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P^ntersttg of ©ormtta 

Mrs. H. S. Hunter 

Digitized by tlie Internet Arcliive 

in 2011 witli funding from 

University of Toronto 












First Edition: March, 1904. 
Second Edition : October, 1904. 
Thu-d Edition: April, 1906. 
Fourth Edition : June, 1908. 
Fifth Edition: October, 1909. 
Sixth Edition : November, 1910. 
Seventh Edition: March, 1913. 








The text of this Greek Testament was in the main 
first published by the Bible Society of Wiirttemberg 
at Stuttgart in 1898, It was prepared for that 
Society by Professor Eberhard Nestle, D.D., of 
Maulbronn, and he revised the several editions which 
followed the first one. By the kind permission of 
the Wiirttemberg Society the British and Foreign 
Bible Society was permitted to adopt its latest 
text (the 4th) and to publish it in England under 
Dr Nestle's care in 1904. 

The text is the resultant of a collation of three 
of the principal recensions of the Greek Testament 
which appeared in the latter half of the 19 th century, 
viz. those of Tischendorf, editio octava 1869 — 72 (as 
reproduced in the 4th edition by Oskar von Gebhardt, 
1898) ; of Westcott and Hort, 1881 (impression 
of 1895); and of Bemhard V/eiss, 1894—1900 
(second edition 1902). The readings adopted in the 
text are those in which at least two of these editions 
agree. An exception to this rule has been made in 
St Mark i. 1 ; St John v. 3, 4, and vii. 53 — viii. 11, 
These passages have been retained in the text, but 
they are placed within special marks. 

Besides this edition with critical apparatus, another 
is published containing the text by itself. 

The apparatus at the foot of each page indicates 
every variation of any importance in the resultant 


text above it, in words, spelling or punctuation, from 
(1) the Textus Receptus, and (2) the Greek Text 
which avowedly or inferentially underlies the English 
Revised Version of 1881. For the purpose of com- 
parison a Greek Testament printed for the Society 
at the University Press, Cambridge, in 1876 has been 
used in the main to represent the Textus Receptus as 
hitherto published by the Society. It gives (but not 
with perfect accuracy) the text of the Elzevir edition 
of 1624, which was based on that of Robert Estienne 
[Stephanus], Paris 1550, and which took the name of 
Received Text from the preface to the edition of 1633. 

The readings of the English Revisers are gathered 
(1) from the list furnished by them and reproduced by 
Scrivener (Cambridge 1881, 1894) and Palmer (Oxford 
1881, 1901); and (2) inferentially from a comparison 
of their English with the Greek text of the present 
edition. In some cases these readings can only be 
inferred with probability, and not with certainty. 

Variations are indicated in the footnotes as 
follows : — 

No mark A reading found in the Textus Receptus (or 
the Society's 1876 edition of it) which takes 
the place of that in the resultant text above ; 
e.g. Mt 1, 1. 
+ — Plus indicates something added to the text, 
and minus something omitted from it ; e.g. 
Mt 1, 6. 18. 

( ) "When a Greek reading is enclosed in curved 
brackets, the variation is only one in punc- 
tuation, accentuation, or spelling; e.g. Mt 1, 
8. 9; 3, 17. 


I An upright bar in the text marks the begin- 

ning of a new verse when that is not made 
clear by the punctuation. An upright bar 
in the apparatus separates the variations in 
a single verse; e.g. Mt 1, 6. 

, 2° &c. When the same word recurs in a verse, the 
numeral indicates the particular instance in 
the series to which the variation applies ; 
e.g. Mt 1, 5. 
ic.T.X. Is used in the cases where a particular reading 
or spelling will recur in the N.T., and the 
correction is made at its first occurrence, 
once for all; e.g. Mt 1, 1. 
S ( = Stephan US-Elzevir's or the Society's edition.) 
S stands for the T.R. when at the same place 
a variation occurs in that text, and in the 
Eng. R.V. ; e.g. Mk 1, 16. 

E, ( = Revisers.) R, by itself, indicates a variation 
which occurs only in the Revisers' text, and 
is one of those to be found in Scrivener's list 
of the Revisers' avowed readings ; e.g. Mk 
1, 16. 
R Indicates a reading of the Revisers, which has 
been inferred from their English, but is not 
specified by Scrivener; e.g. Sit 1, 6. 
(R) The R is enclosed in curved brackets when the 
inference as to what was the Revisers' reading 
is probable, but not absolutely certain ; e.g. 
Mt 3, 7. 
SR 1 Are used when the A'ariation is common to 
SR / T. R. and R. V., with more or less certainty 
S(R) J in the latter case, as already explained ; 
e.g. SR, Mt 10, 25; SR, Mt 1, 5; S(R), 
Mt 3, 7. 
R*, R' Are used when the variation occurs in the 
Revisers' text, as distinguished from their 
margin ; e.g. R' Mt 3, 16; R* John 4, 11. 


R", R™ Are used when the variation occurs, in the 
Reviseris' margin, as distinguished from their 
text; e.g. B.'^ Mt 1, 18; R'" John 4, 24. 
ml, m^ Are used when there are more marginal read- 
ings than one ; e.g. Mk 8, 16. 
] Indicates the limit in the text to which a 

variation appUes; e.g. Mt 2, 17. 
f ]] Double brackets mark passages which the criti- 
cal editors, or a majority of them, consider 
very early interpolations; e.g. Mk 16, 9. 
< > Indicate a passage for which ancient authority 

is in part wanting ; e.g. John 5, 3. 4. 
Jin. Finis, end of the verse. 

Accents and breathings are onl}' inserted in the 
apparatus when the variation turns upon them. In 
the use of initial capitals for ©€os, Kupio?, Xpto-Tos, 
Uvevixa, Atd/?oAos, etc. the general usage of the 
English and American Revisers is followed. Sarava? 
is always regarded as a proper name. 

The black type for quotations, the strophic ar- 
rangement for poetry, and the division into para- 
gx'aphs, chiefly follow Westcott-Hort. The verse 
division is that of Stephanus, 1551. 

The side margins contain parallel-references com- 
piled from (1) the R. V. of Luther's translation, 
(2) quotations from the 0. T. found in Westcott- 
Hort and Tischendorf-Gebhardt, and (3) other 

Any misprints which have been discovei'ed in 
previous issues have been corrected in this edition. 

The Bible House, London, 
Sixth Edition. November, 1910. 



Bi/3Aos yevetrecjs 'Irjcrov Ji.pL(TTOv vlov AavelS 1 it 3, 23—38. 

vlovjA/SpadlM. ^ ^ ^ ^ , , , Gn.Vr:'^,18. 

'ABpaaiji iyevvnaev rov 'IcradiK, "lo-aaK Se 2 Gn. 21, 3. 12; 

f^f^ f^^ J I , ', ^ 25,2S; 29,35; 

eyevv7^0"€v rov laKoyp, laKuyp 0€ eyevvrjcrev tov laiTai 
louSav Kai TOV'; aSeXcbov? avrov, 'Ioi;Sas 8e iyev- 3 1 ch. 2, 5. 9. 

V ^ V V \ r, V , -^ /-^ / '^"- ^' 2a- 30. 

vrjaev rov <I>ap€S Kat tov Lapa €k ttj? (vafxap, Ru 4 18-22. 

^apki 8e lyewqcrev tov Yicrpwp,, J^crpwfi. Sk 

iyeyvrjaev tov 'Apap,, 'Apap, 8e iyevvrjaev tov 4 

Ap.LvaSd(3, Ayu,tva8a/3 Se iy€vvr](T€v tov Naacr- 

(Twv, Naacrcrwi/ 8e iyewrjcrev tov ^aXp,wv, ' 2aA.- 5 ku.4,i»-i7. 

ftcij/ Se iyewTjaev tov Boe? €/< t'^s 'Pa;^a^, Boes 

Se iyevvr]crev tov 'Iw^r/8 €k t)}s 'Pov^, 'IcojS'^8 

Se iyevv7](T£v tov 'leao-al, 'Ieo"o-at Se eyevvTycev 6 2 s. 12.24. 

TOV AaveiS tov jiacrikia. Aa^etS Se iyiwrja-ev 

TOV 2oXo/AWVa €K T'^S ToO Ovplov, ^oXop.WV Se 7 ICh. 3, 10— 14. 

iyewrjcrev tov 'Voj3odp., 'PoySoa/x Se iyevvrjaev 
TOV 'A^id, 'A^ia Se iyewrjaev tov 'Aadcfi, I 'Aadcf> 8 
Se iyevvTjo-ev tov 'l(jLi(xa<f)dT, 'lojo'a^aT Se eyev- 
vqaev tov 'Iwpdp,, 'Iwpayu, Se iyevvrjcrev tov O^etav, 
i ' 'O^etas Se lyevvqcrev tov 'lojdOap, 'Iwa^a/A Se 9 
; iy€vvrja€v tov "A^at,, ''A^a^ Se iyevvyjaev tov 
i "E^eKiav, 'E^cKtas Se iyeuvrjcrev tov Mavacro"^, 10 
I Mavao-cT'^s Se eyevvr/orev tov 'A/aws, 'A/aojs Se 


I, 1 Aa^cd kt\. 3 Ga^tip 5 Bo6fP2°| 

SR 'ft/3^5 1° 2° 6 5e 2°] + /SatnXeus | lioXofMuvra 

7.8 'Ao-d-'Ao-o, 8.9 ('Oftac-'Ofms) 10 'A^ci;/- 


1 A 

1,10-21 Kara 'MaOOaiov 

1 ch. 3 15 ifi II iyeyi'va-ev tov Iwcretav, Iwcretas 6c eyen'rio-fv 

1 Esr. 1, 32 ixx. '»T ' ^ » >^^J^ >->x- 

TOV IC'^OVtaV Kttt TOVS aO€A(pOVS aVTOV ctti tt/s 

^'zzth^'"' ^- /x€TOtK€crtas Ba/?t'Xa)j'OS, Mcro, Se t^v yxeroiKC- 
(Tt'av Ba/3rXa)ros le^ovta? iy€vvr](rcv tov 2aAa- 
^t7;A., 2aXa6ii;X Se iyewqaev tov Zopo^dl^eX, 

13 ' Zopo^a/3eX Sc eyeiTT^o-ev tov 'A/SlovS, 'A/3iot'8 
Sc €yevv7;o-€v tov 'EXiaKCiyu,, 'EXta^ci/A Se tyev- 

14 VT^crev TOV A^wp, A^wp 8e iyevvrjcrev tov SaStoK, 
2a8w/c Se iyevvrjcrev tov 'A^eLfj., 'A;(el,p, Se eyev- 

15 vrjaev tov 'EA.tov8, 'EA.toij8 8e iyewrjcrev tov 
jEXca^ap, EAea^ap 8€ eyewrjaev tov Ma^^av, 

16 Ma^^av 8€ iyei'vrjcrev tov 'la/cw^, ' 'laKw/? Se 
2r, 17. 22 iyevvrjcrev tov lwcrr](f) tov avSpa Maptas, e^ 175 

iyevvrjOr] lr]crov<; o XcydyLtej'os Xp^o■TOS. 

1 7 Zlao-at ovv at yevtai aTTO 'A^paajx ew<; AavciS 
ycvcat 8eKaTecraape<;, koI Atto Aaveih lojs t^s 
jxtTOLK.eal.a'; Ba/3uXa)vos yeveat ScKaTcVo^apes, /cat 
(XTTO T^s fxeroiKecria^ Ba/3uXa)V0S €U)5 tov XpiO"TOi) 
yeveat ScKaTcccrapes. 

i.k. 1.35. 18 Tov Se Ir^o^ov XptorTov 17 yci'€(ris ovtws t^v. 

p.vrj(TTev6ei(rr)<; r^s jxrp'po<; avrov Mapias tc5 'Ico- 

o"7;<^, Trpiv 17 cvveX^eiv avTovs evpeOr] ev yaarpl 

19 e^^ovo-a €K IIvev/AaTos Ay tov. I(i>(Tr](f) 6e 6 avrjp 

avTrj<;, SiKaios c3v Kat /xt^ Oek(ov avrrjv heiyfuvri- 

i& 20 cat, ifSovXrjOrj XaOpa o.TroXvo'at avTT^v. Tavra 8e 

avTOv ev$vfjir]6evT0<;, t8ov ayycXos Kvpiov /caT* 

ovap ecjxivr] avTw Xe'ywv I(i)crr](f> vios Aav€i8, p,'^ 

<})o/3r)$fj<; TrapaXajSelv Maptav t^v yvi'atKa cov 

TO yap ev avTi^ ycvi^^ev €K IIv€vp,aTos icmv 

'"'' '■ \'c4'fi" ^' Ayt'ov. Te^cTat Se viov, Kai KaXeVcis to ovopxi 

10 ('Iwcr/av) 11 Clow/aj) 15 MarlJov l'>2<' 

18 R" — iTycroi' I YewT;^!? | fivrjar. yap 19 irapa- 

Seiy/jLaTicrai. 20 MaptA/i 

Kara MaOdaiov 1,21-2,7 

avTOV 'Irjcrovv avro^ yap crcocrei toi' Xaov avTOv 

airo Twi/ afjMpTLMV avrSiV. Tovro 8e oXov yeyov€v 22 i? 7, 14. 

iva irXrjpoyOy to pr]dev virb K.vpLOv Slol tov irpo~ 

<j>rjTOv XeyovTO'5 

*I8ov f| irap0€vos «v ya.a-rp\ e'^ei Kal Te^erai viov, 23 
Kttl KaXtVovcriv rh 6vQ\ia. avTov *E[inavov<]X, 

ecTTtv p.e0epfjir]vev6pevov MeO' T||j.d)v 6 0€(5s. eyep- 24 
^ets Se 6 'l<jicry](f> cltto tov vttvov iTTOirjcrev ws 
■n-pocreTo^iV avT<^ 6 ayyeXo? K.vpL0v, kul TrapeXa- 

Bev Tr]v yvvoLKa avroi)* koL ovk eytvcocTKCv avrrjv 25 lu. 2, 7. 
€ws ov eVeKev vtov Kai eKaXecrev to ovofia avTov 

Tov Se 'li/troS yemrrjOei'TO'; iv 'BrjOXeep. Trj<; 2 Lk.2,1-7. 
'lovSaias ev rjpepais 'HpwSov tot) ^ao-tXews, ibov 
fidyoL airo avaToXdv TrapeyevovTO ets 'lepoaoXvpa 

1 Xeyovres IIoG ecrtv 6 T€;(^e(,s Bao-tXevs twv 2 xu. ^4, 17. 
'Iou8ai<ov; elBopev yap avTov tov acTTepa cv tt7 
avaToXrj, Kal ^XOopev TrpoorKwrja-ai avT<S. Akov- 3 

o-as 8e 6 ^aaiXev^ 'HpcoSy^s eTapa^Or], koX iraaa 
'^lepoaoXvp-a /act' avTOV, Kal (rvvayaywv Travras 4 
Tovs dp^tcpets Kttt ypappaT€L<s tov Xaov eTruv- 
6dv€TO Trap avTUiv ttov b Xpto-Tos yewSrai. ot 5 jjj"^^^ 
8e etTTav ai^TuJ "Ev Br;6'Xee/A T175 'lovSat'as* ovtojs 
yap yeypaTTTai 8ta tot) -n-pocfiyjTOV 

Kal o-ii BT]OX€€|i, "YT] 'lovSa, 6 

oiSaprUS ^Xox.£<rrr) el ev tois 'f\y€\i.6criv 'lovSa* 
CK (TOV yap eleXevorerai T|"yovfjL€vos, 

8<ms 7roi|Aavei tov Xadv fi.ov tov 'I<rpa'r]X. 
ToT€ 'HpwS?;? XdOpa KaXecra^ tov<; /xdyov? 7 
rjKpL^oio-ev Trap' avrwv tov ■)(p6vov tov (fiaivofxevov 

22 VTTO Tou K. 24 Ate7ep5eis 25 toi' vtoj* 

avTr]i TOV trpuToroKov 

II, 3 IIpcoOTjs o (Saa-iXevs 5 eiTro;' 

3 a2 

2, 7-17 Kara Ma^^atov 

8 aoTcpos, Koi 7r€/ju//as avrovs 6ts Bt^^Xcc/a cnrev 
IIopev^cvT£S i^€T(i(raT€ aKpi^cus irepi tou TratSiow • 
€7rav 8e evptjTe, (ZTrayyetXaTe /aoi, ottws Kdya> 

9 tX^wv TrpocrKwrjau) avrcS. oi oe a/cowavTes tow 
ySacrtXews ItropevO-qaav ■ koH Ibov 6 dcrT7]p, ov etSov 
€v 7-^ avaroXy, Trporjyev avrov; Iws iXOiov ia-Tcidr] 

lo eTravo) ov i^v to TratStW. i3dvTes Se tov aarepa 
Ps. 72, 10. 15. 1 1 k)(apriaav ^(apav p-eyaXr^v crcfioBpa, kol i\6ovT€S 
CIS TT/v oIklov flhov TO TTttiSiov yu,€Ta Maptas t^s 
/i,7/T/30S ainrov, /cai ttccovtcs TrpocreKvvTjaav avT<2, 
Kol ctvot^avTes tous 6r]aavpov<s auTwv Trpocn^vey- 
Kav avTijo SSipa, )(pva6v kol Xi^avov kol ap.vpva.v. 

12 Kttt )(pr}pxiTtcr6evT€<; Kar ovap p,r] avaKapuf/ai Trpos 
'Upt^brjv, Sl dXXrj^ 68ov dve^tLprjaav €is rrjv 
^wpav avTW. 
Kx.2.iis. 13 'AvaxoiprjcrdvTwv Sk avToiv, tSov ayyeXo? 

Krptou (ftaiverai Kar ovap tw Ioiarj(f> XeyoiV 
*Ey€p^ets TrapdXafie to TraiStov Kai tt/v prjripa 
avTov, KOL (f)€vy€ ets AtyvTrrov, Kat tcr^t e/<et ca>s 
av ctTTO) o^of p-iXXei yap 'iipioSrj'i ^rp-eiv to Trai- 

14 810V Tov diroXicrai avro. 6 8k iyep6eL<s irapeXa- 
/?cv TO iraiSiov Kal ttjv p-rp-epa avrov kuktos Kat 
Ho3. 11,1. 15 dv€')(<jip-q(Tev eh AtyvTrrov, Kat 77V eKCi toj? t^s 
TeXcvr^s 'HpwSov iva TrXrjpoidrj to prjOkv vtto 
Kvptot) Sia TOU 7rpO(f)7]TOv At'yovTOS 'E^ Ai-yvn-Tov 
€K(iXE(ra TOV vi6v fiov. 

16 ToT€ 'HpwSr^S iSojv OTt ev€TraL)($r] inro twv 

pdyoiv I6vp.ui6r] Xiav, Kat diroo-TctXa? dveiAev 
TrdvTas Toiis TratSas tovs ev ^rjOXekp. Kal iv Trdcn 

TOIS OptOtS aVT^S aTTO SuTOVS Kat KaT(i)Tep<j), KOTU. 17 TOV )(p6vov OV r^Kpi^iiicrev Trapa twv /laywv. totc 

8 aKpi^uji e^€Taa-aT£ 9 eoTTj 11 eu/)o>' 

15 i/5ro Toi; Kvpiov 

Kara MaOdaLou 2, 17-3, 4 

iTrX-qpwOt} TO prjOhf ^to. 'lepefLLOV Tov Trpo(fiT]TOV 

<l»o)vfi €V 'Pa|xa T|KOV)<r0t], l8 Gn.s.5,19. 

KXa\jOp.i)s Kal 6Svp|ibs iroX-us' 

'PaxT]X. KXaCovo-a to, T^Kva avrijs, 

Kal ovK ■{^OeXev "TrapaKXTiGfjvai, 6ti ovk €l<rtv. 

TeXevTT^cravTos Se tov 'UpwSov, l8ov ayyeXos 19 
IS-vpiov (jiaLV€TaL KaT ovap tw Io}a-r]<fi ev AtyfTrrw 
I Xeywv 'Eyep^eis 7rapaXa/3e to TraiStW Kat t'^v 20 Ex. 4, la. 
fxrjTepa avTOv, Kal Tropevov eh yrjv'Icrpaii^X' TeOvq- 
Kacriv yap ol ^r/rowres Tr]v i/^v^^v tot) -rraihiov. 
6 8e eyepOeL<s trapeXa/Sev to TratSt'ov fcat rr/v jU,7y- 21 
repa avTOv Kal elariXOev ets y^jv IcrparjX. olkov- 22 
eras Se on "Apx^Xao? fBacnXcvei ttj? 'louSata? dvTt 
Tou Trarpos airoS 'HpwSov i(jio/3i]6r] cKti (XTrcA.- 
^eii'' ■^Tjp.aTLaOels 8e xar ovap avex^pfjo-ev €is 
TO, /xe'pT^ TTys PaA-tXatas, Kal eX^ojv KaTWKT]<Tci/ eis 23 fi^l'^.v?^ 
TToXivXcyo/Aevryv Na^aper* ottws TrXrjpuiOfJTO pr]$kv ■'°- 1- *^ 
81a. Twi' 7rpo<f)y]TU)V otl Na^copatos KXr]6rj(T€Tai. 

Ev Se rats Tj/xepais e/cetvats Trapaytverat 3 
'Iwavr/s o BaTTTto-njs Kr]pv(r<ju)v ev t^ ^PVH-^ 
Trj<; 'lovSatas, ' A.eya)v MeravoetTe • ijyyiKev yap 2 4,17, 
17 fSaa-LXeia twv ovpavQ>v. ovtos yap icrnv 6 3 
prjOels Blo. Ho"aiou toS TrpocfirjTOv Aeyovros 
4>wW| PowvTOS «v T'g ^p'tlH-u 
'ETOt[Jid<raT€ tt]v 68bv K.vp{ov, 
€v6£ias TTouiTS Tois TpCpovs avTov. 
AvTos Se 6 'Itoavi^? ^^X^'' '''^ '^vhvp/x avTOV (xtto 4 
Tptx^y KafxrjXov Kal ^uivrjv SepfxaTLvrjv rrepl r^v 


Mk. 1. 1-8. 
Lk. 3, 3-18. 
Lk. 1, 13. 

17 5ta] VTTO 18 'Fafxa \ dp-qvos Kai K\avdfi. 

19 Acar' oj/ap (paiverai 21 yfKdev 22 eTrt T77J | 
avTt HpojSoy rou irarpos avrov 

HI, 1 Iwaj/VT/s ktX. 2 /cat Xs7w;' 3 5ia] vtto 

3,4-15 Kara Maddaiov 

6(T<f>vv avTOV' rj 8e Tpo<fir] -qv avrov o-KpiSes Koi 

5 jLteAt ayptov. Tore i^eTropevero Trpos avrov 'lepo- 
(ro\vp.a Kai Tracra ly lovoat'a Kat Tracra r) wept- 

6 XiJipo^ TOW lopSavov, Kat ifSaTrri^ovro iv tu3 
'lopSavT^ TTOTa/AW vtt' avrov i^OfxoXoyovfjievoi ras 

12, 34 ; 23. 33. 7 d/AaoTias avru)V. I8wv Sc ttoAXous tcjv $apt- 

Gu. 3, 1=. ^7^- V V SS ' ' ' ' ^ ^ O ' 

craiwv Ktti .^aooouKatwi/ tp^o/tei^ous ctti to pair- 

Tidfia ttTTCj/ avrol'S TevvT^jjiaTa e^^iSvtov, tis 

i7r€8€i|^€V r/xti/ 4>vy€lv OLTTo Trj<; /xeAAovoT/s opyrjs; 

H.gTroirjcrare ovv Kapirov a^tov r^js p.€ravoia<s' koi 

0.2, 28.29; 4,12. ^^ 8o^r€ Aey€lV €V Cai'TOtS IlaTtpa €)(0fJi€V TOV 

AjSpadfJL' Acyw yap ii/aiv oti SwaTat 6 0eos ex 

Twv XiOdiV TOUTWV cyctpac TCKva tw ' KjipaoLfx. lo •^Siy Se 'i^ d^LVr] 7rpo9 TTyr pt^av twv SevSpwv 

KetTOi" ttSv ovv SevSpov fxr] ttolovv Kapirov KaXov 

1. i,i5.26.27.:b II eKKOTrrerai, Kat eis Trvp Ba\X(raL. eyoj ucv vaas 

Ac. 1,6. Q /<, , «sv , ' / t 5;( , / '^ 

paiTTi^u) ev voari cts /xtTavotav o oe ottictw p,ov 

ip^oixevos lcr)(yp6T€p6<: /xov iartv, ov ovk elpX 

tKttvos TO, VTToSrjfjiara (iacTrddai • avTos r/xas 

13,30. 12 ySaTTTto'ci cv ITvev/AaTt Ayto) Kai Trrpt • ou to 

TTTVOV €V T17 X^^P' avrov, Kat BiaKaOapiel rrjv 

dX(Dva avrov, koI (Tvvd^cL tov crlrov avrov €is 

T^v oLTToO-QKrjv, TO 8c d)(ypov KaraKavait. irvpl 


13—17: 13 ToT€ TrapaytvcTtti 6 It/otovs aTro t^s FaAi- 

Lk.'3^. Irii Aai'as €7ri TOV 'Iop8aV7/v Trpos tov 'Iwdvrjv rov 

11.1,31- i^ jiairricrOrjvai. vir avrov, 6 8e StcKwAvcv avrov 

Aeycuv 'Eyoj ^eiav e^*^ '^"'^ ''""'^ /SairrKrOrjvai, 

15 Kat on; €p^r/ Trpos p-c; aTroKpt^ets Se 6 I>;oroGs 

ctTTcv avr<Z "At^es dpTf ovrws yap TrpCTrov co'tiv 

4 avTov 7]v 6 — irora/Mw 7 S(R) ^awricrfia 

avTOv 8 Kapwovi o^tous 10 5« /cai 7; 11 /3an-rifw 
i;/<as 14 SR 5e lojacj'Tys | (7r/)ds fii) 15 tt/jos 

Kara MaOdaiov 3, 15-4, 9 

rjfuv TrXrjpwcraL iracrav ^LKaLocrvvrjv. Tore d^t- 
rjcriv avTOv. /3a7rTtcr^ets 8e 6 'Ir^croSs evOv? i6 
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4, 9-21 Kara MaOOaiov 

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ev Tttis cn^vayaryats avTcov Kat K7]pv(T(rwv to ev- Ac. 10, 38. 
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vdcrov Kat Tracrav fxaXaKtav ev t<S XaS. Kat 24 Mk. 6, sb. 
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/ en- w J V \ fl / Ps. 126, 5. 

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^^ , , c; , V . ' Key. 7, 17. 

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He. 11, 8S-88. 

5, 9-20 Kara MaBdaiov 

He. 12, 14. 9 /AttKaplOl 01 elprjVOTrOlOL, OTL aVTOl vloi ®€OV 

IP. 3, 14. lo fxaKapiot ol ScSiwy/^ei'oi £V€K€v SiKatocrvvT^S, otl 
avTwv icTTtv Y] /^acriXeta twv ovpavthv. 

I p. 4, 14. II fxaKapioL i(TT€ orav ovctSi'crwcnv vfj.a<; koI Siw^wcriv 
KOi eiTTOiatv vav rrovrjpov KaO" vfxwv \j/evS6fji€voL 

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Mk. 9, wi. 13 'Yu-ei? ecrre to aXas ti7S 7779* eav 8c to aXa? 

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CTt €t yiAi^ fiXrjOev €^(i> KaTaTTaTclaOai virb twv 

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Mk.4,21. 15 oiSe KaCovaiv \v-)(yov koI TL6ea(nv avTov vtto 
rov fJioStov, aXX' evrt t^v Aup^vtav, Kai Aa/A7rct 
Eph. 5, 8. 9. 16 TrSo'tv TOts ev Try oIklo.. ovt(d? Xa/x\j/dTO) to ^cos 
vfxSiV ifxirpocrOev twv dvOpu)7ro)v, ottws tScoo-tv 
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vfiiav Tov €v TOts ovpavoi<;. 

3, 1.5. P>o. 3. 31 ; 17 M>^ VOIXL(Tr]T€ OTl '^A^OV /CttToAvcrai TOV VOfXOV 

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lCo.16.9. ^ ^ , V SS'6^ " ^ > /3 ' 

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Kara Maddaiov 5,20-31 

fjjfj elaeXOrjre eis Ttjv jSaaiXeiav twv ovpavtav, Ex. 20, 13 ; 

'HKOucrare ort ippedr] rots dp;(atois Ov (|>ov£vcr£i.s '21 J^^ 24, 17. 

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5, 31-45 Kara Ma^ 

Lk. 16, IS. 22 vvvaiKa avTov, 8oTa) avTTi airocrrao-iov. evo) 8e 

1 Co. 7, lU. U. -^ ' t « o „ c , \ / V - ' . « 

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Ex.20.7. ^j IlaXiv T^KOi'trare ort ippeOrj tols a.p)(a.ioL<s Ovk 

Nu.30, 2. eiriopKTio-eis, diroScS(rek.s oc tw KvpCto Toiis 8pK0vs 

23, 16 — 22. '^O^x/ «'-' \ » / ff\ / 

Is. fiK, 1. 34 o-ov. €y(jj oe Aeyw v/jtiv /xiy o/xocrai oAcos' fJ-'rjTe 

Ps.48,2. 35 ^i' TW ovpavu, on Opdvos cotiv to-0 ©eovl* /txTTre cv 

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Lv. 24, 19. aj. 38 O^OV TOtVwV CK TOl} TTOVqpOV kcTTlV. H/COVO"aT€ 

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jii. 18, 22. 2:i t<j3 TTOVTjpw' dXX' ocms o"€ paTTti^eL CIS TT/v Se^iav 

IC0.6, 7. 40 o-tayova o-ov, crrpe^^ov avT<2 koL Tr/v dXXrjv kol 

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Ex.23, 4.5. 44 i^Opov (TOV. eyoj 8e Xeyw v/xtv, dyaTruTC tovs 

Lk. 23, k' e)^6pov<; vyxoiv /cat Trpocrevx^f^Oe VTrip tojv 8tw/cdv- 

Eph.5,L 45 Twv vyu,as* oTTws yevrjcrOe viol tov Xlarpd? vpMV 

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TOi/j fUffowTai v/jLas, Kai irp. vir. r. eirripea^ovTUV vpMS 

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Kara MaOBaiov 5, 45-6, 7 

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6, 8-19 Kara MaSOaiov 

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wv )(peLav €X*^^ """P^ '''^'^ Tu/xas aiTrjcrai avrdv. 
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7.21. Lk.22,42. lO cA^ttTCO 1^ ^ttCTtXeia CTOU * 

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Mk. 2, 13-17. 
Lk. 5, 27—32. 

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18—26: 18 TavTa avTov XaXouvTOS atTOts, i8ov dp\(av 

Mk. 5.22-43. p . /jv , , « >. / ■» ctt 

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Kara MaOOaiov 9, 18-33 

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9,33-10,7 Kara MaOdatov 

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Ik. 6, 7 — 13. \/ \(^/o /iv i ^ 

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Jer. 50, 6. Trpos TO. TTpo/JaTtt TO. (XTroAwAoTa otKOv IcTpaTyA. 
Lk. 16^9 7 TTopevofxevoL 8e K-qpvo-cr^Te Ae'yovTts OTt "HyytKCV 

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Kara MaOOacov 10, 7-21 

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10,21-34 Kara MaOOaiov 

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Kara Maddauov 10,34-11,6 

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Dii. 9, 26. 

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11,6-19 Kara MaddaLov 

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Jn.6,15. ^ „ „ . o N / -« J - 

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Kara MaddaLOv 11,19-30 

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dv epywv avTTjs. Tore inp^aro ovetSc^etv to.? 20 20—24. 

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LiiTOi), OTt ov p.€Tev6r)(rav ' Ovat o^ot, Xo/aa^ctv 21 Jon. 3, 6. 
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caXvij/at. AevT€ Trpos p.e TrdivTcs ot KOTrtwvTes 28 12,20. Jer. 31, 2.5. 
cat 7r€cj>opTLcrp.evoL, Koyut avairavcru) vp.a<s. apare 29 jer. 6, is. 
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29 . 

12,1-14 Kara MaOOai-ov 

1-8: 12 Ev €K€LVia TO) KaLpw €TTOp€vOrj 6 ly]<TOV<i TOtS 

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l)t. 5, 14; 23.2?. aVTOV €7r€lVaO"aV, Kttl TJp^aVTO TlA.XciV CTCL^^iaS 

Ex. 20. 10. 2 Kat ia6Uiv. ol Se ^aptcratoi ibovres ciTrar avral 

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9,13. Hos. B. 6. 7 £t bc eyvwKCtTC Tt IcTTiv "EXtos 6tX<o Kal oi OvcrCav, 

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con ( airoKaTearadr) 14 Oi 5f 4>ap. ffvfj.^. e\ap. k. 

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Kara MaOOaiov 12, 15-27 

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r)Ko\ov6r]crav atrw ttoXXol, Kai iOepaTrevcrev 
avTOv<; TT-ai'ras, koL kTr^Tijx-qa-^v ai'Tols Tva fxrj 16 s.i. 
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Irycroi/s 27 vix. ecr. Kpir. 


12,28-39 Kara MaOdatov 

iJn.3, 8. 28 €1 8e iv IIvcv/xaTt ®€0v iyu) eK^aWw to. 8ai- 
yixovia, apa e<p$aaev e(fi vfias 7] fSacTLXeia tou 

Is. 49,24. 29 ®€0V. 7) TTCUS SvvaTaL TIS £lO-€A.^etV etS TT)V 
IJn. 4, 4. ^ , , i , „ , ^ , , r. t , 

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ifiov icTTLV, Kat 6 p.rj cruvdyu^v /act ip.ov crKopTTL^eL. 

.6, 4. 6; 10. 31 Aio. TOVTO Acyo) vfjuv, TTacTtt a/xapTia Koi /3X.a(r- 

ijn. 5, 16. <j)r]ixLa a(f)e$i^(Terai rots avOponroi'i, rj 8c tov 

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7, 17. 33 TOVTO) TO) atWVt 0VT6 CV TW fxcWovTi. *H TroiT^o^aTe 

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dya^tt, Kat 6 Trovr)pos a.v6pwiro'S ck tov irovTjpov 

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Xoywr aov KaTaotKa(T$y]crr}. 

16, 1. 38 ToTC dTreKpiOrjaav avT<S Ttvcs ToJi' ypap.p.aT€(ov 

Kat ^apL(Tai<j)V Xeyorres At8do-KaX€, 6eXop.ev diro 

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36 eav XaXT7<rw(rt»' 38 — avrw 


Kara MadOaiov 12,39-49 

Vevea irovrjpa Kai yiiot^aAts arf^elov i-mtpqTeL, kul 
(T7]fJi€tov ov So^r^crerat oiVTrj el firj to (rqjxelov 
Iwva Tov 7rpo(f)7]TOV. uxjirep yap r\v 'Iwvds €v 40 Jou. 2, 1. 2. 
T'^ KOiX^a TOV KTJTO-us Tp€is T|[Aepas Kttl Tpets vVjKTas, 
o^Tcos ecrrai 6 Ytos tov dvOpwirov kv tt] KapSta 
TTJ's yrjs T/DEts rjfjiepa'5 Kol rpets vvKTas. av8pe<; 41 Jon. 3, 5. 
NtveuetTai dvacTTr^aovTat ey tV? Kpi(X€L fjiCTo. ti}s 
■yeveas TavTrj<; /cat KaTaKpivovatv avTrjv • on, 
fieTevoTjcrav ets to Krjpvyp,a Iwva, Kat tSoi) TrXetov 
'Iwva (o8e. ^aa-iXiaa-a votov lyepOrjcreTai ev ttj 42 1 k. 10, i-iu. 
K/DtVei /AeTo, r^s yeveas TavTrj? kol KoraKpLvei 
avrrjv otl yjKOev ck twv irepdTwv Trj? yrj<; 
aKOvaai Tr]v croe^tW 2oAo/i,covos, Kat t8oi) ttXciov 
2oAoyu,wvo5 coSe. "OTav Se to aKaOapTOv Trvevfxa 43 
i^eXOr] avrb tov dvOpwirov, 8tep^eTat 8t dvi;8pcov 
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Kat K€Koapir)fJi€vov. totc TropeueTat Kat irapa- 45 2P. 2, 20. 
Xa/i,ySdvet yite^' eavToO eTTTo, erepa Trvev/xaTa 
TTOvrjpoTepa iavTOv, koL elaeXOovTa KaTOLKcl Ik^l' 
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)(€tpova Twv TrpwTcov. ovTws €0"Tat Kat t^ ycvca 
TavTT) Trj TTOvrjpa. 

"Eti atiToi) AaXovvTOS Tots ovXots, tSoD 17 46 46—50: 

/ \ c J 0. X , \ J « c / V ■. Mk. 3, 31-35. 

fxrjTrjp Kat ot aoeAcpoL avTOV €LcrT7]KeLcrav cgco Lk. s, 19—21. 

^7jT0vvT£'S avT(S XaXTJaat. ehrev Se Tts a^Tw 47 *^'^'' 

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KacTiv ^T^TOWTes o-ot A.aA.-^o-at. o 8e aTroKpt^et? 48 Lk. 2, 49. 

ctTrev Tc5 XeyovTi avTtS Tt9 ccttiv 17 p-yjTrjp p-ov, Kat 

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eis T. otK. /x. I SR —/cat 2° 46 Ert 5e | E —avrov 2° 
47 E™ —vers, 48 X«7.] enrovri 

33 B 

12,49-13,13 Kara MaSOaLov 

ai'TOv eTTi toI"? fxaOrjTas avTov enrev looi) rj ^.rjnqp 
Ro. 8.29. 50 fjLOv KOL oi aoeXf^OL jxov ocTTis yap av ttoit^ot^ 
TO $e\r]fxa rov Jlarpos p.ov toC ev olpavols, 
at'TOS JXOV dSeX^o? Koi dSeXcfir] koL p.rjTrjp icrriv. 

1—23: 13 ^y T~q Tjixepa iKCivri HeXOotv 6 'Itjctov? tyjs 

Lk. 8, 4-ii. 2 oiKtas €KaarjTO Trapa rrjv UaAacrcrav' Kai <rvvr)- 

)($r]crav Trpos avror o^Xot ttoXXoi, wcttc avrov 

eis ttAoiov ip/3avTa KaOrjcrdca, koL ttSs 6 o;^Xos 

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TToXXo, ev TrapaySoXais Xeywv 'iSov e^X^cv 6 

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a fiev cTTctro' Trapa ttjv 68ov, Kai eX^ovra to. 

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Ttt Trerpwbr] ottov ovk €i)(ev yrjv ttoXXtJv, xat 
cr^cojs e^averetXei' 8ta. to yu.^ ^X^"' (ia9o<i y^s, 

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Tas (XKav^as, Kai dve/?7^0"av at aKavOai Kai airi- 

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y8ao"tXeta9 twi' ovpavwv, CAcct'voi? 8c ou beborai. 

29. Mk 4, K. 12 ooTis yap ^X^^' 8o^?jo-CTai ttL'Tw Acai TrepLcrcrev- 

$r/(T€Tai- 0(TTL<; 8e ovk eX"' '^°^^ ^ ^X^' apOrjaeTaL 

W. 20,4. 13 dTT avToi). 8ta, TOVTO ev TrapajSoXal? avrol^ 

XaXw, on ^XcTTOVTcs ou fBXeirovcnv Ka\ aKOvovre^ 

XIII, 1 El* 5e I aTTO TT/s 2 eis ro ttX. 4 77X^6 

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11 SR eiTT. airrots 


Kara MadOaiov 13, 13-23 

oiiK aKoiovaiv oiuSe a~vviov(Tiv. /cat avairXripovTai 14 is. 6, 9. lo. 

3 ~ « / t t « \ / ^ Jn. 12. 40. 

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'AkOtJ dKOVO-€T€ Kttl ov \ii\ (rvvi]Ti, 

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eiraxiiv0T] ■yap t| KapS^a tov Xaov tovtov, 15 

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p.'i] 7roT€ I'Sucriv tois o(|>6aX{iois 
Kal TOis wcrlv ciKOvo-cocriv 
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Kal ldcro[ avrovst 
vfjMV he. fxaKapLOi ol 6(f>6aXfioi otl /^XeTTOvcnv, koI 16 i-k. le, 23. 24. 
TO, <DTa vfjiSyv OTL aKovova-LV. afirjv yap Xeyw Vfxlv 17 
OTL TToXXoL 7rpo<f)rjTaL KOL St/catot iTreOTjjuLTjcrav tSetv 
a )8A.€7reT€ Kat ovk ethav, kol aKovcraL a aKOveTe 
KoX OVK T]KOV(Tav, 'Y/.tets ovv aKOvaaTe TrjVTTapa- 18 
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Xoyov T^5 ySacrtXetas Kat /at/ cn;vtej/Tos, epi^erat 6 
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avTOV' oviTOS icTTLV 6 irapa ttjv oSov cnrap€L<;. 
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avTOv ovk €)^€l 8k pc^av iv eavTcJo aXXa irpocr- 21 
/caipos icTTLV, y€V0jX€V'q<i Se OXLxf/ew's ^ Stwy/ioi) 
8ta TOV Aoyov €v0v<; 0"KavSaA,t^eTat. 6 8e ei? 22 6, i9-»4. 

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d/cova)v, Kat 17 /xepLfxva tov atwvos Kat 17 airaTrj 
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13, 45-58 Kara MaOOauov 

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14, 15-27 Kara MaOOaiov 

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16, 17-27 Kara MadOaiov 

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Lk. 9, 22-27. TOtS /AttC'T^TatS ttl^TOU OTl OCt aVTOV €IS lepOCTOAVfJia 

12, 40. Jn. 2, 19. a7r€X^€rv Kttt TToWo. TTaOilv ttTTO Toiv 7r/3CCry8l>Te/30DV 

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auToS, Kol dva(jiepeL avTOv<s ets opos vif/rjXbv Kar 
tStav. Kai ix€Tefjiop(jiw$if] efiTrpoaOev avrSyv, Kat 2 2 p. 1, 16— is. 
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17, 10-22 Kara Maddatov 

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Lk. 1, 17. 13 Twv. Tore o"iJV^Kav ot fjLaOrjToi otl irepl luidvov 

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14—21: 14 Kat iX6ovTwv Trpos tov oyAov TrpocrrjXOev 

Mk 9 14—29 *'^v/i /N >\]\\/ 

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21,21. Lk.17,6. 20 BaXelv avTO: 6 8e Aeyet avrots Ata t«v oXtyo- 

Mk. 11, 23. '^ , , / , V '^ . , , « ,( , ' 

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■n-KXTLV a)S KOKKOV o-tvaTrecDS, ipelre t<2 opei TOirrw 
McTaySa Iv^ei/ €K€t, Kat fxeTa^rjaeTaL, koL ov8ev 
dSuvaTT^cet v/xiv. 

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Kara MadOatov 17,22-18,6 

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OLTTOKTevovaLV avTOv, Koi ry TpcTr] rj/xepa iyepdi^- 
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Acta TiiiV ovpavCjv ; Kat TrpotTKaAecrap.ei'o? TratStov 2 
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18,6-17 Kara Ma^^atoi/ 

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6,29.30. 8 ep^erai. Ei Se r) X^^P ^^^ V ^ 'n'ov<; aov (TKav- 

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12—14: 12 ovpavots. Ti viAti/ Soxei; €av ycvwTai tivi dv- 

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Kara Ma06aLov 18,17-28 

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18,28-19,5 Kara Ma^^atov 

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Mk.10.1-12. , r ^ > V - T \ \ ' V ■»(/} 

7, 28 ; 11, 1 ; TOT^'ovs, ix€Tr]p€v aTTo TT7S 1 oAtAaias Kai iiAoev 

13.53; 26.1. , v w -- .T ? ' ' ^ 'T S ' ^ 

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Gn.2.21. ^ dpcrcv Kat OriXv e"Tro£T|<r€v avroiis Kat ctTro' Ev€Ka 
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Kara MadOaiov 19,5-16 

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19, 17-28 Kara MaSdaiov,2»-28. 17 6 de eiTrev atTw Tt jxt epcoras ir^pl tov ayadov; 

Ex. 20. 12-16. 18 elcreXOelv, Ti']p€i ras ei'ToAas, Xeyet avTtu Ilota?; 

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Dt. 5, is! Kal T^v [Liyripa, /cat ' A.ya.TTr\(riis tov ttXtjctCov o^ov ws 

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Ps. 62.10. 22 cv ovpavols, Kat bevpo aKoXovOei [Jlol. aKOvcras 

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Gn. 18, 14 26 Ae-/ovT€S Tts dpa 8iVaTat crwOrjvaL; iiiBXhl/a? 

Job 42, 2. c,v ^ ,T - 9 J - -IT V > /) ' - 

Zee 8, 6. ()£ o It/ctous ctTTcv avTot? ilapa avtrpwTTOts rovro 
dSt'vaTOv ecTTti', -jrapd 86 0€m iravTa SvvaTd. 

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Lk.22,30. 28 Tt dpa eoTai Vfuv; ' 6 Se 'Itjctovs ciTrev avrots 
Dn.7.9.10. f ,": \ . ^ '. , X /J/ 

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Geos. I €i<Te\d. eir tt/v f., T7]pT}<Tov 18 e^»;] etTre 

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Kara MadOaLov 19,28-20,10 

avOpwTTOV iirl $p6vov 80^175 avTov, KaOrjcria-Oe 

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ecTTtv 17 (SacnXeta twv ovpavwv avOpwTrw oIko- 21,33. 
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c/ayaras eis tov d/ATreAwva airoi). dvpu^wvqcra's 2 
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wpav eXaf^ov dva Sr/vdpiov. Kat eA^ovTcs 01 10 

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ea»' 77 SiKaiov Xrjypeade 8 SR ottoS. airrots 9 /cat 
e\e. 01 10 eX&. 5e 01 


20, 10-22 Kara MaOOaiov i 

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K0.9, 16. 21. 15 o^ot • ou/c e^ecTTiv fjiot b OeX(o TrocrjaaL iv Tois 
c/xois; 7; 6 6cf>6aXfji6^ crov Trovrjpo^ iaTiv otl tyw 
19,30. 16 dya^os et/xt; Ovrws t(TOVTaL 61 Icr^aTot irpwTOL 
KOL OL TTpdrroL ecr)(aTOt. 

17-19: 17 MeXAwv 8e dvayScuvetv 'Iiycroiis cis 'lepoo-o- 

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5w5. fiadrjTas | t5. ei* T17 od., /cat citt. 18 airr. ^avarw 
19 avacTTTjcrerat 20 Trap 21 S(R) 5e|. crou | —aov 1° 

Kara MaOOaLov 20, 22-34 

'It^ctoCs eiTrev Ovk otSare rt aiTctcr^c. Swacr^e 
TTicti/ TO TTOTTQpLOV o cyo) fjueXXw Trtv€LV ; Xeyovcriv 
avT<3 ^vvd[xe6a. Xeyet avrols To /jiev TrorrjpLov 23 
/xov TrUcr9e, to Se KaOicraL ex Se^twi/ /xov Kat e^ 
evwvvixwv OVK eo"Ttv ejitov tovto 8ox)vat, dXA ots 
■fjTOLfJiaaTai vtto tov IlaTpos /aou. Kat d/coi;- 24 Lk.22,34— * 
cravTes ot ScKa TjyavdKTrjcrav Trept twv Svo dScX- 
<^ajv, o 8e 'Ir]crov's TrpocTKaAeo-d/xevos a^Toi;? 25 
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SittKOVos, Kat OS av ^eA.17 ev {i/^tv etvat TrpojTOS, 27 Mk.9, 35. 
eoTttt vtjiuiv 8ov\o?' (Scnrep 6 Ytos to9 av6pw7rov 28 Lk. 22,27. 

' ' Ph. 2,7. 1X12,6. 

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\ //I s/^v\ \/ \sc^\o/ Lk. 18, 35 — 43. 

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TTJ^Xot KaOrjfievoi irapa rrjv 68ov, aKOV(TavTe<s 
OTt Itjo^oBs Trapdyet, €Kpa^av AeyovTes Ki;pte, 
cXeiyo'ov rj/Jia^, vtos AaveiS. 6 8e o^Xos iweTi- 31 
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21, 1-11 Kara MaOBaiov 

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Ps. 118 25.26. 9 eCTTpcUl/lOlOV €V T^ o8(J). ol Sc 0;^Xot 01 TTpod- 

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Kara MaSdaiov 21, 12-22 

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/3\ / \ \'> \>/c, Mk. 11, 11—24. 

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21,23-32 Kara MaOOaiov { 

23-27: 23 Kat iX66vTO<; avrov cts to lepov TrpoayjXOov 

Mk. 11, 27—33. >~SSJ' '' " ^' O ' 

Lk.20,1— 8. aVT^O OlOaCTKOVTL OL ap)(^L€p€LS Kttt 01 TTpCCTpVTepOL 

Jn.2, 18. ^Q^ Xaov AeyovT€5 'Ev TTOto, i^ovcrta ravra 
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Kara MaOOauov 21,32-43 

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21,43-22,11 Kara Ma^^atoi/ 

Dn. 2.31. ». 44 TOl-'S KapTTOVS aVT»7S. Kttl O TTCCTWl' CTTt TOV XiOoV 

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Lt. 11, 16-21. >T - /■> » . 0\-'-^\' 

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Kara MadOaiov 22, 11-25 

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crav avTov ' XeyovTes AtSao-KaXe, Mwijcttjs etTrev 24 S",^'|-. 
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22,25-43 Kara MaOdatov 

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8,u. Ex. 3, 6. 32 TO pr]Oev vfuv VTTO Tov ®€ov AeyovTOS '^yd> ci|jii 

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Dt. 6, 5. 37 vop-u) ; ' 6 Se e<^T7 avTw 'A'yair'/|<r€is Kvpiov riv 

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Kara MaOOaiov 22,43-23,9 

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Kara Ma^^atov 23, 23-35 

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23,35-24,7 Kara MaOdaLov 

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Kara MadSaiov 24,7-26 

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24, 2&-38 Kara ^laOdaiov 

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Lk. 17,37. 29 Orja-OVTOL Ot a€TOL. Eu^CCOS 8e /AETO, T^V 

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s. A 10: 34,4. Kal Ti <reX.TivTi ov 8«i<rei to i>iy\o% avTfis, Kal ol 
2P. 3, 10. , , ' ' ' , , , . c ' 

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Kara MaOOaiov 1^4, 38-51 

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24, 51-25, 15 Kara 'MaOdacov 

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Kara MaOOaiov 25, 42-26, 10 

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26, 10-25 Kara MaOdatov 

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Jll. 13, 21—26. 'T/t-ff ?-,ie« 0./ \ 

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Kara MaOOaiov 26, 25-36 

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'FaBBei ; Aeyet atirw 2v eiTras. 'Ecr^tovrwi/ 26 J^'i" 

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26, 36-48 Kara MadOauov 

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Kara MaBOaiov 26, 48-60 

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TO cortW. TOre Xeyet atirw 6 Itjctovs Atto- 152 gii. 9,6. 

\ / / S V / J ~ Rev. 13, 10. 

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Kara MaOOaLov 28, 11-20 

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TToXtv aTTifiyyuXav toI's ap)(L^ aTravra to. 
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Tao"av. icat Trnoo-eX^ojv 6 IrjcroCs iXdXricrev 18 ]i,27. 

, „ V , >-A<>'/l ^ ,s. / , J Eph. 3,20-22. 

airrots Aeycov jLiooot] p.oL iracra e^ovcria ev ov- D11.7, 14. 
pavw Koi €7rt Trj<s yrj?, TropevOevTes ovv p.a6rj- 19 Mk. le, 13. la 
Tevo^aTe Trdvra ra e6vr], ySaTTTt^^ovres avrov? ets 
TO ovopua TOV IlaTpos Kat tov YtoS Kat to9 
AjLOv Tlv€vp.aro<;, StSdcTKOVTe^ avrov? TrjpeLV 20 Jn.14,23. 
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TOV atwvos. 

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17 wpoaeK. avTU 18 SR — rijs 20 atwvos. Afi-qv. 



1 -^PXV '''O'^ evayyeXi'ov 'IrjiTov KpiaTOv <Yio{) 


2 Ka^ws yiypaTTTai Iv tw 'Hcraia tw 7rpo<f}Tjrr} 
*I8ov airoo-TtXXw rhv dyy^Xdv (lov irpb irpo(r- 

Mnl. 3, 1. WTTOV 0-OV, 

Mt. 11.10. „ , v -c' 

Jii.3,28. OS KaTao-K€vao-€i TT|v ooov trov 

Is. 40, 3. 3 (jxav^ pOUVTOS *V T'fj €p'^)Mil 

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£v6€ias TToieiTt Tois TpCpovs avTOv, 

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SepiJLaTlv7]V Trept tt/k 6crcf>vv avrov, /cat £cr6(iiv 

Ac. 13, K. 7 (XKptSas Kat p,eA.t aypiov. kol c/cT^pucrcrev Acyoji/ 

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4 — I S(R) Kai K-qp. 5 lepocr.' Kai e^aTrr. wavres 

ey T. lopo. TTor. utt air. 6 7]v 8e Iw. | eadiwv 

8 e^w /Ae;/ | S{R) ev vh. \ S(R) iv llv. 

Kara MapKov 1, 9-20 

^ . , , , , . ^ . ^ n^ ^-" 

Kat eyevero ev CKCtFat? rat? rji^epais rjAaev 9 Mt. 3, 13-^17. 
'lr]<xov<s (XTTO Na^apcT tt^s VaXiXata? Koi eySair-—n. 
TLcrOrj ets tov 'lopSavT^v viro Iwdvov. Koi ev6v<; 10 
ava/BaLvtov Ik tov vSaro'S etSev cr)(Lt,OfJievov<; Tov<i 
ovpavov? Koi TO Ilj/eC/xa (1)5 Treptcrrcpai/ Kara- 
jBaivov 61? avTOv • Koi ^covTy eycFero €k twv i i ^jj-g ^^ ig 42 1. 
ovpaviov ^v 66 6 Ytos /xou 6 dyaTnjTOs, er crot ,„ 13-. 

€v86K7]cra. Kai evOv<; to Uvevfjia avTOV Ik- i 2 Mt. 4, 1—11. 
pakA.€L 6ts T'^r ep7][xov. Kat, rjv ev ttj eprjfxo) 13 ?f;^^'j'j^- 
TecrcrepaKOvra yjp^ipa'i 7r6(.pa^o/xevo? {itto tov 
Sarava, Kai rjv fieTO. tC)v Orjpioiv, /cat ol ayyeXoL 
Btr]KOvovv avT<S, 

Kat yaera to 7rapa8oOyjvat tov Iwavrjv rjXOev 14 14- 15j 
6 \r]<TOvs ets T^j/ raA.tA.ataj/ Krjpvcr<Twv to ev- Lk.'4,i4.i5.' 
ayyeXiov tov ©eoO ' Kat Xiyaiv otl IleTrAiypcoTat 15 GaL4,4. 
6 Katpos Kat rjyyLKCv rj fBaaiXeia tov ®€0v • //.era- 
voetre Kat 7rtcrTei;6Te ev tw evayyeXiiji. Kat 16 16—20: 

/ V \ /I /\ ■■ - '■■n \ \ ' Mt. 4, 18-22. 

Trapaycur irapa Trjv uaAatraav ny? 1 aAtAatas Lk. 5, i— 11. 

etSer %ijjL(Dva koI 'Av8peav tov aSeXcjiov Stp,a)vo9 

dp-<^t/3aA.A.ovra? ev r^ OaXacrcrrj • rjaav yap aXeel^. 

Kat eiTrev avrots 6 It^ctoSs AeOre oTrtcro) jitoi;, Kat 17 Mt.13,47. 

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ev6v<s acfievTes to. BtKTva rjKoXovOrjcrav avToi. 

Kat Trpo^as oXiyov elhev Iolkw/Bov tov tov 19 

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avTOus ev Tw ttXoho KaTapTi^ovTas to, StKrua. 

Kat ev6v<5 eKaXecrev avTOv? • Kat d^evTes tov 20 

9 VTro Ito. ets r. I. 10 evOecos \ airo | wcret | eir 

avT. 11 ey u} 13 7;j' CAret | 7)fiep. reaaap. 

14 SR Mera de to | rr;s ^aaiKetas tov Q. 16 IXept- 

TTttTwi' 5e TT. I II TOV 'Zifx. S avTov I jSaWoi^ras a/x<pi.~ 
^Xrjarpov | aXtets 17 a\ieis 18 efSews | 5t/cr. 

aiiTWJ/ 19 7r/3o/3. eKeieev oX. 20 (it. 



1,20-32 Kara MapKov 

7raT€pa avTiSv Ze/JeSaiov iv t<S ttXoiu) /xira, twi/ 

jjiicrOiDTwv aTrrjXOov OTrtcrw avrov. 

21— 28:^ 21 Kat elcTTTopevovTai els Ka^api/aou/x • koI 

^ti^is. €v6v<s TOi? (rdfS^aa-LV elcreXOwv cis tt^v <ruva- 

Mt7,28. 21. 22 ycoy^j/ cSiSttcT/cev. /cat £^€7rXiQcrcrovTO i-rrl ry 

8iSa>^^ avToS* rjv yap StSacrKOJV avrors <I)S e^or- 

23 ctav tX'^''' '^'^^ °^X ***^ °^ ypa/x/wiTets. Kat 

ev6v<s rjv ev ry a-vvayojyfj avTcijv avOpwTros iv 

,7. Ps.16, 10. 24 7rv€vp.aTL a,Ka6a.pT(o, /cat dve/cpa^ev ' Xcycov Tt 

7;/i,tv Kat o"Ot, It/ctou Na^apTjvc; t]XO€<s airoXeaai 

25 i]jxa<i. otSa ere rts ct, 6 'Ayios tou ©€ou. ' Kat 

£7reTt/i.r/crev avrw 6 'Ir/crors ^Lp.iiiOr]Tt Kat i^fXOe. 26 e^ avTOv. Kat cnrapd^av aurov to irvevp.a to 

oLKadaprov koL <fiwvr)crav <f)0)V'f} /xiydXy i^XOev 

27 £^ aurou. Kat lOap.jirjd'qa'av airavres, wcrrc ot;v- 
C,r]T€iv avTOvs Xeyovras Tt eo~rtv tovto; StSa^^ 
Kaivr] Kar i^ovcrtav koL tois Trvtvpxixri. TOts aKa- 

28 6dpT0L<i eTVLTdacet, Kat {iTraKOuoucrtv auTw. Kat 
i^rjXOev Tj OLKOT] avrov evOv'i TravTa^ou cts oXt^v 

M?7^it^:6 ^9 '''^)'' Trept^wpov 7->}s roAtXatas. Kat evOv? ck 

Lk. 4,38-41. ^5 o^vaywy^s e^cX^ovTes rjXdov £is T^i' oIklov 

^I'fxwvos Kal 'AvSpiov p.era loKUifiov koX 'Ituavou. 

30 -q Se TrevOepa 2t/A<ovos KaTCKCtTO Trvpecra-ovcra, Kal 

31 €v6vs Xiyovcnv auT<3 Trcpt av7-^s. Kat Trpoo-cX^wi' 
Tjyetpev avTijv Kparrjcra's t^s x^tpos* Kat a.(f)rJK€V 

32 avTTjv 6 TTupcTOs, Kat StTjKOvet auTois, Oi//'ias 
8c ycvop-ei'T^s, OTe l8uo-€V 6 rjXios, ecfyepov Trpos 
avTov TravTa? tou? KaKws l^'^VTas Kat tovs 80 

23 — ei/^uj 2-1 Ea, ti | (SR 7;;aaj;) 25 SR I^o-., 
Xe^wj' 26 Kai Kpa^av 27 iraiTes | atrrouj] 

S TT^oos avTovs E TTp. ^ai^Tous I ris 77 3i5. 77 /c. out?;, on 
K. f^ovcnaf Kai (R Kaivrj- Kar) 28 E^ijXt^e 5e 

— jrajT. 29 E" €^eX0a>j» ijX^er 31 X'^'P- '^f'^js 

■jrv/9. euffewj 32 edu 


Kara MapKou 1 , 32-45 

fjiovL^ofxeuov^ • Kol 7JV oXt] rj TroAts l-ma-vvriy^evr] 33 

7r/30S T-qv Ovpav, Koi iO^paTrevo-ev iroXXovs Kaxtos 34 \^*-.'^^ ,„ 

e^ovras TroiKtAats vocrot?, Kat oaifxovia TroAAa 

e^e/3aAev, Kai ovk ■r](f)L€v XaXelv to. 8at/x6vLa, on 

^Setcrav avTOv. Kat Trpcot ei/yi;;(a Xtav dvao-ras 35 35—39: 

e^Aaev Kai aTrrjAoev ets ep7]ixov tottov, /caKCt 

7rpo(Tr]v)(<ETO. Kai /caTeScw^ev avrov %Lp.(av koI ol 36 

/A€T avroS, /cat evpov avrov Kat Xiyovcrtv avT<S 37 

OTi IIai/T6s QrjTOvaiv ce. Kat Aeyet avrols 38 

Aycoyu.ev dXXa^oS ets ras e^o/Acras Kw/xoTrdAets, 

iva Kat eK€t KTjpv^oi • ets totjto yap i^XOov. Kai 39 

rjXOev KrjpvcraoiV et? ras cruyaywyas awwi/ ets 

oAiyv TTjv TaAtAatW Kat to, Saifiovia. CK^aAAcov. 

Kat cpverat Trpos avrov Xerrpbs TrapaKaXwv dO 40—45: 
> V \ " \ ' 3 -. > 'TT V /I /\ Mt. s, 2-4. 

atrov Kat yovxJTrercov Aeycoi' o.vrio ort Jliav t/eAr]<s Lk. 5, 12— 16. 

owacrat ^e Kadaptcrat. Kai cr7rXaYXyLa'6els ck- 41 

TetVas T^v X'^^P'^ avrov rjif/aro Kai Aeyct avrw 

©eAw, KaOaptaOiqri. Kai evOv'i aiTTJXOev air 42 

aiTOu 7] AeVpo^ Kat eKa.O^piG-Orj. koX ifx/Spi/xr]- 43 3,12^7,86. 

crd/xevos airw ei^i;? k^ifiaXev avrov, Kai Aeyet 44 ^'j^^l-®; 

auTw "Opa fji-qSevl p/qhiv €L7rr]<s, aXXa -UTraye 

creavTOV 8ei|ov tw Upei Kat TrpocreveyKe -Trept tot; 

KaOapidfJiov (Tov d Trpocrira^ev Mwi'OTys cts )U-cip- 

rvptov awois. 6 8e i^eXOwv ^p^aro KrjpvoTreLv 45 

^ TToAAo. Kat BLa(f)'/]fXi^ecv rov Xoyov, ware ixrjKin 

avrov ovvacrOai ^ayepo)? ets ttoAiv etcrcA^eii', dAA' 

€^w €7r iprjjj.OL'? tottoi? ■^v Kat -qp^ovro irpos 

avrov TrdvroOei'. 

33 Ktti 7; TToX, oX. ETTicruyjj'y '?'' 34 E° auro;' 

"SLpiCTov etJ'ai 35 ei'^'i/xoi' 36 KareOLu^av avr, 2. 
37 evpovres avr., \ey. 38 — aXXax- | Ka/cet | e^e\7)\v0a 
39 ijX6'.] Tj)/ I ef rats ffwaycjyais a. 40 SR' 70;*. 

auTo;', /cat {P." — ) 41 o de Itjctous ctttX. | x-t Vi'- '^^'^• 
42 /fat eiTTOvTos avrov, eudews | eKadapicrdr] 44 aXX 

45 e7r] ey | Travraxodev 


2, 1-12 Kara MapKov 

Mt 9 1-8. ^ ^°-'' E^creX^wv TraXiv €is Ka<^apvaov/x 8t' ly/xc- 

LK. 5, 17-26. 2 pwv r)K0Vcr6r] OTt ev oiKW ecTTtv. Ktti av^'r))(Or](Tav 

TToAAot, wo"TC /xrjKeTL ^cupeiv /jir^Se to. Trpos t^j' 

3 Ovpav, Kai iX.dXei avrols Tov Xoyov. Kai Ip^ov- 
Tttt <f>epovTe<s Trpos avrov TrapaXvriKOV alpofxtvov 

4 VTTO Teaadpwv. koX yu,// Svva/xcvoi TrpocrcveyKat 
avT<3 8ia. TOV o;!^Xov dTreaTeyacrav rr]v (Triyrjv 
OTTOV -^v, Koi i^opv^avT^s xaXu)cn tov Kpajiarrov 

5 OTTOU 6 TrapakvTLKOi KareKeLTO, koX ISwv 6 

Itjo^ovs t^v ttlcttlv avTiJjv XeyeL t<3 TrapaXtrriKo) 

6 TcKvov, d^tevTOi aou ai apuipTiai. ^crav 84 Ttves 
Twi/ ypapLfxaTewv c/cei KaOi'jp.ex'oi koI SiaXoyt^o- 

u.43,.!5. 7 fxevoi ev rais KapSt'acs avrwi' ' Tt oStos outcus 
XaXet; ySAacc^Ty/ict* Tt's Swarai d(^tevat apxup- 

8 Ttas £1 p.^ cts 6 ©COS ; Kat cv^us eTrtyrous 6 

It^o^ovs t<P TTvevpxLTL avTOv oTi ovTcos SioAoyt- 
^ovrat €V cauTOis, Xeyct avrois Ti ravra 8ta- 

9 Xoyc^eo-Oe ev rais /capSt'ai? v/xwv; Tt iariv 
evKOTTurrepov, etTrciv t<3 TrapaA.VTLK(S Ac^tevTat 
o^ou ai dp-aprtai, t^ eiTreiv Eyetpe Kat apov tov 

10 Kpd/SaTTOV (TOV Kai TTCptTTCiTCt; iva Se etSiyTC OTt 
c^ovo-iav €^€t 6 Ytos ToO dvBpiaiTOv a(f>i€vai apxip- 

11 Ttas £7rt T^s yi}?, — Xeyet tw 7rap(xkvTLK(S ' 2ot 
Xeyw, eyetpe apov toj' Kpd/SaTTOV crov kol VTrayc 

12 6ts TOV otKOv orou, Kat rjyepOi] koi cvOv? dpas 
TOV Kpd./3aTTOv i^TJXOev efnrpocrOev irdvTUiv, (Sore 

II, 1 Kat 7ra\. eiariXdev | /cat tjk. \ S{R) fts oticoi' 
2 /cat eu^ews 3 epx- ""P- ti/r., xap. 0ep. 4 SR' 

irpoaeyyia-ai | Kpa^^arov [ktK.) €<p u o 5 t5a>i' 5e 

I a^ewvrat croi at a/t. ffov 7 (XaXei )3Xo<r0i7;atas;) 

8 ei'^ecjs | Xe7.] eiTrei' 9 Arpewvrai aoi at | E7eiptti | 
aov TOV Kpa.§^. 10 S a<p. eiri ttjs yr)s a/x. R eiri t. y. 
a(p. afjL. 11 e^^t^at, /cat 12 i/y. ef^eti/s, /cat a/7. | 



Kara MapKov 2, 12-20 

i^LCTTacrOai iravTas koL So^a^etv tov 0eov Xeyov- 
TttS 0T6 Ootojs ovoeTTOTe eloa^ev. 

Kat i^7]kOev ttoXlv Trapb. ttjv ddkatraav • kol i 3 13—17 : 
Tras 6 6)(Xo<; rip)(eTO Trpos avrov, Kat iStBacrKcv Lk.'5,'27— si 
avTOvs. Kat Trapaycov etSev Aeueti' tov toS 14 Jn. 1,43. 

'AX(f)aLOV Ka6rjp.evov IttX to TeXuyvcov, kol Xeyct 
avT<5 'AKoXovOei jjuol. /cat dvacrras rjKoXovOrjcrev 
avT<S. Kat ytVerat KaraKeLcrOaL avrbv ev rrj i^ 

OLKLa avTov, Koi TToXXol TeXwvaL Kat afjiapTioXol 
cruvavcKetvTO tw 'It^ctoS Kat rots jxaOrjToXs avrov' 
rjcrav yap ttoXXol, Kat •^koXov^ow avT(S. Kat ot 16 
-ypa/A/Aarets twv $apto"atcov tSovre? on ecrOUi 
fj.€Ta. Twv ap.apT(aXS)V Kat TeXojj/wj', eXeyov rots 
jxaOrjToi's avTOv On /Aera twv TeA-wvaii/ Kat 
; apxtprrwXw icrOieL; koI OLKOvcra? 6 Irjcrov'; Xeyet 17 
i aiiTCts Ou ^€tav €)(ovcrLV ol to^vovres larpov 
I dAX' ot KaKws e;^ovT€S" ovk rjXdov KoXicraL 8t- 
1 Katous dAXa a/xapTwXovs. Kat ricrav ot ixaOiiTai 18 18—22: 

■ >T ' ^ « -T. '^ ' ^ » Mt9, 14— 17. 

IcoavoTJ Kat ot Qapto"atot vi^cTeuovTcs. Kat cp- ik. 5, 33— sa 
j ^ovrat Kat Xiyovdiv avT<jo Ata rt ot ixaOrjToi 
i 'Itodvou Kat ot jxaOrjTal rdv ^apLcracwv vrjarev- 
ovcTiv, ol 8e o^ot ixaOrjTOL ov vqaTeuovcriv ; kol 19 
ctTTCV auTOts 6 'Irjarov'i M^ Swavrat ot vtot tow 

WjJJ^WVO^ kv <h O W/Jicf)t0^ /X€T aVTU)V icTTLV 

vr}0'T€V€LV ; ocrov ypovov e^ovcriv tov vv/xcjiLOV 
/act' avTCiv, ov SwavTat vr]crTeveLv. iXcvaovTat. 20 
8e rjfJiepaL OTav a7rap6y oltt avTijiV 6 j/n/x^to?, 
Kai TOT€ vrja-Tcvcrovcnv ev iK€Lvrj Trj ly/xepa. 

12 ovdeir. ovr. eido/jiev 14 Aeviv 15 SR 

eyevero \ ev tw k. \ rjKoKovdriaav 16 SR" 7p. /cat ol 
^apiffaioL I tS. avTov eadiovra | reX. /cot a^a. | Tt ort | 
SR' ecrO. /cat Trti'ei (R*.) 17 a^u. eis fieravoiav 

18 ot Twi' $aptcrata)f | —fxad. 3° 19 /xe^ eaurwi' 

eX- '''0'' J*. 20 ev e/cetvats rats rj/xepais 


2, 21--S, 4 Kara MapKov 

21 OvSets lirL^Xrjfxa puKOv? ayva<f>ov lirLpaTmi lir\ 
'ifxaTiov TraXaiov' et oe ixrj, atpei to TrXrjp(ap.a 
air avTOv to Kaivov tov TraXaiov, kol '^e'tpov 

22 (rx^o'/xa ytvcTat. /cat ovSet? fidXXei oTvov veov 
CIS do-Koi)s TraXatovs' ct Se /^rj, pr]$€L 6 otros 
Tovs do'KOUs, /cat o oivos ctTroXXinrai Kai ot acTKOi. 
dXXo. Oivov veov €is do-KOvs Kaivovs. 

23—28: 23 Kai iyevero avTov ev tois (rd/3j3aa-LV irapa- 

'^I'k.^e!!^! T^opevecrOai 8ia twv or-n-opt/xwv, kol ol pxid-qrai 

avTov rjp^avTO obov Troteiv tiXXovtcs toxjs OTa- 

24 xva<s. Kol ol ^apLO-oLOt eXeyov avT<S "iBe ri 

25 iroiovo'tv Tot? crd^jSaa-iv b ovk e^ecmv; kol Xeyct 
avTOt? OvBevrore dveyvwre Tt irroLrjaev Aauei8, 
OTe xpeiav ccr^ev xat cTrctvatTEi' avTos xat ot /act 

1 s. 21, i-c 26 awToS ; ttw? clo-nXOev ets tov olkov tov ©eou ctti 

Lv. 24. •!. > . n '/I J ' V < , 

Apiaoap apxLepeoj<s kul tovs ttpTovs ttjs irpooeo-cws 

ecfyayev, ov<; ovk e^cartv ^ayctv et /x.^ toijs icpets, 

nt.s, 14. 27 Kat eBwKev kol tois o^w aiTaJ ovo"tJ/; Kat eXeycv 

avTots To (rd/3/3aTov 8ta tov dv6p(Mirov iyeyero, 

28 Kat ou;( 6 dvOpu)7ro<s 3ta, to (rdjSfiaTOV' (So-re 

Kvptos i(mv 6 Ytos TOV dvOpdmov /cat toC cra^- 

1—6: 3 jidrov. Kai eio-^X^ev ttciXiv ets o"waya)yi^i', 

i.k. 6.'6^ii! Kat ^v €/c€t dvOpoiTTO'; i^y]pafjip.€vr]v c^^wv r^v 

2 ^cipa* Kai irapenfipovv avrov el tois crd^jiacnv 
OepairevaeL avrov, Iva KaTrjyoprja-oicnv avTov. 

3 Ktti Xcyet TO) d.v6p(t)Tr(a tw ttjv X^^P^ exovTL 

4 ^pdv "Eycipc eis to jxea-ov. koL Xe'yei avTOts 

21 Kai 01/5. I cTTi if.i.aTno TraXatw | —air 22 ptjiraei 
oiv. o veos I oil'. eKxeiTai k. 01 a. airoXowTai' aXKa \ 
Kaiv. ^\t]T€oi> 23 €7. napaTT. avr. ev r. aa^. \ 11 
dtairopevecrdai | /ecu 7;/)f. 01 //.o^. avr. 24 ei* rot? 

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lepevcri 27 — Kai 2° 

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X-, E^eijOai 


Kara MapKov 3, 4—15 

"E^ccTTiJ' TOis cra./3 (Sacra' ayaOov TTOLrjcrai r] kuko- 

TTOLrjcraL, if/v^ijv croicrat r] a.TTOKTeivai ; ot 8e icruo- 

TTOJV. Kol TzepLfSXexj/d/xevo? avTOv; / opyrj?, 5 Jji. n, 33. 

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dirb r^s PaXiXaias rjKoXovOrjcrei'- koL d-rrb ttjs 
louSatas ' /cat aTro 'lepocroXvp-wv kol oltto ttj? 8 irt.4,25. 
'iSou/Aat'as Kai irepav tov lopSdvov koX irepl 
Tvpov Koi 2t8wva, 7rXrjOo<; ttoXv, aKOvovre? ocra 
TTOtct, ^X6ov TTpos avTOV. KoL €i7rev rots p.a6r)- 9 
rats avToS tVa irXotaptov TrpocrKaprepy avT<S Slol 
TOV OT^Xov, tVa /at; OXt/Swcrw avrov ttoXXov; yap 10 
eOepaTrevaev, locrre eTrtTrtTrretv aiiro) tVa avrov 
dij/u)VTat oaoL eixov p.dcrriya^. Kat rd 7rvevp.ara 11 ia. 4, 4i. 
TO. aKdOapra, orav avrov idewpovv, TrpocreTrtTTTOV 
a{iT(3 Kat mpatpv Xiyovra on 2v e? 6 Yios toS 
0€Ot}. Kai TToA-Xa eTrert/xa avrol'S Xva p.r] avrov 12 1. si 
<f)av£pov Troii^o-uxnv. Kat dva/3atyet ets to 13 13—19: 

V V \/N t<''/l\ >' ^ -*It- 10, 1—4. 

opo?, Kat Trpoo-KaAetTat ous TjueAev avros, Kai Lk.6,12— lo. 
diTrjXBov Trpos avrov. Kat iTTOirjcrev SwSeKa tva 14 
o3o-tv p,€T avrov, kol tva d-TTOcrreXXr] avrov; 
Krjpvo-aeiv ' Kat €X^"' i^ovatav €Ky8aAXetv ra 13 

4 ayadoiroLfiaai crnXX. ] xeipa (rof | airoKare- 
(rradr) \ avr. vyrq; ws tj aXX?; 6 evdews \ S(R) eiroiovv 
7 avex- (J- r. iiad. avr. \ T]KoXovd7]<Tav aurw 8 lopo. • 
Kat ot 7r. I aKOvaavres \ SR eTroiei 11 edeupei, wpoir- 
eviirrev | e/cpafe 14 B" SwSeAca ocs Kat a:rocrroXous 

Uvo/j.acrev 15 ef. GepaweveLV ras yocrovi, Kai e/c/3. 


3, 15-28 Kara MapKop 

Jn. 1, 4i i6 8ai/i,ovia' kol £7roi7jcrev roi'? owSeKa, Kai iTrWrjKev 

Lk. 9, 51. 17 OVOfXa TW St/AOJl't IIcTpOV Kttl \a.K<X)jioV TOV TOU 

ZefieSaLOV Kol 'loidvrjv tov aSeX<fi6v tov 'laKw/Jou, 
Kai liriBrjKiV avroi's ovo/i,a ^oavrjpye'S, 6 icTTtv 

18 Yiot (3povrrj<;' koI 'AvSpeai/ kui <I>iAt7r7rov Kat 
BapOoXofialov koI M.a06atov koI 0a)/x,av /cat 
'la/COjySoK TOI' ToC AX<f)<XlOV KOL ©aSSttiov Kat 

19 ^ifjioiva TOV K-avavalov ' xai 'lovSav 'IcTKaptwO, 

05 Kat irapebwKev avTOv. 

20 Kat ep^^erat ets otKOV Kat on^vepp^CTat TraXtr 

6 o^Xos, (oo"Te p,^ 8wa(r^at avrovs p,r;8e aprov 
oj'^f'^' 21 <j>ay€iv. Kat aKOvaavre^ 01 irap avTOv l^rjXOov 

22—30: 22 Kparrj(rat avrov cXeyov yap otl i^ea-rr]. Kai ol 
ypap,p,aTets ot airo l€po(ToXvfj.(DV KaraySavres eXe- 
yov OTt Bee^€/3ovA, ^x^'' '^"■'^ ''^'' ^ ^^ ap)(OVTL 

23 Twv SaLfxovLUiv CKySaAAet to, 8atp.oi/ia. Kat Trpoa- 
KaA.€(rap-evos avrov; ev Trapaf^oXats eXeyev av- 
TOis Hois Swarat ^aravas ^aravav iKJSdXXiiv ; 

24 Kat cttK jSafTiXeia icfi iavrrjv /JueptcrO^, ov Swarai 

25 (TTaOrjvai rj (3aatXeia iKetvr]' Kat iav oiKta €<^ 
lavTy]V /xepLaOfj, ov EvvrjacTat rj otKia Ikuvt] 

26 cravat. Kat et 6 Saravas aveoTTj icjt eavrov Kat 
ifxepLaOr], ov Swarat (^T^^'at oAXa reAos tX^*^* 

27 ctAX' ou Swarat ov8et? cts t^v otxiav tov tcrx^pou 
elaeXOuiv ra crK^v-q avrov StapTracrat, eav p,^ 
TrpwTOv Toj/ L(T)(ypov hrjtrrj, koX totc tt/k oiKtav 

28 a^TOu StapTracrct. Afxrjv Xeyo> vp-tv ort Travra 
dcfieOiijcreTat rots vtot9 twv avOpwiruyv to. dfiap- 
TTjjxaTa Kai at l3Xaar(f>r]fJLLaL, oora idv j3Xacr<firj- 

Mt. 12, 24— :12. 
Lk.l], 15—22; 

16 SR' — /cot eTT. T. 5w3. I Tw St^. ovofia 17 oj/o- 
p.ara 18 Mar^atoj' | Kavowriji' 19 laKapiwr-qv 

20 epxovrai \ —o \ ix-qre 22 (SR /cat, Ort) 25 5wo- j 
rat ffTa6r]vai rj oik. €k, 26 /xefxepicrrai j cTTaOrivai ; 

27 — aX\ I ra crw t. tcrx-i eice^S- eis r. oik. au., diapTr. | 

28 ra o/t. r. I'l. r. avdp., Kat jSXacr^. o<raj aj/ 1 


Kara MapKov 3, 28-4, 6 

•jLtjrrwmi' • 09 o av jB\aa-<^rjjxy](jrj €is to Jli'^vfia 29 
TO "Aytov, ovK £;(£(, at^^atv ets tov alwva, dXXd 
evo)(0'S iaTLV aluiviov ajxapTij{j,aTO?. on eXeyov 30 a. 
Hvev/xa uKaOapTov €)(^£l. Kat epy(OVTaL r] 31 31—35: 

fJt-ijTTjp avTOv Koi OL dSeXcfiOL al'Tov, Koi e^co ctttj- Ik.' 8719^^' 
KOVTes aTreoTeiXav Trpo? avTov KaXovvTC's avTOv. 
Koi eKdOrjTO Trepl avrov o^Xos, koI Xeyovcnv avT<5 32 
I80V r] p.rp~Tip crov /cat ot aSeXcfiOL crov kol al 
aSeX^at crov e^w ^■r]Tov(TLV ere. kol ctTroKpt^eis 33 
avTOts Aeyet Tt? icTTiV rj fJ-rjTrjp fxov koX ol dSeX- 
(f>OL ; Kat Trept/^Xei/Aa/xevo? tov? Trcpt avTov kv- 34 
kAw KaOrjfJLevovs Aeyet "iSe 17 fxrjTrjp p,ov kol ot 
aoeXcfiOL jjuov. bs ar irotrjcn] to OiXrjp.a tov 35 
0eo{i, ovTO? abeXcjiOs p.ov koX aSeXc^r/ /cat p.rjTrjp 


Kat TraXti' Tip^aTO StSao'/cctv irapa t-iw OdXaa- 4 1—20 = 

V / \ 3 V V ^ \ - Mt. 13, 1-23. 

, o'av. Kat CTT-'vayeTat irpo? avToi' o^^Aos TrActo'TO?, Lk, 8, 4—15. 

I wcTTe avTov ets TrXotoi^ ifi/SdvTo. KaOrjcrOat kv Ty 

j OaXd(rarr], koX ttSs 6 o^Xos Trpos tt^v ^aXacrcrav 

I €7rt T^? y^s rjcrav. kol e8t8ao"Kej' avTou? iv 2 

j Trapa/SoXoL's iroXXa, Kat IXeyev atTOt? ev ti; 8t8a^i7 

i avTOv ' 'AKOVCTe. i8oi) i^XOev 6 arreLpuiv aireL- 3 

I pat. Kat eyevcTO ev tw crTretpctr 6 _u,ev e7reo"€v 4 

: irapd ttjv obov, Kat 'qXOev to. TreTetva Kat Kare- 

I i^ayev avTO, Kat aXXo e-n-ecrev evrt to 7reTpw8€S 5 

OTTOt' OVK ctx^' y^'' ttoXXt^v, Kat €vOvs i^ave~ 
. T€tXev Sta TO /Ai) ^X^"' fid6o<s y^s* Kat ot€ 6 

29 aXV I ai. Kpiffecas 31 Epx- oi'^' 01 ad. km t) 

tiijT. avT. I ecrrwres | (pcovovvres 32 o^X. ire/at ai/r.* 

eiTToi' 5e I SR — /cat at a5. cr. 33 atreKpidr} avr., Xeyuv] 

, /cat] •^ I S(R) aJ. ;Wou 34 kvk. t. tt. air. 35 SR 

oi yap I a5€\<pT] fj.ov 

IV, 1 ffivTixdr] I TToXus I eyU.f3. ets to ttX. | tji/ 3 tou 
ffTT. 4 Trer. roti oi'payof 5 aXXo 5e I ev^ews 


97 b 

4, 6-18 Kara MapKou 

di'tVetXev 6 7J\lo<; iKav/xaTLcr$T], koL Sio, to fxrj 

7 ^x^'-^ P'C*^^ i^pdvOr], Koi aXXo eireixev cts rots 
aKa.v6a<i, Kat avijiiqcrav at aKavOai koL crvveTrvi^av 

8 airo, Kol Kapirov ovk eSojKei'. /cai aXKa eirecrev 
ets tt;v y^v rrjv KaXrjv, kol i^iSov KapTrov ava- 
PauvovTa kol av^avo/xeva, koI cc^epei' eis rpid- 

9 Kovra Kat ev i^i^KOvra kol ev eKarov. koI lAcycv 
lo *0s £;^€t u)Ta aKOV€LV aKOverui. Kat ore eyevero 

Kara fiovas, rjpojTiov avrov ot irepi at'Tov aw 

iCo. 6. iz II TOts SwScKa Ttts Trapa/3oXd<;. kol cA-cyev aurots 

Y/Atv TO [xv<TT7]pLov 8e3oTat Tiys /SaaiXeLa? rov 

®€ov- cKetvots 8e TOts €^w ev ■rrapa(3oXai<s TO, 

Is. 6 9. 10. 12 TravTa ytvcTat, iva 

Axi28,2s! PX€ir0VT€S pXsVaJO-lV Kttl Jl-?! tSoXTlV, 

Kal dKovovT€s cLkovwo-iv Kal [ii\ o-vvwtf<riv, 
\)J\ iroTS £7ricrTp£»j/(i)(riv Kal d<|)69'g atiTOis. 

13 Kat Aeyet avTols Ovk otbare rrjv Trapaf^oXyv rav- 

14 Tr]V, KOL TTws Trarras Tas 7rapay8oA.a? yvwo-ecrOe; 6 

15 cnretpoiv rov Xoyov cnTiipei. ovtol Be ctcrtv 01 
Trapa rrjv boov ottov cnreLpeTaL o A.oyos, Kat OTav 
aKOiJcrwo'ti', €vOv? ep^CTai o 2aTavas Kat atpet 

16 Tov Xoyov Tov l(nrapfx,€vov cts avrovi. Kat ovtol 
ela-tv ujjLOLD'i ot iirl to, TreTpdySr] (nrcipofjievoi, 
ot OTaj/ uKOvcrwcnv tov Xoyov ev$v<s jx^to. )(a.pas 

17 XajJLJSdvovaLy avTOV, koX ovk (.^ovo'lv pitav ev 
cai/rots aA./\.a iTpocrKaipoi elcnv, etTa yevofievrj^ 
^Xtt^ews ^ Stwy/xoD 8ta tov Xoyov evOv<; aKav- 

18 SaXt^oi'Tat. Kat aXXot elcrlv ot €ts Tcis a.KdvOa'i 

6 tfKi.ov Se afareiKavTos 8 aXXo | av^avofra 

els] ^v I iv 10 2"] S li/ 1»2'> R e^s 1<'2° 9 eXe^; 

a.vroL^, O exwc 10 Ore 5e j TjpuTrjffav \ ttjv wapa- 
^oXt]!' 11 T^. 5e5oTOi yvwvai. to /J-var. 12 air. 

ra aixa.pr7)naTa 15 ccttt. ev rais KapSiais avrwv 

18 aXXot] oi'Tcc 


Kara MapKov 4, 18-31 

cnreLpofxevoL • ovroi elcTLV ot tov Xoyov aKovcravres, 
Kat at jxepijxvai tov atwvos Kai rj airarr} tov 19 :o, 23. 24. 
irXovTOv Kol at Trept to. Xoltto. iTnOvfiLaL elarivo- 
pevofievaL o-vvirvLyova'tv tov Xoyov, Kat aKapiros 
ytverat. Kat iKeivoi ^Ictlv ot €7rt ttjv yrjv ttjv 20 
KaXrjv (TTrapevre?, otrtve? aKOvovtrLV tov Xoyov kol 
Trapahi)(0VTaL, koI KapTTOcfiOpovcnv iv TpiaKOVTa. 
KOL ev i^TjKOVTa KOL iv CKaTOv. Kat eXeyev 21 21— 25:' 

avrots OTt Mt^ti ep^eTat 6 Xv)(yo^ Iva vtto tov 
fwBiov TeOrj 7] VTTO Tr]v KXivrjv; ov-^ Iva liri ttjv Mt. g. is. 
Xv)(yiav TcOy; ov yap iaTLV tl KpvTTTOv, iav firj 22 Mt. 10,26. 
tva cjiavepwOrj • ovSk lyivero aTroKpvcfjov, aXX' tVa 
iXOy €is <f)av€pov. €t Tts e;;(et tora aKOvcLV, olkov- 23 
CTO). Kat iXeyev airot? BAeTrere tl aKOvcTe. 24 Mt 7. i 

€v o) fteryota) fj.€TpeLTe p-eTprjOrjaiTai vplv, kol wpocr- 
TcOrjaeTaL vplv. os yap e'x^'' ^oOrjcreTai avT<5- 25 Mt. 13.12. 
Kat OS o^K €X^'' '^^'- ^ ^X^'' OLpOrjaeTat air avTov. 
, Kat cAeyev Oiirw? eo"Ttv 7] jSacrLXeia tov ®€0v, 26 
I ws avOpcoTTO^ fi^^V "^^^ o-iropov irrl ttjs yrj'S, ' Kat 27 Ja.5,7. 
I KaOev^ji Kat eyeipr^rat vr^Kra Kat rj/Mepav, kol 6 
I o-TTOpos ySXao~ra Kat jxrjKVvrjTai w? oiik oTScv avro?. 
} avTOfxarr] rj y>j KapTrocjiopei, Trpwrov )(0pT0v, etrev 28 

CTa^uv, etrev TrXi^prjs o-tros ev t<3 o-Ta;)(W. orai/ 29 Ji.s, 13. 
il 8e TrapaSot 6 KapTros, ev9vs d-irooT^XXet to 8pe- 
j xavov, OTi irapetmjKtv 6 Gepio-fAOs. Kat eA.eyev 30 30—34: 

Ilais 6p,otc6o-a)p,ev T^v ySao-tXetW tot) ©eoi), •^ ev Lk.ii'.iam^ 
I rtvt avT7]v 7rapa/3oXy OS)p.ev; ws kokko) crtvaTrews, 31 

18 oKoyovres 19 at. Toiyrof 20 e/c.] 

ovrot I ^J'] ly ter 21 aur., Mijrt o Xi/x^. epx- | 

Xux- eiriTedTj 22 o ea:' /tij 0a;'. | us (pav. eXdrj 

24 u/xti' 2°] + rots uKovovcnv 25 a;* ex'? 26 ws ea;* 
27 ^XacTTavrj 28 aifr. 7ap | etTa 1°2° | irX-npr] 

ffiTov 29 Trapadu 30 Tt^'t o/z. | e;* Trota Trap. 

irapapaXufiev avr. 

99 d2 

4,31-5,2 Kara MapKov 

OS orav cnrapfj l-m T-qs y^S, fxiKpurepov ov ttuvtwv 
Dii 4, i2.a. 32 Twr cnrepjxdTwv twv cttI r^s 'y'}'' '^'^' orav (nrapfj, 

dvajSaLVii, koL ytverai /xei^ov ttcivtwv twv Xa^avwv, 

Kat TTOtet kAo-Sovs p-eyaXov;, wcrre SvvacrOat. virh 

ti\v o"Kiav avTOv toI irereivd tov ovpavov Kara- 
^^ <rKr]vovv. Kat TOiawais 7rapa^oA.ats TroXXais 

cAaXet auTOis tov Xdyov, KaOo}<s rjSvvavTO aKOvetv • 
34 ^wpl^ §€ TrapafSoXrj^ ovk iXdXci atTOi?, Kar iStav 

8e TOts tSt'ots /xaOrjTOiS eireXvev Travra. 
35— 41-- 35 Kat Xeyei avrots ev iK€Lvrj rrj rjp-^pa ot/^ias 

Lk.8.a!-ffl. 36 ycvo/xevTys AteAC70jyu.€V cts to irepav. Kai a^evTCS 

TOV op(Xov "TrapaXafjijSavovcriv aiTov ws lyv ev rw 

37 TrAoto), Kat aAAa TrAota -rjv /act avTou. Kat yt- 
V€Tat Xalkaij/ fj.€ydXr] dve/Jiov, Kat to. Kv/xara 
eTTC^aAAev ets to ttAoiov, wotc t^^t^ ye/Ai^ecr^at 

38 TO TrAotov. Kat at>T6s 17V ev t^ 'n-pv/xi'-rj iirl to 
7rpo(TK€(f>dXaLOv KaOevSwv Kat iyeipovcrtv avTov 
KOL Xeyovcriv arTU) AtSao-KoAe, ou jx^Xcl ctol otl 

39 aTToAAij/xe^a; Kat Steyep^eis iTreTL/xrjo-ev tw dve- 
yu.w Kat ctTrev tVj OaXd-acnj StcoTra, 7re<fiLp.o}cro. 
KOL iKOTraaev 6 ave/xos, Kat iyei'ero yaXrjvr} [xe- 

40 ydXrj. Kat eiTref avTo'i<; Tt SetAot eo^Te outws; 

41 TTOJS ouK ^X^''"^ TTtoTtv; ' Kat i(jio/SrjOr]<Tav cfio/3ov 
jxiyav, Kal lAeyov 7rpo9 aAAi^Aovs Tt? apa 
oiJtos i(TTiv, oTt Kat 6 av€jU,os Kat 17 OdXacrcra 

1—21: 5 vTraKovei avrS; Kat wA^ov ets to Trepav tms 

Mt.8.'28-»4. /iv/ j'v / -Ti - ^ 

Lk. 8, 2o— w. 3 oaXa(Tcnq<i ets tt^v ^wpav T(dv 1 epacrrjvwv. Kai 
i^eX06vTO<; avrov eK tov ttXolov, evOv^ VTn^vrrjcrev 

31 /MKporepoi iravr. t. <rrr. tcm t. 32 Tra^'r. r. 

Xox- fJ-ei^wv I KaTacrK7]vow 34 Toty /ua^. ai>Toi' 

36 K. aXXa 5e TrXoiapia 37 ave/t. /.t<7.' to 5f | 

Wffre oi'TO rjSt] yffi. 38 /coe r)t> oit. ctti tt; | dieyti- 

povffiv 40 R eo-re; oinru) ex- 41 I'TraAroi'oi'irti' 

V, 1 Ta^api]f03t> 2 efeX^o^rt oitw | evfteio'; 

(it. 29.30.42) I awnvTi)<rev 


Kara MapKov 5, 2-14 

aKaOdprw, os T^v KaT0iK7]criV €l)(€V iv rots f'Vr}- 3 
fxaatVf Koi ovhe dA.vo"et ovKirt ouSets eSwaro 
avTov Syjaai, 8ta to avrov TroXXaKts Tre'Sai? Kat 4 
dXvcrecrtj/ SeSecrOaL, koL StecTTracr^at iitt avroS ras 
dXvcreis Kat rds Tre8a<s crvvTerpicjiOai,, Koi ovoeis 
taxv^v avTOV Bafxdcraf koL 8ta, Travros vvktos 5 
Kat rjfjiepa's iv rots fx,vriixa(Tiv Kai ev rots opecnv 
TjV K/ad^cov Kat KaraKOTrTCDV caijxoy Atpots. Kat 6 
tScoj/ Tov 'It^ctoOv o-tto fxaKpoOev eSpa/iev Kat irpocr- 
€KVvrj(j€V avrov, Kat Kpd^as (jnovfj /xcyaAr/ 7 i,2a. 
Xeyet Tt €/xot Kat o-ot, 'Ir]aov Ylc toC ©cot) tov 
'Yil/tcTTOv; opKt^co o-e tov ©eov, jxri jxs ^aa-avC- 
arj^. cAeyev yap avTW "E^eX^e to irvev/Aa to 8 
aKaOaprov Ik tov avOpwTTOv. kqI liry^piHTo. avrov 9 
Tt 6vop,d cot; Kat Xiyei avrtS Aeytwi/ ovop.a. 
fiot, OTL TToXXoi icTjjiev. Kat 7ra/D€KaXet avrov 10 
TToXXa tva /;f^ avra aTrocTT^iXy e^to rijs '^(wpa'S. 
■^v 8k CKel Trpos rw opet dyeXr] ^oipuiv fieyaXrj 11 
(3o<TKOfievr] • Kat TrapeKaXecav avrov Xeyovres 12 
Uejjul/ov t^/aSs ets rovs ^ocpov^, tva ets avrovs 
elariXOoifxev. ' Kat eTrerpei/^ev avrots. Kat e^eX- 13 
Oovra TO. TTvev/xara ra aKdOapra elarjXOov ets 
T0V9 ^otpovs, Kat d}pixr]a-€V r} dyeXr] Kara tov 
Kprjfjivov €ts T^v ^aXacro-av, ws Sto^tXtot, Kat 
evrvtyovro ev tt^ OaXdcro-j]. Kat ol ^Soo-kovtcs 14 
avrov? k<j>x]yov Kat d7r?jyyltXav et? tijv rroXtv Kat 
€ts tovs dypov?- Kat rjXOov iSetv Tt ecrrtv to 

3 /j.v7]fM€i,ois I ovre oXi/Lreci;' oi'5. Tjdvvaro 4 aur. 
tffj;. 5 ev r. op. /cat ej* t. fip. 6 ISwf 5e | ai/rw 

7 eiTre 9 <roi o!'.; Kat aTreicpiOrj, \eyoov, Keyeoov 

10 auTOuy 11 ra o/)?j 12 ai/r. Tra^rej ot Sai/xovei, Xey. 
13 aur. eii^ewj Ir^croiis | r;cra?' 5e wj 14 Oi 5e /Socr/c. 
TOVS x^'poys I afT;77etXaj' | e^ijXdov 

5, 14-27 Kara MapKov 

15 yeyovos. Kat ip^ovrai Trpos tov \-q<joxv, koX 
Oewpovcriv tov Sat/^ovi^o/xcvov KaOrfp^evov IpaTia-- 
p.€vov Kat (TdxfipovovvTa, TOV ia^rjKora tov Ae- 

16 ytwva, Koi i(f>oj3T^67](Tav. nai ^vqyrjfravTO avTol<; 

OL tOOVTC? TTuis ly€V€TO T<2 BaLp.OVLt,Op.€VW KoX 

17 Trepi Twv )(Oip(ov. koL 'qp^avTO TrapaKoXeiv avTov 

18 aTTiXOelv aTTO rail' opiwv airrwv. Koi Ipfiai- 
vovTO<i avTOv ei? to ttXolov TrapeKoX^i airrov 6 

19 8at/AOVt(r^€ts iva fxer avTov tj. Kai ovk a(f>y]Kev 
avTOV, dXXa Aeyei avrw 'YTrayc eis tov oikov 
o^ov Trpos Tovs crovs, /cai aTrayyetXov avTOis oca 

7.31. 20 6 TS-vpios (TOi Tr^iroL-qKCV' K(u r]\i-qcr€V <r€. koX 

dTrrjXOev koI rjp^aTO Krjpv<T(T€LV ev Trj AcxaTrdXet 

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ttoXlv eis TO Trepav (Twrj-^Orj op^Xos ttoXv'S ctt 
22-43: 22 avTOV, Kat riv irapa tvv Oakacrcrav. Kat epye- 
Lk. a, 41-.56. Tat ets Twv ap;;^toT;vaywyojv, ovoyxaTt laetpo?, Kai 

7.32. 23 l8wV a^TOV TTlTTTCt TTpOS TOV? TToSaS ttVTOV, Kttt 

■jrapaKaXei avTOV ttoXXo. Ae'ywv OTt To 6vya.Tpiov 
fJLOv eo^ttTWS €X^'' ''''^ IXBixiV eTTi^Tjs Tcis ^eTpa^ 

24 oiVTrj, tva o-ioOrj kol ^t^o-t). kol aTrrjXOev /act 
ariTOv. /cat r]KoXov$€L avT<S o)(Xo<; 7roXv9, Kat 

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iroXXoiv laTpSiv koX ^aTravrjcracra to. Trap avrrj'S 
TrdvTa, Kat p-rj^ev ux^iXyjOeicra dXAo, p.dXXov ct? 

27 TO ^etpov iXOovcra, aKOvaacra to. Trcpt tov Irja-ov, 

15 Kai ifiar. \ \eyccjva 18 efx^avroi \ ij fier avr. 
19 5e It/o-ouj | avayyeiXov | trot Ki'p. eiroirjo-e 
22 Kat tSoy 23 TrapeKaXei. \ avrrj r. X"/*-) ottws (t, | 
f^crerat 25 yyi'7; rts | trr/ 6w5. 26 favrrjs 

27 -ra 


Kara MapKou 5; 27—40 

iXOoixra iv tw o^Xw oTnaOev rjif/aTo tov IfxaTcov 

avTov' eXeyev yap otl Eav onj/w/xaL Koiv tmv 28 

IfiaTLwv avTOv crwOrjcrofxaL. Kai evOv<; i^r]pdv6r] 29 

tj TTTjyrj TOV aLfJiaros avrrjs, Kat eyvto rw crw/xari 

OTL tarai oltto t^s fidcmyo?. koI evOvs 6 It/ctovs 30 Lk.6,:a 

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dovcrav, e7riorTpa<^ets ev roJ o)(X(!) eXeyev Tt's /xov 

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auToi) BXeTreis tov o)(Xov o-vvOXc^ovto. ere, Kat 

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rr/v toSto iroi-qtracrav . rj 8e yi>F^ (jio(3r]6€i(ra 33 

Kat Tpifjiovcra, etSuta o yeyoi'cv avTjj, rfXOev kol 

7rpo(r€7r€crev avT<S kol etTrev at)Tw Trda-av ttjv 

aXrjOeiav. 6 Se etTrev avTTj ©vyaTTjp, 17 Trtcms 34 

trou crecrojKev ere • ■uTraye ets elprjvrjv, koL taOt vytys 

OLTTO TTJ'S fido'TLyo? cTov. "Ext ai;ToS AaAoCvTos 35 

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fjiovov TTiCTTeve. Kol ovK d<f)rJK€V ovSeva /act 37 

avTou o-vvaKoXovdrja-ai et /xi) toj/ Iler/aov Kat 

laKw/Bov Kat IcoavTjv tok d8eA.(^oi/ 'IaKw/3ov. 

Kat, ep^ovrai ets tov oIkov tov dpy^^Lcrvvaywyov, 38 

Kat ^ecopet OopvfSov, Kat KXatovTas Kat dAaXa- 

^ovTas TToAAd, ' Kat eto'eX^wv Xeyet aDTOts Tt 39 Jn.u,ii 

6opv/3€iar$€ KOL KXaL€Te; to TTtttStov ot;k dirWavev 

dXXa Ka^ei;Set. ' Kat KaTcyiXwv avTOv. aiiTOS 40 

oe eKfSaXwv TrdvTas TrapaXafifidvei tov Traripa 

TOV TratStou Kat t^v [xrjTepa kol toiis /aer' aiJTOv, 

28 Ort, /cai' r. tyct. aur. a;//. 33 ctt avrr] 

34 Qvyarep 36 Iijo". evBews aKovaas 37 /.ter 

auTou] auTO) | — roi' 1° 38 epxerai. | —/cat 3° 
40 5e I aTravras 


5,40—6,7 Kara MapKOV 

Lk. 7, li. 41 Kat (.LcnropevcToi, ottov rfv to Tratotov. Kat 

Kparr]aa<s t^s ^etpos rov Tratdtou Xcyei avrfj 

TaA.t6a. Kovfj., o icrriv iJ.eO€pfjir)vev6p.evov To 

42 KOpdcTLOv, croi Ac'yw, lyetpe. /«u ei'6i;s avia-Tiq 

TO Kopacriov koX TrcpLeiraLTef rjv yap erCtv 8w- 

ScKa. Kat iEicn-qo'av evOv<s iKcrrdcreL fieyaXr). 

1.44. 43 Kat StccTciAaTO avTots TToAAa tva yur^Sels yvoi 

TotTO, Kat eiTTO' So^^vai at'r^ <f>ay€LV. 

1—6 •• 6 Kal e^X^ev eKeWev, koI tpx^rai tl<i tvv ira- 

Mt 13. 53-58 /o, 5^ ^5\/j- '^j,, ^ V 

Lk. 4. 15— 30. Tptoa avTOv, Kat aK0Aoi>C7ovo"tv auTu) ot pxwrjTaL 

Jii. 7, 15. 2 at'Toi'. Kat yevofxevov (ra/3(3a.TOv rjp£aTO St^owr- 

Kcti' ev rfj crvvayiijyfj' koI ol ttoAAoi OKOVovre? 

t^€TT\r](T(TOVTO XiryovT€<s TLoOev tovtu) raGra, Kal 

Tt5 17 (Toc^ia r] SoOetcra Toirru); Kat at 8uva^€ts 

3 Totavrat 6ta toiv )(€ipCjv arrrov yLvOfxevai; ot'^ 
ovTOS ianv 6 tcktcoj', o vios r^s Mapta? Kai 
dSeA.<^os laKoj/Jou Kat Iwo^to? Kat loi'oa Kat 
St/Awvos; Kat ovK €tcrtv at d8eX.(f>al avTOV tjoe 

4 TT/Dos r]pa<;; kol icTKavbaXi^ovTO ev aurcj). Kat 
eXeyev avrots 6 Ir^o^ovs ort Ovk (.(ttlv TrpcxfiTfrrj'; 
ari/jios €1 fjiT] €v T17 TTarpi'St avrov Kat ev rots 

13. 5 o-uyyev€T;(rti' avrou Kat ev rfj oucta avrov. kol 

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oAiyots dpp(s)crTOL<s eTrt^ei? rot? ;:(e?pa? iOepd-jrev- 

6 (rev. Kat iOavfiacrev bid rrjv diriaTiav ovtmv. 

Kat TTGpLrjyei' ras Ktoyxa? ki'kXo) oioao"K<uv. 

'~^^ . 7 Kot TrpocrKoXelTai tovs SciSeKa, Kat rjp^aTO av- 

Lk. 9, i-«j. TOVS aTrocrrcAAetv hvo Zvo. koL ihtSov avrol'i 

Lk. 10, 1. 

40 TTcuS. avaKeifievov 41 SR kov/u | eyeipai 

42-ei'ei's 2° 43 7V w 

VI, 1 epx-] 'il^Oev 2 ev tt; (nv. 5i5. | SR' — 01 i 

(R rai'Ta; Koi Tts) | 5o^. cii'tw, on (fat Si/j*. [ yivovrai. 
3 — T77S I M. , a5. 5€ I Iwffv; 4 eXe ye 5e | airyyivtai 

Kai 5 Tjovvaro | oi/5. Sw. Trot. G etfai'^tiafe 


Kara MapKov 6, 7—20 

i^ovcrtav twv ■m/f.v^a.Twv rwi/ aKaOdprow, kol 8 

7ra/37yyy€tXev avrots tVa fJirjSev atpMcnv ets 68ov 

et yu.^ pd^Sov fjiovov, p-rj dprov, p.r] irrjpav, p.7] ets 

T7]v ^(i>vr]v ^aA/cov, dXXa ti7ro8e8e/Aevoi)S crav- 9 

SdXta, /cat //-■^ ivSvcrrja-Oe Svo ^trcovas. /cat 10 

eXeyev aiirots 'Ottov eay elcreXOrjre ets oiKiav, 

c/cet p.eyere ews av i^eXO'qre eKelOev. kol os ii 

av TOTTOS /A'JJ oe^TjraL •u/xas //.r^Se dKOT;o"0}0"ti/ 

vp.<i)v, iKTTopevop.evoL eKelOev eKTtva^are tw ^ow 

Toj/ VTroKaTU) twi/ ttoSwv {i/xwv ets p^aprvpiov 

airots. Kat i^€XOovTe<; (.Krjpv^av tVa p-eravowcnv, 1 2 

' /cat Sat^ovta ttoAAo. i^s/SaXXov, koL rjXeLcfiov 13 Ja.5.14.15. 

eXato) TToXXous dppwarov? kol Wepdir^vov. 

Kat rjKOvcrev 6 ySacrtXei^s 'HpwSy^s, (jiavepbv 14 14—29: 
yap iyev€TO to ovo/xa avroS, Kat eXeyor ort Ik! 9*7^^ 
ItuavTys o rJaTTTt^cov eyiyyeprat e/c veKpuiV, Kai 
8ta TOVTO evepyoScrtv at Svvdp.€i? iv avTW. dXXoL 15 
Se cXeyoi/ ort 'HXetas icrTiv • aXXot 8e eXeyov 
OTt TrpO(f>r]Tr]S ws ets twv TrpocfirjTiov. aKOvaas 16 
8e 6 'HpcpSy^s eXeyey "'^Oi/ eyto (ZTreKe^aXtcra 
'l(advr]v, oirros TjylpQy]. Avt6<; yap 6 'HpwSTys 17 
aTTOOTetXas iKpdryjcrev tov 'Iwavryv Kat eSyjaev 
avTOV kv (fivXaKrj Sta 'HpwStaSa t^i/ yuvaiKa 
^lXlttttov tov dSeXcfiOv avTOv, ort avrrjv eya- 
prjcrev' eXeyev yap 6 'Iwavv^S rw 'HpwST/ ort Owk 18 Lv. i8,i6. 
e^ecTTtv crot e^^eti' T'^v yvvoLKa tov doeXcfiOv crov. 
rj Se 'HpcoStas evet^ev avrw Kat ij^eXev avTov 19 
a.TTOKTeti'at, Kat ovk T^Swaro • 6 yap HpwSiys 20 

8 fiT] TTTjp., /JLT] apr. 9 aX\' | evSvaaaOai 

11 oaoi av jxri de^uvrai \ airrois. a/jLrjv Xe7w v^iP, 
AveKTorepov ecrai 'Sodo/ji.oLS 7] Vo/Mppoii ev Tj/jLepa 
Kpiaeois, 7) TT? TToXet eKeivt]. 12 eK-qpvcraov | jiero,- 

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15 — 5e 1° I TTpotp. ecTTiv, t) ws 16 enrev, On ov \ 

OUT. effTtv' avTos r^y, €k veKpwv 17 ev tt] 0. 

105 11 o 

6, 20-29 Kara MapKou 

i<f)o/3cLTO Tov IwdvTjv, €tOws avTov avSpa SiKaiov 
KOL ajLOV, Koi (rvv€Tr]pGL avTOv, kol aKOvaas 
avTov TToXXa rjTropei, kol TySews avrov T^KOvei/. 

21 Kttt yevofievr]? i^/tepas cvKacpov ot€ 'HpioBr]^ TOis 
ycveo-cois avrov SeiTrvov eTrotrjcrev tois fieyLcrr aaiv 
avTOV Koi TOis xiXiap;(ois Kat rots Trpcorots rijs 

22 FaXiXatas, Kai eicreA-^oiJOT;? 7-^9 Ovyarpo^ auT^S 
T17S 'HptuSiaSos Kat 6p^rj(Tap,ivr]?, ■^peaev T<2 
'UpwSr) Koi TOLS cruvavoKei/AO'Ois. 6 8e ^acn- 
Xeus cTttcv t<3 Kopacriia Airrjcrov ji€ o iav BeXrjS, 

Est. 5. 3. (j. 23 Kttt 8oi(r(o croi • koL (j^p.o<jev avrfj "Otl idv fi€ 
aiTiyoT^s Swcrw crot etos rjfxicrov<s ttjs /JacrtXeias 

24 ju,ou. Kttt e^£A,6'ovcra eiTrtv ttj firjTpl avTTjs Tt 
atTT^crw/Aat ; i^ Se ctTrev Tt/v K^cftaXrjv Icoavov 

25 ToS BaTTTi^ovTos. Kttt cicr€X^o{)(7a ei^s fJierd 
a~7rov8rj<i irpos rov /SacrtXea i^TT^craTO XeyoxJO'a 
©eA.a) tva €^auTi7S 8c3s /AOt €7rt irivaKL T>yv ke- 

26 <^akr)v Itoavou tov BaTrrioToi). Kac TrepiXvTro'i 
•ycvo/Acvos o ySacrtAei'S 8ia tovs opKOv<i kol tovs 

27 dva>ctt/x,evous ovk rjOeXrjaev a$€Trj(raL avTi'iv. kul 
evOv<s d7roo"T€tAas o ^ao"iA.€vs cTTreKOtiAaTopa cTre- 

28 xafej/ evtVKat T'^v K€<f)aXr]v avTOv. koX aireXdiov 
0i7reK£(f>aXt(rev avrov iv ryj ff>vXaK'^, Kat rjveyKev 
T'^v K€<f)aXr]V avTOv iirl irtvaKi kol eSwKev avrrjv 
T(3 Kopa(Ti(a, Kal to Kopdfriov eBoiKCV avrrjy rrj 

29 fxrjTpl avTTJ'i. Kal aKovcravTe^ ol fJuidrfTal avrov 
■^XOav Kal Yjpav to Trrto/xa avrov koa. tOrjKav avro 
h' [xvtjfxeLw. 

20 SR" eirotei 21 eiroiei 22 owtjs rijj] 

R" avrou I KOI ap€<ra<rr)s \ eiireu ^aff. 23 SR On 

o eav 24 1; Se e|. | aiTTiffo/Jui \ ^awTicrTov 

25 evOews \ fioi dws ef. 26 (TnuavaKeifievovs \ 

avT. a$€T. 27 ei'^ewj | evcxdyivdi. \ Se ajreXd. 

29 r}\eov 


Kara MapKou 6, 30-41 

Kat crvvdyovTaL ol aTrocrToXoL Trpos tov 30 Lk. 9,10; 10. 17. 
'Irjcrovv, koI airrffyuXav aw(3 Travra ocra liroi- 
r)(rav koL ocra eStSa^v. koI Xeyct airots AeOre 31 
v/ACts avTol KaT iStav ets epTjjxov tottov kol dva- 
TravaaaOi oXiyov. rjaav yap ol ep-)(op.a'oi koo. 01 
WTravovTcs ttoWol, kol ovhk <baysiv evKaipovv. -^n aa 

Kat aTrrjAoov ev tw TrAoto) ets eprj/xov tottov Kar 32 Mt. 14, i»-2i. 
tStW. /cat etSov avTovs VTrdyovras /cat hriyvuicrav 33 J"- e,' 1—13. 
7roA.Xot, /cat Tre^T^ aTro Traawv ruiv TroAetov (rvve- 
Bpa/xov €Ket Kat irporjXOov avTOvs. Kat i^eXOiov 34 Sit^-'l' 
etSev TTOyVvi/ o^Xov, Kat icnrXay^L(rOr] hr avroi^s Mt. 9,36. 
on 7}(Tav <os irpoPara ii'?) ^x°'^'*' ''roi}i€va, Kat 
rjp^aTO StSacTKetv a^rous TroAXa. Kat ■^St; copas 358, 1—9. 
TToXA^S yevofxevT]? vrpocreXOovTe? avT<S ol fJUL$r]Tal 
avTov eXeyov ort "Epryp-os earriv 6 tottos, Kat rjSr] 
<i)pa TToXXr] ' oLTToXvcrov avTOvs, tva aTreXOovres 36 
€ts TOWS kvkXo) aypov'S Kat Kcoyttas ayopdaoicnv 
lavTots Tt (f)dy(a(nv. 6 8e (XTroKpt^ets etTrev 37 
avTOts ^ore avTols v/j.eL's (jyayelv. Kat Xeyovcrti' 
aLTw ATTeA-^ovre? dyopa.o'iiiixev SrjvapiiDV Sta- 
KOiTtoiv dpTov^, Kat Swcrofiev avTOL's (jiayelv ; o 38 
oe Aeyet avrot? IIoo"otis e^exe aprous; ■tiTrayere 
tbere. Kat yvovres Xeyoticrtv IIen"e, Kat Svo 
l)(6va<i. Kat hrera^^v avrols avaKXiOrjvaL iravras 39 
(TvpjTrocrLa (TVjXTrocria Itti t(v ^Awpw ^oprw. Kat 40 
avcTTCcrav irpacnai irpacriai Kara eKarov Kat Kara 
TrevrrjKOvra. Kat Xa^ijy tous iro'Te aprovs Kat 41 7,34 

30 TT., Kat 0(ra 31 eiTre;' | avaTtaveade \ ■qvKaipow 
32 €iy ep. tott. tw ttX. 33 ii7ra7. ot ox^oi, k. ctt. 

owrw TT. I aw., /cat cw-rfKBov trpos avrov 34 etS. o 

Iij<70us I eTT avToLS 35 XeYovcrii' 36 eaur. aprovs' 
Ti yap (paywaiv ovk exovcnv 37 Sluk. dr^v. \ dco/xev 

38 apT. ex. \ vtt. Kai id. 39 avaK\ 40 ave- 

ireffov I aca e/c. /c. a^'a tt. 

107 d6 

6, 41—54 Kara MapKou 

Tovs Svo l^&va<; €is tov ovpavov evXo- 

yrjcrev koL KareKXaaev tovs aprov; koL tStSov rots 

fjia6rjTaA.<i Xva irapaTiOtjidiv avrois, koX tous hvo 

42 i^^^vas ifiepLcrev Traaiv. Kai e(f>ayov Travres koL 

Dt 28, 5. 43 e^opT(xcr$T]<Tav ' Kol rjpav KXaap-ara owocKa KO(f>L- 

44 vojv Tr\rip<'op.aTa kol oltto twv i^^tjcov. Kat Tjaav 

OL cfiay6vT€<i Tov<s aprov; irevTaKicryiXioL avSpes. 

45—56: 45 Kat €vBvs rjvdyKacrev tovs fjuaOrp-as avrov ip.- 

'jn. 6115^21. p-qvai €is TO ttA-OIOV Kat Trpoaytiv €is to trepav 

TTpos ^rjOcraiBdv, ew9 avros (XTroAijet tov o^^Xov. 

46 xat aTTOTafa/Aevos avrots aTrfjA^ev ets to opos 

47 7rpocr€v^a<T6(u. koL oi/'tas yevoyxevT/s r;v to TrXotoi/ 
ev jxeaw r^s OaXdcrcnjs, /cat avTos pxivos C7rt 7-^5 

48 y^s. Ktti i8wv avTOvs fiaaavL^ofievovs ev t<3 
eXai'vctv, Tyv yap 6 a.vf.puos evavTtos avTois, Trcpi 
TeTaprrjv tf)vXaKr]V ttjs wktos €p)(£TaL irpos av- 
Tovs TrepLTraTwv eTrl Trj<s OaXdo'crr]';' Kat ^^eXev 

49 TrapeXOelv avTOV<;. oi Se iSovtcs avTOv €7rt r^s 
OaXd(T(rr]<s TrepLiraTOVVTa eBo^av otl <f)dvTacriMd 

50 eoTtv, Kat dviKpa^av ' TravTC? yap avrov ctSav 
Kat eTapd-^Orjaav. 6 8e cv^i.'? iXdXrjaev /act' 
avTwv, Kat Xeyet avrots 0ap(T€tT€, eyto ct/^i, /at/ 

4,39 51 cfio^ela-Oe. kol dve^r] Trpos avrovs cts to TrXotov, 
Kat €K07rao-ev 6 avcyxos* Kat Xtav ck iripKrcrox) ev 

52 cavTOts e^toTavTO • ou yap oin^Kav €7rt Tots 
dpTOis, dXX' ^v auToiv •i^ Kap8ta 7r€Trwpwp.cvr]. 

53 Kat 8ia7r€pao-avT€? ctti t^v y^v ^X^ov cts Fcwt;- 

54 aap€T KoX Trpoawpfuadrja-av. koI c^cX^ovtwv 

41 /ta^. aiirov | irapaOwai-v 43 KXaafiaruv I 

Kocpivovs irXripus 44 wcret irevr. 45 ev^ewy | 

aTToXvar) 48 ei5ej' | Kat irept 49 ■JrepiTr. €*i t. 

^a\. I e5. ^ai'T. eii'ai 50 eiooj' ( Acai evdcws 

51 E — eic irept(r(Tou | e^urr., Kai edavfui^ov 52 7;;' 

7ap 7] Kapd. avT. 53 ijX^. eiri t. yriv Tew. (R' , ein 

T. 7. R" eiri T. 7.,) 


Kara MapKOv 6, 54—7, 6 

avTU)V c/c Tov ttXolov evOv'i iTTcyv6vT€<; avTOV 
' irepieSpafjiov oXrjv rrjv )((i)pav iKeivrjv koX iqp- 55 
^avTO Itti TOt? KpajSaTTOLS Tovs KaKw? I^ovra? 
irepicjiepeLV, ottov rjKovov on iazLV. koI ottov av 56 5,27.28. 

> / 5 / ,\ J /\ 5\ » J / Ac. .5, 1.5; 

€i<reTrop€veTO 619 /cw/xas r; ets TToAei? 7; £t? ay pov?, 19, iis, 

iv Tttis dyopats irWearav rovs dcr^evoBvTas, Kat 
TrapeKaXoric avrov tva Kai/ toS KpaaireBov tov 
ifjiaTLOV avTOv di/fwvrai • /cat oo^oi av ^\]/avTO 
avTOv kcroitpVTO. 

Kat crwdvovTat ttoos avrov ol 4>apto-atoi Kai 7 1-23: 

/ / Mt. li? 1—20 

TtV€9 ToJv ypafXfxaT€(DV iX6ovT€<s 0,770 'Icpocro- 
XyfiuiV. Kat tSovTcs rtva? twi/ /juiOrjTwv avrov 2 lu. 11,33. 
OTt KOtvats )(epcrLV, tovt karLV di/tTTTOis, icrOLOvaiv 
Tovs aprovs, — ot yap ^apicralot Kat 7rdvT€9 ot 3 
Ioi;Sarot eav fxi] Trvyjjiy j/ti^wvrat tols ^j^et/aas ovk 
€0"^tovo"tv, KpaTOvvTes rrjv Trapahocriv twv irpecr- 
^vrepoiv, Kat dvr dyopSs eav /it; pavTtcrwvTat 4 
ouK iaOiOvcTLV, Kat dA.Xa TroXXd etrrtv a Trape- 
Xa(3ov Kparetv, jSairTLO'fxovs TroTrjpiuiv Kat ^earSiV 
Kat ^aXKLWv, — Kttt iTrepwTwcriV avrov ol 4>apt- 5 
cratot Kat ot ypafjifxarels Ata rt ou TrepnrarovarLV 
ol fia$T]raL <tov Kara rr]v TrapdSoaLV rwv 7rp€cr(3v- 
repwv, dXA.a KOtvats ^(epalv ia-OLOVcnv rov aprov; 
6 8k etTTCJ/ avTOts KoAws iirpocjiijreva'ey 'Ho"atas 6 's. 29, 13 i.xx. 
TTcpt vfjiCjv rS)V viroKpirwv, ws yeypairrai otl 
Oiros 6 Xabs tois x*^^*""''' H*^ ''"'•H'^j 

'^ 8c KapSfa avriav •ir6ppia 6mi\iL air' IfJioO* 

54 evOeus 55 vepidpa/xovres | -rrepixi^pov e/c., 

i;p^. I ort e/cei 56 — ets 2° 3° | endow \ tjtttovto 

VII, 1.2 (R lepoao\vfji,uif, /cat) 2 awr. Koti'. | 

eadiovras apT., e/Jbe/x-^avTO' 4 airo | SR' ^aTrrttrwj'- 

Tat I SR" xaX/f. /cat kKivwv 5 eireira eir. | ot /la^. 

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7, 7-19 Kara MapKov 

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Kara MapKov 7, 19-30 

^pwfiara ; eXcyei/ 8e ort To €k toS avOpoivov 20 
iKTTOpevofjievov, Ik^lvo kolvol tov avOpwirov. 
(.dUiOf-V yap Ik ttj'S Kophtas tS)V dvOpUiiroiV ot 21 
SiaXoyLafJiol ol KaKol eKTropevovrai, Tropvetat, 
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SoXos, do"€A,yeta, o<^^aA/xos Trovrjpo?, j3Xa(T<fyq- 
/jica, V7r€pr](fiavia, a(fipo(rvvr] • iravTa ravra to. 23 
TTOvrjpa eadiOev iKTropeverai kul kolvol tov oiv- 


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yvwvcu, Kol ovK Tj^vvdcrOrj XaOelv dXX evdv's 25 
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reKva- ov yap Iotlv KaXov Xa^eZv tov dprov 
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Twv ij/L^Liov Twv TTatSicov. Kat ctTTev avTT^ A to, 29 
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iirl Tr]v kXlvtjv kol to 8atp.ovtov e^eXi^Xu^o?. 

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dvyarepa ^e^XTjfievi'jv ewi T-qs KXtvTjs 

7, 31-8, 6 Kara MapKov 

!ilt IS, 29-31. 31 Kat 7raA.1v i^eXOwv ck tCjv bpiwv Tvpov rjXOev 

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1,43-4.1 36 KOL StecrrctAaro avrois tva firj^evl Xeywcrtv ocrov 

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Mt 15,33-39. V V \ 5 / > , / n / 

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6,31—44. 2 /ACV09 Tous fjiaOn^Tas Xeyct aurots ' ^TrXay^i^OjJuai. 

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aiJrovs VT^O'TCts ets oikov auTwv, CKXti^Tjo^ovrat ev 
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avTos avT. \ —avroc 37 Kai tovs a\. 

VIII, 1 77,a., wa/xiroWov | irpooK. o It/ctous | S /ia^. 
aiiTov E yti. auTou 2 rjixepas 3 K-at ti*'.] rtJ'es 7a/) | 
— airo \ r]KOvai 4 — ori 5 eirrjpuTa \ enrop 6 napijyyeiXe 


Kara MapKov 8, 6-19 

TO) o)(X(D dvaTTecretj/ ctti tyJs yrj'S' Kat Xa/Swv tovs 

eTTTo. aprovi eJ^aptcrrT^cras eKXacrev /cat, eStSor 

TOis /xadrjTOi? avrov Iva TvapaTiOCjcnv, kol irape- 

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avTOv ■^X6ev ets to, p-ep^ AaXfxavovdd. 

Kat e^A-^ov ot $apta"atot Kat vp^avro (rvvcn- 1 1 11—21 = 
TCtv airrw, 4'>;T0L'VTes Trap auroii (rr}p.eiov atro tov 
ovpavov, Tretpa^ovTcs avrov. Kat dvacrreva^as 12 
TO) 7rv€v/xaTi avTOv Aeyet Tt 17 yevea avr?; tr]T€L 
OT^/Aetov; d/>f^v Aeyco i)p,ti/, et So^T^crerai tjj yevea 
TavTrj crr]fji€tov. kol d<^ets avrovs ttolXlv ipLJSa.'s 13 
d'TT^A.^ev ets to rrepav, Kat eTreAd^ovTO 14 

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fieO' iavTiov kv tw ttXolw. kol Steo-TeAAeTO 15 J'''g^'^^- 
avTOts Aeywv OpaTe, /3Ae7reTe dTro ttjs ^vfjir]<; 
Twv ^apicratwv koI rrj'S t,vp.r]^ 'UpwSov. kol 16 
oteAoyt^ovTO Trpo? dAAr^AoDS OTt aprovs ovk 
ey(OV(TiV. KOL yvovs Ae'yet avrots Tt StaAoyt- 17 6, sa 
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dKcnjere ; Kat ov p.vr]p.oveviT€, ' 0T€ toi;s TrevTe 19 6,41-44. 
dprrovs CKXaaa ets Tot;s TrevTaKto^tAtovs, ttoctovs 

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avTa 8 etpay. de 9 5e ot <payovTe% us 

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in TreTT. 18 (SR fjLVTjfjL.:) 


8, 19-31 Kara MapKov 

KO<f)LVOv<i KAacr/xarcoi' 7rA>;p€ts ^pare ; Xiyovcriv J 

6-9. 20 aVTO) AwScKtt. OTC TOVS CTTTO. CIS TOVS T€Tpa- i 

Ktcr^iXiovs, TTOcrcov (Tirvpibuiv TrXrjpwfJLara KXaafxa- 

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avTOts OuTTO) (TUViere; 

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avTW TvcfiXov, Koi TrapaKaXovcTLV avrov tva avrov 

32.3n. Jn.9,6. 23 aij/rjTaL. Koi €7riXa/3oyucvos r?/s )(eLpo'; tov TV<f>Xov 

i^rjveyKev avrov e$w tt}? Kcop.r]';, Kai Trrucras cis 

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iXeyey BXctto) tov? dv^pojxotis, on d)S SevSpa 

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^eipas €771 TOVS 6(f>6aX/jiov<; avrov, Kal 8i€^A.ei//ci' 
Ktti (XTrcKaTeo-TT/, Kol ivi fiXcTrev TT^Xavyws aTravTa. 

^•36- 26 Kat aTTCo-TetXcv avrov 6is oTkov auTOt) Acycov 
Mr/Se £ts rr;v KWfxrjv clareXOrj^. 

27-9.1: 27 Kat i^XOev 6 'It^q-ovs Kat ot fiaOrp-at avrov 

Mt. 16, ]3 — 28. » v / fy- / '^ ^K \ ' ^ > 

Lk. 9, 18-27. €ts Ttts Kw/Atts Katcraptas t>;s <JPtAi7r7rov • Kat ev 

rrj 68(5 eTrqpwra tovs fxaO'qras avrov Xiywv av- 

6. 13. 28 Tots TtVa /i.€ Aeyova-iv ot avOptDVOL elvai ; ol 8e 

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BT— ai. 

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21 IIws on 22 fpxerai 23 e|T77a7fv | et ri ^Xiwei. 
25 airr., /cat eironjffev avrov avo^Xe^af /cat aTro- 
KareffraOTj, /cat eve^Xexpe \ airairas 26 ets toj' 01/:. | 

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Ico. I 5e (Ttt Twv 29 ai-T. Xeyet oirroir | airoKp. 8e 


Kara MapKou 8, 31-9, 1 


TToXXo. TraBciv, koI aTroSoKLfxacrdrjvai vtto twv 

Trp^a-^VTcpoiV koX tS)V ap^icpsoiv koI twv ypafXjMi- 

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avacTTrjvai' /cai TrapprjCTLa tov Xoyov eAdXei. 32 

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avrov, Kai aKoXovOeirw /xot. os yap car ^e'A.7^ 35 Mt. 10, 39. 

rrjv i}/vxr]v avrov crGxraL, aTroAecret avryjv o? S 

ar aTToAecret rrjv xpv^v avrov eve/cev e/xoi; Kai 

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31 OTTO I —Twv 2° 3° 32 oi;t. 11. 33 roi 

n., Xeyoov 34 Oorts 35 7ap a;' | 5' av airoKf.a'fi \ 
ovTos ffwixei 36 wipe\r]ff€i \ eav Kepdijcn] | ^■qpuwdrj 

37 Tj rt oojcet 38 "/ap av 

IX, 1 Tcoi' uSe 


9, 2—13 Kara \lapKov 

2-13: 2 Kai /btero. rj/xepa'S e^ TrapoAa/AySavet 6 'Iz/crovs 

iicg'-i^k ''"ov Tlerpov kol tov 'laKwfSov koi 'lojdvrjv, koL 

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ola yvacfiev? iirl riys y>ys ou Swarai ovrws Aev- 

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Beis 6 IleTpo? Xeyet tw 'It/ctoi) 'Pa/3/?€i, /caAdr 
ecTTtv rifxu<s woe etvai, koX iroLrjcrwp.ev Tpeis cr/cT^vas, 

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yap •gSet Ti airoKpLOy- €K<f)of3oL yap iyevovTO. 

11. 2 p. 1.17. 7 Kat £y€V€TO vetpeXr] eTnaKid^ova-a avrots, Kat 

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eKpaTTjcrav irpo'S eavTOv<s crwtjjTOvvTes tl iariv to 

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yovres 'Ort Xeyovcti' ot ypa/A/Aarets drt 'HAetar 

Mai. 4, 5. 12 §€1 cA^ctv TTpwTOV ; 6 Sc e(f)r) avTo7<; 'HXeUts yu^fi' 
cApajp 7rpu)T0V diroKaGurrdvei Travra* Kat ttois 
ycypaTTTttt cTrt tov Yidv tov dvOporrrov, tva ttoAAu 
Mt. 11, 14. 13 TrdOr) Kai i^ovBevrjOy ; dAAo. Aeyo) v/juv otl Kai 
HAetas eAt^Av^cv, Kat iTroirjaav avT<S oaa ijOeXor, 
Ka^ws yeypaTTTai iir ai'TOv. 

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Kara Ma^Acoi^ 9, 14-25 

Kat cX^dvT€s Trpos tovs fxaOrjTO.'i elSov oyXoi/ 14 14-29: 

\ V V . V V « f " >It. 17, li-2L 

iroAvv Trept avrovi Kat ypa/A/Aarets ovvQ-qTOVVTOs Lk. 9, 37-^12. 

Trpos avTOV';. koI €vOvs ttSs 6 o^Xos iSovres 15 

avTov i^€$afij3i]0r]aav, koI Trpocrrpe^ovres rjcTTra- 

ipvTO avTOv. Koi iTrr]pu)Tr)(rei' avTOvs Tt awipq- 16 

retre Trpos avTo{}<i ; Koi aireKpiOiq avT(S eis ck tov i 7 

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eiTrev Ek TratSto^cv Kat TroA-XciKts Kat ets Trrp 22 

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9, 25-37 Kara MapKou 

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e^XOev' KoL eyevcro wcrel ve/cpos, wcrre tovs 

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TT/cras T^s ;^etpos aiiroi) yjytipev ai;TOv, Kat dvcCTTT/. 

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KaT iSt'av iTrrjpo'jTUiv avTOV "Otl rjiJ.€L<; ovk TjBvvij- 

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30—32 : 7rpocr€V)(rj, 

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Mt, 18, 1—9. 33 •^*'^' rjXOov 6t? }^a<f)apvaov/Ji, Kat ev t^ oiKi'a 

Lk 9 46—50 ' * ' > ' rf ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ '^ ^ \ 

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iMt. 10, 4<i. 37 eiTrev auTots 'Os av cr Toiv toioutwv TratSttov 

Jn.13.20. -•' , V ^ , / / , V ^/ V cx 

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av ifxk Be^rjTai, ovk i/xk Se^tTat dAXa tov airo- 

26 Kpa^av I (TTapa^av avrov | — rous 27 /c/kit. 
ai'Toz' T. X-, '77. 28 eiaeKdovTa avrov \ eTcrip, avr. k. 
18. I (R' ort Hm«S-«»"'o.) 29 SR" irp. Kai 

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eoi' j de^rjTai 


Kara MapKov 9, 37-50 

o-TetA-avTct fie. "E^iy aTJTw 6 'Icoavr/s AiSao-- 38 nu. 11, 2?.^. 

KaXc, eiSo/x,ev rtva cv T<p ovofxaTC crov eK^aXXovra 

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Coi. 4.'6. " 

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ij^iv I eKO}\v(Ta/j,€U I a/coXow^ei 41 ey to) ov. /xOv \ 

— on 2° 42 — TOVT. I SR' Trto-r. eis efie \ "Kidos /xvXikos 
43 aKavdaXi^rj \ croi ear. \ ets r. f. etaekd. 44.46 oirov 
(TK<xj\rj^ avTwv ov reXevra, km to irvp ov a^evvvrai. 
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e<TTi I yeev. tov wpos 49 SE" aXtcr^., km Traaa 

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9,50-10,14 Kara MapKov 

aXas avaXov yevr]Tai, ev tlvl avTO aprvcrere ; 

€;^eTe ev caurots aKa Kat elpyveveTe ev dAX7^A.ots. 

-12: 10 Kat iKfiOev avacrras loYcrat ets to, opta rns 

1. 19, 1-9. 'T S ' ^ ' -^ 'T S ' * ' 

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lirr]p(jiT(MV avTov ei (.^€<ttiv avhpi yvvoLKa airo- 

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Dt.24,1. 4 aiVois Tt wyu-iv o'eT€tA.aro ^Icoi'O-^s; oi 8e ^lirav 

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5 Kal diroXvo-ai. 6 Se 'Ir/crors eiTrev aiJTOts IIpos 

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Gn.1,27. 6 Xr]v Tav-rqv. airo h\ ap-^s KTicrecos apcrev Kal 
Gn.2,24. y GfjXv €iroti](r€v avTovs* evtKev TOVTOv KaiyxX€i^€i av- 

8 OpuTTOS TOV Trarepa avToO Kal Tf|v ni]T€'pa, Kal ^a-ovra.\. 
oi 8vo €15 crdpKa [idav* wcrre ovKeri ilcrlv Bvo dXXa 

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18,15-17. j^ .j.^^^. jj^ g^ pxtOryral eTreTLfxrjcrav avrols. iScov 8e 
6 'It/ctoCs riyavaKTrja-fv koX cnrev auTOts A<^£Te 
TO. TTatSta €p)(^ecr$aL Trpos p.€, /t^ kwXvctc aura* 

50 oXa] aXas 

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4 etTTO*' I MwcTTjs eirerp. 5 /ecu airoKpiOen o Ytqcr. 

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TifMisv rots ■jrpo(r(pepov(ni' 14 koi yUT; 


Kara MapKov 10,14-26 

rwv yap tolovtwv icmv rj ySacrtXcta tov ®€oS. 

d|U,-^v Aeyco vixiv, os av fjurj Sefiyrai tt;v ^aaiXeiav 15 Mt. i8,3. 

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\ ? \ / > V , / . / Mt. 19,1&-S0. 

fiwv 6(,s Ktti yovvTreT-rjcras avrov eTrrjpDra avrov Lk. is, i8-»». 

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ras evToXds otSas Mi] <f)ov£v<r|]s, M-f) lAoixevor-gs, 19 ^tfi^^o^' 

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rjyaTrrjcrev avrov Kat etirev avr(^ Ev ere varepel' 

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elcreXOelv evKOTrwrepov iarcv KaprqXov 8ta tijs 25 

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19 M77 fxoix-' /J-V 4'°"- 20 5e airoKpideis ennv avTU 

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60Tt Tovs weTTOiOorai' eirL (S + rots) xp',V'&f"' 2-3 E — ttjs 


10,26-34 Kara MapKov 

trois i^cirXt^a-aovTO keyovre's rrpo'S eain-ovs Kai 

Gn 18, li 27 Tt9 BvvaraL (T(jo6rjvaL; ifj,^\€\j/a<i avTois 6 'IiycroCs 

Zee. 8, 6 Lxx. Xey€L Uapo. dv^pwTTOis dSvvaTOV, dXk' ov Trapa 

28 0c<3' xAio-a yap Sward irapd t<u 0€w. Hp^aro 
Xeyetv 6 IIcTpos ai;Tw 'iSov i^/teis d(f>i^KafJiev 

29 Travra xai TjKoXovOrjKafxev crot. t^?; Ir;(roi!s 
'Afjir]v Xeyo) rp,rv, ouSets ecrrtv os d(f)rJK€V ot/ciav 
T^ d8€X<^ovs 77 dSeX^as 17 fjirfrepa ij iraripa rj 
T€Kva 7] dypov'S eveKCV ip.ov Kal evcKCV tov cvay- 

30 yeXi'ou, eav p,'^ ^df3r] iKaTOVTairXacriova viv iv 
Tc5 Kaipw TOi;raj oiKta? /<ai d8€A<^oi;? Kai dSeXc^as 
Kal p.rjTepa's koI Tc/cva Kat dypovs p.eTa. oioryp-wv, 
/cat ev Tw atajvt tc5 Ip^op-kvoi t,wi]v atcovtov. 

31 TToXXot Se tcrovTai. TrpCrrot ccj^arot /cai ot (.(r)(a.Toi 

32—34: 32 'Ho'ai' Se €V rg 68<5 dvaySatVovres ets 'Icpo- 
Lk. 18", 3i--i4; (ToXvp-a, Kat ^v TTpodyoiv avTOV'5 6 'Irjaovs, kol 

idafxjSovvTO, OL Bk dKoXov^oOvres icpo/SovvTO. 

Kat TTapaXa^wv TrdXiv tov? SwScKa rjp^aTO avrots 

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dvafSaivop.€V cts 'I^poa-oXv/xa, koI 6 Yios Tou dv- 
OpwTTOV irapaho6rj(T€TaL toI<; dp^iepcScrtv Kat rots 
ypafxixarevcTLV, koL KaraKpLvovcnv avrov Oavdru) 

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ywcrova-LV avrov Kat d7roKT€vovo-iv, Kat yitcra. rpets 
■^fxcpas dvaoTTJcreTaL. 

Jn. 11, IG. 55. 

26 eai'Toi's] E' aiT0i> 27 e^/3\. 5e | w. ru Qeut 
Bvv. eari. 28 Kai r)p^. IT. \ey. \ i]Ko\ovdr](rafie\ 

29 airoKpideii de o \r)cr. eiirev \ i) war. , rj /irfr., rj yvvaiKa ( 
— eveKev 2" 32 eOa/J.^., /cat aKoX. 33 [edveffiv] 

S, R") 34 K. fjLaffT. avr., k. eixirr. avru | airo/cr. ai/roV 
/c. rri Tpirri r)fj.epa 



Kara MapKov 10, 35—46 

Kat TrpocTTTopcvovTat avT(S laKutBos Kac Icoa- 35 35—45: 

ctvryocj/ -v/ ■• >-*?■' N Mt. 20, 20-2a 

vrj'S OL VIOL /jepeoaLOv Aeyovres avrw AtoacrKaAe, 
OeXofxev Lva b iav aiTijcrw/xev (re TrotTycrTjs •^/tiv. 
6 8e eiTrev avTols Tt OiXtri /xe Troi-qcroi vfjlv; 36 
ot Se ciTrav atirco Aos i^/Aiy iVa ets crou ck Se^tcov 37 
Kttt els e^ dptcrT€/)a)v Kadicrdyfiev iv rfj 86^ crov. 
6 8e 'Iricrov's eTircv aurots Ovk otSare ti alreiaOe. 38 Lk.12,60 
owacrae Trteiv to ironqptov o iyu) ttlvw, rj to 
fiaTTTLCTfJLa b eyo) (SaTTTL^Ofxai jSa^TrTicrOrjvai; ol 39 Ac. 12, 2. 
8e eiTrai' a^rw Awa/xe^a. 6 8e 'ItjctoOs etTrev 
avTol'S To TVOTTipiOV o eyo) ttu/co irUaOe., koI to 
/BdiTTLa-ixa o eyw /3a7rTi^o/ fSaTTTiaOrjo-ea-Oe- 
TO 8e KaOiaaL e/c SefioJv /xod t) e^ evoivvjxtav ovk 40 
ecTiv e/xov ooCvat, dAA.' ots r^TOifxacrTai. Kat 41 
aKovo-avres ot Se^a Tjp^avTO dyava/cretj/ Trept 
laKUifBov Kat Iwctvoi). Kat TrpocrKaXecrdjxevo^ 42 Lk. 22. 25— 27. 
avTOVs 6 It/o-qCs A,cyet avTol'S OtSare ort ot 
SoKoCi/res ap^etv rtov iOvuyv KaTaKvpLevovaLV 
avrSyv Kat ot fxeyaXoL auTwi/ KaT€^ovcriat,ovo'iv 
avTuiv. ov)('ovT(o's 8e ecrrtv ev vplv dXX 09 av 43 
^cXt^ yu-eya? yeveaOaL kv vfuv, eorrat vp.^v Sid- 
Kovos, Kttt OS av ^eA-T/ ev ■u/aiv ctvat Trpwros, 44 
ecrrat TrdvTCDV SotjAos* Kat yap 6 Ytos tot) dv- 45 
OpwTTOv OVK yjXOcv 8iaKovr]0rjvai dAXa StaKOvijcat 
Kttt SoBvat T^v xpv^rjv avTov XvTpov dvrt ttoAAwj/. 

Kat epvovrat ets lepetYw. Kat CKiropevo- 46 46—52- 

/ 5 ^ , X cy V V « /a -^ Mt. 20, 29-34. 

fjievov avTOv airo lepet^w Kat twv /xaarjTwv Lie. is, 35— 43. 
at'ToS Kat o^Aou tKavoS o i;tos Tt/xatoi; Baprt- 
yitatos, TV^Aos TrpoaaLTrjS, iKd6r]T0 Trapa tt^v 

35 — aurco 2° | — o-e 36 woirjcrai fxe 37 etTro;' | 
ets eic Se^. crou /c. ets ef evoivvfiwv <jov 38 ■??] /cat 

39 etTToc I To /iej/ tt. 40 7/] /cat | euw;'. fJLOv 

42 o 6e l7;cr. irpocTK. 43 5e ecrrat | eav | 7ei'. /^e7. | 

BiaK. vjjL. 44 Uyttw;' 'yei'etr^at irp. 46 — o | TiaprL- 

/xatos T. e/c. TT. T. o5. TTpocraLTcov 

10,46-11,5 Kara ^[apKOV 

47 68ov. Koi OiKOvcra? on 'Ir^crows 6 No^apT^vds 
coTtv rjp^aro Kpa.t,€LV koL Xeyetv YU AanclS 

48 It^ctov, iXer]crov fxe. kol CTTcrt/xtov auro) ttoXXoi 
iva <JHiirrrj<rQ' 6 8e ttoXAo) /AaAAov (Kpa^ev Yie 

49 AaD€t8, iXer/aov /xe. kol crras 6 'It^o-ot;? ciTrev 
<l>a)V7)a"aTe ai,'TOv. Kai c^wvovo'iv tov Tue^Xov 

50 Xeyovre^ avT<2 QapaiL, eyeipe, (fxuvel ae. 6 8e 
aTrojSaXuyv to Lp.a.TLOV avToii dvamjB'qo'a? rjXufv 

5 1 Trpos TOV 'Irjaovv. kol aTroKpt^els auTO) 6 I-qaots 
eiTTCV Tt o-oi 6'e'Aets Troirjcrtt}; 8c TvqiXos €t;rev 

52 avTo) Ta/Sfiovvet, tva dva^Aei/zcu. /cat o 

ly/croGs eiTrev avToJ "YTrayc, 17 TrtVrts o"Ov cretroj- 

Kev ere. xat cv^i^S ave^X&j/ev, Koi rjKoXovOet 

airro) ev rp o8a». 

1-10: 11 Kal ore lyyitovcnv eis 'lepoaoAvua cis Br?^- 

.\tt. 21. 1-9. , V ^ T3 y ' V V V - n? \ '■ 

I-k. 19, 2&— 38. V^yV '^^'- -D77C7aVtaV TTpOS TO 0/30S TU)V XLiAaHUV, 

2 (XTTOcrTeAAei 8i'o twv fJLaOrjTQiv avTOv kol Xeyet 
auTOis 'Y— aycre £is T7;v Kwjxyjv tt/v KaTcvavri 
VfjLwv, KOL €vOv<; €icnrop€v6ix€voi. ets avTTjv tvprj- 
crcre ttwXov SeSc/xo'oj' €(^' ov ovSelr ovttoj av6po'>- 
14,14. 3 TTwv cKci^irrcv XvcrciTf. avTov /cac (japcTe. kul 
eav Tts v/L;itv ciTry Tt Trotctre tovto ; etTrare O 
Kvptos avTOV ^etav ^X'*^' '^'^^ cv'6'i'S avror aTro- 

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TTwA-ov BeBep-evov Tr/aos Ovpav l^w CTri tov d/:^^- 

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ecrrrjKOTWv eXeyov at'Tois Tt Trotetre XvovTes tov 

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eyeipai 50 aJ'ao'Tas 51 aT. X€7€t avrw o Ii?<r., 

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Kara MapKov 11,5-lG 

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11,10-28 Kara '^AapKov 

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27—33: 27 Kat epyovrai TrdXiv els lepoo'oXvua. Kat €V 

Mt. 21.23— -27 « , ., ^ - ) -^ J/ V > V 

Lk. 20. 1-8. Tw t£p(u 7r£pt7raToi;vTOS at'Tou ep^ovrai Trpos auTOV 

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rois ovpavoi-s a<p7jff€i ra Trapairrufiara vfiwv, 28 X«- 

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Kara Map Kov 11,28-12,6 

ravra ttoitj?; 6 8e 'Irjcrov? eiirev avTOLS Ettc/dco- 29 

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Is. 5, 1. 2. 

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Trou 3 ot 5e X. 4 XiOo^oXrjaavTes eKecpaXaLuaav, | 
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12,7-17 Kara MapKov 

7 CKCtvoi 0£ oi yeitipyoi rrpo? iavTov<: cIttuv otl 
OuTOS ea-Tiv 6 K\r]pov6fj.o<; • SeCre airoKT^ivuiixev 

He. IB, 1-2. 8 aOTOV, KoX T^/AWV CCTTai 7) KXrjpOVOfXLa. KOi Xa- 

j3ovT€s airiKTCLvav avrov, koI e^ejSaXov awrov l^to 

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•y/oa^r/v ravTtjv aveyi'wre 

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oStos €-y€VTi0T] £15 Ke<j)aX'^v -ytov^os" 

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Tov 6-)(Xov • tyvcDcrav yap otl vrpos avrous t^v 
irapa(ioXi]v eiiTev. kcu. d^evTCS avTOV drr^A^ov. 

13— 17: jT Kai airoaTcXXovcTLV ttdos avrov riva? twv 

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' '' 14 cruxTiv Xoyw. Kai eA^ovres Xeyovcny avrcu 
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crot Trept ovSevo?* ou yap ^Aevrets ets TrpoauiTrov 
av6po)'7ru)V, aXX iw' aXr]6eia<s Tr]V oSov TOU ©toil 
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Kpicriv etTTCv airots Tt /xe Tretpa^erc; <f)epeT€ p.0L 

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avTOts Ttvos rj e'iKwv avrrj koI rj €7riypa<j!>r; ; 

Ko. 13, 7. 17 ot 8£ ctTTttV avTW KatVapos. ' 6 Se 'Irj(Tov<; 

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Kara MapKov 12,18-29 

Kai 'ip-)(ovTai SaSSovKatot -rrpos avrox', oirtves iS 18—27: 
XeyovaLV avdaTaacv jxt] eivai, koI iTrrjpwroiV avTov lk-.'S.'^^." 
XeyovTcs ' AtScxtrKaAe, Mojiicr^s eypa(//ey 17/^11/ ort 19 Dt. 25, 5. 6. 
edv Tivos a,8€\<j)os aTroGdvT) Kac KaraXLinj yTji'atKa 
Kal jJL-?| d<})'g T€Kvov, iva XdpT] 6 d8£X<|>bs a'UTOv 
T^v •yuvaiKa koI e^avacTT-qo-T) o-irepjia Ttjj dS£X<(>a> 
avTOv. eTTTO- dSeX^ot Tjaav' /cat 6 Trpwros 20 
eXafSev yvvat/ca, Kat dTTO^VT^crKcoy or/c dcjirJKey 
cnripfxa' koL 6 bei^repos eXa/S^v avrrjv, Kat direQci- 21 
j/ej/ /at; KaraXi7ra)v cnvi.pp.a * Kat o rpiros tocravrcDS • 
' Kat 01 eTTTO, oiJk a(j>7iKav cnreppia. 22 
TrdvTcov Kat i^ ywr/ a-rreOavei', iv rfj avacTTacreL, 23 
oral/ dvacTTuicrn'', rtvos avrwv carat ywq; ol 
yap kiTTa kcrvov o.vti]1' yvvaiKa. £cf>rj avrols o 24 
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ypa(f)a<; fji-qSk ri]V Syrafxtv tov @€ov; orav yap 25 
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tpvTai, aXX elcriv ws dyyeXot iv rots owpavots. 
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ev T'^ yStySAo) MwiicreoiS €7ri toS Barou ttws et-irev LU. 10, 22. 
avT(2 6 ®eo? Xeycov 'E-ya> 6 0€bs 'Appaap. Kal 
©ebs 'IcraaK Kal Gebs 'laKcip; ohk ecrrtv ©cos 27 
veKpwv aXXa ^cjvrwy. ttoAu vrA-avao-^e. 

Kat TTpccreXOwv els rwv ypoiJixaTioiV, aKovcras 28 23—34: 

» ^ "^I, / ,^v '.V ' "^ . ^ , //) Mt.22,?4-40, 

auTcov o"uj''47;TOi;vTa)i', etows ort KaAws aTreKpiur] Lk. 20, :». 40. 

> ^ 3 / "if -f— r / » \ 5 \ \ ijk. 10, S5 ^. 

avTOis, €Tr'qpiOTr]crev avrov llota eo-rtj/ euroXi'] 

TTpMTT] TrdvTwv; d-jreKpiOr] 6 l7](T0vs on Jlpwrrj 29 ct. (5,4.3. 

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aireKp. | tt/j. irac^iav eur. 29 5e Ii7<r. aireKp. avro.' 

129 B 

1 2, 2^38 Kara MapKov 

eCTTLV "AkOV€, 'Ic-paTjX, KvpiOS O 0€OS T]|J.(OV Kv- 

Jn. 15, J2. 30 pios <ls €crTii', Kal d'yainjcrtis Kvpiov tov ©eov crow 
€^ oXt|s TTjs KapSias cod Kal k^ 'ok-(\% ttjs ^'^'X'HS ""^^ 
Kal €| 6Xt)s TTjs Siavoias o-ov Kal €| oXt]9 ttjs 

Lv. lit. IX. 31 lo^vos o-ov. Bevrepa avTT] 'AYairrio-cis rbv ttXt)- 
o-iov o-ov cos o^eovTOv. jx€i^<iw toiVojv aXXyj kv- 

Ut. fi. 4 : 4, 35. ^2 ToXt] OVK eCTTLV. KOL €t7r€V avTiJu 6 "Vpa/X/i-aTCUS 

KaXtos, AiodcrKaXe, Iw aXrjOeia^ etTres on (Is 

i.«. 13. 22. 33 EOTiv Kal ovK ?<mv dXXos xX^v avrov* Kal to 

aYairav ovtov e^ oXtjs Tfjs KapSias Kal k^ oXtjs ttjs 

o-uv^o"€ci)s Kal €^ oXtjs Tfjs lo-)(^vos, KUL TO dYttTrdv 

TOV irXT^criov ws lavrbv TreptcrcroTcpoi' icmv irav- 

.4c. 26, 27— 29. 34 Twv Twv 6XoKavTa)(idTu)v Kal Ovo-uov. /Cat 6 It^ctovs, 

tSwv avTOV OTL vouvrvto? aireKpiOf), cTttcv avVcS 

Ov fJUiKpav ei aTTO tiJs ^acrtXetas TOv ©cot). Kat 

35—37: 35 ov6ets ovkctl eroX/xa avTov lirepwrrjcrai. Kat 

Lk. 2r\4i— u! aTTOKpt^tiS 6 'It/ctoSs e'Acyev SiSacTK-wv cv tw tcp<j> 

IIw9 Atyoiicrti' ot ypafx/xaTeis on 6 Xpicrrds ftos 

''5.110.1. 36 Aavei8 icrnv; avTOS AavctS etTrei' ci' Tt3 Ili'eu- 

Jn. r, 4i p,aTt T<S 'A-yto) 

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ai'TOv ia-nv uto?; 
38-40 : 38 Kat 6 TnoXi'S o^A.os r/Kovei' avTOV rjSew?. ' Kai 

Mt. 2:i ) .-^o.o.,-,»<^v\ -r>\' jv*^ 

Lk. 20, 45— 47. €1' TTJ Oioa)(rj avTOv eAcyci' rSAeTTCTC aTTO tojv 

29 ecTTti' 1"] Traffuv tuv evroKuv \ (R' rtfii>3V, 
R" rifxoiv) 30 £(TX. (rou. aiJrTj Trpwr-q evroXr] 31 k^oi 
5ei;T. o,uota auri; 32 etTras | €<tt. Qeos, Kai 33 (rci'., 
Kai f^ oKijs TTJS i^vxv^, K. I TrXeioi' | /cat rtiiv $. 35 vi. 
ecrri A. 36 avr. yap | Kcp. | SR' vjroTroSioj' 

37 aur. ofj' I I't. ainr. eort 38 Kat eXc7. avroii ev 

TT) 5to. ai/r. 


Kara MapKov 12,38-13,6 

ypa/j./xarewy tcuj/ OeXovTwv iv CTToAats TrepLTrareLV 

Koi dcTTraCT'/xovs ei' rats dyopats ' Koi ivpwTOKaO- 39 

eSpt'as ev rats cn;yaya)yats Kat TrpcuroKAtcrias o' 

Tois SetTTvots' ot /careo-^ovres tols ouctas twf 40 

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TOL XrjiMf/ovTaL TrepLrrcrOTepov Kpifxa. Kat 41 41—44; 

KaOLcra^ KarevavTi tov ya4o<pT;AaKtou ec/ewpet ttojs ^g jo g 

o o^^Xos ^aXXeL ^aXKOv ets to yalp<^vXaKiov • Kat 

iroXXoL irXovcTLOL e/SaXXoi' TroXXa' Kat iX$ovcra 42 

/jtia XVP^ '7rTW)(y] e/3aXa/ XeTrro, 8t;o, o Icttlv ko- 

Spdvrrjs. Koi TrpocrKaXeo-dp.eyo? tous fia6rjTa<; 43 

avTov eiTTCv a-Jrots 'Ap.'^r Aeyco v/^tv ort rj XVP'^ 

avTrj rj Trrw^r; TrAetov TravTwv efSaXev twv ISaX- 

XovTOiV ets TO ■yat,ocfivXaKLOv • Travres yap eK tov 44 2Co. 8, 12. 

TrepicrcrevoFTOS a'urots (.(iaXov, avT'q 8e ck tt^s 

voT^prjcrews auT^s Travra otra eT;)(ev e/SaXev, 

oXov Tor ^cW auT-^?. 

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auTW ets Twv p.a9'f]Twv avTov AtSdcrKaXe, tSe 
TToraTTOi XiOoL Koi TTOTaTral oiKoSofiaL. kol 6 2 

It^ctoS? ctTrev ai;Ta) BXeTrets raura? ras p.eyaXas 
olKO^op.d'S ; ov /XJ] a(f)€$7] Xi6o<; irrl XlOov os 
ov p.Ty KaToXvOfj. Kai Kadrjp.a'ov avTOv els 3 

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p<jiTa avTov KaT Ihcav IleTpos kol 'IciKwySo? Kat 

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ccTTat, Kat Tt TO arj/xeLOV OTav fxeXXy TavTa crvvTe- 
XelcrOai irdvTa; 6 8e Irjcrov'; rjp^aTO Xeyetv 5 
avTots BXeTTCTe p.7] Tts i;p,as irXavqarj. ttoXXoX 6 

40 KareaOiovTe's 41 Ka6. o l-rjffovs 43 X^Yet | 

XIII, 2 airoKpidets enr. | E a<ped-ri uoe | eTrt Xt^o; 
3 eirr)pa}T(ji)v 4 EtTre | Trai'Ta Tai'ra crwr. 5 awo- 

Kpideis avr. 7)p^. \ey. 6 ttoX. 7ap 

131 E 2 

13, 6—18 Kara MapKou 

eXevcrovraL iwi tm oi'o/xart jj.ov A.eyovT€S otl 
7 Eyto €t/xi, KoL TToXAors TrXavq<JOV(TiV . OTai/ St 

aKOiJCTT^Te TToXe/xous Kal aK'oas 7roA.€//,o)V, yixr/ ^po- 
suiisfi' 8 £t(r^€* Sei -yevecrGai, oAA. oi'ttoj to reXos. £-y€pGT|o-€- 

rai yap ?6vos «""■' ^9vos teal Pao-uXsfa lirX Pao-iXeCav. 

ecrovrat (r€icrfx.oi Kara tottous, ecroi'Tat A,t/AOi • dpx'f/ 
—13: 9 (iStVojv ravra. BXeTrere Se v/Acts eavrovs* irapa- 

10, 17—22. 5 ' « - > /(v \ » > 

•ji! 12-17. owcTovcnv vfjuas ei? cruveopta Kai 6is crwaytDyas 

^apjjcrecrde kol ctti r]yefjiOV(x)v koL jSacnXiiov crru- 

ifi, i-^. lo Orjaea-Qi. eve/cev ep.oi), ets fxaprvpLov aurots. /cat 

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Kara MapKov 13,18-30 

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13,30-14,5 Kara MapKov 

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Kara MapKop 14,0-17 

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14 — /xon 1" 15 avioyeov \ —/cat 2° 16 /ta^. 



14, 18-30 Kara MapKou 

1 8 Koi avaKetfjiivoiv auToiv Kat ecrOiovTiav 6 Iiycrot'S 
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co. 11. 23— 26. 22 vqOt] o ar^pto/TOS CKeivos. Kat iaOiOVTwv avrdv 

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Zee. 9, 11. ,„™~'' %?r -o«/ V 

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Ttt 7r/j. 2'.) Kai ei 30 — cri' | (f rrj v. ravrrj 


Kara MapKov 14,30-41 

Sts dXeKTopa (ftonvrja-ai rpts jxe a7rapvrj(rr]. o 8e 31 Jn.11,16. 
eKTrepicrcru)? eXdXet Eav 0€7] fie avvaTToOaveLV 
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Travre? cAeyov. 

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(uSe eojs Trpo<T€v^<tip.aL, koL TrapaAa/i-^avei tov 33 •^"- '^' ^■ 
IIcTpoi' Kttt Tov \a.K(iijBov Koi TOV Iwdvrjv /xer 
avTov, Kol rjp^aTO eKOafxjiiio-Oai koI d8rjp.ov€LV, 
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wpa, ' /cat eA.eyei' 'Ay8y8a 6 Ilarr^p, Trdcvra Sward 36 10, s«. 
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ai'Tw arroKp. 

137 e5 

14,41— o5 Kara y\apKOv 

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.1 ; /x€ rjyyiK€V. Kat €v6't'S ert avToii XoAovvTO? 

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crqp.ov awTOts Aeytov "^Ov av (^iX-qam avTos ccttiv • 

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f.ira.L(j€V Tov 001'A.ov toS dp^tepcws Kat d<^€tX€V 

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v/xd? €1' Tu3 'fpw SiSdcTKwv, Kat ovK €KpaT?y(raTe 

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Tis cm/TjKoXov^et arro) Trcpt^cySXT^/iei'os crti'^dca 

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KOL crvvep)(Oi'TaL TrdvTcs ot dp;^i€pets Kat ot Trpea- 

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fjiaKpoOev yjKoXovOrjcrev avrui €0)9 ecrto €is tt)v av- 

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jn.wiS^ai; 55 vTD/peToiv Kat $€pfjuuvojJ.€VO<i Trpos TO <^<i»S. Ot 

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Kara MapKov 14,55-67 

8e a.p)(^i€pec? /cai 6X.01' to crvvebpLOV c'Ci]tovv Kara 

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Kara MapKOP 15,7-21 

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15^22-36 Kara 'MapKou 

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'It. ifi, 1. 4. 32 eo-wo-ei', eavTW ou Svvarat croicraf 6 Xptcrros 

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Am. s, 9. 33 Kat yei'o/xcvT/S wpas eKrrjS (Tkotos eyeVcTO €(j!> 

Ps. 2i. 1. 34 oXr^v TT^v y^v etos wpas evarr/s. Kat T'^ h'anj 

lapa i/3or](rev o It/ctovs ^iovrj f^eydXrj 'EXtat 

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e7/c. 35 S(R) I5ov 


Kara MapKoi/ 15, 36-47 

Se Tts y€/xt'(Tas o-rroyyov 6i,ovs Trepideis KaAa/xw 
iir6Tit,€v avTOv, Xeywv A<^ct€ tdoj/xev et ep^^erai 
HXctas KaOeXelv avrov. o 8e 'It^ctous d^ets 37 
(fiojvrjv fJ.^yaXiqv i^eTwevrrev. Kat to Karavre- 38 
racr/xa tou vaou €<r)(i(jO-i'} els Stjo aw dvoiOev ecos 
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6'ws ovTOS 6 av6p<ji7ro<; Ytos ©eou ■^v. ' Hirav 40 Lk. s, 2. 3. 

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K(ii Mapia 17 MaySaA.'j7y7; Kat Mapta 17 'laKw/Sov 
rov jj.iKpov Kat Iwct-^tos fJLrjrrjp Kat ^aXo'yfj.T], at 41 
OTS T^v €V T77 raXtAata rjKoXovOovv a.vrw Kat 8tr^- 
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avT(S eh 'lepocroXvp.a. 

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CTKCUTy, o eo-Ttv 7rpocra/3^aTOV, ' eXOwv 'I(ti<ry](f> 43 Lk.' §; lolS.' 

tjv'A /]/ 3 ' 0\ 'iN \ Jn. 19, S8— ^ 

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to TTTWfjia r<S I(j}ar](fi. Kat dyopacras ortvoova 46 
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OrjKev avTOV ev jLLV7]fj.aTL o ■^v AeXaTO/x7;p,evoi' ck 
TTcrpas, Kat Trpoo-eKvAtaev XiOov e—\ rrjv Ovpav 
TOV ixviqp.el.ov. rj he Mapta 17 May8aA7/V7/ Kat 47 
jMapta rj Icuo-^ros eOewpovv ttov reOeiTaL. 

30 Se ets, /cat | irepid. re 38 aTro 39 SR" 

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16, 1—13 Kara MapKov 

16 Kat Staycvofxei'ov tov (ra^jSaTov Mapia r/ 
M.ay8a\r]vr] koX Mapta i^ tov 'la/cwySov Kat 
^aXoyfjLTj rj-yopaaav apuifxara Iva ^XOovaai dXei- 

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dva/3keil/acraL Oewpovatv otl dvaK€KvXi<rTaL 6 

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€is TO]p-€Lov eTSov v€avi(rKOV KaO'^p.ei'ov ev 
Tots SeftoTs Trepif3el3Xr]p.evov cttoXtjv XevKijv, Koi 

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icTTavpaofxevov yyepOr], ovk (.cttlv tSSe* i8e 6 

14,28. 7 TOTTOS OTTOu kOrjKav avTov. dXXa xnrayeTi ciTraTC 
TOts /xaOrjTOLS avTOV koI tw IleVpa) OTt Ilpoayct 
■iijMas ets Tfjv TaXiXaiav e/cei auTOV oij/ecrOe, 
8 Ka^ws ctTTCi/ vfxiv. KOL i^eXOovcrai. t<f)vyov oltto 
TOV fivrjfMuov, eT;(eK yap auTus Tpojxo<i Kat 
kKOTarns' Koi ovSevl ovbev etTrav i^o^ovvTO 

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yeiXej/ tois /a€t' avTov yevo/Atvots TrevOovat koI 

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7 aX\ 8 e^eXO. rax^ | 70^] 5e | etn-o*' 9 o<^' 

Kara MapKou IG, 13—20 

Oovres aTTT^yyetXai' rots AotTrots" ovoe. Ikuvols 
€7rt(TTevorav. "Yo-repoi' 8e dvaKctyaei^ots arrois 14 14—18: 

'^vc^ 51 //I v3/\> ^i Lk 24. 38—49 

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CTTLav avTwv koX cTKXrjpoKap^Lav on rots Oeacra- 1 Co. is, 5, 

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etTrev ai^rots Ilopev^evres ets tov koct/aoj/ aTrayra 

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TTtcTTei'cras /cat ^airTLcrOels (T(ji9rj<T€r ai, 6 8e 

aTrtcTT'/^cras KaraKpLOrjasraL. a-qixa.a Se rots 17 Ac. 16, is. 
7ri(TT€V(Ta<jiv Tavra TrapaKoXovOrjcrei, iv Tw ovo- 10,46. 

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Tt TTiwcrti' 01' fii] avTov? /SXaij/rj, Ittl appwarovs ''^ ®' ^*- ^''• 

)(e'Lpas €~i6rj(Tov(Tiv koI KaXQi<; e^ovcrw. 'O fj.kv 19 ,. gi^ig., 
oi'j/ Kzjptos Irjaovs /xera to AaA-ijo-at ai'rot? Ac. 1.4-^11. 
av€A.T|(i<peT) eis Tov oi'pavov kul eKaoicrev €k bsjiwv I's- iio..i- 

Tov 0€ov. iKelvoL Sk c^eXOovrcs eKrjpv^av irav- 20 2k.2,ii. 
Ta^ov, TOV Kvptov OTi'cpyoSvTOS KOI TOV Xoyov He. 2, 4. 
/3e/SaL0vvT0s Sta tcov e7raKoAoT;^ovrTcu;' crr^^etuv.]] 


j[lT(Xi'Ta 8e TO, TraprjyyeXjx^va tois Trept tov 
IleTpoj/ crvvTOfxw? l^rjyyiiXav. Mera 8e TavTa 
Ktti avTos 6 'I'l^o-oSs (XTTO dvaToX?}? Kat aT(pt Svaeojs 
e^a7^eo"TetXe^' St auTwv to tepoj' Kat acfiOapTOV 
KTjpvyjjia TTj'; aLutVLOV o"a)T7^ptas.J| 

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20SR<r7?^. A/trjj'. SR-AAAfiS ktX. 


Jii. i5,2r. 


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hirjyqaiv TrefA tojv ■:r€TrXrjpo(^opiifxevwv iv TJfuv 

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Ac. I. ]. 3 avTOTTTai kol VTnjpeTaL ycvo/i,€vot toxj \6yov, ISo^e 

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4 Ka9e^rj<; aoL ypdij/aL, KpanaTe Qe6<fiiXe, ' iva iirt- 
y^'ws TTCpi wv Karrj-^Orjs Xoywy ttjv dcr(f>a.Xetai'. 

1.24,10. 3 EyeVero iy rais -qp-ipais 'Hpa>dou fiaaiXews 

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c'c^T^/ieptas 'A/3ta, Kat yijv^ avrw ex Ta>i/ Ovya- 
ripoiv 'Aapwv, Koi to ovop.a avTrj<i "EXetcra^er. 

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7ropev6p.€}'OL iv Tracrats rais evroAats Kat St>catcJ- 

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TT] TagcL Trjs e^ry/xepias avrov ei'avTi ToC ©cor, 

'.X.JII.1. 9 Kara to e^os Ti^s tepaTCtas eXa;)(e toO OvpLaaai 

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I, 5 Hp. TOV /8. I 17 yvvrj avrov | EXt<Ta/3t7- ^r,\. 
(') evcuiriov 7 17 E\i<r. ij;* 10 tov Xaou ijj' 


Kara AovKai' L, 11—23 

ecTTojs Ik Se^tcSv rov dvcnacTTrjpiov tuv Ovfjua- 
fxaTO?, Kol iTapd)(6r] Za;^aptas Ibwv, Koi <f)6^o<; 12 
cVeTrecrev ctt a{iroi/. et/rev 8e Trpos avrov o 13 
ayycA-os M'^ cfiofiov, Za>(apto, Stort elcrrjKOVcrOr] 

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Kai ecrrat X'^P^ ^°' '^°'''' o.JO-^'^-i-o-O'LS, kul ttoXXdl 14 
CTTt T^ yeveaet auroS ^^ap-qaovrai. ea-rat yap 15 Nu.6,s. 
/Aeyas evwTrioj/ Ki^pt'ov, Kat olvov Kal o-iK^pa ov is. 1,11. 
[AT] •nriT], Kttt Hvevp-aTO^ AyLOV 7rXy](j6r]creTat ert 
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Koi avTO'i TrpoeXeva-eraL evwTrioi' avrov iv irvev- 17 J{'- iv "t'?v 

^ ' , ' Mai. if, 1 ; 4, c, 6 

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1,50-64 Kara AovKav 

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Kara \ovKav 1,64—76 

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1, 77—2, 10 Kara xVovKau 

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Kara AovKav 2, 10-21 

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2, 22—35 Kara AovKau 

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Ex. 13. 2. 12. 15. 23 6is Iepo(ToAi;yu,a Trapaa-njaai toj Kvpiw, Ka^ws 
yeypaTTTat ev vojxio K.vpLov on Ildv Apcrtv StavoiYov 

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iiu. 46.30. 29 Nvv aTToXvcts TOV 8ovA.ov O'OU, AcflTTrOTa, 
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Kara AovKav 2, 35—46 

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2, 46—3, 4 Kara AovKav 

ci'ipov auTOV iv TO) lepcjJ KaOitp^svov €V yuecra) 
rwi' oioao"KaA.ojv Kat aKOvovra avTwv ko.l CTrcpoj- 

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auTOi) eTTi TTJ (TvvecreL Kat rats airoKpicncnv avTOv. 

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IS. 2. 2(5. 52 KapBta avTrj<;. Kat It^ctoiis Trpo€KO"irT£v er ti7 

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48 Kat Trp. ai'r. 17 /i. ai/r. fjTre | {^r}TOVf.i,ev 51 ^7;^. 
raiTa 52 — e»' r>/ 

III, 1 TfrpafxovvTOi ter '2 eir' a/)x;<«pfwi' | 

Tov Tov 7i. 4 Trpo<f>., Xf-yocrti 


Kara AovKai' 3, 4—15 

<l>a)VT| P0WVTO5 €V TT] epT||J.b> 

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irdo-tt <})| irXTjpajGTia-eTai 5 

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Kal 5vj/eTai Trdtra <rdp^ to (rtoTT|pi.ov rov 0€oii. 6 Ac. 28, 28. 
"'EAeyei/ ovv rots ^Kiropevojxei'OL'i 6)(XoL<i fiair- 7 Mt-S^js. 
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/cetraf irav ovv SevSpov p.!] ttolovv Kap-wov KaXov 
eKKOTTTeTai ko-l ets Trvp jSaXXerai. Kat eirr^po)- 10 
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airoKpiOefi Se lAeyev ai;Tots 'O €T(ojy hvo ^tTwvas 1 1 
/x€Ta8oT0} Tw yu?/ l^ov'Tt, Kat o e^wv ^pwp.ara 
6p,OL0)<; -TTOieLTd). ■^XOov 8e Kat reAwyat fSavr- 12 
TLaOrjvai Kai eiirav irpo<s avTOv At8acrKaA.e, Tt 
7roLi^(rwfjL€i' ; 6 Se ei7r€v Trpos aiJTOvs Mi/bev 13 
TrXeov irapa to 8iaT€TayfjL€V0V vpuv Trpdcro'ere. 
hrrjpMTwv 8e avTOV kol crrpaTevofjievoi Xeyovres 14 
Tt TTOirjcriop-ev Kat rfp^eis ; Kat etTrev arrois 
M7y8ei'a 8tacr€t(r/7Te yy.Tj8€ (jvKO<^avTrjO~r]T€, Kat 
apKCLcrOe rot? ot/^cuvtots ■u/xwy. IIpocrSoKwvTo? 15 Jn.i, lu-; 

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Kap8tats ttLiToiv Trept TOv 'Ituavou, /x?^ Trore ai,'- 

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TToiria'OfJLeu 14 Kat rjfieis tl ironjcrouev | w/jos 


3, 15—27 Kara XovKav 

Ac. is.s. 1 6 Tos ctr; 6 Xpicrros, aweKpLvaTO Aeytov Tracrtj' 6 
Icoai'7;s Eyoj jxiv voari. fiaTrri^o) ifia^' cp^erat 
Se 6 urxvporepos /j-ov, ov ovk et/xt iKavos Avcrat 
Tov tpxiVTa Twv v77uor)p.aTwv avTOV' avTos vpiis 

17 liaTTTLaeL ev IIvei'yaaTt Aytw Kat irvpi' ov to 
TTTv'oi' o' T17 X^'-P'' ^'^"''ov ouLKaOapaL TT/v aAcova 
avToS Kat oa-vayayetv tov o-itov cts rrjv aTroBrjKiqv 
avTov, TO 8e ayQjpov KaraKavcret irvpX dc/JecTTw. 

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nk.Vi-^il ^9 ^^^** ™*' ^<^°''' ^ ^^ 'Hpa)87;s 6 T€Tpadp^r]<;, 

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yvvaLKOS TOV doeA<^ov aiJTOu Kat Trepl TrdvTOJV 

20 ojv iTTOL-qaev 7rovr)pu>v 6 'HpwST/s, irpocriO-qKev 
Kai TOVTO €7rt TrdaLv, KUTCKXeLaev tov 'luxii'rjv ev 

21 Ey ev€TO oe ev t(S ^aTTTifT&rjvat d—avra tov 
Xaov Kat Irjcrov fiaTVTio-6fVT0<; kol Trpoaev^^o- 

9, aj. 22 fievov dv€(i}xOrjvai. tov ovpavov, kol KaTaft^vai to 
Hvevfia TO Aytov aoifiaTiKw etoet ws TrcptoTtpdv 
eTT avTov, Kat <f>wrrjv i^ ovpavov ycrccr^at 2,v et 

23 6 Yios />tou 6 dyaTTTyros, ev o^ot er'SoKT^o-a. Kat 
avTos rjv lr]crovs dp;^o/AeTOS wo-et ctwv TptaKovTo, 

24 CUV i;ios, w? aojjiii^^TO, loxn^cfi, tov HXet ' toG 
MaT^ctT tov Aei'ct tov ^McA^^et tov lawai tov 

25 'Io)ar](f} ' Toii MaTTa^tov tov 'A/wjs tov Naov/,i 

26 TOV EcAct TOV Nttyyat ' tov Maa^ tov MaTTa- 

27 ^lou TOV 2e/jtceiv tov 'Iwo^;^ tov 'IwSd ' to? 
Iwavttv TOV TPrjcrd tov Zopo/SajSeX tov SoAa^t^A 

16 air. o Iw. airaai Xeycov 17 /tai SiaKadapiei ' 

ffvva^ei 19 T€Tpapxv^ \ fvv. ^iStTnrov rov 20 Kat 
KaT£K\. I ei* T77 (p. 22 iixrei ] 7e»'., Xe^oi'craj' | t;i'5o- 

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SR "nXi 24 Aeii- 1 MtXxt | lavj-a 2o 'E<rXt 

2(3 Zfyuei" I l^ffT)'*) I Ioi;5a 27 'Loawd 


Gil. 21, 2. 3 ; 

11, 10—26. 

1 Ch. 1, 24--/ 

Kara AovKav 3, 27—4, 5 

Tov Nr/pei ' tov MeA.p(et tov ASoel roi; Kwrrayu, 28 
Tou 'EiX/xadd/x tov *Hp ' tou 'Itjctov tov 'EAie^cp 29 
Tou IcDpei/x Tou Ma^^ar rou Aet'ci ' tov ^vfxewv 30 
Toi7 lovba tov luxri^cf) tov lojj/a/x tov EXtaKctyLi. 
' TOi; MeXea tov Meyva Toy Marra^a tov Na^a/A 31 is. ifi, 1. is. 
TOV AavelS ' Tou 'lecrcrat tox? 'Iw/3^8 tov Bods 32 RU.4I22. 
Tou ^aXct TOV Naacro-wy ' tov 'AuLvaSaB tov 33 ich.2,iss. 
Ao/xeLV tov Apv€L tov Jbcrpoj/x tov Q?ap€S tov 
Iov3a ' tov 'IaKOj/3 tov 'IcraaK tov ^A^padfj. tov 34 
®apa TOV Na^wp ' tov ^epov;^ tov 'Payav tov 35 
^dXcK TOV "^Bep TOV 2aXa ' tov KaiVaw, tou 36 On. 5, 3-32. 
Ap<pa^ao tov 2i7p. tov Ncue tov Aap.€^ ' tov 37 <-:». 11, lo ; 4, 
Ma^ovcraAci tov 'Ev(jijp( tov 'ldp€T tov MaAe- 
XeiyA TOV Ka'iVap, ' tov 'Evois tov ^rjO tov Adap. 38 Oa. 5, 1—3. 

tov ®€0V. 

Itio^ovs Se 7rAr;pws IlrcvfiaTos Aytov lUTre- 4 1—13: 

, 3 \ '^ 'T ^ ' y >r ' , « Mt. 4. 1-11. 

aTpeiyey airo tov lopoavov, /cat rjjeTO ev to) Mk. 1,12. is 

IIvevp.aTt ev tt? eprj/Mo ' rjp.€pa<; Teo-o-epaKOVTa 2 

Treipa^op.ei'os VTrd tov ScafSoXov. Kat ovk l^ayev 

ovSev ev Tats rj/xipafi e^etVats, Kat oT;vTeAea"^€t- 

o-wi/ avTwv cTretvacrey. ctTrei' 8e avTw 6 SidjSoXos 3 

Et Ytos et TOV 0eov, etire tw XlOco tovtw tva yevr]- 

Tat apTOS. Kat d-mKpiO'q Trpos avTOi/ 6 iTyo'Ovs 4 Dt. s, 3. 

TeypaTTTat on Ovk eir* apro) [jiovo) 5'>lo"«Tai 6 dvOpw- 

TTos. Kat dvayaywi' avTov eSet^ev avTw Trao^as 5 

27 ISri7/3i 28 MeXxt | A8di | EXyttwSa/x 29 'Iwctt? | 
Mar^ar | Aeui' 30 'luivav 31 MeXea | MaiVdj' | 

SR Na^ov 32 SR 'O/St/S | Booj" | SR' ZaX/iwi' 

33 R™2_.^oy A/itwSa^ [ SRt*'"^ -rou ASMst" | Apyet] 
SR^^'Apa/x I S{R) Eo-pwi' 3-5 I.apoi'x \ ^a\^K \ 

'E^kp 36 S(R) Kaivav 37 Ma(?owa\a | S(R) 

laped 1 S(R) Kal'vav 

IV, 1 11;'. A7. ttX. I ei? TT^v efnjfxof 2 (SR recr- 
ffap.,) I vffrepov eireivaire 3 /cat etTre^ aur. 4 aureKp, 
\7)(j. irp. avT., Xeyujv | avdp., ciXX fTrt vavri pTj/xari Qeov 
5 avTov diaj3o\os eis opos v\pr]\ov, id, 


4, 5—17 Kara KovKav 

Ta<i ySarriAeta? tj/s oiKOVfxevrj^ iv cTTty/jfj t^jovou. 

6 Koi ciTTcv ai'TO) 6 Sidj3oXo<i Sot Stocrw TT/r i^ovcriav 
TaiiT?jr aTracray Kat t^i^ Sofav ai'Ttuv, OTt e/to). 

7 Trapahehorai Koi w idv 6eX(D Sihwf-U avTr'jV crv 
ovv iav Trpoo-KWT/CTT/s evtoTTLOV ifjiov, Icrrat crov 

Lit. 6, 33. 14. 8 Tracra. /<at d7roKpi^6is 6 It/o-oSs eiTrev avTco 

TeypaTTTat IIpoo-KvvTi(r€ts Kvpiov tJ)v 0€ov trov 

9 Kal ovTw |idvw Xarpevo-eis. "Hyaycv 8e avTOV eis 

lepovo-aXrjiJ. koL t(Tr'q<j€V lirl to 7rTepi;yiov toC 

tepof), Kat etTrev aurw Et Ytos et tov ®€ov, jSdXe 

Ps. 91, 11. li lo (reavTOV ivrevOcv Karw yeypaTrrat yap ort rots 

dyyeXois avTOv evTeXcirau irepl crov tov Sia<|>vX(i^ai 

1 1 <r«, ' Kat OTt €iri ^tipwv dpovcriv en, |itj irore irpoo--, 16. 12 KOt{n]s Trpbs Xi9ov rhv 7ro8a crov. Kat aTrOKpt^ciS 

ctTTCV avT(ji) 6 Ir](TOV<; on EtpryTat Ovk €KTr£ipdo-€is 

He. 4,1."). 13 Kvpiov tJ>v 0«ov 0-ov. Kat oaiyTfAeo^as TTavTa TTCt- 

pacTfxov 6 Sta/3o/\os diriaTr] dir avTOv d^i Katpov. 

14.15: i^ Kat VTreo-Tpei^cr 6 'lr](rov<i ev T77 8vvap,€t TOV 

wii. i, 14. i.V. lIvev/xaTO? ct? t^v roAtXatav • Kat (jirfp-rj i^X-Oev 

15 Ka^ 0A17? tt)? Trept^copou Trept avTOV. Kat avTos 

68t8ao"K€i/ ev Tats OT;vaycoyats awTwv, So^a^o^aevos 

I'TTo TravTOJV. 

16—30: 16 Kat rjXOev eis Na^apa, ou ^r Te6pap.{X€vo<;, 

Mt. 13. 5.3— 58. ^»'^\Z1 vv'/l^ j~j ~t/ 

.Mk. 6, 1— ii. Kttt CLonjAoev Kara to eiwczos auTO) ev tt] rj/xepa. 

Twv (rafifidriiiv ets t^v crvvaywyv^v, Kat dveo-Ti; 

is-c;!, 1. 2;58, fi. 17 dvayvwvttt. Kat iTreSoOrj avrw f^ifSXcov tov Trpo- 

^rjTOv 'Yiad'iov, koX avot^a? to yStySAtov cvpev 

TOV TOTTov ov T)v yey pafLfxcyov 

7 ;ttoi' I Tracra 8 avT. eiir. o ly)(T., Trraye oxicrw 

/jlov, ^arava' yfyp- yap \ R Kvp. tov 0. c irpocrK. 
9 Kac 7;7a7fv avr. \ ecrr. avrov \ o luos 10 (R on 

Tott) 11 (R OTL Etti) 16 e(5 r?;!' T^a^aper (R -pf^'l 
17 H<r. Ti;i» Trpotp. | ayairrvfas 

Kara AovKap 4, 18-28 

IIv€V|Jia KvpCou €ir* Ifw, 1 8 

ov €iv€K€V 'i\p\.(riv [i€ evayyeXwroo-Oo-i tttcux^ois, 
avirraXKiv p.€ KT]pi)^ai. alxfJ-aXwrois ii.<\)icn.v Kal 

TV<j)\ois dvdpX€\)/i.v, 
aTTOCTTeiXaL TeBpav(r\Uvovs kv d<^€<r€t, 

KTiptj^ai evtavTov Kvpiov Sexrov. 19 Lt. 25, in. 

Kat Trri'^as to fii^Xiov airobovs T(j3 v-n-qpiTt] Iko.- 20 
6'i(T€V Kat TrdvToyv ot 6<f>6akfj.o\ iv rfj avvaydyyrj 
rjcrav drevt^ovres aiirw. -qp^aro hk Xeyeiv Trpds 21 
auTOU? on ^Tjixepov TrcTrA-T^pwrai i^ ypacfyy avr-q 
iv rois (uo"tv VfJLuJv. koL irdvTi? ipxipTvpovv avrw 22 Jn. 6.42. 
Kttt e$,ov eirl TOts Xoyot? r^s ^dpiros rots 
eKTTopevofJievoi? e/c toG (TTOyaaros ai'rou, Kat 
€/\eyov Ov;(;t digs €o"rtv Iwctt/^ ovros; Kat etTrev 2j Mt. 4. ]:. 
Trpds ai;TOi's Havrcus ipilre yxot t^v Trapa/SoX-qv 
TavT-qv larpe, 6epa.Trev(rov creavrov ocra jjkov- 
(TafjL€v yevofjiiva et? rryi/ K.a(fiapvaovfjL, Troi-qcrov 
KoX ojOe ev ry iraTpihi aov. etTrev 8e 'A.p.-r]V 24 Jn. 4,44. 
Aeytij Vyatv ort oi'bets Trpoc^ryTv/? SeKrds lanv Iv 
T7J TrarptSt awoi;. evr' aXrjOetas Se Ae'yw ti^tv, 25 ^^j;\''^-'' 
TToA-Xat X'ipoLi rjcrav kv rai'i •qfxipai'i 'HAetOD iv Jn-s, i7. 
Tw laparjX, ore eKXeicrOr] 6 orpavds eTrt err/ rpta 
Kat fjurjvas 1^, ws lycvero Xtfw<; p.e'yas ctti 7rao-ar 
T'/yv y^v, Kat Trpds ovSe/xiav avrwv cTre/xc^^Ty 26 
HActas et //.ry «ls Sapeirra ttjs 2i.8«vias irpbs 
■yvvaiKa x^P*". Kat TroAAot Aevrpot ^o^av ev tc3 27 2K. s, 14. 
laparjX CTrt EAto-atou roi; Trpocjirjrov, koL ouSels 
aLiTOJv eKaOapLaOyj et /x?; Nat/xav 6 Si'pos. Kat 28 
eTrXrjcrdrjcrav Trdvres Ovjxov ev ttj crvvayory^ aKOv- 

18 (V€Kev I ytcf evayyeXL^ecrdaL Trrwxoti aTreffr. /le, 
louraadai tovs o'wreTpi/ ttjv Kapdiav, K-rjp. 20 tt. 
e;* T'); (7. ot o^^. 22 Oi'X ouros ecrr. o vtoj Iwcr. 

23 ev rrj KaTrepvaovfx 20 ZcSwi'OS 27 Jjcro*' «7rt 

EXKrcratou t. irp. ev rw Itrp. | Xee/xctf 

161 F 

4, 28—40 Kara AovKai/ 

29 07'T€S TavTa, Koi dvaoTavT€S €^i[iaXov avrov l^w 
TTjS TToXews, Kai Tfyayov avrov Iojs 6<^pvos tov 

6pOV<i €(/)' o5 ■l^ TToAt? iDKoSofJirjTO aVTWV, WO"T€ 

30 KaTaKprjfiVLo- at o.i'rov avVos Se SieX^wi' 8id 
fierrov ai'Twv eiropeveTO. 

31 Kat KaTTjXOev eis Ka^a/JvaoVjU. ttoXiv tv}s 
FaXiXatas. Kal ^v SiSacrKCDv aurovs ev rot? 

Mt.7.a8.». -52 (rdp^acriv' koI i^^trX-qa-aovro ctti tt7 St8a;C»7 

33 avTOv, OTL ev i^ovcria rjv 6 Aoyo? avrov. Kai iv 
rrj crvvaydyyfj 7]v av6pu)Tro<; e>(a)j/ irvevfjia Saifjioviov 

34 aKo.6a.pTOv, KOL dv€Kpa^€v (f)OiV'rj jxeydXr] ' "Ea, 
Ti i^/Atv Kai o-ot, lrj(Tov Na^apT/ve; r]X6€<; Atto- 
Xicrai rjfxd<; ; oiSd (re rts ei, 6 "Ayios Tov ®eov. 

35 Kai lireTLp.-tqaev avra? 6 Iv/crovs XiyuiV ^Lfiw6rp-i 
Kai i^eXOe oltt avrov, Kat pt^av avrov to 
8atfJt6vtov eis ro jxiaov l^XOev dir avrov /Jtrj^ev 

36 ^Xdil/av avrov. Kai iyevero 6ap.j3o<i iirt Trdvras, 
Kai oTJVcXa/Vovv Trpos dXXryXovs Xeyovre? Tts 
6 Xoyos ovros, ort ev i^ovaria Kai Svvdfxct ctti- 
rdcrcTft rot? dKa$dprot<; irvevp.aa'tv Kai i^€p)(ovrat ; 

37 Kai i^eTTopevero 7])(os rrepl avrov et? rravra tottov 
33—44; 38 T179 irept^dipov. AvaoTas Se aTTO T^s o-vi'a- 
Mk! ]] M-i'i! ywy^s €iot}X^€v ets T'qv otKiav Si/aoji'os. rrevOepd 

Sk rov I§i/x(uvos i/v a-vvexop-evr] TrvpenS fx-eyaXio, 

39 Kai r]p(t)rr}(Tav avrov irepX avrijs. Kai CTrioras 
eTrdvw avrT/s CTreri/xr^crev rw TrvperaJ, Kai d<f>rJKev 
avrrjv irapaxp^ipM. hi dracrracra SiT^Kovei avrois. 

40 Ai'i'oj'TO? 8e rov rjXtov ctTravres ocroi ei^ov do^^e- 
vovvras voo^ois TroiKiXats rjyayov avrovs rrpos 
avrov 6 8e evi eKcio-rio avrcoi' ras \eipa<; 

29 T7JS 00/). I 1} iroK. avT. wk. | wcrre] ets ro 33 yUf7. , 
Xeyuv 35 OTT 1"] ef 36 (R' outos; oTi...£fe/3Xo«'rai.) 
38 airo] ex \ 17 Trei'^. 40 Trovres 


Kara AovKav 4, 40-5, 7 

ItvltlO^ls iOepa.TTivev avTOV^. iEvpy^TO 8e Koi 41 J'l. «, -is. 
oaifjiovia ttTTO ttoAAwv, KpavyaCpvTo. Kai kevovra 
OTL ^v ei 6 Ytos tot) ©€oS. Kat hnTifidv ovk 
eta avTO, XaXelv, on yScLaav rov Xpicrrov avTov 
eivaL. Tevofxeui]'; Se rjfjiepas i^eXOwv e.Tropev6rj 42 

CIS eprjfxov roirov /cat ot o^Xot eTre^i^roDi/ avrov, 
Koi rjXOov ecus avrov, kol KaTei^ov avTov rov jj,r] 
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OTL Kat Tats irepaL? ttoXcctlv euayyeA.tVacr^at 
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163 f2 

5, 7—17 Kara AovKau 

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Mt. ii. 1-S. »^(j/ ' v^/l'V*. - V 

Mk. 2. 1-12. •^v oioacTKwi', Kttt i^CTav Kaurjp.€VOi <PapL<jaLOL Kat 
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Kara AovKav 5, 17—28 

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/cat etTTt'y avTc5 A/coA-Oij^ct p.ot, /cat /caTaAtTTwy 28 

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5, 28—39 Kara AovKav 

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oo^t;»' iMeyakrjv AcL'€t5 avroJ ck ttJ oIkio. avTOV' 
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craiot Kttt 01 ypa/xyxareis av~Q>v Trpos tov? fuiOrp'u.i; 
avTOV A.eyovr€S Ata Ti ^era twv TcAwvaij/ Kat 

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o Yqcrovt; CLirev Trpos ai-Tox's Oi ^ctav c^oucrtv 

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T(ov, ^n^ aacpoTtpoi avvri^povvTou. 

Kara AovKav 5,39-6,10 

ouSeiS TTtwv TraXaLov OeXei veov Xeyet yap O 
TraXatos )(pr]aT6<i ccrrtv. 

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Kat ■;^o"^iov Tovs aTd^va<; (^co^ovtcs rai? '^epcruv. 
Tives 8e Twi/ ^apiaaCwv etTrav Ti Troteire o ouk 2 Jn. 5. 10. 
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aiuTovs 6i7rcv 6 It/ctoSs OiSe toSto dreyvcore b 
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@€o{) Kai Toiis &pTO\Js TTJs irpoOe'o-ews Xa/Suyv ktfiayev 
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(jiayelv el fxr] p,ovov? tov<s tepets; koI eXeyev 5 
avTois Kvptds €crTiv toO cra/JySaTOV 6 Yto? tou 
dvdpMTTOV. Eycvcto Se €1/ erepo) aaBBdro) elcreX- 6 6— H: 

/I ^ 1 \ J ' V \ V ^' o, / ' V Mt, 12, 9-14. 

fetv auTov ets T171/ (jvvayo}yr]V Kai oioacrKciv Kat iVk. s, 1— «. 
■17V dvOpcjTTO'i e/cei Kat 17 X^V o.i>To£ i^ Se^to, t^k 
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01 ^aptcraiot et ey t<2 cra^ySaro) OepaTrevei, Iva. 
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aiuTOus 'ETTcpoTW vp-Ss €t e^tCTTlJ/ TO) (TafSfSaTiO 
dyaOoTTOtrjaaL rj KaKOTTOLrjaai, il/v)(r]v aCxraL rj 
aTToXea-aL; Kal 7rept/3Xei/'ap,€vos Travras avrov? 10 
eiTrev auTw "EKreij/ov t-^v X^V'-^ crou. o Se 

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VI, 1 SR™ cra^p. devTepoTrpwTU} \ dia twv <nr. \ SR 
Tovs (TTaX; 'tat r/ffO. 2 etTTOi' avrots 1 SR ef. Trotet;' | ec 
Tois 3 R ore 4 eXa/Se, /cat e^. | SR eS. /cai rois 5 On. 
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Tijcroi v/jLas, rt ef. tois ffajifjaiyiv, 10 fiTre tm avOpunro.' 


6, 10—21 Kara ±\.ovKav 

1 1 iyroLrjcrev, /cat aTreKaTecrTdOrj rj X*'P c^^tov. avToi 
Se i7rX-i'](rOt}(rav dvoia?, koi SieXaAow Trpos AWt/- 
Aot's Tt av 7^o^7^o•alev tuJ Irjcrov. 
13—16: 12 Eyti'ero Sc iv rats r)fji€pai.s raurai? c^eX^cii' 

Ik. 3, 13 — 11) 3 \ i \ w />/! v^C' 

avTov €1? TO 0/30S TrpocTev^aauaL, kul t]v oiavvKT€~ 

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iKXe^oLfxevos ttTT ai'Toyv SwSeKa, ows Kat aTrooToXovs 

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Koi 'AvBpeav tov aSeXcftov avrov, koL YaKinfiov 
KoX 'IwdvT^v, Koi ^lXlttttov KOL HapOoXofxaiov, 

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16 (ftaiov Koi St/AOJva toi/ KaXoi;/i,evov Zt^Xwt^v, Kat 
'lot'Sav laK(i)f3ov, koI lovSav 'laKapLoyO, os cye- 

17—19: 17 i'€TO 7r/3o8oT?;s, /cat KaTa^a<s p.€T avTu)V tcrrq iirt 


Kat ttX'^^os ttoXv tou Aaov aTro ira.crrj<i r^s 
'Iov8atas /cat 'I^povaaXrjp. kol Trj<; irapaXiov 

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laO'rjvaL oltto tu>v vocrwv avTwv, kol ol evo^Xov/xevot 

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Tras 6 o^Xos c^t^tow armcrOai avTOv, ort b'vvap.L'; 

20—23: 20 7ra/3 avTOu i^p^eTO Kat taro Travras. Kat auro? 
i*' ■ *" ' eTrdpas tovs 6cf)$aXp.ovs avTOv et? tov? p.a$i]Ta<: 

avTOv eXeyey 

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jSacriXcLa tov ®€0v. 
Rev. j.-''';!^- 2 1 jXaKapLOL Ot 7r€tvaivT€S VVl', OTt •^opTa<x6rj(Ti.(T$€. 

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aXX77 11 7roiy)<r€iav 12 efTjAi??;/ ets 14 —Kat 

3° 5" 15 —/cat l^S" I la/f. to;' tou A. 16 —Kai 

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Aoi'/xevot I'TTo I Kci edep. 19 fi'VTfi- | (ff'7PX^'''°') 


Kara AovKav G, 22—34 

fxaKapLOi icTTe orav f/.La-t]a-wcrLV v/xas ot uvdpciy- 2.2 J"- is. 19; w, 
TTOi, Kat orav a.<^opi(T(s>criv Vyuas Kat 6;/€tStcra)crtv 
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rov Ylov Tov avOpwTTOV. )(dp7jT€ ev iKeCvrj Ty 23 
7jp.epa Kol (jKLpTYjcraTi.' l^ov yap 6 fucrOo'S Vjxwv 
TTO/Vvs cv T(S ovpaviS- Kara to. avTO. yap Ittolovv 
Tots Trpocfiy^TaLS ol Trarepes avTwv. , 

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Tryr TrapaKXiqa-Lv vp-wv, 

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ouai, OL yeXoivTes vw, on irevOrjaeT^ Kal 

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LLVVputTvoL ' Kara ra avra yap Ittolovv rots xj/evoo- 
7rpo(f>T^Tai's ol Trarepes avrSyv, AAXo. vpXv Xeyu) 27 27-36: 
TOts uKonoiicrti' Aya— are tods €)(upov^ vpiov, Ka- 
Aws TTOteiTe TOts pufTOvwiv v/.Lu's, ei'AoyetTe tous 28 
Karapoyp.ei'ov's vpRs, Trpocrev^ecrde Trept Twi' eTTv;- 
peatpvTOiv vpias. t<S tvtttovtl ere eirt ti^v crtayova 29 
Trape)(€ Kat tt^k oAAt^v, Kat d.7ro toij atpovTOS crou 
to lp.aTiov Kat tov ^tTtuva p-Tj kwAtjotjs. TravTt 30 
aiTovvTL <je StSov, Kat aTro tow atpoyTos to, era 
p,-^ a.TraiT€i. Kat Ka^ws OeXere tva Trotwcrtv 31 Mt.7,12. 
r/Atj' ot avOpoiTTOL, 7roi€LTe avTOLS opxjtws. Kat ct 32 
dya7raT€ tovs dyaTrcovras vp.a<;, Trota vp,tv X'^P'-^ 
eoTiv; Kat yap ot dp-apTcoAot toi;s dyaTrcovTas 
aiiTOVS dyaTTWo'tr. Kat ydp eav dya^OTrotTjTe Toi'S 33 
dya^OTTOtoiivTas vp,as, Trota vp,?!/ X'^P'''^ Io'tlv ; 
Kat ot apxLprwXol to avTo TrotoScrtv. Kat tav 34 Lv. 25, 33,36 

23 xatpere | /cara ravra 25 — ^fuv 1° [ ouat v/jllv ol 
26 oiiat V/', I Kara Taura 27 AX\' 28 Karap. 

Vfuv, /cat 7rp. virep 30 ttcwtl de rw atr. 31 SR /cat 
v/teis TTOteirf 33 SR — yap | SR Kai. yap ot 

169 f5 

6, 34—43 Kara AovKav 

havL(rr]T€ Trap oiv iX-mt^eTe Xa^etv, Trota vfuv X^P*^? 
ecTTiv; Kol afjiaproiXol a.jj^apToiXol'i havit,ov(Tiv Iva 

35 oLTroXd^watv to. tcra. ttXtjv dyaTrare rot'S €^6pov<; 
v/Awv Kai dya^OTrotciTC Kat Savt^ere fxrjBev direX- 
TTt^oi'TCS" Kdt ecrrai 6 /xtcrOo^ Vfiwv ttoXvs, koX 
ecreaOe viol 'Yif/ia-Tov, otl avTOS )(pr]aTOS i(mv cirt 

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/xoves, Ka^ws 6 Tlar^p v/xwv olKTip/xwy icTTLv. 

37-49: _ 37 Kttl /A^ KpLV€T€, KOL OV fXr] KplBrJT€' Kol fiy] KUTtt- 

.Mt. B,u! StKa^ere, xat ov fxr) KaTaSiKacrOrJTe. d7roA.v€T€, 

>ik. 4. 34. 38 Kat aTToXvOrjcrecrOc' SiSore, kol Bodt^aeTai vfiiv 

fierpov KoXov Tr€irL€cr/j.evov crctraXeryu.o'ov VTrepeK- 

^vwofjievov Swaovcriv ets tov koXttov vfiwv oj yap 

Mt. 16. H; T,() fxirptD p-tTp^iTi a.vTLfX€TprqOr](r€TaLvplv. EtTrev 

St /cat ■7rapa^oXr]V auTOts M'^Tt Si'varat tik^Xos 

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Ml 10, 24. 25. 40 ifXTTforovvTaL; ovK ecTTLV fJui67]Tr]<; VTTfp TOV StSdcr- 

KaAov KaTr]pTL(T/x€vo<; 8c ttSs Itrrat 0)9 o StSdcr- 

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TtS o^^aX/xu) Tou d8eX</)o{) o"ou, t^v 8c So/cok t^v 

42 ev Tco tSto) 6(f}6aX/x(2 ov KaTavoet?; 7ra>5 Si'vao^at 
Xcyctv Tw d8eX(j!)Cj) o^ov AScX^e, d<^es cKySaXo) to 
Ka.p(f>0'3 TO ev Tw 6cf>6aX/x(S crov, atTo? T'^j/ cv tw 
6<f)6aXp.i5 aov Sokov ov [iXiiruiv ; viroKpiTo., eK- 
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43 — TTttXti' 


Kara AovKav 6, 43—7, 5 

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yctp Sev8poy Ik tov ISlov Kapirov yivwaKeraf 
ov yap i^ OLKavOwv cruXXeyova-tv crvKa, ovSe eK 
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evOews eirecre 

VII, 1 ETTti 5e 4 (R or6 A^tos) | wape^et. 

171 fC 

7,5—15 Kara Aovkup 

yap TO l^i'o? r}fi.wv kol ti]v crvvaywyrji' auTOS 

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iftavToy rj^iu)aa Trpo? ak ikOelv aXXa ciTre 

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ep^erai, Kat tw SovAw /xou IIoit^o-ov tovto, Kai 

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avTOv, Kat crTpa<f)€L9 t<S aKoXovOovvri avrw o;(A.a) 
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e<rrr](Tav, Kat ctTrcv Neavto^Kc, o"ot Aeyo), tytp- 

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XaXeiv, Kttt ISwKci' avrov T17 f-'/Tpt avToC. 

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«/«t t/c. 7 SR laffrjffeTai 10 ot Trefj.<p6. eu 

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Kara Aovkup 7, ifi— 26 

eXafiev 5e ^o/3os Travra?, Koi tSo^a^ov tov i6; 19,44. 

©€0V Aeyovres on llpocf>T^Tr]? /xeyas rjyepdr] iv 

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Kat dwnyyeiXav lojavet ot LLadriTal avTOv iS 18—35: 
V / ' ' / \ \ / ?, / Mt. ii,:-ifl. 

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Trpos TOV Kt'ptoj/ Xeyojv St" £t o epp^o/xevos, t; Dn. 9, 26. 

(xXAoK Trpo(T8oK(j)iJi€v ; Trapay evop.evoL Se Trpos 20 

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veKpoL eyetpovrat, •irT(0)(ol tia-y-ysXC^ovrai • Kat 23 
/j-aKapLO? 60Ttv OS eai/ /xt; CKavSaXto'^Tj ev €p,oi. 
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av€p.ov craXevo/xevov ; dXXa rt i^TJXOare tSeti/ ; 25 
avOpuiTTOv ev /xaXaKols liJiaTLOLsr]fJi(f>L€crfx,€yov; i8ov 
ot ev L/xaTLO'fJL.u) cvSd^ci) Kat Tpv(f>rj ■UTrdp^^ovTes 
cv Tots jSacriXeLOL^ elcrtv. dXXa rt l^-qXOaTe. 26 L's. 

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26 e^eXrjXvOaTc 


7, 26—37 Kara XovKav 

Ihiiv ; 7rpo07/T7/v ; vat, A.eyoj vyu.iv, /cat Trcpicrcro- 
Mxi. 3, 1. 27 repov '7rpO(f>y]TOv. ovtos icmu Trepl ov yeypaTrraL 
'ISoii diro<rT€'XXw tov &yytk6v [lov irpb irpoo-- 
cWov orov, 

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3.7.12. 29 0£oS /xeL^ojv avTov iaTLV. Koi Tras 6 A.a6s d/cov- 

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Ac. 13.46. 30 Ticr^evT€s TO ^ttTTttT/xa IwavGT; • 01 Se ^apLcraloL 

Kol ot vojUKoX T-qv (iovX.r]v tov ©eoC TjOeTrjo'av 

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apTov p-rjTC TTtVojv otvov, Kat XeycTC Aat/xovtov 

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TTtvoiv, Kat /\ey€T€ 'I80V dv^pwTTOS <f)a.yo<s koX 
OIVOTTOTT/S, (^tAos TcXcovoji' Kat ap/xpTwXCiv, Kat 
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auT^S. , 
11, ar. 36 Hptora Se Tts avTOV tu)v $aptO"aia)V iva ^o-yrj 

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27 loov, eyo) 28 Xe7a; "yop | yw. Trf>o<p-i)Tr)i Ia>. 

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TTOX., IJTII 7/1' 


Kara AovKau 7, 37-47 

TToXet d/xapTioXo^, Kai iirLyvovcra ort KaraKetTat 
iv Trj OLKLa tov ^aptcraiov, KOfxiaaaa dXaySa- 
crrpov jxvpov ' koX aracra oTrtVco -rrapa rous TrdSa? 38 Mt.sB.T-is. 
avTOv KAatovcra, rots oaKpvatv rjp^aro ppe)(eLV 
TOi>s TToSas avToS, /cat rat? Opi^lv ttj? K£<fiaXrj<; 
atiT'^s i^e/j-acrcrev, Koi Karec^tXet toiis vroSa? avrov 
Kol r]X€L<f)€V TOO fxvpw. louiv §€ 6 ^apicraios 6 39 
/caXecras avTov eiTrev ev kavT<S Aeycov Ouros et 
T^v '7rpo<prjrr]<;, eyivwcTKCV av rts /cat TroTamf] i] 
yvvT] 97x15 aTTTCTat avrov, otl d/xa/arcoAo? etrrtv. 
Kttt aTTOKpi^cts 6 IiycroSs eiTrev Trpo? avrov 'SiLfxwv, 40 
€;)(a) (TOt n eiiretv. 6 Se AiSdo-KaAe, ctTre, ^r/criv. 
8t'o ;)^60<^€tXeTat •^craj/ SaviorTij rtvi* 6 ets 41 
cu^etXcj/ Srjvdpia TrevraKocna, 6 Se erepos Trevrr'j- 
Kovra. fir] i^ovrtov avrdv drro^ovvaL dp.<^orepoL<s 42 
i)(apL(raro, t6S ovv avrwv irXeiov dya-rrrfO'ei av- 
rov; d.TroKpiOii'i ^LfKDv ciTTCv YTToXa/x/Javw OTt 43 
(0 TO TrActoi' l-^apiaaro. 6 Se etTrev a^Tw Op^ws 
kKpLva<s. Kal a-rpaKJ3el^ Trpos t^p' y waiKa tuJ 44 gm. is, 4. 
^c/xoiVL €(f>rj BAcTrets Tai^TT^v T'^i' yvvatwa; ticr- 


eoojKas* avrrj 8e TOts 8dKpvcnv e^pefev /xod tov9 

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37 (R TToXet, afiapr.) \ —ttat 2'' | avaveirat 38 tt. 
T. TT. aiT. OTT. /cX., 7;p^. /3p. T. TT. auT. T. Stt/cp. | B e^epLOL^e 
39 K"" TTpcxp. 40 5e ^'^o't, At5., etTr. 41 xpew- 

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aYttTT. 43 oe 2. 44 v5. e-rri. tovs it. fiov ovk | 

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7,47—8,10 Kara \ovKav 

d(f>e(oVTaL at afxapTtai avrrj^ al TroWat, OTt 

i)ya.Trrj(T€V iroXv' <L ok oXiyov afftUrai, oXiyov 

5.20.21. 48 ayaira, elirev 8e avrrj 'A^eWrat crov at dfj.ap- 

49 Ttat. Kttt rjp^avTo ol (TvvavaK€ip.evoi X4y€LV iu 

eaDTOLS Tts ouTOs icTTLV, OS Kttt d/Aaprtas dcf^nj- 

S. 4R ; 17. l!l ; 50 (JtV; CLTTeV 0€ TT/DOS T'^V yVVOLKa 'H TTtCTTtS CTOU 

(TecrwKev ere* Tropevou ets elprjvrjv. 

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4—15: 4 Svi'tOVTOS 8k O^XoV TToXXov KoL TU>V KaTOL TToXlV 

Mk. i 1-ii', iTmropevofJievMV Trpos avrov ^irev 8ta irapa/^oXrjs 

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avTov. Kttt ci/ TO) a-TTtiptLV avTov o pkv €7r€(rev' 
■jrapa rrjv oBov, koI KareiraTrjOrj, kol to, ttctcivo. 

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Trecrcv ctti t^j/ TreVpav, Kttt i^Dci' iirjpdvOi] 

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fxecru} Twv aKai'^cov, Kat crvvfjiveicraL at aKavOai 

8 dwejn'i^av avTO. Kat erepov eirea-ev ets rryv' y^v 
T7/V dya^r/i', Kat c^rci' i-TroLrjaev Kapirov (.Karovra- 
irXaatova. ravra Xeyiov i(f)(DveL O c^'^*' '^''''<- 

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Is. fi.K. 10. 10 ixaOrjTOi avTov Tts avriy ctr/ 17 irapafioXrf. 6 hk 

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VIII, 3 SR Iwawa | Sli"" SirjK. oiro; | ck] arro 
6 eTrefrev 8 eTri ttiv y. 9 XeYOvrey, Ttj eirj tj ir. 



Kara XovKav 8, 10—21 

pamXeca^ rod ®€ov, tois §€ Xocttols iv irapa- 

^oXals, Lva pXeirovTes \>-i\ pXe-irwo-tv Kal olkotjovtss 

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6 airopo'i iarlv 6 Aoyos rov @€ov. ' ol Sc \i ico. i. 21. 

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^oi'Tttt Tov Xoyov, Kai ovtol pil,av ovk e^ovcrtv, o't 

Trpos Kaipov TnaTevovcrLV Kai ev KaipQ Treipacrp.ov 

a<fiLa-TavTai. to 8k ets Ta<; aKdv$a<s Trecrov, ovtol 14 

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£tcriv otTives ev Kap8ia KaXy Kal ayaOfj olkov- Kev.s, 10. 

cravTes tov Aoyov KaT€)(ovcriv Kal KapTrofjiopovcnv 

iv VTTOfJLOvrj. OuSets 8k Xv)/vov dil/a? KaXvTrTet 16 16—18: 

J V '/ * t / -, / //] 5 -i \ ' » ^ Mk. 4. 21—25. 


Xv^vias TL$r)cnv, lva ol elcnvopevopevoi (iXeTraxriv Mt. s, 15. 

TO ^ws. ov yap icTTLV KpvTTTOV o OV (havepov 17 >it :ii>. a«- 

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dScAfjfcot avTov, Kal ovk r]8vvavTO o^vTV)(€iv avTw Mk.3,31— si' 
8ia TOV op(Aoj'. OLTrrjyykXrj 8k a^TaJ 'H p.rjTrjp aov 20 
Kttt ot aSeXe^ot o"ot; kcrTrjKa(TLV e^o) tSetv ^eAoj'Tes 
cr€. 6 8€ d.TTOKpiOel'i ctTrev irpos at'TOi's Mtjtt^p 21 
/AOV Ktti a8€X<f)0L fj.ov ovtol elcTLV ol tov Xoyov 
TOV ®eov aKovovTa KaL Trotot'j'res. 

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a/T. auTw, Xe-fOVTwv | ere ^eXoyr£s lil ttol. avrov 


Mr. S. 28-34. 
Jik.5. 1-20. 

8, 22—30 Kara AovKav 

22 'Eyei'CTO 8c iv fjna twk rifiepwv kol avro? 
ive/Sf] €ts ttA.oioi' Kai ot ij.aOrjTal avTov, kol cTttcv 
Trpos avTov<; At€X$u>ft.€v eh to Trepav rrj^ XtfjLvrjs' 

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Kttl Kare/Srj XalXaij/ dve/xov el<: rrjv Xifivqv, Kai 

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Se hirjyeipav avrov Xeyoi'TCS 'EirtCTTara cTrio-raTot, 
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Kara AovKap 8, 30-41 

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8, 41-53 Kara AovKau 

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Kara AovKav 8, 53-9, 9 

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9, 9—19 Kara A^ovKav 

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Mt, 14. 13—21. \ J ' J -^ W 5 / -r- \ 

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18-27: 18 Kat €y evcTO ev Tw eivat avTov TrpocrctiYOyitevov 

Mt Ifl, 13-28. v '„ '- "j^t /) / v> 

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Kara XovKav 0, 19-31 

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9,31-41 Kara AovKav 

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Kara AovKav 9, 42-52 

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/xovtov Kai (Tvvecnrdpa^iv • eTrcTt/XT^creF Oe 6 It/ctoSs 
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prifi.aro<i rovrov. WLarjXOev 8k S6aXoyto-/u.6s eV 46 mt. is, i-d. 

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9,52—10,1 Kara Aovkuv 

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Jn. 4, a. 53 ojfTTe €Totyu,ao"at arroj" Kai ov/c Ibe^avTO avTOV, 
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•2K.1, 10. 12. 54 (jaXrjjJi. i8ovt£9 8e oi fjia6r]Tai 'Ia/<coy8os kui 
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Kara KovKav 10, 1—1-3 

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10, 14—24 Kara AovKau 

Is. 14, IK. 1.-). 15 aveKTorepov ecrraL iv rrj Kpiau rj Vfuv. koX <tx', 

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Mt. 10, 40. i6"Ai8ow KarapT^o-jj. O aKoviiiv vixojv ip,ov aKovei, 

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Ex. 32, ffi. 20 ouSev {ijotas ou u'h doiKwcrei. TrXw ev tot/tu) u.t) 

'li.4,S. Rev.3.0. / 1 \ / t ^ c / '/ 

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21-22: 21 ovpavoL'S. Ev aur'^ T17 wpa T^yaXAiao"aTO tw 

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Kara AovKai' 10,25—3/ 

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Tov Aeywv /AtoacrK'aAe, ti Trotijcras Qwrjv aLWVLOV Mk. ii^ 28-iL 
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crov, Kol TOV TrXrio-iov crov d>s (reaoJTOv. eiirev Se 28 Lv. is. 5. 
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Sap-apetTT^s 8e rts oSeucov rjXOei' Kar' avTov Kal 33 
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10, 38— ii,"> Kara AovKau 

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Kpi^eis Se tiTrev aiTTj 6 Kvpio? M.dp$a Map^a, 

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2-4: 2 fjiaOrfrds avTov. inrev oe avrois "Orai' irpocrev- 

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ML 6, »— 1:; 

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ai'T?;s 39 Mapta | TrapaKaOiaacra wapa. r. w. rov Irjffov 
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Se fffTi XP"'* (rw"'- = test) I JIapta | yap] Se \ ax avri^s 

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Kara AovKav 11,5—17 

fjL.€<TOWKTiov Kai e'tTny aura? <I>tA€, )(prj(rov fj-ot 

Tp€L? aprovs, iTreiSrj <^tAos /AOi; Trapeyevero e^ 6 

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Kat Tyv eK/SdWoiV ha.ijjiovLov, kol avrb rjv 14 14—26 = 

1/ 5/ o\ "C- ' 5A\/1' Mt. 12, 22—30. 

K(a(pov eyevcTO oe tou oaLp.ovLov e^eAc/ovTo? **t^?> 

eAaAi^aei' o KO)(fiOS' kol idav/iacrav ol o^Aof 
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crepot ^e Tretpd^oi/res a-yjp.etov ef ovpavov l'C,r]Tovv 16 Mk. s, 11. 
irap aLiToi). a^ros 8e eiSws avTUJV rd Siavoy]- 17 
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ouifJi€pur6€i(ra iprjfJMvraL, kol oIko? €7rt oXkov 

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— TW 16 Trap avr. ef. e| 011,0. 17 (SR' oiKOV,) 


11; 17—29 Kara Xovkou 

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picrd'i], ttS)^ (TTa$T]<reTa.i r] ^acnXiLa avTov ; otl 
Aeyere ev Bee^e^ovX iKfSdWetv fj.€ to. Saijxovia. 

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r.s.8,19. 20 ii/xcoj/ KpiTol (.(jovTaL. £1 8e ev 8aKTi'X<{) ©eoC 

eyw €K/3aAXw to, baifxovca, apa ecf)Ba(T€V i<fi v/xa? 

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7rA.tcryxevos cl>vXa<Tcrrj Trjv cairrov au\->^v, ev elprjvr/ 

CoL 2, 13. 22 €0"TIV TO, VTvdp)(0\'Ta aVTOV ' CTTttV Sc tCT^'/OOTtpoS 

auTOv eTreX^wv viKT^cry auTOv, rrjv TravoTrAtav 

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Kai /at; evptcTKOv Aeyei 'YTrocrrpaj/u) eis tov olkov 

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Ju5. 14. 26 ixevov Kat k€ko(t^i]jx€vov. Tore iropeveTai koI 

7rapaAa/A/3av€6 erepa Trvev/xaTa Trovi]pOT€pa iav- 
Tov eTTTtt, Kai eio-e/\^ovTa KaroLKel ckci, Kat 
yivcTai Ttt co^ttTa tov dvOpwnrov tKuvov ^eipova 
1, 28. «2. 4s. 27 Ttiiv TTpojTtov. 'EycvcTO 8e cv Tw Xeyctv aVTOV 

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eiTTCV avTO) Ma/capi'a rj KoiAia 17 f3a<TTa(Tacra 
8,15.21. 28 ae Koi fxacrrol ov<i l$rjXa<ja<;. auTos Se ciTrev 
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Kara AovKav 11,29—41 

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193 G 

11,41—52 Kara AovKaU 

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Kara AovKau 11,52—12,8 

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195 g2 

12,8-22 Kara AovKav 

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Kara AovKav 12, 22-34 

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jrt. 6, 20. a. 


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12, 34—47 Kara AovKav 

35-46: -yc Kapbia vawv etrrat. 'EcTTwaav vu.ii)V at 6crd)V€? 

Mt. 21, 42-51. ^ ^ c. ^ , V . \ ' ' V . - 

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Kara AovKav 12, 47—58 

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12, 58—13, 11 Kara \ovKau 

59 XaKTjv. Xeyu) croi, ov fxq l^iX0rj<; CK^Wtv ewi 

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Ac 5. 37. X3 TLapriaav 8e rtvcs Iv avraJ to) KatpiS airay- 

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Ps. 7, 12. 3 eyei'OVTO, OTi Tairra imrovOacnv ; ov)(t, Xe'yo) vplv, 

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2 p. 3. 9. 16. 8 i^ov avTT^v • Jfa Ti Kat ti/i' y^v Karapyei ; 6 Se 
uTroKpL6€i<; Xe'yct aiToJ Ki'pie, d<^€S avrijV kol 

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ov 8 Kovptav 9 Kapirov ei He irijye, ets to ywXX. 

11 "yi'i/. t;^ I Kai oktu 


Kara KovKav 18, 11—24 

Koi [XT] Swa/xevr] o.vaKvil/ai ets to TravreXe?. tSwv 12 

Se avTTjV 6 'Irjcrovs Trpo<T€<p(i)vr](Tei' /cat eiTrev avry 

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eSrjcrev 6 Saravas tSow SeKa Kat okto) Iti^, ouk 

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EtTrev Se Tts auTo3 Kvpte, et oXtyot ot crto^ouevot ; 23 

o oe ctTrev ttdos avTOvs ' AYcovtiecrc^e eicreApeti' ota 24 Ph. s, 12. 
"^ / ■* ^ 1 Ti. 6. 12. 

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21 eveKpv\f/ev 22 lepovcra\i]/Li, 

201 g5 

Mt 8. 11. 12. 

13, 24—35 Kara KovKav 

T*}? o-revijs dvpa?, on ttoXXol, Aeyto vfiiv, ^r)Tr)- 

25 (Tovatv dcTiXOiiV KUL ovK Icrx^crovcriv. atfi ov av 
iyepOrj 6 olKo8e<T7r6Tr]<; kol airoKX^ia-rj ttjv Ovpav, 
/cat ap^rjcrOc e^co iardvaL Koi Kpoveiv t^v Ovpav 
XcyovTcs Kv/Jte, avot^ov rj[juv' koL aTroKpiOeLS 

26 Ipuvplv OvKoibav/xa^TToOev iare. tot€ ap^ecrdc 
Xeyttv E^ayojacv evwTTiov crou /cai kiriofxev, Kat 

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iijuii/ OtiK oi6a iroOfv iarc' dirdoTtjTe dir' Ijiov 

28-29: 2S "irdvTes lovdrai dSiK^a^ eKci ecrrai o KXavOfJ.6^ 
Kat o ppvyp.o'i rwv ooovrwv, orav oilrqcroe Appaafx. 
Kol laaaK Kat IaKw/3 koL Travras tovs Trpo^T^ras 
£V tVj BacriXeia tov ®€ov, vu.a.<i Se cKySaXA-oaevous 

Mill. 1,11. »> ' V "J/- ' . N . V - s c - ^ 

Is. -o). ij ; .tu, 39. 29 €ta). Kat ritovaiv airo avaroAwv Kal ouo-uiwv Kat 

p.. 107,3. ^ ,^ V o /^ V , V , \ /J' 

11,16. aTTo poppa Kat rorov, Kat avaKAiv-qcrovTat f.v 

Mt. iH, ai. 30 TT^ jSaa-iXeLu. rov ®€ov. Kat tSow etcrtv eo-^arot 01 

tVovTat TrptoTot, Kat eiatv irpwroi ot ccrovrai 

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<3^apt(ratot Aeyovres aura) *E^eX^€ Kat Tropevov 

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etTTCv auTOts Ilopeu^ei/Tcs etTrare tVj dA-WTrcKt 
ravTT] 'iSov iKJSdXXo) SaLfxovta Kat toto-ets aTro- 
TcXw (ryj/Jiepov Kat avpiov, koX rrj TpiTr] nXeLOv/JiaL. 

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TropeveaOat, on ovk ej/Se^crat irpof^rjTiqv diro- 

34-36: 34 Xetr^at e^w lepoixxaXijyu,. 'lepovcraX^/u, 'lepou- 

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irpo<x-qK6ov 32 fTTireXw 


Kara Aov/caz^ 13,35—14,11 

iip.«v. A-eyo) Se Vfuv, ov /xij tbrjre fj.€ eojs i/^et 
ore ciTTT/re 

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Kat iy€V€TO ev t(3 iXOeiv avrov €ts otKor rcvos 14 s. 6-11 ; n, 37. 
Tajv dp^oj/Twv Twv 'I'aptcraiwv cra^/3aTw ^ayetv 
apToi', Kal avTol rjcrai' TrapaTiqpov^ei'OL ai'Toy. 
KOL 180V avOpwTTO? TLS r]v vbpojTTLKO? efXTTpocrdcy 2 
avTov. Kal dTroKpL$€i<; 6 I'/^croiJs etTrev irpos tov<s 3 
vo/jllkoik; kol ^apLcraiov? Xiywv E^ecmv Tw 
craySySaTW OepaTrevaaL rj ov ; ol Se ■i^cr-u^^^ao-av. 4 
»cat eTTtXa^Ojuevos tacraro avrov Kat aTreXvo-ev. 
Kal Trpos aiiTOLis ctTrev Tt'vos v'/aoJi/ i;to? 7) /Jors 5 Mt. 12,11. 
ets <f>p4ap TTCcretTat, Kat ov/c ev^ews dvao-Tracret 
avrov ev rjfJiepa tov crafS/Sdrov ; Kal ovk tor^utrav 6 
di'TaTTOKpi^T^vai TTpo? ravra. "EXeyev 8e Trpos 7 Mt23.6. 

Tovs K€KXqfxei^ov<s TrapajBoXiQV, eTre^cov 7rw9 xas 
TrpwTOKXtcrtas i^eXiyovTO, Xeywv Trpos avrov'; 
"Orav KXr]9y<; vtto tivos €ts ydfjiovs, fji-q KaraKXc- S rr.25.6. 
^■jjs CIS rr/v TTpwTOKXtcrtav, /A17 Trore evrt/xorepos 
o^ou •g kckXt^p-cvos vrr auToi), /cat eX^wv 6 o^e Kat 9 
avTOV KaXecras epet o^ot Aos Toirrco TO-rrov, Kat 
TOT€ ap^ p,eTa. ato^vv^s TOV ecr^arov tottov 
KaTe)(€LV. aXX orav KXr]6rjs, TropevOel? dvciTreo-e 10 
€ts TOV lo^arov tottov, tva orav IX^?^ 6 KeKX-qKw'i 
ere epet o^ot ^tXe, TrpocravdfSrjOt dvwrepov rore 
ecrraL croL So^a evcorrtov TrctvTcov twv OT^vavaKet- 
fiet/wv crot. otl ttSs vif/dv eavTov raTretvoj- 11 is, 14. lit. 2ri, 12. 

35 v/xwv eprjiMos' afxrjv oe X. v., ort ov /xt; ^e iS. ews 
av ri^T) I R — i;! et ore 

XIV, 3 Et ef. I 6epaire\jeiv \ —-q ov 5 /cat airo- 
KpideLi Trp. I wos] SR' ovos [ e/mireo'eiTai, | ev tt; tj/U, 
6 avT. avTU irp. 9 /xer 10 avairecrov | etir?; ] 

— vavTwv 

203 G G 

14,11—22 Kara Aov^ai^ 

OxjCT^TaL, KoX 6 TttTretvaij' caviToi' v\^<ii6-q(rerai. 

1 2 "EXcyev 8c koX toJ kckAt^koti avTOv "Orav •TrotTjs 

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avTLKokicyuicrLV (T€ koX yevrjTai dvraTrooOfJLa (rot. 

Dt. 14, -ii. 1 3 dXX' orav So^^^v ttoit^s, /cdXei tttw^oijs, dvaTrr^povs, 

jn. 5, 29. i^ ^wAov?, rv(f>\ov<;' Koi fxaKo.pLO'i €crr}, otl ovk 

e)^ov(TLV uvTairoSovvaL <roi • avTaTroBoOrjaeTat yap 

13.29. 15 aoL iv TTj dvacTTOicret twv StKaiwv. AKovtras 

8c Tts Twr cruvava/cctyaevajv ravra cittcv avToJ 

MaKctpio? ooTts (f>dy€Tai aprov ev t|7 ^acriXcta 

16-24: 16 ToS ©COl). 6 8c cTtTCV aVTiS "AvOpOiTTO'i TIS 

.Nrt. '.fi, 2^10. j/c.'- / \>/\' \\'i ^ 

17 cTTOtct ociTTvov /u,cya, /cat CKaActrcv ttoAAovs, Kat 

CtTTCtJ' Tots K€KXr]fXeVOL<i "Ep^CCT^C, OTt ^877 CTOl/ACt 

18 co-Tiv. Kat T)p^avTO aTTo /xtS? TrdvTCS Trapatrci- 
(rdat. o TrptoTos ctTrev awTw Aypov rjyopaaa, 
KOL e)(U) dvdyKr)v i^(X6<av tSetv avTov ipoiTU) tre, 

19 «;;(€ yac TraprjTrjfxevov. kal Ircpos ctTrcv Zevyi] 
jSoCiV rjyopacra. Trevre, /cat Tropevofxai SoKifidaai 

] oo. 7, 33. 20 aiird • ipwTij} are, €^€ /At -rraprjT'qp.h'OV. /cat €T£po<i 
ctTTCJ' FwatKa eyyjfxa, Koi 8ta tovto ov Swa/xai 

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yctXcv TO) Kvptu} avTOv ravra. totc opyiaOel^ 

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rap^ews ets ras TrXarctas /cat pvp.a'S riys ttoXco/s, 


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Kv/3tc, ycyorcv o eTrcVo^as, Kat CTt tottos cortV. 

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iravT. I c^eXffet*' /rat 21 SofX. e/ceivot | X'^^- 'f' 

ri'^X. 22 S] ws 


Kara AovKav 14,23-35 

KoX etTrev 6 KvpLos Trpos tov 8ovXov "E^eX^c eis 23 
To-s 68oi)S Kol (j>payixovs koI avdyKacrov elaeXdeiv, 
Tva yejjiLcrOfj fj,ov 6 oTkov Xeyco yap vfjuv on ovh&ls 24 
TUiv av8pS)V eK€LV(ov Twv K€KXy]fji€Vwv yev<r€Tai fjiov 


^vveTTopevovTO Se avT(S o^Xot ttoXXol, kol 25 Mt. 10,37. 3S. 
crTpacf)eL<s evmv tt/sos avTOV'; E6 rts (.p^crai ■Kpo's 26 Dt. 33,9. 10. 
yu.e /cat ov ixicrcl rov Traripa avrov /cat ti)v ixrjTepa J"- 12, 25. 
Kat TT/j/ ywatKa /cat ra reKva /cat toi'S aScAc^oiis 
/cat Tas dSeXffia.'s, tn re Kat T'^v \l/v)(r]v iavTov, 
ovhvvarai elvat [xov'qTris. o(ttls ov fSaa-Tat^eL 2^ 9,23. 
TOV crravpov eaDTOv Kat lp;(eTat oTrtcrw juov, ou 
Swarat ctvat /aov fjuaOTjTrjs. Tts yap e^ v/awj/ 28 
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avT<S ifjiTraL^eiv ' Aeyovres ort Oijtos 6 dv6p(j>iro<i 30 
rjp^aro olKo^o/JLeiv Kat ovk tV^ucrev eKreAeo'at. 
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CTUju./3aXeti' CIS TToXe/Aov o^;;^t Ka^tcras TrpoiTov 
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TOts eavToi) virdp^ovaiv ov Swarat eti/at yu,ov 
p.aOrjT'qs. KaXov ow to d'Xas* cdv 8e Kat ro 34 Mt. 5, 13. 
aXas /Jiwpavdfj, ev Ttvt apTvOrja-erai ; ovtg ets yiyv 35 

23 7£(U.. OIK. fiov 26 SR irar. eavrov | re] 5e | 
rrfv eavT. ipvX' | /"•ov //.ad, eiv. 27 /cat oiTTis | abrov \ 
fiov eii>., 28 etj] ra Trpos 29 e,u.7r. avTw 

31 crvfi^. €T. ^aa. | /SouXeverat | aTravrricrai, 33 /tow 
etv. 34 —ovv I —/cot 


14,35-15,13 Kara AovKau 

oiVc eis KOTTpiav (vBiTOf iariv e^o) /SdWovcnv 

avTO. 6 e^wv wra olkovuv OLKOveTW. 

15 Hcrai/ Sk auTw eyyc^ovTcs Travres ot TcXwvai 

s, 30. 2 Kat oi d/i,apTwXot aKovnv avrov. koX Sicyoyyv^ov 

01 re ^aptcraioi Kat ot ypa/x/xaTeis Xeyoi'Tcs on 

OvTOS d)U,apTwXovs TrpocrSe^j^eTat Kat crvvecrOUi 

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4—7 : 4 Ta^JTT^v Xeywv Tts avOpmiros i$ vfiCjv e^uyv CKarov 

Me. 18, w-i-i. TTpoBara koI a.7roX€(ra<s i$ avTU)v ev ov KaraXciTTCt 

Ezk. ^. 11. 16. r J ' ) / J ~ / \ / 

^*'i*'- ra evevT/KOi'Ttt errea er ttj iprjfjua Kat iropeverat 

5 eTTt TO ctTroXwXos ews e^pj; avTO; Kat €vpu)V iiri- 

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€is Tor oiKOV oT^VKaXet Tovs <^lXovs Kat TOiis yet- 
Toras, Xe'ycov aurots ^vv)(a.prjT€ fioi, otl evpov 

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opa^/xas I'^ovcra ScKa, eai' oLTroXccrrj opa)(jJi/r]v 
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KaXel Ta,9 <^tXas Kat yctVovas Xeyouo-a ^vv^^dp-qre 

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vccoTepos avTwv tc3 TraTpt XlaTep, Sos p,oi to tTrt- 
/3dXXov ixipo<i Tijs ovo-ias. 6 ^6 StctXev avTots 

?r. 'iM, a. 1 3 TOK ^lov. Kat /act ou TToXXas T^p-epas OT;vayaya))/ 
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XV, 1 677. ai'T. 2 — re 4 ev ef aiT. | ei'j'f;'. 

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Kara AovKau 15, 13—25 

fjMKpav, Kai €Ka, SiecrKopTrtcrei/ ryjv ovtrtav avTov 

^wv dcrwrojs. SaTrav^cravros 8e avrov iravra 14 

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Kara AovKav 16, 5—16 

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Kara AovKau 16,27—17,8 

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17,8-23 Kara AovKav 

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Kara AovKav 17,23-37 

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17,37-18,13 Kara AovKav 

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Kara AovKav 18,13—25 

iirapat ets Tov ovpavov, aXk e-mrTev to crrrjOo? 
avrov AeycDV 'O ©eos, IXaaOrjTt fxot tw afxap- 
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18,25-40 Kara Kovko-v 

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Kara KovKav 18,40-19,12 

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Mt 25, 14—30. 
24,21. Ac. 1,1 

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19,12-26 Kara AovKav 

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3, 18. Mt. IS, 12. 26 /Ava9. Xcyw v//tv oti Trarrt toj t)(0vrL So^iytrerat, 

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Kara Kovkclv 19,26-38 

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TrXrjv tot)? l\6pov<i fxov tovtov<; tows jJ^r] OeXrj- 27 
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19,39-20,2 Kara AovKav 

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Trpos avTOv At8acrKaA.€, iTTLTLfxrjcrov rois fiaOr]- 

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45-48: ,v^'v V-, - T^v 

Mt. 21 1-2-16 45 ovK eyvcDS TOi' Katpov tt?? tTrtOTKOTrr/? orou. Kat 

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ai. 37: 22, 53. 47 Ktti ^v 8i8ao"Ka)v to Ka^' rjfjiepav iv tw lepuJ* 

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1—8: 20 Kat iyeuero ev una. twv 'nu.eptSv StSao"Koi/Tos 

Mt. 21, 23-27. 5 « V \ V , i t ^ ' \ ' , > „ / 

Mk. 11,27-33. avTov TOV Aaov cv TO) t€p(t) Kat cvayyeAt^o/icvou 

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Kara XovKau '20, 2—16 

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firjcrev )(povovs t/cavous. Kat /catpw aTrecrTetAev 10 2 ch. 36, 1.5. is 

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20, 16-27 Kara AovKau 

yov'i TOVTOvs, Kol Scocrei tov a.p.Tr(.X<2va aXXois. 

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avTov AeyovTts AtSao'KaXe, ot8a/xcv ort opaws 
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Kara Aovkup 20, 27-42 

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20, 42-21, 8 Kara \ovKav 

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Kara AovKay 21, 8—23 

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225 H 

21,23-36 Kara AovKau 

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T)t. 28. 64. 24 Kai opyrj t<S XaS tovtu), Kat TrecrovvTai oTO/xari 

'«-*3,ia Ps.79,1. ixa.^aLpy]<i koL ai)(jxa\wTicr6i](TovTaL et? to, I^i't; 

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25—28: 25 t0v«v, axP' ou TrXijpwOwcrtv Katpol iOvwv. Kai 

Mt. 24, 29. an. » '■ > c \ / \ s / \ » 

Mk. 13, 2i-26. ecrovTai a~qix€ia er i^Atw Kat (T^Kiq^nrf kul acrrpots, 

Ps. 65, 7. ^g^j^ ^.jj-j^ ^^ ^^ (Ti'VOT^Tj I0VWV €1' avopia. ^yjivs 

Is. 34. 4. 26 OaXd<r<rr]s Kat o-dXov, aTro\fru)(OVTwv av6p(i)Tr<x>v 

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29—33: 29 17 aTroXvTpoJtris VfX.(Sv. Kat eiTrcv irapa/SoXrjv 

Mk. 13, 28-31. avTots loerc T17V (TUKT^v Kat TravTtt ra oevopa* 

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Kara KovKav 21,36—22,12 

KaTitrxvcri/Te iKcftvyelv ravTa iravra to. fxeXXovra 
yLvecrOai, kol crTadrjvaL e/XTrpocrOev tov Ylov tov 


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TTpos auTov ev Tco tepoJ aKoijetv auTOi). 

1- 2- 
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TWV ScoScKa • Kttt cLTreA-^wv oT^veA-dXr^cev tois 4 "' •- " • 
ap'^iipevcTLV Kai crTpaTrjyoL^ to ttws avTOLS irapa- 
8(S avTov. Koi i^dpTjcrav, kol crvveOevTO avrw 5 
apyvpLov SovvaL. kol e^co/xoA.oyT^o'ev, Kat e^T]T€L 6 
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^ n 23 : 

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o^^at TO Trdo-^a' Kat aireo-TctXcv II eTpov Kat 8 
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6 At8ao"KaXos Hot) ecTTtv to KaTdXvjxa ottov to 
Trdcr^a jxera, twv fiaOrjTwv jxov ^dyw ; KaKCtvos 1 2 

Mk. 14, rJ— i5 
Ex. 12, 18—20. 

3G Kara^iwdriTe 37 SR eXatwv 

XXII, 3 2ar. | eTnKa\ov/u,€voy 4 a-, rots arjo. ( 
avTOv irapaS. avrots 6 aur. ar. o%\, 1 ev rj 

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19,32. 13 fiAcrare. direX.66vT€^ Sk evpov ko^ws eip-^Kci 

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eyei'CTO i; wpa, avcTrecrej', Kat ot aTrocTToXoi cn.'i' 

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v.i.-s. 16 fie TraOelv' Xeytu yap vfuv on ovk€tl ov fLrf (fxiyw 
aiiTo €cos OTOV 7rXi]p<j)6fj iv tt? ySacrtAeio. tou 

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eiTTCv Ad/SeTe tovto koL ^lafxepiaaTe €is eairrov's* 

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yevrffiaros rrj's afure\.ov Iw? ov tj /SacrtXcta toO 

1 Co. 11. 23-25. 19 0€o{) eXOxf. kclL Xa^tiiv dpTov €rp(apt€m;cras 
cxXacro' icat ISwkcv auTOts Xeywv Toirro ecrriv 

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eavTovs TO Tts apa etJ/ €^ avTwv 6 Toirro yueAAwv 

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25- 26 : 25 aVTOtS, to Tts aLTWV SoKct €tvai fi^L^OtV. 6 Bk 

.Mk. 10,42— H. ctTrev avTots Ut pacrtAets twv ctri'OJV Kvpi£i'ovo-iv 

avTwv, Kat ot e^ovcia^ovTcs avTcor cvepyeVai 

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— TO VTrep...{20) eKxwvofKvov 20 a«r. km to ttot, i 
tKxvvofx. 22 A^ai /tev in. rov a. irop. k. t. (jp. 


Kara AovKav 22,26-38 

ev VjXiV yiviaOo) oS? 6 vcwtc/do?, koX u T/you/xcvo? 

(Ls 6 StaKovm'. Tt's yap /xct^cov, 6 avaKCifievos 27 J"i3.4-u. 

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ETTt T^S TpaTTC^T/S yOOV eV TT7 jSaCTlXeta fJiOV, Kai 31—34: 

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T€S rov l(Tpar)k. 2^lix.ii>v 5tuow, toov o Saravas ^r J"-i3.36— as. 
,<. / t L r. / c V - , V "^ '2 Co. 2, n. 

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8e iBerjOrjv irepl crov Iva fxrj iKXiwrj r] ttictti? croi;' Jn.17, 11. i5.2( 

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47—53: 47 TTeipacrixov. "Eti avTOv XaXovvTos iSou oyXo5, 

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Kara AovKav 22, 52—64 

lepov Kol 7rp€cr/3vT€pov? fis eTrt XycTTrjv i^i]\6aT€ 

fi€Ta fxayaipiSv koL ^vXayv ; KaO rjpJpav ovtos 53 J11.7.31): 8,ai. 

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22,64-23,7 Kara AovKav 

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66— 71: 66 Kat ws eyei'€ro rjixepa, (rvvri\B'n to Trpccr- 

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ciTrav Tt €Tt c^ojjiiv p.apTvpia<; ^etav; avToi 

Mt 27 2.11—31 *"" y^P 'fJKOvcrap.ei' airo tov (TTOp.aTO^ avTOV. Jvai 

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Kara AovKav 23, 7-20 

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TTpo? }ipu)brjr, ovra /cat avTov iv lepocroAiiyaots 
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— ai/roij 

233 H 5 

23, 20-34 Kara KovKav 

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Mt. 27, :a 26 Kai ws oLTnjyayov avTOv, £7rtAa/3op.€vot ^ifioivd 
TLva K-vprji'aLOV ep^Ofxevov ciTr' dypov i-rreOrjKav 
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Mk. is! 22-41. T^ / 5 - . / J V \ V / 

Jn. 19, 17—30. JVpaVtOV, CKEt eo-TaL'puXTaV aVTOV Kat TOVS KaKOVp- 

Mt. 6. 44. 34 yovs, ov p.€V eK Sc^twv ov Se e^ apiarepwy. 6 Be 

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Kara AovKav 23, 34—47 

avTOv ^^aXov KX^jpovs. Kai el(rTT]K€L 6 /Vaos 35 ps. 22,7. 
9«wptov. l|€p.vKTTipi5ov 81 Koi ol ap^ovTe<; Xe~ 
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235 H 6 

23, 47-24, 4 Kara AouKaz/ 

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Ps. 88,8; as, 11. 49 VTreo'T/De^ov. €icrTT|K€icrav oe TravTCS 01 yvoxTTol 

g_ 2. avT(2 d-Trb pAKpoOev, Kat yvvaiKcs ai a-vvaKoXov- 

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50—56: 50 Kat ISov dfr/p 6v6p.aTL Iu>crT](f) ^odXcvt"^? 

Mk. 15.42— 17. 51 VTTap^wv, avTjp ayafos Kai OiKaios, ' — ovtos ovk 

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1—12 : 24 cvtoXt^v, rfj 8e /ixa twv (ra(S/3dT(j)V opOpov ySa^eojs 
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aw avraii 3 Kai eurekO. ot'x i R"" — rof Kvp. Jrfaov 

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Kara AovkUu 24, 4-17 

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24, 17-29 Kara Aov/cav 

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24, 44-53 Kara AovKau 

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Ac. 1, 4—14. 

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no. 6, 14 ; 10, 4. 17 iXd/SofXei', KOL X'^P'-^ '^^'''^ X"P'''"°^ * °''''' ° VO/AOS 

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Mt. 11,27. ; f^ v' ^ V t * , V /> 

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1,41-51 Kara lojaurfv 

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1-5. :!A 2^73, 1. 47 Aeyct auTO) 6 <I>tAt7r7ros *Ep^ou Kat tSe. ' eTiev 

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Gn 28. li. CI TTtoTTeuets: aet^d) toutcov oi/rn. ' Kat Aeyet av-Tco 

.Mt 4, 11. ^ ^ ^ , \^ X ' « - » , /I V » 

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dvcwyOTa Kat tovs dyycAous tou ©eoO dva/3ai- 
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8, 40-52 Kara i(oai/r)v 

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Kara lojaurjp 8, 52—9, 5 

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9, 6—16 Kara Iwavrjv 

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9, 28—10, 1 Kara l(oav7)u 

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Mk. 10, 32. 

11,54—12,9 Kara lcoai^T]v 

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Kara Iwavrjv 12,9—21 

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(roXvjxa, eXa/Sov to, /?ai,a raJy <^oivui(jiv koI iirjXOov 1 3 Ps. 11s, 2.5. sg. 
ets VTravTrjCLV avT<2, koI iKpavya^ov 

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12,21—34 Kara Iwai'T^i^ 

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Mt. 10. SI. 25 KapTTOv (f>epa.. o c^iXwv t7^v ij/v^7]v avTOv uttoX- 

Xvet avTrjv, Kat o fitawv ttjv if/v^rjv avrov iv t(3 

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14, 3 ; 17, a4. 26 iav ifiOL Tis 8ia/cov^, e/AOt dKoXou^etro), Kai ottou 

et/At eyw, CKCt /cat 6 Skxkovos 6 e^uos co^Tai* ear 

Ps.fl.3: 42,s. 27 Tis €/xoi Sta/covTj, Tt/XT/crei avTov 6 lHaTijp. vvv 17 

yv^il fiov T€rapaKTaL, Kat tl cittw ; llarep, a-ioaov 

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Ps.110. 4. 34 TTOiw ^avttTO) i^/AcXXev atroBviqcrKiLV. aireKpidi] 

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Kara Icoaprjv 12, 34—48 

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TOLS o 'Irjaov? "Ert jxiKpov )(povov to <^a)9 ei/ v/xtv 
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auTov, KOL iXdXr)(T€V Trepi aiiTOv. o/aws /xevTOt 42 7, 48; 9, 22. 

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12,48-13,10 Kara Icoam^v 

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ouTwg AaAw, 

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Lk. 12,37. .J.Q- gttVvov Kat TidrjaLV to, IpAria, Koi Aa/3a>v 

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fiadrjTwv KoX iKixa.(T(T€LV T(S AcvTt'o) (S ^v Ste^ojcr- 

ip. 5. 3. 6 /Acvos. €px€TaL ovv TTpos St/Awva IleTpov Aeya 

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G /.ai Xe-/. ai'T. e/ten'os 8 t. iro5. /xov | air. o Irjff. 


Kara lojavrjp 13, 10-23 

'Ir)(TOvs 'O AcAoL'/y.eVos ovk e^et )(peLar ei /jlt] tov<s 

TTodas VLij/arrOaL, aXX ecmv KaOapos oX.o<;- kol 

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Kttt 6 Kvptos, Kai KttXws Ae-yeTE* €tu(, yap. et 14 Lk.22,27. 

» , V r ' « - V /j c tT/ ' V . lTl.i,.10. 

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Xap.Bav€L TOV Treuii/avrd u.e. Tairra etTrojv 21 21—30: 

>T - » / /] ^ / \ » / Mt. 26. 21— 2S. 

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/cat etTrev Apirjv ap.r]v Aeym v/xtv OTt ets e^ 
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Lk. 22, 21—23. 
12, 27. 

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13,23—36 Kara Icoaprjv 

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^ifxwv TIiTpo<; Kol Xe'yet auraJ Eittc rt's icmv 

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^daSr] 6 Yios tou dvOpw-rrov, Koi 6 ©eos iSo^daOrj 

12. zi ; ]7, 1 6. 32 ev avTW' ei 6 ©eo? iSo^da-dr] iv avT<S, /cat 6 ©eos 

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7,33. 8,21. 33 T€KVia, €Ti fxiKpov fieO' v/xuiv €t/x.f t,r}Trj<T^Ti fxc, 

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Kara Icjaprjp 19,13-23 

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Kara lojaur]!/ 20, 17—27 

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20,27-21,7 Kara \wavt]V 

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21, 18-25 Kara lo}avr)v 

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Gil. 42, i 12 oiKovcras S* 'IaKa>P 8»n-a (riria «ls AI'yvtttov i^aire- 

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(;ii. 45. 9-11; 14 Sc 'Iwarid) acTe/caXeo-aTO 'laKwyS roi' 
4(1, '.T. Ex. 1.5. ^ , , ... V .; V , , 

Dt. 10, '^2. Trarepa avTOU /cai Tracrai' T7;v cn^yycveiav ev ^'VXO'^? 

t;ii.4,i,i:49. Si. 15 €pSo(i^]KOVTa ir€VT€. Kol KaTc'PTj 'laKUifS €is Atyvn*- 

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Kx. 2, n. 23 Kat epyoLS avrov. 'Qs Be iTrX.r)povTO auTw rctr- 
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avrov €7rta"Kci^ao"^at rovs d8€X<|)ovs avrov rovs 

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53. Ex. 19. 3. 38 ©ebs ^K T»V oStXcbciv XIUIUV a>S «M.€. OVTOS CCTTtV 
Dt.9. 10: . , , Z , r , , ^ , , V 

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jm. 7. 18 Lit. 42 cpyois Toiv ^eipoiv avriv. la-rpe^ev hi 6 0€os 

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Ex. 2s. 4(1. 44 H crtcqvrj tov fxaprvpiov r)v toi? iraTpacnv rjpoiv 
iv ry ip-qp-w, KaOw^ BuTOitaTO 6 XaXuv tw Muvctt] 

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Upa^eLs AirocrroXcDV 7 , 44-58 

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ela-T^yayov SiaSe^d/x^vot ol Trarepe? t^/awv /xera Jos. 3,' u, is, 1. 

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Dt. 33.3. 18 Ik twv €0vciv, els oCs evw diroo-TeXXco <r€, ' dvoi^at 

Is. 35.5; 42.7. 16; ,.« v , J - - > ', . , / 

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Ps. S, 9. 
Ps. 140, :i. 


Pj. 10. 7. 


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Ps. 32, 1. 2. 6 KaOdirep Kal AavelS Xeyct ror jxaKapicrp-ov toJ) 
dvOpiairov w o ©eos Aoyt^erat StKatotrvv?;!' x'^P''^ 

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Gil. li), 6. 9 6 p-aKapLa/xo? ovv ovto<; i-n-l ttjv TrepiTOfx-qv rj Kal 

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5, 1-15 11/305 Vo)jxaLOv<; 

Eph. 3. 12. 2 XpKTTOl', Si' OV Kttl T^l' 7r/5OO"ayC0y^r €0-^7^Ka/X€l' 

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Gil. 2, " ; 3, 19. 12 Ata tovto (Scnrep Sl cvos dvOpurrrov rj dftapTia 

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\ / '?C<V5\/ «t / Gal. 3, 19. 

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Ps. M. 14. 11 Kttl avTiXtvovra. Aevw ow, av airuta-aro 6 

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Job IB, 8. 
Jer. 23, 18. 
1 Co. 2, 16. 

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Ac. 16, 1.2; 21 'Ao-7ra^€Tat v/Au? Tiju.d^£o? 6 (Twepyos yxou, 

Ph. 2, 19. Kai Aov/cios Kat lacrwv /cat 2ia)cri7raT/30s ot cruy- 

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vv. 25—27, cf. xiv. 23. 27 R" -w | SR -rt.;^ 


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1, 11—25 Upo'? KopLvdiov? a 

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2.4. Mt.a,!!.. ' , , , , V O '>- >\\^ 

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Job 12. 17. 20 ' irou (Todx^s 1 ftov ypau.uAreis ', irov crvvtirrnTri^ 

U. 19. 12 : 3S. 18. « ,« / , V . , t ^ ' ' _. 

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Mt, 12.38, 22 (TOiCrOA. TOU? TTtO'TeuOVTaS. CTTetSTJ Kcl 'louSatOt 
■Jn, 4.48, ^ , ^ V "T-.\ \ / ' 1- - 

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2, 14. P.O. 9, 32, 23 rfp.eL<; Be Krjpvcraofjiev ^pioTov ccrraupw/Aevov, 

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6.1.23. Jn. 8,47; I4 TTV^VpM.TlKO. CrUVKpLVOVT€<;. IJ/V\Lk6<: Sc dj'^pWTTOS 

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Gal. 5, 6; 6, 13. 19 /A'^ Tr€pLTe{XV€CrOo}. T) ITipiTOfUJ OvheV loTlV, 

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Kev. 9, 20. / / \ / 

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i.k. 10. 8. 27 avTTJs. eiTtS KaXel Vfjid<; Twv aTTLOTOiV kuX ^e'XcTC 

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2, 9-3, 5 Tlpoq KopLv6t.ovq ^ 

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Ac. 14.27. 12 ar'/ *EA.^a)V §€ CIS T^v TpcoaSa cts to 

1 Co. 18. 9. ; r - V - ^ /J' 

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3.5.6. 16 cr(o^o/i.evois /cat ev tois aTroAAv/xe^ois, ots /xev 

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fxaWov r) SiaKovta rov Trvev/JiaTO? icTTai iv 86^y; 
ei yap rj SiaKovia t^s KaTaKpiVecos So^a, 7roAA.w 9 ct. 27, 26. 
fxaAAov TT€pi(r(Tevei rj otaKOvta ttj'S oiKaLoorvvrjs 
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4, 1—13 Tlpo<s KopLv0Lov<; ^' 

3, a 1 Co. 7. 25. 4 AtO. TOUTO, €^OVT€S Tr^V ^laKOVtW Tai'TT^V, Ka^ws 

2,17. iTii. 2, 5. 2 rfXerjOrjfjLev, ovk iyKaKOVfxev, ' aAA.a, diT€Lirafi.i6a 
TO, KpvTrTOL T>7S atcr;\;wv7;s, /at? TreptTraTovi'Tts cv 
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eain^ous TTpos Tracrai' (twciSt^ctiv av$pd)7r(ov ivw- 
1 Co. 1, IS. 3 TTLOv TOV 0£oG. £1 Se KOL ecTTLV KeKaXvfifxevov TO 
evayyeXtov rj/xtSv, iv Tois aTroAAv/jiei'ois ccmv 
He. 1,3. 4 KeKakvLLUievov, iv 015 6 ^eos tot) atwvo? toijtou 

Eph. 2, 2.2Th.^,,,.''^ v , „>/ , \v 

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Col. 1,115. , ^, ^ 'f^ , ^ , - S'i^ 

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1. 2-t- 5 ToS X/)to"TOt', OS icTTLV cIkwv TOV ®eov, ov yap 
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Ku/3tov, cauTOVS 8e SovAous vp-uiv 8ia It/o-oCj'. 
3. IS. G^iL 1, 3. 5 ^Ti 5 ©eos 6 ctTrajv 'Ek o-kotovs «^ws Xafivl/eu 
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Trj<i yv<0(TCO)S tt}s So^ys tov 0€oB ev Trpoatinrto 


5, 1. Ac. t), 15. 7 ''E;(oyLteT Se tov Orjaavpov tovtov iv 6<rrpa- 

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5, 9-20 11/909 KopLvOlOVq ^' 

Pd. 39, 1-2. 9 hl6 KoX (f)LXoTLfJLOVIJ.eOa, EITC €VOrjjXOVVT(.^ €tT€ 

Ac. 17. 31. lo iKbr]u,ovvT€S, evapecTToi avT(S civai. tov<; yap 

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Ro. 8, 1. 10. craoKa XptOTOv, dAAa vw oukcti yti'coo'KOUcv. 

al. 6. IS. Rev. „' v.^r - \ / vs- 

-^•'•„ „, - 17 wo^Te et Tts ev Xpto-Tw, Katvr) /cTtcris* Ta apyata 

!.«.18:65,17. ' „ 'S V ' ' ' V S^ ' . 

Ro. 5, 10. 18 TraprjAoeVf loov yeyovev Kaiva. Ta oe iravTa ck 
TOV 0eo9 TOV /caTaAXd^avTO? i^yaas eavTiS 8ta 
Xpto-Tov Kttt SovTos rjfuv Tr]V BcaKOViav Trj<; 
Ro. 3. ai. M. 19 KaTaA-Xay^s, ws on 0e6s 17V ev XptoTw Koa/xov 
KaTaXXdo-a-oiv cavrw, fi.r] Aoyt^o/Aevo? avTol<s to. 
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18.52,7. 20 Aoyov T^s KaTaAXayiys. YTrip JLpiaTOv ovv 

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(iKaTacrracrtais, ev kottois, ev aypvTTVtaL'S, iv 
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489 Q 5 

13,11-1,6 11/009 Kop. /3' Tlpo<; FaXaras 

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491 Q G 

1, 19-2, 10 I1/30? FaXara? 

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Col. 1, 9. 


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Col. 1, 11 ; 2, 12. ^ ^ / J - , c - \ /' 

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Is. .T7. 19 : 82. 7. Ji €1' TW KO(TLlAs). VVvX Sc €V Xpi(TT<S ItJCToC riUfl? 
Col. 1.20. -^ ^ •• „ ^^^ ^ , ,„' ,' , . -T -r 

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Ph. 1,7. 13. 3 TouTou X^P^^ ^^^ IlauAos 6 Seo-ynios tou 

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