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Full text of "Hodge genealogy from the first of the name in this country to the present time : with a number of allied families and many historical facts"

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GENFA' nr-Y rOIJ '=:rTION 


3 1833 01363 3422 







^- f 
I : 




K.->C K VV E I. 1 A-; I) CiMJRCHlLi. I'REiS 





The ancestral line here prejented his been traced with much care, 
and is believed to be correct. It" it is not, the fault is with historical 
and genealogical writers, from whose works, in most part, the facts 
given have been gathered. The writer, in his researches, has not 
hoped to add any new honor to that of being an "American citizen," 
but a; a diversion in idle moments has complied what is presented. 

1'he Lamberts, Lymans, Deweys, Caui^iin^, and English fi-ilit: 
who are represented are of this country, and a little research only will 
be necessary to show where the oA-shoots corinect with the main line. 

O. J. H. 

I. — Egbert, history tells us, was the first king of England ; 
that he was born about 775, and in 800 ascended the 
throne of Wessex, one of the seven kingdoms forming 
the Heptarchy bv which Britain was then governed ; 
that in 827 he had subdued all the other rulers and be- 
come sole monarch of England. He died about 838, and 
was succeeded by his son, -I |KQ'7'3^*^ 

II. — Ethelwolf, who ruled until 857, when dying he was 

succeeded by his four sons in succession. The three 
elder ones each ruled but a short time, the youngest of 
them dying in 871 from the effects of a wound received 
in battle with the Danes. Upon his death the fourth 

III. — Alfred, called "Alfred the Great," horn in 840 at 

Wantage, Berkshire, became king and ruled thirty years, 
until his death in October, 901. He married El>with, 
daughter of a Mercian nobleman, bv whojn he had 

I IV. — EnwARD, who succeeded his father as king, and ruled 

[. until his death in 925. He had ihiee sons, who succes- 

si\ely became kings of England, and a daughter, 
I V. — Edgin'a, who first married Charles III., of France. 

' Charles died Oct. 7, 926, afrer which she married Henrv, 

third Count de Vermandois, b\' whom she had son, 
\'l. — IIuBEkT, who upon the death of his father became 
i fourth Count dc Vermandois ; had 

! VII. — Adela, who married Hugh AIagnu3,son of Henry I., 

• ''■'■'g of France, thus uniting the two rova! families o;' 

' England and France; had 

j VIII. — I ABEL, who married first Baron de Bellomant, who 

! became first Ear! of Leicester, and had 

; IX. — RoiBERT, second Earl of Leicester, who became Lord 

Justice of England ; had 

X. — IvL'i'ERT, third Earl of Leiceste.--, steward of England, 

who had 

XI. — .Margaret, who married Saier de Quincev, created in 
■f 1207 Earl of Winchester, and who died in 1219. ihc had 
; XII. — Roger, who became second Earl of Winchester and 
I constable of Scotland. He married Helen, daughter of 
?' Alan, Lord of Gallawav, and died in 1264; had 

I XIII. — F^LIZABETH, who married Alexander, Baron Ciimyn, 

( second Earl of Buchan, and had 

I XIV. — Agnes, who married Gilbert, Baron de LMiifraville. 

I She had 

I XV. — Gilbert, who succeeded his father as Baron de L'mfra- 

[ ville, and became governor of the Castle of Forfar. He 

> married Matilda, Countess of Angus, and died in 1308 ; 

i had 

XVI. — Robert, second Earl of Angus, who married Lady 
Alianorc, by whom he had 
I XVIL — Tho.m.a.-, Sir Thomas de Umfravillc, of Harbottle, 

'' w ho married Joane, daughter of Adam de Rodam, and had 

XVIIL — Thomas, SirThomas de Umfraville,Lord of Rlddes- 
r dale, v\-ho married Ludv Agnei ; had 

XIX. ToANF, who married Sir William Lambert, of Owl- 
ton, Durham, and had 

XX. RoJiF.RT Lambert, of Owlton, who had son 

XXL — Hhnrv Lambert, of Ongar, Essex, who had 

XXIL Elizabeth Lambert, who married Thomas Lyman, 

of Xavistoke, who died in 1509; had 
XXIIL — Henry Lyman, of Navistoke and H:gh O^Tjar, 
who married Alicia, daughter of Simon Hyde, of 
\Vethcrsficld, Essex ; had 
XXIV. — John- Lyman, of High Ongar, who married Mar- 
caret, daughter of William Girard, of Ij:'auchamp, 
Essex. He died at Navistoke in 1587 ; had 
XXV. — Henry Lyman, of High Ongar, who had 

XXVI. Richard Lyman, born at High Ongar, E.ngland, in 

15^0 (baptized Oct. 30, i 580), and came to thi> country 
with John Eiiot in the slup "Lion;" at '.v ;xbury, 
Mass., in 1631 ; moved to Hartford, Conn., where he 
was one of the original proprietors ; there died in 1&40 ; 
wife Sarah died soon after; had 

XXVII. — Richard Lyman, born in England (baptized Feb. 
24, 161 8\ who came to America with his father ; mar- 
ried Hepzibah, daughter of Thomas Ford, who cams tc 
this country in 1630 in the ship " Mary and john." 
Richard had 

XXVIII. — Hepzibah, born at \Vindsor, Conn.; married, 
Nov. 6, 1662, Josiah Devvcv, born at Windsor in 1641 
(baptized Oct. 10, 1641), who was the son of Thomas 
Dewev, who in 1633 emigrated to this country from 
Sandwich, ICent Co., England. Josiah had son 

XXIX. — Josiah Dewey, born Dec. 24, 1666; married, 
Jan. 15, 1691, .Mehitable Miller, born July 10, 1666, 
at Northampton, Alass. ; had 

XXX.— John Dewey, bom Dec. 4, ijco ; ma.rried, Nov. 20, 
1726, Experience Woodward, born Aug. 10, 1 704, 
daughter of John and Experience (Baldwin) W.;,odward 
and granddaughter of Henry and Ann (Dewey '• Bald- 

win, thus giving to the descemiants of John two Dewey 
ancestral lines. This John was a brother of \\'illiam 
Dewey, ancestor of Admiral George Dewev, who May 
I, 1898, gained the great na\al victory in Manila Bay. 
John had 

XXXI. — Anna Dewev, born Oct. 23, 1727, who, Dec. 22, 
1748, married Ezeicicl Caulkins, horn Nov. 4, i"28, 
great-great-grandson of Hugh Caulkins, tlie pioneer, who 
came to this country from .Monmouth, Enoiand, in 
1640. Ezckiel had 

XXXII. — Anna Cal-l.-^ins, born Sept. 2, 1757; married, 
May 15, 1777, Abel English, born Julv 4, 1755, grand- 
son of Richnrd P'^nglish, born in Enghmd, and emigrated 
to this countiy in A'lay, 1710; great-grandson of David 
English, of England, born 1 66 1 and died Sept. 6, 1704. 
A'uel had 

XXXIII. — Sophia Engi.^h, born .April 12, I7gs; married, 
AIarch^9, 182c, Alfred Hodge, born March 9, 1795, 
descendant of John Hodge and Susanna Denslow, mar- 
ried Aug. 12, 1666. Alfred had 

XXXIV. — Mandana S. Hodge, born Jan. 4, 1821. 

XXXIV. — Alfred A. Hodge, born Feb. 22, 1825. 

XXXIV. — _Orlando J. Hodge, born Nov. 25, 1828. 







Clarn iKobcrts Udo^oc, 


Clark was a young man of generous inipukes, grest energy, 
and exemplan.- life. A few months before his death ho had 
happily married and entered into busineis pursuits with ani- 
mation and high hopes. D. J. »• 


Fast as the rolling seasons bring 

The hour of fate to those we love, 
Each pearl that leaves the broken string 

Is set in friendship's crown above. 
As narrower grows the earthly chain, 

The circle widens in the sky ; 
These are our treasures that remain, 

But those are star.s that beam on high." 

Olh-tr WmdtU Hol„ 


' Like leaves on trees the race of man is found, 
Now green in youth, now withering on the ground ; 
Another race the following spring supplies. 
They fall succe.ssive and successive rise ; 
So generations in their cause decay ; 
So flourish these when those have passed away." 

.- Pop. 


' Gather we from the shadowy past 
The struggling beams which linger yet. 
Ere o'er those flickering lights is cast 
The shroud that none can penetrate." 

Plait Roger 

' The trumpet ! the trumpet ! the dead have all heard ; 
To the depths of the stone-covered charnel are stirr'd ; 
From the sea, from the land, from t!ie south, and the north. 
The vast generations of man may come forth." 

Htnry Hart ihlman. 



'"T^HE desire to know something of our ancestors is 
-*- very general, and the greater the knowledge acquired 
the more interesting the subject becomes. For years I 
felt tliat at least I should like to know my own family 
line in this country, but had little or no time to devote to 
researches in that direction. 

Finally, however, about the year lo/O, I took up the 
matter with some zeal and soon became much interested 
in genealogy. Since then I ha\'e devoted such spare 
time as I could to compiling this work. During the years 
that have elapsed I have searched through the musty 
records of several hundred churches, towns, and probate 
courts. I have looked through State archives, genealogi- 
cal works, and old family manuscripts, as would seem 
almost without number. Not only this, but I have visited 
very many of the old grave-yards in the New England 
States, talked with the " oldest inhabitants " here and 
there, written more than a thousand letters of inquiry, and 
travelled in search of information man)- times that number 
of miles. But notwithstanding my earnest labors, I am 
not unmindful that my work is far from complete. My 
ardent hope, however, is that some person in the near 
future ma\" take up the subject where I leave it, and give a 


more full and interesting history of the Hodge families in 
this country than it has been possible for me to do at this 
time. If in the publication of the facts I have gathered, 
the genealogical taste of those of our name and family, 
now living, or those v.-ho may come after, may be gratified, 
even in some small degree, 1 shall feel that my labors have 
not been altogether in vain. Criticism is invited, and letters 
pointing out errors that ma\' be found will be thankfully 
received. Such letters will be preserved with a view to a 
revised edition by some one in the future. 

My expectations are fulfilled. Thanks are due to Mr. 
Almon D. Hodges, of Boston, Mass., for much valuable 
information. During the preparation of his work, — " The 
Hodges Family of New England," — lately published, u-c 
have had occasion to exchange notes very often. Hodge 
and Hodges, now two distinct names in this country, in the 
old records are sometimes confounded, and it has often 
been difhcult to determine whether a name was intended 
for one or the other. Rev. M. G. Hodge, of Wisconsin, 
and his daughters have furnished interesting facts with a 
readiness and fulness which, had some others equally 
interested emulated it, would have greatly lessened my 
labors. Hon. Norman Hodge, of Danbury, Conn., an 
octogenarian, has given me valuable copies of town, pro- 
bate, and family records. My wife, Virginia, has been 
invaluable in tracing out " famil_\- links " and in the general 
assistance she has given me. Others who have aided me 
I must thank in a general way. 

The Author. 



Names in Different Forms 20 




John Hodge, the Great PRonExnuK 23 

Lineage Chart — John Hudgf and Susaxna nFNsmw . 207 

Other Hodge Families ; 

The Ceiarlf-s Hodge Famha juy 

The Phii.0 Hodge Familv 2-2 

The Nicholas Hodge Family 240 

Other Probable Descendants ok Nlik-la- . . . 245 

John Hodg (Hodge), of Kitterv, Mf 2 4r) 

Other Hodges in Northern New I-:ngla\d . . 257 

The George Hodge Family {.M\s^.) 267 

The Philadelphia Hodge ?^\mii v .-!74 

The Nehemiah Hodge Family 28,; 

The Reuben Hodge Fa.nmly 285 

Cape. John Hodge of the " iMo.vico-;Li,> " . . 2S7 

The Lansingblrg (N.Y.) Hod(.e Family .... 289 

The James Hodge Family (Penn.) 291 

A North Carolina Hodge Famiiy 294 - 

A Mississippi Hodge F'amily 295 

A New Hampshire Hodge Family 296 

The Levi Hodge Family 29.S 

Andrew Hodge, of Virginia J02 

VV'iLLi\M HfiDviE Family (Marylwd) 303 

RiijHARD Hogge, Ho1"..i>:, ok Ho'.'g; 305 

Hodges, Uncl-^ssified .^08 

M.\RRL4CES 331 


■xr ^ PAGE. 

MiUT.\Ry Service in Revolutioxarv War . . 

Pedigree Chart 

Allied Families (with John Hodge and Descendants) 
The Denslow Family 




The Welles Families -..c 

The Allis Family ,:;, 

The Foote Family y^ 

The Churchill Family -.,-5 

The Treat Family ^rg 

The Hurlbut Family 

The White Family 

Other Airirn Famii if.s; : 

The English Family -55 

The Newcomb Fa.mily ,§- 

Acadlan E.MiGR.vriON 2S8 

The Caulkins Family :,Sq 

The Dewev Family ^o^ 

The Shedd FA^HLY ,07 

Historical Incidents and .Miscellaneols : 

Capture of Abigail Allis 400 

Capture of Hannah Dustin 401 

The Story of a Bell 403 

Story of the Thimble 404 

A Wedding-Trip— 1820 ^05 

Why he was Called Hadji 408 

King Hodge of Liberia ^08 

Hodges, not Hodge ^jo 

The Squire and his Tenant — Oi d English Rhyme, 4 1 1 

The Df.vd Dku.mmer ,j 

In the Beyond 


^\ hen we are Gone 


Gener-al Index , , , 



Orlando J. Hodcf (605 ) Fyontisfi>cc 

Dr. Fr-ank Hodge (590) fadng 67 

Lym.-o.' D. Hodge (609) " 104 

K.«?L Hodge (1127) " 149 

DvvjGHT \V. Hodge (618) " 167 

O. J. HolhjE, 21) (1528) " 195 

Clark R. Hodge (1165) " 200 

Virginia S. Hodge 

The Old Log Hi.^use 



DwncHT M. Hodge (s) " 291 


The " Walk-in- ihi:-\Vatek" " 406 


""X^^HAT'S in a name?" says Shakespeare. The 
' query at first suggests that there is very Httle, 
but furtlicr thought leads to the conclusion that there is 
very much. It is evident that individual names in great 
part have come, as another has observed, from some cir- 
cumstance of birth, incident in life, or good desired. 
Tacitus telis us how Germanicus, always a popular general, 
having had a son born to him in camp, dressed the lad like 
a little soldier, complete even to hi;; boots (caliga), in the 
hope of pleasing his men. The men of course made a pet 
of him and called him Caligula, or Little Boots, and it is 
by his camp nickname of Little Boots that Claudius, son 
of Germanicus, lives in history to this day. 

Cameron, it is said, was given, signifying crooked nose ; 
while Turn-bull, now Trumbull, had its origin in the fact 
that a man in one of the parks of Scotland turned a mad 
bull, and thereby saved the life of a gentleman of distinc- 
tion. The incident is said to have occurred in 13 15. 
Leyden has put the supposed facts in verse, as follows : 

" On Scotia's lord he rushed with speed. 

Bent his strong neck to toss the sUrtled steed; 
His arms robust the hardy hunter flung 
Around his bending horns, and upwards wrung, 
With writhing force his neck retorted round. 
And rolled the panting monster on the ground. 
Crushed with enormous strength his bony skull ; 
And courtiers hailed the man who turned the bull." 


Godman, Christian, and other like names undoubtedly 
were given with a view to influence the persons thus 
named to be worthy followers of Christian doctrines, or 
because the individuals had already been zealous in the 

Anderson in his work on surnames says : " The sobri- 
quets perpetuated as surnames originally mostly were 
given from the person's general appearance, or the color of 
the skin or hair, hence White, Black, Ikown, Gra\', and 
Green, or supposed likeness of the animal creation, as 
Lyon, Bull, Lamb, Wolf, Hogg (v.hich docs not mean a 
pig or sow, but a lamb a year old), and Tod, which is the 
Scotch name for Fox." 

Mr. Anderson might have extended his list of name- 
representing colors by adding Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, 
Scarlet, and Violet, and to the animal kingdom have added 
Buck, Bullock, Catt, Cattle, Colt, Coon, Marc, Kidd, Mink, 
Mouse, Seal, Squirrel, Stag, and others. There are many 
persons bearing these names. Almost every part of t'lo 
human body is represented in the names of persons, as 
Arm, Beard, Blood, Bone, Brain, Chin, Face, Finger, Foote, 
Gall, Hand, Head, Heart, Hipp, Kidney, Lcgg, Nose, 
Thum, and Tongue. The fishes of the sea are represented 
in the names Bass, Fish, Pike, Salmon, Sturgeon, Trout, 
and Whale. For the cardinal points of the compass we 
have Fast, North, South, and West, with their derivatives. 

The birds of the air furnish a large number of sur- 
names, viz. : Bird, Chicken, Crane, Crow, Dove, Finch, 
F"owI, Hawk, Hen, Heron, Lark, Linnet, Martin, Nightin- 
gale, Owl, Parrot, Peacock, Pigeon, Quail, Robin, Spar- 
row, Stork, Swallo\v, Turkey, Woodcock, and Wren, 
besides Goose, Gosling, and Drake. The insects give 
us Bee, Beetle, Bugg, Grasshopper, Locust, Xatt, Roach, 


and some others. The trees of the forest have furnished 
for man many names, as Ash, Beech, Birch, Cherry, 
Chestnut, Hazel, Maple, Oakes, Pine, and Plum. In 
fact, almost everything animate and inanimate has been 
brought into use in giving names to individuals. Attached 
to wills now on record among the archives in London, 
it is said, among other strange names the following odd 
ones appear: Cheeke, Demon, Fiend, Honey, Idle, Lame, 
Lazy, Mudd, Pighead, Poker, Punch, Shadow, Sponge, 
Vile, Villain, and Viitlcs. But these are not the only 
strange names that have come to notice. Here are a few 
of persons now known to be living: Allshine, Ape, 
Apple, Bald, Barefoot, Bean, Beer, Birdsej-e, Birth, Bit- 
ter, Bli/.'.ard, Box, Brass, Brick, Bridegroom, Broom, Bush, 
Buster, Button, Cake, Clove, Coffee, Coffin, Cold, Corn, 
Corns, Coward, Crack, Crank, Crumb, Crutch, Custard, 
Damm, Deadman, Death, Devil, Doctor, Dollar, Dough- 
nut, Dress, Drinkwater, Drugs. Dust, Fig, Fight, Flicker, 
Flutter, Forger, Freshwater, Fritter, Frog, Frog-leg, Frost, 
Froth, Gamble, Garlick, Gin, Greathead, Grief, Grissei. 
Gunn, Ham, Hell, Hellspopper, Horseleg, Hot, Huckle- 
berry, Ice, Ink, Iron, Ivory, Jump, Kick, Kiss, Lady- 
smitten, Lake, Leek, Life, Lilly, Liquor, Longbrake, 
Looney, Love, Moon, iVIoonshine, Mustard, Onion, Pan- 
cake, Paradise, Peas, Peck, Pepper, Pickle, Pigg, Pillnian, 
Piper, Prett}-man, Proudhouse, Rainwater, Rakestraw, 
Razor, Reason, Rice, Sadler, Sage, Sass, Sauce, School, 
Scripture, SeeJhouse, Sickman, Silly, Silver, Small, Snow, 
Soup, Stradling, Straw, Strongfellow, Sunshine, Sweet, 
Talker, Tarbox, Tea, Trott, Trotter, Trunk, Turnipseed, 
Voice, VVagonseller, Walklate, Warmbread, Weary, Weed, 
Well, Wheat, Whetstone, Whiskey, Wildman, Wind, Wink, 
Winter, and Wire. 


The great poet, no doubt, was quite right in saj'ing: 

" . . . . That which we call a rose. 
By any other name would smell as sweet." 

However, had he thought of some of the names borne 
by men, such as Devil, Demon, Fiend, Vile, Villain, Whis- 
key, and others we have given, he might not have asked, 
•' What's in a name? " 

The name Hodge does not appear to have come from 
any of the sources we have mentioned, but had its origin 
in the name Roger. What Roger sprang from is unknovvn. 
The name is supposed to be of Norman-French ori-^in, uiul 
is now common in every civilized country. In France it 
is Roger; in Spain, Pogerio; in Russia, Rozer ; in Poland, 
Rydygier; in Germany, Roger or Riidiger; in Italy, 
Rogero or Ruggiers ; and in Norway, Raadgier. In the 
British Museum may be seen a " History of Devonshire, 
England, by Rev. Thomas Moore," in which the author 
says : " One Rogers, the Cistercian, writer of legends, who 
flourished in about the year i iSo, wrote one [a legend] 
of St. Ursula, who with her thousand virgins [not ten 
thousand, as some writers have since made the number] 
suffered martyrdom." 

According to the " Patronymica Britannica," a Roman 
knight and valiant follower of William the Conqueror, 
named Roger, after the Conquest, 1066, settled in Scot- 
land, and from him came the name Hodge. From Roger 
first came Oger, then Odger, Hodger, and finally Hodge. 
(See tlnglish "Doomsday Book.") In luigland among 
the common people the name is generally pronounced as 
though spelled Odge, after the old English mode, gi'.ing 
the h no sound. 


Charlotte M. Yonge, in her writings on " Christian 
Names," says Hodge was once a " famous knightlj- name." 

The Enghsh-Teutonic meaning is " spear of fame." 

From Hodge have come Hodges, Hodgson, Hodgkin, 
Hodgkins, Hodgkinson, Hodgin, Hodgman, Hodgdon, 
Hodd, Hodson, Hotchkiss, and some other similar names. 

In the mother countr>- the name Hodge has not been 
altogether unknown to distinction. Mr. P. R. Hodge, of 
London, wrote several works on steam-engines, and it is 
claimed that he was the first to establish a hydraulic table, 
by which engineers might know the weight in pounds, and 
imperial gallons, and the cubic feet, in <-y!indrical pipe. 

Commander Andrew Hodge, of the eighteen-gun brig 
" Supericure,' midshipman J. T. Hodge, of the seventy- 
four-gun ship " Belleisle," and midshipman John Hodge, 
of the sevent}'-four-gun ship " Defiance," all served under 
the great English naval commander Lord Nelson. The 
two latter were with Nelson in the memorable engage- 
ment at Trafalgar, when the French tieet was destroyed and 
Nelson killed. Both are mentioned among the wounded. 

Sir Edward Cooper Hodge, K.C.B., is a son of Major 
Edward Hodge, late of the Seventh Hussars. He was in 
the Crimean war, and served with distinction in the engage- 
ments at Balaclava, Inkerman, and Sevastopol. He now 
(1899) holds the rank of general in the English army, and 
is an officer of the Legion of Honor. 

Robert Bonan Hodge died in England many years since, 
leaving a large property, and his heirs were advertised 
for; but let no Hodge in this country build any castles in 
the hope that he may pay for them by an inheritance from 
this or an>- other Hodge estate in that country. Rest 
assured that there is no " ship " to " come over." 

These and others in England of the Hodpe name vvho 


might be mentioned are too remotely connected vi'ith the 
Hodge families in this country to merit furtlu.-r notice. 

The Hodge name has been distinguished by the bestowal 
of crests and coats-of-arms both in England and Scotland ; 
but it should be remembered that these heraldic devices 
are not bestowed upon names but upon individuals, and 
such persons alone, and their direct descendants, have a 
right to use them. In early days they were usually given 
on account of some service to the government, but not 
infrequently for the purpose of raising money. We read 
in an English work how a man by the name of Hodge 
was importuned for £40 on account of a be.'^towal to him 
of a coat-of-arms. It is quite possible he uiu not consider 
the honor of the bestowal worth the money. Certain it is 
that a " coat-of-arms " conferred on some ancestor, cent- 
uries ago, brings little honor to an American descendant 
of to-day, and time spent in searching for evidence of 
such bestowals perhaps could be better used. 

Says Hollister, in his " Piistory of Connecticut " ; " We 
find from actual examination that four-fifths of the landed 
proprietors of Hartford, Weathersfield, and Windsor had 
Arms of Heraldry granted to them in Great Britain." 

Whether or not our great ancestor in this country, who 
married and lived in Windsor, came under the head of the 
"four-fifths" mentioned by Mr. Hollister, we are unable 
to say. Simply as a matter of curiosity we give a 
description of both the English and Scotch crests and 
coats-of-arms at some period in the past bestowed upon 
persons by the name of Hodge: 

English. — Crest, an eagle rising looking at the sun. 

" Coat-of-arms, a chevron surmounted by a pale. 


Scotch. — Crest, a garb entwined with two serpents. 
" Coat-of-arms, a chevron between two amulets. 

In this country the name Hodge is more general than 
we had supposed. The descendants of John Hodge, whose 
line we have particularly traced, are to be found in nearly 
every Eastern, Northern, and Western State. Research has 
established the fact that several other famihc.s bearing the 
name Hodge had an early origin in the " New World." 

Charles Hodge lived in Lyme, Conn., certainly as early 
as 1 686, at which time he was married. From Lyme he 
moved to New Haven. Savage, in his " Genealogical 
Dictionary of New England," calls him Hedges, b'.it we 
carefully examined the old records, in both Lyme and 
New Haven, and only in one instance found the name 
spelled Hodges, while it is written man}- times Hodg or 

The New Haven records have it Hodge in every instance, 
and the children and descendants, down to the present 
time, have all been called Hodge. We believe Charles 
was a younger brother of John, our great progenitor. 
They both lived for a time in Lyme, and both were there 
when John died. After John's death Charles moved to 
New Haven, where certainly one, and probably two, of 
John's children had already located. John named his 
first son after himself and called his second Thomas, while 
Charles gave the name Thomas to his first son. These 
facts lead to a supposition that the father of John and 
Charles may have been a Thomas Hedge. The line of 
descent of this Charles Hodge has been traced with a 
good deal of care. A large number of the descendants 
now reside in i-'airfield County, Conn. Hon. Noruian 
Hodge, of Danbury, is one of the number. 


Nicholas Ilodgc, the records show, cmiL;rated to this 
country as early as 1653. lie cainc from Nortliumber- 
land County, Eng., and settled in Rye, N.H. Mrs. Effie 
Caroline Currier, 560 Trcmont street, Boston, Mass., 
daughter of Mr. Charles M. Hodge, of Boston, who died 
in 1894, is one of his descendants. 

William Hodge, of the north of Ireland, who died there 
Jan. 4, i7.?3, had three sons, William, Andrew, and Hugh, 
all of whom came to this country in 1730, and settled 
in Philadelphia, Pa. From this line came Rev. Charles 
Hodge, the great theologian of Princeton, N.J., \vl\o 
married a great-granddaughter of Benjamin Franklin. 
The family was prominent in the struggle of the colonics 
for independence. Among the descendants there have 
been a large number of professional men. 

George Hodge was brought to this country in 1733. 
at the time of the great Scotch-Irish emigration. He was 
then but four years old. A large number of his descend- 
ants now live in IMassachusetts, among v.'hom 'a Mrs. Har- 
riet M. Plunket, of Pittsficld, whose father was Henry 

Nehemiah Hodge, says Mr. Ambrose W. Hodge, late 
of North Adams, Mass., came to this country from Eng- 
land probably about 1735, and settled in Rhode Island. 
Nehemiah had a son, David, who had seven children, one 
of whom, Otis, had eleven. Thomas, one of the sons of 
Otis, had seven sons, the youngest being the above-named 
Ambrose W. A number of the descendants of Nehemiah 
now reside in North Adams. 

Rev. William Hodge, about 1825, came to the United 
States from Aberdeen, Scotland. He brought with him 
five sons and four daughters. Several of the family arc 
manufacturers in the Eastern States. Hon. George L. 


Hodge, of Windsor, Conn., late state trcasuicr of Con- 
necticut, is of this family. 

In another part of this work is '/jvcn somctliing more 
of these families. Others of tiic name Hodge, of whom 
less is known, are placed under the head " Unclassified." 

In the great struggle for liberty — the Revolutionary 
war — the name Hodge appears to have been well repre- 
sented. It is found that in three States, New Hampshire, 
Massachusetts, and Connecticut, more than fifty men bear- 
ing the name were in the Continental army. Certainly 
ten or more of these were descendants of Samuel Hodge, 
son of John Hodge, of the Connecticut family. This 
Samuel settled in Glastonbury, Conn., and had three 
sons, one of vvhom was named John. 

Glastonbury now has a large number of families by the 
name of Hodge, and they arc all descendants of this last- 
mentioned John. In 1S94 seventeen of the name were 
enrolled as electors, and it was told by a well-informed 
resident of the town that every one of these seventeen 
Hodge voters, on election day, was sure to be at the polls 
and vote the straight Democratic ticket. It is safe to say 
that of the descendants who left Connecticut and scattered 
over the country, not one in seventeen holds to the politi- 
cal faith of his Glastonbury cousins. An experienced 
horticulturist says: " A tree transplanted is often greatly 

In conclusion, we may be pardoned for saving — and it 
is said with some feeling of satisf.iction — that while our 
family name may not have been made illustrious by any 
great deed, it has not, so far as we know, been tarnished 
by an)- unworthy act. 

The Compiler. 


EARLY church and town records arc not always to be 
rcHcd upon. It is not uncommon to find that one 
conflicts with the other. Nicknames arc often given for 
real names, and sometimes tlic name of the same person 
is given in several ways. 

A female at her birth may be called Mary, at her mar- 
riage Molly, and at her death Polly. 

Sometimes Ann, Anna, Anne, Nancy, and Hannah ave 
used to designate the same woman. The following are 
some of the names that appear in this work in more than 
one form: 

Adalaide, Adcle, and Ada. 

Abigail, Abby, Nabla, and Nabby. 

Alice, AUis, and Ellis. 

Ann, Anna, Anne, and Nancy. 

Asel, Ashel, and Asahel. 

Caroline and Carrie. 

Catherine, Katharine, and Kate. 

Clara, Clarissa, and Cara. 

Dorothy and Dolly. 

Eleanor, Ella, Ellen, Helen, and Nellie. 

Isabel and 13elle. 

Joan, Joanna, and Johannah. 

Margarctta, Margaret, and Peggy. 

Mary, Molly, and Polly. 

Sarah, Sally, and Sallie. 

Susan, Susanna, and Susannah. 

Virginia, Jennie, and Jenny. 



Tcquot Indian .... 


King Pliilip's 


King William's 


Queen Anne's 


King George's 






Second English 


Mexican-United States 

1846-1 84S 

Great Rebellion .... 


Spanish- American 



Bacon's (Nathaniel) Rebellion , 


Pontlac's War .... 


Shay's (Daniel) Rebellion , 


Whiskey Insurrection 


Fries (John Insurrection . 


Carolina's Nullification 


" Black Hawk's War " 


" Patriot War " (Canada) . 


Dorr's (Thomas W. ) Rebellion . 


Brown's (John) Inva-ion . 


" Fenian War " (Canada) . 


Philippine . 




O.S. when added to the dale of a year means, as is generally known, tliat 
the year given is reckoned according to the old style; and when N.S. follows 
it means new style. 

From aljout the fourteenth century to 1752, in England and her colonies, the 
legal year began March 25; but some of the other nations, at an earlier date, 
had estaljlished January i as the beginning of the year. Even in Kn^^land 
and her colonics, before 1752, when the change to January I was made legal, 
that date was looked upon as the proper one to designate the conmiencemcnt 
of a new year. 

Hence to avoid ambiguity arose the custom of double dating the years for 
the time between January 1 ami March 25. Thus 1620/1, 1620-1, or i6;f, 
meant 1620, O.S., and 1621, N.S. In all cases in tliis work wlierc neither 
O.S. nor N.S. is added to the date of the year, and two dates are not given, 
the reader will understand that the date given is as we would write it now. 


The different gtni.'ratiaiis, in genealogical order, are denoted by e.xponents 
placed .if r li' ■ 1 1,1 i-'l ,;; r.';.,. s. 

Till I . ! ihjci-, JohnM mean, that John is uf the titst 

gen^ia' , , : . n!, and Ik-njaniin of the third. So far as pos- 

sible \iv l.aic i,iiLU CLii ii.uiie a number, believing that this would bL-ttei 
facilitate a correct understandmg. Those carried forward, a; heads of f.iinilies, 
are designateil by heavier-faced type. The line of a family may be t:a;;!y 
triced by following the numbers. Thus, John I lodge ( No. I ), as will be seeii, 
had, among other children, a son Samuel (No. I2). Una succeeding page, 
in regular numerical order, the number again will be found preceding the 
name. Samuel, as will be found, had a son Benjamin (No. 47). Trace as 
before, and so on from one generation to another to the youngest child born. 

]jy reversing tJ;e rule, lines may be traced the other way. 

Abt., about; app., apparently; b., born; bap., baptized; chil., child or chil- 
dren; dau., daughter; d., died; div., divorced; gr., grand; gt., great; hus., 
husband; m., married; m. (i), lirst m.irriage; ni. (2), second n}arriage, and 
so on; per., i)erhaps; prob., prubalily; pub., published; rec, record; res., 
residence or resiles; s., son; unm., unmarried; \v., wife; wid., widow or 

Take pencil and multiply: Vou had two parents, four grandparents, etc.. 
Twice two are four, twice four are eight, etc., and you will find that in the 
twentieth generation you 1,04^,576 ancestors, without counting the inter- 
mediate generations, and in the tnirtielli generation you had over a thousand 
millions of ancestors, without counting those between yourself and tlie thirtieth. 
Allowing thirty-three years for a generation, these thirty generations carry you 
back less than one thousand years. 




Born about 1643; married, Aug. 12, 1666, Susanna 
Denslow, born Sept. j, 1646, dauc^htcr of Henry Duni- 
low, who was killed by the Indians in Windsor, Conn., 
Ajjril 4, irj/o. (See No. 7, Denslow Family.) borne 
publications give the date of marriage August " i," 
but we closely examined the original record in Windsor, 
Conn., where the marriage took place, and found the entry 
plainly written August " 12." Mr. Hodge died in Lyme, 
Conn., 1693-4, probably the former year, and Mrs. Hodge 
died after 1694 and before 1699, probably Aug. 26. 169S. 
Mr. Hodge was a resident of wliat is now the town of 
Clinton, Middlesex County, Conn., as early as Dec. 28. 
1663. The town of Clinton until 1840 was a part of the 
town of Killingworth, which originally was called the Ham- 
manasset Plantation, " that lyeth between Guilford and 
Saybrook," and was settled in October, 1663, by inhabi- 
tants chiefly from Hartford, Windsor, and Guilford. The 
General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut of that 
year appointed a committee of three persons to establish 
"binding rules " for the settlement of the plantation. In 
Marcli, 1664, an act was passed incorporating the town. 
One of the first settlers was Edward Griswold. and out of 
respect to him the town was called Killingwurtli, which 


was the birtlnilace, in England, of the Griswolds of Con- 

Tiie ninll\ rule adopted by the coniniillce provided : 
"There shall be thirty families on the east side of the 
Haiiinianassct river, at the least." Of the first twenty ad- 
mitted by tlic committee, ten soon left. Others, however, 
came, so that Dec. nS, 1663, the whole number of planters 
was twenty-eight, John Hodge, as appears by the records 
of the town, being one of the number. Me had assigned 
him lot No. 27, whicli is described in the town records: 

"Granted from the Plantation for a home-lot, ?!.■•: acres 
more or less, being sixty rods more or less ia length, in 
breadth at the south end five rods and a half, at the north- 
erly end thirty one rods more or less, bounded suutheily 
by the highway until it comes within five rods of the 
swamp, according to the marked trees, home to tlie rock 
hill where he is bounded northerly by the rocks, westerly 
by the land of Henry Crane, and southerly by the front 
highway." This " home lot" is now a portion of the east- 
erly part of the village of Clinton. Mr. Hodge also be- 
came possessed of the following parcels of land, but the 
records give no dates: "Upon a point of land adjoining 
the Neck Land westerly side, all the remainder of the Point 
to the meadow; northwesterly and southerly home to 
the land of Josiah Hull, Jr." " In the cove lot, that is by 
William Haydeu's house-lot, all the land from the north- 
erly end of said cove . . . down to the land of Henry 
Crane." By exchange with William Hayden three acres 
and a half of meadow, more or less, at the Long point. 
" Adjoining to his home lot at the northerly end of it two 
acres, more or less." " Two acres more or less 
bounded northwest by the highway, northeast by the 
Pond, east by a brook, west by a swamp." He also held, 


by gift from tlic town, one acre aiul a quarter near William 
Barber's land in the " Planting Field Quarter;" also another 
piece, " three quarters of an acre." There is an entry, 
Jan. 30, 1671 (O.S.), of a purchase by him of two acres of 
meadow from Edward Griswold. These small tracts of 
land, bounded in great ])art by rocks, coves, ponds, brooks, 
and swamps, show something of the nature of the country 
where he lived. No wonder each parcel in the description 
contained the words " more or less." 

Mr. ilodge evidently had for near neighbors Edward 
Griswold, William Hayden, josiah Hull, William Barber, 
and Honry Crane, all of whom were men of im;)ortancc in 
the new settlement. After spending nearly three years 
nnproving his lands, and no doubt having built himself a 
house, between haying and harvesting time, in the summer 
of 1666 he visited Windsor, from which town, perhaps, he 
had emigrated to Killingworth with a number of others 
who went from that town. It is quite evident he had some 
acquaintance with the Dcnslow family of that place. Here 
he married and with his wife soon returned to his home in 
the then called " Ilanimanasset Wilderness." Mr. Hodge 
is believed to have remained in Killingworth until about 
1670, when, as may be supposed, becoming disgusted, as 
many others appear to have been, with the swamps and 
wilds of that region, he moved to Windsor, where the 
parents of his wife were still living. Mr. Denslow, his 
wife's father, owned at that time a large tract of land, a 
good portion of that which now constitutes the town of 
Windsor Locks. About the time Mr. Hodge changed his 
residence Mr. Denslow gave to Mrs. Hodge, his daughter, 
eighty acres of this land. Though no deed was executed, 
after Mr. Denslow's d^ath, in 1676, the land was claimed 
by Mrs. Hodge, and eventually went to her children. 


It is quite probable that this i^lh of land may have had 
some influence in causing Mr. Hodge to change his resi- 
dence, but there is no record or evidence showing that he 
ever located on or cultivated the land. 

The town of Sutfield, which adjoins Windsor on the 
north, was incorporated June 3, 1674. The n.unes of the 
first grantors are given in the "Memorial History of 
Hartford," Vol. 2, page 3S5, and number one hundred. 
Of this number, sixty-two were married and the balance 
were unmarried. Mr. Hodge appears as the thirty-fifth 
person on the list. It is recorded that the land in th.e 
town was heavily wooded, and for this reason the General 
Court gave the settlers for several years special privileges 
in exemption from taxes. The town at this time, and 
until 1749, was held to bu a part of Hampton County, 
Mass. Sept. 14, 1674, Mr. Hodge had allotted to him 
sixty acres of land in the town, but it is doubtful whether 
he became a resident of the town until some time later, 
as several children born to him after lOj4 are recorded as 
having been born in Windsor. 

June 12, 1678, a committee of the town voted that Mr. 
Hodge should be allowed for a lot on which to build, a 
piece of land on the west side of High street about twelve 
rods wide, and to run back to Muddy brook. It was 
bounded on the north by land of Col. John Pynchon, who 
must have been a next-door neighbor. This land to be 
accounted as part of his allotment of si.xty acres. 

There were fifty-four acres set off to him lying west of 
the brook, from which we conclude the lot to " build on " 
contained about si.x acres. Some years later there was 
another allotment made by the town, when there was 
apportioned to Mr. Hodge fiirty-five acres. 

Wiiile residing in Suffield, if at no other time, it appears 


that Mr. Ilodgc was not always as abstemious as a good 
temperance man ought to be. The court record shows 
that in 1683 he was required to give a bond for a better 
observance of his habit in this respect. At the next 
term of court, however, he was discharged, and we find 
no further evidence that there was any cause for com- 

The settlers, with their high sense of what constituted 
good citizenship would allow no one to overstep their 
rigid rules. Yet, while they were strict in enforcing habits 
of temperance, it was a common thing at the ordination of 
ministers of the Gospel to have on hand a good supply of 
wines and liquors. We find that in the town of Glaston- 
bury on one of these occasions no less than £\0 was spent 
in tliii maimer. 

Descendants of some of the so-called, and often assumed 
to be, " first families" of Connecticut have sought to bury 
in oblivion misdeeds of their early progenitors in tin's 
country by the mutilation of records. In our researches 
two instances of this kind came to our notice, one in 
Glastonbury and one in Lyme. Better far that the truth 
be told than that old records be tampered with. It may 
readily be believed that most ancestral trees, like trees in 
the forest, have some crooked limbs. 

Mr. I lodge was living in Suffield certainly as late as 
April I, 1CS5, and probably until 1687. In 1688 and in 
1691 he paid personal ta.xes in Lyme, and that he was 
living there at that time there is no doubt. 

The records of the " First Church," Middletown, Conn., 
have this entry: "Sept. 18, 1692, Samuel, Susanna, and 
Abigail Ilodge, being the children of Susanna Hodge, of 
the church in Windsor, were bapti:^ed by communion of 
churches, their mother owning the covenant." 


In the laiKl records of Windsor tlic followinsj is found, 
under date June iS, iCcj^, signed by Susanna Hodge : 
" I, Susanna Hodge, of Lyme, in the County of New Lon- 
don, formerly the wife of John Hodge, Doo fully, freely 
absolvedly and forever absolve, acquit and Discharge my 
brother, Samuel Denslow, from all further and future de- 
mand, in Reference to any part of the estate of my houoVed 
father, Henr>' Denslow, or my said mother, . . . and do 
acknowledge to have received in full my just right." Mr. 
Hodge, it is very evident, at this time was dead. 

The following is a copy of a quitclaim deed made Feb. 
2, 1700 (N.S.), by John Hodge, eldest son of John 
Hodge, Sr., v/hich was entered for record the 6th of March 
following: "In consideration of eighteen shillings, I quit 
claim, to Samuel Denslow, all my right in a parcel of Luid 
given by my grand father, Henry Denslow, deceased, to 
my mother Susanna Hodge, and to her children . . . 
east on the river [Connecticut] fifty rods, west from tlie 
river, into the woods, eighty rods, north, on the common, 
and south, on the land of said Samuel Denslow. one sixth 
part, as it lies undivided betwixed myself and my brothers 
and sisters." 

May 13, 1700 (N.S.), Joseph Hodge, of Springfield, 
Mass., and William Hodge, of New Haven, tv/o of the 
other sons of John Hodge, Sr., quitclaimed to Samuel 
Denslow their one-sixth interest in the above land for 
twelve shillings. This amount, as would appear from the 
deed, was all they both received — six shillings each, or 
one-third the amount paid their brother John, the elder son. 
We find no record of any quitclaim deeds from any of 
the other children. This is the land given to Mrs. Hodge 
and her children by her father Henry Denslow, when she 
and her husband gave up their residence in Killingwortli 


and went to Windsor. Upon it now stands the railroad 
depot at Windsor Locks. 

March 22, 1737, four acres of land which had been laid 
out to John Hodge, Sr., in Suffield, forty-five years pre- 
vious, which was a part of the " second division " of land 
in that town, was quitclaimed by John Hodge, his son, 
who then lived in Windsor. We could find no record of 
any quitclaims from any of the other children. 

Mr. Hodge, the progenitor, was the father of eleven 
children, the first of whom is named in the record of births 
at Killingworth, now Clinton ; the next five arc found on 
the records of Windsor and the last five appear to have 
been born in Suffield. One, William, is entered on the 
records both in Windsor and Suffield. 

We have been unable to get any trace of three of 
the daughters, and but little in regard to some of the 

It was usual in early days to name the first son after the 
father, and the second after the paternal grandfather. 

It will be observed that Mr. Hodge called his first son 
John, his second Thomas,* and another Henr)', the name 
borne by his wife's father. 

Eleven children, some of whom probably died young: 

2. John Hodge, b. June 16, 1667. 

3. Thomas Hodge, b. Feb. 13, 1669. 

♦The parish register of Bicester, Oxfurd County, Engian I, says: "May 
3, 1583," Thomas Ilodgc was liaptired in the church of tit. Edbury, in that 
town. (St. Edbury church was erected about t.\or>. liicester is a town of 
about two thousand inhabitants, near Oxford and (ifty-eight miles from Lon- 
don.) John Hodge, the first of our family in this country, so far as known, 
came, as is supposed, from England, and it is possiilc that this Thomas 
Hodge of liicestcr was either his father or his grandfather. 

We give these facts with a view tu aiding any .earch that may be made 
in the direction indicated. 


4. Marv Hodgf,, b. Feb. [5, 1671. 

5. Joseph Hodge, b. Dec. 14, 1672. 

6. Be.\jami,\ Hoijge,' b. June 17, 1674. 

7. Henry Hodge, b. Aug. 19, 1676. 

8. William Hodge, b. April 20, 1678. 

9. Elizabeth Hodge, b. Fob. 13, 16S0 

10. Susanna Hodge, b. Dec. 10. 16S2. 

11. Abigail Hodge, b. M.irch 7, 1684. 

12. Sa.mcel Hodge, b. Oct. 4, 16S6. 


2. JOHN- HODGE {JoJm'). 

Born June 16, 1G67; married a woman whose first 
name was Margaret. He was alive and a resident of 
Sufficld as late as March 23, 1737, at which time ho was 
sevent)' years of age. Jan, 22, 1696, he owed a debt of 
^10, and gave a mortgage to secure the payment of the 
same. The mortgage covered " six acres of land " in 
Greenfield (Bloonifield), a part of the town of Windsor, 
a dun-colored horse, a gr.^y-colorcd marc, coit, three 
swine, one t^vo years old, one one year old, one shote, and 
two goats. This mortgage was not put on record until 
July 9, 1709, thirteen years later. F"eb. 2, 1700, Mr. 
Hodge was living in Windsor. At that date he purchased 
of Thomas Kelso, also of Windsor, " one mansion house, 
with nine acres of land in Scotland, within the township 
of Simsbury," which adjoins Windsor on the north, then 
held to be a part of Massachusetts. He probably moved 

*A IJcni. Ho.lse, Doc. 3. 1709, amonc; olhcn ("more thi 
families ' ), petitiuncl for a new toHn in \e'.v H.imi.slure, near Exeter, I'.-ipcrs X.Il., \'ol. 3, part 2, p. 406,) 


to Simsbury about that time, as a quitclaim deed executed 
the same day refers to him as of Simsbury. Otlier land 
records show that he was living in that town in 1712. 
His children, or such as we have any account of, were all 
born in Windsor. 

Four children: 

13. John Hodge, b. July 2r\ 1694. 

14. Nathaniel * Hodge, I). June if>. i6g6. 

15. AsAHEi. Hodge, h. Oct. 10. 1697. 

16. Susanna Hodge, b. May 30, 1699. 

3. THOMAS- HODGE {John'). 

Born Feb. 13. 1669; married Jt'DlTH, probab!)- in 
1093. He died May 2, 1712, in New or West Haven, 
Conn. A few years since we saw in the old West Haeen 
cemetery, in which was a church, a stone upon which was 
inscribed : 


ED MAY i, 17 12 

AGED 45. 

This stone we believe has since been removed to give 
place to an addition to the church. That this Thomas'-' 
was the son of John', as here reitrescntcd, we have little 
doubt, though the evidence is not conclusive. The in- 
scription on the tombstone makes the year of birth the 
same, and wc have no trace of any other Thomas of that 

* Pcrhnps tlie Nathaniel who, Nfaicli I, lyiS-o, appearcil at flaniptim Falk 
Court, in N'crw Hampshire, in a laml case uhere several were mfercsteil. 


early clay. After the death of Mr. I lodge, his widow. 
Judith, married Daniel Bristol, who by a former wife had 
eight children; he died May 15, 1728. After Bristol's 
death she married again. 

Mr. Hodge evidently settled in New JIaven, or in that 
vicinity, as early as June 25, 169.1, as the land records of 
New Haven show that at that time he purchased of Benja- 
min Bovvden thirty acres of land, " bounded on the com- 
mon, eastward on Milford line and westward on land of 
John Downe." March 14, 1707, he deeded "woodland," 
in precinct of New Haven, called Wallingford. Walling- 
ford was settled about 1G70 by people chiefly from New 
Haven. Among tliose who took up land at that time in 
Wallingford, as shown by the land records, was one 
" Daniel Hogge," about whom we find nothing furtiicr. 
We arc inclined to believe that this man's name was Hodge 
and that his name on the record became " Hogge " through 
poor spelling. The Thomas Hodge of whom we are 
speaking named his first son Daniel, at^l it is possible 
that this Daniel Hogge of Wallingford was some way 
related to him, and that the " woodland " in Wallingford 
which Thomas sold originally belonged to him.. In the 
sale of the Wallingford land by Thomas no mention is 
made of any former owner. 

On the same day the Wallingford land was deeded Mr. 
Hodge and his wife sold to Samuel Burwell sixteen acres 
of land situated near a place called " Oyster river." In 
the language of the deed it was " In the sixth year of the 
reign of our Sovereign Lady Ann by the Grace of God of 

This sixteen acres comprised Mr. Hodge's homestead. 
The house in which he lived stood on the right-hand side 
of what was then called " Cove river," probably opposite 


ihc " Point." The old homestead a few years since was 
owned by a man named Wilier. For many years the por- 
tion of this land which projected into the river or cove 
was called "Hodge's point." July 23, 1712, letters of 
administration were granted on Mr. Hodge's estate to his 
willow. The amount of his property was inventoried at 
;t202; 04:04, or little more than a thousand dollars. 

Nine children : 

17. Daniel Modge, b. Jan. 28, 1694. 

iS. Jesse Hodge, b. Nov. 17, 1695. Jan. 6, 1724, administni- 
tion was granted on his estatu to his brother Daniul. Tho 
estate was divided among his brothers and sisters, the 
land on " Head Hill" being given to Daniel and M.nrtha. 

ID. JuniTii HoDCE, b. Oct. S, 1697. 

20. Tho.mas Hodge, b. .March 2S, 1701. 

21. MiRi.\M Hodge, b. Aug. jS, 1703; d. young. 

22. SuSAN.NA Hodge, b. Sept. 7, 1705; m., per. Nov. 5, 1737, 

George Clinton, of New Haven. 

23. Maky Hodge, b. Nov. 5, 1707; m., Oct. 15, 1724, Samuel 

Seward, of Long Island. 

24. Martha Hodge, b. Feb. iS. 1710. 

25. MiRiAiM Hodge, b. March 2, 1712. 

5. JOSEPH-' HODGE (>/,«'). 

Born Dec. 14, 1672 ; married AxN " Trumble " (Trum- 
bull), born Aug. i, 1C81, daughter of Joseph and Hannah 
"Trumble." A brother of Ann had a son Jonathan, who 
became governor of Connecticut in 1754, — the " ]3rother 
Jonathan " of historical fame. The name for many years 
was Trumble and then became TruinbuU. 

In a quitclaim deed signed by Mr. Hodge, May 13, 
1700, he is mentioned as being of Springfield, Mass. The 
(.\lci.\ was executed at Wind.sor, Conn. (See John Hodge, 
No. I, for provisions.) He was a resident of West Spruig- 
field, Mass., April 7, 1707. 


Would be glad to get further information in regard to 
this couple, or either of them. 

7. UENRY' nODGE ijo/ir.'). 

Born Aug. 19, 1676; married Sarmi (perhaps Welch), 
who, Oct. II, 1724, became a member of the First Ciiurch 
in Griswold, then part of Preston, Conn. Mr. Hodge was 
already a member of this church. lie is believed to have 
become a resident of the town in 1707. All Iiis children 
were born in Preston, except possibly the last two. I'er- 
haps had daughter Abigail baptized Aug. 2, 1713. He 
probably died in 1771 ; son John administrator. 

Seven children : 

30. DEiiORAii HonOE, b. March 12, 170S. 

31. Sarah HoncE, b. March 20, 1710; m., prob. Nov. j, 1735, 

John Guile, son of Samuel .ind Mary (Goppy) Guiie. 

32. Rachael Hodge, b. Dec. 20, 1711 ; bap. Feb. 6, 1712. 

33. Hannah Hodge, b. May 23, 1713; bap. June 12, 1715. 

34. John Hodge, b. Sept. 12. 1717; bap. April 27. 1718. He 

was administrator on the estate of "Henry Hodge, late 
of Voluntoun," New London Co., taking directions of the 
Prcbate Court of tlie district of I'lainfield, Windham Co.. 
adjoining. The administration was probably upon the 
estate of his father. This action was talven in Ocloiier, 

35. Henry Hodge, b. prob. 1719-20; bap. Sept. 25, 1720. 

36. Jonathan Hodge, bap. Aug. 27, 1723. (Griswold rec- 


11. ABIGAIL = HODGE O//.^'). 

Born March 7, 16S4; married, Dec. 10, 1717, Gkorgc 
Gilbert, of Durham, Conn., who was killed by the falliiv::^ 
of a tree Jan. 13, 171S (Middletown record). In 17^2 
she is supposed to have married Jericmiaii Lf.ming, who 


by a former wife, Abigail, had three children, Ily this 
marriage there were born 

Seven children: 

40. Lucy Leming, b. Feb. 4, 1724. 

41. Abigail Le.ming, b. April 8, 1725 ; d. young. 

42. Abigail Le.ming, b. Dec. 4, 1726. 

43. Emzaketh Le.mi.\g, b. Dec. 2, 172S. 

44. Esther Le.ming, b. M.iy 12, 173 1. 

45. Jane Leming, b. March 6. 1733. 

46. Aakon Le.mlng, b. .May 3, 173S. 

12. SAMUEL^ HODGE {John'). 

Born Oct. 4, 16S6. There was a widow "Sarah 
flODGE,'' who died in Gla.stonbury May 31, 17S1, v.ho 't 
is supposed was the widow of Samuel Hodge. 

Some of his descendants claim that before marriage she 
was Sarah Dustin. born July 4, 1688, daughter of Thomas 
and Mannah Dustin, of Haverhill, Mass., whose Indian 
fame is historical. 16873:^9 

So far as we have been able to ascertain there is noUiing 
reliable upon which to base this claim. As will hereafter 
be seen, some of the descendants of Thomas Hodge and 
Thomas Dustin intermarried and had children, who were 
given the name Dustin. Mr. Hodge died in Glastonbury, 
May 8, 17G4. He was a land-holder in that town as early 
as 17 1 2, and probably became a resident of the town about 
that time. Glastonbury was incorporated May 8, iG'jO. 
Prior to this time the inhabitants on the east side of the 
Connecticut river, opposite Weathersfield, belonged to the 
Wcathcrsfield society, and one of the reasons given for 
the incorporation of the new town, and the establishing 
of another church, was the inaccessibility of the Weathers- 
field church. 


The population of Glastonbury increased rapidly, 
especially the eastern portion, so that in May, 1731, a new 
society was organized in that part of the town, which took 
the name of Eastbury. 

The language of the act in speaking of the boundaries 
says : " Including with others the farm of Samuel Hodge." 

The post-office in that part of the town is now called 
Buckinghain. In 17 14 the fifth name on the list of 
"Polls and Estates" in Glastonbury was Samuel Hodge. 
Jan. 27, 1713, a tract of land containing six thousand 
acres, situated in the four easternmost miles of the town, 
was divided among the land-holders, being proportioned 
to them according to their ta.x list of the previous year. 
In this distribution Mr. Hodge received as his share 
thirty-six acres, v/hich was not siirvc)'ed and recorded 
until 1730. The deed given to him by the commissioners 
speaks of the land as being " a little northwesterly of 
Nipsic Pond." Nov. 5, 1733, Mr. Hodge sold this land, 
with "orchard thereon," to Henry Hills for ^90, about 
$450 of our money. 

Dec. 23, 1723, there was a second division of land 
in the town, and Mr. Hodge was allowed as his portion 
thirty-three acres and ninety-six rods. This land was in 
that part of Eastbury then called the " mile of common." 
It was surveyed and laid out to him Dec. 14, 1736. Jan. 
18, 1735, Mr. Hodge purchased of Jonathan Strickland 
three acres of land. March 13, 1738, he sold the land he 
received in the second apportionment. 

May 7, 1743, he again deeded land, and this is the last 
mention of his name on the land records of the town. 

Mr. Hodge, we conclude, married much later in life than 
men usually do, and his wife quite likel>- was some years 
the younger. As will be seen, he lived to the age of 


nearly cis^luy, nnd tlic ''widow Sarah Ilodgc " survived 
liini some seventeen years. We have tried hard to find 
sonie leeord of his marriage, but liave been unable to do 
so. Nor could we find the dates of birth of his children. 
We oni)' know that he had three sons, and tliat Benjamin, 
the yountjest, calculating his age at the dale of his death, 
wliich is definitely known, would make the date of 
birth as we give it. 

The records of the Second Congregational Church in 
15uckinghani contain the names of several of our I lodge 
family, but a portion of the records have been spirited 
away, and are lost to the public. Rev. Alonzo 15. Chapin, 
in his " Glastonbury for Two Hundred Years," speaks of 
some of the Glastonbury records as having been " care- 
fully removed." If they had been alike "carefully" kept 
as they were " removed " they might furnish us iafornia- 
tion much desired. 

There appears to have been trouble in the Glastonbury 
church at an early day, on account of persons failing to 
attend the services, and Feb. 17, 17 14, the society voted 
that those who did not occupy their seats should pay a 
fine of fifteen shillings. 

Whether or not Mr. Hodge was one of those who failed 
to " occupy his seat " we are not informed ; possibly the 
" carefully removed " records might give some light on 
the subject. 

Three children : 

47. S.\MUEL Hodge, b. about 1721. 
4H. John HoDfir.. b. about 1725. 
4U. liE.Nj.^.MiN Hodge, b. year 1731. 

[('■l.istiinl'urv- was named after Glastonbury, Englaiv!, where it !■; said wa» 
Ijullt the first Cl.rUtian cliureh in the world.] 


13. JOHN ' IIODGE Uo'"t \ John ' ) . 

]>orn July 26, 1694; married, April 5, 1716-7, MaRY 
Steel, born Oct. 27, 169S, daughter of Barrit and Mary 
Steel, of Springfield, Mass. Mr. Hodge died in 1751. 
His first child was born in Springfield, Mass., and he may 
have resided there for a year or more, but he soon settled 
in Windsor, Conn., where he resided the balance of his 
life. Nov. 13, 1751. administration was granted on his 
estate to his sons-in-law, Eliakim Marshall, of Windsor, 
and Joel Thrall, of Torringford. Ilis will is on record in 
the Probate Court office in Hartford. His estate for 
those (lays was quite large. 

Six children: 

51. AsAHKL Hodge, b. Oct. 3/4, 1717. 

52. M.\Ky HoucE, b. Feb. 24, 1719. 

53. Makgaket Hodge, b. June 5, 1720. 
51. Sarah Hodge, b. Feb. 24, 1722. 

55. Joii.M MoDGE, b. July II, 1724. When a boy he was bound 

out to William Hayden, of Windsor, but we have no 
knowlodye as to what became of hhn thereafter. 

56. Thankful Houge, b. July 28, 1726; ni., Nov. 2S, 1744, 

Reuben Cook, b. Feb. 5, 1723, and d. in 1762. She d. 
June 17, 1758. Mr. Cook was a descendant of Capt. 
Aaron Cook, and served in the French-Indian war. His 
father's name was Richard. 

17. DANIEL' IIODGE {T/iowas\ John'). 

Born Jan. 3S, 1694; married Ei.E.WOR Brown, who is 
believed to have died in 1776. He died in 1785, at which 
time he was living in New Haven, Conn. 

In the year 1720, according to an old record, he sub- 
scribed to a fund raised to pay for the ringing of a bell at 


nine o'clock ench night. Sept. I, 1724, ho and hi? brother 
Thomas agreed upon a division of certain lands in West 
Haven, at a place called "Oyster Meadow," or "Oyster 
River." The land very likely was a part of their father's 
estate, as the father owned land in that locality. Jan. 20, 
1732, there was quitclaimed to hina by William Blakeslee, 
" all right and title which the said William hath to certain 
land of their honored father," from which it would seem 
that Mr. Blakeslee married a sister of Mrs. Hodge. May 
i), 1734, Tillo and Mary (ISruwn) IM.xkeslee, husband and 
wife, released to Mr. Hodge and Ebenezcr Trowbridge 
all title they held to certain property of their deceased 
grandfather. In the release Mr. Trowbridge is spoken of 
as the fathcr-in-!a'.v of Mr. Hodge, which leads to the 
belief that Mr. Hodge's wife, Eleanor Brown, was a step- 
daughter of Mr. Trowbridge, or that before marryirg Mr. 
Hodge she had a husband by the name of Brown. Mr. 
Trowbridge's wife's name, before marriage, was Hannah 
Brown, perhaps a widow, and mother of Eleanor. 

Mr. Hodge was a manufacturer of lasts, giving a portion 
of his time to farming. His will, bearing date Jan. 4, 
1762, was entered for probate March 7, 1785, twenty- 
three years after being made. To his son Daniel he 
gave all the land and buildings he owned in New Haven. 
All his children were provided for except Jesse and Re- 
becca, who are supposed to have been dead. The wife's 
estate was administrated by her son-in-law, Nathaniel 
Downs, who married her daughter Mary. At the time the 
administration was granted, July 3- 1776. Mr. Hodge was 
eighty-two years old. Oct. 27, 1734, he and all his chil- 
dren then born, five in number, were baptized and taken 
into the Episcopal Church at West Haven, the Rev. 
Samuel Johnson officiating. 


Tradition in the family says Mr. Ilod^e was a most 
excellent man, greatly respected by all vvliu knew him. 
Eit,^ht children: 

58- SaKAII HODGli, 1.. .M;ly I9, 1726. 

59- Jhsse Hooge, b. March ii, 172S. 

60. Damel Hodgi;, b. Dec. 12, 1729. 

61. Be.vjamin IIODGii, b. Feb. 22, 1732. 

62. Elean'ok Hodge, b. ,\ray 25,' 1734-^ d. Sept. 30. 1745 

63. Mauy Hodge, b. ]u\y 24. .736; n,. Nath.u.iel Downs 

64. Martha Hodge, b. Ai.ri! 24, 1740: uu,u. wl,,,, be, mother 

died, 1776. 

65. Rebecca Hodge, b. May 26, 1743. 

19. JUDITH ' IIODGE {77^o^„as\ JoM' ). 

Born Oct. 8, 1697; married, Jan. 29, 17.^0, Svmukl 
Hale, of Milford, Conn. Mr. Hale probably continued 
to reside m that town for some years at least, as the records 
show the birth of the following children : 

P'our children : 

67. Miriam Hai.e, b. Aug. 23, 1720. 

68. S.'V.MUEL Hale, b. Oct. 26, 1721. 

69. jESiE Hale, b. .\u^r. 22. i'7-3" ' 

70. SL.S.VNNA Hale, b. April ,, ,725 ; n,., Oct. 30, ,746. Tin.o- 

thy Thomas. 

20. T1I0MA.S MIODGE ( 7y....„„ ^ y,/.« ■ ) . 

Bom March 28, .701 ; married Marv, whose full name 
has not been ascertained. He lived in or near New Haven 
and there died in ,754. Sept. i. 1724, he and his 
brother Daniel made a division of land, supposed to have 
been a part of their father's estate. (See Daniel Hod-e 
No. ,7.) Oct. 12, 1735, Mrs. Hodge was a communicant 
of the First Episcopal Church in West Haven Her hus- 


baiul's brolhcr Daniel (No. 17) and his family, as will be 
seen, belonged to the same church. 

The record of children here given may be wrong a^ 
regards Mar)- and Uavid. The latter possibly was the so!i 
of Thomas, Jr. 

Six children, two in doubt: 

72. M.MiY Hodge, per. b. July 24, 1736. 
J3. Esther Hodge, bap. Sept. u, 1729. 

74. Tno.M.\s Hodge, bap. April lO, 1731. Tlie rec- 

ords of New Haven li.ive this eutry : ■'.Vrni 7, r/j''.. 
George Clinton, husband of Ann Iioil,.;e, aiijiiiiiiiLd 
guardian of Thomas, son of Hodg... Sr.'' In 
the record here referred to the wife of .Mr. Clinton -.s 
called "Ann," but we think her full name was Susanna. 
(See N'o. 22.) Oct. iS, 1756, .Mr. Ho^lge w:.^ a soldier 
in the Frunch-Indian war, then stationed at Fort Ale 

75. Wir.LiAM Hodge, bap. Oct. 27, 1734. ? -j-^vinb 

76. S.\.MUEL Hodge, bap. Oct. 27. 1734. > 

77. Uavid Hodge. The probate records of Xcv llau.-n 

say: "July, 176S, David Hodge, minor son of Tliomas 
Hodge, late of .Milford. had James Goldsmith -ippointci! 
by the court as his guardian."' It is possible that David 
wasa son of Thomas, No. 74, instead of being his brothtr. 
He had for wife, wlio, Oct. S. 1793, had deedt'l to 
her by Isaac Gunn, o( Milford, eleven acres of land, a 
part of the " sequestered land." .Mr. Hodge served in 
the Revolutionary war, and March 22, 1S19, was placed 
on the pension roll. He was transferred from the Litch- 
field Co. Roll, Conn., to Chenango Co., N.Y., and it i.- 
supposed he died in that county. 

'24. MARTHA' HODGE {TAo/»as\ Jo/m' ). 

Horn Feb. iS, 1710; married, Jan. 19, 1727, I5ENJAM1N' 
JriXES, born Oct. 14, 1706, son of IV-njamin and Hannah 

(]5rown) Jones, who were married in New Haven Xov. 

30, 16S7. Mrs. Jones had si.x and perhaps more chi!- 


dron, but \vc have been able to ascertain the names of 
but two. 

Two children : 

7g. Maktha J'3.\es, b. Nov. 13, 1727; bap. Sept. 13, 172S. 
So. Benjamin Jones, bap. May 23, 1731. 

25. MIRIAM ' IIODGE ( Thomas \ Jo/m ' ) . 

Born March 2, 1712; married, Dec. 23, 1731, U.VNlEL 
Bl.\KESLEE, of New Haven, Conn. The Blakeslee family 
at an early day was quite prominent in that place, and it 
is believed that many of the descendants now reside there. 

Eight children : 

S5. John Ulakeslee, b. Oct. i, 1732. 

86. ZiLfAH b. June 24, 1734. 

87. Daniel Llakeslee, b. M.iy 9, 1736. 

88. MiKi.-ui Blakeslee, b. June g, 173S. 

89. Si.MRV Blakeslee, b. Feb. 10, 1740; d. Feb. 17, i7.p. 

90. David Blakeslee, b. April 30, 1741. 

91. Jason Blakeslee, b. March 26, 1747. 

92. R.\CHAEL Bl.vkeslee, b. Oct. 4, 175 I. 

35. HENRY^ IIODGE {JIcnry\ John' ). 

Born probably 1720; married, about i/Sy, PiKEUE, who 
died May 10, 1752. The family was living in Middletown, 
Conn., May 6, 1740, and probably continued to reside there 
at least for some years ; perhaps both Mr. and Mrs. Hodge 
died there, the latter most probably. Hinman in his un- 
published MSS. in the Boston Historical Rooms gives the 
- baptism of some of the children and calls them and their 
parents " Hodge." His authority is the church records. 
The town records of Middletcnvn in giving the births say 
" Hedges." There is little doubt that the church records 
are correct. 


Six children 

Makv Hodge, b. May 25, 1740; hap. Juac 8, 1740. 
»5. Isaac Houge, b. May 14, i743; M^- M-'iy —< '743- 

96. Esther Hodge, b. Aug. 15, 1745. 

97. Henky Hodge, b. Aug 15, 1747; bap. Aug. 16, 1747. 
9S. Kachael Hodge, b. Oct. 27, 1749. 

99. Cenja.min Houge, b., 1751 ; not in church record. 

47. SAMUEL^ \10T>G'E. {Samuel', Joh?i'). 

IJoni about 172 1 ; married. May 3, 174S, M.VKY LovE- 
l.ANU, dau^litcr Thomas and Eunice (House) Love- 
land, Glastonbury, Conn., granddaughter of John and 
Kczia (Williams) Loveland, who were married June iG, 
1 70S, and gicdt-granddaughter of Thomas Loveland, the 
pioneer. Mrs. Hodge di'jd April 26, 177 1. Mr. Hodge 
married (2), Dec. 25, 1771, Deborah Peters, born 1720 
and died Sept. 16, 1799. Mr. Hodge died in 1S04. He 
became a land-holder in Glastonbury as early as Sept. 27, 
1742, which is probably the year he became of age. 
June 27, 1747, he purchased land for which he paid £445' 
March 4, 1754, he bought land for which he paid LZoo. 
Two days later he sold land for which the consideration 
was .^1,600, or about $S,ooo. This was quite a large land 
sale for those days, especially in that town. Sept. 5, 
1755, a Samuel Hodge of Glastonbury enlisted in the 
company of Capt. John Savage to serve in the French- 
Indian war, a war which arose from French encroach- 
ments on the English settlements. Mr. Hodge served 
until the nth of December following, probably having 
enlisted for three months. He received as pay for his ser- 
vices ^4: 13:4- 

So far as can be ascertained, there were at that early 
date but two men in Glastonbury bearing the name of 

44 HODGE FAMir.V. 

Samuul liodgc : one the father, and the other his soji. 
The father at this lime was sixty-nine >-ears old, which 
precludes the behef that ho was the one in t!ie military 
service. Soon after 1755 Mr. Hodge must have moved 
to Middletown, a town adjoining Glastonbury on the 
south. Here, Jan. 16, 175S, he purchased land of Isaac 
Neland, and March 23, 1763, sold land to Menry Bill, 
of Lebanon. From this date until Oct. 14, 1799, the 
rccorils show that he was a party to many land transac- 
tions, some in Chatham and some v.i MidLlletuwn, the 
latter town embracing the former until 1767, at which 
time it was incorporated. Mr. Hodge lived in that part 
of Middletown which lay cast of the Connecticut river, 
and wh.irh became the town of Chatham. 

The records of Glastonbury show that his first three 
children were born in that town, while the others appear 
on the records of Middletown and East Chatliam. 

Nine children: 

104. Mary Hodge, b. March 3, 1750. 

105. Ruth Hodgk, b. Feb. i6, 1752. 

106. S.VMlKL HOUGE, b. Feb. 19, 1734; intention to m. Su.-ih 

Smart pub. in Kumney. N.H., Nov. 25, 17,^3. 

107. David Houge, b. Sept. 16, 1756; intention to ni. Eliza- 

beth Smart (widow) pub. in Rumney, N.H.. Dec. iS, 
1774; had dau. Mary Loveland, b. Aug. 29. 1775. After 
his death his widow m. Jeremiah Clancy, before this 
marriage there wa.s an ante-nuptia! contract made, which 
bears d.ite April 29, 17S4, and which was recorded March 
2. 1797- 

108. Thomas Hodge, b. Sept. 8, 1758. 

.CK). N-Au.Ml HODCE, b. March 15, ,761. Either Naomi or her 
sister Mary married a man by the name of Kemp. 

no. SoLOMu.v FIoDGK, b. ^r.arch i, 1763. 

III. AnrGAiE Hodge, b. Feb. 26, 1765 ; m., Dec. 5, 17S1, Israel 


Israel Hodge, b. May 2, 1767; bap. May 10, 1767. (E. 

Ch.itliam, Conn., Rec.) 
IcHAHOD Hodge, b. April 26, 1771; bap. April 28, 1771. 

(E. Cliathain, Conn., Rec.) 

4S. JOIIX' HODGE {Samucr\/o/ni'). 

Born about 1725; married (i), Jan. 29, 1748, Sarah 
Taylor, daughter of John Taylor, of Wcathcrsfield, Conn. 
She died Jan. 26, 1781 ; married (2), March 27, 17S3, 
Abigail DuDGE. Mr. Hodge died in 1799. his wife sur- 
viving him. He lived his whole life in Glastonbury, Conn. 
Nearly if not all of those of the Hodge name now resid- 
ing in that town are his descendants. Through marriages 
with other families probably nearly one linndrcd of his 
descendants, under different names, are residents of that 

April 28, 1747, the year before his first marriage, he 
sold land for the consideration of ,^120. In 1752 he 
deeded land for which he received ^^550. We find no 
record of the purchase of any land i^y him prior to these 
dates. In 1761 he made a large purchase of land, and 
Aug. 10, 1767, he was again a buyer. Aug. 14, 1770, and 
also Sept. I, 1773, he sold land. 

These and other land transactions show that he was 
quite an extensive dealer in real estate. In 17G7 the town 
voted him permission "to build a grist mill on /iis ozcn 
land, on Roaring Brook." 

The General Assembly of Connecticut, in October, 1777, 
enacted that all freemen in the colony should take an oath 
of fidelity to the colony and country, and no person not 
having taken this oath should be permitted to vote, hold 
any office, practise any profession, nor make any bargain 
for the purchase or sale of any property, real or [)cr.^onal. 


This oath of loyalty was taken by Mr. Hodge immediately 

According to tradition in the family he was a man of 
exemplary character, greatly esteemed for liis honesty and 
neighborly virtues. He was a member of the Glastonbury 
Ecclesiastical Society, of which Rev. John Eells was 
pastor. He made his will May 14, 1799, and about four 
months after his death it was entered for probate at the 
Probate Court office in Hartford. He is supposed to have 
died about the first of September. The will provided that 
his wife should have " all the furniture she brought with 
her, and half of that since purchased;" also "that she 
should have the use of" certain property " so long as she 
shall remain a widow." Mr. Hodge made provision for 
all of his children then living, and for such heirs as there 
were of those who were dead. Isaac, his seventh son and 
tenth child, v/as named in the will as executor. By his 
last wife he had no children. 
Twelve children : 

115. John Hod(u;, b. Nov. 6, 174S. 

lie. Sarah Hooge, b. Sept. S, 1750. 

117. Elijah Hodge, b. Nov. ii, 1752. 

lis. Jo.vATH.VN Hodge, b. Oct. i6, 1754. 

113. Levi Hodge, b. Dec. 21. 1756. (.See Rev. Levi Hodge.) 

120. Eli Hodge, b. Sept. 9, 175S; bap. July S, 1759. 

121. SofHH Hodge, b. Feb. 17, 1760; d. two liour.s old. 

122. Rhoda H'IDGe, b. Dec. 24, 1761 ; bap. Jan. 31, 1762; m.. 

Oct. 25, 1781, Samuel Pease, who d. Sept. 20, 1789. She 
d. Aug. 10, 1784. 

123. RoswELL Hodge, b. Feb. 9, 1766; d. before 1799; m. and 

certainly had one son. 

124. Isaac Hodge, b. Jan. 24, 176S; bap. Marcli 27, 176S; m., 

Doc. 25, 1791, Esther Warner. He wa.s alive certainly in 
1799. as lie was .administratoron his father's e>tatc. There 
was an I.s.iac Hodge of Gl.astonbury in the war of 1812- 
14, who perhaps was a son of this Isaac. 


i.!5. LvDiA Hodge, b. , 1769; bap. Nov. 19, 1769; m., 

March 14, 1787, Isaac Bowers. 
126. Abel Hodge, b. , 1771 ; bap. Nov. 14, 1771 ; m., Nov. 

24, 1791, Submit Brooks. 

V.h IJENJAMIN^ HODGE {SaMucr-,Jo/in' ). 

Born , 1731 ; married, Nov. 21 (one record says 

" Nov. 22 "), 175 1, by Rev. Ephraim Little, of First Con- 
j^roi^itional Church, Glastonbury, Lydia Welle.s, born 
.M,iy 2.^, 17.-S, and died in iSio. (See Wcl'.c? family, 
No. 31.) lie died April 24, 1799. We conclude siic 
died in 1 8 10, because her estate was entered for probate 
that year. Mis birth we have placed in 1731, because a 
record says at his death he was sixty-eight years old. 
Mr. llodje resided in Glastonbury, Conn., where both he 
and his wife died. He served in the French-Indian war 
from May 29 to Oct. 25, 1758, as appears by records on 
file in the State library at Hartford, Conn. lie belonged 
to Capt. Samuel Gaylord's company of the Fourth Regi- 
ment, and received as pay for his services ;iC9 : 12 : 10. The 
records of the town show that he was a party to many 
transactions in real estate. During the years 1791 and 
1792 his son Benjamin united with him in several pur- 
ch.ascs and sales. Dec. 30, 1794, is the last time the elder 
Benjamin is mentioned in any land deal. 

The inhabitants of Glastonbury were among the first 
to take action against the British. As early as 1770 the 
people passed resolutions censuring the colony of New 
York " for shamefully violating the non-importation agree- 

Six montlis prior to the Declaration of Independence, 
Jan. 22, 177^^, the town orderctl the purchase of tlircc 
hundred pounds of powder for the use of the town, an;! in 
the month of September following, at a meeting.; of the 


freemen of the town, it was voted that " a committee' of 
three persons be chosen to inspect eacli able-bodied man, 
and see that he was equipped with a good gun, and if any 
man had a gun not in good repair, the committee to warn 
such person to get such gun well fixed within one week 
after such warning; and if any person was poor and 
unable to have their gun fixed, then such person to immedi- 
ately deliver their gun to the selectmen of the town, who 
should appoint two judicious freeholders to appraise the 
same ; and then said selectmen to fix such gun at the ex- 
pense of the town, and if the owner thereof did not pay 
the charges for the repairs within six months, then the 
selectmen to pay the owner of said gun the appraised 
value, and keep the same for the benefit of the town." 

i\Ir. Modgo was one of the tluxe persons chosen to make 
the inspection. At the same "town meeting" it was 
voted to purchase, for the use of the towa, a " bullet 
mould and ladle." Mr. Hodge took the " oath of fidelity " 
immediately after the passage of the act, and during the 
whole struggle against the mother country took a promi- 
nent part in the town, in such ways as he could, calculated 
to inspire patriotism among the people. 

Mr. Hodge made his will April 3, 1799, three months 
before his death. All of his children then living had mar- 
ried, and most of them had gone West. In the language 
usually used in wills of that day, he commenced by giving 
his "soul to God who gave it and his body to the earth." 
He provided that each of his six living children should 
have an equal amount, and the balance of his estate should 
go to his wife. After his death the widow lived with her 
daughter Lj-dia, who with her husband, Elijah Covell, 
took charge of the old home-^tead. In i,'^94 the house in 
which Mr. Hodge lived and died was still stanih'iiL'. The 


j.l.icc was long known as "Hodge Hill," and is now often 
so called. Mi. Hodge and his wife were both members 
of the Eastbury church. 

None of the descendants of Mr. Hodge bearing the 
llot!;;c name now reside in Connecticut, but they may 
he fmind in New York, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Washing- 
ton, Oregon, California, and perhaps other States; and 
as a general thing they have been prosperous. His five 
il.iuglitLrs all ni.irried Revolutionary soldiers. 

Might children: 

I'JS. BicN-j.^MiN HoDCE, b. Feb. i, 1753. 

129. WiLLi.A.M Hodge, b. Aug. 14, 1754; d. July 2S, 1768. 

1.10. LvDiA HoDOt;, b. Aug. 2, 1756. 

131. Aw Hodge, b. Feb. ir. 1758. 

1S2. Jerusha Hodge, b. Sept. 27, 1759. 

133. As.vhel Hodge, b. June 25, 1761 ; d. Aug. 13, 1763. 

131. Lois Hodge, b. June 25, 1764. 

135. Eu.NlCE Hodge, b. June 11, 176S. 

51. A.SAHEL" HODGE (Jo/in\ John", Jok?t'). 

l?orn Oct. 3, 1717; married, Jan. 27, 1740, D.\M.\RtS 
Gu.MAN, of Hartford, Conn. Mr. Hodge was born in 
Windsor, but this is about all we know of him until he 
became a resident of Harwinton, about 176S, when he 
was fifty years of age. 

He lived in that town, probably with his son, during the 
whole period of the Revolutionary war. He or his son 
was clerk of Harwinton from 1784 to 1787. Quite likely 
it was the son. Captain Asahel, who held this position. 
The captain moved about 1788 to Kdinburg, Saratog.i 


County, N.Y., and it is believed the father went with him. 
as we find no trace of him in Harwinton after that date. 
The records of the First Congregational Church of Wind- 
sor show that he became a member of that church by 
public profession June 26, 1737, when twenty years of 
age. He had born in Windsor one child, but quite likely 
had others. 

One child: 
136. AsAHEL Hodge, b. Nov. 7, 1741. 

53. MARGARET * IIODGE (JoJm ", John -, John ' ) . 

Porn June 5, 1720; married, Nov. 10, 173S, JOEL 
Thrall, born May 27, 1716, son of John and Mindwell 
(Moses) Thrall, of Windsor, Conn., grandson of Timotiiv- 
and Deborah (Gunn) Thrall, and great-grandson of 
William Thrall, one of the first settlers of Wind.sor, who 
was a soldier in the I'equot war, and died Aug. 3, 167S. 
The Windsor records speak of " Old Goody Thrall," who 
died July 30, 1676. She is supposed to have been the 
wife of William Thrall, the pioneer. The records of tiie 
First Congregational Church of Windsor say: "Oct. 26, 
1740, Joel Thrall, and Margaret his wife, made public con- 
fession." Soon after this date Mr. Thrall moved to 
Torrington, Litchfield County, where for many years he 
kept a hotel, or tavern, as such places were called in tiiosc 

At his death he was succeeded in business by his son 
Pardon, who continued to keep the same hotel for many 

Mr. Thrall was one of the administrators on the estate 
of his father-in-law, John Modge, of Windsor, who died 
in 1751. 


Nine children: 

142. Joel Thrall, b. April 15, 1740; bap. Nov. 9, 1740. 

143. Aaron Thrall, b. May 29, 1742. 
U4. Chloe Thrall, b. March 5, 1745. 
145. Reuben Thrall, b. Feb. 20, 1747. 
140. Levi Thrall, b. June 11, 1749. 
147. Friend Thk.vll, b. June 9, 1752. 
14S. Noah Thrall, b. April 3, 1754. 

149. Margaret Thrall, b. Jan. 9, 1756. 

150. Pardon Thrall, b. Feb. 10, 1759; '"• ^'^^ ^^^^'^ 

li West. 

54. SARAH' HODGE W^tn\ John \ John' ). 

ISorn Feb. 24, 1722; married, Nov. 10, 1743, Eli.\kim 
M.\RSn.\l.L, born July 15, 1720, son of Eliakim Marshall, 
born July 10, 1669, who married, Aug. 23, 1704, Sarah 
List, of Milford, Conn., and \,ho died Aug. S, 1720. 

He was a grandson of Samuel Marshall, who married 
Mary Wilton, daughter of Lieut. David Wilton. The 
grandfather was a captain in King Philip's war, and was 
killed in the great " Swamp Fight " in Rhode Island, Dec. 
'9. i675> the most desperate engagement ever fought in 
the New England States. 

The father of Captain Samuel, great-grandfather of 
Elialcim, Jr., was Thomas Marshall, who came from Eng- 
land and was admit'.ed to the church in Boston in 1634, 
and made a freeman there March 4, 1635. The descend- 
ants of Thomas Marshall have exhibited great intellectual 
power and personal bravery. 

Eliakim lived in Windsor, Conn., where, as will be seen, 
he raised a large family. 

Twelve children: 

152. Sai;ah ^i.vl;sllAL^„ I). Oct. 17, 1744. 

153. F.i'NicE Marshall, b. Jan. 14, 1746. 

154. kuoDA Mausiiall. b. July 22. 1747. 


155. Dinah Marshall, 'b. April i, 1749. 

156. Elisil\ Marshall, b. Dec. 31. 1750. 

157. Elijah Marshall, b. Sept. 9, 1752. 

158. Eliaklm Marshall, b. Oct. 2S, 1754. 

159. RACHAiiL Marshall, b. June 13, 1756. 

160. AsENATH Marshall, b. July 9, 1758. 

161. Lucy Maksilall, b. July 18, 1760. 

162. Tryi'Hena Marshall, b. March 31, 1762. 

163. D.V.NIEL Marshall, b. March 18, 1766. 

60. DANIEL' HODGE {DanicP, r/wmas-, John'). 

Born Dec. 12, 1729; married S.\R.\II PLATr, born 
Feb. 28, 1742, and died about 1825, at Xortli Alilford, 
Conn. He died before 179G. Both for a time were 
members of the Congregational Church in West Haven, 
that portion now Orange. 
Ten children : 
1G6. Daniel Hodge, b. Jan. , 1766. 
167. Sarah HouGE, b. Jan. . 1766 ; m. Amos Mallory ; had 

certainly three children. 
1C8. Benjamlv Houge, b. , 176S-9. 

169. Jesse Hodge, proli. b. in 1770; d. youns;. 

170. Martha Hodge, b. Oct. 19, 1771 ; d. March 9, 1S13. unm, 

171. Eleanor Hodge, bap. Sept. i, 1776; d. before her father, 

of cancer; unm. 

172. Rebecca Hodge, ut\m. 

173. Jesse Hodge, b. April 29, 17S0; bap. June 4. 17S0. 

174. Daniel Hodge, b. , 1783; bap. Sept. 28. 17S3; had 

guardian appointed 1799; unm.; went to Charleston. 
S.C, where he d. abt. 1814. 

175. .Mehitarle Hodge, d. young. 

73. ESTHER' HODGE {Thomas\ Thomas\ John' ). 

Baptized Sept. ir, 1729, and probably born same year; 
married, Feb. 14, 1751, Isaac Beecher, Jr., born Jan. S, 
1726-7, and died Oct. 25, 181 1, at West Haven, Conn. 
She died Nov. 28, 1S02. 


l*'ivc children : 

176. Esihi:k Dkhichek, b. March 7, 1752 ; m. Joseph Smilh. 

177. Sauah liEECHEK, b. Sept. 29, 1753 ; ni. a Merrill ; lived hi 

West Haven. She d. in 1813. 
i7y. F.LrzAiiETH Beecher; m. Jeremiah Smith. 
179. Anne Beecher, b. in 175S; d. in 1S36, unm. 
100. Lois Beechek; m. Joseph Prindle. 

7.), WILLIAM' HODGE {Thoma,\ rhoinas\ John'). 

Jiapti/.cd Oct. 27, 1734; probably born same year. 
Had wife LVCV. Administration granted on estate March 
6, 17S0, to Josiah Terrill, who was made guardian of 
"infant chUd ?iLibel " (Waterbury, Conn., rec). 

Mrs. Linn (Race) Ames, of North Ridgeville, Lorain 
County, Ohio, daughter of Bradford Race, granddaughter 
of Belinda (Hodge) Beebe, and, as she says, great-grand- 
daughter of William Hodge, in a letter, 1897, gives the 
following in regard to her family line: "My great-grand- 
father, William Hodge, was killed by the British in 1770. 
Eunice, a daughter of William, was born Sept. 9, 175^- 
and died Aug. 10, 1S43. She had two brothers and two 
sisters. One brother died in New York and the other in 
Waterbury, Conn. One sister married a Smith and the 
other, Belinda, my grandmother, married David Beebe, 
who lived in Waterbury. Grandmother Belinda (Hodge) 
Beebe died INLarch 3, 1865, aged S6,and grandfather Beebe 
died Aug. 37, 1.S57, aged -jGr This would make the year 
of Belinda's birth 1779, the year her father was killed, 
and the year of Mr. Beebe's birth 17S1. Mrs. Ames 
further says: "Clayton Terrill, of Ridgeville, a descend- 
ant of William Hodge, has in his possession an old screw- 
driver, upon which are the letters ' W. IL,' which, according 
to tradition, belonged to William Hodge. Joel Terrill, 
ulto married Eunice Hodue, was born in Connecticut, July 


23. 1757. came to Ohio May 10, iSio, and died Maich 
2-', 1825." A cluHci. record at West Haven says William 
Hoage and uifc Lucy had a son Jeremiah, baptized Feb 
II. 1776. 

The descendants of the daughters of Mr. Hodge, Eunice 
and Belinda, are quite numerous in Lorain County and 
other parts of the country, all highl>' respected, and some 
distinguished for high attainments. 

: children, perhaps others : 


181. Eunice Houge, b. Sept. 9, 175S. 
1S2. Uellvda IIuuce, b. , 1779. 

95. LSAAC^ HODGE {Hcury^, IIenry\ John^ ). 

Born May 14, 1743; married, September, 1765 Axvv 
ROBERTS. The Middletown, Conn., records call he'r 
"Robbards." The same records give Hodge as \U^\^c 
and Hodges. Evidently the records were Avritten by''^ 
poor speller. No date of the death of Mr. Hod-e or his 
wife has been found, and it is quite probable that they 
moved away from Middletown soon after 1772. 

Four children : 

1S4. Ann.a. Hodge, b. Jan. 2, 1767. 
185. Abraham Hodge, b. Oct. 7, 176S. 

156. Isaac Hodge, b. Sept. 29, ,770. (.Vn Is.uc Hod.^e m. 

Dec. 25, 179,. Esther W.irner, of Cli.uham, Conn. I 

157. Llulah Hudge, b. Oct. 12, 1772. 

91). BENJAMIN' HODGE (//.«..=,//.«.. ^ ,/./.,. ). 

Born in 1751 ; married, but when and to whom not as- 
certained. He died Feb. 6, 1S33. Mr. Schuyler Colfax 
Hodge, of New York City, a great-grandson of this Ben- 
jamin, in a letter says of him: "He lived in Stonin-ton 


C\Min., ulicn (he Revolutionary war broke out, and he went 
tu the war fioin that town." Tlic information we have 
leathered leads to the belief that Rlr. Hodge was the son 
of Henry Hodge, as here represented, but the evidence is 
not conclusive. The records on file in Washington show 
that in January, 1776, he enlisted in the Continental army 
for one year, and that he afterwards served several short 
terms. I\Ir. Schuyler Colfax Hodge in his letter adds: 
" Mr. Hodge saw the massacre at Fort Griswold." After 
the war Mr. Hodge became a resident of Bridport, Addi- 
son County, Vt., where he died. He had two sons and 
very likely other children. We had hoped for more as- 
sistance from the descendants of this Revolutionary soldier 
in tiacing out his family than we have received. 

Two ch.ildien : 

1S8. Henry B. Hodge, b. abt. 17S3; m. (i) Sally, who d. July 
or Sept. 5, 1S41 ; m. (2) Mary Martin. Had by first wife 
Sarali .\bi^'ail, b. Jan. 24, 1S41, and by second wife Heury 
Martin, b. Jan. 25, I044; prob. had other children. 

IS'J. Benjamin Hodge, b. prob. 17S5. 

U)l. MARV-" HODGE {Sawn>:r\ Sauuici-, /j/in'). 

Born March 3, 1750; married (i), 17G8, Einv.vKD 
PflU'LE, born May 9, 17.^5, son of Edward and Ruth 
(Hollister) Purple, of Glastonbury, Conn., whose father, 
lidvvard Purple, Sr., was born March 2S, 1713, and died 
August, 1752. Edward, Jr., died August, 1794, after which 
the widow married (3) Stephen Knowlton. 

Eight children: 

192. Edward Purple, 1>. Au;;. 14, 1769. 

193. Polly Purple, b. .May 25, lyyi. 

194. Ansel Pukcle, b. , 1773. 

195. Kl'tu Purple, bap. July 9, 1784. 


196. Samuel Puki-le, b. .May 28, 17S4. 

197- Deiiok.\h I'uiiPLE, b. April 25, i7Si;. 

198. ST.ATIK.A I'UKPLE, b. , 1790. 

199. Ann I'urfle, b. March 30, 1793. 

ION. THOMAS ' IIODGE (Sa.^^c/ ; Sa>nucl^, John > ) . 
Born Sept. 8, 1758; married (i) a woman by whom 
he Iiad tu-o children, but wliose name has not been ascer- 
tained ; married (2), May 22, 17S7, Lucv Webder, born 
March 3, 1763, and died October, 1S37; I>robab!y dau-hter 
of Deacon William Webber. It is claimed with much 
certainty that she was a lineal descendant of Thomas and 
Hannah Dustin, of Indian capture fame. As will be seen, 
one of the children was named Dustin. (See '< Capture of 
Hannah Dustin.-) Mr. Hodge died, says inscrintion on 
monument in cemetery at Rumney, Grafton County, N.H., 
"Aug. 10, 1840, aged 82." 

When little more than eighteen years of age Mr. Hodee 
left his home in Chatham, where he was born and lived 
with his parents, crossed the Connecticut river to Middle- 
town, and there, IVIay 2G, 1777, enlisted to serve three years 
in the Continental army. He became a private in Capt. 
Elijah Black-man's company. Col. Henry Sherburne's regi- 
ment. This regiment was brigaded with a regiment com- 
manded by Col. Samuel B. Webb. In the fall of 1777 the 
brigade was with Gen. Israel Putnam, on the Hudson river. 
In June following it was at the Highlands, opposite West 

The brigade took part in the memorable encounter the 
storming of Stony Toint, one of the most daring and suc- 
cessful engagements of the war. It was afterwards stationed 
at " Robison's Farm," which the following year became the 
scene of Gen. Benedict Arnold's treason. 


Oct. 2 3, 1779, the brigade was liighly complimented by 
H.iroii Steuben. It wintered, 1779-S0, at Morri.stown, N.J. 

Tliis was the severest winter dining the war, and the 
American soldiers suffered greatly. Mr. Hodge was dis- 
cliat i;ed at the end of his full term of enlistment. 

Soon after leaving the army he married. His wife died 
a few years later, after which he became a resident of Rum- 
luy, N.H., where he married again and raised a large 
family. His descendants are now numerous and widely 
scattered over the country. The records of Rumney 
.show several land transactions to which ?ilr. Hodge was 
a party. March 2, 1796, he bought land of Joh.n Smith 
in wliat was then called Wentworth. March 22, same 
year, he sold land to Benjamin Webber. Jan. 3, 1814, Mr. 
Hodge, Sally, William, and L>enjamiii Webber, heirs of the 
estate of Deacon William Webber, late of Rumney, quit- 
claimed to Jonathan Blodget, " for a valuable consideration, 
fifty acres of land that was pitched by the said William 
Webber, deceased." Nov. 6, 1834, Mr. Hodge and his wife 
deeded to their son, Lewis, thirty-four acres of land upon 
which they then lived, covenanting that they should continue 
to have the use of the same until their death. Little has 
been learned in regard to the two children by the first wife. 

I'^iftcen children : 

zoo. Thomas Hodge, b. abt. 17S0; grew to manhood. 

201. A/UF..AH Hodge, b. abt. 17S2; m. a man by the name of 
Morse, who had a son Joel. In 1849-50 Joel lived in 
Durlington, Vt., and about that time lost his wife and only 
child. As is supposed, soon after, he went to California. 
Joel had a brother, Mark, who for a time lived in ISiir- 
linglon. (See •' Story of the Thimble," in another part of 
this work.) 

302. \Vu.i,i..\M Hor)GE, b. Feb. 16, 1783 ; d. early. 

303. Willi \.\i Hodge, b. Nov. 25, 17S9; d. two days old. 



204. Lucy Hodgk, b. Feb. 22, 1791 ; m., 1844, Joseph Manning, 

of Johnstown, Vt. ; h.ul no chililron. Slie d. about 1S75. 
Sept. 16, 18 10, she wa.s admitted to the church at Ruin- 
ney, and December, 1S45, dismissed from it to the cliurch 
at Johnstown, her home alter her marriage. 

205. Levi Hodge, b. Feb. 10, 1793. 
'200. SOLO.MO.N Hodge, b. Dec. iS, 1794. 
207. S.\.MUEL HoDGii, b.Nov. I, 1796. 
20s. Ed\v.4rd Hodge, b. Sept. 18, 179S. 

209. C.VLEB Kimball Hodge, b. March i, 1801 ; d. September, 


210. LuciNDA Hodge, b. Nov. 2, 1S03; admitted to church in 

Rumney, March, 1S20; m., abt. 1S25, Benjamin Philbrick, 
of Hardwick, Vt. ; had Levi Ahnon, b. 1S30, who d. abt. 

211. Nathaniel Hodge, b. April 8, 1804. 
Lewis Hodge, b. Feb. ro, 1806; m., in 182S. Hanuah J. 

Blake; had Perry, who served in late civil war; Dustin, 
now dead ; Martha, who m. a Johnson ; and Eldest:!, who 
died soine years since. 

Reuben A. Hodge, b. Feb. 25, iSii ; Oct. 7, 1835, he quit- 
claimed land to his brother Lewis, for S120; Wi 1S31 he 
joined, by letter, the church in Rumney ; and in April, 
1841, was dismissed to Baptist Church in Fairfa.\, Vt. 

HiRA.M Dustin Hodge, b. April 29, 1813. 

112. ISRAEL MIODGE (Sa»i7tcP, Sawitcf', Ju/m'). 

Born May 2, 1767 ; married, Dec. 9, 1785, Mary Stiles, 
born in 1767, and died April iS, 1S43. II«-' died July 9, 
1838. About the year 1S04 Mr. Hodge moved from 
Chatham, Conn., where he was born and had lived to that 
time, to Richfield, Otsego County, N.Y. Here he bought 
land of Benjamin Hodge, his cousin, who had left Con- 
necticut and settlctl in Richfield a few years previous. 

Later he became a resident of Mendon, Monroe County, 
in the same State. Mr. Hodge was engaged in a land 
transaction in Richfield as late as 1831, but just when he 


cluui^'cil his residence to Mendon we have not been able 
to ascertain. 

Nine children: 

217. ICHAiiOD HoDGK, b. Oct. I, 1786. 

218. LvuiA Hodge, b. June 5, 178S. 

219. I'OLLY Hodge, b. Apiil 27, 1790. 
22a. Phi:i;e Hodgf., b. Sept. 7, 1792. 

221. Patie.nce Hodge, b. Feb. 20, 1795. 

222. Cl.xkissa Hodge, b. Dec. 20, 1796. 

223. Solomon Hodge, b. .M,iy 14, 1798. 

224. LoTo.v S. Hodge, b. April 29, iSoo. 

225. Pkude.n'ce Hodge, b. March 20, 1S04. 

1 1 5. JOHN * HODGE ( Jo/^)^ \ Sa>,md \ John ' ) . 

])orn Nov. 6, 174S; married, but when and to whom 
unknown. Resided in Glastonbury, Conn., and there died 
July 17, 1783. 

Two children : 
238. D.VNiEL Ellis Hodge, bap. Dec. 5, 1773, by Rev. Kelts, 

of Eastbury church. 
229. Hodge, bap. Aug. 16, 177S; prob. d. before 1799, 
as she is not mentioned in her grandfather Hodge's '.vill, 
while provision is made for her brother. 

1 10. .SAIL.\n ' HODGE {Mn\ Samuel", John ' ). 

Born Sept. S, 1750; married, Feb. i, 1770, \Vli,Ll.\M 
I'OX, Jr. She died before 1809. Jan. 27, 1771, she and 
her husband renewed their covenant with the First Con- 
gregational Church in Glastonbury, Conn., where they 
resided. The records show the birth of only one child. 

One child : 
231. Sarah Houge Fo.x, b. Feb. 25, 1771. 


117. ELIJAH MIODGE {Jol,n\ Sa,nucl\ John' ). 

Born Nov. ii, 1752; married, April 14, 1772, ELIZA- 
BETH Ellis, or Ali.IS, born in 1751 and died March 7, 
1821; daughter of John EUis. Mr. Hodge died Nov. 6, 
1S21. Oct. II, 1772, he and his wife owned baptismal 
covenant. He was a deacon in the First Methodist Epis- 
cojjal Church, in Glastonbury, Conn, 

Mr. Hodge was early engaged in the manufacture of 
iron, the ore being brought by teams from the State of 
New York. May 10, 1775, he enlisted in the military 
service in a company commanded by Capt. W. Clift, one 
of the companies composing the regiment of which Samuel 
H. Parsons was colonel. According to a census taken in 
1790, his famil)' at that time consisted of two males over 
sixteen years of age, two males under sixteen, and three 

Nine children: 

235. Elijah Hodgk, b. , 1773; '•'''^P- '^ct. ii, 1773. 

236. Ben'Ajah HoDfiic, b. , Aug. 1775; bap. Oct. zz, 1775. 

237. Elizur HoDGii, b. Oct. 15, 1778; bap. Dec. 7, (77S. 
23S. Elizabeth Hodge, b. , 17S0; bap. Sept. 17, 1780. 

239. DuKKiLL Hodge, b. , 17S1. 

240. EsTEK Hodge; m., prob. July 13, 1806, John Patten, of 

Portland, Conn. 

211. Noel Hodge, b. March 21, 1792. 

212. S.A.UAH Rouge, b. prob. abt. 1794. 
243. Lydia Hodge, b. prob. abt. 1796. 

US. JONATHAN^ WQHG^ (John \ Samuel^ Juhu'). 
Born Oct. 16, 1754; married, April 14, 1779, AuiGAiL, daughter of Peter Pease. She died in VVestfield, 
N.Y., aged eighty. He died in 1827, at Orwell, Rutland 
County, Vt. Mr. Hodge's children were all born in 


Glastonbury, Conn., but the record only gives dates of 
birth in a few instances. 

Ten children : 

245. Anskl Hodge. 

246. John Hodge. 

247. Julia Hodge. 

248. Eliza Hodge. 

249. Chester Hodge, b. Feb. 26, 17S6; m.,prolj. J.iii. 12, i.Sij, 

Polly l;a.scom, of Bridport, Vt. 

250. I'EGGY Hi>uge, b. , 17S7; d. Jan. 24, 1806. 

251. Caleb Hodge. 

252. RoswELL Hodge, b. Aug. 27, 1794. In 1820 he enlisted 

in tlie navy and was never heard of thereafter. 

253. Sylvester Hodge. 

254. Sylvanus Hodge, b. Nov. 5. 1802. 

1H». LEVI' IIODGE {John \ Sa,m,c/\ John'). 

Born Dec. 21, 1756. Mr. Hodcjc is supposed to have 
married and had children, but we have no positive knowl- 
ctlge on the subject. 

lie died June 22, 1819. July 12, 1775, in response to 
a call made by General Washington for special .service 
troops, he enlisted in Capt. John Douglas' company. 
Colonel Huntington's regiment, and continued in the 
service until December 10 following. March 3, 1777, he 
went into the naval service, and in August, 17S1, was on 
board the frigate "Trumbull," twenty-eight guns, com- 
manded by Capt. James Nickolson, when, after an hour's 
fierce combat, she was captured by the British ships " Iris," 
of thirty-two guns, and the " General Monk," of eighteen 
gims. It is quite probable he was on the " Trtimbull " the 
year previous in the spirited engagement between that 
ship and the Briti.9h war vessel "Watt," of thirty-four 
guns. In this fight the two ships appear to ha^'e sutfercd 


about the same damage, and after several hours' combat 
they separated and sailed away, neither showing any 
desire to pursue the other. 

Land records show that Mr. Hodge, Feb. 8, 1790, 
bought in Chatham, Conn., of John Chapman, forty-seven 
acres of land, and that, April 3, 1792, he sold fifty acres in 
the same town. In the deeds Mr. Hodge is spoken of as 
being of " Barnard Tp. Mass." Here he probably resided 
and died. 

Under the pension act of iSiS Mr. Hodge became a 
pensioner as a Connecticut soldier then li\-ing in Massa- 

He was placed on the pension roll April 24, 18 18, and 
received at the time $112 as back pay. Mr. Hodge, both 
soldier and sailor in hi^ country's service, evidently was a 
true patriot, risking his life as he did on land and sea 
fighting for liberty. We regret that we have not been able 
to learn more of his history. 

There was a Levi f lodge, in 1793, who at Ipswich, 
Mass., carried on the saddlery trade, but we have been 
unable to further identify him. (See also " Rev. Levi 
Hodge," in another part of this work.) 

120. ELP WODGE {Jok>!\ Samuel-, John'). 

Born Sept. 9, 1758; married, March i, 1781, ELIZA- 
BETH GOSLEE. (Church record says he married, Sept. 27, 
1 78 1, Sarah Goslee, but in the church records we found 
several mistakes.) Elizabeth was baptized July 8, 1759, and 
no doubt was born about that time. Mr. Hodge resided 
in Glastonbury probably all his life; died there, July, 182S. 
His estate was entered for probate July 19, 182S, and 
James Hodge, of Glastonbur}', was named as administra- 
tor. Just who this James I lodge was v\'e have not ascer- 


tained. Me owned land in Chatham near the residence of 
Painclia Hodge, one of the daughters of Eli, and may 
have been her brother. Dec. 3, 1816, a James Hodge 
and others bought land in Chatham. Another record 
says James Hodge in 1S15 married Laura Hall. Eli had 

Seven children, perhaps others : 

2G0. Asa Hodge, b. July 27, 1784. 

261. Ki.i Hodge, b. June 27, 1786. 

2C'2. IR.A. Hodge, b. April 2, 1788. 

263. Polly Hodge, b. Aug. 10, 1790. 

264. Vina Hodge, b. Oct. 9, 1792. 

265. Han.\.\h Hodge, b. Feb. S, 1796. 

266. Pamelia Hodge, b. July 5, 1798. 

12s. BEXJAMIN^ HODGE {Benjamin', Saniud\ 

Born Feb. i, 1753; married, April 9, 17S0, S.VRA.U 
Churchill, born Nov. 25, 1757, in Chatham, Cuiia., 
and died May 20, 1S35. (See " Churchill Family," No. 
32.) He died Feb. 23, 1837. March 3, 17S2, Mr. Hodge 
and his wife renewed their covenant with the Eastbury 
church, of Glastonbury, Conn. In 1775, when twenty-two 
years of age, Mr. Hodge went on a whaling voyage, 
returning early in the fall of that year. Soon after his 
return he enlisted in the military service, in Capt. Jonathan 
Hale's company. Col. Erasttis Wolcott's regiment. 

This regiment was one of those called into service b)- 
General Washington to defend the frontiers until the new- 
army authorized by Congress was organized. For a time 
a part of the regiment was stationed at a point on Lake 
George, in the northern part of New York. Many of the 
men by reason of extreme cold weather and hard>hips 
were taken sick, Mr. Hodge being one of the number. 


Tlie following year, being unfit for service, he was sent 
home. In after years he often related the many hardships 
he endured while at Lake George. In 1777, after taking 
the " Oath of P'idclity," as it was called, he went to sea 
on a merchant vessel, which soon after was captured by 
the British. The crew escaped to the shore, but lost all 
their effects except the clothing they had on. 

In 17S3 the town records of Glastonbury show he 
taught school in that town, for which he was paid £<}. 
He probably boarded around in the district, as it was 
customary to do in those days. March 29, 17S6, he pur- 
chased land in Glastonbury, for which he paid Z'loo. In 
the several years following his name appears on the land 
records of the town in connection with a number of real- 
estate transactions. March 22, 1792, ho sold land to 
Gideon Hollister, and Dec. 30, 1794, he made a sale to 
Daniel Dickinson, of " land on the bank of the brook." 
This probably was the last piece of land he owned in 
Glastonbury, except the interest he held in the estate of 
his father, which, Jan. 29, 181 1, after the death of his 
mother, who died in iSio, he quitclaimed to his brother- 
in-law, Ebenezer Goodale. The old homestead was in 
the Eastbury part of the town. 

In 1793 Mr. Hodge moved to Richfield, Otsego County, 
N.Y., where he continued to reside until about 179S, when 
he sold his land there and moved to Exeter, a town ad- 
joining. The land records of Richfield show that Mr. 
Hodge owned at one time quite an extensive tract of land 
in what was then known as that part of the town granted 
by letters-patent to David Schuyler and otliors, situated on 
the west and southwest sides of Lake Candaraga. 

Aug. 30, 1793, he deeded a large portion of the land he 
here held to three persons; one jiarcel tcj Nathaniel Talne, 


for $675 ; another, 155 acres, to David Hill, for $660; and 
the third piece, 57^ acres, to Constant 15alcom. Sept. 11, 
179S, he sold iioi acres, probably the balance he owned 
in this tract, for $1,433. ^'^ 1S06 he sold land in Exeter 
to his cousin Israel Hodge, who iiad just moved there 
from Glastonbury. With his famil)-, accompanied by 
several of his neighbors, he now started for a home farther 

In the month of July of that year, 1S06, the party made 
its way on the Mohawk river to Oneida lake, by Oswego 
river to Lake Ontario, on the lake to the mouth of 
Niagara river, and then up the river to Niagara falls. Here 
the flatboat used by the party was taken out of the water, 
put on a wagon, and drawn by oxen to a place called 
Schlosser, just above the falls on the American side of 
the river. From here it was " side-tracked " up the river 
to Buffalo creek. William, Mr. Hodge's eldest son, had 
made the trip the year previous, and was now located at a 
place called " Cold Springs," about three miles from the 
mouth of Buffalo creek. Buffalo, then known as New 
Amsterdam, afterwards as Buffalo^, contained about a 
dozen wliite families. Indians were numerous in th.e 
wilderness about, and flocked in great numbers to see the 
white people. Oct. 22, 1803, before leaving Exeter, Mr. 
Hodge had purchased for $236.50 the "article" or title 
to what was then known as Lot No. 35, containing forty- 
seven and three-tenths acres, then just outside of the village 
of Buffalo, which long since became a part of the city of 
Buffalo. On the arrival of Mr. Hodge his son William 
proposed to trade for this lot a farm which he owned in 
I"Iden, a few miles from Buffalo. The exchange was made 
and Air. Hodge went to Eden, where he continued to 
reside until December, 1S12, when he moved to "Cold 


Springs" * near where his son William lived. Here Mr. 
Hodge engaged in farming, trading in cattle, and other 
business pursuits. Dec. 30, 1 813, he was an eye-witness 
to the burning of Buffalo by the British. 

Learning that the British had landed at Black Rock, a 
few miles down the Niagara river from Buffalo, still nearer 
to Cold Springs, Mr. Hodge hastily sent his family in a 
wagon drawn by a yoke of oxen to a place then called 
" Harris Hill," now Clarence, about twelve miles from Buf- 
falo, while he remained to watch his interests. The fol- 
lowing day, in the afternoon, a patrol of the enemy, sent 
to destroy the residence of his son William (in the cellar of 
which was stored merchandise of the value of $50,000 
belonging to merchants of Buffalo), saw Mr. Kodge and 
another man in the street near the premises of William 
Hodge, and ordered them to surrender. Instead of doing 
so, however, they both started on a run. Being hastily 
pursued by a trooper, Mr. Hodge came to a halt, while his 
companion continued his flight, only to be soon shot dead. 
Mr. Hodge was directed to procure an a.xe, and v.ith it to 
break in the heads of some of the liquor casks stored in 
William's cellar. While an officer was filling his canteen 
with spirits a sentry called out, " The Yankees are coming," 
which caused the officer to hasten upstairs. He ordered 
Mr. Hodge to follow, but the order was obeyed with such 

» The spring of cold water which g.ive to the locality the name " Cold 
Springs " w.-i3 once a great resort of the Indians; and white men for a cent- 
ury refreshed themselves at the crystal fountain, but the s[)ring is now no 
more. The Buffalo sewerage sys-tem destroyed it. The writer in early days 
often drank at this spring, and now with thousands of others regrets that the 
spring is no more. Over its bed is now a street (Main), where street cars 
rumble along, daily carrying hundreds of people thoughtless of the spot 
which for so many years to the thirsty traveller was like an oasis in the 

DR. FRANK HODGE (No. 590) 


want of alacrity that when Mr. Hodge readied the floor 
above the officer and other soldiers with him were no- 
where in sight. The building had been fired in several 
places and was soon in ruins. 

Mr. Hodge belonged to the Masonic fraternity, and it 
is claimed a brotherhood sign was given which saved him 
from being made a prisoner. Benjamin Plodge, Jr., the 
same day was made a prisoner and taken to Canada. 

Mr. Hodge lived through two wars with Great Britain, 
and saw much of frontier life. His mind was well stored 
with war reminiscences and general information. He wore 
knee buckles, after the continental stj-ie, long after they 
had gone out of general use, and he was probably the last 
man in Buffalo to discard them. He died greatly respected 
by a large circle of acquaintances. IMrs. Hodge was a 
woman of refmement, superior good judgment, and proud 

The two lived together fifty-five years, and their remains 
now rest side by side in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo. 

Ten children: 

268. William Hodge, b. Monday, July 2, 17S1 ; bnp. Nov. 23, 


269. Clarissa Hodge, b. Tuesd.ny, Sept. 25, 17S2; d. Jan. 20, 


270. Philander Hodge, b. Tuesd.-iy, Oct. 26, 1784; drowned 

Dec. II, iSoS, in French Creek, Penn. 

271. Alfred Hodge, b. Frid.iy. J:\n. 26, 17S7 ; d. Dec. 9, 17S9. 

272. LOKIN Hodge, b. .Monday, April 6, 1789; bap. June 2S, 


273. Sarah Hodge, b. Saturday, Oct. 29, 1791 ; d. Feb. 2S, i79-- 

274. Clarissa Hodge, b. Wednesday, Dec. 26, 1792. 

275. A.LKKED HijDGE, b. Mond.iy, .March 9, 1795 
270. Uen-ja.min Hodge, b. Wednesday, April 26. 1797. 
277. \'eloijus Hodge, b. Wednesday, .March 26. 1:500. 


1 30. LYDIA ^ I lODG E ( Rcnjanun ^ Savn<cl\ John ■ ) . 
Born Aug. 2, 1756; married, Sept. 17 (one record 
says 22), 1784, Elijah Covell, of Glastonbury, Conn., 
born May 12, 1752, and died April 21, 182 1. She died 
Aug. 16, 185 1. A.s will be seen, Mrs. Covell survived to 
the age of ninety-five. She and her husband lived with 
and cared for her parents a number of years. 

She lived a quiet Christian life, loved and greatly 

Mr. Covell served in the Revolutionary war from May 
22 to Dec. 19, 1775, under CapL. Ilezekiah Parsons, of 
the Fourth Regiment, commanded by Col. Benjamin 
Hinman. In May Governor Trumbull ordered the regiment 
to march as soon as possible to secure Fort Ticonderoga 
and Crown Point. Tlie regiment reached Fort Ticonderoga 
the following month. It served in the Northern Depart- 
ment until expiration of term of service, in December of 
that year. The regiment suffered greatly from sickness. 
Mr. Covell owned a saw-mill with which was connected a 
carding-machine on " Roaring Brook," Glastonbury, Conn. 
Nine children : 

278. EujAii Covell, b. .^L•ly [6, 1786. 

279. Elisha Covell, b. June 18, 178S; m. (i) M.iry Bla'^ue : 

m. (2) a widow by whom he had five children, on'e of 
whom d. young. Res. at time of death of this child in 
Portland, Conn. 

250. Silas Covell, b. .May i. 17S9; m. Eunice Lattimer; 

moved to Morgan, .Ashtabula County, O., in iSiS; had 
seven children; eldest son Hermon. b. in Bloomfield| 
Conn. ; a dau. became Mrs. Harry Wilber. 

251. Edmo.nd Covell, b. Aug. 29, 1790. 

282. Alfred Covell, b. Jul/ 30, 1792; d. Sent. 17, 1795. 

283. Alvlv Covell. b. April 2, 1794; m.. Feb. 4, 1818, Polly 

Goslee, dau. of James and ,\Lary (Sumner) Go'slee ;' moved 
to New York; one child, d. early. 


;S4. AiJ'KicD CovELL, b. Feb. 12, 1796; d. June 13, 1S58. 
JS5. William Finxey Covlll, b. Feb. 13, 1798. 
.'SCj. LvuLV CovELL, b. Aug. II, 1800. 

1 :{ 1 . AN\ * HODGE ( Benjamin % Saimccl -, John ' ) . 

lioiii Feb. II, 175S; married, Oct. 27, 17S5, William 
WUkSTEU, of whom we have learned little, except that he 
.served in the Revolutionary war from Aug. 25 to Nov. 
2, 1777, in Capt. Nathaniel Wales' company. Col. Jona- 
than Latimer's regiment. The regiment was assigned to 
General Poor's Continental Brigade, in Gen. Benedict 
Arnold's division, and fought in both of the battles near 
Saratoga, Sept. 19 and Oct. 9, 1777, which led to the 
surrender of General Burgoyne. After the war I\Ir. Web- 
ster settled in Woodstock, Vt., and while living there 
had a pension granted him. He afterwards moved to a 
place about three miles south of the village of Northeast, 
Fenn. The old church record at Eastbury, in the town of 
Glastonbury, Conn., says Ann Hodge married William 
Phelps at the date of marriage above given. This cer- 
tainly is wrong. Ann was a great-aunt of the writer, who 
saw her, living with her daughter and son-in-law, i^Ir. and 
Mrs. PVench Barnes, in the fall of 1S44, and again in the 
spring of 1S47. She died near Northeast, Nov. 25, 1S61, 
aged almost one hundred and four years. 

Five children : 

2S8. Edward Werster, b. prob. 1786; d. early. 

289. Electa Websteu, b. Feb. 2, 173S. 

290. Pa.melia VVebstek, b. .May I, 17S9; m. Joseph .McHoeing; 

she d. Nov. 3, 1S30. 

291. Duto.xiLAXA Weuster, b. , 1791; m. French D.unesj 

res. near Northeast, i'enn ; he d. in December, 1844. 

292. Julia An.\ Webster, b. March 6, 1S03; ti. .Se!>«. ii. 


132. JERUSIIA* U0DGE(J7c^!jaw/>!\ Samucl^John'). 

Born Sept. 27, 1759; married, Feb. 7, 17S0, Er.cxEZER 
GOOD.VLE, born 1754, in Glastonbury, Conn., tliird child 
of Ebenezer Goodale, born about 1691, and married, 
March 15, 1717, Sarah Brewx-r, of Glastonbury ; grandson 
of Richard Goodale, born about 1635, who had for wife 
Mary, and who died in Boston in 1665 ; great-grandson 
of Richard Goodale, Sr., of Great Yarmouth, England, 
who came to this country in 1637, and settled at Newbury, 
Mass., and who married, Oct. 22, 1622, in London, Dorothy 
VVhitrents. For the information we give in regard to the 
ancestral line of this Gootlale family we are indebted to 
Rev. Isaac Goodell, of Fort Worth, Texas, who is en- 
gaged on a genealogy of another Goodale (Goodell) 
branch, and, it is said, already has some ten thousand 
names on the roll. Mr. Goodale, who became the hus- 
band of Jerusha Hodge, served in the Revolutionary war, 
in the company of Capt. Jonathan Hale, Col. Erastus Wol- 
cott's regiment. This was one of the regiments called 
into service mainly to guard the frontier until the new 
army authorized by Congress was well establislicd. It 
was in service parts of the )'ears 1775 and 1776. For a 
time after the British retired from Boston it was a part 
of the Colonial forces in that city. 

Nov. 12, 1780, Mr. and Mrs. Goodale renewed their 
covenant with the church to which they belonged in 
Glastonbury. In 182 1 the family moved to Buffalo, N.Y., 
and in 1831 removed to Jefferson, Ohio, where she died 
April 14, 1850, "aged 91." 

Ten children : 
296. Ebenezer Goodale, b. , 17S1; b.ip. M.irch 4, 1781. 
Rocky Mill, Conn., rec. says he d. Wh. 10, 1047, and that 
his wife d. Dec. 29, 1S32. 


297. Jerusha Goodale, b. prob. 17S4; bap. March 2S, 178.1.; 

m., April 8, 1S02, Jolin Lucas. 

208. DiKO.xiLA.N'A Goodale, b. Nov. 26, 17S5. 

299. Asahf.l Goodale, b. , 1787; d. Oct. 21, 17S9. 

300. Darius Goodale, b. Hec. 25, 1709. 

301. Miranda (Joodale, d. March 15, iSi6. 

302. Aurelia Goodale, b. abt. 1792; bap. .Marcli 28, 1797. 

303. Erastus Goodale, b. Sept. 22, 1794. 

304. Philura Goodale, b. prob. 1799; bap. July 14. 1799; d. 

April 5, 1818. 

305. Austin Goodale, b. Aug. 31, 1S06; bap. same day. 

Vii. LOI.S< HODGE {Be}tjcnnin'\ Saiuiicl-,John^). 

Born June 25, 1764; married, Jan. 11, 1787, AnNER 
LovELAND, born April 18, 1764, and died Sept. 6, 1S47. 
She died Aug. 12, 1835. (The line of descent of the 
Lo\eland family, beginning with the two Roberts, both of 
whom were born in England, runs as follows: First genera- 
tion, Robert' ; second, Robert'; third, Thomas" ; fourth, 
Thomas*; fifth, Elisha'; sixth, Elisha ''; scvcntii, ^Vbncr ', 
who married Lois Pledge.) Mr. Loveland, when only six- 
teen years of age, enlisted for military service in the Revolu- 
tionary war. At the end of this service he shipped on 
board of a privateer. The ship was captured by the 
British, and yoimg Loveland became a prisoner. He was 
confined in prison both at Montreal and at Quebec. He 
escaped from one of these places, and reached Vermont, 
but was retaken and carried back to Canada, where he was 
afterward kept closely guarded until the close of the war. 
On being released he returned to Gla.stonbury, Conn., 
where he married. Soon after his marri,ige he became a 
resident of Southfield, Mass., where he remained until 
1797. After this he lived at Otis, Mass., and from there, 
in 1 82 I, moved to I'righton, Lorain County, Ohio, where 
he continued to live the remainder of his life. 


Nine children : 

307. Lu.M.\N Ei.isnA LovELAN'D, b. Oct. II, 1787. 

30s. LoKiN LOVELAND, b. July 21, 1790. 

309. Luther Loveland, b. Au?. 21, 1792. 

310. Leonard Hodge Loveland, b. Oct. 3, 1794. 

311. Abner Loveland, b. Nov. 5, 1796. 

312. SoPHi.\ Loveland, b. May 24, 1799. 

313. Dorothy Loveland, b. March 12, 1802 ; tn. (i) John Nor- 

ton ; m. (2) Daniel Squires. 

314. Lavina Lovel.vnd, b. Nov. 4, 1S05 ; d. Aug. 14, 1S25. 

315. Pamki.i.v Mis'.;i;va Lo\'i, b. June 7, iSii ; m. Samut;l 

Osborn. She d. at Webster City, Iowa. 

135. EUNICE* HODGE {Bcnjamt>i\ Samuel-, John^). 
Born June 11, 1768; married, Nov. 14, 17S7, Thomas 
Ward, son of Daniel and Rlioda Ward, of the sixth gen- 
eration from William Ward, who emigrated to this country 
about 1639. Mr. Ward served in the Revolutionary war 
from Glastonbury, Conn., and under the act of March i3, 
1 81 8, became a pensioner, he having been, as the law 
provided, nine months or more in the service. His appli- 
cation for a pension is now on file at Hartford, Conn. 
Mr. Ward soon after his marriage left Glastonbury, but 
where he settled we have not been able to ascertain. In- 
formation has lately come to us leading to the belief that 
possibly he became a resident of Willimantic, Conn. The 
records of Glastonbury show the birth of a child born 
there, by the name of Ward, the year following the marriage 
of Mr. Ward, which probably was his daughter. That he 
had other children there is little doubt. 

One child : 
317. Clarissa Ward, b. , 178S. 


13G. ASAIIEL^ HODGE ^Asahcl \John \Joh>i\ John'). 

IJornNov. 7, 1741 ; married (O.Scpt. 15, 1763, Thank- 
ful Potter, of Harwinton, Conn.; married (2) SARAH 
Cla\v.son, a widow, whose maiden name was Slocum. 
She was probably born about 1770. He died Feb. 29, 
1S24. Some time after February, 1828, she married a 
man by the name of Willson, of Oswecjo County, N.Y. 
June 25, 176S, Mr. Hodge bought, in the town of Harwin- 
ton, Litchfield County, Conn., fifty acres of land for which 
he paid forty pounds. The deed read: " Bounded on the 
west on the Waterbury river." Sept. 4, 1782, he pur- 
chased in that town one-fourth of an acre of land with a 
house thereon which, in 1S67, we saw in a good state of 

April 19, 1775, the battle of Lexington was fought, and 
May I, thirteen days after, probably as soon as the news 
of the fight had reached Harwinton, Mr. Hodge volun- 
teered his services for the war. He was made an ensign 
in the company of Capt. Josiah Starr, Col. Benjamin Hin- 
man's regiment. Ten days after his enlistment Ticonder- 
oga was captured by Col. Ethan Allen, and a few days 
later Crown Point fell into the hands of the revolutionists. 
Fearing a recapture of these important points. Colonel 
Hinman was ordered to reinforce them at once. 

Through forced marches and great privations history tells 
us the men of the regiment suffered greatly from sickness. 

The regiment was disbanded the following December, 
the men having served the full term of their enlistment. 

Jan. I, 1777, Mr. Hodge was commissioned a second 
lieutenant in Col. John Chandler's regiment, which went 
into service "for the war." Jan. i, 1778, Mr. tlodge be- 


came a first lieutenant, and Oct. 28, 1779, was commissioned 
a captain. He served as adjutant of his reyiment from 
May 24, 1778, probably until he became a captain. In 
the spring of 1777 the regiment went into camp at Peeks- 
kill, N.Y. The September following it was under General 
McDowell in the battle at Gerniantown, Pcan. 

It wintered, 1777-8, at Valley Forge, Pcnn. June 28, 

1778, it took part in the battle at Monmouth, N.J., where 
Washington so severely reprimanded Gen. Charles Lee. 
After this hard-fought battle the regiment went into camp 
at White Plains, N.Y. 

It wintered at Reading, Penn. The following summer, 

1779, it spent on the Hudson river, and the winter of 
1779-80 at Morristown, N.J. During the following year 
it was with the main army on the Hudson and wintered. 
17S0-1, at camp " Connecticut Village." ]\Iany of the 
regiments had now become so decimated by losses that 
Congress ordered a consolidation of the forces. Jan. i, 
1783, Mr. Hodge having been in the army six years, be- 
sides the term of his first enlistment, and the war evidently 
being at an end, he retired from the service. 

Connecticut records speak of him as " Lieutenant- 
Colonel," from which it may be inferred he gained that 
title by service if not by commission. He had, as will 
be seen, six children, one born during the war, while he 
was with his regiment at Valley Forge, and the others 
all young when he went to the war. 

He appears to have been at home on furlough April 13, 
1778, as at tiiat date, according to the records of Harwin- 
ton, he took the so-called " Oath of Fidelity," quite un- 
necessary, as would seem, in his case. At the close of the 
war, when the " Society of the Cincinnati " was organized 
(1783), he became a member. 


July 10, 1783, he sold his property in Harwiiitoii, and 
probably about that time moved to Edinburg, Saratoj^a 
County, N.Y., where he married his second wife, and lived 
at the time of his death. Under the act of Congress of 
1S18 he became a pensioner. His will, entered for probate 
at Saratoga Springs, N.Y., March 24, 1824, was as follows : 

" In the name of Almighty God, Amen. I, Asahel 
Hodge, of the town of Edinburg, in the County of Sara- 
toga, and State of New York, being advanced to old nge, 
but of sound mind, do make this my last Will and Testa- 
ment in the manner following, that is to say: I do give 
to my beloved wife, Sarah Hodge, all the estate and prop- 
erty that is lawfully mine at my decease, she paying the 
debts that then may lawfully be due. And I appoint the 
said Sarah Hodge sole executrix to this my last Will and 
Testament." The will is witnessed by Samuel Downing,* 
Constant Tremont, and Lydia Northrup. 

An earnest effort has been made to find the residence of 
sonic of the descendants of Colonel Hodge, but all hibor 
has been in vain; nor has theie been obtained any trace 
of his children, except the names and dates of birth as 
they appear on record in the town of Harwinton, Conn. 

Six children: 

325. Damaris (?) Hodge, b. Sept. 20, 1764; name indistinct. 

326. Asahel Hodge, b. Dec. (?) 10, 17C6; "Dec." indistinct. 

* Mr. Downing was the last Revolutionary soldier to receive a pension from 
the government under the general pension laws. He was born Nov. 31, 1761, 
and died fcl). 19, 1S67, aged one hundred and live years two months and 
nineteen days. 

John Gr,iy, a soldier in the Revolutionary war, late in life had a pensi.m 
of five hundred dollars per annum granted hi;n by special act of Congress. He 
W15 born Jan. 6, 1764, and died March 29, 1S68, aged one hundred and four 
years two months and twenty-two days, outliving Mr. Downing little more than 
a year, and beiii^' in reality the last Revolutionary soldier to draw a pension 
from the government. 


327. Thankful Hougi;, b. Sept. 11, 1769. 

32S. A.MOS Hodge, b. Aug. i, 1771. 

329. A.NDKEW HoDtiE, b. May 10, 177.).. 

330. GiL.%r.\N Hodge, b. Dec. 15, 1778. 

U3. AARON ^ THRALL {Maro-arct\ John\ John\ 

Born May 29, 1742; married, Feb. 12, 1766, Marv 
DOWD, of Goshen, Conn. The famil)% for a time at least, 
resided in Torrington, Litchfield County, Conn. 

Two children: 

333. Roger Thuall, b. March 21, 1767. 

334. Sabka Thrall, b. April 3, 1769. 

141. CHLOE' THRALL {Margaret \ Joh>r\ John\ 

Born March 5, 1745; married, Dec. 26, 1764, Robert 
COE, born }.Iarch 28, 1740, of Winchester, Conn. ; son 
of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Elmer) Coe. She died about 
1 8 10. He married again, and died at Unadilla, N.Y., in 
1830. The children were all born in Winchester. 

Five children : 
2,\o. Joel Coe, b. May 4, 1765. 

341. Al«i.\NDA Coe, b. July 3, 1767 (son). 

342. Abigail Coe, b. Oct. 23, 1769. 

343. Ariel Coe, b. Oct. 31, 1772. 
345. Kosvvell Coe, b. Feb. 5, 1780. 

145. REUBEN^ TnR.\LL {Margaret \ Jolm^ John\ 

Born Feb. 20, 1747; married, Aug. 11, 1765, Rum 
BancroIT, of Torrington, Conn. Resided in that town. 
He died in 1777. She married (2) Richard Barbour, by 
whom she had two sons. 


Two cliildren : 
34S. Ar.EXANDER TiiRALL, b. Maich 19, 176S; d. Oct. 27, 1786. 
3.19. Krastus Thrall, b. Feb. 14, 1773; d. unm. 

HG. LEVP THRALL {Margarr.t\John\John\John^). 
Born June 11, 1749; married, Nov. 15, 1770, Mary 
WiirnxG, born July 10, 1754, daughter Deacon John 
and Ivebecca (I'armlee) Whiting. Resided Torrington, 

Four children: 
352. Augustus Thrall, b. Oct. 9, 1773. 
353- Mary Thrall, b. Feb. i, 1776. 

354. LoRiN Thrall. 

355. Amanda Thrall, b. March 17, 1785. 

1-17. FRIEND^ THRALL I^Margarct\ Jo/in\ John\ 
Born June 9, 1752; married (i), May 27, 1772, LoiS 
Barher, probably daughter of Nathaniel Barber or Bar- 
bour. She was bapti.zed July 8, 1753, and quite likely 
born that year; died July 5, 1773. He probably married 
(2) Sarah Agard, born April 9, 1753, daughter of James 
Agard, of Litchfield, Conn. Residence for some years, 
Torrington, Conn., where was born the only child of whom 
we have any account. 

One child : 
357. Lois Thrall, b. June 26, 1773; d. Oct. 17. 

148. NOAH^ THRALL {Margaret^ John\ John\ 
Born April 3, 1754; married a woman by the name of 
Fowler. Mr. Thrall resided in the west part of a place 
called Newfield, in the north part of Torrington, Conn. 


Four children : 

361. Harriet Thrall, d. unm. 

362. George Worthy Thrall, d. unm. 

363. Homer Fowler Thrall, d. unm. 

364. Sophia Thrall, m. John Pitkin, who d. in Vermont. 

141). MARGARET^ THRALL {Margaret\ John', 
John -, John ' ). 

Born Jan. 9, 1756; married, probably in 1773, CHARLES 
TnRj\LL, born June 4, 1747, of Windsor, a supposed 
cousin, son of Charles and Hannah (Clark) Thrall. Re- 
sided Torrington, Conn., where the children here named 
were born ; afterwards went West. 

Two children : 

367. Jerl'SHA TiiKALL, b. June 22, 1774. 

365. Rhoda Thrall, b. April 22, 1776. 

158. ELIAKBP MARSHALL {Sarah\ John\ John% 

Born Oct. 28, 1754; married, probably in 1787, Anne 
Palmer, born May iG, 1762. Mr. Marshall was in the 
Revolutionary war from Connecticut. He served under 
Capt. Jonathan Wadsworth, who was mortally wounded in 
the battle of Stillwater, Sept. 19, 1777, Col. Thaddeus 
Cook's regiment. Mr. Marshall was in the same battle. 
The regiment was in service three months — marched Aug. 
26, and discharged Nov. 3, 1777. Mr. Marshall was a 
representative from Windsor during the year 1779 to and 
including 17S3. He was regarded as a man of sterling 

Five children : 

372. Ai.MEDA Marshall, b. Jan. t8, 17S8. 

37a. Wakuf.n .Marshall, b. Oct. 6, 17S9. 


374. Nancy Marshall, b. Dec. 5, 1791. 

375. Em]i,v .Marshall, b. July iS, 1794; m. Philip Wolcott, of 

Windsor; no children. 

376. Candace Marshall, ni. L. Sheldon, of New York ; several 


!(•>(). DANIEL'' HODGE {Daniel^ Dan/el\ TJiomas\ 

Burn Jan. , 1766; married. May , 1796, IjETSEY 
SMirii, of West Haven, Conn. He died Jan. iS, 1832; 
was a school teacher many years ; considered exceedingly 
Well versed in the Scriptures; became totally blind a 
number of years before his death. His children, it is 
supposed, were all born in West Haven. 

Eleven children: 

380. Mehitable Hodge, b. Jan. i, 1797 ; m., April 2, 1S37, 
Hurschcl Stevens. She was a woman of retentive mem- 
or>' ; saw her in 1867, in New Haven, Conn. 

3S1. Ell-vs Hodge, b. Oct. 8, iSoo. 

382. Elijah Hodge, b. Oct. 8, iSoo; d. in 1S03. 

3S3. Eliza Hodge, b. Feb. 12, 1803; m., April 22, 1S22, An- 
drew Hibbard. She d. Aug. 4, 1S33, of cholera, in New 
York; had three sons. 

:iS4. Sarah Houge, b. April 16, iSoj. 

3S5. Laura Hudge, b. Aug. 22, iSoS; m. Seymour Bracket; 
two children. 

3-86. James Hodge, b. July 15, 1S14; d. in 1S32. 

3S7. .Martha Hodge, b. Jan. 20, iSi6; unm. 

3^S. David Hodge, b. April 8, 1S18; m. (i), June r, 1S41, 
Harriet P. Brown, who d. Oct. 31, 1844; m. (2) Rachel 
Dcmot, who d. Dec. 25, 1866, at Augusta, Ga. ; four 
children; all d. in 1S67, except one. 

3S9. Willlam Hodge, b. March 3, 1S20; d. Dec. 31, 1836,31 
Santa Cruz, Mexico. 

390. CH.A.KLES Hodge, b. April 3, 1832; d. same 


1G8. BENJAMIN ' IIODGli: {Darner, Da,ncl\ Thomas", 
Born 176S-9; married, June 2, 1790, Klophal Mal- 
LORY. Mr. Hodge lived in Milford. Conn., but we have 
been unable to learn anything in regard lo him or his wife, 
except that they had children as here given. 

Three children : 
302. Sarah Hoi.r.r., b. Dec. 13, 1790- 

393. Benjamin Hodge, b. SeiJt. 13, 1792- 

394. Alden Houge, b. in 1794 ; d. young. 

173. JESSE' HODGE {Dantcl\ Danicl\ Thomas". 
Born April 28, 17S0; married (i). May 19, 1805, 

Nan'CY Hooker, born 1784, and died July 6. 1807; 

married (2), about 1816, LuCY C.\NDEE, born 1783. 

daughter of David Trowbridge, and widow of Zacheus 

Candee, who died Sept. 25, 1S15. She died March 31. 
1843, of cancer. Mr. Hodge died April 9. iSS^- It is 
probable that it was this Jesse Hodge who was in the war 
of 1S12-14. (See Connecticut records.) He was made 
an elector in Milford, Conn., July 4, 18 18. June 4, 1826, 
he changed from the Congregational Church in North 
Milford To the church in Milford, and Sept. 4- 1831. be- 
came by letter a member of the church in West Haven, 
where he was a deacon, ami it is said stood high in the 
community. We have no account of any children except 
one had by his first wife. 

One child : 
397. Nancy Selina Hodge, b. April 10, 1S06; unm. 


IM. EUNICE' IIODGE ( U'i/uam', T/wmas\ 71iomas\ 
I?orn Sept. 9, 1758; married, probably 1778-9, JOEI. 
Terrill, born July 23, 1757,111 Connecticut; had two 
cliildrcn born in that state. In 1795 he was administrator 
on the estate of Josiah Terrill; moved to Lorain County, 
Ohio, I\Iay 10, 1810, where both died, she Aug. 10, 1S43, 
and ho March 22, 1S25. 

Two children : 

403. VVyllys Terrill, b. Feb. 15, 17S0. 

404. I'oLLY Tkrrill, d. at the age of eighteen in Connecticut. 

IS'i. BELINDA ' HODGE ( Willuim', Thomas\ rhomas\ 
John ' ). 

Hjrii in 1779; married ;\Iaj. D.WID BkeI'.E, who died 
Aug. 27, 1857, "aged ']6!' She died ALarch 3, 1865, 
"aged 86." Resided in Lorain County, Ohio. Perhaps 
when a child she was called " Mabel." 

Seven children : 

409. Ei,KCT.\ Bf.ebe, m. Ellas H.-inn, and had several children: 

one. Electa, m. E. K. Williams, of Grand Ledge. Mich. 

410. Caroline Beebe, m. Cenuet Smith, and had Edward, who 

lives in Toledo, Everand, Charies, George, and Louise, 
who m. James Musson. 
4it. N.wcY Beebe. b. April iS, 1S12; m.,Sept. 27, 1834, Mark 
Humphrey, b. June 29, 1S13; had James Bird, b. July 
13, 1S36, who m. Margaret Marie Miller ; and Mary Louise, 
b. March 19, 1S40, who ni. James Robinson, b. in Eng- 
land and now res. Ridgeville, Ohio. Mrs. Humplirey d. 
Feb. 26, 1S72. He d. May 26, 1S82. 

412. Fanny Br.Er.E, m. T. A. Benham ; had Mclvin, now of Le 

Roy, Medina County, Ohio; Irene, n.iw d.. who m. 
J. H. Terrill: Alon,-o, who res. in Connecticut; and 
Edward Smith. 

413. Ha:<aru Beehe. m. Lucinda Finch; had Elois, who never 

married, and Clarie, who res. in Minnesota. 


414. David Beede, m. Chloe Caulkins; had "Nell," who m. 

A. T. Parsons, of Klyria, Ohio, and Caroline, who m. 
William Parsons, of Detroit, Mich. 

415. Belinda Beebe, b. jMarch 13, 1S25; m. Bradford Race, b. 

Oct. 7, 1S21, and d. Sept. I, 1S96. She d. Oct. 20, 1S61. 
Had Linn M., b. Dec. 9, 1848, who m. Edward Ames; 
both now living in Ridgcville, Lorain County, Ohio. 
We are indebted to Mrs. Ames for most of the facts here 
given relating to the Terrill and Beebe families. 

189. BENJAMIN^ HODGE {Benjamin \ Henry \ 
Henry'-, John ' ). 

Born probably 17S5 ; married, March 24, i8o8, Hannah 
Smith, of VVaybridge, Vt. He died August, 1S57. 
Resided when first married at Bridport, Vt. ; from there 
moved to Hammond County, N.Y., and from l:heic to 
Adrian, Mich. First three children wore born in Brid- 
port, the next Uvo in Hammond County, N.Y., and the 
last two perhaps in Adrian, Mich. 

Seven children: 

418. Henry Hodge, b. , 1809. 

419. MiLO Hodge. 

420. Agnes Hodge. 

421. Ira Hodge, d. in Santa Cruz, Mexico. 

422. Loyal C. Hodge, settled in Candee City, Mo. 

423. Oliver Perky Hodge, b. .M.ay 23, 1S17. 
421, John D. Hodge, b. Jan. 9, 1824. 

205. LEVP HODGE {Thomas', Sa?micl\ Savuiel \ 
Born Feb. 10, 1793; married, , 18 16-7, Fanny 

WE.vniERBY, born 1797, and died 1S75, Hardwick, \'t. 
He died same place, April 25, 18S0. The Rumney, N.H., 
church records show that Oct. 7, iSio, Mr. Hodge was 
admitted to the church in that place. After the birth of 
his first three children, three boys were born, who died in 


infanc}', and so far as known without having had names 
^'ivcn them. 

Four children: 

426. Almira Hodge, b. , 181S; m. Kphraim C. Skinner. 

427. Hakiuet Hodge, b. , 1820 ; m. Nathaniel Johnson. 
42S. Marvin G. Hodge, b. Feb. 20, 1822. 

429. Frances R. Hodge, b. , 1S36; m. John C. Uradlcy. 

'Zm. .SOLOMON ■■ IIODGE ( T/^omas \ SamucF; Sam?icl\ 

Born Dec. 18, 1794; married, as is supposed, Affia 

, who died in 1843, Bristol, ^'-^I- I^^ <^''C>^1 I'<--b. 5, 

1S32; buried at Rumney, N.H., where it is supposed he 
resitleil at time of his death. 

Four children: 

432. Mary Bennett Hodge, b. Xov. 16, 1S16. 

433. Sylvina Hodge, b. Jan. 13, iSig. 

434. Levi Wells Hodge, b. Feb. 6, 1823; prob. in., Oct. 9, 

1845, Lavhiia W. Batchelder, b. Aug. 3, 1824, dau. Nathan 
and Olive (Currier) Batchelder. After Mr. Hodge's 
death she m. Charles Noycs. Had by Mr. Hod;,'e son 
MarionT.,b. July 11, 1S51, whom., Feb. 15, 1076, Mary 
E. Jeness, dau. Jacob J. Jeness, of Plymouth ; res. in New 
Hampshire. After her death he m., Jime 6, 1S94, i\Liry 
J. Plummer, then "aged 33," of Hillsborough, N.H. 

435. Noah Cummings Hodge, b. May 23, 1S25; prob. m., in 

1S53, Ch.irlotte Stephens, of Bradford, N.H. 

•,'07. SAMUEL' IIODGE {Thomas\ SavmcP, Samuel-, 
John' ). 

Born Nov. i, 1796; married, Dec. 30, 1831, Clari.-^sa 
HoMAiV, born March 13 or 19, 1797, and died July 6, 
1S44; daughter Dustin and Abigail (Greeley) lloman. 
Abi'.,'ail Greeley was a sister of Zacheus Greeley, father of 


Horace Greeley, founder of tlic "New ^''oIk Tribune." 
Dustin Hoinan was a descendant of Thomas and Hannah 
Dustin, of Inchan capture fame, at Haverliill, Mass. (Sec 
"Capture of Hannah Dustin.") 

Mr. Hodge was a soldier in the second war with Great 
Britain, 1812-14, and served under Col. VVinfield Scott at 
Lundy's Lane, or Bridgewater, Can., July 25, 18 14, in the 
battle of that date. 

He was a blacksmith by trade, and in 1S30 resided in 
Essex, N.Y. That year he suddenly disappeared, and no 
trace of him since then has ever been found. It is supposed 
that he was drowned in Lake Champlain, on the western 
border of which is the village of Essex where he lived. 
At the time of his disappearance he had a large family to 
whom he was much devoted. Soon after his supposed 
death, the mother, with her five small children, went East 
to her old home. 

Five children : 

438. Orson Honor,, h, Oct. 13, 1S22. 

43i». Lym.w Ferdinand Honcrc, b. June 4. 1S24. 

440. Cordelia Ann Hodge, b. July 27, 1S26. 

441. LuciND.\ Jane Hodge, b. July 6, 1S2S. 

442. Charles Uustin Hodge, b. Aug. 30, 1830; d. Dec. 20. 


208. EDWARD' HODGE {Thomas', SaM»e/\ Sa„nic/\ 

Born Sept. 18, 179S; married, Sept. 13, 1824, Betsey 
Pitts, born Oct. 19, 1799, and died Dec. 25, 1869, 
daughter Levi and Hannah (Wilbcr) Pitts, who were 
married Doc. 13, 17S7, Mr. Hodge was a clcrg}-man. 
He died at Rumney, N.H., and his wife at Fairfield. 


Three children: 
•144. Nancv Ji'DsoN Hodge, b. Aug. 28, 1026. 

415. AUKLPHI.V KeZIA HoDGli, b. Dec. II, 1S3!. 
446. Lucy E. Houge, b. Jan. 21, 1S36; m. Danii;! Colo Tuui- 
son ; res. Fairfield, Mich. 

•ill. NATHANIEL ' HODGE ( Thomas \ Sauuicl \ Sam- 
]5orn April S, 1804; married Mary Sant.ORN, born 
May 12, 1S08, and died June 29, 1SS5, daughter Josc[ih 
and Sarah (Perkins) Sanborn, of Thornton, N.II. Mr. 
I lodge died March S, 1873, Rumncy, N.H. 

Eight children : 

44S. Hiram Oscar Hodge, m. Eli^a Jane Colby; les. Danvcrs. 
-Mass. ; had si.\ children: Ena, Jennie, Ida, Deil, Frank, 
and Harry. 

449- Hodge, m. Rial Avery, b. Derby, Comi. ; res. 
Rumncy. N.H., and there had b. Clara Jane, Eila .Vn- 
gelctte, and Frank Edmond, who d. from a railroad acci- 
dent Sept. 27, 1895, "aged thirty-two year.s six uionihs 
and seventeen days ; " unm. 

450. Eaura Hodge, b. Aug. 26, 1832. 

45 1- Lucy Calista Hodge, m. Lewis Mitchell; had Lucreua 
Ana, who m. a man by the name of Moore; lielind.i 
Enieline, who d. unm. ; and Charles E. 

452. Nathaniel Alva Hodge, m. Orissa Dunham; res. Dan- 

vers, Mass. ; had Ro.ty, Etta, Jennie, and Nathan. 

453. Leo.nora Maria Hodge, m. James Collins; res. Laconia, 

N.H. ; had Charles, and Hattie, who m. George Sanborn, 
and had three children. 

454- RoMY Ann Hodge, dead. 

455- Mary Hodge, dead. 

IW. HIRAM DUSTIN^ HODGE {Thomas*, Samuel \ 
Saiii'iel-, Jnhn^). 
Born April Jy, 1S13; married (i),Dcc. 17, 1834, Me- 
I-I.\I)A JosLIN, died Aug. , 1S37; married (2), Nov. z^, 


183S, Vashti B. COLr.V, born Jan. , 1819, daughter of 
Rbcnezcr and Sally (15Iodc;ctt) Colb\-, of Sanbornton, 
N.H.; she died June 6, 1S39, of consumption ; married 
(3), Nov. 38, 1839, ESTKR M. Greexough, born Oct. 28, 
182 1, Colchester, Vt., and in 1897 was living at Marion, 
Kan. i\Ir. I lodge died Dec. 10, lS/6. He was both 
an M.D. and a D.D. He studied with a view of going 
with Adoniram Judson as a missionary to Hurmah, India, 
but just before the time set for his departure his healtli broke 
down and he was compelled to remain at home. He was 
an invalid the remainder of his life. He devoted what 
vitalit)- he had in Christian work, at times preaching when 
his voice would permit, and the balance of his time prac- 
tising as a physician. 

His sound juilgment and honesty of purpose made him 
a frequent arbitrator in personal disputes, and it is said he 
settled nearly as many cases as the local courts. 

His son Edward A. in a letter says of him : " It was his 
great grief that his health would not permit him to go to 
the front and help care for the sick and wounded soldiers 
in the Civil war, but his letters to those he knew in the ser- 
vice, sick in the hospitals, came to them like a fresh breeze 
from northern pines, and helped the boys greatly to en- 
dure their sufferings in the great cause of liberty and 
unity." Mr. Plodge had by his first wife one child and 
by his third four. 

Five children : 
457. Edward A. Hodge, b. April 12, 1S36. 
45S. Vashti M. Hodge, b. April 25, 1S43; m. June 10. 1S65, 

Jarvis Dwiglit Tilson, son of Jarvis and Lydia Tilson, of 

Eraiiitree, \'t. 

459. Stei'hen Dwight Hoiigf., b. Feb. 2, 1S47. 

460. Hatiie R. Hudge, b. Jan. 2:, 1S49; d. Supt. 7, 1365. 
4C1. Elizabeth E. Hodge, b. May 5, 1S52. 


217. ICIIABODMIODGE {Israel^ Sa>,iucl% Samuel-, 

Born Oct. I, 1786; married VVelthy Martin, born 
Nov. 20, 17S4, and died June 6, 1847. He died Oct. 18, 
1857. Mr. Hodge about 1S04 moved with his parents 
from Chatham, Conn., to Richfield, N.Y., and from there 
to Mendon, Monroe County, in the same State. In 183 1 
he located in Warsaw, N.Y. In 1S37 he and his son 
Martin purchased a grist-mill there. Mr. Hodge became 
a deacon in the church (Baptist), and stood high as a 
business man. 

The " History of Warsaw " gives a genealogy of the 
family, commencing with the father, Israel. There is an s 
added to the name, making it Hodgcj. This is probably 
a mistake of the author of the work, or the printer. 
Certain it is that the family name has been plain Hodge 
for more than two hundred years. 

Six children: 
403. Marti.v Hodge, b. Oct. 9, i8og. 

464. Sylvina Hodge, b. April 16, 1S12; m. Hiram K. Adams, 

b. iSil, son of Levi and Desdcmona (.Mun^cr) .-Xflams. 
His first wife was Sylvina's sister, Margaret. 

465. Perry Hodge, b. Oct. lo, 1814; m. Sarah Yates, who d. 

Aug. 4, 1S4;; had 8 children, 5 of whom d. early; tlie 
others were Alida, Martin, and George. 
400. Israel Hodge, b. July 16, 1S17. 

467. Marg.^ret Hodge, b. ."^pril 4, 1823; m. Hiram E. Adams. 

He had for (2) w. Sylvina, the sister as above noted ; had 
by this (i) w. 2 children. 

468. Eliza Axn Hodge, b. April 16, 1825 ; supposed to be 

married and now a res. of Warsaw. 

•2V'3. SOLOMON' HODGE {Isracl\ Sa„uiel\ Samuel"-, 
Born May 14, 1798; married, Jan. 8, 1826, RlfTlI Aus- 


TIN, daughter of Peter Austin, of Pittstown, Rensselaer 
County, N.Y. No family history could be obtained, though 
much effort has been made in that direction. 

Five children : 

470. Lotos S. Hodgk, b. Jnn. 5, 1827- 

471. RicHAKD IIonuE, 1). April 15, 1829. 
r,2. Mary Houge, b. Feb. 18, 1831- 

473. Austin Hodge, b. May 27, 1835. 

474. Harriet Hodge, b. May 30, 1837. 

*:j2-t. LOTON S. ■■ IIODGE (Israel^, Samuel', Samuel'-, 

Born April 29, iSoo; married, April 29, 1^35, MERCY 
Brown. Mr. Hodge was born in Chatham-, Conn., and 
from there taken by his parents to Richfield, N.Y., when 
he was about four years old. Later the parents moved to 
Mendon in that State. Here young Loton grew to man- 
hood, and it is probable in that town he married and for a 
time at least resided. 

Seven children : 
477. M.\RiA Hodge, b. Nov. 26, 1837. 

475. Israel Hodge, b. March 12, 1840; d. May 12, 1S40. 
479. Nelson Hodge, b. July 5, 1842. 

4S0. George Hodge, b. Feb. 28, 1845. 

481. Amelia Hodge, b. .May 12, 1847. 

482. Ella Hodge, b. April 28, 1S50. 

483. \Villl\.\i Hodge, b. -April 5, 1854. 

235. ELITAH' HODGE {Elijah', John\ Samuel', 
Born in 1773; married probably jEur^IIA PjELL, born 
in 1772 and died May 20, 1S56. i\Ir. Hodge evidently 
resided in Glastonbury, Conn. The records of that town 
give a very imperfect list of his children, and it is very 


IJiobablo that tlio order of births which we give is not 
alto-etlier correct. 

Nine cliildrcn : 
4S5. Lewis Houge, prob. m. Lucinda Ho.idlty, tlau. of IlhiL-l 

and Olive CiUlierine (Johnson) Hoadlcy, by wlioiu had 

Charlus, Woodbrid.i;e, aad a daiigiitcr. 
480. WILLI.4M Hodge, b. ia 1S03. 
487. Anna Hodge, b. in 1S04; prob. ni. Dudley House, b. 1799 

and d. Aug. 21, 1S51. She d. Aug. 21, 1877; res. 

4SS. Levi Hodge.* 
4Sy. Electa Hodge, prob. m., Dec. 7, 1S30, Ihave Weir. 

490. Rebecca Hodge. 

491. Clarissa (or Clarinda) Hodge. 

i<n2. Emily Hodge, b. prob. abt. iSoSjm. Leonard Goodale, 
b. Oct. 2, 1S05, son of Avery Goodale, of Portland. Conn. 
Leonard d. July 11, 1S59: had Phihira; Helen, wlio m. a 
Filley, res. Broad Brook, Conn. ; Adelaide, who m. Benja- 
min Dewitt, of Hornellsville, N.Y. ; and Dwight Goodale, 
who res. in WindsorvUle, Conn. 

403. Lucy Hodge, b. in 1816. 

•i;j(). LiEXAIAH'' HODGE {Elijah'', Jolui\ Samuel-, 
Born Aug. , 1775; married, probably in 1796, RllOH.V 
Cu.vr.MAX, born , 1776, and died April 14, 1S52. lie 

died April cS, 1S45 ; residence, Glastonbury, Conn. 

Nine children : 

495. Hika.m Hodge, b. Oct. 20, 1797 ; m., July 3, 1820, Phylenia 
Matson.b. Feb. 16 or 23, 1796, and d. .Sept. 27. 1S65. 
He d. Nov. 26, 1S60. Executed a will April S, 1859, in 
which no mention is made of any children. 

4UG. Hatsei. Hodge, b. March 19, 1799. 

4!>7. Seldon Hodge, b. May 27, iSoi. 

4t>S. Ben-jami.\ Hodcje, b. Jan. 6, 1805. 

i .1 son b. Murch o, iSU- Uc -'t Uii- birtli of 



499. Orin Hodge, b. Nov. 6, 1809. 

500. Prudence Hodge, b. Nov. 15, iSii ; d. April 12, 1876,110111. 

501. Rhod.\ Hodge, b. Nov. S, 1S13. 

502. Lucy Hodge, b. July 17, i8i5;d. May;, 1816. 

503. Alsop Hodge, b. July 22, 18 18. 

237. ELIZUR' llODCE {Elijah \ John\ SamiielK 

Born Oct. 15. 177S; married, July 3, 1800, Ede Hale, 
born Oct. 27, 1780. Mr. Hodge resided in that part of 
Glastonbury, Conn., which in an early day often was called 
" Hodgetown." 

Thirteen children, seven sons and six daughters: 

505. David Hodge, b. Sept. 20, iSoi. 

506. D.KXiEL Hodge, b. March 6, 1S03 ; d. iS6i, Gil.-.ul, Cumi. ; 

m. nnd had George H., who resided in Hebron, Conn. 

507. Dudley Hodge, b. Sept. 16, 1804. 

50S. Almira Hodge, b. Nov. 4, 1806; m. Franklin Lewis ; had 
a son ; slie d. near Little Falls, N.Y. 

509. Cyphia Hodge, b. Oct. 12, 1808 ; d. June 19, 1813. 

510. Eliza Hodge, b. May 30, 181 1 ; one record calls hor " Brit- 


511. Amy Hodge, b. Feb. 20, 1813; in. and went to Ohio. 

512. Samantha Hodge, b. March 5, 1815. 

513. Elisha Hodge, b. Dec. 31, 1817- 

514. Elijah Hodge, b. Dec. 31, 1817. 

515. Elizur Hodge, b. Feb. 19, 1819. 

516. Cyphia Hodge, b. June 24, 1S21. 

517. Dewitt C. Hodge, b. abt. 1823; d. Bridgeport, Conn.; 

no heirs. 

239. BURRILL' HODGE {EUjah\ John\ Samuel,' 
Born 17S1; married POLLY HODGE, born Aug. 10, 
1790, and died July 18, 1853, daughter Eli Hodge. 
(See No. 263.) Mr. Hodge died Sept. i, 1853 ; residence, 
Glastonbury, Conn. 


Fi\c children: 

61S. Anson Hodgp:, b. July iS, 1R15. 

519. George Hodge, m. and supposed to have had Elizabeth, 

who res. at Cromwell, Conn., and another dau., who m. 

a Penin, who lived in Hartford, and there d. in 1869. 
6'JO. Chauncey Hodge, b. in 1S29. 

521. N.VNCY Hodge, m. a Stcbbins. 

522. Betsey Hodge, ni. a Chapman. 

241. NOEL "■ IIODGE {Elijah \ John \ Samucl\ John'^. 
Horn March 21,1792; married, Oct. 4, 1819, Rui;v 
Bkown, born Aug. 17, 1799, and died April 2C), 1863. 
He died Aug. 27, 1S53, says family record. Church record 
says " September." Mr. Ilodge served under the command 
of Capt. Jared Strickland, in the second war with Great 
Britain, 1S12-14. It is related of him that when he was 
an old man one day some " sports " from Hartford came 
along, one of them calling him to the fence by the 
roadside, as though he had something of importance to 
ask or say, when the following dialogue took place : Smart 
youth : " Old man, how far is it to h-1 ? " Old man : " Young 
man, you are very near there: I think a few more drinks 
of whiskey will land you inside the gates." Mr. Hodge 
resided all his life in Glastonbury, Conn. His family of 
sixteen children warrants the belief that he did not fear 
the jjopulation of the earth was becoming too great. He 
honored three of his sons by naming them after three of 
the distinguished presidents of the United States — Wash- 
ington, Jefferson, and Jackson, who no doubt were his types 
of great men. 

Sixteen children: 

.li.). Elizabeth Hodge, b. Sept. 26, 1S20. 
5-2ti. Ch.\ncev Hodge, b. June 13, 1S22. 
527. Lodrick Hodge, b. Nov. 13, 1S23. 


528. RoswELL Hodge, b. April i8, 1825. 

5-"J. Sakah HoDCiE, b. Nov. 22, 1S26. 

530. John Brown Hodge, b. Feb. 21, 1S3S. 

531. Lucy Phylenia Hodge, b. Oct. 22, 1829. 

532. George Was[iingxon Hodge, b. July 24, i8ji ; d March 

17, 1S32. 

533. Tho.m.\s Jefferson Hodge, b. Oct. 17, 1833. 

534. LvuiA Hodge, b. M.irch 7, 1835; d. Aug. 31, 1857. 

535. Andrew Jackson Houge, b. Aug. 26, 1836. 

536. Kl');y Hodge, b. April 28, 1S38; m., April 29, iSGo, 

Dwight Hurlbut, b. Nov. 3, 1S3S, son of D.ivid and 
Electa Ann (Joucs) Hurlbut. Ruby Hudge Hurlbut d. 
Sept. 10, 1S60; res, Portland, Conn. 

537. Elenor L. Hodge, b. May 25. •S40' 

538. Miranda Hodge, b. Jan. 11, 1S42; d. Nov. 22, 1S42. 

539. Amanda Alice Hodge, b. April 30, 1S44. 

540. N.AOMi HODGK, b. April 13, 1846; d. Nov. 27, 1846. 

24-.2. SARAH' HODGE (.Elijah'.. John\ Samud \ 
Born about 1794; innrried, Dec. 3, 181 5, ISA.\C POLLY, 
supposed to have resided in Chatham, Conn. The records 
there show the following births : 

Four children : 

541. Sakah Ann Poixv, b. Oct. 6, 1817. 

542. Harriet, b. Aug. 28, 1S19. 

543. Elizabeth Polly, b. June 26, 1821. 

544. Isa.-vc Polly, b. prob. 1823; changed his name to Whit- 

ing, because, as is said, he did not like the name Polly. 

213. LYDIA' HODGE {Elijah',' John\ Samuel \ 
Born about 1796; married, Way 30, 1S16, LuTHER 
Matson, born Feb. 23, 179S, son of E^ra and Mary 
(Eastman) Matson ; resided Glastonbury, Conn. 


Four children : 

54-/. Linda Matson, b. March 25, 1S17. 

548. Maky Ann Matson, b. May 7, 1S19. 

549. Ezra Matson, b. March 14, 1S22. 

550. Eastman Matson, b. Jan. 7, 1S31. 

t»:)4. SYLVANUSMIODGE {Jonatlmn\ John\ S,rm- 
7/e/'-, John ' ). 
Born Nov. 5, 1S02; married, April 16, 1824, Sally S. 
Rose, born June 11, iSoS, and died June 9, iSSS, Mc 
died Sept. 27, 1SS5. In 187S the family was resident at 
]5!ooining Va'les-, Penn. It is regretted that no more 
facts have been obtained in regard to this large line of 
children and grandchildren, in all fully seventy. 

Twelve children : 

552. Mary Addia Hodge, b. Feb. tg, 1825 ; 

David .M. Radle, b. May 20. 1S22 ; 
Guy .ALUs, Penn. 

553. Abigail A. Hodge, b. March 3, 1S26; 

Lorin Davidson; 6 children. 

554. Olive S. Hodge, b. July 10, 1827 ; m 

Augustus Childs. 

555. RoswKLL D. Hodge, b. March 19, 1830; d. Oct. 29, 1859. 

556. Julia A. Hodge, b. Aug. 10, 1832; m., July 29, 1850, 

Rufus Hoyt; 5 children. 

557. Malvina A. Hodge, b. Nov. tS. 1834; m., Aug. 27, 1861, 

Stephen Clark ; 6 children. 
53S. William R. Hodge, b. Fob. ri, 1S3S; m. 1S57; d. March 
r, iS62,from wound received at Fort Donaldson, while in 
the army. 

559. Jesse M. Hodge, b. Jan. 23, 1840; m., Aug. 9, 1S63, 

Martha Wood. 

560. Pameliv Achsa Honor., b. .Sept. 25, 1S41 ; m.. Sept. 25, 

1S60, Erastus Wood. 

561. Charles Wesley Hodge, b. Nov. 27, 1S44; m., Sept. 26, 

l866, Josepiiinc Bly ; 2 children; res. Charming Valley, 

n., F 

eb. 5, 



ildren : 

; res. 

ii., F 

eb. 4, 



• 27. 



562. Arthur A. Hodgk, b. Sept. 17, 1848; m., Nov. 26, 1871, 

Jennie Waite; S children. 

563. Edwin C. Hodge, b. Aug. 12, 1851; m., Nov. 13, 187S, 

Alice Wood ; 8 children. 

2G0. ASA= HODGE {Ell\John\ Sa,jn<cl\ John'). 

Born July 27, 1 7S4; married probably CLAras?.\. Our 
information in regard to this family is quite limited. 
What we have was mostly taken from a manuscript book 
which belonged to Mr. W. S. Goslee, of Glastonbury, 
Conn., now deceased. Mr. Goslee just before his death 
copied from the old records of Glastonbury much valuable 
information relating to births, marriages, and deaths of the 
early settlers of that town. In 1S95 the book was in the 
hands of the town clerk of Glastonbury, though the prop- 
erty of the widow of Mr. Goslee. The clerk, v\'hile we 
were examining the work in the year above mentioned, 
said to us, "When I go out of office I shall take the 
book with me." We make this statement that others may 
know the probable whereabouts of this valuable work. 

Mr. Hodge lived in Glastonbury many years and per- 
haps died there, though wc find no record of his death, or 
that of his wife. 

His children were all born in that town, or at least 
those of whom we have any account. 
Eight children: 
6C4. Henry Hodge, h. June 19, 1S02. 
56.>. Silas Hodge, b. June 23, 1804. 
$06. Clarissa Hodge, b. .May 23, 1S06. 
567. Minerva Hodge, b. April 23, i8io. 
50><. Alfi;ed HoDfiE, b. Nov. 5, 1S12. 

569. Ja'.u:s Hodge, b. Aug. 3, 1S15. This may have been the 
James K. who married, Nov. 13, 1S45, Abigail D. 
Kendall, of Siil'liekl, Conn., who died Jan. 23, 18S6, in 
Granville, Mass., " a;;ed 72 years mos." 


570. Lym.\n F. Hodge, b. June 9, 1819. 

571. Maky Hodge, b. Sept. 17, 1S22. 

2G2. IRA' HODGE {EU\ John\ Sa,nuel\John^). 

Born April 2, 17S8; married, Sept. 11, 180S, Mary 
Sl-Ai'TER, born March 3, 1789, and died in 1872, at Bisj 
Rock, III., daughter of Moses Slafter, of Ellington, Conn. 
Mr. Hodge died September, 1S76, in Kansas. The land 
records of Enfield, Conn., show that he was a party to 
several land transactions in that town beginning Jan. 27, 
1S15, and extending to May 3, 1S39. In 1837 he is sup- 
posed to have moved from Connecticut to Iinnois, and 
later to Kansas. Some of the family have added an s 
to their name, writing it Hodges. We have the names of 
but three children, but it is probable that there were 

Three children : 

673. Cyrus Hodge, b. July 25, 1809. 

574. Miranda Hodge, b. Aug. ir, 1S14; d. Jan. 28, 1815. 

575. Horatio Fr.\n'klin Hodge, b. Oct. 14, 1S21. 

•iOS. WILLIAM = IIODGE {Dcnjamin\ Bcnjamin\ 
Samuel ", John ') . 
Horn July 2, i/Si ; married, March 25, 1802, Sali.v 
Ai'.l'.O'iT, born April 3, 1787, and died March 9, 1868. 
daughter of Daniel Abbott, of E.xeter, Otsego County, 
N.Y., who moved to Hamburg, Erie County, N.Y., in 
iSio. Mr. Hodge died Sept. 18, 1848. He was born 
in Glastonbury, Conn., and when thirteen years of age 
accompanied his parents from Connecticut to their new 
homo in Otsego County, New York, where several years 
ho taught school. Accompanied by his wife and two 
children, with a number of other families, June 16, 1805, 


he entered Buffalo Creek, and soon went to living at 
" Cold Springs," now a part of Buffalo, N.Y. The part}' 
in their journey travelled by the same route followed by 
Benjamin Hodge, the father, a year later, as given on 
a previous page. (See No. 128.) Mr. I lodge bought 
land and built a house. Soon after he engaged in the 
mercantile trade, then kept a tavern, manufactured brick, 
and followed other business pursuits. Dec. 30, 1813, 
v/hen Buffalo was burned by the British, Mr. Hodge was 
keeping tavern in a large brick building, which he had 
just completed. In the cellar of this building was stored 
a large quantity of liquors and merchandise belonging 
chiefly to Buffalo merchants, who, fearing the British might 
attack Buffalo, had taken it to Mr. Hodge's house at the 
"Springs" for greater safety. It was expected that the 
militia stationed at the " Hill," near the residence of Mr. 
Hodge, would make a stand and probabl}' dri\-c back any 
invaders. However, upon the landing of the British at 
Black Rock, a few miles from the " Hill," the militia 
hastened to that point, but soon gave way, and did not 
even rally at their old quarters. The second day after the 
landing of the British, Jan. i, 1S14, a squad of the enemy, 
accompanied by a number of Lulian allies, appeared at 
the residence of Mr. Hodge, who, with his family, had 
gone into the country for safety, and after loading them- 
selves with plunder, set fire to the building, which was 
soon consumed. Judge Eddy, a resident at the " Springs." 
who had been taken a prisoner, in order to secure his own 
release gave information to his captors which led to this 
destruction. After the war Mr. Hodge rebuilt his house, 
using the old brick walls, which the fire had not materially 
damaged. A good many years later the old building was 
torn down, and a new fine structure erected in its place. 



Tlii.s building is still standing, and may be seen on tiic 
northwest corner of Main and Utica streets. 

Dec. 26, 1S38, the "Buffalo Bank" was organized with 
a capital of $100,000, Pierre A. Barker, William J lodge, 
Sr., and William Hodge, Jr., being the incorporators. 
I'hilander I lodge, another son of William Hodge, Sr., had 
an interest in the bank, and was one of its officers. Mr. 
Barker, president of the bank, proved to be a poor manager, 
and the institution soon failed. The chief cause of the 
failure, however, should be attributed to the great financial 
panic which swept over the country at that tinu . Mr. 
Hodge, Sr., was much the largest stockholder in the 
bank, in fact furnished most of the available capital, and in 
the failure necessarily lost largely, in all about $So,ooo. 
lii time he recovered from the crippled condition this faii- 
ure brought upon him, and at his death he left a large 
property, much of it in land now within the limits of the 
city of Buftalo. For many years he was a deacon of the 
church. Though a close calculator in business aflairs, \\c 
had the confidence of those who knew him well, and died 
much respected. 

Thirteen children : 

pS. Sak\u FIoDriE, b. Jan. 16, 1S03; d. March 30, 1871. i.iim 
•ill*. W'u.r.iAM MouGE, b. Dec. 20, 1804. 

550. Sophia Hodge, b. Jan. 11, 1S07; m., ,Ma> 26, 18 55, V.:!- 

l.ird V. Way, of Toledo, O. ; no children ; a lovable uoma.i, 

551. PinL.\NDER Hodge, b. Feb. 14, 1S09, 

582. Hodge, b. Jan. 9, 1811 ; d. iM.iy 2S, 1812. U'hil.: 
playing in a yard a rooster (lew at her and stuck his srni's 
in her head, from the elfects of which she soon died. 

553. Ji.'i-iA .\iiAr.rNE HoD(,K, b. Uct. 31, 1813; d. .Ai:-. 15, 


554. Sally Ai'.hott Hohoe. h. Doc. fo, 1,815 ; d. at l^inh. 
:.S-). Makv l;r,Ai;ro,HT Ib.DGf-, b. Nov. 1. 18 16. 


SS6. Joseph Hodge. 1.. July 25, 1S21 ; d. Oct. 26, 1SS6, unni. 

587. Jaspek HoiiGE, b. 3, 1^24; d. Aug. 24, 1S74: in. , 

widow who Iwd several children, but had none of hi 

588. Susan Maria H.jdge, b. June 2, 1S26; d. Aug. 14, 1847 

a beautiful girl. 
oSi). Helen Louise Hodge, b. March 4, 1830. 
aiJO. Denja.mln Frankli.v Hodge, b. Oct. 26, 1833. 

27i. LORIN^ HODGE {ncnjamin\ Bcnjamiry. Sam- 

Born April 6, 17S9; married (i), March 18, 1S12, 
Phcebe li.vKER, born May 6, 1797, and died March 18, 
1S23; married (2), Oct. 28, 1824, Amanda Mallokv, 
born Jimc 4, 1S06, and died Aug. S, 1825; married C^), 

Oct. 12, 1S20, widow PaTIDNCL LOO.MIS,, IU-C TLfRNER, 

born Feb. iS, 1795, and died Jtine 14, 1S88. He died 
Jan. 13, 1870. Mr. i lodge was in the battle at ]3!ack 
Rock, on the Niagara river, in 1813, when the British 
burned Buffalo. He lived for a time, in his early married 
life, at Mackinaw, Mich., and then settled at or near 
Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohi.), where he kept a hotel, 
then dealt in merchandise and farming. Several years 
he was probate judge, and at one time a colonel in the 

Four children : 

•jOI. AKiaETTA Adri.ia Hodge, b. Oct. 18, 1816. (See Wiiliam 

Hodge, No. 579.) 
5!>2. Cordelia Al'Gusta Hodge, b. Sept. 25, 1818. 

593. Carollve Eliz.\i'.i:th Homge, b. Oct. 18, 1820; m. 

Green, who d. Aug. 30, 1840, Jofier.sonvillc, Ind. She d 

594. J. C. Hodge, b. April 30, 1822. 


271. CLARISSA \ HODGE {Dc>,jannn\ Bc,ijai,un\ 
Samuel \ Jo/in^ ). 

Born Dec. 26, 1792; married, Feb. i, 1S18, Reuben H. 
Aylswortii, born 1790, and died May, 1S26. She died 
March 21, 1837. Resided in Monroe, Mich., unlil the 
death of Mr. Aylsworth, when tlie widow witli her children 
went to BulTalo, N.Y., her home before marriac,'e. Here 
bhe died. 

Si.K children: 

•i'M'>, ViE.\N-.\ Clarissa Avlsworth, b. Nov. 2r, [818. 

o'Jr. Philander Aylswortii, b. April 11, 1S20. 

5'.)S. Sarah Elizabeth Avlsworth. b. June 13, 1S21. 

599. Martin Aylsworth, b. Nov. 24, 1S22; d. April 6, 1848. 

In June, 1842, he enlisted in the navy and went on a sea 
vogage. on the ship of war •' Columbus," returning at the 
end of two years. He was drowned in iiulFalo harbor. 

600, Reuben Hl-mphrey Avlsworth, b. Nov. 2, 1824; d. 

October, 1863, while in the United States army, Co. F, 
4ist Regiment Ohio Volunteers. He died from the ertects 
of a wound received in the battle at Chickamauga. 
<501. Charles Hodge Aylsworth, b. Dec. 16, 1826. 

in. ALFRED^ HODGE { Benjamin', Brnjamln^ 
Sa/nncl'-, John ' ). 

Horn March 9, 1795; married, March 9, 1S20, Sopin.\ 
F.\(;i.i>ii, born April 12, 1795, daughter of Abel and 
Anna (Caulkins) English (see English family, No. 34, and 
Caulkins family, Xo. 20) ; she died in Cleveland, Ohio, 
Jan. 13, 1S46, and he in Buffalo, N.Y., July 11, 1832. Mr. 
Hodge was born in Richfield, Otsego County, N.Y., and 
was about eleven years of age when his parents settled at 
" Cold Springs," now a part of Buffalo. When seventeen 
years old, in company with Daniel Brayman, of about the 
same age, — the two afterwards married sisters, — he 


engaged in mercantile trade at Black Rock, a few miles 
down the Niagara river from Buffalo harbor. After the 
burning of Buffalo, Dec. 30, 1S13, and the return of the 
British to Canada, the store of Brayman & Hodge, a 
wooden sti'ucturc, was torn down by order of a United 
States military officer, and the material used in building 
barracks for the soldiers. The government was asked to 
pay for the same, but on account of some informality in 
the papers the matter was delayed and finally dropped, so 
nothing was ever paid for the loss sustained. The cross- 
ing of the Niagara river by the British, and the probable 
destruction of Buffalo, had been feared for some time, and 
when a British deserter gave information that a landing 
had been made on the American side, near Black Rock, 
the militia stationed at "Cold Springs" started for the 
front. Mr. Hodge, who lived with his parents near by, 
took his rifle and joined the force. As history tells us, 
the Americans were poorly organized and poorly armed ; 
moreover, the officers were without experience. Certain 
it is that they were unable to successfully contend against 
British regulars, aided by their whooping Indian allies, and 
were forced to retreat. 

The Indians were fleet runners, and followed our men 
very clo.scly. Mr. Hodge was chased by two of them, and 
not being able to rid himself of a heavy overcoat, on 
account of trappings buckled on over it, could not run as 
fast as his pursuers. Finally, nearly out of breath, at a 
turn in the road he jumped over a brush fence and ran 
behind some bushes and a fallen tree. The Indians came 
near, and mounting a large log looked around for him. 
While here they shot at men passing in tlie distance and 
succeeded in wounding scvfcral. Mr. Hodge at one time 
had the Indians in range so he thought he could kill the 


two at one shot, but when he was about to fire they chan.^'ed 
position and lie reserved his fire, knowing that if he killed 
only one, before he could reload his rifle the other Indian 
would certainly kill him. The second day following, 
I'lenjaniin, a brother of Mr. Hodge, was taken a prisoner, 
carried to Canada, and held until the close of the war. 
After the war Mr. Hodge, in company with iMfred 
Churchill, a cousin, again embarked in trade, and had a 
store on the Niagara river, a little below Buffalo. In those 
days there was a great amount of smuggling carried on 
across the river, and every man living near the river, on 
the American side, was under surveillance. At one time a 
custom-house officer broke down a door leading to the cel- 
lar at Mr. Hodge's store, but did not find, as he ex[)ected. 
any contraband goods, and had to pay twenty-five dollars 
in settlement for damages. On another occasion, seeing 
an officer approaching, some men at the store hastily 
placed a rain-water barrel on a sled and quickly drove away. 
The officer hurriedly gave chase, and after running a long 
way caught the fleeing party only to find he had captured 
an empty cask instead of a barrel of brandy. 

In i8i8 Mr. Hodge went to Mackinaw, then in tiie 
Territory of Michigan. Here he again engaged in trade, 
dealing much with the Indians. Two years later he 
visited Buffalo, married, and, accompanied by his wife, 
returned to his home in the then "far West." He made 
the trip on a vessel called the " Beaver," commanded by 
Captain Wright. While at Mackinaw Mr. Hodge served 
both as sheriff and as coroner, under commissions from 
Gen. Lewis Cass, then governor of the Territory. 

Many incidents have been related of athletic contests ui 
which Mr. Hodge took part and succeeded in v/orst-n,;'- 
his opponent. He stood si.x feet two and a half inches in 


height, well proportioned. In 1S2S he sold out his busi- 
ness, and in December of that year returned to Buffalo. 
His wife and cliildren had preceded him in October, 
making the trip on a vessel called " The Lady of the 
Lake," Capt. Augustus Walker. 

Mr. Hodge died of cholera, induced by too freely par- 
taking of fruit in his brother's vineyard. His was tlic 
first case of cholera in Buffalo that year (1833). ^''^^s the 
Board of Health of the city was anxious to discredit 
the belief that cholera, which v.'as then spreading over the 
country, had reached Buffalo, it put forth a statement that 
the case was not cholera. Dr. Cyrenius Chapin, an old 
and eminent physician who attended Mr. Hodge, pub- 
lished a caustic counter-statement claiming tluat the death 
did result from that dreaded disease. 

One who had known Mr. Hodge well said of him, after 
his death : " He was quick, active, and persevering, a fair, 
upright man, honorable in all his dealings, and deserving 
a better fate." He was buried in the old cemetery laid 
out by the " Holland Land Purchasing Company," where 
his remains rested until 1S51. That year the remains of 
all those buried in this cemetery were taken up and the 
land devoted to other purposes. The cit>' and county 
buildings are now located on a part of it. In the removal 
of the remains of Mr. Hodge, by a mistake of the cem- 
etery superintendent they were placed with the "un- 
known " — 1 , 1 57 ill all — and now rest in a common vault 
in Forest Lawn Cemetery. The city authorities of Buffalo 
have erected a tall shaft to the memory of the whole 

Mrs. Hodge was a member of the Free Will Baptist 
^T.ufch fcr many years; a woman well informed, of quick 
perceptiuii, considerable spirit, and of good judgment. 



She took mucli interest in tlie cansc of temperance, and 
often expressed the wish tliat " every slave miglit be made 
free." For a number of years before her death she re- 
sided with her daugliter, Mrs. D. L. Wood, in Cleveland, 
Ohio, where she died. 

'J'hrce children : 

(il>;}. .M.^NiUN.A Sophia Mooge, b. Tluirsday, Jan. 4, i8ji. 
(!()!. Alikel) Amenzo Hodgi;, b. Tuesday, Ftb. 22, I'j;. 
(;0r>, Okl.anuo John- IIodgi-;. \>. Tuesday, Nov. 25, \'i2H. 

•2:Ck benjamin^ HODGE (Bc'»jami,/\ Bcnjamin\ 
Samuel", John^). 

Born Aprir26, 1797; married (i), May 27, 1824, M.vria 
Paiten, who died Oct. 15, 1S26, daughter of Thomas and 
Kli7.a Patten ; married (2), March 5, 1S28, Eliza ( Pa itex) 
D.vvis, born Jan. 23, 1797, at Greenwich, Mass., and died 
Dec. 6, 1S67, cousin of the first wife. Her first husband 
(Mr. Davis) died Jan. 21, 1S26. Mr. Hodge died June 
8, 1 868. He was born in Ivichfield, Otsego County, N.V., 
and moved to Buffalo, N.Y., with his parents in 1806. He 
was an eye-witness to the burning of Buffalo, Dec. 10, 
1813, by the British, and the day wlien his brother Will- 
iam's house was burned he was taken prisoner. He was 
sent to Montreal and from there to Quebec, where he was 
confined on a prison ship. From there he was taken to 
Halifa.K, Nova Scotia. He was absent a year and four 
months, during which time he was not heard from by his 
family and was supposed to be dead. While a prisoner 
his feet were frozen and he suffered greatly. When he 
reached manhood he purchased land at '" Cold Springs," 
now part of l^uffalo, and engaged in the nursery business. 

He became a colonel in the militia, a justice of the 
peace, and held otiier public positions. Dec. 9, 181^, in 


command of a military force, he accompanied the sh.eriff 
of the county to Grand island, some miles down the 
Niagara river from ])uUalo, by order from Governor 
Clinton, to drive from tlie island all who had presumed to 
settle there in an uidawful manner. Seventy-ciglit houses 
were burned and one hundred so-called " squatters " driven 

Mis connection with the militia rendered it necessary 
for Iiim to be present at the hanging of the tliree Thayer 
brutliers, who were executed in BulTalo, June 17, i8:;5. 
This was an event long remembered and talked about by 
the people of western New York. 

Mr. Hodge during a number of years was president of 
the Eric Count}' Horticultural Society, and he wrote many 
articles on horticulture for the Buffalo papers and for 
horticultural journals. 

At the time of his death and for many years previous 
he was an elder in the North Presbyterian Church of 

His second wife we knew well. She was an estimable 
woman in all respects, greatly loved for her amiability, 
her benevolence, and Christian traits. Few persons live a 
better life and few persons die more regretted. The three 
first children all died of scarlet fever, and, as will be 
seen, within a few days of each other. 

Six children: 

606. Benjamin Selden Hodge, b. Dec. 11, 1S28; d. March 9, 


607. Henry Churchill Hodge, h. Sept. 27, 1830: d. March 

18, 1836. 
60S. Louise .\I\kia Hodge, b. June 6, 1S33; d. March 7, 

COO. Ly.\l\n Davis Hodge, b. Nov. i, 1835. 

-ft? i^ 



r. . .^ 

LYMAN HODGE (No. 609) 



610. Maria Louise Houcii, b. Feb. 20, 1S3S ; m., Jan. 9, 1873, 
Cliarlcs D;ike Crank, M.D., now of .Mt. Auburn, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. The doctor is a successful practitioner of high 
standing; no children. 

Oil. Fannv Elizabei'h Hodge, b. May 20, 1S40. 

277. VELORrS' IIODGE {Benjamin^ Bc„jamin\ 
Samuel '■', Jo/iri ' ) . 

]5orn March 26, iSoo; married (i), in 1825, A.MANDA 
M. I.UCAS, who died March 27, i^2j ; married (2), Sept. 
21, 182S, E.MELINE A. Allen, born Sept. 20, 1S07, and 
died at Hood River, Oregon, Jidy 29, iStjS. He died at 
tlie same place April iS, 1S92. When thirteen years old 
he saw BulYalo burned by the British. In early life he 
gave evidence of being possessed of much mechanical skill, 
and soon became a carpenter. In a few years he was a 
contractor. A large number of public and private build- 
ings in and about Buffalo were erected by him. Few men 
ever had a better reputation for honesty and fair dealing. 

In the days of slavery, when slaves were escaping from 
their masters and fleeing to Canada by way of the then 
so-called "underground railroad," Mr. Hodge's hotibe 
was one of the " way stations." His son, I\Ir. IJwight W. 
Hodge, of Buffalo, some years since related to us iiow on 
one occasion a large negro slave slept in his father's barn, 
and, after a meal in the morning, started for the ferry- 
boat running across the Niagara river, at Black Rock, a 
few miles below Buffalo. " I accompanied him," said Mr. 
Hodge, " to the boat, giving him directions how best to 
escape any slave-catcher who might be on the lookout. 
The man had an old gun which he had brought witli him 
all the way from Kentucky. This he agreed to discharge 
on safely reaching the Canadian shore. Finally the report 
oi the gun was heard, and I then hastened home to tell my 


father, ulio on being assured tliat the man was safe in 
Canada exckiiiiied with some warmth, ' Thank God, an- 
other slave is free ! ' " 

In 1S75, being then sevcnt)--five-years old, Mr. Hodge 
gave up business, solii his fine residence on Delaware 
avenue in Buffalo, and went to Hood River, Oregon, where 
he resided with his daughter and her husband the bal- 
ance of his life. 

In iSSS we visited Mr. Hodge at his home in Oregon. 
While there he gave us a little manuscript book in which 
he had written some reminiscences of his life. From that 
book we copy the following : 

"One day in 1S13 the writer with several other boys 
was picking blackberries in Buffalo, on the hill where 
High street is now laid out, and not over forty rods from 
Main street. Suddenly in a ravine where the berries 
were very thick we distinctly heard the firing of cannon. It 
was the day of Perry's victory on Lake Erie, and the scene 
of the fight was two hundred miles away. When I went 
home with my berries I told my father how we had heard 
the firing of many great cannon, and the sound was from 
up the lake. He said he thought that the British had 
landed on the lake shore, not far off, probably at Catta- 
raugus, or some place near there. But in a few days — 
the telegraph was not dreamed of then — we heard of 
Perry's battle, and my father at once said that the firing 
of cannon I had heard certainly must have been from 
that engagement. Afterwards wc found out that the 
battle took place at the very hour we heard the firing. 
I was too young to notice whether or not the lake was still 
at the time, but I am quite sure there was little or no wind 
blowing on the hill wlicre wc were picking berries." 

No one who ever knew Mr. Hodge would for a moment 



tioubt his word, and that he heard the noise of the L;uns in 
the j,rrcat battle at Put-in Bay, two hundred miles from 
lUiffalo, there is little doubt. In that day that noise should 
be carried so great a distance no doubt seemed amazin", 
but in the light of science since developed it will not be 
considered at all wonderful. 

Two of Mr. Hodge's sons were drowned in Niagara river. 
One ventured too far in the stream, the other tried to 
rescue Inni, but instead of doing so, both lost their lives. 

Mr. Hodge lived, as will be seen, ninety-two years, and 
his wife ninety-one years. Both were clear in their minds, 
bright and cheerful, almost to the hour of their deaths. 

Nine children: 

612. Lucius Churchill Hodge, b. April i, 1S26; drowned 

July iS, 1S40. 

613. MiLO Augustus Hodge, b. June 17, 1830; drowned Inly 

iS, 1S40. 
(J14. Aljieu.\ Z.\i;l\ Houge, b. Aug. 33, 1831. 

615. Handy Delos Hodge, b. Oct. iS, 1S33; d. Au^^. 17, 1S50. 

616. Julia Eliz.\beth Hodge, b. April 9, 1837; d. Dec. 

, unm. 

617. Emma Eliza Houge, b. March 29, 1S39; ''. .May 29, 1S45. 
CIS. Dwigut Wecstek Hodge, b. July 5, 1341. 

01{». Frederick Augustus Houge, b. Oct. 8. 1S46. 
620. Benjami.n Velokus Hodge, b. April 2, 1S49; d. July 29, 

tiM. EDMONDS COVELL {Lydia\ Bc>ijamin\ Sam- 
iicl\ John ' ). 

Born Aug. 29, 1790; married (i), Feb. 16, 1814, Lois 
Lattimer, born in 1796 and died Jan. 29, 1817, daughter of 
Aholiata and Lois Lattimer; married (2), Dec. 20, 1S19, 
Lucn.L.\ IIOl'SE, born Aug. 23, 1795, daughter of Joel 
and Lois House. Mr. Covcll died June 2G, 1843 ; resided 


Hartford, Conn. Mad by first wife one child, and by 
second wife ten. 
Eleven children : 

621. Ll.MiRA CovKi.L. b. April 23, iSiJ ; bap. May 21, 1820; m. 

in Hartford, Conn. 

622. Charlotth Nevveli. Covei.l, b. March 3, 1S21. 

623. L.4VI.NIA LuciNUA CovEi.L, b. Oct. , lS22 ; d. Oct. 30, 


624. EuMO.NU Wells Covell, b. May 25, 1S24; bap. Oct. 17, 


625. L.wiMA ASE.N.VTH Covell, b. June 20, 1S26; bap. Nov. 

S, 1826. 
62G. Julia Elu.vbeth Covell, b. .Mays, '828; bap. Sept./, 

027. Elijah House Covell, b. Aug. 2, 1S30; bap. May 22, 

1S31 ; m. Mary J. liowe, who d, M.ay 25, 1859, aged 29 

years. He d. Oct. 2, 1853; had dau. Minnie, b. Oct., 

62S. Celia Lutetia Covell, b. Nov. 25, 1S32 ; d. Oct. , 1S49. 

629. Electa Cej.estia Covell, b. Oct. 5, 1834; d. Jan. 

23, 1865; m. Henry P. Griswold, of Wiad.sor, Conn.; 
had Arthur H. and Charlotte Edith, who m. a Kirk. 

630. Elisiia Washington Covell, b. April 27, 1837; resident 

Columbus, Ohio; unni. 

631. Ellen Soi'hia Covell, b. Dec. 20, 1839; d. Sept. 17. 


•JS5. WILLIAM FLNLEY '' COVELL (^Lydia ', Benju- 
7iiiu \ Sain/icl'-, Juhit ' ) . 

Born Feb. 13. 1798; married, March I, 1820, JEMIM.V 
Hunt, who died ^Llrch 19, 1846. He died March or 
April I, 1846; resided Glastonbury, Conn. He probably 
had four children besides tliose given here, all sons; one 
went to Boston, one to California, and one, it is supposed, 
lived in Glastonbury, and there had a family. The othei 
children were as follows : 


Three children ; four names not ascertained. 

632. Mary Matilda Covell, b. Dec. 2, 1S20. 

633. Martha Melvina Covicll, b. May 15, 1S23. 

634. CouuELlA Calista Covell, b. June 23, 1824; in., M-iy 14, 

1856, Charles Griinmons, who d. aged 45. She d. aged 

2Sf). LYDIA'' COVELL {Lydia\ Benjamin^ Samud", 

I'orn Auj^. 11, iSoo; married, Dec. 8, 1834, II,\r\'ev 
FiNLEV, born July 2, 1795, and died Sept. S, 1837. She 
died July 15, 1S76; resided Glastonbury, Conn. 

Three children : 

640. Mary P.. Finley, b. May 26. 1S26; m., Oct, 8. 1845, 

Humphrey H, Strong. 

641. Harvey B. FiXLEY, b. July 3, 1S29; m., Nov. 28, 1S54, 

Ester C. Hills. 

642. Amanda Finley, b. Feb. iS, 1S33; m., Sept. 26, 1S55, 

Henry S. Steel. She d. Jan. 26, 1858. 

2S9. ELECTA '■ WEBSTER {Ann \ Bcnjami>i \ SamueP, 

Born Feb. 2, 1788; married, May 4, 1819, Adam D. 
Blake, born April 29, 1787, and died Dec. 4, 1839, son of 
Asahel and Ithamer Blake. She died April 10, 1876; 
resided Buffalo, N.Y. Mrs. Blake, some years after the 
death of her husband, moved with lier daughter, Saraii 
Ann, and her husband, Mr. Jacob Iloag, to California, 
where she died. 

Mrs. Blake was a kind-hearted, excellent woman, to 
whom the writer was indebted for many favors. Besides 
the children here named, all of whom were born in 
Buffalo, tlierc was one born July 16, 1830, who died early, 
name not ascertained. 


Tliree children : 

C4G. Sarah Ann Hi.akk, b. Feb. 26, 1S21. 

647. William Adam ISlake, b. Oct. 28, 1833; d. Oct. 16, 

64S. Pajmelia Ithamkr Blake, b. Oct. 26, 1S25 ; m., Feb. 13, 

1856, George M. Asbury, b. 1S30, in Virginia, and d. 

in Californi.i, June 13. 1875. Tlic widow is now living 

in or near San Francisco. Cal. 

2yS. DIROXILANA-' GOODALE {Jcnnha^ Bcnja- 

Born Nov. 2G, 17S5 ; married, Sept. 6, 1806, David 
Curtis, born Nov. 29, 17S4, and died Oct. 23, 1S36. 
She died May 10, 1855; resided in Connecticut. 

Seven children : 

649. David Q. Curtis, b. Marcli 21, 1S07; d. December. 18S9. 

650. DiKO.xiLANA A. Curtis, b. Dec. i, 1S08: d. Nov. 20. 


651. LoRiN A. Curtis, b. June 13, 1811; m. (i) Susan B. 

Skates ; m. (2) Jane Skates, sister of first wife. 

652. Os.M.^R V. Curtis, b. Nov. i, 1S18 ; d. Marcli 9, 1859. 
053. Jrrijsha A. Curtis, b. M.ay 7, 1821. 

654. Aldert N. Curtis, b. Aug. 27, 1S26. 

655. Martin Van Buren Curtis, b. Felj. 9, 1832; d. Oct. 5, 


300. DARIUS 'GOODALE {Jcrusha\ Bc?ijamin\ Sam- 

Born Dec. 25, 17S9; married, Jan. 11, iSiG, AniGAIL 

Five children : 
65S. Darius Dwicht Goodale, b. Nov. 25, 1816; d. Jan. 23, 

1897, unm. 
659. Abigail M. Goodale. m. N.uhan Dc Wolf; Iud3cliildren. 


f/o. DlANTHA C. GOODAIK. 111. Heiii V O. Wtir ; had 7 children, 
all, at last accounts, res. in or near Gl.istoubury, Conn. 

661. Elizabeth M. Goouale, m. William O. Harrows; res. 


662. SoPiiRONiA A. GooDALE, b, Nov. 28, 1S23; unm. ; res., 

1S99, K. Glastonbury. 

3(13. ERASTUS' GOODALE {Jenisha^ Bcijavun', 
Saw/ic/'-, jfo/iK^). 

Iiorn Sept. 22, 1794; married, Nov. S, iSiS, SrF.Fl'V 
HURLCUT, born June 19, 1794, and died May 6, 18G5. 
He died Feb. 8, 18S2. 

Seven children : 

664. I'niiA'RA GooDALE, b. June 19, 1820; d. Aug. 15, 1855. 

665. Maiua Goodale. b. July 10, 1S22; ni. Cornelius 

Morrison. She d. Aug. 4, 1S97. He res. Richmond, 
Ohio, 10 children, 8 living. 

CGO. I.N-.MAN Allen- Goohale, b. Jan. 21, 1S25. 

667. Augustus Hamilton Goodale, b. June 2S, 1S27; m. 
Cloe Smith, now living. He d. June 19, 1SS4 ; 3 children. 

608. Ekastus Sherman Goodale, b. Dec. 21. 1S29. 

660. JoH.\ Franklin Goodale, b. Oct. 9, 1832. 

670. Hiram Dyonisius Goodale, b. March 17, 1S35 ; m. Har- 
riet Baldwin, b. June 2, 1S39. He d. March 3, 1S71 ; had 
Fred, b. April 10, 1S6S. 

307. LUMAN ELISIIA ■ LOVELAND (Lois', Benja- 
min ■', Samuel', John ' ). 

Born Oct. 11, 17S7; married (i), Feb. iS, 18 1 3, TinL- 
!:CT.\ II.WVI.EV, born June 12, 1790, and died Jan. 2, 1829; 
married (2), Nov. i, 1829, r.VTTV FiTCH, born May 15, 
1799, and died March 24, 1S64. He died Dec. 14, 1842. 
In 18 13 Mr. Lovcland moved from Otis, Mass., to Hunt- 
ing, Vt., and there resided tlie remainder of his Xxic. Here 
he was a justice of the peace twenty-two years. Two 


children, who died in infancy, arc not hero mentioned. 
Seven of tlic children, whose names we give, were by his 
first wife and five by his second. 

Twelve children : 

673. CORYDON Lu.MAN LovELAND, b. April 21. iSiC; m. Susan 

M. Morrill. 

674. Clakvdo.n Elisha Loveland, b. March 12, 1S18; d. May 

12, 1S82. 

675. Ai.ON'zo Hawley Loveland, b. .March 27, 1820; ni. 

Amanda A. Southinayd. 

676. Philf.cta Loveland, b. May 16, 1S22. 

677. Sarah Lucy Loveland, b. July iS, 1S24; m. George V. 

67S. Mlnerva L(.)VELANn, b. Nov. 19, 1826; d. March 13, 1S45. 
679. AiiNER James Loveland, b. Nov. 12, 1828; m. wid. 

Sarah A. Perkins. 

650. Theodore Lovela.vd, b. April 10, 1831. 

651. Catharlne Loveland, b. July 25, 1832; d. Nov. 26, 1840. 

652. LoRiNG Loveland, b. Nov. 24, 1S33 ; diowncil Oct. iS. 


653. George Burrows Loveland, b. June 15, 1835; m. Mar- 

tha E. Saul. He d. September, 1S91. 
684. Lovina Susan Loveland, b. Nov. 15. 1S36; m. Irving 
Smith King. 

30S. LORIN'' LOVELAND (Zois\ Boijamhi", Sam- 
'ncl\ John'). 

]>ornJidy2i, 1790 ; married, Jan. 14, iS (8, M.\R^' WAR- 
REN, born June :!S, iSoo, and died 1874; daughter David 
and I'^lizabeth (Cliapin) Warren, and niece of Gen. Joseph 
Warren, the patriot of the Revolutionary war, who was 
killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. 

Mr. Loveland died Se[)t. 25, 1S65. He resided many 
years in the State of New York, but in 1833 moved to 
Brighton, Ohio, where both he and his wife died. By 
occupation he was a farmer. 

^^| » ■ M lj!^| ^IW^^ || y ' ■ ' T ' « ^. ^■.^'■T-yv^ ^ .'^4W^^^^'^ ■ ■» ' - ' j■^»^g - W^^ 

^i^ii ^^■' /£^'>'<^ 


C^^C^ . /^'' c/^-^^^<-^ y//-^'' //'i'£c2:/eU-<-- 

^</^ ^- 




r /'/iZi: 

U^'// c^-'- 

'• /. 



Eii^ht cliildren: 
k'.y. Marv Lois Loveland, b. March 17, 1S19; m. Abraham 

6SS. David Abner Loveland, b. March 24, 1822; 111. Helen 

6Sg. Linus Clark. Loveland, b. Aug. 21, 1823; m. Martha A. 

690. Harriet E. Loveland. b. Aug. 15, 1826; m. Philander 

N. PowelL 
Ogi. Benjamin Warren Loveland, b. April 22, 1S29; m., 

July I, 1S52, Maria Bentlcy, who d. in 1867. lie was 

killed in Texas ; had one dau. 

692. Susan Pamelia Loveland, b. Dec. 16, 1831 ; m., June 

14, 1874, William H. Ball, b. in 1831. 

693. Leon.\rd Whitlock Loveland, b. Nov. 5, 1S34; d. .May 

9, 1854; accidentally killed. 

694. Ja.mes M. Loveland, b. Oct. 22, 1837; m. Elizabeth 


309. LUTHER^ LOVELAND (Lois', Benjamin", Sam- 
uel-, Jo/tn^ ). 

Korii Aug. 21, 1792; married, Feb. 23, 181 1, .SorFll,\ 
PlULONA Mills, born June 13, 1790, and died Jan. 28, 
1877. He died March 20, 1849. Resided first in South- 
field, Mass., then in Otis, same State, after which he moved 
to the State of New York, where he died, a prosperous 
farmer. It is probable he had other children besides those 
here mentioned. 

Four children: 

698. HENRiEriA Maria Lovela.nd, b. Dec. 13, iSit ; d. Sept. 

5, 1815. 

699. Abner Nelson Loveland, b. Oct. 13, 1813; m., Dec. 25, 

18 , A. Chapman, b. Oct. 14, 1816. 

700. Philander Ward Loveland, b. March 30, 1S17; m. 

Lucy Sperry. He d. June 7. 1S57 ; had a .sun and a i!au. 

701. SOPHRONIA .\LvRlA Loveland, b. June 20, 1819; d. April 

29, 1843- 



jamin '\ Samuel \ John ' ). 

Born Oct. 3, 1794; married (i), March 13, 1S20, i\I.\R- 
G.\KET VAKr)ERl;i:CK Whitlock, born Sept. 10, 1S02, 
and died Oct. 3, 1S60; married (2), Aug. 31, 1S62, Anne 
Allen, ii'c RulisoN, born Dec. 22, 1S09. He died Aug. 
18, 18S7. Tiie home of the family is Brighton, Lorain 
County, Oliio. 

Three children : 

703. Abner Wkitlock Loveland, b. Jan. z, 1821 ; d. Oct. 13, 


704. CoKDELi.^ Loveland, b. Nov. 12, 1S23; ni. H. S. .Seeley. 

705. Emeline Maf«:aret Lovelanu, b. M.irch 4, J833 ; in. 

I. L. Com.stock. 

311. ABNER ^ LOVELxVND {Lo!s\ Benjamin'', Sam- 

uel -, Jolin ' ) . 

Born Nov. 5, 1796; married, March 28, 1826, Pamei.I.v 
De Wolf, born July 16, 1794, and died June 5, 1862. 
He died March 2, 1S79. Mr. Loveland lived with his 
parents, except four years he was with an uncle, until he 
was nineteen years old. In 1819, with a number of otliers, 
he emigrated to Ohio, and located at Wellington, Lorain 
County. Soon after he bought land near that place, which 
subsequently became the town of Brighton. Here he 
erected a log house, the first house ever built in the town 
by a white man. In July, 1S21, his parents, three sisters. 
a brother, with his wife and young child, all came from 
the East — Glastonbury, Conn. — and moved into the new 
house. In March, 1826, he purchased land adjoining, and 
in a small log house which he had built he and his newly- 
married wife set up housekeeping by themselves. Here 
his wife taught the first school in the town. 


In 1833 he sold his farm and moved into the township 
of WcUington, where he cleared another farm. In 1855 
he became a resident of the village of Wellington, where 
he lived a retired life until his death. 

Mr. I.ovcland was an extremely active abolitionist, 
and his home was a well-known station of the " under- 
ground railroad " which safely carried so many bondmen 
from the South to Canada. 

Col. Frank C. Loveland, of New York City, a son, says 
of his father: "All trains passing that way stopped 
there, and the passengers received the needed rest, refresh- 
ments, and assistance to proceed towards freedom." Mr. 
Loveland was one of the men arrested in 1S58, in the 
" Oberlin-Wellington Rescue Case," for violating the 
"Fugitive Slave Law." John Price, a fugitive slave, was 
captured by his master, but rescued by the liberty-loving 
people of Wellington and Oberlin, and sent in safety to 

A number of persons, Mr. Loveland among them, who 
were engaged in the rescue, were arrested and confined 
some weeks in jail at Cleveland. 

Four children: 

707. Celestia A. Loveland, b. Jan. 12, 1S29; unm. 

708. CoRELiA J. Loveland, b. July 12, 1831 ; m., Jan. 27, 1S56, 

Daniel P. Reames. 

709. Edwin A. Loveland, b. July 21, 1834; m., Feb. 12, 1856, 

Caroline Benedict. 

710. Frank C. Loveland, b. Aug. 26, 1S39; m., Feb. 23, 1S71, 

Isabella Sayles, b. Feb. 15, 1S43 ; had two children: 
Helen Bertha, b. Sept. 16, 1874; d. Feb. 29, 1S76. 

We are inJebted h> J. U. Loveland, Esq., of Fremont, Ohio, author of the 
"Loveland ( ^encalog; ," and to Col. Frank C. Loveland (.\o. 710), of New 
Vork City, for mueh of the infornadon here given of the Loveland fanuly. 


Frank De Wolf, b. Jan. ii, iSSo. Colonel Loveland 
res. in New York City, and holds a high position in busi- 
ness circles. 

312. SOrillA' LOVELAND {Lo{s\ Benjamin^ 
Sa m M el ^, John^ ) . 

Born Way 24, 1799; married, March 21, 1S24, ALBERT 
NiLES, born March 31, 1803, and died March 24, 1855; 
she died March 2j , 186S; children all born in Wellington 
and Brighton, Ohio. 

Five children : 

712. Oscar Fitz..vlan Niles, b. Dec. 23, 1S24; m. Elvina 


713. Henrv De Niles, b. June 19, 1827; m. Lucinda A. 


714. Lo\i\A Charlotte Niles, b. Jan. 8, 1831 , m. Reuben O. 


715. George Franklin Niles, b. Aug. 7, 1834. 

716. Delia Niles, b. May 22, 1S42 ; m. Elias C. Sweet. 


372. ALMEDA" MARSHALL (EUaki,u\ Sarah*, 
John\JohH\Jolm^ ). 

Born Jan. iS, 1788; married, 1S09, Henrv Sill, of 
Windsor, Conn., son of John Sill of that town, a descend- 
ant of John Sill, Syll, or Scill, who was made a freeman in 
Massachusetts, May 2, 1638, and had son Joseph, who 
moved to Lyme, Conn., from whom the Sills of Windsor 
sprang. Windsor records show births as follow : 

Nine children: 

720. He.nry G. Sill, b. Nov. 20, iSii ; d. Dec. i, 1835. 
■ 721. Eliza A.v.v Sill. b. Oct. 23, 1814. 


722. John M. Sill, h. Jan. 22, 1S16; d. Sept. 29. 1S34. 

723. Julia Sill. b. Sept. 24, 1819; m. Samuel Mather; had four 


724. William R. Sill, b. Jan. 30, 1822. 

725. E.MILV Sill, b. June 30, 1S24 ; m. C. S. Alford ; had three 


726. Maky Ann Sill, b. March i, 1827; m. O. B. Holcomr; 

had five children. 

727. George G. Sill, b. Oct. 26, 1S29; m. ; res. Hartford, 

72S. Jane Sill, b. July i, 1S33. 

373. WARREN « MARSHALL {Eliakbn\ Sarah\ 
John % John S Jo/tn ' ) . 

Born Oct. 6, 1787; married Elizabeth WOLCOrr ; re- 
sided in Windsor, Conn., certainly many years ; probably 
died there. 

Six children : 

730. Elizabeth Marshall; m. Joseph Baker; had two chil- 

dren, Joseph and Julius. 

731. Edward Marshall; ni. Julia Hayden; res. Ohio. 

732. Oliver M. .Marshall; m. a Barnes ; certainly one cl:ild. 

733. James Marshall; d. unm. 

734. John Marshall ; m. and had children. 

735. Lucy Marshall; m. E. N. Phelps, of Windsor, Conn., 

and had three children: Samuel, who m. a Filley ; 
Annie M., who m. Hugh Harbison, of Hartford, Conn. , 
and Addle E. 

381. ELIAS" HODGE {Daniel \ Daniel \ Daniel \ 
Thomas ', John ' ) . 

Born Oct. 8, 1800; married RuTH Ann Dapcom, who 
died Dec. 28, 1875; daughter of James and Ruth 
Dascom. He died March 13, 1867; residence, Bridge- 
port, Conn., where he belonged to a military company. 

The arrangement here, as to precedence of children's 
births, may not be correct. 


Ten children : 

73S. Emily Hodcs, b. prob. abt. 1S22 ; m. Charles R. Williams. 

739. Fr.^ncis Hodge, b. prob. abt. 1S24. 

740. Maria Hodge. 

741. Elizabeth Hodge; m. a Wildman. 

742. Harriet Hodge. 

743. Charlotte Hodge; m. a Dr. King. 

744. f^LiAS Hodge ; a seafaring man. 

745. Walter Hodge. 

746. David Hodge; d. of yellow fever on South coast. 

747. Andrew Hodge; a seafaring man. 

384. SARAH" HODGE (Da>,u'l\ Danicl\ Daniel\ 
Thomas -, John ' ). 

Born April 16, 1805; m. ANDREW HiBB.VRD, iiusband 
of her sister EUza, who had died Aug. 4, 1833. Mrs. Hib- 
bard, it is said, was resident in Buffalo in or about 1867, 
but we have been unable to get any direct trace of her or 
her family. 

One child: 

74S. George F. Hibeard, said to have, at one time, res. 
Buffalo, N.Y. 

392. SARAH'' HODGE {Benjamin\ Daniel\ Daniel\ 
Thomas -, John ' ). 
Born Dec. 13, 1790; married, Oct. 21, iSiO, S.VMUKL 
BURWELL, son of .Samuel Buruell, of New Haven, Conn. 
Both husband and wife were alive in 1867, residing in New 

len children : 

753. George Tenu-le Burwell. b. Oct. 19, 181 1. 

7S4- M.\RTUA liuKUELL, b. March 11, 1813; d. Feb. 26, 1S15. 


755. Samt'EL P'enn IJukwell, b. April 5, 1S17; m. S.irah Land- 

cr.ifl, of Kair Haven, Conn. 

756. BET.SEY K.MELINE BuRWELL, b. March 24, 1S19. 

757. UE.s'j.i.MiN Harvev Burwell, b. March 27, 1821. 

758. Charles Austin Burwell, b. April 19, 1S23; m. a 

Clark ; had Samuel and Almira. 

759. Laura Maria Burwell, b. June S, 1S25. 

760. Frances Cornelia BuiavELL, b. Aiii;. 9, 1S27; ni. (1) 

James Johnson ; m. (2) Warren Allen ; res. Fair Haven, 

761. Catherine Sophia Bukwkll, b. July n, 18:9; m. Albert 

Leeman ; moved to Georgia. 

762. Sakah Jane Burwell, b. Nov. 16, 1831. 

393. BENJAMIN" HODGE I^Bc>tjamin\ Daniel \ 
Daniel'', Thomas % John ' ). 

l^orn Sept. 13, 179:!; married, iSiS, Anna Bartholo- 
mew, born July 24, 1795, and died June 2, 1855 ; daughrer 
of Capt. Jared and Mary (Woostcr) Bartholomew, grand- 
daughter of Claudius and Susan (Plumb) Bartholomew, 
and also granddaughter of Mary (Perry) Woostcr. Mr. 
Hodge died July 26, 1S6S. He lived, when a youth, in 
Derby, Conn., then became a resident of Ansonia, a town 
near by, where he resided at the time of his death. In the 
war with Great Britain, in 18 12-14, l^c was a soldier with 
Captain Gates in his march to the defence of New London. 
Conn. Finding the British gone, the company returned 
home. Mr. Hodge was a mariner on the salt water tor 
many years; called "captain." 

I'^our children: 

7G1. .Mary Ann Hodge, b. Jan. 4, 1S21. 

765. jARi.i) Hodge, b. Sept. 5, 1S23; d. June 29, 1S47, at sea. 

766. Gkokc.e llARTiiOLO.MEW HoDGE, b. 1S25; d. September 


767. Ellen Louise Hoijge, b. Nov. 24, 1S37. 


40;j. WYLLYS'' TERRILL {EHnkc\ William \ 
Thomas^, Thomas^- John^ ). 

Born Feb. 15, 17S0; married " MOLLY," probably 
Mary Beebe, sister of David Bcebc, who married Belinda 
Hodge (No. 182). Mr. Tcrrill died April 15, iSjO.andhis 
wife died July 30, 1857, "aged "Jl years 9 mos. and 22 
days." Resided in Connecticut, where his first four children 
were born, until iSio, when he moved to Lorain County, 
Ohio, his parents changing their residence to Ohio at the 
same tiine. 

Six children : 

769. Rand.^l Terrill, b. 1S03 and d. Jan. 17, 1S70; m. Sally 

Cole, and had Serepta, who m. Rurt Wilmot ; Viola, who 
m. .Arthur W'ihnol ; Helen, who m. John Fretter ; also 
Cadice, Jerusha, Wvllys, and Leveretta. 

770. Albert G. Terrill, b. Aug. 9, 1804, and d. Sept. 7, iSSS ; 

m. Sally Hoadley, and had Myra, who m. George .McNeal ; 
Susan, who m. Anson Owens; Corintha, who m. a 
Stearns; and Emeretta, who ni. a Gibson. 

771. Pm.LY Tekrii.l. b. 1S06 and d. Oct. 14, 1S49; m. Edwin 

Byington ; a granddaughter, Carrie Byington, res. in Ely- 
ria, Ohio. 

772. WvLLVS Terrill, b. Feb. 25, 1S09, and d. March 5, 1082; 

m. Serepta Phelps; had Arietta, who ni. Henry Havers; 
Aurilla, who m. Philip Sawyer; Malvina, who m. Ed- 
ward Smitli ; and Jerusha, who m. Alden Bean. 

773. Levi Terrill, b. March 30, i8u, and d. May j6. 1892; 

ni. Jane Burrill, dau. of Higbee Burrill ; had several 
children who d. young, and Amanda, who m. Tower 
Burrill; Sarah, who m. James Elder; and Auina, who m. 
an Ashburn, and lives in Cleveland, Ohio. 

774. Joel Terrill, b. Oct. 8, 1815, and d. June 5, 1SS5; m. 

Esther Smith; had one child, Herbert L., a Irtwyer by 
profession ; formerly res. of Cleveland, Ohio, but moved 
to New York City ; attorney many years for Standard Oil 


V2li. OLIVER PERRY'' HODGE {Bcujami,i\Bc>,ia- 
min ', Henry \ Henry -, John '). ' 

I^orn May 23, 1S17, in Mammond, N.Y. ; settled in 
Cawker City, Kan.; married, Sept. 21, 1844, Elmika 
Jlt,ia Bates, born Oct. 25, 1822. He died Dec. 4, 1895 ; 
a farmer; had three daughters, not here mentioned, all 

J-'ivc children: 

777. Andrew Jackson Hodge, b. April 26, 1S47. 

77S. J.AMES Oliver Hou<:e, b. , 1S4S; res. Californi.-i. 

779. Mauy Jane Hodge, b. , 1850: m., abt. 1S66, Cyrus 

Larkin, of Princeton. Kan.; has dau. Stella. 

780. Ellen Hodge, b. abt. 1S54 and d. abt. 18S6. 

781. Oliver Perry Hodge, b. , 1858: ru., abi. iSSi, 

Minnie Bartlett, who s-oon d. ot consumption; res. 
Chester, Oklahoma. 

4-24. JOHN D.'^ HODGE {BenJaM/n', Benjajuin", 
I/cnry ", Henry -, Jo/in ' ) . 

Born Jan. 9, 1S24; married (i) Mary F. Cokkv, born 
Oct. 14, 1S35, and died Sept. 27, 1S61 ; daughter of John 
and Adalaide Corey; married (2), Jan. 1, 1SG5, Makv E. 
Fitch, born Jan. 9, 1S45, and died Sept. 25, 1S94; 
daughter of Fhilip and Catharine (Keife) Fitch ; residence. 
State of New York. 

Twelve children : 

753. Isaac Benja.min Hodge, b. Oct. iS, 1S53 ; m. Katie FitLh. 

sister of his stepmother. 

754. Hannah .Smith Hodge, b. March 29, 1S55 ; m. William 


755. Delia Hodge, b. May 17, 1S59; m. Samuel Todd; has 

one son and two djucjhters. 
786. John Hodge, b. .May 9, 1S66; d. Feb., 1S67. 


7S7. Katie Hour.K, b. July 30, 1S67 ; m. James L. Todd. 

7SS. Schuyler Colfax Hduge, b. Sept. 5, 1S69; res. New 

York Cily. 
789. Harriet H<ji)(JE, b. Nov. 13, 1S72; m. Grover Ervvin ; has 

7go. Nellie Hodge, b. M.ircli 28, 1S74; m. J. K. Bartliolomevv. 

She d. within a year after. 

791. EuiTH HoriGE, b. Jan. g, 1876; unm. 

792. JoH.N D. Hodge, b. July 3, 187S. 

793. Stella Hodge, b. May 13, 1879. 

794. iMary Hodge, b. Aug. 7, 1883. 

428. MARVIN G. '■ IIODGE {Lcv/\ Thomas ', Samuel', 

Born Feb. 20, 1822; married, Oct. 14, 1846, H.VRRIET 
L. KELL.\.Nr, of Irasburgh, Vt., born Dec. 10, 1826. Mr. 
Hodge was born in Hardwick, same State. In 1843 he 
was ordained a minister of the Gos[)el. Since then he has 
had pastoral charge of churches in Vermont, New Vork, 
Michigan, and Wisconsin. In 1896 he was residing at 
Janesville, Wis., where he had been pastor of tlic Baj)tist 
Church for more than twenty years. He received the 
degree of A.M. from the University of Vermont and also 
from the Rochester, N.Y., University. The degree of D.D. 
was conferred upon him by the Uni\'ersity of Chicago. 
Mr. Hodge is a man of rare mental faculties, sternness of 
purpose, and loving kindness. 

Five children : 

796. Elizahfth M. Hodge, b. Jan 3, 1S4S. 

7!J7. Hattie Olive Hodge, b. Nov. 23. 1849. 

798. Emma F. Hodge, b. Oct. 2, 1853. 

799. Carkie L. Hodge, b. Aug. 30, 1856. 
SOO. Frederick M. Houge, b. Oct. 4, 1858. 


i;{S. FREEMAN ORSON " IIODGE (SamitcP, Thoinas\ 
SaniitcP, Samuel'-, John ' ) . 
I^orn Ocl. 13, 1S22; married (i), April 27, 1844, Amy 
l'>0\v, born May 9, 1S20, and died June 14, 1S52; married 
(2), April 12, 1853, Olive Spai-ford, born Sept. lo, 
1S16, and died after 1S58; married (3), April 12, 1S77. 
Saurina (Aiinorr) Pierce, born March 31, iSiS. Mr. 
Hodi^'c was a soldier in the Civil war, 1S61-5. In the 
" \''-inioiU Historical Magazine," Vnl. i, pa^^e 692, may he 
found three poems written by him: " Death of the Young 
Volunteer," " The White Dove," and " Forgiveness." In 
1S96 Mr. Hodge moved from Jackson, N.H., to Tam- 
worth in the same State, where if alive he probably now 

Five children : 

S02. Freem.w Ei)WARr> Hodgi-:, b. May 23, 1S45. 

80;j. Wu.Lls liAKKER HoDf.E, b. April 17, 1849. 

S04. Lucy Ann Hodge, b. Feb. 7, iSsr. 

805. A.MY Jane Hodge, b. March 15, 1854. 

806. Mary Olive Hodge, b. Sept. 12, 1S58. 

4:}!>. LYMAN FERDINAND^' HODOE (Samuel \ 
Thomas*, Samuel'', Samuel'-, Johii^ ). 
Born June 4, 1824; married, July 7, 1S47, Mary 
Andrews Manning, born Aug. 25, 1S35, at Johnson, 
Vt., and died Nov. 23, 1868. Mr. Hodge in his younger 
days was a mariner. Among his voyages was one on a 
whaling-trip to the Indian and South Atlantic oceans. He 
was in the United States army in the Civil war, i So 1-5. 
By trade he is a blacksm.ith, and has worked at his trade 
more than forty years. He had the reputation when at 
work of being a fine mechanic, the best in the section of 
country v/herc he lived. In 1S97 he retired from business. 


His mind is well stored with life's eventful memories. As 
will be seen, five of his children, all boys, died early. 

Seven children : 

80S. Alden Clinton Hodge, b. Aug. 22, 1S4S; d. Sept. 10, 

809. Joseph M.anning Hodge, b. Sept. 27, 1S51; d. June 16, 


810. Free.m.\n Dl'stin Hodge, b. Feb. 8, 1854; d. April 3, 


811. ABBy Melvin.v Hodge, b. Nov. S, 1855; m., Dec. 25, 

1877, Charles W. Sutton; re.s. Chelst.\. Mass.; has 
Lyman Avery, 1). Oct. 24, iS/S. 

812. Charles Edward Hodge, b. Aug. 2, 1S57; d. Aug. 24, 


813. Marvin Hodge, b. July 13, i860; d. May 31, 


814. Clarissa Elizabeth Hodge, b. Oct. 7. 1S67; m.. May 

22, 1889, George H. Chadwick, of Nantucket, .Mass., 
where the family lately resided ; three children, Clifton S., 
Carl, and a daughter. 

440. CORDELIA ANN « HODGE {Samuel % Thomas', 
Samuel '\ Siuitucl", Jo///i^). 

Born July 27, 1826; married, Jan. i. 1S4S, HOSE.V 
W.XTSON FL.A.r,(;, her uncle, Rev. Hiram Duston Hodge, 
officiating; residence, Fitchburg, N.H. 

Si.K children : 

S16. Merto.v Watson Fl.\gg, b. March 2S, 1S49; d. Oct. 14, 

817. Sarah J.vne Flagg, b. Sept. 20, 1S52; m., May 19, 1871, 

Edward Everett .VUen. She d. April 15, 1S84; had Hen- 
rietta, b. May 5. 1S72. 

818. M.VKTiiA Etta Flagg, b. July 4, 1854; m.. Jan. 12, iSSo, 

Jamie Drew Bowman; had Gladys Dow, b. Sept. 7, 1891. 
S19. LuRA Flagg, b. Sept. 17, 1S62; m., Aug. 14, 
1SS2, W.dter E. Temple. She d. July 24, 1SS4. " 


820. Herman Hosea Fi.agg, b. June 4, 1S66; m„ April -o 

1894, Flora McLeod. 

821. Alfred Elmer Flagg, b. Oct. 10, 1S6S; m., June i, 

1S92, Catherine Wilson; had Elmer Wilson, b. Jan. 15' 
1S94, and Myron Dustin, b. May 21, 1S95. 

441. r.rClXDA JAXE« IIODGE {Sa,uuel\ Tho,nas\ 
Samuel'-, Saiiniel-, Ju/in^ ). 

Born July 6, 1828; married, Feb. 13, 1S47. AvERV 
Atkins Dow. born Feb. S, 1S25, and died Sept. iS, 1S88. 
She died Aug. 7, 1S96. 

Mr. Dow was of Cabot, Vt., but became a resident of 
Medford, Mass., the present home of the family. 

Four children : 

823. OuiNXv Dow, b. Nov. 14, 1S47; d- Dec. 6, 1S49. 

824. Clarissa ]>hebe Uow, b. April 2, 1S49; d. April 14 


825. Relecca Al.mira Dow, b. .March 25, 1850. 

826. Nettie A.melia Dow, b. Nov. 19, 1857; m., July 6, )S8o, 

Charles Willard Payne, b. June 30, 1859, and d. Oct. 4'. 

444. NAXCV JUDSON" HODGE {Echvard'', Thon,as\ 
Sa)iiiid\ Samuel-, Jo/tn^). 

Born Aug. 28, 1826; married. May 19, 1847. Elij.\II 
Al.LE.Nf Spoonek, b. April II. iSu, and died Jan. 12. 
1877, at Hiawatha, Kan. 

Three children: 

829. Edw.^rd Hodge Si-ooner, b. March ir, 1848; d. Oct. 31, 

830. Abbie Louise SrooNER, b. March iS, 1854. 

831. Hattie a. Spoon'er, b. Aug. 21, 1S55 ; d. Jan. 25, 1S56. 


TJiomas^, Samuel \ Sainiicr\ John'^ ). 

Born Dec. ii, iS3i,at Ovid, N.Y. ; married LUTHER 
LiNiiSEY ToDli, born Jan. 28, 1832, son of Ransom and 
Sally Ann (Waiic) Todd ; and nc[)hc\v of the late Jeptha 
\\. Wade, millionaire of Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Todd lived 
for a time in Leavenworth, Kan., where his children 
were born, but afterwards moved to Atkinson in the same 

Two children : 

834. Frank AnoLPiius Todd. b. Sept. 26, 1S59 ; res. Atkinson, 


835. Belle LuTH?:RrNE Todd, b. Jan. 17, 1864. 

450. LAURA'' IIODGE {Xathavicl\ Thonias\ Samuel', 
Samuel '-, Jo /in ' ) . 

Born Aug. 26, 1832; married THOMAS E. NUTTING, 
born April 28, 1829; son of Benjamin and Miriam (Sen- 
ter) Nutting; residence, Haverhill, N.H. 

One child : 
838. Charles Spaulding Nutting, b. Oct. 17, 1S65. 

457. EDWARD A.'^ IIODGE {Hiram D.% TJiomas\ Savi- 
tiel\ Samuel-, John'). 

Born April 12,1836; married ( i), April 20. rS6o, ELIZ- 
ABETH Gillies, who died Sept. 22, 1871; married (2), 
Sept. 8, 1876, Mary C. Gaver; residence, Marion, Kan. 
Mr. Hodge was in the Union army in the late Civil 
war, 18G1-5 ; a man of literary tastes and much general 
information, but too modest to give any particulars of his 


Six children: 

St:{. Kalph L. Hodge, b. Nov. 2, i86r. 

844. Gillies D. Hodge, b. Dec. 12, 1S65. 

845. Hattie K. Hodge, b. May i, 186S. 
S4'). DwiGHT E. Hodge, b. Sept. 10, 1877. 
,'^47. L. Cadv Hodge, b. Aug. 16, 1S79. 
845. M. MvKTLE Hodge, b. March i, 1SS2. 

I.")'), STEl'IIEX DWIGIIT'^ HODGE {Hiram D.\ 

Thomas ', SamHcl\ Sawucl'-, Jolui ' ). 

Born Feb. 2, 1S47; married, Oct. 10, 1877, LlD.\ A. 
M.\sc)\, born Sept. 7, 1849, daughter of Arnold G. and 
Maria 15. Mason. Mr. Hodge is a successful dentist in 
Burlington, Vt. 

Two children : 
S52. Helen Lida Hodge, b. Feb. 8, 1S79. 
853. Heattie .Mason Hodge, b. Jan. 20, 1882. 

-JGl. ELlZADETir E.'MIODGE {Wram D.% Thomas', 
Samud\ S.i,>niel\John'). 

Born May 5, 1S52 ; married, Feb. 15, 1S76, Rev. WlLL- 
I.Wl A. Ki:r--E, born Dec. 23, iS46,and died Sept. i, 1895, 
son of Levi and Susan Lee Keese. 

Four children : 
S57. .Maiuon .\snro.\ Keese, b. May 2, iSSi. 
8;S. Ethll .Margaret Keese, b. Oct. 25, 1S82. 
859. Rlth Ester Keese, b. Feb. 18, 1S84. 
S60. Wn.LiAM Merru.l Keese, b. Oct. 17, 1894. 

4(i;{. .M.\RTIN'' HODGE {Tchabod'\ Israel, SamuclK 
S,iwi:el\John' ). 

Born Oct. 9, 1809; married 0rpii.\ Pl.vnt. In 1S37 
resided in Warsaw, N.Y., and there at that time, in com- 
pany with his father, owned a grist-mill. He had the fol- 


lowing-namccl children, but we hrive been unable to fjet 
the date of birth of any of them, and the entries here 
made may not be in the order in which they were born. 

Nine children: 
86i. Ellen M. Houge. 

862. EUWIN HOlXiK. 

863. Harriet Hodge. 

864. Akabel Hodge. 

865. Orpha Hodge. 

866. Marion M. Hodge. 

867. Caroline Hodge. 

868. Perry Hodge. 

869. Alice Hodge. 

466. ISRAEL'' HODGE {Ichabod\ Israel*, SannieP, 

Samuel-, John ' ). 

Born July 16, 1817, in Richfield, N.Y. ; married S.VLLV 
Morris, who died April 2, 1853. He died Aug. 2, 1852, 
in Warsaw, N.Y., his residence for some years. 

Three children: 

871. Solomon Hodge; m. Josephine Smith, of Chicago, 111. 

872. Albert J. Hodge: m. and res. in Io\v.-i. 

873. Edith Hodge; m. Frank Mitchell, of Broadhead, Wis. 

473. MARY" HODGE (Solomon'- , Israel\ Samuel', 
Samuel-, John ' ). 

Born Feb. i8, 1S31; married RODNEV NiLES Ch.WD- 
LER; resided somewhere in the State of New York. 

Two children : 

876. Frank. Grangf.r Ch.-\.ndler, b. Oct. i, 1848; m., Septem- 

ber, 1872, Laiir.iC. H.wn. 

877. Ruth Damaris Chandler, b. Aug. 26, 1854; m., March 

15, 18 — , George Strong. 


479. NELSON •= HODGE {Loton S.\ Israel \ Sami/er\ 
Samuel'-, John ' ) . 

Born Julys, 'S42; married, Oct. 28, 18G0, M.\RY E. 
Warner, who was born in Portland, Conn. Mr. Hodge 
was in the army during the Civil war, 1 861-5, and died 
Nov. 3, 1862, at Harper's Ferry, Va., while in the service. 

One child: 
8S0. Wells Hodge, b. Oct. 5, 1861 ; d. Sept. 22, 1S62. 

486. WILLIAM" HODGE {Elijah', Elijah*, John', 
Samuel-, John.^ ) . 

Born in 1803; married, Feb. 19, 1826, Fannv Parks, 
of Stonington, born in 1802 and died Dec. 21, 1880, 
Conn. He died April 27, 1S55, of consumption. The 
Glastonbury records give age at time of death of some of 
the children, from which we have calculated the year of 

Five children : 

S81. Francis Hodge, b. 1827; d. April 17, 1857. 

882. Levi Hodge, b. 1833; per. m. Citherine - — . b. 1834: he 

d. June 27, i860; had Charles, b. .March 9, 1854; d. Oct. 
19, i860. See footnote, page 89. 

883. LucKETiA Hodge, b. Jan. 2, 1838; m.. May 12. 1S63, Lsaac 

Stevens, of New York City, b. June 3, 1841, d. some 
years ago. A few years since the widow lived on the 
"Hill," at South Glastonbury, Conn.; no children. 

8S4. Lucy Ann Hodge, b. March 4, 1842 ; d. early. 

885. Lucy Ann Hodge, b. in 1848; d. 1873. 

493. LUCY'- HODGE {Elijah'-, Elijah', John', 
Samuel-, John'). 

Born in 1 8 16; married, May i, 1833, AdoniRAM 
NOiLES, of Salisbury, Conn., born in 1801. She died 



Jul)- i6, iS66, in Glastonbury, Conn., where she was bor 
and had always lived. 

Ten children : 



William \V. Nobles, b. June 15, 
Jenette Nobles, b. Oct. 12, 1839 
Calvin Nobles, b. Au;,'. 25, 1S43. 
E.MMA Nobles, b. June 14, 1S45. 
John Nobles, b. June 30, 1847. 
Leroy Nobles, b. July 31, 1849. 
Henry Nobles, b. Aug. 12, 1853. 
Jessie Nobles. 
Lucy Nobles, b. March 7, 1S58; 

Eli Nobles. 


d. April 18, 1866, from 

4%. HATSEL^ HODGE {Bcna;ah'% Elijah', John'', 

Born March 19, 1799; married LuCY HARRIS. Mr. 
Hodge was born in Glastonbury, Conn., and probably 
lived there all his life, but the records of the town make 
little mention of him. He had, as believed, the following 
children, but the dates of their births have not been ascer- 

Five children: 

809. Ro.MAN Hooge, 

900. Henry H(njc.E, m. 

901. Maria Houoe. 

902. Francis Houge. 

903. George Edward 

prob. abt. 1827. 
. and liatl dau. who ni. a Pitkin 


497. SELDOX" HODGE {Benajah\ EUjah\ John\ 
Samuel'-, John ' ). 

Born May 27, iSoi ; married, Sept. 19, 1824, LucY 
PlPEli, of Miildletown, Conn. ; resided Glastonbury, Conn., 
and there had certainly four children, and perhaps others. 


Four children : 

907. Rhoda Hodge, in 1895 unm. 

908. Mary Hodgf., m. a Cl.irk. In 1S95 was a widow, in 

Europe ; had a dau. and per. other children. 

909. EvANiJER HoiiGE, in 1S95 unm. 

910. Charles Hodge. 

VJS. BEN'JAMIN " HODGE {Benajah \ Elijah \JoJm \ 
Samuel •, John ' ). 

Born June 6, 1S05; married, May 3, 1S35, Samantha 
ChaI'IN, born Aug. lo, 18 12. He died May 7, 1878; 
resided Glastonbury, Conn. 

Three children: 

914. Harriet Augusta Hodge, b. Aug. i, iSj6; ra. Ferdinand 

J. Davis, of West Hartford, Conn.; had Herbert .A., b. 
July 5 and d. March 4; years not given. 

915. Nancy M.\lvina Hodge, b. April 4, 1S42 ; d. March 5, 


916. Edward Benjamin Hodge, b. Sept. 14, 1S45. 

4{ty. ORRIX'' HODGE {Benajah\ Elijah*, John\ 
Samuel -, John ' ) . 

Born Nov. 6, 1809; married, June i, 1832, LaurIETTA 
Reed, born April 12, 1808; in 1897 resided with daugh- 
ter at 22 Broad street, Plainville, Conn. He died many 
years since. 

Four children: 

920. Watson Hodge, b. Nov. ir, 1832. 

921. Charles Woodbkidge Hodge, b. Nov. 23, 1S34. 
9-22. Margaretta Josephine Hodge, b. April 14, 1S3S. 
923. Wesley Alfred Hodge, b. Jan. 7, 1846. 


501. RHODA" HODGE (Bcnajah', r.Ujah^ Jchn\ 
Samuel-, John ' ). 
Born Nov. 8, 1813; married, Oct. 7, 1S38, HakloW 
HiGGlNS, born March 11, iSii, and died Nov. 9, 1894. 
She died November, 1S91 ; resided Batavia, N.Y. 

Five children : 

935. Prudence Ellen Higgins, b. Aug. 15, 1840; m.. May 13 
1866, Alonzo R.ickley. 

926. Mary Zkkvl\ii Higgins, b. June 9, 1842; ni.. May 25 

1S65, VVinfield Scott Seward. 

927. HiRA.M Wilbur Higgins, b. Sept. 12, 1844; m., October 

1873, Ellen Fenn. 

928. Martha Jones Higgins, b. Nov. 3, 1846; m., Dec. 25 

1866, Oscar B. Kelsey. Batavia, N.Y. 

929. He.van Wilfred Higgins. ij. April is, 1S49: m. uct. 26. 


503. ALSOP'^ IIODGE (Benahth\ Elijah\ Johv"-, 
Saniuel\John ' ). 

Born July 22, 1S18; married, Nov. 3, 1844, Betsey 
PlERSON, born April 23, iSn, who was alive in 1895. 
He died Jan. 21, 1S77; always resided in Glastonbury, 

[This name " Alsop " comes from a man in Connecticut 
who in the early part of the nineteenth century became 
quite noted as a shipbuilder and person of great wealth. 
Many New England boys, born about that time, were 
burdened with the name.] 

Three children : 

931. Emeiine a. Hodge, b. Dec. 15, 1845; m., Junes, :867, 

Ansel E. Bidv.ell, b. 1847. In 1895 she was a widow; 
had certainly 4 chii., Wilbur, Arthur, Allison, and Ansel. 

932. Olive A. Hodge, b. July 29, 1848; m., June i, 1871, 

Roderick- F. Hollister, b. Oct. 26, 1S46; res. Glaston- 


bury, Conn. ; had Alice L., b. Sept. 26, 1S75, and William 
Tracy, b. Sept. 24, 1877. 
033. Hiram Emerson Hodge, b. March 23, 1S51. 

50."). DAVID'" HODGE (Eliztir\ Elijah\ John\ Sam- 

Born Sept. 20, iSoi ; married (i) ; married (2). 

April 14, 1836, ACHS.\ TUBB.S; moved from Glastonbury, 
Conn., to W'allingford, Vt., where he was killed by the 
falling of a tree. Had four children by first wife. No 
record foimd of any children by second wife. 

Four children : 

936. D.wiD Hodge. 

937. Deli.^ Hodge. 

938. M.^mv Hodge. 

939. A.MV Hodge. 

507. DUDLEY « HODGE {EUzur\ Elljah\ John\ 
SamueP, John ' ) . 

Born Sept. 16, 1S04; married MAK.Y Wai.KF.R, who 
died in 1S72. He died May i, 1842. Resided Stafford, 

Seven children: 

941. Henry Woodbridge Hodge, b. May 14, 1S27; d. Aug. 

7. 1S46. 

942. Dudley Hodge, b. Aug. 27, 1830; d. .same day. 

943. Mary Elizabeth Hodge, b. May 10, iSj2; ni. Lodrick 

Hodge (No. 527). 

944. .Mir.\.nda Hodge, b. Aug. i, 1S34; rn. Ezra Clark ; three 

children: Ella, Lottie, and Horatio. 
94.5. Julia Ag.nes Hodge, b. July 2, 1S36. 

946. Elizur Hodge, b. Aug. 17, 1838. 

947. A.nna Christine Hodge, b. Dec. 30, 1S40; m., -March 31, 

1859, If.aac Slater, b. 1834 and d. April 15, 1887; res. 
Glastonbury, Conn. 


510. ELIZA'' IIODGE {Elizur\ EUjah\ John\ Sam- 
iid\ John'). 

Born May 30, 181 1 ; married PETER ACKERT, of Glas- 
tonbur)', Conn. Supposed to have left Glastonbury soon 
after inarria!j;e. 

One child : 
949. Maria Ackert, b. .ibt. 182S. 

512. SAMANTIIA''' WOXm'c. {EUzur-\ Elijah\ John'', 

Samuel '', John ' ) . 

Born March 5, 1815 ; married, Feb. 16, 1836, Chester 
Andrews, born Sept. 22, 1805, Middletown, Conn., son of 
Chester Andrews and Ellis (Bell) Andrews. Ellis was the 
daughter of Isaac Boll, of Glastonbury, Conn. In 1S39 
Mr. Andrews moved from Glastonbury to Danube, Herk- 
imer County, N.Y. In a letter received he is spoken of 
as " a farmer in good condition." 

Six children : 

954. Elizabkth Ellis A.ndrews, b. May 5, 1S3S; d. Oct. 29, 


955. William F. Andrews, b. March 13, 1840. 

956. Emma C. Andrews, b. June 12, 1842 ; in., March 25, i863, 

Dc-lancey Stafford. 

957. Sarah E. Andrews, b. Dec. 20, 1S46. 

958. Mary A. Andrews, b. March 5, 1850. 

959. Hudson Andrews, b. Aug. 16, 1S53; d. Feb. i, 1S54. 

513. ELISHA-^ HODGE {Elizur\ Elijah \ John ', Sa,n- 

uel-, John ' ). 

Born Dec. 31, 18 17 (supposed to have had two wives, 
but do not know which was the first) ; married, April 5, 
1842, Mary L. Root, born Aug. 17, 181 3, and died 
Aug. I, 1S34; daughter of Elisha and Deborah (Sumner) 


Root, of Ilcbron, Conn., who lived at Marlborougli at 
time of birth of this daughter. The other wife of Mr. 
I lodge perhaps was DELIA A. BiDWELL. He died Nov. 
28, 1856, leaving, so far as ascertained, no male heirs. 
Resided Gilead, Tolland County, Conn. 

5H. ELrjAIP HODGE {EUz!cr\ Elijah', John\ Sam- 

Born Dec. 31, 1817; married, May 26, 1S41, Sarah J. 
Bush, born Dec. 9, 1821, daughter of Hubbard and 
Joanna (Hale) I'lish, of ICastbury parish, Glastonbury, 
Conn. Mr. Hodge died Jan. 14, 1864; resided Hebron, 
Conn. In 1895 the widow was living in Glastonbury. 
Sept. 9, 1871, Mary, wife of Lodrick Hodge (iNo. 527;, 
was made guardian of the minor children. 

Higlit children : 

965. Ti.MOTHY H. HijlJGF., b. July 12, 1S42; 1,1., Jiitie t (, i;ib6, 

Maria E. Weir, b. Feb. 3, 1842 ; heservoil in llie Civil, 
18S1-5; no children; res. Glastonbury, Conn. 

966. M.'VRTHA A. HoncE, b. July 9, 1844. 

967. Ellen E. Hodge, b. May 4, 1S49; m. Ct-orge IVrkins, 

Weather^field, Conn. 

968. Ch.\kles Hawley Hodge, b. Aug. 27, 1S51. 

969. Adaline Y.. Uodge, b. Stpt. I. 1853 ; ni. Peiry Church , res. 

Middletown, Conn. 

970. Sar.\h Isabel Hodge, b. Aug. 24, 1S55 ; m., Sept. 5, 1S93, 

Arthur Dickinson; res. Rockville, Conn. 

971. a. Hodge, b. July 29, 1858; m. Frank .Morton. .She 

d. March 24, 1895; res. We-itherslield, Ccnn. 

972. Jennie E. Hodge, b. May 3, 1864: d. July 23, 1880. 

510. C^-PHIA'-' HODGE {Ellzur\ EUjah\ John\ Sam- 
uel-, John ' ). 

Born June 24, 1821 ; married Hudson GooI'WIN Hul- 
LISTER, born Aug. 28, 1S16, son of Eli and Ruth (Treat) 


riollister. She died Nov. ir, 1855. and Nov. \2, 1856, 
Mr. Hollister married Ann (Hills) Curtis. Residence, 
Glastonbury, Conn, 

Two children : 

974. Rowland Hi'pso.v Hollistfr, b. April 13, 1844. 

975. Charlotte A. MoLLLsTEK,b. February, 184S; m., Nov. 12, 

1874, J. \V. Cone, of New Maven, Conn. ; had Lavina L.. 
b. May 30, 1877. 

518. ANSON « HODGE {Bur>ill\ Elijah^ John\ Sam- 

Born July 18, 1S15 ; married LoL'ISA Clark, born Oct. 
15, 1815. He died March 9, 1875. In 1S95 the widow- 
was living with her son, Melvin E., in Glajionbury, Conn. 
Kleven children : 
977. CrLF.bTiA Hodge, b. June 2, 1838; d. Sept. 12, 1S38. 
97S. Joseph H'-idge, b. June 2:, 1839; d. .May 6, 1850. 

979. Kaxsoii Hodge, b. Dec. 8, 1S41 ; d. Nov. 25, 1848. 

980. Vxy\k^ Hodge, b. Aug. 4, 1843. 
9sl. Leora Hodge, b. June 8, 1845. 
9S2. Charles Hodge, b. Jan. 11, 1S47. 
983. Edg.« Hodge, b. Au^. j, 1848. 
9S4. AIary Hodge, b. April i, 1850. 
985. Fr.\nces Hodge, b. March 10, 1S52. 

9«*6. Melvln E. Hodge, b. Feb. 22, 1854; town rec. says b. 

Jan. 23. 
O**?. Irving \V. Hodge, b. Oct. i, 1856; town rec. :-ays b. Oct. 5. 

5','0. CflAUNCEYMIODGE {BurriW, Elijah', John\ 
Samuel -, John ' ) . 

Born in 1839; married, March 31, 1850, Eunice El- 
TRlDA Treat, born 25, 1S30, of Pennsylvania; 
died April 23, 1S91. Mr. Hodge, a few years since, was 
residing in Glastonbury, Conn., where he had lived all his 


Two children : 

ftsO. Eveline A. HoncE, b. Au^. 17, 185 1. 
D'JO. Wilbur James Hodge, b. Dec. 12, 1S54. 

5-.J5. ELIZABETH-^ HODGE {NoeP, Elijah\ John\ 
Samu€l\ John^). 

Born Sept. 26, 1S20; married Daniel Moses, born 
iSiO and died Dec. 16, 1890; residence, Siinsbury, Conn. 

Four children: 

993. Lucy Moses. 

994. John Randolph Moses, b. July 12, 1853. 

995. Noel Hodge Moses, b. Jan. 10, 1855. J 

996. RoswELi. Moses, b. June 4, 1857; d. September, 1S60. 

526. CHAUN-Cli;^ HODGE {Nocl\ Elljah\ John\ 

Samuel ^' John ' ). 
Born June 13, 1S22; married, Aug. i, 1852, Melissa 
ArousTA Chapman, born iVug. 6, 1S30, and died Xor. 5, 
1868. He died July 2\ , 1895; residence, Glastonbury 

Six children : 

99S. Betsey Jane Hodge, b. March 4, 1S54; unm. 

999. Fr^nk L. Hddge, b. June i3, 1856; d. March 14, 1857. 
1000. Frederick L. Hodge, b. Feb. 28, 1S58; died Sept. 6, 

looi. Flora E. Hodge, b. Aug. 25, 1S62; d. May 8, 1882. 

1002. Herukrt D. Hodge, b. Oct. 26, 1864; res. New iiritain, 


1003. R(5l.vnd Anson Hodge, b. May 26, 1868. 

527. LODRICK"^ HODGE {Noel\ Elijah', John', 

SamHcl\ John'). 
Born Nov. 13, 1S2S; married (i), Dec. 2, 1849, Fr.\n- 
<- Es Anne Goodrich, born in 1S26, died Jan. 8, 1856; 


married (2), Sept. 16, 1S57, Marv Elizadeth Hodge, 
born May 10, 1S32, in Stafford, Conn.; daughter of Dud- 
ley Hodge (No. 507). Lodrick Hodge died July 24, 
1SS3-4. Sept. 9, 1871, Mrs. Hodge, by action of the 
court, became guardian of the minor children of Elijaii 
Hodge (No. 514), deceased. Mrs. Hodge has been highly 
spoken of as a woman of intelligence and much force of 
character. In 1S95 she was living in Addison, Conn. 

Of the ten children nine are supposed to have been born 
in Glastonbury, Conn., where Mr. Hodge resided for many 
years, and one, the youngest, was born in East Haddam, 
to which place Mr. Hodge finally moved. Mr. Hodge 
was a Republican or " Union " man during the Civil war, 
and his brother Roswell so strongly sympathized with the 
South that a son born to him during the war he named 
Jefferson Davis, after the President of the Southern Con- 
federacy. Not long after Lodrick had a son born and he 
called him Ulysses Grant. Perhaps it is worth mentioning 
that not only " Jeff." grew up to be a Democrat, but Ulysses 

Ten children: 

1005. Charles G. Hodge, b. Jan. 15, 1S53. 

1006. Roswell Hodge, adopted by an .lunt (No. 531), and given 

the name Francis Newton Post. 

1007. WiLLL^M Hodge, b. Nov. 13, 185S; d. Nov. 14, 185S. 
rooS. Lu.MAN A. Hodge, b. .March 6, 1S60. 

1009. William H. Hodge, b. Oct. , 1861 ; d. April 18, 1862. 

1010. Ulvsses Grant Hodge, b. April 26, 1S64. 

loii. Carkie Lincoln Hodge, b. April 25, 1S65; m., Oct. 18, 
1S93, John G. Flad, Jr., b. in 1859. 

1012. GiLKERT Taylor Hodge, b. Sept. 14, 1S67. 

1013. Lena Agnes Hodge, b. Nov. 12, 1869; d. April 22, 1870. 

1014. Bertha Bell Hodge, b.'Jan. 8, 1S75; d. Nov. 12, 1883. 


5W. ROSWELL" HODGE (i\W/% F.lijah\ John\ 
Samuel-^ John '). 
Born April 18, 1825; married, April 19, 1855, 1'".\NNIE 
Cornelia Weir, born April lo, 1836. He died May 27, 
1892; resided Glastonbury, Conn. 

Five children: 

1016. E.MILY IIonOF., b. Juno 6, 1856. 

1017. Jkffkkson D.u-is IlonoF,, b. Nov. 6, 1862; d. 10, 

iciS. J.^.MES Hodge, b. Feb. 17, 1S67. 

1019. Wyllys Hodge, b. Oct. 3, 1S72. 

1020. Lucy Hodge, b. Dec. 27, 1876; d. Feb. 2, 1877. 

520. SARAH'' HODGE {Nocl% Elijah \ John \ Samuel \ 
Born Nov. 22, 1826; married CharI.E.^ RoRERROOK. 
She died April 30, 1S61 ; resided, at time of her death, 
Glastonbury, Conn. 

Five children : 

1022. JuLi.\ RoREBROOK, d. young. 

1023. Ellen Rorebrook, d. young. 

1024. WiLLiA.M Rorebrook, m. Phoebe Hall, of K. Hartford, 


1025. S.AR.^H Frances Rorebrook. m. Charles Davis. 

1026. Frederick Rorebrook, m. Eveline Trask. 

530. JOHN BROWN '^ HODGE {Noel\ Elijah\John\ 
Samuel ^ , John ') . 

Born Feb. 21, 1828; married, July 3, i860, LWINIA 
Hammond, born in 1S41. He died Jan. 26, 1S89; resided 
Glastonbury, Conn. There were several children, but have 
the name of only one. 


Two children : 

102S. A son, b. April 12, 1S61. 

1029. RosETTA Hodge, m. Rufus Bailey. 

531. LUCY PHYLENIA" HODGE {Noel\ Elijah \ 
Jo/iH^, Sa>/iuel', John^). 

Born Oct. 22, 1829; married Leonard Post. She died 
April 30, 1S92. Roswell Hodge, son of her brother 
Lodrick, she adopted and gave the name Francis Newton 
Post (see No. 1006), by which name he has since been 
known ; residence, Glastonbury, Conn. 

One child: 

103;. Alfred Post, m. Alice Hale, of Portland, Conn. 

jah S John \ Samuel-, John '). 

Born Oct. 17, 1833 ; married, Dec. 12, 1S56, CATHERINE 
Evans, bom in 1835 and died May 7, 1892; she was of 
New York. He died Dec. 15, 1865; resided Glastonbury, 

Three children : 

1038. Albert L. Hodge, b. May 22, 185S; m., Sept. 26, 1S87. 

Cora J. Moses, b. 1865, in Simsbury, Conn. ; had dau. b. 
Dec. u, iS8g, and son Uriah, b. April 28, 1S92. 

1039. Frf.dekick Hodge, b. April 30, 1S62 ; d. Feb. 14, 1893. 

1040. Cora Hodge, b. Aug. 21, 1S64. 

John^, Samuel'^, John '). 

Born Aug. 26, 1836; married (i) Mary E. Archer; 
married (2) Desire Holmes. Left Glastonbury, Conn., 
after birth of two children and settled somewhere in the 


Two children : 

104 1. Albro Hodge. 

1042. llERGiN Hodge. 

537. ELEANOR L ."^ HODGE {NocP, Eliiah\ John\ 

Born May 25, 1840; married Edwin Foote. She 
died Feb. 28, 1870. Resided, at last accounts, Falmouth, 
0., near Cincinnati. 

Two children : 

1046. Edna Foote. 

1047. Elma Foote. 

539. AMANDA ALICE '^ HODGE (lYoel'-, Elijah*, 
John ', Sarnnel -, John ' ). 

Born April 30, 1844; married, Jan. 3, 1865, THEODORE 
Evans, born April 11, 1S36, in Cornwall, N.Y. Resided 
South Glastonbury, Conn. 

Eleven children : 

1050. Ada a. Evans, b. Oct. 30, 1S65; m., March 15, 1891, 

Everett F. Gates, of New Hartford, Conn. 

1051. E.mory E. Evans, b. Aug. 27, 1S67; m.. Aug. iS, 1887, 

Nellie Evelyn ; had Alice L., b. June 29, 1891. and Joseph 
T., b. Sept. 12, 1892. 

1052. Bertha G. Evans, b. Oct. 28, 1S&9; d. Jan. 28, 188S. 

1053. Theron W. Evans, b. .March 17, 1871 ; m.' Nov. 7, 1892, 

Ida B. Strickland; had Harold S., b. Feb. 27, 1894. 

1054. DEi.bFRT U. Evans, b. Nov. 27, 1872. 

1055. Ruby H. Evans, b. Sept. 8, 1874. 

1056. Edna C. Ev.\.ns, b. July i, 1876. 

1057. Archie J. Eva.ns, b. Jan. 15, 1878. 

1058. Tho-MAs H. Evans, b. Feb. 16, 1880. 

1059. William R. Evans, b. Nov. ly, i3Si ; d. Dec. 11, 1887. 

1060. VVeslf.v K. Evans, b. Feb. 25, 1S84. 


504. HENRY'' HOUGE {Asa\ Eli\ John", Samuel \ 
Born June 19, 1802, and died at Granville, Mass., on or 
about Feb. i, 1S63, leaving, as probate record says, "no 
widow;" "next of kin persons " all children. Adminis- 
tration granted on estate April 7, 1863. 

Six children : 

1061. Gkorgk H. HcmcE, b. June 20, 1824. 

1062. BuELL nf)iJGE, b. , 1S27. 

1063. Harriet Hodge, b. , 1S31 ; ni. a Barker. 

1064. Francis Hodge, b. , 1835 ; d. before his father (1863). 

1065. Emily Hodge, b. , 1S39. 
io56. Julia Hodge, b. , 1840. 

665. .SILA.S'' HODGE (Asa\ EU\ Jo7m\ Samuel-,'). 

Born June 23, 1S04; married (i) ESTRR Alderm.VN, 
who died, probably, in 1832 ; married (2), in 1833, Orpha 
A. Alpehman, born Nov. i, 1805, and died Sept. i, 18S7, 
at Granville, Mass. The Aldermans lived in Chester, and 
the two wives perhaps were sisters. Resided Granville, 

Five children : 

106S. Jam-. E. Hodge, b. March 20, 1S30; ni. C. C. Porter; had 
Charles and Jennie ; Ch.irles ni. Alice Fomcroy. 

1069. Ester C. Hodge, b. May 19, 1S32; m. Alfred Dean; had 

Nellie, Clara Bell, and a third, who died some years 

1070. Charles B. Hodge, b. March 17, 1S34; in. Sarah George ; 

had Nellie; dau. and mother both dead. 

1071. Franklin J. Hodge, b. June 10, 1S37 ; d. Feb. 5, 1849, in 

Granville, Mass. 
lOTU. He.vry S. Hodge, b. Oct. 6, 1843. 


oOS. ALFRED'' IIODGE {Asa', Eli \ John-, Samuel', 

Born Nov. 5, 1S12; married Felora Glasier. In a 
letter tlic names of the children were given " Libbie," 
" Ilattic," and '■ Eddie." 

Three children : 

1074. Elizabeth Hodgk, m. Fred }3elknap, now dead. 

1075. Hakuif.t HoriGE, m. Richaul Plielps ; both dead. 

1076. Eu\v.\RD HoudE, m. Lilian Bacon; no children. 

570. LYMAN F.'' HODGE {Asa \ Eli \ John', Samuel-, 

Born June 9, 181 7; married, Nov. i, 1839, Sarah M. 
Day, born April 6, I S 17, in Connecticut, and died in Gran- 
ville, Mass., where Mr. Hodge lived. He died Jan. 27, 

Seven children : 

1079. Clarissa .Minerva Hodge, b. July 20, iS4o;dead. 

1080. Alfred Lucas HoDCiE, b. Aug. 13, 1S42; m. and had son 

Henry, now dead. 
loSi. Chauncey J.^.mes Hodge, b. Oct. 14, 1844; d. in Civil 
war service. 

1082. Sarah Minerva Hodge, b. Feb. 22, 1S47; dead. 

1083. Asa WiLLARD Houge, b. June 27, 1849; dtad. 

1054. Laura Aiugail Hodge, b. Oct. 31, 1S51 ; dead. 

1055. Xi.NETTA Rosaltha Hodge, b. Aug. i8, 1S55. 

573. CYRUS 'MIODGE {Ira\ Eli\ John', Samuel,^ 

Born Jul)' 25, 1S09; married, March 3-5, 1832, RUEY 
ClIAPlN }5artlett, born July 23, iSi i, in Granby, Mass., 
and died in 1872. He died June 8, 1S76. The marriage 


probably took place in Springfield, Mass. Moved to 
Little Rock, 111. 

Nine children: 

1087. Makv Elizabeth irooGE, b. Dec. 5, 1832. 

1058. Oliver A. Hodge, d. young, as did two other cliildren b. 

after Mary ; not named. 

1059. Ira Bertram Hodge, b. Nov. 8, 1S39. 

1090. Henry De.xter Hodge, b. April 11, 1842. 

1091. Francis Lehov Hodge, b. June 22, 1844. 

1092. Mortimer Hodge, b. Feb. 27. 1850; d. March 12, 1850,31 

Little Kock. 

1093. Isabel Hodge, b. April 2, 1853; d. Feb. 17, 1854, at 

Little Rock, 111. 

JoJni^, Sutmiel', John^ ). 

Born Oct. 14, 1821 ; married ( i), Aug. 15, i84i,LouiS.\ 
Relief Kent, born Dec. 17, 18 17, and died Feb. 5, 1873 ; 
married (2), Jan. 15, 1875, Calista Little, born Sept. 
24, 1846, and died Jan. 15, 1887. In 1895 Mr. Hodge was 
living at Los Angeles, Cal. In a letter of January, that 
year, he says: "I know our name is Hodge and not 
Hodges, as some of our family write it. How the .? came 
to be added I do not understand. Hereafter I shall drop 
the s, as I have a pride in the ancestral name of Hodge." 

The line of descent of this family from John Hodge the 
progenitor is direct and certain, as here given. Two chil- 
dren by each wife. 

Four children: 

1095. Alice Adelaide Hodge, b. Aug. 19, 1842. 

1096. Anna Relief Hodge, b. Aug. 9, 1846. 

1097. Ethel Liela Hodge, b. Dec. 6, 1878. 

1098. Grace Calista Houge, b. July 22, 1884. 


571). WII.LIAM'' HODGE ( William \ BcujamiH \ Ben- 
jamin \ Snmiiel'-, Jolin^ ). 

Born Dec. 20, 1804; marrried, Nov. 24, 1S4S, ARRlE'n-.'\ 
A. Hodge, bom Oct. iS, 1815, and died Dec. 14, 18S3; 
daiiLjhter of Lorin Hedge. (See No. 591.) William 
Hodge died April i.\, 18S7. In 1S05 he accompanied 
his parents when they moved from Otsego County, N.Y., 
to Kric County, in the same .State. Here, at Buffalo, he 
became a permanent resident. He was nine years old 
when Buffalo was burned by the British, and his father's 
house destroyed. He took considerable interest in pub- 
h'c affairs, but never aspired to any political office. 
At one time he was President of the Buffalo Historical 
Society. He wrote for the newspapers in Buffalo many 
aiticles in regard to the early settlement of that city. In 
1885 he published a very interesting volume entitled a 
"Memoir of the late William Hodge, Sr.," which contains 
many facts about the older inhabitants of Buffalo. In 
speaking of the battle at Black Rock, when the British 
burned Buffalo, he says: "Two of my uncles, Lorin and 
Alfred Hodge, were in that battle." I\Ir. Hodge was a 
member of the Buffalo Westminster Church for many 

On land he owned in Buffalo he laid out Hodge avenue, 
upon which he erected many fine buildings. The prop- 
erty he inherited from his father, with that which he ac- 
cumulated b)' his own exertions, made him a man of con- 
siderable means, and he died wealthy. 

Four children : 

1100. .Marv IJavis Honr.E, b. Jan. 8, 1S50; d. 1S51. 

1101. \Vu,i,iAM Cui.RCHU.L HoiJOK, b. July 4, 1S51. 
lli)2. WiLi.AKi) Way Hodgr. b. .A.pril 15, 1853. 
1103. CnARLi:s Jo.N-ES HoD(,E, b. Feb. iS, 1^56. 


681. PHILANDERS JIODGE {}V,7//a»r\ Beujam!n\ 
Benjamin', Saniud", John^ ). 

Born Feb. 14, 1S09; married, Sept. 15, 1S35, EUCENIE 
Maria Barker, born Aug. 10, 181S, and died April 26, 
1883; daughter of Judge Pierre Barker, of Buffalo, N.Y., 
and granddaughter of Gen. Samuel A. Barker, who served 
in the Revolutionary war under General Lafayette, and who 
was a special friend of that distinguished man. It is 
told that General Barker was a good French scholar, 
which tended greatly to bring about an intimate acquain- 
tance between the two men. Mr. Hodge died Oct. 26, 
l866. Me had fine business talents; was quick, active, 
and persevering, but not cautious. At one time he was 
engaged in banking, afterwards owner of a glass factory, 
and then interested in vessel property. Just before his 
death he purchased a fme residence in Brooklyn, N.Y., 
and had made arrangements in that city to engage largely 
in the coal trade. 

His wife was a woman of fine personal appearance, 
highly intellectually endowed, and possessed of rare con- 
versational powers, but had very little idea of the value of 
money. Indeed, as said by one of her friends, "Money 
with her went faster than it came." Soon after her mar- 
riage her huslxand sold several pieces of land in Buffalo. 
She, in the <\QQi\-i given, quitclaimed her dower interest. 
A few years before her death some Buffalo lawyers found 
that though at the time of her signing the deeds she was 
the lawful wife of Mr. Hodge, she was not at the time 
eighteen years of age and could not legally sign away her 
rights; that the signing should have been done by a 
guardian for her, regularly appointed by the court. In 
the forty and more years which had intervened between 
the sales and the time when the lawyers made the discov- 


cry of defective title, the land sold had greatly increased 
in value, which now enabled both client and attorney to 
reap a big har\est by enforcement of the letter of the law. 
The money IMrs. Hodge thus received was soon spent and 
she died poor. Be it said to her credit that she was a 
lovable wife and good mother. 

Five children : 

1 104. Au(;l'stos Philander Hoiige, b. Nov. 26, 1S36; d. MLircli 

13, Ii66. Just before his death he had been admitted to 
practise law and gave promise of a bright future. 

1105. EuGE.viE jMaria Houge, b. Aug. i, 1838. 
HOG. Annie Cokinne Hodge, b. Jan. 15, 1S41. 
1 107. Kate Barker Hodge, b. Feb. 23, 1844. 
iioS. Nellie Elizabeth Hodge, b. July 29, 1S47. 

58S. MARY BEAUFORT IIODGE" ( JI7///am\ Bcn- 
jami?i\ Benjamin\ Samuel'-^ John'^ ). 

Born Nov. 4, 1S16; married, Oct. 23, 1S39, Jaa(ES 
PURDY, born July 23, 1793, and died July 11, 1886; son of 
Patrick B. and Jennette (Wallace) Purdy, who were mar- 
ried in 178S at Hopewell, York County. Penn. Patrick B., 
the father, came to this country with his parents in 17C0, 
from Antrim, Ireland. James Purdy resided many years 
in Mansfield, where he died. In business he was quite 

Nine children : 

110». .Makv HnuGE Pl'ruy, b. Aug. 15, 1S40. 

1110. Sarah Purdv, b. June 16, 1S42. 

1111. Jennette \Vall.\ce Purdy, b. Sept. 4, 1S43. 

1 1 12. Jamfs I'ltrdy, h. Jan. 8, [846; m., June 1, 1S71. Emma 

Kennedy, at .-\shland. O. He d. Sept. 22, 1S71; had 

1113. William Hodge Purdy. b. Dec. 4, 1848; d. Aug. 24. 



1 1 14. Hhi.F-M Sturgi;s I'uruv, b. Sept. 2S, 1S50; m., June 10, 

1574, Henry We.iver, b. July 13, 1S4J; bad 
) Henry P., b. April 23, 1S76. 

•' 1115. Adelaidk W.A.V ruRDV, b. Marcb 13, 1852. 

1116. Katk H.vmilton I'UUDV, 1). Au^'. 29, 1S53; m., Sept. 16, 

1575, Frank D. IJain. M.D. She d. Nov. 13, 1875. 

1117. Hamilton Patrick Purdy, b. July 23, 1855; d. Nov. 27, 


5S9. HELEN LOUISE'^ IIODGE {\VilUaw\ Benja- 
min^, Bi}ijaniin\ Saiiiur!", Johii^ ). 

Born March 4, 1S30; m.nrried, June 5, 185 1, DiMON 
Sturges, born Oct. 21, 1825 ; son of Ebcnezcr Perry and 
Amanda (Buckingham) Sturges, of Putnam, O. Mr. 
Sturges was in the drug bu'^incsj a number of years, at 
Mansfield, O., where he died, March 18, 1900, much hon- 
ored and respected. 

Eight children: 

Ills. William Perry Sturges, b. June i, 1853. 

1110. Hr.LK.N Hodge Sturges, b. Aug. 21, 1S55. 

1120. Ehe.n Buckingham Sturges. b. Sept. 10, 1857. 

1121. Kate Dimon Sturges, b. Aug. 9, 1859; m., June 12, 

1S95, Louis Halsey Wales, b. March 24, 1S62 ; son of 
Joseph and Kuphemia (Halsey) Wales. 

1 122. Julia Di.mon Sturges, b. Dec. 9, 1S60. 

1123. Sally Hodge Stur(;es, b. Aug. 21, i3^i2 ; d. Aug. 23, 

1124-. Puniiv lloDGE Sturges, b. Aug. 4, 1S64. 
1 125. Amanda Puckinguam Stukges, b. June 22, 1866. 

Bcitjaiiiiit ', Benjamin ', Samuel \ John ' ). 

Born Oct. 26, 1S33; m.irricd, Sept. 5, 1S60, JEN\Y 
Judo, born June i, 1S42 ; daughter of Samuel Iv and Mary 
Lyman (Strong) Judd, granddaughter of 07-ias Judd, a 

'^:'ilff^ « ^ » i|ip roj iiw;» 



\-WJ-^.''- ^^^ 

- - \, 



KARL HOOGE i No, 1127;. 


soldier in the war with Great Britain 1812-14, and a great- 
granddaughter of Orange Judd, who was in the military 
service in the Revolutionary war. Orange Judd w^as a 
direct descendant, through Timothy, Jonathan, and Heiija- 
min, of Thomas Judd wlio emigrated to New England in 
1633 and was one of the founders of Hartford, Conn. 
On his " home lot " in Hartford once stood the historic 
" Charter Oak " tree. Mrs. Hodge is also a descendant of 
Capt. William Lewis, of Cambridge, Mass., 1632, 
of the original proprietors of Hartford, who for many 
years was a representative to the General Court, and who 
died at Farmington, 16S3, at great age. 

Mr. Hodge received his preparatory education for 
college at Hudson, Ohio, graduated at Vale College, New 
Haven, Conn., in 1856, and afterwards studied surgery 
and medicine. He became successful in his practice. He 
is a naturalist and takes much interest in the study of 
articulates, his collection being one of the most complete 
in the country. He has been a resident of Hudson, Ohio, 
where he married, most of the time since. In early 
life he dropped " Benjamin " from his name and shortened 
" Franklin" to " Frank." 

The doctor is quite a hunter and is said to be an e.xcci- 
lent shot. 

Three children: 

1126. Faith Houoe, b. June 25, 1S62; d. Dec. 15, 1S64. 

1127. Kakl Hodge, b. May 15, 1S65. 

112S. I'ERcy Hodge, b. Sept. 30, 1S70; graduated at Adelbert 
College, Cleveland, Ohio, and afterwards took a two years' 
course at Case School of Applied Science, at Cleveland ; 
a chemist by profession and now a teacher in the Hi^h 
School at Akron, Ohio. Dec. 2S, 1S98, he m. Helen .Vmy 
Smith, b. Oct. 9, 1S70; dau. of Carlos Augustus and Isa- 
bella (Johnson) Smith, of Cleveland, Ohio. 


592. CORDELIA AUGUSTA •= HODGE {Lo>-hi% Ben- 
jamin*, Benjamin^, Saynitcl", John^^. 

Born Sept. 25, 1818; married, June 15, 1843, Fredkr- 
ICK N. Jones, born May 24, 18 19, and died March 23, 
1S83; son of Augustus and Saba (Murdock) Jones, of 
Black River, Ohio (1820). Mr. Jones for a number of 
years was a captain on the lakes and tlien became a ship- 
builder at Buffalo. He had a fine residence in Buffalo, on 
Delaware avenue, where he resided many years. lie was 
successful in business and had a high reputation as a 
vessel-builder. He was a deacon in the church for many 
years and subsequently became an elder. Mrs. Jones was 
loved and revered by a large circle of acquaintances. 
When the writer last saw her, in 1896, she was nearly four- 
score years of age; her hair as white as snow; apparently 
in good health ; she conversed with, vigor and marked 
intelligence, presenting the type of a dame that writers 
sometimes seem to think lived only in " ye olden times." 
Mrs. Jones died Feb. 24, 189S, at Redwood City, Cal. 

Seven children : 

1 129. Frepekick Augustus Jones, b. May 14, 1S44; d. Dec. 

14. 1844- 

1 130. Charles Monroe Jones, b. April 20, 1846; d. June 22, 

li:n. Carrie Ei.izaheth Jones, b. Feb. 22, 1S48. 

1132. Benjamin Houoe Jones, b. Jan. 2, 1850. 

1133. Frederick Nelson Jones, b. Jan. 12, 1S52; res. Sherar 

Bridge, Cal. ; unm. 

1134. William Francis Jones, b. Aug. 5, 1S57. 
113.5. Ja.mes Leonard Corning Jones, b. May 27, 1859. 

BcHjaiitin*, Bc>iiaij:in'\ Samuel-. John'- ). 

Born April 10, 1822, Mackinaw, Mich. ; married, Feb. 


1 1, 1847, AnELiA A. L<X)MIS, boin Feb. i, iS::", daughter 
of Uriah and Harriet (May) Looniis, of Canaan, N.H. He 
died Aug. 25, 1896. Mr. Hodge commenced business 
life as a tinner and had a store in Buffalo, N.Y. When 
he married lie settled at Geneva, Ohio, and there engaged 
in the hardware trade. In 1894 he retired on a farm at 
Chapel, near Jefferson, Ohio, where he died. Mrs. Hodge 
now resides most of her time with her daughter Saba, who 
lives about six miles from Jefferson. 

Nine children : 

1136. Frederick Jones Hodge, b. Nov. 15, 1847; d. April r6, 


1137. E.M.MA Louis.x HonnF, h. M:iy 29, 1849. 

113S. LoRiN V.-\RNUJi Hodge, b. Nov. 7. 1852; d. July 16, 1S53. 
11S9. Wll-LIA-M Alonzo Houge, b. May 31, 1S54. 

1140. S.AB.\ ViRGi.viA Hodge, b. Nov. 3, 1S55. 

1141. LoRi.N HODOE, b. Jan. 10, 1S5S ; d. Nov. 20, 1S74. 

1142. Walter Gk.\nger Hodge, b. July 29, 1863; res. Dclroit, 


1143. Alfred Hodge, b. .March 4, 1S6S ; d. March 5, 186S. 

1144. Hester Ann Hodge, b. Oct. 3, 1S70; d. Feb. 24, 1872. 

issa\ Benjamin'', Benjamin '\ Samuel", J'jIdl''). 

Born Nov. 21, 1818; married, Sept. 13, 1837, AUGUSTUS 
A. Keeler, born Jan. 8, iSiG, and died P'eb. 6, 1S66. 
Mr. Keeler for many years was a vessel captain on the 
lakes; some ten or more years before his death he retired 
to his home in St. Joseph, Mich., where he engaged in rais- 
ing fruit. He was a jolly, big-hearted man, ready at ail 
times to tell some story, generally of an improbable 
character. Mrs. Keeler married (2), May 24, 1S76, Amabel 
Haskin, born Dec. 5, 1812, and died March 15, 1884. 


After the death of I\Ir. Haskin she resided with her son 
Charles, at St. Josepli, until her death, Jan. 27, 1897. 

Two children : 

1 145. GroRGF. W. Keelek, b. Nov. 19, 1.S3S ; m.. Feb. 4, 1S62, 

Maggie E. Leonard. He d. .Sept. i, iS63,at Port Huron, 
while in tlie army in the Civil 

1146. Charles Al'gi'stus Keelek, b. Nov. 6, 1840. 

597. PIIiL.WDER'^ AYL.SWOirni {Chrrissa'\ Ben- 
jamin*, Benjamin \ Samuel-, Joltn^ ). 
Born April 11, 1S20; married (1), May 2, 1846, Em.\L\ 
J. BOWEN, born Dec. 30, 1817, and died Jan. 30, 1847; 
married (2), Sept. 4, 1S53, Makv Terrill, born Jan. 19, 
1S32, and died Oct. 7, 1SS6; resided, iS95,with daughter 
Cora Belle, Alva, Oklahoma. 

Five cliildren : 

1147. .\L\Ki)ON.N.A Aylsv.-orth, b. Sept. 8, 1S55; d. Sept. 23, 

114S. Kll.\[)Oke Aylsworth, b. May 7, 1S57 ; m. a Ward; res. 

Ruedi, Col. 
114!). CoR.v Belle Avlsworth, b. Dec. 17, 1858. 

1 150. Edith Loetie Avlswokth. b. Sept. 24, 1S60; m. a 

Spencer; res. Denver. Col. 

1151. Hhnky El.mkr AvLswoiaii, b. Aug. 10, 1S62; d. Sept. 

2D, 1SS7. 

59s. SARAH E. -^ AYLSWORTH {Clarissa\ Benja- 
miri \ Benjamin \ Samuel ', Joiin ' ). 

Born June 13, 1S21 ; married, Aug. 8, 1S40, Geor(;e W. 
Blake, born Aug. 2(, 1809, and died July 16, 1S78, son 
of Asahcl lilake. Resided Kingsley, Iowa. 

Eleven children : 

ii5ii. Ellen .\!i;liss.\ Bl.vke, b. May 9, 1841 ; d. July 26, 1841. 


1152. Edward Alonzo 1;lake, b. April 12, 1S42; d. July 23, 


1153. Henky Asahei- I>lai;e, b. Dec. 11, 1S43 ; m., Oct. 20, 

1870, Asenath A. Andrus, and d. Sept. 14, 1S73. 

1154. Francis William Blake, b. June n, 1S45; d. Oct. 30, 


1155. Ali-.ert Augustus I!lak.e, b. Nov. 12, 1S47; m., April 13, 

1872, P»Iag'j;ie Jones; res. Garfield, Wash. 

1156. Charles Fkedekick Blake, b. Jan. 21, 1S50; m., M.ircli 

2, 1S71, Katie J. Jones; res. JetTersnn, Iowa. 

1157. Cornelia Isabella Blake, b. Jan. 12, 1S52; nL, Feb. 3, 

1875, William K. Jones; she d. March 13, 1880. 

1158. Eugene Oklanuo Blake, b. March 16, 1855 ; d. Au^'. 30, 


1 159. Herbert Lorenzo Blake, b. June 12, 1S57; ni., Oct. 30, 

1S78, Augusta Rood; res. Ellsborongh, Minn 

1 160. Clara Luetta Blake, b. Oct. 5. 1S60; m., Ajiril 21, 

1SS3, Francis W. Lusk ; d. Oct. 31, 1891. 

1161. Ella May Blake, b. Sept. 21, 1863; m., June 19, 18S4, 

John L. Ellis; res. Kingsiey, Iowa. 

issa ', Bcnjaiitin \ Benjamin ", Samuel -, Jolin ') . 

Born Dec. 16, 1826; married, in 1851, KuTIf Mll.LFR, 
born in 1S3J and died JNIay 3, 1S8S. Me died January, 

Two chiidrcn : 

\W1, William G. Aylswokth, b. May 20, 1852. 

1163. Clara \'ienna Aylswortii, b. , 1S54; d. 1865. 

f.03. MANDANA SOPHIA ■• HODGE {Alfred^ Ben- 
jamin^, Bc>!Jamin^, Samiici ', Jolin^ ). 

Born Jan. 4, 1821; married. May 16, 1S40, U.WID 
LutiK Wooi.>, born Aug. 14, 181 7, and died May 2, 1881, 
son of Eli and Laura (Lusk) Wood, grandson of Obadiah 
and Roxa (Burnliam) Wood, great-grandson of Robert 


and Abigail (Barber) Wood, of East Windsor, Conn., and 
probably a descendant of Obadiah Wood, of Ipswich, 
Mass., 1649, who had son Obadiah, born June 5, 1675, in 
Windsor. Mr. David Lusk Wood was born in Barkham- 
sted. Conn., and about the year I S3 3 went from there 
to Buffalo, N.Y., where he learned the printers' trade. He 
afterwards worked at his trade winters, and for two or three 
summers sailed on the lakes. Two years he was mate of a 
vessel, first on the " Agnes Barton " and then wn the " Mar- 
tha Fremc." In September, 1839, he went to Cleveland, 
and during the following winter worked at his trade. In 
May, 1S40, he married in Buffalo, returned with his wife 
to Cleveland, and became a permanent resident of that 
city. ^Ir. Wood earlv took much interest in military af- 
fairs. While in Bufialo he belonged to the Buffalo City 
Guards, and was attached to Fay's Battery, a part of the 
company's organization. During the so-called "patriot 
war," in 1837, the Guards were called into service by the 
general government. Many years after, Mr. Wood re- 
ceived from the government a " land warrant " for his ser- 
vices upon this occasion. 

The year of his arrival in Cleveland he joined the Cleve- 
land Grays, a military company organized a short time 
before. Soon after lie organized as an auxiliary of the 
company a "gun squad," which, in 1845, when the Grays 
disbanded, became the Cleveland Light Artillery Com- 
pany, lie v,as commander of the gun squad and Artil- 
lery Comjiany, in all, si.vteen years. When the Civil war 
broke out, in 18G1, the members of this company were 
called to do military service in many high and important 
positions. At this time Mr. Wood was quartermaster-gen- 
eral of the State, lie .-crved in that position under Gov. 
Samuel 1'. Chase, and also under Gov. William Dennison. 



After arming and equipping nearly one luindred regiments, 
he resigned his position and took a captain's commission 
in the regular army (iSth Inf^mtry). 

He soon went to the front, and under Gen. VV. S. Rosc- 
crans fought in the battle of Stone River or IMurfrces- 
boro', one of the most hotly contested actions of the war 
(Jan. 2, 1863). The regiment to which Captain Wood 
belonged numbered si.x hundred men in line of battle that 
day, three-fourths of whom were cither killed or wounded 
in the engagement. The captain was among the latter, 
and by reason of his wound for a long time was unfit for 
duty. Before the war Mr. Wood served two years as 
city marshal of Cleveland, and after the war was a justice 
of the peace three years. 

While holding the latter office, one day he surprised 
some lawyers by giving a decision in a case before him in 
conflict with a ruling of the Supreme Court of the State, 
which had been cited by one of the attorneys in the case. 
Said Mr. Wood, " That ruling of the high court is certainly 
wrong; it is not in accord with common sense." The 
case was appealed, and finally reached the court of last 
resort, when, to the surprise of the attorneys interested in 
the case, the justice's decision was held to be correct, and 
the former ruling of the Supreme Court judges an error. 

When General Wood severed his connection with the 
office of quartermaster-general there was a balance due 
him from the State for services which could not at the 
time be paid, as no appropriation had been made by the 
Legislature for that purpose. 

Thirteen years after, the General Assembly by an act 
ordered the state auditor to audit his account, and pay to 
liim any balance that might be due. There was found to 
be due him $1,887, which was paid him. 

156 HODGE FA^rII,Y. 

General Wood had little pride of dress, was sadly de- 
fective in suavity, but was honest, public-spirited, and patri- 
otic. At his funeral the surviving members of the old "Ar- 
tillery Association " attended in a body, acting as honorary 

Mrs. Wood, now nearly eighty years of age, resides in 
Cleveland. She is a woman of keen observation, excellent 
memory, and of general intelligence. When her husband 
decided to go to the war, and had the choice of a high po- 
sition in the volunteer force or a captaincy in the regular 
army, she would express no preference as to which posi- 
tion he should take, fearing, as she said, that should he be 
killed she might reproach herself for advising the course 
which, perhaps, had led to his death. 

One child : 

1164. Lal'ka Sophia \VooD,b. Dec. 22, i84i;m.,Jan. 16, 1S67, 
Nelson Henry Lawton, b. April I2, 1S42, son of Acres 
Wells and Elizabeth (Claik) L.awton, of Connecticut, and 
grandson of Joseph and Anna (Kathbone) Lawton. Mr. 
Lawton's mother was a dau. of Elijah and Catherine 
(Francis) Clark, a descendant of Capt. Ebenezer Francis, 
of Hartford, Conn. Mr. Lawton was in the naval service 
in the Civil war, since which, the greater part of the time, 
he has been a resident of New York City, where he now 

604. ALFRED AMENZO** IIODGE {AIfrcd% Benja- 
min *, Boijaniin ', Saninel ■, John ') . 

Born Feb. 22, 1S25 ; married, Feb. 25, 1866, MARY E. 
Shatfuck, born April 22, 1836, and died Nov. 25, 1S90. 
He died Nov. 21, 1896. The life of Mr. Hodge was one 
of many adventures. At an early age he learned the 
printer's trade. One ni,;lit, when an apprentice in the city 
of Buffalo, N.Y., slc'Cpiiig in the third story of a building 


where he was employed, the cry awoke him only in time 
to effect his escape with a few clothes he caught in his 
hands as he hurried from his room, then filled with smoke. 
Soon after this he went to work on a newspaper called 
" The Buffalonian," the editor of which, a few months later, 
was confined in jail three months for libel and the paper 
suppressed. One summer day young Hodge took it into 
his head to swim the Niagara river from near Black Rock 
to the Canada shore. He succeeded in doing so after a 
hard fight with the swift current in the river, which, before 
he could land, carried liim full two miles below. In June, 
1842, he enlisted as an apprentice in the navy and not long 
after sailed from New York harbor on the United States 
warship " Columbus," eighty-four guns, for the Mediterra- 
nean sea. The ship visited Genoa, Naples, Constantinople, 
Athens, Jaffa, and returning cruised down the coast of 
Africa, across the Atlantic to South America, and at the 
end of two years returned to New York, where the men 
were discharged. 

Mr. Hodge's next adventure was on a merchant vessel, 
which, in its course, made a landing at St. Helena, where 
the great Napoleon was a prisoner and died May 5, 1821. 
The ship rounded the Cape of Good Hope, stopped at 
Calcutta, loaded with pepper at Sumatra, and then sailed 
back to New York. When oft" the Cape of Good Hope the 
vessel encountered a terrific storm which carried away top- 
masts and saiU. After a short stay in New York Mr. 
Hodge shipped on a merchantman for Yucatan, where 
on arriving the " black vomit" was raging to such an ex- 
tent that wlien a ship's crew was taken with the disease 
one-half and perhaps more of the men would die in a few 
days. The captain of the vessel was urged to leave the port, 
but showed no disposition to do so. Mr. Hodge and some 


others of the crew laid plans to escape to another ship 
about to leave, but suddenly the cai^tain of the vessel they 
were on pulled up anchor and sailed away. It was after- 
wards found that the ship upon which Mr. Hodge and 
others had hoped to escape was a "slave trader" then 
going direct to Africa for a load of negroes. 

In October, 1846, Mr. Hodge again entered the navy 
service and on the warship " Ohio " started on a cruise. The 
following vcar the " Ohio " took a leading part in the bom- 
bardment' and capture of Vera Cruz and other Me.Kican 
seacoast cities. After the capture of Vera Cruz the " Ohio " 
sailed for New York. On her way, May 23, 1847. she 
passed within a few miles of the Orange Kay, some rocks 
amon" the Bahama islands, east of Key West and some 
fifty ntiles south of the island of Abaco, where lay grounded, 
with masts cut away, the brig " Mobile," on board of which 
were about one hundred soldiers on their way to Mexico. 

Among them was the writer (No. G05), a brother of Mr. 
Hodge on the " Ohio." The wreck at the rocks was not 
sighted by the " Ohio," but the big warship was seen and 
readily recognized from the deck of the " Mobile." The 
"Ohio," onreachingNew York, received orders to proceed 
to California. Jan. I, 1S48. she rounded Cape Horn and a 
few days later passed the island of Juan Fernandez, where 
Alexander Selkirk — " Kobiason Crusoe "— was put 
ashore and spent a number of years. Arriving at San 
Francisco, one hundred and fifty of the men on the " Ohio" 
deierted and went to the gold fields, over which there was 
then great excitement. 

Mr. Hodge was attached to Commodore Jones' special 
crew of fifteen, and remained true to the service until his 
full term had expired, wlien he hastened to the gold-min- 



The next sixteen years he spent mining and prospecting. 

During this time he travelled through many parts of Cal- 
ifornia, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Arizona, 
New Mexico, Nevada, and Lower California, often fighting 
Indians and sometimes wolves and other animals who fre- 
quently visited the miners' camps. In the fall of 1S64 he 
returned to the Atlantic States and located at Robertsville, 
Conn., where he married. 

Soon after he moved to New Haven, where he was in 
the cmplo)' of a steam railroad company many years. 
After the death of his wife he sold his property in New 
Haven and went to Cleveland, Ohio, where he resided with 
his si.ster, Mrs. D. L. Wood, until his death. Mr. Hodge 
was a great reader, a man of generous impulses, and a vig- 
orous hater of all shams. 

A small pocket Bible given him by iiis mother when he 
was a boy la}- in the room where he diei.l, in a good state 
of preservation. He had carried it with him in all his 
travels. He had no children. 

6().'>. ORL.\XDO JOIIN'^ HODGE {AIfrcd'\ Bcrna- 
nii'n^, Bcujaviin^, Saiinccl-, John^). 

Born Nov. 25, 1S2S; married (i),Oct. ig, 1.S55, Lydi.V 
Rockwell Doan, born July 4, 1835, and died Sept. 13, 
1879, daughter of David Clark and Catherine L. ( Roberts) 
Doan. Mrs. Hodge died from the effects of a runaway 
accident occasioned by the fright of a horse she was driv- 
ing, at the whistle of a locomotive engine. She was a 
woman of superior character — the soul of truth and honor 
and faithful to every duty.^ Mr. Hodge married (2), 

' Among many complimentary notices of Mrs. Hodge that oppeared in the 
newspapers at the time of her death, the following is from the Winsted (Conn.) 


April 25, 18S2, Virginia Sophia (Shedd) Clark, born 
Jan. 23, 1S54, widow of George Kdwin Clark, who died 
Sept 10 1S79, and daughter of Edmund Earl and Aurelia 
Edna (Thompson) Shedd. (Sec Shedd Family. Sth 
Gen.) Mr. Hodge was thrown upon his own resources at 
an early age, his father having died before he was four 
years old. Nov. 13, 1833. while living with an uncle in 
the town of Hamburg, near Buffalo, he saw the great 
"shooting star" spectacle which, at the time, some 
thought to be a forerunner of the destruction of the world. 

"The announcement of the smlden and most distressing death of this 
estimable woman, Mrs. O. J. Hodge, will bring a deep sorrow to her old 
friends and former neighbors in liivorton. KobertsviUe, and Winsted, where 
she was no less known than beloved. Her childhood was passed in tae family 
of l,er "Tindfather, the late Hon. Clark H. Roberts, of RubcrtsviUe, and seven 
years or more of her married life in that place and in Winsted, and it seems 
proper that we shonl.i record in brief those excellences of character «hich 
made her an exception even among good women. 

" She was perfectly sincere and truthful, and her friendships with those 
whom she could believe to be e<iually sincere were deep and lasting. She was 
peculiarly frank and outspoken in her opinions, and her opinions were the 
result of a cool and sound judgment, which tolerated nothing eqmvocal or 
one-sided From her ancestors, among the Roberts and Rockwells, she 
inherited a practical turn of mind and a large capacity for business, bhe was 
strong-minded in the best sense of the phrase. She possessed a tender and 
generous heart, and her sympathy and benevolence for those less happily 
situated in life than herself wore untainte.l by any trace of selfishness or love 

Mrs Ilodv-res ancestral line from her father runs as follows: Seth Uoan, 
father of L-a'-id Clark I )oan, born May 11, 17SS: Timothy Doan, born iNov. 
8 I7;7- Seth Doane, born June 9, 1753; Joseph Doane, born Nov. 15, 1693; 
Joseph Doane, born June 27. «f'69; Daniel Doane, born about 1637; John 

Doane, born 159'. "' l'-"gl='"''- "" """^ ^^^'^ ^" """*" '' "' '^'"''"''' 
Clark Hall Roberts, born .\pril 14, 17S7: ^^'^^ Roberts, born May 19, 1741: 
John Roberts, born 1709; Peter Roberts, born 16.SQ. Through her grand- 
mother, Lydia (Rockwell) Roberts, the line extends as follows : EUhu Rock- 
w^l born Feb. 7, 1765; Joseph, born March 15, 1716; Joseph, born Nov. 
23, 1C95; Joseph, born May 22, 1670; Samuel, born March 28, 1631, the 
father of whom. William Rockwell, came from England. 


He well remembers how the whole heavens seemed filled 
with stars or meteors, a million or more darting in differ- 
ent directions at the same moment ; the sky clear except 
for the meteors, with no interval in the grand display imtil 
the light of the morning sun put an end to the extraordi- 
nary view. In May, 1837, Mr. Hodge was taken by a rela- 
tive to the town of Munson, Geauga County, Ohio, but 
returned to his uncle's in Hamburg the following j'ear. 
In 1842 he took passage at Bufialo on the steamer " Great 
Western,'' for Cleveland, Ohio, and landed in that city 
Sunday, June 12. He soon went to work in a printing- 
office and learned the printer's trade. In 1846, when the 
government called for volunteers for the Mexican war, he 
tendered his services at a recruiting-station in Cleveland, 
but was rejected on account of his age. The following 
spring he went to Buffalo, walking the entire distance from 
Erie, Penn., to that city, and April 25, 1S47, enlisted to 
serve until peace should be declared between the two 
countries. On the Sth of May the company to which he 
belonged — Company C, loth Regiment of Infantry — em- 
barked at New York, on the brig " Mobile," for the scene of 
conflict. In the afternoon of the same, the transport col- 
lided with another vessel, and received such damages as 
compelled her to return to port for repairs. May 15 the 
brig, with her cargo of troops, again put to sea, but early 
in the morning, on the 23d of the month, she grounded 
near some rocks known as the Orange Kay, situated si.xty 
miles south of the island of Abaco, and about half as far 
from the south coast of Florida. 

The ship's masts were cut awa)-, and a portion of her 
cargo thrown overboard. While the vessel thus lay, the 
rolling of each wave causing her to pound against sand 
and rocks, in great danger of going to pieces, the U.S. 


man-of-war " Ohio " passed to the cast, a few miles distant, 
going north, evidently not sighting the signal flag of dis- 
tress. On the "Ohio" was a brother of Mr. Ilodge, who 
was on the wreck. The two had not met for several 
years. The following day the bark " Alabama " came to 
the rescue of the " Mobile," and taking her soldier passen- 
gers on board, carried them to Havana. From there they 
were shipped across the Gulf of Mexico to Brazos, Texas, 
and the day after landing they reached the mouth of the 
Rio Grande. Mr. Hodge remained in the service in 
Mexico thirteen months, serving under Gen. Zachary 
Taylor, afterwards President Taylor, and Gen. John E. 
Wool. His full term of service in the army was si.xteen 
months. Injuries received while in Mexico forever after 
incapacitated him for military duty. 

Returning to Ohio, he entered school at Geauga Semi- 
nary, where he was a classmate of James A. Garfield, who 
afterwards became President, and of Miss Lucretia Rudolph, 
who became Mr. Garfield's w^ife. Leaving the seminary in 
1 85 I, Mr. Hodge taught school for a time and then again 
became a resident of Cleveland. 

In 1S53 he was elected clerk of one of the courts, which 
position he held three years, after which he moved to 
Chicago, where he carried on a job-printing establishment 
a number of years. 

In 1S60 he disposed of his interests in Chicago and 
moved to Robertsville, Conn., where he engaged in the 
mercantile trade. In 1862 he was elected to the lower 
house of the Connecticut Legislature and thereafter twice 
to the State Senate. 

Though the youngest member of the Senate, by the 
unanimous vote of its members he was made president 
/>ro tern, of the body. While in the Senate he voted for 



the amendment to the Con'ititution abolishing slavery. 
During the war Gov. \Vm. A. Buckingham appointed him 
on two special commissions to visit the troops at the front. 
In 1867, after serving six years as postmaster at Roberts- 
ville, four years as deputy United States collector, and 
three terms in the General Assembly, he sold his interests 
in Connecticut and returned to Cleveland. 

Four years later he was elected to the Cleveland City 
Council and continued in that body from 1S71 to 1877. 
He was made president of the council in 1876. In 1873 
he was elected a member of the Ohio House of Represent- 
atives, and in 1875 nominated by acclamation, at the 
Republican county convention, for a second term. In 
1874 he was admitted to the practice of law b)- the 
Supreme Court of the State. From 1S78 to 1888 he was 
editor and most of the time sole proprietor of the "Cleve- 
land Voice," with which he united the "Cleveland Sun." 
In 1 88 1 he was again elected to the State Legislature and 
after a spirited contest, Jan. i, 1882, became speaker of the 

In 1885 he made a trip down the Mississippi river, crossed 
the Gulf of Mexico, from Galveston, Texas, to Vera 
Cru7, and from there went by rail to the city of Mexico. 
He travelled extensively through the country, visiting battle- 
fields where American valor had overcome the Mexicans 
in the war in which he had taken a part forty years pre- 
viously. He and his wife were received by President Diaz 
at the Government Palace founded by Cortez. 

Arriving home in April, a few days later he was again 
elected to the City Council and again made its president. 

In 1 886, accompanied by his wife, he visited Europe, 
remaining abroad six months. He saw London, Paris, 
Rome, Naples, Venice, Vienna, Berlin, Strasburg, Brussels, 


Antwerp, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Edinboro', Belfast, Dublin, 
and other cities of note. He ascended Mt. Vesuvius, 
crossed the Alps, passed down the Danube, up the Rhine, 
and visited the battlefields of Waterloo and Solferino. He 
saw the tomb of the great Napoleon, the sarcophagi con- 
taining the remains of Josephine, Marie Louise, and the 
Due de Reichstadt, wives and son of the Emperor 

In i8S8 Mr. Hodge visited Alaska and there viewed the 
great Muir glacier and other points of interest. In 
1889 Gov. Joseph B. Foraker commissioned him a mem- 
ber of his military staff, with the rank of colonel. The 
same year he was again elected to the Legislature. 
Among the bills introduced by him atid which he suc- 
ceeded in getting passed was one giving to Cleveland an 
entirely new municipal code, after the plan of the federal 
government. It is now the law governing the city. In 
1 89 1 Mr. and Mrs. Hodge made a trip to the Hawaiian 
or Sandwich Islands. They were received by the queen 
at the palace. They visited the great burning lake of Kil- 
euea, where they beheld the mighty work of volcanic 
action more wonderfully disi^layed than anj'wherc else on 
the earth. 

In 1S92 Mr. Hodge again visited the old world, landing 
at Gibraltar. Erom there he crossed the Mediterranean 
sea to Tangiers, Africa; returning, landed at Malaga, 
Spain. \'isiteti tlic Alhambra, Cordova, Seville, Madrid, 
and other places of interest. Leaving Spain, passed 
through France and Germany to Denmark, arriving at 
Copenhagen at the lime of the " golden wedding " of the 
king and queen of Denmark. Here he saw the emperor 
of Russia and his wife, the king and queen of Denmark, 
the king and queen of Greece, the Prince of Wales, his 


sons, and many other royal personages. From Denmark 
the trip was continued to the Arctic ocean, wlicre the sun 
was seen at midnight four niglits in succession ; indeed, 
shining brightl}' the whole twenty-four hours of the day. 
The return trip was made through Norway, Sweden, Fin- 
land, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin, Carlsbad, 
Bayreuth, and London. Mr. Hodge, soon after his return 
home, was made the candidate of his party for Congress, 
but was defeated, with the rest of the ticket, by the Demo- 
cratic tidal wave which swept the country at that election. 
Mr. and ]Mrs. Hodge, in their travels, have visited e\'ery 
State and Territor}- in the Union. Residence, Cleveland, 
Ohio. Had by first wife a son, his only child. 

One child : 
116.J, Clark. Roberts Hodge, b. July 16, 1S57, in Chicago, 

609. LYMAN DAVIS '^ HODGE {BcHJamiii\ Bcn- 
jainiii *, Benjamin ^ , Samuel ", John ' ). 

Born Nov. i, 1S35 ; married, Feb. iS, 1869, Mary N. 
Granger, born Nov. 22, 1840, Buffalo, N.Y., daughter of 
Warren and Mary (Norton) Granger, and great-grand- 
daughter of Abner Granger, of Suffield, Conn., a captain 
in the Revolutionary war. (Served as second lieutenant 
in Third 15attalion of Connecticut troops authorized by 
General Assembly in 1776, Colonel Ely regimental com- 
mander. In 1782 a captain serving in regiment of Colonel 
Canfield at Horseneck.) Mr. Hodge died ]\Iay 28, 1S99. 
He graduated at Yale College in 1857; studied law in the 
office of Hon. Solomon G. Haven, of Buffalo, and was ad- 
mitted to the liar. At the commencement of the Civil 
war he olTcred himself as a volunteer, but was rejected on 
account of defective evesic;ht ; he, however, furnished a 


substitute. In 1867 he went to St. Paul, Minn., where 
he associated himself in business with Colonel Warren 
Granger, his wife's brother, late of Buffalo, N.Y. In St. 
Paul he became a successful and much esteemed citizen. 
Quiet and unassuming, his house was a centre of culture 
and refinement. He was a brilliant conversationalist, 
always happily entertaining his friends. His library was 
richly stored with scientific and other valuable books. A 
few years since he took up uhat at the time he con- 
sidered a temporary residence at Mount Vernon, in the 
State of Washington, where he suddenl}- died of paralysis. 
Mrs. Hodge, who is a fine musician, is now residing with her 
son at Nelson, British Columbia. 

One child : 

Benjamin Hodge, b. March 5, 1871 ; m., Jan. iS, 1S99, 
Ruth Stickney, b. March 30, 1873, of St. Paul, Minn., 
dau. of Alpheus Beede Stickney of that city. Afr. Hodge 
is a graduate of Yale College ; a very bright, promising 
young man. He is a civil engineer, now connected with 
a large mining company at Nelson, British Columbia. 

Benja>nin ', Benjamiji ', Samuel -, John ' ) . 

Born May 20, 1840; married, July 2, 1863, Charles 
C. Nichols, born May 16, 1836, and died Nov. 9, 18S5. 
Mr. Nichols, after his marriage, engaged in business, first in 
Buffalo, N.Y., and then in Texas, after which he moved to 
St. Louis, Mo., where he died. Mrs. Nichols now resides 
in Wyoming, one of the suburbs of Cincinnati, O., a bright, 
vivacious little woman, greatly loved by all who know her. 

Seven children: 

1 167. Edith May Nichols, b. Oct. 12, 1S64. 

DWIGHT W. HODGE iHo. 618). 


116S. Benjamin Hodge Nich<')Ls, b. Nov. 13, iS66; m., Dec. 
29, 1891, Cory Mary Curtis; had Frederick Herbert, b. 
March 31, 1895. 

1169. Charles Clinton Nichols, b. Aug. 30, 1868. 

1 1 70. Herbert Tavlor Nichols, b. April 20, 1870. 

1171. Frank Butler Nichols, b. Sept. 13, 1872. 

1172. Fanny Lincoln Nichols, b. June 23, 1881 ; d. Aug. 10, 


1 173. Louise Churchill Nichols, b. June 23, iSSi. 

614. ALMEDA ZABIA" HODGE {Vclonis\ Benja- 
min*, Benjamhi'\ Samuel-, Jo/in^). 

Born Aug. 23, 1831 ; married, June 20, 1S66, PERRY 
Gordon Barrett, b. July 27, 1830 ; son of Amos and An- 
nis (Brown) Barrett. Mr. Barrett had for (i) wife Nellie 
O. Fiske, who died in i860. He was a physician and 
fanner ; served as a physician in the army in the Civil war. 
After the war, for a number of years, he practised his pro- 
fession in i'>ie. Penn. Mr. and Mrs. Barrett gave consider- 
able time to the study of botany, and several new species 
of flowers, discovered by them in Oregon, have been 
named for !\Irs. Barrett. Resided Hood River, Oregon, 
where Mr. Barrett owned a large farm. He died Jan. 7, 

One child : 

1174. Jur ia Barrett, b. Sept. lo, 1869; m., Aug. 9, 1891, 

Oliver Howell. She d. at the res. of her parents, Nov. 
iS, 1892, leaving twin sons, Edward, b. Nov. 5, 1892, and 
Edwin, born the following day. These boys were legally 
adopted by their grandparents and given the name of 
Barrett ; two bright and promising young lads. 

618. DWIGHT WEBSTER" HODGE {Velorus\ Ben- 
jamin *, Ben jamin ', Samuel^, John ' ). 
Born July 5, 1S41 ; married (i),Scpt. 24, 1868, JUI.IA 
Melissa Osi.ORN, born Aug. 13, 1841, and died March 16, 


1878; married (2), Jan. 28, 1880, Carlie ELIZABETH 
OSBORN, born Nov. 21, 184S, a cousin of tiie first wife. 
Mr. Hodge for some years was engaged in the roofing 
business ; afterwards he became agent of the Warren-Scarf 
Asphalt Paving Company. During his agency nearly one 
hundred miles of asphalt paving was done in Buffalo. 
Having gained a competency, in 1890 he retired from 
active business and since then has spent considerable time 
in travel, having crossed the continent to the Pacific coast 
several times and journeyed in Europe nearly a year. Mr. 
and Mrs. Hodge are lovers of art and have a number of 
good specimens. 

Two children: 

1 175. Harlkv Hodge, b. in 1S73 and d. 4 mo. old. 

1176. Leon'.^rd Osbokn Hodge, b. March 11, 1S7S; d. July 14, 


619. FREDERICK AUGUSTU-S" HODGE ( l'c/orus\ 
•Benjamin^, Boijaniin^, Scnuttel'-, Jo/i/i^). 

Born Oct. 8, 1846; married, July 18, 1S72, LouiSA 
Martin, born Aug. 2, 1847, in Irondale, a suburb of St. 
Louis, Mo. The year of his marriage Mr. Hodge took up 
his residence in Kansas, where he engaged in the hardware 
trade. Later he returned to Bufialo, his native city, and 
went into business with his brother, who was managing 
agent of the Warren-Scarf Asphalt Paving Company. The 
two brothers made money very fast. In 1892 Mr. Hodge 
moved to Colorado, where he became the general super- 
intendent of the Colorado Land and Water Company, in 
which he was the largest stockholder. The waters of the 
Arkansas river are carried through a canal many miles and 
made to flow over a great extent of territory owned by the 
company and others. Retaining his interest in this com- 



pany, Mr. Hodge has since been a dealer in cattle. Resi- 
dence, Pueblo, Col. 

Seven children: 

1 177. .Marti.v Hodge, b. April 24, 1873 ; m., June 7, 1895, 
Edwin Grant Dexter, b. July 21, 186S, son of Henry and 
Mary Edna (Boardman) De.xter, of Calais, Me. Mr. 
Dexter is a college graduate and now a professor in the 
Illinois University; had Henry Vaughn, b. March 27, 
1S96, and a dau., b- 3, igoo. 
Frank Dallam Houge, b. Aug. 3, 1875. Served as a 
corporal in the war ag:a!nst Spain, Company C, 5th Regt., 
Ohio Volunteers, from May 3 to Sept. 3 (189S), when the 
regiment was mustered out of service. 

1179. Louise Webster Hodge, b. Dec. 2, 1877. 

iiSo. Frederick Hodge, b. June 18, iSSo. 

iiSi. Vi LoRus Hodge, b. April 14, 1SS3; d. Feb. 21, 1891. 

1182. Edward Dwight Hodge, b. Dec. 26, 1S85. 

11S3. R.wmond Hodge, b. Feb. 8, 1S88. 


Lydia \ Benjamin '', Samuel"^ Jo/in ' ) . 

Born June 20, 1826; married, March 3, 1S5S, CHARLES 
Lathrot Clark, who died July 21, 1895, in Columbus, 
Ohio. Mr. Clark had by a former wife, Susan Perkins, 
four children, all born in Glastonbury, Conn., one of whom 
was George Edwin, born Aug. 10, 1S40, and died Sept. lO, 
1879. He married, Aug. 27, 1872, Virginia Sophia Shedd, 
who in 18S2 became the wife of Orlando J. Hodge (No. 
605). Mr. Charles L. Clark had but one child by his 
second wife. 

One child: 

ilahles Lathrop Clark, b. .Aug. 16, 1S68 : ni., Dec. 28 
1X93. Cora Schrock, dau. of M. E. Schrock, of Columbus 
Ohio. Res. xN'orfolk, Va. 



646. SARAH ANN" BLAKE {Electa' Webster, Ann \ 
Benjamin ', Samuel-, John ' ). 
Born Feb. 26, 1821; married, Dec. 23, 1840, J.\COB 
Van Duzen Hoag, born Dec. 14, 1S18, and died Sept. 
7, 1883. Mr. Hoag was from Batavia, N.Y. ; married in 
Buffalo and afterwards resided there until about 1852, dur- 
ing which time he was interested in boating on the Erie 
canal. Leaving Buffalo, he went to Sacramento, Cal., 
then to Tnickee, and from there to Los An-cle?, where for 
many years he was a trusty agent of a California railroad 
company. IVIrs. Hoag is residing with her daughter, Airs. 
Daniel W. Parkhurst, at Fowler, Fresno Co., Cal. 

Three children : 

1185. Marietta Lucretia Hoag, b. June 26, 1S45 ; m., Dec. 20, 

iS/i, Daniel Webster I'arkhurst, b. June 29. 1S39; a man 
of ability and great energy; d. Dec. 31, 1S99, at Fouler, 

Four children : 

Marietta L., b. and d. Nov. iS, 1872. 

Rawson Ho.\g, b. Feb. 15, 1874. 

DeWitt Hoag, b. June 14, 1876; a Baptist clergyman; 

res. San Franci.sco, Cal. 
Webster Hoag, b. Nov. 27, 1877; d. Oct. 3, 1S96. 

1186. William DeWitt Hoag, b. .March 15, 1S49; d. May 19, 


1187. Ella Bell Hoag, b. April 10, 1859; d. .\, 1861. 

653. JERL'SHA A.'^ CL'RTIS {Diroxllana-- Goodalc, 
Jerusha *, Bcnjarnur', Samtiel"-, John ' ). 

Born May 7, 1S21 ; married, Nov. 26, 1843. JOHN H. 
HOLLIS TEK ; residence, Connecticut. 


Six children : 

1 190 

Amelia Hollister, b. Aug. 18, 1S46. 
JrsTi.v Hollister. b. Oct. 16, 1849. 
David Hollister, b. June 22, 1852; d. Oct. 15, 1875. 
Seymour Hollister, b. July 23, 1855. 
Otis Hollister, b. June 24. 1S60; d. Aug. 12, i860. 
Rose Jane Hollister, b. Sept. 24, 1S61 ; m., 1885, Will- 
iam H. Smith, who d. .March 19, 1891. 

666. IX.MAN ALLAN "^ GOODALE, {Erash<s\ Jer- 
!ts/!(7*, Benjainin~\ Samuel'-, Johti^ ). 
Born Jan. 21, 1S25; married (i), ^L■^rch i, 1851, MARY 
Jane Oliver, born Jan. 24, 1834, and died Oct. 2, 
1872; married (2), July t,0, 1876, CHARLOTTE AMELIA 
LiNZEE, born March 15, 1843. i^Ir. Goodale is a farmer; 
resides near Jefferson, Ohio. 

Three children : 

1 194. Charles Emmett Goodale, b. July 15, 1853; m., 1S79, 

Ivy Hoyt; had Raymond, b. .March 15, 1881 ; res. Con- 
neaut, O. 

1195. Ida .May Goodale, b. May 25, 1S57; m., July 4, 1876, 

Seymour Frayer. She d. May, 1899. 

1 196. Hattie E. Goodale, b. July 25, 1S61 ; d. Feb. 28, 1862. 

Jerusha *, Benjamin ^, Samuel', John ' ) . 

Born Dec. 21, 1829; married, Oct. 11, 1S63, SuSAN 
OSBORN, born Oct. 27, 1 841. Mr. Goodale is a farmer and 
resides near Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohio. 

Three children : 

1 198. Addie Irene Good.vle, b. Aug. 20, 1864; d. .March 21, 


1 199. Osborne Eugi^ne Goodale, b. Nov. 14, 1S65. 

1200. Sarah Mav Goodale, b. Oct. 27, 1878 ; d. March 20, 1879. 



069. JOHN FRAXKLIN" GOODALE {nmsius", 
Jeritsha *, Benjamin "', Sanitid", John ' ). 
Born Oct. 9, 1S32; married, Nov. 10, 1S80, Sarah 
(W.VLKER) HUBER, born March 25, 1845; her first hus- 
band died March 9, 1S70. Mr. Goodale is a farmer; 
resides near Jefferson, Ohio. 

Three children : 

1203. Birdie Lena Goodai.e. b. Dec. 6. i88j. 

1204. Hugh Erastus Goodale, b. Sept. 6, 1SS7. 

1205. Susan Speedy Goodale, b. Nov. 10, 1092. 

764. MARY ANN" HODGE { Bcin'ci»u->!'\ Bcnjamin\ 
Daniel^, Daniel'., Thomas"., John^ ). 
Born Jan. 4, 1821; married, Oct. 27, 1841, Merkitt 
Clark, born Dec. 4, 18 15, and died Dec. 24, 1895. She 
died Nov. 27, 1S89. Mr. Clark was a successful business 
man at Ansonia, Conn., where he died, leaving a large 

Six children : 

1216. Emily Clark, b. June 9, 1S43; res. Ar.sonia. Conn. 

1217. XL\ry Elizabeth Clark, b. Feb. 4, iS-ij. 
121s. George Clark, b. Oct. 25, 1S46. 

1219. Julia Virginia Clark, b. Sept. 21, 1S48. 

1220. Charles Edward Clark, b. .March iS, 1850. 

1221. \Villia.m Jared Clark, b. July 20, 1S54. 

707. ELLEN LOULSE' HODGE {Bcnjamin\ Ben- 
jamin^, Daniel^ Daniel", Thoinas", John"^ ). 
Born Nov. 24, 1837; married, June 24, 1S56, JON'AH 
Clark I'latt, born Nov. 30, 1832, son of Newton and 
Anna (Clark) Piatt; residence, Ansouia, Conn. 


Five children : 

1223. Annie Locisk Platt, b. May 18, 1857. 

1224. Frederick Newton Platt, b. Dec. 16, 1859; d. Sept. 

20, iS6r. 

1225. Ellen Adelia Platt, b. Sept. i, 1S62. 

1226. Alfred Clark Platt, b. Dec. 29, 1865. 

1227. Franklin ISenjamin Platt, b. .May 6, 1868. 

777. ANDREW JACKSOX " UODGE {0//ver Perry\ 
BenjiHuin'% Ben;'a>ii/>! *, Henry \ Henry-, 

Born April 26, 1S47; married, Jan. 23, 1872, Eliza- 
beth Sei'.ring, widow, born May 26, 1S42. Mr. Hodge 
is a carpenter; residence, Osawatomie, Kansas. 

Four children : 

1230. Dora Jene\ee Hodge, b. Oct. 25, 1872; m., Oct. 25, 

1S94, William Herman Hart; had Herman Hobart, b. 
Oct. 3, 1S96. 

1231. Fannie Winifred Hodge, b. Nov. 20, 1873; "!•• April 

14, 1897, James Kent Lynn; had Ruby Vernie. 

1232. Bertha Olive Hodge, b. June 13, iSSo; m., April 14, 

1897, "Abe" Lynn; had dau. Ruby. 

1233. Mabel Eliz.abeth Hodge, b. Oct. 4, 1S81. 

796. ELIZABETH M '. HODGE {Marvin G.\ Leiu\ 
T/iOiiia^^, Sdntrtcl'., Samuel -, Jo/in^ ). 

Born Jan. 3, 1S4S; married, Aug. 25, 1S6S, EnWARl) 
F. Welch, born July 14, 1S45, of Maine ; residence, Janes- 
ville, Wis. 

Three children : 

1235. Raymond Franklin Welch, b. Aug. 18, 1869. 

1236. iMar\ IN John Welch, b. March 20, 1872. 

1237. Harold Ca.mekon Welch, b. Aug. 15, 1875. 


797. IIATTIE OLIVE' HODGE {Marvin G.\ LcvP, 

Thomas^, Sainuei^^ Samuel '^, Jo/in^ ). 

Born Nov. 23, 1849; married, Dec. 20, iS/i.John S. 
Hatch, born Aug. 16, 1S40; married in New York City; 
residence, Washington, D.C. 

Four children: 

1239. Frederick William Hatch, b. Feb. 23, 1873. 

1240. Eva Louise Hatch, b. June 27, 1876. 

1241. Alice Elizabeth H.atch, b. fan. 12, 1S80. 

1242. Charles Francis Hatch, b. July 9, 1SS3. 

798. EMMA F. " HODGE {Marvin G/\ Levi', Thomas^ 

SamueP, Samuel '\ John^). 

Born Oct. 2, 1853; married, Sept. 13, 1876, D.-VNIEL F. 
Wilcox, born Oct. 27, 1S51, Hartford Mills, N.Y. , res- 
idence, Quincy, 111. 

Three children : 

1244. Myra Lucile Wilcox, b. May 23, 1S78. 

1245. Harrietta Florence Wilco.x, b. July iS, 1S82. 

1246. Chester Hodge Wilcox, b. Sept. z}, 18S6. 

799. CARRIE L.' HODGE {Marvin G.\ Levi', 

Thomas*, SanmeP, Samuel'-, John'^'). 

Born Aug. 30, 1856; married, June 7, 1883, Clarexce 
L. Clark, born Sept 9, 1856. 
One child: 
1248. Gardner Winans Clark, b. .March 14, 1886. 

SOO. FREDERICK M.- HODGE {Marvin G.\ Levi', 
Thomas*', Samuel \ Samuel', John^ ). 
Born Oct. 4, 185S; married, June 18, 1884, EmTH 
Gibson, born Feb. 27, 1863; residence, Kalamazoo, Mich. 


Three children : 

1251. Winifred Hodge, b. March 21, 1885. 

1252. Mary Elizabeth Hodc.e, b. July i, 1S90. 

1253. WiNSHip APhLETUN Hodge, b. Sept. iS, 1892. 

802. FREEMAN EDWARD' HODGE {Freeman O.'', 

Sa>/iue/^, T//0/UCZS*, Saniucl'^^ Sa//rue/'', John ' ). 

Born May 23, 1S45; married, May 30, 1 866, SL'SAN 
Arnold Pierce, born April 17, 1S42; daughter of 
Charles and Ann (Liint) Pierce, Amesburj-, Mass. Mr. 
Hodge was one of the first to respond to the call made by 
President Lincoln 1S61, for troops in to put down the re- 
bellion ; residence, Amesbiiry, Mass. 

Six children : 

1255. Amy Ann- Hodge, b. July 8. 1S67; d. Sept. 14, 1868. 

1256. Alice .Mabel Hodge, b. Jan. 8, 1S69. 

1257. Susie Ethel Hodge, b. March 23, 1871. 

1258. Edward A\ery Hodge, b. Oct. 9, 1S73. 

1259. Walter Powers Hodge, b. Sept. 27, 1875. 

1260. Bertha Lol'ise Hodge, b. Sept. 7, 1880. 

803. WILLIS PARKER' HODGE (Freeman 0.\ Sam- 

ud'^ Thomas''^ Samuel', Samuel'-, Jo/m^ ). 

Born April 17, 1S49; married, June 17, 1881, Eliza- 
beth M. Peiers, born May 28, 1859; residence, Jackson, 

Two children : 

1262. Orson Willis Hodge, b. Sept. 18, 1884. 

1263. Ceuric E.mery Hodge, b. Dec. 30, 18S6. 

804. LUCY ANN' IIODGE {Freeman 0.\ Samuel', 

Thvmas\ Samuel \ Samuel\ John' ). 

Born Feb. 7. 1851 ; married, Oct. 4, 1883, CLINTON S. 
Cook, born July 4, 1844. 


One child : 
1266. Sarah Lizzie Cook, b. Nov. 8, 188S. 

805. AMY JANE' HODGE {Freeman 0.\ Samuel\ 

Thomas^, Samuel '\ Samuel'-^ Jolin^ ). 

Born March 15, 1854; married LLEWELLYN J. PlIIL- 
BRICK, born June 3, 1853. 

One child: 
1270. Dau., I'HILBRICK, b. Nov. 15, 1888. 

806. MARY OLIVE ' HODGE {Freeman 0.\ SamueP, 

Thomas*, Samite/ ", Samuel"^, John^^. 

Born Sept. 12, 1858; married, 18/S, JoHN E. HealeY, 
born March S, 1857. 

One child: 
1274. Cora Bell Healey, b. Oct. 31, 1878. 

825. REBECCA ALM1R.\' DOW {Luclnda J.\ Sam- 
ueP, Thomas*, Samuel ■', Samuel-, John ' ). 

Born March 25, 1850; married, June 5, 1872, JAMFS 
Everett Pierce, born Sept. 17, 1848, son of James and 
Mary (Sawyer) Pierce, and a cousin of Susan A. Pierce, 
who married Freeman li. Hodge (No. 802). Mrs. Rebecca 
A. Pierce died Sept. 11, 1892. 

Five children : 

1280. Jane Dow Pierce, b. July 30, 1S73; d. Sept. 28, 1S77. 

1281. Mary Amuer Pierce, b. Sept. 7, 1874. 

1282. Leslie Alma Pierce, b. March 22, 1878. 

1283. Caroline Pierce, b. March 22, 18S0. 

1284. Averv Pierce, b. Nov. 29, 1882. 


830. ARBIE LOUISE' SPOONER {Nancy y.\ Ed- 
vjaid'"^ T/iowas*, SatnueP, Samuel', John^'). 

Born March 18, 1854; married, March 26, 1878, GEORGE 
Edward Mitchell, born March 27, 1852, in Lancaster, 

Five children: 

1286. Lucy Evangeline Mitchell, b. Jan. 21, 1879. 

1287. George A. Mitchell, b. Oct. 5. 18S0. 

12S8. X.WNiE Mabella .Mitchell, b. Ai-ril 2S, 1883. 

1289. H.\RRY Earl Mitchell, b. Jan. 12, 1SS6. 

1290. Rose E. .Mitchell, b. June 4, 1SS9. 

A'aikan!cr\ Thomas'', Samuel', Sam?iel-, Jo/iit'^ ). 

Born Oct. 17, 1S65 ; married Mary Edxa Shp:km.\n, 
daughter of Phineas Sherman, ot" Lisbon, N.H. 

Four children : 

1292. Harrv Augustus Nutting, b. June 28. 18S6. 

1293. El.mer Ellsworth, b. July i, 18S8. 

1294. Minnie Ella Nutting, b. 18, 1891. 

1295. Waldo Nutting, b. July 30, 1S93. 

843. RALPH L.' HODGE (Ed:c'ard\ Hham D.\ 
Thomas ', Samuel '\ Suinuel -, John ' ). 

Born Nov. 2, 1861 ; married. Dec. 18, 18S5, Fannv 
Fern Tubks, born Sept. 14, 1S63, daughter of Seth B. 
and Mary Catherine (Scars) Tubbs. Mr. Hodge was born 
in Minnesota; resided in 1897, near Marion, Kansas; 

Two children : 

[297. Edward G. Hodge, b. Nov. 18, 1887. 
1298. Edith Hodge, b. .Sept. 10. 1894. 


899. ROMAN' HODGi: {Halser\ Benajah\ Elijah\ 
John ^, Savniel ', Jolin ' ) . 

Born probably about 1S27; married Julia TROWBRIDGE, 
daughter of James Trowbridge, of New Hartford, Conn., 
who had seven daughters and no son. One of the daugh- 
ters became the second wife of Charles Woodbridge Hodge 
(No. 921). Besides the children whose names are here 
given tliere was another daughter. 

Three children: 

1303. Ceorgie IIodge, m. Robert Carpenter and had several 


1304. Frederick Hodge. 

1305. S.^RAH HouGE, m., per. Nov. 21, 1S47, Charles Alonzo Laz- 

enbrook, of Portland, Conn. 

903. GEORGE EDWARD' HODGE {HatscV', Ben- 
ajah ', Elijah *,Juhu', Sa/iiucl , John ' ). 

Born 1835 ; married (i) MARY J. Blish, born Oct. 31, 
1831, Glastonbury, Conn.; married (2), May 6, 1868, 
Eunice C. Stanley, born 1835; married (3) a widow 
named Barber, of Westerly, R.I.; residence, 1S97, 
Lyme, Conn. The following-named children were all by 
his first wife: 

Four children : 

1309. George Edgar Hodge, b. Oct. 17, 1848 ;ni., Dec. i, 1887, 

Lena Burdick. 

1310. Harkiet Maria Hodge, b. .Sept. 6, 1855; m., Oct. 10, 

1S78, Henry W. Kellogg. 

1311. Aktuea £Li2AiiETil HoDGE, b. Jan. 14, 1S61; m. Walter 


1312. .Marv Hodge, d, young. 


Benajah ', ElijaJi *, John '■, Sa?nticl -', John ' ) . 

Born Sept. 14, 1845 ; married, Oct. 17, 1871, Mary C. 
COWLES, born July 6, 1851 ; residence, Glastonbury, Conn. 

Two children : 

1315. LuciLLA W. Hodge, b. Aug. 22, 1873. 

1316. M.\KV S. Hodge, b. Apiil 15, 1S77. 

920. WATSOX' llOTiG'E {Onn'\ BcnaJah'', EHJah\ 
John"^^ Samuel'^, Johti^). 

Born Nov. 11, 1832; married, Jan. i, 1859, Jennie 
Spe.aCUL, born November, 1842, daughter, it is said, of 
a Frazer Indian chief. Mr. Hodge is a farmer. In 1897 
his mother, then nearly ninety years of age, and other 
relatives in Connecticut had long supposed that Mr. 
Hodge was killed by the Frazer River Indians twenty-five 
or more years ago, and were greatly surprised when in- 
formed by the writer that he was now living and where he 
resided. He has had eight children, three of whom, boys, 
died young; liave not been given their names or dales of 
birth; residence, Alt. Vernon, Washington (State). 

Five children : 

1330. Willis Hodge, b. November, 1862; d. 1S74. 

1321. Lkwis Hodge, b. Nov. 22, 1S64. 

1322. Alice tiODGE, b. Jan. 7, 1867. 

1323. Chajiles Hodge, b. Oct. 22, 1S69. 

1324. Adelaide Hodge, b. .May 21, 1871. 

Bona /ah '', Elijah ■*, Johti ', Samuel -', John '). 

Born Nov. 23. 1834; married (i),Aug. 20, 1S54, Har- 
riet Lucretia Barnes, born Dec. 19, 1834, daughter 


of Jorr)- and Susan (Richards) Barnes, of Tolland, Mass. 
There was a divorce in 1863, after which Mr. Hodge mar- 
ried (2) M.\RY Ann Trowbridge, daughter of James 
Trowbridge, of New Hartford, Conn., a sister of Julia 
Trowbridge, who married Roman Hodge (No. 899). 
In 1S95, while travelling in Connecticut, the writer met 
Mr. Hodge on a country road, and learning his name in- 
quired of him if he had not a brother named Watson 
(see No. 920) living on the Pacific coast, to which he 
replied "no; " "but," said he, " I once had sucli a brother, 
who was killed by the Frazcr River Indians mere than 
twenty-five years ago." Being assured that his brother 
was still living, with big tears rolling down his cheeks he 
exclaimed, " I will see that brother before winter," and 
a couple of months later he passed through Cleveland on 
his way West. Mr. Hodge is a large, strongly built man, 
said to be an excellent mechanic, but evidently has been 
a " rolling stone " in life. In March, 1S97, he was living 
in Glenwood, Minn. 

His children were all by his first wife. 

Three children: 

1328. Ev.^ LucRExr.A Hodge, b. 16, 1856. 
]:)-2i). VV.\TSON Reed Hodge, b. Sept. 17, 1S58. 
Vi'M. Philip G.wlord HorjOE, b. Dec. 14, i860. 

{>:i. m.vrgarette josepiiine" iiodge ((0/V//^ 

BcnajaJi % Elijah * , John ', Sa/miel ", Jolin ' ) . 
Born April 14, 1838; married, Oct. 20, 1859, Hiram 
P. Leox.VRD, of Henrietta, Ohio. She died April 12, 1S72, 
and in 1SS2 he married (2) Mattie Rvr.URN, " a little 
French wi>man," sa\-s a correspondent. The following 
children were by the first wife — residence, Connecticut: 


Four children : 

1331. Adeibert Leonard, b. Feb. 7, 1862. 

1332. Ermtnie Etta Leonard, b. May 3, 1865; m.. May 16, 

1S92, Frank Keenan Wallace, b. Aug. 16, 1868, of 
Chicago, III., whose father was from Scotland and mother 
from Germany. Mrs. Wallace has been an actress for 
some years, and under the name of " Erma Melville '' has 
gained success. 

1333. Emily Lf;oNARD, b. Sept., 1S67; d. Jan. 10, 1S69. 

1334. Caki.eton Reed Leonard, b. Oct. 27, 1871 ; d. March 

29, 1S72. 

923. WESLEY ALFRED' IK.^DGE {Orin\ Bcnajah\ 
Elijah S John "', Saw/tel -, John ' ) . 

Born Jan. 7, 1S46, married, July 16, 1S65, BESSIE A. 
TOWNSEND, born Oct. I, 1S43, daughter of Samuel and 
Jane (Walker) Townsend. Residence, Plainville, Conn. 

Three children : 

1336. Albert Wesley Hodge, b. Aug. 16, 1S66. 

1337. Edith .Mabel Hodge, b. Jan. 2, iS5S. 

1335. Frank Tow.nsend Hodge, b. Feb. 3, 1S71. 

933. HIRAM EMERSON' IIODGE {A/sop'', Bena- 
jaJr\ Elijah''^ JoJin^, Samuel-^ John^ ). 

Born ALirch 23, i?5i ; married., Jan. 20, 1875, Lavinia 
Root, bom Aui^. 7, 1S53, of Chatham, or E. Hampton, 

Si.K children: 

1342. E.MER.'iON Wesley Hodge, b. Dec. 23, 1S75. 

1343. Harrison Hodge, b. Nov. 2, 1S77 ; killed when a boy, by 

a horse. 

1344. DuTGHT Marshall Hodge, b. Aug. 15, 1881. 

1345. Harold Raymond Hodge, b. Sept. 9, 1S8S. 

1346. Gk.\ce Fidf.ll\ Hodge, b. July 29, 1889. 

1347. Jennie Mildred Hodge, b. .April 14, 1S94. 


945. JULIA AGNES' IIOlXiE (Di(d/cy\ ElhHr\ 
Elijah *, Jo/iii^, Samuel-, John ' ). 

Born July 2, 1836; married, Dec. 22, 1855, Henry 
Trowbridge, born 1830; residence on " iVIatson Hill," 
Soutli Glastonburj-, Conn. 

Four children: 

1349. N.VNCY Naomi Trowbridge, b. July 21, 1856. 

1350. Ezra B. Tkowkridge, b. June 5, 1858. 

1351. FREDEKitK TKn\vi;i;iDGE, m. Delia Ch.ipman. 

1352. Grace Trowbridge, m. George Carpenter. 

949. MARIA" ACKERT {EUza\ EUzur\ Elijah \ 
John \ Sanutel', John ' ). 

Born about 1S2S; married, Jan 5, 1848, JOHN Pen- 
FIEI.D, of I'orliaiul, Conn. ; residence, Portland. Conn. 

Two children : 

1356. Oliver Dewitt rE.NFiELD, b. Oct. 8, 1S50; m., Oct. 8, 

1877, Mar> Strickland; had fJlizabeth, Mabel, Florence, 
Raymond Edward, and a fourth dau. Res. Meriden. 

1357. Nelson EI. Fenfiei.d, b. Oct. 19, 1856; m., Sept. 6, 1S94, 

Mary E. (Gay) Geer, b. Dec. 17, 1846, widow of George 

9G6. MARTHA A." IIODGE {Elijah^ Elizur\ Eli- 
jah '. John ', Samml", John ' ). 

Born July 9, 1S44; married, Dec. 29, 1S64, Chauncey 
Tyler Hl'NT, born June 3, 1843, son of William and 
Clarinda (Sprague, ncc Main) Hunt. Residence, Rock- 
ville, Conn. 

Seven children : 

1360. Oliver Elijah IIu.nt, b. Doc. 31, 1S66; m., Sept. 3, 1S90, 
Sarah Hughes; had George ."Alfred, b. Jan. 4, 1S92, and 
Vera E\elyn. b. Jan. 13, 1896. 


1361. Charles Clinton Hunt, b. May 29, 1S68; m., Aug. 24, 

1892, Vina Rose; had Gilbert Guy, b. July 3, 1895. 

1362. Lena May Hunt, b. July 9, 1S73; m., Dec. 13, 1S93, 

George W. Bartlett ; had Wallace Earl, b. Sept. 2, 1894. 

1363. Edith Eola Hunt, b. May 29. 1S75. 

1364. Eva Belle Hunt, b. Sept. 28, 1S81. 

1365. Daisy Viola Hunt, b. May 10, 1SS3. 

1366. Raymond Earl Hunt, b. April 11, 1S88. 

968, CHARLES IIAWLEY' HODGE {Elija/i\ Eli- 
ziir'', Elijah *, John ', SaDiucl'-, John ') . 

Born Auj^. 29, 1851; married, Dec. 17, 1S78, Emma 
ROSELLA Hoi. LISTER, born Oct. 14. 1S5S, datiglitcr of 
Ezra S. and Jerusha A. Hollister. Residence, Glastonbury, 

Two children : 

136S. Lewis H. Hodge, b. Jan. 31, 18S1. 

1369. Reva E. Hodge, b. May 5, iSSS. 

Elizur \ Elijah S John \ Samuel ', John ' ) .' 

Born April 13, 1844; married (i), Nov. 18, 1866, 
Julia Taylor Goodrich, born Jan. 14, 1848, died Nov. 
10, 1882; married (2), Nov. iS, 1SS3, CORA Abkev, 
born July 18, 1854. 

Two children: 

1375. Calvert R. Hollister, b. May 25, 1868; m., 1S94, 

Blanche Sellers; one child. 

1376. Maud M. Hollister, b. April 27, 1S72. 

980. LY^rAN■ HODGE {Anson'\ Burrill\ Elijah', 
John^\ Samuel- y John^). 

Born Aug. 4, 1S43 ; married, ISLay I, 1867, ELI,E>f 
Fatten, born April 24, 1847, and died April 3, 1894; 
residence, Soutli ^La^cheste^, Conn. 


Four children : 

13S0. Ida Celestia Hodge, b. June ;, 186S; m., March 16, 
1S8S, George W. Skinner, of Windsot , Conn., b. Dec. 
3. ■SS3- 

1381. Clarence A. Hodge, b. July 23, 1S69; m., Feb. iS, 1S92, 
Edith Edwards. 

1352. Albert L. Hodge, b. June 18, 1876; d. June 20, 1S76. 

1353. Louis M. Hodge, b. Nov. 3, 1877; d. Dec. 29, 1877. 

9S1. LEORA- IIODGE (Auson", Bun-ni\ Elljah\ 
John ■', Samuel '-, John ' ) . 

Born Jane S, 1845; married (i), Aug. 15, 1867, jAMES 
William Stewart, born 1S46 and died before 1S79; 
married (2), June 29, 1879, Albert T. Covell, born in 
1843. Residence, Glastonbury, Conn. Two children by 
each husband. 

Four children : 
1386. Ml.N.viE EsTELLA STEWART, b. July g, 186S; d. Oct. 17, 


1357. Lexa M.W Stewart, b. Jan. S, 1S70. 

1358. Minnie Estella Covell, b. July i, 1881. 
1389. Clarissa Irene Covell, b. April 17, 18S7. 

983. EDGAR" IIODGE {Anso>i\ Burrill\ Elijah\ 
John ^, Santuel'', John ' ) . 

Born Aug. 4, 184S; married ( I ), Sept. 26, 1S69, Ellen 
F. B.\SSETT, born in 1S51, Manchester, Conn., died before 
1873 ; married (2), May 22, 1S73, Phceke A. Chadwick, 
born in 1S55, East Uadlyme, Conn. Had certainly six 
children, but names of only two have been given. The 
sixth was a son, born Sept. 26, 1876. 

Two children: 

1391. Louise Hni>GE. 

1392. Albert Huuge. 


985. FRAN'CES' HODGE (A>ison\ BurriU\ EUjak\ 

Jo/ill-', Samuel'-, John^). 

Born March 10, 1S52; married, Nov. 23, 1873, Erastus 
F. COWLES, born in 1S53; residence, Glastonbury, Conn. 

Five children : 

139S. Charles Erastus Cowles, b. Sept. 12, 1S74. 

1399. George Anson Cowles, b. Dec. 17, 1S78. 

1400. WiLi.LVM H. Cowles, b. Dec. 17, 1878. 

1401. LlcilS Cowles. 

1402. Robert Cowles, b. prob. April 8, 1S86. 

986. MFLVIN E. " HODGE {Anson ^ Bitrrill^ Elijah \ 

Juhn\ Samud\John'). 

Born Feb. 22, 1S54; married, Feb. 22, iSSi , Ei.iZAi'.LTFl 
F. White, bom Aug. lo, 1S62, of East Hartford, Conn. 
Residence, Glastonbury, Conn. 

Three children: 

1405. Eliza A. Hodge, b. Aug. 6, 1SS4. 

1406. CH.A.RLES Edwin Hodge, b. Nov. 20, 1886. 

1407. Alfred M. Hodge, b. Sept. 17, 1SS8. 

987. IRVIXG W. "HODGE (Anson\ Burrlll\ EUjah\ 

Jo/ui^, Samuel-, JoJin ' ). 

Born Oct. i, 1S56; married, Jan. 20, 1S78, Ai.NA A. 
BiDWELL, born in 1S62, died March, 1892; residence, 
Glastonbury, Conn. 

Five children: 
1410. Ernest Hodge, b. March 9, 1S79; one rec. says, "April 


Eugene Hodge. 


Ella Hodge. 


LouI^ Hodge. 


A daughter, name 


9S{). EVELINE A.' HODGE {Chaunrcy''\ BurrilP, 
Elijah % John •', Sai;iucl,- John ' ). 
Born Aug. 17, iSSi; married (i), Aug. 29, 1872, L. Wright, bom in 1852 and died Aug. 31, 
1873; married (2), 1874, CHARLES H. Adkixs, wiio died 
before 18S1; married (3), May 3, iSSi, LOREN/.O D. 
Clark; had at least four children, but name of only one 
ascertained ; residence, Glastonbury, Conn. 

Four children: 

1417. Son, Wright, b. May ig, 1S73. 

1418. Alice Eveline Adkins, b. Aug. 9, 1875. 

1419. Dau., Clark, b. April 4, 18S5. 

1420. Dau., Clakk, b. Jan. 16, 1888. 

990. WILBl'R TAMES' HODGE {Chauticcy\ Bur- 
rill', EUjah\John\ Samuel \ John'). 
Born Dec. 12, 1S54; married, Oct. 27, 18S1, EllA M. 
BemoNT, born in 1862, Glastonbury, Conn., where Mr. 
Hodge resided, and certainly had four children; the name 
of only one, however, has been ascertained. 

Four children : 

1423. A d.ui., b. May 20, 1885. 

1424. A son, b. Jan. 2, i33S. 

1425. William Ld'.vin Hodge, b. Jan. 28, 1S90. 

1426. A son, b. Feb. II, 1892. 

10«)5. CHARLES G.' HODGE {Lodrick\ Nocl\ Eli- 
jah S John^, Samiecr\ John ' ). 

Born Jan. 15, 1852; married, Oct. 24, 1S74, Emma A. 
Brown, bora Dec. 28, 1852; residence near Hopewell 
P.O., Glastonburv, Conn. 


Two children ; 

1429. Frank G. Hodge, b. June 25, 1875. 

1430. Jessie Hodge, b. June 10, 18S7. 

1010. ULYSSES GRANT" HODGE {Lodrkk\ Noel\ 
Elijah *. John ', Samuel '', John ' ) . 

Born April 26, 1S64; married, July 7, 18S5, Ida E. 
Roberts, born Oct. 8, 1S63, daughter of Julius Roberts, 
ofE. Hartford, Conn. Mr. Hodge's residence, Glaston- 
bury, Conn. 

Two children : 

1432. Alice May Hodge, b. Oct. 18, 1S86. 

I4j3. Edith Elizabeth Hodge, b. Aug. iS, 18S9. 

1072. HEXRY S.' IIODGE iySllas\ Asa% Eli\ John\ 
Samuel-, John ' ). 

Bern Oct. 6, 1S43 ; married (i ) Harriet E. Rising ; 
married (2), I'eb. 19, 1S83, Julia A. Lynch, born July 
22, i860, Unionville, Conn. Children, except the last 
one, all by first wife. 

Four children : 

1436. Henrietta Hodge, b. July 6, 1869; m., Jan. 7. 1887, 

Philip J. .Messenger, b. Oct. 26, 1865. She d. Nov. 20, 
1S97; had Leon P., b. Nov. 26, 1889, and Rebe E., b. 
June 6, 1S92; res. Granville, Mass. 

1437. Henry S. Hodge, b. Jan. 19, 1S71 ; m. Fanny Pomeroy, 

b. February, 1872. 

1438. Bertha .M. Hodge, b. Feb. 27, 1S73. 

1439. Silas H. Hodge, b. Aug. 6, 1S87. 

Asa'', Eli\ John'-, SamucP, John ' ). 

Born Aug. 18, 1855 ; married, March 25, 1871, ROY N. 
Otis ; residence, Westfield, Mass. 


Six children : 

1443. Walter D. Otis, b. April 14, 1S7: 

1444. Perry R. Otis, b. Jan. 25, 1S74. 

1445. IM.A. S. Otis, b. Dec. 23, 18S0; m. 

1446. Arthur Otis, b. Oct. 2, 1SS3. 

1447. Archie Otis, b. Oct. 2, 1SS3. 
144S. Leon C. Otis, b. Aug. 28, 1890. 

10S7. MARY ELIZABETH' HODGE (Cvrirs\ /ra% 
Eli\ John \ Samud\ John ' ). 
Born Dec. 5, 1832; married, I\Iay 20, 1S54, J.VCOB 
ROHR, who in 1894 resided in Madrid, Iowa. 

Two children : 

1450. E.MILV RuF.Y ROHR, b. April i, 1S55 ; 111. Llauiel Weston, 

IJoone, Iowa. 

1451. Is.\BELL.4 RoHR, b. Oct. 28, 1S57 ; cl. Sept. 2S, 1S85. 

1089. IRA BERTRAM" HODGE {Cyriis'\ Ira\ EU\ 

John ', Satnucl -, John ' ) . 

Born Nov. S, 1839; married, Jan. 23, 1862, JOSErillNE 
Brown, born in Collins, N.Y., and married in Clayton, 
Iowa. He died Dec. 19, 1892. 

Two children: 

1455. Adhison Eertra.m H<iDr,E, b. Dec. 24, 1S67, Clayton, la. 

1456. Hknrv FR/VNKLh\ liouGE, b. .Clajton, la. 

1090. HENRY DEXTER" HODGE (Cyn/s'. />a% 

EH \ John \ Samncl \ John ' ) . 

Born April 11, 1842, Collins, N.Y. ; married, Oct. 13, 
1868, Lucy Jerome, born in Clayton, la. He served a 
year in the 4Sth Regiment Wisconsin troops, in the Civil 
war. Now a farmer in Kossuth Co., la. 


Three cliildrcn : 

1459. Alice Hodge, b. June 15, 1871. 

1460. Ja.mks Hodge, b. Oct. 20, 1S75. 

1461. \VlLLI.A..M HOUGE, b. , IS77. 

1091. FRANCIS LEROY' HODGE {Cyrus'; Ira \ EU\ 
John'', Samuel'-, John ' ). 

Born June 23, 1S44, Big Rock, Kane Co., 111.; married, 
April 23, 1S67, M.-VRV M.\RGARET DE LORI.MIKR, who died 
P'eb. 24, 1SS6. He served in the 48th Regiment, Wis- 
consin Infantry, a year, during the Civil war. In 1S94 
resided at Elkador, la., where, with his son Cyrus, he was 
engaged in the hardware business. 

Five children : 

1464. X'ernleil Fk.-\ncis Hodge, b. April 12, 1S6S; d. May 9, 


1465. Mary Caroline Hodge, b. Nov. 30, 1870. 

1466. Cyrus Leroy Hodge, b. Sept. 24, 1873. 

1467. Sarah Fr.\.\ces Hodoe, b. March 5, 1S75. 

1468. Louise Scott Hodge, b. Nov. 3, i88r. 

10i)5. ALICE ADELAIDE' HODGE {Horat!o F.\ 
Ira\ EIl\ John\ Samuel-, John ' ). 

Born Aug. 19, 1S42; married, Jan. 23, 1S62, George 
L. Shepherdson, born June 28, 1833; clergyman. 
Three children: 

1470. Leon-ard Shepherdso.v, b. Oct. 3, 1863. 

1471. Carrie SnEiniEUDSON'. b. July 8, 1S65. 

1472. Belle Siiephekdson, b. Sept. 4, 1S77. 

1096. ANNA RELIEF' HODGE {Horatio F.\ Ira', 
Ell\ John\ Samuel-, John' ). 

Born Au;:j. 9, 1846; married, Nov. 2, 1873, Fr.\ncis 
Mevers, who died Nov. 28, 1888. 


Five children : 

1475. AuBERT L. Meyers, b. Sept. 2S, 1874. 

1476. Elwood Meyers, b. Sept. 19, 1S76; d. Sept. 26, 1876. 

1477. Alice C. .Meyers, b. Feb. 23, 1S78. 
147S. Fra-VCIs M. Meyers, b. Nov. 25, 1881. 

1479. LoYEL F. Meyers, b. April 11, 1S83. 


Wilh'am'\ Benjamin^, Bc/tjamin', Samuel-, 

Born July 4, 1851; married, Oct. 18, 1876, Helex 
Maria Hopkins, born Oct. 20, 1857. Mr. Hodge was 
born and has always resided in Buftalo, N.Y. For many 
years he was a partner in a large gentlemen's furnishing- 
store ; later he has dealt in real estate. Mrs. Hedge is 
a woman of much energy and force of character; resi- 
dence on Hodge ave. 

Four children: 

1480. William Churchill Hodge, b. Oct. 24, 1S77. ; grad. 

Yale College; now in U.S. Forestry Department. 

1481. Hele.n M. Hodge, b. May 30, 1879; d May 5, 1891. 

1482. Harold Hodge, b. March 29, 18S2. 

1483. Sheldo.v Hodge, b. April 23, 1S83. 

1102. WILLARD WAY' HODGE {Wi/liam\ mU- 

iaw^, Benjamin*. Benjamin'' , Samuel', 
Born April 15, 1853; married, June 12, 1S79, Eliz.\- 
BETH AUSTIE ClIRlSTEY, born Oct. 18, 1855. He died 
March 31, 1896. Mrs. Hodge, with her son and daughter, 
has spent some years in Europe ; she is a good F"rench 
scholar and a woman of marked ability. 
Two children: 

1484. Elizabeth Hodge, b. March 28, 1S80. 

14S5. Shirley Chkistev Hodge, b. .Auj-. 30, 1S81. 


1103. CHARLES JONES' HODGE {Winiam', IViH- 
iam'% Benjamin^, Benjamin^, Samuel'-, Joint ' ). 

Born Feb. iS, 1856; married, Oct. 22, 1879, Annie 
Emily Belton, born July 21, 1859; residence, Buffalo, 


Five children : 

1456. Charles L.^.nsing Hodge, b. April 7, iSSi. 

1457. Gilbf:rt Scatchekd Hodge, b. March 28, 1S84. 
14SS. Nelson Webster Hodge, b. -May 19, 1SS7. 

• 1489. Robert Belton Hodge, b. Jan. II, 1889. 

1490. Eric Lawrence Hodge, b. Jan. 17, 1894. 

1105. EUGENIE MARIA" HODGE {PhUauder\ 
\ViIlia))i'\ Be?!/a»iifi*, Benjamin^, Samuel-, 

Born Aug. i, 1838; married (i) THEODORE J. Barneit. 
born in 180S and died Sept. 29, 1892. Mr. Barnett was 
a lawyer and journalist; a man of much ability. 

There was a separation between ]\Ir. Barnett and his 
wife, who was thirty years his junior, and finally a divorce, 
after which she married a man by the name of Hammond, 
with whom she lived some j-ears in Chicago, 111., where 
she died Alarch 4, 1896. She had by her fust husband 
three children, two of whom died young, and one by her 
second husband, who was drowned. 

Surviving child : 

1491. Otto Raymond Barnett, b. Sept. 21, 1868; m., June 18, 

1S95, .Mabel Day Rowley, b. July 16, 1869. .Mr. Barnett 
is a lawyer of line ability who was admitted to practise 
his profession before he was twenty years of age ; office 
in Chicago ; res. Glencoe, near Chicago ; had " new 
born" d.iu. d. Dec. 12, 1897, and Robert Livingston, 
b. Nov. 29, 1899, who d. Jan. iS, 1900. 


llOfi. ANNIE CORINNE' HODGE {Philander^ Will- 
iam ', BcHJa?)iin ^, Benjamin '\ Samitcl -, Joiin ') . 

Born Jan. 15, 1S41 ; married, June 3, 1S69, John Avery, 
born July 15, 1S30, and killed by a railroad engine strik- 
ing him, January, 1SS3; son of John and Sarah (Derby) 
Avery, of Weston, Mass. She died Jan. 22, 1893. Mr. 
Avery was the fifth John Avery in direct line of descent 
who had graduated at Harvard College; residence, Vonk- 
ers, N.Y. 

Three children : 

1495. JOH.N Avery, b. Sept. 11, 1S70; res. Yonkers. 

1496. Robert Livingston Averv, b. Feb. 17, 1S74; d. .May 12, 


1497. St.vnley Robert Avery, b. Dec. 14, 1879. 

1109. MARY HODGE' PURDY {Mary B.\ WiUiam\ 
Benjami7t \ Benjamin ■', Sam/iel -, Joint ' ) . 

Born Aug. 15, 1840; married, Dec. 2, 1S63, William 
H. Weldox, born Jan. S, 1S39, and died Dec. 11, 1S6S; 
residence, Mansfield, Ohio. 

Two children : 

1491). Mary CiiURrniLi. Weldon, b. Oct. 2S, 1865. 

1500. William McKlrhy Weldon, b. Dec. 28, 1S68 : m., Oct. 7. 

1S96, Sarali .May Black. Mr. Weldon is an attorney-at- 

law; res. in Mansfield, Ohio. 

\\iniam\ lirnjamin^, Benjamin \ Samuel'-, 

Born Sept. 4, 1843; married, Sept. 13, 1865, Major 
JOSEni Sxivii-LV Hedges, of Franklin County, Pcnn., now 


a retired United States army officer; residence, Mansfield, 

One child : 

1502. Grace Purdv Hedges, b. Jan. i6, 1867. 

1115. ADELAIDi: W. " PURDY {Mary 7i.^ William', 
Benjamin ^, Bcytjamin % Samuel -, John ' ) . 

Born :\Iarch 13, 1S52; married, Feb. 23, 1S75, FRANK 
S. LaHM, of Mansfield, Ohio. In 1S97 he was residing in 
Paris, France. She died in February, 1878. 

Two children : 

1505, Kathekine H. Lahm, b. Dec. 3, 1S75. 

1506. Fra.nk Plkdv Lahm, b. Nov. 17, 1877. 

1118. WILLIA?.! PERRY ' STURGES ( Ilden L. ''; JH/l- 
iam\ Jyenja;/!in\ Bcujami>i\ Sam/iel", Johu^ ). 

Born June i, 1S53; married (r), Sept. 10, 1879, LENA 
Lyon, born March 26, 1S56, and died June 19, 1886; 
daughter of Rev. Aaron Jackson and Olive (Weatherby) 
Lyon; married (2), Oct. 9, iSSS, Marv A.melia Pool, 
born Oct. 13, 1S57; daughter of John George and Mary 
Louise (Perry) Pool. Mr. Sturges for a number of years 
has been connected with a bank in Mansfield, Ohio, where 
he now resides. 

Four children : 

150S. Hi;i.r..N Lvo.v .Stchges, b. April 29, iSSo; d. Feb. iS, 1S92. 

1509. Will Flint Sturges, b. June 16, 1SS3. 

1510. i\L\RY IViOL Stl'RGES, b. Feb. 2, 1S90; d. Au.^. 23, 1S90. 

151 1. John Perry .Stukges, b. Dec. 31, 1893. 


1119. HELEN IIODGE^ STURGES {Helen L.\ Will- 

iam''., Jicnjamiu^i Benjamin^, Samuel', Jokuy). 

Born Aug. 21, 1855; married, Sept. S, 18S0, Charles 
W. Upson, born March 14, 1S55 ; she died Nov. 2, 1S84. 

Four cliildren : 

1514. Helen Sturges Upson, b. May 16, 1S81. 

1515. J.v.mes W. Upson, b. June 21, 1S82. 

15 16. Charles J. Upson, b. April 25, 18S3. 

15 17. FuEDEiiiCK Sanders Upson, b. Oct. i-i, 18S4. 


William'^, Ben/a?nin^, Benjamin'', Samuel'', 

Born Sept. 10, 1S57; married, March 8, 1882, Clada 
Ellen Cook, born May i8, 1858. 

Four cliildren : 

1518. Christine Sturges, b. April 11, 18S3. 

1519. Lois Sturges, b. Oct. 20, 1S85; d. Jan. 14, i8gi. 

1520. Marchie Sturges, b. Sept. 23, 18S7. 

1521. A dau., Sturges, b. Feb. 2, 1S96. 

1121. PURDY HODGE" STURGES {Helen M.\ 

William'', Benjamin'', Benjamin', Samuel'', 

Born Aug. 4, 1864; married, March 19, 189c, HELEN 
B. Mo\TA(;rE. Mr. Sturges is a fine accountant; for 
some years connected with a Chicago bank, but in 1897 
returned to Oliio, where he was born. 

Two children : 

1524. Kenneth .\I. Sturges, b. Jan. 20, 1S91. 

1525. .NL\KiAN Sturges, b. June 11, 1S93. 


1127. KARL' IIODGE {Frank'; U7//iaw\ Bcnju- 
mi/i^, Benja7ii!ti ', Saimid'-., John ' ). 

Born May 15, 1865; married, Oct. 31, 1S02, Jessie 
Duncan Beebe, born March 8, 1S67, daughter of Hon. 
David Duncan and Ellen A. (Brewster) Beebe, of Hudson, 
Ohio. Mr.s. Hodge is a direct descendant of Elder Will- 
iam Brewster, one of the leading spirits of the " May- 
flower" party, 1620, and also of Capt, Nathaniel White, one 
of the early colonial settlers. Mr. Hodge, after the com- 
pletion of his studies at Hudson (Ohio) College, ha\ing a 
natural taste for mechanical work, took a course of train- 
ing in a large machine establishment at Geneva, Ohio. 
After this he was in the employ of a newspaper company 
in Cleveland, and soon became its business manager. 
Leaving Cleveland, he went to Kentucky, where he was in 
the employ of a large land company, during which time 
he studied law and was admitted to the bar. 

In 1895 he returned to Cleveland, and under ALi}'or 
McKissan's administrations served two years as secretary 
to the director of charities, and two years as secretary of 
the director of public works, h'or a number of )'cars he 
was a member of the Cleveland rhilharmonic Society. 
Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. 

One child : 

1528. Orlando J. Hodoe, b. M.\y 29, 1894. 


■dclui A.\ 

Loiu'ir\ Hen jaiiiii/ *, /irii /'amin ', 

Sanarcl "', 


Born Feb. 22, 1S48; married, PvL^rch 17, 1800, Dr. 

Henry I-'kederick Ste\ ens, b. June 30, 1849. The 

doctor, for some j-ears after his marriage, practised at 


his profession in Portland, Oregon, where he attained 
reasonable success, but finally became unfit for business 
and was taken to his parents' home in the East, where 
at last accounts he was living. Mrs. Stevens, with her 
daughter, resides in Colorado. 

One child: 

1530. Frederick Lf.ighton Stevens, b. May 18, 1S93. 

li:i->. BEX-JAMIN HODGE' JOXES (Cordelia A.\ 

Lor in \ Ucnjamin*, Be//Ja?Nin~^, Sa?/ntel'-, 

Born Jan. 2, 1 850; married, Sept. 23, 1877, Mari.\ 
fiNNFV, of Chicago, 111., from whom he scpaiaLed iome 
years since. Residence, when last heard from, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

Two children : 

1531. Arthur LiE.N7A"MiN' Jones, b. Sept. 30, 1S7S. 

1532. Frederick Pin.nev Joxes, b. Feb. 22, 1SS2. 

1134. WILLIAM FRANCIS- JOXES [Cordelia A.\ 
Lor in "^ Ben/aiiiiii\ Bejijaniin''', Saniitel'^ 

Born April 5, 1857; married, Nov. 3, 1882, JEXME 
Marion Johnson, born Oct. i, 1S61, daughter of Oscar 
William and Emily Murrey Johnson, of Fredonia, N.Y. 
Mr. Jones for many years has held a responsible position 
in a bank at Buffalo, N.Y., where he now resides. 

Three children: 

1534. Walter Holt Jones, b. Oct. 7. 1SS3. 

1535. Leonard CouNtNO Jones, b. Jan. 27, 18S5. 

1536. James Harrington Jones, b. .M.iy 6, 18S7. 


delia A.'', Lor in \ Bc>/Ja/i!in\ Benjamin', Sam- 
uel' ., John ' ). 

Born May 27, 1S59; married, Aug. 8, 1S92, Anna 
Martin, born Ma}- 13, 1 87 1, daui;htcr of Frederick Martin, 
of Portland, Ore. ; have two children, but name of youngest 
not given ; residence, Portland, Ore. 

One child : 

1539. Gk-nevieve Jones, b. May 30, 1S94. 

1137. EMMA LOUISE' IIODOE {Varnnm J. C.\ 

Lorin^, Benjamin^, Benjamin^, SaiuHel'-, 


pjornMay28, 1849; married, Oct. 30, iSGS, Dr. CiiAKi.ES 

S. Sheldon, born Jan. 14, 1S42. Resided many years at 

Greenville, Mich., where children were all born. 

Now living at Madison, Wis., where the doctor stands 
high in his profession and his wife takes a leading part in 
society affairs and club work. 

Five children : 

April 22, 


William Hodge Sheldon, b. Oct. S, i86c 



Sidney Roby Sheldon, b. A|iril ii, 1S73. 


Walter Hodge Sheldon, b. Dec. S, 1S74. 


Stl'art Harris Sheldon, b. Aug. 23, 1876. 


Helen .Miria.m Sheldon, b. Dec. 3, 1884. 

1130. WILLLVM ALONZO' IIODGE {Varnnm J. C.^ 

Lor/n^, Benjamin^, Bcnjaniin"", Samuel-, 


Born ALay 31, 1854; married (i), July 19, 1876, LoviNA 

Brown, born ?iLay 7, 1S54, and died Nov. 19, 1890; 


married (2), Dec. 30, 1893, E. (Pritciiari->) I^etts, 
born Aug. 22, 1866, widow of Eugene Betts, wiio died Aug. 
29, 1887. Residence, Jefferson, Oliio. 

One child : 

1549- Ei-iN"R Emma Hodge, b. July 24, 1879; teacher. 

1140. SABA VIRGINIA" HODGE (J-anuanJ. C.\ 
Lorin\ Benjamin^, Beiijaniin", Samuel -, 

Born Nov. 3, 1S55 ; married, June 12, 1872, James H. 
Morgan, born Jan. 14, 1851, son of Cornelius and Lucy 
(Avery) Morgan, a well-to-do farmer in Plymouth, Ohio. 
The son lives on a farm adjoining. 

Six children: 

1 55 1. Cdrn-elius .\[OKr,AN, b. April 22. 1S73. 

1552. Fiir.iJERiCK C. Morgan, b. March 20, 1S75 ; served 6 mos. 

in sth Regt., O.V.I., in Spanish-American war, 1S9S. 

1553. Varnl-m J. Morgan, b. Sept. 24, 1876; m., Nov. 11, iSi;6, 

Jessie Herrick ; have Ralph Jones, b. May S, 1898. 

1554. William Hodge .Mokgan, b. July 15, 1S7S ; served 6 mos. 

in 5th Retjt. O.V.I., in Spanish-American war. 

1555. Charles Sheldo.v Mokgan, b. July 15, iSSo; served in 

5th Regt., O.V.I., si.x months in Spanish-American war. 

1556. Bessie Adelia Morgan, b. .Match 7, 18S2. 

Ayliivorth, Clarissa '\ Benjamin^ Benjamin''. 
Sinniicl\ John ' ). 

Born Xov. 6, 1840; married, Nov. 6, 1866, Sahah C. 
MtlleR, born April 20, 1840. Mr. Keeler for several 
years was connected \\\\.\\ the U..S. Life Saving Service, 
stationed at St. Joseph, Mich., where he now resides. 


Three children : 

1559. Jean I:i,f.i:rt Kf.ei.kk, b. Jan. 29, 186S ; d. Sept. 11, 1868. 

1560. Charles Arthur, b. Nov. 2, 1S70; m., t>ct. i, 

1891, Kate Stephens, b. .March 17, 1S7S ; res. Chicago, 111. 

1561. Bessie Maud Keelkr, b. March 31, 18S5. 

1U9. CORA BELLE' AYLSWORTII {Philander'', 
Garissa'., Benjamin \ Benjamin', Samuel'-, 
John ' ) . 

Born Dec. 17, 185S; married, June S, 1S77, WiLLIAM 
A. Griffin, b. ALirch 10, 1854, Denmark, Lee Coimty, 
Iowa. Residence, Alva, Oklahoma Territory. 

Si.x children : 


Clara Dell Griffin, b. March 31, 187S. 
MiLA Maria Griffin, b. March 6, 18S0. 
George Elmer Griffin, b. June 15, 18S1. 
Harrv Hodge Griffin, b. June iS, 1S83. 
LuNicF DoKE Griffin, b. Dec. i'6, 18SS. 
Theo. Athol Griffin, b. March 13, 1893. 

11G'.>. WILLIAM G." AYLSWORTII (Cliarlcs //.", 
Clarisia'', Benjamin^, Benjamin', Samuel', 

Born May 20, 1852; married, Oct. i, 1874, L. Orilla 
KiRTLAND, born July 19, 1854; daughter of James Kirt- 
Land. Mr. Aylsworth died May 27, 18S6, by his horse 
fallint^ on him ; residence, Baggs, Di.xon (P.O.), Wyoming 

Three children : 

1572. Harry E. Avlsworth, b. Oct. 14, 187;. 

1573. George W. Avlsworth, b. Aug. 10, 1877; ci. Oct. 7, 


1574. Charles A. Aylsworth, b. July 22, 1SS4. 


11(55. CLARK ROBERTS" IIODGE {Orlando JS\ Al- 
fred'-', Bcujai/iiii*, Bcnjni/iin', SiiduuI'-, John^ ). 

Born July i6, 1857; married, June 16. 1880, Flora 
Fasseh', born Sept. 23, 1858. daughter of .Samuel M. 
and Cordelia Adelc (Strong) Fassett. Mrs. Fassett was a 
Washington artist; she painted a picture of the "Electoral 
Commission " — the body which gave Mr. llaycs his title to 
the Presidency — which was purchased by Congress, and 
is now among the celebrated paintings in the corridors of 
the National Capitol Building. The Fassett family line 
runs as follows: John Fassett, Bennington, Vt., 1761, one 
of the first settlers of that town ; a member of the Legis- 
lature and clerk of the first church organized in the State. 
Jonathan, his son, who was an officer in the Rcvolutionarv 
war. Jonathan had Samuel M., born Oct. 5, 17S:, in 
Bennington, and died Nov. 3, 1S34, at Southwold, Canada, 
leaving seven children, one of whom was Samuel M., 
father of Flora, who married Mr. Flodge. At the wedding 
of Mr. Hodge, at the residence of the bride's parents in 
Washington, Gen. James A. Garfield, who had just been 
nominated for President, was one of the guests. Mr. 
Hodge died Nov. 29, 1S80, after an illness of two weeks. 
He was born In Chicago, educated at the public schools 
in Cleveland, and there died. At the time of his death 
he was bu>iness manager of a newspaper edited and 
owned by his father. Thus, briefly told, lived and died the 
son and only child of the compiler of this work. Mrs. 
Hodge, after the death of her husband, returned to live 
with her parents in Washington, and ever since has been 
a resident of that city; a blonde, with dark eyes, vivacious, 
well educated, and beloved by a large circle of friends. 



1217. MARY ELIZABETH * CLARK {.Urry .-1.', Bck- 

jamui'', l3cnjamin'\ Daniel*, Daniel', Thomas'-, 

Born Feb. 4, 1S45 ; married, June 14, iSGG, Edson 
Lewis Brv.\nt, born Feb. 7, 1S42. 

Three children : 
1577- y\\\<\ Edna Bkyant, b. Jan. 6. 1868; d. .M.nrch 15, 1S6S. 

1578. Anne Elizabeth IIuvant, b. Jan. 12, 1869: m., Oct. 15. 

1S91, Theodore Wells Bassett, b. July 31, 1S69. 

1579. George Clark Bryant, b. Jan. 8, 1873. 


Bcnjai)iin''\ Bcnjatnin^, Daniel'', Daniel^, 
Thomas '-, John ' ) . 

Born Oct. ^5, 1S46; married, Oct. 17, 18S2, C.VROLINE 
JUSTIN.\ BiRDSEYE, born April 2-j , 1S47. ?>Ir. Clark is a 
prominent business man in Ansoiiia, Conn. 

Two children : 

15S2. Ethel Birdseye Clark, b. Nov. 5, 1SS4. 
1583. .Mildred Rebecca Clark, b. Jan. 14, iSSS. 

1219. JULIA VIRGINIA 8 CLARK (Mary AJ , Benja- 

min'', 'Benjamin', Daniel*, Daniel \ Thomas", 
Born Sept. 21, 1848; married, June 30, 1875, WiLLl.\M 
R. Steel, born April 7, 1S46. 

Five children: 

1556. William R. Steel, b. April 29, 1S76: d. Jan. 20, 1S7S. 

1557. Julia .Margaret Steel, b. Sept. 2S, 1S77. 
158S. E.MiLY Isabel Steel, b. Oct. 29, 1S79. 

1589. Annie B.vssett Steel, b. Jan. 4, 1882 ; d. July 19, 1SS4. 

1590. Mary Claf.k Steel, b. Nov. 26, 18S9. 



Benjamin ", Benjamin % Daniel *, Daniel'', 

Tliomas -', Jolin ' ) . 

Born March i8, 1S50; married, Oct. 21, 1S74, LiLLlE 

Hawkins, born Sept. 15, 1853. Mr. Clark for a number 

of years was, and perhaps still is, cashier of a national 

bank in Birmingham, Conn. 

Three children: 

1593. Frank Merritt Clark, b. Aug. 11, 1877. 

1594. Adelaide Clark, b. Aug. 25, 1879. 

1595. Ralph Hodge Clark, b. April 24, 1S88. 

1221. \VILLL\M JARED ^ CLARK {Mary A.\ Benja- 
min'^, Benjamin'', DanicD, DanicP, Tliomas", 


Born July 20, 1854; married, Sept. 27, 1S77, MARY 
Terry, b. ^Liy 3, 1S57; residence, New York City. 

Three children : 

1597. William Merritt Clark, b. March 9, iSSo. 

1598. llAROLD Terry Clark, b. Sept. 4. 18S2. 

1599. Robert Lincoln Clark, b. April 29, 1SS5. 

1223. ANXIE LOUISE' PLATT {EUen L?, Benja- 
min'^, Bcnjamin'% Daniel*, DanicP, Tiiomas', 
John ' ) . 
Born HL-iy 18, 1857; married, April 17, 18S2, Edwaro 
T. Vance, of Bridgeport, Conn. 

Three children: 

1602. KinvABU Clyde Vance, b. Jan. 3, 1883. 

1603. Ilr.LEN LcJUISE V.\NCE, b. Dec. 7, 18S8. 

1604. Howard Platt Va.vce, b. Jan. 29, 1S95; d. June 27, 


1225. ELLEN ADELL'\ ^ PLATT (EUeu L.\ Bcn- 
Jajnin^, Jjc>!/a?ni/i'', Daniel*., Vant'eP^ Thomas'., 
Born Sept. i, 1862; married, Sept. 14, 1S92, Rev. 

WiM.iAM Henry Ingle IIouGnroN, of the Episcopal 

church; residence, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Two children: 

1607. En.vA Platt Houghton, b. -Sept. 8. 1S94. 
160S. William Hvslop Houghton, b. March 5, 1896. 

1220. ALl'RED CLARK' PLATT {Ellen L.\ Benja- 
min'', Benjamin', Daniel*, Daniel^, Thomas', 
Born Dec. 29, 1S65 ; ni.Trricd, July 10, iSSS, FRANCES 
D. Lambert, who died aged 24. 

One child: 
1610. Allie Clark Platt, b. April 6, 1SS9. 

Beniatnin", Ben jamiii'', Daniel*, Daniel', 
Thomas '-, John ' ) . 
Born May 6, 186S; married, June 14, 1894, CARRIE 
LoiTSE Neitleton, of Milford, Conn. 
One child : 
1614. Fr.vnklin Newton Platt, b. May 27, 1S96. 

1258. EDWARD AVERY* IIODGE {Freeman EJ, 
F'rcrman Of', SamueP, Thomas*, SamueE', 
Samuel-, John'). 

Born Oct. g, 1S73; married, July 23, 1895, FVA i\lAV 
TlliliETS, born May 10, 1S75; daughter of Eri and Eliza 


B. (rinkham) Tibbets, of Milton, N.M. ; residence, 1896, 
Everett, Mass. 

One child : 
1617. liEiiNiCE Gertrude Hodge, b. April 21, i8g6. 

12S1. MARY AMBER' PIERCE {Rebecca A.'' Dow, 
Lucinda J.'\ Sanincl', T/io/iias*, Samuel'^ Sarn- 
nel\ John ' ). 
Born Sept. 7, 1S74; married, Sept. 30, 1S96, WiLLl.VM 

Gavin T.vvlor, born Sept. i, 1872; son of William and 

Harriet (Davis) Taylor, of Maynard, Mass.; residence, 

Medford, Mass. 

Two children : 

1620. DoRrs Taylor, b. July 11, 1S97. 

1621. G.wi.v Pierce Taylor, b. Nov. S, 189S. 

13-,'8. EVA LUCRETIA' HODGE (Charles WJ, Orin'\ 
Bcnajah \ Elijah \ John \ Samuel \ John ' ) . 

Born Jan. 16, 1856; married, Jan. 4, 1876, J.\MES Mon- 
roe \Vei;ster, born March 12, 1S50; son of Justus and 
Sarah Maria (Hopkins) Webster; residence, Burlington, 

Two children : 

i^j33. Susan Rrlle Webster, b. M.iy 27, 1878. 
i6,V4- Dl'Ane Jerry Werster, b. Feb. 28, 1SS3. 

i;{-:9. WATSON REEDMIODGE (Charles \V.\ Orhi\ 
Bcnajah '% Elijah ', John ', Samuel -, John ' ) . 

Born Sept. 17, 1858; married, April 27, 1883, Ida 
Jane Miller, born Nov. 25, 1863; daughter of Newton 
T. and Delia Ann (Humphrey) Miller, of Farmington, 


Conn. Mr. Hodge is a fanner, and resides near Burling- 
ton, Conn. 

One child : 
1638. Er.nkst Hodge, b. Aug. 28, 1S91. 

1330. PHILIP GAYLORD^ IIODGE (Charles W.\ 
Orin ", Bcnajah '', Jllijah ', John'', Samuel -, 
John '). 
Born Dec. 14, 18G0; married, Jan. 7, 1S91, LENA BELLE 
Alderman, daughter of Manna and Maria (Howe) Alder- 

Two children : 

1642. Ethel V.^rena Hodge, b. Aug. ^o, 1893. 

1643. A son, b. Nov. 16, 1S95. 

13S7. LEXA MAY* STEWART (Lcora', A^/sok-", Bur- 
rill", Elijah^, John'', Samuel'-, Johii^ ). 

Born Jan. S, 1S70; married, Jan. iS, 1888, GEORGE E. 

Three children : 

1646. Albert Ezra Stanton, b. Sept. 25, i88S. 

1647. Ravmond Ge(5RGe Staxtiin, b. M.iy, 1890. 

1648. Jessie .May Stanton, b. Jan. 4, 1S92. 

Purdy, ^lary Jj. '', WiUiain', Benjamin*-, Ben- 
jamin ■', Samuel-, John ' ). 

Born Oct. 28, 1S65; married, Aug. 17, 1892, Emmett 
William Gans, born May 20, iSoi ; sou of Daniel Le 
Moyne and Margaret Gordon (Hanna) Gans. JNIrs. Gans 
died Aug. 23, 1899; residence, Mansfield, Ohio. 


Three children: 

1652. Mary Purdy Oans, b. April 2r, 1896. 

1653. Cordon' Custer Cans, b. Nov. 5, 1S97. 

1654. Helen Mae Cans, b. Aug. 23, 1S99. 

1502. GRACE PURDV HEDGES {Jeuncttc W? 
Piirdy, Mary n:\ Wniiam\ Boija ,„ln\ Ben- 
jamin''^ Samuel'-, John '). 

Born Jan. 16, 1S67; married, June 30, 1892, CllARLtS 
S.WFORi) Williams, bom June 14, 1869; son of Bntler 
Franklin and Caroline Frances (Edwards) Williams; 
residence, Mansfield, Ohio. 

Three children: 

1655. Je.vnette Hedges Williams, b. Aug. 16, 1S93. 

1656. Ch.vrles Fra.ncis Williams, b. July 26, 1894. 

1657. Muriel Williams, b. Oct. 24, 1895. 



Married at Wi\dsor. Co^N., August i^. 1666. 

Marv Loveland, 





b. Feb. II, 


. s'/pt". .7. 

m., Oct! .7. 

m.. ilu. 7, 





. Aug. .6, 

d. Nov. 25, 



ept. j;, h. (Jet. 

5, b.J:m. 


b.Apr.r, b.oa... 

, b. Dec. 20, 


b. ..,.-.^... 

I, d. Dec. 


m., .%rar. iS, d. Fi-b. j 

. Feb.. 1M7, 

Reuben H. 

d.Jan. ,j, 

d. -Mar. 21, 

d. July I. 

d. June S 




M.l.^dana S. 

Alfred A., 



b.Ian..,, ,S2T-, b. Feb. 22, l-<2 

m., May 16, 14,0, .n., Feb. ^5. >^ 

David L. Weed ; Marv E. Shaltu 

d. M,ay2. iSSi. d. Nov. 21, i8c< 

c'lark, Aprilij, isi 

I S., b. Dec. i 

i.,Jan. IMS 

Flora Fassett ; 

U C-T-^yO-"'-^^^'^'^ -^' c7 U^<-^r^^ 



, Mary L'.^ 
Miiv.!, i; 
d. iSo-)- 

n. , Apr. 9 
1 7'i-j, Sarah 

'iSsV. ' 

I.aura S., h. 




[The family records of Charles Hodge and other Hodge fair.ilies on 
5-ucreeding pages have been compiled by Mrs. Virginia S. Hodge, wife 
of the author.] 


Wai probably born between the years 1655 and 1665 ; 
he married, July l, 1CS6, a woman whose nrst name was 
Anx; notice of intention to marry ^\■as given in the church. 
at Lyme, Conn., Jime 17, two weeks previous to tlie mar- 
riage. Mr. Hodge, it is quite probable, was a younger 
brother of John Hodge, whose line has been traced on the 
preceding pages. The reasons for this belief are given 
in the " Litroductor\' Chapter," and th.ough tlic evidence 
is not (lecisi\'e, it furnishes grounds strongly favoring the 
conclusion reached. The first knowledge had of ?.Ir. 
Hedge may be found on the records of old L}-me, Conn. 
Savage in his " Genealogical Dictionary of New Eng- 
kind " calls him Hodges, but a personal inspection of 
the old records of Lyme show the name is LKidgc. In 
these records the name is only once spelled Hodges, 
while it appears many times as Hodg and once at least as 
Hodge. Mr. Hodge moved from Lxmie to East Haven 
about 171 5. That he changed his residence to that place 
there is no doubt. The New Haven records speak of him 


as being from Lyme, and in all cases the name is plainly 
written Hodge. Sept. lo, 1691, Mr. Hodge purchased in 
Lyme, of Samuel Tinker, six acres of land, Joslah and 
Hannah Peck being witnesses to the transaction. Oct. 
22, 1702, he bought land of iNIathcw Waller, for which 
he gave in pa)-mcnt /^ and two cows. December 
30, same year, he purchased of Samuel and Malhew 
Waller fourteen acres of land, for which he gave " two 
young heifers and eight sheep." March 3, 1703, he 
entered into an agreement with Joseph Peck respecting 
the boundary of certain land. March 12, same year, he 
and his wife Ann deeded land to William Warmon for 
; Dec. 21, 1 7 10, he gave a mortgage on si.Kty 
acres of land to two men who signed a boiid fov !;:m in 
the sum of ^"40. This is the last mention of him found in 
the records of Lyme. 

He next appears as a resident of East Haven, when, 
Oct. 13, 1715, he purchased two acres of land of \\"illiani 
Luddington, and November 7, following, released the same. 
April 3, 1717, he purchased, of John Augur, land adjoin- 
ing that of John and Samuel Russell. The day his siin 
John was married he gave him certain property, and Jan, 
24, 172S, the day of his son Richard's marriage, he ga\e 
him stock from his farm. An old East Haven, Conn., 
record says: "Thomas Hodge, son of Charles Hodge, 
born July 12, 1692, at Lyme." He is believed to have had 
the following children, born in Lyme, but there is no 
record in that town of any children having been born to 
him. Thomas, John, and Richard certainly were his 
children, and Ann, y\bigail, and Abraham probably were. 

Six children: 

2. Ann floriCh:. b. prob. in 16S7. 

3. HoDC.K, b. 1689; m., July 29, 1713, Henry Xeals. 


4. Thomas Hodge, b. July 12, 1692. 

5. Abraham Hodge, b. in 1693-4. 
(>. Jofix Hodge, b. abt. 1695. 

7. Richard Hodge, b. abt. 1697. 

2. ANN "- HODGE ( CMr/cs ' ) . 

Born probably 1687; married, Feb. 28, 1711. \VnJ.lA>[ 
LuDDiN'GTON, JR., born Sept. 25, 16S7, of New or East 
Haven. It will be seen on a preceding page that Charles 
Hodge, the supposed father of Ann, in 17 15, purchased 
of Mr. Luddington two acres of land which he afterwards 
released to him. Mr. Luddington was a resident of East 
Haven late as 1726, afterwards of Waterbury, Conn. 

Seven children: 

S. .Mathew Luddington. b. April 25, 171 2. 

9. Ruth Luddington. b. June 7. 171 3. 

10. Naomi Luddington, b. Dec. 15, 17 16. 

11. Elizabeth Luddington, b. Feb. 9, 1720. 

12. Abraham Luddington. b. Nov. 30, 1721. 

13. Samuel Luddington, b. Aug. 10. 1723. 

14. Joseph Luddington, b. April 3. 1726. 

4. THOMx\S- HODGE (C/^ar/es'). 

Born July 12, 1692; married, in 1717, Jane Moul- 
THROP, daughter of Mathew Moulthrop. (Thomas and 
his brother John evidently married sisters, but tlie records 
leave a doubt as to which married the one or the other — 
Mary or Jane.) Mr. Hodge died in 1771 and Jane, his 
supposed wife, died in 1779. Resided East Haven, Conn. 

Six children : 

15. LvDiA Hodge, b. Aug. 12, 171S. 

16. Jamfs Hodge, b. April 17, 1720. 

17. H.iNN.VH Hodge, b. Sept. 21. 1722. 


IS. Job Hodge, b. April 24, 1726. 

19. Keziah Hodge, b. Aug. 12, 1729. 

20. Ahel Hodge, b. March 8, 1731. 

6. ABRAHAM - IIODGE ( Charles ' ) . 

Born 1693-4; married Abig.\il, of Xcw Haven, Conn. 
Mr. Hodge resided in New Haven until probably about 
1729. That year he is mentioned in the Waterbury 
records a-s living there and having two children. Mr. 
Hodge was one of the first settlers of that town. 

Five children : 

21. Abraham Hodge, b. June 23, 1726. 

22. Isaac Hodge, b. June 7, 1729. 

23. Adigail Hodge, b. April 13, 1732. 

24. Uavid H(jdge, b. Ftb. 7, 1734. 

25. Samuel Hodge, b. Aug. 6, 1736. 

6. JOHN - HODGE ( Charles ' ). 

Born about 1G95 ; married, March i.\, 1716-7, M.\RV 
MoULTHROr, born Dec. 13, 1694, daughter of Mathew 
Moulthrop. (See note, Thomas Hodge, No. 4.) East 
Haven, Conn., records show John Hodge purchased land 
there April 18, 1722, and Oct. 24, 1729. Jan. 31, 1734-5, 
administration granted on his estate, and at the same time 
a guardian was appointed for his daughter. 

One child: 

26. Mahv Hodge, b. abt. 1717 ; after her iatlier's death John 

Dickerman was appointed her guardian ; ni., .May 4, 1735, 
Caleb Andrews. 

18. JOB^ HODGE (Thomas-, Char/es'). 

Born April 24, 1726. Whom Mr. Hodge married has 
not been ascertained, but she was a member of the church 


of New Fairfield, as sliowii by the fact that Mr. Hodge's 
children were baptized, as the record says, " on the 
mother's account." 
Three children : 

37. Jon Hodge, b. J.m. 13, 1760; b.ip. April 27, 1760. 
This Job is probably tlie Job who was in the Kevohi- 
tionary war from Wilton, Conn., and in the census of 
1840 was enumerated as a pensioner eighty years of age. 
This corresponds, as will be seen, with date of Ijirth. 
When he enlisted, his name evidently was put down as 
Hodges, and when he became a pensioner necessarily in 
the papers no other name could be used. He married 
and had a daughter Nancy, who m., March 14, 1S05, 
Stephen Hoyt, of Wilton. There was a Samuel Hodge 
of Wilton, Feb. 24, 1S43. sold land in Wilton for 
?2,ooo, who perhaps was another child of this Job. 

28. Hannah Hodge, bap. June 14, 1761. 

29. Anne Houge, bap. .March 20, 1771. 

20, ABEL-^ UODGE (TAoMas\ C/iar/fs'). 

Born I\Iarch S, 1731; married REBECCA TROWBRIDGE. 
He died April 25, iSoJ, "aged 72." iNIr. Hodge's will 
bears date May 24, 1795, and was admitted to probate 
May 15, 1S02. Administration granted on Mrs. Hodge's 
estate, May 29, 1S13, to Daniel Hodge. Resided Wash- 
ington, Conn. 

Eleven children : 

30. RriiECCA Hodge, m., Feb. 12, 1772, Bcn.ajah ]!eardsley. 

31. Anne Hodge, m., Feb. 10, 1773, Elijah Spcrry. 

32. Keziah Hodge, b. 1754; m. Abel Sherwood, b. 1754 

and d. Oct. 14, 1819. She d. April 7, 1S53. 

33. Abel Hodgk, b. Dec. 2. 1757; bap. April 2, 175S. 

34. Daniel Hodge, b. Mar. 29, bap. May 25, 1760. First Con- 

gregational Church, New Fairfield, Conn., record says, 
Oct. 31, 1796. for church e.xpenses, "he gave liberally." 

214 hodgf: family. 

35. Keturah Hodge, b. prob. June 4, 1762. 

36. Thomas Hodge, b. Aug. 4, 1764. 

37. Maky Hodge, m., March 13, 17S0, "Squire Wliitlock." 

38. Sibyl Hodge, m. Timothy Driscoll. 

S9. Hodge, b. Aug. 4, 176S; b.ip. --Sept. 24, 

40. FoRAziNA Hodge, b.ip. Doc. 13, 1772, "it being the 

Lord's Day; '' m. prob. William Brewster. 

33. A15EL* HODGE (Al>c/\ Thomas\ Charles^). 

Born Dec. 2, 1757; tnarried (i), November, 1778, 
TabITHA ElwI'LL, bora February, 1760, and died Nov. 
10, 1782; married (2), April 6, 1783, Ketur.vh Jones, 
born Jan. 18, 1760, and died Oct. 27, 1844. He died 
Jan. 2, 1850. IMr. Hodge served in tlie'RevoIutionary war, 
in Capt. Thoinab Bull's company, lit;lit horse, of Hart- 
ford, Maj. Elisha Sheldon's regiment, from Sept. 23 to 
Dec. -■-2, 1776, three months. The regiment accompanied 
General Washington on his retreat through New Jersey. 
Mr. Judson i\. Hodge, of Wyoccna, Wis., a grandson of 
Mr. Abel Hodge, says of his grandfather: " I often heard 
him tell how he went with the troops from Albany to the 
battle of riattsburg and of being at Norwalk, Conn., when 
that place was burned by the British. On the latter occa- 
sion," s.iys the grandson, "grandfather said he had six 
shots at the British as good as any he ever had at a par- 

Mr. Hodge died at the residence of this grandson, at 
Shushan, X.Y. He had by his first wife two children, 
and by his second six. 

Eight children: 

41. NoAii Hodge, b. Sept. 3, 1779. 

42. Tabitha Hodge, b. July 2, 17S2; d. Nov. 27, 1S39. 


43. Nememiah Hodge, b. Dec. 9, 17S4. 

44. Ar.EL Hodge, b. Oct. 27, 17S8. 

45. Sa.mi'el Hodge, b. Jan. 7, 1790; d. Feb. 26, 1S80. 

46. Rebecca Hodge, b. Nov. 30, 1793. 

47. James Hodge, b. Aug. 2, 1796; d. Sept. 21, 1872; res. 

N.Y. .State. 

48. Anna Hodge, b. Oct. 26, iSoo; d. Oct. 8, 1876; m. 

Mo.'^es Miller; a dau. now living. 

Sfi. THO.MA.^^ MODGE (Al,d\ Thomas', Ckarlcs'). 

Born Aug. 4, 1764; married, May 17, 17S4, 
Elwell, who died Oct. 19, 1S26. He died Sept. 6, 1833. 
Mr. riodgc, May 17, 1793, was made an ensign in l^ifth 
Company, Sixteenth Regiment Connecticut Militia, and 
May 16, 1794, Gov. Samuel Huntington commissioned him 
captain of the same compan)-. He left no will; adminis- 
tration was granted on his estate to Reuben Hodge, prob- 
ably his son, and Alanson Lessey, who married his 
daughter Abigail. He had, as will be seen, seven sons 
and seven daughters. Resided near Danbury, Fairfield 
County, Conn. 

Fourteen children : 

49. Anna Hodge, b. Dec. i. 17S5 ; d. Oct. 4, [816. 

50. Eber Hodge, b. Nov. 17, 1787. 

51. jAisEZ Hodge, b. Oct. 20, 17S9; d. Sept. 24, 1793. 

52. Le'.vis Hodge, b. Oct. 30, 1790; d. Sept. 24, 1793- 

53. ZoDOCK Hodge, b. Jan. 18, 1792; d. Sept. 9. 1794- 

54. Zabina Hodge, b. Jan. 18, 1794; m. Alva Bradley, who 

was drowned in Balls Pond, north of Danbury. 

55. Ahigail Hodge, b. Dec. 5, 1795; m., Dec. 8, 1S14, 

Alanson Lossey, and had ten children; Pluebe m. a 
Hoag; one m. Oliver P. Hodge (No. 94), and one m. 
Joshua Hodge (No. 96), his brother. 

56. Pamei.(A Hod.jE, b. Jan. i6, 1797; ni. (i) Daniel 

Davis ; m. (2) Amos jVbbott. 


67. Reubf.n HoncK, b. May 14, 1799. 

58. Rebecca Hodge, b. Aug. 7, iSoi ; m. Levi Knapp ; 

seven children; one, Emily, ra. Ira B. Hodge (No. 7S). 

59. KiELER Hodge, b. May g, 1S03; d. from penknife 

wound in side ; unm. 

60. S.M.LY Hodge, b. July 22, 1S05 ; m. W. Davis. 

61. HiKA.M Hodge, b. Jvily 16, 1807 ; m. and had a son. 

62. Phcei'.e Hodge, b. April 24, 1S09; m. Dennis Peck; 

four children. 

31>. TllADDEUS' HODGE {Abe/', Tkoinas'\ Charles^). 

Born Au;.;. 4, 1 76S ; married, Oct. 2, 17SS. Ll-i:l\1ia 
HOVT, born Dec. 25, 1765, and died Nov. 17, 1847; 
daughter of John and Tryphcna (Clark) Ployt, of Dan- 
bury, Conn. Mr. Fiod-e died April 25, iSii. His will 
bears dale Feb. il, iSii, and by it his son Ferris is 
named executor. 

The widow after 18 13 became the third wife of Israel 
Osborn, son of James and Elizabeth (Mead) Osborn. 
She outlived him several years, he dying March 30, 1835, 
at Brookfield, Conn., and she dying at New Fairfield in 
the same State. Mr. Hodge resided near Danbury. 

Six children: 

63. Ferris Hodge, b. July 23, 17S9. 

C4. .\s\ Hodge, b. May 13, 1791. 

65. .Marv Hodge, b. .May 4, 1793 : in. Joshua Elwell. 

CB. Horace Hodge, b. Jan. 31. 1795- 

67. Ketsev Hl'dge, b. Nov. 27, 1797 ; m. Arza Biijelow. 

C8. David Hodge, b. M.arch-4, 1799. 

44. ABEL'' HODGE {Ahd\ Abcl\ Thomas-, Charles' ). 

Born Oct. 27, 178S; married ( i), April 19, iSio, Hannah 

Sliter, born Dec. 14, 1791, and died July 23, 1837; mar- 


ried (2) a BiSSELL of Dutchess County, N.Y. Mr. Hodge 
died Jan. 6, 1S57, at Shushan, N.Y. 

Five children : 

69. Harriet Hodge, b. June 16, iSn ; m., April 28, 1842, 

Samuel Oviatt ; had Lydia ; all now dead. 

70. iMAurETTA Hodge, b. Jan. 22, 1814; m., Nov. 5, 1S35, 

Lorenzo P. Wing ; had Hannah, Elbert, and one other 
child. Hannah m., Dec. 24, 1S55, Bartlett Heath, who 
d. two years later; had two children. Eli'crt ni. Cor- 
nelia; have two children; res., N. Hoosick, N.Y. 

71. Betsey Ann Hodge, b. March 27, 1S17. 

72. Abel Hodge, b. Aug. 15, 1821 ; d. Aug. 15, 1021. 

73. JuDSON Adonira.m Hodge, b. Oct. 11, 1S35. 

oO. ICr.ER' HODGE {T/ioi!!as\ Abd\ Thomas\ 
Charles ' ) . 

Born Nov. 17, 1787; married (i) ELIZABETH CouCH ; 

divorced; married (2) Sallv , who died Oct. 26, 

1827. After the divorce l\Ir. Hodge may have moved to 
Rochester, N.Y., where an ICber Hodge's will is recorded 
Aug. iS, 1822, in wliich he mentions "wife Sally." 

The first wife, after her divorce, married George De 
Lavan, of Danbury. Had one child by first wife; perhaps 
others by second wife. 

One child: 

74. Hull H. Hodge. 

57. REUBEN' HODGE (Thomas\ Abd\ Thomas", 
Charles ' ) . 

Born May 14, 1799; married (i) Sally Wiiitlock, 
born March 9. 1800, and died Feb. 7, 1835 ; nuirried (2) 
Nancy Baknu.vl born July 9, 1810, a witiow, daughter of 
Amos and Hannah (Knanp) Abbott. Mr. Hodge died 


Oct. 8, 1872; residence, Fairfield County, Conn.; had by 
first wife three children, and by second wife six. 

Nine children: 

75. Norman Hod(.e, b. Sept. 13, 1S19. 

76. Ch.arles Orson Hodge, b. Aug. 12, 1S22. 

77. Granville Hodge, b. May 5, 1S26. 

78. Ira Barnum Hodge, b. Aug. i, 1836. 

79. George Washington Hodge, b. March 23, 1838. 

80. Hiram H. Hodge, b. May 16, 1S42. 

81. John Mukuav Hodge, b. April 2S, 1S44. 

82. Hannah Ann Hodge, b. M.iy i, 1846; unin. 

83. Amos Hodge, b. April 4, i8;S. 

an. FEHRIS- HODGE (T/icu^dcus', A6e/\ Thovias\ 

Born July 23, 17S9; married Arte.mesia Coklfv. He 
was drowned in Balls Pond, near Danbury, Conn., April 
6, 1813. Resided on farm in that vicinity. 

One child: 

84. Ferris Hodge : the land records of Uanbury .show tliat 

Feb. II, 1S34, he deeded land in Faiiticld County which 
came to hira through his father, by inheritance from 
Thomas Hodge, his great-great-grandfather, to Reuben 
Hodge. Res., Stamford, N.Y. 

U. ASA' IIODGE {ThaddcHs\ Abel\ Thomas", 
Charles ' ) . 

Born May 13, 1791 ; married Rachel Stevens. He 
died March 3, 1S64; she died Dec. 20, 1882. 

Nine children : 

85. Clarissa Hodge, b. Jan. 3, iSiS ; d. .'\pril 18, 1875 ; '"• 

a Martin and had son George, who served in Civil war. 
Res., Zoar Bridge, Conn. 


86. Thaddeus Hodge, b. June 12, 1820. 

87. Daniel H. Hodge, b. Jan. 21, 1822. 

88. Thomas Keeler Hodge, b. Nov. 23, 1S24. 

8g. Rhoda a. Hodge, b. Marcli 5, 1827; m. Nelson While. 

90. Maria Hodge, b. Aug. 25, 1829; m. a Woodin, cf 

Pawling, N.Y.: d. Feb. 11, 18S4. 

91. David A. Hodge, b. June i. 1S32; in Civil v,-ar from 

Bridgeport, Conn. 

92. Charles M. Hodge, b. March 22, 1S34 ; m. and had two 

sons who d. early. He d. July 23, i S64, from wound re- 
ceived at Bermuda Hundred, V'.i., while in Civil war. 

93. Horace Hodge, b. Marclj 5, 1S39; m. and had one son. 

Mr. Hodge d. .March 2, 1S62, at Hilton Head, S.C, 
while in the military service in the Civil war. 

66. HORACE* HODGE {IV/addeus*, AM\ Thomas\ 
Claries' ). 

Born Jan. 31, 1795; married, 1S18, Huld.\ii Eiavell, 
born Jan. 8, 1795, and died Jan. 2, 1SS2. He died Oct. 
24, 1S49, leaving no will. The New Fairfield township 
records say she died Dec. 23, 1881. Sept. 23, 1S23, he 
was a member of the First Congregational Church. 

Five children : 

91. Oliver P. Hodge, b. March 15. 1S19; bap. Dec. 25, 

95. Edwin Hodge, b. Sept. 20, 1S20; bap. Dec. 25, 1S31. 

96. Joshua Hodge, b. Oct. i, 1823; bap. Dec. 25, 1S31. 

97. Ale.xander Hodge, b. July 8, 1828 : bap. Dec. 25, 1S31. 

98. Ann Elizabeth Hodge, b. May, 1829; bap. July 6, 

1834 ; m. Stephen La Forge, of Rossville, Staten Island, 

fiS. DAVID' HODGE {Thaddeus\ Abel\ Thomas\ 
Charles ' ). 

Born March 4, 1799; married Lucv HODGE, born prob- 
ably 1794, and died Aug. 24, 1854, says town record; 


Other record says, "Sept. i6." Me died Sept. 5, 1S54; 
administration granted on his estate Sept. 19, 1S54, to 
Wilham Hodge, his eldest son. 

Four children : 

90. William Hodgr. 

100. Marv HoDCii ; m. a Tiittlc. 

1 01. Luci.VD.A HoDGF. ; m. a Lyon. 

102. Theodore Hodge, b. prob. 1S29; m., April 2, 1855, 

Mar)- , b. prob. 1334; h^t^ sun b. .NLirch iS, 185S. 

71. BETSEY ANN'' IIODGE {Aic/\ Abcl\ AbclK, 
Thomas '', Charles ' ) . 

Born March 2-], 1817; married, May 14, 1S40, R. 
NlLES RlClC, born Sept. 12, 1S13, and died June y, 1S95. 
She died June 2, 1876. 

Si.x children: 

103. Jekomi; 13. Rice, b. July 19, 1S41 ; res. Cambridge, 


104. James Harvey Rice, b. Oct. 31. 1S43. 

105. Josephine Rice, b. Sept. 15, 1845; ni. a Wilcox ; she 

d. July 1 1, 1S96. 

106. Makietta Rice, b. Dec. 11, 1S47; ni.. May 15, 1S72, 

Dr. Albert S. Newcomb, b. May 21, 1S41, at Saratoga, 
N.Y. The doctor is a descendant of Andrew New- 
comb, a sea-captain, the progenitor of the chief New- 
comb family in this country. See Newcomb Family, 
in another part of this work, and see Newcomb Gene- 
alogy. No children. Res. 206 W. 71st street. New 
York City. 

107. Aluertine Rice, b. Oct. 9, 1S53; m. Edwin Fuller. 

108. A.VNA Gektkuue Rice, b. Oct. 31, 1059; d. Dec. 30, 



73. JUDSOX ADONIRAM'- HODGE {Af>cl\ Abcl\ 
AbeP, Thomas-, Charles^). 

Born Oct. ii, 1S35; married, Dec. 23, 1855, Mary A. 
Watt, born Aug. 25, 1836, daughter of Lee Warner and 
Lydia (Stearns) Wait. Mr. Hodge married and resided 
at Shushan, N.Y., until 1S57, wlicn he moved to Wiscon- 
sin; now resides at Wyoccna, in that State. Me served in 
the Civil war in Company A, Fourth U.S. Artillery. Mr. 
Hodge and many of the other descendants of Abel 
Hodge, the Revolutionary soldier, — perhaps all of them, 
— have been adding an " s "at the end of their names, mak- 
ing it Hodges ; but how this addition to the name came, 
no one appears to know. The army records show that 
the soldier ancestor of this family bore the name of plain 
Abel Hodge, and tlie old town records of Connecticut give 
the names of his ancestors as Hodge. It may be added 
that the descendants of the brothers of this Abel Jlodge 
have held to the original name. Mr. Judson Adoniram 
Hodge in a late letter signs his name Hodge, and savs he 
is satisfied that the family name is Hodge, instead of 

Nine children : 
lO'J. Ax.vA Grace Hodge, b. July 24. 1S58. 
no. Emma C. Houge, b. April 13, i860; d. Jan. 22. 1879. 

111. Hattir I. HouGE, b. Dec. 31, 1861 ; d. Oct. 14. 1S76. 

112. Leona May Hodge, b. May 19, 1863: d. July 7, 1S79. 

113. Edwi.v Jcdso.n Hodge, b. Aug. 24, i866; m.. .Sept. 26, 

1894, Gcorgiette Browbender; had Mariette, b. Oct. 
27, 189S. 

114. Alice Macd Hodge, b. Dec. 7,1868; m., .Aug. 25, 

188S, John Price; had one cliild, d. young. .Mrs. 
Price d. Dec. 20, 1895. 

115. Charles Lee Hodge, b. Nov. i, 1874; d. May 19, 


ii6. Edna M. Hodge, b. Aug. 17, 1877; d. Feb. 12, 1S81. 
117. Bessie Estelle Hodge, b. Jan. 15, iSSo; unm. 

74. HULL H.'^ HODGE {Eber% Thomas', Abcl\ 

Thomas ', Charles ' ) . 

Married Marv IVL Couch, daughter of Jonathan and 
Lydia (Hoyt) Couch. He died at Bethel, Conn., after 
which the widow married (2), June 11, 1857, George 
Plumb Starr, born Nov. 21, 1808, and died April 13, 
1S67; son of Asahel and Betsey (Laccy) Starr. 
One child: 
I iS. He.nky Bowen Hodge, bap. Nov. 2, 1S34 ; m. (i), whom 
or when not ascertained ; m. (2), Aug. 21, 1S90, .Mar- 
tha Stokes, b. 1S4S. .Married in N.Y. Ciiy. 

75. NOR^L\X'' HODGE {Rcuhcn\ Thomas*, Abel\ 

Thojtias -, Charles ' ) . 

Born Sept. 13, 1S19; married, Oct. 7, 1 840, LVDIA A\N 
Couch, born April 21, 1S20, daughti:r of Calvin and 
Abiah Appleton (ALirtin) Couch. Mr. Hodge war. Judge 
of the Probate Court, Danbur_\-, Conn., for some years, and 
has filled several other public positions. He is a man of 
high standing in the community, and though advanced in 
years is active and thorough-going in business affairs. He 
has a fine residence in Danbury, where he and his estima- 
ble wife, in 1897, were happily enjoying their old age. 

One child : 
119. Reuben Houge, b. Aug. 2, 1S41. 

7C. CHARLES ORSON" HODGE {Renben% Thomas\ 
Abel \ Thomas-, Charles^ ). 

Born Aug. I2, 1822; married, Dec. 25, 1846, Amy 
Barnum, born Oct. 12, 1822, daughter of Ed. and Marilla 


(IToyt) Bariuim. Mrs. Hodge died Oct. 20, 1884, and he 
July 21, 1S68. Resided, Soutlieast, Putnam County, N.Y. 

Seven children: 

120. An-na M.aria Hodge, b. Nov. 3, 1847 ; n^-. Feb. 8, 1SS2, 

Truman Banks. 

121. John Cr.a.wford Hodge, b. Oct. 10, 1849; n^- Ella 

Bantle, nee Bronson, dau. of Barlow Bron.son ; one child. 

122. -Marv Cornells Hodge, b. Jan. 15, 1852 ; m., Nov. 20, 

1872. ha D. Knapp. 

123. Henry Barnum Houge, b. Sept. 18, 1854; unni ; res. 

Brewster, N.Y. 

124. Ida M. Hodge, b. Jan. 26, 1856; ni., Feb. 11, 1883, 

Charles Lent. 
175. Sarah Augusta Hoi^ge, b. April 6. 1S60: m., June 13. 
1S87. Frank Eno. 

126. Edwi.v F. Hodge, b. April 17, 1S62; m. Edith Rogers; 

two cliildien. 

;7. GKAXVILLE '= IIODGE {Reuben ', Thomas\ AM\ 
Thomas -, Charles ' ) . 

Born May 5, 1826; married Ann Eliza BviXGTdX, born 
i\wi. I, 182S, daughter of Isaac \V. and Sarah T. (Davis) 
Byington. Residence, Brewster, N.Y. 

One child : 

127. Lerov Hodge, h. April 12, 1S61 ; d. July 22. 1S64. 

78. IRA B.'-' IIODGE {Reubcn% Thomas', Ai>el\ 
T/iofnas\ Chartcs^). 

Born Aug. i, 183G; married (i) Emily KxAPP, daugh- 
ter of Levi and Rebecca (Hodge; Knapp; married (2) 
Emma Knapp, born probably in 1S52, daughter of Ilin- 
raan and Mary (Mansfield) Knapp, and niece of first wife. 
Mr. Modge died Jan. 14. 18S2, according to one record, 


but Norman Hodge (No. 75) says he died Jan. 19, 1883. 
The widow, Aug. 29, 1SS6, married (2) Charles L. Corn- 
stock, " ae. 27." Mr. Hodge had no children. 

Thomas''^ Abcl'\ Thomas'-, Charles'^). 

Born March 23, 1838; married Mary E. Peauce, born 
in 1844, daughter of Mathew Pearce. Mr. Hodge died 
June 23, 1889. The widow, March 14, 1S92, became tlie 
second wife of George W. Turner, who was then 69 years 
old. (Perhaps had daughter Hannah, b. Jan. i, 1868.) 

One child : 

128. Frank Wilbur Hodge, b. Jvily 21, 1864. 

SO. IHRAM H.'' HODGE (Rc7d,cn\ Thomas', AM'', 
TIioDias'-, C/iarlcs^). 

Born Ma)' 16, 1S42; married Emtlv Beebe, born Sep- 
tember, 1S40, daughter of Herman K. and Carolir.c 
(Crosby) l^eebe. 

Five children: 

129. Willis W. Hodge, b. Nov. 3, 1864. 

130. George E. Hodge, b. June 21, 1866, 

131. Ella Hodge, b. Aug. 30, 1S69; m., J.m. i, 1SS9, John 

S. Hoddenott, b. in 1S66. 

132. Herman- B. Hodge, b. Jan. 24, 1S71 ; ni.. Dec. 24, 1891, 
'"! Adel.iide G. Disbrow, b. in 1867 : had son b. Jan. 21, 


133. E\A Hodge, b. Sept. 5, 1S73: m., July 11, 1892, Lewis 

L. Chapman, " ;t. 24," of S. Glastonbury, Conn. 

81. JOHN AIURRAY" HODGE {Reuben \ Thomos\ 
A6eP, Thomas'-, Charles^). 

Born April 28, 1S44; married (i), May 2, 1866, Mary 


E. Beebe, born Nov. 2, 1846, daughter of Herman K. 
and Caroline (Crosby) Beebe and sister of the wife of his 
brother Hiram (No. 80) ; married (2) PllCEEE Wildman, 
daughter of Hendrick and Eveline (Pearce) Wildman. 

One child : 

134. .Mary or ".May" Hodge, b. 17, 1874. 

83. AMOS '= HODGE {Reuben \ T/io»ias\ Abcl\ Thomas", 
Charles ' ) . 

Born April 4, 1S4S; married Marv Abigail Ho\t, 
daughter of Asa and Abigail (Barber) Hoyt. Resided 
at Balls Pond on the old Hodge homestead near Danbury, 

One child: 

135. Eber a. Hodge, b. in 1S70; m. Grace Clark, b. in 1S73; 

have one cliiki, .Amos tlodge, b. Oct. 2S, 1S93. 

86. THADDEUS'^ HODGE {Asa\ Thaddcus\ Abel\ 

Thomas'-, Charles^). 

Born June I3, 1820; married, Nov. 27, 1842, Sarah 
BOTSFORD, born Oct. 13, 1825, daughter of Truman 
Botsford. Mr. Hodge in 1S95 had then been blind more 
than forty years. Resided, at that time, Sherman, Conn. 

Three children : 

136. Elizuk a. Hodge, b. Aug. 20. 1S43. 

137. Homer D. HODfiE, b. Jan. 17, 1S47. 
13S. Olive Jane Hodge, b. Nov. 2, 1S49. 

87. DAXIEL H.'^ HODGE {Asa\ Thaddcus\ AbeP, 

Thomas", Charles^ ). 

Born June 21, 1S22; married (i), Nov. 7, 18.44, MARY 


A. Fairchild, born March 19, 1S24, and died May 7, 
1871; married (2), March 8, 1874, Maria Fairchilij, 
born April 12, 1822, sister of the first wife. The first 
wife was born at Roxbiiry, Conn., and died at Poughquag, 
N.Y., while the second wife probably was born at New 
Milford, Conn. Mr. Hodge in the Civil war was in battle 
of Gettysburg, at capture of Mobile, and in Red River 
campaign ; residence, Yorktown, N.Y. 

One child : 

139. Reuben F. Hodge, b. Oct. 8, 1S46; ra., Aua;. 7. 1868, 

Frances A. Ganung. b. Aug. 29, 1S4.6, at S. .Mill- 
town, Conn. ; liarl son who died in infancy. Res. 
Brewster, N.Y. 

88. THOMAS K.MIOnOE (Asa\ ThaJJ>^ns \ AhrV'. 
Thomas ", Cliarlcs ' ) . 
Born Nov. 23, 1S24; married Marv An.v Ritton, b. 
Feb. 16, 1827, of Gaylord's Bridge, Conn., v.-ho died .May 
5, 1S92. He died Nov. 25, 18S9. 

Three children : 

140. Thmmas S. Hougk, b. March 9, 1S4S. 
'141. Andrew Hodge, b. .-Vpril ;.S, 1850. 

14:i. Charles Edw.vrd Hodge, b. June 20, 1851. 

94. OLIYER W^ HODGE {Horace', ThaJdens\ Abel^ 
Thomas ^, Charles ' ). 
BornAIarch 15, 18 19; married LovixaLe.ssey, daughter 
of Alanson and Abigail (Hodge) Lessey. Mr. Hodge 
and his brother Joshua married sisters. (See Abigail 
Hodge, Xo. 55, and Joshua Plodge, No. 96.) 

Two children : 

143. Frank Hodgh, m. and lives on Staten Island. 

144. Svi.viA Ann Hodge, m. and lives on Slaten l.^^land. 


95. EDWIN" HODGE {Horace', T/iaddeus*, Abe!\ 
Thomas -, Charles ' ) . 

Born Sept. 20, 1820; married CAROLINE Barnum, 
daughter of Gcrhani and Eliza (Adams) Barnum. 

One child : 

145. Mary Eliza Hodge; m. (i) Albert Turner; m. (2) 
Joseph Turner. 

96. JOSHUA^ HODGE {Horace', Thaddeus^ Abel\ 

Thomas ", Charles ' ) . 

Born Oct. i, 1823; married SYLVIA Lessey, daughter 
of Alanson and Abigail (Hodge) Lessey and sister of the 
wife of his brother Oliver. (See No. 94.) Residence, 
VVestheld, Richmond Co., N.Y. 

Five children : 

146. S. Hodge, b. March 22, 1850 ; in. a Lent. 

147. M.\KV E. Hodge, b. Oct. 27, 1851 ; m. S.mniel Hatli- 

auay; res. Norwalk, Conn. 

148. Lois L. Hodge, b. Au-^. 17, 1854; m. a Hoyt. 

149. Je.nnie a. Hodge, b. Aug. 9, 1862. 

150. Horace Hodge, b. Jan. 31, 1S64. 

97. ALEXANDER'^ HODGE (Horace'-, Thaddcus*, 

Abel', Thomas'-, Charles^). 

Born July 8, 1S2S; married, probably in 1857, SuSAN 
HiCKOK, born in 1S27. He died May i, 1864, at Dan- 
bury, Conn. 

Two children : 

151. Eva Hodge, b. November, 1858. 

152. A Lhild, b. abt. l36i. 


'J'ltoiims ", Chart is ' ). 
IJorn about 1820; probably marriccl, Oct. 7, iS.)i, 
Caroline BlliBHNf, born in 1820. Resided fust in Dan- 
bury; moved to Brid;.;eport, Conn. 

l'"our cliildrcn : 

153. Jui.lA A. HouCK, b. Jan. 14, 1850, Danbury, Conn. 

154. A son, b. March 2, 1854, Uanbiiry, Conn. 

155. CAKni.iNi.; Iliii.(;i;, b. Aug. 17, iii56, I'.iidj^cport. Conn.; 

d. young, 

156. A son, b. March 14, 1S58. iJriclgcport, Conn. 

\m. ANNA GRACR' IIODCr: {Judsoi, A.\ A!>cl\ 
A'h'1\AIh'1\ 'Jlioinas\ Cluirlrs'). 

Horn July 24, 1S58; married (i), April i. iSSi, 
BURI'O.N' V.\N Zaxdt, who died Sept. lO, 1 889, at North 
GrccnTield, Wis.; married (2), March 22, iSgo, Li:ON 
Pof'E, of Waukesha, Wis. Residence, Wyocena, Wis. 

Five children : 

157. M.\iii;i. Van Zanut, b. Dt-c. S, 18S3. 

1 58. Mav Van Zanut, b. June 6, 18S6. 

159. John Hodgk i'oi-i:. 1). March 24, 1891. 

160. KeiaN Li.i-, I'oi'r., b. July 5, 1K9J. 

161. liVKON G. I'oin;, b. July 12, 1S95. 

119. Ki:UI5KN CALVIN' IIOEjCE {Noyman\ Reii- 
liar', 77io/iii!s*, Al/f/', 'JlhDiias^- ('nar/r.s' ). 

}5orn Au[;. 2, 1841 ; married, Dec. 4, 1861, R;\('11KI. 
Maria U.-,lU)R.Nf, born Oct. 8, 184:?, dan;.;liter of Henry 15. 
and Harriet (Pierce) (Jsborn. Mr. llod;.;e dieil Au^^ 9, 
1882. Resided Danbury. 


Two children: 

162. Charles Augl'stus Hodge, b. Feb. 15, 1S66. 

163. FIarriet Ann- Hodge, b. Dec. 11, 1S67. 

128. FRANK WILBUR' HODGE {George W.\ Reu- 
ben^, T/ioiiins'', Abci'\ Thomas'^, Charles'^). 

Born in 1864; married, April 19, 1887, Flor.\ L. Bar- 
NUM, daughter of Hendrick Barnum. 

Two children ; 

164. A son, b. March 13, 1S8S. 

165. A child, b. April 20, 1S91. 

12"). WILLIS W." HODGE {Hiram H.\ Reuben'', 

Thomas^, AbcP, T'wmas'-, diaries'^). 

Born Nov. 3, 1S64; married, March 2, 1SS9, Ella P. 

Two children : 

166. A child, b. Aug. 15, 1S91. 

167. A dau. , b. July 6. 1894. 

13G. ELIZURA' HODGE {Thaddeus\ Asa\ Thad- 
dcHs\Ahd\ Thomas \ C/iarles'). 

Born Aug. 20, 1843; married (i) M.\RIAN Addell 
RlGGS, born April 8, 1846, and died Sept. 28, 1SS9; mar- 
ried (2), Feb. 12. 1890, Louise (Bloom) Scowden, 
born July 2;, 1855. Mr. Hodge served in the Civil war 
(see No. 13;). Resided Rochester, N.Y. 

Four children: 
16S. Grace Hodge, b. .March 8, 1S68; m., Dec. 24, 18S9, 
William .Sniffin ; had .Marian Eli'.abeth ; res. Bridge- 
port, Conn. 


169. Henry A. Hodge, b. Oct. 23, 1870. 

170. Frederick A. Hodge, b. Dec. 2, 1872. 

171. Bessie M. Hodge, b. Sept. 20, 1875. 

137. HOMER D.' HODGE {T/,addeus\ Asa', Thad- 
dcus\ AheP, Thomas-, Charles'). 

Born Jan. 17, 1S47; married INlARV E. Pl.\1T, bom 
Nov. 21, 1844. He was in the Civil war, serving with his 
brother, Elizur A., in Company K, Second Connecticut 
Heavy Artillery. At Cold Harbor he was wounded in his 
right arm and in his hand. Residence, Sault Sainte Marie, 

Five children: 

172. Ed. .M. Hddge, b. Dec. 2, 1S66. 

173. Frank Hodge, b. Jan. 20. 1869. 

174. Ella Jane Hodge, b. April 21, 1S72; d. Aug., 1S72. 

175. Harrv Sidney Hodge, b. .\ug. 3, 1874; d. Nov. 24, 


176. M.ARY Addell Hodge, b. July 16, 187S. 

13S. OLIVE JAXE' HODGE {Thaddeus\ Asa\ Thad- 
deiis^, AbcP, Thomas", Charles'^ ). 

BornNov.2, 1849; married ( i), May 11, 1869, George 
Fowler, born June 12, 1S44; divorced in 1S71 ; married 
(2), Jan. 25, 1877, Charles Byron Wright, bom Feb. 
28,1853. Residence, Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Had one child 
by first marriage ; none by second. 

One child: 
177. Gertrude Fowler, b. March 7, 1870: m., Jan. i, 1893, 
Karl Frederick .\ugust .\rndt ; had >Laurice Frederick, 
b. Oct. 15, 1S93. 


UO. THOMAS S/ HODGE {TJwmas K.\ Asa\ Thad- 
deiis^^ Abel'', Thomas'- , Charles^ ). 

Born March 9, 1S48, New Milford, Conn. ; married (i), 
Jan. 22, 1870, Julia Isabel Hanchett, born Nov. 3, 
1853, and died July 31, 1892; daughter of George and Ann 
Hanchett, of Derby, Conn. ; married (2), Jan. 2, 1896, 
Nellie Smith, born Nov. 10, 1S67, daughter of Henry 
and ]\Iary Smith, of Waterbury, Conn. ]Mr. Hodge is a 
practising pliysician at Torrington, Litchfield County, 
Conn. ; has been for five years State medical examiner 
under State Medical Practice Act, and was lately, 1899, 
elected to succeed himself for another term of five years. 
He was admitted to practice in 18S2, and has attained a 
high standing in his profession. 

One child : 
17S. Lillian- May Houge, b. Sept. 9, 1877, Bridgeport, 
Conn.; d. Nov. 15, iSgy. 

Ul. ANDREW HODGE {Thomas K.\ Asa\ Thad- 
deus\ Abel\ Thomas'', Charles'). 

Born April 28, 1850; married, Sept. 10, 1S72, Eva 
Leonard, born March 3, 1853. He died Jan. 21, 1S89; 
resided Kent, Litchfield County, Conn., where he carried 
on a carriage and wagon factory. 

Three children : one, a son, died early: 
179. Nellie Agnes Hodge, b. May 3, 1S75. 
iSo. Bertie Hodge, b. May 16, 1880. 

Asa'\ Thaddctis^ AbeP, Thomas'' , Charles'-). 

Born June 20, 1S57; married, and resides Webatuck, 


Three children : 

i8i. Mary A. Hodge, b. April 20, 18S3. 

182. Belle Hodge, b. Dec. 18, 18S6. 

183. Charles Hodge, b. Feb. 7, 1892 ; d. same day. 

Norman^^ Heubcn', Thomas*, Abel"', Tko/nas", 

Born Feb. i;, 1866; married, June i, 1887, Minnie 
Belle, born March 31, 1S66, daughter of Hepsa 
J. Pa}ne. Residence, Danbury, Conn. 

Two children : 

. 184. Rena Marcalaine Hodge, b. Nov. i, 1S91. 
185. XoRMAX Hodge, b. Oct. 11. 1S93. 


It is impossible to determine whether or not Philo Hodge 
was a descendant of Cl'.arles Hodge, whose line is traced 
on preceding pages, or belongs among the descendants of 
John Hodge, the progenitor, who married Susanna Dens- 
low in 1666. If a descendant of the latter, it is quite 
probable that William Hodge (No. 75) of that line was 
his father. Gen. Justin Hodge, of Riverton, Conn., a son 
of Philo, now eighty-hve j-ears of age, is of the opinion 
his grandfather's name was Daniel, and that he was killed 
at a place called Compo, near Xorwalk, Conn., when the 
British under General Tr\on were returning to New York 
from Danbury, which they burned April 26, 1778. Mr. 
Hodge is supposed to have been killed on the 2Sth, two 
days later. In a letter the general says : 


" My grandfather had two brothers, Chester and Elmer, 
and three sisters — Statira, who married a man by the 
name of Gunn, another who married a man by the name 
of Smith, and the name of the third I do not remember. 
Chester, one of the brothers, Hved in New York. My 
father had a cousin whose name was Thomas." Going 
back to William Hodge, it will be seen that William was 
killed by the British, had two brothers, one of whom 
died in New York, and that he had a sister, who married a 
Smith. No record has been found of any Daniel Hodge, 
living at that time, who could have been the father of Philo, 
but the date of Philo's birth is quite in keeping with the date 
of birth of some of the children William is known to have 
had. Philo was born in 1756, and Eunice, a daughter of 
William, in 175S. William had other children, among 
them two sons, v.-hose names have not been determined, 
nor the dates of their birth. The account given by Mrs. 
Ames, found under No. 75, of William Hodge, her great- 
grandfather, certainly corresponds very closely with what 
General Hodge says of his grandfather, the father of Philo 
Hodge, now dead more than one hundred and twenty 
years, and were it not for the fact that the General believes 
his grandfather's name was Daniel, the evidence might be 
considered almost conclusive that Philo was the son of 
William. With these facts stated, the question of Philo's 
parentage is left for others, nearer connected with the fam- 
ily, to study out, should they be inclined to labor in that 


Born Jan. 9, 1756 ; married (i ), Sept. 12, 177S, Ketukah 
Armstronc;, of Washington, Conn., who died \-'$.'')-j, in 
Woodbury, Conn.; married (2), Jan. i, 178S, LuCY New- 


TON, born March :?9, 1/68, and died Jan. 1,1853; daughter 
of Lucy (HoUister) Newton, of Washington, Conn. Mr. 
Hodge died Jan. 30, 1842. He was in the Revolutionary 
war, from Milford. Under his first enUstment he served 
one year, commencing January, 1776, Peter Perritt being 
captain of his company and Charles Webb colonel of his 
regiment. His second enlistment was for three months, 
beginning January, 1777. Benjamin Hincs was his cap- 
tain and Thaddeus Cook his colonel. Mr. Hodp;e also 
served a few days under Captain Treat at the time of the 
burning of Danbury in April, 177S. Under Colonel ' 
Webb he participated in the battles of Long Island and 
White Plains, N.Y., and afterwards served at Princeton 
and Trenton, N.J. While in the service during the Tryon 
raid, when Danbury was burned, he was wounded at 
Campo. He became a pensioner under the act of iSiS, 
at which time, June i, 18 iS, he resided in Roxbury, Conn., 
where he died. 

The Probate Court records of Norwich, Conn., show 
that March 29, 1786, James Armstrong, Ruth Armstrong, 
Samuel Edgerton and wife Ann, all of Washington, Conn., 
Thomas Armstrong, Jr., Samuel Carr and Olive his wife, 
Nathan Warner and Lois his wife, Philo Hodge and Ke- 
turah his wife, all of Woodbury, Conn., for a " valuable con- 
sideration " from Isaac Armstrong, of Woodbury, conveyed 
all interest in a certain piece of land of William Hunt de- 
ceased, grandfather of the said James, Olive, Lois, Thomas, 
Keturah, Ann, and Ruth, situated in Norwich West Farms, 
containing about two acres, the same piece of land that was 
set off to Mary Hunt, daughter of William Hunt deceased. 

William Hunt, who evidently was the grandfather of 
Keturah, the wife of Philo Hodge, died in Norwich, Aug. 
16, i7sV His wife's name was Margaret. The children 


of Mr. Hunt, as appears in the settlement of tlie estate, 
were Isaac, John, Preserved, Hopestill, Sarah, an only 
daughter, and James and Francis, then deceased. A 
sister of Mr. Hodge married a Beebe, who for some years 
carried on a button factory at Waterbury, Conn. A Statira 
Hodge probably belonging to this family married Alvin 
Terrill, and had Edward, born Jan. 16, 1820. She died 
Jan. 30. iS45,"aged 71." Mr. Hodge had by his first 
wife four children, and b}- his second wife eleven. 

Fifteen children : 

2. KuMCE Hodge, b. abt. 1779. 

3. LuCRETiA Hodge, b. abt. I7S[ ; married a Hervey ; had 

son Fred. Said to have res. in Edgemont, ."^lass. 

4. Ch.^rlotte Hodge, b. abt. 17S3. 

5. AsK.v.VTH Hodge, b. abt. 17S5 ;ni. Henry Taylor; had two 

children, a son James and a dau. who m. a Betts. Bctts 
had a d.iu. who m. a Smith : res. Danbury, Conn. 

6. Ch.m.n-cey Hodge, b. July 10, 1791. 

7. Amanda Hodge, b. March 5, 1793; ni. (i) Preston 

Mitchell, of Waterbury, Conn. ; had son Lanipson P., 
who m. Dotha Woodford and had Jennie^ Willis, and 
Frank. Jennie ra. a Tate and had son and dau. ; 
Amanda m. (2) Daniel .Mallett, of Bridgeport, Conn. 

8. Sa.mantha Hodge, b. July S, 1795 ; m. Judson Stoddard ; 

had dau. Aurelia, who m. a Buell and had dau. Mary, 
who d. young. 

9. I.ucv Hodge, b. July 29. 1797. 

10. Al'RELIa Hodge, b. Sept. 3, 1799; d- June 22, 1S22. 

11. P.etsev (Polly) Hodge, b. July 13, iSoi. 

12. Sl'sa.n' Hodge, b. July 4, 1S06. 

13. S.AKAH Hodge, b. July 4, i8o6; m. Cyrus Dunbar; she d. 

in 1SS6; no children. 
l-t. Statira Hodge, b. April 7, 1S09. 
15- Philo Newton Hodge, b. Aug. 10, i8n. 
IG. JusTi.v Hodge, b. April 21, 1815. 


6. CHAUNCEY- llODGE {P/n7o'). 

Born July 10, 1791 ; married, March 22, 1815, RuTH 
A>rN Bunnell, born Feb. 8, 1 798, daughter of Reuben and 
Sarah Bunnell, of Oxford, Conn. May 10, 181 5, after his 
marriage, his father deeded land to him. In 1842 he rep- 
resented Roxbury in the Connecticut Legislature; died 
May 5, 1853. 

Two children : 

17. Charles Kosciusco Hodge, b. Nov. 27, 1S19. He was 
naval cadet in 1S38; d. Aug. 31, 1839. The Roxbury 
cemetery has a monument to his memory erected by his 
classmates at tlie Naval School. 
IS. Albert Lafavette Hodge, b. Oct. 15, 1S22. 

9. LUCY = HODGE {P/n7o ' ) . 

Born July 29, 1797; married D.VVID NORTON. Had 
hoped to learn more of this family, but letters of inquiry 
have not been answered. 

Six children: 

19. Josephine Norto.v, m. Jay Dyer; res. Galena. O. 

20. Hortexse Norton, m. William Dyer; res. Galena, Ohio. 

21. Roland Norton. 

22. Orloff Norton, killed in late Civil war. 

23. Isadore Norton, m. Edward Norton; res. Elmira, N.Y. 

24. AuGL-sTL'S Norton, m. a Curtis. 

11. BET.'^EY- "POLLY" IIODGE {PA/Zo'). 
Born July 13, i860; married D.\RIUS Bertr.\m. 
Six children : 

25. Clark Bektka.m, d. in tlie army during the Civil war. 

26. .Andrew Hertkam. m. ETiima Siigden; res. Berlin, Conn. 

27. Wilbur Bektr.vm, m. ; served in Civil war; now dead. 


28. Sarah Bertram, d. aged it. 

29. Sylvester Bektram, m. the widow of his brother 


30. Chai'.nxey Bertram, m. prob. Rose Stone, of BerHn, 

Conn.; had four children: Ju=tin, Belle, Henry, and 

12. .SUSAN = HODGE (Phllo^). 

Born July 4, 1S06; married HiR.-VM Baldwix, born 
April, iSoo, and died in 1S63, son of Joel Baldwin. In 
1875 the widow was living at Rock}' Hill, Conn. 

Four children : 

31^ Margaret Baldwin, d. aged two years. 

32. Theodore Baldwin, d. a-ed seventeen years. 

33. Geukue Baldwin, d. aged four years. 

34. Sarah D. Baldwin, b. Nov. 4, 1S45 \ graduated at .Mount 

Holyoke Seminary ; a successful teacher. In 1873 was 
living with her mother at Rocky Hill, Conn. 

U. STATIRA-' HODGE {Phllo'). 

Born April 7, 1S09; married, Aug. 16, 1S31, Bogardus 
Eeardslev, who died many years since. In 1898 Mrs. 
Bcardsley was residing at 72 Edwards street, Hartford, 
C-onn., honored as the daughter of a Revolutionary 
soldier and respected as a woman of culture and intelli- 

One child: 

35. Jfi.iA .Adelaide Beardslev. b. Nov. 8, 1839. 

1.'). PIIILO NEWTON- HODGE {Philo'). 

Born Aug. 10, 181 1 ; married Sally Smith, born Dec. 
-o, 1S06, at Newton, Conn., daughter of James and Sally 


(Leavenworth) Smitli. He lived to be quite an old man 
and was helpless many years; resided Roxbury, Conn. 

Three children : 

36. Robert Bruce Hodge, b. Dec. 25, 1836. 

37. Ellen Hodge, b. .Marcli 5. 1S43 : "'•. J-i>"i-, 1S6;, Charles 

Squires; had son b. in 1870; the mother died same 

38. CtLA-RLES HoDGE, b. Nov. 12, 1844; d. Oct. 30, 1S60. 

16. JUSTIX- IIODGE (/'/.//oM. 

Born April 2r, 1S15; married, Aug. 16, 1S38, LlCI.\. 
HEWirr, daughter of Joshua and Polly (vVilliams) Hewitt, 
of Winsted, Conn. Mr. Hodge was an officer in the army 
during the Mexican war, serving from April 9, 1847, to 
May 6, 1S4S. He was also in the Civil war, first as a 
captain. In August, 1 861, he was made assistant quarter- 
master-general and had devoh ed upon him large responsi- 
bilities. He was a very efficient officer and is well spoken 
of in the army reports. General Hodge, the hero of two 
wars, is now residing at Riverton, Conn., enjoying a 
fair degree of health, glad at all times to entertain his 

One child: 

39. KoscR'SCO Hodge, b. Oct. 3. 1839 ; m., Oct., 1S67, Abby 

Maria Woodward, b. Sept. 21, 1S47 : Albert, b. 
Aug., 1S69, and Ernest Waldo, b. Aug. 12, 1S73. 


Born Oct. 15, 1S22; married, Oct. 25, 1846, J.\NE E. 
Wells, born Sept. 15, 1823, daughter of Philip, Jr., 
and Nancy (Watson) Wells, of New Milford, Conn. Mr. 


Hodge has been a colonel in the Connecticut militia, 
representative in the State Legislature, and held other 
positions of trust. In 1897 he was residing in Roxbury, 
Conn., greatly respected by a large circle of friends. In 
1896 he and his estimable wife celebrated the fiftieth anni- 
versary of their wedding, at which time there was a large 
gathering of relatives and friends at his pleasant home. 

Two children : 

40. Elizabeth Josephine Hodge, b. Nov. 20, 1S53; m., 

Dec. 20, 1S86, Dr. L. J. Pons, b. Dec. 20, 1859; have 
Adelaide Jane, b. Oct. S, 1S93. 

41. Charles Watson Hodge, b. Feb. 7, 1S56: unm. ; has 

been a member of tlie State Legiilature and held other 
public positions. 

35. J. ADELAIDE" BEARDSLEY {Statira-, P/iilo'). 
BornNov. S, 1S39; married, in 1858, Charles Chlrch, 

of Hartford, Conn. Residence, Hartford. 

Three children: 

42. Herbert B. Church, b. March 4, 1S61 ; m. Jennie 

Chalker; had .Marguerite, b. Sept. ^o. 1SS4, and Fred- 
erick C, b. Feb. II, 1S93. 

43. Grace Adelaide Church, b. March ;, 1865; m. F.. B. 

Stevens: had Margery, b. Sept. 21. 1SS7. 

44. Clarence W. Church, b. N'ov. 9, 1S66; m. Cornelia 

Ely, who d. Oct. 24. 1892; had Lelia, b. Oct. 13, 1892. 

36. ROBERT BRUCE 2 HODGE {Philo N.-, Phih'). 
Born Dec. 25, 1836; married, October, 1S59, Sarah 

Jane Barxes, born 1 836. He died Oct. 11, 1 892 ; resided 
Roxbury, Conn. 


Three children : 


45. Wallace Hodge, b. Sept. 15. 1S62; d. April 25, i! 

46. WiLLARD Hodge, b. July 9, 1S65 ; m., Dec. 9, 1S91, '_ 

Dickin.son, of Bethel, Conn. 

47. Burton Hodge, b. June 3, 1S69; ni., Jan. 7, 1892, 

Mary E. Odell. 



According to the best information obtainable, and family 
tradition, emigrated to tliis country in 1653, from North- 
umberland County, the most northerly county in England, 
and settled at Rye (then called Little Harbor), N.H. Rye 
is a small place on tlie Atlantic coast, southeast from 
Portsmouth. He married Seatjorn, daughter of Richard 
and Margaret (Raynell) Tucker. I\Ir. Tucker was one of 
the first settlers of Portland, Me., and is supposed to have 
come from Stogumber, a little coast town of Somerset- 
shire, Eiig., where in St. Mary's Church is a record say- 
ing that a Richard Tucker was baptized Jan. 22, 1594. 
Margaret Tucker, widow of Richard Tucker, living on Sag- 
amore creek, Portsmouth, "then an old lady," Jan. 16, 
1681, conveyed to Nicholas Hodge, "her grandson," cer- 
tain land in Portsmouth. This Nicholas, no doubt, was 
the son of Nicholas Hodge, Sr. In 1742 Michael Hodge, 
son of the second Nicholas, a mariner living at Salisbury, 
Mass., a coast town south of Portsmouth, deeded land to 
Phineas Jones, husband of Ann Hodge, his daughter, of 
Portsmouth, and in the conveyance mentions that he is the 
" only representative of Richard Tucker." Tradition says 



of the elder Nicholas Hodge, that he lived to tlie age of 
one hundred and twelve years, and that a short time before 
his death he rode with his wife, on horseback, several miles 
to a neighboring town. Mr. Hodge was the Gather of one 
son and perhaps other children. Nicholas was the name 
of this son. Nicholas Hodge, Jr., had a son Michael, 
whose line is here traced : 

3. MICHAEL ^' HODGE {Nicholas-, Nic/to!as ' ) . 

Born probably about 1680; married Joanna Titcomu, 
daughter of William and Anne (Cottle) Titcomb. Mr. 
Hodge was a seafaring man. In 1742 he deeded land 
" on the Neck, near Casco Bay," to his son-in-law. Phineas 
Jones. He had a home in Salisbury, Mass., near the Maine 
boundary; died in 1752, "aged Jt,," periiaps at Newbury- 
port, Mass., where he was buried. 

Seven children : 

4. Anne Hodge, b. Oct. 16, 1713. 

5. Ch.\rles Hodge, b. Aug. 20, 1716. 

6. Nicholas Houge, b. M.iy 20. 1719; unm.: d. 1743. 

7. MiCH.VEL Hodge, b. Oct. 5, 1721 ; d. early. 

8. Jo.ANNA Hodge, m. prob. April 2, 1743, Jonath.-in Beck, 

b. March 27, 1721, son of Joshua and Abigail (Daniels) 

9. Elizaeeth Hodge, b. .March. 1729. 
10. -Michael Hodge, b. Feb. 20. 1732. 

4. ANNE I lODGE * ( Michael \ Nicholas \ Nicholas ' ) . 
Born Oct. 10, 1713 ; married (i), about 173S, FlilNEAS 

Jones, who died in 1743; married (2) JabeZ Fox. She 
died June 9, 1758. The family lived at Falmoutli, r^Iass., 
now part of Cumberland County, Me. Mr. Jones made his 
will Nov. I. 1743, which was entered fur probate November 


29 following. His estate was valued at over £8782. He 
named as executrix and executors his wife, his " wei!-be- 
•loved brother-in-law, Nicholas Hodge," and his " dear 
friend, Joshua Freeman." This brotlier-in-iaw graduated 
at Harvard in 1739. He taught grammar school on the 
" Neck " at Portsmouth in 1734, and again in 1737, " while 
preparing for University." He preached in 1743 for the 
Reverend Mr. Smith, pastor of a church at Portsmoutli, 
and died same year, immediately after his brother-in-law 
Jones, who had named him as one of his executors. 

June 7, 1758, two days before her death, the widow, 
who had married j\lr. Fox, made her will, and by it be- 
queathed to her children by her first husband, who had 
been well provided for by their father, only her household 
furniture, and to her children by Fox all tiie propeity slic 
inherited from her father, Alichael Hodge. Lucy Jones, a 
daughter by her first husband, was named as an executrix. 
and Stephen Longfellow as an executor. (See .Maine 
Wills, pages 48i-3> 829-30.) There were three children 
by Jones and two by Fox. 

Five children : 

11. Hanx.xh Jones, b. about 1739; m. Col. John Waite, of 

Falmuulh, Me. 

12. Lic\ Jones, b. about 1741 ; m. (i), July 10, 175S, Rev. 

Thomas Smith; m. (2), in 177S, Richard Derby; ni. 
(3) Judge Greenleaf, of Newburyport, .Mass. 

13. Ann Jones, b. in 1742 ; m., July 10, 175S. Richard Cod- 

man; had Richard and Ann; she d. Mar. 31, 1761. 

14. John Fo.k, married, and had children. 

15. .M.^RV Fo.\, m. Edward O.Knard. (In the old cemetery, 

Newburyport, among Hodge burials, is a gravestone to 
the memory of Sally Fo.x, a girl from Portland, who died 
at Newburyport while there on a visit.) 


10. MICHAEL^ HODGE {M/chacl\ Nic/iohs\ yic/w- 

Born Feb. 20, 1732, in Salisbury, Mass.; married 
("intention," Aug. 2, 1760), at Salisbury, Sl"S.\N\A 
Warner, of Ipswich, born Jan. 27, 1738, and died Sept. 
7, 1793. He died 1776. After his death the widow 
lived in Ipswich, Mass. 

Four children : 

16. WiLLi.^M Hodge, b. July 24, 1761 ; d. Sept. 21, 1761. 

17. James Hodge, b. Dec. i, 1763. 

18. N.-VTHANIEL Hodge, b. Jan. 23, 1765 ; d. Feb. 7, 1791 ; 

one ifcord says b. •' June 3.'' 

19. William Hodge, b. May 23, 1767 ; d. July 30, 17SS. 

17. JAMES' IIODGE {M,-ckacl\ Michael\ Nicholas-, 
Nicholas ' ) . 

Burn Dec. i, 1763, at Salisbury; married, Nov. 30, 
1793, Martha Heard, of Ipswich, born Sept. 10, 1770, 
and died April 26, 1823, at Newburyport, Mass. He died 
May 22, 1847. 

Nine children : 

20. Nathaniel Hodge, b. Oct. i, 1794. 

21. Sus.-VN Hodge, b. April 25, 1796: d. March 20, iSii. 

22. Mary Hodge, b. May 2, 1799; d. Aug. 14. 1813. 

23. James Hodge, b. Sept. 20, 1S02 ; d. Sept. 11, 1803. 

24. William James Hodge, b. June 8, 1S04. 

25. Lucy Balch Hodge, b. April 23, 1807 ; d. Oct. ?, 1S20. 

26. .Martha P;;rki.V3 Hodge, b. June 13, 1809; m., July, 

1S30, Xayson, of Amcsbuiy, .Mass. She d. 
Nov. 10, 1S83. 

27. John H.-,dge, b. June 8, 181 1 ; m. Harriet E. , who 

survived her husband and afterwards resided on Concord 
street. Haverhill, Mass. He d. March 29, 18S4. 
iH, Charles .Michael Hodge, b. Sept. 2, 1S16. 


20. NATHANIEL^ IIODGE (Janies\ Michael\ Mi- 

Born Oct. I, 1794; married, April 18, 1822, H ANN AH 
BARTLErr. He died Aug. 20, 1S59. Resided Newbiiry- 
port, Mass. 

Three children: 

29. Susan Heard Hodge, b. Dec. 22, 1824. 

30. Lucv Ann Hodge, b. Oct. 7, 1826. 

31. Charles Hodge, Ii. No\-. 9, 1828. 

24. WILLIAM JAMES'' HODGE {Ja,nes\ Michael\ 

Michael", Nicliolas'-, Nic/iolas^). 

Born June 8, 1804; rnaw-icd, May 8, 1828, Sarah 
BURRII.L, of Xewburyport. He died Oct. 19. 1875. 

One child : 

32. S\RAH Kmzabeth Hodge, b. Nov. 13. 1829. 

28. CHARLES MICHAEL'' HODGE {/amcs\ Mi- 
chael\ Michael ', Nicholas \ Nicholas'). 

Born Sept. 2, 1816; married, Oct. 14, 1S45, Caroline 
Annie BL■CK^^^'STER Williams, born April 27, 1S23, 
and died Feb. 13, 1894. He died Feb. 6, 1S94. Mr. 
Hodge had considerable literary talent and was a great 
reader. Resided Tremont street, Boston. 

Two children : 

33. Annie Louise Hodge, b. March 30, 1856; in 1S95 unm., 

and lived in California. 

34. Effie Caroline Hodge, b. Aug. 30, 1857; ra., Vnb. 5, 

1S85, Warren Thomas Currier, b. Nov. 29, 1S57, son 
of Warren and Isadore Lucinda (Balch) Currier. Res., 
in 1898. 590 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. No children. 

ADDENDA, Hod^e family, p.;;45-ti-7 

p. o 



The descendants of Nicholas Hodge, of Rye, N.H., 1653, 
are many and hve chiefly in Maine, New Hampshire, and 

On preceding pages the line has been traced from the 
progenitor to his descendants now living. Besides those 
mentioned, a large number of others have come to our 
notice who evidently belong in this Ilodgc tree, but their 
connection is not clearly established ; they are here given 
a place, however, with a view to assisting, perhaps in some 
degree, the future genealogist of this family. 

1. MICHAEL HODGE. ' ■ , / ---^ 

Born probably about 1743; married Sarah , of 

whom nothing has been learned. This is supposed to be 
the Michael Hodge who. May 6, 1776, was "sworn in," as 
the record says, clerk of Newburyport, Mass., and who 
under act of Congress, passed November, 1776, was com- 
missioned a captain in the navy. If so, he was collector 
of customs at Newburyport about that time, the officc.then 
being under the navy department. Local history speaks 
of the captain as being a prominent man in the commun- 
ity. Michael Hodge, born Sept. 9, 1750, may have been 
his son. 

Three children : 

2. Sar^vii Hodge, b. Nov. 15, 1770; m., 1801 (notice of in- 
tention to m. pub. May 7), Abner Bayley, of Portland, 
N.H. \ 


3. Elizabeth Hodge, b. April 2, 1772 : d. Fel;. 8, 1773. 

4. John Sewell Hodge, b. July i, 1776; m., April 2, iSo:, 

Abigail Johnson, of Newburyport, Mass. A widow Ab- 
igail Hodge, perhaps widow of this John, m., Nov. 17, 
1S06, Capt. Paul Simpson. 


Had for wife ELIZABETH, but date of marriage has not 
been ascertained. There appear to have been two men 
living about the same time, each of whom was called 
Capt. Charles Hodge. To designate them apart one was 
sometimes called the "original Capt. Charles," "who no 
doubt was the elder of the two. Have no knowledge as lo 
whether Charles who married Elizabeth, as above stated, 
was or was not one of these captains, but there is a fair 
presumption that he was. Perhaps this was the Charles 
Hodge who, according to a Probate Record, had sisters 
Betsey, Nancv, and Mary, and brother John who died at 
sea, and another brother who lived in Plymouth, Mass. 

Four children: 

2. NiciiOL.\s Hodge, d. May 17, 1807. 

3. Elizabeth Hodge, m. Capt. William Friend. She d. 

Jan. 8, 1S12. 

4. AxN Hod(;p:, unm. ; d. .May 25, 1812. 

5. Lucy Hodge, b. .■\pril 6, 1760. 

5. LUCY ' IIODGE ( C7mr/es ' ) . 

Born April 6, 1760; married, Nov. 2j, 17S3, Damel 
Balch, born March i, 1761, son of Daniel and Hannah 
(Clemmons) Balch, of Ncwburyport. She died Dec. 27, 
1797, after which he married Martha Tarbo.x. He died 
Oct. 13, 1835, at Ncwburyport. 


Six children: 

6. Hannah Balch, b. Oct. 14, 17S4; married a Hudson; 

she d. March 20, 1S2S, having had eigiit chilchen, tlie 
youngest of whom, Sarah Hodge Hudson, b. Nov. 14, 
1823, d. Oct. 29, 1856. 

7. Elizabeth Balch, b. March 18, 17S6; d. Oct. 17, I073. 

8. Charles Hodge Ii.\LCH. b. Oct. 29, 17S7; d. Nov. 18, 


9. Daniel Balch, b. June 16, 1790; d. Nov. 17, 185S. 

10. WlLLL\.\r Balch, b. .May 12. 1793 : d. June 13, 1794. 

11. William B.\lch, b. July 20, 1795 ; d. June 26, 18S6. 

1. /\X HODGE. 

Born 769; married (i) a HOVEY ; married (3), July 
26, 1S03, Thom.\s Hutciiixsox Balch, born July 7, 
1 77 1, and died June 28, 1817. Balch was a brother of 
Daniel Balch, who married Lucy Hodge (Xo. 5 ne.xt pre- 
ceding). Ann wa.s Balch's second wife. She died April 
14, 181S. 


Born Sept. 9, 1780; perhaps a son of Michael Hod;:;e, 
first mentioned on a foregoing page under " Other Prob- 
able Descendants of Nicholas Hodge;" married (i), 
March 21, 1S05, j\L\RY Johnson, daughter of Captain 
Nicholas and Mary Johnson. She died Sept. 29, 18 10; 
married (2) (notice published Oct. 29, 1S14), at Xew- 
buryport, Mass., Betsey H.\yward Eliot, widow of 
Daniel Robert Eliot, of Savannah, Ga., and daughter of 
Dr. James and Susanna Thatcher. Mr. Hodge died July 
6, 1S16. He is probably the Michael Hodge who grad- 
uated at Harvard in 1799. He was called "Captain," 
probably belonging to the militia. 


One child : 

2. James Thatcher Hodge, b. March 12, 1S16. 


Born Marcli 12, 1S16, Plymouth, Mass.; married, Feb. 

3, 1846, IVIary SrooNFR, daughter of John and Deborah 
(Russell) Spooncr. Mr. Hodge was a geologist. His 
grandfather, Dr. James Thatcher, graduated at Harvard 
in 1736, and was the author of a " Medical History of the 
Revolutionary War." Mr. Hodge was lost on steamer 
" R. G. Coburn," on Lake Superior, Oct. 15, 1871. 

Four children : 

3. Elizabeth Th.vtcher Hodge, b. Nov. 7, 1S46. 

4. John RL'ssiii.L Hodge, b. Nov. 25, 1847. 

5. Jamf.s MiTHAt.L Hodge, b. .April 3. 1050. 

6. M\Rv Hodge, b. Dec. 17, 1S54. 

i. JOIIX RUSSELL" HODGE {/ames T.\ Michael' ). 

Born Nov. 25, 1847; married HARRIET B. Evans. 
daughter of Seth Evans. Mr. Hodge was a manufacturer. 
Resided Atlanta, Ga., but died at Plymouth, Mass., April 
12, 1S90, the place of his birth. 

Two children : 

7. Sfth Evans Hodge, b. Sept. 30, 1S82. 

S. Ja.mes Thatcher Hodge, b. Jan. 15, 1887. 

From Xcivbitryport Records. 
Stephen Sewell Hodge, b. July 27, 1790, Newburvport, 

Alice Hodge, m., Sept. 25, 1803, Jacob Chase, Jr., New- 

bur>port, Mass. 
.Mary Hodge, m., Sept. 5, 1779, John Wollet, Newbury- 

port, M.1SS. 
Charles Houge. b. abt. 1790; m., December, 1S05, Lydia 

White, Portsmouth, N.H. 



[Kittery is situated on tlie Atlantic coast, just north of Portsmouth, 
N.H., southeast from Dover, where tlie United States Government 
now maintains a navy yard.] 

The land records of Kittery show that March i, 
1674-5, a deed was witnessed by " Jolin llodg." As he 
could not be a witness to a deed unless, at the time, he 
was of a^c, it is safe to conclude that }.Ir. liodge was born 
certainly prior to 1653, and more than likely some years 
earlier. He may have been a brother of or some way 
related to the elder Nicholas Hodge, who settled at Rye, 
in 1653, not lar from Kittery. 

The fact that I^Ir. Hodg witnessed a deed is all that is 
known of him. It is known, however, that there sprang 
from Kittery, about the time of signing this deed, or soon 
after, a faniil}- by the name of Hodge. William Hodge, 
who lived in that localit}', must have been born as early as 

His will was entered for probate May 29, 1776, and it 
is on record that at the time of his death he was ninety- 
five years and seven months old. He was the son of 
James Hodge, and therefore, if a descendant of the above 
John, was probably a grandson. Samuel Plodge, as will 
hereafter be seen, lived in that vicinity and there had chil- 
dren. There was also another Sainuel Hodge living 
there, and neither of these men would seem from the 
records to have been the father of the other. 

It is to be hoped that in the near future some descend- 
ant of this Kittery Hodge family may complete the work 
on this line here begun. 



Born ill 1708, as calculated by age rriven at the date of 
his death, which took place March 19, 1787; says the 
record, "aged 79." In 1738 Mr. Hodge was a "shop- 
keeper" at Dover, N.H., and in 1759 was called a 
" trader." 

His wife's name was ELlZAr.ETll, and he was probably 
married in 1737. May 17, 1738, he and his wife join in 
deeding land to Samuel Variicy, of Dover, land bought of 
Paul Gerrish, who in the deed is called " gentleman." 
Dec. I, 1759, Mr. Hodge and his wife deed land to Otis 
Baker. April 27, 1769, land is deeded to the same person, 
but Mr. Hodge alone signs the deed, from which it may 
be inferred the wife at that time was dead. 

Feb. 16, 1767, a Samuel liodgc was received into tiie 
First Church, at Dover. Whether this was Samuel the 
father, or Samuel hi; son, then twenty-seven years of age, 
the record docs not show. 

Four children: 

2. Kli/akkth Hodge, bap. May 21, 1738. 

3. S.^.MUEL Hodge, bap. Jan. 27, 1740. 

4. Ann Hodge, bap. Nov. 28, 1742. 

3. -SAMUEL- HODGE {Samuel'). 

Baptized Jan. 27, 1740; married, July 7, 1767, ILwNAH 
Gerrish. Sept. 16, 1767, he and his wife join in deed 
of land to Paul Brewster. Nov. 24, 1772, he sold land in 
Dover to James Calef for £13.10. Feb. 23, 1775, he 
bought land in Rochester, a town adjoining Dover. iMarch 
5. 1779' he sold land in Dover to Peter Hodgdon. His 
will bears date Oct. 30, 1780, and in it he mentions his 
wife, whom he names as executrix, a son William, a 


minor child of his son Samuel, and a daughter Elizabeth. 
March 4, 1781, an inventory was taken on the estate. 

A church record at Dover shows that a William Hodge, 
probably the son of Samuel, was baptized March 10, 1771. 
Another record says a child of William Hodge died Aug. 
22, 1794, aged seven years. There was a Mary Hodge re- 
ceived into the church at Dover, Dec. 21, 1771. 

Three children: 

5. Samuel Hodge, m. and Ind son Samuel. 

6. EiJZAi'.ETH Hodge, m. William Wells. 

7. William Hodge. See mention made above. 

1. SAMUEL HODGE (of Kittery, Me.). 

Probably born about 1735 ; married, 1760, Bet.sey Hill, 
of Portsmouth. Residence, Dover, N.H. He died in 
1776, while on a trip to Spain. In an old deed his son is 
called Samuel "Tertius," — the third, — so there were in the 
family certainly three generations by the name of Sam.uel. 
The relationship between this Samuel and the preceding 
family has not been determined, but that they both be- 
longed to the Kittery-Dover branch there is little doubt. 
The first child, as will be seen below, was named John, 
perhaps so called in honor of John, the early settler of Kit- 
tery, who may have been an ancestor, as seems quite pos- 

Four children : 

2. John Hodge, b. Aug. 9, 1762. 

3. Samuel Hodge, b. April 9, 1769. 

4. Betsev Hodge, b. Aug. 9. 1773 ; married James Hacket, 

ofBrookfield, N.H.; had four children — Amelia, Han- 
nah, Samuel, and Eliza. 

5. HiKAii ll'JUGE, b. Jan. 25, 1776; m. probably a woman 


^vhose first name svas Betsey. April 5, 1813, he deeded 
land in Dover; afterwards settled in Ossipee, N.H., 
north of Dover, where he raised a large family. A son, 
Samuel, a few yea.s ago, was living on the old home 

2. JOHN' HODGE (Samticr). 

'Born Aug. 9, ije^; married, 1790. MarV Stevkxs, of 
Port.ntouth, N.H., who died, aged 95- He died Novem- 
ber 1S50, "aged 88." At the age of 16 Mr. Hodge 
went into marine service in the Revolutionary war. He was 
taken a prisoner while serving on a privateer and con- 
fined in Dartmoor prison, Eng. ; exchanged. 

Three children : 

6. John Houoe, b. June 10, 1792. 

7. James Hodge, b. June 10, 179^- 
S. Makv Houge, b. Nov. 13, iSoo. 

3. SAMUELMIODGE (.W//^e/'). 

Born April 9. >/<'9; married H.4NXAII ANDREWS, of 
Hillsborough, N.H., daughter of Isaac and Lucy (Perkuis) 
Andrews, of Ipswich, Mass. She died April 4. i SS^'- He 
was a harness-maker. In 1790 he moved from Kittery to 
Francestown, in the same State, where he was a justice of 
the peace and postmaster many years ; a man highly re- 
spected. He died Dec. 27, 1852. 

Twelve children : 

Q Sami-el Hodge, b. Sept. 17, I79-^; d- M-iy 10, 1806. 

.0. PERKINS Hodge, b. Feb. 9. '795 ; "• Rebecca Pmkcrton, 

of Derby, N.H. ; a merchant; d. .March 14. iS37. at 

Siirtartia, Miss. 

,1. Betsey Hodge, b. .M.irch 19, i797: m^ Capt. James 

Martin : d. Mav, 1S35. .at Francestown, N.H. 


12. James H. Hodge, b. April 19, 1799; m. Man- Brown, of 

Providence, R.I. He d. April 21, 1S40, at which time 
he was a merchant in Franklin, Mo. History of Fran- 
cestown says of him, "Father of Thomas, who once 
lived here." 

13. Levi Woodbury Hodge, b. Sept. 19, 1801. 

14. Hannah Hodge, b. March 15, 1S04; d. Sept. 27, 1850. 

15. Saml'el Hodge, b. July 7, i8o5; d. April 9, iSoS. 

16. George W. Hodge, b. Dec. 20, 1809; m. Charlotte 

Kimball, of Nashua, N.H., res., Minneapolis, Minn. 

17. Soi'HiA A. Hodge, b. March 26, 1S12; d. Sept. 7, 184S. 

18. Frederick \V. Hodge, b. Dec. 4, 1814; d. Oct. iS, 

1835, *' Sartartia, Miss., whsre he was a merchant. 

19. Samuel Bell Hodge, b. Feb. 8, i8i8. 

20. Mehitabel B. Hodge, b. Oct. 31, 1S20; m., Nov. 25, 

1849, George A. Hanscom, of Wiltord, and there d., Oct. 

6. JOHX= HODGE (John", SamitcP). 

Born June 10, 1792; married Rhoda YoaNG. Resided 
at Newmarket, N.H., where he died in 1872, " a^cd 80." 
Mrs. Hodge was administratrix on his estate, and Nov. 13, 
1872, filed her account with the court. 

Five children : 

21. Thomas Hodge, m. three times; res., Boston, Mass. 

22. Drusilla Hodge, ni. Smith Pike, of .Milton. \.H. 

23. Marv Hodge, b. 1S30; d. 1S95, in Chicago, 111. [In 

1892 there was a Mary E. Hodge living at 439 Shaw- 
mut avenue, Boston, Mass., who said she was the <lau. 
of John Hodge, of Newmarket, N.H., and that Sanmel 
Hodge, of Francestovvn, N.H., a "saddler, or harness- 
maker, by trade," was her grandfather.] 

24. Joseph Hodge, d." aged 20." 

25. Martha Hodge, unm. ; res. Boston, Mass. 


7. JAMES' HODGE {John\ Samuel^). 

Born June lO, 1798; married, 1S2S, LUCRETIA Neal, of 
Brookfield, N.H. ; could obtain no information as to where 
the family ever resided. 

Four children : 

2tf. Joii.N Hodge, b. Sept. lo, 1S29. 

27. William Hodge, b. April 16, 1S32; d. June 12, 1865; 

a Wisconsin lumberman. 

28. Marv C. HtiDGE, b. Jan. iS, 1S34. 

29. Cassanua Hodge, b. July 16, 1S42. 

8. MARY ' HODG E ( John -, Samuel ' ) . 

Born Nov. 13, 1800; married (i) James FerxoLD, 
who died in 1S50; married (2) Saml'EL Sawver, of 
Bridgton, Me. In 1896 she was a widow, and thoufjh 
nearly ninety-six years old, enjoying a fair degree of 
health. Resided Bridgton, Me. Her children were all 
by her first husband. 

Eit{ht children: 


John Fekxoi.u. 


Ja.mes Fernold. 


.Mark Fekndld. 


George Fkknolu. 


Charles Fer.noi.u 


Joan Fernoid. 




Henrv Feknolu. 

13. LEVI WOODBURY ' HODGE {Samucl\, Samuel'). 
Born Sept. 19, iSoi ; married, Oct. 14, 1S33, Marv 
LongLEY Brown, born Feb. 16, iSoS, of Westmoreland, 
N.H. Mr. Hodge was a trunk manufacturer. Resided 
Nashua, N.H. 


Seven children : 

38. Marietta Hodge, b. Sept. 14, 1834. 

39. Frkuekick William. Hodge, b. April 15. 1836; d. Sept. 

26, 1 888. 

40. Franxes Kllen' Hodge, b. May 15, 1S39; unm. ; res. 

Xashua, N.H. 

41. Maria Josephine Hodge, b. Feb. 24, 1843. 

42. Lllrktia Sophia Hodge, b. July 23, 1844. 

43. William Hexry Hodge, b. May 19, 1S47; d. June 28, 

1 8 5 o . 

44. Ellen Brown Houge, b. May 7, 1849: d. Sept. 21, 

■ 851. 

19. SAMUEL BELL ' HODGE {Scimucr-, Sa>nucl^ ). 

Born Feb. 8, 1S18; married, June 24, 1846, LUCRETIA 
Guii.I), born X.jv. 27, 181S, daiiglitei ot Daniel and Betsey 
(Whipple) Guild, of New Boston, N.H. Mr. Hodge 
served a? a member of the Maine Legislature, as a justice 
of the peace, and postmaster of the village where he re- 

One child: 

45. Frederick Augustus Kodge, b. Aug. 18, 1850; m.. 

Nov. II, 1884, Carrie E. Webster, of Clorinda, la. 
Re.s. Pine City, Pike Co.. .Minn., where he has been 
county auditor many years, and in 1S94 was elected to 
the State Senate. 

26. JOHN ' HODGE (^ James ', John ^ Samuel ' ) . 

Born Sept. 10, 1829; married (i), Jan. 28, 1S53, 
Phcebe Merrick, who died Feb. 22, 1891 ; married (2) 
Nellie Dame, a widow, of Jackson, N.H. 

One child : 

46. James H. Hodge, b. June li, 1854; m., Sept., 1S76, 


Catherine Andrews; have Emma A., b. Aug. I/, 1S77, 
and John, b. Jan. 31, 1S86. Emma A. m.. May 30, 
1896, Frederick Littlefield. 

28. MARY C." HODGE {Jai)ies"% JoJui'', SamueP ). 
Born Jan. 18, 1S34; married, Feb. 18, 1S59, JO.\.-\THAN 

M. Pitman, born Aug. 19, iSi.}, and died Oct. ^0, 1896. 
Mrs. Pitman, in 1S98, was still living. Resided Hiibbard- 
ston, Vt. 

I'^oiir children : 

47. Geokci.\ a., b. Dec. 16. 1S59; m., Sept. iS. 

1881, Charles S. Chandler, of Chatham; had Liicretia 

P., b. A>ig. 4, 1887, and Harry M.. b. Sept. i6, 1SS9. 
A^. M.AKY A. PlT.MAN, b. Julv 5, iS62; m., June i8, 18S2. 

Steven D. Meserve, of Jackson; Claude P., b. 

June 8, 1S83. and Blanch L., b. July i, 1SS6. 

49. Ll'CKETl.v H. PlT.M.\N, b. Oct. 17, 1863 ; m.. Nov. 28, 

i883, Wellington P. Chandler; no children. 

50. William H., b. Dec. 19, 1864; unm. 

29. CASSANDA N. - HODGE {Jarnci\ JoJm\ Savi- 


Born July 16, i8.|2; married, August, 1S67, BENJAMIN 
F. Gui'TILL; residence, Stowe, Me. No dates of births 

Five children : 

51. Jamks Chhtill. 

52. CoR.\ Glftill. 

53. Emma Glptill. 

54. AJa.mie C;ui'till. 

55. Wallace Guptill. 



There appear to have been a large number of persons 
of the name Hodge who in colonial days lived in Maine 
and New Hampshire, mostly along the seacoast. Many 
of them were mariners. Research has not connected them 
by any certain line with those now living. Such facts as 
are here given may interest others, who will draw their own 

Mr. Benjamin N. Goodale, of Saco, Me., whose wife is a 
descendant of Henry Hodge of Pownalborough, I\[e., is 
endeavoring to trace cut some of the lines, and it is hoped 
he will be aided by all who feel an interest in Hodge 
family history. 

In Lincoln County, Me., in the towns of Newcastle, 
Shcepscot, Edgecombe, Fownalborougli. Alna, Perkins, 
Dresden, and Wiscasset, the four latter towns originally a 
part of Pownalborough, there appear to have resided in 
early days a large number of persons by the name of 
Hodge (Pownalborough was the shiretown in the county, 
and took its name from Gen. Thomas Pownall). Who 
may have been the progenitor or progenitors of those who 
lived in this section, bearing the Hodge name, certainly is 
a matter of much doubt. 


According to the early records of Salem, Mass., married, 
June 22, 1665, Marv Pit.MAN', daughter of Nathaniel and 
Tabitha Pitman, of Salem. Mr. Hodge died, as shown 
by settlement of his estate, at Salem, between April 28 
and Dec. 14, 16S5. His v/idow, Aug. 15, 1689, married 
John Brewer. She was bapti/.ed June 5, iCSo, and on the 


twelfth, one week later, all of her children were baptized. 
The church record at Salem has them all entered as 
Hodges, but when the children were married, except in the 
case of one daughter, they were all called Hodge, which 
there Is little doubt was the true name. 

Seven children : 

1. M.^KV Hodge, b. .March 10, 1665/6; prob. m., Sept. 10. 

16SS, Richard Presson (perhaps Preston). 

2. Sar.\m Houof., b. Feb. 19, 1667/S [Sept. 16. 1694. there 

was a Sarah Hodge bap. at the Old South Church, Bos- 
ton, Mass.]. 

3. TABiTif.i Hodge, b. January, 1669/70; m., Jan. 8, 1701, 

John Ruggles. 

4. H..\NN'\H HoDGK, b. Sept. 23. 1672; rn., prob. Aug. 11, 

1699, Thomas Lamere, of Plymouth. Mass. 

5. Elizabeth Hodi,i--., b. Sept. 15, 1674; m., prob. Nov. 

28, 1700, William White, of Boston. 

6. Robert Hodge, b. Jan. 25, 1676/7. 

7. Bethiah Hodge, b. Oct. 23, 167S; m., July 5, 169.S. 

John Paine, of Boston, Rev. Cotton Mather ofticiating. 


Came from Southold, Long Island Aug, 17, 1763, and 
gave at Boston an account of the capture of New York 
City by the Dutch. (See Force's "American Archives.") 


Master of a " brigantinc " called the " Philadelphia, of 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; " Nov. 10, 16S4, went before a justice of 
the peace at " Portsmouth in the Province of New Hamp- 
shire, and became bound in the sum of ^^500, not to carry 
any person out of the Province, but such persons wliose 
names should be entered at the secretary's office." [Were 
not the two Robert Hodges here last mentioned one and 
the same [)erson?] 



About the year 1731, located at Sheepscot, Lincoln 
County, Me. May 25, 1750, James, Robert, Henry, and 
William Hodge, and James Hodge, Jr., signed a petition 
at Sheepscot to have certain land incorporated into the 

It is possible, and perhaps probable, that these men 
came to this country at the time of the so-called Scotch- 
Irish emigration, 173 1-4. William Hodge, probably the 
one above mentioned, May 14, 1754, being charged 
with some offence, was remanded to the church at New- 
castle, near Sheepscot, where he belonged, to gi\-c satisfac- 
tion, "as soon as the church," at Newcastle, "should be 
organized." Robert Hodge, who appears to have been 
the leading member of this family, July 31, 1754, was one 
of a committee who reported at a town meeting that a 
clergyman had been given a call to preach at Sheepscot. 
In 1755 both Robert and William tlodge were officers of 
the town. 

March, 1759, Robert Hodge was appointed on a com- 
mittee to secure a minister for tliat year. Juno 5, 1765, 
he made an affidavit in regard to a land title. The testi- 
mony was taken with a view to preserving the same in 
pfrpctnavi rci inonorium. In the affidavit he says, "I 
came to Sheepscot, so called, about the year 1 731." Tlie 
language of the affidavit warrants the belief that when Mr. 
Hodge located at Sheepscot he was of mature age. " The 
History of Ancient Sheepscot and Newcastle," by Upson, 
says, " Robert Hodge came from Ireland, and died at the 
advanced age of one hundred and one years." It is further 
stated in this work that Mr. Hodge was a large land- 
holder, that he lost his faculties before he died, and that 
his nephew, Robert Hodge, who kept a tavern, acquired 


nearly all his property. In 1790 assistance was asked for 
the support of " old Mr. Robert Hodge, and his cow was 
sold to part pay expenses." This old man who was 
helped by the town may have been the Robert Hodge, 
once "a large land-holder," whose property was nearh- all 
"acquired " by his nephew. This nephew was an innholder 
in Sheepscot in 1774, and one of the selectmen of tlie 
town in 1775. May S, 1776, he is mentioned as captain 
of the First Compan}-, Third Regiment, Lincoln County 
Militia. His son, Robert, Jr., at the same time was 
captain of the Second Company in the same regiment. 
The work from which most of the above facts were gathered 
says, " Captain Hodge owned two of Tappan's ten-acre 
lots" (probably tlie two his uncle Robert owned which 
the captain "acquired" some years previous), on wliicii 
were " two flankers." The Indians once made an attack on 
Mr. Hodge's house, and from behind one of these flankers 
— rocks — fired at the inmates. When Mr. Hodge died, 
an inventory of his property showed that he owned two 
slaves, "Caesar and I'hillis, a bo}' and a girl." 

ROBERT IIODGE (of Pownalborough). 

Probably son of the elder Robert ; is supposed to have 
died in 17S8, as his will was entered for probate October 
15 of that year. Dec. 27, 1791, Henry Hodge, of Pownal- 
borough, a brother of Robert, was appointed guardian to 
Sarali, Henry, and Robert, minor children of the deceased. 
Jane, Hannah, and Sally, tliree other minor children, also 
chose guardians. A division of the estate was made Oct. 
I, 1793, and in the division the following children are 
mentioned : 


Eight children : 

1. " PoLT.Y '" Hodge, m., 1791, Spencer Tinkham. 

2. Margaret Hodge, m., 1793, Henry Roby. 

3. H.VNXAH Hodge, m., 1793, Aljiel Wood, Jr. 

4. Sarah (" Sally") Hodge, m. her coiusin, Henry Hodge ; 

d. June 8, 1823. aged 45 years. 
;. Robert Hodge, b. abt. 17S0. 

6. Hen-ry Hodge, b. abt. 17S3. 

7. Sarah Hodge, m., iSoi, Joseph T. Woods. 

8. Jane ('■Jenny") Hodge, m., 1S03. Nichols. 


Born 1734; m. Sarah , born 1736, and died July 

27, 1^00. He died Aug, 27, i7yS; a brotlier of Robert 
Hodge, Jr., who died at Powiialborough in 17SS. The 
brothers must have been sons of the elder Robert, wl^o 
came from Ireland. Henry took great interest in tlie 
children of his deceased brother, Robert, and four of the 
six daughters were married at his house. Sept. 10, 1777, 
Colonel North, as says an old record, " called on an alarm 
in defending and retaking the mast-ship loading in Shecp- 
scot river." Mr. Hodge was one of those who responded 
to the " alarm." He served as a private in Captain Scott's 
company. The object of the expedition was attained. 
April 7, 1788, at an election in Lincoln County, Mr. 
Hodge "received fifty-four votes for County Treasurer, 
and no votes were cast for any other person." He is 
probably the Henry Hodge who with Abiel Wood, father 
of Abiel Wood, Jr., who married Robert Hodge's daughter 
Hannah, in 1792, built the first church in Wiscasset, and 
placed in it a beil " said to have been cast in Boston." 
A division of the dower interest of Mrs. Hodge, who died 
some eight years after her husband, as appears of record, 


makes mention of the following persons, who are supposed 
to have been her children: 

Eight children : 

1 . John- Hodce. 

2. James Hougf.., m., in 1S05, Sarah Cunningham. 

3. .M.VRY IIoDGL, ni. Oichaid Cool;. .Mrs. Benjamin X. 

Goodale, of Saco, Me., is a descendant. 

4. Hfnky Hodge, m. prob. his cousin, S.illy Hodge. 

5. M.VRGARET Hodge, b. 1760; m., Oct. 13, 17S1. Joseph 

Carleton, gi-andfatlier of Gen. Jo-cph Carlcton, oi 
N.Y. City. Shed. April iS. 1S32, Kockficld, Me. 

6. Wii.LiA.M Hodge. 

7. Sa.mlel Hodge. 
S. Sarah Hodge. 

WILLIAM ITODGE (of Edsecombe, near Shecpscot, Mc). 

There is little doubt that this William was a brother of 
Robert and Mcnry Hodge, mciUioned on the preceding 
pages. He died ALay 29, 17S6. Mary, his widow, was 
appointed administratrix of his estate. The will of Mr. 
Hodge mentions three sons and si.x daughters. The Pro- 
bate record, in speaking of one of the sons, John, says, 
" Absent out of this Commonwealth in parts beyond sea," 
In 1S97 there was an Edward Hodge living in Edgecombe, 
a descendant of William and Mary Hodge, no doubt the 
William Hodge who died in 17S6, whose wife's name was 

Nine children: 

1. jA\tEs Hodge. 

2. John HoDf;i:. 

3. WiLiiAM Hodge. 

4. Jane Hi idge; ra. a Kennedy. 

5. JrNNET Hodge: m. an Csborn. 

6. Alice ('-Allis") Hodge: m. a Trask. 


7. Sarah Hodge ; m. a Kennedy. 

8. Elizabeth IIodge ; m. Jonathan Trask. 

9. Anna Hodge. 


Daughter of William Hodge, of Edgecombe, one of the 
five Hodge petitioners mentioned as settlers at Sheepscot, 
Me., in 1750; married, probably in 1773, Ben'J.vmin 
WOODBRIDGE, born in 1738, son of Benjamin and Su- 
sanna (Tappan) Woodbridge. He died Sept. 17, 1S17, 
" aged So," AIna, Me. In early life Mr. Woodbridge 
moved from Newbury, Mass., to Newcastle, Me., where he 
settled. He was in public life many years. Benjamin 
Woodbiidgc, probabl}- the elder, Jan. 23, 1769, was one nf 
the men appointed to inventory the estate of Samuel Hodge, 
which amounted to ;^213:4:6. ; Henry Hodge was ad- 

Ten children: 

10. Susanna Woodbridge, b. May 28, 1774; m. James 


11. r.lARY Woodbridge, b. Dec. 16, 1775 ; m. Josepii Plum- 


12. Sarah F. Woodbridge, b. Sept. 27, 1777; m. James 


13. Anna Woodbridge, b. Sept. iS, 1779; m. Thomas 


14. Elizabeth Woodbridge, b. April 27, 1782 ; m. William 


15. Benjamin Woodbridge, b. Sept. g, 17S4; m. Sarah 


16. Jane Woodbridge, b. Oct. 17, 1787 ; m. Jutham Doniiel. 

17. Hodge Woodbridge, b. Jan. 16, 1790; m. Elizabeth 


18. Ruth Woodbridge, b. April 17, 1792 ; m. John Cliftbrd. 

19. Henry Woonr.KiDGE, b. March 18, 1795 ;m. Elizabeth 



JAMES HODGE (of Pownalborough). 

Probably one of the five Hodge petitioneis who in 1750 
asked to have certain land incorporated into the town of 
Sheepscot. Quite likely he was the "James, Jr.," and the 
one who served in the Revolutionary war under Captain 
Scott. Oct. II, iSoo, he made an affidavit in regard to 
certain lands concerning which Robert Hodge, in 1763, had 
testified, as appears on a former page. Says Mr. Hodge 
in his attidavit, " About si.xty-three or four years ago my 
father came into the eastern country and settled at a place 
called Newcastle, about three miles from any inhabitants, 
where I lived with my father five or six years." He fur- 
ther states what Benjamin Woodbridge told him in regard 
to the matter in dispute forty-four years previous. 

In 17S1 there was a James Hodge sen.-ing in the Revo- 
lutionary war, in a company commanded by Captain Wen- 
dall, ot Lincoln County. Perhaps thi3 is the James who 
serv-ed in the war under Captain Scott, as heretofore men- 

There was a James Hodge who lived at AIna, perhaps 
the James of Pownalborough, who later in life had 
changed his residence. No doubt he was of the Sheeps- 
cot-Newcastle Hodge family, and perhaps was one of the 
original Hodge settlers at Sheepscot, not unlikely the 
"James, Jr." He had two sons, William and James, and 
several daughters. One of them, Wary, married, June 5, 
1785, John Boyd, and another, Susan, married, Jan. 8, 
1794, a Kennedy. 

WILLL\M- HODGE {James'). 

Born June 14, 1772, at Alna, Me. ; married, Sept. 3, 
1794, M.\RV ("Polly"; Averill. He died 1869. 


Mrs. Charles E. White, of Lynn, Mass., is a granrlchild of 
Mr. Hodge, she being the daughter of William Hodge, Jr. 

Seven children : 

■ I. Sar.^h Hodge, b. March 4, 1796; livtd to the age of 91 ; 
m. (i) a Barrett; m. (2) Dr. John Hubbard, of Hal- 
lowell, Me., who was governor of Maine three terms, 
1S50-3. She had three chiklren by each husband, one 
of whom is Mrs. Edward Boston, of Richmond, .Me. 

2. M.^RGARKT Hodge. 

3. Nancy Hodge. 

4. Mary Hodge. 

5. Ja.mes Hodge, b. Sept. 2, 1S04. 

6. Susan Hodge. 

7. WiLU.ui H<jdge, b. June 24, 1S09. 

5. JAMES ■ HODGE ( U7//nrm \ James ' ) . 

Born Sept. 2, 1804; married (i), 1834, M.\RY Ann 
Morse, b. March 10, 1810, and died before 1S47, daughter 
of Calvin and Mary (Mitchell) Morse; married (2), Sept. 
4, 1847 (one record says Nov. 24, 1846), SARAH RiCE, 
born June 25, 1816, at Union, Me., daughter of Nathan 
Drury and Sarah (Bannister) Rice. She died Aug. S, 
1S57 ; one child by each wife. 

Two children : 

S. Eluabeth Ann Hodge, b. April 8, 1835; m.. Aug. 2, 

1857, at Washington, Me., John Ripl-y Sprague. b. Jidy 

2, 1S32, son of WilHam and Eliza (Ripley) Spra.gue ; no 

children; res. E. JetTorson, Me. 
9. Sarah Maria Hodge, b. Dec. 2, 1849, Washington, 

Me. ; unm. ; res. Union, Me. 

7. WILLIAM ' HODGE ( William \ James ' ) . 

Born June 34, 1S09; married C.A.ROLINE PAYSON MER- 
RILL, born April 17, 1817, at Cape Elizabeth, Me.; 


daughter of Rev. Josiah G. and Harriet (Jones) Merrill, 
of Washington, Me. She died Jan. 20, 1SS3, at Washing- 
ton. Mr. Hodge died June g, 1SS5, at I.ynn, Mass., prob- 
ably at the residence of one of his daughters. 

He was a farmer at Washington, where all his children 
were born. 

Eight children: 

10. Edward Favson Hodge, b. April, 1S45; served iu Civil 

war, Coin. C, Fifteenth Regiment Maine Volunteers. 

11. Cakolixe .A.IJGUSTA HoDGE, b. April 10, 1848; m. 

Franklin Daniel Speed; res., 1S93, Lynn, JLiss. 

12. Harriet Alice Hudge, b. January, 1S50 ; unm. ; d. Dec. 

24, 1S66. 

13. -Makv Lucrrtia Hodge, b. Nov. 6, 1S51 ; m. Herbeit F. 

Hill; re?., 1S93. lieloit. Wis. 

14. Florence Helena Hodge, b. December, 1S54; d. No- 

vember, 1869. 

15. \VlLLi.\M Henry Hodge, b. June, 1858; d. June, 1S63. 

16. Henrietta Elizabeth Hodge, b. June 13, 1S63; unni. ; 

res., 1893, Lynn, Mass. 

17. Nellie Frances Hodge, b. June iS, 1065; m. Charles 

Elmer White; res. in 1893, 28 Hamilton avenue, Lynn, 


Says the " History of Ancient Sheepscot," "owner of the 
sloop 'Three Brothers; ' in June, 1775, sailed into Boston 
harbor with a cargo, and sold it to the British, for which he 
was taken to task by a committee of Newcastle (Me.) men. 

" Robert Hodge, Jr., a near kinsman of the captain, said 
some things about Congress and the committee not agree- 
able to the latter, whereupon Mr. Hodge was made to sign 
a paper recanting and ' pledging support to the general 

The captain and his " near kinsman," a cousin, belonged 


to the Newcastle-Sheepscot Hodge family. This family, 
notwithstanding the sale of some goods to the British 
by Capt. John Hodge, at the beginning of the struggle, 
at a later date furnished men for the war, and did its 
full share of work in the great cause of American Inde- 
pendence. There was not a Tory among them. 

It is related how, at an early day, a Mrs. Hodge 
owned a farm in Edgecomb and another in Sheepscot, 
which were separated by Dyer's river ; that tlie cows of 
Mrs. Hodge were pastured on Dyer's neck, and that after 
dark some one person in a quiet way paddled across the 
river to milk them, being afraid to go in the daytime on 
account uf the Indians. Mrs. Hodge, it is claimed, " took 
her turn at crossing the river alone, milking the cows, and 
returning to the garrison." 



Born probably 1 728-9. He was brought to this country, 
as tradition says, when four years old, at the time of the 
so-called Scotch-Irish emigration, 173 1-4.* 

* About 1610, after repeated rebellions on the part of the Irish Roman 
Catholics of Ireland, King James II. of England extinguished tiie cinl 
rights of the people of Ulster, the northern province of Ireland, by an edict 
of attainder, and gave about 500,000 acres of the land in the jirovince 
chiefly to Scotch Presbyterians, under a promise to them of greot religious 
freedom. About 1700, under Queen Anne, the people complained that their 
religious rights were greatly interfered with, and they began to emigrate to 
.\nierica. The chief CNodus took place in 1733, when these Scotch-Irish 
ca:ne over in ^rcat na:ubcrs. 


Whether young George came over with his parents or was 
brought by some kind friend is unknown, but as no record 
has been found of any parents, or person of liis name, 
hving where he spent his boyliood days, it is presumed 
that he was an orphan. Mary Jlodge, probably a daugh- 
ter of George, married, before 1763, Robert Wilson, of 
Petersboro', N.II., and had seven children, the eldest of 
whom, a daughter, was accidental!}' killed. The two elder 
sons were graduates of Harvard and became members of 
Congress. All the children apparently married well, and 
their progeny is now numerous. A granddaughter married 
John Scott Harrison, son of the first President Harrison. 

Mr. Hodge for many years resided in Northampton, 
Mass., wherein 1757 (one record says 1755) he married 
Jane Oue.stiox, of Boston, born 1734, "on shipboard," 
and died March 29, 18 14, aged " So years." ]\Ir. Hodge, 
Oct. 6, 1767, with others, contributed for purchase 
of land in Northampton, upon which to build a court- 
house, for which there was paid .^130. After many years 
spent in Northampton he moved to Hadley, in that State, 
where he died Dec. iS, 1808. He was a tailor by trade, 
but notwithstanding his humble calling rose to be a man 
of importance in the community, gained v/ealth, educated 
his children, and died greatly respected. Mr. Hodge cer- 
tainly had three sons, one dying without having married. 
The other two married, had large families, and their de- 
scendants are numerous. 

Three children : 

2. William Houoe, b. Sept. 30, 1758. 

3. John Hoix,e, b. Oct. 19, 1760. 

4. Geokgi; HoDGt;, b. .March 18, 1763 ; d. unm. 


2. WILLIAM ■' HODGE ( George ' ) . 

Born Sept. 30, 1758; married, Dec. 22, 17S5, Am.\xda 
Hopkins, born Doc. 6, 1763, Springfield; granddaughter 
of Rev. Samuel Hopkins, by \s-ire Esther Edwards, who 
was a sister of the famous Rev. Jonathan Edwards. Mr. 
Hodge died .March 22, 1812, Hadley, Mass., and his 
widow died July 28, 1828, at the same place. Mrs. Hen- 
riette M. Plunkett, of Pittsfield, Mass., a granddaughter of 
Mr. Hodge, in a letter written a few years since says, 
"My grandfather, William Hodge, was a tailor, as was 
his father, but when I look at what he accomplished I 
realize that a good trade in those days was a substantial 
possession. He cared for his numerous family of children, 
built a good home, and left a comfortable estate. I am 
proud to say that the first money he felt that he could 
spare he invested in books — ' The Spectator,' ' The 
Tatler,' and the ponderous 'Whole Duty to Man,' — 
which I now have in my possession." 

Twelve children : 

5. George Hodge, b. Oct. 14, 17S6; m., in 1810. I-:iizabLth 

Tr>-on, b. .March iS, 1787, of .South Uoert'ield. .M.xss. 
Hed. June i, 1S26. 

6. William Hodge, b. April 9, 17SS; m., in 1814, Cynthia 

Cross . 

7. E.MILY Hodge, b. Feb. 7, 1790; m., 1S09, Zebina Tryon, 

of Hadley. 

8. Timothy Hoik;f.. b. Dec. 31, 1791 ; d. Jan. 13, 1793. 
g. Ch.^vrles Hodge, b. Aug. 23, 1793: d. .March 12. 1815. 

10. Mary Hodge, b. .-X.pril 25, 1795; m., 1S13, Joshua 

Guilford, Guilford, \'t. 

11. Henry Hodge, b. April 13, 1797. 

12. Robert Wu.son Hodge, b. Dec. 13, 1799; m., Jan. 18, 

1S24, Sarah Weld; res., .Manhus, Onondaga Co.. N.Y. 

13. Giles Hot/ge. b. .'\i)ril 29, iSoi ; d. Oct. iS, 1820. 


14. Anna Hodge, b. Oct. 20, 1S03 ; d. Sept. 24, 1S04. 

15. Hannah Hopkins Honcn. b. .March 25, 1807 ; m., Sept., 

182S, Rev. James Bishop Wilcox. 

16. Esther Eijwarijs Hodge, b. Oct. 10, iSoS; ni., 1S30, 

Edwin S. Adams, of Manlius, iS'.Y. 
(Timothy Hawkins, ^^arcll 17, 1813, was appointed 
guardian to Giles, Hannah, and Esther, minor children. 
See probate records, Northampton, Mass.) 

3, JOIIX- HODGE (Gcoro-e'). 

Born Oct. 19, 1760; married, March 19, 1789, Sar.MI 
DlCKIN>0.\, of Hadley, -Mass., who died in June, 1844, 
aged " yj years and 10 months." He died March 6, 1840. 
I^Fr. Hodge, by trade, was a goldsmith. The Northampton, 
Mass., records sliow that Aug. 2^, 1813, John Hodge and 
Moses Porter sold land of the estate of William Hodge. 
Mr. Hodge had eleven children, three of whom died 
young. The order of births of the children has not been 
ascertained, but arc given as deemed probably correct. 
A son was born in April, 1700, another in 1791, and an- 
other child in 1793. The other eight children were born 
as here given. 

Eight children : 

17. Sakaii Dickinson Hodge, b. in 1794; became the sec- 

ond wile of Gordon Gould. She d. Jan. 19, 1867. 

18. Benjamin Hodge, b. .March i, 1796. 

19. Harriet Hodge, b. abt. 179S; m., Dec. 2, 1S24, Lean- 

der Merrick, b. .May 29. 1799, ^"d d. May 24. 1S56: 
son of Dr. Caleb and Charlotte (Noble) .Merrick. Re- 
sided in WiUington, and also Franklin, Conn. ; had eiyht 
children, two of whom were Harriet, b. .March 13, 1S31. 
and Leander. b. Dec. 27, 1845. 

20. KiAZ.x Hougk, b. in iSoi ; d. .May 3, 1859, " aged 58 



21. Samuel Hodge, b. in 1S03; d. Aug. 29, 1832, of con- 


22. Cy.vthia Hodge, b. prob. 1805; d. Feb. 13, 1834. 

23. Laura Jane Hodge, b. prob. 1S07; d. .March 3, 1S21. 

24. Julia A.\n Hodge, b. in 1S09; d. -Sept. 24, 1S63. 

11. IIEXRY= HODGE {William-, George^). 

Bom April 13, 1797; married, Nov. 23, i823,Eltza 
N.^SH, of Hadley, Mass., daughter of Jolin Nash; she 
died before her husband. He died Nov. 22, 1865, " a 

Six children: 

25. .Mary Guilford Hodge, b. Sept. 27, 1824; d. July 26, 

2fi. H.vKRiEiTE .Merrick Hodge, b. Feb. 6, 1826. 

27. Leicester Porter Hodge, b. Feb. 2, 182S; gr.aduate College, 1S50; d. March 28, 1851, Athens, O. 

28. Elizabeth Her\'ev Hodge, 1.. July 16, 1S31 : d. .May 

2, 1833- 

29. Lepha Nash Hodge, b. Oct. 22, 1833; d. Oct. 25, 


30. WiLLiA.M Hknrv Hodge, b. July 24, iS.ji ; ni.. May 

14. 1SS5. Mrs. Jessie .Maxwell (Lil.ickman) Hailey, 
Nashville, Tenn. Residence, New York City, N.Y. 

18. BEXJAMIX ' HODGE {John\ George"-). 

Born March i, 1796; married. May 20, 1820, Ade- 
line Call.WDAK, born March 6, 1 806, and died Dec. 31, 
iSoi. He died A\xg. 10, 1870. 

Seven children : 

31. Charles Dickenson- Hodge, b. Nov. 15, 1826. 

32. James Wilson Hodge, b. July S, 1828. 

33. Harriet .Merrick Hodge, b. Feb. 22, 1S30; m., June 

20, 1S49, Francis A. Pierce, b. 1823. She d. Sept. 6, 
1856; had Harriet A., Charles S., and Frank ?vL 


34. Eliza Ann Hodge, b. May 10, 1832 ; m., May 1, 1858, 

Francis A. Pierce, the husband of her deceased sister, 
Harriet; had dau. Adeline. 

35. Samuel Hodge, b. Sept. 20, 1S35 ; unm. in 1897. 

36. Sar.'vh Gould Hodge, b. March i, 1837. 

37. Susan Adeline Hodge, b. Nov. n, 1839; m., May 11, 

1869, George Mortimer Gardner, b.; liad George 
Benjamin, b. Sept. 21, 1S72. 

38. Makv Jane Hodge, b. Jan. 12, 1S42. 

2G. HARRIETTE MERRICK' HODGE (//<:///-/ ■, Will- 
iam *, George ' ) . 
Born Feb. 6, 1S26; married, Oct. 7, 1847, THOMAS F. 
Pr.rxKFTT, of rittsficld, Mass. Mr. Plunkett served in 
Congress and for a number of years was prominent in pol- 
itics. Mrs. Pltmkett has been a leader among women in 
literary and benevolent work. Tlte writer is indebted to 
her for much valuable information relating to this " George 
Hodge family." Residence, Pittsfield, Mass. 

Five children : 

39. HarivIkt i;Mir.v Plunkett, b. Oct. 10, 1S48. 

40. Helen Edwards Plunkett, b. Jan. 4. 1S50. 

41. I.VMAN Clai'P Plunkett, b. July 10, 1854; d. Nov. 20, 


42. Edward Leicester Plunkett, b. July 6, 1S56: d. Jan. 

10, 1890. 

43. .^L\RGARET Plunkett, b. May 15. 1S67 ; d. July 13, 1S69. 

John ■', George ' ) . 

Born Nov. 15, 1826; married, June 10, 1S4C, Cath.\- 
RINE Nash. He died Oct. 22 (town record says 26;, 


Eight children: 

44. Ai-MIRA C. HonGE, b. Jan. 15, 1850. 

45. CuAKLES Silas Hodge, b. Oct. 2, 1S52. 

46. Leicester Porter Hodge, b. Feb., 1S57 ; d. .\LirL-h 31, 


47. Frank B. Hodge, b. Dec. 9, 1S5S. 

48. Mary H. Hodge, b. Oct. 4, 1S60. 
4"g. A son, b. Jan., 1862. 

50. Hakry Eugene Hodge, b. May 6, 1S67. 

51. P.ESSIE Gardner Hodge, b. Feb. 4. 1S69; d. July 18, 


32. JAJSIE.S WILSOX^ HODGE {Bcnjamhi\ John'', 
George ' ) . 

Born July 8, 1828; married, Oct. 19, 1853, E>rHA' 
Maria Hunt, born April 6, iSji. He died Nov. 8, 
1885. Resided Hadley, Mass. 

One child : 

52. Carrie Rebecca Hodge, b. 1862; ra., Oct. 25, 1S83, 

Newton D. Russell, b. 1862, son of Owi^ht and Lauii- 
etta (Kneeland) Russell, of Amherst, .Mass. ; had four 
children, .Mabel, Leila. How.ird. and Gladys H.. b. 
Apii! 20, 1S96. 

38. MARY JANE* HODGE {Benjamin\ Jahn\ 
George ' ). 

Born Jan. 12, 1842 ; married (i ), Oct. 22, 1872, Hexry 
F. Hooker, born 1832, and died Dec. 3, 1878; married 
(2), September, iSSi, George WillS'J.v, who died soon 
thereafter; married (3), May 12, 18S5, Pli.w B. Parsons, 
of Enfield, Conn. Had by (i) husband a daughter and 
perhaps had other children. 

One child: 

53. Susan Elizabeth Hooker, b. .March 16, 1877. 


Henry', William-, George'^ ^. 
Born Jan. 4, 1850; marrfed, Nov. 26, 1S76, jAMES 
Wells Hull. 

Five children : 

54. Helen Edwards Hull, b. Nov. 3, 1877. 

55. Ros.-iMOND Hull, b. April 29, 1S79. 

56. NoR.MAN Churchill Hull, b. Aug. 5, 1881. 

57. Edward Boltswood Hill, b. Fub. 3. 1S84. 

58. Carolyn Kellogg Hull, b. Sept. 19, 1891. 



Born in the north of Ireland, probably of Scotch origin, 
and there died Jan. 4, 1723. Had wife Margaret. He 
had siK children, five sons and a daughter. Two of the 
sons, the daughter, and the mother died prior to 1730, 
when the remaining sons, William, Andrew, and Hugh, 
came to America and settled in Philadelphia, Penn. 
Among the descendants there have been a large number of 
doctors and clergymen. 

In the struggle for American independence the family 
took a prominent part. One, William Hodge, at the time 
a prominent Philadelphia merchant, signed the so-called 
" non-importation act;"anotherof thefamily, HughHodge, 
was a surgeon in the army during the war which followed. 
Rev. George W'oolscy, Charles, Hugh 15a)'ard, and Thomas 
L. J. Hodge, of Pennsylvania, arc now members of the 
Society of Sons of the American Revolution, by right as 
descendants of Dr. Hugh Hodge. (See No. 12.) It is 


hoped that some descendant in this line, with better 
faciHties for obtaining facts in regard to this family than 
the writer, will follow up the work here commenced, pre- 
senting a more complete genealogical tree. 

Three children : 

2. William Hodge, per. liad dau. who in 1757 m. Will- 

iam West; prob. the William Hodge who, Oct. 25. 
1765, signed the '• non-importation agreement." 

3. Andrew Hodge, b. .March 28. 171 1. 

4. Hugh Hodge. 

3. ANDREW = HODGE ( WHllam ' ). 

BornMarch 2S, 1711 ; married, 1731, Jane McCULLOCH. 
April IS, 1779, Andrew Hodge, of Philadelphia, probably 
this Andrew, was part owner of the " Revenge Cutter," 
Captain Conynham, master. Feb. 11, 1779, " voiino- 3,Ir. 
Hodge" sent arms from Mr. Hodge's wharf to Capt. 
Mitchell's galley, " for safety." (See pages 319 and 190, 
Vol. VH., Penn. Archives.) Mr. Hodge, tradition says, 
had fifteen children, but the names of eight only have 
been ascertained. Among those whose names have not 
been obtained was a daughter. 

Nine children : 

5. Margaket Hodge, named after her grandmother; m., 

before 1760, Col. John Bayard, b. Aug. 11, 173S, in 
.Maryland. He was prob. of the finn of Hodge & 
Bayard of Pliiladelphia, v\ho furnished arms for the 
Continental Army. He d. Jan. 7, 1S07; had eight 

6. Agmes Hodge, m. James Ashton, who d. July 29. 1760. 

7. A dau., m. a Philips. 

8. Mary Hodge, m. Maj. Samuel Kodgdon ; was his second 

wife. The major was commissary general of the Con- 
tinental Arniv. 


9. John Hodge, d. "aged 23." 

10. William Hodge, d. "aged 30." 

11. Andrew Hodge, b. April, 1753. 

12. Hl'GH Hodge, b. Aug. 20, 1755. 

13. James Hodge, d. unm. 

i. HUGH - IIODGE ( JH/Z/am ' ). 

Married Hannah Harkum, born Jan., 1721, daughter 
of John Harkum; died Dec. 17, [805. She was called 
"Aunt Hannah" by a large circle of acquaintances. 
Stephen's Philadelphia Directory of 1796 has " Hannah 
Hodge, widow, residence, 6j Market street." 

One child : 

14. H'/gh Hodge, b. as supposed, Sept., 1743; graduated at 

college in 1773; sailed for Europe and uever after- 
wards heard from. 

11. ANDREW^ HODGE (ylWr^-w^ Jl7mam'). 

Born April, 1753 ; married, Sept. 6, 17S1, An.v Ledvard, 
born Dec. 14, 1757, and died Nov. S, 1S48. He died May 
10, 1835. The marriage took place in Philadelphia, the 
same day the bride's half brother, Col. William Ledyard, 
was killed at Fort Groton, or Griswold, Conn., where he 
was in command. After a fierce engagement the fort 
capitulated to the British. Colonel Ledyard in surrender- 
ing pres^cnted his sword to the British commander, who, 
taking it, immediately ran it through the body of the 

Seven children : 

15. James Ledvakd Hodge, b. April iS. 17S4. He was 

United States Consul at Marseilles, France ; d. Feb. 4, 
1S70, unm. 


16. Jane Houge, b. February, 17S6; m.. in 1810, Robert 

H. Rose, of Montrose, Pa., who d. February, 1S42. 

17. William Ledyaru Hodge, b. Jan. 14, 1790. 

18. James Hodge, b. November, 1791. 

19. Annie Mari.\ Hodge, b. November, 1794 ; ni. Austin L. 

Sands, of New York, b. Dec. 31, 1779, and d. May 19, 
1819. Slie, in 1875, was still living. 

20. Andrew Hodge, b. 1797; d. August, iS;6, unm. A 

record says that about this time there was an Andrew 
Hodge, a planter, in New Orleans, La. 

21. Hi'GH Al'STiN Hi'imge, b. in iSoo; a New York City 

Directory, 1S32-5, says a Hugh A. Hedge was living 
at that time in that city, on South street. 

12. HL'GH' HODGE {Andre-v\ U'ilham'). 

Born Aug. 20, 1755; married Maky Bi,.a.NCH.\RD, 
born 1765, and died April, 1S32. He died July 14, 1798. 
Feb. 7, 1776, he was surgeon of the Third Pennsylvania 
Battalion, serving in the Revolutionary war. He was 
taken a prisoner at Fort Washington, when the fort was 
captured by the British, Nov. 16, 1776. He stood high 
in his profession, and special efforts were made to obtain 
his release. After the war he is supposed to have 
lived in Boston, Mass., but in 1796, two years before 
his death, he resided in Philadelphia, Penn., at 91 Water 

It is said he had five children, three of whom died 
young, but the names of only tvv'o children have been 

Two children : 

22. Hu',h Leno.x Hodge, b. June 27. 1796. 

23. Charles Hodge, b. Dec. 28, 1797. 


drc-M-, Will/am'). 

Born Jan. 14, 1790; married, May 14, 1822, Sarah P. 
Bayard, daughter of Andrew Bayard, of Philadelphia, 
Penn. She was alive in 1875. 

Mr. Hodge was assistant secretary of the United States 
treasury under President Taylor. He died Jan. 22, 1868. 

22. HUGH LENOX < HODGE {H„gh\ Andrezv-, 117//- 


Born June 27. 1796; married, Nov. 12, 182S, MAR- 
GARET E. ASPINWALL, b. Sept. 16, 1S04, d. Feb 26, 
1873; daughter of John and Susan (Howland) Aspinwali, 
of New York City. He graduated at Princeton ; was a 
physician in 1832, when the cholera epidemic reached 
Philadelphia, and was one of thirteen physicians who served 
without pay until the epidemic subsided in that city. The 
City Council and Board of Health of Philadelphia pre- 
sented each of these physicians a silver pitcher. 

Seven children : 

30. Charles Bl-A-nchakd Hodge, b. Sept. 2, 1829; d. March 

16, 1838. 

31. John Aspi.nwall Hodge, b. A\i%. 12, 1831. 

32. J.wiES Bayard Hodge, b. Dec. 12, 1833; d. Dec, 1850. 

33. Hugh Lenox Hodge, b. July 31, 1836. 

34. W1LLIA.M Henry Hodge, b. June 14, 183S ; mamed, April 

13, 1871, Alice Cogswell Weld, b. Dec. 4, 1S34, dau. of 
Lewis and M.iry A. C. Weld. Res. Phila., Pa. 

35. Edward Blanxhard Hodge, b. Feb. 5. 1841. 
30. George Woolsey Hodge, b. IVI:iy 20, 1845. 

23. CHARLES' HODGE {ir„i^h\ Andrew^ Wi/l- 


Born Dec. 28, 1797; married (i), June, 1822, Sarah 


Bache, born 1798, and died Dec. 25, 1849, daughter of 
William and Catharine (Wistar) Bache and great-grand- 
daughter of Benjamin Franklin; married (2) Mary 
(Hunter) Stockton, widow of Samuel Witham Stock- 
ton, United States Navy. Mr. Hodge was a D.D., 
and wrote many works on theolog)', which have been 
considered standard authorities on the subjects treated. 
He died June 19, 1S78, at Princeton, N.J. (See Amer- 
ican Cyclopedia.) 

It is said he had eight children, three of whom prob- 
ably died young, as no mention of them has been found. 

Five children : 

41. Ai'xniBALD Ale.xander Hodge, b. July iS, 18:13. 

42. Ch.\rlks Hodge, m. Marth.-i Gray Janeway, b. Nov. 27, 

1S33, dau. of Rev. Thomas Leiper and Abigail Blackwood 
(Howell) Janeway, and granddaughter of Joshua Ladd 
Howell; had seven children. Thomas Leiper Janeway, a 
Pennsylvania S.A.R., is probably one of them. 

43. Fran-CIS Blancharu Hodge, b. Oct. 24, 183S; a D.D. at 

Princeton College, Princeton, N.J. 

44. Caspar Wistar Hodge, m. (i). June 4, 1S63, Harriet 

Terry, b. September, 1839, and d. April, 1864; m. (2) 
Mary Stockton, of Princeton, N.J., dau. of Samuel 
Witham and Mary (Hunter) Stockton, the dau. of his 

31. JOHN ASPINWALL' HODGE {Hngh L.\ Hugh^ 
A ndrevj ', li 'illlam ' ) . 

Born Aug. 12, 183 1 ; married, May 14, 1857, perhaps, 
Charlotte Gibhard Morse, born May 28, 1S33, 
daughter of Samuel Colgate and Edith (Hall) Morse. 
(See Morse Gen.) Another authority says he married a 
daughter of Richard Carey and Louisa (Davis' Morse. 


Richard was a brother of Prof. Samuel F. B. Morse, the 
great American electrician. 

Five children : 

50. James Bavakd Hodge, b. July 19, 1S59; d. Sept. 21, 


51. John Aspin-\vall Hodge, b. March 9. 1861. 

52. Hugh Lenox Hodge, b. May 25, 1864; m., Oct. 18. 1S93, 

Annie Bcith, dau. of t^ilbert and Annie Ceitli, of Scot- 
land ; no children. 

53. Richard iNIORSr. Hodge, b. .May 25, 1S64; twin brother of 


54. Samuel Colgate Hodge, b. April 28, 1S67; prob. ni.. 

May 12, 1S96, Pllizabeth Mellen. 

33. HUGH LEXOX^ HODGE {H-.tgh L.\ Hi'.^h'', 
Andrc-c % Williani ' ) . 

Born July 31, 1S36; married, Jan. 7, 1S69, HARRIET 
Roosevelt Woolsev, sixth daughter of Charles Williani 
and Jane Eliza (Newton) Woolsey. Mr. Hodge gradu- 
ated at Princeton College, which was the "Alma Mater " 
of so many members of this family. 

Two children : 

56. Hugh Lenox Hodge, b. May lo, 1S73; d. June 10, 1S81. 

57. Jane Woolsev Hodge, b. Feb. 13, 1875 i d- at birth. 

Hifgh\ Andre-.v% William^). 

Born Feb. 5, 1S41 ; married Alice Van Re.vsselaer, 
eldest daughter of Rev. Cortlandt and Katherine Van 

Four children : 

60. ^LARGAKl:T Eluabeth Hodge, b. March 26, iSeg. 

61. Cortlandt Van Rensselaer Hodge, b. July i, 1S72. 


62. Edward Blanchard Hodge, b. Aug. 21, 1875. 

63. Katherine C. Houge, b. iMarcli 20, 1878. 

36. GEORGE WOOLSEY' HODGE (Hugh L.\ Hugh^ 
Afidreiv-, William^), 

Born May 20, 1S45; married Marv de Vaux Powkl, 
only dauc:;hter of f Icnry Baring and Catharine (Bayard) 
Fowel, of Pliiladelphia, Penn. 

Six children : 

66. Carroll Hodge, b. Sept. 24, lS74. 

67. Helen- Harriet Hodge, b. Nov. 21, 1S76. 

68. Henry Baring Hodge, b. Aug. 12, 1878. 

6g. Mildred .Aspi.wvall Hodge, b. ^^arch 24, iSSi. 

70. LoriSE Bavard Hodge, b. Oct. 19, 18S3. 

71. Marv C.\rroll Houge, b. Dec. 24, 1SS7. 

■10. BEXJAMIX FRANKLIX' HODGE { Ck.iri\y<' , 
ifJ*^\ Andreii' -, William ' ) • 

Born about 1S21; married (i) Anne Cambridge; 
married (2) Euz.ABETH HART, a widow. 

Three children : 

74. Hodge. 

75. Mary Hodge, d. unm. 

76. Catharine V/istar Hodge. 

Hugh '\ Andrew ^, William ' ) . 

Born July iS, 1S23, Princeton, N.J. ; married (i), prob- 
ably 1847, Eliz.abeth B. Hollid.w, of Winchester, Va. ; 
married (2) MRS. MARGARET McLaren Woous, of 
Detroit. He graduated at Princeton College, in 1S46; in 
May, 1847, he went as a missionary to India. Three 


years later he returned with his wife and two daughters; 
in 1850 was the pastor of a church at Nottingham, Md. ; 
in 1855 pastor at Fredericksburg, Va., and in 1861 had 
charge of a church at Wilkesbarre, Penn. Afterwards he 
became a professor in Alleghany Seminary, Penn., and 
while there married his second wife. Have no account of 
children except that two daughters by his first wife survived 
him. He died Nov. xi, 1886. 

51. JOHN ASPINWALL^ HODGE (John A. % Hugh 
L \ Hugh'', A/idrexv', IViUiam^ ). 

Born March 9, 1861 ; married, IMay 20, 1S8S, Genevieve 
K.A.KR, daughter of Rev. William S. and Lucasta Karr. 

Three children: 

82. CH.4RL0TTE Morse Hodge, b. .M.xy 25, 18S9. 

83. LuCASTA Karr Hodge, b. July 6, 1S90. 

84. Katherine AsriNWALL H0J)GE, b. Jan. 26, 1S96. 

53. RICHARD MORSE « HODGE (John A.\ Hugh 
L. S Hugh % Andrew \ Willia/n ' ) . 

Born May 25, 1864; married, June 28, 1SS8, ALICE 
Austen, born Aug. 16, i860, daughter of Edward and 
Mary Austen. 

Two children: 

87. Genevieve Austen Hodge, b. Sept. 23, 1894. 

88. Ed\v.\kd Auste.n Houge, b. March 30, 1S96. 




Came to this country from England, probably between 
the years 1730-40, and settled in Rhode Island. Little is 
known of him except that he had a son and a daughter. 

Two children : 

2. David Hodge, b. prob. 1740-3. 

3. Sallv Hodge. 

2. DAVID- HODGE (N./nvma/i' ). 

Born prob. 1740-3; whom he married is uncertain. In 
1775 he mo\'ed from Smithlield, or Cumberland, R.I., to 
Adams, Mass., where he settled and died. 

Seven children: 

4. Otis Hodge, b. 1763. 

5. Nabla (prob. Abigail) Hodge, b. abt. 1766: m., August, 

1786, David Darling, Jr. ; notice of iiUention to m. given 
August 16. 

6. Molly (prob. Mary) Hodge, b. abt. 1768 : m., Nov. 9, 

17SS, William Briggs, of Nortli x\dams, Mass. ; notice of 
intention to m. given October 17. Married by Elder 
Peter Warden. 

7. George Hodge, b. abt. 1770; m., July i, 1790, Sarah Ives; 

notice of intention to m. given June I, and certificate 
issued June 24. 

8. Rachael Hodge, b. abt. 1772. 

9. Hodge, b. abt. 1774; m., 1795, .Martha Phillips, of 

Adams, Mass.; notice of intention to m. given at N. 
Adams. .Sept. 30, 1794, and certificate issued Feb. 4, 
1/95; res. Steuben, N.Y. 


10. Nehf.miah HdDfiE, b. abt. 1776; m., Dec. 25, 1797, Rene 

Ives, of N. Adams, Mass. 

4-. OTIS' HODGE {David\ Nchcmiah^). 

Born about 1763; married (2), Nov. 29, 1804, PiKECE 
WescOT, born in Rhode Island; died Feb. 10, 1853, atwliich 
time, she was a "widow aged ^G." Mr. Hodge was twelve 
years of age when his father changed his residence from 
Rhode Island to Adams, Mass. Name of first wife and 
dale of marriage not obtained. The order here given 
of the children probably is not in accord with their births. 

Ten children : 

11. Otis HoDGii, a, unin. ; d. July 2, 1S49, " aged 59." 

12. Thom.vs HoutiE. 

13. Am.\s.\ Hodge; m., May, 1SJ4, Cynthia .McFarland. 

14. William Hodge. 
ij. Robert Hodge. 

16. A.MOS Hodge, had w. Charlotte, and dau. Luc)- E., b. 

1S43, ■^^ho m., Dec. 29, 1S64, H. D. Wood, b. in 1S31 in 
Pittsfield, Mass., son of Isaac and Nancy Wood. 

17. RoiiA Hodge. 

18. Nao.mi Houtac. (A. Naomi Hodge m., July 28, iSoj, 

Jeremiah Waterman.) 

19. Lydia Hodge. 

20. Phcebe Hodge. 

21. Nehemiah Hodge; m. (certificate given Nov. 26, 1839), 

Caroline Fanny Hubbard, of Buckland ; had son, Abljott 
Lawrence Hodge, b. Jan. 5, 1847, who invented a railroad 
brake. Hudson River R.R. Co. paid him J3, 000 damages 
for using his patent without authority. 

13. THOMAS ' HODGE ( Olh ", David-, Nehemiah ' ) . 

Born probably about 1798; married (certificate to 
marry granted Sept. 9, 1820) LvuiA Dean; had ten 
children, nine living iji 1867; resided in North Adams, 


Ten children : 

22. William D. Hodge, b. abt. 1822. 

23. RuFus Hodge. 

24. Mason Hodge, b. 1S27; m., Dec. i, 1S63, Sarah L. Chase, 

dau. of Jacob and Mary E. Chase; had William M. 
Hodge, b. July 20, 1S55. 

25. Thomas Hodge. 

26. Alfred O. Hodge, b. 1S31 ; m., June 28, 1854, Helen M. 

Cole, h. 1S34, dau. of Russell and Eunice Cole. 

27. JOHx Hodge. 

2S. A.MiiROSE W. Hodge, b. 1839; m., May, 1863, Sarah E. 
Boyd, b. 1843, dau. of Rieley and Almira Boyd, of Whit- 
ingham, Vt. ; had Mina, b. Nov. 13, 1S65. 

29. Harriet Hough, b. 1S41 ; d. .May i6, 1852. 

30. Mary Hodge. 

31. Jenette Hohge. 

22. WILLIAM D.^ HODGE {Thomas\ Otis\ David-, 
Nehemiah ' ). 

Born about 1S22; married, Jan. 7, 1844, Eliz.^ Ann 
Drew. Probably had other children. 

Three children : 

32. Harriet M. Hodge, b. Oct. 27, 1S44. 

33. Son, b. Aug. iS. 1852. Per. Kilson M., who ni. Maty, dau. 

of Francis F. Colgrove, and had dau. Pauline F.. b. Aug. 
12, 18S0. 

34. Francis Hodge, b. Oct. 4, 1S53. 



Born about 1764; prob.ibly a branch from one of the 
New England Hodge families; married Amy Haven. 
Mr. Hodge had three brothers, Elisha, John, who settled 
in Wisconsin, and Billincrs. 


Seven children : 

2. Sarah (" Sally "') Hodge, b. May 3, 17S9. 

3. Lois Hodge, m. Isaac Kimball; had cUu. who m. a Smith, 

of Portland, N.Y. 

4. AzuBAH Hodge, m. David Gordon ; no children. 

5. Elsie Hodge, d. when a young lady. 
C. Abram Hodge, b. 1794. 

7. Isaac G. Hodge, b. 1799; m., in 1S24, Melissa, dau. of 

William and Anna (Mills) Hill, of Canajoharie, N.Y., and 
had William, Sarah, Oscar, Squires, Roxanna, Ann, 
Henrielte, Elsie, Clemenza, and Charles. 

8. Jacob Hodge, m. and had Abram, now supposed to be 

living in Cayuga Co., N.Y. 

2. SARAH- HODGE {Reuben'). 

Born May 3, 17S9; married (i) a ScilUVLER; married 
(2) Lion Gardner, widower, born July 19, 1764, ami 
died May 24, 1858, son of Jeremiah and Mary (Dayton) 
Gardner, of East Hampton, Conn. Mrs. I lodge died 
April 19, 1S69; children all by Gardner; resided Canajo- 
harie, N.Y. (Tliis Sarah possibly the daughter of one of 
Reuben's brothers.) 

Eight children: 

9. ABRA.M S. Gardner, b. Feb. 17, 1S17. 

10. Sti-mfson Gardner, b. Aug. 2S, 1819. 

11. Sarah Gardner, b. Nov. 12, 1S21. 

12. Al.mie Gardner, b. Jan. 16, 1825. 

13. Franklin Gardner, b. Sept. 10. 1826; d. Nov. 19, 1846. 

14. James Lion Gardner, b. March 9, 1829. 

15. Stephen G. tiARDNEu, b. Oct. iS, :83i. 

16. Howell Gard.ver, b. Sept. 19, 1S34. 

6. ABRAM - HODGE {Reuben ' ) . 

Born July, 1794; married, about 1820, Caroline 
MiLL.s. He died in loSi, in his " 37th year." 


Five children : 

17. Orville Hodge, b. 1822; ni. and had Lester, who had 

dau. Marietta; son Leland, unm. in 1896; dau., wlio m. 
Luther Taylor, and had dau. Grace and son Orville. Res. 
Cobbleskii'l, N.Y. 

18. Augustus M. Kodge, b. Dec. 3, 1836; in. Helen O. Will- 

iams ; had William B., Augustus Early, and Horace B. 

19. Mary M. Kodge. m. J. H. Stafford; Charles F., who 

m. and had Mary and Grace; and Alice J., who m. J. L. 
Earll, ofi:tica. X.Y. 

20. Ellen P. Hodge, m. Horace Bu-h, of Lowviile, N.Y. : had 

William T., who m. and had. dau. Vera. 

21. Emily Hodge, m. E. H. Bernard, of Fremont, Neb. ; had 

William and Edward, who m., but no cliil. 



Born probably 1733, in England; died April 6, 1798, 
at New Brunswick, X.J. ; buried in Christ Episcopal Church 
cemetery, Miss Julia B. Leupp, a descendant of Mr. 
Hodge, writes : 

" Tradition says that before coining to this countr}' Mr. 
Hodge was an officer in the naval service of King George 
III., and being piqued or disappointed in not receiving pro- 
motion to which he thought he was entitled, resigned from 
his majesty's service." Under an act of Congress of -Vug. 
22, 1776, the loth of October following he was appointed 
to the command of the frigate " Montgomery," of twenty- 
four guns. To prevent his vessel from falling into the hands 
of the British, it is claimed he blew her up. This, probably, 
is the Capt. John Hodge mentioned in the Newport, R.I., 
"Mercury," Aug. 16, 1796. The " Mercury" relates how 


there lately arrived at Newport, from London, a Captain 
Wicks, of the ship " Sally," having in his care a large and 
elegant vase, or cup and cover, upon which was engraved, 
" From the Merchants of the City of Glasgow, To Captain 
John Hodge, of the American ship ' Sedgeley.' In testi- 
mony of their high sense of his Humane and Hazardous 
Exertions in saving the lives of i6o British Soldiers and 
Sailors, From on board the ' Aurora ' Transport, when 
Sinking, Feb., 1795." "The vase," says the "Mercury," 
" is of exquisite workmanship, ornamented with oak and 
olive leaves, etc., beautifully chased and frosted." 

Miss Leupp says, " He married a daughter of Alexander 
McDowell, a Scotchman, and had a large family ; his 
youngest daughter, Margaret, married William Leupp, and 
had seven children, all now dead." 

Children of William and Margaret (Hodge) Leupp: 

1. Margaret Leupp, ra. 

2. Elizabeth Leufp, m. 

3. Emeline Leupp, unni. 

4. AL\RY Leupp, unm. 

5. JoH.N HoDCE Leupp, uuni. 
tt, William H. Leupp. 

7. Charles M. Leupp, m. and liad chiL 


Mother was Margaret, daughter of Capt. John Hodge ; 
married COKNELL\ Beach, of Cheshire, Conn. Resi- 
dence, New Brunswick, N.J. 

Seven children : 

1. Julia B. Leupp, a D.A.R. ; unm.; res. New Brunswick, 


2. Mary Leupp, d. several years since, unm., "aged 44." 

3. Willia.m Leupp, d. in infancy. 


4. John Hodge Leupp, res. New Brunswick, N.J. 

5. William Leui-p, res. New Brunswick, N.J. 

6. BuKR..\GE B. Leupp, res. New Brunswick, N.J. 

7. CoKNELl.\ L. Leupp, rts. New Brunswick, N.J. 



Born before 1760; was tlie son of a Hodge wiio was a 
relative of Levinus Lansing, and who accompanied that 
gentleman when he founded Lansingburg. Possibly son 
of James Hodge, No. 16, in the Charles Hodge family. 
The name of this pioneer " relative " of I\Ir. Lansing has 
not been ascertained, but it is known that he had born at 
Lansingburg a son James, who married a wntnan by tlie 
name of Lifely, of German extraction, by whom he had 
three sons, John, Robert, and James, and two daughters. 
The eldest son John, died at sea when a young man. The 
second son, Robert, born in 17S3, married and moved to 
Norway, N.Y., which at that time was a wilderness. He 
had eleven cliiklren, si.K boys and five girls ; names of nine 
known: Abel, David, Harvey, Alanson Lansing, Ilcnrj', 
Julia, Rodney, Martha, and Emily. James, the third son 
of James, Sr., had his home at Lansingburg. He was a 
pilot on the Hudson river for more than sixty years. The 
cider James was also a pilot on the Hudson most of his 
life. During the Revolutionary war he served under 
Washington in the Continental Army. Mr. Rodney 
Hodge, of Adams Centre, N.Y., in 1894, then seventy- 
four years of age, furnished a large share of the informa- 
tion obtained in regard to the early history of this fam- 
ily. His letters v/ere exceedingly interesting, and quite 


of a historic character. One of his letters is closed with 
this pertinent expression: "I think my father's descend- 
ants averaged about eleven children, and I may further 
say that I never knew of one of them to be placed in 
durance vile, or who did not always pay one hundred 
cents on the dollar." The elder Hodge, who assisted in 
the founding of Lansingburg, was probably from New- 
England, and belonged to some one of the eastern Hodge 

4. RODNEY' HODGE {Robe>t\ James", the p!onecr^). 

Born Aug. 8, 1820, Norway, N.Y. ; married, Oct. 9, 

1845, Chart.otte Maria Munson, born Oct. 14, 1820, 

Salisbnr)-, N.Y. ; daughter of "Lud" and Sal!)' Munson. 
Mr. Hodge died Jan. 5, 1900, at Adams Centre, N.Y. 

Seven children: 

5. DwiGHT MuNsON Hodge, b. Aug. 9, 1846. 

6. SiL.\s Wright Hodge, b. Oct. 26, 184S; d. Sept. 17, 


7. Ellen M.aria Hodge, b. Dec. ij, 1S49, Weston, N.Y. ; 

now Mrs. Robert Smith , res. Province Ontario, Canacia. 

8. J.4.MES MiLTO.N Hodge, b. Sept. 2i„ 1S52, Weston, N.Y.; 

res. Adams Centre, N.Y. 

9. Jav Niles Hodge, b. Jan. 8, 1854, Pinckney, N.Y. ; res. 

Rome, N.Y. 

10. E.M.M.^ Amell\ Hodge, b. Jan. 20, 1S56, Pinckney, N.Y. ; 

m., Dec. 22, 18S6, Osmar Wheeler Leonard, b. July 11, 
1S59, .son of John and Isabella (.Smith) Leonard, and 
grandson of Henry and Huldah (Hull) Leonard; res. 
East Worcester, N.Y. 

11. MiNA A. Houge, b. June 28, 1S5S, Pinckney, N.Y. ; m. 

Charles Rogers; res. Adams Centre, N.Y. 

REV. 0. M. HODGE, D.D. 


5. DWIGIIT MUNSON' IIODGE {Rodney \ Rol>c>-t\ 
Jajnes -, the pioneer ' ) . 

Born Aug. 9, 1S46, Salisbury, N.Y. ; married (i), July 
31, 1S68, Mary Eliza Farmelee, of New Haven, Ccnn.; 
married (2), Feb. 28, 1871, Marie Louise Hofer, of 
New Haven, daughter of Victor and Salome Hofer, New- 
York City, afterwards of Jeffersonville, N.Y. (The Hofcrs 
claim descent from Andrew Hofer, the Tyrolese patriot, 
born Nov. 22, 1767, and put to death in iSio, by order of 
Napoleon. In 1S19 the Emperor of Austria conferred 
upon his family a patent of nobility under the name 
" Passeye," the name of the place where he was captured.) 
Mr. Hodge resides at Franklin, Mass., near Boston, where 
he is pastor of a church. For some )'ears he was a pastor 
at Danbury, Conn. Among his literary productions are 
some very good poems. " The Sleeping X'^illage," written 
while a student at college, is one of them. 

One child : 

12. Edith Louise Hodge, b. May 29, 1S73, D.xnljury, Conn. 
Miss Edith was a bright student ut Tufts College, and 
there graduated in 1S97 with high honors. 


This family probably is a branch from some one of the 
Hodge families of early date in the New England Statas, 
but the " connecting link " has not been ascertained. 


Born July 5, 1795; married (i), Aug. 23, 1823, RE- 
BECCA Miller, who died Nov. 4, 1828, Plymouth Valley 


Pcnii.; married (2), March 25, 1S30, Keturah RANSO^r, 
born April 26, 1801, dauglitcr of Georcje Palmer and 
Elizabeth (Lamoreux) Ransom. Mr. Ransom was killed 
July 3, 1778, at the battle of Wyoming, Penn. Mr, 
Hodge died Nov. 5, 1S63, and she the year previous, 
Nov. 21, 1S62. Resided where both died, Le Raysvillc, 
Penn. Mr. Hodge was probably of Albany, and may have 
been of the Lansingburg family, in which there were a 
number of James. Had three children by first wife and 
four by second. 

Seven children : 

2. Fr.\ncis McKendree Hodge, res. Springfield, .Mass. 

3. Edg.\r Dewitt Hodge, res. Chicago, 111. 

4. Priscili..^ Hodge, m. John A. Cockling. 

5. James Monroe Hodge. 

6. Chester Prentice Hodge, b. Dec. 16, 1S34. 

7. Wilbur Fisk Hodge, b. April 6, 1837. 

8. Sarah Lucretia Hodge, b. May 30, 1845; unni.; res. 

Chicago, 111. 

6. JAME.S MONROE = HODGE {James'). 

Married, July 16, 1S61, Mary AMELIA Clyde, born 
May 17, 1S39, at Brownsville, Penn.; daughter of John J. 
Clyde. Residence, New York City, and Philadelphia, 
Penn. Children all born in latter city. 

Eight children: 

9. Alfred Clyde Hodge, b. Aug. 17, iS^i; ; d. Jan. 29, 1S66. 
Grace Hodgk. b. .M.iy 12, 186S; d. Aug. 4, 186S. 
Adele Hodge, b. April 20, 1870; d. July 9,1870. 
Bertha Hodge, b. Sept. 18, 1S71. 
Ranso.m Hodge, b. March 14, 1874; d. Feb. 14, 1879. 
William Urow.n Hodge, b. Doc. 13, 1877; d. Feb. 23, 

Amelia Clvdi: Hodgi:, b. .March 14, 1S79. 
CoRiiELiA Hodge, b. Dec. 27, 1880. 



Born Dec. 16, 1834, Lc Raysville, Penn. ; married, 
April 14, 1863, Jl'I.IA Eugenia Mott, born June 23, 
1837, PVcdcrickstown, O. Residence, La Grange, Ind. 

Eight children: 

17. Mary Victokia Hodge, b. April 14, 1S65 ; d. Out. 8, 1S65. 

18. Egbert Mott Hodge, b. Oct. 3, 1S66; d. Nov. i, 1S66. 

19. Egbert Mott Hodge, b. Nov. 24, 1S67. 

20. Julia .Moit Hodge, b. Nov. 12, 1S69. 

21. Chester Ja.mes Hodge, b. Jan. 21, 1872. 

22. Gren"ville Sheridan Hodge, b. Sept. 4, 1S73; d. Oct. 

II. 1873. 

23. Carice Theodora Hodge, b. Aug. 14, 1S76; d. Sept. 

27, 187^. 

24. Thekes.v Morris Hodge, b. Dec. 27, 1S79. 

7. WILBUR FLSK= HODGE {James'). 

Born April 6, 1S37; married, ?.Lirch 13, 1S67, S.VRAri 
Margaret Ros,S, born June 9, 1845, Jacksonville, 111., 
daughter of Leonard Blackman and Julia (Williamson) 
Ross. Children all born in Jacksonville, 111. 

Five children : 

25. Marion Wilbur Hodge, b. M.iy 22, 1S6S. 

26. Nelme Lee Hodge, b. July 25, 1S70. 

27. Alice Keturah Hodge, b. June 25, 1872. 

28. Chester Ross Hodge, b. Jan. 27, 1876. 

29. Julia Louisa Hodge, b. April 14, 1881. 

Credit is due to the Ransom Genealogy for the info: 
regard to this "Jani';s Hodge Family." 




About the year i Soo emigrated from Tarborough, Pkigc- 
combc Co., N.C., to Livingston County, Ky., and there 
settled near the Ohio river. His fust wife was a BRYANT, 
and tlie .^econd a I)AliNi:s. He died about 1S34. 

Jvlr. F. T. Hodge, of Evansvillc, Ind., a grandson of this 
Llenry, writes that his grandfather used to tell about some 
British soldiers coming to his house during the Revolu- 
tionary war. George, John, and Alexander Hodge, of 
North Carolina, were all in the Revolutionary war, — the 
latter a lieutenant, — but whether or not they were of the 
family of Henry Hodge has not been ascertained. RLany 
of the Hodges of New England were mariners and fre- 
quently visited the coast towns of the South. Some of 
them it is known located there, and it is not improbable 
that those in North Carolina were of Northern parentage. 
Mr. Hodge had by his first wife seven children and by 
his second three. (See p. 2S9.) 

Ten children: 

1. Roi;f,rt Hodge; s:iicl to h.ive been the richest m.m in 

Livingston, Ky. 

2. WiLLi.AM }Ior>GE, d. in 1S27. 

3. Thomas H01.OE, d. 1837; m. and hid Fidelio T. Hodge, 

of Evansvillc, Ind. 

4. He.\rv Hodge, lived in Tennessee ; d. i\Ut. 1850. 

5. Jamls Hodge, res. Livin.:;^ton Co., Ky. ; d. iSjj; father 

of H. C. Hodge, of Keokuk, Iowa, who had four sons. 

6. Allen Hodge, res. Livinijston, Ky. ; d. 1S35. 

7. Sallv Hodge. 


8. Payton Houge, d. abt. 1S57. 

9. Maria Houge. 
10. Marina Hodge. 


There appears to have been a Hodge family in the 
State of l\Ii^■^i?,sip[li, early in this century. It may have 
come from an emigration from the North, or possibly was 
an off-shoot from the North Carolina family of an earlier 
date. (See Lewis Genealogy.) 


Married, 1814, AnneC. Lewls, born 179S, daughter of 
James INI. Lewis, of Carroll County, Miss. She died there 
in 1S4S. 

Seven children : 

2. Mary Eui'He.mia Hodge, 1j. 1S15; m., 183J, Dr. A. H. 

Buchamn, Hot Spii;igs. Ark., wlio died, 1S65; 
Thomas, b. abt. 1841. 

3. James Lewis Hodge, b. iSiS; d. 184S, unm. 

4. William Isaac Hodge, b. March 14, iSjo. 

5. Joseph Hodge, b. 1S23; d. iSju, unm. 

6. Robert Thomas Hodge, b. iS:;;; d. 1S52, unm. 

7. Re.s-jamin Lewis Hodge, b. 1829; m. Caledonia Cash; 

had Arthur G., who d. 1864. A colonel in Confederate 
Army and tongres:)nian. Res. Shreveport, La. 


Born March 14, 1S20; married, Feb. 25, 1S48, Mar- 
garet P. Ellis, born y\ug. 19, 182S. Me died Jan. 4, 
1864, at VVoodville, Miss. 


Six children 

S. TiKiMAS E. Hodge, b. M.iy 2, 1S49. 

9. Ann Lewis Hodge, b. March 14, 1S51 ; d. 1S52. 

10. Martha K. Hodge, b. July 25, 1S53; ni., April 13, 1874, 

Jamos Ernest Peeler, b. May 22, 1851 ; four children. 

11. George Gordon Hodge (dau.), b. May 2, 1S57; d. 1SS4, 

12. Hugh McGhee Hodge, b. Aug. 19, 1S59; rf- April 17 


13. -Maky B. Hodge, b. Aug. 16, 1S61 ; d. April 14, 1S63. 



Born Jan. 28, i8o3, Canterbury, N.H., probably son of 
Jnmcs Hodge; married Sak.VH N. Roi;ir-:, b. Oct. 29, 
1805, of Danbury, N.H., though born in Sutton. He died 
April 19, 1S3S. 

Mr. Hodge had three brothers and a sister: James, 
born iSoS, and died Feb. 18, 1S69; Chandler, born 1S13', 
and died March 19, 1S77; Leonard, still younger. James 
married and had a son, Orra, who resided in Concord, 
N.H., in 1896, and a daughter, while the other brothers 
died unmarried. 

The sister, Harriet, married Alfred Stevens, of Man- 
chester, N.H. 

Mr. Hodge also had an uncle, who resided in Lamoille, 
Vt. When two years old Mr. Flodge with his parents 
moved from Canterbury, as says an old record, " back to 
Londonderry," which probably was the original home of 
the family. 


Two cliildien : 

2. Jeremiah Hodge, b. Jan. 28, 1S31. 

3. John Gilbert Hodge, b. Jan. 27. 1841 ; res. Canterliury, 

N.H. ; ra., Aug. 12, 1862, Amelia C. Morrison, d.ui. 
David L. Morrison. Two days after his marriage lie 
enlisted in Company D, Taelfth New Hampshire Regi- 
ment, and soon started for the seat of war. He was in 
the battle of Chancellors ville, May 3, 1S63, and never 
heard of afterwards. It is supposed that he v/as killed by 
the liursting of a shell, and so disfigured by it that his 
rein.uns were not recognized. 


Born Jan. 28, 1S31; married, Oct. 5, 1854, JUDITII 
Ann Colby, born September, 1824, daughter of Abncr 
Colby, of Auburn, N.H. The marriage took place in 
Manchester, N.H. In 1896 Mr. Hodge, in company with 
his son, Ronton, was engaged in the manufacture of doors, 
sash, and blinds, at Manchester, evidently doing a large 

A large-sized man, intelligent in conversation and quite 
genial in manner. 

Three children: 

4. Ch.\rlf.s Ren'ton Hodge, b. March S, 1S56; m., March 17, 

iSSo, Mary Frances Moore; had Fred, and Ijertlia .May. 

5. Lucy Hodge, b. Nov. 20, 1S5S. 

6. Alice .M. Hodge, b. March S, iS6j ; d. Sept. 23, 1S72. 

298 )ioDt;r: family. 



Was a resident of Watwick, Franklin County, Mass., 
sometime late in the Last century. He was born about 
l7So-5'5- Levi Hodge, No. 119, page 61, in the line of 
John Hodge, the " progenitor," after the Revolutionary war, 
in which he served, resided at ]5aruard, Franklin Count)-, 
Mass., which is a few miles from Warwick, and it is pos- 
sible was the Rev. Levi Hodge here mentioned. If not, 
it is more than probable that the two Levis bore some 
near relationship. No account of the marriage of Levi, 
of Barnard, or the birth of any children to him has been 
found, which adds to the belief that Levi, of Warwick, 
some of whose children are here mentioned, was Levi, No. 
119, as before mentioned. 

Rev. Levi Hodge had three sons, Levi, Jr., Eldad, name 
of the other not given, and probably other children. 

Lavonia Hodge, who married, April 20, 1826, Gardner 
Conant, born Jan. 30, 1794, and died January, 1S77, at 
Warwick, possibly belonged to this family. There arc 
several others of the Hodge name, of whom only meagre 
accounts have been gathered, who resided at Warwick, or 
in that neighborhood. 

Two children : 

2. Llvi Hu1)(.f., b. .xbt. 177S. 

3. £i.r).\n Hodge, b. abt. 17S0. 

2. LEVI- IIODGE {LcvP). 

Born about 177S; married, Oct. 12, 1S05, TAnnilA 
TOWNE, born June 28, 177S, eldest daughter of Ephraim 
and Huldah (Galej Towne. 


Eight cliildren : 

4. Lrvi Hor.GK, b. April 11, 1S06. 

5. CfiAKLES Hodge, b. Wjrwick, M.i^s. 

6. Ki'HKAiM TowNE HoDGE, b. Feb. 29, 1S12. 

7. Russell Hodge, b. Jan. 10, 1S17. 

8. Roswell Hodge, b. Jan. 10, 1S17; m. Calista Short; he 

d. Dec. 22, 1S88. No chil. 

9. Asa .S. Hodge, m., Mny 8, FS45, I-"cy Robinson Parker, 

b. Nov. 13, 1S17, and d. Feb. 4, 1.S74; chil. died in inf. 
He was of Athol, but res. in Hubljardstown, Vt. 

10. I'HaiUE Hodge. 

11. HuLDAH Hodge, m. her cousin, M.idison Hodge; no chil. 

3. ELDAD= HODGE {Levi'). 

Born about 1780; married, Oct. 29, 1S03, Ru.\.\\.\ 
ToWNE, born Oct. 11, 1781, dau-htcr of Ephraini and 
Huldah (Gale) Townc, and sister of Tabitiia, his brotlier's 
wife. Resided at Warwick, Mass., where he died. She 
afterwards lived at Stowe, Vt. 

One child: 

12. Madiso.n Hodge, m. Huldah Hod-e, his cousin; no chil. 

4. LEV'F HODGE (Z«>/=, Z.-Z7'). 

Born April 11, 1806; married M.VRY Sm.\lley. 
Seven children : 

13. Charles H. Hodge, b. Aug. 17, 1S33; m. (i) Marietta 

Stockwell ; m. (2) Myra Titus. 

14. Joseph L. Hodge, b. Nov. 10, 1835; m. Ann Sm.dley. 

He died Jan. 7, 1S97. 

15. Tabitha A.N>f Hodge, b. M.ay n, 1.338; m. Simeon 


16. J.vne L. Hodge, b. Nov. 30, 1839; m. Carlos Wade. 

17. Mary Vinald Hodge, b. March 12, 1842; m. John Love- 

well; d. July 3, 1885. 


18. HuLDAH B. IIoDGE, b. Sept. 2, 1S44; d. Oct. 16, 18^3. 

19. WiNFiELD Scott Hodge, b. Sept. 29. 1S4S; d. April 14, 


5. CHARLES MIODGE {Levi \ Levi' ). 
Married Caroline Walts. Resides Stovve, Vt. 
Three children : 

20. D.ANIEL Hodge, m. Clara Delano. 

21. Si'.vNER HoDGp;, b. 1840; served nearly three yenrs in Civil 

war; m. Augusta M. I'oor, and had son Walter, who, 
Feb. 6, 1S77, after the death of the father, was adopted 
by Flavel and Fidelia Gaylord. Walter then under four- 
teen years of age. 

22. Cassius Hodge, b. September, 1S44; ni. Cyutliia Newhall. 


Born Feb. 29, 1S12, Warwick, Mass.; married (i), 
April S, 1S3S, Betsey C. Se.WEiI ; married (3), Jan. 9, 
185 I, Sus.VN M. W.VRRE>f. He died Jan. 9, 1SS7, Stowe, 
Vt. Had two children by first wife and one by second. 

Three children: 

23. HoLDEN S.\Nt'.oRN HoncE, b. Nov. 19, 183S. 

24. Vernon Waterman Hodge, b. 1S41 ; d. May 23, 1S54. 

25. Delia Reed Hodge, b. Aug. 7, 1S52., 

7. RUSSELL' IIODGE {Levi-, Levi'). 

Born Jan. 10, 1817; married Jane Perkins. He died 
June, 188S. 

Si.x children : 

26. Levi Hodge, b. Nov. 8, 1S36. 

27. Chastina Hodge, b. Feb. 11, 1.S39. 

28. Oscar Hodge, b. P"eb. 26, 1S42. 

29. Geokge W. Hodge, b. Oct. 10, 1043. 


30. ELi.r.N D. Hodge, b. Oct. 13, 1849. 

31. Velma L. Hodge, b. March 4, 1853. 

10. PHOEBE = HODGE {Levi-, Levi' ). 

Married (i) Lore.N'ZO S.\XB0RN ; nmrried {2) Fred. 
FrExXCH ; had two children by first husband and one by 

Three children: 

32. Jennik S.vnt.orn, m. Edward Wilkins, and d. iMarcli, 1865. 

33. As.\ Sanborn, b. 1844, and d. June 21, 1S64. 

34. Ida French, m. Dr. Freeman Babbitt. 

Born Nov. 19, 1S38; married, Nov. 27, 1864, Flora 
Ann Peck, of Stowe, Vt. Air. Hodge served almost three 
years in the Civil war. He died July 30, 1898. 

Three children: 

35. Jexme S. Hodge, b. April 21, 1S67, in Wisconsin. 

36. LiLLA Mabel Hodge, b. Oct. 29, 1S73; d. March S, 1S75, 

Stowe, Vt. 

37. Willis Vernon Hodge, b. May 16, 1876, Stowe. Vt. 

25. DELIA REED* HODGE {Ephraim T.\ Levi-, 
Born Aug. 7, 1S52; married, Oct. 31, 1874, HERBERT 
Straw. Residence, Stowe, Vt. 

Five children : 

38. Leo Herbert Straw, b. Jan. 7, 1S77. 

Susie Kak Str.wv, b. Dec. 14, 1879. 
Ethel Mar Stkaw, b. April 15, 1SS3. 
Minnie D. Straw, b. June 7, 188S. 

Thomas Holden Straw, b. Feb. 7, 1893; d. Sept. 29, 




Born 1 77 1, in Virginia, near a place then called Green 
Brier, where he grew up to manhood. Late in the last 
century he accompanied Daniel Boone from Virginia 
through Kcntuck)'. He had a brother, Hamilton, wlio 
preceded him to Kentucky. Andrew returned to Virginia, 
where he married ISAiiEL i\IclNTVKE and soon after moved 
to Montgomery County, Ky., where he lived until iSoS 
and then became a resident of Clark County, O., v/herc 
his wife died about 1835. A few years later he married 
Jane McCllvtock, of Virginia. By his first wife he had 
six children, all born in Kentucky except the last. By his 
second wife he had no children. The descendants of Mr. 
Hodge have become quite numerous, a large number of 
them now residing in Clark County, O., in and about 
Springfield. Mr. James Milton Hodge, of New Mooreheld, 
0., son of James H. and grandson of Andrew Hodge, 
has furnished about all the information here given of this 
family. Andrew Hodge died at his home near Springfteld, 
0., in March, 1857, at a ripe old age. It is to be regretted 
that something is not known of his ancestry. Perhaps he 
was a descendant of one of the Hodge brothers who came 
to this country and settled in Philadelphia, Penn., in 1730. 
In this family the name Andrew appears quite frequently. 
(See " Philadelphia Hodge Family.") 

Six children: 

I. William Hodge, the eldest son, m. Eliza Wolf and had 
two sons and a daughter ; aflcr his death she married a 
Dust and moved to Paris, Edgar Co., 111., wliere f.imily 
now lesides. 


2. John Hodge, second son, m. a Miss Baird and had a son 

and four daughters, all of whom inanied. William, the 
son, resides in Clark Co., O., near Springfield ; he has two 
sons and three daughters, all married, viz. : Charles who 
has Elmer and Harry, and John who has one young child. 
The three daughters, Susan, Amanda, and Dorcas, may 
each have children, but no account of any has been fur- 
nished. P.O. address, Springfield, O. 

3. lihl HonGE, third son, m. Lavinia Spencer, and had eight 

children : James H., Andrew, Mathew, Mary Jane, An- 
geline, Isabella, Abigail, and Sarah. Mary Jane and Abi- 
gail d. young. James H. m. Matilda Hendricks, and has 
son Edgar. Andrew, Mathew, and Sar.ah are living un- 
married. Angeline and Is.ibella are m.arried. Eli, the 
father, d. Dec. 7, 1852, "aged j6." Res. of the families 
mostly near Springfield, O. 

4. James H. Hodge, fourth son, b. April 27, i8oo;d. Sept. 

23, 1S7S; m. Elizabeth Saylor and had Samuel M., John 
H., James .Milton, and Sarah Jane, all of whom are now 
living. Samuel .M. has four sons and four daughters. 
Three of the sons are married: John H. has one son; 
James Milton m. Mary .A.nn Hunter and had Emma who 
d., two years old ; Louis S., b. Aug. 29, 1S71, d. Aug. 30, 
1871 ; Asa M., b. Oct. 3, 1873; Ida Miranda, b. Feb. 2, 
1875 ; Annie Isabella, b. Oct. 20, 1S7S. Sarah Jane, dau. 
of James H., unmarried. 

5. S.\KAH Hodge, the fifth child of .\nd'ew, m. William Uaird 

and had two sons and two daughters. 

6. Jam; McI.ntvre Hodge, sixth child, m. Jeremiah Yeasel ; 

had twelve children, eight boys and four girls ; all married. 



Rom Aug. 2, 17S2, Bladonsburfj, Prince George County, 
Maryland, proliably son ofiN'athan, after whom he named his 
second ?on. Mr. Ilodge emigrated to Jessamine Count)', 



Ky., before 182S, and that year settled in Maysville, Mason 
County. Here he became a member of the Presbyterian 
church, Rev. Mr. Edgar, pastor. He married (i), Jan. 
19, 1809, Mary Todd, of Paris, Ky., who was born Sept. 
4, 1788, and died Nov. 10, 1834; married (2), May 31, 
1826, Sarah B.URD, of Washington, Penn., who was born 
March 11, 1793, and died May 30, 1833; married (3), 
May I, 1S34, Mrs. Isabella Dorsey, daughter of Dr. 
WiUiam Watts, whose wife was a McCullough. 

Mr. Hodge probably married Mrs. Dorsey in Flemings- 
burg, Ky., where he afterwards lived and where he died, 
Nov. 22, i860, aged seventy-eight. He had in all twelve 
children, six by his first wife, three by his second, and 
three by the third. 

Twelve children: 

2. S.\MUEL HoDCE, b. Nov. 15, 1S09; d. Aug. 3, 1S31. 

3. ^L\RV An.s Hodgk, b. Feb. 2, 1812; m., Sept. I, 1S2Q, 

William Triplet!. She d. Jan. 31, 1S35, le.iving two dau., 
Mary Hodge Triplett and Isabella Hodge Triplett. 

4. Nathan Houge, b. June 13, 1S14, d. .March 27, 1S36. 

Mr. Hodge at the time of his death was serving under Col. 
Fannin at Goliad, Te.xas, and was one of the 412 men 
massacred at that place by order of Gen. Santa Anna, of 
Mexico, in violation of the terms of surrender. He died 
a martyr to the cause which made Te.xas a republic, and 
finally a State in the Union. 
J. Eliza Hodge, b. Aug. 22. 1S16. 

6. WiLLlA.M A.SLiKEW HoiM.E, b. .M.irch 21, 1820; d. Dec. 15. 


7. Sakah Field Hodge, b. Oct. 22, 1S24. 

8. George Daird Hougg, b. .\pril 8, 182S. 

9. Sl-san Baird Hodge, b. July 2, 1830; d. Sept. 6, 1S31. 

10. Jane ISaird Hodge, b. Feb. 5, 1S32; d. .Sept. 8, 1833. 

11. WiLLiA.M Hodge, b. April 17, 1835; m. M.iry Page; res. 

Evansville, Ind. ; had dau. Isabella. 

12. Andrew Todd H<hige, b. Srpt. 5, 1837. 


13. Jame^ Stockwell Hodge, b. March 27, 1845; res. M.ivs- 
viUe, Ky. 

8. GEORGE RAIRD^ HODGE ( f / 77//,7w ' ) . 

Born April 8, 1828; married Kp.TUR.Ml TlliDAlT.S, born 
1825 ; daughter oi'" Col. John VV. Tibbatts, of Newport, Ky., 
where the family Vwcd many years. She died in [886. 
He became a midshipman, U.S. Navy, Dec. 16, 1S45, '^'^'^ 
resigned Jan. 28, 1S50. Mr. Hodge was a distingtiiihcd 
general in the Confederate army, and after the war was a 
State senator in Kentucky some years. A few years before 
his death he went to Florida, where he became interested 
in orange-growing. He was a prominent attorncy-at-law, 
and practised at his profession until his death, in 1892. 

Five children: 

14. Sally Keturah Hodge, d. about 1S77. 

15. WiLLi.\.M T. Hodge, d. aljout 1S75. 

16. An-n Tayl(_)r Hodge, unm. ; res. Newport, Ky. 

17. GlorGEN Baird Hooge, ni. Sa;iiuel Christian Dailey ; one 

sou. Res. Newport, Ky. 
iS. John Tavlur Hodge, m. Virginia I.ovell, of Covington, 
Ky. .Mr. Hodge is an attorncy-at-law ; now a judge, 
Newpott, Ky. 



Lived in Boston certainly as early as 1636; became a 
freeman May 13, 1640. Jan. 27, 1640, there was granted 
to him in Braintrce, Mass., a few miles from Boston, where 
a settlement was being made, a lot containing twenty 
acres. The rec':'rds do not show tliat Ivicliard resided at 


Braintree at any time. In the history of the town his name 
is not marked with a star, as those arc who became actual 
settlers. In 1645 he owned in Boston "one house and 
garden." This property he sold August 21, the same 

July 7, 1645, he was witness to a deed executed in Bos- 
ton for land in Suffield, then part of Massachusetts. The 
deed is on record in that town. The name is plain " Rich- 
ard Hodges." In records written by others the name 
generally appears as Richard Hogge. In early days 
poor spellers often twisted the name Hodge or Hodges 
into Hodg, Hogge, or something else. 

As Richard signed his name Hodges, it is fair to believe 
that Hodges, or possibly Hodge, was his real name. That 
his children held to one of these names there is little 
doubt. Mr. Almon D. Hodges, of Boston, in his very 
complete work, "Hodges Family of New England," and 
also by letter says this Richard, so far as he can judge, 
had no connection with any Hodges family in this country, 
but probably the name was, or has become, Hodge. One 
of Richard's sons, as will be seen, had the name John, and 
was born March 4, 1643-4. The John Hodge whose line 
we have extensively traced in the main part of this work 
must have been born about the same time. The woman 
he married was born in 1646, two years later, which 
seems to warrant this conclusion. It is not, however, 
believed that the two Johns were one and the same per- 
son. Evidently they had different parentage. Richard's 
wife's name was JO.\N. He belonged to the " First 
Church " in Boston, and is spoken of in the old records 
as " Our brother, Richard Hogge." The same church 
records give the names of his children, dates of their 
births, and baptisms: 


Four children : 

1. Joseph Hogge, b. December, 1637; bap. Aug. 25, 1639. 

2. Mary Hogge, b. July 16, 1641 ; ban. July 22, 1641 ; soon 


3. John Hogge. b. March 4, 1643-4; bap. March 10, 1643-4. 

4. M.-VRY Hogge, b. Feb. 3, 1646-7; bap. Feb. 7, 1646-7. 


Born Mny 10, 1810, Smithfiekl, Jefferson County, \'a.; 
married, April, 1S3S, Catharine Devilbiss, of Westmore- 
land, Penn. Removed to Springfield, O., in fall of 1839. 
He died May 30, 1852, while on his way to California. 
The widow afterwards resided with her son Xoah, at 
Akron, O. 

Five children : 

1. J.A.C0B Hodge, b. October, 1840; ni., March 19, 1863, Eliz- 

abeth J. Denuis, b. June 7, 1S44, of Springfield, and had 
Minnie, Margaret, Lizzie, Abbie, and Sallie. 

2. Noah Hodge, b. Feb. 6, 1842, in Springfield; m. (i) D. 

L. O. Johnson, of Jackson, Miss., who d. Aug. 10, 1874; 
m. (2), May 16, 1S76, Sarah W. Ashman, at Akron, O. 
Mr. Hodge about 1S70 was clerk of the Circuit Court in 
Hinds Co., Miss. ; afterwards was a practising lawyer in 
Akron, O., from which place some years later he moved 
to parts unknown. By his first wile he had Kdgar O. 
and another child. 

3. Richard Houge, b. June 25, 1S46; m., Oct. 21, 1S72, 

Sally Pierce. 

4. George W. Hodge, b. Feb. 22, 1S49; m., and lived near 


5. Kate Hodge, b. Oct. 10, 1S51 ; m., Feb. S, 1S71, F. 

Stuver, b. May 12, 1S46, in Northani[>ton Co., Venn. 
Supposed to have resided in .Akron, O., and perhaps still 
there; had two dau., F.lsie E. and Nellie E. 


Old Enc;;lish records make mention of a number of per- 
sons by the name of Hodge. Place is here given to a few 
of the notes that have come under observation. 

Following them mention is made of some of the name 
in this country who have not been clearly identified with 
any of the families traced. 

An English work says there was a " Hodge house " in 
Lancashire, England, in the time of Henry VHI., 1509-47. 

Robert Hogge (Hodge) was sheriff in York County, 
England, in 1555. (See published records of County of 
York, p. 364.) 

Topham's Index to Chancery Proceedings in the reign 
of King JaTues I., 1603-25, makes mention of William 
Hodge, Gent., of P'lint, Cornwall, who was buried April 
22, 161 1. (Bath abbey register.) 

An old record says, in Collumpton, Devonshire, England. 
"Andrew EUicott married Elizabeth Hodge, and had son 
Andrew, who married, Feb. 10, 1707, Mary, the eldest 
daughter of Francis I'"o.x, of St. Germain, Cornwall, who 
with his son, Andrew EUicott, the third, came to America 
in 1730." 



Cornwall, England, Heraldic Church notes make men- 
tion as follows: "April 5, 1643, Humphrey Hodge, Gent., 
buried at St. Stephen's Church ; April 8, 1643 — 3 days 
later — Christopher Hodge, Gent., buried at same place. 
Sept. 21, 1741, Mrs. Mary Hodge buried at St. Doniiaick 
Church. Nov. 30, 1692, Elizabeth Hodge married Henry 
Wallis, at Sheviock, Cornwall, England." 

In the diocesan register of Worcester, Eng., is the fol- 
lowing marriage record: "Aug. iS, 1718, Dorothy Hodge, 
of Whiston? in Claines, Eng., aged thirty years, widow, 
married Thomas Philpott, Rector of Oddingly, widower, 
aged thirty-eight." 

A work Called " Heraldica and Genealogica of London," 
says, under King James I., 1603-25, there was a suit in 
chancery. Arches versus Hodge tt al., and also one, Bul- 
ler mil contra Hodge. 

Under Edward VJ. (1547), Mary (1553), and Elizabeth 
(155S), proclamations were made before tlieir coronations 
for those who had had knighthood conferred upon tiiem 
to come forward and pay for same — ;^40. In Oueen 
Mary's list was one John Hogge (Hodge), of Wiltes, who 
it appears took out his knighthood papers. 

William Hodge, of Wadesmill, in the Parish of Thund- 
ridge, in the Hundred of Braughing, Hertfordshire, a yeo- 
man, in 1573 sold land to Jane Wall, of the same place. 

Thomas Hodge in 1633 occupied a messuage, con- 
taining for most part an orchard, situated in the Parish of 
All Saints in the Hundred of Hertford, Hertfordshire, 



Married Francis Ei.dkidge. ALirch lu, 1649-50, 
there was a certificate granted to John Dier for one hun- 
dred acres of land for bringing them into tiic country. 
(Norfolk, Va., record.) 


May 2, 16G6, joined with Isaac Barrington and an Indian 
called " John " in giving a certificate to William Porter for 
one hundred and fifty acres of land in Norfolk, Va. 


With nthf^Y^ had land granted by the ?on of an Tpdian 
chief in I'iyniouth, Mass., Mays, i/'O. (See Plymouth 
rec, Vol. 2, p. 155.) 


Had the following children, born at liaston, Mass. : 

1. Ruth Hodge, b. Nov. 18, 1706. 

2. Eliz.-^betu Hodge, b. May i, 1710. 

3. James Hodge, b. Feb. 18, 1719. 

4. Seth Houge, b. M.iy 27, 1727. 


Drowned at Plymouth, Mass., April i, 1701-2, " by the 
overturn of a canoe in the night time." 

JAMES HODGE (of Weathersfield, Conn.). 

June 16, 1712, he had land deeded him by Daniel 
Tryon. In his will he mentions Abigail Ilircum, and 
brothers Thomas, Henry, and John Hodge. (Hartford, 
Conn., probate records.) 



In 1 7 14 was one of thirty-six landholders in Green- 
land, N.H. The town was set off from Portsmouth in 
1705. (Hist. New Hampshire, by John N. McClintock, 
page 132.) 

ISAAC IIODGE (of Ontario, N.Y.)- 

Had children: Wesley, Samuel, Sally, and Mary Ann. 
An Isaac Hodge died April S, 1S07, aged Si, making year 
of his birth 1726. (Albany annals.) 


Had the following children born in New York City 
(births given in First Fres. Church record) : 

1. Ann HorxiE, b. July 17, 1746. 

2. Lyle Hodge, b. July 27, 1747. In January, 1773, there 

was a contest in Albany, N.Y., over his right to vote 
there, it being claimed that he was a res. of N.Y. City. 
The decision was in his favor. 

3. Elinor Hodge, b. Aug. 26, 1749. 

4. Sarah HfucE, b. April 4, 1751. 

5. Marg.\ret Hodge, b. Aug. 22, 1753; bap. August 28, 



Served in Shirley's expedition, 1745; siege of Louis- 
burg, April 30 to June 17, 1745. (New Plampshire 

WILLIAM HODGE (of Hingham, Mass.). 

Was in the French-Indian war of 1756-63 ; on the roll 
May 4, 1756, in the expedition against Crown Point. 



In 1745 belonged to Captain Hanson's troopers, and in 
August of that year was out seven days scouting in tiie 
woods. Tiie men furnished tlieir own horses, food, and 
annniinition. (Xew Hanipsliirc records. Vol. 3.) 


From February, 1727, to April, 1731, was a member of 
the Common Council of Philadelphia, I'enn. 


Born in 1727. of Glastonburj-, Conn.; married, Sept. i, 
17.S2, OBAmAil Weli.s, of Suftield. After her hus- 
band's death she resided with a niece at Deerneid, Alass., 
where she died March 11, 1S17, aged ninety. She was 
Wells' third wife; "a woman of fine character and cul- 
ture." A record says she was the daughti^r of John 
Hodge, of Glastonbury, '• an Englishman by birth." 


In a journal kept by Dr. A. R. Cutler, entitled " Military 
Experiences in 1756-8," this entry is found: "Sept. 19, 
1756, intelligence came from the lake that Captain 
Hodge in May went out from Fort William Henry with 
fort\'-four men, who fell into ambuscade, and 'tis thought 
all are cut off save four who made their e.-cape." Joshua 
Perry was one of those saved. 


Born in 1760, and died July 3, 1821, in Rensselaer 
County, N.Y.; a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and a 
pensioner under the act of 1S18, 



Married, Nov. 14, 1761, Margarp:t Christian. (See 
record of Reformed Dutch Cluirch, published by S. S. 
Purple, M.D., Albany, N.Y., Library.) 


Married Mercy Morgan, born about 176S, daughter 
of Capt. James and Grace (Smith) Morgan, of Preston, 
now Griiwold, Conn. Mr. Hodge died Fel>. 9, 1S56, in 
Columbia, Herkimer County, N.Y. ; no children. (See 
"Joseph Morgan and his Descendants.") 


Servetl in the Rc\'(i!utionary war. He belonged to 
Capt. William Fclton's Company, Col. Timothy Bedell's 
Regiment; enlisted April, 177S, for one year. (New 
Hampshire Colonial Records, Vol. 3.) 


Was in the army in the Revolutionary war eight years, 
from the beginning until the end, 1775-S3. It is regretted 
that so little is known of him. 


Was in the Revolutionary war, in Captain Parker's 
Company; "marched to Royalton, Vt." (New Hamp- 
shire records.) 


Served in Revolutionary war, in Capt. Robert Wilson's 
Company. Joseph Hogg was a lieutenant in the company. 
Perhaps this was the Robert Wilson who married Mary 


Hodge, daughter of George Hodge, Northampton, Mass. 
(See George Hodge Family, page 26S.) Mr. Hodge 
was paid for three da)'s' time and ninety miles' travel. 
(Sec New Hampshire records.) 


In 1 73 S was a petitioner for land in New Hampshire. 
An Alexander Hodge, Oct. 11, 1790, was residing in Graf- 
ton, N.H., perhaps the same Alexander or his son. There 
was an Alexander Hodge who, July 13, 17S5, bought land 
of Nathaniel Merrill, one hundred and five acres, in the 
original town tract of Landaff, Grafton County, N.H. 


Born about 1775; married LOL'ISA M. CHANDLER, of 
Canaan, N.H., and had certainly three children: 

1. John Alfrf.d Hodge, of Colebrook, N.H., in. Alniira 

Locke, of Columbia, N.Y., dau. of Joel \V. and iNLiry 
(Chandler) Locke, his second cousin. 

2. AxGELiA Hodge, m. Joseph Frcncli, of Stewartstown, 


3. Felton Pekrv Hodge was a carpenter and resided in 

Colebrook, N.H. 


Served in the Revolutionary war in the Coast Guard 
Militia of Connecticut, under the command of Col. 
Noadiah Hooker. Mr. Hodge was badly wounded and 
afterwards drew half pay from July 20, 1779, to 1786, and 
perhaps longer. The State charged the general govern- 
ment with his hospital expenses, amounting to ^^258; 
specie value, i,'iO. 16. 06. (Controller's office, Hartford, 


WILLIAM HODGE (of Weare, N.H.)- 

. Was a soldier in the Revolutionary war in 1780, and 
received for six months' service £\2, silver money. 
(Hist, of Wearc, and also New Hampshire record.) 


Served as a private in the Revolutionary war in the First 
New York Regiment, commanded by Col. G. Van Schaick. 
Jan. 23, I7l>4, he assigned his bounty or land warrant to 
Henry Hart for £\o. (Albany land records.) 


Dec. i;, 1733, deeds for Z'400, with wife MAK.V, one huPx- 
dred acres of land in " Hoosick District." (Albany records.) 


Born Jan. i, 178S, in Bridgeport, Conn.; died Jan. 
22, 1858, "aged 70 years and 22 days." (Bridgeport 


Born probably about 1790; married LvMAN L. FooTE, 
born April, 17SS, son of Timotliy and Lucy (Throop) 
Foote, of Simsbury, Conn., later of Fairfield, O. She 
was of Skancatcles, N.Y. He died in 18 12, at Johnstown, 
N.Y. Had Lyman and Roxana, both of whom became 
residents of Michigan. ( Perhaps this Sarah was the Sarah 
Hodge, No. 2, daughter of Reuben Hodge, page 2S6.) 

ALEXANDER HODGE (of Grafton Co., N.H.). 

Perhaps the Alexander mentioned on a previous page ; 
is supposed to have died in 1813, as his will was entered 


for probate thnt year. He left a widow, Anna, and five 
children, John, Mary, Marriet, I.ouiss, and Ellen, the 
eldest alone being of age. John married and had John, 
Ida A., Mary A., Damon ¥., West B., and Philena R. 


March i6, 1773, he signed an appraisement of properly 
of Samuel McDonald. (Staunton, Va., wills record.) 


About jSoo practising his profession in Huntington, 
Vt. (\''crniont Gazetteer.) 

CHARLES IIODGE (of Connecticut). 

April 13, 1761, enlisted in Westchester, N.V., Regiment, 
Capt. William Gilchrist's company, to serve in the French- 
Indian war. He is described as being thirty-two years of 
age, five feet three and a half inches in height, gray eyes, 
with brown hair and complexion; by trade a cordwainer. 
(N.Y. Col. Doc, Vol. 2, p. 629.) 

MOSES IIODGE (of '• Oyster Bay "). 

F'eb. 19, 1690, was a " Lieutenant of Foot," in a com- 
pany commanded by Capt. Robt. Cole, a New York regi- 
ment in King William's war, 1689-97. (N.Y. Col. Doc, 
\'ol. I, p. 409.) 


Ser\-ed in the French-Indian war. May 5, 1760, he en- 
listed in Capt. Abraham DcForest's company. New York 
troops. He is described as being five feet eight inches 
in height, with brown eyes, hair, and complexion. The 


record says this company was composed in part of volun- 
teers from Captain Dives' company. (N.Y. Col. Rec, 
Vol. 2, p. 590.) 


Married Abigail Hlibkell, born 1784, and died Feb- 
ruary, 1S57, dau'^hter of William Hubbell, of Ncwfield, 
now part of Bridgeport, Conn. ; had William and Eliza 


Married AxXA CULVER, born Sept. 10, 17S7; daughter 
of William and Esther (Grant) Culver; had several 
children who married. (Grant Family Genealogy.) 


Born Aug. 8, 1791, Glastonbury, Conn.; married (i) 
George Hollister, baptized July 19, 177$, and died at 
sea in 1817, son of Capt. George and Dorothy (House) 
Hollister; married (2) ENOCH JACKSON, of Portland, 
Conn. She died at Portland, July 19, 1875. In 1SS5 
Mr. Jackson was living; children all by first husband : 

1. Lorenzo Watson, b. 181 1 ; m., and in 1S31 went to Ala- 

bama; d. there abt. 1S39. 

2. GiLSON DiRON, b. Feb. 15, 1814; m. Mary Ann Cooper, 

b. Sept. 26, 1S26, in Berlin, Conn. ; res. Greentielil, Mass. ; 
had eight children. 

3. George, b. 1817; res. Minnesota. 


Married Caroline, born about 1800, daughter of 
William and Susannah Custis ; had Susan and Fannie, who 
married a Watkins and died leaving four children. Mr. 
Hodge was of Raiford, Abbeyville, S.C. 


POLLY HODGE (of Canajoharie, N.Y.). 

Born July 20, 1801 ; married, March 16, 1817, Simeon 
Stoddard, born Feb. 12, 1S06, son of Ralph and Char- 
lotte (Newton) Stoddard of Groton, Conn. Simeon was 
a farmer and died June 25, 1S39, Lowvilie, N.\'. 

Had five children : 

1. El.I G., b. Nov. 34, 1817, at Harrisburg, N.V. ; m. (i), 

Dec. 14, 1S43, .M.iry A. Roberts; m. (2) Anna M. 
Vickire. He a tarnicr. 

2. Philena, b. March 25, 1821 ; d. March 15, iSi'x). 

3. Milton T., b. July 27, 1828 ; m. Augusta A. Arthur. 

4. Harriet E., b. Nov. 15, 1831. 

J. Horatio N., b. March 20, 1S36, and drowned July 27, 1S64, 
at Carthage, N.Y. 
(Harrisburg, where al! these children were born, was after- 
wards changed to Lowvilie.) 

WILLIAM IIODGE (of Reading, Penn.). 

Supposed to have died in 1767, as his will, bearing 
date Dec. 3, 1762, was entered for probate July 27, 1767. 
Mr. Hodge in his will mentions his wife ]\L\.RCARET, a son 
Samuel, the eldest child, and other children as follows: 
William, John, Mary, and her husband Richard Say, Sarah, 
youngest daughter, and " my son-in-law George Hodge. 
and Margaret his wife." 

Mention is also made of a grandson Willian-;, son of 
Samuel, and a grandson William, son of George the "son- 

Margaret, the widow, and William, the second son, are 
entrusted by the will with the settlement of the estate. 
(See Lancaster, Penn., probate records, book B., p. 126.) 


HODGE & CAMPBELL (of New York City). 

In 1792 published an edition of the Bible. It was known 
as " Holman's Bible," and called " self-interpreting." 
George Washington, then President, headed the list of 


Born Aug. 4, 1795, and died Aug. 30, 1S50. This 
John probably was the baker mentioned in the Albany, 
N.Y., "Directory" of 1849, who at that time was a 
partner in business with William Hodge. Mr. Hodge 
made his will Feb. 2, 1850. It was entered for probate 
October 2S cf that year. In it m.ention is made of his 
wife Catharine, a sister Agnes Fochin, two brothers, James 
and William, in Troy, N.Y., Ann, probably another sister, 
and his son John. Two years later Mrs. J. Hodge, prob- 
ably the widow, was conducting a bakery at 663 Broad- 
way. A Cath.\rine Hodge died Oct. 21, 1841, aged 
32. (Albany, N.Y., record.) 


Married RiCH.\RD CoOK, of Rutland, Ohio, and had 
daughter Clarissa, born Sept. 22, 1799, who married, Feb. 
22, 18 18, Silas Strong, son of Judge Horatio Strong, of 
Salem, Ohio. (Strong Genealogy.) 


Born Aug. 28, 1806, at Marccllus, N.Y. ; married 
Edward Trasic Nokle, born Feb. 11, 1S09, son of 
Caleb Noble, of Steuben, Oneida County, N.Y. ; she died 
Oct. 23, 1877; had four children. 


JOHN BELDEN HODGE (of North MilforJ, Conn.). 

Married, Sept. 14, 1806, ViOLET NORTHROP, of Wood- 
bridge, Conn. 


Born probably between years iSiO-:?o; married LUCV 
Smith, of Voluntown, Conn., daughter of Ellas and Jane 
Douglas (Gates) Smith. Mrs. Smith born June 22, 1796. 
Mr. Hodge had four children. (Douglas Gcnealog}', p. 


Had niece Lucv HiNMAN, Dorset, Vt., who married a 
Kimball and had son George H., who in Oct., 1S96, \vas 
clerk of the court of Woodsville, N.H. (See p. 289.) 


Married, April 10, 1835, Selden Hoemes Brown, 
born Oct. 3, 1S13; son of Abiel Brown. She died Feb. 
24, 1S72. He married (2) Mrs. Jane L. Dutton, of 
VVinsted, Conn. (Perhaps the Phctbe on page 284.) 


Married LouiSA M. RocKWELi,, born Oct. 17, 1814, of 
Windsor, Conn., daughter of Zerah and Fiicebe (Carter) 


Married, Dec. 30, 18 19, D ANIiX ADAMS, born May 22, 
1798, son of Daniel and Phcebe (Britton) Adams. She 
died Feb. 28, 1S27. after which he married (2) P^ctsey . 



Married, Dec. 29, 1737, James Booge, and died before 
1739. He was born Oct. 26, 17 10, and married (2) 
Anna Trowbridge. Residence, E. Haddam, Conn. 


The Hackensack, N.Y., Dutch Reformed Church bap- 
tismal register has this quaint entry: "Born, Jenney, 

daughter of Jcanis Houdge and Sclle ?vlaccrailic April 29, 
and baptized June 4, 17S6 by Rev. Rijclcf Bogcrt." 


History of Orangeburg County, N.C., among cluirch 
baptisms has this: "Thomas, son of Thotnas and ?\I;iry 
Hodge, baptized April i, 1753. Sponsors, Charles Mid- 
dleton and Anne Dauly." 


Married I\lARV A. PEASE, of Enfield, Conn., who was 
born Jan. 22, 1S24. Residence, Springfield, Mass. 


Born Sept. 16, 1769, probably in or near Bennington, 
Vt. ; married, Feb. 7, 1789, Russell Humi^hrey, born 
Jan. 23, 1765, son of Thomas Humphrey, of Goshen, Conn. ; 
settled in Rensselaerville, Albany County, N.Y., where 
he died Jan. 10, 1813. She died May 14, 1S38, at the 
home of her daughter, Mrs. Electa Smith. 

Six children: 

1. Elizabeth Humfhrey, b. Nov. 12, 1789; m. Gilbert 


2. LoviNA Hl'mphrpzv, b. April iS, 1791 ; m. Willi.-im 



3. Phii.ura Humphrey, b. June 13, 1793; m. Capt. Phineas 


4. Elisha Humphrey, b. April 13, 1796; ni. Lydi.i Winans. 

5. Electa Humphrey, b. April 19, iSoo ; m. Melancthon 


6. Mary Humphrey, d. iu infancy. 

(See Humphrey Genealogy.) 


Oct. 19, 1820, then seventy-one years old, was granted 
a pension for services in the Revolutionary war, having 
belonged to the Connecticut Line Troops. (See New 
Hampshire records.) 


Born Feb. 22, 1S21, at Stamford, Vt. In 1822 he went 
to Adams, Mass., and in 1836 to Pulaski County, Mich. 
In 1872 he was a member of the Michigan House of Rep- 
resentatives, and the same year v/as a delegate to the 
Baltimore Convention. In 1879 he was a member of the 
Michigan Senate. 

He became a resident of Nevada County, California, 
where he served as county treasurer, and also as prose- 
cuting attorney, but at what period the writer is not ad- 


Among the first settlers of Blooming Grove, McLean 
County, 111. In 1S27 W. H. Hodge was sheriff of the 
county there, and some few years later " Andy " and New- 
ton Hodge were residents of that county. 



Called "Old Benny;" resided in Rush Creek township, 
Logan County, Ohio, in District No. 5, just east of George 
Rosbrougli, in 1837-8, and among the pupils at school 
there, mention is made of his children, or perhaps grand- 
children, as follows: "Bill Hodge, Jesse, Jim, Henry, and 
little Betty." (See " Hist. Champaign and Logan Coun- 
ties, Ohio," by Austin, 1872.) 


Born about 1S26; married, Aug. 4, 1S50, Mary Berry, 
daughter of Henry S. and Mary (Doremus) Berry. Mr. 
Berry was born Jan. 8, 1779. The children of Mr. Hodge 
were Mary, ]\IiIton, and William ; the daughter, '\Liry, 
married Alfred K.. Hathaway. 


Born 1832; married, February, 1S61, Mary Folsom, 
born Dec. 4, 1836, daughter of Hon. John Folsom. She 
died Nov. 12, 18G9, at Orange, N.J. Had IVLTry, born 
April 4, 1S63. (Folsom Genealogy.) 


A widow; married, Jan. S, 1832, Walter Cheney, of 
Portland, Conn. She may have been the widow of 
James Hodge, of " Hodgetown," Glastonbury, Conn., who, 
Aug. 31, 1S15, married Laura Hall, of Chatham, Conn. 


Married HiRAM SQUIRES, of Jerusalem, N.Y., and had 
Abigail K., born Oct. 7, 1834, at Milo, N.Y., who 
married Allen Hayes, and had born at Italy, N.Y., two 
daughters. (Hayes Family Genealogy, p. 200.) 



Probably born 1835, in Detroit, Mich.; married, in 1S50, 
at Hartford, Conn., M.VRG.VRET H.VMILTON, born in Eng- 
land. At date of marriage he was Iwenty-four years old, 
and she twenty-two. 

LUCY BROWN IIODGE (of Leicester, N.Y.). 

Married, Feb. 20, 1S37, Joseph 15. Carey, of Portland, 
Conn. A Chatham, Conn., record say.? this Carey 
married, Feb. 29, 1837, Sarah Hodge, but this is believed 
to be wrong. The first child was named Joseph, after the 
father, and the second was called Lucy, as supposed after 
the mother. The children were Joseph W., born Jan. 16, 
183S; Lucy Matilda, born Sept. 5, 1S39; and Laura W. 


Married. March 25, 1838, Rebecca Guxn", of r.ridge- 
port, Conn. The Gunn family is a very old one in the 
southern part of Connecticut, and there have been several 
marriages between members of the Gunn and Hodge 


Married, Feb. 2, 1826, ELIZABETH SMITH, daughter of 
George and Alary Ellis Todd, born May 26, 1809, and had 
seven children: Mary Todd, Ann Amanda. Martha Wat- 
kins, Caroline Bullock, George Todd, James Albert, and 
Elizabeth Brown. Residence, Frankfort, Ky. 

PAUL IIODGE (of Paul Hodge & Co.). 

Builder of a steam fire-engine, the first one to appear in 
New York C\ty. It is said that the volunteer fire com- 


panics were very miicli opposed to its use. Kavc no 
knowledge as to wliere the firm who built tliis engine was 
located, but probably in or near New York City. 


Born 1844, Lewis, N.Y. ; Sept. 8, 1S62, enlisted in 
Vermont regiment for service in Civil war. Served ten 
months and thirteen days. In 1864 he received a captain's 
commission and went with California volunteers to fight 
the Indians ; served eight months under General RIcDowell, 
most of the time in Nevada. ("Vermont Historical IVIaga- 


Born Nov. 2, 1S34; married, Dec. 24, 1S56, Mll;A.M T. 
Colby, born Nov. 24, 1833; now a farmer in Sierra 
Valley, Cal. ; had : 

1. Elvie A.vGELr.v, b. Sept. 20, 1857, Potsdam, N.Y. ; m. John 

McKenzie, of Mohawk, Cal., and had six children. 

2. Lela.nd .■\vekv, b. Oct. 11, 1866. 


Married Ann SpeNCER, and had Mary Arm, born Feb. 
28, 1846, who married, March 17, 1866, Richard Watson, 
a farmer in Sidney, Mich., the son of John E. and Sarah 
Olcott (Van Ness) Watson. 


Married, July 4, 1850, Robert IIawlev, born Jime 9, 
1827, son of Samuel, Jr., and Polly (Middlebrook) Haw- 
ley. (See Hawley Record.) 



Married Samuel Gathers, of Neshannock Falls, 
Penn. ; had Elizabeth Berres, born May 6, 185 1, who mar- 
ried, July 21, 1872, John Alfred Cody, born Sept. 22, 
1846, in Ellington, N.Y., son of John Chamberlain and 
Alvira Electa (Gates) Cody; married at North Wilming- 
ton, Penn. (Hawley Record.) 


Had Hannah, b. June 6, 1817, Canajoharie. N.Y., who 
married, Sept. 5, 1S35, Ebenczer Mudge, Charlestown, N.Y. 
(See page 286.) 


Married Amos R. Meeker, of Moira, N.Y. ; had Fran- 
ces, born May 16, 1S56, who married Lucius Hawley, son 
of Tilness Hawley, and had Lana Daphne, born Sept. 11, 
18S3, and Gertrude Helen, born April 27, 1S8S. Mr. 
Lucius Hawley taught school in Buffalo, N.Y. 


Born April 6, 1857; daughter of Thomas and Jessie 
(Haliburton) Hodge, of Mindoro, Wis.; married, Sept. 
10, 1882, Edgar A. Tower, born Nov. 13, 1851, son of 
Rodney and Fidelia (Robinson) Tower. 


Married, Oct. 13, 1861, John Fitch, born Feb. 14, 
1839, Wilton, Conn., son of ILarvey and Rebecca (Betts) 
Fitch. Resided, in 1S74, New Orleans, La. Had born in 
Norwalk, Conn., Alice Rebecca, Aug. i, 1S62, and Jennie 
EUza, Jan. 14, 1865. (Hawley Record.) 



Married Laura Belle Thurston, born Oct. 27, 1S62 ; 
daughter of Nathaniel and Ruth (Lane) Thurston, of 
Gloucester, Mass. 


■ Married, April 29, 1864, Mary Jane Avery, born 
April II, 1832; daughter of David Clark and Clarissa 
(Farnham) Avery, of Nelson, Madison County, N.Y. 


Born in South Glastonbury; married; died Nov. 6, 
1855, at New Haven, Conn., aged twenty-nine years. 
(New Haven records.) 

JOHN C. HODGE (of Winchester, Mass.). 

Married, Aug. 19, 1S66, ]\IARY E. ROONEY, and had five 
children : 

1. Alice V.aunia, b. June 4, 1867. 

2. John C, b. .May 2S, 1S69; m., prob. May 8, 1S90, Kate 


3. Maky Eliza, b. May 10, 1S71. 

4. E.MMA Ag.ncs, b. Nov. 25, 1S72; d. Dec. 4, ioj2. 

5. Edward, b. Nov. 22, 1S73; d. Feb. S, 1874. 

(Woburn, Mass., records.) 

JOHN HODGE (of Woburn, Mass.). 

Had for wife "Lizzie," and a son John, born in 1839 
and died March, 1874; perhaps father of the above 
John C. 


The name of the firi.t maj-or and collector of customs, 
Sitka, Alaska, after the purchase of Alaska from Russia 
in 1S67. 



Born 1818; married, Oct. 21, 1S40, Susan Stoker, 
born 1820, of New Haven, Conn.; had David, born 
Aug. I, 1849. 


Born 1833; married James Clark, born 1S33; t'lcy 
had son born f'eb. 9, 18S2, at Glastonbury, Conn. 


Married, Nov. 1, 1883, at Ikloit, Wis., \VlLLL-\M liLXRY 
HOLLISIER, born Jan. 3, 185S; had Alice Eliza, born 
Oct. 24, 1885, Salem, Wis. 


Was in the military service in the Revolutionary war, 
in Eleventh Rogimcnt Connecticut Militia. He belonged to 
Capt. Daniel Lyon's company. Little is given of the 
regiment except that it was in New York in 1776, having 
marched from Connecticut to West Chester. 

DAVID HODGE (ofMilford, Conn.). 

Was in the Revolutionary war certainly four years. 
He enlisted yVpril 7, 1777, in the Sixth Regiment, Connec- 
ticut Line, which was first commanded by Col. Wm. 
Douglas, and afterwards by Col. Return Jonathan Meigs, 
who was elected governor of Ohio, 1807, 1810, 18 12. 
After the war he settled in Massachusetts. 


j\Larried, in 1842, Amos Knowlton, born April 2-;, 
1815; son of Thomas and Susan (HeyAvood) Knowlton. 


She died Feb. 29, 1844. He married (2), Jan. 12, 1S51, 
Anna M. Stone, by whom he had seven children. Some 
of this Knowlton family were from Ashton, Conn. Amos 
resided at VVoburn, IVIass. 

AGNES HODGE (of Westfield, Wis.). 

Married, Oct. 24, 1S6S, WiLLTAM Chandi.EK, born 
Aug. 12, 1S48; son of Stephen and Henrietta (Crandall) 
Chandler, a farmer. 


Married Makieite Cartter, and had daughter 
Emma EHzabeth, born Dec. 20, 1S5S, in Sufhcld, Conn., 
who there married, June 12, 1S84, Francis Lero)- Asiiley, 
born Oct. 15, 1S55, son of Dr. Elijah and Eliza Ann 
(Mandell) Ash!c>-, of Somers, Conn. 3.1r. Francis E. 
Asliley, in June, 1872, moved from Ellington, (!onn., to 
Windsor Eocks, Conn., where he had born seven children; 
names given in Ashley Genealogy'. 


Married (l) Eewis B. Richmond, born June, 1803, 
son of Frederick and Alice Richmond, of INIinerva, N.Y. 
He died in Randolph, O., Oct. 7, 1SS7; married (2) 
Parsons Walton, and removed to Eidiana; had by first 
husband : Oscar, Catherine, Louisa, and Mary, who mar- 
ried Marcus Rice. 


Married, April 9, 1S54, Sarah Churciiill, both aged 
29 years, of Glastonbury, Conn. 

330 HOllGF. TAMILY. 


At a meeting of the General Assembly of New Hamp- 
shire, Dec. 3, 1709, joined with representatives of more 
than sixty other families in petitioning for a ncv.' town to 
be bounded as follows : " Beginning at a rock called 
Brandy Rock, near Sandy Point and to run up to the river 
by the mouth of a creek called Wheelwright's Creek and 
to run at each end into the woods upon a south east line, 
tliree miles." In the petition the petitioners state that 
they pay taxes sometimes at Hampton and sometimes at 
Exeter, and that the nearest meeting-house is at Exeter. 
(Provincial Papers, N.H., Vol. 3, 1692-1722.) 


In the military service in Kentucky, in Capt. John 
Holden's company, and June 10, 1779, was stationed at or 
near Booncsboro', Madison Co., as sho'is-n by depositions 
taken Nov. 20, 18 17, and March 4, iSiS. (See " Hist, of 
Ky.," page 664.) 


Sold land, April 16, 1813, at Landaff, N.H., which they 
had, says the deed, " of our father. Miles Andrews." 
(Grafton, N.H., records.) 


Mustered into the militar}- service June 15, 1791, "at 
the Rapids of Ohio," as a volunteer to serve against the 
Wiaw Indians, who at that time were committing depreda- 
tions on the white people of Kentucky. He belonged to 
Capt. Ikown's company of mounted troops, a part of the 
force commanded by Brig.-Gen. Charles Scott. (Louis- 
ville, Ky., records.) 


Anna HoDGF m., May 31, 1763, Joseph G. Hartvvell. 
Edward Hodgi: m., Jan. 8, 1822, Mary Cook. 
Edward Hodge m., Sept. 9, 1836, Prudence Hammond. 
EUPIIEMIA Hodge m., Aug. 28, 1828, Thomas T. Gushing. 
Hannah Hodge m., May 12, 1803, Francis Cleaver, Jr. 
James Hodgl rn., May 23, 1S03, Abigail Jacquics. 
John Hodge m., Dec. 3, 181 8, Eliza Hopkins. 
John Hodge m., Aug. 28, 1837, Margaret Hicks. 
Mary Hodge m., Marcli i, 1781, John Dobson. 
Rebecca Hodge m.. Oct. 3, 1S39, Edward Cobb. 
Robert Hodge m., Jan. 29, 1729, Alice Gill. 
Robert Hodge m., Oct. 6, 1784, Hannah Champney. 
Robert Hodge m., Jan. 7, 1781, Sarah McClealand. 
Robert Hodge m., Jan. 10, 1787, Sarah Mcrick. 
Robert Hodge m., Dec. 13, 1S38, Sophia Lawrence. 
Thomas Hodge m., Feb. 3, 1729, Elizabeth Wilson. 

newburvfort and salisuurv. 
Abigail Hodge m., x\pril 5, 180S, William Edhmd. 
J/VNE HoDf.E m., Oct. 23, 1819, Henry Frothingham. 
Mary Hodge m., Sept. 5, 1779, John Woollet. 
Thomas Hodge m., Aug. 8, 1776, Abigail Young. 

(Record gives some of these as Hodges, but there is 
little doubt the name was Hodge.) 

NEW YORK city. 

Isabella Hodge m., Aug. 11, 1761, Ephraim Shaw. 
Ralph Hodge m., Feb. i, 1762, Elizabeth Walker. 
Thomas Hodge m., Nov. 9, 1782, Jane McCloud. 
William Hodge m., Jan. 10, 1761, Gerthy Wilson. 



The following statistics of military services arc copied 
from the State archives of Massachusetts, now in the of- 
fice of the secretary of state. Some points in connection 
with the service may have been omitted, but the main 
facts arc given. The Revolutionary Rolls consist of many 
volumes, in a good state of preservation, classified under 
ditierent headings. They may be examined by any per- 
son, or information can be had by applying for the same. 
The names gi\-en below are in alphabetical order, and 
number thirty-three. 

Abr.\H.\M Hodge, private, on garrison duty, in First 
New York Regiment, at West Point; enlisted January, 
i/Si. to serve during the war. — Vol. ^y, file i^. 

AlXXANDER Hodge, private, of Francestown; enlisted 
Feb. I, 1776, and served under Capt. Jonathan Danforth. 
Col. Asa Whitcomb's regiment. Nov. ?.■] , 1776, was at 
Ticonduroga. Under this enlistment served nine months 
and twenty-six days. By re-engagement, served under 
Capt. Israel Davis, Colonel Wigglesworth's regiment, until 
Dec. 30, 1776. — Vol. 2, p. 7j / Vol. /7, pp. gj and igg ; 
Vol. 5/, file 21. (Probably after the war settled in Lan- 
doff, Grafton County, N.H.) 


Asa Hodge, private, of Hardwick, in company of Capt. 
Samuel Dexter, raised for six montlis' services, January, 
1776, at Roxbury Camp. — Vol. ./p, /. 126. 

Cato Hodge, in naval service, on frigate " Boston ; " en- 
listed June 23, year not given, and time of service not 
mentioned. — Naval Service Record, Vol. ^2, p. iSi. 

fCcENEZER Hodge, of Woodbury, private under Cap- 
tain Brown, Colonel Bigelow's regiment; April 4, 1777, 
enlisted for three j-ears ; mustered into service April 13, 
at Suffolk ; various entries on army rolls for payments, the 
last one being for services to April 4, 17S0, end of enlist- 
ment. — Vol. ij, p. pp ,■ Vol. 6t, p. 222 ; Vol. 7/, /. 6S. 

Edmond Hodge, a captain in Col. Job Cushing's regi- 
ment, and also a captain in Col. Josiah Whiting's regiment. 
Served in " Nortlicrn Army." Pa)--rolls for serx'ices bear 
dates Jan. 20, 1776, and July 27 and Aug. 29, 1777. — 
Vol. 12, pp. 2 2 6- 2 2 y. 

EDWARn Hodge, private, served under Capt. Pvliles 
Greenwood, Col. Jacob Gerrish's regiment, sixty days, 
from February 3 to April 3, in 1778. Pay-roll dated at 
Winter Hill. — Vol. i<p, p. iig. 

Henry Hodge, private, Capt. Daniel Scott, Col. Joseph 
North's regiment; enlisted Sept. 10, 1777, for service in 
" retaking and defending mastership lading in Shcepscot 
river." — Vol. j6, p. 22J. 

Hugh Hodge, of Rowley, Essex County, private. Cap- 
tain Lincoln, Lieut.-Col. John Brooks' regiment, the 
Seventh. Description: " 17 years old, five feet high, iiair 
brown ; a farmer ; " enlisted Feb. 27, 1 78 1 , for three years. 
— Vol. 2S, p. iS'j ; Vol. 77, p. gy. 

Isaac Hodgk, of Yarmouth, private; October, I7?0, 
enlisted for six months. Passed muster at Camp Totoway, 
October 25. — Vol. 20, p. 2jy. 


James Hodge, of Pownalborough, private, Capt. Daniel 
Scott, Col. Joseph North's regiment. Sept. lo, 1777, 
enlisted for service " defending and retaking mastership 
lading in Shecpscot river" — two daj's' time. — Vol. j6, 
p. 223. 

James Hodge, of Salem, seaman, aged 29 years. June 
12, 1780, entered service on ship " Essex," a privateer, John 
Cathcart, commander. — Vol. 40, p. ij. 

James Hodge, private; entered service in March, 1781, 
to serve during tlie war; belonged to Capt. J oh a Wendell's 
company. First New York Regiment, stationed in 1781 at 
West Point. — Vol. j /, file 14. 

John Hodge, of New Castle, private ; enlisted for Salis- 
bury, Essex County, for three years ; entered service on 
or before Aug. 15, 1777; served under Capt. Nathaniel 
Alexander, Col. Ed. Wigglesworth's Regiment; reported 
dead. — ]'ol. ii,p.55; Vol. 6j, 

John Hodge, of Newbury, naval service; description: 
"aged 25, complexion light, height 5 feet 7 inches," taken 
June 15, 1780. On ship "Junius Brutus," John Leach, 
commander. — N'aval Service, Vol. 40, p. 61. 

JOHX Hodge, of Hampshire, private; enlisted July 13, 
1780, to reinforce Continental Army; discharged Oct. 10, 
1780, — 3 mos. 6 days' service. — Vol. ij, p. 2S. 

John Hodge, private; enlisted Aug. 17, 1777; dis- 
charged Nov. 29, 1777, — 3 mos. 17 days' service; with 
Northern Army, under Capt, Jonathan Rice, Col. Samuel 
Bullock's regiment. — Vol. 22, p. lyd. 

John Hodgf, of Hardwick, private; passed muster at 
Totoway, Oct. 25, 17S0. Term of service, 6 mos. — Vol. 
25, p. 22S. 

John Hodge, of Bakerstown, corporal; in service from 
July 8 to Sept. 25, 1779, 2 mos. 17 days; in " Penobscot 


Expedition." — Coast Defence, Vol. 30, p. 141; l^ol. jy, 
p. 120. 

John Hodge, drafted from Middlesex County, private; 
regiment to reinforce Northern Army. Aug. 20, 1777, 
marched under Capt. Maynard, Col. Howe's regiment. — 
Vol. 45, p. 261. 

Michael Hodge, of Newburyport, captain; in expedi- 
tion to Rhode Island in 1778. In 17S0 made naval ofticer 
for Newburyport. Held the office several years. — Vol. 
26, p. 8S ; Vol. 2S, p. iji ; also other entries. 

Nathaniel Hodge, naval service; enlLsted June 27, 
1779; discharged Aug. 27, 1779; on ship "Vengeance" 
in ■' Penobscot Expedition." — Naval Service, Vol. 40, p. 

Robert Hodge, captain in Third Lincoln County Regi- 
ment, chosen captain by Second New Castle Company and 
May 8, 1776, approved by Council. — Vol. ./j, pp. 20S and 

Robert Hodge, private in company commanded by 
Capt. David Bell; enlisted Feb. 12, 1778, and discharged 
May 12, 1778, — 3 mos.' service. — Vol. 77, /. 44. 

Robert Hodge, of Salem, private; enlisted June 6, 
1775 ; served i mo. 27 days. For a time was stationed 
at Winter Hill. 

Robert Hodge, private in company of Captain Barnes 
of Fifth Regiment. Served from September, 1776, to 
March 12, 1777, 6 mos. 

Robert Hodge, private; under Capt. Abijah Childs, 
Third Regiment, Col. John Greaton ; claimed allowance 
for depreciated currcnc}- paid for services in army from Jan. 
ID, 1777, to Jan. 27, 1778. — Vol. 31, p. loj. (This no 
doubt was Robt. Hodge of Sheepscot.) 

Solomon Hodge, of Sali.^bury. private; served under 


Capt. Robert Hodge of Tliird Lincoln County Regiment; 
enlisted for three years; on roll bearing date 1777 — VoL 
43, p. iSi. 

Thomas Hodge, private in Lieutenant-Coionel Nixon's 
regiment, on roll dated Springfield, Jan. 25, 1777. — J'(V. 

Tl.MOTHY Hodge, of Taunton, private in company of 
Capt. Mathew Randall, Colonel Marshall's regiment; on 
roll dated New Castle Island, ()ct. 14, 1776. — J'ol. .?/, 
p. 2S. (Probably this was Timothy HoJgej-. ) 

William Hodge, private, Capt. Abol Dinsmore, Col. 
Ruggles Woodbridge's regiment, enlisted Aug. 17, 1777; 
discharged Nov. 29, 1777, — 3 mos. 17 days' service. — 
VcL /cV, /. 1S4. 

Zeulli.'N" Hodge, private, Capt. Israel Trowe's com- 
pany, Col. Josiah Whitney's regiment; enlisted May 14, 
1777; discharged July 6, 1777, — i mo. 2~ daj's' service 
in Rhode Island. — Vol. J, p. iSj. (Probably Hodgcf.) 


Abraham Hodge, private. Captain McMaster, Col. 
Frederick t'lsher's regiment. 

Abraham Hodge, private. First Regiment, New York 
line, under Col. Goose Van Schaick. 

Abraham Hodge, private. Captain Van Wyck, Col. 
Abraham Brinkerhoffs regiment. Second N.Y. 

CURTES " Hodg," private. Sixteenth Regiment, Albany 
County Militia. 


Daniel Kopge, private, Col. William Malcolm's regi- 

Daniel Hodge, private, Captain Williams, Colonel 
Graham's regiment. 

D.ANIEL Hodge, private, Col. Morris Graham's regi- 

D.WID Hodge, private, First Regiment, New York line. 

EPHR.MM Hodge, private, Captain McMaster, Co!. 
Frederick Fisher's regiment. 

EzEKlEL Hodge, private. Captain lirown, Col. Peter 
Yates' regiment. 

ISAiVC Hodge, private, Dutchess County Militia, Col. 
Zephaniah Piatt's regiment. 

Israel PIodge, private, Captain Westfall, Col. Ficder- 
ick Wcisscnfcl's regiment. 

James Hodge, private. Captain St. John, Colonel 
Thomas' regiment. 

James PIouge, private. First Regiment, New York line. 

James Hodge, corporal, Captain Stephenson. 

James Hodge, private. Col. Thaddeus Crane's regi- 

Ja.MES Hodge, sergeant, Captain Tillman, Colonel 
Schuyler's regiment. 

James Hodge, private, Captain Truesdell, Colonel 
Crane's regiment. 

John Hodge, private. Col. William Malcolm's regiment. 

John " Hodg," private, Seventeenth Regiment, Albany 
County iMilitia. 

John " Hodg," Jr., private, Seventeenth Regiment, 
Albany County Militia. 

Joshua Hodge, private, Captain Whiteside, Col. Levis 
Van Woert's regiment. 

K. Hodge, private. Col. William Humphrey's regiment. 


Ralph Hodge, private, Captain Wood, Col. Albert 
Pawling's regiment. 

Ralph Hodge, private, Fourth Regiment, Dutchess 
County militia. 

Ralph Hodge, private, Captain Williams, Col. Albert 
Pav/ling's regiment. 

Sa.MUEL Hodge, private, Captain Caulkin. 

Samuel Hodge, private, Col. John Hathorn's regiment. 

Solomon Hodge, private. Captain Gilmore, Col. Lewis 
Van Wocrt's regiment. 

Solomon Hodge, private, Col. John Blair, Sixteenth 

Stephen Hodge, private. First Regiment, New York 

Willlvm Hodge, sergeant. Captain :\Iarvin, Col. John 
Hathorn's regiment. 


Neiu Jersey : Francis Hodge served in an artillery 
regiment under Colonel Harrison. 

Joseph Hodge was a soldier in the war from Essex 

Neiv Ilampshin- had in the war Alexander, Asa, 
David, EnENEzEu, John, Roi^ekt, Samuel, and William 

"New York in the Revolution," edition 1S9S, gives a fuller account of 
the services of these men, together with the names of .\braham (2), Benj.iniin, 
Curtis, Daniel, Da\iJ, E^ekiel, E/ekiel, Jr., Isaac, Israel, James, John, Joseph, 
Joshua, Samuel, ani! Capt. Samuel Hudge.t, some of whom it is quite certain, 
anil most of whom it is Ijelieved, were of the Hodge family. 



I/^IS6- -111.. 

1 i"^" """"S'- , „„„„ r...„.,„„ 1 Nicholas Donslmv. 
■ I S..«n„a Dcn.lo.v ... * ^ D""'!"" ••• ] Kli,„b.lh . 

(Tho,n,ui Welles ... 1 !,'"f,;y"''"- 

(John Hurll.ui • -.1 'i 

■(^ahttli Harold. ', "^"^ ' 

j Samuel Ca.dHni .... ^ _^^^^^^ ^_ ^^^ ^ 'unl.crl Ij oycf. 

"iMary ' ' ' ' ^^ ['',' 

■■ (Mihilabcl Mill^. .... r , ,1 A ,1 :„( 





Born 1577, died IVLirch 4, 1667; married (i) a woman 
whose name is unknown and who died before Air. Denslow 
came to this country. He married (2) also, probably 
before leaving England, a woman whose given name, 
Elizabeth, only, is known. She was born in 15S5, 
and died Aug. 13, i66y. The best information obtain- 
able warrants the belief that March 20, 1630, O.S., TJr. 
Denslow, accompanied by his family, and more tlian 
one hundred other emigrants, among them the two 
eminent clergymen. Rev. John VVarham and Rev. John 
Maverick, left the shores of old England for a home 
in the New World. There is little doubt that he was one 
of this party. May 30, following, the ship " Mary and 
John," upon which he and the others arc supposed to have 
sailed, reached Nantasket Beach, now Hull, Mass. The 
companv soon founded the settlement of Dorchester, A 
portion of the old town is now a part of the city of Boston. 
At Dorchester Mr. Denslow was a freeman, certai.nly as 


early as March 4, 1633, O.S., and perhaps earlier. There 
is little doubt he was an important factor in the young 
colony. In 1635 a portion of the Dorchester settlers 
migrated to the banks of the Connecticut river, and there 
founded the town of Windsor. Whether or not Mr. Dens- 
low was among the first to make this change is unknown, 
but he was soon a resident there, and continued to reside 
in Windsor the remainder of his life. When the Fequot 
Indians became troublesome, and it was determined to 
give them battle, though then sixty years old, be joined 
the forces sent against them, and in the bloody engage- 
ment June 6, 1637, at Mystic, is supposed to have done 
his part in the destruction of that tribe. It is claimed 
that he was the oldest white man in the batiie. For his 
services upon this occasion there was gi\-eii him a tract of 
land. It is so stated in Hinman's unpublished AIS., in the 
Boston Historical Library, examined by the writer some 
two years since. 

Six if not more of Nicholas Dcnslow's descendants 
were in the Revolutionary war, two certainly dying in the 

Capt. Martin and Reuben Denslow were of the " Lex- 
ington alarm party." It is evident that there was fighting 
blood in the Denslow family. 

In 1640 Nicholas owned the land in Windsor where 
now stands the First Congregational parsonage. He lived, 
as will be seen, to the age of ninety years, and his wife, 
who survived him t\vo years, reached the age of eighty 

During the latter part of his life he and his wife lived 
with their daughter, " the widow Ruckland," to whom and 
to whose children by his will was given his re.'.l estate and 
most of his other property, the whole, at his death, bcmg 


appraised at £yi^^).2. The sons, who were by his first 
wife, were not mentioned in the will. They perhaps were 
well settled in life, and may have previously been aided 
by their father. Besides this, the widowed daughter of 
the mother, then living, had cared for the parents in their 
old age, and no doubt had well earned the property left to 
her and her children. The children were all born in Eng- 
land, the three first being sons by the first wife, and the 
two last, daughters, by the second wife, who alone, of the 
children, were mentioned in the mother's will. There 
ma}' have been other children ; perhaps Job, whose wife 
Mary died Aug. J9, 1684, was one of them. 
Five children : 

2. Nicholas Denslow, b. prob. abt. 1612: prob. d. early. 

8. Henrv Dfn'slow, b. prob. abt. 1615. 

4. John Denslow, m. June 7, 1655, Mary liggleston. 

5. Temperance Denslow, b. prob. abt. 1620. 

6. Joan Denslow, b. abt. 1622. 

3. HENRY = DENSLOW {Nicholas'). 

Born about 161 5 ; came from England most likely with 
his parents, in 1630; first mentioned in Windsor, Conn., 

Nicholas, Jr., the elder son, probably died early. John, the third sun, 
married Mary Eggleston, and had ten children; he died Sept. 14, 1689. 
Temperance, the eldest daughter, and fourth child, half-sister of the sons, 
married Thomas Cuckland, and had nine children. Mr. Buckland received a 
grant of land for services in the fight with the Pequot Indians in 1637 at 
Mystic, when the tribe was destroyed. He died May 28, 1662. Mrs. Buck- 
land died July 26, l6Sl. Joan, the other half-sister and youngest child, 
married Capt. .\aron Cook. She was his second wife; had certainly three 
children. Noah, the youngest, born June 14, 1057, had a daughter Minerva, 
who married Capt. Daniel Wt-IjSter, a great-grandson of John Welister, who, 
in 1656, was governor of the Connecticut Colony. Captain Daniel bad a sun 
Noah, burn March 25, 1722, who was the father of Noah Webster, born Oct. 
16, 175S, the great kxicu^rapiier. 


records, in 1644. In 1662 he purchased a larj^c tract of 
land of Thomas Ford, of Windsor. The land h described 
as beiiig on both sides of " Kettle BrooV:,'' a quarter of a 
mile wide, bounding on the Connecticut, extending from 
near the meadow — then called " long meadow " — on the 
south to about forty rods north of where now stands the 
railroad depot, at Windsor Locks, at the higher end of 
Pine Meadow. Mr. Jabez H. Hayden, an old resident of 
Windsor, whose ancestors helped settle the tov.-n, says, 
" Henry Dcnslow's land lay along the river eighty rods 
wide and five hundred and forty rods long." 

Of this land Mr. Ilenslow gave his daughter Susanna, 
wife of John Hodge, and her children, " East on the river 
hfty rods, west from the river into the woods, eighty rods." 
Mr. Denslow built a house on. his land, and in 1663 
went to living in it. His nearest neigb.bor was Wiliiavn 
Hayden, two miles distant, in tlie town of WinJsur, but i'ar 
away from the thickly settled part of the tovvn. When 
King Philip's war broke out Mr. Denslow moved his fam- 
ily to Windsor, but being, as a writer has said, " a man of 
courage," against the advice of friends ventured back to 
work on his land. April 4, (676, while absent on one of 
his daily trips to his farm, and probably while at work, 
he was captured by a small band of Indians, and as is sup- 
posed, was killed the same day. According to the state- 
ment of some Indian prisoners at Hartford, ]\Ir. Denslow 
was taken b\' the same party who the day following his 
capture burned Simsbury. The manner of his death is 
unknown. The site where his house stood is a high point, 
pleasantly situated, overlooking the Connecticut river. 
On the tvtTo-hundredth anniversary of the death of ?>Ir. 
Denslow a large flint boulder found on the land he once 



owned was placed on tlie site of the house built by him 
in 1663. On it is inscribed, chiselled in the stone: 









, BY ! 










The compiler of this work, accompanied by his wife and 
a number of others, visited the spot Sept. 3, 1S94, the two- 
hundred and forty-eighth anniversary day of the birth 
of Susanna Denslow, who was tlie daughter of ?.lr. Dcns- 
low and who became the wife of John Hodge, the progeni- 
tor, rA*» years before her father's death. After the death 
of King Philip and the close of the war the widow and her 
unmarried children, five daughters and a son seventeen 
years old, moved back to the old home in the wilderness, 
and there for twelve years had no nearer neighbor than 
Mr. Hayden, who still resided in the woods, where he 
did before the war. The son Samuel, in time, bought o'Jt 
the other heirs and finally became the owner of his father's 
lands. His descendants now own the site where stood the 
first house, and consi<:lerable of the original farm, which is 
kept in a high state of cultivation, and upon which, in 1894, 
was to be seen the best breeds of stock. Miss Afary Webb 
is the present owner or was a few years since. Her line of 
descent from Henry Denslow runs as follows; Samuel, 
Joseph, rdartin, and Mary, who married a Webb, her 
father. An inventory of the estate of Henry Denslov/ was 
made Aug. 17, 1676. In the distribution of the estate, per- 
haps only the personal property, ^50 was allowed to Sam- 


uel, the only son, i^20 each to six of tlic dauglitors, and 
>f 30 to tlie other, Deborah, who, as the record says, was 
" lame and sickly." When the mother died, a few years 
later, her son Samuel, then twenty-four years of age, was 
appointed administrator on her estate. 
Eight children : 

7. Susanna Denslow, b. Sept. 3, 1646. (See John Hodge, 

No. I.) 

8. Mary Dfnslow, b. April 10, 165 (; m., May 5, 1669, 

Thomas Rowley, Sr. ; had the follouing children : 

1. Maky Rowley, b. April 16, 1670. 

2. Martha Rowley, b. May 13, 1677. 

3. John Rowley, b. Oct. 27, 1679. 

4. Tho.mas Rowley. 

5. Abioail RosVLiiY, h. ret). 10, 16.S6. 

6. Sa.muel Rowley, d. .\uc'. 11, 1697. 

9. Ruth Denslow, b. Sept. 19, 1653; m. Thomas Copier. 

10. AciGAiL Denslow, b. Feb. 6, 1655. 

11. Deborah Denslow, b. Dec. 21, 1657; m., Jan. 27, 1670, 

John Hoskins, b. May 29, 1654, and d. Fe!;. 21, 1734. 
Deborah, as will be noticed, in the settlement of her 
father's estate was allowed a portion one-half greater than 
that given to each of her si.\ sisters, because of her being 
"lame and sickly," but in less than two ye.irs thereafter 
she married and soon had quite a family of children, cer- 
tainly not less than five, and now her descendants are 
quite numerous. Among them may be mentioned several 
prominent residents of Cleveland, Ohio : .Mrs. Thomas 
Bolton, Mrs. E. C. Pechin, .Mr. George S. Russell, and 
others. Deborah had the following children : 

1. Deborah Hoskins, b. June 9, 1679. 

2. Elizabeth Hoskins, b. Aug. 22, 1682; ra., Nov. 2, 

1699, Thomas Thrall, b. July 10, 1676. Mrs. 
Pechin and others, of Cleveland, Ohio, descend- 
ants of Deborah Denslow, come through this 

3. SfS.VNNA HdSKiNS, b. Aug. 22, 16S2. 

4. John Hoskins. b. June 13, i6,-;o. 

5. TiioM.vs Hoskins, b. May 21, 1693. 


Sajiuel Denslow, b. Dec. 19, 1659; m., prob. 16S9, 
Patience Gibbs, b. Dec. 2, 1666. He d. Oct. i, 1743, 
aged S4. Tradition says he was a man much liouored 
and respected. April 7, 1732, in the division of land 
made in Harwinton, Litchfield County, Conn., owned by 
the Windsor proprietors, a certain number of acres were 
set off to Mr. Denslow, and thus he became an " original 
owner" of land in that town, but he ne%-er resided there. 
Harwinton originally consisted of two half townships, one 
owned by Hartford and the other by people of Windsor. 
Children : 

1. H.\NN.\H Den'slow, b. Nov. 14, 1690. 

2. Eliz.abeth De.nslow, b. March 9, 1692-3. 

3. S.\R.\H De.nslow, b. Feb. 16, 1694. 

4. Patience Denslow, b. 1695; d. Dec. 9, 1697. 

5. Saml'el Denslow, b. July 14, 1697; m. (i), .March 

7, 172S, Mary Grant, b. April 17, 1702, and d. May 
25, 1729, great-granddaughter of Mathew Grant, 
of Windsor, ancestor of President Grant; ni. (2), 
Oct. I, 1730, Sarah Chapman; he d. 1762. 

6. Benj.a..\iin De.nslow, b. March 29, 1701. 

7. Joseph Denslow, b. March 24, 1703-4. 

H.^N-NAH De-NSLOW, b. March i, i66r ; m., 16S7, Heury 

Elizabeth Denslow, b. Feb. 11, 1665; m. William King. 


The Welles of Essex County, England, for more than a 
thousand years have been distinguished by their [jronii- 
nence in the service of the British government, and by the 
titles they have borne. 

Several of the name now living in that part of England 
hold titles of honor. Twenty-seven of the name have 
been given crests and coats of arms. As many more, 


who spell their names Wells, omitting the last '• e," have 
been honored in like manner. An American writer of 
distinction says all of the name who came to this coun- 
try prior to 1700 emigrated from Essex County. With 
much cave the two families of Welles in this country have 
been traced. Thomas Welles was the head of one, and 
Hugh Welles and his brothers the progenitors of the 

Both were among the early settlers of New England, 
and both took a prominent part in the founding of tlic 
Connecticut Colony. 

The descendants of Benjamin Hodge, Sr. (see John 
Hodge Family, No. 49), are interested in the first (Thomas 
Welles), and the descendants of Benjamin Hodge, Jr. 
(No. 12S), are interested in the lines of both Thomas and 



Born 1570; married about 1596, and in 1629 emigrated 
to this country, landing at Salem, ^L^ss., June 24, a year 
before the founding of Boston. It is said he was a rich. 
man in England, but one day let fall some remarks quite 
uncomplimentary to the government, which, being reported, 
brought him into trouble. That when he was about to be 
arrested, his son placed him on board of a vessel about to 
sail for America. That the ship was searched, but that 
he escaped detection by being in a cask, supposed to be 
filled with water, where his son had placed him. He was 
followed to this country soon after by his whole family, 


which included seven sons, Thomas, Hugli, Nathaniel, 
Edward, John, Joseph, and anotlicr son, whose name, says 
a writer, is supposed to have been Samuel. Says the same 
writer, they all, except perhaps Edward, settled, about 
1633, in Rhode Island. This was prior to the settlement 
made by Roger Williams. The elder Thomas purchased 
of the Narragansett Indians a large tract of land and called 
the place Wellestown. Merc Mr. Welles lived during the 
remainder of his life, and at a place called " Chimney 
Orchard " was buried. Three of the sons, Thomas, Hugh, 
and John, in 1635 went to Boston, and soon after, with a 
number of clergymen, commenced the work of founding 
the Connecticut Colony. Thomas was made a magistrate 
at Hartford, and after holding many other minor posllions 
of public trust, in 1655 became governor of the colony. 
He was born in 15 98, and died Jan. 14, 16G0. By his 
first wife he had si.x; children, all born prior to 1644. His 
second wife was ELIZABETH FOOTE (see Foote Family, 
No. 2, in another part of this work), widow of Nathaniel 
Foote, and daughter of John Deming. Her daughter, 
Elizabeth, in 163S married Josiah Churchill (see Church- 
ill Family, Xo. i), the first of the Churchill family in this 
country, and ancestor of Sarah Churchill, who, April 9, 
1780, married Benjamin Hodge, Jr. (see John Hodge 
Family, No. 128). I\Irs. Welles outlived her husband, the 
governor, many years. She made her will March 28, 
1678, and added to it Aug. 16, 16S2. In it she mentions 
her daughter, Elizabeth Churchill, and grandsons Joseph 
and Benjamin Churchill. (See Nos. 6 and 7, Churchill 




With his two brothers, Richard and Joseph, of Col- 
chester, ?:sscx County, England, in 1635 came to this 
country in the ship " Globe," and landed at Boston, ALass. 
The following year they went to Hartford, Conn. Hugh, 
the eldest of the sons, settled in Weatherbfield, a town 
adjoining. He was born, probably, in 1590, married, 

about 1 6 19, Frances , and died about 1645. 

Four children, all born in Colchester, England, came with 
the parents to America. 

About 1650 some of the Welles family moved from 
Hartford to Hatfield, I\Liss. 

After the death of Mr. Welles the widow married 
Thomas Coleman, by whom she had one child only, Ueb- 
orah, who married Daniel Gunn, of Milford, Conn. The 
widow Welles died in 167S. Hon. Gideon Welles, of 
Hartford, a descendant of Gov. Thomas Welles, in a letter 
of March 13, 1845, published at that time, says: " Hugh 
and John Welles (sons of Hugh, Sr.) were contempo- 
raries with Governor Welles in this State, and spelled their 
names like the governor." Both families, it appears, were 
very particular to spell their name Welles instead of Wells. 
The names Thomas, Hugh, and John are prominent in each 
family. It is certainly a fair supposition that the Thomas 
and the Hugh Welles families were at least distantly re- 

Mr. Welles had four sons and one daughter. 

Five children : 

2. Thomas Welles, b. 1620. 


3. JONATH,v.\ Welles, b. abt. 1622 ; executor of his mother's 


4. Hugh Welles, b. 1625; d. Dec. 22, 1678. 

5. Maky Welles, b. 1626; ni., 1650, becoming second wife of 

Jonathan Gilbert, who d. Dec. 10, 16S2, .aged sixty-four. 

6. JOH.N Welles, b. 1628; d. Oct. iS, 1692. 

2. THOMAS ■■ WELLES (////-/^^). 

Born 1620; married, probably 165 1, Mary Beards- 
LEY.born 1631, and died 1690, daughter of William Beards- 
ley, of England. Mr. Welles at the time of his marriage 
lived in Hartford, and the Beardsleys in Weathersfield, a 
town adjoining. In 1659 he moved to liadley, Mass., 
where he died in October or November, 1676. 

There was a Thomas Welles in the great "Falls Fight," 
Doc. 19, 16,-5, ^"^"'''g Philip's war, serving in Capt. William 
Turner's company. The " Colonial War Society Annual " 
speaks of " Capt. Welles." At the time of the " Falls 
Fight " Mr. Welles had a son Thomas, about twenty-four 
years of age, and possibly it was this Thomas instead of the 
father who was in the Indian battle. 

The estate of Mr. Welles was inventoried at £jll, a 
part of it being in Hadley, Mass., ^lOO in England, and 
the balance in Weathersfield, Conn. June 25, 167S, the 
widow married Samuel Belding, whose first wife, Mary, had 
been killed by the Indians in the Hatfield massacre, Sept. 
19, 1677. i\Ir. Belding had for a third wife another Mary, 
— this being the third Mary, — the widow of John AUis, 
mother of Abigail Allis, who when a little girl was cap- 
tured by the Indians, at Hatfield, and who, as will be seen, 
married Ephraim Welles, one of the sons of Thomas .md 
Mary Welles mentioned below. The first five of Mr. 
Welles' children were born in Weathersfield, and the 
other nine in Hadley, Mass. 


Fourteen children : 

7. Thomas Wellks, born Jan. 10, 1652; m. Hepzibah Buel. 

8. Marv Welles, b. Oct. i, 1653; d. same day. 

9. Sarah Welles, b. May 5, 1655. 

10. JOHX Welles, b. Jan. 14, 1657; d. same day. 

11. JON.\THAN Welles, b. 1658; d. Jan. 3, 1739; ^^^s '" King 

Philip's war. 

12. JOH.v Welles, b. April 3, 1660. 

13. Samuel Welles, b. 1662 ; m. Sarah Clark. 

14. Mary Welles, b. Sept. 8, 1664; m. a Field. 

15. Noah Welles, b. July 26, 1666; \vas a lieutenant; will 

entered for probate Feb. 5, 1754. 

16. Han.vah Welles, b. July 4, 166S; m., July 7, 1687, John 


17. Ebenezer Welles, b. July 4, 1668; m., Dec. 4, 1690, 

Mary White. 

18. D.vxiel Welles, b. Dec. 11, 1669; d. June 11, 1670. 

19. Ephrai.m Welles, b. prob. 1672. 

20. Joshua Welles, b. Feb. iS, 1674; d. 167S. 

19. EPHRAI.M = WELLES (Thomas\ Hiigh'). 

Born 1672; married, Jan. 23, 1695-6, Ai5lG.\lL Allis, 
born Feb. 25, 1672, and died Nov. 16, '731, daughter of 
Capt. John x\llis, of Hatfield, Mass. (.See " Capture of 
Abigail Allis," in another part of this work.) Mr. Welles 
for a time li\ed in Hatfield, then perhaps for a sliort time 
in New London, Conn., after which he settled in Colches- 
ter, in that State. He was at Colchester certainly as early 
as 1714. 

The original grant for the town was made Oct. 13, 1698, 
and provided for a " plantation " at " Jeremy's Farm," 
v.hich embraced Salem and Marlborough. Mr. Welles 
and his brother Noah were among the first settlers. The 
town was called Colchester, after the town in England of 
that name, from which the Welles had emigrated. Mr. 
Welles became an ensign in the militia, atid 172S-1732 


was a representative to the General Court. Colchester 
Records, pages 445-499, are missing, and it is supposed 
that on some of these pages were vital statistics of impor- 
tance to the Welles family. 

Ten children : 

21. Ephraim Welles, b. prob. 1696-7. 

22. Abigail Welles, b. prob. 169S; m., Jan. 27, 172 1-2, 

William Maringer, of Colchester. 

23. Thomas Welles, b. prob. 1700; had w. Sarah. 

24. Mary Welles, b. prob. 1703 ; m. a Day. 

25. Joshua Welles, b. prob. 1704; d. before 1781. 

26. Sarah Welles, b. prob. 1706; m. a Way. 

27. Elizal'ETH Welles, b. prob. 1708; m. a Brown. 

28. Hansah Welles, b. Jan. 2, 1709-10; m. a Green. 

29. Lypta Welles, b. Jan. iS, 1711-12; m., Oct. 3, 1736, El- 

nathan Rowley. 

30. Rebecca Welles, b. Sept. i, 1715; m. an Edgerton. 

21. EPHRAIM^ WELLE.S {Ephraim\ 7'homas\ 
Born about 1696; married, Feb. 2, 1727, Lvdia Chap- 
man, whose mother's maiden name probably was Lydia 
Lincoln. Mr. Welles was a land-holder in Colchester, 
Conn., and there died September, .1786. As will be seen, 
Lydia, his eldest born, married Benjamin Hodge, and thus 
the Hodge and Welles families became allied. 

Twelve children : 

31. LyDL\ Welles, b. May 24, 172S. (See Benjamin Hodge, 

No. 49-) 

32. Abigail Welles, b. Feb. 2, 1730; m., Nov. 6, 1755, John 

Morley ; one record says Ebenezer Morley. 

33. Ephraim Welles, b. Aug. 26, 1731; m., P\b. 10, 1763, 

Sarah Gates. He served in the French-Indian war, and 
d. July iS, 1799- 

34. Lucketia Welles, b. Feb. 24, 1733. 


35. Han-nah Welles, b. Oct. 7, 1734. 

36. Thomas Welles, b. Jan. 28, 1736; prob. the Thomas 

Welles who was captured by the British, Sept. 6, 1 781, at 
the taking of Ft. Griswold, Conn. 

37. Joshua Welles, b. -May 19, 1738. 

38. ELiZAiiETH Welles, b. May 4, 1740. 

39. Mary Welles, b. March 28, 1742. 

40. Joseph Welles, b. Jan. 2, 1744. 

41. Sarah Welles, b. April 28, 1746. 

42. Ezekiel Welles, b. Feb. S, 174S. 



A freeman, at Boston, Mass., as early as May 13, 
1640. Here he had twelve acres of land granted him for 
"three heads." In 1661 he moved to liadley, that part 
now Hatfield. Here in 1662 he was one of the selectmen ; 
in 1672 a lieutenant of cavalry, Hampton County troops, 
and a deacon of the church. He was a captain in the 
fight with the Indians, May 19, 1676, at Great Falls, as 
then called, but since known as Turner's Falls, Franklin 
County, Mass., and had with him in the engagement three 
sons, one of whom, and perhaps two, were killed in the 

Mr. Allis' wife was killed Sept. 19, 1677, in the attack on 
Hatfield by the Indians. 

June 25, 1678, less than a year after her death, ho 
married M.\RY Graves, whose husband, John Graves, also 
lost his life in this massacre. 

Mrs. Graves was a daughter of John Bronson, and before 
marrying Graves had been the wife of John Wyatt. In 
1682, Mr. Allis having died, she married Samuel Gaylord, 


and thus had in all four husbands. Samuel AlHs, a grand- 
son of William, was killed by the Indians at Deerfield, 
Feb. 29, 1704, at the same time Samuel's mother, Alice, 
then the wife of John HawlvS, was killed and two of his sis- 
ters made captives. 

Eight children: 

2. John Allis, b. March 5, 1643. 

3. Samuel Allis, b. Feb. 24, 1647; m. Alice, by whom had 

seven children, one of whom, Samuel, was killed as above 
mentioned. Samuel, Sr., died in 1691. 

4. Hannah Allis, m., 1670, William Scott. 

5. JosiAH Allis, b. abt. 1649; d. Oct. 15, 1651. 

6. JosiAH Allis, b. Oct. 20, 1651. 

7. William Allis, b. Jan. 10, 1653 ; d. 9 mos. later. 

8. William Allis, b. Jan. 10, 1656; killed in the "Fails 

Fight,'' M.\y 19, 1676; then " Wg Falls," now Turner's 
Falls, .Mass! 

9. Mary Allis, unni. ; d. 1690. 

2. JOHN- ALLIS {Jn7/iaw'). 

Born March 5, 1642; married, Dec. 14, 1669, Mary 
Clark, widow of Nathaniel Clark and daughter of Thomas 
Meakins. Mr. Allis was a carpenter and contractor; he 
built many churches. He served in King Philip's war, 
and was in the " Falls Fight." Afterwards he was a cap- 
tain in the militia. At the time of the Hatfield massacre, 
in 1677, his barn was burned, his mother killed, and his 
daughter Abigail carried away by the Indians. He died 
in 1691. His widow, the moliicr of two children by 
Clark, her first husband, and of twelve by Allis, within a 
year after his death married Samuel Belding, Sr. Mrs. 
Clark-Allis-Bclding evidently was a woman of marked 
energy and courage, well suited to the times in which she 
lived. By Allis she had the follouing: 


Twelve children : 

10. Joseph Allis, b. 1670. 

11. Abigail Allis, b. Feb. ::j, 1672. (See " Capture of Abigail 

Allis" in another ])art of this work: also Welles Fam- 
ily, No. 19, and trace to Lydia Welles, No. 31. and Ben- 
jamin Hodge, No. 49.) 

12. Han.vah Allis, b. Oct. 9, 1673. 

13. ICHABOD Allis, b. July 10, 1675. 

14. Eleazqr Allis, b. July 23, 1677. 
ij. Elizabeth Allis, b. April 4, 1679. 

16. LvDiA Allis, b. Aug. 15, 16S0; d. 1691. 

17. John Allis, b. May 10, 16S2. 

18. Rebecc.-v Allis, b. April 16, 16S3. 

19. William Allis, b. May 16, 1684. 

20. Mary Allis, b. Aug. 25, 16S7; d. 8 mo. 

21. Nathaniel Allis, b. prob. 16S9. 



Born probably in 1593; came to tliis country from 
England; married, about 161 5, Elizabeth, born 
probably in 1595, and died January, 16S3. She was a 
sister of John Deniing, who married Honor Treat. (See 
Treat Family, No. 2.) In 1634 Mr. Foote was a free- 
man at Watertown, Mass., and in 1636 became one of the 
original settlers of Weathersfield, Conn. His name ap- 
pears as one of the patentees of the Connecticut charter. 
He became a magistrate, and in 1641 was chosen a repre- 
sentative to the General Court, which position he continued 
to hold until his death, in 1644. Mr. Foote was a descend- 
ant of James Foote, to whom ^vas given a coat of arms by 
King James, which is described as follows : " A shield 


divided by a chevron, with quarterings of clover leaves ;" 
crest and " oak tree;" motto, " loyalt}- and truth." The 
facts connected with the bestowal are given in these 
words : " In a war between the English and the Scots 
King James was in imminent danger of being destroyed, 
when James Foote, a trusty officer, escorted the king to a 
certain wood where was a large oak tree, the trunk where- 
of was hollow, and there concealed him unknown to any 
one, until he "obtained a safe retreat." Mr. Foote's chil- 
dren were all born in the old country except the youngest. 
His descendants have become numerous and many of them 
quite distinguished. Among those bearing the Foote 
name may be mentioned Andrew H. Foote, late admiral in 
the United States Xavy, of Civil war fame; Samuel A. 
Foote, go\-ernor of Connecticut in 1834, and United 
States Senator from that State; Hon. John A. Foote, of 
Cleveland, O., a brother of the admiral; and Hon. Sam- 
uel A. Foote, father of both John A. and the admiral. 
Judge Horace Foote, of Cleveland, descended from 
Nathaniel through another line. Mrs. Nathaniel Foote 
after the death of her husband became the second wife of 
Gov. Thomas Welles, of Connecticut, and outli\-ed the 
governor some years. In a will made by her March 28, 
1678, five years before her death, she very specifically 
provided for the distribution of her property, mentioning 
among others her " daughter Churchill," and her grand- 
sons " Joseph " and "Benjamin Churchill." This Joseph 
was the great-grandfather of Sarah Churchill, who married 
Benjamin Hodge. (See Benjamin Hodge, No. 12S, and 
Churchill Family, No. ji.) 
Seven children : 

2. Eliz.\beth Foote, b. abt. i6i6. (See Churchill Family, 
No. I, and trace to Sarah Churchill, \o. 3i) 


3. Nathaniel Foote, b. 1621 ; m., 1646, Elizabeth Smith. 

Mr. Foote d. 1665. 

4. Mary Foote, b. :\bt. 1623; in., 1642, Jolin Stoddard, and 

tlien John Goodrich. 

5. Robert Foote, b. 1627; m. Sarah . He d. i6Si. 

6. Fra.nxes Foote, b. abt. 1629 ; m. ( i ) , 164S, John DicI<insor., 

who d. 1676, leaving ten children; m. (2), 1677, Francis 
Barnard, who d. 169S. 

7. Sarah Foote, b. al>t. 1632; m., 1652, Jeremiah Judson. 

Shed. 1673. 

8. Rebecca Foote, b. abt. 1634; m. (i), 1657, Lieut. Philip 

Smith, who d. 1688; then became the fourih wife ot'Maj. 
Aaron Cooke, who d. Sept. 5, 1690, " aged So.'' Shed. 
April 6, 1701. 



Born about 161.4; married, 163S, ELIZABETH FoOTE, 
born 161 6, and died Sept. S, 1700, daughter of Nathaniel 
Foote, whose widow Elizabeth, mother of this Elizabeth., be- 
came the second wife of Gov. Thomas Welles, of Connect- 
icut. Mr. Churchill came from Devonshire, England, the 
same place where John Churchill, who became Duke of 
Marlborough, was born, June 24, 1650. The Duke's father, 
Winston Churchill, and Josiah must have been of about 
the same age. Tradition in this Churchill family in this 
country says that tlic two men were of the same family, 
but how nearly connected is not stated. Josiah settled in 
Weathersfield, Conn., in 1636, and it is supposed came to 
this country not long before. In 1673 lie contributed 
towards the purchase from the Indians of a considerable 
portion of Eastbury, a part of the town of Glastonbury, 
which adjoins Weathersfield. 


He apfjears to have been a prominent man in the com- 
munity. Died Jan. i, 1686. 

Seven children : 

2. Mary Churchill, b. March 24. 1639; m, a Church. 

3. Eliz.apeth Churchill, b. May 15, 1642; m., Oct. 31, 

1660, Henry Buck, who d. July 7, 1712. 

4. Hannah Churchill, b. Nov. i, 1644; m.,Jan. 9, 1667, 

Samuel Royce, d. prob. before 1686. 

5. Ann Churchill, b. 1647; m. a Rice. 

6. Joseph Churchill, b. Dec. 2, i6.;9. 

7. Benjamin Churchill, b. May 16. 1652; m., 1677, Alary 

- — -, b. 1653, who d. Oct. 30, 1712. 

8. Sarah Churchill, b. Nov. 14, 1657; m., June 11, 1673, 

Thomas Wickham, of Weathersfield. He or she d. iMay 
9. 1752- 

6. JOSEPH - CHURCHILL {Josi\y/,'). 

Born Dec. 2 (says one record, "July 3 "), 1649; n"'^^- 
ried, May 13, 1674, ]\L\RY Kdwarps. He died April i, 
1699; resided, Weathersfield, Conn. 

Nine children : 

9. Mary Churchill, b. April 6, 1675. 

10. Nathaniel Chukchill, b. July 9, 1677. 

11. Elizabeth Churchill, b. 1679. 

12. Dinah Churchill, b. 1680. 

13. Samuel Chukchill, b. i63S; m., June 26, 1717, Martha 

Boardman; had si.x children. He d. July 21, 1767. 

14. Joseph Churchill, b. 1690. 

15. David Churchill, b. 1692. (Says Glastonbury records, 

"David Churchill d. April 16, 17S2, aged 92 years 10 

16. Jonathan Churchill, b. 1692, twin of David. 

17. Hannah Churchill, b. 1696. 

10. NATHANIEL ' CPIURCHH.L [Joseph ^ Josiah ■ ) . 

Born July 9, 1677; married, Oct. 9, 1701, Mary Hurl- 
BUT, born Feb. 17, 1680, daughter of John Hurlbut (see 


Hurlbut Family, No. 12). Feb. 28, 1716, an inventory 
on the estate of Mr. Churchill in the probate court made 
the value of his property at his death ^^371. He lived 
many years in Weathersfield, but in 171 5 probably moved 
to Westfield, Mass. 

Six children : 

18. Nathaniel Churchill, b. Oct. 29, 1703: m., 1726. Re- 

becca Griiwold; seven children. 

19. John Churchill, b. Jan. 19, 1706: m., June 8. 1727; res. 

Chatham, Conn. 

20. Stephen Churchill. 

21. Daniel Churchill, b. Nov. 3, 1710. 

22. Solomon Churchill. 

23. JosiAH Churchill, b. Au,^. S, 1714; m. Martha Gill, dau. 

of Ebenezer and Lj-dia (Cole) Gill, of Middletovvn, Conn. ; 
his will, ciated Marci: i, 1770, made his nephew Benjamin, 
son of Daniel, his sole heir. He left quite a large estate. 

21. DANIEL* CHURCHILL {Natharu.eV. Joseph-, Jo- 
siah ' ) . 

Born Nov. 3, 1710; married, June 16, 1735, ABIGAIL 
White, born Oct. 31, 1717, and died 1S13; daughter of 
Nathaniel White (see White Family, No. 24). In May, 
1796, Mr. Churchill moved from Middlesex County, Conn., 
to Exeter, Otsego County, N.Y.', arriving at Exeter May 
10. Josiah Churchill (No. 23) also at this time settled in 
Exeter or Richfield, a town adjoining. 

Mrs. Daniel Churchill outlived all her nine children but 
one, Sarah, reaching the age of ninety-six years. During 
the last twenty years of her life she was totally blind. 

Ten children : 

24. Ruth Churchill, b. Oct. 20, 1737; m. Stephen White, 

prob. f.ithfjr of Dr. Joseph White, of Cherry Valley, 
N.Y. : had son Amenzo. 


25. Sarah Churchill, b. April 5, 1739; d. April 30, 1739. 

26. Abigail Churchill, b. March 16, 1740; d. March 29, 1743. 

27. Elisha Churchill, b. Aug. 24, 174.1; m. ; d. during 

Rev. war; no children. 

28. William Churchill, b. .March 2, 1745 ; d. July 4. 1749. 

29. BENJA.MIN Churchill, b. Feb. 5, 1747; m. Elizabeth 


30. Da.viel Churchill, b. Oct. 2, 1750; m., 1779, Eunice 

Sa.xton, b. Dec. 13, 1750; at siege of Boston, May !o to 
Dec. 19, 1775 ; d. shortly before his mother. 

31. Abigail Churchill, b. May 2, 1753 ; d. unm. 

32. Sarah Churchill, b. Nov. 25, 1757. (See Benjamin 

Hodge, No. 1 28.) 


JOHN TREAT (or TROTT as orioiiially called). 

Lived in Staplegrove, north of Taunton, Somerset 
County, England, on or near the channel. He 
was probably born as early as 1525. He had a son, Will- 
iam, who had Richard. This Richard married a woman 
whose first name was Jo.axna, Hved in Pitminster, Som- 
erset County, and there had a son Robert, who married 
Honour, or Honora, who was buried at Pitminster 
Sept. 17, 1627. Their son, Richard, was the first of the 
name to come to this country. The Treat genealogy, 
from which the above facts are largely gleaned, says 
Richard was baptized under the name of Trott, married as 
Trett, and here became Treat. 




Born 1584; baptized Aug. 28, 1584; married, April 27, 
161 5, Alice G.ayloRD, baptized May 10, 1594, daughter 
of Hugh Gaylord. Mr. Treat died 1669. He was one of 
the carl}' settlers of Weathersfield, Conn., and is named as 
one of the patentees in the New England Charter given 
April 23, 1662, by King Charles U. About 1639 he 
moved to Milford, Conn., where he established one of 
his sons in business, and then returned to Weathersfield, 
where he died. His second son, Robert, in 1675 became 
a major in the militia, and acted as colonel, commanding 
all through the war with King Philip. HoUister in his 
" History of Connecticut " says of his bravery in leading a 
forlorn hope : " It is without a parahel in our history, save 
in the life of Mason, who preceded him, or Putnam, who 
came after him." In 1683 Robert became governor of the 
Connecticut Colony, and after holding the office fifteen 
years declined to serve any longer. He had two wives, 
the first Jane Tapp, and the second the widow Elizabeth 
Br}-an. He died, according to Savage, July 12, 1710. 
Robert Treat Paine, one of the signers of the Declaration 
of Independence, was his great-grandson. Richard Treat, 
the pioneer, and father of Robert, the governor, had the 
following : 

Eight children: 

2. Honor Tre.\t, b. 1616; bap. March 19, 1616. 

3. RiCH.ARD TKE.A.T, in, Sarah Coleman. 

4. Robert Tre.\t, b. 1622; the governor. 

5. jOKSSA TRE.A.T, m. John HoIUsier. 



1 6. S.«.AH Treat, m. JMathew Campfield. 

I 7. SusAN-NA Treat, m. Robert Websler. 

8 Tame< Treat, b. 1634; m. Rebecca Latimer. 

9. Catherine Treat, m., Nov. 19, 1655, William Thompson. 

2. HONORS TREAT {Riclmrd'). 
: Born 161 6, in Pitminster, Englanci, and came to this 

' country -aith her father; married, probably in the year 

i 1637, 'jOHN DE.MING, a Weathersfield, Conn., settler in 

• 1635', and brother of Elizabeth Deming, who married 

Nathaniel Footc (See Foote Family, No. i, page 346.) 
Mr. Deming was often a representative of that town to 
the General Court from 1G49 to 1661. He was a patentee 
in the Roval Charter of 1662. His will, bearing date June 
26, 1690,^ as entered for probate in 1705, and he is sup- 
posed to have died about that time. 

In the will f\ve sons and tive daughters are mentioned ; 
some of the daughters, however, only by their husbands- 
names. (See Savage.) 

Ten children : 

10. John- Deming, b. Sept. 9, 163S : m.. 1659, Mary Mygate. 

11. J0NATH.A.N Deming, b. 1639; "i- (0- >-'o''-- -'- '660, Sarah, 

v,ho d. June 5, l668 : m. (,2) Elizabeth Gilbert. 

12. Samuel Deming, b. 1646 ; ra., .Mar. 29, 1694, Sarah Kirby. 
' 13. David Deming, m., 1678, Mary. 

: . 14. Ebenezer Deming, ra., 1677, Sarah. 

15. Rachael Deming, m. John Morgan. 

16. A dau. ; m. Richard Beckley. 

17 MasyDe.ming, b. 1655. (^See Hurlbut Family, No. 3, and 
trace to Mary Htirlbtit, No. 12, who m. Nathaniel 
Churchill, and also to Mehiuble Hurlbut, No. 17, wuo 
m. Nathaniel White, No. 17, and had Abigail White. No. 
2/,%vho m. r>.a;-el Churchill, No. 21, and hid Sarah 
Churchill. No. 3^,-.\li'. became the wife of Benjamin 
Hodge, No. 128.) 

i8. A dau. : m. Thomas Wright. 

19. Sarah Deming, m. prob ba.Tiuel Moody. 




Born before 1610; married Sarah, about v;hom little 
is known. Air. Hurlbut came to this country about 1635, 
either from Scotland or England. At an early date he 
was a blacksmith at Weathersfield, Conn., where he was 
highly esteemed and regarded as a man of sturdy character. 

He was a lieutenant in the military service, and as such 
served against the Pequots in 1637, at which time he was 

The colony gave him, as it did others who served 
against the Pequots, a warrant for one hundred and tv/enty 
acres of land. In 1690 this land was set off to his grand- 
son, John Hurlbut, Jr. !\Ir. Hurlbut was chosen a deputy 
to the General Court, and held other positions of trust. 
It is said that the house in Weathersfield, in which Harriet 
Mitchell now or lately resided, stands on the site which 
was once the Hurlbut home. iNIr. Hurlbut is supposed to 
have died between the years 1671 and 1675. His children, 
except one son, settled in or about Weathersfield, and the 
descendants now are quite numerous. 

Possibh" some have allowed their name to be twisted 
into Holibard or Hulbert. 

Six children : 

2. Thomas Hurlbut, d. in 16S9, leaving three sons. 

3. John Hl-rlbut, b. March S, 1642. 

4. Samuel Hurlbut. 

5. Joseph Hurlbut. 

6. Stephen Hurlbut. 

7. Cornelius Hurlbut. 


3. JOHN = HURLBUT ( Thomas ' ) . 

Born INIarch S, 1643; married, Dec. 15, 1670, ]\Iarv 
Deming, born 1655, daughter of John and Honor (Treat) 
Deming. Sept. 5, 1675, Mrs. Hurlbut joined the church 
at MidJletown, Conn., where no doubt the family was 
then living. Here Mr. Hurlbut died. Aug. 30, 1690. 
Tou-n record says died "April 10," same year. There 
being an " unborn child," no distribution of the estate was 
made at the time, and it was finally deferred until June 19, 
1696. This " unborn child," Mehitable, became^ as may 
be seen by tracing the descent, we are proud to say, an 
important factor in the genealogical line of the compiler 
— his great-great-grandmother. 

Ten children: 

S. John- Hurlbut, b. Dec. S, 1671 ; m. Rebecca Warner. 

9. Mary Hurlbut. b.ap. .-\pril 7, 1673 ; ci. in infancy. 

10. TnoM.\s Hurlbut, b. Oct, 20, 1674; m. Martha Collins. 

11. Sajiah Hurlbut, b. Nov. 5, 1676; m. Joseph Warner, 

brother to John's wife. 

12. Mary Hurlbut. b. Nov. 17, 167S; m. Nathaniel Churchill, 

grandfather of Sarah Churchill, who m. Benj.imin Hod'^e, 
No. 12S. (See Churchill Family, No. 10.) 

13- Mercy Hurlbut, b. Feb. 17, 16S0-1 ; m. Thos. Hale, of 

Glastonbury. Conn. 

14- Ebenezer Hurleut, b. Jan. 17, 16S2-3 ; m. Sar.ah Dickens. 
ij- ."\L\RGARET Hurlbut, b. Feb., 16S4-5: m. Timothy Sage. 
16. D.wiu Hurlbut, b. Aug. 11, 16SS; m. (i) Mary Savage; 

ni. (2) .Mercy . 

17- Mehitable Hurlbut, b. Nov. 23, 1690 (posthumous) ; m 
Nathaniel White, grandfather of Sarah Churchill, who m. 
Benjamin Hodge, No. 12S. (See White F.imily, No. 17.) 




Born probably about 1600; came to this country, as is 
supposed, from Chelmsford, Essex County, England. He 
embarked at London on the ship " Lion," Captain Pierce, 
probably June 22,- 1632, and landed at Boston, Mass., Sun- 
day, September 16, about three months later. He resided 
first at Cambridge, then called Newtown, where in Februar}', 
1635, he was elected one of a board of seven men to 
manage the affairs of the town. In 1636 he moved to 
Hartford, Conn., the settlement of which had been com- 
menced the year previous. 

One of the Harvard College buildings, the library, it is 
claimed is on the site of a home lot, " his cov.' yard," 
once owned by him. It is also said that the famous 
"Charter Oak" stood upon land he once owned. In 
1659 he became a resident of Hadle}', Mass. Here he 
was chosen a representative in 1664 and again in 1669. 
Soon after he returned to Hartford, and in 1670 was made 
an elder in the " South Church." Of liis wife, whose name 
was Mary, little is known except that she came with her 
husband from the old country, and was alive in 1666. Says 
Savage, from whose genealogical dictionary many facts 
regarding Mr. White have been taken, " He was a man 
of good repute, and died December, 1683, or the next 

Six children : 

2. Marv White, b. abt. 1627; m., Jan. 29, 1646, Jonathan 


3. Xathaniel White ; b. 1629. 



4. John White ; m. Sarah Bunce, dau. of Thomas Bunce. of 
Hartford, Conn., by whom he had two children. He d. 
Sept. 14, 1665, after which his widow m. (2) Nicholas 
Worthington, the great progenitor of the chief Worth- 
ington famil)- in this country. By Mr. Worthington she 
had three children, whose descendants are numerous, the 
family of the late George Worthington, of Cleveland, O., 
being among them. Mrs. Sarah White-Worthington died 
June 20, 1676. 

J. Daniel White, m. Sarah Crow. 

6. SAR.A.H White, m. (i) Stephen Taylor: m. (2), Oct.. 1666, 

Barnabas Hinsdale ; m. (3'), Feb., 1679, Walter Hitkson. 

7. Jacob White, b. Oct. 8, 1645; m. Elizabeth Bunce, of 

Hartford, Conn. 

3. XATHAXIEL- WHITP: (John'). 

Born 1629 in Kngland and came to this country with 
his father; married (i) Eliz.\BETH, born 1625, and died 
1690; married (2) Martha MOULD, widow of Hugh 
Mould, a noted ship-builder at New London, Coim.. and 
daughter of John Coit, another man of prominence. She 
married Hugh Mould, June 11, 1662, and Mr. Mould died 
in 1692. Mr. White died Aug. 27, 1711, and Martha, his 
second wife, died April 14, 1730, ag.-d about 'i,6 years. 
Before the marriage of Mr. White and the widow Mould, 
two of Mr. White's sons, Daniel and Joseph, had married 
two of the widow's daughters, Mary and Susanna, by her 
first husband. Mr. White lived in Middlesex Countv, 
Conn., and was reputed to be the third richest man in 
the town where he resided. He held many positions of 
public trust, among them that of representative from 
1665 to 1677, being 81 years old at the time of his last 
year's service. He was early an ensign in the militia, and 
after King Philip's war, in which he took part, he bore the 
title of lieutenant. At the time of his death he was called 


"Captain." A fine slab of Portland stone, in the old 
cemetery, near the depot in IMiddlctown, Conn., marks the 
spot where he was buried. 

Eight children : 

8. X.A.THAXIEL White, b. July 7, 1652. 

9. Ei.iz.AP.ETH White, b. March 7, 1655; ni. (i) Sergt. John 

Clark ; m. (2) Capt. William Savage ; m. (3) a Williams. 

10. John White, b. April 9, 1657. 

11. Mary White, b. April 7, 1659; m. (i) Jacob Cornwell ; 

ni. (2) John Bacon, Sr. 

12. Daniel White, b. Feb. 17, 1662; so says tombstone; 

town rec. differs. 

13. Sarah White, b. Jan. 22, 1664; m. John Smith, of 

Haddam, Conn. 

14. Jacob White, b. May lo, 1665; m. (1) Dcboiah Shepard ; 

m. {2) Rebecca Kar.ney. 

15. JOJEPH White, b. Feb. 20, 1667 ; m. -Mary Mould, dau. of 

his stepmother. 

12. DANIEL MVHITE {Nathaniel^ John'). 

Born Feb. 17, 1662; married, March i, 16S3, SuSANXA 
Mould, of New London, Conn., born April 2, 1663, 
daughter of his stepmother by her first husband. Sl.e 
died Sept. 7, 1754. Air. White died Dec. i3, 1739, in 
Middletown, Conn., where he was born and is believed to 
have always resided. He filled various public offices ; was 
an ensign in the militia ; left a large property. 

Six children : 

16. Daniel White, b. Dec. 8, 16S3; m 

17. X'athaniel White, b. Sept. 3, 1685 
iS. Joseph White, b. and d. 1687. 
19. Joseph White, b. Oct. S, 168S. 

20. HfGH White, b. Feb. 15, i6gi ; m. .Mary Stone. 

21. John- White, b. Nov. 27, iCoa : m. Susanna Ailing. 


22. Susanna White, b. Oct. 16, 1694: m. Thomas Johnson. 

23. Is.\-\c White, b. Nov. 9, 1696. 

24. JON.-iTHAN Whiti:, b. and d. 1702. 

25. Ruth White, b. .Sept. 28, 1703. 

26. Rachel White, b. Feb. 3, 1705. 

17. NATHAXIEL' WHITE {Dauiel\ Nathanlel\ 

Born Sept. 3, 1685 ; married, July 29, 1714, Mehitable 
HURLBUT, born Nov. 23, 1690, and died Jan. S, 1744; 
daughter of John and ;\Iary (Deming) Hurlbut. (See 
Hurlbut Family, No. 17.) Mr. White died May 5, 1743. 
About 1 72 1 he is supposed to have moved from Middle- 
town to Chatham, across the Connecticut river, that part 
of the old town now called Portland. He held various 
offices and was called " Captain." Perhaps he w a.s the 
Capt. Nathaniel White who was in command of troops in 
1737. Oct. 25, 1 72 1, Mr. White and hi.s wife took letters 
of dismissal from the church in Middletown and united 
with the church at Chatham. 

Ten children : 

27. Nathaniel White, b. April 25, 171;; m. Mary Sage. 

28. Mehitable White, b. Sept. 23, 1716; d. Dec. 25, 1716. 

29. Abig.-vil White, b. Oct. 31, 1717. (See Churchill Family, 

Nos. 21 and 3i.) 

30. Elijah White, b. Feb. 15, 17 19; m. Abigail Hudbut. 

31. Noadiah White, b. Feb. 26, 1720; m. Lois White. 

32. Mehitable White, b. July 22, 1721 ; d. March 19, 1743. 

33. Amos White, b. March 18, 1723; d. April 24, 1727. 

34. Sarah White, b. Oct. 24, 1724; m. Deacon John Clark, 


35. John- White, b. 14, 1727; d. July 14, 1727. 

36. Anson White, b. March 21, 172S : d. .\pril 4, 172S. 


The English family becomes allied with the Hodge fami!\- 
by the marriage in rS20 of Alfred Hodge and Sophia 
English. The English line is allied with the Xewcomb 
family by the marriage in 1715 of Richard English and 
Abigail Xewcomb. The Englishes are allied with the Caul- 
kins by the marriage in 1777 of Abel English and Anna 
Caulkins, and the Caulkins are allied with the Deweys by 
the marriage in 17^7 of Ezekiel Caulkins and Anna 
Dewey. Thus the Englishes, the iNevvcombs, the Caulkins, 
and the Deweys each furnish a line of ancestors for the 
descendants of Alfred Hodge. Tiiese lines are traced on 
succeeding pages. 


In England: John' English, born probably about 1610. 
in Essex County, England, had a son Richard', born prob- 
ably 1635, who married Ereeuom Strong, and had a son 
David ^, born 1661, who married, May 7, 1C88, Eliza.hkth 
Harold. He died Sept. 6, 1704. David had a son 
Richard *, who emigratetl to America. 


The first of the famil)- in this country; born about 16S9, 
in Essex, England ; married, Feb. 17, 17 12, .Map.v Hinks- 



MAX, born July 30, 16SS, probably daughter of John 
Hinksman. .Mr. EnoHsh c.ime to this country May, 17 10 
in the brig " Su'allow," and first made his home in New- 
port, R.I., then in Bristol, and finally settled, 1/17. in 
Lebanon, Conn. He probably had other children besides 
those here mentioned. 
Four children: 

5. John- English, h. Aug. S, 1713. 

6. Sa.'xA!! LxGLiiH, m. SiLis Woodworth. 

7- Uassah English, b. Sept. 19. 1722; m., Nov. 22, 1740, 

Peter Kewcomb. 
8. English, b. Nov. 12, 1724; m., ,741, Capt. Eddy 

Newcomb. (See Newcomb Family, No. 9.) 

5. JOHX- EXGLISII (7^/r//ard'-). 

Born Aug. S, 1713; married, Nov. 9, 1738, Aetgul 
Newcomb, born Nov. 16, 17 1 5, daughter of Deacon John 
Newcomb. (See Newcomb Family, No. 10.) Mr. En<^- 
lish was the first of the family born in this country. It Is 
supposed that he moved from Lebanon, Conn., to Corn- 
vvallis, Nova Scotia, in 17G0. He died there in 176 1. His 
widow was an original proprietor in Cornwallis in 1761 
and continued to reside there until her death. (See note 
under Newcomb Family, " The Acadian Emigration.") 

Eight children : 

9. RiciLARD English, b. Sept., 1741. 

10. Alice English, b. April 8, 1743. 

11. John E.nglish, b. March 22, ,745. Possibly this is the 

John English who was in the Revolutionarv war in Capt. 
Waterman-s company. Col. Durkee\s regiment, of Con- 

12. Zei'h.wiah E.vclish, b. Dec. 0, 1747. 

13- -M.iKT English, b. July 10, 1749. 

14- Abigail English, b. .May r, 1751. 
1 0. Abel ENni.isii, b. July 4, 1755. 
16. Joel English, b. March 25, 175^. 


15. ABEL" ENGLISH {JoknK Rlc/mrd' ). 

Born July 4, 1755; married, May 15, 1777, in Nova 
Scotia, Anna Caulkin.s, born Sept. 2, 17 -,7, and died 
March 16, 1854, daughter of Ezekiei Cai:!l-:ins (sec Caid- 
kins Family, No. 20). Mr. English died Aug. 22, 1S32. 

In 17S3 'Six. English changed his residence from Corn- 
wallis, Nova Scotia, to Connecticut, and there resided until 
1804, when he moved to German Flats, N.Y. From tliere 
he moved to Exeter, Otsego County, in the same State. 
In 1 8 10 he made another change, now settling in the tovni 
of Hamburg, on a farm about seven miles southwest from 
Buffalo, N.Y., three-fourths of a mile from Lake Erie, 
where he continued to live the rest uf his life, surruui-ueu 
by a large family of children and several orphaned grand- 
children. Mrs. English outlived her husband more than 
twenty years, continuing to reside at the old home until 
1S53, the year before her death, when she was taken to 
the residence of her youngest daughter, Clarissa, then Mrs. 
Wm. G. Angel, living at Angelica, N.Y. She died at the 
age of ninety-seven. She was a member of the F"ree\Vill 
Baptist Church for hft)' years, and was a woman of rare 
virtues, dearly lo\'ed by her family, and greatly respected 
by a large circle of acquaintances. A few years before 
her death she became blind, but retained her mental facul- 
ties to the last. Her remains svere taken back to Ham- 
burg, where she had lived so many years, and buried at 
the side of those of her husband in the cemetery at Ab- 
botts Corners. The writer, visiting the cemetery some 
years since, hading that no stone marked her grave, caused 
one to be erected, and now two Italian marble slabs tell 
where rest the remain.s of this worthy couple. 

At the time of her death her children, grandchildren, and 
great-grandchildren, dead and li\-ing. numbered eigh.t',--two. 



-^f i.| 


The rear part ..f this log huu.e was l.uilt !iy Abel English in iSto. The main portion 
was erected a few years later, by Mr. English and his son John. The family of Mr. English 
consisted of two sons and seven daughters, all of whom married and all of whom but one 
had children. When Mrs. English died, in 1S54, aged 97, her descendants, living and 
dead, numbered S2. Thus from this old log house sprung a large family, which is traced 
on succeeding pages. In this house the compiler of this work was born, and now after 
the many that have since passed he looks upon the picture here presented with 
feelings of awe and veneration, well remembering the many draughts of pure cob! ujter, 
in childhood, he drank from 

■•Tl.^- "Id o.iUi. Inickct, tlu in,r,-b,.u„.l hnckct, 


Nine children : 

17. Rebecca English, b. Tuesday, 2 P.M., April 28, 1778. 

18. Alice English, b. Tuesday; 8 A.M., July 9, 17S0. 

19. Olive English, b. Wednesday, 10 P.M., April 24, 1783. 

20. Nancv Anna English, b. Friday, i I'.M., Jan. 13, 17S6. 

21. John English, b. Tuesday, 9 A.M., March iS, 17S8. 

22. E.mily Pa.meha English, b. Tuesday, 2 P.M., July 20, 


23. Charles Chester F:nglish, b. Sunday, i P.^L, Feb. 17, 
_ 1793- 

■24. -SOPHIA English, b. Sunday, 6 P.M., April 12, 1795. 
25. Claiussa English, b. Tuesday, Dec. 2, 1800. 

17. REBECCA^ ENGLISH (A5£/\ Johu-, Richard'). 
Born April 28, 177S; married, Feb. 24, 1807, Per,\s 

Bro\V.\, born April 21, 1780, and died July 30, 1842. She 
died I\Iay 14, iSii, \a childbirth. He afterwards married 
a widow Coleman, many years younger than himself, by 
whom he had s^-veral children. The writer wlien a boy 
lived with this man several months. The injunction 
" Speak no evil of the dead," like most other rules, has its 
exceptions. The remembrance of how Brown with a hot 
iron put out the e)"es of a dumb animal cannot be forgotten. 
Brown died from the effect of a kick from an enraged cow. 
" Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad." 
The cow lived I 

Two children : 

2t). .MOKRis Brown, b. Feb. 19, 1809. 

27. Peras Brown, b. .NLiy 14, iSn ; m. and had several chil- 
dren; a lawyer; lived in State of .\ew York; moved to 

18. ALICES LXGLLSII {Atel', J,'/,h\ Ric/mrd'). 
Born July y, 17S0; nr.irricd, in Vermont, Juiix WlllT- 

MORE, who moved from there to IIaml)urg, X.Y., where 
he died in 1834-5. She died Jan. 17, 1S26, 


Three children : 

2H. Ceorgk WniTMORE, li. June 29, 180S. 
20. Emily Mowbry Whitmoue, b. Nov. 29, iSro. 
20. Clarissa English Whit:\iorh, b. Au9;. 12. 1815: unm. ; 
d. Jan. 4, 18S4. 

ly. OLIVE* ENGLISH {Abel ■. Johu\ Richard'). 

Born April 24, 1783 ; married Daniel Allen, who died 
June II, 1S59. She died April, 1S60. Mr. Allen was a 
physician and practised at his profession, in Hamburg, 
N.Y., many years. He moved to Ohio about 1S37, but 
soon returned. He finally settled in Troy, Wis., where 
he died. 

Two children : 

31. Luc'NDA .-^LLEx, b. Oct. 17, 1S14. 

82. Lucius Allen, b. Feb. 13, 1S16. 

20. NANCY ANNA* ENGLISH {Ab€l\ JoJin\ Rich- 

Born Jan. 13, 1786; married, Oct. 6, 1809, Daniel 
Br.W.MAX, who died Aug. 5, 1S67. She died Feb. 8, 
1865. IMr. Brayman early settled in Hamburg, N.Y., 
where he owned a farm adjoining on the north the farm 
of Mr. English, his wife's father. Here he lived until the 
death of his wife, when he sold his land and went to live 
with his son Mason in Springfield, 111., where he died. 

His remains were buried at Springfield, while those of 
his most excellent wife rest in the cemetery at Abbotts 
Corners in Hamburg. Mr. Brayman was a man of ability 
and had many sterling qualities. 
Eight children: 

33. M.\RCELLON Bkavman, b. Dec, iSio; d. young. 

S4. Abel English Drayman, b. .NTov. 3, [811. 

35. .Mason Bravm \n, b. .\I,iy 23, 1S13. 


j6. Jamks Okimkl Bravman, b. July 15, 1815: m., April 23. 
1850, Eli/a E. Warren. He d. Oct. 30, 18S7. Resided 
thirty or more years in Chicago, 111. : engaged nearly all 
his li.^e in newspaper and other literary work. His 
widow at last accounts was living in Chicago. 

37. Sarah Bravman, b. April 11, 1S17; unm. ; d. Avig. 31, 


38. Martha Br,av.m.\n, b. Apjila,, i8ig. 

39. Sophia Emily Braymax, b. Jmie 8, 1S21 ; m. (i), Jan. 6, 

1841, Isaac Woodhams ; tn. (2) Philetus Phillips; m. 
(3) Dr. John \V. Barney, whom she outlived some 
years. Several years before her death she became a 
quite helpless invalid. 

40. ALiLViNA Braym.\n, b. June 17, 1S24; d. July, 1824. 

21. JOHN' ENGLISH (Abcl\Jo/u^\ Ric'^ani' ). 

Born March iS, 17SS; married, I'\'b. 10, 1S34, Sallv 
Shields, born Feb. 7. 1793, and died Aug. 27, 1S71, 
daughter of Samuel Shields, who about 1833 moved from 
the State of New York to the town of Seville, iJedina 
Co., Ohio. Mr. English died Jan. 11, 1S66. When he 
was three years old his parents moved from Cornwallis, 
Nova Scotia, where he was born, to Lebanon, Conn. In 
1 8 10, after several changes, his parents settled in Ham- 
burg, N.Y. Mr. Elnglish finally became by inheritance 
and pi;rchasc possessor of his father's farin, and lived on 
it many years. About 1S53 he sold it and moved to 
Seville, Ohio, where he purchased a farm, on which he 
lived until his death. Mr. English was a captain in the 
militia, a man of generous impul.-e, quite imassuming, 
and greatly respected by all who knew him. 

Two children: 

41. Mary A.VNA English, b. Fel.i. 4, 1835; unm.; res. Cleve- 

land, O. 

42. Abel J.AMES E.vglish, b. Sept. 6, 1037; unm.; res. Cleve- 

land, O. 

374 HODGE FAJ.riLV. 


Born July 20, 1790; married, 1S12, WiLLTA.M G. AxGEL, 
born July 17, 1700, and died Oct. 13, 1S5S. She died 
May 12, 1S23. His great ancestor in this countr\' was 
Thomas Angell, who, it is claimed, came to America with 
Roger Williams and settled in Rhode Island. Mr. Angel 
was a distinguished lawyer, a judge, member of Congress, 
and held many other positions of public trust. 

He was generous almost to a fault. He lived in the 
town of Angelica, N.Y., a mile and a half from Angelica 
village, many years and was, according to his own request, 
burled on a high knoll back of his residence. Judge 
Martin Grover was his law-partner many years. .Mr. 
Angel had for a second wife a sister of his first, as app;ars 
on next page. By the two wives, as will be seen, he had 
fifteen children. The writer once lived with the judge 
and has many reasons for remembering him as a big- 
hearted man. By his first wife he had 

Six children : 

43. William Pitt .\xgel, b. Feb. 2, 1S13. 

44. Joi.-N Wilkes Angel, b. Feb. 26, 1S15; d. Feb. 17, iSSq. 

Tie was a lawyer and politician; served one or more 
terms in the N.Y. Legislature, res. Cuba, N.Y. 

45. Sus.VN Sophia Angel, b. Feb. 19, 1S17; m., 1S54, Jam-is 

Stevens, who d. Dec. S, 18S9. She died Jan. 4, 1898, at 
the home of her half-brother James, x\.Y. City; no chil. 

46. Harriet Garrett Angel, b. April 21. 1S19; m., Jan. i, 

1S46, Lewis David Simons, who d. Feb. 9, 1863. She d. 
March 18, 1S99, at Alameda, Cal., where she had lived 
many years; no children. 

47. Emilv Pa.mclia .^ngel, b. .March, 1821 ; d. Au^. 25, 


48. Emily Pamelia Ancel, b. May 2, 1823 : d. Jan. 23, 1S43 ; 

a beautiful and talenied irirl. 



Born Feb. 17, 1793; married, IMarch g, 1S20, Mary 
McNeal, who b\' a former husband had a son Thomas. 
Air. English for many years lived in lUinois, where he 
owned a good-sized farm, but just before his death sold 
all his interests in that State and started to locate in 
Missouri. He died Oct. 25, 1S65, while on his journey 
West, and persons claiming relationship through his wife 
acquired all his property without process of law, no one 
of his many relatives making any claim. He was some- 
what eccentric; talked much on the subject of religion to 
his own great delight, but to the dismay of others ; had no 

21. SOPHIA < ENGLISH {Abel\ Johu\ Richard'). 

Born April i-, i;95 ; married, :\Iarch 9, 1820, ALFRED 
Hodge, born March 9, 1795, and died July 11, 1S3:!. She 
diedS P.M., Jan. 13, 1846. (See Alfred Hodge, No. 275.) 

Three children : 

49. Maxda.v.^ Soi'hia Hodge, b. Jan. 4, iSji. 

50. Alfred Amex^o Hodge, b. Feb. iz. 1:525. 

51. Orla.ndo JoH.v HoDGK, b. .\ov. 25, 182S. 

25. CLARISSA' ENGLISH {Abel\ John\ Richard'). 

Born Dec. 2, iSoo; married, in iS.-'4, William G. Angel, 
whose first wife was her sister Emily (see No. 22). Mrs. 
Angel died Sept. 19, 1873, Eaii Claire, Wis. 

Nine children : 

52. John .A..\gel, b. 1S25, d. 6 mo. old. 

S2- Catmarine Axgf.l, b. Dec. 1S26; d. in 1829. 
54- A.N-NA English Angel, b. ]:in. 22, 1.S28; d. Nov. g, iSBo, 
AlanK-d.i,, uiiai. 


55. Cornelia Angel, b. Aug. 7, 1829; m., Jan. 3, i860, Otis 

Wood, b. May 13, 1819, a widower, who d. May 26, 
1894. She d. Oct. 29, 1893, while on a visit to her 
brother James in N.Y. ; no children. 

56. Abel English Angel, b. March 4, 1832. 

57. Heber Reginald Angel, b. Aug. 14. 1S34. 

58. James Rose Angel, b. Feb. 12, 1S36. 

59. Texas Angel, b. Oct. 19, 1S39. 

60. CL.A.RISSA Angel, b. Jan. 11, 1041 : d. June, 1S42. 


■2G. MORRLS^ BROWX [Kehccca\ Abc':\John\ Rich- 

Born Feb. 19. 1809; married, Sept. y. 1S34, at Vernon, 
N.Y., Maki.V C. S.^i[T^, -.vho died Feb. 8, 1809; daughter 
of Rev. John Smith, of Cherry Valle\-, X.Y. 

Six children : 

61. John Smith Brown, b. June i6, 1S35 ; m., Nov. 24, 1864, 

Jlary Gulick, dau. of Rev. John G. Giilick. Mr. Brown 
d. April 27, 1866, from disease contracted while in the 
army. He was colonel of the 126th Rc-giment X.Y. 
Volunteers, and served with distinction during the whole 
Civil war; had one child, Jennie. 

62. Theodore M. Brown, b. July 15, 1S37; m., Aug. 30, 1864, 

Amelia M. Webber, of St. Louis, Mo., and had Morris 
and Theodore. 

63. Morris Angel Brown, b. June 19, 1S39; d. June 5, 1840. 

64. Morris Brown, b. Aug. 22, 1S41 ; d. June 22, 1S64. He 

was captain of Company A, 126th N.Y. \'olunteers, and 
killed in action near Petersburg, \'a. The regiment, as 
already stated, n^as commanded by his brother John. 

65. Jennie M. Brown, b. June 17, 1S44; m., Nov. 24, 1364, 

Alanson Way Kelley, a surgeon in the U.S. army; one 

66. E.MKLiNE Brown, b. May 14, 1S48 ; m., Dec. 13, r866, 

Erastus Willis P,;rker, of St. Louis, Mo. ; one child. 


28. GEORGE- WHIT.MOKE (A//cc\ Aici\ John\ 

Born June 29, iSoS; married, December, 1S40, EsTllEi; 
Fuller, born :\Iarch 23, 1S23. :\Ir. Whitmore resided 
for many years near North Prairie, Wis., where at one 
time he owned ie\-eral farms, wliicli were given one to 
each child. He \vas a man of stiirdj- character, greatly 
respected for his generous, unassuming ways in life. 

Five children: 

67. Alice Abby Whitmoke. b. Nov. 15, 1S42. 

68. Clarissa Esta Whitmore, b. Feb. 5, 1S45 ; rr... Nov. iS, 

1S67, George Hoag, b. Feb. 28, 1S39; res. WaLike.-ha, 
Wis. ; have two children. 
6g. George Whitmoke. b. Sept. 6, 1S46; m. and ha.-^ chil- 

70. .Martin Grover Whit.moke, b. Feti. 27, 1S49: m. and 

has several children. 

71. E.M.MA Alice Whit.more, b. July 11. 1859; adopted into 

the family of her Aunt Emily (No. 29),— Mrs. Martin 
Grover, — and made an heir to Mrs. Grover's property ; 
res. Angelica, N.Y. 

29. EMILY MO\VBR^■' WHITMORE {Alicc\ Abel\ 
John\ Richard^). 

Born Nov. 29. iSio; married, May 22, 1S45, MARTIN 
Grover, born Oct. w, iSil, and died Sept. 5,1875. She 
died Oct. 29, 1S92. Mr. Grover was an eminent lawyer 
and distinguished jurist. 

Before his marriage he gave little attention to dress 
and became extensively Irnown as the " ragged lawyer." 
The writer knew him well and remembers much that was 
said of his peculiarity in this respect. In court his shabby 
attire often would excite merriment, but his thorough 
knowledge of law and iiis brilliant thrusts at the opposing 


counsel were sure in the end to secure for him respect and 
admiration. In time he was elected jutige of one of the 
lower courts, and continuing to rise in public estimation 
finally became judge of the Court of Appeals of New 
York, the highest court in the .State, which position he 
held many years and until his death. He never dealt 
in real estate, stocks, or bonds, but loaned his money to 
neighbors and others, al\va\-s charging the same rate of 
interest, six per cent, per annum. 

Prudence and economy made him quite well off. His 
home for many years was in Angelica, X.Y., where he 
died, leaving no children of his own. His wife also died 
in Angelica. 

31. LLICIXDA- ALLEX {0!rje', Abel\ John\ Rich- 

Born Oct. 17, 1S14; married (i ), in 1838, JOHN Mav- 
HEW, who died Feb. 12. 1844; married (2j,in 1S45, J'-'HX 
YOUXG, who died July, 1850, while on his way overland to 
California, at the time of the great gold excitement on the 
Pacific coast. Mrs. Young has lived in Elkhorn. Wis., 
many years, and if living, as she was at last accounts, is 
probably still there. She has been blind many years. 
Had three children by each of her husbands. 

Six children : 

72. John Allen .MAVHEW.'b. Feb. 28, 1S39. 

73. BLA.NCHE Mavhkw, b. Nov. 20, 1840. 

74. William Henry Mayhew, b. Juiy 14, 1S42 ; ni., Sept. 

15, 1S70, Ann L. Dutton, b. August, 1851, and d. Jan. 
10, 1S74; had Charles Dutton Mayhew, b. July 23, \Z-]\, 
and Etta M.iric .Mayhew, b. Xov. 10, 1872 ; d. 1S73. 

75. E?,iAL\ Young, b. Sept. 9, 1S46. 

76. VniGLviA Young, b. .Sept. 2, 184S. 

77. Danif.l Allen ^', b. Dec. 3, 1850. 


32. LUCIUS ' AULEX ( Olive \ Abel', John -, Richard ' ) . 
Born Feb. 13, 1S16; married (i), ]\Tay 27, 1S37, 
I\Iarv L. SroOR, who died Nov. 15, 1838; married (2), 
July 10, 1842, Sarah Ann Barnes, who died November, 
1847; married (3), August, 1848, JULIETTE BARNES, 
sister of second v,-ife, born April 28, 181 8, and died ?»Iarch 
II, 187S; married (4), .Sept. 4, 1S90, widow IIep.nAH 
(To.MLINSON) Babcock, born iNIarch 31, 1836. He died 
Jan. 12, 1S95. I'vlr. Alien itood six feet high and was v/ell 
proportioned. He was a carpenter by trade, a fair upright 
man. In 1864 he was a member of the Wisconsin Legis- 
lature. He had children by all of his wives except the 
last one. He resided at Elkhorn, Wis., for many years, 
and there died. 

Eight children : 

7S. Augustus C. Allen, b. Feb. lS, 1S3S; n.., Sept., 1S6;. 
La Esmeralda King; has had a number of children; 
res. Fort Dodge, Iowa. 

79. Frances A. Allen, b. Jan. 2r, 1846; m.. May, 1S68, 

Duncan Wright; had Fayette, Virgil, Alice, and Ldith; 
res. Center\ille, Wis. 

80. Favette L. Allen, b. April iS, 1S47; d. Feb. ;4. 1S65,. 

while sen-ing in the Civil war. 

81. Otis Hor.\ce Allen, b. July 14, 1S49; m. (i), Dec. i, 

1S70, Helen Chambers, who d. March, 1S74; m. (2), 
Sept. 8, iS3i, Mary Clark; had by (t) w. Willis H., and 
by (2) w. H.ittie, Clara, and Gertrude. 

82. Esther Juliette Allen, b. Sept. 19, 1S53; m., June 24, 

1S80, Gilbert Potter; had Glenn and Winnie; res. Pawnee 
City, Neb. 
S3. Alice Whitmore Allen, b. Feb. 22, 1S55 ; ni., June 10, 
1S79, Harley C. Norris ; had Edwin. 

84. Ch.arles Su.mner Allen, b. Aug. 24, 1857; d. Mareh 10, 


85. Hattie LtTELLA Allen, b. Nov. S, 1S61 ; .school teacher; 

Milw.iukee, Wi.^. 


34. ABEL ENGLISH' BRAYMAX {Aancy A.\ Ahd\ 

John\ Richard'). 
Born Nov. 3, iSii; married, Dec. 31, 1S40, C.\LI>TA 
MOOX. Both died nian\' years since. Mr. ]3rayman was 
a fanner and quite unlike his brothers, having httle 
literary taste. Resided most of his Hfe in Hamburgh, 
Erie Co., N.Y. 

Six children : 

86. Julius Dwight, b. March 17, 1S43: m., Feb. 

23, 1867, Marietta Wood, b. Oct. 13, 1845, at Brandon, 
N.Y. Mr. Brayman res. Cleveland, O. ; has three -sons : 
William, b. Dec. 31, 1S68; m., May 20, 1896, Bessie E. 
Johnson, and res. in Cleveland ; Oliver, b. Aug. 13, 1873, 
and Eugene, b. Dec. 24, 1S76, also res. in Cleveland. 

87. Abel Asher Kkavm.\n, b. .-ipii! 23, 1S45; m. Alice 

Bruce, b. Jan. 16, 1S65 ; had Cora Estella, b. Oct , 1866, 
and Flora Isabel, b. Feb. 18, 186S. 

88. Mason Calhoun Bravman, b. March 22, 184S. 

89. E.mily Adelphie Brav.m.\n, b. July 15, 1850; ra., Nov. 2. 

1S66, Harry W. Flood; had Laura May, b. March 4. 
1868. ' 

90. Martha Anna Brayman, b. Aug. 5, 1854. 

91. Sarah Eliza Brayman, b. Oct. 21, 1858; d. Aug. iS. 


35. MASON' BRAYMAN {Nancy A.\ AbeP, Jok>:\ 

Richard ' ) . 

Born May 23, 1813; married, Sept. 6, 1836, I\LvRY 
\VlLLI.\MS, born Oct. 8, 1816, at Portland, Chautauqua 
County, N.Y., and died Feb. 19, 18S6, at Ripon, Wis. 

He died Feb. 27, 1S95, Kansas City, Mo., at the resi- 
dence of his daughter Mary. Mr. Brayman, in 1S61, 
when the Civil war broke out, was largely engaged in 
building a railroad in Alissouri. His residence for many 
years had been at Springfield, 111., where he was a neighbor 


of Abraham Lincoln, who knew him well. Shortly after 
the beginning of the great conflict, President Lincoln ten- 
dered Mr. Brayman a commission in the army, which 
at once was accepted. Mr. Bra\-man served with distinction 
at Fort Henr)', Donelson, Shiloh, and in other battles. 

He became a general, and left the army at the end of 
the war, with a highly commendable record. President 
Grant m.ade him governor of the Territorj- of Idaho, 
which position he held four years. The general had a 
commanding figure, always standing erect, even in his old 
age, and with his long white hair presented an imposing 

Three children: 

9?. S.\R.\H .Ad.\line )', b. .\I.iy 6, 1839; m... March 3, 
1859, William H. Bailhache, a journalist of Springfield, 
111. .Mr. Bailhache became a major in the Civil war. 
After tlie war he settled at San Diego, Cal., where for 
some years he was in the employ of the government. 
Have four children: John .Mason, b. July i, i860; Arthur 
Lee, b. Aug. 6, 1862; Adaline, b. Jan. 9, 1865, and Wil- 
hclmina, b. Jan. 31, 1874. John Mason, the eldest, m., 
April 9, 1S91, Josephine P. Goodin, and has John G., 
b. Jan. iS, 1S92, and Preston L., b. Jan. 11, 1895. 

93. .Maky Calhou.\ J3rav.\ia.\, b. July 15, 1S49; m., .March 

12, 1S72, Theodore Gowdy, b. April 3, 1847; res. Kan- 
sas City, .Mo. Mrs. Gowdy inherits considerable of her 
father's literary tastes and public spirit ; had .Mason 
Brayman Gowdy, b. May 16, 1876. 

94. Ell.\ Sophia Bkay.vian, b. Oct. i, 1853; m., Sept. 5. 

18S0, Caswell A. Sharpe. She d. Aug. 15, iSSi. 

38. MARTHA^ BRAVAL\N (JVancy A.\ Abel \ Jo/in\ 
Richard^ ). 

Born April 26, 18 19; married, Aug. 15, 1842, NELSON 
Emkrson", born April 2, iSii, son of Nathaniel and Polly 


(Walker) Emerson. He died Jan. ^o, 1893. Mrs. Emer- 
son has lived for many years at East Aurora, N.Y.. and is 
.supposed to be residing there at the present time. 

Seven children : 

95. Nelson Br.\ym.\n' Emerson, h. Jime 21, 1S43; ra. (i). 

Aug. II, 1863, Amelia Briggs, who d. about 1894; ni. 
■ (2), about 1895 ; no children. 

96. D.^xiEL .M.A.S0N Emerson, b. Dec. 12, 1844. 

97. Sakah Anna E.merson, b. March 27, 1846. 

98. (iF.ORGE Douglas Emerson, b. Dec. 4, 1847; 111., Dec. 

II, 1872, Susan Kelly Corwin, b. Dec. S, about 1S49: no 
children. Mr. Emerson has a residence in ruffalo, N.Y. : 
lie has figured considerably in politics, H.nd at last ac- 
counts was holding a position in the service of the State 
at Albany; a man of ability and energy. 

99. 1S.A.AC Wooi'HAMS F.MEKSON. b. Jan. 2, 1^50; d. March 

10, 1S69. 
100. Charles W. E.merso.n, b. Feb. 7, 185;. 
loi. Alice Emerson, b. Jan. 28, i860. 

43. WILLIAM PITT ' AXCiEL ( EMi7y P.\ Ahd\ John \ 
Richard^ ). 

Born Feb. 2, 1S13; married (i) Mary ME;rCALF, who 
died March 22, 1S55 ; married (2), February, 1S56, Laura 
Eliza Bigelow, daughter of Dr. L. B. Bigelow. She 
died April 2, 1873. Air. Angel was a lawyer, and figured 
much in politics ; he held several public positions. When 
Washington Hunt was elected governor of New York, 
Mr. Angel was a candidate for a State office on the 
opposition ticket and received the largest vote of any can- 
didate at that election, being elected by more than 10,000 
majority. He died several years since. 

Three children b}- fir-t v.ife. 

Five children : 

10^, ^RA^.■KL!N \IEICALF AnOEL. 


103. ^LARY Catherine Angel. 

104. FL^KRiET Angel. 

105. Ch.vrlotte Angel, d. 3 mo.s. old. 

106. Alice ANCEr,. 

66. ABEL ENGLISH ■' ANGEL ( Clarissa \ Abel\ John \ 
Richard ' ) . 

Born Marcli 4, 1832; married, Sept. 22, 1852, Harriet 
Ratiiburx, of Angelica, N.Y. Mr. Angel haa changed 
his residence often, residing in many places in the Western 
country. He lived several years at Wallace, Idaho, where 
he was a justice of the peace; supposed to now reside 
somewhere in Texas. 
Five children : 
10;. LKrtis S. A.\GEL, b. .May 13, 1855 ; m. (,1), Sept. 13, lo!32, 
Jessie Turnbull, who d. Dec. 13, 1S83 ; m. (_2), June 27, 
1S87, Julia Da\is, a widow, mother of the wife of his 
brother William. 

108. Claka Angel, b. Oct. 2, 185S. 

109. Jennie A.ngel, b. .March 23, 1S62; ni., March 23, 1883, 

E. A. Cunningham. 
no. William J. Angel, b. March 10, 1S64; m., June i, 1S87, 
Neonetta .M. Davis, dau. by a former husband of the wife 
of his brother Lewis. 

111. Ann.^ English Angel, b. Nov. 9, 1870. 

57. HEBER REGINALD^ ANGEL (Clarissa', Abel\ 
John', Richard'). 

Born Aug. 14, 1834; married (i), Nov. 3, 1853, Jane 
Morse, born Feb. 4, 1836, and died July 22, 1889; 
married (2), Doc. 16, 1S91, Marv J. HODGKIN, nee 
Parks, born Feb. 13, 1845. Mr. Angel is a farmer and 
resides at Cumberland, Wis. 

Six children : 

112. Ch.\kLES W. .-Vngel, b. .March 20, 1S55; m. Cadice Rose. 


113. William G. Angel, b. Nov. 15, 1856: m. Ella Dunham. 

114. Edward J. Angel, b. Au^. 2;, 1S58; m. Emily Savaria. 

115. E.MILY Ann Angel, b. Aug. 13, 1S60; m. R. M. Whitaker. 

116. Clinton I. Angel, b. June i, 1869; m. Lulu Tatro. 

117. Ida Currie Angel, b. Keb. 24, 1S76. 

68. JAMES ROSE' ANGEL {Clanssa', Abel\ John\, 

Born Feb. 12, 1836; married. May 25, 1871, AdalIN'E 
Louise }5igelo\v, born :\Liy 19, 1S44. lie died Oct. 4, 
1899. Mr. Angel was a prominent lawyer in New York 
City, and for si.x years judge of one of the courts. He 
was a man of fine perceptibility, of literary tastes, and of 
very generous impulses. Few men live more respected 
or die more regretted. His residence for many years and 
at the time ofhis death was at Morrisania, one of the suburbs 
of New York City. 

Four children ; 

u8. E.MILY Pa.melia Angel, b. Nov. 28, 1874; d. same day. 

119. WILL1.A.M Pitt A.ngel, b. Nov. 19, 1876; d. April 7, 1882. 

120. CL.A.RISSA Louise Angel, b. Jan. 30, 1S80. In 1895 one 

of the large New York papers offered three prizes for 
original poems written by persons who had not passed 
their eighteenth birthday. The first prize was awarded to 
Miss Angel, then aged fifteen. 

121. Marv Alice Angel, b. Oct. 7, 1S83. 

59. TE.XAS' ANGEL {Clarissa'. Abel% John\ Rich- 

Born Oct. 19, 1839; married, May 25, 1870, Marv 
Elizabeth Goodrich, born June 21, 1S49, daughter of 
Dwight and Mary (Dunham) Goodrich. Mr. Angel 
served in the Thirteenth Regiment New York Infantry in the 
Civil war. Resides at Hailey, Idaho, where he is a lawyer 


in high standing. In 1897 the Populists in the Legislature 
at one time gave him their vote for United States Senator. 
Three children: 

122 Richard .Marvin .Angel, b. Sept. 24, 1S71 ; m., Aujj. 22, 
1895, Lucy Wilhelmina Walters, b. Sept. 26, 1873, dau. 
of Prussian parents, each havini,' a string of names too 
long to be given Iieie. 

123. ALvRv Goodrich Angel, b. Aug. 20, 1873. 

124. Llovi) Dwight A.vgel, b. Dec. 2, 1882. 


The Newcombs are traced back in tlie records of 
England to the twelfth century. Originally the name 
was Nevvcomen. Mr. John B. Xewcomb, of Elgin, III., 
has published a genealogy of the family in this country, 
which shows great research and from which many facts 
here given of the early members have been taken.' Sev- 
eral of the Newcombs of England had coats of arms 
bestowed upon them, but whether or not the progenitor 
in this country was a descendant of one of those thus 
honored Air. Newcomb in his book says " has not been 
determined positiiely." 


Progenitor of the chief Newcomb family in this country; 
had descendant who married John English, and thus the 
Newcomb, English, and Ilodge families became allied ; is 
supposed to have emigrated to this country from the west 
of England, Devonshire or Monmouth, or possibly from 
Wales. As he had a child born in 1640 or there- 


abouts, it is presumed he was born before 1620. He is 
first mentioned in this countr}- as being in Boston, Mass., 
in 1663, at which time he married a widow, Grace Ricks, 
who became his second wife. 

By his first wife he had certainly two children, and by 
his second wife one, a daughter. i\Ir. Newcomb made his 
will Jan. 31, 1683, and it was entered for probate in 
Boston, Dec. 8, 1G86, about which time he is supposed to 
have died. In his will his wife Grace and two grand- 
children only are mentioned. 

Three children : 

2. Akdrew Newcomb, b. prob. 1640. 

3. Susanna Newcomb. m. (i) Philiu Blatrue. of Boston ; r.i. 

(2) a Pritchard ; had a number of cb.ildren. 

4. Grace Newcomb, b. Oct. 20, 1664; m. (i) James Butler, 

of Boston; m. (2) Andrew Rankin. Sli= d. August, 
1713; had four children. 

2. ANDREW- NEWCOMB {Andrfw' ). 

Born prob. 1640; married( i ), about 1661, Sarah, who 
died about 1674; married (2), in 1676, Ax.\a BaveS, 
born about 1658, and died in 1731, daughter of Captain 
Thomas Bayes. Mr. Newcomb li\'ed for a time on " Hog 
Island," so called on account of its being shaped like a hog's 
back, one of the Shoals islands, nine miles southeast from 
Portsmouth, N.H. About 1675 he moved to Edgartov.n 
on Martha's Vineyard Island. Here he was a " proprie- 
tor," and several times shared in land divisions. He held 
many positions of trust, and evidently was a man who 
stood high in the community. April 19, 1691, he was 
chosen a lieutenant in the militia, and tiie same year was 
placed in command of the fortifications on the island. It 
is said that the present court-house in EdgartO'vn stands 


on land he once owned. By his first wife he had seven 
children, and by his second eight. For names of chil- 
dren see Newcomb genealogy. His third son was: 

5. Si.MO.N Newcomb, b. 1666. 

5. SLMON^ NEWCOMB {Andrc'v\ Andre-.v' ). 

Born 1666 at Kittery, Me., or on "Hog Island; " mar- 
ried, about 16S7, prob. Df.borah, born 1665 and died 
June 17, 1756. He died Jan. 20, 1745. Mr. xVewcomb 
lived in Edgartovvn until 1 7 13, when he moved to Lebanon, 
Conn., where he resided the remainder of hi.s life. Sept. 
26, 1 7 II, he purchased in Lebanon 160 acres of land, "with 
buildings, orchards, gardens, fences, stuff, and fruit Irees 
thereon." At the same time he bou'^lit 50 acres common 
right and 20 acres common at the village, the whole cost- 
ing him ^^290. He soon became one of the prominent 
men of the town and held many public positions. Mr. 
Newcomb lived to the age of 79, and his wife is supposed 
to have attained the age of 92. Tombstones in the old 
Lebanon cemetery mark the places of their burial. They 
had about twelve children, the eldest being: 

6. John Newcomb, b. abt. i683. 

C. JOHN* NEWCOMB (S/mon\ Andreiu-, Andrezv'). 
Born about 16SS ; married, Sept. 23, 1709, Alice Lom- 
bard, or LUMBERT, born Oct. 19, 16S6, daughter of Jona- 
than and Elizabeth (Eddy) Lombard, married Dec. 11, 
16S3, and granddaughter of Jobhua and Abigail (Lin- 
nell) Lombard, married May 27, 165 1. Mr. Newcomb 
moved from Eti-Mrtown to Leb:i'.!on probably the same 
year as his father or about that time. March 20, 1715, 
he became a member of the First Cliurch in Lebanon, and 


later upon the organization of the Second Churcli he 
became its first deacon, which position he held forty-two 
years. He was the largest tax-payer but one in the parish. 
In the summer of 1760 he moved to Cornwalli?, Nova 
Scotia, where he died Feb. 22, 1765. Mrs. Xewcomb 
died Jan. 8, 1767. Tlic cause of Mr. Newcomb's changing 
his residence in his old age must be found in the fact that 
he had a large family of children and hoped by the change 
to enter a field better calculated for their good, (See note 
below, " The Acadian Emigration.") A correspondent of 
Mr. Nevvcomb, the genealogist, says, " The descendants 
of Deacon John were persons of strict uprightnesa, stern 
integrity, and unflinching perseverance." The old farm 
in Cornwallis which Deacon John owned is still in the 
possession of the family, and a few \-oars since v.'as c-.viicd 
by Deacon John Samuel Newcomb. 


Nova .^coti.i, by the French called Acadia, was seitk-d by the French m 
1004 and ceded t.'i the English in 1713. The French, having lost Acadia, set- 
tled the island of Cape Breton, but m.^ny remained in Nova Scotia, where they 
were known as "neutral Trench. " Those of Cape Breton by their inlrigues 
ivith the InJ.ians were very annoying to the English; blame was also attached 
to those remaining in Nova Scotia, and the English about 1750 sought to 
colonize the island with English. 

In 1755 the governor and his council finally determined to drive the French 
entirely out of the province, and some seven thousand of the people were 
compelled to leave. Some authorities make the number less and some much 
greater. Buildings and crops were destroyed, while the people hastily tied to 
other parts. The French being driven from the country, one hundred thou- 
sand acres were offered to English or American colonists upon most ad\anta- 
geous terms. A Large company consisting of more than thirty heads of fam- 
ilies was organized in Lebanon, Conn., and the whole body moverl to King's 
County on the island. Deacon John Newcomb, John English, and Ei'ekiel 
Caulkins were among the number. The first two were already allied by mar- 
ri.'.ge, and the third became so by the m.i.rri.ige in Nova .Scotia, in 1777. of 
Abel English and Anna Caulkins. Soon after the close of the Revolutionary 
war the English and Caulkins famili-JS returned to Lebauon, Conn. 


Eight chi 

7. Catherine Xewcomb, b. -May 21, 1710; ni. Noah, son of 

George and Sarah Webster. 
S. Alice Newco.mb. b. March 24, 1712; m. Jonathan Marsh. 
9. Eddy Xewcomb, b. Sept. 23, 1713; m. Ah'gail English, 

sister of John English (see English Family, No. 8, and 

Newcomb Family, No. 10). 

10. Abigail Nkwco.mb, b. Nov. 16, 

(see English Family, No. 5, and 
No. 24). 

11. Abkaha.m Newccxmb, b. July 22, i 

12. John Newco.-hb, b. July 29, 1720; 

m. (2) Deborah Miller. 

13. JO.NATHAX Newcomb, b. Aug. 


14. Jacob Nfwcomb, b. Oct. 10, 1724 


1715 ; rn. Johi 

n English 

trace to Sophi. 

I English, 

71.?: d. M.iy 10 

, 17^2. 

m. (I) Mercy 

Barnaby : 

31, 1722; m. 


: m. Eli.^abeth 


1. HUGH CAULKL\.'=;. 

Born in 1600; m. Ann, of whom no more is known 
than her given name. He died in 1690, " aged 90." i\Ir. 
Caulkins emigrated to this country in 1640 from Mon- 
mouth, England, on the border of Wales. It is supposed 
that he was a Welshman. In the old records the name 
is usually spelled Calkins. Reaching this country, he first 
lived at IMarshfieid, then Lynn, then Gloucester, in Massa- 
chusetts, and then moved to Connecticut. Here he lived for 
a time in New London, and then finally settled at Xorwich. 

He a deputy to the General Court during twelve 
sessions, and held various other civil trusts. The Nor- 
wich records show that he was a deacon in the church at 


that place. Evidently, as shown by early records, he was 
a man of little education, but was blessed with a !art;e 
supply of good common sense. Be it said to his credit 
that he gave to his children the best education the 
would afford. Three and perhaps more of his children 
came with him from the old country. 

Six children : 

2. Sarah Caulkins, m., Oct. 28, 1645. William Hough. 

3. Marv Caulkixs, ni., Nov. S. 1649. Hugh Roberts" 
i. John- Caulkins, b. probably about 1633. 

5. David Caulkins, m. Mary Bliss, daughter of Thomas 

Bliss, of Norwalk; he d. Xov. 25, 1717; had nine chil- 

6. Deborah Caulkins, b. March 18,1645; m., 1660, Jona- 

than Royce, of Saybrook, Conn. 

7. Rlbecca Caulkins, d. March 14, 1631. 

4. JOH N = CAULKINS ( //u^-Zi ' ) . 

Born in England, probably about 1633; married, in 
1658, S.^R.UI ROVCE, daughter of Robert Royce, of Bos- 
ton in 1 63 1, who afterwards settled in New London, 
Conn., and there became a representative, standing, as 
Savage says, in " good repute." How changed ! The 
legislator of the present day is not given such praise. 
Mr. Caulkins, 1660, became one of the first proprietors of 
Norwich, Conn. He was a representative to the General 
Court eleven sessions. He died Jan. 8, 1703, and his wife 
in May, 1 7 1 1 . 

Eight children : 

8. Hugh C.ulkins, b. June, 1659; m- (i), May, 16S9, Sarah 

Slunian, daughter of Thomas Sluman ; m. (2) Lois 

9. John Caulkins, b. July, 1661 ; m., Oct. 23, 1690, Abigail - 

Birchard, daughter of John Birchard. 


10. Samcel Caulkins, b. Oct., 1663. 

11. Sarah, b. June, 1666; m., 16S4, Thomas Bald- 

12. Damel Caulkins, b. 1667; d. early. 

13. Mary Caulkins, b. May, 1669; m. Samuel Gitford. 

14. Eliz.\betii Caulkins, b. April, 1673; ™- Samuel Hyde. 

15. Ann Caulkins, b. Aug. 16, 167S; m., probably, Samuel 


10. SAMUEL' CAULKINS (John\ Hugh'). 

Born October, 1663 ; married, November, 1691, Hannah 
GiFFORD, born Jan. 17, 1671, daughter of Stephen Gifford, 
one of the original proprietors of Norwich, Conn., who 
married, May, 1667, Hannah Gove. Mr. Caulkins was a 
mariner; resided first in Norwich, where three eldest chil- 
dren were born, and then in Lebanon, to which place he 
moved about 1697, and where he died. 

Eight children : 

16. John Caulkins. b. 1693. 

17. H,\N.VAH Caulkins, b. 1694. 
iS. Ruth Caulkins, b. 1695. 

19. Sa-MUel Caulkins, b. 1699. 

20. Nathaniel Caulkins, b. 1703; d. soon. 

21. Stephen Caulkins, b. 1706. 

22. N'ath/^-iel Caulkins, b. 1710. 

23. Aquii A Caulkins, b. 1711; d. 1720. 

16. JOHN* CAULKINS ^Samud\ John', HugV ). 

Born 1693; married (i), Nov. 5, 1719, Catharine 
Foster, b. Aug. 21, 1696; married (2), June 20, 1743, 
Elizabeth Curtis. The first wife was of somewhat 
noted ancestors. Daniel Foster, her father, was a son of 
Isaac, who was a son of Reginald Foster, an emigrant to 
this country who in 1638 settled at Ipswich, Mass., and 


there died in 1681. Reginald belonged to the Foster 
family of Bamborough and Etherstone Castle in North- 
umberland, England. 

The Fosters, or Forsters, as originally called, distin- 
guished themselves in war against the foes of th.e Scots, 
and were remembered by the king in the bestowal of a 
crest and coat of arms which now belongs to Reginald 
Foster's descendants. The Foster family is mentioned by 
Sir Walter Scott in his " Lay of the Last ^Minstrel," and 
also in his " Marmion." Mr. Caulkins resided in Lebanon, 
Conn., but being a mariner was at home but little of his 
time. The records of that town give the name as " Cal- 
kin." Probably had other children than here named. 

Seven children : 

24. Daniel 

25. Solomon Caulklns, b. i\pnl 4, 1724, 

26. Han^naii Caulkins, b. May 26, i;-2?, 

27. EzEKiEL Caulkins, b. Xov. 4, 172S, 

28. Israel Caulkins, b. June 8. 1731. 

29. Elizabeth Caulkins, b. Sept. 14. 1733, 

30. Simeon Caulkins, b. June 10, 1736, 

27. EZEKIEL'^ CAULKINS (John\ Samuel% John\ 

Born Nov. 4, 172S; married (i), Dec. 22, 1748, Anna 
Dewkv, born Oct. 23, 1727, and died about 1770; daughter 
of John Dewey. (Dewey Family, No. 22.) Married (2), 
about 1772, while living in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, to 
which place he moved in 1761. Prior to his residence in 
Cornwallis he lived in Connecticut, probabl_v in Essex, as 
the records of that town give the names and dates of birth 
of his children. (See "The Acadian PJmigration.") 

After the Revolutionary war, probably in 17S8, he re- 


turned to Connecticut and settled in Lebanon. He was a 

Three children : 

31. EUXICE C.AULKINS, b. Oct. lO, I749. 

32. " Aleis.\" (prob. Eleazur) Caulkins, b. Dec. ii, 1752. 

33. Calxkixs, b. Sept. 2, 1753. (Seo English Family, 

Xos. 15 and 24, and Hodge Family, No. 275.) 


The Dewey famil)- becomes allied with the Knglish, 
Caulkins, and Hodge families by the marriaije of Anna 
Dewey to Ezekiel Caulkins, whose daughter Anna mar- 
ried Abel Enrrlish. and had Sophia who married Alfred 
Hodge. By tracing the Dewey line it will be found that 
Josiah Dewey, a grandparent of Admiral George Dewey, 
of Manila naval battle fame, in the sixth ancestral genera- 
tion was a grandparent in the fifth generation of the chil- 
dren of Alfred and Sophia (English) Hodge. He was 
also a lineal ancestor of Abel and Anna (Caulkins) Eng- 
lish and their descendants. 


Born, it is supposed, between the \'ears 1600 and 
i6to. In 1633 he emigrated to this country from Sand- 
wich, near the ancient town of Dover, Kent County, Eng- 
land, IVIay 14, 1634, he became a freeman at Dorchester, 
Alass. In 1635 he sold his " house and lands" in Dor- 
chc'^ter to Richard Jones, the deed being, it is said, a very 
"quaint document.'' Soon after disposing of his property 


in Dorchester he is supposed tu have moved to Windsor, 

There, March 22, 1639, he married FRANCES Clark, 
widow of Joseph Clark, by whom she had Mary Clark, who 
in 1656 married John Strong, Jr., son of Elder John 
Strong, of Windsor. At Windsor "Sh. Dewey was fre- 
quently a juror, and evidently stood well in the commun- 
ity. He was buried April 27, 1648. Nov. 30, 164S, the 
widow married a third time, taking for a husband George 
Phelps, who about 166S moved to Wc^tfield, Mass. Two 
of Mr. Dewey's sons had located there in 1666, and the 
other children went there with their mother. Mr. Phelps 
died May 8, 16S7, and Mrs. Phelps died Sept. 27, 1690. 
By Dewey she had five children and by Phelns three, 
making the whole number of her children by ti;e ihree 
husbands nine, seven sons and two daughters. By Mr. 
Dewey she had the following : 

P^ive children : 

2. Thomas Dewey, b. Feb. 16, 1640; m., June i, 1663, Con- 

stance Hawes, dau. of Richard Hawes ; had ekven chil- 
dren ; he d. April 27, i6go-l. 

3. JosiAH Dewey, bap. Oct. 10, 1641. 

4. Anna Dewey, bap., Oct. 15, 1643: m., .-Vug. iS, 1761, 

Henry Woodward, of Northampton, ^Lls:s., and had son 
John who m. Experience Baldwin, whose daughter E.xpe- 
rience Woodward m. John * Dewey (see No. ig). 

5. Israel Dewev, b. Sept. 25, 1645; '''^■> Aug. 2S, 1668, 

Abigail, dau. of Job Drake. 

6. .Jedediah Dewev, b. Dec. 15, 1647; m., in [671, S.irah 

Orton, of Farmintjton, Conn., who d. Nov. 20, 1711. He 
d. Jan. 26, 1719; had eight cliildren, among them Ensign 
Jedediah, Jr., b. June 14, 1676, whose descendants are 


3. JOSIAH= DEWEY {Thomas^). 

Baptized Oct. 10, 1641 ; married, Nov. 6, 1662, Hep- 
ZIBAH LVMAN (see foot-note), born about 1644 and died 
June 4. 1732; dau. of Richard and Hepzibah (Ford) Ly- 
man, of Northampton, Pvlass. She joined the U'estfield 
church Jan. i, 16S0. About 1670 removed from North- 
ampton to Wcstfield, ?.Iass. In 1696 he was residing in 
Lebanon, Conn., where he died Sept. 7, 1732 (see Dewey 
Genealogy). Mr. Dewey had four cliildren born at 
Northampton, and in Westfield, as is supposed, seven. 
(Westneld, Mass., Rec. gives last seven.) 

Eleven children : 

7. Hepzibah Dewey, b. Oct. 9, 1663. 

S. y\.\v.\ Dewev, b. Oct. 16, 1665 ; d. Jan. 11, 1666. 

9. JosiAH Dewev, b. Dec. 24, 1666. 

10. John Dewey, b. Feb. 9, 1669. 

11. X.^THANTEL Dewev, b. Feb. 20, 1672. 

12. Ebenezer Dewey, b. Feb. 20, 1672. 

13. Joseph Dewey, b. Aug. 11, 1674; d. June, 1675. 

14. El!Z.\beth Dewey, b. July 10, 1677. 

Note. — Mr. Browning in his "Americans of Royal Descent" says of 
Josiah Dewey, son of Thomas the emigrant : 

"He married, in 1662, Hepzibah Lyman. Hepzibah Lyman was the 
daughter of Richard Lyman, of Windsor, Conn., who died in 1662. Richard 
Lyman was the sixth in descent from Elizabeth Lambert, who married 
Thomas Lyman, of Nav-istoke, Essex, England, who died in 1309. Elizabeth 
was the daughter of Henry Lambert, of Ongar, Essex, who was the seven- 
teenth in descent from Princess Edgina, the granddaughter of Alfred, and 
the daughter of King Edward the Elder. 

" She after the death of her first husband, Charles IH., of France, married 
Henry, third Count de Vermandois and Troyes. Her granddaughter married 
the son of Henry I., of France, and their son, Robert, was the tirst Earl of 
Leicester. Robert's great-granddaughter married the first Earl of Winchester, 
and her granddaughter married a descendant of Donalbane, King of Scotland. 

"Seventh in descent from this last couple was the Robert Lambert referred 
to, and from his daughter descended the Richard Lyman who was father to 


15. Joseph Dewev, b. April 9, 16S2. 

16. Experience Dewev, b. April 9, 16S2. 

17- Benjamin Dewey, b. July S, 1685 ; d. July 13. 1635. 

fl. JOSIAH' DEWEV (>-/^/,^ 7Aomas'). 

Born Dec. 24, 1666; married, Jan. 15, 1691, Meii IT- 
ABLE Miller, born July 10, 1666, at Xorthampton, .Mass., 
daughter of William and Patience Miller, of Ipswich. Air'. 
Dewey was a farmer and resided in Lebanon, Conn., where 
he was born. 

F"our children : 

18. \ViLUA.M Dewey, b. Jan., 1693; d. xVov. 10, 1759. The 
Une of descent from William to Admiral George Dewey, 
who. May i, 189S, gained the naval victory over the 
Spanish squadron in Manila Bay, is as follows :' 

Simeon Dewey, of Lebanon, Conn., b. May i 171;^, • 

d. March 2, 175 1. 
William Dewey, of Hanover, N.H., b. Jan. rr, 

1746; d. June 10, 1813. 
Simeon Dewev, of Berlin, Vt., b. Aug. 20, 1770; d. 

Jan. II, 1S63. 
Julius Y. Dewev, of .Montpelier, Vt., b. Au"-. 22, 

iSoi ; d. May 29, 1S77. 
Admiral Geokge Dewev, of .Mon<pelier, Vt., b. 
Dec. 26, 1837. 

19. John Dewev, b. Dec. 4, 1700. 

20. M.\Rv Dewey, b. Oct. 24, 1704. 

21. Mehitahel Dewey, b. June 29, 1706. 

19. JOHN' DEWEY (/os/a/r; /ns/aA \ Thomas'). 

Horn Dec. 4, 1700; married, Xov. 20, 1726, E.\Pf:Ri- 
EXCE Woodward, born Aug. lo, 1704, daughter of John 
and ]':xpcriencc (Baldwin) Woodward. Thi.s John \\^^od- 
ward, born April 2. 1674, was a son of Henry Woodward, 
of Northampton, Mass., who married, Aug. 18, 16-1, 
Ann (Xo. 4), daughter of Thomas Dewey, "of Windsor! 


Conn. Thus the descendants of John and Experience 
Dewey have a dual or double Dewey ancestry. Mr. 
Dev.ey was a farmer, and in 1741 a small office-holder. 
He resided in Lebanon, Conn., and there died Sept. 4, 
1773. She died in iSci. 

Seven cliildren : 

22. Ann.\ Dewev, b. Oct. 33, 1727. (See Caulkiiis Family, 

iN'o. 27, Eriijlish Family, Nos. 15 and 24, and Hodge 
F.unily, No. 275.) 

23. Daniel Dicw.^v, b. June 19, [731 ; m., Feb. 22, 1755, 

Temperance Bailey. He served as a captain in the Kev- 
olutionarv war. 

24. JosiAH Dewev, b. Sept. 9. 1734; d. Nov. 21, 1734. 

25. John Dewev, b. Dec. 12, 1735; in French war; on muster 

roil atMoutieal, Sept. 4, 1760. (See Ancient Windsor, 
P- 347-) 

26. M.-lRV DEWtv. b. Jan. 18, 1739. 

27. ExPERlEN'CE Dewf.v, b. Jan. 26, 1740; m., April 9, 1767, 

Oliver Griswold. 
2S. Israel Dev,-ey, b. Nov. 29, 1742; d. .May 12, i3o6. 
29. Joshua Dewev, b. Dec. 29, 1743. 


DANIEL ' SHED (ur SHEDD. as the name is now gener- 
ally spelled). 
Born between the years 1620 and 1625, and married 
(l) Mary; married (2) ElizaI'.ETH, who died Jan. 17, 
1700. He was a resident of Braintree, Mass., in 1646, 
and about louo moved to Billerica, in that State, where 
he died July 27, 170S. There is little doubt that he came 
from England. By his first wife he had seven children. 
and by his second four children. His eighth child and 


fourth son was SAMUEL- Sued, born Aug. (3, 1660, at 
Billerica. Samuel had for wife Elizabeth, by whom he had 
ten children. The fifth child and third son was Joxathan ^ 
Shed, born Sept. 16, 1696, at Chelmsford, Mass. He 
married, April 3, 1722, Sarah Barron or Sarah Farns- 
worth. The Groton, Mass., records in one place say 
he married, at the date above given, Sarah Barron, 
and in another place she is called Sarah Farnsworth. 
Possibly she was a widow and thus has come the con- 
flict in names. Jonathan had seven children, the sixth. 
being Oliver^ Shed, born Feb. i, 1739, of Groton. He 
married, March 30, 1763, Mary Shed, born Aug. 12, 
1743, daughter of Daniel Shed and Mary (Tarbell) Shed, 
and granddaughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Shed of the 
second generation. Oliver and Mary had si.x children, the 
third of whom was Abijah^ Shed, born Oct. 25, 1768, 
of Groton. He married, Nov. 15, 1792, Joanna Farley, 
born March 22, 1770, daughter of Lieut. Ebenezer and 
Betty (Wheeler) Farley and granddaughter of Benjamin 
and Joanna (Page) P^arley, who was a descendant of 
George Farley, of Rowley, Mass., the first of the Farley 
family in this country; and also of Nathaniel Page, of 
Rowley, through his son Christopher. He had eight 
children, the first of whom was Abijah ^ Shed, Jr., born 
April 12, 1794, Hollis, N.H.; married, April 13, 1S13, 
Sophia Blood, born Nov. 24, 1798, of Hollis, daughter of 
Jonas and Priscilla (Blood) Blood, a descendant of Richard 
and Isabel Blood, of Groton, who emigrated to this coun- 
try at an early date. Mr. Shed, so far as is known, was 
the first of this family to write his name with two d's, — 
Shedd, — which mode of spelling the name has been fol- 
lowed by all of his descendants. He died Sept. 3, 1S68, 
and she died May 17, 1855. They had eight children, the 


seventh of whom was Edmond Earl' Shedd, born July 
16, 1828; married, Jan. 18, 1852, Aiireh'a Edna Tliompson, 
born Jan. 22, 1834, daughter of James McMillan and 
Sarah (Hazell) Thompson, granddaughter of John and 
Sarah (Mc^Iillan) Thompson and of Abraham and Kath- 
erine (Taylor) Haz.cll ; the great-granddaughter of James 
and Sarah (Wood) Thompson and of James and Jean 
(Matthews) McMillan; and also a great-granddaughter of 
Henry and Sarah (Johnson) Hazell and of P'enwick and 
Experience (Robinson*) Taylor. The Thompsons were 
Enghsh Quakers from Yorkshire, England, and came to 
this country with " Fenwick's Colony," which settled in 
New Jersey in 1677. JMr. Shedd is a resident of Colum- 
bu?, O., where for nearly half a century he has been the 
head of a large wholesale grocery firm. 
He has had seven children, as follows: 

Virginia Sophia' .Shedd, b. Jan. 23, 1854; m., April 25, 

18S2, Orlando J. Hodge (No. 605). 
Fr.anklin James Shedd, m. Anne Marie Frisbie. 
Flora Tho.mpson Shedd, d. May 17, iSgo. 
Ed.mond E.arl Shedd, in. Ella Somers Lansing. 
Fkedertck Farley Shedd, m. Agnes JefTrej. 
Harry Hazell Shedd, d. Jan. 7, 1S97. 
Carlos Butler Shedd. 

Note. — Joseph .Shed, of Boston, a descendant of Daniel Shed, the pro- 
genitor of this family in America, was one of the " Indians " of the so-called 
" Boston tea-party," who, Dec. 16, 1773, threw the tea into the sea at Boston. 

Ten certainly, and perhaps more, of the direct lineal ancestors of Edinond 
Earl and .A.urelia Edna (Thompson) Shedd served in the Revolutionary war. 
Furthermore, it may be said that full forty of the descendants of Daniel Shed, 
the pioneer, served in the great conflict for liberty and independence. 

♦The Robinson line runs thus: Nicholas' Robinson, Nicholas, Jr.', Rev. 
John^ (of "blessed memory," who went to Holland with the "Pilgrims"), 
his son, Isaac' (the emigrant), Peter^ Peter, Jr.", who m., June co, 1725, 
Ruth, dau. Samuel and Elii.-ibeth (Thatcher) Fuller, and had Experience'', 
b. April 22, 172S. 



Sept. 19, 1677, a year after the close of King Philip's 
War and the death of that renowned chief, the people of 
Hatfield, Mass., while rejoicing in peace and repairing 
their fortunes from the losses they had sustained in the 
several engagements had v/ith the Indians during the war, 
were again horrified by the sa\-age war-whoop sounding in 
their midst. About eleven o'clock in the morning of 
that day, some fifty Indians from Canada, led by Ashpelon, 
their chief, encouraged by the French, entered the town 
while the men were mostly at work in a distant field har- 
vesting corn ; they set fire to many of the buildings, struck 
down with remorseless fury all who offered any resistance 
or attempted to escape, and made captive seventeen men, 
women, and children, whom the}- hastily carried away to 
Canada. One of the men captured was burned at the 
stake, a little four-)-ear-old girl and a boy of nine were 
killed after reaching Canada, and all endured terrible suf- 
ferings. Among the children taken into captivity was 
Abigail AUis, a six-year-old daughter of Captain John 
Allis, who, after an absence of nine months, was ransomed 
with the other prisoners and restored to her home. In 
1696 she married EriiR.^iM W'Er.LE?, and had son 
Ephraim, whose daughter L)\lia in 1751 married liLNJA- 
ML\ Hr-iUGE (see Hodge Family, No. 49). 



THOMAS DUSTIN (of Haverhill, Mass.). 

Son of Thomas Dustin, Sr.; married, Dec. 3, 1677, HAN- 
NAH Emerson, b. Dec. 23. 1657, eldest of fifteen children 
of Michael and Hannah (\\'ebster) Emerson. In 1697 
the Dustins were living in Haverhill, Mass. 

Twelve children had been born to them ; one born later: 

1. Hannah Dustin, b. Aug. 22, 1679. 

2. Elizabeth Dustin, b. May 7, 16S0. 

3. Mary Dustin, b. Nov. 4, i68i ; d. Oct. iS, 1696. 

4. Thomas Dustin, b. Jan. 5, 1683. 

S- Nathaniel Dustin, b. May 16, 16S5. 

6. John Dustin, b. Feb. 2. 16S6; d. J.\a. 2S, 1690. 

7. Sarah Dustin, b. July 4, 16S8. 

8. Abigail Dustin, b. Oct., i6go. 

9. Jonathan Dustin, b. Jan. 15, 1692. 

10. Ti.mothy Dustin, b. Sept. 14, 1694. 

11. Mehitable Dustin, b. Sept. 14, 1694; d. Dec. 16, 1694. 

12. Martha Dustin, b. March 9, 169; ; killed by Indians 

March 15, 1697. 

13. LvuL\ Dustin, b. Oct. 4, 169S. 

March 15, 1697, about twenty Indians appeared at 
Haverhill, burned a number of buildings, and killed or 
made captive thirty-nine of the inhabitants. Among the 
captives were Mrs. Hannah Dustin and Mrs. Mary Neff, a 
widow, who was serving as a nurse in the Dustin family, a 
child having been born to Mrs. Dustin six days before. 
Mrs. Neff attempted to escape with the babe, but was over- 
taken, the child snatched from her arms and its brains 
knocked out against a tree. Mrs. Dustin was corapcHed 
to leave her bed and accompany the savages. Mr. Dustin 


hastened away with his children and with his rifle kept the 
Indians at bay until they escaped to a place of safety. 
M-i-s. Dustin and Mrs. Neff, on the day of their capture, 
were obliged to travel some ten miles. They were ulti- 
mately taken to an island in the Merrimac river above 
Concord, N.H., one hundred and fifty miles north from 

The Indian family that laid claim to them, and which 
had separated from others of the party, consisted of twelve 
persons — tv/o full-grown men, three women, and seven 
younger persons. 

The Indians had with them another captive, a young 
man about seventeen years of age, who had been with the 
Indians nearly a year, and had learned something of their 

Mrs. Dustin learned, through this boy, that when they 
reached an Indian village she and Mrs. Neff would be 
stripped and made to run the gauntlet; that is, made to run 
between two files of Indians, while each Indian would have 
the privilege of striking them with some instrument of tor- 
ture. On the 3 1st of March, just before the break of day, 
the three captives, having armed themselves with hatchets, 
attacked the Indians as they lay sleeping. Mrs. Dustin 
quickly dispatched the chief of the party, while the captive 
boy killed the other man, who a short time previous had 
instructed him just where to strike a person to kill him 
quickest. One of the women left for dead survived, and a 
small boy ran away to the woods. The other ten Indians 
were killed and scalped. It is said Mrs. Ruth Carter 
Rowell, of Bath, Vt., has the cloth in which Mrs. Dustin 
wrapped these scalps. All of the canoes but one were now 
scuttled and sunk. In the one canoe left, some provisions 
and the ten scalps were placed. In it the three captives 


made their escape down the river, and after much suffering 
and hardship finally reached Haverhill. A stone monu- 
ment, consisting of a life-size statue of Mrs. Dustin, 
raised some eight feet, now marks the spot where the Dus- 
tin house was burned. Samuel Hodge, born Oct. 4, 
1686 (No. 12), had for wife "Sarah," and a traditionary- 
claim has been made that she was Sarah Dustin, born 
July 4, 16SS, daughter of Hannah Dustin, but no record 
has been found to warrant such a conclusion. At a later 
date, however, the Dustin and Hodge families became 
allied by marriage. (See Hodge family, Nos. loS and 



The Rev. Dr. Bacon, of New Haven, Conn., in a " His- 
torical Discourse " delivered by him some years since while 
pastor of a church in that city, related the following facts 
in regard to the purchase of the first bell in the New 
Haven Colony : 

" In April, 16S1, there being a bell brought in a vessei 
into the harbor, it was spoken of and generally it was 
desired that it might be procured for the town, and for the 
present it was desired that Mr. Thomas Trowbridge would 
if he can prevail with Mr. Hodge, the owner of it, to leave 
it with him until the town hath had some further consid- 
eration about it. In August the owner of the bell had 
sent to have it brought to the bay in Joseph Alsop's 
vessel,.' and it having lain so long it would not be hand- 
some to put it off.' Thereupon ' after a free and long 


debate,' it was voted that the bell be purchased Price, 
Llj. In April, 16S2, the town was informed that the bell 
was now 'hanged in the turret' of the meeting-house, 
and in November the townsmen had agreed with George 
Pardee for his son Joseph to ring the bell for the town's 
occasions on the Sabbaths and other meetings as it was 
wont to be by the drum, and also to ring the bell at nine 
o'clock every night. 

" In 1686 the bell was sent to England to be new cast and 
made bigger for the town use, Mr. Simeon E)-re offering 
to carry it out and back, freight free. The bell was brought 
back and finally sold by the town for the State House, and 
when the State House was torn down the bell was stored 
in the basement of the new State House, about 1829. 
After a while some boj-s got it out and, ringing it, broke 
it, and probably, as it was of some value as old metal, it 
may have been recast into another bell and may now be 
doing use somewhere." 


In the town of Rum.ney, Grafton County, N.H., about 
1800, there was a widower named Kimball and a widow 
named Willoughby who married ; each by their first mar- 
riage had a daughter. One of these daughters lost her 
thimble, and the other finding it, for " safety," or perhaps 
through girlish mischief, put it in a sack of grain. Another 
girl, Azubah Hodge, living in the family took the sack of 
grain to mill to have it ground. 

The miller, Deacon Bascom, emptied the contents of 
the sack into the hopper, and soon the grain and thimble 


were ground together. Thus the good deacon and the 
three girls wore associated together in the loss and destruc- 
tion of the thimble. 

A local poet of the day put the event into rhyme in 
the following stanza (see Azubah Hodge, page 57) : 

" Susie Kimball lost her thimble, 
Betsey Wilioughby found it ; 
Azubah Hodge carried it to mill. 
And Deacon Bascom ground it.'' 


M'r. Alfred Hodge (see page 99), of Buftalo, N.Y., and 
Miss Sophia English, of Hamburgh, a town adjoining, 
were married in the spring of 1820. They soon started on 
a trip up the lake, to I\Iackinaw, Mich., which was to be 
their future home, then in the " far West." At that time 
there were no railroads in the country, and but one steam- 
boat — the " Walk in the Water " — on the Lakes. The 
events of the journey appear to have been, each day, noted 
down by Mrs. Hodge, and now, after eighty j-ears have 
passed, her manuscript, yellow with age, conies to light, 
and affords somewhat interesting reading. Something is 
shown of the country along the Lakes, and the difficulty 
then in travelling. 

Says Mrs. Hodge: 

" May 15, Monday, 10 P.M., we left Mrs. Gillet's, in the 
village of Buftalo, and went on board the ' Beaver,' Captain 
Wright, bound for Michilimacinac, far to the west, in Ter- 
ritory_ of Michigan. About i A.M. the next morning 
we set sail for Erie, and on the 17th, about two hours be- 


fore daylight, crossed the sand bar at the harbor entrance. 

I was seasick from the time I went on board the vessel 
until I got to Erie. Erie is not a very flourishing-looking 
place for one that has been settled so long. Thursday, 
the 1 8th, in company with Alfred, took a long walk about 
the village. Lay in the basin until Friday, the 19th, when 
we set sail for Detroit. In starting out of the basin, our 
vessel got on to the sand bar, and v/e were detained from 

I I until about 3 P.AI. 

" Saturday, the 20th, we passed Ashtabula, Chagrin, 
Cuyahoga, and several other small rivers. As we passed 
Cleveland we could see a few houses in the woods, high up 
on the bank of the lake. They looked very pretty, and 
gave us a good impression of rhe place. Sunday, the 
3 1 St, passed the i.^lands in I.ako Erie. The islands are 
about forty miles from Detroit. We sailed very slowly dur- 
ing the night. Monday, the 22d, in the afternoon, we ar- 
rived at Maiden, Canada, a beautiful and flourishing tov.'n. 
Here about half a mile from the Detroit river, the wind 
having gone down, we came to anchor. Tuesday, A.M., 
on the 23d, we had a fair wind, and sailed into Detroit 
about noon, Detroit river is a beautiful stream. Along 
its banks sav.' some orchards and fine buildings. 

"The village of Detroit is very pretty, but the buildings 
are not as large as some in Buffalo. Wednesday, the 
24th, Alfred and I took a walk through the place, and from 
a high point had a fine view of a village in Canada, called 

" Thursday, the 25th, we had head winds, and could not 
leave. Friday, the 26th, as we were about to leave, the 
steamboat (' Walk-in-the-Water ') came in. A number of 
Indians who had never seen a steamboat flocked at the 
landing to see her, and some of them, were induced to go 

THE '■ walk-in-the-water; 

The •' Walk-in-ihe-Water," the first steamboat on the Great Lakes, wa^ built 
at Black Rock, near the head of Squaw island, a few miles down the Niagara 
river from the mouth of Buffalo creek, and Aug. 23, i!>i8, was towed up the 
river from where she was built, into Lake Erie, by fourteen yoke of oxen. 
She arrived at Cle\ eland, Ohio, August 25, where she was greeted by the firing 
of a cannon. Her best speed was about eight miles an hour. Nov. 6, 1821, 
she started on a trip from Bufialo up the lakes, having on board a full cargo of 
freight and about fifty passengers. When she had gone about six miles a 
heavy storm came up and her captain deemed it prudent to put back to 
"Buffalo Bay'' and anchor. Between 10 and 11 o'clock it was found she 
was leaking and dragging her anchor. Her cable was cut and she drifted on 
to the beach, becoming a total loss. Thus came and went the first steamboat 
on the lakes. (5,v " J l'.\ ■/.;V;y- Trip — iSjo," /•. ^oj.) 


on board. The officers and passengers amused themselves 
for a time throwing silver pieces into the water, which was 
very clear, and seeing the redskins dive for them. It was 
very amusing to see them under the water squabbling for the 
pieces. After a while, the steam in the boiler having been 
held as long as was prudent, was let off, making a terrible 
noise, which so scared the Indians that they ran away as 
fast as possible, some of those on the vessel jumping into 
the river in great haste, creating mucli laughter. 

" We soon passed Hog island, and before noon arrived at 
St. Clair, nine miles above Detroit. 

" Saturday, the 27th, we came to the mouth of St. Clair 
river. The lake is twenty-eight miles across from north to 
south. As there was no wind we were obliged to come to 
anchor. Sunda;- noon, the .::fth, there was a iittle breeze, 
and we started up the St. Clair river. Jlonday evening, 
the 29th, arrived at Fort Gratiot, about half a mile from 
Lake Huron. Tuesday there was a head wind, and we 
lay at anchor. Wednesday, the 31st, still head wind. 
The St. Clair river is very crooked. Saw many Indian 
huts along the shore. Thursday, June ist, head wind and 
still at anchor. Friday, the 2d, very calm ; rambled up 
and down bank of the river. Saturday, June 3d, sailors 
and passengers track the ' Beaver.' Thus the vessel was 
towed into Lake Huron. Sunday, the 4th, we had fine 
sailing. The rest of the journey uneventful. So glad to 
reach our new home." 



When in Tangicrs, Africa, in 1892, a small party of 
American tourists had for their guide a Moor, dressed in 
a long white robe after the oriental fashion. He was a 
man of considerable intelligence, and as he led the party 
through the town it was observed that he was treated with 
more than ordinary consideration. Some one finally 
asked him his name, and he gave it with a pronunciation 
like Hodg-e. The laugh seemed to be on the Hodge 
part of the company, the writer being one of the number, 
and some one was unkind enough to remark something 
about "your long-lost brother." It was afterwards 
learned that every Mohammedan who makes a pilgrimage 
to Mecca discharges a high religious duty, which entitles 
the person ever after to be called Hadji, and thus he 
becomes a person of distinction in the community. 


Strange as it may seem, a few years ago there was a 
king in Liberia, Africa, by the name of Hodge, the ruler 
of several tribes. Bishop Taylor, missionary in Africa for 
many years, wrote of him ; " He is a tall, venerable-look- 
ing man of sixty years, a Christian who frequently adopts 
the roll of preacher, speaks tolerably fair English, and 
has abolished polygamy among his people." 

It is barely possible that some Hodge whose name ap- 
pears in this work may see, in the description given of 
King Hodge by Bishop Taylor, traits of character borne 


by a member of his family who has strangely strayed to 
parts unknown ! therefore it is but fair to state that King 
Hodge was a genuine Ethiopian with skin as black as 
night and hair as full of kinks as the head of the average 
so-called "free-thinker" is of crazy ideas. It is said that 
the name Hodge was given the king when he was a child, 
by some missionaries who wanted him to have an English 
name. Thus " Hodge " has found its way into the " Dark 
Continent" — 

*' Where Afric"s sunny fountains 
Roll down their golden sand.'' 

Since the above was written the follov/ing letter has 
been received from Rev. Ross Taylor, son of the bishop : 

Nev,' York, April 7, iSoS. 
CoL. O. J. Hodge: 

Dear Sir : This is my first opportunity to reply to your inquiry 
addressed to Bishop Taylor, who is now in California. In regard to 
King Hodge of Africa, he was educated in the Presbyterian Seminary 
at Cape Palmas, an institution discontinued some years ago. The 
name of Hodge was given to him at that time, but from what source 
we do not know. After his graduation from tlie seminary he returned 
to heathenism and for some years lived the life of his heathen neigh- 
bors ; a few years ago he was converted to God through the instru- 
mentality of children of the mission that had been opened in his chief 
town and became a very zealous and efficient lay preacher. The 
church building in which his ministrations were given was a native- 
built structure erected at his own expense and that of his converted 
chiefs. After living a most consistent Christian life for several years, 
he died about two years ago. His case and many other interesting 
cases will be fully presented in the Bishop's new book, entitled "The 
Afric3 ^i To-day." 

Yours truly, 

Ross Taylor. 



In iSi3 \V. C. Little & Co., of Albany, N.Y., published 
a small book giving an account of the trial of a man for 
murder whose name was given as "Arthur Ilodge." At 
the Athenjeum Library, Boston, Mass., while engaged in 
searching for genealogical facts, a copy of this work was 
seen which brought to mind the lines of John G. Sa.xe on 
" Pride of Birth " : 

" Your family thread you can't ascend 
Without good reason to apprehend 
You may find it waxed on the other end ; 
Or more than that, your boasted line 
i>Iay end in a loop of stronger twine." 

Further research, however, brought to light an article in 
" Allen's American Biographical Dictionary,'' published 
in 1858, in which it is stated that the real name of this 
man was not } lodge but Arthur W. Hodges; that he was 
a West India planter who about 1793 settled in Tortola, 
chief of the Virgin islands, easterly from the island of St. 
Domingo. According to the article, Hodges was a man 
of wealth, of considerable standing in the community, 
having held several high and important offices, and had 
the title of " honorable." He, however, was cruel in the 
extreme, killing at difl'erent times by flogging or other- 
wise many of his slaves. He was finally tried for killing 
a slave named Prosper, and found guilty, but on account 
of his high standing was recommended for mercy. The 
judge, however, refused the mercy asked, and ordered 
him hanged, and May 8, 181 1, he was executed. 

So far as known he had no relatives in this country. 




Hodge held a farm and smiled content, 
While one year paid another's rent ; 
But if he ran the least behind, 
.Vexation stung his anxious mind ; 
For not an hour would landlord stay, 
But seize the very quarter-day ; 
That cheap the market ! scant the grain ! 
Though urged with truth, was urged in vain. 
The same to him if false or true, 
For rent must come when rent was due ! 
Yet the same landlord's cows and steeds 
Broke Hodge's fence, and cropp'd his meads. 
In hunting that same landlord's hounds, 
See ! how they spread his new-sown grounds ; 
Dog, horse, and man alike o'erjoy'd. 
While half the rising crops destroyed ; 
Yet tamely was the loss sustained — 
'Tis said the suffrer once complained ; 
The squire laughed loudly as he spoke. 
And paid the tenant with a joke ! 
But luckless still poor Hodge's fate, 
His worship's bull had forced a gate. 
And gored his cow, the last and best, — 
By sickness he had lost the rest. 
Hodge felt at heart resentment strong ; 
The heart will feel that suffers long ; 
A thought that instant took his head, 
And thus, within himself, he said : 
" If Hodge, for once, don't Ring the squire. 
The village post him for a Uar ! " 


He said. Across his shoulder throws 

His fork, and to his lamUorJ goes. 

" I come, an' please ye to unfold 

What, soon or late, you must be told; 

My bull (a creature tame, till now) 

— My bull has gored your worship's cow ! 

'Tis known what shifts I make to live, 

Perhaps your honor may forgi\-e." 

" Forgive ! " the squire replied ami swore, 

"Pray cant to me, forgive, no more I 

The law my damage shall decide, 

And know that I'll be satisfied." 

"Think, sir, I'm poor, poor as a rat ; " 

"Think, I'm a justice ! think of that." 

Hodge bow'd again and scratched his head, 

And recollecting, archly said, 

" Sir, I'm so struck, when here before ye, 

I fear I've blundered in my story; 

'Fore George ! but I'll not blunder now, 

Yours was the bull, sir, mine the cow." 

His worship found his rage subside, 

.And with calm accent thus replied : 

" I'll think upon your case to-night. 

But I perceive 'tis altered quite ! " 

Hodge shrugged, and made another bow, 

".And please you, where's the justice now? ' 




They throw in Drummer Hodge, to rest 

Uncoffincd — just as found. 
His landmark is a kopje crest 

That breaks the veldt around ; 
And foieign constellations rest 

Each night above his mound. 

Young Hodge, the drummer, never knevv- 
Fresh from his ^Vessex lionie — 

The meaning of the broad karoo, 
The bush, the dusty loam, 

And why uprose to nightly view 
Strange stars amid the gleam. 

Yet portion of that unknown plain 

Will Hodge forever be ; 
His homely northern breast and brain 

Grow up a southern tree. 
And strange-eyed constellations reign 

His stars eternally. 




When on my grave the turf is green, 

Shed not a tear above it, 
Unless the life that I have lived 

Has made me wortliy of it. 

Above my head plant not a rose, 

Unless with will and power 
Some goodly work that I have done 

Shall live beyond the flower. 

Erect for me no costly shaft, 

Engrave no marble letter, 
Unless the life that I have lived 

Has helped the world grow better. 

O. J. H. 


' The sun will rise and set the same, 
Men will work and strive for fame. 
Flowers will blossom in the spring. 
And silvery wood-notes loudly ring. 
As feathered warblers sweetly sing, 
When we are gone. 

' Above us, ever and anon, 
Will pass the long years, one by one, 
The cradle, coflin, and the grave 
Will hold alike the king and slave. 
The proud, the humble, and the brave, 
When we are gone." 

f ^5- -Y^ (^ 



Cora, iSi. 


Amos, 215, 217. 
Daniel, c,-. 
Nancv, 217. 
Pameha (Davis), 21; 

Sally, 95, 207. 

Eliza (Hoiit-e), 134- 

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Daniel, 320. 

Desdcmona (Plunger), S7. 

Edwin S.. 270. 

EUzH. 2:7. 


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Mary L. (Sp.ior), y, 
-■ e (English), 37 

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;annah, 366. 

:i.-,ul,34g, 350, 354,4C<3. 

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Ellis (Bell), 134. 



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_p\'i'J|; 334. 

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Karl F. A., 230. 
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sJsan tH..\v',27$. 

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Cl:arles^^e, 99, 153. 

Clarissa ( iiodve?,' 99- 

Et'lii'h 'Lot''t'iei'l52^*' 

in^;!""]:' (ntven), ,52. 
Uecirxe \V ., lyq. 
]I.:rry E., lg.> 
Henry Elmer, 132. 
L. O. (Svirtlaiulj, 199., 152. 

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(An Indian), 40-. 

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Hepsah (ToinUnson^ 



Daniel, 24, 

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Tod, 337. 


•all I 

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,a,3S6. , 

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j, 310. 

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Anna, 119. 
Claudius, no. 
larcd. U9. 
}. K. (Mr.), 122. 

, (,u9. 

Ruev ' 




Polly, 61. 

Anne E. (Bryant), 2 


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i Andrew, 27S. 

I .Mar^-av'c't( Hodge), 275. 
I Sarali P., 37S. 

;Hodge), 2.3. 



Joshua, 24.. 

Richard, 3^1. 

Timothy, 3.3. 


BelinJa,V;.'^'r?S2, I. 


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Esther (Hodt 



Annie, .'So. 

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Betsev or Pollv (Hodje) 



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n, 132. 

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Caroline Jii-tinA, Ml. 

(Misior Mrs.),jl7. 

Sarah May, ig:. 


Philip, 3S6. 
Susanna (Neu comb), 3S 



D., in,,. 




1, ic*., 132. 


th A. Andr 


ta iR.^od;, 




Luetla, .J3- 


ia Isabella, 


dAlonzo, I 


EllaMav, Ui. 


.Meli~sa, 153 


e Orland... 


i Williajn, 


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j Mars-, 277. 

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, 390. 


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1 Mason Calhoun -"So. 

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iNancyA. (Engiith),372. 

Peras, -,71.^ 

1 Oliver, 33o. 

PhcEbe (HodL'el, 320. 


i SjMh, 57 j. 

Rebecca EnLl'lish, 371. 

Mrs. Ed\v.ird, 205. 

■S^rah Eii:^',"l5o!''', 02. " 
beldl-M Holmes, 3^0. 



The-dore, ,76. 

Sarah. 225.,3... 

Theodore M., 376. 




Benjamin, 32. 

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Paul. 230. 
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Marv (Hod^e),2S3. 

M.lrv Edna, 201. 
MarS-E. (Clark), 201. 


Wafiarn, 2S]. 

Gladys Do-.v. 124. 



Jamie Drew. 124. 
^.IdilhaE. ;F!.igg;, iri, 

Abraham, 336. 

A. H. (Dr.), 205. 
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BRISTOL.»l, v. 



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Henry, 357. 


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BRONSON. A- 163. 


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Temperance (Denslow) 




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(Mr.), 309. 

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Flora Isabel, 3S0. 1 


Samuel, 334. 



Tane L. (Duttun), 320. 1 

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ames OrimJl, 37,. , 


Sarah, 365. 

: ulius Dwiffht, 3S0. 

ohn Smith, 370. 

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^!alvir,a, 373. 
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^ovina, 197. 


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S.e Birchard. 

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Walter,' 17S. 

General, 6q. 

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Tower, 120. 

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CM'.), 3^9- 

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Laur.:C. {Hawn),i 
Lucretia H. (Pitma 


B., 37. 




I CMr.),9-. 

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"ifiridje), 263. 





L.iura aiodg«),3j;. 

(Mr ) i!i 

Elizabeth ( Woodhridge) 

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(\[is,),i,9, !?<,. 



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Olives. (Hodge J, 93. 

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Charles I.atlirop, lo.;. 

W. (Captain), 60. 


Cora" ('^chrock)VI('>9■ 


Elizabeth Austie, 190. 

, Governor. 1C4. 



Elizabeth, |;;6. 

Anne (Hodge), 41. 
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Margaret, 313. 

Elizabeth (Whitel, 366. 

Susanna (Hodge), 33. 


Ella. ,33. 
Eniily, 172. 
Emma Adelaide, 202. 
Ethel l!ird,Lve, 201. 


Adfli'i'^k! •ilndae), 133. 

lohnj 202 
Mary Amelia, 292. 

Ch.uus, 2-v). 
Clarence \V., -._,. 

EvehneA. (ilodge)..S6. 


Cnr,v::>i ■]-."::. 'iv>. 


Edward, 3',i. 

Fri-l.r:ck C. .;..;■ 

Fr.i:ik Nr.Vri'tt, 2r.2. 

Rebecca (Hodge), 331. 

Gr., ■.■_■.;.■. . : ■..,. 

G ,■- 1; ir, i-(. 


j|;r ;:■.-■;-.. 

'■.. : 1; "j.i.nin. 172,301. 
■; '. -i. -in, .60, 1(39. 

John A., 2Q2. 

Priscilla (Hodge), 292. 

Abigail, 3,-0. 
Abigail , \Vhite', 3:;S, 
Alfred, loi. 

.,317. 357, 355. 359. I 1-°"! 

Elizabeth (Voote), 347. 

Marv (Hod. I ,.,,,',. 

Elizabeth (Hurlbut), 359. 


Eunice (Saxtoa), 359. 

Mary iTerry), 202. 

Hannah, 3^7. 

Merritt. 172. 


Mildred liebecca.JO 

Miranda (Hodge), I 

Nathaniel, ,53.^ 



Robert Lincoln, 202 

Marv, -c;. ''^" 

Stephen. 93. 

.Mary (tj.vards), 337. 

Susan (Perkins), i« 


Tryphena, 2,6, 

Naiivaniel. ^:;7, 35.^,. 

Virtruiia S., 100, 169 

Rebecca (GViswold), 35S. 

Wi!li.tmjared, ,72,' 

Ruth, 35S. 

William Merritt, 30 

Sarah, 6.i!^207, 329, 347. ^ss. 


337.335,359, 3'M. 303. 

.Sarah, 73. 

■iel, 76. 
manda. 75. 
izabeth (Eln 








lane, S3. 



M. (Hodge 
T., 32.;. 



Ann, 207. 
J Aie V, 525 



1 B., ^j. 







Deborah, j^S. 
Sirah, 300. 
Thomas, 34S. 

Francis F., 2S;. 
Mary, 2S5. 

Charles, S5. 

Charles L.. j;..'.in^jr.,Lovc;.ind),i 
Enicaa , Hodge), 2J4. 
l.L. (Mr.), ,14. 

Gardner, 29S. 
Lavonia (Hodge), 2<^. 

Charlotte A.fHoIlister),] 
T. W. TMr.), 1:6. 
"Lavina L., 1.6. 


, Captain, 1-$. 


I.UCV.A.. .■ 
Marv. ;!!', 
M.'.rv ;Ho Liz;e:i;6. 
Thadaci;*, -S, iu. 
Thankfui ,Hodije},35. 

Mary, 317. 




Jacob, 36'5. 

.Vlary (White) , 3'-6. 

Susan Kelly, 3S;. 


Albert T.,iS4. 
Alfred, 65, 69. 
Alvin, 65. 
Ccliii Lutctia, loS. 

Charlotte .Vewel'l, u 
Clarissa Irer.e, 1S4. 

Elisha, 65. 
Eli.-iha Washii 
Ellen .Sophia, 

i/abfth, io5. 

. A-en.ith, loS, 169. 

L.ici:.j3, loS. 

ir>- .M.iti;li, irg. 
nnie'Este'lla, 1S4. 
'lUaraVinley, 69. 



Charles Erastus, 1S5. 
Er.istas F., iSj. 
Frances {Hodije), 1S5 
George Ansjn, 1S5. 


Thaddees, 337. 





Caroline, 224, 2Z$. 


Cynthia, ^r^. 


Sarah, 365. 




1 E.A. (Mr.),3S3. 
! Jennie (Angel), 3S3. 
i Sarah, 362. 


EiTieC. (Hodge'i 
; Isadore L. I'Balch), 244. 
' Olive, S3. 


Thomas, 244. 

Albert X., no. 
AnD (Hills), 136. 
Cora .M,ry, ,67. 
D.ivid, no. 
David Q.., no. 
DiroxilanaA., no. 
Diinxilina (Goodale), i 
Eii?.al.L"tii. 391. 

Mania Van Buren, no. 

OsmarP., no. 

Susan B. iSl<ates), no. 


Euphemi,. (Hodge), 331 

Thomas' T., 331. 


Caroline, 317. 
Susannah, 317. 


; 1 Mrs.), 255. 




Israel. 394. 397- 

Abigail, 241. 

Lovuia C. iViiesl, no. 

David, 361. 
Ebenezcr, 361. 


Iohn,392, 394, 395, 396,397. 

}oseph, 395. 396. 

Joshua, 397. 

Josiah, 393, 39t, 395.396,397. 

lulius Y., 3«. 

■Mar%-, 303, y/i. 397. 

Mehitabcl. 300. 

Reuben 0., 1.6. ' 



Elizabctli (Gilbert), 3(>i. 
Honor (Treat), 363. 

David, 235. 

Nabla (Hodge), 23j. 

John,3i7, 354, 361,303. 
Jonathan, 361. 


Slarv';"Mv'i;aU), 301, 363. 


S.imiiel, ;6i. 

Mehitabel (.\liller).39n. 
Nathaniel, 395. 

Sarah COrton), 394. 

Kuth'Ann, 117. 


Sarah, v3i- 

Sarah (Kirby), 36- ■ 

Simeon, 306. 

Temperance (Bailey), 397. 
Thomas, 394, 396. 

Anne, 321. 


William, 2g6. 


Rachel, 79. 


Abijaii A. ',Hodje),c;. 


Adelaide (Goodale). >j. 

Lorfn.93. " ' 

Elizabeth;., 307. 

Benjimin, >o. 




(Mr.), 103. 

Charles, 139. 

William. 154. 

Abigail M. (GooJaleS 110. 
Nathan, 110. 



Pamelia, 114. 

L:;7,i :P:.::en\ 103,207. 




iUnrv,23,25, 2>,34i,3*3- 

AUieM. (Hod^e), l6q. 

I!,i---- A. (HoJge). 131. 

Edwin Grant. i>^. 

Hi^ <: A., 13.. 

Henrj-, ,-x,. . . 

I.n-:;, ::.'. _ 

Il<;nrv Vaiiann. io3. 
.MarvE. (Koardmanj. Kij. 

|^ia,--V. ^ • 


Samuel. 333. 


Joseph, 343, 345- 
M...rti:i.:,40, 343., •,43..>44. ' 


Sarah, 363. 

Sa:'.;hl-. (Korebroik}, 139. 
Sar.ih T., 223. 
W. (.Mr.), 216. 



.M:,ry (Grant), 3+s. 


Nicliolas,3;,,-), 340, 341. 
Patience, vti- 

Arthur, ,35. 



Sarah M., 145- 

P .ti-.-nce (Gibbs), 345. 
Reuben, 310. 

Daniel, 64. 

Frances (Footc), 35'^. 

Ruth, 344. 

Samael,2S, 343, 344.34;. 

Sarah, 315- 

Suiannah, 23, 27, 342, 344- 

Jane, 240. 


Sarah I. (Hod^e), 135. 

Mary, 2S6. 

Te:nperance, 341. 




John, 2.2. 

Betsey, So. 

Lucy (Smith), 242. 



Richard, 242. 

Sie Dyer. 

Alfred, 142. 


DINSMORE. Re;i, 142. 

Catharine, 307. 

E*;erC. iH d^re), 143. 


Abel. 336. 

LVi'.i.i, ;f4. 
Neil:e, 14J. 

Abigail (Drake), 314. 



Anna, 3«, 303, 393, 3.>4, 397. 

Adelaide G.. 224. 

Abraham, 316. 


Daniel, ;07. 

Captain. 317. 

Clara, 3CO. 

Experience, 306, 397. 

.CatharineL.(R. bertsj.ljq 


. Experience (U-oodward), 

■ Daniel, 160. 

Elizabeth (Hodje), 317. 

DavidCl.irk, i;o, I'O. 

George, 217. 

Ff.inces (Clark), 3,4. 

; LyJia Rockwell, 159, "or 

Ge r-e, vn, yfi. 

! '207. 


He;.z.h:,h, ;4. 

John, 160. 

M.^yMa:ia:.t, :ii. 

H.pzihah (Lvmin),395. 

1 Joseph, 160. 



Abigail, 45- 


Jane (Woodbridge), 263. 
JoUiam, 263. 

Mary, 323. 

Isabella (W;itts\ 3-4. 

John, 61. 


Kebecca Almirn, 135, 


Mary, 70. 

John, 32. 

Samuel, 73. 



Abigail, 354. 
.lob, 394- 

Eliza Ann, vis. 

Sibyl fHod^e).ai4. 
Timothy, 2.4. 

Cyrus, 235. 
Sarah (Hodjje), 233. 

Ella, 3S4. 
Mary, 3M. 
Orissa, S5. 


(Col.), 3.59. 



Eliza (Hodge), 303. 

Martha, .401. 
Mary, 401. 
Mthit.ibel, 401. 

Sal-aCsS.'-t^"-' ^ 
Thomas, 33, 5^, S4, 401, 
Timothy, 40:. 


Ann L., 37=. 

Jane L. (.Mrs.), 320. | 


Hortense (Norton), 230. ! 
Jav. 236. 

Josephine (Norton), 236. 
William, 236. 


j'L.'c'MrO, i!i'7. 

I Elizabeth, 3S7. 


Andrew, 30S. 
Elizabeth (Ilodge), 306. 
See Allis. 

Elizabeth, 76. 


Marv (Hodge), 216. 
Tabitlia, 214. 




Esth.-r, 269. 
Jonathan, 369. 
Mary, 357. 

Rev. J.ohn,46, 59. 

Mary, 341. 


I Sarah '(Terrill), 120. 

1 Ellen (Hnd-je), 310. 
j F rincis, 3,0. 


j BctseyllavwnrJ, 2^7. 

1- ->i,35J. 

Susan Rci,y\co»vin),3S2. 

Abel, 99, 36S. j'-^g. 37". J'?. 

Ann.i (Canlkins),3&S, S/"- 
Charles Chester, 371, 3;5- 
Clarissa. 371, 375' 

Elizabeth (Harold). 36J. 

Emily Pamelia, 371, .-,74- 
! Freedom (Strong), 3i.>'S. 
! Hannah, 369. 
I Jo-.-!. 369- , <-, 

: John. 3.>i. 37'. 373. 3?S. 3^^. 
;>Iary, 3'.c>- 

Rchecc.i, 371. 

Richard, 30';. 369. 

Sally (Shields), 373. 

Sarah, 369. 

Sophia, 0.1. 207, S*. 
I 3T-.', 3>/. 3<-'i- 
' ZepK.uiiah, y^. 


James, 363. 
Susann?, ( Woodbrid-e) 

Grover, 122. 

Harriet (Hn.S-e), i:z. 

Ada A., HI. 
Alice L., 141. 

Archie i.^4T. 

Delbert D., 141. 
Emilia C, 141. 
Emorv E., 141. 
Harold S., 141. 
Harriet J3.,24S. 
IdaB. (StrickUndJ, m 
Joseph T., MI. 
iv-eilU (Evelyn), ;4- 
Reby H., I4'. 

Thom.isH., 141. 
Ve=ley K., 141. 
William R., 141. 

Alice L., 141. 
Joseph T., 141. 
Nellie, HI- 
Simeon, 404. 



Sarah, yS. 

C. Adile (Stroag). j.w. 


William, 313. 

Ellen, ,3.. 

Ella P., 2J9- 

t Charles, 254.'"^ ' 
1 Genr«, 2:4. 
1 HenrV, 2;4. 



Mary (Welles), 350. 



(Miss), 1,7. 

Helen (Goodale), S9. 

Lucinda, Si. 


liarvcV'B., lOfl. 
I.vilia (Covelll, 109. 
Mary B., log. 

Frederick, 33", 357. 


Alice Rebecca, 326. 

SaVah Jane, 124. 


i James, aCv 

I Sarab F. (\Voodbridg'e),263, 


(Ueiniog), 347, 

Flora (McLeod), 12J. 

:an, 315. 
lan L , 31; 

bamuel A., 353. 
Sar.!h, 356. 
Sarah (Hodjc), 31;. 
Timothy, 31;. 

Joseph B., 164. 

Hcpsibah, 305. 
I Thomas, 342. 

nrine, 30i. 

Reginald, 391, 392. 

George, 250. 
Gertrade, 230. 
OiiveJ. (Hodge), 230. 


Francis, 3o,->. 


Jabez, 341, J4^- 

Sa'uy,' 2 ;/.''' " 
Sarah (Hodge), 59- 
William, 59. 


Benjamin, 279. 

Ida M. Good.-.le, i/i- 
Seymour, .7,. 

Joshua, 242. 

Elizabeth, 115. 
Fred, 301. 
Ida, 301. 
loseph, J14. 
Vhocbe CSanborn), 30: 


Elizabeth (HoJ;;..) , ;4':-. 
.\Viili.nm, 246. 

Anne Marie, yiQ. 

Henry, 331. 
Jane (Hodge?, 331. 
Albertine (Rice), r:o. 
Edwin, 220. 
Esther, 377. 

Huldah, 29S, 2«. 
Daniel Le Mnyne, 205. 
Emmet!, 215. 
Gordon Custer, Jl'O. 
Helen, 206. 
Margaret G. (.ilanna), 205. 
Mary C. (Wejdon), 205. 
Mary PurJy, 20<). 

Frances A., 220. 
Abram $., 2S<>. 

Howell, 286. 
James Lion, 2S6. 
Jeremiah, 2S6. 

Mary (Dayton), 3S0. 
Sarah, 2S6. 

Sarah (Schuyler), 2S6. 
Stephen G., lib. 

Susan A. (Hodge), 27 

James A., 102, 200. 
Lucretia (Rudolph), v 

Alvira Electa, 3...... 



I George, 1S2. 
t MaryK. (Gay), l?2. 



ence, 3i5. 





I Ahi?:>il, 



ticth, 361. 



I Lydia (Cole),35S. 



j (Mrs.), 405. 

Elizabeth, 126. 

I Daniaris, 49. 



Franklin, 2S«. 
George Benja 
George M., 23 

I Phili: 



Sally Maria, iii. 
Sarah >ray, 171. 
Sarali (Brewer), 70. 
Sarah (Huber), 173. 
Sophronia A., ui. 
Speedy (Hurlbut), III. 
Susan (Osborn), 171. 
Susan Speedy, 172. 

Isaac, 70. 

Josephine P., 3S1. 



John (Col.),. 135- 

Abigail, S3. 
- ice,^,. 
Zaccheus, S3. 


ilineE. (HoJae),9S. 

nah (Welles), 351. 

• (Mr.), 233- 
Daniel, 34S. 
Deborah, 50. 

Isa.ic, 41. 



Mary, ^4. 

Aziibah (Hod^e), jSfi. 
David, 2S6. 

Elizabclh, 6j. 
James, 6S. 
Mary (Sumner), 6S. 
PoUv, 6S. 
Sara'h, 61. 
W.S. (Mr.),94. 

Gordon, 370. 
Sarah D. (Hodoc), 270. 


Hannah, 301. 


MaryC. (,3Si 
Mason Brayman, 3:1. 
Theodore, jSi. 


: (Col, 

Abner, 165. 
Mary N., 165. 
Mary (Norlon), 165. 


Charles, icp. 
CordeliaC. (Covell),!. 


I Arthur II.. \oS. 

I Charlutte EUith, icS. 

I Edward, 23,^25. 

' l'xpei'ieaee'(Dewe'v;, 
; Henry P., 


:a, 35S. 

Betsey (Whipple), 35 
Daniel, 255._ 


John, 34. 

Mary (Ooppy), 34. 

Samuel, 34. 


jMary (Hod'ije) , 2(5.> 



I James, 251 
Samuel, 25 


; M. (Blackman), 




. 63. 70. 
Judith (Hoc!ge),40. 
'Mercy (Hurfbut), 383. 
Miriam, 40. 
Samuel, 40. 
Susanna, 40. 
Thomas, 363. 

Jessie, 326. 






eth, 3S9. 



(Mr.), 191. 

EujjcnieM. (Barnett), 
Lavinia, 139. 
Prudence, 331.! 


George, 231. 
Julia Isabel, 23,. 

HANN per. MAN! 
Electa, St. 
Electa (Beebe), St. 
Elias, 3l. 



Margaret Gordon, jo 


,Capt;iln, 3'-i- 

AnnleM. (Phelp.0,i>7- 
Hugh, 117- 

Thomas, 41J. 

Hann.ih, 2-;6. 
John, j;6. 

Elizabeth, i'JS. 



, Colonel, ,«5. 

John Scott, 2-j>. 

HART. (Hodge), 173- 
Eli/ateth ,.\Ir..i,.b.. 
Hcrr.Mn Ilo^'art, 17J. 
31 5- 


Joseph G., 331. 

Asahel,T5r, 152. 
Vienna C.tlCeeler), I; 

HatticO. ^Hoage),l74• 
JohnS., 1/4- 
Sarah L.CLoveland), II 


Alfred R., 3^3- 
Mary (Ho.iije), 32}. 
Mary E. {tlodgcj, 337- 
Samuel, 3J7. 

John (Col.), 333. 


rd. 394- 


Frances (Ilodae), 3. 

' Laura C, .J^. 

iTulia, 117. 

I^VilUam, 24.25.3?. 342 

Abigail K. (Squires), 323. 

Allen. 3J3. 
' Rutherlord B., 200. 

I Abraham, 3:19. 
i (Taylor), 39<). 
2- s'arah'( Johnson), 30Q. 

'• Cora Bell, 176. 
I John E., 170. 
JMaryO. '.Hodge), I7r.. 

! Martha, 243. 


(Mr.), 235- 

Fred., 235. 

Lucr.itia aiods--). ^J! 

Icshua, 23S. 


Susan, 3^3. 

Andrew, 70, nS. 
Eliza (Hodge), 79, tiS. 
George K., 1 :S. 
Sarah (Hodge), 118. 


Susan, 237. 


Margaret, 331. 


Sai-ah (Hinsdale), 305. 
I Walter, 303. 

i Ellen (Fenn), .32. 
■ Harlcv.-, 132. 
I Heman V\ilfred, 132. 



Grace Puru'.-, iy'„ 2.->d. 
lennette W. fPardv), 192. 
Joseph Snively, .92. 

Matilda, 303. 

I Jessie, 19S. 

! Rhodadloage), lj2. 


: Betsey, 231. 

David, 65. 
• Esther C, 109. 
I Henry, ;,6. 
I Herbert Fuller, 360. 
'MuryL. iUo>lse).=« 
Melissa, 2S6. 
Sophia Piulona, 113. 
William, 236. 

Benjamin, 234. 

John, 3fK). 
Alary, 30S, 369- 

i (Mr.), 340- 

Lucy, 320. 



(.Mr.), J15. 

Clarissa E. {Whitiuore) 

Ei¥j' bell, 170. 


Olive C, (Johnsou), Sg. \%' '.^V \i'-- ''^ r^i' ^^'' G a«,"'i.', V^3. 

HOAG. : i:;:, iVi .-v;, "'.', io;, 373. , (L.-Jyi-d), 270, 

' Alfr^a Cly-lc, 2g2. Lf.vis, 2.>,. 

i Alfred M.',"'i<5-' ''' ' MariP-VaVj.'sn. 

I Alfred O., .-Ss. i Relict, i^, iSo. 

Alice, i:;S, 17.,, iSo, 24S, :io2. ! (Smalley), 299- 

Ph'.vbe (Lci^eV, J,;. Al.ce jOim, ;.-i. j Aiioe., f^^. . 

Sarah A. (iil.i!tfj, 11.9, 170. .V .. .■ 1. - • ■ 1, _■ ,■,. v'. -•-■.., . ^_ 

William Dewia, 170. ^, '-.'l ," '^.^ '^ •-'..< 

HODDENOTT. \ -:. ,. 1. -\ . .77.2 

John b., JH. , -^|V ^ Va^n'iarsi/-'" I Anl.ur a!, 04. ' "' 

HODGDON. AliJa, 37. Artnur G., 295. 

Ma^(^c„e)..75. 1 ^ll^^.S:i„, ,^,. ! il;:'itf;,^K^"' ^''■ 

san>^iN75. ! :ii:;;^^ il^'i^^^ ■^:_^^^- il:i?v.fS;..,.. 

HODGE. I Al:r.ira,S3,oo. 

rCaf>tr,!n!. V2. ' Air'ira'c.'i?,. 

('Mr.), 317.319. 3-!7.4CJ. Al.nira (Locke), j 

_i?^Mr;.). 267. ;v- " .' ' r - 

Abby, Abbie, Abieail, s.v, 'v,.i : : '. \ ■•, ,;, 

a/j5, Xatiby and .S'abla. .\t: ..^ • i il' r.i- 
Abigail, 27, 30, 34, 44, 207. , A:.i,.;ui.i .\1. „!.,r.j 

210, 213, 21;. --fS, 353, 30J, : .\ai.iada , ry 
_£7. :■■;.. i'5.-iji- " "^llbrose \V 1-2 

(Khve'.i!, 215. Amelia°S3. " 

fDo'1-^),4-. Amelia C. {.Morri 

-D ,...,. :.:!i}.9.t. :. Amelia Civic, 2Q2. 

\j. u .,,', 

.:^v.,r.l•, 23S. 

\mv i: Mai:-n -'2 


,M'-. \ 

A-.,VCDow ,,2;. 

Abb. Jit La-vri 

Amv :ll;-.vei!\2>5. 

Abe!, 47. .■■". 

\'/' :''}' •"^' 

1^:U-:-h:i:::. ,,,..,. 

! ni 



Abram, Abr: 

ilT.i)'n,''54', 2JI, 1 

ill, 274, 275, 276, 277, 30.-, 

2,i.2Si:^.V = 

■ 332. 3-V'- 

303, 3!o, 3;... 

2^chsah (Tub 

a;*), 133- 1 

Aadrewjackion, 91,92, 121, 

AJdison Bert 

ram, iSS. | 

'4°. 173- 

Adelaide, .79, 

Andrew Todd, 304. 

Adile, 2y2. 

Andy. 322. 

Adeline '.Call 

ander). 271. i 

Angelij, J14. 

Adeline k.., 1 

An-eline, 3(13. 

Adolphia Ke^ 

;iah. is. '-6. 

Ann, Anna, Anne, Ann:.., 

AtKa or Ap,.l. 

a.i, >J. 

t and Nannie, 


i_. 3"'/. 32'J. 

[ .33.41, 4Q, 54, :xj, So, 207, 

1 Et 

: b: 

Albert, i$4. -'. 


2,,.|2.1<.,'2:7,'25),' 2..3; 270I 

Albert G., u-i 

I 2V,. 3. !,;■.-. 315, 310, 3JI. 



eJ. 300, 301. 
lolmes), 140. 

Michael, iS, 243, | 


I Chaunccv Ja 
I Chester, 6] , 


:s, 143. ; Edith (Gil.-.5,>n 

i. I Edith Loulso, 

I ■ ■ 1-4. 

Clarence A., 1^4." 

idinond, 333. 


P. (Merrill), 205. 

Clarimla, S.1. 

F.dnaM. 222. 

Clarjssa,^ S9. 67, S9, 94, 09, 

Jid^val■d, 15, sS, S4, 143, 


R.becca, =73. 

3,0, 327, 33:, 333. 

(Watts), 3C0. 

Chir'iUa'iliir.'oeth. 124. 

Ej-.v.'ud A., So, ,26. 

Carrol!, 251 . 

Clarissa Minerva, 143. 
Clark Uoberts, 3, 163, 200, 

lid.v.iraAa.-ten, 2S2. 

Caspar Wistar, 279. 

Edr.aid .\verv, 17;, 203 

Cassaada, 254, 256. 

Ertv.-nrd Senir,„Mn:i,,: 



Ci.:r.-f ^z.i, 2yi. 


Catharini:, Catherine 


Clinton, ;..7. 

Edw.a-a Conner, 15. 


Cora, ,40. 

Edward D'.vi::ht, ,-». 

Coral. (M.ies),. 40. 

J-d.van' G., 177. 


Cor.lC:,.,, .V,... 

laiv.arJM., 250. 

Cordelia Ann, S4, IJ4. 

Edward Pavson, 266. 

C , 2M. " ' 

Cordelia .-VuL'usta, e.>i, ico. 

Ed,vin,, 23,- 2,9/227. 


Coraand V;mR., 2bo. 

Edwin C, 94. 

Curtis, 33.-,, 33S. 

Edwin F., 223. 

Cynthia, 27,. 
C>nthia (Cross), 2C,9. 
Cynthia (.MeKarland), 2S4. 

Edwin Judson, 221. 

EHle CaroUne, 244. 


Eebert .Molt, 293. 

Ccir^c Emery, 175. 

Cynthia (.\e-,v hall), 300. 

Eldad, 29^, 299. 

Co = .ti.i, ,36. 


EUlesta, 5^. 

Cyrus, 95. 143. 

Eleanor, Elenor, Elinor 


Cyrus Lcr..v. 1S.5. 

, 40, 5;, t,i. 

Ch..rlcs. 17, iS, 79, Sg, 


D. L.O. O'hnso.O.SO?. 

— { Brown), 3S. 

'3'. -3^, '79, 209, 210, 

Damon K., -,.6. 

Emm, ,19s. 

232.235,24,, 244, 2+6, 



L.,c,2, 14,. 

269, 274, 277, 27S, 279, 


D,iniel, 32, 33,3s, 40,41,52, 



79. vo, J!3, 232, 233, 300, 

Eli, 40, 62, 63, go, 303. 

Charles Augustus, 229, 

337. 33^- 

Elias, 70, 117, ,iS. 

Charles B., 142. 

Daniel 1- IHs, so. 

}Clijah, 46, 60, 79, SS, 90. 


Charles Blancha.-d, 27?. 

Daniel H., 2,9,225. - 

Jilisha, 90, 134, 2S?, 3'26. 

Chirle, I)ic;<ini'n, 271, 


David, .5,40,4,, 44. 79, Q", 

E!:2a,6t,79,9o,l!S, 134, 


Chir>»i Dj,!i,-:, <^. 

li<, Tt',. :i2, ::'.; 219, 2S3, 

Chs-;e3 idv.-arJ, 124, 


2S-.J, 32>, 337, jri. 
Da-.idA.;!?; - 

ElizaAnn, .S7, 273. 3,7. 

Ch:;;::cs Edwin, iSj. 

David liue;,329. 

Eliza P. (Da'/is), loV 
Eii.-a (Hopkins), 331. 
Eliza J. (Colby/. 4. 

C.harle.G., I3S, .Jc.. 

Deborah, ,,. 

Charles H., 29.,. 

Deborah (Peters), 43. 


Eliza (Wolf), }0J. 

1 Emma (Knapp 

Elizabeth,, Liz 

z e 

1 Emma Louisa, 

s.;; a/,p, 

,30,60,91, uS, 137, 


EmmaU. (Ho 

190, 207, a4.,24'-j, J50, 

Emma S., 227. 

25s, 203. 307. 3»^. 309., 337- 


1 Ephra.m Town 

A. (Christoy), 190. 

1 Ernust, 1S3, 205 

Ann,:o3. "^ 

Err.e-t Waldo. 

B. (Il..luiuv),23i. 

' Era- I.anr.-nce 

Brown, -,24.' 

E.ttr, i-MlKT, 


' , 4i. 4j, j.>, 

F. (W!'.,le),,S5. 

; (_'., 1;. ' 


— 1 i . - i . 

Frank Wilder, 224, 229. 



I E 

Eunice E. (Treat). 136. 


Brov;.., 255. 


E., 135. 

— -{""oUe^Tlo 

M. (Bemont),iS6. 

Elmer, 233, iu^. 
Elmira, 320. 
ElmiraJ. (Bates), 
Elophal (Mallory), 
Elsie, 2S6. 
Elvira M., 325. 
Emeline A., 132. 
Emeline A. (Allen 
Emerson Wesley, 1 

1 Pe:: 


t". .1.1 A. (Peck), 301. 
. Ii..raE., i;7. 
! Mora lEasiett), 200. 
1 Flora (Glasier), 143. 

Flora L. (Barnum), 229. 
I Florence Helena, 2'». 
IFon.7.ina, per. Jo..ephi, 

Fr.ii.ce- A. ,-Gv,.Jrith) i 




'74, =7> 

Ge t 

2 Ha 


3^5 • 


-. '7 






rem ^ (w 


(. Ih 

t Scatcherd, 


G i 


lor, 13^ 



G lie 



Emma A^n- 
Emma Aine: 
Emma C. 22 
Emma Eliza 
Emma Eliza! 
Emma F., 12 


Harold, 190. 

Harold Raymond, iSl. 

Harriet & Harrictte, 

,S3,SS, iiS, i2i, i.'S, 1 

141, 217, 261, 270, iSSt '■ 


Alice, 266. 

Ann. 2W. 

- B. '¥-• 

, -MS. 

E. JU^-ing), II 

L. (B'.rnss), r 

L. ^Ke;iam),i 

M., 2i5. 

Maria, .7S. 

Merrick, 271, 2 

P. (r,r.>wn),7. 

in (;Terry?,°279! ' 
Harrison, lii. 
Harry, S5, 303- 
Harry Eiisene, 273. 
Harry Sidr.ey, 230. 


275, =76, '11. 
i-!iUli, 2S0. 

Jane, etc., Elizabet 


(McCloud), y 

Mclntvre, -,-.'?. 


(Per-— > —■ 

W.iolsey, i-So. 

ilTerscn D.ivii, iji 

Hc.i;a u. 
Her.rk'Ua. 1S7. 
Henrietla Eli^iabelh, 36. 

, i3'-i, 1S5. 
40. 54. ^-.1, 31 

'Vll.i, a;id Is: 

.v:'3, . 


,s , 190. I Israel, A3, 5-5, (>;, S7, SS, 12S. 
'S),i?7. I i37, 33^- 

*5ie .\I. iH:.. 

„ , >. -9, i< 

S2, 94. U-J. 



- Churchill, 104. 

- Dex-rer, 144, i* 

^VooJbrid'iJe, 13 (, 

Herbert D., 137. 
Hermaa B., 2^4. 

I John bcvall, .-45. 
Taylor, 305. 

Hir.::T. O,. ;.r, -3. 
Holdiri S inborn, jw, 301 
Homer D., 2^5, 23Q. 

1 Ei'cu'^ils), 23$. 


Judith, 31,33. 40- 
Judith A. (Colby), s 

20 J. 

Julia I. tU-inch(;tt),23i., 203. 
JuHaM. (Osborn), 167,16s. 
Julia >[ott, Mj. 

Kate, Ivatiej sre, also, Citha. 

, ■« 307. 

Barker, 147. 

Lodrick, 91, 133, 137, 140. 
Lois, 49, 71, 2C>7, jSo. 
Lois L., ;zT. 

Marg^aret, Margarette, and 

.30. iSSiJ. S7, 261, 262, 

2"5. ^74. -\i, 2S5, 307, 311, 

Toic-phine, 131, 180,255. 

McL. (Woods), iSl. 

— -P. (Ellis), 29s. 
Mana,S<, iiS, 130, 3;9, Z95. 
Maria (Fairduld),226. 


Keturah (Jones; 


Ket-arah (Tibba 

Keziati, 212,2.3. 

Kosciusko, 23S. 

L. Cadv, 127. 

Laura, 79, S5, 126, 323. 

Laura B. (Th-arston) , 327. 
Laura Jane, 271. 
Laura (Hail), 63, 323. 

ulh 139. 

Leiand, 2S7. 

Lena A^nes, 138. 
Lena B. (Alderrac 
Leona.M., 221. 

Lepha N'asli, 2 
LeroY, 323. 
Lester, 257. 
Levi, 46, sS, ( 

L 1 
I 1 1 

i. (U 


159, 160 





60, .S3. 

1, S4, 123 





y.., liS. 

VViilnir. 2 

. 3 '.33. 38.40,4' ._43. 44. 

■A. rfairchild), 

■''a. (Tloyt),225. 
•A. (Hunter), 303. 

■A. :Puase),32i. 



Mary, etc., C, 2; 

C. (Conies), 

C. (Gaver), I 

Caroline, 159, 

Carroll, 2S1. 

(ColkT.* j?^' 

Mclvin E., 130, iSj. I Orson Willis, 175. 

Mercy (Morgan), 313. ' OrviUCj 2^7. 

Micllaei,, 241, 2^2, 243, , O^cur. ;5(i, ~.rr,. 


P.uic.icc L., ^. 


Paul, 32+. 
Paytoii, 205. 

1" ' -•;-■, 2.53,234. 

1 i M.-.vton, 235, 237, 


'':''/•"! Z'^'h^i"' 


is). 2,-y}. 

p-.a-vhiak.ri.oS. ' 

.■\|-.i-:iil, 2*3. ' 

Pii.tbc (We^tcot). 2S4. 

!aii,j, Ann, ! 

Poilv, sec, a/so, Mary. 

Jm"^M- i 

,'59.63. 90.261,31s. 


!cr/,'&.'' ; 

Peggy, .«,»to,Marg.., 

PerrV'Vs, 57, 12S. 

L. {Hofer).29:. 
■ L. (Root). ■34- 

-I.oveia'n.d.^4;. 4 
. Lucretia. yx. 

Nchcnuah, ;•-, 31;, i'j, 2^,. , Rachel, R:. iiaol, 

■ 122, l'42. ■ ' I '(Uem".c7,''79. 

At;.:: ,, 2,,. I M. rOshn/n;, 

— ;p.VL-c), VJ4- 

Ni'x'lu''iio-"'a'uha, 143, 



Kcuhcr.. 215, 21O, 317, 21S, 


.Novi,t«j, .,1. ' 

2S5. 2S6, 3.;. ' " • 


N.>rman.o, 17. 21S, 222 

,224. R.u?.'cnA.r.S. 

(Spooner), 24S. 

Kcuben Calvin, 222. 22S. 

(Siever.s), 252. 

1 oui^; A., .32. 14,. 

Reuben F., 220. 


Olivejane, 22-, 230. 

K.-va E., ,33. 

— ^^b^l 

: Oliv.- ,;S[,air..rd), rj,. 

, HhodaA';;??^.'^'''^''' 

'V l.^a!:I, J;,o. 

OUv.T P.. 52, .2,, 2.; 

, .MO, |Rh:,da.Chapra.-m),S9. 

M;irvir.L-.-.ra:., 124. 

Orl,,n,^;, :,-; 

Ki-- .a ,^ .'unj;), 253. 
^_^^^ :Ku.h>rd,Si. 2„, ^^S, 306. 

Mason, 2>5. 

; ,|K, ,.2, I .J. ..i,. ,-.5, 

,' 169.' i Hichard Morse, 2S0, 2.32. 

M.athevv, 303. 

P...;. a. :i,. • 

Matilda, -Hendricks), 303. 

'Orl'l^'.lu]i)ho, 2d, loi. 

' !i .bert. .-57, 258. 255, j6o, 
2'.i,2'.4,2.x., 284,239, 29+, 
H-i- . .i-^. J>.J. 3'a,3i7, 331, 335, 

Mehiiobel, .Mehitahle. 

. Or|.ha, i.-!. 

'Urp!... A.:Ald.Tinan:-, 


M. (Rossl.A,,: 
Marix, ;'j;. 


Roxy Ann, S5. 

Rubv, C2. 
Rubv (Brown), 91. 
Rucy C. (Bartktt), 
Rufus, 2S5. 
Rus.-c'.l, J ,-.), 300. 
Ruth A. (Bunnell) 
Ruth A. (D.l.=com) 
Ruth (Stkkiiev), it 
Snba Viruinia, [51, 
Subrina, 07. 
Sabrina A. (Pierce 
Sally, <^,' Sarah. 
Samantha. ao, l.u, 

(MnrriO. iji. 

P.'(Bavartl), J7S. 

(PierciO, J07. 

S. (Hose), 93. 

(Smart), 4-t. 

(Slllith^, ij7. 

W. (A5h 


Simrley Christcy, I 
; Sihyl, J14. 
.-i;ll>, 04, 1+3. 

4. 3''i. 3-^ 
. (Ahbo:-. 

■ (Botsfird), 2: 
. (Burrlll),2,4 
• (Churchill), t 


William Ledyard, 277, 27S. 

Emma Uosella, 1S3, 


William M., 2S5. 

Ezra S., 1S3. 

na Piatt, 303. 

William R.. 93. 

G. H., If). 

len A. (Piatt), 203. 
illiani H. L, 203. 

William T., 305. 
Willis and Wyllys, 

George, 317. 

Gilsnn birrm, 317. 

illiara Hyslop, 203. 

'Barker, 123, 175. 

Hudson Goodwin, 135. 
lerusha A.. ,=;;,. 
Teruiha A. (Curti.5), 170. 
Jc.auna (Treat), 300. 
lohn, 170, ,v>o. 
J.ili.iT. (<;ooJrich),i$3. 


w!mi';j',,''iV^-"" ' 

knna (Hodge), 89. 

)udlcy, 89. 
Eunice, 43. 
Joel, .07. 
Lois, 107. 
Lucilla, 107, loS. 

w'.'rdbrLit'c'; S9- 
Zabir.a, 21;. 

Lavini ('1 lodge), 317. 

Zabina (Tryon), 269. 
Zebuloa, -,36. 

Lorenzo Watson, 317. 
Lucy, 234. 



Mary.\. (Coper), 317. 

(Mr,), 247. 

.Maud .11., iSi. 

Ann iHodge;, 247. 


Olive A. (lloJge), 13^. 

Almor. v., 6, 3OT. 

Otis, ,7.. , 


Arthur \\'., 410. 


Roderick F., rjj. 

Hose lane, ,71, 

Kowi.'ind Hudson, 136, 1S3. 

.Colonel, 335. 

Maria, 205. 

Mary J. (Parks), 3S3. 

Rath, 5?. 
HutMTreat),i3;, 13S. 



Abigail Blackwood, 37 

Andrew, 2ul. 

T<==hua Ladd. ,'70., 291. 


Julia^(B.»rrett), .07. 

Salome, 201. 
Victor, 29i. 


Oliver, 167. 

Desire, lao. 

Philura (Humphrey), 322. 



Susan. 27S. 

Martha A., 113. 

Phincas, 322. 




(Mr.), 227. 

Joseph, 3.3. 

Abigail (Greeley), S3. 

Abigail (Barber), 225. 


Clarissa, S?. 


Daniel, 32. 
oan, 306. 



Julia A. (Hod?e),93- 

;ohn.3o6, 307, 3013. 

Henry V .. 27-,. 

Lois L. (Hodge), 227. 

. oseph, 307. 


l-ucinda, 2.5. 

Mary, 307. 

.Var-.-v, So. 

Lydia, 222. 
>rariila, 222, 223. 

Richard, 303, 300, 307. 


Robert, 30S. 

Susan El./aheth, 273. 

Mary Abigail, 223. 



.\-ancy (Hodge), 3.3. 

MaryA. (Sill), 117. 
0. B. (.Mr.), ..7. 

Amanda, aCv;. 

Stephen. 213. 

Eli". 33'- , , ^ 

Trjphena (Clark), 216 


Esther f Edwards), 2««j. 
Helen Maria, 19.J. 


John, 330. 


Samuel, jrx,. 
Sarah .Mar.a, 2.,. 

Caroline I-'anny, 284. 
lohn, 26:;. 

Elizabeth B., .'Si. 


Sarah (Barrett), 265. 


Deborah, 54.1. 

Deborah (Uensiow), 344. 


Alice Eliza, 32S. 

KU.iabeth, 344. 

Abipil, 3,7. 

Alice L., ,33. 


William, 317. 

Amei;., 171. 
Ann (Curtis), 136. 



Blanche (S-.-llcs:, ,33. 
Calvert H., i5;. 
Ch.-ul.tte A.,. 3'-.. 


Sarah (Walker), 172. 



Cora (Ahhcv), 153. 

— (^^r.^2,7. 

Cyphia (Ilod-.-e), 135. 


Hannah (H.iich), 247- 

David, I7t. 
Dnrothv( House), 3:7. 


Sar.-.h II nlje, i47. 

Eli, ■:,-•. ■ 

Sarah (Caulkir,,;. 390. 



\V,ll,am, 390. 

Sarah. iH. 




Carolyn Kellu^g, :.74- 

Abigail, J67. 

Edith, :v4. 

Cornciius, V'3. 

EdiviUd liolls^voml, 2-n. 


Helen E. (l>linkelt),iT4. 


Helen Edwards, ;7i. 

Ebenezer, jCiJ. 



James Wells, 274. 

Elizabeth, 3sg. 

Josi.ih, n, i$. 

ToV.n, 357. -."3, 36?- 

-korn.un Churcl.ill, 274. 

lo^cnh, V.J. 

Rosamond, 274. 

Al , i - ', ■■■;■ 


M.^,, \ ■ ■. , ■; 

nelia Ann, 204. 

M,i.y ,...^-.V ,V> 

Olive Catharine, S9. 
Oscar William, 196. 
Samuel, 39. 
Sarah, 399. 

Susanna (White), 367. 
Thomas, 367. 


i (Cou;moJorc), 15S 

Mary'(Hodi;e), x,i 
Mary Louise, Si. 
Nancy (Beebe), Si 



Russell, 3ii. 
Thomas, 32.. 
William, 337. 



Daisy Viola, 
Edith Eola, 
Emily Man: ;o. 
ten"a Mav, 1S3. 

M^ry.^j34- ^ 

Marfha a'. '(■ 1 1'od s'e ) , 1 S;, 
Oliver Elijah. l.ii. 
Preserved. 235. 

nod 1 


Xrary, 279. 
.Mary Ann, 3.13. 


(Colonel), 01. 

Sarah, J03. 

Sarah (Dickens), 363. 
I Specuv, ni. 
I Stephen, 302. 

Thomas, 362, 303. 

Elizabeth (Caulkins), 391. 
t Samuel, 3yi. 
! IVES. 

Keno, 2?4. 
' Sarah, iSj. 


Enoch, 31; 




Agnes, 309. 



I Lucy, 1S5. 


! — (Mr.;,5^. 

! .V.i£.lil. 240. 



. 150. 197 

Francis >50, 196. 
, Kich.i.J, 155. 



Benjamin, 149. 
Jenny, 14S. 
Jonathan, 149. 
Mary L. (.Strong), 14S. 
Orange, 149. 
Ozias, 14S. 
Samuel E., 14S. 
Thomas, 149. 
Timothy, 149. 



Ruth, 3J7. 




151. IJJ- 


Elizabeth E. (Hod-c), 127. 
Elhel Margaret, IJ7. 
Levi, !J7. 
M;lrion Aihton, 127. 


A., 1 

Williim Merrill, 127. 

Catlurine, 121. 

Harriet L., 122. 



1 Jamc-s, T.:«. 
I L. OriU.i, iv9- 

I Emily, 223. 



Harriet ^r. (Hori^e;, 17S. 
Henry W., 173. 

Martha J. (Ilig-ins), 132. 
Oscar B., 132. 

Thomas, 30. 



Abigail D., 9-1. 


C-^Il'*). 2-2, 263, 264. 

Elizabetli, 263. 

Jane IhnJ.gc), 262. 
Sarah (Hr'cJge). 263. 
Susan (Hodge), 2^4. 

Louisa Relief, 1 44- 

— (Mr.),33i,+H. 


i Laurietta, 27V 


Amos, -,;^, •.-■9- 
; Anna M. ;.>i i.e-,, 320. 
! M.lryJ.(H^,.^■.,■^■),32^. 

vood), 32S. 

Thorua>, 32S. 


Aun ] 
I Stenh 

Stephen, 219. 
i LAHM. 

i Adelaide \V. i I'urJv), .oj. 
1 Frank I'Mr.iv. ..-,. 


Katherine H., i.jj. 

1 Elizabeth, juj. 

Frances D., 203. 

Henry, 303. 
I Robert, 305. 


I Elizabeth, 2y2. 

Cvrus, 12.. 

MarvJ. (Hodge), 121. 

StelU, 121. 


Ah.-.iiute. IC7. 
Eunice, 6S. 

Rebecca, 3^:. 

Sophia, 33:. 

Acres We'.is.ivJ. 
Anna (Haihlnnel, 15'j. 

Xeisaa Henry, 150, 207. 
Charles Alinzo.i7S. 
I Sarah (Hod^e), 17S. 
John, 334. 

Sally, 237, 23>. 

Ann, 276. 
William, 276. 

Charles, 74. 

Albert, no. 
C.\lharine s. (Bunvell), i: 

Aaron, 35. 
Ahi^'.iil, 3;. 
A^i^ail (Gilbert), 34. 
Elizabeth, 3£. 
Esther, 35. 

uucy, 35. 

— (Mr.), 227. 




^L^rtha.^. (llogal), uj 
.\Lirtha L. (S.iul), 112. 

Adelhert. iSi. 1 Almi/.^, 3'4- j 

Carletoii Ueea, iSi. I 

Enuly, .51. 1 

Mary i.Chan<ikr), JM. 

M.iry vWii-reii), 1:2. 


LOMB.^RD. ! 

Erminie Etla, iSi. 
Eva, 2JI. 

Abigail (LinnelD.jST. 

r,uneliaVDe \\M). IM 

llirini P., iSo. 

ili'z;";b;'lh'(F.Jay),3^;. i 


Henrv, 2<rt. j 

)'bii;inder Ward, 113. 

Itul.l.h ,Hull!,*Jo. 1 

.ni!ill}.in. -07- 1 

I.;.rv_:;, .Smith), J^O. ! 




.Mar '..'.•.•;:a I'.'Tilodc.'e), iSo. 

SUi.hci. 2|2. 

Sarih .-v. iPt-r'kins}, u 

Matlie (Uvbarn),iS.l. 


Osmar Wlieeler, zip. 

Atlelia A., is>- 

Sophia, 72; i;'^- 


Harriet Mav,,.,.. 

P iticnce ; I', oS. 

Sophia P. nhilsl, 113. 
Sl^^nia^rnria.tI3. (U'.agO, -15. "h i 

L'riah, ijl. 

SuUnM. (Morrill), I. Pamelia, 113. 



Theodore, 112. 

Lovinr., 2JO. 

Piia-he, 2.S. 1 

Abncr,7'.7-. >■!. 2.;7- 

Thomas, 43, 71. 

AbnerJanu-s, U2. 
AbncrNvison, 113. 


Sylvia. 227- 1 

AbnerWIutlock, ir^. 

Virginia, 305. 

Burra-e B., jig. 
Ch.arlt'sM.. ."^-i. 
Cornelia ;Rc,'ch),:S3. 

AlfinziHawlcy, 112. 
Amanda A. (boutlimayd), 


John. 2V,. 

.Mary V. ;lloJge),209 

Cornelia L., ;$9. 



Elizabeth, jSi. 

Amanda M., 105. 
John, 7.. 

Johp'H'^vl^'e.' 2??, 2>\-). 


: ' '''-, 



K,l,^■^ A.', 115. 

Almira (Hodge), 90. 

^rrk^n,-J.- ! 
James M.. 2^.=;. 
William, 149- 

tliiii^etli'lFrencli), 113. 


}■ . '/ V. :,,..,. 


G. • l:-' ■ •, "-'. 


li' •• ■■ ' • ■'.'.. 




Abi-ail, 3?7. 

laniis'TF.', 113. 

Charlotte Amelia, .7.. 

1-hn, ,3. 

• LIST. 
Sarah, ^i. 


Lr.''na-;i Wha.o'/k.',.3.' 
I.inj-e;,rk, 113. 

i.t.i, i:n.-.!u--;,7i. 

Calista, t.H. 
W. C. (Mr.).4J0. 

!''..v S;»rty', 113. 


Zmina.\. (nodse',2S':. 

: .M.,ri:'a;e'r v!('\Vhillnc:k) 
1 Maria (iJently), 1.3. 


I 5« Lombard and Lamberi., 
1 LUNT. 

I Laura, iSi. 


Hepsibah, 3<)5. 
Hepsibah (Ford), 
Richard, 395. 

lO. (Hodge), 173. 

Fannie \V. (Ilodgc), .73. 


Louisa, r(xS. 

James Kent, 173. 
llubie Veniie, 173. 

William. 337. 


Welthy, S7. 





Amanda ( Miuhell), 23s. 
Daniel, 233. 

Seth (Cant.),33S. 

Eloph;,l, S.,. 

Arnold G.. 127. 
Lida.V., 127. 

Ama.,d.l, ,,S. 

JIaria 0., 127. 

Olive (Wealhcrl.y.i; 193. 

Amos, 52. 

Sarah, jj.. 



Cotlon (Uov.), 3;?. 
Julia (Sill), rVj.- 





M.uyAiK-lr^.-ws ,.■;. 





Ezra, 03. 
Linda, 93. 



Man', 223. 




>lary .^nn, 03. 

Abigail (Welles), 351. 

Miuy (Eastinan), 92. 


William, 35.. 


Jane, 2,-5. 


Jean, 390. 

Samuel, 3:3. 


{Gen.),7+, JJJ. 

Alexan.ier, .SS. 

Alice ^Xewc',n,b), ,=9. 
Jo:,.nhan. ,;-> 



John {Rev.j, 339. 


AnnL. (Dut;on).37S. 
nianehc, ,78. 

fliarl.s Duttcn,37S. 


CanJ I'ce' -."' 

Euie -Marie, 37^ 
John, -,75. 
John Alien, 37S. 

Cynthia, 2S4. 

V.inKl 5'/.''' 


P .■'■"'• '•- 

Luciiuia (Allen), 37S. 



W.iliam Henry, 373. 


Ki..'. i'l ih, 117. 

(Captain), 333. 

Isabel, 302. 



Emiee 51 

EUzabetl,, 20. 

ElvieA. (Colbv),3J3. 



John. 3.3. 

i"!-'. ',7- , 

Mary, 353. 


1i,lia (U.iydcQ), 117. 

Ihomai, 333. 

Flora. 135. 




O.iver M,. 117. 

Amos R., 326. 
Frances, ^26. 

(David) Capt.<in, 336. 

Laura A.'( Hodge), 326. 






Return Jonathan, 32S. 

James, 359. 

Trvphena, 52. 

Jean (Matthews), 399. 

Wlirren, 78,1.7. 


Sarah, 399. 


Elizabeth, 23o. 




Georqe. iw. 

ASL.h A.; 222. 

Crlel,, 27,. 

.\I:irY, 173. 

Ann.i, I ,7. 

Mvr'n ;Terr:il), IJJ. 

lJi:-..y ( li Asc), 252. 

H.irhc., 27^. 


Harriet (Jlndge), 370. 


Gcoryc, I'li. ' 




(Mr.), 53- ^ 

Caroline Pavson, 2*^5. 
Harriet (Jnn.s;,. 60. 
Josinh G., .>.. 
Nathaniel, 314. 
Sarah (Reecher), 53. 
Susan -M.. 112. 

Blanche L., .•;^. 
ClaudeP., -■;■. 
Marv.\.. vPit,i>,i.i),.'5-3. 
Stephc:! D., .■5'.i. 


Rebe E., 157. 

Mary, 3S2. 

Alice C, 19'^'. 
Anna R. (Hodge), 1S9. 
Aubert L , no. 

Lovel P., i.,:i. 

Polly, 325. 

Charles, 3ii. 



, .Maria, Si 
Mehiubcl, 3>/3. 
Moses. J.5. 
Xe^-ton T., 204. 
Patience, yr,. 
Rebecca, 291. 
Ruth, 153. 
Sarah C, io3. 
William, 396. 


AbbieL. tSpo,,ner),> Ml .a-e^, Zi 
Bullnaa Kniehae, -5. 
Chari.-s K.. <^. 
Dothy '\V...,.ir.r.l\ J 
Edith 'll"!.:t;, ;jN. 
Fr.iiik, ..-. j:;. 
GcCT-ge A., 177. 
Georire Edv-'ard, 177. 
Harriet, 30J. 

Harry Earl, 17S 
LucyC. nl.j's; 

Pre=tnn, ijj. 
I Kose E., 177' 
Willis, 235. 

Helen B., ig+. 


Samuel, 3<5'. 
! Sarah (D.;m■n^^, 36.. 



(Mr.).<;. . .. 

I Mark, S7- 

Mary Ann, 204. 

Mary (Mitchell), 264. 
I Richai-d Care-, 279, jSo. 
' Sa.-Tuiei C, 279. 
I Samuel F. B., 2S0. 


I Emma A. (Hoa;e),i35. 

I Frank, 13;. 


! Cora I., M''- 

! Daniel, 137. 

Eliiahcth (Ho:!;;?), 137. 

John Ranloloh, 1^7. 

tucy Paulina, .37- 
Mindu-cl), :o. 
! Xoel UudSi, 137. 
, Ros-.vcll, 137. 


Ebenezer, 326. 
Hannah (Hodge), 326. 

s.,,; V.fll...d_..:,19S. 
V.irnu;n 1., n,-.. 
Wiliiani Un.i-o,u>S. 
Abigail (Welio,), 351. 
Ebenezer, 351. 
John, 351. 

Sal!y, 12S. 

Amelia C, 297. 
C,>r.:elius. III. 
, David L., 2^7. 
S.illy M. (Go.>d,ile), in. 




Charl'-ttc Oehhartl, 179. 


j De'Sdemona, S7. 


: Charlotte Maria, 290. 

t Lud., 290. 

: Saiiy, 2.^0. 


Sabra, 130. 


James, Si. 

Louise (Smith). Si. 


•Mary, 36.. 


I Tonath.m 24^. 
l-SlarlhaP. (Hodye;, . 


Abigail ^I-Iod^e), 310. 

Mar)' (Mrs.;, 4cr, 402,403. 

Isaac, +,. 

Carrie Louise, 303. 
Hinnah S. (Hodge), 121. 
Wil' 121. 



I Albert, 116. 

I Sophia (Lovela'r,d),'iio. 

( C<i!.),., 3.,. 



E., 126. 






Mercv (Barnaby)","3Sy. 
Peter, 3139. 
Sarah, ^S6. 
Susannah, 3%. 
Simon, 3S7. 


Cynthia, 300. 



Benjamin t{odi:e, 167, 
Cora yi. (Curtii), 107. 
Charles C. i6>S 


■1, '2,). 


Alice -W. (.Vllen;,37n 
Edwin, 379. 
Itarlcy C, 379. 

Joseph, 333, :,i\. 




Ichirle'i, ii^. 

I Lavi.iia W. (Hod^e),S3. 


Cha ;e^ Spaiildinj, 126,177 

i OTIS. 

Archie, iSS. 



, Hodge, 217 

Susan (Terrill), ,30. 
Edward, 2,2. 
-Mary (Fox), 242. 

Christopher, 39S. 

Nathaniel, 39.5. 

ri---thi.ih (HoJse),255. 





Deborah, 43. 

Annc, 7S. 

■l.anies Lverett, 176. 

Eliz.ibeth .M., 175. 


"lane Dow, 176. 
Leslie, ^l^. 
.MarvAnibet, 176, 204. 
.Mary !•:., 22.^. 


Georee, 404. 
Joseph, 4C4. 

Addie E., 1,7. 
Ann •■ M., 1,7. 


Matheiv, 22^. 

E. X. (.Mr.\ 1,7. 

£■■ ranee., Dewey), 30». 


KebeccaA. (Dow), 176. 

Geor..., :,04. 


Sabriua (Abbott), 123. 

Harria lloJic), 143. 

Krastus Willis, 376. 

Sallv, t07. 

Lucv ..Marshall), 1,7. 

Lucy Robinson, ^59. 

Susiin Arnold, 175, I7«. 

Kichard, ,43. 



Serepta] ,20. 

P.inicl Wel'Ster, 170. 
Deuitt Ho.ii;, 17J. 
Marietta L., i;-. 


Will, am, 69. 


irariclt.', L. (U'"i<r), ,70. 
Rawvjn lloag, 170. 

Kiioali (lIoJp:e),46. 
Samuel, 46. 

An.vJ. (Hod-e), 176. 

Webster Hoag, 170. 

Levi A)n,on, =S. 



LlewelhnT., 176. 
Lncinria (ftodge), 5S. 


E.C. (Mrs.),344. 
Dennis, 216. 


(Mr.), 275. 

Martha, 2S3.' 

Man E:izr„ .201. 

Flora Ann, 301. 

Ph..etus, 373. 

Kebecca, 77. 

Hannah, 210. 


■pha'be (Hodge), 216, 


A. T. (Mr.;,S2. 

Dorothy (Hodtre), 309. 

Caroline (Bccbe),S2. 


Thomas, 309. 


Tame.i Ernest, lc/>. 


Mary J. (WilLsan), 273. 

■M.mhaE. (Hodge), 20. 

.S.v Pearce. 

hinyB. ',':!■;}. 
Samiel K.,ia. 

Set Pearce. 


William, S2. 

Betsey, 132. 




Eliza, 103. 

Edward, i32. 

DrnsiUa (Hodge), 253. 

Ellen', iSj. 

Khzabeth, :S2. 

Smith, 253. 

Esther (Hodge), 60. 
John. 60. 
llaria, T03. 
Thomas, 103. 

M.lbel, jS2. 


Rebecca, 29,. 

Maria (Ackert), 1S2. 
MaryE. (Geer), iSj. 



M irv (Strickland), 1S2. 

Eli/.a B., 203, 204. 

Albert, 335- 

Nei;..n E., i52. 
OhvcrDewitt. 1S2. 



Kaymond, iSi. 

Maria, 196. 

5« Paine. 




Ellen E. (Hodge), 133. 

Lucy, .30. 


George, ,35. 


{Captain;, 3^. . 

J.ine, 3CO. 

Sarah .\. (Mrs.), in. 

(Mr.), ,30. 

Adeline, .7.. 
Ann (I.unt;, 175. 
Caroline, 176. 

John, 7S. 

Sophia (Thrall), 7S. 

Charles, .75. 

busan, .6v. 


Charles S., 2-7. 


Genrsria A., 236. 

ElizaA. ;il..J^-e),=7J,, ;7;, 225. 

1 — .Mr.,9.. 

Jonathan M., 256. 

Fran.;isA., ..v..27-•■ 


Mary, 257. 


1 Peter, 23+. 

Marv A., 2C0. 

Harriet, -■;-. 

MarVC. (Ho.l2e),256. 

Harriet A.. 371. 


Natf,aniel,25< ^ 

H.arr,ct .M. (Ilojye), J71. 



1 Ma,y Louise, ,93. 

William H., 236. 




llann.U, ^Wilber), ?4. 

Carrie I.. ( 

Ellen Ad..- 

Ellen L. ; 

Toanh CUrk, 173. 
"ilarj- E., 230. 


, Gei. 

Anna G_. (Van Znndt), 233. 


Leon, 2ii. 

Rufus Lee, 2;3. 


Alice (Pomeroy), 143. 
, C. C, M.:. 
i Charles, i.p. 

i POST. 


E-therJ. : Allen., 379- 

Patrick B., 147. 
Sarah J;;dc, 147. 
William Hc.dsre 


Uuili (HoUiiter),,;. 
S.S. (.Mr.).3!3. 

Is.'ael , 56. 

John, 26. 






Edward Leicester, 272, 
Harriet E,nil). 272., 

Thomas F., 272. 

Agnes, 319. 

Elizabeth, 92. 
Harriet, 1)2. 


Marvde Vaui, 2S1. 
! l-hiianJer .N., 113- 

■ Thomas, 257. 

I David M., 03. 
j Mary A,. (Hodge), 93. 

PRESSON or PSESTON. ' Andrew, 



L.J. (Mr, 

John Georcje, 103. 

i-J.^aii'd-e), 239. 

Alice M.;e;, 22. 
John,..;, 22,. 

Joseph. 53. 

, ^'r■, .V'3. 


j Adelaide \V ..)•,. p 

Rebecca, 366. 



I Margaret, 240. 


' Corelia T. (L-iveland), 

j Daniel P., 1.5. 


, L.urictia, .31. 


1 iliry k'.' tao'd'sjei, M7. I Albertiac,'a 


Ann (Cli.irchill),357. 
Aimii Gi;rtrude, 2:;o. 
lic;>ey A. (Ilod^'-;, i; 
Deborah (Caiiniater), 
laints Hurvey, 320. 

jilaryL. (Humphrey), Si 

I (ruUer), 399. 


Leonard Hlacknmn, 293. 
Sarah Mart;aret, 393. 


Ruth Carter (Mrs.), 40i. 





I So. 



William,' i^. 


Zenas, 320. 

:ne, ilg. 


nek, 329. 

Charles, 290. 
Edilh, 223. 


Mina A. (Hodge), 

iCe (IloJgc), 3J9. 


EmilvRucv, 1*5. 


I>.-lliell.i, i>"S. 

racub, iss. 


'.Mai7 E. (Hodge), 



n Addeli, 22g. 

Augusta, ,53. 




Anna, 5 J. 
Au£;uiti A.. 3i<:. 
Citherine Ludv, ir.), 100. 
Clark Hall, :,<i. 
iluah, 390. 
IdaE., 1S7. 

Lvdia'(Rockwell), iCo. 

Xlar>- A., 315. 

Mary (Caulkins), 390. 

Paul, 160. 

Petei-, I&. 



Sarah >(., 3^}. 

William, 139. 

Georije, i,:t,. 

C.adice, 3S3. 
I Jane (Hodije), 277. 
I Robert H.,"'277. 
Snlly S., 93. 
Vina, .3. 

iw.S. (Gen.),i55. 


Deborah (Caulkins), 390. 
Hannah (Churchill), 357. 

Lucretia, 162. 


John, 2S>- 

TaMlha (Hodge), 253. 


.\, 114. 

Carrie R. (Hodge), 273. 


laar,-ta (Kneeilnd), 273. 

Mattie (Mrs.), 1S.3. 

-Margaret (HurlbutK 363. 
.Marf, 307. 
Timothy, 363. 


Asa, 301. 




Mary. Sj. 

Sarah (Perkiii.^i, S5. 

Martha E., 113. 

Elizabeth (Chirk), 36,;,. 
Taraes,209. 3'x., 36i,3i:.4. 

Emily, 3?4. 

Marv'(Fernald), 254. 

Philip, 120. 

Samael. ^=4. 



Isabella, 115. 

Elizabeth, 303. 


M. E. (.\ir.), I'xi. 



David, 64. 

Sarah (Hodae;, 2S6. 
Stephen John, 337. 

(Captain), 261, 364. 

Charles, 330. 

Han'n Ji''.fAliis')', 3^3. 
William, 353. 

Louise (Bloom), 2if). 

Mary C, 177. 

Betsey C, jM. 

Elizabeth, 173. 

H. S. (Mr.;, ,,4. 


Kkr, 13S. 


Mary (IIn.l»->..), 33, 

! Wrr!iield''scott, 132. 

Caswell A..331. 

KUaS. (IJr.nman), 331, 

-Mary E., .30, 207. 


Isabella (Hodge), 331. 



M.iry Edna, 177. 


tll.jdsfc), 21. 


narrvll„3,;. • 

Joseph, Sryo. _ 


cc (.Marsliall), 79. 

L. (M'r'.),7r,."''"" 

j J3seph,'u6.'' 


Georije W., i-;4. 
Ida C. (Hod^e), 1S4. 

AnnaC, (Il-jjge), 13 





Marv, 2S7. 

Hannah, 2.0. 

Grace M. (Hod-e), 3*7. 

MaiyM. (Hodge), 2S7. 


Marian Elizabeth, 229. 
William, 22.-J. 


Sarah (Clawsrn). ;> 


Lois, 390. 


Amanda A., 113. 


Sarah, ?oo. 
Thomas, 31X). 

Olive, 123. 

Eunice C, 17?. 



Albert K.'ra,2rs. 

Ann, 29J. 

Mary, 290. 

Simeon, 200. 

TabithaA. (Ho.ige),;??. 


G..or.,cK., 2,-,,. 

(■• Chief"), 179. 

Jennie, 179. 


Lena M. (StuuMrt), 303. 
Raymo.'id George, 205. 


Caroline A. (Hodge), 266. 


EIi.-abcth (M-.), 4+. 

Franklin Daniel, 256. 

,\sahel, 222. 
B'tfev (Lr.cev). 22-. 

Sarah, 44. 


George I'luin^, 222. 

(Mr.;, ii. 'io. 'iS, H'. 


(Mr.), 152. 

Ann, 52;. 

Tosiah, 73. 

"M.aryM. (Hodge); 223. 

Edith L. .%Aylsworth), 152. 


Bennct, Si. 

Lavinia, 303. 

— (Mr.), 120. 



Corintha (Terrill), 120. 

Carlos Augustus, 149. 
Caroline 'Beebei, -^i . 

Anne (Hodge), 213. 


Charles, S... 



Chine, ni. 

Lucy, 113. 


Ed« \:u. >!, 1:0. 


Nancy :a.)dg.j), 9.. 


AhbieLouise, I2f, 177. 
Deborah (Russell), 34S. 


Ellen M. (Hodi;e),2ob. 

Edward Hodge, .25. 

Amanda (Finlev), 109. 

EhllH .Vllcn, 125. 
Hauie A., i25. 

Annie Basset;, '201. 
Bairit. 3S. 

Esther'(Beecher), 53. 

lohn, 24S. 
Mary, 24S. 

Knilly Isabel, 301. 
Hcnrv S., 100. 

George, ?i. 

Nancy J. (Hodge), 125. 

Julia Margaret, 201. 

Helen Amy, 140. 

.Mary L., 379- 

lulia V. (Clark), 301. 
"Marv. 35. 
Mary Clark, 201. 
William K.. JOT. 

Henry, 231. 


Isabella, :c^. 

Isihella rTohnson). ijq. 

Clarinda (Main), 02. 


Eli2a ;Kiolev),265. 

Alfred Vij 

a^e D.76"ates), 32c. 
eremiah, ^3. 

rohn Rip!ev,'2oJ. 
'Elizabeth A. (Hodge), 263. 

Carrie E.(i3.e.),.o.;. 
Charlotte, -3. 

ohn, 37, 300, 37'5. 

William, 205. 

E.B. (Mr.), 230. 

oseph, Si. 
osephine, 13S. 


Fr.derica Leiglitou, IWJ 
Graro A. (Church), 239. 

Louise, St. 

Abigail K., 323. 

Harriet fU'dgc). 290. 

Luc-.-, 320. 

Charles, 23S. 

Henrv Frederick, 195. 

Lucy (Jones), 24J. 
Malvina (Terrill), 120. 

Daniel, 72. 

Dorothy L. (Norton), 72. 


Maria C. 376. 

f.Uen (Hodge), 23S. 

lames', 374 

Marj", 231. 

Melancthon, 322. 


Kate, iw. 

Nellie, 231. 
Philip, sj-j. 


Margery A., 239. 

■ Rebecca ( Footc) , 356. 

Captain (Moses). 337- 

Mehltable (Hodge), 79. 

Robert, 2g.i. 

Rose J. (Hollisteri, 171. 


Rachel, 2i5. 
Susans. (Angel), 374. 

Sallv, 2,(7. 

Sallv (Leavenworth), 337, 

Alice J., 2-;7. 
Charles F., 2*7. 



Delancev, .34. 


Sarah (White), 366. 
Thoirss, 242. 

Emma e.' (Andrews), .34. 
Grace, 287. 


William H., lyl. 

T. H. (Mr.),2S7. 




See Stephens. 


lio^'cfclje), IM- 
Minnie EstciU, IS). 



Marietta, 2%. 

AncaM. (Vickire), 3iS 
Aujusti A.. j.S. 




Harriet E., jiS. 
Hor;.ti.-, N., 31S. 

M.irj' .■\. (Roberts), 51S. 
M-.iry (Footel,356. 
Miltoa T., ,<iS. 


Clarissa rc.nk), Jig 
Cordelia .A dele, ion. 
Freedom, vi--i. 

Tohn, ,;ut. 
'.M.rv iC!;irk),.v,.i. 
M^irv B. (I-inl.;v), 109. 
Mary Lyn'.itn, mS. 
ilas, 319. 

Inianda B., 14 S. 



Cl;ida t. iCot.k), 194. 

ki>cnit-.;ckin^ll.i:e..!4'5, 154. 
Ebene«r t'errv, '45- 
Hclen n. (Monlr.£;ue),lat. 
Helen Hodae, 14S, 104. 


(Hk.hop;,4oS, 4'^. 


Peirce, 304. 
'(Davis), 2( 

John, 45. 
Luther, jSy. 
.Mar^•A. (Pciio 
OrviUe, 287. 
Ross, 40S, 409. 

Zachary, i6i, 27S. 
iL. (Fla^'g), 124 

'^' 'Hod,>e), 23; 
Simeon, 31S. 

Martha, =22. 

An-aM., -,29. 
Mary, 3-0. 

Susan, 32.5. 

Delia R.. (Hodse),30[. 
Ethel Mae, 301 • 
Herbert, jot. 
Leo Herbert, 301. 
Minnie D., 301. 
Susie Rae, jot. 

Harold S., 14". 
Ida B., 141. 
Jared. 91. 


Elsie E., 307. 
Jonas F., '^07. 
Kate fHo<i!:,-e),3 
Nellie E., 307. 


AbhvM. (Hodje), 124. 
Charles W., 124. 



Jane, 360. 

Susanna, 2nj. 

.Mary, 395. 


Esther (Smith), !20. 
Eunice (Hodge), 53, St. 
Helen, 120. 
Herbert L.. 120. 



Sarah. i!o. 

b.T.MM, ,;.o. 

Strc,.-,. ,Phc-lps). i;o. 


1 Sophia, ;S. 


Ephraim, -.„■<, .„,. 
Roxaiia, 21,9. 

^'^■;--;'- ;*^ 'J'''^)-35- 


Vo, i 'i^' 


Tabitha, 2y3, 2V-9. 

Wyllvi, i,, ..20. 





Bes.sieA., :Si. 

Harriet, .79. 

Laura Rd).:, 327. 

Jane (Walker), , Si. 


1 Xatha.l^l, 327. 




Betsey ilayward, j+y. 




'Eliza B. (Hinkhiimi, 203, 

1 Alice (Ilod.rc), 262. 
1 E.i; .belli iHodi,'ej,26i 

Susanna:,. .47. 


Kv.l„u.,,3u. ■ 

Eva Miv, 203. 

Jonathan, 263. 

J hn\V.-,3-;. 

, CoiOi:ci, U7. 

Ke-.urah, joj. 





(Captain). 234. 


Cajitain (Chiislopher), 337. 

Caliiarine, -/n. 



hi.nice Eitruda, 130. 
James, 3-^1. 
Jane (Tapp), 360. 


Jarvis Dwight, S6. 
Lvdia, is. 


V.,hti.M. (Hodge), S6. 

v.. -',.,:i,.. ■:;;,;«. 


Joanna, 359. 300. 



K.-iieci:.c ir.atiiiK-r),3oi. 



Riciiard, 359, 360. 
Robert, 359, 300. 
I-eth, 13^. 



Aaron ;i --j 

Sp^T.ccr, io,. 



-Saiali ((.nlernan), ;tKi. 


Ann (Cottle), 241. 

^ts^^: f^. 




Constant, 7^,. 

IS^io[iAv.,s. j 

MvTa,299. . 



Is.abelln Hodtie, (04 

Hannah (Clark;,;-. 

AdelphiaK. (Hod-e), 126. 

Harriet.;^. " | 

Beil= Luthcrine, ,26. 


Delia (Hoda..-), 121. 

Jerusha, ;?. 

Ehzab.lh .s., 5^4. 


inhn.^50.^'''^'" 1 

Frank Adoiphus, 126. 
Oeori:e, 524. 

Anna. ;2i. 

Lois'; :'-: "■ 1 L', 122. 
Katie ;if^djf', 122. 

L)elia ..l-lijpinan), .J2. 


Luther Lmd,e>', ,2„. 1 

Marv, 501. 

Kied lick'.rsj., li... 


Marv Ein,. 324. i 
ian^.,:i, ,26. 

ilarvVV)' ■•.•<!), -6. 

Sally Anu (Wade), 126. | 

"'■"T. ■ ';-'■ 

^amael, 121. 


M:::j.%t.. M.,s;;;,'5o. 


'i£^'J-h i 

lepsah, 379. j 

Ma''rV'Ann, rSo. 
Vanby Naomi, .S2. 
Rebecca, 21 j. 
rhomas, 403. 


=:d^ar A., 320. 

'idelia (Kobinson), 326. | 

lar_.aretF. (Hodge), 326. 
<odney.320. " ' ■" | 



45 J 




Ann, 3J. 
Hannali, 33. 
Jonathan (Gov.), 33, 


Daniel, 310. 
Elizabcch. 2&). 
Emilv CHudije), » 
Zebina, 2>). 

Adisa, !33. 
Fanny Fern, 177. 
Mary C. (Sears), 17 
Seth B., 177- 

Margaret (Raj-nell), 2^" 
Richard, 240. 
Seaborn, 2+.1. 

Daniel Cole. i;. 
LucyE. (H3dge),S5. 

Deborah, 3'^. 

Jessie, 3S3. 

Albert, 2=7. 
George %V., J24. 
Joseph, 227. 
JlaryE. (Ifodgei, 227. 


Charles J., 104- 
Charles \V., 194. 
Frederick Sanders, 104. 
Helen Hodge (Sturges) 

HeUa Sturges, 194. 
James W., 194. 


Sarah OJcott. 323. 

Coniand'., jSo. 


Lewi^(Col.),337, 3:5- 
Captain (Isaac), 330. 


Anna G.(Hods;e), 225, 
Burton, 2.-^. 
.M.;y, 225. 

Carlos, 290. 
Ia.neL. (Hodge), 299. 
Jeptha H., 1:0. 
Sally Ann, 126. 

Jonathan, 7S. 

Hannah (Jones), 242. 

Lee Warner, 221. 
Lvdia (Stearns), 221. 
Mary A., 221. 

Euphetnia (Halsey), 14S. 
Joseph, 14S. 

KateDimon (Stnrges), 14S. 
Lonis Hilsev, i+S. 


Elizabeth (Hodge), J 
I^Ienry, 300. 



Pardons, 32.,. 

Prudence (Kichmnnd), 32 

— .(Mr.;, .52. 



Eunice (Hodge), 72. 

Rhoda, 72. 

Thomas, 72, 207. 

William, 72. 


John (Rev.), 339. 


WiUiani, 3:0. 


Esther, 46. 

Joseph, 363. 

Lois, 2M- 

-Mary E., 129. 
1 Xatlian, 234- 
j Rebecca, 363. 

Sarah (Hurlbut), 363. 
I Susanna, 243. 

David, 112. 
Eliza E., 373- . 
Elizabeth (Chapin), U2. 
Marv, 112. 
Sasan M., 300. 


George (Gen.), 61, 63, 2 



Jeremiah, 2*4. 
Naomi (Hodge), 2S4. 


Jane, 3C9. 


Erminie E. (Leonard), iSl 


nhn E., 32 






ny, S2. 

Henry P., J4S. 



CharleJ, 234. 
*[ary, 343. 

Mary (Densiow), 343. 
Samuel E.,56. 


William, 56. 


. (Hj 

. '->9- 

Catharine (Newcomb) 
Daniel, 341. 
Diroxilana, 69. 
Duane Jerry, 204. 
Edward, Sg. 
Electa, 09, IOC). 
EvaL. (Hodire),204. 
Georije. 339. 
Hannah,' 401. 
James Monroe, 204. 

ah, 3S9. 

ah M. (Hopkins) 

annii (Treat), 361 


Edward K., 173. 
Elizubeth M. (Hod^e), 173. 
Hurold Cameron, 173. 
Mar^'in, 175. 
Raymond >ranklin, 173. 

I Sarah, 269. 

^rarv Churchill, 192, .'OJ. 
Mary H. (Purdy), 192. 
S:'.rah Mav (Black), 192. 
Willium H., 102. 
William McKlroy, i.;2. 


Abiaail, ^;i. 

Ebenezer, 350. 

Elizabeth (FoPte). 347. 
Elizabeth (Uodire),2?l. 
Ephr^.im, 349, 350, 351,400. 
Ezekiel, 352. 
Frances, 348. 
Gideon, 34S- 
Hannah, 3^0, 331, 3:;2. 
Hepzibah (Biiei;,3"50. 
Hugii^ 346, 347,34s, 349. 
fane E., 233. 
John. 347, 343,349, 35°- 
Jonathan, 349, 330. 
Joseph, 347, 34S, 352. 

Mar:.- ■'■ '; ' ■ :>iJ- 

Nat'lmniel', 347.' '' 
Noah, 350. 
Obadiah, 312. 
Philip, 233. 
Rebecca, 351. 
Richard, 34S. 
Samuel, 347, 350. 
Sarah, 3:0, ;5i, ^52. 
Sarah (Clark), 330. 
Sarah (Gates), 351. 
Thomas, 346, 347, 34S, 3-10, 
330. 33!. ii,i, 330. 


Captain (Abraham), 337. 

Daniel, iSS. 




Anson, 307. 

Charles E., (Mrs.), 263. 
Charles Elmer, 2(36. 
Daniel 365, 306. 
Dejoral! ^^beparJ). 366. 
Elijah. 3-7. 
Elizabeth, 305, 366. 
Elizabeth (Bunce), 365. 
Eli2..beth F., 1S3. 
Elizabeth (Hodge) 25S. 
Hannah (Welles), 330. 

Jacob, 3":, v«. 

John, 330, 304, 365. 3«.3«7. 

Jonathan, •■,0-. 

L^lS (Wh.'e), 367. 


''■.^3^', 366. 
. VI- 

Nellie F. (Hodge), 2<J5. 
Nelson. 21.,. 
Noadi;.h, i'.?. 
Rachaei, '.;•:. 
Rebecca ^^^lnnev), 3^. 
Rhoda .\. vHodge), 2iq. 
Ruth, 7>7. 
Ruth (Churchill), 353. 


.Saraii (Crow), 305. 


Captain Oc!in), 337. 
Is-iac (Polly), 93- 

Margaret Vamlcrbeck, 
Sallv, J17. 
"Squire." --14. 




Mary (IIolI^c), 24?, .^31. 

(Captain), 33S. 

Ahigiiil (Barber), 154. 
Cornel-.a (.\n»el), 376. 


II. U. (Mr.), 2S4. 
Har.r,;;h (H.Hlgc), 2nl. 
Isaac, 2S4. 


losiah, ii6. 

Dorothy, 70. 

Sarah (Churchill), 357. 
Thomas, 357. 




. (Mr.). 220. 



(ulia, 293. 


(Mrs.), ^04. 

Bc-t«y, 4-5- 

WILL! or. 

Arthur. 120. 

Burt, 120. 

Screpta (Terrill), i;o. 

V.Ola (T.rriU;, 120. 



. (Hijr.kerl. 27 

Robe^^ 2jS, 31 j. 







Lovira (H.imphrev) 




m, 321. 



ia (bisk), 217 



'h, i'.-. 

Lire I, 

7.L. P.,217. 


ta (Hodge), 2 



a"""' (Hod,!-), 26.;. 

I K;iJ'..\r)tth'(Kt;nTH-dy), 263. 
I,^'lhct.•l (.Simpson), 263. 

H=,:ry, 203. 
1 Hodge. 263. 

i Ma'-y, j6i. 



S« a/s3 Wood. 
JoseohT., 26.. 
.Mar^.iret McLaren, 



Experience (Baldwin), ; 
Henry, 394, i<>-3. 
John, 304, 30. 

Sarah (English), 369. 
Silas, 369. 

Charles William,;;.!. 
H.irrict Roosevelt, 2-0. 

Mary (Perry), no. 

George, 36^ 

Saraii ('vVrntc';, jfi^. 

• C!)i;i.-s l:, 1S6. 
;, 379. 
I E.lilh. 370. 

iEvc;.:....A.(noJgc), isd 

F;':ino« A!^(Allen), 379- 
. Ti,o,.,is, 36.. 
I Virgd, 370. 


Peter, 337. 


: M. (Ifodge), 303. 


[Abigail, 331. 

• iS3. 


- No. 501, read she d. 1S71, /tot iSyi. 

- No. ;ij, r«ad '"■ '^43, ifot 1342. 

- No. 514, read d. 1565, Hoi 1S04. 

- No. 527, read b. 1S33, not iS^S. 

- No. 570, read he b. iSio, not 1S17. 

- Line 7, after Hartford add. it is claimed. 

- Last line, read 5.\imon, noi Samuel. 

- No. S03, read Barker, riol Parker. 

- Top line, read EIna, no! E!ma. 

- Tenth line, read Josiah, noi Joseph . 

- No. 5, seventh line, reaa Deborah, ;i^' Sa 

- No. 39, read Nos. 33 and 32, not a.