1)orn in 1784, married John Smith, and live in I>rook1ine ; 
Mary E., Oct. 17,l7Si ; Betsey; Lucy, Nov. 4, 178«j, married 
Stephen Consens, live in llrookline ; Ahraham,Nov. 2, 1788 ; 
Prudence, Jan. G, 1700; Hannah, iMarch 18, 1772, married 
to Thomas Cousens, jun. ; Joseph, Nov. 24, 1705 ; Sally, 
Jan. 3, 1800, married William Jackman; Jacob, Dec. 22, 
lvS03. lie was a frecluddcr, and payer of direct taxes in 
Sedgcwick, in 1700, and ilied in 184L 

G. lleuben, son of Zebulon, married Mary Mitchel. 
Children, — Sewcll j Alvan ; Mary, who manied (icorgo 
W. Tucker of JJath ; Francis U., lives in (Georgetown ; 
Mercy, who married l>enjaniin liCwis of Watcrville. 

7. Alvan, son of Itculien, married Sarah Spencer of 
Machias. Child, — George. 

7. Francis U., son of lleuben, married Ann Elizabeth 
Chase of West Amesbury, Muss. Child, — Eva Augusta, 
lie lives at (icorgetown, l^Iass. 

C. Navcissa, daughter of Zebulon, married Jacob Lan- 
caster of New Sharon. 

G. Zebulon, son of Zebulon, married Deborah Shaw of 
Cumberland, ifc. Child, — Sarah, who nuuried Eben 

G. Jane^ daughter of Zebulon, married Thomas Lancaster 
of New Sharon. Children, — William, Lyman, Prudence, 
Samuel, Sarah, Aliuan, Orinda, Mary Jane, Clementine, 

G. Jacob, son of Zebulon, was a seaman, and died on tho 
Island of Madagn^icar. 

G. Enoch iL, son of Zebulon. Child, — Cynthia, who 
married Hartson Ijlackstono. 

G. Asa, .son of Zelmlon, married a Hicks. Children, — 
Albert and Charles, who are traders in Windham. 



il. Cynthia, dauglilcr of Zcbuloii, married Edward Grccly 
of Cumberland. 

G. Elijah, son of Isaac, bora Fob. 15, 1779, married 
Judith. Child,— Lois, born at Sod<,^c\vick, Nov. 28, 1817. 

Sanmel C. Kccd, married at Sodijewick, Dec. 3, 1815, to 
E. 11. Plyo. 

5. Jacob, son of William and ^lary of Scdgcwick, born 
1755, married Sarah Butler. Children, — llebcoca, born 
Kept. 22, 1783 ; Lydia, Sept. 14, 1785 ; Jacob, Aug. 21, 
1787; Sarah, July 9, 1789; William, May 10, 1791 ; Abi- 
gail, July G, 1793; Ann, Sept. 5, 1795; George, Xfay 28, 
1799; John II., April 8, 1801. He settled in Cumberland, 
Me., and was a seaman. lie died at sea in 1802. 

G. John IL, son of Jacob, married Hannah Cowen. 
Children, — Sarah H., born May 5, 182G ; Ilaniiah C, 
Feb. 23, 1828 ; Samuel H., May 28, 1830 ; Lydia Ann, 
Jan. 28, 1833 ; Ellen, Dec. 13, 1835 ; Lucy M., May 4, 1838, 
lives in East Boston. 

7. Samuel II., son of John II., married Marietta Vose, 
April 22, 185G. Child, — Walter A., born Jan. 19, 1857. 
Live at East Boston. 

7. Sarah, daughter of John H., married Edmond llen- 
dcxtcr. Children, — Augustus W., Hannah Jane, Charles P., 
Olive, Samuel. 

7. Hannah C, daughter of John IL, married Albert, Jan. 
17, 1841. dhild, — Lilla Edith, born July 14, 1855. 

7. Lydia Ann, daughter of John IL, married Ezekiel W. 
Hodgdon, Jan. 1,1854. Child, — Ezekiel W.,born Octo- 
ber, 1857. Mr. Ilodgdon was a police-ofTiccr, and was 
shot in the discharge of his duty, Oct. 18, 1857, in Maverick 
Square, East Boston. 

Abraham, son of Abraham and Prudence, born Nov. 2, 
17S8, married Prudence Pray, and settled in Oldtown. 
Child, — Prudence, born in 1791, married John Bailey. 


Josciili, SOU of Abraliaui tuul Prmlcnce, l»orn Nov. 24, 
171)3, luarriud Al)l»y Limt, ami settled in Oldtowii. 

Jacob S., sou of Abruliaiu and Prudence, born J)ec. 22, 
1803, married Sally Hteples, and lives in Swan's Island, 
Mo. Cbildrcn, — Kmily, born Dec. IS, 18SI ; Susan, Feb. 1, 
1834; Allen, July 1, 18:i0. 

6. George, son of I}<aac and of Scdgcwick, born 

Feb. 7, 171)4, married Luis. Children, — Carlisle, born July 
28, 182:1 ; Oeorgc Dean, Dec. 13, 1824, died Oct. 20, 1820 
(his wife died Dec. 22,1824, nuirricd Hannah AUenpul); 
Elijah W., born Nov. 27, 1820; Gabrilla, Sept. 0, 1820, 
married Samuel P. Lufkin. lie was known as Capt. llecd. 
He died Oct, 4, IsaO. 

7. Elijah, son of Isaac of Sedgewick, born Feb. 15, 1790, 
married Judith Allen; published April 3, 1820. Child, — 
Lois, Nov. 28, 1827, married Newell Howcrs. 

6. Jacob, son of Abraham, burn l>ec. 22, 1803, married 

Sally . Childixiu, — Kmily, born Dec. 10, 1831 ; Susan, 

FcIk 1, 1834 ; Helen, Jan. 1, 1830. 

0. Abraham, son of Abraham of Scdgewick, born Nov. 2, 
1788, uiarriod Nancy Pray ; published June 28, 1810 ; and 
again, in May 27, 1813. 

G. Isaac, son of Isaac of Sedgowick, born Dec. 17, 1707, 
married Sally SUxples, March 4, 1830. 

C. JosciJi, son of Abraham of Sedgewick, born Nov. 24, 
1705, married Abigail Lunt. 

7. Carlisle, son of Oeorgc, born July 28, 1823, married 
Almira n. Fly, Dec. 3, 1845; married Elmanica IL Flye, 
Dec. 8, 1845. 

7. Elijah W., son of George, born Nov. 27, 182G, married 
Rebecca Ilcrrick, Oct. 17, 1847. 

8. James, son of AVilliam and ^fary of Sedge wick, mar- 
ried Pully Mulliken, June 0, 1791, and settled at Mount 

AND ins di-:s('f:ni)axt3. bb 

I :i. John, son of Jacob and Klizalmtli, l>orii at Salom, 

I Jan. 2(), !I0*j5, married Mary. Children, — Isaac, Mary, 

I John, l>artl)olonic\v, »Sarah, Aaron. Jfc diedyonng; and 

i his widow, Oct. iJ, 17'27, owned the covenant and was baptized ' 

j at the Second J^ari.sli in Salem, now Dan vers. 

; 4. I>artholoniow, son of Julm and Mary of the Second 

1 Parish in Salem, now Oanvers, lived a while, after his 

majority, in Andover ; niarricd Miss Ifarris, and settled in 
Falmouth, Mc., about the year 17^)0. Children, — Abraham, 
born in Freoport, ife., in Hfjl ; John, 1703; Josiah, 17ii7 ; 
\ Ainmi, 17r>D ; Sarah, who married a Harvey, 17«il ; Naomi, 

17<»3, married a ( Jibson ; llachal, 1 7()r), married a Ilutdiens ; 
J Stophen, 17G7. Ifo was in the Hovolulionary War, with 

I three of Ids sons, and died at the age of ninety. 

! f). Abraham, son of JJartholomew, born 1751, married 

, Miss liram. Children, — Kben, John, Mary, Kctsy, Abi- 

; gail, Hannah, liachal. lie died in 1S:M, aged eighty-three, 

(i. Kbonezer, moved from Yarmouth, Me., to a phice called 
Dead Kivcr in Maine, nuirried Jane James. Children, — 
i Abram ; Ami ; David ; James ; John ; Susan, married 

I a Welch ; Lois, married a Welch ; Margaret, married a 

» 7. Abram, son of Kbenczcr and Jane, married Nancy 

I Mousey. Children, — Nathaniel, Lewis, Lyman, Jane, Sa- 

rah, Clarinda, and Permelia. 
! 7. David, son of Kbenczcr and Jane, married Sarah 

Uobinson.^ Children, — Hben, Klias, Abram, Alargarct, 

7. Ami, son of Kbenezer and Jane. Children, — George, 

8. Nathaniel, son of Abram and Nancy, married Itcbccca 
Wiihey. Children, — Ezra, Julia, Clarinda, and Permelia. 

8. Lewis, son of Abram and Nancy, married Miss Tay- 
lor. Children, — Calvin, Esther, Permelia. 


8. Chuinilii, dsuiglitcr of Abi-ain and Nancy, niiuricd 
Calvin Wing, and livus in ilichigan. 

8. Jane, daughter of Al>ram and Nancy, married William 

8. Permelia, daughter of Abram and Nancy, married 
Henry Thompson. 

7. John, son of Ebenezer and Jane, married Eleanor 
Powers. Children, — William 0. ; Alvin; John; Joshua; 
lluth, who married Abijah Lowell ; Julia, married Franklin 
Bartlott ; Opha, married Chandler IjOvcII. 

5. John, son of Hartholomew, born 1753, married Jlitchcll. 
Children, — Abraham, John, Andrew, liartholomow, Samuel, 
lie was a seaman. 

5. Josiah, son of Bartholomew, born 1757, married Mit- 
chell. Children, — Reuben, Cornelius, Jaeol), Cliarlcs, Ed- 
ward, Khoda, Lydia, Hannah, Sarah, lie died. about the 
year 1850, aged seventy-three. 

6. Abraham, son of John, married . Child, — Free- 

7. Freeman, son of Abraham, married in Boston, Jan. 29, 
1835, to Eliza C. ifalcom of Newcastle, Me. Children, — 
Freeman Harney, born in Edgecohib, Dee. 28, 1835 ; Eliza 
1*., born at Newcastle, Nov. 2G, ]«43; Ennua Jano, born 
at Chelsea, Mass., Feb. 3, J810 ; Frank M., Feb, 8, 1855. 
They live at No. G, Washington Avenue, Chelsea. 

6. Hannah, daughter of Stephen and Mary, born at Free- 
port, Dec. 9, 1789, married Samuel Alden, and died April, 

6. Daniel, sou of Stephen and Mary, born at Prcciwrt, 
March 19, 1791, married Jtachal Loring. Children, — Ed- 
win, Mehitable, Lucy A., ilary G., Frudenee. He died 
June, 1856. 

G. Ilebecca, daughter of Stephen and l^Iary, born at 
Frocport, Sept. 20, 1798, married Andrew, bon of John 



llccil. Cliililren, — IMiilemoii P. ; Jeremiah B. ; (Jeorgo 
J].; Nicholas (1.; An<i:elia, who ilieil February, 18")4. 

4. Stejihcii, t>oii of l>iiriholoiiie\v, bora iu 1707, marrietl 
Mary Oruut. ChiKlren, — Hannah, born Dec. 0, 1781), 
married Samuel Ahlen; Daniel, March 11), 171il ; Rebecca, 
Sijjit. 20, 171)^j, married Andrew lieed, sou of John ; Jere- 
miah, July 28, 17*jr>; Prudence, Oct. 2H, 1701), married 
Ijcnjamia Mayo ; .Stc[»hen, December, 1801, died in ifavana 
in 1830 ; Philander, July 11, 18U3, married Jeremiah Ladd ; 
Nicholas G., Jan. 2«j, IHO*) ; Mary, June 20, 1807, married 
Henry Cram; William U., July l;i, 1800, moved to New 
Ih-unswick. Ho was living in 1857 in Freei)ort, aged 

4. Amma, son of Bartholomew, was a Baptist preacher, 
and settled in Weld. 
4. Naomi, daughter of liartholomcw, married a Gibson. 
4. Sarah, daughter of Darlholumew, married a Harvey, 
r>. Daniel, son of Stephen, born ^farch 10, 1701, married 
liuohal Loring. Children, — Kdwin, Mchitablo, Lucy A., 
JIary G., Prudence, ife died in 18')i). 

i). Jeremiah H., son of Stephen, born July 28, 1705, 
married Mercy, daughter of Zel)ulou Reed. Children, — 
Zebulon, born July 24, 1822, lives in Bath; married Nancy, 
daughter of Zebulon, for second wife. Children, — Calvin 
W., born April 11, 1«28; Thonms L., iMarch 25, 18;]0; 
Knoch JI., Nov. 25, \HA'o ; Adran, Sept. 4, 182d ; Augusta 
A., Nov. 5, I8;n. 

Andrew, son of John, nuirried Rebecca, daughter of 
Stephen Reed. Children, — Philemon P., Jeremiah B., 
(icorgo B., Nicholas (3. 

G. Zebulon, son of Jeremiah B. of Bath, married Harriet 
N. Green. Children, — Frederick A., George M. 

(>. l*rudcncc, daughter of Stephen and Mary, born at 
Pi-ce|H)rt, Oct. 23, 1700, married Benjamin Jilayo. 



C. Stephen, son of Stcplion anil Ifary, bom at Prccpoit, 
December, 1801, died ni Havana hi I80O. 

G. rhilanda, daughter of Stephen and Mary, born July 14, 
1803, married Jcromiali Ladd, and lives in Garland, ile. 

G. Nicholas, son of Stei)hcn and Alary, born at Precport, 
Jan. 2G, 1805 ; an Advent preacher. 

6. Mary, daughter of Stephen and ifary, born at Precport, 
Jan. 2G, 1807, married Henry Cram ; and they livo in Hol- 
yoko, Mass. 

6. AVilliam, son of Stephen and ilary, born at Precport, 
July 13, 1809, is a seaman, and moved to New Brunswick 
in 188G. 

G. Jeremiah ]>., son of Stephen and Mary, bora at Prec- 
port, July 28, 1795, married Nancy If., daughter of Zcbulon 
Reed of Scdgewick. Children, — Zebulon, born at Pownal, 
Mo., July 24, 1822 ; Adraan, at Precport, Sept. 14, 1820, 
died Dec. 8, 1847 ; Calvin W., April 11, 1828, died in Culi- 
fornia, Nov. 1, 1851 ; Thomas L., born in Ncwsharon, 
March 25, 1830, is a dentist, and lives in Batli ; Augustus 
A., Nov. 5, 1831, lives in Ikth ; Enoch Jf., Nov. 25, 1833, 
lives in Bath. 

7. Zcbulon, son of Jei-cmiah B. and Nancy, born July 24, 
1822, married Harriet N. Green. Children, — Frederick 
A., George J[. They live in Bath. 

5. Isaac, son of John and Mary of Second Parish in 
Salem, now Panvcrso, was in the Ucvulutionary War, and 
settled in Berwick, Ale., where he died. Children, — Isaac, 
James, Samuel. 

G. Isaac, sou of Isaac of Berwick, born in 1770, married 
Susan. Children, — Joel, Jacob, John, Isaac. 

7. Joel, son of Isaac of Berwick, married Sally Tinelley 
of Marblehead, June 22, 1841, and lives in !ilarblehead. 

7. Jacob, son of Isaac of Berwick, lives in Dover, N.H. 

7. John, son of Isaac of Berwick, lives in North Berwick, 



lie. ; married Sarah. Children, — Ceorgc ITcrbcrt, Charles 
Jiyron, Emma. 

7. Isaac, son of Isaac of Kerwick, lives in Sanford, Me. ; 
married Nancy Herd. Children, — Edwin, William, Phcbo 
Jane, Nathan. 

8, Nathan, son of Isaac, married Emily ifonies of Salem, 
Mass. Child, — Nathan Edwin, horn in Salem. 

8. William, son of Isaac, married Ifargaret Monies of 
Salem, Mass., Dec. 31, 1818, and lives in Sanford. 

4. John, 8on of Jacoh and Elizabeth, born at Salem, 
Jan. 2G, 1095. Child, — John, who married Abigail Tnrn- 
cr, Dec. 15, 1742, and died in 17G0. Child, — John, born 
Nov. 17, 1743. 

tf. John, son of John and Abigail, born Nov. 17, 1743, 
married Desire Cook, Jan. 18, 1774. Children, — John, 
born Juno 3, 1775 ; lilary, Dec. 22, 1770, died Aug. 15, 
1833. lie died June 20, 1779. His wife was living, and 
a payer of direct taxes on real estate, in 1798. 

0. John, son of John and Desire, born June 3, 1775, 
married Mary Fairfield, April 25, 1802, Child, — Mary. 

0. Samuel, son of Isaac of Berwick, married, for first wife, 
a Chase. Children, — John, William. Married, for second 
wife, Sarah Fryc. Cliildren, — James; Silas ; Mary, who 
died, unmarried, in 1858 ; Lydia; Charles, born Nov. 28, 
1819; Elicnezer; Nathaniel. 

7. John, son of Samuel of Berwick, married Sally Roberts ; 
lives in Newfield, Me., and has several children. 

7. William, son of Samuel of Berwick, married Sarah; 
and married, for second wife, Abigail D. Dorman. Ho lives 
in Newfield, Me., and has a large family of children. 

7. James, son of Samuel and Sarah, married Mehitable 
Fernald, and lives in Acton, Me. ; has two children. 

7. Silas, son of Samuel and Sarah, married Hannah York. 
They live in Wulfhorongh, and have a largo family. 


7. Tiydia, dauf^hter of Samuel and Sarah, niarriod Say- 
woods of SlralVord, N.ll. ; aiul they have a taiuily of cliil- 

7. Charles, son of Samuel and Sarah, born Nov. 28, 1819, 
married Tiiirza AVhitchousc of West Newficld, Me., and lives 
on the homestead of his father, in Ncwfield. Children, — 
Thirza Ellen, horn January, 184G ; Joseph Whitehouse ; 
Charles Albert ; John R 11.; Sanmel; Natlianiel; Christo- 
pher W., born 1858. 

7. Ebenezer, son of Samuel and Sarah, married a Burbank 
of Acton, Me., aiul lives in Broolcline, Mass. Children, — 
three daughters. 

7. Nathaniel, son of Samuel and Sarah, married a Ver- 
mont lady. He died in Newfield, Me. His wife and one 
child live in Ne\vburyj»ort. 






! / William Reade, s\i|)i)Oscd to be tlic sou of Thoinns and 
Mary of IJrockct Hall, was born in ir>S7, ami was the 
oldest of any uf llio Tiirilan uniirrants by the nanio of 
I Uoadc. Ilo sailed from London in the sliip ^^ Defence/' in 

I J*dy, 1C:>5; Capt. Kdward Fostiek, master; and arrived at 

[ iJoslon, Oct. 0, the same year, with liis wife, wlio was 5ral)el 

. Kendall, born in 1005. Tlieir cliiblren, who sailed with 

! them, were — (leorgc, ))orn in 1&1\) ; IJalph, IGoO ; and 

I Justice, afterwards Aliigail, Ijorn in 10;];]. Ho settled in 

Dorchester, but did not remain there. He was made frce- 
' man, ifarcli 4, 1038. In August, 1039, he sold his real 

» estate in Dorchester to Thomas Clark, and moved to Scitu- 

ate. He was constable of Scituate in 1044. He sent his 
! wife to Dorchester, on horseback, in lCi4, with an infant 

t named Tsrael, to be baptized ; ho being a member of the 

j church in that place. His brother Ksdras, who had a grant 

of land from the town of iJoston, situated at Muddy llivcr 
(now Brookline), sold the same to William, who took up 
his residence upon it, where he lived till 1048; when he 
bought a farm in Wol»urn, of Nicholas Davis of Charles- 
town, and removed to that place. He is the ancestor of the 
AVoburn, Lexington, Dedford, and Hurlington Reads ; he is 
, also the paternal ancestor of a large i>ortion of the Ilccds in 

Maine; and almost every Klate in the Union has some of 


his ilescciulimts. His cliihlrcn, l>oni in America, wtire — 
Dolltia, wlio mairicd .Foliii Juluison, sou of UJwanl, tlio 
author of Johnsou's " Wonder-working Providence ; " I:?rael ; 
»Saruh, who married Samuel Walker, Hept. 10, lGi>2 ; Ue- 
hccca, who married Joseph Winn. He returned to Enj^land, 
and died at Ne\vcastle-u|>ou-Tync in KiaO. A letter of 
administration was taken out hy \\h widow, under Oliver 
Cromwell. She retiirned to America, and, after finishing 
the settlement of liis estate, married Henry Sununers of 
Wohurn, Nov. !21, lOlIO. She outlived her second hubhand, 
and resided with her .son fieor»i;o till her death, which 
took place June ft, lOUO, when bhc was eighty-live years of 

The following arc the copies of two legal instruments in 
connection with tliis man, and are a 'specimen of the style 
of such documents in ttiose times. The first is intended 
for a deed, and was found on the records of SulVolk 
County. It runs thus : — 

Tlie hill of sale from Nuliulas Davis of Cliarlestown, to William 
Reaile (»f MmMy Kivrr, of )iis farm in Wobuni, conlainiii"^ lifiy 
m'ri»s of iiplaiiil ; four at'ii-s of imadow, hrfori! tlio door; four atrifH 
of im-a«li»\v in Korklirouk ; ntnl !\vo acrt'S in Brook ."Slrailow ; with 
all Irarn^, uiitlionscs, fences, and all to tlio same belonging; wirK*li is 
by mu an ahsoluU: deed of .sale. Nicuolas Davis. 

J)ut(id 7. 5. 1018. 

The alK)vo piece of land is on tho old road from Salem to 
Concord, not far fnnu Kendall's mill. The cellar and well 
arc to be been at the present time. The land, after being 
in tho possession of his descendants by the name of Head, 
passed into the hands of the Fowles, who were also his de- 
scendants; from them to Col. l>aldwin, thix)Ugh his wife, 
who was a Fowle; and from the Ualdwina to Mr. Samuel 
11. Durant, who is a deseendant in a direct lino from said 
William Head, and is the eighth generation from him. lie 



piircliasoil other tracts of laud in tlio vicinity; aiul his 
ilc^cenclauts settled upon it, and continue to occupy hinds 
in the vicinity, although much ol' it is, at this time, held 
hy those hearing other names. 

Tlie other instrument, intended for his last will and 
testament, was written in Newcasile-upon-Tyne, in anticipa- 
tion of his decease ; and runs as follows : — 

]My will is, that my wile Maybcl liuvc tlirce:<core pomuls for 

Tti'in, That my will; have tlm hoiiNelioUl sttitrc to dispose of. 

Ilcm, That ihe Ihri'cscori) poinuls winch is owin^ mo hy ^fr. 
William Ih'uiuon of Nrwiiijjhiinl Im* ilisposcd of as foUowcih, if it 
can be *jol ; vix. : To my wilt', iwiuty pijuinl;i. luim, To my luur 
youngest diililrcn, iwciUy pomitU ; dial is, five pounds apiece. 

iiem, 'io my three rhihlren that arc married in Ne\venj^lau<l, 
that is, George, Ihilpli, anil Michael, twenty |KjandH, to be etpially 
«h\i(1cd bflwcen them. 

Item, That, whenc'ver any of my n)ur younj^ost ehihlrea die, their 
|H>rlion be ecpially dividi.'d among the other three ; that is, it' they 
die in their minority. 

•I<nb. due me from Mr. ShiUin;;swortli ; 201b. Mark Kalon of 
Ulaekeallertoii ; 3l)lb. from Mrs. KltHa liall; 201b. from Anthony 
Walker; 121b. 31b. in my wiles hamls, and Gib. in Mr. Oggle's 
hands; -lOlb. more in the house. George Krrington of Longhouse, 
and hi.s sunne and his suinie-in-law, 10 .shillings ; Sawin Anderson, 
forty dhillhigs ; Mary Chicken, alias Wat.-fon, 4lb. 10 shillings, and 
10 Ahillings in my wife's hands, in all nincscore pounds. 

The mark of AVm. Reade. 
Witness: WiLiJ AM Cutter. 
The murk of Thomas Gitisox. 

Oliver, Lord Pwlector of the Commonwcttlth of England, Scot- 
huid, and Ireland, or the dominions thereto belonging, to Maybel 
Ucade, widow, the relict of William Ueade, late of Newcasllc-upon- 
Tyn, deeifascd, greeting. Whereas the said William Ueade made 
his last \y\\\ and teMament, which is hereunto annexed, and therein 
made uor constituted no executor, but nonumited and appointed the 

04 WILLIAM \iK\m: of wouuun, 

said Maybi'l Ilc;nl»?, hid llion wife, priiiciiKil tcslatrix; wc, lliorc- 
ture, ;.''ive and <rraiit full power and authaiity uiito you, ilic said 
Maybcl Ucadc, widow. 

Given al London, nndc;r the hand and .-cal of the Court of IVo- 
iaxUi oi' Wills, and ;:ranlin*{ adniini^lralion, the last day of October, 
IGtiG. liobi'rt Hiarktbrd. J5. Sunhenge. Nalh. Shoucklegs. And 
seid annexed now, J*esiu annexo uli txeant uli mdius. 

Mr. AVatson. T. ISt. Blackfouu. 

Kntcred and recorded,- 17. 12. IGGl, by 

Thomas Dankoutii, lU-torder. 

The will is recorded in iliddlescx rroUitc Oflice, Dec. 16, 
iGGl, vol. i. p. 21)1). 

The amount of estate appraised in England was two 
hundred pounds. The amount due him from Mr. William 
Ikenton in New England, not appraised, sixty pounds, with 
what he had advanced to his three older children in America, 
made in all over three hundred and fifty pounds; and, hy 
including the amount necessary to convey himself and family 
to England, it would make his estate, at the time he left 
America, not less than four Imndred pounds; which was 
among the largest estates in New England at tliat time. 

The name of Michael apiiears to have been a mistake of 
the recorder for Abigail, as he had no son by that name ; 
but his third child, born in England in 1G3I], and entered 
at the time he embarked for America by the name of Justus, 
was changcii to Abigail, who married Francis AVyman as 
liis second wife, and was living in Woburn at the demise of 
her father. One of her great-great-grandsons, by the name 
of Edward Wynmn, died in l*elham, N.ll., Dec. 1, 185G, 
aged eighty-four, having been born in 1772. 
^ 2. CJcorge, son of William and Maybel, born in England, 

IG'iD, bought a farm in Woburn of Hebecca Terrace, Nov. 7, 
IGul. Married Elizabeth Oennings, or Gennison, of Water- 
town, Aug. 4, IGol; bought land in Weymouth, April IG, 

AND IMS iji:sii:niiants. 


1«M.'i. Ohililrcii, — Kli/.alirlh, liorn July t^iJ, hJo-J, inarriocl 
\li\'u\ Fi-kc, of Walortowii, Dec. lo, IOTTj, a (li>liiiiini>lieil 
-inveyor ul' laiiil ; twins, nut nanaMl, honi in l*!-')!; Samuel, 
Imuii April L*'.», li».")lJ, iuanic^l Klizahclli Mousal of Oliarlcsi- 
t«j\vn, April lU, lilT'J ; Abigail, l)<)rn June i27, lOf^S, uiairicid 
Nalhaiiic'l liicliunLsiHi, Si'pl. 18, !»)*,» I ; (itiDiyc, Ikuii Sopt. II, 
liiiiO, luairiod Aliiuail Piitivu, F»'l». IS, liiSi; William, huru 
Sept. 2:^, li;ii:2, manicil Alii-ail Ivcndall, May 'il, liJ^M, liis 
lather'^ i;i)U>iu ; Sarah, horn IVh. 12, l«j(i-i, married a 
ISuhinsou, Dec. 12, 1»IS.'). (Jeor^-e's wile, Klizahelh, died 
I'Vh. liiJ, lijtil ; and he marrii'il Hannah lioekwell of Charles- 
town, Niiv. 'J, liJi)."). ('hildren, — Hannah, horn Feh. IS, 
l«iJii», married an KIson ; John, hum .March 18, 1^)71, 
lii'.irrietl Uuth Johnson, June 10, lii'JT ; Mary, born Juno 
ir>, ICiTl, married Xalhau Johnson, IG'JT ; 'J'imolhy, horn 
Oct. 20, I'lT'S, married Tersis Ivendal, his second cou?>in ; 
'i'humas, horn July l.'i, lils2, married Sarah Sawyer, 
Fch. 1, ITOl. (icorire is menlion*^d in Hol>ert (ienni>on*s 
will, ill IGilO. 'J'ho larm ou which he lived is now owned hy 
Xalhau Jilanchard, Msip, in what is now liurlingion. Jle 
was u lar«^c laiulholder and u wealthy man. His children 
i'ormed marriage alliances with the first families in the 
vii-inity. He M'tllcil his sons around him in what is now 
Wohuru Wcitside, liurlinjz;ton, and Lexington. Jlis house 
stood where Esiiuire lilanchard's carriaye-hou.^e now stands. 
He was deucou of the church in Wohurn ; and died Feb. 21, 
1T0»3, aged seventy -seven. 

2. Ilalph, son of William and ilayhel, horn 1030 in Eng- 
land ; married Mary lUerce, ilau:j;hler of Anthony Pierce of 
Wutertown. His uame appears uj)on the records of Wo- 
hurn, March 31, ItJ.Vl. Children, — John, boru iu liJdO, 
married Klizahelh Jlolden, March 21, lllb2 ; JosejMi ; Wil- 
liam, born Di.j.S ; David ; Daniel; Timothy, born Feb. 

11, liiiij, died Jan. 12, 1721); Jonathan, died May G, 1710; 



Xfary, who luarrioil ]>LMijjnirm Pierce. His wife ilicd Feii. IS, 
1700. He occu|)ieil tin; lariii liou^rht l*y his falhor of Nicho- 
las Davisy hut ai'lerwanls owned and lived on the rami known 
in the present century as the Sylvanus Wood Varni. lie 
died Jan. J, 1711. 

{\, Israel, son of William and ^Iayhel,l»orn 1(>-I2. On the 
lllh ui'July, ll>(tO, with Ihe consent ol' his mother, he hound 
himself, till he should lie twenty-one years of age, to learn 
the tailor's trade ; \Yhich was a husiness |»ecnliar to the 
Heeds of that century. AFarried Mary, dau.u;hter of Francis 
Kendall, his own cousin. Children, — Mary, horn Auj^. If), 
1070, married Matthew Johnson ; Jlel»ecca, horn July 2, 
1078, married John Wyman, Jan. 28, 10i)7 ; Kli/alieth, horn 
Oct. 22, lOMl, married Uiehard Snow, Jan. 1, 1700 ; l*nth, 
horn Xov. 0, lOS;i ; Israel, ilarch 17, 1087, married Hannah 
Johnson, June 1, 1707 ; Jemima, born July 2u, 108D ; Ta- 
tience, Dec. o, 1007, married Jeremiah Whiltemore of Wes- 
ton, Mareh If), 1722, and died (K:t. 24, 174r>. Tlie elder 
Israel died June 2."), 1711: his wife died Jan. 17, 1721. He 
lived and owned where the Ihiptist ^(cetin<;'-hotise now 
stands, in Wuhuru. The house was taken down, a))out tlio 
yeur ISiJO, to nudte room for the church, lie likewise owned 
a small house wliere Mr. Ikucknum's store now stands, run- 
ning back to the huryin<i-gro\ind ; and a small lot on the other 
Bide of the street, with a shop on it, called Under the Itock, 
adjoining the town-i>ouml and tlic kind's highway. His 
farming land was situated in that part of the town towards 
Koading. Jan. (>, ItJOO, one Joseph Whittcmore owncil 
and occupied the plaee with his mother, Klizubcth Tierce. 
Thoy sold it to George Itead. It was owned and occupied 
hy some of his descendants till it was purchased for the 
liaptist Society. Israel Iteed was an innholder. 

f\. Rebecca, iluui^htor of Israel and Mary, horn at Wohurn, 
July 2, 1078; married John Wynmu of Woburn, the son of 


ANh ins his< r.NDANTs. \n 

i Jolm, and graiUlsoii of Jolni wlio was l)rotlicr to Fnim'is, 

wlio inarrieil her aiiiit Aliiguil CInltlrcn, — Uuhecca, 

; lnHii Ocl. 14, li)i»l>, luariicd Ucnijiiniii 'I'lioinjir^on of IJox- 

! bury, and was a widow, witU ihrce or lour chil«lroii, in \1M ; 

' «Iulm, bora Oct. oO, ITOii, .scUlud in Lunenburg', and bad 

i seven cbildren ; Israel, burn Jan. 4, 1704, sctllcd in Leiccs- 

I ler, and was a taiuiur, — be was one of Col. Tynjj's men, in 

! service in 1724, — dieil July JO, I7ii2; Juboz, burn July 21, 

I 1707, settled in Cambridge, liad seven cbildren, one ol' wbieb, 

I by Ibc name of Jabe/., was killed in Concord ligbt, April 111, 

j 1770, aged Ibirty-nine; Mary, born An»^-. I, 170*J, married 

* Timotby .lolmson of Woburn, Nov. 11, 17->4 ; IC/ekiel, Imrn 

' Jidy 8, 1712, married Abiirail Wyman, daugbter of William, 

Nov. 12, I7(>r), and sellled in f4unenl)ur<f, bad ten cbildren ; 

. • Kli/ai»elb, born July •>, 1714, married 'J'bomas Lfnderwood, 

1 Oct. 2o, 17o0; ilarlba, iun-n .July 20, 1718, nnirried Jo>e|ib 

iIii|ikinHof Cbarleslown, |»ubli>be<l Sept. 14, 1741, and was 

tlie ibird of bis five wi\es, — was deceased in nTiO, leaving 

a son William; Abigail, born July KS, 1722, married JoM-pb 

Ibuce of Woburn, Dec. 20, Ha^. M\\ Wynnui died June 

111, 1727 ; and bis wife, Sept. 12, 17;M. 

:{. I>rael, son of Israel of Woburn, born Marcb 17, lGiI7 ; 
niarrie<l ilannab Wyman, daugbter of Jonatban. Wyman, 
June 1, 1717. Cbildren, — Kli/.ai»elb, born l>ec. 18, 17^)7, 
died June 1, 1747; Israel, born Nov. 2."), 17l«S; ami Israel, 
Nov. l«i, 1722; Sarab, wbo n^arried llezi^kiah Wyman, son 
of Setli, bad nine cbiblren, and died Oct. h», 1775; Abi< 
gail, born Nov. lo, 1721 ; Luey, Oct. 4, 1728. 

4. Israel, son oi' Israel and grandson of Israel, born 
June 1(1,1747; married Martba Temple of Westford, near 
Lillleton line, lie setlbid in Littleton, and kept a public 
bouse. Cbildren, — Israel, born l>ec. Jl», I7U8; Josepb, 
Nov. 20, 1772 ; Jcremiab, Sept. 2'), 1770 ; Lucy, June 27, 
1770; Mary, Nov. 20, 17?sl. lie moved from Littleton to 


AValpolc, X.I I., and married, for second wife, ilary, and 
liatl Mary, l»orn Xov. :iO, 1784; JJolsy, Oct. 11, 17»SI) ; 
Joliii, Feb. 7, MM; and |aolialdy Denjamin, (liileon, Simeon, • 
His first wife died Xov. IS, 11 HA, 

i). JvM'emiali, mm of Israel, horn at Littleton; married 
Sarali, daughter of|ih Tidd of Lexington, Sept. 2*), 1770, 
and moved to New lirainlree. Children, — Jo>ejjh; Mar- 
tlia; Klijah M., horn July 12, li^OU. 

r>. Israid, son of Israel and Jemima, horn Dee. 10, 17l»8; 
innrried Miwy, Chihhen, — Herman, horn Aug. H, 17i)o; 
Augustus, July 1, 1714 ; William, July oO, 17lMi ; Ifenry. 

0. Klijali iL, son of Jeremiah, Ixnu July 12, ISOO; mar- 
ried the widnw of Ash l\ueil of Westford. Ijveb in Tnkes- 
lairy, and does huNiness in fiowell. i(:iH heen a member of 
the Legislature, aiul holds a Justice of the Peace commission. 
He is a faney farmer, and a man of wealth and distinction. 

(>. Joseph, son of Jeremiah, horn Jan. 11, 17t^l ; married 
Ihuia. Chihlren, — John Forbes, horn Nov. 4, 182-1 ; Jo- 
a-ph Mason, Aug. 12, l«2i; ; Josiah Miles, Sept. 21, 18;J0, 
doing business at N«). ti. Water StrCct, IJoslon ; j^Ialvina 
Maria, born Sept. 20, 1S;;4; ^lartlni ^lalvina, .fan. 0, l«:i7. 
G. Henry, son of Israel, married Holly; settled in Urooklleld, 
where l»e still resitlos. (Jhihlren,— Ann Prceilla, born Oet. 
ir>,1824; Jlenry,July Ki, 1820; Charles, Jan. 4, 1828, died 
Mar. 21, 18;;2 ; ilieah S., Mar. 17, 1820; Almiru IL, Aug. 20, 
18i]0; Charles Lyon, June 0, 18^2; Mary 10., June 14, 18;;4. 

7. Henry, bou of Henry and Holly, boru July 10, 1820; 
married Mary. Children, — Francis 1)., bom Feb. 19, 
1848 ; Nathan F., Sept. 24, 18:i0 ; Elizabeth, Nov. 3, 1851 ; 
a son boru Nov. 9, 18o0. 

l>enjamin, son of Israel, born in Walpolo, N.IL, and had 
Olive, who now lives in New Salem, ^[a.s$. ; llenjamin, who 
went to Webster, Mich. ; Joseph Y., olherwibo Owen, 
Aug. 22, 1812. 

OS WILLIAM im:ai)K or wouruN, 

Wulpolo, NMI,, uml luunied, for seeoiul wife, ilary, uiid 
hail Mary, Uavu Xuv. :^0, l7iS4 ; JJcLsy, OcL II, IIM ; 
John, Fcl). 7, 178 I; and prolKilily licnjiunin, (lidooii, Simeon. • 
His first wife dietl Nov. IS, l78o. 

r>. Jereuiiali, boii of isruel, )>oni at Lilllctoii; married 
Sarah, daughter of JoMJph Tidd of Lexington, Sept. 2.'), 1770, 
and moved to Now Ihaintree. Chililreu, — Jo>eph; Mar- 
tha; Klijah M., horn July 12, 18U0. 

r>. Israel, sou of Israel and Jeuiiuui, horn Dec. li^ 17(i8; 
married Alary. Children, — Herman, horn Aug. 0, 170;]; 
Augustus, July 1, 171»1 ; William, July oO, 171HJ ; Jlenry. 

li. Klijah Al., son of Jeremiah, Ixun July l:i, 1800; mar- 
ried the widow of Asa l\eeil of Weslford. Lives in Tukes- 
hury, and does huMuess in Lowell. Jl-.iJi heeii a uiember of 
the Legislature, and hohls a Justiee of the Peaee conunis>ion. 
He is a fauey fanner, and a man of wealth and distinetion. 

(i. Joseph, son of Jeremiah, horn Jan. H, 17*Jl ; married 
Maria. Chihlreu, — John Forhes, horn Nov. 4, 18J4 ; Jo- 
se|»h Mason, Aug. 1:2, LSJi) ; Josiah Miles, Sept. 2\, 18:50, 
doing hiL^iuess at No. «i, Water Street, l>oi)tou ; Jlalvina 
Maria, hcnu Sept. 2U, LSol ; ilartha Alalvina, Jan. 0, 18:*>7. 
G. Henry, son of Israel, married Dolly; settled in Uroijldield, 
where he still resides. (Jhihlren, — Ann IVceilla, horn Oct. 
ir>,1824; Heury,July Iti, i&li); Charles, Jan. 4, 1828, died 
Mar. 21, 18;;2 ; Mieah S., Mar. 17, 182t>; Almira IL, Aug. 20, 
ISoO; Charles Lyon, June 0, 18;]2; Mary K., Juno 14, 18:14. 

7. Henry, son of Henry and Dolly, horu July lt>, 1820 ; 
married ifary. Children, — Francis I)., bora Feb. 19, 
1848 ; Nathan F., Sept. 24, 18:)0 ; Elizabeth, Nov. 15, 18ol ; 
a sou born Nov. 9, 18o0. 

lienjandu, sou of Israel, horu iii AValpole, N.H., and had 
Olive, who now lives in New Salem, ^las^i. ; llenjamiu, who 
went to Webster, Mich, ; Joseph Y., otherwiho Owen, 
Aug. 22, 1812. 


.)oso|)h Yidoll, horn \\\\^, -J-J, ISIJ; luul his name ahoroil 
IV(»in Owen, ilariiuil Ilaiinali 'Joodwiu, thiuo !•», 1811 ; and 
lives in West Newhmy. 

(Jiileon, son of Israel, lives in Xew Sal^ini, Mass. 
Simeon, son of Israel, livtjtl in Wliateley. Child, — 
Oeortrc, who now lives in AVhatidey. 

J>. John, son of l\ul|ih and Mary ol" Wohurn, Ixnn KilK) ; 
married Elizaheth Ifouldinjr, Marrh •il,liiM2. Children, — 
John, horn March li'i, lilSt ; llalph, Sejit. o, l()8l) ; Kli'/a- 
bcth. I'Vh. 2."), KilM); Ralph, Sept. o, llJSO ; Kli/uheth, 
Fch. -Jo, l(;i»(J. Jle married, lor seeond M'ile, Al»ij^ail 
Daldwin, Dec. 4, 170*), and had Susanna, March 115, 1700 ; 
Henry, 170H ; Amos, 31uy iV), 1710. John, the elder, was 
a weaver, lie hon-^ht a lot of land, Jan. 1, 1700, of Henry 
Haldwin, in Wohurn, near the line oi* IVdleriea, on which 
luj moved and settled ; and it is occupied hy his descendants, 
Isaiah Reed and others. His will is dated July 20, n:\'2. 
Died March 9, 171!^. 

4. Henry, son of John and AUigail, horn in 170S, and 
named, from his paternal ^Mandlather, Henry llaldwin ; nnir- 
ried Rehecca. (/hildren, — Rehecca, horn June 1, 17iH ; 
{ Henry, May 7, 17**0; Ahigail, July 0, 17i>G ;. Sarah, June 

l?<, 17H. His wife was Imrned to death, Juno 18, 1708. 
Harriett Prmlence llaywaril, Si;])t. 22, 1708, widow of 
Thomas 1 fay ward. The fact that his wife died in a strange 
manner, and that an attachment was discovered hetween 
Iiim and Mrs. Hay ward, led to suspicions that she had heen 
nnirdered. The excitement was great:. The civil au- 
tiiority had the hody taken from its resting-place, and ho 
was required to touch the hody; it heing Iho general 
lielief, that, if the murderer was made to touch the mur- 
dereil hody, there would ho some miraculous demonstration 
of his guilt. Rut tlniro was no such' demonstration ; and 
^Ir. Thompson, the recordinu: magistrate, nm«lo entry that 



some people went honui NUisfied, ami tliat olliors wore tlis- 
MilUlicil. ill", lleed, liowevcr, manicd ilrs. I'riuloncc 
Jlaywuitl. lie lived on a porlioii of the old farm of his 
falhcr. His house slooil near where %fr. Jesse Deane 
aflerwards lived, near the line of Jhlleriea, and also near 
that of Wilmiiigton. His second wife was the third danghter 
of Josluia Wynuin, and was one of three sisters who mar- 
ried Heeds. 

4. llalph Kend, son of John and Klizaheth, liorn Sept. 5, 
1G8G; married Mary Pierce, 170*.L Children, — David and 
Jonathan, horn May 3, 1710; John, Aug. 14,171*2, died 
Jan. 14, 17r)iJ ; Maria and Mary, born Nov. oO, 1714; 
Ai»igail, Shiy 2"), 1717 ; Jt»nathan, March 0, 1722, lived at 
Ihllerica; Joshua, June IS, 1724; Amos, horn March 1<'j, 
1728, and died Aug. 2;i, 171M). 

5. John, son of I{alj»h and Mary, born Aug. 14, 1712; 
married Iverzia Wyman, Dec. *J, 17;lo, daughter of Nutha- 
niel and Mary Winn Wyman. Child, — David. Married, 
for second wife, Judith IVoctor. Children,^- Judith, horn 
Nov. 10, 171'i ; ilariha, Dec. 15, 1747 ; John, Jan. TJ, 
1740. Jle was a captain in the French War; and died 
Jan. 31, 11 oi}, 

(5. David, son of John and Kcrzia, married Hannah Uay- 
mond, Jan. i), 1772. Children, — John, born JIarch 55, 
1772; Folly, May Ul, 1777; Hannah, May 14, 1784; 
David, May 10, 1787. His wife died April 20, 1700, 
Married Abigail Simonds, Dec. 28, 1702. Children, — 
Benjamin, born Feb. 12, 1703; Nabby, Nov. G, 1704. His 
second. wife died Sept. 1, 180o, aged forty-four. ^Married 
Martha Simomls, March 28, 1801. Child, — Susamia, 
born Jan. 3, 180ti. He died Jan. 1, 18;)2: his wife died 
Jan. ol, 18ot. He was known as Capt. Reed, and kept 
a public house in liedford, on the i*oad from iioston to 

AND Ills DH' cr.NUX.NTS. 


7. Joliii iic't'il, sou of Cajil. David of liodfonl, Imru 
Muicli :i:i, 177J. lie dicil Nuv. :i, 184ij. CliiKI, — Ne- 
heiniali L, 

8. Ncheiniali L., son of John, nianied Anna. Children, -r- 

— (Jeoige W., horn May -J.'), ISJ.") ; Jacoh II ., LVh. 22, 1 JS28. 
7. David, soli of Ca]it. David and llannali, horn May li), 

17iS7; njarriod Aliij^ail Danlorth, A|nil 2-j, 1»S12. Cluldren, 

— Abigail, horn Feh. t», 181 ;i; Hannah U., Jan. 14, 182:1. 

7. Dfiijaniin, son of Capt. David, Ijoru Fob. 12, 170*>; 
inarricU Sully P. Danforth, April 7, 1817. Children,— 
William D., horn Doc. ID, 1817 ; David und Williuui Dan- 
forlh, twins, Jan. 28, 18111; liUcy, Nov. 21, 1825. 

8. William D., son of Dcnjaniin, and Iwin-hrolhcr of 
David, horn January, 181U; ujarriod Lydiu Hutturs, April 
2i), 18l;i. 

8. I>avid, sou of lienjamin, and twiu-ljrother of William 
D., born Jan. 28, l8]ti; inarriLnl Sarah liUtters, April !.">, 

fi. Jonathan, son of Uulph, 2d, horn March 0, 1722 ; uiar- 
ricd Afary, dauglilor of Joshua Wynian, Sept. H, 17-12. 
Children, — Mary, horn at l»illerica, June 20, 174:J ; Kli/.a- 
helh, who married Thomas Wyman, lilay 2;"), 177t5, and set- 
tled in Winehinton ; Sarah, horn Oct. 8, 1744, at Hillerica. 
The residence of Ualph iiecd, 2d, in Woburn, was as near 
the centre of Dillerica as thai of Woburn, being about half a 
mile from the line between tlie two towns. 

(I. Sarah, daughter of Jonathan and ilary, born at Bur- 
lington, Oct. 8, 1744 ; married a Cutler; and married Fiskc 
for second Inisband. 

i"). Joshua, son of Ral|)h, 2d, married Hannah Proctor, 
July, 1742. Children, — Jii>hna, l>ora Dee. 14, 1742; 
Hannah, April 2, 174'! ; JNiher, born at IJillerica, Feb. 14, 
174«; ; Klizabclh, at 15ilh:rica, April 2:>, 1741) ; Lucy, 
Nov. 25, 1754 ; John, March 2*J, 1757 ; James, April 14, 


17.VJ ; J.HiatlKui, I'Y'h. ]:\, ITOl ; ilsiry, May lil, 17(1:5; 
Jiuliih, Afiircli tJ, 17li«S. lliiiliudat Wolnirn i'n.'ciucl, now 
liiiiliii'iluii, July 1*.^, 17S(i. Ilia ius'uIl'Ucc was about ouo- 
Iburth of a niilo IVoni wlioro his (^raudsou Ibaiah now lives. 
A row of buttouwooJ-trecs nuirks iho spot, llo was au 

0. Jonatlian, son of Joshua and Ilannali, born Feb. lo, 
1701 ; married Uulh Tay of \Vol)urn, pet. 11, 171HJ. Chil- 
dren, — Jonathan, born Get. *Ji», 17*J2; Isaiah; Abigail, 
married Jacob Sin»ond.s ; Closes Abbut ; Joshua, born April 
y,1801; Kliza; Franklin; Alary Ann. lie lived on the old 
place, in what is now the north part of JUulinj^ton. lie 
died Aug. 17, ISiiO ; and his widow nuirried Jetsc Deane 
of Burlington, Feb. 1, 1S27. She died Feb. II, LS:M. 

7. Joshua, son of Jonathan and Kiilh of Burlington, born 
April o, 1801 ; nnirried Uhoda Goodwin of Billeriea. Chil- 
dren, — Charles Olis, born at AVoburn, May '21^ \S'2l ; Beuel 
Goodwin, May 1-J, 1S27 ; Khoda A., born ut Billeriea, 
May 20, 18:il) ; Moses I)., Jan. 21, I8:i4 ; Nahum, Dec. Li, 
1835; Diantha, Feb. 2(», 1837; Mary Ann, Oct. 4, 1838. 
His wife died at iJurlington, Aug. 1, 1843, aged forly-livc. 
Married lloxanna Turner of Dilleriea. Child, — Sn^an, 
born at Burlington, May I'J, 1811). 

G. Jobhua, son of Joshua and Hannah, born at Jjurling- 
ton, Dee. -14, 1742 ; nu)ved to Hebron, N.ll. Children, — 
Thomas; John, who died in Charlestown; Joshua. He was 
killed in the llevohitionary War. 

0. James, bon of Joshua and Hannah, born in Burlington, 
April 14, 17;>0 ; married Olive Johnson. Children, — Olive, 
bora Feb. 4, 1780, married Samuel Beaverstoeks ; Betsy, 
born Feb. 2t), 1782, married au Alexander of Wilmington; 
William, born Feb. 18, 17l).j ; Samuel, June 4, 1800 ; John, 
Pec. 20, 1787 ; Lucy, who nnirried a Stone; Orvil ; Abigail, 
born May 17,171)0; Lucy, Nov. 10, 17*J1 ; George, who died 


ill Xew Orleans in Isf).**. lie dicJ in Cliarlestown, of 
cunsuiii|*liun, June 8, ITlM). 

7. Tlionuis, sun of Jusliuu ninl liaiinali of lleliroii, N.II., 
inarriecl Sally Alexander of ]>urliiigton, Afass. CliiUlrcu, — 
Alexander; Tlionias II. 

8. Alexander, sou of Thomas and Sally, married Jennelto. 
Child, — Jane Caroline, born in Ijilleriea, l>ee. 4, 1812. 

7. William, son of James and Olive, horn in Ihirlington, 
Feb. 18, 171ir>; married Mary ilarden of Chiehcster, N.ll. 
Children,^ — William Henry, horn June 8, 1844; Saruh, 
1811, ami died Ainil 24, IHfiii. He died Nov. 3, 1847. 
His widow now lives in Kast Hoslon. 

8. Thomas C, son of Thomas and Sully, married Mary 
Fi.-kc. Children, — Oeorge W. I..; N. H,; Kliza A. He 
moved to JiOwell, and was killed hy the cars. 

1). George W. L., son of Thomas U., married Rebecca 
Chase, and lives in Lowell. 

7. Isaiah, son of Joinilhan and Uulli, married Siilly Klls- 
worlli of Decring, X.H. Cliildren, — Isaiah, horn July 7, 
181i); Charlotte Lucrctia, Dec. L'j, 1817 ; Jonathan Klls- 
worth, Jan. 10, 1810 ; Joseph Wyolt, April M, 18l^0 ; 
Jobiali Thomas, Nov. 11, 1821 ; William Abbot, Nov. 8, 
Ibi'^i, lives in riiiladelphia; Nancy Lowell, born March 24, 
182o ; Oliver Franklin, July tJl, 1820; Levi Houghton, 
Nov. 18, 1821). He was an oflicer, for some years, at 
the Stale Prison, at Cliarlestown. 

8. Isaiah, son of Isaiah and Sally, married Mary B. Wales, 
November, 1 83(5. Children, — George AValcs, born July 28, 
1840, died April 20, 1848; Thomas Isaiah, born July 14, 
1840. lie now lives in the north>westcrly part of Burling- 
ton, at the junction of the Billcrica and Wilmington Uoads, 
near the schoolhouse ; it being a portion of tho farm bought 
by his ancestor, John Head, of Henry Baldwin, on. the lirst 
day of January, 1700. 



8. Joseph W., son of Isaiali ami Sally, horn A\n'\\ 20, 
1820; uianiud Mchilahijl C. Wymaii. Cliildrcn, — Joseph 
M. ; Aliby ; Wyinan, l)oni Aug. 8, 1854. He lives iu 
Cliarlestown, uiul is a trader. 

8. Josiali T.,soii oi' Isiiah and Sally, born Nov. 11, 1821; 
married Lydia Sinionds. Cliild, — Mary, born Feb. l(i, 
18r)^. Lives in Cliarlestown, and is a trader. 

8. Franlvlin Oliver, s?on of Isaiali and Sally, born July 
31, 182G; married Charlotte il. Itoberts. Cliild, — Frank- 
lin, born May 28, iS^fi. liives in Charlcsiown, and is a 

8. Naney L., danj^hter of Isaiah and Sally, born March 
24, 1825 ; married Cliarles Falridge. Children, — Alden ; 
Sarah. They live in IMiiladelphia. 

8. Charlotte L., daughter of Isaiah and Sally, born 
Dec. 25, 1817 ;. married John F. Snow. Child, — Jonathan. 

9. Jonathan Snow, son of Charlotte, married Deboiah 
Hunt, and lives in Newport, N.ll. Children, — Nathan, 
Franklin, Sarah. 

8. licvi II., son of Isaiah and Sally, born Nov. It), 1829; 
married Jane Cook. Child, — William II., boin Get. 17, 
1850. lie lives in Charlestown, and is a trader. 

8. Daniel llead, son of Ralph, and [grandson of William 
and Maybel, married Sarah Johnson, Jan. 17, 1009. She 
died in 179^, and he married Stisanna Johnson. lie 
)>urchased the honicstead farm of the Stjuaw Saehcm by 
deed, bearin^j date May, 1707, from one Fowle. The farm 
was situated near Mystie Ponds, near the lino between 
Woburn and Charlestown, and contprising the fiirms now 
owned by Mr. Simms, Mr. Wyman, and others, his deseend- 
ants. The heirs to the dignity and estate of the Sipiaw 
Saehem seemed to hover about this last relict of their sav- 
ajre royalty. It was on this farm that Seth Wynian shot 
the Indian, who was lurking about the neighborhood Avith 


siivai^c intent upon the pcaceriil occu|)t\nts or tlic prcmisos. 
(•iiildren, — )>:inicl, Imjiii Oct. 1, 1700; Surah; Samuel, 
hum April 31, 1707 ; Selh, Muicli •i;5, 170!). 

4. Daniel, son ul* Daniel of the Stpiaw Sachem Pann, 
l»orn Oct. 1, 1700 ; manieil llary Converse, Dec. 27, 1722, 
Cliiklren, — Sarah, hum Sejjt. 8, 1722, married Ifezekiah 
Wyman in 174o; Susinnah, horn Sept, D, 1720; Hannah, 
Jan. 28, 1728 ; llulh, July U, 1720 ; Samuel, Dec. 10, ll'AO ; 
James, April 4, 1741; Daniel, Peh. 10, 17'*J2; Joshua, 
Nov. 8, 17:14 ; Klizaheth, May 1:], 17;hr; Esther, Aj)ril 24, 
17ii8 ; Ruth, Nov. 10, 1740. lie was an innholder in 
Seth Read, son of Daniel, 1st, of Scjuaw Sachem Farm, 

I horn March 2o, 17O0 ; uuirried Lydia, and lived within the 

{ hounds of Charlestown, on the old homestead. Cliildrcn, — 

Sanmcl, horn July 22, 17»J-> ; Seth, April 7, 17^0; Lydia, 
June 14, 174.i; Daniel. 

I o. Daniel, son of Seth, married Dorothy Hillings, April 12, 

I 1702, ut Medford, and had J>aniel, Susan, and Precilla; 

I lleury, liora Jan. 27, 1785; Abigail, who died Oct. 15, 

I 1S2U, aged cighty-scvcn. 

I t5. l)aniel, son of Daniel, married Prccilla Wyman, 

} Nov. 2t», 178i>. Children, — Daniel and Sibra, twins ; 

\ Jloiijamiii ; Abigail ; Lucrctia, Eunice, and Koger, three at 

i a birlh ; and ALiry liillings. 

I f). James, son of Daniel and Mary, horn April 4, 1741; 

murried Margaret in 170;'). Children, — James; Margaret; 
I I't'lly; Betsy; lV»ggy, who was admitted to the church in 

Oliarlestown in 1788. He lived in Charleslown. 

3. Joseph, son of Kalph, married riicbe. Children, — 
Thebe, horn Marcli 22, lOOO ; Joseph, Jan. 22, 1008; 
Joshua, Oct. 1, 17»I0 ; Xulhaniel, ilarch 28, 1704 ; Susanna, 
Aug. 17, 1707, married Samuel Fowle ; Abigail, July 20, 

4 1700. He lived at Woburn Weslside, near where his father 

7G wTLi.iAM iu:.\nK of wohuun, 

ftntl j^nnuU'atliL'r luul VwrA, The place was owned and 
known Tor many yt;ars as the Sylvan ns Wood Farm. His 
will was jirovcHl January, 1711. 

4. Nathaniel, son ol* Josci)h and Phcbc, born ifarch 28, 
1704. Owned the farm now occnpied by Jlr. Cennisoni 
a portion of his father's. The ohl house was taken down by 
Mr. CiCnnison some twenty or twenty-live years ago, and a 
new one built on the same spot. Married Ifannah. Chil- 
dren, — Mary, born A]iril If), 17o5 ; Joshua, Nov. 17, ll'M, 

4. Susanna, daughter of .Joseph and Phcbe, Aug. 17, 1707, 
married Samuel Fowle, Sept. 5, 1727, which resulted in a 
transfer of a porliun of the ohl William Reed Farm from 
the heirs of his son Ralph to the Fowles. 

Seth Keed, who was jnddishcd in West Cambrid<ro to 
Eliza Frost, July 0, IvSiiO, is supposed to be u «rrandsou 
of Seth, who was the son of Seth and Lydia of Oharlestown ; 
but no record. Lives in Tie.\in«iton. Child, — Joseph G., 
Avho married N. Murjihy in ('harloslown, Jlay 12, Ibf^O. 

5. Panicl, son of Daniel and Mary, born Feb. ID, 1732; 
married AbiL'ail. Children, — Daniel, who died Nov. 10, 
1800; Luke, born in 17<)'.», married Mary Rridge. Married, 
lor second wife, Mary Winn of Rurlinj^ton, Alarch 2!^, 1801. 
Children,— Mary H., born in 1801 ; Abigail, Aug. 12, 180G ; 
Caroline, March ?>1, 1808 ; Delphina, Nov. 2:5, 1811 ; Caro- 
line Delphina, Jan. If), 1814. He lived on the homestead 
in Woburn AVestside, and died Aug. 17, 1820. His >vidow 
still occupies the same place. 

G. Daniel, son of Daniel and Abigail, married Elizabeth 
Wyman, second daughter of Ezra and Eunice Wyman, 
Oct. 115, 1788. Ho died Nov. 10, 1800. Child, — Ezra, 
llis widow nuirried Eilmond Parker, of Woburn. 

7. Ezra, son of Daniel and Elizabeth, married Fanny 
Fowle, Oct. 27, 1814, and occupied the old Israel Ueed 
House at Woburn Centre, and had a blacksmith-shop across 

AND HIS i)r.S(i:NO.\NTS. 77 

IIjc Oominou, near where llio Town llall now stands. Ho 
is now iloccased. 

Aliiguil, diiui^liturof Daniol antl l^ocilla, married Thomas 

IVccilla, dauglitcr of Daniel and Preeilla, married Stephen 
Symmes; and they now uwn and oceupy the old .Sipiaw Sa- 
chem Farm. ChiUlren, — I?reciUa, married Josiuh Locke; 
and Stephen. 

Snsan. danghter of Daniel and Preeilla, married Mr. 
IInlVmai^ter of West Medford. Children, — Jlartha Heed, 
Snsan Jane, John, Isaac, Joseph, Al)l)y, ilary, Sarah. Tho 
d\venin<r-house of Mr. lIulTntaster stood in the range of tho 
tornailo that passed titrongh Medford in iHol; and dnring 
this tornado, while he was trying to shnt the outer door 
wldcli iiad hlown open, the roof of a barn fell against it, and 
ilr. Iluirnmstcr was mortally wounded, and only survived 
ahont thirty hours. His widow and some of his ciiildren 
hiill live in the sume place. 

Susan Jane, daughter of Mr. IlulVmaster and Susan Reed, 
married George W. Symmes of ifedford. Children, — 
Louis, Mary, Alihy, Klla, Jlepsy; Martha Ifuffmaster, mar- 
ried John Norton; Susan llutrmaster, married Kendrick 
Chapman; Afary, marrieii Henry Drake. 

Henry Reed, son of Daniel of Squaw Sachem Farm, horn 
Jan. 27, 178'); married Hannah (ucenleaf, Aug. 23, 1810. 
Children, — Hannah M., horn Juno 2ii, 1811; Susanna, 
Feb. ir>, 181 :j ; Henry F., June Ifi, 1818 ; Isaac R., Dec. 17, 
LS20, keeps Xo. 77, Union Street, Jtoston ; Itebecca G., 
Sept. 1, 182:i. He lived in Medford, and held the rank of 
captain. He was drowned in Medford River, Oct. 13, 1827. 
His widow and some of his children still Hvo at tho same 

licnjanun, son of Daniel of S(|uaw Sachem Farm, lived and 
died in Medford. 


4. Joseph, Hm of Joseph aiul rhehc, l)orn at Wohurii, 
June "iii, hiiiS ; luunioil Surah Uicc oC Suill)uiy, Nov. 2l», 
17:2:3. CliiUhcu, — Jaiuu:^, 17'it ; J5cthiah, Aug. 1, n±'>; 
Jolui, 172s. ilurrieil, for second wife, Surah liocd, daujrhter 
of Daniel und Sarah, his first cousin, Jan. 1, 172^J, hy whom 
he had Joseph, horn in Woburn. He died ^(arch G, 17o0, at 
Woburn,by some prevailing epidemic which carried olV seve- 
ral of the family. He was u distinguished Indian hunter, 
and was assx)ciaied with Seth Wyman and others of Capt. 
liOvweirs men in 17-'>, during their scouting for Indians. 
lie lived a j)ortion of the time after his nuxrr.iage at Sud- 
bury, but died at the house of his father at Woburn West- 
side, at the place known, in the present century, as the 
Sylvanus Wooil Farm. 

5. James, son of Joseph and Sarah of Sudbury, born in 
1724 ; married Abigail IJinds of New Salem, and settled first 
iu Brbokfieldy next in Jmneiiburg. Children, — Abigail, 
boni iu Ih'ookfield, Jan. 20, 1741); James, 1740; Frederick, 
Aug. 10, 1762 ; Sylvanus, Jan. 7, Uoo ; J>arzela, Jan. 2o, 
17oli; Hinds, Nov. 29, 1767 ; Joseph, Feb. 17, HOu; She- 
fomith, born at Jlonadnoc No. 4, May 28, 1700. 

Ho was one of the principal original proprietors of ^fo- 
iiadnoc No. 4, now Fit/.william, in New Hampshire ; and did 
much for the growth ttuil prosperity of the town. He Avas 
captain iu Col. JJlanchard's regiment, serving \uuler Sir 
William Johnson against the French and Indians near Lake 
George ; and his military ex))ericnce, energy of character, 
and commanding a])pearancc, gave him a great iniluence 
over his relatives iu Middlesex and Worcester Counties. 
They rallied with, him, iu almost countless numbers, at 
their country's call, and reddened the soil of Lexington 
and Charlestowu with Iheir blood. Ho commanded the 
second regiment at the battlo of Bunker Hill, and a 
liuudrod and sixty-six of his regiment were killed or 


wounded. He was in llic l)iittlc of IJcnnington, West 
Point, Yiilley Forj^^o, ami New Jersey. He was Lho fust 
brigade general appointetl by the Provineial Congress. 
He had ihe uiistortnne to lo^c his eyesigitt while in the 
service, and retired on half-pay ; ami history seemed to 
neglect to do him Justice, as no douht exists that he was 
one of the most eflieient generals of his lime, and did much 
to arouse to action the section of country in wliich he lived. 
lOiglit of his townsmen were killed in ]>unker4Iill battle. 
His oldest son James was in the army with him, and was a 
prisoner at Quebec. The elder James niarried Mary Farer 
of Framingham for his second wife, daughter of Alajor John 
Farer, born Jan. S, 1742. He lived, the latter part of his 
life, in Keeiie ; and died in 1.SIJ7, aged eighty-five years. 

0. James, son of Clen. James, l>oru Aug. 25, 1740; mar- 
ried Mary Oodge of Lunenburg, Uec. 11, 1708, and left no 
issuo. He was a Revolutionary pensioner, and died at Filz- 
william in New Hampshire. 

»j. Sylvanus, son of Oen. James, born Jan. 7, 17r)5, at 
Lunenburg, N.IL; married Caroline Taylor in 1781. Chil- 
dren, — Caroline, born in 1782; Sylvanus, 1787, died in 
1S22 ; Sylvester, born 17'JL The elder Sylvanus was with 
his father in the battle of Ibmker Hill, and served through 
the war. He was afterwards much in town-business, and 
known as Col. lieed. 

7. Sylvester, son of Sylvanus, born 1791; married Mary 
IJachelder in 1817. Children, — Caroline; Mary Ann, who 
married Robert Wade ; Sylvanus ; Lafayette. Sylvester 
lives in liattlc Creek, Mich. 

8. Sylvanus, sou of Sylvester, married Carolino Gallop. 
Children, — Mary G., Sylvanus A., Suthom G. Ho is 
rector of an Episc«)pal church in Albany, X.Y. 

G. Hinds, s<m of Gen. Reed, born at Lunenl)urg, Nov. 29, 
17r)7. Childi-en, — JJurzela, born at Fitzwilliam, May 25, 



1 1780; Xixhhy lliuils, 1779, murriod Oliver 0. Wyman, who 

(HlhI in liostou, Jan. 7, 18o0 (slio died at Naliant, Jan. 3, 

I 1851) ; Saloiiiu, Ijoru l>oc. 00, 17H1 ; James, July 30, 1784 ; 

Caroline, llarch 10, 1787; Heulali, Oct. 17, 1781); Aliijah, 

1 June -1, 179:i; Hinds, Nov. 10, 1704; Rapina, April 11, 

; 1707; Eliza, May 14, 1790. 

7. Bar/elii IJ., sou of Hinds, bom Ifay '25, 1780; lives 
in Albany, Vt. Ho lias tln-ce sons and six daughters, Avhose 
names arc not given. 

f). John, son of Joseph and Sarah, born in 1728. In 
1730, after the prevailing epidemic had carried olT several of 
the family, he was taken by the wife of Daniel IJugbeo 
• of lloxbury, his mother's sister, who carried him before 
her, on horseback, to licr residence in Kuxluiry, where he 
lived till his majority, and learned the trade of a tanner of a 
Mr. AVilliams. He afterwards became a kind of steward or 
agent for Gov. Bowdoin, who owned great estates near Capo 
Cod, among which was Xaushon Island and its dependencies, 
constituting the group known as the Elizabeth Islands, be- 
tween Buzzard's Bay and Martha's Vineyard Sound, in whose 
employ he continued many years. He afterwards moved 
back to Uoxbury, and was much iii public life; being repre- 
sentative to the legislature, governor's council, justice of 
the peace and quorum throughout the Conuuonwoalth, and 
land-agent for ^Massachusetts, which was at that time an 
important oflicc. The town of Read field in the citato of 
Maine was named in honor of him. Ho named the town 
of Bowdoinham in honor of his early patron. Gov. Bowdoin ; 
he being proprietor of both townships. His residence was 
what was afterwards the residence of Gov. Enstis. He died 
in Roxbury, June 3, 1813. Known as Major Read, from his 
having acted as paymaster of militia before the Revolution. 
He married Hannah Godard. Children, — John ; William ; 
Thomas, born Nov. 24, 1767. 

AND Ills I)KS('KNbANT3. 


I). John, son or Major Julni, nuirried ifariji floodwiii of 
I'lynioulli, duujililer ol' (Sou. (ioo«l\vin. (jliildrcii, — Joliii ; 
Hetsy; Jhinnali; (jlcoriro; ('luuio:^; Williuni; Joseph; 1 suae; 
-Mary ; Francis ; Niincy, who marrieil Mi\ liylos ; and livo 
others, who died young. 'J'ho powder nuijiU'/hic ut I^l\lnlry 
was hi his char«;c many j'ears. lie was also a winc-niorchaut 
of Boston, and (piite a distinguished man in his time. 

7. (M)orgc, son of tlohn and Maria, l)orn in J>()ston, 
July 2"), 178!>; married JJeheeea l^ieree ofXcwhury, Dec. '2\\ 
1811). Chihh'cn, — Caroline J\, liorn in HosLon, Feii. 18, 
1821, married Oeorge Drew of Duxhury, Jan. 0, 1842; 
George P., horn May 21, IS22, ilied Sept. 14, l.82;i ; i[;iry 
Klizaheth, horn April 2, 1821. His wife died May 9, l«24 : 
he died at Koxhury, March 27, l^?.")ii. 

8. Mary Klizaheth, daughter of George and llehecea, horn 
April 2, 1824; married (Jeorge Weld of Roxhury, Dec. 14, 
1848. Children, — George U., horn at Roxhury, Nov. 2."), 
I84i>, died Nov. 20, 1841); IVrey IL, horn x\ov. 2, 18:i2, 
died Aug. 18, 1853 ; ClilVord R., horn Aug. Ui, 18r)4. Mr. 
Weld died at his residence in Roxhury, Dec. 21, 18.)o. lie 
helonged to the ancient family of AVeld, who were aniong 
the early settlers of Roxhury ; and lived upon a portion 
of the ancient AVeld Lot. 

Joseph, son of Joseph and Sarah, horn at Wohurn, Jan. 1, 
17^1tJ, and settled in Sterling. Children, — Joseph, Joshua, 
Nathan, Danforlh^ Levi, William, Lincoln. 

Nathan, son of Joseph, married Hannah Brooks, Juno 4, 
1788. Children, — Joseph; Jal»cz. 

Joseph A., son of Nathan and Hannah, married ^(ary R., 
who died July 28, 1822 ; nrarried Turner, who died April 20, 
1840. Children, — Nathan R., horn June 17, 1827; Joseph 
P., March 12, 1829; Minerva, Oct. 29, 18;U. IFo has heen 
a major, and is one of the justices of jjcacc for the county 
of Worcester. 



.Ijilioz, sun of NatlKUi timl Ilannuli, inarricHl fiiwina J5. 
CliiUlivi!, — .M;ny li., liuin Marcli 20, 18:;l>, ilioil Jan. 12,»2; iriMiry .1., hurn July n, 181 I ; Julia Ann, Au«v. 11, 
lvS:;7; Silas Harrison, Dec. 20, IS:',!); llaniol L., Nov. liO, 
1M2; Jal.o/ K., Jan. 10, \H:\:>, dietl Maivh 11, 1^;|:. ; 
Jalii'/. ; Knoinc, l*oin <Kl. T), IMS. lie ilicil Jan. 2S, IS 10. 

.loshna, son ol' Jo<e|>li ul* Slt.ilinir, niariic«l Mariani Fair- 
luinks, March 2, ITS I. 

.io>oi)li S., son of .lnM|.li A., lives in Princrlon ; nuuricil 
Ann K. Auies, .May IS, is.Vi. 

(J. 'I'iunnas, mmi of Ma/jor John, h*nn Nov. 21, 17i)7 ; nnir- 
ricd lluth Wail of Uoxhury. Children, — James liow^loin, 
horn July .">, ITOi>, ilied July 7, 1S2:) ; Uuih, hVh. 12, 1S02, 
difil Doe. 11, 1SI2; iJeheeea, horn .Jan. 27, ISOiJ, manieil 
.li»hn l*raU. Marrieil, lor >eeonil wile, ilariiaret Pralt ol' 
r#o\vdoinhani. Chihl, — Thomas. The elder Thonnis vlied 
(»ct. 10, lS|:i: his (iinL wile ilied July 2(>, lS2i>. lie 
inhoriled larue traets ol" land in ilain(5 hy the will of his 
lalher. lie sillied in IJowdtanham, and was a man of 
woalih and husiness, and a niaj;islrate. 

.lames of ]M)\\doinham, son of Thomas, horn .July o, 17liO, 
Child, — Thomas, who lives in Waine, I^Io. 

7. (^JeorjTi', soil oi' .luhn, and «»;randsoii of Major .John, 
marrieil Heheeea Pieree of Newhuryport. 

7. <'harles, son of .John, and grandson of Major .lohu, 
lived at one tin»e in Portland, hut moved haek to Koxhury, 
and died there. 

7. Joseph, son of John, and jrrandM)n of Major John, lived 
and died on the old place in Koxhury. 

15. Timothy, son of Oi-orgo and Hannah of Wohurn, horn 
1G7S ; married lV'r.>is Kendall, his cousin. Children, — 
Tersis, horn .Inly ;U, 171 1, married Jo^uUhan (Jray,Feh. 20, 
1708; Timothy, horn in \l\'t\; Jaeoh, Jan. ol, 1714; 
.Jonathan, May I'J, 17 IS, nnirried Kersey Converse, Keh. 20, 

! AND Ills i>'i:m).\nts. 8:] 

j IToO; Allocs born March iM, ITiiO; Aukks July 1, IT'J-i; 

Kzi'kiirl, Aug. 1, ITJS. His iatlur ^avi* liiui forty acres of 

lan<l in AVviluirn <ii'cal lots, sitiiakMl on tlio tliinl unit (bunh 

• raiiire, hy ilecil, Uoarini!: ilalc Maruli JTi, I TOO, and wilncsscil 

by Juhn auil Tlunnas. it is ilio phuo owncil at this time 

hy Mr. Durcn, whose inolhcr is a (Kscenjlant ol* Tiinulhy. 
I Tlie eliler Tiint»lhy lil;o\\i>e owuimI laml in lhnlj^e*.s Hole. 
; Jle ilicil Oct. 17, IToM, aged eighty: his wile died Sept. Wl, 
^ ITJs. 

'.7. Timothy, son of Timothy and Versis, horn 171-5; niar- 
, . ried Huldah. Chihi, — JIuldaii, Imrn Foh. -Jl, 17 Ti; 

niarriiMl Jesse llus>ell, Hct. 11, 177'J ; and llussell in- 

heriteil the estate. 

•i. .liicoh, son of Timolhy anil Persis, horn Jan. JU, 1714 ; 

married Kli/ahelh French of IJillerica, June H>, 1771. 

Children, — Jacuh, horn April oil, 17 !.">, died Dec. iiU, 

177U; JJeuhen, horn .March 'J, 1717; Joseph, 17 IS; Anms; 

l.siae ; Kli/uhelh, April IS, 17.*>0 ; Sarah, July 2p*), 17^):^. 

liis wife died Aug. 7, ISll, aged cighty-nino. lie ilieil 

Jidy JU, 1S04, aged ninety, lie occupied the homestead of 

his father. 

r>. Isaac, sou of Jacoh and EUzaheth, married Susanna 

Munroe. Children, — Isaac, horn in 17S1 ; Susanna, l7^•2; 

William, ns,"); Oliver, 17s7 ; Thomas, Jan. IS, l7i»U; Ren- 
hen, .March *io, 17l)l ; .Maxwell, I7\)r) ; Knos, Aug. 1, WMJ, 

He dieil April 2, IS IS, ageil ninety-two. 

0. Isaac, son of Isaac, horn in 17sl. His widow lives in 

Tiexingtim. Children, — Isaac; William H. 

7. I>aac, son of iaaac, keepN at No. ITi and 17, Iioylston 

ti. Thomas, son of Isaac and Susanna, born June 18, 1790. 

Children, — James M., Thomas, Henry, tmd one daughter, 

who married William Thomu^, and lived tit No. 1, Salem 

I'lace, l*o?>tun. 


8. CMiililreii of William Tlu)inas arc Mary aiul William. 

7. James jM., sou ol'l'liomas, maniud Julia Sioue ol' J*ort- 
laiul. C-hihlrou, — .lames lleiny, Ana Maria, Nelly, John 
Stone, Theoduie Franklin. He lives at No. 10, Unity 
Street, Uoston. 

7. Thonuis, son of Thomas, nianicil Sarah ]>ellamy. 
Children, — Martha While; William Jiellamy. lie died 
May VJy 18r)4, at No. iHJ, Snow-Ifill Street, Uoston. 

7. Henry, son of Thomas of Lexington, married Mary 
Ann Austin. Children, — Ourolino Austin, Ifarriet Jose- 
l)hinc. lie died April, 1819, in Grconough's Alley, Boston. 

G. ltetd>en, son of Isaae, married Mary AVillard. Chil- 
dren, — Reul)en AV. ; Jonah II. lie lives on the Middlesex 
Turn|Hkc, in the north-easterly |»art of Lexington. 

G. Knos, son of Isaac and Su.'ianna, born Aug. 1, 170t>; 
married Sarah. Children, — S, ilenrictla, born June 12, 
1823; Helen Maria, April is, 182G; Weston S., Oet. 0, 
18;)0; Knos W., Oet. «, 18::J-1 ; llarrictta, Aug. 3, 18;J7 ; 
Adalade, Oet. JiO, lSo9. Ho lives in East Cambridge, 
keeps a shoe-store, and is known as Deacon Ueed. 

G. William, son of Isaac and Susanna, horn in 178,'), died 
1852 ; married llebecea Wilson. Children, — William, 
Ocorge, Ann, Alfred, Franklin, Ahhy, and Charles. 

7. (Jeorgc 1*., .sou of William, born at l^oston, Nov. 8, 
1813 ; married Julia W. Ueleher of Uoston, March 11, 184t). 
lias three children, — William Gorham ; JuliuK. ; Alfred 
Augustus. Jjives at IJoxbury. 

7. Alfred, son of William, nuirried Caroline van Sou ; and 
they have four children. 

7. Frank, son of William, niarried Laurcliu A. Rramwoll. 
He (lied at the Cape of Good Hope, leaving one child. His 
widow lives at No. J57, Kssex Street, Boston. 

o. Joseph, son of Jacob and Klizabeth, born in 1748; 
married Eunice Cook of Cambridge, July 4, 1785. Chil- 

' AND HIS 1>J:.S(KM).\NTS. M 


j IToO; Aliai, hoin Marcli iM, I72il; Aiuos, July 1, IT'J-J; 

Iv/okii'l, Aug. 1, IT-S. His lutlu r [lavc liiui Ibity ucics of 

laihl in Woluirn jiiual lots, .^itiialo«l mi Hie tliinl ami Iburlh 

• range, l*y Ucetl, l>caiiii.ti: tlitl»3 Maitli Jo, ITOO, unJ witnusstMl 

liy .loliii and Tlionias. it is the phuc owned ut this time 

hy yiv. Ihiren, whose mother is a di'seendant ol' Timothy. 

I The elder 'J'iniothy like\si>e owned laml in Hodge's Hole. 

; lie died Oet. 17, ITiVS, aged eighty : his wile died Sept. KJ, 

' I74S. 

'.7. Timothy, son of Timotliy and Tersis, hiU'n 171-5; mar- 
ried llnldah. Chihl, — JInldah, horn Feh. '2i, I7l.">; 
married Jesse l{u3>ell, Het. II, 1770; and Uussell in- 
heriteil the estate. 

4, Jaeoh, son of Timothy anil ri?r>is, horn Jan. ftl, 1714 ; 
married Eli/.aheth Kreneh ol' Hillerica, June ll>, 177 4. 
(Mnldren, — Jaeol», hurn April :it», 17 !.">, died Dee. oU, 
1770; JJenhen, horn -Marih :i, 1717; .loseph, 17IS; Amos; 
Isaae ; Kli/ahelh, April IS, 17.*)0; Sarah, July 25, I7r):i. 
His wile died Aug. 7, ISll, aged eighty-nine. He ilied 
July :iU, 1804, aged idnety. Ho oeenpied the homestead of 
his lather. 

ij. Jsaae, sou of Jaeoh and Elizaheth, married Susanna 
^lunroe. Children, — Isaac, horn in 17«S1 ; Susanna, 17^2; 
William, 17Sr>; Oliver, I7s7; Thonnis, Jan. IH, I7l»0; Ueu- 
hen, ilari'h *J.7, 17')l ; .Maxwell, 17l)r> ; Knos, Aug. 1, 17iM>. 
lie died April 'J, I SIS, aged ninety-two. 

G. Isaac, son of Isaae, horn in I7sl. His widow lives in 
Ticxington. Children, — Isaac; William If. 

7. l>aae, son of i:>aac, keeps at Xo. ir> and 17, I*oylslon 

i». Thomas, .son of Isaac and Susanna, born June 18, 1700. 
Children, — James M., Thomas, Henry, and one daughter, 
who nuirried William Thomas, and lived at No. 1, Suleni 
riaco, l>o.*>ton. 


8. OhiKlroii of William 'riioiims an; Afarv and William. 

7. James A[., son ol'l'liomas, married .Fiilia Sionc oi' l*ort- 
laiul. Cliihlron, — .lames Henry, Aim Maria, Nelly, Juliii 
Stone, Theodore l«'ranklin. Jlo lives at No. 10, Unity 
Street, J>oston. 

7. Thomas, son of Thomas, married Sarah JJellamy. 
Children,— iMarllui White; AVilliam JJellamy. lie died 
May 11), 18o4, at No. 20, Snow-Jfill Street, J5oston. 

7. Henry, son ol' '^riiomas ol' Le.vington, married Mary 
Ann Anstin. Children, — Caroline Austin, Harriet Jose- 
jihinc. He dietl April, 18-19, in (Irconough's Alley, lioston. 

U. Ueiihen, son of Isaae, married Mary AVillard. Chil- 
dren, — lleuhen W. ; Jmiah 11. He lives on the Middlesex 
Turnpike, in the imrth-easterly part of Lexington. 

G. Knos, son ol* I.saae and Susanna, born Aug. 1, 171H); 
married Sarah. Chihlren, — S. Henrietta, born June 12, 
1823; Helen Maria, April is, 182i>; Weston S., Oet. 1», 
18;]0; Knos W., Oet. (>, 18;U ; Harrictta, Aug. 3, 18:J7 ; 
Adalade, Oet. JiO, ISiil). He lives iu Kast Cambridge, 
keeps a shoe-store, and is known as Deaeou Heed. 

(). William, son ol' Jsaae and Susanna, liorn in 178.>, died 
1852 ; married lleUeeea Wilson. Children, — William, 
George, Ann, Alfred, Franklin, Ahby, and Charles. 

7. George P., sou of William, lioru at J^^slon, Nov. 8, 
1813 ; married Julia W. Ueleher of IJoston, ilareh 11, 1841). 
Has three ehildren, — William Gorham ; Julia K.; Alfred 
Augustus, l/ives at IJoxbury. 

7. Alfred, son of William, married Caroline van Sou ; and 
Ihey have four ehildren. 

7. Frank, sou of William, married Laurolia A. Bramwell. 
lie uied at the Cape of Good Hope, leaving one ehild. His 
uidow lives at No. ;>7, Kssex Street, Boston. 

r>. Joseph, son of Jaeob and Elizabeth, born in 1748; 
married Euniee Cook of Cambridge, July 4, 1785. ChiU 


Ai|i(l 67 

AND ins DK^t'KNDANTS. 85 

«livn, — Joseph, buru April 7, 177<»; iMinico, April I, 17'S0, 
luHiricd lil)cm.'zcr Juiikiiis ; UiuiIk'h, liuni *Miiy 1), 17*^.'); 
Kli/.atietli, Nov. 'l'2y ITiST, marriiiil Jolm ll:iyiii>r ; Saruli, 
lioiii Dec. 2-, IT'JO, married Aljtd Uakor. The eKlei* Joseph 
lived near the Oullejze in Caiuhrid^o. Died Fel). 'iii, 18 Ki. 

U. Joseph, fcou ol' Joseph and Knniee, horn April 7, 177U; 
iimrried Elizahelh Keyes. Ohihlren, — Joseph; Catherine, 
who nnirrie<l Dr. AVarren of Newtoii ; Jhnriet, married 
.Freeman Allen of lJo>ton ; Kllen, married Kev, Dr. liiron 
AVin!)lo\v, und went missionary to India; Charlotte, married 
CJjarles Heed oi* Salem. Kli/aholh, the wile ofJosepli, died 
Sept. *>0, IS2.">, aged seven ty->ix. 

G. Heuhun, son of Joseph and Kuniec, horn May 9, 178."); 
married Hannah Jlovey, May i', 181o, and earried on ear- 
riage-huilding and harness-nraking in Kim Street, Doston, 
in all its hranehcs, more than forty years ; hnt lias now 
retired, and lives at Nt». liii, Lyne Street. Children, — 
lleubon, born Sept. 0, 18M, di»iil Get. o, 1814; Ueiihen 
( A., born Feb. 12, 1817, died June 2, 18;I0 ; Charles II., 

j lK>ru Feb. 7, 1819, died June 2li, 1822. 

j {}, Oliver, son of Isaae and Susanna, born in 1700 ; mar- 

( vied Sarah Thayer of Ijrainlree. Children, — Caroline 

Augusta ; Knuly, born April, 1813 ; Theodore, Dee. 19, 
{ 182;i; Angelina A., Dec. 19, 1825; Cordelia R., Sept. 

! 2(;, 1827; Jidia A., (Ktobcr, 1822. lie died in IJoston, 

! August, 1832 : his wife dieil in Chelsea, Dee. 8, 1849. 

7. Caroline A., daughter of Oliver and Sarah, married 
• (loorge W. Porter. Child, — Oeorgc Augustus. She is 

not living. 

7. Theodore, son of Oliver and Sarah, born Dec. 19, 1823 ; 

married Martha A. Adams of (iuiney. Children, — Oliver, 

bora 1851 ; Herbert, J8.')7. He lives at l*orlage, Wis. 

7. Angelina A., daughter of Oliver und Sarah, born 

j Dec. 19, 1825 ; luurried James Oanunons, jun. Children, 

8il wii.LiAM ui:.\i)i: tu' wouuijn, 

— riLMji'm.! (^t)r«l(ni, liorn Xov. 1, lsr>:5 ; I'llxnt Tlowaid, 
Sc'i>i. liK is:,."). TIh V live at Xo. Ul, IVail Hlivcl, Chdsea. 

JliiUlali, ilau^jhlAT of 'riiiiutliy ami lluKlali, born Fcl>. 24, 
174.'); iiiarrinl Jesse Uus>ull, Oct, 14, 1771>. Chiltliou, — 
J esse ; Mary. 

llary, <laii<rl»lcr of Jesse Kussell ami llulilali, niarriod 
Abraliaui Dmen, IVom (Carlisle, Oct. 'J'), LSOl. CliiUlrcu, — 
Sanuiol It., l)oni ilay «t), 18U^> ; .liydia, Dec. 13, ISOo, mar- 
ried Joseph Keiulall ; AVaneu, l»oni Feh. 14, KSOl) ; Wil- 
liain, June f), ISll]; Al>raluuii, Nov. 21, l.Slil. 

i[r. Diireii ilietl on the larni ronuerly owned hy the 
grandfather, Tiiuoihy Keed. The widow still resides in 
the same ]ilace ; and her three sons live on the same 
I'arm, and aUo own the farm adjoining-, Ibrmerly the 
residence of the great-grandfather of AIr.s. Duren, Jacob 
Heed ; the house upon it having been built Uy her great- 
great-grandfalber Timolliy, anil tlie hmd given to Timothy 
by Ids father. Deacon Oeorge Heeil, tlie lirst of Woburn. by 
deed, bearing date ilarch If), 1700. llis father had then 
owned it several years, so that some jjortion of this property 
has been in the hands of the same family nearly two hundred 
years ; and, thou«j>h it is now out of the name, the Heeds 
have no cause of euinplainl, as the i>resent incumbents have 
fitted up the houses and out-i)uildings in excellent taste. 
They have also covered the land over with a vast number 
of fruit-trees; and the land, in every respect, shows the 
hand of the skilful cultivator. These houses and farms 
now are known as ]>urenville ; and it is truly a delightful 
spot, — rich in every thing that makes farms attractiNo. 
The Duren Family also own the farm which was bought 
hy /William Heed, the father of CJeorge, m D)48, by deetl, 
from Nicholas Davis. It is two hundred and ten years since 
this last-named farm came into tlie family of Heed ; and 
though it passed out of the name more than a hundred 

AN'h IMS bKS(;K\I»\NrS. 


yirars Jigo, yot it Ikis l)Oc*n in tin.' ilcsciimlauls orWillinm 
IiihmI iho most ul' tliii tinu;. It |ki>.<ci1, Ih^t, IVoni tlio 
lioL'ils to llio lAiwks, luit uul uiiliouL ni;iiTiaiiO iiHiancc ; 
ami IVoiii KdwIo tt) (■•il. - IJaMwiii. nahlwiu'ji wilb was 
Mar.trc^y luiwlu, luanii'il May l*.i, Iti'l. It allurwaiils 
passotl into the liainls ol' (-aiit. I'\)X. Jfis- mother was Ueoil, who manied 'ri»(»nia> Fox, Mareh ;11, ITG^]. 
'I'lio l»uiUlniirs upon this I'ariu have Uu\\!^ heen ^one, and the 
farm mostly tiuiail to |)a^tu^inJ^ ; and a •;-oo»l •rrowth of 
wood has heeu cut lVt)ni whiMe the lii>t William Jleeil, ajid 
his children alter him, were wont to swing their scythes. , 
The old cellar and well are y^'t remaining lo call the mind 
hack throngh the centuries that are past. 

S;nnuel 11. Dnren, son of Ahraham and ilary, and graml- 
,M)u of ITuldah liceil and Jesse Utissell, horn ilareh 2'J, ISU^J ; 
married Syhil Spaulding of Uilleriea, Dec. 1:2, ISiiii. Oiiil- 
dren, — Samuel li., horn Sept. lil), 1828 ; William Henry, 
Jime r.», l8ol, who is now in (/alilornia. Married, for 
second wife, Ann Searls of Nashua, N.H. 

Warren, .son of Ahraham Duren and ilary, horn April 1-J, 
ISO'.J ; married ilary Ann Merriit, and, for seeoml wife, ifary 
Chandler, daughter of William ('handler, K-sp, of Le\- 

William Durcn, son of Ahraham and ilary, horn June 5, 
1«S1^>; married Augusta Locke. Child, — Henrietta. 

Ahraham, son of Ahraham and ilary Duren, horn Nov. :il, 
181.*! ; married i*rudence Si}nonds. Children, — Georiie, 
.Mary Ann, Nelmina, ('any. 

ri. Amtis, son of Jacoh and Klizaheth, horn ifay lo, IToJ ; 
married LyJia Simonds of l>urlington, Oct. 7, 1780. Chil- 
dnn, — Lydia, horn in iVohurn, April 18, 1782, lives hi 
Salem ; Jacoh, otherwi^e John, July ill, 1784 ; Klizaheth, 
June 18, 178li; Ann, Aug. 211, 178^'; Amos, .Vug. 21, 171)1 ; 
Sally, Sept. Itl, 17*J-j, lives in Salem ; Ueuhen, ilarch f), 


170:), (lied April :\, lS:i:J; Fuimy, lioni May -JO, 17l)S; 
Franklin, Sept. liO, 1<S()0. Tliu cKliM- Anjus tlievl ni Danvurs, 
Oct. l>, 1H12: his Willi died at Siilcni, Aug. 17, I80O, iii 
her nincliolh year. 

G. Jacob Uocd, sou of Auios and Lydia, boiii in AVohuru, 
July J»l, 17S 4 ; man-iiid Mary Winship of West ('auihridgc. 
Children, — Oeor«,^o Waishiuj^lou, horu Oct. 12, ISIO; 
Charles Alhert, Dec. '2'), 1S12 ; Fvcline, Dec. ir>, iSlo; 
AVarren A., Nov. 17, lS2:i ; Jului R, July 2S, 18:>1 ; KUza- 
both. He had liis name altered to John, and lives in Saloni. 
lie did business in the nnirketat Salem many years, but has 
now retired ; and his s<jns succeed liim. 

7. Oeor«»e W., son of Jacol), otherwise John, and Mary, 
born Oct. 12,1810; married Aumi Southwick, the twentieth 
day of the tenth numtli, 18-1*2: they were married at Lynn, 
1>Y the Society of Friends. He lirailuated at C\uubrid>i,e Col- 
lege in I80I, and was at lirst a Uaptist minister; but, em- 
bracing the doctrines of the Society of Frientls, he left tlie 
))ulpit, and had his middle name altered froui \Va>hingtou 
to Fox, and is now a teacher, in Salem, by the name of 
George Fox Heed. 

7. Cliarlcs All)ert, si)n of John ami Mary of Salem, born 
I'^cc. 2o, 1812 ; uuirried Charlotte Heed, daugliter of Jo^eph, 
liis second cousin. Child, — Charles, born in 1840. Charles 
Albert lives ut Xewtou Corner, and has been agent of the 
Western Railroad. 

7. AVarren A., son of John and Ifary of Salem, born 
Nov. 17, 182:1; married Sarah Fi. Dennett, March ii, 18;");!. 
Child, — Charles AVarren, born May 18, IHM. 

7. John F., son of John and ifary of Salem, born July 28, 
1821; nnirried Caroline Chase of Salem. Child, — a 
daughter, born in 18ri7. 

0. Eli/abeth, daughter of Amos and Lydia, married lien- 
jamiu Oates of Stow, ami moved to New-York (*ity. Cliil- 


I drcn,— Albert, bom June ll», 1812; Hmily, Aug. 28, 1813 ; 
i ncujauiiu P., Sept. 22, 1821. 

! 7. Albert Gates, sou of Klizaboth Recti and Benjamin 

I fJalcs, born June ID, liSl2 ; married Harriet, and lias four 

[ 7. Emily, daugbter of Klizabeth IJecd and liCnjamiu dates, 

1 iKirn Aug. 28, ISKl; married Cbribto|)lier Garrison of New- 
j ark, N.J. Child, — Christo|»ber, born Aug. 11, 1840. 
I 7. l>enjamiu b\ Gates, son of Kli/.abeth and JSenjamin, 

: boru Aug. 22, 1821 ; married Kli/.abeth A. .Mackenzie of 
I New- York City, and resides there, and has a child, bom 
» in 18r,7. 

j 7. George Gates, son of Elizabeth and Benjamin, born in 

; 181G ; died young. 

; ti. Ann, daughter of Amos and Lydia, born in AVobuni, 

, April 29, 178t); married Nathan Frye, June 14, 1812. 
j Children, — Lydiu Ann, born Oct. 22, 1813; Nathan Au- 
' gnslus, Nov. 25, 1815; Daniel Oi^mond, 1820, died on the 
! coa>t of Africa, Aug. 15, I84ii, aged twenty-three years. 
! Mr. Fryc is a retired bhii>-master, and lives at No. 354, 
Kssox Street, Palem. 

7. Lydia Ann, daughter of Ann Reed and Capt. Fryc, 
horn Oct. 22, 1813 ; uiarried Thomas IJ. Uussell, June 14, 
i 184(i. Child, — Thomas iVanklin Russell, born in 1847 ; 
died Sept. 3, 1851. 

7. Nathan Augustus Fryc, son of Capt. Fryc and Ann, 
iKjrn Nov. 25, 1815; married Sarah il. Russell in Salem, 
March 11, 1840. Children, — Nathan A., born Dec. 22, 
1840 ; Anna M., Feb. 1, 1842, died Feb. ID, 1848 ; Daniel 
Ormond, born Dec. 6, 1847 ; (>harles Russell, March 31, 
1853 ; Arthur M., Juno 17, 1854. 

ii. Amos, sou of Amos and Lydia, born Aug. 24, 1791 ; 
married Joanna Allen in Klizabclhtown, N.J. Children, — 
Ann, born Aug. 11, 1822; Sarah E., Get. 22, 1825, died 


April 4, l>^tr); llenriclta Frances, bom n«ic. 27, 1829; 
Amos A., Dec. ii, 18:1;^, went to Australia. Amos died in 
ElizalKJtlitown, Nov. oO, tSt'if): liis wilb died June G, 1847. 

7. Ann, dauglder ol' Amos ami Joanna of Klizabellilown, 
born Aug. 11, 1822; married William 1*. Crawford, ilar. 6, 
1841. Children, — Josc|jh, bornl>ec. 11, 1842; 8arah E., 
May 8, 1844; William Keed Crawford, Dec. 8, 184G, died 

7. Ilourictta Prances, daughter of Amos and Joanna, 
born in 1827; married a Afr. llussell of Elizabethtown in 

7. Joanna, daughter of Amos and Joanna, born Dec. 27, 
1829; married JIunry Smith in 1840. Children,— -Joanna 
Eliza, born Juno 4, 1847 ; AVilliam Crawford Smith, Oct. 4, 

G. Reuben, son of Amos and Lydia, born ifay 20, 1798 ; 
married Abigail Foster for first wife, and Fidelia Swan for 
sseconU wife. Child, — Edward. 

6. Fnmklin Reed, son of Amos and Lydia, born Sept. 20, 
1800; died in Salem, Oct. f), 1823, single. 

0. Frances or Fanny Reed, daughter of Amos and Lydia, 
born May 20, 1798 ; married Amos Breed of Lynn. Child, 
— Amos Franklin. 

7. Amos Franklin, son of Fanny Reed and Amos Breed, 
married Anna Lynscy of Lynn. Children, — Ruth Ann, 
born in 1850; Amos P. 

5. Reuben, son of Jacob and Elizabeth, boni March 2, 
1747 ; married Elizabeth Raron, Feb. 2, 1793. 

4. Kzekiel, son of Timothy and Ferris, born A\ig. 1, 1728 ; 
married Widow Mary Locke, June 17, 1700. Child, — 
Ezckiel, born Aug. 20, 1700. 

8. 'i*honuis, son of (Jeorge and Hannah of Woburn, born 
July 15, 1082; married Sarah Sawyer, Feb. 1, 1704. Chil- 
di-un, — Thomas, bora Nov. 18, 1704; Samuel, June 5, 



1710 ; Hannah, June 2, 1714 ; Mary, Jiin. C, 1717 ; Abigail, 
May 24, 1721, died Dec. 7, 1730; Kcsiah, Oct. 28, 1720 ; 
Cluirles, May 11, 1730. lie received a quit-claim deed of 
hair of liis iallier's farm, signed hy liis brother Jobu and 
wife llulb and bis mother, Ajiril />, 1700. The farm was 
then bounded easterly, westerly, and northerly by land of 
Timothy Walker; and, on the west, ))artly by land of Tho- 
mas Kendall ; reserving to their brotijer Timothy certain 
rights and privileges. His deed also conveyed land at Kag- 
i-ock and llockpond. He bought land in Hodge's Hole, 
Aug. 17, 1707. He died Aug. 18, 1730, aged lifty-four; 
and his gravestone is standing near that of his brother 
Ccorge and others of the liced Family, in the south- 
westerly quarter of Woburn Old Jiurying-ground. He was 
called liieut. Uced. 

4. Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah of Woburn, born 
Nov. 18, 1704; married Lydia. Children, — Lydia, bora 
Oct. 17, 1737; Thomas, Dec. 22, 1740; Sarah, June 20, 
1712; Abigail, Aug. 21, 1743; Joseph, Doc. 23, 1745; 
Kcrsia, Aug. 24, 1740. In 1714, he bought a farm of John 
Connell, containing several pieces of land ; and lienjamin 
l*iercc, Henry Johnson, and William Johnson, are abutters. 
This lai't-mcntioned farm is in Wol)urn west side, on the road 
)»y Mystic Tond; and, 1 believe, is still in the possession of the 
Heed Family. The Fierce Farm is still owned by a Fierce, 
and is the starting-point of the ancestors of Franklin Fierce. 

5. Joseph, son of 'J'homas and Lydia, born Dee. 23, 
1745; married Relief Uichardsoh. Child, — AVilliam, born 
July 24, 1708. His wife died, and he married Lavina 
Jiond. Children, — Joseph, baptized Feb. 3, 1771; Ed- 
mond, baptized Sept. 20, 1772; I^ydia, born June, 1772; 
Moses, 1774 ; John, 177'). Joseph, the elder, was a man of 
property and inlluencc in Cambridge, but sullered much 
in property during the Revolution. 


(j. William, son of Josc|)li and Relief, born July 1! 1, 17G8 ; 
married Liivina Uliiekerin{;5, 1788. Child, — Lorinda. 

U. Joseph, son of Josejiii and Lavina, married ilary 
Massy, July ft, I7*JI. Children, — Nancy, born ilay 21, 
171)5; Lcfa Richardson, Jfarch 8, 1777, died July 0, 1820 ; 
Jane B.,born Aug. 14, 1790, married I). SI. S|)ear, Nov. 11, 
1834; Joseph M., born Feb. «5, 1S02, married SI. Seymorc, 
July 23, 1828; Sophia W., born March 10, 1804; Leonard 
Richardson, June 20, 1800, died Oct. 6, ISo^; Mary, born 
July 1, 1808, died Jan. JU, 18;',8 ; Sarah Lord, born Feb. 4, 
1811, died Aug. 2!i, 1813. He died June 28, 1830: his 
wife died Aug. 10, 1845. 

7. Joseph, son of Joseph and Mary of Candiridgc, born 
Feb. 5, 1802; married Louisa Seymore, July 23, 1828. 
Children, — Sarah Jane, born March 23, 1829, died ilay 4, 
1830; Carlton 1., born Jan. 2-1, 1831, is a professor in 
Union College ; Leonard, Nov. 20, 1832 ; Lucrctia, March 3, 
1833; Adalino S., Feb. 20, 183G ; Mary, Feb. 7, 1838; 
John, April 0, 1840; Franpis M., Jan. 20, 1840; Nancy 
M., May 20, 1829. 

7. Leonard, son of Josej^h and Mary, born Juno 20, 1800. 
Child, — James, born Nov. 20, 1820; occupies the home- 

7. ilary, daughter of Joseph and Slary, born July 1, 
1808 ; married James Reed, the son of an Knglish barrister, 
Sept, 1, 1830. Children, — Mary E., born June 27, 1831 ; 
William Lowell, Nov. 0, 1835, — a gentleman of liberal 
education, now fitting a class of young men for college in 
Newtown on Long Island. 

5. Thomas, son of Thomas and Lydia, born Pee. 22, 
1740; married Rhoda Crosby, July 2, 1701. Married his 
second wife, Alice Pierce, April 1, 1773, in Cambridge. 

Samuel Road, born in England, lilarch G, 1774 ; married 
Catherine Hardy, June, 1803. Sailed from England in ilay, 


liSiM ; and tlied in Septeinhor, 1801, leaving a sou James, 
horn Oct. 12, 1804. 

James, sou of Sanuiel and Catliorinc, married Xfary, 
dau«!hter of Josi'ph IJeed and Mary Uassy, Sept. I, lh;iO, 
and hatl Mary K. and William liowell. 

4. Jonatlian, son of Timothy and Persis, hoin at Woburn, 
May 19, 1718; married Ker<ey Converse, Feb. 'id, 1%;\\), 
at JiCxinirlon. Children, — Jonathan, horn in Wohnrn, 
June If), 1740; l^oI>ert, Au«^. ii, 1T4J, at Lexington; Jude; 
^(ehital)el,l>oru Sept. 2;*), 17 IS, married Gcorj^e liilley ; Joel, 
hapti'/ed at Cambridge, Nov. 12, 1741); nicl)C, baptized 
Fel). 2, 17r)2, married John Foot; Amos, baptized Dee. oO, 
M'iij ; Samuel ; Ann, born in the boat when they were 
fleeing to cseapc the tomahawk and sealping-knife of the 
Indians, nuirried Cleorge Cooeh ; ilary, married Natha- 
niel llalhorn. lie moved from (3ambridgc to Woohvieh, 
Me., soon after the birth of his son Amos, probably in 17^)1, 
whore he and his family sulVered much during the Freneh 
and IicvoUUionary Wars ; but left a numerous and enter- 
prising posterity, and his old homestead is oeeupied by 
one of his deseendants of the name of Alfred iteed. His 
descendants are mostly settled in the neighborhood of the 
Kennebec lliver. ile died in 1S0:5, aged eighty-five; and 
his wife died in 1808. 

6. Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Kersey of AVoolwich, 
Me., born at Woburn, Mass., June lo, 1740; married Jo- 
anna (*all, and settled in Dresden. Children, — Obadiah, 
settled in Pittston ; Isaae, settled in Pittston ; Stephen, set- 
tled in Dresden ; David, settled in Dresden, and was a 
sea-eaptaiu, married Sarah King, died in Pittston, Mareh 
22,1851; Ketsy ; Amos; Daniel, settled in Dresden, ami 
was a sca-eaplain ; Jacob, settled in Dresden ; Rebecca. 
lie was a captain of militia at the time of the Kevolution. 
5. Ihibert, sou of Jonathan and Kesiah, or Kersey, boru 


in Lexington, Ang. 3, 17 12, anil settled in Woolwich ; mar- 
ried Catlierine Mayors. Cliildrcn, — George; John; Sam- 
uel; Mury; Roljcrt, settled in Cliina ; James C. ; IJetsy; 
Uhich ; Nancy. 

[ G. OI)adiuh, son of Jonathan and Joanna, settled in 

f rittston; married Mary Pottle, Dec. 2, IHlO. Children,— 

Betsy, born June ii, 1>>1 1, married John R. Taylor ; Frances, 
born Nov. 3, 1S12 ; Daniel, A))ril II, 1814; Jonathan, 
March 14, 181(5 ; William, March 22, 1818 ; Cordelia, 
Jan. 14, 1820, married Leonard Cooper. lie was a 
freeholder, and payer of direct taxes, in 171)9; and died 

i in 18r)l. 

' C. Isaac, son of Jonathan and Joanna of I'ittston, married 

Betsy Uolnnson. Children, — Isaae, horn May ii, 1811); 
Robinson, Feb. 21, 1821 ; Lydia, Nov. 12, ISlf) ; Klizabeth, 
Oct. 22, 1822; Lucy Freeman, Sept. 21, 1824. He was 
among the freeholders of Pittston in 1791). Died in 1821). 

7. Jonathan, son of Obadiah and Mary of Pittston. born 
March 14, 181(i; married Kliza A. Richardson. Children, 
— George T., born May o, 1S40 ; Zonishe, Sept. 27, 1843; 
Clara Kllen, Dec. 8, ISiO. 

7. Daniel, son of Obadiah, born April II, 1814 ; married 
Hannah. Children, — Hiram, born June 11, 1840; Laura, 
May 2, 1810. He died Nov. 19, 1815. 

7. William, son of Obadiah, bom March 22, 1818; mar- 
ried Julia A. Palmer. Children, — AVarren A., born July 
11, 1841; Safons, May 19, 1817; Arienna, Feb. 12, 1841, 
died Sei)t. 11, 185U; Daniel A., born Aug. 25, 1852. 

5. MehiLable, daughter of Jonathan and Kersey, baptized 
at Cambridge, Sept. 25, 17 18 ; married George Lilley. Chil- 
dren, — Converse, who was a sea-captain ; George; Robert; 
Samuel, a sca-ca])tain ; Isaac, a sea-captain ; Mehitable ; 
5. Joel, son of Jonathan and Kersey, baptized at Cam- 



hriiljrc, Nov. 12, 1740, and settled in Woolwich; married 
Kuiiice Wel)l). Ciiildren, — Saiuli ; Joel, settled in Dresden ; 
Meliiubic; Ennice ; KUenezcr, isetlled in lirooklyn, N.Y. ; 
Susanna ; AVchb, settled in Canaan, ile. ; Betsy ; Nathan, 
went to the British dominions. 

T). riiebo, daughter of Jonathan and Kersey, baptized at 
Cambridge, Feb. 2, 17«VJ ; married Jolm Foot. Ciiildren, — 
Annie, llercy, Martha, I>avid. 

5. Amos, son of Jonathan and Kersey, liaptized at Cam- 
bridge, Dec. oO, I7r»r>; settled in Dresden. Married Annie 
Webb. Childi*en, — Amos, Fanny, ilary. Converse. 

5. Samuel, son of ilomithan and Kersey, settled in Wool- 
wich ; married Mary Winship. Children, — Winship, who 
married Mary Ann liateh, and was murdered at sea ; Sam- 
uel ; Charles, a sca-eaplain; Alfred, who now lives on the 
old homestead of Jonathan and Iverst^y ; Samuel, the son of 
Jonathan, was a bea-cu|»lain during the devolution ; was 
taken prisoner by the British, and sulVered many hardships. 

t>. Ann, daugittcr of Jonathan and Kersey, who was born 
after thoy moved to Woolwich, in the midst of the reign of 
terror caused by the French War, in which the Lulians 
as well as French were infuriated against the English and 
Americans, and sought opportunities to butcher them. She 
married George Couch. Children, — Fhebe, James, Sarah, 
Stephen, Kesiah. 

o. Mary, daughter of Jonathan and Kersey, born at Wool- 
wich ; married Nathaniel llathorn. Children, — James, 
Ijcmuel, Catherine, Amy, Nathaniel, Judc, Matilda, Lu- 
cinda, Wynmn, Hannah, Mehitable; numbering iifty-three 
grandchildren of Jonathan and Kersey, most of whom uro 
located in tlic neighborhood of the Kennebec. 

ti. James Converso iieed, son of Robert and Catherine, 
married Kesiah C. Conch, his first coUdiii. Children, — 
Judc, and two daughters. 


7. Jiul(3 ni!0(l, s<m of James C. iiiul Kcsiuh. 

llonry oi' Piltston, ami Mary Ann, luul William, bora 
Hept. 17, LSlf) ; Joseph, April o, 1S17. 

0. Capt. Daniel llccJ ol* Dresden, son of Jonathan, mar- 
ricil Sarali Kinj^ of Titiston, Jan. 18,1824. 

David liceil of rilLston nnmicd Hannah W. Joy; pub- 
lished Nov. 10, IS'M. 

0. Winshop Ueed of Dresden, son of Samuel and ilary, 
mamed Ann l*atch ; jjuhlished Feb. 2, 184;*. 

Lcwellyn liecd of Dresden married Charlotte ifcLain, 
June 28, 18r)0. 

0. Oa|)t. Daniel, son of Jonathan, married Hannah W. 
Joy, Nov. 10, 18:58. Child, — Laura, born May 2, 184U. 
lie died Nov. 10, 18jr). 

2. Rebceea, daughter of William and Mabel, born proba- 
bly at iluddy River, now lirookline; married Joseph Winn 
of Woburn, son of Edward, who was made freennin in 1043. 
His son Increase, elder brother of Josejih, was the lirst 
person born in Woburn. The name Winn is said to bo a 
corru[ition of Ijowellyn, the name of the W^elsh prince 
taken and slain by Kdward I. Joseph Winn died Feb. 22, 
1714; and iieljccea died in 17o4. Children, — Rebecca, 
born at Wolmrn, May 2"), 1005 ; Sarah, Nov. i), 1000 ; 
Joanna; Abigail, June 18, 1070; Joseph, May 15,1074; 
Timothy, who died March 22, 1G78 ; Rebecca and Hannah, 
twins, Ijorn Feb. 14, 1079 ; Rebecca, married Timothy 
Spaulding of Chelmsford, ^farch 5, 1700 ; Annie, born 
•Nov. 1, 1084; Timothy, Feb. 27, 1087. 

8. Timothy, sou of Ensign Josejih and Rebecca, born at 
Woburn, Feb. 27, 1087 ; married Elizabeth ]>rooks. Chil- 
dren, — Timothy, who married Mary Rowers of Rillerica ; 
Klimbetli, born Sept. 1, 1710, who nu\rricd Nehcmiah Wy- 
man, December, 1742. Married Jane Belknap for second 
wife, Feb. 18, 1730. Children, — Ruth, bora Aug. 0, 17^2, 



married a Rccd, and wont lo llain(3 ; Joseph, July 3, 
ITol ; Jenisha, Ang. 4, 1710, who married Jonuthiui 
Ihiniham, Sept. '21, 174 J. 'J*lic ehler Tiniotliy died in 
\l')'2y aged sixty-live. 

4. Timothy, son of Timothy and lOli/.alielh, married Mary 
Uowcrs. Child, — Timothy, horn Dec. 20, 1740. Tlie 
lather died March 8, 1^00. 

5. Timothy, son of Timothy ami Mary, l)orn at Wohurn, 
Dec. -20, 1740; married Sarah hNied, Jan. 2:^, 17ijr>. Ohild, 

— Jonathan. ifarried ilary Ihiilge of Chelmsford for 
second wife. Children, — Timothy, horn Sept. 20, 177o, 
and married lleheeea Delano; Khenezer Ihidge, Nov. lo, 
1777; Jonathan IJ., Dec. H, 17vS(); William, Feh. 14, 1784. 

li. Timothy, son of Timothy and Mary, horn at Wohurn, 
Si»pt. 20, 17To ; married Ueliecca Delano. Child, — Mary, 
liorn Juno 8, 177o, and marrietl Luke Reed, Alarch 21), 

tj. Kl», son of Tinmthy and Jfary, horn at Wohurn, 
Nov. 13, 1777; married Klizahetli Wheat of IJurlington. 

G. Jonathan IJ., son of Timothy and Mary, horn at Wo- 
hurn, Pec. 8, 1780 ; nuirried Mary Adams of Westford. 

0. William, son of Timothy and Mary, l)orn at Wohurn, 
Fcl>. 14, 1784; married Hebecca Walker, daughter of Ed- 
ward and Ahigail (Ueed) Walker, Aug. 2U, 180o. Children, 

— William, born April 8, 18()9; Jonathan Dowers, Aug. 24, 
1811 ; Abigail, Sept. 0, 1814, who married Jonas llale ; 
Timothy, horn Sept. 2."), 1817. liis wife died May 11, 182(i. 
He married Mary Cutler, for second wife, Dec. 21, 182ti. 
Child, — Lavinia, horn Nov. 4, 1827; who married Ilev. 
Daniel Winn, pastor of the second Daptist Church of Salem, 
Mass. lie was a distinguished man in lown-bushicss ; was 
a justice of the peace^ and a colonel, lie died at Woburn, 
April 13, 185C. 

7. William, sou of William and Abigail, bom at Bmling- 


^ I 



toil, Aiuil S, ISOl) ; UKirric*! Abigail Parkiii", April 8, 18;U, 
uuil lives o\\ the old lUnii, in whut is now liUrliii^tuii, near 
the liiio of Wohnrn. 

7. Jonathan l>o\vcrs, son of William anil Abigail, born at 
Burlington, Aug. 24, 1811 ; niarriud Nancy W. Ci»nnnings 
of Woburn. Cbildrun, — Maria Ann, born at Woburn, 
Aug. 2r>, 18ol»; Charles l>owers, May 15, iHliS. Jonathan 
1>. lives in Wobuin, but is an extensive dealer in leather, in 

7. Tinjothy, son of William and Abigail, born at Bur- 
lington, Sept. 2'i, 1S17; married Abi^^ail M. Kendall. 

4. Joseph, son of Tin»othy and J^mc, born at Woburn, 
July 3, lll'A ; marrieil 1 Jetty Tool of Lynn. Children, — 
Betsy, Abel, Joseph, (leorge. 

Joseph, son of Joseph and Betty, moved to Salem, and 
bceame distinguisheil in town and county allairs. lie was 
a county commissioner several years. 

Al»el, son of Josepli and Betty. Children, — Betsy, Abel, 
Joseph, Cleorge, Alary, lie was an enterprising and wealthy 
man ; was a justice of the peace, Ac. ; and, for many years, 
he supplied the Stale's Prison with vegetables. His farm 
is now t>ccupiod by his sons Abel and Oeorgc, and is so 
located, that when Woburn Precinct was set oil" in 17tH) 
as a town, by the name of Hurlington, it left u portion of the 
farm in both towns; and though Abel and Oeorgc live only 
a few rods apart, yet the town-line runs between them. 

2. Abigail, daughter of William and JIabel, married 
Francis Wyman of Woburn, Oct. 2, IGoO. Children, — 
Judith, born Sept. 2U, 1(m2, died Dec. 20, 1G52 ; Francis, 
born ltja4, died April 2tl, 1070 ; William, born IGoO, died 
1705; Abigail, who married Stephen Richardson, Jan. 2, 
1075, died Sept. 17, 1720; Timothy, born Sept. 15, 1001, 
died 1700; Joscjih, born Nov. 9, 1003, died July 24, 1714 ; 
Nathaniel, born Nov. 25,1005; Samuel, Nov. 29, 1CG7 ; 



Thomas, April 1, l(i71 ; IJoiijsimin, Aui!;. '2."), lOTl ; Ste|)liLMi, 
June 2, 1(]7(J; Jmlitli, Jan. 1."), lilTH, manioJ Nutliahiul 

o. William, son of Francis Wynian auil Ahitrail Kiicd, 
Ijorn at Wohurn aljoiit lijod ; married Prudence, dau^lilcr 
of Thomas Putnam, lie died in ITU."). Chihiren, — Wil- 
liam, born Jan. 18, lOSi] ; l*rudonce. Dee. 20, llKS;], married 
JacMih Winn, jun., June 28, 17(M; William, horn Jan. lo, 
1(j8.>, — Ids posterity live in Charlolown ; Thomas, ln)rn 
Aug. 23, 1GS7, settled in Pelham, N.lf.; Kli/.ahelh, horn 
^July o, 1(>SI», died June 2."), 1G*J0 ; Francis, l)orn July 10, 
ItlUl, settled in Elaine; Jor^hna, horn .Jan. o, lOM, — jjosle- 
rity in lloxhury, and Keene, N.IL; daughter, died lOlU ; 
Kd ward, of I'elham, X.ll., horn Jan. I'J, l(il)«5, — posterity 
in Camhridgc, and Corni>i», X.ll. ; Kli/alnMh, horn Feh. 10, 
llii)7; Deliverenec, Feh. 28, 17tH), nuirried K/.ekiel (lowen, 
Jan., of Lynn, Jan. 1, ]7->2; James, born ilareh IG, 1702, 
settled in Elaine. 

f\. Timothy, son of Francis and Abigail, horn at Wohurn, 
Sept. 15, IGGl ; married Hannah Wynuin. Children, — 
Hannah, born July 7, 1G88 ; Timothy, April 5, IGUl ; Solo- 
mon, Oct. 24, 1G!K> ; Joseph, Nov. 1, 1G1)5 ; Kuniee, Fei). 24, 
1»>*J7, nmrried Henry Tottingham, Sept. 7, 1771 ; Ann, 
horn ilarch 20, 1700; Judith, married John Wright of 
Ashlbrd, Conn., March 2;J, 172.') ; Kli, horn llarch 11, 
1704, died Aug. 22, 1728; Khone/er, horn March 21, 1700, 
settled in Townscnd, — his descendants in Maine; Hester; 
Kli/abeth ; Prudence, born March 8, 1701), married Thomas 

3. Nathaniel, son of Francis and Abigail, born at Wohurn, 
Nov, 25, 10155 ; married Mary Winn ; and his widow mar- 
ried John fiOckc, Nov. ;]0, 1720. Children, — Natluuiiel, 
lK>rn May 28, 1003, died Dec. 13, 1715 ; Mary, born May 28, 
1G04, died ubout May 23, 1703, insane; Abigail, born Oct. 5, 


inOo, married r»onjiiiiiiii Oowcn ; Ruth, born April 17, 
1097, inarrlcjtl TlioniJ\s (iuiihl of Cliarlcstown, Aug. 1, 17-1 ; 
Ifjuinali, liuru April 2^>, lii*J9, married Tiuiotliy Wyuiau ; 
Kliza, horn Nov. 11, 1700, married John Ocary of Charlus- 
town ; Plicho, horn June 11, 1702, married Thomas (ieary of 
Stoncliam ; Keheecu, horn April 14, 1704, married Thomas 
Iloldcn, Ifarch 7, 17*Jtl ; Joanna, horn July 25, 1705, mar- 
ried Jonathan Ilolden, Dec. oO, 17til ; Increase, horn 
March 1, 1707; Sarah, Aug. 21, 1710, married Ezekicl 
Walker, July 0, 17^2 ; Keziah, horn Ajn-il 5, 1713, married 
John Reed, Dec. *J, 17^)5, died Jan. 14, 1750. 

3. Samuel, now of Francis and Ahigail, horn at Wol)urn, 
Nov. 20, 1007 ; married Rehccca, daughter of Alathew John- 
son, in 10D2. Children, — ]{ehecca, l)orn Nov. 11, 101);], 
.married Thomas Richardson of Wohurn, Sept. 29, 171iJ; 
Ahiguil, horn Foh. 5, 1095, married Jonathan Richardson of 
Wohurn ; Hannah, horn Dec. 10, 1090, married Samuel 
Parker, ilay 10, 1725; Sarah, horn Teh. 2, 1098, marrieil 
John Coggin, Aug. 31, 1720, died May 22, 1732; Samuel, 
horn March 18, 1700, — posterity in Roston ; Oliver, born 
Sept. 5,1701, settled in Leominster; Lydia, horn Jan. 1, 
170o, married Oliver Richardson of Wohurn, July 24, 172!), 
died Oct. 20, 1754; Raticnce, liorn Jan. 11, 1705, nmrried 
Etlward Deanc, May 1, 1740, died June 15,1741 ; AfatiheNV, 
born Aug. 3, 1707, settled in Lancaster ; Esther, born 
Feb. 25, 1700. 

3. Thomas, son of Francis and Al»igail, horn at Wohurn, 
April 1, 1()71 ; uuuried Mary, daughter of Nathaniel Rich- 
ardson, May 5, 1090 ; died Sept. 4, 1731. His widow mar- 
ried Josiah Winn of Wohurn, Aug. 17, 1733, and died 
June 7, 1743. Children, — Thomas, born May 12, 1097; 
Josiah, March 18, 1700 ; IMnncas, 1701 ; Timothy, March 1, 
1702 ; Renjamin, Juno 12, 1704 ; John, July 0, 1700, died 
March 20, 1739 ; Mary, born March 10, 1708, married Na- 

AND HIS dks('i:ndants. 


thanicl Clark of Watcrtowu, June 13, 172G; Aaron, bom 
Doc. G, 1709; Klca/cr, April l-l, 1712; Natlianicl, May 18, 
171G ; KHzubclli, Dec. 19, 1718, luarricil a IJlodgct. 

3. Bcnjamiii, sou of Francis and Abigail, born Aug. 25, 
1074 ; married Klizal)Ol)», daujililcr of Nathaniel ITancoclc 
of Canibritlgc. She married, for second husband, Jonathan 
Ihieon of Bedford, Aug. 22, 17o9; died at Sfcdford, March 
2 or 3, 17-19. Stephen, born June 2, 1G7G, died Aug. 19, 
1G7G ; Judith, Jan. If), lii79, married Nathaniel l>acon. 
Children, — Elizabeth, born May 1, 1705, married Jacob 
llichardsou, June 11, 1724, died Oct. 20, 1749; Denjamin, 
born Nov, 13 or Dec. 1 7, 170G, settled in Woburn, — his poste- 
rity live in Lexington, Cand>ridge, and Now York ; Lucy, l)oru 
April 17,1708, married Nathaniel Davenport of Shrews-bury 
in 1729, and died Oct. 25, 17^0 ; Zcbediah, born June 21, 

1709, — descendants in Cambridge; Eunice, born Nov. IG, 

1710, married Robert Pierce, Oct. 28, 17oG, died May 5, 
1774 ; Jerusha, born July 23, 1712, married Edward 
Richardson, Feb. 24 or April 14, 1730, died Ajnil 10, 
1784 ; Tabitha, born April 7,1714, married Josiah Kendall, 
March 17, 178G, died April 24,1800; Abijah, born Sept. 20, 
1717, settled m Lancaster; Catherine, born May 0,1717, 
married William Tufts of Medford, Feb. 28, 1732, died Feb. 
20, 1749 ; Nathaniel, born Jan. 2G, 1719, settled in Lan- 
caster; Abigail,, born Aug. 2G, 1720, married Jacob Snow, 
April 8, 1740, died Oct. 31, 1771 ; Martha, born May 7, 
1722, married Samuel Deane, Sept. G, 1739 ; Noah, born 
July 80, 1724, died Dec. 10, 172G ; Jonas, born July 2G, 
1725, died Jan. 20, 1740, — was a soldier at Lewisburg ; 
Reuben, born Nov. 9, 172G, settled in Wilmington ; descend- 
ants in Concord, N.TT. 

8. William, son of Raljjh, born 1G58 ; married Elizabeth 
Pierce. Children, — William, born Aug. 23, 1G82 ; Mary, 
March 12, 1G85 ; Elizabeth, Fob. 23, 1G8G. The elder Wil- 


liain was accitloutally i^liot liy his brother Timothy, Nov. 7, 
1088. Ifis widow loanied John Culler, Oct. 14, 101)4. 

3. David, sou of Ilal|jh, niarriod Susamia Johnson, June G, 
1704, and settled first in Watertown. 

4. William, son of William and Klizal)eth,honi in Wohurn, 
Aug. 23, 1082; nmmed Abial, in liexington. Cliild, — 
William, bora at lioxin^^ton, Pec. 7, 1714, and setlled in 
Wcstliorough. llo married Sarah Wood, in Aeton, May 28, 

8. Timothy, sou of llal|>h, born Feb. 14, 1004 ; married 
Martha JJoydon, Dec. 27, 1088. Children, — Martha, born 
March 1, MW.) ; Timothy, Juno 11, 1092 ; William, Oct. 5, 
1094 ; Denjamin, Jan. ol, lt)i»8 ; Jonathan, Dec. 15, 1701 ; 
Elizabeth, Dec. 1, 1700. He sold his farm, in 1710, to his 
nephew, Jose|ih Whittemorc : it was the farm for nuuiy 
years owned by the Pierces, ailjoining that formerly owned 
by the first William, and afterwards by I{al])h. 

4. Tuuothy, son of Timothy and ^lartha, born June 11, 
1002; married Mary, Children, — John, born April 11, 
1722 ; Mary, Aug. 12, 1717 ; George, Sei)t. 20, 1725. 
Timothy lived in Charleslown ; married, for second wife, 
Abigail Frothingham, Jan. 11, 1758. 

4. William, son of Timothy and Martha, born Oct. 5, 
1094 ; married Klizabcth Kdes, Dec. 15, 1724. Children, — 
William, born Nov. G, 1727, in Charlcstown ; Elizabeth, 
Jan. 28, 1728. Married, for second wife, Anne, daughter 
of John Mousell and widow of Edward Newell, Feb. 18, 
1781 ; divorced in 1780. lie was a seaman, 

5. William, son of William and Elizabeth, married ITan- 
iiah Lothrop, Klarch 28, 1750, ond settled in Charlcstown. 
Child, — William 0., born in 1757; and died at l^alem, 
March 15, 1852, aged ninety*fivo. 

4. Benjamin, son of Timothy and Martha, born Jan. 81, 
1008 ; married Elizabeth Edes, Nov, 4, 1720. Children, — 

AM) Ills I)KS(;i:ni»aN'1*s. 


Aliijrulljwni Dec. lil,17-J:i; Kli/alielh, Jan. 8, 1724 ; Sa- 
rah, Feli. 17, 1725 ; Alary, June 24, 1728 ; lienjaiuin, Fol). Ti, 
17o3; JFannnh, May :n, 17J5(i; Su.sanna, Feb. 0, 1738; 
John, Sept. 10, 174^. The cliler iJcnjamin lived in Cliarlos- 

5. Benjamin, son or Bciijauiin and Elizahcth, born Feb. 5, 
1733 ; uiarricd Marlha Fitinan. CliiUlren, — JJenjaniin, 
liorn 1785 ; Margaret Daniels ; Alartha ; Mary ; Simmons ; 

0. Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Martha, born 1785 ; 
married Scbra Willington of Charlestown. Children, — 
Benjamin Ji., who lives in Chelsea; Martha, who married 
Air, Chcsman, and lives ut South Salem; Henry J., mar- 
ried three wives, — the first was Martha J. Afay ; second, 
Kliza Monlton ; tliird, Mary White. lie died in Salem, 
Jan. 20, 1851 : Pebra, his wife, died Oct. 0, 1847, aged 

7. Thomas, son of l>eiijamin and Martha, born 1707 ; 
married Mary Brhilcy, Oct. 31, 1810. Children, — Debo- 
rah, born Sept. 20, 1823, married Benjamin Lomden; John 
Brinley, born Sept. 25, 1825; Thomas Lyons, Aug. 22, 
1827 ; ilary E., born Jan. 20, 1831, married Andrew 
B. Wood; Richard, born July 31, 1834; Eliza Bryant, 
Sept, 15, 1835. lie lived in Salem, and died Oct. 2, 1840. 
His widow, and son Richard, live at No. 13, Warren Street, 

7. Benjaniin B., son of Benjamin and Scbra, born in 
Salem, Aug. 7, 1804 ; married Emelinc Harrington of Lex- 
ii^ton, Nov, 15, 1832. Child, — Emelinc H., born Dec. 14, 
1837, in Chelsea. He followed the sea for many years, and 
was a shipmaster ; but is now sui>erintcndent of the Chelsea 

7. Henry J., son of Benjamin and Sebra, lives in Glouces- 
ter, N.J. 


8. Tlioniiis li., sou of Thomas and Jfary, born Aug. 22, 
1827 ; married Harriet AVoodbury, March 16, 1841). His 
wife died Aug. 22, 18ol. Married, for second wife, Phcbo 
Irons, Oct. 10, 1854 : she died in Providence, Sept. 8, 1857. 
Cliildren, — Thomas Sidney ; Franklin W. Tliomas lives in 
Providence, R.I. 

8. John B., son of Thomas and Mary, born Sept. 2*'), 
1825 ; married Betsy Bobinson. Cliildren, — Charles 
Albert, born April 15, 1850 ; John Franklin, Aug. 23, 
1851 ; Goorgianna Halo, Jan. 11, 1853 ; Benjamin R., 
Sept. 6, 1854; Thomas Edgar, April 23, 185G ; Richard 
Lyons, Juno 3, 1858. 

3. ElizalKJth, daughter of George and Elizabeth of Woburn, 
and grand-daughter of William and Alaybal, born July 20, 
1653 ; married Daniel Fisko of Watertown. Mr. Fiske was 
a land-surveyor, and did much in laying out townships', &c. 
He was of the Lexington stock of Fiskes, who were relatives 
of Rev. John Fisko of Chelmsford, 

3. Samuel, son of George And Elizaboth, born April 29, 
1G56 ; married Elizabeth ^lousall of Charlestown, April 19, 
1079. Children, — Elizabeth, born April 3, 1087, married 
Ebonezer Iloulding, Feb. 5, 1712 ; Samuel, born July 16., 
1688 ; James ; Abigail, Jan. 10, 1082 ; Mary, Nov. 21), 1097, 
baptized at Cambridge, Dec. 5, 1697. lie lived in Cam- 
f bridge, and was a practising physician in Cambridge and 
Boston. lie served in King Philip's war, and was wounded. 
Mr. Mousall, his father-in-law, gave him a part of his 
homestead, by deed, bearing date Feb. 2, 1681 ; on which 
ho lived the latter part of his life. This homestead was 
situated ou the back-side of Winter Hill, on the i-oad to 
Medford. On a stone in the burying-grouud in Charles- 
town is inscribed, <^ Mrs. Elizabetli Read, relict of Dr. 
Samuel Read, died March 12, 1728^ in the sovontioth year 
of her ago.'* The town-records havo it July 16, 1729. 


3. George, sou of (leorge ami Elizabeth, born Sept. 14, 
IGGU; married Abigail Pierce, Keb. 18, 1084, Children, — 
Al»igail, born Feb. G, 1G85, and uiavried Capt. Samuel 
Stone; William, who died Dec. 1), 17:28 ; Ebenezer, March 6, 
IGOO ; he also had a daughter, who married Timothy 
AVttlkor or Charlestown ; another daughter, who married 
Jacob Kendall of Dunstable ; and another, who married Sa- 
muel AValkcr of Woburn ; also Elizabeth, born June 14, 1700, 
who married Deacon Chri-stopher Paige of l>illorica, Muy 23, 
1719. IIo lived about fifty rods from wliere Deacon Nathan 
Ulanchard now lives in Durlington, and was the fii'st deacon 
of tho chui'ch in what was formerly Woburn Precinct. A 
silver cup now in iiso by that church at its communion 
service was presented by him a hundred and fifty years 
ago. Ilis wife died Sept. 0, 1719; and lie married Sybil 
llice of Sudbury for his second wife, Afay 24, 1721. She was 
widow of Isaac Itice: her nutidun name was Collins. Tie 
died Jan. 20, 17oG, aged ninety-six ; and his gravestone is 
to be seen in tho south-westerly quarter of the old burying- 
ground in Woburn. 

4. Capt. Samuel Stone, and Abigail Read, daughter of 
Deacon George, went to Sudbury, and with Jonathan Fiske, 
who married a cousin to Abigail, settled on Pclham's Island, 
now a 'part of Wayland. She died at the ago of eighty 
years- * 

4. ElKsnezer, son of Deacon Oeorgo and Abigail; born 
March G, 1C90 ; married iruldah. Children, — Ebenczer, 
\m\i Sept. 2G, 171 '> ; Iluldah, Juno 11, 1717 ; Nathan, 
June 3, 1719; Abigail, April 3, 1721; Kliphas, Fob. 11, 
1726; Georgo, Dec. 29,1722, died March 20, 1804, aged 
eighty-one. George, tho father, gave Ebcnezor a deed of 
his farm, Dec. 11, 1722 ; and his sisters and brothers-in-law 
gave him a quit-claim deed. Kbcnczer died at Woburn, 
July 9, 17G7. 



5. Eliplias, son of El)cuczcr and Ilnldali, l»orn Fob. 11, 
1725; murridil Elizabulli i*ony in 1747. CliiKl, — Judilh, 
born Jnnc (J, 1748. His wife died Sept. 19, 1752. Mairiod 
Sarah Newell of Lexington, May 24, 1753. Children, — 
KHphas, born Aujr. 28, 1752 ; Newell, Feb. 10, 1754 ; Sarah, 
Dec. 12,1755, married Kbenczcr Wood; Joel, born 1757; 
Ward, who served in the Kevolntion, and afterwards went 
to Maine, und was a pensioner ; Reuben, burn ^farch 8, 
1700. Elipbas was in the llcvohitionary War, and was 
a prisoner at Qnebee, Dee. 31, 1775. 

G. Newell, son of Kliphus, born Feb. 10, 1754; married 
Mary Harrington of Lexington, Oct, 10, 1770, Children, 
— Joel, burn ifay IH, 1777 ; Newell, April 5, 1783 ; Nathan, 
Feb. 18, 1780 ; Orlando, Nov. 24, 1793 ; Abigail, Nuv. 21, 
1795 ; Fully, April 4, 1799 ; Lorcnda ; DanieL lie enlisted, 
in 1770, in Capt. Walker's company, of Woburn Precinct, 
for eight months. IIo died at liurlington, April 12, 1831. 

7. Newell, son of Newell and Mary, liorn April 5, 1783; 

i married Sarah Flood, ^lay 27, 1808. Children, — Joel, 

born Feb. 27, 1813 ; Charles, Oct. 14, 1818^ Newell, Jan. 19, 

1825; Nathan; Jacob. Newell died in Bedford, April 8, 

1855. His three youngest sons live in Bedford, 

7. Daniel, son of Newell and Hilary, married Betsy. Chil- 
dren, — AVilliam, who lives in North Woburn ; Augusta, who 
married Prcscott Barrett of Woburn ; Hiram, who died of con- 
sumption in Woburn, Oct. 3, 1849, aged twcntjMiine years and 
seven months. Daniel moved from Burlington to Oakham. 

5. George, sou of Kbenezer and Huldah, born Dec. 29, 
1722; married Mary Wood, Jfarch 20, 1740. Children,— 
Mary, born Jan. 19, 1745 ; Kesiah, Nov. 10, 1740 ; George, 
Jan. 7, 1749, killed in Lexington Fight ; Ebonozcr, born 
Nov. 29, 1751 ; Simon, Feb. 10, 1754 ; Jonas, April 15, 
1758; Kuth, July 31, 1700. George died March 20, 1804, 
aged eighty-one. 


0. Kcrjiuh, (laughter of (Jcorgc, nuirricd Joel Rocil, her 
cousiiigonnau, Nov. 15, 1787; and setlled iu Wasliing- 
tun, N.ll. 

t). Jonas, sou of George and >[ary, liorn A(>ril 15, 1758 ; 
married Rlioda Johnson, July 2, 177H. Children, — Uliodu, 
born April 18, 1779 ; Jonas, June 27, 1781 ; Dcnjaniin, 
Fob. 24, 1784 ; Patty, July "28, 17l»0 ; Nancy, June 7, 17D4. 

U. Simon, son of CJeorge aikd Mary, born at Wolnirn, 
Feb. 10, 1754; married Ksihcr. Children, — George, born 
Oct. 11, 1780 ; Lucy. Aug. '21, 1784 ; William, Feb. 20, 1788, 
graduated at Harvard College, and died of eonbum|ilion in 
iiurlington, June 25, 1812. 

G. Kl>enezer, son of George and Ifary, born Nov. 29, 1751 ; 
marrieil Ruth Snow, Juno 2;5, 1777. Married Anna for 
.»»econd wife. Children, — Anna, born Feb. 28, 1781 ; KIkj- 
nc/er, March 1, 1782. The ehler Kbcnezer bought the Snow 
Place at North Woburn, the homestead of his first wile's 
lather, and lived upon it. lie died Jan. 1, 1825. 

7. El>euezer, sou of Kbcnezer and Anna, born March 1, 
1782 ; married Kleanor. Children, — Klleanor, born Sept. 8, 
LS24; James, April 8, 1825; George. 

0. Joel, b0]i of Kliphas and Sarah, born Jan. 18, 1757 ; 
married his cousin Kersia, daughter of George Reed, Nov. 14, 
1787, and moved to Washington, N.ll. Children, — Kcsifth, 
Asa, Mary, Sally, Olive. Ho was in the battle of Bunker 
Hill, and her f;abcr was also in the same battle; and her 
brother George had been killed, in Lexington Fight, on the 
lUth of April previous. Joel died March IS), 1830 : his wife 
'diied July 4, 1845. 

7. Asa, son of Joel and Kcsiah, married Sarah Davis; 

settled in Stoddard, N.lf. ; and died May 13, 1830. Child, 

— George D., who, with his mother, lives at No. 74, Andover 

Street, lioston. 

5. Nathan, son of Kbenezer and iluldah, born at Woburn, 


June 3,1719; maniod Siisimna. ChiUlren, — Nathan, born 
at AVoburn, Jnly 14, 1744 ; Susanna, Dec. 4, 1745. 

'Alngail, daughler of Deacon George and Abigail, born in 
Woburn, Feb. G, 1G85 ; married Capt. Sanuiel Stone, and 
settled on Pelbam's Inland in Sudbury. He was one of the 
original proprietors of Rutland ; be and bis sons owning 
nine hundred acres of land in that township. Children, — 
Samuel, Nathan, Jonas, Isaac. They returned from Sud- 
bury to Lexingto]i, and died on the old Stone Farm, near 
the lino of Lexington and Lincoln. 

Samuel, son of Abigail llqed and Samuel Stone, settled 
on land set off to the right of his father in Uutland, which 
was lot No. 2i) in the lirst division, lie was one of the (irst 
settlers of Rutland. Married ^(indwell Stevens, Oct. 20, 
1732. Children, — Ksther, born in 1733, married John 
Bryant; Samuel, born in 173G; Isaac, 173U, died in the 
French War ; Mindwell, born in 1742 ; Stevens, 1744 ; 
second Stevens, 1740; Elijah, 1749. Samuel, the elder, 
died in the Revolutionary War. 

Sanmel, son of Samuel Stone and Mindwell, born at 
Rutland in 173G; married Patience Athcrton, 1756. Child, 
— Samuel. His wife died of small-pox in 176G. Married, 
for second wife, Dorothy Fletcher in 1701. Children, — 
Thomas, born 1702; Dorothy, 1704; Alpheus F. F., 1707 ; 
Abigail, 1709 ; Susanna, 1772. The elder Samuel died 
Dec. 10, 1775. 

Second Stevens, son of Samuel and l^lindwell, born in 
1746; married Mercy Munroc, Aug. 30, 1770. Child, — 
Elijah, bora at Rutland, April 18, 1771, who married Eunice 

Natimn, son of Capt. Samuel Stone and Abigail Reed, 
married Mary. Children, — Mary, bpru in 17-41; Thank- 
ful, 1748 ; Natlnui, 1740 ; Jcduthan, 1748 ; liois, 1752 ; 
Rebecca, 1750. ilary married Edward Rice, May 10, 1758 ; 

ANU HKS Dli»Ci-:NilANl*S. 109 

Thankful married Isaac Savage in 1760 ; Nathan married 
Fi-celoYC Pliillips ui 1708; Lois married Eli Chirk in 1770; 
Jeduthau married Elizabeth llowc in 1773; Rebecca mar- 
ried Tliomas Hunt in 177o. Tlu7 were jirominent and 
useful members in society. 

Jonasy sou of Capt. Samuel Stone and Abigail Reed, lived 
on a liortion of the old lot No. 2") in Rutland ; was a promi- 
nent man in town and clnuvh. ^larried Elizabeth. Chil- 
di-cn,— Elizabeth, born in 17o8 ; Deborah, 17Sli; Jonas, 
' 1741; Lucy, 174;J; Hannah, 1740; Zeruiah, 1749. Jonas 

moved back to Lexington in 17'>1. 

Isaac, son of Capt. Samuel Stone and Abitrail Reed, mar- 
rie«I ^lartha, and settled in Rutland. Children, — Abner, 
born in 1748; Patty, 17.01, — these two were born in IjCx- 
ington ; Isaac, born in Rutland in 1758; Abi«rai1, Hoo; 
AlpheuM, 1757. Isaac built and kept a )Hiblic-housc in Rut- 
laud, and the same stand has been occu|)ied as such ever 
since ; it being lot Xo. 01, granted to the iir>t settled mini- 
ster, and garrisoned for Rev. Mr. Willard. He removed from 
Rutland to Oakham; and his daughter ]^ltty married Rev. 
John Strickland, the Arst minister of Oakham. 
- 4. Elizabeth, daughter of Deacon George and Abigail, 
horn June 14, 1700; married Christopher Paige, son of Na- 
thsuiiel and Joanna, of that part of liillerica which is now 
JJcdford, May 23, 1720; settled in llardwick in 1734 or 5, 
ivlicve Mr. Paige was selectman seven years, and the first 
deacon of the church in llardwick at its organization in 
1730. Children, — Christopher, born June 11, 1721 ; Wil- 
liam, May 2, 1723 ; George, June 17, 1725 ; Timothy, 
Jklay 24,1727; Jonas, Sept. PJ, 1721); Elizabeth, Oct, 3, 
1731 ; Lucy, Feb. 22, 17;54 ; Nathaniel, May 18, 17aG ; 
John, July l>, 1738 ; Kli/abeth, June 7, 1743. Deacon 
Vuigc died March 10, 1774, agud eighty-thrco. Elizubeth, 
Ills wiJow, died in 1780, aged eighty-six. 


o. Gluisto|)Iior, son of noueon ChrUtO|ihcr and Klizalicth 
Itoed, l>oni June 11, 1721; iiianicd Kebccca IIu.skull of 
Rochester in IToO, wliou iio was eighteen years of ago. 
Child, — Chiistoplier, wlio settled in Swansey, N.II., and 
had a nnmerous lauuly. llo died Dec. 3, 1772. 

5. Willlani, son of Deacon Christopher and Klt'zahcth, born 
May 2, 1728; married Mercy Aiken, Jan. 11, 1744. Chil- 
dren, — AVilliam, born May o, 1745 ; James, Sept. ID, 1747; 
llebecca, Oct. 8, 174U ; Jesse, Marcli 4, 1752 ; ilercy, May 18, 
1754 ; Lncy, March lU, 1757 ; Christopher, Jnnc 12, 1702. 
lie sncceeded his father in tlio ollico of deacon of tho chnrch 
in Ilardwick, and was capliiin in the French War ; was 
selectman ten years; was delegate to tlie Provincial Con- 
gress in 1775, and delegate to the Constitntioiml Convention 
in 1779 ; representative fonr years. llo died Feb. 14, 
171)0: his wife died Feb. 11), 1823, aged a hnndred and 
two ycai's. 

6. William, son of William and Mercy, born May 5, 1745 ; 
married j^Ierey Raymond, Oct. 0, 1708. lie was deacon 
of tho chnrch in Ware ; where he died June 23, 1820, 
leaving posterity. 

0. James, son of William and Mercy, born Sept. 19, 1747 ; 
married Tiiankfnl Raymond, Oct. 0, 1708. Children,— 
Ralph, horn Ang. 21, 1700; Charles, Oct. 10, 1771 ; James, 
Oct. 14, 1773 ; Nathaniel, April 14, 1770 ; Benjamin, 
Jnly 24,17*8; Lncinda, Jnly 28, 1780; Mercy, Nov. 12, 
1780 ; Ira, June 17, 1781). Ho was a major of militia and 
a selectman. Married, for second wife, Widow Mary Lawton, 
sister of his first wife, ^larch 22, 1807 ; and died in ilard- 
wick, Veb, 18, 1818. 

7. Ralph, son of James and Thankful, born Aug. 21, 
1709; lived in Rutland, Vt. ; was a justice of the peace; 
and died Aug. 20, 1857, leaving i>ostiirity. 

7. Charles, son of James and Thankful, born Oct. 10, 

AND ills DK.S('KM)ANT.H. 


1771 ; lived in Ilanlwick, where he died April 21, 1853. 
His son, Elhridgc (JeriT, was oiio of the editors of tlio " New- 
York Sunday ilorcury," and known as " Dow, jun.** 

G. llcbecca, daugliter ol' Deacon WitUuni, born Oct. 8, 
1749; married John Foster, Oct. l5, 17G8. Child, — James, 
who was a clergyman in tho State of New York. She was 
married tho same day with Iter iwo elder brothers ; and the 
wives of her two brothers were sisters. 

G. Jesse, son of Deacon William, born March 4, 1752; 
married ^lary Jireckciiridfz;e of Ware in 1780, and lived 
in Ilardwick, where ho died July 3, 1818. Children, 

— Francis, Mary, Christoiiher, Nancy, Sally, Jesse, Ila- 

G. Mercy, daughter of Deacon William, born May 18, 
1751; married Nathaniel Graves of Athol, May 21), 1777; 
and died at an advanced age, leaving children. 

G. Lucy, daughter of Deacon William, born March 10, 
1757 ; married Daniel lluggles, Jis<i., of Ilardwick, Dec. iSO, 
1770; ond died Aug. 3, 18-10. Children, — Oardncr, born 
Fc)). IG, 1782, was a major of militia and a re|irosehtativc, 

— ho was thrown from a wagon, and killed, Aug. 5, 1853 
(his son Daniel is a brevet-colonel in the United-States 
Army); Ansou, born Dec. 17, 178;l; Franklin, March 21, 
178G ; Mercy, April 2G, 1788, died Oct. 9, 1802 ; Lucy, 
horn April 5, 1701 ; Crighton, June 10, 1793 ; Alma, 
July 22, 1795; Luthera, Jan. 4, 1798. 

G. Christopher, son of I beacon William, born June 12, 
17t)2 ; graduated at Dartmouth College in 1784 j was a 
clergyman, and settled in Pitthfield, N.II. ; afterwards in 
Iloxbury, N.IL He married the widow of Rev. Klljah Flet- 
cher of ITopkiuton, one of whoso daughters was tho first 
M'ifc of Daniel Webster. Children, — Elijah F., graduated 
ttt Harvard College 1810, and died in Virginia in 1817; 
James W., an eminent merchant in Boston; Christopher, 


who lives in NuHliua, N.ll. ; Nancy, wlio died unmarned. 
He diud at JrJalisbuiy, Oct. 12, 1822. 

5. George, son of Deacon Christopher Paige and Elizabeth 
Hoed, horu Juno 17, 1725 ; married llosilla AVhitcomb, 
Juno 4, 1702. ChiUhen, — Nathaniel, born Jan. 11, 1754, 
moved to Vermont; Asa, Jan. 2,"), 1750 ; George, ilarch 9, 
1758 ; Rhoda, Oct. 5, 1700 ; Nathan, Aug. 7, 1702, moved 
to Vermont ; Paul, Feb. 12, 1705 ; Pierce, July 10, 1708 ; 
Anno, July 23, 1771. He died at Haidwick, May 8, 1781 : 
his wife died Oct. 20, 1807. 

5. Timothy, son of Deacon Christopher and Elizabeth, 
born May 24, 1727; married Mary Foster of Rochester, 
Oct. 24, 1754. Cbihlren, — Lydia, born Sept. 15, 1755; 
Timothy, Feb. 10, 1757; Mary, Oct. 19, 1759; Poster, 
Aug. 29, 1701 ; Reed, Aug. 30, 1704 ; ifoses, Dec. 12, 
1705, diod Dee. 28, 1705 ; Moses, born Feb. 19, 1707 ; 
Rebecca, Nov. 28, 1708 ; Thohws, Nov. 7, 1770, died 
Nov. 21, 1770 ; Thomas, born April 20, 1772 ; George 
Washington, Aug. 24, 1775. lie was a captain in the 
Revolutionary War, and colonel in the government Ibi'ecs 
raised to suppress Shay's Rebellion ; was selectman, town- 
trcasiirer, and representative. Died at Ilardwick, Aug. 
20, 1791: his widow died July 21, 1825, aged ninety-three 

6. Lydia, daughter of Timothy and Mary, born Sept. 15, 
1755 ; married Deacon Thomas Puller, Nov. 20, 1778 ; set- 
tled at Hardwick, Vt. ; and diod July 8, 1810. 

7. Martin, sou of Thomas and Lydia, born June 6, 1780 ; 
married Letitia Duncan of Hancock, N.II. Children, — 
Thomas J. D., bora March, 1808, — a lawyer in Calais, Me., 
and a memlxsr of Congress; Lydia, July 2, 1810, married 
Rev. Mr. Stouo of Cabot, Vt., — diod Dec. 8, 1844 ; Mary, 
Jan. 18, 1812 ; Hiram, Oct. 22, resides in Hancock, N.H. 

7. Thomas, son of Thomas and Lydia, born lilarch 24, 



t7S2; married Sully II(Uisc of l^enniiigton, Yt, Dec. 31, 
ISOi), and settled in Knosl»urg, Vl.; lutt recently reiuoved 
to ISoston. Children, — Cordelia Huinmh Lydia, born 
l>ec. :i7, ISIO, who married Jfon. lloraco Katon, late Gover^ 
nor of Vermont, and died 1^1). 7, 1H41 ; Tliontas I J., Immmi 
March 13, 181."), — u merchant in Huston ; Charles Kdwin, 
Juno 8,1817, died Sept. 13, 1^3r>; Martin Kimball, born 
April 21, 1823, died Au.^. 24, 1838; Mary C, born Oct. 22, 
1821, died Nov. li], 1817 ; Sarah Kmcry, born July lf>, 1820, 
died Jnly 20, I84r> ; Martha ItelxJeea, born March 24, 1828, 
nrarried A. P. Chandler of Ijiiston ; Frances Alaria, bora 
Feb. la, 1801, died Feb. 0, 18.V2. 

7. Lydia, dan^rhter of 'JMiomas and Lydia, lioni Juno 6, 
1784 ; married lUiniel Weld of lierkshire, Vt; ; and had John 
Fuller, bcn-n in I'erMiire. They moved to Cornish, and had 
Daniel, ^foses, Kl>en, Martin, and Charles. 
^ 7. Malindu, daughter of Tlunnus and Lydia, born Feb. 3, 

{ 1787 ; married Charles Stearns o4* Knosbuig, Vt. ; and had 

1 seven children, names not given. 

7. Timothy Faigo, son of Thonn\s and Lydia, born March 
SO, 1790 ; married Uebecca Duncan of Hancock, N.ll., 
Nov, 14, 181G ; and died July 21, 1854. lie lived in 
^ IJiikersfield, Yt. ; was Judge of the County Court. 

7. Austin, son of Thonnis and 1-iydia, born April 13, 
1702 ; nnirried Betsy Maynard of llakersfield, where ho re- 
sides, and was Jutlge of the County Court. 

7. Francis E., son of Thomas and Lydia, born March 20, 
17U4; married Martha AVoreester of llollis, N.ll., Sept. 80, 
ISIU ; and nuirried her sister Hannah for second wife, 
Oct. 17, 1825. Children, — Samuel Worcester, burn April 
2.*), 1822; Martha Worcester, March 22, 1824, 

7. Kobcceu Paige, daughter of Thomas and Lydia, born 
April 21), 1700 ; married Alvan House at Ilardwick, Vt., 
and hud ^even children. Lives at Unosburg. 


7. John Washinglon, sou of Thomas and Lydia, born 
Jan. 4, 1799 ; and died A\ig. 15, 1803. 

G. Timothy, son of Tiuiothy and Mary, born Fob. IG, 
1757 ; married Mary Robinson of llardwick, Jan. 20, 1780. 
Children, — Mary, born Oct. 28, 1780; Soijhia, Oct. 31, 
1782 ; Stephen West, May 3, 1785 ; Timothy, March 6, 
1788; Martin, Sept. 27, 1791 ; Cyrus, April 7, 1794, died 
Jan. 16, 1796 ; Reboocft, boi-n Aug. 27, 1796, died Marcli CO, 
1821; Cyrus, born Scjit. IG, 1799, died Juno 28, 1803; 
LuciujB Robinson, born March 8, 1802. lie was a captaui 
of cadets, a justice of the peace and quorum, selectman 
eighteon years, assessor twenty-four years, a delegate to the 
State Convention in 1820, and representativo to the I^gish\- 
ture soventocn yoars. lie died Oct. 29, 1821 : his widow 
died irarch 29, 1836. 

7. Mary, daughter of Timothy and Mary, born Oct. 28, 
1780 ; married Col. Thomas Wheeler of llardwick, Feb. 14, ' 
1805 ; and moved to Ticonderoga, N.Y., in 1819, where sho 
died Sept. 18, 1828. Children, — Ann Dexter, born Dec. 3, 
1805, died Jan. 25, 1816 ; Thomas A., Nov. 7, 1808, died 
April 15, 1811 ; Charlotte Sophia, May 8, 1811, who married 
a Bennett, and lives in New-York State ; Mary Jimcline, 
June 21, 1813, married Thomas R. Orecii of llelchertown, . 
and died Feb. 20, 1843 ; Itebccca Ann, March 6, 1816, who 
married Lyman Burrill of Dunkirk, N.Y., and died June 10, 
1853 ; Eliza Jane, April 15, 1819, who married Rev. Stephen 
LovcU of Boston, died March 4, 1848 ; Juliet Elvira, Sept. 10, 
1821, died July, 1840. 

7. Stephen West, son of Timothy and Mary, liorn May 3, 
1785; married Lucy, daughter of Daniel Rugglcs, Es<|., 
Oct. 26,1809, and lives in llardwick. Has been representa- 
tive, and justice of tho peace. Children, — Adeline, born 
March 20, 1811, who married Capt, Walter ManduU, Jan. 31, 
1842, and died Oct. 3, 1842 ; Theodore, born Oct. 27, 1813, 

^iIlClu^ i\. 'fciv 


'..!'. ... . . . 


and (lied March 21, 1814; Lucy, boni July 30, 1815, died 
June 10, 181G; West, horn Au^. 23, 1817, Avho married 
Caroline M. AVarncr of Ilardwick, Doc. 13, 1848, and died 
Sept. 4, 1853 ; William, horn Dec. 18, 1819, resides in 
Ilardwick; Lucy llehecca, Jan. 19, 1822, married Elbridgo 
Mandell of Ilardwick, June 18, 1844, and has had four 
children ; Daniel Uuggles, born July 14, 1829, died Aug. 2G, 

7. Timothy, son of Timothy and Mary, born ILarch 6, 
1788; married CynthiaAnunidown, March, 1815. Children, 
— Cynthia Evelina, born Dec. 4, 1815, died Nov. 10, 1850 ; 
Juliet Eliza, born April 14, 1817, who married M. Mansfield, 
a merchant in Barton, Vt. ; Timothy, born Feb. 17, 1819; 
Calvin Ammidown, June 7, 1820. lie was a lawyer, and 
spent some years In the State of Georgia; but returned, 
and settled hi Southhridge, Mas>s. IFc died Nov. 10, 1822. 

7. Martin, son of Timothy and Mary, l)orn Sept. 27, 1791 ; 
married Mary Ann Jiiliings, Aug. 20, 1817, and lives in 
rrovidence. Children, — Timothy, horn Aug. 3, 1818, 
who lives in Cavendish, Vt. ; Frederick Augustus, mer- 
chant in Providence, Nov. G, 1819; George, Aug. 17, 1821, 
who was a merchant in Providence, and died, unmarried, 
April 8, 1855 ; Julia killings, bom Jan. 12, 1824, died 
May 14, 1825 ; James, born Feb. 9, 182G, died May 7, 1820 ; 
Henry, born April 5, 1829, merchant in Providence ; ^lartha 
Pomeroy, Jan, 4, 1832, married William Stone of Worces- 
ter, June, 1854 ; Sarah Pomeroy, born Sept. 9, 1837, died 
Sept. 30, 1888. 

7. Lucius Ilobinson, son of Timothy and Mary, born 
March 8, 1802 ; a clergyman, who was settled, fu*st in 
Springfield, next in Gloucester, and next at 'Cambridge, 
llesigned his pastoral charge, on account of ill 'lieaUh, in 
1839; and has since preached occasionally. Has published 
four volumes of commentaries on the New Testament. Ho 


was elcctcil town-clerk of Cambritlpo, soon after he rosijrncil 
his pastoral cliur^^e, in l«s;j«) ; anil, alter Cnni1>riilL'0 l)eeanic a 
city, he was chosen city-clerk ; which oflice he resigneil in 
1855, and became cuhliier of the Camhridgc Jinnk. lie was 
a|)i}ointod a justice of the ])oaco in 1818 ; and received 
the lionomry degree of A.M., at Harvard College, in 1850, 
He married Chxrinda Richardson of lirooklield, Sept. 14, 
182G. She died Aug. 2t), 18;>;1 ; and he married, for second 
wife, Abhy II. Whiitemore of Charlestown, Oct. 5, 18S4. 
She died l^ec. 23, 184^i ; and ho married Lucy l{ichardsou 
of Brooklicld, Oct. 22, 1845. Children,— Henry IJallou, 
bora Pec. 23,1827, died Jan. 17, 1828; Lucius R., born 
Sept. 19,1829, — was a merchant in i>oston, and married 
Ellen S. Pond of Cambridge, Oct. 15, 1851, and died Oct. 28, 
1852; Mary Jane Tearcc, born March 8,18112, died J)ec. 27, 
1854; Thomas Whitlemorc Robinson, Oct. 17, 18:i7, died 
April 2,1838; Clariuda Richardson, born Dec. 24,1840, 
died Dec. 30, 1843. He is preparing a History of Cam- 
bridge, and has collected a gi*oat amount of statistics for 
that purpose. 

G. Mary, daughter of Timothy and Mary, born Oct. 19, 
1759; married Daniel Fay of Hard wick, Aug. 23, 1778; 
settled in Rethel, Vt. ; and died at Stockbridge, Yt., lilarch 
27, 1834. Children, — Mary, born March 10, 1779, married 
Rev. Philander Chase, l]i>hop of Ohio and of Illinois, and 
died May 5, 1818; Nancy, lifaixsh 25, 1781, who married 
Nathaniel Kvans, settled in Middlebury, 0., and died July 12, 
1825; Elizabeth, Ixirn Sept. 3,1783, married R. Hatchelder, 
and died in Bethel, Vt., May 4, 1831 ; Jodcdiah, born 
Jan. 30, 178G, — a physician, who died at Owego, N.Y., 
April 23, 1848 ; Tijiiolhy Paige, May 9, 1788,— a jihyhician, 
who resides in Stockbridge, Vt. ; Almira, July 28, 1790, died 
Ocl. 29, 1824 ; Daniel, born Oct. 2t], 1792, died March IG, 
179G; Cyrus Paige, ^born Feb. 17, 179G, — a physician at 



(A)lumlius,0. ; Orcn, I>cc. 17, 1708, — a nicrcliaut, who died 
lit Madrid, Mo., SopUiinhor, 18o4. 

G. Poster, son i>! Timothy and ifary, l)orn Aug. 29,1761 ; 
married Amittui l*ai«re, Jan. i), ns.'). Settled in Ilardwick, 
Vt., ahouL the year 1800 ; and from tlienee went to JJakcrs- 
licld, Vt., where he died June "Ji, 1 Slo. His widow was living 
in 18(j0, aged ninely-bix years. ChiUlren, — (jardnor, horn 
Oct. 10, 1785, wlio married IJetsey Parker, Ajiril 2.j, 1810, 
and lives at llakersfiehl, Vt. ; Scneea, horn Peh. 15,1788, 
was member of the Parliament for the 1^'ovincc of Canada, 
and died in Oetoher, 1850 ; Heed, horn ilareh 28, 171>0, wlio 
married Knnice Culler of Ilardwick, Mass., and lives iu 
liakersfield, A't. ; ihxry Foster, July 18, 1702, who married 
Jesso (\iigo of Ilardwick, Mass., and died Jan. 10, iS'Ji^; 
Rebecca Peirce, horn ilareh 17, 1707, who married David 
b^mith, June 25, 1820 (^he died, and she married AmiIicI 
Doming, Oct. 5, 1828); Foster, Oct. 25, 1801, who married 
Juliii Soulo, and lives in IJakersIielil, Vt. ; Amittai Cutler, 
Nov. H5, 1804, who married Lyman llurlburt. May 25, 1S24 
(he died, and she married Klijah Darns, July 2,1857); Sally 
Warner, Aug. 5, 1808, who nuirried Fay Drigham, and died 
March 11,1828. 

t>. llced, fifon of Timothy and ilary, horn Aug. 30, 1704 ; 
graduated ut Dartmouth College in 1780 ; the first pastor 
of the church in Hancock, Mass. ; ordained in 1701 ; and died 
July 22, 1810, aged lifty-two years, 1 le was justly esteemed 
a learned, pious, able, and faithful minister; a good citizen, 
and an honest, U])right man ; a firm patriot; a zealous and 
aide advocate of his country's rights, — which very mucli 
endeared him to his ))eople, who frequently olocied him 
ripre.'^entative ; which oOlcc he filled at the time of his death. 
Married Ilanntih Paige of Dodford, Dec. 25, 1704. Children, 
— Abigail, born Jan. 23, 1700, who married Jacob Flint of 
Peterborough, X.lf. ; Mary, iMirn Oct. 2, 1700, who married 


Moses Whitney of Now l*oslon, N.II. ; David, I)orn March 11, 
1802, — a physiciaii, who mairicil Prances Tyler, Oct. 1 , 1844, 
and moved to J>clvidere, III. ; Timothy, born Aug. 31, 1805, 
Avho wasj a cadet at West l^oiut, and attained tho rank of 
captain in tho United-States Army, — resigned Ins commis- 
sion, and commenced tho practice of law at New Orleans, 
and since at New York ; Nathaniel Qeorgo llecd, born 
Aug. 17, 1807, who lives at Marengo, 111. ; William, 
April 18, ISlly who is a merchant in Mobile, Ala. 

6, Moses, son of Timothy and Mary, born Feb. 19, 17C7 ; 
married Lucy Aiken, Aug. 27, 1780 ; and married, for 
second wife, Mary Aiken, Juno, 1801; and died at ITardwick, 
Dec. 6, 1818. Children, — Joel, born Jan. 25, 1798, — a 
physician, who resided many years at Owogo, N.Y., and 
removed to Alexander, N.Y., in 18r>0, and died July, 1835 ; 
Lucy, born April 13, 179C, married Anson Ruggles of 
Ilardwick ; Mary, born March 8, 1798, married a ITuskins 
of Prescott ; Moses, born Feb. G, 1800, married the widow of 
his brother Asa, and kept an apothecary-shop in Troy, but 
now lives in Bennington, Yt. ; Asa, born Dec. 0, 1801, a 
physician ai\d apothecary in Troy, N.Y., and married Sarah 
Ruggles of Ilardwick ; Hannah, born May 11, 1804, married 
a llaywood of Waro, and died in 1835 ; Clarissa, born 
Dec. 22, 1808, married a lireckonridgo of Ware. 

C. Rebecca, daughter of Timothy and Mary, horn Nov. 28, 
1768; married Capt. Scth Peirce of Ilardwick, Dec. 22, 
179S, and had one child, which died soon after its birth. 
She died Aug. 2, 1795. 

G. Thomas, sou of Timothy and Ifary, born April 20, 
1772; married Susan Warner of Now Drain tree, Juno 17, 
1798, and lived in Ilardwick, New Draintree, and Lonoxville, 
C.E., and Compton, O.K., whcro ho died Juno 28, 1855. 
Children, — Susan Warner, born Aug. 10,1800; Hannah 
Ware, Juno 22, 1803, who married Samuel Wood of Farn- 


AND ins 1)i:.sci:nd.\nts. 


ham, C.E., Feb. 9, 184:3 ; Daniel Waldo, born Fol). 18, 
1804, wlio married Sarah Smitli ol* rjciioxvillc, O.K., in 18:i0, 
uiul lives iu Canada ; Ocorj^e Washington, born May 18, 
180G, married Klvira Waters of Harrc, Vt., Aug. 24, 1835, 
and lives at Chicago ; Almira Chirk, born Feb. 7, 1808, died 
March 11, 18;i8 ; Prudence. JIaria, born May 15, 1811, 
luarricd Samuel A. Porter of Worcester, April 3, 1831 ; 
ir^ophia Foster, lioni March 4, 1815, married Austin Bixby 
of Worcester, March 15, 18oll ; Letitia Duncan, born May 2, 
1817; Thomas llecd, June 1, 1821, died May 25, 183G; 
Harriet Antoinette, born July 2, 1825, died May 4, 1827. 

<}. George AVashington, son of Timothy and Mary, bom 
Aug. 24, 1775 ; a physician, justice of the peace, and eUler 
ia the Presl»yterlan Church at Colchester, N.Y; married a 
Mi-s. Cunningham, and died Sept. 10, 1834. 

5. Jonas, sou of Deacon Christopher Paige and Flizabeth 
Heed, boru Sept. 19, 172U; served several campaigns in the 
French and Indian wars, and was afterwards of a roving 
dis|)Osition. In consequence of an early disappointment, as 
it is said, he never married. Ho was living in 17U2 ; but the 
time of bis death is unknown. 

5. Lucy, daughter of Deacon Christopher and Elizabeth, 
l)oni Feb. 22, 1734 ; married Seth Lincoln of AVcstern, now 
Warren, Oct. 10, 1751, who died ilay G, 1793 ; and she 
married a Tyler, and died Sept. 1, 1821. Children, — 
Thomas, Seth, Asu, Lucy, IJetsy, Olive, Thankful!, Mary, 
licvi, Sully. 

6. Seth, sou of Lucy Paige and Seth Lincoln, married 
Jemima. Children, — Jemima, born 1780, died Nov. 15, 
1780; Lucy, born Oct. 1, 1782, who married Dr. Fairfield, 
and was mother of Sumner Lincoln Fairfield, a ))oet of some 
note; llervey, born March 17, 1785, died Oct. 17, 1823; 
Ivors, born July 22, 1788; Warren, >larch 11, 17U1,— 
tt colonel of cavalry; Jemima, 1793, died Jan. 7, 1797; 


Fanny, born Dec. 20, 1700, who ninrricd Joseph Puigo of 
IJaiTc; Sumner, born June 20, 1790, graduated at Yulo 
College in 1822, — a elergyman, who lived many years at 
Gardner, lifass. 

5. Nathaniel, son of Hcueon Christopher Paigo and Eliza- 
beth Heed, horn May 18, M&ii ; eloeted dcucon of the eliureh, 
May 12, 1786. For the first five years after his election, his 
brother William was his associate in oHico. They were suc- 
cessors of their father iu the .same oflicc ; and Nathaniel was 
succeeded by James, sun of William. Deacon Nathaniel 
married Joanna Freeman of Sandwich, in 1751). She died ; 
and ho married Ifartha Fisk, daughter of Rev. Klislm Fisk of 
Upton, August, 178:^. licmoveil to Athol in 1K12 ; and died 
Jan. 0, 1810. Children,— IOli/al)clh, born April 27, 1788 ; 
Nathaniel F,, Aug. 11, 1700 ; Jason, Dec. 18, 1702, — a mer- 
chant in New Vork. 

5. John, son of Deacon Christopher and Elizabeth, born 
July G, 1738 ; married Hannah Winslow of llochester in 
January, 1705 ; removed from Ilardwick to Siephentown, 
N.Y., in 1700, and afterwards to Schaghticoke, where ho 
and his wife died April, 1811, and both occupied one grave. 
Child, — AVinslow, born Feb. 28, 1707, — a clergyman, 
who settled in Stcphcntowa in 1700, at Schaghticoke in 
1703, at Florida, N.Y., in 1808, and at Ihoomc in 1820; 
received the degree of A.M., at Ih'own [Jniversity, iu 1828 ; 
married Clarissa Keyes of Ashford, Conn., in 1787 ; and 
died at Broome, March 15, 1838. 

7. John Keyes, son of Winslow and Clarissa, born at 
Ilardwick, Aug. 2, 1788; graduated at Williams College in 
1807 ; a lawyer, and cadet at West Point ; captain of the 
United-States Army in 1812; a colonel of militia in 1817; 
district attorney in 1818; clerk of the Supreme Court in 
1823 ; regent of the University of New York in 1820. 
Married Helen Maria Yates, daughter of Governor Yates, 



Oct. ir>, 1817. She died Juimary, lH2i»; ami he married 
Anna Alaiia JJloodgooil, Nov. liO, 1^:>:]. Ills general resi- 
dence was at Alljaiiy, N.Y. ; of \vl»ieh place lie was mayor, 
lie died at Selicncctady, N.V., Dec. 10, 18.>7. Children,— 
Joseph Christopher Yates, born July 8, 1818, graduated at 
Williams College in 18:58, a lawyer ; Anna Dloodgood, Dee. 
10, 1834 ; John Keycs, April 18, 18^7, died Jlay 29, 18^8. 

7. Hannah AVinslow, daughter of Winslow and Clarissa, 
born August, 1701, who married Archibald Croswell of 
iJroomc, N.Y., 1822. 

7. ]i[aria C, daughter of Winslow and Clarissa, born 
171)4; married David Cady of Florida, N.Y., 1815. 

7. Alonzo Christopher, son of Winslow and Clarissa, born 
July ai, 170G ; graduated at Williams College, 1812 ; a law- 
ycr ; district attorney ; meml»er of the Assemldy four years, 
and senator live years; reporter to the Court of Chancery. 
Married Harriet l>. Mumford In 18o2, and has generally 
resided in Schenectady. Children,— -licnjamin Af., born in 
1«;;4, died in 1838 ; Clara, 1830 ; Harriet B., 1838. 

7. Diana C, daughter of Winslow and Clarissa, born 
February, 1799; married Allen Jackson of Florida, N.Y., 
in 1820. 

7. Antoinette A. L., daughter of Winslow and Clarissa, 
Wn in Augtist, 1804 ; married George Smith of Florida in 
1S2'>. He died August, 1828; und she married Piatt Pot- 
ter, Esfj., of Schenectady, N.Y., in l8o«). 

;V Klizabeth, daughter of Deacon Christopher Paige and 
Elimbcth, born June 7, 1743 ; married Solomon Green 
of lieicester in 17l)5, and died at her birthplace, in Hard- 
wick, April 1, 1802. Children, — Timothy, who resided in 
Ohio in 1888 ; Solomon, who went to New York ; Archclaus, 
July 10, 1770, — a clergymtm and physician, and resided at 
Virgil, X.Y., where he died Dec. 25, 1843 ; John ; Slary ; 
Lyndc ; Isaac, May 25, 1798 ; Serena, 1782, died young. 




ti. Archclaiis, son orSoloinoii Grcoii and lOli/abcth Paige, 
bom July 1(3, 1770 ; had Jordan Dodgo, who died young; 
llirani, a clergy man; Joint; Paigo; Lucy; Archelaus. 

0. Isaac, son of Solomon Orcen and Elizabeth, born 
May 2^, 1778 ; married Uebocca Gay llarridcn of Taunton, 
January, 1808, and lived in Providence, but now lives in 
llchobolh. Children, — John llarridcn, born March 19,^ 
1811, who married IFarrict C. Potter, Fob. 3, 1833, and lives 
in Providence; Karah Ann, married Edwin Potter, and lives 
in Providence; Itcbcrca, married William liurke,and Mvmh in 
Cranston, ll.I. ; Solonion, born Dec. 22, 1810, married Nancy 
B. Mai)chcstcr of Newport, and lives in Rehoboth. 
■^ 8. William, son of Cleorgo and Elizabt^th, and grandson of 
William and Maybal, born Sept. 22, ll)i>2; married Abigail 
Kendall, his father's cousin, Ifay 24, 1080. She Imd an 
unusual number of fnigers and toes. Children, — Abigail, 
bora May 21), 1Cj87, married Deacon Jonalhan Eiske, and 
moved to Sudbury; William, born July 18, 1093 ; Mary, 
April 8, lOl)."), nuirried Deacon John Stone; ]>enjamin, born 
Oct. 22, i«»9i), married Uebecca Stone; Samuel, born Oct. 24, 
1G99 ; Joshua, Jan. 20, 1702 ; Ilepsibah, Dec. 10, 1705, 
married Daniel Tidd ; Elizabeth, married Joseph Munroe ; 
Ilcl)ccca, married Edward Johnson of Woburn. lie settled 
in Cand)ridge Farms, now Lexington ; and was a great land- 
liolder in Cambridge Earms, Woburn, and J>illerica. lie 
held a justice's eonunis^ion, and was also a military captain, 
but was generally called Capt. Itead. He was one of the 
board of selectmen chosen the fust year after the incorpora- 
tion of the town in 1713. lie died in Cambridge Farms, 
May 12, 1718. 1 find him purchasing land up to within 
five days of his death. His wife died Oct. 12, 1734. They 
were buried in Lexington old burying-yard ; and two plain 
stones near the centre of the yard, with the common inscri|i- 
tion, mark their resting-place ; and around thcui are clus- 



tcrcd the tombstones and nioiiunionts oi* their de:>eoiiclants, 
fining a hirgc portion of the yard. 

4, William, son of William and Abigail, born July 18, 
1093; married Sarah roultor. Children, — William, born 
Jan. 1, 1720; Samuel, May 4, ll'2i; Sarah, Jan. H, 1725; 
Mary, Jfareh TO, 172*S, married William JJowman; Oliver, 
born March 25, 17o0; John, May 28, 1731; Jfarmond, 
April 28, nai; Eliot, April 2S, 17!58 ; Hannah, Oct. 21, 
1740; Nathan, Nov. *J, 174^J. He lived abt)ut a mile from 
the Monument iu Lexinglun. on the road to J >ed ford, where 
ho owned a great tract of land in that neighborhood, on 
which his sons llarmond and Nathan renmined and setlled. 
IIo also had bix hundred acres in what is now the centre 
of the town of I>cdford, on which he settled his sons John 
and Oliver, lie settled his sou Samuel about u mile north 
of his residence in liurlington, on the farm now owned by 
Mr. Nichols, whoso wife is one of his descendants. The 
house in which he lived and died is biill standing, in good con- 
dition ; and is owned by Mr. Christopher Iteed, his grandson. 
He was a representative twenty years in succession; a jus- 
tice of the peace during the reigns of (ieorge II. and J J I.; and 
did much of the public business in the town and county. 
Vor many years, he ofliciate*! in nuirrying his descendants, 
lie died Feb. 11, 1778, aged eighty-live years. He had pre- 
pared a tomb previous to his death ; a splendid aiVair for those 
times, and is still in good pn*servation in the old burying- 
yard. lie was generally known by the appellation of Ksquire 
Head. A portion of his homt^stead was bought of Uobert 
Piske, his relative, Feb. fl, 1718. 

5. William, son of William and Sarah, born Jani. 1, 1720 ; 
married Abigail Stone, Jan. 1, 1741, on the day of his ma- 
jority. Children,— William, born Oct. 2, 1742 ; Abigail, 
Sept. 22, 1744 ; Sarah, May 14, 1747 ; Nathaniel, Juno 2, 
1741) ; Mary, July 17, 1751 ; Duler, May 4, 1753 ; Thaddeus, 


Aug. lif), ITiV) ; Josiiih, Aug. 2"), 1757 ; Ilanuali, Oct. 8, 
17:)8; ilillcy, April 2t), 1702; Esther, Oct. 25, 17G5. 

0. William, sou of Willitun aud Abigail, boru Oct. 2, 1742 ; 
married Klizubclh Davis, Dec. 13, 1708. Cbild, — AVilliam, 
April 5, 1778. IIo died iu Actou, Aug. ;U, 1821), aged 

7. AVilliam, sou of William aud Elizabeth of Acton, born 
April 5, 1778, iu Lexington. Children, — William, boru 
Dec. 15, 1804, married Anna Gleasou of East Sudbury, 
March 28, 1820 ; ihiry A., boru June 25, 1607, died Oct. 19, 
1847; Joseph W., born Jan. 2, 1810, died Feb. 28, 1813; 
Daniel II., boru Oct. 20, 1812, died ilarch 11, 1817; An- 
drew J., boru Feb. 10, 1815, died Nov. 10, 1851 ; Isaiah, 
born ^fay 18, 1817; Charlotte, May 10, 1810; Prescott, 
Feb. It, 1821 ; Isauic, li[arch 13, 1823; Eliab Q., Jan. 15, 
182;'). Ho died in Acton, Nov. 8, 1840, aged sixty-eight 
i| 4. Benjamin, sou of Capt. AVilliam of Lexington, born 
Oct. 22, 1000 ; married Rebecca Stone, sister of Deacon 
John Stone. Children, — Benjamin, boru May 13, 1718; ^ 
Abigail, ifarch 30, 1720, married Deacon John Muzzy; / 
Jonas, Juno 7, 1722 ; Rebecca, Nov. 6, 1724 ; Isaac, 
July 80, 1727 ; Jonatbau, ilarch 8, 1729; Thaddeus, Juno 
17,1732; Dorcas, July 18,1734; Samuel, April 3,1737; 
Ruth, Nov. 9, 1741. lie was a major, and a justice of the 
)>eace. IIo removed from Lexington to Littleton, and is 
the ancestor of the Littleton Reeds. 

5. Deacon Jonas, son of Alajor Benjamin, boru June 7, 
1722 ; married Elizabeth Wright of Concord, April 17, 1740. 
Children, — Rebecca, boru Oct. 20, 1748; Jonas, March 17, 
1751 (Jonas and his sister Elizabeth died of the dysentery iu 
1756, and both were bin*ied in one grave); Elizalicth, boru 
Oct. 9, 1765; Jonas, April 21, 1759; Nathan, May 81, 1701. 
Benjamin, son of Major Benjamin, married Mrs. Hannah 


Ristcrbrooks, July 19, 1703, Ilu was a captain of militia. 
lie moved to llolilch liuiurc he was married, and liis ehildreii 
were bora in lloUlen. His larm was the comer of iloldeu, 
udjoiniiig Uiitlaiid, and ahont two miles I'rom Rutland 
Meeting-house, where he was deacon of the church. lie died 
in 180G, aged eighty-three. 

U. Jonas, son of Jonas and Klizaheth, horn April 1, 17o9 ; 
married Elizabelli Willson, Jan. 8, 1784 ; and married a 
Hammond for siccond wife. Children, — lletsy, liorn 
Jan. 20, 1785; Sally, Sept. -28, 1780; Jonas, Oct. :$, 1788; 
Kufus, Dec. 20, 1790; Denjuniin 11., July 1, 1794; Wil- 
liam, Oct. 80, 1798, who married Polly l>abcock, April 3, 
1837. lie lived in llutland, and ilolden was formerly part 
of Rutland ; was known as Deacon Reed, lie wrote a His- 
tory of Rutland. He lived and died on the homestead of 
his lather in Rutland. 
; G. Nathan, lion of Jonas and HlizalK3lh, horn in Rutland, 

* May 81,17t)l; married Lois Alaynard, and settled in Royal- 

( Mon. Children, — Moses M., Tul)itiui, Nathan, lietsy, 

I Arba, Abigail, Isabella, Renjamin, Gyrus H., Phineas W., 

Lois M., Ainsworth, Sylvanus S., ^ally. Ho married Lydia 
Poor for second wife, and the six youngest children were by 
her. His wife died Dec. 24, 184(i : be died May 6, 1850. 
. 7. Cyrus B. Reed, son of Nathan and Lydia of Royalston, 

1 l)orn in 1806; married Sarah Oodard, Dec. 15, 1831, and 

lives iu Royalston. Children, — Cyrus P., born April 12, 
1834 ; William 0., June 20, 1841 ; Charles P., Oct. 11, 1840; 
Henry C, March 22,1852. 

6, Isaac, son of Jilajor Benjamin, born July 30, 1727 ; 
married Mury Bridge of Lcxingtoui April 22, 1754. Child, 
— Isaac, lioni May 18, 1755, 

7. Isaac, sou of Isaac and Mary, born May 18, 1755; 
married Alary, the daughter of Gen. Isaac Gardner of 
Brookline, distinguished in the Revolution. He graduated 


At Cainbriilgc in 17S0 ; setllcil iu Littleton, niul became a 
trader; and died Nov. r>, 178U, leaving a son Isaac Oardncr, 
bora Nov. IG, 17S3, wbo graduated at Cambridge in 1803; 
Edward Augustus, 1781, died at Wostlbrd, 1850. 

8. Isaac C, sou of Isaac, practised law witb success in 
Waldoborougb, }ile. ; wbcre he died, much lamented, Feb. 25, 
1847. Children, -^ Isaac, and three other sons, and two 

Hon. Isaac Reed of Waldoborough, sou of Hon. Isaac O. 
llocd, is a distinguished lawyer iu tlie State of Maine, and 
has been a candidate for governor. 

5. Jonathan, sou of Major Benjamin of Litllotou, born at 
Tjcxington, March 8, 1721); married Sarah. Gbildrcn, — 
lllioda, born June 13, 1704 ; Anna, Oct. IS), l7i>G; Mary, 
April 20,1720; Jonathan, Sept. 13,1772. He settled iu 
Littleton, and was a colonel of militia, and a justice of the 
peace. He died Oct. 8, 1700: his wife died June 4, 1803. 

5. Samuel, sou of Major Iknjamiu, bora at Lexington, 
April 3, 1737 ; maiuied liaunah llaymond, Feb. 18, 17(>2; 
settled hi Littleton. Cbildren, — Isaac, born Oct. 7, 17U8 ; 
lletsy, Aug. 25, 1770 ; Daniel, May 2, 1772 ; James, July 15, 
1774 ; Mary, who died Sept. 23, 1853 ; Uenjamin, born 
Jan. 13, 1779; Hepsibah, June 27, 1781; Jonas, June 21, 
1784 ; Nathan, April 14, 1700. He died at Littleton, 
March 9, 1800 : his wife died Sept. 22, 1819. 

0. Samuel, sou of Samuel and Hannah, nnirricd an Urn- 
phrcy, and moved to Lynu. Children, — Benjamin, Tho- 
mas, Nathan. 

G. Isaac, son of Samuel and Hannah of Littlqtou, born Oct. 
7, 17G8; married Rebecca Fletcher of AVcbtford, July 0, 1789. 

7. Thomas, sou of Samuel of Lynn, married Elizai)cth 
Phillips, Dec. 25, 179G. Cbildren, — Eliza, born Nov. G, 
1797 ; Sally, bora Oct. 8, 1800 ; Thomas P., July 9, 1803 ; 
Walter A., Juno, 1807. 

AND ins DESCKNDANl^. 127 

7. Nathan, sou of Saiiuiel, iiiarvicd Nancy. ChiUlrcn, — 
Kliza; Jane, bom Feb. i^:i, 181S; Nathan, Jan. 20, 1815. 
He died March 7, IWO. 

7. Jonas, son of Kaninel and ITannali of Littleton, lK>rn 
June 4, 1784 ; manicd Klizaheth, the widow of his hrotlier 
Davul, and liad Jonas, William, and Daniel Mortimer. 

8. Jonas, son of Jonas, lives in South Dauvers ; married 
Mary Soamcs. 

8. AVilliam, son of Jonas, lives at South Danvers, and is 
Agent of the Bleachery. lie nuuriod Klizaheth Newhall of 
Lynn, Nov. 27, 182«. CMiildren, — Sarah Ellen, horn 
Jan. 21, 1880; Francis Andrews, Sept. 21, 1835; William, 
Oct. 6, 1845. 

U. Daniel, son of Samuel and Hannah of Littleton, and 
grandson of Major Benjamin, born May 2, 1772 ; married Kli- 
zabeth. Children, — Sanuujl, horn ilarch 17, 171)8; Hannah, 
June 20, 1800; IJelsy, May 1(), 1802; Orrin, March 27, 
1804 ; Elvina, June 7, 1800. He died at liitlleton, Nov. 24, 
180G ; and his widow married Jonas, brother of Jhiniel. 

7. Samuel, sou of Daniel and Elizabeth, bom at Littleton, 
March 19, 1798 ; married Harriet Hodgenum of iiedford, 
May 12, 1825. Children, — Harriet Ann, bom at Bedford, 
Dec. 8, 1820, died Jan. 2, 1H27 ; Mary Caroline, March 21, 
1828, died March 11, 181)5 ; Jonas H., born April 19, 1829 ; 
Harriet Jane, Aug. 2-5, 18;H, died itarch 11, 1835; Nancy 
E., born March ao, 18:i8 ; Adalinc, Jan. 8, 18^6, died 
March 20, 1835 ; Shiry Jane, born July 2, 1830 ; Daniel 
AVcbstcr, Aug. 5, 1838. They b\iried three children in two 
months. They now live in Lowell. 

C. Orrin, son of Daniel and Elizabeth, born Hay 24, 1804, 
and was many years constable and janitor of the Court House 
in Jewell ; but now lives in the. west parish of Haverhill. 

U. ISenjamin, son of Samuel and Hannah of Littleton, and 
grandson of Major Benjamin, born Jan. 13, 1770 ; marrietl 



Sfary Litchiiold of Llttlutoii, November, 1797. Children, — 
Daniel, Jnne 15, 1800 ; Thaxter, Nov. 24, 1801, died 
May 28, 1824; Mary, born Nov. 12, 1803; Benjamin, 
Aug. 28, 1805; Surah, June 17, 1807; Joseph Mudison, 
June 24, 1809; Culhcrine, Dec. 13,1810; Jdlcrson, March 
24, 1813; Rebecca, April 20, 1815; Ephraim, April 27, 
1813; Nathan, June .28, 1819; William, Sept. 2, 1821; 
Rhoda Jane, Nov. ;jO, 1824, died March 22, 1825. 

7. JefTerson, son of Benjamin and Polly or Mary, born 
March 24, 1813 ;nkarricd Kliza for first wife, who died in 
Concord, July 10,1845. Married Susan. Child, — Mary, 
born in Littleton, Oct. 15, 1853. 

7. Kphrcim, son of iicnjamin and Polly or Mury, born 
April 27, 1817. 

7. Nathan, son of Henjamiu and Mary, born at Littleton, 
June 28, 1819 ; married Elizabeth Damon of Wayland, 
Oct. 3, 1841. Married Augusta Turbell in Bedford, April 
13, 1841. Child, — Ebon P., born May 20,1844. iJis wife 
died Nov. 27, 1845. Married Lucy Reed in Boston, Nov. 20, 
1840. lie lived in Bedford ; and died Jan. 20, 1847. 

7. Nathan, son of Samuel and Mury, born June 28, 1819 ; 
married Elizal)eth Damon of Wayland, Oct. 3, 1841. 
' /Benjamin, son of JUij<n: Benjiunin_^LUtlctoi^ and grand- 
sou of Capt. William of Lexington, born Muy 13, 1718, in 
Lexington ; married Mary 2ilu/.zy, Nov. 28, 1743, at Brook- 
field. The record .says, Mary Rindall. She may have been 
previously married to a Rindall. She was the daughter of 
Deacon John Muzzey and Abigail Reed : consequently they 
were first cousin.s. Children, — Mary, born at Rutland, 
Jan. 8,1744; Benjamin, March 28, 1745; Edmond, Nov. 8, 
1747, — the three above-named children all died within 
twelve days of each other, of canker-rash, in 1749 ; Benja- 
min, born May 28, 1750, — a promising young man, who 
foil in the battle of Bunker Hill; Edmond, July 8, 1755; 


Wary, July 10, 1752 ; r aliiiace, Dec, 1,1750 ; Silas, Dec. 15, ^ 
17G2. He nmnicd Uanuuh Easierbrook of Lexington for 
second wife, July 10, 170iL Ke was a captain of militia. 

Kihnond, son of Capt. benjamin, born July 8, 1755; mar- 
ried Miriam Clements, 1778. Children, — Benjamin, born 
April 24, 1771), died May 14, 1823; Sewell, born Aug. 18, 
1781, died December, 184G ; Betsy, l>orn July 8, 1783 ; 
Lucy, Sept. 7, 1785, died ilnrch 7, 1855 ; Gardner and 
Oerry, born April 11, 1789,— Gardner died Feb. 9, 1807 ; 
Tolly, March 81,1793. lie died Feb. 20, 1821; his wife 
died July 29, 1823. 

Sewell, son of Kdmond, born at Rutland, Aug. 18, 1781 ; 
married Elizabeth Jh*owning. Children, — Francis Q., born 
June 0, 1808, died Aug. 8, 1841 ; Klixabeth M.,l>orn March 
18, 1810, died Dec. 7, 1«51 ; James G., born Feb. 13, 1812 ; 
Emclino R., July 24, 1814, died Dec. 18, 1854; Daniel IL, 
liorn Juno 18, 1817 ; Mary M., March 15, 1820, died Jan. 24, 
1840; Harriet W., born Nov. 10, 1832; Sarah, Oct. 29, 
1825, died July 17, 1860; Cluules, born Feb. 10, 1830. 

Daniel B., sou of Sewell, born Juno 18, 1817 ; married 
Lsabella Eostorbrook, June 24, 1844. Children, — Caroline, 
Lorn June 8, 1845 ; Mary, Sept. 7, 1848 ; Edward M., 
April 22, 1852. He is, by trade, a carriago-builder. 
^ if^ Silas, .son of Benjamin and Alary, settled in Oakham, for- 
merly part of Rutland; born in Rutland, Deo. 15, 1702. 
Children, — Benjamin, Checny, Silas, Lewis, Jonathan, An- 
— V Jonathan, son of Silas, married Betsy Temple. Children, 
— Stephen Albert, Edmond Joseph, Ellen Amelia, Leroy 
Sunderland,^Villiam P.-^ 

Silas, son of Silas of Oakham, married Lucy House of 
Korth Brookfield, March 14, 1882. 

Abigail, daughter of lilajor Benjamin of Lexington, born 
Harch 20, 1720 ; married Deacon John Muzzey, Nov. 11, 



6 Y-. 

''' r\ 


1736. ChiUlrcii, — John, born in Lexington, Dec. 9, 1737 ; 
Abigail, May lli, 1731) ; Thaddcus, born in Kntland, Sept. 7, 
1740; Mary, May 20, 1742 ; Olive, Feb. 7, 1744; Klizabcth 
B., May 9, 174G ; Jonas, Jan. 2, 1748 ; Rebecca, May 24, 
1750 ; Sarah, April 24, 1752 ; Bethiab, born in Spencer, 
June 22, 1754 ; Susa, Juno 27, 1756 ; Dorcas, March 19, 
1758; Amos, Feb. 27, 1762; Edniond, Aug. 25, 1763; 
Benjamin, Aug. 14, 1765. His wife died Feb. 16, 1766. 
Married, for second wife, Kleanor Snow, widow of Jonathan 
Suow,.May 14, 1778. He died Juno 25, 1789, aged seventy- 

Abigail, daughter of Deacon John Muzzey and Abigail 
Reed, born May 16, 1739; married Tiionias White of Spen- 
cer, Dec. 30, 1756, and had sixteen children. Their oldest 
son Thomas, born Nov. 24, 1767, married Hannali Easter- 
brook of lloldon, Sept. 2, 1784, daughter of Kbenezer 
Easterbrook, and Ruth Reed, daughter of Major Benjamin 
of Lexington : consequently, she was cousin to his niotlier. 
They had nine cliildren. Hannah, their second daughter, 
born Feb. 27, 1762; married Thomas White, jun., September, 
1784, and had six children ; the oldest of whom (Joseph), 
born Jan. 24, 1792, married ^fatilda Davis, whose father is 
cousin to Ex-Governor Davis. Married Jan. 80, 1817. 
Children, — Wilson D., born July 24, 1818 ; Persis A., 
Jan. 11, 1820; Windsor, March 14, 1823; Harriet M., 
Jan. 27, 1825, died young; Joseph E., Jan. 19, 1834, died 
young. He lives at West Boylston, and i^ known as Deacon 

5. Samuel, son of William and Sarah of Lexington, born 
May 4, 1722 ; married Eunice Stone, daughter of Deacon 
JoUu Stone and Mary Reed, his father's sister. Ho lived in 
what id now Burlington, and the farm is owned by ^Ir. 
Nichols. Children, — Samuel, born Aug. 6, 1744; Mieah, 
Sept. 28, 1746 ; Muses, May 81, 1749 ; Francis, May 3, 1851, 


died in infancy ; Eunice, Feb. 19, 1754, married Jolham 
Johnson ; Abigail, born Aug. 13, 17r>7, married Samuel 
Walker; Lucy, Oct. 12, 1759, married Mr. JJlanchard ; 
Surah, Dec. 31, 1702, married Iclialiod Johnson, brother of 
Jothani ; Mary, Aug. 11, 1707, married Samuel Walker, 
brother of Kdward. lie was deacon of the church in Bur- 
lington ; and he and his wife lived togetlicr sixty-five years in 
the same house, and died at tlio same time. Ikith occu|ued 
the same grave, and one stone marks the resting-place of 
both. The following is the inscription on the gravestone 
in the old burying-yard in liurlington :-^ 

Here lies buried the body of 

who died April 28, 1809, aged wife of Deacon Samuel Reed; 

eighty-seven. ^vho died April 25, IBOO, ujj;ed 


< They lived happy in the marriage state for sixty-five years, and were 

not separated in their death. 

Tito Gravo it* lro|»hic» rIuiU resign; 
Christ will the iiioulticriuf^ (lu<it rcniie; 
And \)QMh, the hst of foe^, shall be 
SwulluwtfU up in victory. 

Samuel, son of Deacon Samuel and Eunice, born Aug. G, 
1744 ; married Joanna Page of Bedford, July 25, 1771. 
Children, — Samuel ; Francos, Feb. 5, 177ii ; Eunice, April 3, 
1782; Rebecca, Nov. 2, 1788. lie lived and died in Graf- 
ton, N.ll. lie was a man of large .size and stature, — a relict 
of olden limes, lie was in liCxington and liunkerJiill 
Fights ; and the library and public records of Harvard Col- 
lege were deposited iu his house, in Woburn Precinct, 
while the British had possession of Boston. Tlio house is 
standing in what is now Burlington, and owned by Mr. 
Nichols, whoso wife is daughter of Hammond Heed. Mr. 
Itcod returned from Loxiugioii Fight, having in his custody 
two British officers. 

7. Samuel, son of Samuel and Joanna of Grafton, N.II., 


married Anna Suylcs of Grafton, N.IT., 1801. Children, — 
Anna, born Sept. 13, 180-2; Sally, July 22, 1804 ; Alarilln, 
April 1, 180G ; Rebecca, April 8, 1808 ; Samuel, April 28, 
1810 ; EUairu, May 5, 1812 ; Clarissa, April 2, 1814 ; Ezc- 
kiel Saylcs, June 25, 18lG; Francis, June 21, 1820. lie 
was six feet two inches in height, and weighed two hundred 
and twenty pounds, — a specimen of the olden stock. 

Anna, daughter of Samuel and Anna, born Sept. 13, 1802 ; 
married Tuppcr Poss of Grafton, N.IL, Oct. 81, 182-4. Cliil- 
dren, — Samuel R., born Feb. 10, 182G ; Maribeeham, Aug. 
22, 1828, married George IJilton ; Mannassah B., born 
Aug. 21, 1884. 

Samuel R., son of Tup])er Foss and Anna Reed, born 
Fob. 10, 182G ; married Mary Iliggcrson. Children, — two ; 
names not given. Live in Grafton. 

Meribecham, daughter of Tupper Foss and Anna Reed, 
born Aug. 22, 1828 ; married George Hilton of Grafton, and 
moved to California. 

Sally, daughter of Samuel and Anna, born July 22, 1804 ; 
married William II. Saunders, Sept. 80, 1832, and lived in 
Saubiirntown, N.ll. Children, — Abigail, born Aug. 19, 
1833; Sarah R., Jan. 25, 1835; Martha, Dec. 10, 188G,. 
died Atig. 17, 1854 ; Joanna P., April 4, 1839, died July 12, 
1839 ; Mary Jane, born March IG, 1842 ; James W., 
Sept. 26, 1844. 

Marilla, daugliter of Samuel and Anna, born at Grafton, 
April 1, 1806 ; married George M. Drake, June 23, 1824. 
Children, — Sarah Ann, born Nov. 14, 1824; Dorothy, 
Sept. 17, 182G; George W., Juno 8, 1831, who lives at 
Salmon Falls, Eldorado County, Gal. ; Mary E., Iklay 14, 
1834. lie died Sept. 3, 1840 ; and his widow, Marilla 
Drako, married Benjamin V. Fifiold. 

Sarah Ann, daughter of George W. Drake and Merrilla 
Reed, born Nov. 14, 1824 ; married Rufus Gould of Dan- 

AND 1113 Df^iiCENDANTS. 


hury, Sept. 3,1840, and lives ia Nashua, N.II. Child, — 

Merrilla R., born June 3, 1849. 

Dorothy, daughter of Merrilla and George W. Drake, bora 

Sept. 17, 182G ; married Hiram F. Taylor of Danhury, Oct. 

17, 1845. Children, — Ilelea Jane, bora Aug. 20, 1840; 

Clara Emily, May 20, 1848 ; Warren French, June 27, 


Rebecca, daughter of Samuel and Anna, born Aug. 23, 

1808 ; married Moses L. Taylor, March 18, 1834, and live in 

Dawbury. Children, — Amps Webster, born Dec. 25, 1835, 

died May 22, 1843 ; Anna, born April 29, 1888 ; Prank 

Lennett, May 19, 1844 ; Arthur Henry, June 11, 1848. 
Samuel Reed, jun., born April 28, 1810 ; married Sally 

B. Sanders of Sanborntown, April 22, 1834. His wife died 

July 25, 1886. Married, for second wife, Rebecca Martin 
of Danbury, June 11, 1839. 

Almira, daughter of Samuel and Anna, born May 5, 1812 ; 
married Silas Corliss of liristol, N.H., Sept. 80, 1832, and 
live in Plymouth, N.H. Children, — Emily, born Aug. 20, 
1834 ; Cyrus, Oct. 29, 1830 ; Almira, Dec. 20, 1838 ; Francis 
R., Aug. 9, 1841 ; Clarissa A., Aug. 8, 1843 ; George Henry, 
Sept. 15, 1840. 

Clarissa, daughter of Samuel and Anna, born April 2, 
1814 ; married Ira Heath of Grafton, Oct. 27, 1844. Chil- 
dren, — Frances Warren, born Aug. 2, 1845; Ira; Oriu, 
Juno 18, 1840 ; Merilla, July 15, 1847, died Sept. 10, 1847 ; 
Samuel Oscar, born March 28, 1849; Clara Milissa, Aug. 18, 
1851, died Aug. 2, 1850. He died Oct. 1, 1852, aged forty- 

. six. She married Frederick Clay, Nov. 16, 1854 ; and lives 
in Danbury. 

Ezekiel Sayles, son of Samuel Reed and Anna, born 
Juno 24, 1810 ; married Joanna Page Judkins of Danbury, 
March 11, 1841. Children, — Selwin Sayles, born Dec. 17, 
1841; Samuel Page, born March 19, 1844; Mary Ellen, 


Sept. 20, 1840 ; Rniijaiuiii Jmlkins, Juno 24, 1849 ; Francis, 
April 8, 1852. Tho wife of Ezckiel Saylcs died Oct. 21 
of the same year. JIo married, for second wife, Betsy 
B. Gilmaa, Aug. 81, 1854. He is deacon of tho church in 
Danhury, a singing-master, and a mill-owner. 

Rev. Francis, sou of Samuel and Anna, l)orn July 21, 
1820 ; married Aphia Goodwin of Rumford, Me., at Lowell, 
Mass., July 5, 1849. Child, — Frances Ellen, born Feb. 2, 
1851. Ho is a clergyman, and lives at Ilopkinton, N.ll. 

Francis, son of Samuel and Joanna, bom in Woburn, now 
Burlington, Feb. 5, 1774 ; married ilary Martin of Grafton. 
Children, — Seth, born July 24, 1801, died Aug. 3, 1803; 
Mary, born Feb. 20, 1804 ; John Pago, June 24, 1800, died 
Feb. 28, 1831), at Grafton ; Gandico, Sept. 12, 1808, died at 
St. Anthony, M.T., Aug. 12, 1865 ; Alsca, May U, 1811. 

Mary, daughter of Francis and Mary, born Feb. 20, 1804 ; 
married Israel Smith of Grafton. Children, — Alsca S., 
born Feb. 20, 1828 ; Francis R., Nov. 14, 1833 ; Forluska 
M., Sept. 17, 183U ; Henry Austin, July 27; 1845. 

John P., son of Francis and Mary, born June 24, 180G; 
married Clementine li. Abbot of Sutton,, Sept. 19, 
1830. Children, — John Abbot, born at Grafton, Dec. 25, 
1831 ; Ephraim L., July 15, 1835. 

Candice, daughter of Francis and ^fary, born Sept. 12, 
1808; married Samuel Tukesbury of Grafton in 1839, and 
moved to St. Anthony, ^lin. She died May 12, 1855. 

Alsea, daughter of Francis and lilary, born May C, 1811 ; 
married Caleb Sanders of Sanborntowu ; and he died soon 
after, leaving an infant child, which soon died. Alsea mar- 
ried, for second husband, George Aldricli of Grafton. Chil- 
dren, — Candice Maria, born Juno 8, 1841; Alsea Ann, 
Oct. 29, 1848 ; Mary Emily, Sept. 7, 1850. 

John Abbot, son of John P. Reed and Clementine, born 
at Grafton, Dec. 25, 1831 ; married Rachel Franco of llud- 

. ? 



son, Ind., and lives at Liberty, Miu. CliiUl, — Willcy Cla- 
roiice, bora A|nil 24, 1857. lie is a school-tcaclicr. 

Ephraim, son of John P. and Clementine, born July 15, 
18o5; married Sarah Ann Hunter, April 28, 1857, and lives 
at Lewiston, Min. 

Joanna, daughter of Samuel and Joanna, born ; mar- 
ried Moses Leavctt, March 5, 1799. Children, — Joanna, 
born Jan. 15, 1800, married Abiram Sanborn, Nov. 9, 1820, 
and lives at AVilmot, N.H. Mr. Lcavett died May 28, 1820 : 
Joanna, his wife, died at Grafton, April 23, 1823. Children 
of Abiram and Joaniia Sanborn, — Moses Leavett, born 
ilarch 7, 1822; Aaron, March 10, 1824; Isaac, July 4, 
182G; Sarah Ann, Sept. 28, 1828; Asa Morrison, Jan. 12, 
1831, died Marcli 20, 1832; Albert, born March 8, 18;13; 
Emily Caroline, March 10, 1838; llhoda Maria, March 12, 

Moses L. Sanborn, son of Aliiram and Joanna Sanborn, 
bora Alarch 7, 1822; married Kliza A. ihirbank of Grai'lon, 
April 17, 1845, and lives at East Canaan, N.H. Cliildren, — 
Warren L., born Nov. 13,1840; Morrison L., March 20, 
1849 ; William A. and Susan E,, twins, Juno 19, 1854 
(William A. died Aug. 2, 1854). 

Aaron Sanborn, son of Abiram and Joanna Reed, born 
March 10, 1824 ; married Amanda M. Currier of Grafton, 
Nov. 16, 1848. Child, — Aaron E., bom Aug. 28, 1849. 
Ho died at Grafion, Jan. 5, 1852. 

Isaac Sanborn, son of Abiram and Joanna, born July 4, 
1820 ; married Azubah Dunlap of Danbury, and lives at 
Wilmot Flat, N.H. Children, — Grin A., born Sept, 24, 
1851; Pamelia E., Aug. 4, 1854 ; Charles E., Sept. 21, 

Sarah Ann, daughter of Abiram Sanborn and Joanna, 
born Sept. 28, 1828; married Alfred S. Williams, April 19, 
1849, and lives in Grafton. Children, — Martin A., born 


March 1, 18.V2, ilioa Sopt. 20, 1852 ; Clara E., born July 6, 
1855 ; Sumner H., Feb. 2G, 1857. 

Albert Sanboro, sou of Abirani and Joanna, born March 8, 
1883 ; married Lucinda Fernald of Orange, and lives at Dor- 
chester, N.II. 

Euntco, daughter of Samuel and Joanna, born March 80, 
1782, at Burlington ; married Levi Martin, March 11, 1802 ; 
died March 20, I62d. Children, — Eunice, born Feb. 27, 
1808 ; Iwovi, Sept. 5, 1805 ; Samuel R., Nov. 5, 1807 ; Jo- 
anna. May 21, 1810, died Nov. 24, 1812; Rebecca, born 
Sept. 10, 1812 ; Cyi-ene, Nov. 18, 181S ; Mary R., March 28, 
1817. She died at Grafton, March 20, 1817, 

Samuel R, Martin, son of liovi and Eunice, born Nov. 5, 
1807 ; married Mercy Fi'onch of Onuige, and lives in Grafton. 
Children, — Candiee, Eunice, Samuel R., Carlos, lie has 
bceu blind for fifteen years; but manages his concerns, and 
t gains property. 

{ Eunice, daughter of Samuel R. Martin and ^fcrcy, married 

{ Samuel 1^. Ilaskons, and lives in Grafton; 

i Rebecca, daughter of Levi Martin and Eunice, born 

Sept. 12, 1812; married Samuel Reed. 

Cyrene, daughter of IjCvi Martin and Eunice, lx)rn 
Nov. 13, 1813 ; married William Sherlock of Royalton, 
» Vt,, Jan. 19, 1840. Children, — James M., born July 20, 

1842 ; Eunice R., Feb. 14, 1845 ; Sally B. R., Sept. 21, 1847 ; 
Martha Jane, April 4, 1850; Frank, April 11, 1853, died 
May 17, 1853 ; Frank, born Oct. 17, 1854, 

Rebecca, daughter of Samuel and Joanna, born Nov. 2, 
1788 ; married Amos Taylor of Danbury, Oct. 29, 1807, and 
lived in Danbury. Child, — Moses Leavett, born Dec. 10, 
1810. She died Doc. 13, 1842. 

Moses L. Taylor, son of Amos Taylor and Rebecca, born 
Dec. 10, 1810 ; married Reljccca Reed, March 18, 1834. 
Child, — see child of Rebecca Reed. 


(). Micnh, son of Dencoii Samuel of Iiurliiigtoni born 
Sept. 28, 1740 ; mjxnicd Klizahcth Pago, sister of Siuuners 
wifo. CliUUren, — Micali, liuru ut Burlington, Get. 19, 
1773; Eli/.aJ>clli, FrJi, 2."), 177'J, lives at New Uraintrco; 
Samuel, Juno 11, 17H:>, horn at Ifunlwick, and ilied May 5, 
1810, nt ]Uirlington, Vt.; Kunicc, lioni at irarilwick, Jan. 18, 
17«S7, married James IJarn of New liraintrcc, and had four 
children. She married rarloy (Jranger for s^econd hushand, 
and has had two ehildren hy him. They now live in New 
Ih'aiiitrcc* He was killed March 1, 1S04, by falling from 
a scairold : his wife died ^lurch 21, 1838, in her ninetieth 

7. Micah, sou of Mieah and Kli/abeth, Iwrn Oct. 19, 1773 ; 
married Deborah Thur.^taiu of ilardwiek. Children, — 
Arimanily, born Sept. 22, 1798, died Oct. 14, 1837 ; llebecca 
Page, born July U, 1801, died Jan. 6, 1808 ; Alicl Wheeler, 
lioni Jan. 15, 160o; Micuh T., May 21, 1807; Samuel 0., 
May 21, 1809 ; .Hammond, Aug. 7, 1811 ; Sunuier, March 
29, 1813; Uobccca, Dec. 7, 1815; Dwight, Aug. 2r>, 1817. 
lie was known as Col. Ueed ; and died at Now Ibaintree, 
Aug. 3, 1825 : his wife died June 30, 1828. 

8. Abel Wheeler, son of Col. ^Micah and Elizabeth, born 
Jan. 15, 1805 ; married Widow Klizabcth Scouvel. Child, 
— Ellen Tyler, born Aug. 5, 1847, and died in 1819. Ho 
lives at Brookfield, and ]»ays the heaviest tax of any person 
in the town. 

8. Micah T., sou of Col. lilicah, born lifay 1, 1807 ; mar- 
ried Abigail Harlow; published Aug. 23, 1834. She wa3 
killed, Juno 30, 1852, by being thrown from a carriage. 
Child, — Thomas Harlow, born Sept. 14, 1835. He lives 
at North ]>rookiield. JMarried a Miss Gorham for second 

8. Samuel O., sou of Col. Micah, l)orn Uay 21, 1809; 
married Fanny L. Tiltou ; published ^larch 14, 1832. Chil- 


(Iron, — ^^arah Kli/abeth, born April 7, 185^3, died Aug. 13, 
18r>-l ; Charles 0., April 22, 18;?o ; Henry W., horn 
March 11, 1 SI 3; Mary Francos, il ay 30, 184i) ; Ahhy Jane, 
Jan. 31, 18r>l . His wife died of consumption, Feb. 20, 18r)G. 
Ho lives in Woreostcr, and is prohuhly the largest wheel 
manufacturer in the United States. His wheels aro many 
of them sent to California, and arc kno\vi\ thrau«i;h tho 
country as RemVs Wheels, Ho wus tho lirst to establish 
wliccl-making by umchinery. jiilarried, for second wife, 
Clcoi-a E. Harlow, April 27, 1857. Child, — George Harlow, 
March 24, 1858. His second wife died Sept. 7, 1858, of 

9. Cimrles Q., son of Samuel 0. and Fanny, born April 22, 
1835; married Lucilla P. Ware, May 1,1850. Child,— 
Charles Arthur, Sept. 4, 1867. 

8. Hammond, sou of Col. Mieah, Aup;. 11, 1811 ; married 
Sophia Bailey. Married, for second wife, Carolino Rich. Ho 
lives at East Braokficld. 

8. Dwight, sou of Ool. Micah, born Aug. 25, 1817 ; mar- 
ried Susan Yauglm, March 15, 1842. Children, — Susan 
Ella, bora May 21, 1851 ; Mary Emma, Oct. 27, 1854. 
Lives at Worcester. 

8. Rebecca, daughter of Col. Micah, born Dec. 7, 1815; 
married James B. Bardwell. Children, — James Everett, 
Frederick, Alice Rebecca. Lives at Now Braintrce. 

8. Sumner, son of Col. ^licah, born May 21), 181(i; mar- 
ried Marcia J. Honsliaw; published April 8, 1843. He 
lives at North Brookfield. 

7. Samuel, son of Micah and Elizabeth, born at Hardwick, 
Mass., Juno 11, 1788 ; married Patty Warner, Aug. 10, 
1808. Children, — Mary, born May 7, 1809, died June 6, 
1887 ; Eliza, bprn April 27, 1810, died July 10, 1837 ; Olivo 
Sawyer, bom Jan. 1, 1813, died Sept. 9, 1842; Charles, 
born March 4» 1814 ; Henry, Aug. 7, 1820, died June 5, 




1822; Lauretta, born June 28,1823, died Jan. 23,1842; 
Saumel II., l»orn Nov. 7, 1H:50. Jle died at Burlington, Vt., 
Way 4, 1845: liis wife died Oct. 14, 18o7. 

8. Samuel il., sou of Samuel and Patty, born Nov. 7, 
1830. Is counsellor and attorney at law in IJurliiigton, 

8, Cbarles, son of Samuel and l*atty, born March 4, 1814. 
Is married, and gone West. 

G. Moses, son of Deacon Samuel of Burlington, and Eu- 
nice, born May ol, 1740 ; married Sarah WInttemore, 
daughter of Jacob Wliittemore of Lexington, April 23, 1770 ; 
and settled, with his father Whittomorc, on the fanu in Lex- 
ington, known of late years as the Finney Place. Was exe- 
cutor of the will of his fatlier Whittcmorc, dated June 10, 
1780. Children, born in Lexington, — Whittemorc, Feb. 10, 
1771, was killed by the falling of a tree in Bridgoton, Mc., 
where he was preparing to settle ; Moses, Aug. 10, 1773 ; 
Sarah, April 1, 177.> ; Abel, May 8, 1777 ; lOlizabeth, Fob. 17, 
1779, marfied Philip Mason of Grafton, N.IL, and now 
lives, a widow, in Fisherville ; Kliab, born in 1781 ; Jacob, 
1783 ; Samuel, 1787 ; Abigail, 1789, married a Skinner of 
Chelsea, Vt. A portion of the British troops marched by their 
house at the time of the Lexington Fight. Their daughter 
•Sarah was then eighteen days old. There was just time 
enough, after the alarm that the regulars were approaching, 
to take up the bed on which ^(rs. Reed was lying, and ]mt her 
and the children into a cart which was at the door. Tho in- 
mates hastened to a wood near by. The troops fired into the 
house as they passed, but did no further damage. &Ir. Beed 
sold tho farm in Lexington, and bought tho farm in Bur- 
lington HOW owned by Mr. Wood, where they kept a public- 
house; and afterwards exchanged tho farm in Burlington 
with Mr. Wood of Grafton,, for a tavern stand and farm 
in Grafton, and moved to Grafton. She died in Waterbury, 


Vt., Nov. 2, t«aO: lie died in Wiilcrbmy, Jan. 27, 18^0, 
in his ninetieth year. 

7. Wliittcniore, son of ^los^es and Sarah, settled in Bridge- 
ton, Mo. Chikl, — Whittcinore, born after his father's death, 
in Grafton, N.l[. 

8. Whittcmorc, son of Whittemorc, iiorn at flrafton, N.ll. ; 
went with his mother, wlien young, to Ohio, and settled in 
Orange, Meigs County. Cliildron, — Harins, horn 1819; 
Aaron, 1824 ; Whitteinorc, 1827 ; Enos, 1«31 ; Sardine, 

9. Sardine, the son of Whittenioro, was a graduate at 
West Toint. He married Kniily Hcrard, daughter of one of 
the professors ; and died suddenly of an alleelion of the iieart, 
in 1858. His widow still remains at West Toint. 

7. Moses, son of JFoses, married Alary Kinsman, and went 
to Ohio in 1815. Children, — Aphia, who died in 1838; 
Louvilla, who married Marcus Dosworth, and lives in Pome- 
roy ; Samantha, married John ircDonald of Illinois ; Emily, 
married Phineas Robinson, and lives in Chester, ]i(oigs 
County; Mary, married IfuroUl Wills, and lives in Chester; 
John Lester and George Mo!<es, live in Cincinnati ; Lueijida, 
married Morgim Wills, and lives in Chester. lie died in 
1824, and his wife died in 183G. 

7, Abel, son of liloses and Sarah, born at Lexington, 
May 8, 1777 ; married Ruth Lane of Candia, N.IL, ilareh 0, 
1800. Children, — John Lane, horn Oct. G, 1801, died in 
1805 ; Abel, March 30, 1803 ; Jacob Whittcmorc, March 20, 
1805. His wife died June 3, 1814. Married, for second 
wife, Dolly Brown of Candia, in 1815. Child, — Water- 
man, bora Nov. 16, 1818. lie died in Candia, N.ll., 
Juno 17, 1842. 

8. Abel, son of Abel and Ruth, born March 80, 1803 ; 
married Elizabeth Ann Smith of New- York City, October, 
1828. Chiidron, — Elizabeth Lane, born May 9, 1830; 


Caroline Matilda, Feb. 14, 18o'2; Ifontgoincry Slieriilen, 
May G, 18154; Jane Ifaria, June 1(1, 18i5(i. ]\[arnctl, I'or 
second wile, CharluUo IJochonhach, July 25, 183S. He lives 
in Philadelphia; is a man of extensive business, and a lead- 
ing man in the Episcopal Ciuirch. 

9. Eli2a])eth L., the dau«!;hler of Abel and Elizabeth, born 
May 9, 1880; married Joseph S. Sparks, a teller in the 
Commercial Hank, Dec. liJ, 1{S.')5 ; and they live at No. 912, 
Mellon Street. 

9. Caroline M., the daughter of Abel and Elizabeth, born 
Feb. 14, 18;j2 ; married IJev. Thomas ri. Yocum, Juno 2;), 
1859; and they .sailed immediately for China as mission- 

8. Jacob Whittcmore, son of Abel and Ruth, born 
^larch 20, 1805; nmrried Ihihamah JJ. Tenncy of Grove- 
land, Oct. 3, 1826. Children,— Celina Lane, born Oct. 2, 
1827 ; Sarah Augusta, June 28, 1829 ; Edward Payson, 
Feb. 13, 18o5 ; Helen Abby, May tl, 18^8. Celina, their first 

\ child, was born in iioston ; and the others were born hi 

! Ih'adford, East Parish, now Groveland. He is an attorney- 

I at-law ill South Groveland. 

9. Colina L., daughter of Jacob W., married Benjamin 
Duttou of Hartford, Vt., Sept. 8, 1851. Children, — AVil- 
Ham, born July G, 1852 ; Helen Maria, Oct. 8, 1855 ; Henry 

I Abial, Sept. 7, 1857. 

9. Sarah Augusta, daughter of Jacob W., born Juno 28, 
1829; married William Janies lirown of l^radford, Juno 18, 
1850. Children, — Clarance, 'March 5, 1851; Helen Au- 
gusta, March, 1855. They live in Groveland. 

8. Waterman, son of Abel, born Nov. 15, 1818 ; married 
Deborah Lunt of Newb\iryport, Nov. 25, 1841. OhUdrcn, — 
fAhsL, born July 22, 1842; Sarah Adelaido, Jan. 8, 1844; 
William, Soj)t. 15, 1845 ; Mary Jane, April 14, 1847. They 
Hvo at Ncwburyport. 


7. Kliui), SOU of iMoscs aiul Sursih, burn in I78t ; married 
Ilainuili lluse. CliiUlrcn, — Warren, born ^larch 1, 1819; 
Kliab II., Sept. 30, 1828. Lives in Craftsbnry, A''t. 

8. Eliab II., son of Kliab and Ilannali, born Sept. 80, 
1828. Cbildrcn, — Henry C, born ilarcb 2, 1 Sao ; Charles 
L., Jan. 12, 1857. 

8. Warren, son of* Eliab and Hannah, born l^farch 1, 1810. 
Children, — Juliette, born July 21, 1848 ; Willis N., Feb. 4, 
1850; George Munsun, Oct. 22,1851; Mason AV., May 2, 

7. Jacob, son of Jfoscs and StU'ali, born in 1783; married 
Thurissa Bryant of Scituate, Oct, 2, 1817. Child, — Joshua 
B., l)orn June 28, 1818. lie lived at Bryant's Corner, in 
Scituate, and made a niissicp in going down stairs in the 
night; when he fell, and broke a jugular vein, and died im- 
mediately, in 1828. Ho was for many, years a teacher. 
His widow married Martin Stockbridgo of Abington, Oct. 3, 

8. Joshua R., son of Jacob and Thurissa, born June 28, 
1818 ; married Belinda llolebrook, Oct. 10, 1841. Child,— 
Joshua N., born May 8, 184G. Ho lives in Scituate, tho 
former residence of his father. 

7. Samuel, son of ilosos and Sarah, born in 1787 ; mar- 
ried Mary Potter. Child i\in, — Cyrus, who lives in Oregon ; 
George, Dec. 8, 1828, lives in lloxbury; Sarah; Mary, 
married Lewis S. Ih'ooks ; Anna. lie died in Roxbury, 
Nov. 12, 1858. 

George P., son of Samuel and Sarah, married Mary E. 
Morrill. Children,— Mary Eva, born Oct. 22, 1855; Ber- 
thia E., Oct. 22, 185C i George William, Dec. 4, 1858. 

5. Oliver, son of AYilliam and Sarah of Lexington, born 
March 25/1730; married Sarah Bridge, April 11, 1754. 
Children, — Oliver^ born at Bedford, Dec. 11, 1755 ; Sarah, 
Oct. 4, 1757 ; Reuben, Dec. 21, 1769 ; Mary, Sept. 12, 1763. 



Oliver Rccd settled in Bcdfonl, on land his gi*andfatlier 
bought of the town of Billericii. 

(j. Oliver, son of Oliver and Sarah, l)oni Dec. 11, 1855, at 
Bedford; married Betsy Ahhot, May 18, 1786. Child,— 

7. Oliver, son of Oliver and Betsy, married lifary Pitch, 
Sept. 2, 1810. Childi-en, — Nathan Oliver and Mary Eliza- 
beth (twins), born FeU G, 1812. 

8. Nathan 0., son of (Oliver and Betsy, married Martha S. 
Pitch, Dec. 18, 1834. Child, — Martha Pitch, born March 2, 
1841. Married, for second wife, Xancy Pitch, Nov. 10, 
1843. Children, — Mary Caroline, horn April 1, 1844; 
Nathan Henry, May 2.1, 1848. 

G. Reuben, son of Oliver and Sarah, born Dec. 21, 1759; 
married Sally Burrows, Au<r. 28, 1782. Married xllfred 
Pitch. Children,— Lot, born Jan. 19, 1792, died Sept. 24, 
1821 ; Mary, Imrn Se|)t. 19, 1793, married Abner Wheeler; 
Sally, Dec. 8, 1795; Isaac, Feb. 24, 1798; Jesso, Jan. 31, 
1800; T^uisa, Peb. 22, 1802, married Klbridgc Bacon; 
! Betsy, Aug. 29, 1804, died May 3, 1808 ; Hiram, born 

Jan. 81, 1808; Betsy, Jan. C, 1811. 
^ 7. Jesse, son of Keuben and Sally, born Jan. 81, 1800; 

! married Buth Poole, Oct. 28, 1819. 

f 5. John, son of AVilliam and Sarah of Lexington, born 

I May 28, 1731 ; married lluhamah Brown, Jan. 18, 1755. 

f Childi*en, -<- lluhamah, horn in Bedford, Dec. 11, 1753 ; 

John, June 9, 1758; Grace, April 20, 1700, died Sept. IG, 
1703 ; Roger, born June 14, 17G2 ; Kliott, Oct. 22, 17G4, 
died Aug. 24, 1780; Poulter, Peb. 18, 17G7; Hannah, 
July 18, 17G3. His wife died Juno 9, 1798. Ho, with his 
hiother Oliver, settled in Bedford, on a tract of five hundred 
and sixty acres of land which their grandfather bought of 
the town of Billerica, by deed bearing date April 9, 1710. 
It was then in the southerly part of Billerica, next to Con- 


cord ; but, when tho town or Ikdlbrd was organized from tlio 
southerly part of liillerica aud tho north part or Concord, 
this tract oi* land hccanio tho centre of Bedford, and the 
dweUing-houso of John was very hour tho I^Iceting-house. 
lie held a justico of the peace's conmussion, and was a 
wealthy and prominent man hi town. lie died Nov. 20, 

G. Roger, son of John and Rnhanmh of Bedford, born at 
Bedford, June 14, 1702; married i*>arali Webber, Nov. 25, 
1790. Children, — Sully, born Oct, 8, 1797 ; KUott, Nov. 9, 

6. Poulter, son of John and Ruhaniah, born Feb. 18, 
17G7 ; married Molly Ilurtwell, Sept. 1, 1789, and settled in 
Littleton. Cliildren,— Polly, born Juno 8, 1791 ; Dolly, Oct. 
G, 1794 ; Hunnuh, Jan. 31, 1797 ; Mary, ^hueh 29, 1802; 
Joseph Porter, Nov. 2, 1804 ; John Poulter, Dec. 22, 1805. 

7. John Poulter, son of Poulter Rued, lives in Bedford ; 
is a prominent man. 

7. Joseph Porter, son of Poulter and Molly, married Ruth. 
Children, — Joseph E., born in Littleton, Oct. 11, 1830; 
George S., Dec. 11, 1840 ; Sarah A., Nov. 6, 1843 ; Nuhum 
Colo, March 1, 18;]8 ; Daniel Elbridgo, Oct. 11, 184^2; 
Prances Ellis, Peh. 2, 183G. . 

8. Joseph E., son of Joseph P, of Littleton, born Oct. 11, 
1830 ; married Frances M. Tuttle, May 1, 1851. Child, — 
Lorenzo Everett, born Aug. 22, 1851. 

G. John, son of John and lluhamah, born June 9, 1758 ; 
married Hannah Merriam, Doc. 1, 1785. Children, — Anna, 
born July 2, 1787 ; Otis, ilurch 27, 1791 ; Hannah, Sept. G, 
1795 ; John, April 10, 1798, died May 18, 1810. 

7. Otis, son of John and Hannah, lK>rn March 27, 1791 ; 
married Emily Winship. Child, — Anna W., born March 2, 
1820, married to Thomas Stiles, tho prosont town-clbrk of 
Bedford, April 11, 1838, 



5. naiiunond, son of William aiul Sarah of Lexington, 
born April 28, 1734 ; married lictty Sinionds. Children, — 
Betty, horn Dec. 17, 1757; Lydia, July 11, 17G0; Ham- 
mond, Feb. 24, llGi. Tlie farm given him by his father 
was the same now owned by Mw Joshua Simonds, across the 
street from the residence of his father; but he exchanged 
with )Ir. Simonds for the farm now occupied by his descend- 
ant, Mr. Benjamin Reed. 

G, Hannnond, son of Hammond and Betty, born Feb. 24, 
17G3 ; married Sarah Chandler. Children, — Benjamin, 
horn June 20, 1790 ; Sarah, June 21, 171)2; Betsy, Juno 15, 
171)9; Almira. 

7. Benjamin, son of Hammond and Sarah, born June 20, 
1790; married Bcthiah L. Webber of Bedford,. Feb. 3, 1825. 
Child, — Benjamin, who lives on the homestead, and pays 
the largest tax assessed in Lexington. 

5. Nathan, son of William and Sarah of Lexington, born 
Ifay 9, 1743 ; nmrried Mary Page of Bedford, April 3, 1772. 
Children, — Nathan, born Sept. 15, 177G; Mary, Oct. 20, 
1778; Sarah, Aug. 1,1781; llii-am, June 22,1784; Su- 
sauna Whitmore, Aug. 10, 178G ; Hannah, Sept. 4, 1789 ; 
Cln*isto])her, March 18, 1792. lie occupied the old homo- 
stead of his father, situated about a mile from Lexington 
Monument, on the Bedford Road ; and was deacon of the 
church in Lexington. His farm at his decease was divided 
among his sons, and is still occupied by them and their 

G. Nathan, son of Nathan and Mary, born Sept. 15, 1776 ; 
married Polly Mussey. Children, — Cyrus, born Nov. 9, 

1798 ; Nathan IL, Sept. 8, 1805 ; , Fob. 8, 1810 ; Mai^ 

shal, Oct. 2, 1815. 

G. Christopher, son of Deacon Nathan, born March 18, 
1792 ; married Betsy Gibson of Prancistown. He owns and 
lives on a portion of the home-farm of William Reed, Esq. ; 



and the oUI luausiuu is kept in good repair ))y him asii lolic 
of ohleu time, although no pei*bon hus occupied it for many 

7. Cyrus, son of Nathan and Polly, horn Nov. 0, 1708 ; 
married Sarah Jcwett. Children, — John JIusscy, horn 
May 24, 1825 ; George Henry, May 7, 1831, died Feh. 21, 
1882; Catherine, Jan. oO, 1832. He lives on a portion of 
the farm occupied hy hi:$ father, and grandfather Deacon 
Rood, and great-grandfather Esipiire AVilliani Heed; and 
the titio of his great-grandfather has passed to him. 

7. N. Horatio, son of Natlmn and Polly, born Sept. 28, 
1805 ; married Lucilla Meigs. Child, — Mary E., born 
Feb. 10, 1842. IIo is deceased ; and his widow and daugh- 
ter have moved to Janesville, Wis. 

7. Sarah, tho daughter of Hammond Reed and Sarah, 
born Juno 21, 1792 ; nuirricd Nichols of liurlington. 

7. Betsy, the daughter of Hammond and Sarah, born 
Juno 15, 1709 ; married Aaron P. Richardson of Lex- 

7. Almira, the daughter of Hammond and Sarah, married 
Ebonczer 11. Smith of Lexington. Children, — Emily, who 
married Edward Reed of lUirlington ; Almira J. ; Elias 
Reed ; Octavia. 

i>. Nathaniel, son of William and Abigail Stono of Lex- 
ington, born June 2, 1740; married Hepsibah Rateman of 
Bedford, July 25, 1771. 

6. Thadeus, son of William and Abigail, born Aug. 25, 
1755; married Anna. Children, — Edmoud, born Oct. 20, 
1778; Esther, Aug. 10, 1700; AVilliam, July 18, 1702; 
Thadous, Oct. 13, 1704 ; Anna, Feb. 12, 1707 ; Augustus, 
Juno 27, 1790 ; Lucy, July 24, 1801. Most of the family 
died of tho small- pox, in the early part of tho year 1824. 

7. Thadeus, son of Thadeus and Anna, born Oct 18, 1704 ; 
married Plicbo Prescott of Concord, Dec. 8, 1810. 



4. Nathaiucl, son of Josoph and Thchc, and grandson of 
Ralph, born Marcli 28, 1 70 1 ; married Hannah, Children, 
Mury, born Ajiril lo, 17^5; Joslaia, Nov. 17, 1739. lie 
livrd on the farm at Wobnrn Wesiside, known at this time 
as the Gennison IMacc. The oKl house was taken down by 
Mr. Oennison, about twenty years ajro, to make room for a 
new one. He was a captain in the Hevolutton ; and his son 
Joshua was his waiter, and drew a pension under the Act 
of 1818. 

5. Joshua, son of Nathaniel and Hannah, horn Nov. 17, 
17*19; married llachel Wyman, daughter of Joshua of AVo- 
hurn, Nov. 28, 1759. Cliildrcn, — Joshua; Martha, born 
March 25, 1704 ; George W., Nov. 8, 1775. He was known 
as Capt. Joshua, and died Afarch 9, 1805 : his wife died 
Oct. 14, 1818, aged eijrhty-one years. 

ii, Joshua, son of Joshua and liachel, born at Woburn ; 
married Ann Itichardson, ^lay 2i), 1782. Ho was in the 
Rovolutionavy War, and also in the war of 1812. Chikhen, 

— Joshua, born 1799; Nancy, 1792; Jolm, ilareh 19, 
1795 ; Bill, April 24, 1799 ; Thomas, 1801 ; Zacariah, 
Oct. 21, 1804; Ruth, Feb. r», 1810. 

G. Georcrc W., son of Joshua and Kachcl, born at Woburn, 
Nov. 8, 1775; nmrried Klizabelh Symmcs, Dec. 13, 1801. 
Chiklren, — Mary, born Sept. 1:1, 1805 ; KUzabeth, June 29, 
1808; Warren, April 10, 1811; Jackson, Jan. 25, 1813; 
George W. He was a captain of cavahy, and died in April, 

7. George W., son of George W. and Elizabeth, married 
Elizabeth Pearson. Chikhen, — Sarah H., born in 1840; 
Joscphenc, Dec. 12, 18-11 ; Eliza S., 1H48. Ho lives at Wo- 
burn Centre, and is a butcher. 

7. Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Georgo Reed, born June 
29, 1808 ; married Rodney Clement of Salem, N.H.. Child, 

— Fanny, born in 1839. 


4. Joshua, son of William and Abigail of Lexington, bom 
Jan. 20, 1702 ; nuirriud Elizabeth llusscll, Jan. 21, 1725. 
CiriKlrcn,— Klizabetii, boin Feb. 28,172a; Hcpsibab, Mar. 8, 
1728 ; Joshua, May 15, 1729 ; James ; Joseph, Juno 21, 
1789; Rebecca Susan. JHs wife died Feb. 27, 1744. 

5. Joshua, sou of Joshua and Elizabeth, born &[ay 15, 
1729 ; married Susanna Leathers, and afterwards Mrs. 
Brooks. Children, — Susanna, born March 11, 1759 ; Ilep- 
sibah, Feb. 20, 1709; Charles, July 10, 1781; Susanna, 
Jan. 80, 1783 ; Pliebc, Aug. 28, 1792. 

G. Charles, son of Joshua and Susanna, born July 10, 
1781; married Alniira Mussey, Oct. 23, 1817. Child,— 
Charles M., born Sept. 12, 1819. Married, for second wife, 
Martha Wellington, June 28, 1820. He was the first that 
manifested any desire to traeo out the genealogy of the 
Roads, and had accoui|)lishcd much bofore his death, tlad 
ho lived, ho would undoubtedly have done more. 

5. Joseph, the son of Jushua,, born in Lexington, Juno 21, 
1729; married Elizabeth. Child, — Janus; has a grandson 
by the name of Peter, who is an innliolder in Sterling. 

4. Samuel, son of William and Abigail of Lexington, born 
Oct. 24, 1G99, and settled in Lunenburg; married Mary 
Hullard of Lunenburg, Oct. 20, 1738. Children,— Sa- 
muel, born July 13, 1740 ; Mary, July 30, 1742, married to 
Josiah Railey, April 15, 1700 ; Hannah, born April 12, 1745 ; 
Sarah, July 23, 1747, married Nathan Smith, Dec. 22, 1708 ; 
Precilla, born Aug. 10, 1749, married Thomas Carter, jun., 
Feb. 18, 1705 ; Jesse, born July 23, 1751 ; Rebecca, Jan. 25, 
1753; Joshua, Feb. 18, 1757. lie moved from Lunenburg 
to Windham, Me., soon after the birth of their first child ; 
and, in 1782, to Otisfield. lie was killed by lightning iu 

5. Samuel, son of Samuol and Mary, born July 18, 1740 ; 
married Mary. Children, — Drucilla, born Dec. 23, 1700; 


Mary ; Sally ; Lydia ; jSfarlha ; Samuel, hi 1780 ; AVilliam, 

was drowned when a young man. 

U. Samuel, son ol* Samuel and Mary, born in 1780 ; mar- 
ried Martha Alaybury in 1805. Children, — William, born 
Sept. 2U, 1805, lives on the old farm in Otisfield ; Mary, 
Oct, 22, 1807 ; Samuel Tarlmll, Dec. 24, 1809 ; Sally, 
Jan. 30, 1812; Martha, Feb. 21, 1814; Charles, Jan. 1, 
181G; Francis, Sept. 7, 1818 ; George AV., May 2l), 1821 ; 
Jane, Oct. 17, 1825; John Sullivan, May 7, 1829, lives in 
Otisfield. He died in 1881. 

5. Jesse, son of Samuel and ^fary of Lunenburg, born 
July 23, 1851. Child, — Polly, born in Lunenburg, Sept. 10, 

5. James, son of Joshua, settled in Ilinge,N.H. ; married 
Susanna Stone, Nov. 29, 1792. Children, — Hepsibah, 
Jan. 8, 1798; Joshua, Feb. 1, 1795; Elizabeth; Abigail. 
His widow married Joini Fenno. 

Joshua, son of James and Susan of Ringo, born Feb. 1, 
1795 ; married Betsy Fenno ; published Sept. C, 1810. 
Ciiildron, — James A., born Jan. 21, 1815; Charles, April 
24, 1820; Lucius, Sept. 29, 1822; Abigail; Hepsibah; Re- 
l>ecca; Susan. 

G. Abigail, daughter of Joshua of Ringo, married Ebenezer 
Muzzy. Children, — Isaac ; Ik^tsy ; Thaddeus ; Abigail ; 
John, who does business in Boston, but lives in Lexington. 

i). Hepsibah, daughter of Joshua of Ringe, married a 

G. Rel>ecca, daughter of Joshua of Ringe, married a Wait. 

6. Susan, daughter of Joshua of Ringe, married Jonas 
Bridge, Esq., of Lexington. Children, — Martha, Jonas, 
Bowman, Betsy, Carol i no. 

5. Joseph, son of Joshua and Elizabeth, born in Lexing- 
ton, June 21, 1739; married Elizabeth Blood, Dec. 22, 
17G1; settled in Rutland. Child, — Jonas. 


C. Jonas, son of .Toscph and Elizabeth of Rutland, married 
Abigail. Children, — ]]cnjaaiin; Hammond, born July 1, 
1794; William, Oct. 30, 1798. 

3. John, the son of George of Woburn, and ITannah, his 
second wife, born March 8, 1G71 ; married Ruth Johnson, 
Jau; 10, 1G97. His father gave him half of his farm. May 4, 
1C06. His wife died in 1703. His children were — Joisiah, 
born at Woburn, March 24,1702; Ruth, August, 1708. 
His will was proved July 20, 1723. 

4. Josiah, the son of John and Ruth, was born Afarch 26, 
1702; married Elizabeth AYilliams in 1732, but may have 
had a wife previous. Their children were — Josiah, born 
Sept. 15, 1733 ; Miebo, Sept. 28, 1737 ; Elizabeth, Sept. 29, 
1789, who married John Rrcnt ; Susanna, born at Needliam, 
April 9, 1745 ; Mary, March 2, 1747. Ho lived at one time 
iu Watertown, and went from there to Needliam ; but it is 
supposed that he aftorwards moved to Sudbury, as did many 
otliors from Cambridge, Charlestown, Watertown, and Wo* 
burn. Ho died iu Dover, Mass., March 9, 1780, aged eighty- 
four years. 



CIIAFnni Y. 


KsDRAS IIkadk, K«|)[)O0od to b o ft con of Afutthow and h i e 
wil e Alioo Wti rd, liud a tract of land granted him by tbo 
town of Boston, situated at Muddy lliver, now Brooklino ; 
but, in 1037, ho was of SalcMu, and a prominent and leading 
member of the church of Itev. John Fiske. He had a tract 
of land granted him by the town of Salem, lie went with 
Itev. Mr. Fiske and his church to Wenham, then called 
Enon, meaning " much water." lie was rcpre^entaiivc from 
Wenham in 1048 and inlil.")l. lie was sent in lOfio, by 
Mr. Fiske and his church, to look out a mure commodious 
settlement; and he selected Chelmsford. The next s|)ring, 
Mr. Head, Mr. Fiske, and a majority of the church, removed 
to that place. He, however, left Chelmsford in 1001, and 
returned to Boston, where he died in 10^0 ; and his grave- 
stone is now standing in Co)>ps-lIill Burying-yard. He was 
a tailor by trade, and owned considerable real estate on 
Cupps Ilill at the time of his death. He had a sou Obediah, 
who married Anna Swift, the 10th of the sixth month, 1004 ; 
and had, by her, Thonnis, born in July, 16G5; Rebecca, 
in 1008; Elizabeth, in Boston, March 20, 1009; Sarah, 
April 10, 1071 ; Anna, Feb. 3, 1772, who married Samuel 
Ensign in 1700 ; Obadiah, Nov. 29, 1077 ; James, Fob. 29, 
1079. His wife died Sept. li>, 1080. His will was proved 
in 1718. Ho was a carpenter by trade. His gravestone is 
also standing in the burying-yard at Copps Hill. 



8. Tliomns, the sou ol' Obadiah and Anna, went back to 
Chclmsrord, and had a town-grant in 1GG5. On the 7th of 
February, 1707, ho bought a tract of land in Ghehnsford 
of one Fowler, lyuig between Tadnoeuud Stony Brooks, and 
took a deed running to himself and his son Thomas. Uis 
children were — Thonuis, who was born in 1G87 ; Jona- 
than ; William ; Esdras ; John. lie xuarricd Hannah for 
second wife ; by whom he had Benjamin, Oct. 23, 1U90 ; and 

4. Thomas, the son of Thomas of Chelmsford, married 
Sanih Fletcher, in Charlestown, March 14, 1700. Ho had 
a town-grant of land, March 24, 1711. Gliildren, — Sarah, 
born March 23, 1711, died young; Sarah, Aug. 17, 1712; 
Timothy, March 21,1714; Kleazer, Feb. 22,1781; Benja- 
min, Sept 8, 1782. He was a prominent man \\\ tiie town, 
and held a commission of justice of the peace. He died 
Bee. 24, 1773, aged eiglity-six years: his son lienjamin died 
April 2, 1778, in that part of the town which was incor- 
porated as the town of Westford. The Reads were the fu'st 
settlers in Westford. All by that name in Chelmsford 
finally located in Westford. 

8. Obadiah, the son of Obadiah, born Nov. 29, 1C77 ; mar- 
ried Jane Perkins. Children, — Mizaboth, Jan. 8, 1713; 
Susanna, born Sept. 28, 1717. 

8. James, the son of Obadiah, born in Boston, Feb. 29, 
1679; married Elizabeth. Children, — Anna, bora Juno 24, 
1708 ; James, Nov. 28, 1709. 

4. James, son of James and Elizabeth, and grandson of 
Obadiah, born Nov. 24, 1709 ; married Mary. Their children 
were — Mary, who was born Oct. 6,1780; Jamca; Brack- 
ley ; Thomas ; Elizabeth ; and Aium, who married a Yande- 
lier. Mr. Read was a pump and block maker; and tho 
same business was continued iu the family several genera- 
tions. The work-shop was near Oliver's Dock. His sons 


Thomas and Bracklcy were his successors : his grandson 
Kdward followed in his turn. 

5. Bracklcy Rccd*s estate was administered \ipon in 1786| 
and that of Thomas in 1785. Edward, the son of Thomas, 
took letters of administration, tie bonis non^ of the estate 
of his grandfather James, who had been captain of an 
engine company at the age of twenty-three years. Brack- 
ley, Thomas, and Thomas, jun., were suflcrcrs by the great 
fire in 17G0. 

5. James, the son of James and Mary, married Mchitable 
Fenno in 1759. Children, — James, born Feb. 14, 1762; 
Abigail, March 24, 17G4 ; Benjamin, May 20, 17G7 ; Thomas, 
March 1, 1770; William, May 11,1775; Elisha, Oct. 81, 
1777; William H,, Sept. 26, 1779; Samuel, July 5, 1782; 
Clarissa, Sept. 5, 1785. His wife died July 2, 1828, aged 
cighty^ight years. He worked with his father at pump and 
block making, in the shop near Oliver's Dock, till his mar- 
riage. Ho soon arter settled in that part of Dorchester 
which is now Milton. 

6. Benjamin, the son of James and Mchitable, born 
May 20, 1767 ; married Lydia Voce, March 25, 1787. Chil- 
dren,— Joshua V., born Oct. 29, 1787; John, May, 1789; 
Joseph S,, March 31, 1792; Elijah, Apiil 20, 1795; Benja- 
min, Sept. 18, 1796 ; Joseph E., May 16, 1802. 

6. Thomas, the son of James and Mchitable of Milton, 
born March 1, 1770 ; married Polly Allen, April 26, 1803. 
Children,-^ Joshua Thomas, born Jan. 20,' 1806; James; 
Samuel, Jan. 14, 1808 ; Mary Ann, Juno 27, 1814 ; Me- 
liitable Fcun0| Nov. 29, 1816. 

6. Samuel, the son of James and Mchitable, bom July 5, 
1782; married Phebe Raymond of Wcstford, Nov. 28, 1816. 
Child, — Henry Rowland, born Juno 24, 1821. 

7. Joshua, sou of Thomas and Polly of Milton, born 
Jan. 20, 1806. 



G. James, son of James and Mchitablc or ^lilton, born 
Feb, 4, 1702; lived in Jioston. Child, — Thomas. 

7. Tliomus, son of James of lioston, and giandsou of 
James and Mchitablc, married Polly Allen, April 25, 1803. 
Children, — Joshua Thomas, born Jan. 20, 1800; James 
Samuel, Jan. 14, 1808 ; Alary Ann, Juno 27, 1814; Mchita-* 
bio Fonno, Nov. 21), 1810. 

G. Samuel, son of James and liEehitablc, born July 5, 
1782 ; married Phcbc Itaymond of Wcstford, Nov. 28, 1810. 
Child, — Henry Rowland, Juno 24, 1829. 

7. John P., grandson of James and Mehitablo. Child, — 
James Sewell, horn April 3, 1832. 

7. Joseph Klijuli, grandson of James and MchUable, born 
May 0, 1802 ; married Lydia Y. Sliephcrd, Juno 18, 1829. 
Children, — Kdwin James and Klleu Jane, born May 12, 
1883; Mary Caroline, Oct. 12, 1830; Francos Abby, Sept. 
11, 1845. 

7. Joseph S., son of Benjamin and Lydia, born March 31, 
1792 ; married Anielia Jenkins, Oct. 20, 1810. 

G. John Waller, son of James and Mehitable, born May 18, 
1789; married Mary Bullock, Aug. 7, 1817. He got the 
Walter added after he came of ago. Children, — John Wal- 
ter, Joshua H., Caroline, Jjorena. Ho removed to Augusta, 
in the State of Georgia ; and died there in 1825. 

7. John' Walter, son of John Walter, married Ellen S. 
Dogan, ilay 9, 1852. Ho keeps at No, 4, Brattle Sti'oet, 

7. Joshua IT., aon of John Walter, married Miss Van- 

6. William H., son of James and Mehitablo, born at Dor- 
chester, Sept. 20, 1779 ; married Anna Libbcy. Children, — 
William P. M., born in Hampden, Mo., Aug. 29, 1805; 
Jason, April 20, 1809; Anno, May 5, 1811. Married, for 
second wifo, Lucy Grant. Childroui — Daniel M., born 



Aug. 17, 1810; r.corsc G., Nov. 9, 1819; Andrew 0,, 
Jan. 27, 1821; Sarali h, 0., June 21, 1828; Piancis A., 
Aug. 10, 1824, died April 18, 1825; Francis P., bom 
Jan. 27, 1827; Cluu'lcs A., Sept. 18, 18:]0 ; Clara C, 
April 8, 1882 ; William 11., Dec. 21, 1833. lie died 
March 31, 1858. 

7. William P. M., sou of William II. and Anna, born 
Aug. 29, 1805 ; married Kmeline Jaync. Children, — Eme- 
lino J., bora Nov. 27, 1833; William C, Nov. 1, 18:55,— 
a student in Audover Theological Seminary ; Beverly S., 
June 19, 1837 ; Thomas O., July 5, 1845 ; Henry G., 
Nov. 17, 1845. His wife died Dec. 5, 1845. Married, for 
second wife, Sophia S. Towne. Children, — Clarkson T., 
born Feb. 10, 1848; Barrett R., Aug. 8, 1850; Ernest 
R., Oct. 8, 1851; IWrctt E., April 7,1853; Barrett R., 
died Sept. 11, 1851 ; Ernest R., died April 18, 1853 ; Bar- 
rett E., died Sept. 7, 1853. 

7. Jason, sou of William II. and Anna, born April 20, 
1809; married Almira Turener, Jan. 17,1840, and lived 
in Bucksport, Me. Children, — Augusta, born Nov. 27, 
1840; Olin P., July 10, 1845, died April 21, 1855; Mary 
A., April 15, 1852, died May 2, 1858 ; Emma S., July 29, 
185G, died Oct. 25, 1 85i). The last named was by his second 
wife, Laura M. Williams ; to whom he was married in 1854. 
He died March 15, 1858. 

7. Anna, daughter of William H. and Anna, born May 5, 
1811 ; married David B. Kemjiton, February, 1830, and 
settled in Adams, Mich. Children, — Frances Anna, David 
W., Julia A., Jane I)., Alhina V., Benjamin P., Elmira E. 

7. George Q., son of William II. and Lucy, born Nov. 9, 
1819, and settled in Hampton. Married Sarah 11. Snow, 
Dec. 29, 1847. Children, — George E., born Nov. 9, 1848 ; 
Susan E., July 15, 1852 ; Emma, Juno 12, 1854, died 
March 1, 1855; Micnjah IL, Oct. 14, 1856. 


7. Andrew G., son of William H. and Lucy, born Jan. 27, 
1821 ; married Rebecca Patridge, Dec. 12, 1852, and set- 
tled in Rockland, Mo. Child, — Camnce E., born May 31, 

7. Francis P., son ot William II. and Lucy, born Jan. 27, 
1827 ; married Susan E. Patten, July 15, 1849, and settled 
in Hampton, Mo. She died Oct. 6, 1857. Cliildren, — 
Julia F., born Sept. 5, 1850, died 1852; Willis Martin, 
June 19, 1858; Arthur B., Sept. 19, 1855. 

7. Charles A., sou of William H. and Lucy, born Sept. 18, 
1880; married Elmira J. Willson, May 11, 1850, and lives 
in Rockland, Me. Children, — Helen F., born July 5, 1850 ; 
Hattio D., Oct. 21, 1853. 

7. Clara Cc, daughter of William H. and Lucy, born 
April 8, 1832 ; married Isaac H. Young, Juno 8, 1851, and 
lives at Hampton, Mo. He died Aug. 11, 1856. 

6. Thomas, son of James and Mehitablo, born at Dorches- 
ter, March 1,1770; lived in Boston, and died November, 

•6. Samuel, son of James and Mehitable, born at Dorches* 
ter, Mass., July 6, 1783 ; lived in Beaufort, S.C., and died 
Nov. 22, 1838. 

5. Timothy, son of Thomas and Sarah, born at Chelms- 
ford, March 21, 1714 ; married Mary Cummings, Nov. 10, 
1732. Children,— Elizabeth, born Feb. 2, 1733; Mary, 
Feb. 22, 1734 ; Timothy, Aug. 30, 1736, settled in Putney, 
Yt, ; Eloazer. Ho moved from Chelmsford to Dunstable, 
when that was tho name of a tract comprising Dunstable, 
Nashua, Nashville, Hollis, and parts of tho towns of Pelham, 
Londonderry, Hudson, Mcrrimac, and Townsond ; making in 
all about two hundred square miles, which t^onstituted for 
many years the northern frontier, whero many savage out- 
rages were committed by tho Indians, and many deeds of 
valor and heroism wore performed by tho whites. It was from 



this region that Lovcll and a portion of his men came; 
and Timothy Read was one of the number selected^ after 
Lovell's Fight at Pigmarkct, to go and scout for Indians, 
and bury those who were killed in the figlit. Wliilo 
pursuing that oiijcct, they espied something in tlio bushes, 
which they supposed was an Indian ; and Mr. Ilead 
was selected, on account of being a superior marksman, to 
fire ; which ho did. The sequel shows that he had shot a 
neighbor by the name of Wliitney, who had been wounded 
in the fight, and crawled into the bushes to prevent being 
di<<covcrcd by Indians. This event cast a shade of melan- 
choly over the feelings of Air. Reed, which ho hardly 
forgot through life. The following scrap may give the 
reader some idea of the times in which this man and his 
associates lived: — 

^ Old Dunstable was a very difTcrcnt town from that wliich at 
preiont passes by that name. It was settled in 1G73, and included 
more than two hundred square milcn, embrueiiig the towns of Nashua, 
Nashville, Hudson, and Ilollis, in New Ilanqishire; besides Dun- 
stable and Tyngsborougli, Mass.; also |M)riions of Amherst, Milford, 
^Icrrimac, Litchfield, I^ndonderr)', Pclham, and Bro€»klinc, N.II. ; 
and parti of Pep|>erell and Townsend, Mass. Dunstable figured 
quite prominently in the Indian wars and in that of the devo- 
lution. Those who are curious in reference to these and other 
mutters can gain a full knowledge of them in Fox's History of the 
old towniihip of Dunstable. 

**A few |iarticulars of the olden times may interest the general 
reader. The following were the expenses of the funeral of James 
lihmchnrd, a fanner in tolerable circumstances, who died in Dun* 
stable in 1704: Paid for a winding-slicer, 18.4.; for a cofiin, IOh. ; 
fur digging grave, 7s. Cd. ; for the u^^e of the pall, d;<. ; for gloves (to 
diMlribute at the funeral), £l. Is. ; for winCf cigars, and iptce (at the 
funend), £1. 5s. Dd. ; for the doetor, Ms. 9d. ; for attendance, ex* 
|icn:M;s, &:c., £i. 17s. 5d. 

'*So great was the alarm from the frequent incursions of the 
Indians, that th«s iidmbitmits liveil ebiefiy hi garrisons as late as 


171 1. There were then seven gnrri^^ons, termed Col. Jonathan 
Tyng% "Mv. Henry FurwcH'si Mr. Jolin Cumniing.s*.s, Col. Suniuel 
AVhiting's, Mr. Thomas Lainls'ji, Queen's Garrison, and Mr. John 
Lollendhie's. They contained thirteen families, seven nude inhabi- 
tants, nineteen soldiers, — a total of eighty-six persons. 

*^ So perilous were the times, that Dunstable was scareely more 
advaneod Ui 1714 than it was in 1G80. 'Many of the most useful 
inbabllants Imd been slain or taken cat)tive, — heads of famirK*s 
enpecialiy. Some had removed to phiees more secure from Indian 
depredation, and had deserted all.'" 

C. Eloazer, son of Timotliy and Mary, born in I)unstablc« 
February, 1740 ; married Rucbol Cunimings. Children, — 
Bochei, bom Juuo 4, 1770 ; Ulioda, Nov. 2G, 1772 ; Caleb, 
Aug. 7, 1775, died Nov. 28, 1838 ; Leonard, April 4, 1777 ; 
Rebecca, March 6, 1779 ; Betsy, Dec. 17, 1730. 

7. Robccoa, daughter of Kloazcr, married a Pratt. Child, 
•^ Cuininings Pratt, who lives in Roxbury. 

7. Caleb, son of Elcazcr, born Aug. 7, 1775 ; married 
. Sarah Rioliardson. Children, — Calvin, born in Dunstable, 

Jan. 20, 1708; James, 1799; Rachel; Abigail. Married, 
for second wife, Widow Catiicrine Blodgct. Children, — 
Almira, Catbei*ino, Sarah, Mary Ann, Uot:sy. 

8. Calvin, son of Caleb, born in Dunstable, Jan. 10, 1798 ; 
married Catherine Baxter. Children, — Saruh Richard- 
son, born in ilawlcy, Mass., Jan. 4, 1821 ; Calvin Dwight, 
in Ashfield, Feb. 28, 1824; William Eleazer, in Ilawlcy, 
Deo. 19, 1828 ; Calvin Blood, in Hawloy, July 13, 1831 ; 
Ann Eliza, in Dunstablo, Feb. 8, 1838, died Sci>t. 1, 1835; 
Charles Freeman, Aug. 7, 1835 ; Jamesj Alonzo, Nov. 9, 
1889 ; Emily, in Lonox, N.Y., Sept. 2, 1844. He now 
lives in Durliamville, Oneida County, N.Y. ; having left 
Dunstablo in 1844. 

8. James, sou of Caleb, married fiethiah Runnels of 
Hollis. Children, — Ebon Runnels, born June 20, 1824; 
Iliimm Augustus, Oct. IS, 1820 ; Calvin Richardson, 

AND 1113 DESCKNUANTS. ' 159 

Marcli 3, 1829 ; James Dexter, Aug. 28, 1832 ; Dana 
Duiilmr, Doc. 15, 183-1; Iliumali Abba, July 11, 1830. 
lie lives in Med ford, iUxss. 

0. Timothy, sou of Timothy and Mary, boru Aug. 80, 
IToG, and scttliul iu Duuunerstou, Vt. Ciiildrcn, — Isaac, 
Timothy, William. 

7. Isaac, son ol* Timothy of Dummcrslon, Yt. ChiUlrcn, 

— David, Timothy, Sovil, Is^aac, Josiah P., Kobcrt, Joluu 

8. Ku1>ert, who had Kobcrt and Itamhill. 
8. Timothy, sou of Isaac, iuul Abel, Timothy, John, 

Daniel, Lucy, Charles, Hansom. 

8. John, who married Kliza. Children, — Sarah' Jane; 
Daniel II., born Nov. 1, 18a^8. John lives in Pitzwilliam, 

'J'imothy, married Sarah. Child, — Sumner S., born 
Aug. 14, 1841. 

* 8. Timothy, son of Timothy of Dummerston, of the fuin 
; of Reed and Furbush in Boston, married Jane Clulds, Feb. 7, 
I . 18oC. Cliildron, — Alden, Emma, 'I'imothy, Nabby, Francis. 
\ Married, for second wife, Martha K. Whitney. Child, — 

• iVank. Ho died at lioston, July 14, 1868. 

; 5. Joseph, son of Thomas, born at Chelmsford, June 4, 

\ 171G ; married lluth Underwood, l^Iay 30, 1737. Children, 

— Joshua, born Dec. 1 , 1737 ; Ruth, Jan. 4, 1740 ; Benjamin, 
Dec. 81, 1742, died at Crown Point, October, 17G0; Joseph, 
Oct. 9, 174G; I^onard, April 23, 1750; Mully, Aug. 31, 
1851, died Feb. 14, 1777; Sampson, May 13, 1754, died 
Feb. 22, 1777. Ho was a man of distinction ; was repi*e* 
sentative of the town of Wcstford twenty years in succession ; 
and was ono of the Doston Tea-party, although then some- 
what advanced in life. 

G. Joshua, son of Joseph and Ruth, bom Dec. Ij 1737; 
married Mary Spaulding. Children, — Elnathan, born 
Oct. 12, 1758 ; Benjamin, Dec. 5, 17G0 ; Joshua, March 6, 


1763, settled in Stoddard, N.H. ; Phincas, born Oct. 18, 
1765; Amos, Aug. 1, 1768; Isaiah, Oct. 14, 1770, died 
March 13, 1777 ; Zacchous, born March 8, 1773 ; Joseph, 
March 13, 1776, lives in Montpelier, Yt. ; Isaiah, March 17, 
1778, lives iu Stoddard, N.II. He was a justice of the peace 
and an influential man. 

7. Ehiathan, son of Joshua, born at Westford, Oct. 12, 
1768 ; was in tho Revolutionary War, during the whole 
term, under Oen. Sullivan and Col. lilorgan ; was discharged 
at the close of the war at North Carolina; and died at 
Cavendish, Yt*, leaving nine daughters, who married and 
have families. He was a pensioner. 

6. Joseph, sou of Joseph and Ruth, born at Westford, 
Oct 9^1746 ; married Sybel Procter of Chelmsford, Nov. 16, 

7. Benjamin, son of Joshua and Ruth, born at Westford, 
Dee. 5, 1760 ; served three yoars in the Revolution ; married 
Olive Robbins of Westford, May 80, 1788 ; settled in Tem- 
pleton, Mass., and followed the occupation of a tanner. He 
was a man of distiikction and much wealth. He died in 
182S, leaving one datighter who had buried her children. 

7. Joshua, son of Joshua, born in Wcstfoi*d, ^larch 6, 
1763; served three years iji the Revolutionary War; and 
fiually settled in Stoddard, N.H., and drew a pension. He 
had a large family, solne of which are men of distinction and 
wealth iu Nadiua, N.II. 

7. Phincas, son of Joshua, born at Westford, Oct. 18, 
1765. He enlisted at fourteen years of age as a private 
binder Gapt. Tucker of Salem. He learned the tanner's 
trade, after the war, with his brother Benjamin, at Temple- 
ton. He settled in Fitzwilliam, N.H., March 24, 1787, and 
married Elizabeth Day of Templeton. Children, — Eliza, 
born Oct. 21, 1790; Edward 0., Mardi 8, 1798; Daniel, 
Jan. 2, 1796 ; John M., Sept. 18, 1802 ; Joseph, Sept 28, 



1804, who died at Chailestown in lcS20 ; Elliot, bom April 
21, 180C, who died in Ooorgia, June 13, ISAH; Sarah, bom 
May 21, 1811; Clcorgc, Sept. Ji, Lslo, wlio married Maria 
Pray of Salem, Mass., and lives in Oalilorniu. Uo died in 

8. Eliza, daugliter of Pliineas of Fit/william, bom Oet. 21, 
1790; married James Godfrey. Children, — Joseph, who 
is an engineer at iSprtngfield, Mass. ; James, who is in Cali- 

8. Kdward, son of Phincas, born at Pitzwilliam, Mareh 8, 
1703 ; graduated at Dartnionlh CoUego, and practised 
law in llomor, N.Y. ; was a menthcr of Congress during 
Jackson's adniinislratkm ; and has two daughters married,- 
and ono not married, and two sons in California. 

8. Daniel, son of Phincas, born Jan. 2, 1797 ; lives in 
Adrian, Mich. Has two daughters married; one of whom 
IS at Adrian, and ono at Worcester, Mass. 

8. Mai-y, daughter of I'hincas, born July 8, 1800 ; mar- 
ried Eli Spraguo. They live at Asbfield, ]liiai^s., and have a 
daugbtor and a son with them, and one son in California. 

8. John M«, 80U of IMuneas, bom Oct. 18, 1802; married 
Henrietta Taylor, lias, uo children. The father of ifrs. 
Iteed was connected with the army during the Mexican War, 
and distinguished himself at Monterey. IIo was afterwards 
in the qiiartornuister's department, in Ocn. Pierce's brigade ; 
and was lassoed the 24th of September, 1847 or 8, while out 
procuring supplies, in charge of a baggage-train from Gen. 
Tiiylor to Gen. Scott. 

8. Sarah, daughter of Phineus, bom May 21, 1811 ; mar- 
ried ^Injor Daniel T. llaydou, Nov. 6, 1883. lie was a 
merchant in Vitzwilliam, and accidentally shot, Aug. 18, 
1838, — a sad event. Slie married, for second husband. 
Dexter Wliittemore, a merchant ; and lives in New- York 



8. Charles, son of Pirmcas, boni ifarch 17, 1813 ; married 
Betsy OHburn, April 8, 1H:55. Cliihl, — Daniel JL, named 
uftcr the \inele who was shot. 

7. Amos, son of Jushna, horn at AVestford, Aug. 1, 1708; 
married Hachal VreseoU of Oroton in 171)0. Children, — 
lladial, i>orn Au»<. ID, ITDO, nuuricd Jaeoh (). Parker; He- 
thiah, ^hiy !il), 171)2 ; Amos, April 7, 17i»4 ; Jobhua, ifareli 
12, 17%; Otis, yU\y IS, 1807; Stephen, Mareh 5, 171)1); 
Franeis, Marcli 2S, l,S01»; Augusla Maria, Sept. 4, 1812. 
IIo moved to Sodiis, N.Y. 

7. Zachciis, son of Joshua, horn at Westford, ^hirch 8, 
1773; lived and died on tlie old farm in WebU'ord; nnirried 
Mary Parker in ITl).'). Children, — Zaelieus, horn Jan. 27, 
1700; Abic^^ail, Dec. 2:J, I7l)8 ; .Mary, May 27, 1801; E. 
Haywood; Josiali, ilied in Chorlestown in 1S:;j4; Almira, 
Oct. 10, 1811; Kdwin, Nov. 28, 1814, died in 18;i2. llo 
died Sept. 15, 1834, aged ei«rhty-one years. 

8. Zaelieus, son of Zaeheus of Westford, horn Jan. 27, 
1700; married -Mary Haywood. Children, — ilary E., 
Sept. 2, 1823,' married Silas N. Haywood of S|)ringriehl in 
1845; Edward L., Aug. 13, 1825, died Jan. 10, 1852; Mar- 
tha Ann, Sept. 10, 1828, married E. E. Dupee in 1845; 
Joseph II., Aug. 5, 1835 ; Emily F., Aug. 9, 1837. 

9. Edward L., sou of Zaeheus of Westford, born Aug. 13, 
1825 ; married Julia A. Cliaml)orlain, Jan. 0, 1852 ; and, hy 
my record, died the 10th of the same month. 

7. Joseph, son of Joshua and Mary, born at Westford, 
March. 13, 1770 ; wos for many yeai*s a merehant in Thct- 
ford, Yt. ; hut now resides in Montpelier, and has been for 
more than twenty years Judge of Probate, Children, — 
Oharlos, who is of the iirm of Morrill and lleed, attorneys-at- 
law, iu ifontj>elier ; George, who is Secretary of the National 
Insurance Company. 

7. Isaiah, sou of Joshua, born Marcli 17, 1778; married 


8. Cliarles, son of Phiiicas, born ifarch 17, 1813 : married 
Bots)' Osbuni, April 8, lSo5. CliiM, — Daniel II., named 
ul'ter tlic uncle who was bhot. 

7. Amos, son of Joslina, born at Westford, Aug. 1, 1708 ; 
married Itaclnil PreseoU of Oroton in 171)0. Children, — 
lUiehal, born An*;. ID, ITV'O, married Jacob (). Parker; He- 
thiali, May 'ilJ, 17U2 ; Amos, Ajiril 7, 171)4 ; Joshua, .March 
12, 17%; Olis, yU\y IS, 1807; Stephen, iMareh 5, 171)0; 
Francis, March iS, 18U1»; Augusta Maria, Sept. 4, 1812. 
llo moved to Sodus, N.Y. 

7. Zaclicns, .son of Joslnni, born at Westford, March 8, 
1773 ; lived and dieil on the old farm in Westford ; nuirried 
Mary Parker in 170.'). Chihlren, — Zaclieus, born Jan. 27, 
1700 ; Abigail, Dec. 25, 1708 ; Mary, May 27, 1801 ; K. 
Haywood ; Josiah, died in ChnrlOstown in 1S;J4 ; Almira, 
Oct. lU, 1811; Kdwin, Nov. 28, 1814, died in 1«;)2. llo 
died Sept. 15, 18r»4, aged eighty-one years. 

8. Zachcus, son of Zaclieus of Wesiford, born Jan. 27, 
17i)0 ; married -Mary Haywood. Children, — ilary E., 
Sept. 2, 1S2.3,' married Silas N. Haywood of Springlield in 
1845 ; Edward L., Aug. 1:J, 1825, died Jan. HI, 1852 ; Afar- 
Iha Ann, Sept. 10, 1S28, married K. F. Dupee in 1845; 
Joseph II., Aug. 5, 18:J5 ; Kmily F., Aug. 9, 18^7. 

9. Edward fi., son of Zaclieus of Wesiford, born Aug. 13, 
1825 ; married Julia A. Cliaml>crlain, Jan. 0, 1852 ; and, by 
my record, died tiic 10th of the ^imo month. 

7. Joseph, son of Joshua and ilary, bora at Westford, 
March. 13, 1770 ; wos for many years a merchant iu Thet- 
ford, Yt. ; but now resides in Alontpelier, and has been for 
more than twenty ycai-s Judge of Probate. Children, — 
Oharlos, who is of the lirni of Morrill and llecd, altorncys-at- 
law, iu Slontpelier ; George, who is Secretary of the National 
Insurance Company. 

7. Isaiah, sou of Joshua, born March 17, 1778 ; married 



liydia Procter. Clnltlreii, — Iiy*liu, Uani June 4, 1708, 
iHuirioil Amasa Fairbanks ; Isaiah,. luiiii IS, 1802; Jonas 1\, 
]>cc. 10, ISOU; Nancy, Nov. ;iO, ISOO; Cyrus, April 24, 
1S14; John, Fch. 22, 1817; KiUvanI, July cK), 1S15). lie 
lives iu Sloilaril, N.I I. 

8. Lydia, daughter of ]^aial» of Stodard, l)orn Juno 4, 
171)'J ; imirried Anuisa Fairlmnks, March 4, l8l;5. Children, 
— Sumner; ihiry. The family live iu "Washington, N.II. 
She died March 10, 1S4«;. 

8. Isaiah, son of Isaiah of Stodard, horn June 18, 1802 ; 
married Susanna Dodge, Aug. 12, 183U. Child, — Colum- 
hus, horn Sept. 14, 18:]1, who is a law btudent at Concord. 
He died March ai, 1S:JG. 

8. Jonas P., son of Isaiah of Stodard, horn Doc. IG, 1800; 
married Ann Waldron, Dec. If), I8;57. Children, — Fre- 
derick, Feb. 5, lSo8; IJiiuton Jl., Nov. 9, 1840; Jonas L., 
Nov. 13, 1842 ; Martha, Nov. 21J, 1844 ; Isabella A., ilarch 8, 
18;)4. Liveii at Stodard. 

8. Nancy, daughter of Isaiah, horn Nov. ?>0, 1800; mar- 
ried Samuel Jenkins, Aug. 18, 1829. Children, — Nancy 
Ann, born Nqv. 22, 1830 ; Kdmond S., July 30, 1831 ; Lydia, 
Nov. 23, 1837. Live in Stodanl. 

8. John, son of Isaiah, horn July 80, 1819 ; married Har- 
riet AYright, April 24, 1842. Children, — James, born Juno, 
184U; Ilcuiy, July 20, ISoO; Frank, Aug. 8, 1853. 

8. Edward, sou of Isaiah, born July 30, 1819; married 
Mary A. Pago, Oct. 10, 1844. Children, — George E., 
July 24, 1845 ; lilary M., Sept. 18, 1850 ; Joseph A., 
. March 18, 1850, 

4. John I sou of Thomas of Chelmsford, grand.sou of Obo- 
diah, married Jane Chaniberlaiu at Charlestown, Jan. 10, 
1707; and. had Sanmel, born Aug 11, 1711; Thomas, 
Oct. 25, 1713; William, April 2,1715; Jane, April 1, 1717; 
Surah, Feb. 22, 1719 ; IJctsy, May 27, 1721 ; Hannah, 


Feb. 15, 1721; Lucy, July IG, 1727; Jacob. lie had a 
town-grant of lanil, Marcli 28, 1719; and his cliildrcn were 
all born in Chelnisrord. 

5, Jacoi), son of John and Jano, uiarricd Lucy. Chil- 
dren, — Benjamin, born Feb, 22, 1752; Prccilla, June 3, 
175G; John, May 22, 1758. 

G. Samuel, sou of Sanuicl and Hannah, born at Chelms- 
ford, Aug. 15, 1771 ; married . Clnldrcn, — Mary, mar- 
ried a Ilosley of Pepperol ; Nancy, married Calvin Plelclier 
of Groton ; Eliza, married Joseph Stevens of Littleton ; A. 
J.; Walter; Uufus, 18u5. Mr. Samuel Reed i$ now living 
in Littleton. 

7. Ilufus, son of Samuel, born 1805; married Hannah 
Fitch. Children, — Mary Louisa, born in Providence in 
1833 ; Uufus Fletcher and Ilurriet Fitch (twins), in 1834 
and 5, in two diilcrent years, in New|K>rt ; Joseph R., 183G ; 
Pamelia A., at Providcnco, 1837 ; Saruh F., 1841 ; Samuel 
Rufus, 1843. lie is now living in Providcnco. 

6. Bridget, da\ighter of Samuel and Hannah, born at 
Westford, July 14, 17G2; mamoil Jonas Keycs, and settled 
in Putney, Vt. Children, — Raymond; Jonas; John, who 
lives in Putney ; Polly, who married a Flint of Royalton, 
Vt. ; Sally, married a I^amb, and married Kphi*oim Morse 
of Newfano for second husband ; Lucy, who married David 
Rood of Dummerston. 

5. Samuel, son of John and Jane, born Aug. 11, 1711 ; 
married Abigail Cummings, Nov. 23, 1782. Children, — 
Thomas, born in Westford, Feb. G, 1733; Samuel, Jan. 20, 
1736, died Jan. 20, 1755 ; Silas, April 2, 1737 ; William, 
Sept. 24, 1730. Ilia wife died Mai*cli 81, 1743. Married 
Hannah Underwood, June 22, 1757» Children, — Abigail, 
April 8, 1758 ; Olive, April 13, 17G0, married Silas Procter 
in 1784 ; Bridget, July 14, 1762 ; Samuel, Aug. 15, 17G4. 
Lived in Westford. 



0. Samuel, son of Sunmcl and Al)igail, bom Aug. li), 
1774. Children, — ilary, who married a Ilosley of Pc|»i)crel; 
Nancy, married Calvin Flelelior of Oroton ; Kliza, married 
Josc[)h Stcvcn25 of Liltlelon; Walter; Ilufus, who lives in 

G. Thomas, son of Stnnucl and Abigail of Wcstford, horn 
Feb. G, 1733; married Susanna Dutton, Dec. 13, 1753. 
Cliildren, — Stephen, horn ^hueh *2(), 1754 ; Abigail, June 5, 
1757 ; Susanna, !Sluy 2, 175l>, died March 2, 17G2; Jemima,^ 
Nov. 10, 17GI ; Susanna, March -Ji*, 1704, married to Wil- 
liam Dutton, 1781 ; Sarah, Juno :27, 17GG, married lleuben 
Wriglit, 178T ; Thomas, Jan. 5, I7ii8, married rhebe 
Wrijrlu ; Lucy, May 10, 1771; Anna, Dec. 5, 1773, mar- 
ried Daniel Smith, jun., of Exeter, X.l[., in 1811. Susanna, 
his wife, died ; and he nuirried Widow Phobe Procter of 
Grafton, Jan. 20, 1784. Children, — Phebo, born Sept. 20, 
1784; Charlos, Dec. 11, i7h5 ; Charlotte, Jan. 25, 1787, 
mnrricd David Nutting in 1808. Married, for third wife, 
Polly Spaulding, June 19, 1792. Children, — Uoswell, bora 
Sept. 19, 1798; Polly, April 10, 1795, married . Samuel 
Siuuilding, 1812; Alemith, Oct. 16, 1797, died Oct. 25, 
1802; Lydia, May 13, 1798, married Joseph Wild of Brain, 
tree, 1814; Phicinda, Nov. 28, 1803: uuiking sovcuieeu 
children. Tradition says that Polly S|mulding was keeping 
hmiso for Lieut. Thonuis Head during his widowhood, after 
the death of, his second wife, and that one of his sons be- 
came attached to her. Some time after she was married to his 
father, in the absence of the old man, dte asked the son to 
crave a blessing at the dinner-talde ; which was done in tho 
following words : *^ Once yon was my lovo, and I loved you 
as my life ; and, if my father had not been so spry, 1 should 
have made you my wife." 

7. Thomas, son of Thomas and Susan of Westford, born 
Jan. 5, 1709; married Phobe Wright, Doo. 13, 1795- Chil- 




ilrcii, — l*hcl»o, born May D, 1705 ; Luciuda, Jiiuc 9, 1797 ; 
Joso|*li, Juno -JT, 179«; Hicbc, Nov. 2:2, ISOO; Thomas, 
Fob. 12, 1803; Joel, February, 1807; Stephen, May 19, 
1811 ; lloxanna, July 12, 1810. lie lived in Nellson, N.ll. 

8. Joseph, son of Thomas and Phel)C, born Jan. 27, 1798 ; 
married Ilcbecca Lyon. 

8. Thomas, son of Thomas and Phehc, born Pel). 12, 
1803; married Alariam Clougii of Candia, N.lf., and kept 
a pul>lic-house at Ka-st CambriiJ«50. Chililron, — l)exter, 
Porter, Thcoiloro. He died in Camlnidjro, July 31, 1811. 

8. Joel, mux of Tiiomas and Phebo, born Feb. 7, 1807 ; 
married Lucinila Sargoant ol' Candia, N.II. CliiUlren, — 
George I)., born ilay 20, 1837 ; Alary J., Aug. 25, 1840. 
lie kept a public-house at Ii!ast Cambridge ; and died 
Dec. 22, 1810. His wiilow and ehiUlren slill rcnuun there. 

8. Stephen, son of Thomas and JMiobe, born May 19, 
1811 ; married rtarah Clark, April 5, 1840. Child, — 
Henry 0., born March 25, 1845. He kec|Ms tlie same public- 
house in East Cambridge that his brothers Thomas and 
Joel had kept, and is doing a ilouri&hing business. He is a 
wealthy and pros|ierous man. 

8. Silas, son of .^amuel of Wostford and Abigail, bora 
at Wcstford, April 2, 1837 ; married Hannah Chamberlain, 
Juno 2, 1792. Children,— IJetsy, bpra Aug. 2, 1773, died 
Sept. 8, 1777; Silas, Feb. G, 1776 ; Hannah, Juno 25, 1777 ; 
Silas, July 12, 1778 ; Ephreim, Juno 3, 1780, died Nov. 20, 
1781 ; Ephreim, April 30, 1782 ; Betsy, Jan. 21, 1784 ; 
Hannah, April 1, 178«i ; Abigail, Oct. (>, 1788;. Samuel, 
Dec. 20, 1789; John C, April 7, 1792; llebecca, June 8, 
1794; Bridget, Jan. 1, 1790, died Nov. 4,1798; Luther, 
Feb. 12, 1799; Bridget, April 30, 1801 ; Harriet; making 
sixteen children. 

7. Uoscwell, son of Thomas and Polly of Wcstford, born 
Sept. 19, 1778; married Sybel . Children, — Joanna, 



Iwni July 22, ISlf) ; lliiniiit, Auir. 10, 1817, mamcd Joseph 
Wriirht; Cyiitliia, Foli. -J, LSiiU; :MuiTick, Nov. U, 18l>1 ; 

Al»ralmm, Jan. 18, ISii-l ; Klhriil^u^o, 27, 1820; Clur- 

rissa, Aug. 1:5, I82S ; Eliuiia, Dec. 2."i, 18:50; Laura, 
April 24, 18:5:5. lie died iu I8r»«;. 

8. KUiridgc, sou of Itoswoll, lioni at Weslford, ifarch 27, 
182G; luaniiid Hannah R Davis, -May li, IS.VI. 

Ih Luther, son of Silas and llannali, horn Fch. 12, 171K); 
nuirricd Ann Thaxtcr of l»oston, April (), 1828. Cirddrun, 
— Luther \V., horn T)ec. 22, 182S, died Jan. 17, 1621) 
Nancy T., Dec. H5, 1820 ; Anna R., Fch. 21, 18;5l ; Sihis C. 
Sept. 7, 18:5J ; Joseph \V., Dec. 0, 18:5li, died Jan. o, KS;57 
Luther R, Peli. 1, 18:18 ; Catherine M., April 2(j, 1810. 

4. Ksflras, son of Thomas, an<l «rreal-grandson of Ksdras, 
married Sarah, and nuivinl to Woi)urn; and, Sept. 8,1710, 
sold his real estate in Chidni>rord to (leorge Jiyaiu. He 
was a tailor, as was his t'atiier Thomas, and great-grandfather 
I'Ndras; and it was a trade tluit was common among tlie 
first generations of Reads in this country. The Reads 
in and ahout )>ostou iu Lincolnshire were among the 
first who went into the trade of cloth after the influx of 
the French Huguenots into England. One hninch of the 
husiness was to nmke the cloth into wearing apparel, con- 
stituting what we call merchant tailoi*s ; and the first 
emigrants of Reeds to this country hrought their tools with 
them for making cloliiing. 

4. Jonathan, son of Thonvas of Chelmsford, married Mar- 
garet. Children, — Hannah, horn May 17, 1715; Iktsy, 
Jan. 15, 1717, 

4. William, sou of Thomas of Chelmsford^ and great- 
graudsou of Ksdras, married Hannah Rates. Children, — 
Rolicrt, l)orn«l)cc. 25, 1720 ; William, Feh. 25, 1724 ; Dobo- 
mh, July 10, 1720; Louis, Feb. a, 1734. 

5. Robert, sou of William and Hannah, Chelmsford, bom 


ill ClicltiiNronl, Dec. 2.*!, 1720; murried Iluiumh AMiot of 
AiiJover, and bculod in Litclilield ; aricnvunl:» went to Aiu« 
hcrM. Cliildrcii, — Sarah, boni at ChchiiNfonl, Muixli 9, 
17-lo; Kridgot, June It^ IIV^; liCiiuiel) who died ugx^d 
twoiity-oiic yoiu-s ; Williuai, Aug. 14,1754; Mury, iimnied 
Bciijuiuiu Bnidfonl ; Olive, umrricd Suiuuel Greeley ; Uo- 
bcrt. He was known as Col. Reed, and was tW many yoai^ 
Uie jailer at Amherst. lie died Sept. 11, 1803, ngt^d eighty* 
three. IIo nmrrittd Mrs. David Danlbrth for soeund wife. 

ti. William, son of Uul>crt of Anihei*:>t, horn Aug, 14, 
1754; married Bridget Greeley. Child, — Uohert, Inirn 
Oct. 19, 178G. He died ut Amherst, Sept. 10, 1834, u^ed 
eighty years, ^larrie*! Abigail Howard for seeond wile, 
June 27, 179t; his first wife having diod in 1788. 

7. Robert, son of WilUuni of Andiei^t, born Oct. 19, 178G ; 
married Rebecca French, Dec, 15, 1818. Children, — Wil- 
liam, born Jan. 29,1820; Abby Greeley, Mareh 4,1822; 
Mary Preach, Mai-ch tJO, 1824; Helen, April 2. 1S30; 
Robert Leiand, July 12, 1841. Married, for second wife, 
Jano M. Ijidand of Saco, Me. He was for several years 
Agent of the Land and Water Company at ^lanchestor, 
N.ll. ; but died at Nashua, leaving a great estate ; ond was 
called one of the rich men of New irainpshirc. The follow- 
ing biographical sketch of Mr« Read has been contributed by 
his son, Dr. William Read: — 

Robert Rend wan liom in Andierat, N.II., on wlmt U now called 
the ^^ Fletcher Farm,*' situated. tibuut llirce miles noilh of the viihige, 
on the Uuiks of the Souhvgan River,-— a stream nboumling in mill- 
sited, and whioh hn« contributiHl in no smnl) degree to the pros|>erity 
of the i*cgiou thix»iigh which it tlows. His gnuxlfather, Robert Reinl, 
moved from Litclilield to Amlier^t itt tm curly date ; ami, duHng the 
Revolutioimry Wiu*, held n iHnnmi:«.sion of lieutenant-colonel, with 
authority to nuse a troop of horse. His father, Williiiiu Read, was 
nn active and iniluuntial citiaeen of the town ) and for muuy years 
served os deputy-sherifif, in which capacity he acquired a wide* 


bpremi reputation fur liU success in executing the Unties of his oifiee. 
It WHS tlic iiiteniion of \i\> f:iilier tliat Kobert slioiiUl prepare liini- 
self, by a suitable coiuve of ediieatiou, for one of the learneil profes- 
sions; ami, to this (.^11.1, he was eiitered as u student at Exeter 
Acaileiny, then umler the eharire of the ianions Muater Ablnitt. 
The bent of his iniutl, however, was to a more active life; and, 
leaving the aeiuleniy, he was apprentieed to Daniel llayden, u nier* 
chant ill Chelmsford, Mass. Here he rcmainiHl till his majority; 
when, returning to his native town, ho associated himself with his 
father in businc^ss, under the firm of William Uead and Son. The 
c»er«fy and taet oi' Mr. Head >oon raided the firm to a eommanding 
jiudilion, and, for nnmy years, nuulo their >tore the centre of trade for 
a large territory. Upon the dissolution of this th'in, eonse(|uent upon 
tho retirement of the senior ]nu'tner, Mr. Head formed u new con- 
nection with Isaac Spahling; ami continued the business at the. ohi 
stand, with increasing success, till the growth of Nashua, and tlie 
I ilevelo|>ment of the manufacturing facilities at that jilaee, induced 

1 the latter to establish himself there, when the bu.niness was continued 

\ in the name of Mr. Uead alone. It may be remarked here, that the 

' business talent of Mr. .Spalding siMin jdacc<l him in a conspicuous 

and conunanding position in his new location ; and he now nniks 
I uniong the weallhie!»t men of his State. U|) to the period of which 

I we ai*c s|)enking, the prosperity of Andierst had been eonatanlly 

increasing. The shire-town of llilUborough County, — it was here 
that the courts were held, and the county business transacted. The 
) great stage route from the noith, through the centre oi' the State to 

I the seabotird, which took this place on its way, als«> gave it an advan- 

I tage over the less-favored towns on cither side. Hut, us the manu- 

facturing interest developed, other places, more favored by lutture, 
began to dispute its supremacy: and with the riac of Nuahuu and 
^lanchesler on the south and crasi, and the increase of Miltbrd on the 
weM, came the decline oi' Amherst, and the withdrawal of almost 
the entire trade, except what was siipplietl by the wants of its own 
iidiabilanls; and of this, even, scari'c a nioieiy remained. From u 
busy nnu't, its streets thronged with pin-clnisers from till the towns 
around, it has changed tn om* of the tpiietest of country villages. Iti 
echoes are sehlom awakened by the bustle iA* trullie, tiud the dust 
lies umlisturlied along its highways. The energy and activity which 
I marked his character, joined to a most scrupulous regard ibr ecpiity 

: 22 


uiul justice, wliicli (faincil him the coufulencc of all who knew hiin, 
froiu nu oarly |)i'rioil «raiiu*il i'ov Mr. Rcail the suHVagi's of hi.s t'ciluw- 
citi/ens for varioiid oUiccs uf public trust. lie held the responsible 
position of lown-clerk for thirteen successive yearn, — from 1817 to 
1828 hiclusive. in 1820, he was elected representative to the Stnte 
Le«^islature, where he sctrved three terms; being re-elected in 1827 
and 1828. In the hitler year, he was appointed nide-dc-cnmp by 
Gov. John Bell, with the nuik of colonel. In military. atfairs he was 
nlso ati active and innuential participator. He served in every 
capacity, from private lo comniinuler, in the West Coni|)any of 
Infantry, — one of the nu)>t elfuient conipauies of the Slate; and 
in 1814, at the time of the threatened inva^ion by tite British, while 
lietitennnt, accompanied it to Poilsmoulh as its commander, — his 
ftcnior otiicer not being able to leave home. In 1835, Mi\ Bead 
removed to Nitshiin to assume the duties of Agent of the Na>hua 
Manufacturing Coiu])any ; a pusilion he remained in two years. At 
the expiration of that time (1H^37) he was appointed general manager 
of the Land and AVater-power Company, which had recently j»ur- 
cha^ed extensive tracts of land at the Amoskeag Falls in Manches- 
ter, and from which the preifent city of that namt: dates its origin. 
In tilts capacity he continued fourteen year.s till 1852; when he 
resigned, and took up his residence once more in Nashua, where 
he remained till hid death. In 1851, he was elected a member of the 
Convention for the revision of the Constitution of the State, and repre- 
sented Manchester in that capacity. Of his conduct while in oOice 
at Manchester, ssiys the author of the History of that city, "he juir- 
formed his duties faithfully to the compaiiy by which he was em- 
. ployetl, as every one will testify who luul business with him. Strictly 
a huiincsii-man, he mingled very little with other than business-men ; 
and hence was very little identified with interests disconnected with 
the corporation : yet no nietisure connected with the progress of our 
city escaped his. attention ; and he most heartily co-incithul in all that 
liberal course of policy, on the ]mrt of the treasurer and the directors, 
that has added so much of beauty and value to our city." 

After his removal to Nashua, he Avas once elected a representative 
fit>in4hAt place to the State. Legishunre; w:is a niend>er of the Hrst 
Board ui' Aldermen elected under the city charter; and was Presi- 
dent of the Niuihua and Lowell llailroad Company until a few 
months before his death, when, warned by increasing in/lrinities of 
bis approaching dissolution, he resigned. 



8. William, son of Robert of Nashua, and Kcbccca, boru 
Jan. 29, 1820 ; graduated at Dartmouth College in 1889; 
M.D. Harvard University, 1842; married .Sarah A. F. 
McU»llan, June 22, 1843. Children, — William, l>orn in 
Lynn, Oct. 4, 1844 ; Frederick French, born in Lynn, 
May 2j>, 1847; liobert McLeUan, born in Boston, Supt. G, 
1848; Charles French, born in Boston, Sept. 17, 18o3. 
Ifo is a celebrated physician, and practises his profession in 
IJoslon, Ho lives at No. 71?1, Washington Htreet. 

8. Ai»by Greeley, daughter of Hol»crt of Nashua, and Re- 
becca, born Marcli 4, 1822 ; married to Rev, Jonas B. Clark 
of S\vami>seoit, Jan. 11, 1S4*>. Childi-en, — Helen llebecca, 
born Kast Windsor, Ct., ilay 9, 1S44, died in Boston, Oct. 11, 
1848; IJcnry Fields, born in Swanipscott, Nov. 28, 184G, 
died in Manchester, N.H., Oct. 18,1848; Arthur French, 
born in SMrampscott, Aug. 4, 1849; Helen Grafton, born in 
Swanipscott, July 8, 18ol ; Grace IManehard, born in Swanip- 
scott, July 14, 1858. Mr. Clark is gmndson and namesake 
of Rev. Jonas Clarke, >vho was pastor of the chui*ch in iicx- 
ington at the time of Ijcxington Figlit ; the intimate friend 
of John and Samuel Adams ; and brother-in-law of John 
Hancock. The venerable pastor, on the uiglit previous to 
the light, sheltered his three mysterious friends from the 
chilling damp of night ; and, when his house was no longer 
a siifo retreat, they were conveyed to the house of the 
minister of Wpburn Fitiuinct. From thence, a house in 
the wood near the line of Billerica was their safe retreat. 
Their heads being considered of greater value to the British 
than such heads as grew on the shoulders of some other 
men, a large reward was oflbred for them. Tlio house iii 
Woburn Precinct, now Burlington, where one pait of this 
allUir took place, is now occupied by the venerable Rev. 
Samuel Sewell, a ccleln*ated genealogist and anticjuarian, 
and a descendant of the celebrated Saumel Sewell of oldeu 


time. The Hcv. Sunuiel Sewell niamcil the daughter 
of the Uuv. KJr. !Mernit, who was a young niau KcUlcd 
over the church in Wohurn Prechiet, a few montlis he- 
fore the huUle of Loxiugton ; and was at that time hoard- 
ing with Mrs. Jones, the widow of (he former pastor. lie 
afterwards married Mi^. Jones's daughter. It was Mr. 
Merritt who piloted the three guests to their hiding-place in 
the woods. The house has )>ecn in the family a hundred 
and six years, and the occupants have been the three suc- 
cessivo ]>astors of the ]Kirisli during that period. It is 
truly venerable in ap|>caranee as well as age, and is much 
enhanced in its attmctions by the largo and overtopping 
shade-trees, and interesting reminiscences which the vene* 
rablo ])astor and happy family attach to the buildings and 
trees and otlier objects connected with the place. If I 
were to give a young clergyman, al>out to settle in life, my 
advice, one portion of it would be to make it in his way to 
visit this spot, and see illustrated by every thing about him 
the peaceful and happy eflect of piety and .renncment, accom- 
panied with true politeness and hospitality. Tlie influence 
of such a family in a parish must l>e truly valuable. The 
house of the Rev, Mr. Clarke is still standing, about one- 
fourth of a mile north of the monument in Lexington. It 
is somewhat dilapidated, but still shows that it is, or has 
been, the dwelling of no ordinary ))ersonage. The front- 
yard is somewhat overgrown with ancient lilacs. It has 
been occupied, sinco the decease of Air. Clarke, by his 

8. Helen, daughter of Robert and Rel>ecca, born in Am- 
liorst, April 20, 18o0 ; married Charles A. Greeley of Nashua, 
Nov, 21, 1855. Child, — Oeoi^go Tliornton, born Aug. 23, 
1856. Lives in Nashua, Chickasaw County, lo. 

6. Olive, married Samuel Greele, son of Samuel of Not- 
tingham, now Iludson, N.II. ; and had issue, — Nancy Hoi- 



land, bom 1780 (mamcil T)r. Oliver Scripture of IloUis, 
N.U.); Sninucl, l>oiu July 2, l7H:i (A.H. llurvard, 1802; 
laarrtcd, first, Lydia ^1. Scwall of .Marblcliead, llass., daugh- 
ter of Chior-Justice »S}wall, by wlioui he had a son, ^vllo diod 
soon adtcr birth ; :»ccond, Louisa lilay, daughter of GoL 
Joseph Afay of lioston, by whom he had Samuel Sewall and 
liouisa May, ))oth born in lloslon ; third, Maria Antoinette 
J*atne, daughter of ]tol>ert Treat Paine, one oi* the signers of 
the Doehimtion of Independence, — no issue; fourth, Haruh 
Foliansl>co Kmerson of Nc\vbury|>ort, by whom he has no 
issue); Augustus, l)orn l)eceuil)er, 1787 (A.H. Dartmouth, 
1813 ; married OaiHiline l^ovoti of New York, where he died 
1848 ; no issuo); William, born 17 — (now residing in Penn- 

sylvania; married, first, Felt; second, — ; by 

both of whom he has issue) ; Abigail, born 17 — (niarried 
Ihmiel Elliott of Iveene, N.ll. ; A.K. Dartmouth, 18i:i; and 
has issue) ; laicy (manned Augustus h\ »^miih, Ksq., of New- 
York City, attorney and counsellor at law, and has numerous 
issue) ; Augustus Greelo ( Yale, 18;iD ; M.l). New York, 
184- ; married Klizalioth Pierce ; has four childran); Henry 
]>ond, A.U* Yale, now settled in the ministry at Columbus, 
] 0. (married Martha, daughter of iiov. Dr. Skinner of New- 

1 York City, and has issue) ; Caroline (married Cornell, 

son of Hon. Robert Cornell, late of New- York City, deceased, 
and has three children); Itobert, born. 17 — , now residing 

in New-York City (married Harriet , widow of 

Fleming, and has issue). 

U. Thomas, son of Jienjamin and Sarah, born March 14, 
nCii; ntiUTied Molly S|>aulding, 1702. 

5. Benjamin, son of Thomas of Chelmsfordi and Sarah, 
lK)rn at West ford, Sept. 21, 17o2; married Abigail Fasset, 
Jan. 2, 1765, Children,— Sybel, Feb. 24, 1755; Abel, 
March 2,1757; Abigail, Oct. 15, 1750; lleliecca, Sept. 8, 
1701, married Isaac Procter in 1783; Thomas, March 14, 



17GG, maniod Sally SpauUling in 1792 ; Dcnjamiii, June 8, 
17G8. lie died April 2J, 1778 : his wife died May 10, 

0. Abel, sou of 1>enjan)iii and Abigail, bora Mareh 22, 
1757 ; uianied liebecca Jj'urrer, Nov. 24, 1778. Children, 
— Peter, bora Oct. 15, 1788, died April 4, 185a ; Beajauiin, 
bora Jan. 19, 1779; Olive, June 30,1781; Abel, Nov. 1, 
1782 ; Timothy, Sept. 1, 1785, died July 11, 1830 ; Rebeeca, • 
bora Aug. 30, 178C. 

5. William, $on of Williaui and Uannah of Chehnsford, 
bora at Chehaslbrd, Feb. 25, 1724 ; married Lucy Spaulding 
of Mcrrimac, N.ll. Children, — Zadoc; William; llonry; 
Uannah, married Hsunucl Center of Windlmai, N.ll. ; Lucy, 
married Jonathan Lyon of I^elham, N.ll., and had Read 
Lyon ; and Sally, who married Roger Coburn of Pelham : 
tho three daughters lived to be about ninety years each 
before their death. ^Ir. Reed settled, when young, in 
Litchfield, N.ll., on what was at that tiuio tho frontier, and 
nigh to the northern border of ancient Dunstable, lie was 
a noted bear-hunter, and was killed at tho raising of a 
building. He had just received a coloaers commistiion at 
the timo of his decease. ltecd*s Ferry, at Litchlield, took 
its name from hiai. 

G. Zadoc, son of Col. AVilliam of Litchfield, N.IT., married 
Lucy McLean of New Boston. . Children, — Francis and 
Dudloy. lie settled in Antrim. 

6, William, son of Col. William of Litchfield, married 
Lydia li. Nourso of Londonderry. Children, — Patty, Wil- 
liam, Robert, Francis, David, liouisa, llonry, Lydia. Married 
Mary Aikiii for second wifo. Child, — Phinoas. lie was 
deacon of the church in Litchfield. 

7. WiUiam, son of William of Litchfield and grandson of 
CoL William, married Judith Little. Children, — Lissie S., 
Mary H., John S., and Lydia. lie lives upon the old place 


owiiccl and occupied by the ftunily from its first scttlciueut 
to tlio present. 

7. Kobert, son of William of LitclificUl, and Lydia, born 

; married Llary Mooily of Newbury|K>rt in 1820. 

Children, — William W. ; Enoch M., who keeps in New- 
bury])ort ; Alary IL ; liobert ; and John, lie has been a 
captain of militia, and is now a trader in rA)wcll (see letter 
to Dr. Read). 

7. Francis, son of William and Lydia, has five children, 
as follows, — Samantha, Caroline, Louisa, Louvisa, and 
George W. 

7. riiincas, son of William and Lydia. Children, — 
Ifary J., William T., Walter J I., George M., Rachai, Nella 
M., and Phineas. 

7. liouisa, daughter of William and Lydia of Litchfield, 
N.H., married Jesse Little of Atkinson, N.U. ; and his sister 
married her brother WiUiam of Litchfield. Children, — 
Lydia, bora April 27, 1820 ; William llced, Nov. 4, 1823 ; 
Albert, Fob. lU, 1835. 

G. Henry, son of Col. William of Litchfield, married Anna 
IMcMurphey of Londonderry, and went to Canada. Chil- 
dren, — Harry, Phillip, John, Leonard, James, Zadock. 

8. Lydia, daughter of fiouisa and Jesse, born April 4, 
1820 ; married Thomas L. Page. Children, — Harriet, who 
died young ; William W., 1H40 ; Jesse T., 1850, died young ; 
Louisa, died young. 

8. William R., son of Louisa and Jesse Little, born Nov. 4, 
1823; married Klizabcth A., daughter of Capt. Stephen 
Little of Qroveland, 2Iass. Children, — Mary ; Albina. 
Hhc died in 1853. 

i). Joseph, son of Joseph and Ruth, boru Oct. 0, 17-lG ; 
nmrried Martha Fletcher, Nov. 11, 1771. Children, — 
Ruth, l>orn Dec. 22, 1771, married Susan Ileald in 1813; 
Patty, April 4, 1773. 

176- ESDRAS liviwn: op iioston. 

6. Leonard, sou of Jusopli and Ruth, born April 23, 1750 ; 
married IJethiuh. Children, — lietliiah, born June 4, 1770 ; 
Lois, Deo. 20, 1771 ; ilutli, Nov. 12, 1774 ; JoeL 

7. Joel, son of Leonard, married Joanna Chandler, Jan. 7, 
1810. Children,— William, born Dec. 17, 1«10 ; Joseph, 
Dec. 29, 1811 ; Charles G., Nov. 7, 1813 ; Kdwin R., July 2, 
1815; Joanna, April 5, 1817; Bethiah, Dec. 20, 1818; 
Leonard, March 12, 1821 ; Nancy, Aug. 30, 1822 ; Sarah R., 
May 21, 1824. 

8. Leonard, son of Joel and Joanna of Wcstford, born 
March 12, 1821 ; married Leonora Tarr of Rockport, Oct. 7, 
1844. Children, — Enuna; Oeorgianna. Lives in Charles- 

5. William, son of John and Jane of Chelmsford, born at 
Chelmsford, April 2, 1715; married Thankful Spaulding 
of Westford, Dec. 21), 1741, and settled in Westibrd. Chil- 
dren, — Thadcus, born May 15, 1742; William, July I), 
1753; Oliver, who died Juno 20, 1791. 

6. William, son of William and Thankful, born July 9, 
1753; married Lydia Stratton in 1785. Child, -^William, 
who married Lucinda Patch, Jan. 12, 1817. 

5. Thomas, son of John and Jane, born at Chelmsford, 
Oct. 25, 1713; married Olive. Children, — Sarah, born at 
Westford, April 25, 1747; Jacob, March 18, 1748; Cathe- 
rine, Oct. 13, 1750, married a Fosset, and died April 19, 
1805 ; Thomas, born Aug. 28, 1752 ; Hannah, May 4, 
1754; Riichal, Aug. 20, 175G ; Martha, March 18, 1758; 
Levi, Feb. 15, 17G0 ; Howard, Fel>. 20, 1702. 

5. Eleazer, son of Thomas and Sarah of Westford, born 
Feb. 22, 1781 ; married Joanna Fitch, March 22, 1754. 
Children, — Joanna, born Oct. 3, 1754; Samuel, March 7, 
1750; Eleay-er, March 1, 1700; Eliakim, Aug. 1, 1702; 
Cathcrino, Feb. 14, 1704, married Samuel Reed of Little- 
ton in 1785 ; Elihu, April 2, 17GG, was iu the Revolution ; 


Lydia, June 7, 1708, married Jacol> Kendall, 1788; Khoda, 
1770, married Ooorg-e Frederick, 1788 ; Mirriam, March 27, 
1772, married Samuel Cobiirn of Dracut, 171)4 ; Sarah, 
Mureh 17, 1770 ; Aaron, Nov. 27, 1778. 

C. Samuel, son of Kluazor and Klizabcth, born March 7, 
1756, and sctlc<l in Tyngsborough. Children, — Thomas, 
horn Oct. 11, 1778; Jesse, Dec. 20, 177U; Lucy, April 19, 

7. Thomas, son of Samuel and Elizabeth, born Oct. 11, 
1778 ; married Uebecea Cununings. both of Wcstlord, Dec. 8, 

6. Eleazcr, son of Eleazer and Joanna; born March 1, 
17G0; married Eli/abelh Fletcher in 17«ii. Children, — 
Eleazer and Joshua (twins), born Dec. 2li, 178G; Jepthah, 
1790, died ifarch ao, IHiVi. 

7. Eluttzcr, son of Eleazer and Elizabeth of Westford, and 
twin-brother of Jo:<hua, horn l>oe. 2ti, 1780; married Mary 
Putnam vfFitchhurg, Aug. \l\, Ksl4. 

G. Levi, son of Thonnis and Olive, born Feb. 16, 1700; 
married Maria. Child, — Oeorgianna, born November, 

o. Benjamin, son of Thomas and Sarah of Westford, born 
Sept. 3, 1732; married Abigail Fasset, Jan. 2, 175«5. Chil- 
dren,— Sybel, l)orn Feb. 24, 1735; Abel, March 22, 1757; 
Abigail, Oct. 15, 1750; Hebeeca, Sept. 3, 1701, married 
Isaac Procter in 178;>; Thomas, March 14, 1700, married 
: Molly Spauldiug, 1792 ; Benjamin, June 8, 1708. lie was 

r iu battle, and btunding by the side of Capt. Davis of Revolu- 

I tionary memory, >idien the latter fell, lie died April 22, 

1778 : \m wife died May 10, 1787. 

Tliomas, son of iJenjamin, served in the Revolutionary 
War ; ani finally settled in Londonderry, Vt., where he 
brought up a large family. 
6. William, son of William and Thankful, born at West- 



ford, July 9, 1753 ; married Lydia Stratou in 1785. Child, 
— William, who married Liiciiida Patch in 1817. 

6. Oliver, i<on of William and Thankful, married Abigail. 
Children, — Oliver, born July 25, 1779; Abigail, Nov. 25, 
1780; Patty, Oct. 22,1782; Lucy, Sept. 2, 1785, married 
Joel Hunter; Itichard, April 22, 1789, died April 29, 1790. 
Hcdicd Juno 20, 1791. 

6. Eliukim, son of Kloazer and Joanna, born Aug. 1, 17G2; 
married in Chelmsford to Sarah Mansfield, Nov. 28, 1784. 

7. Joshua, son of Eleazer and Elizabeth, and twin-brothor 
of Elea-^er, born at AVestford, Dec. 20, 1780; married Char- 
lotte, daughter of Lieut. Thomas, May 15, 181G. Child, — 
Charlotte, born Nov. 23, 1810. 

6. Abel, son of Iknjamin and Abigail, born March 22, 
1757; married Farrur, Nov. 24, 1778. Children, — Peter, 
born Oct. 15, 1788, died April 4, 1868 ; Benjamin, born 
Jan. 19, 1799; Olive, June 30, 1781 ; Abel, Nov. 1, 1782; 
Timothy, Sept. 18, 1785; Rebecca, Aug. 80, 1786. 

7. Timothy, son of Abel and Uebeccu, born Sept. 18, 
1785; married Mary Procter, Dec. G, 1825. Children, — 
Timothy, born June G, 182G ; Mary Ann, Dec, 22, 1827. 
He had probably married Sarah Pierce, daughter of Jonas 
Pierce, May IG, 1815, and had Sarah E., in Chelmsford, 
Sept. 15, 1815 ; Mary Ann, Aug. 10, 1817. He died 
July 11, 1830. His wife married Mr. Tibbcts, and died 
May 5, 1832. 

6. Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Abigail of Westford, 
born June 8, 1708; married Jerusha. He settled in Wea- 
thersficld, Vt., about llic year 1790. Children, — Jerusha, 
Nov.'lO. 1793 ; Abigail, Dec. 4,1795; Orpha, Jan. 25, 1798 ; 
Timothy, Dec. 5, 1800; Lydia, Sept. 4,1804; Benjamin, 
Sept. 7, 180G; Em, Sept. 11, 1808; Prankliif, Feb. 16, 
1811; Charles, Sept. 11, 1812; Emerson, Feb. 28, 1811. 
He died at the ago of eighty-two years. 


7. Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Jerusha, born Sept. 7, 
1806 ; married Arathusa. CliiUlron, — Loretto Ellen, 
May 23, 1839 ; Lorcn Benjamin, Jnly 1, 1841 ; Adeliao 
Jentslia, Dec. 3, 1845; Leslie Orwiu, Juno 7, 1848. Ho 
lives in Waitsneld, Vt. ; is a prominent man, and has been 
for some years a member of tlio legislature. 

G. Thomas, the son of Benjamin of Chelmsford, born 
March 14, 17UG ; married Elizabeth Diggins, and settled in 
Londonderry, Vt., Their children were — Elizabeth ; Lucy ; 
Laura; Sophia; Louisa; Kebocca; Mindol ; Almira; Theo- 
dotia ; Thomas ; Cyrus ; Martin P., born in Weatherslield, 
Vt., April iO, 179C. Married Xabliy Baldwin, May G, 1799. 
Children, — Lucy IL, born in Londonderry, Vt., Sept. 13, 
1817 ; Benjamin B., Dec. 3, 1819 ; Emelinc, born in 
Worcester, Vt., Dec. G, 1822; Charles, Jan. 11, 1827, died 
Aug. 13, 1833; Elizabeth, born April 21, 1829; James, 
Aug. 23, 1831, died June 3, 1844; Semantha K., bora 
'[ April 1, 1834, died March 19, 1838 ; Henryetto S., bora 

; Oct. 11, 1838 ; Semantha Jane, July 17, 1843. He lives in 

Worcester, and is a justice of the peace for the county 
in which he lives. 

G. Eliliu, son of Eleazer and Joanna, born April 22, 1766 ; 
married Lucy Itcinsford in Boston, July 23, 1792. Chil- 
dren, — William, born in Boston, Dec, 12, 1792 ; Thomas; 
Josiah ; George W. ; Mary, who married James Bates. lie 
was a soldier of the Revolution, and drew a pension, 

7. William, son of Elihu, born Dec, 12,1792; married 
ITannah Cash of Marblehead, Aug. 26, 1819. Children,— 
William Q., born Nov. 27, 1820, died Feb. 9, 1821 ; William 
G., born in Boston, Juno 13, 1823 ; Charles H., Sept. 23, 
1820, died May 19, 1828 ; Charles U., bom Dec. 25, 1831 ; 
Lucy Ann, July 1, 1833; Emeliue II. , born in Chelsea, 
Oct. 2, 1837. He died in 1850 ; and his widow lives at 
No. 66, Shurtleir Street, Chelsea. 


8. William CI., son of William am) ITaunah, born June 13, 
182B; nuinioil Kli/a 0. HagnalL CliilJrcn, — Thomas IJ.j 
born in Cliulsoa, July 8, 18-18; Anna 1)., Oct. 10, IS.lo ; 
Mary A., Aug. 17, 1850. lie keeps in Uroadway, Chelsea. 

8. Luey, daughter of AVilliam and Hannah, horn July 1, 
1838; married Thomas IJ. ilayo, June 8, 1804. Child, — 
William 11., Ix)ni in Chelsea, Feh. 0, 1857. They live in 

7. Thomas, son of Klihu, marrie<l Sarah Jones of Boston. 
Children, — Thomas J. ; Eliza. 

7. Josiah, bon of Klihu, married Lucinda. Children, — 
Henry R., born at Chelmslbrd, Aug. 2o, 18o7, and keeps 
with Giliiert and Sons in J^oston ; Andrew F. ; Lucy ; 
Helen. He lives at New Ipswich. 

7. George, son of Klihu, lives at Fall River, No. 33, Pino 
Street; marrie<l Eveline K. Leonard of Taunton. Children, 
— George Hodges, horn Jan. 3, 1830 ; Emelinc P., Sept. 25, 
1839; Charles H., Dec. iiO, 1840; Walter H., died young. 

Supply Read of Chehnsibrd was a soldier of the Revolu- 
tion; married Susanna Hyam, June 7, 1781, and moved to 
Aeworth, N.H., where he livcil to be ninety-two years of age. 
Children, — John, who became a Mormon preacher, and 
died at Salt Lake; Tileson, who went West; Susan, mar- 
ried Silas Riee, and went to ^lissouri ; one daughter married 
a Benjamin, and went West; Supply; Patty, who married 
Asa Shed of Stodard ; Sally, died young; Lucinda, mar- 
ried a Corey ; Mahalu, married David Currier, and lives in 
Unity, N.H. ; Parker, who went to llissouri. 

Supply, son of Supply and Susanna, born June 2, 1701 ; 
married Mercy Strccter, Nov. 20, 1817. She died March 27, 
1831: he died in Lowell, Juno 12, 18')4. Children, — 
Sylvester, born July 20, 1818, now living in Aeworth ; 
Theron A., Nov. 27, 1819 ; Lousy L, born in Northfield, Vt., 
May 24, 1822; Mary M., March 2, 1825, died Aug. 30, 


182G; Maria P., bom Oct. 4, 1H27; Mary Ann, Feb. 0, 1821). 
Married, for second wile, Catbcrino Moors of Stodurd, N.If., 
Oct. 27, 18;51. Obihiren, — Su|»|dy, l)orn July 17, 18a2, 
died iu Lowell, Sept. ii, l8od ; WiHurd H., liorn in Acworth, 
Juno 8, iH^'l-k ; Israel, Oct. M\y I H:>(i, livos in Lowell ; George 
W., Dee. 21, 1«:)8; (iruey 'J\ II., Nov. 27, 1840; Ann J., 
Dec. a, 18-ir>. 

Willard D., son of Supply and Cutlicrino, born in Acwortb, 
N.H., June 8, 1834; married to S. J. Smitb. Obild,-^ 
Wilhird A. 

Tileston, son of Supply of Acwortb, bad one son, Tiniotby 
S., now living in Fitzwiiruuu, N.ll. ; married Sarah. Cbild, 
— Sunnier 1., born Aug. 14, 1841. 

Jobn Heed of Obelmsrord^ brother af Supply, settled in 
Acwortb, N.ll. Cbildi-cn, — Lucy, Amos, and llolden. 
David of Cbelmsfiu'd, brother of Supply. Child, — John. 
William, son of Samuel und Abigail of Westford, born 
Sept. 24, 1789; settled in Mollis, N.ll.; was a captain in 
tlie Revolutionary War. Children, — Uriah, Samuel, Wil- 
liam, James Gilnmn, Patty. 

Willmnv, son of Capt. William, was also a captain ; and had 
William, who married Lydia Oilson of Nashua, May 8, 181G. 
James G., son of Capt. William of Ilollis, married a 
Wright. Children, — James G., Asa, John L., Luther W., ■ 
Lucinda, Julia, Abigail. 

James, son of James G., married Sophia Wood. Child, — 
James O. 

Jamos G., sou of James, married Hannah Pushly. Chil* 
drcn, — Aletha ; Gillman. lie lives in Newburyport. 

William, son of John and Jane, or of Thomas, boni at 
Chelmsford; married Molly Conn. of Shirley, Mass., and 
was the lirst settler in the town of Chesterfield, Mass. CiiiU 
di*en, — William, John, Ephraim, Joseph, George, James, 
Thonuis, Henry, Polly, Betsy. 


William, boh of William and Molly, married Anabasaba 
Smith of Shirley, and lived in Chesterfield. Children, — 
William, who now lives in Groton ; Thomas ; Boz ; Willard ; 
Sampson ; Nancy, married lleubon Willard of Swanton, Yt. ; 
Orpha A. ; Anabasaba, married ^Ir. Chase ; Betsy. He was 
drowned in Chesterfield. 

William, son of Williimi and Anabasaba, married . 

Child, — Dolly, who married a Chambers, and went West. 

Betsy, danghter of William and Anabasaba, married Abia- 
thcr Wetherbee, and lives in Chesterfield. Child, — Herbert 
R., born in 1844. 

Joseph, George, and James, sons of William and Molly, 
all settled in Chester, Yt. Thomas wont to Ohio ; Ephraim 
wont to Newport; William and Henry lived and died in 
Chesterfield; George died at Crown Point. 

Anabasaba, daughter of William and Anabasaba of Ches- 
terfield, married Mr. Chase. Child, — Charles, who is 
living in Westmoreland. 

Sampson, son of William and Anabasaba, distinguished 
himself in putting down Shay^s Rebellion in 17Ha. He 
was living in Trcmont Street, lioston, in 1780. Married in 
Boston to Ann Sargcant, lilarch 28, 1778. Child, — Sanip- 


Sampson, son of Sampson and Ann, married in Boston, to 
Hannah Fiske, Fob. 28, 1799. 
\/ James, son of William and Molly of Chesterfield, born in 
1760 ; settled in Chester, Yt. ; married Lydia Powers. 
Children, — Lydia, who married Mr. Baleh of Chester ; 
Phila, who married John Thompson of Chester ; Patty, 
married Mr. Haugkton of Covendish ; Richard ; Jonas ; 
John, who was in the battle of Plattsburg, and died there. 
He died in 1835. 

Riehard, son of James and Lydia, married Irene Deane 
of Hartland, Yt. Children, *— Alfred, who married Hannah 


Benjamin; Edward, married Matilda Pcddcr of Montreal ; 
James ; Helen ; Sarah, wlio married C. J[. Dorsey of Ben- 
son, Vt. 

Jonas, son of James and Lydia, married Widow Jennings 
of New Haven, Vt. Children,— A. A. Ueed, E. W. Ueed, 
F. L. Deed. Ills wife had been the wife of Samson Ueed, 
deceased, of Ludlow, Vt., and afterwards i\\c wife of a Mr. 
Jennings ; and Jonas Reed ap|)ears to be her iliird husband. 

A. A., son of Jonas, ntarried S. S, Baldwin of Bristol, Vt., 
Feb. 22, 1855. 

E. R., son of Jonas, married Miss Pippin of PJnllipston, 

6. Benjamin, son of Jacob and Lucy, born in Chelmsford, 
Mass., Feb. 22, 17r>2 ; married Miss Powers. Children, — 
Benjamin, born at Chelmsford, Mass., Feb. 11, 177G, and 
moved to Cherry Valley, N.Y., in 18U ; Polly, Aug. 3, 1777 ; 
Jacob, Sept. 24, 1770, went to JIainc ; Weblmr, born in 
Princeton, Sept. 19, 1781 ; Elibha, Oct. 18, 1783; Bridget, 
April 9, 1786 ; Lucy, Feb. 28, 1788 ; Peter, Feb. 29, 1790, 

i went to lifunroo, Mich. ; Joseph, Feb. 11, 1794, served in tlio 

war of 1812, and fell in battle at tho Stone Mill; Samuel, 
May 27, 179G; Nancy, Jan, 15, 1798; Thomas, May 15, 
1800. He moved to Princeton al)out the year 1780 ; and in 
1808, lie, with two of his sons (Webber and Thomas), moved 
to Durham, U.C. He died in Wirkham, U.C., Oct. 19, 1810: 
his wife died at Durham, Dec. 27, 1852. He was a soldier 
of the Revolution. 

7. Samuel, son of Benjamin, born at Princeton, May 27, 
179C ; married Nancy Swctt of Bath, N.IL, October, 1820. 
Children, — Abicl S., born at Rygato, Vt., Aug. 81,1821; 
Mary E., Sept. 11, 1823; David S., born in Barnctt, Vt., 
Nov. 22, 1825; Moses, liorn in Durham, U.C, Jan. 11, 
1827, died Feb. 12, 1828 ; Sarah A., born March 27, 1831 ; 
Elizabeth M., July 18, 1838 ; Samuel A., May 19, 1835 ; 


Xaiicy, l)oni in AVestfielil, Vt., May 15, 1837, died Jan. 20, 
1841. His wife died April 0, 1844. Married Jauo Tluirstaiii 
of IJath, NML, Xovcmhcr, l«S4r). Children, — Andrew A., 
Iioru in Lisbon, N.II., March 1, 1848 ; Webber II., Aug. 1(5, 
1819; Mury Ann, March 14,18.31; Florcuco M., Jan. 23, 

8. Abiel S., son of Samuel, born at Rygate, Aug. 31, 1821 ; 
married at IJath, Feb. 21, 1847. Children, — Thiah, bora 
Feb. 28, 1850, died Au«;. 5, 1854 ; James B., born March 17, 
1857. He moved to Peacham, Vt., Aug. 2t), 1858. 

8, Daniel K., son of Kamuel and Nancy, born at Harnett, 
Nov. 22, 1825; married Molly Moulton, March, 1840; and 
lives in ]>ath. 

7. Elisha, .son of lienjamin of Chelmsford, born October, 
1783; moved to S|H-in«;rield, Mass. 

Benjamin, su))|K)sed to bo a descendant of Esdras, born 
May 3, 1752; married lluldah Pratt. Children, — Benja- 
min, born Aug. 4, 1770; John, Jan. 21, 1781; lluldah, 
Aug. 21, 17«>3, died Dec. 13, 1818; Cyrus, born Oct. 24, 
1780, died Oct. 14, 1804; David, l>orn Nov. 10, 1788; Oal- 
vin, Dec. 2, 1703; Luther, April IG, 1700; Nancy, Aug. 2, 
1708; Almira, He|>tember, 1801. lie was in the battle of 
Bennington, and drew a jiensiou. Died March 0, 1801 : his 
wife died, and he married Betsy Reed, Aug. 22, 1791. The 
four youngest children were by the second wife. 

David, son of Benjamin and lluldah, born Nov. 19, 1788 ; 
married Mary Martha Morse, July 28, 1789. Children, — 
Iloinsford, born Dec. 29, 1 810, died July 4, 1818 ; Charles E., 
born Jan. 3, 1813, lives in Boston ; Henrietta Morse, Aug. 20, 
1815, died Feb. 12, 1837 ; William N., born Sept. 7, 1817 ; 
Martha Ann, Aug. 20, 1820, married Matthew McLoud, 
Aug. 10, 1844 ; Lucius E., born April 20, 1825. His wife 
died April 24, 1826. Married, for second wife, Lucy Keyes, 
who was the daughter of Jonas Keyes and Bridget Reed, and 



gmud-daughter of Samuel Rccd of Westford, Mass., Nov. 23, 
1820. Children,— Lucy P., bora Oct. 25, 1827; Julictt 
Emily, July 29, 1831 ; David IL, Sept. 7, 1833. lie died 
July 13, 1842. Ilis widow lives iu lluxbury. 

David H., son of David and Lucy, born at Dummerston, 
Vt., Sept. 7, 1833 ; married Pausta McElroy of Uoxbury, 
June 25, 1851, and keeps at No. 121, Washington Street, 
Roximry. Child, — llemy Eliott, born May 18, 1854 ; died 
Oct. 1, 1854. His wife died July 4, 1855. Married Caro- 
line A. Fcrnald of Boston, Juno 2, 1858. 

William N., son of David and Mary, bom Sept. 7, 1817 ; 
married Lucy Stevens, Sc|)t. 4, 1839. Children, — Henrietta 
Maria, born at Roxbury, Doc. 30, 1841 ; Melissa Alniira, 

I Sept. 24, 1843; Adeline Louisa and Adelaide Lucy, born 

at Bedford, July 30, 1845 ; William N., at Roxbury, Jan. 31, 
1843 ; Albert Henry, Jan. 9, 1851 ; George Augustus, 

I Sept. 10, 1853, at IJoston. He died in Stoughton, March 13, 

♦ 1855, 

Martha Ann, daughter of David, born Aug. 2G, 1820; 
married Mathow McLoud, Aug. 10, 1844. Children, — 
Robert Morse, born Oct. 12, 1845 ; Harriet Dexter, Feb. 20, 
1848 ; Ellen Prances, ifay 1, 1850, died Nov. 14, 1855. Ho 
died May 24, 1853 ; and she lives in Oirard, Vcmu 






1. John Head of RchobotU came to America with the 

great ilcct in 1030. lie is supposed to bo sou of William by 
las wifo Lucy Ilenage ; and was brother to William of Wey- 
mouth, lie was born in 1«598. The first that is known of 
him, after his arrival, was in Weymouth, in 1037. He was 
of Dorchester in 1038, and went from there to Braintrce 
(now Quincy). In 1043 or '4, he went with Rev. Mr. New- 
man and his church to Rehoboth. His name is the third 
on the list of purchasers of that township. lie was a man 
of largo property for those times, and held the oflice of con- 
stable, which was the chief executive ofhce in town. lie 
lived at what was called the Rim, which is now in See- 
konk. Ancient Rchol)oth was divided into seven towns; 
viz., Rehoboth, Attleboruugh, Seckonk, Pawtucket, Swanscy, 
Barrington, and Cumberland. Many of his descendants are 
still living within the bounds of ancient Rehoboth. lie kept 
a public-house, and was a ])rominent and leading man. 
There is a record that Richard Ponton was ^' put " to John 
' Read in 1044. Mrs. Read's Christian name was Sarah. lie 
died Sept. 7, 1685, aged eighty-seven ; and his gravestone is 
standing in Seckonk old burying-yard, inscribed ^<J. R., 
©t 87. D. S. 1085,*' Their children were — Samuel ; 
William; Abigail, who was baptized in Dorchester the 30th 


or tenth month, IG08 ; Jolni, horn at Bitiiutrco, Aug. 20, 
1C40 ; Thomas, Nov. 0, KMl ; Kzckicl and Zachariah 
((wins), who died in inHincy; Moses, born October, 1G50; 
Mary, January, 1652;»cth, January, 1G&4 ; Daniel, 
March, 1055 ; Israel, 1057'; Mohitoblo, August, 1000. 

2. William, tlic oldest son of John, married Ituth Crooke, 
Jan. 20, 1053. He was a tailor, and lived at one time ia 
AVeymouth, and at one tin)c in AEuddy lliver, now lirook- 
Hue, but principally in ]k)slon ; and was a man of some 
distinction, hut had some trouldo with his wifo, growing out 
or her incontinency. It appears that, at one time, she was 
absent in Europe for a considerable time ; and, on her re- 
turn, brought with her an infant child, pretending that it 
was one which she had adopted: hut it wa^ proved to bo 
hers ; and she was sentenced by tlio court to stand in some 
conspicuous place for a certain length of time, to wear a 
badge significant of the crime, and to bo gazed upon by the 
)K)pulace. Children, — William, born Feb. a, 1054, died 
Dec. 8, 1654 ; Isaac, born April 18, 1050 ; Ephmim, Nov. 23, 

I 1657 ; Jonathan, April 23, 1059, died July 2, 1659 ; Timo- 

I thy, born Aug. 11, 1000 ; William, May 7, 1062 ; Ruth, who 

(lied July 17, 1002 ; Ilesekiah, born July 6, 1603 ; Sarah, 
June 20, 1005 ; Elizabeth, Dec. 22, 1000 ; Elizabeth, 
April 22, 1009, married Samuel Durham. 

I 3. Isaac, son of William and Ruth, born April 18, 1656. 

I lie appeal's to have been tiving, and taxed for real estate, in 

1714. His will is dated Jan. 20, 1712. Child, — Isaac, 
liorn at Salem, and married Rebecca Burton, Feb. 24, 1730. 

I Children, — Isaac, James, Daniel, Jacob, Abijah, William. 

Isaac the 2d died in the French War. 

' 5. Abijah, son of Isaac, married Margaret. His will was 

I proved Nov, 12, 1795. 

I 4. Jacob, son of Isaac, married a Wcllman, and left no 

: issue. He was in the Revolutionary War ; was wounded. 


and among tho list of iuvalid pensioners. He lived in Flint 
Street, Salem. He adopted one Luther Brithon, who now 
lives in Heading, and married a Sweetser. 

4. Isaac, son of Isaac and Rebecca. Children, — Joseph, 
Mary, William, Elizabeth, Haflicld, John. 

5. Joseph, sou of Isaac, had a Joseph. 

Uaflield, son of Isaac, married Sarah Patten, formerly 
Sarah Silsbco, Jan. 28, 1808. He was a sea-captain. His 
widow lives at No. 1, Daniel Street, Salem. 

6. Joseph, sou of Joseph, married Mrs. Moscrvey, formerly 
Elizabeth Woodbury. Children, — ]Mary A., born Feb. 20, 
1811 ; Martha Woodbury, Oct. 20, 1812 ; Joseph W., 
Feb. 28, 1816 ; Matthew Woodbury, May 2, 1818 ; Sally 
Webster, July 29, 1821 ; Tobias Davis, March 10, 1825. 
Joseph, juu., died in Danvers, Dec. 7, 1825. 

7. Martha W., daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, born 
Oct 20, 1812 ; married to Joseph Hale of Boxford. Chil- 
dren, — Joseph, Josiah, Martha, Augusta, Henry Otis, 
Mary Auu» Margaret, Sarah Elizabeth, Hatty Florence, 

7. Matthew W., son of Joseph and Elizabeth, born May 2, 
1810 ; married Hannah Miller. Children, — George, Mary, 
Wilier. They live in South Bridgeton, Mo. 

7. Sarah, dutightcr of Joseph and Elizabeth, born Jtily 29, 
1821; married J. G. Scollcy. Children, — Alia L., Grace 
Greenwood, Lucy B. They live in Lynn. 

7. Tobias, son of Joseph and Elizabeth, born March 16, 
1826; married Mary Ann Townsend. Cluldren, — Ellen 
AUis^ Caroline, Sarah Ann. They live in Boxford. 

4. William, son of Isaac and llcbecca Burton, married 
Mrs. Mauuing, formerly Elizabeth Stone. Children, — Eli- 
zabeth, who married Thomas Fuller of Salem ; ^[ary, 
married James Simonds ; Sarah, married Joseph Poor ; llc- 
becca and John, died unnuirried; William went to Illinois. 


The elder William was wounded in the Revolutionary War, 
and drew a ])ension. 

4. James, the .sun of Isaac and Rebecca, married Amy 
Clark of Wells, ;Me. Children, — Benjamin C, born 
July 24, 1775 ; Abijah ; James; John, born in 1791 ; Isaac, 
hi 178G; Nathaniel, in 1792. The elder James lived in 
South Danvers, near where the Hotel now stands. lie was 
in Lexington Fight and the Revolutionary War; and, at 
one time, did service on boai*d of a privateer. 

5. Isaac, the son of James and Amy, was in the war of 
1812. He went to Tlattsliurg too late to be in the battle. 
He married Mary RIanchard of Millbury, Mass., Jan. 20, 
1815. lie worked in Boston when young, but rmally settled 
ill Randolph, Vt., where he died in 1868. He married Mir- 
riam Edson for second wife, May 20, 1844. His children are 
-^Adaline B., born Nov. 10, 1810; Mary, March 28, 1822, • 
died April 9, 1855 ; Samuel Tcnncy, born July 1, 1825. 

6. Adaline, the daugliter of Isaac and Mary, born Nov. 10, 
1816 ; married to Rev. Azariah Hyde, Dee. 9, 1838. Cliil- 
drcn, — Cliarles, born Aug. 18, 1839 ; William, July, 1847 ; 
George, September, 1852. She died Oct. 9, 1854. 

5. James, the son of James and Amy, married Sally 
Rowoll, Sept. 23, 1804. Children,— Jfary, born Aug. 31, 
1805; Sarah, May 4, 1808. He died in St. Petersburg, 

G. Mary, the daughter of James and Sally, married Micah 
Eaton, and lives in Reading. 

G. Sally, the daughter of James and Sally, married to 
Timothy Dame of Reading. Children, — William, Augus- 
tus, Dexter, Sarah, Francis, Mary, Herbert. 

5. John, the son of James and Amy, married Sally, the 
widow of his brother James, Aug. 14, 1817. Oliildren, — 
Judith and Betsy, born May 3, 1812; James; and John. 

C. James, the son of John and Sally, married Elizabeth 


Norwood. Cliildi*cii,-^Samh Augusta, Lorcna Sophia, Ju- 
.diUi, Ilclon, Qcorge, Jauies. James tho elder died at Lynn* 
iiold iu 1850. 

6. Jolui, tho sou of John and Sally, married Barbara 
Thompson, Fob. 10, 1840. Children, — Charles ; John, 
They keep a public-house iu Salem. 

6. Judith, the daughter of James and Sally, married Paul 
Buxtou iu October, 1S31. 

G. Betsy, the daughter of John and Sally, married Georgo 
Flint of Beading, Children, — Georgo Harris, Mary Ann, 
Judith, Lucilla, Sarah, Clementine, Francis. Tliey live in 

4. Daniel, son of Isaac and Rebecca, married Lydia Cook, 
Nov. 19, 17G6. Children, — Lydia, born April 12, 17GG ; 
Dorotliy, Nov. 24, 17G7 ; Daniel, Feb. 3, 1709 ; Stephen, 
Dec. 15, 1770 ; Henry, Jan. 21, 1772, died June 21, 1773 ; 
Henry, born Feb. 14, 1774; William, Nov, 8, 1775 ; Betsy, 
March 15, 1778;- Rel>ccca, May 4, 1783; Nabby, Jan. 10, 
1785 ; Polly, April 10, 1788, married Jeremiah Nichols of 
Beading. Married, for second wife, Elizal)eth Ilodgkins, 
Nov. 10, 1797 ; and died Aug. 22, 1819. 

5. Dauiel, sou of Daniel and Lydia, born Feb. 3, 1767 ; 
married Mary Arclier. Cliild, — Daniel A., born Sept. 0, 
1790. Married Sally Whittemoro for second wife. May 8, 
1778. Children, — Mary A.; Hannah W., born April 10, 
1802; Henry, Dec. 6, 1804 ; Joseph W., Sept. 20, 1809. 

6. Josopli W., son of Daniel and Sally, born Sept. 26, 
1809 ; married Sarah V. Stevens, April 27, 1838. Children, 
— Sarah W., born Sept. 80, 1839 ; Sarah M., Aug. 10, 1841 ; 
Joseph F., Feb. 28, 1844. 

6. Heury, son of Daniel and Sally, born Dec. 6, 1804 ; 
married Sarah W. Poor of Andovor, May 23, 1833. Chil- 
drou, — Sarah A.^ born J\tno 25, 1834; Mary A. Hunting- 
ton, Sept. 5, 1836. 



7. Stephen, son of Panicl and Lydia, born Dec. 15, 1770 ; 
maiTied Ennice Kpaulding. Children, — Henry, born in 
riahifiold, Sept. 4, 1800, died Sept. 0,1800; Henry C, 
born April 27, 1802 ; Daniel, Feb. 2l5, 1804 ; Betsy Spauld- 
ing, June 17, 1805 *, Sally 3k(aria, born at Danvers, Jan. 27, 
1810, died June 24, 1810 ; Abigail Maria, Sept. 28, 1812; 
Stephen Fi*anklin, May 28, 1815. Stephen lived at one 
time in Plainfield, N.lf., where his wife was raised, and his 
four oldest ehildreji were born. Ho died in Danvers, Jan. 1, 
1817 : his wife died June G, 1829. 

8. Henry C, son of Stephen, born in Plainficld, N.II., 
April 27, 1802 ; married Sarah K. Piske, Juno, 1829. Chil- 
dren, — Stephen Spaulding, born July 10, 1837; Joseph 
Saunders, Dec. 8, 18518, died Feb. 14, 1844. 

8. Stephen Franklin, son of Stephen and Eunice, born 
May 28, 1816 ; married Eliza Flint Nourse, Jan. 14, 1843. 
Children, — Franklin P., born April 2, 1845; Herlwrt P., 
Jan. 7,1847; Charles H., ilareh 5,1850. Stephen F. is 
constable in South Danvers. 

5. Benjamin C, son of James, born July 24, 1775 ; mar- 
ried Betsy Procter. Children, — Clark, born Oct. 24, 1799 ; 
Thorndike, Nov. 30, 1801 ; Betsy, April 25, 1804. Married, 
for second wife, Judith Procter, Doc. 24, 180G. Children, — 
Benjamin, born Sept. 13, 1808; George Warren, Sept. 24, 

C. Benjamin, son of Benjamin C. and Betsy, born Sept. 13, 
1808 ; married Joanna B. Jewett of Candia, N.U., Jan. 9, 
1838, and lives at South Danvers. 

5. Clark, son of Benjamin C. and Betsy, born Oct. 24, 
1799; married Hannah Pulsifer, Jan. 12, 1825. Children, 
— Eliza Ann, born Aug. 22, 1825, married Samuel S. Swazy, 
Sept. 21, 1849 ; Ellen AugusUi, born March 25, 1827, mar- 
ried Samuel Swazy, and went to California ; Hannah lilaria, 
bom June 22, 1829, married William Pitman, March 7, 1850 ; 


Martha Ilodgkins, born Oct. 3, 1833, married William Ni- 
chols ; George and ]Jenjamin (twins), born Nov. IG, 1836. 

7. Benjamin, son of Clark and Hannah, born Nov. IG, 
1835 ; married Emily Farley, and died in Salem in 1858. 

7. George, son of Clark and Hannah, and twin-brother of 
Benjamin, born Nov. IG, 1835 ; married Cecillia Loreno, 
July IG, 1850. 

6. George W., son of Benjamin 0. and Betsy, born 
Sept. 24, 1816 ; married Eliza Ann Verry, July 2G, 1838, 
and lives in South Danvers, on Mount Pleasant. Child, — 
Eliza Ann, born Get. 80, 1810. ilarricd, for second wife, 
Abigail Felton, July 16, 1843. Children, — llebccca P., 
born June 22, 1844 ; Mary Abby, Sept. 19, 1845 ; George 
Procter, July 15, 1847 ; Zacheriah W., June 7, 1852 ; Betsy 
Preston, Oct. 12, 1854. Married, for third wife, Ann Ellis, 
Oct. 14, 1865. Children, — John Henry, born July 7, 185G ; 
Phobe Procter, March 3, 1858. 

5. Nathaniel, sou of James, born in 1792; married Debo- 
rah Witham, Oct. 27, 1813. Children,- Henry L., born 
Oct. 2, 1814 ; Lucy D. ; Samuel. Married Hannah Loach 
for second wife. He was for many yeai*8 constable of Salem ; 
and died Feb. 28, 1853, aged sixty-two. 

6. Henry L., son of Nathaniel and Deborah, born Oct. 2, 
1814 ; married Mary D. Southwick. They were nnirried in 
Beverly, though both lived in Salem. Children, — Henry 
Alonso, born Nov. 5, 1841 ; Nathaniel B., March SO, 1850 ; 
Charles F., Feb. 25, 1853 ; Henry A., died April 27, 1847 ; 
Nathaniel, died Sept. 15, 1850. Henry L. lives at' No. 23, 
Warren Street, Salem. 

6, Samuel, son of Nathaniel and Deborah, born ; 

married Eliza Ann Jcpson, April 10, 1843. Children, — 
Eliza Ann, born Aug. G, 1844 ; Sanniel Whittemore, 
March 7, 1849 ; Joseph Henry, Nov. 29, 185C. They live 
in North Salem. 


5. William, son of Daniel and Lydia, Nov. 8, 1775. 
Child, — William. Ifc moved to Norway, Me., and bronglit 
up a family thcro. llo was a )KiycL' of direct tuxes in Nor- 
way in 1798. 

G. William, son of William, married Ilannali Lcacli, 
Oct, 28, 1824. Children, — Ann S., born March 3, 1828; 
Abigail, May 13, 1829; David, June 5, 1H:}3 ; Daniel, 
Fob. 21,1830; Caroline, Feb. 21,1838; Wesley, Jnne 3, 
1842. His widow lives on the old road from South Danvcrs 
to Lynn. 

7. William, son of AYilliam and Hannah, married Laura 

J Kmerson. Children, — Laura R, born Nov. 21, 1847; 

I Abliy Noy, March 8, 1849 ; Carrie Honora, Aug. 24, 1854 ; 

I and one infant, name not obtained. 

I 5 Thorndike, son of l>enjamin C. and lletsy, born Nov. 21, 

J 1801; married Sarali Wcndall, Pel). 11, 1820. Chihiren, 

— Sarah W., who married William IJ, Ligalls; Martha AV., 
born Nov. 14, 1829, married J. W. Heath. Ho lives in 

5. Isaac, sou of Isaac, and grandson of Isaac and Rebecca, 
married Mary. Children, — Isaac, Nov. 11, 1797 ; Ksthcr, 
May IG, 1799 ; Phcbo, Nov. 11, 1802. 

5. Abijah, son of James and Amy, married Lydia Kenny, 
and settled in Frankfort, Mo. Children, — James, born 
Aug. 20,1808; Anna, Nov. 19, 1804, married Joseph M. 
Carr, July 4, 1823, — married, for second liusband, Jonathan 
Towlc ; Paul, March 9, 1807 ; Samuel, April 24, 1809, mar- 
ried Ascneth Lamphreys, and they live in Prospect ; Alfred, 
April 31, 1812, who is ferryman at Orono ; George, I^lay 4, 
• 1813, is quartermaster in the navy; John, Sept. 24, 1815; 
William. Married; for second wife, Lydia Hagor. Child, 

— Lydia. 

C. James, son of Abijali and Lydia, born at Frankfort, 
Aug. 20, 1803; married Lucy N. Whitney, April 15, 1824. 

^ 25 



Children, — Ann T., bom in Corinna, Me., May 14, 1837; 
George M. I)., born in Danger, July 4, 1839; James 11. P., 
Aug. 13, 1841. lie was Ibrmcrly a bbip-mastcr, but is now 
one of the harbor police in i^oston. Mis wife is half-sister to 
Redman PuH'or, who was on Ijoard the " Constitution " when 
she took the ^' Ouerriore : '' and she is half-sister also to John 
Punbr, Esq., of Columbia, ^NIc, who was a Dartmore prisoner 
twenty-nine niontlis ; and when they were fired upon by the 
> guards, in the prison-yard, a ball grazed his jacket, and 
killed S fellow-prisoner. 

6. John, son of Abijnh and Lydia, born ?cpt. 24, 1815; 
married Mary Kelly. Child, — Mary Jane. JleisinCali- 

^ 2. Samuel, son of John of Rehoboth, was constable of 
Mendon in 1G81 ; married Ilopcstill Ilolebrook in 10(58. 
Made freeman, Oct. lo, 1673. Children, — Mary, who 
married Scth Cha|)in, May20, 1G89; yamuel; Kbenezer; 
JoJui.; Sarah, who married a Murdock, April 12, 1727 ; 
Josiah. His wife died Jan. 12, 170(>. Married, for second 
wife, Hannah, who died Jan. 24,1717. His will is dated 
April 5, 1717. He is the ancestor of the Mendon, Uxbridge, 
Northbridge, Milford, Oxford, and Charlton Uccds. 

3. Samuel, son of Samuel and Hopestill of Mendon, mar- 
ried Deborah. Children, — ifary, born Aug. 11, 1094; 
Deborah, Jan. 26, 1G9G ; Hopestill, April 1, 1G98 ; John, 
1704, married Al>igail White, Jan. 7, 1704,— she died 
June 12, 17U6 ; Samuel, born Juno 7, 1707; Ebenezer, 
Aug. 8, 1709, died Nov. 11, 1700; Daniel, born Oct. 29, 
1712; Abigail, Doc. 23,1710; died July IG, 1721 ; Thomas, 
born Nov. 24, 1715; Sarah, Feb. 10, 1717 ; Abigail, 1721 ; 
Hannah, June 11, 1724. He died Feb. 14, 1725. He lived 
in that part of Mendon afterwards set oil' to Uxin'idge. His 
will is dated Feb. 5, 1724. Inventory : i:3,989. lis. 8d. ; a 
vast estate for those times. His purse, appaiel, and cane, 


X188. 18s. 6d. (book 24, p. 128; proved November, 1725). 
It is said that about one>half of tlie land iu Uxbridgc and 
Nortlibridgo was lunncrly owned by tliis family of I^ecds. 

4. Samuel, sou of Samuel and Abigail of Mcndun, boni 
June 7, 1707 ; married Rulh Drown, Jan; 21, 1729. Cliil- 
drcn, — Ruth, born April 8,17jJ2; Hamucl," April 12, 1730; 
Eunice B., Oct. 27, 17Ji;^>; Abigail, Dec. 12,1786; liydia, 
Jan. 10, 1742 ; Catherine, Feb. 23, 1740 ; Thomas, July 11, 
1741). Ilis wife died April ;50, 17-17. Married Elizabeth 
Hunt. Children, — James Of., born July 18, 1760 ; Thad- 
deus, April 9, 1752. ilis wife died June 22, 1771 : he died 
March 21, 1788. ITo was deacon of tlic church, and gene- 
rally known as Deacon Heed. 

4. John, son of Samuel and Abigail, born in 1704 ; mar- 
ried Lucy, and lived iii Uxbridgc. Children, — Sarah, born 
Oct. 24, 1729, married Josiah Adams, Dec. 27, 1760 ; Joseph, 
horn March C, 17S2 ; Peter, Nov. 13, 1735 ; Scth, March 0, 
174(j ; Josiah, July 23, 1753 ; John, June, 174;L John the 
elder was called Lieut. Seed ; and died Jan. 18, 1771. 

5. John, son of Lieut. John, born Juno, 1743; married 
Hannah Tuft, June 23, 17C3. Children,— Phila, born 
Dec. 13, 1703 ; Nathan, Jan. 24, 17G« ; John Tuft, March, 

5. Joseph, son of Lieut. John, born March 6, 1782 ; mai*- 
ricd Eunice Taft, Nov. G, 1753. Children, — Nathan, born 
Dec. 9, 1754 ; Eunice, Dec. 26, 1766 ; Cheney, Sept. 9, 
1757 ; Joseph, Sc|)t. 1, 1700 ; Hannah, July 24, 1762. 

5. Setii, sou of Lieut. John of Uxbrtdgo, born March 6, 
1740; married Hannah. Children, — James Manning, 
born Jan, 0, 1770 ; John, Dec. 23, 1771 ;* Sophia, Sept. 20, 
1773; Seth, Oct. la, 1775; Sally Adams, Nov. 1, 1777; 
Henry Joseph, Dec. 20, 1779 ; Ccorge W., March 24, 1782 ; 
Tolly, April 19, 1784, died Feb. 19, 1880. 

G. Cheney, son of Joseph and Eunice, born Sept. 9, 1767 ; 



married Sally Uicc, Jan. i!;!, 1784. Children, — John Tuft, 
April 19, 1785; .Sully, Afarcli 10,1787; Fanny, Sept. 23, 
1788, died Aug. 22, 1798; Oarolino, Nov. 21, 1789. His 
wife died Jan. 14, 1791. Married Nancy Cutter, Aug. 20, 
1792 ; who died Xfarch 10, 1797. Married Mary. Children, 

— Joseph, horn May 21, 1808; Mary Stone, Dec. 1, 1804. 

Ilia third wife died Dec. 1, 1804: he died May 18,1822. ^ 

Uc lived in Jtrookrield, and was a justice of the peace and a 
distinguished man. 

5. Capt. Samuel, sou of Deacon Samuel, born April 12, 
1730 ; married Abigail Murdock, April 12, 1758. Children, 

— Samuel, born Jan. 10, 1750; Lydia, Feb. 4, 1759; Sub- 
mit, Aug. 28, 1701 ; Ruth, March 3, 1704 ; Samuel, Dec. 12, 
1709. Capt. Samuel died Aug. 24, 1798: his wife died 
Fob. 4, 180(i. 

0. Samuel, Ksq., son of Capt. Samuel, born Dec. 12, 1709 ; 
marriod Nancy Whitney. Children, — Nancy Whitney, boru 
Aug, 8, 1794; Abigail Murdock, June 12, 1790; Klizabcth 
Hill, Sept. 18, 1798 ; Mary Green, Oct. 22, 1800, died 
Sept. 18, 1800. Esquh-e Read died April 19, 1839: his 
wife died March 20, 1885. ITo was representative twenty 
years, and was a distinguished man. 

5. Capt. Thaddeus, son of Deacon Samuel, born April 9, 
1752, hi Uxbridge ; married Hannah Taylor, May 24, 1780. 
Children, — Retsy, boru Oct. 8, 1781, married M. Rider; 
Sally, born Feb. 28, 1784, married Johu Uachelder; Han- 
nah, born May 9, 1780; Mary, Dec. 22, 1789; Thaddeus, 
Juno 8, 1798. Capt. Read removed, when young, to Oml'ton, 
Mass. ; and was a captain in the Revolution, and a distin- 
guished land-surveyor. He died Dec. 8| 1824. 

6. Betsy Hunt, daughter of Capt. Thaddeus of Uxbridgo 
and Orafton, born Oct. 8, 1781 ; married Gilead Rider, and 
live in Malone, N.Y. Children, — Charles Jordan, boru 
March 28, 1810; Thaddeus R., Feb. 7, 1812; Joshua Lo- 


laud, Juno 20, 1815 ; Elizabeth II.« Dec. 25, 1818 ; Hannah 
R., Dec. 6, 1817; Mary E., April 5, 1820; Holland H., 
May 1, 1823; Harriot K, Feb. 17, 1825. 

7, Joshua L., son of Gilcad llidor and Betsy II. Read, 
born Juno 20, 1815 ; married Pliiloincla N. Kdda. Chil- 
dren, — Helen Maria, born July 2-i, 1840; Julia Lcland, 
July 11, 1843. Lives at Malone, N.Y. 

7. Hannah R., daughter or Gilead Rider and Betsy II. 
Reed, born Dec. 5, 1817 ; married Parseus Willson. Chil- 
dren, — Joshua, born Jan. 25, 1845; Harriet E., Nov. 13, 
1840; Mary R., Juno 27, 1849; AVinliold Scott, Aug. 11, 
1851 ; Theodore G., Feb. 21, 1854. Livo at Malone, N.Y. 

7. Holland H., son of Gilead Rider and Betsy H. Reed, 
born May 1, 1828 ; married Philomela N« Rider. Children, 
— Joshua Leland, born Alay 7, 1847 ; Henry II., Fob. 10, 
1849 ; ilary E,, Dec. 10, 1850. Lives at Malone, N.Y. 

7. Charlos J., sou of Betsy II. Reed and Gilead Rider, 
born Maroh 28, 1810 ; married Delia E. Blodgot. Cluidrou, 
— Charles M., born June 0, 1838; Delia Jennetto, July 12, 
1841 ; Clarida J., Feb. 12, 1847 ; Mary S. B., Nov. 13, 
1850 ; Samuol Q., Nov. 10, 1853. They livo in Ogdensburg, 
N.Y. ; and he is a teacher. 

7. Thaddeus R. Rider, son of Betsy II. Reed and Gilead 
Rider, born Fob. 7, 1812 ; married Fanny Waldron. Chil- 
dren,— Mary E., born July 14, 1841 ; Thaddeus R., July 27, 
1843 ; Blla E., Oct. 20, 1848 ; Fhiueas L., Dec. 10, 1850. 

7. Hanson L.; son of Thaddeus and Patty, born Aug. 10, 
1818; maiTied Elim M. Kellogg. Children, — William 
Hanson, born Sopt. 21, 1852. Hanson L. Reed, Esq., lives 
in Fitchbiirg. Ho has a collcgo education. Has been a 
member of tho Legislature, and is the principal of an aca- 

0. Sally, daugliter of Thaddeus and Ilannah, born Feb. 28, 
1784 ; niarripd Jolm Bacholder. Children, — Samh S., 


born Sept. 2, 1808 ; Ilamiah Recti, Nov. 20, 1811 ; John A., 
JIuy 15, 1814 ; Jolm A., AFay 1, 1816 ; Holland N., Sept. 28, 
1818 ; Joseph M., Aug. 2t», 1820 ; Susan E., Feb. 20, 1823, 

7. IloUanil N. DachcUIci*, son of John and Sally Reed, 
born Sept. 28, 1818; married Maiy Dennis. Children, — 
Mary liOuise, born Jan. 11, 1848; John Dennis, July 2G, 
1850 ; Joseph Edmond, July 10, 1852. Lives at Macon, 

7. Susan E., daughter of John Baehclder and Sally Reed, 
born Feb. 20, 1823 ; married Simon J. Umphrey. Children, 
— Grace Drowsier, born April 12, 1855; Horace Buckuig- 
ham, Feb. 25, 1857. Lives at Newark, 0. 

7. Julia AI., daughter of Thaddeus Reed and Polly, born 
March 26, 1823 ; married Albert il. Daniels. Children,— 
Frances M., born Aug. 16, 1847 ; Lucy XL, April 22, 1849 ; 
Isabel R.| June 22, 1851. Lives at Manchester, N.IL 

6. Thaddeus, son of Capt. Thaddeus, born June 8, 1703 ; 
married Patty Leland of Grafton. Children, — Hanson L., 
born Aug. 10, 1818 ; Martha E., July 6, 1820 ; Julia M., 
March 20, 1823; Samuel F., Jan. 21, 1830. Slarricd, for 
second wife, Abigail Sibley. Children, — Martha E., born 
Sept. 6, 1832 ; Almira S., May 11, 1886. Thaddeus died 
Feb. 4, 1837, at Westborough, Mass. 

7. Nancy W., daughter of Samuel Reed, Esq., of Ux- 
bridge, born Aug. 3, 1704 ; married Lutiier Spring, and 
lives in Worcester. Children, — Samuel R., born Sept. 7, 
1819 ; Mary E., Jan. 22, 1822 ; Charles C, March 24, 1824 ; 
Emily A., Doc. 21, 1827 ; George W., Oct. 16, 1830 ; Wil- 
liam L., Oct. 25, 1882 ; Nancy J., Aug. 18, 1835 ; Franklin 
I!., March 8, 1888. 

7. Abigail M., daughter of Samuel Rccd, Esq., of Ux- 
bridge, born July 12, 17i>6 ; married John W. Capron, who 
died May 21, 1828. Cliildreu, — EUzal>eth R., born Dec. 3, 
1820; Mary Ann, Sept. 9, 1827. 



7. Eliztabcth II., dau^litcr of Samuel llccd, Esq., of Ux- 
briilgc, born Sept. IS, 1798 ; manicd Nalhaii While, Oct. 31, 
1822. Mr. White died ut White-Sulphur Springs, Va., 
July 25, 1837. ChiUhen, — Abby R., born ilarch 9, 1827 ; 
Frances E., Dec. 20, 1S2S ; Irene J., July G, 1S31 ; Arthur 
J., Oct. 1, 1833 ; Rodney S., Jan. 29, 1830. Mrs. White 
afterwards married ilr. Dwight. 

8. Samuel II., son of Luther Spring and Nancy, born 
Sept. 7, 1819 ; married Jfaria Aldrich, October, 1845. Cliil- 
dren, — Mary Eliza, Ellen, Ella Frances. 

8. Alary Spring, daughter of Luther Spring and Nojicy W. 
I»eed, born Jan. 22, 1822 ; married James Morso, and they 
live in Worcester. Uhildren, — Charles F., born Feb, 21, 
1819; George A., Feb. I, 1851; iCattio J., Dec. 4, 1855; 
William IL, Sept. 18, 1S57. 

8. Charles C, son of Ijuther Spring and Nancy W^. Reed, 
born March 24, 1824; married E. Prentice, Feb. 18, 1844, 
and lives in Worcester, Children, — Charles A., born 
Jan. 10,1845; Ellen A., Jan. 0, 1847; Edgar F., July 18, 
1848 ; Alice E., March 21, 1853. 

8. Emily A. Spring, daughter of Latlicr Spring and Nancy 
W. Reed, born Dec. 31,1827; married Carter Whitcomb, 
Feb. 0, 1 850. They live in Worcester. Children, — Ida F., 
born April 29, 1851 ; Carrie J., Jan. 13, 1853; an infant 
boy, not named, born Aug. 29, 1857. 

8. Elizabeth, da\ighter of John W. Capron and Abigail M. 
Uecd, born Dec. 3, 1820 ; married Truenmn llichards, 
April 25, 1848. They live in Worcester. Children,— 
John C, born Sept, 27, 1851 ; Charles T., Aug. 20, 1857. 

8. Frances E., daughter of Nathan White and Elixabetli 
II. Heed, born Dec. 20, 1828; married Henry Gale, ilay 1, 
1854, and has no children. 

3. Ebenezer, son of Samuel and Ilopestill, married Sarah 
Chapin, Feb. 7, 1704. Children, — Lydia, born May 15, 


170G, died July 2, 170G ; John, born Aug. 8, 1707 ; David, 
Aug. 19, 1709 ; Kbonczer, Fob. 27, 1711 ; Hannah, March 19, 
1714 ; Abigail, March 15, 1717 ; lilary, Feb. 4, 1721 ; Josiah, 
Jan. 24, 1723, probably killed' by Indians at Housac Fort, 
Sept. 15, 174G. Sarah, the wife of the elder Ebonezer, died 
at Uxbridgc, May 16, 1773, aged ninety-five years. 

4, Ebenezer, son of Ebonezer of Mendon, born at^Iendon ; 
married Esther Webb of Ihaintree, Juno 2G, 1730 ; and 
married Hannah for second wife. Children, — John ; I*enja- 
min, born Jan. 21, 1740 ; Ebeuozer, Aug. 24, 1741 ; Esther, 
Aug. 24, 1743. lie was deacon of the church in Uxbridgo. 

6. Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer, born Aug. 24, 1741 ; mar- 
ried Sarah. Children, — Alexander, born July 10, 178G ; 
Samuel T., 1775, died April 1, 1832, aged fifty-seven. Ebe- 
nezer was known as Deacon lleod ; and died lilay 10, 1823. 

6. Ebenezer, son of Deacon Ebenezer, born Aug. 24, 1741 ; 
married Mary Chapin, Feb. 23, 17 G4. Children,— Hannah, 
born May 15,17G4 ; Ichabod, Jan. 21, 17CG ; Sarah, March 4, 
1773 ; Mary, Jan. 7, 1709, died May 20, 1770 ; Sylvia, born 
July 18, 17G1 ; Samuel Torry, Oct. 17, 1774 ; l^Iary, Dec. 16, 
1770 ; Ebenezer, May 1, 1779 ; Benjamin, who lives at No. 0, 
lilaple Street, Worcester. 

7. Ebenezer, son of Deacon Ebenezer of Uxbridgo, born in 
1789; married Sarah Curtis, April 2, 1817. Children,— 
Abigail Curtis, April 28, 1818; El»enezer Chapin, May 10, 
1820; Alexander, Fob. 1, 1822; Sarah Elizabeth, May 20, 
182G ; Francos Mary, Sept. 7, 1829. Ebenezer lived in that 
part of the town afterwards Milford ; and died at Worcester, 
July 2, 1837. Uo was a deacon. His wife died Feb. 19, 
1884, at Worcoster, aged forty-eight yeara. 

8. Samuel, son of Deacon Ebenezer and Sarah, born In 
1775; maiTiod Charlotte. Child, — Lucy W. Ho died at 
Worcester, April 1, 1832, aged fifty-seven: his wife died 
ilarcli 20, 1843, aged seventy. 



Samuel T., son of Deacon Ebenczcr and Mary, horn 
Oct. 17, 1774 ; married, first, Mary Torrcy, Sept. 2 (, 1808 ; 
and, second, Abi^jall Wiglit, Dec. IG, 1817. Children, — 
Mary Torrcy, born Sept. 4, 1820 ; Samuel Torrcy Wight, 
Jan. 22, 1822 ; Ahiguil Wight, Dec. 7, 1823 ; Maria 
llawcs, June 24, 1825; Lucy Whcelock AVarrcn, Aug. 2, 
1827 ; Josiah Torrcy, Aug. 1, 1821) ; Samuel Austen, Jan. 18, 
1832 ; Samuel T. W., graduated at Brown University in 
1854 ; Josiah, graduated at Andicrst in 1856, — lives at No. 
15, Portland Street, Worcester. Samuel T. died at Worces- 
ter, April 1, 1832. His widow lives at No. 15, Portland 
Street, Worcester. 

Alexander, son of Deacon Ehenezor, liorn July 10, 178G; 
married Sarah Willis in 1817. Children, — Mary; Sai-ah ; 
William, who graduated at Dartmouth College, and lives in 
New Dedford ; Klizal)cth T., horn in 1831, and died in 1847, 
and her life has been published by John S. C. Abbot. Dr. 
Alexander Keed was of Worcester in 1818. lie was after- 
wards a physician in New Ikdford. 

4. John, son of Ebenezer and Sarah, l>orn at IMcndon, 
Aug. 8, 1707 ; settled early in life in that part of Windham, 
Conn., M'hich is now within the bounds of Mansfield. Chil- 
dren, — Amasa, Nathaniel, Timothy, Joshua, llachal. 

5. Amasa, son of John, lived in Mansfield, and raised a 
family of four sons and as many daughters. lie served in 
the Revolutionary War. His oldest son was Amasa, who was 
born in 17G4, and occupied the old homestead. He served 
some time in the latter part of the Revolutionary War; and 
died by a fall in his barn, in January, 1830. Children, — 
John, born Dec. 20, 1783, and lives in Mansftold; Preun* 
day, born June 17, 1785, married a Qurley; Jesse, born 
Sept. 29, 1780; Kthelday, Juno 20, 1787, died in 1838; 
Rolna, Juno 28, 1790, married a Penton ; Anna, Iwrn 
Nov. 18, 1791 ; Samuel P., Sci»t. 16, 1793 ; Polly, Sept. 9, 



1705, ilicil April 10, 1808; Klson, bora Nov. 27, 1797, lives 
la Ohio; Josiah 11., bora Doc. o, 17DU, lives ia Uxbrid^^o. 

5. Natbaaiel, soa of Joba, settled, ^vbea young, ia Tyring* 
1mm, Muss. ; but afterwards emigrated to Ashtabula, ia the 
Stato of Oliio, >vhci'0 he died. IIo Nvas ia the battle of 
Buaker Hill. 

6. Joshua, son of Amasa, settled ia Shclbura, Yt, sooa 
after the Revolution, and raised a family of tea ehildren ; 
and diod ia 1840, aged eighty-four years. His wife was 
Orphaaa irurlburt of Woodbury, Coan. Children, — Al- 
moa II., Joslmu, Myron, ITorace, Marshal, Orphosa, Diana, 
Orphena, Clarissa, Ralph II. 

G. Joshua, soa of Aniasa, settled ia Sliclbura ; aad died 
ia 1829, leaving three childrea. 

6, Myron, son of Amasa, lives in Shelburn. Joshua has 
ono son in Iowa; another ia New Haven, Conn. ; aad three 
in Shelbunio. 

6. Ralph H., son of Joshua, married So|)hia Olmstead ; 
lives in Shelburn, and is justice of the peace. Children, — 
Cornelia G., born March 12, 1821 ; Lucelia W., Juno 3, 
1822; Homer J., Aug. 21, 1828, died young; Heary Hurl- 
burt, born Jaa. 27, 1881; Cliarles D., Feb. 15, 1833; 
Lucian 0., Oct. 20, 1885 ; Sophia J. A., July 25, 1844. 

5. AlnK)n II., son of Joshua, graduated at Williams Col- 
lege, and practised law in lilontroso. Pa. ; was a repro- 
soatatiyo to tho Legislature, State Treasurer, a delegate to 
revise the Coastitutioa, aad meaiber of Coagross. He died 
in 1844, leaving a son Cliarles F., who is living in Montrose. 
G. Samuel F., son of Amasa, lives in Wcstfteld, Mass. 
Children, — Nancy, born May 19, 1817; Mary, April 21, 
1819 ; Prunda, May 7, 1821 ; George, April IG, 182G ; 
Crelilia, April 25, 1828; John, Jaa. 2, 1830, died in 1848; 
James, born Jan. 18, 1833 ; Roina, Jan. 15, 18oG. 
4, David, sou of Klicnczer and Sarah of Uxhridge, horn 


Aug. 10, 1709; marneil Thankful. Children,— Henry, 
horn Juu. 7, 173»') ; Joseph, Sept. 0, 173G ; Lydia, Nov. 8, 
1738; Mary, Oct. 14, 1740; Silence, Nov. 4, 1742 ; David, 
Nov. 14, 1744. David died Jan. G, 1805, aged ninety- 

0. Rcnjamin, Esq., son of Khenc'/.cr and Esther, liorn 
Jan. 21,1740; married Oomfort Tuft, May 17, 1702 ; and 
died June 18, 1800. His wife died March 10, 1824. 

4. Daniel, son of Samuel and Abigail of Uxhridge, horn 
Oct. 29, 1712; nuirried Sarah Tuft of Uxbridge, Jan. 8, 
1730. Children, — Tliomas, horn May 23, 1741; Daniel, 
Juno 3, 1743 ; Sarah, Jan. 23, 1740; Ezra, Juno 28, 1737, 
died in 1739. 

5. Thomas, son of Daniel and Sarah of Uxbridge, born 
ilay 23, 1741; married Martha Park of Uxbridge, Dec. 14, 
]7<*»3. Children, — Mailha, born Feb. 15, 17(»r), who nuir- 
ried Amos Whueler of Worcester, June 2, 1785; 'J'homas, 
born Oct. 8, 1700 ; Sarah, Sept. 22, 1708, niarried Calvin 
i Jersey of Leiccsler ; L\icy, born Sept. 20, 1770, manied 
Cyrus Emerson of Danville, Vt. ; ^(ary, married A urns 
Emerson of Danville, Vt. ; Eli/abeth, born Jan. 24,1773, 
married Joab Kindiall of reachem, Vt. ; John Hancock, 
born Oct. 8, 1775 ; Eleanor, Dec. 19, 1777, married Rev. 
Joseph Emerson of JJeverly ; Clarissa, born March 12, 
1780, niarried Deacon Luther Pierce of Enfield, Conn.; 
Ch:ulotte, Feb. 12, 1781, died Sept. 2, 1811 ; Paulina, mar- 
ried John Durley, Esq., of Jlevcrly ; Elizabeth and Lucy, 
who were living, at the age of eighly-lbur years, in Monlpe- 
licr, Yt. The elder Thomas lived in Uxbridge ; which was 
set olT to Northbridge in 1772. 

5. Daniel, son of Daniel and Sarah, born Juno 8, 1743; 
married Mary. Children, — ilary, born Feb. 5, 1707 ; Abi- 
gail, Jan. 29, 1709. 

0. Thomas, Est|., of Monlpelier, Vt., son of Thomas of 



Nortlibriiljjc, l>orii Oct 9, 17G6; married Patty Ilutcliins of j 
iiiun|istciul, N.l[. lie settled iii Ilainpstcad, and remained 
there till 171)9. He then removed to Enfield, N.II., where 
he resided a while; but moved to Montpelier in 1804, and 
resided there till his death, April 8, 1839. lie was pi*esident 
of a bank in Montpalier. Children, — Thomas, born March 
29, 1793 ; Ilczekiah, May 25, 1795 ; Eliza, Oct. 13, 1798. 

7. Thomas, Esq«, sou of Thomas of Montpelier, born 
Blareh 29, 1793 ; married L. W. Borland of Billeriea. Olul- 
dreu, — George B. ; William J. ; Edward I). ; Charles, State 
Librarian for V^ermont ; Josephono; Goorgianna. 

7, Ilezokiah, ljs»(i., sou of Thomas of Montpelier, boru 
May 25, 1795 ; married Martha liarnard. Cliildi*en, — 
Mary B., Coniclia A., Eliza S., Emily I)., Gertrude II. 

8. Mary B., daughter of Ilczekiah and Blartha, married 
Prof. N. G. Clarke uf the University of Vermont. She died 
Feb. 11, 1859. 

7, Eliza, daugliter of Thomas and Patty, boru Oct. 13, 
1798 ; married James Spaulding, a physician in ilontpelier. 
Ohildi*on, — James U., William C, Martha, June, George, 

G. John II., son of Thomas of Northbridgc, boru Oct. 8, 
1775 ; married Mary Tyler of Mendon. lie removed to 
Snow Hill, N. 0. ; taught an academy ; and died there 
April 27, 1828. His children died young. 

5. Daniel, son of Daniel and Sarah of Uxbridgc, now 
Northbridge, boru Juno 3, 1748 ; married Mary Browu of 
Ixiicoster. Children, — E/ra; Abncr; Amasa; Acsah,who 
miuTied Mr. Inmau, and lived and died on the liomcstead in 
Nortiibridge ; other daughter, names not known. 

5. Sarah, daughter of Daniel and Sarah of Northbridgc, 
born June 23, 1740 ; married Edmond Potter of Sutton. 
Child, — Sarah, wlio married William Park, Esq., of North- 
bridge ; and afterwards removed to Woodford, Yt. 


G. Ezra, son of Daniel and ^fary of Northhmljre, scttletl 
ill Champaign County, 0. ; had a largo family of sons, and 
gave them all a lihoral education. His son Daniel was Pre- 
sident of Athens College ; Nathaniel, a lawyer, settled in 
Cincinnati, — is Circuit Judge; Aimer, a lawyer, settled 
in Memphis ; his next son, a physician, settled in Paris, O. ; 
another sou is in the navy ; and another, Sheriden P. Ueed, 
is a lawyer in Tcrrc Haute, Ind. 

6. Ahner, sou of Daniel and Afary of Northbridge, settled 
in Champaign County, 0. ; married Syntha Adams, April 8, 
181(>. Children, — Nathaniel, who was killed by the falling 
of a tree, when about twenty-one years old ; Arnold, who is a 
farmer in Indiana ; George; Cyrus; Clark.; Grail; Kliza. 

G. Amasa, son of Daniel and Mary of Northbridge, settled 
in Champaign County. Children, — Mary, who married a 
lirown in Ohio; Sarah Ann; Samuel A., who married Miss 
Dodson ; Mortier L., who married Miss J. C. Wright in 184G, 
and settled in Kushwell, and, in 1851, removed to Heards- 
towui HI., — a lawyer by pi*ofession, but is now in a mer- 
chant-tailor's shop, on account of health ; one son died, aged 
twenty years, name not known ; Martha and Hannah, died 
young. Amasa died in Ikardstown, HI., September, 1843. 

4. Thomas, son of Samuel and Abigail, born Nov. 24, 
1715; married Experience. Child, — Joseph, born at Ox- 
ford, April 19, 1750. Thomas was known as Deacon Read 
of Oxford. 

5. Joseph, son of Thomas and Experience of Oxford, born 
April 19, 1750 ; married Hannah liCarncd, April 80, 1775. 
Children, — Thomas, born Feb. IG, 1778; Nancy, Nov. 22, 
1782, married Samuel H. Stcbbins, and lives in Uelcher- 
town; John; Zilpali, born July 12, 1785, married Amasa 
Lincoln, and lives in Athol; Ijcarncd, born Oct. 81, 1780; 
Haddassah, May 21), 1788 ; Joseph, May 11, 1790; Kliphas, 
Sept. 1, 1792 ; Charles, Oct. 25, 1795, lives in Union, HI. 

206 JOHN HEAD OP nenoDOTn, 

ITannali, the wifo of Joseph, died June 13, 1802. Married 
liOiiis Sykes ut Ludlow, Vt., May 20, 1803. Children, — 
William, bom June 1, 1804, lives in Crystal Lake, III.; 
Lucctta M., born April 1-1,1800; Louisa, Nov. 21,1808. 
He died at IJclchertown, Dec. 19, 1818. 

G. Thoniaii, son of Joseph and Hannah, born Feb. 16, 
1778; married April 2, 1801. Child, — Thomas. The 
elder Thomas died at Amherst, May IC, 1832 ; where his 
descendants still remain. 

6. Joseph, son of Joseph and Experience, born May 7, 
1790, in lielchertown ; married Ilulh Dwiglit, March 22, 
1819. Children, — Samuel I)., born Feb. 8, 1820; Charles 
F., Jan. 23, 1822 ; Clara A., Aug. 13, 1823 ; Edward L., 
Sept. 4, 1824 ; Henry H., Aug. 16, 1826 ; Jason W., 
June 16, 1829 ; Emily J., Feb. 2, 1834. 

7. Henry II., son of Joseph and Ruth of Wilmington, 
Yt.i born Aug, lU, 1826 ; married Lucy E. Lincoln. Child, 
— Judith E.| born July 14, 1853. His wife died July 13, 
1855. Married Julia L. IJoyd, Oct. 14, 1855. 

4. Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Abigail of Uxbridge, 
and sister to Deacons Thomas and Daniel, married Col. John 
Spring of Uxbridge. Children, — John, Samuel, Ephraim, 

5, John Spring, son of Col. John Spring and Sarah Reed, 
had Adolphus, who married a Tuft of Uxbridge ; and Polly, 
yt\\Q married Rev. Mr. Dudley. 

5. Rev^ Samuel Spring, son of Col. John and Sarah Reed, 
married Hannah Hopkins, daughter of Rev, Samuel Hopkins 
of Hadley. Child, — Gardner. Tho Rev. Samuel was an 
Orthodox minister ia Newburyi)ort. 

6. Gardner Spring, sou of Rov. Samuel Spring, is an 
Orthodox minister of distinction in New-York City. A 
daughter of Rev. Gardner Spring, D.D., is tho wifo of Paul 
SpoiTord of New York, — u celebrated morchaut. 



5. Tliomas, son of Deacon Hamucl of ^fcntlon, aftcnvarJs 
Uxbridge, born July 1 1 , 1740 ; njiu ricci llutli Carricl, Dec. U, 
1708. Children, — Klizuheth, horn Oct. ID, 170U; Samuel, 
Jan. 24, 1771; Daniel, March 11, 1774; Thomas, Aug. 28, 
1772; Elkanah, Sept. 15, 17H0; Cheney, Dec. 4, 1794; 
Abigail, July 7, 1778, married a Dunn ; Amah, born 
Sept. 18, 1784 ; Ruth, Jan. 29, 178G ; Lydia, July 20, 
1781 ; lictscy, Oct. 10, 1790. The elder Thomas settled 
in Townsend, Yt., and died in 1814. His wife died in 

0. Thomas, son of Thomas and Ruth of Townsend, Yt., 
born Aug. 28, 1772; married IJctsy ircrrifield, Dec. 29, 
179G ; died Juno HO, 1853. Children, — Ilollis, born 
Aug. 20, 1802; Lucius, Aug. 14, 1810; Anna, Oct. 10, 
1798; Clark, Oct. 10, 1800; I^onard, Aug. 7,1807 ; Eliza- 
beth R., March 31, 1813; Lydia, March 0, 1810. 

0. Abigail, daughter of Thonnis of Townsend, married Mr. 
Dunn. Children, — Ransom, a clergyman ; Lowis, Principal 
of Fairfax Academy in Yermont. 

G. Elkanah, son of Thomas of Townsend, born Dec. 15, 
1780 ; married Potty Rawson. Children, — Lorain Rawson, 
who married Dr. D. IL IJurd ; Emily Ward, l>orn March 29, 
180G, married John R. Skinner ; Olivo Wilkinson, borii 
Feb. 28, 1808, married Joseph Duntou ; Eunice Worcester, 
born April 28, 1810, married Amos E. Parker ; Nan^y Ma- 
rin, born Jtily 81, 1812, married J. W. Rarns; William 
Wilson, born Feb. 4, 1814, married Cornelia S. Spooner; 
Luther Alien, liorn Aug. 20, 1817, married Mary Gridlcy; 
Luke ; Whitcomb, born Sept. 7, 1820, married Abby E. Dar- 
ling, and is Principal of tho Academy at Kindorhook. 

7. ITollis, HBOiv of Thomas and Itiith of Townsend, Yt.» 
born Aug. 20, 1802; married Caroline ITubbell of Benning* 
ton, Vt.^ Juno 24, 1830. Children, — Catherine Henrietta, 
liorn Juno 20, 1842 ; KiUvard Orinin, Nov. 3, 1844 ; Jlollis 

•H Si 



Rccd, gradu«atcil at Williams College in 1826 ; taught school ^ 

at Bciminglou ; iuiishcd his tlicologicul studies at Princeton, r| 
N.J., 1821) ; and sailed lor India, Aug. 2, 1830, as missionary t 

for the American Itoard. Ho remained in that capacity fivo 1 

yeai*s, and then returned on account of the fochlo health of jl 

bis wifo ; and lias since been a settled minister in Derby and I 

\<i > /l*.« *- Now Breton, Conn., and GriuiYillo, N.J. lie is likewise an Cxo^i 
author of distinction. Among his. published works of note . 

are the *' Christian Bruhmun/' ^' Read's and fipmsdairs Ke- Oi^i^y 
searches,*' '^ Hand of Oud in TTistory," and ^* Alemoirs and 
Scrm(Mis of llev. J. W. Armstrong.'* Ho has likewise con- 
tributed largely to the new8pa|iors and periodicals of the 
day, and luxs at tliis time several manuscript-works in y 

the hands of the iniblisher. He is honored with the title ., 

of D.l), ' 

Eliza^ daughter of Thomas and Betsy, born Alarch 31, 
1818; married Daniel Whitakcr, Dec. 13, ISao. Child,— 
Ann Eliza, born Aug. 2G, 18:18. 

Clark, sou of Thomas and Betsy, born Oct. 10, 1800; 
married Orpha Wright, December, 1824. ChiUlrcn, — Leo- 
nard Serena, born Jan. 9, 1825 ; Ilollis Sydney, July 20, 
1827. Married, for second wife, Lucina AVarren, March 27, 
1829. Children, — Mary Ann ; Eliza C. ; Horace, January^ 

7. Lucius, son of Thomas and Betsy, born Aug. 14, 1810 ; 
married Emily N, Kimball, Nov. 22, 1831. Children,— 
Martha Elizabeth, born starch 10, 1840, died Aug. 28, 1840 ; 
Helen Amanda, Jan. 17, 1844 ; Emily Lucia, November, 
1847. Married, for second wifo, Tryphena H. Parsons, 
April 4, 1848. Childron, — Lydia, born Oct. 2, 1849; 
Caroline E., June 29, 1852, died Sept. 12,1852; Thomas, 
bom Oct 2, 1854 ; Trypliena, July 8, 1856, died Sept. 6, 
1856. Lucius lives in Ityron, 111. 

Elizabeth K., daughter of Thomas and Betsy, l>orn March 


31, 1813 ; married David Wlntakcv, Dec. 13, 1835. Child, 
— Ann Eliza, born Aug. 20, 181)8. 

G. Daniel, sou of Thomas and liuth of Townscud, Vt., 
born March 11, 1774; married IJctsy IJailcy in 1799. 

John, son of Samuel and ITopestill of Mendon, born about 
lG7o; graduated at Cambridge in 1UU7, and was a distin- 
guished preacher. The following is related of him in tho 
Connecticut Historical Collections: •* A Mr. Walker and ilr. 
Itecd wore both preaching at Hartford ; and, about the time 
of tho fn-st settlement of the town of Woodbury, there was 
some controversy, which of tlie two licentiates should go with 
the emigrants to Woodijury : and they were requested to 
deliver a discourse on the day when it was to be decided, — 
Mr. Walker in tho forenoon, and Mr. Reed in tho afternoon. 
! Mr. Walker took for his text, * What went ye out into tho 

1 wilderness for to see ? — a real shaken with tho wind.' Ho 

, enlarged u|iK)n the circumstance and propriety of a rani 

{ being found in the wilderness, &o, Mr. Heed, in tho after- 

] noon, took for his text, ' Your adversary, the Devil, walkoth 

about,' &c. In tho course of his observations, ho stated that 
the great adversary of men was a great %oalker; and, instead 
of remaining with the brethi^en, ought to be kept walking at 
a distance from them. The result was, that Mr. Reed was 
retained at Uartibrd. He, however, was soon after in Fair- 
field County, where he was a great landholder. He preached 
a i)ortiou of tho time at New Milford ; and, in 1009, was 
preaching at Waterbury, but refused to be settled. Ho 
was engaged in a long and tedious law-suit about the title 
of a tract of land in the centre of New Milford, which he 
claimed to have bought of tho Indians. Ho built a dwelling- 
liousQ U]K>n it, near where tho Town House now stands, and 
lived there a while to hold possession and defend his title ; 
and, after he moved away, his house was used for some years 
as a place of public worship. His ex|)erience in the law 



probably convinced bim tbat bo was better calculated for 
tlic ronini tlian tbe pulpit ; and be aflerward practised law 
witb great success hi Hostoii. He married liullu Chil- 
dren, — John, born in 1700; WilHam; Ruth, who married 
Rev. Mr. llann, tbe minister of Fairfield ; Mary, who mar* 
ricd, and moved to Halifax, N.S. ; Aliigail ; and Deborah. 
At the time of his death, he owned a mansioii-hoiisc in Green 
Street, lioston, now Court Street; which, in the division of 
bis estate, was set oil' to ins son William, who was a lawyer, 
but died unmarried. He also owned large tracts of land in 
Fairfield, which then embraced what is now the county of 
Fairfield ; and bis sou John, and son-in-law Mr. Uann, set- 
tled upon it. Ho owned also, at the time of his death in 
1749, the township of AVaro in Massachusetts, which had 
been granted to certain persons in Narraganset for military 
services ; and ho bought it of them for two coppers per acre, 
and a tract in WelUngtun, now Dayton, and several other 
townships, one of which ho bought at auction of the town of 
liostou in 1037, for which ho paid about j(3,000. He had 
one township at the time of his death, which was called tho 
Manor of Peace, probably frum the fact that he held peace- 
able f)Ossession of it without a lawsuit. He published a 
grammar and some {lolitical essays, and was unquestiona- 
bly the greatest lawyer of his time. Ho was also a man 
of ardent and devoted piety, though somewhat eccentric in 
his manners. He was called, by tho people of Boston, 
Leathor-jackot John, to distinguish him from tho other 
John Reeds. Tho following tribute to his memory, taken 
from *^Knap*s Biographical Sketches," will illustrate his 
character and worth: — 

^ John Reed was distinguished for genius ; beloved by the votaries 

. of literature ; revered by the i'onlcm|K)rary patriots of bis country; tlic 

pride of tbe bar; tbu ligbt of tbe law ; and chief among tbe wise, tbe 

witty, and the eloquent. One who lived long and did much; but oi 



wliom so little M matter of rcconK ihnt :\ siiir^li^ \is\^o. wonlil contain sill 
that is wntt<in of linn. It is painrul to iliink iliai u man su |ji*uu(lly 
pre-imiincnt nmon^ liis ])cei'9 >liouUl now be Lurieil in ob^cnrity. 
Tradition, it U true, is stored wiili uneedoles of liini ; but we look in 
vain for written incniorials. He ^nuluaied at Cambridge in 1(>U7. 
llv. stndied divinity, and was for some time a |)0))nlar preacher; but 
not likin*; the relij^ious do<;nms of that day, orfearing that he .should 
not be able to restniin his wit or keep his gravity at some instance 
of solemn foidery, or perhaji.s feelin;; that he was destined for a more 
extended sphere of action, ho lell that pndession for the law. The 
last of his years arc distinctly rememlN*re<l by two votaries of the 
law, who are now livini^ (for he did not die till 1749); and those 
livin<r chronicles conHrm the statement, that the numeiHMis anc^edotes 
of him which have come down to ns were current soon after his 

"To prove that he was a profound hiwyer, not trammelled by the 
mere letter of the law nor eoid'used by its prolixity, it is only nec(!S- 
tfary to look at liis legal laliors which aru now extant. One act 
ahaie shouhl give him innnurtnlhy. He, from his own high resiMinsi* 
bility, reduced the (puiint, rtrdumhuit, and obscure phraseology of the 
Knglish deeds of conveyance to the |n'osont short, clear, and simplo 
ibrm now in use among us. Forms Beemingly |>rolix have gene* 
rally their use; and most lawyers are attached to them from habit, 
and from n btdief that it is better to be tuutohigical, than obscure 
from t(»o much brevity. His Influence iuid authority must have 
Inmu great, as n htwyer, to have brought these i*etreuched forms into 
gcuend use. The declarations which he made and used in civil 
actions, have, many of tlirm, come down to us as preeedentii, and are 
among the finest s)>ecimens of s|>ecial pleading which can be found. 
Si(»ry has preserved some of his forms : and Parsons used to say, that 
many other lawyers had assumed his work<(, ns a special pleader, 
as their own ; untl that the honors due him luul, by curek^sness 
or accident, been given to others, who had only copied his forms. 
In fpeuking of Ueed's knowledge of the science of special pleading, 
Judge Trowbridge related an unectlote to a gentleman of the bar, 
now living, llie facts show sagacity and cunning, — then the gresit 
re(|uisites for distinction ; nnd which, at all times, have their weight 
in making up a lawyer's clinractcr. A merchant of Salem or 
Jiostou, who luul n ship and Ciirgo seized for breach of the revenue- 


1a\VA| applied to MwA for :u1vicc< Reed told him to replevy llic 
feliip ami cargo; mid u writ ut ruploviii wju inude out, with the forius 
prescribed hy the oKl Province hiw, eoiiimundiiig the phuiilitr, u])uii 
liid giving bond, to answer the cost and duniagcd at the next Conrt of 
Common I'leas, and respond the judgment iinnlly given tiiercon ; 
and summon the seizing ollicer to apjiear, and show cause why he 
had driven away and impounded the ^hip and cargo. As the abating 
of writs seemed at that lime to be a great part of the ])racticc, Heed 
intentiomdiy luid given the defendant in rej>levin no addition, or 
ciso the wrong one. On the day of Iho silting of the court, the 
phiintif!' in replevin immc and toltl Reed tliat the counsel lor the de- 
fendant Imd found a liuw in the writ, and intended to have the writ 
abated. Reed endeavored to calm the feelings of his client; and, 
without letting him into the ^iecretof his intentions, told him to enter 
his writ. Upon the ^fitting of the court, (he conuTiel for defendant 
readied across the table, and whispered to Reed, informing him 
of the mistake nuide in the writ, and that he intended to have it 
abated. Reed, having examined the writ, and lindiiig the error, 
desired him to let him umeml ; but he refused. Reed then told him, 
if he would not let him amend, he could not help it ; but he jnust 
plead it in writing, for sometimes such pleas were nn\de ore tenu$^ 
praying that the writ niiglu abate, and for costs, wiihuut rctpiesting 
a i*eturn of the ship and cargo : and judgment was renilercil accord- 
ingly. Then Reed told his client to let execution come out against 
him, and, when the oil'icer came to K*rve it, to pay it, and not betbre. 
At the next term, suit was brought on the bond, and Reed prayed 
oyer of the bond and condition ; and pleaded in bar, that ho had fully 
complied, and pcrfonned its condition by entering and prosecuting 
the suit to final judgment, and by paying the execution ; in proof of 
Yfhich, he pixnluced the sheritl's return on the same. The merchant 
having sent his ship to sea upon her restoration thereof to him by 
the writ of replevin, there wan an end of the cause. 

**A8 a legislator, he was con^itpicuous for several years; but so 
unambitious a man couhl npt have been a regular leader of faction. 
He spoke with fj*anfcness, regardless of political consequences. A 
great map who condescends to enter into the ))olitics of the day, 
and bear the heat and burthen of it, owes nothing to the public 
for his honors; but the public are muck indebted to him for his 


"After having been for sonfie time in tlm House of Rej)resentft- 
tives, lie ^vas elected to the Coinu-il wlirn Shh'ley wus hi tliu chair, 
and there passed the snine uprtj^lit euut'ac. Delcher, tlie predecessor 
of Siiirlcy, had persuaded his council, ilint, u|H>n tlic a|>iK>nitmcnt of 
a new Governor, it Wiis necessary to renew all civil commissions. 
This same thing was propusid by Shirley, and the precedent 
brought up ; but Mr. Keed, a very eminent lawyer, and, which is 
more, a person of great integrity and tirmness of mind, being then 
a member of the Couneil, brought Mich arguments ngaini^t the prae- 
lice, that a luajofity of the liosud ret used to consent to it (liulchin- 
son, vol. ii.). 

" His method of managing csuises, his terse arguments, his cutting 
h*ony, his wittiness, and his good nature too, were well knowit to that 
generation of lawyers to which Gridley, Trowbridge, and Pinchon 
belonged ; and facts illu^trating his [K^wers and di:<position were fa- 
miliar to the next, -^ to Ijowtdl, Parsons, and those just gone. 

*'lt is related of him, that at one time ho travelled South; mid 
there bcMng no eonveyuiaru by stage or railroad, and not much com- 
munication in imy way between (he North and South, ho adopted 
the safest and most fea:iible mode of tnixel for the times, — which was 
to obtain a dress of the ]dainest ami mo>t unostentulions kind, — and 
with Ids clmnge of linen in his ptkck, and his walking-stick, sat out on 
foot. It was from this circumstance that he acquired the name of 
Leather Jaekett by which he was sometimes cidled. 

'' During his journey, ho arrived in a country village, which ha))- 
{lened to be the shire-town ; and the court was in session. There was 
a cause about to be tried, in which the plaintilf was a {loor num, and 
unable to pay such fees as were demanded by counsel, and appeared 
there without any. The defendant was rich and influential, and 
had able counsel. Mr. Reed listened to the discussion going on in 
relation to the caso» at tlie public-house, during the evening ; and, 
in the morning, intimated lu the phiiniiir, that he had discovered ihe 
IHiints in his case, and might render him some service, but without 
making himself known to him. The plauititf ifadily availed himself 
of his assistance: and Mr. Reed appeared and opened the caste, and 
won it, very much to the surprise of all present ; and immediately, 
without any |>ay for his valutible services, left the court-house, — he 
to ]nirsuo his journey, and they to wonder who the mysterious 
Btnmger coiikl be. Like («aliteo and Hacon> Air. Reed was too far 


III ndvniicc of I lie iv^o \i\ wliirli lie IivcmI to linvc been sutlicii'ntly 
lionorctl ill \i\s guiicralion ; and il i.s to be deplurcil tliiit he liad no 
honest cliroiiiclei* to liave trurcd Iiiin from the criulle to the grave, 
however homely the reeonl might at thi^ time appear.'* 

John, son of ITon. John of Boston, went to Connecticut, 
and settled in the North Parish of FtiirrieUl; tho county of 
Fairfield being then one town. He was one of the first and 
principal settlers; and when it was incbi*poratcd into a town 
in May, 17G7, it was named Ileading in honor of him. He 
was a military charactci*, and held a colonel's commission ; 
but, like his father and grandfather, was a very pious man, 
and occasionally preached. He had a deer-park, about a 
mile north of the Town House. He died in 1786, aged 
eighty-six ; and his monument is to be seen, a little west of 
tlie Town House. His descendants are numerous in Con- 
necticut, New York, Vermont, and many of tho Western 
States; and the peculiar features in the character of Hon. 
John Reed are strongly imprinted ufion his posterity. Ho 
married two wives, one of which was a Milford lady ; by 
whom he had the following children: viz., — AVilliam, ZaU 
men, Luke, and Huldah. Married, for second wife, Sarah 
Ih-adley, Dec. 17, 1750, of Greenfield Hill. Children,— 
llezokiah, born Feb. 23, 1753; John, who died unmarried; 
Sarah, born Nov. 27, 1751 ; Deborah ; lluth, Sept. 25, 1754 ; 
Mamb, Warch 4, 1758 ; Mable, Sept. 9, 1750 ; Esther, 
Dec. 2C, 17G0 ; lievi, March 19, 1704, died when four days 
old ; John, April 30, 1705. 

William, son of Col. John of Heading, went to Ohio many 
years ago with his family, and settled. His wife was a Miss 

Zaimon, son of Col. John of Reading, bom 1768 ; married 
Huldah Bradley of Greenfield, Fairfield County, Jan. 31, 
1758 ; inherited a portion of tlio landed estate of his father, 
and settled upon it» in Heading. He was also administrator 



of the estate ofliis uncle Willtain, who died in Boston. He 
]iad four sons; viz., Zulnion, Eli, Samuel, Aaron. 

Luke, tlio son of Col. John, fell into a burning coal-pit in 
the year 1730, and was so badly burned that he survived but 
a few liours. His iUther wrote a letter to Ruth, his mother, 
in Boston, infornnng his parents of the melancholy event ; 
and his father sent buck a letter in reply. Both of the letters 
arc yet i)rescrved, after a period of a hundred aiul twenty 
years; and are both remarkable for the piety and Christian 
resignation manifested in them, and Tonn a complete index 
to the turn of mind, and Christian graces, so strongly exhi- 
bited in the writers. 

Zalmon, son of Zahnon, born at Reading, April 28, 1759 ; 
married Iluldah Omy in 1780; and died on the old estate, 
Oct. 3, 1840. Children,— Aaron, born April 2:3, 1781; 
Henry, Nov. 11,1787; Samuel, Juno 1), I7i)7 ; JJenjamin ; 
Betsy, Feb. 24, 1792 ; Chlris^^a, April 8, 1793. His wife died 
June 27, 1810. :Married Hannah Basset, 1819. Children, 
— Frederick, born November, 1821 ; Alary, February, 1824 ; 
Benjamin, Hay, 1831. 

Aaron, son of Zalmon of Reading, married Maria Ilawiey^ 
Children, — Harriet, who married Richard Smith of Sharon, 
May 28, 1830, and died in fourteen months after her mar- 
riage, leaving an infant son; Mary, married Mr. Nathaniel 
Church, and moved to Troy, N.Y. Mr. Church died Oct. 22, 
1839 : ilrs. Church died Oct. 22, 1858, leaving three chil- 
dren, — one son and two daughters. Mr. Reed now lives iiir 
Troy, N.Y., and is widely known as Deacon Reed. He has 
a son (Charles H.), who graduated at Yale College ; studied 
theology at Frinceton; licensed to preach in Troy, N.Y. ; 
settled over the Pearl-street Church, New-York City, where 
he remained five years; and has been for the last twelve 
years jiastor of the United Frcshyterian Church in Richn)6nd, 
Yu., — a pious and devoted pastor, and popular preacher. 


Frederick, son of Zaimou and Hannah, born November, 
1821 ; married Zeancr Gray in 1841. Children, — Charles, 
born in 1843 ; Delia «., 184G ; George, 1850. 

Benjamin, son of Zalmon and Hannah, born May, 1831; 
married Catherine Selloch. Children, — John, born in 
1853; William, 185G. 

Samuel, son of Zalmon, 1st, settled in New-York City; 
married Ruhamah Lock wood. Children, — Charles; Ifaunah. 

Eli, son of Zalmon, born in 1705 ; married [Mabel Lyon. 
Child, — lluldah, born Aug. 16, 1704. lie died in Heading 
in 1842. 

Aaron, son of Zalmon, born in 17G7 ; received a liberal 
education ; studied law, and settled in Bedford, N.Y. ; mar- 
ried Sally Flennning of Bedford. Children, — Sarah, Aaron, 
Frederick. Sally, the wife of Aaron, died in 1829 ; and, 
after living a widower six years, he married Mary, daughter 
of Edmond Mead of Somers, N.Y. lie was Judge of the 
County Court ; a ruling elder in the church ; a talented, 
pious, noble-hearted man ; and died Sept. 9, 1855, much 
lamented, aged eighty-eight years. 

lluldah, da\ighter of Zahnon, born in Reading in 1761 ; 
married Samuel Smill\, and had children. She died in the 
twenty-third year of her age. 

Samuel, son of Zalmon, born at Beading in 1768 ; mar- 
ried Ruhamah Lockwood, and had a family of children, lie 
settled in Woodbridgo, N.J. ; where he died. 

Hezekiah, son of Col. Jolm, born at Reading, Feb. 25, 
1753; married Anna Gorham, May 12, 1774. Children, — 
Anna, born Dee. 1, 1775; Sarah, Sept. 14, 1777; Ulilla, 
Jan. 22, 1780 ; ITezekiah, Marcli 23, 1783, married Nancy 
Banks. His wife died Feb. 23, 1785. Married, for second 
wife, Abigail Hull, Feb. 22, 1789. Children, — Deborah, 
born May 23, 1790; Thaddeus, Sept. 27, 1792 ; Elizabeth, 
June 6, 1795; Samuel Bradley, April 1, 1802. 



TliaiUlcus, son of irezckiah, inairicd Ellcaiior Lyon, Juu. 1, 
182;L Cliildmi,— Ocoi'^jo, Innu Dec. 2, 1821), imirried 
Kliza Collius, Jau. 23, 18j4 ; yusaii, born Jan. 21, 1824; 
aiah, Ajiril 23, 1S2(] ; Aliigail, Sopt. G, 1832; Eleanor, 
Aug. 5, 1«:M; Deborali, July 10, 1839. The son (Jcoro;o 
lives in Iteailing. Tha<UIcus died Septemi»or, 184G ; and 
his widow and daiijiliters live in New-York City. 

Sarali, daughter of Col. John, married Jahez Hill of Read- 
ing, and brought up a family of children, whose descendants 
form a nunicrou.H and rcspeetalile family. 

Samtiel 13., son of Hezekiah and Anna, horn April 1, 1802 ; 
married Camille Lyon, and live:s in lpsilan(a, Mich. Chil- 
dren, — William, John, Kliza. 

Jo^iiuh, son of Samuel and iropestill, horn aliout 107/); 
married in Marlborough, to Elizabeth Amsden, June 3, 
11197. Children, — William, Joseph, John, Isaac, Jacob, 

David, sou of Josiah and Elizabeth, born June 20, 170G ; 
married Hannah Uuinsford, March 20, 1733, of Ilehoboth. 
Chihiren, — Ebcnczer, born March 22, 1734; l>avid, who 
settled in Now Marlborough, Mass.; Ilunnah; Elizabeth, 
married Jonathan Alford ; Josiah ; Abigail ; Abijah, who 
married Anna White, and settled in Canterbury, Conn.; 
Charity, married Ste|dien Gibbn. David died at Ellington, 
Conn., March 9, 17<)3, 

Ebenezer, son of David and Hannah, born March 22, 
1734 ; married Mary Filch of Windsor, Conn., Dec. G, l7tVJ, 
Siio died Nov. 11, 1774. Marric<l Widow Elizabeth Ihn ret 
of Thompson, Coim., Nov. 1, 1781. Children, — Justus, 
horn Oct. 17,1700; Chloe, June 1,1704, married Charles 
May, Aug. 20, 1788, died Jan. '20, 1795 ; Elijah Pitch, born 
May 11, 1707; Abner, Nov. 13, 1771 ; Jerusha, Aug. 10, 
177r), died Sept. 4, 1777. He died March, 1818, aged 



Elijah Pilch, son of Khenczer and Mary, horn Ifay 13, 
17U7, nt Soulh Winilsor; uianicd Lfanuati AMjcan. Chil- 
dren, — Julia, horn Oct. 8, 1792, married IFenry Watson 
of South Windsor, Sept. 5, 1809 ; Ehcnezcr F., horn Feh. 4, 
1799, died Nov. 25, 1832; Maro M'lxian, Oct. 18, 1801 ; Mary 
Kliza, Jan. 15, 1804, died at Wavcrley, 111., in 1850 ; Harriet 
S., horn Peh. 12, 1800, married Hon. John Hall of Elling- 
ton, Conn., Sept. G, 18;S0; Julius Alexander, horn Jan. 10, 
1809; Roxnnna, May 14, 1810, married Stanley White, and 
died at Andovcr, Conn., Aug. 20, 1839. lie practised medi- 
cino with success lifty-six years, and received a degree of 
M.D. from the Medical Society of Connecticut; died Sept. 9, 
1847, aged eiglity. 

JIaro M'Lcan, son of Elijah P., married Elizahcth Lathrop, 
June 31, 1831, ut Jacksonville, 111. Children, — Harriet, 
born June 31, 1831; Edward, March G, 1833; All»ert, 
Peh. 12, 1830 (in college); Maria L., Jan. 27, 1839; Elijah 
P., died young ; Sarah ; Julia, horn April 20, 1840 ; lion- 
ry, died; Mary Eliza, horn Juno 25, 1849. Maro studied 
and practised medicine with his father, after graduating at 
Yalo College in 1822 ; and took his degrco of M.D. in 1820. 
He afterwards practised iu East Windsor and Hartford, 
Conn., till 1830; when ho removed to Jacksonville, HI., 
where he is in full practice. 

Josiali, son of David and Hannah, married a sister of 
Liout. Pinncy of Ellington. Children, — Louisa; Horace, 
born May 15, 1770, — a physician of much distinction,, who 
married lietsy Welles of Glustcnhury, Conn. He moved to 
Putnam, 0., in 1814 ; where he died. Children, — Roswell, 
who died young; Lucy W., who married Robert Haslet, 
Juno 8, 1810. They live at Zanesville, 0.; and have eight 

Rev. Julius Alexander, son of Elijah P., born Jan. 10, 
1809; married Caroline Dlood, Dec. 1,1835, and lives at 



Davenport, lo. Cl\il(lrcn, — Aiuisi, horn 30, IHlJO ; 

Rosjxnua, Aug. 11, 1.Sol», died April ti."), 1840, by being 
Ihruwu from a Wii«^on ; ilary, born Feii. 9, 184;J. 

Arthur M., son ol* Deacon Abner, married Harriet, daugh- 
ter of Judgo Doughiss of Florida ; tmd is a banker in Jaci<- 
sonville, Fhi. Chihlren, — Louisa and Harriet (twins) ; 
Maro 8. Ueed, married Klizaboth (iooniis of Farrington, and 
lives at Kast Windsor. 

r>. Josiah, son of Ijient. John of ITxbrldge, and Lucy, liorn 
July 'Jo, 17.33 ; married Kli/abelli, who died at Uxbridge, 
l«lll. ilc died at Westlield, Vt., in 181)1. Chihh-en,— 
llodolphus, born !N[ay 0, 177-1, dieil May 10, 1841 ; Naomi ; 
Luey ; Hannah; Kllen ; Chloe ; Abijah. 

ii. Ilodolphus, sou of Jvisiah, Ijorn i[ay 6, 1771 ; married 
Sarah HilL Children, — Lytlia, born Dec. o, IHOi; Jidui, 
Nov. G, 1S0;5, died Dec. f>, IS:!,'); Hannah, born Oct. 7, 
ItSO."), died young; Lucy, born Aug. 27, 1807, died young; 
liyman, horn Dee. 2.'), 1809 ; FrasUis, Dee. 17,1811; ^h)- 
Siiah, Jan. 18, 18UJ, tlied in I8t;5; Calvin, born Dec. 11, 
181-); Sarah Ann, March LV), 1819; Arvilla, Jfarch -29, 
18:i0, died in 1831 ; lluyal, born March 28, 1822 ; Willard, 
Aug. Ifj, 1820. 

b. Lucy, daughter of Josiah, Uiarried Krastus Burgcs. 
Children, — Patience, Hubbard, Arvilla. 

0. llanuah, ilaughter of Josiah, married Aaron liovcland. 
Children, — Hannah, Alfred, Dinah, Jared, Loria, Asher. 

i>. Fllcn, daughter of Josiah, married Josiah Htratlou. 
Chihlren, — Josiah; Williaui. 

0. Chloe, daughter of Josiah, nuirried an Underwood, 
(i. Abijah^ married Ithoda Chapman of Craftou, Yt. lie 
was in the war of 1812. 

7. Lydia, daughter of Uotlolphus, born Dec. o, 1801 ; mar- 
ried Luther Howe, Jan. 10, 1812. Child, — Sarah A., born 
May 2i?, 1813. They live in Weslfiehl, Vt. 


7. Lyman, son of Roilol|»lius nnd Sarah, married Mohitahcl 
Clark, anil lives in Jllinois. 

7. Era.stus, son of Uodolpliiis and Sarah, born Doc. 17, 
1811 ; married ISolsy Marks of Oillsnm, N.II., and lives in 
Peterborough, N.II. Children, — James, Josiah, Mary 
Ann, Lizzie, George. 

7. Calvin, son of Ilodolphus, Itorn Dec. 11, 1815 ; married 
Precilla 0. Titus, who died Dec. S, 1845. Xfarricd Sarah 
11. Young, Aug. 8, 1840. Children, — Henry D., horn 
Nov. 27, 1847 ; Jlerbeit, Sept. 21), 1841) ; Luther n., 
July 15, 1854. Ho lives in Westfield, Vt. 

7. Sarah Ann, daugliter of Ilodolphus, March 25, 1819; 
married George Howard. Children, — George, John, Sarah, 
ilarrlcd, for second husband, Luther liurdwcll. Children, 
— Moses, William Wells, 2^lelissa. 

7, Iloyal, son of Rodolphns, born March 28, 1822; mar- 
ried Fanny Perkins. Children, — Lydia Ann and Asseneth. 
Uo died Aug. 21, 1851. 

4. Silas, is undoubtedly a descendant of Josiah of Elling- 
ton, Conn. ; but 1 am not able to state which of Josiaii's 
sons is his immediato ancestor. Ho married ilary Wallace, 
and settled in Kllington, Conn. Ciiihlren, — Jacob, born at 
Ellington, Oct. 23, 1775 ; Abraham ; Polly ; Lydia ; Charles ; 
Timothy ; Silance ; Silas. The elder Silas died in 1789. 
Ilis widow married John H. Goodrich, Ksq., Sept. 20, 1793; 
moved to Ohio, and the children of Silas Read went with 
thorn, some fifty years since. They wore a talented and 
respectable family. 

5. Abraham^ son of Silas, married, and moved to Roots- 
town, 0., when there wore but four families in that town, in 
1804 ; had four sons. His son Otis Reed, Esq., is Post- 
master of Ruotstown. Abraham died Jan. 7, 1849, aged 
seventy-two years. 

5. Jacob, son of Silas and Mary, born Oct. 23, 1775 ; mar- 


rioil Chloc Hitchcock in KIHnglon, Dec. 24, 1800; went 
with his brother to Uoolstown, ami from lliorc to St. Louis 
ill 1816, where he built ami rau the first steamboat that ever 
>Yent to St. Louis, lie died in New Orleans in 1820. 

Ck Timothy, son of Sihis and Mary, moved to Ohio, and 
died there about the year 18:58. 

r>. Charles, son of Silas and ihiry, went to Ohio; lives in 
Dccrfiuld, and is the only survivor of ihe family of Silas. 

li. lienjamin, son of lienjamin and i^etly, lived at one 
time in Franklin, Vt. ; and bail William Harlow, who liv(;s 
in East Fairfield, Vt. ; Josiah, who lives in Cleveland,!).; 
liuman, deceased ; liconard, born in Franklin, Jan. 21, 
1820. Married .Mary Loverin, July 18, 18r)0. Child,— 
Charles L., horn June 18, 18r»l. Mary, the wife of Leonard, 
died October, l8ol. ilarried Rebecca Oallop, Sept. 4, hSoo. 
Child, — ilary A., born April 21, 1857. 

Abijah, son of David, married Anna White, and lived at 
Canterbury, Conn. He was an oflicer in the llevolutlonary 
War, and was imprisoned in the Jersey-prison ship. He was 
exchanged, and died soon ufier returning home. Children, 
— Nancy, wlio married Stephen Cole of ihmchester. Conn. ; 
Augusta; Kliphalet ; Hcuben ; and two daughters. His 
widow married a Chapin of South Windsor. 

Ahncr, son of KbL'uezer and ifary, born Nov. 11,1772; 
married Klizabeth Loring, April 0, 171)0, and settled in 
South Windsor. Children, — Kli/abeth, who died young; 
Jane Anne Maria, married Kdward !>ossill, and is now living 
at Toledo, 0.; Abner L. ; Charlotte Sophia, who married 
Samuel Stiles of Jhooklyn, X.V. ; Waldo 11., who died at 
Ccnesee, N.Y. ; Arthur M. Deacon Abner now lives in 
Conneant, 0. 

Abner L.^ sou of Aimer and Kli/.abeth, born at South 
Windsor, Conn. ; lives at Connauglit ; married Abigail 
Tudor. Children, — Sojihia ; Arthur. 



Arthur M., sou of Abncr autl Elizal)cth, married Miss \ 

Douglass, and lives at Jucksouvillo. 

Justus, sou of Khouczcr and Mary, boru Juuc 1, 1704 ; »= 

married Sarah Steel, who died July 15, 1790. Married, for 
secoud wife, Luciiia Ehuorc. Married, for third wife, ; 

Widow Lydia IJuniham. Childrcu, — Polly, boru Dec. 17, . ' 
1781, married E. Loumis of Torringtou, Couu.; Jerusha, 
boru Nov. 23, 1783, married Mr. Moultou of Castletou, Vt., 
and lives iu St. Louis, Mo. ; Sarah, boru Oct. 2G, 1785, uiar- 
ried riiiiieas iJlodget of East Wiudsor ; Auu, April 25, 1787 ; 
Selima, who married Mr. IJissil of East Wiudsor, Couu. ; 
Justus C, born Aug. 31, 171)2 ; Cbloo, l)oru Jan. 28, 1705, 
died at East Ifartford iu 1857 ; Cclima, boru 1849, died 
Nov. 20, 1849 ; and Emily, who married a Ncttlctou. He 
served iu the Rcvolutiouary War, aiul died iu Torringtou, 
Conn., at the age of eighty-four. 

Justus C, sou of Justus, has a sou Johu, who is a dentist 
iu Hartford, Couu. ; also Waldo and Maro. 

2. John, son of John of Uehoboth, boru at Braintree, 
Aug. 29,1040; uiarried llachal. Children, ^ — Sarah, boru 
Dec. 14, 1004, died 1075; ilchitabel, born April l<i, 10G7 ; 
John, Dec. 8, ICiJO ; Thomas, July 23, 1G72. The elder 
John was killed by the Indians, March 21, 1770, at IMerce's 
Fight. He had been quite a pronuuent man, and was dis- 
tinguished by the appellation of *'Mr.'* 

3. John, son of Juhn, 2d, and llachal, boru Dec. 8, 1009 ; 
married Sarah. Children, — John, boru Nov. 11, 1095; 
Muses, May 14, 1098; Timothy, July 11, 1099; Sarah, 
March 24, 1702 ; Obcdiah, Jan. 10, 1705 ; Daniel, Nov. 2, 
1710, died Nov. 8, 1710. Married, for second wife, Eliza- 
beth. Children, — i*uliencc, l>oru Aug. 1, 1715; llachal, 
April 14, 1717 ; ralicuce, Oct. 15, 1719. The elder John 
died iu.l752. 

4. John, sou of John, boru Oct. 11, 1095 ; married Chisi- 



AND Ills i>msci:ni)an'i*s. 2*J:> 

hctli Dcrc, Sept. C, 1714. CliiMrcn, — Tladial, tmrn Juuo 2, 
17:>0; John, May a, 17*22; Kli/ahoih, July 10, 172r». 

r>. John, son of John, horn May J5, 1722; niurriod Judith. 
Children, — David, horn at AVarron, IM,, July 10, 1748; 
Juditii, ifay o, 175-5; John, Oct. 11, 17r)8, ditnl younj^. 
'I'hu oUler Joini died in 17.VJ, and had heen a sea-captain. 

<». David, son of Jolm, horn at Warren, It. I., July 10, 
1748; married Mary. Ohihh*en, — John, horn at Harrinj^- 
ton, Mareh 3, 177S, died young; Kliza, March 12, 171il| 
married Green ifarsludl. 

o, Thomas, son of John, 2d, horn at Rchohoth, July 23, 
Di72; married Sarah IJuilerworih, June 21, IGDU. (Jhihl, 
— raticncc, horn at RLdioht)th, April 10, 1708. Married 
Martha for second wile. Oinhhen, — Tiionms, horn March 
It), 1712; Martha, N(»v. 4, 171:*; Noah, Dec. 2(), 1717; 
Hannah, June IS, 1720; Sarah, Dee. 12, 1722; Peter, 
Dec, 20, 1724. Thomas died Nov. 2.'), 1748. 

4. Thonuts, .son ol Thomas and Martha, horn at Rehi>hoth, 
Ahirch 10, 1712; married Hethshel)a. (Miihlren, — fniis, 
horn at Uoholjoth, May 27, 1741; Sarah, May ao, I74;i; 
JJelhshcha, Sept. 1,1745; Orinda, May 15, 1747 ; lluldah, 
Aug. 11, 1752; Hannah, Aug. 28, 1754. 

2. Thomas, son of John, 1st, of Uehohoth, horn at Brain- 
tree, Nov. 9, 1041 ; married Kli/.alieth (Mark, March 21), 
Hi05. Chihlrcn, — Sarah, horn March 10, 1000; Klizaheth, 
Jan. 25, lGi)8; Mary, April 11, l(i70; James, July 0,1072, 
ilis wife died Feh. 21, 1075. Married Annie Perrin for 
second wife, June lli, 1075. Children, — John, who died 
Oct. 25, 1070; Thomas, horn ilarch 25, 1078; Nathaniel 
and Mehituhel, Sept. 22, lOSO ; ilannah, April 12, 1082; 
Martha, April 3, lO.Sl). lie was in King Piiilip's War, and 
his house was ma«le a depository for arms. He died I'ch. 0, 
101)0 ; and his gravestone is standing near that of his 
father's, and is inscrihod ^'T. K., I). Peh. 0, 161)5-0:" and 

22-1 JOHN UI:aD op RElIOHOTfl, 

\]\G j«;ravestone of his wife l*!li/.al)eth, inscribed "E. 11., ng. 
Wi; 1). h\ 1075.'* lie is probably tlie Thomas taken by 
liidiaus at Iladley in Iho beginning of lG7ti ; but of this 
there is no positive proof. 

8. James, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, born at Rehoboth, 
July (}, 1G72 ; married Mercy Cooper, Jan. 7, 1097. Chil- 
dren, — Elizabeth, born at llelioboth, ]N[ay 29, 1G99; James, 
April 14, 1701, died April, 172o. Married Mary for second 
wife. Children, — Mercy, born May 25, 1700; Snsanna, 
March 21, 1709; Aaron, April 10,. 1710; IlannahyOct. 11, 
1712; Nathan, Mjiy 4, 1715; Jonathan, April 22, 1717, died 
May 1, 1717; l)avi<l, April 22, 1717, died June 12, 1717. 
James died March 8, 17o2. 

4. James, son of James and Mercy, born April 14, 1701 ; 
died April, 1720. Children, — James, born in 1724; Ste- 
phen, in 1720. 

5. James, son of James and Mercy, born in 1724. Chil- 
dren, — llopestill, born in 1702 ; Ephraim and Lucy (twins), 
1704; James, 170i"); Leai'c, 1772; Elizabeth, 1770; Free- 
love, 1781, 

4, Stephen, son of James and Mercy, born in 1720. Chil- 
dren, — Samuel, born in 1737; Prudence, 1758; Hannah, 
1700; Esther, 1702; David, 1704; Abigail, 1707. 

5, Samuel, son of Stephen, born in 1757. Children, — 
Stephen, born in 1781 ; Polly, 1783 ; Sally, 1785 ; Hannah, 
1787; Mason, 1789; Samuel, 1791 ; Anna, 1794 ;Priscilla, 
1796 ; Serena, 1800. 

Mason, son of Stephen, born in 1789. Children, — Pa- 
melia M., born in 1810 ; Hiram S., 1818 ; Lorenzo H., 1819 ; 
AVilliam M., 1821; Elmira, 1825; Delia A., 1827; Elizor. 
beth, 1828; Emily, 18^0; Amanda, 1830. 

Hiram S., son of Mason, bora in 1800. Children, — 
Catherine, born in 1845 ; Jalettu, 1848 ; Frank, 1851 ; 
Anna, 1858. 


William M., son of Mason, born in 1821. Child, — 
Ella W,, born in 1847. 

6. Samuel, son of Samuel, born in 1791. Children, — 
Andrew, born in 181.'); Mary A., 1817; Julius, 1819; Nel- 
son, 1821 ; Hannah, 182;i ; Ann M., 1825. 

7. Nelson, son of Samuel, burn in 1821. Child, — Samuel, 
born in 1S4G. 

Jonathan, son of James and Jfary, born in 1717. Chil- 
dren, — Xofth, born in 1740 ; Abel, 1740; Silcnco, 17r)2. 

Noah, son of Jonathan, born in 1740. Cliildren, — Han- 
nah, born in 1702 ; J)orcab, 1704 ; Huldah, 1706 ; Abial, 
1708; David, 1771. 

Nathaniel, son of Thomas, born at Rehoboth, March 30, 
1080; married Elizabeth Freneli, July 8, 1709. Children, 
— Samuel, born at Ueho)>oth, Aug. 12, 1710; Nathaniel, 
Get. 25, 1712, died Nov. 7, 17^2; Moses, born Doc. 17, 
1710; Ephraim, April 5, 172:1; Kzra, March 18, 1729. 

Samuel, son of Nathaniel and Klizaboth, lM>rn Aug. 12, 
1710; married Patience ChalVec, Feb. 28, 1724. Children, — 
Nathaniel, born May 31, 17Iir> ; Samuel, Oct. 11, 1730, died 
Sept. 8, 1706; Mary, born Feb. 13, 1738; David, Oct. ft, 
1742; Jessie, July 8, 1744; Zachariah, Sept. 8, 1740; IV 
tience, Jan. 22, 1748 ; Experience, Ajiril 19, 1755. 

Natlianicl, son of Samuel and Patience, bora May 31, 
1735; married Huldah Carpenter. Children, — Nathaniel, 
born at Attleborough, Oct. 21, 1700; Huldah; Dillic, born 
at Hehuboth, Feb. 8, 1705; Hepsah, Oct. 30, 1700; Samuel, 
May 7, 1709 ; Obadiah, Feb. 14, 1771 ; Daniel, Juno 25, 
1773; Esther, May 3, 1775. 

Nathaniel, son of Nathanid and Huldah, born Oct. 21, 
17l»0; married Anna. Cliildren, — Nancy, born at Reho- 
both, March 0, 1783 ; Daniel, Oct. 24, 1784 ; Nathaniel, 
Aug. 18, 1780; Huldah, Juno 12, 1789; Fanny, Dec. 10, 
1791 ; Lucy, July 19, 1794 ; Jiarsheba, Oct. 23, 1797. 




Nathaniel, son of Nutltanicl and Ann, born Ang. 18, i 

1786 ; marricJ Sally Crossman. Children, — Sally E., '\ 

born at Scckonk, Dec. 7, 1814; Gilbert, Oct. 80, 1810; \ 

Henry, Sept. 20,1818; Horatio N., Nov. 23, 1820; Mary [ 

Ann, Dec. 26, 1822, who married John IJ. Humphrey; ^ 

Lewis Lafayette, Dec. 4, 1824 ; George Bradford, Juno 23, * 

1828. Married, for second wife, riulena Perrin. Child, — 
DavidP., June 21, 1837. 

Gilbert, son of Nathaniel and Sally, born at Seekonk, 
Oct* 80, 1816; niarrie<l Almira Budlong. Children, — 
George Edward, born at Puwtucket, April 9, 1844; Frede- 
rick P., March 16, 1847 ; Anna Budlong, Aug. 13, 1848. 

Horatio N., son of Nathaniel and Sally, born at Seekonk, 
No?. 28, 1820; married Susan Sunderland. Children, — 
Arthur W., born at North Providence, May 22, 1846 ; Eu- 
gene II., Jan. 2, 1848 ; Georgiana, Dec. IS, 1850, died in 

4. Ezra, sou of Nathaniel and Elizabeth, born March 18, 
1724; married Joanna Read, Aug. 24, 1750. Child,— 
Del)orah, born at Attleborough, Aug. 2, 1750. 

Zachary, son of Samuel and Patience, born at Rehoboth, 
Sept. 8, 1746 ; married in Wrentham to Lois Mann, Nov. 23, 
1776. Children, — John, born at Wrentham, Jan. 11, 1777 ; 
Lois, Oct. 29, 1778 ; Polly, Oct. 1, 1780; Thomas, Jan. 20, 
1788; Harvey, who died Juno 10, 1747. Zachary died at 
Wrentham, May 7, 1808. His wife died May 7, 1824. 

John, son of Zachary, born at Wrentham, Jan. 11, 1777 ; 
married Lydta Davis. Children, — Charles Jones, born at 
Wrentham, Jan. 80, 1807 ; lioisa Davis, Oct. 12, 1808 ; Daniel 
. Davis, June 1, 1810. John married, for second wife, Cathe- 
rine Murphey, Nov. 5, 1848 ; and lives in Attleborough. 

Charles J., sou of John and Lydia, born at Wrentham, 
Jon. 80, 1807 ; married Pamelia Yoso of Foxborough, 
Dec. 2, 1880, oud lives in Foxborough. 



j Daniel D., son of John and Tjydia, born at Wrcntham, 

I June 1, 1810 ; married Miranda White, Nov. 27, 1830, and 

lives in Attlcborough. Child, — Daniel I)., born at Wrcn- 
tham, Jan. IG, 1845. 

J Jesse, son of Samuel and Patience, born at Rehoboth, 

July 8, 1744 ; married in Wrenlham, Dec. 8, 1772, to Esther 

j Pullbr. Chihh-en, — Jesse, born at Wrcntham, July 2, 

; 1776; Esther, May 2o, 1787. His wife died, and he mar- 

ried Susanna, who died July 1, 17D9. 

I David, son of Samuel and Patience, born Oct. 5, 1742. 

Chihlren,— Betty, born in 1774 ; Zaliomo, 1777; Alice, 

« 1780 ; William, 1782. 

7. Jjowis L.| son of Nathaniel and Sally, born at Scekonk, 
Dec. 4, 1824 ; married Eliza iirown. Children, — Samuel, 
born at Scekonk, Oct. 31, 18o2 ; Herman, Feb. 9, 1855; 
Emma, born Sept. 19, 1850; Martha, Dec. 17, 1857. 

7. Geoi*go B., son of Nathaniel and Sally, born at Sco- 
konk, Juno 23, 1828 ; marriod Amelia. Child, — George 
Francis, born in New- York City, February, 1858. 

4. Noah, son of Thomas and Martha, born at Rehoboth, 
Dec. 20, 1717; married Anna Hunt. Children, — Peter, 
born at Rehoboth, Nov. 20, 1742, died ; Martha, born May 2, 
1744; Noah, Feb. 19, 1740; Perez, Aug. 4,1748; Cyrcl, 
Sept, 20, 1750, died ; Thomas, Dec. 25, 1752 ; Anna, May 29, 
1755; Judith, July 20, 1758 ; William, Oct. 12, 1760 ; Lois, 
Dec. 23, 17C2. The elder Noali died Oct. 14, 1773. 

5. Perez, sou of Noah and Anna, born at Rehoboth, 
Aug. 4, 1748 ; married Mary Paine, Jan. 9, 1777 ; and 
Synthia Carpenter for second wife. Children, — Anna, 
born at Rehoboth in 1777, and married Samuel Allen; 
Noah, born in 1780; Perez, 1791; Cyrel, 1805. 

0. Perez, sou of Perez, born at Rehoboth in 1791 ; mar- 
ried Eunice Briggs. Child, — Kunico B., born at Seckonk, 
April 24, 1818, and married Daniel Ide. 


G. Cyiel, sou of Torcz, horn at Rehoboth in 1805; mar- 
ried Sarali Wliciitou. Children, — Klizabetli, bom at Sce- 
kouk iu 182o, and nmrriod John A. Wood ; Alartha, born in 
1825, married Noali lilies; Sarah, born 182*j ; Perez W., 
1828 ; Thcololes II., I8a0 ; Cyrel, 18^2, died ; William 
Noah, liorn 1«;34, died; Lueius W., born 18S0 ; James N., 
1838; Louisa K., 1843; Charles 11., 1845; Eunice, 1847. 

6. Noah, son of Tcrez, liuru in 1780 ; married IJetsy. 
Children, — Mary Ann, bom at Seekonk, Sept. 28, 180G; 
Elizabeth L., born Feb. 11, 1808 ; Oynlhia, March 14, 1810 ; 
Sarah Ann, Nov. 14, 1815 ; Harriot B., April 22, 1822. 

5. William, son of Noah and Anna, born at Kehoboth, 
Oct. 12, 17G0. Children,— William, born in 171)1; Za- 
chcus, 171)4; Anne, 171>(k This family went West. 

5. Noah, son of Noah and Anna, born Feb, ID, 174ti ; 
married Fear, daughter of Obcdiah Head, Jan. 28, 1773. 
Children,— Abial, burn at llchoboth, Oct. 24, 1773, died 
March 18, 1775; Nouh, born April 20, 1775, died Jan. 13, 

7, Theofoles II., son of Cyrell, born at Rehoboth, 
Sept. 17, 1832 ; married Sarah J. Leonardson. 

4, Aaron, son of James, born at llehobolh, April 10, 
1710; married Tabatha Chanbo, Dec. 20, 1783. Children, 
— Aaron, born at Itehoboth, Nov. 14, 1734; Susanna, 
Oct. 29, 1737 ; Jonathan, Aug. 23, 1730; Simeon, June 7, 
1743; Amos, April 27, 1745. 

5. Simeon, son of Aaron and Tabathu, born at Rehoboth, 
Nov. 14, 1734; married Elizabeth. Children, — Cynthia, 
born Nov. 12, 1708; Sarah, Oct. IC, 1770; Aaron, Jan. 29, 
1778; Susanna, Deo. 23, 1774; Simeon^ Sept. 22, 177G, 
died Aug. 15, 1778; Elizabeth, Nov. 15, 1778; Hannah, 
Nov. 15, 1782 J Olive, Nov. 20, 1783 ; Orinda, June 25, 

U. Aaron, son of Simeon and Elizabeth, born at Rehoboth, 


Jsin. 29, 1773 ; inanicd Naomi. Children, — Lorenzo, born 
lit Itclioboth, Sept. 20, 1807 ; Cynlhia, Feb. 1, 1809. 

5. Aaron, son of Aaron and 'J'abutha, born Nov, 14, 1734 ; 
married Ilannali Carpenter, Jan. 25, 1757. Child, — 
Kphraim, born at Rehobolh, April 10, 1757. 

Daniel Reed, born in Somers, Conn., Dec. 9, 1752 ; was 
probably of the llehoboth stock ; but his genealogy is not 
traced. lie died in 1840, leaving a son (William W.), who 
was born in Andover, Conn., Oct. 31, 1787, and lives in 
Albany, N.Y. He married Lydia Rathbono of Salem, 
Conn., Nov. 17, 1819. Children, — Henry, born in Ando- 
ver, Feb. 23, 1821, and lives in Paris, France ; Edward, 
! May 22, 1822, who nuirried Fanny Miller, and lives in St. 

Louis, Mo. ; Joel U., Feb. 24, 1829. 

Joel, son of William W., born at Andover, Conn., Feb. 24, 
; 1829; married J^Iarianna Townsend, April 19, 1855, and 

• lives in Albany. Children, — William II., born May 7, 
} 185G ; Edward T., Nov. 0, 1857. 

j 4. Timothy, son of John, born at Rehoboth, July IG, 

* 1G99; married Joanna. Children,-— William, born Juno 
18, 1724 ; Joanna, April 5, 1725 ; Timothy, April 24, 1732 ; 
Kesiah, Nov. 8, 1734 ; Sarah, Juno 1, 1787 ; Rachel, 
Dec. 21,1739; Daniel, Feb. 7, 1742; Theodore, Aug. 24, 
1745; lluldaU, Dec 21, 1748. Tho elder Timothy died 
May 8, 1781. 

5. Timothy, son of TimoUiy, born at Rehoboth, April 24, 
1732; married Martha Pidge. Cliildren, — Obadiah, born 
at Rehoboth, July 24, 17G1, died Jan. 31, 17U2; Joel, born 
Dec. 2, 1762 ; John, Fob. 10, 17G6 ; Sabrina, Juno 4, 17G7 ; 
Rachel, May 25, 1769, married Asa Hills of Swanscy, N.H. ; 
Josiah P., born April 28, 1772 ; Benjamin, May 8, 1774 ; 
Robert, March 80, 177G, settled in Shrewsbury, Vt, but 
fmally moved to tlie Stato of New York, where he bi*ought 
up a large family; Martha, born Oct. 11, 1778, married 


Josiah 1\ llurvcy, anil is now living in Shrewsbury, Vt. ; 
Timothy, born in Swanscy; IJetsy, lifay 24, 1781, married 
Sebra AUIricli, and settled in Slirewsbury, Vt. The elder 
Timothy served iii the llevolutionary War iu 1776 and 'G. 
In 1779, he set out with an ox-team to convey his family to 
Swansoy. He, arrived there in ten days, and settled iu the 
oast part of the town, which was at that time a perfect wil- 
derness. He died in March., 1808« His wife died Jan. 30, 

5. Daniel, son of Timothy and Joanna, born at Rehoboth, 
Feb. 7) 1742; married lluldah. Children, — Lydia, born 
at Rehoboth, May G, 17C9 ; Nancy, Jan. 6, 1771; Abel, 
Sept. 28, 1772; Hetty, Sept. 30, 1774; Ezra, Sept. 7, 1777; 
Williams, Sept. 21), 1781. 

6. Josiah P., son of Timothy and lilartha^ born at Reho- 
both, April 8, 1772, and settled in Swansey, N.H. ; married 
Mary Forbes. Children, — Josiah 3il. ; ifaria, who mar- 
ried Joseph Reed of Rutland ; William ; Malinda, who 
married a Sargeant, and lives in Unionvillo ; Rciijamin; 
Mary Ann, who married C. Parker, and lives ui Unionville ; 
Edwin. Josiah P. is now living, and enjoying vigorous 
health, at the age of eighty-eight years. 

7. Josiah tr., sou of Josiah P., married Martha Carter, 
and docs business at No. 31, Union Street, Roston. Child, 
— Helen, He married, for second wife, Eliza S. Newman 
in Boston, June 2G, 1842. Children, — Josiah C, Georgi- 
anna, Emma. 

6. Joel, son of Timothy and Mai*tha, born at Rehoboth, 
Dec. 6, 17G2; married Judith Mears, and settled in the 
•outh part of Swansoy, N.H. Children, — Sabrina, Betsy, 
and Hannah, who live in TiOwell ; Judith, who married a 
Doary, and lives iu Athol ; Joel ; Lucinda, who married 
Lymaa Parkei', Esq.^ and lives in Swansey. The elder Joel 
died Jan, 22, 1812 : his wife died Jan. 22, 1829. 


6. Timothy, son of Timothy and Miirtha, settled hi Swan- 
sey,, and had Abel, Timothy, John, Daniel, Lucy, 
Charles, and Ka\v:>on. 

^ G. John, son of Timotliy and AFartlia, born at Rchoboth^ 
Feb. 10, 1705; married Lucy Warner, and settled hi tho 
east part of Swansey. (■iiihh-en, — Abel Warner, bora 
Nuv. 4, 179G; Timothy, 17*JS; KiUvard ; a daughter, who 
lives in Hartford, Conn.; Jolm, born May 3, 1800, lives in 
Fil/wiilium, N.IL; Daniel, burn April I, 1803, who lives 
in Iveene ; Charles, burn in ISOo; lliiwson, who lives in 
Ifurtford, Conn. The ehler John died June S, 1813: his 
wife died Dec. 3, 184G. 

G. Jienjamin, son of 'I'imothy and Martha, born at Iloho- 
bolh. May 3, 1774 ; married Phebo Farnsworth, and settled 
in Shrewsbury, Vt. llis wife died soon after the marriage, 
and he died while on a^ visit to his friends in Swansey in 

7. Abel Warner, son of John and Lucy, born at Swanscy, 
N.II., Nov. 4, 171)0; married Sylvia Graves, and lives upon 
the old homestead. Children, — Abel Graves and 0. If. 

8. Abel G., son of Abel W. and Sylvia, married Hannah 
P. Marsh, and lives with his father. 

7. I^imothy, son of John and Lucy, born at Swansey, N.II., 
in June, 1798 ; married Eunice Kclley, and settled in Danby. 
Children, — Timotliy; Edward; and two daughters, one of 
whom is deaf, dumb, and blind, yet is alilc to do many kinds 
of work, and cultivates a (lower-garden in good taste; she is 
also an expert at knitting. The elder Timothy died in Fe- 
bruary, 1847 or '8. 

7. John, sou of John and Lucy, born at Swansey, N.H., 
May 3, 1800 ; married Eliza ISaker, and settled in Filzwil- 
lium. He has a family of children, whoso* names ai'C not 
given. His wife died in March, 1840. 

7. Charles, son of John and Lucy, born at Swansey, N.H., 

October, 1805 ; married Kcsiali Ripley, and settled in Hart- 
ford, Coini. 

William, sou of Josiah P. and llary, married Susan Whit- 
comb, and lives in Swanscy. Child, — Joel. 

8. Joel, son of William and Susan, married Helen Wright, 
and has one son. 

7. Benjamin, son of Josiah P. and Mary, married Deborah 
Ballon, and lives in Unionvillc, Swansey. 

7. Edwin, son of Josiah P. and ifary, married a Stone, 
and lives in West Swansey. Tliey have one daughter. 

7. Maria, daughter of Josiah P. and AFary, married Joseph 
Rood of Rutland, Mass. (for their children, see Joseph Reed, 
son of Jeremiah). She married, for second husband, a Mr. 
Wildo of Boston ; and now lives in New- York City. 

4. Obadiali, son of John, born at Rchoboth, Jan. 10, 
1705; married Ruth Smith, Jan. 15, 1730. Children,— 
Anna, born at Rcliol)oth, Dec. 7, 1730 ; Sarah, Nov. 1, 1732 ; 
Ruth/ Feb. 1, 1734 ; Abial, April 13, 1737 ; Martha, April G, 
1789 ; llolly, Aug. 15, 1741 ; Ama, May 21, 1744 ; Lydia, 
Aug. 12, 174G ; Pear, Feb. 18, 1748. 

5. Abial, son of Obadiali and Ruth, born at Rehoboth, 
April 13, 1737; married Lydia White. Child, — Luther, 
bora at Attleborough in 17G2. 

6. Abel, son of Daniel and ITuIdah, born at Rehoboth, 
Sept. 28, 1772; married Sarah Carpenter. Children, — 
Lyman ; William ; Stephen G. ; Cyrus ; Al)by J., who mar- 
ried Horatio N. Angell ; Sarah A., who married a Johnson ; 
Nancy A, ; Betsy, who married Remember Cixrpenter of 
Pawtucket. Abel married Lydia Wood for second wife. 
Children, — Ezra, lifary, ITuldah. lie married Patience 
Chase for third wife. Child, — Abel, of Pawtucket. 

7. Ezra, son of Abel, married Alice Slater, and lives in 

7. Stephen G., son of Abel, married Mrs. Hannah Leach 

AND ins DESCKNDAN'rS. 2o3 

at Thompson, Conn., Nov. 14, 18.V2, CliiKl, — William 
Abel, bora at Wrcnthani, Jan. 7, ISoi. Thoy livo In Wul- 
7. Abel, son of Abel, born in 1821. Cliildron, — Ilonrjr 

' P., born in 1846; Frodcrick A., 1847; Delos L,, ISoO; 

; Ormond P., 1852 ; Ella M., 1857. 

I 5. Thomas, son of Noali and Anna, born at Rchoboth, 

Dec. 25,1752; married Hannah Itourne. Childi*on, born 
at Uchoboth, — William, October, 1785; Praneis^ Aug. 3, 
1787, died in 1814; IJetsy, l>orn Ootolior, 1789, died in 

! 1847; Thomas, April 28, 171)1; Samacl, April 8, 17U4; 

, Noah, Jnly 25, 17% ; John 1)., May, 1799, died 1848. The 

elder Thomas died at llehoboth in 1810. 

j G. William, son of Thoiuas and Hannah, born at Reho- 

lioth in Octolior, 1785 ; married Sarah Rogers. Children, 
— Peter, born at Somerset in 1810 ; Hannah, 1818, married 
James Stono; Thomas, born in 1815, died ; William, 1817 ; 
Francis «., 1819 ; Joseph II, 1821 ; Julia Ann, 1828. Jlo 
lives in Pall River, 

7. Prancis B., son of William, bom at Somerset in 1819 ; 
married Mary Bray ton. Children, — Benjamin B., born at 
Pall River in 1851; Prancis, 1853; Herbert, 1850. They 
live at Pall River. 

7. William, son of William, born at Somerset in 1817 ; 
married Amanda Snow. Children, -^Thomas, l)orn at Pall 
River in 1841 ; Francis, 1843, disowned in 1851 ; Julia A., 
born in 1845 ; Frederick, 1848. Lives at Fall River. lie 
is, or has l>een, one of the city police. 

C. Piunois, son of Thomas and Hannah, born at Rehoboth, 
Aug. 3, 1787 ; married Nancy Church. Child, — Mary C, 
born at Seokonk, March 17, 1811, died in 1851. Uo lived 
in Seekonk, and died in 1814. 

U. Noah, sou of Tliomas and Hannah, bom at Rcholtoth, 
July 25, 1796. Child, — Joscphus P., born at Seekonk, 




Sept. 28, 1823, who married Maria ITardy. Cliild, — Jose- 
pluis, born at Scekonk, July 25, 1849. 

7. Josci)hus P., sou of Noah, born at Scekonk iu 1828; 
married Maria Hardy, and has gone to California. Child, 
— Josephus F., born at Scekonk, July 25, 1849. 

6. John B., son of Thomas and Hannah, born at Rcho- 
both, May, 1799; married Sculah Boyd. Child, — Albert 
L., born at Scekonk, Feb. 2, 1825. 

7. Albert L., son of John B. and Sculah, born at Scekonk 
Feb. 9, 1825 ; married Charlotte at Parmenter, and lives at 
Pawtucket. Children, — Frank A., born at Pawtucket, 
May 27, 1851 ; Sarah S., Sept. 7, 1853 ; Clara A., Oct. 2, 

7. Thomas, son of Noah, Ijad a son Thomas, born at Sce- 
konk, Jan. 13, 1822 ; married Anna Hall of Uxbridge, Mass., 
and lives in Providence. 

2. Daniel, son of John, 1st, of Rchoboth, born at Reho- J 
both, March, 1055; married Hannah Peck, Aug. 20, 1(}77. 
Ghildron, — Hannah, born at Itchobothy June 80, 1078, and 
married Daniel Taft of Mendon, July 28, 1708 ; Daniel, 
born Jan. 80, 1080 ; John, Feb. 25, 1081, died March 1, 
1088 ; Sarah, born April 6, 1084 ; Noah, May 17, 1087, died 
Oct 20, 1710; Abigail, born June 6, 1090. The elder Da- 
niel died Oct. 17, 1710. 

8. Daniel, son of Daniel and Hannah, born at Kehoboth, 
Jan, 20, 1080; married Klizabcth Bosworth. Children,— 
Beriah, born at Rchoboth, Oct. 29, 1707 ; Ichabod, Oct. 8, 
1708 ; Hannah, Feb. 5, 1709 ; Abigail, April 29, 1709, and 
died young ; Esther, born July 1, 1712 ; Daniel, Sept. 7, 
1718. Married, for second wife, Eli£al>eth Ide, Doc. 8, 1715. 
Children, — Daniel, born at Attlcborough, Dec. 8, 1710; 
Noah, Dec. 17, 1718; Elizabeth, April 2, 1721; Samuel, 
May 18, 1828, died 1823 ; Abigail, born April 4, 1725; 
Daniel, 1720; Rachel, June 10, 1728; Benjamin, Aug. 21, 


1730; El)cncz€P, 1783; Thankful, May 12, 1737. He was 
known as Capt. Iteai]. 

4. Daniel^ sou of Daniel anil Klizalicth, lioru at Attlcbo- 
rough, Dec. 3, 1710; married Mary White. Children, — 
Matthew, born at Rchoboth, July 23, 1742; Hannah, 
June 2C, 1744, died hi 1«22; Mary, J^n. 20, 1747, and 
died in 1847 ; Daniel, Juno 9, 1741) ; Peter, July 6, 1751 ; 
Joel, Aug. 16, 1763; Eunice, Sept 21, 1765 ; Daniel, 1757 ; 
Ezra, May 2, 17G0 ; Levi, Aug. 23, 1702 ; William, Dec. 27, 
17(>4. The elder Daniel of this family was known, as was 
his father, by the appellation of *' Captain." 

4. Ichabod, son of Daniel and ElizalK^th, born at Keho- 
both, Oct. 8, 1708 ; married Elizabeth Chaffee. Children, 
— Ichabod, lx)rn at Attleborough, Jan. 16, 1735 ; Patience, 
Aug. 2, 1737 ; Amos, May 1, 1739 ; Daniel, Aug. 12, 1743 ; 
Olive, April 11, 1746; Ichabod, March 2,1750; Jonathan, 
Aug. 8, 1752. Married, for second wife, Elizabeth Robinson. 
Children, — Ebcnezer, born July 7, 1757; Dan, Feb. 7, 
1766; Sarah, April 13, 1768, married Muses Thatcher; 
Lemuel, Ix)rn Feb. 1, 1771 ; Asareel, July, 1773, lived and 
died on the homestead in Attlcl)orough. 

5. Amos, son oflchabod and Elizabeth, born May 1, 1739, 
at Attleborough ; married ^lary Ide. Gliildi-en, — Hannah, 
born at Attleborough, Feb. C, 1772; Anion, Nov. 9, 1773 ; 
David, March 1, 1776; Amos, May 9, 1778. IIo died hi 

6. David, sou of Amos and lifary, born at Attleborough, 
March 1,1776; married Itebecca Pachodie of Providence. 
Children, — Horace, liorn at Providence in 1806 ; l^Iary 
Ann ; Eliza, who died young ; Itelieeea P. ; Francis, born 
1810; Jano; Eliza Lee; Alden P.; Cynthia P., born in 

7. Francis, son of David and Rebecca, born in 1810; 
married Mary Jewett of Ilowley. Childi*en, — Mary R., 

2iiU JOHN ui:ad oi^ ukuouoth, 

burn ut rroviileiicc, 18;i5 ; Francis J., 1837; Sarah K. ; 
Harriet C. ; Willie C. ; Websler ; Paysou, Francis is a 
dealer in paper-hangings in ProYidence. 

G. Amos, son of Ainos and Mary, born at Attlcboroiigh, 
May 9, 1778 ; married Caroline Bowers. Children, — 
Mary, burn at Attleborongh, Aug. 20, 180G ; Hannah, 
Feb. 7, 18U8, married William Burroughs ; Caroline M., 
Oct. 80, 1815 ; William B., Jan. 6, 1810 ; Anthony S., 
Jan. 18, 1812, died" 1813; Caroline M., Oct. 30, 1815. 

7. William B., son of Amos and Caroline, born at Attlo- 
borough, Jan. C, 1810; married Esther Cohurn. Child, — 
Willie Coburn, born at Puwtucket, July 30, 1850 ; died in 

5. Jonathan, son of Ichal>od and Klizabeth, born at Reho- 
both, Aug. 8, 1752; married Dorothy Blake. Children, — 
Johii, born at Falmouth, Me., in 1787 ; Abigail, 1789; 
Hufus, 1793 ; Samuel, 1797, married his cousin Betsy, 
daughter of Lemuel ; Amos, born Oct. 18, 179G ; Kliza, 
1799; John B., born at Frcei)ort, Dec. 2, 1801 ; Daniel B., 
Jan. 1, 1803 ; Mary Ann, 180U, married a Bracket; Louisa, 
born in 1808. 

U. Daniel B., son of Jonathan and Dorothy, born at Free- 
port, Me., Jan. 1, 1803 ; nnirried Submit, daughter of Oliver 
llead of Lewiston, and lives in Lewiston, lile. 

7. Horace, son of David and Rebecca, born at Providence 
in 1800 ; married Charlotte Wood of Swansey. Cliildren, 

— Qcorgianna U., born at Providence in 1812 ; Horace F., 

0. Rufus, son of Jonathan and Doi'othy, born in Pal- 
mouth, Me., in 1793 ; married Nancy P. Bailey. Children, 

— George S., born Sept. 21, 1815; Ervin, April 11, 1817; 
Amos, Feb. 5, 1819; Albert, Feb. 22, 1821, died Sept. 6, 
1849 ; Frances A., born Feb. 27, 1823 ; Mary K., Aug. 8, 
1825, died Jan. 16, 1850 ; Leonard B., born July IG, 1827, 


lives ill California ; Abba B., born June 28, ISJU ; Martha J., 
July 31, 1885. They live in Westbrook, Me. 

7. George S., son of Rufus and Nancy, born. Sept. 21, 
1S15; married Jcnnctt Estis. Children, — Frederick, born 
IKW; Ida, 185G; Abba K, 1808. They live in Gorham, 

7. Ervin, son of Rufus and Nancy, born April 11, 1817 ; 
married Caroline Cotton. Children, — Scwell B., born 
1824 ; Charles, 1828. 

7. Abba B., daughter of Rufus and Nancy, born Juno 28, 
1S;J1 ; married Nathaniel Small. Children, — Charles M., 
born in 1854 ; Frederick, 1857. 

7. Amos, son of Rufus and Naucy, born Feb. 5, 1819; 
married Sarah Knight. Children, — Charles Read, Daniel 
Knitrht, Frances C, Leonard Read, George Read, E. Itead, 
Sumner Read. 

7, Fmncos A., daughter of Rufus and Nancy, born 
Feb. 27, 1823; married Georgo L. Wulkcr. Child, — Fre- 
derick, liorn in 1841. 

G. Amos M., son of Jonathan and Dorothy, born at Fal- 
mouth, Oct. 18, 179G ; married Mary Drown. Child, — 
Augustus, Ijoru at North Providence, Juno 1, 1822; died in 
1S40. Jfarricd Mary E. Underwood for second wifo. Chil- 
dren, — Henry Clay, born June 25, 18;il ; Joseph M.., 
May 11, 1832 ; Harriet N., Feb. 20, 1835, married Frederick 
liates ; Amos Theodore, born Sept. 25, 1838 ; Walter li., 
July 18, 1820, died.; Charles N., Nov. 29, 1845, died in 
184G. Amos M. is a hardware dealer in Pawtuckot. 

G. John B., son of Jonathan and Dorothy, born at Fal- 
mouth, Mo., June 2, 1801 ; married Jano Ingraham. Chil- 
dren, — Mary D., born at Pawtucket, Juno 7, 1829, and 
nuirricd Edward Lefavour. John B. is a hardware dealer 
in Pawtuckot, and is known as Gen. Road. 
7. Henry C, son of Amos li[., lH)rn at North Providence, 


Jan. 2r>, 1R31 ; married Kliza Douglass. Cliildrcii, — Carrio 
A^ boni at North l*ruvidcnco» Sopteinbor, 1852 ; llattic U., 
October, 186«5. Thoy live at Pawtuckct. 

?• Joseph M., son of Amos M. and llary, bora at North 
ProyidcucOi May 11, 1832 ; married Frances E. Richer. 
Children, — Charles liL, born at North Providence, Sept. 
12, 1856 ; Fanny L,, Feb. 12, 1858. They live at Paw- 

7. Arnan, son of Anios and Caroline, born at Attlebo- 
rough, May 0, 1773; married Mary Cushman. Children, 
— George A., born at Attlcborough, Jan. 2«>, 1808 ; Joseph 
T., March 20,1812; Lewis L,, March 17,1815; Samuel, 
Nov. 28, 1819. 

4. ISbenoxer, son of Daniel and Klizabeth, born at Reho- 
botli, 1738 ; married hi Windsor, Conn., Dec. 6, 1751), to 
Mary Fitch. Children, — Justus, born Oct. 17, 17U0 ; Cliloe, 

. born at Windsor, Juno 1, 17G4 ; Elijah Fitch, May 11, 17U7. 
- 4. David, son of Daniel and Elizalietli, born at Rehoboth 
in 1720; married Hannah. Child^ — Elizabeth, born at 
^ Windsor, Conn., May 20, 1751. 

5. Dan, son of Ichahod and Elizabeth, born at Attlcbo- 
! rough, Feb. 7, 1700 ; married Susan Hart, and settled in 

Yassalborough, )Io. ; but moved from there to Lewiston, 
I \fliore ho was postmaster forty years. Ho was also a select- 

man many years. Children,-^ lilartha, who married Richard 
D. Uai'risof Lewiston; Samuel, who married Iluldah Nash of 
Lewiston ; John P., who married Betsy, daughter of Ichabod 
Reed (they being first cousins) ; Sarah, who married John 
Nash; Lois; Jacob, born 1795, married Maria God*; Ste- 
phen H., married Rachel Drown ; Amaciah, married Margaret 
Randall; Joseph F., married Mary Sturgis; Ijomuel, mar- 
ried Eleanor lUtssell ; Deborah, who died young ; Mary, 
who married Jonathan Raynes. 
I 5. Ichabod, son of luhabod and Elis&abeth, born ^rarch 2, 


IToO. Chililrcn, — Dctsy, wlio married Capt. Jolin P., son 
of Tjcmucl llecd ; Oliver, who married Catlieriiic Hart ; 
Ichal>od ; Russell, who married a Sprugue ; Nancy, who 
married an Austin. 

5. Lemuel, son of Icliahod and Elizabeth, born Feb. 1, 
1771 ; married Mary Hurt, and settled in Yassalborougli, 
lie., with his brother Dan. Their wivos woro sisters, and 
they occupied ono house together many years. lie after- 
wards moved to Lewiston, as did his brother Dan. Children, 
: — Charles T., born at Vassalborough, Oct. 8, 171^5; IJutsy, 
who married Samuel, sou of Jonathan Reed of Falmouth, 
ife., her first cousin ; Puticnco, who married William Wel>- 
stcr of New Qloucostcr ; Abigail, married Frederick Dana ; 
Susanna, married Enos Dunham of Falmouth ; Jane, mar- 
ried Amasa Storor of North Yarmouth ; h^yntha, married 
George Bean of Lewiston. 

6. Charles T., son of Lemuel and ^lary, born at Vassalbo- 
rough, March 8, 1795 ; married Syntha Swift of Livermore. 
Children, — Mary Jano, born at Lewis, Sept. 24, 1827 ; 
Amanda F., Feb. 24, 1820; Edwin and Eilgar, Sept. 20, 
1832 ; Mark L., Api-il 29, 18rt5, keeps at No. IG, Pearl 
Street, Boston ; Charles A., Nov. 30, 1838. Charles T. 
lives in Boston, No. 10, Chamber Street. 

5. EI)enezor, son of Ichabod, born at Attleborough, July 7, 
1704 ; married Betsy Stanley. Children, — Rosey, born at 
Attleborough, March 6, 1790, married Gideon Young; Rus- 
sell, born July 20, 1792 ; Martiia, Feb. 27, 1795, married 
Daniel Bradley; Dana, born July 18,1803; Hannah, born 
at liowiston. Me., Oct, 20, 1807. 

0. Russell, son of Elicnozer and Betsy, born at Attlebo- 
rough, J\ily 2^, 1792 ; married Susan Alby. Children, — 
Oren A., bora at Attleborough in 1814; HaiTiet R., 1810. 
He died in 1810. 

7. Oren A., son of Russell and Susan, born at Attlcbo- 


roiij^h in 1814; niun-ied Ellen Slater at North Providence, 
Aug. 12, lb40. Cliililrcn, — Ellen S., born at Providenco 
in 1841 ; John S., 184;i ; Prances Elizabeth, 1848. Oren.A. 
is a dealer in s^toves and hardware in Providenco. lie has 
done much to perpetuate the history of Itis race. 

6. Dana, son of Ebenezer and Itotsy, born at Attleborough, 
July 18, 1803 ; married Julia Woodruff. Children, — 
Laui-a, born 1829 ; Sarah N., 1831 ; Ellen 11., 1833 ; Henry 
C, 1834 ; Sarah, 1837 ; Julia W., 1839 ; David II., 1841 ; 
Prcdcrick, 1843. He lives in Springfield, Muss. 

6. Hannah, daughter of Ei)enezer and Detsy, born at 
Lowiston, Me., Oct. 20, 1807 ; married Joseph B. Qago of 
Pelhani, N.U. Children, — Harriet Stanley, who nnirriod 
Charles Kelloy of Salem, N.H. ; Helen M.; Sarah; Joseph 
Alouzo; William; George; Albert; Joanna ; Ida. 

4. Samuel, son of Daniel and Elizabeth, born at Attleho- 
rough, May 18, 1723; married Barbara Lindley. Children, 
— Barbai-a, born April 20, 1747; Solomon, Sept. 17, 1749; 
Thomas, Sept. 12, 1752 ; Alpha, Feb. 23, 1755 ; Lucy, 
July 21, 1758 ; Samuel, Nov. 20, 17G0 ; Lois, Oct. 18, 1702 ; 
Betty, Deo. 18, 1700. 

5. Daniel, son of lehabod and Elizabeth, horn at Attlebo* 
rougli, Aug. 12, 1743 ; married Bebbc Peck. Children, — 
Barzcia, born at Atlleborough ; Elizabeth, born April 11, 
1700; Cyrus, Jan. 13, 1770. 

5. Thomas, sou of Samuel and Barbara, born at Attlobo- 
• rough j Sept. 12,1752; married Rachel Titus. Children, — 

Barbara, born at Atlleborough, Sept. 13, 1784 ; Artemas, 
April 18, 1787. 

6. Artomas, son of Thomas and Rachel, born at Attlobo- 
rough, April 13, 1787 ; married Abigail Fi*onch. Children, 
Barbara A., born at Attleborough, Nov. 18, 1813, died 1843 ; 
Albert N., bom Jan. 5, 1810, died 1834 ; Eliza W., born 
1818 ; Eunice M., 1822. 


2. Moses, son of John, born at Koboboth, October, IGfiO; 
married Rebecca Fitch, Dec. G, li)77. Children, — Zachc- 
riah, born at llchohoth, Oet. 20, 1G81 ; Rebecca, Sept. 14, 
1083; Ezekiol, Jan. 2a,lG85; Mary, .^ept. 24, 1G89 ; Moses, 
Nov. 12, 1G91, died Dec. 9, 1G97. The elder Moses was a 
representative of the town several years, and was a captain. 
Ue died Dec. 14, 17 IG. 

3. Zacheriah, son of Moses and Rebecca, born at Reho- 
both, Oct, 20, 1G81 ; married [Nfartha. Cliildren, — Zache- 
riah, born at Rchoboth, Jan, 8, 1718 ; Moses, Juno 2G, 
1720; Ilczckiah, May 1, 1722; Martha, Sept. 13, 1724; 
Ruth, June 21, 172G ; Ilcpsibah, June 27, 1730. He died 
March 21, 1732. 

3. Ezekiel, son of Moses and Rebecca, born at Rehoboth, 
Jan. 23, 1085 ; married Mary Ide, May 24, 1714. Children, 
1 — ^[ary, born at Rehoboth, April 22, 1715 ; Bethiah, 
July 13, 1718; Ezekiel, Aug. 7, 1721; Rebecca, Nov. 1, 
1723; Oliver, April 21, 172G, died Nov. 7, 1729; Joshua, 
born March 7, 1728, died March 23, 1729 ; Olive, born 
Jan. 19, 1729; Kcsiah, May 1, 1731. 

8. liloses, son of Moses and Rebecca, born at Rehoboth, 
Nov. 12, 1G91. Children, — Moses, born in 171G ; Natha- 
niel, 1715 ; Ezra, 1718. 

4. Moses, son of Moses, born in 171G ; married Elizabeth 
George, Children, — Moses, born at Attlcborough, Nov. 24, 
1745 ; Elizabeth, May 4, 1747 ; Abigail, Fob. 15, 1760; 
Frelove, May 10, 1753 ; E[)hraim, July 13, 175G ; Susanna, 
Aug. 9, 1758, who married a Tyler. 

4. Ile'sekiah, son of Zacheriah and Mai*tlia, born at Reho- 
both, May 1, 1722; married llomiah liaddock of Windsor, 
Conn., Feb. 16, 1747. Child,— * Benjamin, bora at Wind- 
sor, Conn., Sept. 80, 1748, 

5. Moses, son of Moses and Elizabeth, bom at Attlebo-. 
rough, Nov. 24, 1745 ; may have had a son Moses, who 




married Esther, anil liuil Mary, born at Attlol>orough, 
Sept. 2G, 1812. 

5. Eplircim, son of iloscs and Elizabeth, born July 13, 
1756; married Hannah Fuller. Children, — Isaac, born at 
Attlcborough, Oct. 28, 1782; John, Doc. 20, 1785; Tenty, 
June 2, 1789 ; Hannah, May 6, 1702 ; Savira, Sept. 4, 1798. 
Uo was in the Revolutionary War, and was distinguished 
as a man of a very retentive memory. 

6. John, son of Ephraim, born Dec. 20, 1785 ; married 
Sally Fi*eeman. Children, — Susan, born J^ept. 4, 1810; 
Marcus, Aug. 7, 1812 ; Edwin, Sept. 28, 1814 ; John, 
Jan. 12, 1819 ; Sarah Ann, June 24, 1820 ; James, April 30. 
1822; William, Nov. 10, 1825; Ezra, Oct. 19, 1828. The 
elder John is a Baptist clergyman, and lives at Cranston, R.I. 

7. William, son of Rev. John and Sally, born Nov. 10, 
1825 ; married Susan M. Austin. Children, — Samuel, 
born Sept. 19, 1850 ; Edward A., April 27, 1852 ; Jane M., 
Oct. 4, 1843. Ho is a Baptist clergyman. 

4. Ezokiel, son of Ezekiel and &Iary, born Aug. 7, 1721 ; 
married Anna. Children, — Rebecca, born at Rehoboth, 
Sept. 10, 1751; Ezekiel, Sept. 13, 1753; Samuel, Sept. 18, 
1757 ; Anna, Oct. 28, 175G ; Mary, June 25, 1759 ; Patty, 
Sept. 14, 1701 ; Joshua, Juno 30, 1704. 

4. Oliver, son of Ezekiel and Mary, born Jan. 19, 1729; 
married Hannah. Children, -^ Mary, born at Rehoboth, 
Dec. 10, 1703 ; Oliver, April 21, 1705 ; Hannah, March 29, 
17G9 ; Chloe, May 22, 1773. He was deacon of the church 
of Rehoboth. 

5. Oliver, son of Oliver and Hannah, born at Rehoboth, 
April 21, 1706 ; married Iluldah Road. Childi-on, — Hul- 
dah, born Oct. 3, 1795; Milton, April 21, 1797. 

5. Joshua, son of Ezekiel and Anna, born at Rehoboth, 
June 30, 1764 ; married Kersia. Child, — Joshua, boru at 
Rehoboth, Doc. 18, 1793. 


C. Milton, son of Oliver and ITuldah, born April 21, 1797 ; 
married Fanny. Children, — ililton S., Albert, William, 

7. Edwin, son of John and Sally, born Sept. 28, 1814 ; 
married Caroline IL Coulton, Oct. 1, 1839. Tbcy live at 

'2. Israel, son of John, 1st, of Reliobotli, born in Tlebobotb 
in 1G57 ; married Rebecca llnggclls of Roxbnry, Nov. 0, 
1C84. Children, — John, born April 22, IGSli ; Rebecca, 
July 14, 1C87 ; Israel, Sept. 8, ll>88, died Sept. 22, 1732; 
Mary, born Aug. 4, 1090 ; Jo^cpli, Aug. 19, 1C92 ; Eliza- 
bctli, April 6, 1094 ; Ann, March 23, 1095; Ruth, Nov. 23, 
1097 ; Joshua, Oct, 3, 1099, died Sept. 14, 1722 ; Juditli, 
born April 8, 1701 ; Jeremiah, May 8, 1703. The elder 
Israel died Nov. 17, 1732. 

8. Joseph, son of Israel and Rebecca, born Aug. 19, 
14>92; uiarriod Hannah. Children, — Joshua, born July 1, 

1728; Eliphalct, Oct. G, 1730; Joseph, r 25, 1733, died 

without issue; Rutli, born Oct. 28, 1734; Joseph, Jan. 30, 
1730 ; Betty, Nov. 80, 1788 ; Rosanna, Dec. 7, 1740 ; Ren- 
jamin, Nov. 8, 1743. 

4. Eliphalet, son of Joseph and ITannah, born Oct. 6, 
1730; married Sarah Bucklin of Providence. He moved to 
New lU'unswick, and was with Gen. AVolfe at the taking 
of Quebec in 1759. He finally settled at Sacklcvillc. 
Children, — Eliphalet, William, Joseph, Benjamin, Joshua, 
Hannah, Rebecca, Elizabetli, Sarah. 

5. Joi^hua, son of Eliphalet, born at Sacklcville, N.B. ; 
married Hannah Salisbury of ilount Desert, Me. Children, 
— John; Joshua; Joseph, born m 1804; Surah; Elizabeth; 
Lydia; Rebecca. 

ti. John, sou of Joseph of Sackleville, N.B*, had ono son 
and four daughtci's. He died many years ago. 
4. Joshua, son of Joseph and Hannah, born July 1, 1728 ; 



married Betty. Children, — Amcy, born Sept. 9, 175C; 
Daniel, Sept. 10, 1754 ; Hannah, Oct. 26, 1758. 

Joshua Head married Kesiah. Child, — Joshua, born at 
Rehoboth, Dec. 18, 1793. 

Joshua, sou of Joshua, born at Barrington, Oct, 18, 1820. 

6. Joshua, son of Joseph of Sackleville, N.B., has four 
children living. 

6. Joseph, son of Joseph and Hannah of Sackleville, born 
at Sackleville in 1804 ; married Abigail Seaman. Children, 
— Joseph B., boni 1830; Augusta A. ; Sarah A.; Lucy 
Herbert; Emily C, bora in 1842; Huldah, 1844; Mary P., 
1846 ; I^ouisa C, 1848 ; Henry Harris, 1851 ; Eveline, 
1853 ; Barton S., 1855 ; Ellon, 1856. Ho lives at Minudie, 
Cumberland County, N.S. ; and is of the lirm of Reed and 
Seaman of Boston. Ho is a magistrate for the county of 

7. Joseph B., son of Joseph, married Emma Marsters of 
Nova Scotia, and had one cliild, who, with tho mother, is 
dead ; and they lie side by side in ono grave. 

7. Augusta A., dau^iiter of Joseph Read, Esq., of Ifinu- 
die, married Rev. R. H. Emerson of iloreton, N.B., and has 
three children. Mr. Emerson is deceased. 

7. Sarah A., daughter of Joseph, Esq., married Rev. David 
M. Keen. They have two children. 

6. Sarah, da\ighter of Joseph and Hannah, married Isaac 
Powell, and had seven children, and lives in Farmersville, 

6. Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Hannah, married 
Thomas Read (her first cousin), and lives in New Bruns- 
wick. They have nine children, 

6. Lydia, daughter of Joseph and Hannah, married Ro- 
bert Willis. Both dead, leavuig eight children. 

6. Rebecca, daughter of Joseph and Hannah, married 
Job Seaman. They have seven children. 


G. Hannah, daughter of Joseph and Hannah, married 
Charles D, Lockhart. They have seven children. 

G. Eiiphalet, son of Joseph and Hannah, married Francis 
Patterson. They have ciy;ht children. 

G. William, son of Joseph and Hannah, married Mary 
Colo. Both are deceased, leaving two children. 

4. Joseph, son of Joseph and Hannah, went to the British 
Provinces about the year 1755. He was at the taking of 
Port Cumberland. He married Martha, daughter of KUlcr 
Rounds, a Baptist minister in Attlchorough, July 2G, 1761 ; 
and he also became a Baptist minister. Settled in Horton, 
N.S,, and died young, of a tape-worm, leaving a son Benja- 
min, lK)rn in 1709, aiul settled in Winthrop, Mo. ; married 
Mary B. Easty of Sharon, Mass., Aug. 15, 1789. Children, 
— Leonard, born Oct. 18, 1791; Polly, March 12, 1792; 
Benjamin ; Perin and Perintha, June 17, 1796 ; Martha, 
Aug. 16, 1798 ; Joseph, July 9, 1800; Draper P., Sept. 6, 
1802 ; Hannah ; Nancy ; Solomon ; Olive M. Tiio elder 
lienjamin was a landholder, and payer of direct taxes in 
Winthrop in 1798, but afterwards moved to Albion. Joseph 
also left two daughters, older than Benjamin ; one of whom 
married a Oolburn, and died without issue : the other mar* 
ried a Lake, and raised a large family in Winthrop. The 
children of Joseph were brought up by their grand-parents, 
in Attlchorough. 

6. Joseph, son of Benjamin and Mary, bom at Winthrop, 
July 9, 1800 ; married Lucinda Hathorn. Children, — 
Mary, born April 27, 1827 ; Bartlctt W., May 9, 1829; 
Olivo M., May 18, 1831 ; liovina C, Dec. 19, 1839 ; Oren J., 
Nov. 16, 1886 ; Mary B., who married Paul Dudley, Juno 16, 
1850, died Oct. 14, 1854. 

0. Di-ai>er P., son of Benjamin and Mary, born Sept. 5, 
1802 ; man*ied Betsy Smith of Orington, and lives in Mil- 
ford, Me. Children, — Martha, William H., Delia S., 


Gooi'go D.) Marcollus, Jesse W., Mary E., Essauah Annett, 
Eva, Abby T. 

y 3. Jolui, son of Israel and Rebecca, born April 22, 1C8G; 
married Susanna Rounds, Feb. 8, 1710. X/biUlren, — Eliza- 
beth, born at Swansoy, Nov. 28, 1711 ; Oliver, Juno 18, 
1715 ; probably John, and William. Susanna, the wife, 
died Aug. 21, 17^5. 

4 John, son of John and Susanna, married Susanna Rollins, 
and settled in Bristol, Mo. Ohildron, — John, born at 
Bristol, now Damariscotta, in 1750, died in the Revolution- 
ary War ; Tolly, born in 1752, married a Ross ; William, 
born in 1754 ; Sally, 1702 ; Susanna, April 8, 1705 ; Martha, 
1768; Eliphalct,1770j Prank, April, 1772 ; Samuel, Feb. 5, 
1774; Joseph, 1770; Asa, Oct. 22, 1778. 

William, son of John and Susanna, born at Bristol, I^fo., 
1754 ; married Eunice Flint, and had two sons and fivo 
daughters. Ho died April 15, 1823 : his wife died April 18, 
1884. They setlled in Strong, ^le. Ghildron, — John, born 
Aug. 24, 1779 ; Thomas, March 10, 1781 ; Eunice, April 18, 
1783; Susanna, March 0,1780; Patty, Jiuio 1, 1789 ; Polly, 
June 24, 179a ; Sully, May 14, 1799. 

William, son of John and Susanna, born at Somerset, 
1708. Children, — John, born in 1729 ; Ibry, 17aa ; 
Betsy, 1730 ; Natlian, 1740. 

John, son of William, born in 1729. Children, — Wil- 
liam C, born in 1756 ; William, 1761 ;. Sarah, 1703 ; Mary, 
17G4; John, 1765; Nathan, 1708; Nathan, 1774. 

William of Somoraot, son of John, born in 1761. Chil- 
dren,— William R, burn in 1805; Ruth, 1807; William, 
1808; Bbcu S., 1810; Mary 0., 1812; Epaphras J., 1814; 
Oeorgo,1816; Sarah, 1819; Elizabeth, 1821. 

William, son of William, boru 1808. Children, — Wil- 
liam P., born 1838 ; Rufus S., 1840 ; George, 1843 ; Mary 
B., 1845. 


Natlmn, sou of John, born 1741. Child, — Preserved, 
born in 1777. 

Preserved, sou of Nathau, boru 1777. Childrcu, — Catho- 
riuc, boru iu 1807 ; Nathan, 1809 ; Francis, 1812; Emeliuo 
M., 1815 ; Elizabeth, 1817 ; Mariah, 1823 ; Charles G., 

Praucis, son of Preserved, boru iu 1812. Children, — 
Cate, boru iu 1852 ; Charles, 1853. 

7. Ebcu S., sou of William, boru at Somerset, Oct. C, 
1810; married Sarah Ann Curtis. Childrcu, — Sarah E., 
boru at Fall River iu 183G ; Charles ^1., boru at Soiuer^ict 
m 1841. They live at Fall River. 

John, sou of William and Eunice of Strong, boru Aug. 24, 
1779; marriod Abigail Smith. Children, — Susan, Wil- 
liam, Harrison, Mary, John S., Abigail A., Sarah. John 
died May 22, 1837. 

Thomas, son of William and ICuuice, boru ^larch IG, 
1781 ; married his cousin Polly Flint, and had seven sous 
and two daughters. He died iu 1857. 

Polly, daughter of Thomas and Polly, married John L. . 
lilakc, and lives at Farmingtou, Mo. 

Sally, daughter of John and Susanna of Bristol, Mo., mar- 
ried Micah Wethreuy and hail two sons and two daughters. 

Susanna, daughter of John and Susanna, married Ephraim 
Rollins. Childrcu, — Samuel, William, Ephraim. 

Martha, daughter of John and Susannu, boru 17G8 ; mar- 
ried Richard Clark. Children, — Laviua, Alice, Adam, 
Eliphalct, Phebo, George, Dennis. 

Eliphalet, son of John and Susanna, born 1770 ; married 
Jano Plumcr of Domariscotta. Children, — ^Abiol, Benja- 
min, Mosos, Samuel, Susan, Hannah. He lived and died 
iu Bristol, now Damariscotta, Me. : his wife died in Lynn, 
Mass., Sept. 21, 1853. 
Frank, son of John and Susanna, born April, 1772. Chil- 


drcn, — William; and two others, names not given. Ho 
settled iu Knox, Me. 

Samuel, son of John and Susanna, bom Feb. 5, 1774; 
married Abigail Yeiiton. Children, — John G., Henry, 
Harvey, Ruins, Joel, Catherine, Jane, Mary, Samuel P., 
Susan, Abigail. Ho lived and died on the old homestead 
of his father in Bristol, I^[c. 

Joseph, son of John and Susanna, born 177G. Children, 
— Waterman, Benjamin, Margaret, Esther, Sally. He set- 
tled in Windsor, Mo. 

iAsa, son of John and Susanna, born at Damariscotta, 
Oct. 22, 1778; married Sarah Ycaton. Children,— Wil- 
liam M., born Juno 27, 1801 ; George P., Oct. 22, 1803 ; 
Abigail, Oct, 18, 1805 ; Hartshorn, June 27, 1807 ; Prancis 
P., Jan. 12, 1809 ; Klbridgo O., June 1, 1811 ; Sarah M., 
July 17, 1813 ; Warren A., Peb. 9, 1815 ; John B., April 29, 
1818 ; Jerome, Sept. 23, 1820« Married, for second wife, 
Abigail Huchinson. Children, — Augusta A., born Oct. 18, 
1834 ; Charles L., Oct. 22, 183G. Asa settled in 1803 or '4 in 
New Sharon, and removed to Strong in 1817 ; then to Town- 
ship No. C, Oxford County, now Phillips in Franklin County, 
whoro ho died in 1849. He was called Esquire Reed. 

William M., son of Asa and Sarah, born Juno 27, 1801 ; 
married Anno Wentwurth, and is known as Esquire Reed of 
Farmington, Me. 

George P., son of Asa and Sarah, born Oct. 22, 1803 ; 
married Dolly Beedy, and lives at Phillips. Married, for 
second wife, Susan Smith ; and has children, whose names 
are not given. 

Abigail, daughter of Asa and Sarah, born Oct. 13, 1805 ; 
married Enos Hiscock, and lives at Strong Village. 

^Hartshorn, sou of Asa and Sarah, born June 27, 1807; 
married Rachel Chandler, and have children, whose names 
are not given. They Uve at Phillips. 


Francis, sou of Asa and Sarali, born Jan. 12, 1809; mar- 
ried Jano Lathro]), and tlicy live in Lcc, Penobscot County. 
Name;) of children are not given. 

Elbridgc G.y son of Asa and Sarah, born Juno 1, 1811 ; 
married Sarah A. llussey, and died at his residence in MiU 
lbi*d, Penobscot County, in December, 1863. 

Sarah M., daughter of Asa, born July 17, 1813 ; married 
Richard Iliscock, and lives at Farniingtou Centre. Names of 
children arc not given. 

• Warren A., son of Asa, born Feb. 9, 1815; lives at No. 
11, Aroostic County. 

John B.y son of Asa, bora April 29, 1818 ; has a family, 
and lives in Lee. 

f\. Israel, son of Israel and Rebecca, born Sept. S, 1G88 ; 
married Hannah. Children, — !Mary, ix)rii at Ilehoboth, 
Feb. 11, 1730 ; Israel, Ajiril 1, 17;il ; a son, Iwrn Aug. 11, 
1732. The elder Israel died Sept. 22, 1732. 

5. William, sou of Kliphalet and Sarah, manned Jemima 
Finney, and lived iu Saokvillc. Children, — William, born 
in 1794 ; Joseph, 1790 ; Kliphalet, 1798 ; Hannah, who 
married Klijah Aycrs ; Caleb, lives iu Portland, Conn. ; 
James ; Harris ; John ; Asa. 

Joseph, sou of William and Jemima, married Mary, widow 
of Valentine Easterbroolcs, and lives at St. John's. 

fi. Elipluilet, son of William and Jemima, born, in 1798; 
married llebccca Outhouse. Children, — Maria A., married 
Samuel Hicks ; William, who went to Illinois ; Alton U. ; 
Klizal>eth, who married Eilward Smith ; James L., a Baptist 
clergyman ; Jemima, married Seth Campbell ; Eliphalet, a 
Baptist clergyman, settled in Horton ; Rebecca ; Allison, 
who died young ; Hiram ; Joseph ]i. 

7. Alton Q., son of Kliphalet, married Anna Craig of 
Roxbury, where he resides. 
Eliphalet, son of Eliphalet, married Margaret Stockman. 



CliiUlrcii, — Jesse; Olho; William; Peter; Havid ; James; 
Eiiiiicc, wlio manied Thomas Townsend ; Siiithiu, married 
Juiilma Tiiigley ; Jietsy, married Joliii Audei-soii. 

William, sou of Eliplmlet, married Sarah Palmer, and 
lives in Westmoreland County, NJ5. Children, — Jane, who 
married Guy Tut tie; Gideon; Kliphalet, died young; Cha- 
rity, married Kbcnezor C. Palmer ; Sarah ; Otho R., who 
lives in lioxbury ; John T. ; Ruth E. ; Ellen, who married 
Isaac Anderson ; William 'M. ; Elizaheth A. 

Joshua, sou of Joseph and Sarah, married Pricilla Chap-* 
pel. Children, — Eliphalet ; Catherine ; Elizabeth, who 
married James Outhouse; Ruth; Hannah; Charles; Jo- 
seph; Richmond; Otho; George; Albert. Jo!<hua died in 
Illinois, whore his childi^cn live* 

Benjamin, son of Jose])h and Sarah, married Jane, and 
settled in Bay dc Verte. Children, — Ephraim ; Benjamin ; 
Joshua; Jonas; Sinthia, who married William Kay. 
, Robecea, daughter of Joseph and Sarah, married David 
Purringtou. Childron, — Eleancr; Eliza, who married Dr. 

William, son of William and Jemiimi, married Anna 
Itlastorbrooks, and lived iu Sackville. Children, — Sarah, 
who married Joseph Sears; Allen, who went. to Illinois; 
Nancy, married Albert Peck of Ifopewell ; Jemima, died in 
1842 ; Louis, married Is^aac ]}arns ; /linson ; Direxa ; Pur- 
ringtou, who died young ; Joseph ; Amey. 

8. Jorcmiiih, son of Israel, born May 8, 1703 ; married 
Patience Qogdalc, Oct. 18, 1782. Cliihlren, — Lydia, born 
' at Rehoboth, Dec. 1, 1733, died 1789 ; Patience, burn 
Dec. 25, 1784 ; Relx^cca, born at Attloborough, Oct. 4, 
1780 ; Jeremiah, Seiit. 25, 1788, died 1740 ; Lydia, born 
Feb. 8, 1740. 
' 4, Joshua, son of Joseph and Hannah, born at Rehoboth, 

July 21,1728; married Betty. Childron, — Daniel, born 


at Swauscy, Sept. 10,1754; Aiiiey, Sept. 9, 1750; Hannah, 
Oct. 2(5, 1758. 

5. Matthew, son of Daniel and Mary, born at Rehoboth, 
July 2H, 1742 ; married Dorothy Hardinc, Children, — 
Zelcnda, horn in Ashford, Conn., Jfuy 25, 1770 ; Mary, 
1772; Rcul)cn, 1774, died; Matthew, l)orn Nov. 3,1770; 
Daniel, 1770 ; Olive, 1781 ; David, 1788. 

0. Matthew, son of Matthew and Dorothy, l>orn at Ashford 
in 1770; married Lydia ilutehkiss. Children, — Klizaheih, 
horn in Kast Windsor, Oct. 24, 1«02, died in 1«US ; Matthew 
11., horn Sept. 2, 1804 ; Klea/.er J^, Sept. 12, 1808. Mar- 
ried, for second wife, Lydia 1*. Allen in 1815. Children, — 
Timothy, born May 15, 1817 ; Fnmcis, Feb. 3, 1819 ; Susan, 
Jan. 2*J, 1823, died 1825 ; Kmclinc, born Feb. 10, 1825, 
died 1831. 

0. ]>aniel, son of ^fatthcw and Dorothy, born in Ashford, 
Conn., in 1779; married in Wrcntham, Mass., in 1805, to 
Patty Whiting, and settled in Andover, Conn. 

0. David, son of Matthew and Dorothy, is deceased; and 
his widow lives in Springfield, Pa. 

C. Matthew II., sou of ^latthew and Lydia, born at Kast 
Windsor, Sept. 2,1804. Children, — Louisa P., William IL, 
Amelia M., Matthew IT., Daniel P. They live in Albany, 

7. Elcazcr B., son of Matthew and Lydia, horn at Kast 
. Windsor, Sept. 12, 1808. Children, — Mary E. ; «cnjamirt 

l'\ They live at All>any. 

8. llohcrt, son of Matthew IL Children, — Rolwrt, Jen- 
net B, They live in A1l»any. 

8. William IL, son of Matthew IL Child,— Addio. They 
live in Alliany. 

5. Peter, son of Daniel and ^(ary, born at Rehoboth, 
July G, 1751 ; married Mary Pitcher in 1776. Children, — 
Kzra, born in Attleborough, Dec. 10, 1777, Married, for 


second wife, Lydia (!ill>crt in 1780. Children, — Sfory, 
born in New JTavcn, Sopt. 10, 1787, died in 1789 ; Itnfus, 
born July 10, 1789 ; Jesse, Oet. 2, 1790; Patty, July 11, 
1792, died ISin ; Peter, born at Ludlow, Vt., Dec. 27, 1793. 
Married Elizabeth Baldwin for third wife. Children, — 
Mary, born May 17, 1790 ; Lydia, Aug. 15, 1797, and mar- 
ried S. AV. Goodrich ; ^lariam, born June 27, 1802. The 
elder Peter was a clergyman, settled in Ludlow. lie died 
in 1889. 

6. Ezra, son of Rev. Peter, born in Attleborough, Dec. 16, 
1777 ; married Harriet Ornc Panning, daughter of Barcley 
Fanning, a captain in the English Army. Child, — Harriet 
Ornc Fanning, a distinguished reporteress at Washington, 
lie learned the printer's trade at AVindsor, Vt., and edited 
a newspaper in that State ; but was ai'terwards associated 
witii his uncle Daniel in publishing musical and other 
works in Now Haven. He afterwards moved to Boston, 
and waB associated with Aldcn Bradford, Secretary of State, 
and an extensive publisher of law, musical, and other works. 
They were the first who published Scott's novels this side of 
the Atlantic. His health failing him, he went to Barbadoes 
in search of a more genial climate ; and died of yellow fever 
soon after his arrival. 

G. Rnfus, son of Rev. Peter, born at New Haven, July 10, 
1789; married Rhoda Dcano in 1819. Children, — George 
F., born at New Haven, Oct. 24,1820; Ezra G., May 2, 
1822 ; Elizabeth T., March, 1824. 

0. Poter, son of Rev. Peter, born at Ludlow, Vt., Dec. 27, 
179S: married Jane Walker. Children, — David W. A., 
born at Ludlow, December, 1820 ; Ooniulia S., July 18, 

6. Jesse, son of Rev. Peter of Ludlow, born Oct. 2, 1790, 
and settled in Rielimond, Vt. 

5. Daniel, son of Daniel and Mary, born at Rehoboth, 


Nov. 2, 1757 ; mnrricul Jenisha Slierman. Chililrcn, — 
(icorgo F. Handall, bom at New Ilavoii, May 21, 1788; 
Natliau S., Jan. 31, 1702, dictl 1S21 ; Eliza, born Dec. 12, 
1799, died in 1800 ; Ifary W., born June 80, 1802, wbo 
married Jonathan Nicholson. Daniel was a comb maiaifae- 
turor and a composer of music in New Haven : he died in 

G. Nathan S., son of Daniel and Jernsha, born Jan. 31, 
1792; married ITannah Marriman. Children, — Kliza J., 
born April 20, 1815, died in 1815 ; Sarah C, born Oct. 28, 
181G, died 1818 ; Daniel A., born Sept. IC, 1818, died 
1821. Nathan S. was a graduate at Yale College, and a 

C. George P. Ilandall, son of Daniel and Jcrusha, born at 
Now Haven, May 21, 1788 ; married Miss Dummcr. Chil- 
dren, — Theodore, born at New Haven, April 20, 1811; 
Henry A., Dec. 6, 1812, died 1812 ; William S., born 
Oct. 31, 1810 ; George k\ July 20, 1819, died 18-15 ; Daniel 
E., born Aug. 4, 1827. Married, for second wife, Rebecca 
Sherman ; and the three youngest children are by tho 
second wife. George P. is a merchant in New Haven. 

7. Theodore, son of Gporge P. II. and Rebecca, born at 
New Haven, April 20, 1811 ; married Mary Atwatcr. Chil- 
dren, — Thomas A., boru at New Haven in 1835 ; Stephen 
])., 1837 ; Rebecca, 1840 ; Elisha, 1843. They live at New 

7. Henry A., sou of George P- H., boru at Now Haven, 
Dec. 0, 1812; married Cai-olino Curbcy. Children, — 
Ennico D., born in 1837; Nathan S., 1838; Henry, 1840; 
ilary M., 1841 ; Cornelia, 1843. Tliey reside at New 

5. William, son of Daniel .and Mary, born at Rehoboth, 
Dec, 27, 17G4; married Selenda Tinglcy. Children,— 
Mariah C, born at Attlcborough, Juno 24, 1793, died in 


18;]3; Ezra C, Jan. 27, 1708; Herbert A., Nov. 18, II 
AVilliam was a imimilacturcr at Pawtuckct. 

6. Ilorhort A., son of William and Selenda, born at A 
borough, Nov. 18, 1801 ; married Nancy Dwiglit. Child 
— Martha M., born at Thompson, Feb. 12, 1820, diei 
1837 ; Mary K., born at Lcroy, N.Y., Ang. 27, 1830 ; ] 
tha ILy at Munroc City, 0., Feb. 12, 1838. JIo is a ck 

0. Ezra, son of AVilliam and Selenda, born at Attleboro 
Juno 27, 1708 ; married Martha Simpson. Childrci 
James A., born at Newport, ll.l., July 10, 1825, died II 
Charles A., born at New York, June 13, 1828, died 1) 
Martha AV., born March 10, 1833, njarried Francis Wayl 
son of President AYayland. Ezra is president of a ban 
Now Haven. 

5. Joel, sou of Daniel and !ilary, born at Rehol 
Aug. IG, 1753 ; married Chloo Stanley. Children, — 
born at Attleborough, Sept. 4, 1780 ; Nancy, Feb. 23, 1' 
Eunice, April 10, 1781; Otis, July 20, 1780 ; Chloe, Jui 
1788 ; John A., Oct. 22, 1700 ; Ahiry, Jan. 7, 1703 ; Da 
Feb. 14,1705; David, Oct. 21, 1797. Joel lived in 
part of Rehoboth afterwards incorporated as the tow 

I Attleborough ; and was justice of the peace, selectman, 

\ representative for many years. 

i 6. Otis, son of Joel and Chloe, born July 20, 1780 ; 

• ricd Charlotte Everett. Children, — Julia Ann, bor 

Attleborough, Jan. 4, 1811 ; Charles, Sept. 25, 1 
Jason, Oct. 11, 1815 ; Amhcret Everett, Dec. 6, 1 
Henry 0., July 4, 1823 ; John A., Aug. 28, 1828. 

7. Charles, son of Otis and Charlotte, born Sept. 25, 1 
married Lucy Newman. Children, — Henry M., 
Jan. 15, 1838 ; Charles E., March 15, 1840 ; Kllci 
Nov. 2, 1841 ; Charles 0., Dec. 20, 1846. 
7. Daniel, sou of Joel and Chloo, born at Attleborc 


Feb, 14, 1795 ; marrictl Lydia Miller. Children, — Albert 
M.; Eunice, Feb. 28, 182l] ; Daniel W., Dec. 2G, 1827, 
died ; Daniel F., born April 1, 18o0 ; James, April 3, 18J>7, 
died 1839; Adalinc, born July 12, 18:jri ; Hubert, Jan. 2U, 
18«8; George, March 5, 1841. 

5. Levi, sou of Daniel and Mary, born at Rchoboth, 
Aug. 23, 17(}2 ; nuirriod Anna Hunt. Children, — Uufus, 
born at Attlcborough, Nov. 10, 1800, and lives in New-York 
City ; Clement 0., born Aug. 1, 1802 ; Esther, Sept. 4, 1804 ; 
Charlotte A., April ID, 1807 ; William IT. ClilVord, May 0, 
180l» ; Sintiiia M., Oct. 30, 1811, died in 183G. 

G. Clement 0,, son of ijcvi and Anna, born Aug. 1, 1802 ; 
married ^liranda Collins in 1820 : siie died in 1832. Mar- 
ried Anna Goddard in 1834, and married Lydia DulTam in 
l84.>. Children, — Albert 0., bora in Nashua, N.H., 
Nov, 29, 1820 ; Angelina, April 10, 1829; Ilandall, Dec. 12, 
1832, died ; Herbert 0., born March 5, 1830, died ; Mi- 
randa Adeline, born in Worcesier, Sept. 18, 1S28; Jfary 
Anna, bori) at Attlcborough, Oct. 2, 1842 ; Lucy E., bora 
at Milford, Dec. 12, 1847 ; Edward E., at Brooklyn, N.Y., 
Nov. 13, 1850 ; Sarah B., 3ilay 13, 1853 ; Bertby, at Perth- 
aniboy, N.Y., Aug. 14, I8r)4. 

4. Noah, sou of J>aniel and Eli/ubeth, born at Attlcbo- 
rough, Dec. 17, 1718 ; uuirried Abigail Baldwin. Children, 
— Timothy, born at Attlcborough, Aug. 2, 1^43 ; Elizabeth, 
.April 3, 1745 ; Sarah, Aug. 22, 1740 ; David, Nov. 10, 1747, 
died in 1748; Esther, born Feb. 1, 1748; Abigail, Oct. 25, 
1750; Chloc,Feb.l3,1752; Kichard,Dcc. 21, 1753 ; Noah, 
Sept. 21, 1755 ; Jicnjamin, ifarch 5, 1757 ; Hannah, Jan. 17, 
1759, died in 1859. Married Dorcas Chaffe, for second 
wife, in 1701. Children, — Hannah, bora ia 1702, married 
Ucv. Otis Kobinsoa of Salisbury, Mass. ; Dorcas, bora Jfay 0, 
1704, who married Job Harding; Huldah, bora April 18, 
1700, married David Winklcy; Abel, bora Feb. 10, 1708; 



Olive, Juiio 11, 1770, maiTicd Klisba Hurtling ; David, 
liora Aug. 11, 1777. 

5. Olivo, diiughtor of Noah and Dorcas, born June 11, 
1770; married Klislui Harding of Mcdway, Mass., and had 
several children. Ilo died, and she married a Blako of 
AVrentham, by whom she hud several children. She after- 
wards joined the Shakers at Lebanon, N.Y. 

5. David, son of Noah and Dorcas, born Aug. 11, 1777; 
married Prudence Pitts, July 3, 1798, and settled in Livor- 
more, Mo. Married Uaiuiuh Abbot of IMinot for second 
wife. Children, — Lucinda, who married Elvin Dillance ; 
Pliillip P.; Mary P., married David Kich; Prudence P., 
married ^ficah Foster for her first husband, and afterwards 
Orin Andrews of l^oston ; Louis and Eunice; Stillman, who 
died in infancy ; Hurry; Clarinda and David ; Stillmaii. 

G. Phillip P., sou of David of Livermorc, married Lydia 
D. Parsons. Children, — Margaret P., Annette E., Emily P., 
Alvan A. He lives at No. 337, Tremout Street, Boston ; and 
is the hiventor of a patent horseshoe. 

G. Stillman, son of David of Livermoro, married Martha 
T. Thompson, July 1, 1835. Children, — Theion, born 
Aug. Sd, 183G; Cyrus T., Jan. 4, 1839; Clara, Sept. 12, 
18-10, died May 5, 1831 ; George E., born Feb. 3, 1843; 
Fred, June 15, 1852; Corsel, Aug. 31, 1854; Charles Still- 
man, Nov. IG, 1857. 

G. Harvey, sou of David of Livermoro, married Adaline 
Richards ; and Deborah Macholstcr, for second wife. Chil- 
dren, — Mary Adaline ; Charles ; Elvah ; Clarinda, who 
married John Bcmis in 183G ; David, who married Sarah E., 
daughter of Dr. Johnson of Ncwburyport. 

5. Abel, sou of Noah and Dorcas, boru at Attlel>orough, 
Feb. 10, 17G8 ; married Elistabcth Sweet. Cluldrcn, — 
Noah, born at Atileboraugh, June 17, 1780 ; Betsy, Aug. 17, 
1791, died in 1796 ; Fanny, born Jan. SO, 1793 ; Iluldali, 


May 24, 1795 ; Elsca, »[ay 7, 1797 ; Betsy, li[ay 12, 1799 ; 
Abel, April 1, 1801. 

U. Abel, sou of Abel and KUzulicili, born at Attleborough, 
Ajiril 1, 1801. Children, — Abel, born at North Providence, 
Nov. 30, 1821, and married Deborah P. Staples. Children, 
— Ilcnry P., born at Smithfiehl, March 4, 184G; Frederick 
A., Oct. 11, 1857; Dclos Lcburron, at North Providence, 
1S50 ; Obinaud P., Pcb. 14, 18:>2 ; Ella M., at Newport, 
April 1, 1857. 

Noah, sou of Noah and Abigail, born at Attleboront^h, 
Hept. 21, 1755 ; married Mary Uobiniion at Windham, ^fe., 
Nov. 20, 17G8. Cliildren,— Enuna, born at Windham, 
Me., April 25, 1792; John, Oct. 8, 1793; Nathan, March 2, 
17y5 ; Iluldah, April 15, 179ti, died ; Sarah, born Marcli 13, 
1798, died Jnne lU, 18;59; Lydia, born March 2, 1802, died 
Pcb. 18, 1842 ; Tabitha, bom July 17, 1804 ; Jane, April 27, 
1800; Ilufns, March 5, 1809, died Sept. 9, 1848; Noah, 
born Dec. 19, 1810. Tiie elder Noah died April 4,1814: 
his wifo died Nov. 4, 1812. lie was a member of the Soci- 
ety of Friends. The following is taken from " Ifcniorials of 
Deceased Friends of New-England Yearly Ifeeting,*' pub- 
libhcd by the meeting for suflerings, 18-19: — 

** Although consifkruhlc time hits elapsed since the derease of our 
a«;e<1 and worthy fticnd Noah lieiul, yet the reint^inhraiire of liiiii m 
Mill fre^h in our n^iiula; and we believe it right to preserve the fol- 
lowing lestiiuony concerning liinu He was born in Attleborough, 
iSiate of Ma.isuclui.sett.s the 22d of ninth month, 1757, of parents 
not in proftiSstton with Friends ; and, in tlie thirty-tir.<t year of hU 
u*;e, he wai receive«l a member of Kalniomh Monthly Meetin<f, of 
which thin Bforithly Aleeling wui then u part. (Jf his previous life, 
little has come to our knowledge ; but from thid time he nppear.s to 
have engaged in the cau:;e of truth and right ecu snes.s in the earth, 
ami was concerned that his life and conver.>ation might he tin^wer- 
ahle to the ])rofe3sion he was making. He was, lor many year.s 
more or less occupied as u teacher of the youthful members of our 
suciity, in tlie commou bnniches of school-learning; which service 




lio performiHl tutich to llic 5a(i:»riiclion of lii3 friends. lie was a 
zealous friend uf (he Altorigiues of thU country : and, when the situ- 
alion of tlic I'enob.scoi tribe engaged the attention of our Yearly 
Meeting, he was early appointed one of the coniniitteo to look into 
their situation ; and, for many ycari, gave nuieh personal attention to 
that coneenu lie often visited them at thuir location; going from 
cabin to cabin, and endeavoring to turn their attention to their reli- 
gions dutieit, and to instruct them in the aj1s of civilized life. In 
1800, he ^va3 appointed an elder; which station he filled till his 

Tho testimony is cohtiikucd to considcraldo length, and 
signed by the clerks ; but, for want of rgom, 1 pass over 
tho roinaindor, 

Kmnia, daughter of Noah and Mary, born at Windham, 
April 25| 171)2 ; married John Robinson, Juno 11, 1812. 
Children, — lluldah llccd, born July 15, 1813; Otis, 
Nov. 25, 1814; Noah, June, 1810, died in 1810 or 47; 
Miriam, born Feb. 21, 1818, died Sept. 14, 1833; Mary J., 
Jitno IG, 1819, died Jan. 23, 1834. 

John, son of Noah and Mary, born Oct. 8, 1703 ; married 
Nancy Ilorlon, Jan. 28, 1818. She died June 27, 1832. 
Ho married Eunice Ilodsdon, Jan. 30, 1833 ; she died 
Nov, 10, 1843. Married Jano Woodford, Novctnber, 1840. 
Children, — Ann Klizabcth, born Nov. 4, 1818 ; James Neal, 
Oct. 17, 1820; JoJju IL, Sept. 12, 1828; Nancy II., March 
22, 1836, died July 30, 1844 ; Noah, born Sept. 23, 1830; 
Daniel II., June lo, 1838. John lives in Westbrook, Me., 
near the lino uf Portland. Ho formerly ke])t a public<house 
in Windham. 

Nathan, son of Noah and ]Mary, born ifarch 2, 1705 ; mar- 
ried Ruth Ilorton, Jan. 28, 1824. Children, — Emily 
Husscy, born Dec. 15, 1824, died Oct. 7, 1825 ; Emily II., 
Aug. 30, 1820; Julia W., Sept. 1, 1831 ; Joseph Warner, 
Nov. 9, 1834, a clerk in Portland ; Charles II., Nov. 17, 
1840, died Feb. 1, 1845. 

AND ills DESCKNMiANTrf. 2^)0 

Emily II., daughter of Nathan and Kutli, born Aug. 80, 
1H20 ; married Jo,siah Jones, Nov. 10, l8o;5. Child, — Julia 
W., born Sept. 5, 18r)4. 

Julia W., daughter of Nathan and Ihith, born Sept. 1, 
18;J1 ; married Nathan R. Dyer, April 28, 18.38. 

Surah, daughter of Noah and Mary, horn ^larch 13, 170K ; 
married Jcromiah Hacker, Sept. 11, 1S17. Cliildren, — 
Lydia, born July 8, 1818, died ihiy 23, 1821 ; Mary Head, 
Jan. 20, 1820; Kmily Ann, Nov. 22, 1821 ; Hannah, Sc|)- 
teml)er, 1823; Joseph N., Feb. 15, 1820; Fi-ancis, Dec. 15, 
1827 ; Lydia, Nov. 24, 1829; Abigail, Aug. 24, 1832, died 
Oct. 10, 1832; Jeremiah AY., born Nov. 22, 1834. They 
live in Windham. 

Alary 11. llackor, daughter of Jeremiah Ilackcr and Sarah 
Read, lioru Jan. 20, 1820; married Josiah S. Allen, May 2*J, 
1845. Child, — Cleorge, l)orn June 11, 1853. 

Hannah Hacker, daughter of Jeremiah llaekcr and Sarah 
Read, born September, 1823 ; married Stephen Winslow, 
Dec. 2, 1852. 

Tabitha, daughter of Noah and Mary, born at Windham, 
July 17, 1804; married Stephen Webb, Dec. 29, 1822, and 
lives in Windham. Children, — Albert, born Feb. 28, 1823 ; 
John M., Juno 29, 1824 ; Josiah li., Jan. 19, 1820 ; Caro- 
line, Sept 10, 1827 ; Noah U., ilay 10, 1829 ; Mary J., 
March 7, 1831 ; Nathan, Jan. 14, 1833; Eliza, Sept. 3, 
1834 ; Stephen II., Jan. 25, 1830 ; William li., Jan. 23, 
1838 ; Noah, Sept. 19, 1839 ; Benjamin Read, Sept. 13, 
1841 ; Emma, Oct. 10, 1845 ; ^lartlia M., July 5, 1851. 

John M. Webb, son of Stephen Webb and Tubitha Read, 
lx>rn June 29, 1824 ; married Hannah Maybury, Aug. 14, 
1845. Children, — Ellen F., born Nov. 1, 1840; Lucius A., 
Nov. 5, 1849; Caroline, March 25, 1851 ; Eliza J., July 30, 
Josiah R., sou of Stephen Webb and Tabi thai born Jan. 19, 


1826 ; inarricil Sanih Ann Lowell, Sept. 23, ISSO. Cliil- 
dicn, — lloisanna, born March 1, 1854 ; Olive, May 23, 1858. 
Jane, dauglitcr of Noah aird Mary, born April 27, 1800; 
married William Bailey, July 21), 1841, and lives at Wind- 
ham. Ohild, — Lydia, born iMay 8, 1842. 

Rufus, son of Noah and Mary, born ilarch 5, 1809 ; mar- 
ried lilartha M. Qerrish, Ang. 12, 183!), and lived at Port- 
laud. Children, — Julia Adelaide, born Jan. 27, 1835; 
Martha Qerrish, Pec. 9, 1837; Ellon L., Sept. 18, 1840; 
Rufus Scott, July 2G, 1845. Rufus died Sept. 9, 1848: his 
-Avifo died Sept. 20, 1847. 

Noah, son of Noah and Mary, born Dec. 19, 1810 ; mar- 
ried Sarah Mead, Alay 16, 1832, and lives at AVindliam. 
Children, — George 11., born Oct. 9, 1832, lives at Lynn; 
^Augustus, born Aug. 28, 1884 ; Merriam, Juno 27, 1838, 
died Oct. 10, 1840 ; Rufus, born April 18, 1839 ; Alary, 
Aug. 3, 1847 ; Martha, Sept. 27, 1844 ; Sarah II., Dec. 10, 
1860, died May 27, 1854. 

Ann Elizabeth, daughter of John and Nancy, born Nov. 4, 
1818 ; married AVilliam M. Hall, April 23, 1844. Children, 
— Nancy Road, born Juno 19, 1845 ; Uoraco H., April 19, 
1848 ; Charles P., April 10, 1850. She died Nov. 2, 1851, 

James Neal Road, son of John, born Oct. 17, 1820 ; mar- 
ried Relxicea Stevens, October, 1844. She died Sept. 11, 
1854. Married, for second wife, Alieo Dow, July 8, 1850. 

John II., son of John Road, born Sept. 12, 1828 ; married 
Harriot B. AYoodford, Juno 27, 1854. 

4. Benjamin, son of Daniel and Elizabeth, born at Attlo- 
borough, Aug. 21, 1780; married Elizabeth. Children, — 
Bonjamin and Betsy, born at Covontry, R.I., Aug. 14, 1701 ; 
George, Oct. 14, 1702 ; Esther, July 28, 1704 ; Anthony, 
Aug. 1, 170G, died Oct. 13, 1778 ; Martha, born Dec. 17, 
1790, married Ezekiol Finnor; Eunice, born Sept. 20, 1771, 
married Christopher Vaughn ; Joseph, born Aug. 1, 1773; 

AND 1119 Dl^CKNDANTS. 2U1 

Margaret, Jan. 16, 1770. The cKlcr Deiijaimu ilicil Sept. 7, 
17li8 : his wife died Marcli la, 1801). lie lived iu New- 
]>oi'l ; and moved iVom tliore, al a time when New|X)rt wad 
likely to fall into the hands of the Ihitibh, to Craubtoii; and 
iinally settled in Coventry. 

o. l>eiijamin, son ol' l>enjamiii and Kli/ahoth, horn at Co- 
venlry, Oct. 17, 1701 ; married Hannah Ueminj^ton. Chil- 
ilrcn, — Anthony, horn at Cranston, Ang. 1, 1785; Olney, 
17^<7, died 17U3; Thomas, horn xMay U, 178D; Anna, 17i)l, 
married l>enjamin Arnuld ; \Villiams, born in ll\}o. l>enja- 
min died in \8ij'^, i/ived in Coventry, on the homestead of 
liis father. Ho was a New-liglit IJaplist ; as were also his 
ciiildren, except Anthony, who was a Qitaker. 

li. Anthony, son of Jienjamin and Hannah, born at Cran- 
ston, Aug. 1, 1785 ; married Mary Congdon. Children, 
— Alfred, born at Coventry in liSU7 ; Horace, 1813; Jabe/. 
AV., ISiJO ; Clarissa D., Fehrnary, 18:20. He lived at Coven- 
try ; and died at Warwick, Aug. 27, IfcioO, nged sixty-live. 

7. Alfred, son of Anthony and Mary, born at Coventry in 
1S07; married Dorcas Arnold. Children, — Alfred, born 
at Warwick in IBoU, died 1858; Janics, born in 1814. 'J'he 
elder Alfred lives at Warwick, and is a trader. 

7. Horace, son of Anthony and Mary, bora at Coventry 
in 18ia ; married Miss Hweet. Cliild, — Rodniond S., born 
at rrovidenec in l6o2. Horace is a trader in Providence. 

7. Jabez W., son of Anlhouy and ^lary, born at Coventry 
in 1820; married Caroline Conj^tlon. Child, — Edward, 
liorn at AVarwick in 1852. They live iu Coventry. 

t). Thomas, son of l>enjamin and Hannah, born at Cran- 
ston, May 14, 1780; married Sarah Congdon. Children, — 
licnjamin, born at Cranjjton, ilay 21, Ibll; George W., 
July ao, 1813; Harriet, Feb. 27, 1S15; Lavina, Sept. 10, 
ISlti, married William Taylor; William 0., June 15, 185<i, 
died in 1851. They live at Coventry. 


Margaret, Jan. 16, 1770. Tlic elder Deiijaimn tlictl Sept. 7, 
17li8 : his wife died March la, IcSOi). lie lived iu New- 
])ort ; and moved IVoiu tliero, at a time when Newport was 
likely to full into the hands of the Jhitibh, to Oranbton ; and 
linally settled in Coventry. 

r>. J>enjamin, son ol' l>enjaniin and Klizahcth, horn at Co- 
ventry, Oct. 17, 1701 ; married Hannah Kemin^ton. Chil- 
dren, — Anthony, horn at Cranston, Aug. 1, 178o; Olney, 
lTcS7, died 171)3; Thomas, horn May U, 178^; Anna, 17i)l, 
married Denjamiu Arnuld ; AVilliams, horn hi 17Ua. llenja- 
min died in 18fi2. i/ived in Coventry, on the honicstead of 
his f'aiher. lie was a New-light Jiupti^t ; as were also his 
cliililreii, except Anthony, wlio was a Qnaker. 

0. AnLhony, son ol' Jienjamin and Hannah, horn at Cran- 
ston, Aug. 1, 178;") ; married Mary Conydon. Children, 
— Alfred, horn at Coventry in 1»SU7 ; Horace, 1813; Jahe/. 
AV., iSiIO ; Chirissa D., Fehruary, 18:i0. He lived at Coven- 
try ; and died at Warwick, Aug. 27, I80O, aged sixty-live. 

7. Alfred, son of Anthony and Mary, horn at Coventry in 
1S07; married Dorcas Arnold. Children, — Alfred, horn 
at Warwick in ISiJy, died 18r>8; James, horn in 1811. 'J'hc 
elder Alfred lives at Warwick, and is a trader. 

7. Horace, son of Authony and Mary, born at Coventry 
in 1813; married Mi?is .Sweet. Child, — Rodmond S., horn 
at J'rovidenco in I80J. Horace is a trader in Trovidence. 

7. Jahez W., son of Anthony and Mary, horn at Coventry 
in 1820; married Caroline Con-^don. Child, — Edward, 
horn at AVarwick in l8r>2. They live in Coventry, 

0. Thomas, son of i>enjamin and Hannah, horn at Cran- 
ston, May 14, 1781); married Sarah Congdon. Children, — 
IJenjamin, horn at Cranston, ^May -1, Ibll; George W., 
July 30, 1813; Harriet, Feb. ii7, 1815; Lavina, Sept. 10, 
ISIO, married William Taylor; William 0., June 15, 18r>ll, 
died in 1851. They live at Coventry. 


7. Kcnjamiii, son of Thomas and Sarah, born at Cranston, 
May 21, 1811 ; married Harriet Smith. Children, — Har- 
riet N., born at Coventry in 1841, died in 1842 ; Harriet 
E., born Jnly, 1843 ; Sarali C, April, 1847 ; Benjamin J., 
1849. They live at Coventry. 

7. George W., son of Tliomas atid Sarah, born at Cran- 
ston, Jnly 30, 1813 ; married Sarah Briggs. Children, — 
Daniel B., born at Coventry, July, 183G ; George B., No- 
vember, 1838. They live in Warwick. 

8, George B., son of George W. and Sarah, born at Co- 
ventry, November, 1838 ; married Klizaboth Potter, and 
lives in Warwick. 

7. William ()., son of Thomas and Sarah, born at Cran- 
ston ; married Sarah B. Taylor. Children, — Wilham ()., 
born at Coventry in 1849; Anyerettc, August, 1850. Ho 
died in Coventry in 1851. 

6. Williams, 8on of Benjamin and Hannah, born at Cran- 
ston in 1793; married Prcelovo Potter. Children, — Brad- 
ford, Xmw at Coventry, Oct. 25, 1822 ; Thomas II., Jan. 20, 
1829. Williams died at Coventry in 1838. 

7. Thomas II., son of Williams and Prcclovc, born at 
Coventry, Jan. 20, 1829;- married Ruth Straight. Chil- 
dren, — Anna P., born at Coventry in 1851 ; John AV., 
1856, died. They live in Coventry. 

7. Bradford, son of Williams and Frcclovc, born at Coven- 
try, Oct. 25, 1822; married Sarah, daughter of John Head, 
and lives at Coventry. 

6. George, sim of Benjamin and Elizalieth, born at Co- 
ventry, Aug. 14, 1702 ; married Nancy Shelden ; for second 
wife, Oatherino Perkins; and for third, Uebccca Williams. 
Childvon, — Archimedes, born at Cranston, 1783; Polly, 
1785 ; William and George, 1788 ; Betsy, 1790, married 
Samuel Mitchell ; Thomas, born 1795. The elder George 
lived at Cranston and Plainfield, Conn. lie died in 1850. 


(5. flcorgo, son of (icorgc and Nancy, born at Cranston, 
I7SS. Child, — Josiah, lioni at JJristol, ILL, in 1817, and 
niuniod Klizahelh A. Munroo. Cliildrun, — Martha 0., 
l»orn at Providence in 18 1;!; Sclciui Edwards, 184G; Wil- 
liam W., 1848 ; Hcnjainin, IRf)! ; Ann K.,18i3o; TliCoduro 
A. A., LSoG. 

i). Archimedes, son of Ocorgc, horn at Cranston in 1783 ; 
ntarricd Sn?>aji Kllis. ChiUJrcn, — (Jeurgc W., born at 
IMainficld, Conn., 1818 ; Klviru M., 18:20. lie lived in 

7. George W., son of Arcliinicdes, born at rialnfiekl in 
181S; has two danghters, and lives at Slatersvillc in Smith- 
field, ILL 

li. Thomas, son of George, born in 1795; married Sally 
AVatson. Children, — Sally, born at Cranston in 18:i7 ; 
[Margaret, 1820. Ho died at New York in 1853. 

&. Joseph, son of licnjamin and Kli/abeth, born at Coven- 
try, Ang. 1, 1773; nuirried Sabra KiiighL Children, — 
Henry, born at Coventry, Aug. 7, 1801 ; Sheldon, SepL 8, 
1808. Jo.scph died in 1835, on the homestead of his father, 
in Coventry. 

i>. Sheldon, son of Josepb and Sabra, born at Coventry, 
Sept. 8, 1808; lives in Coventry, ami is a man in good cir- 

G. Ifcnry, son of Joseph and Sabra, liorn at Coventry, 
April 7, 1801 ; married IMiebo Waile. Children, — Almond, 
burn at Coventry, Jmio 8, l82-> ; Levi IL and Jnlia A,, 
J>ee. 31, 1824 ; Julia, married- David Matherson ; llebccca 
W., born Jan. 10, 1827, married John Manchester; Henry, 
April 8, 1828 ; Shcllield W., Oct. 24, 1831 ; Cyril W., 
May 17, 1833; Jo.sepb, July 18, 1834 ; Shcldcn, July 18, 
183*j ; Christopher, Oct. 28, 1837 ; rhebc, March 24, 1841 ; 
Jano \V., Sept. 21, 1812 ; Dyron, April 7, 1845. liives in 


<]. Ocorgo, son of (lOorgc ami Nancy, boni at Cranston, 
I7S8. Cliild, — Josiah, lioni at JJristol, ll.l., in 1817, and 
niunicd Kliza1)clli A. Munroc. Chihhun, — Martha 0., 
hum at Providence in \6io; Selena Kdwurds, 184G; Wil- 
liam W., 1848; IJenjamin, ISf)! ; Ann E.,185o; Theodore 
A. A., ISoG. 

i). Arehinicdes, son of Cicorge, horn at Cranston in 178;); 
married Sn.saji Kllis. Chihjrcn, — (Jeurgo W., born at 
IMainfield, Conn., 181S ; Klvira M., 18:JU. lie lived in 

7. George W., son of Arcliimcdes, horn at Plainfield in 
ISl.s ; has two daughters, and lives at ^Shitcrsvillo in Smith- 
field, n.i. 

G. 'rhomas, son of George, born in 1795 ; married Sally 
AVjitson. Children, — Sally, born at Cranston in 18'27 ; 
iluigaret, 1820. Ho died at New York in 1853. 

&. Josepli, son of iicnjamin and Kli/abeth, born at Coven- 
try, Aug. 1, 1773; nnirried Sainu Knight. Children, — 
lienry, born at Coventry, Aug. 7, 1801 ; Shclden, Sejit. 8, 
1«S08. Joseph died in 1835, on tl)C homestead of his father, 
in Coventry. 

«i. Sheldon, son of Joseph and Sabra, born at Coventry, 
Sept. 8, 1808 ; lives in Coventry, and is a man in good eir- 

G. Henry, son of Joseph and Sabra, born at Coventry, 
April 7, 1801 ; married rhebc Waile. Children, — Almond, 
liorn at Coventry, June 8, 182:> ; Levi H. and Julia A., 
l>ee. 31, 1824 ; Julia, married- David ilatherson ; Ilel>ecca 
W., born Jan. 10, 18*27, married John Alanehcster ; Henry, 
April 8, 1828 ; Shellield W., Oct. 24, 1831 ; Cyril W., 
Jlay 17, 1833; Joseph, July 18, 1834 ; Shclden, July 18, 
183G ; Christopher, Oct. 28, 1837 ; Phel)0, March 24, 1841 ; 
Jane \V., Sept. 21, 1812; Uyron, April 7, 1845. liives in 


7, ShclTicld W., son of Henry and Pliebe, born at Coven- 
try, Oct. 24, 18iil ; married Harali Jiarbor. Olnld, — Emily 
J., born Oct. 24, ISotJ. 

7. Almond, son of Henry and Phebo, born at Coventry, 
Juno 8, 1823 ; married Clarissa Andrews. 

7. IjCvi B., son of Henry and Phebo, born at Coventry, 
Dec. 81, 1824 ; married Cynthia Potter. He married Abby 
Matherson for second wife. Children,— ^Cynt) da, born in 
1848; Melissa (by second wife), born in 1853; Selenda, 

7. Henry, son of Henry and Phebo, born April 8, 1828; 
married Mary Franklin. Children, — Emcr, born at Cuven- 
tiy in 1853 ; Anah, 1855. 

7. Shefliold, sou of Henry and Phebe, born at Coventry, 
Oct. 27, 1831 ; married Sarah Barker. Child, — Emily J., 
born at Providence, Oct. 24, 1850. 

4. Nathan, son of James and Mary, born at Ilehoboth, 
ilay 4, 1715 ; married Dorothy Titus, Jan. 21), 1735. ChiU 
dren, — James, born at Ueholxith, Aug. 1,1730; David and 
Jonathan, Nov. 21, 1738, died; Dorothy, Fob. 1, 1740; 
Nancy, April 8, 1742 ; Nathan, Jan. 11), 1744 ; Mary, Jan. 
20, 1745, died ; Nathan, born Jan. 20, 1747 ; Mary, Dec. 31, 
1749; Jonathan, Feb. 24, 1752; Ezra, Jan. 18, 1754; Da- 
vid, Juno 3, 1750 ; John, April 20, 1758, emigrated West. 

6. Nathan, sou of Nathan and Dorothy, lK)rn at Rehoboth^ 
Jan. 29, 1747 ; married Hajinah. Children, — Nathan, 
born at llchoboth, Oct. 22, 1771; Hannah, April 14, 1773, 
married Sylvester Gollison ; Mary, born Nov. 12, 1774, mar- 
ried Mason Yial ; Abicl, born Aug. 80, 1770 ; Sarah, 
Juno 9, 1778j married Lewis Car|)entor ; Olive, April 23, 
1780, married Comfort Allen ; llosey, born May 5, 1782, 
maiTicd a Wells; Nancy, born Fob. 10,1784, married Olive 
Angell ; Matilda, born April 2, 1780, died single. 
0. Nathan, son of Nathan and Hannah, born at Rehoboth, 


Oct. 22, 1771 ; married Sally Robinson. Children, — Rally, 
lioni at Attlcborougli, ilay 10, ITlKi, died in 1835 ; Alvan 
0., born March 20, 17US ; Klijah R., July 20, 1802 ; Mary 
Ann, Dec. 4, 1804, died 1817 ; Nathan A., born Oct. 3, 
1807; Kdward S., Aug. 13, 1813. Married Rethiab lan- 
ding for second wife. 'J*hc elder Nathan is now living, and 
has never had a physician till recently. 

7. Alvaii 0., son of Nathan and .Sally, born at Attlcbo- 
rough, ilay 20, 1708 ; 'married Martha J. Roberts. Chil- 
dren, — Sarah A., born at l*awtucket, Jan. IS, 1827, married 
Hejiry M. Wilkinson ; William AV., born May 24, 1732. 
Alvan 0. Read lives at Pawtncket, and is a manufacturer; 
has been town-clerk twenty years; is a justice of the peace, 
a commissioner for qnalifying civil oilicers, and deacon of a 

7. Nathan A., son of Nathan and Sally, l)orn at Atllebo- 
rough, Oct. 31, 1S07 ; married Uelianco AVilliams. Chil- 
dren, — Alvan A., Imrn at Thonniston, Me., Sept. 30, 1833; 
Surah P., March 27, 1S3G ; Marietta S., Jan. 22, 1844; 
William II., Oct. 22,1840. Nathan A. is, at present, in 
California ; but his family resido in Thomaston. 

7. Klijah R., son of Nathan and Sally, born at Attlebo- 
rough, July 20, 1802; married, first, Liicinda Carpenter; 
and, second, Cynthia Lyon. Children, — Lucmda, born 
at Seekonk, Feb. 10, 1820, married Allen Rrown ; Elijah R., 
Iiorn Oct. 30, 1827 ; Jane, Nov. 1, 1S21), married Ebenezcr 
Tillany ; Julia Ann, born in Ncwburyport, Sept. 2(j, 1841 ; 
Nathan II., at Attlcborough, April 0, 1844; George ]>., 
Dec. 24, 1848 ; Kdward S., Aug. 31, 1853 ; Eva, May 4, 
18r)G. Elijah R. lives at Attleborougli. 

7. Edward S., son of Nathan and iSally, born Aug. 13, 
ISIH; married Sarah Ann Rates, May 8, 1817. Children, 
— Edward E., lx)rn at New JIavcn, May G, 1830 ; Sarah K., 
Oct. 1, 1810; Alvin Orville, April 80, 1842; Ellon Francos, 


Jan. 24, 1844 ; Jano Autrusta, April IG, 1845 ; Charles IL, 
KoY. 25, 1840 ; Mary L., Aug. 14, 1848 ; Prank IL, Feb. G, 
1850 ; Samuel II., Oct. 9, 1834 ; Sella Adda, Sept. 15, 185G. 
Thoy live at New Ilavcu, 

5. Jonathan, son of Nathan and Dorothy, bom at Rcho- 
both, Feb. 24, 1752, and settled in Brookfield, Yt. ; married 
Polly Uniphrcy. CiriKlrcn, — Polly, born in 1778; Jona- 
than, April, 1780; Doily, July, 1783; Lot, July, 1785; 
David, 1787 ; Andrew, July, 17i)0 ; Fry Bailey, July, 
1793 ; Lydia, 17U5 ; Uichard, 1797 ; Relief, 1800 ; Maria, 

6, Andi*ew, eon of Jonathan and Polly, born 1790 at 
Brookfield. Children, — David, born May 81, 181C; An- 
drew, Jan. 18, 1818 ; Mary, June 18, 1820; John A., 
Sept. 18, 1823; Maria, July 80, 1827 ; William, May 30, 
1829 ; Cheater, Aug. 16, 1831 ; George, May 17, 1834. 
Thoy live in Brookfield. 

5. Timothy, son of Noah and Abigail, born at Attlebo- 
rough, Aug. 2, 1743 ; married Priscilla Ilatch of Boston. 
Children, — Timothy, Michael, Horatio. T\\q elder Ti- 
mothy vas in Bennington Battle, and had charge of the 

6. Timothy, sou of Timothy and Priscilla of Cumberland, 
born in February, 17G8 ; had a son William, who lives in 
Madrid, N.Y. Timothy served in the Revolution, and drew 
a pension. 

6. Llichael, son of Timothy of Cumberland, born at Cum- 
berland, formerly in Massachusetts, now in Rhode Island, 
Sept. 14, 17G9; married Rebecca Mead. Children, — Dru- 
silla, born Dec. 28, 1791, married John Wcscott ; Betsy, 
born at Charlotte, Yt., Jan. 81, 1794, married John Foot; 
Soman tha, March 31, 179G, married*Joscph Jjoomis; Amos, 
burn Jan, 9, 1798 ; Orren, Marcli 18, 1818 ; Louisa A., 
March 19, 1802, married Milo B'uller, March 28, 1854 ; 


Minerva, April 23, 1807, married Amos Oliii, Jan. 1, 183i, 
and lives at Canton, N.Y, 

7. Samantha,dauglUer of Michael, married Joseph Loomis, 
June 24, 1813. Mr. Loomis was drowned in the St. Law- 
rence River. She married Stephen Smith, January, 1821. 
Mr. Smith died in 1838« She is now living in Brooklyn, 

7. Orron, son of Michael, born March 18, 1800 ; married 
Jnlia Powell, March 28, 1820. Childi-cn, — William MouU 
ton, born Ang. 10, 1827 ; Carlton Willard, Oct. 21, 1834; 
Orrcn ; Powell, Oct. 25, 1843. 

8. William M., son of Orron, born Aug. 10, 1827 ; mar- 
ried ^[alinda Palmer, Sept. 10, 1848. William M. lives in 
Charlotte, Vt. 

8. Carlton W., son of Orrcn, born Oct. 21, 1834 ; married 
A^'icnna Clark, Oct. 81, 1855. They live in Addison, Yt. 

7. Amos, sou of ilichnel, born at Charlotte, Yt., in 1798. 
Ciiildrcn, — Charles IL, born March 10,1830; George A., 
May 14, 1886, died in 1850. 

8. Charles H., son of Amos, born ^farch 10, 1830. Chil- 
dren, -^Aniiio E., born at Lanesborough, March 29, 1854; 
Mary A., Jan. 10, 1850. 

5. James, son of Nathan and Dorothy, born at Rehoboth, 
Aug. 1, 1730; married Klizabctii Carpenter, Sept. 3, 1701. 
Children, — Ilopestill, born at Rcholiotli, July 15, 1702; 
Epiiraim and Lucy, Ang. 27, 1703 ; James, Aug. IS, 1705 ; 
Lcafe, April 6, 1772 ; Elizabeth, Jan. 25, 1770 ; Frcelove, 
Feb, 8, 1781. 

5. David, son of Nathan and Dorothy, born at Rehoboth, 
Juno 8, 1756 ; married Abigail Dagget, Oct. 5, 1781. Chil- 
dren,— William, born at Rehoboth, July 31, 1782; David, 
Nov. 29, 1784; Obadiah; Aaron; Lewis, who died Jan. 0, 
1823 ; Natlian Dagget, bom Oct. 7, laOO'J Abigail ; Sully ; 
Mary. David died in 1819 : his wife died in 1837 or '8. 


Ho settled iu Swanscy, N.II. ; and was known as Deacon 

6^ William, son of Deacon Dovid, bom July 31, 1782; 
married Charlotte Crane of Andovor, Vt., December, 1813, 
and went to the State of New York. Childi^cn, — Adeline, 
Addison, Henry^ Horatio, Betsy. Ho and his wife both died 
in 1847. 

6, David, son of David and Abigail, born Nov. 29, 1784 ; 
married Lucy Thayer of Watertown, Mass., Aug. 14, 1809. 
Children, — Alexander Thayer, liorn May 19, 1810, died 
March 2, 1838 ; Charles Dagget, lK>rn March 30, 1812, lives 
at Philadelphia; Lucy Susanna, born Jan. 30, 1814, died 
March 5, 1814 ; lilaria Louisa, born April 2G, 181(3 ; Gideon 
Prencli Thayer, Marcli 13, 1817 ; Nancy Pierce, Dec. 19, 
1819; Lucy, May 17, 1822, died Sept. 5, 1854; George 
Wellington, born April 30, 1824, died August, 1855 ; James 
Bingham, born Dec. 9, 1820, died Oct. 8, 1847. The wife 
of David died Aug. 31, 1828. lie married, for second wife, 
Lucinda Kniglit of Lancaster, Y t., Oct. 14, 1829. Children, 
— Missouri, born Nov. 14, 1840; Jackson, March 14, 1845; 
Newton, Oct, 30, 1849. David died June 1, 1855. 

7. Maria Jjouisa, daughter of David and Lucy, born 
April 20, 1815 ; married Charles Jackson of Boston, Oct. SO, 
1843. Children, — Helen Lucrctia, born Aug. 14, 1844, 
died young ; Lucy Reed, born May 80, 1846 ; Stephen Win- 
chester, Jan. 16, 1848, died Nov. 9, 1849 ; Rebecca Lo\iisa, 
bom Jan. 2, 1850, died Jan. 28, 1851 ; Louis, born June 8, 
1852 ; Horace, Dec. 24, 1853. They are now living at Phi- 

7. Gideon F. T., son of David and Lucy, born March 13, 
1817; married Rebecca Thayor Jackson of Boston, Oct. 24, 
1839. Childran, — Rel)ecca Jackson, born Aug. 13, 1810, 
died Juno 27, 1845 ; Charles Alexander, born Dec. 12, 
1841, died Feb. 23, 1842 y Clmrles Alexander, born Aug. 1, 


ISm ; Maria Louisa, Oct. 29, 184f) ; AH>ort Lincoln, 
April 3, 1847, dicil Fol>. i!3, ISfiU ; Mary Pierce, born Oct. W, 
1849, died Feb. 2S, 1857, in Paris. He kept a jeweller's 
store on the corner of Washington and Ooiirt Streets, Bos- 
ton ; and his name is still to bo scon over the door : but ho 
has removed to Paris, France. 

7. Nancy Pioreo, dan«*;hter of David and Lucy, born 
Pec. 19, 1810; married Kdward Ricliurds Mayo of Boston, 
May 5, 1840. Children, — Kllzabeth White, l)orn March 29, 
1841 ; Edward Davis, March 10, 1843, died March 20, 1849 ; 
Kliot Belknap, lK>rn July 3, 184H ; Amy Louisa, Jan. 2#{, 
18:)1; Cliarles Reed, Sept. 19, 1855. They live at No. 10, 
AVarrcji Street, Boston. 

7. Lucy, daughter of David and Lucy, born May 19, 
1822; married Edwin Cowpcrthwait of Philadelphia, Jan. 
21, 1851, and both died in Philadelpliia. 

0. Obadiah, son of Deacon David, married Mary Whitman 
of Jcdroy, N.U,, and went to Rockford, III. Children, — 
l*rescott Whitman, Mary Maria, Obadiah Stillman, David, 
llonry, Paschall, George. 

G. Aaron, son of Deacon David, born in Swansey, N.U., 
April SI, 1701 ; married Mary Willson of Keene, Dec. 6, 
1818. Children,— Franklin D., born Sept. G, 1819; Mary 
M., May 10, 1822; Diantha P., Feb. 10, 1824, died Aug. 7, 
1852 ; Henry W., born April 25, 1827, died iiarch 19, 1832 ; 
William B., born Oct. 17, 1829 ; Cliaries 1., April 15, 18;i2, 
died March 81, 18;i3; QeorRe F., born June 19, 1834 ; Sa- 
rah E., Sept. 2, 18:JG ; Henry V. 

7. Mary M., daughter of Aaron and Mary, Ijorn Hay 10, 
1822; married Daniel L. Tollman, Aug. 20, 1851. 

7. Sarah E., daughter of Aaron and Mary, born Sept. 2, 
1836 ; married J. S. llcrrick, Sept. 13, 1855. 

7. William B., son of Aarou and Mary, born at Keeno, 
Oct. 17, 1829; married Elizabeth M. Breon, Sept. 9, 1855, 


7. Ocorgc P., sou of Aaron and Mary, horn at Kccnc, 
June 19, 18^4 ; niamod Klizabclli 0. Evelctli, May 111, 

6. LowiS) son of Doacon David, married Nancy Harvey of 
Swanscy, N.II., Oct. 15, 1812. Children, — Nancy Palmyra, 
born April 9, 1813, died Jan. 18, 1838; Fanny K., born 
Feb. 8, 1815, died July 1, 1847; Lewis G., Sept. 17, 1816; 
Aurelia Maria, April 7, 1818, died Dec. 25, 1851 ; Pliny L., 
born Dec. 6, 1820; Diantlia C, March 5, 1S22; Charles 
Henry, May 15, 1823, died April (5, 1820. 

7. Nancy Palmyra, daughter of Lewis and Nancy, born 
April 9, 1813; married George Wilcox of Swansey, N.H. 
Children, — Henry Jfarvey, born Dec. 15, 1831 ; Charles W., 
Aug. 2, 1834; Lewis L., Dec. 2, 183(5, died August, 1837. 

7. Aurelia Maria, daughter of Lewis and Nancy, born 
April 7, 1818 ; married George Wilcox of Surrey, N.H. 
Children, — Nancy Aurelia, June 18, 1843; George Lewis, 
March 19, 1841, died Ocloher, 1844; Mary Ella, born 
Oct. 22, 1849. 

6. Nathan Dapgct, sou of Deacon David, born Oct. 17, 
1800; married Charlulte Dwinncll of Keenc, N.H., October, 
1829. Children, — George Milton, born Nov. 1, 1834; 
Charles Warren, June 13, 1840 ; Martha Ann, May 0, 
1S42; Surah Ucbeoca, Sept. 25, 1840. 

C. Abigail, daughter of Deacon David, married David 
Wilison of Keene, N.H., and went to Oxford, N.Y. Chil- 
dren, — Maria liouisa, Abigail, James. 

G. Sally, daughter of Deacon David, married Caleb 
Wright of Keene, N.H. Children, — Calvin, Fanny, Rox* 
anna, Eliza, Lorania, Emelino, Caroline, Charles, George, 
Daniel, Mary Ann, Lucy, Rebecca, Ellen, ALartha. Mr. 
Wright married, for second wife, a widow with eight chil- 
dren ; and tlio whole twenty-foitr were present at tiio wed- 


5. Ezra, sou of Nathan and Dorothy, born at Rchoboth, 
Jan. 18, 1854 ; settled in Longdon, N.II. ; married Patience 
Walker. Children, — Leonard, now living in Longdon; 
Arnold ; Milley ; Esther. 

Col. John Uead, Troin Rhode Island, was undoubtedly one 
of the deseondants of John of Rciioboth, who stands at the 
head of this chapter ; but I have no means of tracing his 
genealogy. He was the first whjte settler in the town of 
Erie, in Erie County, and State of Pennsylvania, in 1795, 
Avhere ho traded. A public-house in that place is known 
as the Read House, in honor of him. He left a son Rufus S. 
Read, who is President of the Erie Bank. 




1. Eltas, Avlio is supposed to bo a sou of William Rcado 
of Maidstone, iu the county of Kent, prolessor of divinity, 
and his wife Lucy, was born in 1505 ; and the first that 
is known of him is in Woburn, Mass/ lie had sons William 
and Philip, who were both born in England, 

2. Philip, the son of Elias, was born in 1G23. TIo mar- 
ried Abigail. Their children wore — Philip, born March 1;], 
1G71; Jacob, Jan. 80, IGTU; Abigail, Oct. 2G, 1U75; Amy, 
Juno S, 1G78. lie was a ])hysician, and settled first in 
Lynn. In 1GC9, he made a complaint against Margaret, the 
wife of John GifTord, for witchcraft. The complaint was not 
fully sustained ; and, the GifTord Family being iniluential 
(Mr. Qillbrd being agent of the iron-works, — an important 
position in those times), it oi)orated against the popularity uf 
Dr. Reed; and he, the next year, moved to Concord, where 
ho practised his profession many years. Tiie xmhappy oHects 
of his coiitrovm*sy at Lynn followed him to Concord, where 
ho was bitterly persecuted by or through the influence of the 
Oiflbrd Family, and at one time wont to jail for something 
growing out of it. lie was one of tlie trustees of the estato 
of John Proctor of Salem, appointed in 1689. Tins Mr. 
Proctor is 6up|M)sed to be the father of the person of the 
same name who was hung at SalAn, for witchcraft, in 1G1)2 ; 


the principal ovitlenco which coutriiMilcd to his convictiou 
hoin*^ the tcstiniuny of tlic cclchruUjil Cotton Matlior, IM)., 
who tohttlicd tluit ho hud seen evil spirits come holiiiid Mr. 
JVoct^r, and iioUl couvcrsutioii witli liini, during the trial. 
Dr. Itoed had an e.\ tensive practice in Concorcl, und nnuiy' 
other towns in the counties of ^liddlesex and Es:>ex. He 
died at Concord, Alay 10, lUlMi : his wife died April IG, 

o. Philip, the son of Dr. Heed, was born at Concord, 
May la, 1071. He married Thanks Dile, J>ec. 0, 10i)8. 
Chihhen, — Peter, horn in 1700; David, May 25, 1710; 
John, Se|>t. 7, 1714. Jle was also a physician, and prac- 
tised in Concord. 

4. Jhivid; the son of Pliilip und Thanks, horn at Concord, 
May 2."), 1710 ; married Ix)uis. Children, — Jieulah, horn 
•Jan. 11, 1735; Philip, Aug. t», 1730; David, April 7,17;iH; 
Lydia, June 23, 1740 ; Silas, Feh. 23, 1742. 

.). David, the son of David and Louis, horn April 7, 1738 ; 
married Jemima, and settled in Newburyport. Children, — 
William, born Oct. 4, 1758; Moses, April 18, 1703; Louis, 
May 21), 1705 ; Stephen, Sept. 25, 1707 ; Anna. 

(>. William, the son of David and Jeminnx, l)orn Oct. 4, 
1758 ; married Patience Lervey of Cape Ann. Children, 
— Nancy, horn J)ee. 22, 1778 ; Anna, July 24, 1785, mar- 
ri«Kl Thomas Wiudeu ; Elizabeth, Oct. 20, 178G, married 
William Chase, May 5, IKll ; William, Nov. 18, 1781> ; Na- 
thaniel, June 18, 171)3 ; Charles, Dec. 17, 171HJ, who married 
l*olly Perry in 1818, and lives in CSloucester; James, born 
April 2, 17U0. lie was in the war of the Revolution and 
in that of 1812. 

7. William, the son of William and Patience, born 
Nov. 18,1780; nuirried Lucinda Converse. Children, — 
Lucinda, born April 27, 1812, married Joseph J'om* of 
Georgetown; Isaac, April 2, 1814, \\J»o died out West; 


274 Kl.lAS HKAI), 

AVilliain, March 27, 1S18; Sarah Ami; Nathaniel, lie 
was ill tlio war of 1812. 

8. Luchida, the ihui^ltlor of Williniu and Taicinila, burn 
at NewhuryjMMt, April 27, 1812 ; married Joseph l*oor of 
(loorgctowu. IMieir chiUhcii are-— Sarah Sophia, l»oni at 
Georgetown, Nov. 15, ISoo ; Samuel Thurlow, Sept. 23, 
1842 ; Joseph, Oct. a, 1848, died 1849 ; Joseph IJailey, 
Juno 7, 18r)0 ; Alvan Clifton, Dec. 2, 18r>2. 

8. Sarah Ann, tlie daughter of William and Lucinda, 
married Charles II. Hill, and lives in Westbrook, Me. Chil- 
dren, — Edgar, AVilliani, Klleii, Klvira. 

8. Nathaniel, the son of William and Lueinda, married 
ramelia Telit, and lives in Kcokuek, lo. 

7. William, tlie son of AVilliam und Lucinda, born March 
27, 1818; married Sophia Ladd of Haverhill. Child,— 
Waldo, born June 2, 1850. He is a teacher in Ncwbury- 

&• rhili|), the son of Ihwid and Louis of liCxington, went 
to Newbury port, and had a son of the same name, who 
married Elizabeth Foot in 1787. Children, — David, born 
Sept. 25, 1788; Elizabeth, Jan. Ji, 171)1.; Caleb, Feb. 4, 
17y5; Mary, April 10, 171)7 ; Moses, June 12, 1803; Mica- 
jahS., Jan. 12, 1808. 

7. David, the son of IMiilip and Elizabeth, born Se])t. 25, 
1788 ; married Mary Wise, April 11,1811. She died Alay 1, 
1840. CiiiUlren, — David, born Nov. 22, 1817 ; Moses, 
Juno 20, 1821. His widow died May 1, 1849, aged sevcnly- 

8. David, the son of David and Mary, born Nov. 22, 1817 ; 
married Emily Jackman, Aug. 20, 1844. Child, — Henry 
A.) born April 2, 1840. 

8. Moses, the sou of David and Mary, bom Juno 20, 
1821; married AbigaiL Child, — Mary Abigail, born Oct. 
24, 1840. 


7. Caleb, the son of IMiilip and Kli/.aboth, borii Feb. 4, 
1705 ; married JIary Corliss in }^\6. Ifo niuiried, for 
beeoiid wife, Hannah Jenkins, in 1822. Children, — Solo- 
mon and Annis. His \vi(U)\v married Joslina Clark. 

8. Solomon, the son of (^aleb and ^lary, nuirried Sarah 
Little ; and they have tliree ehihiren. 

7. Micajah S. Uee<i, .son of IMiilip and Kiizabcth, was 
born in Newburyport, Jan. 12, LSU8 ; married Klizabelh C. 
l>aelielder. Children, — Kdward .V., born in Ne\vbnry|*ort, 
S«?|,t. 1>, 1S:57, died Oct. 7, 18.W; Samuel W., Doe. G, IS'M; 
John »., May 22, IS 10. He died Siipt. 4, 1859. His widow 
and sons live at No. 18, Kunt Street, Newburyport. 

7. Xaney, the dau;2:hter of William and Patienec, married 
llobert Cole. Children, — Uobort, born Oetober, 171)5; 
Catherine, Novembtir, lS«).s ; I'ili/.a, .Vpril, 1811. She nuir- 
ried /Hiomas Wiuiler for second hu>liand, and lives in New- 
bury|»ort. Children, — Marj»:aret, born May 12,;>; 
Nathaniel, Feb. 2, 1818; Lydia, Mareh l!), 1811); Sarah, 
Dee. 2D, 1824. 

8. ^largarct, tho daughter of Naney Heed and Thomas 
Win<ler, married James Terkins; and they live in Water 
Street, Newbury|)ort. 

8. Annis, the dauj^hter of Caleb Heed, married William 
Trevif*. Children, — Eveline, Delia, and two others. 

0. Kvclinc, the daughter of William Trevis and Annis 
Heed, nuirried (leorgo (Jarsley, 

0. Delia, tho daughter of William Trevis and Annis Reed, 
married John Tolnian. 

4. Teter, son of IMnlip and Thaidcful, born about 17U2; 
married Ala^ail, and settled in Le.xington. Children, — 
Abijah, born May 18, 1727 ; Peter, Feb. IG, 1721); Sarah, 
April 20, 17*)(j ; Thomus, Nov. 3, 17f>D ; Ueljceea, May 21, 

&. Peter, son of Peter and Abigail, born at Lexington, 

270 i:lias kkad, 

Fob. 10, n-20 ; luanicd 15etty, and settled iu LitUcloii. 
Cliiklrcn, — I>otty, lioni Aug. 22, 1752, at Littleton; and 
Charles (twin of Ketly) ; Abigail, July 15, 1754 ; Sarah 
and Abigail (twins), June 17, 1757; Wallcy, May 29, 1759. 
lie appears to have xuarried Dorothy Parker of Westford for 
second wife; jaiblished Aug. 22, 1772. 

5. Ahijah, sou of Puter and Jietty of Littleton, married 
lOlizabeth Jioyntou in 17S0,and settled iu Westford. Child, 

— Elizabeth, born J>ee. 31, 17S7. His wife died August, 
1789. ilarricd, fur second wife, Susanna Coleman iu 179'J. 
Children, — Susan, born June 21, 1794; Ahijah, Feb. 10, 
1790; Orphah, Feii. 1, 1798 ; Pamelia, Nov. 27, 1799; 
Jeremy 15., Nov. 9, 1801 ; Charles II., March 29, 1804; 
Mary Ami, Feb. H, 18()S, died iu 1S;:52 ; Nancy Jane, May 27, 
ISIO; James ,M., April ;;0, 1818 ; Flvira M., April 7, 1810, 
died Feb. 9, 18;15. lie died iu 1844, aged ninety years. 

0. Ahijah, sou of Ahijah and Elizabeth of AVestford, bora 
Feb. 10, 179i) ; uiarried Jr?arah Ijoekc of Boston. Children, 

— Sarah, ))uru Sept. 24, ISlil ; Susan, Jan. 8, 1833 ; James 
II., July 9, l.s;>5; Frances A,, Dee. 22, 1830; Oeorgiauua, 
April 5, 18^39, died April 5, 1854. His wife died iu Nashua 
in 1850. 

0. Jeremy, sou of Ahijah and Susanna, born Nov. 9, 1800 ; 
married Louisa Ilildreth in 182JJ. Children, — Elizabeth 
H., born Feb. 19, 1824 ; Harriet A., Feb. 28, 1825, married 
Joseph Wright in 1844 ; ifartha Louisa, May 19, 1827. His 
M'ifo died Sc|)t. 0, 1827. Slarried, for second wife, Nancy 
Parker. Children, — Nancy, born Oct. 80, 1881, married 
Jeflersou Wright of Littleton iu 1850 ; Cliarles B., Dec. 7, 
1833; Elvira M., Nov. 20, 1835; Ellen A., Aug. 81, 1839. 

6. Thomas, sou of Peter and Abigail, born at Lexington, 
Nov. 3, 1739; married Lucy Farrcr of Concord, May 11, 
1704, and settled iu Littleton. Children, — Peter, born 
April 14, 1705 ; Thomas, Jau. 23, 1707 ; Simon, Aug. 31, 


17G3 ; Lucy, July 9, 1770 ; Asa P., Sept. 20, 1772 ; Diada- 
mor, Dec. 22, 1774 ; Polly, May 6, 1777 ; Uaniard, April 27, 
1780 ; Theodore, Sept. 0, 1782 ; Sukcy, Aug. 31, 1785. 

6. Theodore, sou of Tliouias uud Lucy, boru Sept. 9, 1782 ; 
married Hanuah. ChiUlren, — llanuah, born iu Acton, 
Nov. 24, 181G ; Louisa Frances, July 10, 1818 ; Theodore, 
Jan. G, 1820; Clarissa, Dec. 17, 1822: all born at Acton. 

4. John, son of riiilip and Thanks of Concord, born 
Sept. 7, 1714; married Abiel Butlerficld, Feb. 3, 1737, and 
settled in Westford. Children, — Karah, born Juno IG, 
1738 ; John, Sept. 1, 1740 ; Abigail, July 21, 1748 ; AVil- 
lard, Aug. 15, 174C ; Simeon, who moved to Ludlow iu 
A'crmont, and died in 17«3. 

5. Simeon, son of John and Abiel, married Sarah Cum- 
mings. Children, — Samuel Adams, Sarali, Mary, Simeon, 
Samson, Lydia, Nathan, lletsy, Uebecca, Ransom, Alpheus. 
He was in the battle of l]iuiker Ilill. lie died in Lud- 
low, Vt. 

G. Samuel, Shneon, and Alpheus, sons of Simeon, moved 
to Ohio. 

6. Ransom, sou of Simeon and Sarah, married Mary 
Spraguo of Dillerica. Children, — Charles F. ; Marietta, 
who is tlio wife of Parau Stevens, the keeper of the Kcvero 
(louse; Caroline, married George F. Richardson of Lowell ; 
William Henry ; Fanny ; Ifarriet ; Anna. He lives in 
liowell, but keeps a store hi lioston, and is a man of wealth. 

5, Willard, son of John and Abiel, born Aug. 15, 174G; 
married Olive Minot, Nov. 80, 1774. Children, — John, 
born March 20, 1775 ; Willard, Jan. 18, 1777 ; Joseph, 
July 22, 1779, died Sept. 22, 1858 ; Soth, Aug. 24, 1781, 
moved to Milwaukie ; Olive, Oct. 16, 1788 ; Sally, March 80, 
178G, married Frederick Fausel ; Anna, May 2, 1788, mar- 
ried a Smith; Folly, May 1, 1790, married F. Leighton; 
Asa, Dec. 23, 1792. 



G. Willaitl, sou of Willaril and Olive, born Jan. 18, 1777 ; 
marriotl jklariuni White iu 1800. CInUlrcn, — Jonathan M., 
Jan. 20, 1804 ; Joseph, July 20, 1806. lie lived at Chelms- 
ford CentrOi and died Get. 12, 1850. 

7. Jonathan Minot, son of Wilhird, born Jan. 20, 180-1 ; 
married Sarah Fausel, Oct. 10, 1810. Child, — Frederick 

]k[., born 28, 1811. lie lives in Lowell ; is a jnstice of 

the peace, and has been in other public business. 

7. Joseph, the son of Willard, is a justice of the peace in 
Chelmsford ; bus been a member of the Legislature, and a 
man of large proi)crty ; married liConora Spaulding for 
ftrst, and Maria Uaton for second wife. Children of Joseph 
and Leonora, — Joseph Willard, llarch 2;'), 18:13; Charles 
Spaulding, April 20, 1S;55; Oeorge E., born Jan. 17, l«;iH; 
Caroline Augusta, Nov. 1, 18;i9 ; Martinee, Aug. 10, 1845 ; 
Catherine Augusta, Dee. 5, 184C. 

0. Samson, son of Simeon and Sarah, married Armimi 
Green, and died young ; and his widow afterwards married 
a Jennings ; and, for third husband, Jonas Reed of Chester, 
Vt. Samson loft one daughteri who married L. Ikirton of 
Ticondcrojjji, N.Y. 

6. Peter, son of Thoujas and Lucy, l)orn April 14, 17G5 ; 
marriod Sally Parker of Westlord in 1780. 

6. Thomas, son of Thomas and Lucy of Littleton, born 
Jan. 2S, 17G7 ; married Anno. Children, — So])hia, burn 
Juno 2, 1702 ; Amory, Oct. 28, 1704 ; Arvada Lucinda, 
Sept. 28, 1709. 

6. Orphah, son of Abijah and Susanna, born at Westford, 
Nov. 27, 1779 ; married . 

6. Joseph, sou of Willard and Olive, born July 22, 1770 ; 
married Abigail Winn of Wihnington, Ciiildrcn, — Abigail 
W., bora March 11, 1811, and died Sept. 10, 1831 ; Alpheus, 
born Nov. 3, 1815, married Sarah S. Parker in 1810 ; Anan, 
born Jau. 1, 1818, married Ahniru S. Fletcher iu 1850 ; Itctsy 

AND 1113 DKSCKNDAN'ra. 279 

W., born April 1,1819, marricil Ivory II. IIowo of Mcthucu 
ill 184G ; Aluuso, bora Jiino 2li, ]82:5, dicil July 24, 18:J4; 
Amuiiilu L., burn June 9, 18'J7. Jlc lived oil tbo old boiac- 
bteud ill Wcsttbrd, luul wus culled Capt. Rood, lie died 
Mcptciubcr, l8o-L 

7. Al|iliuai>, son of Josepb and Abigiiil, born Nov. 8, 1815 ; 
married Surah S. Parker in 1849. Children, — Alonso Par- 
ker, l>orn March iJl, 1850 ; Martha J., Oct. 18, 185;i. 

7. Anan, son of Joseph and Abig:iil, bora Jan. 1, 1818; 
married Alinira S. Floteher in 1850. Children, — Kleaaor, 
Mareh -1, 1851 ; Warren A., Jan. :iO, 1853. lie lives on the 

G. Selh, son of Willard and Olive, bora July 24, 1781 ; 
married Hhuda Finney. Children, — Julianaa, born Feb. 1 1, 
18UG ; George, Nov. 10, 1807 ; Orison, Sept. 7, 1809 ; Mary 
Augusta, May 23, 1811 ; Jlurrison, Aug. 20, 1813 (the above 
^vere bora ia liittletun); Cortes, bora ia Westtbrd, March 27, 
1815, moved to Milwaukie. 

0. Asa, sou of Willard aad Olive, born Dee. 23, 1792 ; 
married Detsy Frescott. Childrea, — llufuH, bora Sept. G, 
1818; Olive, Nov. 20, 1821. He died July 8,1 82G; aad his 
widow married Elijah M. Uccd of Tewksbury, 

7. liuriis, son of Asa and Helsy, born Sept. IG, 1818; 
married ]ilartha E. Dodge of Nashua. Children,— *Iiizzio 
Mason, bora Aug. 9, 1850 ; Albion Rufus, Oct. 27, 1852. 
lie is a merchant in Lawrence, of extensive business. 

G. John, son of Willard aad Olive, bora March 20, 1775 ; 
married Sally Wright. Children, — John, born Aug. 0, 
1805, lives ia Nashua ; Walter, April 1, 1807, lives in 
Merrimack, N.ll. ; Lowell, Feb. 13, 1810, lives ia Salem, 
N.IL; Sally, March 12, 1812; Dana, March 22, 1814; 
Willard, June 11, 181G, lives ia Merrimack ; Olivo, May 15, 
G. llaraardi son of Thomas and Lucy of Littleton, bora at 


Littleton, April 7, ITtSO. Children, — Barnanl, who died 
at Westford in 18r>r) ; and ilary Jane, wlio died in 1844. 

3. Jacoi), son of Dr. iMiilip of Concord, and grandson of 
Klias, born at Concord, Jan. oO, 1G7;J ; married Elizabeth 
JjOW, April 10, lliDD. Cliildrcn, — William ; Jacob. 

4. Jacob, son of Jacob and Elizabeth, married and settled 
in Sudbury. Child, — Jacob, \vho married Experience* 
Children, — Thomas, born in Sudbury in 17^0; Jacob, 
Pec. 2, 17tJ2 ; Isaac, Jan. 15, 1731 ; Experience, who mar- 
ried a Childs of Frainingham ; Jlolly, married a Puller of 
Westminster ; Sarah, married a Seaver of Westminster; 
Kuth, married a Noyes of Shrewsbury ; L6is, married a Hill 
of Framingham. 

G. Jacob, son of Jacob and Expcrioiico, born at Sudbury, 
Dec. 2, 1732; married ratienco (ioodrcw, Eeb. 28, 1757. 
Children, — Abel, born at Sudbury, Dec. 27, 1752 ; Asahel ; 
Jacob, July 21, 1754 ; Sarah, December, 17G0, nuirried E/.o- 
kiel Stone of Framingham ; Eunice, married Dr. Closes 
Tuft, who died July 12, liSUO (married, for second husband, 
Iteubcn Jloor of Sudbury) ; Pendy, Nov. 8, 1772, died 
Dec. 18, 17U2; Uutli, who married Samuel Staples of East 
Sudbury, now Wayland, July 31, 1788 ; Dalhsheba, who 
married a liisco ; Ik^ief, married Samuel Warren ; Nancy, 
married Lawson Duckminster of Framin(<;ham; Ezekiel, who 
lives in Framingham ; Curtis, died unmarried ; Susan, mar- 
ried Jicvi Eaton of Framingham. He died Oct. 4, 1707, 
aged sixty-five: his wife died Feb. 2, 1795, aged lifty-scvcn. 

7. Abel, son of Jacob and Patience, born Dec. 24, 1752 ; 
married Hannah Gleason of Framingham, formerly part of 
Sudbury, June 20, 1785, and movod to Uutland. Children, 
— Abel, bora Jan. 28, 1702 ; Jacob, Oct. 1, 1707. 

8. Abel, sou of Abel and Hannah, bora at Rutland, 
Jan. 28, 1702; married Polly. Childrea, — Mary Anna, 
liorn Jan. 31, 1825 ; Charles Emerson, Nov. 15, 1827 ; Mar- 


llui Au<5usta, May ;il, 18o2 ; Marie Antoinetlc, Mai^h fj, 
1^;>7 ; Mini Amelia, .July 1J, ItSlf*. lie lives in Riitland. 

8. Jacoii, Hou ot* AliL'l uiiil llannali) boru Oct. l,17i)7; 
inunicil iraiiiiali ^layiiaiil, Doc. T), iSiiti, and lives at No. Tif), 
(Jliumllcr Siroot, Wiircoicr. Chil<irt;ii, — Ihiiniah A., Immu 
Su|»t. 14, 18l\S ; I.y.lia U., ifay 1, l«:il» ; Mary J., May li.'i, 
18:i2 ; IsalM^lla S., July 1», 1«;U ; Kunice A., Full. 7, 18:57 ; 
llauuah A., Folnuary, IsKJ. 

8. liydia Ji., ilau^rltter ut JutM»l) and Jfauuali, lioru May 1, 
lS2i); niariiod W-Mwv Wanou, Koh. IJ, IHIll. 

«. ls;il»L'lia, itau«iiitor ol' Jucob ami Ifauaah, Ihjimi July !), 
1S:U ; iuaiiicil Williuui T. WiUlcs, Au-Uht, ISfrJ. 

7. Jai.ob, .sou uf JaeoU and Pahoucc ol* Sudbury, boru 
.luly :il, 17r)4; uiarried l»iMsy (ik'a>on, Fob. f), 17Hl. Cbil- 
drou, — .Mii.ajali, boru l>oo. 1, l7^l ; Asaliol, Scjpt. 7, 17S;i; 
(Jliarlollo, Auy;. 4, 17S.") ; Ihuniaii, May 1, 1787; lioUy, 
May 7, l7vS4. IFo died at Siulbury, Nov. ITi, 17lKi. 

S. Micajab, tbc sou o( Jacob aud llctsyi bom Dec. I, 
17vSl ; nuuriod Uulli (ilcasou, and uiovod to Ilubbardstou. 
I'hildrcu, — Ooorjifo W. ; Kliza, \vbo inarriod noujaniiu 
Clark, aud diodiu ISostou ; Mobilabcl N., wbo niamod NViU 
liaui Slowc of IIubbard>tou ; Sopbia F. ; Sauiuol (1. ; Jos«cj»li 
J>., wbo Ih in Oaliloruia ; ilauuali, wbo niarriod Ooorgc 
Wilbur of Ho.slou ; C'barlos, wbo was drowned at Hubbard- 
jsluu. ilo was a ro|a'cscutalivo IVoiu Folorsbaui ton years, 
anil was al<o a nieuii»or iVoui ilubbanlslou ul'lor be removed 
lu ibat |ilaeo. 

U. Samuel (1., tbc sou of Mieajab and Uutb, niamod Oa- 
roliiio Welistor of Salem, (.'bildrou, — Carrie ; Ueorgianna ; 
Kliza Clark ; Ocorgo K. \Vcbsler ; Uutli, wbo died young. 
Ho ki:e|)^ at No, 8«"), Slate Street, liustou. Jle was born 
iMarcli 4, IMIG; went to Hoston, Mareb 4, 18;>o ; went into 
business on bis own aec4>unt, Mareb I, 18^)7; bad a Ao«Vr6' 
on buard one ol* Ids elip|>or-sfiij»s called tbc '' Sliooling Slar,** 


Miircli J, 1851, — a singular routine of events of that date, 
and the result of wliich lias beeu uncommon success. 

7. Asahcl, sou of Jacob and Patience, was brutally mur- 
dered by the Ilritisli at Lexington Fight. JIuving been 
taken ])risoner, they were about to fehoot him ; when ho 
begged for his life, taking out his |mrsc containing his 
money, and a ring valuable for the nlfection it represented. 
After taking his money, they discharged a muhkct at his 
Iiips, breaking his legs ; and another ut his head, holding 
the muzzle close to his head, and singeuig his hair at the 
same time that they blew his brains out. lie held a cornet's 
commission, and was known as Cornet Read. 

7. liuth,daughter of Jacob and Patience, married Samuel 
Staples of Ka.^t Sudbury, now WayUind. Chiidien, — Sa- 
muel, lK>rn Nov. lu, 17S8, died unmarried, April 5, 18u0; 
William Head, Oct. 10, 17'J8, ^ 

7. Sarah, daughter of Jacob and Patience, married Kze- 
kicl Howe of Framingham. Child, — Surah, who married 
John Trowbridge of Cambri()goport, leaving children. 

7. Balhsheba, daughter of Jacob aiid Patience, married Mr. 
l>isco, a partner in business with Jolui Trowbridge. He is 
dead. She is living with a son who is a clergyman, in Graf- 
ton, ^fass. 

7. Nancy, daughter of Jacob and Patience, married Law- 
sou lUickminster, and died at the house of her daughter, in 

7. Susan, daughter of Jacob and Patience, married Levi 
Eaton of Framingham. Children, — Levi, who married 
Sarah H. lUtggles of I'rovidence, and had a family of chil- 
dren ; Winlhrop, who una lied a Valentine of New- York City 
one child, living ; Cintis, died unmarried ; Eveline, who 
married William Read Staples. 

8. William Read, son of Samuel Staples and Ruth Read, 
liorn Oct. 10; 17U8 ; married Eveline, daughter of Levi Eaton 


of Framii»«5ham, and Susan Read, daughter of Jacob and 
i^itionce. IIou. Williaut lu;:ul .^laplcs and Kvelinc are 
socoud coui^ius. Tlioy liavu eiiilit cliililron living; liaving 
liuriod three. They live in Providence, lie has hecn Chief- 
JusLiec of the Suiiremo (Juurt of Hhode island ; and is, at 
the present time, l^residont of the Khodo-lslaiid AntiiiuUriau 

0. Thomas, son of Thomas and Aliigail, horn at Sudhnry, 
Vk}\k '2-jj 1704 ; nnuried Sarah ; ami was, in 17:i"), the third 
sclllor in that town, on li(»t No. ±1, Children, — Jason, 
horn in IToi; Thonnis, horn in liulland, Sept. 10, l?;);] ; 
Jonathan, Nov. '2S, 17^8 ; Aiieah, Alay 1;J, 1742 ; Mary, 
May 11, naii. 

7. Jiison, son of Thomas and Sarah, l)orn in Rutland, 
17JJ-; married Zeruiah Nurse in noli, ami settled on the 
norlh-cast part of the Sewell Farm, a»ul laud formerly of 
Jonas S(one of Lexington. Chihlren, — Sarah, horn Feb. 4, 
17r)S; Knoa, Pee. o, 1700; Anna, Nov. 14, 1702; Ama, 
July 21, 1700; Hetty, June 4, 170o ; Fatty, June 2, 1770 ; 
ZiTuiah, July 18, 1708; F.athsheha, April 29, 1772; Jason, 
Mandi 2r>, 1775. Whirried Mary for seeond wife. Child, — 
Amos 1[., Jan. 20, 17l>2. lie died March 1, 1813, aged 

8. Jasou, Hon of Jason and Zeruiah, horn at Ruth\ud, 
Mart'h 2."), 1775 ; marrii.'d Nai)hy. Children, — Dexter, 
horn xVov. 2U,1801 ; Kliza, March 10, 1803 ; Melis.-^a, Fih. 0, 
liSU.") ; (ylarissa and Clarinda, Dee. 4, 1800 ; James ^ladison, 
.March 10, 1810 ; Ailelinc, Feb. 8, 1814 ; Albert, April 14, 

0. Thomas, sou of Thomas and Sarah, horn at Rutland in 
1733; nuirried Ilamnih Nurse in 1750. Children, — Han- 
nail, who married Micah ITowe ; Joel, married' Abigail 
Xowton ; Lucy, married Jomithan liowe ; John, married 
Lydia Watson, and, for second wife, Mary Mason ; JJatli- 


of Vrami»gham, aud Susan Read, daughter of Jacob aud 
Patieuce. Hon. Williuut lu^ad Slaplcs aud Kveliuc arc 
.s<jci>ud coui?ins. Tliuy have ci.iiht chihh'eu liviug; luiving 
huried three. They live in I'ruvideuee. lie lias heeu Chief- 
•lu^liec of tlic Suiireuio (Juurt ul' iihode J^huid ; au<l is, at 
(he iiieseut time, l^residout of ihe Khode-lMland Auti([uunau 

«>. Thomas, sou of Thiunas aud Altigail, born at Sudl»ury, 
Vol*. 2-], 1704 ; married Sarah ; ami was, in 172">, the third 
scliler iu that town, on lii»t No. li'i. Chihheu, — Jasou, 
bom iu 17;li; Thouuis, l)oru iu lluHaud, Sept. 10, 17;J:J ; 
Jouathau, Nov. :i8, 17;i8 ; Alicah, May liJ, 1742 ; Mary, 
May 11, n;iG. 

7. Jasou, M)u of Tliouias aud Sarah, born iu llutlaud, 
17o2; married Zeruiah Nurse iu 1701], aud settled on the 
U(U'th-east part of the Sowell Farm, aud laud formerly of 
Jouas Stoue of fiCxiugtou. Chihlrcu, — Sarah, Ijoru Feb. 4, 
17r».S; Rut>3, Dee. ;*, 1700; Auua, Nov. 14, 1702; Auia, 
July 21, 1700; iJelly, June 4, 1705; Patty, June 2, 1770; 
Zi'ruiah, July 18, 1708; iJaihsheba, April 29, 1772; Jasuu, 
Manli 2.'), 177 ">, Jlarrieil Mary for seeond wife. Child, — 
Auios ![., Jan. 20, 171»2. lie died XFareh 1, 1813, aged 

8. Jasou, sou of Jason and Zeruiah, born at Rutland, 
Marrh 2."), 177o ; uiarrie<l Nai>i>y. Ohildreu, — Dexler, 
boru Niiv. 2y,180l ; Kli/a, March 10, ISO:] ; Melissa, Feb. 0, 
ISO.') ; (?hirissa and Chiriuthi, Dec. 4, 1800 ; Jauies ^ladisou, 
March 10, 1810 ; Adeline, Feb. 8, 1814 ; Albert, April 14, 

0. Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah, Wiru at Kutlaud iu 
17;>:>; married llamuih Nurse iu I7r>0. Chihlrcu, — Ifau- 
nah, who married Micah ITowe ; Joel, married' Al)iiiail 
Newtou ; Lucy, married Jomilhau Howe ; John, married 
Lydia \Vati>ou, aud^ for second wife, Mary Mason ; Jiath- 

i!84 iiLiAs Ri:.\i>, 

slu'lja, niiuriLHl AlpluMis Fo>tor ; Sarah, marriiul liar/ela 
ililes; 'J'honias, maniuil ijiiciiida AVht'cler; J)aiiicl, mar- 
ried Jlcl)ccca Ames. 

Tlioiiias, son of Tliomas and ITannali, hum at Rutland, 
Feh. 1 1, 177*2 ; married Lncnnhi Wlieoler. Chihhcn, — 
Ahigail, horn Feh. 20, 171U ; liueinda, Aug. 20, 1800; Ahi- 
gail Wheeler, Feh. Id, 1804 ; Thomas Lyman, Feh. 2, 180') ; 
Alary Jeminni, Jan. '2, KSlO, married Rev. Wilham ilurdock ; 
Lorenzo and Lorena, Imrn Sept. 20, 1811. 

Jhmiel, son of Tliomas and Hannah, horn at Rullaiid, 
Jfay 1), 1774; inarrieil l*el>eeea. (children, — Kliza and 
Louisa, Ani»'. 10, 17t»8 ; Ahnira, JIareli f), 1801 ; John, 
April 22, 18U;J; lleheeea, April 7, 1808; Daiiiel, Sept. 4, 
180.1; JIarriet Ann, Ajuil 17, 1810. 

Col. John, Json of Thomas and Hannah, liorn April 20, 
17tWJ ; married Lydia. CMiildren, — John, horn Sept. 1, 
1788; Joseph, Jan. 1, 1701 ; Hannah, horn in (Maremont, 
N.JL, ^lay 10, 1704, ihurried Ksquirc Adams ol' iledlieldy 

John, f^on of Ool. John of Rutland, horn Sept. 1, 1788; 
married JIary Hale, Sejit. 10, 1810. Children, — Samuel 
F.; Lydia W. 

Samuel F., son of ,lohn, and *i;ramlson of Col. John, mar- 
ried Adalinc Wadsworth. Children, — JIary Loiiisa, Charles 
F., Julia A., Kliza W., Alarielta. Jlc keeps at No. 5, Quiney 
^(urkot, lioslon. 

Daniel, son of Thomas And Ahigail, horn nt Sudhury, 
May 10, 1711; nnnried Reheeca Mead, April IS, 17o7. 
Children, — John, horn Aug. 1;J, n;i7, married l^lizahelh 
Wellen, and moved to Hedham ; Daniel, horn Feh. 24, 1730 ; 
Itehceea, Feh. 22, 1742, married Daniel Wineh, jun. ; Ann, 
Inini la Rutland, April o, 1747. Ho and his son Daniel 
<lied of tho small-pox in 17^0, and were huried on ihe farm 
iji Rutland. 


.J4)ln», sou of Daniel, hovu Auir. 1'), MM ; married Kli- 
'/.al>olli Diivis, Aug. -."», 17*10. Child, — Daniel, born ia 

Daniel, ^iouofjolni and Kli/ahotli, Imrn in ITiil; married 
in Wer^iliortnigli Id SmiuIi l»ii»jlj;ini ; publislieil Dec. <>, 17^:5. 
Children, — JtjM'jih, horn in \VtJ>lhoion;rh, .\hiy 1-1, 17H4 ; 
Davis, April 17, 17v'^ii; Ah.*\andi'r II., June I'i, iNOi ; Eli- 
jail. Ih; movu<l u> Wai'd>)>urim;^li, Vl. ; and \Yar< in the 
liijvnhiiiuuary War, ami a i!rnvral of militia in Vernuint. 
Jh; dii'd in \Vard>hi»rouiih, An;r. Ill, ISL"). Ilia ^on .luM'ph 
diiMl Nov. iy ISI'J, a^vd si.xlydivu. 

Davis, M)u ol (leu. IN-ed, li\i;:i in Wardshorouj^h, and has 
three children, name:> nol <;iven, 

Alexantler 11. , ^on of (Jen. IJeed of Wanlshurou^h, horu 
at Ward>hurouith, Jnn»i hJ, 1S0| ; married Serena <lraiir, 
July ti, iSo;'). Chihlren, — (Virilelia S., horn in Uu.-Idu, 
Jan. ll,18;»i;; Alexander D., Jan. 11, 1S;;S ; nlarle^ 15., 
horn ia ramhrid-ieiKUt, Ajiril DJ, 1S:VJ, died Dee. :i7, l^ut; 
Anilrcw Jaeksoa, Oet. 8, 18ir> ; Henry llanulton. Get. 7, 
1SI7 ; Franklin D., Oct. D), 1.S41I, died July i?, Ihi'iO. Jli.s 
wife died ia Camhritljre|ii>rt, Nov. i!, 1S11». ilarried, lor 
.MTontl wile, Euniee W. Melvin, Oet. 7, IS,")!. 

fhnnUhaa, son of Tlionnis and Sarah, horn in 17*^8; mar- 
rieil Hannah May hew ia 17ii(>, and settled on the homestead 
with his father. Children, — Alolly, horn July 4, 1707; 
Juhu, April l^i, 1770. lie diitl of a cancer. 

Jtdin, son of Jonathan and llamiah, horn at Itutland, 
April il, 1770 ; married Hannah Dwilla, Nov. 17, 17lU. 
Children, — John, hura May -0, 17*Jo; Lemuel, Dec. DJ, 
17'Jl ; Harriet, Jtily :;, IhOO; Hannuli, Sept. 2U, 18u2. Ho 
Keltled ia ITolden, ul'terwurds t>t;t ulV to West Hoyls^ton, whero 
his descendants now live. 

.luhn, sou uf Juha of West Doylbloa, horn May 'JO, 170-.*. 
i'hihlren, — John fJ., horn ia l.Siil ; <jeorge, ia lS:io. 

2SG m.iAs m:Ai>, 

Jolni 0., son of John of West Boylston. ChiKl, — Amelia, 
horn in 18 JU. 

George, son of John of West Boylston. Child, — George, 
horn in 185l5. 

7. Daniel, son of Thomas and ITannah of Rutland, honi 
Jlay 9, 1774; married ilehceea. Children, — Kliza and 
Louisa, horn Aug. 10, 171)8 ; Almira, Marcli o, 1801 ; John, 

22,1803; Reheeca, April 7, 1808; Daniel, Sept. 4, 

ISOo; Harriet Ann, April 17, 1810. 

4. Joseph, — son, proliahly, of Jaeob and Eli/aheth, and 
grandson of Dr. Philip,— -married Sarah Riec of Sudbury, 
Nov. 20, 172:i. Chihl,— nethiah, horn Aug. 1, 1725 ; mar- 
ried Moses Townc of Oxford. 

5. Joseph, who married Sarah. Child,- — Joseph, Get. 5, 
1773; died in Wayland, formerly East Sudbury, December, 

7. Isaac, son of Jacob and Exporicnco of Sudbury, mar- 
ried Ruth Drown, April 15, 1704. Children, — Clarissa, 
born Dec. 18, 1794 ; Isaac, March 23, 1797; Webster; 
George, Nov. 4, 1813. IJe lived in Waltham, and was 
known as Capt. Isaac Reed. 

8. Isaac, .son of Isaac and Ruth, l>orn March 23, 1797; 
married Eunice Til)het.s. Children, — William, born in 
1829 ; Roxanna, June 25, 1832 ; Ruth, March 18, 1835; 
Harriet, Oct. 22, 1841. He lives at Amesbury Mills. 

8. Webster, son of Isaac and Ruth, had Oeorgo IF., horn 
Get. 19, 1840; Charles R, Nov. 10, 1843. He is deceased, 
and his orphan children live at Amesbury Mills with his 
brother Isaac. 

9. George, son of Isaac and Ruth, born Nov. 4, 1813 ; mar- . 
ricd Nancy. Children, — Ellen, born May 3, 1837; Geor- 
gianna, Juno 8, 1839. He died in Waltham, Oct. 2, 1851. 

2. Thomas, son of Elias, settled in Sudbury ; and died 
July 25, 1050, leaving a son Thomas. 


8. Thomas, son of Thoinns of Siulliury, inaiTicd ^fary 
IVigclow. CliiUlieii, — Thomas, ^fiitthcw, IJcnjainui, KJ- 
ukoiij. Ko was made freeman in 1G5G. IIo died in ITUl : 
his wife died in 1707. 

4. Thomas, son of Thomas and ^fary of Sudhury, married 
^lary AYood, May HO, 1007. CliiUh-cn, — Tliomas, horn 
^hiy 22, 1078 ; Klizahuth, manied Nathaniel Wilson, 
Doc. 28, 170U. IIo was appointed a eommiltee to lay pnl 
l)i<^liways in 1004 ; was raied to huild a bvul^o in lijM. 
His wife died in 1724. 

o. 'J'homas, son of 'J'homas and Mary of Sudbury, hora 
May 22, 1078 ; married Ahi«ruil Jlueon, July 1, 1708, for 
becond wife. Cliildrcn by first wife, — Natlianid, Oct. 0, 
1702 ; Isaac and Thonuis, b'eh. 23, 1704 ; Catherine, Janu- 
ary, 17U7. l>y second wife, — Mary, l>orn May 1, 1711; 
Abigail, Feb. 12, 17l2>, married Daniel Winch of Framing- 
ham, March 11, 1742 ; Daniid, May 11), 1714 ; Uelsy, 
June 10, 1710; Lydia, Aug. 20, 1718; Joseph, Dee. 4, 

0. Nathaniel, son of Thomas and Abigail of Sudbury, 
born Oct. G, 1702 ; inarried Fliebo Laml). Children, — 
llcuben, born Nov. 2, l7->0; Joshua. Doe. 14, 17^2 ; Fhcl)0, 
Jan. 28, 17fU, married Joshua Harrington of CrookKeld in 
17r)4 ; Lydia, born March K), 17o0, married Jonathan Dan- 
forth in 175U ; Mary, born Jan. SO, 17«18, inarried Juditli 
Cutler in 17i*)0; Nathan, born lifarch 8, 1740; PeiVis, mar- 
ried a Levins; Murtha, liorn Sept. 20, 174H, married Henry 
Waldridgo in 1702; Al»igail, luirn March 17, 1740, married 
Thomas Cutler of Lexinjiton iJi 17t)4 ; Hulh, born Jan. ^]1, 
1747, married William (iree, Oct. Di, 17t)U; Nathaniel, born 
March Ifl, 1740; Kunice, An-r. 4, Hoi-; Nathan, Oct. 1, 
ITfiS. lie settled in that part of Drooklield which is now a 
portion of the town uf Warren, lie was a large landholder, 
liis farm consisting of fourteen hundred acres. 


7. Reul»cii, sou ol* Nallijinicl ami riicbc of nrookfiolil, 
born Nov. 2, 17;>0; marriod Tiuiierson Ifeachoni ol' Enlioltl 
in 1754. ('Inlilrenj — Iteuljcn, bora Jan. 20, 175G; Eliza- 
beth, Oct. 20, 1757, uKiniod Duniol Foster, the minister of 
New Ikaintreo ; Nathan, born July 2, 1751) ; Nathajiicl, 
April 4, 17i)2; Joshua, Jan. 20, 17(54 ; Sarah, A|>ril 211, 
17G8 ; Tamcrsoa, Dec. 25, 1700, married Lieut. William 
Eastman of Granby, Sept. 5, 1704 ; Levi, born July 17, 177o, 
married Lucinda Morgan of Ibimlield. lie was a major 
of militia in the Revolution, and a man of note. He died 
May 2li, 180o, on the old homestead in Warren, aged 

G. Reuben, son of Reuben and Tamersoa, born Jan. 20, 
175G; married Hannah C/heney in 177D. Children, — Da- 
niel, born Dee. I), 1781, nuirried Mary Smith, April 14, 
18U<), and died Dee. 17, 181;i, aged sixly-thrco; Persis, mar- 
ried Joseph Eaton of («ranby; Hannah, married Parley 
Damon; Reuben, born l7Ui ; Nathan, who died in l«S5(i; 
Waldo, married Celista Howell, 1822. 

G, Joshua, son of Reuben and Tamerson, born Jan. 20, 
17G4 ; married Anna CMiaplin, 1790. Children, — Tammy, 
born Sept. 25, 171)1, married Sherbcc Foster, June 4, 1812; 
Lois, born April 12, 17U3; Joshua, March 17,171)8; CSeorgo 
W., Dec. 11,1799. n, 

7. Waldo, sou of lleubeu and Hannah, married Celista 
Hamilton in 1822. Children, — Persis Jano, born in Wes- 
ton, March 20, 1823; Henry Dwight, Dec. 3, 1824; Tiouisa, 
Jan. G, 1827 ; Mary Ann, born in Rrookfield, April 11, 18«15 ; 
Julia Ann, born March 11, 18.17 ; Waldo E., May G, 1839. 

G. llcuben, son of Reuben and Hannah, bora 1791 ; mar* 
ricd Sophrona Chcaey. Children, — Atary Jane, born May 
17, 1830 ; William, Nov. 15, 1831 ; Hcman, April 80, 1833 ; 
Warren, Deo. 10, 1834, died at sea ; Reuben C, boni 
^larch 11, 183G, died Oct. 20, 1857 ; Sarah M., burn Feb. 15, 



1S:J8; Emily, July 2, 18r,9, tlioil Sept. 29, 1857; Martin, 

boni Feb. 4, 1841, Sefit. 8, 1850 ; Laura, lioni Aug* 3, 

1Sl;J, died Nov. I, 1857; ^fury Ann, liorn April 8, 1840, 
died Nov. 2, 185C ; Alanson, born June 7, 18 17, died Nov. 6, 
1850. He was a pro^iperous farmer, and died Sept. 27, 1857 ; 
making cigbt deatlis in tbe I'aniily in two or three years. 
Surely tbe messenger of death laid his hand heavily upon 
this family, as it is almost unpreeedeutcd in the New- 
Kngland States since tbe time of small-po.K hi 1720, '21, and 
'22 ; when it was so prevalent and fatal, that, in some pbiees, 
the old records Jiote those deatlis notof small-iiox, and some 
families became almost extinct by its ravages. 

7. Nathan, son of llenben and Hannah, married Eliza 
Mills in 1820. Children,— Nathan 0., born July 24, 1821 ; 
Emclino A., June la, 1824 ; John Ji., April 4, 1828; Na- 
thaniel, March 24, lS;Ui ; Cyrus, June 17, 18:52 ; Frances E., 
June 20,18:14; Columbus F., November, 18:10; Mary E., 
Feb. 21, 18;i9 ; Freeman, March 2, IS 10, died Aug. 9, 1850. 

7. Oeorgc W., son of Joshua and Anna of Warren, born 
Dec. 11, 1790; married Julia Ann Hamilton of Hampton, 
Conn,, in 1825. Child, — Samuel 0., born 18:^3; died 
Juno 17, 1840, 

0. Nathaniel, son of Keuben and Tamcrson of Warren, 
born April 4, 1702; settled in Cambridge, in the State of 
Vermont, in 1800, where he died in 1842, aged eighty years. 
Children, — llcnsselaer ; Nathaniel, who is a lawyer in Cam- 
bridge, Vt. ; Virgis ; Adeline, married a Story; HtU'ace; 
Thonnis; Oeorgc W. ; Tamcrson, married Walter Oermain; 
Havid, born in Warren, Mass., July 24, 1709, and admitted 
to the bar iu Frajiklin County, Vt., in 1823. 

7. Dttvid, son of Nathaniel of Cambridge, Vt., born 
July 24, 1799; married Judith M. Hazelton, Feb. 2, 1624. 
Children, — Adeline IF., born July 4, 1825 ; Eldon W., 
July 7, 1827, died Aug. 19, 1835; Harriet Sophia, July 14, 



1829, (lied Au^r. 30, 18:51. His wife died May 80, 18111. 
Miirrlcd Emily .Miir.^h, Out. 15, 18o2. Cliildrcii, — Juinos 
M., bora Nov. 10, \H:Vt\, ^radiiattid at Unity College in 
1853, and resides in Now- York (^ity, an associate ediica* 
of the *' Courier and Knquirer;*' William J., born Oct. 10, 
1810, died J)ee. 4, 1811 ; Oirdon R., born Sept. 16, 1813; 
Edward M., July If), IS 10. JIc re:<ides, and practises law, 
at Winooska Falls in \'ernuuit. 

7. llcnsselaer, mm of Xatlianiol of Candnidiie, Vt. Chil- 
dren, — Charles llcnsselaer, born in Fail Held, Aug. 0, 1810 ; 
Silas II. ; ^laria, who nuirrieil Warren Hoot of liurlington ; 
Hannah, married lianson Read of Cohunbus, 0. 

8. Charles 11., son of Jlens^elacr, born at Fairfield, Vt., 
Aug. 0, 1810 ; married Sally Sniilh of Fairfield, March G, 
1831. Children, — llenssrlaer Smith, Urn July 8, 1832; 
Sarah Sophia, Jan. 1, 18315; Kphraim S., May 1, 1831); 
Charles Joab, Feb. 27, 1813 ; Julius Herbert, Nov. 7, ISJf). 

9. Ilenssclaer S., son of Itensselacr, born July 8, 1832 ; 
married llenrictla Warren, July 4, 1850. Child, — Cora 
AdcUa, born Aug. 1, 1857. 

Hon. Nathan Rkad was biu-n at WcsU rn (now Warren), in llic 
county of Worcester, Ma>s., July 2, 175'J. lie was llic son of Ma- 
jor Ueuben Ueiul, who was Um\ at Siulhuryi ^fass., Nov. 2, 1730, 
and wlio belli llie rank of niiijur in a rc*!iuieut of miuuie-ineii, in tlie 
lievoUaionury War, raised under llic eoiuumnd of Mujor-(Jen. Ward. 
After die capture of Hur*royne*s aruiy al Saratoga, Major Head was 
detailed by (jieu. llealb, wlio then had (lie eounnand of die easwrn 
division of the army, lo take ilie charge of the i!es>iaM and Uriii^h 
troops, then prisoners of war at Canibrid;^e ; and who soon afier 
removed them to Ituiland, in the county of Worcester. lie (Reu- 
ben) wm the .sou of Capr. Nathaniel Head, who was one of the eurly 
settlers of Warren ; look up a hu*ge tract of hind there ; and who, 
under bis good nianagenteut, and taste fur ngricuhurai Hie, suou ren- 
dered his (arm. very productive and valuable. In early lite ho 
learned the curpeiner's tr:ule, jnid always kept on hand a good set 


of i«Mil^ vrliirh ciuiltkMl him tii make liis own fanuins; ulLMi>iis aiul 
t-n-ci lii> own IniiUrnig? ; uhirli al iliai early day, wIkmi iiUH:liiiitk\il 
Irdior was tliilu-uU lu Ur liatl, wa^ a iiiaU<*r ol' no small moim^iit to 
liim. He lui«l the iv|MiUiuoii «il' hciii*: a man ol* |;n\U iiidu;»ii7 iiud 
|.fr5evcnuict;, and |>ru\ orlilall y j«-i in all liii dcaliiij;* and tnmsiic* 
llou^ in life, lie diiil .lum: U, I7«S.'>, al lliu advaui^d a^c ol* (.Mj^liiy- 
oik; yrar^^. lie reaidi-^l u|M>n a poriion ol* llic tUmi ilmaiglioul his 
lit'o, and uiadu ajrrtculluri: hia rmplu) uumiI, >aYe tliv lime hi*. ."^ik'IiI 
ill liie Kifvoluiiouary .-ervitH'. lie was a man ol mnch ai-liviiy, and 
li\«duf>«^ of |iur|io^e. IK- dii-d al lii> n-idrncc in Wariin, ilay •(», 
].>03, in tilt! acVL-niy-ihinI year ul' lii^ a^c ; leaving live sons, amon<; 
ivh<»ni Xatluiu wa> lliu .^ei-oml. 

Tlic gnnidmuihei'*s maiden nana* was I'hcbc Lumb. Shu wai a 
woman uotc«l lor her henevolence anti jdeiy. Tin: mollier*;» inuidcii 
inunc was Tami»on Ka^tman, iVoni ICnlield, Conu. : »htt wtu coudia 
lo (Jen. (Ji'een of Khodc l?land| who, in tlio UcvolutioUi wui next in 
command to (Jen. Washington. 

Nailian resided at home with hi:> parents, uiid oecasiomtUy with 
his •rrand pa rents, mail he waa iifteen years of age, and worked on 
the farm ; their larms heing distiuci, bnl adjoining eaeh other. In 
the antumu of 1770, having previously had but very hltle opportu- 
nity, he was deal to Uev. Samuel Willard's school, at Statlbrd, about 
three months ; where he was laughl arithmetic, Kng)i>h griunnmi'i 
and Hurr*s Latin granunar. lie then retnrne«t home, and atlendetl 
the town-school altout two montlli^, kept by Mi% Dvvi'j^ht Foster, an 
nmh-rgradnate of lirown IJuiversiiy. Tlie spring folhiwing, he went 
to yiv, Nathan (Joddard's private school, in Shrew>bury *, where he 
I'ounnenced the Mudy of (J reek. i\Ir. (Joildard being »oou after 
calletl away to preach for bevenil montha as a candidate lor the 
mtni^try, he was under the necessity of seeking a new iiialruclors 
and enieriMl the sduiol of a ehfrjiynmn in a neighoring town, prose* 
euied his (>reek, and prepared hini>cil', a<( far as he coiiKl uialer the 
disadvantages tnid limited lime that was allowed him, to enter college. 
Al the clo^e of the summer vacation in 1777, lesi than a year from 
the lime he commenced his preparatory stmlie:^ he a[»peareil hefora 
the Hoard of Kxaminers at Harvard University us a candidate Itn' 
inlmis.^ion. Caleb Gannett and lienjamin (Juild were his exami- 
ners : they found hiiii cpialilied, and he >vas then admitted to the 
university. As his parents were desirous that he should quaUly 

202 KiJ.vs niCAi), 

liiiii-^i'ir lor tlif iuini>liy, lu; .iirciiilrd Prof. Scwair.-* Irctnrcs on llui 
Kcbrew lnn'.ni:iir«', iind :ir«|iiir('il so iniurli kiio\vliHlg<: of it lis to ho 
:i|tfH>inu-il to liiliviM' ;i Hi'brcw onilioii at a jMibru' cxliibilioii : and, 
diirin«5 tin; inii'ival ln;tWfL*ii ihc dralh of l*rof*. Strwall and the 
a|>|>oiiiiniciit of Mr. l'ai>oii.s a> hi.s auccis-or, he was rc(|iic9ii*d to 
uislnirt siirh ^ludriits as wi-hi'd to Itani the llchri-w hin<iiia^i; ; 
whicli he avconhiij^ly did, ami was haiidsonudy rewarded for hU 
Hcrviees. Vrfvioiis to vunnniMU'einent in 1781, at which time he 
gradnatfd, he was sidi-eti'd liy his cla.-sniaies to «h*!iver n valedie- 
tory address on a lix(;d day, in eon)|iliaiK'e with a longHSCahli^hed 
cnstotn of the university. 

After eonunenreniiMit, he went to lieverly, Mass., and tan*fht the 
town-5ch(M)l there about a year and a half; and hoardiHl at the lionse 
of tlie Hon. Nathan Dane, the I'otinder of the law-.sehool at Harvard. 
After h*aving Mtvi-rly, he tanjrht a private ^ehool for yuun*^ hulie<, 
in Salem, mttil OetobiM*, \lHl\ \ at whieh tintc he wa:i ele«>tiM| a 
tutor in Harvard ( one«;e, where he continued his hdM>rd as sueh 
until after the eonnneneemenl of 1787. ILi: then resigned hii plaee 
i\H tutor, an«l entered upon the >tndy of medicine with Dr. Kdwaid 
Augustus llolyoke of Salem till Oetober, ]7bt$; when ho gave up 
the idea of following mcdieine as a profession, and opened un apo- 
thecary >tore in SaK-m. lie built and occupied the nninsion-hoiise, 
on Kssex Street, l.uo taken down, — where the Pluuuner ln.'^tilnte 
now stands. 

In Oetolier, 171M), he was married to Wiss Eli/.tibctli JillVy, 
daughter of ^^ iliiatn .JellVy, 1vh|., Ch'rk of the Court of the County 
of Kssi'X, and grand-tlanghler of Joseph Howditeh, I0?4|. Aug. :^l, 
1701, he was ehu-lrd a nn inber of the American Academy of Arts 
and Sciences. April 4, 171) '», he removed on to his farm in Dan- 
vers, and en-eli'd a permam-nt stnu'inre acros?. Waters's Hiver, which 
served for a dam ami britl^n* ; and built the splendid nunish»n-honsc 
known at the prrsiiil tinu* as the C*apl. Porter Kstate. In October, 
1800, he was appointed a mendier of Congress from Kssex South 
District to lill tin; vacancy occasioned by the death of Judgo Sewall, 
the late mend)er from that tlistrict. Nov. 5, 18<H», he was also elected \ 
11 member, from that di>trict,of ihesmm'cding Congress, for two year* 
from and after the it It of March, 1801 ; and was a metiiber during 
the contot in the House between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron 
Httrr, in which the former became the successful candidate, and sue- 

AND HIS Di:S0KT^DANT3. 2!)o 

ri'i'tUMl to llio olVice cif I'lvshlent. Fib. 10, 180->, wliilo a rosltltriil 
ol' l)auv(*i'-i, \ui \v:ts :i|»)K>intcil hy Giiv. Stronj^ a special fhi^licc uf 
t)u* Couvi of' (Vaiuiioii IMras liir tlif CNiuiity uf Ksscx. In ITlMi, liti 
and Itis assoriatrs Imill, and |»ni in o|Hi'af i<ni, the Saltfm Iron Farlory 
tur the nianuraiiunt of* chain-ntMrs, anclior:*, and oihri* nmU*mU of 
iron I'ur >hi|>-liuildinjr, lui* wliirli li«* ariud as tin; a;.'fnt oi' the com- 
pany: and tin* ni'Xi yrar (I7*J7) Ik* invented, ami put in upirmtiou 
in iln; ahovc lactory, and df>i;:niil tor itH own spcciu) nsr, Ibr tlie 
nianntaiMnrc ol' nails and ^pikos wiili ^rcali*r I'aciliiy and at Uss c*osf, 
a nail niacliim;, wliirli (Mil and hcadi-tl nails ami .-•pikes at one opera- 
tion ; an«l tor wliii-li lie atkrwanis rtvoivtul a patent, — it i)einj; 
ilie same maeliine now ummI tor sneli purimses. lie al>o invented 
ii\nmi that iim«; many usethi and impormul aifrkidlural imph-nients, 
tor wliieh he took no patent. In Novrndier, 18t>7, he removed Ironi 
Salem to Uelt'a^i, llaiuMM'k (^nniiy, Me.; an«l lor many year.s pn?- 
^idetl as C/liiet'-tlu>tiee ol'ihr (\iun ol' Common IMea.s in >aid eonnty. 
^lay 21, 18ir>, he was eh'iied an honorary mcinher of the Linnuuin 
SiK-ieiy of New Kn;rland. 

At'ier removing lo IWdlasl, he jrave nnnt of his time tu n;4;ricilltn- 
ral pnr.^nits; whieh hr. rei^iardnl, lu um; his own hin*^na';e, ** as the 
most natural, heahhy, ami hmiorahle (M'cnpaiion of man.** On his 
removal there, he pnrehasetl a hnye farm i*ontainin*^ some tmir hnn- 
(hvil acres, beauiilnlly situated ni-ar the head of Ihdfubt Ihiy, jn.>t 
.Mmth of the pres<»nl liusiiiu-s pail of the city, and frontm*; ahout half 
a mile on the hay. His re-^hhrnee ov<*rlooked the charming scenery 
of (III- hay, Mmhied with ii> nnnn*rons inlands, and marked by it^ pic- 
tnre.-ipu' out line, — always pre.-enling a v'mw cont^enial to his t-astc 
and plear^in;^ to his ey«*. Here he spciil the remainder of his 1on«; 
and useful life; ever lakintr i\ deep inlrrest in all nmttci'sof u public 
eharacier t|f>i{jriied to hen**Hl and impiHive the eounlry, ))i)rticnlarly 
his own town and peoph*. WIk-ii the railroad from Quebec to the 
Atlantic coast, in Maine, was projcited, he labored earimsdy to make 
l>clfaM the place of its terminn-i ; whieh, had such a pur)H)fe been 
elfi-cted, Would, mv lhi>, have made it a lar^e connnercial city. The 
can^e of religion and education was esteemed by him as the cause 
tliat involved his hi^^litst duties, and his exertions and support were 
eon.ttatuly npplietl in their h«dialf. At an early ilay, when the town 
was comparatively new, he was in-^trumental in Crtubli.-hing a hi*fh- 
.-rhool there, thai the )ouiliof the place might be educated at lioine ; 


lliti U*iu*fii*ial olVects of wliirli have for a long tiniu^ and will for u 
lontf {iuw lu coiuc, no cUnilii, ha iclt aiiti appivciatcnl. 

llu <ti(;(l al III- iv^'aK'nix* in Uelfasi, Jan. 20, 1811), in the ninetieth 
year of his age. lie |H»ss«jsse<l a .-^Ironj^ eonMilulion, as well as a stron*; 
and hi«rhly cnllivateil mind, llis aim was hiuh|an<l lie soared above 
the ^onlid interests of tlic world, lie was ieni|»erale, yet persever- 
ing; ardent in his enujliiin>, yet (H).s*:e.s^in«{ a kind heart and the 
best uf cpialilii'S. With a line lunn, a [gentlemanly deportmcnl, and 
u hi^^hly intellecHnal eunnlenance, his presenee wa-^ always eonunand- 
ing, and hi.s eonver-^aiitin appropriate and insirneiive. Ilis mental 
mid phy.sieal powir.^ n-maincd with him, with reniarkable uniiur- 
mity and lirnmess, until within a lew days ot' his death ; whieh was 
caused by a hmg-t'ever, produeed by exposure to e.xtreme cold, whieh 
lie seldom :;un^''la tu avuitl. lie wa:> the last sur\ iving member of 
hy eoIhge-ela>r} ; and, wiih two exee[»lions (Jndge Karrar and James 
Lowell), the oldest li\ hig jiraduale ol* Harvard University, 

Jle was titv jirsi w/tu ei'i'f made a auvctissjal applivuttun of steam-' 
power to (he jjurpvscs of navltjatiun ; and ila: firat to itu-tnt and 
coitHtrucl a locomutiva-vjii/intt alius sttutn^un-iayc. The arts and 
frcieuees were his favorite :>lndy, and his ineliiiations eunsiantly 
led him to be experimenting therein. Ab early as 1768, while a 
resident of Sah*m, he beeame e^peeially interested in the pnrposc 
of applying steam-power to the praetieal n^e of prupellhig boats and 
lan«l-earriagcs. He hail the ability to eomprehend the residts that 
Wdtdtl follow the attainment Ki\' sueh a pnrpose ; ami at that lime 
looked forward to the aeeomplishment of .so intportanl a work, then 
nnivei'.^ally arknuwledi^ed as a desideratum in the meehanie arts. 
The idea as to Uiat.'> was not new ; varions experiments had been 
tried, and (lill'crmt modes for propelling them attempted: but by 
wImC ap(>lianees, and how the thing eonhl bo done, rennvined, as yet, 
a niy»tery to the worKl. 

John Kiteh, a nalivo of \Vhid.->or, Conn., and James l^amaey, a 
native of Maryland, were the fnst in Ameriea who madv;' the at- 
tempt to propel lioati by steam. Fiteh was the iirsi to eommcuee 
Imildiug his boat ; but Uamsey wah the iir<t to try his experiment. ^ 
lie had settled in Virguiia, at ShephenUtown, JelVer.-ou Coniny, on 
the south bank of the i'olonuie ; where, it is said, his log dwelling 
.^till stands. His first clVort was the applieation of steam-jjower to u 
pump ; by whieh he sought to propel his boat by drawiitg water hi at 


llic bow, ami i)onnii;( il out at tin; .sIlmii. This proveil iita<KM|iiaiu 
1(11* loadt (1 boats, ok liu* rivi-r iinviL'.Miioii (wlik-li was tlii-n only tluaiglit 
ul) agaiiist tlic ciinrut. lit- ilti.-ii aitriiiptoil to apply his ^teain- 
powiT (0 s(:Uing-|Hj|<s bat wiibuat >urri'>.> ; am) he luadu no i\irth(T 
trill), lie eouoiHiio i) tin: )iiiil()in^ ol' hi.^ Iioai, near )ii> residoiu'c 
ill S)i(*p)u*n).>lowii, ill iTi^'i; ami laum-)aM) it upon t)io I'otoniac in 
1780, wlhTe t)»c alMi\u expi riannii wi-u; triril. He alieiwarJ.s 
(about I7.SS) winl to KiiL'him) to pioMcute his >leaui projeets tluMe; 
and wbi)e iilKiiit lo inter upon a ))ulilii' exptisituai of liis view^i aiu) 
plans lirlore a 4iowilrtl amlieiu*! at laverptHil, as he ro>e lo eoin- 
tm-iice liis )ei'lin'e, )ii' was >inu-k duwii wiili an apopli-etic fit, which 
ti'i'iiiinated his lil'i', aiul irl'l liir taxoiile pictjt r| unaitaincil.*^ 

l*^iieli attcinpti-i) lo apply .<t«'aiii-piiwer to oar:). He coinnunced 
the bui)iiiii<j:or hi.<i boat the <ain«* year, but earlier than Uanisi'y ; but 
(lid not eonipleie it, >o a-^ h» try his experiment, until 1787. lie 
lauiu'hfd liis l>uat ami niatlc bis iiia) upon the Delaware: but liii 
iiiarliiuery ]u'oved. insntliciinl, and ill adaplitl to the jiurpo>es of 
iiavi<ialion ; and ihis, iM-iie^ hi< lir.^l, was aUo his la.^t e.\p«*riinent. 
lie niade no other aiteinptf bill had pnat hiiib in the ulliniaie siie- 
ri'-s of >ti'ani lor propilling boai.«. Hi* dird at )>ard>UiWn, in Ken- 
tiieky, in 171)0; and, at hi.-^ di-alli, made llie reipic-^t, ihat he should 
Iff buried on tlu- banks of ihe Ohio, *Mliat la: nuLdit repo>e where ihe 
SOIP4 of tlie iHiatniau wimld enliven the Milhies.< oi' his re>iiiig-phiee, 
and the niu>ic of the Mi-ain-en;^ine sootla; his .siiirit/' 

Mr. Kvad, in the mean time, haviiij^ iiutieed the failure ot' these 
cxprrinifiits of Kain^ey and Fiteh, and Indieviii!^ that ihcy were 
oei*a>ioned )>y the ill-eun>irmt«-d maehiiu'ry whieh they had tried, 
^i•l hiaistir to work tu atvoiiipli-b I he lud whieh they liad sou<^ht 
and abandoiKMl, by the invention and use of nnu-hinery of a ditbr- 
eiil and more pi*rleet eharaeter, >U('h as woidd be better adapted 
to the olijeet in view. He believed that iheir boilers for generating 
.steam Were piiorly eontrived, am) that a substitute might U: got up 
of far )^reatifr elliciiiiey ; that thiir hiug, awkwanl oars, and still' 
nuue awkward pumps and :}i'tting-pohs, eoiith.-mned tlieuisi.lves, a.s 
iiaMiited lo the pur|>o.>e iur which tin y were desigmnl ; and that 
.M»nie bi'tlir niiKle might be adopted. Aeeordiiigly, hi 1789, f/V/Zc/rni 
//«ori L'Jufe FuUun uppvarvd tvUh his ej-pcrimtn(s upon thv lituhon^ 

* IIowv'k Ititluiical CiiUcctiwiis ul' Virgiitia, p. U^iU. 



llic l»o\v» mill i>om'iii«^ ii uiit at i1k; slcni. This ju'ovcd iiia<K><iiialu 
ioi* loadctl boats, ok lur river iiavi,L'aii(Mi (wliicli was ilicii only lliuii<;iit 
ut) agaiiK^l the (-iirmtt. lit- ihiMi aUi-iapted to apply hi:» ^ti?aia- 
power to <t.'ttii)g-puh'S hiii wiihoiti >urti'>> ; am) he made no t'arthcr 
(rial. He eoiiiiiHiu'id llu: hailtlin;^ of hi.^ hoal, near hi:^ residence 
ill ShfpherdMowii, in i7^;J ; ami hanuhed it upon tlie Votoniac in 
1780, wh«'re the ahoxe e.\[Mrin»riii-, were tried. He aClerwards 
(ulwail I7.S8) went !o I'Jiiilaiul to pruM-eiUe hi«> >teani projeets ihere; 
and whih; ahoiil lo i'liler upon a puldie exposilion of his vii^w^i and 
plans heCore a crowded andieiiei: al fav«'rp«i(d, as he ro.-^e to eoin- 
nieneo his leeiure, he was >lrnek down wiih an iipopleetie tit, which 
lernnnaled hi.*« life, anil lel'l hi? l*a\orite. proji «•( nnaltained.* 

Kileh atliinpted (o apply sieani-pt>wer lo oar.-?. He cunuueneed 
the bnihlinj^ot* hi^ iioat the >ann* }ear. luit earlier than liani>ey ; hut 
did uol eoniph'ie il, >o a-^ t(» try his esperinieni, until 1787. He 
taunehed his l>oa( and math* hi> trial upon the Delaware: but liii 
niaeliinery ]u'ovefl- iasnirieient, and ill adapti-d to the purposes ot* 
navi<'a(ioit ; and ihi>, bein*^ hi< lir^i, was aUo his la>t experiment. 
He made no uiher aiienipl, but had ^reat liiiih in (he uliiiuute 5ue- 
ct'^:i of >ieani lor propilliiii; boa(>. He dieil at l>avd>U)wn, in Ken- 
tiieky, in l7'J(i; and, al Iti^ di-alli, made the retpieM, that he >liould 
he buried on the banks ol' the Ohio, *Mha( he miiihl repose where the 
son*; of the iHtatnnui wiadd enliM'n the .^tillnes.s ot' his re>iiiig-phiee| 
and the nMi>ic of the .•^team-en^^ine soothe his spirit." 

Mr. Kead, in the na-an time, having noiieed the failure o( these 
experiments yt\' Kam-ey and Fiteli, and In-Uevinj^ that they were 
oeea>ioned by the ill-eoii>trueled maehiiu'ry whieb they hatl tried, 
^et him-^elf to work lo aeeompli^h the eiat whieh they had sou^lit 
and abandoned, by the invention and use of maehinery of a dill'er- 
ent and more pt*rteet eharaeler, >ueh as woidd W. better adapted 
to the objeel in view. He believetl that their btulers fur generating 
steam were poorly eontrived, and that a snbattlute might tu; got u]» 
of far greati'r ellieieney ; that ibrir long, awkward oars, and btitl' 
naire awkward pumps and hetling-poles, eonih.'nuK.-d ibems<.-lves, a.^ 
ununited to llie purpose for whieh thiy were de>igntMl ; and that 
M»me belter nuMle niight be aih*pted. Aeeordingly, in l7^^i), I'/^/r/rcn 
//«'iir*' It/ore Fultim ujiprand with his i'jpariments ujfOn fhv /ituUoH, 

* Wuwc'h llhtuiical CoUi'ciiuiiH <«(' Vir|rii>la, p. :Utf. 

29G KUAH UKAl), 

lie lintV siurecikHl iu iuvfiiliii^ aiul ooiiritructing n boiU'r, ilitlcnni; 
fs.'sculially iVom tliosc iislmI by Kiieli aiul liUinscy; uiiil whicli, iVuiu 
its cliaracti^t'isiic priiiciplfs, ho (leiioiuiaaU'iI u ** porlaUo i'unuicti 
boilor." Il occupied but little sjiact*, was li^^hi auil htron«(, and so 
cunstmctcd a.s to ivquirc tie other i'umai'c thau what itself con.sli- 
tutod ; and was do^i^j^ncd bi)ih lor steand)oats and bi('am-cama«|;es. 
In the nn-an tiaie, ha had fuus-lructcd u model of a slC'anwaiTia;;c, 
with one ot' hi> m-wly invrntid bolhi.^, and other new and suitable 
niachiner}' attached, to «rive it loconiution ; and, nu'tuiwhlle, he had 
also con>ti'ucted a .-^teandujat, with his boiler and one of Watt's 
double-acting rotary engines atlachetL The l>oat was id' sutlleient 
sixc to carry a man, with the necessary ajiparalus lor propeirni*; it 
through the water. To the axi.-., which extended acro-s the ;(un- 
wale of the boat, were lixed two paddlo-wlu;els, con>lructetl precisely 
on the same principle^ they now are lor steamU)al:^, and such as 
are, at this day, ahn(»si uidver.^ally ado)>ted and u^ed lor steam- 
navigation thron*>hont the world. AVith this l>oat, by nnans of u 
crank, and without a Ity- wheel, he was safely propi'lled (innnedialely 
after its comph'tion) with ^reat rapidity, by the force of its little 
engim- alone, across an arm of the sea which separates Danvers fron) 
iJeverly. 'I'he Uev. Dr. l*rince of Salem and several other gentle- 
men were present, ami saw the expitriment. 

ms WHS the first stcantbnut^ ami the first voi/0(/e ercr taken in a 
steamer^ constntcted upon thv same jthin and jtrim'tplrs uf uur present 
boats. The experiment was triumphant ; the work, to human 
reason, was accompli-lnMl and proved j the l«>n;i -so u;rht dvsiihratuiu 
had Uen reacla d. 'I'lu; emotions of the inventor, as he sat upon lUv. 
deck of his lillle steamer and watched the heemin«*ly intelli;;i.)it 
workinj^s of its engiiu' aiul revolving; wheeU, but more especially as 
thi^y faithfully shot him along the surface of the deep waters of the 
bay and safely landed him upon the shore beyond, can be better 
felt than deMM'ibed. Seeing as he saw, and feeling as he felt, when 
the evident success of his experiments, with the great re.-ults I hey 
told, fluahed upon his ndnd, ami were thus ttuddeidy and liuci-e.^ fully 
demonstrated, he ciadd well realize (he sensations of rranklin when 
he applied his knuckle to the key, and drew forth the elcttrie spark. 
Surely he fell thai be had not hdxired in vain. 

lly this experiment, he knew that he bail reduced the |M*wer of 
.steam to the. easy control of man ami to praetical purposes, that 

AND ins DKSCKN'DANTS. '1[)1 

\mmi\>{n\ nntolil roulls upon Xha iinlti-lrial, coinnuMrial, and siu-ial 
inn-rests of nninkintl; and, allli(inj;li \hv > ot'liis ini|)iuvi*nicn(.s 
10 liini appi'ariM) ci riain, li«; was nol aware lliat lie liad yet to rn- 
ronnltrr tlic l)li^ditin«( intlnijiU'C of an inrmlnlous ami solli-li wurld, 
nur thai Iuj liail yet to nuji il»e ili'ii-'mn i»t* iIhj i;;norant (I'ur wliosi: 
common lirintit lio had m) aithntiy hdiun-il) '*as a w rak and >\\\y 
pruji'Clor." IndiMiL lii' wa^ nut aware tlniC truth di'monsiratcd 
I'onid ho cnislu-ii, m'\ v*rih«di>s, nnih-r thi* wt-i^lit ni' jxipnlai* l^m)- 
ranri; and pn-judirc. Aivmdin;rly, with hijrh hopes, and hri*rht 
pro-pi:ils in antiiipation, hi* ajiphtjl, l\h, 8, l7*.Jt), to the Con;:rt'.-s 
of tin* rniled Slate-^, thtn in Sfs.-ion in the rity of Xew York, tor a 
patent of his inventions and iinprovenn-nts. lie spent most of the 
winter of I7l»0 in Xew York, and e\hihiied drawings and de-»nplion:s 
of IiIn lM)al, and aUt> of hi-i ^leam-earria,L»^^^ to Pre.-ident Wa::hirij»tun 
(to wliom he had K'tiers of introdnetion from Cien. lk*njaniin Lin- 
coln), an«l also t*) the mendiers of (.^ln•rre^H and other gentlemen 
lh«re, — among whom were many di-tingni.-hed nu'ehanies, — and 
exjdained to them the principles of his machinery, and especiidly of 
llur operation of his pa«Mle-wheel- tor hoat>, and of his lK)iler^ lK»th 
for hoat- and land-carriages. AVhile in Sew York, he boaitled at 
^Ir.s. Wheaton*.s, in company with Dr. Cniler and (len. Knlns l*nt- 
nani, who \V4re attending npon ('ongres<>, on hnsiness as agents of 
ihi: Ohio Land Company. They introdnced Gen. Stevens to him : 
and he then explained to Stevens the principlejj on which his boat 
wa> con-trnx'ted, — eti^ahining the tnhtilar lM)iler, which he had in- 
vented, with paddh-whecl'! and the «loid»le-aeting rotary engine of 
Wall, — anil nnide to him a foil exhiitititm of his drawings and de- 
>eriptl(m> thereof; who critieally i-xamined ihe sann*. 

The (\ingres> of 17.s".» and **.m», heing the lirst after the adoption 
«)f the Con>iitntion of the L'niled Stales, was, as yt'i^ but imper- 
fectly organi/.ed. It wa-, moreovtrr, overwhelmed with lm.>ine>s of 
the mo>t exciting and important character, ami hail but little time 
or thought to ImhIow on a)>pliea4ii)ns of a private nature, in the 
mean lime, no patent-laws or regulations had ever been established 
or patent granted by the gctveniHicnt. lie ptvsented his petition for 
a pat«'nt to the Hoard of (Vunmis.^ioners, ami fn'st a>ked for a patent 
lor u sti'ainlNvat with paddht-wheels, and for his portable furnace 
Uiiler lor boats and knid-earriages. Hut, indbrtunately for the 
)ietitioner, in looking over some of the lirst volnuies of the Trans- 

2\}S KLIAS UKAl), 

actions of ihi; Koyal iSutiily, pulilitilicd u|»wunl< of sixty ycari 
bcfui'i.^ Iiu iiiiiiUMliatily iioiic-iril that i»oinu i-xpcriiiiciits liatl Iji'oa 
mailu ill Kuro|)c% \vhii*li iM-toru ilint tiniu liail never come to Wis 
kiiowled^fe, wiih a view (o ascertain tlic cuni|uu*ativc utility of 
^vlieeU ami oars; aiul, eiToiifoii^ly siippusiii<; that lie sliouKl not 
be unlit leil to a patent i'or a boat with puiUlle-wIieels, he \vith4hx'W 
8o niui'li of hi.s patent as rehited to .siiil wheels, ami snb^titntetl 
tlierelbr a 1*0 win*; niaehinc, whieh he hail invented and constructed 
U|K>n the prineiple of the cliain-pnnip, and which he bfUoved wunKl 
insure the next be>( purpose to paddle-wheels. This elian<re he 
reluctaully made ; and had he l>een sen^ible, at tiie time, of the 
crude mid imperfert charaeter of those experimeiits, and of the great 
dissimilarity in the maehinery and combinations used, ho most surely 
would have made iiu aUeraliou, but have taken his patent as he at 
fu'st jietitioned. lint, under the circnuHiances and impressions above 
named, he to«»k a patent on his amemled petition; for his rowing- 
imtchine fur propelling boat.>, in lieu of paddle-wheels ; and tor his 
)K>rtable furnace Ijoiler, designed Ibi* boats and huuUcarriages. The 
boiler contained no other furnace than what itself eonstituted; and 
was con.>tructed internally with tubes, on the same prineiple, and 
nearly of the banie tbrm, with th<He now in use for locomotive-enginea. 
He was, nevertheless, entitled to a patent on his petition as at first 
pivscnted. His cmnbinations and much of his maehii^ery were new 
and onginai ; his experiments had demonstrated their concordant 
action and success ; and nothing had beture iraiispircil in the hi>tory 
of bteam-power to produce .^ueli results, and to have interfered with 
his original applieation and [uirpose. This may be clearly seen by 
comparing his boat and experiments with those of an earlier date. 

The Mar([uis of Worcester, the lirst noticeable experimenter in 
steam-power, had expressed his belief that it might be used for pro- 
pelling vessels, but had never tried the experiment :.thts was about 
1065. Next Savary, an Knglishman, who is supposed to be the iirst 
that applied 2»team-power to any practical purpose (that of raising 
Wttter from the mines of Cornwull), proposed to pump water with his 
engine, and turn u large wheel in the middle of a vessel, with paddle- 
wheels acting on the outdide ; but it does not appear that he ever 
tried it. Soon after (about 10^0), Prince iUipert is said to IniveV 
made ttn attempt to navigate a, boat by bteain on the Thames, and 
tliut be tried wheels without success; but little is known of his 


experiment, which was near a ceiiluiy hitViio Walt's iiivfcnlimj of a 
coiitiiiuuus rotary ui<»(ioii, which ah>iii! cuiihl make wheels praOli- 
calile lor sucli a purposo. IJoniuiivilh*, in i7»"),'i, — seveiity-lhreu 
yearn after Priiiee IJupi'rt's ox|uriu»eiit, — jraiiuvl a prize, oU'cretl by 
the I'Vem'h Aeach-my of Seit:iiees, lur writih<; an e.-isiy ; wherein 
he t^ali^faetorily lU-munstraUMl the prinriph-, thai the attaiiiniLMit of a 
rotary motion by the slcani-cn^rine eouhl alone rrmh-r wheels prac- 
ticable fur propelling boats. Tliis was thirty years or more before 
AVatt, the great improver o[' the s( cam-engine, succeetled in obtain- 
ing this motion, and of sati>factoiily jicrl<:eting his nmchinery 
therefor; which was not nntil J76L The intVrence may be 
tirawn as (piite certain, that all attempts to propel boats by paddle- 
wheels must have proved incllcclual, and wilhonl the means of 
success, befttre Watt compKiitii his invention. Indeed, we see, 
that after the essay of liornouville, and before such invention, the 
idea of using wheels was, for the niosl part, abandoned. AVe find 
:>everal attempts in France and this country, in the mean time, 
to propel boats by other means ; the most prominent of which 
seemed to be a paddle in the form of a duck's foot, opening in its 
backward and closing in its forward motion thmugh the water. 
This, Monsieur Genevois fell quite Mire wonhl work ; but all of 
these experiments proved a failure. The eo-incidcnce is worthy 
of note, that the ^laripiis de JoulVroy upon the Soane, and John 
Fitch upon the Delaware, in 17ii3, — the year before Watt eame out 
with his perfected double-acting rotary engine, — were simultane- 
ously engaged in trying lo apply Mcan»-power to oars. 

i^lillcr, i»f Dalswintnu in Scotland, about this time, succeeded 
bi'tter. lie first tried a triple boat (three boats side by .side), uml 
ii>( d wheels turned by men working at a crank ; but, linding this 
ttio hlow and laborious a matter, he employed one Symington to 
put a .steam-engine into a larger vessel, built double. The wheels 
and machinery kept eonslaiitty breaking; the boat was in danger of 
sinking; the apparatus was taken out, and laid up; and there ended 
the c.\)»eriment. ^filter found fault with his engineer, and pro- 
nounced the whole a failure ; but it is Hiid that they suceeede«l hi 
driving the boat along the Forth of (!lyde (*anal at the rate of seven 
miles an hour. Miller, iloullroy, Fitch, and Kams4-y were the last 
to carry out h long series of vague and abortive cxperinienls ; all 
of which experiments, up to theirs, inelusivr*, whether of wheels, 


onrs ur pult^s, (luck's-fect or puin|)S, liad proved unsuccessful, uud 
been alianduned. 

It was iiuw that the subject of (his notice, from (lie strcnglli of 
Ills own (genius aUiue, and without any defuiite knowledge of iheso 
isolated and vague experiimnts in Kurope, eombined tin: boiler he 
had constructed and the double-acting rotary ejiginu of AVatt with 
paddle-wheels, — being the lir>l lime that aueh a ronibinaliou was 
ever etfeeted. It is proper here to remark, that Watt Jiiniself 
never attempted to nppty steam-power to the pujposes of na\igu- 
tion. The above combination brought together in harmony with 
each other the neee^^ary and e.-^sential parts of a ^ti'andioat, j>rae- 
tical, complete, and perl'eei in its nmehlnery aitd arrangement 
ready to do the great work of 8teani-na>i«;ation aueoes-fully, and 
just sueli a boat as we can now aee by the thousand engaged in the 
internal und ocean navigation of the world. Such were the parts 
eombined (prere(pjisites for all steam-navigation), if in miniature, 
yet in pro))er form and adaptation of the little boat which he con- 
structed at Salem, and launched ut Danvers ; the drawings and 
representations of which he had exhibited in the city of New York, 
to Gen. Stevens and others, in 1700; and whieh^ in truth, was the 
model and prototype that disclosed to the world u new and sublime 
agency for its use and progre>s, and which, in (he mean tinie, intro- 
duced n new era in the hiMory of navigation, connnerce, ami trade. 

In 17'J1, — the very next year, it will be noticed, atier the above 
exhibition in the city of New York, — Cen. Stevens, who was u man 
of enterprise .and great wc.alili, commenced his prtrjects in i&team* 
navigation, dir. Kenwick, in his treati^e on the Meam-engine 
(p. 263), says (hat '* Stevens invented the fnv^t tubular Ijuiler 
during his experiments,* and (hat his (irst uttempts Were nnide 
with a rotary engine ; for which, however, he ^peedily snbMiinted 
one of WattV* Ami on p. i&i he says, "Their apparatus was a 
Bysteni of paddles resembling a hori:eontal chain-pump (the rowing 
muehine patented ats above), and set in motion by an engine of 
AVutt's eoni^t ruction." Now, it would be pleasant to know how far 
the ttbove tubular boiler, AVatt*^ rotary engine, niid hydtem of p;H Idles 
resembling u horizontal chain-pump, differed in (heir connirueliuii 

* Mr. lU'invick, in liU prcrucn lu liU treatise, i.'X|>rv.<<c» liU oltli|;ali(iii to Mr. 
It. L. StcvcMis fur tlic fuels in r<;ltaiua to »tcuuibo;Utf, &c. (I(. L. b tt»o mh of Gvii.j 
{lituvcus). ^ 


from the plniis nnd (li'a\vinf!.s of the \v.vy same Xhxw^s whioli tliu 
siibjc'ct of lliii notice \uu\ exlii1>itc(l niul exphunetl to jNIi*. >Slcveiis 
tlio year before lie bc^^ari \\U cxjM'riinenls. The paleiU havhig 
been taken out for u boat with the ruwiui^-niaebine attached in lieu 
of |)ailille-\vbeels, it wouhl be ipiite natural for Air. Steven^i to HUp- 
| that it was (leenied by the |)ati'nt«.'e as the pretV^rable nio<le of 
propelling boats, anil that he had best construct a boat with an 
a[>paratus approxinnitin«c thereto; but it will be seen that he and 
hid associate, Chancellor Iiivin«;3ion, afterwards adopted the paddle- 
wheels as the preferable mode. 

Chancellor Livinjj^ton, in 17U7, comnieneed his steam projects 
n|mn the Hudson, and ubtalned an Act of the Le^^islature of New 
York for the exclusive navigation of that river. He and Stevens 
and Nii'liolas 1{o:jevelt afhMWarda entered into copartnerdhip, and 
united their eHbrts and means in prosecuting^ their steamboat expe- 
rinu'nts, — all of them, says lien wick, havin;^ the utmost confidence 
of success; adding, ^* We now know that such a plan (the system of 
pathUes, and chain-pump apparatus), if inferior to paddle-wheels, 
mi<£ht answer the purpose.** lint, in l<sOI, Livin<2.>ton wa^ sent 
ininisliT to France, and his copartner.'^hip with Stevens and lioso- 
velt terminated. 

It was at Paris that Livingston first liecame ncquuinted with 
Hobert Fulton, who had been engaged without success, from 17'.Mi, 
uniler the patronage of the French (lovernment, in the couMruclion 
of subniurine boats as instruments of destruction in war. In 1803, 
Fnllun is found emphiyed nnthr the paironago and direction of 
Livingston, — this being his (Fultun*s) lirst attempt to construct a 
steamboat for navigation ; and that same year he launched a small 
Uiut upon the Seine, with paddle-wheels attached, a tidtular boiler, 
and the rotary engine of AValt. lie t*ueeeeded in t^'uptdling his 
boat at the rate of four miles un hour; and came to the conclusion, 
says licnwlck (p. 280), ^Mhat, of all methods hitherto proposi;d, the 
paddle-wheel i>ossesscd the greale^.t advantages." Lideed, Fulton 
went through with a series of expeiimeiits, under the direction of 
Livingston, before he built the uImac b<iat, to delennine the compa- 
rative advantages of paddle-wheels and the chain of ))addles (afias 
rowing-machines) ; and thereupon concluded to apply the paildle- 
wlieels as the preferable mode. 

The above trial upon the Seine showing that, with such a combiim- 


tion (viz., of tubular boilorii, tlic doiiblc-ncting rotary engine of Watt, 
mill pA(l(llo-vvlicel.'«), succchs was certain, Livingston anil Fuilon at 
once entered into an arrangement to construct a boat of birge sizo 
upon (he ]hnlsou; and iJviiigston furnished Fulton witli funds to 
carry out tho enterprise. Fidlon then went to tlio workshop 
of Watt (whieli had then become Wall and JJoUon), in Kugiand, 
and tiiere ordered bis engine. Tn IHOC, tlie engine reached the 
city of New York; and, in 1807, tlie celebrated "Clermont," 
dix!ssed out with «aid double-acting rotary engine of Walt, tubular 
boilers, and paddle-wheel#, wiih Fulton on board, skimmed her way 
along the Hudson, with triumfdumt success, to the city of Albany, 
with just such success, and >ub.vlantia1}y just such machinery, as had 
been applied to the little steamer, which, eighteen years before, 
had so gallantly borne its projeet(»r and builder across an estuary 
of ihe .-ica, — drawing'* of which, in 1790, had been exhibited and 
ex]dained to Stevens, the ait<*r-partncr of Livingston ; who became 
the patron and direHor of Fulion, in his first evperinient upon the 
Seine, in 18(»3. 

Aiul here the subject mui^t be left for every candid person to 
determine for himself, whether Fulton or the subject of this notice 
was the tirst invent4»r aiul constructor of a steamboat having such a 
ctmibination of nuichinery as is now in general use ; and whether 
Stevens or he was the inventor of (he tubular boiler which Ful- 
ton used, and which is still adopted. One need only refer to his 
patent, obtained sixty-seven years ago, to determine the above fact, 
and to show, hi addition, (hat he was the first inventor and construc- 
tor of A steam-carriage, the principles of which are substantially 
and ]>ractically carrietl out by our ])resent locomotives; It is 
claimed that ^ Evans was the first who entertained rational hopes 
of being able to move carriages by steam" (see Henwick, ]>. 207). 
The author must have been ignorant of the above patent, of the 
model of the steam-carriage constructed at Salem as preliminary 
thereto, and of the fact (hat the patent was obtained eleven years 
before Evans had made his iirst experiment at Philadelphia (which 
was not until 1801), or he w*ouid not have made the above assertion. 
Prior to 17h9, when (he little steamer took her passage across 
the estuary at Uanvers, atcam-power had never been appli(!d to any 
practical use, except for raiding water and emptying Finks and 
mines. All attempts to apply it to the purposes of navigation had 


railed ; and it dues not npponr tliat niiy nt tempt was made belurtt 
ihat time, or tlie idea entirtained, to apply it to laud cai'i'ia*>es, 
aliui locomotives. Tlie sultjcel was then neu% and but little under- 
^lood by ibe uia>s (»!' mankind, to whom it a))peared mysterious and . 
vi.<ionary. Tliis may be readily seen from the I'act, that the mem- 
bers of Con;:ri^s even wi're .-o ignorant and seeptica) on the 
ifubjeet, that whin ilie prtilion for tlie above-mentioned patent was 
read by the Cleik of the ilou.-e of Kcpresentatives, as he came to 
that part of it which rchitcd to the applieation of steam to land- 
carriages, a •reneral .>mile was excited among the members. Tho 
|u!litioiier, who was present, was a man of ,.^neh sensibility, that ho 
could nut endure an indication so trying to^ his own better know- 
hdge and feelin;is. lie felt the ?ting for many years, and felt it 
iiune the less that those who inllicled it were not conscious of the 
injury. 'J'hey intemled no harm or indignity ; and surely they were 
not aware that they had trifled with human genius, and extin- 
gni.sbed the energies of a man who had opened the way to national 
honor and wealth, and to the intnxluction of the greatest of modern 
improvements. Ihii so it really was. The etlect was paralyxing to 
him, lie s^h^nlk from the further prosecution of his plans until 
a more favorable public sentiment and opiiortnnity should j)re»ent. 
At a later ami more favorable period, as has been seen, others, 
possessing the means, and conse()uently the power, took the benefit 
of his improvements, and won the fame that of right belonged to 

lie was too early in his steam projects. The world was incredu- 
lous, the country waN poor, and business unsettled. Kven the blood 
of the Kevolutiou had scarcely ceased to smoke from the ground, 
and the vast expenditure of treasure in the contest still weighed 
heavily upon the people. The country, moreover, was di.-tracted 
with a yet unstable government, and by numerous conflicting inte- 
rests ; and there was but a partial opportunity, and indeed but 
little occasion, for costly experiments and great practical results in 
the mechanic arts. ThcdC things as well as the want of faith and 
courage in othei-s, were in the way of his progress; ond he did not, 
meanwhile, possess the ample fuiiune of ii Stevens or a Living.'^ton 
to carry out his inventions and plans. Hence he derived neither 
honor nor profit from the time and money he expended in his expe- 
riment:} : but he lived to see his inventions and iuiprovciueiits 

oOi KUAS UKAl), 

applii'il to praclical usi* hy n\\u*v liniuts, aiul to leel iIh' «^ni(irK*ationf 
lliat iIk* iiiai'liiiu'i'}' wliirli lie tor lliu lh->t time ii>ct| a^^ tliu most 
i'li;*iblc tor ))ro|i(:llln;; boats (ami wliicli he |)ut tu«:otlK'r and )>ruvcil 
while Kultoii was ('in|>h>yL'<l as a juuriicyinaii painter in the stuilio 
ul* \Vest, ill Loii(luii), has, since that linu*, huen suvri'sslully adopted 
and used in every quartiM* of ihe «rlohe ; and »\\\\ more graiilicd ill 
seein;^ lorontutive-en«^ines, eapaUe oC movin<{ at a speed ol' a mile in 
a minute, i>nt in motion hy steam generated in a boiler, and ap[died 
by other a|»t)aratns thereto nltaeheil, eon<trni'ted e.-senliatly on the 
>anu' prineipies with the sham-earriage he had invented more than 
lit'iy year^ before, and tor whreh, in eoimeetion with his boat, he 
obtained a |ialent the iir:<it day that a patent was ever issued by the 
authority of the Uniteil Slates ; but more friatilied than in all else, 
that he lived to tiiuinph over that smile of derision which the mem- 
bers of (Jon;(re>s exhibited at the idea of a loconiolive-en<j!;ine. 

It is proper to add, that he lived and died an exemplary profes- 
t:or of tiie Harvard School, believing in a hi<{her and more |)erleet 
state of exi^iiMiee hen-ufier, ** and looking forward with an eye of 
faiih to an exaltation which he believed was in store tor him beyond 
this world.*' 

OhiKlrcii of yalliaii Uoad, — Kli/.i\l)uth llolyoko, liurn July 7, 
171)1, died 1TI»;J; KlizulMiib llolyokc, la)ni July :i7, 17l);J; 
Nancy, July *J*», 17*.).'), umriiod Philip Morrill; Afary, Ixirii 
ilurcit H, 171)S, inariiLMl Charlos II. Tikk'n, and livos in 
Oasliiic ; William JiMVniy, liofn Oct. VJ, 1S0(» ; Oeof^e, 
March -M, ISoa ; Kdwaid, July 21, 1800 ; Charles, Oct. 10, 
1800; Charlolto Ycr.stillc, Dec. G, ISU. He died at Bel- 
fast, Jan. "JO, 18ltl, in Ids niiictictli year: his wife died 
ifat'ch 21, 18.';"), aged ci»hfy-thice years. William died 
May 28, 1S20, aged twenty-eight years ; Charlotte, Jan. oO, 
lS:i4,aged twenty-two; lOdward, Aug. 13, 181"), aged thirty- 

Chailes, son of FTon. Nalhau 1^5C(1 of Tlelfast, born Oct. 10, 
IStJO; mairied llosina IJIanchaid, Nov. 26, 18;17. Chil- 
dnni, — AVilliam, JelVeison, Joseph Bowdilch, Cinules 
Julius, Mary Jane, Geoi'go TiUleu, Helen Letitia, ilan- 

AiSD IMS D!:S('KN'1)ANTS. •»0,> 

nail Kli/abclh, Itosctla Klla, Narcissa. He lives on the 
ul(i lioiuesteail iu l>(:lt'a>t, and liis hi:»(er Klizabctli lives un 
the same. Naney lives at (Jlenhlmry. 

0. Thomas, K>n ol Tlionias, and Iwin-brother of Isaac of 
SniUmry, born Feb. :2:», 1704 ; nuu ricd Sarah, and was tho 
third man who suttliMl in Ittitland, in 17'J5. ChiMnrn, — 
Jason, born in 17;5- ; Tliomas, Sept. 10, 17o:) ; Mary, May 11, 
17o(»; Jonathan, Nov. :i, 17oiS; ^licah, May tJ, 17 1-. 

7. Jonathan, son of Thomas and Sarah. of Unihuid, iun-n 
Kov. 2, 17»i<S; married Ihuinah. ClnUhvn, — Molly, born 
July 4, 1707 ; John, A|»rii lo, 1770 ; and three oliler sons, 
names nnknown. 

8. Jolm, ^on of Jonathan and Ifannah, born April. 1^), 
1770; married Hannah l>\vilia, J\ov. 17, 171*1. Children, 
— John, liorn ilay JO, 171KJ; Lemnel, Dec. 10, 17iM ; Har- 
riot, July 3, ISUO; Hannah, Sept. liH, ItiOJ. He seitlod in 
Jlolden, formerly part of lintland, and in that ]mrt of tho 
town that is now included in West lioyiblon, where his de- 
beendants still reside. 

0. John, sou of John of West rXoylston, born May 20, 
]7l»o. Children, — John O., born in 1821 ; George, 1823. 

10. John 0., .son of John of West Boylslon, born in 1821. 
(Miild, — Amelia, liorn in 184*5. 

10. George, son of John of West IJoylston, born iu 1823. 
Child, — George 0., born in 18r>0. 

tl. Isaae, son of 'i'homas, burn Peb. 23, 1704 ; married 
K.\perience Willis, Feb. 11, 1721). Children, — Kathan; 
Isiac, born Jan. ITi, 17;n ; Samuel, Feb. 10, 1730; Mary, 
March lU, 1741, married John (joodrew, March 10, 1701 ; 
liulh, born Aug. ul, 1743, nuirried Daniel Noyes, Nov. 1, 

7. Isaac, son of Isaac and Experience, born Jan. lo, 1731 ; 
married Lydia Goodrew, Jan. 10, HOo. Child, — Nathan, 
born Feb. 5, 17tjO. 


8. Natluin, Fon of Isaac ami Lytlia, lioni Fob. 5, ITfiO; 
married Aliigail Plimpton, Oct. 12, 1778. (JhiUlrcii, — 
Nabliy, boni July 11,1771); lluih, June 10, 1781 ; Hannah, 
April 21,1781. 

7. Naihan, son of Isaac ami Experience, married Susanna, 
and settled in Marll)orou<:li. Children, — Susanna, uho 
married Simon (jates ; Mary, wlio married Seili Adams; 
David, horn in ^larlhoronj-h, Aug. 17, 17r)3 ; Pally, Sept. 29, 
1755; rhehe, Feb. 17, 17.VJ, married Timolhy Whiting, 
Jan. 20, 1777 ; Persis, lnirn Jan. 2;"), 17G8. 

8. David, son of Natluxn and Susanna, born at Marlbo- 
rou»^h, Aug. 17, 17")«) ; married Naomi. Child, — Abraliam, 
born at -Marlborou«»:h, Jlay [\ 1787. 

7. Micah, son of 'IMiomas and Sarah, born at Rulland, 
May iJ, 1712; married Klizabeth l{u<r[i: in 1708, and settled 
in \Vestnu>reland, N.ll. Children, — Alpheus, born Aug. o, 
1708 ; llannuh, ^lary, Ounutus, Lovina, Asahel, Jonathan, 

8. Alpheus, son of Jlicah and Elizaljcth, born Aug. 5^ 
1708; married Sally White, Doc. 8, 171)3. Children,— 
Alpheus, born Aug. 0, 1701; IJetsy, July 25, 17'J0; Joseph 
W., March, 17l»8, died young; Sally, born ^fay 10, 17011; 
Maria, June 18, 1801 ; Kesia Ibitton, April 0, lh(J5; llhoda, 
July 5, 18U7, died ; Ilarriel, born Sept. 12, 1800, lie died 
Nov. 21, 1810: his wife died Aug. 18, 1S53. 

8. JJannah, daughter of ilicali, married Joseph Farr, 
Nov. 14, 1700. Children,— Lucy, born Sept. 2, 1707; 
Daniel, Aug. 10, 1700; Joseph, July VJ, 1803 ; Micah U., 
March 17, 1800 ; Ivali, Aug. 3, 1805 ; Klibhu, Sept. 23, 1807 ; 
Klijuh P., Oct. 10,1800; Nancy, Oct. 1, 1812; Emily, 
June 14, 1815; a daughter, Feb. 27, 1817; Elijah, July 1, 

0. Daniel Farr, son of Joseph Farr and Hannah Head, 
born Aug. 19, 1700 ; married Clarissa E&ty, Sept. 0, 1810. 


9. fvali Parr, son of Joseph Furr and Ilannali Read, born 
A\i<r, a, 18U5; married Miss nanlortli, Feb. 28, 1827. 

1). llicah II., son of «ioM;|)1i Fair and Hannah Head, born 
March 17, 1800; married Miss Stearns, April 2, 1821). 

D. Emily, daughter of Joseph Farr and Ihuinali Read, 
lM)rn Juno 14, 1815 ; married Jose])li Kvans, April 24, 

\), Nancy, dauj^hler of Joseph Farr and Ihmnah Read, 
born Ocl. 1, 1812; married Warreji Webb, Nov, 20, 18;ll). 

U. ]>elsy, dani::h(er of Alpliens, born Jnly 25, 17UG ; mar- 
ried Nathaniel Dajr^tit, Sept. 15, 1811). 

D. Alpbens, son of Alpliens ami Sally, born Aug. 0, 1794 ; 
married Kebeeea Kempson in Cincinnati, 0. Ho died 
Au^n>t, 18;J4. 

9. Maria, datiuhter of Alpbens and Sally, born June 18, 
ISOl ; married John il'Clnre, in New Jersey, in 1821. Siio 
dietl March 10, lh54. 

9. Ivesia !>., danjihter of Alpbens ami Sally, born 
April 0, 1805; nnirried Francis I'lnlT in 1821. 

9. Harriet, dantzhter of Alpbens and Sally, born Sept. 12, 
lSi)9; nnirried Deane F. Knij-bt, Sept. 18, 1829, in Lowell. 
Child,— Hattie A.,btnn at John^on, Vt., Dec. i),l840. Ho 
died at St. An(hony*s Fall<, ilin., »lnnc IS, 185(). She uuir- 
ricil Dr. A. Morse of Watcrbury, Vt., Feb. 10, 1857. 

7. Sally Rn«r«r Head, dan^bler of Alpbens and Sally, 
born May IG, J799 ; married Nalhunicl (iutcs, Se|>t. 28, 

ii. Daniel, son of Thomas and Abigail, born in Sudbury, 
May 19, 1714 ; married Rebecca Mead, April 13, 17^7. 
Cbildren, — John, born Aug. lo, 17^7 ; Daniel, Fob. 24, 
17;*9; Rebecctt, Feb. 2, 1742, nnirried Daniel Winch, jun.; 
Anna, born in Itutland, April ii, 1747. 

0. Joseph, son of Tliounis and Abigail, born at Sudbury, 
Dec. 4, 1722 ; married Sarah (toodrew, Jan. IG, 1741), 

808 KLIAS mOAI), 

ChUilrcn, — Lyilirt, lioni Oct. 9, 1751, died; Lydia, horn 
aVug. 20, 17t»U; Surah, Hoc. ;J, 1703, manied E/ekiol Howe, 
OcU lo, 17SU. 

4. IJoiijuiiiiii, son of 'J'lionias of Sudhury, married Ifury. 
On the third day of April, 171)3, he conveyed hy deed to his 
hrolhcr ^ilulihew two hundred aeres of hmd in Natick, near 
Ihc line of Sudhnry. Edniond Head had formerly owned a 
])art of it. 

Nathan, son of Isaac and Lydia of Framingham, married 
Hannah Ijrooks, Jnne li, 1783. Children, — Joseph; 
Jabcz. His Avidow died Out. 10, 1S42. 

Joseph, son of Nathan ami Hannah, married Mary 1>. for 
first wife, who dieil Sept. 8, 1S2:J ; fur second wife, Tamer. 
Children, — Xatlum, horn Jnne 17, 1827 ; Joseph P., Alareh 
12, 1829 ; Minerva, Oct. 2U, 1S31. Known as Major or 
Ks(|niro Heed, ami is one of the present justices of the peace 
for the county of Worcester. His second wife died April 20, 

Jahcz, son of Nathan and Hannali, horn 1797 ; married 
Lavinu J». Hicc, May o, 1831. Children, — Mary Letilia, 
born March 20, 1832 ; IFenry J., July 3, 1831 ; Julia Ann, 
Aug. 11, 1837 ; Silas Harisun, Dee. 20, 1839; Harriet La- 
vina, Nov. 30, 1812 ; Jahez Kugene, Oct. o, IS IS. Ho died 
March 14, 18 If). His son Jahez died March 14, 1845 ; Mary 
Letitia, Jan. 12, 18r)2. 

Daniel, son of Thomas and Hannah of Rutland, born 
May 9, 1774 ; nmrried Kehecca Ames. Children, — Joseph ; 
Davis; Alexander H., horn at Wardsborough, Yt. ; Klijah, 
who lives in Hillsborough, N.ll. He moved to Wurdsbo- 
rougli, and resided there some forty or fifty years ; and died 
Aug. 31,1845. 

Davis, son of Daniel of Wurdsborongh, bad three sons, 
>vhose names arc not given. 

Alexander H., son of Daniel of AVai-dsborough, bora 

AND ins i>i:sci:ni).\nts.. . UOO 

.f lino 10, 1801 ; nrarrieil Puroua Gray, July 0, 183"). Clul- 
clron, — Cordelia S., bum in l>ohtuii, A|iril (], 18oG ; Alox- 
aiulor I)., Jan. 11, ltS;5S ; Amlrcw J., burn in Cauibriilgc, 
Oct. 4, 1815; Koury ir.,()ct. 11, 1847 ; Fiankliu, Oct. 10, 
l.Sl'J, tlicd ill liSoU. lie lives in Cambridge, and keeps a 
>b()o and Icatlior 2>tore in lioslon. 

Thomas, son of Tbumas and JIannali, born at Rutland, 
Feb. 14, 1772; inaiTJed Lueinda Wheeler. Children, — 
AlM^ail, born al Rutland, Feb. 'JO, 171)4 ; Lueinda, Aug. 2(i, 
l.stJO; A))igail Wheoler, Feb. lU, 1804; Thomas Lyman, 
A|»ril 2, ISOo; ilary Jemima, .Ian. 2, 1810; Lorenzo and 
liorona, Sept. 20, 1810. 

Joel, son ol' Thomas and Hannah^ born at Uutland, 
Dee. 5, 17liO ; married Abigail Newton, ("hild, — Joel, 

Joel, son of Joel and Aliigail, married Anna Maxwell in 
1804, and settled in Frineelon. Children, — Anna ^L, boru 
Jiuie 4, 180o ; Chariotio, Sept. 21, 1807 ; Joseph M., April *{, 




1. AViLLLVM Kkauk, .supposed to bo the son of AVilliam 
licadu iinil liucy JJonatco, was born in 1005, and sailed from 
Oravuscnd, in the county of Kent, in the " Assurance dc Lo " 
(Isaac l>roonnvell and (loorge Pensey, nuisters), in llilif). He 
settled in Weynioutli, Masb ; and was made freenian, Sept. *J, 
lGo5. He bought a bouse and land of Zacbaiy Uickindl, for 
beven )K)unds thirteen >hillings and fourpenec, in lUMt; 
which was an average price for honjcsteads ai that early ilay. 
Only one year bel'ore the ilate of William Iteade's purchase, 
all the land in IJohton Proper, with the exception ol' six 
acres in and about Charles and IJeacon Streets, was sold by 
William lUackstoJio lor thirty pounds. Trevioiis to liioO, 
a dwelling-house in IhisIou, and lot of lami, would not com- 
nmnd a greater price than a guod cow; while, in lsr>7, tho 
average of the valuation of dwelling-houses was §^0,500. Mr. 
lleade was among the early settlers of Weymouth, — it hav- 
ing been nuuU; a plantation, Alay 8, li];>r) ; and Uev. Mr. Hall 
and twenty-ono families settled there. He was representa- 
tive from Witymouth in HJ-JiJ and '558. The Christian name 
of his wife, it is supposed, was Ivis. Their children were — 
William, born Oct. lo, HioU ; Ksther, May 8, 1(j41 ; Thomas ; 
John, lOJU ; Mary, wht» married Thomas Dyer ; Margaret, 
who married John Yining, May 11, IToT, and died Alay G, 


2. AVilllnm, son of Williniu aiul Ivis, was horn at Wey- 
mouth, Oct. !(*, Mi'MK IIo niarriuil Esther 'lliouip^on of 
Aliikllchomugli in 1()7.>. It may lie inluresting to sOnio 
ii\' their ilcsccnilanls to know hiM* imrentagc and hi>tory. It 
a|»|»eurs, hy a *roneah).L'y puhlished by Ignatius Thompson in 
IS It, il»at John Thompson, fiilliur of Kslher, was six years 
ohl when he hmdod in Wesson's company ; ami, when he 
came of proper aj-e, marrioil Mary (yook, ihiujihlur of Francis 
Cook, who was one of the *• Jhiy Fh)wer*s" c*)mpany. lie 
5ictlletl,an«l huilt ah)^: hcniM', tliirleen miles wc^loflMynionlh, 
on the confines of what was (hen called IMymouth, now Hali- 
fax ami ^liddlchorou^h. He lived there till his honse was 
hnrned hy the Indians. While living there, either he or his 
wife would walk to meetin*^ every Sunday. The only place 
where they had an elder to speak to then) was IMymonlh, — 
a distance of more than lhirl«»en mih.'S. We have, says 
Thompsim, orally received inlornuition, ihat, during oi»e year 
of his residence there, his wile, on two of ihe sahhaths in 
«imie, after breakfast, took a child six months old in her 
arms, and walked to Plymouth, attended meeling, and re- 
turned home the same day. We have in this a picture of 
real life as it exihled in those times, as well as a striking 
illustration of the Indomilahle enerjzy and perseverance of the 
Puritan ancestors. The dcscemlanls of William and Esther 
may thus distinctly trace their anc(^stv)rs through her to the 
Pilgrim company of the '* .May Klower," who landeil on 
Plymouth Uock. The children of William and Esther were 
— William ; John, hmn July 10, lil.'ST ; Jucoh, Nov. G, 1i)*Jl ; 
^^/ Hushnor, who married a Mr. Porter; Porlei ; ilerey, who 
married u Mr. AVhitmarsh ; Mary; Hester and Sarah, horn 
March 21, 1(!U4. This William was constahle in Weymouih 
in iGTo ; which was, in those times, the principal olVicer of 
the town. Ifc was selectman in ItiSU, an extensive ilealer 
in land, and a rejuesentalive to the lieneral Court. His will 


was pi-ov(!«l So|it. Vly ITUti, aiitl may )io round in tlio IWmtQ 
(lllico in IhiMuii (lib. lli, fol. ll\). 

2. Tlioinas, &ou or William, 1st, of AVoymoiilli, marrioi) 
Sarah. Cliihhcii, — Tllulua^, born Sept. I'J, 107 1 ; AViliiam, 
Feb. 4, 1087 ; John, Doc. :5U, hi71>; Mary L. ; Ihub Wbilo, 
Fob. :iO, ItlSl; llaniiuh Hart, Sopt. 2r>, lliM) ; Sarah S. ; 
Saiiiiii:!, April VJ, hi81. lie iiiarriot) Mary for soooiiil wilu: 
she ilteil Aug. 21, 1710. He lieM ofliccb, civil aiul mililary, 
in his ilay. lie ilieil Nov. 14, 1719. 

3. John, suu of Tboiuas uiul Sarahi born Doc. SO, 1070; 
married Sarah. CMiildrcn, — John; Sarah. His will is 
dated 17u7 ; and bo alhulos in it to his estate in Abingion, 
which he inherited of his deceased brother Samuel, who died 
June 2.'), 17r>0. He also speaks of his daughter Sarah. 

2. John, son of William, 1st, of Weymouth, born in 1019; v' 
married Sarah. Children, — Thomas; William. He served 
in Cupt. Jolm^on's company in the Indian War of lOOtj. 
/ 8. John, Kon of William and Ksthor, born in Wcymotith, 
/ July 10, .UIH7, and moved to Abinglun in 1708; married 
Sarah. Child, — J(dm, born An;;. 10, 17 UK Married, for 
ticcond wife, Mary. Children, — James, born Oct. 12, 1710 ; 
Joseph, Feb. l;i, 1717 ; Mary, Dee. 21, 171!», who married 
John Dyer, April 17, 17;I0 ; K/ekiel, burn Nov. 14, 1721; 
Petei', March 20, 1720; Scjuirc, 1720; Samuel, I7i52; JJen- 
jamin, 17<iO. 

4. John, son of John and Sarah of Abin^ton, born Ang. 10, 
1713, at Abin^ton ; married Mary Torrey, Juno 20, 17<M. 
Children, — Mary, born April 7, 1785; Hannah, May 10, 
175i8; Samuel, Nov. 10, 1710; Sarah, Junes 14, 1714; 
Frederick, July 28, 1740 ; William und John (twins), 

. May 9, 1748. 

5. Simiuel, sou of John and Mary Torrey of Abinjj^ton, 
born NoY. 10, 1740; married Mary Torrey, Nov. 20, 1701. 
Children, — Samuel, born Sept. 10, 1705 ; John, Nov. 9, 


1707; ITannali, Oct. 4, 17G9 ; Thomas, Dec. 10, 1771; 
Mjiiy, July 17, 1774 ; Philip, July 31, 1777 ; Sarah, 
A|)ril 20, 1780 ; AViUiaui, Aug. 11, 1783. Ho was* a school- 
Icaclior, sclcctniau, itc. 

♦i. Thomas, son of Samuel and ifary, born Dec. 10, 1771 ; 
married Sarah, (yhildren, — Sally, born in 1708; Hannah, 
Feb. 18, ITUa ; Mary, h\h. V6, 17117 ; JIarguret, Dec. 16, 
17ii8, married a Harrington, and lives at Quincy ; Mehclabcl, 
who died young; Loring W., born Oct. 3, 1S03; Thomas; 
Susan ; Rachel, who married J>. Newcomb. 

7. Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah, married a Howard. 
Children, — Charles; Ilcrber'A. Lives in Quincy. 

o. Frederick, son of John and ^lary of Abington, born 
July 28, 1740 ; married Rebecca Ayers, Sept. 20, 1770. 
Children, — David, born Sept. 30, 1771 ; Frederick, April 19, 
1774 ; Asa, May 27, 1777 ; Hannah, April 2, 1782. Mar- 
ricd, for second wile, Hannah. (Children, — Lydia, born 
June 13, 1788; Isaac, June 23, 179"). Ho lived in Boston 
at the date of his first marriage, and at one time lived in 
Abington, and also in Weymouth. 

0. Isaac, sou of Frederick and Hannah, born June 23, 
171K") ; married Cynthia Pratt, May 24, 1819. Children,— 
Kliza, born Dec. 22, 1819; Cynthia, Dec. 25,1821; Mary 
Ann, Sept. 25, 1825 ; Asa T., Jan. 1, 1820; Isaac, Feb. 13, 
1828, died ; Isaac, born Nov. 4, 1831 ; Stephen S., May 2, 

4. Jose|)ili, son of John and Mary, and grandson of William 
and Ksther, born Feb. 13, 1717 ; married Mary. Child, — 
Mary, born in 1747. Ho sealed first in Abington, but 
moved to Bridgcwutcr. 

7. Isaac, son of I^aac and Cynthia, born Nov. 4, 1881 ; 
married Elizabeth K. Child, — Estella, born Feb. 25, 
6. Frederick, son of Frederick, born April 17, 1714; set- 



tied in Now Ik'dlortl. He hail previously lived in Randolph, 
ilarried Sally Packard in 171)7. 

G. David, .^ou of Frederick and Hebccca, bora Sept. uO, 
1771; married Susan Spear^ Children, — David A., born 
Dec. 0, 179.") ; Susan, Au<^. 15, 17U7 ; Thomas S., June 0, 
1800. Me died May 12, 1S22 : his wife died Aug. 20, 1801. 

7. David A,, sun of David and Snsan, horn Dec. G, 171^."); 
married Nancy Loud, Au<^. G, 1818. Children, — Daniel 
Franklin, horn May 10, 18J4; Mary Ann, Oct. 10, 1820; 
1). Augustus, Jan. 12, I8ul ; Susan S., Nov. 9, 1818; 
Gcorgo W., March 22, ISlW; Nancy Maria, April 22, 1842, 
died Jan. 1, 1841). lie lived several years in Lynn, but 
now resides in Weymouth. 

7. Tliomas H., son of David, born in Boston, June 9, 
1800; married Cynlhia Shaw, Nov. 5, 182u. Children, — 
George, born Ajiril 19, 1824 ; Josiah, April 18, 182G ; Ellen, 
born at Weyn»outh, Nov. 25, 1828, died young; Adeline, 
burn Oct. a, 18^0; Jane Fllcn, Sept. 2G, 1841. 

8. Adeline, daughter of Thomas S. and Cynthia, born 
Oct. 8, 18-JO ; married Oliver Loud. Child, — Wilbur, 
born Sept. 4, 1851. 

8. Josiah, son of Thomas S. and Cynthia, born April 18, 
182G ; nuirried Sarah Fogir, Sept. 3, 1845. Children,— 
Amelia C, horn March 15, 1840; Sarah L., Jan. 13, 1848; 
Josiah !>., June 7, 1S52 ; Freeman S., July 22, 185G. Lives 
at South Weymonlh. is known as Deacon Reed. 

8. David A., son of David A. and Nancy, born Jan. 12, 
1841 ; married lietsy D. Heath, Nov, 3, 1850, and lives at 
Abington. Child, — Herbert A., born Juno 28, 1851. 

8. George, .^on of Thomas and Cynthia, married Maria 
Vinal. Cliildren, — Adeline M., born May 5, 1850 ; Oeorgo 
K., 1846; Thomas IL, Oct. 5, 1847; George R, Aug. 2, 
1852; Josiah A., Feb. IG, 1855; Nathaniel B., July 21, 


8. Susan, ilau<»litcr of David A. and Nancy, married 
John Osburnc, April 14, IJSol). Children, — Susan Maria, 
Jolin K., Alary Ann, (Jarolinc Kli/aheth, Kllen, Nancy Fran- 
ces, Ciiarlcs, Oeuri^e. Lives at Na.siina, N.ll. 

8. Jfary, daughter of David A. and Nancy, horu Oct. IG, 
18'JO ; married Samuel O. Dnnid of Lynn. CInldren, — 
Mary A., Priscilla A., Susan Kllen. 

8. D. Augustus, son of David A. and Nancy, horu Jan. 12, 
I80I; married IJetsy D. Keith. Child, — Iferbert Augus- 

8. Franklin, son of David A. and Nancy, bora Ifay 10, 
18:j4; married Joamia Cushing. Child, — Frank Edwiu. 

(J. .Samuel, son of Samuel and Mary, horn Kept. 1G,17G5, 
and settled in Hull; married Polly Grcenleaf, daughter of 
John and Mary Could Crecnleaf, Nov. 17, ITIW. Children, 

— Mary, born Feb. 'il, 171)7, who now lives in Hull ; Sam- 
uel, born in ilarch, 1802; Klizabeth Greenleaf, March 17, 
180*J, who lives, with her si^ter, on the old homestead; 
Juhn ; 'J'homas ; Sally, nuirried a llolstruuL of Quincy; 
William ; riiilip. lie died in Hull, Feb. 28, 18r>;5, aged 
eighty-seven : his wife died in ISoO. 

7. Samuel, son of Saniacl and Polly, born March, 1802; 
married Caroline Nash, anil lives at Weymouth. Children, 

— Charles A., born June Id, 18oii, graduated at Amherst in 
18»j0, and is now the rrincipal of Hanson Academy ; Caro- 
line A., born March 2t), 18;W ; Ceorgo W., Jan. 8, 1840, 
at Andierst College ; Samuel W., March 25, 18-ld, died 
Sept. 11, 1818; Samuel W., born Dec. 31, 1849. 

G. John, son of Samuel and ilary, born. May 9, 17G7 ; 
married Klizabeth, daughter of Kli^ha and Martha (Loring) 
Could of Hull, Nov. 29, 17D2. Children, — l}etsy, born in 
Hull, Nov. ao, 17i)u, married Janujs iMarldc of Hinghani 
in 1812; John, born March «, 171)7; Elizabeth, Oct. 9, 
1802, died unmarried ; Fatly Gould (twin with Elizabeth), 


married Nathaniel Fearing Lane of TTingham, Dec. 21, 1824. 
His wife dietl Mareli 24, 1815, aged Ibrty-lbur. Married, 
lor second wife, ilartlia ((Sould) Swain, widow of William 
Swain, and sister to liis first wife ; who had, by her first hus- 
band, a daughter Harriet, who married George Robinson of 
Somervilie; at whose house she died, Dec. 2D, 1838, but was 
buried in ITnll. He moved to Heituate afior the death of 
his second wife ; where he died March 5, 1852, aged eighty- 
four, and was buried in Hull. 

7. John, son of John and Elizabeth, born March 3, 1797 ; 
married Knuna Dill, daughter of Daniel and Ifary Chubbock 
Dill of Hull, Nov. 3, 1818. Children, —Jane Ijinney, born 
July 24, IHIO, married John Wesley Power of Hingham, 
Fob. 18, 1848 ; alohn, born Dec. 7, 1822 ; Daniel Dill, 
Jan. 13, 1827. lie died April 17, 1828. His widow still 
lives in Hull. 

8. John, son of John and Emma, born Dec. 7, 1822 ; 
married Mary Elizaboih, daughter of William and Mary 
(Dill) Pope, Dec. 25, 1853. Children, — John W., born at 
Hull, Doc. 2, 1854, died Jan. 18, 1855 ; Harriet Swain, born 
May 13, 1S5G; Annie Clark, May 7, 1857, died Dec. 14, 

8. Daniel D., son of John and Emma, born Jan. 13, 
1827; nuu'ried Esther 1>. L., daughter of Thomas and Anna 
Ratchford, of Halifax, N.S., July 14, 1852. Children,— 
Esther Sophia, born at Hull, Juno 12,1854; Enmia Jane 
Binncy, March 8, 1850. 

7. Hannah, daughter of Thomas and Sarah of Weymouth, 
married Elijah Pierce of Weymouth. Children, — Jere- 
miah C, Eliot C, Frances. 

7. Mary, daughter of Thomas and Sarali, married Capt. 
Clark. Child, — Elizabeth E. She is a widow, and lives in 

7. Lorlng W., son of Thomas and Sarah, born Oct. 3, 


1803; niaiTicd Ann Puol of Ahiiif^toii. Childron, — Anna 
R, l)orn Oct. 13, 18;]1 ; Charles Luring, Jan. 9, 1833 ; Sarali 
liTiphum, Oct. 19, 1834; Tlionuis tVunklin, Oct. G, 183G ; 
"William Garrison, Juno 9, 1812. 

8. Sarah L., daughter of Luring W., married John M. 
Way of lloxbury. Children, — John M. ; Clarence. She 
died March 30, 18r)8. 

7. William, son of Samuel and Polly, married . 

Ciiild, — Samuel. 

7. Philip, son of Samuel and Polly Torrey, born July 81, 
1777 ; married Polly Taylor of Hanson, and lives at South 
Ahington. Children, — Mary, horn Oct. 1, 1800; Jane, 
Sept. 80, 1804; Kliza, Oct. 31, 1800; Phcbe, April 10, 
1801); Philip, Sept. 19, 1802. Known as Deacon Kced of 
South Abington. 

5. John, son of John and Mary, born May 9, 1748; set- 
tled in Hull, and died ilarch o, 1832. 

6. Philip, soil of Philip, horn Sept. 19, 1802; married 
Sappliirallowland, Dec. lo, 1825. Children, — George AVil- 
liams, boru Sept. 29, 1820 ; Lucy White, ilay 24, 1833; 
Charles Warren, Feb. 2, 1812. Lives at South Abington. 

9. Georgo W., son of Philip and Sapphira, born Sept. 29, 
182G ; married Lucy Ann Cook. Children, — George Ban- 
croft ; Florence Augufi^la, born Sept. 9, 1849 ; Frank W. ; 
Lucy Ami; Oliver Henley. 

f). John, son of John and Sarali^ and grandson of Thomas 
and Sarah, married ilary Bate, Dec. 2G, 174G, Children, — 
John, boru Feb. 9, 1748 ; Frederick, July 13, 1750, who mar- 
ried Jane Pool; John, Iwrn Feb. 13, 17r>o ; Asa, Feb. 12, 
1757; David; Noah, Nov. 18,1759; Kxra, Nov, 24,1702; 
AVilliam ; Samuel, Sept. 10, ITGo ; Deborah ; Sarah ; ihuy. 

G. Juhn, son of John and Mary, born Feb. 13, 1755 ; mar- 
ried llachcl Clark, and settled in IjoUou, Mass. Children, 
— John, boru June 21, 1779; Itachel, Jan. 8, 1782; Klias, 


Feb. IC, 1783 ; Elilui, Feb. 10, 1784 ; Silas, June 13, 1786 ; 
David, Oct. G, 1788 ; Lmlovicus, Scjit. 18, 1700 ; Cliarlottc, 
May 29, 1793; Warrcii, wiio died ia Scottsvillc, Va. He 
\vas one ol* the lueii who built Ibe rortiilcatious ou Dorcbes- 
tcr Ileigbts, wbicb caused tbo liritisb to evacuate liostuu; 
and be drew a pension tbe bitter part of bis life. 

0. Noab, son of Jolui and Mary, born Nov. 18, 1759; 
married Mcbelabol WibI, July G, 1788, and settled in ililton. 
Cbildrcn, — J>ctsy, boi*n -Mareb 28, 1789, married Jesse 
Tucker; Warren, born Feb. 12, 179u; Cliarlotte, married 
Jason Wadsworlb ; Uacbei. 

7. Warren, son oi* Noub and Mebetabcl, born Feb. 12, 
1793 ; married Mary II. Wadswortli ; publisbcd Dec. 16, 
183C; lives in Milton. Oliildren, — Edward Wan-en, born 
Marcb 21, 1841 ; Jobn Henry, April IG, 1843 ; William 
Haggles, Feb. 5, 1845. 

G. Ezra, sou of Jobn and Mary of Weymoatb, born 
Nov. 24, 17G2 ; married Mary Lovell. Cbildren, — Kzra, 
bora May 2S, 1788 ; Harvey, Nov. 12, 1791 ; Mary ; Quincy, 
Nov. 11, 1793 ; Bctwy ; Jobn, Jan. 22, 1804 ; Alvan. Mar- 
ried llannab Tirrell for second wife, May 1, 1823. 

6. Frederick, son of Jobn and Mary, married Miss Pool. 
Cbildren, — David ; Frederick ; Asa ; Kcbecca, wbo married 
Trnpont ; Warren ; llannab, wbo married Deacon Jobn 

G. Williain, sou of Jobn and Afary, married Betsy Packard. 
Cltildix)n, — IJetsy, Polly, Sarab, Lydia, William, Nancy. 

G. Jiuie,daugiiterof Jobn and Mary, born July 13,1750 ; 
married Tbouias Webb. Cbildrcn, — llannab, wbo married 
Zadmriah Nusb ; Jauo, maiTied William liumpbrey ; Sarab, 

married Samuel Anmld ; Rutb, married Wbitmarsb ; 

]>etsy| married Faxon ; Nancy, married Arnold ; 

Polly; Asa, wbo married Husaa Pratt; Tbomas. 

G. Mary, daugbter of Jobn and Mary, married Jonatbaa 

AND Ills DKSCKN'DAN'l'S. 319 

Tnipoiit. Cliildrcn, — Jonathan, who married Rehccca, 
danglitcr of Frederick Reed ; Ezra ; Asa ; Sarah. 

U. Deborah, dau};liter of John and Mary, married James 
Jellers. Children, — Anscll 1>. ; Uolicrt; Ilarvoy; James; 
Dotsy; Lucy, who married a Frencli ; Mary, who married a 

7. Ezra, son of Ezra, born May 28, 1788 ; married Su- 
sanna C. Ilicluirds, June IG, 181G. Children, — Susan, 
born March 24, 1»21 ; Ezra, Oct. 11, 1822 ; ilary, May 17, 
1820 ; James A., ^larch 22, 18;i2. 

7. Quincy, son of Ezra, born Nov. 12, 1793 ; married 
Lucy Loud, Feb. 11, 1«2L Children, — Quincy L., born 
April G, 1822 ; Lucy Ann, Sept. 25, 1825 ; Maria T., Aug. 80, 
1«;10; William II., June 10, 1832; Harriet P., April 5, 
1838, IIo earned his father over three thousand dollars 
before ho was twenty-one. He now lives on a beautiful 
farm in the village of South Weymouth. His sons have 
rendered assistance to the author in procuring statistics for 
this work. 

8. Ezra, son of Ezra and Susanna, born March 24, 1821 ; 
married Jane A. Wriglit, Feb. 11, 1849, and settled in AVey- 
mouth. Children, — Charles S., born Nov. 12, 1851 ; Clara 

7. Alvan, son of Ezra, married Phebo Arnold of Wey- 
mouth. Married, for second wife, Anna Titterton, an Eng- 
Wah lady from New Orleans. Married, for third wife, Lucy 
Vining. Children,— William Titterton, born Sept, 9, 1849 ; 
Lucianna, Aug. 81, 1851. Died in 1852. 

8. Lucy, daughter of Quincy and Lucy, boru Sept. 25, 
1825 ; married Joshua E. Crane of liridgewater. Children, 
— Joshua Eddy ; Charles Reed ; Lucy II., died young ; 
Morton Eddy. 

8. Jlarriet P., dauglitcr of Quiacy and Lucy, bora April 6, 
18o8 ; uiarricd William A. Shaw of Weymouth. 


8. Susan, daui^liter of Kzra, married Winslow niancliard, 
and lives at Wcynionth. ChiUhen, — Winslow, Susanna, 
James Franklin. . 

8. Jlaiy, ihinglitcr of Ezra, married Elciv/cr Wright. 
Ciiildron, — (Jcorge Herbert, Frederick, Alfred, Ezra Stcd- 

8. James, son of Ezra, married ^fary Ann Pratt. 

7. Harvey, son of Ezra and ilary, nnirried liydia Dyer of 
Weymouth. Child, — llehotabel. Married, for second wife, 
Jano Pratt in IJoston, >V|it. 10, 1818. Ciiihlrcn, — Har- 
vey n., Jane P., George II., Anna P. He lives in Bangor. 

8. Jane, daughter of Harvey, married Charles E. Lyon. 
Children, — Ciiarles A., George Evans, Edward. 

8. lietsy, daughter of Ezra, married Scth Horsey of lling- 
ham. Cliiklren, — Lydia Dyer, Mary Storrs, Henry, Anna, 
JJetsy Reed, Selh Storrs, Henrietta. 

8. Alary, daughter of Ezra, nnirrieil David Lovcll. Child, 
— David Ih-igham. 

8. John, son of Hzra, horn Jan. 22, l«04; married Lydia 
B. Vhiing, Nov. 10, 182;"). Children, — Augusta, born 
Aug. 2;i, 1820; John Bradford, Nov. 3, 1830; Henry, 
Jan. 27, 183*], died young; Franklin, born Jan. 30, 18H5; 
Frederick, May la, 18:Jl).; Helen Anna T., Nov. 5, 1845, 
His family live in Weymouth ; but ho resides ia New 

0. Augusta, daughter of John, married Dana W, Bar- 
rows. Children, — Alihy L., born February, 1852; John 
11., June 15, 1854. 

9. John Bradford, sou of John and Lydia, married Emily 
Jaue liOud of Weymouth, Nov. 27, 1850. Children, — Emily 
B., bom Oct. 12, 1851 ; Henry, Oct. 11, 1853. 

0. Franklin, son of John and Lydia, married Pamclia 
Thayer of Weymouth, Juno 8, 1852. Children, — Jennie, 
born Oct. 21, 1850; Li/zlc, May 13, 1858. 


7. Betsy, tlaujihtor of Ezra and llary, born Aug. 15, 
17iHi; mumcil Sclli S. Ilursoy of Ilingliani, Nov. 28, 1810. 
(/hildron, — Lyclia l>., Iioni Aug. 22, 1847; ilary Stowcrs, 
Oct. 1:5, ISIS, marriuil INjIjoit A. Ousliiujr, Juuel,18il; 
lltiiuy, lioru Alay 2, 1S2() ; Ann, Jfay ID, ]822, inarriod 
ly.iui i\ DuiT, Jinio 1, I8i:i ; Hulsy 11., honi Nov. 2:i, 1828, 
married 'J*licoi>hilu.s liurr, Nuv. 27,. 184.> ; rfctli Stowers, 
bom Nov. 21, ISo'i ; llcurictta, Hay G, 18;jG, married Ebed 
li. Ui|»iuy, Dec. 2), l.S^d. 

8. Ileury, bou ol" Soth S. Ilerscy and Betsy Heed, born 
Jhiy 2, 1S20; marrivid Jlelsy Shule, Nov. 2D, 1845. Cliil- 
dren, — Klizalnjth ; Henry il. ile died in New Orleans. 

8. Lydia B., daujjliler of Setli S. ilersey and Betsy Beed, 
born Auj;. 15, 1817 ; nuirried Josliua Jacobs, Aug. 22, 1847. 
CUibl, — Laura U., born Sc|)t. lii, 1855. 

8. Mary S., daugbler of Selb S. Jlersey and Betsy Reed, 
luarried Robert A. Cu.^bing. Children, — Robert A., bora 
Jan. 17, 184:5 ; Alfred, Dec. \\ 1855. lie died iu Iling- 

8. Ann C, daughter of Setb S. Ilerscy and Betsy Reed, 
born May 1*J, 1822 ; married Tyam 0. Burr, June 1, 1843. 
Children, — Frederick; Henry. 

7. John, son of .John and Rachel, born iu Weymouth, 
June 21, 1771^ and went wilb his father to Bolton, where 
be married Lucy Houghton. Children, — Jobn Amory 
Rred, who married at St. Thomas, ami had two children, — 
Kli/abetli and Caiherine. John Reed also bad Catherine, 
who married a Swanton ; and Charlotte, wbo married Jo- 
.sepli B. Eaton.' His widow lives at No. 19, Hancock Street, 

7. Klihu, bon of Jobn and Rachel, born at Weymouth, 
Feb. 10, 1784, and went witb his faiber to ]>olton, wberc he 
married Sabra Hougldou. Children, — Elihu, who is a 
merchant ou Long Wharf, Boston ; Charles W., of No. G7, 


Commercial WliniT, born in 1809, and lives in Brighton; 
James 11.; Frank; WiHiam. 

8. Charles W., son of Elihii and Sabra, married in Boston 
to Martha A. IhiUard, Tor .second wile, in ISiVi. 

7. lOlias, son of John and IJaehel, born Feb. IG, 1783 ; 
married Sally IMoek oi* Uielnnond, Va. Children, — Siuan, 
who nuuried her cou>in, David 11. Heed (deceased, leaving 
children Nannie and ^^u^an) ; Rachel, wiio married a Bland, 
and has a chihl, named ^ia^gic ; Klias, wlio died unmar- 
ried ; Sarah ; Charlotte, who married Capt. Foythrcs ; Wil- 
liam B., who married Lucy Franklin oi* Richmond, Va. ; 
C ; John II., a sea-captain. 

8. Charles W., son ol' Klihu and Sabra, married a Hcarscy 
of Ilingham; and, for second wile, Martha Bullard. 

8, Sihis, son ol* John and Rachel, born at Weymouth, 
Juno 13, 17SG ; nuirried Miss Betsy Whitcomb of Bolton. 
Children, — Ciiarlotto W., Avho lives in Manchester, 111.; 
Warren, who is in California; Jolm, in Alexandria; Fmily, 
married IJasli]), and lives in Illinois ; Joseph ; Silas, who is 
in California. 

8. David, son of John and Rachel, married Nancy Nurso 
of Bollon. Children, — David 11.; Ann. 

9. David IL^ son of David and Nancy, married Susan 

8. Henry Ludovicus, sow of John and Rachel, born 
Sept. 18, 171)0 ; married Charlotte Stickney". Cliildren, — 
llcnry C, of the firm of Ross, Campbell, and Company, of 
Baltimore, who nuirried Kate Ring of York, Fa.; Thomas 
1). ; John W., who died in Norfolk ; Mary E. ; Charlotte S. ; 
Julia L. ; John L. 

8. Charlotte, daughter of John and Rachel, born at Wey- 
mouth, May 29, 1793 ; married Levi Houghton of Bolton, 
and moved to Bath. Children, — Levi Warren ; Klizabeth ; 
Amory, who married a Miss Jewell ; Clara, who married 


■)^iC; ;;.,.. 'i .\;,«.;^|/ ',\ [hiI A l^: l' ! • « 


a Kiinball of Bath. John 11., who inarncil a lI^LcUau ; 
lleary L. ; FrcJcvick; CImrloUc, who luanicd C. I. Mackcc 
or New Orleans. 

8. (huhcriiic, daughter of John ami Lucy, married John 
Sivantou of JJath. Cliildreii, — Kate, who married a llascl- 
ton; AnuKli'za; Ileury; AugiisU; Josephine. 

Oluirlotte, daughter of John ami l*ucy, uuu'ricd Josejih B. 
Kalon of Boston. Children, — i^Iai ia, Charlotte, Kate, 
Luey, Klixaheth. 

Clara, daughter of Jolui and Bachol, married Joseph 
Ilartweli of Ware. Childicn, — John W., who married 
i^uiline Baehelder; Warren, married Alice Clarke; Silas; 
Chira, who married Dr. K. B. Uichardson, and had Clara; 
-\fary; Carrie; Ilattio; Lottie. 

Jesse, son of Kzekiel and llary, horn in 17^8;; inarricd 
Hannah Haywood in 1800. Children, — Kliv.a, who mar- 
ried John Davenport, and died, leaving two sons and two 
daughters; Hannah H.; Horatio 0.; Simeon U., died 
young; Thoujas, died young; Harriet W. ; Mary; Ann II. ; 
Koxanna ; CJeorgc W., died young ; Jesse, died young. 
Married, for second wife, Louisa Lindsey, ^lay *28, ISfjO. 
Children, — Mary Louisa, honi Aug. 0, 185*); Jesse Ed- 
wards, Jan. 17, 18r)7. He is known as Col. Beed, and lives in 
Marshfield. ile has prohahly been the author of more new 
inveniions, and oiHained nujre |>atentSj than any other person 
in the United States; and is now, in the eighty-third year of 
his age, actively employed in a new and important invention. 
Among the long list of his useful inventions are the ma- 
chines known as the *'Odiorne tool,*' the '* Keed tool," the 
machine now in almost universal use for making cut-nails, 
and maclnnes for pulverising dyewoods, for steering vessels, 
as well as various kinds of puntps, treenail nuichines, cotton- 
gins, &c. ile is said to be u man of great industry and 
indomitable perseverance. Free and generous, he expends 

321 WILLIAM nr.ADK or wkymoutii, 

on new inventions tlic fruits of liis previous toils. He has 
made and lost several fortunes in his day: hut, allhough 
poor, lias made numy rieli ; and his name will he remem- 
hercd hy future generations with respect and gratitude. 
Thougli no towering monument should he raised to his 
memory, yet every nail driven in the huihling of our dwell- 
ings speaks forth the Ijcnufits of his wonderful ingenuity. 

JIunnah H., the daughter of Col. Je^se and Hannah, 
married Martin JIoLaughlin in ^lansfield, and setthd in 
Duxhury. Children, — ^lloxanna, who died yoiujg; ilarlin 
P., now of Wisconsin ; George T. ; Hannah 11.; Mary W. 
ilrs. McLaughlin died at Kast llridgc water in 1841. 

George T. McLaughlin, son of Alar tin and Hannah, mar- 
ried Clara Af. Jfoldcn of r»oston, and keeps at No. 108, Slate 

Hannah R., the daughter of Afartiu McLaughlin and 
Hannah, nuirried John Itichards of West Ijridgowater. 
Children, — Charlotte, and one infant whose name is un- 

Mary W., datighter of SFartin ifcLaughlin and Hannah, 
marvicd George 11. Carlton of North IJridgewater, and has 
one son. 

Harriet N., daughter of Col. Jesse Heed and Hannah, 
nuirried Joseph Parsons, and lives at Alarshlield. Children, 
— Joseph; Julia, who married Joel iloses of the. State of 

Ann M., the only surviving daughter of Col. Jesse Reed 
and ilannai), nuirried Charles Walker, and lives at Marsh- 
field. Children, — ilatilda, Charles, Edmond, Almcda. 

3. Jacoh, third son of William and Ksthor of Weymouth, 
was born Nov. ii, lUDl. Ho settled in Ahington — ihe/'part 
now called South Ahington — in 1708. He married Sarah / 
Herscy. Their children were — (1.) SiLiiL*' *'*^'*" Mi^y-|l'i^l^« 
she married Rev. Solomon Reed of Titicut l\u'ish, Middle- 

AND HIS i)i:sci:nuants. JV2r> 

horougli ; biiin^^ liis secoml ^vi^t^* {'!.) Jacob, born July 7, 
17*20: he nuiniLMl Kubccca Arhlrews. (;5.) IluiUiuh, l»oni 
Feb. 2(1,1722: bho mamoil JoMma llowo, Doc. 20, 17ol, 
(4.) AVillium, lujin Sept. 20, 172:). (f).) Klijab, boru 
Fob. 14, 1727: b(; niiinicd, in HihJ, Siiruli, danjiblcr of 
Obatliah IIclmI. (0.) 15elly, i)orn Ihircli 1, 17:n : j>Iic died 
young. After the (le;ilb of liis wife Sarah, ho married 
Widow Ifannali Noyes. Their only eliiltl was — (7.) JJetty, 
born in 17o4. Jle api^ears to liave been a man of inlhicnee, 
from the fact that ho wu>i eleeletl to llic olhceof Town Clerk 
of Abinjrton nineteen years. Jio died in 1700, at the ago of 
sevenly4ivo years. 

4. William, son of Jacob and Sarahof Abington, born Sept. 
20, 172.') ; married, in 17i")0, Silence Nash. 'J'iicir chililren 
Averc — (1.) Silence, born Aug. 0, 17r»3; died July lO, 179 J. 
^2.) William, born June 8, n.V). (;».) Jane, born June 2o, 
17ij7 : she marrieil llev. DavitI (Inrney, who was settled as 
successor of Kcv. Solomon Keed of Tilicut Parish, Middle- 
borough. (4.) Detsey, born Feb. 2o, 17r>0 : she married Porter of Abington. (fi.) Susanna, born July 20, 
1702: she married JJenjamin Hates of Abington. (0.) James, 
born Oct. 0, I7t>l : he nnirriod liulh Porter of lU'idgewater. 
(7.) Tinmlhy, born May 2'.», 1707 ; died Sept. 8, 177i. (8.) 
Mehelaliel, born Jan. 2*J, 177o ; died Jan. 0,1773. This 
William, son of Jacob and Sarah, was an earnestly reli- 
gious num, ami for many years a leader in the neighbor- 
lnM>d religious mctitings of his lime. Jle died Dec. 4, 
1 S07, ageil eighty-two years : Silence, his wife, died ilarch l», 

• niirtii); her mniiU-i) Ulr, >l»c va> iK-fu^'tionril in >ay tliat tlurre weiv Unoo f.»i»- 
ililioiii Willi %\liii'h >lic \vi*iiM It'll |iC t'iiiiii«'r|«'>l ill iii:ii'riii;;v.' ; vi/.., with a \nilw\\i-i' 
>vhii h;ti| t'hihiroii, uilh ii L'lur;:\ luait, uv wirh her uivti i'i*ii<-iii. Jlut -\n m*ciii> Iw 
have chati^cil hvr iiiiit«l; loi', in luairyiii^ iSi v. Suluiiiuii iiccit, kho in;inii'*t Uiciii all 
hi oiii'. 


f). Rev. AVilliaiii Rctid, second oliild of William and Silence, 
and grandson of Jacob and Snrali, was born in Abin«;(on, 
June 8, IToL). J>cing in early life reli«iionsly disposed, he 
desired a liberal education, willi tbc jnirpose of entering llie 
Cbristian ministry. He graduated at Harvard College in 
1782; and in April, 1781, was ordaimd as jmsttn* of tbc 
Congregational Cburcli in Kuston, j\ra>s. In ilay, 1784, bo 
married Olive J\)ol * (born .Jan. 2S, n«»7), tbird ilaugbter of 
Samuel Pool of liridgcwalor. Tlie cbildren of Ul'V. William 
and Olive were — (1.) Mobclabcl, born in Easlon, Juno *J!0, 
1785 : she married Jacob Dcane of ilansfteld in 1808. 
(2.) William, born Doc. 12, 1787. (;5.) David, born Feb. G, 
17D0. (4.) Olive, born in April, 171)2 ; Nlied in August, 
1703. (fi.) Jason, born Oct. 14, 1794. (G.) Daniel, born 
ilarch 22, 17i»7. (7.).Selb, born Aug. 22, 170l». (8.) Ly- 
man, born Dec. 2S, iSUl. (D.) Luciu.s, born Oct. 27, 180r>. 
Afr. Ueed died Nov. IG, ISOl); having l>ecu ibc pastor of 
tbc cburcli in Kaslon npward.s of twenty-live years. His 
ministry, llhrngb not dislinguisbed by unusual instances of 
religious excitement, was a successful one, considering its 
limited duration. 'J'be number of cburcli-nu^mbei';^ was 
much incri;ascd ; and bi.s labors were believed by disinte- 
rested ob.<ervers to bave bad an im|ior(ant inlluence in elVcct- 
ing a decided reformation in the moral character of the town, 
whose reputation in the surrounding places had for some 
years been low. The staid and reliable character of the 
first HCtllers had not, with some honorable exceptions, been 
maintained by their descendants. &hiny of them had fallen 

* I fiiul frctineiit iiinrHn^u iilUaiui't to bnvc liccii fonncti, iukI n i|ii>intM-iiig of 
nniis, bvlwccii Uiu Ki'i'dn itiul I'laiU in ilio liiurU'enlli cciilury. '\'\\v ii:iiiiu wuh 
(licii I'lile; ttiiil tlic nitct'iitiiMi of tlio (H-lliogiiipliy '\* in licupiii*; wiUi Uie in:tiiiti'r in 
>vliii:li Uic ctyuiolitjfy ul' wonl^i Ini> Imcu, in niuiiy c:i«.c-, fntirt-l^' lu^i. I'«j«»I i* u 
itni'Uiititui of l)c hi i'oK*, t.oril Clmiicellur iukUm* Uicliard U., and wliusc Hi<^ii:i iuar-l 
ricil II lit-ud; It lurgu antuiuit ol'i'iopcrty coining into i!ic liundi ul'iitc Itccil Kiiuiily 
liy tiutt in:(rn:i;;c'. 


f). Rev. AVilliniii Kcod, second cliikl of AVilliiun and Silence, 
and grandson oi' Jacob and Surali, was born in Abint^ton, 
June 8, IToil. ]]cing in early lile rcli^ionsly disposed, lie 
desired a liberal education, wilb tbe purpose of entering tlie 
Christian niinislry. He graduated at Harvard College in 
17'S2 ; and in April, 1781, was ordainid as past<jr of tbe 
Congregational Church in Kaston, Mass. In ilay, 178 I, bo 
married Olive l\)ol * (born Jan. 2S, 1707), third daughter of 
Sanniel Pool of Uridgewaler. The children of Uov. AVilliani 
and Olive were — (1.) Mi'bclabel, born in Easlon, June 'JO, 
1785 : she nuuried Jacob Dcane of !M:insfield in 1808. 
(2.) William, born Doc. 12, 17S7. (;J.) David, bon» Feb. G, 
17D0. (4.) Olive, born in April, 171)2 ; died in August, 
171)3. (fi.) Jason, born Oct. 14, 1794. (0.) Daniel, born 
March 22, 1797. (7.) f^t-tb, born Aug. 22, 1791*. (8.) Ly- 
man, born Dec. 2S, 18Ul. (U.) Lucius, born Oct. 27, 180r>. 
!Mr. Reed died Nov. IG, 1801); having l>ocn the pastor of 
the ehuich in Kaston upward.s of twenty-five years. His 
ministry, though not distinguished by unusual instances of 
religious cxcittnnent, was n successful one, considering itii 
limited duration. I^he nundier of church-members was 
much increased ; and his labors were believeil by dihinte- 
rested oliservers to have had an important inlluence in ellect- 
ing a decided reformation in the moral cbaraeter of the town, 
whose reputation in the surrounding places liatl for sonic 
years been low. The staid and reliable character of the 
first settlers had not, with some honorable exceptions, been 
maintained by their descendants. Many of them had fallen 

* I fiiiil frcquoiit itmniiif!tf iiUiaiu-ft to litivu Iktcii funucd, nml n qiitirtniii); ot' 
nniis^ Uttlwticii lliu UvviU iiiul l'«>oU in iIm: roiiiirciilh criilurv. Tlic ii:iiuu wiisi 
UiiTii I'lile; ttu«l tlic tihcniliini of I lie iii(li<igiii)»liy h hi kec|»iii<! witli itie tii:iiiiicr in 
\vliif:h IliO clyiiiu|n}fy i»t' wtmU litii In-ou, in ui:iiiy cii^e-o, (:iitin-l3' lu^t. l't«<i| i^ n 
riiiTU|iti«Hi ol' Du la I'oU', l.oni CliiiiiccU«»r iiiKU'r lii< h:irii U., and whuse nivtti niary 
riol a Itied; ii lur;;u tunuunt oi'|'i'opctty cuniing inlu l!te ItunUi ul llic Kccii Fuuiily 
l>y thiit inaiTia;;v. 


into Ihc vices llien ooiumoii to new sctllomeiits; * anil llio 
iniuionii teiHlcnciiis liml liorii jijiuruvalctl by ilic ilislurbiid 
and u»i|»ruliliil»lc chaiaLtcM- of tlio two |ireco«liiig luiiiiblricsj, — 
one conluntioii>, and llio uihcr Inmioral. Tluiro was a call 
for rururni ; anil it was aL*coin).li>lMid, as became nianil'ost to 
all obsiTvers: >o ibat, at jMr. lu.eirs decease (Nov. 1<», 1809, 
at ibe ajre of liriy-fuur), the reputation of the town, as to tbc 
maintenance of onb.r and exemplary moral>, stood on a full 
equality with iis miirbbors. This reform, aided under Pro- 
vidcnee by the ^i;neral proiire>s of society, was brought 
about, not suddenly with relijiious exeiteuient, but gradu- 
ally and (iuielly ; the natuial result, so far as the minister's 
iniluence was eoneerned, of a faithful devotion to i)is duties 
us u preacher an<l pastor, enforcing all by his own steady and 
pure Christian examj»le.t 

• Al Uic limo c«i' Mr. Ii\i'.r> setlh'iiu'iit in J!:i^(oii, in 17^4, |m>l»;ibly unoi|uui-tor, 
U lUA oHc-tiiiiii, tit' llii! t( iiiluiy was co\ii'e<i by tliu uii^inal IwiVat. 

t riic |«;rl**»l ut wliii'li Mr. I.VlmI wui settled wiu |»L<:iiiiarly tihlMYwrablc, uh 
iv;;:ir(U woililly hii|>|iort; iiikI liis cxiicricncv nut «mly .hIiow.s tliu tnul-i and |irivu- 
li«»nr* ol' (t i«jiiniry h»ini-lt'i'> iiU: rrmn sevt'iUy-fivc lo lilly yn.w* u^o, liut rcwuU 
tiUu— what unly \Uo>c wtm liavi: IcU U can htily uii(tur»tanil, au«l >vliut ia ut tiiiu now 
a<k Uiiii — (he dc^iiluiiwn uu«l th-ll'(■^<^ to wliich his iainily it» hahlv, wheti iho 
>«,-;ti.ty Mi|i|H>rtt't' hi> -^iiiaii -ulary ii cul uM'liy •icalh. 'lhi;» tic.>tiliitiun and ili>li'v<«4, 
ill llii' piv'^ciit eu.-c, %\rru cxiiniiMii-cil u>\\w I'lill extent hy ilic ilcatlMfl' Mr. Uicd tu 
Ni'Vvni(ii.r, ItiOiJ. ITi^ on;.'iii:il <«alary (oik- hiinilriMi iMjUiiii:*) wast v«ry iui|iCrroclly 
{•aid lur iiuiny year*-, cwin^ to liic tl«-|iri<-i'<l slate uf iho wholii bu>iii(*<> ol' ihu 
CMiuntry jii^t til'tiM* the l«V\whiti*ttiary War: tiiul, hy Ihu ^reut chani^es in Uiu pricc^t 
I'f |i|-uvi-itai« :niil lalidi, il >imiii hccuuiu luiirh l«r<«.s valiiahh:; !<o, iliinii}; the 
Iwflily-Uvf yi'iu> iA'U'i^ uiiMi>hy, tlic a\n.i^',« vahtcufhi^ sahtr}' wus lc^'^ than two- 
lhir<l> of the caih vahit; <•!' .i huniircti |n'itii<l:i whi'ii lio ua^ >iitlcil. t'odcr thoo 
i-iiviiin^tuiic'u*, it vvao liiiiy with thu iii<i>i ri<;i«l fcuiiiMuy ami tiiaiiy |irivatioiih that 
i-> r.unily vx|iL*ii'C-> ciuilil Li«: ntet. h i.> uot ditrK'nii lu uiitlvr?>laiiii tiiat the 
kitiiatUiii ut' ihu wi.lwu* na^ ono ul* |icciiliar iiiixioty un<l trial, thus K'ii without 
liu'ait^', with hci* tuu uhlol .'•oii> on their i.i>t year iu cit||cf;c, un<l live y>>iii>;{cr »oit« 
tu U; >Ht>iH'rlviI and idiicatnl. Uy thu ido«>iiii( i»r Pruvitlcin'o, kIic \va<» carru'd 
tiiiou'jh i(,aiid, at (he cli<«t! oi .t lon-^ lil'o, \vit<» iihU* to ^ay (1*^. xxxvii. 'Ju), '' 1 ha\e 
!»«'vii youii;,', and unvf am old; ^cl haw 1 iml mi-ii the ri^^htcoiiit fuisuKoM, nor hi-, 
kevd Uviiiiiuf^ hrcnd.*' Shu rviittiinexl in \vid>i\v|iiM>d uiii(Mi;,'sl her hu-handS i<eu|du 
ii|»ward'» ul forty year*, hehiVi'd and rfp«ilid h»r her |K'atc-i<ivin;i s|iitil, h«r '^riitlc- 
iK*^% and Mvve(iie»-«ol' tein|H;r, mid hrr coti^i>tcnt and uxttinpiiry (^hri>tiaii hic. She 
died uii till! 20th U Mui'ch, IbCU, ut the ti-^o wrei^lity-threu; and her viglil .<«ui'viving 


i». Muhcta))cl, <l;iuglitcr of Ivov. William, born Jime 1*0, 
17Hr>; iiiarriciil Jacol) Doanc of Mauhlicld, who tlcscondcil 
froiu John Doane in tlm following order: John Deane 
came IVoni Cii-tird, in Hngland, in li]*iii. lie had u son 
John, who had ^^aniucl ; and .Sunuicl had AVilliain ; and 
AViiliani had John ; and John had Jacoh, tiic hnshand of 
l^lohetahcl Uecd. Jlr. Doano occupies the palernal estate 
of his ancestors, which lias hecn thus occupied for several 
generations. The dwelling-liouse was built by one of theuj, 
in the early part of the eighteenth century. 

7. William Heed l>uane, son of Jacoli and irehctabel 
(Reed) Dcane, and the elile:5t grandson of Rev. William 
Reed, born in Manslield, Aug. 21, l^^)\); merchant of lios- 
ton, and resides in Hrookline, ilass; nuirried Abby f^oggett, 
daughler of Jlev. Simeon Doggett of Raynham, iMass., May 
2J, liS;»4. Chihlren, — William Ro<coe, born in Boston, 
April 1'), ISiji"), lawyer in Chicago, 111.; Samuel JUair, born 
in liobton, Dec. l*J, 18:)7, merchant of Lacon, 111.; Abby 
Weslon, born in Roxbury, Sept. 28, IS.'iH; Jlcnry Ware, 
born Dee. I, IS 17. 

8. William Ro<coe Deanc, eldest great-grand.son of Rev. 
William Jieed, and sun of William Reed Deane and Abby, 
married Kllen *M. Underwood, daughter of Hon. Abel Under- 
wood of Wells River, Vt., July 14, ISoS. lie is of the firm 
of Stiles and Deane, attorneys-at-law, Chicago, 111. 

7. Olive Reed Diiane, the eldest grand-daughter of Rev. 
William Reed and iMrs. Olive, and daughter of Jacob and 
Mehetabel (Reed) Deane, born in Alanslield, Sept. 1, 1810; 
died iu lioston, Sept. 2ti, 1S2S. 

7. Kmily Deane, daughter of Jacob and Mebetabcl (Reed) 

rliilJrcii, from JMuiit locnlioti", uWvv iliitiy-fivc year:*' bcparalioii 04 a whulo, n»U 

iill ill litttUli, ul Ihc avcrsiftc uj;u ui' lift > -lour, j;allioic»l uruuml Ik r bier, ul lltu «>IJ j 

hniMc^lcail, lo liii»iiilo lUcir tcair^ aii«l i.iayiM>» (loi" the laU liiiu; tid it provtsl), aittl to / 

Iw) her |>ri.'cioii» du^t hy the &iilc ol' Ihcir houorvd aiut liuiiciacU lather. i 


Poanc, horn in IManf^fiohl, July 27, 1812; mari-icd Alfreil A. 
Hall of Kiiyuhajn, Ma^s., now ol' JJoi^lon, Scjit. 2l», 1S30. 
Cliildrcu (all horn in IJaynham), — Josephine. Lyman, bom 
All":. IS, isa7; .Marcia Anna, I'Vh. 1, IS II; Stella Dcanc, 
July 7, 1815; r.ouisi Jane, Keh. 2S, IHf)!. 

7. I>avi*l (Inrney Oeane, son of Jaeoh anil Mohctabcl 
(Heetl) Deane, Imiii at .Man>rK*hl, Oct. 2v^, 181.') ; married 
ilannah A. liaxler, dau^^hler of Clie>ter iJaxter, ]''^4., of 
Sharon, Vl., March -I, 1«I0. Chihh-en, — Chester Jlaxlcr, 
horn in liov^lon, Jan. iil, I.S 1 1, died Nov. 28, 1S41 ; David 0, 
Di'ane, died at Sharon, Vt., Feli. S, J8oO. 

7. Jane (Jurney Heanc, daujihier of Jacob and ilc- 
hetahel (lleeil) Deane, horn in MansfieUl, Dec. 12, 1824; 
lornierly a teacher in Jio.'jton ; now (li^dO) retrides iu 

G. William, son oi' Rev. William of Easton, was born Dec. 
12, 17tS7. lie {iradiiaieil at Pirown llniversily in LSlij. In 
Novendier, 1812, he nnirried IJelsey Drake, danuliter of l]e- 
ihnel Drake of l\aston. Their chihlren were — (1.) William 
(Jnrney, born in riymouth, Sept. 2.>, 18Di. (2.) T/ieuphe- 
inia Kustalia, horn in Mnslon, Sept. D), 1815. (iJ.) Charles 
Henry, horn in .Millon, Feb. o, IS18. His wife died in Mil- 
ton, Anir. *J, 1821. lie married, for second wife, Abigail, 
widow of Calvin J [owe of iiosion, in November, 1822. On 
leavinjr college, he spent several years as a teacher, — first 
in IMymonih, and then in charge of Milton Aeadeniy, — and 
was popular and sucee*jsful. lie afterwards completed a 
course of study at tho Divinity School, Cambnd«ro ; and 
|ireaelied for several years, hut never took permanent charge 
of a parish. In middle life, he sctdcii ou tho homcstcud 
of his father, at Kastmi ; where for many years he held 
the comnu.ssiou and ))erformed the duties of a justice of tho 

7. William Cj., son of William, Ksq., and granilson of 


Rev, William, inumcd .Sophia Withcrcll of Chcsterlield, 
Sept, 17, l»o4. Children, — Helen Hophia, born in Middle- 
field, Juno 7, lS;k> ; William Elisha, born in Millbury, 
Juno 7, 1837 ; Calvin IIowc, bora in Boston, Marcli 20, 
1842; David 0., Jan. 20, 1844, died Feb. 18,1844; IUh 
raco D., bom July 20, 1847, died in Raynliam, Sept. 18, 
1849 ; Maria L., born in Ilaynham, Feb. 19, 1849. His wife 
died Oct. 31, 185;'). In March, 1859, he married, for second 
wife. Miss Hyde of Charlcslown. 

8. Helen S., daughter of William O. and Sophia, married 
Francis Coiicland of Ihidge water, November, 1854. Chil- 
dren, — Anno Sophia, born December, 1855 ; Helen Prances, 
January, 1857 ; Mary Louisa, January, 1868. 

7. Lieuphemia Eustatia, daughter of William, Esq., of 
Easton, married John A. Hall of Itaynham in 1837. Chil- 
dren, — Selwin E,, born May, 1838 ; Euphemia E., March, 
1841 ; Francis R., Heptcniher, 1842 ; Elizabeth D., Novem- 
ber, 1850 ; Mary Avery, August, 1853. 

7. Charles H., son of William, Esq., of Easton, married 
Mary Davis of Weslport, November, 1840. Children, — 
Charles D., born in Roston, May G, 1842; Henry L,, Dec. 3, 
1843; George William, Sept. 12, 1852. 

G. David, second son of Rev. William of Easton, was born 
Feb. 6, 1790. He graduated at Brown University in 1810 ; 
being a classmate of his older brother William. Lumedi- 
ately on leaving college, he commonued teaching. In Sep- 
tember, 1810, ho took charge of the Plymouth Academy, at 
Bridgcwater, and continued the connection two years ; in 
the mean time, and during part of tho following year, giving 
attontion, as far as other duties i)criuittod, to professional 
studies with Rev. Dr. Sanger, then minister of the Congre- 
gational Society in South Rridgowater. Early in 1813, ho 
removed to Cambridge, and pursued his studies at the Divi- 
nity School. He commenced preaching in 1814 ; and, from 

C^ ■ c^ f 

• ^ ^^ /cTc r ri 



that time till 1821, had charge of dilToicut parishes, for coii- 
sidcruhly cxteiulcd periods, in Elaine, New Hampshire, and 
Coiiiicctieut, but was not ordained. The disturbed slate of 
religious opinions in the parishes at that time, — at the 
breaking-out of the great controversy between the Liberal 
and Orthodox parties in the Congregational body, — and his 
experience of the privations to wiiicli a clergyman's family 
were liable from ])recarious and inadequate support, led him 
to decline a permanent parochial connection, till he should bo 
able, witiiout worldly anxiety or embarrassment, to devote 
himself fully to professional duty. 

The opportunity which his mode of life gave him, in these 
years, of learning the state of religious sentiment and hiquiry 
in various communities, and the growing interest generally 
manifested in the religious discussions of the time, induced 
htm to propose the publication of a religious newspaper, as 
an advocate of Liberal Christian views: and, with the appro- 
bation of his clerical friends, — llev. Dr. Channing, Rev. Dr. 
Ware, and others, — he commenced hi Doston, in April, 
1821, the publication of the '^Christian Register," taking 
himself its editorial management ; and he continues to this 
time (18G0) its publisher and proprietor. 

lu 183G, Way 2, he married ilary Ann Williams, youngest 
daughter of Howell Williams, Esq., of Brooklyn, Conn. 
Their children were — (1.) William Howell, born March 16, 
18:i7 ; merchant in ]toston. (^2.) Eliza Williams, born 
Sept. 1, 1838 ; died Dee. 1, 18i7. («.) Sophia Henrietta, 
bora April 13, 1842 ; died Oct. 14, 1843. 

U. Jason, son of Rev. William, born Oct. 14, 1794; gra- 
duated at Harvard GoUego, 1810 ; married Nancy K. Ooates, 
Way 19, 1824. They have one daughter, — Elizabeth Ly- 
man, born February, 1827. . He is a lawyer at Milton, and 
has held the oflice of town-clerk many years. 

6. Daniel, sou of Rev. William of Easton, born March 22, 


1707; \iu\vv\cil Sally AVikl, Sept. 17, IS2L Cliililron,— 
Fiilcliii, born in Kusloii, Aug. 1:5, 18'J2 ; Sally Wild, July SO, 
182.J. Sally, liis wife, dieil July 14, 182G. Mameii, I'ur 
hccDiul wilo, IVisis C. llaunuoud, daughter of Thomas Ham- 
iiiond of Carver, Feb. 10, 1J528. Chihl, — Persis 11., hora 
Juuo 20, 182U. lVr>is, his second wile, died March JJl, 
18;j1. Jhirried, for third wife, IJel^cy T. IFanunond, May 15, 
18:J2. Chihiren,— Charlotte Au'-u^ta, horn Feb. 21, 18:5;i, 
died March 2, I8,*jr); Almirii llannnond, horn Feb. l», 18;*»r»; 
Melissa Cobb, Feb. G, l8;i7 ; Olive Janctle, March 20, 1811 ; 
Thomas llannnond, March, 1813, died in 18.');]. J>etsey, his 
third wife, 4lied Oct. 11, 1843. Married, for fourth wife, 
ilary Ann Itichardson, Dec. 8, 1817. Child, — Daniel Itich- 
ardsini, horn in 18r)0, died in 18r)0. 

7. Fidelia Ivccil atul John Jay Hoard married A])ril 21, 
1858. Children, — John Ueed llearil, born Jan. 2U, 1850; 
Mary Ann Heard, Aug. 18, 1858. 

7. Sally Wild Uced and Henry Dailcy uuirried May 4,1817. 
Children, — Albert Henry, born ilarch 3, 1818; Charles 
Thomas, May 2, 1853; Oeorge, January, 1858. 

0. Seth, son of Rev. William of Faston, born at Kaston, 
Aug. 22, 171)1) ; married Lucy llolden, July 22, 1827. 
Children, — Olive, born in ISoston, June 2, 1828, died 
Sept. 8, 1828; William Edward, born Nov. 10, 1821); Sam- 
uel Payson, born in Baltimore, March 24, 1833 ; James 
llolden Lander, July 0, 1»:;0 ; Wallace Willard, July 20, 
1838; Seth Ourney, born July 20, 1840, at a dwelling-house 
which has since become a |iart of the College l>uilding of 
St. Timothy's Hall, near Catonsville ; J^ucy Holdcn, Nov. 24, 
1812, at Cedar Hill ; Charlotte Whiii|ilo, Nov. 12, 1845; 
Mary Laura, July 2, 1811). Ho is a merchant in Baltimore, 
and tlio author is much indebted to him for statistics con- 
tained in this work. 

7. William Kdward, son of Seth and Lucy, born Nov. 10, 


1820, took his iininc rrom hulli putenml and ntatcriiul 
grund|mrciUs, who holh ilicd the hanio month, anil day 
of the nionlh, in which he was horn, hotli aged (iriy-rour 
(although one died in 1800, and the other in 1824) ; nuirried 
*^arali Klizahotii Thomas, Dec. 8, 183^^, and lives at Damub- 
eus, ^fonlgonicry (.'ounly, lid. CliiUlren, — ^faiy Knuuu, 
horn Nov. 7, ISoo; Lucy llohien, ihiy li), 1808. 

7. Samuel P.» son of Soih and I^uey, horn .March 2-1, 
ISiii; married Kachel Ann Hrown, Aug. 2o, IS.Vi. Chil- 
dren, — Sanaiel Pay>on, liurn Hay 20, 18tiG ; Olive Ann, 
May 7, 18^7. Ife lives in Howard County, Sid. 

<n Lyman, son of Itev. William Heed of Kaslon, horn at 
Kaston, Dee. 28, tSOl ; married Marcia Ann, daughter of 
Judge Jedodiah Harris d\' Slrallbrd, Vt., Oct. 22, 1«32. 
Children, -7- Jeduiliah Harris, horn in Ualtimore, Aug. 2, 
183o, and graduated ul Dartmoulh College in I80I ; Kllcn 
«/ennelte, horn Feb. U, iHiWt; Lynnin, June 9, 18.J8, died 
Feb, 28, 18;5U; Charles, horn Aug. 4,1810, died Sept. 9, 
1842. Ho lived in Doston from 18;)2 to 'oG, and was an 
alderman in IS-IT) and *!(). He is a merchant, and, since 
18o(), has lived in llallimore ; and has reeenlly obtained a 
patent for a prevention of the ])otato disease, — a discovery 
which has met the approbation of an agricultural committee 
of Congress as well as of the l\itcnt Otiiee. 

(3. hucius, son of ilev. William, born Oct. 27,1805; mar- 
ried in Doston, to Ahby Sumner Harris, Aug. 10, 1831, 
Children, — William Harris, born Aug. 10,1832, in Balti- 
more ; Lucius, born in Italtimore, 1834, and died in Texas, 
Xov. 4, 1857. He died in lioston, Nov. 1, 1855 : his wife 
died Nov. C, 1839. 

Jane Rood, daughter of Silence and WilliAm, born 
June 23, 1757, was married in 1787 to llcv. David (jurncy, 
who was settled in that year as pastor of the Congregational 
Society in Titicut, Middleborough ; being the successor of 


Ilcv. Solomon l*ecil. He dioil July iU), 1815, ut tho age 
of Hfly-Nix. Tlirii* first ami only child, a danglitcr who 
lived hut two days, wixa horn ticveiiteeu years alter their 

Mr. Oiirncy was a native of Ahiiigton, and graduated at 
Harvard College in 1781. lie sought an edueation, with 
a view to tho ministry. He was a fine elassieal scholar, 
pi^epurcd many young men i'or college, and often had pujiils 
Bcnt temporarily to his care IVoin diilorent colleges. Aii a 
writer and preacher, ho was above the ordinary range of the 
clergy of liis day ; was a great lover of music, and had a fine 
poelical tasle. 

liCUy lleed, daughter of William and Siienco, horn Feh. 
2o, 17G0, was married, 12th of January, 17*J2, to Ebcnezer 
i*orter. Their children were — (1.) Betsey, lx>rn Oct. 17, 
1702. (2.) Lydia, burn Fob. 10, ISUO. (iK) Sarah, horn 
Feb. 10, 180;i. lletsey was married to Christo|>her Dyer, 
Jan, 10, 1810 ; Lydia was married to Kdward Vinton, 
Feb. 16, 1820 ; Sarah was married to Spencer Yining, 
Oct. 14, 1824. 

Susanna lleed, daughter of William and Silence, born 
July 26, 17U2, was married to ]>enjamin llales in 178U. 
Their children were — (I.) lienjamin, born June 10, 1789. 
(2.) Sui^anna, born in IVM. lienjamin married a Miss 
Jenkins, and died July 11, 1825, leaving two daughtei*s. 
Susanna nuirried Samuel lUaku. 

James, son of William antl Silence, born Oct. 6,1704; 
married Ituth Porter of ]]ridire\vatcr. Their children were — 
(I.) MelicUil>el, born in 1784. (2.) Hannah, born March 12, 
1780. (3.) James, l>orn Aug. 13, 1788. (4.) Jane, Itoiu 
June 10, 1791. (/i.) Samuel 1*., bom May 4, 179;J; died 
Sept. 9, 1815. (().) Timothy, Iwrn March 22, 1700 ; died 
Oct. 17, 1815, (7.) Marcus, born Aug. 23, 1798. (8.) 
Cyrus, born July 2;i, 1800. He died at Abington, Oct. c>0, 


1855, at the ago or uiuety years. ITo was a niaii of a 
modest and reliriug di^|)osilioii ; an exemplary ami prac- 
tically good man ; a lover of ihe Scriptures and of good 
men ; but, from dislike of rigid cluireh requirements, not 
a public jirofcssor of religion. He died at peace with 
the world, and respected and beloved by all who knew 

Mehctabel, daughter of James and Ruth, born in 1784 ; 
man-icd Samuel Porter, . Their children were — ^rehetubcl, 
born May G, lSO-1 ; Ruth, Dec. 24, 1810. 

Hannah, daughter of James and Ruth, born March 12, 
178G ; married Jacob FuUarlon of Abington. Their chil- 
dren woro — (1.) Hannah, born Nov. 27, 1808; (2.) Uctsoy 
Jane ; (8.) James R. ; (4.) Jacob ; (5.) Timothy. 

James, sou of James and Ruth, born Aug. 13, 1788 ; mar- 
ried Mehctabel Dyor, April ID, 1810; died Dec. 23, 1810. 

Jane, daughter of James and Ruth, born June 10, 1791 ; 
married Daniel Jkilcs, Jan, 10, 181 L Their children wero 
— (1.) Jane Gurney, bom March 19, 1812. (2.) Emily, 
Iwrn Aug.16,1814. (3.) Daniel, born May 10, 1818. (4.) 

Mary Brown, born April 27,1820. (5.) Eliza Ann, born 

Juno 10, 1822. He died June 10, 182G. 

Jano Ourncy, daughter of Daniel liates and Jano Reed, 

born March 19, 1812; married George Chandler, Jaii. 1, 
. 1838. Children,— Sarah Jano, l)orn June 17, 1839, died 

young ; Eliza Jane, liorn Jime 7, 1842. They live in lilau- 

chcstcr, N.ll. 
Emily, daughter of Daniel Rates and Jano Reed, born 

Aug, 15, 1814 ; married. May 9, 1833, Washington Peterson, 

and lives at South Abington. Children, — Emily Rates, 

born March 10, 1834; Elizabeth, Sept. 80, 1830, died 

April 25, 1845; Elizabeth Amelia, liorn Fob. 4, 1848; 

Henry W., who died Aug. 10, 1850 ; Mary Augusta, born 

Dec. 22, 1853. 


Daniel, son of Daniel Bates and Jane llocd, born May 10, 
1818; inairicd Klizubeth IJrown, Jan. 28, 1839. . lie died 
Aug. 25, 1889. 

Mary B., daughter of Daniel Bates and Jane Reed, bora 
April 27, 1820 ; married Absalom Osburn, Jan. 2, 1838. 
Children, — Orinda llydc, l)orn March 15, 1839; Mary; 
William, July 2, 1843 ; Kmma, March C, 1840 ; Daniel B., 
July 17, 1851 ; Sarah, Jan. 2, 1852, died Dec. 22, 1852 ; 
Frederic W., born April 17, 185li. 

Orinda II., daughter of Absalom Osburn and Mary B., 
bor{i March 15, 1839; married Angus W. Young, Mareli 15, 
1856, Child, — Kva Jane Wilson, born Feb. 11, 1858. 
. Kliza Ann, dauglitcr of Daniel Bates and Jane Ueed, born 
June IG, 1822 ; married David Reed, sou of Jeremiah, as 
his second wife, Oct. 9, 1830. Cliildron, — Lucy Harrison, 
born Dec. 28, 1840 ; David and Daniel, May 7, 1843 ; Nancy 
Smith, Fob. 8, 1840; Frank F., Sept. 8, 1855 ; Edward S., 
Jan. .80, 1858, died April 19, 1858. 

Marcus, known as Major Heed, son of James and Ruth, 
boi*n Aug. 2i^, 1798 ; maiTied Mohotabol Jonkins, ^(ay 17, 
1821. Their children wore — (1.) Marcus, born Nov. 19, 
1823. (2.) James, born Feb. 20, 1831. (8.) Timothy, born 
Sept- 25, 182G. 

James, second son of 3klarcus, born Feb. 26, 1831 ; mar- 
ried Poddy W. Ilowland, Sept. 7, 1851. Their children 
wore — (1.) James L., born in Hanson, Jan. 10, 1853. 
(2.) Alice M., born Sept. 23, 1854. 

Timothy, son of Marcus, born Sept. 25, 185G ; married 
Lydia Ann Bourne. Their children were — (1.) Mary 
Ella, born April 18, 1849, died young. (2.) Ann Kliza, born 
Sept. 25, 1855. 

Marcus, son of Marcus, born Nov. 29, 1823 ; married 
Jcnnetto S. Sprout. Tlieir children woro — (1.) Jennetto 
Augusta, born Oct. 22, 1849. (2.) Susan M., born July 20, 


1815. (3.) Marcus Webster, hovn Oct. 6, 1856. (4.) Amelia 
Francis, born Oct. 2, ISoS, 

Cyrus, son of Jsinies and Uutli, born July 23, 1800; mar- 
ried llary Noyes, Nov. 12, 18iil). Their children were — 
(1.) Cyrus, born Dec. 10, l.S;;4. (2.) Samuel W., born 
Dec. 15, 18;J7. 

Samuel W., son of Cyrus and ihiry, horn Dec. 15, 1837 ; 
married Ada Norton. Their chihhcn were — (1.) Charles 
IT. (2.) Adda. 

3. William of Ifiddleborough, son of James, married Eli- 
zabetli. Chihlrcn, — William, born July 18, 1715 ; Hannah, 
June 7, 1717 ; Benjamin, May 2G, 1720 ; Thomas, March 15, 
1722; Jonathan, Oct. 22, 1725; Peter, May 7, 172D. 

3. John, son of James of Middlcborough, married Eliza- 
beth, Child, — Mary, born May 1 3, 172G. \ 

3. William, son of William and Kslher, born in Wey- 
mouth, May 21, 1082 ; married Alice Nash in 1703. Chil- 
dren, — Alice, born in Boston, Oct. 19, 1703, died Oct. 24, 
1703; AVilliam, born Dec. 15, 1704, died Nov. 21, 1724; 
Obadiali, born ilarch 14, 1707, died Nov. 4, 1724 ; Ebcne-, born July 13, 1700 ; Alice, April 4, 1711, died Sqit. 29, 
1724 ; Daniel, born Dec. 0, 1713 ; James, March 3, 1716; 
Solomon, Oct. 22, 1710; Jacob; Moses, Jan. 15, 1723; 
Alice, April 19, 1725, married Jacob Ueed, Dec. 1, 1748. 
He moved to Abington in 1708. At the first town-meeting 
held in Abington, March 2, 1712, he was chosisu selectman 
and town-clerk. Ten of his descendants, at his death, had 
been liberally educated. lie went by the appellation of 
'* Capt. Reed." His wife died Dec. 6, 1751 : he died 
June 3, 1753. 

4. Bbcnc'/er, son of William and Alice, born July 13, 
1709; married Ilannali Thompson of Middlcborough, Feb. 
21, 1732. Children, — Ebenezer, born Dec. 11, 1733, died 
Juno 4, 1740 ; William, born Oct. 28, 1735 ; Ichabod, 



April 21), 17;1S ; Daviil and Jonathan, July 0,1740; Paul 
auil Silas, ilarcli J], IT-l^'J (I'aul died June 4, 1743 ; Silas 
died Aug. 11, 1744); Abigail, born April 10, 1745, numied 
Jacob Dyer, Feb. 2,170b; Barnabas, bom April 5,1748; 
Ebcnczor, Dec. 18, 1751. Jiivcd in Abington. 

5. William, sou of Kbcnozer and Hannah, born Oct. 28, 
1735; married Hulh Shaw, Dec. 27, 1759. 

5. David, son of Kbeue/.er and Hannah, born July 0, 
1740 (twin-brother of Jonathan) ; nuirried llary Ford, 
April 22, 17l»2. Children, — iehabod, born Nov. 25, 17i>;J; 
Abigail, June 4, 17i)5 ; David, May 3, 1707 ; Ebenezer, 
March 27,1701); Andrew, Juno 25, 1771; Paul, Oct. 12, 

0. David, son of David and ifary, born May 8, 1707 ; 
married Elizabeth T. IJrown, Sept. 10, 1810. Children,— 
Charlotte, born ilay 10, 1812 ; Wooilbridgc Brown, Nov. lU, 
1810 ; Anson, Sept. 25, 1814 ; Nancy, Dec. 0, 1815 ; David. 
Married Nancy Smith. Children, — Lucy Harris, born 
Dee. 23, 1840 ; Nancy Smith, Feb. 8, 1840 ; Prank, Sept. 8, 

0. Paul, son of David, born Oct. 12, 17G3 ; married Mercy 
Noycs, Oct. 4, 1792. 

4. Daniel, son of William and Alice, born Dec. G, 1713; 
married Ruth White, »^ept. 15, 1739. Children, — Rachel, 
l)oru Dec. 20, 1740, married Jacob Porter, jun., Juno 6, 
1703; Micah, born Feb. 1, 1742; Jesse, March 10, 1745, 
who moved to Cbarlemont ; Faioch, born Dec. 23, 1747; 
Selh, July 10, 1750 ; Ruth, Dec. 4, 1752, married Jacob 
Gannct, Aug. 12, 1774 ; Noah, born Dec. 10, 1754. Mar- 
ried, for second wife. Widow Sarah Dawes in 1705. lie was 
one of the fubl scttlern of Cuuimington, and died April 5, 
1781 ; was a captain. His wife died Jan. 2, 1775. 

5. Micah, sou of Daniel and Ruth, lx)rn Feb. 1, 1742; 
married Deborah Thompsou of Halifax, Oct. 20, 1707. 

ANM> 1113 DKSCKXD.VNT3. !W1) 

1 ChiUlrcu, — Husaiumli, bom Sept. 0, 1770, married J>onj:uiiiii 

t IJatcs, Oct. 20, 17G7 ; Mehetaljul, lioni Dec. 2:J, 177 1 ; iMcrcy, 

■ April 21, 1772, married J*enjaiuiii Noycs, Dec. 8, 170;j; 

; Enoch, bora Feb. .11, 177;i ; Setk, Jan. 0, 1770; llulh, 

July ijy 1778, married l»ehi lUanebard of Weymouth, Sept. 1, 
171)1) ; Noah, bora April 22, 1781 ; Abigail, Nov. 1;], 1784. 

0. Seth, sou of Micah and Deborah, bora Jaa. 9, 177G ; 
married Catheriac Hrowa, Jaa. 10, ISOl. Childrca, — 
Seth, bora May 2, 1804; Noah, Feb. 20, 1810; Lucy, 
July 20, 1802. 

7. Seth, sou of Seth aacl Catheriac, bora May 2, 1804; 
aiarried Sally IJlaachard, Sept. 13, 1820. Childrca, — 
Aaa M., horn Nov. l,"), l«2l) ; IJuth Torrey, Dec. 24, 1838 ; 
Seth Deaue, Juao 10, 18 10 ; aa iafaat, luuac aot givca, 
April 10,1842; Sarah Westoa, Oct. 0,1817. 

5. Seih, sou of Daaiel aiid Ruth, bora July 10, HoO; 
married Thaakful \Vhilaiar>h ia I77;l. She died ia Cum- 
aiiugloa, Juac 2, 177;"); aad he aiarried Mary I/iswell for 
secoad wife, ia 177(). Traditioa say^, that, as he was pass- 
ing whero a maa was felliag a tree, it fell across the road 
upoa huu, aad killed hiai. Childrca, — Olive, who died at 
Caaiaiiagtoa, Jaa. 2, 1775 ; Seth, who married Catheriac, 
aad hud a son Seth, l)ora May 2, 1804; Mehetabel, bora 
Juac 4, 1800; Lucy, July 20, 1802, ftmrried Pliay Edsoa 
ia 1810. Uq died at Cuaiaiiagtoa, Dec. 19, 185;^. 

5. Noah, soa of Daaiel aad Uuth, bora Dec. 10,1754; 
aairried Abigail, daughter of Sylvaaus llicc of Charleaioat, 
July 12, 1784, aad settled ia Cuaiaiiagtoa. Childrca, — 
Abigail, bora April 10, 1785, married Saleai StreeLer, Fe- 
bruary, 1812, and died at IMuialicId, Fob. 14, 1853 ; Daaiel, 
Iwra Nov. 5, 178t5, married Oyathia Warren, Septeaiber, 
IS14, settled ia Guamiiagtoa, aad died Nov. 29, 1854; 
Kuth, born Juae 21, 1789, laarried Josiah Shaw, November, 
1825, and settled in Cuanaiagton ; Nancy, bora April {iO, 


171)1, who liv»!s at Sharon, Muss; Olive, horn Doe. la, 179'^, 
inarricil Jom:|»)i Tuluiun, Xuvenihcr, IS 10, and hves ai Sha- 
ron ; Jcbsc, hum Muruh ±\ 17%, luarrioil Mary I), Cri:t\vuhl, 
unci settled in Cunimin^lon ; Orphah, horn June 12, IbOo, 
married Alonzo Ciuniuy, «)anuary, lS*ir>, and settled in CUini- 
niington. lie died at Cnniniin^Con, Jan. ll», l^;>2: his wilo 
died Oet. 9, 1S;J7. 

5. Jonathan, scm ol* Kiionc/er and Hannah of Ahington, 
luirn July 9, 1740 (twin) ; married Mary Tirrel, April ;iiS, 
17Go. Children, — Hannah, liorn July l^J, 17t>l ; Jonathan, 
Feh. 2, 1707 ; Molly, May 0, 17li9. He died in 17tj9. 

6. Jonathan, sun ul' Jonathan, horn Feh. :2, 17il7 ; nnii'* 
ried Deborah i'orter, A[»ril l-^ 17«S8. Children, — Mary, 
horn 178S; Jonathan li., 1791; John P., 179:5; Dehorah, 
179."); Klizahrth M., 1797; Khenezer, KSOl ; Clarissa, 180,*) ; 
Almira, 1800 ; David R, 1808 ; Thaxler, 1809. He seUlcd 
in East Hridgewater. 

7. Jonathan 1^., son of Jonathan and Dehorah, horn in 
1791 ; married Charlotte JJrown, Dec. 18, 1810. Children, 
— Charlotte, horn May 28, 1821. ifarried to Ijuey Cham|i- 
ncy of Jtrighton for second wife, puhlishcd Foh. 2.*), 1S27. 
Children, — Susan Chanipney, horn Dee. liO, 1827; Lucy 
lioring, Aug. r>, 18:50, 

7, John P., son of Jonathan and Dehorah, horn in 1793 ; 
married Tolly IJamsdale, 1810. Children, — Mary Loring, 
lK)rn Aug. 20, 1817, nnirried Kdwin Drown of Kast Jhidge- 
watcr, Nov. ;]0, 18^7; John Porter, horn July 29, 1819; 
Lloyd Watson, Jan. 7, 1822 ; Mehetahel R. AV., Sept. Li, 
1824, married David Curney, Nov. 19, 184;] ; Thonms Jiald- 
win, horn July 29, 1827, of South Ahington. 

8. Thomas li., son of John 1\, horn July 29, 1827 ; mar- 
ried Olive Jt. Perkins, and lives at Kust Doston. Children, 
— Ilcrhcrt W., horn Feb. 14, 1852; Nathan Franklin, 
SepL 4, 1860 ; a' son, horu April U, 18oS. 


8. Lloyd Watson, son of John P. and Polly, born Jan. 7, 
1822; married Lucy l>ryant, and lives in South Ahington. 

8. Joini P., son of Jolin P. and Polly, born July 21), 1819 ; 
married Adaline ISrown, and lives in East l>ridgewater. 
Children, — Amelia; AUiion 1>. 

Ebenczcr, son of Jonathan and Deborah, born in 1801; 
married Patience Penninuin. Children, — Ebene/er, horn 
Nov. 23, 1820; (Jeorj^^e Augustus, Oct. 8, 18;]1 ; William 
Henry, April 12, 18:ia; Kli/.aheth Thaxler, Dec. 4, 18;J4; 
Kmeline Frances, Sept. 2*J, 1837 ; Maria Frances, Aug. iVi, 

7. Thnxtcr, son of Jonathan and Deborah, born in 1809; 
married Mehetuhel Ihown ; published Feb, 4, 1827. Chil- 
dren, — Mehetabel, born May 8, 18;W ; Ilaman Thaxter, 
Aug. t>, LS38, nnirried Sophronia IJarker of Hanson, pub- 
lished July aO, 1 8.37. 

3. Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah, and grandson of 
"William, 1st, of Weymouth, born Sept. 12,1(377; married 
Itannah Uandall, Jan. 14, 1701, and lived in Abinglon. 
Children, — Thomas, born Oct. 18, 1701 ; Daniel, Sept. 10, 
1704 ; Hannah, ^lareh 14, 1700 ; Sarah, Aug. 1, 1715. Ho 
diedOct. 2, 1719. 

4. Thomas, son of Thomas and Hannah, born Oct. 18, 
1701 ; married Sarah, and settled in Uraintrce. Children, 
— Lydia, born June 28, 1720 ; William. 

4. Daniel, son of Thomas and Hannah of Abington, born 
Nov. 4, 1704; married Ihith Torrey, Feb. 22, 1728. Cliil- 
drcn, — Daniel, born Nov. 10, 1729; Thomas, April 17, 
17S2; Ruth, April o, 17:]5. 

5. Daniel, son of Daniel and Ruth, born Nov. 10, 1729; 
nuivried Mary Turner of Weymouth, Feb. 1, 17iM. Chil- 
dren, — Ruth, born Oct. 8, 1750, married Josiah Torrey, 
March 20, 1783 ; Daniel, born July 11, 1759 ; Jacob, 
Sept. 12, 1702 ; Molly, July Jl, 1700. He probably married 


Aima Dowse for scooiul wife. ChiUlrcn, — John, bom 
Aug. 27, 17G9 ; Surali, Aug. 17, 17G2. 

C. Daniel, son of Daniel and ^lary, born July 11, 1750; 
married Anna JJlanclianl, A|Hil 4, 1782. CliilJrcn, — Da- 
niel, born Nov. 18, 1784 ; Dcanc, Way 28, 1787 ; David, 
March 27, 17!)0 ; Jesse, Juno 20, 17Ua; Anima, Jan. 10, 
1795, nnirried Uiehard Ilolbrook, March lii, 1815; Josiah, 
horn July 28, 1797 ; Molly, Jan. 7, 1800 ; Cuta, April 10, 
1802; Qridlcy, Sept. U, 1804; Lydia, July 2, 1807; 

7. Deane, son of Daniel and Anna, bom Ifay 28, 1787 ; 
married Klizabelh Norton, July 28, 1812. Children, — 
Elbridgo, born Sept. 14, 1813 ; Samuel Norton, Oct. 1, 1817. 
Moved to Maine. 

7. Jesse, son of Daniel and Anna, born June 22, 1792; 
married Lucy IJeed, Feb. 14, 1818. Children, — Jesse, 
born June 27, 1819 ; Sally Thaxtcr, Feb. 9, 1822, who mar- 
ried Seth li. Everson, Oct. 29, 1843; Turner, born April 8, 
182G ; Lucy Ann, Feb. 9, 1829. 

8. Samuel, son of JU*ane and Elizabeth, born Oct. 1, 1817 ; 
married Serusha l^ailey of Scituate ; published Aug. 18, 
1833. Children, — Serusha, born June 27, 1834 ; Rowland, 
Oct. 18, 1830; Martha, Nov. 18,1838; Sophia, Oct. 3, 1840 ; 
Anna, Nov. 30, 1844. 

8. Jesso, son of Jesse and Lucy, bom June 27, 1819; 
married Eliza Emelino Curtiss, Oct. 23, 1842. Chijdren, — 
Sarah Emeline, born l^Iarch 5, 1844 ; Eliza Johnson, Nov. 1, 
184G ; Albert Curtiss, April 4, 1850. 

8. Turner, sou of Jesse and Lucy, bom April 8, 1820 ; 
married Sarah U. Curtiss, Oct. 8, 1848. Children,-- Clif- 
ford Waylaud, born Dec. 8, 1849 ; Frederick E., Aug. 4, 
1853. IIo was robbed of a large amount of money on the 
night of the 23d of March, 1859, and much 



8. Lucy Alui, daughter of Je>sc and Lucy, l)oni Fob. 9, 
IS2U; manicd Calvin 1'. TiMVors, Oct. a, IS {8 (the same day 
of the laurria^e of lier brother 'I'linier). Chihh-cn, — Charioii 
Iferbcit, born May Jl, 18.VJ ; Aima liOe, Feb. 5, 1835. 

8. Samh, daughter olJisho and Lucy, born Fel). 0, 1822 ; 
married Soth 0. Kverson, Chihlren, — Lucy W., born 
Oct. '21, 1811 ; Kmelia Ji., Nov. 10, 1845 ; Augusta Maria, 
Nov. 18, ls;>(i. 

(]. Daniel, H)n of Daniel and Anna, born Dec. 18, 1784; 
married Hannah (lurney, July, lcSt)8. Children, — Ihmiel 
Kdwards, born Feb. D, l.Sl:i ; .lalm (Juniey, July 11, 1817. 

7. Daniel, son oi* i Daniel and Hannah, marrictl Kli/.a 
(inrne)'. Ciiild, — Eliza Kindiall, born J\(nc 4, 1827. 

5. ThonuLs st)n oi' Daniel and Jtulh, born April 17, 17(i2; 
married ]\Iary While, July lU, J 755. She was a widow : her 
maiden name was llobarl. Children, — Mary, born June 7, 
1758, married Simeon Ciannet in 1775 ; Hannah, born 
Oct. 24, 17511, nnirried Daniel llickiudl, Oct. 25, 1780; 
Tlionuis, born Dec. 12, 17UI ; Ihinnuh, June 2t), 17G1; 
Samuel, March 11, 17*il) ; Huldah, April 27, 17G8, married 
Dr. Uichard liriggs, Aug. 12, 1784 ; Isaac, born Aug. 4, 
1770 ; Abiah, Nov. 22, 177ti. Jlarried, lor second wife, 
Sarah Fulling, widow of John Pulling of Boston ; her 
uiaiden mime was Thaxter. 

ii. Thomas, son (d' Thomas and Mary, born Dec. 12, 17G1 ; 
married Joanna Sliaw, Jan. 24, 178;l. (Children, — (iodard, 
born ilay H, 1788 ; Kli/abelh, ilarch If), 1784 ; Thomas, 
Nov. 10, 1780 ; Kbcnezer, July 0, 171)0 ; Simeon Clannet, 
Sept. 29, 171K1 ; Joanna, Dec. JJ, 171)5 ; Amos, May 22, 1804 ; 
Albert; TheoUore; Adidine, April 22, 180t). 

7. Theoilore, son of Thomas and Joanna, married Clarissa 
Jenkins, Dec. 20, 18o0. Children, — Martha, born June li), 
183!); Theodore W., Oct. ID, 183:1. Married Abigail Wil- 
der for second wife, Dec, Ul, 1840: Abigail, boru Sept. 8, 


1813; Mary Frunkliii, Oct. IH, l8-i:>; Lyilia Maria, Doc. 31, 
1S4T, ilicil ; Lytlia ^[aria, lioni Dec. lil, lb48 ; Thouias 
Henry, July *Jt, 18.V2. 

(). Isaac, sou of Tlionins uud Mary, bom Aug. 4, 1770 ; 
married Saruli Pulliug, daughter of his fathcr'b second wife, 
May 12, 1793.- Childreu, — Juhu P., bora Sept. 15, 1795; 
Sarah, Sept. 19, 1797, umrried Charles Lane, and lives in 
Bostou ; Lucy J., horn May 'J9, 1800 ; Martha P., March 1(), 
1802 ; Marah ilobart, April 11, 1804 ; Isaac, Jan. 22, ISOti ; 
Betsy Gaunct, Aug. 25, 1307 ; Ruth Torroy, July 31, 1800 ; 
Annis, Dec. 13, 1811. Married Nancy Lincoln iiir second 
wife. Children, — Horace, horii Nov. G, 1820 ; AYilliani L., 
Uct. 5, 1825; Annis, August, 1828. He was deacon of the 
church in South Abington. His widow lives at Taunton. 

7. Lsaac, son of Isaac and Sarah, born Jan. 22, 1800; 
married Uaehel, daughter of John and Thankful Reed. 
Married Eliza F. Shaw of Middleboi*ough for second wife, 
Dec. 17,1829. Childmi,— Isaac, born March 14, 1834; 
Eliza Shaw, April 4, 1^53G ; Sarah E., Sept. 15, 1838 ; Ellen 
M., Dee. 2, 1840 : Henry AV., Jan. 13, 1843 ; Rachel, 
Mai-ch 13, 1845 ; Hannah, Sept. 12, 1848 ; Mary R, Oct. 17, 
1850. . 

7. Martha Pulling, daughter of Isaac and Sarah, born 
March 10, 1802; married Setii Pratt. 

7. Marah Hobart, daughter of Isaac and Sarah, born April 
11, 1804; married NVilliam Cushing. 

7. Rctsy (Jannet, daughter of Isaac and Sai-ah, boru 
Aug. 25, 1807 ; married ^lerrit Jeitkins of East Bridge- 

7. Ruth Torrcy, daughter of Isaac and Sarah, born 
July 81, 1809 ; married John W. Jenkins of East Bridge- 

8. William L., sou of Isaac and Nancy, born Nov. 20, 
1820 ; married Deborah. Children, — an infant, l)orn 


March 22, 1848 ; William 1]., Feb. 24, 1852 ; Amia O., 
Aug. 24, 18r>3. . Ho is the present rQpi'escntativo from 

T. Thomas, sou of Thomas aiu) Joanna, horn Nov. 16, 
17Hi>; married Lyiliu .ieiilduis. Children, — ThoinoH, bora 
April 2;j, 1812, at Abington ; Lydia Jenkins, Juno 14, 1814, 
married Lysander Oushing; Henry AVatson, Dec, 29, 1819. 

Thomas, 8on of Thomas and Lydia, horn April 25, 1812; 
married Nancy Hunt. MarHed Alsoa Weston for second 
wife. IIo diad Nov. i)0, 1844 ; and his widow married Brack* 
ley ►Shaw. 

Lydia Jenkins, daughter of Thomas and Lydia, boru 
Juno 14, 1814; married Lya^ander Gushing. Children, — 
Lysander Francis; Thomas Watson. 

Ifenry AN^'atson, son of Thomas and Lydia, born Nov. 29, 
1815); married Emily Howard. 

(i. Samuel, sou of Thoma.s and Alary, born March 11, 
170G ; married Alary Pool, Aug. 28, 1787. Children,— 
Alary, born March 8, 1789 ; Samuel, Dec. 18, 1790 ; Abiah, 
May 19, 1798 ; Hannah, March 24, 1795 ; Alarcia, Jan. 19, 
1798; Joscph,Oct.28,1799; Ruth, July 16, 1801 ; Charles, 
Nov. 2, 1802, wont AVest ; EUas, 1804, died young. He 
lived in Kast Abington, on tho premises now owned by his 
bons Samuel and Abiah, and gave a picco of land for a 
burying-yard, — the site of the present cemetery, — on tho 
Khoro of a ]>ond. Ho died hi June, 1805; and was one of 
the first who weit) buried on the land he had thus appropri- 
ated : his wife died September, 1839. 

7. Alary, daughter of Samuel and Afary, horn March 8, 
1789 ; married Peter Foixi, and moved to Windsoi*, Mass. 

7. Sanuiol, son of Samuel and Alary, born Dec. 18, 1790; 
married Polly Corthell, Ajn-il 21, 1810. Childreu, — Sa- 
muci, born Afay 20, 1811 ; Polly, Jan. 10, 1813 ; Ixjvi, 
Uec. ai, 1814 ; Dexter, Nov. 10, 1810 ; Alehetabel, Sept. 14, 



1818, diud )Olln.^'; iMolit'taViel,' Injin Man:li IJl, l3^2i. His 
wife died June 10, Ih^liJ. Afiirrieil, lor second wile, Serissa 
Litldleld IJailey, ^viilow ol' llowland Hailey ul' »'^cituate, 
Sei)t. f), 18;];}. Children, — Serissa, libru Juno 27, 18:54; 
Rowland, Oct. l-», 17o(), died youn«^; Murtha, l»orn Nov. 1;{, 
1S?.8; Sophia, Oct. W, IS 10; Anna, Nov. l-\, 1S1-I. 

S. Samuel, son ol* Sanaiel and Polly, Ikumi March 20, 1811 ; 
imirried Kiizaheth Wilkes, and lives at Kast Ahington. 

8. Mary, dauiiliter of Samuel and Polly, l«oni Jan. 16, 
1813; nuuried •lohn liairoll, and lives at Kast Ahinglon. 

8. Levi, sou of Samuel and Polly, born Dec. ol, 1814; 
married Louisa (-. Drake, April 20, 18;J7, and lives at Kast 
Abin^ton. Children, — Louisa Jlaria, horn at Abinpton, 
Jan. 10, IS.JS ; Henrietta Hryanl, burn at hedhani, ilarch 17, 
1840, died Jan. 1:5, lvS|2; Samuel Ihyant, born Sept. 10, 
11^41 ; Henrietta Manly, born at lloxbury, Aug. IT), IS-IG, 
died June 21, 184*J; Mary Kmilvi born July 27, 18.>0; son, 
not named, March 1, 18^2; died March 2;*, 1852; (leorgo 
Baxter Hyde, bi»rn July 21, 1S5;1, dieil Feb. 2, i^ol ; Alfred 
Levi, born at Abinjiton, Oct. 1>, 18.")"). He lives at Kast 
Abington, and is a ju>tice of the peace lor the county of 
Plymouth, and a member of the Senate. 

8. Dexter, son of Samuel and Polly, born Nov. 10, 1817 ; 
married Catherine SLel>on. .(children, — Frederick, hum 
Fob. 11, 1841 ; Lewis, Oct. 2ti, 184:5; Kdith Catherine, 
SepL o, 184;') ; Mary Alice, Dec. 21, 184G; llulhena, Jan. o, 
1850, dietl April 20, iSjUJ ; Kveline, born Dec. 1, 18:>1, died 
^lareh Ul, l>iM» Lives at Kast Abington. 

8, Mchetabel, daughler of Sanuiel and Polly, born March 
HI, 1822; nuirried (leorgc Lewis. Children, — CJeorge 
Howland, born Aug. 10, 1840 ; Henry Martin, Jan. 10, 
1848 ; WillarJ Wright, July 21), 184!) ; Samuel Dt^xter, 
April 20, 18:)2; Charles Sumner, Sept. 2, l«r)0. 

7. Abiah, son of Sanuiel and Mary, born Nov. 22, 17l)iJ; 

^ Av 



lurtiricd Jane rimiicy, May 2o, 1811. CliiUlrcn, — Ahiali, 
hum »Scpt. 11, 1815 ; Jjino fJuniey, Sept. 8, 1817 ; Uoxaiiua, 
Aug. 24, 1811) ; Waller, July 21, 1821 ; Rchceca Tackard, 
Aug. 29, 182:); llauuali Perkins, July G, 1827; Clarissa, 
Juno 17, 18^0; Lucinda J)yko, Sept. 21, 1832; Elias, 
Sept. 12, 18;U ; Diana, Jan. 12, 18:VJ. Lucinda Dyke died 
Aug. 18, 1834 ; Klias, Sqit. 1 1, 18:54 ; Abiah, jun., Dec. 7, 

8. Iloxanna, daughter or Ahiah and Jane, born Aug. 24, 
1819; married George Totnian, iiay iJi, 183r>, and lives in 
Abington. Children, — Lueinda Ellen, born in 1887; 
George Anthony, May, 1847 ; Marietta Perkins, 1845 ; 
Jessie Maria, July (>, 1850. 

8. Walter, son of Ahiah and Jano, born July 24, 1821 ; 
married Sophrona .loslin. Child, — Edward Stanley, bora 
Feb. 25, 1847. Ifis wife died Dec. 19, 1847. Married, for 
second wife, Cordone Keen, April 1, 1849. Chihlren, — 
Sara\i Jano, born ilay 8, 1850 ; Henry AValtcr, Nov. 27, 

8. Jane Gurncy, danghtcr of Ahiah and Jano, born 
April 8, 1817 ; married Luther Joslin of Hanson, Jan. 22, 
1844. Children,— Luther Austin, born Feb. 25, 1845; 
Jano Reed, November, ISIS; Charles Sumner, March G, 
1S53; Sophruna, Jan. 21^ isfts. 

8. Ilebccea Packard, daugliler of Abiah and Jane, Iwru 
Aug. 29, 182:1 ; uiarried Augustus N. Warren : she was his 
scooiul wife ; his first being Clarissa, her younger sister, 
whom he married Jlay 2, 1847 ; and married Kebccca, 
Sept. 14, 1851. Children, — Everct Augustus, liorn July 2, 
1852; William Henry, April 22, I85C. 

8. Hannah, daughter of Abiali and Jane, born July 6, 
1827 ; married Horace Ames of North Bridg-cwater, Jan. 22, 
1855. Children, — liuth, bora Oct. 7,1856; Abby Swett, 
Nov. IG, 1858. 


8. Diana, dniightcr of Abiuh uud Jane, l)orn Juno 12, 
1839; marma Henjannn A. iVatt, April 29, 1838. 

7. Sarah, duughtcr ol' Deacon Isaac, born Sept. 19, 1797 ; 
married Charles Lane. Children,*— Itucliel, Sarah, Annisi, 
Alaria, Henry Fayette, Julia, Charles Beverly. 

Liicy J., daughter of Deacon Isaac, bom May 29, 1800; 
married Jesso Reed, son of Daniel. 

Annis, daughter of Deacon Isaac, born Dec. 13, 1811 ; 
married Cliarles Cook, and lives in Taunton. 

6. John, son of Daniel and Mary, born Aug. 22, 17G9; 
married Dorothy Brown, Dec. 1, 1789. Children, — Molly, 
born March 31, 1790 ; Nancy, Sept. 20, 1792 ; John, Sept. 15, 
1795 ; Oren, Dec. 5, 1797 ; Ruth, Juno 20, 1802. Married 
Tliankful Jenkins for second wifo^ March 1, 1805. Children, 
— Molly, born Jan. 1, 1»S0G ; Rachel, March 25, 1808. 

7. Oren, son of John and Dorothy, born Dec. 5, 1797 ; 
married Cluirlotto Harden. Child, — Naucy^ born July 11, 

G. Jacob, son of Daniel and Mary, born Sept. 12, 17G2 ; 
married Nancy Porter, Nov. 18, 1799. Children, — Bela, 
born Dec. 2, 1803 ; Ezekicl, Oct. 14, 1810 ; Jacob, starch 7, 
1801, died Aug. 1, 1819. He died Jan. 21, 1839. 

7. Bela, son of Jacob and Nancy, born I^ec. 2, 1803; 
married Joanna S. Lane. Children, — Jacob, horn April 5, 
1827 J Nancy, Jan. 31, 1832, died young ; Elizabeth Rich- 
mond, born Oct. 8, 1835, 

1. Ezekiol, son of Jacob and Nancy, born Oct. 14, 1810 ; 
married Ccphisa Studley of JTanovor ; published Dee. 18, 
1831. Children, — Emily Cephisa, born April 29, 1832, 
died young ; Ceorge Fearing, born Alay 31, 1834 ; Mary 
Turner, July 29, 1838, died young ; Mary Augusta, born 
Jan. 0, 1843, died young; Charles, born July 19, 1847. 
Lives at Abington Centre, on the tract of land settled by his 
ancestor in 1708. 


7. Oodavil, sou of Tlioinas and Joanna, born il:\y *22, 
I7SK; mamnl Ma.i.i i Kiv.l, Nov. 1-J, 1814. (nnlilrcn,— 
Jfannaliy born Fcl). 18, ISKI, ilicil young ; Diana, burn 
l'!cb. 27, 1817, niarriod Isaac Kccnc, June 14, 18:i5, died 
Jan. 21, 18'J8 ; Wa^hinjilon, born July 0, 1820 ; Cbarlos 
4Sodard, Jan. IS, 1S2;J, died Se|)t. 22, 1823; Marcia, born 
July 22, 1828, died fiv\)i. 4, 184S. 

8. Wasbington, son oi' (lodard and Marcia, borii July 6, 
IS20; married Harriet IJ. Corlbell, June 2, 183U. Cbil- 
dren, — Jlenry Harrison, born Aug. 12, 1840; Joanna, 
.May 7, 1840; Cbarles O., April 28, 1852 ; JIarcia, Nov. 20, 
1833. Ho keeps in Pearl Street, Boston. 

7. Amos S., son of 'J'bonnis and Joanna, born Marcb 22, 
1804; married Iluldab 15. Loud, Nov. U, 1820. Cbildren, 
— r^arali Ann, born June 17, 18:]2, died Sejit. 21, 1841); 
Amos Newton, born Jlay 21, IS2U. Married Raebcl B. 
Heed, widow of Simeon U. Kced, Doe. 14, 18:44; Kdward 
Payson, son of Amos and IJaebel, born Sept. 21, 1830; 
Klizabeth Waldo, Aug. 4, 1830, died Sept. 5, 1843 ; ilirandu, 
))Orn April 20, 1843, dred Aug. 1, 184ti. Ilis wife died 
Aug. 1, 1833. 

8. Amos N., son of Amos S. and Huldab, born May 21, 
182J); married Sarah Doynton. Cbild, — Harriet !>., born 
May 22, 1854. 

7. Kbcnezcr, son of Thomas and Joanna, born July 0, 
1790; mftrried Lucy Jenkins, Nov. 30, 1815. Children, — 
Cleora, born Nov. 3, 18 IG, and married Sylvester Dawes, 
Oct. 9, 1830 ; Lorcn/o, born IMay 20, 1818 ; Kgbcrt, Juno 10, 
1S21 ; Lucy, July 2, 1827. Ho married Patience Penni- 
man for second wife, Jan. 1, 1829. Children, — Kbenezer 
h\ born Nov. 23, 1821); (leorgc Augustus, Oct. 3, 1831; 
William lleury, April 12, 1883 ; Elizabeth Thaxter, Dec. 4, 
1884 ; Eiuelino P., Sept. 29, 1837 ; Maria l\ Aug. 25, 1840. 

8. George A., son of Ebcnezer and Lucy, bom Oct. 3, 


\^M ; mrtrried Susjul ChiKl, — Ami Josopliiin;, \n)vu 
Foil. 0, ISo.i. 

8. Lorenzo, son of Kbonc/cr ami Lucy, ))oni Afuy i^ti, 
I^IS ; imuTioJ Sanili P. WoUlcrmiui. Clnlil, — Cordelia, 
born in iViissau, Nov. <», 1841. llo died Jan. •JS, 1815. 

7. Simeon, bon ol' Thomas and Joanna, bom Sept.. 2i), 
17U3 ; maiiied Hucliel Ihuges, Oct. 11, 1829. Child,— 
yimcon Gannct, l)orn A|iril -J-l, ISoO. 

4. MobeSy bon ol* William and Alice, born at Abington, 
Jan. 15, 17-.*> ; manicd IMutbe. Children, — .Muses, born 
at Abinjjton, ihurh 2l', ITTil ; Aaron, Juno oO, 1731; Mi- 
riam, Jan. 1"), ]7'j7, married Jonathan Mar^h, and died 
May 24, ISOL 

4. James, son of William and Alice, born March ii, 171G; 
married Widow Ituth l^ool ; her maiden name bein^ Ford. 
Chihlren, — James, lioni Aug. I), 1742; Ilezekiah, Feb. 2-J, 
17-14 ; Jeremiah, April 11,1717; Olive, Fel). 2, 171S ; Nao- 
mi, 17^1, married Olradiuh ller.scy. Ho lived in Kast 15ridge- 
walcr, and died at the age of thirty-seven years. His widow 
married u Piirter. 

5. lle/ekiah, son of James and Ihith, born Feb. 23, 1744 ; 
umrried Deborah Tirrel of Abington, and settled in Kast 
Ihidgewater. Childreii, — Deborah, born in 17b8 ; Olive, 
1770 ; James, 1772, died young; Isaac, born in 1774 ; Jere- 
miah, 1777; Calvin, 1780; Joseph, 17S2 ; Jared, 1785; 
Nancy, 1780, He died in \lh^ ; and his widow died in 
1820, aged seveniy-lhree. 

0. Isaac, son of Ilezekiah and Deborah, born in 1774; 
married Sally Stetson in 180'i, and lives in East Hridge- 
water. Children, — Sally, bora Oct. 22, 180;i ; liraac, 
Jan. 26, 1805; Nahnm, Dec. If), 1800; Dexter, Jan. 21, 
1801) ; James Tha.vter, Oct. 8, 1815 ; Calvin, April :i, 1819 ; 
Diantha, April 21, 1821. 

G. Jeremiah, sou of llczekiah and Deborah, born iu 1777 ; 


li^.'U ; manieJ Sii>au. Child, — Aim ..loscpliiiui, l»oi-u 
Fell. G, is:>.i. 

8. Lorenzo, son of Kl)Onc/er and Lucy, l)orn ifay 20, 
l^liS ; nuiniod Sarah 1*. Wcidornian. Cliild, — CiU'dcHa, 
l>oru in Nassau, Nov. <», 1811. lie died Jan. 118, 1815. 

7. Simeon, son of Tlionuis and Joanna, born Sejit. 21), 
17*J3 ; nrnnied Hachel Uurges, Oct. 11, 1820. Child,— 
yimcou Gannct, hum April 2-1, 1830. 

4. Moses, son oi* William and Alice, horn at Ahingtou, 
Jan. 15,1723; married IMuihe. Children, — .Nhises, horn 
at Ahington, ilanh 22, lTr>l ; Aaron, June 30, 1751; Mi- 
riam, Jan. If), 1757, nnuried Jonathan Mar^h, and died 
ilay 24, ISOI. 

4. James, son of William and Alice, born March 3, 1710; 
married Widow It nth Tool ; her maiden name being Ford. 
Chihlren,. — James, born Aug. *J, 1742; Ilezekiah, Feb. 23, 
17-14; Jeremiah, April 11,1717; Olive, Feb. 2, 17 IS; Nao- 
mi, 1751, married Ohadiah Mersey. He lived in Kast Dridge- 
walcr, and died at the age of thirty-seven years. His widow 
married u Porter. 

5. lle/ekiah, soji of James and Kuth, born Feb. 23, 1744 ; 
umrried Deborah Tirrel of Abington, and tjettled in Kast 
Ihidgewater. Children, — Deborah, born in 1708; Olive, 
1770 ; James, 1772, died young; Isaac, born in 177-1 ; Jere- 
miah, 1777; Calvin, 1780; Joseph, 17^2; Jared, 1785; 
Nancy, 1789. He dievi in 178« ; and his widow died in 
1820, aged seventy-three. 

0. Isaac, son of He/.ekiah and Deborah, bora in 1774; 
married Sally Stetson in 1803, and lives in Kast lUidge- 
water. Children, — Sally, bora Oct. 22, 1803; ibaae, 
Jan. 26, 1805; Nahuui, Dec. 15, 1800; Dexter, Jan. 21, 
1800 ; James Thaxter, Oct. 8, 1815 ; Calvin, April 3, 1819 ; 
Diautha, April 21, 1821. 

0. Jeremiah, son of llczckiah and Deborah, born in 1777 ; 


AND in.*5 1)»:s(:kni)akts. 3^)1 

mavncd Rol>e<ica Joukins, ^Jurcli 3, 180-J. CliiKlrcn, — 
Albert, boni Aiit--. "J:!, LSU.i ; Mclvin, ifarcli 30, 1800 ; Na- 
thanM, J^cpt. 17, 1SU7 ; David, July 2, 1812; Charles 
Spencer, Oet. 12, 181 «i. 

7. Albert, bun uf Jt.remiah and Kebecca, born Auj^. 23, 

j 180-i ; married Alniira Drake of Ifanson in 18o2. Children, 

I —Albert Ij.,born in I.Sol; Sarah S., 18:V> ; Augusta, 1847, 

t died in 1810. lie lives in Abinirton. 

! 7. Melvin, son of Jeremiah and IJcbccca, bora March 30, 

1800; married Kmily Tool, Nov. 12, 1S20. 

7. Xaihauiel, bJon uf Jercmi;di and Uebocca, born Sept. 17, 
1807 ; married lletsy Uartlett of Cummington in 18151. 
('hildren, — Klizabelli, born i8ol,died IS;}.']; Nathaniel L., 
born in 1831 ; Kdward, 18;5U, died in 1817 ; Marshal, born 
in 18H ; Kli/nbeth, 1813. His wife died in 1813. 

7. David, son of Jerendah and Kebeeea, born July 2, 
1812; marrie<l Nancy Smith in 1830: she died in 1837. 
Afarried Kliza Dates in 1831). (Mdldren, — Lucy II., born in 
ISU); Nancy, lSi(J; Frank, is:)'). 

0. Calvin, son of lle/ekiah and Deborah, born in 1780; 
married Hannah liOiuIon, Oct. 15, 1807. Children, — 
Oakcs, born Sept. 11, 1808; Deborah, February, 1810; 
Ifezekiah, July 1, 1812 ; Susannah Pratt, Dec. 7, 1814. lie 
lived in Abinjrton. 

8. Oakes, son of Calvin, settled in East Bridgcwator ; 
born Sept. 11, liSOS ; unirried Letitia 1». iloburt in 1832. 
Children, — Andrew H., borii in 1833; Calhcrine P., 1837, 
died in 18or> ; Eliza A,, burn in 1830 ; Calvin P., 1844. 
He died in 1810. 

Sj Ifezekiah, .son of Calvin, burn July 1, 1812 ; nuirried 
Klizai)eth Jtislin, and lives in Hanover. Child, — llerberl, 
bi)rn in 184'). 

8. Susan, daughter of Calvin, born Doe. 7, 1814 ; mar- 
ried Mark Dunbar of KasI Dritlj^ewater in 1831. Children, 


— Laviua, Imrn in 1832 ; Adaliiic, 18M ; Mark W., 1837 ; 
LucyJ., 18S9; Frank, 1841 ; Wutsoii, 1848. Slic died ia 

8. Deborah, daughter of Calvin, born February, 1810 ; 
nmrried Obadiah Itecd in 1831, and lives in Abingtou. Chil- 
dren, — Obadiah, born in 1832 ; Wcbslor, 1834 ; Deborah L., 

9. Andrew II,, sou of Oakes, born m East Ilridgewatcr, 
Sept. 11, 1808 ; married Augusta Keen in 1850. Child, — 
Catherine, born in 1857. 

6. Joseph, son of Ile/ekiah and Deborah of Bridgewater, 
born in 1782; married Charlotte Stetson in 1807, and lives 
in East Bridgcwatcr. Children, — Lucius, born in 1808; 
Aaron, 1811 ; Charlotte Tirrel, 1814 ; Joseph, 1817 ; Daniel, 
1820 ; Marcus S., 1824 ; Gurnsey, 1820 ; Ruth G., died 

7. Lucius, son of Joseph and Charlotte, born in 1808; 
married Cclina Dyer, Jan, 7, 1838. Children, — Lucius 
Franklin, born May G, 1840 ; Henry D., 1842. 

8. Aaron, sou of Joseph and Charlotte, born in 1811 ; 
married Hannah FuUerton, Sept. 15, 1830, and lives in 
Abingtou. Children, — Aaron Alden, born April 25, 1839 ; 
Ilannoh M., 1844. 

8. Joseph, son of Joseph and Charlotte, born in 1817 ; 
married 2i[ehetabel Jenkins in 1843. Lives in East Bridge- 

8. Marcus S., son of Joseph, born in 1824; lives in East 

8. Qurnsey, son of Joseph, born in 1826 ; lives ui East 

8. Daniel, sou of Joseph and Charlotte, born in 1820; 
married Mary A. Smith in 18J4. Children, — Daniel L., 
born in 1848 ; Forrest S., 1852 ; Mary A,, 185C. 

(j. Jared, son of Ilozekiah, born in 1785, and settliMl in 


Hast Bridgcwutcr ; manlcd Srohetabol Gardner, 1811. Oliil- 
dren, — Samuel 1\, Timothy, iluhctubel. ilarncd,ibr second 
wife, Electa Pliilli|)s, Nov. -M, li<32. He died in 185/). 

7. Timothy, son of Jared and ilchctabcl, went West. 

7. Samuel P., son of Jarod and Mehetabel, lives at South 
Abington ; niairied Leniira I), llnrd of Now Hampshire in 
1840. Child,— Lucina, bom Fob. 1, 1«40. 

7. Mehetabel, daughter of Jared and Mehetabel, married 
Alvan Porter of Marshfield in 1844. Children, — Alvan 
Chirence, born Sept. 21,1840, died April, 1848; Louisa M., 
born Oct. 17, 1848 ; Prank S., Aug. fi, 1852, died A»ig. 9, 
1853 ; Ellen Florence, born June 0, 1854 ; Edith if., 
April 9, 1857. 

5. Jei*cmiah, son of James and Uutli, born April 11, 
1747; married Sarah Tirrel. Children, — Obadiah ; Olive. 

5. David, son of Kbenezer and Hannah, born at Abington, 
July 8, 1740 ; married Mercy Ford, April 22, 17G2. Chil- 
dren, — Ichabod, born at Aiiington, Nov. 25, 1703, died at 
Cummington, Jan. 12,1778; Abigail, born June 4, 1705, 
died at Cummington, April 12, 1781 ; David, born May 3, 
1707 ; Ebonczer, March 27, 1709 ; Andrew, June 25, 1771 ; 
Paul, Oct. 12, 1773 ; William, bom at Cummington, lilay 7, 
1777; llarnabas, Oct. 10, 1779; Ichabod, May 12, 1782. 
llis wife died ilarch 5, 1787. Tradition says that Mr. Reed 
was on a vi^it to Abiitgton at the timu of the death of his 
wife, and thought ho had a presentiment that she was 
dead, by some remarkable appearance at the side of his bed 
in tho night. He told his friends that his wife was dead ; 
und, as soon as it could bo ascertained, it proved true. She 
was riding through a piece of woods, and a tree fell upon 
and killed her. He marriod, for second wife, Hannal) Iteed 
ISalea of Abington, daughter of Ezekiel Itoed of Abiiigton, 
und widow of Samuel Bates, Jan. 9, 1788. He died ui 
.Cummington, May 10, 1808. 



0. Silus, son of Kbeiic'/.er and Hannah, born at AI>ington, 
Aug. 11, ITU ; jnarrieil liobccca. CliiUlron, — Aliiirail, 
bom at Cunnnington, Nov. 2, ITliS, marrictl Ccorge (.\)lc, 
Aug. 0, 17S!); J'alicncc, born June 21, 1770, married Joel 
llandall, Jan. 2, 1791 ; Hannah, born Feb. 18, 1772, nuir- 
ricd N. Tower, Dec. 1, 1701) ; John, born Aug. U, 177;^ 
Married, for sccoiul wile, Mary. Children, — Eunico, born 
Jan. 21, 1779 ; Rebecca, Nov. 2, 1780 ; Mary, Jan. 14, 
1782; Asa, Nov. 1, 1784. He died Aug. a, 1797. 

6. John, son oC Sihis and Rebecca of Oununington, born 
at Cuniniington, Aug. 14, 1773 ; married at \Yorcestor, 
Jan. 1, 1798, to Hannah Watera. Cliildren, — Henry, born 
at Cumniington, April .0, 1799; Cluiries, Sept. 27, 1800; 
William, April 8, 1807. His wife died Ainil 22, 1811. 
Married Jerusha. Child, — TIteodoro, born at Gununington, 
Sept. 1, I8ir). 

U. Ichabod, son of David and Mercy, l>orn ^lay 12, 1782 ; 
married lietsy Roiibins at Oununington, Nov. 9, 1804. 
Child, — Betsy, who married William Wilder, Juno 13, 
1827, He lives in Oununington at the present tinie. 

5. Barnabas, son of Kbenczer and Hannah, born at Abing- 
ton, May 22, 1780; married Silence. Children,— Polly, 
born at Abington, MaiH:h U, I77r), unu*ried Daniel Daker in 
Cummington, Sept. 3, 1795; Sarah, born Oct. 14, 1770; 
llarnabas, May 22, 1780 ; Wealthy, March 9, 1782 ; Wil- 
liani, May 5, 1783; Kli/.abeth, Dec. 23, 1785; Joshua, 
March 9, 1788. 

G. Barnabas, son of Barnabas and Silence, born May 22, 
1780. Children, — Joshua; Barnabas. 

6. Joslnia, sou of Barnabas, boru ^fay 0, 1788 ; married 
Susanna Noyes, and settled in Plainficld. Children, — Uo- 
sandor, Susan F., Wosta W., Samuel W., Silouia, Kdward J. 

7. Samuel W., son of Joshua and Susanna, married Adda 
Norton. Cliildren, — Charted II. ; Adda. Resides in Boston. 



i 5. John, sou ol' Daniel anil Ann, born at Abinglon, 

Aug. 27,1709; umiiied lliinnali. CluUlren, — Henry, lioni 
at Cununlngton, April o, ViW; Charles, Scjit. 27, 1800; 
William, April 8, 1807. His wife died April 22, 1811. 
Afurried Ruth, who died 2^iay 28, ISU. j^larriod Jeinxsha. 
Child, — ThcodoiHJ, born Sept. 1, 1815. 

I Albert, married in Oumuiington, to Almira Bradley, 

Aug. 2d, 1840. Child, — Charles Ji, born April 29, 1860. 

I 4. Obadiah, sou of WilHani and Alice, bora March 14, 

I 1707 ; married Mary Nash, Oct. 19, 1731. Children,— 

William, boru Fob. 24, 17;J2 ; Mary, March 27, 1734, mar- 
ried Joseph Horsey, jun., Feb. 1, 17oa; Sarah, born March 
20, 1730, married Elijah llecd ; Obadiah, born May 16, 
1738 ; Silence, June 7, 1741 ; Matthew, Feb. 21, 1750; 
Silas, Oct. 27, 1731. 

5, Obadiah, son of Obadiah and ^fary, born May 15, 1738 ; 
married, probsJdy, Coulent Lincoln lor hrst wife, and had 
<)i)adiah, born Jan. 4, 1700. Married Kli/abcth Shaw in 
1770. Children, — Joel, boru Oct. 2G, 1771 ; Jlchctaliel, 
Jan. 24, 1775, who married Dcla Reed, sou of Jacob. 

0. Obadiah, son of Oluuliah, born in 17G0 ; married Eliza- 
beth Richmond. Children, — Silas, boru Feb. 13, 1789; 
Abel Richmoml, Sept. 27, 1791; Obadiah, Jan. 1, 1790; 
Elizabeth, March 25, 1797 ; Salmon, Oct. 25, 1798, drowned 
in 1823; Isaac, born June, 1801; Israel, Aug. 10, 180C; 
Emily, Oct. 20, 1809. 

7. Isaac, sou of Obadiah, born June, 1801 ; married Sally 
Weeks. Child, — Ammis, born Sept. 8, 1828. 

7. Obadiah, son of Obadiah, born Jan. 1, 1796; married 
DelKirah, daughter of Calvin, Sept. 27, 1831. Children,— 
Obadiah, bom Jan. 30, 1832; Lawrence Rates, Sc])t. 1, 
1S40; Helen Augusta, A\ig. 19, 1842; Emma Lawrciico, 
Dec. 28, 1845 ; Deborah, July 20, 1852 ; Webster, March 4, 


G. Joel, son of Oliadiali and Elizabeth, horn Oct. 2G, 1771 ; 
married Ruth Ourncy, July 4, 1708. Children, — Joel, 
born Feb. 8, 17t»4 ; Ruth ; MaUhcw, Jan. 4, 171)8 ; Lytlia, 
June 4, 1800 ; Albert, ]ilay 5, 180JJ ; Harvey, Feb. 27, 180G ; 
Lucius, Sept 25, 1808 ; James ^f., ^lay 25, 1815. Married, 
for second wife. Widow Raymond. 

7. Joel, son of Joel and Ruth, born Feb. 8, 1794 ; mar- 
ried Jane Raymond, Aug. 1, 182G. Child, — George Wash- 
ington, born Fob. 21, 1827. ^(arricd, for second wife, 
Bethany Churchill, Nov. IG, 1837. Child, — Paulino Isabel, 
born May lU, 1840. 

8. George W., son of Joel and Jane, born Feb. 21, 1827 ; 
married Lucy Ann. Children, — Goorgo liancroft, born 
April ia,1847; Florence Augusta, April 9, 184i); Frank- 
lin W., May 80, ISiVi ; Lucy Ann, July 6, 1854 ; Oliver 
Healey, March 4, 1850. 

7. Matthew, sou of Joel, born Jan. 24, lli)9 ; married 
Thurza Harris, Sept. 12, 1822, and settled first in East 
Bridgewater. Children, — Abigail Harris, born March IG, 
1824; Eliza Ann, 182G; Thurza Maria, born in Abington, 
/ilay 11, 1828 ; and the following were also born in Abing- 
ton : Henry William, Feb. 14, 18:J0 ; Ilirani, Sept. 10, 
1883; Lucinda Franklin, Jan. 17, 1S;$5 ; Matthew Gordon, 
Feb. 11, 18;J7 5 Fidelia Amanda, Deo. 17,1838; Lucia Ellca- 
nor, Aug. 24, 1840; Henry Lendall, March 28, 1842; Mar- 
tba Ella, April 20, 184G ; Nahum Augustus, Feb. 4, 1844. 

7. Albert, son of Joel, born May o, 1803; married Polly 
Reynolds; published March 2G, 1829. Married Maria Col- 
burn, daughter of Rev. S. W. Colburn of Abington ; pub- 
lisl>ed Nov. 29, 1829. (Jhild, — Samuel Colburn, born 
Juno 2, 1832. 

7. Harvey, son of Joel, born Feb. 27, I80(i ; married Sally 
Pool, Oct. 30, 1830. Child, — Sarah, born June 29, 1833. 
Married Mary T. Nash, Nov. 23, 1837. Children,— An 


infant, born Oct. 1, 1838; Ilnrvcy Turner, Mnrcli 20, 1840; 
Mary Kllzaboth, Aug. 13, 184*2; Francis Baylies, Dec, 80, 
1844 ; Abigail Adelaide, May U, 1847 ; Alsie Carsillia, 
Aug. 10, 18o0; Charlie Etta, April If), 1854. 

7. Lucius, 8on of Joel, born Sept, 25, 1808;^ married 
Lydia Shaw, Nov. 24, 1831. Children, — Lydia Frances, 
horn Nov. 20, 188G; riclen Maria, Feb. 3, 1833; Henry, 
Feb. 4, 1842 ; Lncrctia Adelaide, May 24, 1843 ; Lucius 
Alston, Feb. G, 18*7 ; Florence Laurilla, Oct. 22, UVX 

7. Silas, son of Oimdiait and Kli/abeth, born Feb. 13, 
17S9; married Mahala Harris, April 13, 1818. Children,— 
Silas Uichmond, born Oct. 0, 1818 ; Edwin Harris, Aug. 30, 
1822; Salmon, March 31, 1824 ; Evandcr, May 27, 1827. 

8. Kdwin, son of Silas and Mahala, born Aug. 30, 1822; 
married Mahala. Cliildren, — Mary Mahala, born July 24, 
1848 ; William P., March 30, 1S51 ; Kmily P., Jan. 24, 

8. Salmon, son of Silas and Mahala, born March 81, 1824 ; 
married Maria Sanfoi-d, July 7, 1840. His wife died in West 
Jiridgcwater, April 7, 1857. 

8. Evandcr, sou of Silas and Mahala, lx)rn May 27, 1827 ; 
married Lucy. Children, — Lucy, born March 9, 1860 ; 
Evandcr, Aug. 0, 1854. 

7. Abel Richmond, son of Obadiah and Elizabeth, born 
Sept. 27, 1701 ; married Hoxanna Willis, April 3, 1828. 

7. Isaac, son of Isaac, and grandson of Thomas, married 
Itachol Jenkins Uced, Se])t. 7, 182G ; and Eliza for second 
wife. Children, — Isaac Thaxter, born in Hoxbury, March 
15, 1834 ; Eli/.a Shaw, born in liridgewater, April 2, 183G; 
Sarah Elizabeth, Sept. 15, 1838; Ellen Maria, Dec. 2,1840; 
Henry Wallis, Jan. 13, 1813; Itachcl Jenkins, March 8, 
1845; Hannah, Sept. 12, 1848; Mary, Oct. 28, 1850. 

8. Silas Itiehmond, son of Silas and Mahala, born Oct. 0, 
1818; married Josephine Kailey of Duxbury ; published 


June ?>0, 18;5S). diiUI,— Mahula Harris, born April 8, 

7. Israel, son of Oliuiliah and Elizabeth, born Auj{. 10, 
I80G; married liouisa Ilnniblc, Nov. IS, 18u8. Children, — 
Edward Richmond, born Aug. 19, 18oD; Sahnou WilUon, 
Feb. 24, 1847. 

Obadiah, son of Obudiah and Elizabeth, bom Jan. 1, 170G ; 
married Deborah, dau«rhter of Halvin and Hannah Heed. 
(Miildren, — ()l)adiah ; Deborah L. They live in Abin^lon, 
at a place called the Thicket. 

Obadiah, &;on of Obadiah and Deborah| married a lady 
from Nashua, N.I I. 

4. llev. Solomon lleed, son of Capt. William of Abington 
and of Alice Nash, was born Oct. :J2, 1710. lie graduated 
at Harvard College in 1731). There is no record informing 
us under whose instructions he pursued his studies for the 
ministry ; though it was probalily with llev. Mr. r»rown, 
the minister of his m\tive town. That he entered the pro- 
fession from a conviction of duty, and with an carni!st jmr- 
])0se to promote. tlie religious well-i>eing of his follow-mcn, 
is very manifest from such of his manuscript writings as have 
come down to us, as well as from the direct tradition of 
those who knew him intimately. 

During the few iirsL years of Air. lleed^s ministry, and 
afterward as we have reason to suppose, he was very earnest 
and devoted in jus labors for the spiritual good of others, 
both by religious conversation and preaching, as well in 
neighborhoods on week-days as in the regular ministrations 
of Sunday. 

Among the precious antiipmriau treasures in the archives 
of the Pilgrim Soeiety in IMymouth are a few numuscript 
sermons of Mr. Ueed, written in a tine, clear hand, in an 
easy, flowing style of composition, and indicating decided 
ability. With these documents, there is alsii an original 


manuscript journal kept hy Wwn from Oct. 3, 171-1, lo 
Jan. 9, 1745. This Journal indicates often a j^roat Icmlor- 
ness of reIi«!ions feelin-r ; aiul often, too, a KuUy murhid 
sensitiveness of con^eienec, evidently arising from the min- 
gled inHuencc of his uneheerful religious viowi!, and a 
diseased phy^iieal constitution, of which he often f^pcaks. 
The brief extracts, given in notes hetow, from the jounuil 
to which we have referred, help us to a fair estimate of a 
man somewhat noted in his day ; and, at tlie same time, 
illustrate the stylo and lone of religious thought and feeling 
of that period.* 

It was during Iho period when Mr. Whitelield was preach- 
ing in New Knglaml that ]i[r. Heed was keeping his Journal, 
and was so self-scrutinizing as to his spiritual state. The 
following pus.«iages from the Journal, relating to Mr. White- 
field, cannot fail to ho read with interest: — 

* ** .luiu 9, 1744. <~ () t.iH-tl 1 Hum mi luy (iu«| ; uml lliy loviux-kliiiliiv«$ uikI liiitli- 
riiliii:s4 tuwrsinU iiic, on liN)kiii]; of iih; up i\\u\ ri'iluniiiiii*; uiu iVuin my iitiiriil l»:u'k- 
sli<rtii)«« (iwtwUhntiiii(tlii}( till my iie){H«;i'iicrt Jii «cckiii*; ul' tlicu), calls not only lor 
iiiy tUankfuliUMfc, but stiimg cu};a};cuiciit.H ol' miuI twr tUyxuir. AiiU UQ\\\ Gixl 1 J 
•oloniiily rviiow tliu cuveiiiiiil I h.ivo ('iiIitlmI hito with theo; nud 1 am rc^olvcil, by 
iliviiio ifrnee, to bu more carvlul to kee|i my cuvciiaiit witli tlico tliuii I have over 
yet lii>en. I uiu iCMitvfil nowr to iivv* one lUiy carelosityi witlioiit thac, as I havo 
iUmic; but, if I !»liuulil lo^c lliy cmurui-iulilu )iri!«ciicc, I nui ru.tolveJ, as thou »baU 
chuMe mci to liuiko it luy bu>bii*44 cai'tjiully to M'ck tlieo uutii 1 iflnill tlml tlicc 

**()ct. 27,1744. — I vrnH guilty in tlic iu«»iiiiujc or I'lieukin)' a word too lightly 
iiUmU bahiu uiul hi:* U'uiiitutioti<.f or Uie likv; and t tiiMl n wry h«avy charge lyhifc 
u<4.ii)mC my loul, uUvr thii, iuo»t all iha day: but, in the uvoniug, my wuaty, »iuk- 
iu};, diM!ouru){cd soul wa« comlurtably supjiortcd and rvfrcfthcd with u ^cukc ol' 
ilwVi luervsy nud guodiiv*.'* 

. **'rni>s(Uy, I>cc. 19, 1744.-*! think I fcU something of religion In th« niomuiKi 
but I grew dull nud cartlc^t, accti.^cd by coiivciciicc, nnd cxcc<;diii|;ly luuk down 
into dlitcouragcmuiit*, bi Iho nitimifinn*'* 

"* Wvdnctdiiy, Deo. m, 1744. — 1 wan cscuodliigly bumiii aud looti, aud 1 wat 
very much sunk down under a »cii.>c ol' my guilt aud vilcuc>ft.** 

**^loiiduy, Jan. 7, I74G.— Muul loiiie itccu»atioi» of couscittuce In the mornhig, 
but not totally bvutim down." 

** Wednesday, Jan. U, 171C.-*I fvU something of a sweet religious franio of 


^vAtiiugton, Siiiuliiy, Dec. 23, 17-M. — lluunl Mr. lirowii in the 
ufleniooa. MuiKlay, I tnivelleil to Duxbury, ami hcaiii Mr. Wlkitu- 
Held preiieh in tim evening; und then I truvelled with him, and 
heard him every day, all tlie week. Sunday, Doc. 30, preaelied nt 
Titicut; and we liad sonin tuken of the divine presence. I heard ^Ir. 
AVIdtelield a<;ain on Monday, Tue.Mhiy, and Wednesday, at Und*;ti- 
water, Kiuston, and Tannion. N.H.— • Mr. Whitelield \s exceedingly 
filled with the spirit of Je;iu«i, and not ashamed of Christ, his cause 
or children ; and a wonderful power attended his administrations. 
The assemblies seiMned much tpiickened, melted down ; and some- 
timea many were oveqmwered with a sense of divine things, and 
crying out. N.H. — Sometimes, since I have been with Mr. Whiie- 
iicld, I have felt guilty, low, und dull ; sometimes I have been 
sweetly revived and refreshed." 

lu 174i)| Mr. llecd was onlaiiicd as luiinstcr of the Second 
Coiigi'Cgutioiinl Church in Fraiuiiighum. lu 11-k^, he was 
married to Aliiguil ritoiightou of Connecticut, lie rcmauied 
ill Franiinghuut till 1750 ; when he dissolved his coituection 
with that church, and was installed as niiuister of Titicut, 
a imrish cuibraciug. the north-western border of Middle-' 
borough and the south-west part of Jlridgewater. 

His children were — »^arah, born in 1750 ; John, Nov. 11, 
17ol ; Solomon, in 1752; Samuel, in 1754; and Timothy, 
in 175U. Notwithstanding the limited sui)i)ort given to 
clergynien in those days, !Mr. Reed gave to each of his four 
sons a collegiate education. After the death of his first wife, 
ho married his caitsin Sarah Jlcod, daugliter of Jacob, his 
father's younger brother. Ilis healthi never Arm, sensibly 
declined in 1784 ; and ho died in the spring of 1785, at a 
little past tlie age of sixty-live. 

Wo have boeii ijormitted to copy the following intoresting 
noitoe of his funeral. It is froia a coarso half-shoot of manu- 
script, brokon and yellow with age, but clearly written in a 
l&omely hand* it had been cai^ofitlly kept, probably, from 
near that time to the prusenti in aii old Bible of his cousin 


William, son oC Jacob, which rocenlly came into Ihc hands 
of a gnuidsoii. 

*' Died at liis liuuse in Titieut Parish, with a lingering; illness, on 
the 7tli in.s(aut (montli not named), the \U:v. Solomon Uocd, |Nislor 
of a chureli in ^Iidilli:ljorongh ; aitd was interred on tlie lOth: aged 
bixiy-tivu. The inturnicnl was attended by a nnmerous conouur^e, 
in |iroce:i<ion, to the mia'ttng-hotise; where a pmyer wua madei and 
a sermon suited to the oeca^ion, from lia. xxxiit. *iO, was delivered 
by the Rev. Mr* Slmw of Driilgewiiter. The whole waa con* 
einded by a |iertinent and {iaihetie prayer by the Uev. Mi\ Vorter ; 
while an ellubion of tears marked the ullliction of the ehureh and 
people, and testilied the respeet they bore hi^ memory. The 
character of ]\Ir. Heed as a diseiple of Je^us Christ, and a luminary 
in the candlestick in which Providence had plaocd.him, wais re- 
.*<|iectuble. The advancement of Christ's kingdom in the hearts of 
his ilock, and among mankind iu general, was n subject in wliieh 
he was much engaged, lie was a workman that needed not to be 
asluuned; for he rightly divided the word of truth, and gave to every 
one his portion in due treason. 

^ The doctrine of the gospel, which ho fervently inculcated in pub- 
lic, and the friendly, pious conned which he imjiarted in private, 
Were proved and enforced by hi:^ life and conversiUton. 

**IIe lived to behold mid regret true religion perverledi on the 
one hand, into metaphyAietd distpiisition and vain jangling; and| on 
the other, reduced to a level with natural endeavors and human 
exertions. That experimental religion whieh purities the heart and 
overcomes the world was the object which he strove to promote. 
Its amiable elf'ects were exempliUed in his life: its peculiar consola- 
tions were powerful in his death. His nalunil ami his spiritual 
ehildixMi, the peoide of his charge, and all that knew him, rise up and 
call him blessed, lilay we die his death 1 and may our hiat end lie 
like his!" 

' o, Uov» John, 80H of Solouioii, wus l>om in Framiitghaiii, 
Nov. 11, 17&1; graduated iii Valo Cullogo iu 1772. llo 
prcpured for the iniuihti*y umlei* the iustructioa of his falhory 
ill Titicut ; and, after tlio dcsclaratioii of American Iiidc- 
|H:uUeuuo, was fur somo liuic chajdaiu la the Uuiti^d-SUklcii 
Nuvy. On ilio 7lh of January, 17S0, ho wa:$ ordiuiiod m 


pastor of tlio Congrogational Churcli and Society in AY est 
iirictgcwater ; being only the tliird minister of that ancient 
parish. In the same year, he married Hannah Sampson of 
^liddleborough. Ilis children wora — John, born Sept. 2, 
1781; Daniel, Aug. 29, 1783 ; Hannah, Dec. 15, 178.>, died 
Pel). 20, 178G; Solomon, born March 22, 1788; ITannah, 
July 7, 17D0; Sally, March 21, 1793, died April 27, 1797; 
Caleb, born April 22, 1797 ; and Sampson, June 10, 1800. 
Hitt wife died in 1815; and, in 1822, he married Mrs. 
Pliuelic Puddock, sister of his first wife. 

Mr, liecd was u man of remarkably clear and discrimi- 
nating hitellect ; was known and acknowledged by the 
strong minds of his time as a master of logic, — of the great 
art of thinking and reasoning correctly. In the earnest 
theological discussions between the Ilopkinsians and the Ar- 
minians at the large clerical gatherings of fifty years ago, 
ho always stood forward as the champion of the Liberal doc- 
trine. ]}y his ready exposure of sophistry, and his clear and 
fomiblc statements, tho success of his argument was gene- 
iiilly tiiumphant and crushing. 

Soon after tho adoption of tho Federal Constitution, tho 
almost unanimoxis sentiment of his Congressional district 
pointed to him as eminently qualified, by his ardent patriot- 
ism, his sound judgment, and his readiness and power in 
debate, for the ollicc of representative in Congress ; and, 
in 1794, ho was elected to fill tho oflico, which ho held for six 
years, through three successive Congressional terms ; at tho 
close of which time, he declined a ro-election. In 1803, ho 
received the degree of Doctor in Divinity from Brown Uni- 
versity, Several of his occasional discourses were published ; 
and, about the year 1805, ho published a duodecimo volume 
on the subject of Infant Uaptism. 

In Ids intercourse with men, Mr. Reed's manner, notwith- 
standing his high intellectual claims, was always marked by 


great modesty, and evident hunuHty of spirit. His public 
discourses, always clear and convincing, were iTM>re notice- 
able, pcrbaps, for strength than Tor pathos. In his devotional 
performances, his manner was most devout and reverential, 
and indicated unusual ubsorpliou o( mind. lie had the 
entire coiUidcnee and respect of his people, and performed 
among them, with great dii^crction and faithfulness, the duties 
of the Christian ministry for upwards of fifty yeai*s. Near 
the close of life, he became entirely blind ; but continued 
still to preach, and to perform other duties of his profession. 
ITe died Feb. 17, 1831, in his eightieth year. It is much to 
l>e regretted that there is no print of his remarkably fine 

G. John, son of Rev. Dr. John and Hannah Sampson, born 
Sept. 2, 1781 ; graduated at Ih-own University in 1803. 
Tlie first two or three years after leaving college lie devoted 
to teaching, fii^st as preceptor of Plymouth Academy, IJridge- 
water; and then as tutor in Drown University. IFo choso 
the profession of law, and pursued his preparatory studies 
with the Hon. AVilliam liaylies, an eminent attorney of his 
native town. In 18 — , ho married Olive Alger, daughter of 
Abiezer Alger, Esq., of West Hridgewater. Ho commonced 
the practice of law at Yarmouth, pn Cape Cod. Ho soon 
attained eminence in his profession, and was elected a repre* 
sentativo in Congress. This ofTice he filled for twenty-eight 
years. By the impartiality of his eoui*se on all important 
questions, ho early obtained in Congress the eonfideuce of 
meml>ei*3 of both Houses. His statements of facts and sta* 
tistics relating to any subject of debate were always listened 
to as reliable and true. He thus exerted, after tho first 
yeai-sof his service, an important influence, es|)ocially in the 
settlement of all questions involving the interests of his dis- 
trict and his State. Thoro were instances, indeed, particu- 
larly in the discussion of questions relating to the fisheries, 


wlicn, by a i^iuglc spcoch, ho completely rcvolutionizcil the 
bciitiinoiit of the House, und changed the vote from a lean 
mhiority to a triuiii|ihaiit majority. In 1844, he was elected 
Lieiiteiiaut-Govcrnor ; and was i*e-e1ected to tho office each 
year during the administraliou of Gov. liriggs. In 1845, he 
received the degree of IX. 1>. from Rrowu University, llis 
children were — ."Niruh, born in 1810; John, 1812; Martha, 
1810; Edward, 1817. 

7. Sarah, daughter of Hon. John and Olive, born in 1810 ; 
married Caleb S. Hunt of Ihidgewater. Children, — Mai-^ 
tha, John II., Edward, Mary. 

7. John, son of Hon. John, born in 1812 ; married Ame- 
lia Crane of Fuirhaven. Ho is Vice-Treasurer of the Boston 
Institution for Savings. 

7. Martha, daughter of ITon. John, born in 1810 ; mar« 
ried James F. Joy, I2sq., of Detroit, lK)ru Dec 2, 1810, an 
attorncy-at-law, who has attained eminence in his profes- 
sion, and who holds a {losition of great influcneo in connec- 
tion with tho railroads of that region. Sho died Feb. 13, 
1850. Children, — Sarah R., born in Detroit, Juno 20, 
1842; James, Nov. 14, 1847; Martha, Jan, 23, 1850. 

7. Edwurd, sou of Hon. John, born in 1817 ; married 
Catherine, daughter of William Howard, Esq., of Boston, 
Nov. 0, 1848. ChiUh'cn, — John, William, Catherine. 

0. Daniel, son of Rev. Dr. John, born in 1788 ; married 
Nancy, daughter of (iershom Foster of Middleborough, in 
1812. Children, — John Montgomery, born Aug. i), 1814; 
Charles, Dec. 7, 1815 ; Jane, Feb. 21, 1819. 

7. John iL, son of Daniel and Nancy, born Ang. 0, 1814 ; 
married Elizabeth Rroomfield of Folsom, Norfolk County, 
Kng., and lives in Now- York City. Children, — John AF., 
born in 1849 ; Elizabeth B., in 1850, died in 1852 ; Daniel 
W., born in 1852 ; Charles Edward, in 1850. 
7. Charles, son of Daniel and Nancy, born Dec. 27, 1815 ; 


j nisirricil Sophia AVilkins Clarke in 1843. Cliildrca, — Oulel», 

{ born Sept. '20, 184 1 ; Charles iloiitgomery, 1840 ; Mary, 

1 1848; llubhavd Wilkius, 1850 ; Willuuu Iloitoit, 1852; 

\ Caleb, 1854 ; Samuel A., June 8, lS^)ti. Ho formerly lived 

' ill New York; but now lives in West liriJgcwuler, where 

t his two youngest chihircn were born. 

G. Solomon, son of llov. Dr. John, born March 22, 1788 : 
I married Abigail Howard, daughter of George Howard, in 

: 1811. Children, — Solomon, born in 1811; George How- 

I ard, 1814; WUIiam Franklin, 1817. He died in 1822. 

i 7. Solomon, son of Solomon and Abigail, born in 1811; 

married Lydia Blanchard, Sept. 7, 1838. Child, — Kdmond. 
He lives in Newton. 
' 7. George H., son of Solomon and Abigail, born 1814; 

married Elizabeth Jeffrey, April 19, 18^18. Children, — 
Isadore, Anna, Walter, Edgar, Aliee. He lives in Wal- 

7. AVilliam Franklin, son of Solomon and Abigail, born in 
1817 ; married Adelaide Arnold. Children, — Franees 
Miriam, Georgianna E., John ])., AVilliam H., Charles 
Frederick, Abba Louii»a. He resides in Boston. 

G. Hannah, daughter of Rev. I)r. John, born in 1790; 
married Jonathan Copcland, 3d, in 1818. Children (all 
born in IJridgewatcr), — John, born July 4, 1819 ; Hannah 
Sampson, July 27, 1821 ; Chailes, May 3, 1823 ; Edward, 
Jan. 26, 1825 ;. Sarah Heed, Feb. 27, 1827 ; Eliza Frances, 
Dec. 18, 1828 ; Helen, Jan. 10, 1834. 

7. John Copcland, son of Hannah Reed and Jonathan 
Copcland, born July 4, 1819 ; married Louisa Packard, 
Oct. 15, 1844. Children, — John Reed, born Nor. 21, 1845 ; 
Louisa, Nov. 11,1849. 

7. Hannah Sampson, born July 27, 1821; married Err 
Garfield, Sept. 8, 1850 ; and had Agnes, born Nov. 2, 


7. '(Charles, born lUxy 3, 1823 ; married iranimh Elizahcth 
BloJgelt in ifarcU, 18o;3. Cliildrcn, — Sarah Frances, born 
February, 1854; JIary Adelaide, February, 1856; Bessie, 
January, 1858 ; AlicCi February, 18tiO. 

7. Sarah Rood, born Feb. 27, 1827 ; married Elbridgo Q. 
Frficld, Scptomticr, 1853. Cliildrcn, — Frank Edward, born 
September, 1854 ; Catherine Reed, September, 1856; Helen, 
November, 1868. 

6. Caleb, fourth son of Rev. Dr. John, was born April 22, 
1797; graduated at Harvard College iu 1817. Ho adopted 
the profession of law, and settled and practised in Yarmouth 
till 1827. He then removed to Boston. In July, 1838, he 
married Mary E. Minot, who died in 1842. They had two 
children,-^ Helen; Arthur. In November, 1847, he mar- 
ried Ruth Cobb. He died in Boston, Oct. 14, 1854. The 
following more complete account of his life and character is 
selected from an obituary notice published in the ^* New* 
Jerusalem ilagazine" of November, 1854: — 

"He entered Harvard College in 1813, and was graduated in 
1817. Aflcr teaching school in ^ledibrd one year, he entered the 
oHice of his brother, tlie Hon. John Ueed (recently Lieutenant- 
Governor of this State), and there pursued the study of the law for 
three ye;irs. He was then adniiiied to the bar, and practised his 
profession in Yarmouth, where he resided until 1827 ; when he 
removed to Boston for the purpose of entering into the firm of Cyrus 
Alger and Company, which was afterwanls incorporated as the 
South-lloston Iron Company, and is widely known as one of the 
]irinci|)al iron-founding establishments in the United SliUes. lie 
remained connected with this com|mny until his dcuth, which was 
caused by an attack of dysentery, with fever ; and took place on 
Saturday, the 1 4 th of October, 1 85 4. During Uii» fatal illness, he was 
clicerful and childlike ; not resigned (for this impUet the subdual or 
suppression of some unwillingness); and, to use his own expression, 
* he had no choice,' but was glad to leave the issues of life and death 
in the hands of his Father. 

'* He received the doctrines of the New Jerusidem while studying 


law ; being one ofu circle of young men, of abont Ihe same age, who 
were in college together, und reeeiveil tloelrincs at nearly the 
same time, iinU have ever tfinee 11 veil iwiw to each other in a coni- 
panionshi)), from which the hue Mr. llohart, an<l now Mr. Keed, are 
all that have been called away. The wish to be wiih the ;^ooiety of 
tlie church iii llo^tun wa^ one of ihe motives whitrh led him ta re- 
move to this city, lie assumed ai once the [lo'^ition which belonged 
to his character, nikl has ever held ii ; through all ihese years, aiding 
materhilly in promoting every good work, and in averting froiu us 
nmch evil. 

** In 1832, 'Mr, Kecd took charge of the Magazine, and has ever 
since been Us editor. Ot'ihe manner in which he has conducled this 
work, we need uol speak to ihe reailers of it. One thing, huwever 
we cannot iorbear from saying : dining this long period, he has su.s- 
tuined the Muga/hie, sometimes with but little of ihc aid which 
might have been ren«lered, always while pressed by the nrgt-nl 
cares nnd duties of a very extensive bu.<ine»s, und always without 
]iei'uniary prolii or com[>en.<aliun. 

"The tuneral .<erviets took place in the afiernoon of Tuesday, tlie 
17th of October, in the New-drrnsatem Church in Boston, and were 
altvhilcd by a large a.v<^emblage. 

^ Aft most of those lor whom we are writing this notice have long 
known Mr. lieed in bis relation to the church, it would seem unne- 
cessary that we should do more than allmie to his eminent utility 
there. The olfices he has Ixjrne, and the liabit of the General Con- 
Ycnlion, during the whole term of his connection with it, to put him 
in those places which demandcil e'i[)ecial ability antl inclination for 
the discharge of important duties, constitute the best evidence on 
this point. 

^*Of his elmructer we must speak, although it will not be expect- 
ed that wc should enlarge tipun this topic. Sutlice it then to say, 
that its prominent ami governing elements were exceeding kiiulncss 
and benevolence, inligriiy, deliberate caution, sound judgment, u 
^leadfa^t and undistnrbeil look at the precise use to be Hcconkplished, 
and the moal inflexible adherence to llie principles wliich he thought 
>hiiu!d govern the c|Ue>iion before him. Perhaps it was this ^inccri• 
ly and singleness of pur|H>se, nnd the (piiet tinnncss that avoideil all 
violence or unneees.-ary confliel, but wa& never to be shaken, whieh, 
intM'e than uny thing elrc, eN[>lain his influence and his utility. This 


fiminvss w:is :i(Hi('n*iK*u to |>riiiriple, nml luit to nicix? o|iinuvi; :ui 
iiu|Kiii;iiit ilisiiiit-iioii, wliirli few |k'ixni:$ nuikc Always iMiiviliaiury 
ill uimiiuT, 111: li>lfiii*tl, iiot ill Mk'iicc only, b«t in »ouJ fuilli, lo 
\% luiicvcr was siiitl ; and iiii|irc;> tlio>c who CMiivers>ctl wiiL Kim 
uitli a ct>iivi(.'iiuii, iliai lie was able antl (lis|)0$cil to <lo iluiu lull 
justice : tuul lie cA>ily, for Miiru'iciit ix*ai^ii, lao^Uncil or nliii* 
c|iitalie«l an opinion. But his priiiciplos \Ycrc uniU>ail;iblo, and 
ho Sixxr them clearly. 

" Ho IMS gone from among ns. Kxteninlly, we shall sec him no 
more, aiul hear him no more ; btii it i« our lioi>c and our beliof, that 
wo shall lilill feel \i\i iiillueiice, ;md bo the belter lor it. Fixan thu 
new home to which he has gone, he may hi:lp Ui mora than wcr; 
lor llie doelriiies whieh he loved m> well permit us to think of him 
11:1 trained by the life of uses whieh he letl here and its varicnl dis* 
eipliiie, and by I he devoting bO hir^c a \M\Ti of hi:i time, hii ihuiight, 
ami his alleetion, to the •footi of the diureh on earth, to enter u|miii 
eorres|iouding u>es, but with far wider seope and far mnpler iiieaiu 
of iietive usefobie^i^i in the ehuixli in Ueuveu.*' 

C. Sain))soii, sou of Rev. Dr. John, born Jiiiio 10, 1800 ; 
graduated at Ilurvui-d Uiiivcrbity in 18 18^ where ho hcKl a 
high rank as a scholar. Afkcr graduating, ho I'emaiuod at 
the university about two yeni^ as a theological student; but 
ho (inally roinoved to Dostoii, and adopted the pi^ofcssion ol* a 
niorchant, — a pt'ofessiou for whieh his honorable praclico 
and oxtunple have unifonniy tended to eonnnand respect. 
In Dec. ^25, 18^2, ho married Cutherino, daughter of John 
Clark, Esq., of Walthain. His children ore — James, liorn 
Juno 8, 1834 ; Thomas, Feb. 8, 18;17 ; Elizaheth, July 10, 
1888; Joseph Sampson, Dee. 13, 1841. Having early em- 
braced tho doctrines of the Now Church, he has been one of 
the princi|)al Bup|>orter8 of tho society of this order in Dos- 
ton, and of the General Convoutiou of tho New Church in 
America. His dovolion to the intci*csts of this church for a 
|>eriod of forty yeai*s luut justly secured to him the cunli- 
donco and resiM^ct of its incmherM throughout the country. 
His literary tastes have led hita to do vote much liinc lo 


lirmiiess wan ndlicrcncu to principle, iitui not to mere opinion ; nu 
iiuporlaiit iltsruKiioti^ wliirli Tvw pci>on.s make. Alwuys conviliaiury 
in manner, lie ri>tcne(l, not in .silence only, but in good faith, lo 
wliatever was said ; anil impressed those who coitver»ed with hiin 
with u conviction, that he was able and disfioscd to do them full 
jnstico : and he easily, for t^nflicient reason, modified or rdin- 
(piislied an opinion. liut his principles were unsis^ailable, and 
hti saw them dearly. 

^ Hu luis gone from nniong ns. Exteriinlly, we shall sec him no 
more, und hear him no more ; but it i* our hoiHS and our bdicf, that 
wo shall still feci his inlluenee, und bo iho better for it. Fivm the 
new home to which he has gone, he nnty help us more than ever; 
for the doctrines which he loveil h> well permit us to think of him 
as tniincd by the life of uses which he led here and its varied dis- 
cipline, and by the devoting 60 htr^c u [Nirt of his time, his thought, 
ttnd his nlleetion, to the (;ood of the diurch on eftrth, to enter u|Hin 
corresponding uses, but with far wider scope and fur ampler means 
of active usdAihiess, in the church in Ueaven." 

G. Sampson, sou of Rev. Pi*. John, born Jtino 10, 1800; 
gradttatcU at Harvard UiiivciVity in 1818, where ho held u 
Itigh rank as a scholar. After graduating, ho reiauiiied at 
tho university about two years as a tlieologioal student; but 
ho (iually reiuoved to Dostoii, and aduptcd the profession of a 
lucrchant, — a profession fur wliidi his lionorahlc pi*actico 
and oxatuplo have uiiifoinuly tended to cuinniattd vospoct. 
In Dec. ^25, 1882, ho married Cathenno, daughter of John 
Clarky Ksq., of Waltlutin. His children aro — James, hoini 
Juno 8, 1834; Thomas, Feb. 8, 1837; Elizahcth, July 10, 
1888; Joseph Sampson, Dec. 13, 1841. Having early em- 
braced tho doctriitcs of tho New Church, he has been ono of 
the princi|)al supporters oi* the society of this order in llos- 
ton, and of the Uencral Convention of tlio Now Church hi 
America. His devotion to the interests of this church fur a 
period of forty years has justly secured to him the coitli- 
donco and res|M:ct of \in momliei'H throtighout the country. 
His literary tastes have led liitu to devote much time to 

AND rilS DKSCKNDAN'l^S. o()9 

liooks, and particularly to tlioological inquiries and studies. 
Jicsidcs his contriimtions to periodical literaturo, lie has had 
the sole charge of the '' New-t'hurch Magazine for Children " 
from its commencement in 1844 ; and also, since the death 
of his brother Caleb, a prominent part in the management of 
the "New-Jerusalem Magazine." In 182G, he published a 
small work, entitled '^ Ubscrvations on the Growth of tho 
^lind," which has attracted much attention, and passed 
through five editions in this country, and one or more in 

Unassuming in manners, and of a retiring di?i)osition, ho 
lias never sought place or influence in public affairs; though 
he has served two or three years hi the oflice of alderman. 
The duties of this sitmition, as also those of membership of 
the public-school committee, of bank direction, and of vari- 
ous trusts, public and private, he has discharged in a manner 
to insure tho general respect of his fellow-citizens. 

7, James, son of Sam))son and CatherinOj born June 8, 
1834 ; marriod Emily E. Uijilcy, Dec. 19, 1858, Child,— 
Catherine Clark, born Sept. 21, 1859. He graduated at Har- 
vard University in 1855. After leaving college, he taught one 
year in the public Latin School in Boston, and then devoted 
his attention to theological studies; and in April, 18G0, was 
ordained as a minister of the New-Jerusalem Church, and 
installed as assistant pastor of the Boston Society. He will 
Ik3 remembered, by tho members of the Uecd Family who 
were present at the celebration of the two hundredth anni- 
versary of tho settlement of J>ridgowatcr, as the gentleman 
who delivered tho poem on that occasion. 

5. Solomon, son of Rev. Solomon, born in 1752 ; gradu- 
ated at Yalo College in 1775 ; was ordained as minister of 
the Congregational Cluit*ch in Petersham, Mass. He mar- 
ried .Susanna >Yillard. His children were — Solomon, born 
in 1787 ; Susanna ; Mary ; Johiah H. ; Hannah ; Sally ; 



Samuel IF., bom in 1705; John; William; Catherine, llo 
died at Potcihham, Feb. 2, 1808, aged fifty-five years.* 

(i. Solomon, son of llev. Solomon and Susanna of Peters- 
ham, born in 1787 ; lived at Rowo, ilass. ; was a man of 
distinction ; a member of both branehes of tlie Legislature. 
He died at Rowo, in ^May, 1846; and left no children. 

6. Josiah II., son of Rev. Solomon of PetCKsham, lived 
in Rowe ; died in 1835, leaving a son, wlio is a Tvholesale 
druggist in Chicago. 

G. Samuel II., son of Rev. Solomon of Petersham, born in 
1795 ; was associated with his brother Solomon, in Itowe, 
in manufacturing. lie was a representative to the Legisla- 
ture for five years ; was postmaster twenty-five yeai*s. In 
1847, ho was appointed sherilTof the county ; in which oifico 
ho still remains. Resides in Greenfield. Ilo has two sons 
and two daughters. 

5. Samuel, son of Rev. Solomon and Abigail, born in 
1755 ; graduated at Yale College in 1777 ; ordained over the 
church and society of ^Yarwick, Mass, in 1779 ; married Anna 
Shaw, 1780. Children, — Samuel, born March 23, 1781; 
Anna, April 19, 1784 ; Abigail, Feb. 17, 1780 ; Samuel, 
April 25, 1788 ; Stephen, Nov. 5, 1790 ; Timothy, July 10, 
1793. He died July 31, 1812, in the fifty-seventh year of 

* Mr. Rccd is roprcscntcd hs a roan of largo fnini« nnd great pliysical puw«r. 
Hit boldoHM ami ilotenntimtlon of cburaclur vro illiuitruled bj an iuciiicnt In 
th« time of Slitiy'M UolicHiuii, tlio nccuuitt of which coinut to u» fi-oin n rvllubto 
Marco. It it rclnieU that n |»arty of Sliay't troops* cnnio to the house of >Jr. Ucc«l 
during a bud snow-fttoria, one Sunday uiuriiiMfi{ tnruoil Mr. ISccdU eattic out of liU 
bom, and put their IwHTAct iu; and, iit tho txiuio tiiiitt, UK>k |>o:>^c»diou of hU liouso, 
imtUng tlioir cniitfi-liottle* in tho sovvnd flrc-|ilocoii, and having lliingi In their own 
way. So grout was llto coMruiih«n, flint tlio •nbbath ■crvicc.^ wuro vntiruly intor- 
ruptodi and whoii ho had titno to vfdloct hiiunelf, and detcnniuo hit cour«o of ac- 
tlon, ho wcut to tlio bam, turned tho lionet out, and put hit own cuttle bucl( in 
thoir plaeo; and, in tho ltontc,1io pasted frain room to room, niuutlettiitg such roso- 
luto detomiinatioii, that tho troopt wcro awed, nud rcstniincJ I'rom uny violcnco. 
Ilio rotuk was, thai tho report of tbo near approach of Gov. lluwdoin*s trooi»t 
induced tho Sbayt party to douuup iu such luwto ut to louvo s«vcral ciunp-kcttlcs 
behind Uiom, and gave an opportunity of an uniutorrupted aacruoon sorvico. 


his age, and tlurty-lliird of his iniuislry. lie was a luaa 
of sound sense, a devoted Christian, and much beloved by 
his people, and by the couinmnity generally. After his 
death, his bereaved iloek erected a monument to his memo- 
ry. It is a marble tablet, supported by four pillars over his 
grave, with the following inscription :-— 


ri E C O X 11 M I X I 4 T K U IN WARWICK, 
Diea 3Ul July, lS12i »t. 67. 

Ue ht'i>l stnmg |iowcrs of iiuiul; was boltl in ilefmico ol' tho trutli; teycro dKaiiitt 
wirke(inf9<»; nnl«l to\v:ir«U tho hunibltt*, pitirui to the UUirci^eJ; ttn'ccttuuaie 
towiu^l^ liift fritfuJ^. 

FiMtik AiiJ fiiticcre in nil his profo^tioiu; rutioiial and fervent in hit piety; fuithrul 
ill \tU ]ia«tural tlutios. 

11c tiuiKlit the Cliriiitiaii d<ictniic in it^ fttiiipricUy ami trutti; he' mtiiutained tlio 
freedom of the hnmati luiml, tho Uiich:iii};iMiblv obljgatluiu of moral duty, the iiii- 
(KirtiMJ juatice of Ciod| tiiid I'uturo rutributiou. 

I'udor the vital imprcMtuii or tiiis ruiih, lic« felt and comnuuiicnted the clicering 
ciitcrtttiniueuls of lilO| and enjoyed tliu ricliOHt solace and triiiin|>li in dciith. 

G. Anna, daughter of Rev. Samuel and Anna, married 
Deacon Joseph Wilson, December, 1813. She died in War- 
wick in 1835. 

(i. Abigail, daughter of Rev. Samuel and Anna, married 
Joel Mayo of Warwick in December, 1805. Children, — 
Caleb; Joel; Samuel; Lorin; Mary, born in 1819, married 
William Crosby, a teacher in Providence ; Edwhi ; Abby, 
lioru in 1825. 

7. Abby lilayo, daughter of Abigail Reed and Joel Mayo, 
married C. W. Hastings. Children, — ilary A., Joseph W,, 
ITcrbci*t. They live in Warwick. 

ti. SainucI, sou of Rev. Samuel and Anna, married ^fo- 
liiida Wheelock. Children, — John, born Feb. 20, 1820; 
Melinda A., Oct. 12, 1824. Lived in Greenfield. lie died 
very suddenly, and was interred iu AVarwick ; where his 
widow resides. 


7. John, hull (>r.^iU(ni(;l aial iloliiuhi, nianieJ Delia Win- 
ter. Chiklreu, — Fiedcnck K., bora Sfarch 1 , 1847 ; Ella E., 
Aug. 7, 1850. They live in Worcester. lie is a teacher of 

G. Stephen, son of Rev. Samuel ami Abigail, born Nov. 6, 
1790; married Jerusha iloor. Children, — Emily, born 
March 1, 18:21 ; S. Chamller, April 22, 1822 ; Uiiarlcs, Oct. 3, 
1823 ; Abhy J., March 24, 1827 ; Samuel, March 22, 1820 ; 
Mary A., Sept. 2!), 1830. They lived in Warwick, on the 
old home^tead. lie and his wife, and all his children ex- 
cept one, arc, or have been, teachers. He died in 1847, aged 

7. Emily, daughter of Stephen, married Danford Tyler of 
Warwick, May 18, 1843. Children, — Emily Jane, born 
Dec. 18, 1845 ; James Ih, Juno 15, 1848 ; il. Reed Tyler, 
June 19, 1850; Mary A., April 18, 1852. • 

7. S. Chandler, son of Stephen and Jerusha, married Zc- 
biah II. Jones, Nov. 25, 1852. After her death, he married 
Rhoda C. Tyler, Nov. 25, 1857. He lives in Warwick, and 
is a school-teacher. 

7. Charles, son of Stephen and Jerusha, resides in l>oston. 
7. Abby J., daughter of Stephen and Jerusha, married 
Nathan Kendall of Laporte, Ind., ilay 24, 1857. 

7. Samuel^ son of Sicphcn and Jerusha, married Maria 
II. liarber, November, 1853, and lives in Warwick. Chil- 
dren,— Almah il., born in 1855 ; Abby J., June 4, 1857. 

7. ilary A., daughter of Stephen and Jerusha, graduated 
at Mount-IIoIyoke Seminary, and is a teacher; who, with 
lier elder brother and her widowed mother, resides on tho 
old homestead, formerly tho rcsidonce of tho Rev. Samuel 
Reed : a romantic and beautiful spot. 

G. Timothy, son of Rev. Samuel and Anna, married Su- 
Han Kinsly. Children, — Helen; Eliza D., born in 1823; 
Susan K.| 1825. He graduated at Dartmouth College, 


Ifanovcr; adopted (he proression or law, and was partner in 
^ linsincss willi lion. John Itocd in Yarnionlh Tor many years, 

j He was clerk of the courts for the county of Harnstable, 

j register of deeds, register of probate, and cashier of a bank. 

i lie died at Darnhtablo in ISfii). 

7. Susan, daughter of Tiniotliy and Susan, married Natha- 
j nicl Wales, a trader in Stoughton. Children, — Susan 11., 

' born in 1854 ; Timothy, ISol. 

\ 5. Timothy, youngest son of llev. Solomon of Titicut, 

[ l)orn in Pramingham in ITotJ ; graduated ut Yale College in 

! 1782 ; married Hannah Kingnmn in 1788 ; was a lawyer 

in West Bridgewater. Children, — Caleb Kingman, born in 
1789, died in 179G ; Caleb Kingman, 1799, died 
in 1837, He died in 1813 : his wife died May 7, 1849. 

4. Jacob, son of Jacob and Sarah of Abington, born 
July 7, 1720; married Mary Vord, Nov. 2G, 1741. Chil- 
dren, — (1.) Marcia, born Aug. 81, 1742; married Benja- 
min Wood, Dec. 20, 1770. (2.) Abijah, born Aug. 14, 
1744. After the death of Mary, ho married his cousin 
Alice, daughter of Capt. William Reed, Dec. 1, 1748. The 

children were — Alice, born , was never married, died 

in Easton, aged ninety; Jacob, born May 0, 1757; Bcla, 
horn Sept. 2, 1709. lie removed, late in life, to Easton, 
where his children Abijah, Alice, and Bcla resided ; and died 
there, Oct. 11, 1800, at the age of eighty-six. 

6. Abijah, son of Jacob and Mary Ford, born Aug. 14, 
1744; married Sarah Bates, Oct. 29, 1708. Children,— 
Sarah, bom April 25, 1770; Hannah, June 17, 1774; 
Abijah, June 5, 1777 ; Noah, June 22, 1780 ; Hannah, 
ilarch 10, 1790. A\m\i the year 1790, ho removed to 
I'laston. Ho was afterwards deacon of the church of Rev. 
William Reed of Easton. I To was a man of extraonlinary 
biblical knowledge, an inde[)cndcnt thinker, and an earnestly 
religious man. He died in Easton, Juno 10, 1S1G. 


0. Sarnli, daughti^r of Abijah and Surah, nianied Leniuol 
riollii-o)) of IJriilgcwator. 

G. Aljijuli, son of Abijali and Sarah, bora Jan. 5, 1777 ; 
married Cathcrnic, daughter of Isaac Lothrop of Easton. 
His children were — Abijah, who died young; Lydia, born 
Feb. 3, 1800, married Kdaiond Curtis, had children, and 
died July 1, 1859; Mary, born March 23, IfeOl, married 
Jienjamin Buck ; Sarali, born Dec. 7, 1804, married Edward 
W, Dean, and died July 23, 1829; Abijah, born March 14, 
1818, died in IJoston, Sept. 14, 1835. 

G. Noah, son of Abijah and Sarah, born June 22, 1780; 
married Lucy Ilaywurd, daughter of Joseph Ilayward of 
Kaston. Children, — Noah, born March 25, 1804 ; Susanna, 
March 22, 180G; Malvina, Aug. 2G, 1807; Lucy, Jan. 24, 
1809, married Ebcnezer Drake of Slough ton ; llotheus, born 
July 2G, 1811. 

7. Noah, son of Noah and Lucy, born March 25, 1804; 
married Mary Shaw, Feb. 21, 1880. Children, — Lucy 
Catherine, l>orn Sept. 23, 1881 ; Cathcrino Frances, Juno 13, 
1834 ; James Austin and John Gurney, Oct. G, 1841. 

7. Rotheus, born July 20, 1811; married Miss Howard, 
and had a i>on Albert; and, for second wifo, married Miss 
Lewis, and had a daughter Elizabeth l/cwis. 

G. Hannah, daughter of Abijah and Sarah, born March IG, 
1790 ; married James Lothrop. 

6. Jacob, son of Jacob and his second wifo Alice, born 
May 6, 1757 ; married Sarah Noyos, Feb. 21, 1782. Chil- 
dren,— Polly, born Oct. 27, 1782; Sarah, April 12, 1784; 
Ellis, March 2, 1787 ; Lucrctia, Juno 1, 1789 ; Jacob, 
June 80, 1791. Ho i*eniovod from Abingtou to Farming- 
ton, Me., and was a payor of taxes in that town in 1798 ; 
and afterwards romoved to Springfield. 

5. Bela, son of Jacob and Alice, born Sept. 2, 17G9 ; mai^ 
ried ^[ehetabel, daughter of Obabiah lleed, Aug. 20, 1795. 


Children, — Mohclahcl, bom Sept. 1, 1797; JJola, bom 
Oct. 3, 1800 ; KlLridgc, Jan, 21, 1801), was married, died 

July Hi, 1857; Fij-dia, boni , was twico married, and 

has children. 

G. ilchetabcl, dauj^htcr of IVla and IMcbctabel, born 
Sept. 1, 1797; manied Calcn Sylvester; had children; 
died Jan. 11, 18:i3. 

0. Ikda, son of licla and Jlehetabcl, born Oct. 3,1800; 
married Joanna Lane, Sept. •J7, 18:JG. Children, — Jacob, 
and one daughter. 

1. Elijah, son of Jacob and Sarah Ilcrsey, born Feb. 14, 
1728; married Harab Reed, dauMbter of Obadiah, July 10, 
17r)o. Children, — Hannah, born Aug. ti2, 17oG ; Elijah, 
Sej)t. 20, HoS ; Luke, April 28, 17G3 ; i*aul, Dec. 20, 1705 ; 
Joshua, July 25, 17G8 ; Jacob, June 25, 1771. 

5. Elijah, son of Elijab and Sarah Kecd, born Sept. 20, 
1758; the name of his wife unknown. Children, — lleza- 
leel, Sarali, Solomon, Parnel, Elijah, Alice. Sarah married 
Amos Keitb ; Parnel married N. Edson ; Alice nmrried John 

I). I>ez4ileel, son of Elijab, and grandson of Elijah and 
Sarah, married Kutli Edson. Children, — IJezalecl ; Paul. 

iJ. Solomon, son of Elijah, married Delaney Shaw, Chil- 
dren, — Elijab, lleliance, lantba. 

G. Elijah, son of Elijah, married Jano Thomas. Children, 
— William T., Jane !>., Henry W., Franklin, Nathaniel T., 
Alexander H. 

7. William, son of Elijab and Jane, married Ann M. Wat- 
son. Children, — Alexander II,; Ellen J. 

7. Henry W., son of Elijah and Jane, married Emily 
Howard, Oct. 80, 18J2. Children, — Isabella, Jane, Helen, 
W. Shirley. 

7. Franklin, son of Elijab and Jane, married Harriot 
IJichards. Child, — Franklin. 


5. Jacob, soil of Klijali ami Sarali, born June 25, 1771 ; 
niarncd .Sarali. Children, — David, born Dec. 1, 1800, set- 
tled in Guiiunington ; Cyrus, wlio lives in New-York City. 

C. Cyrus, son ol* Jacob and Sanili, married Cyntliia. Chil- 
dren, — James H., born Dee. 15, 1830; Cynthia L., Sept. 5, 
1847 ; Cyrus U., June 27, 1844 ; Cynthia Henrietta, Sept. 5, 
1847. Moved from rembroko to New York. 

5. Luke, son of Klijah, married Keziali Leonard. Chil- 
drcUy — ^fatilda, who married Silas Hathaway ; Luke ; 
Keziali, married Jacob Perkins ; Paul ; Joshua ; Jacob. 

G. Luke, s<jn of Luke, married Ann Loach. Cliildren, — 
Adam^ Julia Ann, Archelans, Cyrus, Luke, Gustavus. 

7. Adam, son of Luke and Ann, married Eliza Staples. 

7. Julia Ann, daughter of Luko and Ann, married James 
K. Watson. 

7. ArehelauSy son of Luke and Ann, married Mary Ann 

7. Cyrus, son of Luke and Ann, married Nancy Clark. 

6. Paul, son of Elijah and Sarah, born Dee. 20, 1705; 
married Mary Noyes. Children, — Adam; Paul A, 

5. Jobhua, son of Elijah and Sarah, born July 25, 17G8; 
married Deborah Noyes, Feb. 7, 1788 ; settled in East 
IJridgewater. Children, — Deborah, born March 80, 17U0 ; 
Joshua, July 25, 17112 ; Samuel P. ; Silence, Oct. 19, 
1790 ; Daniel Noyes, Aug. 13, 1799 ; John, Jan. 29, 1802 ; 
Mary P. 

0. John, son of Joshua and Deborah, born Jan. 29, 1802 ; 
married Hannah 0. Barrel, November, 1833. Children, — 
Deborah, born April 8, 1837 ; Hannah ()., Sept. 1,1839; 
John N., Sept. 8, 1«42 ; Joshua, Feb. 8, 1848. Ho lives in 
East Bridgewater, and is a justice of tlie peace. 

7. James S., sou of Cyrus and Cynthia, born at Pembroke, 
Dec. 80, 184G ; married Nancy B. Children, — Susan 
Aborn, l)orn Feb. 4, 1856 ; James G, 


7. Isaac, son of Isaac and Sally Pulling, boni June 20, 
1803; niamcd Dec. 18, 1831. Children, — George A., 
bora in 1832 ; Nancy A., 183G. His wile died in 1844. 
MaiTicd Sarah Porter in 1841). Cliildi'cn, — Isaac W., born 
in 1853; Asa 0., 1857. Lives in Kast Dridgewater. 

7. Naliiim, son of Isaac and ^:^ally, born Dec. 15, 180C ; 
married Maria Witlicrell, Oct. (5, 1841. Children, — Prank 
Austin, born July 1, 1852 ; Clinton W., Sept. 4, 1842; Na- 
huin S., May G, 1845; Ezra A., Oct. 18, 1847, and died 
April 8, 184'J. lie resides in Iloston. 

8. Dexter, son of Isaac and Sully, born in 1809, and lives 
in Kast Bridgewater ; married Lydia Wright in 1842. Chil- 
dren, — Samuel I)., born in 1840; Pmnklin P., 1853; John 
IJ., 185G. 

7. James, son of Isaac, born in 1815 ; married Kliza A. 
Keith in 1844, and lives in Kast Hridgewater. Children, — 
liurana T., born in 1845 ; Sarah S., 184G ; James Lewis, 
Jan. 5, 1851. His wife died in 1851. Married Mary A. 
Severance. Child, — Clarence I)., born in 1857. 

7. Calvin, son of Isaac, born in 1810 ; married Mary S. 
llatos in 1844. Children, — Mary P., born April 20, 1845 ; 
Denjamin C, Dec. 24, 1849. Lives in Kast Bridgewater, 
and is a justico of the peace. 

7. Diantha, daughter of Isaac, l>oni in 1821 ; married 
Tohnan French from lilaine, and lives in East Bridge- 
water. Children, — Dradford, born in 1844, died the same 
year ; Isaac R., born in 1845 ; Eli B., 1847 ; George T., 
1852. . 

3. Joluii second son of William and Esther, and grandsoii^v. 
of William the emigrant, born July 10, 1087 ; married . 

Siirah ; aud had John, born Aug. 10, 1713. After the death }^ * ' ^ ' 
of his wife Sarah, ho married Mary, and had children, 
— James, born Oct. 12, 1710; Mary, Dec. 21, 1719; h]zii- 
kiel, Nov. 14, 1721 ; Peter, March 29, 1723 ; Squii^e, May 25,' 


172:) ; Silohcc, Aug. 10, 1728 ; Betty, A|)ril 8, 1730 ; Su- 
niiiel, July li>, lTo2. 'J'liu lust two children died young. 

4. Julni| son of John and Suruh, and grandson oi* Wil- 
liam and Ksihcr, born July 10, 1713; married Mary Torrey, 
June 20, 17o4. Children, — Mary, born April 7, 1735; 
Hannah, May IG, 1738 ; Samuel, Nov. 10, 1710 ; Sarah, 
Juno 14, 1744; Frederick, July 28, 1740; William, ilay II, 

,5. AVilliam, son of John and Mary Torrey, born Xfay 'J, 
1748 ; married Eli/abelh Stammers of Ihaintreo, Sept. 3, 
17G8. Children,— Wizabeth ; William, born Feb. 27, 1774 ; 
Mary, ilay 13, 177G ; Sarah ; Lydia ; Ruth ; Anna, Jan. 21, 
1770. He lived at one time in ltandol|ih ; but his children 
(six of them) were born in Weymouth. He afterwards 
moved back to llraintree ; where he died March 20, lb33. 
His wife died Oct. 12, 1S21, aged seventy-seven. 

U. William, son of William and Klizabcth of Hraintree, 
born Feb. 27, 1774; married IJelief Penniman of Drain- 
tree. Children, — William ; Dorcas Elizabeth. He died 
Sept. 14, 1813. 

7. William, son of William and Relief, married Susan. 
Children, — Susan, born Oct. 11, 1825 ; William, Alarch 10, 
1828; Clarissa, Sept. 11, 1820; William, Oct. 30^ 1832. 

8. William, son of William and Susan, married Hannah. 
Child, — Mary Ann. 

4. Peter, son of John and Sarah, and grandson of William 
and Esther, born at Abington, Alarch 20, 1723 ; married 
Lucy Huggins, March 25, 1748. Children, — Sarah, born at 
Abington, Aug. 20, 1757 ; Samuel, Nov. 30, 1700; Joanna, 
Sept. 8, 1703| married Nov. 27, 1788, at Cummington, to 
Jacob Nash. ^ 

4. James, son of John and Sarah, born Oct. 12, 171G ; 
married Abigail Nash, May 10, 1739. Children, — Tabitha, 
bora March 3, 1740, married Elisha Lincoln, Oct. 5, 1770; 


Kxpcricncc, born (Vt. 2'^, 17 M, married Josiali Joslin, 
l>cc. 21, 1707 ; Solomon, Ijoni Oct. 25, 1713 ; Athuu, 
Aug. 19, 1745; Ste|ilitjii, July 5, 1748 ; lluldali, April 25, 
1751 ; Molly, yUuxh :5, 1750 ; James, Jujic 24, 1758 ; Abel, 
April 15, 1751. 

5. Solomon, son of James and Abigail, born Oct. 25, 
1743; married Mercy Tirrel, Sept. 2S, 1705. Obild,— 
Molly, born Nov. 22, 1700. 

5. Adam, son of James and Abigail, born Aug. 17, 1745; 
married Silence Heed, July 14, 1708. Child, — Adiun. 

0. Adam, son of Adam, married Mary rortcr, Feb, 25, 
1819. Child, — Mary Porter, born Sept. 16, 1828. 

0. James, son of James and Abigail, born June 24, 1758 ; 
married Kuth Niles, May 19, 1779. Children, — Abel, bom 
Sept. 6, 1780 ; Susanna, Feb. 18, 1782 ; Ruth Porter, 
Dec. 14, 1783 ; Goddard, who lives in Itaudolph. 

Abel, sou of James and Uutli, bora Sept«5, 1780; mai^* 
ried Lydia Loud of Plymouth. ChildroH, — William Cole, 
who lives in Iloxbury ; James AVard, lives in Iloxbury ; 
Kliza ; Lydia ; Charles Thayer. He lived in Doston, and 
died in 1817. 

Charles T., sou of Abel and Lydia, married, in Boston, 
Sophia E. Critston of Nashua, Feb. 3, 1828. lie lives in 
Doston. / . X 

4. Ezckiel, son of John and Sarah, born Nov, 14, 1721 ; 
married Hannah IJeal in 1742. Children, — E/ekiel, born 
March 3, 1744; Jfannah, Nov. 1, 1740; Siiulrc, Nov. 1, 
1748; Mary, Jan. 1,1751; Zubulon, March 31, 1752; Mary, 
Nov. 20, 1754, uuirricd Simeon (lannet in 1775 ; Samuel, 
born Dec, 25, 1750 ;»Issachar, Aug. 9, 1759^^, Deborah, 
Dee. 0, 1702, married J. Ourney, Dec. 18, 1783. 

5. Ezekiel, son of Ezckiel and JIannah, borii In Abington\ 
Xfarch 3, 1744 ; married Mary Rogers of Marshficld, April 2, 
1708. Children,— l\jlly, born in 1700; '/olotcs, 1771; 


Ezekiel, Sept. 10, 1772 j Zcbulon, 1774; Hannah, n7(»; 
Olive, 1777; Jesi^o, 177b;; Charles; Abraham; liriggs Rogers, 
May 2, 1784. Tlic following, IVom Hayward's " Oazetlcer of 
Massaclnisetts," will do juslicc to Ihe memory of Mr. Kzukiel 
Reed better than I can by any cllbrt of my own: — 

'* The iimkiiig uf t.'ieks by liaiid eointnciiced VV17 curly in Abing* 
ton. The iii'it alteiniii was lu nit u|» old iron hoops into poiut-s by ii 
very iinpcrtccl kiiul of slioar?, and take thorn up one by one and 
])laee thoin in a connnon vii-f, and iMViiVf up and unscrew ibr the 
purpose of heading each tack with a liannner. From this process 
they were called cul tacks : but the nnxle of making by hand wni 
much impi-ovcd by movable dies phice<l in an ii*on frame, in the 
glnipe of an ox-bow ; the two cndri, in which were placed the dies, 
being bi*ougIu together by u lover pressed by the fool. In the first 
process, a man might nnikc one thousand tucks per day ; in tho hit- 
ter, eight thousand. This was a great improvement ; and the in- 
ventor, Mr. Iv/.ekiel Uecd, was entitled to a patent. He nnide some 
attempt:! to eonceal the operation ; but it was so simple, and so easily 
appliiHl, that othera soon got it, and it ctimc into general use. With 
machines, or tuck-tools as they were culled, thus improved, from 

\ three to four huiulred men and boys were employed in making tticks 
in the town of Abington and vicinity." 

/ C, Ezekiel, son of Ezekicl and Mary, born Sept. IG, 1772 ; 
married Uebeeca Ed.son in 1704, aitd settled in West Bi*idge- 
water. ^Married Hannah liittlefteld in 1807. Children,—* 
Emma, born Aug. 17, 1705, married Jacob Tirrel in 1813 ; 
Lydia H., born 2ilay 80, 1707 ; Josiah, March 2, 1700 ; Ed- 
win B., Jan. 20, 1804 ; Gliarlcu B., May 21, 1800, died 
May 8, 1880. His wife died Jan. 23, 1845 ; and he married 
Polly Lnddcns, Dec. 10, 1845. 

/ 7. Jobiah, son of Ezekicl, lx»rn at West Bindgowater, 
March 2, 1709 ; married Jennet Heath. Cliild, — Anii| 
born Sept. 10, 1848. 

7. Edwin B., son of Exektol, born Jan. 20, 1804 ; married 
Furosina Qlass of Dtixburyi and they live in Kingston. Chil- 
dren, — Edwin Theodore, born Sept 26, 1823; Alphonso, 






Nuvcjiilmr, 18:10 ; Ifclcii, April 30, 18;i7 : nil bom in Wc^t 
liridgc water, 

7. Charles IJ., sou of E/okiel, born May 21, 1806; uiar-"^ 
rieil Euuico 1). Ifanleu. Chililren, — Susan Frances, lH)rn 
Juno 13, 1832, married Simeon C. ilcalh, Hay 7, 1851 ; 
Emily Driggs, bora Dee. 17, 1833 ; Eunice Eilson, Jan. 3, 
183(5. His >Yifc died Oct. 22, ISfio, aged fifty. 

7. Horatio O., son of Col. Jesse, married Wealthy. Chil- 
dren, — Horatio O. II., born in ifarshfield, April 12, 182S; 
Maria W., Feb. 2"), 1833, born in Scituate, and married 'J 
Henry L. Vinal ; Ellen L., born Juno 15, 1839,' in Marsh- 
lield ; Mary Forbes, born in ilarshfield, Jan. 5, 1841. Ho •• ^^^. 
lives in »Scituato. - v 

8. Horatio G., son of Iloralio 0., born April 12, 1828;^ 
married Esther M. Colo, April 2, 1850. 

ti. liriggs Kogors, son of E/ekiel and Mary, born lifay 2, ^* 
1784 ; married Betsey Hutchinson of Dan vers, May 21, 1800. 
Cliihlrcn, — Mary Ann, born in Hoston, Jan. 1, 1810; Eli- 
zabeth, boru in Weymouth, Dee. 17, 1811, married Richard 
riiillips, Esc}., of Topsiield ; Susan Jane, born in Pembroke, 
Stay 11,1814; William l>riggs, born in Danvers, Dec. 15, 
1810 ; Edward Rogers, March 14, 1810 ; Augustus, April 13, 
1821 ; Ocorgo W., Aug. 6, 1823, of tho lirm of Reed and 
HastingH, No. 9, Old State House ; John, Aug. 13, 1825 ; 
James Hcrvcy, Jan. 28, 1828, is a teacher in St. Louis; 
Joseph Warren, May 7, 1830, died by the explosion of tho 
boiler ou board the ^^ Empire State,'^ at Fall River, July 27, 
1850 (he was a Baptist clergyman, very pious and devoted ; 
and his sudden and awful death spread a gloom over the 
Christian community^ wherever his devotion and zeal had 
been known); Cornelia II., Aug. 28, 1832. He died in 
Danvers, Sept. 28, 1835 : his wife died March 31, lb50. 

7. Mary Anii, daughter of Driggs and Elizabeth, married 
William E. Kimball of Topsiield. (Miildren, — Ann Maria, 


Fcl). 11, 1Hl>9; Mary Jaiic, Ja«. ai, 1833; Elizabeth 11., 
Juuo 8, 18»4 ; William, Sept. 6, 1837 ; Ellon, March 20, 

7. Susan Jane, da\ightor of Briggs and Elizabeth, married 
William Alley. Children, — Susan Jane, William Edward, 
George Ilcrvey. Lives in Marlborough. 

7. Elizabeth, daughter of Briggs and Betsey, born in 
Weymouth, Dee. 17, 1811 ; married Richard Phillips, Esq., 
of Topsfield. Children, — Harriet E., born Jan. 20, 1832, 
died Juno 2, 1842; Georgo Frelinghuysen, born July 17, 
1834; Susan Jane, Aug. lo, 1841, died July, 1850 ; Charles 
Albert, born April 20, 1851. Two children died in in- 

7. William Briggs, son of Briggs and Betsey, born in 
Danvci's, Dec. 15, 1810; married Eliza Howard of Salem; 
keeps at No. 134, Lincoln Street, Boston. Children, — 
William II., born April 0, 1840 ; Benjamin C, Aug. 10, 
1850 ; Isabel H., June 20, 1857. fiives at No. 4, Winthrop 
Street, East Boston. 

7. Augustus, tton of Briggs and Betsey, born April 13, 
1821; married Laura Ann Leach of Boston. Children, — 
Ann Eliza, Emma Cornelia, Warren Augustus, Alice Jane. 
Does business in East Boston, corner of Meriden and Paris 

7. George W., son of Briggs and Betsey, born Aug. 5, 
1823 ; mairied Ellon Howard of Saleiu, Oct. 20, 1852 : she 
died May G, 1855. Married Hannah Elizabeth Alaston of 
Salem, for second wife, Oct, 20, 1857. He is of the firm 
of 9eod and Hasthigs, Old State House. Children,— 
George Hervey, born Sept. 7, 1853 ; Anna Josephiue, 
Sept. 27, 1858. 

0. Samuel Licandor, son of Esokiel and Mary> born in 
Bridgewater, July 24, 178G ; married N^ncy Gmy of Water- 
town, Mass., Feb. 27, 1H17, and settled in Gardiner, Mo. ; 



whcro he earned on the nail maiiiiractory of tliai phico. 
I Cliildroii) — Suuiucl Licunilcr, bora Oct. 24,1817; llamet 

I Newell, Aug, ly, 1821, died Aug. 28, 1822 ; Thomas Rogers, 

J born May 1, 1819 ; Alonzo, Jan. 20, 1824 ; Jci^se, Feb. 8, 

! 182G; George William, April 21, 1831. ^ 

7. Samuel, son of Samuel L. and Nancy, born Oct. 24, ^ 
, 1817, and his brother Alouzo, born Jan. 20, 1824, live 

at Mount Auburn, and follow the business of black- 
7. Thomas R., son of Samuel and Nancy, born ^fay 1, 
; 1819 ; lives in Ciardncr, Me., and is in the ship plug and 

wedge manufactory. 
7. Jesse, son of Samuel L. and Nancy, l)orn Feb. 8, 
j 182() ; lives in Gurdinor, Mo., and is by trade a house- 


7. George William, .son of Samuel L. and Nancy, born 
April 24, 1831 ; nnirried Hannah Augusta, daughter of Dr. 
Currier of Bath^ Me. He lives in Rath, and is by occupa- 
tion a dentist. 

4. Peter, son of John and Sarah, born starch 29, 1728 ; 
married Lucy ITaynes, March 2o, 1748, Children, — Sarah, 
born Aug. 26, 1757 ; Samuel, Nov. 30, 17G0 ; Joanna, 
Sept. 8, 1708. 

7. Alonzo, son of Samuel L. and Nancy of Gardiner, !Mc., 
born Jan. 20, IS24 ; nuirried in Watertown, Mass , to Ade- 
line White, Aug. 9, 18:)2. 

8, Simeon, son of William and Esther, had John S., who 
nmrricd Lucy Lucas, July 23, 1747. Children, — Zadock, 
born Sept. 1, 1749; Rhoda, Feb. 21, 17ol ; Simeon, ilay 0, 
17.i3 ; Surah, June 10, lion ; John, May 22, 1700; Molly, 
Sept. 5, 1702; Levi, Feb, 12, 1705; Oliver, Jan, 8, 1708, 
lie removed to Pembroke before 1702. 

5. Zadock, son of John S. and Mary, born Sept. 1, 1749; 
married Lucy Gardner, Sept. 10, 1770, and settled in 


Bridgcwator. Children, — Olive, l*om Juno 2, 1773, mar- 
ried Saimiel i\ French in 1801 ; Miriam,* born July 12, 
1775; Rachel, Fel). 19, 1777, died in 1782; Bcla, born 
Oct. 20, 177G ; llhoda, Feb. 12, 1781 ; Simeon, Feb. 5, 1779, 
died July 12, 1781 ; Obed, born Feb. 20, 1783 ; Lulhcr, 
Dec. 17, 1798; Anna, Aug. 17, 1785; Lucy, May 29, 1793; 
Tolly, March 30, 1795. He died iu IJanson, Jan. 17, 

C. Bcla, 8on of Zadock and liucy, born Oct. 20, 1771 ; 
married Polly Beal:s in 1793. She died in 1795, aged 
twcnty-fivo years. Married Sally Thomas, March 7, 1798. 
Children, — Daniel, born Sept. 30, 1798; Wealthy, June 30, 
1800; Folly, March 2, 1804; Bela, Oct. 0, 1800; Sally, 
^lay 2, 1809. lie afterwards moved to Pembroke. lie died 
Aug. 4, 1848. 

U. Simeon, son of Zadock and Lucy, born Feb. 5, 1779 ; 
married Uutli, and settled in Pembroke. Children, — So- 
phia, born Juno 28, 1802; Isaac T., Oct. 10, 1804; Simeon, 
Aug. 3, 1810 ; Deborah, ilay 20, 1822 ; Calvin, May 20, 
1824 ; Adeline, March 30, 1827 ; Joseph, lie died in Pem- 
broke, Aug. 7, 1847. . 

7. Bela, son of Jicia and Sally of Pembroke, born Oct. G, 
180G ; married Eunice,- Children, — Lucius, boru March 20, 
1830 ; Charles, Oct. 8, 1832 ; Marcus M., March 13, 1830 ; 
Adeline, July 4, 1842. 

7. Isaac, sou of Simeon and Ruth of Pembroke, boru 
Oct. 10, 1804; married Samh A, Ohildreu, — John D., 
boru Oct. 18, 1844 ; Mary Eliza, j^lay 3, 1850 ; Ann Maria, 
Jan. 14, 1858. 

7. Simeon, sou of Simeon and lluth, born Aug. 3, 1810 ; 
married Prudence Ford. Child, — NVilliam, born April 25, 
184U ; died Sept. 28, 1854. 

8. Lucius, sou of Bela and Eunice, of Pembroke, b<iru 
March 20, 1830 ; married Louisa Bryant, Sept. 25, 1851. 


CliiKlrcn, — Austin 0., born July 12, 18r)2 ; \Yiildo P., 
Aug. 4, 1853 ; AViH>ur K., A|inl 29, 1855. 

7. Culvin, sou of Simeon and liuth of Tcuibrokc, born 
Hay 20, 1824; married Deborah J>rown of Hanson, July 4, 
185H. Children, — Kniily Jane, born July 21, 1854 ; So- 
phronia, Oct. 28, 1855. 

7. Joseph, son of Simeon and Ruth of Pembroke, married 
Maria W. Pierce, 3[arch 17, 1840. Cliild, — IJcnjamin Her- 
bert, born July 30, 1850. 

8. Malleus M., son of l>c1a and Eunice of Pembroke, born 
March 13, 183C. 

G. Luther, son of Zadock and Lucy, born Doc. 17, 1798; 
married Deborah Briant. Children, — Calvin T., born in 
Pembroke, May 2G, 1824; Deborah IJ., May 2G, 1822, 
married James Brown, May 0,1854; Adeline, born ilarch 
};0, 182G. His wife died in Pembroke, Oct. 29, 1848, in her 
JUly-scvonlli year. 

7, Culvin T., son of Luther, married Deborah Bourne, 
July 4, 1853. 

7. Isaac T., son of Simeon and lluth of Pembroke, born 
Oct. 10, 1804; married Sarah, Oliildren, — Isaac, who 
married Peddy W. IIowc, Nov. 20, 1851 ; Ichabod il., 
>vho married Emily J. Howe of Abington, July 24, 1853. 

9. Ichabod, son of Isaac and Peddy of Pembroke. Child, 
— Albert, born April 10, 1850. 

5. Levi, son of John and Lucy, born at Peml)roko, Feb. 14, 
1705; married Lucy Doten of Plymouth, ifass., in 1799, and 
settled in Marlborough. Children, — Thomas, born April 7, 
1800; Chandler, Juno 3, 1802; Levi, Ain-il 20, 1805; 
James D., April 21, 1811; Rebecca, May, 1808 ; Harriet. 
He died March 7, 1845. 

Levi, son of Levi and Lucy, born Ajiril 20, 1805, in 
ifiddleborough ; married Harriet Drake of Aubtirn, ile., 
April 11, 1840. Children, — Levi Edward, l)orn at Midille- 



borough, Jiily 23, 18 10 ; Daniel D., July 7, 185C ; Diana M., 
June 14, 1858. 

Reliccca, daughter of Levi and Lucy, born May, 1808; 
married John D. Paine, May 18, 1833, and settled in Taun- 
ton. They have eight children. 

James I)., sou oi' Levi and Lucy, born April 21,1811; 
married Panielia ihitler, Nov. 20, 1838. ChiUhen, — Julia, 
born Oct. 21, 1841 ; Pamclia P., Sept.. 8, 1843; James 
Chandler, May 22, 184.') ; Harriet E., May 11, 1849 ; Caro- 
line, Oct. 18, 1853. His wife died June 2, 1854. Married, 
for second wife, Sarah j^lorrell of Canaan, Yt., lirareli 12, 
1855. Children, — AVilliam M., born Jan. 27, 185G; Tho- 
mas D., Aug. 13, 1857. 

Julia n., daughter of Levi and Lucy, born April 8, 1818 ; 
married AVillard Sluuv, Aug. 12, 1849, and settled in Car- 
Yon Tliey have four children. 

2. John, son of William, 1st, of Weymouth, born in 1G49 ; 
married llashna. Child, — John, born June 5, 1G74. Mar- 
ried Uetliiali Fryo for second wife. Cliildron, — William, 
Thomas, George, Mary, Ruth, Ilannah. lie died at Digh- 
ton, Jan. 13, 1720 : his wife died Oct. 20, 1730. lie was a 
house-carpenter, and appears to have been a man of conside- 
rable property, and an extensive dealer in land. Tho 
records descrilx) about a dozen pieces of land bought by 
him in Taunton, and several parcels sold by him. IIo 
was quite a business-man in Taunton, but removed from 
there to Dighton. He and his wifo were buried in Digh- 
ton, on llurying Hill, between Upper and Lower Four 
Corners. Their gravestones are in very good condition, 
and their inscriptions read thus : " Hero lieth ye body of 
BcUiiah, wife of John Head : died October yo 20, 1730, 
aged seventy-seven years. — lloro lieth ye body of John 
Reed, aged seventy-two years ; and died January ye 18th, 



His cstato was valued at a luindi-cd and sixty-two |>ound.s 
at his decease. He was the ancestor of the Taunton Keeds. 

3. John, son of John and l>ashna, horn at Weymouth, 
June 5, 1C74 ; manicd ]5ethiiih Cohh, June 15, 1697. Chil- 
dren, — Xfary, who married aTiOany; John, horn August, 
1701 ; George, May, 1704 ; \Yiniam, Feb. 28, 1712, and 
Bethiah (twins) ; Lethiah married a Watson. He removed 
to Swansey, and hought a tract of land known as Pompa- 
numset, or Phche's Neck. Ho died in 1731). The tract of 
land bought by liim is supposed to be located in what is now 

4. George, sou of John and Bethiah Cobb, bom May, 1704. 
Child, — John. 

6. John, son of George. Child, — William. 

4. William, sou of John and Bethiah Cobb, born Feb. 28, 
1712; married Elizabeth. Children, — Bethiah, born at 
Barrington, Sept. 12,1741 ; Jonathan, who lived near S\\oi> 
herd's Factory, in Newjwrt, It. I. 

5. Hannah, daughter of John and Bethiah, married Josiah 
Talbot of J)ighton, Sept. 2, 1713. Children, — Mary, born 
March 22, 1725; Josiah, Oct. 23, 172G; lluth. May 2, 1729. 
»Shc died June 4, 1731. Her gravestone is broken, and lies 
on the ground near the graves of her father and mother ; 
and the inscri[)tion runs thus : <^ In memory of Hannah, 
wife of Josiah Talbot, Esq. Died June 4, 1731, in the 
fortieth year of her age." 

8. Mary, daughter of John and Bethiah of Dighton, mar- 
ried Joseph Atwood. Children, — Joseph, born August, 
1704; Benjamin, March 17, 1707, died Feb. 14, 1713; 
Esther, born Feb. 10, 1711 ; John, Feb. 7, 1713, died 
May 21, 1749 ; Benjamin, l>orn July 3, 1715, died July 28, 
1733 ; Mary, born March 1(5, 17 19. He died Sept. 20, 1724 : 
she died April 23, 1748, aged sixty-six years, seven months, 
eight days. 


8. Ruth, (l-.mghtcr of Jolin and Dclhiah, maiTicd Capt. 
Joseph Tisdalc of Oighton. Cliildroii, — Joseph, Ijoved, 
Job, Seth, Kbcnozer, Simeon^ ITaniiah, Betliiuh, Mary. ITe 
died before 1748. She luado her will, in which she men* 
lions her cousins Elkanah Read, Ruth Read, and Elizabolh 
Hodges. Slio died August, 1848, in her sixty-third year* 

4. John, son of John and Bethiah of Taunton, afterwards 
of Swanscy and Barrington, born August, 1701 ; married 
Lydia Caswell, Oct. 7, 1713. 
, 4. Bethiah, daughter of John and Bethiah of Barrington, 

y-^ bom Feb. 28, 1712; married Nathan Watson in 1732. 
V'^ "i Children, — Abigail, l)orn J4m. 13, 1733; Molly, March 5, 
• 1734 ; Rachel, July 14, 173G ; Mercy, March 30, 1738; 
Bethiah, Oct. 12, 1789 ; Matthew, April 4, 1741 ; Lydia, 
Dec. 17, 1742: William, Jan. 25, 1744 ; John, Oct. 6, 1740. 
His wife died Feb. 9, 1778, in her sixty-sixth year. Mar- 
ried Sarah for second wife: she died Sept. 3, 1708, aged 
eighty-eight years. Air. Watson was a Scotchman, and emi- 
grated to this country from Ireland. Her father opposed 
the match, because he said that he was a poor Irishman ; 
but ho left an estate valued at eighty thousand dollars. Ho 
diod at Barrington, Jan. 17, 1803, aged a hundi*ed and 
seven years. 

8. George, son of John and Bethiah, married Sarah Whit- 
marsh. Children, — Cicorge, born in Dighton, Aug. 31 ^ 
1718, died May 0, 1727 ; Aviso, born Sept 5, 1720, married 
John Palmer, Jan. 27, 1730 ; Hannah, born May 21, 1722, 
married Reuben Clemens in 1743 ; John, born March 30, 
1724 ; Samuel, Nov. 29, 1725 ; Ruth, Nov. 8, 1727, married 
Joshua Williams, James ^lucomberi and EboncKer Myriek ; 
RolKicca, born July liS, 1729, married John Culeuum in 
1752; Sylvester Fi*ench. Sarah| his wife, died ; and he mar- 
ried Abigail Woodward, Jan. 1, 1730. Children, — Isaiah, 
born at Rehoboth, Oct. 14, 1730 ; George, Doc. 29, 1731 ; 


Sarah, bora at l^iglilon, Dec. G, 1734, died young ; Sarali, 
born Jan. 22, 17o0, married Joiku Uilmorc; Loved, born 
Feb. 2G, 1741; Mary, Feb. 3, 1744, died May 18, 1745; 
Jonatbau, bora Oct. 13, 1745 ; ]>etbiah, wbo laarricd Joba 
Jacob, lie died ia Rebobolb, Feb, 8, 1750. 

4. John, soa of George aad Sarah, bora March SO, 17*24 ; 
married Miriaai Talbot, May 11, 174*J. Slic died J)cc. 11, 
1749; nad her gravestoac is still staading. Married, for 
sccoad wife, Mary Perry, March 27, 1752. Cbildrea, — 
Miriam, bora June 0, 1753 ; Mary, July 1, 1755, died 
July 28, 175G ; Joha, bora April 28, 1757 ; AVilliaai, 
March 7, 17G1 ; Sarah, XIarch 13, 1751) ; Celia, Murch 25, 
1700 ; Ruth, April 10, 1708 ; Naacy, July 1, 1770; J\iaa, 
Feb. 25, 1772 ; Sebra, July 1, 1774 ; George, Jan. 12, 1770. 

4. Samuel, sou of George aad Sarah of Dightoa, bora 
Nov. 29, 1725 ; married Ifaclicl Williams ia 1748. Chil- 
drca, — Ilachel, bora Jaa. 2S, 1752, died March 30, 1750; 
Samuel, bora Dec. 23, 1754 ; Mary, Jaa. 4, 1757 ; Rachel, 
April 20, 1702 ; Seth, May 14, 1705. 

4. George, soa of George aad Abigail, bora Dec. 29, 1731 ; 
niarried Mercy Phillips, aad died ia 1758 ; had a soa George, 
bora July 29, 1757, who was living ia 1841 oa the road 
froai Dightoa (o New licdford, abuut four aiiles Iroai the 
Grcca, aged eighty-three years. lie aiarried Elizabeth l^ilts 
of Tauatoa, May 7, 1782. Cbildrea,— Caleb P., bora 
Feb. 22, 1790; William, July 10, 1791; George W., 
May 19, 1790. lie lived ia Rerkcley at the time of their 

3. Thoaias, soa of Joha aad Sarah of Dightoa, married 
Sarah Tisdalo of Tauatoa. Ciiildrea,^-Seth, bora Feb. 0, 
1710; Thoaias, Aug. 20,1718; Joseph, November, 1725 ; 
liot, Nov. 0, 1720 ; Sarah, Nov. 20, 1727, aiarried George 
Goodwia ia 1740 ; Phebo, bora Aug. 20, 1729) Elkanah, 
Oct. 8, 1730 ; Job, March 13, 1731 ; Simcoa, April 17, 1733 ; 



a daiiglilur, ^fay, IS;);"); Ruth, who niarricd Joseph Talbot, 
June 0, 1742 ; SIcrcy, who married Elijah Bacon of Provi- 
doHCC, Dcccmljcr, 1780. lie died Feb. 10, 1741. 

4. Thomas, sou of Thomas of Dighton, bom Aug. 20, 
1718;. married Rebecca Talbot in 1746. Chihlrcn, — Re- 
becca, born Nov. 1, 1747; Thomas, Oct. 7, 1740; isarah, 
Juno 3, 1751. 

4. Joseph, son of Thomas and Sarah of Dighton, born 
November, 1725; married Elizabeth Eliott, Oct. ai, 1747. 

4. Seth, son of Thomas and Sarah of Dighton, born Feb. C, 
1717 ; married Teddy Pool. Child, — a daughter, bora 
April 28, 1748. 

4. Job, son of Thomas and Sarah of Dighton, born 
March 13, 1731 ; married Jemima Talbot, Feb. 17, 1750, 
and moved to Brooklkld, Yt. Child,— Job. 

5. Job, son of Job and Jenuma, had Job, Sarah, Rhoda, 
Polly, Sally, Morton, lietsy, Clarissa, Uoxanija, Rebecca, 
Fanny, El vim. 

G. Job, son of Job, had Freeman, Lavina, Isaac, Rhoda, 
Russell, Caroline, and othet^s, whoso names arc not given. 
He was in the Revolutionary War. lie died in Williams- 
town, Vt. 

C. Morton, son of Job, married Lucy Whitney, Jan. 24, 
1817. Children, — Samuel, born in 1819; Julia, 1821; 
Sally, 1823; Betsy, 1824; Elijah, 1820, died young; George, 
born in 1827 ; Mary Ann, 1828 ; ifaria Perrin. 

7. Julia, daughter of Morton and Lucy, married Jeduthan 

7. Sally, daughter of Morton and Lucy, married Andrew 
Kinney. Childi-en, — John, Julietto, Levi. 

7. Mary Ann, daughter of Morton and Lucy, married 
Calvin Fuller. 

C. Rhoda, daughter of Job, married Richard Hodges. 
Children, — Louisa and Cynthia. \ 


G. Polly, tlaughlor of Job, luairicd Jamos Hopkins. 
Children, — Denison, Marsliul, Melissa, Laura, James, 

0. Sally, daughter of Job, married Samuel Perrin* Chil- 
dren, — Elvira, Louisa, AVilliam, Cornelius, Taleutt, Edward, 
Calvin, and Clark. 

G. Betsy, daughter of Job, married Pliiletus Robinson. 
Children, — Funny, Sally, Nathaniel, Cornelius, Porley, 
Lucy, Parker. 

G. Clarissa, married Russell Seaver. Children, — twelve, 
names not given. 

C. Rosanna, married Ebenezer IL Moyno. Eleven chil- 
dren, names not given. 

G. Rebecca, married Lyinan DaTonport. Children, — 
William; John; IFarriei; Fanny; Elvirn, who died young. 

4. Simeon, son of Thomas and Sarah of Dighton, lx)rn 
April 17, 1738; married Deboralu Children, — Phcbc, 
liorn Feb. 26, 1757, marriod Jonathan Wilkins, May, 1777 ; 
ilaiuiah, born Jan. 30, 1758 ; Simoon, July 28, 17G3. lie 
was deacon of the church, aud died in 1804, July 4 : his 
wife died July 7, — throe days after. 

3, Hannah, daughter of Job, 1st, of Dighton, marriod Jo* 
siah Talbot of Dighton, Sept. 2, 1713. Children, — Mary, 
born March 22, 1725 ; Josiah, Oct. 23, 172G ; Ruth, May 2, 
1729. Sho died Juno 4, 1731, and was buried near her 
iiither and mother. Her gravestone is broken, and lies Hat 
on the ground. The inscription runs thus : " In memory of 
Ifannahf wife of Josiah Talbot, Esq. Died June* 4, 1731, 
in the fortieth year of her age.'' 

8. liFary, daughter of John, 1st, and Sarah, of Digliton, 
married Josoph Atwood. Children,-^ Joseph, born August, 
1704; Benjamin, March 17, 1707, died February, 1713; 
Esther, born Feb. 19, 1710 ; John, Feb. 7, 1712, died May 21, 
1749; Benjamin, lK>rn July 3, 1715, died July^28, 1758; 


Mary, bom Ifarcli 0,1718. lie died Sept. 6, 1724: she 
died April 23, 1748. 

3. lluih, daughter of John, 1st, of Taunton and Dighton, 
born iu IG^il ; married Capt. Joseph Tisdalo of Taunton. 
Children, — Joseph, Loved, Job, Seth, Ebenczer, Simeon, 
Hannah Perry, licthiah AValkor, Mary. Tfo died before 
1748: she died August, 1743, in her sixty-tliird year. 

3. William, son of John, 1st, of Taunton, married ^lary 
Richmond, June 8, 1721. Children, — John, born in 1722 ; 
William; Mary; Abigail. Ho was a pious man. At one 
time iu his life, he became insane, and had to beconnned in 
his house ; but afterwards obtained his reason at the ago 
of seventy ycar;$, and died in 1734. The homestead is 
owned and occupied by one of Ids descendants at the present 
time. His widow married Stephen Andrews, Nov. G, 1738, 
— a man of learning and piety, known by his neighbors as 
St. Stephen, — who lived to the age of a hundred years. 

4. William, son of William and Mary of Taunton, married 

; moved to Rochester al)Out 1744. Children, — AVil- 

liam, Abigail, Margaret, Lydia. He died i)revious to 1780. 

4. Mary, daughter of William and Mary, married John 
Haskell of Rochester, ilass., in 1751. Children, — Joinx- 
than, a captain in the Uevolulionary War, who afterwards 
went to Ohio ; Abigail, who married a Tripp, and went to 
New York ; llelhiah, who married John Clarke ; and one 
married Nathaniel Shcrnuui, and went to New York ; Polly, 
who died single. 

4. John, son of William and l^lary of Taunton, married 
Dorathy Pinnca, a Fi-cnch woman, Dec. 30, 1740. Chil- 
dren, — Ruth, born Nov. 20, 1747, married Job Knap ; 
Lois, who nmrricd David Drako ; John, born March 29, 
1752, married Mary Godfrey ; Mary, born June 4, 1754, 
married Richard Cobb ; Dorothy, born in 1759, married 
Paul Dudley ; Hannah, born April 21, 1702^ married Abia* 


thar Hall ; Zilpah, bora Dec. 1, 1763, married Gersliom 
Sullivan ; Eiios, born Nov. 22, ITGf), died in Boston of small- 
pox ; Pydin, born May 30, 1708, married Ebonezcr Doane. 
His first wire died in 1770. Married, for second wife, Mrs. 
Hannah Austin, Jan. 9, 1771. Children, — Nathan, born 
Oct. 8, 1771 ; Phebe, July IC, 1773, married a Basset of 
Norton ; David, born Oct. 11, 1775 ; Jonathan, twin of Da- 
vid. He died December, 1788, aged sixty-six. Ho was a 
blacksmith by trade, and a man of considerable business ; 
was one of the Commitleo of Inspection and Correspondence 
in the Revolution ; and was also a pious man. He was above 
the middle stature, and rather stern in his manners. His first 
wife was the daughter of James Vinnea, a French Huguenot, 
who had escaped from France during the persecutions of that 
pious and devoteil band ; and, after having been secreted in 
dons and caves in France, he liiutlly made his way to America, 
settled in Lebanon, Conn., and brought up a (iimily of chil- 
dren ; one of whom was Dorothy, the wifu of John Read. The 
Rev. Bazaliol Pinnea of Milford, Conn., is his great-grandson. 
5. Ruth, daughter of John and Dorothy, born Nov. 20, 
1747 ; married Oapt. Joseph Knapp of Taunton, and moved 
to Douglas, Mass. Children, — Job; Gyrus; Rufus; Ruth; 
Sully ; Dolly, who married Oiis Preston (her husband 
dying, sho married Esquire Whitney, and moved to Ux« 
bridge) ; a daughter Abigail, who married a Walker. 

5. Lois, daughter of John and Dorothy of Taunton, mar- 
ried Daniel Drake, Oct. 4, 17G4, and moved to Grafton, N.H. 
Children, — Daniel, who married Lydia Aldrich ; James, 
married Abigail Bullock; John, married Betsy Cogswell; 
Lois, married Daniel Col>b of Connecticut ; Rhoda, married 
Kli Haskins of Taunton ; Sibyl, married Benjamin Bullock ; 
Betsy, married Barucli Smith ; Dolly, married Jonathan 
Aldrich, and Mr. Dustin of Hill, N.H. ; Sally, maiu'ied AVil- 
liam Cliellis; Bethiah, mai*ried Samuel Wright. ^ 



5. Mary, daughter of John and Porotliy of Taunton, born 
Juno 14, 1754 ; married llicliard Cobb of Putney, Vt., in 
177G. Children, — David, born March 27, 1778 ; Richard, 
March 28, 1780; Mary, April 5, 1782; Tabitha, Sept. 24, 
1790 ; Willard, July 11, 1793 ; Alfroda, Sept. 18, 1798. 
She died Aug. 9, 1822: Mr. Cobb died March, 1830. 

G. David, son of Ilichard Cobb and %[ary Reed, born 
March 27, 1778 ; married Sally White, January, 1808. 
Children, — Josiah, born April 21,1809; David R.,May 81, 
1810; Amelia, Nov. 22, 1812; David Cobb, died in Putney, 
May 27, 1818. 

6. Josiah Cobb, son of David, born April 21, 1809 ; mar- 
ried Candicc Pierce in 1833, and lives in Putney. Child, — 
Fanny A., born January, 1834. 

0. David, son of David and Sally, boru May 31, 1810 ; 
married Lucinda R. Crosby in 1834. She died ; and he 
married Abigail Brow, February, 1840. Lives in Putney. 

6. Amelia Cobb, daughter of David, born Nov. 22, 1812 ; 
married John M, Crosby, January, 1834. Child, — David, 
bom June, 1835 ; died in 1839. Lives in Putney. 

5* Richard Cobb, son of Richard and Mary Reed, bom 
March 28, 1780, and settled in Rockingham, Vt. ; married 
Nancy Gihnan, liluy 10, 1811. Children, — Nancy, born 
Deo. 28, 1815 ; Eliza, Jan. 6, 1817 ; Mary R., June 29, 
1819; Richard R., Jan. 19, 1822; David R., Jan. 2, 1824; 
Susan E., Aug. IG, 1825 ; Helen M., Feb. 12, 1830; My- 
ron J., Jan. 1, 1833. lie died July 17, 1837. 

6« Kaucy, daugtitcr of Richard Cobb, born Dec. 23, 1815 ; 
married J. T. Woods of Rockingliam, Vt., Sept. 4, 1837. 
Child,— Maria E., born Marah 20, 1838. lie died in 1845. 

5, Mary Cobb, daughter of Richard and Mary Reed, born 
April 6, 1782 ; married Jotham Pierce, March, 1804, and 
Uvea in Montreal, Ca. Children,— Mary 0., Charles S., 
Harriot. She died January, 1832. 


G. Mary C. Pierce, dangliter of Jotham Pierce, married 
a Johnson in 1832. Children's names nut given, llo died 
in 1839. 

5. Tahitha Cuhl>, daughter of Ilichard and Mary Reed, 
horn Sept. 24, 1790; married Alfred White, Sept. 27, 1812, 
and lives in Putney. Children, — Willard, horn Septemhcr, 
1815 ; Stelk A., March, 1818 ; Charles, May, 1820 ; Fanny 
M., April) 1822 ; Thonias, August, 1825 ; David J., June, 
1831 ; Rawsou M., Septemhcr, 1883 ; tuo more, whose names 
are not given. 

G. Willard Wliitc, son of Alfred, married Alice Townsend, 
Pchruary, 1837^ and lives in lioston. 

5. Willard Cohh, son of liichard Colib, horn July 11, 
1703 ; mai*ried Dorinda Snow, lilarch, 1821 ; lives in Rock- 
ingham, Vt. Children, — Edmond M., horn November, 
1821; Mary J., December, 1822; Prances W., March, 1825; 
Kllcn, October, 1828 ; Louisa «., May, 1830 ; Henry W., 
November, 1838 ; Sarah E., February, 18-10. 

5. Dorothy, daughter of John and Dorothy of Taunton, 
horn March 1, 1759 ; married Paul Dudley of Douglass, 
July IG, 1782. Children, — David, John, William, Willard, 
Dolly, Harriet She died Sept. 20, 1847. 

0. David, son of Paul and Dorothy Reed. Children, — 
George, Maria, Eliza, David. 

7. Gcorgo, sou of Paul and Dorothy, married Susan Rob- 

7. Maria Dudloy, married a Carpenter, 

C. John, son of Paul and Dorothy, married Submit 
Hall. Children, — Emily ; Jan)es, who married Eliza 

C. William Dudley, sou of Paul and Dorothy, married 
Hannah Creigen. Children, — Mary; William; Sophrona; 
Charles ; Harriot, who married Jofiiah Adams ; George ; 



fi. Willanl Duilloy, son of Paul and Dorothy, niarricd 
Eunice Dalconi. Children, — Paul, Edwin, Dorothy, Pran- 
ces, Betsy. 

6. Dolly, daughter of Paul and Dorothy, married Benja- 
min Hill. Children, — Dolly, Benjamin, Emeline, Prances, 
Eliza Ann. 

C. Harriet, daughter of Paul and Dorothy, married Josiah 
Adams. Child, — Augustus. 

5. Hannah, daughter of John and Dorothy of Taunton, 
born April 11, 170 1 ; married Ahiatha Hull of Raynham, 
May 24, 1787. Children,— Polly, born July 27, 1788; 
Hannah, May 18, 17i)0 ; Dolly, ilarch 28, 1792 ; Deborah, 
Dec. C, 1794 ; Abialha, Aug. IT, 1797. He. died in 1797, 
and she married Stephen Doano of Raynham in 1807. 

6. Kilpah, daughter of John and Dorothy of Taunton, 
born Dec. 1, 170o ; married Gershom Gulliver of Taunton, 
March 8, 1803, and had no children. He died December, 
1839: she died March 7, 1841. 

6. Enos, son of John and Dorothy, born Nov. 22, 1715. 
He lived in lioston, and died of small-|)ox. 
\ 5. Jonathan, son of John and Dorothy, born Oct. 11, 
1775 ; was never married. Ho died Jan. 30, 1849. 

5. Lydia, daughter of John and Dorothy, born May 20, 
17G8 ; married Ebenczcr Deane of Baynhaiu, March (i, 1791. 
Children, — Lydia, Enos, Alfred, Ebcnezer, Calvin, Camil* 
la, Ruth, Louisa. 

5. Nathan, son of John and his second wife Hannah, born 
Oct. 8, 1771 ; married Acsah Gilmorc of Raynham, Dec. 13, 
1790, ond movod to Maine. Children, — Sylvanus; John 
Gilmoro ; Florcntius, born in 1801 or '2. He died about 
1809 ; and his wife had, in all, three husbands. She was 
living recently in Norridgewock, Me., at a very great age. 
Second husband was Seth Wyman of Bloomington, ^lo., 
and had children, — Nathan and Ebcnezer, who live in 


Dexter, Me. She married Solomon Bixby of Norrulgowock 
for third husbaiid. She died Augubt, ISol. 
5. Phebe, daughter of John ofTaunlou and his second wife 
' ITaunah, born July IG, 177i>; married Basset Morton, and 

I settled in Avon, Me. Children, — Klkanah, Phebe, Hannah, 

I Ilebecca. lie died Oct. 10, 1847, in his sixty-ninth year. 

' C. Floreutius, son of Nathan and Acsah. Children, — 

I Jolm, born in 1830 ; Josiah ; Nathan ; David ; and one 

I daughter. He lives in Windsor, Me. 

; 7. John, son of Fiorcntius, has a wife and daughter, and 

I is of tho firm of Reed and Iluss in China, Me. 

! G. John, son of Nathan and Acsah, settled in North Yar- 

' mouth, and died at the age of about thirt^'-five years, leaving 

a widow, one son, and a daughter. 
' 5. David, son of John of Taunton and his second wife 

ITannah, born Oct. 11, 1775 ; married Phebe Blake, May 25, 
1802. Children,— Gilbert B., born Sept. 30, 1804, died 
Feb. 2, 1828 ; Phebe II., born April 8, 1808, married Floyd 
French of Taunton ; Mary Adaline, born September, 1811 ; 
! Hannah £., Jan. 29, 1823. Ho died June 24, 1850. 

5. John, sou of John of Taunton and his wife Do- 
rothy, bom March 29, 1752; married Mary Godfrey, 
Nov, 21, 1775. Children, — John, born Aug. 11, 1770; 
AVilliam, Oct. 0, 1778; Polly, Aug. 31, 1782, died Nov. 2, 
1790 ; Dolly, born ilay 31, 1786 ; Marshal, Jan. 17, 1788 ; 
Ifodgos, June 3, 1790 ; Sophia, Sept. 2, 1702 ; Zilpah, 
Dec. 22, 179U, died May 24, 1798. He died Feb. 24, 1841, 
aged eighty-eight years. Ho was above the middle stature, 
athletio, and unconnnonly regular in his habits ; was known 
in public life, having been selectman and i*epresentative 
several years. Ho was often chosen as arbitrator between 
parties, and was known .as E.squire Reed. He was likewise 
distinguished for piety, and fdled an important place in 
the society to which ho belonged. His wife was aIi<o a 


woman su)>crior in sound sense ond pitictical {iiety. She 
died Oct. 12, 1S43. 

6. John, son or Esquire John and lifary, bom Aug. 11, 
1776 ; married Rebecca Gooding, May SI, 1804. Children, 
— Mary Ann, born May 20, 1805 ; John, Juno 17, 1808; 
Henry Q., July 23, 1810 ; Rebecca, April 12, 1813 ; Wil- 
liam, Sept. 2, 181G ; Sophia, Nov. 9, 1818 ; Elizabeth G., 
Sept. 4, 1822. 

G. William, son of Esquire John and Mary, born Oct. 0, 
1778 ; married Elizabeth D. Dennis, April 24, 1804. Chil- 
dren,— -a daughter, born Oct. 18, 1805, died at her birth; 
Elizabeth D., born March 2, 1807 ; Mary G., Jan. 10, 1809 ; 
Julia, Sept. 11, 1810, married Rev. S. II. Emery; William, 
July 10, 1812, died Sept. 9, 1813 ; Nancy D., liorn July 29, 
1814 ; Eleanor S., July 14, 1817 ; William ; Amelia, 'i?eb. 25, 
1821 ; a daughter, born Jan. 27, 1828, and died same day ; 
Chester L, born Nov. 25, 1823. Married, for second wife, 
Mury Dennis, Feb. 19, 1825. Children, — a daughter, born 
Dee. 26, 1825 ; John D., Mai*eh 15, 1827 ; Charles E., Jan. 27, 
1830, minister at Mulden ; Erastus M., July 28, 1832, who 
married Sarah Crocket at the family gathering of the Reeds 
on the 21st of August, 1857^ at Taunton. He is a lawyer in 

7. AVilliam, son of William and Elizabeth of Taunton, 
married Eliza Deane. 

7. Chester I., son of William and Elizabeth of Taunton, 
born Nov. 25, 1818 ; married Elizabeth Allyne ; is Judge 
of tlie Police Court in Taunton, and.member of tlio Senate of 

6. Dolly, daugliter of John, Esq., and Mary, born May 31, 
1785; married Zophaniah L. Hodges, Oct. 1, 1800. Chil- 
dren, — John R., born July 1, 1812; Zephaniah, March 22, 
1814 ; Harriet, May 31, 181C ; George F. IL, April 18, 1820 ; 
Charles H., March 20, 1823. 


7. Julia, daughter of ^Yi^iuul ami Kllzabclli, bom Sept. 1 1, 
1810; married Jlcv. Sanmel 11. Kmery, llarch 7, 1838. 
Children, — WilUaui U., horn June 4, 1839; Samuel JI., 
Aug. 3, 1840. 

U. Hodges, son of John, Esq., and Alary, of Taunton, horn 
June 3, 1790; married Clarissa Ilodgcs, daughter of Joseph 
Hodges of Norton, May, 1813. Children, — Edgar Hodges, 
born Julys, 1814; Clarissa W., Juno 0, 1817; William 
Frederick; Pi-cderick Alonzo, Dec. 7, 1821, — a clergyman, 
settled in Cohasset; Eveline, born May 7, 1825; Charlotte 
Augusta, Oct. 1, 1825. He has been a member of the Lcgis- 
t lature, and is the author of some religious works. 

6. Marshal, son of John Iteed, Esq., of Taunton, born 
Jan. 17, 1788; married Clarissa C. Willis, June 11, 1817. 
Childi*cn, — Sarah Almey, born Aug. 20, 1818 ; Clarissa 
AVillis, Aug. 13, 1830; Edwin, May G, 1822; Philomela, 
: Sept. 13, 1821. 

i 7* Edgar lludges, son of Hodges Reed, Esq., of Taunton, 

I bom July S, 1814; married Ellen Augusta Keed, Aug. 30, 

I 1837. Children,— Ellon Dutton, bprn Sept. 9, 1838; Eu- 

' gene Godfrey, July 80, 1811, died Aug. 13, 1841 ; Clarissa 

> ]ilaria, born May 9, 1843, died Aug. G, 1843 ; Alice Maria, 

j March 13, 1848. He lives in Taunton ; is a merchant; and 

I is one to whom I am much indebted for assistance in getting 

I the statistics for this work. He is a great antiquarian ; 

has, at the sacrifice of much time and money, examined the 

old and dilapidated records in many towns in Plymouth 

and ^fassachusetts Colonies ; and has accumulated many 

facts interesting to those bearing the name or blood. 

3. Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah, born at Dighton, 

Aug. 20, 1718; married llebccca Talbot. Childi*en, — Ke- 

liecca, born Nov. 1, 1747; Thomas, Oct. 7, 1749; Surah, 

Juno 3, 1751. 

5. Samuel, son or Samuel and llachol, boru at Dighion, 


Dec. 23, 1754 ; luarricd Ifcrcy Gilinorc, April 17, 1788. 
Cliilil, — Alphcus, bom March 21, 1790. 

5. Sclh, boii or Sauuicl and Rachel, born at Dightoii, 
May 14, 1705 ; iiianicd Cassandra Dean, May 18, 1788. 
Children, — Scth, born Oct. 14, 1790 j Salmon, Dec. 23, 
1795, died March 18, 1843 ; Cassandra, born Aug. 14, 1798 ; 
Otis, Sept. 10, 1801 ; Stephen D., March 3, 1810. His wife 
died Jan. 4, 1840. 

4. Loved, son of George and Sarah, born at Dighton, 
Feb. 20, 1741; married Charity Thillips. Children,— 
Loved, born May 22, 1704, died ; Charity, born June 11, 
1705 ; Lydia, Sept. 19, 1700 ; Phebe, July 22, 1708 ; Phy- 
lene, Alarch 24, 1770 ; Mary, April 22, 1772 ; Betsy, 
April 12, 1774 ; Joshua, April 17, 1770 ; Loved, Jan. 17, 
1778 ; Sarah, July 13, 1780, died in 1795 ; John, born 
April 13, 1782. His wile died March 25, 1784. Married 
Mary French, Oct 15, 1780, for second wife. Children, — 
Rebecca, born Oct. 27, 1787 ; David, Dec. 20, 1789 ; ilary, 
Juno 2, 1798. 

5. William, son of John and Aliriam, born at Dighton, 
March 19, 1701 ; married IJolsy Carter, Dec. 20, 1780. 
Children,— George, born Oct. 20, 1787 ; 15ctsy, Nov. 0, 
1739; William, Dec. 27, 1793; Sally, Oct. 20, 1791; 
Charles L., Feb. 15, 179G ; John, Oct. 17, 1798 ; James, 
May 7, 1801, died Aug. 23, 1820; Patty, born Aug. 11, 
1803 ; Anthony, July 10, 1805 ; Mary, Aug. 19, 1812. Ho 
died Aug. 17, 1739. 

4. Thomas, son of Thomas and Rebecca, born at Dighton, 
Oct. 7, 1749 ; married Mary IJriggs, June 9, 1773. 

5. Simeon, son of Simoon and Deborah, born at Dighton, 
July 28, 1703 ; married Hannah. Children, — Simeon, born 
June 10, 1784 ; Hannah, Jan. 21, 1788 ; Deborah, March 12, 
1793. His wife died Alay 8, 1804. Married Klizabeth fur 
second wife. Child,— El'iiu, born Aug. 20, 1804. 



i. 5. David, sou of Loved aiul Ucbecca, born at Dighton, 

I Dec. 2G» 1781); inanied Jemima. Cliildreu, — Clariiida, 

! bom at Dightou, July 22, 1812; Naucy, April, 1814. 

■ 5. John, bow of Loved and Cbarily, born at Dightou, 

\ April 13,1782; married Polly. Children, — George, born 

Nov. 20, 1805 ; Detsy J., July 20, 1807 ; John C, April 22, 
i 1813 ; Charles P., Aug. 21, 1814. 

i G. Soth, son of Seth and Cassandra, born at Dighfon, 

{ Oct. 14, 1790; married Matilda Smith, April 24, 1823. 

} Children, — Alfred H., born Oct. 20, 1823; Dcnjamin P., 

I Aug. 11, 1825; Clarinda S., Dec. 5, 1827; Joseph B., 

I May 12, 1830. 

0. Anthony, son of William and Betsy,. born at Dighton, 
I July 10, 1805 ; married Klizabeth Bliss. Children, — Anne 

A., born Dec. 10, 184U ; Lucy A., Juno 3, 1848 ; John M., 
June 10, 1852; Charles A., Nov, 20, 1852. 

7. Alfred IL, son of Seth and Matilda, born Oct. G, 1823 , 
married Eunice E. Paul, Aug. 10, 184G. Childi*cn, — Lau- 
ra A., born Sept. 17, 1853 ; Franklin A., June 1, 1855 ; 
Charlie, Jjmo 17, 1857. 

G. Stephen, son of Seth and Cassandra, born at Dighton, 
March 30, 1810 ; married Matilda. Children, — Clara, born 
Oct. 24,. 1849 ; Emma P., June 2, 1851 ; Caroline A., 
Sept. 21, 1853; George P., Sept. IG, 185G. 

G. Otis, son of Seth and Cai^sandra, born at Dighton, 
Sept. 10, 1801 ; married Ann E. Hilton, Oct. 28, 1832; 
and Amanda Paul, for second wife, Feb. 25, 1844. Chil- 
dren, — James C, born Jan. 21, 1845 ; Susan A. and Sibyl, 
Aug. 21, 1847 ; William B., April 8, 1849. lie died Jan. 15, 

5. Elijah A., sou of Deacon Simeon and Deborah, born at 
Dighton ; married Delight Brown, April 2G, 179G. Chil- 
dren, — llev. Augustus Brown, born at Rehoboth, Nov. 19, 
1798; Harriet, March 1, 1802; Delight, April 20, 1804; 



Joliii Newton, Nov. 18, 1800 ; Gustavus A., Dec. 23, 

6. Qustavus A., sou of Deacon Elijali A. and Delight, born 
at llclio)>oUi, Doc. 23, 1811 ; mariicd Cclestu A. Miller, 
March 10, 1S3G. Cliildren, — Charles L«, horn at llehoboth, 
Sept. 80, 1837 ; Celesta A., June 13, 1889 ; Almhni il., 
Dec. 10, 1844; Almond A., Deo- 2, 1848 ; Jane A., Feb. 22, 
1851 ; Delight, Feb. 14, 1850. 

G. Rev. Augustus li. llecd, born at Rcholioth, Nov. 0, 
1708, son of Deacun Elijah A.; married Mulinda Doydoii. 
Children, — Thoodoro C, Delight B., William A., John II., 
Thcophilus. He wus a settled minister in Ware; where he 
died Sept. 30, 1838. 

William, son, probably, of William and ^fary ot Ho- 
cliostoi** Children, — William, Ichabod, Goorgc. Lived 
in Taunton* 

George, son of William, born October, 1733 ; died Janu- 
ary, 1820 ; married Elizabeth Harvey. She died November, 
1822, Children, — Isaiah, born at Taunton, Feb 12, 1757, 
died Oct. 14, 1814 ; George, Nov. 21, 1759 ; Percy ; Oliver, 
1700 ; lietsy, lilay, 1772, married Jonathan Thayer, and is 
living. Lived in Taunton. 

I Isaiah, son of George and Elizabeth, boin at Taunton, 
Feb. 12, 1757 ; married Abigail Briggs of Berkeley. Chil- 
dren, — Abigail, born at Taunton, Aug. 21, 1781 ; Salome, 
May 15,1784, died February, 1815; Sylda, born Oct. 25, 
1783 J Allen, 1788, died in 1789; Axic, born 1790, died 
December, 18 IG ; Lucrctia, January, 179G ; Sophronia, 
April, 1799. His wife died April 17, 1841. Ho lived in 

George, son of George and Elizabeth, married Experience 
Bkckman of Canton, Mass. Children, — Goorgc, born 
Feb. 15, 1787 ; Luther, July 4, 1790 ; Jason, June 28, 
1700, died Oct. 18, 1824 ; Kx|)erionce, born May 4, 1802, 


married Jolm Corey, Dec. 2, 1821 ; Belsy, died younj^; 
Olive, died young. JFo moved to Augusta, Me., ^vitll his 
family ; where they now live, 

George, sou of (ieorgc and Experience of Augusta, Mo., 
born Feb. 15, 1787 ; married Lucinda li. Sawtell in 1813. 
Children, — Eliza C, born Oct. 13, 1814; married Yirgil 
Uallurd; Luciiuhi S., born ]ilay 0, ISP^, married Isaac IIIU 
ton. He died Feb. 3, 1820 : his wife died Aug. 27, 183G, 

Luther, son of George and Experience of Augusta, born 
July 4, 1790; married IJetsy Hamilton, ilareh 5, 1810. 
Children, — Betsy 11,, horn Feb. 28, 1818, married William 
A. Springer ; Luther W., born Feb. 25, 1822 ; Julia A., 
Aug. 23, 182C. lifarried, for second wife, Fanny Howard, 
daughter of Major llcwel Howard, Nov. 21, 1839, 

Luther W., son of Luther and Detsy, born Feb. 25, 1822 ; 
married Lucy 1). Cummins. (5hild, — Ella Augusta, born 
Get. 2, 1855. 

Oliver, saa of George and Elizabeth, born in 17C9 ; mar* 
ried Bcthiah Ijconard, May 13, 1788. Children, — Oliver, 
born June, 1788 ; Qeoigo L., Juno 9, 1791 ; Barney, Dc^ 4, 
1797 ; Isaiah ; Stiuison ; Barzillai ; William II. ; Betsy II., 
1794; Bethiah L., 1781, died in 1794. He died iu 1850: 
his wife died October, 1853. 

Oliver, son of Oliver and Bethiah, born at Taunton, June, 
1788; died January, 1834; married Chloo Briggs. Chil- 
dren,— Chloo, born Jan. 9, 1810 ; Oliver 1)., April 9, 1817 ; 
ilarrlet W., Nov. 10, 1818; George L., Nov. 9, 1820; Sa- 
rah T., July 8, 1822 ; Lydia B., Feb. 22, 1825, died Dec. 21, 
1848; Ifuldah W„ born Jan. 17, 1828, died Dec. 28, 1829; 
Rebecca L., born Dec. C, 1829; Lorenzo R., Sept. 11, 1833. 
He died m 1834. 

George L., son of Oliver and Chloo, born at Taunton, 
Nov. 9, 1820; married Hannah. Children, — Charles K., 
born March, 1852 ; WiUiam W., June, 1854. 


Barzillai, sou of Oliver and l>etlnali, bom April 10, 1808; 
married l)c!)oruh Cliurehill. Cliildrcn, — Dcborali C, bom 
Aug. 20, 1838 ; Rachel, Juno 28, 1838 ; Stephen 0. 

AVilliam Hodges, sou of Oliver and Hethiah, born March 14, 
1810; married Amanda GotT. Child, — AVilliam II., bora 
in 1844. Lives iu Kehoboth. 

Betsy, daugiitor of Goorgo and Elizabeth, bom May, 1772 ; 
married Jonatlmu Thayer, who died April 28, 1881. 

Oliver D., son of Oliver and Chloe, born Aug. 9, 1817; 
married Sally AVilbur. Children, — Emma Jane, bora 
Nov. 12, 1850 ; Mary A., April 11), 1855. 

George L.^ sou of Oliver aad Chloe, married Hannah 
Field, Childi-en, — Charles E., born a[arch, 1852; Wil- 
liam W., June, 1854; Ardelia A., August, 185G. 

I^renzo R., son of Oliver and Chloe, married Martha 
Hodges. Children, — Martha M.^ bora ^larch 18, 1853; 
Henry J., Juno 27, 1858. 

Georgo L», sou of Oliver and Bothiali, born June 29, 1791 ; 
marrtod Betsy Lincoln. Childron, — Betsy XL, bora Oct. 30, 
1815; Bcthiah L., June 10, 1817. 

Barney, son of Oliver and Bcthiah, bora Dec. 4, 1797 ; 
married Rachel Woodward. Children, — Jarvis B., bora 
March, 1820 ; Salmon, 1822, died January, 1851 ; John 
G. A., .1824, died 1858 ; Louis, July 22, 1834 ; Isaiah, 
August, 1830, died July, 1852. 

Stimsoa, son of Oliver and Bethiah, born Nov. 12, 1805 ; 
married Fanny Briggs. Children, — Clarissa 1)., bora 
Aug. 2a, 1887; Stimsuu L., Oct. G, 1840. His wife died 
May 8, 1841. 

Jarvis B., son of Barneyi born March, 1820 ; married 
Elizabeth. Child,-- Arthur W., bora July, 1852. 

Joha G. A., sou of Barney and Rachel, bora ia 1824; 
maiTied Irene Makepeace of Norton. Children, — John F., 
born ia 184G ; Arvilla J., 1844. 





* Isaiah, sou of Oliver and Bcthiah, niaiTictl Fanny. Thomas, 

Child, — Fanny M. 
j Tho Taunton branch of Rccds ar(} in the habit of having a 

yearly meeting. The following, taken from a newspaper, 
' will deseribe one of those gatherings : — 

i <*Ui£KD Family GATnEiuxd. — The annual gathering of Iho 

liced Family wus liuld in the orclnuxl of llie old homestead in 

Taunton. The oration wu3 by Jolm It. Hodges of Fail Uiver; 

' ihc fioem, by Mrs. li. AV. Williams of Boston ; tlie report of rii- 

j niarkablc events, by Samuel G. Tucker of Tauuton ; report of Spe- 

I cial Committee on the same bidijoct, by Mrs. Sophia J. Iteod of 

Tatmton. Tbc original bymns wore by Mrs. Huplironia Hodges 

i of Full River, and Mrs. Kleanor Dean of Taunton. The oldest 

I . living member of the family, John Heed of Taanlon, presided. Ho 

is about eighty-three years of age, is still in neltve business, and has 

mure of vigor and energy than many of the younger members. Thu 

morning was devoted to the regular exeix'ises, including the annual 

business ; aller which the whoh* company sat down, under a hu'ge 

tent prepared in the orchard ior the occasion, to a sumptuous dinner. 

Songs and toasts were the order after dinner. The afternoon wus 

8[icut in playing ball, and various other amusements. Shortly before 

sujipcr, at the call of the bell, the family assembled to listen to the 

poem and reports. The rc|K>rt of remarkable events was a very 

amusing afliiir, introducing all thu odd adventures and laughable in- 

ciilents of individtuil meml>ers of the family. As the person who 

prepares this report omits, of course, all allusion to himself, a special 

conunittee is apiiointed to look alk*r him. This was prepared after 

the manner of Vlliawatha,' and brought down roars of hiughler. 

Supper nt half-past Ave o'clock, with singing and prayer, dosed u]i the 

exercties. The following original hymn, com|)osed by Mrs. l>ean, 

eatilled tJia * Dying VatriaiX'h,' wus snug at the 8U|>per-tablc* 'It 

rcferi to the grandftU her of Joint, Williaro, 1 lodges, and Marshall 

Uee<1. Tlie author of the hymn was sitting near him during his last 

illness, and but a short lime before his death, in company with some 

others, lie was poj^essed of an urnitterable calm, and was ihe only 

one who spoke nmch. 'The nearer,' he said, *l appmuch thu 


litMveiily ooliiitry, the iiioru do I bcIioKI and love the beauty and 
glory of my Kcdceinur.* 

* Ah, MHhou|1it tiM pcaM or IImvm, 
11m?i;u*4 turcvl pv****! was lu that uiUn.' 

l>niwiiij; near the lienveiily ootititr/, 

Wliurc my ilcure-t truii«urtt% be,— 
Trcasiirt's in n lifi*(iine |*ntlierctl, 

Aim! Uiruu<;h ChrUt ii»«ui^ to we,— > 

1 IktImiIiI (he j^mcUnis beauty 

Aii«l lite Klory ni' my Lonl; 
And my miuI with lti\e ii kiiiJle«I,— 

Kiiidleil by lii« previous won!: — 

* I nni Willi tliee, wUh Uiee elwny, 

Kvcii till llic worlU »li.ill cml; 
I n iii.iii»i«>ii have |»re|mrtf«l Ihcc; 

J II Coiiiroiier will »oiiU.* 

Am I wcnk ? my ble<t llctleciner, 

With hii * vwrlastiiig unu,* 
Hears luc up ami bcur» me uiiwnrd, 

AiiU my »uul fceh no itlunii. 

Karlli U fading from my virion; 

Heaven tiirvad^ out befuru my view: 
Wlicu tlie llivjtl* roil dnrk bcucutli me, 

llu will bonr mo safely tlirougli. 

''After prnycr by Iluilgrs Kced of Tiiuitton, the rumily dispersed. 
It was 11 joyuus titnu fur all piHsctit, niid uld men uiul chiMrcii en- 
tered into tlie s|)Oi*ts of tlie ihxy with euei*gy and /est." 

f 2. JuiiiGs, sou of William, Ist, of Weymouth, horu at 
Weymouth ; married Su^auua Kichmoad of Uridgcwatcr, 
April 18, 1U83. Children, — James, who died Feb, 1, 1734 ; 
William; John; Thomas; Mai*y, born 1UI)7, died July 17, 
1724 ; Martha ; Ann ; Su2<aiiua. ile moved from Wey- 
mouth to Taunton iu IGbO, to Mtddleborough in 1705, and 
served iu Capt. Johnson's company iu 1G05. 

John, son of James and Susanna of Middlcl>orough, mar- 
ruid Susanna Itouiids, Feb. 8, 170D. Childi*on, — Eli/alioth, 
born Nov, 22, 1711 ; Oliver, Juno 18, 1716. 
Uonjamiui su)»|H)scd to bo son of James and Susanna of 


heavenly country, tlic mure do I behoUl and love tlic beauty and 
glory of my llcdeemer/ 

* Ab, inethought th« pcuc« of 1U«voq, 
lliMVttU*4 •wri.'ct pvMt'c, WAS ill iluftt uiian.* 

l)nuviii}; ncur the lieuveiily country, 

Wlicru my duurc^t trttu«(ure<« be,— 
Tn!UAui-i"i in u lifittimo fiutlicrtMl, 

Aiitl tliruii^li OtirUt usiuiihl to me,— 

I licliolil tlio jrnicioiis beauty 

An«l the K^'>ry "' **0' I'<'i'«M 
Auit my M»ut witli k»ve U kindled,-— 

Kindled by lii« preciuui word:— • 

' I mil with tlict!, with thee nlwny, 

Kveu till the world »h:dl end; 
I n ni:iii»i«>n liave |irciitiretl ihcc{ 

1 II Conilorter will tend.* 

Am I wcttk ? my blc^t lledocmer, 

With U'li ' uwrliuting unu,* 
Hears mc u}! :uid beur» me uiiwiird, 

And uiy auul feeU no utarni. 

Karlh is fading from my viiion ; 

Hull von tiircada out beluii) my view: 
When the ItoiiU rull dark beneath ino, 

lie will boar lue safely thruugh. 

' "After prayer by IIud*$i'S Ueed of Taunton, the family dispersed. 

I It wait II joyotis time for all present, and old men and ehildreii en- 

I tered iiiio the ^|»orts of the day with energy and /est." 

f 2. JamcSy sou of Williani, Ist, of Weymouth, boru at 
Wcyuioutli ; married Susauua Itichinoud of Bridgcwatcr, 
April 18, 1U83. CIiildrcU| — James, who died Feb. 1, 1734 ; 
William; John; Thomas; Mary, boru 10D7, died July 17, 
1724 ; Martha ; Auu ; Susauua. lie moved froiu Wey- 
mouth to Taunton in IGbO, to Middlcborough in 1705, and 
served in Capt. Johnson's company iu 1G95. 

John, son of Janicii and Susanna of Middlcliorough, mar* 
ricd Susanna Koundsi Fob. 8, 1700. Children, — Elixalieth, 
born Nov, 22, 1711 ; Oliver, Juno 18, 1716. 

Boiijamin, 8U))|)0bCil to bo son of James and Susanna of 


' Miildlcborough, bom in 1099 ; married Ilunnali Cha^e, 

I Dec. 1, 172U. Chil.licn,— J]ciijuiniii, born Feb. 12, 1724; 

Hannah, Jan. 20, 1727; Sanmtl, April 7, 1729; Stephen, 

Nov. 7, 1732. 

) licnjainin, son of Denjamin and Hannah, born May 21, 

1721 ; married Klizalieth. Cbibh-en, — Elizabeth, born 

} Sept. 3, 1750; Anna, April 111, 17ol; llenjamin, Nov. 13, 

i 1757. 

1 3. "William, son of James of Middloborongh, married 

I Elizabeth. Children,-^ William, born at Middleborongh, 

. .Inly 18, 1715 ; Hannah, Jan. 7, 1717 ; licnjanjin, May 20, 

; 1720 ; Thomas, March 15, 1723 ; Peter, ilay 7, 1729 ; John, 

I Jnly 8, 1749 ; Samuel, Sept. 17, 1750 ; Deliverance, July 13, 

I 1752 ; Mercy, Sept. 21, 1754 ; Ichabod, Dec. 20, 1755; 

! Thankful, March 2, 1757; Anna, May 10, 1758; Mercy, 

April 25, 1703 ; a son, April 23, 1744, died in twenty-six 
days; a daughter, born July 17, 1759, died in three months. 
4. Samuel, son of William and Elizabeth, born at Middle- 
borough,, Sept. 17, 1750 ; nnirried Ucbecca Knowlton, Nov. 5, 
1785. Children, — Ijcthiah, born April 23, 1782; Lucy, 
July 16, 1784; Samuel, Dec. 11, 178G; Eunice, Jan. 21, 
1789 ; Polly, Auj?. 4, 1791 ; John, July 21, 1793 ; Nathaniel, 
Nov. 27, 179G ; Watson, April 19, 1804: He died ^larch 9, 
1822: his wife died Sept. 19, 1831, aged seventy-ono. 

Samuel, sou of Samuel and llebecca, born Dec. 11, 178G ; 
married Ruth. Child, — William, born at Middleborongh, 
Dec. 7, 1819. He lives in ^liddlcborough. 

William, son of William and Eli'/.abelh, born July 18, 
1715 ; nmrricd Sarah Warren, June 24, 1740. Children, — 
PriscilU, born Dec. 8, 1742 ; William, Jan. 4, 1744 ; Benja- 
min, Jan. 29, 174l5 ; Sarali, Jan, 15, 1748 ; Elizabeth, May 4, 
1750.; Isi-acl, March 7, 1752 ; Elizabeth, Sept. 9, 1759; 
Aimer, Aug. 12, 1704. William married Alice llichards, 
Sept. 22, 1703. 



AVatsoii, son of Samuel and Rebecca, bom April 19, 1804 ; 
married Sylvia Tjaiuson, Nov. 20, 1825. 

Ichabod, sou of William and Elizabeth, born at Middle- 
borough, Dec. '20, 1756; married Sarah Vaughan, Dec. 8, 
1778. Children, — Ichabod, born July C, 1789, married \ 
Lucy ; Thomas V., who settled in Middleborough, Vt. ; \ 
I Jobiali v., settled in Rochester, Mass.; Susanna; Iluldah; ; 

I Sarah, who settled in lirookfield, Vt. ; Priscilla ; Lois; 

j Rclsey. 

! Benjamin, son or William and Sarah, born at Middlebo- 

I rough, Jan. 2D, 174G; married Abiali Macombcr, Oct. 23, 

I 17G3. 

Joshua, son of , married Ruth Snow, Dec. 8, 1772, 

I Children, — Darius, born at Middleborough, Jan. 14, 1774 ; 

I • Levi, March 3, 1775 ; Jonah, Jan. 8, 1777 ; Noah, Feb. 3, 

• 1779; Deliverance, April 8, 1781 ; William, April 8, 1783 ; 

; Ruth, April 5, 1785 ; IJetsey, April 5, 1785 ; Joshua, Feb. 10, 

I 1787; George, Sept. 17, 1788. He probably married De- 

borah for second wife. Children, — Deborah, born May 30, 
1790; Joshua, July 24, 1792; Silence, Oct. 11, 179G. 
Noah, son of Jusluia and Ruth, born Feb. 3, 177D ; mar- 
I ried Tabilha.- She died Jan. 11, 185G, aged seventy-six. 

Luke, son of , born ; married Keziah Leo- 
nard, Oct. 19, 1786. Children, — Mehetftbel, born at Mid- 
dleborough, May 19, 1787 ; Luke, Aug. 18, 1788 ; Keziah, 
May 8, 1791. His wife died Aug: 26, 1831, aged eighty-one. 
Luke, son of Luke, born Aug. 18, 1788 ; married Ann. 
Children, — Adam, born May 26, 1818; Julia A., Sept. 3, 
1822 ; Cyrus P., born at Middleborough, Dec. 24, 1831 ; 
Luke, Feb. 22, 1833 ; Gustavus L., Aug. 15, 1836. IIo 
lives in Middleborough. 

Cyrus P., son of Luke, born Dec. 24, 1831 ; married 
Nancy. Child, — Cyrus A., born at MiddleIx)rough, Feb. 17, 


AND ins DKSCKNlUNta. 100 

Silas, son of , born ; married . Cliildrcn, 

— Sophia, born at MiJdlcborougb, Jan. SI, 1704; John 0., 
March 30, 1807. 

John C, son of Silas, born March 30, 1807 ; married 
Mercy B, Swift, April 4, 1844. Chihhcn, — Isaac N., born 
at Middleborough, ^larcli 27, 18^5; Charles E. and ilcrcy 
IJ., Sept. 10, 1850. IIo lives in Middleborough. 

lehabod, son of Ichabod, born July 20, 1789 ; married 
Lucy. Children, — Iluldah, born at Middlel)orough, April 5, 
1814; Lucy, June I, 1818; Jeremiah W., July G, 1819; 
Sarah, Aug. 11, 1821 ; Ichabod, Juno 4, 1831, died Sept. 3, 
1854 ; Sylvanus, born Jan. 4, 1818. lie still lives in 

Sylvanus, son of Ichabod and Lucy, born Jan. 4, 1818, at 
Middleliorough ; married Olive 1*. Children, — LydiaW. ; 
Mary !«).. Lives at ^liddleborough, ^lass. 

Jeremiah W., j$on of Ichaboil, born at Middleborough, 
Mass., July C, 1810; married Mary G. Lives at Middle- 
borough, and has no children. 

Nathan, son of , born ; married . Chil- 
dren, — Allen, born at Middleborough, May 14, 1793 ; Na- 
than, Oct. IG, 1795 ; Ilosoa, March 7, 1707 ; Levi, Dec. 28, 

liCvi, son of Nathan and , born Dec. 28, 1797 ; mar- 
ried Sophia Hathaway, Oct. 5, 1820, Children, — Levi, 
born at Middleboro\igh, Jan. 27, 1821 ; Clarinda, Oct. 4, 

licvi, son of Levi, born at Middleborough, Jan. 27, 1821 ; 
married Hannah. Child, — liCvi K., burn July 28, 1840. 
Married, for second wife, Mahala Caswell, Nov. 7, 1851, and 
lives in Marlliurough. 

Allen, son of Nathan, l)orn May 14,179;); married Sophia 
Reed, March 27, 1814. Childmi, — Otis, born at Middle- 
borough, Oct. 27, 1814; William, Aug. 14, 1816; Francis, 



Juno IG, 1818; Louisn, April 14, 1820; NDthau, Nov. 17, 
1824; Charles, 1827, diod March 30, 1840, aged thirteen. 

Klijah, sou of , born ; married Lucy Washburn, 

July 3, 1709. Children, — Beta, Iwrn at Middlcborough, 

Feb. 10, 1780 ; Sally, Oct. 20, 1782 ; Solomon, April 2G, 

1785 ; Pttcoral, Sept. 11, 1787 ; EUjah, Dec. 28, 1790 ; Lucy, 

♦Jan, 4, 1793 ; Alice, July 5, 1797. IIo died Aug. 31, 181G. 

Klijah, son of Elijah and Lucy, born Doc. 28, 1700; mar- 
ried Jane. Children, — William, liorn at Middleborough, 
March 31, 1814 ; Jane D., May 4, 1810 ; Henry W., Nov. 15, 
1818 ; Franklin, March 30, 1821. 

Solomon, son of Klijah and Lucy, born April 20, 1785; 
married Dclany Shaw, Feb. 28, 18U9. Children, — Dclany 
8., born at Middlcborough, March 31, 1814 ; Solomon, 
Sept. 28,1812; Klijah, Sept. 11,1810; Reliance, Feb. 22, 

Bcza, son of Elijah and Lucy, born Feb. 10, 1780 ; mar- 
ried Ruth Kdson, Oct. 10, 1798. 

William, son of Klijah and Jane, liorn March 31, 1814; 
married in Ronton to Anna M. Watson, Sept. 24, 1851. 

Cyrus, son of , born Feb. 15, 1802; married Sally, 

Children, — Elizabeth, born at Middlcborough, June 18, 
1802 ; Hannah, April 24, 1824. 

El)cnczer, son of , born ; married in Middle- 
borough to Hannah Thompson, Feb. 21, 1782. 

Jonathan, son of , born — ; married Joanna Tink- 

liam in Middlcborough, Oct. 11, 1750. 

John, son of , married Lydia Rootli in Middlcborough, 

llardx 9, 1703. 

/ 8. John, son of Thomas of Weymouth and of Sarah, and 

^ grandson of William the emigrant, born Dec. 30, 1079; 

^ ^ w married Sarah. Child, — John, born Aug. 10, 1713. Mar- 

.^ I '';' ried Mary for second wife. Children, — James, bom Oct. 12, 

»:;/ ' 1716 ; Joseph, Feb. 13, 1718 ; Mary, Dec. 21, 1719. 

I . ^ AND Ills DESCKNDAN'ra. 411 

! 4. John, son of Joliu and Surah, bom Au^. 10, 1713; \ 

inamcil AUigail Nilcs, Dec. tiS, 17o8. Child, — John, bora 
April 20, 1741. 

- 4. Joseph, son of John and Sarah of Abington, bornX 

Feb. 18, 1718 ; married Mary, and settled in Abington, in 

^ what is now included in tho town of Hridgewator. Child, 

i — Mary, V)orn in 1741. 

U. Scth, son of Mlcah and Deborah, born at Abington, 
Jan. 0, 177G ; married Hannah Shaw at Cummington, 

i July 4, 1804. Children, — Allzida, born at Cummington, 

j April 8, 1803, died April, 180o ; Olive, May 10, 1800, mar- 

! ried Jonas Tirrell, Oct. 28, 1824 ; Betsy, born Dec. 80, 1808 ; 

' Lucia, May 9, 1810, married Jonas F. Luce, Sept. 1, 1880 ; 

Hubert, born Oct. 4, 1822. He died Dec. 10, 1853. 

7. llobert, son of Seth and Hannah, born Oct. 4, 1822; 
married Nancy« Child» — Clara, born at Cummington, 
Oct. 4, 1850. 

Noah^ son of Daniel and Ruth, born at Abington, Dec. 10, 
1754; married Abigail. Children, — Xabby, born at Cum- 
mington, April IC, 1785 ; Daniel, Nov. 5, 178G ; Ituth, 
June 21, 1780, married Josioli Shaw, Oct. 10, 1825 ; Nancy, 
born April 80, 1701 ; Olive, Dec. 15, 1793 ; Jesse, March 25, 
1700 ; Orpha, Dec. 31, 1805, married Alonzo Gurney, 
Jan. 25, 1825. His wife died Oct. 0, 18^7 : he died 
Jan. 19, 1832. 

Daniel, son of Noah and Abigail, born at Cummington, 
Nov. 5, 1780 ; married Cynthia Warner, Oct. 20, 1814. 
Children,— * Noah Warner, born at Cummington, Nov. 25, 
1815 ; Daniel E., March 17, 1818 ; John C, July 4, 1820 ; 
Paul D., Feb. 24, 182S ; Lucius l\, Sept. 24, 1829. His 
wife died Sept. 10, 1849. 

Jesse, son of Noah and Abigail, born March 25, 1790; 
married lifary Davis, Feb, 19, 1829. Children, -- I'rances 
Jane, born at Cummington, July o, 1830 ; William licwls, 


May f>, 1832 ; ITiram Davis, Nov. 1, 1833 ; Myron Wliislow, 
Jan, 1G, 1837. ITe lives in Ciimmingtou. 

Noah W., soil of Daniel and Cynthia, born Nov. 25, 1815 ; 
married Nancy. Children, — Mary Jane, born at Cumniing- 
ton, Juno 17, 1831) ; Cynthia W., March 20, 1841 ; Jolui S., 
March 31, 1843 ; Nancy K., Oct. 18, 1848; a son, Get. 19, 
1850 ; Iloraco E., May, 1S')5. lie lives in Cuinming- 

John C, sou or Daniel and Cynthia, born July 4, 1820; 
married Sarah. Children, — a son, born at Cummiiigtou, 
March, 1854 ; Mary A., Jan. 9, 185G. Lives in Cum- 

William L., son of Jesse and Mary, born May 5, 1832; 
married Julia Sampson, Jan. 1, 1856. Child, — a daughter, 
born at Cummington, Aug. 25, 1857. Lives in Cumming- 

Simeon 6., son or Thomas, jun., and Joanna, born at 
Abington, Sept. 29, 1703 ; married Rachel Burgos of Har- 
vard, Juno 3, 1829. Child, — Simeon Q., bora at Abington, 
Sept. 23, 1830. He died Oct. 1, 1831. 

Simeon O., son of Simeon (1., married at Quincy, Oct. 17, 
1850, to Amanda Wood ; and lives in Portland, Oregon. 

Bela, son of Jacob and Nancy, Itorn Dec. 2, 1803 ; mar* 
ried Joanna. Ciiildren, — Jacob, born April 5, 1827; 
Nancy, Jan. 31, 1832; Elizabeth Richmond, Oct. 8, 1835. 

6. Naomi, daughter of James, married Obadiah Ilorsey of 
Abington in 1777. Children, — Luther, Polly, Qalen, Jere- 
miah, James, Olive. 

7. Charles S., son of Jei^roiah, born Oct. 12, 181G ; mar- 
ried Clarissa S. Gurnoy of East Dridgewater. Children, — 
Robecca, born in 1849 ; iMary J., 1844 ; Charles, 184G. His 
wife died in 1849. Married, for second wife, Stetson. 

Jacob, son of , married Rebecca Andrews, April 23, 




I Daniel, son of , married Nancy Foster at Midillo- 

I boiougli, Feb. 21, 18ia. 

j John, son of , nmrriod Irene Lampson at lliddlo- 

j borough, April, 1832. 





1. PiULiP Reade, who was or AVcymouth in 1G40, married 
Mary. •Cliildrcn, — IMiilipy born at WcyinouUi, Aug. 24, 
1G41 ; Margaret ; Sauiucl ; Alary, who married Jolin Vin- 
ing, Nov. 27, 1GG9. He was made rrcemau in 1G54, and died 
Feb. 29, 1076. Ills will was proved March C, 1G7G. 

2. Philip, son of Thilip and Mary, born at Weymouth, 
Aug. 24, 1641 ; married Hannah. Children,— -Mary, born 
March 21,1609; riiilip, Nov. 2, 1G74; Hannah, Feb. 18, 
1671; John, Aug. 10, 167 C. Married Abigail. for second 
wife. Children^ — Samuel, born Sept. 21, 1081 ; Prudence, 
Oct. 7, 1085 ; Stephen, Oct. 15, 1090 ; Deborah, Aug. 30, 

3. Stephen, sou of Philip, born Oct. 15, 1690 ; marriod 
Mary Whitiuai*sh in 1714. Children, — Mary, born at 
Abington, March 16, 1715 ; Stephen, March 26, 1717 ; . 
Rutli, Oct, 30, 1719; Abigail and Rachel, Jan. 28, 1721 ; 
Philip, Feb. 14, 1724. 

8. Philip, son of Philip, born Nov. 2, 1674. 

8. John, son of Philip, born Aug. 10, 1070 ; married 
Sarah. Children, — John, born about 1700 ; Thomas ; 
William ; Sarah, who marriod Adam Gushing ; Ruth. His 
will is dated 1757. Hh had inherited some portion of his 
brother Samuel's estate, in Abington. 

4. John, son of John and Sarah, born about 1700; mar- 
ried Sarah. Children,— Sai-ah, born July 7, 1721 ; Ruth, 


Oct. 28, 1724 ; John, June 22, 1728 ; Samuel, July 13, 1732. 

I His will is dated 1784. Had a grandson llobert Pratt. 

I 3. Samuel, son of IMiilip and Hannah, bom Sept. 21, 

I 1G81 ; married Mary Davis iu 1705. His residence was in 

* Abington, nearest to the town of liridgewater. Child, — 

'. Mary, who married Kbenezer Shaw. 

; 4. Samuel, who married Elizabeth Haywood in 1787, 

« His widow married Timothy Haywood. 

! Samuel of Abington, probably son of Samuel and Eliza- 

beth, married Mary Young, May 20, 17r»3, Chihlren, — 
Sarah, born in Abington, July G, 17C5; Deliorah, July 25, 
17G8, married Christopher Dyer, March 5, 178G. Married 

i Mary Pool for second wife, Aug. 23, 1787. Children, — 

Mary, born March 23, 1789 ; Samuel, Dec. 18, 1790 ; Ahlali, 
May 18, 1792, died young ; Abiah, born May 19, 1793 ; 
Hannah, March 25, 1795; Joseph, Oct. 29, 1798; Uuth, 
July 19, 1800; Charles, Oct. 2, 1802. 

Joseph, son of Samuel and Mary, born in Abington^ 
Oct. 29, 1798 ; married Jane Stoddard, Nov. 17, 1822. 

Samuel, son of Samuel and Mary, born in Abington, 
Dec. 18,1790; married Polly. Children, — Samuel, born 
in Abington, May 2G, 1811 ; Polly, Jan. IG, 1818; Levi, 
Dec. 81, 1814 ; Dexter, Nov. 10, 181G ; Mehctabel, March 31, 

Levi, son of Samuel and Polly, born Dec. 81, 1814 ; mar- 
ried Tiouisa E. Drake, April 20, 1837. Child,— I^uisa 
Maria, born in Abington, Aug. 10, 1838. 

Dexter, son of Samuel and Polly, born Nov. 10, 1816; 
married Cathcrino Stetson, Aug. 29, 1880. Ohildi*cn, — 
Frederick, born in Abington, Feb. 11, 1841 ; IjCwIs, Oct. 2G, 
1842; Cathorinc, Sept. 3, 1844; Mary Ann, Dec. 22, 184G; 
Iluthvcn, Jan. 5, 1850 ; Eveline S., Dec. 1, 1851. 




John Rgkdb was brought to this country by James Garret 

of Cliarlestowuy witli others, who were sold to pay their 

pussago and expenses. lie was bid ofl* by one ^lichael 

Pierce of Ilinghum, to serve from July 10, 1G53, to Sept. 10, 

1002, for seven iK>unds ; the said John consenting thereto. 

After he had served out his apprenticoship, ho found his 

way to Scituate, an adjoining town, and married Mary 

Winter, daughter of Christopher AVintcr; Mr. Winter was 

I formerly of Plymoutli ; but loft thei*e when quite young, on 

^ account of having been fined for getting himself published 

! to Jane Cooper, a young damsel of Plymouth, without her 

consent. lie lived at ^larshficld when Mr. Reedo married 

his daughter, in 1GG8. llo afterwards lived at Jones River, 

what is now Kii>gston. 

Mr. Recde lived in Marshficld, and is progenitor of the 

Marshfield Reeds and othera of the name in that vicinity. 

Tlie will of his falher-in-law is dated Sept. 0, 1G80. He 

. died May 20, 1004 ; and his widow and son John settled his 

' estato. 




1 . John Read was one of tlic first settlers of Newport, 
R.I. Traditiou says that he eauie from Plymouth, Gnghmd. 
Children, — John, Ebcnezcr, Oliver. 

2. John, son of John of Newport, married Hannah, and 
settled in Freetown in 1G77, — cigliteen years after the firht 
settlement of the town hy |ieople wlio felt oppressed hy the 
urliitrary laws of the IMymouth and Massachusetts Colonics ; 

I which originated the word Freetown, lie was a cordwainer. 

. Children, — Joseph; John; Hannah, whu married a Sher- 

t man. Ho died Jan. 23, 1721 : his wife died April 12, 

' 1727. 

j 2. Johui son of John and Hannah, married Mary. Chil- 

• dren, — Mary, liorn Nov. ID, 101)0; John, June 12, 1091; 

I Thomas, May », I0i)0 ; Hannah, Oct. 12, 10U7, died Oct. 17, 

1718; William, born Sept, U, lOUO; Oliver, Oct. 11, 1701 ; 
Pcneloiie, Oct. 12, 170o, married Stephen liordcr ; Jona- 
than, horn Jan. 2^, 1705, married Hope Durfee of Tiverton ; 
Joseph, bora March 5, 1708; iSarah, Feb. 1, 1700, died 
I Juno a, 1728; Nathan^ born Feb. 28, 1711 ; Susannah, 
Feb. 27, 1715. His wife died May 0, 172G. He was town- 
clerk of Freetown thirty years. 

8. John, son of John and Afary, born at Fi*eetowu, 
Juno 12, 1094 ; married Sarah Burden of Freetown, Oct. 81, 



1710. Chililicn, — John, bom Nov. 17, 1720; Oliver, 
Nov. 10, 17:i.'); Thonuisj William; Joaatliun ; Mary; IV 
iiclopc; Siisamm. lie lived in Swansea, and died 1751. 

4. Oliver, son of John and Mary, born at Freetown, 
Oct. 14, 1701, married Martha. Children, — Josc|>h, born 
ut Freetown, Dec. 11, 173*2; Oliver, Aug. 21, 1734; Mary, 
March 81, 1730; Joiiaihan, Nov. 13, 1737; Wait, Dec. U, 
1739; Nathan, Juno 10, 1742. 

4. Jonathan, son of John and Sarah, married Eunice 
Weaver, April 21, 17r)7. Child, — James. Ho died before 
the dale of his falhiM-'s will, 1760. 

5. Oliver, son of Oliver and Martha, born at Freetown, 
Aug, 21, 1734 ; married Patiunco Uraiton, of Swans^ea, 
Feb. 14, 1764. lie was a captain in the Revolutionary War, 
and a distinguished man. Children, — Nancy, who mar- 
ried Thomas Frcelovc ; lluth ; Stejjhen ; Oliver; Thomas; 
Deborah, married AVilliam Giilbrd ; Phebe; Anna, married 
George Head, and married Perley Willson for second hus- 

5. Joseph, sou of Oliver and Martha, born at Freetown, 
Dec. 11, 1732; married Mary Knowles of Swansea, Jan. 10, 
17G0. Children,— Joseph, horn in 1701, died in 1791; 
James, born in 1708. lie died in 1701, and his son Jo- 
seph died the same year. His wife died in 1816. Tho 
gravestones of these three are standing, in good condition, 
in the burying-ground in the close of tho late Joseph E. 
Bead, Esq, 

3, William, son of John and Mary, born at Freetown, 
Sept. 9, 1079; married Sarah. Children, — John, born at 
Swansea in 1729 ; Mary, 1733 ; Betty, 1730 ; Nathan, Nov. 8, 
1741. Lived in Swansc^y. 

4. John, son of William and Sarah, born at Swansea in 
1729 ; married Jfary Carey. Children, — William, born at 
Newport, June 11, 1756, died 1760; William, lx)rn July 6, 


17Gl,dic(l ill 1703; Saruh, horn Jan. 12, 17(»3, iiwimed 
Klicn Page; John, l>oni May 2.'>, 170"), died in 1818; IFary, 
Dorn Dec. 27, 17i)0, married Kpaphras Jones; Nathan, horn 
Nov. 18, 1708, died 177a ; Nathan, horn Jan. 24, 1771; 
William, Jnly o, 1770. lie moved from Newport to Swan- 
sea in tho Revolutionary War. 

4. Nathan, w>n of Willium and Sarah, Imrn Nov. 8, 1741, 
at Swanscy ; married Content Hraiton. Child, — Preserved, 
horn at Swansea, l>ee. 18, 1777. 

5. Preserved, iion of Nathan and Content, horn Dec. 18, 
1777; married Nancy Winslow. Children, — Catherine, 

^ horn at Swansea, June 12, 1807; Nathan, Sept. 8, 1809; 
Francis, July 5, 1S12; Eveline )(., Feh. 18, 181*), married 
William Mitchell ; Klizaheth, horu Feb. 17, 1817, married 
Coorge W. Carr ; Khenezer, horn Feh. 1, 1821 ; Maria, 
Nov. 10, 1823 ; Charles G., May 27, 1829. Was formerly a 
j sea-captaiiK 

I 0. Francis, son of Pi*cscrved, horn July 5, 1812; mar- 

ried Frances Sanderson. Children, — Cata, horn at San 
I Francisco iu 1832; Charles G., 1855. 

I 5. John, son of William and Mary, horn at Newport, 

I May 25,1705; married Eliza Dennis. Children', — Mary J., 

* horn at New|Kirt, Oct. 15, 1708, married Dr. Simmons; 

1 Frances, April 25, 1804. lie died in 1818. 

! 5. Nathan, son of John and Mary, horn at New|)ort, 

I Jan. 24,1774; married Phche Chaso, Children, — Sarah, 

Ijorn at Swansea, Dec. 15, 1804, married Joseph Earle ; 
Nathan, horn March 22, 1800; ilary Ann, May ai, 1708; 
John, Feb. 8, 1810 ; Phehc, Dec. IS, 1814, married Richard 
' Peckham. Ho went from Newix)rt to Swansea with his 
father in the Revolution. 

' 0. Nathan, son of Nathan and PheliO, liorn March 22, 
1800; married, first, Rebecca D. Hathaway; and, second, 
Sarah Olncy. Children, — Lydia II., born at Fall River, 


Jan. 22, 183S ; Ri;»iocca Jiidson, Oct. 30, 1849. Tic keeps 
at No. 0, Granite IMock, Fall River. 

C. John, son of Nathan and Phcbc, born Feb. 8, 1810 ; 
married Rowena II. Pierce. Children, — ; Theodore E., 
born at Fall River, May 13, 1839; Ellen Scott, Sept. 28, 
1843, died 1847 ; Charles A., June 17, 184G. He keeps at 
No. 9, Granite Block, Fall River. 

5. AVilliam, son of John and Mary, born at Newport, 
July 5, 1770; married Ruth Chacc, Children,— Wil- 
liam Eben, born at Swansea, April 2, 1786;^Ruth A., 
March 8,1807, married 0. il. l^ish ; William, born Oct. 18, 
1808 ; Eben S., Oct. 10, 1810 ; Mary C, Feb. 3, 1812, mar- 
ried John Brayton ; Epapbras J., born Dec. .31, 1814; 
George, Nov. 25, 1810; Sarah, June 14,1819; Elizabeth, 
Juno 30, 1 821, married John Lindsey. lie was a sea-captain, 
and lived al Swansea. 

0. Eben S., son of William and Ruth, born Oct. 16, 1810 ; 
married Sarah A. Cutts. Children, — Sarah E., born at 
Fall River in 183G ; Charles M., at Swansea, 1841. Lives in 

6. William, son of William and Ruth, born at Swansea, 
Oct. 18, 1808; married Eliza Bartlett. Children, — Wil- 
liam Freeman, born at Taunton in 1838, died in 1840; 
Rufus S., born at Philadelphia, 1840 ; George, 1843 ; Mary 
B., 1845, 

7. George, son of William, born Not. 25, 1816 ; married 
Emcline Howell. Children, — Albert M., born at New- 
York Oity, Oct. 80, 1840 ; Ilonry II., at Philadelphia, Feb. 3, 
1849 ; George E., at Swansea, Feb. 23, 1850. They live on 
tlio old place in Somerset, formerly Swonsca. 

6. Epaphras, son of William and Ruth, born at Swansea, 
Dec. 81, 1814; married Anna O. Luther. Children, — 
William A., born at Swansea, December, 1843 ; Her- 
bert v., October, 1846 ; Lydia S.^ 1848 ; Charles, 1850. 



Married Doboi'nli Willson for second wife. CliiKlren,— 
Fi-odcrick M., born July, 18o5 ; Anna H, 1857. Lives at 
Pull River. 

4. Thonins, son of John and Rarah of Swansea, married. 
Children, — Kllslm; Tlionias. IIo died before t!io date of 
his father's will, 1750. 

Joseph, son of Jolui and ifary, born March 5, 1708; 
married Grace i*ray, Jan. 25, 17o3. 

3. Joseph, son of John and Ilunnah, born at Freetown ; 
married Harah Deane, of Taunton, Dec. 29, 1708. Chil- 
dren, — Benjamin, bom at Freetown, Nov. 13, 1711, died 
Oct. 25, 1732; Joseph, born Aug. 31, 1710; KUzal*clh, 
April lli, 1713 ; Dorothy, Nov. G, 17U ; Samuel, Doc. 23, 
1715 ; Hannah, April 22, 1711), single ; Sarah, Oct. 3, 1721, 
died single; Phcbc, born Fob. G, 1717 ; Mary, Sept. 12, 
1728, married Henry DrightnuUi, His wife died Nov. 1;*), 
1738. He was a prominent nmn in Freetown. 

4. Joseph^ son of Jose|>li and Sarah, born at Freetown, 
Aug. 31,1710; married i^Iary, and was known as Ksquire 
Heed. Children, — Joscpli ; Lydia, born in 1747 ; William ; 
David, 1754; Hannah, who married a Whitwell. 

5. Daniel, son of Joseph, was a sea-captain ; married 
Mary, and died at Hispaniola, Aug. 5, 171)5 : his wife died 
Dec. 11, 1800. 

0. Jamcsj son of Joseph and Mary, married Itebecca 
Burton, and was a settled minister many years in Attic* 
borough. Children, — James H., born Aug. 30, 1801; 
Samuel Stillman, Nov. 14, 1803, died 1831. 

7. James II., son of Tlcv. James and Kcbecca, born 
Aug. 80, 1801 ; married Mary Ann Taylor of i*rovi- 
dence. Chihlren, — Cyrus 11.; Sophia F. Married, for 
second wife, llebecoa C. Sesssions ; and, for third wife, 
- Hannah Kddy. He keeps a wholesale dry-goods store in 
Vrovidence. ■ 


8. Stcpluin, sou of ; iimrricd Aim Luther, Dec. 6, 

1722. CliilJrcn, — Siumiel, bom at Swansea, Feb. 28, 
172a; Simeon, Feb. 10, 172G. 

3. ]ienjmuiu, sun of Joseph, l>orii m 1700 ; married ITan- 
nah Chace, Dec. 1, 1720. ChiUlren, — licnjamiii-, born 
May 81, 1721, at Swansea ; David, Jan. 20, 1723 ; IJarnard, 
Feb. 12, 1725; Hannah, Jan. 29,1730; Samuel, April 7, 
1727 ; Stephen, Nov. 7, 1732. He died Mareh 19, 1733, in 
his thirty-lbnrtli year. 

4. Henjnmin, i^on of Denjamin and Hannah, born at 
.Swansea, May 31, 1721 ; married Elizabeth. Cliildren, — 

Elizalxjth, born at Swansea, Kept. 3, 1760; Anna, A|n'il 10, 
; 170-1 ; Donjamin, Nov. 13, 1757 ; John, Oct. 28, 17G1. 

I 5. William, son oi' Joseph of Freetown^ married, first, Ruth 

; Evans; and, second, Dorothy, daughter or Deacon Samuel 

Head, his cousin. Children, — William ; Joseph E. ; John ; 

Nancy ; Rachel ; Detsy ; Anna ; Ruth ; Pliebo, married 

Henry Rrightman ; Rebecca. He was deputy-sherilT. 
U. William, son or William, married Prudence Valentino. 

Children, — Edmond, who lives, unmarried, on the old 
I homestead ; William Y. ; Ocorgo W. ; Samuel ; John IJ. ; 

I Joseph li. ; Ruth ; Harriet ; Rebecca ; Elizabeth. 

I 7. William V., .son of William and Prudence, born 

\ Feb. 15, 1804 ; married Susanna Ruggles, April 10, 1845, 

I and lives at No. 104, North Main Street, Full River. Cliil- 

j drcn. — William Y., born at Fall River, Dec. 29, 1845, died ; 

Williom Y., born June 8, 1853 ; Henry R., ilurch 10, 1857 ; 

a son, Feb. 4, 1859. 
7. George W., sou of William and Prudence, married 

Eveline Bordon. Children, — Edmond Y., born Decemlicr, 

1842 ; Susan R., March, 1844 ; George P., Oct. 27, 1845. 

They live at No. IGG, North ilain Street, Fall River. 

a. John, sou of William, married Sarah Robinson, and 
I , lives at Fall River. 



G. Joseph E., son or William and Rtitli, horn September, 
1770 ; married Sybil Valentine, Jan. 17, 1803. Cliildrcn, 
— Sarah Ann, horn April 17, 1804; Joseph E., Jan, 25, 
1806; Rachel, Dec. 5, 1800; Ifenry.Miiy 3, 1812; Pttddock 
Kichmond, Xov. 16, 18o7 ; James Jl., April 24, 1817 ; Wil- 
liam S., Oct. 28, 1814 ; Francis H., Jnly 14, 1819; Cumllno 
v., March 20, 1825. He was a representative rjcvcral years ; 
was a justice of the peace, itc. ; and was mtieh in pnUic 
life. Ho died July 0, 1857 ; and Ids wife died Jnly 5. 
They both occupy the same j^rave. 

7, Sarah Ann, daughter of Joseph E.,E<q.,born April 17, 
1804; married Abraham liowen, a man of eccentric viewK, 
who is a printer and teamster, and editor of a newspaper 
called the '* All Sorts." They live at No. 81, Rock Siroet, 
Fall River. Children, — Allen A., born Feb. 15, 18vJ0; 
I Joseph A., Oct. 10, 18:12 ; Sarah V., I>ec. 8, 1830. 

I 7. Joseph E., son of Joseph E., Esq., born at Pull River, 

J Jan. 23, 1806 ; nmrricd Catherine Norris of New Jersey. Chil- 

dren,— Sybil v., born Sept. 13,1848; Willet S., Oct. 15, 
[ 1852. His wife died Oct. 8, 1 856. Ho lives at Full River. 

7. Paddock Richmond, son of Joseph E., Escp, born Nov. 16, 
1807 ; married Belinda Morey,and lives at Tauuton. Chil- 
I drcn,— -Emily P., Harriet M., Francis Richmond. 

I 7. Rachel, daughter of Joseph E., Esq., born Dec. 5, 

1809; married Charles I>. AVeaver, Dec. 11, 1834, and lives 
at Xo. 14, Rank Street, Fall Kiver. Children, — Lydia C, 
born ifay 17, 1837 ; Henry II., May 10, 1840 ; John W., 
May 10, 1840, died ; Charles S., born Aug. 5, 1842 ; Frank 
R. R., April 80, 1845; Francis ililton, April 3, 1847 ; Ijou- 
isa v., July 21, 1840; (Seorge K., died. 

7. James i[., son of Joseph E., Esq., born April 24, 1817; 
married Catherine (Jarnei-s of New- York City. Children, — 
Eveline, Ella, Gertrude, Oscar. He lives in New- York City, 
and is a broker in Wall Street, No. 40. 



7. Francis Hailey; sou of Joseph E., born July 14, 1819; 
niamctl AupjeUna Griuncll. Children, — KUa V., Walter G., 
Kliza. lie lives at Collins Station, Clinton County, III. 

7. Caroline, daughter of Joseph E., born Mareh 20, 1825; 
married Milton A. Glide, and lives at Springfield. Chil- 
dren, — Eveline Louisa; Caroline AI. ; Harriet F. 

6. riicbc, daughter of William and Ruth, married Henry 
Brightnian of Pull llivcr. Children, — Sheflield W., Sanmel, 
Thomas, Joseph, William, and several daughters. 

4. Samuel, sou of Joseph and Sarah, born Dee. 23, 1715; 
married Mareia. Children, — Dorothy, born in 1745, mar- 
ried William Read, father of Joseph E., she being his second 
wife; Priscilla, horn in 1747, married Pardon Davall; Ruth, 
boru in 1750, died single. He was a prominent man jn town- 
alKiirs, and known as Deacon Read ; and, leaving no sons, 
his nephew and son-in-law, William Read, succeeded to his 
estate, — it being the same whore Joseph E. Read lived 
and died. There is an old family burying-ground on this 
farm, and also another in an adjoining close, which is or has 
been the burying-place of some of the Rrightman Family, iu 
which is the grave of Mary Reed Rrightman, wife of Henry. 

5. Jonathan, son of Oliver and ^(artha, born Nov. 13, 
1787 ; married Eunice Weaver, April 24, 1757. Children, 
— James; lehabod, born in 171)0; Jonathan; Lydia, who 
married a Weaver; Elizabeth, married Capt. Robert Gibbs; 
Susan, married Luther Willson ; Eunice; Hannah, married 
a Whitwell. He lived at Steep Rrook. 

G. lehabod, son of Jonathan, born in 17G0 ; died Dec. 5, 
1706, and his gravestone is standing in a burying-ground ou 
an enihionco iu Stocp-Rrook Village. He was called Capt. 

0. Liont: Jonathan, son of Jonathan, married Ellen Law 
of Somerset. Child,— Retsy, who married S|K)Oiicr Wins< 
low. Married, for second husband, William Baker ; and, for 


lliird, a liObdell. Childrou, — Benjamin W. ; Iclmbod ; 
James; Ruth, died Oct. 20, 17i>H, aged twcnly-twu years; 
Clarissa, married a Oornall ; Kiclimond. 

7. Benjamin W., son of Jonathan, married Cyntliia Pierce. 
Children, — Mary, horn April 21, 182i; Richmond, Jan. 21, 
1825. They live at No. U2, Spring Street, Fall Itiver. 

4. John, son of John and Surah, horn at Freetown, Nov. 7, 
1720; married Ruth Lawton, Jan. 9, 1745. CliiKlren,— 
George ; Stephen, died unmarried ; Martin ; Daniel. 

0. Oeorge, son of John and Ruth, married Ruih Hatha- 
way. Children, — George; Firman; Lawton; Washington; 
Kmcry ; Betsy, who married Asa Read ; Susan, married 
Warner Cook ; Sarah, married Warren Read, brother of 
Asa; Almira, married Thomas I). Chandler; Ruth, marriei^ 
Al>el Davis, and married, for second husband, Benjamin 

ti. George, sou of George and Ruth, married Anna, 
daughter of Oliver. Child, — George. ITe died, and dio 
niarriod Perloy Willson. 

G. Firman, son of Goorgo and Ruth, married Elizabeth 
Reynolds, and settled at a village, in Fall River, called Now 
Boston, near Steep Brook. Childmu, — Firman, born at 
Stoop Brook, May 27, 1825 ; Elizabeth, ^vho married An- 
drew Wade ; Julia W., married Ijconard Tabor of Little 
Comptoii ; Sarah, died young ; Emily C, married Robert 
Frazier ; Sidney II. 

7. Firman, son of Firman, married Susan B. Morey of 
Warwick, Children, — Waller, born at Fall Rivor, Dec. 18, 
1852 ; Mana liouisa, died young. They live at No. 10, 
Bank Stroot. 

6. Martin, son of John and Ruth, married Abigail Ilatiia- 
way, sister to the wife of his brother George. Child, — 

5. Daniel, son of John and Ruth, luarried Sarah Whit* 



well, (laiiglitor of 3ifr. WliitwcH and Hannah Read. Chil- 
dren, — Daniel, George, John, Bradford, James, Oliver, 

G. Daniel, son of Daniel and Sarah, married Mary Wins- 
low. Child,— Mary Telhani, horn Feh. 13, 1815. His 
widow lives at No. 44, JJaiik Street, Fall River. 

G. George, son of Daniel and Ruth, married Anna Bennett. 

I Children, — Daniel, Bradford, Harriet. Married, for second 

J wife, Nancy Chase. Child, — Phebe.^ He lives at Steep 

I Brook, and is a retired ^ea-eaptain. 

\ G. Nancy, daughter of Daniel and Ruth, married Joseph 

Bennett in 182G. Children, — James W., born July 3, 1827 ; 

John R., May 13, 1821); Sally R., Dec. 23, 1830, died in 

1844; George, born March 10, 1831, died young; Anna, 

I born Dec. 3, 1833 ; George R., Aug. 29, 1835 ; Pliebo, 

, Aug. 4, 1837, died young. They live at Steep Bro«k. 




John Readk, one of the early settlers in Itoston, was made 
IVccman, May 18, 1G40, ami had a grant of eleven heads or 
forty-four acres at Muddy River, Feb, 20, KUO; was an ap- 
praiser of Thomas lirittlcstone's estate, Oct. 30, 1G43. Chil- 
dren,— John, born June 29, 1G40 ; Thomas, Sept. 20, 1C41. 
lie was known as ^ilnjor John Keade ; and there are some 
circumstances tending to show that ho was brotlier to Col. 
lloado of Salem, Capt. Iloade of iioston, and Col. Edward 
lleade of England, who was futher-in-law of John Winthrop, 
Jan., thofirst Ooyornor of Coimccticut, ^fajor Reade moved 
to Barhadoes, and was an extensive merchant. His family 
appears to have been in some way related to tho family of 
Abraham Palmer, a prominent member of the ^fassachusotts 
Colony. Tho mercantile house appears to have been repre- 
sented at ft later date by one Joseph Reado, who was proba- 
i)ly a son of ^fajor John, 

1. John Read was one of the first settlers of Newtown, on 
Long Island, in lGo5. Children, — John and Joseph, who 
were fi'ccholders in Newtown in 1G8C, They left Newtown ; 
and I find William, son of ono of them, in Ewing, N.J., 
al)out the year IToO, who was one of the fii^t settlers of that 
place. William, a distin<ruislied nursery-man of Elizabeth, 
X.J., is supposed to bo of this family. 


Rtkimirn ItRADR, boi'ii ill IGll, camo to America in 1C31, 
ami lived at one tinio in Lyiui. 

Brnjamin Rekdk was of Duxbury, and capable of bearing 
arms in 1043. 





John Read ctanQ from London in 1725, and settled in 
Alexandria, District of Cohunbia ; married ^fiss Nancy Se- 
bastian, a Spanish lady, and sister to the Hon. Benjamin 
Sebastian, formerly Governor of Ijonisiana. CJiildren, — 
John ; Benjamin ; Philip, born in 1759 ; Ilensby, who mar- 
ried a Jones; Nancy, married a Sontherland of Virginia; 
Ann, married a ^lurphy; Rachel, married a Levins. He 
moved to Kcntncky, and settled at Lewisville in 1791. He 
wns a merchant-tailor. 

2. John, son of John, married a Miss Foster. Children, 
— John, who is a distingnishcd lawyer in Tennessee; An- 
thony, who went to Indiana, and was a representative to the 
Legislature many years ; Junies T., who lives in Lidiana, 
and has been senator twenty-two years, and Register of the 
Land Onfice under the United-Slates Government many 
years. He was a captain in the United-States Army, and 
was in the battle of the IMno Licks with tlio Indians. 

3. Benjamin, son of John, settled first in that part of 
Kentucky which now forms a ))ortion of Ohio, and linally 
moved to Pliiladelphia in 17«7. Children,— -George C., a 
commodoi*o in the navy, and lives in Philadelphia ; Benja- 
min S., who was appointed inspector of the navy in 1811. 

8. Philip, son of Juhn, l)orn in 1759, and died in 1828 ; 
was. United-States senator from ilaryland from 180G to '13; 


innrricd Anna Adgclolh, ilaiigliter of Capt. Ailgelolli, of 
French extraction. Children, — Kdward, born in 1814, u 
distinguished hiwyer in Drownville, Tenn., of the firm of 
Heed and Shepherd; Henry; William; George j John; 
Burgan ; Joshua ; Philip. 

3. lleushy, son of John, lived in Kentucky ; married 
Charlotte Kirck. Children, — Lewis ; John ; Ileushy; 
Philip ; William, who was in the battle of the River Itasin ; 
Lucretia; Nancy; Charlotte; Sally; Rachel; Mary. 

4. Lewis, son of Ileu^by, married Alcy Drown of Virginia. 
Children, — James; William, an attorncy-at-law in Ifoyen- 
villo, Ky. ; Nathaniel ; Nancy ; Henry ; Charles ; Lewis ; 
Joseph ; Joshua ; Wesley ; Mary ; Burgan. 

5. Henry, son of Lewis, was in the ^lexicau War as color- 
bearer to Col. Andrews, and was badly wounded in three 
places, but has recovered, and has since l>cen in the I^gislu- 
turo of Kentucky. A sword was ]>resoated to him by the 
Legislature, which cost two hundred and iifCy dollars. Hu 
is a lawyer by profession. 

JOHN RKAi), i^m. 4;t] 

ClIAn'Ell XIV. 


Finl Generation in America. — John Read, Sen., de- 
scended from an ancient and honorable family originally 
seated iu England, was born in Dublin, Ire., in the last year 
of the reign of King James the Second, A.D. Iti88. llis 
parents were persons of high position, wcaltli, and influence. 
Ufa bold and adventurous disposition, he early determined to 
visit tlio liritish Colonies iu America. This determinaUon, 
in spite of much op|)osition on the part of his parents, lie 
carried into eilect after reaching man's estate. Of his early 
experiences m this country, little is known. Tradition says, 
that, after remaining here some time, ho was so much pleased 
with the new country, that he decided to cast his lot iu it for 
life, lie accordingly bought lands in Cecil County, in the 
Province of Maryland, and became a planter. Shortly after 
taking this imf)ortant step, Mr. Uead^s father wrote to him 
from Dublin, conunanding him insUmtly to return to Ireland, 
and at the sanie time inrorming him that the |)enaUy of dis- 
obedience to this command would be the loss of his inherit- 
ance, which should pass to his adopted nephew. Notwith- 
standing this, Mr. Road resolved to remain, and replied to 
his father to that elVect, declaring that he preferred the ad- 
venturous and stirring life in the Colonics to the quiet and 
luxuries of the home he had left in the Old World. 

* Thiji chapter lius Imoii couiiiiiiiiU'rttetl by J«>ii:<i MtiiLurru ISkad, Juii., lucm- 
li«r or ibe nUtorkul Sr>cicty ot' l'ciiitsylv;iiii;i, &c. 

432 JOHN KUAD, SIlN'., 

His hiithright having boon given to unollicr, uud the 
tics wliich luul bound bim to the land of liis birth being 
scvci'cdj his luvc lor tlic country of his choice was in* 
creased tenfold ; and be felt that he was now entirely 
identified with it. 

lie soon married yWi^^ ^rary Howell, an aunt of the late 
Gov. Howell of New Jersey, a lady of fine personal appear- 
ance and cultivated mind, whose family (ori^Mnally Welsh) 
bad l>cen for some time established in the Trovince, where it 
held a highly honorable ]HJsition. 

Mr. Head, after his marriage, continued to reside at his 
plantation in Maryland IVoviuec until the birth of his eldest 
son George. ;r>oon after this event, in the year 1734, ho 
removed to the head-waters of the Chri!>tiana Kiver, iu tho 
Frovinee of Delaware. Here ho possessed a plantation, upon 
which was a spacious mansion, surrounded by the usual 
oflices and out-buildingS| all built of brick, iu the old Colo- 
nial style. There were besides upon the plantation a large 
storehouse, and a wharf situated on the Christiana Creek. 
Ho held other property in Christiana and its vicunty, and 
continued to retain his plantation in Maryland. Mr. Itead 
owned also, like many of the landed gentry of his day, a 
largo llouring-mill, which was situated at North-east. This 
mill contained some rare and costly machinery, which was 
tho object of general admiration. Gen. Washington, when 
a very young man, visited and ins|)ected it at tho request of 
his brother, who was alujut to erect a mill upon his estate, 
and desired to have similar uuiehinery. In that day, and iu 
that i)ortion of the Colonies, a mill was considered a neces- 
sary adjunct to an estate. 

Mr. Head continued to reside at his placo near Christiana 
during tho remainder of his life. He was a prominent 
member of the I'resiiytcrian Ohurch in Christiana, and was 
greatly interested in its establibhnicnt and subsequent pro- 


gross.* Mr. Read departed this life, nt liis mansion in the 
Delaware Province, on the fifleentli day of June, 1750, aged 
sixty-eight years. Mrs. Read survived her husband many 
years, but never married again. She deceased on the 22d 
of Se|)temhcr, 1784. The cliildren of John Read, sen., and 
Mary his wife, were — (1.) George; (2.) William; (3.) 
John; (-1.) Thomas; (5.) James; (G.)Mary; (7.) Andrew. 
Second GcncnUiou in America. — George Read, the 
eldest child uf John Read, sen., and Mary his wife, was i)orn 
o\\ his father's plantation, in Cecil County, in tlie Province 
of Maryland, on the 18th of September, 1732. lie received 
a classical education ; commencing his studies at a semiimry 
at Chester, in the Province of Pennsylvania, and continuing 
them afterwards under the care of that very learned man 
and admirable teacher, the Rev. Dr. Francis Allison, then 
residing at New London, in the Province above mentioned. 
Among his fellow-pupils at the latter place were Charles 
Thomson, the able Secretary of Congress ; Hugh Williamson, 
a member of that body, from North Carolina ; and Dr. Kw- 
ing, for many years Provost of the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, and eminent as a mathematician and astronomer. At 
the age of seventeen, ^Ir. Read commenced the study of the 
law in the ollice of John ^(uhmd, Esq., a distinguished 
lawyer of the city of Philadelphia. lie applied himself with 
so much ability, industry, and integrity, to his ])rofessional 
duties and studies, that ^Ir. Molaiid soon testified his respect 
and esteem by relinquishing to Mr. Read a part of his prac- 
tice. At the early age of nineteen, Mr. Read was called to 
Ihe bar in the city of Philadelphia, On the Gth of March, 
1754, ho removed to New Castle, in tho Proviiico of Dcla- 

* In Uie origiiiiil dceil, duM 173.>, coiivcyinj^ to the Tnisteet of the l'rc»hy- 
teriuii Church u lot uf himl U|hiii which h church ctliflco was to l»n crfctiMl, tho 
itniriu (if Juhit Keiul, •«n., bluiid* lir^t ; uii>i, lu tlic body of tho dood, h'u name 
14 ni«utiouod. 



ware, and coninicnccil tlie praclicc of the hiw in the three 
lower counties on Dehuvare and tlie adjacent ones of Slary- 
land. JFc found himself in the nddst of powerful competi- 
tors, — men of unquciitioncd talents, and thoroughly learned 
in the law, — anK)ng whoni were John Iloss, then Atlorney- 
Oeneral ; l]enjan)in Chew, Joseph CJalloway, Oeorgc Ross, 
John Diekinsion, and Thomas M-Kean, To have rapidly 
acquired a lucrative praclice, and uchieve»l a liiyli rc]iula- 
tion for ^reat le^al ahiliiics, in the midst of such rivals, is of 
itself suflicicnt praise. On Ihe JJOtli of April, ITti-J, he suc- 
ceeded John lto>sas Attorney-General, ilr. Head held this 
olTice until elected a delegate to the Congress of 1774 ; when 
he resigned it, saying that ho would not enter that august 
body traiumclled with an ollice from his Britannic majesty. 
Mr. Ilead was very eminent as a lawyer. His profound legal 
knowledge, his solidity of judgment, and his habit of close 
nud clear reasoning, gained bin) great influence with juries 
and judges; and he evinced such unswerving integrity in all 
his acts, that ho was popularly styled '' the honest lawyer." 
His studies were not confined to the law ; for he ever main* 
tnined an intimate ac(piaintance with works on science and 
art, as also with those of classic and miscellaneous literature. 
In the year 17G3, Mr. Head married a daughter of the Rev. 
George Ross, for more than fifty years the Rector of Im- \ 
manucl Church, in the town of New Castle, Del. ifrs. Read 
possessed a naturally line understanding, which had been 
thoroughly cultivated by her father. Her person was beau- 
tiful, her numncrs elegant, and her piety exemplary. In 
1765, Mr. Ilead was elected a member of the Assembly 
of Delaware : this station ho continued to occupy for twelve 
successive years. About this time, ho \vas one of the com- 
mittees which reported tho numerous addresses made to 
Gcorgo (ho Third by tho Delaware Lcgisluturo. He was 
also activo and prominent in urging the non-imiX)rtation 


ogrccnicut; atidyUs Cluunutiu of the General Committee fur 
its eurorccmeut, reiulurcd vahiublc .seiviccs to titc cause. 

On the l^th of August, 1774, Mr. Itead was elected by the 
General Assembly oi' J)olaware, together with Caesar Roduey 
and Thomas M'lvcan, (o rc|>rchent tlie State in the Amerieau 
Congre:is, which met in tlio month of Se|>lembcr in Thila- 
delphia. From this jtcriod he continued to reinesent the 
State of Ilehiware in Congress during the whole Revolu- 
tionary AVar. On the -ith of July, 177l),* ho signed the 
Declaration of Independence. Joi^eph Galloway soon after 
tauntingly told him that he signed with a halter aliout his 
neck. Air. Read replied, that it was a measure demanded by 
the crisis ; and ho was pi*e|)ai'ed to meet any conse(|uenceti 
which migiit eusuo. In Septendier, 177G, iMr. Read was Pre- 
si^lentof the Convention which framed the first Constitution 
of Delaware. In 1777, lie was Presiilont of the Slate of Do* 
lawarc. On the 5th of December, 1782, he was appointed a 
Judge of the Court of Appeals in Admiralty Cases. This 
appointment Avas announced to him in the most ilattering 
manner by Mr. Boudinot, tlicn President of Congress. Mr. 
Read held this oflice till its abolition. In 1785, ho was 
appointed by Congress one of the commissioners who consti- 
tuted a Federal Court created by that boily (conformably 
with tho petitions of the Slates of New York and Massachu- 
setts) for tho purpose of determining a controversy which had 
arisen in relation to territory. Jn 1780, ho was nominated 
l»y tho Legislature of Delaware as one of their delegates to 
Annapolis to consult with commissioners from other States 
relative to tho formatiXiU of a system of conuncrciul regu- 
lations for tho Union, la 1787, ho was a member of tho 
Conventiou which framed the Constitution of iho United 

* XmiiiimUy, uom of tlio ineiubcn tsC Congret* raally vijpuKl uiiUl Uio 2il 


States ; beiiiijc one of ihe five sifftiers of the JDevlarallon 
of Lulepcndeitce who were also framers of Ihe Conslilulion. 
Imiucdiutcly artcr the adoption of tlio Constitution, he was 
elected to the Senate of the United States. At the expira- 
tion of his term, ho was ru*elcctod. llu resigned his scat in 
the Senate in Septcniher, lTi)3 ; and was immediately u|>- 
])ointod Cliief-Juslice of the Snpi*cmo Court of Delaware. 
ITo performed the duties of this high station with great 
ability and integrity until the autumn (2Ut September) of 
1798 ; when, al'ier a bhort illness, he died at his residence* 
in New Castle. 

Mrs. lleadt survived him, dying in 1802. The children 
of Gcorgo Read, and Gertrude his wife, were — John, 
George, William, and Mary, 

* Tlie mansion of Gcori;e RcntI C* lUo nigtier*'), at New Cii«lle, vras litunteJ on 
tilt Imnk uf the river Dolnwuro, ol' which it cuuiiiiamlc«l iiii cxlcti^ivo view, aiul in 
th« initUC of Hn exten^nive gunlen wliivh nm linck tu tlio grountU where were tlio 
ofliccA Hud Rtttblcs. It wa.s u larifc, olil-fufthioiicU main^iou, built of brick, with n 
»|iuciun'i hull niiiiiiiiK tlinai'.'li it; on otic aide of which waft u very lur^c Urttwiiij;- 
ruoin} nml,on t he oi iter, tlio lihrury iiinl «Unin;;-ro(tin ; iind,]itill further in the rear, n 
roomy kitchen. Above wero the sfuielons tlec|*ln|; ft|iNrtineiit4. In the i;artlen 
uhout the hou.te bluonietl u )M-iitii'iiun of llowei's nmong wiiteh tlie tuiiin were 
liarticuhirly eolH|>icuou^( un uecmint of their great variety nnU beauty. Ucre Mr. 
Uead rc>iiiud for many yeart in the btylu of the Culuniul gentry, who tnuhitaincd a 
ttMte nnd etii|nctte wliieh has lon>; .^ince di»:i|ipe;n'cd. 

Mr. Itead nlways travelled on hii circuits in a yellow chariot drawn by bay 

There are two ori;;inal portraits of George Read, — one by Gilbert Stuart, 
tlie other by Charles IMgu I'ine, — and iMtth |mintod about the year 1765. .lohu 
Meredith Uanlt jnu., of Albany, N.V., hiia a ca|iy uf Iheite |M»rtniiti of bis great- 
gnnidfuiher, made by Sully, the diatingui»hed artist and |miiil uf Gilbert Stuart. 

t Mrs. Koitd's fiithcr, the Itev. George Rf>M, Wan, for more than filVy year*. 
Rector of the Cliureh in New Cattle. George UiKit, juu., an einliHrnt 
lawyer, a signer of the Oeelaiution of Indepeniksnce, and a .ludgo of the Court (»f 
Appeal* in Admiralty, whh ii bititlicr of Mr*. Iteud's; aa were uUo .John Iton*, At- 
toruey -General umler Ge«»rge the Second ( and the Kev. A*nouN K».s», wlui became 
Hector of Inimanuol Chureh mnhi uAcr the dcccuMj of hi« father in 17^1. One 
of the auteri uf Mr^. Itead married Gen. William ThumpMiii, a disiingniaheil ollieer 
in the devolution; another ^i^ter married Mr. Iliddle, who was pre^tding olliccr of 
Ihe reiwylvania leg'idutive IxMly before the Itevolulii/n; still another sUtcr marrietl 
the Kev. William Thompsoui Uectur of an Kpi»cupal church m the I'l-uvmcu of 


Third Ovncrution in America, — John Tfcail, jiiu., son of 
iicurgo Itcad (tlie signer), and (iorti'uilo his wife, was bom 
ui his Talher's mansion at New Custlc, in tho present Stato of 
hi'lawaro, on the 7lh July, 1700. AVhen only seven ycai-s 
old, he was a witness to the attack made by the row-galleys 
u|ion tho " Itoehuck " and '* Liverpool " frigates olF the 
mouth of Christiana Creek ; and afterwards aeconipanied his 
mother in her various removals during the Revolutionary 
War, whieh the ex|)osed sit\iation of their residence at New 
Castle mado necessary for their safety. These things were 
often referred to in after-life. After graduating at Prince- 
ton College in 1787, then under tho presidency of the llev. 
Dr. Witherspoon, an old and intiniato friend of his father's, 
iMr. Read conunenced the study of tho hiw at New Castlo, 
in tho oflico of his father ; and, being admitted t'O tho bar, 
removed to the city of Philadelphia, where he practised with 
ability and success for nniny years. In 171)0, Mr. Read 
married Miss ^lartha !Meredi(h, eldest daughter of Samuel 
Meredith, tho first Treasurer of tho United States, and 
eminent among the patriots of the Revolution for his zeal, 
sacrifices, and services in behalf of his country.* 

Mrs. Read's mother was a daughter of Dr. Thomas Cad- 
wahuler, and sister of Gen. John Cadwalador, the brave an4 
active Revolutionary hero, who challenged and w*oundcU 
Gen, Conway because ho had traduced and endeavored to 
supplant Washington. George Clymer, a signer of tho I)c- 

• Of Kcow Mcmlith, tho falhcr of the Trcii^urer, a very tvciiUUy merchant of 
Phandolphhi, the tiiUowlii*; welMuiowii uitcciloio U tol<lt-~ 

Whcti iien. Wiiiihiit|;iim wii« ii >'<«utt]( iiiuii, uiul b(;ftir« ho had Rttuiiiud di^thic- 
tWiti, iio vUUod PhUudcd|ihiii, au«l iiinde his ii|i|KMirNiicc iit the Cottcu Knu^r, «h4T0 
he hud not u Bhijslu nciiuuiiii:iiiro, and wum thfrrforu tiinmlioiHl. Mr. Moivdifh 
i'uinliijs hi, nitd flndlii}; u >tnin>;cr hi thin itwkwurd »Uiin(Uin, wtMit U|» t«i hiiiii tiHik 
hhii by the huiid, inquired hU iiunie, intriHhi<'ed hiin^^cif, tiMik liim to \\U hciii^o, iin<l 
hchtivcd uith »o much kindne^i iiiid ho^fdirdily, ii« not only to hidiieo hin ^ue»t tu 
cimthiuH tit hii hmi^e whiia he rcumiiivd in ihc city, l»ut aficrwarda to iiiaku it hi* 
home when lie vt^iled IMiihnlulidiia. 



claration of Iiu1c|>omlciice, and a Tramcr orihc Constitution 
or tlio United States, was an uncle of llrs. Head's. 

In 17D7, llr. Head was ap|>ointed Agcnt-Gcnoral of tho 
United States to act on their behalf in relation to such claims 
as might be niade against tho United States before tlie com- 
missioners appointed to carry into clTect tho sixth article of 
Jay's treaty. Some of his labors aro to be found in a book, 
published in Pliiladclphia, called ^' Arguments on liritish 
Debts," which contains some able pupei-s written by j^Ir. 

Mr. Read was also for some years a member of the City 
Council ; and, in 1815, was elected to the House of Ilepro- 
sentatives of Pennsylvania, and was appointed Chairman of 
the important Committee on lloads and Inland Navigation, 
comi)Osed, at that day, of thirty-four members. In 1810, 
he was re-elected, and, while presiding over the delii)erations. 
of this committee, took a severe cold, which produced an 
illness which broitght him to the brink of the grave. Mrs. 
Read, who went to Ilarrisburg to tend her husband, fell a 
sacrifice to her devotion to him. 

Having recovci*ed from the immediate ciTccts of his illness, 
!Mr. Read was elected to the Senate to fill the vacancy oc- 
casioned by the resignation of Nicholas Diddle, Esq. ; and, 
whilst a member of that body, was elected by them, in 1818, 
a director on the part of tho State of tho Philadelphia Rank. 
In 1817, on tho revival of the olTice, he was ap])oiutcd City 
Solicitor by the Mayor, Gen. Robert Wharton, In 1819, ho 
was elected President of the Philadelphia Rank, and ably 
and faithfully filled this ofiico until his resignation in J 841. 
A few months afterwards, ho removed to tho city of Tro^iton ; 
whcro, amidst tho friends and counectious of his wife, ho 
S))ent his remaining days, surrounded by his books, which 
formed a never*failing source of pleasure and information. 
He died on tho 13th of July, 1854, at tho very advanced age 
of eighty-five, leaving a large estato. 


Mr. Ilcail was a comnuaiiicatitig member or llic PFotCbtant 
Episcopal Church, and, for many years, the rector's warilea 
of the united churclics or Chrii^t Cliurch, St. Peter's, gtnd 
i>t. Jamcs*&; and, ujion his removal to Trenton, took a deep 
interest hi the welfuro of St. ^iichsicrs Church at that place, 
lie was characterized hy ability, sound judgment, and indus* 
try, coupled with scrupulous integrity, modes-ty, piety, and 
benevolence, lie was, moreover, of a very courteous and 
pleasing address ; ever evincing the thorough politeness of 
the old school. 

lie was a devoted husband, a kind father, and a warm 
friend ; a man of iieaceful habits. ITe lived through three 
wars (two with the mother-country); and he always remem- 
bered with pleasure that his matornal uncle, George Uoss, 
was a signer of llic Dochiratiim of Independence ; and tliat 
his own father, (icorge Head, and his wife's uncle, (ilcorge 
Clymer, were two out of the five signers who were abo 
framers of the Constitution of the United States. 

Mr. Tlead married but once, lie had three children, — 
John Meredith, Henry, and Margaret Meredith. Of these, 
only one (John Meredith Read) survived him. Henry Uead, 
his second child, born at Philadelphia in 18U2, was u physi- 
cian of excellent abilities, thorough education, and industry. 
He died at Carbondale, Ponn., at the early age of twenty* 
six, unmarried, ^fr. Head's only daughter, Margaret Mere- 
dith Head, died at Trenton, N.J., in the early jiart of March, 
1854, unnmrried. 

Fourth Gcnenilion in Ainenca, — John Meredith Head, 
eldest son of John Kead, and [Margaret his wife, was born at 
Philadelphia iu the year 1800. He married, ou the 20th 
of March, 1828^ Miss Marshall of lioston, Mass. Their fust 
child, Kmily, was burn in Decemlier, 18:21). They had, be- 
sides, aji only son, John Aleimlith Head, jnn. ; and also three 
duughtora, who died in infancy, _ Mrs. Head died intho 
month of February, 1841. 

440 JOHN UKAI>, SKN., 

Miss Emily X[. Kead luarricil W. IF. Ilydc, Esq., in June, 
18-19; and died in March, 1854, leaving one daughter {sixlh 
Generation in America), Enuna Ilabicht Ilydc, born No- 
vember, 1851, 

Mr. Read married, in 1855, a sister of the Hon.. J. R. 
Thompson, United-States senator from New Jei*soy. • He has 
no children by iiis second marriage. 

He is one of the ablest lawyers in the country, and filled 
the various ollices, from City Solicitor to that of Chief- 
Justico of Pennsylvania; which ollice ho now holds. lie 
has also been a ])romincnt member of Congress. 

Fijlh Generation in America, — John Meredith Read, 
jun., only son and only surviving child of John Meredith 
Read by his first wife, was born at Philadelphia ; was edu- 
cated at Rrown University ; and travelled extensively in this 
country, in Europe, and the West Indies, He is a lawyer, 
residing at Albany, N.Y. ; where he married, on the 7th 
April, 1859, the youngest daughter of HaR^on Pumpelly, 
Esq, Ho is a member of various literary and historical 
societies, and devotes a |K)rtion of his time to literary 

Of his generation, ^ifr. Read is the only surviving rcpro* 
sontativo of George Read, the signer, who hears the family 
luimo. He has in his possession a number of interestuig 
and valuable family portraits and relics. 

When resident in Providence, R.I., Mr. Read was captain 
of a fine company, — the " National Cadets," or ** Tigei-s." 
This company has always been noted for its thorough drill 
oud soldierly bearing. ^Ir. Read also served as aide-de-camp 
to his excellency Gov. Hoppiui with the ronk of colonel. 

Second Generation in America. — William Read, second 
son of John Read, sen., and ^lary his wife, was born at his 
father^s mansion, at Christiana, in tho Delaware ProvincCj'^in 
the year 17US (?). Ho was a merchanti and resided for 

O/CfHc ^^ i/cari 


t:on)C timo at Philadelphia, and afterwards in the Ilavniia iu 
the West Indies, where he wus assassinated in the year 17Ud. 
lie was married, and left one child, a daughter, who died 

Second Generation in America. — John Head, 2d, third 
son of John Read, sen., was horn at Christiana in the latter 
part of the year 17i>7 (V). lie was a man of independent for- 
tune, and had no regular profession, but attended to his own 
and the family property. lie never unirried. lie died at 
Pottsgrove, Pcnn., in the year 180S, at an advanced age. 

Second Generation in America. — Thomas Read, fourth 
son of John Read, sen., was horn at his father's mansion, at 
Christiana, about tlic year 1740. He was a captain in the 
Continental Navy. He was present at tlio battle of Trenton, 
and commanded the guns which raked the stono bridge 
across the Assanpink. During the war, he commanded the 
thirty-two-gun frigate " George Washington." Several years 
after the close of the war, in 1787, he cnectcd for the first 
tinje the out-of-season passage to China (ru/c ** Encyclo- 
pusdia Americana''). Capt. Read married a widow (Mrs. 
Field of New Jersey), ^vho had two children by hor lirst 
marriage. One of them (tlie son) was the father of the lion. 
Richard S. Field of Princeton : the other child (a daughter) 
was the mother of Commodore R. F. Stockton. 

Capt. Read resided at Whitehill, near liordentown, N.J. ; 
and his mansion was for a number of years the seat of much 

elegant hospitality. Capt. Read died A.D. . lie had 

no children. 

Second Generation in America. — James Read, fifth sou \/ 
of John Road, sea., was boru in his father's mansion, at 
Christiana, in the Province of DelawarOi A.D. 1743. IIo 
M'as a lieutenant-colonel in the war of the Revolution, and 
served with great credit at the battles of Trenton, Priucct0U| 
Rrandy\vine, and Gcrmantown. He was first-paymaster to 



the Coutiiicutal Navy ; also comnussiouor of iUo navy lor tlio 
Middle States during tlio Uevoliition. lie was, Les^ides, a 
mcmlicr of tlio Supreme Kxccutive Council of Pennsylvania* 
Ho married Mii>3 Susan Cowoy, and had five childron ; 
all of wliom died unnmrricd, except his third child, Su!»au 
Itcad, liorn twenty-lii'ih day of Doconibcr, 1770 : she married 
J. F. Kokard, li^q., Danish consul for tho Middle Slates. 
Thoy had three children, — (1.) Mary Head Eckard, born 
1803; died 18211, unmarried. (2.) James, now the Kev. 
Br. Jamo» Head Eckard. (3.) Frederick S., M.I)., after- 
wards a skilful practising physician of Philadelphia, who 
died on tho 20th June, 18r>U. Mrs. Susan Ucad Eckard 
still survives, iu hor eighty-fourth year, and is a truly re- 
markable wonuui : she is still able to hold a iicn ; and her 
letters to her friendis are always full of origiindity, both in 
thought and expression. 

Col. Jamos Head died at Philadelphia tiie 31$t Decem- 
ber, 1822, aged seventy-nine years. His wife died some 
years before him. 

Second Generation in America. — Mary Read, «ixth child 
and only daughter of John Read, sen., and Mary his wife, 
was born at her father's mansion, at Christiana, about the 
year 1745. In tho year 17U0, she married Gunning Bed- 
ford, sen. He had served in tho war of 1755 with tho rank 
of lieutenant in tho Pennsylvania levy, and was a gentle- 
man of inde|Xindent fortune. As lieutenant-colonel of tho 
famous Delaware Rogiment, ho took a prominent part in 
tho Revolutionary War. He distinguished himself in vari- 
ous buttles, and was wounded at the battle of the VVhito 
Plains while gallantly Iciiding his regiment to the attack.* 
Aftor the war, ho (illed a variety of important public oilices. 

* .John Morcdith llutiil, jiiii*, uf Albiiiiy, N.Y., bat in kii |KMi»CbAioii Ui« sword 
M'hlch bcloii};(!tt to bib f^ti'iil-uiiclti, Gov. Hciironi; uiiil wbkb \ym UjiCiI by biiii iu 
tbo oid Frciicli Wur iu 17&6-6, niiU uUo iu Uie vuriuiu buttles uf Uio ttuVMtutioii. 


ITo finally bccamo Governor of Delaware ; and dicil, while 
holding that oilioe, on the 30th September, 1797. His wife 
survived him ; dying at Vottsgrovc, Tenn., in 1820. They 
never had any children. 

Scf'Mud Genemiioii in America. — Andrew Read, seventh 
child of John Read, sen., was born at Christiana, in the 

Delaware Province, AJ). . lie was a planter. He 

lived and died in Cecil County, ild. lie was nuirricd, and 
had one son, William, who, after the war of 1812, removed 
to Ohio. There are none of his descendants living who boar 
the family name. 

Third Cicneration in America, — George Read, 2d, the 
second son of George Read the signer, and Gertrude his 
wife, was born at his father's mansion in New Castle, in 
the then Province of Delaware, on the 29th of August, 1705. 
ile resided at New Castle, Del. He was a very distinguisiied 
lawyer, and filled a numl»er of important ofliees. He nntr- 
ricd his cousin, iliss Hilary Thompson, a daughter of the dis- 
tinguished Revolutionary oflicer. Gen. William Thompson. 
He had seven children {fourth Generation in America), — 
(1.) George, born June 4, 1788 ; died 1st November, 185G. 
(2.) William Thon^pson Read, bom 22d August, 1792, mar- 
ried a great-niece of James Dooth, the able Secretary of 
Delaware during the Revolution. iMr. William T. Read is 
by profession a lawyer. Doing entirely independent, he has 
devoted much. time to literary pursuits, and has collected 
matoiials for a life of George Read the signer. Mr. Read 
was .Secretary of Legation when the lato Cjusar A, Rodney 
was Minl^iter to Ihienos Ayres. He has no children, ('i.) 
(lunning liedfonl Read, who died in 182((, unnutrried. 
(4.) Charles Henry Read, born iHOO; died IS^Vi, unnnu- 
ried. (5.) John Dickinson Read, born 180«) ; died ISlH, 
unmarried. (G.) Catharine Ann Head, born 1794; married, 
in 1812, Allan M'Lane, M.D., brother of the Secretary of 



State of the XTuitoil States : Mrs. iPLanc died in 1821). 
(7.) Anna Gcrtrmlo, born 1805; xuuuarried. 

George Head died on the 3d Sej)tcmber, 183G, aged 
seventy-one yeai's. 

T/iird Gcne.nUioiL in America. — William Read, third sou 
of George Uead the i^igncr, was horn at. his i'uther's mansion, 
in New Castle, on the 10th October, 1707. He was a mer- 
chant, largely engaged in tlie Kast-India trade, and resided 
at Philadelphia. lie married, on the iiid Seplcnibcr, 1700, 
Ann M'Call, whose family had been long honorably known 
in Philadelphia, wiiere it held a high position. Mr. Itead 
died at Philadelphia on the 2oth September, 184(5, aged 
i seventy-nine years; Mrs. Uead, the 17th July, 1845, aged 

! sevcnty-lhi-ee years. They had live children (^fourth iitnc- 

^ riilion in A/ncriai): (1.) George Head, for many years 

; consul at ^lalaga, aitd now residing in Philadelphia, unmar- 

I ricd. (2.) .Mary Uead, who married Coleman Fisher, K^^q., 

and has five children, — Klizabcih Rhodes Fisher, married 
j to Eugene A. Living.^lon, Esq., of Livingston Manor; Cole- 

I man P. Fisher, William Uead Fisher, Sallic West Fisher, 

and ilary Uead Fi^^her. (3.) William Archibald Read, un- 
iinmarried ; residing on a largo plantation, which he owns, 
near New Orleans. (4.) John Uead, married ; no cRildrcn ; 
died in 1815. (5.) Samuel M'Call Uead, born 1805 ; mar- 
riod, and lives on his plantation near New Orleans : ho has 
no children. 

Third Generation in America. — Mary Uead, fourth child 
and only daughter of George Uead the signer, and Gcrtrudo 
his wife, was born Sept. 1, 1770. She married Matthew 
Pcarcc, Esq., of Poplar Neck, Cecil County, Md. ; and died 
there on the 12th of January, 1810. Her eldest daughter, 
Anasta.sia Gertrude Pearce, became the second wife of Dr. 
liouis M^Lane, the brother of the Secretary of State of tho 
United States. 




1. John Read, from Cornwall^ Eiig., born in 1G33, had 
licon a subaltern in Crounvcll'ii army, and a soldier from 
tho ago of sixteen. On tho restoration of Charles 11., ho 
iled to this country, and settled first in Providence, and 
married a Miss Derby. He moved to Rye, in West-Chester 
County, N.Y., in 1U84, and remained thero three or four 
years, llo then moved to Norwalk, Conn., on Five-mile 
River, at a place called Read's Farms ; and his name is found 
u|)ou tho records of Norwalk in 1087. He died in Norwalk, 
in tho uinety-eighth year of his ago, in 1730 ; and was 
interred iu a tomb on his own farm. His house in Norwalk 
was used as a substitute for a meeting-house. He was 
strongly marked with that strong will and high-toned moral 
character so peculiar to Cromwell's oflicers. Children, — 
John ; Thomas ; William ; Mary, who married David Tut- 
tie; Abigail. 

2. Thomas, sou of John, 1st, of Norwalk, married Mary 
Olmstcad, May 9, 1G94. Children, — Mary, born Jlay 2, 
1096 ; Eunice, Feb. 20, 1690 ; Thomas, May 7, 1699 ; John, 
Aug. 7, 1701 ; Elizabeth, Oct. 7, 1703 ; Ann, July 0, 1700 ; 
Temporauco, Oct. 10,1708; Ellas, March 10,1711 ; Nathan, 
Aug. 13,1718. 

8. Thomas, son of Thomas of Norwalk, born May 7, 1699 ; 
married Sarah Benuam, June 2, 1730« Children, — Thomas, 


born 1781 ; KI)onczcr, April 3, 1732 ; Jesse, July 29, 1734 ; 
Peter, April 3, 173C ; Sarali, June 19, 1730 ; Eli, Sept. 24, 

8. Natlian, son of Thomas of Norwalk, born Aug. 13, 
1713; married Mary Peck, Dec. 22, 1737. Children,— 
Mary, born July 17, 1740 ; Ann, Jan. 18, 1742 ; Hannah, 
July 10, 1745 ; Nathan, July 27, 1747 ; David, Sept. 2, 
1750 ; Elizabeth, June 7, 1752 ; Elias, Nov. 3, 1750. 

3. John, son of Thomas of Norwalk, born Aug. 7, 1701. 
Children, — Josiah, John, Ithiel, Jonathan. 

8. Elias, son of Thomas of Norwalk, born March 10, 1711. 
Children, — Elias, Joel, Daniel, t^tephen, John. 

4. John, son of John, 3d, of Norwalk, married Abhy 
Whitney, July 0, 1775. Children, — John, born Nov. 1, 
1778 ; Moses, Dec. 14, 1787 ; IloswcU, June 8, 1795. 

John, sou of Thonu\s, with his brother Elias ; Moses, son 
of Elcazcr; and ^foses, jnn., — were among the principal 
grantees of the towns of New Haven, Middlebury, Salisbury, 
and Cornwall, Vt., about the year 1700 ; and Ileadsborough, 
Yt, which was granted to John Read and twenty-nine others 
in 1770. 

2. John, son of John of Norwalk, born in 1097 ; married 
Miss Tuttle. Children, — John, Daniel, Eleazer, Samuel, 
AVilfiam, Mary, Experience, Mehetabel. . 

8, Johui son of John, 2d, of Norwalk. Children, — John ; 

8. Daniel, son of John, 2d, of Norwalk, born in 1097. 
Children, — Daniel ; Abraham ; Eliakim ; James, born 
March 29, 1730 ; Denjamin ; Ezra, born March 10, 1740 ; 
Elijah, settled in Amenia, N.Y. ; Elizubeth ; Lydia ; Joanna. 
He built a mansion-house on the old paternal estate in Nor- 
walk, which is now standing in good condition, and likely to 
bo preserved another century. The antiquated style of the 
houso, and faded images al>out it, make it an interesting 


velic of former days. Ifc was ii man of considoraMc distinc- 
tion in his day. lie died in 1773. 

3. Elcazcr, son of John, 2d, of Xonvalk. Children, — 
!^[oses and Elcazcr, who were anion;; tlic principal grantees 
of tho towns of New IFavcn, Middlebnry, Sulishnry, and 
Cornwall, ahout the year 17C0 ; and including what is now 
Ycrgcnnes, iu tho Slate of Vermont. 

3. William, son of John, '2d, married Rachel Kellogg, 
Nov. 28, 1721. Children, — William Joseph, born Feb. 17, 
1723; Joanna, Feb. 2li, 1725; Hannah, Nov. 23, 1727; 
Sarah, Dec. 27, 1730 ; Jacob. 

8. Samuel, son of John, 2d. Children, — Samuel, Abijah, 
Timothy, Nathaniel, Ilezekiah, Hannah, IMicbo. 

4. Timothy, son of Samuel. Children, — Uriah; Timo- 
thy; Lebbcus; Ezra; Thaddeus; Uufus; Susanna; Sarah; 
Betsy; Polly; Nancy, horn in 178G. 

5. Rufus, son of Timothy, lioru in 1788. Children, — 
Ezra, John and Edwin, Ezra and Jane Maria. The sons all 
died young. 

C. Jane Maria, daughter of Tlufus, married Richard ir. 
Mitchell of Nantucket. They live in Hudson, N.Y. lie is 
a retired merchant. 

5. Daniel, son of James and Joanna, born April 15, 17G1 ; 
settled iu Camillus, N.Y., about the year 1801, and died in 
about one year after. Children, — William, Nancy, Joanna, 

C, William, son of Daniel, born April, 1783; settled near 
the residence of his parents; but finally removed to llald- 
winsville, Onomlaga County, N.Y., where ho now resides. 
Children, — Daniel, born Se|)t. 14, 1803; John M., August, 
1807, died iu Jackson County, Mich., in 1844 ; Nancy, mar- 
ried J. B. Chapin of Olivet, Mich.; Maria, died young; 
Elizabeth, married Rev. Charles Jerome of tho Presbyterian 
Church, Cattaraugus County, N.V. Sho died in 1858. 


7. Dunicl, son of William, born Sept. 14, 1808 ; nianicil 
Oiuda T. Meigs of Oswego, N,Y., Way 1, 1828. Cliildrcn, 
— William, born May 5, 1829; llelou, Oct 28, 1831; 
Kate, Dec. 14, 1833 ; James II., born in Illinois, Jan. 20, 
183C; Jennie, :MarcU 20, 1888 ; Harriet Elizabeth, May 15, 
1841, died Sept. 0, 1844. He lives at Pultou City, 111. 

8. William, son of Daniel and Cinda, born May 5, 1829; 
married Anna M. Johnson, July 15, 1857. Child, — Emma, 
born in 1858. 

8. Helen, daughter of Daniel and Cinda, born Oct. 28, 
1881 ; married William P. Culbortson, Oct. 28, 1852. Chil- 
dren, — Carrie J., born April, 1854; Charles, 1857. She 
died Not. G, 1857. 

8. Kate, daughter of Daniel and Cinda, born Dec. 14, 
1833 ; married J. B. Hall, Nov. 5, 1850. Child, — a 
daughter, born in 1858. 

4. William, soii of William and Rachel, married ilary 
Nash of New Canmm, Conn. Children, *-< William, who, 
-with Lieut. Gilmore, was the flrst to enter the fort at Stony 
Point, and was also at the massacre of Paoli ; Matthew ; 
Jacob ; Eli ; Isaac ; Abigail, who married Moses Ells ; 
Mary, who married a Fitch ; Nathan, W'lu) lived at Ballston 

5. Isaac, son of William and lilary, married Elizabeth 
Lockwood, and at one time lived in Nova Scotia ; but died 
iii Stamford, which was in the neighborhood of Norwalk. 

.' Childroii,— Isaac, born Feb. 1, 1773; Nathan II., 1770; 
Elizabeth, 1774, married Benjamin Iloyt of New-York City. 

6. Isaac, son of Isaac and Elizabeth, born Feb. 1, 1773 ; 
married Elizabeth Ann Wiggins, Dec. 14, 1799. Children, — 
Martha, born at Frankford, Pa., Oct. 10, 1801 ; Isaac T., No- 
vember, 1805, who was shipwrecked at Matamoras; George 
W., born July 31, 1817. He is now associated with his son, 
in active business, at the age of eighty-eight years. 





7. Martha A., tlau«!;htcr of Isaac, mamcd Conrad ilycrs, 
a piaiio-iortc inanufacluror, of 728» Arcli Stroct, Philudel- 
pliia. Ghndrcii, — Isaac 11., burn 18^4 ; Charles E., Feb. G, 

7. Ostnan^ son of Isaac nnd Elizabeth, niaiTicd Anna M, 
Saunders, May 1, 18i>;]. Children, — Isaac G., Eva Anna, 
Osnian, Reginald II., Jolin 8., Anna M., George W., Wil- 
liam B., Henry, Conrad M., Charles E. Ho lives at Great 
Dond, Susquehannah County, Pa. 

7. George W., bon of Isaac and Elizabeth, born July iil, 
1817 ; nuirricd M. Oehhard, ilarch 28, 1839. Chil- 
dren, — Lewis G., born at riiiladelphia, Oct. 11, 1840; 
Anna E., Dec, 19, 1842 ; Isaac, Aug. 4, 1844 ; George W., 
Feb. 4, 1847; Martha M., Sept. 1, 1854; William B. S., 
Alarch 19, 1857. He was one of the progenitors of the Na- 
tive-American party in 1814, and was their candidate for 
8heriir for tho County of Philadelphia. Ho is now in the 
jewelry business, in connoction with his father, at No. 240, 
North Second Street^ Philadelphia. Tho want of genealugi- 
cal knowledge is significantly illustrated in tho fact, that 
(ieorgo W. was in Kew-York City, upon business, when his 
cousin Henry was blown up, and was compelled to serve on 
the jury of inquest, ojid reluctantly served ; but did not 
know tho connection between himself and the deceased till 
some years afterwards. 

2. Nathan II., son of Isaac and Elizabeth, married Mary 
Hoyt. Children, — Lsaac B.; Jacob W.; John II.; Benja- 
min II.; J. Wari*cn ; James H.; N. Henry ; Mary A., mar- 
ried William Alhe^'ton of Patterson ; Martha A., married 
John Galloton, and lives at Walden, Orange County, N.Y. ; 
Kli/abeth S.» married Edson Knapp of Shawanunk, N.Y. 
. l\. Isiuic B., sou of Nathan il., married Caroline Gednoy. 
He was collector and constable at White PlainS| and died in 




8. Jacol), miU'i*i(H] Itntli Iltisli, and liu<l two clnldrcii. IIo 
died of consniu|jtioii iii 1834. 

3. John ir., son of Nalliau II., married Sarah Taylor. 
Has tiiree cliildrou. lie is a baker in ])u^h\vick, L.I. 

3. Benjamin II., son of Nathan II., married Kliza Young. 
Has two children. He lives in New- York City, and is by 
trade a marble finisher. 

8. J. Warren, s^on of Nathan II., married Henrietta Tay- 
lor. Has one ciiild. He is a steam-engine builder, and lives 
in New- York City. 

8. Nathan H., son of Nathan II., married Caroline Towns- 
ond. Has two chiUlren. He was a machinist, and was burned 
to death in February, 1850, in Ilayno Street, New York, by 
tho explosion that took place there. He was so burned, that 
there was nothing liy which to identify him, except a small 
piece of his sliirt, aljout as large as a man*s hand, which his 
wife identified on account of its being of some peculiar ma- 
terial. His wife died of grief two years afterwards. 

8. James II., soii of Nathan II., married Martha Taylor. 
Has two children. He lives at Swift Island, III. 

4. James, sou of Daniel of Norwalk, born March 29, 1730 ; 
married Joanna Castle, April 17, 17C0. Children, — Daniel, 
boru April 15, 17GI ; lleuben, Sept. 2, 17G3 ; Klijali, 
March 12, 17U0 ; Jesse, July 10, 1708 ; Stephen, Sept. U, 
1770 ; Amos, Dec. 28, 1772 ; Gilbert, Sept. 25, 1775, lives 
in Avoou, Sieubeu County, N.Y. ; Jacob and Joanna, boru 
Feb. 15, 1778; iJct^sy, April 21,1780; Robert and llhoda, 
June 2U, 1781 ; Phila, April 3, 1787. Ho was a distiu* 
guished bu^iness-man in Anienia, Dutchess County ; being 
a farmer, merchant, and miller. Ho died July 20, 1814, 
aged eighty-seven years. 

6. Jesse, son of James and Joanna, born July 10, 1708; 
married Joanna Carpenter, Feb. 22, 1707. Children, — 
Julia A., born Oct. 19, 1799 ; Joanna, Oct. 8, 1802, lives in 


Aiuonia ; IJctsy 1>., Jan. 20, 180.") ; Kliza A., March 18, 
1808 ; Jamos C, Sept. i>, 1810; Susan M., April 18, 1813; 
Aliigail M., Sept. 2, 1815. His I'atiier bouglit a soKlier*M ri«j;lit 
of l)oiiiity-Iaiid ; ami Jesse, with hi:> brother Amos, searehed 
oul the h>t, ami .settled upon it. 'IMie lots were laid out one 
mile square ; which made each of them a farm of three 
hundred and twenty acres, situated in Aurelius, Steuben 
County, N.Y. ; whore lie died Aug. iJi, 1831, aged sixty- 
three years. 

0. James C, 8on of Jesse and Joanna, born Sept. 2, 1810 ; 
has no children. Lives on the homestead of his father, and 
is u postmaster. 

4. Jaeob, sou of William, and grandson of John, 2d, born 
in Norwalk ; married Miss Uuhamah Benedict. lie set- 
tled in South-cast, Dutclicss County, N.Y., now the county 
of Putnam ; and was a farmer and tavern-keeper. Chil- 
dren, — Ruth, born in 17(iU, married a Ileed, and married 
an Ellis for second husband, and died at South-east in 1850, 
— no children ;' Uuhamah, born in 1772, married a Howes of 
South-east ; Jacob, who died at New Canaan, leaving a 
family; Stephen, who lives at llidgclield, Conn.; Esther, 
born about 1770, lives in llidgcrield ; Doty ; Isaac, who died 
in New York about 1829; Abigail, born about 1785, mar- 
ried a Woodruir, and lives in Illinois; Matthew, born 1787, 
who settled in New- York City, and died about. 1844, was an 
alderman, and president of a bank, in New York ; Lewis B., 
born Aug. 28, 1780 ; John, 1701 ; Eli, born about 1783, 
lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

5. Eli, son of Jacob and Uuhamah. Children, — Jacob 
U., who is a butcher iu New-York City; David B.; Eli II., 
nn aldorman of New-York City; William II.; Dickinson; 
Piatt B., in Ncw^York City; Charlotte; Lucretia, married 
John C. Jones, a publisher in New York. This is quite an 
enterprising and thriving family. ^ 

3IJ^lu, ul'cl'^s^^J; Gooi'irc, li\iuc Ju New Yt^-k^ J 
LiL*ccasc'J, lcu\iug a fiunily iu Xcw YtU'k ; M^^ulic^, 1 
Xurwuik, Coau. ; 1^ iilhv, by lliC fjuicj' of l»i> t^^Uicr, 
naiue cxcc»j*i ilie lextcr H, livci iu Xow-Yoi-k Ciiy* 

6, K, Si»u of WiiUliOw of Xcw Yoi^i, 01»iKhvw 
daugliicr, married Ciailcs ShcrmWH^ of WnX dic>lv 
Eliza, who uinrried C harles IVunc of Port Ci4c>lor ; 

iS. Lewis U., Sou of Jucoli aiid Rulam^ils U>4ti J 
1789; went to Xow-Yoik City iu ISlO, mul uuhtic 
Browu, January, 1815. Hioy ai>i lK>th lixiug^ Ohil 
Addington, lioni Oct. o, 1S15, ft nioixhaut, uumAni 
diuaiid, born July 7, 1817, iiMrriod, and U with 1 
brotlicr, Xo, 4:*, Courilaud Street, New Yoi^k, — v 
slioe-dcalcrs ; Klvini, lx>m Mardi 21, 1810 ; « 
May 10, 1821, manivd James 1\ Cogswell of J; 
Wis. ; Adeline, lioiu Get 10, 1S22, munied tli 
Lamport of Now York, and has two cUiidixu ; t.ev 
diet, born July 1 1, 182 » ; Callicriue, Nov. 1{\ lS.iii, 
- James II. Wheeler, a uietxrhant of Ito^toii ; Kuu 
Jail. 4, lS3o, married Gould IL Tlioris a iucix:haut 
Y'ork; Anna, born Dec. 18, 18:J7, 

7. licwis llenediet, sou of I^owis 11. and Mai 
July 11, 1824. Children,— Tahuer Townsend Mi 
Nov. i:i, 18aO$ Fmnk, born in UrooklyUi Juuo \ 
llo is a lawyer in New-York City. 

6. John, bon of Jacob and Ruhainahi born t7U 
drcn, — John J., born iu 1821; Dunjamiu Fraukli 
Mary. lie died in New York iu 18^7. 

4. Ezra, son of Duniel| and grandtton of JohUi 2( 
walk, Conn., born Alurch IU, 1740; uiarriod Harah 
May 22, 1708. Chihhen, -^ Sarah, born Feb. 2 1, 1 
April 80, 1705 ; Surah, bora April 10, 1700, died 
1884 ; Lois, boru Sept. 10, 1707, died Juno 23, IM 

AND ins DKSrKXDANTS. 4i'}i\ 

• ^vcll, Nov. 0, ITlJO, (licil May 4, 1S30 ; Aaron, liorn April L*li, 
1771 ; Jemima, Aug. -iU, 177^, ilicd Sept. 1>, 1773 ; Kpiiiilas, 
born Aug. 29, 177tJ, died ilarcli 1, 1847; Tjcdianii, liorn 
Oct. 8, 1775, died Feb. 10, 17S0; Lydia, born Scjit. 28, 
1777, died July 8, 18;iS; fluldali, born Sept. 2;), 1780, died 
January, 18j3 ; Ezra, born May 20, 1783, He died April 4, 
1807: bis wife die<l April Ifi, 1S18. 

5. Epinilas, son of Kzra, born Aug. 20, 1773; married 
Jane Heed. Cbildren, — George, born Feb. 17, 1800; Isa- 
bella, Oct. 2, 1801, died Sept. 14, 1819 ; Egbert, born July 8, 
ISOo; Sarab, Sept. 1, 1807; Uebeeca, May 14, 1810; ild- 
Avard, Oct. 31,1812; Alexander, Mareb 13,1815; liodoU 
plius, April 17, 1818, died July 22, 1822 ; Jane, Ixnn 
Juno 80, 1824, died July 20, 1824. IIo died Marcb 11, 
1847 : bis wife died July 1, 1824. JIo settled in Coxakin, 
N.Y. ; and married bis wife in tbat place. 

0. George, son of Epinitas, born Feb. 17, 1800 ; married 
Estbcr Kcmpton, Sept. 1, 1822. Cbildren, — Jane Maria, 
born July 2;3, 1823 ; IJonjamin P., July 23, 1828 ; KclKicea, 
April 22, 1832; Sonora, Aug. 1, 1830, died Aug. 24, 1830; 
AVilliam R.| born April ti, 1838. lie lives at Coxakin, 

i>. Roswcll, son of Ezra, married a I{ecd| sister of bis 
brotber Epinitas's wife, and lives in Coxakin. 

6. Aaron, son of Ezra, moved to Coxakin, N.Y. ; bad five 
! sons, one of wbom was Aaron, wbo bad Tberon of llock- 

I viUe, 111. 

4. Eleazcr, son of Eleazer, son of Jobn, son of Jolni of 
i Xorwalk, born in 1728 ; married llannab ; settled in 

Newport, R.I., and was a miller. Obildreii, — Isaac, burn 
! Marcb 22, 1747 ; Eli/abetb, Nov. 29, 1749 ; Eleazcr, Aug. 19, 

i 1751 ; Jobn, Mareb 22, 1753 ; David, Mai*cb 15, 1755 ; 

i llannab, Marcb 27, 1757, married a Marsball ; William, 

born April C, 1759. Ilo died in 1803. 


5. Kloazcr, sou of Klu;r/cr nuci Hannah, born at Newport, 
Aug. ll>, 17.') I ; murriuil Klizabetli. Chihlrun, — David, 
born at Iknington in 1770 ; William, 1772 ; KIcazcr, 
Aug. 20, 1777 ; Klizabclh, n7<>, married an Albro ; ' Ke- 
liccca, born in 1778, married a Locke; Sanuiel JL, born 
in 1780. Lived in Ne\v]Mjrt, and was a miller ; died in 

5. Jolm, son of Kleazer and Ifannab, born at Newport, 
ilarch 23, 17.*):$; nnirricd Trifenda Heath. Children, — 
John, born at Newport, Noven»ber, 171)1 ; Isaae, April 25, 
17U7 ; William H., May 11, 17lMi ; Oliver A., March 10, 
1700; Nathaniel If. and Sarah IL, April 18, 1804 (Sarah 
married Sanders Vars); ihiry Ann, April 18,1801, nuu'ried 
William Eldridge ; Kdward and Eli/a, March IG, 1800; 
Silas J., July 2S, 1808; Kmcline, Aug. 11, 1810, married 
John D. Correll ; Ann Kliza, born Feb. 7, 1813, married John 
Bachclder. Lived at iNewport; died in 18i>0. 

5. Williau), sun of Klea/er and Ilamiah, born at Newport, 
April G, 17.VJ, Chihlren, — George, born at Newport in 
1782; Thomas, 178 1; Sally, 178G. Lived in Newport; 
died in 1820. 

5. Daviil, son of Klea/cr and Hannah, born at Newport, 
March If), Hoi'). Chihlren. — David, born in 1802; Ke- 
becea, 1801. Lived in Newport. 

G. William, son ol* Kleazer, bora in 1772. Child, — Kliza, 
born in 180o. He lived in Newport, but died in Hart* 

G. Kleazer, son of Kleazer and Klizabeth, born Aug. 20, 
1777 ; married Klizabeth Umphrey. Cliildren, — Oliver, 
born at Newport in 1707 ; Kliza M., August, 1708, married 
James M. I>oon ; I'endopc, born ia 1800, died in 1800; 
Oliver, iKira July 14, 1801 ; Samuel M., July 23, 1803; Ca- 
therine, 1S05, married William K. Smith ; John, born in 
1807, died in 1808; Mary, born in 1800, died in 1857; 

AND Ills UK'SCKNDANl'S. 455 

Elcazcr J., bora May 30, 1811 ; Plicbc Ann, l>oni at Har- 
I'ingtoii, Feb. 15, Ibla. Ifc livcil in Newpoii, but cumed 
on the mercantile business in Soutli Carolina, and was acci* 
dentally killed on bis ]>asbage borne. 

7. Kleazcr J., son of Elea/er and Elizabetli, born May SO, 
1811; married yUuy Ann ("odk. Children, — llurwood, 
born at Newport, July 20, \Hi\S; Charles, Miiy 2G, 1845, 
died in 1845. Lives in Newport. 

G. Isaae, son of John, born at Newport, April 25, 1797; 
married Puticnco ^(unroe. Children, — ^ Nathan ; KIsea 
Ann, who married a ITcrscy ; Sarah. Lived at New|M)rt. 

7. Nathan, son of Isaac and Patience, married Mary, 
daughter of Henry G. Ueed. Ciiild, — George W., born ut 
New liedford in 1851. Lives at New Itodford. 

7, Samuel ^f., son of Kleazer and Elizabeth, born at New* 
port hi 1780; married a Dayton. Cliild, — Samuel M., 
born at Ncw|)ort in 1808. Lived at Dartmouth. 

G. William IT., son of Jolin and Frifenda, born May 11, 
17%; nuxrricd Hannah JUitts. Children, — William Oliver, 
born at Newport, Dec. 20, 1818 ; Matildu and William IL, 
May 22, 1821 ; George P., June 8, 1823 ; Charlotte K., 
Feb, 15, 1828, married William IL Gardner; Edward C, 
^fay 14, 1834. Lived at New|>ort. 

7. Samuel ^(., son of Eleu/er and Elizabeth, born 
July 23, 1803 ; married Sylvina D. llcnnet. Ciiildren, 
— Sarah, born at Newport in 1825, married Dr. Mercer; 
Cliarles 11., born in 1827 ; Emma F., 1833. Lives in 
Mystic, Coiuu 

G. Nathaniel IL, son of John and Frifenda, born April 18, 
1804; married Eliza Edgcforth. 

G. John, sou of John and Frifenda, liorn NoveniliOr, 1791 ; 
nuirried, fu'st, Sally Swan ; and Jietsy Barker for second 
wife. Children, — Joanna, born at New|>ort ; John (by 
second wife); Edwin; Sally, who married Dv. Turner; 


Kliz5il)0lh, luanicd a SImbetli ; AVilliani II. MumfarJ ; Mary 
Ann. IIo lived at NewporC, and diod in 18-]!). 

7. John, s>on of John and Iktsy, lives in rrovidencc. 

7. Kdwin, son of John and JJetsy, lives in Piovidonco. 

Oliver, son of Kleazor and Klizubctli, born Jnly 14, 1801 ; 
married Clarissa Gardner. Children, — Catherine, born at 
Newport, April o, 1821, married Kdward ITanimct; William 
O., born Oct. 11, 182:] ; Hannah E., Feb. 7, 1825, died in 
1848 ; ITcnry, born Fob. 25, 1827 ; Edwin 0., April 25, 
1829. He is a retired merchant in Newport. 

7. William 0., son of William II. and Hannah, born 
Dec. 29, 1818 ; married .Niary Ann Bates, and lives in New- 

I 7. Edward C, son of William IT. and Hannah, born 

May 4, 18o4r ; nmrricd Caroline Sherman. Children, — 
. Ella P., born at Newport, Dec. 19, 1853 ; Ida, August, 1856. 
I Lives in Newport. 

8. William 0., son of Oliver and Clarissa, born Oct. 11, 
•' 1853; married Agnes ^I. Clark. Chiblren, — Kate W.; 

Taylor; Oliver C, born at Brooklyn, N.Y., u\ 1854. Mar- 
ried, for second wife, Ennna ; married also a third wife. 
I Child (by third wife), — William 0., bom in 1850. IIo 

I is a banker in Wall Street, N.Y. 

7. George P., son of William H., born Juno 8, 1823; 
married Martha Wilbur. Child, — William H., born June, 
1855. Lives at Newport. 

4. Benjamin, son of Daniel of Norwalk, married Bethiah 
Wood, April 25, 1715. Children,— Bethiah, born May 22, 
170U; Sarah; Benjamin, ^larch ^U, 1770; Elizabeth, Juno 3, 
177t5; Daniel, Dec. 11, 1778; Enos, Oct. 80, 1787. 

o. Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Bethiah, born May SI, 
1770 ; married Betty Bouton, Jan. 12, 1793. Children,— 
Wilbur, born April 20, 1794; Stephen, Feb. 18, 179G; 
Jienjamin ; James ^I. 


Klizjibelh, married a Sluibeth ; William II. Mumfard ; Mary 
Ami. lie lived at Newport, and died in 18:]i). 

7. Joiin, sou of Julm and Betsy, lives in Providence. 
7. Kdwin, son oi* John and lictsy, lives in IVovidenco. 
Oliver, .son of Klea/.er and Klizabetli, born July 14, 1801 ; 
married Clarissa Gardner. Cliildren, — Catherine, born at 
Newport, April 5,1821, married Kdward ITannnct; William 
O., born Oct. 11, 1823 ; Hannah E., Feb. 7, 1825, died in 
1843 ; Henry, bon» Fob. 2-3, 1827 ; Kdwin 0., April 25, 
1829. He is a retired merchant in Newport. 

7. William 0., son of William II. and Hannah, born 
Dec. 20, 1818 ; married -Mary Ann IJates, and lives in Xcw- 
, port. 

I 7. Edward C, son of William 11. and Hannah, born 

' May 4, 18-J4 ; married Caroline Sherman. Children, — 

Ella P., born at Newport, Dec. 1*J, 1833 ; Ida, August, 185G. 
I Lives in Newport. 

I 8. William 0., son of Oliver and Clarissa, born Oct. 11, 

i 1853; married Agnes ^I. Clark. Chiblren, — Kate W. ; 

Taylor; Oliver C, born at Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1854. Har- 
ried, for second wife, Ennna ; nnirried also a third wife. 
Child (by third wife), — William 0., born in 1850. Ho 
I is a banker in Wall Street, N.Y. 

7. George P., son of William H., born Juno 8, 1823; 
married Martha Wilbur. Child, — William H., born June, 
1855. Lives at Newport. 

4. Benjamin, son of ihiniel of Norwalk, married Itetbiali 
Weed, April 25, 1715. Children,— liethiah, born May 22, 
17G0; Sarah; Benjamin, March ol, 1770; Eli/abcth, Junc3, 
177ti; Daniel, Dec. II, 1778; Enos, Oct. 30, 1787. 

o. Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Bethiah, bora May 81, 
1770 ; married Betty Bouton, Jan. 12, 1793. Children,— 
Wilbur, born April 20, 1794; Stephen, Feb. 18, 1790; 
l>enjamiii ; James M. 


4. Elialvhn, son of Diiuicl of Norwalk. ChiM, — K/ra. 
lie settled in Amcniu, Dutchess County, N.Y., in 1778 ; and 
the farm on which he scUhtd is still occupied hy his de- 

5. Ezra, son of Eliakini of Amcnia, N.V., manitMl Esther 
Ed gallon. Chihircn, — Newton, Fitch, Iforace, Coluudm.H, 
Harriet, Ahnira, r>etsy, Catherine, Enudinc. Jfe lived and 
dieil on the houicstead of his father, in Anienia. 

C. Newton, son of Ezra, married Ann Vandyke. Chil- 
dren, — Ifenry Vandyke, Alhert, Frances, Catherine, lie 
lives on the old farm of his father and grandfather, in Anie- 
nia; and has taken great interest in hunting up the genea- 
logy and history of his ancestors. 





1. Joseph Rbftd, a native or Garrickfcrgus, iu the North 
of lrohiiid« near Ix)n<IouilciTy, came to America ia the ship 
^^ Arabella" (Itiehanl Sprague, master) in IGTl, aiul settled 
iu Lynn, Muss. ; made IVeeoian, May ll, 1G81, and lived in 
Salem. lie was a purchaser o( land in Salem in 1084. 
Children, — Thomas, AudrcMr, Joseph. 

2. Andrew, son o( Josepit, married Tlieodosia Bowes for 
second wife. lie settled in Trenton, N.J. lie was a mer- 
chant, and moved to. Philadelphia, where he si)ent several 
years in active business life, but linally returned to Tren- 
ton in 1752. He died Dec. IG, 17G9. Children, — Joseph ; 

S. Joseph Reed, son of Andrew and Theodosia, born at 
Trenton, Aug. 27, 1741 ; gmduated at Princeton in 1757, 
at the age of sixteen ; studied law with Richard Stockton, 
one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence ; ad- 
mitted to the bar iu May, 17G3 ; sailed for Enghuid tiie same 
year, and entered the Inns of Court, where he remained till 
the spring of 17G5 ; married in St. Luke's Cliurch, Ijondon, 
to the daughter of Denis Do Burlit, a noted merciiunt of 
London, and agent for Massachusetts; returned to America, 
and established himself in the practico of his profession, and 
was one of the most distinguished lawyoi*s of his time. lie 
was Qen. Washington's military secretary; was adjutant- 


.. /^- 

CJfBrt.'Sr* [u),umiii>.. 


<roncraI in tlic American Army, llo was appointed ('liior- 
Juslice of Ponnsylvania, bul iloclincd the a|»|»ointmenl; was 
a member of Congrcsii, anil PrcMilont of IVnnsylvania. He 
was tlie man above all others, Washington excepted, who had 
the confidence of all parties; and, had his life been spared, 
would undoubtedly have tilled the l^'e>idential chair. It was 
Gen. Keed, who, in reply to an oiler, by the JJrilish Commis- 
sioncr&i, of the most important ollice in the Colonies, and ten 
thousand pounds in cash, to act in the interest of the Jhitish 
(lovcrnment, said that the King of (treat Iiritain liad nothing 
within his gift that would tempt him. For a more minute 
account of his public life, 1 refer the reader to a work on 
the subject, published by his grandson, lion. William J]. 
Uecd, entitled " Life and Correspondence of Joseph Ilocd." 
lie had a son Jof-eph, born in 177- ; J>enis De IJurht, 1778, 
died, unmarvied, in 1804 ; (Jeorge Washington, born in 
1780, who was a commander in the United-^^tate$ Navy, and 
died in 1813; K^ther and Martha, unmairied daughters. 

4. Joseph, tlie son of Uen. Heed, married Maria Ellis 
Watmaugh in 1 «()'>. Children, — William 1)., born in l.SOG ; 
Henry, 1808 ; Maria Emily, who married Francis West, and 
died in 1847 ; Joseph, who was drowned. Ho was, for many 
years, KecorJer of Philadelphia. Jle died in 184G. 

5. William U., the son of Jo^fcph and Maria E., married 
Louisa Whilen of I^altiniore. Children, — Anna, who mar- 
rieil Francis U. lA'wis; William; (icorgc Washington ; and 
Louisa. William IJ. Reed was Attorney-General in 18u9; 
^^tato senator in 1811 ; minister plenipotentiary to China in 
18.i7 ; negotiated the treaty of Tienstin, between China and 
the United States, June 18, lhr>8. llo lives at No. 1)05, 
Walnut Street, IMiiladelphia. He nuirried', for second wife, 
Mary Love, daughter of Itobert llalston, in ISjO. Children, 
— Mary Love, who died in 1Sr>'J: Uobert Italston, born in 
1852; Emily Do liurht, 185;$. 


5. llcnryi tbc son of Joseph and Maria, married Elizabelli 
W., dauglitur of Kuos lironi>oUy and grand-daughter of Bishop 
White. Children, — ^Mary llronson, Annie, Ilcnry. He 
was a professor in the University of Pennsylvania, and 
'jHjrished in tlio ill-fateil steamer "Arctic," on his homeward 
l>assage from Europe, in 1854. 




Knock Uked of Lyme, Conn., was colonel in tlio war of llio 
liuvolulion. Children, — Joseph, horn Dec. 18, 17Cj-2; 
John, orExctci*, Conn. ; Chrihlophcr, of ilontgoincry County, 
N.Y.; Enoch, of Roehestcr, N.V. 

Joseph, son of Col. Enoch, born Dec. 18, 1762; married 
IMiclic Itcid, sister of Ahhnihas Rcid of Rutland, ^luss., 
Dec. 18,1783, — the day of his majority. Cliiidt*en, — Al>i- 
jrail, horn Dec. 20,1784; Sally, Dec, 14, 178(}; Caroline, 
April 22, 178i) ; Nancy and Lanua, Juno 4, 1701 ; John, 
Doc. 18, 1703 ; Henry, May 11, 1700 ; Emily, Feb. 13, 
1700 ; Cliarlcs William, Dec. 18, 1802, who lives at Sacket'a 
Harbor, Jenbrson County, N.Y. He was his father's aid, 
and died June 11, 1825 : his wife died Feb. 11, 181G. lie 
lived in Lyme, Conn. ; and his children were all born there. 

Aiiigail, daughter of Joseph and PlicliC, born Dec. 20, 
1781; married Jonathan Hayes, Sept. 12, 1805, who died 
Sept. 5, 1850. 

Sally, daughter of Joseph and Phebc, horn Deo. 14, 1780 ; 
married Samuel Goodncv in 1808. Ho died July 15, 1845. 
She died April 13, 1843. Child, — Walter, who died 
Sept. 13, 1850. 

Caroline, daughter of Joseph and Phdl>o, born April 22, 
1780 ; morrbU William firown, Pcbruary, 1808. 


NaiiL'y, (laujrlitor of Josci)li nnd Phebc, born Juno 4, 1791 ; 
niarricil StO|»licii Allen, AFay oO, 18 hi. 

Lanna, ilaiiglitov of Joseph ami IMicbc, bom Juno 4, 1791 ; 
luarrlcd Stephen Slicphcriljjoii, Nov. y, 1818. 

Eiiiily, (laughter of Joseph and Phebo, born Feb. 13, 
1799 ; luarried Benjamui 11. Peck. She died May 2, 1849. 
Child, — Mary Klizabelh, Avho died at Shelburno FalU, 
Mass., July 9, 1851, aged thirteou years, lie is deceased, 
date unknown. 

John, son of Jusoph and Phcbc, born in Lymo, Conn., 
Dec. 18, 1793 ; married Ann AYullaco, March 7, 1824, at 
Halifax, Yt. Cliildren, — Phcbc Ann, born May 19, 1825, 
in llaliliix, Vt. ; John Williams, Jan. 19, 1828 ; Cliarles 
Henry, June 20, 1S29 ; Helen Maria, Alarch 13, 18;]1 ; 
Walter (jioi)dnew, March 18, 1833, lives in Madison, Wis. 
His wife died April 20, 1857. Ho lived thirty 4ivo years in 
Halifax, Yt. ; but has now sold out. 

Plicbo Ann, daughter of John, born May 19, 1825; mar- 
ried George H. Sawyer, Sept. 23, 1851. Children, — Wii- 
liam Dradbitreet, born Nov. 11, 1852 ; Oeorgo Augustus, 
April 14, 1850 ; Flora II. L., Sept. 14, 185J. . 

Henry, sou of Joseph and Plicbe, born May 11, 179G; 
married Laura Sumner, Jan. 11, 1818, and lives in Bethany, 
Genesee County, N.Y. 

Helen Maria, daughter of John and Ann, born at Halifax, 
YL, March 13, 1831 ; married Jjedndcr M. Lincoln, July 23, 
1850. Child, — Flora Helen, born Se|>t. 14, 1854. Lives in 

John "NY., sou of John and Ann, bora Jan. 19, 1828, at 
Halifax, Yt. ; marriod Susanna F. Hayward, Oct. 10, 1854. 
Child, — Lona, born Sept. 13, 185G. Lives at i^Iarzonuuiia, 

Charles Henry, son of John and Ann, born at Halifax, 
Juno 20, 1829 ; married Fmncelia Call, March 10, 1855. 


Child, — Walter Clinton, boni Aug. 23, 185G. Lives iii 
Madison, Wis. 

John William, son of Juhn and Ann, born Jan. 19, 1828 ; 
nmiried Susanna L Iluywaid, Oct. 10, 1854. 




2. J.tMes IlRin, born in Scotland in 1G95, gradnatcd at 
Edinburgh ; married ilury ; was one of the fusit settlers of 

^Londonderry, N.ll. He was an infhiential man, and deacon 
of tlio church. Children, — Matthew, born April 2, 1728; 
Thomas, ilay 8, 17^0 ; IClizabeth, who married John Nes- 
mitU; John, born in 17I«0; George, 17*33. 

2. Qeorgo, son of Deacon James of Londonderry, born in 
1733; married l[ary Woodburn. Children, — Elizabeth, 
who married Robert M'Orcgor, son of Rev. David il'Gregor 
(she died in 1847, aged eighty-one) ; James, a noted banker 
of Lisbon, Povtugal, of the firm of Ihown, Reid, and Compa- 
ny, and died in London, in ]N(ay, 1827, aged sixty years; 
Mary, who married lion. Samuel Dinsmore, Governor of Now 
Hampshire (sho died at Keene, in June, 18^U, aged sixty- 
four ; her son has also boon Qovornor of New Hampshire) ; 
John, a distinguished merchant in Philadelphia, and died 
December, 1834, aged sixty-throo ; George, born Jan. 29, 
1774, and graduated at Dartmouth College in 1797, married 
Mary Borland in 1807, and married (for second wife) Hai^ 
riet Davison in 1805, — outorcd the profession of law, and 
practised with much success in lilaine, and died in l^ostoy, 

. Jan. 80, 1848, aged seventy-four years. Ho was a colonel 
in the Royolutionary Army ; was intimately associated 
witli S^rk ; and >yas jn nearly all tho hot battles of tho 


Itcvoliilion ; was :i|»|Hiiiito(l Wy (iuv« Siillivau to conunainl 
tlic troojis raiMjil in tlie liiiic of Shay's Itcbollioii, uimI maiiU 
fested greatfikill, somnl jud^^moiit, ami Iruo patriotism; was 
sliCM'ilV of the ci>unty of Kockingliam many years, as well as 
u loading man in town and conuty atlhirs. Ifis wife was 
also a very snponor woman, disiingtiishcd for sonnd judg- 
mcnl, cool, dcliiicrate, ami persevering industry, and an 
uneonnnon sweetness and amiableness of dis|iosition ; and 
peeuliarly calenlated for an lielpmeet to a man in the jiositiou 
of (ien. Ueid. Jt is said that (Jen. Stark used to speak in his 
latter days of ^lolly Ileid, as ha ealled her, fis the most per- 
feet pattern of what a woman should ho. Tlic farm on whieh 
(icn. Keid lived is now owned hy John Taylor, Esq. ; and is 
one of ihc best and most beautiful situations in the vicinity, 
(ien. itcid Ims tlirec grandsons living: viz., (Jeorgc lieid, an 
engineer in Illinois; Gov. l)insnu)re, of New Ilami'>hiro ; 
and Daniel AMiregor, of New- York City. 

-. ^latthew, hon of Deacon James, born April 2, 17:i.S, 
and was a noted boxer. Children, — Abraham, John, 
(•eorgc, Matthew. 

i>. Abraham, the son of Matthew, married Martha Hum- 
phrey. They had — Matthew ; David, born in ITOf) ; Ste- 
phen ir. ; John Uollund; William V.; Sally; Jane, who 
nnuried a Noyes of Atkinson, N.II.; lilarlha; iietsy ; Mary 
A. lie was lieutenant of the Derry Company in the buttle 
of liUliker II 111. He lived at one lime on /ion's Hill, in that 
part of J^ndonderry which is now in Salom, N.H. ; but 
moved back to Londonderry, and died in that part of the 
town which is now in Muuchester. 

4. David, the sou of Abraham, married Martha M^Murphcy. 
Their childi*on were — Isabella, born Jan. til, 17U7, who 
married Samuel Alentor ; Stephen H., born Nov. 7, 171)1); 
Martha, Fob. 10, l^iO:^, married Josiah Hall of Chester, N.H. ; 
Davi*!, born March 7, 1804 ; Ann, May 7, 1807, who mar- 


ricil a Wirnlilon, and lives in i^fancliciiter ; James Mac, horn 
June 4, 180U; ifary Jane, Nov. 2, 1811. Ih lived u|>ou 
tlic homestead ol* \m fulhcr, in what is now Manchester. 

5. David, the son of David and Martha, married Mary S. 
Mar^jh of Chebtcrfield, Nov. 4, 18ol, and settled in West 
Doylston. Child, — Mary Jane, born April 2U, 1849. 

5. Stephen II., son of David and Marllia, born Nov. 7, 
1709 ; married Ileliccca Nichols of Ix)ndondorry, and settled 
in Auburn. Children, — James, who now lives in Derry ; 
John, of Haverhill, ^[ass. ; Israel S., of Lawrence, Mass.; 
and Alexander II., of Derry. 

G. James, the son of Steithcn IT. and Rebecca. Childran, 
— George, Walter, Orison, Helen, Elizabctli, and ono whoso 
name is not given. 

C. Alexander II., son of Stephen IT. and Kebccca, married 
Abigail Stickney. Child, — Charles J. 
' 4. Matthew, the son of Lieut. Abraham, settled in that 
part of Chester, N.II., which is now Auburn. He married 
a Crombic. Tlieir children wore — Closes, Hiram, Oilman, 
George W., Stephen II., True C, Abby, Noah IJ. 

5. Noah ])., the son of Matthew, married Mary E. Carr 
in 1853. Children, — Abby, born Feb. 22, 1855; Oscar; 
Matthew, Aug. 5, 1850; Moses; Iliram; George W. and 
Stephen II., live in Auburn ; Oilman and True, live in 
Manchester; Abby, also lives in Auburn. 

2. JqIui, the son of James, born in 1745 ; married Catho- 
rino Morrison, and lived on the old homestead of his father. 
Children, — Matthew, who died unmarried; Jcannetto; 
Margai*ct; Mary Ann; Polly; Jano; John. 

8. Joannotlc, the daughter of John and Catherine, married 
Peter Moore. Children, — Josiah ; Kliza; Jeannctte, who 
married a Boysc of Londonderry ; IMargaret, who married 
Little Day of Londonderry as his socond wife ; Mary Ann ; 
Polly; Jane; John. 


o. ^fary Aim, the daughter of Jolm and Oatlicnuc, 
iiuirnod Joseph Morrison. Childron,— • John, Muiy, and 

4. John, the son of Joseph Morrison and Mary Ann Ucid, 
married Itebecca, llie danghtcr of Amos Kinihall of London- 
derry. Children, — William K., Sarah Jane, Mary Ann, 
l«la IT.., John llurlon, Louisa, Maria. He died Jan. 2, 
188<), aged thirty-two. 

4. Volly, the daughter of Joseph Morrison and Mary Ann 
IJeid, married Joseph Gregg. Children, — Joseph, Mclvina, 
and one other daughter. 

3. John, tlio son of John and Catherine, married Isabella 
Hopkins. Children, — Adolino, who married a lUako, and 
lives in Danvers ; Isabella, wiio also is marrioil, and lives in 
Danvcrs. lie lived on the old homestead of his father and 

2. Thomas, son of James, born ^fay 3, 1780 ; was iu 
lUmker-hill Fight. There np|)ears to bo no record of Iiini 
at a later period ; but lie probably went to Maine, as his 
descendants were found very early among the inhabitants of 
lioothbay, Belfast, and other places. IJc probably had a son 
Jonathan, who was with his father in the battle of I3unker 
ITill ; ICbcneser, who died in Marblehead ; Esther, who 
married her cousin, John llcid of Iloothbay ; Thomas, 
went to l^lfast ; Robert and James, who both settled hi 

I 8. Thomas, son of Thomas, married Sally need of Ilooth- 

) bay, and settled in Iklfast. Children, — Thomas, born 

Aug. 20, 1793; David, July 1, 17%; Silas; Mary Ann; 
iSully, July 20, 1798, married Capt. John Hhuto (who was 
lost at sea) ; George W., born April 13, 1803 ; Polly, 
March 0, 1801 ; James, Dee. 31, 1805 ; Charles, who died 
Jan. 11, 1829. 
( Thomas, son of Thomas and Sally, was burned to death 


Oil board the schooner " Ali>crt," lyhig at the whaiT in Bol- 
fiist; tlie (ho havin*; caufjhjt in tho i'urocastlo while the men 
were asleep. 

4. George W., sou of Thomas antl Sally, bom April 13, 
1803 ; married Sally «. Kllis, Dec. 20, 1825. Children,— 
Ciiarles, born Doe. a, 1«27 ; Thomas, April 28, 1829 ; Frank- 
lin P., Sept. 8, 18aO ; Adalinc, Jan. 17, 18o2 ; Cleorgo If., 
Sept. 10, 1883 ; Lucy Ann» Feb. 9, 1835. He lives in JJoliiist. 

o, Jonathan, son of Thomas of Londonderry. Children, 

— Robert Darnard, David, IJetsy, Jane, Clarissa. lie went 
to Itolfust, Me. ; and was a tanner by trade. He liad a slioek 
of i>alsy, which deprived him of tho use of his limbs. 1 tind 
him a witness to tho will of Kbcne/er Reed of Londonderry, 
about the year 1785, who died about 1788. 

4. Clarissa, daughter of Jonathan, married a McDonald tu 
Belfast, and had a family of children. Tho remainder of tho 
children of Jonathan left Belfast, and settled in Newbury- 
port. Betsy married a Hunt : she afterwards became a 
widow, and moved to Wakefield, N.U. 

4. David, sou of Jonathan, lived in Ncwburyix)rt. Child, 

— Moses, who lives in Portsmouth, N.H. 

4. Robert li., sou of Jonathan, married Mary. Children, 

— Abel H., born in 180S ; Robert B., 1810; Elizabeth, 
1812 ; Daniel T., born in 1814 ; John C, 181G, who set* 
tied in Mount Vernon, 0.; William P., born in 1815, lives 
in Now York; Mary Ann, born in 1821; Hamct, 1823; 
Melissa, 182G; Abel H. Ho moved back to Londonderry 
in the timo of the Embargo, and died in Derry in 1820. 

5. Robert B., sou of Robert and Mary, born iu 1810; 
married Mary lilarshall, and settled hi Mount Ycrnou, O. 
Childrou, — Lcandor, horn iu Lowell, Mass., Juno 19, 1830 ; 
Lucillus, 1888 ; Robert B., died Jau. 4, 1850. IIo married, 
for second wife, Mary Mulurgo ; and, for third wife, Eliza 
Wilkius, who survives him. 


5. AIkjI IL, son of Robert K., lives in (Chester, N.If. Chil- 
dinjn, — VivuUliii Sylvia, liosalvo Alvaii, Vulledo Suvillian, 
Floral Cleora. 

6. Daniel T., son of Tlol>crt H., lives in Ncwburyport ; 
married ilargaret T. Jaques. Cliildi-cn, — Alplionzo B,, 
lK>rn Feb. 10, 1S40; Luclarion, July 23, 1841; Allen A., 
April IG, 1843 ; Lcroy 0., April 24, 1844 ; Sclion C, 
Dec. 18, 1845. 

Tlio early generations of the Ucids of Londonderry wei-o 
large and athletic ; but the later ones ai-c of less sixe, and 
many of them have died comparatively young, of pulmonary 


470 luua.iNCToN stock. 



1. SwiTHiN, bom in 1712; came to Burlington from Not- 
tingham West, fuhnerly part of Dunstahlo, now lludson, 

V N.ll., in 1710, Wife, Afargery. Children, — Robert; 
James. He died Feb. 10, 17D0, aged scveuty-soven : his 
wife died May 25, 1800, aged ninety-five. 

2. Ilobert, son of Swilhin and ^fargery, married Elizabeth 
Ilartwcll of Bedford, July 2, 1771. Children,— Swithin, 
born in 1773 ; Daniel Ilobert, Sept. 4, 1775. lie was 
drowned, when out on a fibliing excursion outside of Boston 
Lighthouse, June 5, 1H05. 

3. Swithin, son of Itobert and Elizabeth, born Aug. 13, 
! 1773 ; married Anna Wyman, Nov. 19, 171)5. 

8. James, son of Swithin, born 1758 ; married Eliza- 
l)eth Wellington, Sept. 24, 1778. Children, — Elizabeth ; 
James, born April 12, 1783 ; John, Nov. 20, 1787 ; Joseph ; 
Lucy ; Luke ; Samuel ; Floranna, who married Jonas Hor- 
sey of Charleston, S.C. Ho was known as Capt. James 
Read of Burlington. 

4. James, son of Capt. James of Burlington, born April 12, 
1783; married Susanna Johnson, Jan. 11, 1810. Children, 

I — Artcmas, born June 28, 1811 ; James, March 10, 1813; 

Susan, July 11, 1818; Edward, Sept. 2, 1823; Luke W., 
Nov. 11, 1820. Ho was also distinguished as Capt. Read; 
and died Nov. 29, 1814, aged sixty-one. His widow still 
lives in the old mansion with her hon Edward. 


f). Arlcmas, son of C{i])t. James, boni June 28, 1811; 
ntarned Abigail Kox, Ajiiil 2-i, 1827 ; nmrricd Klizubclli 
^Vinn of Saleni, lor sccomi wile, Jan. 10, 1810. Children, 
— William tJago, horn Feb. S, ISoO ; (Jeorgc Henry and 
(jeorgianna, A|;ril 2o, 181U. He lives u]»on a |>orlion of the 
old homestead in liurlington. 

4. Joscpli, son of Oapt. James and Klizahelh, married 
Marah S. Walker, Sept. 3, 1811. Children, — John ; Jo- 
seph W., who lived in New Orleans, and died at IJay St. 
liouisi in 1850, aged thirty-nine. His wife died Nov. lo, 
18o0. lie was formerly an innholder, and kept on the Alid- 
dlescx Turnpike in liurlington. 

5. John, sou of Joseph and ^larah, married Mary G. 
llriggs, daughter of Ijillings Ihiggs, Ksq., of Doston, April 22; 
1815. Children, — killings Ihiggs, ilary Olive, John Par- 
sons, Joseph AVelllngton. ile carried on a very extensive 
shoe-store in Washington Street, Jioston ; and died suddenly, 
of the heart eomplaint, Nov. 3, 185*1. His widow lives 
at No. 54, Pinkjiey Street. 

5. James, son of Capt. James and Susanna of Turlington, 
))orn March lU, 1813; married in l>oston, Dec. 25, 1811), to 
Mary Jano Mageo of Cornwallis, N.S. Children, — James 
KusscU, bora Jan, 4, 1851 ; Henry M., Aug. 29, 1862 ; Ana 
liriaiaier, Dec. 13, 1855. He lives at No. 44, South llussell 
Street, lk>sion. 

6. Luko, sou of Capt. James, married Barbary M*Murpliy 
of Soutli Carolina. ll(d lost the most of his family by the 
yellow fever ; has one son now living, by the name of lOras- 
tus. He died in ^fadisonville, La., near New Orleans. 

5. Edward, son of Capt. James and Susanna, liora Sept. 2, 
1823; married Kmily Nicltols, April 25, 1847. Child,— 
Williaai Ileary, bora July 13, 184U. His wife died Sept. 19, 
1849. Married. Kmily Saiith. He lives upon the old homo- 
stoud in Burlington. Children, — Emily; Ella. 

472 laiuLiNCJTON stock. 

o. Su^an, (lau^litiii* of Cupt. James, laarrieil Jcsso Fowlo 
of Woljdi'u, and livens near tlic old mansion. 

4. John, son of Gapt. James of lUuUngton, born Nov. 2G, 
1787 ; married Clarissa Clapp of Woburn, Oet. G, 1819. 
Child, — Join), who lives in New- York City, lie was a shoo 
mcrehant, and lived at Woburn, but did business in Charles- 
ton, S.C. 

Daniel, son of TSohert and Elizabeth, lived many years in 
Burlington, but finally moved to Oakham. Children, — 
William, who now lives at North Woburn ; Augusta, who 
married Treseott Darrott ; Iliram, who died in Woburn of 



ClIAFrKll XX. 


1. John Read, born in England in 1G77 ; emigrated to 
America about the commcnccmcut of the cighteentli century, 
and was Recorder of rhiKlelphia. He died Sept. 2, 1724. 
Cliildrcn, — Deborah, and probably John. 

2. I)ei>orah, the daughter of JohUy married Benjamin 
Franklin, Sept. 1, 1730; died Dee. ID, 1774. Children,— 
William, born about 1731; Francis Polger, June 20, 1732, 
died Nov. 21, 1730; Sarah, Sept. 11, 1743, O.S. 

8. AVilliam, the son oi* Denjamin Franklin and Deborah 
Read, was Governor of the Fruvinee o( New Jei'sey, and con- 
tinued his fidelity to the Dritish (aOYcrnment, very much 
against the wishes of his {varents. He died in London, 
Nov, 17, 1818, leaving a son, AVilliam Temple, who was the 
editor of Dr. Franklin's Works, and died at Paris, May 25, 

3. Sarah, the daughter of Denjamin Franklin and Debo- 
rah, married Richard Jhiche, Oct. 2D, 1707 ; died Oct, 6, 
1 808, Children, — Dcnjamin Franklin, born Aug. 12, 1709, 
died Sept. 10, 17U8; William, born May 31, 1773; Sai-ah, 
l>ec. 1, 1775, died Aug. 17, 177(» ; Kllza Franklin, born 
Sept. 10, 1777 ; Louis, Oct. 7, 1779 ; Deborah, Oct. 1, 1781 ; 
Richard, March 11, 1784; Sarah, Sept. 12, 1788. 

4. i>enjaniiu F., son of Richard Cache and Sarah, married 
Margaret II. Markoe ; died Sept. 10, 1798. Children,— 

474 the: ukaus of tiik uknjamin fkakklin stock. 

iMnnkliii, who niairicil Anglao Pabjulic, ami left cliiKlrca; 
Itidiard ; Fraiiklii), who married Maria .Meade, aud left 
j children. 

4. William Jhiche, son of Rjehard and >^arah, married 
Catherine Winter, and «lied in l^Sl-l. (children, — Sarah, 
who married Itev. Charles J lodge, and left children ; l*onju- 
min F., who married Mrs. Anna Oamhridge and (for second 
wife) Mrs. Klizabeih Ihirt, and left children hy lioth ; Kmnia 
ilary, died unauirried; Caiherine Wisler. 

4. Kli/a F., dan^hter of liiehard and ."^arah, married John 
E. Ilarwood, and dietl in 1M*J0. Children, — Uenjamin 
Franklin ; Andrew Allen, who married ^^arah AVood and 
(for second wile) -Margaret Luce ; Klizaheth ; Mary, 

4. Louis, son of Uiehard Ihiche and Sarah, married Mary 
Ann Swift and (for second wife) K>lhcr Kgree, and dicil in 
1810, Children, — AVilliam, who married Antoinette JJene- 
tot, and left children ; Theophilact, who died young ; Kli/a- 
bothy Avho married Alexander liurnett; Theophilact, by the 
second wife. 

4. Dohoruh, dau«ihtcr of Richard liachc and Sarah, mar- 
ried William John Duanc. Children, -r- William, who 
I married Louisa lirooks, and has children ; Sarah Frank- 

lin ; Mary, who married Charles AVilliams, and has chil- 
i drcu ; Catherino ; Kllen, who married John R. Shatter- 

thwaitc, and has children ; Franklin 1). ; Klizaheth, who 
married Archihald IL (Sillesiiie ; llichard J)., who married 
Mai*garet Ann Tams ; ISenjamin Franklin, who uuinied ^(a- 
j tilda DonnisoUy who died Feh. 14, 1851), — ihey have chil- 


4. Richard Bacho, sou of Richard and Sarah, married 
Sophia l>allas, and died in 18-17. Children, — Alexander 
Dallas, who married Ann C. Fowler; Mary lUichenden, who 
married Robert J. Walker, and has children ; (icorge 
2iUniin, who married Elizu Patlcrsou, and has children ; 


Itidianl ; Sopliiu, who niari L-tl William W. Irwin, and lias 
cliililren ; ilalilila, who niarrictl WilHain l\ Ijncry, anil 
has chiKlren ; I'on^lanlia, who marriiMl Charles Aliort, 
ami has chihhvn ; Samh, who niarricil Unrhanl Wuin- 
wri^'ht, anil has chihircn ; .Maria, who niarriuil Alloii 

4. Sarah, ilannhtiM* of Kiohanl lia^rho and Sarah, married 
Thomas Scrjroani. Chihhvn, — Ih^nry J4inathan ; Frant-cs, 
who married l.1ir. iSrant l*orry, and has ehildren ; Thomas; 

L'. 1 1 is su|)po^ed that John, the son of John, married one 
Kli/.ahelh for lirsl wife, and Uaehel for ><ocond wife ; (hat he 
had a danghler Raehel hy the first wife, who was horn in 
lTr^<), and died in IToti; and that ho also had a danghter 
hy the same name, hy his sceond wife, who died in 18;^t). 
The elder John Uead, his daniihter Dehorah and her has- 
hand Uenjamin Franklin, with their dan»*1iter Sarah and her 
htishand Mr. Daehe, are all bnried at the eorner of ChribtV 
dinrehyard in Fhiladelphia ; and their ^navestones arc to 
he seen hy an opening in the hriek wall on Arch Street, — 
an iron Tenec havin«r heen snh>liUiled lor a hriek one, to give 
the passing traveller an opporlnnily 1(» view the plain marhic 
>hd» that eovers the graves of Franklin and his wile. 'J'lio 
graves of the two IJaehels, above deseriheil, arc in another 
part of the jsame yard. Nearly aeross tho .street from the 
grave of Franklin and !>ehorah, in an old l*reshylerian 
ehnrehyard, is the grave of John Head, covered hy a Hat 
niiirhle slah, with the following inseri|itioi4 : ^Mlerc iielh 
the hoily of Jtdrn liead, ^*^l)., who de|»arteil this life, Dec. 2, 
1770, aged thirty-eight years.'* This is snp|K)sed to Ik; the 
person who pnhli>hed a map of the city in 1774, and a pam- 
phlet alii>ut the same time ; and was prohahly u nephew to 
Hehorah hy her hrolher John, and had a Mtn named Frank* 
lin, and another hy the name of John. 


4. Franklin Keuil, llio sou of John, Avas in tlio battle uf 
Ocnnunlown. Jlo mairicd Catlicrinc (*umc. Children, — 
William, who died in liallinioro, leaving children ; John 
Franklin and AVilliani, who died at New Orleans; Mary, 
who married a l]rant; Ann, who married a Cnrti^s; Sarah, 
married a Sines ; Martha, married Jaeob Anderson ; John, 
who was horn Juno 21), 1780, and uuirricd Tahitha Andrews 
(children,— Franklin, horn Feh. 4, 1804 ; Klizaheth, Dee. 12, 
1811 ; John, Jan, 10, 1814 ; Sanuiel, April r>, 181G ; Uehccea, 
June lU, 1819 ; lienjumin Franklin, Jan. 10, 1822; Mary 
Ann, July 10, 1820 ; William, Jan. 8, 1828, died young). 

0. Juhn Franklin, son of William, married Ann Carty, 
and is in the Custom House at Philadelphia. Children, — 
William Franklin, who kee|)S at the corner of Chestnut and 
Strawberry streets ; ]\rary ; Roxanna, who married John 
Morton ; Martha. 

Franklin, son of John and Tahitha, married Catherine 
Snovell. Child, — John Randolph. 

Elijcalicth, daughter of John and Tabitha, married Samuel 
Babb. Children, — Tahitha E., Amanda, Eliza, Alary, Anna. 

Tabitha, daughter of Tabitha and Samuel I>abb, married 
Bcnjaniin P. Wcckerly ; and they live with her father, at 
No, 25, Maryland Street. 

John, the son of John and Tabitha, married Ann Snovell. 
Children, — Sarah Jane, Franklin, Benjamin F,, Emma, 
Harriet, Gcorgo W., Clara. 

Samuel, son of John and Tabitha, married Ellen Fecney. 
Children, — Mary Jane ; William, Ho died Feb. 1, 1859. 

Rebecca, daughter of John and Tabitha^ married Abraham 
Bower. Children, — Oeorgo W., William, John, Mary, 
Alvira, Matilda. 

Benjamin F., sou of John and Tabitha, married Elizabeth 
Baron, and lives in Illinois. Children, — Oeorge W., Tho- 
mas J., Emma, Franklin. 


Mary Aun, dauglilcr of John aiul Tahitlia, mnnicil Wii- 
liaui Thompson. ChiUlrcn,— Frances, Henry !>., Mary. 

Johw 1iam1ol|»h, son of FrankUn ainl Catlierlnc, marrieil 
Oathonno Wincgardun, and lives in iMiihuIeliihu\. Child, — 

Ocurgc W., son of llel)ccca Uead and Ahraham J>o\vcr; 
married Ann Johnson, and lives in the city of Phihidelidiia. 

John Read, the son of John, Esq., was an oilicer in the 
Navy, under Com. Truxton, and wa.s drowned oil' the Capes 
of tlie J>eluware. 


47.S tin: ijootiiuay stock. 



n. PauL| son or Joscpliy born in 17U5, in the county of 
T)eny, Ireland; settled first in Yarmouth, lie.; but, his 
liouso having bhiwn down after it was raised, he boked 
\\\)on it ns an unluvoraljlc omen, and left Yarmouth, and 
went to Doolhbay. Ife nnirried a Maxwell. Children, — 
Andrew ; Williuni j\laxwell. He commanded a iirivateer 
in the Iiovolution, and took several vaUialile prizes. J To 
died at Salenj, i[as.s., Jan. 21, 17Di). 

4. Andrew, son of J*aul, born in 1705 ; married Betsy 
M*Cobb, Chihlren, — John, Alpheus, Nathaniel C, Samuel 
]>., Thomas M., William ^I., Parker M. He commanded a 
regiment ol' militia, stationed at the mouth of the Kennebec 
lliver, in the war of 1K12; built a fort ou what is called 
Cox's Head ; and had some skirmishes with tho l}riti^)h, who 
had blockaded tho mouth of the river, and menaced, at times, 
liath, and other places near the mouth of the river. 

5. William M., son of Col. Andrew, is one of tho Cover- 
nor^s Council of tho State of ^hiino, and has a son Kdwin in 
liowdoin Collego. 

Thomas M., son of Col. Andrew, is one of the firm of 
Clarke, SewcU, and Company, ship-buildci*s ; is a largo 
and wealthy shi|H)wncr ; and occupies tho homestead of his 
father, u|)on the hank of tho river. 



i}. Natliuniel C, sou of Col. Amlrcw, iijsules in IMiijis- 
1)11 rg. 

5. Ranuicl P., sou of Col. Amlrcw, lives lii Rath. 

f), Parker M., son of Oul. Amlrew, lives in Michigan City. 

4. William ilaxwoll, son of (^*a|>t. I'anl, lunn in ]>ooihliay 
in 17(J0 ; ^vas powiler-monkey on hoard the privateer com- 
nuimleil hy his father ; inarrieil lto^annu Anhl. Chihlren, 
— Taul M., horn at Hoothhay, Nov. 27, 1TD7, died at Now 
Orleans in 182*); Maxwell, horn ^U\y 0, 171KS, died Nov. 4, 
IVM ; Charles, horn June ti;*, 1800, died at sea ; ifaria, horn 
Sept. 17, 180;l, died Aug. 2, 18 18 ; llufus K., horn Sept. LH), 
ISO.i ; Klizaheth A., April 8, 1808. Married, for second 
wife, Martha Itust, Oct. t», 1811. Children, — Maxwell, 
liorn Sept. 19, 1812 ; Itohunmi M., Jan. 21, 1813 ; Mary E., 
Jan. 28, ISl.') ; ilarirery J., April 8, ISIO, died Nov. 14, 
182i> ; L-^aac W., horn Oct. IS, 1822 ; Susan Caroline, 
Jan. 20, 1827. He was a man of consideralde di.stinetion ; 
t'onnnanded the forces at Hoothhay llarhor in the war of 
1812; and wa:i an oflicer of the revenue many years. He 
died in 18r>0. 

fi. Viwil M., son of William M. of Tloolhhay, horn Nov. 27, 
17U7 ; married Mary Sparr, in JiOston, Jan. 7, 1819. Chil- 
dren, — Mary Ann, born April tJ, 1820, died Jan. 10, 1822; 
Sarah Ann, horn Feh. 22, 1822; l*aul M., May 25, l82o, 
died June 7, 182.") ; Maxwell, born May 12, 1827. He died 
at New Orleans, June 19, 1S29, aged thirty-two years and 
eight months. 

(i. >h\xwell, son of Paul M. and Mary, horn May 12, 1S27 ; 
nuirried llelieeca S. Oliver, Nov. lU, 1848, in l>ohton ; mar- 
ried, for second wife, Sarah (i. 'J'iri'cll. Children, — Mary 
Alice; Charles Henry. He is a ]>ilot at lioston. 

t). Sarah A.,daugliler of l*aul il. and Mary, bora Feh. 22, 
1822; married Hon. Nathan Porter of I'rovidence, ll.i. 
Children, — Sarah K., Clara H., Itena li. Mr. iVter is u 


lawyer, ami is praiitising his profession at San Francisco, 
Ca). lie lias been a scnalor ol* considerable distinction in 
Kliodc island, and his fanuly yet remain in Providence. 

/). Elizabeth, danghter ol* William ^f. and Ilosanna, born 
at liooihhay, April 8, 1808 ; married Dr. D. II. Kennedy, a 
practisinjj; physician in \Vi^cassct, Me., where they reside. 

5. Isaac W., son of William ^I. and Martha, born at 
Hoothbay, Oct. 18, IS'li ; is one of lh« ollicers of the revenue 
for the district of lioothbay at the present lime, as was his 
father before him. 




1. Robert Reed ; was cai)tain of a ship, and perished by 
some accident in coniing into Ne\v|)Oi't Harbor. He left a 
wife, and ono son by the nanio of Martin, who married !&iary 
Dixon. He was a sensible man, and a pillar in the church. 
Cliild, — John, who is the Rev. Dr. John Reed. He gradu- 
ated at Unity College ; was ordained pastor of the Union 
Church at Poughkeepsie in 1810, and remained pastor 
thirty-live years. His wife died in 1832. Children, — Rev. 
Thomas C. Reed, ]>roressor in Union College ; and a daugh- 
ter, who is the wife of Thomas L. Davis of Poughkeepsie. 

1 . Cornelius Read, ))orn in the coimty of Antrim, Ire,, 
Aug. 3, 1740 ; married the only daughter of Benjamin Wil- 
liams of Saybrook, Conn., born in 1770. ChildreUy — Jano, 
born April 28,1771 ; Temperance, March 1,1773; Philii)- 
ana, Feb. 12, 1773 ; ElizulKith, Juno 8, 1777 ; Nancy, 
Aug. 21, 1779; Charlotte, Nov. 27, 1784 ; Anna, Nov. 15, 
1781 ; Ooorge, March 22, 1787 ; Ui-suU, April 23, 1789; 
4^avid, May 81, 1794. He died in 1802. 

2. Qoorgo, sou of Cornelius, born March 22, 1787 ; mar- 
ried in 1814. Children, — Catherine P., born July 22, 
1815 ; Aurclia S., Aug. 29, 1818 ; George A*, July 29, 1827. 
Ho has been long celebrated for the manufacture of ivory 
combs in Seabrook, where ho recently died. 



3. flooioe A., .<oii of OLMn«.^c, bom July iil), 1S27. Child, 

— Cicorgc Ilonry, born Dec. 2;'), 1818. 

2, navid, sou of Coniulius, lioni Jfay 81, 1794; married 
in 18 U>. (Jliildren, — Spencer, born April 23, 1817 j 
Cliarles b\, April 0, iSl!); iMary, April 2, 1821; Tempe- 
rance, Nov. IS, 1823. 

8. Spencer, son ol* l>avitl, ))orn April 2;*), 1Sl7. Child, — 
Henry S., born in 1844. 

4. Jonathan Ki:ko ol* (Jreenwich, Colninbia County, N.Y. 
Children, — Jabez, Amos, Carey, Tolly. 

Amos, son of Jonathan, lives in Cayuga County, N.Y. 
Jube/., son of Jonathan, married Sally Cay, and settled in 
Wilton, about lour miles IVom .Saratoga Springs. Children, 

— Jabez, who lives in Michigan ; Calvin 1*., who is the post- 
master of (irangerville, N. \\ ; Hiram, lives in Crangcrville ; 
John, lives in Cayuga County, N.Y. ; and lour daughters, 
whoso names are not given. 

JouN, born Feb. 18, 177i> ; married Miss IJisliop in Virgi- 
nia, and settled in Alabama. Children, — John, who is in 
Culifornia ; Jai^es and 'i'homas, live in liay County, Mo. ; 
Williau), lives in Alabama ; I^aac P., is the postmaster of 
Fuvmington, Miss.; Jane; Margaret; Eveline; lluldah; 
Nancy; Frances, lie died of yellow fever, as did also seve- 
ral of his children. 

KiTCiiKL liKKO ; was ono of tho pioneer settlers in 
Northern New York, and was in tho llevolutionury War.* 
Children, — Silus, Kitchcl, Ezi'a. Ho lived in Gran- 

Silas, sou of Kitchel, married Klizabcth Bonis in 1793. 
Childroii, — Easra ; Mary; Kli^a; Julia; Jaines, who moved 
to Toronto, Can., ia 1842; Yioni; Edward U. ; Silas K. 



Married, for second wife, Jfrs. Kt'llnjrjr, He died in 0>we»i[[o, 
N.Y., inlS-n. 

Kzrn, son of Silas of Oswojrj), Imrn in (inuiville, N.Y., 
June 21), 1807.' Children, — William Sanuiel ; James Ezra. 
ITe is the i»ostmaster of Jordan's Valley, Rntherl'ord County, 

Kilehcl, son of Kitclicl. Children, — Orvillc ; AVilliam. 
lie lived in Dulehe.^s County, N.Y. 

Kzra, son of Kilchel, kept tavern in Stillwater ; hut 
moved to Troy, nnd from Troy to New-York City, where ho 
now lives. 

Stkimien Rkad, of SulTolk, Knj?., had a sou Stcjihen ; who 
Iiad a son Samuel, now living in Lowell, Mass. 

Matthkw llicii) and liitiuoirr cnmc from Ireland, and livo 
in Woymoulh, Mass. Children, — Mary A., lH)ra Mov. 1, 
18:)2; Martin, Oct. 11, 18o4. 

Joirx Read died in captivity, Nov. 1, 174(). 

Rked's Blockhouse, twcnty-fivc miles fi*om Pittsburg, Pa* 

Thomas Read; taken by Indians, at Iladlcy, in tlic bogiu- 
uing of April, 11>T<!. 

^licuAKL Rrid, of Dublin, died at tho Afurinc Hospital at 
CharlostowUi Mai-cb 2, 1821, aged thirty-ouo. 

JoiiN Reed, of liTarblehcad, died at the Marine Hospital at 
Charlcstown, July 20, 1822. 

Jacou Rkkd, a convict in the Ktato Pri.suii, Charlostowu, 

i died July 17, 1822, uged seventeen. 



1. James IIkid of Tyrone County, Ire. Cliildrcn, — Da- 
niel and William (twins), Andrew, James. 

2. Daniel, son of James, married Elizabeth Reed. Chil- 
dren. Ellen and Ann. 

2. William, son of James, married Molly Trwin. Pour 
children, names not given. 

2. Andrew, son of James, is in St. John's. 

2. Jumes, son of James, married Elizabeth Cahan. Chil- 
dren, — Ann, John, Slartha, Joseph. 

3. Ann, daughter of James and Elizabeth, married Tho- 
mas Hallieks, and has three ehildren. 

8. John, son of James, married Elizabeth Macconnell. 
Children, — James, born in 1832 ; James, 1834 ; Susan A. J., 
1842; Robert A., 1844 ; John W., 1845 ; Mary E., 1848; 
Albert C, 1851 ; ilartha A., 1853. He lives in West Enos- 
bury, y t. ; and is an iiidependent farmer. 

8. Joseph, son of James and Elizabeth. Children, — 
Arabella, John, Joseph. 

1 Rev. Isaac Rked ; went from Henderson County, Tenn., 

and made a settlement at what is ealled Reed's Settlement, 
in Panola County, Tex., when that section was in a wild 
state, and the savage Indians roamed at large over its wild 
and unfrequented forests. He had a largo fantily of sons and 
daughters, and sons-in-law. His son Samuel A. Reed re- 
I mains there ; and William B. lives hi Fairfield, Freestone 

County, Tex. This family are mostly members of the Bai>- 
tist-Missiou Church, and are a very respectable family. 

«— Reed; a soldier of the Rovolution. Children, — 
Robort, Mary, Adam, Jano, Joseph, JameS| John, William, 
Samuel, George, Dorcas. At the close of the war, he took a 
soldier's claim in Westmoreland County, Pa. ; and moved 
from thence to some other place in the same county. 


Kobcrt. ChiUli'cn, — Robert, boni May 9, 1812 ; James, 
April 29, 1815 ; Tlioiuus S., Sept. 3, 1810 ; Dorcas, ^fardi H*, 
1818 ; Sarah, Pcpt. 21, 1819 ; Ilcrvey Nicll, March 3, 1821 ; 
Harriet, Jimc 2G, 1825. 

James, sou of RoI)ert, born April 29, 1815. Children, — 
Maria, born Aug. 10, 1810; Thomas S., June 25, 1843; 
Lavinia J., Jan. 551, 1847 ; Margaret, Feb. lii, 1851. lie is 
the postmaster of Ilarrietsville, I'a. 

Rkrd, who came from Ireland, and lived in several 

of the Southern States. Children, — Alexander, Samuel, 
George. The sons settled in North Carolina in the time of tho 
Revolution, and were more or less engaged in the war. They 
afterwards moved to the Ogcecha River. Alexander was 
killed by tho Indians. George had a ball pass thruu<;h him 
in a battle with the Rritish and Tories: the ball entered at 
tho hollow of the breast, and came out the left side of tho 
back-bone ; but he lived to do much service after. They 
had a fort on their plantation, and the whites kept watch 
and guard while the blacks cultivated the soil. George 
afterwards moved to Jackson County, Oa., and from there 
to Dekalb County ; and died about 1825. Children, — Ro- 
bert, Alexander, George, Henry, Samuel. 

George, the son of George, had seven sons. 

Robert A., son of George, is ])ostmaster of Burnt Stand, 

Jami-:s Rkki) of Clarion County, Pa. Children, — Joseph, 
^ Eben, Martin, James, Mary, William, Jane, John. 

John, son of James, is the postmaster of Wareaw, in Jef- 
ferson County, Ta. Children, — Webster, boni Feb. 2G, 
1850 ; Samuel Curtiss, April 7, 1852 ; Caroline Amelia, 
Aug. 2(5, 1854 ; John Franklin, Oct. 7, 1855. 


1!ki:i), who 0)ni<r)'nUHl to America liofoic tlio Rovolii- 

l'h»n, scillccl in Fairfax (\niiity, Vu., uiul liaU six sons, — 
Ruhcrt ; James ; Nelson ; William ; Saunders A. ; Jolm, 
who was II sea-captain. 

Nelson Ileeil ; was a ^^elllo(li^t minister, nml lived in 1>aUi- 

Saunders A. Reed; sellled in Wyandot County, 0., wlicrc 
lie died at the agtj of eii:hly-une. 

Edwin S., sou of Saumlers A., is -the postmaster of West 
Elkhart, Ind. ; and has two sons and live dau|^hters, names 
I not given. 

. John Rkkd ; mairieil a Camphell ; they wore Scotch Iligh- 

{ landers: came to America, and drew four hundred acres of 

j land, for Uevoluliimary services, in tlie town of Ar^ylc, 

Washington Couniy, N.Y. Cliildren, — Peter, Alexander, 


Alexander settled in Argylc, and hud ten children; ono 
, of whom is John, liorn in ITl'O, who has hoeu postmaster of 

I North (ircenwich forty-two years. 

Peter, the son of John, settled in Rockland County, N.V. 

Calvin Rkkd of ; was otit iu all the Revolutionary 

AVar, and in the war of 18l± Childreu, — JiUthor; Cal- 
vin W. 

fjulher, son of Calvin, was an appveutice in New-York 
City during the latter part of the Revolution, and was in 
Cien. Harrison^s army in 1813. He married a Miss Thorp 
j of New Jersey in 1802, and emigrated to the West the same 

year. Children, — Luther, Calvin W., and John T. lie 
died hi the latter part of ISIo. His children live in Oeorge- 
town, O. ; ami Calvin W. is the postnuister of that place, 
lie was ahoul a fair specimen, in si/.e, of the Itceds who 
uero horn hefure the Revolution ; heing al>out six feet one 

480 UKi:i>s OK VAitiou.'=i famiuks. 

Hkf.I), who eini^nihul to America lieforc the Revolu- 
tion, iicilliid in Fairfax (\ninty, Va., and liaJ .six sons, — 
Itohcrt ; James ; Nclsim ; William ; Saunders A. ; John, 
Avhu was a sea-captain. 

Nelson Reeil ; was a i^ethodi^^t minister, and lived in Dalti- 

Saunders A. R(!cd ; sellled in Wyandot Counly, 0., where 
he died at the age of eighly-one. 

Kdwiu S., son of Saunders A., is -the postmaster of West 
Elkhart, Ind. ; and has two sons and five daughters, names 
1 not given. 

John Kkkd ; marrieil a Camphell ; they were Scotch Iligh- 

I landers; came to America, and drew four Immlred acres of 

I land, for llevolulionary services, in the town of Ar^yle, 

Washington Counly, N.Y. Children, — Peter, Alexander, 


Alexander settled in Ar^yle, and hud ten children ; one 
, of whom is John, horn in 11 W^ who has hcen j)Ostmaster of 

North (ircenwich forty-two years. 

Peter, the son of John, settled in Rockland County, N.V. 

Calvin Rkko of ; was out in all the Revolutionary 

AVar, and in the war of 1SI± Children, — Luther; Cal- 
vin W. 

Luther, son of Calvin, was an apincntice in New-York 
City during the latter part of the Revolution, and was in 
(Sen. Harrison^s army in 1813. He nnirried a Miss Thorp 
I of New Jersey in 1802, and emigrated to the West the same 

year. Children, — Luther, Calvin W., and John T. lie 
died in the latter |iartof 1«S1o. His children live in OcHuge- 
town, (). ; and ('alvin W. is the postnnister of that place, 
lie was ahout a fair specimen, in size, of the Itceds who 
Were horn hefore the Revolution } heing ahout six feet one 


Ukki), wlu) emi^niloil to America lieforc the Rcvolu- 

liiHi, i^cilleil in FairUix (\jiinly, Vii., and liaJ six sons, — 
lloliert ; James ; Nolson ; William ; Saunders A. ; John, 
wlm was a sea-captain. 

Nelson lioeil ; was ii .Methodist minister, and lived in Dalti- 

Saunders A. Hcjod ; settled in Wyandot County, 0., where 
he died at the age of eighty-one. 

Edwin S., son of Saunders A., is -the postmnster of West 
KIkhart, Ind. ; and has two sons and live daughters, names 
not given. 

John Ukkd ; marrieil a Camphcll ; they were Scotch High- 

j landers: came to America, and drew four luindred acres of 

I land, for Uevolutionary services, in the town of Ar«rylc, 

Washington County, N.Y. Children, — Peter, Alexander, 


Alexander settled in Ar<>yle, and had ten children ; one 
, of whom is John, horn in 11 W^ who has heen i)Ostmasler of 

I North (Jrcenwich forty-two years. 

♦ Peter, the son of John, settled in Rockland County, N.V. 

Calvin Ukku of ; was out in all the Revolutionary 

AVar, and in the war of 1SI± Children, — Luther; Cal- 
vin W. 

fjulher, son of Calvin, was an apprentice in New-York 
City during the latter part of the Revolution, and was in 
Cion. Harrison^s army in 1813. He married a >Miss Thorp 
I of New Jersey in 1802, and emigrated to the West the same 

year. Children, — Luther, Calvin W., and John T. He 
died hi the latter part of 181;]. His children live in (iCHirge- 
town, (). ; and ('alvin W. is the postuuister of that place, 
lie was ahout a fair specimen^ in si/e, of the Reeds who 
were horn hefore the Kevolution ; heing ahout six feet one 



inch in lieiglit, tuul what nyouUI bo called " vaw-boncd/' like 
'those in the North ol' Knglaml and in Scotland. 

LiJM.vN Ui:ki) of Now- York City ; distinguished in hu^Jincss, 
anil a cclehratod chaiacLor Cor ta.sto and tlio fine artb. 

1. David IIkid of Auchcstur, in Ayrshire, Scot., married 
Jean Stevenson, ('hi Id, — James. 

2. James Heid ol nalmcllington, Ayrshire, Hoot., married 
Helen Morton. Ohihl, — James JI. 

;>. Jantcs iM., son of James, married llary Jane Burr, and 
lives in LaNvrence, ^lass. (Miildren, — Helen Morton, hora 
Seiit. 1, l8i);]; Alice Jane, Rh. H, 18.07. Thi.s branch of 
the Ueids have been residents of the southern jiart of Ayr- 
shire Ibv about two hundred years; but came there IVom 
Loch llannock, llenlVewshire, and settled in Craigonill, 
near Ayr, about two hundred yards from the place which 
the |H)et JUirns has since made famous as ^'AUoway's u\ild 
haunted kirk." There is u tradition in the family, thai 
iiOeh Limerick was not the original place of this family ; but 
that, iii the time of Uobert the IL of Scotland, tliey came 
there from Perthshire, Highlands, having been driven out in 
conseqticnce of takini; active part in some of the civil wars 
of that period, — about ItiM. The same tradition also says 
that the name was originally Ueadeu^^h, or Reideuch, — a 
branch of the powerful clan Chattan, mentioned by Sir 
Walter Scott in the '' Fair iMaid of I'erlh.'* 

Joiix IIkw of Chelmsford, formerly from Ireland, married 
Ih'idgct. Child, — William, born June 8, \i>oi, 

1. NicuOLAS IIkio of (ireeco, in the State of New York, 
was burn at llailc iteudh, or Ueath (which is, in our dialect, 
Ueedsluwnj, in tite county of Weslweath, Ire. ; which was 

i(i:ni>s OP VAUious h\vawLii;s. -187 

inch in lieiglit, anil what woiiUl be called " raw-bontil,'* like 
lliose in the North ol* England and in Scotland. 

LuMAN Ui:ki) of Now- York City ; dislingnished in hu:jincs.s, 
ami a celohratcd character for ta.ste and the fine arts. 

1. David IIkid of Auchcslcr, in Ayrshire, Scot., married 
Jean Stevenson. (Iiild, — James. 

2. James Ucid ol Dalmclliniiilun, Ayrshire, Scot., married 
Helen Morton. Child, — James II. 

f\. James Af., son of James, married llary Jane Bnrr, and 
lives in Lawrence, Mass. ('hihiren, — Helen Morton, hurii 
Se|>t. 1, l8o;]; Alice Jane, Kch. «, 1857. This branch of 
the Iteids have been residents of the southern part of Ayr- 
shire for about two hundred years; but came there from 
Jioch llannock, ItenlVew.^hire, and settled in Crai^^onill, 
near Ayr, about two hundred yards from the place which 
the |H)et J>urns has since made famous as ^'Alluway's auld 
haunted kirk." There is u tradition in the family, that 
iiOch Limerick was iiot the urigimd place of this family; but 
that, in the lime of liobert the 11. of Scotland, tliey came 
there from Perthshire, Highlands, havui^ been driven out in 
cunsequence of takin*j; active |»:irt in some of the civil wars 
of that period, — about Vl^i, The same tradition also says 
that the name was orij^inally Ueadeu^h, or Reideuch, — u 
branch of the powerful clan Chattan, mentioned by Sir 
Walter Scott in the '^ Fair Maid of i*erlh.'' 

John Rkui of Chelmsford, formerly from Ireland, married 
Ih'idget. Child, — William, burn June B, 1851. 

1. NicuOLA.s Ui:iu of (Jreeco, in tlic State of New York, 
was born at liaile Kcuilh, or Heath (which is, in our dialect, 
lleed^lowuJ, in tlie county of Westweath, Ire.; which was 


the capital of one of tlic pruvinccs of Ireland wliilo under the 
Kcid dynuhly. The ruins of ihc castle, church, town, grave- 
yardy etc., are yet renmining ; and the remains of the ances- 
tors of Nicholas have hucn vesting there from before tho 
Christian era. lie caute to America iu 1820| and settled in 
Greece. lie lias been a judge, and is a distinguished farmer. 

1. William Rkid, born in tho county of Antrim, Dcrraigh- 
phy Parish, in the north of Ii^eland, about seven miles from 
Belfast, November, 1789; landed in Boston, May C, 1818, 
and has lived in North Andover to the present lime ; mar- 
ried Ann Parlccr of Chelmsford, in Boston, Aug. 5, 1821. 
Clkildren, — Laura Aim, who married a Johnson; James, 
married ^lary Buniford, and lives in Danvers ; Sarah Jane, 
married William Real ; Martha W. ; William Henry, lives 
in Cambridge. 

1. IloBEUT Rked, commander of a merchant-ship, was acci- 
dentally killed in coming into New|K>rt Harbor, Children, 
— Martin, who was seven years old at tho time of his father's 
death, dit^tinguishcd himself in business, and was a man of 
remarkable piety, — noticed in tho history of Narraganset 
Church, and died at the age of eighty-one ; Rev. Dr. Johu 
Reed, Rector of Christ's Church, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

John Read of Gravescnd, Eng., was a branch pilot from 
Oraveseud to London, Children, — Thomas, George, John, 
Nancy, ClilTord. 

ClilTord, son of John, came to America, and married Cor- 
delia Ann Perkins* Ghildi*cn, — Olartssa, born Oct. 15, 
18*22, married Klijah 8. OriOiu of Salom; Cordelia; Charles 
Chase ; Benjamin Clifford, April 21, 1825 ; George W. P., 
June 5, 1828. He lived at one time in Charlestowa, and 
likewise in Boston. 



I>ejijamiu CliUbi'il, son of ClliVoril, born in Chailoslown, 
June 5, 182iS ; nuirricd Cordelia 1*. llod^cs of yulcm, Oct. 4^ 
lSr>5. Child, — Frank Perkins. He lives in Sjiringfield, 

Cieorjvc W. P., son of Cliflord, born Jnnc 5, 1828 ; married 
Susan Klizubelli J>rook.s of Salem, Nov. £jO, 1851 ; lives at 
No. 22, Hanson Street, liobton. 

Jamks, of East Doston, came from Nova Seotia to Doston, 
bnt was born in Heolland; nmrried in Nova Scotia to Kli/a- 
|ji!lli M-Kenen. Children, — WilUani, bora Jan, C, 1845; 
James F., ilay 7, 184G ; Catherine, Dec. 22, 1847 ; Dehmo, 
Oi:t. 7, 1840; Mary Klizal»eih, Jan. 13, 1855; Margaret 
Ann, Ang. 7, 1850. 

1. Jamics Rkkd of Fermanagh, Ire; lives in Boston. 
Children, — George, William, l>aac, John. 

2. John, son of James, lives at No. 22, South Cedar 
Street; married Magdalen Henderson. Children, — Ann, 
who married a Fulley ; Joseph, married a liivingston, and 
kei'jis at No. 102, Carver Street; Mary K. ; Joseph II.; 
^Margaret A.; Kliza J.; James. 

2. James 11., son of John and tfagdaleu, nmrried Mary 
I/ivingston in llosion, Feb. 14, 1850; and keeps with his 
brother, at No. 102, Carver Street. 

(Jen. Jacob Rkau, was an attorncy*at-law in South Caro- 
lina ; and 1 Itnd him the )>roetor in behalf of the eaptor^ aiid 
ehiimunts for vessels taken at Ogeehee River by Col. While, 
ami his bill of twenty-live hundred dollars for the same, set- 
tled April 14, 1760. Ho was United-States senator for 
South Carolina in 1705; President, ///*a Icni,^ of the United- 
Suites Senate iu 1707. 

400 kki:ds op various pamilics. 

Capt. Samukl C. IU:ii), the hero of tlic batllo of Fayal, iu 
the conunuiiJ of ilic ^^ Ceii. Anubtroiig," and the ilcsi<^ncr 
of tlie present Aiuericuii tlug, which was made at liis liouse 
ill New York-Yui-k City, and was fust hoisted over the Hall 
of the Ifuiise of Ceprcseutativcs of the United States, t 

April 13, 1818. j 

William Rked, man-iod Sarah Iklatthcws. lie served iu 

the early part of tlie • Iievolutioiiary War, and died of a 
wound received in Virginia, about 1777. His widow mar- 
ried Aaron Osburu of Goshen, N.Y. ITer second husband 
was also iu the army, but survived the war. She then mar- 
ried John Benjamin, and settled iu Mount Pleasant iu 1812. 
Her third husband died iu 18 IU. She had five children, the 
youngest of whom was born iu 1788, and was seventy yours 
old at the date of the death of her mother. She has left four 
generations of deseeudauts. She accompanied her seeond 
husband in the army as a page. She died April 20, 1858, 
aged a hundred and fourteen years, five mouths, and three 

ItoBERT ItRGD, boru at Rydo, Eng. ; was compelled to leave 
England before the Revohition, and served iu the Americau ! 
Army, and settled in Virginia. He had four sons: two of 
them live iu Lafayette, Ind. ; and one iu ITolmes County, 0. 
One of his sons had — Robert, l)orn iu 1803; Thomas N., 
1819 ; Simeon R, 1821 ; James M., 1823 ; William P., 1825 ; 
Theodore P., 183*5. 

Capt. William Reed of Duxbury, was boru in Virginia iu 
1785; married Polly Glass. Children, — Betsy, who mar- 
ried Lewis Hunt of Duxbury ; Hannah, married Jared , 
Aldcn of South Abiugtou ; Samuel II. He died iu Ha- 
novcr. Hay 9, 1851. 


Samuel TI., sou of Cnpt. William of Duxbury, married 
Lucy J. Rsles iu Juuc, IS.'ia, and nou' lives iu Hanover. 
Cliildrcn, — William K., Imni Sept. 24, 183G ; JJolhiu, 
June 13, 18^58 ; Jhiry 0., Dec. 20, 1839; Lucy P., Feb. 10, 
1842; Celia J., June 28, 1814; Eliza R, Mui-ch 8, 184G; 
Augustine, Maieb 14, 1848 ; Jane L., June 31, 1851 ; Cora 
W., Feb. 14, 1854 ; Samuel JI., Aug. 3, 185G. 

John W. Rki: d of Brookfiold, married Abigail. Cbild, — 
William W., born Feb. 14, 1837. 

1. JosKPii Ukid, lived in Oeorgia, on the Savannah River. 
Child, — Jesse. 

2. Jesse, son of Joseph. Child, — Samuel, who is an 
attorney iu Blairsville, in the State of Oeorgia. 

1. JoNATUAN Hekd of Montgomery County, in tlic State of 
ifaryland, was a native of ^(aryland ; married Miss Metcalf ; 
and married Miss Gatten for sec6nd wife. Child, — George, 
born in 1790. 

2. George, son of Jonathan, born in 1790, and settled in 
Adams County, 0. Child, — William XL, a counsellor-at- 
law in Piketon, 0. 

1. ITeniiy Reki), who emigrated from Ireland to America 
previous to the Revolution. lie was in the war, and was 
wounded in the battle at Whitsirs Mills, in Guilford County, 
N.C. Children, — Robert; James; Henry, who now lives 
la Alabama. 

1. William Rkid, a brother of ITcnry, lived in Illinois. 
Children, — Henry ; Thomas. 

2. Henry, son of William. Child, — John D. 

3. John D., son of William. Children, — Henry J.; 
Thomas B. 


Thomas Ricin, a sou of a Prcsbytciifiu clergyman Uy lluit 
name, of German extract, in Now Jersey, was a surgeon in 
tho Itevulutiunary War, and afterwards a distinguished 
physician in Johnstuwn, N.Y., Fulton County, formerly 
a |iortion of tho county of Montgomery ; married Catherine, 
daughter of Dr. William Adams of Schenectady, a gentleman 
of Irish extraction, who lived to tho ago of a hundred and 
three years. Children, — William Adams, born in 1781; 
Archibald, 1782, who studied for a physician, but became 
deranged by study, and is now living in that state of mind 
at Johnstown. 

William A., son of Dr. Thomas, was a skilful physician in 
Johnstown, and had a very cxtensivo practice ; married 
Jane, daughter of Jolm S. Henry of New York, an Irish 
gentleman born in Diiblia, and left with Emmett, and for tho 
same caustQ. Children, — Juhn IFonry, born Oct, 8, 1804; 
Thomas, Sept. 2a, 180G ; James Adams, June 2G, 1808; 
Helen Kelso, Jtily 20, 1810; Catherine, Dec. 15, 1812, 
married George liurher, and has two children. He died in 

John n„ 8on of Dr. William A. Reid, born at Johnstown, 
Oct. 8, 1804 ; married a Miss Files, and has a large family 
of children. 

Thomas, son of Dr. William A., born at Johnstown, 
Sept. 28, ISOG ; umrried ilarguret, daughter of Hon. John 
Edwards. Childi*en, — Jano XL; Margaret; William A., 
who now lives in Sutton, lifass. ; Catherine ; Elizalicth ; 
John 11. ; Helen M. ; Nancy E. The ancestors of this 
family, by both lines, havu mostly been clergynu^n or physi* 
cians down to tho present generation. 

2. James Rkko, born in Snow Hill, Worcester County, 
Md.» of English iMironts. Child, — William B., born in 1707, 
married Elizabeth of Truro, Mass. Children, — William B., 


born ill Bucks|)ori, Mc, in 1795, lives iu Frankfort, JIc. ; 
John,M'lio is in Oulifon»ia ; Elizaljctli, born in Truio, Mnss., 
nW), lives in IUicks|Hn-t; Littleton, l>oi'n at Truro in ll\K\, 
lie lived, when yonnir, mostly at Trnro ami Pmvineelown, 
on Gape Cod ; and the eliihiren were most of them born 
there, but lived a portion of the time at llneksport, Me. 
He was killed in the battle of Hampton, )Ie,, Sept. ;>, 1814, 
hy a thirty-six-pound iihot from the slooi^of-war *'rfylph," 
connnanded by Com. Ihirry. 

4. Littleton Heed, Kscj., son of William It., born at Trnro 
in 179»5; married a Miss Lewis of Dneksport. Children, — 
Littleton, born at Kueksport, ^htreli 11, 1S20 ; Joseph U., 
.March 11, 18:50; Mary Ann, Dec. tio, 1820, married Charles 
Snow; Elizahoth, born .hily 8, 1828, married J. L. Chi|>- 
man; flciir^re W., born Feb. 20, 1S;14 ; Maria A., Mareh 30, 
lS;i2; Charles !>.; Henry L. Jfe lives at North Jhicksport. 

5. Littleton, son of Littleton Iteod, Kxp, born at Ihicks- 
port, March 11, 1820; nnirried Kllen Ciiipman. 

5. Joseph !>., son of fiiitleton Reed, Ks(i., born March 11, 
18:>0; married Anntitte IJarllett. 

1. Pinui» l*Ki:i) (or Rr:inT), from Oermany, came to what 
is now Montgomery County, IVnn. . Children, — Jacob, who 
was a colonel of militia in the Revolution, and was in the bat- 
tle of Ih-andywine ; ilichael, who settled iik Franklin County, 
ami had a soij, kndwn as K>(|uirc HeeU of Shelsburg, in UeJ- 
ford County; Andii;w, who settled in Montgomery County, 
and married ilary Leidy. (Miildren of Andrew and ihiry, — 
IMiilip; Andrew; «b>hn ; ilichael, JKirn in 1780; Margaret, 
who married Abraham Reitlelman. 

Philip, son of Andrew, married Margaret Mourcr. Chil- 
dren, — Charles; John; William, Ksq. ; (leorgu; Juua^. 

ilichael, son of Andrew, nnirried Catherine Horn, ami 
lives at No. 2U», Franklin Street, Fhiladelphia. Children, 


— Willoughhy II, of New-York City ; Henry 11., of Cliustimt 
Street; Henry J., of Arcli Sti-ect, above Seventh; George 
W., of Arcli Street ; Junies M., who married Sarah II. Bid- 
lack^ and kce|>s at No. 119, South Sceuad Street (ehild, — 
James M.,. bom March 12, 1858). 

Joseph Rced, from Wales, served in the Revolutionary 
War, and settled in Berlin, NJ., on the Rancorus Creek, 
Avhore he owned a hirgo traet of land. lie married Rachel 
1 Eldridgo. Children, — William P., Obadiah, JosC()h, Samu- 
el, John, Aosa, Rachel, Alien, Abby. 

William P., son of Joseph, married Sarali Taylor, and set- 
tled in Lambertou, N.J. Children, — Charles T., Wills T., 
Ruth, Sarah A., Martha, Rachel. 

Charles T., son of Joseph, married Almira Vczey, and 
keeps at No. 821, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Children, 

— William P., Almira, Elizabeth, Clara, 

Alexander Reed, son of of Tolland, Conn., l>orn in 

178-1; married Abigail Daniels. Children, — Francis, de- 
ceased ; James, who lives in Oregon ; Belinda, married Wil- 
liam ChalTce ; Lucy ^laria ; John, lives in West Stockbridge ; 
Luthor A., born at Tolland, May 12, 1819; Samuel H. He 
died iu Chelsea, Sept. 7, 1854. 

Relinda, daughter of Alexander and Abigail, married 
William OhafTee of Hummersvillc, Conn. Child, — Ella. 

Lutlfbr A., son of Alexander and Abigail, born May 12, 
1819; married Ruth R. Pulsifer of Ipswich. Children, — 
George Henry, l>orn in Charlcstown ; Mary Frances ; Ruth 
Little. Married in Boston, for second wife, Lucy R. Iiiger- 
Boll, Juno 24, 1851 ; and livos at 193, Poplar Street, Chelsea. 

Samuel XL Reed, came from Ireland, and died in Phila- 
delphia, leaving a son (John A.), who keeps at the corner of 
Thirteeuth and Market Streets. 



ni:i:D.s op yarious families. 40;') 

piloses Kcail caiuc from Iiclaiul, and married Kli/.al)elh 
M'TiCllan. CliiUlron, — George, Itobcrt, Aloses, ^>aimici, 
Anne, Thomas, William J., Hubert, lie died iu Delaware 
County, lie was in the war of 1812. 

Moses, the son of Aloises and Klizaheth, married Esther A. 
l*hiin|»lc. Children, — IJoberl ; Ida. 

Thomas, son of Afoses and Kli/.abeth, married Hannah 
Jlibhard. Child,— Charles W. 

William J., son of Moses ami Klizabeth, married Caroline 
F. Oat. Children, — Eliza I>. ; Cara L. llo kcc|)s at No. 
1707, Market Street, Philadelphia. 

George, son of Closes and Elizabeth, married Lavina Evans, 
and keeps at No. 1;)28, Uaco Sireet, Philadelphia. 

William Rkkd; went from Glasgow to Tiondondcrry, and 
had a son William Reed, who died at Manehester, Eng. 
Child, — Frank, who came to America in 1818, and lives in 
liOwell ; married Anna Marshall of Maine. 

W^jlltam Ei:i:d, a Seotehman, was in the llevolutionary 
War ; and, after the war was ended, moved to Nova Scotia. 
Children, — William, James, George, Margaret. 

James, son of William, died in Nova Scotia. Children,—^ 
Thomas W., in California; James; Isaac; Jane; Harriet; 
ilary A. ; Eliza ; Margaret. 

Margaret, daughter of James, married William Wether- 
hoc, and lives iu J^ortland. 

490 nRi:i) op tiik uostox-poucb notouicty. 

criAiTKii xxiir. 


Ckorgk UraD) was sou of a Gcrmnii emigrant hy that name, 
who was a biiiii-huililor ; at which husiness Geoi'<j^e served 
an a|»|>renliccshi|)9 unil married Miss Church, a descendant 
of Capt. Church, of King lMiili|/8 War notoriety, and a 
dc|mly shcrilV in Wahlohorougli, .Mo, Mceling with i^omo 
dilUcuUy in the husincss ol* bheiilV in Maine, he came to 
Boston, and was a|»|>4>inted con^tahle of J>oslon in 1812; 
wliich onioe he iield till liis death in 1843. lie was the most 
distinguished rogiie-caicher that ever lived in New Knghind. 
There were many rumors afloat in his day in reierenco to 
Ins inlamous conduct, which were the tnost of them founded 
in the terror which he caused in the hearts of the wicked, as 
nothing was ever suljstantiated against him deirimental to 
his reputation for integrity. He at one time owned a farm 
in Quincy, called ^' Ihgiiill," where he lived, and came into 
town daily ; but, when ^Mr. Quincy came into oHico as mayor, 
he informed him, that, if he wished to retain his |H)silion as 
constable, he must live in the city. He accordingly aban- 
doned his farm, and ever after lived in town. Children, — 
Alichael ; George ; one daughter, who married a Coy, and 
went West; one daughter, married a Glover of (juincy; 
James ; one daughter, married a Kneeland ; lienjamin C. ; 
Jjcmuel, who was constable of Boston. 



Benjamin C, son of Gcori;c, settled in West Camhriilge, 
and was a baker. Children, — Cyrcna, bora Nov. 29, ISol ; 
Benjamin C, Aug. 2, 1833, died Oct. 22, 1833 ; Nchemiah C, 
Feb. 4, 1835. 

George, the son of George, moved to Maine. 

Jaeob, the brother of George, nmrried a Swanser. Chil- 
dren, — Catherine, who married a llock of Waldoborougli ; 
another daughter, married a Wagner, and lives iu Belmont; 
.Margaret, married a Simmons; Jano, married Aarou Brown 
of Belfast, who is a school-teacher ; Barbara, married a 
bloody ; Borthia, married Isaac Brown ; Zenas, married Elsey 
Light, and lives iu Waldoliorough. 

^lichael, the brother of George, settled in Liibec. Waldo- 
borough was formerly called Dutch Neck, on account of its 
1>eing iirst settled by Dutch ; which accounts for so mauy 
Dutch names among this family. 





Thomas, bom in Boston in 1759. . His mother died in Scltu- 
atc in ISl-i. Married Alsca Glicsley, and settled in Har- 
wich, now Brewster. Children, — Thomas and Priscilhi, 
born Dec. 15,1703 (Priscilla married Albert Chipji of Scitu- 
ate, Api'il 4, 1813) ; Polina, nrarried a Devcreux of Boston ; 
Betsy, who married Seth Gannet of Abington in 1821 ; 
Polly, died young ; Alsea, married Lyman 0. Gaskcli ; Sa- 
muel, who lives in South Ahington. Married, for second 
wife, jMehetabel Crosby. Children, — Josepli, wlio was born 
in Scituate, lives in Chatham ; George (formerly Barney), 
lives in Chatham. lie died in February, 1813, at Hanson, 
aged eighty-four. 

Tiiomas, son of Capt. Tiiomas of Brewster, and Alsea. 
Ho was a seaman on board the schooner ^^ Sophronia,'* Capt. 
Jenkins, master ; and was pressed by the British frigate 
" Guerrifire,'* April 8, 1811. He was on board of her Aug. 19, 
1812 ; and, being called to duty at the gun, saw the stars 
and stri|>es in tho distance, floating in the brec/.C| and nuiking 
towards the ^* Gucrriere;" which was to him an absurunco 
that his redemption was nigh. Ho objected to ligliting, and 
was ordered below. The "Guerriere" soon began to fire; 
but tho " Constitution " saved her powder till she got the 


AND "guehuikuk" notouikty. 409 

right (libtaucc and position, and then her chain-shot soon did 
tlic work. lie represents that the slaughter made on board 
the British fii.u;ate was terrible, as was also the destruction to 
her rigging, lie was thirty years of liis life a seaman, lifteen 
of which he was ship-master; hut tlie day he arrived in Bos- 
ton, and landed from on board of tlie ^^ Constitution ^' amidst 
the cheers and congratulations of his countrymen and the 
joy of his friends, was probal)ly the happiest of his eventful 
life. Ilo now lives in Boston, having retired from the ha- 
zardous pursuits of tlic seas, lie married Rel>ecca Orillith. 
Children, — Thomas 0. ; Samuel B., who was killed Nov. 2, 
18ii2, master of tiic Lurk '* Lyman/' — born at Abington, 
Dec. IG, 1828 ; Lyman G., born Aug. 14, l830. Harried, 
for second wife, Hannah Gear, in 18o4. Married Charlotte 
Clark for third wife, widow of Noah M, Clark. Child,— 
Harrison T., born Sept. 22, 1840. 

Samuel, sou of Capt. Thomas and Alsea, married Hannah 
W. Noyca, Oct. 22, 18;U, and lives at South Abington. 

Joseph, son of Capt. 1'lionias and Mehctabel, born in 
Scituate ; married Miss Keut, and lives in Chatham. Chil- 
dren, — Joseph, who is at sea ; lilary ; David. 

Lyman 0., son of Capt. Thomas and Rebecca, born 
Aug. 14, 1830 ; married ilatilda Clark, ifay 1, 1852, and is 
now at sea. Children, — Samuel B., boru June 20, 1857 ; 
John P., born in Brewster, Felj. 14, 1859. 




Hugh Rred, Esq., one of tlio principal propvictors of what is 
now Rcodsburg, Clarion County, Ponn. ; and from whom 
that place took its uanio. lie is still living in that place. 

i/^ Samukl. married Jiucy, and settled at what is now Rccd'a 
Corner, Jrmefi otja Cou nty, N.Y. Children, — Silas; Co- 
lumbus ; John J. ; Mason II. ; Towner ; Ezra, who lives \i\ 

John J ., scm ol Samuel. Child, — Samuel H,> who keeps 
a public-house at Heed's Corner. 

Mason H., son of Samuel, is the person from whom the 
village and )>ost-onicc took their names. Cliild, — Alva C. 

Silas Iteed, brother of Samuel, settled at Reed's Corner, 
and had four sons ; viz., Seneca, Samuel, Carlo, Harry. 

Carlo, son of Silas, married a Pherson, and settled in * 

Alva 0. j son of Mason IL Ileod, is married, and lives with 
his father. 

Reed, au Irishman, had two sons, — James and Charles, 
— born in Virginia. lie moved to Ohio. 

Charles, son of the aliove, settled in what is now Recd*s 
Grove, in Illinois; and the place took its name fmm him, — 



lie I»ein»5 the first ))iomiiiout hulllcr. lie now lives at Hock 
Itiver, sit a place culled liockhotluiu ; aiul his son remains 
at the drove. 

John Rkid, liorn in the county of Tyrone, Ire. ; married 
Jliss Treanus. Children, — Thomas, who died in Scotland, 
and left a I'amily, some of whom arc in I^oston ; Philip, who 
ilicd in this country in 1810, leaving issue. 

Philip, son of John, came to America. Children, — 
Owen ; Patrick. 

Owen, son of Philip, lives in Providence. Child, — Tho- 
mas 0., horn Dec. 20, IS.'iii. 

"William Rkkd, of nevonshirc, Kng., had a son George, 
who came to America, and married Ann Ifollyer, and died 
in Clinton, Me. ChiMren, — ilary (trace, William JI., Kli- 
zaheth Ann, Sibilla, John AV., Anna, Martha Jane, George 
Kdmond, Kmma P. 

Mary, daughter of William, married a Soper. Children, 
— Ann, George, John, .Jahez, Mary, Kdward, Samuel W., 
William Reed. 

Jt)hn Soper, married 0. liutman, daughter of Henry Bat- 
man of Gardiner, ^[e. 

William It. Soper, married Miss Rice. Childi'cn, — Km- 
ma Prances; Gcorgianna. 

RoiiKUT Rkkuk came to IJoston with Rev. John Wheel- 
wright, and settled with Mr. Wheelwright and his church at 
J]raintrec, then a part of Roston. Mr. Wheelwright was a 
brother of Mrs. Ihitchinson, and was a man of learning, piety, 
and zeal. lie warmly atlvocated the doctrines of Anlinomian- 
ism; and the General Court, Oct. 2, 1(W7, seutenecil him to 
be disfraikchised, and banished from the Colony. He and his 
followers went to Kxclcr, and formed a settlement there ; auil 


Mr. Rcodo went with liim, but returned to Hostou, and lived 
in Boston in IGiO. He was scaler of leather in lioston in 
lGo3, but had not then dissolved his connection with tho 
church at Exeter. His wile's name was Hannah, who died 
Juno 24, 1GG5 ; and he married Susannah. Children, — 
Rebecca, born in lioston, May 29, 1G4G ; Hurah, baptized in 
Boston, 1st of second u\onth, 1G50 ; and Samuel, who died 
in infancy. Ilis daughter Hannah married John Souter, 
Jan. 11, 1G60. He was drowned by tite iipsettiug of a boat, 
going out from Hampton, in 1GG8. It appears tliat he had 
moved to Hampton a siiort time previous, but owned pro- 
perty in Boston at the time of his death. 

Nathan, of New Boston, a portion of Fall River, married 
Mehetabel Lawton for second wife. Children, — Asa, who 
lives at New Boston ; James, who lives at New Boston ; 
Warren, died ; Rubie, married Bradford Bcnnet ; Rutli, 
married Lucius Biglow ; Rhoda, married Job Chaso of Dart- 
mouth ; Patience, married Robert Barrett : tlie aliove were 
by a former wife. Children by Mehetaliol, — John D. ; 
Lois, who married George Sawyer ; Lueinda, married Je- 
remiah Russell of Dartmouth ; Fanny, married Caswell ; 

John D., son of Nathan and ]\Iehctabcl, married Peace L. 
]iIacoml>er of Westport. Children, — Robert C, born at 
Fall River, March 20, 1850 ; Ann Eliza, April 20, 1858. 

1. William Reau, a slave, who ran away from Clovcrick, 
N.Y., married Peggy Stedmau of Connecticut, and settled 
first in Kecno, N.H. Children, — William, born Sept. 25, 
1791 ; Susanna, 1793 ; Celia, 1705 ; Abel, 1707 ; Peggy, 
1799; Andrew, 1805. 

2, William, son of William and Peggy, born Sept. 25, 
1791 ; married in Boston, by Rev. Dr. Wisncr, to Eliza 
Brooks, Nov. 28, 1823. Children, — Josepli Abel, born 


April 12, 1824 ; Eliza Ann, Jan. 20, 182G ; Mary Jane, 
Jan. 24, 1828 ; William Edward, Jan. 28, 1830 ; Edna 
Louisa, Jan. 24, 1S32 ; Caroline Frances, Nov. 17, 1837. 
Lives in Salem. 

3. Joseph Abel, son of William and Eliza, born April 12,. 
1824; married Martha White. Children, — Eliza, born 
al)0ut 1840 ; William, 1818. 

3. Mary Jano, daughter of William, born March 24, 1828 ; 
married William Freeman of Lynn. Child, — Mary Eliza- 
beth, born 1849. They live in Lynn. 

3. Edna L., daughter of William and Eliza, born Jan. 24, 
18;>2; married John Lane. Child, — Emma. 

2. Peggy, daugiiter of William of Kecno, married Jacob 
Pcpreise, Children, — Jacob Henry; Ellen Ana* 




Thomas Reapb, had a son Thomas, bom in Lancaster 

County, Pa., Sept. 1, 17r)0, and served in the Revolution ; 

married Stcda M. Knight. Child, — Thomas, born Apnl '20, 

1791, at Shippuigsburg, Ta. 
Thomas, son of Thomas and Steda, born April 20, 1791 ; 

sorvcd as lieutenant, under Gen. Cass, in the war of 1812. 

Married.. Children, — Thomas, born in 1827; James P., 

1815, who lives at San Antonia, Tex., and is a druggist ; 

Susan, who married S. L. Guiee, Esq., of St. Paul, Ma. 
Thomas, son of Thomas, born in 1827 ; was formerly a 

lawyer in Natchez, but lives, and practises law, in FayeUo, 

Miss. lie is known as Major Reed, and has been Grand 
' IMaster of the order of Odd Fellows, and Grand Patriarch 

of tho State. Ho married Mary Jane Forman. Children, 
I — Kate, Charlie, Mollic, Susan II. Married, for second 

i wife, Lovina A. West, a grand-daughter of Col. Cato West. 

; Thomas B. Road, a descendant of Joseph, was born in 

j Kentucky ; was United-States senator from Mississippi in 

182C ; and died in office, March 3, 1829. Children, — Isaac 
J Shelby, born in 1810 ; Letitia E., born at Natchez, and mar- 

J riod Spencc Grayson, Esq. (formerly a lawyer, now a planter 

I in Yazoo Valley, and a distinguished author). 

Tin-: i.\Nc.\sri:ii sTtx'K. /)0r> 

I>aac Shelliy, s^on of lluu. Tlioinas H. Uocd, bom in ISIO ; 
inurrioil the iluiighler ol* ilic colcliraicJ Dull GrCQu ul' Wu.»ih- 
iiigtuii Cii)% uiitl lives at Payellc, .Miss. 

John Rrad, wliosc «^rau(lniotl)er was an Indiau woniau 
of ilio tribe oi' licnjamiii. Jlis palcniul ancestry was also 
a niixluro of Indian and African. IIu was many years a 
steward of a Fiiverpotd |meket. lie married Nancy Ihiy. 
Children, — John, who lives in New Jersey ; Ksther, died 
younj(; Kdwarjil ; Thomas; Josiah; and Jesse -M., — allot' 
No. 101, Smith Kighth Stre»;t, rhihidel|ihia. 

John Read, who was born in Kni^land, came to Ame- 
rica in tho hitter ]Kirt of the hist century, and settled in 
rhiladel|ihia. lie married Nancy Johnson. Children, — 
Sarah, who married a Morris ; William II. J., who married 
^laipiret Gorges, and keeps at No. 41, South Second 

Henry Itead, oi* German onglii, lived in rhiladelphia. 
His children were — Alary ; Henry, who now lives in Wash- 
ington ; Georj^eand Peter, both of Philadel|)hia; Catherine, 
who married Henry Kobinson of West Chester; Charles, 
al>o of Philadelidiia ; Harriet, who married Andrew Coil- 
man; Sophia, who married Frederick Ilofnor. 

George, the son of Henry, married Catherine Gallinger, 
and lives at No. 920, North Third Street. Children,— 
William, Kate, Harriet, Havid, Henry. 

Andrew Head came from near Hamburg previous to the 
Uevolution, and settled in IMuladeljihia. Children, — John ; 
Henry, who died in Norfolk, Va. ; IJernard ; IMiilip; Chris- 
tian; Andrew; Afary. The fourth and lillh sons are now 
living in Philadelphhi. 

AndreWi tho son of Andrew, married Klizabetli hinsey. 
Children, — Theodore F., Ambrose W., lioseman A., An- 
drew, Alfred, Kdwin, Kmily. 




^ Theodore F., (he son or Andrew, married Surah Iknnet, 

and keeps at No. 438, Market Street, Piiihidelphiu. Chil- 
dren, — Albert, Rachel, Tiieodoro. 

Noah Seed went from Salem, N.J., to Ohio, many years 
ago. Ilisson William married Ilhoda Barton. Children, — 
Samuel B., Ruth, Rebecca, Avaline, Cliarles N., Jfary, Wil- 
liam M. Samuel B. died at Pittsburg, Pa., in 1843 ; William 
M. lives at North Benton, Mohoning County, 0. ; Charles N. 
married Mary II. llerriot, and keeps at No. G01, Market 
Street, Philadelphia. They have one son, by the name or 
Woodward II. 

Hugh Reed of Newcastle, Cumberland County, Pa., had 
John and William of Chamhcrsburg, and James M. of No. 
ISO, North Third Street, Philadelphia, who married Anna 
Covodc. Children, — John Covode and Jennie. 

John Reed of Snow Hill, Worcester County, Md., married 
an Oliver. Children, — John, who died in Iowa; Jacob; 
Mary ; Vashti ; Sarah ; Eliza. 

Jacob, the son of John, married Martha Lackey. ChiU 
dron, — AVilliam A., Mary, Anna J., Joseph R», Jacob O.^ 
Lucy C, Edward II., George K., Alvan II. lie lives at No. 
801, South Second Street, Philadelphia; and is a prouunent 
member and deacon of a Baptist church. 

William A., the sou of Deacon Jacob, is a physician, and 
lives at No. 1108, Arch Street; and is also a professor of 
physiology in tho ITomu^opathic Medical College of Penn- 
sylvania, lie married Mary, the daughter of Rev. Thomas 
Brown, Jan. 2, 1849. Children, — William A., born 
Aug. 19, 1861 ; Ella D., Aug. 20, 1856. 




Joiix Reid, son of Alexander of Siralock, Scot, was bom 
Jan. 13, 1722; graduated at Edinburgh, and ciitoi*cd the 
arinj. He served under Qen. Amherst in the French War. 
lie was stationed at Albany till 17G3; when he was sent to 
the reUcf of Fort Pitt, then besieged by Indians, lie ob- 
tained a grant of a large tract of land on Otter Crcck| in 
Vermont; and was the Col. Iluid against whom the cele- 
brated Ethan Allen figured so conspicuously. He became 
major-general in 1781, and lieutenant-general in 1793. lie 
died at his residence in Ijondon, Feb. U, 1807, aged eighty- 
five, lie was a celebrated tlute-player. Ho left a large 
fortune, which he gave to the founding of a music-college 
after the decease of an only daughter. 

1. James Read came fi*om the county of Kent, in Ei»g., 
to America, in 1705, and settled in Cambridge, near the 
]Mee(ing-house. A portion of the buryiug-ground was taken 
from his house-lot in 1707. Married, for his first wife, Sarah 
Dutson, Aug. 12, 1714 : she died Dec. 25, 1721. Child,— 
James, born Oct. 9, 1721. Married, for second wife, Mary 
Uldimm, April 8, 1722. He was a tanner, and an influential 
and wealthy man. 

2. Jumes, son of James and »^rah, born in Camhridgei 


Oct. 0, 1721 ; luarricil irumnih Stacy, daughlcr of tiic 
Uev. iMr. Slacy ul* Kingston, Sept. lM, 1744 : bho dicJ 
Sept. -22, 17S8. ChiKlrcu, — Mary C, Ijoni Oct. 8, 174^, 
died April 10, 1748 ; James, bom KcIj. 1, 17.jO, died July 20, 
17^0; Sanili, boni Oct. iiO, 1747; James, July 21,1751, 
died Sept. 1 I, 1814 ; Jo.sepb, born Sept. 10, iliu\^ died 
Sept. 14, 17.^ ; Ji)M>pli Slaey, boni Oct. ai, 1734 ; Ihiiiuali, 
Sept. 21, 1757. lie died July ;]!, 1770. 

3. Jauies, son of James and llannali, born July 21, 1751 ; 
nmnied IJctsy Wait of Jpswieb, Dee. 3, 1772. Cbild, — 
Jumos, burn June 27, 177iJ. 

4. James, son of James and Bolsy, bom June 27, 1773; 
married ilary Slebbins Hrown, Aug. 1, 171)9. Children, — 
Kliza, born on tlio Island of Tobago, Aug. 13, 1800; James 
JWnard, born on the Island of Tobago, Aug. 2o, 1802. 

5. James !>., son of James and Alary S. 1>., l>orn Aug. 20, 
1802; married limily \Yyeth, Nov. 9, 1828. Cliildren,— 
Ocorgo James, Charles A., Emily IJ. lie keeps at No. 080, 
Washington Street, i>oston. 

8. Joseph Stacy Read, son of James and Hannah, bom at 
Cambridge, Oct. 21, 1754 ; uuirried Ksthcr Goodwin of Fly- 
mouth, Sept. 5, 178;>. He was postmaster in Cambridge 
for many years. (Children, — Sally, born July 11, 1784; 
Ksthcr, Oct. 17, 1785 ; Josej»h Slaey, Aug. 17, 1787 ; James, 
Nov. 19, 1789; John, Sept. 10, 1793; Elizalieth, Aug. 2, 
1795; William, May 10, 1798, died July 15, 1799; WiU 
liam, born April 12, 1800 ; Mary, Sept. 19, 1802, died 
Jan. 4, 1854 ; liucy, born Oct. 29, 1804, died Sept. 7, 1805. 

4. Joseph Stacy, son of Joseph Stacy and Ebther, born at 
Cambridgo, Aug. 17, 1787 ; married Sally Goodwin of Tly- 
iiiouth, Mass., Oct. 25, 1819. Cliildi'Cii, — Sarah, born 
Aug. 11, 1820; Joseph Stacy, Jan. 21, 1824, died young; 
Lucy Esther, bom Jan. 3, 182G, died young; Lucy Erjther, 
born March 2, 1827 ; Mary Elizabeth, April 12, 1830, died 



^f/ie,y e/(eA^. 


young; Jose|»h Stacy, born Oct. 1, 1882; James Juhii,^ 
Jan. 10, 18;}'). lie was a prominent member of the Mecha- 
nics' Charitable Association, lie died May 24, 185U, aged 
sixty-six years and ten months. ITe was engaged iu the 
luirness-busincss, at No. 11, Exchange Street, lioston ; and 
carried on an extensive tratlic in all manner of wares, to such 
an extent, that his store became proverbial as the place where 
all manner of odd articles could bo obtained. It is said that 
a wager was once laid between two men, that an article could 
not be called for which he had not on hand : and the party 
taking the negative called for a second-hand pulpit, and be- 
Iiold he had it stored away in one of the lofts; and the next 
article called for was a second-hand wheelbnrrow-wheel, with 
the same result. The business is still carried on by his sons, 
who have moved to Trcmont Row ; but titc family nniko 
Cambridge their residence. 

James, son of Joseph Stacy and Esther Goodwin Read, 
horn Nov. 19, 1789 ; married IFannah Palmer, daughter of 
Capt. Joseph and Jcrusha Johnson Palmer, Dec. G, 1815. 
»Shc Was a descendant of Stepheii Palmer, who settled in 
Cambridge the latter part of the seventeenth century. 
There is a tradition that he came from the county of Kent 
in England. He was a tanner. The Palmer Family, for a 
long time, owned the estate adjacent to and lying on the 
south side of the old Cambridge Rurying-gronnd. The last 
of the name who owned and lived on this estate was Major 
John Palmer, whose house was near the magnificent elm 
which was cut down a few ycai*$ since. The children of 
James and Hannah Read are four: viz., Lucy Richmond ; 
Helen Maria, wife of George Gardner of Boston ; Ijouisa, 
wife of Christopher C. Chadwick of Boston ; Sarah Eliza- 
l)eth. Mr. Read has for many years been an active and pro* 
minent merchant of Boston, and is now the senior partner of 
the mercantile house of Reed, Gardner, and Company, eon- 


listing of Juiiies Itcnd, iToiiry J. Gardner (late Governor of the 
Coinuiunwinillli), Samuel i\ Dexter, an<i Arthur If. Poor. 
On account of tlie special business of tho fma, they ura de- 
nomunited ^' domestic-goods comnubsion-inercliants." Mr. 
Rcail is interested in, and treasurer or maiuigcr of, several 
largo establishments, — all, except one, situated iii Uassa- 
ehusotts, — in which, for the most part, coUon gooiU are 

Prior to 1842, Mr. Read had for a long period boon engoged 
in tho importing and jobbing business. About the commence- 
ment of that year, having made great importations and very 
extensive sales, ho found his indebtedness h\rgc, the money- 
market stringent, and his colleetions, owing to divers unfore- 
seen adverse causes existing at that timo, slow, ditlicult, and 
very unsatisfactory, lie saw that it would l>o necessary for 
liim to devote all his eftbrts and energies, for a considerable 
period, to the collection of his debts and the closing-up of 
liis concerns, by means of which ho would not bo able for 
several years, ]>erliaps, to engage with activity and confidence 
in any new and prosperous business; and probably the result 
of his labors in settling up his old aflairs would be, that, in 
, addition to the loss of much valuable time, he would find 

I himself, with diminished energy and without capital, unable 

' to enter upon some new line of business with an assurance 

of success. 

Under these circumstances, he, with much fon^sight and 
wisdom, concluded at once to sus|iend payment ; beiiuving 
that such a course would be most prudent with regard to 
tho interest of his creditors, and tho only expedient one for 
himself. lie then availed himself of tho provihions of an ex- 
isting law of Congress, and gave up all his pro|)orty to judi- 
cious, eflicient assignees. Tho amount of his iadebtodness 
was quite large ; but the same was much exceeded by tiio 
I nominal amount of his assets, a considerable portion of which 


was avuilablo property. lu a fex^ muutlis liis assignees de- 
clared a dividend ; wliicli, after paying all the interest tliat 
had accrued, exceeded fifty cents on a dollar of the principal 
of all his debts. 

Soon after his suspension, ho formed a copartnership with 
' tho two gentlemen who arc now his sons-in-law. They put 
into the concern ample capital for carrying on tho business 
of domestic-goods commission-merchants. Tho circum- 
stances under. which he commenced this new business were 
quite auspicious. Tho money-market had becomo easy, the 
rate of interest not exceeding four to five per cent on prime 
paper. The manufacturing business was good, the quantity 
of goods turned out was large, and the sales were quick. Tho 
new firm at onco ontered upon a pros|)erous business. The 
senior partner's old friends, and many others, consigned 
their goods to his itcw house for sale ; and, when the divi- 
dend of upwards of Ufty cents on a dollar of the principal of 
all old debts was paid at an early day, perfect confidcnco 
wa.s felt by the manufacturei-s, by all business-men, and by 
tho whole communityi in the new firuL 

Tho assignees closed up tho settlement of the old concorn, 
and imid otT more than five-sixths of tho whole indebtedness. 
AVithiu a comparatively short period, Ifr. Head found him- 
self able to pay olV the balance not paid by his assignees. His 
creditor, who had already been paid an amount of dividend 
quite extraordinary, and had given their debtor a full dis- 
charge, were much surprised when they had notice to call ut 
Mr. Head's counting-room, and receive tho residue of their 
I'cspective claims. 

Tho courso of Mr. Read was so lioaorablo, and satisfactory 
to his old creditors, that they expressed their gratification by 
formal resolutions and other marked tokens of their respect 
and regard. Since that time, he has enjoyed u coui*se of 
uninterrupted success and prosperity, liis mercantile credit 


now ro::t:s Oil u solid rouiulalioii, not to i)C atlbctcU by (ho 
revulsions of business; antl the cliuracter for sagacity, iulul- 
ligcncc, and integrity, which ho has borne during his whole 
career, shines witli increased brightness with liis advancing 
yeai'S. I^Ir. Read has often been called on to ronder timely 
assistance, when merchants and friends have found them-' 
selves in embarrassment and perplexity ; and no one can be 
named who has rendered more valuable aid as referee, as 
adviser and coniposcr of dinicullies, or who has been more 
ready than he to eontriluite his full share of labor towards 
forming new arrangements, and reconstructing or settling 
old concerns in the best possible manner, or to exert ids 
])raetical wisdom for the benefit of others, and to put his 
hand in his pocket for every good purpose at the right time 
and in the right way. 

While it is intended to refrain from alluding, on this 
occasioiii to matters and circumstances of a private charac- 
ter, yet it seems not improper to say, that at the time his 
business was interrupted, in 1842, ho was sustained and con- 
soled by the kindest sympathy, and by timely ai^surunces of 
co-operation, from the several members of his family, all 
of whom were ready to pass with smiling fortitude through 
a season of a[)parent adversity, and to do all in their i)ower 
to regain the means of carrying out honest and bencvulent 
puqioses in a future career of prosperity. 

4. John, son of Joseph Stacy Head and Esther, born 
Sept. 10, IVJii ; married Lucy 0. Atkins of Newburyport. 
Children, — John; Horace; Herbert and Cornelia (^ twins), 
born March 22, 1850 ; Lucy, Nov. 17, 18oa. He is an ex- 
tensive dealer in Knglish and fancy goods, near the College, 
in Cambridge. 

4. lillizabeth, daughter of Joseph Stacy Read and Esther, 
born Aug. 2, 17U5 ; married Josiah N. Mar>liall, July 23, 
1823. Mr. Marshall died Nov. 23, 1862. Children,— 



Mary Eiizaliclli ; Surah ; Jo:>c|ili Stacy, ditnl March K 1^^^ » 
Caroline Esther; Kmily, dicil So|it. 11, l8;hi. 

4. AVilliuni, son of Jase|#h Stacy and E^tlicr, bora April 12, 
1800 ; married Sally G. Atkins uf Nowbury|H>ri, Jau. 3, 
1828. Children,— Sarah A., horn Aug. ti, 182U, diedSd; 
William, burn March IG, IH-Vl; Mary S., Nov. 10, 1835, 
died May 20, IS^.S ; S;u-ah A., Wn Feb, 24, 1838; John, 
May 1?», 1840 ; Charles C, ilarch 1, 1843 ; Edward, May 10, 
1817 ; Nathaniel Goodwin, Aug. 15, 184U ; Anna, March 25, 
1852. Ife kee|is hardware, guns, «tc., in Fancuil4iall 
Square ; and, though he kee|js one of tiic hirgcsl estai»Ush* 
nicnts of the kind in the country, he never gives his note, 
doing wholly a ca^h business. 

5. AVilliam, son of AVilliain and Sally, married Anna 
Maria Wheeler of Worccbter, Nov. 13, 1850, and keeps with 
his father in Faneuil-hall S()u:u*e. 





Ebenezer of Jericho, Yt., had Zantha, Miron, and Plii- 

Philaiuler, tho son of Ebcnczor, settled in Plattsburg; 
married Electa Ricliardson. Children, — Sarah Ann, who 
died young; Ctch\ Maria; Elbridge IL ; Joshua R., who 
lives in Cincinnati, 0. ; Harriot G. 

Elbridge II., son of Philander, married Nancy ChafTee, at 
Thompson, Conn., Oct. 3, 1841. Children, — Sarah Ann, 
born July 7, 1844; Charles K. E., July 13, 1857. 

Josiah Read of Swansea, N.II. Children, — Aldrich, born 
in 1814; Asa, 181G. 

Aldrich, son of Josiah, married in Sherburne, Mass., to 
Louisa ifunn, Nov. 27, 18o(i. 

Asa, son of Josiah, married in Sherburne to Hannah 
Mann, Nov. 24, 1853. Child, — Sybcll Marshall, born 
Oct. 81, 1854. 

Henry II. Ileed of Nashua married Ann M. Jones, 
Sept. 21, 1847. Children, — a daughter, born March 1, 
1851 ; a son, Nov. 15, 1852. 

John Reed married Lucindai Childron, — John, born at 
Nashua, June 15, 1837 ; Ann Lucinda, June IG, 1842. 

James M. Reed married Joanna. Children, — Lucy Ann, 
born at Nashtia, Aug. 80, 1837 ; James Augustus, Dec. 13, 
1840; Betliiah E., Jan. 29, 1842; a son, July 21, 1852. 



Jolin married Hannah. One child, born at Nashua, 
April 8, 1855. 

Calvin Reed had a son, born in Nashua, May 7, 1856. 
Mose-s Read married Kstlier. Child, — Wary, born at At- 
tleborough, Sept. UG, 1812. 

Abijah of Nashua had a son Abijalt, who married Lydia 
Hardy of Dunstable, Nov. 20, 1794. 

James 1\ of Pembroke, Nvho was son of Cyrus and Gyntiiia, 
married Nancy, the daughter of llenjamin and Sophia Pierce. 
ChiUlrcn, — James K., who died May 31, 1856; Susan A., 
born in Pembroke, Feb. 4, 1855, and died Juno 7 of the 
same year ; James, born l^Iay 31, 1856. 

Thomas of Hanson married Charlotte. Child, — Hope, 
who died Dee. 23, 1840, aged ten months and eleven 
Obadiah married Abigail. Child, — Appleton. 
Appleton, son of Obadiah, married in Hanson to Mehala 
Cushing, March 6, 1849. Child, — Frank Abbot. 

Joseph of Harrington, Mass., known as Esquire Read, had 
a daughter Lydia, born in 17 17. 

William H., of the Taunton stock, married Amanda. 
Child, — ^Yllliam II., horn at Rehoboth, Dec. 2, 1843. 

Rol>ort of Wrentham married Elizabeth J. Wiggio. 
Child, — John P., born May 11, 1854; 

Oliver of Wrenlham married Betty Force, Nov. 4, 1770. 
Child, — Oliver. 

Oliver, 8011 of Oliver and Betty, married Chickering Read, 
March 26, 1801. 

Adam Reed of Boston married Margaret Derkin, June 11, 
1090. Child,— Adam, born in Boston, Feb. 18, 1702. 

Thomas married in Boston to Mary Fifield, March 1, 1707. 
Child, — James, born Sept. 16, 1707. Married, for second 
wife, Sarah Niles, Scjit. 14, 1709. Child,— Sarah, born 
May 12, 1711. 


Bridges Rccd or ^farblclicad married in Boston to Marj. 
Child, — Mary, bora May 12, 1712. 

John or Boston, whoso wifo was ITannah, had a son Tho- 
mas, who was born in 1759, and died in Boston, Oct. 8, 
1765, and buried in the Granary Burying-ground. 

John or ^lilton liad a son John, who married Amanda M. 
J. Baker, Dec. 13, 1851. 

Bobert of Boston had a son James, who married Mary 
Todd, June 19, 1851. 

Edward married Susan Palmer. Child, — James G., born 
in Boston, Oct. 19, 1855. 

John T. or Weymouth married Sarah J. Child, — Maria 
A., born Aug. 22, 1850. 

Jolm B. married Emily Loud. Child, — Emily B.,boru 
in Weymouth, Oct. 12, 1851. 

Daniel F. married Joanna. Child, — Frank E., born at 
Weymouth, Oct. 8, 1854. 

J. F. Reed married Sarali J. Tirrcll, Sept. 28, 1849. 
Child, — Linnie, liorn at Weymouth, Sept. 16, 1855. 

Silas married Ijouisa Riclmiond, Aug. 22, 1841. Child, 
—Levi R., born at Weymouth, March 27, 1851 ; Elbridge, 
July 7, 1858. 

Thomas of Mendon married Sarah Burder, July 23, 1838. 
Children, — Edward, born Aug. 22,1839; Walter, July 6, 

Robert of Abington married Polly. Child, — AIoueo 
Harrington, born Nov, 3, 1829. 

Thomas of Abington married Lydia Jenkins, April 12, 
1810. Children, — Thomas, born April 25,1812; Lydia J., 
Juno 15, 1814 ; Wolston, Dec. 29, 1819 ; Lucinda C, 
Dec. 11, 1834. 

Thomas, sou of Thomas and Lydia, bom April 25, 1812 ; 
married Acsah Wesson of Wayland. Oluld, — Thomas F. 
Tliomas died, and his widow married Brackley Shaw, jun. 


Brewer Reed of Boston had AVilliain C, and Kliza, who 
married James Whitney. 

Jnstus (). of East Windsor, A^t., had a son John If., horn 
in 1823, and married in Boston to Mary M. Warren, Jnly 4, 
1854. Children, — James, who was married in Boston to 
Alary Todd, Jnnc ID, 1851 ; Kohert, who nuirried Sarah G. 
Ilnntrcss, and liad Susan K., l)orn at Ciiarlestown, June 15, 
1854 ; Samuel II. ; llohert JI., May ai, 1857. 

Abraham of Dorchester married Mary Rollins, Sept. 25, 
1818. Children, — Oeorgc T., horn in 1823, and married 
Slary Iliggins, Dec. 15, 185G ; Nathaniel, 1827, married Mary 
Ann Ayers, May 3, 1852. 

Joseph of Newburyport had a son William, born in 1820, 
who was married in Boston to Julia A. !Murphy, for second 
wife, June 1, 1854. 

Jacob of Charlton married Desire Skelton, June 4, 1816. 
Child, — Rebecca, born in Wuhurn, June IG, 1821. 

Charles G. Reed of iirookfield married Jane. Children, 
— Caroline E., born Sept. 3, 1842; Maria Jano, Jnly 31, 

Durfco Read married Wealthy Keene of Somerset. Chil- 
di'cu, — Elizabeth, born at Somerset, and married Simpson 
Jones; William D., born July 18, 1795. 

William Read married (,'linda Tingley. Children, — 
Maria, born at Atlleborough, June 24, 1793 ; Ezra C, 
June 27, 1798; Herbert A., Nov. 18, 1801. 

Nathan married Phehe- Child, — Rolnjrt, born at Swan- 
sea, Mai-ch 3, 1779. 

Samuel married Mary. Children, — Andrew Jackson, 
born at Swansea, Jan. 15, 1815 ; Mary Ann, Jan. 15, 1819 ; 
Nelson Stillman, Oct, 6, 1821; Julia M., Jan. 25, 1823; 
Hannah G., March 10, 182G. 

William M. of Swansea married Elizabeth. Child, — 
Ella W., born ai Providence. 


Jacob or Littleton. Children, — Elizabeth, born June 20, 
1889; Mary G., May 80, 1841. 

Joseph E. of Littleton innrriod Prances M. Tuttle, May 1, 
1851. Child,— Lorenzo G., born Aug. 25, 1851. 

Jefferson Reed of Littleton married Susan. Children, — 
Lucy Ann, who married Alvun Rhodes; Mary, born Oct. 15, 

Benjamin, son of Col. Jonathan of Littleton, was born 
Jan. 13, 1779; married Alary Utchfield ; published Novem- 
ber, 1797. 

John W. of Brookfield married Abigail. Child, — Wil- 
liam Wirt, born Feb. 14, 1837. 

George of BiH>ok field hud a son George, who died Octolier, 

Joseph married Susan, and had a son Joseph, who mar- 
fied Nancy M, Lincoln, Dec. 6, 1847. 

Thomas of Framingham had a daughter Mary, born 
July 12, 184G. 

Daniel B. married Martha. Children, — Charled B., born 
ut Pramlngham, Nov. 18, 1852 ; Emma A., Nov. 11, 1856. 

Jonathan of Wrentliam, born in 1745 ; married Susanna 
Shepherd, July 31, 1771. Children, — Jonathan, born at 
Wi-ontham, Sept. 4, 1773 ; Susanna, Sept. 4, 1775. lie 
^ied Nov. 9, 1806, in a fit, while at work at his bench. 

David of Westminster, Mass., had three sons: viz., Asa, 
who iiow lives on the homestead of his father ; Abraham ; 
and David, who died in 1855, leaving a widow. 

John C. of Nova Scotia married Elizabeth, and lives in 
Abington. Child, -« Clarence Herbert, born Aug. 25, 1852. 
James of Plymouth married Lucy Fish, Nov. 6, 1788. 
Children, — Betsy, born June 1, 1789; James, Nov. 24, 
1791 ; Polly, April 28, 1794 ; Ruth, Oct. 20, 1796 ; Samuel, 
April 24, 1803 ; Hezekiah B., June 10, 1805 ; Henry, March, 
. 1808; Sally, June 7, 1811. 


Nathan of Plymouth married Rebecca Morton, April 7, 

Levi of Pembroke married Lucy Dotau of Plymouth,. 
Jan. 7, 1799. 

James, jun., sou of James and Lucy, married Sally Hatha- 
way, Aug. 29, 1812. Cliildrcn, — James, born at PlymouUi, 
Oct. 10, 1813 ; Silas, June 22, 1815, died Oct. 8, 181G ; Silas, 
born June 2, 1817 ; Ijcniuel, Aug. 25, 1819 ; Lucy Ann, 
Jan. 1, 1820, died 1821 ; Joseph Allen, born July 19, 1822 ; 
Samh ; James, Aug. 14, 1825. 

Lemuel, sou of James, jun., of Plymouth, born Aug. 25, 
1819; married Lydia