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i0 6''^ 

itbrarg of tfje ©tbtnttg <%ri)ool 




20 March 1902 




. THE 








CMHMMB^fnllM.] 1859. 


















5th Edition, 




B«bNin . . . 

... 18 


PbiUppUn. . . . . 

JUDM .... 


I.Pet«r .... 


ILPetOT . . . 


LJoha .... 



m.John ... 


n.Tliii9th7 . . . . 






B«Tf 1»Um . . . 

. . . tt 



& A BB. IL 
U& ft. * 



n. 15. 


▲MaU. U. 
OaL 1. Ml 17. 
B*b. U.S. 



41k. ». 9. 




ilk 148. 4. 


ruaiT A 

«. «. * tM. 

■ laka&M. 
• DM«.4.1ft 






«« OTWltM ^ *MM» Mrf MrtA. S ^ O* tiifAt. e 

md^ a» fnwmmmt. 8 tk* munk ifmimud 
anafiM •/ tA« nm. mm. amd «<•». »»fjuk 
imiLimmgfffhd. 9 Mm tki m ,, t immml 

IN tba *lwgl>Bta>C *0«d OTMited th* hMT- 
on and th* auth. 

S Aad the wvth «m uttkM* ftnm, ftud 
Toid; and darkaws inm upon Um flMe of 
tba dMp. 'And th* Spirit of CM BMT«d 
apon tba fiMe of th* wMttt. 

r? ^And God Mid, 'LM tfan* to U^: 
tad tlMTC WM li^t. 

4 And Ood Mir the H|1it, thnl «iM« fsod: 
■ad Qod dtrMid ttteli^ firm tte dark- 

6^d 0«d Mltod th« lig^t /Day. and tbe 
darkawa ha aallad Nl|^ t And tha avaa- 
iac aad tha ■Mfalac wan tha flnt daj. 

1 Aad Qod aaid, 'Lat thara ba a f fliiaa' 
maat ia tba addrt of tba watcn, and lat tt 
UvMe tba watan fraoi tba vatan. 

T And Ood BMda tha flnaamaat, iaad dl- 
watan wfaiab «Mr« vadar tba Ann- 

8 Aad God aallad tbe 
Aad tbe araaiag aad tba monlag ware tba 

. TAad^ Mid, >Lat tbe watan nd«r 
the bMTan ba gatberad tootbar nato one 
plaaa, aad let tba di7 (and appear : aad it 

^aUqoA aallad tha dry lanrf KaMta; 
fod tba gatberiag tentber ef tha watan 
ealled be Beaa: aad Qod mw that « tWM 

And God mM. Lot tba earth ibrinK 
... Ji tnaas, tha beri> TlaMiaf aacd. and 
tbe fMt tree Tlaldlag "fruit alter bit kiad. 
wfaoeeieediaiBiteal^vpOBtlw earth: aad 

U Aad tbe earth broasbt forth mn, oitd 
herb yieUiac Mod after U» Und, aad the 
trae TMdiBf ftnit, iHioae aeed «MM la itaeir, 

iflOT Ua k&d: aad God mw that M mm 


18 AadthaaTMlacaadthe noniacirara 
tha third day. 

14 Y And God Hid. Let there ba •liritti la 
the flraaoMBt of tbe hMrea to dhide tthe 
day ftom tba al|^t: aad let them be for 
■Isaa, aad •for Naaons, aad for dayt, aad 

Ifi Aad let khen be for U^ite ia tbe trmar 

neat of the hMtan to glTa light opoa '^ 
earth: aadltwaaao. _ 

1« Aad Ood 'made twoi|reat Ughta : tbe 
graater light tto rale tbe Sy, aad «tbe leas- 
er light to rale tbe ai^: A« «mm<« 'tbe 

17 Aad Ood ia» tben la tbe flnaamaat of 
tbahMvea to glTo U|^t apoa tbe earth. 

18 Aad to 'rale erer the day aad orer tbe 
Biijhk, Md to ditida tbe Mgfat fhna tbe dark- 
aoa«: and Ood Mw that Mmnm good. 

10 Aadtheef«BlBC ' 

90 t Aad God aaid, Lat tba watan brtag 
forth abvadaatly tbe ■ moriag ereatora that 
bath tltCi. aad tfowl Mtrt may fly above tbe 
earth ia tbe t opea flnaaaeat of iwaTea. 

SI AadiGod oreated groM wbalea, aad ereiT 
Urlag ereatora that moreth, wUeh tbe watera 
broo^ forth aboadaatly, after their Und, 
aad every wtaged fowl after hta klad : aad 
God Mw that it taae good. 

tt And God bleaaed them, Myiag. "Be 
fraitfW, and mnltiply, and All the waters in 
tbe aeaa, aad let fowl mnklply ia tbe earth. 

"^ ' " tbe ereaiag aad the 

tbe fifth day. 

94 1 And God aaid. Let tbe earth bring 
forth the llTiag ereatore after hia Und, nt- 
tle, aad ereeping tbiag, aad beaat ef the 
earth after Us Und: and it waa so. 

96 Aad God made the beaat of tbe Mttb 
after hia Und. and eattle after their Uad, 
aad every tbiag that ereepeth upon tbe 
earth after his kiad: aad God mw that U 

*«rf^ God aaid. - Let as make maa la 
oar image, after our likeness: aad 'let 
them have dominion over tbe flsh of tbe sea, 
aad over the fowl of tbe air, aad over tbe 
eattle, aad over all tbe earth, and orer every 
eree|^ag thing that ereepeth npon tbe earth. 

in bis awn Image, 
'latbeimageofGedereatedbebim; 'male 
aad female ereated be tbem. 
98 And Ood Ueesed them, aad God Mid 
oato them, t Be frtiitAd, aad mnltiply, aad 
replenish tbe earth, aad aobdae it: aad 

have doraialea over the flsh of the sm, aad 
over tbe fowl of tbe air, aad over every Uv- 

AndjGkid Mid. Behold, I have glTon yon 
erery herb tbeartng seed, wUeb i* npon the 
foee of all the earth, and every tree, in the 
wblA to tbe ftwit of a tree yielding seed; 
*to yoa it shall be for aieat. 

80 Aad to rfevery beaat of the earth, aad to 
every *fowl of tbe air, aad to every thiag 
that ereoMth apoa tbe earth, whereia M«^ 
to tlife, /Aa«< ^veit every greea herb for 
meat : aad it waa so. 

81 Aad /Ood mw every thing that he had 
made, aad, heboid. U tmta rtrj good. And 


4 tU kitlmy ^ tU •rwKo*. 

rpHUB tbe bMveaa aad the earth wart 
± flaiahed, aad "all the beet of them. 
9 ftAadea the seventh day God ended his 
work whieb be had amde ; aad be rested on 
the Mveath day from att bis work wfaiofa he 

( the geaeratteaa of *ha 

T%e creation of woman. 

Sin of Adam and Eve. 

B. c. «XM. 

leli. 1. 12. 
P«. 101 li. 

/Job 88. ao. 

g ok. 3. 83. 

wkiek ZiM 
up/nm. /•. 






Acta 17. ». 

«ch. IS. 1«. 

U. 91. S. 



eh. 4. 16. 

2 Kin. 19. 18. 

£■. 27. 83. 
p-ng, lis. 
9 K<. 31. 8. 
reh.3. 88. 

Pro*. 3.18.41 


&«T. 3. 7. * 

« y«r. 17. 
< elk. 85. 18. 
t H*b. CiuA. 
xDan. 10. i. 

iOr, Admm. 


t Hab. w <•• 


Sm ah. 8.901 
/eh. la. 18. 

tH«b. k^Ui- 

a Smm. 8. 1. 

&19. 13. 

Eyh. 6. 30. 
a On. U.S. 
it ah. 31. 18. 

n. 48. w. 
M.«4. la 8. 1 

Iflk U. mSk. 

ilty iltm ilM lOBU god m 
tllP rarL^ hid ItM RMVWi*, 

orcstC'd. lb lh« -il. 

:an]i, Utd tTfTj SiarL -iF tin (lekl 
berrm fixtr*; far ibr Ijobh tJiia UftJ not 
roBuird Tt ki rtlu upon tlH r^n^. i^d rAv« 
«u# DDt n mtfe ^ta till (Ih fror^dil. 


7 And klM LOKD (M Arpv^ nu. ^d/ lilMi 
J^tlUit 4f tilt (T4Vi^ mnA ' turJliml LMo 

fc 1 An J <li« Lord 4^ pkutnd ~ b fU^bft 
>pa^mT4 in ° Eden [ Uud kJjcn ' bo ^M- 
hn man irbom Kie tMi4 fLhtUo^L. 

b Aad sal of M^fr E»lli]dl bihla tb* Lf'l^f 
Sod Ei» [n>« 1 eiBi> ^^H l^lU U ]^lAt4UU 14 

tbt; tree (hf thhtiwkidp cf fwd *n4 erlU 
li^ Ar4 « rLF«F Ttst Kl of Jtilrm 1» ^nUr 

tbt KAT^I^n ', t^d C^o*^ diKtv it vt« p»rt»dt 

uhI bo«Hn4 LTiEtf taya* li^kdtfh 
H Ttui DU>« of tli£ flr^t H PliiiD : iLkt M 
t ifLifJU wiEiipajHtb Ellv wbubi lanil of 

HbtUmIi, wbnrg (Af r« ■« (vid | 
12 AihI lImi i4>U dF tliM L>ih] <a gaad - 
'tliEn i<i LHliULym feAil llrt (o/^ iknAi. 
1^ AuJ tlui bBUM 4f tlH irxulnL ntiT Uf 

wLiitQ I>b4 uf r fUHnplik. 

14 And tUt h«H ^ tki» tkL^rd rln-r *« 

tbri nt-tl af AfjjFTh. iUii tli« faw^ tLfu 
il l':upl.r«i>«. 

1 .V Ah.i tini LotU} l^nxl ii^lk II it'i. DiftH, Mid 
'['HI Irhh aUs Elita lanllL ekF fitlflCL U dJVPi 
*' I lu- lLnr|» \\, 

Au-i iWi I.111LA' 0li4 «4Fnrm||B4*4 (Iw 
BAj'lHtfr rif «"FJ inw »f |ti« eiij4» 
Ik niii j«^ f rmlj e*.i ; 
htvi at lU liw uf Ubfl 

IjD pi D (lud Iiul Tup.i3q . Anil h*i bbIiiJ OMsla lb , 
T«Mhii, 1 Yti, lAlfa Qpd Hkri, ITii iLiJj. UM 
oftt ^ei^r^ u»« af i>ui Eu<l«nT 

W« EJLftj B^t if Uw n-ait af Hh trtn bt fJbt 

^ ^ JtVL nF UiM IrtiLt of Uu Lr« iLJdi ti In 
thn mlilit-af Ltit gurilEUr Li^il liulL ^(U Te 
*JhJ1 tub &%* dI It, axoUbul *b>il JB Eud^ II^ 
Ik4 p: JIh. 
4 d AmI tld HiTfMnt *k1il U»U tlii ^(Btal, 
ITi BtikU bdl i<tialj iUfe ; 
I & Vns Qui AMit knvn tli«l in lid dij j* 

E4Iil|rTVlf, llHn '^HU VJM iImU |i«i^[iKB' 

««1 ; u]4 jt ikftU itm v^ fvd^ loH'ntiii ^mi) 

VI il r-lHJ, 

Mr^.J !ui4i evU. "UWU 1. 
W tl.iL' liar ^1*>* ^^H^ * 

jluf ll : («■ 

IP^H-I '114.1. 4l>ti oifii ■linuLi t» bIubi 

aJ out of tliL- tTOHDXl th* LiJ K> 0»d 
ttnnatl flT«r]r InoaH (■[ U'' RitLd, ikvd 4^117 

tAiLMii ku ECF «Uu Ut! moiM •*!] tliOB I and 

WlinUw*>'r AiLmi eJlflii ^vcrj UvitJK MniF 
turi'., <.l-t^L -Ki'iii- tbr ulibi: iL«rEuL 

j!ii Vri3 AdAiq tf^rp oaiaBB t> alb nkltli, 
ttii1 1 1. iLih ^wL ar iLe a^r, «bi1 Id ni^ 
Ik^^I at tbE kid i Lm Tu-r JuikMi. lb«lB »a« 
nC'i I'junnL B jirlji mr^h f»r Llu, 

1:1 .'^ul llif LlJUU hrtl [iBlU«<i1 ^ /e1«|i 
•Ir-i'li \a rWll QptB j&dABi., hn41ir9lrbtj KEtd 

bg LLinh (TtiA nr Uk rlbi, \kmi riBHO up Ai 
Heal; 'iii4J«*d tlitnol. 

ed And U<* rtb. hJi^dIi lA* Lo »(> Gpd Ud 
t&kni iriim triin. + di^44: Km i wuu, aad 
»Lt[jiirl.i bri Bfliu lIih iiiiin. 

^ Aui Ad,Uft ai4l, Tliii in ikDv^tHHK: Df 
m; b«ttrt, Ud bib vi di.t flcilb:. alir iNbII 
bi a*U*d ^4BU, bnaiiH tU vmailaboK 
oui af ivmn- 

■J4 «Tli4Tvhq!* Plwli > mlA h*V« Ui htlWT 

•ml ]il« nkoilirr. and iliill d''4T» yLi4 tit* 
Vir»: »mdtiH7aL.llba«W«>«h- 
Sj ^Apd thwj w»™ llBtIJi liski-d. ►'- 

'plrnjaut l4i tim i^i'Pr Bhij k ItFr la Ih 
deidrE^ ta Buka *q* ^llfS ^* tV^h of 
Uh Ituil [twtfQit^, / Mtd 'lldi Hi, And i^MC 

T Afid Jtlh* «» ill tUm toUi iprnra li|ii«^ 

F4r I ■-nd tliif^ knatr lli«t lLi»]r UHra ULknl i 
anJ tiiAjr Mvail U£ km b> I d^Ukt, 4kd uullr 
Ui>[E)nJ.ii:B ^1 a^tituk. 

b ilLkd UwJI I lUf d ^ bLk fidm *t ibfe LU'^W 
i}u>l nJili^F w l>M Bk^dea Jn \in ' i;<^ ol 
Eld (U/ i uid nVdMH ind hii vjfa rlitd (Ji^m- 
■«]^<^ from til* pTrjdbfV 4f LliA ^uiua bwl 
KEiidiqglt [jia irM-i uf 4 be jiirAtDj 

It And tW Luaia ^Hrf Eal]*il linlii Adam, 
uUI «|i.|4 DU|u liin;., M'Lpnf nri Uiiju i 

llJ Ajid Lr ukl, I burd Lljj Tcika lb tlw 
^rdm, "and 1 iru ^rkuUn L^CkUv 1 tMl 
na^«l> antl 1 Lid O^atU. 

U Abd 1]# iKld, WlA told Lti» l.bu ll«^ 

vlWT*'if I «in.'B«jJ»d li*?. tljH IIjUU fti>aMld- 
afk VfL rat 1 

in .And diA maiL tald, * tbti Wntuali wl-OBt 
iLdni fiTHl t^^ fn Wblih Ul£, iN J^14 IM Df 

I llw irttt «nil 1 4ld i4l' 

' ir4 Ar>il lIiq 1.1 ho Gfkl fiLlil irvl') U:'? *0>' 
inanr Wb«>t ia kli^ thai limu JiaM drmi | 
.And the wnmaii said, ' ttiq, Hrpijnt !»< 
emJpiI mnK anil t did onL 

11 .4,nil iLa LuHiJ Ood nld r -umn tlia icX' 
tit at, llartta^ iL^U Lait Avttt lUa, LtidU urf 
diita^il kkta^a ajl AllllL, ud, aljuri m<tcrj 
intntfO* hild ; B|wn tbir Mlijr di«lt ttiDU 
l^j, kfid 'Jdiut lilullt -UiH nk k|L Uta dAji i»f 

]^ AliJ J 'wiU ]»qt (JBiaity bfl-pfeTB tlie« 
Hid li* iniiB«n, and iHLwcflti ''UiJ MC'd and 
'har lECil; lit BliaU bruLlB kl; L^ail, «b1 
Uldq 1b^it briiiBE Idi Lwl. 

niTilllplj iJiJ tvIJK^ and UiJ RnccjitkB ; 
. . . ^ . .. i _!_ . f_^|j j,t,iJ(ir„5^ . 


X. g. \n l£vk L 

" la Mrttew fljOiU. fpb*ll IrtHn* Sml* ijliiJilrBB, ', 
-»JiJ UlJ AMin; tOinU ti ha tLj III ■ ■ 

aad inr aWU " m\t orn Uw- 
1" APid tUiM AdlBJn L; Blild. 'IJrtBLp*tl»Oil 
but Ndkrkiined utiL4 U^i TLtlea of Hit alb, 
VhJ tmit balrli (l[ Elip Ipcc, ''t^f '■i1<j43lj 1 
E^BEiulldliil ili44. PPLJUVB, TLuis, ilial t DHL ^ 

, i*E II I * i;HF**:d fp tJif FiHipd fur ll. j M ilcf ; 

I ' In Piirr(i.a i1l%U tbpli aat i^ Lt aU tii« dwi 

i t^ -^ Tliuriki kka ukd IbiEtUti |J>*U U 



IB*. 8.14. 

'J^M 18. 

IT T«r. 11.17. 

tck. ft as. 



<J.b3l. 89. 

Jw. 23. M. 

Asm* 8. a. 

Es.3. 6. 

«ch.«. 18. 

Job 31. 8ft 


• Ter.4. 

8 Cor. 11.8. 

lTiiB.9. 14. 

» In. «(. ao. 

M»c. 7. 17. 

M.Sft 8>aBk 


John 8. 44. 

Acta 18.1ft, 


!•. 7. 14. 


Uatk I. 8L 

25,« L 8L 


tKom. 18.90!, 

Col. 2.18. 

Hob. 8. 14. 


B«*. 12.7.17. 

I*. 18. 8. * 



I «ba. 8. 18. 
wok. 4. 7. 

•ICkr. ii.a. 

* 14. 34. 



Ti*. 3. 8. 

«cii «.n. 

tEcc. 1.2.3. 

h. 84. 6, n. 

Rem. 8. 20. 

Ko«. 8,i». 

WirtA «# Cmit md AbeL 


f^rnfolon 4/" t^ jiui^ipuri:i|r. 

Bl V. 4U»t«, J t brim ^"^ *A !*■*■' *■' Mbii* flt4ll ML 
' tin b*f<b of ita fcild. 

1» / !■ ibt DWMt lOt llir but ibl^ lllil« 

Jbr OUl 4€ II MiH IbH ulBli r * br dUrt 
llwa drl, iai A riun Ami jhaJl lliini rntim. 

^ B*ii ; l«»Ui Ite «U UM HMlwt af bU 

fl [iat4 4JBn AtH h4 t4» Jill «ift did lb 
Lo&u Ui}d m*M wflii of lUu, «ad slucii*l 

EC ^ AiH tb« IfTMA q^d nJl. iBtliffU, 

fmmi U4 «ril: lad feov, kvu h4 put Mtla 
till lMa4, ii Ujii ULe bI^iJ; llv trM bf tde, 
h4 «at, fliB>l JJt* hr rKs : 

LUKD Lkitl mL Ubi hr^ 



I P ^W P tl— 

U*tr wwl « Imiif HiH ndilrt lac^>l trttj 

fVHF ^t'l'llffk «vF> !Af J^Tlf. ^ T>l< mW<T ff 

A U. !l rtr rpir. ,*■ ' '^<m |7 fit* fn Al«d. 

■pAiT El< low 1^1 1% J«-«4 nJ 4it tea n*^ 

1ft ft* tirit if^JIpjJl, dC ■■J f u«, 

i wUW; Md 1^ 
lidn, Kud Mud, 1 

Ifl TAlbJ U&Ui '■w>l[imhiMBtlMi^«Hn«< , .Kp. I f,fl. 
[VTllH l4kTi, fcitl <lipni]l ■« Uh 1m4 ftf Atfdi | -1 Kirw » 
>« Uw «ML «f lidBli. , ft 4 U V 

II AqI iL'klh lut>% I.Li TAf^ ; BBd nliB w^' I ■■-'' >a ^ '^ 

alj, t uij, tUltd tht HUH of Um bl», bRu ■ T'li m#' 

CM: fl-UW- of III* iim, iliHinh. *^«*- 

lei An.] KiJHii K.titHh «u biiTi! Irutr Md.' f>^' ■ U- 

MrlJmjiW'L : umI Hi^buitol Iv^l ■' L«ip«iii, l' ~'^' 

III An J LiiRii'flb litiik libEv Lkn Lvuvlviv; f Siii>. 4 1[. 
iba ii^mfl Bf yu iHh, kAU JUlAll, mhI t:b« '^ 

na^rt* ipntir »L[ii;r ZllJati. 1 JTifc ****- 

m Ajyi Miah ]>up Jal.«l i ly« Tfel tU hihfr '*'- 

ItTin : «ni| tljp Blltof of TalaWuB m9* 3!l W ^ib j 

^ And Utn^fh aJhI uto bii titu, Ai1«^ S^'^ahT 

Ud ISiUldl. ttHT snSr ^olni | 7V viie uf L«< JtUri'i, 

, . .: ruin ih^ b* 4ii«Dt»l MfiAiM, 
S A»f> ^TH h^iibk ]«TV Lb hnri bv ^AML Inqlf Utnvrii HninLx «>d frfrffiiyfl 
Amd :%W *U ^ k kiiE5Hr dT Afavpt Iwl (.'hJn I i.i \ AmL Adkjfl Min hikf -'ft* ir -^ : Bbd 

__^ q _ *.ii_. ^t .!._ ^^^-j jj,^ i^^ ^ ^_,jj^ ^^j ^„UpJ i^Li [ii,)ii|> ■ Silir 

Ftof Uii4, *iy^ *A^, iwth «[>f»Lerii*(l tm ui- 

Lltirr |M4<il I dltt'kd ^ AboJi vrbm ([ajq iIpk, 
»t Jlnd to 9Hlt, ^ta bim «li4 li^cT* «W 
„ - -- t-wm > *« J ivd b* uUwd Ilia Biiutt 1 Spin 

llm» feC liH tlkr«b ud mt kb« fkt tbfiwirr tijca bcwi bh* >«»h «11 uem u» ihdi*. 
Ali4 Uit l.tmo biul ^nipetf [lahi Abil imt tUf UlLEi. 

™t nsp»H- Aafl l^feln *u t«1} wrodi, '■Mid f^- .^,^* ^«, >«4, .^li^JW ^J« f I^^^u 

» iilUr tr III „ 
S And * \b ffi«o»4 «| iJitoT U M«* kf pmoa, 
UbU Ubid hiF9a|1u Avfi^i- fkuilil! i1h (hiritid 

4 Aad AlivUlH >i«ii brokfM KfUw, «n*. 
Ilm» feC liH tl^«ft ud af kb« fkt tbfKOFr 

• ABd tlt4 U>&E) 1434 Urtf CAJh., Vihj m 
UiM IPM^ T pqil *hl it lb; BrtUktaEBiDi 

^ if Ebntt Ami mtU, lUkJl Hhb hI H. 
■MtflMT ABd kr Uml fkiHt aai wtii, flu 
I'lfvli' *t tho dipK : Mid I* Uk k> Ibi B^iil b |]J4 
dwb*, Wd tfao^i iblJ* rak \r*tt IJm. 

* ^ And I'ljn tiJfcftd wftii A|,t| iHa hlrAhotr 
BAd k «vwi b« IHW. iPh«b llirjr »mn in Ikiv 
RHd, ihii l>ki» »itt D^ ■RH«M AllBt UH 
|i«>rtlvr, uid / ilf* I4pl 

» Aia 14*1. toarj- uM ud^u C^fn,, 'WtMr» m 
^bd thj bwjHf T And li» fiid, AI kiM 
■Mf jdm t raj l7Hl)wp'« Lmjimv] 

10 AbtH b« laM, Whut hut tbnt {Umml Om 
rv^m ttt ibr bi'BUwr'fl t UaDd ■ ^i^Ak mam 



h »|?iltH4 bcf tniuLh hi n 

l] Wi^^ tl)M UllMt UH. HHUbl, il tllBil 

I H fUtp bvc Hlbdj] te kid: BiMi I iliftUIri lI^' 

I < 1^ A. CL ' iH*l>« *^ & vftfB^tMd In lIm mUi ^ BBiL ii 

■ ■«k^aft. S«li*U wn* lo Bw*. "Chdt oT&fif MA Uifet 

) K« 1 UAMii]taLi]Bt>p«l4uit4hkift.Thintn:« 

rrvn» t* ih '^ikok bt tiw iMniJiu «f 

.1 AJnm. In 11:4 \iaj IliiWt Ual imiqj*4 

hnlii^ Lm ^tW tl-ltlMII rf Unl nAda ba hfm s 
U ' Hb1> Bfid fuBkiltr •fiBW J Hi ItiBU f uil 
bhifrii^tl Elirin. ftbid nllpil tli^lr np^fi Al^i^ 
Ln Ituh Aptf whcb Ibn iht> cfumLmL. 
J An>l 4ltMlt Uml [1 bdodinl ud iUHf 
jBBTii vml Ii4)n4 d t<yn lb hki DTH Uba^ 
i>HB, j«<» b^ tutft^ ; imirfttil^Llt' 

t.iLtrii tJ^LkiBTk rtdiit hiaiditodjpwj fmi 
bt bepa ■<« and ^xHtiklrb 7 

U And iJL ttiB it» T» 4ftl Adlm »tnd mtn 
niHD iLundjBil uul Ullrlf JliU> : '-^id b* 

i Afld S*ih Ibid ft imidnd Hid tr. 9^*9, 
Bod * im^ Jlaw 1 

7 And .-^Hli LIrriL ftfbM- ]i* |iFiB/t ^mh ftlgjki 
}vBBdp#d vi4 MifM JoUflti Bad Ix^u HDl 
fetad dMi^Xm : 

S. And mil lb» ds#B ftf firtb «Bni niM biUk' 
dsiMl ud t»^v(t jHTk ; tnd be dked. 

« And £niM ILt^ nla»l> JUII, Ud bqM 

W And i£liD* lk*d BOar ba bwtp« C^hab 
'^^iRbt hBiiilFR4 mn<i ■ttrUHD jiwi, BBd bDBp4 

Ji-1 i Jf. 

tOf. In »lJ 

- L CTu. J I. 
Lub. ^Jlt 

«r«k 4. Hi 


'■it. I, St. 

it* », ar. 


1 1 .-Inil nil Lht^ ilaj|. lur^tiof vrpi am* liiui- 4 
'drad Bad tiv<v ^iBBfii : ijid li« dlmlj 

is Aad iTft^DkU Ut^ MTWrilr )«U*v IbA SOTHl 

b#ieiit 1 Mml,«l>Lk7i.| :. ... 

The wiekednag iff man. 


Noahemttreih tke art. 

tOr. Mmtkm- 


teh. 8. a * 
P*. 16. 8. 4>>iaB.l. 
Mle. 6. 8. 
lUl. 2.0. 



»<h.e. i«. 


• A. 10. SI. 
aeh. 1. 98. 
i Drat. 7. 3. 4. 
«0« ie.17. 


Pfor. «. 18. 


bml SOU m4 da 

iIaikI aU tiM 4 . 
bundnd and ten yean : and Iw dM. 

U And MahalaUl Itvvd aU^ awl 
y«an, aad begat t Jarcd : 

16 And Mabalaleel lired after be begat Ja- 
red eight baadred aad ttataty yeare, aad be- 

17 Aad all tbe days of Mabalaleel were 
eight Lnadred ninety aad Are yean : aad he 

18 And Jand liTed a bandied aixty and 
two yean, aad he begat Oaoeh: 

19 Aad Jar«l lived after he begat Eaooh 

dauglitera : 

911 And all tbe daya of Jared ware nine 
baadred aix^ aad t«e yeant aad be died. 

21 And Enoeh liTed sixty aad fire yean. 

22 And Bnooh ^walked with Ood after be 
begat Metbnielah three hundred yean, and 


24 And 'Enoeh walked with Ood: aad he 
tNM not; tsr Ood took Ub. 

26 And Methaselah lired a baadred eighty 
aad aeren jean, aad begat t Laaaeeh : 

28 And Methoaeiah lived after he begat 
Lameeh seren hundred ei^ty aad two yean, 
and begat aona aad daogmen : 

27 Aad all the dayi of Methaselah were 
nine baadred alKty and aiae yean : aad he 

28 And LaoMwh lired a baadred ei|^ and 
two yean, and begat a ion : 

29 And he ealled his name KNoah. aayiag, 
Tfate eame ahaU eomCBrt n« eoaeemiag oar 
work and toil of oar haada, heeaase or the 
ground "wbioh tbe LORD hath euraed. 

80 And Lameeh lired after he begat Noah 
five baadred nine^ aad five yean, aad be> 
gat soni and daagMen : 

81 And aU the days of 

82 And Noah was five taaadnd yean eld i 
and Noah begat »8bem. Bam, 'aad Ja- 


n* w i t k t ia m ^ «m. KiiM bi nmhi Arf*! 

orMA. and «nu(rf <»• Jtmi. B JT^mh JmdtOi 

r>««. HTkimdir.fmm,umd»md*ftk»m)iii. 

AND it eame to pass, 'when men began 
te uoiMply ea the teee of the earth, 
aad daogliten were bora vato them, 
2 That the aooa of Qed eawdie ' " 

whieh they eboee. 

8 Aad the LOBD said, <My Spirit shaU not 
Uw^fi strive with man, Hn that he also <s 
flesh : yet his days shall be a hundred aad 

4 Then wera giaats In the eaith la thoaa 
days : and also after that, when the soaa of 
Ood eame in onto the daa(^itenof mea.aad 
they ban eMMrwi te tbem, tbe same to- 
mighty mea wUeh teers of old, ason of 

» And Oot> saw that the wiekedncea ef 
maa tM* great la «m earth, aad (*«< lev- 
ery « imaginatioB of the thooghto ef his heart 
tsae only evil toontinnally. 

e And /it repent«dthe LOKD that he had 
made maa ea tlw earth, and tt'grieved him 

whom I have «Mlod ftaai the hm tt the 
earth; thoth maa, aad beaat, aad the 
ereeping tWag, aad the fowls of the afr; te 
it raaenteth am that I bafvo ssade theaa. 

8 Bat Noah Afbnad grnee ia the eyn ef the 


9 ^ These ore tbe gaaeratieni of Noah t 
iNeah waa a joat nam omI Kperfcat in Us 
generations, and Noah ^walked with Ood. 

10 And Noah begat ttaree aou, <8bem. 

11 Tbe earth also was eorrupt "beftne 
Ood; aad the earth waa "filW with vio' 

12 Aad Ood*leoked onoa tbe earth, aad. 
te aU flesh had 

> Noah. >>The end ef 


bolib. I fHlU 4Hir49 i^m"^ mkh 1 he earth. 

14 1 UTikt IhH aa ark «l j^pher wood; 
trtMBif litmH iliea mUr lu ib>. ark, aad 
shtJt |iii«b tt wUhhn 4oJ iFHhHH with piteh. 

Ill .An J im tArfnlkiiM uli^rii thou shatt 
niskc kiiT' T^ l*fifCi4f (N^ hrk eAoU 6« 
thii'^ IjuiiJnd C4b[>i. Urn bm^Eli of it flf^ 
eutitti, BDii] dkn ]M<i^ ef Et UklTij oubita. 

U A -Jniluv iJiaJL tlnsa raukt CO the ark, 
aad In s niiilt ili^L Uhu iaisi, it above; 
an«l ikic (LjtH- tiF th» mrk wbtli tliEF'i set In the 
aid^ iliErniFi mth itiwcT, Kduod, aad third 

«(« r^'i> iJiAll l&on mikv ]L. 

17 *MA. licbiMii, I, livEft Ih <io bring a 
floed of «n«» vptoi ttit ^%nh. l» destroy all 
flee h. irliTPnih imHi^L rrtiJi rf 1 1 Tu, from on- 
dei : • .L.J- ^vtrj it-ii,E Liiftt i« in tbe 

eai ... 

lb Hm wiui thee wiU I estaMiah my eeve- 
nant; aad *tboa ahalt oome late tbe ark, 
thoa, aad thy sons, aad thy wife, aad thy 
sooe' wivee with thee. 

19 And of every living thing ef all flesh, 
(two of every sort shalt thou Mag late the 
ark, to keep (AemaUve with thee; theyshaU 
be male and female. 

20 Of fowls after their kind, aad of oattle 
after their Und, of every ereeping thing of 
the earth after his kind ; two of every tort 
" shaU eome ante thee, to keep Mem alive. 

21 And take then aate thee of aH ftwd that 
Is eaten, aad thoa shalt gather « to thee ; 
and it ShaU be te ftod te thee, aad te 

Tims did Noah; 

AKO th* Lonn tM UDlftNuah, "Cmso 
Ibua KnJ kLL it<y blHISn bli>4 Ihe Afk; 
te * tbm hkTr T i«cu TtftilOaiU bdfuti BW in 

■ bfv** bhqia il^L l>ka tO 

Llw Dialr i.tiA Mr hraalo! 
^UaH. tjiwe. 

t Ot t^erj * 

rf-uJ of iKU'ti tiimt are 
the iniJr ind libi h^okJe. 

3 Ot friTLj oiH nT tbi sir 1r)r IrVffil. the 

mala anil i.tx frmak : t* k--*f i»l aJIre 

T»a tlH Jaoa bTiH tlv pa.Ttli. 
far Jwi fcfrti ilwjf. an J 1 will Mut& ft to 
raft] upuii itHi eartli 'fcwij Jaj» tad r(*rty 
atfiliU : and rtfrj Utitsg aaliaunita ihtt I 
ha*^ pi>i]p eiOl 1 1 tUauuy fnu 4ff il^s Imo of 
- Aw.A MmlK Altli uMwiIki* RMJ> ail thmk 

7%ejio0d tfwaten. 


N»ah lemoeth ike mrk. 

|Ofcj-» a« 

|Or. >W- 




' t-u. 


#— .4U. 

I ik.l.M. 

• JkM4 HMb <M» 

vImb ths iMd of mUn «M opoa *• 

7 f Aad KMk mat ta, tad his mu, 
and Ua wtfa, sad bk aoas' vhraa iritk U■^ 
teto Mm u-k, U ia — of tbo vston of ' 

8 Of olMHi boMto. aad of boarta Mm* 
BOt oUaa, ud of fbwla, aad of oroiy tUng 

9 Then wont In two aod two 
Into tho ark. tbo nale and tk» tnm»h, m 
e«d bad oomwaded Noab. 

10 And It oamo to pau Naftor MTon di 
tba* iho waton ortW flood wua npoa 

11 f In tbo liz bondndtb 7«ar 
HUo, ia Mm ooooad noatfa, tbo oi 
dor of tbo BMtntb. tbo mno day won oU Atbe 
fcanlolai of tbegtoatdoop biokoa op, —' 
tbo (< wtadoiwo of boatoB woro opoaod. 

U AAad tbo lata waa apoa tbo oaitb ftity 

IS la tbo ooUmmo day /oatorod Noab, OBd 
Sbaa, aad Ham, aad Jasbatb, tbo aoaa of 
Noab, aadlfoab*a vitt. aad tba tbiao wi««« 
of Ua aoM witb tbom. into tbo ark : 

14 "Tbaj. MidoT0i7 boaot after bia Uad. 
aad an tbo aattlo after tboir kind, aod OTOiy 
eioopiac tUM tbat eroopotb apoa tbo earth 
after bta kta d, and ereiy fowl after liia kiad, 
OTory Midef OTory taort. 

l&Aad tb9"woat la oatoNoab late tbo 
ark. two aad In* of aU flaab, 

M Aad tboy tbat woat ta. wont ia 
tMMlo of allflerii, 'aa Qod bad eoi 
bim : aad tbo Lord abat bla te. 

17 'Aad tbo food waa forty dayi apoa tbe 
eartb: aad tbe waters teenaaod, aad bar* 
ap the ark, and It waa Ufkad ap aboro tbo 

18 Aad tbo watan pwfallod> aad worn ta- 
aoaaaad greatly apoa tbe earth; «Bad tbe 
ark weat apoa the ftMO of tbe watere. 

10 Aad the waters pteraUod oaeoediagly 
imoB tbe eaatbi •'aad aH tbo high UUa. 
that «oore aader tbe whate bearea, wom 

pawraili aad thai 

81 'Aad aU flaob 

earth, both of fowl, aad of eattio, Md of 
bea at,M d oferoijereMilag^gthatoreop- 

tt AU la <wboee aealrito woa ttho biealh 
efUfi, efaUtbattNMiathodry land, 

S Aad erery liviag sabataaeo waa do- 
atsayad wkleh waa apoa tbe Ibee of tbo 
gTMiad, both SMa, aad oattle. aad tbe 
eoooplBg tbiags, aad tbo fowl of the beavoa; 
aad tbey were ieetwyed ftea tbe eartb: 
aad «Noab oaly raaailaai oUve, aad tbay 
that (sore witb hha la tbo ark. 

8« "Aad tbe watera ptwrailed apoa tbe 
•aHh a boadrod aad ifty daya. 


Tit watwt mmuat * . iTKimi* rmirtk — drwmt. 
7 Tkt fm» mW (k« rfno. U Iftak. Mm eo<«- 
mam d ai. 18 pmk /tnh tmtmftk»art. « B, 
Ui UfkMt Jtmf. m md<4rtrlk (Mr^b*. St w4M 

AUD Oed •roMBborod Noah, aad erety 
. Mflag tU^. aad all tbe oaMIe tbat awe 
with blaib tbe ark! iaadOodmadoawiad 

a'Tbefcaatalas alee of tbe deep aad 
wiadowa of baarea wesa ataapod, aad 'tbe 
ratal ftaa baawoB waa reetramed. 

8 Aad the watara lo t aiaed fima off tbe 
eartb teoatlaaally: aad after tbe ead *ef 
tbo bnadrod aad fifty days tha watara wera 

4 And tbe ark rested fai tbe aoToatb iBoetb. 
on tbe sevealeoatb day of tbo noosb, apoa 
tbe mooBtalaa of Ararat. 

6 Aad tbe waters tdoenaeod eoaHaaaUy 
oatU tbe toatb mOBtb: la tbo teatb wientA, 
on tbo flrM dap of tbo BHatb, were tbe tope 
of tbe BMMBflalae aeon. 

• 1 AadtooaaietepaaaatibeoadeftBrty 
dam. tbat Noah epoBod /the wlBdvw of tbe 
ark whleh bo bad made ; 

7 Aad be soaft^ fMrtb a : 
fbrth He aad fta. oatU tbe waters wore drtod 
ap from off tbo earth. 

8 Also be Boat fwth a dove from btai. to aeo 
if tbo waters were abated tnm offtbobMo 

9 Bat tbe dove Cnmd ao rest for tbe sole of 
her foot, aad she rataraed aate bim iate tbe 
ark; for the watan (soro oa thofoeeef tbo 
whole earth. Tboa be put fostb Ua band, 
aad took her, aad tpallad bar la aate him 
iate the ark. 

10 Aad be atayod yet other sovea days; 
aad agala ho seat forth thadoro eat of tbe 

11 Aad tbe doTO eame in to him la the oToa- 
iagv aad. lo, ha bar aMatta tsae aa elivo leaf 
ploekod off: so Noah kaew tbat the watera 
were abated f^om off tbe earth. 

18 Aad be Bt^rsA yet other sovea days, aad 
sent liMrtb the dor*, whiabretaraedaot agala 
nato bim aay more. 

IS t And H same to pass in tbe six baa- 
drodth aad irst year, la tbo 8rst aienlA. tbe 
lint day of the moatb, tbe watera were dried 
up tnm off tbe eartb : aad Noab romoTod 
tbe ooveriag of tbe ark, aad looked, aad, he- 
bold, tbe foeo of tbe groaad wae dry. 

14 Aad la tbe aa wad moath,ea the sovea 
aad twentieth day of the BMatb, waa tbe 
lartb dried. 


1« G* forth a 
wifo. and thy sons, aad thy aoaa' wlToa with 


17 Brlag forth with tbse Aerery UTiagtbiag 
bat <e with thee, of all floah, lot* of fowC 

aad of eattle, aad of vrm eteeplag tbiag 
ereepeth apoa the earth : that they auy 
d abnadaady la tba earth, aad <befkai»- 

fol. aad aMMply apoa the eartb. 

18 And M eab woBt Ibrth, and bia seas, aad 
Ua wifo, aad Ua aoaa' wiToa witb bim : 

19 JBrory beast, erery erooplag tUng, and 

tbe earth, after their t kinds, weat forth oot 
of tbe ark. 

90 1 And Hoabbnilded aa altar nato tbe 
LOBD ; aad took of * erery eloaa beaat. aad 
of erery eieaa fowl, aad oiRwed borat oOor- 
lags OB the altar. 

91 Aad the LOBO smoUed 1 1 a Bwes* saronr ; 
aad tbo LOBD said in Ua heart, I wUI not 
again "eorse tbo ground aay more for man's 
sake; for tbe "isMglaaMon of man's heart 
toerU from bia yonOit •neither wiU I again 
smite aay more orery thing living, aa I baTo 

• ah. 7. IL 


tHaV <i» f*- 

tlirr.aii. U. 

1 1«T. 1. 9. 
9 0W.S.UL 


• th.9.B. 

Job 14. i. A 



Jar. 17. ft. 
MaM. U. Ifti 
Botm. \M.k 
a. ». 

,J«r. 83. 






H<M.!i. 16. 
e Drat. 18. lit. 

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• eh. 0.18. 
pF«.14a. 0. 
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reh. 17. U. 




Jl- SULd unlu llnm, " Uc fruLtfitL, KOi 1 

UmIiJ , Mid ic|rhiiiA Uka pKitt. 
£iAliJ Clid ftdt bJ ifiiu M1^i U<« ^nni of 
jma. flldl be h>u«r CTprj L««^ ef ihe > i«ttki 
ftarj aTHju rVrPJ 1i?nl uf H^ u.\i , a\w:!a timMt* 
IP^ttrilk U^K llm t^Ah. uii uiHiu iJL the 
lltifl irf CIm Hfcl iato JVHT Ituiil 4X« IbtlJ 

1 irivi-n jjiq 'ail ItillKl. 
4 y Uipt bita iritJi lb lib k^tnT. «4kik <• 

hquciq '. -"^ liw Iww4 of tTiir^ facul kill I 

hnj uipfl tti aiiA 1 bb Lhit t<!H4 *i BiAfe J al 4i» 
kuml nr Birrj ^ miA't bfttbdl VlU 1 riABiM 
tb# litt lit mail. 

lb»J<]Ttta, TBU'» WOIKln faj HIM 

f Ab4 y«i, ''^ jA Ihttifut, Hill npJtipty : 

hriii~ flirtli HLQlMltniUf Lb tiu ebjUi, mbA 
mujdip^ljr ilprn Id, 

^1 wilili Liux. wtm, 

U Anil I , ^ 3<f.lHiU. I k-M«Li1 i^i *' nt^v ofT rbMit 
VJlb J41I1. n^ wiM) J. ur >^*iL » ^i- - 

liU fAaA. wtkU fcT»r7 Llm. 
M *\il<. J mi , nf tli« Fu *J, . ' < 
•irtrj t|«4^ vi IiLl' nrUi ■ 
UNA 1fitai.btiSm Ulu 1^ I ' . 

li -AjLilf JtUI «flUl'lUlii mj eoTfliH^wUh 


1:; ,<tllll {pnil aiJA, "Tbti If Lh« toUn 4( Um 

VhI Bfrrj ]kf|»(t U 

E ihMi. M *»(li jm, 

br pnrB«>^M*l pd»nu |«bi : 
la 1 du iiM ' iti^ 1m# Iu i1k douil, bd4 it 

\4 Ani] tt bLbU 9<HiMt ra jibu, vbnn I hirtog 

L vJuUrtl U^ET 4lH ■UlLt ^iMMA t^ t4i« ll|&U |M[ 

•Kft Ht ili« ckiuJ : 

i;> Aiti 4 1 14 LU r*bii«Ali«,i n^ W3<tvmaa\. vJticb 
■ birkviiKii ■!« \t\fl ^i^L 4ii[] evBT^r LiYtec 
trratiif^ n< liL fln^Ji ^ Mid (It* ^at?^, «J)«U 
u DKirii TjfflDini ft flociil ( B (IftiEtniJ all Hf all. 

llu Aiul tbiE: L«iP «UU M kk Ittff ckHi.l ; m4 
I WIU bfu-h ii|id^ 14^ th^ 1 IkKJ tE^mbcr 

•Tf^rjr 111 Lbrg ciratuw af tU flcili ^La4 <• 

HMiD llba 04:01. 

n Aid ti^ »ld BUu ^iM^. TIJa U Um 

lb «i,rt t., 

Li ^ And t^ H^ •! KmIi, ktiBt w^ni fiJitb 
af Eliw mik., -mnj) IJtKlB. «lul tiun, ai,.'l Jft- 

iliEflti ' 'aaJ livn i* [iii« frUiiBi ut ' l!ir, !»». 

lli ^tlific ,!«-« TtM ll^i'o ■nun u/ ^t>4b: 

An it i.r lljrni »iu llrf t^h■i\.^^ fiirLli in«r- 

22 And Hmb, Um flUher vt CmoMa. n» 
th« a»kadB«»«C kia fliUw^ aM t*l*.bis.tiR> 

2S • And Stan Md Jiaf^talki took »ganD«Bt, 
ud laid it upon both their shooldon, aai 
' taflkmud. aiMlQMreMd tk« MhedMw 

of tliBb Mk«t _ 

ward, aad th«7 M«Mt tMc ftttat's mOhA- 

M And Vwb Moko fto« hia. «!•«. «a« 
know what hia jt 

3& And ta laid. rfCwaod to Qmvmi. 'a. 
Borrant of aorranta ahall ho bo onto. ~ 

m Aad ta aaid. /Ittaaaed fta tbe IAW8 Oo4 
9t Stam r Md Canaaa ahkU bo ■ kUaoroaat. 

27 Ood ahaU. » onlaifo Jaatatb, 'and W 
ahall d*aU la thatwia ofSbMaj and Gar 
•jTm abatt bo Uc aarvant* 

28 And Noah livod aftor tta food throo 
kiiadrod and tta joan* 

20 And aU thedua of Noalk varojklM Jaw 
diada«A«ft7]wara: andtadiad.. 


9ht^.^fff.m. SiTiMW.M^ySliI^. 

21 rA« mmt 9/ SAtm. 

NOW theae art tta geaciatioM of (bo 
aoaa of Noah; Shon, Han. and Ja- 

the flood. 

2 5 »Tta a«M of jMkotk; Oonavk a»d 
Mmm. and Kadat. m4 JaTaiw taO. Totals 
and Meahecb. and Tina. 

&ABd.lkoas«a of Qooaar; Aahk«ii»aa, aad 
Riyhaih. aad Toganak. 

1 And tbo aoaa of ^arap; XliAak» aM 
Tarshiah, Kittim, and -Dodaaim. 

6t Bjt tkoaa wan <tta iataa oC tba CUMUrn 
dlTidadin tbeU laada; oTory om aOm Ui 
tongue, aftor tbair fcaaUiea. tai (bak aatioaa. 

1 i<Aad Ita aoaa of Ban; Cuak, md 
Mlaiaii ■ "■ 

7 And 
lah, and Babtah, and 

In, and Vbfat, and Ci. _. 

1 Ita. MD» of Cnab : Sota> wid Haii- 

8A»dCiMkboga*Ninnkl: taka^iatoh* 
a mkhty ono in (ta oanh. 

9 Jb waa a nigUT <kiiiitc« /bofm tta 
Lord: wtai«fo«oitIaaaid,EToaaaNiBMd 
ttarnigblj hnntar befbn tta hwt; 

10 'Aad tta begiaaiM at Ma kingdon waa 
tBatal, and Ereoh, and Aoead, andCalMb. 
iaittalaodotShtoar. »'— — * 

11 Out of that tend Hweatfartk Aaahvr.aad 

15 Aad Beaaat b«t»oo» Kiaamh and Cap 
ak: llM>aaoBa«a»gioat«ity. 

13 And Miiraka tagat Ludim. aad Aa*r 
atai.WKdLabBbim. aM NMbiahim. 

14 And FathMaia^ aad Cadnhia. (Jtani 
>f whom game FhiUatim.) and Caphtorim. 

16 And Canaaa begat tSidea hia flratboni. 

18 Aad tta Jebnaito, and tta Amoiito, aad 

17 Aadtta HiTito, aad tta Arkilo, aad Ita 

U And tta Arraditov aiad tta Zonadto. 
andttaHamalhito: and aftorward won ita 

• •k.f.l.7.». 
» 1 Ou. 1. 5. 


eVk. 72.18. 
Jar. 2. 10. A 

lil Ota. l.% 

r Jcr. 16. Ig. 
Wc 7. 8. 
/oh.8. U. 

I Ok &« mml 

•M iato J#- 

I Or. Ml 

tHeh. Tti- 


TUm e«n^iiAA ^f ton^atf. 

TV eerKTiHi&nr of Ter^ 


i> >f Obih. Brivr tfaaiT | LiJi Tpnr Ij^niiFfiil ^id l&lAi JIbbI-i, «tihlc«t 

^ T UttM dl^ fl^^ Khd hiter bT bU Ilia 

Oal, ud (ikhUtef . bojI M^A- 
» ^AuJ UBM £lMr vnm hfrn tw p^i ^ 

H AaA Otet> md AUhoI, ud i»l»t>A. 
hU UiBiB wra Uw tumi (il JaktMl, 

tEiH}' kmhA lotv Ei^pLai'^ >. QU>uk| t( tMti>U[- 

Aft^T 1 1nrlr baE.i<jbi. 

3fl*b. Mtnf tkalt fBEwmiuQii In iJiaLj na^ 
lS««Aj "cufl It;^ Ibni HflTi Uh BUJ«M djtid- 

14 Apdl tkJUi JJTi4 ULlnj TBUi, ud it^U 

111 *Aii4 itlicT UTi}d| (bw iid4 tfeiitj iKm, 

11 l^lhEf Lived BfIrT hA brtt>t F*l«| fnvr 
l*BBrjr«4l ftad ikLnj J«Br^ bb J IIi«|:iL Mih and ■ 

Id Aixl F*i«f ]ki^ iMn; jcub, aivd ba^i 

15 AaJ Py^tep l^Tftd t.n«j b* btftt 1U«B tat 

bUndrnl bHiI ntH }<»» 4j Vt4 bfK^ «DI* »d 


m. Afld NfllKtr ll^nd nVtat awl LaralJ JtUi, 
bbJ bBfitil ''T^ntic 

^ Aut >i*JnH li>ril *^l4t t>* b*^ Tm*^ ft 
LuiiflnJ and nJhCiHn ^V«r *^ tHVll HM 
•bil iliuvl-jtAr^, 

't-ont^^ AbFBlB, ^IB^r, Bad H BIBB.. 

r^y: TTah k^E A^IhId, Tiakw, ibd tW 

rui ■, mtn\ IJubu ^inAt LuL. 

Il3i Ab4 fl««ii <ll-ii MJiii Ui hUiT Ti^nlg 
in tLo lud »f t(U naUTlty, iB i;r »f tbi 

la AiMl A bnn and ytljar t«lt UrtB t1™ v 
llxf UBina (if ALrBDi'B all* wa* +4ui4L i u]4 

3(1 And Dcq if Tad tpD kriJ, UiJTiJ JHR^HhI 

:}T ,'^bd Jtfu llrrfl Bfih-r fc# 1i«p& Serof Iwb 
Eguiwlivl tta^L mt^i j«BiTt bbhI '\imgat nmm 
BB'i -iLBit^hitn, 

S-i A ad t^irvfi liTitt IbLztr J^u^4 aad Im^U 

S:E And S«Pi|: Uvfld afUf lia brpt Tfahnr 


■"»■ »/ NlW^+t. If" f** ir#rr- 
^ 11 TfnA JHHi ^liHi !> F> 

T^IV^ Vi^ Of Mtc ' ittmiLu 

■bvu Mk hjl, Vai litn-J fuHiliL « idflit] im 
1]« lud BFiJUDBj ; »j>d Uwv >4^«lli Llir». 

3 Abl f tlig *vid UB l.> BUferttf f, Gv Pi!, Lat 

Hi Wlio bri-nk, ami t hruTB thn»ai ItH^hjucUj. , .^ , ._. 

Aai tlMJ !l*ii brifk l«^ ilWE^, vd lUnri, IBkI ' Vl4 Itii IW4bBr sr Ur^h, 

tW^nttFUr. iKI rni^ 'tilj*! «n IjaTTtliT llU lad nw 

i Aod thMJ UuUI, Ek ta. J<1 HI ^IM Tti n. I cLIld. 

atft uit a tii»«r " wlMttr lui» «^y ri^mJIi :I1 An^l trrab^LiKtb Abram liii iqq, -uuI 

Uoia iKsmi; and tdi tli in&ka Lu A lumD, J^L LJir P4ia uf ilnnm l»rj!' ■□n'l ilhIh kqil t4ant 

lAri «4 ba iCBUtfnal a,lwftd nt^Ei Llia !»• 4>( liu liBiijbbu I1I3 L*w, l,^* i,^ A^r^ln^i wi1i> ^ 

tiril *b<hj rtrti, : nn«J INcii Tient r(fnLi rMi E^MIl PinXli *lir u| 

4 IJmid itM Ldhb ibbu i£s*n ia iH tbc , iIm lUk^bw, m «i> ltalH> 'tiia iuiil cf Ca- 
ai^wui tJu hMBtp *Ub1i t^fluyjin^f miB | uui j uIlUj tmai iluo Okno, wd diMt 

aa A,inl ih.' ^Jl ftf T^rth w-T* t*tj Laiv 
dined iwd ElTE I^Afi : aoii tinJl dlvd lit lU-^ 

A Aad 1^(1 LOKti Ull, I^-IhLiI. '^tba jrecfk 
U HH. AD. J tbigr bara til >< \m^ iaafiEBft- ; 
ud Uilri ib»j b«ik ta ifai: ud Epn.'v ItailuDf 
«iU ha nsitiii'bid frgn tb«n, wtdiifa ibrj 

fe*«4 *kiH b ntflftja , that thay mmj ^ iwi un- 
Hl«r>t«kd Oda asaUirr'j i-^enely. 

fl ^ A-Uu LakD BilBUerpd tb#» qbriMd 
CNv theSM > liiKiEi iba IbH i\t ajL tlyi c*Tlh ; 
»Ad 4*7 1«tt. ^e h» iKiUd Llia d 1} . 

ff -riwfclbn la tbr baiBB uf El ealUA » D^M; 
lb«UlM tiM lAUtD did tin 
IgBttlftp NT tJ] llH Mnfa r I 

»T il^bufl iin tb* gnnoTitSari of 

4 1*4 Jai>r» ai^jir t|i# Omtd : 
tjJKVisi Ur«<l DftLT bti-brsnJt A 


J"^--, — 7 ._Audl 11 wk^i'hf ^'K. im. a »it*iA« 

■It |f« ** /'^Mfi .^v ii.^i7j ,bi. &ttri, mt^r kr 

{let Lbre ruE cf tb; oilulEtj, Rni] -Dnxn 
U^ kui^di Hid [^«B ibjr Ibii^r'i "^mtr 

^ * And T Bitt nub» vf itw*^ * rml bmLhi, 
'and 1 vlLL blfc*i; \^im,», and lai^ktf *I>J HUM I 
f.teM i ' and aMKi flialE I4 » li'Irkkl (Lf :: ' 

^'Ad,! I FllL bJtM tfatiq ll^Bl LJru tbnr, 
Mill i1iJT«iift bhllL tjMt MfMrib iLiUt : /4l4 »■ 

tim «b«U bU ftnUlHaribt Hn]ib4 bLvcd. 
i fig Abtm tfurpvlfd. fe^ tb. LuBbW 


trt. atv M 
w=t.ia I, 

a fiH. M 7. i). T. 

ArtiT 3. 
JIK.. 11. Hl 
i ^. LT. ff. h 
in th 

rKh.. ai.JVL 

■ i.Si;] K 
BuJii. 111. C» 

r*. T» IT. 

Abram*s tcfoum in Egvpt. 


Ood't pmmm to Ahrttm. 

k Drat. U JO. 

Jb4c. 7. 1. 

ft 13.7. 
•tek. 17. 1. 

17. a 



tHab. 4»f- 




»«k. 90.18. 


• eh.U.9. 
»ek. 94.39. 


, -iMma. 

» Aad Abimm totk 8Mai hit wife, and Lot 
his biotber'i aon, mhI aU their nbaUDee 
tiMt«hi^k»d gMfa«r*d. and 'Um MMila that 
Umt bad Mtten Ain Haran ; and tb«y wrat 
ftttthtOKolMothalaiidorOaaMa; aadiato 

6 And Abram jMued 
oalo tU plaw oTMalMa, AoBto'tba plain of 
Moreb. <And the Canaaaita imm then in 

7 "> And the I<okd aapeand i 
and Mid, "Unto tbj aoed will I giro 
land: and tbM« bnOdod ho an 'altar i 
the Lord, who appeared unto him. 

8 And he rmnored (mn tbenee vato a 
■evntain ea tboeaat ef Beth-el, and pitched 
hit tent, having Beth-el on the weet, and 
Hat oo the eaM; and there he bnttded an 
altar onto the Lokd, and 'eaUed upon the 

• And Abraa JevmaTed, ttfolng oa otill 
toward the aontb. 

10 4 And there mu ''a flunlne in the land : 
and Abram 'went down Into Egypt to aojovm 
there ; tu the fnrfne wmt tfrleroua in the 

11 And it eaaM to pan, when be waa «on« 
■ear to ea«er lata »pt, that he aaid nato 
Barai hie wife, B^mM bow, I know that 

~'m Mr weoMa ta look opon : 

the Bgjptlaas abaO aee thee, that ibaj ahaU 
My. Tbia U hta wife: and they "wffl UU 
me, bottbOT win Mvethee aUre. 

U'Say. I pray thee, thoa oKaiyaiater: 
that It may be w^ with ne tor thy sake; 
and my soul shall lire boMose of thee. 

M And It eaaM to pass, that, when Abram 
was «MM into Eenit, the Bgyptiana ybeheld 
the woman that she wna renr fkir. 

16 Tbe princes also of Pharaoh Mw her, 
and eomawnded her before Pharaoh : aad 
the woaaaa was *takea Into Pharaoh's 

10 Aad he "entreated Abram well fbr her 
sake: and be bad abeep, aad oien, and be 
asses, and ntenserranU, and maidserranta, 
aad she asses, and eaatels. 

IT And tbe LoBD tplagaed Pbaracrti aad 
his boose with neat pbgnes, beoanse of Sa- 
rai, Abram's wife. 

18 And PbanKA ealled Abram, and said, 
«Wbat <s this M«« then bast done ante me ? 
win didst thoa not teU me that she teas thy 

l»Wl7saidBtthoa, She <s my lister t sol 
might have taken her to me to wife; now 
therefere behold thy wife, take hw, and go 

» TSlad Pharaoh oommaaded Ms mea eoe- 
oerning falm : and they sent him away, aad 
bU wife, aad aU that he had. 


X t^ Kmt. 7 M mmmm 
>w» (Mr ft«nhM^ («9 
imtHk tin pimin tf Jtr- 

•/<»•*«, ^ 

ft0*mmaJm: 10 UH tk mu tK (*« pUin uf /er- 
rfMi. U 0«l rmm n ik O* fn mU* to itt««. 


AND Abram went np oat of 
aad his wife, and all thai 
Lot with Urn, •into tbe sooth, 
t » And Abram hmm very rieh la cattle, in 
sUrer, and in gold. 
8 And bewoat on 

• Md, w 

bis tent had feaoB a» tba b«tlaBla|» bolai 

4 Uato the ^plaoe of the altar, whieh ba 
had made that* at the Bat: aadtkotaAbram 
*aaHed oa theaaaM oTtbe LOBo. 

6 5 And Lot also, whiah went with Abram. 
bad looks, aad herds, aad teats. 

6 Aad /the laad waa aot able ta bear thea^ 
that they adgfat dwell togsther: fertkairaob* 

And there was 'a strife betweea the herd- 
men of Abram's eattle and the berdmen of 
Lot's eattle i Aand the Caaaaalte and tbe 
PeriBBite dweU then in tbe land. 

8 And Abram said oato Lot, iLet there be 
no strife, I pray thee, between bm and tbea, 
and between my berdmen aad ttj berdmsa ; 
ftir we 6e t bre th re n . 

• AJsaA the whale iaadbefesa tbeet sep- 
araUtbyaelf,Ipraythee,fkomme: Ifttea 
wat takt the left band, thsa I wiU go to the 
righti or if (*o«»«I«mH to the rls^ head, 
then I WiU go to tbe left. 

10 Aad Lot lifted np his eyes, aad bebeU 
aU "tbe Plata of Jordaa, that It smm wsU 

strayed Sedom I 

gardM of tbe Lobd. like the land of >gypt, 
as then eomeet aato 'Zoar. 

11 Thea Let ehoae him aU the plala ef 
Jordan ; and Lot Joameyed east : aad they 
s ea a satad tbaaMelrea the one tnm the 

19 Abram dweU la tbe laad of Oaaaaa, 
aad Let f dweU in the dties of the plala, 
and ^pttdMd Ms teat toward ttedem. 

U Bat tbe men of Sodom *fMre wieked 
aad ( siaaers before the LoBD eaoeedlagty. 

14 5 And tbe Lobd said onto Abram, aft- 

np now thiae trta, and look tnm tte plaee 
where thoa art <^aorthward, aad soathward, 
aad eaatward, aad westwHd ! 

16 Por aU the laad whieh thoa aeest, 
thee WiU I giro It, aad yto thy seed for 

16 Aad ■! WiU make thy seed as the dost 
ot tbe earth: so that if a maa ean atndber 
tbe dost of tbe earth. Men shaU tfay seed 
alM be aombered. 

ir Arise, waUc throagh the land In the 
length of it and in the braadth of it; for I 
will jiTe it onto thee. 

18 Then Abram rcoMfed Ms tent, and eame 
•aad dwek la tbe t pMa of Mamre. twfaieh 
U ia Hebron, aad boUt thara aa aUar aato 
the LOBD. 

n* tmMt ^ ftur Huf fmitui /Im. li iM it 

teAm BTUMur. 14 Ahmm rmi u$lk Aim. IS 

JVWaUtMlat «teM<A Airm^ «a ■4h«. «i,Mik 

kimHUkm. 9BItt«rMt<^ 

kimfufStdtm. **'*" 

Ain> H eaase to pan la the days of Amra- 
. pbel Mng • of ^toar, Arioeh king of Et 
laser, Chadertaemer king of tllam, and Tl- 

S 2Vrt <*«es SHde war with Bera Uag of 
Sodom, aad whh Dirsha king of Qomorrah, 
~ " " id 81 • -- 

b Uag of *Admri>. aad 8 


4 Twelve years /they served ChedoriMmer. 
aad ia the thirteeath year they rebeUed. 
6 Aad in the foorteenth year oame Cbedor- 

«Pk. U& 17. 

• lOor.e.7. 
tHab. m«» 

Oanaan it prmm ted. 


. Ml n. 

■ A.I3w& 
|0r. k 


- •.a.7. 

j^ »«. I. 

Matt. 11. as. 

Dm. is. 7. 
B«r., «. 


'ttw B«pUte Ate 
id itlM SnaiB te Hu 
in ■BkMMli KMathalB, 

6 <Aad tK» BmMm 1b thatv awnk 8^. 
■Bta iBl-puw, «ia«k i* by Um wUdv 

7 And ttaj ntamad. and «m 
mlakiM*. which U K«da«h, ud 
Um oomUcy af Um AaMlaUtM, and abo 
tlM Amoritea, UiM dwall "in HMraoa-ttk 

8 And tfwn went oat tho king of Sodooi, 
•ad Uw Unc vt Bomomh, ond tho king of 
Admnb, tmd tho king of ZoboUm, and th« 
Ung of Bcia, tho moo i» Zoar ; and tbej 
JrtBod battlowith tiwin in thoTtlo of Bid- 

9 K'lib CL^iiArlBuda^F lb* kibjp it £tkm, 
•ML *ilJi fiAMi kib4 bf feklidLi. Iibd Am»- 
pkt'l kJof 4i filUDar, aad JkfliHiL Ua^ df JU- 

1ft .^wl Ite THla of ei44lB wu /i^ »/ 

QonoTTib fl»^ vkd fRU tlMi^j *wi thij lUit 

navLliLMl flf^J '' tg Uh Euin^lUn, 

■•£ liD^icrrrhL, utl bJI It^iir vi^iuJ:!, .ud 

19 ... ' '.ok Lot. AtmiB''i 

aOD, ' Ki < .:>i-tL Lm bndiHB, lail U« podO, 

U vE^ittero «MM OM that had oMaaod, 
and toU Ahiam tho Hoktow; fer'ho d^roit 

16 And ho dMdod bliMolf agaiut thon. 
ho and Mo aorranto, by night, and >Knolo 
Item, and panraod thom unto Hobah, wUdi 
ia on tho Mk hand of Daauaeua. 

16 And ho bronght bnok 'aU tho gooda, 
and aloo branght again Ua biathor Lot, 
andbfa gooda, and tU iraman alao» and 

17 TTold the Ung of Sodom ' von* onl to 
moot Jrfm. iaftorWa NtDn fk«m tho alanijh- 
te^ f '-^ -.]..T;BMMr and of tho kteja that 
w^"..- F.n hMn, at tho raUoy of ffiavab, 
mkiA M I iMi - f ing'a dalo. 

]» ADd ^JhE^laUaodok Ung of Salem 
hF>Mi[l]i kiTtU broad and wino : and bo «fCM 

&f AifTUii DC ibe moat Ugh Qod, 
af l^-»><ti uJ mttb: 

tf) \ai ^lh]>iPBd bo tho Boat Ugh God, 
«l<i<-ii ImVb. JplttoNd thino anamioolnto thy 
l»r,. I And Ihi gave him tlthaa tof aU. 

ti :<<b4 [baling of Sodom aaid onto Abtam, 
CKti' dh ibft iporaona, and tako the gooda 
to thipcir 

tL And Abnm aaid to tho Ung of Sodom. 
I«Ni < - . H^r4 un mlao hand onto tho LOBD. 
m* KhH'E hLfiL ^od, "the po aa eaaor of hoar- 

m an^ P'Brrh, 

t:i Tb-it -] win not ftOaf^om a thread oTon 
ti « <'[.^H''l',4.;^Fi, and that I wiU not tako 
■nr U-Iiif: h »! i* thfaM, leat then ahonldoat 
Ml. I im": n'l-Jo Abramrleh: 

III ^■„- tiuij that wUoh tho yooag man 
ln-« <puob. and tho povUon of tho men 
•i-i,LH, mri with mo, Aaer, Xahool, and 
Wirntni la* tiiaaa take thoir fottlan. 

ilo Abram *in a viaion, aayiag, 
tFoar not. Abram: 1 am thy 'ahMd, tmd 
thy exaaodiag < great laward. 

5 And Abram aaid, Lord God, what viU 
than giro me, 'aeatng I go ohUdleaa, and the 
ateward of my honao U thia £Uaaer tt Da- 

8 And Abram aaid. Behold, to mo thoB haat 
giraa no aaod: and, lo, /eno bom in b^ 
honao la mlao hoir, 

4 And, bahoU. tho wotd of the LOSD aoma 
nnto him, aaytag. Thia ahaU not bo tUne 
heir; bat ho that'ahaU oomo fbrth out at 
thina own boMla ahaU bo thtno heir. 

6 And bo biongfat Um fwth abnnd. and 
aaid. Look nowtowanl bonTon. and*toU the 
iatara, if thoB bo able to HUibor thom : and 
bo aaid mo Um, * So ahaU thy aaod bo. 

6 And ho thaUared in tho LOBo; and ho 

I, 'to I^TO tl 

8 And be aaid. Lord God, f whoMby ahaU 
I know timt I ahaU inhorU it r 

And ho aaid «il« Um, Take mo a heUbr 
of three yeara old, and a aha goat of throe 
yaara oM. and a aam tt thaao yean old, and 
atnrtlodore, and a yonag pigeon. 

10 And bo took nnto him aU tbeae, and 
'divided them in the midH. and laid oaoh 
one agalaa 
d he not. 

am drove them away, 
rhen the ann waa going down, fa 
, Ml npon Abram } and, lo» a hor- 
ror of great ilarrnoaa fall npon him. 
18 And ho aaid nnto Abram, Know of a 

a land ikat io not theira. and abaU aene 
them} and^thoyahallaflietthamfMirhan- 

14 indalM that natfam, wham Ihoy ahaU 
aoTTO, "WiU I Judge: and afterward fahaU 

Ihoy oomo oat with groat 

15 And Hhoo abaft go 'to thy Ihthora In 
poaee; tthon ahahbo baled toagoodoldage. 

IS Bat 'In the CMrth ganatatlon Ihoy ahaU 
oomo Utber again: for tho inifnlty dot the 
Amoritea 'te not yet fUl. 

17 And it eamo to paoa, that, when the 
aoB went down, and it waa dark, behold a 
amok JB g (bmaeo, and t a baming lamp that 
/paaaea between those pteoes. 

18 In tho same day the Loud 'made a oere- 
nant with Abram, aaytag, A Unto thy aeed bare 
I glTon tUa land, mm the river of Bgypt 

mto the neat rlrer, tho riror Baphrates : 

19 The Kenitea, and the Konluitea, and 
ihe Kadmoniteo, 

W And tU HtttUaa, aadthe Pariaaitea, and 

81 And tho Amoritea, and the Oanaanltoa, 
and tho Oirgaahtteo, and the Joboaitoe. 

Smrmi ft*tk Mmgmr U Jtrm» ; wlk; JUttmf frwm 


I. AiiMn'a vifti. •!>»>• Umne 
I, tan 

NOW Band, Abram's wife, •! 
ohildron: and aha had a hai 

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t dAai 

Nwtaf! I pt^r Mm, /« tai «>*• mv MM ; 
It >Mgr b» ftet I «M7 f OtMM* ffeMm by 
Iwr. Aad Abmn *ll«akBMd to tte Toiee 

8 Aa« 8n«l, AtaM<k irtft, l«ok Ha|u 
iMir iB»i4 «iw S«n>tt«*' *l^ Abraa «h*d 
4««U«MiyMniatlM tM4 vT Cmmb, and 
gmre b«r to ba» taibMd AbiMM «• Iw Ui 

« Aad hA WMt la ut* mugo, «•« iImotb- 

ooivod : and *rhm abe mmt llM ite bad ooa- 
oeired, her miatraaa was •dotpiaod ia hm 

npon thM : I havo giTon lay "mM 1M* tbjr 
bMOu; ataaiAittbteMW^baiabotaadMn- 
MifM, I «aa dmaiwd te Ur oyw: *the 
Laai» jndn bMWM^ bm aadthM. 

6 <Bat Abnai 

tkf Maid It ta tby tMDdf do to bo» taa it 

•iMMktbM. AadirtMaSk --' 

hr *ltb hK, ••»• ««d tMoi b 

7 5 Aadtbo aaaal of tho Lobb 
W a foWitata af %«t«r la tho «_„. 
"by tb« ftiurtatai te th« iraT to rStanr. 

8 And ba iaid, Hagar, Sand't maid. 

6 And I win „ . 

aarf I'wttlmakaknatiMuof ttM,aad /Unks 

thall «OBM 0«l «(«bM. 

7 And I wiU "Mtabliah my oorenaat ba- 
t«aaa ia« aiid ihaa and tbyaMd afto^theela 
tholr metaHoBO, tat an oraiiaatlaff ••*•■ 
naat, *to ba a €M onto tboe and to 'tlqr 

• Y Art <lod said «ata Abtabaai, Tboa 
■bait kaep my oorona ■ -^ ' 
aaA finr wad ahw^tata 

Ml fiqr wad tfiw 
10 Tito <« 19 4 

wep,b«tw«Mi — 
thae; 'Evorya 

b«r iMMltMoni. 
, aWohya dmil 

go? _ 

And the aagol of the LOKD tidd anto hbt, 
""'— talbgr wiiMwM, aad irabaiit tbyMlf 

U Aad tba aafri of tbo Lomo aald aato 
b«r, Behold, thoa aH with oMId, aad rimk 

Mlt bwaoM tba LOKD bath hMCdlbgnaC- 
M (Art be win be a wild I 

bartv^OlMt fa 
tfae ptea— U I ef 



Oodaaeat met 

far ahe aaid, Hare I alao here hiAed afMr 

U Wbeiwlbce the well wm ealod 'iiBear> 
hOiai-roi: baheM,4(ia«batwaaaKadaebart 

10 And Abnun traa ftoraeore aad aix yean 
oM, wbea Hagar ban labmaalto Abiam. 

4kamfmL MA ton it m rom i $td t» hat. SS Atim- 
Umamdkit koHttka li art t ir m me i ttl, 

AND When Afaiaai waa niaety yeara old 
and B^M, tba LOKo "appeared to 
Abnun, and aaid noto Mm, il mm the Al> 
■igh^ Qed; « wtlk bete* me, aad be tboa 
<"> perfect. 

and Aee, art 'wii 

8 ArtAbram/feUon Ua Ihoai artOod 
talked with him, aayiag. 

4 As for me, behold, my eoreaoM ia wUb 
tlwe, art MMM «balt b*«* father «f tma^y 

keep, batweaa WM art yoa art tiqr 1804 aftar 
thee; 'Every maaaUtdamoag ^ " " 

11 Art ye ataaU eireamala* Ae flaah «r yatt 
tewHsia; aad l« ahaU b* (a taken «f the 
oorenaat betfwIxtBo art yon. 

U Art the that ia elgfak d 
ba aieaaaariart aaaona yea, e*ny BMa obM 
ia year geaerattona, he that ia bom ia the 
bania^a»lMBghtMth aHmtgr af any alranger, 

18 Be that U bom in tby baoae, abd b* 
ttakialWa^WMi thy aoaay, moat aeeda 
ba ^raottMlaedi art nwaovaMmt aball b* 

li Art the 
fleahof biaf 


vekaa my aoveaaat. 
Art Oad aaid ttiio 

6 Metthar ahaU tfe9 name aoy aMre b* aaU- 

ilaiat L_, ..— — . — — 

Barai, but « Sarah aAoll bar name U^ 

M Aad I wiU Ueaa bar. "art «iTa thee a 
aaaalaoarkert yea, I w4U blem het, art 
tahaahbU be « WMtAar Kef nationa } kia«i 
of people aball be of her. 

}f Tbea Abccham feU Upon hla feee, 'atfd 
laocfaed, art aaid in Ua heart, Shi^ a eMU 
ba been nnt* Mm that ie a hamdrod yean 
old? aad abaU Sarah, that U nina^ yean 
old. bear? 

W Aad Afantaam aald ante Gad, Oh that 

ahmael mi^ live before thaa! 

19 AaA €>od aatd, •Sanh thy wifc ahidl 
beartheeaaoniadeed; mA than ahaltedl 
Via namb laaatti art I wiU eatabUab my 

WToaatit with him Cor aa OTeriaaling eore* 

lant. and wtib hia aert after him. 

W And aa te lahmael. I hat* beard thee : 
Behold, I have faleaaMl Urn, art wW make 
him ftaitfkil, and » wiU maltip^ Um oMeed- 
ih^ ; 'tWelT* prinaei ahaU he beget, riart 
I WiU make him a ^aat nation. 

^ "^ -I my eoTeaaat wiU I eatabliah with 

wUeh Sarah aball bear aato tliee at 

tbia aet tlBM in the neat year. 

22 And he left off talking with Um, art 
Grt went op (Mm Abntbam. 

SS Y And Abraham took lahmael Ma eon, 
and all that were bora ia hia boaae, art 
all that were boogfat with hia aaoaey, evety 
male among the Oea of Abvaham's hooao ; 
art dMoaMieed tba ieah of their CneaUa 
ia tba aalh aaie day, aa Ort hrt aald uata 

aiae, when be waa • 


as And Tibmawl Mi aan rnna thfateea y 


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k tbe mMUmD dajwaa A 

S7 And / bU tli*«na«r Ui Mom. ««m ki 
Hfunr. Trnm ulitimalliiil irHfc Wim 

CHAPTSft xvm. 

imimttk *krn ttrmnfm. 9 Smruk itr np roti Jor 
UMfU*0 mt CW( ft^mi**. 17 n< JMftiMrtmt 

teat dMr in th« bMt of tbe da,T ; 

• »JteA iMMUtiqp Vk «9M «^ iMkaa, 

••«, l», «Bm* «M«tMl«qr Uai« «hwi «IMM 
to«nr «kMn»<heMB f ^M rt<toa fMNfe Ite 

trnnat ta tl^ 
ttM,-ft««i <tlrr wrnuMe 


t/MHftM y 9Mir 1mhm«( «ft«r (bM y« 
■faallpMa on: 'Cw tberefontMM^ «mm 
«• ytw Mtiraat. iaMl tbtgr mM, 8» 4o, m 

• And AfeMhMataMfMdtBtotlMtMifta 

Ad Mid, t Make rM4« aaUUhr ttaTM 
■ «« aMOMi, kMkd «,.Md «Mke 

T And AbrabMB na ■■«• -tbe beid, Md 
■HHufcaaalf— der and oMd, and «a««te 
aatoaveaaKaHta; aadbabMtedtodnaatt. 

8 AttiMa <•* baMef, aBduMh. and tbe 
aatf widrii ha bad dneaed. and a« 4«4iaflHa 
tbem; aadbaataadbsrOaiatBder tbatiae, 

• f d*d«b«raaU«nta Mb, Vbara <• 8a>- 
aabOcrtrikl And haaald,Babota»«to«h* 

10 And be Mid, I fcwm oartahiV wtata 
aaia ibii IrotKliHtetbetbBBafAMi; aad. 
la. -flarahtinr'vtfeaball hare a MB. KAad 
awab teHdit ia «M tMt dm, «bMi WM 
behind bin. 
-U Mav^dftnftbH a&d aaMitasrealidHd 

U atriefcen to aae{ «mI it « 

jb-fiarab trfterSe ataaaar ti 

IS CbMetee ^aaab 'bM^ad vithta bat' 
eeir, M»b«, •After 1 «■ «Mnd old dmU I 
hia ■TuMdi I, tK3 'hrHi balag oM alM ? 
U JUd tbe bOBO Mid vate Abiabhi 

dtdAndi iai^feajriiW. Shan I 

of % 'T-tT fcriT ■» Htsyx, whioh am old? 

li 'I- hFiT >iiin|t Lv*bard te tbe Lord? 
cAi M,-^ L:u.f' appiboUd Xwm zeturn onto 
(brt, [K=<jritir:|| Iff iji* t&ae o( llfa^ sad 8a- 
iah43i4^b litff 

U Ttar^ s«rMh <b»iad, Marb^k I bnupbed 
aet : 4bt Phr «ri* AlfraUU And boMid, Wagr ; 
baittbtil dl>luL \wa^. 

1* 1 A^[ifl u-jr nn'!i nwe ap 
and Wli*4 T^»«hi^iJ rtodem: e. . 
««■* virii I bii< i|L " t ,1 ririag tlwm OB the »»» 

I r A.-BA tl.r^ |» III , ^rOd. "fiball 1 bide from 
Aln^aui tj^i vhi»i. wUob I da ; 

U f ^.tu^ Ll.^ AJnyiaai riiatt aanly ba- 
mmt > frtM aad nigta^ natkm, aad all 
tb« nHiteu nf tkm Mtb ihaU be.'bleaaed 
la h,k,« r 

l:i f .^t I kM* Jiia, ytbak be vitt oanuiiaad 
U^ ^Mtf^ ul ]d> houMbold after fate, 
ani Hwur aMllliaip (ba arayef tbe IrfMD, to 

aad Mfeiaeaitt tbai tbe Losd 
«IMa Abvataam that wUohba balb 

BH bring «p« 
10 And tha 1 

eaoae their tin it vny giievinui, 
n *I irilt f e deaa ae«, end 
tbey baw deaa aHegetbet aaeerittag to 
eMroT It. «biab !■ oNM nrta BM : and IT 1 
tl will knew. 

hamdaiwdmtlieaMvtbeiLOKD. ' 
28 1 And Abraham 'drew n 
/ Wife tboQ alM d««i^ «>a 

dreatate ttam'be Utj iH i bt ee ai 
abnf I wttt ttaM aha daatiaj aad 
• ■ 'rtbeOf^ 

« thi* ba te fkam «bM ta de aftw tbie 
■aBBea. toileytherigbleMt with tbe wiek- 
•d; aad *tkB* ^be riRbtaoas abeold be m 

kD aaid, AU I iBd in Sodem 
Ifty ilg b iu a B e <witUa Iba ei^, tbea I will 

Te all tba flaw IbrtbeltaabM. ■ 
And Abraham aaawered and eald, /Ba> 
betd nww, I kava Mken apen Me to apeak 
ante tbe Lead, wbkb «m '"Am* daet and 

88 Peradrentaie there abaH Uwk iln «f tU 
flfty rtgbkeeat t wilt then deetrm »tt t>» 
flttvftvlde«r»/«Te} AndbeMld.Jfl 
thoN iNty and ftv«» I wlU Bot dea 

Se^nd bo ipabe onto Urn yet 
•atd^eradventnre than aball be 
tSm. Andbefald,I«411aotdei(ferf9r- 
l7*aaaka. i 

80 And he Mid vnto%im. Oh let no* tbe 
Lord be aagiy, aad I Witt apeak: Feradven- 
tam then aball thirty b« inad thoMb Aad 
beaafal,IwiH«etdo it, i< I Oad thirty theia. 

•t And be Mid, Beheld now, I have takaa 
apoa Bio ta apeak BBta tbe Lead: Pemd- 
venture there aball be twenty foond there. 
Aad be aaid, I will Bit deairav M for twaa- 

88 Aad be aaM, "Ob let not the Lord be 
aa«i7, aad I wiB apeak yet bat tbta onea: 
Peradventare ten aball be fimad tbera. 
• And ba aaid, I wfll aat «Mftoy « br tM*a 


art Mnektn with UinAtM. lilot it tommanJ- 
tdfili*»iUki»fltmat. lilltUptrmit1*dlo 
ye It** 2«w. «««rf*M «ra4 « >wwmt tut df 
Xrovirf. K iM't ifift Iw f i K t « jn'Uer ^ Mb. 
80 iMtWiMtfX* «••«*«. UlkfTifimt^Miy 

AND tfatt* "MMO twa aofala to Bodem at 
.BTonj and Lot aat in ttie gate of Sod- 
em: aadiLot eeeina MeMtroM op ta meet 
tbamt and he bowed blmaelf with bia Am 
toward the ground; 

8 And ho oaidk BeboU BOW, my lotda, 'turn 
ia, I pragt yea, toio your Mrraat'a honao, 
and tany all night, and rfwaab your fiMt. 
aad yo aball riae up early, and go oa your 
waya. Aad they aald. 'Nay» bat wo wUl 
abble ia tbe atroe* aU Bight. 

ft Aad hepnaaod npoa them greatly; and 
they turned in unto him, t~ ' ■" '"'" 

btahnnaoi /aadbomadot 



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1 thqr dldlB 

^j Udng tUl IkM bo MM tUtbOT. 

Tb^nfffn 'IhA nune of Mit titj vm oUM 
4 Sol tvbrr tb<} Ikj d-3im, yi« roi'ii i;/ 1 t.i i £«u. 

MIJ , <*"» Uu teMi IH ^idoiB. edmpuHtl: Lhi" £1 TliB iUll Irlil +MHti DpQD U« Mith 

i *AbA a^J ntitiA ^am Uit, »rd H«L4 UBK-h HftOn ClOBi«mL iKllteEaiH ustl Brw rn?iq tlM 

iQi Aij4 t' et^rtlutw iImi* ritUn. bad all 
tbfl plaiD, ud >]£ ifar labbbLtUli rf l]u otto 

Wt loil^ kTiDW lln-m. 

«bi] ±liiii Liia Jovr Lllrr iilmi 

^ JJlelHtlirmiw, J tut^ t*ep ita^fititft wltlck ^^^.-. .. 
bit I14IC kiLih^n DLmn 1 M UtO, I pniil jnti, ' Ibm Lvaif 
brtnpc lIUidB aUl itbhi ^^, Vil dii ji? id tltecu I SS! A>d M kt«ih^ bawmrd Sndmi Lad Qo- 
1* ji fi44 JD ^Mit *Jt4 ' 4aJiJ UQtallUMC tuEU | kiBXmtt&nd tdnrtrdpU Lbs luad al LIh v^'i'^ 
dti Lctbibp^ '"li.vt tim n ti K t FafB* divj amdEi' i t*dWMiiLi aimI, lif). "titriaukif ul Itic 4M1B> 
tb* »J*i/^ *jf ifij **«J. liy »i=ttl up u kL> BBuka Df ■ fiiruBdr . 

1^ Ahd tln^ «ftl4, Stw«4 Ii»eL. And 1^ LI) Aiid EL oam* lu Hia, ntreo IJwi ihlUOJ. 

■pJ'BU'IIj ''' BB4 bfl irLtl PfioJ'i Iw B jUiliF* : iLihH b*!^ AlirBkiBB^i BOil .feeoL Lvf till 'i>f Uw 
■m m^t tl4*l ViU4« Bith iL^^.tkiBB wUNlLiifl. UddM nF LImi anrt^itnr, fIvH bn Bienbnv 
Ijrrtwd piivw qpuB tlw iBka, iD«n I lb aliln 111 tkwUeli 1^ cl^«U. 
MOh ipijpr in. liT»k tLr tlott. \ 'M 'I And L«( vibt U|] ml df £*ar, tad 

lu lluL (jM iBui pat r<«nb ibpiir buai. *in4 I "dviiU J(i \ttB muijsitln, bed libf t«« dkn^< 
pulirJ. LflL iBta ilu botufi ta t&Bdt, «d ibaL ICH vlih Mm ;, fin In fiweil ■•• d«*L| la 

And Mi^i I 
LdiL, VU fi 
'U lluL (I 

lirJ. LflL 

lL« dnuT 

1 Atad Uw« in 

llti« diMir bF tbB 

ktiiBil uii] i^niBt : so lldl l^td!^ v#*f itil IbMipr 
MlYti Iv dad Itie doiri-. 

]t^ A h imiB TBilt Bkid uHtA LPtr Tlat* tiuni 
baT« tuj l>NlJj^> f Rijfl. 1al Itw, tiBil tbjr <niL»» 
KLFl ilt^ dsHglUfrp, Uid wtuM'U«f»r ti)uuiiul 

l^E Furvo Hill [|<iittij9 illti ^La^r L>rEuu« 
Ihp *'flfj uF tlwm ii *fc«B ir"-al bcfuTB tine i lobi 
hi<etrribB L^'Hr ; uiH 'Hk l^MMb loUi mui 1 1^ 

U 14 dHULTii; k. 

KUi L|| It.*, 'TW'U'^l EVWT4l>d JlU 'l>U^tl»«L_ 

Kud i4bra, Ti», [[ttt Tyu (ID& uT ttiij pUfti : , 1 Mj /BMndcfaA vM a^ b^H T^ iM> mak* 

frr U.« MJULi wllj ilMnij ilili J»Uv. - HfH littbdrilth «lM lUa B^rH klKT H<d fa ihoit 

Iv awni^ V VII' ItiBt lauAbwi UUEw ^di KiOf Ifl, OMf Ua »1lb tdb, tlM^ Be ivmj pn^MWtm 

Zsar: uid b« dvilt La b «>ii«, Iw P4d kis 
twJ— Kb y « r 

DbT hUwT it «U|, «F^^ ^A'P« ii luH B mul la 

Uwntrlb J<taoHw In iuait« db BTM^tbi aaa- 
an vf kik tbif »«Ttkl : 

a C«Bi*, k) «iA tr<Mkt f^ blLcr drink 
viikM, »d4 w^ will Ik Tjili MiHi Utu *« 1 dwy 
pnnoTTt iiHiri -of oiiT falber. 

K| Ani^ tluj duiIb Ibekr iBEhAT drink win* 
■Jut nl^fal: uid Lbt AriLlffim vut IB, and 

I w^m Kh» Ibj 4W*il, bdt vhna lL» H^Wi- 
i I Ui Ami bl iMAiB Id pua na tbi bvta«. 

ir ' iba UMbBrtt ,^ld IBM ital JHIM| >r. Pet 

1q ABd wLUn b* ISHfBTrd. tEt* ipmlald bqld VUb flUld b? ilitir JUtknr. 
auim til.1 binnl, BDd lyfun thr. hkud uf biB ; lit A^t 1I14 Arwbnn bB|« bkb, urd 
*lrn, *1vd bftwh U* Nmd of Nl* t-u JoMdfb^ j Uiaan* Hoah f 'tl,t mtmtt u t^ FbI 
1 <iK«tmj ' ' ■- - 1 .. - - 

;» Tfau WB^B b4lb Um dBBibkpn dT Lot 


•*>i.L ibn; biKBcctt bbB fiinb, nd itt bkm I 38 Ar4 (b* j4WBii!r, bIh b1» tu.m \ tvm, 
wlU:ifiij.t, tlw; Ell- J. I M»4 nl|>d U> DBSifi DeD.«siiBi ; *[b* riMM 

M 1 And LI «1,B» t« piM, »lh«il thij bm.1 ulbf mb« of Ibff ftUJi™ of AUAiB ualO 

temnrlrt tbrtti fntib •1n>»dl, iltM hn mltl. 

*£jrip.' tor ihrllfi'l '■kmiLi a*t b<J*1nd th<^-, 

■ • " ".iw ■ ■ 

tb* UnHihlBkBn int IbwiL I4 «nujBi4Hl' 

1H Atiil Ul MhL un^o tLjfiu, Ulv, ''m 
■ h.T,l : 

11> E^} Mttwnt klA 
tu E]ij il^lit, and l^xm heak i 


ri3^FTL'n 3C5\. 

inVfniSei? U|J ,4 >1J AtiraJiBni JBunirjr'J fhnttl ^i'H-pboo 
mrnTij, wiurit iwmv ii^be nursed anl^ir ifw In , ^'V to-n-Bnt 1:Iib iiraib e^tuDtrj, bhij 1I bi-N. be* 

■htlnir mj Hr*^ mnd I cvnnet f«(!&]«q to Uio t*reh *K.B<laa|i Bud Shiir, ifed 'ifljwniBd in 

bic^UUkEi, Ll'bI iBlnP Qi l] l*V« m*. BEd I tUv J lirr^r. 

4> B«lH]ld D«'»r, iJkLl eirj 4* ff t« 0*9 UD' 3 And Abrabwm a&id rF pBf«Ji ld« wifl, 

to, Ud Lt U * Ik||]e <»H ; nb. Ixk qiB eiu[» dlJl.? ii mj JflBT i Bud AhLmnlcab klKC oC 

ibLlbpt, IM L^ D«l a iHtIo m* n Bad mj »«il Utnw Bckl, uiil ■ ttHb SUih. 

olMUIh^B, 3 But /tioA 4VIII hi AULiBAlMb 'Id a 

al Ahl bi* Hid ttBLfl Mm, &«, 'I bBT^fi Bi> drc^m bj ftlirfU, Bud Ptdil t4 lUm. * IVlri>ld, 

fclAnt + tlwfl CiMi«nHl»f Mil* itlkBI pUa, th»» tiiun art iui m d«nl tobti, Iut Iho wijuaoa 

J H-lli It04 tifrrbrvv tbU d*T. ^ >b4 wU^ *faiBh tbnu btot li^Bb : for abi Iji 's HiMl'o 

ibiB bi«E l|)4krti. witm. 

'jl UmiU! «b», meaph iMlbn* fai /i atn- 

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A6tmii^h favmtr^. 


Jiasar tent t 

ftxvlij •« r^^^tlAtlrtV ^ trill lugb WlUi feb^utliST^ 

7 JjWI *]i* iiidi Wlm wiMiJd htlfr «4l4 ulb I »Pfc UB. 1 
A»mi*m, tliqt jkj^. itimvlnl Mte rinm i:liH- f 1l H. t. 

1#^. 0. 1. 

i«b, * CT. 

^*I. SI 
M*-M. 7. 

**.*» la, 
Jii ai 1 

rta>*. Ml 1. 

rt^SiiL^^i^V^*' "*** *h«l lUj liiii » J>_i-a PkbO, '^ir HOrf li*lt =J|J« » Ic . 3, u. 

I. S SaJKl iu tul imta IDA, ebd 4* DR iLftFT? 

«ad ibff> tfiiL ihm ^MiJ^^iU MJdn tfn u ehy 
I btwilkfr : ^]li l£ul il 3btrrilJ 9t DIJ lirkzt mil 

i Add liod uI<J tuta lijin Lu h d Tem, _ 

I 'kouto lbl,l UUU didil Ililg in ILt LntrtrLCT 8 And Ibr Blr|li:l Kn* msH vu Irfikzifd ■ ' « ■L.IV.JlII 

^nibf '*"'".■*. ™' ■ "J^Tfftn™ "JIei«l 1 1 (bj 1t*L iiujD wan itmbrJ. 

U 1 And airmh WW Ibp *3[i D-r Hm»r * thfl \k_,i iflM 

id be *ti>]l DZ^T ftir ' huib. * mrvkEhr ■ ■'<l'. ItF. L 

• =b. iO. U. 
■ 1J«1h4^W. 

k JO, 41< 7. 

'-L IE. I. M 
11. iit 

Ilk. IL H. 

* .rik. IT. Ik k 
LJL lA, tl 

]l#k U. il. 
IT, ttf. 

*tLir tH 4« ■ pwnptm, ADd be *tip]l |R^ fer fauit, * DOfkbiff. 

Ui**. '.lA ibm. Jbkit lit t ; tnd tribiHL nrir^n 1 lU WlwriftlW tbB IbL J un(y] A hn]i«m J* Oui 

A^rouL, *tbDW tbqq tbkl llriU il4lt cunh 

d]«, Lb«v, 'uid oil ihRi. lOTi L>Um - 

J KUIJ, rh^n irllb In^bc, 

wens tUTt tlnitL in ^n*]f OoJ taid UBM Ab^^am, Vt II uDt 

^iq imm turn, ^Ml bftil Dicm ihtle (liiEa ' Uil Wevme of SBrJ cmJ^obian 1 m ^Uj [Jill 
— T uijl irN-i iiwn 1 a«bt[bMl ibi», *tli*t dAT*lilHilka4«DnUilli«e,lH-ark?tip[ir«!)ihi» 
TjiErei Itifln Ifsw ibaie Itij atvi ba biUfi^ 
1j^ Jmi] iLmi nf L]i|f py^ {jf tbr TMrnAir MM^ 

Wlj] J imJtB 'a n^rUjDi IXKtbir lu^^tfajHoA. 

^ 14 Ani .4.bnbaiii. 'nPF ub etHj La liv mon- 

T Ifjuk Ijrrirt, pfBif ■ bwtio itf ■iter, 

I*1MI lad te&m^ (HI TH* 4lLd eb mj klipklb] 

krimud^} iboq^ftPT Ofliu Attd^ qdMi me 

11 AuS AbfiLiita uUi Bflf^bK 1 tb«iftil 

WQd itbe? mLU iloj rae tmt mj wija'f Mkc 

IS AbO jal IhiJhhI "M* |» mj ^rt*?; ibe 
i» Ita djwjhEiT nf inj htbtt, ftitt «irt Ibfe 
dkaihttr vfmj BuflShor ; and ibe tH^m* my 

LpiJ t4ve 4.r bniD lliwr. piiMlbE ir gii bar 
dgptrtcJ, iu\^ wMidmcd lb the 


ih Anil C)i« VBtCT^if ApFpl tit t]M bntUg, 
Lbd ibr 'CUt ItlH Child bnJcr (nu o( ibg 

ID Abd ^/< vnlr nif^ ul bcT davn inf*^ 

*ii BMP. wtMii ' 0<jd c»n#rf — ^.„_., ,.,.„ 

Iht Ld v^t^u fV?n mj htJL«r'p bttilMj Llial 1 li mrj-liuH -, tuT - 

Hid ^» btrr Tliip iM tfay JLa,!u?ui pLIpls d h,[}i «r ll]i< ehiliL Jl r«l ib? f** ci *r fce^ibrt 

OhA >U| ^ oatQ mc t U «t.ei™ ■.lEbC^ Aim, ui4]| Jlfrrd up f-r Trl»t», -inl -rpf. 

1*1^*- tb»U «lEUd, »ur tf nCt ;^ J* lUJ 17 Ariil -n,hi| 1h.*H Lbr TErifl, «r tt- lidt 

hesTrr, uiJ Rniij Rntp ktt, Ifftai AU^iihtbtt. 
H^gv? frjir b^i; iTbr Q^mI faacb bvard the 

Si* f^M Bbilf 

■ ^ "- ■ ;<.... It 4 ..I.-..- I. -I .. .. 

T«t. 17. I& 

T^tM Vtibt lad irlipnt ]ke 11. 

le iijijij, itr& bp tjM i^ri, tbd kiid bjAi Tn 

tkivf bind: TiKt^l wEQ Efwkfl Jkbb k ftm 

4 «f Q*nt]l, AlinllAm'P *Lfg. 

raAPTiti atij. 

J^. < S^K*- #mJ /^.wJ at,. Mil /-riA, W 

An 1}i« l^n* 'iHillBd ^krvb u be Idd 
iud, Hd Ute LOAD iUd aDiii flu«lk»li 

1 Fot iMih ' wi>«iT*d, ima TiMn Abntnrb 

« l«n lb bLi aUl iNjrr J at Um ME E^IIH sf 
will A GlWt likA iqirtnis I* hjlm. 

■' '■-—•- '■ ' "m bbiki4Df biJmi 

^ - , «i J bti . Sil Atv.1 ti« d ^fi-ll 111 Lbr «H]danui«t flf Pmn : * ^ * .'^ 

>M«rruwi bd Ihr J b«r* cAiM^jfi, I Md Ii1| iik.!Jl*r *liiiik bin m wii« ou^ (rf tUfl T * ^ 

_ tv ^^m toiiD /bid Eift piwfd, Bp iti J&nd .r Ejmi.i. nch.aL*, 

Ihri^fri^fal flf y»* _bMJe rf AhtHldirfl, ba- :a 1 A4id Et ftwie t^ pUdr U Uiit flrvF, IliM ' 

i Abltanlrcb viil ?lilr1iql Ibr cblnr upl^jn tl t rli X 2 Aiil 

btl bua* ffiikd upMi AbnldDL, BBTfnrr *<hHJ ' U.. 

(* Willi ttM hi liL lha« Minn i^iMtE : ' cnt, Bfl. ffl. 

33 UnW Ihrtcfcrr drwH on* m> hrm ta J J.i^ ^ U 
n«J, ^ itjH ibou wLIt ivul dpi] iWlwIf Vhh isg, I Iml tLll, 
HOT p)th mj HbH odt villi mjr ftiD'A »iiiij iHtli. 1/ 
i^ut ||«e(inJ]DE tt (h« kiDttqnn IbM L bin ttiwu 4W« 
d«!(] Tiblti ebn', l^Dlr »1i>lL di) qqIc iwis Utd 
U thq Umd vfaEralB llma I114I f iijwni rd. 

SM XnS Abt«lilEBiMid, I ^ItLnrn^r. 

!^^ Abd AlTftbBDt rrjiroTHd .^ iHUMilpflh b«- 

tA.'otr Hif ft wkII lif^iLFf. vlilrlk AUnwIftJiiB 

tr t^unu « bid Tifflrbtl^ titcD iwij- 1 FlHDliJn.lL 

Sti An J AliLwf Imb PKKl, I *bL b!it wba bltb Ik »^ Uim 
l^hb iliiii ihlbf I iHilUu^r nibdrt ibiMi tril A>, 
Dp^tlwr frt lirl^ I i]i;f fl. Iibi Vf ^ty, 

OT And AVnliim lH»1l v1»4-p lail siaBh lad 
fwnp Uwm V1>I« AbUBitlMb i ml b«bdf Iba 

■ JkDil 

tort •» Im . , , _ 

dui, "iHlET. 

* And Atirabiai.rblfnnimclt^d l!i[i tn hiifi 
tvlAf I4fbl dijTJ cld,«i« (}pd Ind nnuiAd- 

« fB I«U« *H Dirtfi Hsm 


Abraham''* faith fried. 

Jteward of his obedience. 


Hall. 11. 17. 
J>B«I 1. 12. 

1 rtt. 1. 7. 


n And Abimsleoh Mid onto AbnhMa, 
'What m»an Umm Mven ewe laaobt wfaleb 
tbon hut set b; themaelTea 7 

ao And be mid. For (Am* Mrea ewe lambe 
■bait (boa Uke of aqr bud, duU &tb^ may 
be » wiUMH ODto BM, UMt I bare dined tbi< 

•beba; beeaoae there tbey iwate both of 

82 Tboa tbeymade aeeveaaat at Beer-ehe- 
ba: tbea AHmeleeb loee ap, and Phiebol 
the ehlef eantain of bU boat, and tbey re- 
toraed into the land of tU Pbiliatinea. 

88 And ^frraAawi planted a U grore in Beer- 
■beba, and iealled there on the name of the 
LOBD, I the ererlaetinf Ood. 

84 And Abraham aojounied ia the Fhllie- 
tiaes' land nany dayi. 



I Or. MI. 

•//moc. U 

ThtplaotuealUdJ»k^ink.Jink Uiltr ' ' 
Ufud mgain 90 TKt tkiUrtn of iTaJUr. 

AND it eane to pare after tbeae tUnn. that 
'God did tempt Abraham, and eald 

him, Abraham : and ho eaid, tfiebold, 

2 And be laid, Take new thy eon, tthine 
only eon laaao, whom thou loreet, and get 
tlwe 'into lh« land of MitT^%h *. an4 q(T«t lum 
^rhif iiirorti i^Q trt ihe 

mouiLUiii« ^iiiiu I diU irU ]A\ev vt- 
8 Aji^L ,41kT*)A«v Piipc a|h i^t]j la M^ nux 
ing. uii| MiUl»4 h\4 Ah, wid %<^k k*a ur 
yo«r>( lAAD T»tfc> bim,^ tSXl Iiu^ ^t« »ii*1, h 
olai^p 4tw -BiMid Tuf tin ImlcuL id^kriq^, ^ 
ro*'! uu, 4k4 w«ql QQtCP tb« pl4« «f «ii]oh 
GocL koxl t«]4 llfm. 
4 i IjfiiL 2iD it'jfl tliird. d^ir A'bFBlkun LlAf^I up 
hie r jet, and ja.> Ibi p]V« kfkr d-IT. 

6.^iti] Alicmtuui »LJ linld liii jtMiBg; mm, 
Ab.ikM iu htYt KIlIi Liu: ud ; and I knft tbe 
lad trifi p^i> j^Didvr anil »srtbd|], u]4 cnme 

Till {'J r*iin 
i.ibil Ali?iih»m ij»li Hie winjiJ nf ihf tutnt 

ofici'iiME, Bjul -JlvJ ■! ip.]»q liVkf bV* ^VQ ; 
aa^ br uuik tl)a Bni ^n ]k|« Iwfd, %b4 ^ ttpiare ; 
and LEi^t mat iHtlli mf tWm Ij^^tlvr. 

7 .\ni iu>n kpak* nnlii ALnHjum fall flt- 
tber, Bni9 uid., Hf bdw;r : and. fbe »ild, 
tBfTT Um L, mj wn. Ait J lut ikl^t IWbald 
the fw rutil tliF 'i-imJ: li'Ut vhari i« Ihe 
»\mnl\^i!lt a iiMnn iifliirlnEf 

8 Aiu-A \\\rnitiiin i«Ut, 3i; inn, On^i wLD |jit>- 
Tidr liiinsrir » Loinli Tit b iiumt *lbriti|[ : lo 
tiMV •'vtl UriJt ^ti iWu bufielWr. 

Ar..^ ll^cy <i«MB la tbr }>]>n ttbtcb {iod 
bad 4ui(i falm vf^ aad Abnlumlvuilt an iJiu 
tber< r aiiit J«Si] (di« 44n»iI lD«ril*r. vA iNiund 
leanr lilrt toh^ ud 'lail Mm » \ta aUar 

UMi:.1hi! Wftiytt, 

10 \k„i. M.rniMH&tm.'Bh^hTth bdi hand, 
ttd i<^:iIl ii.m Kutf* III, iUy Itii lun- 

11 Ai.iS il^H. A<>«^ rf the LB^u 43klW.1 sato 
lin biLc Df |iR4*Mq, «4 H^^ Alimbam, 

AbmNanij and Iw laid, U<iT* &i« 1 - 

12 Ajiil Lr leiil, /l4j QLw ihtnn l«it>l upon 
he I I'l, in-rh'f ..1,1 ill* Ml ataf cklipp untu h'n: 
M : ■ ■ i- .i: fufllriiil if«n3, nie- 

Inc ...Id Oij *m, niilne 

>bf*ii*.u iiitoU 

in • tUsket by k 
went and took the 

Dp Ue < 
Mm an 

hie boma: and Abraham 

plaee HJehorab-jireb : aa it b eaid l« thia 
day. In the mount of the Loxo it ihall be 

15 i Andthe Angel of the LOKD ealled vntc 
Abraliam out of bearen the seeond time, 

16 And eaid, *By myaelf hare I iwom, 
aaith the Lokd, for beeauae thoa beat doM 
this thing, and baat' not withheld thy eon, 
ti>ine only »on, 

17 That in bleadng I wiU biesa thee, and ia 
multiplying I wiU multiply thy seed .ae the 
•tars of the bearen, *and as the sand whieh 
<e upon the sea tshore ; and 'tby seed shall 
possess " the gate of bis enemies : 

18*And in &j seed shaU aU the nations of 
the earth be Ueased; *beeanae thou hast 
olieyed my roioe. 

19 So Abraham returned unto bis yemg 
men, and they rose np and went together to 
'Beer-sheba; and Abraham dwelt at Beer- 

20 5 And it eame to pass after these things, 
that it was told Abraham, saying. Behold, 
VMiloah, she bath also borne ebiOren unto 
thy brother Nabor; 

n ''Hns his arstbom, and Bus bis brother, 
aad Ksmuel the Iktber 'of Aram, 

22 Aad Cbesed. and Haso, and FOdaah, 
and JidUph, and BetbneL 

23 And iBetbnel begat "Rebekah: tbeee 
eight Miloah did bear to Nabor, Abraham's 

24 And bis eonenbine, whose name tMW 
Benmah, she bare also Tebab, and Qaham, 


k f^ Smrmh. 3 f1 . ^ 

19i>&«r« amrmk imu kmrM. 

A ND Sarah was a hundred and seven aad 

dead, and spake unto the sons ofHetb, say- 

4 *I am a stranger and a sojoamer with 
oa: <lgiTe me a poeeession of a burying- 
ilaee with you, that I may boiy my dead out 
if my si^t. 

6 And the ehUdren of Heth answered Abra- 
ham, saying unto him, 

6 Hear us. my lord : tbon art t *a mighty 
prinee among us : in the eboiee of onr sep- 
nlehres bury thy dead; none of ns shul 
withhold fhHn thee bis sepolebre, but that 
'bou mayest bury thy dead. 

7 And Abraham stood np, aad bowed him- 
«lf to the people of the land, «twn to the 

ebildren of Beth. 

8 And be eommuned with them, saying. If 
" ■ T my dead 


Ephron the son of 
Tbat be may giro i 

fight, bear me, and entreat for me 
the son of Zobar. 
_ J may gire me the eare of Maehpe- 
lab, wbioh be bath, which i» in the end of his 
fleld ; for t as much money as it ia worth he 
shall give it me for a possession of a burying- 
plaoe amongst yon. 

10 And Ephron dwelt among the ebildren 
of Heth : and Ephron the Hittite answrrcd 
Abraham in the t audience of the diildreu of 
Heth, even of aU that /went in at the gate 
of his city, saying. 

U 'Nay. taj lord, bear me : the fleld give I 
thee, aad tba oare that is therein. I gWe It 

B. 0. IN^ 

&Fi. IOSlS. 


tch. 12.18. 

mJU*. 1. 8. 
«ck. 18.3. Jt 

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Acta 8. IS. 

ow. 3.10. 


JtrfC 1. to. 


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M. 21-91. 

Mmr^skA pta'f:k(ii€d. 


Rebekak <rf ihe «etL 

4 A. ISLIL ft 

*mk EL 

1W* ; la Ihf pnvmef vf Uh has cf bj [pH' 

pte^T* I It Itm - i^-rj thy inH- 
1t And AbfriiMn ligwed 44*11 blnkff If b«- 

«»Hamw;«)>pl«9flfa«]uid,PBjtnE. But Lf 

ibv« irfft piW ttr 1 P™J ^i^r titar iBE : i 
wfH jpre 11h« iDiiarj taz ttr DtEJ : kikB it of 
OK:, BDiI 1 vLLl buij tnj deu] Ibercj 
14 And £pbnik Buveftd AtrlkhUn , tljiiiE 

ii Itj lanir be&rkElL Ubl4 Dm : ELr tUHl 1# 

iftrfJIli fimr 1ilLa(1rEd ^ «JMk«tl vf BJCfrF i «ti*l 

Br C. lUT. 

IQ 1 AiiiJ iliF Hrfkiii hwk tea uurifl of tbd i 
CMtacU Elf bii iiiuur, liiid depvied ; '^Ciir ' ^^ 

11 AndlynU&ds l^la l;uiirCi Iio :kaHl d[>w« 

irSUum Itic ELEjr tij B weJ] uf water Kt lbs 

ID Dut Eg tlimw mi^er. 

AiftuliMaiy 1 uraj tliEc-t 'Kbi bi« {wd p|i4^d 
_j r UiJ at " ' " 

•tu\iMait 1 uraj tliEC-t 'k: 
IB dbj, UiJ Bbid ■ kludbts 

t imw nj Dtwier 

14 Itfliold, I] fiUnd htrt bj tlb« vfll «r«l' 
Efp; MUl " Ihts din ghtf r* of ti,t HICH of *b«i 
city «vn« mtt Ifl dr»w wbIct : 

ll AmJ l*t 

And Atnldsi Ik««rlvMd imti^ IpJir 
«ad Abrklwill < *a1|[1|«d i« ?:itliran tb^a!]' 

TfaUb b* iMd n#iB^ Sd tlui aadir-ncf dC t|i( I tD wImjci, I fluJI *kj , I^L dovta 111]' pjlcbrt, 
Mat vf O^tti. ^r bE;iidTEd ihtkEli of filreTj I f rk7 liititrt IbMt I mij drink f asd aErt iliaH 

IT And ttiM Srld ol tpbroii^ wli^rii w(U In 1 aIid: ?«f EA« «iiiii^ tn jHe (^1 tb>H! b^^l *|>' 
CaEbj^lmlit viiicli vd-l ImFvuv MiolFt, Iba f bOiDlcd tat IhJ itrvaui Jua« : ud 'il^r^- 
field, aad tbr cbtv ttbidi iM« LherE^ta, bbd | bj ildU J kbuw Lbftt llrijll bEft iib9«nl Ikpd- 

I H»h-. j*«f 

ia..!!. «. II. 

eL. iM. 4f . A, 
111. J. a, is. 

> F'h. 1. 11. 
I J-*.JT. *. 

I^-V. VS. 

fl^td, IIkU «k^« ' nuM 'acta mjr mi 
■U Ibt bordAn ivofid a&«u, viz* auit 1J T And It ( 

liver O 

pnMan <if Ibir duULm ot Utih. hff^rt »ii 
llvt ifnt t« Bl tt,t [RtF at bill ^Lj, 
]1>And Bfter tbii, Abrahm VuiHeJ ^BrBb 
J I irire bn tlifl car* <it ihc Bctd of Id AcltpElBh 
mt<m Mboixt ; ilia Mdh f« llcbtub lb llu 

Kl A»d IL* dt>ld, Ud Um «¥« (hit U tlUT«- 
tb, '^«r* TBftd« iur« dew AbribiLiB far k 
bouttuhm «[ B tiiir;l8fplB« Itj Um iohu of 


A!ID AbTBbHm 'wM 4ijd, rrnd t well 
fbri^kn So. Bge L uil iIh Ldbu i Kul 
IlieBHi] AlFTmhun In jJI tblDgi.. 

I And AbrmbiiiB ikLd '' tiala tils cldeit lerr-' 
kill dF bll Ikiilar, [li>L Jtult^ Cixf f fclL tbnl bE 
l*d, ■ Pbtn 1 |>f*r IbM, l&J b^fid UUikr lojf 

tiad I wm Bilk* llH« /I vAtr b J Lhe LOUD , 
Oa a«d arbann, wihI |]<* Q^ «r tb# nrtb, 
aatf lta» ■ball MC taki :« wLf^ Bnta nj t<m 

<r Hw davf^itwrv «r tbe Cwuuiltei, wne»| 
wlHHii I d««l] : 
i ^Bal lldo ibB^t ps ioBlo Ell]' pm-nErnr, and 
lu Enj kltLdrgd, BEid lake >. -vifa iiula inj ivn 

& And ibr M4-Tfctit Aid Bllttf bLta, PBrftdf«b- 
iurr Elie *um>D irUI kct b« vliLtLng tCi ftillfi* 

Kic iiiiK IbbB Uuid : wid I «s«di lirlr j l.]vj 
roB fej^Ln UBU tbfl lu d bom vIwBce ll»u 

A AM AtrnlWQl ntd ontn bbm, B*w»«! Uihih 
mj BDiQ thSLher BfiHii.. 

T tin lORD UmI £ 

rlibcb £t«ik 

luid Df inj klEuIixd. Bud «bletl ^ptkE' BbW 
EBV, ktadthit tmMj-e linEc ttiC, larLHiri ' IT 111:41 
Ebr MHd win 1 [IvB thl^ iBnd; «ba BblJ] 
KEtd liLi uiEfll ii^ruTr IbrcH Mid ll>illl iblll 
Uk« B irirW dhIo EBf kw fniEii ItiEllcF . 

A And LT UiB iroiaUi ill] b4}l bti Irilllbj 111 
faUtilt thsa, tbm *ilitfii Bktll bft elEBr RMIfi 
iMl my omL : uti^ ll'ilLj D«t m^ BOB UiUtKlT 

•i ]H11 hid llUld BTidgr iki 
bin ]flBJIt< ^ 

(»li, tbE M\Tif, rtf TfAliHT'^ AbTivtiBin 'b brndiicrp 
^itb brT pJc-cbrT Eipoa btr vlHulJEr. 

K AaJ Elif tlfliiniiil firat t T«rj TlSr In k»l 
UfKiti, A ttrfin, ttrStber bit,d tlij lUBtl kuiiatt 
llrt r BUd t\a weiiL d<ilTti hi tlie W-dU, tad 
B]t»d hEf i^liEb^r, Bfid eunti iip- 

17 Abd (Iw urvuit Tta H> matt \u<w, Mi-d 
B»id, Let iiii«, I pTBj tbc«, drtpk « Utib vb' 
i^r (if l^j pltcb?r, 

IB "AEid i.lw siiid^ Prir*, mj tord : uid bIw 
bMtcdi, and Iql dawa Ler piicbEF lip«ia Imit 
tinad^ ksd [bt^ liiia drEak. 

19 Aei d wbeEi ahf. bad ntDBt l^tlU^ bim d Mnk, 
iLe iBid, 1 -111 dnw ttatit^ tut xlij eiuBib 
bIiki, 1111 i,il tbtj bB»« d(}(Tiij dr»ciklTi«. 

ll I .tsiit »|it lnHC«d, ^nd *Pll>li^d Wt pa|fl(i' 
rr Inlij tliB ll rcug^lLr and run a^mla luitn l}w 
wfEL Ea dj»» wwtsr. Mid Akw ITltr all bif 

SI Anil tb« nuniTDiiileHiaE an bEr IeU bL> 

HBcr, ia vSl nttcElier "tli^T^bD Idd tnadr 
litd >MuTiF]r prot'ii^tKiUB ar mAr 
K Api>1 U fliinifi tv puB, u tJt* BiiBflfl lud 
drillf drljiklDg, tbat tbEi mBn t«ik a. pddt-n 
I- 1 ^nrriiiE I7f liair B Blick«l IrEigliX, Bad tw« 
bracelEif ffir birt bbudd f>( l«D MtJtcli ««igliA 

iEI And md, WlrtM diUglntST «ff HmSU I 
EcLl En«, I prBj Ibaia : Ll IhtTt rM(B in \bj 
rBlbrl-'a bllbB« tor Ui t4 ]*df« In P 

34 And tbt ifltd nnlA iim, ^I mm Eh« 
dBua^t?T ot Dnbod tlic hh cfHlkidi, trbUb 
phphftEfl uriuMilKirr 

25 !Jl>r MiJd inffTiJC^T?? BrUi Mm, TF* bBT« 
b(Kh ?tiaw lEid ppgvcEidcT cnwi^fa. Mid ronm 

W AeuJ Ebe man ilbo^^d dgvs bLs 1»bhI^ 
Bud ver^blppcil ibc- Lt.iRD, 

£t And bt i.'kiilH ' Ifkatcd^E tlie lOttTi Gad 
«r &1J m^tE t AbTBtiBtn, irhD bwlv ret kft 
jitBEJiuti- mj ttiaaEcr ^r/lila mfrK;? Bed I.Li 
ilijUlii I AiUttjIP !b iJrf WBJ. till' ILcprm tiH 
[|ir to Ihr bwtiBc ot RIJ !irift#t*'T'a bTrlhron. 

K) AbdthE dihi«( Ti,H. Bdd toUl thrm n/ 
Iwr niLilbEr'H iKibuv lliiBf llillip. 

a*^^ Am! 1tt'bt;knh bad a bruMufir, MVd iM 
tiBnir M>;1* t UUti i Mid UbBU BBn Wt unm 

tbe fmn-m, yri(»ib? wfCl. 
■.f.y Aii-d it ™nMi 14 [iBaa, wbfr be aair tM 
{■airbsE. ami btBCebw np-jn 111* ft1*HT"s 
banila, Blid ffhUR ]l« Iward tliu wuHj of 
OebvkBb btl llatrr^ iftrhiE' 1'b'U ip*^ *^ 



iEi-m ins, 
1 p*L. 3. a. 

,r-t in. HP. 

Hud. 4 It 
E Jtiuii. ^il^ 

S K*M . \.h.f2A. 
Lukj I.Pi, 
ll rli. \a. IV. 

Errand €fAbraham*8 servant. 


Isaac meeieth Rebekah. 

1t»a thin Dd. Uul 1m qubr tititri tfae kad i 


Mm L.<:i|L|i , «JirrD :iir« 4t|bb^»l thml VttWttt 
ftw J IjH vr rrtifU«i| tbr 1mj^«, uiil rvuaa luf 


IB ATI ill tlw uiftw rj«Tiif 1nt» til'- Pkklki ; in^ 
be ki'i)tl r iki'd Ulg. i:knitJj, uirl ''KM.v HTV-v 
Mid \'-r-u¥^alXcw ttrr ths riiiB^Jj, uid VKttr t(t 
WMln IjL* &«L, hbil lUfl iduti'i fbtt tliAL Icvrv 
«ltL LLm. 

83 Acihl Eluirfl rtm itrk. m^nf Iwhr^ lllbi ta 
mU : EiciL EtB ILVlt^ r| wlLl DOI Atn dUtU t hita 
tdlA ii.iLd« flrnntl. And h« vhid, ^iindi «□. 

84 Amt Lrii PahE, I il> ' ^ ' ^ 

85 Ail J [Sir L^ »l! D '* lidi[l] IjIcJiF^ Tlif OldUtdr 
|n>L)^, Btidlir Id tic^Mtnft grafts : annljeHMhi 

goht- kiiX IM;l]icir^ADU, Mid DUldlffttlllK^, 
asd rniutll, mil Uitir 

86 A4iit EJ«T4h a J ntilMr'i «1A '^b^i* a pan: 
id lam ttivilft vlwin f?rfi 1*U olAi p^d^tlatd 
Uib ki(|^ h" ULTiDi »IL iJi^ lit }uib- 

87 .^rjJ DiV mPJtfT ''m^lt me fwrkr, p»r^ 
lag. TJKia i!ka]E aul l&lr a *ift Id e,i; idA Of 
tb« r1,3 iLrli^r±» nf iLn tldiUlilMt, Lu WLirM 
tatt.] I 4^TilL 

38 ' [EiU ILdii Hlmtt |fl Dnifl wj hltii'r'H 
Im>u ■", »,bii l4 aj fcimlnd, ftqA M4 m wih 
nntii ih;^ )i>Wr 

89 ' Ui J J »>i4l vi^w Pj pi«i«r, F^Htdyi^. 
tare I tiL< wujqmi via net (b|Ju« [n»L 

40 '.^n'L ljr paLiI UdIji mf,f Lt Lijhep. I befisi^ 
#1mm I w^k, mil itndldl kdErt vELli Elif-n, 
•ad |,< -oilier &ljj ri^; hiiI iLaa pbAU LbIa 
• iVlfv firr Inj tria al a\j UaaKdi tail al tHj 

41 " TJitii plitll iFicm 1h elrfcr fcDui f^U lli^ 
Mtl&, -"li^rt tlwn ci^iiuit iu bjf LUnttHJ ; Um9 
ifttif-j cdfE iwl ilife wnj, Elk^u pbkU be dairr 
froiFi ir^ flulj. 

4i JtnJ. ] 4bi> tfali 4*7 uilti lli« velif, «i^ 
«*tili. 'It [.nsri 0[)4»ri*|>nHiM'r ALntlwit, 
if tift~ itigiii \i.t pnoj^fT iBj %iLj wltUbi I fgt : 

43 "fkiL.dJd, I pEinil lij El,e neJI at m^ ; 
Ul<9 ic iloll vmt l« pui, Lbii brbrb llid tLt- 
gfn^uiikfEh Artlj ia dnw Icu^rl^, kud I It} 
to Ijt, li^TE bd*, t ft:S^ IkJH, a UiUti vUar 
dfiJiT ]i1W[>eMu drink ;, 

44 An>1 i1m ik^TD itvf, billi ddtil IhflU, Hid 
I Will pJsO if** Idir til J <5|iiWi« : J'^f It.n amzn* 
b4{->i wi, , 1,1ft ftLiiittt tliif UIBD htthliljTOLtlE- 
•d vi'. i'lt \fj ni^Piwr'* Mia. 

45".tnil btfniT I htmA dan« 'fpHkim 1h 
Mb« Id-arE, lielKiM., ItubftlJi run^ ronli 
wUi; hfr pl.L!^TK?r m fi^r i-ihlJdiT ; «hi phe 
•M»L i1i;trci luili] 1,bA ntD^ lilid dTfwTH^fff .- 
Add I thlA BiM li^i L«L lti4 AiMi^ I pnj 

40 AQd pbfl Dii/AntiuiB, uA \iA, Aomb hti 
pitcl.vT fr^U hit thovi'ltF, kad IPild, Ihtuk, 
and [ "Ul iflTrt Ihrilkliirip drlbk Ubd: PdJ 
dra^iV. and iL^ raiid^ Iba dumrlii dijck Uw?. 

47 A [til J ■•j)«d lirr, w)^ uflil, llT]|lt^e 
dAQ>-i.i'j- 9^ ELumiT Am! «1rt ttid, T]^ 
dM.'l.i^ror Itiilhufl. TTkboT'i txirir •liciM Mil- 
nil iiAMi loota lilm ^ ip^ I 'put Wa tiftrrlnf 

UpO.i Ijiif fK», UiH "■- "- " ■■ - 

48 ■' ATid I Uwffl iiwwi WT lM»a. mil irar. 
ihlliri'd itjfl Jxmh. pud liipi*«Ht ths Infill 

QmI <i TEiT [huEKT AbrabiPTit, «i|ii;H Jlp4 Ifd 
AM 111 th^ riglLt *i; tn ttk* Ieuj mMJt^t 

40 And iv^v. kr f^^ <km 'dskt' klntUj kud 
trail -Hh mj IniJbdr, Uil fnt ; hbd IT bSt^ 

tell'm-: cliKt I bkjiuiliiii Old H|^ fauilr 

I tt> TWni LftliM PH^l Ohtliu^t iiLiin*«r«d ana 

Lp aid, if TK0 tbtnK ^; ncrtiU-ili trmn t2i* LOUD i 
rtl ^kiruil ''ipRkk ildls lU^rf b«d (tr C4h?4' 

ul Bchrfd, Ucbc'lpJt / (a l»t(irp lliur ^ Ukto 
-A/^, Btid [n, Bbd Irt Im'T b#'l|iji TOPTL<r''p poli'l 
vLfft, ki Uwi LLkAi> liAEii j|Fij^j-ii, 

A^ ::Vtid Et cuitB lo pkpp. EJbt4. «bfu Afeim- 
ilUUIl'l WrrUiE lirU^I Lbit^i vuTdJ, l>e >* rfOT- 
Bhililnd Ilia I^h D, £irti<<n# iUktu 1/ ia til* 

^t And ibe inrtHUl Ifr^Uflit ftrtb ^Ajrvda 
pf pIlTtt, uid Jtii«lk af (uld, Uhd nVii^t, 

kDd nfn (Af M IP BqbfUal; : bt^ ^Vt ^p>^« tO 

bt!T WmIjcf Pa a t4 l4r n^Ehar 'i^it'^Knu 

fil Abd Ibnj did Hat, nad drCnh, ]>« antl tlie 
bi^ti INtL «v^ wScJi him, init tauji^d all 
DJ|j:lil r aiiA Ihia^ raPE bp in tbc- mcniLlii ;; , Mid 
he uld. li^Dd Bit mijr boLii laj t\iiiiiii. 

Ei[t And :bu bt^bfcr MMii Usr toutLcr paid, 
L^i I he iIubhI a&94« h ttb oi i a /f iu d»^t, 
hH Pi« kul bra ^ tA^r ibaL the ibaJd |>1l 

SA Ami ttB uld UDlfr etvJB, lljfider ma not, 

prnd me avmj E]i>l 1 i»p¥ ^ ■« buj masl^f. 

iJT AndlhKj pdld, Tft^d wiL' " '^ 
add IbquLra mt bE^ biDutlu 

St Abd tbrj fsllEd lb 

il&iu biBf, W Ut Uidb [B HtLb Lklj nun J Atld 
llir Uldi 1 IrlU BV^ 

frit AjkH[ EIhiji lebt t.¥»f JUtvbkb IbEtf n\»- 
tff. wai ib*r DuriE, tui Abribira'A bEftuil, 

rflS. 110.83. 
MMt. 21. 4S. 
lUrk 18. 11. 

reh.31. aA. 
/«h.9l>. IS. 

Mp pMin, 

(in An^ Ibfej bltdHfl ntbtkUi, Mid niM 

«ita }i«r, TJrfm n ri (lEJT ilptrn buhn'i "th» 
HuiCAfr [Kf t]tAiifPBd# 9f mlllUinj, iii'L '^kt 
iLhij b(hh] paucpp llxi gKl im][ tbiu« ntiirN bsM 

01 1 Anil IkbrbKlL kruM, pnd bir dkmialti 
Uiil LLiEjr twii} Up<Hf Lt»^ rtmets, ru^d TuJIav- 
«I Itiii tadn : aud Un Mr>aAL l^oll R«t«!£ah, 
ab^^rbl Jul^ Vb?. 

tH Aad ]h4« eamv Fn^rd tba «iij «f ih« 
**«IL Latdi-reLr f^r Iwr 4>vlt 1A iU hQUi 

C;t An4 1»tp mrpk nut IP to pirdLtnta tik 
lL« lli^M «t tbe EtEotidj ; abd bn llTIrd Bb 
bip rjrp, tad U«, Uid, tHlHi;ill, tlrf HBMU 
^^rd comtni:, 

Q1 And JUWkab Llft*d tip hew f.jet. aad 
vbm JiJiH Ptw IpttCh T'lufl HtftiK^ i^fT the 

»j fcr t1i6 Jul J Mlitintfl tbfl MPtuit. Wliat 
nan ii ibU tbftt ■tlkrtl, in tbr flrJ4 u, mMt 
UP F And tb* P^nrtnt ^ed paLd, It rr inJ 
fllUlt»rj HwHivn *lm l*ok t Ttll, tnd OOt- 
iirful lif rprlf. 
* M Abd ibii cfirTpaL liiLiL Itt»n b,U ItlEngi 
' tbaE iif hpd dnn*.. 

HT Abd ippitQ tjMjnflit 1«» Ipia IiLp iriiiiMr 
tlBjkh'p Iflnl. tud UuA Heh^lth. an4 iTm be^ 
ctmp IiIj ItEFp 1 tbd be Inrt^ hior : and IMUM 
''-wPlP tgomfoAoil tfler ^L* inDilHir'p tliat\. 

h^ n&mp H'ni KcEU hill . 

3 And "pile tUn. Ililhn KlmEtn. Mh) iok- 
pbui, tnd MEiLit, aii4 Hidku, «Dd Uu'tmk, 
tnd iibboii. 

.1 Anil Jtibbaa bin(4* H^pbt, ui.b Itrdaa. 
Aodlbi MDtBf Pinlpji "rftv AfUibHin, inA 
Lriaati^mr tnd L?tnnnilra. 

1 And iLe Hfife «r Juaiak ] Epludi^ tilA 

g|»|wper1WMi» tfUlimtffl. 


Esau uUeth his hirthrigtU. 





17. U 

4a»k. An thcM iwtrf thf ^dr«B of Kctttr 
6 Y And » Alynliam g»Tf aQ th^ h* ha^ 

6 B«t BlltO Uw MB* of ttw jBMI9«|)llS«f> 

wUofa AbnhaiD had, Abrahmm g»Te gifts, 
sad *MBk llwpt »«M IHm la»M hU m», 
vUk h*]rM Uwd, Mutvmid, wt« i<tha Mat 

T Aad tiMw «r« tbe davs of tba nan of 

AJmban'i Mil irtkMi lieVTad, a hnnAMd 
UuvMvon aad flftMn jaan. 
8 Th«p A>>r»haiB pre np Kw gboat, and 
'd}«4 in a good old age* » ol4 Buo, and 
tell •/ ytar* ; ^d / ifaa gatlietod to bia 

'•^ 'hfa Mu laaao and Iibiaa«l Irnrifd 
hiv in »be ^ara of MaeliDokb, in tho Add of 
BpbTOB tho KM iftf Sobw U^ ffittilo, wUah 
M bofon Mamro ; 

10 ATbo fteld wbiBli AbraUw wirabaaed of 
tho aona oTBotb: •tbeio vaa Abmbam boi- 
iod. and Sarah Ma wifc. 

11 And if oaBO |o pasa aftor fha doatb of 
Abraham, that Qod Moaaed hia wn laaae; 
and laaao dwdt by tbe imU LOiai-roi. 

IS t Now theae tart tho fenerationa of lab- 
'a aon, 'wbon^ Bagar tho 

18 And ■•thoae «ra tho namos of the aona ef 
Tahmyil. I7 their munea. aooordiBK to thalr 
Cenontipna : tho «ntb«ra of lahmael. Neba- 
Joth: and Kodar, and Adboel, and Mibaam, 

14 And Niatan, and Itamab. and Maara, 

15 i&dar. and Toma, Jotnr, M^phiab, 

19 Tbeae art tho aona ef lahniael, and tboae 
«r« their names, Vj their towns, aod by 
"*■-• •— ■ "twolroprinoes aM^rdiag to 

be Tfars of tiie life of 
and thirty and soron 
joan: and * bo |n*«np the ghost and died, 
and was ntheined onto his pco^. 

18 l>And ther dwell fkom HaTiiah nato 
Shnr, that ia bcfbre Kgypt, as thou goest 
toward Asarria: andbo tdiod«in thopros- 
enoo of all bis brethren. 

19 Y And those art the genoratioos of 
laaao, Abraham's eon: ''Abraham l>ogat 

took Robokah t< 

thnol the Syrian of Padan<aram, rthe siator 
to Laban the Syrian. 

n And laaao entreated tho Lobd fbr hia 
wife, beeanao riie teas barren: "and the 
LOBD waa entreated pf 

» And tho eUldron atraoled together 
within hor : and ahe aaid, IfU bt so. why 
am I thnat «Aad ahe went to Inquire of 
tho Lobd. 

SB And Uw Lomo aaid unto her, 'Tto Ba> 
tlOBS are la thy womb, and two' manner of 
po y l o ah«ll bo soMratod from thy boweb 

M^SuD^Wben her days to bo doUTorod wore 
ftilBBa d, behold. More «wre twine in 

» And tho 8rst eamo out rod, tan oTor Hko 
^hjjry garment; and thoyoaUod 

« And after that eamo Ma bra 
«1tia hand tooli hold on Saaa' 

<<Us name was ealled Jaeob : aadlaaaamaa 
threeaeore yeara oM when ahe ban them. 
27 Aiid the hoyt fmx n4 Stan was 'a 

on&iiir.ji hiiDiEt, > Dujn of Vlp 4eld; and> ii>ii» .fa T^lun DixD, -^ -dwelling in 

Aeai i.f h 

And Jipsb lod p«tuwai and Esaa 
UQ] Uie IWiM, 00^ \\t Va4 hint: 
■i Eiaa iklut \a Jaonli, Feed ms, I 
pra? LlifF, ' ^Itli tldt mm.a» r(d pottagt : 
for : iriH ratal : EiitJvi»r» ^tm li^i name eall- 
ed ' I'lJlllU. 

81 Au.l J*nb laj^, I9«ll ^ Lt.U day thy 

8S \a\l Eiaii t^A, ILpl^ld, I nm tat tbe 
^i#i I L^ dLr : in J BJut unUt il.kU this blrth- 
ri>.L -U t.> bu T 

SI In J JBa>b iklti, |jv«u i-u bMt this day; 
and K.r k««rH imui Itim: vuA ^]ie aoW hia 
bin I nuKt ^imo Ji,«>li. 

W Ti riq Jaontj tttvr Tjan brHii and pot- 
tagr ur Itiitlin ; arid 1 W ju] {lat. and drink, 
anci r<7M Dp, aii4 ih«>i Ui «&;. Tboa Sean 
dasiiLM^ Aif bErtiutfM- 

/Maa li n o n tf /m m i mtmotA lo Ctrar. S CW m. 
mmdUmtikkum. T M*i, nmr m n d If 

«■*•»•<&. 9S 

aide *tbo flrat fkmino that waa in tho 

days oS Abralmm. And Isaae went unto 
» Ablmeleeb king of tbe Pbiitstinos unto Go- 

S And tho Lord fippeared nnio him, and 
said. Go not down into Egypt ; dwoU in *the 
land which I ahaU tell tbee of. 

8 4Sojoara in thia land, and 'I wiU bo with 
tbee, and /wlU bloaa tboo ; for onto thee, 
and unto thy seed. 'I wiU glTO all theee 
eoontriea, and I will perfbrm *the oath wMoh 
I sware unto Abraham thy father ; 

4 And «'l wUI make thy aeod to mnMplr 
tho stars of Itoaren, and will give unto thy 
aeod all theae oountriea ; t and in thy seed 
shall all the nationa of tho earth bo hloaaod : 

5 1 Beeauae that Abraham obeyed my voiee, 
and Icept my dtarae, my eommaadaaenta, asy 
statutes, and my laws. 

A«d Isaao dwelt in Oonr. 

1 1 And tbe men of tbe plaee asked A<m 
of bis wife ; and ■• ho said. She it my sister : 
for "bo Ibared to ai^, <8A< it my wife ; lest, 
aoM As, tbe men of the plaee should kiU mo 
for Rebekah ; beeauae abo *wat fUr to look 

8 And it ^aaw to pass, when he ba4 been 
then a longtime, that Ahimeled) Mng of tbe 
PMlistines looked out at a window, and saw, 
and, behold, Isaao teas sporting with Re- 
bekah Ma wife. 

» And Abimole^ eaUod laaao. and said. 
Behold, of a sunt* she it thy wife : and bow 
aaidat thou, She it my sister f And Isaao 
said unto Mm, Boeanso I said. Lost I die for 

10 And AMmeloeh said, 'What <s thU then 
haat done unto ua ? one of tbe people might 
M|htly hara lain with thy wife, and rthou 
ahonldeat hare brought gulHineaa upon u 

11 And Abimeleob ebaned aU A' 
aayiag. Ho that «touohoth this a 
wife ahaU Buraly bo put to death. 

Isaac and AhimeUch. 


Jacob deeeweth hi* father. 

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ThoiU. n« 

-Nil i/ a« 

«eiT«d In the mum raar '» 
and the Lokd 'MeM«d blm. 
13 And Om mnn iwued mU, 
forwnrd, and graw oMil m b< 

U For be had poMCMion «f flo«lu. and 
posMuloa of horda, and gnat atorc of "r — 

anU : and the Philbtinoa "enried him. 

15 For aU th« walla 'irhiafa bU ftttbw'a 
ierranta bad digged in the dara of Abrabam 
bU fiitber, the Philiatlnaa badatoppedtbei 
and ailed tbem witb aartb. 

1« And Abtmeleeh aaid onto laaae, Go ht 
ua ; bt 'thou art mneb mightier than we. 

17 5 And laaao departed tbenee, and piteb- 
ed bit toat in the ralle* of Gerar, and dwelt 

18 And liaae digged again the welb of wa- 
ter, wbteb tUj bad digged in the dajra of 
Abrabav bU fbther ; for the Pbiliatinea "^^ 

atopped tbem after the death of Abrabam 
'and be ealled their namea after the namei 
bv whieb hia father bad ealled tbem. 

And laaae'a aenraau di 
lej, and found there a w< 

i of tapringing 

90 And the berdmen of Oerar *did atrire 
witb laaae'a berdmen, aaying, Tbe water U 
oara: and be ealled (be name ef tb 
■ Eeek: beeaaae they atrore with him. 

SI And the/ digged another well 
atrore for that alao : and be ealled the 
of it I Sitnab. 

a And be remored flrom tbenee, and dig- 
ged another well ; and for that tbey atrore 
not : and he ealled tbe name of It » Bebo- 
botb ; and be aaid. For now the Lobd bath 
made room for na, and we aball 'be fmltfnl 
in tbe land. 

83 And be went ap from tbenee to Beer- 

S4 Ah'I Hit Tin.i Hppflared unto him tbe 
aame wwiU, ■•'\.\ 'tld, >4I am the Ood of 
Abral nir il<i 'lH,. rt *foar not, for 'I am 
with ' I- J'. «uLi I, Up Liieaa thee, and multiply 
tb^a I r.r „.-■ •ri^ «nt Abraham'a aake. 

a aa<i b« KdiiUod an altar there, and 

''eaUed ui ■ ' " 

pitelted hi 

lerrante digged a 

» 5 Then Abimeleeb went to bim tnm Ge- 
rar, and Abuttatb one of bia fHenda, 'and 
Pbiobol tl.e efaicf eauuin of bia arar. 

27 And laaae aaid ante tbem, Mrlterefore 
eomeye t« me, eeelng * je bate me, and bare 
laent me away from you 7 

SB And tbey aaid, t We aaw oertainly that 
tbe Lobd *waa with thee : and we aaid. Let 
there tte now an oath betwixt na, atreit be- 
twixt na and thee, and let ua make a oore- 
nant with thee ; 

S9 t That thou wilt do ua no hurt, aa we 
have not louebed thee, and aa we have done 
unto thee nothing but good, and have aent 
thee away in peaee : ' tbou art now tbe bleaa- 
edofthe Lord. 

80 "And he made tbem a foaat, and tbey 
did eat and drink. 

81 And tbey roae ap betimea in tbe morn- 
ing, and "aware one to anoUier: and laaae 
•ent tbem aw^yt M><i tbey departed from 
bim in peaee. 

82 And it eame to paaa tbe aarae day, that 
Isa»e'f aervanta e»me, and told him eon- 
eeming tbe well wbloli tbey had digged, and 
aaid unto liim. We have found waier. 20 ii .J 

33 Aadbe ealled it NSbobab: •therefore thai n. 
bo name of the eUy <a vBear-iheU unto An J i. 
tbia day. - broii^^,< 

M r And Kaan waa forty yean old when he 
took to wife Judith tbe dau^ter o( Beeri 
tbe Hittite, and Baaheaaatb the daa^iter 
of KloB tbe HiMite ; 

8& Wbieb « were t a grief oCaind oato IMUM 


••• MwvooJw fo Htm Mttm nudmk UmUrt 

M.. 8 JmJ. i—tryutU if g,k,tak. li ob 

•aOoUMTHy. MMmuninnua. MUitUl- 
Ur pri^. X Bt tktm 

« tkmimHk m Utuimg. 41 JST* 

AMD it eame to paaa, that when laaae 
waa old, and *Ua eyea were dim, ao 
that be eould not aee, be ealled Kaan bU eld- 
eat aon, and aaid unto bim, My aon : and be 
aaid nnta bim. BeboM, k$r» am I. 

5 And he aaid. Behold now, I am old, X 
tknow not tbe day of my death : 

8 «Now therefore take, I nray tbee, tby 
weapooa. thy quirer and thy bow, and go est 
to tbe Held, and * Uke me aom^ Teniaon ; 

4 And make me aaroary meat, raeb aa I 
love, and bring tt to me. that I may eat; 
that mr aoul rfma* bleaa tbee before I dto. 

6 Ana Rebekab beard when laaae apake to 
Sean bia aon. And Saan went to the fleld to 
bunt /or Teniaon, and to bring it. 

6 1 And Kebekab apake unto Jaeob her 
aon, aaying. Behold, I beard thy (btber aj 
unto Eaau thy brother, aaying. 

7 Bring me veniaon, and mMce me aavoniy 


> «h. «a. M: 
' ~ma.S.S. 

*F»oT. 27. 1. 
JmmmA. 14. 


._jt I may eat, L 

tbe Lobd before my death. 

8 Now therefore, my aon, 'obey my t< 
aeeording to that wbieh I eommand tbee. 

i) Go now to tbe flook. and fetch me ticm 
tbenee two good kida of tbe goata ; and I will 
make tbem /aaroury meat (br tisj Iktber, 
aueb aa be loretb : 

10 And thou abalt briag « to tbj 
that be may eat, and tbatba 'may U 
before hU death. 

11 And Jaeob aaid to Rebekab bia mother. 
Behold. A Saan mv brother <a a bairy man, 
and I am a amooth man : 

12 My fiUber peradventure wiD ifoel me. 
and I aball aeem to bim aa a deeeirer ; and 
I abaU bring ia eurae upon me, and not a 

13 And hia mother anid onto blm, 'Upon me 
ft« thy eurse. my aon : only obey n(y Totee, 

Ad go feteb me (Aem. 

14 And be went, and fetched, and broo^ 
Mem to hia mother : and bia mother * made 
aavoury meat, aueb aa bia father loved. 

1& And Rebekah took t "goodly raiment of 
her eldeat aon Eaau. which toerv with her in 
the bouae. and put tbem upon Jaeob her 
younger aon : 

16 And abe put the aUna of tbe kida of tbe 
goata unon hia bands, and npon tbe amootb 

1(' .\wi JaDtHt 'aahl U 

I tn*-- »rl*a , ] pray thee, 

«i mi T«BJiim, "tliAL thy aoul may 

r^Mc lAld iiEiu U.1 Mu. How ia U 
I \\mm UMbi it wn qu lekly, my aon 7 
n,\4, llMaaH tL4 I.OKO thy God 


l>«»t. 27. 1«. 
loh. 43.t. 

■•Tor. 4.t. 

i»aoif9 Messing. 


Esau threatenetk Jacob. 

n And IwM nid t 

I tftKs UkM, thftt 1 ''maj JM ttiee, my 
•OB, MMtlwr tboa S« 117 t«i7 Mm Xaui or 

i« Jaoob't Toioe, but the buida «r» Um 
t>*T ii* t of KaMi< 

83 And be dlHeiMd Um not, beoMM «hia 
j«Bd« won bftira, m hU brotbrn Kaaa't 
hnda: ■« be blenod him. 

a4 And be Mid, Art tboa my -^vrj w« 
BoMi 7 And be nid, I am. 

SSAndboBsid, Brings Hour to me, and I 
win eat of m/ wm'e venieon, ''that my aonl 
may bleea tbee. And be broogbt it near to 
1dm, and be did eat: and lie broogiu liim 
wine, and be drank. 

9S And Us ftitber laaaa nid onto Um, 
Come near now, and Um me, my eon. 

27 And be eame near, and kined Um: 
and lie raMHed tbe unea of Ue raiment, and 
Meaeed Um, and nid. Bee, 'tbe nneil ofniy 
eon <« aa tbe ameU or a fleld wUdi tbe LOXD 

'Let people wrre tbee, and nation! bow 
down to tbee: be lord o»er thy '- " 
and 'let tfay mother's sons bow 
tbee: "eoreed 6e every one thai . _. 
thee, and bleaaed h» be that bleasetb thee, 
ao '\ And it eame to pan, as soon as Isaao 
had made an end of blessing Jacob, and Ja- 
eob was yet searee gone oat bom the pros- 
enoe of laaae \&» father, that Esan his 
in from his banting. 

onto Us 

ftttber. Let my fhther arise, and » eat of Us 
son's Tenison, that thy soal may Uess me. 

« And Isaae his tether said nnto him. 
Wboar<thon7 And be said, I am thy son, 

n And Isaae t trembled veiy ezeeedingly, 
and said, Who ? where <s be that hath t t2«ii 
Ttnisoa, and brought ilt me, and I hare eaten 
of an before thcw eaoiest, and bare blessed 
Um 7 yea, 'and he shall be blessed. 

M And when Esan beard the words of his 
father, 4 be eried with a great and ezeeeding 
bitter ery. and said nnto Us fiober. Bless 
me, sven me also, my father. 

35 And he said. Thy brother nme with 
sabtUty, and bath taken away thr blessing. 

96 And be said, * Is not he rightly named 
njaeob? far be bath supplanted me these 
two times: /he took away my birthright; 
and, bebeU, now be bath taken away my 
blessing. And be said, Hast tboa not re- 
served « Uening for me 7 

*7 A~» '^•^•iv answered and said unto Esan, 
*Beb -"ve made Um tby lord, and 

all b . » have I given to Um for 

■erra..Lj \ Awitb eom and wine have I 

■sastilD-iMJ I nii: and what shall I do now 
unto ii»««, mjr son 7 

38 And Enu said onto Us fetber. Hast 
then bat one blessing, my fktber 7 blean me, 
even me also, my fktber. And Esau lifted 
an Mf" «>t4i« •■*«»^ wept. 

h-' iMbei answered and said 

tthy dweUing shall be 
•rtb, and of tbe dew of 

UiM 5ariH-< 'A ■,., sarth, 

in All il ti J itx swnrd sbalt tboa live, and 
/■Luat »vri t U15 brotber : and "it shall come 
to< |ia« *Lsb tLiyU iholt have the domhtion. 

that tboa Shalt break Us yoke from off tby 

him : and Esau said in Us heart, 'The days 
of mourning Ibr my frther are at band; 
'then will I slay my brother Jaeob. 

42 And these worm of Esan her elder son 
were told to Rebekah: and she sent and 
called Jaeob her yoonger son, and said nnto 
him, Behold, thy brother Enu, as touching 
tbee, doth Seomfwt himself, ptirpetinff to 
kill thee. 

43 Now therefore, my son, obey my voioe ; 
and ariM, Ike thou toLaban my brother ''to 

44 And tany with Um a &w days, ontU 
atj brother's niry torn away ; 

45 Until tby brother's anger tarn away 
from thee, and be ftrget thai whieb thou 
hast done to him; then I will send, and 
Cttcb thee from thenee: why should I be 
deprived also of yoo both in one day 7 

40 And Bebekah said to Isaae, *I am weaiy 
of nqr Rfo beeanse of the daughters of Heth : 
tif Jacob take a wife of the daughters of 
Heth, Boeb as these toMcA are of the daugh- 
ters of fbeland, what good shall my life de 



10 JaeA'i ^UUm e/a UuUer. 18 TH 
SMk-d. SDJactti'in^. 

Ain> Isaac called Jaeob, and "bleesed 
Um, and charged him, and said nn^ 
Um, » Tboa shah not take a wife of the dangb- 
ten of Canaan. 

2 'Arise, go to rfPadaa-aram, to tbe bonn 
of'Bethneltby mother's fether; and take 
tbee a wife ttom thenee of the daaghten of 
/Lahan thy mother's brother. 

3 ' And Ood Almli^ bleee thee, and make 
tbee froitftil, and multiply thee, that tboa 
mayest be ta mnlUtude of people ; 

4 And give thee Athe Uessing of Abra- 
ham, to thee, and to tby seed with thee ; 
that thoa mayest inherit the land t • wberain 
thon art a stranger, whid> God gave onto 

6 And Isaae sent away Jacob: and be went 
to Fadan-aram unto Laban, son of Bethuel 
tbe 8 . 
and Esau's mother. . 

6 When Emu saw that Isaae had blessed 
Jacob, and sent him away to Fadan-aram, to 
take Um a wife from thence ; and that as he 
blessed Um he gave him a charge, sayiag. 
Tboa shah not lake • wife of the daaghten 
of Canaan; 

7 And that Jacob obeyed his fttber and Us 
mother, and was gone to Fadan-anm ; 

8 And Esau seeing Hbat tbe daughters of 
Canaan t pleased not Isaae his father ; 

9 Then went Esau unto Ishmael and took, 
onto tbe wives which he had, <MahaUtb the 
daogbter of Ishmael Abraham's son, "tbe 
sister of Nebajotb. to be Us wife. 

10 5 And Jacob ** went oat from Beer-sheba, 
and went toward 'Haran. 

11 And be lighted npon a certain place, and 
torried then all night, becaose the son was 
set ; and be took of the stones of that place, 
and pot (A«m for his pillows, and lay down 
in that place to sleep. 

12 And he ''dreamed, and behold a ladder 
set up on the eartli, and tbe top of it reached 
to heaven : and behold < tbe angels of Ood 
ascending and descending on It. ^^^^ 


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imt lifrtM. 

IS ^ And, beboM, Um Lo»p ako^ •bor* U, 
ud Mid, 'I am Mm Lomd 0«d of Abnihun 
Godof iMMt ithe bad 

tbyteOter. ■adtbeOodof iMMt ithe bad 

14 And «tfa7 iMd (baU be •• tbfl dnit of Um 
eMtb; and tbou tbalttiprcMl abnwd "to 
the vMt, tad to Uw Mat, aad to tba aoitb, 
and to tbo aoutb : and In tbM aad "in tby 
Med ahaU aU tbe CaiaQiea of tU eaitb be 

1'. ' ^T. V^i ,1d, 'I am vltb tbee, aad will 

*ki- ;. \hre: in all pIoOM Wbltber thOQ goeit, 

anil «ill ■rjrLac tbee again ia»o thia land; 
(or ' I wUltitii law tbM, 'onto I bare done 
that ^ti'rV t l.^re epoken to tbM of. 

llf 1 \h>\ JaMb awaked out of bii deep, 
an4 h- Pnlit, ItareW tbe LOKD ia in 'tUa 
plkiCT : UbL i knew it not. 

IT Ait.9 N> vM afi^d, aad Mid, Bow 
diH^Lfu] i, [1,ia plaM ! tbU <• none other 
bat < l.< I. lu:!.; f Ood, aad tbto !• tba gate of 

\«- .^iid JaDubroM Op early ia the nMrniac, 
aiil 1 ...k Lii« iHrne that be bad pot/orlili 
pill '-<. [M d ^Mt it ap for a pulat, /aad 
poiiri'.i .11 jHonthetoporit. 

1<' M,-l ',.. f>jled tbe naoeof fttMl plaM 
nil .,'. .1 ',r,e tbe naau of that dty troe 
ea ' .1 r 1 be flret. 

9 JrtF^ Towed a tow, Myiag, If 

<C « >Jtb me. aad win keep me to 

tbte way that I go, aad wm sire ao tbnead 
to eat, aad raiment to pot on, 

21 So tbat a oome again to my (Mber'f 
booM hi peaM; "tbea ibaU tbelU>KD be 
my Ood: 

n And thto itone, which I baTo aet/er a 
.pillar, "abaU be God'i booM : 'aad of aO 
that then abitlt glTe me I will nuely gire tbe 
tenth nato tbM. 


^Me» mmtmk M (*« mU ^ Bmrmn^ 9 He mtmnA 

:timm4i,tmUHmiitdttUttm. 18 «« 

»«<a/or Mutlul. 93 »«l M dmii^ tfUk 

MM. S8 B* mmritm mU» JfausM. omd tervMA 

fvr ktr amm vMrt mart. 32 ItA ^« t hA tnt- 

THKN Jaeob t weat on bit Jeamey, 'aad 
eame into tbe laad or the VpM^ of the 


2 Aad be looked, aad behold » well ia tbe 
field, aad, lo, then twre tbrM fiMkj of ibeep 
hriB|byit; for oat of tbat well tbey watered 
the ioeka : aad a great itoae woe opoa tbe 

••iMn the'weQ'i aioath hi hia 

I J q^d.], ^id nato them. My brethren, 
•f. i^i And they aaid. Of Haraa 

■i Ab4 _ , _ , 

Uwiwr»r3<ah.>fr Aad they nid, 

6 Aad he nid uato them, fH$ he weOT 
And tb«y said, St U weD : and, behold, Ka- 
ebel hia daoghter Mmeth with the ahMp. 

7 AndbeeaM. Lo, t{ti«yetU|*day.neither 

it <l time tbat tbe eattle' ._ 

ityether : water ye tbe ibeep, aad'go and 
feed them. 

8 And they said. We eaanot, natQ aO the 
floeka be gathered together, and tOt they 
ToU tbe atone (Wmb tbe weD'a meath; then 
we water the abeep. 

t And while he yet ipake with them. 

MemeetetkmA 1 

10 Aad it dhae to paaa, whea JaMb aav 
Baehel the daoghter ef Labaa bM motber'a 
brother, aad tbe abeep of Ubaa hia motber'a 
brother, thA Jamb went near, aad rfroQed 

the fiMk of Laban hia motber'a bretber. 

Hi! ■ - • 

I yaara ftr Ba- 

bfia &i»la Aw 

>hia ToiM, aad wept. ^ 

12 And Jaeob told Baehel that he tM« /her 
fhtber'a brother, aad tbat be tM« Rebekab'a 
aon : 'and ahe raa aad told bw ftther. 

15 Aad U eane to paea, wbea Labaa beard 
the ttidiap of Jaeob hia abter'a aon, that 
Abe raa to meet him, aad embraoed bla^ 
aad kiaaed him, aad brooght him to hia hooaa. 
Aad he told Labaa aU thoM thinga. 

14 Aad Labaa laid te bim, iSnrely then flH 
my boae aad waj fleeb. Aad ha abode with 
biin t iIm apaM of a month. 

16 t And Labaa aaid nato Jaaob. BeeaoM 
thoa art my brother, abooldeat tboa than* 
fbre Mrre me for noadtti? teU aie, what 

18 And LSaa had two dao^Mera: the 
name of tbe elder «KW Laah,Bad the aaoM 
of tbe yooager Mwa BaoheL 

17 Leah uMie teader eyed ; but Baehel waa 
beaatlfbl aad well fhToored. 

18 Aad Jaeob bred Baehel; aad aaid, H 
win aerre tbM MTaa yeu* for Baehel thy 
yooager daoghter. 

IftAnd Laban aaid. It i$ better that I glre 
her to tbM. than that I ahould giye berto 
aaotbar man : abide with me. 

SO And Jaoob <atfTed aeren 
ehel ; aad they a«Maed ante h 
da«a, for the lore he had to her. 

21 Y And JaMb aaid unto Labaa, Giro me 
my wifo, for my daya areAiUUbd, tbat I may 
"go ia nato her. 

a Aad Ubaa gathered together aB the 
mea of tbe pbM, aad "made a Ibaat. 

28 And it eame to paaa in the ereaiag, that 
be tMk Leah bb daoghter, and biooipbt her 
to him; and be went in onto her. 

24 And Laban gare onto hb dao|jbter Leah 
Znpah hb maid for a handmaid , 

2» And it eame to mm, that ia tbe monfaig, 
behold, it tMx« Leah : and be aaid to Labaa, 
What u thb tbou haat doae unto me ? did 
not I aerre with tbM for Baehel? wherefore 

ia oor t eooatiy, to giro the 
the flritbom. 
27 •Folfll her wMk. aad we wUl give tbM 
thb abo for the mftIm wbleh tbou abalt 

BUl.i^i ti^i lian.iiBBkl Lir U htl BaH- 
V- ^^<] f\r-*tut. Id ajH m^in Ba^bpl. aad 

be ' \-'i'n\ lIjci FU«h«l mor* tbwn Lcaiii aad 

M^^i'-I •cltki Nlni ^ jpk ifTcn nllHif j«ani. 
81 ^ .\b& wbta iha LAOD ^ MWlLu Leah 

Win huMfd:, ftr ••ifwbiti hfi wuiqb £ Vai Ba- 

Si: .'H.hiL Lfiah HBCflrvd, ai>d b«rf< «. MW; 
aa il. -I in calJrfl l|.|j namr ' nmbrn : in r abe 
•Ki'l. Hitrc^l Ilui Lima halh 'l^jki^L upon 
m^ i'P<icii'.iin ; Ciiif iL^niyin tnj tiuiliand 

8 :• .T«i] fcfft]i], Lh J l^» « wo ; 

aa ....»» tr.i LbkD liatL li«ard 

tb : ' .. tifhalbiitftiif^rk'gtic^me 



i gUaen to Jacob, 

Raektl benrtth JmcpI 

MB : aad said. N«w tbla tioM vUl my hns- 
buid be Joiaed oato bm, bcoMiv I h^n 

I be joiB«d oato n 
m hte ttm^an*: 

S& Aad the eooMirad afsia. lad bu* a 
MB s vkd •!» tiM. Mwr wiU I pniM tbe 
LOKo: tli»nlimtlt»«UI«414«»Mn«''Uiir 
dah; Md tlen Wring. 


dmmdAJLr. ulmk 


A ND «fam RmImI MM that «•«» Un J*- 
xl. «3eb ao oUkUm, laabnl teaviad bm da- 
tmr; aod aaid wata Jacob, Oiw m abUdno, 
*or ebe I die. 

SAad Jaaeb>a aMwvaa Uadled agaiaat 
BMbal; aadhat^rf^MllDOod'ialead, 
wtM baUmilhMd frooi Iboa tba Cralt tf tba 

5 Aad *e Hid. Bdbold*iay Mid BUhab. 
CD in ■»!• bar; /aad aba aball bear aaas 
aj kaaea, 'tb*t I aajr aba tbava cUUnb 

i Aad aba cava bia BUhab bar baDdauttd 
Ate wife: aad Jaaob w«Bt ia nato her. 

6 Aad BUbab eaaaaiTad, aad bata JaMb a 

?Aad Baabel aatd. God bath • Jndced bm, 
aad bath alae beaid mj vaiaa, aad batb gir- 

7 \Tt<l ni\imii FUclrfE'j iTM 

Tju, lUiii b»r4 Jsn^ti h iicupil Mini-. 

bare' I vTBftlid *Wi vj iiit>r, h4 1 bam 

nni'Milmi. udfld,[iaUBJUiiiUBtL»J(Hb. 
tail. ^ 

9 Whw* Lub ■«« liiil dba bad left Iwajiact 
aba iiiok: iCJijiah bai in^d, nad ^gmtm litr Ja- 
eob 111 riri-. 

W Aa4 Zilpab UaJi'i PuJtl l^n Ju-jb a 

tl A^J Lull Fail!., A Irwa evD«tb: lad 

It Alt'! KJ]|iak LeiiiV tuU btm JMub a 

]:; ^nit 4>kti old, tKinp^ am I, tut the 
dtuiilK^Tj ' wLU vtM ra* bltiHd : lb! iho 
^3Jr''i ill! □ami- ''Antirr, 

Jtll l.Tl 

Jfbt I 

L «r I "^"^ il^^'ci toiJ E^ I«iJa, "Ukrv mt, 1 pnj 

1^ An .1 kbi' kBkl UBhi t)*f , * It it t. kiaaU 
asMi'T 1l»! ibvU lia^ l4^rD Dif liUJmild? 

' ' aiH^ mwoUhI tb4u tab* A'lijf mjr knu'* mmi- 

jdl^trt» tlw> Artd Kuhit] wdd, TtHttrtiwe 

I. I bp -t^U U* *ia tliae li^ qi|[1)t fi» Qtj »<m'a 

lU Arid Jkvib i 

■>11, trwii. nriPt r 



4 rXDt ^ th» 4/ild Id the 

i^Btoui ui mrn blm. Mtd 
K La ulitn m* i I'-ir «ii;re^ 

Lrknml tiBLu La&tL. bed ibe 

UbW J »tfcllnbe init MiB. 

1* Aid T(rtii «ki1, (p(nl JiKt »^ns^ me my 
1>tn, liP^auH ] ti^>F« |t1w m^ ndiilMt in my 
bviibaiBd; laJ. ltd «Uad !i4i um iJja»- 

19 Aad Leab Bo—al f ad acfdBi 


aob tbe aiztb iaa. 

«) And Leab aatd, 
wUh a cood dowry ; now will my haabaad 
dwell with ae, beeauaa I have borne Ua ttf. 
leaai A ibe oalled bU naoie l 'Xebvloa. 

81 Aad afterwarda aba baia a d^nghtar^ 
aad eallcd her name ■■ Dinah. 

ubaaad to W> ud ' 

Qod i 

•aid, Ood bath taken away 'ay reftroaieh: 
Si AadalM oalbd bla aaaMUJea^i and 
taid, iTba Lord sball add to aa aaotber 

86'And it aaae ta paaa, when Baohel bad 

borne Joaeph, that Jaoob said nnto Labaa, 
** Send Bie away, that I may go nnto "aiae 
own jpUee. ana to ay eonntiy. 
88 GiTe me my wivee and an abUdna, "for 
whom I ba«» Mrredtbee, ana let ae co ; ibr 
thou knowoat aj aarriaa wbieh I b»Ta dane 

87 And I«ban taid unto him, I |iray thee, 
U I have found IkToor in thine aya«, Mrry .- 
/or 'I bare laaraed by axperianoe that the 
Loud hath bleaied me *for thy aaka. 

88 Aad ha aaid. 'Appoiat aa thy wagoa. 
aad I wiU glTo «. 

80 And be said unto him, »Tbou knoweat 
bow I b^TO aerrad tbae, and bow U9 oattle 
waa with me. 

80 For « tea* UUle wbiah thou badat before 
I cam4, aad It la new * ineraaeed onto a aal- 
tHude; and tbe Lord hath bleeaed thee 
teinoe my ooming: and now, when ahatl I 
■proride for mine own honaa alao ? 

81 And he taid. What shaU I giro thee? 
Aad Jaeob aaid. Thou (halt not glre aa any 
thing: if thorn wttt do tbU thiw for bm, I 
wUl again feed and keep thy floek. 

88 1 will paaa throogb aU tby floek to day. 
remoriag ftaa theaoe all the speckled aad 
spotted oattle, aad all thaabrowa cattle 
among the sheep, aad the spotted and speck- 
led among the goata : aad <i of mteh shall be 

ay hire bebce tl^ foee : erery one that is 
not speckled and spotted aowng the goata, 

among the sheep, that shall be 

len with 

And be remored that day the ha goats 
that vfw r<«Evtr««kad and anotted, and all 
the lix «ip«u til', were speckled aad spot- 
ted, tvtut ni, utt hd^ that bad aome white ia 
it, an J ^ ilui bruen among the shaap, aad 
giTe rAr-ir, 1:1k] iJ^e hand of bis sons. 
36jm> < I,-' -«\ ir.rae days' Joumay betwixt 
hims,.^ io.- ,^Ail : aad Jaaab fed the raat 

87 1 A»d/Jaeob toa|c bia rods of greca 
poplar, and of the haael aad ebesnnt tree; 
and pUlad vhite atiaaka in tbem. aad made 
the white appear wbiah Mwa ia the loda. 

38 And be set the rods which ba bad pillad 
before the flocks in the gntteas in the watar- 
iag troughs when the flooka eaaa to drink, 
that they should concelre whan tbay oaaa to 

F89 And the floeks oonoaiTod before the rods, 
and brought forth cattle ringstnakad, spack* 
led, and spotted. 

40 And Jacob did aavarata the laaba. and 
set the fooes of the flocks toward the riar 

Jacob departetk/rom Laban. 


Laban's charge agakut Jaeok. 



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■tn»k«d. and antbe brawn in Um floek of 
LabMi ; and b« pat bia own iloelM by tbam- 
Mhei, and put th«m not unto Laban'i eattle. 

41 And It oauM to paaa, whenaoeror the 
atranger oattlo did ooneoiro, that JMob laid 
tho rada bcfora tba 0701 of the oatM in the 
goMon* tttM tbay might oonoeire amoag the 

4S But when tha eMMa wan ttMt, ha pat 
Mam not in : ao the faeUar wara Lnban'a, 
and tba atrongar Jaoob'a. 

« And tha man vineraaaed auaadin^y. 
and *had mneh aattia, and maidaarranU, 

^•Mt JiamHilk —rtUf fr*m lm\m. 19 MmAU 
itmlMk ktr fmtktr't imafm. 99 iaiiii punu- 
mk ^Itr Jmmk, V umd tnmftnintik t/lkamromf. 
S4 B-kd-»flitf fkid»tk, immft. XJ»e^> 
mmmlmi»$ -/ Imtmm. O Tk« ti i ma ut tf laUm. 

AND ba beard the lArda ot Uban'a aana, 
aajing. Jaoob hath taken away aU that 
«MM our bther'a ; and of that wMeh taoa 
our fktbar'a hath be gotten all thia 'ghwy. 
S And Jaeob beheld 4 the eonntenanee of 
Laban^^and, beheld, it woa not '.toward Urn 

5 And the' LOBD aaid nnto Jaoob, if Betum 
unto the land of thy tethera, and to thy kin- 
dred; and I wiU he with thee. 

4 And Jaeob aent and eaUed BadMl and 
Leah to the Held unto hia floek, 

6 And aaid unto them, *I aee your (Mher'a 
oountenanoe, that it U not toward me aa be- 
(bte ; but the God of my Cather /hath been 

6 Xbd 'ye know that with aU taj power I 
hare aerred your tether. 

7 And your fkther hath deeeired me, and 
*ehanged«iy wagea iten tioMa; but God 
iauifcred him not to hurt me. 

8 If he aaid thua, 'The apeekled ahaU be 
thywages; then all the eattk bare apeekled: 
and if be fa#thaa. The ringatreaked ahaU 
be thT hire ; then bara aU tha eattle ring- 
it Thua God hath "taken away the eattle of 

your tether, and glren tktm to me. 

10 And it came to paaa at Uie time that the 
eattle oonoeiTed. that I lifted np mine ey«a, 
and aaw in a dream, and. behold, the irama 
wbieh leaped upon the eattle *Mr* ring- 
atreaked. apeekled, and griaaled. 

11 And "the angel of God epake unto me in 

IS And ha aaid. Uftap nowtUne eyea, and 
aee, all the rama whleh leap upon the eattle 
art ringatreaked, apedded. and griaaled: 
for •! hare aeen aU that Ehban deeth nnto 

>f Beth-el. 

■, ana where thou row- 
ow unto me : now f ariae, get thee 
thia land, and return onto the land 

14 And Raebel and Leah anaw^tad and aaid 
unto him, ^U tM»rt yet any |Mrtion or in- 
heritanee for ua in our father'a bouae ? 

16 An we not eonnted of him itrangen ? 
fi>r 'be hath aold ua, and hath quite devour- 
ed alao oar money. 

16 For aU the riehea whieh God hath take* 
tnm our tether, that ia mm, and oar oUlr 
draa*a: nowthen, whataoeTarGodhi ' 
unto thee, do. 

17 ^ Than J^eob roaa up, and aet 1 
and hia wine upon eamela : 

18 And he oarried away aU hU eattle. and 
aU Ilia good* wliieh he had gotten, Um eattle 
of hia getting, whieh he had gotten in Padan- 
aram, for to go to laaae Ua tether in the 
land of Canaan. ^^ 

10 And Laban went to^tear )Ab abaep : 
and Raehel had atolen iib» (timagea that 
Mwre her father'a. 

90 And Jaeob atole away tunawana M La- 
ban the Syrian, in that ha told him not that 
he fled. 

roae up, and paaaed onr the riTer, and "aet 
hia Caee toward the mount Gilead. 

2S 1 And it waa told Laban on the third 
day, that Jaeob waa fled. 

23 And he took 'Ua bnthren with Um, 
and pnraued after him aeven daya' Journey ; 
and they orertook him in the mount Gilead. 

84 And God 'eame to Laban the Syrian in 
a dream by nigbt, and aaid nnto him. Take 
heed thM thou 'apeak not to Jaeob teithor 
good or bad. 

SS Then Laban orertook Jaeob. How Ja- 
oob had pitehed hia tent in the mount : and 
Laban with Ua bratfaien pHabed in the 
mount of Gilead. 

M And Laban aaid to Jaeob. What haat 

warea to me, and ■earried away my 
ten, ai eaptirea toAaM with the aworu t 

tl Wherefon didat thou flee away aeerctly, 
and t Meal away thmi ma ; and didat not 
tell me, that I might haTo aent thae away 
with mirth, and with aonga, with tabret, and 
with harp? 

28 And haat not auftred aaa 4to klaa my 
aona and my daughteraT 'then haat Bow 

hurt: but the ^ God of your tether apake 
unto me 'yeaterni^t, aaying, Take thou 
heed that thou apoiak not to Jaoob either 
good or bad. 

80 And now, though thou wouldaat needa 
be gone, beoauae thou aon longedat after 
thy (kther'a honae, pot whereiBra haat thou 
/ atolen my godi T 

81 And Jaeob anawerad and aaid to Laban. 
Beoauae I waa afraid : for I aaid, PendTen- 
ton thou wouUeat take by foree thy dangb- 
ter« from me. 

32 With whoaaaoerer then flndeat thy goda. 
'let him not liTe : befon oar brethren die- 
eera thou what U thine with me, and take U 
to thee. For Jaoob knew not that BadMl 
had atolen them. 

S3 And Laban went tato Jaoob'a tent, and 
into Leah'a tent, and into the two maidaerr- 
anta* tenU ; but be found thorn not. Then 
went he out of Leah'a tent, and entered into 
Raehel'i tent. 

84 Now lUehel had taken the imagea. and 
put them in the eamel'a Amitun, and aat 
upon them. And Laban tMarahed all the 
tent, but fcund thorn not. 

% And ahe aaid to her tether. Let It not 
lord that I eannot iriae up be- 

diapleaae mj loi 

feratbee: fortL 

me. And ba aearehed, but found not the 

86 1 And Jaeob waa wrath, and ehode with 
Laban: and Jaeob aniwered and said to 
Laban, What ia my trespaai T what U my 
Bin, that thou haat eo hotly puraued after 

87 Wbeteai tbou haat taearebed an my 
■tuff, what baat thoa foond of aU thy honaa- 
hold atuin Mt U hen befon my bretlirfo 

5o^. 17. a. 

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, Tkeir covenant at Oaieed. 


Jacob*$ fnessage to Esau. 

88 TUa twentj j9mn kav I &mn vtth 
Uim: Oxj vmtm »ai thy ibe goata bare not 

MSt thetr yooagg^Bd tba nuu oT tbj flook 

iftT* I not efttaM 

8» •Tint vbidi wia tora «/6«<m<« I brangfat 
jaC oBto tbM : I bare the Imi oC it ; of tinj 
band didst tboo Mqoire it, wHttktr itotoa 
by ^, OT atolra bj nigbt. 

40 3^Ml«u; inthedftTtbedraa^Mm- 
nuMd ma, and tba frott by night ; aad mj 
al e a p de|>utad fron miiM oyaa. 

41 Thoa bara I baan twanty yaan 1b t^ 
bouaa; I 'aarrad tbaa ftmrtaan yaan for thy 
two daoghtara, and six yaars ft>r thy aattla 
„d - tSo* b • ' 

^*Kz«apttbaGod of ny fbthar, tba Ood 
ar Abraham, and 'tba toar d laaaa, bad 
baan vith ma, nrcb tbao badat aant ma 
away BOW empty, fuodbath Manminaar- 
flIatioB and tba labour of my haada, aad 
•rebuked Maa n*taralgfat. 

45 ^ And Laaaa aaswarad aad laldaBto 
Jaaob, TktM daa^itera ar* niy daughtart, 
and thett aUldren ttr* my anildreB, aad 
«*«a« aattla art my eatUe, and aU that thou 
aaaat <a mine : aad what eaa I do tbii day 
onto thaaa my dan^tera, or unto thair •bll' 
dran vbiab tbay have borne ? 

%t Now tharanra aoma tboa, 'let na make a 
ooTenant, I aad tiwa ; 'and let it be fbr a 
witnasa batwaaa ma aad tbaa. 

46 Aad Jaaob itaok a atoaa, aad lat U ap 
/•r a pillar. 

48 Aad Jaaob said nato bla brathran. 
Gather ■toaao ; aad tbay took atooaa, aad 
made a heap: aad tbey did aa* tbara upon 
tba heap. 

47 AndLaban aallad it ■Jagar-aabadutba; 
but Jaaob eallad it ■ Qalaad. 

48 Aad Laban aaid, «Tbia heap <s a wit- 
aaaa between me and tbea tbia day. Tbara- 
tea WM the aanta of it aallad Oafaed, 

49 Aad a'Mitpah; for he laid, The LoBD 
watah between me and tbea, when we are 

thoa riialt take oMerwirea . 

tan, BO man it with ns ; aae, God ia witnaat 
betwixt me and thee. 

61 And Labaa aaid to Jaaob. Behold tbia 
heap, and behold tM« pillar, whieh I bare 
aaat betwixt me aad tbee; 

6C This heap 6e witneaa, aad <Ma pillar fta 
witnaes, that I win not pasa over this heap 
to thee, and that tlioa sbalt not pass orer 
tbia heap aad tMs pillar onto me, for harm. 

68 The God of Abraham, and the God of 
Kabor, the Ood of their tether, 'Judge be- 
twixt as. And Jaoob *swan by 'the foar 

54 Then Jaaob loffared saariSae upon the 
awvat, aad aallad bia brethren to eat bread : 
and tbey did eat bread, aad tarried all night 
iatiM mount. 

66 A»d earhr in the mornlag Laban rose up, 
•ad Uaaad bis sons and hia daogbteri. and 
IMoaaad them: and Labaa departed, aad 
'vMunad unto lAa plaee. 

J^mk'* tttiam aHVaAwMna. 3 Bi» mmmrt f 
Mmm. tBt u m/rmid i:f tmn't mmimt- ^ B* 
mr^kM^di»^nf. tS Bt mmUiA m pr-mU 
UMmu. » Ht mrmttiA mt Ftnid. and U mlU 
td hrmd. SI B* kmttttk «yo« Am tkigk. 

Ain> Jaaob want aa his way, aad 'tba aa- 

8 And Jaaob sent 
Ksaa 141 brother 'unto the'laad of Beir, * the 
taountry of Edom. 

4 And be eommanded them, sayiBg, *Tfaas 
shall ye speak unto my lord Esau ; Thy sear- 
aat Jaeob saitb tbus, I have sojooned with 
Labaa, aad sUyed than until now t 

6 And /I baTe oxen, and asses, floeks, aad 
measerrants, aad womansarranta : aad I 
baTe sent to tall my lord, that ' I may find 
graoe ia thy sight. 

6 Aad the measangen returned to Jaaob, 
saying. We eame to thy brother Ksan, and 
also A be oometh to meet thee, aad four bna- 
dred men with him. 

7 Then Jaoob was greatly afMd aad idis- 
tresaed : aad be dlTided the people that tpoa 
with him, aad the floeks, aad herds, and the 
aamels, into two bands ; 

8 And said, If Ksan aoma to tba one aoea- 
paay, and smite it, then tba atbn aoiqiany 
whieh is left shaU eseape. 

9 1 1 And Jaoob said, <0 Ood of my Ibtber 
Abraham, and God of my ibtber Isaae, the 
Lord ■"whieh saidst unto me. Return unto 
thy eonnti7, aad to thy kladred, aad I wiU 
deal weU with tbee 

"meraies, and of 

bast shewed uato thy aarraat ; for with 
staff I passed otct this "' ' ' ' "" 
am beomae two baads. 

11 rDaUTer me. I pray tbee, firom the band 
of my brother, fhim the band of £saa : for I 
fear htm, lest ha wHl eome and smite me, 
amd f the mother tirtth the ebUdren. 

18 And 'tboa saidst, I will surely do tbea 
good, and amke thy seed as the sand of the 
sea. whiob oanaot be nomberad for mnlti- 


aad took of that 

whldi eame to his 

band 'a 

14 Two hundred she goats aad twenty be 
goats, two hundred ewes aad twenty rams, 

16 Thirty mlMt eameU with their colU, 
forty kine aad tea bulls, tweaty she asses 
aad ten foals. 

M Aad he deliTored «Aam into the hand of 
his sarrants, every drore by tbemselTes; 
aad said unto his serraats. Pass orer before 
me, aad put a spaae betwixt droTe aad drove. 

17 And be oommanded the foremost, say- 
ing. When Esau my brother meeteth tbee. 
and asketh tbea, saying. Whose art tbon T 
aad whitber goest thoa ? aad whose ore these 

10 Then thoa sbalt say, TAay ht thy serr- 
aat Jaoob's; it ia a present sent unto my 
lord Esau : and, behold, also be <a behind as. 

19 And so eommanded he the seeond, aad 
the third, aad all that followed the droves, 
sayiag, Oa this manner shall ye speak uato 
Esau, when ye find him. 

see bis tiMt; 
peradventnra he will aeeept tof me. 

51 So went the present over befon him ; 
and himself lodged that aight la the eom- 

52 And be roae up that night, and took bia 
two wives, aad bis two womenservants, and 
bis eleven aoos, *'aad passed over the ford 


M^tinfi of Jncoh and Esau. 


Sheehem dtifiUth DimaJk. 


^" '^ 

dill. 'it.:>L. 4 

4lu^ i:l lh. 
I ni>b bi, fit 

k. iJ. L4. k 

VHii.,V H 

4 tt ES, 

u^hl a. 

*«fe. 39. «. 

I, tk. ts. r 

13 Ab4 be iaok Mxm , uid ^ Mql Uum i>r«r 

tlH liTfyit, jsd ^fht rtHiT tliBL |ir lidd. 

' v»fxJr<ii i QUI w! Lb LUm tiAEU Ibo ^ tirenJc- 
lu of (!■■ dsij. 
£a And uliiHi bfl UT thi^L bt pT*TSll^d iiifti 

PCBloat Ejtmi Lr Ciuu^iril tjw ViuJ^irH' Kf tit 
tUfli; UvJ'ibi Li»]luTc.rJM4li> lLit||. 
cul vF juibl, U Ih wrwtLril allli Mpq- 
M Att[l 'Ih* ktllit, LeL bw ir>. Ihr the HmJ 
bt«t,)uih. And Lc *ki J , " 1 »iU not Jf L Mi^ 

pi^, »EfW|il tbiMl l^l^if liir. 

^ Ad O^ iftVd iinw blDL, Whst t> lLj duus? 

An4 'bti i&iiij JhnIi- 

^ .^i| liv s*iij^ ^Tlif bftbUi iba.!] bs «>lt«d 
lui m-^ns J iucth, l>ut " lfr*ri ■■ Tar h n |] Muce 
liait |}m)u 'poiTtrr *iih U^>^ VR<i liifit.'b uiitn, 

AdJ ll^ll |iriT«L1''l1. 

Va .iuil Jmfott u^i3 hfm, »Bf1 naLii, Tail 
Ar, I prfij fl»Di thf fkimn, Anil Iil' nald, 
' WLf ntfoTV ir jl f .fUif tlidu ilinL i^lf. aftr r IJIJ 
□ ftniE ? AdI Lit L.lriKil lilm i^kf rr. 

.^1 An J Jfmlj EiUml ttiE liiiBr i>r tlui fl-nM 
■' FeuIcI : I'jt /t liKTi; Kcfk U^ fbdc lu Pkidp, 
hbd tnr Ili« Lt :pniBE±^td. 

^l A»^ U li« I^lsfrd tir«f riF4l(ii!] tlir iim 

DtH BDoa hilm, and Iw IhJmiI i^mh " 

nS TboTrNirP tto «*HijT«Ti bT IirwC n^t not 
4i/ tha iliD^ir ifUHl iliTiu'k, vLirli i* upon 
l|q» |iii^lli»ir al Elia (iLSgl), unLi/ Elili linf ; lie- 
caiiiu Lt LoUi^uiil ILu ^bObw (hf JUub'p lLI|b 

f H.iTTER ssnrr, 

IT ^1— * tr.m^l< I L .l-H-«li. It At .^TA^H.- Xi 

AND Ju«^ MFt»d up fall «T«i. viJ iiHik 
td, ud, laxihkfllil. ^£mu outiE, utl -l^ 

_ A tihi liiF dJTTlilp.J (he 

liP«ii. «ul iiu^ Jlioha]. BJid 

vvia Uifr 1«B bim JHMiidf . 
:t Aii4 [<P |Hit tb* liaqilmiiLilf in4 clurfr 
obitdrvB. fbiBBHttH pjid Lrkli ani \jvi r.til- 
drni BriH:, •bil iLubtil Bntl Jiuf|iL Iklad^r* 

HBlll IW «H» MM Ifl 

4 ^Aitil £*«« rnq III nwrt tdpn, ud doi- 

Uif nd Um ; uA Itj'^ wvpt' 
a Ail4 tiV ELf^'i up liu rjol. UiJ «KW ib« 

woanuQ knd th» cbLldrvD, Uiit JbUl, WJid lire 
ttirMc 1 wJlli lUtrf AcicL tit »nlil. Tlw t-1il- 
drva * vlileh Oftd Ij^fa iETK!iiwj1]r fiirta thj 


iflil MiE-lr cUUdr^a, and tlifj kdnvd Lliiiai- 

T Apd Lu>L b1i4 witb iwl- cliStdrHq fuM 
tUu, kdd Lb*Fd I'ikcriiH'IVM : oHiil ■Ael' rrAEoe 
JoM-pb iLent Mid liuiici, bail Utrj 1^**d 

rt And Trfi fftlit tHIkm, nii^pfH fbcia by 
/&]| iMf iHJTC TkiirEki I rtii^ T And Ij* F»|d, 
5"*i*i art ilg^ icJ [WM In lb" rt|*rt cf ijjy 

tr T ' M4<p iliBX tliQU bu-l uiatxi klijpiDlf, 

in .iiui j^tnl) ikid, ?rar> J l"V ^^^' '^ 

iu« I ]^«T« fiUDiI E^Tum Ln UiJ lictvL, EhM 

bm E t-l,n^ ttfp Eirj (lu:?, Ulll.jU(|t 1 bnd 
*•«« lb b» nf UwIh Uil tltin wut pJauitd 
with mp. 

11 Tikn, I prnjf tbff. 4TIIF W*«riBc tl^KL U 
SjiougliC to Ihcc ; nMaajf ■ij.jd littli jfcnlL b(-»- 

td he urged 

„ h»Tet 
urged him, and he took U. 

Md let uj go, ud I iriU go before 

13 And be uid unto him, Mr lord knoveth 
hkt the ehlldreB are tender, and the lloeka 

k wiU die. 

Irive them one d^, nil the 

14 Let my lord, I prM thee, psM orer ber 
fore hie aerrnnt ; wd I vill lend on aoftly, 
tnooording M the onttle that goeth before 
me and the children be able to endure, un- 
til I eom^ vnto my lord 'unto Seir. 

15 And Kaan aaid. Let me now tlenre wUb 
tbooeoHM of the folk that fire with nw. And 
he laid, twbat needetb it? "let pm |hi4 
grace in the sight of my lord. 

le t So £mb returned thnt dar on Ua v«j 
unto Seir. 

17 And Jaepb jonmeyed to "Sneeoth, and 
boilt him » boose, and made booths tut his 
cattle : therefore the name of the plaoe is 

18 And Jacob eamo to •Shalom, i» city of 
H I* Sheehem, which it in the land of Cana^, 
when he came firom Padan-aram ; and pitch- 
ed his tent before the city. 

10 And «he boni^t a parcel of a field, 
where he ha4 spread his tent, at the hand 
of the children of " Hamor, Sheehem's faJC 

ed it 11 El-Elohe-IsraeL 


im: 13>«« MM ofJtJk •Wwr ik* « 

wfMwin «« ik> Shmlumttu, 9> L 

MMk«B]Mrm<U«M«»(*ea*«l><V- asrt««MM 
^Jat* ujMm tAat aJtiantaf tUf Hum, 27 mmd 
mil tknr eitf. 30 ^«wi r^rftlk S im on aarf 


ANP <^Dinah ihe daoriiter 
■ she bate unto Jacob, iwent ont to see 
the daoghters of tfae land. 

8 And when Sheehem the son of Hamor the 
HiTite, prince of the ooqntry, *saw her, he 
atook her, and lay with her, and tdeflled 

8 Ab<I Ms aool dave nntp Dinah the dangb- 
ter of Jacob, and he loved the damsel, and 
spake t kindly unto the damsel. 

4 And Sbsohem 'spake unto his tnibm Ha- 
QK>r. saying. Get me this damsel to wife. 

6 And Jacob heard that he had deMed IH- 
nah his dtaghter: now his sons wore with 
bis cattle in the field : and Jaeob /held his 
peace until they were come. 

6 H And Hamor the father of Sheehem 
went out onto Jacob to commune with him. 

7 And the sons of Jacob came out of the 
field when they heard it : and the men were 
grieved, and they ' were Tcry wroth, because 
be Jihad wrought folly in Israel in lying with 
Jacob's daughter; twhieh thine ought not 

8 And Hamor communed with them, say- 
ing. The soul of my son Sheehem longeth for 
your daoghter : J p*«y you giro her him to 

9 And make ye marriages with us, and 
rlTC your daughters nnto us, and take our 
daughters unto yon. 

10 And ye shall dwell wHh us t and ^the 
land shall be before you ; dwell and ftrado 
jt therein, and "get yon possessions thevo- 

li And Sheehem said onto her fother and 
nnto her brethren. Let me find grace in year 


/MM t^ SU 

47. as. 

aJodi. 1S.S7. 

• JohmS. IS. 
I Acto 7. M; 

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Jade. SOL C 


T%£ Shecktmites »tam. 


Jacob Hnt to Beth-el. 

^«a, sad vbat ye •iaU My nnto ibe X wfU 
12 AtkjH nerer w mndi *do«ry »nA gUt* 

Mid. becMM Im Ind ddBfad Sfaab tl 

14 Aad tiMjr Mid vnto tbeitt, We ouaot do 
(hta tUag, u glTe oor tistot to one tlmt is 
QiMlieaaitiMd; fbr'that wert » nproMh 

t la tbi* iriO «• daDflent onto yon : If 
b« u ire t«, tlM vrery tule of 70a 

16 Then will «• Att onr 
too, And we win t«£e jam < 
aad we wiU dweU #ftfi 70a, Itii3 we «U1 W- 
«ome one people. 

17 Bat if TO will not bMtfken nnto ttg, to be 
tfremnciMd; tiMinwtd We ti>k« oitt dangb- 
ler, and we will be gone. 

18 And tbeir words pleased Hataior aid 

igm_ ,_ 

jlia bad delight in Jacob's 

and be tMis 'mora Iionoarable 
tban aU tb« boose oTbU fstber. 

90 Y Aad Hamot aad Shediem Us s«m eane 
onto tbe gate of tbeir ei^, and eommoBosd 
with tbe man of tbeir tiij, Mjing, 

<1 these men ai^peaeeabiewhh on; tb«re- 
fora let them dwell in tbe land, and trade 
tbeftin; for tbe land, beh6td, U U hurge 
•neogbfortbem; let ns take th«lrdaagbters 
to OS for wiTes, aAd let ns glre them our 

ft (hily herein will tbe ittett eonseitt unto 
u M to dwell With HI, to b« oil« people, if 
ereiy male among ns be eireameised, as they 

tS moB hot tbel> eattb and tbeir snb- 
staaoe and OTOiy beast of theirs be oora T 
only let as eonseikt aato tbem, aiid they wlU 
dwell with us. 

M And ftato titamor and nnto Sheebem 
bis son hearkened all that 'went ont of 
at gite of Us eity ; and erery male #as 
tfiwinielsed, all that went tfnt of the gate 
of his ottT. 

fl And It eimi io pass on Vbe tUtd day, 
Wtflm they were sore, that two of the Mtis 
of Jaeob,^ Simeon and Leti, Dinab** bretb- 
rett, ttek eaeh lAan his sword, and cane 
opoB tbe dty boldly, and ttew an tbe 

M And they tlew Hkmor and Bhetfietai Us 
sm with ttte tedge cf the sword, knd loOk 
Dlaah out of Sheobem's boose, and went 

iT Tho ^mi rf Jm««t cww uprm I}mi pliVi . 
■od jiiiiill^ %ht d!jj breaitiie Uicjliul flf- 
Ued tiitip r\wttT. 

Si *nHj in^k ttiHr fl>ce[t, abd i^^ tunn , 

tMy, mti^ »!ibL wMqb tf di La llM BdJ, 
Ht An>l aLI Ibebr wemllh, ftfid ell iht^ Htlit 

4at#, i4»i] tiitti- wiTEd UMik ttrfjf »t]i1ve, ted 
iMlf^i] I'nvn i:r tliBE H^< 1n the ]i«iitf. 

iT*hav4 ^[rauUd pi« 'to iBak» me to Rkslr 
wMn« I1M ItiliaKltauli itl ttii IsihI, 
U* CwunLiEi fccid 1^ F«rtii1lQi = 
tplHf bv ll nniakWKtiiCryfhiil] ^mthrrrtiffrn- 
•clTVi lOntbtiT eeiilT^ii "^. anl llBj p» ) 

and r slMtl n* d " ■ ■ - ' - "— 

91 Atidtfeovii 

»|«e* *■ wU^ « b«r1ak r 


fiW imtdHk Jaeuk f ttlk-d. % B* pvtutk mmm 
iht tttmtk^ f «fc/t-w» ki* k»u$dk»U. aittluM- 
mkmmmUarmtktM. • JMwoik «mA. 8CM 
M wiK* •'■cat m$ Mth.ll. U Hmtkd tntrailmk 
witk £0»jmmin, mtU Jilk im tkt wa$ t» Btk4»- 
kmt, a Tka mm* of Jmaok. 27 JaeU tomttk to 
Jtome at BArmt. 98 Tk* mg*. rf«uA, mmd »wW 

AND Ood said tmto Jaeob, Arise, go op 
to *Beth.el, and dwell there: and make 
tbete aa altar onto God. »tbat appeared onto 
thee 'when thoo fleddest. f^om the fke« of 
Esao thy brother. 

2 Then Jaoob said onto Us ilboosebold, 
and to all that were with him, Pot away 
'the strange gods that ore among yon, nid 
/b« eleaB, and efaange yo&f garments ; 

8 And let as arise, and go np to Betb^I ; 

md I Win taake there an altar unto God, 

4 And they gare onto JaooS all tbe strings 
gods wUeh srare fft ttiMr band, sad «/l fAeir 
"' in tbeir ears; and Ja- 

tbe oak wUeh ««m by 

•earringa whieb m 
eob Ud tbem nd 

6 And theyJoomeyAd: fend 'the tenrw of 
God was opon the cities that «Mre roand 
about tbem, and they did not pursue after 
the sons of Jacob. 

S S6 Jacob eaae to "Lot which 4* fax tbe 
land of Canaan, that U, Beth-el, he and aU 
the people tbst wer» with him. 

7 And he "built there an altar, and called 
tbe tdaecHlEl-betb-el; because 'thera God 
appeared unto him, when bO Hed firom tbe 
Ikce of Us brother. 

8 But >> Deborah Bebekab's narse died, and 
she was buried beneath Beth-el onder aa 
oak: and the name of It was called ■ AUoo- 

- i«G--„ q 

» out of Padaa-aram, and bl 
ed bim. 

10 Aod G«S said nato Utt, Thy name U 
Jaeob: *'thy name shall not be called any 
moi« Jaeob, *but Israel sbaR be thy name ; 
and be ealled his name Israel. 

11 And God said nnto bim. (I «im God Al- 
mighty: be fhdtfVil and moltiply; * a na- 
tion and a oompaay of natiobs shall be of 
thee, and kings shall come out of thy ktins ; 

IS And the land* which I gave Abraham and 
Isaac, to thee I wffl girt it, and t6 thy seed 
after tbee wiU I give tbe land. 

18 And God "«enf op flroiti Urn tt the 
place where be talked with him. 

14 And Jacob 'set up a pillar in tbe plae*» 
where be talked with Um, even a pflfar of 
sicae: aadbepotkredadrtakodbiingtberc- 
on, and be poured oil thereon. 

^v. \ :, ,1 jn o.'i c ined the aaa« of the plaee 
vJirrr (^vA t<]n)if Mtb him, *Betb-el. 

]A T An^ i\»!j Jotttneyed fM»m Beth-d; 
ud ttirre wn but ta little way to come to 
IBphnitb : Kbd KaididtraTttUed, and she bad 

Lull IpihHJUT. 

i1 Apd a i;H)e to pass, ««eii sh« was In 
biird khonr, tiiki the midwife airtd unto bet, 
f ea» ^sl!^t 3 ^ tbm Shalt MkTc tUs son Also. 

10 And H amt to pass, as ber soul was la 
dr^artinCE, i| tv^ flbe died,) that sbe ealled bis 
rhiirti Mitu-WDL: but bis father eaUed Urn 

Anrl *R>t}Ml died, and was boried In 

ftifl «pj lu'Eplrralbi 

91 Aiid Ja«t)l] BBt aplUar upon her gi«Toi 


Tke death of Isaac. 


The kings of Bdotm. 

• Mi*. 4. 8. 

33. 1 U. 

4U. IS. 


85. 8. 


• 1 Our. L as. 



t- TW. 1. 

tlCihr. LSS. 


31 ^ And Israel ymntjtd, Md ■pread hia 
tent M7tad 'tba tow«r oT Ed«r. 

2S And it onote to mm, when ] 

in that land, that Braban want and /lay 
with BUhah hia fether'a eonenbina : and Is- 
rael beard U. Now the aeoa oT Ja«ob were 

S3 The sons of Leah; 'Benben, Jaeob'a 
firstborn, and Simeon, and Leri, and Jodah, 
and Issaehar, and Zebuhm 

24 The wna oT Ra^ ' 

25 And the sou of Bilhah, Baebel's hand- 
maid ; Dan, and MapbtaU : 

26 And the sons of ZUnsh, Leah's band- 
maid; Oad, and Asber. These are the sons 
of Jaoob, wbiab ware bom to him in Padan- 

27 And Jaoob eame onto Isaao Us teOai 
onto AMamre, onto the iAtj of Arba, whioh 
is Hebron, where Abraham a^ Isaae 

28 And the days of Isaao wore a hone 
and foorseore years. 

29 And Isaao gave up the ^loat, and died, 
and iiwas sathered onto hu people, bHng 
old and fUlTof days : and <his sons £saa and 
Jaoob buried him. 


Mtem't/oatitpinCtmamn. 9 B* rtmvwtth to wttm 
Sm: 9 aU imm t lm m f is Snr. 9D !%« «v 
and inka ^ Stir. 81 Tin tinf ^ Mdum^ 
Vu d%km that d-cmdti ifSmm. 

NOW the. 

2 i Esaa took his wives of the daodhters of 
Canaan; Adah the daa^ter of Sion the 
BitUte, and «AhoUb*mah the daughter of 
Anah the daughter of Zibeon the Hirite, 

8 And ilBashemath Ishmael's daughter, 
lister of Nebajoth. 

4 And «Adah bare to Baan EUphaa; and 
Bashemath bare Reoel ; 

6 And AheUbamah bare Jeoab, and Ja»- 
lam, and Korah : these ore the sons of Xsao, 
whioh were bom unto him in the land of Ca- 

6 And Ssan took his wires, and his sons, 
and his daughters, and all the tpersons of 
his house, and bis oatUe, and all his beasta, 
and all his substanoe, whioh he had got in 
the land of Canaan; and went into the 
eoontiy tnm. the &ee of his brother Ja- 

7 /For their Tidies were more than that 
they ml^ dwell together 
wherein they * 

of their oatUe. 

8 Thus dweU Esau in Amount Seir: t'Esan 

9 ^ And these are the generations of Esau 
the (MMr of tthe Edomitea in mount Seir: 

10 ThoM are the names of Esau's sons ; 
iEUphas the son of Adah the wife of Esau, 
Beuel the son of Bash em at h the wiCs of 

11 And tha tons of Eliphai were Teman, 
Omar, > Zniho, and Oatam, and Kenas. 

12 And Timna was eonoubine to Eliphai 
Esau's son ; and she bare to Eliphas < Ama- 
lek : theae tMre the sons of Adah Esan'a 

18 And these are the sons of Beuel ; Na- 
hath, and Zerah, Shammah, and Miasah: 

14 And these were the sons of AhoUbamah. 
the dau^iter of Anah the daughter of Ziba- 

on, Esau's wifb: and she baro to Esau 
ush, and Jaalam, aad Kortit. 
15 1 These were dukes of tha sen 
Esau : the sims of Eliphas the flrstbom son 
of Esau; duke Teman, duke Omar, dnka 

Duke Korah, duke Oatam. and duke 


EUphaa in the land of Edon: these erere 
the sons of Adah. 

17 And these are tha sons of Banel Sana's 
son ; duke Nahath, duke Zerah, duke Sham- 
mah, duke Missah: these are the dukes 
that eame of Beuel in the land of Edom 

dthaaeors the sons of AhoUbamah 

duke Korah: these were the 

emns of AhoUbamah the daughter of Anah, 
Esau's will. 

19 These ore the sons of Esau, who is 
Edom, and these are their dukes. 

20 1 '"These sn-e the sou of Seir "the Ho- 
rlte, who inhabited the land; Lotan, and 
Sbobal, and Zibeon, and Anah, 

21 And Bishon, and Eaer, and Dishan: 
these are the dukes of the Horites, the dtU- 
dren of Seir in the land of Edom. 

22 And the diUdren of Lotan were Hori and 
HHemam ; and Lotan's sister ikm Timna. 

23 And the ehUdren of Bhobal were these; 
H Alran, aad Manahath, and Ebal, " She|>ho, 

24 And these are the ehUdren of Zibeon; 
both Ajah, aad Anah: tUs tews t*at Anah 
that found 'the mules in the wUdemeas, as 
he fed the asses of Zibeon his father. 

25 Aad the ehUdren of Anah imts these ; 
Disbon, and AhoUbamah the daughter of 

26 And these are the diUdrea of Bisbon ; 
iiHemdan, and Eshbaa, aad Itbran, and 

27 The ebiUren of Eaer ore these; Bilhan, 
aad Zaavaa, and H Akaa. 

28 The ohUdrea of Bishaa are these ; Va, 
and Aran. 

29 These are the dukea that eame of the 
Horites; duke Lotaa, duke Bhobal. duke 
Zibeon, duke Anah, 

80 Duke BishoD, duke Eaer, duke IMshan : 
these are the dukes <Aa« eame of Hori, 
among their dukes in the land of Seir. 

31 1 And i>these ore the kiags that reigaed 
in the laad of Edom, before there reigned 
any kiu| over the ohildren of IsraeL 

82 And Bela the son of Boor reigned in 
Edom : and the name of his eity «ms Binha- 

33 And BeU died, and Jobab the son of Ze- 
rah of Boirah reigned in his stead. 

34 And Jobab died, and Husham of the 

of Bedad. who smote Midian in the field of 
Moab, reigned in his stead: and the name 
ofhiseity wosATith. 

36 And Hadad died, aad Samlah of Maare- 
kah reigned ia bis stead. 

37 And Samlah died, and Saul of Behoboth 
fty the rirer reigned in hia stead. 

38 And Saul died, and Baal-hanan the son 
of Aohbor reigned in his stead. 

89 And Baal-hanan the son of A«d>bor died, 
and <Hadar reigaed ia his stead : aad tha 
name of his dty toos ■< Pau ; aad Us wlfs's 
* " ofMa^ 


Brat. 2. IX 

1 Obr. La 


I Or. Jail 

• lChr.l.«L 

I Tke kisiorw of Joteph. 

He ia sold into Egypt. 

I B.C. 



40 Aad tbeM or* i 

41 Duke AhoHh>m»h. dak* Blah, dnk* PI- 

4ai>iik«Ki ^, 

48I>iik0M«gdiel.dnkeIrMn: Uieae i« Um 
dukes of Bdom, a«aordlBg to their hsbto- 
tiooa ia the laod of their pMuaaioa : b« ia 
Xna the flUber ftf tthe EdmaitM. 


fjnaok tmdHk it* to •inl Ai 

traOrm. U 

ITm 6n<Ar«« eoiujnn Am rfM«A. 81 Jr««i(i»«n>- 
•dlA». »TkfMkimt,tkilAmmditm. SI 
Bitttktr. dmmimi if O* Umd^ ciwi, MMrMtA 
/•rij*. XB,UtMt,fit^lLari»Jtagft. 

AND Jaoob dwolt la the land t'wbaraia 

S ThoM €ar0 the geaerattoaa of Jaoab. Jo- 
M^, hting MTeateea yoan old, was fitod- 
iac tba iock with bis brethrsn; aad tho 
lad wu with tho loas of Btlhah, aad with 
SOBS ot Zllpah, his tethor's wiros : aad 
eph hroofht aato his Ihtbor itheir oril 


8 Now Israel lorod Joseph mors thaa aU 
"" " sase be SMM * tho soo of Us 
made him a coat of umi^ 

4 And when bis brethren saw that their fla- 
that loved him more than all his broibren, 
they abated him, aad eoold not spsak peaee* 
ably nnto him. 

i ^ And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he 
told it hfai brethren: and they hated him 
yet the more. 

6 Aad he said unto them, Hear, I pray 
yoo, this dream which I baTO dremned ; 

7 For. 'behold, we were binding sheaTos ia 
the Held, and, lo, my sheaf arose, and also 
stood vprigbt; and, behold, your sheaTos 
stood round about, aad mads obeimaee tc 

And his brethren said to Um, Shalt then 


indeed reign over ust or sbalt 

have domiaion over us? And tber hated 
Um yet the more for bis dreams, and fbr his 

9 And he dreamed yet another dream, and 
told it bis brethren, and said. Behold, I have 
dreamed a dream more ; aad, behold, /the 
sun and the moon and the eleveD stars made 
ebeisaaoe to me> 

10 And be told i< to Us fUher, and to his 
trvtlimi - mvi Vii flither rebuked him, aad 

■ai(3 ti i<-'<.> I 'n tiat is this dream that thou 

lm>ti >i:ru.u, iH ; Ijball I and thy mother and 
f thy 1. 1 L' ihn r II indeed come to bow down our- 
vdf^i I. i I I.Li 1D site earth? 

11 All J '.1iM l^nEluren envied him; but his 
hibrr nuLfiT^. nl Llie sayiag. 

ISl ^ Am] U> - 'irrthtea Went to feed their 
tMbrrV at-fk ,'\ "^tiBoliem. 

la Ami] hroi"! laid unto Joseph, Do not 
U^ r^H'Lkrr'n ibbit the fioek in Sheehem? 
bfUi-r H mi] 1 X 1.L ^nd thee unto them. Antt 
IhdmIiJ iitlibi, Kens am/. 

H AciJ i,r sl^^^ io him, Go, I pray thee, 
rpn »Liril.ii'r n (M weU with thy breth- 

4- *«4a uriUcl 

Hebron, aad he e 

l4 And a rerUlii siaa fmnd him, and, be- 
bMd, k4 IP44 wnoteinc in the Held : aad 

the man asked him, sayiag. What seekest 

16 And he said, I seek qy brethren: fteU 
me, I pray thee, where they feed «*«tr 

17 Aad the man said, They are departed 
hence ; for I heard them say. Let us go to 
Dothan. Aad Joseph went after Us toetb- 
ren, aad found them ia "Dothan. 

18 And when they saw him afer off, even 
before be came near nato tbem, "they eon- 
spired uaiast Um to slay Um. 

19 And they said one to aaotber, Biebold, 
tUs t dreamer cometh. 

20 "Come aew therefore, and let us slay 
ne pit, aad we 
hath devoured 

. see what will become of 

Us dreams. 

21 And 'Reuben heard it, aad he deltvered 
him out of their bands; and said, Let as not 

22 And Reuben said nnto them, Shed no 
blood, hut cast Um into this pit that ia in 
the wilderness, aad lay no haaa upon Um ; 
that ba mi^ rid Um out of their bands, to 
deliver Um to Us Iktber agaia. 

23 ^ And it came to pass, when Joseph 
'his brethren, that they stnp- 

Me coat of numy 

34 Aad tb(7 took Um,^d east Um into a 
pit : aad the pit woe empty, lAere teas no 
water in it. 

25 < And they sat down to sat bread : aad 
they lifted up their eyes aad looked, and, 
behold, a oompany of ''Ishmaelltes came 
from Oilead, with their camels bearing spi- 
eery and 'balm aad myrrh, going to cany it 
1own to Egypt. 

26 And Judah said nnto his brethren. 
What profit it « if we sUy our brother, aad 
' conceal his blood 7 

27 Come, aad let us seU Um to the Isbma- 
)lites, and "let not our hand be upon Um ; 
for he ia *onr brother and 'our llesh: and 
bis brethren twere content. 

28 Then there passed by 'Midiaaites mer- 
ihaatmen ; aad they drew and lifted up Jo- 
seph out of the pit, <*and sold Joseph to the 
Ishmaelites for t twenty jtieeea of silver: 
aad they broui^t Joseph into Egypt. 

29 H And Reuben returned unto the pit ; 
md, behold, Joseph waa not in the pit ; and 
te 'rent his clothes. 

ao And he returned nato Us bretbrea, and 
said. The child <«s not ; aad I, wUtber shall 

And they took * Joseph's coat, aad killed 
a kid of the goats, aad dipped the coat in 
the blood ; 

aa And they sent the coat of Taony colours, 
and they brought it to their fether; and 
said, This have we found : know now wbetiber 
it 6s tby son's coat or no. 
33 And be knew it, and said, Jt ia mv soa's 
ired him; 

ped Joseph out of Us ooat, 
II colours that wos on him ; 

an /evil beast hath devoui._ 

Joseph is without doubt rent ia pieces. 

84 And Jacob ' reat his clothes, and put 
sackcloth upon bis loins, aad mourned for 
Ms son many days. 

85 And all Us sons and all his daughters 
A rose up to comfort him ; but he refused to 

nforted ; and be said. For 1 1 will go 
down into the grave unto my son mourning. 
Thus his fether wept for him. 
96 And ithe Midianltes sold him into Egypt 
unto Potiphar, aa t ofiHoer of Pharaoh's, and 
' captain of the guard. 


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i imt H tk Mr. Oiwm. rnnd SktUtk. 9 Mrm 
4 tmatmr, 8 Tk* trtnoM •' " 

« •/ (Mm. U T» 



AKD it oMiie to IMM M that ttme, ttast 
Jadftb went down fh>m hit brethren, 
ut« 'tanMd in to » oortnia AdaUMatte, 
wboM nniae trnw Hinh. 

5 And Jod&h »tnw ttwn » dMi|^it«r of » 
•ertnia Cnnnnnite, vbote natne trnw *Sfaaah ; 
•ad he took her, nad vent in onto her. 

8 And abe «onoMT«d, and bare a wm; and 
he ealled hia aame dEt. 

i Aadsbe eoneeived again, *ad ban a mb ; 
and ihe called his name *Onaa. 

6 And ihe yet again doneeiT«d. and bare a 
■on; and ealled hia name/Shelah: and he 
waa at Ohealb, when she bare him. 

e And Jadah 'took a wife for Xr Ma irat- 
bom, whos« name mkm Tamar. 

7 And *Er, Jndah'a firstborn, waa wieked 
in the aight of the Lo&o ;< and the Lokd 

8 And Jadah aaid onto Onsn, Go In 
kihj brother'a wife, and many her, aad 
raiae in> aeed to thy brother. 

9 And Onan knew that the ao«d ab«nld not 
be (hia ; and it oame to paaa, when he went 
in unto hia brother'a wife, that be spilled {( 
on the ground, lest that he ahould giro aeed 
to hia brother. 

10 And the thing whieh he did t dltpleased 
the liOKD ; wherefore he slew "him also. 

11 Then Mid Jndah to Tamar his daughter 
a widow at thy bther'a 

ly by the way aide ? And they said, 
waa no harlot in thia piaee. 
92 Aad he returned to Judah. sad aald. I 
cannot And her ; and also the men of the 
piaee said, Ma( tber* wtt n« baiiot in thia 

23 And Judah Said. Let her take tt to her, 
isst we the shamed: behold. I aent tUa 
kid. and thou hast not found her. 

24 And it came to pass about three moatiu 
after, that it was told Jndah, saying, Tauar 
thy daughter in law hath 'ptajed the harlot ; 
aad also, behold, she is with child by wh<»e- 
dom. Aad Jndah said, Btlag her forth. 

in law, 

house, till Shelah my son be grown : for he 
said. Lest petadrenture b« die also, as bis 
brethren did. And Tamar went and dwelt 
*in her fother's bouse. 

12 1 And t in process of time th« daughter 
of Shush JudA's wlfo died; and Jndah 
''was comforted, and went up unto his 
sheepsbearers to Tlmnath, he and hia fHend 
Hira!L the Adullamite. 

18 And It waa told Tamar, aaytnc. Behold, 
thy father in law goeth up f to Tlmnath to 
ahear hia sheep. 

14 And she put her widow's garments olT 
from her, and eorercd her with a vail, and 
wrapped herself, and ' sat in t an open plaoe. 
which is by the way to Timnath ; for *tae 

saw 'that Bhelah was grc 

lot giren unto him to wife. 

15 When Judah saw her, he tbooght her to 
b« a harlot ; because she had eorered bar 

]ti ALd 1^ lurq^Hl cmto her by the wiy, 

ibJ uLtl. e>« t«, I [irkj tbe«, let nw oome In 

' i> i\k^n - tar iu\ ktitH net that she IMM 

<J«qfthtn \m iiw. And sbe said. What 

il4a [Itq mi, thai tbtftt ttaytst oome In 

J nwf 

.^nd ba Mid. (twin send thee ta kid 
tram itiF Insk. And she Said, *Wllt thou 
gf Tn m a j^ir&ff, tllj iboU send it t 
-■ Aail IjB RolJ, Wbat pledge shall I giro 
1 Ami Am rbUk "Thy signet, and thy 
tiitiH miKi. i},y italf that U in thine 
baud. Ab4 bfl fnvir it her, and came in 
iiDiv bET, mbi 1^ [Hi[k[ieiTed by him. 
1!> Si\<H BtiB ur^pv, and went away, and 
'i^td bjr Wt isll tr-jtn her, aad put on the 

-[■FBifim i 4jC liE r *r| d'lwbood. 

9^ J^r-l JariiS, dmt Ehekid bytbe Umd of 
;l^ 4r-iHi».] t\,a AiLi^Lunite, to reeelTe hie 
ti'jM Um puuub'shand: tnithefonad 


21 Thm be asked th4 ntea of (hat (ilaee, 

her fkther in law, saying, Br the man, wliose 
these itre, am I with child: and she said, 
k Diseem, I jpray thee, whose are these, * the 
■tenet, aad braeeleu, tad staff. 
26 And Judah i< acknowledged thelm, aad 
said, 'She hath been more rl^teMs tban I ; 
because that /I gave her not to Sbeteb a^y 

son. And he knew her agate ' no 
27 And it came to pass fa the tii 
trataU, that, behold, twins were fa her 

e time of her 


28 And it oame to pasi 

Oiat Me one put «ut 

midwife took and 1>ound apon his band a 
scarlet thread, saying, This eame out first. 

29 And it came to pass, as be drew Iwck 

and she said, RHow hast thou broken forth ? 
tAis breach be upon thee: theivfore Us 
aame was ealled n t Phares. 
80 And afterward came out hia brother, 
Uml had the scarlet thread upon his hand : 
and his name was called Zarah. 


Xomjpk, edvanead tm Polt/ilar'j io«M, "t ruitHtk 
AuimMrm'tmplatioK. VSHiitfaUilgttnuml. 

AITD Joseph was brought down ta Xgypt ; 
and 'Potlphar, an offieer cf Fbaraoh, 
captafa of the guard, an Egyptian, t bought 
him of the bands of the Ishmaditep, which 
had bnugfat him down tUther. 
2 And *tbe Lord was with Joseph, and he 
iras a prosperous man ; and he was fa the 
house of his master the Egyptian. 

8 And his master saw that the LOXD wtu 
wiA him, and that the Lord tfmade all 
that he did to prosper in his hand. 

4 And Joseph 'found naoe in bis sight, 
md he setTed him : and be made him /orer- 
leer orer his house, and all that he had be 
rat toto his hand. 

5 And It eame to pan firom the time that 
he had made him OTcrSeer in his house, and 
orer all that he had, that 'the LoRO bless- 
ed the EsTptlan's house for Joseph's sake ; 
■ad the Messing of the LORD was upon i^ 
that he had in the house, and in the field. 

ft And he left an that be had in Joseph's 
hand ; aad he knew not aught he had, save 
the bread which Ite did eat. And Joseph 
*was a goodly per eon, and weR ftkvoured. 

7 Y And it eame to pass after these thines, 
that his master's wife cast her eyes upon Jo- 
>h : and she said, VLie with me. 
But be refVised, aad said unto Us maa* 
tor's iHfe, Behold, my master woUeth aofk 
what it with me fa the house, aad he bttfc 
ooraitaitted all that he halh to asT hand ; 

9 n«ra Is B«ae grsKtet ta fhts tarnia «ii«> 

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Pharaoh's butier and baker. 


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I; MitiMr bath b* kept bMk uy thia( 
from ma bat tbee, beoftOM tboa ar< bia 
" Abow tban Mtt I do Utia past wiokad- 
•ad <8iB againat God ? 

10 And U eama to pMa, aa aba apaka to Ja- 
aepb dM bj day, tbat ba baarkanad m4 oats 
bar, to Ua by bar, «r to b« witb bar. 

U And It eaBM to pMa aboot tbU tlmo, 
tbat Jottph want into tba bonaa to da bia 
baalneia; and MarawaaMaaaf tbamaaaf 
tba boose tbera witbin. 

IS And "■•ba aaagbt bim by bia garmaat. 
aaying, Lia witb ma : aad ba laft bia gar- 
~ it in bar band, and flad, aad |o4 Urn 

Aadttaama topaaa.vbaa abaaawtbat 
be bad laft Ua gannant in bar band, aad 
-ras flad fortb, 

14 Tbat aba eallad unto tbe toea of bar 
baase, aad apyca oata tliam, aajriag, Sea, 
be batb bnai^ ia a Hebiaw onto aa to 
mock us ; ba eama in onto me to Ua witb ma, 
and I eried witb a tioad Toiea : 

U And it oame to paas, wbaa ba beard tbat 
I UfUd ap my voiea aad eried. tbat he left 
bia garment witb me, aad fled, and got bim 

16 And sbe laid up bis ganwni by bar. 
until bis lord oame home. 

17 Aad abe "spake onto bim aeeordiag to 
tkaae words, saying. Tbe Hebrew aenraat. 

unto me to moek me 

18 And ifc came to paas, as I lifted up a^y 
Toiee and eried. tbat be left bia garment 
witb aw, aad fled out. 

19 Aad it eame to pass, iriwn his master 
heard tba words of bis wif^ wbleb sbe spake 
unto bim, sayiag, After this BMumet did Ibgr 

fM ; tbat his "wrath was kindled. 
leiA's master took bim, and ''pot 

_ . • boaad: and he was 

there ia tbe prison. 

the LOKD was with Joseph, aad 

blag's prisoaers a 
bereiatbei ' 
21 YButti 

id*'gaare b 
.. ^jreft^pi 

28 Aad tbe keeper of tbe p ' 
ted to Joaeph'a head aU tbe 
Hwre ia the prison ; and wl 
did there, ba was tba deer o/ 

23 Tbe keeper of the priaoa looked aot to 
any tbiag that wo* uader his bead ; beoaose 
(the LOKD was with him, aad that wbidi be 
did, the LOBO made U to prosper. 


tpk JUti Marft •/ •*«■. a a* inttt 
(Mr ilivwM. A iJiitk 

AND it eamk to pass after these thiags. 
Mat the 'bBtler of tbe king of Egypt 
aad Ms baker bad oOeaded tb^ lord the 

Hr>rnf P — -A. 

i AFii i-LHxaab wai & ^rv^i astjiul^ two o/ 
bW ot^^Ti, a«aliui tbe sUVti <d ylM Inatlera, 
and a<«tD4i iJ^ diler tt Urn btkfrs- 

a^Aibt] h* |Hii iii*c;i :Ei -^^r", in cite booae 

''Trdlst wbert J[rfr)j^ f'^* t>»iidr 
i Jud U* f inn i»r L|4 [Tiiud chatgad 
Ja«ai««l£i^aL<lk<<»^«dtbeB: aad 
tb^ awtMttsfd a f*ui4 tB w4 ■ 
* 1 Aaid thfj 4tr^«mE(l B. iTttta both of 
tbmmv. r*eU n[*it ftii* drfl«m in DOKnlsM, eaab 
naa A^wrrtmi; Lr^ Oh iBCirpniHtliiD of Ua 
itnm. U' tniiJrr ojiS thi hat'^!' nf ihe Uag 
(if F^cFT^i wliBBti it^Tf bvnut In Uh prison. 

6 Aad Joecph eame ia uato them in tbe 
moraiag, and looked upon tbeii, and, be- 
bold, tbey leere sad. 

7 Aad be aakad Pharaob'a oflleers that «eei^ 
with him ia tbe ward of bis lord's bouse, 

"■ today? 
e hare 
o inter- 
of it. Aad Joeeph a 
'l>aaotiaterpi«iatioBsMeiHrtoOodT tell 

wwa nun la toe warn oi ma loru ■ w 
saying. Wherefore t look ye se sadly to ( 
8 Aad tbev said uato him. 'We 
dreamed a dream, aad lAsre U no i 

■eph, and said to him, la my dream, behold, 
a Tine woe before me ; 

10 Aad in the rine (Mrs three branebes : 
and it waa as though it budded, and ber 
blossoms shot fortb ; aad tbe «laater« there- 
of brooght forth riue grapes : 

11 Aad Pbaraeh's cap mus in my band) 
and I took the grapes, and pressed them iato 
Pbaraeb'a oup, and I gave the eup iato Fba- 
laob's band. 

12 Aad Joseph said unto bim, /This is tbe 
inteepieUtion of it: Tbe three branebes 
'are three days: 

13 Yet wittila three days shall Pharaoh 
!> AliA up thine bead, and restore thee unto 
thy place ; aad thou shalt deliver Pharaoh's 
oup into his hand, after the former maa- 
ner when thou wast bis butler. 

14 But t. think on me when U shall be weU 
witb tbee, and *shew kiodaess, I pray thee, 
unto me, and make meatioB of me unto Pha- 
raoh, and bring me out of this bouse : 

15^ For iadeed I was atolea away out of the 
Und of tbe Hebrews : iaad here alao haTo 1 
done nothing that tbey should put me into 

16 Wben tbe diief baker saw that tbe inter- 
pretatiea was good, he said uato Joeeph, I 
also teas ia my dream, aod, behold, I had 
three ■ white baskets on mV head: 

17 Aad in the uppermost basket lAere teas 
ot aU manner of tbakemeats for Pharaoh; 
aad tbe birds did eat tbem out of tbe basket 

upon my h 

ts tbe. interpretation thereof: The three 
baskets are three days : 

19 "Yet within three days shaU Pharaoh 
uilft up thy bead from off tbee. and shaU 
hang tbee on a tree ; and the birds shall eat 
tlqr aeab f^om off tbee. 

2U Aad iteame to pass tbe third day. toMeA 
ivos Pharaoh's "birthday, that he ''made a 
faaat aato aU bis serraau : aad be uplifted 
up tbe head of the chief butler aad of tbe 

21 And he ''restored the ebief butler anto 
bia bntlerabip again, and 'be gave tbe cap 
into Pharaoh's band ; 

22 But be (baaged the chief baker : as Jo- 
seph had taterprated to tbem. 

23 Yet did not tbe diief butter nmember 
Joseph, but " forgat him. 


imttnrtl. 9 J—fk is hrm^kt/r^m orimm, tS 
•wi \nUrnrtlMk tAnt. 33 ff« ilt-lk flmrtk 
9nm»d.»mmdUmfwthtlai»d. mHtgmlk- 
tr»lK uf food. SO Tk* kiHh o/ JfomMM* amd 
Xykmiim. Sa Tk*/»mi»thai»»Hk. 

AND it came to pass at tbe ead of two 
fiiUyeara,thatPba(aobdieaawd: aad, 
behold, be stood by the river. 
S Aad, behold, there oame up out of the 
rlrar sersn well fbTonred kiae and lat- 

fleebed; aad tbey M ia a aMadow. 
S Aad, behold, serca eshar Uaee 

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adtr thMS tiU of tbe rlvsr. itt fewmNAMid 

1MB the brtatk of tb« rhm. 

t And the ill ftirowed ud leaa-fleefaed 

d eM OB the MTOB irell f 4T«ared and 
fktkine. SoPhanok 

6 And he elept Mid 
time: and, bebotd, ■eTea«M> of 
np upon one etnlk, *imnk and good. 

A And. behold, eeren tUn ewa wu| hUated 
with the out wind ■pning npnCter tiienu 

7 And (he eeren thin enn devoured the 
■eren rank and foil eara. And Pharaoh 
awoke, and, behold, it wot a dream. 

8 And it eaoM to paas In the morning 'that 
waa (ronbledt and be aen* and 

his spirit «i 


'wise I 

asagieiane of Egfpt, 
a thereof t and Fhai 


aU the 



»f Tbanapak»tiM«b(er)Mtler onto Pha* 
raoh, aa^g, I do remember my fanlta thia 

lu Pharaoh waa 4wo«hwlth hia aenwita, 
'and put me In wKd in the eutaln of-the 
gnard^s honae. boih me and the eUef bake* : 

11 And / we dieanMd a drcam in 000 night, 
I and be; we drea m ed eaA man MaonUng 
t»tbe intarpretalion of hU dream. 

18 And th0r» mkm therewith na a yooag 
man, • Hebrew, ' aarrant to the eaptain of 
the guard ; and we told Um, and be *^ inter, 
preted to us oar dreams ; to eaeh man aa- 
oording to his dream be did interpret. 

18Anditoametopaa8,*aa he taiterpreted 
to us, so it waa ) aM be leatond ante mine 
ofiee, and him be hanged. 

14 1 4 Then Phanoh sent and ealled Jeaeph, 
and tb^ tibronght him baatiW •■oat of the 
dungeon: andheaharedAi«»«e(/,«ndebang- 
ed tOa xatasentrand eamalnnnto Pharaoh. 

1» And Pbamob aaid nnto Joseph, I bare 
dreamed a ^baam, and t^$rt ia non* that 
ean interpret it : *and I hare haavd say of 

to interpret It. 

M And Jeaeph answered Pharaoh, aaying, 
•A^ naiia mot 'God shaU give Phanoh 
an answer of peaoe. 

17 And Pharaoh aaid onto Joaepb. «In my 
dream, behold, I stood npen the bank of the 

18 And, behold, there eame ap out of the 
river seven kine, tat-iesbed and well fhvoor- 
ed ; and they fed in a meadow : 

19 And, behold, seven other kine same np 
poor and very Ml bvenrod and 

— •- - I neier saw In aU (be 


r (hem, pa 
rfleshed. w 

aOAnd&leannnd (las 
did eat up (be firs( seven 

tl Aiftd wten they had teaten them up. It 
eonld not be known (ha( (bey had eaten 
tbnn I tat (hey were atiU lU &v««red, as at 
the beginning. 8o I awoke. 

22 And I saw in my di«ain» and, behold, 
seien owes c4me np In ooa staU^.tUl and 

28 And, behold, aeven ears, a withered, 
thin, and blaeted with (he eas( wind, sprung 
up after them : 

24 And the thin ears devoured the seven 
good ean: and 'Itold Mis nnto the magi- 
olaBBt bat «A«re «e«a none that eould dis. 
olan it to me. 

85 1 And Jeeeph eaid unto Pharaoh, The 
dnam-of Pharaoh te one: fGt>dha«b atev 
ed Pharaoh wha* ha is nbeni (o do. 

M The amran •aod Unn «ra aavaa ynara ; 

the dream it <nie. 

nAaA the aeven thin and lU fhveaed Une 
that oame up after (hem ore aeven yean) 
and (be aeven empty enn Masted with the 
eaa( wind ahaU be iseven yean of famlno. 

28 "Thia is the thing whloh I have ^tokan 
: whatOodta abaul (o do 1m 

39 Behold, (hen aoma "aevenyean of great 
plen^ througfaout aU (be land of Egyp( : 

80 And (ben shall Varise after them seven 
yean of fhmine ; and all (ho plen(« shall )>a 
forgotten in-(ha land ef£cyp*( aad(taefiunp 
ine 'shall oonsome the land ; 

81 And (be gttntj ahall not be known In 
the land by reason of that faaainofollgwing; 

nnto Pharaoh (wiee; i«abeeause (be "thing 
ia iioB(aUiabed by God, and Ood wiU abortly 
bring i((a pass. 

38 Now (bereftee la( Pharaoh look ou( a 
flian diaeMetnnA wise, and set him ovwr the 

84 Lei Riaraoh do <iU«. and let him apn 
point Kodloers over the land, and iuke up 
theifth paHof (be land of BgiTpt in the seven 
plenteous yean. 

85 And «let (hem gather all (he fiiod of 
thoaei * 
keep food in the oiUes. 

88 And (ba( food ahall be fbr atora (o the 
land againat (be aeven yean of fhmlne, 
wbieb shall be in (he land of £gyp( ; that 
the land 1 4 perish not (hnugh th« famine. 

87 t And *tte thing was good in the eyes 
of Phanoh, and in the eyes of all hia aarv^ 

88 And Pharaoh' said unto Ub servants. 
Can WW llnd aw«A a on* as this is, n man 
/in wUom the spfarU of Qod ie r 

89 And Pharaoh said unto Joaepb. Foraa* 

is none so disene(M»d.wiae aa (hou art i 

40 'Tboa abal( be over my bouse, and a»< 
ooeding unto (by word shall all my people 
tba ruled: onfy in (he (hsone wiU Il>e 
gnater (ban (hou. 

41 And Pharaefa said unto Joaepb. See, I 
have Aset (bee over all the land or£gypt. 

48 And Pharaoh t'(ook off bis ring from hia 
hnnd» and ptt( i( upon Joeei^'a band, and 
t amy ed him in vestures of H fine linen, ' and 
pu( a gold chain about his neok ; 

43 ^nd h«made him to ride in (he seooad 
chariot which he had; <"aud (hey cried be- 
fion him. *Bow (he knee : and he made Um 
nU»r "evwaU ttto land of £gyp(. 

44 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph. I am 
^tprneh. and wi(faea( (bee ahall no man 
lift np bU band or fooi in aU (he land of 

40 And Pharaoh called Joseph's name 
Zaphnatb.paaneah ; and he gave him to wife 
h ssnath the daughter of Pott-pherah " ^ '^ 

of On. And Joa^ want -^ 

land of Kgypt. 

% And Jeeeph woe thiiiy years old when 

"stood befbn Phunoh king of Egypt. 

IJeeepkventnot fhmi.the pnienoe of 

Pharaoht^andwwK (hro«gbg«( all (ha land 

If Egypt. 

47 And in the seven plenteous yean the 
MCtb bnngto ft»(h by baadfUls. 

48 And be gathered up aU tba food of (he 
seten ytoan^ wbioh went in the land of 
Egypt, and laid 19 Iba food in tba cUisa: 



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Birth of JoaepVs tiHU. 

Jae^'M out Im p i - to ewW 

B.C.17U. itheli 


ifk 10S.M. 

■ dLAC A 
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•Tvry etty, laid b* up In Mm mbm. 
4» And JoMph KM&ei^ed wn I'M Mm mi4 

'oftbeM«,t«r '" — ...-.— ^ - 

iar; IbrMtM 

I 60 f And onto Joseph ««i« born two soHf 
I before tbe yt»n of fcaiiae «w*e : whtch A' 
i «BMh the (kusiiter of PoU-pterah >pri«et 
Ob bmn unto him. 

And Joeeph «Klled tbe BMRfl or the in(- 
1 BMatiAaMb : For Ood, taid lie, hMli 
mde BM forget all mj leU, Bad bH aiy fl^ 

Sa Aad tbe bum of the M«end eaUed hv 
iKpbraim: FerGodliMh eaused me to b* 
-flruitMfBtbeltedetBiy ~ 
hi ^ Asd tbe aereB yean 
ibat waa Ib the land oTEgj 
(4 * And the a^ea yean o< 

land of £npt there waa bread. 
66 Aad «teB idl tbe land or Bnpt -MM fuB- 
Ubed, tbe people eried to Fbaraoh Km breod > 
and Pharaoh mid unto all tbo EGrptians, 

66 And tbe «iMBe was ever 
oTIbe earth: aiM Joaepb Opened taU tbe 
slorehoaae*, asd'^aold unto tbe Bmtlano; 
aad tbe fandae wased sore te tbe land 

CT^Aad an eonalries eaaM toto Bgntt to 
Joaeph for to bay earn t K c a a s e that tba 
(taiae mu ae wre Ib all lands. 

Jmaai tmJar h Mt im mm m toy Mra U Mfrf. 
10 rUr art ^m r im mt d tf Jaiipk m» m«w .■ U 
imtmnmtml liStrtf. m tmmJilia* tJuu tka ^"9 
amiomin. U Tluir rtmtrm on acanrntW J'^ 
-fk. U8imm»itttfttmfttJ-f*. SSftrytw- 
Hnm%ommwilktorm.mmtwfiilK>irtmim*i. tt 
nmr n/itrt to Jamik. iO Jmmi ty/tmk t» om^ 

NOW When •Jaeob aaw thai thoT* waa 
eora Ib Inlrt, iaoob aald unto hta aoas, 
Wfaj do je looFone npon aaothrr 7 
S Aad he laid. Behold, I hare beard that 
thaw la eorn in Bcrpt : ge 
er, aad bay for «a fhwi 
BWT titre, aad aot die. 
f- *- 'T- --••,'• ten- 


liniB, Joseph's braOMr, Jaeob 
I Ma brethren) for he ssM, 

' . Dtore niscbler befoll him. 

<"-nt of Itrael eame to boy a^m 

I, a W lir I f 

kiL.j, n:. i „n ^loaa that sold to all Che peo- 
pt^ '■,'' K-^ b«d: and Joaeph't tarethren 
etLinf ni .1 /h«wed dowB tbemaelves before 
k/u, i^fS i-o'lrfiMeatotbeeafth. 

^^.i J xqib Mw his brethren, aad be 
k?i'-> ^i<''Ui , but made himself strange vnto 
,, luid ipd(e tioai^ aata tbefiii aad 
. .■MwDtotbem.VrbeaeaaeaMye? Aad 
fitor wMi Vy«B the bad af Oaaaaa to bay 

■iih '■ 

' VTw' 4)1 tli*w, aad said nato 
■■■■ '■jiAfr-, (4 M4 the aakedaeaa of 

■y silfl npii] him, Nay, my lord, 
iK.-i tfaj ■Mcnraals some. 

MtfM^ tSij terfVBlt be bu ipUo. 

M ABdbeBalAnBtothan^Kl9,ba»to■o• 
the Bakedaess of the land ye are eome.> 
1» And they said* ngr aervaaCs are twelve 
— - — -"- — ereaeawalnthelaador 

I aad, behold, tbe yw i agaa t <• thlH 
day with our folber, *ad oae *U not. 

14 And Joseph tald aata tbem, TbMfo M 
tbat^ 1 spake aau yea, emrliw, Ya araapiea : 

1& Hereby ye gbaa be prartd: 'BytheUM 
ernwraoli ye shall not go forth benee, ea* 
eep« year yeuagasi hrMhar aoaw Mtbe*. 

16 bend one of yon, aad let fbteh year 
h«Nber«aad ye slMdl batk^pi la prtsea. 
that your words nay be proved, wbatbs* 
tk0rt *• «Myirath ia yoo> or else bytho 
life of Pharaoh surely ye are splea. 

IT Aad betpB»Uiam all together lata ward 

18 AnTjoeetrti tM «at« them the «bM 
day. Tilts do, asd Kve; kfar 1 foar Gad : 
la-Kye te trae Men; tet one of year bretl^ 

rea be bound ia the boose of your priioa t 
go ye, carry eora for tbe luaine of your 

20 But 'briBg ywn* youiig e s i f brother nato 
me ; so shall your words be verMed, and Ve 
•iiall «M «e« Aad they did aa. * 

II Y And they aald eae ta another. "We 
«r« rerily guilty ooaaeraiag our brother, la 
that %e taw tbe aagalsh of Ms sool, when be 
besought us, aad we waaMaec hear ; *tfaere' 
fore ia thUdisireaa aeam apso at. 

SI Aad Beubea aasweiwd tbeuH saytag, 
•Spake I aot aata you, sagriaA Be not sia 
against tbe child ; and ye woukl aot hear t 
thetafore, bshoM, also Ua bleed ia J'ic- 

S8 Aad they kaew aet thai JosMb nader- 
' r t he spalM aata tbem by aa 

H And be turned himself about tnm tbem, 
aad «ept V aad raanaed to ihearagahM aad 
eoaimvnad with them, an4 took from them 
SimcoB, aad bound him before their eyes. 

15 turn - Jeoeph aoouaaaded to W their 
saeks with eora, aad to rasters ereryman's 
moaey iBta-bit sack, aad^la gHa theat pra- 
rWsa for tba way: aadlthus did be uaU 

M And they ladsd thafar asset whh the 
corn, and departed thenoe. 

tr And as 'one tf tham opeaed his sack to 
gtva his aaa aroreadsr la tba iim, he espied 
Ida moaey ; 6>r, beboU, it woe la bU sack's 

M Aad be said unto bis bNlknB. My 
BM»ey to reatored ; and, lo, « <« erea la aqr 
saak: aad thair bear* ^Called Meat, aad 
they were afraid, saytag one to another, 
What <r this Mat Ood hath doaa ante as 7 

» f And they cam* unto Jaeob tbeir fotber 
wta the toad of Caaaaa, and tald Mm all 

that befoll ante them ; aaytag, 

80 Tba nam, take is the lard of the laad, 
\a trooghly t< 

of the oouatry. 

81 Aad we said unto hlo^ We mn traa 
Nea; wa are no spies : 

«S Wa bt twelTs brvthrea, apaa of ear fo^ 
ihar; eae <« aot, and the yauagesi 4a thia 
fevr with oar fother ta tbe laad. of Caaaaa. 

88 Aad the maa, the lord of tbe oouatry, 
said nato aa^ (Hstfehjrshall I kaow that ye 
art true m*n{ leave one of year " * 
here wttb me, aad take food far tt 
of your heus^bolds, and be goue i 

84 And brine your yeongeat brother 
BM : then shall I kaow thafc ye ars ao s] 
taKhotya are traa MMM^ "" * " 

sfc ye ars ao spiea, 
r sawiUX itoUrar 

Jac9^ gemtftk Bmfomin. 


Joseph** brethren edfraUti 

Pra*. 18. W. 

. eh. 37. 23, 

jM joar bnrtber, ud y fhaU-tnOck 

m And It «uie to mm u tb«j emptied 
tlieir Meka, thM, behold, -'•rery mao'a baa" 
die of taamaj mmm in bU Mck : and wltea 
6oth xhKj and (heir (luher m« (be bmidlM 
of monejr, (bey wwe afnid. 

8U ijkd JMob (beix fMber Mid onto tben. 
Me b*Te ye 'betwiTod of my cAiUren .■ Je- 
■eph t« not, and JMmeon U not, and y viU 

;t7 And Benben apake nato kit father, aay 
iag, Slay my two eons, if I bring him not to 
(bee : deliver blm into my hand, and I will 
brine bim to tbee aeain. 

as lad he aaid, My aon ateU not go down 
with you ; Car *hia brother ia dead, and h« 
ia lert akwo : "if miaofaief bebOl him by the 
way ia the whi«di ye go, tben ihall ye tbriog 
down my gray haira with aoirow to (be grare. 


Jmnh U hanUg pmimd»t f und Btnjtnmi*. U 
JotfK ttUtriattutK Am hntkrm. 31 U* makttk 
tlunn a]tau. 

AND tbo famina woa * aore in tb« land. 
'1 And it eame to paaa, when they bad 
eaten op (be oom whieh they had bwugbt 
•at of Kgypt, their tether aaid unto tbem, 
Go againTiKiy ua a little food. 

8 And Judah apake onto bim, aaying. The 
man t did aolemnly proteat unto ua, aaying. 
Ye aball notaee my bee, ezeept year t bleth- 
er fra with you. 

4 It thou wilt a<md oar brother with oa, we 
will go down and bay theo food : 

6 Bnt if thou wUt not aend Aim, we wiU not 
go down : for the man aaid unto ua, Te aball 
not ace my faoe, except your brotbar 6a with 

And larad aaid. Wherefore dealt ye «• ill 
with me, <u to tell the man whether ye bad 
yet a brother ? 

7 And they aaid. The man taaked oa 
atraitly of our atate, and of oar kindred, aay* 
ing, M your flatber yet alive ? bava ye «u»- 
otJier brother r and w« told Mm aceordlagto 
the t^tcnor of theae words, t Could we eer- 
tainly know that be would aay. Bring your 
brother down 7 

8 And Judah aaid unto larael hia fMber. 
Send tbo lad with me, and we will ariae and 
go ; that we may live, and not die, both we> 
and tbon, awl also oor little ones. 

01 willbeauretyfor Um; ofmyhaadahalt 
thou require liim : 'if I bring bim not unto 

10 For ezoept we bad llageMd. autely now 
wo bad retorned u thla aeoood time. 

U And their father larael aaid untA them. 
If it iHMt be ao now, de tbia; take of the 
beat fraiu in the land in your veaaela, and 
^ carry down the man a preaent, a little 
'balm, nnd a little honey, apioeo and myrrh, 

13 And take double money in Tour haad ; 
and the money /(hat waa brougfat again in 
the mouth of your aacka, carry it again in 
your band; peradveature it waa an over^ 

Take aleo your brother, and ariae, gp 
again unto the man : 

14 And Ood Almighty give you merey be* 
Core tbe man, that be may aend away your 
other brother, and Benjamin, l 'If I 1m be- 
reaved of my ehitdren, I am bereaved. 

16 Y And the men took that preeeat, and 


tb^ took dooblo mon^ ia tbelr band, and 
Benjamin ; aad roae up, and went down to 
" pt, aad atood before Joacph. 

Aad when Joaeph aaw Benjamin with 
them, be aa^ to the * ruler of hia bouae. 
Bring th»t* aaen home, aad taUy, and 
make ready ; fbr (Aaaa men aball tdlae with 
me at noon. 

17 And the man did aa Joaroh bade ; and 
the maa lirought the men into Joaeph'a bouae. 

18 And the men were aA«id, beeauae tbcgr 
were brought iato Joaeph'a bouae ; aad they 
aaid, Beeauae of the money that waa retura- 
e4iia our aaeka at the brat time are we 
brought ia; that be may taeek ooeaaioD 
againat ua, and fikU upon na, aad take ua Sor 
bondmea« aad oor aaaea. 

M Aad they oaoM ne«r to the ateward of 
Jeaepb'a botue, and they communed with 
bin at the door of the bouae, 

SO And aaid, O air, tt'we eame iadeed 
down at tbe fint time to buy fbod : 

21 And kit eame to pasa, when we eame to 
the inn, (bat we opened oor aacka, aad, he- 
boid, every man'a money tvaa in the mouth 
of hia aack, our money in full weight: and 
«e have biongbt it again in our band. 

22 And other money have we brought down 
in our baada to buy fbod : we cannot tell 
who pot our money in our aacka. 

2"^ And he aaid, Feaee be to yon, fsar not : 
y«ur <Jod, and tike (ilod of your fiatber, bath 
^veo you treaaure in your aacka T^I had 
year money. And be protigfat 
unto them. 

24 And the man brought tbe men into Jo- 
aeph*^! booae, and 'gave tkem water, aad 
(hey waahed their feet ; aad be gave their 
aaaea provender. 

2i> And tbey made ready the preaent against 
Joseph eame at noon : fbr they beard that 
they ahoold eat bread there. 

89 ^ And when Joaeph came boose, tbey 
brought bim the preaeat whieh ikm in their 
band into tbe booae, aad "bowed tbemaelvea 
to him to tlM cartti. 

27 Aad he asked them of their tweUhre, 
and aaid, t /« your father well, the old maa 
•• of whom ye apake ? A be yet aUve T 

28 And they answered, Thy servant our fl»- 
thea. it la good health, he ia yet allve. 
oAnd tbey bowed down tbelr beada, and 
made obeiaaace. 

29 And he lifted op Itia eyea, and aaw hia 
brother Benjamin, ''hia mother'a aon, and 
aaid, le this your yonager brother, Vof whom 
TO apake unto me? And he aaid, Ood be 
(ractoua unto thee, my eon. 

ao And Joaeph made baate ; Ibr ''hia bowela 

did yearn upon hia brother : and he aougfat 
-•■—' "- weep; and he enteied into hie 
aad 'wept there. 

where to x 

81 And he waahed hia fbce, aad weat out, 
and reftttiaed himaelf, aad aaid. Set on 

82 Aad tbey set on fbr him by himaelf aad 
for them by tbemadTes, aad for the Egyp- 
Uana. whieir -"-' "A with him, by tbemaelvea : 
beeauae the lane might not eat bread 
with the He ; for that <a • aa abeoina- 
tion onto tt )tiaaa. 

83 And tb before him, tbe Bratbom 
aecordiagti rtbright, aad tbe yooageat 
aeeording t.^ oath: aad tbe mea mar- 
velled one ac a^^Jier. 

at And he took aitd tent meaaee unto them 
from before htm: but Beqjaaia'a meaa waa 
ao moeb aa any of theilra. And 
, aad t were mercy with bim. 


Su ptiictf to 4tajf them. 

He rnaketh hxmaelf known. 


iiwlu mipplitatim 

AND be «oiaiBMidad tthe stowsrd of Ut 
Kdom. MylBg. FUI the men'tameiMwUh 
food, «a mneti u they can can?, and put 
tmrj man'a OMBej In bi» aaok'a noath. 

5 And pnt my eap, Um ailrw cap, in Ow 
••ek'a BMiatb «r the yw ig en , and bis' aocn 
aonaj. And be did a«oordinK to tbo word 
tfant JoMirii had ap^tea. 

8 Aa aooa as lb* moming iraa Hgbt, tha 
men were lent awav, the; and their 

4 And when 

eity, and not 
bis stewaid * 

when thou . , 

Ihern, Wbereftwe have 39 ivwavded erll far 

6 2« not this « in whidk my lord drinketb, 
aad vberebj indeed he idtrinetbr j* have 
done eril in so d(4ng. 

6 And be overtook theu, asd be spake unto 
ttiem tbisi same words. 

7 And they said unto him. Wherefcre satib 
if^Ierd tbeee wordsT Qod forbid that thy 

oerding to this thing: 
iy, wbub we fonnd fn 

Ihee out of the Und of Canaan : how theta 
sboold we steal out oftby lord's boose silretr 

9 Wttb whaassooTmr of thy senranta U be 
fMwd. » both let bbn die, and we also will be 

my I 

V> And he said. Now also («( U 6e I 
mto year words : be with whom it 


t is foond 

mysenrant; and ye shall ba blame- 

11 TbsB tb^ speedily took down erery man 
his saek to the ground, and opened oTSty 
man his saek. 

It And be searehed. and began at the dd- 
aat.aad left a* the yoongeat: and the m^ 
was fhnad in BenjaOiin's saek. 

13 Then they <rent their dotbes, and 
laded every man bis ass, and returned to 

14 t And Jndah and bis brethren oame to 
Jee^^'s boose; for he waa yet there : and 
tbey <l fell before him on the ground. 

15 And Jbaepb said unto them. What 
deed is this that ye bare done? wot ye not 
that snob a man as I ean csrtainly «dt- 

le And Jodah said. What ahaU we say unto 
mylerd? what shall we speak 7 orhowsban 
we dear ourselTes 7 God bath found out the 
iniquity of thy serrants: behold, *we are 
my lord's servanU, both we, and As also 
wttb whom the eop is found. 

17 And he said, /Qod forbid that I Should 
do so: tec the man in whose band the eup 
is found, he shall be my servant ; and as 
for you, fst you up in pease unto your 

18 ^ Then Judab eame near unto him, and 
snld, my lord, let thy serrant, I pray 
tbea, speak a word tn my lord's ears, and 
«lotno« tMno anger bom against thy serr- 
ant : far tbou art even as Pliaradi. 

M My lord asked his servants, saylUg. 
Have ye a fhtber. or a brother 7 

iO And we said unto my lord. We have a 
HMhar, an old man, and A a child of his old 
Mi, • Ultla one; and his brother is dead, 
«Mb«aioBeis left of hia metber, and bis 
fblber levotb him. 

n And tben aaldst unto thy servants. 

88 And we said unto my lord, 

leave his fotber: for ^ he * 

fotber, Mafattur would di% 

Sa And then saidst unto thy servants. tSx* 
eept your yeongest brother eome down with 
you, ye shall see my fsee no more. 

M And it eauM to pass when we eame up 
unto thy servant my fottaer, we told him the 
words of my lord. 

S5 And <our fotber said, Go again, and 
buT us a little food. 

M AndweBaid,Waoannotgodawn: if our 
youngest brother be with us, then wiU wego 
down : for we may not sen the man's foeo, 
eieent our youngest brother t» witii us. 

tJ And thy servant myfiuber said unto us, 
Te know that **my wifo bare me two »»na .■ 

S8 And the one wont out from aae, and 1 
said, "Surely bo is torn In pieoea; and I 
saw him not since : 

80 And if ve "take this also f^om me, and 
misohief benll him, ye shall bring down my 
gray baira Mth aoctow to the gravo. 

ao Nowthenforewhenleometo tbyserr* 
ant my fkther, and the lad b» not with us ; 
sedng that I'Us lib is bound up in tim lad's 


. jnire 

our flttiier with sorrew to the 

thy servanU shall bring down the gray baiit 
of thy " — •-'•^ ■'•^ •' 

my Ihtlier for ever. 

iTbear the blame to 

I Now therefore, I pmy thee, 'M thy 
▼ant abide instead eftbe lad a bondaaan 

• en my fotber. 

'■■■^n —i n iiit K*^^^mj mmvwwn *m nia ttm w iw 79 
tmd eamferttk tktm t» OW« yrmnimtc: 9 ff« 
mJ*tk for kit futkrr. Iff fkarmnk mnfirmtk 
it. 81 J—efk/Mrni**tk tkmfar tktir imtnttt. 

refkmin Umsdf 

THBN Jaaeph eooM not refkml 
beftne aU Oiem that stood by 

S And he t wept akmd : and the Egyptians 
and tbo bouse of Pharaob heard. 

8 And Joseph said unto his brethren, *I 
OM Joseph; doth my fistber yet Uve ? And 

for they 

were Htroubled at Ms presenee. 
4 And Joseph said unto his brethren. Come 
near to me, I pray you. And they same 
near. And he said. I am Jmtft your 
brother, t whom ye sold into Xgypt. 

6 Now therefore 'be not grievea, tnor an- 
m With yourselves, that ve sdd me hither : 
<^for God did send me before yon to preserve 

<t For these two years AotAthe fluniue 6««n 
in tlie land ; and yet th»rm«r» five years, in 
the which Mere sAoU natthsr 6« earing nor 

7 And God sent me before you tto preserve 
▼on a posterity in the earth, and to save your 
lives as a great deliveranee. 

Jbttpk iemietk fw kufyiher. 


Jacob cmt^h inio Bgwt* 

Jad«. i7.ia 
JobU. lit. 

yotir «|f( 

P*. l*t. I. 
Luk«iM. 11. 

■ •. Sa iMirJil.-wm MkjrM M«« Mrt lae 
UUwr, Imt God: and he bMh n»da »••• 
SMtor to Ph&noh. ftad lonLof all his liMHa, 
•Ml a rulw ttewgiiont all the land of Xnrpk. 
9 IlMte ye, and ga up te my fOher, aad 
■Bl' unto Mm, Time aaiUi tby aan Joieph, 
Qod twthraadamelordof aUXnrpti eome 

absn, aad tbon abalt be oaac uato me, than, 
and thy ehUdren, and thy ehUdieb'a ehil- 
drai, aad thy •oeka.aad Uqr faerda, and aU 
that thoo haat : 

II And theva wUl I aettriah thee; for yat 
tker* mr* Ave jrann of l^oilae ; leat thoa, 
iBd thy hMuehold, and aU that than baak, 

M AadT beheld, >o«r «graa tee, aad the 
eyea or my hrotber Banjamfai, that « <« 'my 

M And ya abaU taU my fWhar of aU 07 
glorr lo Egypt, aad of all that ye haye aean ; 
aad y« ahaU haeta and 4bcinK down my br 

14 And ha* feU npon Ma bretber Benjamin*a 
neek, and vept ; and Benjamin wept upon 


wept npon 

them : and after that hia breCb- 

16 ^ And the fcme thereof was beard Hi 
Phavaofa'a boosa, saying, Joseph's brc" 
ars ooms: aad 1* t pl ea a s d PhanMib 

17 And Pharwtb said nito Jeaepb. Say 
nnto thy brethren, Thia do ye ; lads your 
beasts, aad go, get pan BBto the land of Ca- 

n And (ak* your fUhsr and yoor bouse- 
iold«, aad oooe vnta me: and I wiU d^ 
/on th« good of the laad of Sgypt, and ya 
shaU eat 1 the ht of the land. 

1» Naw than ait oomniaadad,«fals do ya; 

ake yon wagooa out of «ha laad of Moffk 

fbrywn Nttlaaoaa, and to year wives, aad 

bring vonr fatter, aad eorae. 

Aim t legara 

reran tbe laad 

Aad the ehlldt. 

Jesepbjgavo them wagons, aeeordiag to the 

*'eommandment of Pharaoh, and pun them 

prortsion for the way. 

*S9 To aHef theia be gavaeaeb maa eh 

of ntineat; bntta Baajaada he gave 

bnadred pisees of sUvtr, aad ktn eh 

SS Aad to Ms fttber be sent after tUa 
manner f ten asses t laden with tlw good 
thlBgfl of Imt, and ten shs asses laden 
with eom and bread aad nuat to Ms firtfasr 

80 he seat his brethren away, aad they 
departed: aad be said onto them, See that 
ye fait not ont by the way. 

tt 5 And tber went an oat of Bgypt, and 
Moa into the land of Ouaaa nato Jaoob 

of Eqrpt. < And t Jaoob's heart faiatad, to 
be beUered them not. 

S7 And thpy told him all the words of Jo- 
seph, wUleh be bad said " 

my son <s ye* aUvat I wiU go aad see h 


>x«< ly tfwl 01 #■■!■ tki^L 

lu wiik kit hau Hk tM awtA Hu» Mffgl. B f 
numUnf kit/ltmUt Om ■»« tM. S^fL 4 
Jmm,A m-tii Jmm*. SI /#• •( - - ' 

AND Israel look his Joaiaay with all that 
he had. aad came to 'Beer>sbeba, aad 

S And God spake aato laiael *Ib the Ti< 
sioBs of the af^m aad saM, Jaeob, Ja«ib: 
and he said. Here am I. 

4 And he said, I maOod, rfthe God of thy 
fWhert fear net to go down into Egypt; to 
I WiU then 'make of thee a great aation. 

4 /I wUl CO iowa with thee into Egyptt 
ai^ I wiH alaosarely 'biiacthaanp«0«ui .• 
and * Joseph shall put bis haad upon tMaa 

ft Aad <Jaeeb cose np ttmm Beot.ahebat 
and the sons of Israel eanied Jaeoh thoir 
Csthei, and their Uttle onoa, aad their wiToa, 
ia the wagons iwMob Pharaoh had seat to 

«!Lid tiiey took their eattle, aad their 
goods, wMcli they bad gotten la the laad of 
Caaaaa, aad oaaw into Egypt, Uaoob, aad 
aU Ms seed with Mm: 

7 His 00ns, and his seas' Boas wllh Mai. hU 
daaghlars, aad Mi aons' daagl^srs, aad all 
his seed bronght he with him into Egypt. 

C 1 Aadf-thesoarstheaaaMaofttteeMI. 
drea of Israel, wMeb oanMlnto Egypt, Jaoob 
and his sons : ** Beuben, Jaoab's ttrmbsra. 

9 Aad the SOBS of Boaben; Haaeah, aad 
Pballu, and Hesron, and Canni. 

lAAad-tfeasMMofUmeon; iiJoanMl,aad 
Jamin, and Ohad, and II Jaehin, and n Zohar, 
and Sbaul the WB of a OanaaniUsh Wonaa. 

11 And the sons oC'Ioii; « Gotsbso, Ko- 


isoftjndah: Br.aadOaaa. 

13 r And the sons of Issaehar ; Tola, and 
I PhaTah. aad Job, aad SMmna. 

14 And the sons of Zeboloa; Bend, aad 
Eton, and Jataleel. 

15 These be the seas of Leah, wUeb she 
ban nnto Jaoob la Padaa-aram, with bte 
daaghter Diaahi all the aonU of bis soas 
and his daoghtors loere tUrty and three. 

Id And the aoas of Gad; •EipMaa, aad 
Haggi, Sbaai, aad t Esboa, Eri, aad 1 Andl, 
aad Anli. 

'And the sons of Aabsr; Jiauah, and 

their sister: and the si 

[Ab^n gi Tt u LiiiJi liL* dsu«lii^T : Bit^ Uieee 

Ihe I'ura luilc jHTib, c'F-i, pii4i>vh PcHtt*. 

19 TI-jp tvAii 'it l(ji*k-l ' JMfflb'i »!** i Jo- 
aepti. tici'1 Iktijacfiifl ^ 

90 K\hiJ vnil' JiiMiph Ui the IkbA ef JGgypt 
weri' Ik'TH 3{aD»uili eui] tiplirklBn '■'liiah 
Asenuh ih* ^uttittt ot F*M-ply«r^ UprMst 
of On LiLEd uDiU' Tii'iii- 

" - An*l tlu Piifl* <lf ll»flj#nt||i rfrr« Ilrlth, 

, , 4 ^U. |y»l JU^i,, * MdhvIo.. mi4 li ap- 
pim, iiii4i .fLTiL 
tt Ttttw wrm tlir «£iu al IU^IbI. «hish 
NSl- beraieJ'Mt^'h: ^ibm uulU HVr^ fiHH^ 

/iChr.7. is. 


Jacob pteaented to PharmK. 

• jk.4S.aR. 

M 'Aad tlw MM of NuUmU; JfthiMl, 
aad Oani. and J«aw, aad Siiilkm. 

96 .ATbw« or* ttM mm of Bilbab, >wUeli 
fahaa gavo uito BmIwI Ua daaghiOT, aad 
ab* bar* tbeaa nato Ja«ni>: all tba Mub 

II r i.ij 

/dL IS. n. 

S7 AuJ lb* vtfiu a^' Jim ^)b, Thieh lere 
Mrni< idm in Eg^l^. wgrr twc v-Tukij (all 
ito pD'^ .3r tbt Iwute bT J«<rab, irlilcL caOM 

J(^, < -^1 . i.-^tlA ItkA Ikdr HAkt i)o*l>«li; 
til 'iiJiatbclatMluf Q^mKi'i. 

1 ' 'i^ada na^ bla -sLtr' >( . *aA 

■<■ . : I mA kta lUbvrF i-^ ' i '^i «n, 

ir.i- I - - UiraR'tf uflU)- tLin ; B.i,<i be 

Tel. £'i:| Lis 41*^. BU4 ITfpl, qn Uj P4>ck a 

*U .VniJ I»n4 uld anlD JmrnTiH^Nuvlet 
■a iLie, unoB L h>n kbd Lht; b«D. Lg^uiue 
ihwuiri-f jBt ■I1lE^. 

St\ \vA JcsEpLi uU lAlQ liij InrMhriii, tod 

onl^i I Li iLl^r I bouM, ''J Tiil |V up. Mid 

ab<^ PtteH^lb, ajMl Hj liD|i3 l.'NI. iHln I r>ltb- 

Ffn. siiiii VI f ftEjMi]''* tiflL.-. . ■ ta 

tk« ikiiti ut i:uu>fin aft- ■- 

irj Aud dw vma ar* *^--i- lair bftLti ttanr to fr»il ■ bey 

Itar- IrTQUcht tlw It fl««kj. tlU'J Ltir:il I 'i'TdjI, 
atiO nil LliBL Vutj- li>i«. 

&1 Aluij 1iE riliiU amiut tn puj, Tli*a I'liukoh 
Ai.'\ till Tvjii. kiuljlLin i^j, ""^TrSilt ir TOW 

nattl DOW, both we, and aUo our faiharfK 
Uia& je may dwdl to the laad of Ooaben ; 
far ererf ibepberd U "aa atwBtmtion into 

1.^ "■'... 

If.../, if. 


iiii *t j Jkl]i#r ami nijr lirrrhren, 

an<J itMJlr fliwki*, wi'H K\mi PitfJ*. m-i all 

ttaa--. lljej tlTI^, KKI amM ntll Iff Ll;i' ^:li 1 of 

CIaiU':uJn : 4hd, 1 cSiislii, thpT .11 

ftf V Tf tjtfr 
S Aad ha took wine of his bteihrea, 9Un 

I btethiwa. 

rfS'v ■ 

I^..U I 

ud the* aaid 

.1 r i4Bir Boeka ; 
> L^te land of Ca- 

f luiiL, ' J -j^ !iH.fvaDlr d:r£ 

iLnJ alto <Mr 

, laUl uHimii^vr qeiQ Thuaebj/FoT 
ki I 't.>tifi9 In tl»^ Lm)4 f^^ »' i^kim; fei 

r-T^wflu tiivti bid }f»Ai>ii: 
l>t ih# balB* i* Kit- 

■ J4b: 00« UwwfrBt. s*! |.i4f 

ai'r>«r|iti 4 rir«l| id tbi^ larnJ ^if C 

I.'r aqlL Ftk^ruiti Aui»ku iMiiu JiMcpfa, aajinf, 
tiT £^Lh#r mAd ft J bvlluvL >n eoau on' 

il L 111. UaA <vr lirFiit b bcbn ihee ; in the 
t"-! uE Ub* tud idhLvI^ fsLlirr aadbreth* 

»i-ii il4 ilin]!, nib ilM lutJ irf Goaboa let 
Ift^^ d*4LL ; h^ \t tlHH kb^MHt owy Ban 
«t.<i^*ic; vHnB iImh^ tkMR make tbeaoi 



P Aad Jaooh laid mito Pharaah, 'The da^ 
af the yaara of nqr pUntma^ *r9 a hundted 
and thirty years: "few and evil have the 
day* of the yearn 0^017 Ittt hoen. and "hkre 
—^ attalaod nato the daya ot tlw yean of 
lifb of my fethen la the dayi of thoir 

lU And Jaeob ohleeaed Pharaoh, aad want 
wA from heUiM Pharaoh. 

11 And Joeeph phMed hia bihor and hia 
Inothraa, and gave them a peaaeaaioa h> the 
land of Xgypt, in the boat of the land, in 

UabNthMit,aadaUbte Ihthar'a hooaohold. 
with bread, uaocording to their faoUUee, 

13 1 Aad (hero «nm b» htMul in all the 
land; for the Ihoniao wat verr aote, 'ao 
that the land of Egypt «ad sUthalaitdof 
Canaan lUated by teaaoB of the itaUao. 

14 'And Joeeph g a thered up aU tha money 
that waa fHiad in th« land af Bgypt. aad In 
the hmd of Canaan* fhr tha oom whloh they 
bought : aad Joseph brought the money into 

1& Aad when money Adled la tha Uad Of 
Egypt, aad in «he laad of Canaan, aU the 

I will giro 

s bMadj for iwhy ahould we die in 

16 And Joeeph aaid, Giw mnr < 

, _... -'-j-pa for your oatUe, if 1 , 

they branghl tholi oattle nnto Jo- 

if money faiL 

Joaeph gare tham bread in «»■ 
■ horaaa, aad fo» tha floeka, aad 
for the eattle of the harda, aad for tha aaaee ; 
and ho tfed them nith bnad for aU their 
oattle for that jnnr. 
18 When that yearwaa endad,tbey 
into him the eaeend year,. and aaid 
him. Vr e wiU not hide it from mT lord, bow 

unto him the 

» my lord, how 
that one monoy is spent; my )oro also hath 



at Jok li. 1. 

lOr, •« ■ 


■■b. MSMK- 

ing t» 1A4 lit- 

•K. 40. SI. 
r A. 41. aOl 

▲da 7.11. 

our betda of eattle ; there is not aagbt 

inthesighiof aylord,bnt our bodioo, and 

19 Wberefore shaU we die bafore thine eyea, 
hath we and our land 7 buy us aad oar laad 
for broad, aad wo aad our Und wiU bo aorr- 
anta nato Pharaoh : and gim «m seed, that 
we may lire, and not die, that the land be 
not deeolate. 

flO And Joaeph haoght all the land of Egypt 
for Phanah} for the Egyptians aold every 
manhlaflold,heaa n aa the fomine prerailed 
orer them : so the land beoame Pharaoh's. 

ai- Andaa for the poopla, ho comored them 
ko oities Aom ojm end of the borders of 
Egypt even to the other end thereof. 

S^Oaly the Und of the Uprieeta bought 
he not; fertha.|>riestahadapi>rtiona«e' ' 
ed them of Pharaoh, and did eat their 


they sold not their lands. 
23 Than Joeeph aaid onto the people. Be- 
hold, I haTO bought you this day and your 
land for Pharaohs lo. Acre is seed for you. 

ome to pass in the in 
tbntywahaU giro the fifth SMrtnnao Phara- 
oh, and four paru shall oe your own. for 
soodof thadeld. and for your food, and fi>r 
them of your bousaholda, aad for food tor 
your little ones. 

nKnaT 84. 


Joseph visiteth TUs father. 


Jacob btesteth Jiaeph*9 4 

I Or, nrt'iM 



cch. 24.2. 

9 eh. 40. aa 4 


40. 20. 

/•h. 27. 4. 
jch. 27. 1. 
t Bct>. Wm, 

25 Aad thfy MUd, Thoa bait Mred oar 
Htm : "lot us And p«M in tb« light of in; 
lord, and we will be Fbarsoh'i serrantf. 

20 Aad JoMph made it a law orer the land 
of Esypt unto this day, tluxi Pharaoh should 
have the fifth part; > except (be land of 
the Kpriestfl only, which became not Fha* 

27 ^ And Israel 'dwelt in the land of 
Egypt, in the coontryef Oeshen ; and they 
bad poaseaatons therein, and 'grew, and 
multiplied exceedingly. 

88 And Jaeob lired in the land of Egypt 
aerenteen yeara : ao t the whole age of Jaeob 
waa a hundred ft>Tty and aeren yeara. 

29 And the time tdrew nigh that Israel 
must die: and he called his son Joseph, 
and said unto him. If now I hare found 
grace in thy sight, put, I pray thee, thy 
iMMd under my thl|^ and i<deal kindly and 
tnrir with me ; *bvvy aae ne^ I pray tbee, 

aOK^/I win lie with my fiathers. and thou 
Shalt earry me out of Egypt, and vburr me 
in their burytngpfaMe. And he said, I wU 
do as tlioa hast said. 

St And he said, Bwear unto me. And be 
aware unto him. And * Israel bowed Mm- 
aelf upon the bed'a bead. 

/MM«rM&WM»«»M><«tAiUv«Mit>Mto-. 2J«- 
vS»im0tktmtlkldmt4SfiUuAm. 3 A* iv- 
jxMalA lA«;ir<M>i««. i //« lo^i BfttmUm mmA 
Mtma—k. a$ hit own. 7 Btt^tttK Jott^ «f kit 
molktr't orart. S H* Uruttk Jlpkratm a ndSfa- 
namk. 17 Ht firtftmtk th« ytmn^vr tefnrt fkt 
Mm: n Mt p r, f Jim i M tMr rttmr* f CuMOmm. 

AMD It came to pass after these things, 
that one told Joseph, Beheld, thy fti- 
tber U sick : and he took with bira his two 
sons, Manasseh and Ephralm. 

2 And ont told Jacob, and said. Behold, 
thy son Joseph Cometh unto thee: a^d Israel 
strengthened himself, and sat upon the bed. 

8 And Jaeob said unto Joseph, God Al- 
mighty appetffed unto me at "Lus In the 
land of Canaan, and Ueaaed me, 

4 And said unto me. Behold, I will make 
thee fIruUfal, and multiply thee, and I will 
make of thee a multitude of people ; and will 
giro thia land to thy aced after thee kfor an 
ererlastlng poaaesaion. 

6 ^ And now tfay ''t^ sona. Ephraim and 
Manasseh, which were bom unto thee in the 
land of Egypt, before I came unto thee into 
Egypt, are mine; as Reuben and Simeon, 
they shall be mine. 

6 And thy iaatie, which thou becetteat aft- 
er tbem, ahall be thine, and ahaU be called 
after the name of their brethren in theb 

7 And as for me, wlien I came from Padan, 
<< Rachel died by mc in the land of Canaan 
in the way, when yet f Aere wan but a little 
way to come tmto Ephrath: and I buried 
her there in the way of Eptntb ; the aame 
U Beth-lehem. 

8 And Israel beheld Joseph's sons, and 
said, VTbo are theae T 

9 And Joseph said unto hia fktber, 'They 
are my aona, whom Ood hath given me in 
thia pla««. And he aaid. Bring them. I 
pray thee, unto me, and /I will bless 

10 Now 9 the eyes of Israel were t dim fin- 
IM^, to that be could not see. And he 
brought tbem near unto him ; and *he kiaa- 
ed them, and embraced Ihem. 

11 And Israel said unto Joseidi, •! had boI 

thy face ; and, lo, Ood bath 
shewed me also thy seed. 

12 And Joseph brought ttiera oat from be- 
tween his kBees,.and be btfwed Umself witii 
his fitee to the earth. 

13 And Joseph took them both, Ephraim in 
hia right hand toward larael'a left hand, and 
Manasseh in hia left hand toward Israel's 
right hand, and brought them near tmto 

14 And Israel atretehed ont bit right hand, 
and laid if upon Ephralm's liead, who «mm 
the younger, and his left-band upon Manas* 
seh's head, (guiding Ms hands wittingly; 
fm Manasseh wat the firstbom. 

15 ^ And 'be blessed Joseph, and said, 
Ood, * before whom my fathera Abraham 
and laaae did walk, the Ood which ted me 
all my life long unto thia day, 

10 The Angel "wMeh redeemed me f^«m all 
eril, Meaa the lada ; and lei *my name be 
named on tbem, and the name of my fathers 
Abraham and Isaac; and let them tgrow 
into a moltitude in the midst of the earth. 

17 And when Joseph saw that his father 
I* l^d his right hand upon the bead of Ephra- 
im, it^disirfeased him : and he held up his 
fkther's hand, to remore it from Epbraim's 
head unto Manasseh's head. 

18 And Joseph said unto his fkther, Kot 
so, my ftrther : fbr this <s the flrstbom ; put 
thy riglit hand upon his head. 

19 And Ms Hxhn refused, and said. «I 
know it, my eon, I know it : be also shall be- 
come a people, and he also shall be great : 
but truly ''his younger brother shall be great- 
er than he, and bis seed shall become a 
t multitude of nations. 

20 And be bleaaed them that day, aaying, 
*Itt theCphall Israel Meaa. saying, God make 
thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh : and be 
set Ephraim before Manasseh. 

21 And Israel said unto Joseph, Behold, I 
die ; but (God shall be with you. and bring 
you acain nnto the land of your fathers. 

22 Moreorer "I have given to thee one por- 
tion above thy brethren, wliich I took out of 
the hand 'of the Amorite with my swerd 
and with my bow. 


/Met adUtk kit ten. t,/m kim. 9 HffartUtUA 

»ka» wUl krfall rtuk »/ tktm in tkt tost dapt. amd 

VMMt*(*<m. 2» Hittkmrtt to tham m n i u m ing 

kitkmrial, ZiHitdmUk. 

AND Jacob called unto bis sobs, and 
said. Gather yoarselrea together, tbat I 
may "tell you that which aball befall you 
tin the last days. 

2 Gather yourselres together, and hear, ye 
sons of Jacob ; and < hearken unto Israel 
your fUher. 

8 Reuben, ihon art <fmy flrstbom, my 
might, *and the beginning of my strength, 
tlie excellency of dignity, and the excellency 

4 Unstable as water, t/thou shalt not ex- 

ther's bed ; then defiledst thou it 

I' be went 

6 i Simeon and Levi are ■ brethren ; n tin- 
straments of cruelty are in their haUta- 

O im aoul, feome not thou into their se- 
cret ; "»unto their assembly, '•nilne honour, 
"^ not thou united ; for * in their anger they 

w a man, and in tbeir selfwiU they idig- 

ged down a waQ. 

7 Cursed he their anger, fbr ft imm ileree ; 

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, JmeoVa tfrophetie declaration. 

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Joseph burieih his father. 

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and their wnth. for H was wodi 'I viU 
diride tbem in Jaoob, aad Natter tham ia 

8 ' Jadah, thou tut he whom thy brethrsn 
ibaU praise : ''thy hand aAoli 6« in th« neck 
(f thbe eaeiniea; *th7 ikther's ehildren 

■haU htt9 down before thee. 

9 Judah t« (a lion's wbelp : from the prey, 
ny .>> 4I— .^ — ,n, up. «!,, itooped 
lo' a lion, and aa an old 
kx Mm np 7 

ir ' ^.. J not depart from Jo* 

lali . ^1 .jt :i ■ j a •: I ^ r r -from between his feet, 
■ai;i.,L ^l.ilv'h ':iiv.'^ iand unto him e/tmll 
th«- ^ br .-rui; il ti-i- vMple 6e. 

11 ' H.'i.Ui'.J iiiK ]'..'! onto the Tine, and his 
lat'r '.'i: uv\:- 1 1 I' .'^iioice vine; he washed 
,1, v.«ii-',andblielotheain the 


&HL1. JI Ifl 



.■ LJ- 

. .^ .. ^ . - .J.. , !> h» Ted with wiM, and 

. . I.. Ml ..Jlk. 

t : ..'LI L .:i I'ell at the haren of the 

I, I i. .1 A . ' I I .. for a haren of ships ; 

L.. .r.L.' r -.^ • I .'.■ fte unto Zidon. 

uM. :, r I n n PL r lag ass coaching down 

I I ..' 7^.1. ir I: ! ,;u rest WM cood, and the 
Lb 1 1 tr i:i fi I. B-Hant ; and Ixtwed / his 
r ii> Il>c kj', aou ))ecanie a serrant unto 

&|i. Mm, 

1(. l\aa RhatL Jnifft his people, as one of 

th« Irlbe* mt lititl. 

17 fcDan shall be a serpentby the way, tan 
adder in the path, Utat biteth the Itorse's 
heels, so that hU rider shaU bU baokward. 

18 I ibaTe waited Sw thy salvation, 

19 t Oad. a troop shaU orercome him : Iwt 
he shall erereome at the last. 

SO <Out of Aslier his bread ahaU U &t, and 
he Shan yield ro/al dainties. 

21 "Naphtali U a hind let loose : he giretb 
goodly w«rdji. 

St Joseiil ia a fraitAil bongb. even a frolt- 
fbl boiihlj 

and riiet at Aim, and hated 

2« But his 'bow abode in strength, and the 
arms of his hands were made strong by the 
hands of^'tbe mighty &»(i of Jacob; (7 from 
thenee 'ia the shepherd, 'the stone of Is- 

S5 tEvtn by the God of thy father, who 
shall help thee ; " and by the Almighty, 'who 
dtaU bless thee with blessings of hearen 
abore, blessings of the deep that lieth oa- 
der, blessings of the breasts, and of the 

SB The blessings of thy fiUher hare prerail- 
H r-'""- **— Vlisslngs of my progenitors 
" 1 1 1: iij '■ •■' bouttd of the ererlaating 

tiOl ' ^ I >i--¥ ' I .^1 1 1 bo on the head of Joseph, 
and 9\i LJiif I'.T.-: n of the head of Urn that 
waa dfparatin frnrn his brethren. 

17 PfnijD.niin r 1.1.U "raren as awolf: in the 
B«r«iji^ lu^ tU^n devour the prey, land at 
bWh Ii'.- kl lal L ij 1 1 kde the spoil. 

fi ^ All tli>-e<i: T.^ the twelre tribes of Is- 
ncl r uil uA^ <« it tut their tether spake 
lAV Lbeni4 ftjuj ^1 iessed them ; every one ao- 
Mfdhif n* Ikii >ik' 4ing he blessed them. 

ii Ami lir flhr^rged tbem, and said unto 
<]>en, 1 ' Ettn to y-4 gathered unto my people : 
Jhiif? mt w^Lhi mn Cfttbers *in the care that 
i* In tbc %]|d ^r iSphron the Hittite, 

> J »,M- ?-'! U. y. Ki. 22. S(.27. » Vom. 23. 2«. 

W.^. I 

ceh.LS.U.J(23.& dak. 

80 In the ear« that fa in the fleld of Maeb. 
pelah, which is before Mamre in the land of 
Canaan, /which Abraham bought with the 
field of Ephron the Uittite for a poaeession 
of a buryingplaee. 

81 ' There they buried Abraham and Sarah 
his wife ; A there they buried Isaac and Re* 
bekah his wife ; and there I buried Leah. 

82 The purchase of the field aad of th» care 
that is therein wot from the children of 

83 And when Jacob had made an end of 
eom m a n diag his sons, he gathered up liis 
CMt into the bed, aad yielded up the ghost, 
and iwas gathered imto bis people. 

KU MMmiiiv f" Jatti. 4 JaimA §ttlHk Imtm of 
Fhan«K to mo mud burn kim. ITkifmural. U 
Jotfk eomjortttk Aw irtthnn, w*o emntrf Am 
pmrdofi. ^Huagt. 2i Ht »Mlk tk, thirj 9— 
tralion ^ hit loiu. M Mtimjtkfitlh n»t» kit 
hrHhrm tff tkttr rtlHr* to CaHoan : Tfi mnd Ink- 
mk mm otttk of tkim to emrn vn Aw toM*. 98 

AND Joseph 'ftU upon his father's bee, 
and t wept upon him, and Idsaed him. 
2 And Joseph commanded hii servants the 
physidaas to 'embalm his &ther : and the 
physicians emlwlmed Israel, 
rare fti 


are eml>almed : and the E^ptians t d \ 
ed fbr him tlweescore and ten days. 

4 And wlien the days of his mourning were 
past, Joseph spake unto *tbe house of Pha- 
raoh, saying. If now I hare fitand grace in 
your eyes, spcalc, I pray you, in the caia of 
Pharaoh, saying, 

5 /My fsthier made me swear, saying, Lo, I 
die: Inmygrare'wttieh I liare digged for 
me in tlie land of Canaan, there shsit thou 
Imry me. Now tlierefore let me go up, I 
pray thee, and bury my fotber, and I will 
oome aoain. 

Ana Pharaoh said, 60 up, aad bury 
thy father, according as he made thee 

7 ^ And Joseph went up Ui htary tiU (hlher : 

elders of the land of Egypt l 

8 And all the house ef Jneeph, und liEi 
brethren, and his fother'j Iriitsii: ; iitiI;^ iIwEt 
Utile ones, and their llockii, tad ilicLr hi>-;i!Bv 
they left in the land of Gosben. 

And there went up with him both char- 
tots and horsemen : and it was a very great 

10 And ttiey came to the threshingfloor of 
Atad, which is beyond Jordan; and there 
they A mourned with a great and rery sore 
lamentation : <and he aude a mourning for 

misraim, which 

_ in the 

floor of Atad, they s^d, This i« a grierous 
mourning to the Egyptians': iriierefore the 
name oflt was called UAbel-misraim, 1 
U beyond Jordan. 

12 And his sons did 
be commanded them : 

13 For iritis sons carried him into the 
land of Canaan, and buried liim in tlie 
cave of the field of Maobpelah, which Abra- 
ham <boaght wUh the field for a possession 
of a buryingplaee of Ephron the Hittite. 
before Mamre. 

14 And Joeeph retamed into Egypt, he, 
and Ms brethren, and all that wen t up with 



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kta to k«7 bU flMbnv AAor bo hit* hwlod 

b'l brHbrra mw thkt 
"tbey Mrid. Jowph 

will pendrenture bat« at, aad will eertftlnix 
wqnfta na all tl 

16 Aa« they t_ „ 
Mph, a^lng, Thy fMber did ooaraaand be- 
fbra bs dted, Boyiugt 

17 So iball ye My onto Jowph, Forglre, I 
prntbee netr, the treCpsM of tlqr bretfann, 
Md their sin ; "fer tbi^r did unto Umo evil : 
and tMw, w« pny tbee, fBrfive the Ireoneee 
or the MTvaata tt 'the God of thv ftitber. 
And Joeeph wept when tbey ipoke onto 

18 And his brethren nbo went Mid PtOk 
downbelbnhietMe; •ndttteyMid.Bebold. 
we be tlur eerrMito. 

19 And JoMph snld note them, «Fe«r not : 
•-for <M» I in the plMO of Qod ? 

to *But M for you, ye tttougtit evil aoiaet 
me; but lOod meent it ante geed, toliring 

topMii,M<«<a4klo4oy,to ■•vemoeb pe*- 

n Now therefore fe»r ye net : "I will ne«r> 
iab yea, and your little ones. And he oom- 
ftwted them, and epake t Icindly nnto them. 

IS Y And Joeeph dweU in ^sypt, he, and 
his ftuber'i booae: and Joeeph mod a bun- 
dred and ten yean. 

£t And Joeeph aaw Ephraim's eblldren 'of 
the tUrd iftmrtion : 'the ehildren alee of 

up upea Jeoeph'a kaeeo. 

M Awl Joeeph aaid unto hb brethren, 
die; and "Ood will rarefy virit you, and 
bring you out of thU land onto the land 
*wl|ieb bo aware to Abcaham, to laaao, and 

» And •Joeeph took an oath of the oUl- 
dren of brael, saying, Qod will anrely riait 
too. anAyo akall earry 19 my boneo tnm 

m 80 Joooph dUd, being a hundred and 
ten yeare oidi and they ^embalmed him, 
and be waa put in a eolla in Egypt. 



€HA?TBft I. 


NOW *theio are the nainea of tho ehU- 
dren of larael. wUok eame into Egypt ; 
oreiy man and hia bouaebald oame with Ja- 

2 Beaben, Simeon, Leri, and Jodah, 
8 lasaohar, Bebolun, and Benjamin, 

4 Dan, and NaphtaH. Qad, and Aaber. 

5 And aU the soul* that eame out of Ibe 
tMaaof Jaeob weretaeiventyaoal*: forJo- 
■epb waa in Egypt already. 

8 And'Joaeph died, and aH hia btethren. 
and all that generation. 

T 'And the ehildren of laraol were trrxMai, 
and Increaaed abnndan^, and multiplied. 
Mid waxed exoeeding mighty | and the land 
waa filled with tbem. 

8 ^ Now there *aioeo op a new Ung over 
Egypt, whieh knew net Joaeph. 

iTAnd he aaid unto hia people. Behold, 
/the people of the ohildren of larael are 
aaora and ndgfatier than we : 

10 'Gome on. let na i^deal wiae^ with 
tbem; leat tbey multiply, and it oome to 

paaa, that, when the 
Ooy Jote also nnto 
againat ■•, and ao | 

t them up out of the 

II Therefore they did aet orer tbem taak- 
maatora < to alUot them with their Aburdena. 
And they built fter Pharaoh treaaure^itiea, 
FIthom iaad Bai 

more they moltiptiad . . 

were griored beeauae of the ohUdren of la* 

"u And the Egyptians made tho ehildren of 
larael to aorre with rigour : 
14 And they •made their Urea bitter with 
hard bootface, "in mortar, and in brtok. 
andteaU " " ' 

1& ^ And tlie king of Egypt *pake to the 
Bebrew ■Odwirea, of whidh tiie name of the 
one woe Shiphrah, and the name of tlte 
ether Puah; 
16 And he aaid. When ye do the oflioe of a 
nidwilb to the Hebrew women, and toe 

k aon, tl 


them upon the atoois. if it 6« a aon, then ye 
kUl him; but if it 6« a daughter, then 

ahe ahall live. 

17 Butthoi 

not y aa the king of Eopt 
but aared the men oliudre 

18 And the kii 
midwives, and 

iren alive, 
king of EfTpt ealled for the 

aaid unto tbem, Wliy have yo 

oene «uia thing, and have aaved the men 
ehildren alive T 

10 And fthe midwiroe aaid unto Pharaoh. 
Bcoause tlko Hebrew wotnen are not a« the 
ian women; tot thej 
lUTored ere the midwi 

au 'Therefore God dealt well with the ndd- 
wirea : and the people multiplied, and wax- 
ed very mighty. 

SI And it eame to paaa. because the mid- 
wirea feared God. that he made them honsea. 
22 And Pharaoh charged all his people, 
saying, 1 Every aon that ia bom ye ahall oast 
Into tho river, and every daughter ye ahaU 
aavo alive. 


Ij^attd in M m>* amme U* 


r.4r<«. liHti-ik 

U Utrt. 

^ nan of the honae of 

l«vi, and took to teife a daughter of 

2 And the woman oonodved, and hare a 
son : and i when ahe aaw Um that be tcoa a 
goodly ehUd, ahe hid liim three montha. 
« And when ahe eould not longer hide Mm. 
abe took for tdm an ark of buiniabeo, and 

/ Tkt infmncw cf.Motu. 

God apptartth to him. 

ck.U A 

Has. SLA. 

Bab. ILM 
f ck. L 11. 

Aata7. SS. 
AAato 7. «. 

tb« ehild UMtein ; and ah» hid it in Um 

4 <Aiull>toaiM«ra(oodMftroff. toviiwtet 
wottU be doae to him. 

6 And th* ildiMightar of Phanoh mibm down 
to «nuib Aer««l/M th« rirex ; ftnd ber maid' 
eo» walked along by tLo rirer'* tide: and 
wli«n cho saw Uto ark among Ui« flofh nbe 
■eat ber maid to fetch it. 

And wbcB she bad WMMd it, aha taw tke 
etUld: and, belioId.tbaWM) wept. Andabo 
bad •ompaMien »a hla. and aald, tbia it 
•n« of the Uebrawa' abiUren. 

7 Tben aaid bia aUter to Pbataob!a daugh- 
ter. Sball I go and oaU to tbeo a nur«o of 
Um Hebrew woman, that ab« may nuraa tbo 
oUld for thee 7 

8 And Pharaoh'a danghter aaid to h«r, Oo. 
Uad tha maid want and eallad tba ehild'a 


And Pharaoh'a 
Take <bU ebUd away, and __. 

MMi I wiU giro tkM thy Vagea. 
woman took tlie ehild, and nuiaed 

10 And tbo ahUd prow, and ah 

him unto Pharaoh'a &ugi>ter, and he beeame 
•beraon. And aheeoUed bia name nMoaea: 
nod abe aaid, Beeauae I drew bSm oat of the 

11 ^ And it eame to paa.i in thoae d^a, 
fwben Moaea waa grown, that he went oot 
onto bia bretlaten. nilid looked on their ^'bur- 
dena : and he apied an Egyptian amiting a 
Hebrew, one ofhia brethren. 

U And h« h»ok«d thia way and that way. 
and when he saw tliat there toaa no man, ho 
talew the Egyptian, and hid him in tlie 

U And iwben be want oot the aeoond day, 
behold, two men of the Hebrewa atroro to- 
gether: and he aaid to him that did the 
wrong, Wliercfore smiteat thou thy fellow 7 

14 And hi aaid, tVfho mad« thee ta prince 
and a judge over ui 7 intendeat thoa to kill 
me. M thou klUedat the Egyptian 7 And 
Moaea feared, and aaid. Burely tUa thing U 

15 Now when Pharaoh heard thia thing, ha 
aought to alay Bf o<ea. But 'Moaea Hed from 
the Caoa of Pharaoh, and dwelt in the land 
of Vidian : and he aat down by "a well. 

IS "How the Inrieat of Midian had aeren 
daughtera : * and they came and drew Muter, 
and Iliad tbo troogba to water their fathet'a 

17 And the ahepherda came and drore 
them awav : but Momi stood up and helped 
them, and ''watered their flook. 

18 And when they came to <ReueI their 
fbtber, he aaid. How ta it that ye are come 
ae aoea to day 7 

19 And they aald. An Egyptian delivered 
aa out of the hand of the ahepherda, and 
alao drew vMUer enough for ua, and watered 

'J' ' kaA. bf s^rl anio Ua daugbtera. And 
wl,-r*^ imirl ■})!? " it that ye have left 
L>ii man T nil ]iiWi itiAt he maT ''eat bread. 

1:1 ^u<l SfiMrtwtj erxtttent to dwell with the 
tnan.' Boa b^ gavt Moaea *Zippor^ bia 

Kf \h1 tlid tuK him a son, and he ealled 
M« jL4»K '* fi^rilKHii : for he aaid, I have 
bfVB ^n «irtaiK« \m a itrange land. 

fl ^ AxA n t%.m*- 10 paaa "in piooesa of 
Ume , tl«t tbr ki ciij n^ Egypt died : and the 
«UMM« af Ur>^f kL«h^ by reason of the 
ned ihej cried, and 'their oxy 

eame up onto Qod by l aaaen oC the ben^ 

^' And God 'heard their gioaning. and 
Qod ireoenbered bia 'eovenani with Abra- 
ham, with Isaac, and with Jaoob. 
25 And Qod i<looked upon the children of 
laxael, and Qod t 'bad reapeet unto th$m, 


JHmm tmpfik jHkn$ ftoek % (iaj mmprartlK (« 
kim in m burning intk ; ft mmd ««uf*<X Aim I* il»- 
liwrr JtoM. U Tki MHM </ VtJ. IS Ui, mm- 

NOW Moaea kept the flock of Jethro hU 
Hkther in Uw. "the prieat of Midian: 
and be led the flock to the back aide of the 
deaert. and came to ttbe mountain of Qod, 
even to Uorob.. 

2 And *tha Angel of the Loso appeared 
unto him in a ttm% of Are out of the midat 
of a buah : and be looked, and. behold, the 
bush burned with Are, and the bush tvna 

3 And Moaea aald, I wiU now turn aaide, 
and see this ifgreat sight, why the bnah ia 

4 And when the LOHD aaw that ho turned 
aaide to aee, Qod called 'unto him out of the 
midst of the buah, and aaid. Moaea, Moeea : 
and he said. Here am I. 

5 And he aaid. Draw not nigh hither : /put 
offthy ahoea ttma offthT feet ; for the plaoe 
whereon tliou atandeat la holy ground. 

6 Moreover he aald, i'l am the tiod of tba 
fkther, the God of Abraham, the Qod of 
Isaac, and the God of Jaeob. And Moses 
hid Lis faoei for Abe waa alMd to look 
upon God. 

7 And the LORD aaid. H have surely aeen 
the affliction of my neople which are in 
Egypt, and have heard their cry thj reaaon 

taslcmaatera ; for <i know their aer> 
rows ; 
8 And "•! am 

a down to ''delirer them 

out of the hand of the Egyptii 
bring them up out of tliat land *unto a good 
land and a Iwge, unto a land ''flowing with 
milk and iMnev; unto the place of *the 
Canaanltes, and the Hittites, and the Amo- 
rites, and the Periaaitea, and the Hivitea, 
and the Jebusites. 

9 Now therefore, behold, 'the cry of the 
children of Israel is come unto mo : and I 
hare^also aeen the 'oppression wherewith 
DS oppress them, 
now therefore, and I wUl send 
thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring 
forth my people tlie children of Israel out of 


IT 5 And Moses aaid onto Qod, * Who am 
I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, nnd that I 
should bring forth the children of Israel out 

of Egypt 7 
12 And ho s 

aald, 'Certainly I wIU be with 
thee ; and thhi thall 6« a token onto thee, 
that I have aent thee: When thou haat 
bron^t forth the people out of Egypt, ye 
shall aenre God upon tlila mountain. 

13 And Moaea said unto God, Behold, when 
I come unto tho children of Israel, and shall 
say unto tliem, Tho God of your fkthers hath 
sent me unto you : and they shall say to mc. 
What tshisname? whatshalll anyuntotitem? 

14 And God said unto Moses. I AM THAT 
I AM : and he said. Tbua shalt thou say 
unto the children oflsmel. 'I AM bath aent 
me unto you. 

15 And Qod aald moreorer unto Moeea, 
Thna abalt thou aay unto the ohildren of Is- 

Ood'* message to Israel. 


His message to Pharaoh. 

• K.U5.tS. 





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nd, TlM LoBo Oo4 of ymu fMhtn, Um 
Ood of Abrftham, th* Qod of Imm, utd th« 
Qod of Juob, b«th Mat bm onto foo : thU 
{« 'mj nuM Iter erer, and this i» nj memo- 
rial unto all (eberations. 

16 Go, and ' gathar the elden of Imel to* 
gether, and lay onto them, The Loso God 
oi' yoor fiktbera, Um God of Abrabam, of 
Isaac, and of Jacob, appeared unto me, aaj- 
tD(. H bare rarely vUited tou, and M«n 
^at which U done to jou in Egypt : 

17 And I have said, < I will bring 

ing yon up 

^KTP* onto the land 

of the Canaanites. and the HlUites, and the 

ont of the affliction of I 

Amorites, and the Periasites, and the Hi- 
Tites, and the JeUuitea, nnto a land flowing 
with milk and honey. 

18 And rfth^ sbdi bearkeii to tby voiee: 
and *thon shalt eome, thoa and the dden of 
Israel, nnto the Idng of Egypt, and ye shall 
say unto him. The LOBO God of the He- 
brews hath /met with us : and now let ns go, 
we beseeefa thee, three days' Journey into 
the wilderness, that we may aaerUloe to the 
LoBD our God. 

19 And I am sure that the king of Egypt 
'will not let you go, iino, not by a mighty 

ao And I will Astretdi out mT hand, and 
smite Egypt with tail my wonders which I 
will do in the midst thereof: and Rafter that 
be will let you go. 

21 And a wiU gtre tbte people faTOor in 
the si^t of the Egyptians : ana it shall come 
to pass, that, when ye go, ye shall not go 

2S "But trtirj woman shall borrow of her 
neighbour, and of Iter that sojoumeth in her 
bouse, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, 
and raiment : and ye shall put th*w upon 
your sons, and upon your daughters ; and 
"ye shall spoil "the Egyptians. 

JfeM*' fW i$ mnMrf »(• a .n^fiU. 6 Bit kmmd 
t-mmmk Unr9u». 10 Ut U loatk H *• wiU. 14 
J«f«« i, mppeimHd lo ««••( kirn. U M-a 4- 
fmHlk Jrim J tUtn. 21 Votti mtmmf to Fk»- 
vutk. U Itf^MwA «w««aMtMf k Act «m. 27 .4*- 
rm M MM 10 IMM JToM). 31 ft* ympft Mm»- 

AND Moaea answned and said, But, be- 
hold, they will not bdioTe me, nor 
hearken onto my rolce: for they will say, 
The LoBD hath not appeared unto thee. 
S And the LOBO sud nnto him. What 

be cast it on the ground, 

serpent ; and Moses fled from before it. 

4 And the Lobd said unto Moses, Put fbrth 
thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he 
put forth his hand, and caught it, and it be- 
came a rod in his band : 

5 That they may ibeUeve that 'the Lobd 
Ood of their flubers, the Ood of Abrabam. 
the Ood of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, 
hath appeared unto thee. 

9 And the Lobd said furthermore unto 
him. Put now thine hand into thy bosom. 
And he put his band into his bosom; and 
when he took It out, behoM, his band wu 
leproos lias snow. 

7 And be said. Put thine hand into thy bo- 
som again. And he put his hand into his 
iMSom again ; and phteked it out of his bo- 
som, and, behold, 'it was tnnod again as 

to the Totoe of 
the fli«t sign, that they wUl beUore the rolea 
of the latter sign. 

9 And it sballeome to pass, if they win not 
beliere also these two signs, neither beaikea 
nnto thy Toioe, that thou shalt take of the 
wator of the river, and pour it upon tbe dry 
land: and /the water which thou takest 
ont of the river tshall become blood upon 
the dry Umd. 

10 ^ And Moses satd tinto the Lord, my 
Lord, I am not tdoqoent, neither t hereto- 
fore, nor since thou bast spoken unto thy 
servant; but "l ant stow otTspeedi, and of 

bitadr hava aol I the LOBoT 

IS Now thersftre go, and I wttl be iwtth 
thy mouth, and toach thee what thou shalt 

l»i , — -. 

thee, by tbe band of Aim vthom, thou 

14 And the anger of the Lobd was kindled 
against Moses, and be said, la not Aaron 
tbe Levite thy brother? I know that be can 
speak well. And also, behold, <he oometh 
forth to meet thee : and when he seeth than, 
be wUt be glad in his heart. 

15 And ""thou Shalt speak onto him, and 
"put words in his mouth : and I wUl be with 
tby mouth, and with his mouth, and *wUl 
toach you what ye shall do. 

10 And he shaU be tby spokesman onto tbe 
people : and he shall l>e, even he shall be to 
thee instead of a month, and 'thou slialt be 
to him instead ot God. 

17 And thou shalt take 'this rod in thine 
hand, wherewith thou shalt do signs. 

U ^ And Moses went and returned to t J*. 
thro his father in law, and said unto hisa. 
Let me go, I pray thee, and retuiB unto my 
brethren which art in Egypt, and see wheth- 
er they be yet aUve. And Jethro said to 
Moses, Go in peace. 

19 And tbe Lord said unto Moses to Mia- 
ian. Go, return into Egypt : fior ''all the men 
are dead which sought thy life. 

SO And Moses took his wifb and hia sons, 
and set them upon an ass, and he returned 
to the land of Egypt : and Moses took 'the 
rod of God In hishand. 

21 And tbe LoBD said nnto Moses, 'When 
thou goest to return into Egypt, see that 
thou do all those > wonders before Pharaoh, 
which I have put in thine band : hut "I will 
harden hU heart, that he shall not let the 
people CO. 

SS And thou shalt say nnto 

saith the Lobd, "Israel ts my son, '•»«« 

£1 And I say nnto thee, Let n^y son go, that 
he may serve me : and if thou reftase to let 
him go, behold, *I will sl^ thy son, even 
thy flrstbom. 

24 And it eame to pass by the war in the 
inn. that tbe LoBO 'met him, and sought 
tot kill him. 

25 Then ZIpporah took *« sharp "stone, 
and cut oif the foreskin of her son. and ^ cast 
it at his (eet, and said, Surely a bloody hus- 
band art thou to me. 

20 Bo he let him go: then she said, A 
bloody husband tktm art, beeause of the 

27 \ And the LOBO said to Aaron, Go into 
the wilderiiess •<to meet Moeee. And he 

hraeP* taak increased. 


God reneteeth hi* promite. 

/««r. M. IS. 


r. 8.11. 
iab.S. 16. 

J*b21. U. 
.ck.3. Ik 

• A.1.IL 
u 1.7, ft 

went, and tMt Ua la «tlta nooat of Ood, 
and UaMd him. 

88 And Moms /told Aanin an Om words of 
the LORD who had sent him, aod aU the 
'aigns «Uch btt had eommaaded him. 

SSAndMoM — ' ■- -^ —' 

ered together 
of Israel: 

ao •' And Aaron naks ail the wotds whidi 
the LOBO had ipoken onto Moms, and did 
ttte sisus in the nigbt of the people. 

31 And the peopta tbeUered: and when 
they heard that the Lord had 'TUited the 
diiidrea of Israel, and that be "bad looked 
apon their alMietion, then " thej bowed their 
beads and worshipped. 

fkarmok ekidtA Matt and Aanm for Oittr mm- 
Mfv; S amd tnermmlk ih* Itnulilm' tati. 15 
A JtrUtk (iU*r eomfUimt*. 20 Thtg cry out 
againttMom$tmdAor<m, 28 Maom Mmf tmi Httk 

ANT) afterward Moses and Aaron went 
in, and told Pharaoh. Tbns saitb the 
Lord God of Israel, Let mj people go. that 
they may hold *a feast nnto me in the wU- 

S And Pharaoh said, iWbo ta the Lord, 
that I shoold obey his Toiee to let Israel go? 
I know net the Lord, 'neither wllll let Is- 
rael go. 

K And they said, ■'The God of the Hebrews 
hath met with ns : let as go, we pray thee. 

fUl npon OS with pettllenoe, or with tbe 

4 Aad the king of Egypt said nnto them, 
WbereCsre do ye. Moms and Aston, let the 
people from their works ? get you unto your 

5 And Pharaoh said, Behold, the people of 
the land now are /many, and ye make them 

Y And Pharaoh eommanded tbe same 
day tbe 'taakouisters of the people, and 
their oflieers, sa y in g, 

7 Ye Btell no ssore giro tt>e people straw to 
make briek, as heretofbre : let them go aad 
gather straw for themselres. 

8 And «he tale of tbe brides, whieh they 
did make heretofore, ye shall lay spon them ; 
ye shall net dimiaish augh* thereof: for 
thej be idle ; therefore the* «rj, saying. Let 
ns go mnd sacrliee to our God. 

A tl«s them noTA work bo laid npon the 
au-. ■ >i i;c^ \r,^j labouT therein ; and let 
ilhu'in I'...! TTsatd Tiin words. 

kt Aiid Ebr tanunsten of the people went 
I 'hut, qulI Uialt nmurs, and tbey spake to (he 
i»Htitir, »yiD(, Thus sakh Pharaoh, I will 

In4tt rif* JFMl SEra* . 

H w ;*. CQi jn^ straw where ye eaa Ibid 
ll ' wt pdl Rflfti of your work shaU be di- 


L^ ^-3 Uid pnipLa 

ihrjticliiaiii lil tuf land of Egypt to gather 
ituhnfr^ UiAWht ti Straw. 

Jf:i .^nii *i<* tH^tnueters basted them, say- 
iBr. fi.UitJ vi>ii[ works, t yoar daily tasks, as 
pfcrti tj.^-l-i; ti-L'. itiww. 

II Anil itM lAcns of tbeehildrea of Is- 

KlKrETurc Nfcirf } r no« fulfilled yoor task in 
nykLbjf If Ml ImH^ yesterday and to day, as 
Im *vii.^tt i 
U 1 TbentiM ofitsers ofthe ohildrea of Is- 
raol «»Bw whI cried nnto Pharaoh, saying, 

Wherefore dealest thoa thus with thy serv 

16 There is no straw givsn nnto thy serr- 
ants, and tbey say to us. Make briek : and, 
behold, thy serrants are beaten; but tbe 
flialt ie in thine own people. 

17 But be said. To are Mle, ye are idle : 
therefore ye say. Let us go and do saeriOoe 
to the Lord. 

18 Go therefore now, and work ; for Utere 
shall no straw be giren you, yet shall ye de- 
liver the tale of bricks. 

19 And tbe oAoers of tbe children of Israel 
did see tAotthqy fsers in otU eaee, after it 
was s^d, Te shall not minish amght tttm 
your bricks of yoor daily task. 

20 And they met Mosea and Aaron, who 
stood in the way, as tbey came forth ttom 
Pharaoh : 

21 A And tbey said nnto them. The Lord 
look upon you, and Judge ; beeause ye have 
made oar saToar tto be abhorred in the 
eyes of Pfaaraoh, and In the eyes of bis serr- 
' nt a sword in their t»nd to slay as. 

Moses returned unto the Lord, 

and said, Lord, wherefore hast thou eo evil 
entreated this people ? why is It that thou 
hast sent me ? 

S3 For since I came to Pharaoh to speak 
in thy name, he hath done evil to this peo- 
ple ; taeitber hast thou delivered thy poo> 
' lall. 

Qnd miMMfi Am mwm'w tj* kU namt JKnOVAB. 
1ft B* ttnd>ik Motf to fhtuttok. 14 Tk» gtnml- 
ogf •/ Stuttn. U of Simmm. It) </ Iti, ofwkom 
"ilM Moui and Aaron. 
HEN the LORD said unto Moses, Now 
Shalt thou see what I will do to Phara- 
with a strong hand shall he let 
them go, and with a strong hand t shall he 
drive them out of his land. 
2 And God spake unto Moses, and said 
into him. I am H the LORD ; 

Abraham, unto 
. J the name of 
'God Almighty ; but by my naane ' JEHO- 
VAH was I not known to them. 
1 'And I have also established my cove- 
nant with them, / to give them the land of 
Canaan, the land of their pilgrimage, where- 
in they were strangers. 
5 And ' I have also heard the groaning of 
the children of Israel, whom the Egyptians 
keep in bondage; and I have remembered 

Wherefore say onto tbe children of Is- 
rael, AI flfls the LORD, and •! wUl bring yea 
eat from under the burdens of the Egyptians, 
and I will rid you out of their bondage, and 
I will Jtredeem j<m with a stretched out arm, 
and with great jadgmenU : 
7 And I wiU 'take you to me for a people, 
tnd *"I will be to you a God : and ve shall 
know that I am the Lord your God, which 
bringeth you out "from under t~ 


8 And I appeared nnto i 
Isaao, and unto Jacob, by 

eoBoeralng tbe which! did t» swear to give 
it to Abraham, to Isaac, aad to Jacob ; and 
I wUl give it you for a heritage : I am tbe 

9 And Moses spake so ante tbe children 
of Israel: ''but tliey hearkened not unto 
Moses for tanguish of spirit, an4l for eruel 

10 5 And the Lord spake nnto Moses, 

11 Go in, speak unto Pharaoh king of 

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■CfrC «birt b* la* tita «tiiMi«i Of iMel ID 
out of bia land. 

n And Moaoa iiwkrbalbn tha Lomo, mt- 
iac BeiioM. tha «hiMr«n of lanal tew i m* 
bMurkanedaMonM; bow tbea alMB Pharaoh 
haar me, ''who mm of OMiroiMalsod lipsf 

13 And tb« LOKo apake anto Moms and 

king of Emit tobrfaig tb 
oQt of lh« land of Kgrpt. 

14 t Tbeaa bt the Iwada of khair faUian' 
bausea : *Tb« aona of Rmitoca tha Aratbom 
of larael; Haaoeb, and PkOn, Hesron, and 
Oannl ; thesa 6a tb« femiliea of Reuban. 

15 (And tba aona of 81meoa ; Jemual, and 
Janta, and Obwl, and Jaahin, and Zabar, 
and Bbaol tha aon of a CanMUiitiah vwaaa : 
tbaie aro (l>a families of Simaon. 

10 And tbaaa art tha namca of" tha aona 
ofLarlaooordingtothairfenaralioaa; U«t>- 
ehoa, and Kohath, and Ifarari : and tha 
yean of the lifs of Lerl wvr« a hdndrad 
thirtr and saren Taara. 

IT ■ Tba SOBS of Oerahon ; Libni, and SU- 
ml. aecor^g to their fhmlUea. 

ISAnd'thasonaofKobath; Annam, and 
Itbar, and Hebron, and Uttial: and the 
7»ara of tba life of Kohath taara a taandrad 
thirty aad three Taara. 

10 And 'the bobs of Marari; Mahal! and 
Mosbi : these are the families of Levi ae- 
oordinc to their fceBertttlona. 

SO And * Amram took him Jaehabad Us IW* 
tber's slater to wifte ; and she bare htm Aaron 
aad Moses : and tha Tears of the life of Amram 
wer» a hundred and thirty and seren years. 

n And ttha sons of lahar; Koiab, and 
NeoheK, and Zichri. 

And < the soai of Utiiel ; Mbhari. aad 
than, aad Zithri. 

nd Aaron took him Elisheba, daughter 

of rf AmAiaadab. sister of Naaahon, to wife ; 
and she bare Mm *Nadab and AUbn, Klea- 

S4 Aad the /aona of Korah; Aaair, and 

ilieaofthe Korhitea. 
16 Aad Eleasar Aaron's son took Mas < 
of the dangtitera of Putiel tovifis; aad'i 
bare bim Phtnahas : the<ie ore the heads of 
the fkthers of the Lerites aeaording to their 

I, &to 


1 i>r Eru^ ae- 

. , - ! 1 ; , ^ ?].>ise l<t PlMtra- 
oii ^ni|; "ji' Jif^E'i', ■l'- I'f-ttJf ^ti« Um dlill^ 
ef lKri«l Xrn/sf i^'^pt- \h<ni- fif*\i)Mli. M( 

ai 1 AjiJ kt e*ian te pan rxt \hm ^jKhtm 
«1i# LORD ipsku anlit Xbs«i Iq t||p }and 

l',t TlLsf l}>* LuiiEt s^u-fl anint Mmuft , aay> 

iSc , ■'1 4Tiq ll4 LpHCi : "»u ubtn Pha> 

fill ^Itii^'Mdih iftiJ^rnihR thrt U»RI>,Ba- 
bvN. "T Ettn iif!»4n«4ird llji*, and 
bow ihall fLu-auh Lawl^s tiuiv itts r 

8 ITm rW £• htnud {nl» a Mnwitl. 11 Tk* wr- 
ttrm dmlA, Ilk*. 13 Pkuraak; Iktmrt it harj. 
miU. VToad; m0$mt, (• rkarmok. lit fJU 
rimr w ftmiW tiMo UooJ. 
A in> tba LOSO aald rata Maaaa. See, I 

have made thae <*a god i 
Aana thy brothar shall ba »lhy prophet. 

thee ; and Aaron thy brother ahail apeak 

Israel oat of hU land. 

» And dl wHi bartea Pbaraoh'a baart, aad 
*aittjtiply my /aigaa aad my wanders ia the 
land of Egypt. 

4 Unt Pharaoh shall aot hearken ante yoa» 
'that 1 awy lay mgr hand upon Egypt, aad 
bring ftntb mine aniitea, mnd my people 
the children of larael, oat of tU land of 
Egypt ft by great Jadgmeata. 

ftAnd the Egyp^s ishaU ka«w that I am 
tha Lord, wbm 1 istzeteb forth arine haad 
upon Egypt, aad bring out tha ohildren of 

eonmiaaded them, so did they. 
7 And Moses vas "'foarsoora years old. 

when they apakou 

1 And the Lord spake unto Moaat aad 
uate Aaroa, saying, 

0- When Pharaoh shall speak anto you, 
saying, "Show a miiaele for yo« : then thou 
Shalt say unto Aaron, *Take thy rod, and 
cast it before Pharaoh, and it shall beoooM 
a serpent. 

10 And Moaea aad Aaroa went la nalo 
Pharaoh, and they did so 'aa tha Lobd 
had commanded : and Aaron east dowa bis 
rod before Pbakaoh, and bofora bia aarr- 
aau, and it « beeame a aerpeat. 

11 Tliea Pharaoh alao ''eafied the wlae mea 
aad 'ttie aoreerera : now the nagieiaBB of 
Egypt, they also (did ib Nke vanaer with 
their cndiantments. 

19 For they oast down orary ana Ma rod, 
aad tber beeame serpeaU: but Aaian's 
rod swallowed op their nds. 

13 And be hardened Pharaoh's heart, that 
he hearkeacd not unto then; "aatheLuRB 
had aald. 

14 ^ And the LORD aald onto Mosea, "Pha^ 
raol/s heart is hardoaed : ha rafteoth to let 

Ifi Uet thee onto Pharaoh In themomlag; 
to, he goeth out onto the water ; aad tboa 
Shalt ataad by the rlver'a brink agaiaat ha 
eome ; and 'the rod whioh waa taraed to a 
aeijpent ahalt thou take in thine band. 

1« Aad thoa ahatt aay onto Mas *Tb» 
LORD Qod of the Hebrewa hath seat mo 
unto thee, aayftig. Let my people go, 'that 
they may serve me in the wfldoraeea ; aad, 
babold, hitherto thou wouldast not hear. 

17 Thua aalth the Lobd, la thia ttbaa 
ahalt know that 1 am the LOKD : behold, I 
win amlte with tha rod that 4s to mine hand 
apoa the waters wbteh art la tha river, aad 
«they ahall be tamed i<to Uaod. 

18 And the fish that M In the river ahaU 
die, and tha river ahaU itink; and the 
Egyptiaaa shaU •loathe to driak oT the wa. 
ter of the river. 

19 Aad tba Lord spake «■!• Moses, Say 
oato Aaron, Take Iby rod, and / stretoh oat 
tbine haad upoa the waters of Egypt, apoa 
^'^''Y atiaama, apea their rivara, and apoa 

p pabda, aad apoa all thatar tpoola of 
water, that they may booaaaa blood; and 
thai there may be Uaod Uwaaghout all the 
laad of Egypt, bath to waoMla a/ wood, aad 
in 'nm#fj or §t<ip#« 

Sa Aad Moaea and Aaron did so, as the 
LoR»oommanded; and he 'lifted up the 
rod, and smote the waters that taere to tha 
rivar, to the aigte of Pharaoh, aad la the 
eight of his aarvanu ; aad all the Awatar* 

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The ptagm vf frogs. 

The pUtgue of Uce. 



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91 And tbeflab tint (MM in tbe rWer died; 
■ad tiM rirer sUok, ud Um EgyptUuu 
•'Mold Mt drink of tlie «nt«r of the river ( 
nnd ther* WM blaod thzos(tMiut all tb» Und 
of Egypt. 

SS i And the magieiuu of £gn>t did M 
tlMlr mofanatniMiU > and l>h«rsoh> heart 
«M hardMMd, naiUMtdid he hewken unto 
then; <«• the Lou> bed aiad. 

8S And Pharaoh turned and went into Us 
he aethia heart to ■ " 

8« And aU the Xgyptlana digged nond 
about the rirer for watw to drink ; for they 
ee«M not drink ef the water of the river. 


. 8 Pkar<u>k nMk I* Jf—t : 12m4 

^-•»er mwMfA (*«M OMjr. \9 Tk* 

duti it fvriMj into lit*, whitk ik» mamieianu 
mtrntdmat <U. »Th» MMtnU •ffim. ti J>*» 
••04 MMliaalA «• (<*<A« frnfttfo, Jibmt $H i« 



unto Pharaoh, and saT *>»to bim. Thus 
aaith the Lo&o, JLet my people go, "thai 
they may eerve me. 

S And if thou krefnae to 
behold. I vm amite aU thy 

8 And the rives shall bring forth fMga 
abaadnntiy, vbioh shall go up and eooie in- 
l« tUne hease, and into * thy bed«hamber» 
and upon thy bed, and into the hoase «f thy 
•ervants, and upon thy people, and into 
lUna ovensr and into th> » kqeadtagtrongbs : 

4 And (be frogs shall eome up both on thee, 
and npoa Oty peopla. and upon all thy aerr- 

5 And the Loao spake unto Moees, Bay 
unto Aaron, *8trotohf>rtb thine band with 
tb^ rod oeae the streams, over the riren, 
and over the ponds, and eaase frogs to soma 
op upon the land of Egrat. 

■ And Aaron stretohedoat his band over 
the water* of Egypt} aa4/the ftogs came 
up, and eeveredtbe land of Egypt. 
T « And the m^eiaaa did so with their 

mehaBtaent*, and brought up frogs npea 

J» land ef Egypt. 

SThenPharaehoaUed for Moses andAanw. 
and said. ASntreat the Lord, that Jie m^ 
lake away ttie ftega fkoaa me. and from nv 
people; and I will let the people go» thai 
Itaey may do saeriaoe nto the U>KO. 

• And Moses snld oito Pbaraeb. U0le«y 

udE^. ' -T-. an Li<,«3idf!wtfav people, t to 
darij^jT ir.t- \r-jz' itam- Bhsn and ttayhooseSt 
ikat\ii*y tn^f re^kla ^B the river only 7 
111 Anil \tn *ukJ, >'fi}>ir.«v«w. ABdhsfaid^ 
Be ■( ae^r Jliig E.^^ L]jj ^ord ; that thou may- 
^L Ln ov : liftt itAcn u none like note the 

IXlAC r.uT {Isil, 

11 JiLi] eIh tKKf^ iliikll depart from thee, 
abd b-ncn L:i; I)ih4j«j, andfrem thy Servants, 
ud Imin Lby ^Hipb : they sb*U mnaln In 

n Afi«k Haea* aad Aann went oat frwn 

f^vn<ib: vfA Hmm ieried onto the Losd 

iahi_. nr lib., tf^ wtiidi he had hrought 

IbP! PliaT*il|l. 

Amd [J^ Utu.0 d1'J »ee«rding to the word 
eir hipf e<i ; end the frngs died out of the 
liuniM, pbL oT UH vlttages, and out of ths 

14 And they gMbered them together upon 
heaps; and the land stank. 

16 But when Pharaoh saw that there was 
'respite, " he hardened his heart, and heark 
ened not unto them ; as the Lobd had saidc 

lis t -^d the LoBO said unto Moees, £^y 
onto Aaron, Stretch oat thy rod, and smite 
the dust of the land, that it Bsay" " 


throughout aU the land of Egypt. 
IT And thev did so; for Aaran 
out bis hand with his red, and : 

dnst of the earth, and »U beeac 

man, and in beast; aU the dust of the land 
became liee thnmghpu* all the land of Egypt. 

18 And "the mMicians did so with their 
CDchantments to oring forth lioe, but they 
i'oottld not; so tbwe wera liee upon man, 
and upon beast. 

19 Then the ma(^cians said unto Pharaoh, 
This is < the finger of Ood : and Pharaoh's 
'heart was hardened, sad he hearkened not 
unto them : as the LOKO bad si^d. 

20 1 And the LoBO said unto Moees, 'Sise 
up early in the morning, and stand befiote 
Pharaoh; lo, he oometh forth to the water t 
and say unto him. Thus saith tbe.LokOr 
'Let my people go, that they may serve m*> 

ai Else, if thou wilt not let my people go, 
behold. I wUl send H swarms of lies upon 
thee* and open thy servants, and upon thy 
people, and into thy houses ; and the bousss 
of the Egyptians shall be full of swaims 
of flies, and also the ground whereon th«y 

S3 And «I wiU sever in that day the land 
" dwell, that 

people and thy people.: uto morrow s 
this sign be. 

24AndtheI<OBOdidso: and 'there eame 
a grievous swarm of flies into the house of 
Pharaoh, and into his servants' houses, and 
into all the land of Egypt : tlw land was 
^ corrupted by reaf on of the swarm of flies. 

25 And Pharaoh called for Moees and for 
Aaron, and said, Go ye, saorifloe to year 
God in the land. 

20 And Moees said, It is not meet so to 

lo; for we shall saerifieo * the abomination 
of the Egyptians to the LOBO our God: lo, 
shall we saerifieo the abomination of ti>e 
Egyptians before their eyas, and will they 
not stone us? 

27 VTe will go 'three days' journey into the 
wilderness, and saoriflce to the Lobo our 
God, as *he shall command as> 

88 And Pharaoh said. I wiU let you go, that 
ye may sacrifice to the Lord your God in 
the wudernessj oi^ ye shall not go very 
Iw aw«y ; (entreat for me. 

88 And Moees said. Behold, I go out tnm 

bee, and I will entreat the LOBD that tb) 
swarms of flies may depart f^ora Pharaoh, 

Kw I btit let set Pharaoh 

AUly any more in not leUing the people tfi 
o saerifieo- to the Lord. 

50 And Moees went out from Pharaoh, and 
dentroated the Lobd. 

51 And the Lord did according to the word 
of Moass : and be removed the swarms of 
flies from Pharaoh, from his servanu, and 
fromhis people ; there remained not one. 

« And Pbasaeb 'hardened bis heart a* 
thi« time also, aellhar would he let ths poo- 

The plague cf boUs. 


The plague cf Tma. 



• Bom. 0.17. 

Sm «h.u.n. 

P»T. 10. 4. 


rh* ■nirmtn efbtrnt: 8 f** WaVM i< W*(« aai 
UrAoHHOMaiMt fXcAmt. ffi »« 

THEN the LOKD sftld onto Mosca, 'Go 
in onto Pfauftob, and tell him, Tbni 
■aith Um Lobd God of the Hebrews. L«t 
my people ro, that thcj may aerre me. 

2 For it thou ireAue to IM Mem go, and 
wilt hold them (tiU, 

3 Behold, the 'hand of the Lord is upoa 
thy eattie whioh <« in the Eeld, npon the 
horses, npon the asses, npon the eamels, 
upon the oxen, and upon the sheep: thtre 
amU b* a Teir grleroos morrain. 

4 And dtbe Lord shall serer between the 
oattle of Israel and the oattle of Egjpt : and 
there shaU nothing die of aU Utat <• the 
ebUdren's of IsraeL 

6 And the Lord appointed • set time, say- 
ing, To morrow the Lord shall do this thing 
in the land. 

And the Lord did that thing on the mor- 
row, and 'all the oattle of Egypt died : bat 
of the oatUe of the ddldren of Israel died 
not one. 

7 And Pharaoh sent, and, behold, there was 
not one of the eattle of the Israelites dead. 
And /the heart of Pharaoh was hardened, 
and he did not let the people go. 

8 1 And the Lord said onto Moses and 
onto Aaron, Take to you handftals of ashes 
of the ftomaoe, and let Hoses sprinkle it 

And it shaU 

f Egypt. 

and ShaU be'ab 

II dnst in aU the 

beast, throoghont all the land of Egypt. 

10 And they took ashes of tbe ftimaoe, and 
stood before Pharaoh; and Moses sprinkled 
it up toward heaven ; and it beoame ia boil 
breaking Ibrth with blalns npon man, and 
npon beast. 

11 And tbe tmagtetans coold not stand be- 
fore Moses because of the boils ; fn tbe boil 

upon the mtgioians, and upon all tbe 


And the Lord hardened tbe heart of 
Pharaoh, and bo hearkened not onto them ; 
ias tbe Lord bad spoken unto Moses. 
18 1 And tlie Lord said onto Moses, /Rise 
up early in the morning, sad stand before 
niaraob, and say unto him. Thus salth tbe 
Lord God of the Hebrews, Let my people 
go, that they may serre me. 

14 For I wOl at this time send all my 
plagues npon Ihine heart, and npon thy serr- 
ants, and upon thy people ; "*that thou may- 
est know that thtre i» none like me in all 
tbe earth. 

15 For now I wtU "strcteh out my hand, 
that I may smite thee and thy people with 
pestilenoe; and thou shalt be eat ofT f^ou 
tbe earth. 

10 And in very deed for *this eause hare 
I t rabed tbee up, for to shew in thee my 
power; and that my name nay be deelared 
througfaout aU the earth. 

17 As yet ezaltest thou thyself against my 
people, that thou wilt not let them go 7 

18 Behold, to morrow about this time I will 
oauae it to rain a very grioToua bail, sueh 
as hath not been in Ern>t sinoe the founda- 
tion thereof eren untiTnow. 

10 Send therefore now, and gather thy 
eattle, and all that thou hast in the field ; 
man and beast wbtob shall 
!ld, and shall not bo bfougfa* 

for upon oTory « 
be found in the flel 

and they shall die. 

ao He that feared the word of ttt* Lord 
among the serranM of Pharaoh made his 
serrants and his oattle flee inte the bouses ; 

21 And he that t regarded not tbe word of 
tbe Lord left bis aerraots and bis eattle 
in the field. 

22 And the Lord said unto Moees, StnMx 
forth thine band toward beaTon, that there 
may be ''bail in all tbe land of Egypt, upon 
aaan. and npon beast, and upon every Mrb 
of the field, tbroogbout tbe land of l^gni. 

23 And Moses stretebed forth his rod to- 
ward beaTon : and othe Lord sent thunder 
and hail, and tbe fire ran along upon the 
ground; and the LORD ndaed hail upon tbe 
Uad of Egypt. 

24 So there was hail, and fire minded with 
tbe hall, Tory grieTous, such as there was 
none like it in all the land of Egypt sinoe it 
beeame a nation. 

25 And the bail smote thronghont all the 
land of Egrpt all that umu in the field, both 
man and neast ; and tbe bail ''smote every 
herb of tbe field, and brake oTery troe of tlM 

M * Only in the land of Goshen, where 
the children of Israel wero, was there no 

27 And Pharaoh sent, and called for Moses 
and Aaron, and said unto them, d have 
sinned this time: *'the LORD {< riKbteeus, 
and I and my people ar» wieked. 

28 "Entreat the Lord (for it it eoough) 
that there be no iN«re t mighty tbunderings 
and hail ; and I will let you go, and ye shall 
stay no longnr. 

20 And Moses said unto him. As soon as 
I am gone out of the city, I will 'spread 
abroad my hands tute tbe Lord ; and tbe 
thunder shall cease, neither shall there be 
any more hail ; that thou mayes* know bow 
that tbe 'earth it tbe Lord's. 

80 But as for thee and thy serranta. "I 
know that ye irill not yet foar tbe Lord 

81 And the flax and the barley was smit- 
ten: tfor tbe barley tMM in the ear, and tbe 
flax teas boUod. 

82 But tbe wheat and tbe rye were net 
smitten ; for they wer« tnot grown up. 

83 And Moses went out ot the city tnm 
Pharaoh, and 'spread abroad his bands un- 
to the Lord : and tbe thunders and hail 
ceased, and tbe rain was not poured upon 
tbe earth. 

84 And when Pharaoh saw that tbe rain 
and the hail and the thunders were eeased, 
he sinned yet more, and baideoed bis heart, 
he and his servants. 

8& And rftbe heart of Pharaoh was harden- 
ed, neither would he Ut the chUdrea of Is- 
rael go ; as tbe LOR* bad spoken t by Moses. 

(hd tkna t tunk to ttmd Ueutl: 7 nantoi, m^rml 
iy Am mtmhM*. imeliiua to Ut Ikt Jfrmditmga. 
IS Tk* pimriu»f Ik* toauu. 19 nmraok n«(A 
(• JTowT^l n< HV«« ^ rfn^MM. aifkm. 
ru* MMlA ^SMt «Mo ifMM. 87 »M( yi* u Aorrf. 

AND the LORD said unto Moses. Go in 
unto Pharaoh: 'fori have hardened 
his heart, and the heart of bis servanta, 
(that I might shew these my signs befon 

2 And that *tbonmagrest teU in the ears of 
thy son, and of tte son's son. what tbiagB I 
have wrougM in ^^pt, and my signs vbiek 


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m lit 


a*k /ii^- 

I hare done aarag tbem ; that ye nutj know 
bsw that I am tbe LORD. 
8 And MMea and Aaron oama in onto 
Pbaraoh, and said unto him, Tboa nith the 
Lord Ood of the Hebrews, How long wilt 
thou TttoM to •'htunble ibjteU before me T 

inj people go, that they maj lerre me. 

I Else, It thon reAue to lot mj people gv, 
behold, to morrow will I bring the *iooas(8 
Into thy coast : 

C And tbey shall eoTer Um tfaee of the 
•arth, that one cannot be able to see the 
earth : and /tbej sltall eat the retidne of 
tbat which is escaped, wbleh remaineth unto 
Ton trom the hail, and shall eat tverj tree 
whidi groweth for ron oat of the field : 

C And tbcT VshaQ BU thy hoasea, and the 
booses of all thy serrants, and the honsea 
ol all the Kgyptfans ; wUdi neither thy fa- 
thers, nor thy fothers' fathers hare seen, 
■taee the day tbat they were upon the earth 
unto this day. And he turned himself, and 
went oat f .'om Pharaoh. 

7 And Pharaoh's serrants sidd unto him. 
How long shall this man b« Aa snare onto 
tts? let the men go. tbat thmrmay serre the 
LOKD their Ood : knowest tboQ not yet that 
bypt is destroyed ? 

oAnd Mooes and Aaron were brought ag^ 
onto Pharaoh : and be said onto uem. Go, 
serve the LOKD yoor God : but t who are 
they that shall go? 

8 And Moses said. We wQI go with oar 
yoong and with our old, with our sons and 
with oar dau|diterB. with oar flocks and with 
oar herds wUl we go ; for > we muH hold a 
fsast unto the LOKO. 

10 And be said unto them. Let the LOSD 
be so with yoo, as I will let you go, and your 
little onea : look to it; for ctU U before you. 

II Not so : go now ye that are men, and 
serre the Lobd; for that ye did desire. 
And they were driren out trom Pharaoh's 

IC \ And the Lord aidd unto Hoses, 
iStreteh out thine hand orer the land of 
Egypt tax the loeuats, that they may come up 

ffp^n *W^ 1««t.l **• PffT^** ^9iA 


Y-. \i\^ -' ■>£ rrtdirrt furiii hi J. f"\ r vcr 

LJir lanJ ^ Kit}'];!. ViA lb* LvfUJ tihHi^t 
as rast Di^il HUB Um land all l1iat iLj, 
Ui] i]| l^uf plgtt; anrl *1i?p Et -mtta iiKim- 

H .kvii'iim Jwartj -wriM up attt *]] (be 
[||B^ rtt V-tj^A, luiri 7Mii?[l. Lu bU titn rn>iita 
ef Ecyi'' I'i'rj irdn-DEii Hvrii iStji: '^1<:fi)re 
lium tl:,F±< i«r? DH nicli IdCUU a« LlL«y, 
bflither iTlir lh«En khj]] be riUOh. 

\l Fac W.rj " AiirrKd tlie laOt Oif Ibfl vbole 
Muli, BO Lli4t ibti Iktid *ij diThra^d ;: and 
■b^j >* ilirl ■ u I *very Lerti of El ■'i laad, and 
tU iJ^ tiu"\ Mf tbeWi pUdq tJi^bonbad 
\*t< '. aed iWtv malaad ^^it aaj txtsa 
ttilnt 1^ tl''« tn-#a^ UT In ihr- hi'rli cif the 

■I I'.- .. ii n.^ mil ■ lPliiTr*S Hi.' |.'..UD 

' }. \ • ■ .,,. nny t^fl * i*ij- rii.m me 

I ' \:..'. '^ 'tiit ijail. tr^ui, f Lb]':iiili, and 

»i,if^-u,t,-.[ LLi- [.llll(l.i. 

>IHK fpK- . *B<1 w4sd. wliUiLi Ivik awA'j Ehi: loi^i,-U, vQd 
mti. f 'I dMik ll^B ' kBl« Iba Hr^ tM i (Lnip tr rnliln- 

:>*-l m . tAad* Mw W*» ^ alii *)'« ™mu ;.f Kgjpt. 

50 Bat the Lord "hardened Pharaoh's 
heart, so tbat be would not let the children 
of Israel go. 

51 ^ And the Lord said onto Moses, 
" Stretch out thine hand toward heaven, that 
there may l>e darkness over the land of 
Sgrpt, teren darkness wMeh may be felt. 

S And Moses stretohed fbrth his hand to- 
ward heaTen ; and there was a 'thick dark- 
ness in all the land of Egypt three days : 

83 They saw not one another, neither rose 
any from his plaoe for three days : 'bat all 
the chUdren of Jsrael had light in their 

24 And Pharaoh eaUed onto Mosea, and 
"said. Go ye, serre the Lord; only let 
your flocks and year herds be stayed; let 
your t little ones also go with you. 

S5 And Moses said, Tbou must give tu 
also saerifloes and burnt oflkrings. tbat we 

may saertBee unto the Lord our God. 

86 Our cattle also shall go with us ; 

shaU not a hoof be left behind : for tberrof 
must we take to serve the Lord our God; 
and we know not with what we must serve 
the Lord, until we come thither. 

37 But the Lord "hardened Pharaoh's 
heart, and be would not let tbem go. 

88 And Pharaoh said unto him. Get thee 
from me, take heed to thyself, see my fitoe 
no more; for infAafdaytnoaseestmyfbee 
tbou Shalt die. 

20 And Moses said, Tbou bast spoken well, 
<a will see thy faoe again no more. 

(/ocTf miuagt to f«« Itratlitm >o korrvm JntfU «f 
ihnr ntigkhoMT: 4 JHntn firM<*iMCA Pkar^ili 
wilk tk* dtaiK of ikt/lrltam. 

AND the Lord said unto MosesJTet wUI 
■ I bring one plague more upon Pharaoh, 
and upon Egypt ; afterwards be will let you 
go hence: 'when he shall let yaw go, he 
shall (urely thrust you out hence altogether. 

2 Speak now in the ears of the people, and 
let every man borrow of his neiglbour, and 
every woman of her nei^bour, (Jewels of 
silver, and Jewels of gold. 

8 ' And the Lord mvo the people fivoor 
in the si^t of the Egyptians. Moreover, 
the man rfMoses teat yefy great in the land 
of Eoypt, In the sight of Pharaoh's servants, 

'About midnight will I go out into the midst 
of Egypt: 

5 And /an the flntbom in the land of 
Egypt shall die, from tho firstborn of Pha- 
raoh that sitteth upon his throne, even unto 
the firstborn of the maidservant that ie be- 
hind the min ; and all the firstborn of beasts. 

'And there shall be a great cry through- 
out all the land of Enpt. such as there was 
nono like It, nor sliallDo like it any more. 

7 ABut against any of the children of Inael 
•'shall not a dog movo hia tongue, against 
man or beast : tbat ye may know how that 
the Lord doth nut a difierenoe between the 
Egyptians and Israel. 

8And tall these thy servants shall come 
down unto me, and bow down themselves 
luito me, saying. Get theo out, and all tho 
people t that follow theo : and after that I 
will go out. .\nd he went out from Pharaoh 
in ta great angi-r. 

And the Lord said unto Moses, 'Pha- 
raoh shall not hearken unto you ; tbat "* my 
wonders may be multiplied in the land of 

The pauoffer insMuted. 


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10 And Mow* »Bd Akroa did all tb«M 
wonders before Ptiartoh : *Mtd the LOBD 
hardned PhMSofa'a t>««rt, to tb«t bo would 
not let Uw ebildron of lanol (o out of hia 

n« b(K»««V ^'4« (Mor u g 4«ii f « rf . S n« faw- 
o««t M iMttdKtA 11 rA« n(« V <A« liJiMiw. 
10 nU (TMn ifay* </ KN/MvnMf tnarf. 89 Tkt 
JirMifn on <<at». 31 Tht ttrtdif art rfn 
<i«4 qr i*< <M^. 87 I%«y mm M Samnk. 
nt vrdinamv* ^ tka jm—optr. 

nth of tbo jear to yon. 

8 ^ gpoAk je unto aU tbo ooogroittioB tt 
loTMl, Mjinf, In tbo tenth day of this 
■MMth Vba tbOl tnk* to then everr man a 
tlamb, aooordtng to tbo booao of Motr Ur 
thora, a lamb ftw a boose : 

4 And if the boooehoM be too lltdo for the 
lamb, lot Mm and bii neighboor next unto 
bia booao take it aoeording (o the nomber 
of tbe aoola ; erery man aeeordlng to hia 
eating iball make jtmr ooont ft>r tbe lamb. 

& Yoor lamb abaU be twitbout blemiah. a 
maletoftheSratjrear: 70 abaU take « o«t 
from tbe abeop, or tnm m goata : 

6 And yeaball beep it np uotU the 'Coor- 
toentb daj of tbo aame motitb: and the 
whole aasembly of Ae eoncMcatlon of laiael 
abaU kill It tin tbe evening. 

7 And they abaU takoof tbe Mood, and 
strike it on tbo two aide poata and on the 
upper doorpost of tbe boosM, wbeieln tbej 
sball eat it. 

And they shall eat the flesh in that night, 
roast with Are, and i<nnleavened bn^; 
afuf with bitter A<r6s they shall eat it. 

fi Eat not of it raw, nor sodden at all with 
water, but *roast MrttA iiroi hia head with 
hia lega, and with tiM porteiMuioe tliereor. 

IC /And ye ahaU let nothing of it remain 
until tbo morning ; and tfaat wbieb remain- 
etb of it untH the neming yo sbaU ban 

11 And thus shall ye oat it; vith yoor 
loins girded, your shoes on yoor Cset, and 
yout ataifln yoor hand ; and ye shall eat It 
to basts : ' it <s tbe LOBD's pasaorer. 

15 For I ««iU paaa tbroo^ tbe land of 
Egypt this night, and wiU smite aU the first- 
born lb tbe land of Egypt, both man and 
beast ; and <agata>st all the **goda of Egypt 
I WiU «xeeate ^dgment : ^I am tbe Lord. 

18 And tbe Mood shaU be to you fcr a token 
upon tbe bouses where ye are : and when I 
soe tbo blood, I will pass over yon, and the 
plague shall not be upon you tto destroy 
yoti, when I smite tbe land of Egypt. 

14 And this day shall be onto yon <fbr a 
memorial ; and ye shall keep It a "feast to 
the Loud throughout vour generations: ye 
Shan keep it a fsast * by an ordtnanee for 

16 5 •SeroB days shall ye Oat unleaToned 
bread; even the tirst day yo shall pot away 
leaven out of your honsea : for whosoever 
eateth leavened bread from the flrst day 
until the seventh day, 'that sool shall be 
out off from Itrad. 

1« And in the flrst day Hurt $luM be «a 
holy eoaTooation, and in the seventh day 
tbwe aball be a holyoonToeation toyoo ; no 
nmanv of work abaU bo done in tbeui. save 
that mUdtk every taua moat oat, ttat only 

17 And ye sbaU obMtre «As feaet of on- 
loaveued bread; iter 'in this selfkama din 
have I brooght your annios oot of tbe land 
of KCTP* ■' therefore shall ye observe thk 
day in year gen e r a tions by an ordinanoe Cur 

18 'In tbo flrst mont*. on tbo fboitoenth 
day of tbo month at even, ye shall eat un- 
leavened bread, nntil the one and twontiotb 
day of the month at evoa. 

1{> <8ev«n days shall there be no loavon 
lound in your bottsos : fbr whoooovor eatotb 
that whidi Is leavened, *«von that sool 
shall bo out off from the congregation of Is- 
rael, whether bo be a stranger, or bom in tbe 

20 To shaU eat nothing leavened; in aU 
Tonr haUutions shall ye eat untoaveaed 

21 t Tboa Moses oaQed for aU tbe elders 
of Israel, and said unto tbem, 'Draw out 
and take you a viamb aooording to yoor 
families, and kiU the p as sovor. 

22 "And ye shall take a bonoh of bysaop. 
and dip tt in the Mood that is in the basin, 
and ' strike the lintel and the two side posts 
with the blood thai fs in tbe basin; and 
lione of you shall go out at the door of bis 
bense nntil tbo morning. 

28 «For tho Lord win pass through to 
smite tbo Egyptiana ; and when ho aeoth 
the blood npoa tbo lint^ and on ttte two 
side poots, tbo Lobd will pass over tbo 
door, and twin not suffer* tbo destroyer to 
eomo In onto your booses to smite yett. 

24 And ye shall observe this thing for 
an ordinanoa to thoo and to thy sons flir 

25 And it shall eome to pass, when yo be 
eonie to the land wbieh the Lord will give 
you, li aooording as he hath promised, that 
ye shall keep this servioe. 

20 * And it shall oomc to pass, when yoor 
children shall say unto you, What moan ye 
by thU servioe r 

27 That ye sfaaU say, /It ie the sacrifltfe 
of tho LORD'S passovor, who passed over 
the houses of tbe ebildren of Israel in Egypt, 
when ho smote tbe Egyptians, aod dellverod 
our hooaes. And the people 'bowed tbe 
bead and worshipped. 

28 And the ehiidren of Israel went away, 
and i did as tbo Lord bad oommanded Mo- 
ses and Aaron, so did tbry. 

29 ^ I And it came to pass, that at midnight 
Hhe Lord smote all the flratbom in tbe 
land of Egypt, 'from tbo flratbom of Pha- 
raoh that aat on his tttrooe unto the flrst- 
bom of tbe captive that too* in the td^n- 
geon : and all the firstborn of eattle. 

80 And Pharaoh rose up in the night, bo, 
and all his servants, and all tho Egyptians ; 
and there was a "* great cry in £n>pt : for 
there woe not a btmso where there woe not 
one dead. 

31 And »bo called lor Moses and Aaron 
by nifebt, and said. Rise up, and get you 
forth fyom amonc my people, "both ye and 
the children of Israel; and go, serve tbe 
Lord, as ye have aaid. 

82 ''Also take your flocks and your herds, 
as ye have said, and bo gone ; and Tblesa 
me also. 

88 'And tbe Egyptians were ungont upon 
the people, that they might sond them 4«t 
or tbe laad in baste; for they said, 'Wo *• 
ail dud mm, 

84 And Oe people took their 
it was l«s««ned, thef 

Tke Israelite* at Succoth. 

Memorxat 9} the pastover. 

babiK booad op la tbalr olothM »i>on thofr 

a& And tJw fliiUdnnirf Israel did MeordSa« 
la Uie word of Moan ; aad tbey borrowed ot 
the Icrptiaaa (jewela of ailTtr, aad jowda 
of fold, and raiment : 

38 « Aad Ute LORO gare the people bTonr 
in the aighc of tite Eg^iaaa, ao that they 
lent nato ttaeai mek th»ng$ oe (Aey-refwir- 
»d: and 'tbejr apoiled the Egyptiaaa. 

87 ^ Aad 'the ehildrea of Israel joaraeycd 
fron 'Raaesea to ttueooth, about "six. boa- 
dred thoaaaad on foot HuU were awn, b*> 

88 Aad ta mixed audtitada ireat op alao 
with tbem ; and flocka, and berda, evenrerj 

SB Aad thM baked oaloaTeaed eakea of 
the dott^ wbieb they brought forth out of 
X|7pl, nr it vaa aot leareaed; beeanae 
Aihej were tfanut out of Sgypt, aad eouM 
aal tarry, aeitber bad they prepared for 
tbemeelvea any Tietva]a« 

40 1 Now the aojourniag of the cfaUdrea of 
larael, who dwelt in Egypt, woe 'four haa- 
di«d aad thirty year*. 

41 Aad it came to paaa at the end of tbe 
Ibar baadred aad thirty yeara, eren tbe 
■elbame day it eaoie to paaa, that all i<tlie 
taoeta of tbe LOAD went out from tbe land 

4SU u t'a aMtt to be mudtobaerred au- 
to the LoBD forbringing tbem oat from tbe 
land of Egypt: tbia it that ai^t of tbe 
Lord U be oboerved of all the ebiUbrea of 
Israel In their graeratioaa. 

48 t And the Loso aaid onto Moaes aad 
Aaroa, Tbia i* /the ordinance of tbe pasa- 
orer : there shall ao atranger eat thereof: 

44 Bat erery mao'a servant that is booglit 
for BBoney, wbea tboa hast vdreomeiaad 
bim, then shall he eat thereof. 

4ft i A foreigaer and a hired serraat shall 
not eak thereof. 

40 la oae house shall it be eaten ; tboa 
Shalt Dot carry forth aagbt of the flesh abroad 
oot of tbe boose ; ineitber shall ye break a 
bona thereof. 

47 ^AU tbe eaa«rccatIoB of Israel shall 
t keep it. 

48 And /when a stranger shall sojourn wltb 
tbee, aad will keep tbe pMsover to the Lord, 
let all bis Bwles be etreomeised, and then 
let bin come near and Inep it ; and he shall 
be oe one that ia bora in the land : for no 
aaeireumeiaed person ahall eat thereof. 

40 "One law shall be to hian that is home- 
bora, aad auto tbe stranger that sqjoaraeth 

ftO l^ttTdid aU the ebildrea of Israel; aa 
Ibe Lord eommaaded Moees aad Aaron, so 

61 *Aad it eaaie to pass tbe seUkame day, 
thmt tbe LORD did bring the obildren of 
Israel out of the lead of Egypt *by their 


•r* r* tt moetifMd (• Goi. 9 nu 
wimmmdU fur* memorial. It Tlu 
■ ■ ■ • - aran. 17 r»» 


AMD tb* LORD spake ante Mooee, say- 

9 'SaaeUfy onto me an tbeflrstbom. what- 

" * "among the dtildxan 

ind of beast: it to 

•ocrar epeaeth the womb 
or I«ia4*^ or nn a 

8 1 And Moses said onto the peopto, *lto- 
membcr tbia day, ia which ye eaaie out froas 
Egynt, out o( the bouie of t bondage ; for 
*by strength of band the Lord bsonght yoa 
out from this 7>{ac< : i< there shall ao lear- 
ened bread be eaten. 

4 *Tbis day came ye oat la tbe month 

b And it sbaU be when tbe Lord shall 
/bring thee intatbe lead of tbe Caaaaaites, 
and the Uittites, and the Antorites, and the 
Birites, aad tbe Jebusitea. which be vsware 
aato Uqr Cathers to give thee, a land flowiag 
with mUk aad hoaey. Atbat thou ihak keep 
this serriee ia tbia month. 

8 iHeren days tboa abatt eat oalearened 
bread, aad ia the serenth day sAaU 6« a 
feast to tbe Lord. 

7 UaleaToned bread shall oe catoa tern 
days; aad there sbaU tno leaveaed rread 
ba seen whh thee, neither shall ibere be 
learen aeen with thee in all thy ouartera. 

8 Aad tboa afaak 'abew thy ion in that day, 

oat of Egypt. 

9 Aad it shaU be tor 'a sign aato thee 
opOB tbiae baad, aad for a memorial be- 
tween thlae eyes, that the LoRo'n law nn 
be in tby month : for with a atroag bana 
hath tbe Lord broogfat thee out of Egypt. 

10 "Tboa ahak therefore keep Ibis ordl- 
aanee in bis season tttm year to year. 

11 t And it shaU be wbea tbe Lord shaB 
bring thee into the laad ot tbe Caaiaaaites, 
as he sware uato thee and to tby fbthera, 
and shaU giro it thee, 

12 "That thou Shalt taet apart unto the 
LORD all that openeth the matrix, and ev- 
ery firstling that cometh sf a beast wbieb 
tboa baat ; tbe male ehall he the LoRo'^i 


redeem it, thea thou ahalt break bis neek : 
and all the Bratbom of man among tby chil- 
dren labait dioa redeem. 
14 ''And H shall be when thy aoa aaketb 
thee t ia time to cone, asying, What \$ tbia ? 
that tboa ahah say onto bim, 'By strength 
ot band the Lord broogfat as sot ftam 

And it 

. ns go, 
aU tbe firstborn in the Und ef 
the firstborn of 

beast: therefore I saeriflee to tbe Lord 
all that opeaetb the matrix, beinc males; 
bni aU tbe flratbon of my cfaUdrea I >e- 

16 Aad it ahaU be for «a KOton upon thiae 
bsr-" — ■• •■— * — ^lets between thine eyes : 
foj I uid the Lord brought 

na i-r:l .M' .y-. \ ■•A. 

would hardly let ns go,'that (the Lord slew 
... .L- . — .. — ._ .1. ^^^ ^1 Egypt, b( 

aad the tratoorn 

I. both 

" v\' i i.thotOodledtheanaet 
thr ■«.;}■ , .' -.1 1 ttie laad it the PhiUs- 
tit3i~.^i- s ji Mi4(«Msnear; forGodaaid. 
I^.i f^n.|..■,.u,^* Lbe people 'repent wbea 
tl■■.^ 'ir V .1. nti4i>They retomtoEgypt: 

ri:.i. ■ '>^ii I lirt people about, MrewfA 
tl V 1 1 ! 4neas of tbe Red sea : 

ft] I • ' I irael went ap •• baraess- 

e< I ''Ecfpt. 

IV ADO mow* twk Vbie bones of Joseph 
with liim : for he had atraUly awom tlie 
children of larael, saying. <*Qod wilLaoiely 
visit von ; and ye abaU carry up my boaes 
away hence with yoa. 

ao And* they took their loaiaayfr— a—- 

I Pharaoh pursueth the Israelites. 

The Egyptians are drowned. 

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ooth, and enoMaped in XUnua, in Um edfe 
of kite wHdanen. 

SI And *tb« LOBD went before tbem by 
dajr ia a blUw of a cloud, to lead them the 
wajr ; and bjr night in a pillar of Are, to ^ive 
them light ; to go by day and night. 

SS He took not away the pillar of the eload 
by day, nor the pillar of lire by night, frtm 
beliBre the people. 


M Itmditm «H thtirjoitmtg. S 

aka/itrllum. lOnuycraWttM 

13 M»-t tam/trMk Utm. IS CM 
imttrmetttk Motm. VU TkttUmdnmorttklnKimU 
I. 21 Tkt Itraditm jmm (Anxvi tk* 
23 Th» Satptitmt fmming tktm 

AND the LOKD (pake onto Moms, say- 
S Speak onto the ebildren of Israel, 'that 
they tnm and encamp before tPi-h^roth, 
between *Migdol and the sea, orcr against 
Baal-seplion : before it shall ye encamp by 
the sea. 

S For Pharaoh will say of the ebildren of 
Israel, <<They art entangled in the land, 
the wilderness hath shut them in. 
4 And 'I wiU harden Pharaoh's lieart, that 
he sbaU foUow after them; and I /wiU be 
honoured upon Pharaoh, and upon all his 
host; 'that the Egyptians may know that 
I am the Lord. And they did so. 
It was told the king of E| 
fled: and *tbe heart of 
sarranu was turned against the 

the people 
and of his 


people, and they said, Why have we done 
this, that we hare let Israel go from serr- 

6 And he made ready bis ebaiiot, and took 
his people with him : 

7 And he took isix hundred chosen ebari- 
o:s, and all the chariots of Egypt, and eap. 
tains over erery one of them. 

8 And the LOBD (hardened the heart of 
Pharaoh king of Egypt, and he pursued 
after the children of Israel : and t the chil- 
dren 0^ Israel went out with a high hand. 

9 Bd( ti» *" Egyptians pursued after them, 
all the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, and 
his tionemen, and his army, and OTertook 
them eneamplng t^ the sea, beside Pi>hahi- 
roth, before Baal-sephon. 

10 And when Pharaoh drew nigh, the chil- 
dren of Israel lifted np their eyes, and, be- 
hold, the Egypt.ans marched after them ; 
nnd they were sore uttxid : and the children 
of Israel "cried out unto the Lord. 

11 'And they said unto Moses, Becaose 
there were no graves in Egypt, hast thou 
taken as away to die in tSis wilderness T 
wherefore hast thou dealt thus with as, to 
carry us forth oat of Egypt T 

12 ''is not this the word that wo did tell 
thee in Egypt, saying. Let us alone, that 
we may serre the Egyptians ? For it had 
keen better for as to serve the Egyptians, 
than that we should die in the wilderness. 

lit And Moses said unto the people. *Fear 
ye not, stand stiU, and see the salvation of 
tiiC Lord, which he will shew to you to day : 
I* for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to 
day, ye shall see them again no more for 

14 ''The Lord shaU flght for yon, and ye 

ball 'liold year peaoe. 

1& t And the Lord said unto Moset, 
VTberefore eriest then unto me T speak unto 
the children of Israel, that they go forward : 

16 Bat <Ua tboa ap tby rod. and attotch 

oat thine hand over Uie sea, and divide it l 
and the dtHdren of Israel sbaB go on dry 
ground through tlie midst of the sea. 

17 And I, behold, I will "harden the hearts 
at the Ecfptians, and they shall follow them : 
and I wiU "get me honour upon Pharaoh, 
and apoa all his host, upon his chariots, and 
anon bia horsemen. 

18 And the Egyptians 'shall know that I 
ain the Lord, when I have gotten me hon- 
our upon Pharaoh, upon his chariots, and 
apon his horsemen. 

Id t And the Angel of Ood, 'which went 
before the camp of Israel, removed and went 
behind them ; and the plUar of the eload 
went from before their &ce, and stood be- 
hind them : 

ao And it came between the camp of tiw 
Egyptians and tho camp of Israel ; and It 
was a cloud and darkness to them, bat U 
gave light by night to theee : so that the 
one eame not near the other all the niebt. 

21 And Moses » stretched out his hand over 
tbesea; and the Lord caused the sea to go 
btiek by a strong east wind all that night, 
and *made the sea dry land, and the waters 
were << divided. 

22 And 'the children of Israel went into 
the midst of tlie sea upon the dry ground : 
and the waters were /a wall unto them on 
their riglit hand, and on their loft. 

23 \ And the EDl>tlans pursued, and went 
in after them to the midst of the sea, even 
all Pharaoh's horses, his chariots, and his 

S4 And it came to pass, that in the mont- 
ing wateh 'the LORD looked nnto the boet 
of the Egyptians through the niUar of Are 
and of the (Sloud, and troublea the host of 
the Egyptians, 

23 And took off their diarfot wheels, nthat 
Ihey drave them heavily : so that the Egyp- 
tians said. Let ns flee m>m the faee of Isra- 
el ; for the Lord Aflghteth for them against 
the Egyptians. 

26 And the LORD said unto Moses, iStretdi 
out thine hand over the sea, tliat the waters 

nay eome again upon the Egyptians, upon 
heir chariots, and upon their horsemen. 

27 And Moms stretched forth his hand 
over the sea, and the sea Jtretumed to his 
strength when the morning appeared ; and 
the Egyptians fled against it; and the Lord 
<t overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of 
the sea. 

And "the waters returned, and "cov- 
ered the chariots, and the horsemen, and 
all the host of Pharaoh that came into the 
sea after them ; there remained not so moob 
as one of tbem. 

29 But 'the children of Israel walked upoo 
dry land in the midst of the sea ; and the 
waters tercre a wall unto them on tlieir right 
band, and on their loft. 

30 Thus the LORD ''saved Israel tl»t dny 
>at of the hand of the E -• 
rael «aaw the Esyptians 

81 And Israel saw that great t work which 
the Lord did upon the Egyptians : and the 
people feared the LORD, nnd ''beUered the 
Lord, and his servant Mooes. 
Tkt mmttf M-m. VW mn4 of Minam. 22 Tk* 

y»^,fnd no wattr. 23 tkt iilln- witf X 
arak art trntUand. S7 Tkt pttplt tmm U 

mHEN aang "Moses and the dkadrca of 
X Israel this song ante tbe LORo, and 

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It 43. 

The song of Moses. 

The people murmur. 

tfmSu, saTiMc I wUl *iiag nato Um Lobo, 
tut be baUi lriQin|>bed glorioulj : Uw hoiw 
and lib rider bath L« tiirova iato tbe •«•. 

5 The Lord i« mj Mrengtb ud 'Mog^ 
•ad be U bcoome my MUvatioii : be {• ay 
0«d. and I wiU prep«M him <(a habita- 
tion; my 'fatbec'i 0«d, aad I /will eult 

% Tbe Lord <• a mam of 'war :tlM Loss 

Pharaofa'a efaartoU and Um boat hatb 
ho oaat iato tbo lea : this eboeea oaptalu 
dbo an dtovned In Uk Red soa. 

6 ITbe destlM bare eerered tbem : "UMy 
•aak into tbe bottom aa a etoae. 

*Thy right band, O LoBO, is bcooiae 
riorie — in power ; thy ri|^ band. 1,ORi>, 
bath daobcd la pleooa tlio eaeiay* 

7 AadiatbegreataesaoftUae'exaelleney 
than baat oreribrowa tbem that roae up 
acaiaat tboe : tboa aonteat itorth tby wntb, 
aaSMe* f ooaaaawd tbem Vaa atobble. 

8 Aad 'wfeb tbe blaat of tby aeatrila tbe 
aatofa wofo gatbeiod togotber, 'tlM flooda 

■Mod vprtgbt aa a beap. ttnd tbe deptba 

were oongMled in tbe heart of tbe aea. 

• iTbo eaomy aaid, I wiU pnraoe, I wlU 

oTortako, I wUi "divide tbe apoa; my luat 
.... ... .. .J ^^ ^^^ 

Tboe didat 'blow with tby wind, 'the 
•oo a m if ef e d tbema Ihay lomk •• lead la tbe 

11 ■ V^ \.. it 

l^hi^ TinMi IhM . ■! U>SD, a 

" <>WF> . "glorioas in 
n^N-^. (oolBg won* 

.1.1 'jiit 'il,T right hK»d, 

. . ...HrcY liir.L r|«d forth the 
Uifh L]l^•lUiL■l h.'^j'i'Tritd : theuhaat 
ic>M tn th; «Efrni[La. Mato'tbyholy 


tLU. Jm 
HI. li«L. 


■ TbQi, iibr iSul^ tit £4am abaU be 
wd; itb^ lul^j ton ul Meab,trem- 
bHag ilii]1 i«b! rHtld uboti itiom ; /all tbe 
lalanliAMO *t t'jwna luU mslt away. 

U ■" r-4r «>l DhmI iltall bit apon them ; 
by Uhi fTTatMW iJ IM«« prm they ahall be 
oa fiLIt "*» « •tDBVT tm tliry people pasa 
ovex. n L(1BL», call ibg pn^ile paaa over, 
*«0AirA Uiirti UB»t piaToLB^nl. 

11 TL.IN liiklr l.rlnt ttirtB In, aad 'plant 
tbeui ui i><u bHuihiBU 4)1 (MiH inheritanee, 
fat 1^ ^Ucr. L» LOBs. Pt-'i4cA tboa baat 
ma^ i'tf i4i#N it- 'Iwf!] ib ; tn, the «aaaeta> 
aiT, O iflrO, lei'irh Ujy luiHli baTo eatab- 

M 'Tbo LOBD ahall reign for erer and 

19 For tbe 'borae of Pharaoh went in with 
fill -K^-Vrt« anil with \A% boraemen into tbe 
Pt4. n><4 r^hc I'UKU ItMBght again the wa- 
MpTj u( i]i' t«4 u|mn (hriti ; but tbe children 
of ] kru^t w*ai HI drjf ia^d in tbe midat of 

fi A^b4 BnrUiB ^ibn propheteaa, "the ala- 
irt of 4*riMi . •tu-rV I itmbrel in her hand ; 

khd »U Ibr linaiu-M -rut out after her 'with 
CinLnli u]>L wnli doh-crj. 
B^.tk.lii 4 I! .■.: .1-1. S.ft. »lfcin.tJ.87. 
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. ^«».'" '• . « *».! I-J.C I Jnda. U. St. ft 

a La rhUk tl.B .k 1111^3. ftUo. I. 

81 Aad Miriam "aaawerod tbem. i Slag yo 
to tbo Lord, for be bath triampbed gfe- 
rioualy: the borae aad bU rider hath bo 
throwa iato the aoa. 

22 1 So Moaoa brooght larael from tbe Hod 
■aa, aad Uiey went dot Into tbe wUderaaea 
of *8bar; and they weat three daya ia tbe 
wildemeaa, and found no water. 

23 And when they eame to <'Marab, tbey 
ooald not drink of the watera of If arah, tbr 
they wtr* bluer : therefore tbo name of it 

84 And the people 'murmnred agalaat 
Moaea, aaying, What ahall we driak ? 

85 And bo /ericd onto the Lord; and 
the Lord abewed him a tree, 'tvftieA wbea 
he bad eaat iato the watora, the watera were 
made aweet : there he *made for tbem a 

proved them. 

28 Aad aaid. k .„ 

en to the Toiee of tbe Lord thj 

wiH do that which ia right ia hU aigbt, aad 
wilt gire ear to hia eomaiaadmeata, aad 
keep all hia atatntea, I will pat aoao oftbeoo 
'diseasea upoa Ibeo. wbioh I have brougM 
upon the Egyptiaaa : for I aat the Losd 
"that bealelb tboe. 

87 *And tbey eame to Elba, where imtv 
twehne wella of water, aad tbreoeoare aad 
tea palm treea : aad tbey oaaaaapad tbero 
by the watera. 


n« JirmttilM CMM !• Si». S Tkf mtinmir /or 
mmiut/ir-td. t God |i.« « »j.t* iXim irtaJ/rmm 
A«wm. 1 1 <iuMih arttnt.Umnd ••«•«•. 16 
DirMtiMU eoHenrnina lit mmmna. ii Somt tf 
U fimnd M tA« mUmA. SS Am Mur ^fitu 

tbo Gongregatioa of tbe ehildren 
of Israel eame onto tbe wildemeaa of &8ia, 
which ia between £lim aad 8inal, on tbe 
fifteenth day of tbe second month after tbair 
departing oot of the land of Egypt. 
8 And tbe whole congregation of the dkO- 
dren of Israel 'mormured agalaat Moeea 
and Aaron in the wildemeae: 

3 And the ehildren of larael aaid ante 
them. •'Would to God we had died by tbo 
hand of the Lobd In the land of Egypt, 
*when we^at by the flesh poU, and when 
wo did eat bread to the fwl ; for ye have 
broogbt ua forth Into this wilderaeaa, to kill 
tbia whole aasembly with huager. 

4 Y Tbea said the LOBD unto Moaea, Be- 
hold. I wlU raia /bread fVom bearea for 
yon ; and tbe people shall go out and gather 
t a certain rate every day. that I may ' prove 
tbem, whether tbey will walk In my law, 

6 And It ahall c 

9 to paaa, that oa the 

sixth day tbey shall prepare that which they 
bring in ; and * it shall do twice aa much aa 
they gather daily. 

And Moaea and Aaron aaid onto all tbe 
children of Israel, • At even, then ye shall 
know that tbe LORD hatb brought you oat 
flram the land of Egypt : 

7 And in the morning, then yo ahall ae« 
ilbe glory of the Lobd ; for tha* be heareth 
your murmaringa againat tbe LOBD: and 
'what are we, that yo murmur agalaat 

8 And Moaea aaid. Thit thaU U, wboa 
tbe LOBD shall give you la tbe eveaing floah 
to eat. and in tbe morning bread to tbe full ; 
forj^ the Lord beareth yoor I 
wbiKya murmur against him 

QuaiU and manna sent. 


The people 

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is a yorttOK. 
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ar« w« 7 yoor marmoiingi are not acaiaat 
us, but ■"Ag^iut tb« LOBo. 

9 And Moaea cpake un:o Auron, Say unto 
all th« oongregation of tli« ohildren of It- 
nel, "CooM near bofore the Lokd : for be 
batk beard your murmuringi. 

10 And It oame to paaa, at Aaron make 
onto tbe whcde congregation of tlte cbildren 
of Israel, tbat tbev looked toward the wil- 
demeas, and, bcbold, tbe glor; of tbe LOBO 
* appeared In tbe cloud. 

11 t And tbe LoBo apake unto Mpsea, 

12 'I hare heard the mormntings of the 
children of Israel : speak unto them, say- 
ing, V At CTcn JO shall eat fleab, and ''in the 
Bioming JO aball be BJod with bread ; and ye 
■bail knew tliat I ant tbo LoBO your God. 

13 And it came to paaa, that at even *the 
qu^lacuneup, andeoTeredtbeoamp: and 
ia tbe morning Hbe dew lay roundabout the 

U And when the dew that lay was g«me 
«p, behold, upon the face of thp wilderness 
Mere toy "a amall round thing, <u small 
as the boar (k'oat on tbe ground. 

15 And when tbe obildNU of Israel saw it, 
they said one to another, n It U manna : for 
they wiat not what it umM. And Moaea aaid 
unto tbem, "Thia «« the bread which the 
LOBP h^ gtren you to eat. 

10 This U tbe thing which the LOBP hath 
commanded. Gather of it erery 
cording to bia eating, *an omer t for every 

according to tbe number of your 

for them 

17 And tbe children of Israel did so, and 
gathered, aome more, some leas. 

U And when (hey did mete it with an 
omer, 'be ti>at gathered much had nothing 
orar, and he tbat fathered little bad no 
lack; they gatheied every 
to bis eating. 

19 And Moses said. Let no man leave of 
It till the morning. 

20 NotwitbaUnding they hearkened not 
unto Moaea ; but aome of them left of it un- 
til tbe morning, and it bred worms, and 
■tank: and Moses was wroth with them. 

81 And they gathered it every morning, 
every man aooording to his eating: and 
when tlie sun waxed hot, it melted. 

23 1 And It came to pass, that on tbe sixth 
day they gathered twice as much bread, 
two omers for one man : and all the rulers 
of the congregation came and told Moses. 

2» And be said unto them. This ia that 
which the Lobd hath said. To morrow it 
"tbe rest of tbe holy aabbath unto the 
Lobd : bake that which ye will bake to 
day, and seethe that ye will seethe ; and 
that which remalneth over lay ap for yon 
to be kept until the morning. 

tsttaik, neHhor 
was there any worm therein. 

25 And Moses said. Eat tbat to day; for 
to day i» a sabt>ath unto tbe LOBo : to day 
yo shaU not ted It in tbe field. 

20 * tiix days ye shall gather U ; but on the 
seventh day, mhieh io the sabbath, in it 
;bere sliall be none. 

27 And It eame to pass, (A(dhtl|ere went 
oat oohm of the people on the •eventh day 
for to gather, and they Ceund none. 

28 And the LOBD said unto Moses. Uow 
long ^refuse ye to keep my oommandmfnts 
and my laws 'I 


29 See, for that tbe LOBD hath given yon 
the salbath, therefore he gtveth yon on tha 
sizth day the bread of two days : abide ye 
every man in his place, let no man go rat 
of his place on the seventh di^. 

30 So the people rested on < 


And the hoocc of Ismel called the n 
thereof Mannn: and 'it «mM like coriander 
■eed, white ; and tbe taate oif It wot "" 
wafers m%adt with honey. 
82 Y And Moses said, ThU io (be thin( 
which the LORD oommandoth, ViA an omer 
of it to be kept for your genermttetas ; that 
they may see tbe bread wherewMi I have 
ted yon in the wilderness, when I broa||hi 
you Ip^ from tbe 1 lud of Egypt. 
33 And Moses s&id onto Aaron, /Tnkem 
pot, and put an omer full of manna therein, 
and lay it up before the LOBD, to he kept 
fbr your generations. 
84 As the LOBD commanded Mcees, 
Aaron laid It up 'betloro tbe Tettlmony, to 
be kept. 

35 And tbe ddldren of Israel did eat man- 
na A forty years. • until they came to a land 
Inhabited : they did eat manna, until they 
came unto the borders of the land of Ca- 

36 Now an 

r <• ths tenth pare of an 


Tkt p^ofU mmfwur /or wattr at Jkwkiiim. SQU 

mmjMh. thtmfvr watt U> Ot rooTi'm AoMt. 8 

AmaUk u —reomi dn%ng tkt AoU^ «|i tf 

MotfM' kundt. 15 JVoM* kviUitk Ik* Jtmr >S- 

AND "all the ooagngation of the OM- 
dren of Israel journeyed from the wfl- 
demess of Bin, after their joomeys, accord- 
ing to the commandment of the Lobd, and 
pitched in Rephidim: and thtro mw no 
water fbr the people to drink. 

2 i Wherefore the people did chide with 
Moses, and said. Give us water that we may 
drink. And Moses said unto them, Why 
cbide ye with mo ? wherefore do ye * tempt 
the Lobd ? 

3 And the people thirsted there for water; 
and tbe people •< murmured against Mosea, 
and said, "SftMntoro it this that then hast 
brought us up out of Egypt, to kill us and 
our cbildren and our caUIe with thirst ? 

4 And Moses 'cried unto the LORD, say- 
ing, VTbat Shan I do unto this people ? they 
be almost ready to /stone me. 

5 And the LoBo said unto Moses, 'Go on 
before tbe people, and take with thee of tbe 
elders of Israel; and thy rod, wherewith 
ithon smotcst the river, take in thine band, 
and go. 

6 •Behold, I will stand befbre thee there 
upon the rock in Uoreb; and thou shalt 
smite the rock, and there shall come water 
out of it, that the people may drink. And 
Moses did so in the sight of the elders of 

7 And he called the name of the place 
JtnMaaaah, and nMeribah, because of the 
chiding of the children of larael, and be- 
cause they tempted the LOBD, svii>K> !■ 
the Lobd among us, or not 7 

8 1 /Then eame Amalek, and fought with 
larael in Rephidim. 

9 And Moses said unto "* Joshna, Choose 
us out men. and go out, light with Amalek : 
to morrow I will stand on the top of tbe hUl 
with "the rod of Uod in mine hand. 

10 bo Joshua did as Moses bad satd to 



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I wgfaAr is overcome. 

Jethro counseUeth Moses. 

him. And fou^ with Amalel : m 
Amtod, »nd Hor went ap to the 

topoC tlw 

ap hii hand, that larael pre^ 

when b« let down Ua baaa, i 

IS Bat Moaes' lianda «wre beftry; aad 
hvj took a atone, nnd pot it under him, 
Le nt thereon; and Aaron and Bur 

they t 
and L 

hands were ateady nntil the goInK down 
of the ann. 

15 Aad Joaboa diaeooifited Aaal^ and Ua 
people with the edge of the aword. 

14 And the LOSD a^d onto Moaea, ' Write 
this /or a memorial in a book, and rehearse 
«( in the earaoTJoehoa: for « I will utter- 
ly put out the remembraDee of Amalek from 
under heaven. 

li And Moaea hnOt an altar, and eaUed 
the name of it o JehoYah-alssI ; 

16 For be aaid, iBeeause ^tbe LORD hath 
■worn that the Loao wiU Aaws war with 
Aaalek fiont generation to gen«r«tlott. 


Jmlkr* Mmflk 10 Mom kit «n/« omd (IM *mm. 7 
JVmm «M«rt«MMtA Aim. — ■ - ■ 

WHXN 'Jetbro, the prieat of Mldian, 
Moaea' fkther In law, beard of all that 
HJod bad done Iter Moaea, and tar Israel Ma 
peonle. and that the LORD had brought I»- 
laef out of Egypt; 

i Then Jeifaro, Moaea' father to law. took 
Zinporab, Moses' wife, 'after be bad aent 

3 Aad her if two aons ; of irtiich the 'name 
of the one teas nOersbom; for he said, I 
bare been an alien in a strange land : 

4 And the name of the other «Ms <> Elieser ; 
Cor the God of n^ father, taid he, was mine 
help, and dellTarad me tnm the aword of 

6 Aad Jatfaro. Moaea' fit«her in law, eame 
whb hia aona and bis wifb unto Moaea into 
the wUdemeas, where he encamped at /the 
mount of Ood : 

6 And be said unto Moaea, I thy fiUher hi 
ktw Jethro am come onto thee, tad thy ^fe, 
and bar two sons with her. 

7 And Moses "went out to meet hia (Uhar 
ia law, and did obeisanoe, and * kissed him; 
aad th^ asked eaoh other of tJuir t welbre ; 

the Lord had done onto Pharaoh and to the 
Egyptians for Israel's sake, and all the 
travail that bad tcome upon them by the 
way, and hote the Lord tdeHTered them. 
9 And Jethro r^ioed for all the goodneas 
vfaSeh the Lord bad dona to larael, whom 
he bad deUTued out of tho band of the 


An <i JrtTiTD. n\9 , ITtkuved he the LORD, 

v(u t^i\ ■If^b'FpTjrf jiw, mit of the hand of 
tbr E;i, pi ij^jiA, Mini vm nt the hand of Pha* 
ra«b: i<.i.-h ti.^iL JalLTfTEVl the people fh>m 

11 >r.w [ kbnirtE.^Mlir LORD U (greater 
tkyi^ f.n phIi ; "^L'tn- Ln ilte thing Wherein 
thrj -U ah- * pfwti^ir f. •■ "•■ • I aboTO them. 

lY -hvA Jh'U n>. [H.h.f ;■ t.ther in law, took 
a 'tfunit oiTprLbk- ^"> k4«riiioes for God: and 
A It- n f^pii-. t,pil an Lba E Iders of Israel, to 
»r i.reuL wUti Slaau' fkUiw in law "before 

13 f And it eame to paia on the morrow, 
that Moaea aal to MIgettie people! aadtha 
people stood by Moaes from the moniaf 

UBM toe erening. 

14 And when Mosea' fhther hi law aaw all 
that he did to the people, he said. What it 
tbUthlngthatthondoesttothepeopter Why 
sitteat thou thyself alone, and all the people 
atand by thee nom morning unto even ? 

15 And Moaea aaid unto hia fetber in law, 
Beoause ' the people eome unto bm to in- 
quire of God : 

M When ther have «a matter, they eome 
unto me ; and I Judge between t one and 
another, and I do 'make Hunt knew the 
stattttea of Ood, aad bis laws. 

17 And Moses' fktber in law said unto him. 
The thing that thou deest it not good. 

18 t Tbon wilt snrely wear away, both thou, 
and tbia people that it with thee : fbr this 
thing is too iieavy for thee ; 'thou art not 
able to perform It thyself alone. 

19 Hearken now unto my voiee, I will give 
thee counsel, and lOod ahall be with thee : 
Be thou "for the people to Ood-waid, that 
thou ma/eat "bring the eames unto God : 

50 And thou shah 'teaeh them ordfaiaaoes 
and laws, and abalt shew them 'the way 
wherein they must walk, aad "tba work that 
they must -do. 

51 Moreover then afaalt provide out of all 
the people *able men, aneb as 'fear God. 
<<nien of truth, *hating ooveteuaaess ; and 
plaee sue* over them, to Ae rulers of thou- 
sands, and rulers of bnadreda, mien of 
fifties, aad rulers of tens : 

tt And let them Judge tbepeopto /at aH 
seasons: "and it shall be, <ftat every great 
matter they shall bring unto thee, but every 
sinaU maUer they sbaU ludge : ao shaU it 
be easier for thyself, tad A&ey sbaU bear 
Me Imrden with tbee. 

23 If theo Shalt do tUa tHng, aad Ood 
eommaad theo to, then thou sbalt be iable 
to endure, aad all tbia pooi^ ahall alao go 

84 8o Moeea hearkened to flie voiee of 
Ms fktber ta law, tad did aU that he had 

26 And /Moaes ehose able mea out of all 
Israel, and made them beads over the peo- 
ple, rulers of thousands, miers of hundreds, 
rulers of fifties, aad rulers of tens. 

26 And th^ "Judged the people at all 
seaaona : the * hard caases they brought unto 
Moaes. but every small matter they Judged 

tad 'be went his way ii 

9%« jMopt* «•«« fa Sinai. 3 Oei't mmagt 6« JTv- 
' m* wtM tk*pt»i>t» from tkt moumi, B miulthHr 
atuutr. iOHuptotUturtlmbt mnMnU ai^ntt 
(A* lAM dug. 12 n« mount no* to bo toudud. 
18 XU Uod d mom itt k wywt tXo mȴnt, 

rr the third month, when the ebUdren of 
Israel were gone forth out of the land of 
Kcypt, the same day ■eame th«y into the 
wflderaess of Sinai. 

2 For they were departed ttam. A lUphidim, 
aad were oomo to the desert of Sinai, aad 
had pitched in the wilderness ; and there 
Israel eamped before *the mount. 

8 And <lMoaes weat up unto God, and the 
Lord *called unto him out of the mountain, 
saying. Thus shalt thou say to tho house of 
Jacob, aad toll the ehUdren of larael ; 

4 jPTo have seen what I did unto the Ugyp- 


God^s fearful pretence. 

The ten commandment^ I 


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tiMU, sad*M» 'I bar* JOB on aagUa' «!>(■, 
and i»roaght yon nato myaelf. 

6 Now A tberafoM, if ye will oboy my roloe 
iad«0d, ukd kaop my ooronaat, then iye 
■ball b« a paouliar traaaura unto ma abora 
all people : for *aU tlia earth m mine : 

And ye sball bo onto me a <kinfdom of 
prietta, and a ■"holy nation. Tbeaear«the 
wordfl which thou shalt speak onto the ohil- 
dren of Israal. 

7 f And Moms oame and oalled for the 
eldera of the people, and laid before their 
faoet all theee woida whieh the LOKD oom- 
maaded i.lm. 

8 And "aU the people aaiwered together, 
and taid, AU that the Lobd hath spoken 
wewiUdo. And Moaesretoned the words 
of the peoida nnte the Loso. 

9 And the LoBO said nnto Moses, Lo, I 
eonke onto thee <> in a thiokaload, 'that the 
people may bear when I speak with thee, 
and 8 beliere thee for erer . And Moses told 
the words of the people onto the Lokd. 

10 And the Lobd said nnto Mooes, Qo an- 
to the people, and ''sanotify them to day and 
to marrow, and let them * wash ttaair elothes, 

11 And be raady against the third day: for 
the third day the Lobd <vU1 eome down in 
tbe sight of all the people upon motrnt Binai. 

12 And thoa shalt set bounds nnto tbe 
people ronnd about, saying. Take heed to 
yoorselres, that ye go not up into the 
monnt, or touoh the border of it : *whooo- 
erer toueheth tbe mount shall be sorely 
pot to death: 

U) ThereshaUnotabandtoaehit,ba(be 
shall surely be stoned, or shot through: 
whether it he beast or man, It Shall not Hto : 
when the n« trumpet soundeth long, they 
shall oome up to the mount. 

14 And Moses went down tnm tbe mount 
unto the people, and Vsaoetified tbe people ; 
and they washed their elothes. 

16 And he said nnto the people, *Be ready 
against tbe third day : "oome not at v«w 

W ^ And it came to pass on tbe third day 
in the morning, that there were i thunders 
and li^itnings, and a ' thick dead upon the 
mount, and the <<Toioe of the trumpet ex- 
oeoding loud ; to that all tbe people that 
was in the eamp 'trembled. 

17 And /Moses brought fbrth the people 
out of the extap to meet with God ; and they 
stood at the nether part of the mount. 

18 And i^ mount Sbai was altogether on a 
smoke, because the Lobd descended upon 
it Jkin lire : «'and the smoke thereof ascended 
as the smoke of a fhmaoe, and iitbe whole 
mount qoaked greatly. 

U And (when the roioe of the trumpet 
sounded tong, and waxed louder and loodBr, 
"Moses spake, and "God answered Um by 
a Toice. 

ao And the Lobd came down upon monnt 
BInai, on the top of the mount: and tbe 
Lobd eaUed Moses up to the top of tbe 
mount; and Moses went up. 

21 And the LOBD said unto Moses, Go 
down, t charge tb« people, lest they break 
through unto the LOBD 'to gase, and many 
of them perish. 

22 And let the priests also, which c 
near to tbe Lord. I'sanotify themselres, lest 
tbe Loao i break forth upon them. 

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S3 And Moses said nnto tbe Lord, The 
people oannot come up to mount Sinai: 
for thou ohargedst us, saying, ''Set bounds 
abont the mount, and sanetil^y it. 

84 And tbe LOBo said unto bim. Away, 
get thee down, and thou shalt oome up, thou, 
and Aaron with thee : but let not tbe priests 
and the people break through to eome up 
unto tbe Lord, lest be break forth upon 

25 So Mooes went down onto the people, 
and spake unto them. 


Tlk4 tm ooamwUouitit piwm. 18 ThtprnfU an 

afraU. 20 JVoM* eoo^^ortotit lAoat. ^ fdUatrg 

M ftr*Udm. 21 Tki wnntr t/ ktuUUnf am 

AND Ood spake "all these words, saying, 
. a »I am tbe Lobd thy God, which 
have brongfat thee out of the land of Egypt, 
'oat of the house of t bondage. 

8 d Thou Shalt hare no other gods before 

4 •Thou shalt not make nnto thee any 
graven imj«e, or any likeness of any thing 
that ia in heaTcn above, or that is in the 
earth beneath, or that m in tbe water under 

6 /Tboa shalt not bow down thyself to 
them, nor serre them : for I tbe LoBo thy 
God am "a jealoas God. AvisiUng the in- 
iquity of tha fiUbets upon tbe children unto 
tbe third and fourth generation of them 

d keep my command- 

7 iThon Shalt not take ttw name of the 
Lobd thy God in vain : for th« LOBO ' wiU 
not bold him guiltteos that takoth his name 
in vain. 

8 <" Bemember the sabbath day, to keep it 

''^Six days shalt thou laboor, and do aU 
thy work : . , 

10 But tbe ' serenth day m the sabbath of 
tbe LORD thy God : in it thou shalt not do 
any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daugh- 
ter, thy manserrant, nor thy maidserrant, 
nor thy oattU. I'nor thy stranger that i$ 
within thy gates : 

11 For 9in six days the Lobd made heaven 
and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, 
aitd rested the seventh day : wherefore the 
Lobd blessed tbe sabbath day. and hallow- 
ed it. 

12 ''Honour thy father a»d thy mother : 
that thy days may be long upon the land 
which the Lobd thy God giveth thee. 

18 'Thou shalt not kiU. 

14 I Thou shalt not commit adultery. 

15 «Thoa shalt not steaL 

16 "Thou Shalt not boar fislse 
against thy nd^beur. 

IT "Thou Shalt not covet thy neighbonr's 
boose, vtboa ahalt not covet tlu ndghboor's 
wife, nor hU manserrant, nor bis maidserv- 
ant, nor his ox, nor his au, nor any thing 
that <s thy neighboor's. 

18 ^ And 'all the people "sa 
derings, and the lightnings, and the noise 
of the trumpet, and tbe mountain i smok- 
ing : and when tbe people saw it, they re- 
moved, and stood afar off. 

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I Tie people ore afraid. 

Laws and ordinaneet. 

19 And tlMv Mid onto Mom«, 'Speak tbou 
with n», Mia we will hear ; but ^let not €tod 
spMk with M, teat w« die. 

X) And Mosea Mid unto the people, *Fe«r 
■ot : /for Ood ie oome to prove yon. and 
'that faia (Mr may be boibre jour faoea, 
that ye lin not. 

tl And the people atood a&r oO; and Ho- 
aea drew near nnto *tbe thiok darknoH 
where Oodteoe. 

S8 And the LOBD Mid onto Uoaea, Thna 
thou Shalt Mj unto the ehildren of Israel, 
Ye bare seea that I hare talked with tou 
itrom hMToa. 

tS Te shall not make iwlth me gods of 
aU«er, neilter shall ye make unto yon fods 
of cold. 

i4 An altar of earth thou Shalt make unto 
BW, and Shalt saeriflee thereon. thy bnmt 
oSMncs, and thy peaee oflerings, ttby sheep. 
and thine oxen : in all "plaoes where I re- 
eord my name I will eome unto thee, and I 
wiU -blew thee. 

25 And 'if tboa wUt make ne an alUr of 
atone, thou shah not t bnild it of hewn stone : 
lor If then lift up ihy tool upon it, thou hast 
poUnted it. 

""• *■ ■"' — *^ 't thou KO up by step* nnto 
thy nakedness be not dis- 


immt/trfktMltimt/rMofmnfrmmU. landuf 
matiUmmnU. 18 law* tffmiiut mmr^rr mil 

V i-jnty a»d mimm, ^Tk* tut ikmt fvntk. 

NOW these art the judfmenta whidi 
thoa Shalt "set before them. 
S * If tbou buy a Hebrew Mrrant, six years 
be ahall serre : and in the seTonth he shall 
go out tttc for nothing. 

5 If he eame in thy himaelf; be shall go 
oat by himself: if he were married, then 
bl« wfirw sfa«n go om with him. 

4 If bis master bare given him a wife, and 
abe have borne bbn sono or dan^iters ; the 
wife and her ehildren shall be her master's, 
and he shall go ont by himseir. 

6 <And If tte aenant t shall plainly My, 
I lore my saaater, my wife, and my children ; 
1 will not go out free : 

Tbsa Us master shall bring him unto 
tba 'Jadges; be shall also bring him to the 
doer, or unto the doorpost ; andbis master 
ahaU *bore bis ear tbrmigh with an awl; 
and be shall serre him for erer. 

T^ Andifaman/aeU his dan^Uer to be 
*> shall not go ont "as the 

8 If she tpleaae notber master, who bath 
betraihed her to himself, then shaU he let 
bar be redeemed : to seU her unto a strange 
■atioB be ahall bare no power, seeMtg be 
hath dealt deeeitAiUT with her. 

t And tf he have betrothed her unto his 
•oo, he shall deal with her after the manner 

10 If he take bim another wife, her food, 
her raiment. *aad her duty of marriage, 
slmD be not diminish. 

U And tf he do not tboM three unto 
ber, then shall she go out free without 

iHe that smlteth a man, so that he 
lall be surely put to dmth. 
18 And *ir a man He not in wait, bat 

W<d^ver Mm into bis hand; then "I 
appoint thee a plaee whither he sbaU 

14 But tf a man eome **pi«saBptaoaa)y 
upon his neigbbew to slay htm with gnlle, 
*thoa sbalt take htm f^om mine ahar, that 
he may die. 

15 And he that smlteth his father, or his 
mother, shall be snrely put to death. 

Id And >>be that stealeth a man. and* sell- 
eth him, or if he be 'found in hla band, he 
shall surely be put to death. 

17 And * he that Nenrseth bis father, or his 
mother, shaU sorely be put to death. 

18 And if men strive together, and one 
smite H another with a stone, or with hU 
fist, and be die not, but keepeth Aie bed, 

19 If he rise again, and walk abroad 'upon 
bis staff, then ahall he that smote Aim be 
quit : only be shall pu for tthe leas of his 
time, and shall oauM Am to be thoroughly 
healed. ^^ 

SU And if a man smite bis servant, or Us 
maid, with a rod. and he die under his hand ; 
he shall he surely t punished. 

21 Notwithstanding, if be eoatinoe a day 
or two. he shall not be punished: for "be 
M his money. 

2S If men strive, and hurt a woman with 
ekild, so that her ftnlt depart from htr, 
and yet no mischief follow, he shall be sure- 
ly punished, aeeording as the woman's hus- 
band will lajLupon him; and he shall 'pay 

2S And if any mischief follow, then thou 
Shalt give Ufe for Ufe, 

94 y£ye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for 
band, foot for foot, 

So Burning for burning, wound for wound, 
stripe for stripe. 

20 And if a man smite the eve of his 
servant, or the eye of hla mala, that it 
perish; Le shall let him go free for his 
eje'8 Mk:-. 

27 And if be smite out Us manservant's 
tooth, or bis maidservant's toot^ ; be shall 
let him go &ee for his tooth's sake. 

28 7 If an ox gore a man or a woman, that 
thev die, then 'the ox ahall be surely stoned, 
and his flesh shall not be eaten; but the 
owner of the ox sAo/t be quit. 

2» But ii the ox were wont to push with 
his horn in time past, and it hath been testi- 
fied to bis owner, and he hath not kept Urn 
in, hat that be hath killed a man or a wo- 
man ; the ox shall be stoned, and his owner 
ako kIuUI be put to death. 

3U If there be laid on Mm a sum of money, 
then he shall give for 'the ransom of his 
life whatsoever Is laid upon bim. 

31 Whether he have gored a son, or have 
gored a daughter, according to this Judg- 
ment shall it be done unto him. 

32 If the ox shall push a mauMrvant or a 
maidservant, he shall give nnto their master 
(thirty shekels of silver, and the 'ox shall 
be stoned. 

St And if a man shall open a pit, or if a 
man shall dig a pit, and not oover It, and an 
ox or an ass fall therein ; 

34 The owner of the pit shall make U good, 
and give money unto the owner of them; 
and the dead bea»t shall be Us. 

35 And if one man's ox hurt another's, 
that lie die, then they shall sell the live ox. 
anil divide the money of it; and the dead 
ox also they shall divide. 

S6 Or if It he known that the ox hath 
used to push in time past, and Us own- 
er bath not kept Urn In. he shall surely 
pay ox for ox; and the dead shall be hla 

ifliM wuf ar^MpuaneFj. 


• 2SHn.l!.0. 
L«1m10. 8. 


, Ik^t ; ffdMM^t; 7ft<arMMw; 

U (orrwrHV .- 1« /ofimtion ; 18 witA*n/U 
ht$tiaUtf. a«rf M<a<alry ; 21 vertiif ( JU cIrtMijrar, 
afiiaing tkt widow amt faiktrU— ; 23 ttnding 
monoy ; !8 rtwUing magulrattt ; !& (ft« /r«t- 
fruii* : 31 ««< t/U mti^g of/tfk fr» iy baM. 

IF a maa shall steal an ox, or a K sheep, 
and klU It, or sell it ; he shaU restore 
five oxen for an ox, and 'four sheep for a 

2 If a thief be found tbreakinK up, and be 
smitten that he die, tAere tfutU 'no blood 
be ahed for him. 

8 If the son be risen open him, there ehall 
be blood ahed for him; for be shoold make 
fhll restitution : if be have nothing, then he 
shall be <<sold fbr bis theft. 

4 If the theft be certainly 'found in his 
hand alire, whether it be ox, or ass, or 
sheep; he shall /restore doable. 

5 If a man shall cause a field or Tineyard 
to be eaten, and shall put in bis beast, and 
shall fised in another man's field ; of the best 
of his own field, and of the best of his own 
rinejrard, shall be make restitution. 

6 5 If fire break out, and oxteh in thorns, 
so that the stacks of c >m, or the standing 
com, or the field, be eonaumed theremth ; 
he that kindled the fire shall surely make 

7 If a man shall deliTer unto bis n^riil 
money or stuff to keep, and it be stolen 
of the man's bouse ; 'if the thief be found, 
let him pay double. 

8 If the thief be not found, then the mas- 
ter of the house shall be brought unto the 
A judges, to aee whether he hare put '^' 
band unto his neighbour's goods. 

For all manner of trespass, whether it 
be for ox, for ass, for sheep, for raiment, 
or for any manner of lost thing, which an- 
other ohallengeth to bo his, tho ■ cause o' 
both parties shall come before the judges . 
and whom the judges shall condemn, he 
shall pay double unto hia neighbour. 

10 I? a man deliver unto lAi neighbour an 
ass, or an ox, or a sheep, or any beast, to 
keep; and it die, or be hurt, or driven 
away, no man seeing it; 

11 Then shall an totAh of the LOKD be 
between them both, that he hath not put liis 
hand unto las neighbour's goods ; and the 
owner of it shall accept thereof, and he 
shall not make it good. 

12 And <if U be stolen from bim, be shall 
make restitution unto the owner thereof. 

13 If it be torn in pieces, tA«n let bim 
bring it /o«* witness, and he shall not make 
good that which was torn. 

14 And if a man borrow aught of his neigh- 
tour, and it be hurt, or die, the owner there- 
of being not with ii, he shall surely make it 

li- .'<',t .r r|:,- . .*iL,T thereof be with it, be 

h£ I \i''.\ in.Li^ •■ (ood: if it be a hired 

hi'.;.' ■ r-T '..hire. 

le ^ '.',.\ ■' .y :>. I- 1 u) entice a maid that is 

io» I .-[ .\. <.r.J lie with her, he sbaU 

Qi-o' 11.1 .-T iirr : 1 be his wife. 

17 ! : i . ^ 1 ■ . I u erly refuse to give her 

nl ' pay money according to 

..r... etb unto an]f god, save 
1 ^.i;Lv . he shall be utterly de- 

J,moj and. m-ditmnci}^ 

21 ''Thou sbalt neither vex 
oppress him : for ye were strangers in the 
land of Egypt. 

22 'Ye shall not afflict any widow, or tai- 
ttterless chUd. 

23 If thou aflUet them in any wise, aad 
they loiy at all nnto rae, I will snrefy "hear 
their cry ; 

84 And my 'wrath shall wax bot, and I 
will kill you with the sword; and 'yoor 
wives shall be widows, and your ohilann 

23 ^ *ir thon lend money to amy of mj 
people that is poor by thee, tbou shaft not 
be to him as a usurer, neither shalt tbon Iiqr 
upon him usury. 

26 ' If thou at all take thrneigbboar's rai- 
ment to pledge, thou shalt deliver it nnto 
him by that tbe sun goeth down : 

27 For that ia bis covering only, it is his 
raiment for his skin: wherein shall be 
sleep ? and it' shall come to pass, when be 
t crieth unto me, that I win bear ; for I om 
* gracious. 

28 1 rf Then shalt not revile the n gods, nor 
curse tho ruler of thy people. 

29 Thou shalt not delay to offer t * the first 
of thy ripe fruiu, and of thy t liquors : /the 
flratbom of thy sons sbalt tbou give unto 

80 ? Likewise sbalt thou do with thine ox- 
en, and with thy sheep: A seven days it 
shall be with his dam; on the eighth day 
thou shalt give it me. 

31 And ye shall be iboly men nnto me : 
£ neither stiall ye eat any flesh that ia torn 
of beasts In tbe field ; ye shall cast it to the 

Xoaw eoiMtnuwT tianjar, /elf ttiimtt, mnd jm^ 
tialUp s itJiariuMm— : 10 and tki ru* aflK* 
Mv«M(A y«ar. 12 Tht taUatK. U Tkt tkrm 
fmuli. KTk*Uocdand/tttt/lk»taer{/SM. 90 
An Anftl U prowtUtd, with a Umnng, if tktf 

THOU 'shalt not « raise a fals» report: 
put not thine hand with tbe wicked to 
be an i unrighteous witness. 

2 'Tbou sbalt not follow a multitude to do 
evil ; << neither shalt thou t speak in a cause 
to decline after many to wrest judgment : 

3 Neither shalt thou countenance a poor 
man in his cause. 

4 *If thou meet thine enemy's ox or his 
ass going astray, thon shalt surely bring it 
back to him agahi. 

5 /If thon see the ass of him that bateth 
thee lying under bis burden, '* and wouldeat 
forbear to help him, tbou shalt surely help 
with him. 

6 v Tbou shalt not wrest the Judgment of 
thy poor in bis cause. 

7 A Keep thee far fh>m a false matter; 
• and the innocent and righteous slay tbon 
not : for il will not justify tbe wicked. 

8 And /tbon sbalt take no gift : for the gift 
blindeth ttbe wise, and perrertetb the 
worda of tbe righteous. 

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9 Alao otbMi BteU BOt omiOM » 
for ye kaoir the thMK of a atemager, ae 
jpa wna ttnacm in the land of Kfirpt. 

tor '..■■•■',■ • ■ • ,./: 

1 ■ . .Lit 

n ... ; i.jLi:!^ i-.i t :Lj [irtO- 

^ : 3J1 il vL4£ cLr-j i'-^y-- tiie- Ul uta 

of : -Uiij Hi. tn JiL« uuLBrrtbOa 

ah "iLh i:hf tHBBjUJi dtid «]lb (J^ 


1-J ' ^\s. ■,\t-yt tbMt ab^ Jilt (Itj v>^rk, aad 
OS ilH ieTmlh daj Uwu ^liajn mt chat 
tUpfl ea and lUsa ^m q*^ niit, bji^I tbe 
aoq tif tk|| bi:Bi<|a)aJ>^ a^d 1)14 ^ruiiRT, may 
be nbvbad- 

U .Villi iv kli (A^Pifi^ tbml t liarn mJiI uiito 
you ^bv fircnrs<pa£t : aiul * naa* Av UM-n> 
(lab <jr tka baiBc mF oilMr i!r<i1», b«lib«r let 
it 'b^ ItOlt^ ual vt Ity BWIll£. 

U ^ ^ Thrcf li Q>K* iUn ttmilt b*!! » r^Aat 
aal^i m« la th^ jaar . 

iTi ■ TIkk ihwit Vit*p Ibv fcMMl at un L^bV- 
eaitii hr«Ml : tfanu tbmH "u-l uii1s«viruBd 
bfiraJ HTPn lajt. si I DumniaDdra [Irr^. la 
tbo iLnr J^>plMblflJ nf %ht iaunUi .\W ■ Cor 
Ian ilwfl i:4rt«t ■juiftom Ec^TK-' 'iwiiii="i»e 
•hall a^rpf^t L^h^rt [Bt i^i*ti i 

Vi *■ \tiil lU foMC at liHj^K^. tli» flntf fiJta 
of tJ.7 itL^ttrtr wliildt tlu?ii faavE. f^i-wu ia Lbe 

i$ in ttt Miil vr Vm jitf-, iTli>-D iliuH JjM* 
gatbcml lb Ibi lAlkTtiff liilt Ut '-ti* AcliL 
IT J-TlMTsr Mdei ItOifl TNM iJt tin J mjJee 

ttw fKt gf m; aaefiKdn rEtiMtti tdiLLl ^Im 

IV ■ tii' am mt iii* Imlhiiia wf Uij Jud 
Umu ;bitli briBi late iU iivumotttifLORD 
tliyii-HJ. << n^ (tmU vA ■ix^tiie & lid in 


P '^ ' EUi-ilJ, 1 

▼oIki Idra aot ; ^r b^ vill ""Diot. itudivn. jour 
tr*.'^T«4iLuB'- Tit S tbt nuiit bn Lb tiiLn. 

2S Mdk intuHL .>Ii^l SbdnJ ifi^'^j I.I 1 ^.jiee, 
aad »ki sJi iLu 1 rprak.1 ibM ^J ttiU t>[' an 
OM^ij uahi ibUM i-QeHuHr md ' W B'W«r- 
aaij ufiM -Mm nAtM'nvi^*. 

and ^ brinf eJmm Lb ud1^i ibE .'Vbi. -Hv ' . n^ad 
the niELiLu. u^i IIm- f«rilli(ri. AnJ lbe 
Cataaab i 1.4-4, fbfHlTlE^.HVii ilm JmIim .lii« ; 
•ad I mm ebt tuem off. 

M Tboa ahalt not tbow dowa to their pkU, 
Bor aerre thea, 'nor do after their worka : 
" hot tboQ abalt otteriy orerthrow tbev. and 
quite break down their images. 

tS And ye ihaU "lerre the Lord toot 
God, and "he ihaO hieee thy bread, and thy 
■ieknesf away from 

water : and 'I wiU take 

tt 1 f There ahall aothtng eaat their young, 
nor be barren, ta thy land : tbe number of 

I will tend 'my fear before thee, and 

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SB And "I win aead horaala beftae* thee, 
wUab ahall diiva out the Hivita, (ha C*- 
WMaile, a»4 the JUtUu, (torn before thee. 

»•! will sot drlTO then eat ttom before 
thee in one year; leet the land beeoau 
deeolate, and the baaat of the field molti- 

ply acainat thee, 
aO By little anj 
ftom before thee, until thou be inereaaed. 

y little and tlttie I will drire then o«* 

and inherit tbe land. 
81 And *I WiU let thy boonds from theSed 
•ea OTen unto die aea of tbe PUHatiaea. and 
from the deaett unto tbe rirer : for I will 
'delifor tbe iahabitanU of the Und into 
Tonr band ; and thou ahalt drive them oat 
before thee. 

as *Thoa Shalt make no eoTenant wilb 
them, nor with their goda. 
88 Thi^ flhall not dweU in thy land, lea* 
they make thee ain againet me : for if thou 
■erre their gods, * it will ■oiely be a naro 

JVmh it mltml •p iuU tin wfunl. 8 TH* P—fU 
■luiJM ott rfi me*. 4 JVwM iuiUlh aa aiiar, 
md twtlM pUlan. 9 UttprimUtthtk* U—d ^ 
OatMMMf. Tkt 0Urf ^ etdm pmm r m k. U 
Mmnm mmd Hw hmot tX» dUfy* if (A* p—pU. 
kfi^im^ mUft^ nifkls. 

larael ; and wonhip ye 

5 And Moees ' alone shall oome near the 
LOKD : but they shall not come nigh ; neither 
shall the people go up with LIm. 

8 ^ Ana Moses eame and told tbe people 
aU the words of the LOBo. and all tbe Judg- 
ments: and all the people answered wiu> 
one Toioe, and said, JAu tbe words whleh 
the Lord hath said will we do. 

4 And Moees *wrote aU the words of tbe 
Lord, and rose up early in tbe morning, 
and buUded an altar under tbe hill, and 
twelve /pillars, aeoordlng to tbe twelve 
tribes of Israel. 

6 And be sent youni; men of th«i children 
of Israel, whleh offered burnt offerings, and 
saerilleed peace oflforings of oxen unto tbe 

8 And Moees 'took half of the blood, and 
put it in basins ; and half of the blood he 
sprinkled on the altar. 

7 And he Atook the book of tbe oorenant, 
and read in the audience of the people : and 
tbey said, iAIl that the Lord bath said will 
we do, and be obedient. 

8 And Moees took the blood, and sprinkled 
it on tbe people, and said. Behold tthe blood 
of tbe ooTcnaat, which tbe LORD hath made 
with yon concerning all these words. 

5 Then 'went up Moses, and Aaron, 
ITadab, and Abtbu, and aerenty of the 
elders of Israel ; 

10 And tbey "saw the Ood of Israel ; and 
Mere teas under his feet as It were a paved 
work of a "sapphire stone, and as it wore 
tbe 'body of heaven in hit deamess. 

11 And upon the nobles of the children of 
Israel he ''laid not his hand : also 'they saw 
God, and did ''eat and drink. 

18 1 And the Lord said unto Moees, 
'Come np to me Into the mount, and be 
there : and I will give tbee 'tables of stone, 
and a law, and oommandments which I have 
written ; that thou mayest teach them. 

13 And Moses rose up, and "his minis- 
Ur Joshua; and Mooes 'went np Into the 
mount of God. 


MoHs in the mount. 


The ark and tnercy seat. XI. 
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1 Ktnci & fl. 


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14 And h« uid onto the elden, Tmrrj je 
b«r« ft>r OS. antU w« oonw ftg»in onto jua i 
and, b«hold, Auon and Hor are with yoo : 
If any man haTe any mati«n to do, let him 
oome unto tbera. 

15 And Moeei wept op into the mount, and 
'a oloud covered the mount. 

10 And 'tbo glory of the Lobd abode upon 
mount Sinai, and the cloud eorered it alx 
daya : and tlie acTenth day he called unto 
MoAi out of the midat of the dond. 

17 And the aigfat of the glory of the Lokd 
wa» like 'devouring fire on the top of 
the mount in the eyea of the obUdren of 

18 And Moaea went into the midat of the 
elond, and gat him up into the mount : and 
'Moaea waa in the mount forty daya and 
forty n ^u. 


inUl Ik* Iiratlitm mtut e/«r for tlu mmkimt ^ 
xIm taUnadi. 10 fM/^t e/tAe art. 17 n« 
■i«r«7 mt. milk tkt eAcmUiL 23 Tkt taiU, 
with rJU fmmitmrt iktrmf. 81 Tlu ta m M tt ivk , 
mitk liU iutntwuni* tktrt^. 

AKD the Lord apaka nato MoMa, aay- 
8 Speak nnto the ehlldren of Israel, that 
they T bring me an n offering :* of every man 
that glveth it willingly with Ua heart ye ahall 
take mv oflbring. 

8 And thia i» the offering which ye ahaD 
take of them ; gold, and alh'er, and braaa, 

4 And bine, and purple, and acarlet, and 
11 fine linen, and goata' hair, 

6 And rama' akina dyed red, and badgera' 
akin«, and ahittiin wood, 

9 ton for the li^t, *apToe8 fbr anointing 
oil, and for rfawcet inoen^e, 

7 Onyx atones, and atonej to be aet in the 
'ophod, and in the /bieaatplate. 

8 And let them make me a 'aanetnary; 
that A I may dwell among them. 

( Aeoording to aU that I ahew thee, after 
tbo pattern of the tabemaele, and the pat- 
tern of aU the inatrumenta thereof, even ao 
ahally* make it. 

10 f^i And they ahaD make an ark o/abit- 
ttm wood ; two eabitj and a half ahall he 
the length thereof, and a cubit and a half 
the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half 
the height thereof. 

11 And thou ahalt overlay it with pure 
gold, within and without ahalt thou overiay 
it, and ahalt nuke upon it a orewn of gold 
round about. 

IS And thou ahalt «aat four ringa of gold 
for it, and put them in the fjar corners 
thereof; and two rings a'kaK A« la the one 
aide of it, and two nngi in the other aide 
of it. 

U And thou ahalt mako atave« o/ahittim 
wood, and overlay them with gold. 

14 And thoa ahalt pat the atares into th- 
ringa by the aidea of the ark, that the ark 
may be borne with them. 

15 iTba atavea ahall be in the ringa of the 
ark ! they aball not be Uken from it. 

16 And thoa ahalt pat into the ark "the 
testimony which 1 shall give thee. 

17 And "thou alialt make a mercy seat of 
pur* gold : two eublta and a half ehall b« 
the length thereof, and a cubit and a half 

18 Aad thou ahalt make two eherubim of 

even i*of the mevay aeM ateU ye make the 

8U And "the ohwruMm ahaU atretdi Ibrtk 
their wiugs on Mgh, eorering tbo mercy 
aeat with their wiaga, and their tatm akM 
look one to another ; toward the tmrej aeat 
ahaU the fboea of the cherubim be. 

21 'And thou shalt put the meregr Mat 
above upon the ark ; and tin the ark than 
ahalt put the toatlmony that I ahall give thee. 

22 And 'there I will meet with thee, and 
I will commune with thee fhtm above the 
meregr seat, trom 'between the two d>ez«- 
bim which are upon the ark of the testimo- 
ny, of all thinge which I will give thee tn 
commandment unto the children of larael. 

S3 1 (Thou ahalt alao make a Uble of abit- 
tim wood: two enbiu ahall be the length 
thereof, and a cubit the breadth thereof; 
and a oabit and a half the height thereof. 

24 And thou ahalt overiay It with pure 
gold, and make thereto a crown of gold 
round about. 

SS And thou ahaU make unto It a border 
of a bandbreadth round about, and thou 
ahalt make a mlden crown to the border 
thereof round about. 

26 And thou ahalt make for it four riap 
of gold, and put the ringj In the four cor- 
nerd that are on the four feet thereof. 

27 Over against tho border ahall the ringa 
bo for plae.'s of the staves to bear the table. 

28 And thou ahalt make the stares ^ 
sbittim wood, and overlay them with gold, 
that the table may bo borne with them. 

29 And tbou Ibalt make ** the dishes there- 
of, and spoons thereof, and covers there- 
of, and bowls thereof, n to cover withal : of 

"shewbread before me always. 

81 ^ ".Ind thou ahalt mako a 

of pure gold : of beaten work ahaU the 
eandlestiek bo made: his shaft, and his 
branches, bis bowls, his knops, attd bis 
flowers, shall be of the same. 

S2 And sis branches ahall eome out of the 
sides of it ; three branches of the eandlo- 
atick out of the one side, and three branchea 
of tho candlestick out of the other aide: 

83 Three bowls mado like nnto ^monda, 
teith a knop and a flower in one branch ; 
and three bowla made like almondi in the 
other branch, trith a knop and a flower : ao 
in the sis branchea that eome out of the 

84 And in the eandleatiok ehall he four 
bowls made like unto almondj, with their 
knops and their flowers. 

85 And there ehall be a knop under two 
branches of the same, and a anop under 
two branches of tho same, and a knop un- 
der two branches of the same, according to 
the six branches that proceed out of the 

38 Their knopa and their branchea ahall 
bo of the aamc : all of it sAaU be one beaten 
work of pure gold. 

HI And tbou abalt make the seven lamps 
thereof: and "they ahall "light the lamps 
thereof, that they may 'give light over 
against t it. 

83 And the tongs thereof, and the annif- 
dishes thereof, ehall be o/ pure golil. 

89 Q/a talent of pure gold shaU ha make 
it, with all these veaaels. 

40 And *look that thou make M«m after 
their patters, twUdt was shewed thee In 

Curtains of the tabernacle. 

The vail for the ark. 


orMtM if tmW kmir. H Tk€ e»wrt«f ^ 
rMU- Mm U Tkt boarii of rA< toimtitU. 
with Iknr mtht, and tan. 31 W* inil /»r t/U 

MOKEOTEB "tfaoa shalt make ttw tab- 
eraaele wUh tea eurtains o/ fine 
twined linen, and bine, and purple, and 
■earlet : with cherubim t of conning work 
•halt tbou make titem. 

2 The length of one cortain $haU it ei^t 
and twenty eubiU, and the breadth of one 
enrtain four eubita : and erer; one of tba 
eoztains aball hare one measure. 

8 The Ave cnrtidnB ahall be eoapled to- 
getber one to another ; and other fire enr- 
tatns ahatt be coupled one to another. 

4 And thoa sbalt make loops of blue upon 
the edge of the one curtain from the selredge 
in the coupling ; and likewise shalt thoa 
make in the uttermost edge of anotAer enr- 
tain, in the eoapling of the seeoad. 

6 Fifty loopa shalt thou make in the one 
eortain, and fifty loops shalt tbou make ia 
tbe edge of the curtain that is in the coup- 
ling of the second; that the loops may take 
bold one of another. 

6 And thoa shalt make fifty taehes of gold, 
and couple the curtains ti^ther with tbe 
taehes : and it shall be dm tabernacle. 

7 1 And itbou shalt make curtains of 
goats* hair to be a eorerlng apon the tab- 
ernacle : eleren curtains sbalt tbou make. 

8 The length of one curtain sAalt be thirty 
cubits, and the breadth of one cnrtidn four 
cablts : and the eleren curtains ohall be atl 

9 And thou sbalt couple fire curtains by 
tbemselres, and six curtains by themselrea, 
and Shalt doable tbe sixth curtain in tbe 
forefront of the Ubemadc. 

10 And tirau shalt make fifty loops on tbe 
edge of tbe one curtain that is outmost in 
tbe coupling, and fitly loops in the edge of 
tbe oartaln which coupleth the second. 

11 And tbou sbalt make fifty taehes of 
brass, and pot tbe taehes into tbe loops, 
and ooaple the ntent together, that It may 

12 And the remnant that remaineth of the 
ctmains of tbe tent, tbe half curtain that 
remaineth, shall bang orer the back side of 
tbe tabernacle. 

13 And a cubit on the one side, and a cu- 
bit on tbe other side t of that which remain- 
eth in tbe length of the cnrtains of the tent, 
it shall bang over tbe sides of tbe tabernacle, 
on this side and on that side, to eorer it. 

H And 'tbou sbalt make a covering fi>r 
tbe tent of rams' skins dyed red, and a 
L.riL-rtL^ J.^-. -..'i...: -s' Skins. 

]^ ^ An L i\: .1. fI.aj. :. .ake boards for tbe 
tAbem^E^r ^^f'-iliiiti:!! i^ r d standing ap. 

14 Tea r u L'lii ri.'ii I ' '' •' ! the length of a 
hArdt aj]i[ a cjVa bl4 i^balf ohaU be tbe 

IT T !>ii * k'Uirtii ttirttl there be in one 

b«}#J, Mfi lii OT'dn «D against another: 
tiNas ihati tljjn amkt tin all the boards of 

1^ t iWrDSOff n 

15 Anil tSiflii sl»»U THiifc* the boards for tbe 
1*lirriu4li. LvnLty liHf dU on the south side 

ID \h\i tiKM thali make forty sockets of 
■ni'*r unJ^r itiM tw mEj iHiards ; two sockets 
aadrt i^iie 1-4]«ril Ibr ].ii two tenons, and 
l*v r^nkets Tiadn UQibff board fbr his two 

20 And for tbe second side of tbe Uber- 
nade on tbe north side there sAoU be 
twenty boards, 

21 And their fortr sockets of silrer ; two 
sockets under one board, and two sockets 
under another board. 

22 And for tbe sides of the tabemaole 
westward thou shalt make six boards. 

23 And two boards shalt tbou make fbr tbe 
comers of tbe tabernacle in tbe two sides. 

24 And they shall be t coupled together 
beneath, and they shall be eoapled together 
above the head of it unto one ring : thus 
sbaU it be for them both; they shall be Cor 
the two comers. 

25 And they shaU be eight boards, and 
their sockets of sUrer, nxteen sockets; 
two sockets under one board, and two sock- 
ets under another board. 

20 Z And thou sbalt make bars o/shittim 
wood ; fire for tbe boards ef the one side of 
the tabernacle, 

27 And five bars fbr tbe boards of tbe 
other side of the tabertiacle, and fire bars 
for tbe boards of tbe side of tbe Ubemaoie, 
fbr tbe two sides westward. 

28 And the middle bar in the midst of tbe 
boards shall reaeh flrom end to end^ 

29 And thou sbalfrorerlay tbe boards with 
gold, and make their rings of gold for 
places for tbe bars : and thou shalt orerlay 
the bars with gold. 

30 And thou shalt rear up tbe tabemade 
<( according to the Cashion thereof which was 
shewed thee in the mount. 

31 ^ And *thou sbalt make a rail of blue, 
and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined 
linen of canning work : with cherubim shall 
it be made. 

32 And thou shalt hang it upon foar pil- 
lars of shittim wood overlaid with gold: 
their hooks ehall be of gold, npon the torn 
sockets of silver. 

83 And thoa shalt hang up tbe rail under 
tbe toebes, that thoa mayest bring in thith- 
er within tbe vail /the ark of the teati- 
mony : and the rail shall dirlde onto you 
between 'the boly plape and the most holy. 

84 And A thou sbalt put the mcroy seat 
apon the ark of the testimony in the most 

boly plat 
35 And 

thou shalt set the table without 
tbe rail, and ttho candlestick over against 
tbe table on the side of tbe tabernacle to- 
ward the south : and thoa sbalt put tbe 
table on the north side. 

8C And abou shalt make a hanging for tbe 
door' of tbe tent, of blue, and purple, and 
scarlet, and fine twined linen, wrought with 

37 And thou sbalt make for the hanging 
"fire pillars of shittim wood, and orerlay 
them with gold, and their books ehall be of 
and tbou shalt oast five sockets of 

gold: and 
brass for tl 


Tktalfar ^inrm oftrinfi. with tlu vtMtl* (A«n*- 
of. 9 n« tmrt oftkt tabtrnad* indottd mtk 
Sanginf* and pillart. 18 7A« auMwr* of li« 
cnurlTh Tk* oU for tk* lamf. 

AND thou Shalt make "an altar o/ shit- 
tim wood, fire cubits letig, and fire 
cubits broad ; tbe altar shall be founqoare, 
and tbe height thereof ehaU be three enbiu. 
2 And thou shalt make tbe boras of It np- 
on tbe fbar comers thereof : his boras shall 
be of tbe same : and ttboa shaU orerlay it 
with brau. 
8 And tbou abalt make his pans to leoelire 

B. C. 149L 

dth. SS. 9, 40. 

&27. 8. 

AcU 7. «4. 

Heb. ». 5. 
• ch. ».ai 

hfr. US. 2. 
2 Chr. 3. 14. 
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Aeh.23.21. * 


B«1>. 9. S. 
i eh. 40. 22. 

B.b. 9. 2. 

( eh. 30. 37. 

Court of the tabernacle. 


Garments of the priests. 

D. C. 1491. 

i .^plj iUii4 ^hplL ifvakit Eur H m ipRli of 
ttmu flktbr ^mx btUBQ Tlllf« &D l^ fmlT 
^ .^>lill L]i[iu itiiJt put il. ur4nr tiyf Hni][iu8 

fl -SdjI tbMi nbhh antr it»T« lyjt Ou- »1- 
tlir, ctkne* u/ lUElLlH T^ind, as'l i»V«r1lt]r 

.ItBEIL wEth Ijrui. 

7 Ap4 thr Blir«1 ^l|]l lir pUl teiD ilw 
T-Enii, mail Lbe ■UVt'f tll^Jt 1™ Uputi th" l»0 



i IJciUair vUltlm^rai ihilt tlic'U TMl^r* It: 
'U ■ Lt mm* ■1)««7^ tW lit itiV quioiiii lO 
jbidi ib^ inktr i^- 
p T •'^°^ ^ ^^"^ flulL miLbi itim toiirt gf Hie 
iBlMrfDidlB [ firr tHn faiutr iL^le pofutli^lTd 
Ihrrt •ial^ iT-J liBJifhaQ* Tit ihp niicin [^/ Boe 
(#Lb^J Hatu. lit i. |.4u^c«d {nit>^ lu^iC tr 

TO An£l lh« Lwirij pIlLkTi tbi^nFuil ilwlr 
Ivf'atT iiflfcjrti ahiltftt of IrTui 1 [tit lw«b« 
or tllB LlEJiK* Ul4 Lb»lr mi^Ei t^ii'J ^' ^f 

n Anfl [[^rfflw for UVP luiKli B^rld lq leotflh 

iDik i-aA EiSJ tB^clJ Ionian niiii Mk^Lr Iw^-b- 
,ji vn^knij iif IrrtM ; ttt bKillJ Df tlw pLlllIS 
WiA UtElr Ul«^ (i/l^lTi^f. 

li Anil/Hjr ttif VTnvUhaf the VQfm. nv. Ibe 

iticLr f ULkm ITP , *ull tEu^lr KHilirU Ub . 

t1 A* J tli« liKttflEli nf 1 Lt eqnrt im tb« flMt 
»]|Jb c&it wftri) f/idil r< nflf fiistilU. 

AhnU *ft BrtHH eilblti r lliflJi pBi»M ttir»e, 
ajiil tlirlir BwVpSj iLlrPr 
1^ Auil 1FII ll:ii i*lturr ililfl phflJl 6t TlMHr- 

IJmtr »cV«u ttlre*. , ,, . 

Id Aai fur llaa g»**< or ilw; MUTt «A(iU ft« 

puTplc, i^d ichfli^l., ftpd Dac LvLnr't IhDEa, 
SftourU wh N b*Ml»w,uk : Id q d tkiHr pLll*i» 
■AjiU ^;a limr, uml tte"k •udi^iU fonr. 
11 AD iLc pIllfcT* rrjiiaa ihout tti' 

• Ib.-ir : 

la tL* JifBiictL »r il-= x>aFt.*ti»if t"' '■■ 
ireJ rniNt*, and tiiD tirimJlli *l'n.^ ■ 
WUntlit W>i Hjc tinigtll A to tliiilL:' ■.! 
t»iL*d hocu, bdJ. ikpir iMlB-la 11^1 c . 

lU K n Itiir rDS«l» of tJn) t»bertHclr I ii ■, 
Hrrkw iliefiMif, lU»iI hIL Uw tilmlLiri.- .l 
rJ] Ui« pin: uf (Up wmrt, jftn^J id li.i ' 

lf<) \ iiui "ItuiNL l^^t DoinniUi i i>'- 
dren «]f larti! L, tUt thflj Utllifi IHD^ | i. 
olJTE k^rM^ib fur Lilt U^t^ Iti iA]ltr -I ' 
1 4d LaTli klvHf i- 

51 til tbii i*Ii*nntd? of til- *»" 
/wUlLDullLiS iiiU, wtleli J» Imf-':- 
tLnuaj, i'A'krail wA hip »«w pIi-l 
frimi *-**BlTip i-0 piiiiraing freAirt c» 
Ail t>ioll bt » ilqiubB Tur t<ii-t " 
(^r^QTndijap nn tf>e. LbLipIC bt thr ■: ■ 

Jl</17H mU kU >wH* W* lU "^rt far eLf 

;« :it TJU ftJt ^ IJI* rj*W. Jfl !»• 

AStJ uki> UriQ nTUa thiA »A*T"ii tby 
hrsHUr, aui biJ eour wllb liinit ftiem 

among the «UMmd of Itrnd, thmt be maj 
mlBUter unt* me ia «be print't oAm, evaw 
Aamm, Mftdub ud AUha, "Ommi «b<I Itb- 
amM', Aaron's ions. 

2 Add (tboa (halt ouUce holy gtnBents for 
Aaron tbj brother, for glory and for beanty. 

S And 'tboa sbalt epeak unto all tKat are 
wise bearted, <<wbora I bare filled with the 
•pWt of wt«dom, that they may make Aa- 
ron's garments to eon«eorat« him, that ba 
may minister onto me in the priest's ofltoe. 

4 And these are the earmonts whiefa they 
shall make ; *a breastplste, and/an ephod, 
and V a robe, and A a broldered ooat, a mitre, 
and a girdle : and they shall make holy gar- 
menU for Aaron thy brother, and his sons, 
that be may minister nnto me In the priest's 

5 And ther shall take gold, and bhie, and 
purple, and scarlet, and fine Itnen. 

6 ^ (And they shall make the ephod of 
gold, o/ blue, and o/pnrplc, o/ scarlet, asd 
fine twined linen, with cunning work. 

7 It shall bare the two sboulderpteoes 
thereof joined at the two edges thereof; and 
eo it shall be Joined together. 

8 And the hcurious girdle of the ephod* 
which is upon it, shall be of the aamo, ae- 
cording to the work thereof; even o/gold, 
of blue, and purple, and scarlet, and nna 
twined linen. * 

And thou shait Uke two onyx stones, 
and grave on them the names of the chil- 
dren of Isne) : 

10 Six of their names on one stone, and 
the other six names of the rest on the ottmr 
atone, according to their birth. 

11 With the work of an engrarer in stone. 
like the engrarings of a signet, sfaalt thou 
engrave the two stones with the names of 
the children of Israel: thou sbalt make 
them to be set in ouches of gold. 

12 And Vhon shalt put the two stones upon 
the shoulders of the ephod for stones of 
memorial unto the children of Israel : and 
i Aaron shall bear their names before the 
EoRD upon his two sbouldisrs 'for a me- 
morial. ^ ,^ 

13 And thou Shalt make ouches of gold ; 

14 And two chains of pure gold at the 
ends : of wreatben work shalt thou make 
them, and fasten the wreatben ehains to 
the ouches. 

lb 1 And **tboa shalt make the breast- 
plate of Ja^gment with cunning work ; aft- 
er the work of the ephod thou shalt make 
It ; o/gold, of blue, and of purple, and of 
scarlet, and of fine twined linen, shalt thou 
make it. 

10 Foursquare It shall b« helng doubled; 
a span ehall he the length thereof, and a 
■pan fhall be the breadth thereof. 

17 "Acul liana, sbatt '» Kt In it srttlu^i of 

Stoi . .''6^ Iit'if T[iWP lJ^lL'^^tal' ff^' Jirtt 

i^n -/i te a ' pariliiip. a hj^t.^ml a jar- 

bui ii^i* p^nJT i>t ibc BrpL njw. 

Ij ■ -l ibf •offlstJ WW 'hatt fr aa em- 
era ^ I'P [iplli^i. and a dlBtamnd. 

K ' , 1 tLe tb.'lti Ptm * lisfi-'tt, an «fate, 

an< I iEi«[lijiU ^ ^ 

ac- ^giil tl>^ Jiiqrib t*» 1 Utflirl^ »f5 an 
<mri , pj] il a Juj^^f ^ dtey '^"^^ ^'* >*<^ ^ 

golll iD thflf ' IflLflMllXH, 

21 Abij llw phniPft ibbU ]»> mHtf^' Riiaies 
of ilii^ chlWltSn ^r liTwU t'fl»*r l"'<^T.11ng 
to fNclr haIdAp, Ukt Um tNgrHT I h ^ ' ^lf a 

•IgDit i p^«i asi ^fh Ikli at-ttut *U.ja Uwy 
b« «tinwtUttE ta MiP tw^t<f* trthrr. 
2£ And unyui iluli nuikc aijun Jie We sat- 

[jeaAr ttf tlV tjiHod. 


dijr Iftntiii^r, tbd LEi fiiftp ^lUi LEd] 

' ~-«tn.(i. 

UtpD rittU iB^Vg U(ib iJk brvMl- 
pUtfl twa liriiCf cr pxld^ uiq ibaJl put Ibt 

iH A^jI Lh«U llndl |rllt tiir t>t< VrmJlED , «,,vLjin 
i*tiijtM vf pBd JD iIm |.*jj, Unit WWSA Or* iJip |dIU3 

H tbe ndi «r iJbt te%ul|jEiLtr. 
K AbJ fA* uthwr imn tmUt of ti\* Ima 

Bbd n, C, 1191. 

L.t- 50. 7. 

tW9 WHb^ lAd put ^Arn [>tl ibi 

pka^ mttar ei^bdrl licrgr^? LN 
$B Alfi Ibos iIibII iB^ktf; tvu 

. ..^ _ — , tWTdcr ihimflt 

vUgb u in ilie ij4e ni the r^b^d Idtlt^. 
XT JJmI tWB a<f Kor rEb^ ^r ia14 tbpU hIi^E 
mftiif , knj; lEiQlt [rot IhrtD pit the t*c^ i14o« 
irf tin KjtiDd HvdfntetlLi Eniru'il i\n\ tUTf- 
Wi (luifmif , Dt«r MidtT lid! ctAcr piop' 

'Imd. Mill ill 

frLEb & taea uf liEtft, liul if nti-J k4 situ' 


Etc raT§«u( |nn)!ki «t IbE enlHtd. m|i| i 
^ dJod: Atrnn aluU Iw^kr (tin nMnn of Sbr 
jn^I apth bin be vL, v Itm Lr ^ihrtt Lq 

ttrf i»ij pi^ft^ "{ 

to*}? i^rttEltLUkUj. 

MnetJfT lUm, iivDt \Uj uiT DJatfeEtt I ^it » 7. t 
me \a kjic |iflni,'j uffi,*, i -^ _ . .- 

An J Elifiq iKbU dhIib Lhouj 

bTf*cllfci Ed v\¥m titjtiir n|i|[A>lani _ 

(mto Eh? itileli* EliBT iME ^^ »»*■, 

r T«Hti r I l^-f . ±1- H. 

*a Ami ilifj phpll Tv, upDD .^Hrnii, uitl sp. I "'^' ^- "■- 

tin IlI^ muf^Hi KEicii llilj ciunf! In nblv ihii ! ^^^b. 
uJ*erp»tk of Ehft (NingrfefuEiin , ^r -tbfii 

Vit^ rsjtiia iu>a.i- ^imin bi.« kli-k-r «/.. ni...L_iA.- ' 

A^n IHI» ill ibn tbErtg um tbuti p^t da 
mild iHrnt In- likllirT llifrtt, Ja mbitf Lc? 
tibUi me In e9i«i IrMttt'i offtw : "Tblroat 
jQiuis biiilD^k, wd lilt! nvifi w mkujf Hwm- 

liH^HBtil iLli[>iii1,ff] vlib ol]j u/ wfaEttan 
h metUiif Ell Wnn ti^ i Hhvt tldll (Trirn iTt«1i:i< UitUI.. 

in' m 1 "T^;:"'' ■ ► . . '' ■'''^'' ""^^ "^■'''' r" i ♦'i^^^ 'b^h >='»•? '«iktEj 

BQ T Afld ^tL«l Abllt pgt lu ELr! b™irt- ■.nrl lirirf t}}pm In t^h liMkH niUi tli* t^U. 

p]>tr Of JqilijpiMnL tSia fritn ui tlL« Tlnini^ mi an*! %Eie |i»[> j^oiri. 

BtEm ; pad eSfj kboJl be bptm .isrm 
■^ ' ■ ruf ■ - 

4r«[ ol IjiFferl 

Lnnd itntiiitiiiHlIj. 

?1 AElltTlfcim diall. IIMllit Ilk] PiAfl flf thr 
t;bj^ nil [>; t'liu. 

¥1 ,^inl tbrt* Ib^l hr 4 ]|qi|(i |a tbr trm jjf 
Jl. 1ji U.1^ Bld<Ut Ebnrer.f: i| iLkJI Iibt^^ n 
MtidiDi f)t V'O'rfib wiick miQc] uliiiiJt ibe. liijt^ 
et lE. ^ [t -ra il» Ml» ^f w UbtftEAiHi, 
tfaai 111 J:^ B,i< read. 

An J ApTfiQ hbd bLf Hxii tfatnl jbdt hrtnf 

^ -jEulhK dflflT |if tW liiLirmrfr 6f Elir Sim- 

idpmmE af ElH rfiElr . Jp*f*4ffln, ^ftud riliiJE wxifa Lli*rii«Uli w>Jrr. 
-S ■< Ad il lEiDq t1\a]T IbLe tb« (^rmtliEBn uivl 
pMI lIpDb AaiBB thit [hdl, BJil «|iH Tni^H fll 
l]iefl?ln7d.MiJ IEju rsiiin'E, amr! Ihn trftil- 
...... .. . -' 'i,ini,'|i,b^, 

JS And hengaik OpiH lliC "la-Eil f,l It Ebi 

jn iliout ilup Imih 
kUi Itt-IU i>r juJi fcrtfrten iij^m 


heaJ, W)d pill 

lite [junmii |iJr4]M. 

af Ib^ nl 
7 tWh »H«]t tfaiM lake Ihi qntibMiif ' dJ , 

t^4l inar fl Kpcin bL:i hi-ail, BBil bQiilnE brni.! 

pUTfilf, ^J E/Ktrirt. TiMtnrt fellauL llup ImiH i Will, u^n Eluein. 

^ A iDlJtii bfcll Bdid a. pQqL«|niD^, n 

&eb; ejf EIm irntKI THUld feli7?L 
JIi \iA El Ibjl ^D[HU Afciwn m mlrtlBEirr: 

lad !■[■ wwnil jfakH Iw burl wlieo b» iru«^Ei 

in *3A» Vtnk Mj J>(«A! bflTMPi Ibe t^KU , Ull 

i^kflta U> eniHnklHW llikil ^ diit b«L 

IS ^ And ''ito^ tlKaJr msif b plidjti c/ wm 

■^T Aai.1 UiLiy •liali pn( It hq b tdiid lujr, 

tJiU (IE HI** l.e dtwB tb<V mttM | 1lp«iia tbi 

Af Oiyqa r of tb* jBk>e ]l sltfj] bm . 
Si Aft4 El. iLtJi llH LI}KiEi A&irn^r n^Tcbebil, 
I«i Ahnia IMJ '^vmi^ Uii InlijuEiij' sif Iha 

bflb tllfUfj WbJiilt lEit cJilldTni ^jf Tirul 

4li|U >* »Twi.jj n[in<l 1.^ Rl?i?beH4, tbu itifT 
W*^ iM 'iLCtrpBr^E h^rfl (In, LuKt. 
» ^ .4qil tl-«r(j pbult fnttniEOrt- EJi* vm\ 
l/jllll '■ ' ■' ' ' ' ■■ 

*Cf n» 

w*'Kft^ tff Au^.ia'i >va(i i\w\ ^b«lt Rpktn 
^Ud tiail lEjftlE iriAkif rmrtbrm fVrllfi, 
__ ^mvAM m^I*ik tbw uklu fnf tl)«ei, ftw 

'll lAd ttaOB tlllft T^ IbAt opn Aknn 

!l .\[vd thM Bibi]l Klrd tbmn if[Lb rifillKa, 
.ijiran wd !i1^ MBi.tnJ fpqlUlw fioni»rt,i 
(391 EluTn: and I'tinE fltEmi'* dAm «[LkJ] bn 
tliciti likT a p<'TI»tU*l itaiti4r ^ imd Eliati 

hi- And llinci ihblE «D4L» Ik bn^Oft bn be 
bmUsFit lelVfP slii- E*5i«Tl]Belr «f tb!f ewftrl*- 
l^rSlUi; Bad JAiTVn Utd Ud mnnf l!\Ml ppi 

Ifctir bbndi apBp, tSip ]i»(E or I3ir T^Uoflh. 

Tl And IhiM iMlt liill tbe lalEnf t bel!ktii 
tbe lf>1tP, Bw the 4iinr of tlm t^br™nd» ^r 

T3 .AniJ Eli.ju *ihB]t inhF pf iJj, bl^md of 
tfie EjolJKk^ ttblf Jjtit If Tip^m *Elir \\iTVi t^t 
ItiB Rltur -lUl \hj flnipT, pivHl biHlf bU llkll 
bltmd bvjrrEr thX! Iwtjrti til cJie pTmr. 

li Aud - |]ivU *Ii«]l Eakr ^lE HlH f^l Hkkl 

eaTfrBfb tbs Inwunbi uJ ■! tb^^eiml thai it 
atjoV* Ibr liTBT, nrnl Ebc Era tidnrji, 11111 
EtM fttT EEiBi ij n;pi!n trtectt^ sad bni^ f hritt 

ItbKb lbt< H.ilBJ-. 

ll Eflt J'tbeflHPb tif the Einllufilt, ii^d liJi 
Hilctn, p,Dil liU dany. ft1lm]& IImhj hbjll irEcli 
In wEtlii^ur til? inilEiihT n IP B kin DAfrLDr. 

IS T MTTiBH fhttlt *lku talr nDC^ ram ■ imd 
AiJTin and bL. «i7mr| ghaJ E "pill thrir tiEpJp 
tLlKTn tlir Itvad *if thii TUti- 

Iff And ibnti flb^lL pi^ LNi ™.m, IB A Hun 
ibile uk» bjp Uud, abd ppr^klr it nnsid 

rfrk.a t 

L.r.B kii 

S|»." fclf-LW. 

r DpEi. Eiim£ 
; JJ'.a.. IP; T. 

' .Hil.. ,UJ iJU 


►ll W. lU 
^tny II. ]«. 

The J 

I of the cotuecration. 

The continual bumf nfferws- 


(P*. ffi. s. 

e l>r.7.31,31. 

' ALrr.11.31. 
<||jrtt. 12.4. 

«Z«T. 10. M. 

17 An4 tbott ibaii oat tba nun in pieoea, 
and wMh the towards of him. and lua lagi, 
and put them unto bit picMc, aad iiunto Ub 

18 And thou shalt bum the whole ram im- 
on the altar : it <« a burnt offering unto the 
Lobd: it m a 'sweet aarour, an offering 
made by Are unto the Lobd. 

19 I And thou shalt take the ether ram. 
and Aaron and bis sons ahall put their 
hands npon the bead of the ram. 

2C Then shalt thou kill the ram, and 1„_. 
ol his blood, and put it npon the tip of the 
right ear of Aaron, and upon the tip of the 
right ear of his sons, and upon the thumb 
ot tl>eir right band, and upon the great toe 
ol their right foot, and sprinkle the blood 
upon the altar round about. 

81 And thMi shalt take of tiie bhwd that 
ia upon tlie altar, and of "the anointing 
oil, and sprinkle it upon Aartm, and upon 
his garments, and upon his sons, and upon 
the garments of his sons with him: and 
"he shall bo hallowed, and bis garments, 
and hia sons, and bis sons' garments with 

22 Also tbon shalt take of the ram the Cat 
and the rump, and the ttt that oorereth the 
inwards, and the canl abov* the Mrer, and 
the two kidneys, and the &t that it upon 
tb«m, and the ri^t sbonlder; fbr it is a 
ram of consecration : 

28 "And one loaf of bread, and one eake 
of oiled bread, and one wafer out of the 
basket of the onlearened bread that m be- 

24 And thou sbalt pot all in the hands of 
Aaron, and is the bands of his sons ; and 
shalt u'wave them for a ware offering be- 
foro the Lord. 

25 'And thou shah receiTe tbem of their 
hand*, and bum them upon the altar for a 
burnt offering, for a sweet savour before the 
Lord ; it i« an offtring made by fire unto 
the Lord. 

26 And tbo« Shalt take "the breast of the 
ram of Aaron's consecration, and ware it 
for a ware offering befor« the Lord : and 
tit shall be tby part. 

27 And thou shalt sanctify 'the brMMt of 
the ware offering, and the shoulder of the 
heave offering, which ia waved, and which 
Is heaved up, of the ram ot the consecration, 
even oi that which M for Aaron, and of 
that which is for his sous : 

28 And it shall be Aaron's and his sons' 
<iby a statute for ever from the children of 
Israel; for it is a heave offering: and <it 
shaU be a beave offering from the children 
of Israel of the saeriflee of their peace of- 
ferings, even their heave offering unto the 


ointed therein, and to be consecrated in 

80 And tAtbat son that is priest in his 
stead shaU put them on iseven days, when 
lie oometh into the tabernacle of the congre- 
gation to minister in the holy place. 

81 ^ And tbou shalt take the ram of the 
consecration, and ^seethe bis flesh in the 
boly place. 

as And Aaron and bis sons shaU eat the 
flesh of the ram. and the 'bread that ia in 
the basket, by the door of the tabernacle of 
the congregation. 

88 And '■ th^ ShaU eat tboM things wher^ 

and to saoetUy tbem ; "but » ___^.- . 
not eat thereof , because they are boly. 

84 And if aught of the flesh of the oa 

crations, or of the bread, rem^n unto the 
morning, then "thou ahalt bum the re- 
mainder with fire : It shall not be eaten, 
because it ts holy. 

35 And thus shalt tbou do unto Aaron, and 
to bis SOBS, according to all thinge which I 
have commanded thee: '' seven days shalt 
thou consecrate them. 

86 And thou shalt 'offer every day a bull- 
ock for a sin offering for atonement : and 
thou shalt cleanse the altar, when thou 
hast made an atonement for it, 'and thou 
shalt anoint it, to sanctify it. 

87 Seven days thou shah make an atone- 
ment for the altar, and sanetif^ it ; 'and h 
shall be an altar most holy : <wtiatsoever 
toucheth the ahar shall be holy. 

88 ^ Now this ts that which tbou shah 
offer upon the altar ; *two lambs of the fint 
year "day by day continually. 

89 The one lamo thou shaft offer * in the 
morning; and the ether lamb thou shah 
offer at oven : 

40 And with the one Umb a tenth deal of 
flour mingled with the fourth part of a bin 
of beaten oil ; and the fouth part of a bin 
of wine /or a drink offering. 

41 And the other lamb thou sbalt 'offer at 
even, and shalt do thereto aocording to the 
meat offering of the morning, and aocording 
to the drink oflering thereof, for a sweet 
savour, an offering made by Are unto the 

45 This ahall be *a continual burnt offer- 
lerations at the door 

congregation before 

the Lord, <* where I will meet you, to speak 
there unto thee. 

43 And there I wiU meet with the children 
of Israel, and <'the tabernacle (shall be 
sanctifled by my glory. 

44 And I WiU sanctify the tabernacle of 
the congregation, and the altar: I wiU 
' sanctify also both Aaron and his sons, to 
minister to me in the priest's office. 

46 And rfl will dwell among the ddldren 
of Israel, and will be their Qod. 

46 And they shall know that * I am the 
Lord their God, that brought them forth 
out of the land of Egypt, that I may dwell 
among them: I am the Lord their Qod. 

Tkt aUrnm- of intmut. IITK* rantim of tonU. 17 
Tk* inutm (aver. 22 TA* kalg anotMiny eO. 
34 n* eomjwMlio* o/ (A« prrfum*. 

AND thou shah make *an altar ito bum 
inoense upon : of sbittim wood ahalt 
tbou mako it. 

2 A oubit ahatl be the length thereof, and 
a cubh the breadth thereof; fouraquare 
ahall it be, and two cubits ahall be the 
height thereof: the boms thereof oAoU be 
of the same. 

8 And thou sbah overlay It with pure gold, 
the ttop thereof, and the t sides thereof 
round about, and the boms thereof; and 
tbou ahalt make unto it a crown of gold 
round about. 

4 And two golden rings ahalt thou make to 
it under the crown of it, by the two t oor- 
nera thereof, upon the two aide* of it rhah 
then make «•' and they ahall be for placet 
for the atavea to bear it withal. 

6 And thou abah make the stavaa o/abtt- 

Tke rmuom of souls. 


The hol» 


• Aaa thaw Irian pot i« bafoM lb* Ttfl tfaM 
ia I7 tiw Arte of to* ugOmemj, btftt* tb* 
'■wrey mM that it orer tbe teMtaMNiY, 
viMra I wfll nwet -with tbM. 

T And AuMi ihaU bom OwrMn tdawact 
teeaue •wy morning : when *be di«n«(b 
the lamiM, ha sball born htouue npon it. 

8 And when Aar«» aiiclrtetb the Imtapt 
tat eren, b» thall bora inaanaa open it, a 
perpetaal teeanaa baCore tba LOBO tbrovqshp 
out yonr fsnaratioaa. 

• Taabdod 
OB, nor burnt 
■eWMrafaaa ya ponr I 

10 And 'Aaron Bhal 

upon the homa of it anaa in a vaar with 
«ha blood af tiie atat oflbrteg af atoBanmitt ; 
anaa In the year ahatt ha nuke atanaawnt 
opon to tb w w ^ ibo t year gananUtona ; it it 
moat holy onto the Lobd. 

11 1 And the Lobd apaka onto Moaaa, 

U A When thoa takaal the aom of the ohil- 
diea of Israal altar t their nambar, than 
ihall ttey give evaiy nan <a ranaom fttr hi* 
Mai nnto the Lobd, whan thou namt>areat 
ttkcmi tha»tberebaiio*plagaeamoiiglbal&. 

lapothaaary; toahaUU'ahofa 
9ft tfAnd than 

of the congregation therewith, and the ark 

S7 And the table and aU his vaaaela, and 
the aandlaatidc and Ua raaaaia, and the 
altar of inoense, 

JUAnd the altar of bimrtaaafring with aU 
hia veaaela. aad the larer and his toot. 

29 And thoa shalt sanatity them, that tbay 
mi9 ba moak hoiy: 'whataoaTer tooehath 
them BhaU ba hoij. 

ao /And than ahalt anoint Aaron and Ua 

18 ^TUa tbey ahail glve^ erarjr one that 
paaaoth aoMmg tfaam that are nombei ' 
half • rtiekal after the shekel of the ■• 
tsarr: ("a abekel it twenty Mraha:) 
half ahdcel aAott it the oAriag of the 

14 £T«ry one tha* paaaeMi aaMOg i 
titat are numbered, ttom twenty yean old 

• Job94.1A. 
rr»r. Z2.S. 


1 Kla. 7. 38. 
I «k. 40. 7.301 



15 The *rioh ahaU not tglro aoray and 
(ba peer afaaB net tgira lata, than half a 
ahekiel, when they giro an oAgrrteg nnto the 
Lobd, to make an 'atanamant tai yonr 

16 And thoa shalt take the atonameat- 
aooey of the ahUdran of Israel, and « shalt 
anpoibt it (tor the sarrieeaf the «abenta<la 
of the eoagre^ion ; that it may be ''a me- 
morial onto the aUldrto of larad before the 
LrOBD, to make an atonementfor your sools. 

17 t Aad tbo Lobd spako onto Moaaa, 

u 'Thoa ahalt also make a larer of brasa, 
aad hia foot oZao 0/ bfaas, to wash spttAai.- 
aad iboa tfialt tpot it between the Ubtf 
naele of the eongregation and the attar, and 
tho3 Shalt pat water ttereln. 

19 Fea Aaroa and Ua aaaa "ahaU waah 

90 When they go into the ti^Mmade of the 
■iBg r ii ga tleat tbey riuOl waah with water, 
jtha» they die not; or whan they eorae near 
to the altar to minister, to bora oOeriag 
made by Sre unto the Lord. 

il 80 they shall wash their hands and their 
feet, that they die not: and "it shall be a 
•latvta tn t/itk t» thnn, even to him and 
to h^ seed throogboat their generations. 

39 ^ Moroorer the Lobd ^aka onto Mo- 
aea. aiding, 

98 Take thou alao unto thee 'prinoipal 
ipieea, of pore 'myrrti fire hondred aA«Jlre(a, 
aad of sweet cinnamon half so moah, svaa 
two ban4red and Ifty thtkelt, and of sweet 

M Aad of 'oaasto flTe ht 
kAar4haah«M aC the aaaataaiy, aad of aU 
oUra a »hln : 
» A^Mhan Bbalt make H aa oil of holy 

mialatar aato me ia the priesfs oAaa. 
81 And then ahalt speak nnto the chil- 
dren of Israel, saying. This shall be a holy 
— «-• • '• -into ma threoghoat your 

89 Upon man's lleah shaU it not be poor- 
ed, neither ahaU ye make ans otiur Uke 
it, after the eompositioB ot iti »H 4« halw, 
and i^shaU be holy onto you. 

88 AWheaoever aampooBdaa am^ like it, 
or whosoerer putteth «ay oi it npon a atran- 
gar, ishaUeven be oat oft (W>m hia poMtia. 

84 V And the LOBD aald nato Mooea, 
ftltake onto the* sweat splaea, staote* and 
anyefaa, and galbaaomt (Aaaas 
with pore (hmkiaaease : ofeaeli 

86 Aad than ahalt make it a , 
oonfeeUon 'after the art of the apotheaary, 
ttemperedtogatbsr, pare and holy : 

85 And thou shalt heat ttmt of it very 
araaU, and pot aC it befate the testimony in 
the tabernacle of the aangregatiest, "•where 
IwiUmaaawiththae: "i« ahaU ba onto you 
most holy. 

87 And oa /or the parAime which thou 
ahalt make, «ye shall not make to your- 
aalres aeeocding to the eomposition thereof : 
liabaU ba onto thee hofy for tbo Lobd. 

88 r Whosoerer shaU make like unto that, 
to mneU thereto* shall eras bo out off bom 
his people. 


Btat-l and Aholialt art aatM tmd m4aliM for 
tktwortpflk*tai»rmatl». H n» iittrimui of 
tk4 mMoiA it ofmiH tomm»n4t4. 18 Jl»*m ro. 

AND the Lobd spake onto Hoses, say 
' ing, 
2 " See, I hare called by name Basaleel the 
*8oa of Cri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of 

8 Aad I ha«a "flUad him wiUi the spirit of 
Ood, in wisdom, and ia undeiatandii^, aad 
*- knowledge, aad ht all maaaer of work- 

To derise onnninff wc 
gold, and in sUrar, aad in 

6 And in oattinc of stones, to set thtm, 
and in aarring of timber, to work in all 
manner of workmanship. 

And I, behold, I hare given with him 
4 AhoUab, the son of Ahiaamaah, of the tribe 
of Dan: and in the hearts of aU that are 
* wise hearted I hare pot wisdom, that they 
may make all that I bare commanded thee ; 

7 /The Ubemaole of the oangregatioa, 
and 'the ark of the testimony, and ithe 
mercy scat that it theroupoa* and all the 
t fumltnre of the tab*maeie» 

8 Aad ithe taMe and Us fivnUvra, and 
*tha pare candleatlek with aU hU f umlturo, 
aad the altar of Incaiwe* 

ftJUd,^tb«alta>-oCbBnt<Aaiiicwtlh all 


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Aaroti vtaketh a moUen calf. 


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Us bimltLmi u4 "^tl^ l&tiS' uA toll 

bol; 2 weut4 for Anjub Lbd pi4e4i ^nil it>« 
garriLKEiu nf bLj Auiu>v in m^^tpi lb ibfl 

Il#*i3 maiLf tLom b tisoU«U ealf, Ml4 hav« 
»arBhl|]})nl U, ^i»'1 i>ar» aacriieed ihrav 
uQLi?, «.aiil du^, I'rbc^M 6« tbj KocU, !•• 
»>1 , v^cb bii.( • bniu^bt Ukte vp out af th« 

in B&i'l onto 3d 

C iKllj pfll-'Jl . 

iSf "Ihav* 

tbut [ have A^muutltil ikiH ili*'l ih^ 'IpL 
12 X And Ltw LhiUt E|iiJu iiQW. H>iM4^ 


iDvnlhut Up nU ' Hfiv ttitf {vnpde^ KbU, babold, it u a atitr- 

11) tinm UwrrfarE *-\\;< IM alon«, tbot '09 
itthlJl ntij trb> liut ui^Uiut tttem, aad that 
I siij evuJUOiB iiiiMFi : and *! »U1 make »f 

IimnJ, *mIiij, ^'VorUj HIT ■iLbntlu J^ itiitl tL« a n'Ml nttiMm. 

keeit; I'l^r iii u n iiLfQ 1>«ip'Kb me bd<L |iiti 11 ^AlH >1,iin bt-buasbi t(h« I^BO bi* 

thnjyitKMi.t jrmr tnirfTftUiUli i lliaL if* lnHJ UihI, aQil sulif, Lu-tC', wby.dAth tbjf wrath 

• ~. . * LI . I ..^.r_ ^Li-b .L..r I. .ianji. -u. ^ k/i».m:n.^4 4 !■■■■ >i_.Anla wM^Jj ^{lOQ h&Afc 

of Ecrpt 
iwti', uiil «icU a mlgbty hand ? 
letcflirc BLciiibi! th« Egyptiaos f peak, 
apd lajr, fur mlicNkf did be bring tb«m 

kno w EliiL 1 aay Uid LoHU tfi^l 
aft \m>. 

for K (■ iu^J utaU JlfU- i^Tf: cj ura* iN^t J«- 
flletb it iI-jbU naraJj ba pUL m- 4;«h; fur 
*wbaiiHivEf iljiMtfa up^ work ibfuvVa^, tli>i 

15 r*Li il!iJl iBV mirk b*il™ui i liul lit ll* 

the ulflKib Akj, Lt ibnU «iirtlj Iw pn,' id 
deatlt. , , 

keefi tbj «abb^h, Id uibaarvM >Iid «abbaLb 

thrtudifllrt tJiiU BtniMiillMP. /ur B |Hir- 

*17 Him 'a. li^ b«t*«-fiEi n« mil hbt sbVl- 
dren flf J»f»El t^'t p?e* • fcr ^ I rt ilJ! doji tin* 
Loud hlvjIc hMT>m ami MJib, ap^un d-n 
sev-ntli 4y l^t T*n»tli, B,inl ■!" T*frt|lMJ. 
18 Ami L« FiTflUDU] MihHij ffiifn be Lstl 
inail^ IM i^^it cf ppmcndinlbK wUH iLlin HitoH 
moemt Hnml. 'twu uIiIkI of 1.ertkinabjr, ta- 
blao: BriLiQtK trlLlim vllb lb llBc«r df Q^d- 

„„ , _jpA, HA* 4aK«. l»"Jr* 

AM> w1j*B lb* IMHSplD pap tli»l MiKHB 
"Jtla-Jcd td anflHi iIwwTj l?jL t«I lliti 
moynL, lhrp*tjpla B»*beTTd UsMvMillfM (0- 

8*ti]urui'ti> AikNPi idil nuJ luiiif Itlntn ^Up, 
mak;*' Od p)di, vUiflb 4lialL*K<> bal^rv g^ ^ 
for im/m- tlui. Mirifi, Uw lauithai Ittmogbt 

Ul up (Bit .nf tlia Idbfl Of E|[jpl. "" ■""' ""' 
whul U bcrkmo uC Llm- 
S .^EJ A^t uta nLd qfcU.D' tbm, Qntk uff lli* , 

dgoLkm 4rrl<nf1. wlileb a'i| Ilk ll^n 4ittr| itT 

13 "-M 

lyikt. t«\kliij i^bHtn Ul ibA.owuBtaiDa, and to 
nuDituiiL- EJJMr h'tm the face of the eaith 7 
tia*u rbuu Ulj i|KT«sfl irratb, and 'repent of 

LbU frLL aeumt Ui? people. 
irj BpmbmLer Abmban^, laaac, and Ifr 
TA4]. iii? hi^ahi*! (tf whom tboa icwareat 
\tf Ll^un u^a srliT, Aiitl aaidst iwto then, "I 
will mu.Hisilj' iinfltnr*'4aa the atan of heaT' 
ran BDtL ul LbLi laa J that J bare .roolcen of 
*UJ 1 KHfc Hftlu jsui aeed, and thayabaU 

inbortl il ibt «nf- 

U A1I14I Tbv Iionci ^'repented of the etil 
vLduh b4 tlujqiM la -J • onto hi8.p^ople< 

I J t Ap^ ' Mtun [ urned, and went down 
fr<mi ibD mubni, Lb^'l (he two tables of the 
u«iLii]DaT ^tfi 111 lits band: the tablea 
arfi-d •nn\.\eA \tv. iNjtJk tbelr.aidea; on the 
uDc iL J# uiit ofi lilt utoer were tbej written. 

Ill iVii4t tiiB 3"ia[.iLr< ii'ere the work of Ood, 
iTviJ Hie wriilnj «TiB the writing of God, 
fTitTKq apun iLr Ibl l-'S. 

JT AnJwbcti JMbun heard the noiseofthe 

pfiijiJe ki il..i?**Jioittf .11, he aald unto Mooea* 
Thcpt n » Bui w iif rxt in the 

Ibj And b0 Htid^ Jb i«i not the voice of them 
tiui ftVMit IbF waascry, neither <» U the 
f &1M ?f (*■■* (**» Jit J for t being overcomr • 
tid tbD iKilH tit titt m that aing do I bear, 
I'D Ab J Et eitu (a |F^«s> aa soon as he oame 
nLitk uni» tbu «B!}Kr that 'be saw the calf, 
^ J the AuDfliin^ : "11 li Mo8«»' anger woMd 
liut, uid lja cMt tbm i.ibleaout of bis Iianda, 
ta d br Ak* Ibrm buni-ath the mount. 
isn » AaiI b> twjk me calf wbi* tbey bad 
I ■lCl^4]I^h >ii^ bunU tt tn tlie fire, aad ground 
' it %a I»rii4vkr. i>tiij i*ETewed it iipon the wa- 
' t^, au'd raad4 Iba children of Israel drink 

d ^H*t fj^l iLoto Aaron, i Wbat did 
Iei nptiQ ibL-T , that tbou baat braog^ 

M iiD U|inb Li.eDI 7 

A>ji.iy a^iij, Let not the anger of 
mj'lhrJ r^i. biu I 'tbou knoweat tbe peo- 
ple, iSiBi iriL^ n ¥-i *f t on mischief. 
^W Vvi LlPPj i*im uiiio me, rfMake ua goda, 
•xhlali abfcJX r* brfiiTi) jl»! ^' n* /<»■ »«»• 
MiB««. Itw Timn t1.3L brought na up ont of 

tbfl land of Egrt!i, wf wot not what iabe- 

befurw U: BEnl AiiffthlTWdfl /imiclauiaUiiO, riifunn li'litm- . 

6 'ldJ t>,«y r.uE If. KirljMV Iba pum^w, ' iioj goJi, iflt Uieiii Ijreak tt off. So they 

and 4W ^r'^oSr Tl b^,!.; ^rA ^ . tb^ I ^t H mto tbe fire, anS 

UKi TTii^ lip En t>k»j Hi ^ AJil whiin W^^ea aaw that the people 

!rd3uTi^^.^(lu, >c,r7/t.^^ i^l/'*^''J^.'^J^ 

brouifbL __ 

4 '.\tiil li.D rtotiTfil thuHt It tlwlr linvd. 
and bdiJ'in^iI Ll witb d ftftvlEiK looJ, MI«t 
he La^l bwIe Lt a. hmJi^d uJE'i mnA iLcv 
aaid, Tbf'4't Ae tl<^ r-"t>>p ^ Iinuln wbioL 
broijijbt tive up '"^^ uTlLit hn4 fiJrti[}pU 

5 .^Hl whcJi AiTiHl H» ii, belBilJl aaalEU 

I 1 All J tbi LOUfi »»in nntii KiUMr "uu, pop*-i / &»« 
get ibea dawn ; ^r tij pMrtibi- wbkob tbiw t»aM unto 
brouEbifiit ml or it» fand cf (gjpi, ■!»" "^^^^ j^^^ ,^^ 

eMjMstnE thmwtMttvwi-; 


T%c TpitKfftT of Xo$es. 


Tht tttbtfftBCic f 



33. fl. 

• Koa. 




13. «- 







10. ar. 








f ** 



B«T.3.S. fc 

*». 12. 15. 
4U.<7. fee 

sons of Leri fMhsrad 
mlo hSiD* 

ST And be sftid onto tbsm, Tbos salth the 
LOKX> Qod or IstmI, PM everr mtti Ms 
svord bgr Us side, and go in and sot fcsn 
gate to gats thnoghoat tb* camp, and Aslay 
rry man his brother, and every nan bis 
npankm, and every man his neigbboor. 

people that day abont three thousand 

» •XFer Moses bad said. tCeuc 

7<mraslTes to day «• tbs LORD, eren ereiy 
man upon his son, and upon bis brother; 
that be n^ bestow open yoa a Msaslng this 

90 \ And it oame to pass on the msnow, 
that Mooes said nnto the people. i^Te hare 
sinned a great sin : and new I »fllM up nn- 
to the Lord; <peradTentnre I shall "make 
an atonement for your sin. 
81 And Mr ^ 


iOM. 12. 7. 



/»•. u. n. 

reh.aB. 8. 4 




bih.4.1. 4. 

Wm. tLttja. 

the LOKD. 
and said. Oh, this people have sinned a 
great sin, and have 'made tbem gods of 

32 Tet now, if thoa wUl fergive their 
•in-.; and If not, i'1>lo« om, I pray thee, 
font or«by book wbleb then hast written. 

83 And (be LoKDoaid nnto Mooes, •- Wbo- 
soerer hath sinned against me, htan will I 
Mm oQt of my cwwe. 

M Tberelbre now go. lead the people nnto 
(Mfrfweof whieh I here spoken ttnto thee : 
'heboid, mine Angel shall go befim thee: 
tterertheless, «!n the day when I vIsU, I wUl 
tMt tb^ sin npon them. 

86 And the LObd plngned tbe people, be- 
eoaae "they made tbe ealT, wMeb Aam 


ntLontrtfmttktmftnlhtktjumiUt. 4n«jM». 
pi* «i«vn> iK trtat , J Tin l a i m m ac lt is nm o m J 
^ut «/ tkttamn. » nt U>r4 tmliitkfun <•/•«. 
wUkMmn. nMtmpnf,lkMC*<r*rrmme,. 

AND the LOKD said nnto M( 
part, aw<< go np benee, thon "and the 

the hind 

t bronght np out of 
to the land wbleb I 

hind of Egrpt, 
sware nnto Abraham, to Isaac, and to 
Jneob, ssfying, »Unto thy ssed wtfl I give 

9 *And I win send an Angel before thee ; 
rfand I wlU drive ont the Caaaanlte, the 
Aaeitte, and the HUtlte, andthe PerissUe, 
tbe Hivite, and tbe JebnsHe : 
~ "Unto a land flowing with milk and hen- 

" " ■ ■ I midst ol 

1 people! 

onto the ehildren of Israel. <Te mre a 
nceked people: I wiU eome up -into the 
midst of thee In a moment, and oonsnme 
thee : therefore now put off thy oVnaments 

And tbe ehfldren of Israel stripped 
thsmselves of their ornaments by the mo«n« 

7 Aad Mimes took «ba iabemaele, and 
jpKtfMd It vithont the oamp, albr off fitwfn 

_ _ And it eame to pass, 

tMat every one whieb 'songfat the LoKD 
went ont nnto tbe tabemaeie of tbe ooagro- 

to pass, when Moses went 
emaele, that all the people 
rose up, and stood every man tat Lhi tent 
door, and hwked af^er Moses, until he was 
gone into tbe taberaaele. 

9 And it eame to pan, as Moees entered 
iMo the tabemaahl; tbe ehmdy pUlar de- 
scended, and stood «( the door of tbe taker- 
naole, and Me LOBD 'talked with Meses. 

10 And aU tbe people saw the slendy pillar 
stand at tbe tabemaeie door : and all tbe 
people rose np and 'wonhlpped, evetyman 
in Ms tent deor. 

11 And (the Lord sp«ke unto Moaee foee 
to fbee, aa a man s pea k e th nnto bis f .iend. 
And be tnmed again into the eamp ; but * Ms 
servant Joebna, the son of Nnn, n yottng 
man, departed not oat of tbe taberaaele. 

IS ^ And Meeee said nnto tbe Lord, Bee, 
'thoa sayc ^ 
pie: and « 

til riMn lt«l«toni, I [ 

tby >'^ ^'. iJiat 1 mitj kta>«<r I iir s, that I may 
foi] ,.TniC^ In iNf ihEl.L: ktiiJ MBSidev that 
thli- n kl linr tA t ttiT ui-»ul!"- 

14 And lit, nkd, ^ M J T>r< -nee shall go 
wit'i f^a•'^ Hvit 1 wtl] fl rr < bi-r rfrest. 

Ifi \iik ha nlJ Hut's Mm, ' it tl:y ptei 
gOi^,r.| pi'JMini, btmi 111 s.ui cipbmee. 

W Vi- r *»i«dfn ib«11 IL 1 '• known 
th«' I hrti] Lbj jrt<i|»tt bar*.' r..and graee in 

*W« . ..h .^ .-J^ ^# -n..^ -In -ir..-. PI...M i.M..I umltV 

i fit tt iHik m iL±.\. I i«D meet with 
i.Tri3ikli *rt t« Hparui.ld, I and 

peojil', TriJiii oJt lUa mupJi 
ttoei5,T»r^--— ■- 

I. L^iJikli WE- 1« Hpnriiiiid, I 


let spoke 
y eight, a 

18 And be said, I baseeeb thee, shew me 
»thy glory. 

10 And he said, 'I will make all ray good- 
ness pass before thee, and I will prodaim 
the name of tbe LORD before thee ; ■* and 
wiU be *graeioas to whom I will be gracious, 
and will sbsw mereyen wbem I will sbew 

id he said, Thon canst not see mi 


80 An< 

le my 
I, and 

n And tbe Lord said. lUkoii, Mere ts a 
place by me, and thou shalt stand npon a 

28 And It shall eome to pass, while my 
by, that I will put thee I'in 

glory pasaeth b; 
a dCeft of tbe i 

^ . and wai «eover thee 

with my hand while I pass by : 
2S And I will take away mine hand, and 
than shalt see my back parts ; but wy face 
shall 'not be seen. 

rjk« uMn - — .- -. ... 

fttalaimtd. 8 i/<M« intrwatitk C«{ (• m i 
tktm. 10 Cod matflk a ro«rti«ii( wtili tl 
r*t>falinff etrfoin <(««•» of f A* /rtt tMt. 

JTmm. aftwr Mna foriM da), '- "- 

cMtW* rfmm with Ik* iaklm. " 

AND tbe LORD said unto Moses, "Hew 
thee two tables of stone Uke nnto tbe 

rod^s covenant with brael. 

rne two uuites m * c« t n wv^ y . 



fe. .... L. '..,. :i.i<] (jwi[imuidf J LI lu , Lkb-.!. Ii-ok 
ill L^ t|jj.ii |.Lr iva tnLikv iif iiifiit. 
fi Ami Il1w lAhlC E> ifawcmiltr^l in (Ih f |i>4>4. 

anil pyHul «l4lii Ikira Ukerr, u J * piT^usud 

i And Llu) L«>]LB jjfUwi] >'J iHfy^ lindi 
tIBfl prmEalninl, T3i« IjJBlU^ TIjh Li>1LD 
/'+qj, aK^reLftal thri pri«Linui, luBEiiLlteirin |« 

• hd 4tmtidkta.l bn ^g^ixJD.<w- simI A^LIuth. 
1 'Kn>[i)bk{ WiTri' ftiT tliiHiiiinl*. i I iT.'ir- 

ia^ iTIIqullj' KSrd miLfRrhiUDO Lml ^ >. ^md 
Uei9,L *j|| Tjj na KHROiu fllirtr ^^ ■ .ji->f '; 
▼ LkUlnf thit inliqill^ ai IIh hthr.t-' iLti-Ki Hie 
elillitrt'D.uid up«iGi Ll»eM]i']i*ti'i«.<iJi'lr^>a, 
U'.<- iiiL tUinl i| I >i iLf f SbTi li ^rur- Lf ■««. 

- ^n^ iiftrt biiii* ^rt*^^^, PbA -'LawB^ Lla 
hi'-. I iiiA-HiT'il III' '■^TF'in and rjr^U[]]i«7iIc 

■ ■■' ' I ^ -"I;!., J r nofF J havir l1lllll^1 T-irine 
h ■' Ljjrdf'Jijt nij tiinli I |.- ly 

tl <i^; ill* "Lt tdftr^i:! TTh id 

in ^ An.] E.r i-iiiJ, Brh^Jil, "l P»nL. , ■ .19- 
njuit 1 t'rb\7it il\ ihy ^-^mAt I ilJ ' 'i" I'' ir- 
*»Jj, ia'<b B* I™,'.* fl^J^ ll*«" iofifl ii ■ i| -le 
tal'l b. bdr IM U X MiiqD ^ pn 1I aLI 1 h - . 1 ;.lo 
aaD«tf Hhi':4l Urfo aft pkail WE tL>. - ■ . at 
tbi Lflltci: fbrUij'iHTrlblaUjii.' ii n I 
wJtl do .LtL iW^. 

tl /H- eJl1# d*^ : bcbtiiil. " i 4ti** *it«i ti^rnfe 
«—■ Uif Aniu-ril*, mJ ll* r^Mimt-, MDd 
tl < El i^Hw. anol iNb ffTUrit»,»Brl ild Ui- 

I .' ' Ttkn hnJ^ ir» UfyMir. teit ilitra hji'ize 
a , .MM|.ria| whtli, lUit ioliBliJUIal* Elf It" ttnd 

ill [1.4. miiUt afl^K: 

lint. j» *\a3 'drrirvj tMlf BlSin. Irnenk 

tb^^Lr - - 

Ihr ibi iri-jirh, wbiMB'nmnWi *P Jfl^Wnui, U 

a -^ iii'^li^u nod. 

1" 'i.«t UxM ntaJtia a ^k**b»iii wUh lIm 
llii -I I Ituiti ijf lb" lil^lr B,a■^ Hir; / (?a » 
Hi i-nj iRrt- Tli*1r (tmI^. uhI A.i MarJIW 
nnit.i tiii-lt gMi. Md iJ^B ^BiJl Ihmii »jMI 
t!.iij *«[ of |jUnffrifi»5 

la .\l»i| ttflHU t^^i Iff i.tbf ir liliJltbttTP nKtO 
thj *nni, u)4i Uiakr tlMcbMn i#> a«Nining j 
arwr (t«ir |!^<^ >fi{l uvaJiv Uj m^ p* a 
wIwtIb< ni^T thr-lr ijmfe- 

It rTi«i itall mati [lirt nn imJlPH BtHLf , 

thvii bp^. PoTtin 4m7JI ibou itiBJt m U- 
lelri^nM brqul, o I ^uiikUulL .J Liliir«, In 
tli> tlriH mr (bf Tndnlli AhlbiL f^ 3a fUe 
■tuDflth Alikfa klimi Mffl^^t fluS (Vum Icrp*- 
1 1 *.4ll liut #p«»tli lb» niairti li wta" ; 

^-. -f-il- 

__ _ 1»JM, M.- "1^ 

WB. 28. IC.J.8.*. TkIII- I ft**. 7.3^ iltl*. |l t^- *. 
lA ii — ^v ig lAntil. ii ■■!. tiL »^. 19. 1 kl: fe tt. 

•D«ut. 7. «. 

k 12 2. 

Judf. 6. St. 

2 K.n. 18. 4. 

& 2». U. 

2 Chr. 31. 1. 

k 31. 3, 4. 

eh. 30.3.5. 

8ol*.0.n.*57.1ll Jf^VI.X ■ -n IS / 

2.17. J«r.:«. 0. a± h- lA , Jdita. al- 

and •vary IntUag aaioos tt^ 
«x or fiiMp. Mat {« *iMa«. 

20 But i'tbe fintllns of an aaa thoa abalt 
ndaam with a "lamb: and if ihoa redeen 
Aim not, then ihaU tboa break hia oeek. 
AU tha Hntborn of tb; lona tboa abalt n- 
dMm. And dam abaU appa^r bafore bm 

21 ^i's daya tbou ibalt work, bot 00 tbo 
•evantli day thoo abalt reat : io earing Mbm 
and in barTMt tbou abalt reat. 

22 'And tbou abaU obaerro tbe feaat of 
waaka, of tbe Iratfhiiu of wheat barraat. 
•ad tbe Cvast of iagaUwring at tbe t jaaTa 

fa ^ t Thriae in the year abaU aU your men 
children appear before the Lord QOd, tbe 

24 For I will *ea8t out the natleaa beiaea 
thee, and 'anUrge thy border*: Vneitber 
abaU any man deaire tby land, when tboa 
abalt go up to appear before the LosD tt^ 
God tbriee in tbe year. 

2> 'TlMu abalt not oifer the blood of ay 
aaerilea with leaven; "neither ataaU tbe 
aaorifloo of tbe feaat of tbe paaMTor be left 
onto tbe nomiag. 

20 *The ttrst of tbe flratCroiU of tby land 
tboa abalt bring onto tbe houae of thoLosn 
thy God. 'Tboa abalt not aeetbe a kid in 
kia naotber'a milk. 

27 ^ And tbo Lord aaid unto Mooaa, 
Wrlto tboa •ttbeao irords: for after tbe 
ttaor of tbeae worda I havo made a eova- 
nant wUh thee and with laracl. 

28 *And be waa there with the LO&D forty 
days and forty nights; be did neither oat 
bread, nor drink water. And /)» wrote 
upon t)ie tables the worda of the eOTenant, 
tlieu- " " '- 

of testimony in Moses' Land, when 1:0 eame 
down tnm the mount, that Moacs wist not 
that A the skin of his faee shone while he 
talked with h'.m. 

80 And when Aaron and all tbe obUdrmi 
of Israel aaw Moses, behold, the akin of bis 
ntee shone; and they were afMd to eaaM 
nigh him. . . 

il And Moses oaUed unto them ; and A«- 
ron and all tbe miers of the oongrecation 
retomed onto him: and Moaes taikeU with 

Si And afterward all the ohildren of Israel 
eame nigh: <and ho gave thorn in eommand- 
menl all that the LoRO had apoken with 
Un Ui a.i»]at f>1ii:i'. 

SS AtHl E Ut }ii'-*<^ r Itad dono speaking with 
tbenh. Jm I11L4L ^ n. (-.1. on his Ctee. 

34 Uui Inhfn M "91 went in before the 
Lo»4' lu^ i|w^lL TiV.i him, ho took the Tail 
off, uBUi W nui^^ .. It. And be came out, 
and ipili; iiut» L'- children of larael tAa< 
whi«l.i Lr *u c:ir|.i..itaded. 

35 Ami itit fll.ll.JMi of Israel saw the faoe 
of M ii-irp, tlj»i; H ..' ■ L in of Moses' ffcoo shone: 
ami H*t«t p«it lLp l aU upon his faee again, 
UUU La mjA m ,^ pjieak with him. 


Tht tMmlA. 4 r»./«. gi/U /or ikt 'aijrnmd*. 
»Th»rmJin-trftk>i-OfUtai>f.T 30 iksni. 
Nt amU Akotiai art tmttti io tk* «««*. 

AMD Mooes gathered aU the eoogreg»- 
tion of tha children of Israel together, 
and said unto them, "These ar« the worda 
which the LOKO balh eonmaadad, that ye 



Xflff worAcMKii rcosivc tftttH. 

<« m 
■>*. at. 31. 


•A. a. a.* 

t tMz dsya iImB ««frk ke^OM. ba» «■ tlw 
w i —t h day time ahaU b« to jM t« boiy 
daj, a nbliatb of rwt to tbe Loko: wL*- 
Merer doath «wk tbetela ahaU be firt to 

8 * Te aball ktndle no flte lhroa|boat yow 
babltatUma opoo the aabbatb dar. 

4 1 And Moaaa apake onto ail Uia aen- 
(lesathw of tbe dtUdreii eT laneJ, aayiag. 
dTtiia U tbe thine *i>le^ (*» Lord eon. 
■wndwl, iVi*Bi 

& Take ye Item amoBg tea aa eOartoffule 
thaLOKo: 'wboaoerer teofavilUnf bean, 
let Ma bring U, an elbrin( of the Loko ; 

and ailver, and braas, 
ndktae. a ~ 
fine linen, and 

8 And ktae, and fmrple, i 
Ine linen, and goata* Mr, 
7 And rains' aUna dyed red, and badgera' 

ind abiUte wood, 

I oU for the 1igfa^ /and apleea Ibr 

ng oU, and far the avcet InaeMe, 

9 And oayx atones, and ataase te be aet Car 
iie ephod, and for the b ro aelpl nt a. 

10 And ^'ereiy wiae hearted anenc yea 
ima eooM, and make all that tbe Lord 

11 A The tabemaele, bis tenf, and bia eor- 
ering, Us taebea. and bis boards, his bare, 
bla ntUara, and bia aoaceta ; 

IS iTbe ark, and tbe aUrea thereof, vUh 
the morey aeat and the vaU of the eeveriyg; 

IS TtoHaUe, and Us stares, aad aU Us 
reaasia. 'and tbe a h a* b re a d ; 

14 "The etadlestick also for the light, aad 
hisfamitore, aad Us lampa, whh the oU iar 

15 *Aad the Ineense aMar, and Ua atavee, 
* and the anointing oil, aad '■the aweet ta- 
eenae, aad the haaging fhr the door at the 
entering in of tbe tabemaele *, 

W «Tne altar of tonmt -"- 
brasen grate, bla atares, i 
the laver and Ua fiwt ; 

17 '-Tbe hangings of tbe eowt. Ua pilfava. 
aad their aoeEets, aad the banging for tbe 
dear of the oeart ; 

18 The pina af the tob <raaeia. aad the pfaa 
ef the eoort, and their eorda ; 

19 *The dethea of serviee, to de aerriee in 
the boir jU««t, tbe boly garmenta for Aaieo 

It, aad the garucate ef Ua aoaa, to 

in the prieat'a oBee. 

to t And an the eoagregatloa of the eUl- 
drea ef larael departed from thi 

tl Aad they eaaie. etery oae iwboae beatt 
sCfrrcd htm ap, aad erery oae whom Ua 
nirU amde willing, and they bteogbt tbe 
ColmN onrrtaa to ttoa work of the taher- 
I, aad fbr aU Us 

a Vi 

,T tl,'- h«)y 

bearted. OMiibrought 
nae 1 1 i , and rings, aad tab- 

Ms, _.„ .- -.^ -; _^jJ and erery man that 
offered, off»r»d n oSwiag ef gold aato the 

t» Aad •erery mka, with whom waa faaad 
hbf?, md r<^inplf , and aearlet, aad lae Ma* 
nn, kD4 <n^L4' fmir, and red sktaa of ranu, 
4b4 hnifiirri' i-hip^, hrooght Vum. 

W i:t rn i^T ibit did offer an u lfett ug of 
■ELt f r I ri j LntAit lirottght tbe Lord's oner- 
I ma ; nnil ^rnrj msa, with wbom was foond 

ilikElm w«Ml f(iF soy work of the aerrlee, 

bfClMfld it. 

*"■ AnA an Hie women that were "wiae 

k they had span, l»th «f 

bine, aad ef paspta, mmd of s o ari a t , aad e( 
M And aU tbe women whoee heaH atined 

ST And-* tbe raloM hroagbt oayx atenea, 
aad atoaea to be set, Car the epbedi aad for 

20 Tbe ofaUdren of Israel bteaght a 'wUI. 
lag olieriag nato the Lord, erery man aad 
woman, wbeee heart aukde them willing to 
being fee aU saaaaer ef week, wbieb the 
Lord had eeauaaaded to be naida by the 
band of M oaea. 

ao^ And Meaeaaaid nato the ebildren of 
Israel, See, "the Lord hath caUed by name 
Bessleel tbe aon of Uri, the son of Uar» of 
tho tribe efJadah: 

31 And be bath flUed Mm with the spirit 
of God. In wiadoaa. la aodeiatondiag, aad ia 
knowtodge, aad ia att amaaer of 


Aad to derlse earioas works, to work la 
geldi aad in sUrer, aad in braaa. 

38 And in the eaulngof atoaea, toaettAam, 
aad in earriagaf wood, to malm any maa. 
aer of eaanlag work. 

M And be hath pat ia Ua heart that he 
may teaeh. both be. aad »AhoUah. the aea 
ef Ahiaamaeh, of tbe tribe of Paa. 

3S Them hath he 'filled wkb wladem ef 
heart, to work all aiaaaer ef work, of the 
eagmrer, aad ef theeoaaiagworkmaa, aad 
of tbe embraUeret, in bhie, aad in potple. ia 
aearlet. and ia fine liasa, aad ef the wearer, 
evea ef them IhaS do any work, aad of those 
that derise eaaning work. 


Tkc •ftriu^ ant MiiwrW (o Ht wcr k wt M t, 5 Tk* 
liUrtlUp oftk* fofl* it Ttmrmittttl. B Tkt tmr. 
taint wtiK tktTMiim. U Tkt tur*ml%t tfytftUt' 
%mif. \9Th4mmnm»fMmt. » t*thmrJt 
•n(A (A«.r M«l«(». 31 TA« U». Situ mil. 
37 n« hmmfimf/or tkt dtor. 

THSai aroni^ Benleel sad Ahoilab. and 
erery " wise bearted msa, ia whom the 
Lord put wisdom and vaderataadiag to 
know how to work att mannei of enrk for 
the serrioe of the & aanetuaty, aeeotdlag to 
aU that the Lord bad eoonnaaded. 
fl And Maaea ealled Bexaleel aad AhoUab, 
aad erery wiae bearted naa, in wbooe heart 

1 bim up to ooom nato 

loe wors lo oo u : 

3 Aad they reeeired ef Moaea aU the o^ 
feriag, wUoh the eblMrea of brael rfbad 
btan^ far tbe work of the serriee of the 
sanetoary. to make it teittoL Aad they 
brongbt yet onto him free offerings eraey 


4 1 And aU tbe wiae men. that wroogbt aU 
the work ef the sanetoary. same erery maa 
(torn bis work wbieh thmr made ; 

6 Aad tbey spake nato Moaea, aaying, 'The 
people brtag mnehnaaae thaa eaoogh tor the 
aerriee of' tbe work, wbieh tbe Lord oob. 

And Moaes gare eommandment, and they 
oansed it to be proelaimed tbrougboot tba 
eamp, sayiag. Let neither man nor woman 
make any more work for the offering of the 
aanetoary. 80 the people '— " 

7 for tbe staff they bad waa anAeleat tor 
all the work to make it, and too naaeh. 

8 Y /Aad erery wiae lirarted saaa. ameag 

The ct$rtmH» vdth cherulrim. 

thoH that wna|hl the iMvk af tt« MibOTiM- 
da made ten enrUins «/ flne twtaad Umb, 
Mid blaa, mad porple, and aoariat: with 
oberobim of eanaing work nMle be tb«m. 
9 The length of one eurUin wot twentj 
mnd eight onbite, and the braadth of one 
ourUin four enbita : the ennaina te»re all 

10 And be oonpled the 1 
onto another: and the other trt eattaiBa 
he eoopled one onto another. 

11 And he made loopa of btaie on the edge 
of one enrtain from the telredge in the 
eoopUng: ttkawiae be made In the irtter- 
moat side of another eiDtain, in the eoop- 
ling of the seoond. 

18 'Flfhr loopa made be in one enrtate, 
and fifty tooiM made be in the edge of the 
eurt^n wbieh woe in the eonpUng of tlie 
■eoond : the loopa held one eurtmin to aa- 

IS And be made tUty imOtu of gold, and 
eoopled the eutains one tn>to another with 
the taobea : bo it beoame one tabemaole. 

14 f *Aad he made oortaina e/goata' hair 
for the tent orer tlie taliemaele : eleren enr- 
taina 1m made them. 

U The length of one curtain tanw thirty 
eubita, and four oublu waa the breadth of 
one enrtain: the eleren enrtaina were of 

10 And he eoapled Are enrtaina bjr them- 
aelraa, and aix curtains by themariTea. 

17 And he made fifty ioopa upon the utter- 
iBoat edge of ttie eurtain in the coupling, 
and fifty loopa made be upon the edge of ibe 
onnain wbioh oonpleth the aeoond. 

18 And he made fifty taebea of braaa to 
couple the tent together, that it might be 

10 I'And be made a eereting for the tent 
of mm* Bkint dyed red, and a eorering of 
badgers* akios above t/iai. 

ao t ''And he made boards for the taber- 
Bvrie o/sbittim wood, atonding up. 

21 Tiie length of a board tnia ten onbtta, 
and the breuth of a board one eabit and a 

2S One board had two tenona, eqnaUy die- 
taat one f^om another : thna did he make 
fbr an the boards of the tabemaole. 

23 And be made boards fbr the Ubemaele ; 
twenty boards tor the aoutb aide aouth ward ; 

24 And for y soekets of ailrer he made 
under the twenty boards ; two aoeketa un- 
der one board for bia two tenons, and two 
sockets under another board for bis two 

25 And for the other aide of the tabema- 
ole, which ia toward the north eomer, he 
made twenty Iwarda, 

20 And their tarty aoeketa of silver ; two 
aoeketa under one board, and two aoeketa 
under another board. 

2T And for the aides of the Ubemaele weat- 
ward he made six boarda. 

28 And two boards made be tot the oomcra 
of the tabemaole in the two aidea. 

20 And they ware t coupled beneath, and 
eoupled together at the Lead thereof; to one 
ring! thus be did U both of them in both 
the eornera. 

8U And there were eight boarda ; and their 
aoeketft were sixteen sOeketa of ailver, t un- 
der erery board two aoeketa. 

81 5 had he mode 'bars of ahittim wood ; 
five fi»r the beards of the one aide of the 

SS And fire bara for the boarda of the 

for the bowda ef the tabenaele to tto 

SS And ha made «be middle bar to ahoot 
through the boarda from the one end to ttae 

84 ^id he orarlald the boarda witik fold, 
and aaada their ringa of gold to U pkeea 
fbr the bare, asd oTedaid tU bara with 

85 t And he made "a Tail of blue, a 
»ia, and aeariet, and flne twined lint 

leheraUm made te it ofennning wort 

pmnla, and aeariet, and flne twined linen : 
teMeheraUm made te tt ofennning wo^ 
88 And he made tberannto four piUarea/ 

them fbnr aoeketa of 

e/«ld; andbeaaat f 
of afirer^ 

a •^haaging tot the trt>ar- 
nade door of blue, and pnrpla, and aeariel, 
and fine twtaed liBaa. t of needlewovk ; 
38 And the five piUara of it witfa their 
hooka ; and he oreriald their ehapitett and 
their fillata with geld: but Uwir fire aoeketa 


Thtof*. BTktmurcgtatwUIHluth^nAH^ 10 
TK* tMt «•<(& <U •«m(i. 17 Tkt tmUttmidc 
^fiik iu tmmat and itulrmmtnli. 2i 1%« mtlar 

le 'the ark •/ ahittim 
a and a half «mm the 
length of it, and a eabit and a half the 
breadth of tt, and a enUt and a half the 
height of it: 

a And he oreriald it with pure gold within 
and without, and made a etewn of gold to it 
round about. 

8 And he eaat far tt four ringa of gold, te 
be eet by the faur eoraera of it ; even twe 
rtega upon the one aide of it, and two riaga 

Tm the other aide of It. 
And he made aUToa of aUttim wood, and 
oreriald them with gold. 
6 And he put the ataTea into the ringa by 
the aides of the ark, to bear the ark. 
4 S And he made the tmer^ aeat of pure 
|old : two eubito and a half woe the length 
thereof , and one euUt and a half the breadth 

7 And he made two eheraUm of gold, 
beaten out of one piece made he them, on 
the two ends of the mercy aeat ; 

8 One cherub Hon the end on thia aide, 
and another eherab "on the other eni on 
that aide : out of ttie ueNnr aeat ande be 
the obarabim on the two enu thereof. 

9 And the ofaerabim apread out their winga 
on high, and eorwed with their winga over 
the merey aeat. with their Iheea one to an- 
otLer : even te the merey aeat-ward were 
the fheea of the oberabim. 

10 1 And he made «the table of ahittim 
wood : two enbita «M« the length thereof, 
and a oubit the breadth thereof; and a cubit 
and a hatf the height thereof: 

11 And he oreriald it witii pure gold, and 
made therenate a erewa of gold round 

12 Alao he made tbereoate a border of a 
handbreadth round about; and made a 
crown of gold for the border thereof round 

13 And bo eaat for it four ringa of gold, aad 
put the ringa upon the four eomera that 
were in the four feet thereof. 

1 1*. 

moUm tandlettick. 


I J^rKi IjF JOkAj} tbil 714*^3^ 

The Imer of brat 

M, te btw ) T Afi4 ]k. pot tb. 4»i ltal» tlw r#nii ML I t C. I4i 

I iLi» al.ha At ItM iJtajr^ mi ba*, h wiltalL; Ik 

tr^A^um^ii^tu.'^difmkck.f^«w^ ' Si^hiii ^'.rT'"' ;"'«»^"t, -Jii*?!! jf*«;«* 

to hap., «,4 !>!. fl^tiJ*, wrrfl Df li, ,W, Ktolb^rd lbi^^^?tSl X* 
pi rf It* TTU* «h«ft «-™nf. 4Bd ttfw^. I >,ra,fii .nrCjt, i,riiSTE ^&»EVuw 

It or tb* oUht plhbi^ uil tLk Ir (iilau NVfri •/ flLETirr 

IS^ rttrni bnwjf m, «„u«. 

l>*«ff r lAdl tl-jTft im^VM iti^tU iiim alimti' 

■ bnT bdvlfi 

.. J liaft|| trQdfflT t»a ln rfcjmh jj 

n p/ • total iif pcrrv mtil tOMidm 1)4 14. klad 
V T/Ab*1 Ik jmiIi 

Eicirth <l4i< filf Anitgin^ 

tlM ImkIa »f ktiB [itlLvH uJ tb«|rftli*ti ^ 
l:t Aod fcF th» WM& i\^. M*r« hBii[ln41 flr 
tM Lira f lirf 1x«1a i^r Ibc riilUfv kuJ £t(]T 

■jtllT nuki^Lf tbrn r 

I."! And fir t!if wlhar liiLi pf ItHli ™„ 

m EJiJf LachI aujI thrM thid, u.-*^ J^-J^jp 

^f iftwa Mjlriu i tliejr |x|li»rk liiw, tod 
LbfiLr tw-kttis llinw. 

m All eiw ].Mi|tiici "f Uw T 

n^agi ipnri ty^ Usui itrtuM Uurb. 

_W Ami the lotlhiEf ftir Ihr NtHixt trtrv njT 

!ST!r iT^ L ?*';'"="• *■* ^' "»"* ■■ "^1^1*- oli*p5[*rii fl/ M^w : AD.l iU tb» ntlbmi of 
tiqunj 4.B[1 iwg, riibiii ir4« tlw l|*lcbbiir -- ^ - - 

tn %»A he 01|Bjy4 ll *llj4 paT« pitJ, Ag j^ 
CbB top rV II. U)4| eW «IJ« E^^riTljr ^twiul 

tJ^t, wbL UiB hcFfi^i !ir It : Mi*9 Ik Duiiji 
OBU bE b ETfl-wii .pf najdi nHii>d Al«K4|. 
£7 And iM PHi^lr \.w* ruft 4if plOi] b» U 

V J*. Bipiq LL* ing ,Ukii Ujflftuf, tft Im 
P*fc"P tor lb* »t»»« lu bMr it wttinl, 
tt JUd IW tlAdll Uki <UiA» of riJrttni. 

4iJ Ip «4ta Vim holT tAoiiM 

rd. £7. IL 

» JaJ Ip M4ta Vim hod; tAoiiiibvE flU. 

AMiJ 'h* >tuJ« tl,* Ajiu 4jf hint i«i»r- 
»J|* l**CUi ilt»T*ut. m4 fiffl «iLj|M lU 

i A*i< }a nkik UuB LtfTii thfr«,r en tE» 
1^ «Briiif» af IE ; tl.f t>*fni IbfTKHf wafff 
■ri^ auM J U4l I* »TirrU]il u HUi Ltaii. 

i| AdJ hvmvHt AU til* TMttbdf ibn »b»», 

^^,P^ »*l,tJ'» *li.j«J^ ftud Lbe btijii. 
W tbfl flMbbiwk*, hti*J EJ)« flrfljMM.; All 

IABdb» mfcilA^irarf^tcif »liPM*Bipt»t» 
^flW^yri^ |]4fd»t a* «.mpa*j U^tnaf. 

lviH«lll>MtolbKM4riurU, ' 

J AM U ^tw. ^u rlnc. fur iJm &,« Hidi 
if H» into tl |ff*i«, Cfr l,c iiHssr,, n„ tb* , 

laAad tilt ^EAdtiF fbw tTi* tilt 1]^ Ibi 
itoijrt VM* UcmiLnwftrk, n;' l]q», nnj pitttitB. 
bbi] J«r-I,f[, iiniJ fluF l-m'iaitA Uhb^i ■ ioil 
t*eEilj eolitu lin« tb* hniaib, A«d Ell> 
lif'I'vU ta II4 bTrtekb topi' QtH tfulrJLk, I 

iEJ AoJ EJiBlr pPlw trerl^r, ui4 iluJt ' 
■rKk«Ei n/ br^in lanvt; ibiir burrlti ,^ (0»*r, 
bid IbB 4*»r|^LEi|c i^r U»iT 9l]A|ili«rt umI 

mJiiUbr mure ^oitDr] Bbmit, -NVi-pi rf IrmiA, 
m T ^Ui (i ttin ffliB cr El» iib^raB^l?, 
ir-*Hl uf 'tm m**FBAi!ll« at tMUnnnj, A4 ' 
nfti KUdbEed, AeflnrdJne I* tli* vt-rmmm^ 

' ill*, / fay Lh4t bvtd cr I'LikUd^r rm ta 
£:: And i-JiiiAj-Etl tlw Mq ^^/ LYIh ih« loa 

uf H.:i, bt Wt. Uibo i.r Juilnbl, tDAile All (IdA 
lip U>HD njpimi^DilF'i MoB^t, 

Its AhA wkli Wui iftij A^i^i,, pm rt/AU.. 
ftin«tii, 4jr Uir trilm uF tHr, flu flncTATBF, 
UdO. n, ii;[)ii,lLi|( *iiTtin|ia, bud nn rqilmU- 
ettt iB liljM, tail Ja paTpl*- *Jlil ta leAflft, 

uil nuvijnkiir 

^ m tbn jiuld t^Rt *„ uerqpUd Air ttp 
wwrk t[] Air Ib,.^ PR.rb -trtJin bolj pr™f, (^Tn, 
LJifl flit ..if Elw nifhilas, -mtM 1*rnlTB9iJ nltW 
tAlf hE^, utL MiT pn JntpidTiHl lyid IMnj ph»l- 
fll^ P.r(«r .''l|(it Kbj<Azl uf lix luetuij. 

it! And Ehn i4|T«r Jr LbkD tbU HEM blln^ 

li«r«d uf tliB fiinfrKKitiM fru « fauUbpd 

laJn-ntp. Ulii A tbHIi^qaij tnt« bEUuIiwd uJ 

UuEppMP^ mA lUlw ibblp, jiJW» tha 

ifavkfi iiru^d )ll^Dl1•Al7' 
ag - ■ - ' - 

TjSi- ^^- .^. ■ .. * .. . .1 aO ' A NJlJii fpr ^ pr^ aaan <A*rf M. bAir 

11. li * LT 

X ". h IM ;; 
Atl-7 Ji. 

ff7 ;l. f. 

he clothes of service. 


hoadted thonMod 

Are bondnd snd if^ men. 

87 And of tLo hundred talanU of illrer 
were eMt ' tb« sockets of the sanetoAry, and 
tiie BookeU of the vaSl ; a hundred Dockets 
of the bondred talents, a talent for a socket. 

28 And of the tbotuand seren hundred 

serentj and fire thtkelB be made books for 

tfce pill 

and filleted them. 

and orerlald their chapiters. 

29 And the brass of the offering WM sev- 
enty talents, and two thousand and foor 
hundred shekels. 

30 And theroTTith be made the sooketa to 
the door of the tabemaele of the congrega- 
tion, and the braaen altar, and the brasen 
grate for it, and all the Teasels of the altar, 

31 And tlM soekets of the oourt round 
about, and the sookeU of the court gate, 
and all the pins of the tabemaole, and all 
tbo pins of the oourt round about. 


Tin tUtkm t>f$»rvitm mnd kolj/aarmmU. 9 fU 
tfkai, 8 f%* irtatitilatt. 22 7A< roi« of tht 
tpkoj, 27 Tke mail. «i(r«. and ginUt afjuu 
n—». 30 Tki platt 0/ t/u hot, enHm. 32 Alt 
UjinUKid and appnooi ly Mom,. 

AND of " the blue, and purple, and soar- 
. let, tbey made (clothes of service, to 
do serrioe in the holy place, and made the 
holy garments for Aaion; *as the Loss 
oommanded Moses. 

S aiAnd he made the ephod o/gold, blue, 
and purple, and soarlet, and flue tirined 

» And they did beat the gold into thin 
plates, and cut it into wires, to work it in 
the blue, and in the purple, and in the sear- 
let, and in the fine Unen, with cunning work. 

4 Tbe^ made sboolderplcoes for it, to 
couple it together : by the two edges was 
it coupled together. 

fi And the curious girdle of his ephod, that 
woe upon it, waa of the same, according to 
the work thereof; o/gold. blue, and purple, 
and scarlet, and fine twined linen ; as the 
LoBo commanded Moses. 

'And they wrou^t onyx stones indoeed 
in ouches of gold, graven, as signets are 
gVaven, wittt ue names of the children of 

7 And he put them on the shoolders of the 
ephod, that they ehould be stones for a 
/ memorial to the children of Israel ; as the 
LOBD oommanded Moses. 

8 f ' And he made the breastplate of cun- 
ning work, like the work of the ephod; of 
gold, blue, and purple, and scsnet, and 
fine twined linen. 

e It was foursquare ; they made the breast- 
plate donUe : a span teae the length there- 
of, and a span toe breadth thereof, being 

10 * And they set In it four rows of stones : 
theflret row woe a I'sardius, a topas, and 
a carbuncle : this woe the first row. 

11 And the second row, an emerald, a isp- 
phire, and a dfaimond. 

12 And the third row, a lignre, am ngate, 
and an amethjst. 

18 And (be fourth row, a beryl, an onvx, 
-■ • - '-nper : they were inclosed in on«hea 

gold f J 

And tba stones were aeoordtng to the 
names of the children of Israel, twelve, 
aooordlng to tbeir names, Wte Ibe engrav- 
ings of a signet, every one with Us name, 
aeoording to the twelve tribes. 

15 And thsy mad* noon the brs—tplate 
chains at the ends, of wreathen emk ef 
pure gold. 

IS And tbqy made two onebee of geld, and 
two gold rings, and put the two rings in the 
two ends of the breaalplate. 

17 And they put the two wreathen chains 
of gold in the two rings on the ends of the 

And the two ends of the two wrea th eo 
chains they Ctstened in the two ouches, and 
put them on the aboalderpieoes «^the ephed, 
Defbre It. 

19 And they made two rhags of gold, and 
put them on the two ends of the breastplate, 
upon the border of it, which unm on the side 
oc the enhod inward. 

30 And they made two other golden tings^ 
and put ttiem on the two sides of the ephod 

underneath, toward the forepart ef It, over 
against the other ooqiUng thereof^ above 
the carious girdle of the ephod. 

21 And they did bind the breastolate fav 
bis rings unto the rings of the ephod wiui 
a lace of blue, that it might be above the 
enrious girdle of the ephod, and that the 
breastplate micht not be loosed fh>m the 
ephod : as the Lord oommanded Mosea. 

22 f »And he made the robe of the ephod 
o/ woven work, all of blue. 

£3 And there woe a bole ia the mldatet 
the robe, as the bole of an habergeon, tettJb 
a band round about the hole, that it should 
not rend. 

24 And they made upon the hems of the 
robe pomegranates aif blue, and purple, and 
scarlet, and twined Ztnen. 

25 And they made ibells of pure gold, and 
put the bells between the pomepanates 
upon the hem of the robe, round anoot be> 

pomegranate, round about the hem of the 
robe to minister tn; as the Lord com- 
manded Mcees. 

27 /And they made coats of fine linen 
of woven work for Aaron, and tot his 

28 "And a mitre o/flne linen, and goodly 
bonnets of fine linen, and "linen breeehes 
of fine twined linen, 

2d "And a girdle of fine twined Unen, and 
blue, and purple, and scarlet, of needle- 
work; M tbe Lord oommanded Moees. 

30 T 'And they made the plate of the hoty 
crown of pan gold, and wrote upon it a 
writinc, liie to the engravings of a signet, 

31 And they tied unto it a lace of bine, to 
fiuten tt on high upon the mitre; as the 
LORD commanded Mooes. 

S2 Thus was aU the work of the tabemaele 
of the tent of the eongregation finished: and 
the children of Israel ud 'aooordlng to all 
that the LORD oommanded Moses, so did 

33 ^ And they brooKht the Ubemaele onto 
Moses, the tent, and all his fhmiture, his 
taebes, his boards, his bars, and bis pillars, 
and his sockets ; 

84 And the covering of rams' skins dyed 
red, and the oovering of badgers' skins, 
and the vail of the covering ; 

36 The ark of the testimony, and the staves 

thereof, »»*n wUh the lamps to be set I 


' TU ttbermaele to be set up. 

The glory of the Lord. 


•« * 

y^m. 17. * 


ordv. Mid aU tiM twmIs IIm 

38 Aad tb« BoMm allar, Md 
•U. mm! ttb« Bweet lawnM, and Um hmnging 
for the t»bern«de door ; 

'J9 The brasoB altar, and hia grate of brass* 
kis stares, and all bis ressels, the larer 
and his feet; 

40 The hangings of the ooort, hiM piBars, 
and his sockets, and the hanging for the 
eonrt gate, bis eords, and his pins, and all 
the t es aels of the serriee of tfaetabemaolet 
for the tent of the eongregation ; 

41 The elothes of serriee to do serriee in 
ttie holy pUue, and the holy garments for 
Aaron the priest, and his sons' garments, 
to minister in (he priest's office. 

4f Aeeordlag to all that the LOKn eom- 
mandcd Moee», so the ddldren of Isratf 
'madoaHthe worlt. 

4« And Moses did look upon all the work, 
•od, behold, they bad done it as the Lord 

' " - • ^^^jj jjj |j^ y^ ^^^ Uj 

AKDOm Lomo spake onto Moses, sa;- 

S Ob^ f rst day of the "first month shaU 
thoa set np *the tabernacle of the tent of 

8 And 'thoa shaft pot therein ttte ark of 
the teotinMOT, and oarer the ark with the 

4 And 'thoo Shalt bring in the table, and 
'set in order tttw things that are to be set 
in order upon it ; /and thoa shalt bring in 
theewdlestlek, and Hght the lamps thereof. 

6 'And thoa shalt set the altar of gold for 
the Ineente before the ark of thetestimonj, 
and mt tho hanging of the door to the tab* 

And thoa shaH set the altar of the baret 
offETing befbre the door of Ihe tabernacle of 

the tent of the eongregation and the altar, 
and shalt pot water therein. 

8 And thoa shalt set np the eooit rooad 
abont, and hang op the hanging at tb» 

And thoo shalt take the anointing oQ, 
and <aaolBt the tabernacle, and aU that U 
therein, and shalt hallow it, and all the rea- 
s«ls thereof; and it shall be holy. 

10 And then shalt anoint the altar of the 
bamt oflfering, and all his Tessels, and 
■aactUy the altar: and Ht sbaU be an 
ahar tmost holy. 

11 And thoa shalt anoint the larer and 

U 'And thoa shalt bring Aaron and h|s 
sons onto the doer of the tabernacle of the 
eongregation, and wash them with water. 
IS And thoa shalt pot upon Aaron the holy 
nd anoint Dim, and sanctify 
may minister onto me in the 

14 And thon shah bring his sons, and 
sfatbeMwm with mats: 

15 And thou Shalt anolnk them, as thoo 
Adal aoalBt their fhther, that they may 

minister onto me la the priast's oOoe : fbr 
their aaotattag shall sorely he " an everlast- 
ing Mtoalhoedthrooiihoat their geoeratfeas. 

16 Thus did Moees ; according to all that 
the Lord oonunaaded him, so did he. 

17 t And It came to pass in Ihe first month 
in the second year, on the first day of the 
month, that the « tabernade was reared op. 

18 And Moses reared op the Ubemacte, 
and fastened his sockets, and set up the 
boards thereof, and pot in the bars thsreof, 
and reared op his pilars. 

19 And he spread abroad the tent orer the 
tabemade, and pat the oerering of the tent 
abore upon It; as the Lord eoomaaded 

90 And be took and pot 'the testimony 
into the ark, and set the staves on the ark, 
and pat the mercy seat aboTo opoo the 

21 Andbebroo^ the ark into the taher- 
nade, and « set up the Tail of the eoTeting, 
and corered the ark of the testteoay ; as 
the Lord eoesmaaded Moses. 

S2 >-And he pot the table In the tent of the 
congregatioo, opoo the side of the taber- 
nacle northward, without the Tail. 

SS *And he set the bread in order npon it 
befttre the Lord ; as the Lord had oom* 
manded Moses. 

t4 (And he pat the candlestick in the tent 
of the congreg a tion, orer against the table, 
on the side of the tabernacle southward. 

25 And*be Ughted the lamps before the 
Lord ; aa the Lord commanded Moses. 

26 'And he pot the golden altar in the tent 
of the eongregation before the vail : 

27*And he onmt sweet ineense thereon; 
as the Lord eommanded Moses. 

28 " And he set op the hanging at tho door 
of the tabernacle. 

20 i And he pat the altar of bomt oftring 
by the door of the Ubemaele of the tent of 
the oonnMatlon, and < offered upon it the 
bamt omirmg and the meat oibring ; aa the 
Lord eoomianded Hoees. 

30 f rfAnd he set the larer between the 
tent of the congregation and the altar, and 
put water there, to wash wttkal. 

31 And Moses and Aaron and his sons 
washed their hands and their feet thereat : 

32 When they went into the tent of the 
eongregation, and when they came near an> 
to the altar, they washed; *aa the Lord 
oommnnded Moees. 

83 /And he reared op the ooort roond 
about the Ubemaele and the altar, and set 
np the hanging of the ooort gate. SoMeses 
finished the work. 

84 f yThen a ckmd corered the tent of the 
eongref^tion, and the glory of the Lord 
filled the Ubemaele. 

85 And Mosps *was not able to enter into 
the tent of the eongregation, because the 
elood abode thereon, and the glory of the 
Lord filled the taberaacle. 

8S « And when the olond was taken npfhmi 
over the taberaacle. the children of Israel 
t went onward in all their Joorneys : 

37 Bnt t if the oload were not taken op. 
then they Jonraeyod not till the day that it 
was taken up. 

38 For 'the elood of the LORO wtu npon 
jhe Ubemaele by day, and fire was on it by 
night. In the si^t of all the house of Is- 
rael, throughout all their Journeys. 

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Ih^mk il/tip/i-l,.. 

uuhB tLc duiJjKii lit TfT>Fln ind 
■ ■■ '^ ■■ L ' ■HCi. Tc p]*" lilEnj ji-.iw 

>' liiinil iilTnriiijj; Hml '%f 'IljI^ bo 
for Um ^ hf nuiiiif *44)i 

I I tlill ^l-lHJfi^ 

ilh- una* uf AU4tt lliO [irbo*^ -I'kll 
'i|j:i1i (tiri 4llKrF APiJ Naf till! i^MDd 
lijio^ lli«' Sri : 

l;r 1»rl«tt4i .^knm'i ^smi, lliahL LtJ 
I.. Oir trniJ. auj ilkd ru, Hb Mirier 
' o'jiid i|ia[ ^1 uA cIm) Ur« vlii^k i» 
■ aitU! 

I. Li iuirtfili kAd lijl l«p iboJJ be 
Trr»[ii*' mJ ittH liTjMt aliaJL hum 
' I.-.' J^i4,-r, fn Ae a tiioraL flaarliiir^, ta 
I ; -iiiikn bj Am, nf a "ftp^art Kk'-9X 

■ u I 1 Lr. ilieri] , uf uf tbf foftli- l :' » 

rv-rftl«e; b*. lltk]] brtai Eb a v.',^ 

^ ,.j '.,^j.ti^j Idllit Dutbtt libilr iiF Lbe;li*aTJ Iwbrn lb Lr>hL' .- Vi>*\ ibe 

- ihrl il-ftO! ap™ tlifl altar. 
.1- I iiv Ab||J3 milt Lt \ai.\i Lii lUrftT. «ith 
' ^'i iLQil bLi fhl : BJld I h«i prli'^L f i| ill 
..■in iTi urfrf (ra. llM a^Kxl 1*i4 u -a tbe 

:'i: 1-4 ikk|b vajih 1I14 havanli aoii lb* 
f M. viatrr: aatl Lb« iti^nt aliaJj 1 nng 
. Li A hjTti IE uEtim 41^ alMt- iT '.*a 
. ..aiTincr, anudTfriact nk4«^7tlrH. oT 

; .iLnar udE4] tlir LijImk 

^n-l if UiF L«m( curLtei fwliN .rf- 
.r I . 1 1 ii< \jiit\.u tt \mI WU* itiEU iiF J 1^ 

l.i« i}l[j!TkBi 1^ f UiTtJdili^Tiif, ur of 
y f.i.'i-inij. 

\,-\ vl\ii pTlr»i ftUil bring LL ddIu Um 
. -.ii.i 'wUnt tffi ItU Luldf blirl liur[> « 
.■ :.;iar i nail i.hf IfbM^J HjM*»-f ataU b« 

= .Li uE ttri< iiil» ef tlM< altar l 
.1.1 l..-j.b4JJ [iSari KWijlllii tru[. P ,Ul 
|..'t-!iJ-r4, and nut U f 1k:iLilE lU- i^HUr 
.' "I't pail, b^ tba pltsu uiU-*- >i'i.- . 
Vi:.; ;..' iliall eluTi (t T> ' p 

■■'■. 'm-( SriaPL ti»t 41*. I- r: 


flU ■■«•( «f«mif pfMur wkk aU mtd imtmm, 4 

baktn in llu o«wii, o or •» a flmU, 7 or t» •/*•> 

MVpan. 12 n« oMaljoM nTAi/irttfruiU. U 

f%« (Ob 0/ (A* iiH(tf o/n^iy. 

AND when any will olbr 'a mMi «ft»> 
. ing onto th« LOKO, hli offtriag abaU 
be «/ An« floor ; and h* ahall poor oU npoa 
it, and pat tomkisMiiaa UMrwo. 
8 And ha thaU bring it to Aanm'a aoaa 

flow tharaoC and of the oU 
tberMt; with all Um fraaJcinoniaa ttaacaaf; 
and tbe nriMt sliaU bunt *tba moDWiial of 
it upon the altar, Co 6« an obrinK wado by 
fire, of a vweet aaTenr nalo tbe LomD : 

8 And <the remnant of tbo aawt oOWm 
•AoU 6e Aann'a and Ua aona': rf<t <« a 
tUng moot hofy ef tbe oAriBfi of tU I.OBD 
made bjr Ore. 

4 And If the* teiac an oblation of aneat 
offering baken in the oren, U alkM 6e na- 

oll, ot unleaveiied wafen 'anointed with 

6 And if tbj oblation (• a meat oAriag 
baken u io a pan, it ihall be #/ flae floor 
nnleaTened, mingled with oil. 

6 Thou ahalt nart it in pieeee, and pow 
oil thereon : it u a meat omring. 

7 And if tlnr oblation be a meat oflaciac 
baken in the ftyiagpaa, it ahall be made ef 

and when it i* preienti 
he ihall bring it ante tbe altar. 
And the prieat ahall take tKm. the meat 
oflering /a memorial thereof, and ehall 
bom it upon the altar : <( m an ' o&ring 
made liy Ire, of a aweet aarour onto the 

10 And Atbat whioh U left of the meat of- 
fering ehall be Aaron'* and hla aeas' : it i$ 
a thing moat holy of the oArlnga of the 
Lord made by fire. 

11 No meat offering, wUeh ye iball bring 
wnio the Lord, ehaU be made with • leaTen : 
for ye ehall bwn no leaTen, nor any honey, 
in any ofiiering of the Lord made ij fire. 

li T J^Aa for the oblation of tbe flntftfuita, 
ye ehall offer them onto the LOROt b«t 
they ahall not tbe burnt on tbe ahar for a 
■weet aaroor. 

13 And every oblation of thy meat otbriag 
<ahaU thou aeaaon with ealt ; neither ahatt 
thou Buffsr "the aalt of the eorenant of thy 
God to be laoking from thy meat offering : 
"with all thine offeringi thou ahalt oAr 

14 And if thou offer a meat offering of thy 
flratfhiita unto the Lord, "thou ahalt offer 
Cor the neat^ffSaring of tb!y flratf^iu green 
eara of eora dried by the fire, etwn eon 
beaten out of ' ftiU eara. 

15 And *thou ahalt pat oil upon it, and 
laj ftmnfcineenae thereon: it {« a meat 

•«k. e. 14. ft 


xr«u 10.4. 

IS. ft »4. 7. 
I>.6B. 3^ 
• ek.7.B.*10. 
It. 19. 

I«1m1S. 1. 
lOor.ff. & 
tBx. flt.28. 
•I1.S.IQ. U. 



Thg rin tiiff^yi^ft*^ 



» ck». :. 1 




■wtel of it, jMr( of Um bMlm wn tiMn- 
«C aad port oC Um flU UMtw^ vilii «U tto 

fey fin onto Um I<osi>. 


Ain> if hla obUtlon &• » 'uoUm of 
pMM oOnriac. if he oOw « «f the 
herd, whether i< M a male or female, he 
■iMril «Ar It *«ithoirt blomteh befhn the 

S And 'be than U» Ua hand apon the 
lM*d of Ua oflering, and kiU it «< the doer 
af the tsbemaele of the eoBnecatioii : aad 
Aantt'a aoaa the prieata ahiSl ^teUo tto 
Meed •aoa the altar roimd about. 

5 And be afaaU eOer of the laerlflee of ihe 
pmem elMiif an olbrinK made bj tn onto 
the 1.0RD ; 'the ufiit that eovereth the !■• 
waede. aad aH the bt that <• opoa the IM- 

4 And the two kldBeya. and the M that <• 
M *eH, trhleh <a by the flaadu. and the 
*eaal abore the Uver, with the kidiieye. tt 
•haa be take aiway. 

6 Aad Aaroa'a aeaa *ahaU ban it oa the 
altar upon the bvnt l a eiM oe, wfaieh <a ap> 
oa the wood that <« on the Ave ! tti•aB0^ 
Mac ■*<« by toe, of a aweot aairoar nato 
the Lord. 

• 1 And If Ua oCeriac ft>r a saerlfloe of 
peace oOMnc nnta the Lord 6e of the iloek, 
/he ehaUeaBr it wltboat 


8 Aad he ihaU laj hia hand apoo the head 
of hi* oSerlac, aad kiU U before ib» Ub- 
eroaele of the eeagregatioa : aad Aarea's 
■one •haUapriakle the Uoed thereof nmad 
attoat Qpon the altar. 

• Aad ha abaD otEn of the Merilioe of the 
pea«e oChrinf aa oObriag BMtde bj Ire ante 
tbo LQRD s the fbt thereof, and the whole 
ramp, it Bbalt ho take off hard bjr the baek- 
baae; and the fitt that eorereth the in- 
ward*, aad aH the ftt that <a apon the ia- 

10 Aad the two kMneyi, and the Iht tha* 
ia apon them, wltieh i» bj the iianka, and 
Um eaal abore the Uvar, wUh the kldne]ni. 
It ehall he take away. 

U Aad ■ .r. ft ahall bom it upon the 
food of the oabriag made 


f A vr oCniDK i^ a goat, then 

AbethaJ: jVi : l before the Lord. 

IS An<^ J. I %a lay hU band npoa the 
Imador 1^*1.^ IcUl it before the Uberaaele 
af iti* nificrrf»t5L«a r ui4 the Nna of Aaroa 
•laJl ' prill klc iIh bJD<4 thereof apon the 

14 All I i.n. m^^^i^ 4lf(r khereof his oOeriag, 
«a#4 nn nifi'rini:' Enuln by Are unto the 
Lo*1' : i:!.^' I '91 Miiir Ei^Tereth the inward*, 
aad eJi rli^ fv iii4i it ajMMi the tnwarda, 

U .VriiL ir,- r- , kl-tiirya. aad the <ht that 
U iit'.'i •.' o I. "Unu ^ by the flank*, aad 
th« "-^^il n.1 iiTF -t^ lirvr, ultb the kidney*, 
itttmll frt- lihii It pay. 

1« Ami 111- ^rlnL thM b«m them apon 
the b^LiT : I .- 1« Uu Id^ ef the oObring made 
by Firr r>iT a mmtxi »TMr: tall the <ht i* 
the EJiuu'H 

17 It .^Hii U • iprrpetual atatate fiir 
vodf tfiL-rn^ ■ ' ■ " ^ " 

iacii, thkt yp 

fib ^r^^ /^ f** ♦!'* /if If^ M I M Wr i 

t. ■:; — /f* d^f nr i^. jM-pJ^ 

An l> tl4 Lord *^alLi nuio Ibaci, «y- 

laKp ^If * H^ ■t'l^ '»^ khTwuii li^4i!Fuee 
a«al«H iiy of t!» rjiiii!iu4>unti ,j( Ihe 
Lo^b l eaearM^ c^lmj^f *bieL uti^t.t not 
...J of 

etirdkng t<^ ib« aIb mI Iha ^oup lii divfl let 
Un bjim far M* fin, wUdk he bath itaaed, 
•a jitaBK Imlixk wj^iwof maoiliii mitu the 
Vcmtt tef h tin «ATiiif J 

4 AniJ bf il'^l \mi\t H^ lHj]]L>«k ^i'ant-r the 
dour »f llw tahmmetB uf tlia mhCrH^ian 
bectn tbt liURD H ud 'ItaJi ti^r In- Jiaad 
npoa the iMdw-h'* b^^r >ad klUO-w buj^itek 

{i An J di«< iirlni: lUkt Hi aadlBird 'ihal 
taljr nC Hbtf IwUw^'f hlfiAd^ uil btih/^ Ik to 
thd Hbtnii^B nf ■>!# BusftT^alLtiB ; 

e An4 tl^i^ prleiL afjaU dip lili Bbi^r IH the 
bkiii;4l, uiJ inrluklE vl tlir Qloud i«rt4 UBMa 

N^iv thn LiiniN beruca tba T»ti nf ihe 

7 And idu jirhwL kfakiL i vut auMr qf the 
" ' " ' of Utn milMx ff tmtai 

'lildb 1* H< Ihe 
irn-tBt^ijiti : Mid rtliall 

*r tfi» I 

talirrDU'.tE inf tLc 

t^m itf Cli« aJiW HiF tbe bsTn* uA-rtac, 
i«Mi -It mt ibc iJoor if tliA Ifth-Tnacii) cl Ibo 

(< iniil I- 4 ibBll takii dS rbxit kE ill ilia tU 

of Uitf InJIuch. iyjF llw Um tlSufint 'r il4 &t 
tbai inoEvtvtb Ihr bnaul*, uhI aU lb<i (U 
ikM v4 ij|^ci tl"^ In^ariaii 
(I MjsLikji iw^ ki-iuiej*, vaA th*iMi thali* 
BlXja LtxrB. wtiLpii l« bj Ihl ^Upllk:>r «b4 Ihe 
1 at^iT .thr ]i>BT, whki the kLilii«<je. tt 

oT ilir 


„ JO. tbp iKiilMk 

r uf iNFUK vil»?tvi3i : bb! the 
irti Ifartit itiwri th» aitaf ■. r the 

11 lAimI (b' ikiii of tti* biiil*4lt, a&iJ ^d hi* 
flnl>, vlih tiii L*ait, bl]>l »)e]l Itu l■^c;■•, and 
Ml tqaitnlin U'l til* i^tni, 

ia Erra 1h« ^li^M hiilLiick <tid] 1» UJrry 

forlli ' rHUMt " ~ 

twhem iLfl 
UmitiB Urf 
ai¥ vuiire^E mt tldJJ Lff l>r lAmt-- 

Mi iMid "Lr iLr ifrliuln i;>ri]i|;?vieaLl«i of 
ItriL'l .in llirnust^ [^urUiM<. " aiu} ^ [Jijac 
br liiLrl Ftthb eL* e}to Hil til* Aw^ntl)^ , and 
tbry 1^1 p iJ^ia^ f6f**^i*^^. njiaiMMt anj of 
the ■«iiBi»ata<liiMN 'f E.irii Lord »orn-n* 
4»<jf en.<uj» whkh plwulil mM tv duud, lad 

1t>rbKii'uH tin. «lilthi tht; ba*(! liqaad 

aj^nvt It, im knan, iTt^O i^ wofnrielloa 

elull sd^ra^ant btitl-dlt hr eIm ilu^and 

fli LhrUOB- 


U/kvi Ihr «UaU «r Hut ^WP^gkEjoa 

•ikaR i^jr ibelr liaadi ui|>*n tli^ kaul iif the 

bUiUDck bahH a,F EiDKUs >ui<l Ilia I'uUiMk 

■hallta btlaa li*for« iha Lokcv. 
U cAaiJ th* ptinl 4bat It aaotaiM «taaU 
br^Bf fit ih& iHMhA'* IJaod tu iha tebet> 

nadi ■ '■-- 

The sin of ignorance. 


The ireapast tearing. 


Ram. 0. U. 
Heb. 2.17.4 
10. IC. 11. 13. 
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oh. 1. 9. 

18 And be aUU p«»«MM or the bk>od apon 
Um bonw of Um altar wbioh U bolon tbo 
Lord, that ittatba tabemael« ot the oon- 
gngatioD, and ahaU poor oat al) th« blood 
a( tb« bottom of tbe altar of tbo bwat oiStr> 
lag, whloh is at the door of the tabovnade of 
tbe oooKTOKatloa* 

19 And be ahaU take aU bia Cat &om bim, 
and bum it upon the altar. 

au And he abaU do with tbe boUoek as be 
did « with the bollook Cer a ain ofbring, ao 
and the prioat aball 

11 be do with thia : 

be forgiven them. 

21 And he aball earnr fbrtb the bolloek 
witbont tbe eamp, and bom biaa aa he bom. 
ed the fir«t bollock : it ta a ain oibring figr 
the oonnegation. 

88 f When a ruler hath aianed, and *doiM 
»om»wktU through igaaranee agmiitH any 
of tba eommandmenU of tbe Loso bU Qod 
coneeming thinga wkieb abould not be 
done, and la goiltjr ; 

£i Or «U bia ain. wberotn b» bath ainaod, 
oome to hia knowledge ; he ahaU bring bia 
-'-'- - a kid of tho goata, a male witbont 

n the 

bring. I 

£4 And "be ahaU li 

bead of the goat, and kill it in the plaoe 
where they kill the burnt oObring before the 
LoKD : it M a ain offering. 

25 'And the prieat sbaU take of tbe bkiod 

of the ain off " 

it upon the b 

lag. and aball pour out h.- 

bottom ot the altar of burnt offering. 

26 And bo abaU bum aU hid fat npon tbe 
ahar, aa Vthe fot of the aaeriflca of peaoe 
ofleringa: 'and tb« prieat aball make an 
•tonoment for bim aa oonoomiag hia ain, 
and it aball be forgiren bim. 

27 f And <*ir taaj one of tbe t common 
people ain through ignorance, while he doetb 
tomeiohat against aa; of tho oommand- 
menta of tbe Lokd eonetrnlng tMngs 
wbioh ougM not to be done, and bo guilt* : 

28 Or Mf bU aia, wbi«k be hath ainned, 
eomo to hia knowledge ; then be aball briag 
his offering, a kid of the goata, a female' 
without blemiab, for bia aia wbioh he bath 

29 < And be ahall laj hia band upon the 
bead of the ain offering, and alajr tbe ain 
oftring in tlio place of the burnt offering. 

30 And the prieat aball take of tbo blood 
thereof with bia finger, and put it npon tho 
homa of tbe altar of Immt offering, and aball 
pour out all the blood thereof at Um bottom 
of the altar. 

81 J 

thereof, *aa tbo fat ia taken away 
the aaoriflee of peace offerings; and the 
priest ahall bum it upon the altar for a 
/aweet aarour unto the LouD ; 'and tbe 
prieat ahall make an atonement for bim, 
aud It aball be forgiven him. 

32 And if be tring a Umb for a aia oArlng, 
A he atiall bring it a female without blemiab. 

33 .\nd be aholl lay his bsuid upon the head 
of the ain offering, and alay it for a ain offer- 
'- - in the place where they kill tbe burnt 

ad <ibo aball take away aU tbe Cat 
f, *aa tbo fiU ia taken away from off 

!ng In 

81 And the priest ahall take of tbe blood 
of the ain offering with hia finser, and put 
it upon the liorna of tbe altar or burnt offer- 
ing, and ahall poor out all tbe blood tbere- 
ofat the bottom of the altar ; 

85 And be ahaU take away all tbe bt there- 
of, na tbe taX of the lamb (j taken away from 


Um aaeriflm of the poaee offbrtnga ; and the 
prieat aball bum tbam upon tbe altar, iao- 
•ording to the oOMnga made by lire oato 
tbe Loao : A and tbe prieat ahaO maka aa 
atonenwat for hia ain that be bath oommit- 
ted, and it abaU be forgiven him. 

HoA. Inffvml; U or »f fi^. 14 tk, 
inf /or mirdff, VI ami for «•«• *f 

AND a a aoul ain, "and hear the voiet 
of awearing, and it a witnesa, whether 
he hath aeon or known of it: if he do not 
atter it, then be ahaU i bear bia iaiqalty. 

8 Or <= if a aoul touch any unelean thing, 
whether itbsn. earoaaa of an unolaaa beaet, 
or a oareaaa of unelean cattle, or tbo earoaaa 
et oneleaa creeping things, and if it be 
hiddea Arom bim ; be alao aball be uaeUaa, 
aad li guilty. 

8 Or If be touch 'the nneleaaaeaa of maa, 
whatsoever uBoleanneaa it be that a maa aball 
be defiled withal, and it bo bid fhim bim ; 
when he knoweth of it, then he ahall be 

4 Or if a aoul awear, prononaeiag with hia 
llpa /to do evil, or !* to do good, Whatsoever 
it b» that a mna ahall pronounce with aa 
oath, and it be bid from bim; when bto 
knoweth of it, then be ahall bo guilty in oae 
of these. 

5 And it abaU be, when be ahaU be guilty 
la one of these thingt, that lie aball Aqoa- 
foaa that he hath ainned in that thing. -• 

m And be shall bring hia trespass ofibring 
unto the Lokd for hia ain whloli be bath 
alaned, a female f^om tho ffoek, a lamb, or 
a kid of the goata. for a ain oflbring; and 
the priest aboJi make an atonement for him 
eoneemlng his ain. 

7 And ilf t lie be not able to bring a lamb, 
then be aball bring for bia trespass, which 
be bath committed, two i turtledoves, oi- 
two young pigeons, onto tbo Lord ; one for 
a ain olforing, aad tbe other for a burnt of- 

8 And he aball bring thom unto the prieat, 
who ahall offer that which is for tho sin of- 
fering first, and /wring off bia bead from hia 
nock, but sbaU not divide it asunder : 

9 And be ahall aprinkle of tbe blood of tbe 
ain offering upon tbe aide of tho altar ; and 
••the rest of the blood ahall bo wrung out at 
tbe bottom of-the altar : it {a a sin offiBTing. 

IP »-j V. -u,p .«;._ ,u^ r-.— .'. '.r a 

but »er: 

•ai. i ... y.,. -~ .„,.., ,„-»■ , ,.. ■.,.■,■ tent 
for Jl:ii4 U^ ]ili iiiii ^fMit J^ iAHi. <M'4ed, 
an<E I'l itinll \r. FrirgiT'PD i^ij).. 

11 ^ Unt V be Le nnt Bk[p In bri^H^ two 
tUlMriU'Fi. ir Li>:i tnikbx plnMU-ttPD be 
thi' ' rlmC Khf bildMlb^tbe 
ten . :ilt cr4ii» Baar hf a sin 
offi 'Jt na iril DBflii li, nei- 
the - - 
forui'iLj-li! r:l.- _ 

12 T bpa iJuJ] tiB- bHuir !t lit iW p rLnt , and 
the ]iMe«[ aluJltakiibLs bandriiJ nF Ir. Ti^tNm 
a v\ .'HidHsI tbct«<rf, aj^J l^iLrik it t>u tbe 
altar, ■'a^MrdlPiiE w ili« Blfprinti wailu by 
Are Ital4^ Um Lb bU : It iil a j^Ln n^rliLj. 

18 *AaJ tLr prit«| aliall laaKc ah i^L.kae- 
meri% Tnr Uu a* timnUn^ b1i iln tiiii he 
halh 'iJiiKP'T In *?*< 'if it>M?. "iJ U ihfcU be 
fori'i'H Itilii). : r(^K rtmnant sLibI.i be 
the !■; i.*i.>. ai a ffirt* flfllrMtg. 

14 * Viid Its toitn ijulu ntm Vlotm, 

fne irespast offering. 


The meat offering. 

U.AS7. a. 
- m.XX 


Cat. 3. a. 


■t. B. I. 

J«. 7. 8. 
- -k.5.4. 

yd>.S USL 
W«-. 5. 7. 

ifca. Ift6. 



111,41 nas^ 

UiN««k igmnaoe, Ik Mm My Mms or Um 
LCKo; tb«ii 'he sbaU brte^ ft* nU tves* 
p*M ottto til* Loud » ma wUfaoot btaniBh 
<Mt ar tb» ia«ks, with thy tuOmm^m toy 
■hriMto •r-allT«r, aft«r 'the abekel of tke 
Mnetaa T T, fi>i> • tveepea* oflhrlngi 

16 And be shall make amende tm the hann 
that ha hath done in the holy thia^ a^ 
' -ItaS add the lifth part theiete, and ctre 

■mo the prieet: •iMBd the priest ahaU 

^ ^^T Mm with the nun of 

and M ahaU be ftr- 

17 And if a ^mqI lia, and oonmH aar of 
these tMa«« wUeh ai« fbrMddea to he 
done by tbie eomnumdments of tlie LORl> ; 
^ttoogh be wut it ao«, yet is be 'K<^ty, 
and Bball bear bb inlqalty. 

18 'And he shall bitar a ran wMraot 
MenWioat of the feek, wkh thy estimation, 
tar a trespass oSerine, oato the priest: 
/•ad Mm priest ahaU malie an atonemeat 
tm fahn ooneeming hta ignoraaee wberela 
be erred and wist it not, and it ahaU be 


i* trmpmii otering for mius Jon* vtlltnalji. 
r»« /-• of tim burnt oftring, U and o^tit m 


■ ing, 
2 If a soal sin, and "commit a trespus 
^;a{nst the LORiy, and (^lie nato Iits neigh- 
bour in that ''whteh was deRrered him to 
Iceep, or in » Mlowship, or la «t thte(^ taken 
away t>y violeaee, or hath <<deeeiTed his 

8 Or 'bare fbmad that whieh was leat^ and 
Beth wao ei ulu g it, and /sweareth fithMhr ; 
fa any of all these that a man doetb, am- 

4 Then it shall be, beeaose he hath slaned, 
aad ts goilty, that ha shidl restore that 
whteh he took Tiolentiy away, or tlie thing 
wliieb he ha^ deceitreOy gotten, or that 
wfaieh wus delirered Urn to keep, orthe loat 
tMag wWeh he fbnnd, 

5 Or all that about wtaleh be hath sWom 
flOscily; he shall «yen 'restore it in the 
prbielpal, and shall add the fifth part more 
thereto, tmd giro It unto him to whom it 
appertaineth, •'in the day of his trespaas 

And he shall brtng Ua trespass ofbring 
Qnto the LOKD, A a mm without blemish 
out of tbflflo«k, with thy estimation, for a 
trespass oiieriDg, unto the priest : 

7 iAad the priest shall make an atonement 
fbr Mm before the Lord : aad it «hall be 
forgtrea him for any thing of all that be 
bau> don* in tn * - - i^ 

t t And the 

9 Comnund Aaron and his sons, sxyinff, 
TMs fa tbo law of tho burnt ofTerltw: It u 
the Irarnt oflMng, » because of the burning 
i^ea the altar all niglit unto the morning, 
aad the fire of the lutar shall be burning 

10 1 And the ariest shall put on his linen 
fpraient, and us Iia«n breeches shall be 
pot apott M( flesh, aad take up tbe ashes 
wbl^ tbe Are bath ooainnwd with the burnt 
ofcrtag m cba atar, aadlta sbaU pat tbam 

11 Aad "he ahalt put off bia gamsata, B. C. 1490. 
aad pafe oa other garmeata, aad aanr forth 

respaastag tl^retn. 

) £o&D spake unto Moses, 

the aahea wtthent til* eaap " aat* a eleaa 

12 Aad tbe fire ap«a tbe altar ahaU be 
buraiag te it ; it shall not be put out : and 
the ptieat ahaU bam wood on it erery morn- 
ing, and lay the burnt offering in order up- 
on it; aad be ebaUbara thereon* the fU of 
tbe peaoe ofieriaca. 

18 The Are riMUever be bttralBg apod the 
altar; it ahall aever g* out. 

14 5 J>Aad this <a the law of tbe oteat 
oiferiag i The aoaa of Aaroa aball oiler H 
befiDre tb* Lord, before the rilar. 

16 Aad be abaUtatoef H hie bandfhl. of 
the flow of (be maM eflbring, and of the oil 
theaeol^aad all the flraakiaeeaae whieh it 
upon the meat oflering, aad ahall bum << 
Bpoa tb* altar /or a aweet aavoar, even the 
< aaeawrial of it, aMo the Lord. 

16 Aad 'the remainder thereof ehall Aaron 
and his sons eat ; *with ucleavened bread 
shall it be eaten in the holy {riaee ; iatbe 
ooort of the taberaaele of the oengregatiea 
they shall eat it. 

17 <It ahaU aet b* bakea with learaa. •! 
hare giren it mm<o th«m for their pertieB 
of my offeriaga n»de by fire ; •'it <e meet 
hAyi ae <a the ate efibiteg, aad aa tbe tres- 
paas oftriag. 

18 'AU tbe males amoag the children of 
Aaron ahall eat of it. ■/< ahtUl »e a stat- 
ute for erer In yonr gmeraMoa* eoaeeming 
the oflMaga *f th« Lord made by fire: 
'cTOi^ one that toucbeth them tfaaU be 

19 5 Aad the LoR» apake nato Metea, 

20 A This <• the eSiering of Aaron and of 
his sons, whieh they sbul ofler unto the 
LORD in the day whea he is aaointed ; the 
tenth part of an *epbah of fine flour for a 
meat offtnlng perpetual, half of it in tbe 
meraiag, and half thereof at Bight. 

21 In a pan it aball beniado with oil ; and 
when it ia baken, tbon shoH brio; it in : 
and tbe baken pieces of the meat oflbring 
stmit tbon offer for a sweet raront unto 
tbe Lord. 

22 And the priest of his sons <<that Is 
anointed in his stead shall offer it : it it % 
statute for erer unto the Lord ; *lt shall 
be wholly burnt. 

28 For erttj meat oiforing for the priest 
shall bo wbolfy burnt r it shall not be eaten. 
94 t ^d *^ LORD apake unto Moses, 



Speak unto Aaron and to his 8< 


ins, /This {« tbe law of tbe ata oflering: 
»In the place where the bi ~ " 

killed ah^ the ain offering t 
the LORD : A it fa most boly. 

26 iThe priest that offbreth it for ain riiall 
eat it ^tin the hoW plaee shall it be eaten, 
in the eourt of tin tabemaele of the oongre- 

27 < Wbataoerer shall toudt the flesh there- 
of shall be holy : and when there is sprinkled 
of tbe blood thereof upon say garment, thou 
Shalt wash that wfaereoa it waa sprinkled in 
the holy plaee. 

28 But the earthen reaael wherein It Is 
sodden "shall be broken : and if is bo tod- 
dan in a brasen pot, it shall be both seoured, 
and rinsed in water. 

i»*AU tbe males among the prlesta shall 
eat thereof: "it t« most holy. 
80 P Aad BO sia oflbring, whereof any of 

The peace eifferings. 


The pneaW jiorCicM 

• dk«.M.1.7. 

14. U. le. * 

(•h. 9. W, 17. 
B. 18.a 

* 14. IS. 

4eh.S.3. 10. 

V>m. 1S.0. 

b. 44.88. 
I Or. an (A« 

11. UK 

41. 4 a 7 

(IM oongNpitloQ to nooaeil* tttthal ta Mw 

boly pMMi ilukU b« •■««■ •" -•-" *■- * " 



Tkt taw of lk* trtnuu offrring, II and »f iJU 
ptatt nfftringt, Yi mAtthtr it U for a tKanit- 
ffivint, 16 or • wow, or a fruwM offtring. 2ti 
Tktfat. Kawdth* UoaJ. «r< foriiiim.U TU 
fritoU' port ten i» tAofumtooftrittgt. 

LIKEWISK -tUi <a tlM U« or tlM trat- 
pu8 offering iHtU moot holy. 

Jm pliMO whoro tbojr kill Itw burnt 
„ ilmfi they WU the treipMo oflnliw: 
and the Mood theroof iliftU be •prinUe 
mmd ftboat upon tbe altar. 

5 And be (haU effnr of It <lnll tbe lk» 
tbereof; tbe ranp, and tbe flU tbait oor- 
eratb tbe lawarda, 

4 And tbe two kidnejra. and tbetet tbat te 
on them, whidi ta br Iba flanki. and tbe 
oaol that <• above tbe Urer, wttb tbe kid- 
n^jt, it dmU be take away : 

6 And tbe priest aball ban tbam «pon tb» 
akar /er an oAning made by Are onto tbe 
Lord : it i« a tmpau offininf . 

6 'Ererjr male among tbe prieeta shall eat 
theraoT: it shaU be eaten in tbe boW plaoe 

7 As the stai oAring <«, se ia 'tbe 
offering: tAera <a one la^ ' 
priest that maketb ' 
•baU h^Te it. 

9 And tbe prieat that olEneth any man's 
bonit offering, wn the priest shall haye 
to himself tbe sUa of tbe bonit oCning 
which he bath offered. 

9 And «aU the meat olMag tba» U baken 
in tbe oren, and all that is dressed in tbe 
fryianan, and oin tbe pan, shall be tb« 
priest's that oflereth it. 

10 And every meat offering, minted with 
oil, and dry, shall all the bobs of Aanm 
have, one a» mueh aa another. 

11 And tthis ta tbe law of the saeriBoe of 
peaee offerings, whieh be shall offer tioto 
the LOSD. 

U If ha oOtr ft for « thanksgiriBr. then 
be shall offer «{tb the sa«rlflee of thaidcs- 
giring onleaTened e»kes mingled with oil, 
and nnlearened waftrs ^anointed with oil, 
and cakes mingled with oil, of flne flour, 

13 Besides tbe cakes, he sbaU oObr/orbis 
oOnlvg 'loBTened brMif wfth tbe ••vrlllM 
df tbaii l^cfv^nif of Mf t^nw oj^rtn^n. 

whfllQ- i]il'LKi.|.iiT| _^ur- 1 hFefc c^.ilaf pntp ths 
LoUlt, '(tnJ k iIi^Il i]» [Le pTl«iL> thio, 
■pribkJi"lli 1li4- Lilcfiitl Mlibn peaAP dkrivn. 
la^^lnJ elui JSBfh \il the larTlSrt! ttf fair 
pea« sSmnp biw ilkkuLtglTlia^ liiaU tv ' 
iimt IhM in la [Arnd; Id 

tMMf BkaUaalbaaalmtMBhaU babunt 
with flre« aad a* Itt tto «aab, all tiM ba 

flO Bat tbe aoal tiM* eaMbo/tbe fleab of 
the aaorillea aC poaae oCaringa, that jfartoiis 
unto the Lo«o, ''bariM bis nnajwaaaaaa 
upon him, «vaa that amU 'aball be eM aff 
ftook his pom4#« 

21 MorwrMt tbeaoal that shall taueh aitf 

__-.-_ "''--,aa itheunoleanneaa of m^ 
ui baaat, or any * abomtai 
r, aad eat of the leah of 
^ aae affSBifBga, wbiab yartaM 
onto the LOKD, erea that aool •ahaU ba 
eat off firaan Ma paopla. 

n 1 And the LOBo apake onto Maaaa, 

» Booak onto tbe ahUdrea of larael. a^ 
ing. >Te ahaU eat no ma— arof Ibt, ofoa, 
or of aheepk av of coat. 

M AAd&i flu of tbe tbeaat that diath af 
itaalf, and the Ibt of that which la torn wHb 
b aaat a . may ba oaad ta any other «aa : bat 
ye ahaU in no wiae eatofit. 

» Ftor wbaaoever eatetli tbe Ibt of the 
beaat, of which men oObr aa ofliBriBg mad* 
by flro onto tbe Lo&D, even tbe seal that 
eatetb it sbaU be ent off flraoa hia people. 

ao 'Moreover ye afaaU eat ao manner of 
blood, tsAafAar le Aaofflnrl orof beaat, ia 
any of year dweUinsi. 

S7 Wfaataoever seal it b» that eatetb any 
manner of blood, eran that seal shaU be oat 
off fhtm hia people. 

28 f And tbe LoKD apake onto Moaes, 

ing, 'He that efllneth Um aaerUoe of hia 

iffbring* onto tbe Lokd, sbaU bring 

itlon nato tbe LOKO af tbe saerifioe 

of his peace offerings. 

ao * ffis own haadbsbaB taring the offbrtegs 
of tba Lokd made by flro^ tto bt with the 
btaaat; it sbaH he brings that 'the breast 
may be wared for a ware — "-■- *^ " 
tlie Loud. 

81 i< And the priest shall bam tbe fbt upon 
the altar : 'but the bieaat aball be Aaina'a 
uid hia sona*. 

88 And /the right abooMer abaB y« give 
onto the priest for a boare dfering of tbe 
saerifleea of yoar peace oflMnga. 

88 He among the tons of Aaron, that offtr* 

etb tbe blood of tbe peaee offitritMs, and the 
Ut, abaU bare tbe right tbooldec for kit 


3* For » 
■fwoldar 1 
Imel froi 
udhrlngs, I 
Uitf prieat 
^eierer, fl 

AaA net Ibh t b» Af It uaUl tba mtnniae. 

q Ttm. *jt m kiitaal«y offMnpr i1» tl^l ^ 
niu t)|p •«« dar ihtt ' 

It ba KiTiTsiti bLi J 

let el IL itiBil ta 

IT hiMt. llH imnLDrJrF uf thw Ikub oT iHB 
lom^^ Stn Itm iJilrtI (llAj nJiall !:>■ Irtinl 
witli rifn. 

W And 4f dJBvof K\w anbtttha w^Hv> iMtf it iIbU aA bf iw«ptr4l, BrJlbAT 
ibali K M ^EmpDlsiJ lantu him tki4 4^f nltt 
tti M akiU lia u labamluttEif, ^mi im 
snl Uial t^Hbof U ihaM boar bli lnhi^niij^ 
IV Aasmi* liah Itel IwABib a«j nh^iA 

3t For 'the ware breaat and tbe heave 
^woldar have I taken of the ofaUdren of 
D off the sacriflcea of their peace 
ind have given them onto Aaron 
and ante hia aona, by a statate 

fomamoag tbe children of laraeL 

M Y This it the portion of tbe anointing 
irf Aaron, and of the aaointiag of hia aona, 
wt of the oArings of the Lord made by 
Hm, in the day whtn he presented them 
to minister onto the Lord in the priaat's 

m> Whidt tiie Lord eonunanded to be 
idran them of the ebildren of Israel, 4 in 
tt» day that he anointed them, by a statate 
Tat ever throagbont tfaeir genarauons. 

Jit Thia it the law iof the bnrnt offering, 
*«f (be meat aabring. <and of tbe sin offer- 
\Bt, "and of the treapaaa offiBrriag. «aad of 
tM eoneeeratioaa, and 'of the aaaafflea of 
tba peaee offerings; 


saoont Sfaial, la tbe day that he ei 

eh. IT. IS. 
Don*. 14. SI. 

iO«n.a. 4. 
eh. 3. 17. 4 
17. M.14. 


•h. 8. S7. fc 

ft. 8t. 

dA. 8. a. 11. 


fcfw dl».13,ML 


Ash. e. 14. 

lefc. e.ts. 

The c&naeertUimt ttf 


Aofn and kit t 



ABCJ> lilt LokP Mpakf luAt Msm^, tay* 

a 'T*W A^TBB uid ]t4» Knt »|Lh Lilin, Uid 
I-thm [^TBU-DU, (nd-'ibe- ^iinini-lilip 'ilJ, Uld 
k IxilliMik fut LIm: liu -olTieFtor, tnd I wii tHiOU, 

if A(ii] [Oilier rtiiiu all tlx au]^r|tu!nii tO- 
paiLcr om^ tbt^ 4ik>j- UC llie IniAeniBda of 

» Ihm AiAT «( Lt<i t«Wni4«J« of 

1 /An J lui fiijl upmi liini Ih^ l' qokl, nid 

wjlu Iha Mil«T >liii put 1l~i" r\'>iM iip'in ^limt 
MoA bvgSrdvi) Lbnfridh il -ri - =-1- - T'>«of 
tll««|?l»Ml, «fiJbtTg|i[ji i>ii| . . iru ' -:■ nith. 
9 An^ be pw tt4 hri«.-:| tm: 

fad Lbn TtiuiDEnlTBj 
1f<A[ii] La |]at Ltw railTr ItptAi bii biMi; 

r:Tn-*\'. %t til* L^i-IiO ^HiiomBpcM Miie«>. 
Ill J Aiiil V^Vtl EB^k l\ip KOiiintiep 41 1, Mid 

HVtM ilw^, umI lutiilnLAtl Uip kJckr Uld all 
liii itMtlt, Ii4«b Lba bni ud lui hiix, to 

apuo Aj,fiv'j t9l4i "(iJ PWflWHwi tiiui, to 
iudifj him. 

O "And Mnl'J bHUgbt AtUnMi'i laai. Mid 
put mjgjj UpoU tlwni. 4lti| idtMitJ Ititm vith 

lEftdb'i, uia ^ troji ]j4iiii<u iJifCTj \ht-^ ; aa 
iiie L-iKr" esBUjuwirlftl IMiHi-l- 
1i ''A«tl M- brwiht ihfl Iiii][iic1c r>^T the 
fin nlkrincj Mil -\*KiP »ail ^i* "mnn 'laid 
ItM^tr lUuiU iipiiB kli« b«ai9 uf Lb? ^dUk^ fot 
IJk ^ yf«rFD|[. 

trhiMni, aiiA pal it Itpu itm liuriia a tbe 
4Jiaf tmiiJ alb«4U ^iJi l>la i^JiKvr-i m--^ F'>ui- 

■U Ltir la* llmi. mmt upOtt 

ibi! ea^l utftfi- U.* H -rtt, 

u<J iJiB Lv« kldacjt, aad ilHsir lU, and 

Hh» l«13tBJl a Ubdll tljp aUal-r 

i; ^tiL-T bvUflXiuaay^ l^'i^K I i^4lMb. 
and Uti JiuirF li* burnt mjih flrr p^u- m tlie 
fsdmp ; m Lbo LOH-b 'gngimn nii]^i M- •■ i. 
Iqj t 'And ]» kipvD{l|£ t)in ri^ir, : r the 

Uridr JkMlli li|id» lili-i LnJ vriLe rani: 
1!> Abil be IdUeJ </.- uid H«i:ri ±pritaUed 

tiba t^kod u|i4a iLoaJiLaf HMmJ abuttl. 
3lt And II* J!iK iiiu nmk Le^ni jattn-*; and 

H<^** luira% ik» liud, uul tfa« pk'C^"! , aad 

31 Aad ^ Pwlud Ham inwjUf ui iL Oki l«ga 
.4>i mlOci; CnJ Jtt(i*iV ViBi the mUric ram 

aa th« l.osu> •OBmaadad 

ante the JLomo^ 


82 ^ And'be bnra|^ tbe otber ram, tbe 
ramofoonaeoratioD: and Aaron and bia loma 
laid tiwtr handa upon the bead of the ram. 

88 And be aiew it,' and Moaea took of tbe 
blood of it, and pot «< opon (be tip af 
Aaron'a right ear, and upon tba thomo of 
hia riKbt hand, and npon the |pea« toa of 
Ua ri^t foot. 

24 And be broagfat Aaroa'a aona, and 
Moaea potof the blood npon tbotip of their 
right car, and upon tbe thomlis of their 
ri^t haada, and npon tbe gxea* toea of 
their right feet; and Moaea aprioklod tha 
blood agten tbe altar soand ahmit. 

25 «Aad he took the M, and the ramp, 
and all the fat that mkw apon the inwarda* 
and tbe oaul tUnwt the llTer, and the two kid- 
nan, and their (M, and tha right aboolder : 

as > And out of tha basket of untoaTensd 
bread, that mmm beftna tha Load, h« took 
one onleaTaned eake, and a oaka of oilad 
bread, and one vnCsr, and pat them on tha 
fiat, and npon tbe right ehoulder : 

27 And be pot nil 'apon Aaroa'a handa, 
and upon hia aena' bands, and waved them 
for a wave offering before tha Lose 

28 'And Meaaa took them from off their 
handa, and bnmt them on tba altar upon 
the bornt offering : they were eoaiceratioaa 
fat a,4»aei anvoor : it <a an offering mada 
by fire onto tbe Lord. 

29 And Moaea took tbe breast, And warad 
it for a wave offerlag beCaae the IfOKO : for 
of the ram of. eonaearation it was Moaea' 

t part ; aa tba Lord . 

i^Aad 'MoMt took of the anointing oil, 
and of the blood whieb tsoanpen the altar, 
and apvinkled t< ivon Aaron* and npon Ids 
gantenta, and npon bis sona, and npon bia 

Aaron, and his garments, and bia aonsi 
aadhla-aons' garmanta with him. 

81 f And Hoses said unto Aaron and to 
bis sooa,.4Boil the fleab at tiie door of the 
tabeimaole of tbe congregation ; and there 
eat it with the bread that is In the basket 
of eonseorations, aa I oommaaded, saying, 
Aanm and bia aona shall eat it. 

82 *And thai wUob remalneth of tbe flesh 
M4«f tha bread aball ye bam with fire. 

83 And ye shall not go out of the door of 
tfie tabeimcle «f seven 
days, uaUltha days of your oonseoration be 
at an ana : Cor /seTon d«ya shall be oons«- 

M v As hehatb^lonatms aaj,«othe LOBO 
bath eommanded to do, to make an atone> 
mant for yoa. 

86 Therefore shall ye abide a< tbe door pf 
tbe tabernacle of tbe eongregation day and 
night Boven days, and A keep tbe oharga of 
tbe LoBD, that ye die not; for — ^ 

arga of 
> lam 

as 99 Aaron and bis sons did all thinga 
whieh tbe LOBD commanded by the hand 
of Mosos. 


Tk* fint iffmiv* •/ Aaron.. /«r kim»^ mmd tk« 

MMrf*. -8 n« mm •farMfc JLX and tkt t«r*( of- 

jJt.'ia Mot- and Aann tT«M tkt }>Mjrf<.^ 
fir* evwutkfrmn tkt Lord «p<m tkt tUtar. 

and the elders of Israel ; 

First offerings of Aaron. 



i and AhihuJtlmift^ 

1 8Ma. 3. 14. 
H«b. 6. 3. k 
7. Z7. k 9. 7. 

IBM ah. 4.7. 

• di.4.6. 

f eh. 8. 90. 

U. 03. 10. 


5 And Im said imto Aaran, 6TBke tbM a 
yoiat eaUfor » aiB. ofiteiog. "aad ft rus for 
a bornt offisring, vithoat blemiah, and 6Bm 
th*m before the Lord. 

8 And onM tbe chlldrm of Imel thoa 
Shalt sneak, sayioK, rfTake ye a kid of «b 

Cta Jar a sin otteringt uid a onlf and i 
b, both of tbe first year, witkoat blew 
iah, for » burnt oflerlBg; • ' 
4 Also a bullock and a ram for peaee offer* 
logs, to aaerlliee before tke Losd ; and <a 
meat offering mingled with oil i for /to day 
the LOKD will appear mto you. 

6 And tbey btrngh* Matwhleb Moses oom- 
maaded before tbe taberaaele <rf the eongre- 
gatlooi and all (be eoDgregatioB drew I 
and stood bofoi* tbe LOBO. 

6 And Moies said, TMs «• tbe thing which 
tbs Lomo eoonnaaded that ye sboold do : 
and i^tlM glory of tbe Lobd shall appear 
unto you. 

7 And Moses said onto Aaron, GoonUthe 
altar, and kofEer thy sin offertag, and thy 
bmt offering, and make an atonement fov 
thyself, and for the people ; and ioffer tbe 
onriag of tbe people, and make an ale«e> 
ment for tbem ; as tbe Lobd eowmanded. 

8 Aaron therefore went uatto the altar, 
and slew tbe oalf of tbe sin oString, whiefa 

• TW. 4. 

eh. 2. 1. 2. 
tHeb. jai«I 



9 «And the sons of Aaron bron^t tbe 
Uood onto Mm: and be dipped his finger 
tai tbe blood, aad'put « upon the bems of 
tbe altar, and pawed out tbe blood at tbe 
bottom of tbe altar : 

10 <" But the fot, and the kidneys, and the 
eanl above tbe Hrerof tbe sin oSbring, he 
^«rBt upon tbe altar; *as tbe Lobo oom- 

aaaded Moses. 

11 "And tbe flosb and tbe hide he burnt 
with fit* without the eamp. 

18 And be slew the bwrat olforing; and 
Aaron's sons presented oats him the lihwd, 
''wbioh be sprinkled round abont upon Hie 


18 ? And tbqr presented tbe bnrat offering 
unto bim, with (he pieoes thereof, and tbe 
head : and he bunt (Aem upon the altar. 

14 •'And be did wash the tewnrds and tbe 
legs, and burnt <Aem upon tbe burnt oflSsr- 
iBf on tbe altar. 

lo f * And be brought tbe people's offering, 
and took tbe goat, which tooa the sin oflEer- 
ing for the people, and slew it, and oObred 
it for sin, as tbe first. 

16 And he fa»oagbt the burnt offering, and 
offered it 'aeeonUngto ttw » manner. 

17 And he brought "tbe meat offering, and 
t took a handfol tliereof, and burnt it upon 
the altar, "beside tbe bnmt saerMoe of the 

88 And MMM and Aaron went into tbe 
tabernacle of tbe congregation, and oaase 
out, and blessed tbe people: 'and the 
glory of tbe Lobo appeared unto all tbe 

24 And d there came a fire out from before 
tlie Lobd, and consumed upon the altar 
tbe Imrnt offering and tbe fot : which when 
all tbe people taw, tbey diOQted, and foil 
on their fooes. 


ic w*m theg g» tHlo tk* tahtrtuttU. IS fU 
tam<^*mtin9tktkotglhimg». \H Amrmk'tmnu* 
for tranrjntmng tkm^. 

AND "Nadab and AUbu, tbe sons of 
Aaron, itook either of tbem hla oen- 
•er, and pot fire tberoin, and put ineeose 
thereon, and offered "strange fire before 
tbe Lobd, wUeb he eommaaded tbem not. 

2 And tbero •< went oat fire (ram the Lobd, 
and devoured tbem, and tbey died before 
tbe Lobo. 

8 Then Moses said unto Aaron, This i» 
tothat the LOBO spake, saying, I will be 
sanctified in tbem 'ttiat eome 

Jc !«. IS.- «g. 
Jwi«. 6. ai. 

2 Chr. 7. 1. 

pw ao. 3. 

•^- 1«. 1. *. 


K«m». 3. a. 4. 
k. 2B. ei. 
lObr. 84.a. 
6eh. 16. 12. 
- aa. 16. IS. 

laying, I ^ 
me nigh mi 

18 He slew also the bullock and the 

for 'a sacrifice of peace offerings, whioh 
ton* tot tbe people ; and Aaron's sons pre> 
sented unto bim tbe blood, wbidi be sprin- 
kled upon tbe altar round about, 

19 And tbe fat of the bullock and of the 
ram, tbe rump, and that which eovereth tht 
inwarda, and the kidneys, and the caul 
ahova tbe liver : 

20 And they put the fat upon the breasts, 
'and be burnt the fat upon the altar t 

21 And the bieasta and the right si 
Aaron waved '^for a wave offering 
the Lobd ; as Moses commanded. 

22 And Aaran lifted up his band toward 
blessed them; and came 

of tbe sin oflbring, and 

nd Aaron held bis peace. 

And Hoses called MUbael and Elaa- 
phan, the sons ef AUssiel the undo of Aa- 
ran, and saM unto tbem. Come near, •carry 
your brethren from before the saaetaacy 
out ef tbe camp. 

6 So tbey went near, and carrM tbem la 
Mntr ooats eat of tbe eaau> ; aa Mooes bad 

And Moses said uato Aaron, and unto 
Eleasar and unto Itbamar, bis sons, tUn> 
cover not your beads, neither rend your 
elotbes ; lest ye die, and lest <wratb come 
upon all tbe people: bat let year breth- 
ren, the whole bouse of Israel, bewail tite 
burning which tbe Lobd bath kindled. 

7 ■"And ye shall not go out tutm tbe door 
of tbe tabemaele of tbe eeagregattea, lest 
ye die : '*for the anointing oil of the Lobo 
is upon yen. AndtheydMaoeordiagtotlie 

8 f And tbe Lobd spake uato Aaron, 

*l>o not drink wine aor strong drink, 
thou, nor thy sons with tbae, when ye ge 
into the Uberaaole of tbe ooogregatioa. 
lest ye die : it ahaU be a statute for ever 
throughout your generations : 

10 And that ye may I'put diflbronoe be- 
tween holy and unholy, aad between aa- 
clean and dean ; 

11 «And that ye may taaob tbe children of 
Israel all tbe statutes whieb tbe Ix>bd faatb 
spoken unto tbem by tbe band of Moses. 

IS f And Moses spake unto Aaron, and 
unto JEleaa a r and unto Itbamar, Mo seas 
that were left, Take ''tbe meat oAirlng that 
remaineth of tbe ofierlngs of the Lobd nwde 
by fire, and eat tt without leaven beside tbe 
altar: for 'it <a most holy. 

la And ye shall cat it in the holy place, be- 
cause It is thy duo. and thy sons' due, of 
the sacrifices of tbe LOBO made by fire : for 
(so I am commanded. 

14 And "the wave breast and heave shoul- 
der shall ye eat in a elean place ; tlion, and 
thy sons, and thy daughters with thee : fi>r 
M«y be tfay due. and thy sons' doe, tsMe* 
are given oat ortbeaaerMeM oTpoaee eUrr- 


John laTai. 

3i fc 14. IS: 

««»••. no. 


• lAike T. 12 

-Aeta fi. 6. a. 

*Kx. 33. S. 

oh. 13. 45. ^ 

«l. 1. la 


i>Mk. aa. 9. 

Kx. 24. 16.17. 


eb.21. 12. I 
»Bx. 28. 41. I 

ch. 8. 30. 
•S^W. 2L 

Lokel. IS. 

lTSm.3. 3. 

Tit. I. 7. 
»ch. 11.47.* 


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•»«T. 18. 18. 

Mai. 2. 7. 
r r.x. 2D. 2. 

eb. a 16. 


» ch. 21. 22 
<eh. 2. a. fc 
0. IS. 

--?^»- ^ 1 

Marts cMm and uneUan. 


• A.&30. 

ikes. 4. * 

• U-ttU. 
lUtk 7. 2. 

I Oar S. S. 


H«V. ». l«. 


.ek.7. W. 

15 'Tbfl hrara ahonldar ud Um i 

DMla br fire oftlM fat, to ware it /«. _ 
wsTaofbrinc before the Lord; andioball 
be thine, ud tby tarn' with thee, by a Btat* 
oteforerer; aa the Lord bath ooaunaaded. 
16 And Moms dUigentlj aoogbi 'the goat 
of the ala oOning, and. behold, it ma banit : 

17 «Whereflu« ba«B ye not «a«M the Ai 
oOuring in the holy pUoe, aeeinf itfamoit 
holj, and Qnd hath ^ren it joa to hear the 

U BohOd. «tlw blood •( itwM not brooKbt 
SnvitUnthabolyptaee.- TOsbooUlindeed 
bnTO«atonHiBthabri7]iteM**«iI oom- 

19 And Aaron e^d nnto Moset. Behold, 

' ' 's4ay bare tiM7 offend (bairitn oSering 

thdorl * - • 

tm the sin oflMng t»dBy, <l«hoQld 
hew neoaptad io «ha ai^tof tbe 
SO And vhni Mona board that, be mm 

Wlta* mag, aiMi laAat ma^ iia* t* rnUtn, afhm n t.9 

AND the Lord spake nntoMoMi and to 
. Aaron, aajfiag onto tbem,^ 

aSpeaknnto th* ehiUnn. of Inael, M(^ 
ing. "Tbeae or* the beaeta whioh je ahiJil 
on* awong idl the boaata ikat era en the 

8 imMUaoerer pariotfa the hoot and is 
elorenCoeted, and ctaeireth the end, among 
tba boMla, that aball ye eat. 

« Voftotbeloas, tfaese afaall ye not ea* of 
tbamtha* chew the end, or of them tfaa* dl> 
tMo tbo boof : no the eamel. beewlse he 
efaavallitbe and. but dtvidatb not the hoof : 
bnia nnslttan vi&it- Titu 

6And the oon^ ^ becafoae beehnreth the 
^A^ bnt dM^atb not tim haeCi be i» nn- 

7 A^ij iJK'itfbBrKlbnib'bt diiiiJu 4fa*I«>r, 
^1 bfl i:l0fet3fHttakl, }nbm [ikr^i!:1i taiK ttM 
Bdri ; i he i# aMtnn lo «imj , 

4 Or UiElf iW-Mb «h4l>l yi iKiiL wii, mil tbeir 
^■mibjh iftuJI y4 pn4 twih E ' tUty Mnr an* 
tlt%n iHi TiiJ|. 

i 1 H<Tli*« ihilll Tff r»I y nil Ihm rtrs In 

En 1b« wMtr^. ka kiia hiu, uid ^n Iho nTsrs* 
(hatf,4il.^ ^fiiL^ 

l(t Anil all Ihal hsTd ncvt Qd* bjiiI hebJ'PI in 
dbf t^mm , mb.A tta Lhr riTm . nf kU (Jlii wnme 
in itw '■aherSf ami iif in r llHlt^ Hiln r whiofa 
ii la Ibit w^ttnTi, ib^ tA<r^ f't' nn ' hl^rrjiJna- 
ll^ii unl^ rmlj 

1 1 Tpj?; 4tiidl l« tfTiD SB ibcmlinaitDii iinto 
- - in itul] imh iai or ibdf tftli, ym ye 


s <*«|ris*«eA ye shall 

14 And the T«lt«M, and the Ute after bis 

15 Every raven after bU Und; 

16 And the owl, and the nigbthawk, and 
the ewkoo, and tbo hawk after hie Und, 

17 And ttie Uttle owl, nnd the eonaomnC, 
and the gnat owL 

18 And the swan, and 

19 Aodthe stork, the 

and the lapwing, and the bat. 

ao AU fowls that oteefi, gntagnpon oU fonr, 
abott b« an abnminatiafc —to yon. 
81 Tet these may ye oat of every flying 

eneping tUng tbi 
wliieh have 1^ ■ 

_ above their Ceet, to leap 
wiuHu mpau the oaMb ; 

22 JBowntbaoo of tbcmyw may eat; «tho 
kNNMt after bin kind, asid tbo bald loonat 
after his kind, and the beetle after bis Und, 
and the grasafaonipsc after- bis kind. 

as But ^ 0ih*r flying oroopfaig thfaigs, 
wiiidi have finv Ce«t» sAott fro an nbonrina- 
Uon nnto you. 

M And tat tbeae ye sbaU be nneloaa: 

;» And whoaovror baai««b ntt^t of the 
carcass of them AahaU wash bia einthes, and 

S6 The iaremMM of every beast which di- 
vldetb the hoof, and ia not efevenfooted, nor 

everyone that toaobeth them abaUbe nn- 

87 And whatsoever goeth open his paws, 
among all manner of beaats tint go on oU 
(bar, UiOBe art unclean onto yon: wImso 
tsBclaeth thslr oareoss abaU. ta« andean on- 
til the even. 

S8 And he that bearctb the oareass of them 
■halt wash his dotbes, and Iw unotean ontil 
the even ; tbay ore anclaan naloyon.! 

SO ^ Theso also ahall 6« andean ante yoa 
a mwig tbetwoeptog things tbat cwep open 
the earth ; ttie weasel, and <the mease, wd 
the ioitolie after Ms Und> • 

SO And tbs fanet, and the diameleon, and 
the liaard, and the snail, and the aaolc. 

31 These art andean to yon among aU 
that eaeep: wboaoever doth tonsli them, 
when tbey be dead, shall be onoloan until 

82 And npon whatsoever ony of them, 
when they ai» deadv doth ftOl, it shall be 
andean ; whether it bt any reasel of wood, 

vessel {( («, wherein anp week la done, ibit 
most be put Into water, and it shall bo an- 
dean until the ev«n; Boitshallbcdeansed. 

SS^ And flvwry eaxiben vessel, wherdnto any 
of them fidletb, whaMoever is in it shaU be 
nnolean ; and <yo shall break it. 

84 Of aQ meat which may be eaten, that 
on which tueh water oometh shall be tut* 
dsan i and all drink that may bo drunk In 
oroy SMcA vessel shall be andean. 

toAeMsr it be oven, or raMes for pots, tbey 
shall be broken down i fir they art an- 
dean, and shall be andean unto you. 
86 Meveitbeless n fbuntain or pit, wherein 
there it tplenty of water, shall bo dean: 
bnt that wUcb toaobeth their oaaoass shaU 

87 And tf mnypmrt of their carcass fbU 
npon any eewlng-seod wUeb is to be sown, 
it a*«»M dean. - 


T%e p w r if tc atu m of Women. 


The plague cf le^rpsy. 

B.C. 1«M>. I m bmir wtm 

Ki. t. 14. * 

H I ■'Mil Utt i^ridii: 'tvJl &dfe* u 

■ ' ■ ' » T*< i»*' 0«tJ ^»*f»» w**"^ 4*^ **»«^ U *■ ^ 

4 ^D {b« LiiHfJ ipalw Vi^ MoiH kDd 

tbi •¥«■ ', M ftljrt ttrad Ih'Krrlh IJh bAHS* I WbSD ft IHa *4wl| li>T> tn tbt ikkl if 

DUUl tin «*rD^ i AiiJ Le !>*• In L9ir ikLa tiT LLi illi-iti Jl^ tbi 

41 A«4 r* BTT sthi>Ltii Ibk^B ItAl rai«p«Vli plaCIM i-vf k/prA«7 j ^ Lhtn Jid iIibII La bnnif fat 
VLpOQ tb> *<Krtii i^lSil tw Ut »)H«l»lAhin; bl Iil]l4] >ViniV Uir l[>riut, ar udId ami bf J^ 
t\inl& iH* h" fkCirB. mai Ilia pr^ffM : 

1d tin |>lAr!f^ " ^"3 . „ 

I It if « pi**"" ^ '■F'^>^ ■ "^i^ ''^ prM*t 

I ittkll i^H^t 4E1 iiiiDi kUH (iTnUiHlbH Urn ^ 


flirt ^^' '^ ftlniBiJii 
M'^Vr klmJ net irFAK>- t I'.VT +»*lir*' 

inaJi]^ 'Ltli ui4 CPh^lht lltlnff tlitL i _ 

riti, DrlLkmr iJibIL jr» 1BFiN,«- jfwrMlv^* UD- 1 U ibp briRb^ link lif *iilMi Lb die «k^ er 
i:Jrttt %ilh Uarfar UHI ;■ lAvHD^ bi duOUd hi* Pu«h, uiA Lti f LgM ^ li«l JMJkr Ih^ 


44 PbV I tiM llu LOnn ^inqr C;fHt : ;» ihuU 
Ihi HB TO lftl«ril(^ Tia(inn4vM«, uiil 'je iknU 
be lialf ^ r^r I on nnl; r nM^Om ibuJJ T'lh^ 
111 ]r«iwliii* "ilh "tij naitomr nf *«"eiitli« 

49 I'Tbr 1 IJN ttiA l»E|i E]Llt Itrluetrtll Jfl« 
ap dot «f iW > Vi4 «' TjflTP*. '" ^ ri^r 4J*d:: 

is Tbta fit ijut kirnrED* b»l», ukI ( - - 
tv^y uni rfe»WT7T.iTiB^ SMntiirt Uihi 


AST* I be IhOhp ffHAi MUM 

Ibt' lUii. Bbd IIhI tdkr tfatfiNil fa* l>iA iHl^pd 
wblt'1 eIu:b El^ }fl\**% tktU ■tiHl mi AJbi 

r» Ab'I ItiF ^r1»kE tti^J] k^lh i^q LJB Itu 

KIj Eb|bL bd u hiUj. nikiJ lli^ r>^4i>" ti^nmi 
nrvl In tlic tk^L : E4l>ri tbr pH^jX 4mU tJut 

_.^. Q AaJ U» prMt i^lMt kink« LLip «(kiD 

offbi^ I th9it^MElj4[i^¥ : pnil.lwI^J, ^/tk*|i]4{T>ii 

I, tflDV- . b hH&i-Bb** nprk I ami llie piapiE ipriwj 

' ikK lU IIjt t^kB, tWprim*fa«lb pnMiiiBK 

htA d«an : ii u ^uf a *Dk1» : ka* bo ''ib«U 

7 ILnit ^r fli> tnb jprtkjil icituli ^I^kJ tB 

til? tk^B, ^DT tjH& In llM^I bp~l] MIB of 

E21V ^drlnl furliti «i#Uil^(, h* tJi«J] b ic*!) 
» And p/ tlir pnt«t ««« tiiv^ ImiIhU. ibi 



1 BMll unto 

%«iu ■ mv> fiMH, tbBU ti&A »1*«ll ba 

«>«■ MTHk flAJi ; '(WWtiHr J 4J Eh« dujH 

Itamklq lb*!! ta rimnMli-i- 
4 A^«M iball lliwpi vmthmB ir ihB bi|»Hd 
Qrb«T ^BfliylDf lhr«» Hid tbirtf Akfi ; «Ih 
ifiall WMH ttfl lnUpw»4 ihl^f , hsr wma 
]|»«l th* fiBfltMTT, tmtU tb» 4I&7I flr llBT 
ptuiryilig 1}»- rutlfllird. 

■lull IW! UU'llCW iw* wiwlti^ U in bur h^B' 

nUnr Md a!H? vhkll rtn^diHH lb Ibt IlIhxI 

t And 'wtmr tbt *»j< rf h» jiHril^j tn 

■bill Whi# « linifc t nf \^ ant y«EP ISr a 
burnt L^Hb<rilqlt, >rii; * Ttnifli^ T<lfHnH vr « 
E«T«f*l9Vfi. TfiT % *[b {idkrln^r flii'-^ tbr dmr 
g^r Mm C^lHrmUle bI lb* mifVCfalida, qbIc 
Eb« prktt r 
TWIiAilsaadflffJitehn Hvi LoBn^uidl 

tw dtMBBrd m« lb tknir <tf hir bhwd. 

Tli* b tb« Iw* hf ki# tt*l lAtlv l>«4i m 

, Wm BilStBBB : i* *i B IflfSTWJf. 

Q *| fftaa tbd fihciiB nf |B|ir[kS]i in Jn ^. imw* 
tha* b> riiftlt \V bTnvb£ uiila tb* prUf ■ 1 

lir .i\ii-i Tb« pFiB«i <bBii itM ^iu.- HiiL 

tahiddK ff llw ri»iiMt 6« white ui Um iklB. 
UMl 14 bftfll MirPMl tiii7 baLr wbrile, fcbd ^Acra 

lUl ft B« uhl Irpnuj Lb Ibr bJUB ut liil 

■Wib. BB4J 4Ab pridi itLkU ]iraniiiiB«d kim 

uitolK'nr mnJ ibliL n«4 iiitil IdU U|>; JhT faft 

^ltiB«»4 p. 
t U.L 

tJ And If ft l«pf«irj bnftJs <Ht ftbrwil \» 

EJid bUb, ftBiL i&it lit|inHij »w«r bO tbt iMo 
of Mnt U^ Mt^ tW ]»l>ffi3« inm bii li^kd f 
B««i H Itk hi«f. wlf«r«Ki«Trr Uw jpiwift 

la TMB lb* ppvMt iJiBll aonikdJT : 1b4. 
thlioM , 1/ Umi iBpifmnr lutd fn^rnMl fttL ^ift 
(l««hr b» itiBlE pimooDC* iV^n »kB» ttaf 
J^jitA tbr plB^Br ! it li all ^^T«*4 *Ule E be 

M Uut vbBB H« tietli tpf^iiirvi^ )« Mfi. 
}w BhiJi br UluSiMb- 

l.S And tb« priwl Pb4il «rf tlw ratf IsiL, 
Hill jH*n(HlBM la^ Ui b* omJebD 1 /W Ikft 
T^w Mh <« ffiwlaan 1 H 11 b lFpr«*7% 

16 'Jr If tbr »T Ihifa hant Ntftlfti *ftA b« 

1WB«»4 unbi bMe*, Irt ftba^J «»«* u»i« lib* 

IT And tfa» l*rl*ll tJ^llwM J^m J ud, Wn 

bDld, f/lta jikcur fa« Idmrd Lnti wUhr I 

riiif b, ptr« In lbs 
Uki boa thrM bft ft 


'.f9r-4i men im 9 iwrty. 

W And U, when the print tactb it» bdiold. 
It •« In ilRte lowvr Ami th« akta. te« the 
hair thMMf h« tonad »Uu ; the wIm* 
•haUimMMaawhtaiuelMUl: iitoftptegM 
oriMWMjhrakaaMterilwbaU. . • 

tl 6Mtr«li»«i1gMlMk«ilt,Mid«kdiol 
tkmrm *» ao whM« hOrs thwilB. •ii4 if 
*• Mt to«vr than th» ikte, hM *• MMMMk 
<>»; thM lh« piiaM thaU ahM hte i 

St Aa4 if'lt sprMd noab rtna* la tbs 
Ata, ttwa tte-prlM* afeiril ymmma^ Uai 
■MitMi : It <• • plagM. 

ft! Bot if Mw bright ape* «t«y la faia plaee, 
umA a p wa * —, H <«*baralBc hattj and 
Ita iMitt T*'nH imiuauBBu Mai ntnan 

M^OrirtbaN h»«iv iaak. ta the aUa 
vheiwir <*MW <• ta faM hataAac. aa« tha 
4Biek /Im* that haraMk hawa^alitta bright 

«%Wa tha piiaat ahaU loak opoa it : . an^ 
WhoW, 4f tiw hair la tha kvight apat ba 
taraad wfalta, and It U «» aigh* daapar than 
tha akla ; M M a lapvoajr hroigaa aot af the 
la palaat ahaii «(•> 
It «a tha plagoa aT 

M But If the prieat laak on It. and. ba- 
hoM, MCM *• aa wMta hair in the bright 
naa, aad it &• aa lawer than tha aCAarakin. 
htWaeawahatdarkt than tha aaiaatahall 
alMBi Ma» m aa««n daaa : 

ST And the prieat ahaU look npoa kfan tba 
•aaaath dav 9 and If it b» aaraad maah 
atooad la tha akin, then tha prieat ahaU 
lodaaae it ta the ptagua of 

WAadif the brif^ apot atay in Ma plaaa, 
«NMt aamad aat; la the Bkia, hot It «• aow»- 
what daHEf it'ia a rlaiag of the bnraiBg. 
and the prieat ahall a i aaa M aea Uataleaa^ 
ll» It te an iBrAamaMAan al> tha hanihg. 

S» Y If a man ar nooMn baaa a, plagaa 
BMa tba bend Of tiM baard ; 

WTben the prieat ahaU aee tha pl^pa? 
aadr Miald. if U be ia algfat daapar than 
tha akia.niMt eh«ra*a In UaTaUaw thin 

•nelaaai It <a a'^diy aaBtl,«aan a lapiaaj 

KAad if the prieat look on the pUgoe of 
tU aeall, and, beheld. It *a not ial aight 
«Mpa» than tba aUnv and <*«t there 4«ao 
biaek hair fai it) tbair tha priett ahall ahnfe 
«pMa«C*a( And* tba plagaa a( tha aeaU 

8S Aad In the aaaaatfardawihe prieat BhaH 
lorit an tbe piafne* ani^ haheM, if tha 
Mall anfaad nat, aiadtbara ha hi it ne velhnr 
hair, and tba* aaaUAe not in alght deeper 
than tha akin; 

«S Ba aba! ba ahnvaa. bat tha aeall ahaU 
be net ahave ; and the pataat ahnll that an 
MM «M Anil tbe aeaU aevaa dajn aaare r 

t Ktad f tba'ae wHM* da g the prieat ahaU 
laik avtba aeaU: nnd^ hdiablrV«l>*«wll 
be aet awdbd ta riia ^ 
areaaaaaa btan ale 
Ma elatbaa, and be 

a akin, nor Aa in alght 

» P a»IP M lad c aai aptead taaoh in the skin 

M «Ma «w<palaat afaaU htok on bin: and, 
MMIftfjUWaaall ba apiaad la the ahfaa, 
Ji^ M f WW y a nah MalTdar TaBaa hate; 

WaahlftbaaaaHhatel daaight atxtai^. 
in; tha aeaUia healed, be {*aiaui« and tba 

;« 1 1f a nan alao or a weaian have in tba 
akin of tbaiadeah hnigbt apala, aaen whlta 

Ihl Thaa lb« paliat aliall k _ 

tf aba htigbt apouin tha aUa a( tbalr 
fa darkiah «bt»a. it <« a ftaefciad apot 
groweihintbaBkin: haiaalean. . . 

40 And tbaaaa wUMatMOr iaCaUan off 
bia .hand, hate bald ;»at<a ha «ieaa» . 

U And ha tut I)ath hU hair CtUaa aff Craaa 
the part of hta head toward Lie taoe, ha ta 
forehaad-baldt yati^haelaaa. 

4S And if tbara be in the bald l>aad, at 
baMfoaobaad,.nwhita.>addiah aoaa: it ia 
a iaproay aprang up ia Lia l>aid bead, or hia 

4a TlMn the prieat ahall kiok npon Ui aad. 
haboM. if tha rtaiag ac «be «ore U white 
laddiab in bia bald head, ac in his bald 
forehead, aa the ieproaj appearatb in tba 
aUnafthaaaab; . 

44 Ua la a tonraaa nun. he {• uiseiean > 
ttaa priaal ahall paaiMaaaa kin utterijr ua- 
oleaa ; kla plague ie la bis Lead. 

4fr Aad tha leper in viie« the plagoa w, 
hia alethea ahaU harent, aad Lia head hate, 
aad M ahall /pat a eoveriag npon bis up. 
per lip, and ahall erj, n Uaaiean, unalean. 

40 AH the d^» wheteio the plague uhall 
I* in. Un ha ahaU he doiUed; he ta va- 
oleaa : he ahaU dwell aiaae ; iwlOMKtt the 
eamp tkall hia habitation 6e. 

42^ Thagannentalao that the plague of 
leproay is in* wAatfAar it ba a wootivu gai^ 
BMni, or. a linen garment ; 

48 )i\'betber it i« in the warp, or woof, of 
linen, or of wooUea ; whether in a skin, or 
in any t thing made of skis ; 

4t» And i^ the plagna U graeniah or aad- 
diah in the garait. or in the abia, either 
in the warn, or in the woof, or in aay * thing 
of akin; it i« a plagne tf leproay, and 
ahall baabnrad unto iho prieat t . 

<iO And tha prieet shall look upon the 
plagne, aad ahatnp t( tAa<Aa(A the plagaa 

51 And be ahall look on the plague on the 
a ef Un th day i U iLa plague be spr«»d in the 
either in the warp, or in ■ ' 

Of ia a akin, or ia any worJi that Lt mado 
of ak-a; tlie plagne ia <a fretting leprosy; 
it it ansleati* 

fiS He ahall therefore bora that garment, 
whethM «arp or woof, in woollen or ip 
Unen, or nny tLlag of akin, wherein the 

' ' '- ■" ' betting leproay; it 


_ .__ prieat , -. 

plague be not spread in the gar- 
her in the «a^, ar ia the woof, or 
ia nay thing of akin; 

M Than the prieat shall eenunaad that 
the* aaib tha mm§ wherein the plague ia, 
ana he shall shut it up seven dsys more s 

» And Iha prieat al.att Jeokan the plagne. 
after that it ia waahcd • if-? ^-^-iCifiLa 
plagae liare not ebaagtiT I.: * 1:' \"\. r, and the 
plague be not apread* li ■> UbfJ an ; iLou 
■la* baraitinthafin-; it >i Inward, 

' ■:! dr T.i.L.,OU^. , 

4i old, the 
plagae 6a aotaewhat d iLo, wasUr 

ing of it:! thca l.a aht 1 «t of tie 

nt«era«t.«rtba akin* or out of the 

oraataftba.vaeft- ■ 1 

NAatAer it^ bare. wiLi. 
66 And If tlie prieat l< 

TV rites mid taerifices 


b •Sum. iO. 0. 

«««•>.». 19. 7. 

tHab. «iM« 

9rk. UQ. 


Mark 1.41. 

( eh. a. 1. 

- «. U.4. 


• Es. 21.21. 


teh.S.9. A7. 

6. litLSS. 

•7 Ami if U appMy atUI te _ 
either I* tiM irarp, or ta tiM waof; or iB aajr 
thine oT ikiBf it << a »ptm4ing frf«irMOT 
tboa ebftlt burn tlwt wbereiB the vUtmit 
with fie. 

M And the gameat, either warp, or woel^ 
or whateoerer tbtag of skill it ie^ wfaieh 
thoa ehatt waeb. if the plagoe be departed 

■eeoad time, and shall be eleaa. 
60 This i« the Uw oif the plagno of ieproi^ 
in a garment of woollen or liaen, either in 
the warp, or woof, or any thing of sUas, to 
"" liean, orto '' ~ 


n* W(M mui tmerifiem is <<«aiutiif th* Itpir. 33 
n* tifu^ h fitif f im m ktntm. 48 flU WasM- 

AXD the LOBD spake onto 
- inSi 

S ThisabaU be the law or the leper in Ibe 
day of bU cleansing » He* shaT^ " 

eamp; and the priest 

held, if the plague of leprosy bo healed in 

the leper ' 

4 Then i 
for him that 
sUto and dean, and ieedar woodt and 
■ soarlet, and * lihrssop i 

6 And the priest shaH < 
of the birds be killed in 

him that U 

ipen him thi 
leprosy /« 
him elean. 

As for the Hving hird, he ahaU take It, 
and the eed« wood, and the searlet, and 
the hyssop, and shall 

7 And b« shaU 'sprinkle ni 
to bo cleansed ft«m the 
times, and shall pronoaaei 
sfaaU let the HTing UrA loose 
open field. 

» And be «hal is to be eleanaed 'shaU 
wash his dolhes, and shave off aU Us hats, 
* and wash hiasseif in watery that he may be 
elean: andaAer that ho shall eome into the 
eamp, and isball tarry abroad oot of Ms 
tent seren days. 

9 But H shaU be on the serenth day, that 
be shall share all bis hair off his hand and 
his beard and his eyebrow s , even aU his 
hi^ he sbaH^hare off: and bo shall waah 
his clothes, also b? shall wash bis flesh In 
water, and bo shall be clean. 

10 And on the eighth day «he shall take 
two ha Umbs witboat Llemlsb, and one enee 
lamb tof the first year withent blsarish, 
and three tenth deals of One flevr fo^*tk 
meat eflerlng, mingled with oil, and one log 
if oil: 

11 And the priest that maketb Mm dean 
shall present the man that Is to be maide 
elean, and thooe things, before the LOM>, «< 
the door of the tabenaeie of the eongregn- 

IS And the priest shaH Uke one he huab. 
jid "offitr liim for a treepass offering, and 
the log of oU, and "ware them for a wanro 
offering before the LoKD - 

where he shaU kil 

It offering, in the holy plaee : for i>as 

sin offering U the print's, eo to the 

trespass offering; «it to sMSt hely i 

14 And theprieelahaB takOMMOOftha 

bhwd of «wtiMpaM«flMMrM«*»»*i* 

rimH pM to '■*•■ thv «ip eC tto vf^ 
e<him thatlB*obo«toaaasd.aBd«poa 
thumb of his right tumd, and upon the ■ 
too of Ma righa foot. ■ 
U And the priest ahaU take smm of the 
leg of oU, and ponr to into the palm of Us 

sMinklo of Aba • 


KAadof thonsetoCthaoathat to ki bis 
band shall the priest pot upon ths tip ef 


aBdnpea«bo4hMihof Us ^ "' " 
open the groat toe of his 
the btoodaf the ttssiisns of 

M AadUmrimnMl of the^.tlmttoiB 

2U And the priest shall cOsc tho hwrnt of- 
foriag amd tha meat offettof npoB the sOlar : 
andikenrieatihnU make a» atemsmant for 
him, and he shall be aieaa. 

SI And "if bo be fmn, and teaanot get ao 
asneh; then ha ahaU^akaono lasah/era 
traspaas«aeriacttabevarad, to makaan 
atnacmsnt for Urn, and aao Issitk deal af 
fine flour mingled with aU for a 
ing, and » Jog of ell t 

tt^Aadf - • 

sat > And he aha> brtag them OB the eigMh 

SftVAndthoprisotiriMU take thalamhof 
thatnuiass ofbringf nad tha kc of aU* and 
the priest shaU- war* them /or a vara *f> 
fostag befoM the homot 

" ' the lamb af the tioa- 

some of the Uood of the 
and pnt to apoB tha tip of the ilghftaMr of 
Urn that is to be olsaMed. and nprnt the 
thmnbaf Us right hasid, and open the great 
tea of his right foot. 

SG And the priest ShaU po«r of the oU into 
the palm olUaowa lefi hud 

S7 And the prisat 

S7And the prisat shaH jmstnkla with Us 
rigbt finger some of the ell that to in Us 
left haaCaeraa tiaMa bafoaa the Low» : 

~ the arieal nbnU pM of the aU timt 
band npon the tip of thnt<|h*«ar 
bat is I* be eleanaed* aad npen 4he 

to in Us 
of him that 

thnmb of bis right band, and upon tha gnsat 
teeaf Us ri^ foot* «m» the plana of tfas 
blood af the tnopnm efcfiac t 
» And thamatofHwoithattolntbe 

that to ta he 

htoBoment for Um before the Loan. 

80 And he ahaU offi»r the ona 4tf "the 
toitlodovee, or of the yonng pigrsna> snoh 

«1 AwsanabashetoaUatoget. the one 
/»!> a Bin aOMng, and the other /or a burnt 

" " ' t and the 

It for Um 
thattotabe plisnist hitonthaliOM*. 

*S TMs to the lasr il^Maa la BkMa^ Iho 

J L^troMf im a ko*K. 


7'ft^ umctrtmnfM* of mf^ 

Ss'y Aad the LOKD ipalu lOtto Momi tmA 
ttato Aarm, iMinf, 

M •WlM ;• b« SMM talo tin luid of Os^ 
BMB. whleb I give to you for ■ ponoMioD, 
■ad I part tb* flttfo* otttpntf in » hooae 
•rtiM )u4 sr jo«r poMoHloD ; 

S6 And ta» tlM owtietb tke Iioum Bbdl 
eooe and t«U the print, Mylsf, R Mem- 
Mli to mo tktra i« u it troro rfa plane in 
tbohMM "^ 


as Then tbo prieal (hall oonmiaad tbat 
tkoy ttetapty ttto hooae, befbfo tiie prioct go 
Iwla t« to tM tiM plssM, tbat all that !• 
ia tbo boon bo not aiado tmoloan : and 
allsnrard the prioat ahaU go ia to see tbo 

ST Aiid bo abaU look on tbo placae, and. 
ilagao 6« ta tbo waUa of tbe 
>w itrealM, mcnisb or red- 
ai|^ aro lowor tban the 

b«h«ld. 4/ tbo plagao 
honso with hollow itn 

» TbMi tbo prtoat ibaU go eat o( tbo booBo 
to tbo door or the honio, and abw op the 
booM aeTon daya : 

aaventb dagr, and abaU look : a . 

iftU plague bo apread in tbo walls at tbe 

tbosr take away tbo atones in wbieh tho 
plagao ia, and tbey ahaU eaat tban iato aa 
aMleattjplaee wttboat tbo eity : 

41 And be iball eauaa tho bonae to be 
■orapod wttbin roond lAout, and tkeir AaU 
■pom oat ttoe dusk that tboy aompo off wftb- 
oat tho eitT iaio aa tmoleaa plaeo : 

42 And they ahall take other ttoaea, and 
mt (A«m in tbo plaeo of thoao atonea : aad 
M abail take other BMmar, oad ahall plaster 

a»a«tbo stoaos, and after ho hath aenped 
tbvbavao, aad after U y plastered ; 
44 Then the priest sbaU oobm aad look, 
aad, bobold. </tho plane bo sproad in tbe 
kooso. ft <« 'a ftottiag leprosr ia the b<ni8e : 

46 Aad bo ahan break dowa tbo boaae. tbo 
itoaaa of ia, aad tbe Umber tbofwof. and all 

tbeaoHarortbofaona*: aad he ahall enrry 
IkoM forth oat of the etty iato an nnelown 

MMonorer.botbatgDoth iato tbo ^aao 
Ot mr wi,ij«tt«[ kM«Bha«tq> sbaU be on* 
(Am HuiU llM t*m- 

47 Ani bt Ibal ll)€tb fat tbo houae shall 
ww4» lit* nlathsAi aed bo tbat eatotb in tbo 

m ibaLI wvk IkLi 4ktbes. 

And Li' [Jul prLeat tabaB eooM ta, aad 

I In 

r the I 

»«ji [jlM4>r4id- iJwB tbe priest eball pro- 
mii\uii^ i}u hmiRn oUui, boeaoao tbo plague 

A.* Aad /be dmll take to oioaaao tbo booso 

VI And bP ibaU hill tbo 

bird. . 


of the Mrds 
lag water: 
eodar wood, aad 
earlet. and tbe Uriag 
tbe blood of the «bta 
lag water, aad spria- 


V^i* of llH Urt, aad wlib iha euk^ , 
mtH, aad witfa ebe Ihlbf Mid« u4 vttli 
tbo oedar wood, aad wHb tbo Icfaaop, aad 
«itb te searlet i 

53 Bat ho shaU let go the liring bird oot 
of tbe eity iato tbe opea Holds, and "u ' 

M This <• the lawfor aU maaaer of plagae 
of leprosy, aad iseall, 

55 Aad for the •leprosy of a garmoat, taad 
of a houae, 

5S And 'for a riaiag, aad for a saab, aad 
for a bright apot: 

57 To^teaoh twben U ia unclean, aad 
whoa it i« oloaa i tkb <e tbo law orieprosy. 


AMD tbe Lomo epako ai 
to Aarea, saytag, 
S Speak aato the ebildrea of Israel, aad 
say aato tbem, "Whea aay aaa bath a 
KraaalBg iaaeo edt of Ua flosh, 6sea«e« e/ 
bia iseiit he is iiwcileea 
8 And this SbaU bo his naeleannoas ia his 
«e«b ma with his issae, 
^ ,>pod ftaoi Ua issoe, it U 
Ua oneleaaaoee. 
4 Erery bed, wbereoa be lietb that hath 

ho situth, shall bo naeloaa. 

5 And whoaoerer teueboth hU bad eball 
waah bit dethea, *and bathe /ijmmsI/ in 
water, aad bo unelean until tho orea. 

And ho that aitteth on any thing where* 
on ho sat that hath the issue »hall wash his 
elotbos, and bathe him— If ia water, aad 
bo uaeloaa uatil the even. 

7 And bo tbat touohcth tho fleeh of him 
that bath tbe iaaao abaU waah hU elothea, 
aad bathe Mmt^-ta water, and be uaeloaa 
until tho cren. 

8 And tt bo tut bath tho iaaao spU upon 
Mm tbat is elean; tbsn ho sbaU wash his 
olotboa, aad bathe AimasJ/ la water, and be 

9 And what s a ddle eeerer ho ridoth upon 
tbat hath the iesao ahall bo naelcan. 

10 And whoseoror toneheth aay thing that 
raa uador him abaB be aaelcaa naUl tbe 

even i aad Le that bearetb «m» o/ thoao 
tbtagv shall wash his olotboa, aadf bathe 
Atmeef/tn water, aad be uneleaa until tbe 

11 Aad wbemieorer be toaebetb that hath 
tbe issue, aad bath not riased his hands in 
water, ho abaU waah his elothee, aad bathe 
Mmtlf in water, aad bo unelaan uatil (be 

la And tbe 'roasel of earib, (hat be toneb- 
ith wbieh bath the iaaao, shaU to broken : 
aad erery Toeael of wood shall bo rinaed in 

U And whoa ha tbat hatb aa issue la 
eleansed of bis Issue, then <<be shall nnm- 
berto blauelf aoron days for Lie oleansiBB, 
and waeh bia alethos, aad bathe Lis flesh in 
wtor, and sbaU bo oleaa. 
>n tbo eighth day be shall take to 
lartlodoreo, or two young pigeoni, 

before tbe Loao unto tbe door of 

tho taboiaaele of tbo ooagrcgatUm, tmd give 
them aato tbdprieet: 
15 And the priest shall ofibr them, /tbo 
ima/oraaiB eteriac, aad the other for % 
hwaieCNlac: 'aad tho prioelahan make 




Stn ^enng for. th^ % 


• •k. 11. 47. 

Urat. 2t. 8. 
la IJ. 23. 
K*. «. 11. h 

■s •.msnufnt fat hta bcforf tk* LOBS Car 
bip 1-MK- 

!■ AhiJ i If u^ iiiali'« WF^ III eBjmlMiLiq |* 
Wit rriHii htmi Ll^n W ihatL »Ull uJ hli <l<r-Ul 
in ^atcr, >IhI[ tu uhcVrtU h1»[tL ikir Vt^h- 

«fwriHii ]j lIki ntfuLur i!ii}iiitMliii<i.aLi44J \m 

ndb«i| lillti *U<I, tuJ I4 uq(]»4> >um 

tkl lirntr 

Iht IPj/Ai IMd (if If )IUl*l1dp,H lUdf 'tv^li h^th 
^^i.\\* thtm^ivr* lu «ihl#r, ui4t iIh unelcMi 
undlll^ r\ru- 

Vi ^ .4 H'l i iT & wmnaa Ii9v« «□ li-iuu , a.i^ 
Itk-r iai.ud Lb Imx 9mrU bn LIihkL, tlir iLi.ll bci 
t jnH- >p^TLMii*a d^i : tuA 'pJknMWh or UruoL- 
*lh lu^ Ahill li unvkna unCLl Lli» ri^U. 

til Aad rv^rj' L[Kl.AtC tlml #]..« Jirllj tlpno Ib 
Jker aBpu-illiiB fikiJI 1^ LuicSrilin 't^ttj iJiiBf 
klM tkal. bIe ilitctEj M^\1i ilnll kiB bn^W^a, 

ffH*r+ «Bi| Im BlrtltlAK BBtU Ul* tT«ll- 

M Ami vbMwvor iMwhw b tt^j i>Upf <Jwt 

tlw I3t «p4i| «k^<il V4>fa llJf rJjiLLA4, Ukd 

jl^qiliriii'Bii A: 

i;> Anil if "^4 WHOB liiT« Hh iMin» nf liicr 

U>Pd4 IIUV7 Ju^N 4»I1^ SF i M Lli*e. df Lr.r |t|^- 
HpaniUtn t bII LUin il^ji o/Umi l^iDr nf Iwir 


«lM» tb«T offertd b«far« tk« LoKD, wd 

'J And L>Hj l^i|[[h*nld imtn Hrtin, i^pouk 
tmtit Ambr IIlj IntLeTt ihU br J-ciHuna Hot 
■I& lil lilnici LttU ilr* Iral^ Jtf4f r* <[Uh Ul« 
v»iL bfjan LIm boteihu , t^?Li[:h 14 dimui tbc 
luk ; llimL lit ilii; nul. ; tijt ^1 wilL ajf^enX in 
lltfi «iiiuil tLputi lid hUiri' j' aetU 

21 Tliiu iliAil Adxnb rfAvmni L11U Ibl lioljr 
ji4ded; '^Uh > jauiii bulLrik fOT B sin 
dSarinfi auiI il raiu li>r A bum tlffHTlD^. 

4 11^ eiLdll Lul tju /Lli« IidIj' Hiite* »•(, 
Uid IicxIjuJI Ira he Uk Itntn 1>h««elirt Mpm 

ijJnll«. i^d itLUi -tlrt ]Jb*d mkLri jJtfeJt t>B bo 

br-i? - «^] Im pub Ui BhIl Jji w*i«t, aad 

HI |tut |i|4iu «|k 

ml Klif pluJJiK^ vf linrl Lvu- Uik uT Um 
-(kir a itn tJlewibg, Lbd atiB lmi> Tw a 

BHkt* '(kir a itn 

buraL afr-riiiii. 

(t .\A[1 ABjuta ikUl «flbf }kL» hiUHib ?r tke 
lib affeiiBCi BLlcIt ip fi>r lUMHilf. Mi*) ■inske 

ui UdbEiBtii^ r«r kbptarUV mj4 fin liu ln>iiM. 
7 Aifd Iw vlAtl ulbe \it» i-'^n copier •od 
l^rrHtit tlHih [iKi^rp i,l|it LuHjj ui ibv 4oar 
- Lwl, VT >}B Aaj LliifiT »!' Ui>t ulvms^Ji" (tf l4t« wnp'C^J^tt- 
Flwjtl li» MUylj^iU tl. I j^ Aai ,%%Sfm aknil L-4n ku m><^a 1 liij' two 
111] (iir tr^'Mk. «i«4l ; flOfl ii^L Air tt|C LUOU^ kiut dui iither 

III fiLUi brf fet all. Mtd I tui ^<T F3i« ^ ■«kp~.'|iubL 
hrr 4vi«fTJ t* U]hH LLlfi, l-i> iJinlli M un- I it J^ii- Abj^i ptmli tifilur Lha piml upon 
toil aU liM tii;4 wUtTWiEi vlilelL Lli^ tnun'd lot ^ fi^Un Bbtl wltr bia 

W^rfnT I 

flbUiBnj al Lrr Brfianiili^il. 

IT lad wliB^iniiT *«Kttii 

— MiiiWJ-**iiy* 

If lb* l!« cl*wt>i4 vr iwr Luv. 

li I Dul iNe EVM , irii wLiflli 1]m] kt ^U [O be 
lIm HilprfinL, ilnll lj|i |j*BMhWi1 uLLni^ b*- 
fufti lW L^'i ILJ I, i<t aiakw i Uh aivQflMJliL «itb 

Lhoi, otif Id ]pL LJHL ^ r>ir H 4U|^Kiii.L late 

r^»p ITvlil,' nin^i- 

]I 4nJAu°«*t<4itlvln|rll!.:bii]L[ic]ii>.>'tbe 
itn Hf&innf , w^Ij u taw IilubveI^ uni -hall 
ni^liP J14 MnpuuJuiiL fiir tjbnudlf, Bn4 inr bia 
biiKiM.. Aitil «kil] \i]l thr biilLuei dl Um^ ain 
DlGpr>a|[ nLirli u fixr JLiuuElf : 

1^ jiiut iif 4LikJ] tBkd ^ B ■L«tiHf ftdl •! Iiniiar 
Lag uf R rr fh«B uff i1k< tXlAt \'rturv tba 
LiinETi, Uid Lli bBbdi rklL (if " tWRi Euntnae 
brBh-a iDiiU, Lnd Irliaij U tIeLIii ibf^jil: 

U^.VtHlLB^AlL iJutllM IqOdlMi 4|iM$ tbe 

lUv i»-iM^ LJw LiiiUi, tUt Ub* rituX H^t tbe 
Iiii<c4t«fl pi^f fliKir tJ)»-iiin,!T t*M r 

UJ>l^^ liiC' l<|allJBvDJ, tliai ii« ll^ IL|1| : 

iWl tfl^rr tiiM «Im khitl Iw cleBB. UJX^^ lii<- l^iailJBvDJ, tliai Iji il^ mil : 

DO H^SJ n U*! ^-ULLbi da; liiii iliiJi IkkE '« JLnd '%<! kEibIE LlLu bT tlw bltx^a uf tbe 
Batif ItE'r tvB inriivf , vr ITQ JuniDi; plcotlu, iKuLUiot BBid 'I«|,tLuUb H vklL LL| Dogez 
bb4 IjrlB^ liiADi btjiJi tlvti (irkrilr I' tbl il*Of np^ tU* mrrpj hbE nnlwBril i bbJ Irfon 
mt 1 ba |3.l«rB^iD ■d'f lb» fiiVfriV ■^■-^'V', 1 Ih mrTi-v H4l bLbII Ttu t^iritiLlr iif lln I'iood 

9) Ami till! Jjrk>t a«itiB i^fln W,c lainy /uj- a ' irUti EJj Hbcd^ n^^bo Lkawj. 
lEh Otffff Lnt, Hti Uif BlUr J'i\r 4 tjumt ciSfr- LJ ^ 'TtjHl BltkJ] Iw klU iJie n»U of tlw; iin 

■ " wtuwii- ulIriJUK, tl.*l i« fiiT ihti Jmi[*j, titd Wmf 

e ijuiii i\ig nLmM * *kULiti ilj< Tali-, uil iki vl^' tbat 
{ Ulu'^ B< L» djd n llh. Ui« Iilw4 »f IU13 Wlirak. 
.^„- _. unfl ntirttiliV It u|iQin tbn mcwr .»»«, 
]an4l Ct-Nin tl^Lr uiicli-iuiiDf wi : tlsl ttw; b«f<or* lift HlrlMT twN 
Alff IWI4 Lb I IkLt vn«bwliiHW». %ii.Hh tl^ J* [la- l!l ^it 1m iMJl miallD kn BCauDqunc for 
■1* 411.T kilwrBBck Uiflt i» UBObf liwrn. t^H boi^ Jf^K^, Iimbluk of Llv umileBDneaa 

atl^TtiEi 14 lLe isTi.r iiiin Uit^c JMti Ui nf rtr* cbLlJnfB af Iimvi, bb^1 Ii'ubui.) of 
latua, 'BB<u^AirMviM«» HnMl fv*Ui flWa tMr Imn^piHiLivii. ]u Bli tlicLr iiH. Md 
Mm, Bttdi^ ^ILlfd tlirtn^illll. J m *|illL lur ila Tjr LEir tnlvTtb^^V «l U-f iMn- 

03 ■ AjuI of Iwr LbBl U tttfit ftf >«! Hi)**!*, I fit^Btkda f tliBt 1 [r>ii»Jii<;lli Buiwliit Uwut in 
■B1I Mf L1l-l tkkl klfli an i*H»r ff Ui> 4BM, iLr Dtul^t oT tliclf ux.d*4u^PiF<'L, 

- ' ■ ' -4jf] sf IJra Urn* ii«lL I t r * AihI < |i*-if i Ji*ll bir rj. . juui in ItiF i±1)er- 

A^aL U LIw 4lulitf ^Bti^ « Wu bu 4iv* Lit la 

t Wh.I_ iMi 

reh. 4. 5. 

H*b. ft IS. 

8S. 4110. «. 
fob. 4. 6. 
rH«h. 2. 17. 

* A. 8. 4k «. 

If i0twinff inf thr prajiff. 


Eatinff of Mooti J'orbidiien. 

H«l>. 13.11. 

iScM. ML 
di.a. «7. 

Xuk a,7. 



and pot it upon the boms of th* al 

19 And faa «ImU spriidte of the Moad 
fl with bia flngar MTtn timMr and el 
ft, ud from tiw tradsMSMM of 

20 1 And when he Iwtb attd* aa end «r 
•rceaiMitinc tbabalyptaM, and th^tabw- 
Me>« •Ctb«wnfi«gatian> aad the altar, h« 
abaU brine the Ut« goa* 1 

n And Aaroa ateU fa^ both M- i^>»«- 
■BOB «h« bead of th« Uva goat, aw 
orcr faim aU the tnlqaltiea of Che 
of larael, and aU their tHHUgneoione In aU 
their olna, "Mtdng them open the bead of 
the goat, and ehan aend Mm awanr hy the 
hand of t«fla nan into the vUdeman ; 

SS And the goat obaU ibear apoD. Mm aU 
their tntqattieeimtaa land t aoi iidiabited : 
■ad he ObaU let go the gooA In ttie wUder- 

tt And Amtoo ohaU eone into the taber- 
nnele ofthe eoagicgatieaf, «aBd abatt put tf 
the linen garmeata, «Meh be poiea wberi 
ha iMBt into the holy ptaee, and ahaU leave 

ai Aad be rimll iradi Ua «eah ailh water 
in Cite Iioly piaoe, and pat on his ga^aene[^ 
aadoeaie fbitb,4<aaa4(ato bie tamt oCir- 
lag, and the bomt oAring of the peeple, 
aad 'Hake an atOMoaeBt for biaaaeU^ aad 
nr tlia peoples 

2S And*the fU ofthe ain eArlag ahaU he 
bovn apon the altar. 

t6 And he that let go the goat for the aeape- 

- ahaU waab Ua dothea. /and bathe hia 

' water, andafterward oome into the 

fft Mod the baBeak /ertha aia OAriig, 
aad the goat for ttie ain oSbrlBg^ whoae 
...__- ... ^ j^ ^ — L. _. . ._ 


the holy pteee, afaal one earrr fcrthw 
eat the eamp ; aad «hey ahaU bom 4n loe 
Are their aklna, and their flesh, and tiwir 

MAad he %hat bnraeth them abaQ waah 
bis dothea. and bathe hia ileah in water, 
■nd aite ahail oenwinto the eamp. 

» f Aad thU ahall be aatatnta tn over 
onto yoo: that *in tbe aeventh BMtoth, eo 
the tenth tfaiy of thaneotmya ahaltaaiet 
Toor aeols, and do na worlc at aU, wM««/ker 
it be one of yoor orm eoontry, or a 

that iojeoinetb anoag yea 
W For «B that dajr ahall; Me ^riat make 

all year aina before 

SI Alt ahaU fte a aabbath of rest tiato yon, 
aad ye ahall afliot your aonla, by a atatnte 

83 <And the prieat. whom ho abaU naofait, 
aad whom be ahaU t • eenseorate to miaitter 
IB the prieat'a oiRoe in hia ftither'a atead, 
ahaU make thv atoBement, and ''ahaU put 
on the linen elotbes, even tbe holy gar- 

83 And «he ahaU make an aHoaement fisr 
the holy aanetnary, aad be shall BMke an 

gation, and for the altar : and he ahall 
a* atenenank fin the pr t t o ta , aad for-all the 
people ofthe eongregatioD; 
M'ABd «hia ehan be«a««erbwtiagatat- 
vta aata wa;«0 make ta aMaement for the 
ehfldren of land »» all theit afeaa Vonce. a 
jWBR. . Aad IM did aa the LOB(D 

^ . mtnU^fimt 

t^AM*. M» Km Mtfwe ^ tUo* ii ftMUtm. 
Uamdt^Uat vUtk Mi, ^ ilt^. tri* l«m. 

AlfD the LOKO spake unto Moaea, say- 
ing, . . 
S Speiiii BBto Aaroa, and anto his aooa, 
and onto all tbe diUdren of larad. aad aay 
— --— - Xhl, 4e tha.thiBg wbioh |be 

eirtiie boQie 
of larael, "that Ulleth an os, ee hnab, or 
goat, in, 'the oamp, or that Ulleth it oat of 

.4 iAmi btlageth it aot aatothe door of 
tlio taberaaele of the ooagregatfoa, to offisr 
aa oflbring nnto the Lojua bafiwethe tabei>- 
faeie Of ObaLoBO;. bleed sfaaUfaa^«iaipnted 
aata that meat t a hath died fahied; aad 
that man (<BhaU be eat off fimn among Ua 

'Tfo the end that the ehUdrsD aC Xarad 
may bring tbdr saestfleea, ■vUehtbenoAtr 
\m thvapeaildd. arte Oafrthoy may bring 
then BBto the Losd^ nnto the dose of the 
tabemade of the ooagregatlon, onto the 

nntO'the LOBH. 
6 Aad-tba^psieet /shall spriakla tbe fcleod 
npen the altar of the LOBO «< the ' ' 

floes Aonto devils, after whom they ihatw 
goaeawhoriag. XfaiashallbeaatatBtefM 
ester aato them thrao^aat their ganem* 

8 K Aad tbMS stelf aay^-aato them. What. 
saevev Ban 4Aer».6« of the bease of larad. 
ar of the stiaagsn wtthib sejonn aaaaag 
yon, Athat offereth a b«nit efiering or saa* 
•WPff. ' ' ji - • 

ftAnd tbringeth Una* onto thedeoffoftUs 
<atoasBaaie of tha eoaffi)gi>iea»4o offer H 
nato tbe Lobd ; even that man ahall be 
mill iiff fiwa aiBimg lik i pla 

10 »And^whataoeTermaa. tAers 6e of tbe 
booae <rf Israel, or of the sttaagsra that s»- 
jaarh ria»Bg.jra»ii<tha* ea«etk:aay manaer 
of bhwd; ^IwiUareaaet myCaee agafant 
that aoul thateateth blood, and wUl oat Iflm 

)1 ofioc the life of tbeilaah {« in the Uoodt 
and I hare given it to 3aa-upa& the altar 
itfmafco an ate a e a ienk fas your, aools; fbr 
m <s the blood <Aa«maketkanatonaaBebt 

IS TWefare I aaid nnto the ehildren of 
laxael. No soolofyoo: ahall eat Meed, adther 

L thar* he of the 

yon eat Mood. 

18 And whataoever an 
ehildren.of larad, or tS 
so^oora among you, ^wbieb 'I 
satehnh any beast or faid that may be 
eaten; be shall even 'pour out tbe blood 
thereof, aad loorer it wttb dMt. 

M « For <«ie tbe llfa of aU flesh; tbe Wood 
oritiafcrthelifothereaft theteftire I said 
nnto the ehikbea o£Ia«ad» Yoahdlaat the 
biqod of no manaer of ileab ; for the life of 
all flesh <s the blood thereof: wbosoover 
eatath it sbaU bo eat oS. 
. 16 *And oveiT seal tiAt eateth t that wbleh 
died ofiteelf, or that which was tern «i4tA 

*^ L-^AL^ J* I . d ^^^^ M i M - 




M B«t if ha mah them iMt, nor Iwlbe Ua 
fledh; then 'he ttuUl besr Us iAi^^. 


Tkt mtrmpl rf«m«« •/ tht kealkmt /otMUm. 

Vmlmt^ marrimg**. U AUm i na U * lmM0. 

AMD the LOKO apsko unto Bleaea, aa;> 

8 Spe»k uto the ehiUna of lanMl, ud 
say onto tbem, " I am the LORD your Qod. 

8 (After the doinga of the iMad of Efirpi, 
wherein ye dwelt, sluUl ye not do: and <= after 
the doinga of tlte land of CaoMD, whither I 
bring you, shall ye not do : neithtr shall ye 
walk in their ordkaaoea. 

4 i(Te sbaU do my ^dsnaats, and kaap 
mine ordinanees, to walk thenta; lomlhe 
LOBO year Qod. 

6 Ye shall therefhn keep my statutes, and 
mrJudVMBta: 'whiohif aniaiL.dok.lw«baU 
Uveinthesii /lomtheliQBO. 

« ^ Mom ef yon Bhall-npproaeh to any that 
io tnesr of kin to Um, to imeovw M«(r 
nakedness; I om^he LoBl>. 

7 «Xhe Aak^dtaesa at thy .flrtber, or the 
nakedness of toy mother, shalt then not «a> 
ooTWfsfaa fathy - 

af tiiy fhther's wife shalt 
kwthyCathei's nidBed- 

aftlvaistar.ihe daagh- 

» their nalradaeei thon shalt 

f tl» father's wifs's 
Mgotten of thy Gather, she <« thy 
i-shall Bot naoorer her naked- 

of thy fhtbw's sister: 

site ts thy fhtbei's 


tfthgrmother'a sister: fiw she is thy moth- 
er's near kinswastaa. 

14 < Thon Shalt no* uneerer the nakedness 
of thy father's brother, then shalt not ap- 
proaehto falawifb: she t« thine aant. 

15 ■*Tbea shalfe not uaeorer the nakedness 
of thy daagbter ia law: aha U ihy son's 
wife; thoa shalt not uaoorer her aakedaes*. 

la » Thou shaU^Bot naeerer the nakedness 
of tt» brotfaer'a wift : it is thy brotlMr's 

17 "Thon shalt not nneorer the nakedness 
ofa woiaaa and her dsnghter, neither shalt 
tkoa taka her son's dan^tter, or hordaogfa- 
ter's dasher, to naoover her nakedness ; 
for they ore her near kinswomen: it i» 

18 Neither slmlt thoa take "a wtfl» to her 
sister, ''to vex Aer, to oneorer her naked- 
ness, besides tho other bt her life tune. 

10 «Al3o thoa shalt not approach nnto a 
woman to uaeover her nakaoaess, as long as 
she ti put apart for her andeanaess. 

ao Moreover ''tbou shalt not lie eamally 
with thy neighbour's wife, to deOs tfagrself 
with her. 

U And thou Shalt aot M any or tby M« 
•paw tiBMgk 4he Jire t*»Mdla«^ oMtec 

I am the Lord. 

22 «Thea shalt no* lie wHh isaBkiad, as 
withwankladi it4>ahowina>ion 

23t'Neither dtalt thoa iie with any beast 
ta doMrthyseif therewith ; neither shaU say 
woman stand before a beast to lie dofwa 
thetatoi itia'eoafiislon. 

S4 'OsAlfrBstyayearaelTes in anyortheee 
things: After in all these thenatians are da- 
filed wUeh I eaat oat bafisre you : 

85 And « tha land is dsaied : thereCm I do 
itvisit the initoity thereof open it, and the 

ftsi£Aef*any of 
yoor owa nation, nor aay straBgar that sa- 
Jonnetfa among yoa ; 

87 (ESor aU these aboasiaatlons ha«« the 
men of the land done, wUofa tears betes 
yOQ, and the land is defiled;) 

as Thatftha lead spewnot yon out also, 
whan yadeftte it, as H spewed oat the na* 


in the souls that 
ha «afe off ttvm aaung their 

«» ThoBsiira shaU ye hasp ndae ordlaaafla. 
Athaiyeaonimlt noiONyafMoCtheae ahea»> 


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r*p*tUio» s/ tundrf latfts. 

A ND the Lord spaka a 

af Israel, an#aay _. 

BhaU be holy : for I the UiftD your Qod oa* 

8 tYo shaU tmt every man 
and Us father, and «keap my 
atn the Lord yoor God. 

4 •fTuHi ye not nnto Idols, *ner make to 
yooraalres motten gods: I am the LORD 
your Ood. 

•6 And /if yaaftr asasrifleeaf peaee etiw- 
lags unto the LORD, yeshsMeifar it at yoar 


6 It BhaU be eaten the aame day ye offsr It^ 
and on the morrow : and if aught remain nn- 
til thethirdday, it shallbehnxnt in tbeflra. 

7 And if it be eaten at aU ea the third day, 
ttisahoodnaUe; it shaU not be aeseptedE. 

8 Tharetee ever* one that eatetti it shaU 
bear his iniqni^, beeause he hath profkned 
the hallowed thmg of the LORD ; and that 
aoolahaU be eat eC ftea among hia people. 

And s when ye reap the harreat of your 
land, thoa ahalt not ahoUy re^ the eomen 
of thy ield, neither shalt thsu gather the 
gleanings of thy harvaat. 

10 And tbou shalt not glean thy Tineyard, 
dmlt thou aatlMr eMrp grapo of 
ard ; thou slaH leaTo titem for the 
I strangn; I tm the Lord yoiv 

11 & Te ShaU not steal, neither deal fUaely^ 
• neither lie one to another. 

18 And yo shall not tswear by my nasse 
bisely , 'neither itoait tima profane the name 
of thy Qod: I am the Lord. 

IS ■'^Thoa Bhait not deftauid thy aei^hoa^ 
neither rob Mm.- <* the wages of hfan thatb 


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fltratitinm ttftmmdry laws. 


DiVtTt turn WmL ffTBtWHIOW . 

nnti] tlio moraine- 

M TboB Airil Mt MUM Mm dMf; • Bw not 
a ■tombUMblMk baton «lM Wad, bat liMh 
rSMrtfaTQod: loMtbeLoBit. 

1& f Y« abaU 4o so wuightMUiMH ia 

tb- ' ' . . iidltMa db£k iJioa 

tiki t.iiT n.i,iji,E ih>|Jl-T Bflllli^r «Jialt 

blHir. 1 i]«;Ui Ifl^Hti, 

l: ' Ttii'M ttsMh. [»«k. iMtt Ui; tunthir Lli i hine 
benTE : *' ttMiq. .iltaJt bn ujij' irurt xieLLL.<; tl^ 
BCTiibburr Jui'j DDL (uHer iin iLpiHi I i!."U 

l4- ' IlKTU ^^IJ uiL iTcn^L a\u biM.T UJ 

-kii' LLuU ilALt Jbi« UiJ Dvi|;tiUiur dd Lbj- 
)l-'< )'i' rL.^ k<«<|pl4]F4>4m*'- rb«q llAlt 

U::i.l . -"tLo^ tilth pi^t lit* iJkj bf'Jd vUh 
aairifJr'I Kp«nli . -^ Qtitihsr *kiB.U b, "imNBt 

■ .:tr;iL-J. qi UbAA I ■ 

«,iii4i. UgiL i« A Uiiidiii.b1'J, !'4-Ln<LLr..ii U» 
• Ji:i.fL4iHl. >lid not Dl uli twl»rnL^I. DOr 
b^<Ji<iij cLTcb tut t ^ tUi ili^ Li AE v^risd : 
Ulajr aJbU bat Lr |Hil hi jlEikUih Uu(£U-i; ■&« 

bmIc of tb« coagrogaiiaot mma » tmb fi» i 
trospM* oibriitc* 

a And tbo prieat ■bdlnMke an atooement 
Cvr bim witb tbo ram of tbe treipaas oiforlng 
b«fm tb« Loao te bia iia wbteb be hath 
doa« ; and tbe ain wbioh tw bath doBO sball 

S3 And Kban y« aball eome into tbe land, 
wdaball bare planted aU laanBar of tteea 
for food, tben je abaU eooat tbe froit (b«i»> MieitvaaMiMdt time yean ibaU it 
be aa nnaireuBolaod unto yoai it aiiaU not 
be eaten of. 

94 But in tbe Jborth year aU tbe fniH 
tbenefabaUbetboly<to|>raiae tbe Lobd 

tf And in the flftb year abaU ye eat of 
the fknit thetoeC that it may yMd unto 
yoa the ino r eaae tbareof: I aM the Losd 

W dXm afaaU not ea* amy <Mn^ witb the 
bl eed, 'naltber aball ye ua* enehaat—nt, 

57 / Xe ahall not raoad tbe eoHMra of year 
baada, naltber ahalt tboo mar tbe eocaera 

58 Ye aball not ' make anv enttinga in 
year fleah lor the dead, ner paint any marka 
apoa yen t I am the LOBo. 

» ^Do Boi -tpnetitoM thy daughter, to 
eauaebert»beaaboae; leat tbe land fall 
botedom, and tbo land beooiaa fkiU of 

80 iTe aball keep my aabbatba, and iroT- 
eronee my aanolaary : I a^» tbe Lobd. 

«1 <Bagard not them that have IbmUiar 
aplrita, neither aeek after wisarda, to be 
defiiadbytbent I am tbaLOBO yonr Qod. 

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bead, and boBoor the fboeof tbe eU maa, 
and"fcarttayOed: I am the Lobd. 

n And "U a altaneer ■ajoarn iritb thae 
in yoor land, ye aball not »t«i bin. 

•M fUut tbe atranger that dwelletb with 
yoa aball be nato yon aa eae bora anoag 
yon. and «thMi ahalt love bim aa t^lf; 
tor ye were atrangera in the land of Bi(ypt : 
lam the £OB»yoar Qed. 

35 ■'Ye aball do no nnrighteoaaaeaa ia 
MsBOBl* ia aatayard, in -weigbl, «r in 

56 'Jai« balaaeaa, luat tweigbta, a hiat 
mbab, and a )aat fain, aball ywlmToi lam 
the Lobd ym» tied, wbleb bnoaht yoa oat 

57 tTberefore BhaH y« •bacrra aU wy 8ta»- 
nlaa« aad all a^lwdgn— ta, and do tbein: 


„ kit dUMrm w JVW«ea .«(««(( 
wiMnfa : 9 (*•« mmnaA hi* fmmtttj Ml Aw 

ttktr akowunatiiu. 82 UMinei t* rt^ind. 

A 'Aflaia. than ahalt aay to the ebUdrwi af 
larael. t WbaeoeTer Aa Ae of the ehUdraa of 
Jaaael, er af the atnnfera that aojoora in 
laaaal. that ghretb any of Ua aMd unto Ma- 
lech; he abaU annly be pot to deaths tbe 
people of the toad aball ataaa Mm with 

» Aad'I will aet my CMoagatoit that maa, 
and will out him oC from among bla pcoptot 
beeanae he hatb giren of hia aeed onto Ma> 
leeb, to 4deflle lagr aaaetoary, aad 'to pro- 
thae my hely nam*. 

4 And if tbe people of the land do any ways 
bide their eyes fkvm the man, when be gtw- 
eth of hiaaaad OBta Moleebr aad / kiU Urn 

6 Thea 01 will aet my ftae agataiat that 
man, and Aagalnat hia fbmily, and will ant 
btaa. efl;and ail that <■• a erfaoaiag- after 
him. ta ooeamit wbofodem with Hotoeh, 
firom aaMmg their people. 

• AndMMoaoltUtc 


go a whoaing after them, I will even eat my 

7 5 /Baaotifa yowsoKea t h ara l wa, aad be 
yehely: fbr IamtheLOBDyear€ML 

^"AthI T4» jtnH V*-*!;* my ^* * 

tiMm. ■■I\ir,. L.,-l..hJ»wl 


J bia tether or 

i!^«ly pot to death: be 
' ' oorbia mottaar; 'Ua 

ihU eoemittetb adul- 

AH '■ wifit, even Aa that 

ith hU aeighboor'a 

11 i Ileth with hia fa- 

ther ■ win uMh uBQvverad bio fWther's na- 
kednaaa i both of tbem aball anrcly be pot 
to death ; their blood 9hall b» upon them. 

12 'And if a man lie witb hia £agbter in 
Uw, both of them aball autely be pot to 
death* I they bare wren^ 
blood aAott M obea them. 

la «If a man abe lie witb . 

bothwrtbam h«*» 

Divers taHrf>v 


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W«A%to 4ai«kt tMz Moitd tUmU bt upon 

1^ 'Asi it a uiBti i.klii a wilt i.r.iL h«r 
«ui[li«t, Ll U WlCltedliBH ; tlwj aIhJI be 
buttrt vilta lfe^ biAtl bn tibd tbrj^ that 
tbm-v ba no vlfllMdaRli ■□hjciq juu, 

i;i ^AijhI tJf «. EDU Jlji wtiL A )>«iriL EiB Aail 
wattij bfl put la ikuLj uai ^ iw&LL ilay 
Uir taAaE, 

ll^ Antl it a WVBlAB IpipMuili antu waj 
brUl, ftod Md ilti'U llKimiu^ Iiui«I pbnJl kill 
tbir vomiD, m j iLk ImmI : [liKj ^uklL sara- 
9; tw pitL t4 ilipMh i CtjEli- tiJiHd J^U b« 

IT 'Ami l^a iitui riui] i&kt hli nU^rT. bis 
, bilHir'j ilku^nvr, hit ih^ ■" "- ^!- igfa- 

' Irt. ftniJ tor \in itiikr>lui" bis 

■uk^UKU ; ii 1* a irky> ibey 

iLolL Im m^ 0^ Lfl t^F ^' . . s J>lo : 

ki? hM^i «T»ce*fln)il 3>J< r -(.; .- V—.-, — Jrt.; 

karlaiiliPr ueknpur 4fi>l ihtU iiih:j'( » Iwi 
iW^Hiatdt ; bti IjqEJt I Uit^fiir'eil )i«ir r-mnt- 
■la, BDiJ htiF luth un cifTvmii tlie- tJuntnlB of 
^Er Mmd : ati'i bnlh iiriLea] HtuiU lie ^toff 
ttim abi'jQf llH'Lr Jirflfik-. 

UtiJuic*} i)! it^ rnoilH']''d il44tt-i aur uf tby 
:hl]Mr'« »hMr ; ' Tar M iHEvmrbtli bia near 

t-t -iAnaiT p. mw- *b«1ll Lk with ■!<>! uwle's 
vil«. \ft lp*Lb OBKiTflreil bl^ giuili/i nilMd- 
iHt»: ibpj «bBiJ boar tjiotr "iii r ^li'.' 'hall 

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A^l] kl a mui ihklL ipkK h 
■ifq. It u ■ IiH uiir.JraB thCtiq i h.n Ijuli i an- 
■vrrra-l li\t 1itnilli«E'''ii unkv Juicki ; Ibej ibaU 

St 1 Tb iliaJI tliFPwn>rT< kiK-n oil mj /itat- 
ql-M-i, anil 1.11 mT juJ^cmrotB, ui'li rjn |]tem : 
tint tlia iBJiJi wLltliPF 1 IitIqc 7"" ^'A ^ikU 
UMiftiii. If »priT jfKi but r-u.i'. 

£; &Aa(I j« flball IHA nlk in Lbv uAQiten 
□r Lhr nalluTt. If Ueb 1 cb^M out WIu nr Jfoa.- 
E)r ihc7 D<]i[iTii1iii.Hl til ilMk AblDM, and 
iywPalhht 1 ttitetrml E3i*Mr 

2\ Bat ^1 libra MJd UbHu fOUi Te dl^lll iff 
Jl^rfL UmiHw LuiiJ4 «tud I W[kl I^Vp U WRCU JOU 
iu ifDinni U, h Itiiid ifM ll<M«th TeIi tnilk 
■ud hibDf t I Am- llii I'l'i^n jRkir (rod, 
' wbicL I1B.T D iwpiiratovl Jan frow sfJinr p«o- 

tiTrtti 4;lrn.n tiflOKB nr'.l uprfpnEi, m ' be- 
IWwH ilflflb^'t ftiwl4 "Jill CJcin : " 1 jro 
lift 1 1 noEi FIH^Ti jMir iiiuln a'^inciii^' :<i Ujr 
llwBitil. (it br nmli or by hcij ULUiiiir I lUr- 
bif iV-Tif tlio.!. -^rrvrpvLb uci (hr- j- lad, 
wlJfli 1 iiA^d BetikTMiihd fmra .t..i. -: ttb- 

SKk And fn ^liiilil bo Ltflj UntA mi' ' >^'>r I 
tilt LyiEEmjri li.ilj< bdJ J^Ihul lurnT-l yoo 
ftilrtt af^^r |iMipllr, Ihht n HbotiNI I < i'„.UO. 

If! 'f\ nmu abiHi rnr vvnum E.IhL ti2.i ;. iL fa> 
milLu- ipirit, 11^ tlia^ ]i» B #ituil. iiinii riar*- 
^ bfr ptLt Ki JcUli: Ibf^tbtjl fliyii« Ettem 
friUt A»utili^> ^&bi:tE' Mutfl nt'oU tut Hpon 


Sf ri* pHtiH,» w-i«Tii,n J n rtr, »rf» * Jfim.. 13 
p^ Atiw IMpri'^tw Irt via I •■,> niku AafA « 

A?i'TJ UMt I,OItb nhl UnEc 1Mi49*. npaak 
. uata ibn [jririi^ Lb« rnLi 'ir Mr>.-ii, and 
i»rrji»i,i iUhi, -irLnfH iiA;t n*.tn. 1m JhUod 
Irr ibfi i*i**i *Hi*f!g- 111* JUJDflP r 

S IhitriiT hL| ^Itl, rhnt U n*iT tm^n hitt, 
Mat ^, Ibr blj icmihcr, asil lu/ Jul U;M», 

•ad for Jtia Ma« •■& iw hia 4«aghl«r, and 
for hia brother, 

8 AiBd for hia eliln- a TlTsla. that U nkb 
unto Urn. whieh hath had no haabaad ffor 
her may be be defiled. 

4 A((«beahaU not defile bimaclf, Mn^ a 
among hie pet^le, 

6 AThey ehaU not make baldneea' upon 
their bead, neither aball they ehare off the 
ooraer of their beard, mm make any ent- 
tinga in tbeUfledi. 

6^ey ahaU he holy onto their God, and 

'not profone the name of their QoA: for 
the oinringa of the Lokd made by fire, and 
rfthe bt«ad ot their God, they do oifor: 

11 be h 

• talu 

I neiti 

. tbey 
therefore they shall be holy. 

T <They abaU net take a wife M«t U a 
whore, er prefhoe s neither ehaU they take 
a woman /p«t»w»y £rom> her hnaband : for 
be ia holy unto his God^ 

8 Tbon abalt eanetiiy him therefore ,' for 
be otforeth the bread of thy Godi be riiaU 
be hoty unto ibe»< 'f«r I the Lobd, whleh 
aanettfy you, am baly. 

9>And the daofhter- ef «ay -pfieet. if ahe 
profone beraelf by playiag the whore, «be 
proftuieth her foMiert ab» ahall be burnt 

10 7 <Aad Ae tktU ia Hba high prrieet 

-povM^I, and Mhat fo eon- 
aeer^tted'to pat on the garpeate, 'ahali'not 
att«o««r'Ms bend, nor MM hia cAotbes ; ' - 

11 Neither ahaU bo "««o in to any dead 
body, nor defile himaelf for hia fatb*r, or 
for hia mother ; 

IS "^Netther thai) he go out of the aanc- 
tnary, nor profone the aanctuary of hie 
God ; for <'tbe erown «f the anointing «H af 
Me Oo4fo npon him t I mm the LOBO. 

13 An d I'he sbaU take a «ifo in her-rlr. 

H A widow, or a dtvotoed womanv er 
profluie, or a harlot, theee ehall be net 
take ; but he ahall take a virgin of hia own 
people ta wife« ■ 

15 Neither ahall be profane hia aeed among 
Ma people: for SI the L<»iD do aaaotiCy 

10 7 And the LoBD apake onto Moeea. 

17 Bpeak unto Aaron, aaying, Whoanever 

Ao'fteof tbraeed in their generatioae that 
hath any blemiab, let him n " 
to offer the « bread of hia G6d. 

18 Forwhataoerer OHm he ba that hath -a 
blemish, he aball not approaoh: a bl|nd 
man, or a tame, er he that bath a fiat noao, 
or any thing '««perflaoa«, 

10 Or a man that is brokenfoeted, or bro- 

eo Or eiookbaeked, or «a dwarf, or 4h«l 
hath a blemish in hia eye, or be aenrry, er 
iieabbed, or thath bie atonee broken ) 

SI No man that batb a blemhh of the seed 
«f Aaron theprieatchali oome nigh to "oflfer 
the offerings of the LOBD made by fire ; he 
hath ii blemlah : he ahall not come nigb to 
offer the bread of hia God. 

9» He ahaU eat the bread of his God, both 
of the "most holy, and of the vholy. 

aa Only he aball not go (n onto the vail, 
nor oome nizh unto tl:e altar, bccaaae he 
hath a blemiah; fhat *be profono not ray 
for I the Lobd do aaaetuy 



fewtv «(f Me Lord. 

mtm0 mf tk* 

•A. 11.13. 

• lU. S. 31. 

«h. 17. IS.' 

TOAMfH Hir. 

Ami tL« Lav.|» Jp^kd imu IIomi, hw- 

P BBt mj tiHJT Ii4EtH t rl tHon 
liu<^ ' hmiiov TQM M^ : 1 OUt 

jl Ftaj fedtB tfamii Wli«<fKWTVT ^ A^ if all 

«<ri1^ tibin Ltid 'Ndlj LbLQ|[t, whiirhi :rir .-thil' 
OHQ ar IfTHtJi b]i!lD V ubtfr eh* Lrfjiii >. ■• inv- 
bl^ lib *IIIlJ«tU&£a« vpnn Linir eIuu tool 
«Uh]J 1*0 fiUt of TTuAi in; ■anuw3\c* : \ am 

^^al^ iNii raL n-f ttan Mt (lilti^re, /unlll be 
•feM'i w^d pvrlJt IhiQi hJni'T 


a br wiima be loAj libs oii'r.liiaaneMt 

H4 ur ihii lulj tlzUif Fn nntell lid'Ti^uLbls 

T I nil wliTD tV BFin ]* d«v«, ]m flhil4] b« 
Jnti. BDl3 riiAU aftrmBjd bk( tf tb# 1ioly 
Ifatnffv : bmrntiiP "^3:1 ^h tibi FuaJ. 

« 'TliBJ ^bMb >Ui-FL ar iLisir or if ton 
«trA f>***U, L» tbfeJJ ii.jt m tu ilEAJr 1dHl>- 
j#lf 1l*TTn*(1i|*? i *!•■» "Jm Lk'lU!, 

t TH-ev *I]!U.I lb*T*fi.iH.' VfTTfi rabn^' -rrdl* 
UMih^i "im- U»J tw^r rilt t^'t H. uiil <U« 
lbrM-1'KTiY, If tJif T proiMM H ; 1 On.' J.OB» 

1. 1 llot iC llw unviit hri J ii rrge- ujaL ' ^ 1 1 : i Ua 
wmc^. Imi ihhJj «l at \ty bui be khai I' I'lnii 
"k U\.* Uraiv : llkji? iJiall «at uF 1i.iT icn- ,'<. 

U Uvt irt^d priwt't d«(»afji1«t 1h n ^Lil»w, 
K AwarpB^lp tp4 Ji^rn nn rttliil, SH'I isd ■"»- 
mjvti un™ h#r (kiliiir'i hani^: »m^ lui bar 
nw^, a^ ^koJi oil iif Ivr hiEtirrVi i.|. Ht: 

U t And If n iman ^raE. 4ji/iEir ji&lj 

ptLnl. icitJt 4 hI^ IhIi- Tliltu^. 
1.. A tail ■-tliai atiall Pi6l jjl-alHar ll'i' lioljf 

Ihttigs nf tliB EiLliM^a ar JihiU, Kj.kL 'b«y 

14 t>r'»l^ %)»«■ ^ifl I^Bi' il.n ...i.|.iity 
of t wf p M it wban ifc)«j r-ut uk^it IiiiIj' lji^ki: 

br I 1»BB tOnu du WMTtirj I ElldPl 

i: 1 A»j4 lih* miBlii •t-i*? lM11l^ TiTu,Wfl, 

10 rpt^ih torn AktiTlii , ahkl 1 U iLb -7di, utd 
-aau all lin aliJIdfeU ^t JiFbiMXftil hi. t unto 

Amb. 'WkataacTcr ^ ^x <if L'lr 1 4 Of 

tbrori, St uf LiK! Itnmjf-cn In Imwa^A thai 

■'■ ^ Cur rtll fiid 1 lift -and 

lriiiI»,wLlnti tiKT will 
ollsr anw JlM. LfULb Ik.* bKhU •iBfiBj III 

bl«tiiiah, of Um baavaa, af tba akaaf^ 

h^ih L „. 

BOt offer: for it ■ball not ba av 

*vbaaoavegr oeereth a aaarMaa «r 


aaplabia fir no. 
U And *«baa( 
pa a aa iftrinw 

>.lba LoKD'toac 

plish Ma TOW, or a <^«awUl oOertng in baaroa 
ac«aha«p,it dri* b« Mafcet to Vaocept- 
ed } tbare aball be noblemiab therein. 

SSi£Bttii4.arbn>lntt, ornalaed, ar hav- 
lag a «ta, «r acatry, or aeabbad, jro ahail 
not oflar tbaaa nato tba Lokd, aor naka 
*«n oABriag by Bi* of tbam opon tba altar 
oatotbelxmiK . i . . 

S3 Eitber a buUoek or a uiamb tbat batb 
any tblag /aafieiAaoBB ar laeUng In hla 


r ar rev it atett aot b« *«. 

iBtvlba-lOKD tbat 
'or broken, «r 
«iM|r offtrinf 

thereof in toot land. 
»]rettbardr»M » 

ya oIEbt Atha bread of your . flad of any of 
" — o; be ea aa a tb ai r fookraptton ia in them, 
bleaiiafaaa> 6e in than: they aball not 
baaaaoptadfwyaa* -' 
88 Y And the Lord spake onto Moaea, 

« rWhea a baUook, «v a aheeB,-or a goalk 
ia braogfat .fcdbv ttaea. ia ahaU be aaraa 
days onder the dan ; and f^oar tiM eighth 
day and tbaanakrlh liabatt ba aoaeytedte 

_ _ by fire onto the Lomo. 

88 And toteeihar ii U eoK ar iiewe, ye 
•haU not kill it /and her yonac both in one 
day. ^ 

2» And wbea ye «iU ••offer a aaarifioe of 
" " ■ ' the IiOJtD» oSer. it at 

ring ni 

«l4)atbaaaa>adayi*afaaU be aataa up.? 
re aball leave "none of it until the menow: 
[ AM tba-fiOBBi .' 

81 oTberefora abaU ye keep my eomnumd- 
naiila. andda'tbem : 1 Jim the liOU>. 
IMIi'llMttaar Bfaallyeprotlmamy belgr toi 
but «I viU be haUowed among tbeabU ^ 
or IvAalrl mtr tba hOtM *bieh, »l«Uaw 
roa, • . 

]i8 'That bioagbt you ont of the land of 
Sgypt, to ba year God: I am the LOBO. 

0HAP9ER XXin. 

n« /wM* of tht tont. 3 ne (oMoM. 4 -*%« 
jhuMWK 9r Thw tim^ of /b-at/lmiu. IS SVU 
Jtm tf nhUtettti .Sa«s2aMMfi to i4 (tft for 

AKD tba LOBP apiaka onto Moaet, aay- 
2 Bpeak anto tba ekUdren of Israel, and 
aay onto them, €oae«minff "tlie feaats of 
the Lo&o, wUab ya ahaU iproeiaim (o fte 
holy ooeroeaUoui, evan these are my feasts. 
»*au d«ya-ahaU work he done: but the 
seventh day ia the sabbath of rest, a boly 
eoqvooatioR : ya sfaalii do no work therein : 
it ta..the sabbath of tba Loso in all yow 

K <<XhaBo are the feasts of the LOBB, 
even holy ooBTOeatioaa, whioh ya shall pro- 
o^im in tbeir leaMitf^ 

la the fixuteanth day of tba first month 

iTen jia the 14^ 

And on the n 

TkefemK$»af ate Lord. 


TV Ary (tf «l( 

U S4. £2. ». 
Ktta. IS. S. 
1& Jk2S.». 
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B! ye I 

• ft holy 
U« work 

8 Uul ja shftil oAr aa oflMnf nftd* byBn 
■BM41M LOBO MVM dftya I in the Mreatb 
A$j it a boty ootavooftMoat ye afcall d» M 
•enrito work t*cr«ii». 

9 \ And the LoBO fpaka ant» Moms, 

- " ■ - tbecbiUrMoriarftd.Hid 
y •ball bring a 
•heaf of Atbo ilntfhiiu of your Larrcat 
rinto Iho priest : 

11 And he staall imwn the shaaT before 
the LOBD, to be aooepled for yon i on the 
■Mrrow after the sabbath the pttett ^mOI 
wave it. 
11 And ye ShaU eflto that ^ when ye 

aagrualo them, 'When ye be eeme Into 
iaad whieh I glTo oatoyou, aad shaU r 
the banreat thereof, then ye shall brii 

of the first year fbr a bomt eferiag onto 

la irAad the owat offering theT«er«k«U fte 
two tenth deals of fine floor odngled with 
oil, aa ofering made by fire uMe the Lobd 
f»r aewoes saroor c and tbe <lrink oOering 
thereof »/uM be of wiue, the fbwth jMrC el 

14 And ye shall eat neither bread, nor 
pasdied oom, nor greea ears, oatil the tcir- 
saase day that ye nave brooght an ofiMng 
tnto your tlod i it tkalt be a sutute tot 
•tor th r ea gh s nl year geoeratioas in all 
your dwelling*. 

16 ^ And iye eball eooat nnto yon fhim 
she soonow after the sabbath, fkwn the day 
that ye brooght the sbeaf of the wave oSer> 
lag; serea s ab ba t hs shall be eoin|dete : 

Id Eren onto the morrow aaer tbe seventh 
sabbath sball ye number "Hf^ day* ; and 
ye shaaofftr "a hew- mmM oOenBg ante the 

17 Ye shall bring oat of yoar habitations 
two wave locves of two tooth deals t they 
sbftUbo offlneioar; theyehaU be bak«i 

tbe Lobd. 

18 Aad ye shaU offw with the bread oeren 
fambe wlthoat blemish of tbe first year, aad 
•BO yeongbnUook. and two raoss : they shall 
he for a bornt offering «nu the Loko, with 
their sMat olferiog, aad their driak offer- 
logs, teen aa efleriag aiade by ire, of sweet 
snvoor onto the LOBD. 

10 Thea yo shall saeriflee 'eae kid of the 
goats for a sin oflering, aad two Iambi of the 
first year (or a saeHflCoe of 'peaee ofMags. 

90 And the priest shall wave tbem with the 
bread of tbe ftsstftralte /of a wave oSerhig 
before tbe LORD, with the two lambs : ''they 
shaU be holy to the LOBO for tbe priest. 

21 Aad y« ShaU proeialm oo the selDMiae 
day, MM H mav be a boiy ooavooatioB nato 
yoo : ye shall do no servile work therein t 
it ehall be a statuto for ever in all yoor 
dwellings throogboat yoar geoeratioas. 

8S And 'when ye reap tbe harveot of yovr 
land, thoa sbalt not make eleaa riddaaee 
of the corner* of thy Held when thoa reap- 
ost, (neither sbalt tbeo gather aay glena- 
lag or thy harvest ; thoa sfaak leave Miem 

the Lobd yoar Qod. 
S3 ^ Aad the LOBD spake oaSo Moses, 


lag, la tbe "seosBthi 

• 1iaU . 

iwiag of tronpets, a holy 

86 Ye shall do ao servile work therelH : 
tMI ye shall eSer aa oSbriag made by flre 
uato the LOBD. 

9fi ^ And the LOBo spaks nnto Moses, 

^»JUmeiaa»Umtkelm$etfU» soveoth 
Bioath there ahaU be a day of atonemeat : 
HsballbeaholyeoBvoeattoBaatoyoa: aad 
yo shall aOiet yo«r soak, aad offer an ofito' 
lag auide by flre nata tbe Lord. 

WAad ve shall do ao work in ttiatsBsse 
day: fiwitisaday of atonement, to make 
aa atoastasBtforyoo before the Lobd yoOr 

SO For whatsoever sool it be that shall not 

I destroy IHua among his poo^. 
VlToshaUdoaomaaaerofwork: « stall 
6e aetatate Cor ever tfarooghoMt yoar gea- 

8S It ehall be aate yen a sabbath of rest, 
aad ye sball aflliet yoor seals : ia tbe alalh 
daif of tbe aieath at evea, from area oate 
evea. shaU ye toelehrate yoar sabbath. 

83 5 And tiM LOB» spake onto Meeea, 

84 Speak oato ttie ohiMrea ef Israel, say> 
ing, (The flfkeaath day of this sevealb 
month ehall be the feast of taberaaeles/er 
seven days ante the Lord. 

35 Oa the flrst day ehaU be a 


88 Seven days ye iliall offer aa oflbriag 
made by flre aatotbo Lobd; 'oathoeigfath 
day ShaU bo a h<^ oonvooaMoa oato yoa, 
aad ye shall oflbr aa oliering made by flre 
onto the Lobd: H 4o a t^se l s mn assem b ly ; 
01*4 ye shall do aaserrile work therein. 

87 *These are tbe feaeU of the Lobd, 
wMohye shall proeialm to be holy eonvoev 
tioos, to ofbr aa ofibrbw aaado Iqr fire aaSo 
the LOBD, a bomt oCeriag. aad ^ meat 
odimag, a saoriaoe, 
every tliiag opoa -his 

38 /Beside the sabb 


aad drtak oOntags, 

day I 

7 BesiJb the sabbaths of the Lobd, aad 
Beside yonr gifts, aad besMo all year vows, 
and beside aU yoor froowiU oOeriags, wbioh 
ye give unto the LORD. 
80 Abo in tbe fliteenth day of the ssrveoth 
month, when yo have 'gathered la the IMt 
of the land, ye shall keep a feaet oato the 
LOBD seven days : oa ths flrsk dav sMJL^ 
a sabbath, and oa theo%hth day 

40 And Aye shall take ya« sa the flrrt I 
the tboogbs of goodly troos, branehas 
palm trees, and the boo^ of tbiek Moos, 
aad wUlows of tbe brook : taad ye shall re- 
Joiee befbro the Lobd yoar Ood seveadaya. 

41 * Aad ye sbaU keep it a iMs4 wto the 
Lobd sevea days in tbe year* itehtUl be 
a statute fbr ever in yoar gsnesaHeas; ye 
shall celebrate it ia the seveath oHmtfaj 

48 'To ShaU dwell la baoihs seven days : 
all that are braeUte* bom shall dwell in 

48 "That yoar gsaosatioas may kaow that 
1 made the ehildrea of Israel to dweU ia 
boocbo. when 1 brea^ them oat of the lawl 
of Egypt: I am tbe Lor " ' 

of iaraol tho Siasts ef «bo iABD. 

r p/ hl^tmf^t". 


Thr wr^'wnik ^mtr'it t^H* 

OHAvraa zxiy. 

>< « »■*— ¥ ; 17 mrf eMutnu'sf atmhr awl h»- 

- Ing, 

■Coamud Um eiiUdrra of IctmI, that 
Umj bring onto tbae pure oU olive beMen 
for Ute l^te, tt« eMuo th« Im4» to b«n 

5 WiUumt Uw T»il of tb« teatinonj, ta the 
MberDMde of the oongregmttoo, tliail Aaroa 
order H from the eveniog onto the morning 
before ttie Lo&o ooollnnAllj : it ahall bt a 
■tMMo for ever in jrovr geaenUieMi. 

4 He abnU order Um iMape npon itbe 
pore ondlertick beCore tbe LORo «aa> 

6 1 And then ibaH taJM Ine floor, nnd 
bekettMlre'oikeethereer: two leatb deals 

6 And thoa ahalt eet them in two rowa, eiz 
on a row, i<apea tbe pore table before tbe 

7 And tboa ibalt not pore franUaeenae 
■pea 0aeM row, tbat it aaj be on tbe bmad 
fos • ■wnorial. ««•» an oOgrins made by 
Are nnto tha LORO. 

8 *£v«r7 labbath be aball aet it in order 
befoBO tbe LORB eeatinnaUj, Mmff. taktn 
fram tba etaUdioa of laiaol by an OTerlaatlng 

• Aad/U aball be Aaroa'a and biaaona'; 
•aadtbeyafaaUeatltiatbebalyateoe: for 
it ^ noafc bo<y onto bfan of theofelnca of 
tbe Lord made by Are by a perpetoal atat- 


lO % And tbe aen Of an laraeUtiab woman, 
wboae father taae an Egyptian, went eat 
amaag tba^UldMaof larael: aadtUaaon 
odtbe laraaMttobMWw an aadnmanof la. 

^ ^ e/M« l»OBJ>^ and it 
And tbqr MHMgbt Um naM Me 

IH llnnrrartb |iin Itel latb VU MAd With* 

av L h" «unp r aA^ lai all itimk UaH Mm 
«la^ KM'Er likntlj iip«a bittaad, nd let all 

lr< \h it UJV4I tla 

of ViT9ti, tayLAtK Wbi 

(M MmU bMV U» rln^ 

JT \H^ Iw thAk * bl>^|MfiipUi ilin aeme of 

SL^'ftr. to iliaH "OTij br t™i I* 4len*h, 
</ ui ilw iMp«r«|irf4Kii iJi^J ATAinly 

alM^ i>ia '- af «»11 eIh ftnai^r. u 1,4 that 
ia borv im An ]»<!. «1iea bd iib^ixueMtb 
Ibe nam (fT V** l-OJUJ^ i\m31 k* pat to 

17 «Aad be that tuiletb a^ man abaU 
■araly be pot to death. 
le'Aad he tbat kiUetb a beaat riiaU make 
itnodi tbeaaafoaboaat. 
1» iUd if a maa oanae a blemish In Ma 
aeigbboor: aa 'faebattidoae,aoataaUit be 
dmr tn btqs ; 
B>> lir")*^ for hreaeh, eye for eye, tooth 

, for i'pii I > as he hath oaoaad a blemlab la a 

4rsL a<^. r.>.lMUitbodeae«oUma#a<». 

• '.'1 ' Sndhe that Ulleth abeaat.beiban 

I ■«.«.». t>*4C^hH.»"aadbathatlEiaathaHaa,ke 
|««wU IriiJi^pobtadaatb.- 

« Ye shatt haw'aa* iMaaar U law, aa 
well for tbe stranger, aa for gae«ry««r e«B 
eeaatryt for I aw n be Lorp year Ood. 

S» Aad Moees spake to the ebildrai of la- 
rael, 'that they sboald briag forth Mm that 
bad eoraed oot <«f tboeamp, aad stone iitm 
with stones: and the sMIdNo of Israel did 
as tbe LORD eommaaded Mooes. 


T%t taUatk af tk» m tmlk far. 8 Tkd JulUm a^ 
tktAftilA ywr. 18 Tkt Utnn0 %ym «' " 

CvmtmmitmjTiKfptir. M ncfcMv 
bvmJmtm. 47 Tk* rtimptitm •/ m 

AND tbo Lord spake onto Moaea in 
moont Sinai, saying, 
S Speak onto the oMloen of Israel, and 
sw nato them. When ye eome into tbe land 
whieh I giTo you,.tboB sfaaU the tend t kaap 
" a sabbath unto the LORD. 

5 Biz years tboa ahalt aow thy fleld, and 
six years tboa ihalt piuie thy vinayaid, 
aad gather tn tbe frnit thereof: 

4 Bat in tbe seventh year ahall be a sab- 
bath of reet nat» the land* a aabbath for 
tbal.ORB: tboa Shalt Boiibev sew thy flekU 
nor prone thy Tinsyard. 

6 t That wfaidi greweth of its own aeeord 
of thy harvest then ahalt not leap. aetthar 
gather tbe grapes t of thy Tine nndrsssed: 
/or ibis a ysar of rest anta ths land. 

6 And the sabbath of tbe land sbaH be 
meat for yoo } for theok aad for thy aetv- 
aatr aad fos thy maid, aad tor thy Msad 
sarraat, aad for thy stsaagst that sojoora- 
etb with tb«», 

7 And for thy oattio aad for the beast ttaat 
ar9 in thy land, shall aU the Increase then> 
of he meat. 

8 t And tboa shalt 
bathe of yeara onto thi . 

yaars -, and the space of the 

ofyearaahallbe aato the* forty aad aiae 

» Then ahalt than aaose the toampet t of 
the JnbUea to soaad «a the teath day of the 
sennth month, "ia the day of atoaemoM 

all ye a 

10 And ya shall halloa the flfUeth year, 
and 4pro«laim Ubertgr thren«hoot ott tbe 
tend nolo aU the- lahabitaata thereof! It 
ahaU be a Jubilee nnto yoa ; 'and ye shaU 
man ante Us 

ye shall retam every an 

11 A JubUee ahaU that laisth year be oato 
you i /ye shall aot sow, neither reap that 
wMeh ffowath of itself in H, Bar nther M« 
grmpM in It at thy viae aa dr sessd. 

19 For it <s theJataUse; it shd be holy 
onto yoo t 'ya shall sat tbe inare a ss tber^ 

13 4 In tbe year of this inbileo ye tbaU 


boor, or bnyest emght of thy ati^bos 
band, iya shall not oppreaa one another 

1£ t Aeeordiag to the aaafow of years after 
the tabUee than shalt bay of thy neigfabeor, 
<MM< aeeording nnu the anmber of years of 
tbe fruiu he shall sell onto thee : 

10 Aeeordtaig to the nnltltade of years 
thoa shatt Mereate the prloe thereof, and 

he sell unto thee. 
4S <Y*-«kaU aat «hss«t» 

jr aeoorrMao to 
of ttas Cndts dfBtb 



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18 "WlMMfoN ye abftU do mt •(•!«*«. 
MudkMpmjrtadgniMito.Mid dikuwia;*aad 
7« fhaU 4«cUi» the tend ia B»M7. 

le Aadtfaelud ■tuUl jrieM her frait,«nd 
ry afairil eM jma m, mX dwelLUwzeinto 

20 And if ye slwll My, 9 What abaU we eat 
the aeTenth yesr} Mbotd, ''i^e vhall not 
•ow, Bor' Raster in oar ibcreMe ; 

SI Tlwn X wlUf flommand my Mening viom 
you in tbe, tiztb year, and U sball bnng 
linrth Cmit -for Uif«e years. 

22 i.\nd ye shall sow the eighth- year, and 
eat M< of '*iiM^r«tt imtil th« ninth yea«>; 
until her f^oiu oomo In ya shall m« a/ ttM 

29 1 The land shaU no* be aold nfer erer 9 
for 'thelaad {amine ; ler ye ore'itrangtn 
and sojourner* with me. 

24 And in kU «be land of year possessloB 
y« shall grant a vedeanption fbr the land. 

23 ' If thy brother be wale* poor.and bath 
■old away soms of his possession, and if 
"any of Us kin ooue to redeem it, th«i 
shall be redeem that whiek Us brother sold. 

20 And if the man have none to redeem it, 
and t UmselEbe ftUetoradeem iti 

27 Then »lat hbn oonnt the yean of the 
sale tbereef, and restore the overplus nnto 
the man to whom ha sold U; that, he ms^ 
retnva ubCo his possassftoa. 

88 Bnt if he be'net able to restOM *4 «o 
himt then that wUoh ia sold shaU remain in 
the hand of hhn that hath bought it «vtil 
the Tear of jnbUee : «and in the jubilee U 
shall goi eat, and he- sbAll return unto his 

20 And if a man sell a dweilinghoose in a 
waUed eityi then be may redeem it witUn^ 
irtMle yws after it ia sold; «etCA<ii a faU 
year may he redeem it. 

W'ABd if it be net ndeemed witUa the 
spaee of a full year, then the bouse that 4e 
l» the waUad <Aty shall be esKabUshed far 
erer ta him that boagbt It tbreugfcoat U« 
meratloas i H- thaU- mtt go oat la the 

81 But the bonsea of the ▼iUages which 
bare no wall vouad ^abbut them shall be 
•suited as the adds of the osuat^ I tthey 
aaay be redeemed, and they sbaM ga out la 

as NMwithstaading i<the oities of the L«> 
Tiles, «m( tl» houses of the oities of thete 
possessioB, may tbe Lerites redeem at any 

«t And if Ha man purefaase of the LsrUes, 
then tbe boas* that was sold, sad the olt^ 
of his potaession, *Bhall go out in KAs ya«r 
e/ JnbUs»c tat the faonasa of the eitieff of 
the Lerites are their possesMen among the 

34 But /the field of Uie anbnrbs of tfaHr 
oMes may not be soU ; for U <« tb«lr per- 
petaal posseMlotf. 

85 ^ And if tb^ brother be waaen poor, 
and t fallen in deeay witbthea; then tboo 
Shalt ^treliere him: 9Wt th^ffk kt b« a 
stranger, or a aojoomer ; that be atay- hrm 
with thee. ■ 

86 ATake thoa no usury of him, or io- 
tnaaei bnt • fear tt^Qod; that thy broth* 

or may live with thee. 

itgiva _ , . , 
d him tlv Tiotuals for in- 

87 Thou Shalt not dva Um thy n 

to |^«a ym lie land of Canaaa, and to b 
your QmL 

m % Aad^if thy brother thmt dmtiUth by 
thee be waaen poor, and be soM batetbeo ; 
than Shalt neft-^waipel U« lb aer«a ha a 

mSMm »hia*d.aanraBl. fmd as a se- 
jmuMr, Am sbaU be with thea.. and shaU 
sen* tbae imta the yearef jnbUee: 

41 And then shaU he depart irom ^hee, 
bof* ba.aad Us efaUdcen '•with him. aad 
ShaU setnm mita Us awn fiamily, and »uB» 
tft the passeasiBP of Us fotbsra shall he re< 

42 For they are 'my serraats, whleb I 
brtught forth aat of the laed of £«yp«t 
they, shall not beisefal t as boBdesea. 

48 l"rbou Shalt not rule orer him 9witb 
rtfoar ; but ^ahalt fear thy Ood; 

heathen that MM 
45 fco 

them shall ye buy,i 

of them 

Iron of tha 
ii)our& among yon, of 
id«f their fonilies Hmt 
<*ra with ymi, whieh they bagat in yoar 
land : and they shall be your posass sl sa. 

dOAnd lye shUl lake them as an inherit- 
ance for your obttdrea after yon, toiaherit 
Hmm fitr^Wk ppstepsioBt tthey shall Im 
bondmen ft>r erer: but orer year 
tea the ebfldrsa of Istael, "ye shaU 
not mla eae erbr teetber with ilgour^ 

47 ^ And if a«C{}oaraee or stranger t was 
rieta by thee,^ af d "thy brother thmt dweit- 
eth by liim wax poor, and sell Untself unto 
thaatranger op sa}oara«r by ttna, the 
stoek of tbe stranfer's fool^ ; 

4d After that he4a«>Ube«aiy be redeemed 
ac4ia$> eae of Us brsthrea mi^ "redeem 

■4% Either Us anele, or bis undoes son, may 
redeem Mm,«r day that is algb of kin anna 
him of Ills family asajy aedeem him; or if 
*he ba able, be amy r ede em Umself . ' 

60 Aad he ehaM redroa with Mm thai 
boaght hbn flnm'the year that he was eoM 
to. Urn witetbe year of ]ubHce: aad tha 
priee af his sale abaU be «««t>rding oato the 
number of years, "aeoording to the tinm at 
a Mred wrrant ahaU it be MAt hf m. 

61 If (*er« is yeHaaay years btMmd, aa* 
Mtdtag tinto them be ^r* -■— — '- -'^^- 
price of hit rec' 

tall glre again tbe 

M Aadlf tbersTCmala but ftew^yeaismita 
tbe year of jabUee, then be shall Mwirt with 
Mm^ oMciatfeardlag aato Ms years shall %e 
gire Mm«g«|irthe priee of his ndemptiaa. 

68 And at ayearly Mredaerraat steU Im 
be with Mm: Mai (Ae oMer shall net rota 
with rigonr ores Mm in thy sight. 

64 And if ha bo aet.Mdeemed nta theaa 
yoart, then (lie aball go out In the yeaa 
of Jtt>aae, katk ha, and Ms eUldrea Vith 

a mi tha ehUdma of Israel 
; they art my serraats whom I 
!bnh.aat of tbe ' ' "" ■ ' 

/Matty /eHtMm. 3 »mi»9'' *>!»». (lew thmt 
kmp t»e Mm t»U» Hn *»U. l\ CimrtM mm 
rAot tmiit&m. 40towlyr-i i w«t«e r. 
-C7-B «hall aMik* 

r.2S. 14. * I 

XOer. 7. 83. 
tHrt.. »ca I 

kk. I. X7i at 

I>>Ma.2a. IS. 
Stat. 3. 5. 

rHek. ymtUkmU 

l Or. V «»^» 

l»«.41. I 

K.. St. 4, ft 

!>•««■ A. a. ^ 


I 14, U * »L 

I Ih Ki in 

. J*df Sk.44 
1 t»k, ff7. R A 

U<V LMf. 
I Jolt ».« 

J.5*-1L i». 

K: 14. 9. 

' JGUlL JBi 

9b. t iT. J 

I*. 1-5 

«tf i 4i,y, ili^' 1,0 1 r> j>mr fl-r J. 

ft l\> plait kHMp BJ (>bb*£|M. Ud F-fTM- 

fuc^ lUlf' ■Bnnnaf^ .' J. aim -itiv I.j0fcj<. 

■^ ' If 74 rMlk in mj EsiiUri, pjtd L>^|) ay 

4 'I T1:M]L 1 irilt pr^ T9U r^'- fOB, 

•mB4 lb* twea ili*il Ti^UL ,. - and tTft* of tiw Mtl ihkll ' lit- 

&Ji> liairlDi ILbii- : 


S Anil i^ ttiJ p<r* ptttK 1ti ilhir Jbllii! and 
ifn atmil Jlc llewtF, iimI ti<cti« khAJi >4akfl 

tf lb* iu'J, wklMiT AiJI ^ib* 4«..r4 go 

7 A>h1< V^ *IMI iiIu«# nrur .^lUEiur'. and 

i And '''flrf 4vf nu iJialL ftiEum a Lirri<[r«d, 
Lad a lhDiMlT*i] afjuv- *>uJk pul 10b E h'.-n iand 
Ifi flif^ r aiHl jnur ebenijc» ilulh Fnli ^I'ifiwa 
|«n 'brf Lb iiwL 

4 FottMli °ban nipr>tt HMji T'ir. a&d 

liHlh i]H aid b^lMU t<f l]4 P'W. 

II 'Ab* I win irt mj lali*-Tn[LelH ' noOf 

la rXw^ i trlllv^lc «.En.r[ii jdm, 111..1 'will 
'b* jFqr LhHl, Aiirl ^h kt^i iw- mj ]H7f'l'i. 
H *I an Urf LOQU ;nMi> 1p<.-1. '^hiob 
iu f^rtlL nut ur tim laiiiJ irl t..]rp4. 

bnaniJit t'iu f'^rtlL nut ul 
itet. T* MiDaM but ]>« Ul 

i bnir br4j4< 


Up Alad ir^fr al All ^Ji"np.|->? Hn* iJuLun, or 
kr jttiit tpiii aMipr tr; Jq4«i>tFf'i k. ' < thai 
/• wlLli m«t 64 *ll mr ajTiim*iiil(in<rac«.«at 
IDh *■ b»^ In? flUTflaatJ f 

^* r alM wlJl Aj t»jl» unta 71m ; I n:,i; jfrmt 
Bpp«L|U f OTvT ^bq "iBTTikr, <l-^iiJiusi;.iiaB, 

4«ildk« Ifl^rniPf NP^^i tLai itiilL ' f L Ti <4)na 
lb* Vjmi bbO BuiH Kirrvw nf liVArt and 
■Jjr pbiiu WW rmar iewI m tnliii f<.r four 

It Anil 't Willi Ml, inf l>» akuhi^ fOO«. 
a»dy>v Jiail b* tUlb iMfnrL- Jinu-^n^TuiM: 
rilH# lltri. 1AI,A fM tbUJ nMih uv{r -.lout 
■Bd lyi riiiJl is* wtMQ uaiKi it^nttt:';!, ^imu 

WittMMlwi 1 «lll pimiak JWl in^rni I IBM 

lj> Avi 1 wtU Lbmk Ibn prljlt^ nf 701UF 
fjy^t i uni I 'Ti1ll naLn |D4if lirBTna «■ 
Insi, anil jmr «>7Lh u liTui : 

W>A^il jaar "KmoHtH ibnLI lw^<p-'ni ia 
*ua- Tbr '^r*™^' l"'t *bail hjl ii>l l b«r 
liaiiiiaii, niMt^jcr d*J k&« irwi 4T ihi' iaad 

$} ^kd 1/^ tmlM 'fMbimj uiit« ciii'. and 
«fiHib«uk«iiuiEiiiii«: ] viJI bciJi.: -irnt 

9 <* ] *n •!» tta<i Ftld hAuiA niTMtri ^ ^oa» 
_ PMrit -biD hb ^ I.J ^rmf eUli-Ir-r.. mid 

"* .ff i'l^ Jm lAi- *1Vwi.«.W. *lfl— . .' V. . I>«al. 
V .CI 31 J>1i»1 b JTiw &. ]7 1 L:;. U Hit U I - *ch. 
11 I* /tw*l ■-«. Jfe^l^ IL Jw. (r. 7. [I E-- i .(.41. 

E* *h m L ti. 18 4 % D-vi 11 bT ih fH 1'^ Rat, 
t » l*»r M*iil ^»*.>» iP^ik «r. Md M mtw. H -^ JMrt. 

di l io j |«B wi ll l i t andmAto wu *« ta 
. id J>7Mir Ui^ai^ni iWl ba Ow 

tt And if 7« <«iU not >>• Mfemad bjnw 
by tbeaa tliinga, bat will walk oontraiy aa- 

M 'TkMi wU I alaa walk eoattaay. nato 
yoo, and will pnniah 70a j«t 0«v«a HniM 

will bring a iword npon yon, 
ifaaft aball aT«B«» Um ^oaml of m^ ooro- 
aaaA : aad «b«n y» ■«• gatkond togathor 
within yoor oitloB, ( I will aend the pMli* 
teneo among Tou ;. and 7* ahaU ha dottrand 
into tlM baad of the oaoaqr. 
»*Ami wkan I ham. hMkaa ttw aUffof 
Tonr broad, ten womon ahall hake jcnt 
bread in one oren, aad tbey ahall deUver 
pou jonr biand again by weight : aad "ye 
■haU eat, aad net be aatlaficd. 

27 And 'if y« wiU net for alltUa hearhaa 
note me, bat walk oeatr a ry onto ma ; 

28 Then I will walk eontraty nnto yon 
alao 'in ftey; aad I, even I, will ehaalin 
yon aarea timea for your eina. 

» "And ye abaU eat the fleah of year 
soaa, aad the fleah of your daoghten- ahall 

80 Aad 11 wUl deatroy yoor Ugh plMea, 
aad eat dom your imagae, and 'east yoor 

npon the earaaiaea of your idoia< 
and my aoul shall Jabbor yon. 
31 «And I will make yooreitiee waste. 
aad /bring your Mnetaarlos unto.dasola* 
tioa, aad I will not small the sarottr of yoor 

SS 'And I win bring the land into deaola- 
and yonr enomiea whleh dwell there* 

in efaaU be * 

S3 And H will seattcr you among the 
h ea tbtiB , and wUl diaw eat a sword afUr 
yov : aad your land ahaU b« deodate, aad 
year eitiea waste. 

»i iTben shall the land ei^oy her sab- 
bftths, ac kag aa it Ueth desolate, and ye 
ie ia ymu caemWe' land ; even then afaaU 

«t As long as it UeUABsetate it shell teeti 
becaoao it did not rest in your ' sabbaths* 

the souad of a tsbaken leaf shall 

them; aad tb«y sballilee, asieolfl«eM(aft 
a»erd) aad (bey shaU. flkll when nonb por- 

ST And "they shaU Call one npon anotbet, 
•a it were bcitraaavard* when none par- 
soetb: and ''ye shall have no power to 
Maad before-7oar;eaemieB. 

88 Aad ye ohaU perish among tbe heathen, 
and tte'teoA of .yea r s»s i tss shall eat yea 

ti Aad they that are left of yen f ehidl 
nine aw«y in their inionlty in yaar eaemiet' 
lands ; and also in the iaiqaitiae of theit 
fMhara abaU they plae away wUh tbem. 

40 5 '-If they shall eonfess their lni«inily« 
MidHbe Inioi&tgr of their fiuhen. with thsSr 
treapass whieU ttwy troops 
aad that abo they hare 
unto me ; 

41 And tAc4 I also have walked 49eatraiy 

Se< J«4c. 7. 32. 1 Sun. U. IS. I9. r 

14. eVwt. 4. 87. & 2S. OS. V*h. 1.8 

b. 4! 17. k fl. ». * ». 4S. A M. «9. * *. .». m •"■--i, i i i 

l«. BmIuIUlA rViun.S.1. 1 Kln»i»3». M. 47. »«k. »■ t. 

Vaov^at.]*. ]>M.9.».4. liBlM UTU. i^ekal.*- 

.U.10. 4. 

J.r. a. UP. * »• w- w- 
» i». k as. 31. "- • 

Mercy to the penitent. 


IrfNM ruHctma- «wtctf. 


I i^i 

I n^ 11.1 

Il&mii BEid iJiii m^ coiTianui't ■r^■\.\:^ ALr^- :|u.tlcq. 

bimi irllt X TRmembcrj &tiil 1 viU '^Ttiiipm- I ]1 ^ Afl'l vivpq a man i^t lui^L 
litT ILtb land. I hcruBQ r[? he luEj uutti iLo LlII1J,i, <: 

1[) >fliB lull ^^ *.}iiil| tiQ ]<{t of fbfiBn pqtl ' prlE*t ffaoil ETlbiiMkfl Lt, ^IkellMr tL t< 
ibdl eD)o|' hsr anUbKtba, frVAU ftl>v EEiith ' ^ ' ' - -. ■■ .. 

UHUBlliLd PiLUiuL EltPi:! : muJ Ibrj pki]l ap^ 


l^niiifEjt fuTih nut [jf thi^ liuiij «f I^E^vpt J ta 
Uv atriit of (h« bamJH'Bn iioA I miebt ^g 
Chnir UbhIj I qPTkEJu: l^Httr 

and l»tri, vIiGdIi L]ic L'jILU pudii LwtTrm 
lUtb Blid Lka DblldrflQ mf Id^ /iti bu^iUt 
SLbiL bj UiL- IlUiJ ul Ml^«j:. 

ntatrfBdtfarit-q/'a itfrmn iin<ii i*i»f El v/ rr-C-wtf., 
!^ A» ibmM Pit^ «i4.j V m^WqnL [ill FM 

AND Uh M}K4i fp^b UBi4 Slurai, *^j- 

is^ qfltn tliKTii ■* Wti»Jl n railB ili»Jl [ii|i|.ba « 
i^DflilKf Taw, tic iMTWHi^ A^all Ac hr tbit 
LDill> lirj lb} utlnutlDfi . 
3 Allil Liij EitliiBlIiiD aljOl be <if thj^ Tn«lc 

tiltli even tbj^ daUmuUui f bill t:>fl flftj *lLt<![^ 
tit af liiliiar, iaftor tha iX^kti at ihi: iui^ 


j Aji J I f h ha a fomiEii Umr Uij feiLlnv 
£ Jriiij If if te l^rs ttn jtnri old efan 

ifalU Ira flr ttill nvmJr. IwoBtj iIm 


g Anil \t il &M ftxnM & ndttlli iiFil cteu lanlg 
Dn jnttn ^X^c Elitn CJi; cIlLautHun t\\£a bo 
af Lk» m&iA llM *Dif^U[ af iltvnr, bi^l itir 
tb« Hamda tiij 
ifaritili ijr?llvi!T 

T Anil if 


al*=l I 


Ibnil il Mnfill. 

lb J And if iiM LLdl Jh1t«iil[«i3 LL vli! I 
hi I bitil5F, ibi:lL Lu nLdii aiiil tbe h.:> 
ul Ui« uiiiihft; <ii t\i^ aaUtaalLcD imt^) 
UabHllJiil \iii, 

10 And If £ min ilall laaeH^ imto ttie 
Laubiirtwc imrldfck bxlil«rkiU iftwuvpfion, 
ItHD iLj a^iipiikiki itA^ t« vHHWAlafiic to 
^bt! iPr*l ^tuifiiflf: "Jilisirupr iif tajl-iij aeed 

J EriFFit tlia JBQC of 

And jtL briill LEiaL, irluni Uirjbfl ta tbi^ 
and of IL^F «IU!tuJDi, '^ 1 itUI liaE I1M4 itlHItt 
bimj, QflbiibKf trlU I ablri^lLwDi, la dntra; 
tli^ia uted|, uid til LireaL iu> iiifBttHnF 
n Uli aiucn 1 iwln^n- Elia Luito itin-lr tiauL 
4J» Hiit I wlU il^r tliAlr Aikea TBHudntMr 

J«liU*B, iffMriinE to Liij 

I-l Uut. ]f Imi rLbUjittfj liLi iudJ, bJij-7 Um 
jabU^n, Llicn tliti prIrkL aboJl ' Tntfkun untO 
JiJm tlip injOuBf SdCimkbg Ifj IUqi j^^vs ti)»t 
jtrumLiai rL>ti libEti Llim ;«ai- rnf Ibr ^ul'ijMi, 
uid U hboJI tia aliUfliJ ifzna ilit 

l^/Amltr tia iLtU AHEkMlJkJ 
in A&^ hIji] rridreti It, tljKlt kd BLmll 
K^b JHij-1 vt tlr EfbJuCiJ al UiiJ P ~ 
UB»fi lEt and iL lUnU b« OMitnd la 

^ Aodi il kta «lll Euk n^aoRi tli* f^ld, 
ir ba tii^ R41*I lliti liiftij Id wRdthPf 
Blmll Bui l<« tikImviwj asj VtrVi 

^l Oqe Lki neti^ I' Fbun It j!»^i nU In the 
^Dtlilitnnr fi]ik]L lit? IlijIj- DJitn tbn lAJhlL, «8 
U flvlil i^HTiKflj <Ltir pqttiHirioB t]]«reOf 
ibaU liQ tbn- prlfkL'c 

^!! .^Tid if a foan i^eji^ ud|ii tliB LO&D 
n. ^nlil wl^lrli Iia luiii bcnlsjjl, ^biiit ' 
nfibu Ee-Jilf of ^ liy ]Hjiir;9i3^a :; 

•i!L i TlfCB ibfl ]ii-ld«L ttlMlt F^ckiEU ua) u him 
ibB^anili uC lltj arittmrtluDi rlrn iil. '" 
J At ct iba jumIm t aud bfl ihikli ^h<, 

irtEllulitluIt ]li tliOt dKf , <i* m- \tti-:j X\Mit 

tfaa Lt'iiD- 

IM " In tbfl jmr of tit fol^U**- Un fl.^iMl ub«a 
riEant Rn» bim flf wtnin I-. -^m fc<in>Elit, 
{;i( n ti} liJiq la wlua lid p^kqviuiii m-I tbs 
Ipind liliJ [bi:^n(7. 

^\ jLfiA all Uij etdiantiiaa ■LkU 1^ i^card- 
S:if tu tlie E-tirAt'l vf LEir laaduu-j 
gcratid •Ikftll bv li^F clmhoL 
IM i Onij tiri ^'UnEiLbg 'f '1:^ iMiiuit*. 
, ^hJdi jhmdd b« tlia l^^no'i BfsEikhi;, no 
'' lun j,biL1 £inc(lfjr Id KJi«Ui« U £a 4Kar 
I olwtip : i» 1* lbs l,£i]tii'4r 
f !£fT And Lf If ^ c< «n tmthtm 1«t4^ 4k«a 
a'bantT If f ( ^ « raFtlon thrq tbj mlMudiiii I ba ^ImJI rL'4fH<iin il RprnpOirtu io Iblw mti- 
ihall tH 4rW<n a)HM*H uiiJ r«f Ibo 6«ah mLll«n, fvi,! ibgJI *(lil a 4lEUi jwirt gf U 
■tan ibf bpl«- einrFfa] ; or if it N nut rHkmarJn tlira it 

a Ew Li' ^^ tvfl iwQTfr il*n tliT *.|il r»fttJna, [ ikaiX b* mIH v^irdUmi tn ihj dftiniaihm. 
ilwtl. h* Mull Hrruwn* binuair btttim ^ 3J< 'iNiitTri,Lli#tn3EUi|(, rn ilPTBttd lbln«. 
pniMit, Hpd thr* prick( KtuH tbJ^hi him; bq^ OhI & nDa fltuH d**ijt« unt« lh* I^IUO of 
CKiriliim e<i UIji «tiUUj Itat Tuaeil iliall tbf^ nil I l»t N Il*l1', i^th -^t nM) ivad ImiuE, and 
pHtft viJlui liUn. I .if Uv &b3iI iif Mi i^ukumiBh mhaM lia «otd 

4 Alni ^r Jj 4i| n Xtc^l, %brl<iAf Jiie^ffi brliif • ur rD^LcrriFiJ : Firr; iJrTuLcd Lfalbg ilri lOOat 
an aSkribf rtbiD Lid Lokd. all lirtu tm^ , biri; ant^dki- 1>(tbi^ 
V*» fHiwh cf iidli iiBE$ tba UitLu almU bd , sg ^ Ninvn dvivicd, rbtsh ilnlL !>* ^>^<fti»*A 
b^, , i^FiH^a. HliiUl liB fiti|««n^ E ifiif^^biai iurafy 

1» Ea Eibnli net tltiT It, ear tduap it^ « ba [j^t Ur dpi^li. 
pqvil |(ir 1^ >i«d, Dr n Itul Ivr a [ihsiiI : anil Lf 3f] .^nd 'nil tba lJ4ba til i^-a Fiad, luiVrirAar 
bfl fllMll ^ bJJ. eb«Ji^ tlrbi4 tjt l^vut, LlMu ' r^r C1h< f^ u^Uiv Ikii J, [n^ ul Uie Ihdt iiftbe 
it i(h1 t3i« Kuliaa^ Mi«F<!ariJi>]l Ln bolj. ,: [TTi, u lEw Loitb'jg : a i# tia]j mikh Um 

11 Ad4 Sf it hr wnj unfjf aH buii, at LO*IJ. 

wMob tbej: do Utl aSer & uotUldA UMo Uic I 31 1 j^d \t a mna will al alt n!d««n awfAl i i v«r. la. 


m. ^- luii. 

Bfilif fliJaltr trrx, tff *luii«yrr ^puMtb 
tiie T«^ tlM lentil sliBll bv UrEj- uuUi 

101^ il bi kUn Uwo IxhE 14 uil iLi 

SI r j'tif^ qr« lliF Ml 

lti« LoMlP gnjiunuidrJ Mimcj Imf tbi diit 

V* <7. l41Ch, 



cnuTTxa t. 

!4 Jfr.M li mi^W I 

iiFvh. 4.1 n* i.i*hM d^ . 

< *pjmtmJw4j^ A* rrwim vf ikt. tahr- 


WhU 111 Itui lN]ii;l«|pl|J4a< dq Lht tirfl i'*! 

^ li.<< i<-ai>[Lil iduIlLJJi la Uh .ppwuj .fCU 
■Jtar I'lHf *Btd mbu wt4 «f li* Iwil fij 

;(]Ftvq tviBfr JWH« old Hli! ll^WftrJ, klf 
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cr^tMru, kf1>af UiaLf :biiiLli««, bj tJi« Iuium 
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Ti> Ei> ftirtli to iru ; 

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upwpjrd, bU liipl wiiEi] 4b]fl ta ^ birtt W 

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fiior I luaupptiil bad Eiiuf bunJtt^r 

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ffnerariijniK hCt^r LtH'Lr funCTI^ti, bj e1i« 

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ii«iii qrtbo trib* fJ !Et5»litU[l, ire™ JUlj lad 
iR'rrn lUiiu#aiu1 nnd four boudj^iL 

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ij.nJ AtB cluVUiALd Will bur liUJi^rELd. 

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ItUwDf , aE^t tlidLf Ikmilho, hj tbN (ioii*n of 

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wif4riil| ihnk WET? aklL- U IC fftM^ lit wtr ; 

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if*«l* sf llir iritHh uf AliUT, IIMJ^ T^tIt i^id 
inie Uuua&QJi Anil 11^9 EjU ltll^'<«l- 
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fbf4b i>« WHri 

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wSiicli Md-mii on J Ajltiid buinliat^K ^lUJ lb* 
rirbqoHi a[ IjLT^oJt briny IwrlV-n ni-rb : Hllh 
itVH wb* fnr HiM tiiHiH n.r ]lU futbic.'h: , 

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IIiKlU fcUEltUt {yum liPtftilT jE*n 4M and 
upiTU-iA, aJI ibqt nr^ bfau tH ^ f'Wtli t« 
n-nr in IjJ^eI : 
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btij flrri trnftilrrtd H-flil HflJ- 

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Ibe rlkl]4Tiii| orinTaHl; 

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til? til>«m>£ir of triLlrau^, fcud »Trt dl 
iMtLji tbMwi/^ Ab'l UTrt lltl tblDiCl iittt 

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lh^] |iUe(i tij hifl Mirn Ml^klaril, tt\ib the 
fOlifB er tliekr Ibli^T'i iiaufa : tbtMj off 
ifeput IbtJ Ubflnuuilfl of Ui« HPEi^giiioB 

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ar Ul» fUB iWl tl^j [J Lkfl nbaniikni of 

EjifB -cuqi^ ^f Jjd^i piliili lLir[Ki^[FuL [hoir 
■rv^ci* : 4Bd ^ aitlvlMiB Uw Sfftt <jf Amittlll- 
adali iJka^ ii Hi^Uiii «f Ujd nbUdni^ 0f 

4 And Itlji ^HiC k febd tLaa« itdl ttfn wiin> 

l)«h:J Lif IhBm, ti<0r^ tbf HviMFf 4L.d iHaiiefSJl 

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tAdJ^ iid itit fnb* at laotbAt: nai Iftr 
tvA vt KuH aknU be «ft|iMiB of 

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U-Thra thkH Irt Lt UJk' *vaA U^ bLt»Ii|^ 
Ihli li^.CTWtll DJch nUQ hii JHi.t Mr il**ih. 

n^ A^nil tbp nbU^lrtq uf Iirqit] il)^E [lUA 
tb^jr f-QEJs -^rvrtrji^Lkn lirj liif nvrt ouucii 
pn i1 f!T L'T7 miLD tij ]|]> Q*rq xtanddj^, liifi/ufD- 
nol ttiE Lr' 1ui#Ej. 

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ibu tutitinuuta 4f EcMlcJitja;, i>tU It.r-ra Ijh 

n* ' »rtLt utHftt ui* «(itwTti»Ui)fli *ir Uu 
t^LI4li«i1 iif Ii».^l: *&P-i tW U'ktri ^IdU 
twp tiio <bl.Ciq of El» ulwrnaiih rf twrt- 

a Abd Liii tuHA, ud tlMH lluit ^tf* nim- 
Ii^rt'il Elkfl^^vf, iPfff lil^^ Uld fcur UbtJHIBd 

7 TA«h lti> tnlw of EnlTvhiii : ukd Ellab 
Lbfl Ban oT U«hx] 4l^aU br impt»l» ttt tha 

II And itM bpU», mni Xkato thnE ven lAM* 
Iwnd tb«n4C M«rc flftj uid KKca ttiOO* 
iJHld ilBii ftjHT ln"iJi*il- 

tl Ail ll»l ivtra mtmlhcred La tlic duAj) of 
JuiktU V^J^ 4 ihVDdrwl iLoLu-BJid wi J fuur- 
BCikra tlHiiLti.'nd md aLi. tlj«uiiUid I1jj<U. 1!oar 

>lL|i4r«d, l^HHlf^l^Hli U^Lt AtbUFJi dUlOM 

■bL«Jl OiHl fqL iuTth. 
Hi i an Ibu MuEh tithi 1A4^2 h eLq *tUd- 

Aid {)f tliB oam]^ i>r lUiab«a uoordiiij to 
CJirLr wrmiee- : bud t]ic eft|4h1n ut i\* chU- 
^JED flf KaiitHfi k^oli £t £ldaiir tbt bmx of 


11 ^Hd bta Irtct, ud lba» tlut wwm num. 

tntf il Eb*rr4rT Wfi^ tsxtj ud llx iboUMOd 
Abd HtB JlUBiJ rfit- 

12 And l,f|..«. wli^dl [ilUjli lij bin <lHi;i &0 
Uhi irlbn ur lilifcrHiB ; mit Ibp «.pkqiEi oftho 
EiLlldrw or aL(rf<^ fA«Xt h; bbelEmikEl tbo 
kill, i,^74in4ti«4iM' 

1£ Ami bli boplv ^ Ll^«> lJia.t wfTT liOni' 
)wad n( lIiiWp verm Sflj Aiul cijim E|i(r4»Uld 
oad thntfl bliudred. 

14 TbDEi IbE Lrllu d[ Llbl I Uad Ibn »pi«la 
of ilMi pra«<irOqd«hiiU&dilli^JL|ib^Uiioa 
1)4'" Hm^]. 

' 1> Abd 1l1i linrt, KaA liititA tismi *ff<f bdiD- 
\icrfil al Umia^-icwre hwtf kdd EiTi; EluiLUWd 
Vnd -ILt LcuHlrrd udnflt. 

m ALL lint iTBTii Diioib«t«d In tl^nrao-of 
^MjlK-u tM-rt i bUJddrF^ IIhhihii'iI uid mj 
Hid onr iUvifimtiA t»d fuur T^ndri^rl MM 
on?, llitiPUfjLdiiL tlii<4T knrtlfi^: '»q':I tb«7 
^1] w^ fontt lu iJid nnnmA rvi^. 

11/ Tlii-D <Ihi luiw-pttrtriif rjf Elt* rnnfrnf*- 
4L«Ei ilula »i;l iurflikJrd itnh lljf Taitip tif tko 
LftM Llai ia. tbi MhdBi uf ib# cuip : u ibo^f 
CDUmp, dfl lUU llWf M* ftirrfr»td. fltory 
MiUI 111 I^ili |i|lK4 kj LLuiLr HtMndBt-di^ 

14 f On tbfl TM4 idAe ^AaU I'o ElM vtBUd- 
4e4 4ir klM euB|i ur £:^i»ibBi rwcMrdl^K to 

lluEr umiiiA I Uid iNri BB|li4lu at Eli*: ROM 

dF Epljrtiiia iAbK i« £buJ4iu Oki utn of 

1? And htB bort, bdhI tbMm tEL>» tttm tiUa- 
luiml uTiltoEUh Dmr^Funj EhjuUdBud ud flre 

^ 0t4ir tf ike ttibtt. 


He LeviteB n mm b er t d . 



21 An4 bU kOft, Ud tliOM that w«v« niiai- 
Itmd of ttkQm, wfr4 thirty and two tboQsvid 


2S Ttiep the triba of Bmyamln : aad Oe 
«apt«Iii of tb« AMU Of B«^iamiii thaU bt 
AMdaa tb* mm «>rOidMtil. 

S3 And hU b<Mt, ud those thM wen amu- 
bend vT tham, M>er« thirty Md flra thooMiid 
•ad fiHir bnndred. 

M AH tbM ir«re noBbered of the eninp of 
Bpbntlm v«r« * bu*dr«d tfkOiuand mnd 
e%fat ttaooMud Bad a hnndnd, 
their srmifla: 'utAtbtj tbatt ft 
the third rank. 

t& 1 Tho atandard of th« eamp of I>aa 
•JkoZf 6« on tbo north ilde by thofr artnies : 
•ad the captain of tbo diQdreh orOaa aAolf 
k Abicser the ton Of Anuniahaddaf. 

S6 And hia boat, and Iboae that were num- 
bered of than, vara tbreesoora and two 
thoosand and aercn bnndred. 

XI And tboaa (hat encamp by bbn »ktM Aa 
tbe tribe of Asher : and tbo eajpuin of tbe 
chOdreo ofi^ aA«a 6a ra^ the aon of 

» And fab boat, and thaae (hat «eM num- 
bered of then, laara Iwty and one tbonaand 
and Ito Imndred. 

S» Than tbe tribe of MnpfataU : and the 
eaplaiirnr the Ohildrea of if aphtaH $luM fre 
Abira tbe ion of Enan. 

SO And bit boat, and thoae tUtt ware num- 
bered of them, wtre tttj bhd Usee ^On- 
aaad and fbur hnndrisd. 

81 An they that were numbered In the 
«aawB oC Dau w«rt a buodRd thonaand and 
Un\A4 sereb tbooaand and >iz hundred : 
Atbayahall go hiadnnat with their atand- 

sT^ Theae are thoae whieh were nmn* 
batedoftbeohUdreaof laraelbytbe bouatf 
erVtalrlblbeN: <an thoae that were num- 
bered of the eaoipa throofboot their boeta 
watraalx bnndred tbonaand and tttre* tiioa* 
■And and Are bondred and flfty. 

as Bat *tbe I.eTitea were not nunibered 

MBanKthertdldrenof laraal; aatheLOKD 

maaaaded Xoaea. 

91 AbdibedUldrett oTXarael did aeeord- 
!■( to al that tbe LoKD eommaaded Ko- 
•aa: (ao they pitched bv their ataadarda, 
and aa ihn aal forward, every one after 
their fiiafiaa, aeeordlacta the houae of ttwir 

frimU far tK* mrttm tf tkf fliiwrfi. II <»- 
tnmttftk» ii mimm. M t%* Imrilm an »•*> 
««W it tknr /amMim. tl flft* /mmilim, •«» 
hm. md dUnr* if Om U m^m it m , S7 a^ tt* 
S^m i k il m, 33 mmd «/ <JU Mtr^riu; 38 TKt 
jteM Mul aUryti^jromani ^anm. 40 fJU 
ItWty an Cat** t'MtMrf ofAttn^mit. 40 A* 

TBCSK alao art (be generationa of Aaron 
and Hoaea. in the day that the LbBO 
mtka with Xoaea In mount SInkt. 
3 And theae art tbe nfcmes of tbe aona of 
Aaron ; Nadab tbe 'flratbom, and Abihu, 

• of tbe 
Anna, »tbe prieMi wbleb were a 
f whom be oonaecrated to miniater in tbe 
prla«t*a olloa. 

^ 'And Kadab and AMbn died beftMrethe 
LomPtWhn tbay offmd atrangs fire befbre 
lh«X<morin the wildoneaa of Sinai, and 

they bad no AMren: and 
Itbamar mittiatered la the prieet'a ofllee In 
the a^ht of Aaron tbeir htber. 
6 ^ And tbe LOBO spake rata Haaea, 


tbe tribe of Levi near, and pre- 
I befbre Aaron the prieat, that 
they may minister unto bim. 

7 And tltey ahall keep Ma ehai«e, and the 
charge of tbe whole MngiTegaMan before tbe 
tabernacle of tbe eongregation, to do *tha 
aerriee of the tabemaele. 

8 And they sbaU keep all Mm inttramema 
of the tabemaele of tlie eea|re|MloB, and 
the charge of tbe eUMren or iMol, to do 
the aerriee of the taberaade. 

e And /thou abalt give tbe Lerftea ante 
Aarai ahd to bis eons : tber trra wholH 
given unto htm oat of theeMMren of larael. 

10 And tboa shah appoint Aaron and Ma 
aona, 'and they shall wait on their prleat'a 
oflloe : Aand tbe atranger that eometh ni|^ 
attan he put to death. 

n And ttie LOBD apake nMa Maaea, 

llAad I. behoM, il hare taken the Urites 
flrom among the eblldren of brad laatead 
of aUiheiratborn that epeoetb tbe matrix 
aawng the ehildren of laraal ; tberafore tha 

18 BecMae tall tbe llntbom art mine; 
tftnr on the day that I amote aU tbe tret- 
bom in tbe Und of Kgypt 1 hallowed unto 
me aB the firatbom hi Israel, both man 
and beaat: mine they ahall be : I am the 

U n And tbe Lokd apaka unto Moaaa 
in ihk wildemeaa of Sinai, saying, 

19 If umber tbe children of Levi after tbe 
house of tbeir fhtbers, Iky tbeir I 
** every male fVom a month old and 

totbetwocd e 

17 "And thaaa were tha aona of Levi by 
their naatea; CMrahon, and Kohatb. and 

18 And theae are the naraea of the Boaa 
of Oerahon by their tandHaa; •Ubnl. and 

1* Aad the aona af Kohalh bv their fkm- 
Ulea ; f Amran, and Ixahar, Habron, and 

»«AndtheaoBaorifefnlbythalr Iha- 
iUea; MahU, and HnaU. Theae are the 
Awiiliaa of the Levltea aeeerdtag ta the 
hOTiae of their flUhers. 

SI Of Oerahen tana tha fuaOy of tha Ub. 
nitea, and the family of the SMnOtes > theae 
ore thO AunOiea af the GersboMtea. 

tS Thoae that wore numbered of them, aa- 
cording to the number of all the malea, from 
a montii oM and upward, avew tbOae thai 
were nambered of tbem taara aeven thou- 

38 ''The nunlHea of the OeraboaHea abaU 
pitch beMnd the tabemaele weatward. 

M And tbe oMef of the honae of the fMhef 
of the eerabonitae ^uM bt Eliaaaph tbe 

25 And 'the charge of tbe aona of Oerahon 
in tbe taberaade of the congregation tkaU 
bt cthe Uberaaele. and "the tent, 'the 
covering thereof, and 'the hanging ft>r tbe 
door of the tabemaele of the eoagregatloa, 

36 And 'the banginga of tba eonrt, and 
*the curtain fbrtbedoor of the court, which 

Charged th» LeviUtj- 



t eh. i. U. 
^Ex.25. la, 
> Kc. 27. I. h. 

r Heb. I 

«luvth ud IU4 409^ vflt, femn VUi WTT- 

uidibB twrnlOM at t^b* iTnbilLt?*! Uhm tin 
Lli^ Id lb* tthQiWr 9t sU "Ui* mn]A-k fruin & 
Attl ilx lulfidnJ^ ktfV^ln^ Um cliujv cf ill* 

KV 'I'lhii rartiOhd* «r Oi* P^i tif KDliUh 

tliUil l^uli lilt iliv pvdif Hf IN ulmrud* 

al ltj» ruuHlU Pf tlifl HAihmliiibBa *44U hi 
£kL«l|iluMi tlrt»i£i[i tfrUiiJihl. 

abd VeJm mtibii uiil ^1L«^ tfinJjMitkk, Biul 
iUh ^IKH, will UiA rrflw-lii Vf i^ii- MD Dtua^ 
WtritrE^LUt i\f-l mftiltfMT, lul I'tlw Itkopiid 
lad kQ llhl i«r¥i0a LlMEbufr 
'Jt Aei4 K^niutLr tbt riuQ •?! AuVD IIh priul 

fM'd Aiinr tLti.dru'£11gbit Hf LttQin IdiM l«i|i 

litn, Ml J tbf Ebritilitj [^filMi UiuiLUe*: IbCw 

itl Alii| tiiif*a i.\lm.% *f[4i ■mciLrrtd uf IIiuIh. 
ttw p.uiBl>«t «r ^ Um Outilin, 
1 nli iu4 htHTM^, lUiT* «* 

Sly Ami thd dhlcF ^r 4tir lit^tUi^ of th^ (lAlHT 

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mlAte^tiin t:^Tame2<mafU\'rvrA- 

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IJkb tftl^riMrJfiE Mii^ IF4 l^ni tii<ir«<if, lA.l 

i1h iMUat* Ui4ret>r ud IN lUpghiiM iiu-t*iiir 

■nd Ii1] llw TrE>nll lliOniOf, VA kA UiU 

«rrni[li lljMrtii, , . 

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tilii«TJi*rlH tLiT*rl Um #"1. tfrt, tit^HiFii t^ 
tatMrnacUr df 1,Iib cimr^fvtLurL irutii«rd, 

|Jt«[| «P ^H^M-l. aod A^Tpu Ami bLl B«1M, 
" itEpinff Ibc rllinjn at l\ m ■*n[rhLfcf7 ^ Cdf 

vib* itpuvir UiMA Mipwtli iUsb dbKl] Im imt 

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«4tlEJi alTiifil »p4 Alalia hriittl»prw( at Mw 
wmiqabdltrfnt Uif Un JjJIUfr tli»ryii(liiBiL 
Ihc^r EkinLlllni, ■11' till; UI^H f miD b, mimttr 
!tihl hUd UpiiM^i W«i^ IVfOlJ eilil twu thnU- 

*1^ t ^tt'S «*■ LoltD Hld imtff MoMi, 
■lyuciLlXT bJI Ilia BfulthiTfL pF tli* miioa <if 
tliB «!SiUilFrq c( I^r^J fr«fn A mntllli. 
E^d UiiTAJnl, umI Ulku Lb* QQHihif at [liCLr 

-tl I And Uioii pfcrUt i»fc* IliL- Ijflta* Ear 

au {T 4« tL> l/VUtkli iTllteSiJ liif all tlH mnuiDiC lIi* flUtilTon ul ^ri[B«3 ^ nuij 
(tv| ntlti H'f C l'« In^vitnH Jnricml at ill L|h 
llTp[]!i1£i UiHibf ttf? Cttlitln irf llui aWJdxnB 

1= AUEJ feliifW auDkbciiid, U Um l^>H[i 
«amrailbi1t;i| MlHn >!■ tlia ftntWm iiffiDnc 
ilietfli.ll' I ITK Ljf(ir«t. 

*4 .ViMl pililM 1ti«tboni wiilr* bj thftmirai- 
twr b| lHt^BU»^ ^rvrfi 4 umbUi, i»M *qd np- 
, *Ar1. of llbbH Ital, ^^ni TinjMt*l*Jflf tlrftuj 
»w™ iwfFHt «id twH tliniunrid twn Luadred 


JlraThiTj *inimK llha cliLlriniD uf l4z*t?l. »1 . 
ibr '■.i«iil« >if i>iB LoiLlm tnivitd at Lti4r 
V ; Bti'l Lha l^rllM IbAll 1w «kLlu 1 I 
Mil* eim LuBfi. 

Ill Aiul lur liuM tiMt KtXaim 'nAttofA 

«f fhd Lwrt LiUlJFHd Ulit Ulf«^4?1fB Utd Ulfe^ 
adq tif ILd UfvtlHra oTtilff cJliillf BU fil liTftf^ 
' iPLlqlt OJB taHin Lbui tbt Let I LcJ ; 

Lj tin- |HiLl, Bfti'f ifciu ttnEltE LirtL*»inminnr 
Bt.all UiuU t«k« lA^u*.' {'■thn «liBkElu linjpi- 

IJi HEf«llA4 

411 Aail tlie*u *l»lt ilVB Iha aaa^r rnhdm- 
■lllb L|iB |id(i nambrf dT llwkU kl t« tup D^ 
i*eiH^, iiiltn Auua oiiil tj liL| Xirx. 
4^ A^Kil ?A<W iHik IIUi rMdrSipunnrcipnC^ 

«r t!*<iB put «En 4irx t tti4 ftbdlfl Ukiiiu IW 
k' nnli>iaiieil bj \bii lA^Jfii ; 
Oc Ltif Uriltjiirtl tif Uir aljUdrBD ni It JH^ ' 

Uivlt !]<: tbch 4n[>rtt;j ; »a ItivofBuiJ i\vi mm* 

jlrvd &ad tlm<BHCfim abd 0v» t^didl*, *ttW 

lliif alMi^L 4if Um BaUMUVJ - 
[jl AuJ JlLifeic<l ^itBfa iLrti -mititL') tif U^MB 
liM\ WK«d H'dMbBklid qat4 A«tiil] tmi *it llU 
irmB, hiMrdkBi! 1h EllP wiml iif Om LiiMSDt 

■ IT^W. t fU' 


tli iidr ri^ 4«M 1^ ■% Im^M-' 

• ■cSO. IS. 
Lev. 87. as. 

«^ia. le. 


J Take iNn »qiil dFiIib E«tii ^f tDlAtb trtm 

amAUf llrt »i>iib ^f l^tl, hfi^rir IbtU b^il^LM.' 
L.y II .u tii)it<i^ bFLJieirfailnW. 

a "^ FtiHH tliUtl JBkri 4Uk Mill q|i«^ud HiStl' 
tilii|.kl MAr TriSLTJi tild, ail iiMt flplrr Jiitu (be| 
ImmI, cip di> ttic IruEk b I4m t>Hnbila ^^f tfeto| 

4 I TtlB MA'dt U IkiP *nHlM or Uw hiQil of 
ItuhBtb Hn ll»n talHT-pJiila o' Ui« fluB|jnig»- 
(kiD, a^ujl 'llh« til^iL IijIj- ICdLthr 

r* Anil wbrfi iNl- fuoti frtlcLll furw^rtl, 1*- 
T.TB bFuiII J-MJih , Bnd W4 Uoif, KP^ tJWj ilJ»V^ 
iBi^P d^rWb Jiit* crwfliilif vail, KOA Wrf7 ll» 
-BirHlfM-iUBH-qj 'rSaili 

Q An4 tJi«U put tlieA'iA Mf narttiha Of 
In^^rv' r'kiu^y and ^liUt ffprrtml di^et It % 

tkitft TlbDll;f hT lil^ta, and it-iOl |ipi ifl / kfaie' 

iliTM (hermir . . , 

T Anil uii-jQ lirf FiibUi [)f iihK*thi*d ilMjr 

«liltll iP7r««J > dMbof bUin, Mid uuLtbffMm, 

tlri^ diibeij ajtlrt IHB apminBH attdlli*l»TO; 

neil (MisTi t* >l WT<*r wttliai : Alld tint «•- 

tta-^M Vnail lh»ll 1m UMinud : 
ri Asid ilwj *h»lUF«BJ H|wte tbam * A*. 

ref »CB.rlf4, >Bd etKwtha *UB» mUh R «"«- 

Inn uT lH/ri«»rt' ■UAt, and tlkdl im^ In t^ 

plmTE* Ibi'tvMt, 
It And tl*]f <V»1] ukfl A dbB*J» oT liiQif . apA 

ODTflt llrf 4un4lBMfa:k ortlxd UfbL,^:i.n.| b|s 
Lkcnpn. fc-nrl bU l<ib|gi, atid ht| fMiut!<\\t\)at, 
uil iJL IN cill nuelli btHmff, wbi>ri'<rl«b' 

ihr J BtL-nlibif tmd il It 4 

lit And iW i'j*'' Pi^t^^* ""1 ^ I*" ""^ 
0»#n-i( ^lililfl *i:i"»>±aff vt l*Afn-t' fkiMU, 

11 And upgn £Eba pflLrlm >]laLr Uuf rlUUt 
dnrChl a (dnili i>I Lbie^ uil ofT^r It vl<h a 
DoVEtJiifl iKl Ipadf'*^' *iiiu, an J flbakl ^'Dkto 

• SM«K.8.a«. 
1 Okr. ». S. 

r. a&.«.8. 


Amt. an. 1. s. 

'T^g ^tptte fff fft^ pru:ftg. 


lifttff of the Kfltfirthitfut. 



L^. at. ». 

«K4.*ii. 4a 

M^oetumrj, viil fhil tAfit» Ski m cl<nth pf tiht«, 
kad mfTfT thnn wlitli * pitvi;rfttp at bmii^wT*' 
rikiQii, 1014 ahkll pBt fAAn iw • thr... 

IVAn^ihpiTiiliMihlkk'P • v*« tbfl Ubr I rnnn 
*fc« ahsT, ui il i|0T3^1 R, purjf k clMh tlirrmn ;; 

14 Au4 Um^t aMI pi|L u^t 11 >11 lbi» *!<■■ 
■rik UkM'ar, -Pbtwwilfa U^J BAilll'LlIrt nbtai 

tbmli, ud Hv < LiatBf, lit rhe Tflk>eid af 

nn«pliw 4<r b«dipA' aUftt, u4 put to the 

lit And ^h*ti Au«i ^i Ml vnas bn 
m»4«UI <m^ nt hjiT«riTi|; thr iiAEi(ita«i7, wud 

fi» K Rkl (reward : iftrr Ibnt , 'IhB pj]:i>|| el 
SfriAtli gluH M4tH la kurir If f * Erat 1|hi) 
lian -■«* Mivrit fii^ lirH j ttilnf, brt ilwi 

l|ll lln» *( 

1ft ABA in Utai hBhi vf Ehaur ibr Hb oT 

k fivBie, M4 vd 

IT AnA lb* LofeD ifdka anio Wgf n ar^ 

■FtJw KitWliJtn tnm amni^ Ifai L^rittf : 
Iff' Atot ilnf 44 autd IL*^, that liny wn%y 
i^^h artd pot dig, phra lb*jr fejFpnaiil] uduii 
■ ttai uiviL iMflj itfinti - Af**jn and ii,iii fwu 

•fa*ll 1^ in, luiJ apiiLilTi* ttiPwn «t«7 DUi. ti 
blp t»^n ibA in Mm VoriUin i 
fCi « Uttt Vtef iluJk TFit ^ In ■« ii« irhn 

31 ^ Aa4 Eb* L<tui ip^ umu ■.«»■, 
iqbnut LtH h-satwrn of ibelf (U%«ri, 

«S IbMtcntiTlTi -laviT^innitEifl u^f 

du Iba irw^ In t b^ ti.Ur!j(wl» *< 4b* ■ 

H'TIA 4*Uii a<rTl«» .^f Oir bm^thoi «r tbe 
» AbJ -(bej aluU h-u i^ vjmjna *r 

Un Bad ttjf JiJ^KJitg hr th« <l«tf qf t&« l«J^ 
ina^k vf tbg< wvcnfstlijn, 
m Aad i^ba iwncfm^ «f U» Hurt, and th* 

fa^i^JI Ei¥ tbi^ dwr rf UW pHU or LL0 i»art , 

vUlEh ^ % ijivimlHWHvifi Hut li]r tli« aJiu- 

PMnd mtuwit, kjm< (^wiFt onii, abit ail Ihn 
kRtlTiynnibi at iLiLr i^rrjw, fthJI ait tliBl, li 
UtoAt tur Itwia : i-n «^^ ttfj lfl?lf??f 

« Al Ih* I'hciiiAlBtint-nt of A»™a saii Ui 
nb ilikll Tio aJJ thf. M^-irUyt »t til* H^bri ttl 


rr Uaalr TkmlUrA, l? iIh 
«rar n«ir »»■*■ i 
'Ftmbi UrifCr fpar* itW and anvari pn> 

fl) AeA 'tliJa ia tM i>Kin# «f t Irtit 1>i[HIr«, 
VwHinf ti> all tbr1r Hrrkn* Ih iLt Lalwinr' 

D*elt< of {Lie naKrafat»i>fi ■ «Hm burh fiT 
eJki tntXTInliHrk uLd tlv l^arv Uiarcuif, la^ 
Um IJliUm themif, uid Kflmu iLiKiiyf, 

av And ika ^LUkr^ 11^ Uril HfudH Pnitid 
aThmt, ire] Elmlr melMttf, ind IJ»Lt pliu, 
an-i ^tlf^T mwth, 1rl!U >1| tlirlr liiAflaiiHiiti. 
mlt<i. wtik LlJ kiMLr #rt-rltem ibh^ bj nuna jr 
«|jalL ^Thcknn it» luiriLnj«pCji uf UmcUbj^ 
of tkrlr IkiiiIpii - 

ca tliU f« ai* B?TT!kv *f tfvr hmDLfa nr 
th« ii>iij »t MMw^fi, mnan}^ tn a.\\ irxi^ 
r«ff*flw. In Ehr tahnni||«|4 UJ Una ntiiltrfit^ 

M i * Aful Uiwvt wd Aanm viri ilw nbl«r 

of It* eiUlfTITCIltJctQ *E| [fllltiti J ttiE pota* nf 

Um )t«ih4iljtLiM miiwr I|i«It (■.toLU^U, ^^J 
mlLrr tjie LoUrifi lif UptiEP bJWn, 
Ha f ran Uhln; juf* old iin4 ftpvani atHi 
UnLQ If; J JP^m oLiIh flTErj4iii< llitl wbUrpLh, 
iain Ibn pHr*i<if , m 11^ v^rfc Id tba laLw^ 

UUIe af Elio <i)[i](TT|flEiia : 
JSn And lUuf ri4l WntB iiy(pbinY4 of Ibvir 
■*7 tJiciT fiml I IM pen twa UHVaUil II 

?Sr Tli^M wrrf tiirf tMt pjrrfl Tlomb«T»d 
tff 4ile bmlLUi i:if iLit Kalul htltvi, nlL llrtl 
™i[^ Jft »nrTlr* Lb tbi ulwT^L»^!^^1 of tbr 
■iiilNKf^ltHi, piJrK Mi;M<i and Ai,Tnfi 4!4l 
Biiimln'T arimrUiiiK ta %b« AttfiiiuJ^duHn t e< 
ibn J.,omu ty tbB bud nf Monn. 

3H fiTiii lliujD L}i«t TTEH MumbaiPil efitiB 
rioDi (if l)«nbD4i, tbjfHLfbwl Llrtlr tiuillhM. 
hid^jlL^ lK4Ji« fif I liitr IkiliHrii, 

Elf f T[>[n tltnj jifan a<i srd Ti[>p«rd tiv«n 

tatEe Uvn #wrvli»H t^r tit WOti tb (Ijv U^r- 

Pj t*(sti ibMt It** prpp BunlwhiJ of Uken, 
tliMMUbirtrt (iadr flunUiwt, i>J ILr li'jptB irf 
tl^nr ruibrrt, wm tn UmjiBad and al]) 
llKTViIri^ Abd tldrtj. 

*l ^Tt.»o a** iNnj Lht im pubb«»d rf 
tlLHi laiiu I Ih'f uf (hii^ HHu af (Iflnliai) , of tJJ 
tliBl mLilA d[> #WT(f4 lb lbs EaLernithra tii 
lli« wjn^i-v^liib. wbiipib ^udei Und A^r^d* 
did bbiabe r BvwrHlnf to tb* HflUBUdvini 
□f 4bd l.(j|U>. 

^'i A b J iJjnw iii4t TT*™ HUHlbmd rf tlv 
r^UEn [rf lli« pnn! nf aTfFlri, Uimbplunil 
Iblllf lauillir*, bj tl,« >rfrqtf*or Ulrir faElvefv, 

1;»Fhtn tblrly TBllFfl filiUbil Op#atd rTjn 
Wlttf Pnijf jTEtrp oJfi, •vorj on* tbal ttit^r^a, 
iBifl tbi^ terrlHi, iur%\m Torklutbi labvr 
Ti«*li" *if Um Crtnfmriatlnn, 

il El -^B lbf« Eiint m*<n nttmUtti *f tlum 
^TtwT tiwM fahi&bai, Pva Mm* tbMiukd 
a;ad ^■m^^ liBTHlffi J. 

1j Thfn Ir ttiam tb&t •»» BDoibartHl of 

tbfl f[un1]Lr<f Qd III* I44U iif Upnri, plmh 
»B4l Anrim iillinlMrj:d ^anAiHiDf lA 
tl» wDTd n| ib4 iniiji liy lU* ItuiJ &t Uit^n- 

40 All eImsf* (jut wnT.* nniblttE-Bil of |li* 
Lci^v^ wImdj H41POJ «nd Av*n anil Clii 
BliErf or I#fa4:[ miHilifrR^, «ftrf (bnip Et«^ 

ll>'*^ Bli d aJltE tliP toi't nf llrtir faEbrrp, 

41 /fT^m Ihtrtj jL-*™ aid ftnil B]>ti,thJ 
*VF0 ntiHt Dfl^ jua.wti rid. eTmry oa« tbat 

liw uirrlM i>r Uli luunkb lii tb* labEf csidB 
Bf Ib^ iHHi^fn^aiJciji., 

4!t Etpf eIihh iLbL vspr pwib^Hd ^E 
Ibata, pen ahf^t tfajHipaiut Bx,i In bUndvad 

pA.4. ».n 
■ Kp.-ia. iji. 

The trial in a 


c— a t^Jtmhu9M 

^ oTth* 

LOko tk«y «m« BotbaNd by tb« hud of 
MoaM. 'crtTj one aoeordlBg to bia Mrrioa. 
Md Movrdinc (a bia batda^s Una 
(hay HiMibarad of biia, *m Um Loso 


fl«« «mm(«m •«<<• t* rtiMMrf Mrt f<aa MM) 

n* ftrm ^firiml im « mm ^y«aM«uy. 

Ain> tfaa LOBScpdba «■«• Maaaa, mq^ 

a ComuMtd tha aUIdran of lanal. that 
tbay pM Ml of (ba aMip avory 'lapar. 
•vary ona that hath an iiaana, and wb 
•TOf ia daUad by (ha 'da»d: 

«Bo(b mla and tenia abd y* virt ai«. 
without tha eMop ahaU ya pat (baaat (ba( 
tbaydaaia aot (balr «Mapa.'ia «faa ■ilda( 

4 And (ha ahUdian of laraal did a«, aad 

Ktbem 0B( viibaot (ba aanpi aa (ha 
KD apaka aato Maaaa, w «d (ha abll- 

6 t And (ba LOBl> apaka airta M« 

Spaak oMeMMafaUdraa aflaraal, «Wban 
a man ar woaam abaU aa(aaii( aay aia (bat 
man aommit, to do a traapaas agalaat tha 
LOKV. and (bat pasMS ba gvilly ; 

7 /Tbaa (bay abaU aaalbaa tbaltalB «hlah 
tbay bava daaa: aad ba abaU r aaa m paaa a 
hia Iraapaaa 'uMb «ba prinaipal (bacaaf. 
aad add oirta M (ba flftb pwrt (haraaT. aad 
giTo it unto Aim acaiBM «h«nt ba ha(b 

8 BnTtrUM Baa bava no Idaanun (o >••• 

y unto tbam. If aay naa'a wUb go aalda. 

, (ba LOBO, wn to 

(ba priaai; baaida *(ba rata af (ba a(aaa> 
BMBt, wberaby aa atoaiaiBal abaU ba nada 
for htm. 

9 And «Twy aaaMac of aH (ba holy 
tblac* of (ba abUdraa of Itraal. iridab (bay 
bilnf tmto (ba priea(,-ahaU ba bhk 

10 Aad arary naa'a baUawad (Ma«i atoO 
ba lit : wbataaarar aay aaa givalh «ha 

11 f And tha LOBD apaka oa(a Moaaa, 


1» Aad a man ilTe »itih bat aaaaanr. awl 
t( ba Ud ftam (ba eyas of b« baabaad. awl 
ba kapt doae, aad aba bo daaiad, aad Mara 
h* BO wKoaaa agalaal bar, aaitbar iba ba 
(akaa wtth Mamaanar ; 

14 And tha apiril of Jaalooay aaiaa apaa 
Um. aad ba ba jaaloaa af bia vlfe. aad aba 
ba dallad ; ar If tha apirit of jaalouav aaoaa 
upon bim, and ba ba Jcatona af Ua wtfei aad 

Ift Tbaa rtan (ba laaa brine bU wifinBlo 

bo priaa(, and ba abaU brtag bar oAttag 

ar bar, (ha laa(b««r( af an apbab of bar- 
ley maal ; ba ahaH paar aa ail apaa tt. Bar 
pot franUaoaaaa (baraaa ; tor l( <a aaoSir- 
iag of Jaaloaay, aa offariag of maaMMtal, 
**bringiag iniqoKy (o raneaibraaaa. 

IG Aad (ba ptfeal abaU brlag bar aaar, 
aad aat bar baibra tha LOBD J 

17 Aa J the priaat ahaU take bdy «•*« In 
aa earthaa veaaal ; aad of tha daat (bat U 
in the floor of tha tabemaela the palaa( aball 
(ake, and pu( « in(o (ba water. 

U And (ba »riea( abaU ae( (be weaiaii be- 

r banda, wUab i» (ba JaaloiMy eOMaai 
d (ba priaat aball bava ia-hb band Aa 

1» Aad (be priaat abaU abaiy has by aa 
oath, aad aay Bate (be waaMa, It — ^^ 
bare laia wiib (bee, aad 

iaataUef tl9 
fliad. aadaaw 
beaidaatbiaa baabaad I 

11 Tbaa the priaat aball 
woawa with a* aath of awaiac Mid- (be 
prie8( aball aay BB(a (ba weaaa, "Tba 
LoBo laake (bee a oona aad aa oath 
awiBg (by people, wbaa (ba Ui9» datk 
aaaha (t^ (higb (• tie(, asd (by bel^ (a 

23 And (hia water that oaoaatb (ba 
Xdiatt fa iB(o (hy boweU, U BMtl 
baity to awaU. aad My tbigfa to rot* 

BAad the prieat ahaU write tbaae 
la a beak, aad be abaU blet tteat o« 
(ba bitter water: 

S4 Aad he ahaU aaoae (be weaian (• dri»k 


''ware (heaAriagl 
M 'Aad (be prieaL 
of (be oflHtefk if—m 
ef^aad baiafi apoA 

(heaCbriacbatea (ha I 
Aad (be 

I (ake (be ^dioaay 
B'a bead, aada^ 

S7 Aad when be ba(b made her (o driak (fat 
wateivtbea U ahallaaaiatapaM. tf ababe 
detled« aad bare deaatreeaaaa agajaat bar 
baabaad. that (be water (ba| «Maetb (ba 
earaa aball eater late ber« lad 6ac e w > H(- 
(er. and bar bete abaU avail. a»d be* (b%b 
abaUvatx aad (beaaaMMtahaUbebaane 
aaMBg bar people. 

« And If (be woaian be bo( deOled, bat 
boeleaa; then aba abaU ba flea, aad abaU 

iaataadof her 

» ma <a «1» lav af 
wifB goath aaide t« one* 
baabaad, aad It daflledt 

«0 Ik wfaea (be apirit nf Jealeaay eenetb 
Qpoa Mm, aad he be JealQ«8 orec bia wifi, 
aad ahaU ae( (U woawB befa r e4ba LpitP, 
aad (be priee( aball axaauta apoa her all 

be gaUtleaa freai 
» 'abaU bear bar 

A NOtbe LOBO apaka aalo Maaaa, av* 
-^ lac. 

i Speak rata (be lAildiM of larnal, aad 
ai|y ante tbao^ Wbaneltbec awa or weman 
ahall >> 'aeparate ttawiaalawa to vow a row 
of a Naaarite, ie aeparate <A a iaalaaa o»to 

S »He aball aaparata Mmtelf freia wlaa 
aad et8«« driak, aad ahaU driak ao riaa- 
gar af wine, or riaagar of atraog drink, 
aeltbar ahaU be driak tma liaaor^f i 
aeraatjaolatgrapaa. or dried. 

r €f «A* Namntf. 

Of ^[[f«flti0' fA£ j^apif. 

■ OWte i«r UH ^rb« tVtti bwv4 Mhtil t0n hOaatiiti^ E« tJu »D« »]udli H. C. Ullti- 

Iben iball -mt '■«■•■ ooflw upon lbi» t^ul : 
bbeU rtM d^ ta {lllHl«4. 4n iM nlUch Im 
ftntivlMh M mPi > lf1i>ih#im>i>, b? «il»»4 

n4! bH Mkd |T4W. 

I >« i*«(^, Mh bv taii*k ^ ^i«t iLv U# tif Ell 

Klw. E. W 
/uhn IT. 11. 
«t. 1. ik lu». 

T 'ittf ib«It not 9i«ki hlBwtr onel^ut br 

at Tn bii* Hb^rr. irKjcn 1^1:7 die : Eikhh lbs 

■ Atl Iba da ji of tdm M]d4vtiuta he it \Milj 
1^4 flir Lr>JLI>. 
If «ij 
umI b« UmA 4cBlri Uh b«wl iri' 

1n [ba 4>j uE bb dlAfciukDK, do liM unntb 
4i7 B^U b* ibm Ifc I A 

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iBf , wd -raAbr Bia itiiannflDt bif him, &tr 

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tbe ^ji of bili «»p«tbLi[id, W<4 lb*I| hTilig 

tbg : Ml-ibr tlbji Uid *«» ^Akm abBlL t<^ 
Ian, bc^Kiiw IJ.1 iepttnlim «« iliXibtln 
lit Antl ituM-ir Urn tmv 4if Mw IJmbHi^ r 

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tbfi lAhfTnarlR pf tlwi f4DcntfD,tiiiD r 

Ijonti, an* 111" lamb prUu bn^ }f e^t « hb^at 
b1«rn|4^ Ibr b iMiml nlA-Tlapt u(l cuB' Mm 
Iwml. eir Iba bnl ^lu ^rid bval htenuib, A for 

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lU^ " t«t op tb* tiltenud*. 

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.^ Ibji Lnf l-niTTifii tid ibfire^f^ lunh 1|h tJhV 

iif i4io I'FiliU, 'M<4 ^fr# of'Wr ibitn ihr*- 

4 AaJ Ibe LkJUU i]i«¥js tibtu HomU, iBJ- 

[■ TbIib '^f sf ibtiu, tbB( Ui«T ai4j b« to dii 
tb« pi|EV|[n 4f Lixi t«lH<Ti.LA«k uf Ui£ euugrt^ 

CliiHi & Bilil $lMii| ibiJi'l firelhiftll uillii Ibr 
tIm*, l:it m^rrj »■» nainlLiiif W blu Mrt- 


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tbfr L4tiei„ Mhtl ibnJ! r4>T bU win 
IT And be BbiJL o*» th« nto fer > >^flrl. 

Ihff bailut of Tll»l<HTra»<l hrtBd : LliK priBlt 
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■hJ f^TB LIboi uatu tbif IxrLiyl. 

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tir tb> lOu iki UanbuB, l4li»mU4U ta l^lr , 

^e^RlftJ »iUi I (fl ^f 4iBd TiinLr wb««b i fead bI^IiL dibu h* j^m J ih. t JL 

thtAr rtTvier. 'imib'r tbe bfttaa of ItbdAiu liLi^dLm 
tt#i «|in iiFABnuB llw prlcil, 
IT Ddit iikl« Uh in^i 4jf Ko^lHth liV .^T« 

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luBrj I it:LiiU|f i Bg ulihi IIibbj '■' tvit* tJif^t thef ! j iK^ i. |l, i, 
•huulU Lraj- u[miii IbySr <]ii»iil tklin I ^^l 1J, | ' 

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bir b[ tbe IkhbJ nf bSi BrfBrMhHi . W»[l pat 
ft i-a lb» At« KTdoh {* OtaUT lii« «Uirlflf<<l Pf 

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dtMiftter Bf Ella Ttm, bOd md □iila^Tiiwd 

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«f tbri !*iilBHit. BftK fAfl ^pyr a/ idBHp*' 

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Hft .k\iti i;t* priMl rfiBll w»TF tban /bt b 

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ft**J fu» ttif |l*l##t, »4*b Hid IrBVB tFMikat 
*Od b***« lL(int<Vr •■ and Bflflt UUI Iba 

lu And Ibn prJUiHii bl£r.tiil bif A Ji^Ild^LltaK 
■dT LhB iJEar Eb iba tlaj LbBL h Wba ^UlUAtrilF 
MrM tilt girlltAli aVttitl iLiclr BRkrLat b<- 

11 And tiiB LiiB£» wad unu 3firiu. Tii«j 

ribBU ulfitf LbtiliT ijArLtlilr fUb prLB» ^m bt* 

'- - ■ ' ■ '• -- tifBiml bif '- 

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In All 4 tiki c^rprkD^ wti VB« VliH-tiliA^l^tr 

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Wj ttiMktiry una iliktr Ixt^iut a^<aHf ^bdi- 
«|Pb Bft^r 4llwi ibakrl uE Lb« iU^ttLMLTJ : 
■iTAb Df Itrtui ^wrw [uH uE SJae fl^ur LlLniirJ 
wilJt oU EbT K 'dipM tjlTtrLb^J 
]| Odf ip«jD ¥f tdQ th^ieU «f piltl, fuAL of 

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bT iiil^ AtKii J ru-t fi^r D. 'burnili [rfT^rLlf g : 
] a l]n? kl ll iiE Ibc" i|inl« bil' & " lib ufffrln'g : 
11 ABd tM ft UOriHM «t pmH offiirl^^iii, 

tvnatiD, Ii4» nan. fln bv EMMi br* U^ba I 


Ojfrrfwitjif i^f thr printfS at 

the d^itieatiam nf tM.*Umi 

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hHtt Hf Itan fiiLt er l» flbur iiilB|f*d wtkii 
4ll fltr ■ BHl cArlni t 
ail Ut» ipiK Bf J4l4 uttntlaJtwlntfMiit 

HI Qdb kLo of Ihii- gnat* (br a aIb uDrrLqi; i 
CI Ajid far > fbnrl'Bcn -af pas^Bti I'ifflrtiiiia, 

muld at IhM HfTl jrif t ibii wtw UiA uAlLajf 

llwJADt utliiH «r kit atuldm of E»>aliuij 
S turn <Ai(Bi itv« '7i» rilnr flnrnrn IIh 

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iWU UlEIli 1l*V riJClt Kt« kl 

of t]i0 br^l v«kr r iLLi h« 
■at fliB *4in r( ^Itikin,. 
3 ^ tin yu founb ilaj ElLitU ll» kib vf 

omw JtaA imf, fsir n bgnH lAirtpr 
ia One kid s,f ti,c fidLk r,iT tt iIb d, 

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miMAmfb kllB feUQ of It*lMlL 

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Dif AndniiiBJ, pfftnec -gf iha ebl^drrs. 
lu^tirAlEiii iiffiruiic 

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W0lf 111 tlmviiiF wa« » liDadmi uud l^lr^ 

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iLtm fuki 4ii' too S\iai laLBflid vuk irll br k 

n^lL 1.<ii«i ilur<flLt! piau f jr b. t\n D&rll^E^; 
tlw Hill frf *'*^*^"*, llTUlU {lf tb» tiMldlfb 

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tfrlu 11194 HOf l[lTtT 


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t^i] iittm, fiTfl-rainri, A*fl L«fAfel*, (iLpLunba 
i4 i1w Ink ]re>» r 4tili led* Umi {^riUi nT 

eiiBHiBH «^d»)r^i 

W nil tAiMa^vi* HB* tUnt^ya^r, fit* 
aJUktUi, CtaBfJIhrvr Lani bfauVHlEj' abikf (■, 

CLdin Ml of IM flovT lEiifiKkd tIw aII f^r » 

tltOai |dUh «f«iit Oif tKAjA^Afb, JkiU tt 

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flf tlw 1m jmvk tur m Iknmt [Airing ^ 

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tl Aad 4ir » ii Mfft o m f paw mlfuMiiin, 

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Htir}l«TIl1.f1 lU frl, of 3^UTl«lkutl.Ji. 
U 1 Ctn {Sir- •l.kili Ht>> JiUiAjiiKli klm «!■ 4rf 

«t Hb tbiKtiT wi «Mi nil riT iluMV^ of 
Ah mWU*rB luiulml «jiil tlilrtr «JUNlk. 

p4*H fVflDTKIXI, A''! [[Ll 

Jiti4'^ flT« Hr^Li |, LhT ^iii^ . ^ ...._ , 

Htiekel iif tlifl H»ai»i»rj| + Lniti rf tluim fUl 
jjf JibB Ainix iBlaghd will* ell fur % ntM fti- 
tf kIuc r 
U'\ iJtifl BdM«k iiKxm Df ten iA«ika!#^ flill of 

ttl Udb jttiDf tiuUnehH ODfl rttUi «ifl luf^ 
vftLa iTii jEAir. fur B liJTiil itffiulnf ^ 

^ USB in [)J UiB juMU J^ir m aJu w^rint i 

tvu, Arc ruui, t^H r ]>e ^m4«, [It« Iftttatu 
of \\^ Ikrtt j^ABT ^ IhLi utM Hm of^iriei af 

IJvnoJLui Hw «iB df FplUlntir^ 
4*> ^ (Jn tiie ni^tli tUj ALliIaa tJifl ii^n of 

(Julnm-U |irtB« E-f til* otdiareHi urikl^MBiB, 

(ijirr J •■ 
li L J Ha uffettiBf d«iU &»&B iXh tT ciittTmj-, tbi 

•diliL iLrJbj' mhi It liuiilTHd bo J kl^iij 

tlbeiii TuU «f ftD* Jlloai mknitlad bUUi oJI r^ra 
^ dpc foLiItiB ipoim {>rtin «A«'t<>b> lUI at 

m Uaa jmarp fcntlm*, 00(* Tiril, «M iBBtb 

uf lUr tlrai rt:%r< fiv » Lumi r^^rSnt? 
lU (^fl kJi/E uftlie CQitid f(ja- B |in «i^T[q|: 
i^ AkJ tir A iurSEiw mf p«HV DlyrlliCi, 

cr tlu? IVrtt jiaj-1 tbL« w.^ UtB [><b]rtiiff rf 
Ahldu lU rdB qF CJIdmivU 
Oa t Uri Uiii i^tb J*j Al<|epifT thp mm 9^ 

AmnhabBiidal, priun i«f lW (J^UJjbi uf 

QT liji i.-Hkrillft WU EiB* sot H tLBIt^T tb 

TL'l«l't wlwFtfiif u?iii » luLQd«.il «nil ItJri;! 
«^^l4, nnti litvEr iMwls^f hw^poEj fbatBli, 
Blijtf l^iT ifapbel .if il'jn raBctutTj : Kitli «f 
Umdi fLLlJ uF Hi» JOiHU JokBglM trttb bU iq« b 

(M rju 1^ ifCiMrtl i^HA Pif Un Bil4i:dlj, 1^11 Bt 

tut. >MaJ]i>^. nnn nra, tmbrnk 

9^inmtf mt primtt. 

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fthlwtr tli« ■■■ rf ftamltlMiVm - 
n^ Ob 4te «l«f«Mb teftsW Mm MB 

[>SM, HteM •nk* iUiNB •( AiiMV, <{ 

«»dM». MM«Uf«r b<Md «f awMI^ aWkft] 
•ftvtte ■bakal •ftiwMMluivi k«Mi 
IbMB tea of lB« flfv ali^M irt&i oU f arft 

75 Ow ri"i«MiMk> M* »»^ one la 
•f tha «nt m«r, far • JNni nCHriBf: 
» Oa* Idl »(«b« mM far •«)» dbriflL 

tiw MM* flra raaMklT* WgpaMt •«• ludM 
•f «to Am TMVt 4U* «wu 1h* Ottctec oC 
m 1 Oa tba WvMli ^ Akta &• MB 
]^£Jb1bw of Ha iU&NB Of HaphM 

nS'cOMBf «PB« «M rflrar ofaMfM, Mw 
vcMrt wliet«or«M*a laB*«4 Md thiitr 
■rtt fat , cB» rtlwr bgitl 9t — WBiy ■halwto. 

ifldi tf IB* flMT alBcM wtfii oB fte B 

80 Oa* saldM jyooB oftaB 

ll OIMIt 


«rttM Im JTMr. •» ft bant oOctnc.: 
es Ona kid of tlM KO*t« Ibr k siB o&rlat s 
88 Aad 8»r b MMrifloe of peaoo omriaca, 
tFOMra.Ai* rwM, Ito Im |0ft(«»flTa Imbm 
«r O* tMt 7o»n tUa «MM Ih* o*rlB( of 

AUiB Uw acin of Eoftn. 

8f fitb wM tba dadlacMdB of *U altar, 
In tba di^ when it «m anointad, br ttw 
Itriaaw oflanM) : t walra obatfara of mrVt 
•Brira aHrar bowla, tiraiT* aBooDa of nld i 

06 Iftab okaqptt of tthv^migling • 
bnadiad aad thirty §k$Mt, a*A bowl 
mmttj: all tha ailver Taaab Mwi^Aad two 
tbaoaBd aad tarn IniBdrad aAaAato, aAar 
IbaAahal of «h* aaaatBaiT t 

84 JHw floldaa apooao w«r* taalra, fliO of 
iM ij n mpt w»^0Mnt tn thtttk aploaa. aftar 
IbMMkelof thamafltiiaij! aU the geld of 
iba iMDa* «aa» a tandrad aad crnaty 

87 All «* oxaa Ibr «ha baiat offntag Mwro 
tvaW«.baUoe|u> tba raxaa twolra, tbo uunba 
of ttUW^Mr tWlta. «tth VMr mtet of- 
and tU kida of iba goato to aln 

tt A^ aB tba otflB fiir Mm aaorUkw of «b« 
MMt<«Mn«(«Mr« twaalgraad fMir baO* 
atka, iba rams aizty, (he be goata «izty, tba 

. - .... .^y, Tbliwaatb* 

aftar that It vaa 

(juTYiiea Moaofl waa goea IbM th« tab- 

* of tba oon^rafatlcn 'to apeak vttb 

aaaboftba oongregatlcn 
d«i.MiaBb*hMKd 'tba roil 

a two ebarabim : aadbaa|iakaiiBto 

CHAVTB& ym. 

AKOlba LOBO q^aka onta Moaas, ear 

la H^Mad tba tana 
aaadlaMtak. aallia 

4 «ABd iya«arii of th* oaBdlaatiakaMW af 
baaloB criAt Mta Iba abaft thaiaa^ aal* 
"^ ' itbarw>f,taa«*baatoB««rk>4*a> 

6 1 Aadiha LOKO aiMka BBta JCaoM, aay^ 

dren of larael, and olaa 

hHai SfataU* ««Btar af yartfy- 
tbaia, BBdt/M tboa abafa all 

« TIM ia» Oaai taliaa yaBBc bBHaak wHh 
*Ma n m» a ftHH. •»•*» •aaiaar adagiad 
with oU. aad aaotbar 7obb« baSaak flail 
ttMB taka fSw a aia ^Miut. 
» MLBd tkoB ikiM bttogtKa Larltoo bafbta 
''^- tdbanade of tba aoBgracattea : faad 
I aliall atWHia Bfaala aaaaaabW of Iba 

10 Aad^lhia ahaH briBf iha La«Mea bafaN 
tbaLonai aBdlbeobOdNBaflaiaalAahBU 
paaihair haada Bpoa tU I«vl«aa : 

11 Aad AaroB ebaU t a«t tba Larttaa b*. 
4m Iba |<NBB /or an taOMafof tbo abU- 
di«B af Iwad, that ttkaj aay aaaaa ta tba 
•nriaa af tba Loiw. 

U<ABd tba I«T«taa abaU laarlbelr baada 

ipcbtbfl baada af tba ballaakai aad tbov 
•bolt oflar the obo /or a ain offariag, aad 
the other for a bomt offertng, onto tba 
jK>iu>,ta make aa atoaaaMal Ibr lb* I*- 


18* Aad tboa ahaU tal tba Lavitaa baftae 
AaroB,aadbefln«hlaaeBa,aad*ibr than 
/or aa oOntef aata tba lOBD. 

Id Vbaa iCft Ibaa aapanta Iba Laritaa 
fromamoagtbaehlldronoflaiaali aad tba 

■■a gi e g aWpBtaadtbee aballak 
and "offer tbem/araa oOariac. 

U Vm Hbes f wbaUr glTaa aato ma ftvm 
.noBc tba ohUdroB of firaal; 'taataad of 
aaeh aa opes oraiT waaib, «*«» inaUoApf 
tba flratbom of aU tba eMldmi ^ laraat 
bare I takaa then "»*« nia> 

IT 'Par alltba iratboTB of the abildiaii of 
Jara^ «r* mio*, (otA maa aad boaat i oa 
tba day that I amoto erary flratbora ta the 
d oCEgipl I aaaetlfled them for qiiaelf. 
tare taken Iba leritea for all tbe 
ha ohlldran of Israel, 
bava gtrea tba Lerttoe — \% 
glfk to AaroB aad to )d> aoaa from amoag 
&M flhildnv of larael. to do tbe aarriee of 
ibe ofaUdfen of Israel in the tabemaole of 
the eongragation, and ta aiafce aa atone- 
awBt for tba obiUiaB of Israel: *'lbalthen 
ba aa pUgne antong tba ohlldran of laraal. 
vbea tba ehUdraa of leraal ooom ai^ nato 

SD Aad Moiei. aad Aaron, aad an the eon- 
grofntioB of the ehildren of Israel, did to 
tboLeritea jMSOiding onto aU that (be LOBo 
ooBiaMMidad Moaea .-^. - 

> did Ibe abUdren of Israel pate then. 
n 'ABd- th* lavitea were pnriOed. aad 



• T<r. 11.18. 

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J%tpcs9at)et t& be nh$arvtd. 


Jsraatit€» ^miMei^b^m^ f t m m t f . 


t Heb. r«w 

• ■s.lLl,fte. 

»JoA.S. 10. 


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« "And irft«r that lim* the LcvKm in te 
«• tMr MTTlM in the tebeniMie oC the 
eoBcragation befwe A»rM, ead before hie 
•ene : "mi the LoKohed eoamaadedMeaes 
I Lerltee, eo dkt they into 

» 1 And the LOKD tpeke nato Moeee» 

84 This it it that Ul^ngetk unto the Le- 
tftee » yfien tventjr Mn4 five yeiua old lad 
upward they ehell go in t to welt upon the 
■eevtoeref the tebemeele ef "^ 

Sfr And from the ng* of *^ yenre >hey 
■faaU teeaae welting iq>en the aenrioe tAere- 
</, end eheU eerre no morei 

M Bat aheU aOnieter vlth their taretfaren 
in the tebomeole of the eonmgntionv 'to 
keep the eherge, and ahall do no aerrlee. 
Thoeehalt thou de onto the Lerttea toueh- 
teg their ehar g e> 


n* panmnr it tomwtanJ»d agam. 6 A uttmd 

fomner alhuf*{/ar tA«a tkmt »«M «n«{<ti» of 

mi—mt. larkt^ondpMUttktkawmoDingtand 

tneampinffi ^ tk* Jtritltitt 

AND the Loan ipake unto Mooes hi the 
Vildemeea of Knai, intbeflMt month 
of the seeood year after they were oeme oMt 
ef the land of £gypt, aaytag, 

S Let the Ql^ldren oflarad nlao keep "the 
paeaerer at Ua appointed aeaeefr^ 

8 la the fourteenth daer ef thia month, t at 
eren, ye ahall keep U in his appointed aea- 
aon : aeoording to all the rites of it, and ae- 
eording to nil the MMmoatei thereof, shall 
ye keep It. 

4 And Moaes qtake unto tiie ehydiea of 
Israel, that they should keep the paaaover. 

fi And Hhey kept tlM paasereven the four- 
teenth day of the flrst month at «t«n in the 
witdemeaa ef BinaS r -aeeetding to m that 
the LORD oonunaaded Moaea, «e did the 

^ And there were eerttin men, who were 


I not keep the pasaover on that 

ire Aaron on that day. 

7 And those men aald unto Um, We mre 
dedled by the dead body of a man : where- 
ftire are we kept haek, that we may not offer 
an offering of the Lord in Ma appointed 
season among the ehildren of Israel i 

B And Moaes said onto (hem, Stand stUl, 
and •! wiU hear what the LOBD wtU eom- 
mand eono«ming ytm. 

9 And the LOBO spake nnto Moaee, aay- 

lU Speak unto the ohUdren of Israel, aid- 
ing, If any man of yon or of your posterity 
einll be unelean 1^ reason of a dead body, 
er Ad In ajeumeyafar oS; yet he ahall keep 
the passoTcr unto the Lord. 

11 /The fonrteeuMi day ef the seeoud 
month at even Mier ahall keep it, anU 'eat 
It with unlearened bread and bitter herbt. 

13 A They shall leave none of It unto the 
morning, I'nor breidc any bone of It : Aao- 
eording to all the ordfnaneea of tiie pasaoTor 
they shall keep it. 

13 But the man that ia d ona, and Is not 
In a journey, and forbearetli to keep the 
.^ aeal /ahaU be cut 

'•hraa^ aaa the eiMafoC Om-lOBO Jn 

hUuaptbi*^ .-..--— 

yea, and.wil 
Lobd; aeeording'to the' eidinanas «f the< 
r*. and aeoording to tha wanner 

thereoC so riiall he do : "ye shall hava one 
ardinaass, both for the atraager, and •»' 
bfan that was hetn in the land. 

1ft 5 Aad'eatbe day tbatthe taberaade; 
waa reared op the aleodeoTend the tahe*-' 
■aele» e ia w e fr, Ike teataf the teatitaoay^: 
and t at OTea there was upon, the take maele 
aa it «eee the anpMnaoaoC tae,.aa«ii the; 

U BmHrmmtimmjt 4hi alaad vorered It 
^ dt^Tt andtbaafBeazaneeef Saeby aight. 

IJ And wliaar tha Aood 'was talttnap from , 

a(laraeljo«ne9«d: and In the-ptoee whena 
the aload-ahedet there the efaUdmn af Israel 
pitched their tenU. ■ > ' 

U At the ooBomaadment of the lotlbAt 
ehlldten of larael ^auneyed, aad at tha 
oomiMndment of the Lord they pitched: 
*aa long aa the eloud abode upon the taher- 
ttaeU ttwy reeted ia theto tents. - 

1» Aad when «w doud 4>tarrled lens upah 
^the tahentaele manydaysy thtethe eMIdiea 
of larael 'kept the ekaige of the Lord, and 
journeyed not. 

aOAad «• it woa, wbea-the ehmd -wee a, 
few daya upon the tabemaOle ; acoordteg to 
thaeeomiaadmsB* ot the Lord they abode, 
hi their MMa» aad aoaerdlBe to the eate-' 
mabdmeat of the LORi» they joameyed. 

SI Aad «o U was, when the ck>nd tabode 
«rom even vnto the moralag,and«Aa( the, 
elond'Waa tahea ap in the niotatag, then' 
they journeyed : whether it waa by dagrar 
hf night that Ike elond was taken up, Oiey 

88 Or whether it verd two days, Or a, 
month, er a year, that- the dood tarried, 
npontiietabenaaele, renmiainrtheretm, tho< 
<^rea of Israel «abbde in their tents, and 
journeyed not< but whoa it woe taken ap, 
they jimmeyed. 

23 At the eommandaaont ef ^m Lobd tbmrl 
rested in their tenU, and at the coanBand-i 
meat of •I'e LOKd they journeyed : tiiey' 
« kept the oharge of the Lord, at the eota-' 
mandment of the LOBD by> the kaad *of 


Th* «u« of «A« tilrrr IrumptU. II Tkt /mmMtw, 
romoM/ nam Sinai to fattm. M Tkt aUtr ^ 
«A«nMiMr*t. 89 Ullah it omtrmltdtjf M ttt t m t 
(oiaawtAnt. 3H Tk* imtfitr ^ JIaim m* ti* r^ 

AND the LoBD spake unto Moses, say- 

a Make thee two tmaapeta of sUrer; ofa 
Whole picoe shalt thott asake them: that 
thou mayest use them for the "oaBlng of 
the assembly, and for the journeying ef the 

8 And when ttber ahaU blow with them, 
all the assembly shall assemble themaettes 
to thee at the door of the tabernaele of the 

4 And if they blow but with one tru m p H , 
then the priaees; wjkiek are «head« of the 
thensauds of Israel, shall igatbar thedwelma 

6 IThen ye blow an alarm, then i<the 
that He on the eftst parts shall Ko '^~ 

[ t'h^ iTT^er ^ EjTvtrt march. 

TV pmttif Itut for JkMk. 

«luja tmit llHPVr jiHn»7 ] tLvj <h&tL th* 

f37Ti\e ilviiq ^iLh iii, pad i* ■v' f»l Q J4 lb«* 

bad t« 

t Ab41 <El';r« f* ''' ^U la JriLt kuiJ Bfaltail 

bHtpbiag:! "Lmmp So III* wLljLrrn*Bt, *wHiiiii tifcj*it 
_ _._ k. _b jji, 1^^ ii^ _ iUiUiBd »f fli M. 

S2 An<i IE *liAJI bfl, SI tltMp Jtn wllh PI, Jfrt, 

ibajT HWJ bq Id j^iM <> Art B niBwrkkt 
11 T AadM 4UtH kP |»U» on tha invbUntL 

is And th«eWJIPffi nf TiUmI link Pihtlt 

gm iBi, LbA J 

^ ^ AbjI L^t 4)«puiFd hum I ilM iTKHnt 
9f tiir inrne tf k^i' }iartirj : bmA t4w 

»rk al tlif MTfBuiL af il» |,ciRr» *if*r>i 

M And ' dia Bisud Itf Um LQUu i/rcLf D|»D 
tl:i4iin liv lUj, ViJKL ttrf^ w^m oul nf lb« 
rwva. I eiaf,. 

13 ^ml EtHP7 Blrit lamk Ibalf jimn.!? 'if- > -^ Aqit It ebbi# ft put, «brki Llw irV ipt 
»»— lla|f Id iba rJnmamiiDflB t flf ikt laBi> tirwxnK IbkE Moffn i±lit, 'HLmi up> l.i^HEii, 

1±ian NiAl hkhi llr^ fl#ii l^.f^tt Itifc. 

M AriJ ftLritn S| r^HnA, li^ nHf^ KtEeifd. 
Q I.*]I1D, Buta ttif 'H»HJ tboUMUlllJ aT 


if tJi« «ikBiTrr Off lbi> aLXlaLRCB iJ JniliJi 
eDr4i(BKCiilWlFatm44»: kotl t^ar LLi 3i«ai 
•^Ji " HBkjLMtl, bj* Kt« vf AoiDtnudAb. 
a^Afld ii?rt 1 1:* ]Mn!ii ill »]]« Lrlibii *ir l]bl) 

tb» Joft flf ilu irl^ vt UiB 



ht-atd ii t ianJ hlf u [r f »w. htihlliril ', mad 
tkn ■'fln AT Ibr Lonh liurst u)<j|j IbEm, 
itiii mmPlkiVd Udm iAaf v*rn ta (Id OlIiT^ 
lihiil pirhEil »li3i« ealnp. 

14 Abi|'tbe»taa4Hl4BrtkBe«ii|htfr Rtu- 
'^li i-pl fbirwu^ BDEvrdtair ta t]|*ir ni-niltii : 
W»iuw kll but tHka liltiiiT tilt MB or 

9f And 0«rt EJh liiiE 4>r ItR Lri}« «r Ihv ' 

Sn And lK«r Ui4 l.^t ar IbK (rib* uf Oo : :] And U cil\t>i lim Hhjbs nF Ifcn n3A9¥ 
•tildfpn Dr flri WM KUAupb tLtt UQ pr -TRbanbr Jj^-flHiiP IhB Jin af thm iflBo 
J^ffl^ biirHlpttfiditrb^ntj 

■ax ^i Itn Ecbltfeb*! Iftt bfMlrf, bur. I ^ And tint ■ inlxpj nrnltjtndi tliU W4I 
ibf tfe* "iMfltiBay: ud K*# vUrr> il^il , Aintnif Uwi-i ' ttU i Ib^Bf r ud KIm fUl- 
irt up EliB tab>m«to MnlPi4 tirfj MBLi. , Aiwn ^ l:irvl B]:«u ^ ^rjA afmiwi. Mf| [Mtd, 
S A5T^ * tl. ptJijHbif *f a* fltrbi^ uf ilE f Wtirt f ]|t,I] |>l ^ r lii drj-JL Ui r«t T 
*kildnD rf Ephnlm f*| ftrrpsd-Vt i*itTir4ln|5: ii * 1*"* r«^»ii.k>«r itis lab, wbLcb *n fll4 «l 
- thRlr BTBik:i: sjliI ^t^t SLI Iwtl wd* In E^j[|i Ftih^fj i ibin itUWlEilirrP. M14L iIm 
RK^^Bi, m4 tibP tutl^J, UhI EIib -jbSmii. aai] 
llie j^xtILe : 
« Uui trpw Lnar hmo] " drftd i|*»3f ! thwn 
iM nnibiCBE H oJl, bBitdy* tbk mUDft, (^im 

T Ab<1 lEltfl inhnba nm,K m d^lWlrtf r MbJi 
L-hd lbE< tauliiiu' L}uin«f m tbtf -flolour uf 

«| A*iA \\*. jN-itltk iTEDtnlKrnL, 'LTii CBthe>«d 
If. v^A fTtiitP'] ft Sb DiilliH ur \ytvt fT IB fc 
(TWrtKt, Bm1 bftkarL O In jg^iL*, pft^l nibdd 
e4][«4 i*f II ; BK iT Ji],.ft tft*t* il it wu H lHo 
tujtar Df fpPAki [M1. 

AbiI "wSirt ElLP ilflT hU Bjtm Ibtf amp 
m lb? ni^. Ui« iBBBB^ (tn nium It, 
> i-«i Bf 1«# triba Df Sh '" --" "— -^ - 

/cipB, Ii T 

Aihp. SB, II. 


fr Jb4|. I. bL 

-Dnt. 1. its 

Ki, Sb. <l, 

- K, TJ *[. 

•H. ]>J ]l^ 
p., nil. Ii. 
1 IUI1. ryh^. 

/I *»-«J^V 

Il^liP.UL k 


H»i. 14 

1 Lla, . IH. 1, 

idLZl. S, 


»o«k.i. 11. 

(IfjL, ULJL 


Ji^rmt «QH# Mffffrffff J in t O jiftti i .* ■ 

..._ fHvkrfa 


ifl Oelrf ll fell Ibll t)«4p]r f ^k^r 
noi, Ifafel UhA •Lmihlmh lar 

4 wtlafa tb«i ^iffiTtii o&ta 


■hfqlJ J Yk** Dtfh IQ ^TP 
piopl* I (Wr ll>fl|i w«f^ tintn 

ii 'if tf l4u> liirkTj fur nu^ 
wu dnbl bhai Mlb mti', *lLt1 
le^ Mil ri kadtll, U 1 bbn fatifed 
■ al^t; uid Nn cue wA '•» 


Lfe Ii4^Rt> Mid QBt4 UW», 

nplfl, pyad + M*flfl«f» 5T*r tli^iB L 
;m unto Lb« Ubf'mMh af Ltuj 
tLu Umi/ mBf akii4]; Uibn 

U'tiftU dklirtL UlJ MUc vL-tb 
4t4t fr 1 *hll laX^ qE tlin Spirit 
I tliM, &ad mLU ptit 4r tipoa 

"J 4l»J1 bMT Um lititlldtl Iff 

HHiUQti>l]|4p«Qp||., '@uretlh 

J*? HpT( wifrt -^la lb* <iM fl* 
yiBl, Wlia p]M«ll [ffn vf BHJt 
t n'li* %nU wTttl Ui in I^TptT 
U»KD irtU (Ii* juu Sriiib, Kpd 

■ICUlur IM O^TAh aaT ttantj 

KiUT feiMCrUj. lad U 1h tn^L^c 
a: liMHUM Ibli Jir liuv df. 

f £up4t 

f vcnl Wtn febd tnlil Dh p«o^ 

m «f Itri ki^t-rj uE ih> i}i»[tta. 

illMM '^SUBO ditVD In ft eIAo^. 
La Slim, imi4 iix>k [sF Iba ppLKi 
II lfJ[n^ B«4l Kkv« If uabB iW 
i: nJ it CMia tiL }rtu, lb«l, 
■tit tr«#^ apot) HMD, ^tbtj 

rriTi^DFMl E mi ii/ ^Ju m«n I'P 
VltiM nt 1 1»« iin» ton# Kldul, 
or *bl l«»ip.f Mndjiit «ti J tLK 

mtu tli« ^li«mfealfl 
SIT ^iiJi Acn nft « , 

, hif *-ww^t Jiirt M!^ / A C?-^ J 
111 iffvr pfvpinmlKli 

jf Hdmh, mM of hi vdfehf ncdi ^ut^vtT 
Mi4 HJ^ Up leH HbMfe, •'Ibrhbd Uaia. 
i£ii AniL ^Cudw «M QMtiM^ JbftM cbM 
far jaj f«)» I 'vhM Ofed UlH tJl Uii 

IiUKJ^'n |i«4p4i-wfln pnf^mt whF ■&**»• 
Lira 11 wnmJd finl SJl ^plrtl UJKib tbMti I 

W AjLd Miwtii ^ Wm kfettt IM oMlf , bi 
Hid tbe •1iiET» qI IktwI- 

IfL K Ajid 11wT>' '¥^nl TiifHt f. Iwht4 trvv 
tb# LiiiRJ^, and ImTTjId rfBK'Iti flrom |l}t 
M^, tndi Jd tAfTit tttii iij Uff nnih 'M It 
m*i9 ■<■ iLifi ^omnir en kill* «i!f<^, mB,\l m 
il *^^ Ri lUj'd jirarsEj ira iji* >ib»T ibb, 
rdDarl ktiilUt i\m ^mp, ud fti iL V4m Mb 
aabllf ^^ B|HtfL EIm h« Bflha rftrlli. 

9 And lb* prii[t3fl lt>Hril trp Id! IhM dlj, 
Jul d bJI iMI uI^IAk kfiil td EbA brxl d*y, 
feuil lti»r ituli«r«d lilt qiltlli 1 Iw ^bu giUi- 
ahiili**al f^cl^T^d \fWi " hoivifn ^ «feA 1A«] 

'hnil l.lJfr.>L nil almw4 fc^riHUllHl't^ IWuA 

^liUd Hii! 'fl*g1p tfiu jil twtvwn 


ilknU VMi . 

Ib4 lK,t](.l> ^u kLiuUmL a|[>1iitt t^uB 

■q4 ibH LI>HD imfita IkB patii>l^^ktb"i||, T#rj 

.U And bn Mlltl, ibi tafetnd dI Uu* plofOB 'Z^ ^'- **^ 
""""'" " tfeOd*— ' 

CHAPTEa 3m. 

iM. Ill jrdi'ns titCrtartl ?riTN<r. 
O TAP rr-v" */ lf«M /r" Jhr- J 1 U4 f— I- 
_ri»4frl JbV^ Pit I. ■AnJ Hi fwwm. tiim np i^hl 

AN1> MhikB kail Aferfei MiAk* «c^lTllt 

^Blk'&l-Mri] Ul EllilirpLbta ^Dinui. 
3 AaA tb«7 *tA4, Uub Ufr Liinn btdnd 

P|W^|=PII. irulj 1-j* Mit4^1 T t bElii tip Int A|H]k' 

«nBj«flb7vP At 4 (bt l^Hn ']i«kti] ft. 

ihf Ibv oanh-> 
4 dJLaA tbK LUBU «p*hct llrilifaiBtF n*9 

M>9iP9^ null ujiUi Aanrri, iiid imtJki lilllHB, 
IjBBaB QUI JB Hum UnLn tb tnhiniMl* irf 

fi ^ Ahl 1^ Ll>nD bniP^ dtPVB kn Ltm p[ll«r 
itf lid tfkriitl, lad Btnod iti 4iu] diwr pi tht 

AUd ttirX lHrf.b UtH» AnUi. 

I Ami Ilk Hl^, il>» aaW Uji i*rn4B[ If 
Ui^m hm B phlpliiil ■notaR >n11i / tlu L^ILD 
Vkit IuIgo Urnilf knvwn UbCn LiEm /In « 

T ANj NTTM* :M'ww ti n.*t ■*, ivti ^ 
r^ittjfuJ kn All 'nilMi LmiH. 

» Wltli bin tIU 1 #prAk ' bimEtli 
Dtcta. " feiitrfuwamr, ib'J tiDC In riiuk ^pNflb' 
ft; feiil " ibe ilinUkaild or iib« Loan p1i«I1 
h* U'lifllJt wb^wftiTj* lliia "fcw-hi jii 
afr^4 Id tjink i«*lnt )A;r virTfeni Mi 

II Awi ib« nPfPT of ibD Liahb « 
« ; feUd iui dnniuhiiL 

I* JT 4, 
rf K.. Tfl. It 

J,tl» :ia. LI. 

l*u. K. HL ft 

i* % UK n. 


1 KlBpLC 

N4M 1 V. 
Itf'^. IOC HL 

t- 1 Tbin 3, E& 

I A., jn. U. 
I>M4*.J4. m 

Riltf lAtf^iPMft^ 

3&crir.it0tl^ MporC 



npott MiriMk. Mid, balMU. aft« wiMpiMUfc 
U .Aa4 A«Mi» mMt w«» Mmm* AIM, nv 
■h thM^ 'Jar a«» tte fto «pw 

we hmn dMM fMlW4y# «ai* 

14 And Uw LOBD Mid wtoMsM^ il/fa» 
fctker had bat rate la Imt f*««, stMaM ate 
as* Im tkammLwnmj^agtl to* k«r b« 
«ita* oat ikwB tte ««pM«ra dftj*. and 


"HaBMI<fc. ■! ' '- - * 



dbttdraB ta hauli ^ mrmry H^lf ^ Afttt 

|at 4BMHC U»0«. 

Al>Al^<^^w■^)yifc^ aiwaaiiniU of tt« 
LOK9 amt Umml Unm <U *^jif"> •> 

■Wlifin IT* TtTiirl 

4 Aad tiMaiMrftMntMUi: Orthatriba 
nf IfintiMi. fniBiWiina Ititi im iif Tiniiir , 

ft Of «• liOM a( «lmo^ Oavtei tM M» 


«lM«>B»^J«dah^4iJatob tkaMo 

of Japbanaab. • 

7 ^XUia teiba a< Icanbayig^ lU awurf 

of iron. 


ttlUaC BaQ)Mil>..P«ttl Ibaaw 

Om «*«.«« fibalBii, «addtol tto 
M»ariMi> ^ 
MQt, M»:liika a( JaarabrMMMfy. «C ui» 
triba oriiah at a ab . 0»d<& tba tmUBnd^ 

JM Of tto Idba «C Jte^ Anitofc Mm MB al 

UOf tba teiba oCAabM, 8a«bat «ha MB 

U Of iba trlba of NapbtaU, Nkbbt tba am 

UWtL\M)« af Qad. Gaaal tba m W 

iTnMM «r» tba aana* (»r tba 
MaaM 9m^ to spy aot tba Im4. 

Milad /0q«ha»tbMmaCK«B^ 

Ut And M(Mf« MtibaM t« lOT aattba 

Imi4 «t Ca»a a a >> mi aMd aata tba^ Oat 

M« op tbia way'aavtbvMd, aadgoi^iala 

MbaMooBtMBt < 
ISAad aM tba laad, irtMtM<a/ Md Ilia 

Mtplttba* 4«aUatb Ibaiai*, wbatbea tbay 

aa MNBg or waak, Caw at wHw; 

wMbat I* b0 faaAM b*d ; aad wta* altiM 

Mag^ fatbat t£qr dwaU iB, wbatbar iB twta, 

*|a^ wbat tba Lad <«, wbatbarlt ^ itet 
t > l— . y b a tb ar lb a t a b« mod tbanis.av 

aa*. Aiid^ba^yai.<Haad ii iiip, <Bi 
bctacoCtbafroltartbaJaBd. MowUMtfaa* 
iMa ttat tiaM aCtba dMt ffi9*«capaa. 

ja Ba tbqr wast up, aad aaanbaAtba bad 
dram tba wiUaiaeM af XiB anio "fiabab. 

afillMabMtMaf cnpMwbkb 

.. oibwataatdBfWBftamttlMM. 

ib f ABdtb^nMHBadteM aau^tecaf 
tba laB4«aM ioff^^fc 

» k9i IbtTBMt >h4 laiitaH 
to AanB, MBd ta aU tbB « 

nhililHia •tJn^d, 'aato , 

JawM>to« Ka dBib; aadbMai^bMkwaad 
nat* tbcH. BBd BBto aU tt» aaafNOttoB, 
aad abavad tbaM tbsftiMaC ttelMN^ 

S7 ABd tb^ tald bbB, aad aMd. Wa aaMa 
JBBd wMtbaa tbBB gMtoal m, aad 

tba aootb: aad tba HIttitaa. aad tbaiabw- 
■ttoa* aadtbaiteaoiilaa.AnlLlBtbaMMBt- 
•iMBt and tba OabMwOM.diwH by tba aaB» 
aod by tba aaMt «f Jotdaa. 
tt,ABA *«alab Bllttad tba paapto bafBia 
Maaaai aaA aaid* lat a»«»Bp M oBaa» Bad 
3 9 mt m Jti,4m.w- t m w all. aUa to^araa* 

U'Sm tba ■•• tkat, aaa*'!^ witb biBi 
■•I<kW« baBa»BUatoia>BpagaiBattU 
paoplat for tbas ora atNagar tbaa wa* 

«S ABd tbn 4btaB^ op aa arU npart «r 
tk» toadwbiabtbarlmi aaaaabad nmf tba 
wUabwatefaciaa to aaa r ab H^MBlai 
tbM a l ^thap ibt fa i h aM to a t a tb M aa l ; a 
«att tba p aagta that aaaBWbittTa tM 

uSjkdtbata «a Mw tba glaata. /tba m 
aCiAM^ wktcli iMM* vt tbr 
wa<mi» ia;«m mm aiibt 'm 


n* fmpU mmrmwr. 8 JmAv* ami CiiM Wmt 
tU promla^lmti. MTkammwkm Iw irt M mm 

AMP att tba a aa ai a irt bia JMtad M^-tlMto 
. ti^.aada<ia> aad'tbapaapftawapt 
tbatBigbt. •—•— -i~ 

» 4ABd alt tba abttdivB of laiaal BMmarad 
Maaaaaadagiilaat Aaaaa* >ad tba 
jongmattoa Mid atMitbaai. WaoU 
I that w« bad dlad bi tba bMdof BQat< 
-woold God wabai dtod ia tblawlUet* 

SAad wherefera hath tba hOMD \mu^ 
oa onto this Uad, to fail by tba aword* tfaM 
oBt wlvM and vw abUdKB abaaM ba a 

2%e imiervaukm af Motet. 



/«h. 10.4. II. 

> Drat. 10. IS. 


«. * U. 90. 
IKInn 10.9. 

pTB: «. * 

1«7. 10. U. 


ft. m. «. 

KM. 2. a. 


Jwl(. 1. 82. 



rw. 46. 7. U. 

U41. 10. 

km.. S. 14. 

jpCl 17.4. 

84. W. nf k 


I«T. 0. 83. 

A. 10. UUI. 

!>•«». 0. 7. S. 
F^Wt. 8. 

ft. 89. 
48.* 100.34. 
Joha 13. 37. 
( Kc 38. 10. 

• Ex. 88. IS. 
Dot. 9. 98. 

r*. 108. S3, 
■•.so. 0.14. 
*Cs. 15. 14. 



ck. 10. 34. 

Hah. 0. 18. 



Jwk. 7. 0. 

• BS.S4.8.7. 
M03. 8. * 
14.V 8. 

»K«.sa.a. * 

34. 7. 

• Bs.34.0. 
tiPk. 108. 41 

• Fk.7ll.38L 

Jmdm S. 18. 

pMf T. W9f U IMA boMar flir u to rstntm 

4 Andthey Mid on* to Miothor, dUt ua 
iMko a oftptaia, sod 'tot na Mtom Into 

&%n /MoMO Mtd Amw feU wt UmIt 
fkoM bafaia ail tbe aaaemMy of tte oengM* 
iMiaa ar Um ahUdnn •! lavMl. 

• « And Jaafaw Um iMi of Nu. and Calab 
tha aoa of Jcmbuuiali, teUe* tMra of tbaaa 
that aaarafaad liM land, nnt thatr alothaa: 

7 AadtbeT«paka«atoaU tba aoa^paay oT 
tba obUdran «r laraal, aaytog, ATha laad. 
wbiab w» paaaad Umogb ta aaaroh it, <a an 

8 If Uw Cl>R0 <• 

othiataMi, and giva H ma; ta 

Oirigr ivabal noO y agateat tbe Los», 
"^aaitbaff tmr y Um poopla mt tba land; 

fiw«tba«arabraadlwiia: tbair t daCmaa 
U dapartad fram tbaaa, •aad Iba LORO ia 
wltb^: fea*«haMBa(. 
IfO 'B«t aU tba aongNgailoa bada atoaa 
tbaaa wltb atoMa. Aad «tba giary oT tba 
LOBD appaared in tba tabamaaia at tba 
eaBgragaOon bafota aU iba ahUdraa of la- 

11 1 And iba LOKS aaid onto MatM, Haw 
loagwUltbtapaapla'arantkaaaT andbaw 
long viU It ba ara tbaj 'baUava ma. Ibr 
aU tba aigna wbiA I bata abowad aanong 

It I «Ui anlta tbam wltb tba paatUanaa, 
aad diaiabarit tbaaa. and (viU mako of tbea 
a graatar aaUan aad taigfatlartbaa tbay. 

M Aad «llaaea said nata Uta Loso. 
Tban tba Egyptlana aball baav U, fee (ban 
bfoogbtaat up tUa paopla in tbrnlgbt fhwi 
ftmODff ilwiB I 

14 Aad tbay sriU taU <t to iba fadtabitaata 
of tfaia bnd: .'far tbay bava haard tbat 
tbo« liOKD «f<« awaag tUa paopla, thai 
tboa Lord art - ■ - . -^ - 

'tby aiaadataa 
tbaa gaaai baflora tbaas, by dajiima i* a 
pillar af a oknd, aad in a plHar of tra by 

iHTbit ,Y ;; ...j , I sit Li II .01 tbU paopla aa 
oair I'l^n. I'. rUabbaTo board 

ibr r-. .aaylng. 

!■:. Mn-. ' aa not "abU io 

bviii< 11.^ ' : I land wbleh ha 

aanr^ UT\\'Y l;,. p.i, i},.tvt,-ra ba bath alate 

17 .^Bll DAW, I IhMO 

of mj Lord 1h f ratit, 

It Ttirr Ldkii ii ''l'iii,-?DibriBg, and of 
gif>E sMtfT, r>iTit<.T I ii.!r "ii|nltyaad traaa* 
gr*-r\6tt. nail I J i>.r n ■• ma daariag tha 
ffinUy. *T5iirt]n^ lLc iLi ..ju itT af iba fktbara 
np-in ilr dtiJJjcB uatQ: (Lb third aad fimrtb 

I'l ■ J' I tHi*i!-*-i;l;i ckaa, tba iniqaltyof 
tUv pas/^lt dma^rdiBg unto iba groatnaaa 
of thy merey, aad *aa tboa haat forgivan 
tbia paapla. ilrma Kgypt avta ■ anMI aaw. 

10 Aad tba Ik>bd aaid, I baro pardonad 
/ aaaording to thy word : 

SI Bni «a truly «a I lire, 'aD tba aartb 
Oban be flHad vitb tba glovy af tba Lobd. 

IS & Beeaaaa an iboaa man wblah have aae 
my glory, and my miraalaa, wbiab I did in 
Kgypt and ia tba wUdaraaaa, and hare 
tamptad ma bow tthaaa tan tlmaa, aad liava 
not baarkoaed to my volaa ; 
1 Stihn B. 14. 13. 18. yPk. 71 U. k Dmt. 1 39. 
I8&9I. H.».*.U1S. <e«a.SI.7. 

8» itttwaiy «ha7 aball no* aoe iba Ih4 
whiah I aware nnto their fatbeaa, aak b aa 
aball any af tbam tbat prarekad ma aaa lii 

M Bui my aavrani <Caleb. biaaaaa k» bad 

aMtbarapiaiiwttbUm, * — - 

ma Ailly. him wUI ' ^ 



ilea dwelt in iha rallay.) 

joa,*aBd get yoa into the wUderaaaa by 
tbe way of tbe Bed aea. 

98 f And tbe LOKO apaka unto M oaaa aad 

unto Aaron, aAiyiiic. 

W Baar «•«• tbaaa, «.<Aa lr«(v •« I »*•> 
aalth tbe liOBO, 'aa ye bava vafean In miM 
oaaa, aa nitt 1-do to you : 

89 Tour oaraaaaea ahaU faU in thU wildar- 
naaa, and 'all tbat were numbered of you, 
anaording to year wbala aamber, from twen- 
ty yaa w eld aad upward, wblobbavamur* 
mured Miainai me. 

ao Doabtleaa ya Oball net ooaM Into tbe 

yoo dweU tharaia, laare Caleb tbe aan af 
Japb— Bob» aad Joabna iba aea ef Naa. 
U •Bni yaor Utile omb. wbiab ya aaid 
abauld baaprey,tbamwiUIbriaf Vaad 
tbay abaH baa* iba laM wbiab *ya bare 

tbe wilderaeaa "forty yeara, aad * bear yaup 
wbaradoBM, aatU yaw aareaaaaa bo waaiad 
in the trildamaea. 

84 'After tbe aamber af iba daya in wbiab 
ye aoarobed iba land, aaam dtoHj d«ya. 
eaab day fev ayaar, abaBya bear year iaW 
quHiaa, aaan ferty yeara, *aad ye abaU 
kaow my ■baaaab af pramiaa. 

US / 1 tba Lobd bare aaid, I wiU aaraly da 
UaHloall'thU arU eaiy ^ ai lea. Mmt are 
gathered together againat aea: in tbia wtt- 
deaaeas tbayabaU be aonaaaMd, aad ibafe 
tbay aball die. 

» AAad the aaaa wMeb Maaea aaai ia 
aeareb tbe laad, wlio returned, aad nude 
aU th* oongragaUaa to Bummnragabui biaa, 
by briagiagap a aiaader anoa tbe laad. 

W JKoa tbeeamea thai «d briag up Me 
erU report upon the laad, idled by tba 
ptagaabofeaa tba LOBD. 

88 * Bat Jaafaaa tbe aoa of Naa. aad Caleb 
tbe ao* of Japb a aaeh, mMeh wert at tbe 
men that went to aeareb the laad, Hred 

m Aad Moaea told tbaae aayiaga uaie al 
Iba obiMianof larael: <atad tbe people 
BMNiMied greatly. 

40 And they roae ap eariy la the Bmralag, 
aad gat tbam aptaka iba tap af the maual- 
ala, aayiag, Lo, *w« Aa kara, aad wilt ga 
n^ aaie tba plaae wfaieb tbe LoBO batb 
promiaed : for we bare alaaed. 

'-' loaea aaid. Wbereftava »ow do ya 
— ' itaftboLOBOt 

yaa; thai ye 

4a For tbe Amalekltea aad tbe OaaaaaHea 
ara ibera baflna yon, and ye abaU fbU by 
the award t 'beaanaa ya ara tanod away 

3S. 11. 
Dm*. 1. 3S. 

H*.3. rr. 

IkMit. 1. M. 
••DMtt. i.aa. 

a'Pk. I«BL S4. 
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• SMDvBt.S. 

I Or. mt$m<mt 

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ICor. M.a. 

H.k. 3. 17. 

it ah. 


• w. ss. 


• I>«tt. 1.48. 

rSCXtr. \5.^. 


Tho MtbbaihlMreaker stotutL 


-.7. U. 

6«tt ttic Lobs, ib««ft»« Hha teso irtM 

44 iBat they fmnmed to go tit» «Bto tke 
MB top r mrfekUeUuM the uk of the eov- 
•Aumt- of the LoKDr sbA M mm, AeputeA 
bM out off tbe cutp. 

tb« CuiBuitef irhich dwelt in thmt bill, ud 


AK9 tbe Jjoua tiptka tmto If omc, mj' 

I S«B^e«kintottae«lia«i«m'orinnMl, Mid 
Mf' mrto tbtoi, WlMn j4 t» 9mme teto th« 
tend of TOUT bkbitMloM, irbiob I giT« «i«o 

Z And lirill Bwke u oArfDg by flro uito- 
tiM LoKD, • iHUM oAMtaif , or » MMfMm 
Hn t porfMrmtng a row, or in • ft««wiU ofler-t 
iag. or iltii yoor solemn faMtts, to mftko ft 
•««Mf nvOTT oBtothe l.<Mn>^«f tho herd, 

<4 Then /■bHIbetlwtofl'ereth Ma o»rtiig 
onto tbe LOKD brhwi'BBiMtolbrlacor • 
iMMfa desloriDor,a£>gl«d Airitb tlMfottflfa 

-ft 4 Ab4 tbe fbvth Mtt^tif B biB of wine fbr 
B drink ofiiBring •bmlt thoa prepftre wilb the 
^orBk oAorinrBr Mrarttee, for one iBinb. 

S *0r fbr ft nun, tbon ritalt' prepim for 
m met oOeriBg two tenth deala 6t ioOr, 
■llagted with tbe tUrd part otm bin Of oU. 
"TAad for B drink oibcing thou ibnh efler 
tba third part of b bin of wine, /or b iweet 
gmHm vxatv tho LokD. 

8 Ab4 when tbon psepBrert b boDaek /er 
B boni* offerttag,' ot/or b eaoriflee iB per* 
flwlug BlBwr, or <peace eflbringi uatotbo 

• Then MbaSt be brteg">BMi b bttldek ft 
iBMt oOlniBff of tliree tenth deftbr of floBr, 
Briaglea with half B bin of oil. 

MAildthflUBhBlt brtaffCnrBdrfnk oAr^ 
log bnlf ft bin of wine, for ftn edbriag made 
hw IvB, ofB atveel iSToar onto the LoXik 

ll*TbM ahaU it be done to* one bolloA, 
or liar oao >BBi, or for B b»A, or B Ud. 

12 JkoeordiBC to tho nunber tba« To-abitf 
BtepBre, ao amll jt do to every one boooM- 
fac tv ibair xmnlber. 

UAll tbftt ftre bom of tba eoMBtrr abnU 
do tb^ae thisca ftftertUs Bftnner, hK eflbr- 
!■( BB oObring^ BiBde by Are, of b aweet 
aBTMir UBto tba Lokd. 

14 And if ft atranger sojonm with yoa* 
^oftoerer be aniong yo« in ytttr gene 
Hob*, aad iriU offer nn oflnring xande by 
fire, of B awect aftTonr i^to ^e LOBd; aa 

U •OncivrttaaBee aAoU »• »o«k fbr yo« of 
VbB eoDfregatiaB, and also tat tlie a!trBnfer 
tbaM aojoaneth wttk yow, an ordinftbee for 
«rar la yoor ganemttoBfl: aa to ar«, ao 
OuM tba atrBBger 'b«r beCsre tbe Loso. 

M.One law and one aaoaer aball be fbr 
yoo, and for the atranger that aojoumeth 

IT 1 And tbe LoKO ipake nnto Moaea, 

n rltpoak unto tbe(Mldren of larael, and 
■4y Vatb them. When ye oome into tbe land 

WTtaen it iriuU be, tba*, >rbeB ya eat of 
f the bread of tbe land, ye aball aCbr bb b 
beBTB ofisriBf nule tbe LoBb^ 

50 'Te sbalf oOer tip a eake of the «nt t. 
yoor doogh for a beaTo oOiBriag : as ye ^ 
'the beare oflferiBg *f the tteesUagfloor, ae 

51 Of the Irat of year doogh ye ahaU give 
unto tbe Lord a bsBTa oObmig to jmm 

SS f Asd tif ye taavB erred, Bad Bot ob- 
aerred all these eoaanaadments, which tbe 
LOBD bath apokoB niAo MMea, ' 

98 £B«n all that the Lo&D hath eoBMnaad' 
ed yon by the hand of Mooee, fronrthB^ay 
that the Lobd eoamiaBded JToaes, and 
heneefbrvard among year' g enet at l o u a ; 

S4 Tbett it abaU be, "if attgM be eeai- 
nritled bf Ignoraaoe twithont tbe knowl- 
adge of the oongregation, tfaat^ ail tbe oob* 
grcgaUen aball otfer one yonag ballodi fiw 
B bnrat offmriar, fbr a- aweeft BBTear nate 
tbe Losd, 'wiui bta aeat eObrtng, aad bia 
drink oOering, aeoording to the VaMUner, 
and >oae ktd of the goata Car aain oOeriBg. 

Sfr'And tbe prieat ahaU taake as atoae- 
menl fbr allha eeegregaMoBaf tho sMldreB 
of Israel, and it ahall be forgiven tbeai ; ftar 
itMlgaoraiiee? and thof aball bring Mieir 
oftring, a aaertOoe aade by Are aate tbe 
Lo&o, aad their aiv sAriag beftne the 
LoKft, for thatr tpaoraBae: 

» And it aball be forgtven aH the eongre* 
gaMaa of th* ehttdrea of Itaael, aad tba 
atranger that aojeometh ameag thi 
ing aU tb* people aavre la ' 

then he Bhatt Mag B aba _ 
year for a aln oAriagk 

S8 lAnd the prieet ahaU ntak* aa 

aiw^ wml aia threap igaeranee, 
he Bhatt Mag a abe goat of tbe flsat 

S» 'To ehadf hare oa« law for 
tBiaaeth tha«agh igaenaae, Uth 
that ia bora aaong tba ehildtaa i 
and for tbe atraager that aojoaraei 

» rfBai th* BOBl^ tbB» doeth aayJIt tp**. 
■iptaoaaly, aAeMerAe »« bom tai tba 
id, at' B atraager, Mm aane B a i i t ea e bet h 

tba LOBDt aad that aeol ahaU be eat off 
from ameag bia peo^e. 
81 Beeaoae be Wh «desplaad tbi 
tba LoKD, aad hath hnken hie oei 

tbataoal ahall ntter^baeat off; /bta 

iquity uhatt b» opon him. 

id'Vhila the CMIdrea of larael were 
ia tba IrUdemaaa, 'they foaad amaa that 

Aad th«y tba* foaad bha gatberiag 
BROBC breaAt Urn oato Moaea aadAatea, 
and unto aU tbe eoagregation. 

the eoagregation 
9 pBt htm Ala vardt b 

84ABdth«pBt ._ 

was not dedaaed what abeald ha done to 

86 And Oe Loao said noto Moaea, •Tba 
qaan aball be surely put to death: aU the 
eoagregation aball ivtono Um with atonaa 
vttbeut tba eamp^ 

86 And all the eongregatloa breaght bim 
vlthoat tbe eaop. aad stoned htan with 
atonea, and be dUd; aa the LOBB eoai* 
manded Moaea. 

87 i And tbe Lokd apaka ante Mosea, 

d <^em ttet t 




eh. 88. M. 
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The rebellion af Korah^ 


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ill-, t1 

k}i4 ^nklM vt IIhI^ 
lihjir ^ijiMrrkUutid, «i 

Uiu r.-iH'L' uJ lb* boHJi»rti ft TittpuU uf luli.L' : 
Mt Ami kt iliaU Uj KliW Ji^H Var a, fria;[0, 
U;^ ^1 iflttj ]>mII1 DpO^ h, kfiil ricnmb^r «U 

Hra Iri'Ufc vtJ. j«ur emi. tjui^ nfwr irkl^ 

M Tli^t jc JDBjr fi-Ei|4<Hil»r^ ■ ilii nil nif 

pi.1 i>iit tif lIui ituJ 4il ^QJpEi Ld tw jrtHU 


. ^m^ifriMAt/t 


] [/ liUfeT, Ibt HHI 

NUWF^gnii, LbB HE] d/ I] 
»r KbU^L^h itir Mil itTLcTJi 

pm of FubilL, EUtaJ Of [i4Ub#i|, tiM>^ PH'i .' 

3 And Ibe^ r[>}4< 11}^ iMi4'>L'« 9$>w»i wi^U 

^ And'^lJHf {(Mhir^ tliflqu«lTr« tupdiLiitT 

UDhl IbSD), tl"^ £ii^ liH nins'li E]]K]D r^^i 
•HtB;j^<<lJl IIh ooniFPnilBiiiiu HmJiiiilr, DTnr| 

ttv BflciCf^^^im at\ha L'>II£i t 

A /Lull |» p]H]bi ttE]l» ftbnh Ud QIV lit 
Ii1« eumiwiTji ■ajLi>K. S.ift\ ht is4rr<>' eh« 
6j]LEr vlU iJmi^ wbuf 4<-' hH. WHi l«&«i ^f 
't,irfy; AijI rill «U4 ^Im U ^imo rev 

^b IlilU] Bt«ll A-^JIt HlfHI iim IlbUL ^pJlLUHEl 

trtll lie uwdriA tH sflisraa iH" UBdih Jilni. 

4| tliii ilu I T»k« rxa «(UM4n|, J(4r>ii,i ft^^ 
kJI KLl mrrdpin J i 

■) AjmI IMi Nm UltmiliH >A>1 put LoanoB ]ii 
Oinil bilwt lb# LOMii td uuijrmw: ujtl ii 

oluXXkn, ki» «AiiU hi liulj 1 ^f h^ \ta BtUkli 
Ueiifii jiia, Tn mmi iiTL^ii-, 

4 And V^M-A li^il onu Kot^Iit fiHtr, 1 
prmj Tip^ j4 gl^al of Li»«i ; 

UuaitiBlitfdor Unfi 

fr^™ IIhI (limtr"R>*i^l i'' liritl, U, l>riii.|[ 
jva D«W U] lunuoir Ch di> Um] iirvLiiB cf Ibig 

fbd-P t|wi Kinf[T^j^lJnQ Ui uiSill^ler lilJh»Lhfliii I 
Id Anil bi^ lEilli bruoKliL liuB bvar fa AIm, 
lin.1 oi] t^iT liTBlbrFin tba tcmi iiF i.nvl WikU 
(Jiwi : kBd. tmrk, jii Ibtt ihrli-irtbLiud ilu ^ 

II Fnf vfalifli cav»» AdU tlHnl bHiI >lt ill) 
pjoijun J nro sstlwrml lou^'tliek' hEnLEiil 4li* 
li^i UD : " uiil vliHi li AU'flu, iliok jri mar> 
BlU fr:;>L[uI lifcn t 
\i At>il Mlhiu HUt In Uli DMEiiH uil 

v4!l nirt Mimr ju: 
tl " i< if A ■moU \U-af Uioi t^ixi luH. 

InnchL n* ueI 4Ieu uf 4 luid ll^ tUnrtb 
HiUi uiLLk bitiT h^iD^'j, hi klJ^ UI \9 Hm «l|^ 

' -"vtiv 111 !fl,liiiT(t*n» *f B*ia4 «.il ^ta«- 
- . wiiLt l1<(jii ' put -Hit CLb aj^a qfljj^ii 
uiiMj r wi- '^LU nut SII1J0 up.. 

lui AlLiI Mtluil itta f ktj V^ofiiif mnJ ul4 
Tiaia lUl luiUi, VKaiifiwt Hot \hifa. Ui^ 
4i JkrLaif : '1 Ju'-e bJE l-hlLril utiir Adi ffum 
tlum,. iLuiluir lik-i-d i Inu-l uda dEiL^ib. 

lAADd Mqjwi 1*1 J imnfiDlftt, 'Uy tliAil 
■ili ^ LllJ OlllttpUlV i|lB4lC43 Uw LUBJ), 
ELt?u, Bad (.Itf Ft kDd AUniLt, liji ImijCTav i 

i.1 Anxl tBha rvEh^ Unab biu dAlucr, bqJ 
p^l iudinud Lil Llwrn, la4 l>nii< }i> b('t<jn 
thm LllUP H^nfjr UBb IjII TiqBtvf, fTi> thCD- 

dTMl ib^ (1A J «niFT! ; tliEHi Alio, ««4 Air 

I Id Ajil Kbvj bMk CTdnr raui Ui wtoaa, 
lEiii irollrv jn llj^mr nr^ifJvLl tpi^rjrgt, Uj^n. 
«, #94 iie&4 in IIm dwr i^ tly \.i\nmM4i» 

fKi*rM4 Bit 

MbB flf1L||tl(i tllKED TinU kllE LkHr uf tbd iAtwr- 
D4Cil* (if t^iA (EiDfrcEBllQii r Bail "Ibn filiiffy 
ur LM iu^Li ii^])s:BDeil Until all lImi mJigtB' 

^ ^ Anhl IIh] Lu9,D l|jLkli IUUEpMiM«I uid 

llULlt AuYIEL, lU/LuSt 

Ll 'e^PbebEv jLWETclm fnien mimuic I^Ui 

L'>IU|(Ir|$BlLiiLi iUti i m*S ' S'^iiU VIM tliPDO la 
i uanivlt^r 

^ A-Dil 1b«J "Siil npap tlt^lr Ibhu, bdJI 
Hl(U lia<l,^lU< (^Qil uf ibd pp^rbLi uf bU 
0MJ|] lIUjUl QJi^ nwn *lni BUki ipUl E]ii#u In 
wrrHtl BLl.b bU Lltd Dut^fi>}(^iluti Y 


, tl/t'ri 

1J*L jfld Itp ItdU fcliatll Lbu Lal,4Niulw if 
Knrkli, DbLLibQi aud AJ>iI«in^ 

l£j And Hlmb* rilM U[i »l4 vBRt unta It^ 
IbBu Bad AtrLMja ; wul ll^i oildcrt uf JfitiHl 
^lidif ff<l LLu . 

iM A]ud Ih ipiik« unt4 Ifa* cva[im>iLQm 
i-fc/liiil, ^iMmri, I |tT*f Ji^ttn fTTJiii ibif lta«J 
tjf Eli«Hl pl'frUii iTi<ii^ bulI Uioiili OafAila^ lit 
IbtfiM. !i7^ Jv b» 4UIUUJIKJ In kll LlikJr aliu. 

IN Jju E^if'I gM 'np tram tljfl IkJuariudt: u/ 
Eunl^ Ww. nail ALirKpu on sffttj M\^i 
Itod I>ftlbui BLui AtiLruD £uuh tiol, ASd 
Pt[ud Li> IliBdMuiru^ tlirif l-ubU, Uid ttlf^ 
vIth, vid ih«ir lOIki, AUd ibtdJ Ultli d J> 

Si Aad Unitei «kUU ' ncnTiJ Jt ibKQ Icmiw 
ILbL LIh LtlMCi LltL HQ^ nJ<i bj ll>» ^ ^IIM 
trurkj t lor /Aoiui BJt i/i^xiE CAiriit >Ii»f julbi* 
nftn. ulBiin 

tl IT tllHri n«B ill* * t]i£ Munnujn daivlb rf 
nil bj«n, cr if tbiT^ br '^ LiJlndAfLex tLH vMil^ 
sflau bi iiU dwrh ^in LbB I.iglu> liaii. ttql. 
Mil m*- 

JW PDit If Hm Lomn ' m^d /& bdn Hilnfr 

Uld LJ|« vUl (tn«a bsf liuiHf ti, ud dVll>il4« 
ilmUUE'. vitL aU Uial up jncn^^t UBWtt»4, 
Uld tbff 1^ fit iluvu ijU ICit tatti tldP pit ; llif« 
^B ibBjf uudrfklnbd llwt tl)4M DH'tlL IaT« 

provrrkjid UiD Litl^D. 
:tl ^An.L 11 meilc tO' imii, u Ih &v1 TQvdo 

VI •Dti 4ir ^pafeLdM *U tl'iUf wunliit tliBL i^Nb 
KTiiciiLd aLl^L> UUDIMr Ul41 ifrru [UmIbj tbrmi 
■Id AtiJ lb* f »rvb pupdnnl Iwr mmiilb. Bad 
I«l1lit«f4 Ibflin q.p, uiii llitilr biiu.*Bi. Uld 

ud kU tA«(<- pw34. 
HA TIj»Jt ugd ^ iMl aK>tfiAit\f<i. Id 

(Tumt, If rint dmrli bII«i|| HiMi 1>j» Jilt, pnrl Hbs 
E*Tt^ fll4«iAi ujwQ UnlKI •■, end 4«7 pcrL>J>Bd 
irflDi mnuDi' Ui" Bmnuf ff BtUm . 

^ Aitd kU IlTiuil liul iF^nfl nsuod JiIiihiI 
IIhuJI Ord M Llw irtf i>f Oiinn I fur k\it^ Ubd, 
LmI tJie ullli i*aU«W Ub Uli El4h^ 

I The yedipfe murmur. 

Aart^9 rod blossometh. 

9tkr 1MB thM ta^md inoraM. 

Uw pri««t, tkat be take ap the 

d Um baniinff, and umUmt theo Mm Si« 

TMider ; tw **tlM7 u« haUowad. 

88 Tbe ««Bwn of Umm *aUui«n agaiut 
tbrtr ova MNik, !•» Ibam aiak* Mmb bnad 
platM/iraaamtegorthaaliari Ibr thqr 
aliwed tham hmttn tba LOK», tbentn* 
tlMy an haUowad : •and (hav abaU ba • 
■igB oBtotha aUMran oflarad. 

8» And Slaaaar tha priaat took Um braaaa 
~ A)«v tT<i«* «Mfr' kwat 

Ifra^. 'tliO no f«wBf»T-, whLiiEi t» lint 4 

^n.**- Ittiar* tfcir l.4J II C> ; ihu h*- Iik- i n. t ■ 
■ if rail, mai m Idp ftfmwr^uy : u tlli# JjOft] 

njd in Slim h; ll.# Nuiiff U-^hi. 
41 ^ HdI n 1^ niimiwtKU iIm rniu^ 
r«1iu<i uf Krf n'.nliirnn < r Ittl-'I iiiMnLnua 

p«Uaa «aa KMbwed aMhia* Maaaa aad 
acalaal AaMa, ttMltkeylaalMd toward tlia 
takanaola of tha " 

aCtba LoKB a taoaaad. 
« And Moaoa aad Aaaaa aaaa beflm tfaa 
tabofiMMto oftkaoo ay a» a t l on. 

44 And tba LORO apako valo Moaoa, 

45 <Oet JOB op froBi aiaonc thia 
tloB, that I BiBT oOBOuiBo tSoai m 

Boat. Aad«tb^feUapo»tlMlrnioao. 

46 And Moaaa aaid nnto Aaron, Tako a 
and pal flro tboiohi ftom off tb« 

altar, aad pot on iaoatiao, aad |o qatbkly 
vnto the eoBgregatioB, aad make an atoao- 
aaatftvtbaati "•» tbaia ia wrath «a«B 
o««froen«beLOKOi tboptaKoaiabagma. 

4T And Aaroa loak aa Mmm ooanaadad, 
aad ran Into Ibo Bridal of tbe eoapocatioB; 
BBd. boboM, Ibo pla«lio «a» bogaB anoaa 
She people : aad be pal aa iaoeaeo, aad 
■ado va^loBeaieBl forlbapoople. 

48 And ho atood between the dead and ttw 
Bvtagi BBd Oaplaaine «aa atajod^ 

4»9ov theylharAod ia tbe jdatoovota 
fMU<aoB«haaaaB« aad aeTsa iMidred, be- 
aidea tbem that died abont tbe maHar of 


I tslrtMlMrTwJi. 

A ND Ike LOK0 apaka aalo Moaaa, tay- 

S Spoak unto Ibo ebttdrcn of larael, and 
tako of erery one of tbem a rod aeaordinv 
to tbe booae of tJM** fMhara. of aU tbotr 
disc to Ibo bonao of their fk- 

iharav twolto loda: write tboa erory n 
d^Mar ' 


IhafadorLoTlt IbroBorodaAatttetortbe 
head of Iha hoaaa of tbair fMhera. 
4 Aad Mmb ihaM tay Ihoni ap ta the labor. 


aaoaw-, "whan I wIUbmoI wtlh yen. 
ft Aad it aball oaaae to paaa, tkmt tU 
■Hta'a red, »«boai I abaUebooae. aball Maa. 
aam^ aad I wiU auke to eeaao bom ate 
the BMUBKulBga or the ebiUiaa of Ianal« 
* whereby they aanrarar againat yea. 

6 And Moaoa apaka anta the ehUdiaa ef 
Iaraelt.aad ooery eae of their prtaoeo gave 
hlmtaiodapiaoe,lBroaab pilaao eae, aa> 
eordtng to their fhtbera' hooaea, even twel«« 
rada : aad Ibo rod of Aaiaa «•«• mmobk 
tkair Mda. 

7 And Moaoa laid ap the rode beCota «h» 
LoKD in rftho tabemaole of witaoaa. 

8 Aad it eaaaa la paaa, thai OB the Bwrrow 
Moaoa weal iatotboUboraaeleor wiAaaai 
aad, behold, tbe rod of Aaraa tor the hoaao 
of LoTf waa baddad. and broogfat tnth boda, 
aadbleoaed bleaaoma, aad yiafckd almanda. 

9 Aad Moaoa brooffat oat aU tha rodb baa 
baCoae the &•■» bbIo aU the ohUdaoa of 
larael: aad tbqr laokad, aad took erory 

10 jykl the Lomo aaM aalo Moaoi, Briag 
*A8Ton% lad agata beloia iheteaMaMay, to 
be hopt/fgratokoaagaiaat the trabelai 
«aad tboa ahatt qalto take awagr tbelr bbi- 



18 Aad the abUdrea of larael apaka aata 
Moaee. oai^ BohaU, we die, we periah, 

18 * WboaooTCroaaaatbaay lU^aau aalo 
tbalabaaaaalaoftbaLeaoabaUdta: ataaU 
we ba oeaaBBWd wHb 4ying r 


f *« tharf tftX* m *Ht amd LnUm. B Tk«m fwf 

^finiimfU tk* pri $ M $*ut t/lk* Lniu^ partimt. 

AND tbe LOKO aaid nata Aaran, "Tboa 
. aad thy aeaa aad thy flMhai'a booae 
with thee ahaU »baa» tfaa laiqaily of Iha 
aaaotaoryi aadthaaaadthyaoaawHh thoo 
ahaU bawrlbe taMaily of year priaathood. 
8 And thy biethrea alao of tbe tribe of 
Leri, tbe tribe of thy telber» brlag then 
with thee, ihaa they aay bo 'Jotaed Mio 
tboa, aad «twlalalrt aato lhaet bat 'tboa 
aad thy aeaa with tbee eAaU mtiiUattr be- 

S tedlbeyahyi keept^ohaaga, aad /tfaa 
diargeor aid tbe tabcraaole :' oaly they ataaU 
ael ootao Bigh tba voaaala of the- aaaetaaiy 
aad thaalhtf, A4hal aeiltaar lbey» nor yo 

4 And tfiay aball bo Maed aato thee, aad 
of the tabeiBaale of tfaa 
aUtbe aerrloo of tbe lab- 

tbayahall I 

w dargo c 

6 And ye ahaU keep ttho ebarge of tbe 
aanotuaiy, aad tbe ebarge of tbe altar; 
/that there be no wrath aay SMro opoa tbe 

6 And I, behold, I baTO •takoa year 
bretbiott the laTitoe fhna among tbe ehil- 
dren of larael : " to you <Aoy ar* giroa oa 
a gift for tbe LOBD, to do the aorrioo of tbe 
tabemaole of the oongregallon. 

7 Therefon •than and thy aoaa with tbee 
aball iM«p yonr prieet'a ofltoe tat every 
tbing of the altar, aad ywHhia tbe tbUi 
and ye ahall aerre: I have givoa year 
prioef a oMee wN«Q yeit ao a aerrloo of gift i 
aad the ataaagor thai ooaaath aii^ aball he 

7%0 portion of the prihsts. 


Tfui toater v^ Me p artatiatt 


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»Uo bftve giren ttieo Uw efawce •( 
HiBe lM»T* gCnringa •£ all ttio haUowcd 
Uii*g8 of tlM oiiUdrM «r IiMel : unto tliM 
ham I giran tiMm ''by rMUMn of tb« anoint* 
inc. aod to thy wnu, by an otdinanoe Cw 

9 Tbla itaaU b« thioa of tba aott bofy 
thiaga, rturvtd firom tbo Sroi afary obla- 
tion of thaira, avory ' maat offoring of tiwirt, 
and OTory lain offuring of (bain, and amy 
"t r a ap aaa aflHriag of tbaira, iriiiah thay 
ahftU raader unto me, thaU 6« aoat hofy 
fl»r tbao aad far thy aana. 

Uaatit: itabaUbahofy 

aad far thy aaa 
Urn aoatboly 

thair girt, with 
a aliil4U«B of I 

onto ■tbea, and to tby aona and to tbgr 
daugbtan ^th tbaa, by a atatote Iw arar: 
'•arary ona that la otaan in «by bonio ahall 
eat of it. 

IS »A11 tba tbaat of tba oU. and aU the 
b«t of the wina, and of the wheat. «tbe 
flrstfhilU of tham wUeh thmr ibaU offinr 
onto the Lobd, tham hava I gifan thaa. 

18 And whaksoorar ia lint ripe in (ha 
land, •<whieh they aball bring onto the 
Lobd, aball be thine; 'erery ana that is 
olaatt la thine boaae BbaU ant a/ it. 

U /BTonr tMng dafotod in lamalabaU be 

15 Smej tUBg that opanath «the matrix 
in nil flaab. whiahtkay bring unto the Loud, 
wlUthtr « 6« of man ar boaata, ahn" ' 
thine ; neverthelaat &the flratbom of 

of lanel 
thay hare no tnharitnnoe. 

t4 'Bat the tlthaa of the ohUdKn of I*, 
nal, irhiah tbey oSev m a heave oOariag 
unto the LOBd. I liave giTon to tLe Levitaa 
to iaharit : tiieniore I bare aaid onto then, 
*ABMMg the ehUdren af InanI (Uy T " 
liavc no iniieritanoe. 

9G t And tha hOMD tftJn onto lb 

M Thiu apeak vnto the Levitaa, and any 
nnto tham, mtan yo take of the ohildran of 
laiMl the titbaa wfaiob I bare given yao 

10 And those that an to be redeemed from 
a month old ahalt then redeem, taoewding 
ta thine eattmation. lor tba money of ftTO 
ahelcela, aftar the ahakal af the aanotnary, 
^ahieh <• twenty garaba. 

17<BntthefnUing of a oav, or ttm flnt- 
ling of a abeep, or the intBng of n goat, 
tboa fbalt not redeem; they ore holy: 
"thou ihalt aprinlla their bload npon the 
altar, and ahalt bom their fht /or an oflSsr- 
ing made by Ura, ft* n awaat anronr nnto 
the Lord. 

18 And the ieah af thorn ahnU U tfalna. aa 
tba" wave braaat and aa tha right abonldar 
an tbine. 

10 'All the baavn offering* of the holr 
thinga, which the ehlldrwt of larael olfer 
nnto the Lobd, have I giren thee, and thy 
(liy danghten with thee, by a 
r OTar : ^it <s • ooranant of onlt 
thee and to 

f And the LOBO apaka nnU Aaron, 
Tboa ahaU bare no inheHtanoe ia their 
~ neither ahalt then hare any part 
J them e tl <M» thy part and thine in- 

81 And.l 

of Levi all tba tenth 
haritanoa, tut their aerrioe whieh they aarTe, 
«M>»'the aerrioe of tha tabemaele of tha 

91 (ifaithar mnat the ohildran of larael 
hanoefoatb oome nigh the Ubemaela of the 
oongrogatton, "iaat they bear ain, t and die. 

S8 «Birt the Leritea ahnU da the aerriaa 
of the iahamaaie of tha 

•» thy part and 
e ehildren af Ii 

ahall offer np a heaTe offering of it fior the 
LOJU>, «»«» « a tenth pmrt of the tithe. 

m i And «Ma year baaTe efi'aring shaU be 
leoiuwed onto yon, aa though it wr« tUa 
earn of the threahlng' ' " ' • 

nan of the winapraai. 

98 Thna ye alao ahall oAr n liaan oflbring 
nnto the Lobd of all year tithoa. wbieh yn 
noaire of the ahildren of laraal ; and ya 
ahnll give thereof tha LoBD'a kanre ofloy 
ing to Annn the prioat. 

W Out of aU yoor gift! ye ahnU 
haan aCatInc of the LoBi>, of aU the * beet 
thereof, aaaft tha hnUowad part thanof oat 

80 Therefon tboa ahalt aay onto them, 
When yo bankanred the beat thereof from 
it, 'then it aball be aaontad unto the La- 
vMaa ac the inawaaa of tha Ikraabingiloor, 
and aa the Inateaaaof tha winepreaa. 

81 And ye ahall eat it in every plaoe, y« 
and your boaaabolda: fbr it it Wyoar re- 
ward br your aarvloa in tba tabetnaale of 
tka aoMr^pitioB. 

n And ye ahall *banr no ain by 
it, whan yo have hanvod from it the beat af 
itt neither ahall ya /poUnto tke bolythian 
Of (bo ObUOtan of laraal, leai y« die. 


Tktwmltrif—fmrmtiam. \X Tk» Urn fmr tkt wm 
^Ui» imrvCaMMii. 

! iiEr- ipak* iiutB Ui^^ and lIultDg, 

8 TbLi u lImi tirabnc^d* i^f blM Ijift n^ieb 
(he Lt^KC^ kuti aoaniaAiiiKiU Mi;r(kf , ^pMk 


no iHHiMb, 'an^ ti)Ha Ki^iab tm^tt »Bta 

8 AnJ jA al)4]] ptvH Lnr usw EJp^ar tha 
priim. tMt M Hwj bn»rt h#T *[M%Ji *»th- 
oat tlw map. awi «!« abai:! «laj li«r b«tlno 

4 Ami ei»Mw tim pr4«vi ih»ll tafcf nJ bar 
btood wUb bqa ascai-T aatl ■' tamnlfit} n* bar 
bkKid 4JmUTt>fr»i ttw taLc^rriKLq ,i! (ha 
oongregation aavan tlmea. 

6 And owe abaU bum (be heifer in bia 
aigbt : <<her akin, and her ffaab. and bar 
blood, with bar dang, ahall be bum : 

ftAnd the prioat aball take 'oadar waod, 
and hyssop, and soarlet, and eaat H into 
tha midst af the bumtaig of the boMer. 

7 /Then the priest shall wash hU elotbaa. 
knd be ahaU bathe hla flaab in water, and 

afterward be ahnll oeaM into the oamp, and 
the priest aball be nneiean until the even, 

8 And ha (ha* bumetta bar ahaU wash bia 
olotbea in waUr, and bathe bis flesh ia wn- 
ter, and shall be onolean until the oven. 

» And n nan M4rt ia oiaan ahnU gather np 
'tbaaabas of tha beifcr, and lay Omm «j^ 


»r«r. SOL 




8L * 18. 37. 

rl«r. 4. & * 
M. 14. IS. 
Heb. 8. IS. 


htm^imr^he lue tfit. 


M99fmuttih th€ 


0. 10. * 31. 

I «*• 

Lai. 4. 14. 




MlUiMvlb ikoanhM of tU 


oMii tiM ctm: Md te itoU be.wto Ite 
iMMnn «r ImmI. muI wmo tLt MM>g«r 
tut taitoo m i ih n tBc ttwat fc« ft rt m W 

Uiil*'«lw« tMMhtOi tko dMd body or ujr 
tman cbaU bo aB<le«a wren days. 

M »JEk ahaM ptojfc liiwiilf wilb U «■ tfcc 
AMI dfty. Mid ao Ite MTCBtb day te ilwU 
badawt: bat if ho paiifjrBot UcBaolfUka 
(kird diV. tkw tbo MvoMb d^r ho abaU M« 

13 WhOMOvor to«obo«h tU do*d body of 

^,. , ohattha otU off ten 

Israel: bMatMC "* the water •< aoaantta* 
«»w» MirtJcdapoB UiB.ho ahaUbo «•- 
olaMi; '*hia « m lo — O M it yot »po> hto. 
UXhUM lh*U«,iik«iiaM»diolliiBa 
toMi all «ka( «aaM iato tU tout, and all 
^at4alnUio toBi,iteU bo onalaaa mtob 

16 And OTWT *op«m TOOMl. vhtob l»th MO 
aoTerinK boond aponU. <* weloan. 

10 And J'vbooooTor tooobotb 0B« that la 
aMu witk A award in tho opon loMa, or a 
daadt bodf. oriw boM of • ■»» «r » gmwk 
atell b« «Mioa««oM« doya. 

17 Aad fcrowiiioow poroott Ihegr aUiB 
t»ko of tho <t«|ho»or tW b«ra» hoUor oC 

^•UbopatlharoMto , 

ia A w d * o^oanjitoon ahaU taho '"hyooop* 
•ad dip U la the vatar, «•« oprliaUo « 
qpoD tbo t«iit,«Bd«iN« all ibo roaoolo. aad 
i»o» tho ja w a— 4 h >t W o4liaro, and upon 
bias IhM tomhod • boM^ogr cbo alals. or 

Aad tho draa p*r»on tball ipriaUo 
n ttaa on^oaa oa tho third day, aad oa 
tlwoawaaft dayi 'aad oathoaoroMbdMho 
abaU paillthiiBaalf,wid«ari> hUolothet. 
aad Srtha Maii'T la mlm. aad abaU ^ 

•MU aat fvrtfy hhMal^ that 
•wt otf tnm aoMBf th* » 
aaaao ho hath idoiUod tho oaaamaqr of ibo 
LOKO : tho «at« of aoparatioa hath aot 
booa aprlaklod apoa bin ; bo i% oaoloaa.^ 

II Awl H ahalltoa pomtatf ftalata aata 
thoB, that he that OMM^Mh tho mtor of 
aopavatioa ateU MMh hi* ^athoo ; aad ho 
that toaoboth tho wator of aoparatioa ahofl 
boaaidota. aalU ofoa. 

nAad "ithatooa ro r tho onoloaa porooit 

ti limit ahaU ba naalwia t aad 'tho ooal 

that toaoboth is Shan bo aaolaaa oatf OToa. 


IV titUrmjf Iirmd «•*• (• gin. wlW* Mirlmm 
rfittA. 2 n«r w i n ^gf ftr «MiU of wttr. 7 
JNa« MiiMt (*• «Mt •( JTtrtlM. siMf mHm- 
■mA /iNOfc. lA ifMM mt Mmdmk rfHJrM* « 

rtUUM 'eaoM thoebUdraioriaraol,oa«» 
X tha whpla «oi^(T«fatioa, iato tho dooort 
of Cla Ib tho trot laoathi aad tho poopla 
abofctaKadoahi aad ^Vbilandiod thara. 

tath« Mala It MMoaaaA aaainat Aaron* 
t Aid Ih^^qMa^oksde with Maooot aad 
api^ik Mfli^iTriaM OoA.'thal aa kai 


iAsd'why havo ye breast ap the eoa- 
gnvatioQ or the LoBD iato this wilder* 
BOM, that we aad our oaMlo ahoaU dio 

& And wherefore hare ye made ue to oobm 
ap> out of lopt< U bo&ic M in aat« this 
OTilptaoel Ui«Boplaoeofoced«oroflgs, 
or of vines, or of poownaaatas } neither <a 
thoKo aay water lo driaik. 

And lloees aad Aaron woBtlkom the pros' 
saflp of th^#oao«hty «ato the .door of tho 
- • of the f ' 


ooasrogatioB, aad Athoy 
OS : aad itho ^ocy of the 
appeared oato thoBU 
And tho LOBO spake anto Mooes, say- 

H *Take t^o rod, nnd gather thou the as* 
■oaatty t^ethor, then aad Aaroa thy broth- 
er, aad malt ye uato the rock before tueir 
oyos}, aad it sbaU ^vo forth his water, and 
'•hen Shalt b^j Ibsth to ibeai water ont of 
the rook : so tfaoa shall py« tie coagresa- 
riaa tad thoir boasts ditok. 

Aad Moees took this rod "frea befan 
ttw^tomo, as ho oomnMadcd bin. 

10 And Mooei aad Aaroo gatberod the 
oeagrafatioa tagot h or bofote the rook, and 
ho oaid vota then, "Hear aow, ya rebels ( 
inst wp MA yon water ont oftUs rook I 

11 And Upoos U^od ap kis kand, and with 
hU Kod Iw anota the loektwiae; aad 'the 
water eame ont abundantly, and the ooa* 
grogaMoodraak. aad their beasts 0ioo. ( 
l2 And Hio hOMD spaba amoMoooi and 
igwaa. Beoaaoo >'ye believed me net, to 
VsaneOf^ »• la the eyes of the ehUdron of 
Israel, theiot'cire yo skaU not bring this ooq' 
grefatlon SiUo tbio land wkioh 1 have givoa 

ta^IhU <s tha wator of nMortbob} bo- 
eause tbo ohlldren of Israel strove with tbo 
l,OKi>, aad ht was aaaotified in thorn. 

14 t '^i Moses tent nessenforii troia 
Xadeeh aata tho Uag of Edam. I Thos saitk 
thy brothor Israel. Thoa knowest ail the 
travail that hatb t boftJIen as : 

16 *< How ear fathers wwt dowa Into Egypt, 
'aad wo Lave dwolt la Mypt a long tlaie } 
'jMd tb« figjptlans Toxaa us, aad our &• 

U And >wb9 wo tried uato the Lonn, ko 
hoard our Taioe,aiid 's«nt an aagel, aad 
bath brought as forth out of Egypt : and, 
bobeld, we ore la Kadasb, a city ia tbo 
uttormo^ of thy border. 

IT 'Lot as pass, I pray thee, tbroudk thy 
o^natvy : wa wtU not pass thnnigh tholelds. 
or thMMh tho viaoyards. aeitber will we 
drl^ o/tbo water el the walls: wo will go 
by the king's kt^A way, wo will aot tura to 
tWi^ hwdaor U the left. aatU we have 

16 Aad £dooas2id unto him, Tbou shalt 
aot pass by noilost I oobm out against thee 
with the sword. 

10 Aad tho ohildiwa of Israel said anto 
bin, Wo wiU go by tho highway : and it I 
and say oattlo driak of tVy water, tthen I 
will pay f»l it : I wiU only, without dotn^ 
any thing else, go through on my EMt. 

SO And be said. * Thoa shalt not go through. 
And KdosB oame ont against him with uueh 
peinla, aad with a stroag hand. 

81 Thas Sdoss <lroAiMd to give Israel pas- 
sage through bis border : v^rotare Israel 

»f Aad the 

iMMraa at Israel, oaea tho 

the death of Aaron. 


fl*'*L, I'auiJ cair^E v^^l•i \ui^u.n\ IE- 

AmrDB In mmuil Uht, lij tbc lem^l sf Uia 
■■All Df If 4luRi , a.tLD|f, 

i!1 AiTpu it^U Lb ^^llirrr J liULn lild pcn- 
|]]r : (br In iIibH }^ai rhtEf Ibki Hit LkwI 
KrMtrH t liLv; [tTflb iita4ji llM ChlMtFu -nf 1^ 
m'l, tirniM^ 'JP nl>rllB4l lifftkUBl tn^r ^Irvti 
kl Lbr w4ti^r dF MrrLtHJi. 

;1'k ±TB,k« Aiji>[i Uid £lrttllV hit fiffl, kad 
LtibR tbETB up tislo iBmHit Uaf : 

StiAnd ^iTlp AkHD af h]l ftflMbU, Mid 
p ut Hum b]^ru«i tldtClt itii tait ^ Uiil AjLTtll 
ribnij l»e c>ElMirtii hMJJ Ab ptvplt, Uld 
nljrkllilla lluti?. 

Eip km 

nd Mj-Tit* fftT^|i|>pd Awn ut hh ipr- 
Bi^m*, ih'I ^ut Tlim np^iB X4fua' liLt *ifiD i | 
uii] "A*™* diTil ttn»* In |1>" *"]» of th* 
miiunt : t1lA H«t«f IbA Mt«M*T euaf JDwa 

^ nAii-ri. trbnri b]] |1ui -^n^iTfi^all^B nav llut 

AkniD w>j ilni'j, iLirf jo^nrurd fur .A>nm 

~|iiJnj daji, fl'«n nil Itr. Iwoje firimfL. 


yrrtrnM*, 7 Tt"/ <*jinl, a<iij itfp AiqJibf | h ?_/. 

'' iti^rlirtt n >• tji: -vOMtm, hi t 

«W4U i# Nftm- M'i*b, ^. 

In lb* nUtr «r 9r.i f«a. 
Ill FniH 4lHn-« Ltwy nn0V«4. Md pIMicd 
« Uiv «<b#Md4* "f AfBM, whtok te tatiM 
iFl]dfu^eu lim--L r.<. neih out of the MMt« of 
drt ATiuirLtB* ■ rH>r «Ani«a it tto b«rd«r of 
Mtinli, l>?c^CTb M.)«b Mid llw AmoritM. 

U WttrrtF^ li II Mid In ttM bMk AT «h« 

wu^uTyHLuhCi, nvrhfttUdidlntbeltod 
ttty mJiC \a tiMT tir'joka of Amon, 

IJ And iri yyi AtMwn of tko biooka ttuU 
pH'Lli (l«^ii u> u..) dwdUng of Ar, "aad 
^li«lli u^n liii' ii.irdor of Moab. 

Iff And rnm (l<.MiiooM«y«Mia"toBa«rt 
tbHt ff eIm *^n *'hmtti tho Lord tpdko 
nntQ KofH, Ohliiot (bo ; 
^nd I *4]l ^n ihr-o wMer. 

IT 'Tlwa T*rMi Mag <hi 

AN& bi^ni 'Ua^ Aftdl tlin CKnnqjilttr 
vbldi ilwrit Tn lTi4 HdIL, hfari] U,! 
UuE TiTbcL irt^i i hj lIh irajr at Chr iplr* ; 
L1irnh«r.iilg^it hgftlBflljmeliADdtuokiiDflif 

£ " And lAnrt Tij»*d ■ T&r uaiti Ibr LOST^, 
■.nJ jalit. ir ibdU will Ih'ltllr^ Jcb^Er thU 
bvupLe it\i'} m) ^Uld^ IbAfi ^I Vid tiElcrl^ 
dcfiriPf El>rl.r ^ClMr 

ti Aad lb« LH1II^ hnAOMd (4 Urt mln ^r 
lir»), «fid diJlf«n4 ug ibi TuiiBDliri; 
Md ififj «lt«rtjr 4ftifli.iqr*d tlwiB *ftd thnr 
fllUr^i Kil hn «1htd IIh buhc i»F iIk! filut 

I llOi'taUh. 

1/ lEi< Vltjr <)f Fh* IVi'd iiA, tl> / HimphU Ibfl 
UftJ uf £<til^ ; nod ll-F t«q] of tbr pfiitplB 

wikt umeb ' d «e".iijir-i(''Hl li»ii3*i' <)r Hnf m^jr. 
a An iJ tiif lipttjntN '^iJwK* Hslnrt Oiril, M i| 

V wiauatvT'E.^rpi tv iiis ia Hit vildrmPM T 

ail , n «#H : 

'if Tim priBuy* il'gfod tl 
rftliB iHognIri fli^j.d It, b| 

the mR, tho BoUoa 

-■}tQlair|^T4<r, TiEiitholritvros. Aad (kwB 

Elve TililETUr.. f^. y iMfit to Mfctton^h t 

li And fWicn >li(twak to IMMOMTt and 

rr-um ?t'i,lq1l.d In ElmfDoMl! 

tni Atail rTt.m lliir.oth4Htfaeviak7,th»t4« 
MuhB ^nH)ntrviir'Mo«b,totbO«0«of *PU- 

[sh, trfaE^ti Inotni. •townd iJeridBMa. 
IM 1 Aotl & Ura^rl MDt nMoaotfgoM «aM» 
ariHb kLBR cf tlit^ inoriloo, aayiM, 

=1 ■ LrE nu |iap^ thrOOgll tlqrMIMf HOVfll 

not tbttL tbi{] til" fleld4, or tnw tbo Ttao- 
Tantfl Fv wl]] Tint drink o/tho-wMcro or 
Ml- *atLr Iml^r Hll go Aloilf Iw tbO U^ ^ 

^4^4 *iij, unri] ir be i>Mt thy bordm. 
I ii J Abil rtlhun w.wild not ^ "*-- '"^ ^ 

but SIbeii K«th- 
JiU |K^v '« together, ud noiit oat 
»(iin]i ]m«J 1 1. 1) the wUderaowi 'aad 
hw nitu [q Jtibnj, and fought agaliMt b- 

B vltb tbo edge 

'sntf JIHlI iHltfaElh nil li^jt 

I pr^jvd 

4 Afi4 ilbti T><iti» itnl jfl'Ti;}' Kc^^waii 

ainiliL|» ClW |w4f ^''i *!td ^^"^r ^^ tb* pevpta | 

and ihU4b |w4p1« of I^THt ditd. 
I "TliffffflTp tiie ipntpla cuiM lo Hr<]i±«, 

I |i III I ri tii^lii •(■ Ui4 litiltei wo4 agtlHal ibt€ ; 
'-pirajr UMit t3>* JABtN IIU] In Iklii!. tr 
th'' f^rTjictiii ftun ia< 

f*T tV« Irtfllfjl*. 

#AbJ 11*1- Utti^ Fi«kd WHi- Mhi», Mrti* 

|iL«m B ti-ij -aRTiwALr AaJ let. ht trpTiB • |Mhl 
anA It Jtinll CDiBfi la p»t^, tbU UTfltj BUt 
tliat il Vttum^ Wbra br laakdtb 01"^ ^>i 

U Anil ^Mjiithi bi^lfl a nt^iBi^t iif lm<i. 
antli jiut II a^jii a pui? ; and 1( fun» lit 
pui, irikt bfn Kfirxni, hiul hni*B bij nrut, 
iHkH 1h beV.l4l t)l<i MT^m flf br-Mi, hfl 


]|1 ^ A ail tbr. niiMi^*^ »T Iinr4 IM Ibr^ 
vaH, aatl; iplwfavd h LXboUj. 

51 ^flfl /\wTm^\ 
^lf th« m*rd, *ii! 

Amnn wbi* Jali^i k, ei»e« vato thoAdldrea 
vt AmnK^ ^ fmr c I « border of tbo ohUdna 

fh ^^A^^CZ-ik an thooo eiaeot and 
Ttrur duKlE Ln m. the oilloi of tbe AiM^ 
Idle*. Ib tirpbti -I and in aU the tyllfagM 

. M r^t KLlMHnn 'i^ tbe «ltV of SflMO tiM 

kibf u[ tW A mchTM .'I, «bobadflMgblagalMt 
\ iUe flortMr Hii^^ cn Moab. aad taken aU hM 
laifd iKi\ of hl4 Liii d, even unto Amon, 

liT Vbef f farr Ml' y that speak in prorerb* 
ji^, i'i>iuB ImLu hieshbob, let the otty el 
SIlKib t*i huLit in 'I preparad t 

i4 Ffifibrt* li ' ^ flrfrgoneontorUeObboB, 
a (luifl frr^M ibr rity orSibon ? it hath eon- 
n»d ^Ar r,i| M tb, «imI tbe lorda of the 
bkL iila(M4 Df A I'll .tn. 

21> W^ ii> lU-i:, Moab! tbon art undone, 
D yrO}M\*' <if ><!]iriiioah: be hath given his 
erirv ttAt i<n|>- "i . aad his danghters, hUo 
natlhti^ .iciiiii 1^1 N-m king of the Amerttea. 

Xi W* ]t»(r tii't at them; Heshbon ia 
jwrfifanE rttrn i^ iinto DIben, and WO bate 
Uld thrTB vtoir ren ttttto Nopbah, whleb 
ornrhrtlA trcili '^l-deba. 

fit tlhiii l*f*^l . I welt in the land of tbe 

:f3 Attii Viitt-i f^Nttospyont^Jaaer, and 
th«j ii»k Lbe vHlft,'»s thereof, and drove eat 
Ihui A^MirMm tb.iL leere tiMre. 

■%1 ^ *And thcT ^otaed tad want up by 
Lh* nj of ItjLakidi and 0( tbe kta* of 

.it *»-««. 

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|Or. Tkmlua. 

• ek.SS.Hw 
|Or. lUawO. 


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An angel oppMeth . 


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»» : for 1 liATe d«UMN« litai iMa tky 
■ii4 an bU Minis, «n« ilia kuid } kod 
■hrrtt 4a ta Um M Mm dMal aalo 
king of tb« Amaritea, vhleh dvilt M 

A '-BattMV ■»««• Um. Mtd hia aoaa. and 
aU bia paople. nattttlian was kgaa iofk ilia 
wUm t aaa tk«7 po « aaaaa i1 iiia land. 

MmUk M«faA/or BaUom. »U 4(>W r^^utlk U 
earn: U If* mmtlMk again, omiatminHk Urn. 
11 THa mmfd ^ U« htird wuvU *••• Maiik Mm- 
lmcmt,ifkUamkadnM*mmalm0Ui. SBSmlmk 

AMD •ttw aldMRii af lamal aat fonnwd. 
. and pitaltad in tlia pivkia of Moab aa 
thia alda Jordaa Ay Jarlofaa. 
S Aad tJMiJt tha aaa aT Upyor saw aU 
Uiat Israel had dgos to lbs Amoritss. 
S Aad < Maab waa aata afkaid of tbs pso- 
ala» basaasa tksy tMfrs bsb; : and Moab 
Was distrsossd beeaoas sT tba ebildnn t 

4JiBd Msab said unto •itba eldsn nf Mid. 
Now ■ball Ibis soaB|iaBj liek up all 

wm«» KCM* •t *^ AbU.. "^nd Balak Uw 
aaa of XI|ifar«MM UBg ot Iba Maabltst ai 

fr «Hs aaat ■imatiH t b si a fe rs aats Ba- 
laam tbs soaaf fimr to /FaUior, whicii is 
bgr lbs rivac ot tba land of tbs ebildrea of 
bla p0O|>la,.to aall bim,. sayiu, Bebold. 
tbars Is a peopls ooms oat from Jopi : ba- 
hold. tbay ooror tbs tftos oT tbs sartb, 
•v4 tb«7 ablds arst acaiait aia. 

• Coat* BOW tbsiafore, I pra^ tbss, 'euna 
■a tbia psoflo; for tbsy ars tos ni(bty f^r 
MS : pondvantors I sImU prsTsil, that ws 
■ay mits «baa^ awl *Aa« I najr drhrs Uinn 
oatoTtbslaadi rsrlwottbathswbontbwi 

7 And tbs sldsrs of Moab and tbs sldsrsof 
MMtaa dspattsd witb Albe rawards of At- 
iMtioa la tbeir baad; and thsy samo oats 
■alaaai, sad apahs nato. Um tba words of 

• Aad bo said aato tbsm, iLodn bars tUa 
dght, and I will briax yoa word Sfaia, as 
tbs LORD sball ipesk unto ma : and tbs 
prtaoos of Moab absds witb Balaam. 

9 /kAad Ood sans nnto Balaam, and said, 
Wbat men ors ttisaa witb tbsa 7 

10 And Balaaia said onto Ood. Balak tbe 
so* sT XippOT, klag «r Moab, batb sent 
aato MM, aoffing, 

11 Bsbold.^tftsrs {•aasopla some oat of 

lorpc wWs$ flovsrstb U 
asms BOW, sons ax '* 

• oftbssaithi 


ISAadOod said anta Balaam, Thoaibalt 
) go wMb tbsm ; tbon sbaM not eano tbs 

raam ap in ths HMrainff, 
lir' I «ei of Balak, Get 70a 

, ftjr tbs LoBD refbsstb to 

gJTS Dk: Irars Lb ^v with 70O. 

14 Apd th# frbLBf^ tt Moab rose tip. and 
tktair wi-4kt uibtt? flaUk, and said, Balaam 
|»^| tt h in ft^xr irlLh at. 

ik\ A b1 nalAh 'cht vat again prinoas, 
enK^r •^'l "HH^ ^ "'• ^xnuila tbaa tbey. 

MAHT 1^ e^rv isBakMn,aad said le 
i4n, Vbwi Mli» UiiOik tbs SOB of Zlppor, 

17 Far 1 will pssaaole tbss aflko rary graal 
boaoor, and I will ds wbawoevsr tboo say* 
est nnto me ; " eoae thcrstos, I pragr tbos^ 
Sana sie Ibis pssfle.. . 
.H Aad Balaam aaswsrsd and said val» 
tba asrsaais of Balak. "If Balak wMM glvs 
mo bU haassAtlLsfsilvsi aad gold, "I saD- 
aot go beyond tbs wosd of tbs Xomo vj 
God, to do Issi or laoie. 

U Kew thetafcre, I jnaj yoa. 'tally ys 
also baia tbia nigb*. tbat I may kaow wta* 
tbs Lord win say onto me 

to < Aad Ood earns uata r 
asd said onto Lim, If tbs 
tbss, risa ap, mnd go witb tb«m 
tba word wbieh I sbaU say nnto tbss, 
shall tboQ do. 
JUL Aad Balaam ross np in tbs moraiag, 
a3 saddled Ua ass, aad want witb tba 
prinees of Moab. 

28 And God's aagar. was kindled besaMe 

'and the angsl of tbs Loka (tood 

ly far aa tnrm 


I, that 

two servaDts were with hipi. ' 

S3 And (the ass law tbe angel of tbe Lo&d 

"- "^ •-'* '.and bis sword drawn in 

ass taiBsd mM» out ^of 
tbs way, aad Want hits ths AM I aad Balaam 
nnote the ass, to ton her into tbs way. 

Si fiat tbs aagel of tbe Losv stood iaa 
path of the rineymrds, a waH Uing oa this 
lide, and a wall on that aids. 

S> And when the an law the angel of tbe 
LoKO, ri)« thrnst herself onto the wall, aad 
enubed Balaam's foot against the wail; and 
be emote her again. 

20 And ths angel of ths LOBS wenCfbrtbar, 
aad stood in a aarrow plaes, where «wi« ao 
way to torn silbsr to tba right baad or to 
the left. 

S7 And when the ass uw tbe angsl of tbs 
Lord, she Itell down undsr Baluia : aad 
Balaam's anger was kindled, and be smots 
tbo a«8 with a staff. 

28 And the IOho "opened the msatb of 
lbs ass, and shs said nnto Balaam^ Vhat 
bare I done unto thee, that tbou bast smit* 
ten me these ihres timet T 

S9 And Balaam said nnto tbs ast. Beoaass 
thou bast moeksd me : I wonld there wsrs 
a sword in mins band, *fk>r nsw would I 
kill thee. 

ao 'And the as* said unto Balaam, Am 
aot I thins ass, ^ upon whieb thou bast rid- 
den n ever since / whu thins nnttf this day t 
was I srer wont to do so nnto thee f And 
be^sald. Nay. 

nd lie saw tbo aanl 

ftaadtng in the way, and Ms sword drawn 
in his hand ; and bs "bowed down ids bead, 
and 1 bU flat en his fkee. 

32 And the aagel of the LORD said uato 
bin, 'Wbereibre hast (lion saittsn thino ass 
these three tiaiea T Behold, I went oat t to 
withstaad tbcs, besanas thy way is tper> 
Terse before me ; 

88 And tbe ass saw me, and tamed fhxn 
ms these three times ; unless she bad tnmsd 
from me, surely now also I had alain tboo, 
aad stred bn alire. 

81 And BaJLnam said nnto tbo angel of tbs 
Lord, 'I liave sinned ; for I knew not tbat 
'est In the way against mst now 
if k t4i^^Uaae dwo, I wlU got 

^OtO^' saerifice$. 

BaXMtik'(k pambi^. 


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as Aad th» OTgel of ttM 16bo mIiT onto 
BalMin, Go with tbo men : Wbut only UM 
word ttiBt 1 iluU«p«aK vat* tkM> Qwt tboo 
»hak speak. Bo OalMii 'went with the 
prineea of Balnk. 

86 Y And when BaUk hend that Balua 
«M oonw, *h» went out to neot Mm nntoa 
ei^ tlMMh, /wUob 4a te Um border «f 
Ano*, WUefa <e in tha ntmost eoaat. 

87 Aad Bafak aatd onto Balaamv Bid I 
not earneetlj send onto tbee to oall tbee ? 
— *- — * " "■- — — ante met an I 

Balak. Lo. I am 

ow anj power at 

;f fttlie word that God 


88 And] 
all to say any thin 

havo I now anj power at 
J thing f ft the word that C'-* 
putteth in my mootE, that shall I speak. 

8 Aad 


40 And Balak offered osen and sheep, aad 
sent to Balaam, aad to the prtaoes that 
toers with him. 

41 And it eame to pass on the moirow, 
that Balak took Balaam, and brongfat him 
op into the • high plaees of Baal, that thenee 
be might see the utmost part of the people. 


2 And Balak did as Bafawm had spdcen; 
aad Balak and Balaam tollered on 0»»rp 
altar a bnlloek aad a ram. 

i And Balaam said uito BaUk, * Staad bj 
thy burat oflMag, and I will go : perad'' 
Tentnre the Lord will coma <ito meet me, 
aad whatsosTer he sfaeweth me I will tdl 
tbee. Aad*b8 went toahigfaplaoe. 

4 * And Ood met Balaam : andhe said uato 
him, I hare prepared seren altars, aad I 
hare olTered upon every altar a bullodc 
aad a ram. 

6 And«he LO»D /put a word ia Balaam's 
BMuth. and said, Betora uato BMk$ aad 
thus thou shalt speak. 

9 And he returned unto him, aad, lo, lie 
stood by his burat saoriiioe, he, aad all the 
prlnees of Moab. 

7 And be 'took np his parade, and said, 
Balak the Ung of Moab bath brought me 
fkom Aram, out of the mountains of tli« 
east, taving, A Come, onrse me Jaoob, aad 
eome, idefV Israel. 

8*HowahallIettrse,(HkoinOod bath not 
ouTsed? or how sbaU I defy, whom the 
LOHO hath Bot defied 7 

9 For from the top of the rodcs I see him, 
and ^m the hills t behold him: lo, /the 
people shaU dwell alone, and '^shall not he 
reekoned among the nations. 

10 '^Who oan count the dust of Jaoob, aad 
the aumber of the foorth part of Israel t 
Let tme die "the death of the righteoaa, 
aad let my lasiand be like his ! 

11 And Balak said unto Balaam, "What 
hast thou done nnto me? *"! took tbee to 
eurae mine enemies, and, behold, thou haet 
blessed them altogether. 

IS And be aaswered aad said, f Must I not 
take heed to speak that wbieh the LOKO 
hath put ia my mouth f 

13 And Balak said unto him, Come, I pray 
thee, with uie unto another plaoe, from 
wbenee thou mayest see them: thou shaft 
see but the utmost part of them, and shatt 
not see then all: aad oarsa aie them from 

M t Aad h««r*i||bt Mm Iat9 «• «aM«r 
" ~" -^•top orsPisgah.'aadMtt 

aa4rofliw«d a Imlloek ahd a 

■ 16 And ho said < 
thy burat e 

while I 


16 And the Lord met Balaam, aad 'pal 
a word ia bia aioutt, aad said. Go ngata 
uato Balak, aad say thus. 

17 And when he oamo to hkn, UMi, to 
stood by his bnrat oSiBring, aad the priaoes 
of Moab with him. And Balak said unto 
Llm, What hath the LORD spoken 7 

18 And he took up his parable, aad said, 
nUse np, Balak, eod bear ; hearksa uato 
me, thou son of Zippor : 

1» «God {« not a man. tto* be tfaould U« ; 
neither the son of man, thai to stonid ie> 
peati hathtosald,aadshaUtoaoldo<ir 
«r bath to spokea, aad shall to Bel malM it 

81 ' He hath not toheld iniquity ia Jaoob, 
Bother hath to seea perrerseaess la Is- 
rael; ■ tto LORD Ua God <« with bim,« and 
tto stout of a kiag te amoag ttom. 

SS IGod hrougfal ttiem out of BgypI; 
to hath as it were 'tto sirsogth of auai* 

88 Bnrdy tAsre<« BoeBohaatmeat Hagatoat 
Jaoob, neittor U th*r» any dhriaattoB 
Bgaiast Israel: aomrdfag to Hiis thaa tt 
shaB to said of Jaoob aad of Israel, •< What 
toth God wrought! 

84 Betold, tto people shall rise up 'aa a 
great lion, aad lift up himself as a yooag 
Bon : /to sbaU not Qe down aatU to oat 
^ tto prey, aad driak tto blood of tto 

85 Aad Balak said aalo Balaam, NeiMier 
onrse ttom at all, nor Uess them at all. 

80 But Balaam aaswered aad said bbIo 
Balak, Told not I tbee, saying, 'All thai 
Um lord speakeih, that I mast do? 

87 t And Balak said aalo Balaaai, * OomOi 
I pray thee, I wiM briag thee aato aasf ' 
pUoe; peradTeatuMitwill^easeGod 
ttou mayest eurse me ttom from ttonee. 

88 Aad BaUfc broogbt Bataam unto tto 
lop of Peer, ttot looketh (toward Jeshi- 

89 And Balaam said uato Balak« ABuild 
me tore seven altars, aad prepare mo here 
soTon bullooks and serea rams. 

ao And Balak did as Balaam had said. 


8 And Balaam lifted up his eyes, aad to 
saw Israel tabidi^ in Ms tenU aeeordiag 
lo their tribes; aad «tto Spirit of God 
eaaie upoa him. 

8 rf And to took ap his parable, aad said, 
Balaam tto soa of Beer hath said, aad tto 
man t whose eyes are opea hath said: 

4 Be haih saM. (sMo* heard Ito wards of 
God, whieh aaw tto Tislaa of Ito AfaHlgh^, 





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Tke Star out of Jacob. 


'CtUfnf intn a fmnM^^ bat l»vin|[ liUcyM 

u How goodly wre tby tenta, Jaoob, €end 
thy tabeniaeles. O lanuil I 

6 Aa «b« Tftlleji are th«jr fprrad forth, u 
prdeiM hy the riTcr'i side, /&• tk« treM 
«»riif^alo«8 7 which the Lord b»th planMd, 
«miL as «e<]ar trees b«sid« the waters. 

7 He shall pour the water out ef his lniek>' 
eta, and hts seed wkM be Mn many waters, 
a»d his king shall be higher than >Anc, 
•ad his tkiae<]om sbaU be exalted. 

8 /God brought him forth oat of E0i>t; 
he hath as it were the stieagth of a unieom : 
ha shall "cat up the nations his enemies, 
and shall * breaJc their bones, and "picree 
(Aem tlirough with his arrows. 

'He oonebed, he lay down as a lion, aad 
aa a great Hon: who shall ^r him up? 
t Blessed <s he that blessetb thee, and 
euraed t« be that eorseth thee. 

10 And Baiak's anger wias kiadled agalMt 
Balaam, aad be ''smote his haade together 

11 fheiaisra now flee than to thy plaee : 
t\ thought to promote thee unto great hoa> 
oar ; but, lo, the LoKD hath kept thee baek 
firom boaoiUN 

12 And Balaam said onto Balak, Spake 
I Pot aJtei to Vtij TBf^i^nims whleh thou 

■ni^il Timn rrw, ^ajLnf , 

Is " It IUUl wcoJiI ^-Mf IBB 3,ii iMBse fUl 
of iiilTirr jmil ii^lil. i cmnncL ^i» tir- road the 
eoaiinKkidiMDt Z'f t]i« U:^UEl. t\ J» etMer 
gociil ur LjiA L^r nvliiB cwa biJji-J : hui what 
tbfl LiJUlD jsiUi, \\yU\ ^Lil J i^Kfuk ': 

U 1 Aad imf^, bElinttl, 1 ^ unli. my peo- 
pli^: flWH rifrp/orr, rfhj • ! i»Lil .idvertise 
tbft wJLmi iliiij pcwpl« iihaLl d£] la iLjr people 
J' In tbc IUJe# d»j«. 

l^^ '.Lnd l-ji^ iDiuk up )i]j MffLbLr, and said, 
BalAUB t;iB uA 43r Ikuif liaiJt fA^, and the 
man wbaav «jis on {ip#n bacli '^'^M : 

I'i fjff baib Mirti wililrh biard il.M words of 
Gu J, E^d Jchl'T the kHwlin^f r^f i be Most 
H-iElt, M«4U4 saw 04* fj^i« iPT L^t? Almlgbty, 
falling iHf^ n f^£pi«>-, liQt ^*,nii ^ his eyes 


U '1 iMll M(* TsLth, Iras Pfll imw,' I H&aU 
balieW 1iJ»i, hQt nulL n(|li : th^,pr« ttiftll oome 
*a A(ir Mil (if J«;nti, Bjn! ' iL Scfpsre shall 
riir iwt cf L-^riuJ, lad. pIidII 'I mite the 
eSf n4n ef Stoah^ Uad Jfcrtru; :iJJ the ehil- 
dnr. flf 1 HJi*Lft. 

» Vqd ^tnbm AluJl be a ]viPiH.^i(m, Beir 
ate" Eli^D \* B pcniMKJba hir Ijih i^nemlee; 
aad Tir Lri f Lai/ di t n I lun Ij . 

lEj ' 0-ji ^r JM^b NlMLlL ««ifii« I -. I fiat shall 
hai f dDLuiD^EFLi . Mil] tiiJvlJ dfli^cr^,' liim that 
rWiainDfb uf ElH frUy- 

ID AhiJ wiicii lrL> liMii^ t^n A|:itlek, he 
toole up lui f]4Ta%]«, *.n,ri itil4i, '^ i»vklek woa 
■ tlK tki4 dF hl^ iiMliHiA] iMLt t.Li I^Ltter ead 

»**U^I b UlAt trf »r*ifj fltP <IT(IT. 

£1 Aad iw iMiikNC on 4l9i> K >injM<i. and took 
•r m^ pazaT^A, Bvd paid, £tma|( is tl)7 
dlTKj]iii|rpl ni-i'. iLh'] ikrm ]kiitleiL t kj neSt kl 

32 Nerertheless tthe Kenite shall be waat- 
•d, *wi*U lAssbor shall oany thee away 

23 Aad ha took np bis paraUe, aad 
•aid, Alaa, who shall IWe when God doeth 
tilts i 

91 And ahips tdiaM eonu tnm the coast of 
/CMHn, and thtll aflHet Asshur, and siiall 

aflUot ^Eber, .aad ha aJap. aball perish for 

25 Aad Balaam rose up, aad went and 
ireturaed to lua pUee: and Balak also 
went his way. 


riu InroMla M SkUtim commit fhartihm MmT 

' idolatrs. fi PhinrJia* Ullrth Timri and C^i. 

10 (Jod tkt^art fivttk Attn tA* eor*»a»t c/m 

tnHaHinoprifthooU. 16 Th, MidiaMtmtir* U, 

AND Israel abode ia'SMttim. and &the 
people began to eoi 
the daaghters of Moab. 

L people began to eommit whoredem with 

2 And "they called the people unto <<the 
aaeriflees of their gods : and the people did 
eat, aad 'bowed down to their eods. 

8 And Israel joined bimaelf unto Baal- 
peor: and /the anger of the Lobd was 
kindled against Israel. 

4 And the LOBD said nnto Moses, «'Take 
all the Iteads of the people, and hang them 
up iMfore the Lokd against tbe sun, 4 that 
the fierce anger of the LoBb may bo torn- 
•d away from larael. 

5 And Heoea said nnto I'the judgea of Israel, 
>Slay ye erery one hia men that were joined 
onto Baal-peor. 

6 Aad, beWd, one af the ehildrmi of la- 
rael came aad brought unto hia brethren 
a Midiaaltish woman In the sight of Moaes, 
aad in tl>e sight of all the congregation of 
the children of Israel, 'who were weeping 
before the door of tba tabernacle of tbe 

T Ana ** when Fhinebas, "the son of Blaa- 
■ar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he 
roae up fhmi among tbe congregation, aad 
took a jarelin in hia hand ; 

8 And be went after the man of Israel into 
the tent, and thniM both of them throagb, 
the man of Israel, and the woman through 
her belly. Bo <* the plague was suyed from 
the children of Israel. 

9 And ''tbooe that died la tba plague were 
twenty and fbuz thousand. 

10 i And the Lord spake unto Voses, 


jinehaa, tbe son of Eleaaar, the aon 
of Aaron the priest, bath turned my wrath 
away fh»m the children of Israel, while he 
was sealous ^ for my aake among them, that 
I consnraed not the children of Israel in 
''07 jealousy. 

12 Wbereibre say, 'Behold* J gire unto 
him my covenant of peace : 

13 And he shall bar* it, aad fhls aeed aft- 
er him, »»«« the coTcnaut of * an everlaat- 
ing prieathood; because he waa ''lealoua 
fbr hia God, aad 'made an atonement for 
tba childieji of Israel. 

14 Now the name of tbe laraelite that waa 
alaln, even that was slain with the Midian- 
Itish wonmn, tvae Zimrl, tbe son of Salu, a 

of a tobtef bouse among" "' 

prince ol 

16 And the aama of the Midlanitish wo- 
man that waa alain was Coxbi, the daugh- 
ter of * Zur ; he tvoa bead orer a people, 
and of a chief bouse in Midian. 

16 And tbe LOBo spake unto Mosea, say- 

n'Vcx the Hldiaoites, and smite tliem : 
18 For ttiey t«z you with their & wiles, 
wherewith they have beguiled yon in tbe 
■wtter of Peer, and in tbe matter of Coxbi, 
the daughter of a prince of Midiaa, their 
sister, wbich waa alain in tlie day of the 
platcue for Peor'a sakr. 

ihi fiUnLtJ «r tit" I*! 

jlJL - nf ElMi, 111* ftamUjr or cli* Eb«!ti»3 
«T ThM« urt lti» tknillk" Iff tj* !t«biiJw- 

rr "■"'".. .^ ,, J1...1. _ijm initdlriTtd 

1 HA^.I. t- 
t Or, ffi H i^ i. 

tL(- <fliiadr.a irf li™^, H™« i'***? J""' 

' r^'-.rr^.;?^^™;??;' ' ?r- "™""" "™"' "" "" 

«!^A lki« ttraUj i.f 111* lUioflllUMi cT 

T Tlirw • ''^■ tire nnL^l"* '**^'^ Kecibrtllti*! 
Uld Ui*r thU P«TP inHrl«r«l bl **»« TZj 

„d AtHl»ni> W^«'s •"•■'^ /I^mniji Sn II"* 
•mirtdCfaiU. who MJW^' Kf*lii*t M<>»* "* 

!i™iii»t.Vi*(i.n iTi tlw pum^jwn ar K"P»ii> 

1 Ow. XL PL 
V Dm. ¥l ]!*■ 

itT, tb* Cunilr *>' til* J w"ftli» 

411 Vhd pf AirtfJ, Ii«j riHiLlj Irftl* A»H^ 

mldfe^UB "mJ 4»/IIr¥l«f. til- "^Ur "'^^ 

J Jj^ki. Ill* fkMLbr Elf kiM Jiclbkni^ : 

mii, ti**"'? "1^ t** tl»«i«»ad ««i 1*4' IP" 
'^N AllflrrtL tt UmA ritur iMlr fr^ 
™itM# L ar iCiKL, tb- ftanHr uf ihf ii-«- 

Jade. IL 11 

It Tlt«-ii ur.! UK IKJR* iir Elltinillll »fl" 

di*,lf finimw: «f Sliutl»]ab, ^« t»««>y*' 
U# UuUrLlC* . trf TBjzmu. tlif. Eklflklj bT til* 

Cf KliU^ kitf- r*fflll^ *lf till, ETMltrtr 

(iT^ btiDilred. Tl>-M flf« tilt i**< al J»- 
»n,i, adbir tUtlT fMTAli*B. ^^ 

clA*lil.«]. tl« fuMllj if ^ti= A<ttal5*«i (ir 

pliiinU.^ I III lL«|ib*m^ ilui r™ity "^ "^ 


i(i M( ' ti*ui< "»r - ■ — ■J — - 

„f Kri, th* frmUj afUje EtH*i . 
1? IJf »Ar»d, ihf fr-Uf "l tb* AT5iui« ; 
itL ArfUn tln^ faliillj iif llM AnrLllcH, 
^Tfe- ■'^' '»» '""'^l*' "J ^ '^'^'^ I Mu«kt» 

^ *,r. Er .5 It Ontm J .3 flf U«« jr^ &rij "^ «"' tb.B««l 


L CVr K| 

^i^n. II f 

J4iiM<^ I 

rtti-j 1 itt SEw»t, ili>.4w, L»,,jTi, „h.. - ct UfH' ain 

I i-ql. iJi- hrtiUjr rf thTF^r^^ j,4Ji «. 1 H mf iliB dtlTAfM rf A.b« iPt Ihrir . i c-hr .. i 

I a Tb^M flfit Ui# (in._ — . ■ ■ ' ~" 

' ThB iMMidtfr f^f the Levites. 


ThitiMt 9if imkeriUmee. 



J«*.U. M. 

terfBM: «rJiiBM,tkeflMi^«rtb«JiiB- 
nltM: tf Jani. tlw iMBil(y of Um JomiHm: 
•C Bn»b, tb» buDily 9f Um B«rUlw. 

46 Of the MR» of BorUh : of Hebor, tbe 
teaUr of tbo UeboiltM: of lUkhlol, tbo 
bunilT of the M»ldil«li(«s. 

M And th* DMM of tlw duifator of AibCT 

47 Tbooo «r« tbo fkaiUea of tbo aou «f 
JMhMT MaDTdtef to thooe tbat woro Bmn- 
b«(v4«rt]»o»} toto wtro fifty md time 
tbooeuid sad four hnadred. 

48^Qf the MM pf Hftphtali aftmr their 

" of JahMsl. the femUj of the 

of Oval, the tuBlSj of the 

40 Of JoMT, the Cunihr of the JeseritM: 
•r AShUtem. the flHdb of the Shillemitw. 

fiO Tbe» drt the (hoUieo of MKphtall m- 
•wdiac to their hmiUee: sad they thM 
wore nnmbeted of them «Mr« forty »ad Are 
MMoiud aad flnor hndred. 

61 iZhOM wtr* tho kpaabeied of the ohij- 
Arm of bnwU ilz bnndrod tboammd Mid a 
tbooMBd ■eren h^odred Md tUHy. 

M t And the LOko apitke unto Mooea, 

UMJnto tbeae the Imd flbiOI he dirided 

64 {To aaany thoa ahalt tgtve the more ta- 
havitMMo. aad to faw tboa ahaU tglve the 
Um iaherftaawt locTwxoiMabairhlain- 
havitaaee be gtfan aeeacdlBg to thooe that 

tb HmvittotaadlBf Iho kad ahaU be "di- 
Tided by lot: aoeor^ to the naiiiei of the 
trthoa «f thdr bthara they ahali inherit, 

04 Aooardinc to the lot aball th^ poaaea- 
«loit theieot be dlvMad betvoea maay aad 

Wt t "Aad theae ora they that were aaai- 
)Mnd of the LeiMea after their fluaiUae : of 
Anhon.the faaiily of the Oerahoaitea : of 
Xohath. the fttmOy of the KohatUtea i of 
Mataari^thetuallyortbeMeraritei. . 

W Hmmo ore the ftuniUea of the Leritea : 
the flunUy of the Ubaltai, the family of the 
BahtoaUea. tho faal^ of the MabUtea. the 
haiiW of the Maahltaa. the faaiily of the 
loai&Hw. Aad Kobath begat Aairmm. 

60 Aad the name of Amram'a wifs «Ma 

Jaababed. tha daogbtor of lert. whom *«r 

aodkw bora to Lerl ta J 
bat* «ato Aourwn, Aaroa 
Mrlam their aiater. 

00 'And onto Aaroa was bom Nadab aad 
AMha, Eleanr aad Ithamar. 

«1 Aad vNadab aad Abiha died, whaa ttoy 
aArad atrnaco Are befbre the LoKd. 

Aad thoaa that were wnobored of th«m 

war* twaaty aad thwa tl 
ftvaa a maath old aad a 

pward: *for thay 
war* no* aaaMiaraa amonf the efaUdrea of 
Inaal, beaaaaa tbera waa 'no inheritanae 
fiven them aatonf the children of Israel. 

•M Theaa mr* they that ware nuttberad 
by Moaae aad Xtaaaar the priest, who naaa- 
*ar>^ ^ '" Vnn of Israel "in tho plataa 
of V ^ : ' I ^« naar Jeriobo. 

•f r ihaaa tbeio waa not a man 

of " " " saa end Aaron the pHeat 

an . ' ' MiyBnmbeiedtbediUdi«& 

of I- Mttbeaa of Sinai. 

tt : r r; 1 c.,, had Said of them, They 
^«hilJ «iLirMT <li^ in the wOderaeu. Aad 
thfrT'!' Ffci [i«it ItA a amn of them, ■laTn 
Oftl^li ibe lOB Df Jophnaaehi aad Joabtaa 

»M JBUjiSiM .if Bilij I ilaii jli ■<>*■—* 
snuL ff rn« fir if m\ni»mtm. U 
Mm Mtrf <M* rfMO. >*«V«i /ar • MM 
IS JmUa U t^paimfiU t u m ui At*. 

THSN oame the dangbtera of '1 
had, the aoa of Hmbor, the aoa ef'aO- 
aad, the aon of MaaUr , the aoa of Maaaa- 
seh, of the thmilies of Ifaaaaaeh the aoa of 
^oaeph: aad theaa ore the aaaiea of hia 
daa^ters ; Mablafc. BToah, and Hoghih, aad 
Miloah. and Tinah. 

8 And they stood t>eft»re Moaas, aad befiwa 
Bleasar the prieat, and befcre the priaoea 
aad all tbo ooMr^atioa. by the door of tba 
tabemaele of the oongrofaMon. aaying, 

S Oar father idled in the wildemeaa, and 
he was not in tha opaipai^ of them tiiat 
cathexad themaelTea tegetber acaiaat the 
LosDotatheeompanyofKorah; bat died 
ia bla own ain,' and had no aaoav 

4 Why sboald the name of oar ftrtbev %« 
tdooa away fhaa amoaghis tami^. beoaaae 
he bath ao SOB f dQfrt unto ns tkarefoft 
a poaae a aloa aoMag the hrathrea of av ftk 

the Lord. 
And the LOBD apake ante Moaea, aaj* 

TTho dao^taraof Zdopbefaad speak rigbti 
/thoa abalt anrdy gira them a poaseaaion af 
aa iaherilaaoa among their father's bre«h> 
rea ; and thoa sfaalt 

8 And thoa afaaU speak aato the ohOdraa 
of Israel, saying. If a man die, aad hare ao 
soo, theaye ahaUeanae hia iahoritaaoe to 
paas nnto hia daughter. 

9 And if he hare no daughter, than ye ahaU 
giro hia iahetitaaee nato hia brethren. 

10 And if be have ao bietbrea. then y« 
ahaO gira hia tnharftaaaa aato Ua father'a 

man that ia next to blm of his fiutily, aad 
hosfaaUpotaaaailt and M shaO ha nato the 
children of Israel ^a statute of Jodgmeat, 
aa the LOKl> eommanded Moaea. 

12 1 Aad tha LoitD aaid aato Moaea, ik Get 
tbae up into thia BKNiat Abarim, aad see 
the load whioh I have givaa onto the ehil- 
dreo of Israel. 

18 And wbea tlMm haat sawi it, thoa alao 
<Bl>»lt b« gathered unto thy people, aa Aa- 
ron thy brother was gathered. 

14 JPor ye ArabeUed aninakiay oommaad- 
amat ia the daacH of lia, ia the striib of 
ibah in Sadesh ia the wUderaeaa of Zln. 

16 Aad Nosea spake onto the Loss, 

"loSet tho LOBD, "the Oed of tha apirita 
of aB iasb, set a man over the oonmgatlon, 

17 "Whiah may CO aut before them, aad 
wbieb mv <*> ^ Mfure them, and whioh 
may lead them oat. and wUeh auty briag 
them ia ; that the eoagregatlon of tbo LoBD 
be not "aa abaep whiefa hare no ahepberd. 

18 And the Lokd aald unto Moaea, Take 
thee Joshua tbo aon of Nun. a maa J' in 
whom i$ the apirtt, and Blay thine haad 

Ta him? 
And aat him before Sleatar the arieat, 
aad hefore all the ooMregatloa ; and 'give 
SO And nhou ahalt pat aoma of thlae 

Slt,l. U. 



92.40. fcaU. 

Saut. 10.0. 

D«ut.l J7. h 

83. fit. 

• cK. IA. 82. 

H«k. 12. 9. 


X«eb. la. 8. 





Item. 10. 8. 
a Kim. a. U. 

0|?ertnjf* to be obwnvii. 


A C. lASS. 

I 3^1. 1. i&. 


/Ml, ™1. *1 

Em 9 0. 

It 1 I;l IIl 

bL U. IT, ik 
^1. iX. 

piflHt, p| A flIiHlE «a k C^P^Kif' fur Mip 'nfttr 
Ite Jlii%Qiittie aJ: tTrtrn btloiTt tlw LO ft n : 'fli. 
tiiH woMd Hbti □ tittj gtt sot, idjI « [ lit" wnr^l 
tlie^ iImU iKKU iD, a«fft be, m4 kH Ow «lilL^ 
dna nf Iflml wlib fadin, tr«a nil tlip v)*\'- 

S^ AL(t MvHH MA u lti« TjQ'IIV cvPAm^- 
i4 bhn I: wid b« t«4k JtHibina, *t)i1 p^t hJin 

ttlC ConiTH>nH Ibis : 

IQT-e lU-fD ■. otuiVC, pi tbB lAtBD H)BlIBPtldB(l 

cn*PTETi xs?tn. 

Of" i' I J I II I ■ I'll *■ p^ii I ■■ ' il'T%i'4iitil'xhiiaItiu'U' 

mJ tit f b 4by oJfr't/TKin, 

AND l]ir Lontt i|»fe« DDto H«<it, aij- 

vnw ttit-nn. Hj offisTlirK. oiidi " mj kii*»il fcr 
my itwrijefv nwlfl iSr flrf, /■fi' +* hw#*>l 
pBT^rar imtfi qin, Hiiutl jk cburrB Ld aflkr 
luita ms lit tbcir rlma hb&hmi. 
:i And tLcG iJidJl iij Lin-U) LbaOi, & Thin ia 
Elu] aEarlnl ft&llr Lj Ijte frli^^ J>d •Ittii oKEr 
kUliB Lhc LOUD -, 1^0 lamlrt til'tlit If at if car 
WiliW^l tpol ^ Joj liij' dc^J , /vt^ a HUUlLilfcL 

4 TLtf CM Innkb alrtlt Ihtm «fhr Jn Ejh 
■wmliijt. «7i4 1 ba etfatr kimb 4wl6 t^iou oflbr 
fit trail ; 

la; unco iLir JjOIlEj phDliI Ui vtbndl, la^ld^ 

iTic ountiDiuS Lore ~ ' 

mmtli in the pauaT^r ^f Hifi LoltIK 

17 "And in Ute bftwittli. di^x j^ tLLi ^wjiflh 
ia tilt: fKid^ : le^en ilriji fbB.11 iiAlflBTi«li«d 
hrud be nUch. 

li in Umj 'ftnl drvj cho/l !>■ p trtlv *fvr»- 
bHIdd I yr inaJE Oa du tupbh^ii «< ptrrllci 
wnrt (.^j'tijii r 

I'? 1!liIi yti iimll iUfCei p sp«rLa^ tbmAb hj 
tin fof t, ttuml O^iirbDjr unu likd LORD ; 
Ewii TMilvi; WLIdakj , ami {vnp jpir, Ui-d HrtAi 
laiP^d ur tbEi nr»l jit-w i J^ibey liipU ba MKd 
jrw WlttiBitt MrULih. 

SlJ All i) lb«i r JDrti DlCaribg lA^ii ^ v/ RtiOt 
■!llk>(i1lli1i Witb on ^ Lbtvc hiDlb drtlpUdll je 
o^v^r « butLotk, uid t-po Inrili dt>k]» tvt 
■ TAin ; 

'Jl X i^Tcn,] Mbdi dHl ri1n]l Ifaan tfEtr hr 
tr^Tj l^iflt, tbrmiftM^I' Unf uvun Ijunbf = 

ii Ar<l * sue p»t f<tr * 

Sit Ye |]»1) vlTpr th«H V4ildp llui Imntt 
tiaiul bqrpi pfftTtlHT- 

^j^ er a * h in cf b«t«n oil. 

wvi prdpJniFKl 1tii monp* Hiini ft» p *w«rt 
■PTmar, p pu}f(6c« pwdc frj llrfl tant^ th« 

J Ap4 . 
tbi^ f.tirtii piirt*tfm titn 
^Ib iIh haij ptatlt pliBai UHiia cpuiiij tJi^ 
dEnpftI iirkbc tt). U< ptnirEd tanto Ula Lapp 
/«^ftdritik Cflterinr. 

@ A^il Llir 4ri1»(L- Ipmlt nbPtt tbmi ancr aX 
(i^a : U lb? blruL offi^riliE vV Uid tnarti in),', 
Ud U ibc? tttinlt t^nritiK Elirhrthf, tiitit »llpil 
dTrt <(f * BHn(lL>« nu^ tiy ijn, of fr A«Aei 
liviHiniNio Uif LlhHij- 

ll ^ And 411 lihft (ipbbalh da; tuv KTPbq of 
tbB Orjrt Jcpr vilbiKlt Mpt*. and twa lent h 
deulj' Dif Haur /cj^ * neU dtfrKng, miDijlad 
witti {Hi, Atid the 4ciDk d4lt'rLii|; tbemil: 

Ii» Tfii» U *tb4 tun-it offifriBg aT t^nrj 
nblntH. iMfkile tti? nntdauKk twiw eflW-, 
Inf , wiA lifd AtItiI; fffffrtng, j 

II Am] ^In ih* NiciiniilnRii oT 7«u mdadit 
ft 4h«ll offt^ a Imml off^rln;: diio the 
LQMtm tva ]rourf iMillo^lu, and atau iiuu+ 
lei'PTi bmbi «f thi" Irgt yi*T wlEhoui ipet; 

la And *ihF*i H«!*h dnlj rf fliwiT /#+- a 

BWlSt oStdJUir lfi1liiS?««l wttSlfllk klWHf bu»- 
Evk : nqd Ian ttnth dpplH offleur /iir » miM 
prTKriiqf, rqlipirlBd w3Ht ^E. tOT epe T«n E 

t3 And a sgranl tnntb ik-iU' ef Avrr ajdngleii 
V-lth tril /u-p .P Dif-pt udETing priU] piu lp[nl>i 
fifr p humi pRerLns of a avL'^'L nruuE't p 
iUHfleu ma.ile h} Stb aata *hm LOBD f 

UAnii Ihi-'irilrLnktir^rlnE^ abPiJ b.i; liplf 
» hin cjr it'lii^ Qbi^ p Iti llirik, pad thr tlilTil 
fHir-iefa hkn dbu a tub. Abid p^ burth pnH 

■jfpil.ll^UHlQftjAUltF Ulll- it Ikt Uunt frlGK^ 

ihC (^ «Twy ivetUi ilntnfbiMt Uh mttdv 

Uhdd the LuaD : it tliali be stTivpA boikle 
tha (WLtitiUsl bamt eDJin^s, AnJ hkl driak 

' '£,'1 Aiul ^en Ibr B?T4iaiTt dpT ^p tJ^al] hat^ 
a 1i«ljr etfa¥«e«1eB ; }4 pImII d« ikty iHrrtlr 

•y< ALn 'In lb<] da; irf Ibt Bntftoll*, vbn 
jetirlflgabewraMH efferiog iral« blie 1>J Rt», 
pf ter jwnr wwki *f eut. !■« •balk tawe a talj 
^ipviKatkmt; jcalmJk Ja r# sfiTlle wurfc- 

?;; Itwl j» »! nff^T Hn bumt Hi«rrlTii; tor 
a BweeL Kiiwr vaia tb* Lom r> : tiwn jwrnf 
liuUockif, ene TphIi P^visn Iambi nf Iha iHl 

IM Anil theirioeat sITiitLtiii; at Hoar 
witb pU, tb7e« testlt d^pli ontei oiui 
Lwit tfiqlb dt-alt UDto QUA' ram^ 

!H] A aQT-flTpk I«qLIi h1(9pL ant« an 

;iij .4(1^ tiiifl kiJ ttt Ibd E^iati, la ttakri aa 
ali>ltcinCli t for ieu. 

^^ Ve i]vU4 offer r^b^M IwnLdt ihe Hblbaal 
liurpt ftlTfrlfl!^, ancl ktU ii»*i e*?lni|f . i"iJ»f 
■hJiJJ ^< u\\to jtia «JLlH>m bkukkb,) aod 
tbfir dTiol!; QlTarkaifit. 


mf ngUniiTu, rirCF rwi'm, ]j re.j n!«mr r*t «r** 
j^i ii«' j^i/mm ^ ■■[_-.a«^^. 

ATiti in Ibp >DT?nth [n<in|Ki, nn th* fl^M 
tfo]/ i>r LTm -BuTnthi, JD fibnll liPT^n p kiu^T 
MxnnHiBlliin ; Ji ibalL do 4i<n pcn-tka ^cirk'r 
" il ii a dpj af btovju^ the tmaipDU anlQ 

£ Aad ^4 AbAlt tfllle^ a tytariit oCbrtai bra 
■*««[ latuur uiM thfi Lukd: ub« ^^uai 
bulktKk. mm tun. ih4 #6*411 latnlw nt tb* 

KriL jr*T wlUuM* hleipkill* t 

i ApJ iliolT M.«* [ia>iriqg fJboU Ik^Hma 
aiinj^nl vitL dLL, tlim Ifuth dn}* t*r * 
baJlo^, and tin? tirtiEh drala far m lam, 

4 And aaa I4blb tkak &<r Mtif Ijiak, liamagti- 

Aullbo i#viu lamlis 1 
A Aad anr kid vf th^ fEMie fitr a ita Aih^ 

9 mnt BlEwlai, and f Ite4iffl^ iMAt 


9.^mM ^^Mi * nm t ks. 


r<NM Miti^be broken. 

nrt, I 

4Mfi i- ufidhfii ^uooc^Iug nnta irw^r iinui^ 
Mr. Fiff » iWfiA amvmr, »HKifijfcit etuilv liy 

if II -^ J*»*'PlU» T»HlP*li ft hiitj wnrw*lkTO; 

Mtt U 16 J "O^h, tiitm'i - 

8 U'-M .ti* iSiofJ. L^-r K tirmt tKt.vm^ imto 
bt I.H.iT!.0 /'!•'■ i^^*fl. iiirrraT- flTifl ji^unf 
Mill -ikr ■JHfl »WH, tm<i 1*™ i>DidM [»f b|M 
Iff [ riw ; 'tbrj ihall ba liDto i«ii viibMlt 

% i^ci'1 iJwir -BCBl EttbrL-Bfi «^jJ! i>n af Boat 
■iT)'|l» J «)■ It hCIh UrH tm III df&J* tci a IbUI- 
Mk, lE^ii iP'^ u&Cli AaaJi In Dd-n njn, 

1 1 tms ILd nT (Ik iriwti /nj- b Tin uffi-rinf-; 
bl -i, J^ A tiic dn uflcrlBr of AEnaE5ni''nt, nad 
inaai Inimt nl^rlni^, bud EIm mrtt 
•Beriuf or H, ftbtS lli«>'» JriDk DflEFlnin. 

* ■ > Anil 4»iiHlrf »hi-mtl> iUt uI t!.» «T- 

«D1lj mcTlilJi J« kLirll l^'rd fe boll rad '.<(&• 

jn iliUl Ac no KTVb|« <^\, ant] fS 

^Kit> A Ikut a«i4] Ihd LOkep iifvrn 
13 And kya 

M Aad tbvir mMt AOH-inc tteU »« o/flmr 
miagM witli oU, thrM tentli d*als inito 

•Mtfe dealt to tMh TMn •( til* two mnM, 

15 Aad ft MTeral tenth deal t« efteh lamb 

Ibc: boida thm eontlnml 

Ma maat alRBrinf . and his drink oftring. 

17 And on Iho aaeond day y« thall tftr 
twalra jrenng balloafca, two taait, femtoan 
iwnlw of tba Orat year wi^ant spot : 

18 And tbatr meat ofTerinf and their driak 
ofi|riit(i fltr the buUoeka, for th« rama. attrt 
ftr tha laaiba. ^M& he aoeardtaig to tbalr 
anmber. ' after tho maaaer : 

19 Aad aaa kid of the goau /or a (in oflkr- 
Ibk: beaido tba oaatianal Iwrnt oKurinr, 
and tb« aneal oOeritig theteo^ aad tbalr 
drink ofleringB. 

»ABd an tlia tttird darabvan bof 

tvD rnnM, foortaen laafea of the Crat year 

oflitriqga for tho bnlloeln, 
br the Umbt; ahaU b» aooording to tbtir 

the eoatinnal bnmt «IIMn|r, i 

SI And an tha fourth day tan 
raoM, ttnd frartaan kuBBi of tha iirat year 

•I Tbeir meat oHering aad their drink odbr- 
JnCi for tiM b«Uk>eks, for tha rami, aad fbr 
tba lamha. tluat tie aaeocdtef to thair naan 
bar, aftar tha Baaaer: 

•8 And a«a Rial iW"* alar oBMbk r t 
tha «iMtiaaalb«ntaM«M,aad Ma 
aOntof . aad Ma driak aflMna. 

» Aad oa tha alath d^y a^^M 

Ir moat oirarler aad Uiair drink 
tba bniiaaka, for tba «aaH, aad 
for ttia lambs, thall b« aeeordinK to tbalr 
-Mnbar, aftar tfaa maaoet : 

U Aad oae foat/»r a tin oOMag; batfda 
tbaeoatinual burnt otTeriag, hia aoaat oflbr- 
ing, aad his drink oHMng. 

as And on tha savantb day seven bnlfeeks, 
two nuaa, an4 ftarteaa lamba of the Irat 
year without Memlsh : 

83 And their meat offerina and tbair drink 
oflbrincB Ibr tba boUaoks, for the rams, aad 
br tha tambs, $Mall (« aaoordtBg to tbalr 
nnml)ar. after the manner : 

34 And one mat for a ain oCTarini ; betide 
tba eontinaallmrat oibrine, hia meat ofler^ 
im, aad Ma dHak aOMag. 

» On the eifbth day ye shall harea Vol- 
etna assembly : ya sfasiu d»ao aorflla w«tk 

Ibc: baaide tha eontJanal 

Ma Btaaa offninf. aad his drink oflerinf. 

98 Aad on Iha Mlh daynine buUodu. two 
laaw. m»d foar t ae a baaba of tha first year 
without spot : 

9 And tttalr maat oArina aad their drink 
aibriaga for tha bnllaeks. for tba rams, aad 
for A* bnAs. aAoli Aa aeeardlnK to tbalr 

80 Bat ya shall o»r a bnnt aiforlnr. « 
aaariteo nHria by ire, of a sweat laroar 
nato the Lobd ; ooa bnltoek, oae nun, sevoa 
tamba of tba ftrst year without blemish : 

87 Thair meat onertnf and tbeir drink of* 
foringa for the bnlhtek, fin the ram, and for 
tba lambs, tkall bt aceordtns to tbeir anm- 
ber, after the manner : 

aBAadaaenai/rfrasfaoabrfBg: beside 
tba aoatlavar burnt offatiaa, and Ma neat 
offerina, and bis drink oflmng. 

Xf Tbeee fA^n^a yo shall *do nnto the 
Lord in your *iet foasts. hesido yout 
i'rows, and your freewill otierings, f»ryouT 
burnt offerings, aad for your neat offerings, 
aad for your Artaik oSerinp, and for year 
pjjum^ afferings. 

40 And Moses told the children of Israal 
Bsoardbg to all that tha Loko oaOiauuaded 


tow, mmd •/ X«r U 


tribes eoneeming tba ahlldren of Is- 
rael, saying. This fa tba thing whidh tbe 
Lord hath eommandad. 

S tif a man tow a tow nato Ibe LoRd, or 
*swear aa oath to bind his soul wttb a bond; 
he shall not t break his word, he aliall •'do 
aeeording to all thai prooeedeth out of bis 

ff If a womaa abo row a tow nnto 
Lord, and bind AerssI/ by a bond, ht 
la her fUber's bouse in her youth ; 

4 And her fother hear her tow, and her 
bond wherewith sho hath bound ber son(. 
aad ber fother shaU hold his neaoa at her ^ 
then all ber tows shall stand, and oTery 
bond wherewUb she hath bound bar sotd 
Bhall ttMid. 

5 But If her fothar disallow ber In the day 

aoul. sbaU stand; aad tha Lord shall 
forgira ber, baaausa her fother disallowed 

« And If she bad at all a husband, when 
i'she vowed, or uttered aught out of heV 
Una. wherewith she bound her soul ; 

t Aad ber husband beard in, and held his 
peaee at her in the day that be beard it: 


VbtM nol t» k•^i^ntke•. 


Tk* llWfo<nto» .4 

(bra Ibfr ir>iv4 HinJ] ii^^hd, i^A ber koa^ 

«|Mr< rltti aim l^iiuud lj«r hiul 4|*l| ttAodr 

8 BuL tf livr lkV*L>Hni| '^iiajloirad iwC OB 
Uw dm tl Hi ha \\Auc^V itn, tJi> ii l.t •hftU owko 

■ba <i'i.'r.'>£ 'iih bcr Slpi, 

bOIU.'i Li-7 i^mt, aT baU iffthMi >nd t)M 

LUJIU>b3.1] Uv^*ahel. 

9 £iiL ttTui']' «a» vt K vldav, and of b«r 
thst ki iLiTinMiL, %bit«wLib Uttj haT« bouaid 
theit hmJA, iMll j[u<I ficolDi^ ber. 

10 .\aA \t tU ^u*ril In b-r hiubaad'f 
bouse, or bound bar muI by » bond vitb mi 

11 And ber buaband hrard iU nnd bold bit 
peace at her, and diaallowed bcr not ; tbon 
ail ber rowa ahall atand, and ovar/ bond 
wbcrewitb aba bound bar aool ahaU atand. 

12 llut if bar buaband bath uttorljr mado 
tbom Told on tba day ha baard tlumf thtn 
vbataoavar pfooaadad. out of bar lifM eo»- 
eeminf bar Towt« or aonoaming tba bond 
of her aoul, shall not atand : bar husband 
bath mado thorn raid ; and Um Lobd ahall 

13 Every tow, and crery btndiag oath to 
aflUet tho aoul, ber hnaband may oaUbUab 
it. or ber husband may make it void. 

14 But U hor luisband altocotbar bold hU 
paaoo at bar firom day to day ; then ba as« 
tahllsheth all ber tows, or " ' 
which art upon bor : ha 
booausa ba held his paaoa at bar In the di^ 
that he heard thevt. 

U But if ha ahaU any vaya make tbam Told 
•ftar that be bath heard thtm; then ha 
shall boar ber iniquity. 

Kt These ar« the statutes, vhioh tho Lord 
oommanded Moses, between a man and his 
wife, between the father and hia daughtor. 
bting iftt in bar yooth in her fiktber'a 

nU « Ji'Mfto an $«nlmi, and tatmmm dmin. 13 
Mm- ii wrMk with ite •J(e««/«r mtnnf tk» 
worn** ali*t. 19 Hmm (t« tMim. with tittif 
miHitm ew4 «|mi. mttf it fmriJUi. 2i »• 
..' — --_ „..•-! ^.^ ..«-« .*. tf. L* j:^u^j 

o U dim 


ft* l«rA 

AND tho LOBD apako onto Moaas, aay- 

f *AreB«e the diildrea of Israel of tlM 
Midianites : afterward sbaU thou the gatb- 
OTad onto thy peopU. 

8 And Moses apaka unto the people, aaj. 
tng, Ann some of youraelves unto the war, 
and let them go against the Midianitoa, and 
avenfe the LoBO of Midiaa. 

4 t Of erery. tribe a thousand, throoghoot 
•U tho Uribee of lanal, shaU yo send to the 

5 So there were ddlTered, out of the thoa- 
aanda of larael, a thousand of every tribe, 
tweWe thousand armed for war. 

And Moses sent them to the war, a thou- 
sand of every tribe, them and Fhinehas the 
son of Eleasar the priest, to the war, with 
the holy instruments, and <^tbe trumpeU to 
blow in bis hand. 

7 And they warred aminst the Midianites, 
as the Lu K o oommanded Moses ; and * tbey 
slew all tlie 'males. 

8 And they slew tlie kings of Midian, beside 
tho rest of them that were slain ; tMimely, 
/£tI, and Rekem, and Zur, and Uur, and 
Reba, Are kings of Midian : I^Balaara also 
the son of Deor tbey slew with tlie sword. 

And tho ebUdion of Israel took aVL the 

p» i>f Midia* eavtiToa. v4 
I, and took thoipoUotikU 


— ..^ ^,„. __ _ _Jr^«o< ■ 

10 And they burnt aU thait oUIab 

th«r dwelt, and aU their goodly ovwtlap, 

11 And'ithay took aU tho spoil, aadall th* 
prey, hoth at men and of beasts. 

19 An-I iV — »'i-"ir+t th"- -iTt«T»s, and the 

QhU -'I I- u£ ilT^l 

pla.i'.i Df Mfwb^i 
Jen. 'Li. 

13 \ Aiiil ati>f«4 uul £C4<U 
and all EJh iiriaena -al [li# 

web I f hrlU -lit UiBBt llldbL *Ll1l 

14 .\uA ^^v± »^ -NiCIl n, 
of tl..: 1i««C, wi.r4. iJifl ^^y'-m 
aanl-.. a^d [aptaliu wv^r hi 
eaai? rm.ciL tt>u 'baiE^t, 

15 All.] McrtvJ P^^ QM." I. 

matter of Poor, and " 

amoM the eoagiegatioa oi lao mwd. 

17 Now tharofbro "kill ovary mala .wnong 
the little ones, and kill erery woman th|i| 
hath known man by lying with t him. 

18 But all tho woman.ohildreB, that Iiava 
not kaom a nan by ^ying with him. keep 
allra for yourselves. 

la And 'do ye abide wit)i»«t tho eamp 

v\,T Dunp at the 
^ Iff J «raaB i^avr 

w the prieat, 
, i^ offieeff 
\i orer thoa- 

at, Ha»« yo 


seven days : whosoever hath kiUod any per' 
son, and ''whosoever hath touched any slain, 
purify both yourselves and your oMtlvea on 

90 And puri^ all your raiment, itnd aQ 
tthat ia made of skins, and all work of 
goats' hair, and all things made of wood. 

SI And Elsasar the piiost said unto the 
men of war which went to the hatUe. Thi* 
to the ordinance of the law wbloh tlio LoHO 
^^ ^fiiy»t im^ ^ Moms » 

23 Only tho gold, and the silver, the braaa, 
the iron, tho tin. and tbe lead, 

23 Krery thing that may abide the flie, ye 
shall make it go through the Ire. and it 
shall ha dean : neverthelets it shall be purl- 
led « with tbe water of separation : and all 
that aUdeth not tho flio ya shall make go 
through the water. 

34 <'And ye shall wash your clothes on ih» 
aorenthdv, and yo shall be oUan, and aR- 
erward ye shall eome into tlie oamp. 

ii5 ^ And tlM Load spake unU Moeoa, 

a Take tho «um of the prey tthat waa 
taken, both of man and of beast, thou, and 
Eleasar tbe priest, and the chief fathers of 
the ODHcrogation : 

27 And 'divide tho prey into two parts ; 
between them that toec the war iq>on them, 
who went out t» haUle, and betweea all the 

28 And levy a tribute unto the LOKD of 
the men of war which went out to battle : 
(one soul of «vo hundred, 6otA of the per- 
sons, and of the hooves, and of tho aaaoa, 
and of the sheep : 

29 Take it of their half, and give it unto 
Eleaiar the priest, /or a heave ollerlng of 
the LOKO. 

80 And of the ebiUron of Israel's half, 
thou shaU Uke "one portion of fifty, of tho 
persons, of the beeves, of tbe asses, and of 
the >■ flocks, of all manner of beaata, and 

1%e pjgitxrt^ oblation. 


T/ie ReHtmitn tnul i9tume». 

live tbem uiitoMieLetKe»,''|tHiich k«epthe 
obam oftiM tabernMk of tbe Lokd. 

31 And Motea Md Elesiw the prlMt did 
te thm LOSD eomawaded MoMa. 

B And the booty, bMng the rett of tlk« 
prvT wbieh the men of wv bad eanght, mm 
■is nondred tbonsand and leventj ttwoMUKd 
and At* thoassad aheep, 

88 And tfareeafiore mad tvehv tboasnad 

84 And 

86 And ttdrtr and two t ,. 

ia an. oriroam thai kad not known 
by Wine with Mm. 

86 And tb« bnlf, «MeA 1MW Ae portion of 
tbtm thM wont oat to'wnr, wa* In nnnAer 
three hondred tbonaaad and aevon and thir- 
ty tbooaaml and Are hnndred ■been : 

m And thn LoKl>'» «rib«rto tt Ae ■been 
«M six hMBdrcd and tbraoMor* and » 

88 And tht bocffM tMf^ tbirly and six 
tfaooMad; of wUcA the I,or1>^s ttlboto 

tbeTbltB>i tifb«Ae«MM thifty and 
41 And Mm 

tha LoKD'fl bMTt oflMng, 

OM priett, 'at the Lokd eomttiaded Mo- 

4S And of the ehlMren of livaol'a half, 

<« (Wow Vttt fnXihtitpfUatud 
«oan«g*ti«B «M **i*** hwdi-' 
«Mi»klHf tboMMd UH4 W 
■ad Are hundred ■beep. 

44 Aod tMrty and >iit tbooiaad beotw. 

46 And thirty «bo««and aaMi aad flvt ban- 

'48 AadsixtoeA tbtoaAbd-penMc,) 

47 Even 'of (bo ebUdren of Iwael'i half. 
■obea took cM >portl«ii of Ofly, Wm 4f 
man and of beaet, and gavo (hott nnto the 
X«t!M, wblcM kMHTtb* rt(M«oof the tabto- 
AaMo'or UM MtLtt a« tbo LOK0 MmmMd^ 
•dMoeei. ^_ 

48 Abd <hey <gpd nnt»Mnii>, ttif MtnMt 
have takes fib» fenm of tb* taM» of war WIrMi 
itV ttedM- odirtobargb, aad then laeketb 
not ona rnaa of at* 

Ibr the LOkd. what evtsvynuM htH 
or jMeb «r gold, ehaino, aad 
Haga, earrings, aad taMeta, «to ■»■» aa 
loaBme d t Ibr oar eMUvbefltre the Lokik 
61 Aad Mow* aad Eleaaar tbo prie«t todk 
tto faW of tiwbb, ovMt aH wroaf^ Jew- 

^■^ Aii'l all tft# ^ld«f it» toAirik^ ihat 
(|irT '''^ri*4 up ic UirLOftUi t<til\t cupiBitta 

4f ttKFifi^A], flr^i^ tif ftfi n}H.a1fi» r4 limi- 
^«di, -wmt: fi^ttrM. *hvntLa<i nrrna lriiiv4rod 
«nA «ty ilnHK'k 
b Jlpr ^M>« miD 4)r *iir Iki4 i*^a wfM, 

ma^l Lt !«Id Tliff 4slWt- 

1brlb4 (fajldna af ftraribabn thalmtt. 


n* SfntoiilM aiul (iaditm tk for tltir inktrU- 

a«c« on tAt tatt afJonlaH. S Motti n w pbtmk 

mmd k* flgnMk tkam tk» Uw£ » M«y tmk* 

NOW (bo ddldroa of Benbea aad tbo 
ehUdren ofdad had a very gnat wO- 
tHade of eaMloi and when they aaw tbe 
laad of "Jator, aad tbe laad of GUoad. 

5 Tbo ebildron of Sad aad the ohUdNB of 
Beabea eane aad apako nato Moeea, aad 
toM ea a ar tbo prieal, aad nato tko priaoaa 
of tbe eoagNgatioB, eayiag, 

8 Atareth, aad IMboa, aad Jaaor, aad 
iinarah, aad Hoabboa, aad ■lealeb> aad 
•Bhobaoh aad Nobo, aad 'Beoa, 

4 JToew tho eoaatry « which the LOSD amota 
bcftfwtlw ooagregatioaof laiael, 4o a laad 
ftr oattle, aadlhy oomau hav* ealtla r 

6 Wbereftm, aaid they, if w« haw flmad 
gMM> la tby aigbt, kl thia laad bo givaa 
nato tby aorvaata for a poaaeaaloa, tmd 
briag aa aot over Jardaa. 

• And Moaeo said aato the aUMna of Qad 
and to tbe abildron of Bonban, 6baU yoor 
bretbrefe ta to war, aad abaB ye aft iMMt 

7 Aadwiiereforetdiaooangoyethe heart 
off «h« aUldaoB of larael from going over 
into tha laad wUoh tbo LOiu» bath givaa 

banwa fto aee tbo laad. 
t lor kwbaa they wont apuato tbevaUay 
of Kabeol, and saw tbe land , they dlaooaraaaa 
tte hMHt eTtbe eUMron of Itraal. that ^ 
ahonld not CO into ttaa laad wUah tbe LoBB 
had given tbem. 

10 iAad the LOBO'a anger was kindled (he 
same time, and be aware, aaying, 

11 Bnioly aoBO af the men that oame an 
out of Egypt, fcfh>m twenty years old and 
iQ>ward, lEaai aeo tbo land whiek I kw«i*o 
anto Abraham, unto Isaae, and unto Jaoob ; 
boeauaa <tbey have not t wholly followed 

tiiay bavo wb^tty f^ 

IS And the Lord's aager i 
agakBtlarael, andhanada tbem "wander 
lartho wildoraeas fbrty yoata* natll •aH the 
geaeraMon, that had danoovU fai the a«|^ 
of the Loan, wna eoiiauMad. 

M Aad, bahoM, ye are riaaa up ia yonr 
fatbera' stead, aa laeroase of ahifal men. 


■16Y«r4f y» itora mn ytnm after bha. ks 
will yet again leave tbem tat tbe wMdemoaa; 
Mdyb shaB daatray aUtbl* people. 

1« 4 Aad tbey oaaw aaar uato Mm. aad 
«aid,WewUI fcoildabeopMda bora fcr ear 
aaMlei, and oltloafiBr MrMttlo aooa: 

IT 9a»r*<wt ounolvM wlU go ready armad 
befcre the ebildren of larael, oatU wo have 
bio a gbt tbem unto tboir plaae: aad our 
nttle ooeo aball dwell in tbe fcaeed oMea, 
beoaase of tbo tnhabitaatt of tbo laad. 

18* We will not retom unto our bouaaa, 
until tbe ohildren of Ismel bave inherited 
4««ry maa Me Inborltnaeo I 

1» »or we will not tnbertt with thaoi on 
yonder side Jordan, or Airwardt fbaeanaa 
•or Iriwfftanae is tbMea to oa on thl» aide 
Jotdaa eaatwiwd. 

Sa And "lleaaa aald uatoibem. If ye wiU 

jMh. a. u. 



fDNt. 1.2S. 
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• I>.ut.».lS. 

P9Ut*fion of tJie two tfibet. 

The jtiurmg* fff thi ItrwtliUM. 

J.^h. Li. 'Kl., 
I. 1^ I. 

2 I>*at. S. 1^ 

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t1i«k. 1,7. k 

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U. St. tJ. 

IT, ft ES. 9. 

iDhI.3. 14 
1 Llir. :!, IL 

Loud i^ w»r, 
fl JinA will IP iJl at: ^Du iniMd CTor Jvr- 
du Iwfpn til* IfiaKO. iinill ba b*Ui ibivfii 

Hl4 !>« fiiilLleu NbKra tM LOHUr «nii ^■ 
f«r« 1a;se1^ kod ^llaU lltiJ Bti^l be foiu' 
pUHigknii NibiQ lbs LuUDr 

r lia wilJi Ifwl ^oti frUI. 

E^llLai i)r JVir IkULo ana. 


Kfl^ fti|4| frr ; 

limit |iri>a«MlEi:l aul «r ^««r llhftuij. 
3^ .^nil ItiE flliilrlrrgi at t>*4 »nd tJb« nUI- 

Thj Mrf&fiU wUl Jw Mi mj lnnl tiMlHlilL*- 

M ■= Oft* lltiJ6 OMf, 0" wItw, isttr-(l«i», 
maJ bJI Duf HtlU), P>i>U kw tli*» Hx Hi* 

S8 ^ 'e(xnK-Tiitat[ Ujcin Mahi eoSHIUaidid 
Btfijiv^r lkk9 iuIem, aed JMta>u Use «dii of 

Iha cliiidrnn vf iMflM:] ^ 
3fi AnrI MfiKd Mid cnta t^Hn. If tlie -fibU- 
itrom dF y-Ad ULil IIm efaklilfrn tif linlbvQ 
itLU [luj witlv juU !>vflT J nrdBU , CTieT AftI 
BtEHd to bftUlc h«ftKnt tba L4JBJ>k kud ttM 
lunl tlull ba «4iMiwd botam j™ ; iki4n ;« 
•IdlL gipA iLam lUq Lsjid dF Utkkd f(»r ■ |i««- 

JWn <fmj t'trrif }vmt^tf* o/ lA' iwm^if** SB fli 

THS^K <Eira El)« jiHLras^i <tf ib* cbUdrui 
vt LiucE, wLidi vtQt IvtiL fiut of lb* 
IehJ i^ %jpt *lL^j ibdir trtntH aiid«T tbi 

iwitd H)l HlUMl ADd Ak^DIl. 

'2. .^nd 3lu>i«B wTOic UklJ' QatagiCUt. Uirtrd- 

!U|^ l<i tkisir j«u^nji I17 tJUd Ajm'uundBVll 
<Dt tL^i LOHQ : utd Ihpie urr lii<«Lr joorBtJI 

acwrdliDf E9 tbiv rdiiiii <iuLl 

IOm ftwt HWrntb, HJQ. the li&weiLi dl/ 6f Um 
Am nnji^Clt - nn ibr morrow fcTur IM pMI- 
<iT«r tM fititMreii al Xhthi] frsnt WUl '*lth 
» bl|h Jiand Li tbt itflil of kll Uift JifTP' 

1 Fjir Lba EcjpLiMiLi buHdt All tMfir 4r<' 
bvm^ ii:wl)j^ ibfl LvUti bhl ekiJic«iv RWHif 

llL^ai : 'upuu llHikr fixU tJ» thv |.OBJ> «i' 

Efutcd |uuf^ceitn. 

j /Ad'1 UiB 4]luJdl«ll of iHri^l TWnunvd 
trom iiUmBMB, ^hil pliflbf d Jci KdsooUi. 

fl Aod ibcT d«pUhnl |[«m ''^tuicirib, kkd 
piUtiBd ib CiblUl, vJiJqI) m in L^ *dp ^ 
ibta wLLdcTD^iflr 

" Aij d * (JjiJJf T*i510T*iJ fiwn EdikUi, Lid 
lunod uatn nst^i Fi-hkbiruck, «r.bich ^1 b*- 
^om DuTin^Kii^ uid itliej pLLtb«d b«fQn 

1^ Ami thfjf dfiMrtflH rrom b*&ir» Pi'i*blr' 
riiUl, md ipqjHd thruu|)i tbe idldiE sf tlw 

I B»d4£ar 

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LE1T, I1.1S. 

au Jlul If Ibej wttl 1 

II UtflF iiilh jroD 

loii in iLu Lmi i>f Th 
ill AiiJ ilM cblW^-R Df Ufcd and tfae eWI- 
drm of RMtla«n ui*wercil, Ajhng, 
LllAo Infh UMid unbi iLj I 

312 Wa tLLI puA b-»p fem*d NJtiint 'lit 

LamU Lata iLf IWbil Af CMlun, Ibat tb« 

n f^ft 1 

> tliMIi, *V»n. ia 

pit«l|<nl Id MKr>h. 
S ^ud Ihaj tvoi 
^C^nut unt4i LLim : »liJ Ln Ell>1 w^e Iw^lv* 
FrninLmiii* nl' frnlcrK UhI (lir««i«an uid i^ 
pmiui Lr«tid 1 Bii^l tfaej' phoiiKL tlKVf . 

10 And Ihtj rwBOfliiiii fro-m Eiim. a^d U>r 
nmped tj Oia Blrl MK. 

11 And tJi*j tBiBOiiri ff!f™ ItB B«^ •«, 
B^d cariititied lu tii« i wildariMiH b^ ilLll. 

ISi Ainl Ibf;^ liwtllieir JMiraEj (m-t «I tb» 
briLdertiAU «^ Bin, imd «]<iuB|vrd In Dopfcr 

la. And Iboj il«|wi«d trtna Dopbbh, mi4 

OBOUniMvd kd Aluib. 

11 Ar4 Lb^"? r«nn.TBd fpfldi Alulk, Ul4 «■ 

■Jt±. Iff.t 

111* flbLWrcr cf UidK aud 14 ti\* eWldTrn of diuwd At "^'R^pbAM^, Hrhit* Vl* po »»Hl 
EfliiljflU, and litahi bKlF llH trill* of MhiU- for tbfl wflpliJ in. drSnl. 
-^ ■ • ■■" 'idtbflj 

tbaj drpsTtEd f HiBl BcpbldWr #A 
[>lt«lMd Id. tbo "wLLdflrn«»a flf iJiDnJ. 

, Id Aiui Ibey teawTnjd flWrt tUp JooiTi dI 

it. itt coMu, at™ LlHB eiil** of tb* 9iDi.l, uid piLehtd "»( ' K Lbn)th.lkitta*rtk. 
IT And Ibny dBjrttfloJ fmiH K.ibr[Hi-ll»t- 
LuTBh, akid ^t'ta«bn)f«i| D.t llaunrili. 
Iji Abd ilkET ilE)iUi«J Crom Uueroib, sal 
pEtcliMl Ld M KiUtrnl^llr 
lu Abd ibmf dv^brttd CrHHn Blibui^ h4 

Ukd jilcaUid in L^brvAh. 
Si Abd tb*jf niwnd twim libHbr *" 
pdliAbiHl u Rkaaata. 

a Abd tb*J iMTDfrnd frtca BUHib, ud 

|iJtaht4 111 I&belnluiii. 
it» .^bd ibitj i»nt ftnm EriHioibiJi, ud 
au"And IbB ehiidrtn (sf ^MmMf Uifl "a nf p^lmbid Ln n 
]KAiiuit!li wmt la QLIrtd, Irfid b^d: Et, Uud 
dLitiHHewHl tbe Albtfdta ■Mcl» ff^t Eb IL. 

4U Abd Muir. 'K*i>a au«d buto BtuhU 
y» aeti bf MaiiUMb! »iJ Un dnleiiwtftib. 
*l Abd 'JUT- U» MO of HiUbHtalv ■«■* 
•nd i4bk Iba aibiU tewiu tbntoaf, «id oriWI 

U Aq4 Ni4mb wt^bt i^d uiolc Hstwtb, vid 
tbv irfll>Boi tlK»wr, ud ayj4d tE NbbBlit 

1^ tbr» Minof J«*gpli, =rtb«» IciuzdoaimFIJibab 
kimt dF tbt AinuTtMa. •nd lh« LinpdADi 0* 
(if klDS af If Lsbftlli. tji* luid, wttb tlt« <lcl« 

»^ And Lh*«bbtdrBnor(l«d1>unUmbga, 
ud ^Mtnkli, bTiil iAi'Wt, 

j{6 And AiTDElit Shapbum, ud ^Jwtri uui 
Ji-qbalwJh , 

3d .\nd fDcib-fllDinh, uid BAib^iiMnii^ 
■* r«i>«Ht *Ulei ; HI d folda Sji olunp. 

m And ilHi oblldren of Roobrn "bDUt 
Hnlitmn. nnd LlbbJrb, nd KlT^tfaklm, 

^ Abd *Nobn, UMl J*3i^ul- 

h fcc. Id. 1. ir 

n^ I, iL 


lunt Hlupber. 

ud «b»iii|wd hi Ubfiwiatii. ^. ^ , 
^ And ib-l rebMii;d Fraoi Um^llli, Mid 

8(1 ADii they rvwyrEdfrnO If feb1>«toUlh Vd 
^funpEil U T^bi^b. 
97 Aurd l^r dr|iulBd b«Ib Tll.]iu1i, maA 

piiDtuMi u T»«b. 
IB Abd tlwi mmvtbd fTOKL Tvab^ »ad 

Sir CMmuutes' to be destroied. 


Bordert of He jurmnMetf Umi. 

> I>n*.10Le. 

low. i.«t. 


• •««.<.«. 

ISta. 8i9B. 

• <k. 21. 11. 
I Or. ttm^ 

/an. 4a.m. 

"•.6, 14. 




J«h. 3. 17. 
4M. D. 

J«h. IL 12. 

S» Aad tiMy < 

8U Aad th«y deputed from If—hmwh, 
ud 'eDOMftMd M MMWeUi. 
SI And tbtj daiparted flwm MMMOIb, and 
pUebed i« B«M-jMtaD. ' 
«S And they i«ae«ed from 'Beae-JMkkaa, 
airf ( «M«knM •* Ber^Mtdfad. 
88 And they «cM eWHet^tecMnd. M^ 
pWcbed im Jethetheh. 
M And tbey reiteved firai 
And they mnoired tram Seieifgdier« 
■ttelied 'te the "ifUdetBee* «f Kn, 
wbieh U Kadeeb. 

87 And they leioe^ed fteM*Sadaeh,«ad 
Bitthed in BMont Hor, in the edge tt the 

88 And 'AartMi the prieet went ap hito 
UMOM Hor aX th* eemmeadiBeat of tL.> 
LOR0, and died there, in the ftartieth year 
aAef the ehUdrea et laMelvere eome eat 
of the taad oTBgypI, hi thh'flnt day ef the 

dwelt in the eoaih M 

beard of the oeniaff ef the etattdna of la^ 

l«hey depaatedC 
ohed la Hal—aril 


MjUdth^depMkedftoa lahaeaah, and 


48 And dnf departed trvm Panen, and 

44 Aad «tbey departed fiNMH Oboth* aad 
p^bed In Mlje-abarin, in the bord«t af 

46 And they depaeted fran lim, and pitefaed 

48 And tliey laaMVadftem XMboB.cad, and 
•neamped ia AlaMoZ-dlblaUtaim. 

47 And they rewer ad frea Ahnon-dlbla. 
tbaim, 'and pitobed ia the nMiantaias of 

4» And they 
of Abartm. aad ^pitebed fa the platea of 
Meab ^ Jordan new Jerteho. 

4» And they pOataad by Jordan* ftam Beth> 
jerfiaoth «v«» onto i<Ahel<aUttia ia the 
phdaa ar Moab. 

Wt Aad the Lomo apaka ante Heaea in 
^e^aias af Hoab by Jordan fieapJerleba, 

filSpeak nato the children eC Inael. aad 
■ayvato theait ^Whea ye are paeaed orer 
Jordan into the land oC Canaan ; 

MfThea ye ihall drive eat nU the inhabtt- 
aata of the land tnm belbre you, and do* 
■toey an ttelv piatarei» aad dettsoy all their 
Butlten Inages, aad quite pindc dawn all 
their higbplMes: 

6S And ye ahaU diapeaaeM Me i$thabitmn4a 
•/thelandtaad dvaU thei^n: for I have 
gtTcn you the land be pe e ee — it. 

i« And "Hm ahatt Avide the land by let 
for aa inberltaaaaanMnKyoar flunUlea ; mtd 
t0 the mera ye ehall t give the nore inherit* 
anee, and to the fewer ye shall tglTe the 
lea* iaheiitaaee : every man'* <MAM-<(«iie« 
ataaU be in tbe plaee wbctaUs h>t faUethi 
aaear«Bf to |ha tribaa of ypor fothara y« 

• af the hud freat i 

ahatt eotaatapaaa, that MMoawbtehja lot 
remain of them «AmiU he "priaks ia your 
ayearand thama in sow aidoi. aad ihaH 
▼ez yon in tbe bmd Wberebi yadwelL 
U If onom tt ahaU oeaM to paaa. tluit I 
ahaU do oata yoa, aa ft tfeeofbt to da unla 


Tki UhUn «/ tJU jin wii M <«imL 16n««|aM«f 

tf a« Mm <i|||iMa«4 la diwH* U, 

ANDtha JiOBoapake aato Moaea, My 
-A, ins. 

8 Command the ohlldren of Janw^ and say 
oata tiiaaa, Whea ya aooM into 'th^ Umd of 
Canaan; tbia ie the land that aball fUlon. 
u yoa for aa iaheritaaoe, 0P«n the land af 
Canaan with tU ooaate theiaof : 

8 Xhea tyoor ooatb quarter abaU be from 
the wUdaeaaaaaf Zto. along bythaeoaatef 
Bdom, and your aooth border shall be tbe 
oatmeat aaaat af *th* salt sea aaataraid 3 

4 And your border aball tun from the 
Bouth <ito the ascent of Akrabbim, and paaa 
oataXiai and. the «oi«| forth thereof ahri) 
be fhaa Iha aooth *to Kadeah'bvaea, aad 
ahall go on to /Hasar-addar, aad paaa on 

4 And the border shall fetch a eompaas 
ftam AxmoB 'unto the rlTor of Egypt, Md 
tbe goiaga out of It abaU bo si the sea. 

aAadae/erthawealem border, je aball 
CToa hare tbe great sea for a border t this 
shall be seof Visa* herdar. 

7 .And this ahaU b» y<mr north bordsr: 
troBk. the great sea ye shall polat out for 
yea A meant Hoc I 

8 From mount Hor ye shall point out yew 
bitnUr •nnta the entraooo of liantath : »nd 
the foiaga fotthof tU bocdex ahaU be to 

»^A the herder abaU go on to Ziphroa. 
ami the goiaga «ot of it ■ball beat/fUsar. 
enaat tbiaahaU be your north border. 

10 And ye shall point out your east border 
fierat Haaat iman to Shephant 

U And the eeast shaU go down f^om eh*, 
pham "^to BibWi,.«i» th« east aide of Ain ; 
and the border shiUl deaeead, and shall 
reaeh nato tba t-aMa af tiie aea "of Chia- 

Ifl Aad the hsadn abaU go down to Jordan, 
aad 4ba gaiaga oot oCit shall bo at the aalt 
aea> tUs ahall be year land with the eoaata 
thereof louad al^ootk 

13 Aad Moaea eommandad tU ebUdraa of 
Israel, saying, I'Tbis <a tbe land wbioh ye 
ahaiLiabariA by int. wUeh tbe LOKO com. 
nandad to give uato the sine tribes, luid. to 

14 « For tbe tribe of the ohildren of Beuben 
I of their Catbera, nnd 

totbehouaeef thairfotbera. baTu 

<Ac<r Mb«r»«uic«; and half the tribe of 
Maaaaseh hare rceeired their inLerUaaee : 
Ifr Tbe twa trU>ea and the balf tribe have 
rcoelved their fatheritaaoe on this aide Jor- 
^n ntar Jericho eastward, toward the aan* 

1^*1 And the LOHO apake unto Moaea, 

IT Tfaeae ore the namea of tbe men which 
aball divide the land unto you: ''Eleaaar 
tba priest, aad Joahua tbe aon of Nun. 

18 And ye aball Uke one 'prince of every 
tribe, to diride the land by inberiUnee. 

19 And the namea of tho men art tbeaa: 
Of tbe triba af JodaJi, Caleb tbe aon of 


emu of the LevUes. 


The eitka Mf P^nge. 




u. si; at. as. 

tHob. mUwt 

!*«•»• «4aU 


iT J<Ml>. 81. 3. 

/i>««t. 19. a. 


90 And or tbe tribo <ir ttie •Uldna Of tUiM- 
on, BboniMl (ho mr niSmaOoA. 

si or (ho tribo of Bet^Jaalii, ElMad tha 
■on of riililfln 

St And tiM prinoo of ttie tribo of tbo ohil- 
dioB or Don, BokU the M« of JogU. 

S3 The prinoo of the children of JoMph, 
tot the tribo of the ohOdron of MnnMoeb, 
Hnnniel the ton of Kphod. 

24 And the prinoo of the tribo of the ohil- 
dren of Kphnim, Kennel the wm of Shl^- 


SO And the prinoo of tho tribo of the ohil- 
dren of laanoter, Poltiel the eon of Aiiwi. 

57 And the prinoo of tbo tribo of tho ohil- 
dnn of Aiiier. AhUmd tho ton of Bbeloml. 

58 And the prinoo or the tribo or the ehU- 
dren of NnphloU, Pedahol tho oon of Ab- 

59 Tbaoo mre thep wbon the LOBD oom- 
monded to dirido Mm inherttnnoe naU tbo 
ohildrott of lonel in Mie land of Omuwb. 

Sft And tbo prinoo of the tribo of tbo ohU- 
Zobuittn, BliMphMi tho ion of Pur- 


AND tbo Lord mnke onto ] 
plnina of Mono bj Jordm 
ehe, toying, 

S'Commond tho ohildron of 

tboT give unto the Lorites. oT tbo Inheritnnoo 
of ttMir poMoMioB, oitie* to dwell in ; oad 

TO •fanM giro oioo nntothe Lorit "— -"- 

for the oidof round nbout tbem. 

8 And tho oitieo obnll they hnn to dwoU 
In ; nnd tho ■obarbo of tbem ibnU be for 
their cotUe, nnd fbr their goods, nnd for oU 
their beuto. 

4 And the rabnrbo of tbo oltloo, irUch ye 
•hnU giro unto tbo LoTitoo, oAoU rMch tna 
tho vsll of tbo oity ond outuwd • tbononad 
eabfta round about. 

6 And ye otaaB bm 
oItT on tho eaot aide two thouMad ooMto, 
and on tho oouth aide two tbouaaad oubHo, 

and the eityoAoM** in the midst: thisshall 
bo to tbem the oabnrba or tbo oitloo. 

6 And among tho ottiea whiohjo shall gHo 
onto the LoTiteo More thaU fi> isfai oMoO 
Ibr Tornge, wbtdi 70 abaH nppoint fbr tbo 
manslayor, that ho may floo thMhor: and 
tto thorn ye shall add fbrCy and two eltiee. 

7 Ao aO the oltloo wUob yo aball give to 
tho Loritos oAaa fto 'for^ and eight olUes: 
Item ttuM yo aiv with their anborbs. 

8 And tbo olttea wbieh yo ahaU giro akmU 
h» ^of tho possession oT tho ^riMren or la- 
rad: *tnm Mom that Haw many yo shall 
giTO many; but tttm th»m tMat kove fbw 
▼e shall giro few : erery one shall giro of 
his olties unto tbo Levites aoeording to Us 
inhoritanoe wbloh tbo Inheriteth. 

9 ^ A nd tho LORD spake unto Moses, 

10 E^ak unto tho ehUdren of Israel, and 
say unto them, /When yo be oome over 
Jordan Into the land oTOanaan, 

11 Then fye shaU appoint yon eittoa to bo 
dtlos of refuge for yon *, that tho slayer may 
Sao tbUhor, wUoh kfflath aAy person tat 

U AAad Ibagr akall bo nato yau «W 
reftigo tnm tbo avongort that Ibo ■«»■ 
ahyas dto Bot. untU ho atand h sfcaa the 
oongrogation in Juiigaaant. 

U And or these oitieo wUeh ye ahaU giro, 
•six oitioi shall ye have tot rofofo. 

UtVo shaB give tteoo oities on thU side 
Jordan, and throe oltlea shall yo glTO In tbo 
land or OaMtfua, soMoA ahaU bo oittaa of 

ISfbsoo aU oltioa ahaU bo a rofugo, 6o(A 
fbr the ohUdron of larael. and < Ibr tho 
stranger , and for tho aojonznor among thaoB i 
that orory one that klUoth any poasaa na- 
awaroa may flee tUtbor. 

M«>And if ho aastto Urn with an lastni' 
mont of iron, so that bo die. ha <o a mar- 
■haU surely be pnt to 

twiih tfaaowiaga 
die. aad ho die. 

^UOii/bit^^it bim vttha kaad woapaa 
of wood. whonwMi bo mar dlo, aad be^ 
be <s a murderer : the murderer aball aura- 
ly bo put to death. 
1» "The toToagor of blood 
alay tho nrarderor : when ho 
bo shaa slay Um. 

50 Bat •irbo thraat Um 
at Um i»by layiag or wait, that ho die : 

51 Or in onmi^ amito Um with Ua band, 
that bo die: he that aaaato iWrn oba aarofy 
bo pnt to death ; /or ho te a murdstor : tbo 
Uoodaha" - " 

SS BM If ho thnut Um anddoaly « withoat 
enmity, or bare oaat npoo him aay thing 
withoat laring oT waU, 

S8 Or with aay atone, wherewith a man may 
die, seeing him not, and oaot it upon Um, 
that ho dio, aad WM not Ua oaessy, neither 
sou^t his barm ; 

SIThss 'tho ooagrogatloa shall Jadgo be- 
tween tho slayer aad tho lerongor of Mood 

S5 And the ooagrogatloa shall doUTor tho 
slayer out of tho hand of tho roTonge r oC 
blood, aad tho ooa gr ogat l oa aball reatoto 
Um to Hw oity of his tofotoTirtdthor he waa 
fled: and «bo obaU abide la It vaU the 
death oftho Ugh priest, twUdi waa aaoiat- 
«d with tho holy oO. 

86 But ir the sUyer shall at aay tiase ooaM 
withoat <ho border «r the oUgr of^bia (olbgo, 

S7 And the rerongor or blood find 1 
withont tho bofdora or tbo oity of Us Nfta 

or tbo oity of Us reftago, 
„ or bhwd UU tho alayor; 
t he shall not bo gottly or Uood 


tbo oHy of Us rofbgo mtU tho death of tho 
hMiprloatt bat after the death of the Ugh 
priest tho steyor aball retom Into the bad 
of his possession. 

S9 80 theoo tWM#a BhUl bo for "a atatoto 
of Judgment ooto yon throogboat your gon« 
erations in all year dweUinga. 

80 Whoso klUotb aay poraon, tbo marderor 
ib^l bo pat to death by the " month of wit- 
lessoo ; W one witness shall not tostify 

against any person to ea%M0 him to die. 

81 Moreoter yo shall take no satMhotioa 
for tba life ofa mordoror, whioh <s tgnll^ 
•r deaths bat ho shall bo aoroly pnt to 

«mn take no sattalhotloa fbr 
d to the oHy of Uorstego, that 


tHob. •• 

■ Drat. 17. e. 
A 19. 15. 
MMS.1S. M. 
»€b*. 1S.1. 
H*b. 10. 88. 

Ilie Mk^nsanee of 



b»ihoidd«oaMM»k>ta4iMUln Um iMd, 
ntil «to dMilk ^HtopHen. 
as So re itaU Mi poAote tiw lMi4 vhercta 
ra«r«.- for blood Hi d«aMli tin teod: am* 
tike had eaoBot bo eleuiMd of tbo biood 


rill fcrillfao 
LOKO dweU usonf the efaUdren of ImtoL 

AND the otafoT IMfem or tin ftMdlio* of 
tbo " ohUdroii of eUomd, tho 00* oTMik- 
•Ur, Mm MB of MMUMoh, or the lunUioa «r 
of Joaoph, «uae noftr, KBd ipite 
"* "- ' ' " priaeos, tho 

"s^iA ttey fl«MV«*bo^Mi» wmnadea 
nt7 lord t« ^To tho lutd for m luboritSBM 
bv lot to the iiUKUtm of IwmI: ead 'nn 
lofid «»• eenuaded by tho Loud t« gito 
the liAoritHioe of Z«lepheb«« our bietbar 
nBto Me dengfaten. 

« And If tbaiTbo tBUTled te Mj of the MUM 
oflhe oMkor trftee oTthe ohlldm of Imwl, 
then obeli their laherltMiee be tekea tnm 
ttefaberitsMe of oar fbthera, and ab^ be 
pottotheiBherlteMeoftbe tribe twbere> 
arte they we roeelTed: ao obeli It be tidun 
Area the lot of ear taberHMioe. 

4 And vbaa lithe Jabilee of the ebUdroB of 

bo pot onto tbe to h e ri Ueoo ef the tribe 

lareei eoeordiaf to tbe irard of tbe LOBV, 
aastor. Tbetrlbeefthoooaaof Joaopb'batb 

• TUa ia tte tUof wMoh tbe Lobd doth 

MMhed, o^tag. La 

vieaa they tbtnk beet; /only to the 

Uy of the tribo of tbolr Ihtber abeU they 

7 Bo ahatt aot tbe iabaritaaeo of tho ebO- 
droB of laraol reawro from tribo to tribe: 
br erofy oao of the ehlMroa of latael ahall 
tvheep Miaealf to the inbteitaaoe of the 
tribo of bia foUiera. 

S Aad Aerery dao^ter. ttat Boeoooaetb aa 
iaboriteaoo la aay tribe of the ohlldrea of 
latael, ahaU be wUlt oate one of tbe fomllT 
of tbe tribe of her fluher, that the abUdrea 
of laraol Boey e^)oy oreiy BUBi the laherU- 

0(M tribe to aaotbor tribe ; hot every oae 
of thotribca of tho ebUdrea of lareel abaU 
keep hhaeelf to bla ewa inberitaaoo. 

10 Erea aa the LOBP oomaMadod Moeaa, 

ao did tbe daagbtera of Belophofaad: 
11 iFer Mahlah. Tlrsab, aad Uogkh, aad 
inieah. aad Moah^t^ daavbtora of Mo- 


tribe' o 

iadKBMata, vMeh tho LOKt> ei 
by thehaad ef Moaee, aalo the 



aU Ma ptaeea Blflh IbeiaBBte, ia the plate, 
la tbe Ulto, aad la the vole, aad la the 
oeotbr aBd by the aea aide, te the lead of 
the OaaaaBltea, and Bate Labaooa, aato the 
gteat river, tbe rivar Xapbralea. 

8 9«bold. I hare taot tbelendbofoo yoBi 
10 la aad Booooaa tho htad wUeh the Loan 

Aad I iapake Bate yon a* that time, aay- 
Ing, I am not able to boar yoa aayaeir alone: 

10 Tbe Leso yoor Ood hath nmUipUed 
yon, aad, behold, Aye mrv^Um day aa the 
atar* of beaTeo Car aaoltltoda. 

11 (<Tbe LOKD God of year fbtbera make 
yoa a tbooaaad tkaee ao maay uoie aa ye 
ore, aad bleu yo«, **aa be bath '-' 


«*Mk k» Ui^ vt/Hmimlk th«mnmi»0 ^Otd ; 
U th» mf t m iut m t n l tf t § U* \ t fwr tktm ; 18 >*« 
tmSm^^HUtfimftmirtk th€ tmmd .■ St mad 

THMBfte tbe vovdavUdi Moaee apeka 
BBto aD Iirael "oa tbia aide Jerdaa la 
the irUdetBoaa, ia the jdIbIb oror egaiaat 
■ the Bed aea, betwoea Paraa, aad Tophel, 
aad Labaa, aad Haaarotb. aad Dtaahab. 
t Hurt ttrt olorea daya' iotMfMy froaa 
Bareh by tbe Bay ef BMOBt Befar tnate Ka> 

S Aad tt oame to paae *ia the fortieth year, 
la theefereath aoBth, oa tbe flrat 4i^ of 
the month, that Moeea apake oato the ehO- 
dren of larael. aooordiag onto all that the 
LoKD bad girea bim la ooBoaaadnMat oa- 

4 < AfUr be bad data SlhoB the Uag of the 
Aaeittee, wUeb dveU la HeAbea. and Oc 
the Uag of Baahan, wbieb dwett at Aataroth 

« Op thto af do J«rd»a. ta tbe land of Moah, 
feeOB Moaee to deoKre tbia law, aaying, 
jfTlkt LOBO our Ood apake aato oa /ia 
Bevab, laying. To bare dwelt leaf 'enoBgh 

T IteB yoB, aad take yoar JoBraey. aad 

I I aoyaeir idoae bear yoa* 

18 * t Take yon wise men, aad tmderstaad- 

lag, aad known aawag year tribaa, and I 

will make them rolers over yon. 
14 And ye anawerad me, aad aald, Tbe 

tbiMg whlcb tboB baat apokea ta good /or «M 

to de- 
lft Be I took tbe ehlef ef yoar trlboa, wlae 

BOB, aad kaowa, 'aad tmade them beada 

to l*». ^ 

t Hell. mU kit 

U. 1& J> 17. 

7. 8. A 96. 4. 

*0«n. 15. S. 

eh. 10. C2. k 

f SBmb. M. 3. 

• lKiB.3A9. 

• Sm Mx. U. 


Kum. II. 16- 
ilUh. Oif. 

yXs. 18.M. 


A repetiiion 4if 


former things. 

«eh. 1«,U. 

«L*T.W. IS. 

eh. 18. IS. 

1 Sun. 16. T 

Prav. 24. as. 

- M2.L 



mBx. 18. as. 


eh. 8. IS. 

Jar. 2. 6. 

•TToB. 13. 3. 
tVom. 13.22. 

<f Sum. 14. 1. 
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h. 2. 11. 

31. 82. 33. 

eh.». 1,1 

I'Bx. 19.4. 

eh. 32. 11,12. 

b. 48. 3k 4.6 


Hoa. 11. a. 

Baaon Aei 


( Bs. 13. SL 

F». 78.^4. 


^u, and ^pULllki Of«r ^Hi. u-^-L ^.-'~^. 
imiiDii jauT LTJ11**r 

■7 Tn liil 
Bit l^ut f4l lli^U ^^f 
_ ttir smi; jr» riuJ] ISn* N -IniiT- or CJiB 

Bum ml "^^ 1 Fur **Jab ^IpnraL ia U«l'i : 
■nd Ibe ««UHt th^il li UK* \\ms± fat ^Ml, 

'IitLUr it lihM i&i-i iui 1 wll' be** St. 

isi And 1 tMnnuli Jed >W at Llut Ittii^ ill 
tbo IlLlctcB iilliltlli J« ibO^iUl iln. 

tv 1 Ahil »h*Q ** (l*ii*rt«(l r^HB \lsni>, 

■»* *f\A tlhriarb all ^>^>^ rnkil «tJ luiri'^ 

tJe filildmifti. whlnki y^ •»■ tj iIm »*y <jf 

UiC ijii.gjiluLB Ml tLrf Aimiril^, M fbe tUB» 

SU And I mid OBtij jpfa, Ts *rf WT9» Huhi 
Uir miiantBlD ol (]>« Amiif^UI. vi^^ Uia 
IiUftQ Dtir Uwl lloLh fif i» UT)t« m. 

Ifl HrljuLd, dM X'&nJ' il^ ^1«I >»iti let tii4 

ibt LliBbfW^ nf iJif ht^erp AtLh ulil KlDtQ 
Hhiti *fnr not, Duaibrr Ijw 4|Liniur>|ffit, 
'iJ Anfl Jfl ramo SkP^T unto Irte •(fflrj «M uJ 
J.™, riTiJ ibLhI, W» wUl ienJ uirn l»TnTB Ud, 
mi Uicj jbiil a«f g^i cu bul lUr' luid, %ii4 

£^ up, Bbil laiN *lia£ GLtJFi. *r* riEiiH »nwL 
XI And Birt «&jhk{| pkiBMl inu "i^l] i *4)il 

!J4 And 4tl]«T Umri Ubil v^n% qp liiii» IbA 
UnOiiUil It, »nil mnw Ubl4 tl» yn^PJ bF lultr 
ti»i, ami i*t>in;li*J ll iHik- . . . 

OJ Ainl tlu-j i™¥ 1.1 [ll* fknitnrtlH^ iBfi Id 

Bii4 br-junln d1 wo»ri|i m^aiu. bb.1 ■4L|i], "'fi U 
H g;,.0il LBbil nWWl UH tofctt *«r ll(Wl *A1 

buL fL'livllifi BfBiiLHl \M DtMnqwadvVlL Df 
Hir Ll HH ► jnixr LivJ : 

BT And Jfl ramTnliJ*d lH jihjt *P^t«, *aJ 
uL4, ]4#u.Li|iB lii« LtiSn 'kiBtrit ui, bit 
Lilh Uwiujfat III Itarth 1!^ Bf Hw l^md (rf 

Am^iritRf . tq lln<TT7 «!■■ 

"Ji: WbiLhrr ihallwa ^t Qt*' B^' brallm^ 
bBiB ■ i3^^PDiurB<[j-iHHiT- li*'iirt. iBj ItefK / Tbr 
iF^uJ; U uraatrr "Bil biiltr Ibna Wi :; Ibr 
p|tli>B urf ETi-y; itii4l vbUhI Up Io i^nKntn 

■1 ewMsnHpm BM th»t j.-o4 land, 

.L.- n m cii H uati? Jjii r fnl 'i" r- , 

" t ip*B 

__^^ _^^. . ^_^ Jill Id lii^ eiil- 

Ibn LllBIi. 
;^T ' AIh i2h LiiHii n« U1EI7 «ltb wf br 

' TRUT IbIh, <ajUl(t, Thw bIm ibfe^ Btft (0 



ntuilrili Imfor* tbcflt bs >lia]] gfi In tbSf 1r«it : 
"itlElPUrimlllTlJ ftir lit ibalfeWLiB Iirtpl 

l« mlwril n- r 

^'M«<mT«T juur lllllc r)fi«t. wtiiEit rj9 
still ptiimJd br a iviVJTr ani Tuar oliliiLrup, 
vlllfih Ju LiMt JdJ 'ti«4 b4 VnvTlpil;?* >«- 
IWHiB [imhI bbJ a^Llr >ll*J (itlBJl pMn LbblLtr, 
V)d uiiW Itmm wUJ 1 [It« U. Bail LtH| iJiaJl 

^"HUL Hi 

fitr jnv, Inm. JnU, afl4 Uk« 

ill Ibt 1l4^ I'M* 
41 Tbm JP iiMiwBrMt hb-i tt-l 
t W« bl^e *Ivbih1 p«>ita*i lKi< E. ■ ' 

IjQUI] qiJT Crnil bitninh-'fiilt'ii 
«4 ^J^ «B 

Lml Lbc L<.i ltd 

, *0b tUoft B^, _ 

LlE]<jtlg[ ^1] r if*\ I'D IJB PUkJtUjD l>^fW9 

^rWBT.TL „ . 

j 43 iniE Lbt L1.1IHJ W«l i.iDli> nn, ft»J M4tO 
I Lbem, *0b tUoft B^rO'^l^!>^' ti^iii i^l i '>M 

t"u*4 "lilfl^ pidb liB. 

41 Ami ImllB wilJuTTltlP, »li«*n t!iflB hiUi 
,^WK VlB lilui fbu 1.0 BP thj Qnid (tlT* 

(Nrr. P^ PL niui d.itll lioir l,[* i^.Fll, in «jl 
ibp wn.-j tliM je ir<nli (mill /a aama iahi 

ireli Ti^u out B.ptB« tD IHM^ TVUJ hrtLM 
, ^■a Jrp ty rl^hiK 1* lb*» j™ hjf W^l 

tj je .iMiiild pi^ B*it1 la K filABd Ij'jr ilf^. 

4 .Uil Elm L.JHD brATT.1 El* Tfll™ *r >B«r 

HJ Ski I HJrt-llfl flats jatt i ami IF H irauH ^ 
DcBt, bm. rrli^kNiviuipt [Jl«! ««4viB^Biliii^nt 
w( Eh« E^turtt pad 2 1 *val jiTuiiDifiuu<Li^][ 
up Ln^v tlic bilJ- 

ft Aetd UiB AtBBflitiPs BliltOk hIikIe Lb ittat 
irtuti [>ti|t«i nanii' u-ll t KfMnpt jrau, buJ «Ij>lm4 
j.iu. 'bp. imtnit,, KoA dennjj«l joii Lb i^j 
pvrrL uaUu HajIimIi. 

4,'i, Abd fi rDtuTwrd Bnil nept bclflr** <Im 
Lukd; bul >li4 Li]R[f *cbEiI itPt Eicuicea 

trt JUBI 1*»B<, BUT BtTiP rtf vnt* jfrra. 
4(1 /f l^^ff J*^ ilMnEt iai HprilHPlt inp^j <li?r:r *•• 
iiarliiiK untu Uiv Jb^p thpt t« nburln Ei*<Fr«. 


jfn nut i1f V-h^itit : If ■!■"■ "S* '** il<^*^im : 

IT *.M^ *if.^ i*p J— ™iMf ^ 111 **i ai^^-m 

TQEX P« tuniaLlH vill tMll 0(17 j^ujAiy 
h}(«( tbB TlldiilBru tijf tbP VAT iff tk« 
R«[l BTB. "JiP Llic LmllO l[fab» urifl r*i : 
Mill tta ecmp&PPfed BMUBl I^Lr panBj Jn^ar 

H And tliE HmtD l[fBN^ unlo Bw, »av.n|, 

S ¥e 1h&t« <}i«B|IMiiNl llikp muubUla 1 1 Wg 
PDiJDilL : Urti JW pnftliwBHi. 

4 A™l iwmrwwiil ibi«i ihs p»*pl*, ixjUf, 
' I'v fl'-a ^ luj* Lbrou^ U]« a<i|i*E ^r ib«r 
br^hmn Mm duEdJim bI Eiiwi, whieJ, J^fll 
\n HioiT; ttiti! ttipj il^l t* BTr»i*l iij' jMll 
t&lMi irHiwd liMd Bdl4 J«ur*flli r J Ibflrff f«J 

^ MediUn QDt ifllb ElMini; In: f ^liiL M 
(^^»e jua or Hn^t lud, > !V>. bj* t^ BhiSh M 

debr imLu I^PftU /liJ- * ynaJ*»pl*(Qr 

it Vm pIibJE lifkj ami uf lien fnr Tni:u«7i 
Udi JD !■*; «at ! uad ;p pJiBlt aliit bvi V»- 
. ur DTlbeiB fur raonnj, ilul ja v^i flrinju 
7 FmsT It"! Luiui ibyflBil Iwih Uc^pt'l (baa 
IH ril Ebr mnHfc* of Khj hint*! h*- llui"^ 
I lUy WElWm ii™fl(l Itli KWH wStdtnuf;: 
I *Eiit*i fitrtj !»»« Ebt Uimn tilt ij* i-aih 
*«^ with Eif a I ttrfw Jip*i lp*1u'd BWbine. 
fi / Aivii wi*m iM pp-pad ti hwm m\* Vr-j^ 
n<B tlu idklJiTPii 4jI £pbUi wblrii dvfJi la 

tHab. fat- 

rSToM. 90.12. 

*S7. 14. 

e¥. 3. 9S. A: 


Pk.loe. 32. 
> Xupp. 106. 


SfiLl Amb. 

■ Vsm.S7.I8. 


ah. SI. 7. B. 

yVom. 14.8. 

A.7. 1S,W. 

Roaa. a. II. 

dtSvm. 14.44, 
t Hab.ya tram 

J«d(. U. 11. 

i/tA«Mla ^^ 

tfOait.aB. & 

•ah. 8. 2.9. 4. 


The kistorw of Israel 


on.their vag io Cantum, 

0«i 19.38. 




lad pMBod by «lM imgr tf the wUdaaaw af 

• i^ tb»C»B»«td uit»iM, iDtotevH 

not the MmbitM, neither eooten4iritl)tlieB 

iB bsAtle ; for I itBI not gire thee of tbeir 

a/or»poflseaeion; beeMM«II»T«giveli 

r unto itte obiMren of Lot /of* pes- 

» people great. Ml* HMwy, M>d fU, M <the 

It "Wfai^clMiiwne iioeeviitedKiMta, H Uw 
kaakkn: but the Moabitea etUI them Emiiis 

IS "The HoflH «hM dwett la Seir bc£Me- 
iiiM$ hat<be ohUdnea ef E—a t t u aeeeded 
kwBB, wbe> tber bad deetrt^d tbem fraat 
w»*«tben. aaddwete in their ilMead;.aa 
larmel did unto the land of Ut paeeeeetoBj 
wMdb tbe LoBo gav* onta them. 

13 Now Hm up, Mid J» and gel 70a or*^ 
•»tka«biwikZeNd. And we vantt erar tbe 
brook Zered. 

H Attd the apaae hi whieb we eane •freen 
Kaideab-bantea, antU we weria eome over th^ 
bmiok Kered, mm* Vbiatj aad eigfai-Teare; 
'vnUIallthe gaactatian af tbe nen of wa« 
ware waated oat tnm *faaa% tbe boat, <aa 
iba LoKO Bware nata tbem. 

1» For indeed tbe 'baad of the iMfOi waa 
•galBet tbem, to daatv^x them from amo^g 
tba beet, antU (bey were aoaaamed. 

M 5 80 it came to paes, wbea all tbe uiea 
af war ware oaaMuaed and dead torn aawng 

17 Tha* the LOB» apake mtto me, lay^ 

18 Tboa art to paas oTer tbroogb As, ibe 

19 And mA«» tboa eoBMst nifb aver agaiBit 
tbe ehUdraa of Ammon, diatniw tbem not, 
Bor meddle with tbem : for I will not gira 
HwaaT tibe land of the AUdvenaf Ammen 
May 'paasanleBi :baeaaaa I bava |^««n it 
■ala 'the ablldwn <ttlMfor a poeaesaiott.. 

» Tbalalaa waa aaaauitad a land af gt- 
anta t- gtaMadwatt therein iaoldtiraa ; and 

baforathem; andtbey eaaoeaded 



dwelt in 8etr, whan be deataoyed 'the Ot- 
rim from bafcfw tbem ; and tbOT anaoaeded 
tbem, and dwelt in tbeir stead eren nntn 
tllad^: - •• ;J • 

n And '«h»A*im wUflb dwattia fiaaarim, 
aimn nata •! Annb, «the CaphtoHm^wUeh 
eama f6rtb aot afOaphtor, dastrayad^tbeaiN 
■Bd dwaH in tfeabr at^ad. 
•M^BItaya «p, take yanrjoaney, and 

£ita*wtkarkar AmoB: behold,lbaW 
a inta thine band Biboa tha Amarita, 
r ar Haabboq, aad Ida laadi tbagin io 
pitrn tt, aad eontrnd wkh him in batttoi 
'»<4ThU dayc Mtt I bagiato pat tbe dread 
af Ibee and tha litar of tbea upea thanatieai 

taMT lapvK ef -tfiaa, and shal} tkambia, and 
b« IB angaiab'iaaaiaae of tbea. 

as Andl Mat maaaengmf aot oftha wIMar* 
■nrnf Xademdtb aato Eibaa kiag «r Beth- 
baa ««Mi waida arpeaae, aastag, 

«T /Let mdaaaa tkt*agk^v land( I witf 
ga aleoK b* tba Mi^iway, I win aettbeir tun 
■ita«a «W baadaor ta Ibe le«u 
■atThaa XtlkaeUaameal formaney<tbat 
"mayaali aad watat iBrnwaay, 

that I may drink: 'onlyl wittpaatlbrMgb 
ea my feet: 

29 A As the ehildren of Esau which dwell ia 
Beir, and tbe MeaUtea wfaieh dweU hi Ar, 

30 iBot Sibon Ung of Heabboa wonld not 
let> OS paaa hx him: for. ^Iha LOIUI tt^ 
God < hardened his spirit, and made hie 

heart obetiaate, that be taii}i^ deitve 
ialo thy hand, ae appeareM Ihis.ds^. 

31 And tbe LQiu>said.unta me, Behold, I 
hav« bana ta Tgiva Slhoa aad hi* land 
before tfaee: begin ta poiaaaa, that thoq 
vnycat inherit fala land. 

88** Then Siban easw oitf against as, ha 
and aU his people, to flgbl at Jabas. 

as JUid o tha LOK» dnc God delivered hin 
before us; and ''we smata him* and hit 
ions, aad all faia people. 

M And we took alt &a eitiea at that tima. 
aad 'utterly destroyed tthe ami, and (be 
wamea, aad the little oaaa. of every rity» 
we left none to remain : 

35 Only iht cattle We took- fi>r • prey unto 
adrsdrea, aod tbe spoU o( tb« eiiiiea whiab 

W 'Fr^ Araer, which <• by the brink «f 
the siverof AmoB, aad/rtwH the eitytbat 
U by the river, eren onto Qilcad, there waa 
not (tee oUy too strong for «s : 'the LOKO 
ear God delivexed all onto OS : 

87 Only unto the bwd ^f the ebildroa af 
Ammon tfaoa eameat aot, nor unto any plaoe 
of tbe river Uabbok, nor unto the eitles in 

LOBo our God forbade ua. 


Ik* (art •/ iktaianU. 12 A< JitrAutiom of th* 
i l»ff4fktwpfnlfonimn,t<»th*tm9lrifi**€UKlakmff. 

23 M-m^ jmtytr fa tnttr into Ik* l»md, MwhitK 

k* ittttrmintd •nlf un**., , 
rnflXN we tamed,, and wnl np the way 
JL taBaahaai and''Ogtbe.kingofBaslian 
aama out against as, be and all nis peopla, 
to battle tat Edrei, 

jS And the I.O«i» said unto me. Fear bim 
not : for I will deliver bim, and all his pco- 
pfe. and bia kbd, iata-tby hand 7 apd thoo 
ahak do nato him aa thou didst unto ^Sihon 
kbtg of Iba Amoritas. wfaiob dwelt at Uesb- 

3 S<r tha LOKO oor Ood deUvered into oar 
baada Ogalso, tha Ung of Basban, and all 
bis people : jrfand tre smote bim «ntU none 
waa Vfl ta Um iwnaiaing. 

4 And we took aU his cities at tba^ timf» 
Ibafa waaaata city-wbiflb waaook not from 
tbem. tbNaaeore eiUea. 'aU tbe region ^ 
ArsDb» tb kingdom of Og in Oaaban. 
.GlJOL (baaa eitias. «wra Csnaed with blgb 
walls, gates, aad bars; besida onwalled 
towns a iraat nmny. , . 
■ft And »a nUariy daatroyed^them, aa wa 

did onto 8»>an Uag /of Heahbon. Uttenjt 

dA ' " ^va. *Ttni*a, a»*'l rfiMriiea, 

af< ' :> 

,-7v2<Mt all (.1:41 ii«.tE]|d tb« jp^lJ lyi tha 
ettt ^, n » limit fnt a ^t^ iM month be . 
.An^ntl vrr Unit. aH tUl tllH valcf t|.r l.uid 

of itn!- iwa ULht* flt tim Aaiarkrt II. h lud 

thai )cw4 itn nil* tlin JfvdBB ^ tram kL* rlvej 
^tA^'i'in VoUt nBHiiiL Ua-rrnDn I 

9 UiN'rA-'ltrrtnLrii Itrf E^hLuulkix HkIT Sin 

Sea i,\ iiA .Aiiier^tn^all ]t. hi^nU i ^ 

10 fai] l|i« tiLtiBi [Kf t]i> pbjn, uiit yt a9- 

The tands distributed. 


Exhortation, to obedience. 

B. 0. 1461. 

* 13.11. 
{ Am. 2. 9. 


Jm. 4a 2. 

oeh. 2. 96. 
J<Mh. 12. 2. 
.ITon. 32.33. 
JiMh. 12.H. * 
13. 8. &e. 

Jodi. 13. U. 


■ Num. 34. 12. 


JiMk. 1!L 3. 
• 0«l14.S. 
I Or. nndir 

tlTuB. 32.201 



<IKam. 27.18. 



*27. 14. 




r«. 100. 32. 

lOt. nuhiu. 


lU Par mlj Oi VCtie ''r BuUa ; 

. I 

niDn gutrlti mas EL* Ifli^hl. H^rHiirK djiJ jc^r 

^, fiflcr Um nlblt uC ft 

"]:i .^nd iblj lind, ffvteh vb poiHiitVl Ht 

Ibnt tim«, "ffiiXl Af<iiHri wLbBii ii IjJ itj« 

^Ihti flULrl UlfrNijirr fiTB I uaw Ui« 0«u1i«B- 

J:[ YAiid tlif riMt LirG<]Hil,M]d iii Dubaa, 
t*Jn.p l)i« kiar^miu flr U(. fmc 3 nJita llit 
kklf IrlW 'liT Vas-uitll i Ml iLn rafia* nT 
Ar$(i3>, pilii ftU BliliUlr irlfliab n< uvltfld 
tllr lufi iL iif irlui Li . 

tbi. Hun^ nr Arisia 'ilBLi Ibe riiM*i (if 

pJht liij Binfi tUlfi*. Ilvbaa^liA^ulb-jlilr, un^ 

£4 ibtB llBt, 

1 J " Anil I fftTt ntCnil ttBlii M k4>>lT^ 

1i] Aai| Itrtu 111* Hpu^nlliil ^ Ulit VBl4 the 

riTitr ,^Tltaa liA^T llui nollnf ^ t^*! ^^' 1™^^^ 

lurtUr gif tli* cLiLMmL «f AnnDO ^ 
IT Tbt ]^UW i\f«r And Jirfaau, Alt A 111* 


J 4 .^i.r,ti,rf n« f4 u»«h-mM. 41 !/<>««• anMtKMA 
Oi Flnr ri I if ■ ■■/ nfwf On U« «>«< ^ Jfdimm. 

NUW hearken, Imel. vatA 
>«ibD BiKiiJ''»B and unto the judgments, 
wfalet 1 t«ii<i- .1 on. for t« do «*em, that je 
uii> IItn, ■,ihL gfi in and poetess the land 
wEil4li Uic UtJiLi' Ood of jmix iMbers gireih 

la tfar. KB ^r Um plliip, 

ia'nd.rr Afltid4[H-]^iJtati eulwaM. 

]H< ^Bd [ B9rmnBJit]nl tdH » t]l4t iLnr^ 
i*Tih*. Th» LO H r» jTiur lift ^ " ■ 

. Ajfe lIuJI IVkdi SVcr 

<i] brfera ytnir lirrtlir^ft tlift oliiWrtii af 

llTriiiil, ti\ lA^U ■Pd ^ rnrti ftr |}l4 *u. 
l!) Bat vaur wLr»t ''U il ^uur tLtLJ« onrt, and 
Tftr (HtllP. ifrtr J klidW Uifttjfl ba*fl wunti 
eaUbQO pbtiTalflilfl in jtimr ctiiBA vlilafa I 
iDhT ri III TKi J ™ I 

rnnr brGllirrQ, ai »*U M UBt* JuU, awl iril- 
til t^ allB IriilpHiii 11^' lUnt 'Ml'li Iha 
IfUltrv jaur 0u4 feaih idvrEi llMm l«-jin»a 
Jatillbi Mil tkfn. flwEL Jtt ^lYium 9r«T7 

' WlllSJU J ItftT^lllfB 

SI 1 Aurl ^I mnnibQdBd Jvalmm il tb^ 

Un^ , *ftyiqi. Tblur hub Uifi "ort tai tbitf 
||i« Lfi-Bt* j[mr«o*i >.»lll 4unr tinta tbnfi 
IWB h-tafT » I-1l»1I ibn LotlJi llit mil* M 
IbR iUvffu™ "Jiltln-r tlii^U |KMfl«^L, 

±3 \* jIuJI vet trM.T ilxt-n F for *tJui la>B 
jmil Lliiil liA iliiill flflit f-iir jm. 

£; \ad i I bGMuibl dM LOBIl tJ thai lll!»H 

"J' "K' 

¥4 Q IotJ 6«nf *li»ij twit Iwruiii l* alww 
ilaa rwrrant »UiJ [MUtnflii. in* lUf ItiHWj 
hiMid : f^Bii kvItU Ift^ ia rArj'i^ In iKtTert vr 

]p ririli. Ibht «B (ii* B(r<iTilliiC «* thj ffDTka, 
■liil BDUDtilhiit tm lib? mlelit } 

Ej I li-nj irrff, Lft nw pi [jVtT. Hn4f>v <t]v 

frmJ Utufthat w lifjanJ JuTdia, tbfll pwil- 
^ cntnihllln, aivfl LiWliata, 

94 EEuL lira ],om> irwu vnrtb wllb D« fiit- 
JVbT BBlirt, aii^li -KvalA but bfRT nv : aii^l 
llu Loii<J i*i[| ttni^f tnen l«i It inffl(» tbaa ; 
fllH^lK hii IfiO™ nTii:(i. m* rniiil in**tPT. 

'J7 ii\ft th'V Tip IpEa Ibr tcr^ cC t Plij^fa, 
■riirt lift u^i. thiDB f TBH wiitHMii infl intHfrh 
wanl, ani HniEb^rA, mi) i^ul'wihl, Wlil 
Wlwlil i* wHl, <h1w BJ**J liir llHja sbBjt 

k; tot h» sJialt go 

J I Tfl ill*]] tijit add unto tlw word wbi«di I 
ibiiiiTauid jDii, neither shall 70 diminish 
iiu^ % Tram IL» that ye may keep the eom- 
n^iidiiuiiiii cf the LOKO jrovr God wUeh I 
nQmaiAliil juii^ 

It Yaur tju ]L«ve seen what the LOKD did 
tiDuiiin i>r ' LiniTl-peor ; for all the men that 
TiillihwciJ lliMi 1 1^ or, the LOED thy God hath 
ilciinijEdilji'-ii tVom among you. 

4 Qui jr \ li «^ 'lid eleave onto the LORD 
jTiUi- Uo'l rt FTnl i re oTerr one of yon this day. 

^ Aciwkl, ] ii^ve taught you statntes aad 
iuilpBrnti . r-i ^ i'. as the Lord my God eom- 
Hiaii4(^ ntr, tiiAt ye should do so in the 
\v!tA\ irtiittipj 1 ' <o to possess it. 

U S«QP it.rn'r.ire and do e*em; for this U 
^jmr «li>i<l<''ii'. iad your understanding in 
tlic «sLl iif I \x nations, which shall bear 
m^\ Haamt iCiiUr'-i, and say. Bnreiy this great 
niJiiiEi 1« > "iH ' knd understanding people. 

7 lur ' i-Li: 1 Hilon {« Mere M great, who 
h^eja / d iH.i 1 -i i . igh Tmto tbem, as the Lord 
oiir Gml \* W Bit thing* that we call upon 

^ ApJ wliBi omtlon {s <A«re m great, that 
liMU it^tquii and judgmeBU M r^^teons M 
■Jl th^ UiTj irliieh I set before you thk 

*i l>nl^ t>1tr h^tid to thyself, and 'keep thy 
iiiiil dLUfruLli, A lest tboa forgot the ttrings 
willed lUbr E TM have seen, and lest they 
J*Tiarf fi^tsi KKi !»•»» "kU »>* *V« o* tlV 
llffl Ikiti .KiAFb tbem thy sons, and thy 
inhi'' itHli £ 

irh Rftrinllit ^tbe day that tboa stoodest 
1>rti^iv thrf I'liRD thy God in Horob, When 
l1td \XHin NUi.L unto me, Gather me the 
pMiplf ti?^4l..r!r, and I will make tbem bear 
mj wiiT«]i, ibnL fhey may learn to fbar me 
■Jl IbE ditTi (but they sbaU lire upon " 
aii^b, a£id that ibtj may teadi their « 

1 1 And JO na-mt near and stood under the 
[BiMtn>4ii> ; Kii^l the 'mountain burned with 
jlpti v.ntu tt.'' - inidst of beaven, with dark- 
QH*, D>inii!«. and thiok daikneas. 

IS** And 111'- LORD spake onto yon oat of 
ihp rtLdiE Lif ibn are r »yo heard the ▼oJee 
inf ihimiTili, ti'.i^sawnosiBsUitnde; *tonIy 

Ll^Aiiil 1» .i.«'laT«dnntoyenUs0OTonaBt, 

wUlali, it* [<1^.r^.^Bnded you to perform, 

timti eaittiii^M H iuents ; and 'be wrote 
n*Mi tw* ipJ-if ■ of stono. 

li Ao4 ' 1 hn l.H)RD eommanded me at that 
lime ii> itnef, j'W etatatoe and Indnaenta, 
ihbt jremLpiii d:> tbem is the laad whither ye 
jfr atET m pill 

»eJr«i fnr 

BB iIh A" . -^ 

In Harnh [!n»L ..t the midst of the Are t 

10 Lml jf ' ^tjT rupt y<wrs«l*es, and 'make 
TiFtt > rr*»f I!, timge, tbe simlUtode of s— 
ilEun.^tbe llheMss of male orfsmale. 

, pim-"!- IS it. 

! j^ >LLr«fere good heed unto yomp- 
ir T ' ^sw no manner of "similitude 
T r^i>' tbe Lord spake unto you 

\£rhortaii4m to obedience. 


CUie* of refm^e appointed. 



«k.«L m * 



a 14. IS. 



^«. M. 
■k. Ml 4.x. 






17 Tba UkracM of aay bMal ttel <• •■ the 
Mfth, yM ItkMieM oC say wia|«4 fowl tbM 
li«th ia iha air, 

18 Tfaa HkMMs af MT tUac ttel orMpalh 
« Um gnMB4, «k»lik«Ma» of aay lah tUt 
<a la Mm waun Unaalk tlM Mvtk > 

1» And laat th«a 'lUI up tUa« ayM vato 
kaaraa, aad vImb thaa Mot Um loa, and 
tka a«M, aad the sUn, ««*** tall tba host 
of baaratt, •lioaldMt b« irlrtn to*«orahip 
ttMBB, aad aexrethant, whleh tbe LOKD thj 
eod batb Idiridad uato " - 

90 Bo* tba IX>M> halh lakaa yvn, aad 
•Ibiaaskt jaa forth aut af tha iron ftumaaa, 
aaaa oat af Sgypt, * to bo anto him a pfopia 
af inboritaaoe, as ya art tUa day. 

'^ Forthennore /tiM LOBD waa aayry wUb 

I foa yoar aakaa, aad avara that I thoold 

k ga afar Jaadaa. and that I iboold aot 

tataaatothatgoodlaad.idtkh thaLORD 

Vbj Gad (Ivoth thaa /or aa iaharltanoe : 

S Bat yi Buut dia in thli land, kl araot 
aoi fo arar Jdrdaa : hot jm ahaU. ga orar. 
aad posaaos ittiat good land. 

as Taka haad aata yoanahas. >laet ya for- 
gaa tU aovaaant af tha ]A>Bo year Ood. 
whiah ha aada with yoa. 'aad auka Taa a 
oavaa iiaagi. or tha Ukanaas af any titing, 
wbioh t^aloao tte Ood hath for^"' 

U Wot "tho LORD thy Ood <«a 
•so, «•«» " a jaaloas Ood. 

» Whaa Oou ahalt bagat ehUdran, and 
abildfon's abildraa, and ye shaO have la- 
■nlaad kag ia tha land, aad ••hall aovntpt 
yaaraalaaa, aad make a gravan Imaga. •r 
t>a Mkanaat of aay thing, and r thaUdo aril 
fai Um al^ of tbaXomo thy God, to pn>T<^ 

S6 f I call heaTon and earth to wttneai 

tf poiea Af«ak off tha land wbetaaBto ya ga 
arar Jordaa to pooaeoi it ; ya ahall not pro- 
kag ya«w d^a npoB Ik, bat ahaU attariy ba 

t7 Aad the LOBD 'ihaa Matter yon aaoog 
Ihaaatioaa. aadya thaU be left fow ia nam- 
bar among tha haathaa, whither tha Lo&o 

'a baads, wood aad Mono, twUah 

aea* aoa hear, nor oat, nor raell. 

» "Bat iffkoB thenee thou (halt aeek the 
Lord iby Ood, thoa ihalt And Aim, if than 
ooak Wm wttbaU thy heart aad with aO thy 

theaa things taia aooa upon thee, 'twrnt 
ia Ilia latter days, if thoa ' tarn to tha LORD 
^ Ood, and ahaU ba obedient aato hU 

" (For the Lord tin Ood {« 'a maraiftil 
li) ho wUl not fiwaaka thee, neither da- 
f tka^ aor fotcrt tha aorenaal of thy 

wrs, which he swara unt« them. 

M Par 'ask BOW af tha days that are paat. 

ahloh were hafora thaa. sinae tha day t^t 

'Sad laalsd sua apaa tha earth, aad atk 

ktaa tha dB« aUaafhMiTaB 

Uai a aatioa fVoB tha nidat ol 
ttoa. dhy ta ap tatioas, ' 

waadars, aad by war, aad /by a algbtar 
band, aad 'by a strat^ied eat arm, &and 

Lord yovr Oad «d for yoa la Egypt bafota 
year eyas? 

% Unto thee It waa shewed, that then Blgfat- 
ast know that the LORD ho <« Ood: <«A«r« 
i» none else beside him. 

96 tOat of he&ren he made thee to hear 
Us Toioe, that ha might inatraet tbsa t and 
upon earth be shewed tbee bis great "-- ' 
aad thoa heardest Lis wordo *u or tha I 
af the Ire. 

17 Aad baeanaa 'ha lored thy fotbera, 
therabra be ahoae their seed after them, 
and ■" brought thee out la his sight with his 
mighty power ant of Egypt ; 

W"To drtre aot natlMS fn»i beflm thaa 
greater and mirier thaa thoa art, to bring 
thee in. to giro thaa their knd for aa la- 
herttaaae, aa « <a this daT. 

89 Know therefore this aaT, aad aoasidar 
ft in thine heart, that 'the Lord be is Ood 

40 'Thau ahak keep tbetefign his 
aad hia aommaadmeaU. whleh I t 
thee this day, « that it m 
aad with thy ehildren i 
thoa mayest prolong My dm upon the 
earth, wluoh tha Lord thy Ood giveth thee, 
fbr ever. 

41 1 Then Moses •'severed three eitiea on 
this side Jordan toward tha snnrtartng ; 

4S 'That tbe sUyor migbt flee tbithar. 
whi^ should kiU bis Belabour unawares, 
and hated bira not in times past; and that 
fleeing nato one of those eities he might live : 

43 Aameiy.t Beser In the wUdemesi. in 

laa in Bashaa. of tbe Maaassltes. 

44 t And this <a the law wbieb Moaca sat 
before the children of Israel ; 

45 These are the testimonies, aad the stat- 
ntes, and the lodgments, which Moses spak* 
unto tbe obildren of Isiasl, after they came 
t<>rth out of Egypt, 

46 On this side Jordan, * in tha valley over 
against Beth-peor, in tha laad of Bihon king 
of tha Amoiiles, who dwelt at Hesbboa, 
whom Moses nnd the ehUdren of Israel 
*smote, after they wars eoma forth out of 

4^'d they posaeaaed bU laad, and the 
bad 'of Og kiag of B|Mbaa, two kings af 
the Amorltes, wbieb la^e on this side Jor> 
daa toward tha sanrisiag : 

48 'From Aroer, which <s by the bank of 
tha river Amoa, even unto mount Xian, 
wUtb i* "Uermon, 

» And aU tbe pUin oa this side Jordan 
eastward, even unto the so* of tha plala, 
andar tha 1 springs of Pisgah. 


n«IUM*fW^(lU(OMMHM<«Vor4; gaftkimW- 
ina afti* l«» cowMixhMitl* ; 82 mmft/tf—m 
nmiiif a*(«w/rM>6W» Mmlf ^flkt jftoplt. 

AKD Moses called aU Israel, and said 
onto them. Hear, Israel, the stat* 
atea and iudgmeats whleh I speak in your 
ears this dav, that ye may loam them, and 
t keep and do them. 

S'Tbo LoitD our Ood made a eovenaal 
with us In Horeb. 

8 The Lord *made not this covenant with 
our fhthers. bat with us. evsn us, who are 
aU of us here allva this day. 

/R>. U.8. 

Aeh. ». S. * 
St. M. 

MMk 12.80. 


* 84.16. 

H«b. IS. U. 

««h. A. M. A 

6. 3. 18.* 18. 
8S.88. tin. 


rVwMi. K. t, 



Tie ttn romJUttitiitJttHts., 


Exkortatum ta nbrtfitncft 

[bM »i>t #r tlid. lAbd of fgJfH, tfi'mtiUx biMLMi 

4 'Tbr IiIUD L«lbii] wiili J[>a f»(' tu (hAo 

!■ IIhi ll*^tl)E bltL Uf ILit Dtl'dlt at Eliti fl^, 

i-i ' - ^ 

T 'TtKU ifaalk lilfB DAbl iLLlir fi»iU bofiiM 

B TJmJ ibalt TirK 1»w in** ihJMlf UPkl 
UrtiiL, miff bLTH- t*wip I fcr 1 Ell« Li>(lEi (JiT 

JllUi RM^ 

11 ^ 1 Anil ih>*rLb|{ mKtej until 
ihpm 1fS«i Ibto dm tad fc>wp j 

Loan tlij (iifti 1ft v^Lri ; r-nr i\* LUMH wlL 
v«4 hatd him ^J3a*«i Uuit LBb«lL Lli liabin 

1^ ~ Keep tli4^ pabtiktb iltj i« Madtliy li, 
u (bff Lnv43 tbr HvA LkUj e^raiauHtiK] Lbi^- 
l^t '^£11 4»J* Liidu ilialL l«hi>ir. 4a4 iln «J1 

I i I Ut tb« varettlk dhf (< lb# * isUnlb or 
ltd ]^at» tbif Uttd r iW le LlMB ibkU lujt du 
BB J WDtk^ |l>9ll|. luff Ll^ ■"" . ^™ ^LJ tLkfif h^ 

t«ff, nMr Il3j iBiuri^rwuitp i»ir ibj bL'kiiljFFV- 
waiy r«yr llnnn «i, bllff IlLtnv kij, nur mj ol 
Ih^i pa4|{i, iiKiT iLy itTUfifF tli^ Ci viLLEo 

qu1ilJrrT>iii mij TCll 11 wril &* IbmL. 

I'l « AqJ trWeWlwr tlwl tlitin wait m. ■rrw. 
mt In tlK! Und or Ei^ift, umI t A^f Uie Ld q u 
tl^ UihI liraufilii til** Wit tllWi» '[TiTuu|;l( k 
targfLLJ litad Klr() tj 0. |l«tflh*Hl iiuL arm: 
Hunfiim lllir l,fl^RM tSrj (hid HamrtodBd 

Id ■'Unuiiur tJiT hth*i and tby nutlittK kj 

U 1ft1 J fA well T^Lb IbD^. 'in IM Had vklDli 
ilM LOicn tliT 0p4 glTrth Lfa»- 

la 'iS»4Un>T lliilt tliii)tl Mmralt nilu(t*r|f- 

Kf JN«ieber ilnH »I^w ii>^ r>ln «3inn« 

N«liili#r « 
lMirt*a irir*, ntithc* afiklt Ibo 

fcrflilMBr'B timwi. bli fill J. 

E9 ^ Tiin^i v'Fili Eb« Lofflp dp* lie ubfuatl 

•F iLfl flrit, itT Ui« etiujili U|J «C iLv Uiieli 
ddtbad^a, wllb A t?'^ take [ WtJ Ld ajili-it 
i\4 HKir AnJ 'Ii4i vnHc irjflm Itt l^otabhf 
ofltOtH, KQi djffU rcrad tliktS UbCd tnh 

w vafi bva, ^nr^ ftfl (Lit li 
fD^r IritrrH, 4nil jimr I'IdtfTi j 
Hi And ^a ibIJ, ]J«bu]>3,t!H LtUtt^mit Q«(l 
tiACfa HiiWWl UJ hLi |I«T; K^d |i.>* BraatbcM, 
uA *■« btT« LkhFil NLi TJ[m uul iff tl* 
wAiMi vXt^ Sm : WD l»T# ii<4b ll'.Ei d*y 
llm fliHl ^lAli tiJfa viqi maq^ nnd L# J Mtv-th- 

lUl« cpovt £r» V ill MiUttiad 144 : ' kf «« ^ hvu 

ki^ vbLju dT lIu loud to«ir U«4 »! mim, 
EImiu wf I liiJJ d]?. 

lia / yar *btiu <Jbn< i^ nIlllfliK HulbML 
bf«Fd ^iMf Tuidi- ol ibH ILtui^ liwl flpeaklbi 
if»i uribr tbUal of Hd Hm, lu wb AaifB, «^ 
tb*frii ? 

V7 Ud ttun nEvr. ud fanr >1] tbU 111* 
liUUu m^r iJiul iliBtL nj ; Bad ''prtk lk« 
lUiLD V* *ll *LbI LLn LUB& uu Uud IbnU 
] BBd IB irlLi biikfif.aigd 

HP AiHd Ibd 1.0(1 Ef ^fcATd tb* t«l«c at TVIff 
iPtrdi, "Hirt T* Fpaie now ne f iftd Ow 
Wrav iiLd uqi4 pi»h L Iibti: LbbM eIiC 'oUk 
tf Eh* wepJi <rf tbts iwitild, *lkUiti Uj-j b*TP 
ipiik^n unto tli^ 1 ■iIh; Lafs vcU ittil kli 
14a tlk«7 lA^fl •pnltJib. 

tt «Qlh llwt Uitn fttiv luril « lH«i 1^ 
tb^m. thai (baf irnlil;(| I^t IMi uvd ^knrp 

Iw 19:J witb UUiM, 

illt (^11 fBf la {L*ui, Get jw isAa jm- brau 

al bm U filf tlMH, lUlid LtiQii berk tj ma, 
■"add I vj]| ktirak univ OiAi bU lb* i^>tt- 
mUldtlUJIlli. and UKflfEunEsfl, Bad lll« Jodf' 

»«H;(i, wMflh tdm *li»3t ludi llioB^ Mpbh 

tbHij MiBj rlj rVnt In ih» J«iid wLksJi 1 jIm 
tliffm tn tt(i<i^t*» i t. 
3^ Xo pIibH |duarT« to du UvlrtHen U Uu 
LuciljjauT £]rii] liBlL iBaiiuiiBaiM JVi i ' ja 
iLbII cue tUFTt b«14h li> Iba rLgbl Iwb4 pr l£i 

itkB Ir rt. 

3U Vc tlnil WbTIc Sb "fell tb9 Tllf« "xbUli 

ibBI Jt; iDttj 1 iTUi ^ab^ H4lf ^' lair^ be hvll 
BUKi Vbu. Utd ^Af t S< ««J ppJarif nwMr 
dtjrd la Eb» labd vbb^ jo ibdl |iq»«bv^ 

CllAPl£a TI. 

■ M Art r4i bi». asd ta bwl. U 

LlJRIF Jdsr (iiifl nadHiardiJil tu ^BhL J<!i1, 

I'Jed. tit kfB^ bU bLi iiaEuted ud Uli wmr 

Mill Ubj uoh Bad v\tij ^ob'* ritn, alt ttm dajn 
{if tb; liTr I ■ had tb«L tlif dajf (rbj N |ff o^ 

11 irokr lliarvQfte, {1 1t««I, ud vlwm tm 
ia it t El*t Le any Tm b(j11 wiiOii Hwf . aad 
iIibL jft may iBdPfBM mJntoWji 'id Ois? 
LOKD Dad tf tbT (klJkffri liBifa prpmiied 
tliM, ka ■)]» Iwi thBt fldTiPirEb «Llb bL1]L 
Bnd kcatjn 

4 / Htar, Q lirul : Tbi Loiix> uu Qui i» 

& And 'tlt<iu BluJt ]»• ib» LQUi: Ihj (ltd 

4 vkll'l]! tbiaj] L«&rtH a&d VllH «U KfJ inulr 

I Alkd ill^tAt ^iltdi, wi^b T fMnmtUd tiac 
Pi^Allij, ildll l» In thlb4» bFBrt.: 

T Ae>J 1lIm4 lb«Jl l(H«:i tlLTDi dLll^[*hll]r 
antn l\j DltLldma, Hd iLbIk LaUt ar tb*ta 
*bn LiHM alrtwt in IbLar hatUOn vA wlnia 
lLr»i nBllint Lt tt-fl ^BJ, BtaJ Khfl |l»B 
LiRiL 4].i«bn Uid ak.rin EL'jia Kst>d( II [j- 

H ^J^ad Ihw Mi^t LiUll iImH fur 4 IJTB 

itjwB i»ilne Ji*nd,aartibtfj iLall "bt ai friPM- 

kl4 ^^^i^a#rB ItiLBB cjiii. 

» '^nd ItisB ifa>K Virile th*Il npvq Hho 
pABt) rrtbf biHtHli bad (113 lb; caiin^ 

l(k And 11 aluUl t«, irb*n IN l4iK» 1^ 

A, (Xl4i^ 

■ti. 15. J* 
/*lii4. 30. 
e ](iL » 1* 


• ■ll-. 11.]*., 

n liAK* 

J.r 7. » 

ai. * 11 1^ 

a I?. , 

1 HjUB.fl.** 

« i\. ID. 1X~ 

■Ml. * ir. 
Hi^rttim n 

1.4B* Ml g. 

.A II ti-d 

tl. *. 

M. » * lj£ 

ti 41. 7. 

I All Mtfa r e oM r J X ^nth the 


Ckinaanites it forbidden. 




A. ML 



(MM. 4.% 

Jksi. ca. 

■ «k.lI.13JL 

rk. iifl.4. 

A. lS.&lk 





f A. 1*. U.' 
Jab 39. 7. a 



r». 41. 3. 


•k.90. W. 17. , 
J«k.S. 17.1c 
|.tlJrfl.M. ' 

lAfeh Uioa disscdst not, TlnejAtdL 
<MM, wfaleh thou pUiit«dst not 
tboD slialt bftTe mMb ud b« fbU ; 
' U 3%«n bvwan iMt thoa forgsttlw Loud. 
wbM bnmglit tbM forth ant of tb« Itnd of 
%3P«, fIroBi Um booae of tbondac*. 
Tfaon thak 'four the Lokd ttiv God, 
sad Mxvo Um, sad fibalt ■we«r bj hU 

14 r« ohmn not ''(o after cither goda, *of 
Um god* of the pMplo «Udi are rotmd 

U For itbe I^KDtlqr'Oodie » jeahnu Oo4 
aaMmc jon; *■!••( tba anger of the Lord 
tl7 Ood be ktadfed agatnet thee, and do- 
atroy thee from off the faoe of the oarth. 

16 'Ye iball not tempi the Lokd >«iir 
Ood, ■'at ye tempied Mm In Maanh. 

17 Te HQiJI 'dlUgeDtlj kMp the Coramaiid' 
■RBta of the lOKO your Om, and his teeti> 
awaies, and hla Matotei, vbtch he bath 

18 And ttioa * «bak do thai tthieh U rigbt 
1 good in the eight of the Lord ; that it 
f be veil with tbee, and that thou maycvt 

Lord avare tmto thy ntthers, 

19 1 To eaat out bH thin* enemlea from b«- 
itre thoe. aa the LoBn hath rooken. 

90 And 'when tl^ ton aaketh thee ^In 
ttoe to oome, saying, What mean the teMf- 
nonles, and the ptatotes, and the judg- 
menu, which the LOKD oar Ood- tetb Mm> 

SI Then thod ahalt say onto tby son. We 
wwrt Pbsnoh'a bondmw in ISopt; and 
the LORDlroufbt ns oat of SoT^ •'with a 

n'And the' 1.6Kb sitawed sikns and iva- 
dara, great and t tore, upon cgypi, upon 
Phttraob, and npoB all his umsehola, be&re 
oar ^et: 

tS And he broo^ as oat fhna tbcnoe. 

Btatotes. / to fear the LoKt> our God, 

ffn oar good always, that *be might pro- 
serre as i^ire, as « <« at this day. 
S5 And rit shall be oar righteoiisness, if we 
ekoerre to do al) thes« eommaodments be- 
Ibro the LoBD oar Ood, as he hath oom* 


JU {aftMNirM wilA Ut natiMU of CmmMM u/*r> 
M>U». kjm-fmrpt iMtrgJi to frumat* (JU 
WuMW tJtkt ptflt. 9 aiU U ueltrt (A« /aoiwr 
•/ #orf. 17 A prvmit uf rielery awr iJUm mi. 

WQEX the "LORD thy Ood shiU bring 
tfaew into fbo hutd whither thoa goeet 
to- po s sess It, and hath out eat maayna- 
«IOM ^■'fr-^ ^V'l- *the Hittites, and ihe 

Glrgsa ' -.1 r? , BDij Uls Amoritcs, and the 
Caaa/initri, An^ ib» Peritsitei, and the 
HlVtt'' ' . and Iht J £ bosites, seren nations 
*mti''t nit4| nik^tltrtbastthoorr 
f^Ai..l hi'^ii I lit! ],L»aothy Ood shall ^de- 
r<iTfl ttiM ; ' thou Shalt imlto 
iMrri* destroy them; /thoa 
M. 11.12 fr., _. .ik51.12.13. ML Jodg. 
fc». 18. Jiads.LSl. 

. J-^ J 

Shalt make no eoreniat with Ibem, nor shew 
mores unto tbem : 

8 ''Neither shaU thoa make marriages with 
them ; tby daogbter thoa sbalt not give onto 
Us son, nor his daaghtor shalt then tak« 
onto thy SOB. 

4 For they will t^ril away tby soil fMm M- 
bwing me, that they may serre other gods : 
kso iritl the anger of the LORD be kindled 

against yoa, and desti 

ind destroy thee soddealy. 
^ shall ye deal with them ; ye 
shall I destroy their altars, and break down 
ttieir t images, and eat dowa their groTss, 
and bum their graren Images wUh Are. 

6 *For thoa art a holy peopio auto the 
LORD thy Ood : Uhe Lo(iD thy Ood bath 
obosea thee to be a speolal people unto him- 
self abore all people that art upon the Ikoe 
or the earth. 

7 The LORD did not set fabbre opoa yoa, 
aor oboooe you, beeaase ye wtn more fas 
tramber than any people; forye«««>*e*"the 
fewest of wSl people : 

8 Bat *beoaase the LOSD lorM yoa, and 
beeause be would keep "the oatbwUoh he 
had sworn onto yoor flMiera, ''bath the 
Lord brought yoa out with a mighty hand, 
and redeemed you out of tltehoasis of bond- 
men, from the band of Pharaoh king of 

'^Know-therefore thai the LORD thy God, 
he U Ood. «tbe faithful God, •'whioh keep- 
eth eovenanthttd usiey trtth them that lore 
Uaa aiid keep bis eomoMndmeaU to a thoa- 
saad geaeratf ons ; 

10 And *repayeth them that hate him to 
theft fttee, to destroy them ^ «he' will not be 
(lack to him that bateth him, he will repay 
him to his flMe. 

11 Thon shalt tbeMibre keep «b« oommand* 
menta, and the statutes, and the Judgments, 
wMeh I command thee this day, to do them. 

12* Wherefore it shall oome to pass, tif 
ye hearken to theae judgmenta, and keep 
and do them, that tho Lord thy God shall 
keep onto thee "the eorenaat RHd the mer- 
cy which ho aware unto thy fiitbera ! 

13 And he will flore thee, and bidas thee, 
and multiply thee ; "be will also Mess the 
fhlit of tby womb, and the traH of thy land, 
thy com, and thy wine, and thino oil, tbo 
laerease of thy kine, and the flocks of thy 
sheep, in the load whieb be swaro unto thy 
fathers to rire thee. 

■14 Thoa imh bo blesied abore all people : 
*tber« shall aot bo male o^ feaiale Darrea 
among yoff, or among your eattlo. 

16 And the Lord will take away from tbee 

Saioluieaa, and will put none of tho ieVii 
leases of Seypt, which thon knoweat, upon 
thee t but wW ky them Upon all them ^at 
hato tbee, 

l« And «llMm shalt eonsume all (be people 
wUeh the Lord thy Ood shall delirer tbee ; 
•>thino eye ahaU hare bo pity npoa them : 
neither sbalt thou aerre their gods ; fbr that 
tsUI »a ' a snare unto thoe. 

17 IfthoashaH sarlft thine lieart, These 
nations are mors than I ; bow can I /dis- 
poaseaa them T 

18 'Thou shaH aot bo afraid of tbem : but 
sbaH well kTemember what tho Lord thy 
God did onto Pharaoh, aad unto all Egypt ; 

19 I Tbo great temptations witicb thine eyea 
saw, aadlbe signs, and the wonders, and 
the mighty hand, and the stretched out arm, 
whereby tbo Lord thy Ood brought tbee 
out : so shall tho Lokd tby God do unto all 
tMl people of wbora tboa art afraid. 


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ExJuMTtaium to obedience. 


Penalty of duobedienee. 


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trtt t/tU. 

tat %ha l.tmv i\iy Gvl m Juxidug ywi, ^ft 
iti \th%3 OimI *in\ U rrllti*. 
lU *Aftd tU* Ltiiy tJiy &od -"JH tpnH not 

iJi^dli BMlliaj ht^Pavt \>\™ tijr ItUEe aod Llt- 

^t U^i Hki I,dbe» till thiJ i^wJll i£E]>n 
tLem Fcmtu tLi^, uiil i]uJII ttfutroj tJinm 
*]Lli a mlj^ij iledtni£Lii?ap until Mi^ ^ Jo* 

*J:[ And ^Ijn jIuJJ Joliti^ Uiekr kJa^ LcitO 
iLlb^ IthttJi lAd iliiMl aldlt duU-dj iLilir 
■atOka l^tmtfi util]»t rxiirvll : 'Jcinn iliUlJ BO 
■tuj 1h Atida li»vUitmi ttofar* lhu»,iiDill (.Lsu 

bnn'f ik^lrtijrcl EliAd. 

iiQi4t llM'^, kit ItMHi h» 'iii4n<J tlii'TV^LQ : Ibr 
It II '"mi «lr«[uLi]inElim W iiv Lo'u.i- cbv 

Hit tlnltliEr lEmJt Lluia Wlni-an kbtHnlTuiL^on 
illU Uiliti} bcKiuB, IciL lluila kr > curMd UiJltK 
ILk^' U : ^Hf tho\i Aliill liCleiij dflnt k, aai 
limit jlk>Ll uU4U)j kbbuf 11; 'tiif JL ^ « 
fiUJied tliJUfn 


t iAi^.. 1^ lit pvmilJCr iif ,IM- 

L LL tLi! E 


tiiij ilay 'dk^l Ti? ^tipiTTc 

to -da, lliLt Jv wakj II TF, UlJ JiiDlllplj, ,iad 
ft lu Kldtil tHMdfili tLt knil ttluok lilt! L^'IID 

t An J EliiJll nLiJfE, rEjUnUibfr &ll Ibn TK/ 

whfcdi lb? L<Diii» iti^ GuJ iixi %hcf ^\,vM 

Ihi't, nitii 'tu pfTjTO tlimfH iHa kncrv irlait 
tvj« li> ilLlni] Le4n, *liEii]<r tluu wuuIiImI 
kn.) ■ 

Imp li]i 
3 Anil I 

Ifl. l>liDE?T'i ftai /b»l tJiM Fid] muiiu, irEjiob 
Ibim LpFWUt tit\U Ualitlwr djJ tij;f f^iLiirs 
kboir; tlim baiBlfla iBtl£ir thf-t: 'Lutt' ll«t 
W^ dlDL!i 'gut lite Ifj ]jr«||4 iwl^., l.ul \if 

Cf 4I» LDItrt dulJk 4C)i|q IkTfl. 

f * rtj|' kxluiiit -pbihI nnl dIiI ilfinoi li'iise, 
W^elwr illd %hf Iti<t\. Jircll , ibtar Tartj jnirs. 

& ' Tliuq iiIwJl iliu cijDi]i]Et Ju thiiii: En^ult, 
tb&t, ai ■. uufi diwl«ntM:b LIa luti, t\f ilie 

LiJBEj UlJ DhI 4]liqJt*n?l|i tli<i«!. 

6 TZirtr.fiir'n LlhiD ihitllVn^p ttH iM^inmUid- 

BMiti i^riLr Lu B ti iti]r qoil^ lu v^lk Lu bis 

Vit^^K UlJ 111 TrLt lii iQ. 

7 Far U.» LojiD Uij fluH EirLnKitlt iIjh^ 1b- 

ef ]\jiinU1ui wd iLiptlii tint <itriiij( uin of 

tl A iia^ dT wjiant, 11)4 li^ricj, Ul4 vLiiiil, 

u!4| fig tJTBi. an^ jHniafEnwitfi ; n Jwd 

tEtreLUliirL^ MJitlhqifTt 
1> A liiiid frljrrdLn a.on pWl r>t t.rntd 
ntlvoittUAnKfiMiri, tluu iLalt out luck ^ay 
Ufnff l|n Ie i « UaJ " l^tiUB iliitin dtrr Jr...D, 
Ud Bia *I ptkCH lilltj Ebaii DlAJuit -lig 


W "WiMli digii hul 4]flt«1l Mi »rt fuU, 

Ulflit t^ij iLalt bkrttn Ilia I^UU ^hj 4i4d 
&ff Lbs s^nKi i&ad irbLnb ;h« IdlL g\--m 


thy Ood, In not kaeplag hi* e 
and hia Judgmenta, and hU 
I oommand tbM this day : 

12 oLest wAtfn thou baateatan and art fiill, 
and haat boilt goodly boaaaai and dwatt 
therein t 

13 And wAmtby tiarda and tfay floaka mul- 
tiply, and thjr sliver and tby gold is molti- 
plied, and all that thou bast is multiplied; 

14 yTben thine heart be lifted up. »-' 
hott 9 forget the LORD thr God, wh 
wrought thee forth out of tha land of £gy 

from the house of bondage ; 

15 Who led thee through that great and 
terrible wilderness, 'wkerein were fiery 
serpents, and soorpiona, and drought, where 
there wae no water; <wbo brmigfat thaa 
forth water out ot the rock of flint ; 

16 Who fed thee in the wildemeaa with 
* manna, which thy hthera knew not, that 
he might bumble thee, and that he might 
prove thee, *to do tbea good at tby latteK 

17 y And thou aay in thine heart. My powar 
and the might of mine hand hath gotten me 
thia wealth. 

18 But thou shah remamber the Loso tby 
God : 'for i( u be that giveth thee power to 
get wealth, "that he may establish his cove- 
nant which ha aware unto tby fathers, aa it 
ie tbU day. 

10 And it shall be, if thou do a* all forget 
the Loud thy God, and walk after other 
gods, and serve them, and worship them, 
i I testify aMinst you thla day that ye shall 

aO As the nationa which the LoxD daatray- 
eth before your face, 'ao shall ye perish; 
because ye would not be obedient unto the 
Toioe of Um Lobd your Qod. 

Mfi diuuadttk liratlfrvm ttlfrigkfBmnmt. If 
rtkmning tknr riMliont. SB Bit fragtr fer 

H£AB,OlBnMl: Thaa ar< to "paaa over 
Jordan thia day, to ||o in to posaeaa 
nations t greater and mightier than thyself^ 
cities great and 'feneed up to heaven, 

2 A people great and tall, <<tbe children of 
the AnaCm - ■ - 


jefore the d 

8 Understand therefore this day, that the 
LoxD tby God ie be which 'goeth over be- 
fore thee ; ae .a /oonauming fire 'be shall 
destroy them, and he shall bring them down 
before tbv face : A so abalt thou drive them 
out, and destroy them ^uioklyf aa the Loss 
bath aaid unto thee. 

4 • Speak not thou In thine heart, after 
that the Lobd thy Ood hath east them out 
fh>m before thee, saying, For my right- 
eousness the Lord hath brouj^t me in to 
posseu this land : but tfor the wiekedneas 
of these nations the Load doth drive them 
out fh>m before thee. 

6 /Not for thy righteonaneaa, or for the vp- 
rightneas of thine heart, dosttbou go to poa* 
seas tbelr land : bat for the wickedneaa of 
theae nationa the Lord tby God doth drive 
them out from before thee, and that he may 
perform **the word whi^ the Lord aware 
unto tby fbthera, Abraham, laaac, and Ja- 

6 Understand therefore, that the Lord thy 
God giveth thee not thia good land to posaeaa 
it for thy ri^teouaneas ; far thou art "a 
atltlnecked people. 

nereMtt&ms 9f ItraeL 


ilToMt' pnqwr for Aratt. 



prarokadat tte LOBO Ito God to wntb ia 
tiM wUdatiMM: •fran tha dftj tkaft ttiaa 
didat dapvt ant af tiM kBd af £opt. utU 
f mn» nto tUa pl » aa,ya b«ra bMBTC' 
Dalttoaa fg^'*^ Uia Ix>rd. 

8 Alao rfaiHorab ja prorakad tba LOKO 
to wnib, aa that tba LOBO «u angr; vUli 
jao to bava daatrayad joa. 

9«^PrhaaImagaDaiiplatothame«uit to 
faaaiTa tha Ublaa of atooa, avait tba Ublaa 
aT tha eovMBBt irtdab Um LosD Bftda witb 
ja«, tbaa 'I aboda ia tba aana* Cniy day* 
Md teiy nl^tu; I naitbar did aa* bnad 
■or ditak water: 

10 *Aad tbe Lomo dallvand onto ma tvo 
ta bl o a af atoM vrlttan witb tbe flacar of 
God : and m tbam woa writUn aeowdlac 
to an tba worda vblah tba LORD apaka wHb 
jo« la tba MNOrt. ool af tba aiMataf tba 
•w, rta tba day of tba aaa— b|y. 

11 And tt aama to paaa at tba and of ftnty 
daja aad fot^ nigtato, (*«< tba LOKo nra 
laa tba t*o tablaa oCatoaa, avm tba tabtea 
oftba aoiwaaiit. 

IS And tbe LOKD aald onto aia, "Arlaa. 
fBltbao davaqotdJyf^atbeBoa; br tby 
poopla wbiab tbaa boat brooght fortb oot of 
kgypC bavo aoiraptad (JtomaalMa; tbay 
an ^oBiakly tnmad aalda oo* of tba vay 
ithieb I ooouaaadad tbam; tba; bava nada 
tben a BMltca Imaga. 

18 Faxtbanaoao'tba LOSD apaka ante aa, 
aajiag, I baTo aean tbis p«<mta, and, ba> 
bald. -U <a a atlbaakad pMqpla : 

14 •• Lot BM alaaM, tbat I Mf daateay tbao^ 
aDd * Mat oat tbab naaa frooa ondar baar> 
an: «aad I vUl nako «< Uwo a aatlon 
wMMm aod graatar than tbey. 

1» 'Bo I toned and aama down ftom tbe 
Moat, aad «tbo aooat banad vltb Ira: 
and tba two tablaa af tba aoranant laara ia 

U And /I lookad, aad, bdiald. 70 bad 
alBBod aipJaat tha Loud jmt God, amd 
badnadoToaaBidleaoair: yobadtanad 
aaldo oaid^ oot of Um way wblob tba 
LOBO had aommanded you. 

17 Aad I tot* tbe two tablaa. a^d oaat 
tbaao ttt of aiy twobaada, and bnka tben 

W AJT^STdown bofHO tha Lobd, aa 
at tba drat, fortr dara and forty aigbto: I 
dM nattber aat bxoad nor drink water, ba- 
aaaao af aS voor atna wbidi 70 ainaed, In 
dalac wiokad^ in tha al^ of tha Lo&D, to 
M«f«ko Ma to anaer. 

19 AFar X waa afraid of Iba anger and hot 
diaflaaaaio, wbarowttb tba LoBO waa wrotb 

-. .Jt4 tbo LOBD waa rary angry wMb 
AarontohaTodoatMyadbini andlprayad 
forAaran alao tha aaoM Uaa. 

SI And *I took TMU iln, tbo a 
bad BMda. and bant tt with flra, 
ad it, aatf groond a vary ainaU. Men aatU 
HwaaaaaaMBatdaati and I aaat tba dnat 
tha raofirt o tba brook that deaoendod oot of 

« And at <T»boiab, and at "llaa«h, 
and at * Kibrotb-battaarah, yo proTokad tba 
LOB» to wrath. 

S8 Ukowiae *wban tba LoBD aeat yon 
ftaoi Eadaab-banaa, aajing. Go op and 
aaaaaaa tbo land wbieb I have giren yon; 
BtooyoMballad against tha aoogmandnMnt 
af tba LoBi> yoor God, and 'yo baliarad 
Ua not, nor hearfcanad to Ua rah*. 

M iTo kaTo baao raballlaas against tba 
I.OBD baa tba day that I knew yoo. 

tf 'Tbaa X Ml dowa bateo tUXMUt te- 
tj daya aad fitc^ aigbta, aa X Ml down m* 
a4jb-*lt baaaaaatbaioBD bad aaid ba 
would doatroyyao. 

W 'I arayad thoroAno onto Ibe LOBD, 
and aaid, Lord Goo, daatroy not tlnr po^ 
pla and tbiao ii^Mltanoo, whlob thoa baat 
rodoaaad tbroagb thy p a atn aa , wbiah tboo 
haat brou^ focU oot of Eopt with a 

STBaaaabar tbr aorranto. Abrabaa, 
laaao, and Jaeob; look aot anto the atab> 
bornnaa of tUa poopla, nor to their wi^. 

aa oot aay, "Booanaa tbe LoBO waa aot 
able to brbg tbaa Into tba bad wUeh ba 
proaiaad tbaa, and baaanaa bo halod thaaa. 

itthayai^tbypoopUand tUno In- 

Leritanae, w&iab thoa Aoagbteat out by tby 
■IglMj powwt aad by tlv atratahad aoft ara. 

AidMV tf SmTt mtrtg in ri l tr fl i y Oa M* 

.mUt ! d in mmt i m mim t O* mriiitk*$4 ; 8 to 
m pm r M t»0lJka trH» t{ Imri ; Wmmd m kmr t m 
imtmMtUf^fm-cfMoMi/trtUsmfU. U 
A» txAortattvH lo sMmmm. 


tao ara*. and oobm ap onto mo into tbo 
aooat, and *aMke tboo an art of wood. 

SAadlwiUwiitoontbo tablaa the worda 
that ware in tba drat tablaa whidi tboo 
brakeat, and *tbo« abalt pot tbam in tha 

8 And I Bade an ark o/ttahitttan wood, 
aad *he wed two taUea of atoaa like unto the 
flrat, aad went np into tbo moont, hariag 
the two tablaa in mine band. 

4 And /bo wroto on tbe tableo, aaeordlag 
to tbe tirat writing, tbe ten ti ' '- 

of the Are, Aia the 

day of the aaaaably: and tha Lobd gave 

6 And X tamed ayaalf and iaaaa down 
from tbo Boont, aad tpot the tabloa lathe 
ark wbieb I had made; /aad thoM they bo, 
aa tba Lobd eonunanded me. 
8 And tbo obUdroa of laiaal took their 
Jooney fkom Boeroth "of the ehildrea of 
Jaakaa to •Moaen: •there Aaron died, 
waa boriod; aad £leasar bla 
■t'B oOoa ia Ua 

7 J* From tl 

tliay joarnoyod onto Ond- 

of rivora of watora. 

8 At that time >tbe LoBb aeparatad tbo 
tribe of Levi, 'to bear tbe ark of tbe oov- 
oaaat of tbo Lobp, *to ataad beiaro tbo 
Lobd to aiaiater onto Ma, aad ito bloa 

part nor in< 
beritanoe with bta brethren ; Um Lord to 
ua Inbaritanoa. aooording aa the Lobd thy 


*I atoyod ia tbo mai 
to tbo llrat time, bttj daya aad fctty 
aigbto; aad 'the Lobd baarkeaod anto om 
at that Mmo alao, anct tba Lobo wooUl aot 

11 "Aad tba Lobd aaid nato mo, Aifae, 
tuke tky Joomoy botoro the poo|Ja, ttiat 

■ ■k.4.«. 

• Bs.8i.l,& 


< ■>.«((. la^SL 

A97. L 

fKs.». 1. 
A B«. 18.17. 



iBs. Si. 8B. 



« eh. IS. fi. 
< I«T. 8. SB. 

34. i( aa. 17. 
«h. 8. W. 

Tht people 9xhortM 


to eftey th» law i 

iT. la 4- » 

16 ^ 

Fk. Ll^. La.k 

Cbl. E. IL 

Dtui. 'i, -It 

nek. T.iy. 

o 9 Phr. tft, T. 

B4IM. -i. 1), 

Oal. 9 U, 
Co4. ;f. Kh 

I jr«, 1, i?, 

14ft. BL «L«< 
« d.. IL W 
17. EL <li 

• all. 1^, VL k 
30l W, ■*. 

• ell. 1. 9. 


31. A f7. ^ 
C», lar. LI. 

I Or. [I 

Lbil -M^- LgT-ti Urn, HuJ i^ -HlTfi tli* Li^JtD 

lil Tq l^cap UkB HSiinapdiaEiiti uF lh« 
Lonb, mm! bli Hlmiutai^ vbkeb L eonuBUld 
tbix lUi d>j ^rtr Uij iavil 

14 UeUili], /ILb licaVcD usd 11h bcftrnti, of 
^BTflHd Ja tLc l.H>HD':» 1[]j tl«U+ 'Ui^a MaSth 
nlM, kLtlii 111 liiBJ UHr^in iM. 

iitkUtdj tti* LoMLk bhl b Jclirliil IR thy 
fklbr.ri lu JuVr Itiela, Ui>3 li« DLiHb tbvlr »Md 
mtWr tbtuMi tHn J>«l l^vt ftU p»1)|l4*r **^ 
4* tlda dsf. 

lO CllflJliHOipi* UuBflftw i llHt bmlda of 

Ji fttr (iw LdilLD iiHir iliedi ii <*iinl of 

fMl», ui4 "lii^ril <il turOi, ■, [mmt Dii4,.*A 
mlC^lij^ and m tETntllii. 'Flibah "HB^u'dath 

id Flic AmU flti«uLa Ihd ^ilgmwHt Of the 

KET, lb ^t ilty I'tm frthJ *i\4 fmUvtab'- 


r hj lilj Ti 

¥L "^IIb 11 tb; Ixnuu.Hiiil h> i« tJij (J jd. 
'Lbmt Lmtii ^ufl &r ILih IbcBB- ftnru; hod 
larrLbkfl IbbDol, Wbtdb ll^nn vjvl«; hi'll. 

33 tbj btlntB wede ilut^ta iBki t^ii^ 

UiB Llihq U>; Ou^ bAlli UbblHi itM* '&« eIm 
Man «rii4breU Iltr IBElUUud*. 

. la. 3Jv M. r •'■! II. I J H^t i. la. LiikP i. R 
lA^U rr^ i,Ks.ift.± tk. Ill a. Jw. 
an. U.U. 1iiiim.7.JI. p*. iBj. jfl. 4i yi»«fc 


tbj (3«tl, tnd 1 bwip yi elATi«, KBd bto 

I J»l* 

1 M» B 

BLUlEniEIltl. BivBiJ. 

1 AniL knuHr ju Ltila dAiJ I t^t I Wjmik boi 

»LUijf[iiir ftltlMr«i] *1kUt LdT4i nul bi^infii^ 
uvd «9ildi b^hf ihH p4*b ''Ui* chMilttnae-nt 

Bjf tit« Jj>ll4i jaur Qotlr Vbti rT(4i|iH«. " llU 

2 f.^Tiil hLi □LlnicJn, uiil ]iu B^tx, rttUjfa 
h« illJ )□ Uu nLdfll ot Mupl ilvIa PbBirvah 
Ibe klii[ 4iC £|!TI«t^ BnA luitu ml| biB Jurul : 

f .^mt wh%L h,: iIl.E unta tb< lt^j nrEL^nrotr 
tuilti Uirbr lurkFB, uul Lu Edmlr clL^nuis; 
' ha* IM b«l« tba '^nU«T uf On, EL? J .i^':!i to 

kbd J|i>M blu Ime-U bub dwUBjEiJ ttiMn 

UDUi- IliU Jar I 

.A Ahil wUu Jid ilEd nala ^dll Ih tld wlIlUt* 
U44f HCtal )E Chtaiit Snib IIiLb -phst: i 

I .\di] 'i tluu ^ did ubM J><iEiB,n ftbi] Abl- 

rmn, Ki^ M>|,B Ul Rklh^, iLrit BQIi ikI H?uT«1IJ 
Ik' tin tJinlt rtpBDflfl ber i^uLb, uiil n**!- 
'k'-r^a Ihttil b|j, Uii lUibE UkubEmEiL*, buI 

tluLr ilPLl, SB4ll feJE Uu iBllt^UUEV L^«k 

^1^4 In IbiBEr tHMKiiEu% In IM mliiiL tl 
»L1 riTm>l : 

T Jim ^jviir fftf* Lam i^b ill Uu grii*t 
Mi4^ LUd i-tmii wtiLflU tw dill. 


menta-wfaiah I 9oaimUkijva thU day, (hat 
y« laay Abe ilnng. ami to *» lad poawM 
(tM tend* vldllMr y* fO to po«MM tt ;- 

ft And / that ye jaay ftvMmg- y««r dayi ta 
(bo land, '"irhiob Ibo Lord: imuw «aM 

, wUtfaor tbwi Meat in to 
potMMll, <«iieta«tli«laad*rJ^Qrpt4frwii 
«bem!e yo oaao oat, "irhero thoa aowadat 
tl)y aowl, and vaitondat U vMi thy CMt, aa 

ll I'But tha land, whither ya ca to poaaeaa 
It, <a a land of biila and raUoya, on/drink- 
athiratarofthevynofbaaTant - 

15 A land vhieh the LOBD thy Ood 
toaretb for: ttho ayaa oT tho Loud thy 
God ai^ ahraya open It, ikooa the hogtn- 
ning of the year a«an nnto the end «< the 

U And it ahall aooa to {nw, if y» ahaU 
hearken *'diUcently onto my eoaamaad* 
menta whieh I oommand yea thia dayy 'to 
lova ttii Unto yodv God, and to aerve him 
irMi all yoBt heart «nd wiata aU year aool, 

14 That *l will giTO yo» the rain of yoor 
land in hia due aeaaon, "tbe-firat rain and 
the latter nUn, that then mayaat gather la 
thyaom, and thy wine, and thine oil. 

lo "And I will tsend graaa in thy flelda 
tat thy-oattUr that thoa mayeat 'oat and be 

16 Take hoad to yoonwlTaa, <«hat yov 
hawi be Mt deeetrod, and y« tuto aaide. 
and 'aerve othet godar and wanhin then; 

17 Aad^Am-ithaLOKD'awimthhekindUd 
againat you, and he *ahua op the heaven, 
tb*t tbe»a b« no nin, and that the land 
yieU not her bait; and lea< 4ye poiiab 
qniekly (toto aS tto feaod land wbiA the 
LOKD gireth yoa. 

18 TheMfl»re'*Bkall yo lay up theae my 
worda to 'yvor tieato and in year aoiil, and 
/bted «hem for a aign. apon yonr hand, 
that IbeynuiylMaaftoatlaU between year 

*{r v'Aad. ye ahaU toaeh them yonr ohQ- 
dren, apenking of them, when thoa alttott 
in thine hoaae, and when thoa walkeat by 
the tnqr.'wben ttwa llaat down, and whan 
thoa loeat np* 

» AAnd then shaU writo thorn apoa the 
doorpoato of thine hooae, and opon thy 

SI That lyoor daya nay be anlliiflioa, and 
the daya tif your ohildrcn. ta the lud «bieh 

• • - (onto -- 

daya « 

them, to love the LOBik yonr Ood, to walk 
in all hla waya, and *to oloave unto htm-; 

S3 Thenwiil thoLOBO •drive out all theae 
natieaa fifom befer« you, and ye ahall ?poa* 
aeaa greater natlne and mightier than 

24 P Every plaee whereon the aolea af year 
iMt ahaai tread ahall be voan: vfrom the 
wUdttneaa and. Le b anon » from the river, the 
river Eapbratoa, even nnto the ottermoet 
aea- ahall yonr etoai be. 

85 'There ahaU no man be able to stand 
befbfe yoa: /orthe Lokd your Ood ahall 
•lay tbo tear of yoa and the drand <f yea 
open all the land that yo ahaUteead wpim, 


Eatim0 btood farbiidtn. 


•k.7. <. 

* n. I*. IL 

tChr. 7. n. 


AI«T. 17.S.i, 

U. * 9B. U 

■ W.414.I& 


m**t* e< tb4 Uimu |*ar 004, irii1«ti I rvGi' 

Lani odLU m4L af ijiii 9vj m^h 

71H1 tUi* ilof . tx fu 4fur vLbor fpdg, vli^ib 

1b^ And it #h^ HBA to »U(, wliBB iJu 
IliBl [tini iliill put 'liui UecidiiH tl|hmi 

■i^ Jj^i \^$ AiA Ml liia «Jart a 

PtfP JP iltkJI |pMi> XTiir iJ^rdwi l4 ■(« hi 

I jvit RiiA 74 utell ^ m i l M« 
'JfA And fi thmil id]**r*a ^Ui d« *11 tk|» 

jirti dibi 1^. 

> m H ^Hl^ «ri til* lUriuwi Mul >i>itfnini(, 

L vJilnfa jf- ilnll »b4<i^f# t« 4il In til* 

laAi], nlilflli eli» LOUjj LJlhI of Ikif hpln^r^t 

{| 'Te likall utl«<rij dnk^nf ill tbs pamu^ 
v1itf r«ja OiE' QktJuQi «]i]^i ^r ili^ h [Atj«wi 
■tii-flA Ltieir pHii, ^af-w. IlIh Mfli TiK3<vit 
LiBA,, and uiiOiii IUh UkDia ikMA lui-lUr (urtrj 
pf^n Lrcc I 

4 And 'Ji* ilian +4»«nb»» thmjr nllUf, 
lull l>r)i4A Mi*Lr flllATlH hnJ l-uhn ll^T 
|t4T4I* TlHtfLrii : ■Bdjpt ih^ li«% dsriTB IM 
gt^ira taii^irt tif ih^lr pl«Lp, aii'l yleunf 

4 /¥• 4hl4l But [|g Id UBi* Ibv J^OH JBU 

ili ffalt qiyCii tlk«' |}Ih< w|,j«b llH L^a^ }iWT 
tiliil phall l'cIhmpi! aai t\t mil jfiur ti11)^ t9 

41 Ad4 ^lliUhcF Ja klwll 1»Hnc jnnr bftW 
■iffarlac*, Uiil ]i«ur tuHbe*, ud fb^r 
i-ttlb^i, and liTMt ilferian tif jH\kz Laad,' 
fcnd T^MlT ««•*, and jrat b¥*w|iLL uBrriaci, 
lint i\M DrflHinpj at^vtir hsir^s wul aA jw 

AA.I ithin jfl riMUtat Wb«t» ilk- Lomo 

(h; U«<l I 

jiKiT «»«3 . ■nil ijf »h*l| rf J(^ny 
Ji Ht.j«44 }nn4 WHu. J» 4IK| 
Mil*. Mlimla Ui« I^IU) th^ 

b1rilHtk4 tllMt^ 

Ttf Jto J>FF> iLLi dag-^ ^iiru? ini 

wrr ii H(tjL In liSj> B*q Wf*- 

IdhI tn. *I]» iBlielH>taMu, ^tdah Ilia Lrrui 

1^ Uul ipAf., "j> p 

^J> pr M*t Jjlibti. kbit 
JH* pm hm«i p.11 ji ' 

t T-TttA Oid'U 

d^f^M lb iLi i\fiA ^\'Mm lb*Ij>Ji[rk jivurr Uvl 

JH* PM* hm«i P.11 J«T 9W 

H Um»]v dp4t J<i nbtj; 

W jtkH wtildi llM 

iMmit jflKF 0«l ihall iFfi*M» ta nvm Mr I 

kAmcr til Ivf 11 Ibn'Ts: i ttl]JL>:T if.&lL }I IrrtCfj 

all Ihit 1 Duiiuiiiutii jwk - jikUT burnt ixfbi- 
IhgP, and J4tir cmarllp^^i juar tllju^Pp M>d 
kfia Iwkit! i^ptidf nf yviu baail, ^d ail 

Vi And '';« ildll njihiM ^Vtrta 1^ LOBD 
«W 4<ivl, jw. ttiJ J^ur i^bPt and jatit 
av34bur«. 0^4 J<«41- BHiBMniDEPn tnd joar 
maKUrrraati , EBid it<8 Lariivi tint 'Ci- •-riNIa 
T4KLF |pkc:«T fimafsiu^li U »bl IkUb ta4 part 

l;j ' TbkR litrA Id tliThtir tkfj tlh^ «i4r 

□ «t tbj LtLFUl. oSorlDf i 1l^ *9rfJ |jLaBn I||l4| 

14 * Jim la ibtf piMM whLafa tbv I,DJtI> phaJE 

«(1h»h Ln «a< DFl^]r Erihri^ iLrrr tLMH atn]t 

M>«|t tk »l L lJi>4 ] imniBlibd Ihr.t. 

lit Kt^tatf h*(4edkk|^, ELJitu niAjeat Mil kbd 
tAi tf^pli Itl ■>■( llif fBd^n, viliaUw-ttr Ibf 
■•u] ll>«(4i MKfn U-tTdidlnt t4 lira ^Iv<pLIi|| 
•I U^ LiPHP tt^ tiid *l»l«b li* buh fi*rti 
tb*« ' ^|.b»U1^hiit3 aOd fbfl tit*u taAf mi 
iblvFPDf , '«« kf ibM rif#l]titk, kbd U uf tl;* 

M lOp^ T* iMI Md nt tho Ui«*d ; J* 

fil™1Jj»nr ft v^i tht «rtTi U ^iLtvTL 
It TIiUD qaii'tfi nut 4i^t W([1lIiIL 1L^ |[A^* 

Uifl tUlxB of (Lt (Kun , t« *r vbj *lm*» uf mJ 
Ife; nil. iiT Iha Ar«ij3pifk gf fl.T iKpfr^l HT ' 

lb; flcicL . uiiT tn ^ io:f 1 lij _ ^ . ^ ^ i 

nmMLi bxiT llrr IV^al" " 
rritVt^tm Jif Lhlna band. 

U -Bm tkn nujd pM l}wn N-hr* tih< 
I, >'!»;' i\\i OrMl lo tiif |jlaM vhlrii tbf LOKEi 

Ui^ Oijd IblU diHjPE^, lliiH., lad lUf Pijni 
IDll til]' i]«>]t[liti«-, Uii| ihf Ihdlii^rrabE , it»i| 

piEJ^In lf^J Kii^ir tnil iliif] fiiatt iryM<* 
kptarit tb.! Usfeii tby Ut^ [« «]] tlAl (l«.H 

ptltlPft llslup- ]|±illLt UPil,!. 

l£r '^ Tain t4f d tn thjKiirtlia^llKin fstttii* 
BEit Uv Lartt* '« Ipqir m Uppq Sirtft ejjmiQ 
L^ r a Jill, 

&i I Wbrn tha Lomi Mi^ Ood alial] pnlmv^ 
ifc^ tiitf«lrr. iai 1hi Lalb pnnmisril ilyw, viil 
%h<W >l4lt UJi J MlJl tu dr4liK kaiutafbT 
Hq] lB|i|t>i:>j I IF 4n>t Qtili I Hivtt kiftft^l HvL 
■fill, »liit»o*TDP l^y *r«l lutftlt *fl:». 

SI ]f Ibu plH,;i> aUcn llifl Ih^'Heh Ih; Odd 

lulls 4bAHip ill p^t htl HkDHh tbf-r* 'hMoc ftr 
rrdnk tl,n<, Ll^.,!, lluq ilnth llCtt D* tljtWTll 

■bait i-al iq l|ij f;M« vJttUlWVtr Ibf tuvl 
laalrtU aftrr, 

aa '£TnD aji lb* TV^^k *Bd ^f IaH Ip 
ut^ay Ml tliBiii phaLt i^L tji^ni \ ihii nn«|*M 
Uul 1bR rlr^ji aball ut fi/Lb«BV pli:^^!- 

^ >J iJnlf 1 1 ir purr UiM tjyoa fat pal tbH 
bhiiJ: "liirlbn liluoiil ■■ Ll^ \\U% aad Ibn 
DAiPKt luiL rat. tli* Ijfp fHIl I^ flrvlt, 

li tKrntJ kb^E Qii4 e*1 li; IbiAl A«ll fXHEI 
U Biwn tUr eBri]i bp viuir. 

i&^rUio 4i*Lt iiiki n* it: /tlia* It PHI 
wiil itVtH, ll^ii. anril aldi Ibjr pbUdrHi afUr 
lb»p, >'*t,fn llmq plait Ji> jAuf piA^itA Ja 
rlfli In tJi4 kbiilil vf Iba LDBh' 

SO Ual jr EHj 1 IhIj tbbq|P wbid, than >a^, 
■md ^tbjr Towp, LWa iJiali rair, and rv uatai 
tlw pJacfi vbbEii lbi± LOFI& tlijilL c^1ii.4w r 

at And ttJKJB pbiall amir ILj tliril felft-t- 
Ibfp, I'Ua 1]l43l Btid blie \^^ttti^ upoin IJi« kluu- 
«r U»i L^'lni tJi« 4jihl.^ ib4 Ihm lilimil lif 0,^ 
I \>c [Mimil «ul QpKMI tlw *ltaT 
UiMf. and IbnQ Pbalt *P« 

of ilHi [,DU,D Itij 11 

ExHcera to idolatry. 


ffl OhjPiTa awl b*iT &]l tbew -wct ^- -^' ih 
1 c^JNi i! I J Ell E Lmri , ' LbkL lE IB>J ?'-- - - ' i> 
Hn*, hml >ftlii U]} oklklniU aJii^r li^<. ; ir 
n^r, *b«a tlnHl «U«nl t^iM lfAic4 £■ E^Oud 
urj T^|t)| Li tint li^A 4# tlu LOAD My 

off ti\t< uBiaoni frmm b^drn IJ»w, whlHiw 

■■.kTirUI '^bj fbllfiwiu' tLovi, kdirr iJioJi ttjiry 
bt iliT'Etnajfcif Tr^iii. hMfbrp^ ltt«» t Bail MMt 
llii'ii lTU|u<lnB noft, Biftrr iVnIr ftiili. uirLiigt 
£Ljw Jjd Ibna oi^tiiiHii HiTfi; tiiElr fwla? 
etna pa wLLL I da likawuD^ 
IL'^Taitfu AtuJl put dD la tanlCplbii L'JKO 
th^ OiCrtl : fcr flTErj t blHunUiiUJtXit in ilM 
LUHU w LIddi bn iiUalL bit^# Itif/ iwn* «n(0 
tbr^Lr gi*^'^ 1^' f^vpii ib«<[rr hwif mn>l th«Jr 
d&agl^«4 Eb*j b«T« biuiLi kn L^ Un to li>«iT 

ti WllAit Iblfiq l£Mr>br I iAUHa«e4 J«a. ait- 

a« ilifflliuiki hvm lis 

141^11 o^ 1 wondpr, 

wl-i^-THil 'bit ■]u'M snEfl (>■«<. IKTlqRi -L^rt VI 
p ^fblT clL^r Fhl^, «U«b thad l^il IM 
Kniiwii, xiiil Irt at lE-rra Llwin J 
il TIkiii 4bKil iLQt h^qrljiii Einta the ttatJa 
of c.lii.t |hTi?[jlbnli or 1 1)3.1 dcruurrtif (LmiiaJ: 
luuf (]4jd. J liFL ^__. - 

HD ^4iir kl-iA 
VilL oU piiur ImnrL iitad WLUi fell Ji>^t IvJ. 
4 Vn flliaU ■ w^LIt afier Lb» Lt.vnp f«r kJ fiJ, 

fetail fcoT blui, lib J kciit Mi tlnittWUi|llIIF1iE4, 
feird ihvf bit f tk»K feuA ^ ifaftll fftm* hi A, 

A Al^ u'ibml iirapbL-t> « tidt drMutar vt 
4TMiBi, ibnll W piltlaJEUlit Itf^^tqi* kn 

bvltk '^ripokn l« tam ^nii feVRf fj^fni tlie 
In rut jitLfr tJiH], mLkli biwintit jn» m$ of 
Uifi LmiI iyl Eijrpt, iDi4 r«il4mf<l jin* vat »f 
till hmoi^ i>f bDJiiUf P. ta ihrqd iT»» i»3i *( 
ihit waj vliiflb «bp Limb Uv]f <Jad eainiBKniU 
<4 U^iu ta wnik la. 4 i^ ibaJt Lhua pilE ^be 
»t'i] airhj Iram llifr mJdfi united. 
■ 1 iir Lli7 L-MiilMTT, eJi« tMi uf my ddllwr, 
«t lliij' iitDi, «r *bj' <UU|(ilH4(f, tt i tiM %U<! •f 

ilsf lii?win,4t l>wy (rLniBtl, Cwl^icih it ki ttkiiie 
HFD Piijl, tai\im tb«« inreilv, Jfe^R, I>«t 
u |« nd urn oUwr ftUt, Tbkih llwu but 

' ■* i^,«f Ukirf(]4iertbti#. 

»)Hm jwt, nhDi nilB UwT, 
qfffiomlh*e, fjvn Hit «Ji' ^od o( ili* «fenJi 
rrra luitB Ih mfhwr kvI nrfbfl >i»nib^ 

11 tl«U llilJt"D«l D«H»fel ^a» hlftl, HM 

plij 1iUa, nHUwr fchill thou cptn, n«ltbr 

B iiui'Miujii itanlt iu»^ hill fakBiT 'IMm 
lAud aldlL bpflnt itfHflV iMin tiH pici blsji to 
ifrkLb, BJ341 qOrrF^nli tb» i»J at ^ tt» 


li> AqJ ibva. thuJkV Item liln^lb iiflirf*, 
iUU bl- d.i<-; btipMUM t* b^Llk itniglil to 
tbniHi. tllvi kiraj rmoi kJM tOltn tli; tl ml, 

vtilahi bi^oi^tit i]iM] ant untkp laitd ur iSqjpt, 

11 An J J' all lanwi •Ijoll kuw, dd Asfef, 

H thii is amoBC yon. 

IS t <ie thM ■bia* bur ai^ fa mi* of ttiT 
oMea, itUoh Um Lobd tfay God hfetb girett 

'an gon* oat from MMng jou, ftiid have 
•withdMWB tta« inbabitMita of thair elty, 
■aying, (Let «« go fend aerre othor goda, 
wbloh y* k»r« not knowa t 
14 Then ahalt thou iBqulre. and make 
■aaveh, aad aak diUgmUy ; and, bohold, if 
U b» truth, amd tbtt thing eertaia, that aoob 

15 Thoa ahaUnuwiy aanita tto iahaUtaMa 
of that elty with th« •dgoofUwawofd.'do- 
•tngriag it attcriy^ and all that U thnein, 
and to o Mttta thenoT, with tba «dga of the 

18 Aad tiMm abah gathar aU ttM apaU of Ik 
Into the aiidat of tbo atnat thmof, aad 
ahalt "bora with «t« tbo aity. aad aU tba 
apaU tboRof 9r»rj vbit, for tbo LObd tfagr 
Oodt and it ahaU bo* a heap for orar; ft 
■hall not be built again. 

17 And nbare abaU elaaro noogM of the 
lewaad thing to tUnehandf that the Lokd 

nuiT * turn from the fUreenea* of *^' 

and shew thee mare*, and haTo < 
npon thee, and multiplr tbee, *< 
awora unto tby ftubera ; 

18 When thou ahaU beavkan to tba Tolae 
of the LoHD tfay God, 'to keep aU Ua eon- 
raandmenta wbiefa I ooaunaad thee thia day, 
todoMotMriUeAiavigbt in the eyea ef tba 

r matumitu. 3 Wkmt mag, aad wAot MOf 
!«. 21 That wkiek Jitfk ifititl/maf m»( (• 


mU». 23 Tilhm amdiinUi 
tk* Lord. S8 flU rtirrf y< 

YE are *»te ^adren of the Lord your 
God : tye shall not eat yottrselTeo. nor 

3 * For tbea art a holy people 
Lokd thy God, aad the LoBO ba 
thee to be a peoullar people unu 
above all the nations that ewe «poo the 

8 1 rfXhoa abaU not ea* any aboodnaMe 


boM ar* the bouts ithieh ye ahaU eat 

6 The hart, 

low deer, and the wild goat, and the 
garg, and the wild ax, and the ebaaoia. 

« And every beast that parteth the boor, 
and eleareth tbe deft into two daws, «nt<i 
eheweth the eod amoag tbe beaata, that ye 
shall eat. 

T Nerertbeleaa these ye aball not eat, of 
tbem that ohew the ood, or of them that di- 
vide the cloven hoof; as tbe oamel, and tbe 

they , _. 

8 And the swine, beoaase it divideth tbe 
hoof, yet eheweth not tbe end, it <• andean 
onto yon : ye shall not eat of tbeir flesh, 
/nor toaeh tbeir dead oareass. 

'These ye shall eat, of all that are in 
tho waters: all that have ftns aad seales 

10 And whatsoever hath net flna and aoalea 
ye may not est ; it ta andean onto yon. 

Mmi9 elt mm ami unclean. 






A. It. It. 

■ ■bfLfl.* 

£.«. Ml 

11 Of •■ «lMB Mvia jr* ateM Ml. 
MABiit ttwM or* M«y of irtMi y* iImU 
Ml M*i th« Mffto, Bad the MittHiga, and 

14 Aadvvmrnk 
U Aad tiM owl, 
tko ouAoo. Md tko bkwk •flor hia kind, 
M Tbo UitU owl, ud tko gnM owl, oad 


17 And Um pcBoaa, and «ko glor oa^ Md 

18 Aad tbo floik. Md tbo bona aAor bor 
khid, sad tbo UrHn> Md tbobot. 

!• Aad *OT0ty OTCcptac tblBf tbal 
MuliMaatoyoat *tboyrtollailbooi 


of UaoU: Ihoa abak giro H«Mo tbo ottaa- 
■ar thai <a la tby fataa, thai ba awT oat tt ; 
or tbaaMmataJTllaato aa attaa: "to 
tboaorCaholT poonio aato tbo LoKD tb« 
Ood. •TboaakaltaatiOottoakM la Ua 

n^ •TboaabaMtnity ttlbo an tbo iaeroaao 
d ^•^*' tbal tbo lold ktia«Mb te«b 

« 'Aad tiMM abaM oal bote* tboLOBD 
tlqr flod, la tbo plaoo vbWi ba BbaU eboooo 
to plaoo Ua aaaa tbaao, tba tllbo oC tbv 
•aaa, aTttiv wiao, aad aftblBO aU. aad f tbo 
■ratUacMTtlvboidaaBderthyftMka; tba* 
tba* BM^aat laanla-flMr tba LoB» tbgr Oad 

£4 And If tbo way bo too loof tat Qum, ao 
tbat tbon art not abl« to oam it; m> 'If 
ftbo plaoo bo too fli» froai ttoo. wbleh tbo 
LOBDtbjrOodahalloboeaotoaol blaaaae 
Ibaw. vbaa Iho Loxs thjr Ood batb bleaood 

2» Vbaa abaU tbaa tafB a iat« maaoT, aad 
Mad ap tba Boaoy la tbino baad, and abalt 
go oato tbo plaoo vblob tbo LOBO tbgr 0«d 

or for wbatMOTor tby aool 

tboB abal* oat «rro bofbro tbo LoBO tby 

briag intb al tbo lltbo of 

aaao joart aad ahalt taqr tt ap wltbia ibj 

SB'Aadtbo LoTito, booaaao 'bo batb BO 


aban eat and bo aatMod; tbat 'tbo Lokd 
tbff God Biar Uooa thoo la aU tba work of 
SUa baad vUob tboa dooi*. 


aMT. 7 Tkit mutt dim lit te Unding or giwina. 
IsU irOnw MTvoM <f M f«/«ra A** wU <M)f 

S »<>f a teolgaor Iboa ■ 

4 iiSare wboa tbore abaU bo ao poor aawng 
Ton; •fortboLomD^aUgtaatljrbioaatboo 
tat tbo kad whiob tbo LOBO tlv God giTolb 
tbaa /or aa iaborltaaea to poaaeoa It I 

& Only 4ir tbon aanfaUr baarboa nato tbo 
Toioo of tbo LOBD thj God, to oboam to do 

row; aad /tboa abaH roica ovor atoay aa- 
ttoaa. bat tbejrabaU aot roign oror tboo. 
7 If tboro bo aoMmg Ton » poor BMW of opo 
of tbY baothroa wI&Ib aor of thygataa !• 
t^ kkad wfeMi tba LOBo tby OodgiTotb 
tboo, «tbon Bbak aot baidoa tUao boaat. 

8 ABal tbon abaH opoa tbino baad wMo 
mto blBi, aad abaH aofoly load bta aafl- 
ileBt for bU Bood, <n <Aa< wblob bo waatotb. 
• Bowara tbat tbeta bo aotattbai^la 
tby twiakad beart, aaylag. Tba aovaatb 
yoar, tba yoar of roloaoo, la at baad; and 

tfatao *ey8 be oril ofafaia* tby poor broti 
and tbon giTcat bfaa aen^; aad iba ory 
aato tbo LOBO agalait tboo, aad m bo aia 

10 Tboaaball aaroWglTa Mm, aad •tUaa 
boart aball Bot bo giiorad wboa ttoa glvoat 
nato Mm : booamo tbat "for thta thing tba 
LOBD thy Ood aball Uaaa tboo la aU tl^ 
woAa, aad la all tbat tboa pattaat tMao 
baad mto. 

11 For *tbo poor abaH aovar aaaao oat of 
tbo landi tbereforo 1 oooiaMad thoo, aay^ 
ing, Tboa abalt apoa tblao hand wido aato 
tl7 btotbor, to tby poar, aad to tby aoody^ 
la thy Mad. 

U < ..4«4 'If tte brothMP, a Bobrow ana, 
or a Hebnw WOMB, bo aold aato tboo. aad 

Sfuwa abalt ftualab Mm I 
tby flack, and oat of tb ~ 
tbywiaepraaa e «/(*■< w 
tbyGodbMbf" " ' 

waataboadmaa in tbo load of Xgypt, aad 
tbo LOBO tby Ood rodooBMd tbeoi tbaro* 
foro looauaand tbao thia thing to day. 
» And it thaU bo, ' if bo any onto tboo. I 
will BOt go away tnm tbaot booaaao be 
loTothtbeoaad tbiaa boaaa, b aaama be la 

17 Then tbon abalt take aa awl, aadtbraat 
U tbroogfa bia oar onto tbo door, aad bo 
■ball bo thy aerraat for ever. And alao 
aato thy maldaorrant tboa abalt do Ukowiaa. 

18 It ahaU not aoom bard onto tboo, wbea 
tboaaeadaat him away bee fkvm tboo; for 
be batb beoa wortb <a donblo Mrod aerraat 
to tht; la aerringtboo alx yoara : and the 
LOBO tby Ood aball Mom thee la aU tbat 

The 9»or 9f rOeate. 

«fb.«B. 19,44. 



M. 19. 
Pi. 41. 1. 
rro*. n. 9. 
Math 14. 7. 

19 Y "An tbo aratllag nalei tba* eomo of 
thy herd and of thy look thoa abalt aaneti^ 
aato the LOBOtfayOodi tbon abalt do ao 
work with the flratUag of tby r-" ^ — 
Aear the fltatUag of tby abeop. 

> Bs. n. I. 




JFtaaf V «ke jNUfOver. 



i!^ U. 1. 4 



' ill. 17 H^i^ 
Itln Vi. LL 
I « V I b. Z1 !£n. 

Jiho ; J J, 
Kl L 11. M. 

AckiL J. 

■. LT, 

t ij a lit i 

irUi^iil. >r^ 


nniJru Hfd klH alf-HB iMTiun tthaJi r^t 4l 
kllkr, u Ltd riMluA^ ami u th'^ Uut. 
V3 «Orlj lIxML aldJI nM «■! IIh bliwl 

llMrtQf ; OiBh iLaA ]^irtU U Upva 11m eC^icimiJ 


P^r^Mulw. LV iTrfnl iME* >»MW I^4+, >k Aj LfdUi^. 

BUPinrr imkfl Iba LuilD'tfcir fl^ : 

llbc iwrinh vt AbLb Ebi? Jxtllb lli; 

I fliM tbft^ Ibmihr* uetlet* ifae immh 

;l y T1»y. pJjMll rit pa lm*rBcil Inml iritli 
bt ] trVro ^Kj^ *baJt tlnu rat jnliavnuH] 
bnbl llwtFTllEi, iHH tiir birbl of afflkc 
ilHti' l^r fbqii «*««<*« riittli rat vf Lbe Uuil 

mHp^ wftJL ih^ in all tlj^ oeupi juttcici riaip ; 
t^nlbifr iktll tbrrn anj/ tioitu ['ftkiit '^tt;i, 
nlild) thH ikcninnlvf Liff finl ivr a^ crrti. 
mnaliB all nLgltl UblLl Ibc Buimln^. 
fcTbota aUhjniL Ml -iMrilaa I In paiav-r^i 

pgLdf A<?nni cf fta* IW<. 

i Am! ehiM jbalt >maM mjid n4 fl III tb» 
ptkce whlelj ^|iv I.ORtfibr Uod Uiajt rbuwi 

■.tlA tli^u vbkJl tiLTn La Ijj* v^mlaif., and p^ 
BDlfl Utj ienti. 

4^ till dajra iViti lldit rt4 IJUlAvinird 
tl**Jr fcc* "'tis l1^ iriitimi i*J »AbJJ i« 
* "n»lcniiik a.p>ii|btl.j m |1i<s 1,(1 HFJ *bj find: 
IhiKL fluJt d^. an nwh fAcFviTL.. 

If 1 ■^I4«T«B npcb< KbaLt tlna rannbaj nalfl 
Ib^i bvijta hi. taumliEl' Ibn »nira ir^rliti 
fr«Tn tvA (im^ nri tbvtt becfnnBeL ta jrnl 


10 AM Ib^g tllAlL kr#1i Hba t\AA nt VHki 
■»»* l>i« liQXn tlif fiti4 WJlh «■ tnbttta nf a 
rrvprlll «ffi»rLna cf iLhn* famwd, wUdi iHsa 
■Isll: i(jn aif^ titt LORH i/kg 4fmi, ' oe^ 
(vr4tRi u tibff Limb ibf God Lklfa Unt**! 

11 \bA rthwB. ^K»l* r»J*ln«i Utoro Um 

CoitD thr niNl, tlHJi], »nil thy iiiQ, *nA titj 
jHtiKblEr, pjid Ibf matiirnaat, ■b4 tbr 

bdJdlH-Tnut, Had I Tic Lrrhp4bat I J iriEliiil 
tb? KM-P, ■ml Ibv lUl^^r.itiil llir fkjliras 
Mill, aa.i: ttid irlds*. Ildl Ilr4 hW»d ^>a^ lb 
bL» iiliTiN *i.ir1t xh* Unin- «!j 0»a btUi 
afci^ni tn plii?f bJ* nun* ti*r*^ 

13 f AaA Llun abiil p^gt^t^bM IM* Ituq 
TUI. ft bntitDiBu in EoiMi ' ^^A^ LL^^ iluLlc 

II T ' TbML lOrtk «]MBrT« tba taut «r taJb- 

.1 1& aaid 41.^ vluE l 
■I ;ill irj^lus in l!ij IrMt, 
iFiM.L, ^11 ill \hj '.uij, aad l:Ljr dAnftitc-r^ t0A 
ihj nnquimtaii pad Ui ; BHhLuTTkiii , -aad 
thf L^rHf, ll^ itTinpr, Kid lb rallicrlow^ 
an4 lb nthiir, ilut ii/-« «|iliin llij piL«>. 

Ij I UtiTif.a ilaj* pbll Ibiiij brrp a iMiillUft 
tmJt uqtu llw Liinn lb7 fiuJ ju llw (iJmII 
iiliiEli LImi Icmn wLaO. d^iBHnr i lRC«i[tL< Um 
LtULDiLltj l^iMliliaJI llm lli^c Lrt ftJ) UliB« 
IbnranM, khfl IB hit lb* imrik* Pf iJilae 
bbnit», thftvEH* ib4«L lb*ll mrtllf nii<«m. 

Id ^Tbtte UittH \m ft j-fftr atAlL aii thy 
inolri appMiT hribn Ik* LmIU? Uij Oi"! in 
tiHiplfttf«i Pbllhbl- ibftU Cliawti 1 in ltj>^ T'aUt 
*f labtrftTIQnl Ihniail, pnil ia ii\^ frail of 
vtf MA, «>d hi Uw frvt pI ta!.>«naEirji : and 
'1|M7 itwU UQt ^ftlh^J b«^ura kLii l.OKD 

l?Ui^ nm >JkB.ll fdaa tan hB y akda, 
rvnonftm M» Etta tilButni «! Elw LUMI] tl^ 
Oh] Tklik b" lialb (iTfB tbra. 

Utnl priTMli EIiHh tbhni^luul tb » iTlbr- HUl 
Uuf >bU jladiiii Ud ihoIiI* wTi,!! JMi Juldf 

flMtll ADt n'PIR^l. ^4TMi<l», "nfiltwr tiktB 
^tl r r^r 4 f\h 4t.HEi Eh|Lp4 k^ •Ji'ii >'£ ths 
_ i_ . 1 , ^. , a-finl< nf EJui ri(bk< 


Ibmi Kikluip, thai tb'ia ■iiujrit 

uLi-rif Ibr tuid wMrb lbs. LOAU tlr^ Qod 


1:1 ' Tlk.Tu jpHak Iml plattt tbni ft ^i^-- « of 
•ta^ Itrvi nvhr utilo llir i^r iliv LmKO 
U^ Unl, «bidt EEnA f^tMk tnfthn tbl^- 

'Ma^l vLlftlt Ltw Uiittf llij U%>i h^tth. 

TaOL'*»t*itBi(rtpaffriBv*BO(sibel. L»BD 
|Ei)"Eiiiid OKlf bBllneki ar i iliii>«p, pE.BIO- 
!n 14 IrJmiliii, iT tnj cvilfnYanTr-rlaf^di : CbT 
tanui iIm Ltrn E' Vbj 

t lit IliEfB be fiDi^E fttinMif jnn, Titfaia 
fttajf ar i*ij ^ftlri vKicK E]i4 Li^lLEi Ibj ilod 

fLvctti thf*. pwi 91 vmiAii, ibti iMh 

wTBkiitbt Kk^hi-ilnfH in i,ti»» iLf94 iif Um 
j;,*iiiji EhjOod, 'ia tTiPii(T**i1rt l^L* tor* 

-4 And lu»tli ptDi PJwJ MTTid oUwf coda, 
BB4l -a^wplitrq^ifd Mi<<ll|.. cltbEr iltba *ai>t tt 
iTMinn. or aaj oTtbe; IwiiL «r li«an*^ ' tJEMi 
I. liBTV BDt runnamOrd S 

« /And II ba lAld tbaa, Mn4 Uiou Itmct 
br&rd 4^ llE, Aftd Ik^liLNd UlfMtJr^ and, 
bilmL^K <f *^ lm«, flttJ* ill* ihljip r-ri-L*ln, 
Mfli mriL ihiW((BajL|<j<iinf^tbll In IjtmI; 

b TVit plwJt lliH lirinfi ftvrth ibaf n^bv or 
QlftL Tn^rBPn, 'tcEilEfa hatifl i^.-iillmtElC'J (bat 
vLrkrd tUJDEi taAha ihjfftlrp^ rt-En Ihil. fIMUI 
BE tluat tnnaaUr ab4 '.p&all rtvUa itieut «ith 
jin.i>Fi, Itll Eh*:; 41*- 

^ 1 UUBi Hfltb pr IveWltnrPPr^ or lllMo 

ta|LI]r!ijir>. ilVkllb*!^^! \i *urfJij «! -liiMh 

1i« pttt i* dtk'h ; EhtaJ %i tlip jninitk cf OM 

h* lUiMli act Ti* piu I W J<TiiU-i. 

Thfl hMnl] pf HkT wtrnF^irn f|..«|| tr (Int 

E Mm t? l."^L this. t-J iliiil;. ii:^ iilOT- 

M4U$ers «»f ootUemmrsv. 


The.prieita* imkeritattce. 




U. * 10. M. 
ftM It. 

•»v. m n. 



*Ia.9l. 1. 
lb. 17. IS. 
<Mm.1S. 17. 



•bait m4 (iM «tU a«af .mn.MBons jov* 
8^ or titer* MiM • B»tt«c too hkrd §$t 

Uood, between ple» Mid plea, and between 

tfa* I«Tlt«e, and fnnto Umi iadgi 
b« in tbee* dv*> *>>' invpre ; 'and Utey 
ehall abew tbee the lenteBoe of jadgmenl : 
U> And Xbtm, vkaU do aeeotding to tbe 
MsteBoe. whleh titej ut fbai place wl' " 


to Iko i«4paa9t wbioh ttiey sbaU tell tbee, 
tko^rfmltde; tboaabaU net dceliaefiroet 
Oie aentraee wblohtbiv atall atm^iboD, t» 
tbe right band, nor (« the left. 

U And 'tbe'SMn. thai «fll do preaonw- 
tmmOj, tind wiU not bearhen ^nte tH 
Mrieet 'tbat naadetb to minleter tbere be- 
Ikir* tbe LOKO tby Ood, or nnto tbe judge, 
«Tfn tb|AJma^bi|U die: and itbira.shato 
put awajr the evil nora laiaaL . 

18 -And aU tb« peepU ibaU bear, aM 
fear, and do no move preswnptooiDalr- 

14 f When thoa art oome onto the land 
wM«b tbe LOKD tlv Ood gireth thee, and 
abalt jponeM Utud #hak dwett tberein« 
and ■Salt lay, *! wUl aet a Um over ae, 
like aa aU tbe nations that are about me ; 

U Thou abalt la Anjr viae aet Aim kink 
oversee, 'vbotn tbe I.OBD tby Go4 abaU 
ebooaet ene 'from lUBong tin brethren tUlt 
tboa aet king orer tbe^ : thou niajest not 
■ei Ik etiaBior over thee, wbkb U nqt tbj 

M Bnt be ibaU nol «ipltii4y "bones to 
bioMU; n^ eaue tbe peofria^ to return to 
bjpOotbe endtbat^o ■honM nnHiplT 
hoTMs: fbrannoeb a« «tbe KOKO batb Mid 
data jva, dYt ahaU beneofintb ratan no 

^TVeitbJ^Lu bo nnlUplr vlrea to 
■elL that *Ue heart tarn Bot awajr : Ml 
aA ba gnaajr mnkipd t« hla^elf •Orar 
and geld. 

18/Aadltabanbe,w|wabe»lttetb npoo 
(ba throne of bla bWdem, that he ihaU 
«r(te bin a vopj o/ lUii law in abook out 
ef 9tk«t wJkM ja Mura.tlM piieaU the 

I tbatha 
God, to 
k^ aU. j^ aeida of ttda. law aaA tbea* 

luTUt Unieart be not lifted ap Owra 


tlUXewlfcHU falint— ..yitogWf— iTIp. 

Tai ndesW tite teTltea. and an tbe trIU 
of Jueri, 'fiwU bare no part nor Inber- 
Itaaao with brael : tbcy t aban eat the oflbc* 

Uga of thaLonoaadebylre, aoiUalB- 

5 Therefore ahaU they hare no inharltanea 
aBoag their bretbrea: the Lqko <• ttelr 
iahentaaee, as be bath aaid unto tfaeaa. 

3 And tbU shall be the ptieat'a das frea 
the people, tnm tbeni that olfer a aaerUosi 
whether « &e ex or abeep ; and *tbay abaU 
give unto the prisat the ■lMiU4v».M»i-lbl 
two efaeeka. and the maw. 

4 «(Tbe flratfrait aleo of thveoea, of tby 
wjbie, tpd of thine oil, and tba trat »f the 
fleece of tby abeep, abalt thou dvo Urn. 

6 For *tbe LOKO thy God batit ehoeea Urn 
oat of aU thy tribea, /ta ataad t* ariaisler 
to tbe.BMM of the I.O«o» bba aad bis sev 
lor erer. 

e And if a Isvtto ooiao frev aay tf «h> 
gatea out of all lavaol. Fbtre he 'aojoar«e4| 
and oome with all the desire of hia niBd 
^■^ the plaee wbleh. tbf LOKO shall 

7 Then be shall aUalater la tbe aasM of 
tbe LORD Ua Ood. <aa aU bla bretbrea the 
Leritea (i», wbleb staad tbeia beCare tbe 


8 Titey sbaB have liks iporUoas to eat, 
besides tthat whieb oooMth *f tU sal* *f 
bis natrimoqy. 

9 \ When t]>oa art oobm lata lb* laad 
vbidi tbe Lord tby God gtvetb tlwot <tbeu 
■halt aoi lean to do after the abomiaattoaa 
eftboae natiooa. 

10 There shall not be fMutd amoag yoa oay 
oa« tbat iqafcetb hia soa or bis daifgbter "■ to 
paaa through |he fire, "or that aaeth diria. 
atioB, or .aa oha^ rrsr of tisMii ov aa «a. 
ehanter, or a witeh, 

11 °0r a etuuaiec, ar a eonsulter with 
bmillar tptrita, or a ulaard, or a i'aaero- 

12 For an that do these tbinas are an 
abomiaatioa ^^to the LORP t ana sbeoanse 
or these abominationa the Lord thy Qed 
doth drive tbem eat fkvu) beHna thee. 

ISTbou sbdt ba Iperfeoi wltb Um Lomp 
tby God. 

li For tbeae aatieas, whish tboa shaU 
n possess, beartteaed ante observers af 
times, and unto diviners : but as fee thee, 
tbe LORD tby Ood bath not saOued tb«e 

15 t 'The tORO tby Ood wiU raiss ap 
onto tbes a Prophet from the aJdst oftbast 
oftbybcethrearUkeaatojae; aatolMaiye 

18 Aoeording to aH that tbea iesivadBt *f 
tbe LORD thy Ood in H«*b 'ia tbe day of 

again the votee m the Lord my Ood, .aet* 
tber let mo sooiUofreat iro aay iBopo. that 

ir And tbo tORo aaid aato me, "They 
have wen tptktn Amt wbieb tb^ have 

^!8^I*vrai >aiw>,tb*m ap a Prophet f^ 
amoog tbelr bretbrea, like ante tbee, aad 
'win put my words ia bis BMNith ; *aad bs 
■baU speak aato then att that I ahaU eon- 
Butnd aim. 

10 'And it sban eoao to pass, tkmt wbo« 
soever w(U not hearken ant* aw worda 
vbicfa fa* abaU speak ia aiy aaaM, I witt 
nqnire « of him. 

90 But (the prepbet, whiek sb*n aresame 
to speak a wor<L In ny aame« whi«n I have 
aot oommaaded him to fpeal^ or *tb*t 
sbaU speak in fbe nana* o( other gods» oeea 
that prepbot sban di*. 



< 1.^.18.98. 


•Lsr. U. tl. 

itl^T. 1». 28. 

81, k. SO. X7. 

• I«v. to. S7. 
nVto. 18.81, 


lOt. imktrit. 

rKs.9D. la. 


The man»layer*t refuge. 


Regulationg that are 

tH«b. /nM> 
wmttrdag ik* 
tUri itey. 

tHab. wMtt. 


2L la. 



rr>T. ». 17. 

& ek. 13. 8. Jk 
21 tf. 
• ]r«i..3dl.3S. 

oh. 17. 6. 

SCsr. 13. 1. 
lTlm.ff. M. 

SI And if tiMa ny In thtee bewt. How 
•hall we know tho word whieh tbo Loso 
bBth not spoken 7 

as rf Wben • prophet openketh in thenMne 
of tho LOBD, * If the thing foUow not, nor 
eome to pMs, that i» the thing which the 
LOBO hnth not ipoken, hut the prophet 
hath gpoken it / presomptaoualy ; ttwa 
■halt not be afraid of him. 


fll« tttUi of r^Mm*. 4 rA« pririUf (JU«^/«r 

tk» wmfayw . 14 Undatmrkt mot (• h« r tm o n d, 

lA Tw» wiln —m nquirtd I* atfoMirt • mmtlmr. 

10 Tk» jmntMsMAt ^frnfat- witntn. 

WHXK the LOBD thj God 'hath eat off 
the nationa, whoM hmd the Ik)Bd thy 
God gtretb thee, and thou t looeeedest them, 
and dwelleat In their eitiei, and in their 

It Mparate three eiUea for thee 
of thy land, wbidi the LOBO 

in the midst of 
thy God giTeth thee' to possess it. 

8 Titon shalt prepare thee a way, and di< 
Tide the coasts of thy land, whieh the Lobd 
thy God giveth thee to inherit, into throe 

shall flee thither, that he may lire : Whoso 
kiUeth his neigbbonr ignorantly, whom he 
hated not t in time past ; 

6 As when a man goeth into the wood with 
Ills ndghboar to hew wood, and his hand 
fbtcheth a stroke with the axe to eat down 
the tree, and the thead elippeth from the 
t heWe, and t lighteth upon his nelghboar, 
that he die; he shaU flee onto one of those 
cities, and lire : 

6 itLest the arenger of the blood porsoe 
the slayer, while his heart is hot, and over- 
take him, becaose the wi^ is long, and t alaj 
him ; whereas he wot not worthy of death. 

7 Wherefore I command thee, saying, Thoa 
Shalt separate three eities for thee. 

8 And if the LOBD thy God 'enlarge thy 
•oast, as he hath sworn onto thy fathers, 
and giro thee all the land which he prom- 
ised to give unto thy fotbers ' 

" " thoa Shalt keep aU tr 
to do them, which I 
this dny, to love the Lobd thy God, and to 
walk ever In his ways; /then shalt thou 
add three cities more for thee, beside these 

10 ThU innoMnt blood be not sbed in thy 
land, which the Lobd thy God gireth thee 
for Ml inherltanoe, and ta hlaod be vpon 

11 liiit -\if any num lute hLi urighlmur, 

ail>L lir In. V4U Uf tjL|»K Mid Tkri Up B4tBlinst 

hlo' , M. '] »TOlt(t him t riHiTully that lie ^, 

an>L Iti't Lhr vaiQ mif of (burH alilu ; 

111 T Lpu 1 hn vi\ifTf jff Ml citf thtll i-ni 
an<S fffnli liimtLriMWi Jiiid rltHvfr Mm IlltO 
thf tpniK) Hif tilt, Bvmirr of blood, Uiat he 
mtj tIi.'. 

Ijl N l-F.'iin e7#tli>U nAt i^L^'Mn, itrql lllioa 

frcri! ] .rhi'L, trai it mnj pa wtHi i*iili iEi». 
14 1 i.Tt.,i*i ir,alil ^lil mtMwn tLj htli;h- 
bour'^ UiKlTiikrh^, wLlttlk thfty »I fll<] lime 

t --V-;:^^^ ..-;.- r...,.,hy 

It • vr»w wnuiJW, BUNi UV» riSV Up BSWltSt 

» man for anv Inlqat^, or for any sin, in 
any sin that be sinneth: at the moath of 

10 If n false witness **rise ap against any 
man to testify against him *tMat wkiehU 

17 Ttwn both the asen, between whom the 
eontroTcrsy is, shall stand before the LOBO, 
"before the priests and the Judges, which 
shall be in those days ; 

,„ .... .^. ^.. ' " ^odUigentin- 

.^ witness («a 
testifled fiOsety 

18 And the judges shall mak 
qnisition : and, behold, iftht 
folse witness, and hath test 

against his brother ; 
19 'Then shall ye do tmto falm, as he li 
thooght to have done unto Ids brother : 

rshait thoo put the eril away from among 

20 «And those which remain shall bear, 
and fear, and shall henceforth commit no 
more any such eril among you. 

81 '-And thfaie eye shall not pity ibufVLU 
thaU go for life, eye for eye, tooth fbr tooth, 
hand for hand, foot for foot. 

Tkt pri4tl't nkmrtatiom to tkt ftopla Ufart leffb. 
6 Tkt tfiam' imlarfUitm to tkot nmuft from 
«MH-. 10 Bnm to dtat wUk tko o'ltw (iUrt oee^ 
•r rrfum tkt protUmatrnt of pma*. K Wka* 
cttintnutiiJatroifd. Ut /ruit trom not to to 
dtotntfoJ in tko tUf. 

WHEN thou goest oat to battle against 
thine enemies, and seest "horses, and 
chnriots, and a people more than thou, be 
not afMd of them : for the Lobd thy God 
is * with thee, which brougbl thee np oat of 
the land of Egrpt. 

8 And it shall be, when ye are come nl(^ 
onto the battle, that the priest sh^ ap- 
proaeh and speak unto the people, 

8 And shall sw onto them. Hear, Israel, 
ye approach this day unto battle against 
your enemies : let not your hearts t fUnt, 
fear not, and do not ttromble, neither be ye 
terrifled because of them ; 

4 For the Lobd your God is be that goeth 
with you, *to ilght for you against your eno- 
mies, to save yon. 

5 And the ofllcers shall speak tmto the 
pie, saying, What man %• V ^ 
twilt a new bouse, and hath 


6 And irtiat man is As that hath planted a 
vineyard, and hath not ysi t eaten of it? 
let him alto go and return unto his boose, 
lest be die in the battle, and another man 
eat of it. 

7 <And what man U Mere that baUi be- 
trothed a wife, and hath not taken ber 7 let 
him go and return unto his house, kst be 
die hi the battle, and another man take her. 

8 And the offloers shall speak farther unto 
the people, and they shall say, /What man 
is Mere that is fearAil and fainthearted 7 
let him go and return onto his boose, lest 
bU brethren's brart tlUnI as weU as bis 

9 And it Shan be, whm the officers have 
made an end of speaking unto the people, 
that they shall make captains of the armies 
tto lead the people. 

10 ^ When thou eomest ntch onto » city to 
ilght against it, 'then proclaim peaee unto it. 

11 And it shall be. If it make thee answer 
of peace, and open unto thee, then it shall 
be, (Asrt aU the people that is found tberelp 
shall be tribatarles unto thee, and they shall 

t hath 



RuU as to a stubborn son 


»A.i7 am 


buftwlU Bate iMT acBlMt thM,tbm «baa 

ISAv^WSmi tlMLoaDtl^aod Iwth da- 
Uverad tt tato Uttite handi. Athou thiOt 
■yt* MOT7 ■■!■ thetwf vitk Mm adn af 


14 Bat Um VMMB, and tiM HtU0 MM, sod 
<ihe «Ml«, MMl all ttiMto is tbs ahj, ««m 
all tha Bp<^ tharear, abate tkastidiawu 
t^yaalfi aad AllMt akak aa» tka spaU af 
tMaa aaa^ t a a , vhiali Iba Lobo ihy Qad 
batbjdTan tbea. 

UThnahaU tbaadoutakU tba aittaa 
wlkic* «ra vaty te aCftaa tfaaa, wUab OM 
aaAaTlbaettlaaartbaaaBallau. - 

M Ba»<of Iba eltiaa oftbaw paapla, whlah 
tba LoB« tbjr Qad datb giva tbaa /ar -an 
tta« abate Mva allva aatblBg 

17 B«« Mm* abate «ttaTlr daatrav tbaw ; 
MMM^, tba HMtteaa, «Dd the Aamltaa, tba 
O aa a a a H aa, aad tba Bariasllaa, tha Hhrit«i, 
and tba Jeboaitaa; aa tba LOKD tby Ood 

aU tbalr aboaiiMtiaaa, whiob tbay kava 
doM uta tbalr fedat aa abaoM y ^Om 
Mabut tba Loso yaw Ood. 

MWIiBB tbao Shah baaia|a a eitra lau 
MaM. to naUaa war a«alMt U to taka te, 
^M abate not daatrqr tto traea tbanoT by 

aat aat af tban, and tboQ abate sot oat tbaai 
down (ifer tha tna of tba flald i$ man'a 
Ufa) tto acaploj fltoM In tba atan 
» Oal7 the tiaaa vblab t^ — 

0tnf and oat thaaa da«a ; and 
boild bolwarka aaainat lb* oltT tbat B 
Mr -trtth tbaa, obNI t te be oobdoad. 


/•r lit mt* •/ m n tAtr wift't mMnfrima. IB A 


11^ Mac In tba dald. 4MMt It be bo* knawta 

S Tbon thy aldora and thy Jodgea ahall 
oaiaa fcfftb, aod tbor ihaU HMaaoM onto tba 


4 Aad tha etdars of that dty ihaU brtac 

^ hrrallay, whtoS 

id abaU atriica 


lana of Levi ahdl 
ba LOBO thy 0<td 
oato bin, aad io 
artb«LoM>) aad »b« 
HMV ▼««• Mian avery oonttevarty aad 
*««iy Mraka be «r<«<i ^ 
e And all the elder* of that city, that art 
Mtt tnw tbeiialB MMn, 'riHll waah their 
b«Bda oTvr tba bellbr that la bahoadad M 
tai» M* abad tbto Mood, wldbtr ban oar 

» Lov», oalo thy people 


D Ukki 1j«ft nJaMBwl, 'utilaj 
L bjw^ * VIV14 ittj prvnb «iT la- 

• ctikrf I . A^nil tba ^tU^iA ^mil U. far- 

n ■ilull IImiii pql a«ay Urii f^Ut gfln- 
111 liliwJ fprna u«9a| j«if vImc iboa 

I <1' t\.it tt*ieli iM rtgtit ]Q UktalfbtoT 

■ ■ ■ Lt,M nwit ftwlti IB WW BHlaal 

' . n\<\ Lib* Lu iLEi iLj i^jtJ batb 

■ ■ :a ^li^ iMba luam, Bod Iboa 

\\K.J|ii. AiDnng ti\f fHfAl^f 4 l«B«tl- 

ramiD, uid hut l [ia*tn. atrtu Iwr, Uiat 

l'U<i»B ; ilti] itin jtuJi Ab&TQ bi«r luaii, aad 

]:i AliH 4fai« Ihikll ^dl Ihn MJmBnt nf bor 
rK|,iuni]f fr-UU ulf Iwti but] iLaII Tcioala ia 
niiup b»iiM, aciit /h^itkU Iwi' IhiJier aad 
Lrr mrrtff a h]ll lVi'n<nr AiiJ ilUir that 

liiMg Jt^pJi n in uF^iv h^t, mr] b4 lt«r bua* 

iliall b# Itiv vir*". 

, ,._ .... ..^,^ 

1*11; ijri4 fril b<r 41 all 

l^r, k,l*v1|,UH EllCllI h>Bt 'lltmllbd llHT. 

<> 1 ] f B IwBia timvEk tw.) iriTr«, -hi^ twlii-vad, 
bTiiL tiiHriLrrT EiaLnl^ ared r3|PT bikTn iMtmo 

I : uiij 1/ liM 

111 Tlirn il lijaH In, -lihcti lie iBBbf^ti hil 
t«-tvM m LnM^t emil vliliHi bi IwUtK l^^at be 
iTur DDt nikhn |3ie f fw; o? ttrt bvlCF^tJ nrrt- 
IkH-h t)riVin< tiie m |f[ |bi kiatr4, W^it* <a 
4rT.Jrf«| [Jh Bntbirra : 

I' tLut ^ri< IliaJl Ukntlwledfv llw imi nftba 
LrtLnU /uj- rli« (li--ilH*fti, ill J vliTLbi; liia a 
d!H.'u1>le i^irrtLn] ef *U !■ Mm bt liadi : ^f he 
it Hhf l^i^iir^iiv [ir hl4 ftr^ufUii "tha 
ri|i1it [>riLi liTpllfAni ii l|hi, 

I" T It f. iTiBq hM'U a rtDblurfn tort re- 
K-IHhuu -urn. whith w|]] -am cb^ [be voioo 
«T ri.i hllwF. iir lh» lulln uf hm wuntioer, 
I III] tfi^i, wliin Uht hnn qUul^uieil lilm, 

L^i Tlwil #4iM[ lLttnil«r aad hAt taOOmr lay 
liiiJ.I uB Itim. anfl hmns! Mifl cwi uni4 ib&«iilen 
(.r J^Li 1^1 J. >q4 unifl m* (C»i» Of Pi 111 fel^be ; 

J* * And llvrr tliaJL ikjr <™ig Ul* C WT* Of 
I li cHy, TMi (iw «ij4 U |tfllili*irn »!>4 re- 
l-yUuwm, Iw will nml <A#j wr Tolffl ; f"* it 
h. fiutlnn, And p, dTn^^harq. 

■i\ And iJJ tfa«ip«^n«r hll(ll^#'blJ] rlOBO 
llm wm Uraifi ttiqj hp flifl : ^ ll> kliaiL ihoa 

1<u^ rril fl-PBji -Trnin winf Jitu ; ^lud. all 
*-q^] >kii.LL lif-PFr aud fi-aT' 

n"! i Anil Er B pu n liBTn wiDnikl^d A lln 
J'i'i'Rhi' HT dvilM, arii lie Iv Vn N [itit to 
avHLli, ud ttuMt faiuu Lim 4iD m. In« t 

':i v;iLi kid J >b>Jt Dill rrfoalii in Dlfbt 
«pfti tlm tkn^K t ut thru MhiH in Uk} vrl«e 
Vt'yy lilm ihiBL daT [ tfi^r ''1^ tli4i 1* liangod 
4> tKHurpFisn^iUl r) tirv*IEi| Itaij li^not 
tf .'«i3rd , wi.kti 1 1^ 1.(1 n tt III? 4 a^ |Lt vtti tboa 

Jjr kq lalirri^Mieer 


.l I n^uiilvJ. If ^f^rJ. K Tl^« ^» aHf M i« 

.h ■ •> t^lfrMr^f^. B /h liv> UlKyi E# ^ mwi;itd. 

-l' ^ii. iHrni lJ^n^Jrt*^i idj .r, i^ « U^j ,ii*.|<M4 
^>rjsiry, !L1 tu.j.>. f ^ I'^imr^lHi, Al .11 J 1 iiOHl. 

TilOC *ib»lT iK# Ht tii; ViQibar'' oi « 
Ilia abarp ga Uftny, ul Mid* t^air 

Lava* and ordinances. 


Laws asid ordimances. 

• Lar. 19. U. 
t Heb/WiMtf 


t Hab. mrimfti. 
<0«n. 29. 21. 
Jadg. IS. 1. 

i^1iu,^ In ila-f lAMb Turing 
.iL'E £( not ai^ UBL[t ItiMt 

Ut] tTliit H lli^L LbH du lirliEb li 

lUiJi tlHiu iLa klkif trLH r LtMH niijcit nut bide 

' 'Tliwd dtkH hBlIM th? brnllKj'i kH «r 
„__ \rs tmh iloirt bj lit* ''^J- am! i"!"!* iby* 
■E'lr rtDiB UiMi ! Ih-Fit *h*lt funilj ij«lp tlim 

u Uni vnA* Kif kilb, 

pAfUJlMUl unto « P*fta+ imitbLf iHsIl * mW» 
pNlfln 1 WpJ«[»"mniiBl»t : r* &U tiiat do 
p(^«?r( nthjinm^Llflii ualB E^r LultH Hit 4iod. 
4; |< Ik btril'i »EKt Eikbtfl Ui tit livJ'or^ Litee 

tiie ilain abtliiig tajHih tiMI TiitWIIh or li|Mm 
UiB c^vih "liisd lli*J|.1tCl mJi4 liw tWk with 

T «Mr iiiifU ilmh Ln pnj wLh Ibi iIh) dun 
ga, B.[i|l 1«li:» H\» jMuiff tu UmL Jthi* It 

«WJ It* ff^t Tiftl itlTE. UlJ IJViK TtlU'U IDkjr- 

^Wlutn LbDu tiUUileiJ * Or" k|in>n, iImb 
|Uhi Miiwls Diiliid B bHlUt^nwt (Vf tbj roof, 
thatlliBu bHttg ItiiL liltniil nj^n tJiiua tiinue, 
Ifij luut r^l rr«m ilHin«'- 

■ "rUlU iLaIh RDt ti|v til J vLar^BrJ mUh 

dbm H«d#i It4t ihn ifVuii of t).^ seed 

wtJefa Uiau UjuI; nuFUhUiil ibc traA<A thy 

lU / "Shv* •li«it hql pliH^rlL Mib tn itx oad 

n "Tlvm itwU nut mr&r it ^V""™' <" 
dlvcriF Krti, oi 4]r irinLlDD kKil JsQi^ to- 


]:i TbfluiliH]! mkkPlbni ^frlnnH ii}i<>a tile 
Riur t qiuiTttirji bF tlij vflilurr. -pltrtflirith 

tlwiu B(ivprT»t t^f**^l'/• 
l:i 1 If A«r nihTi tdlffi • irH*. ■djJ ^g^l In 

tluta Lrr, Biiil Lm^n hfr, 

H And r1<r iWWHikM ^^f *T««1" *«»IM» 
ImI-k Uill man ttfi IIB ff'' naair Oj^la lier, 

OiO^ |g l4r, I fuqnd |irr nut * tft^ii-t 

16 TlJ^q ib^lL Ua friHiiM- H^ tliP dumsel, 
pnei: lirr matbrTt t>lcr ud brlinQ rartJi th4 
roJtflitt rt/ Ibrr Jitnatl'* rlrfJnHj unt<f the 
pMfm of ilw rily Ed Hh Eti4 ; 

IS Atiil Uri liiiiiWoL'* f«EhPK «WE IB? Bnlo 
Uk elilrrf, I Ifllf* E>r da"(3Llflr 
Ui&n ta Wkfrr Ut4 llK NiiWh k>nri 

n Ai^, lif, in htlti f^TDD <Dcifti1i5nt of 
iMngli TiDii4iliPti A**', lAjiBKh I t\i-3T\<i not 
tEiT djju«bt«r * nu.-\Ai aaJ jai ih*ir4?^.- <*• 
iglnu <j/ wy iltuffitiu'i HTTrtttH?- ind 
llMT itaOl Fp™*dtl!Sflii*li iHihrfl *liu .-liiow 
Bf lln. . ., 

14 Arid UkQ f Iden dF 1Ii>l uLtf ibnJ I Lake 
tbM Bnv- f-vA cKuflLu lilBU 

lit Am.ii LluT pliall BduehHSu hlUl LB » hucJted 
lAe'^pfi or tihrwy B>itl e^** •'*^»'* liotn Lt.n f»- 
Ujor uTlhiB dJimct, bHMlil bl liv^i lir.-ught 
■up na itU BBBb? y^B « Tirfin »r J-iT-iel; 
«n[3 *\m *1d]l be b^n irtfej b> nuj tvit put 

80 Ihi* If till* tlimg b* Imp, aM (*rt «o- 
)#iii 4/virfiBhty htt D4t fnuiHl Ah Uie tUm- 

SI Tlnn U>#y ibd^L lirtUB nbL Uh ^pmvitl to 
Oim door dI Iict bU-eifM liou*e,i u4 tii« OMB 

or her ci^ lUU itoBe hw with etoMi that 
■he die; twoMae ahe hMh Awroogfaft foUy 
in lintel, to dUt the whore in her fcther'i 
' M : (ao uwU thoa pot OTil mrnmj tnm 


_-" U k man be fMud lying vith • wooBMt 
married to a huaband, then they ahaU both 
of them die, Uth tbe man that lajr «ith the 
woman, and tbe woman: ao ahalt thou put 
awsy ctU from laraaL 

8» If a damael UuU U a virgin be "be- 
trothed onto abnabMkd, and a man flnd her 
in tbe eity, and lie with ber ; 

84 Then ye abnU bring tfafom both est onto 
tbe gate «r that dty, and ye ahaU atone them 
with atonea that they diet the damael, b*. 

le aba eried not. Umf intbe eitar; and 
man, beewne be bath •bnmUed Ua 

neigbboar'a wife : 'ao tbon ahalt p«t nwiqr 

evil from among yoo. 

85 But ir a man And » betrothed damaeL In 
the Aeld. awl the man Hforee her, and lie 
with her ; then tbe man only thM Uy with 
ber shall die: 

86 Bat unto the damael tbon afaalt do notb> 
ing; Mere te in tto damael no Bin tporthif 
of death: for as when » man riae-" — ' — 
Ma neighbour, and alayeth Urn, 
tbia matter : 

87 For be found her in the Md, dnd the 
betrothed damael eiied, and Mere MNU none 

88 V If n nmn find a damael Ma* i< a virgin, 
which ia not betrothed, and lay hold on her, 
and lie with her, and they he found ; 

89 Then the man thnt Uy with ber shall 
give nnto tbe damael's fotber fifty e*eM« 
of sUrer, and ahe ahaU be hU wife; 'b*. 
eauae be hath bumbled her, be may not pat 
ber nwsy all hia days. 

30 'A nwn ahall not take hU falher'a wife, 
nor (diacover his father's skirt. 



Law* aguiful («wrf««tt. 18 oioMimoU* 

Vimvl mmrf. Zl romartttbtjiaU. 

a mm im« takt <• Am ntifUimr'i vintgrnrd 


HE that is wounded In tt>e atonea, or hatb 
his privy member out off. shall not en* 
ter Into the oongregation of the LOBO. 

8 A bastard ahall not enter into tbe eongr*. 
gationoftheLOBD; even to hia tenth gsn- 
oration sliall he not enter into tbe ooagra. 
gallon of the LOSD. 

8 'Aa Ammonite or Moabite ahaU not en- 
ter into the oongregation of tbe LuRO ; even 
to their tenth generation abaU tbM not en^ 
ter into tbe oongregation of the Lobd far 

4 tBeeaose they met yon not with bcestd 
and with water in the wny, when ye « 

-IgyptjM"- ""^ 

against thee 

tbor of Mesopotamia, to eni 

6 NeveHbeless. the Lobd thy Ood would 
net bewrken unto Bahwm; but the Lobd 
thy Ood turned the ourae into « blesslnK 
unto thee, because the Lobd thy Ood loved 

<lTbou Shalt not aeek their peaee nor 
their t prosperity aU tby days for ever. 

7 Tbon Shalt not abbor an Edomite ; 
be i» tby brather : tbon afaalt not nbhor an 
Egyptian ; beonuso /tbon waat • stranger 
inlils huid. 

~ * are begot t e n of 

fob. 13. s. 
■•I.ev.SQ. 10. 
Johw 8. 8. 

etuSl. li. 

|Or. *■*• 
Mrumt hM 

SSmb. 13.14. 

eh. 87. 90. 
1 Cor. 5.1. 

rfBv>9. It. 
«0«*.8S. U. 


Obad. 10.11, 



The fmffittve servmU. 



Hah. S. t 7. 

■tell MMr iaio Oe vaafragatiMi of tk* 
LOBO in Ibeir third geMntioo. 

9 t VlMB tiM kMt gMtk forth !«»>■>« 

lO'ir than b* unrag yoa any aMn, that 
1* nat «Imb ^ r iawn or —iteannw that 
ahaacth hte hy ni«bt. thM abaU be ga 
nbrcnd oat aT tha aaaap, he ahatt nat aosM 
wf thin the aaa»: 

11 Bat te ahall be, irbaa avMiIng teamatb 
a*. *ka ahaU waah kimMtf with «atar( 
■Bd wfaea the aon ia dawn, ha ahall aoaa ta* 

IS ThMiMt bar* a plaaa alao withaot tha 
aun, whMiar than ahalt ga farth abroad : 

uXnd than abalt have apad«a anon thy 
traaoaa; and l« ahaU be. whan than twtib 
•aaa tbyaeW abroad, than abalt dig tbaf*> 
with, and abalt torn baek and aorar that 
wUab aooMtih bwa thee ; 

UPar the LORO thy God •walbeth In the 
■Mat or tl9 aaap. to dellTer thee, and to 
flTa ap tUaa anemiaa before thee ; there- 
fore ahall t^ eaiap ba holy : thai he aae ao 
tqaaleaa tUag In thee, and ton away fram 

U 5 ftThaa abalt net deUTar onto hlaaaa- 
t«r tU 

MHa ahall dwaU vtth thee, even aaMing 
yea. in that plaaa whieh he ahaU abaaaa in 
ana of thy gatea, where te * Ukath hte beat i 

17 There abaU be h« • vbara "of the dangb* 
taraaClaraal.nor»a a edaB »h aaf the mm 

IS Tboa abah not briag the hire of a where, 
or the priee af a dog, into the hooaa of the 
Lord thy Oo<l tor aay vow > for evea both 
theaa are ahaaiinaHen ante the Lord thy 

19 *Thaa abalt not lend span uaory to thy 
b r a tb a i ; vaaryafnMoay.aanryef Viatuala, 
oaoiT af aay thing that la lent open OMiiy i 

n rUato a ati ang er thaa awyeat lead an> 

sf'Wben thou abalt tow a tow nato the 
Lord tin Ood, then ahaH not alaek to pay 
Us for tba Lord thy Ood win aareiy re- 
{ aaditwaaldbaaialnthae. 

tt Bat if thoa abalt forbear to TOW, H ahaH 
ba n« iin In thee. 

SB «TbM whlah U gaM ool of thy Upa thaa 
^ — .. ^ fti— 

ofliNing, aeeordtng aa then haat Towedunte 
the LORDthy Ood. whMi than baat praaa. 
iaed with thy moath. 

M When thaa aaaaal Ma 4^ aal^bear'a 
Tfoayard, ^ea thoa aMyaat eat g rapea thy 
III at thtaa «wa ptoao Bf at bat thau abatt 
•at pot MRtf In (By 

tf>nMn tlieaao 

aam of thy aei^boor, (then then mayeat 
pInA the eara wHb tbine hand; bat tbou 
■balk not BMve a aldda onto thy naigbboar'a 


pUtgm. U*M*lur0 ^mtirtmm l , I0rutif.l» 

WHSM n'naa hath taken a wifo. and 
nMRlad bar, and It aeeM to paaa that 

■he fad ao foToor in bla eyoa. b u ao ni a ba 
hath found tMNneaneleaaaeea in her; than 
la* him write bar a bMl ef tdjiuiaamuat. 
and gire « la bar bead, and aaad bar eat 

t And when aba ia denarted aut ef hia 
beoae, aha nay go aad be anetbar naa'a 

S And <f the laUer hMfaaad bate her, aad 
write her a biU of divoreenient, and giveth 
a in her hand, and aendetb her out ef bla 
beaaa} ar if tba latter baaboad die, whieh 
took her to 6a hia wifo ; 

4 »Uer former husband, wbiah lent her 
away, may not take her again to be hia 
wtfo. after that aha U defiled; for that <a 
abomiaatioa before the Lord : aad thou 
■halt not eaoaa the land to aia, whieh the 
Lord tby Ood giveth thee /or an taiberit- 

b'Wben a nan hath taken a new wifo. 
ha ahall not go out to war, t neither ahall he 
ba charged wiU» aay bnaiaaaai 6w<i>eehaU 
be f>ee at iioaie one year, and ahall iiahaar 
op hie wifo wMebbe hath takca. 

ft Mo man ahall take tba aether or the up- 
per milbtone to pledge: for be taketh a 

7 'If a maa he fouad ateaHog aay of hia 
bratbfaa of tba ahildtea af leracl. aad nak- 
eth merehaadiae of him. at aelleth him» 
then that thief ahaU die; /aad the* abate 
pat eril away ttmn aoieag yen. 

• Take bead ia 'the ptegne af leproor. that 
tbou obaenre diligently, and deaeeoroing t« 
aU that the prlaaM the Levitea abaU teaah 
yea: aa I aamaaaadad thaa^ ao ya ahall ob* 

• ARemember what the Lord thy Ood did 
<nnto Miriam by the way, after that ye were 
aooM forth eat aflgypt. 

10 When thou doat tlead tby brotbar aay 
tUag, than abate not ga into bla honae to 
feteh Ua pledge. 

11 Then abate ataad abnad. aad tba man 
to whom than doet lend ahall briag eat the 
pledge abroad unto thee. 

li And if the man be poor, thou abate net 
sleep with bU pledge: 

U *In aay eaaa than abate dellTer him the 
nledg* apln when the aun goeth down, that 

thee bafoia the Lord thy 

14 Thoa abate net *eppreaa n mrea aarr* 
ant Mai i» poor aad needy, whtthtr kt it 
ef thy brethren, or af thy atrangata that mr* 
in tby land wltUa tby gataai 

U M hia day •then abate gire Mm Ua hire, 
aeither aball the sun go down upon it ; for 
beta poor, aad taettath hU heart upon it: 
float he ary againat thee nato the LOR*. 
aad it ba ain unto thee. 

1« <Tbe fothera abate not be pot to death 
fortbeahUdren.aeitbM- ahaU the ebUdren 
ba put to death for the fothera : erery man 
ahJl ba pot ta death for bla own Bin. 

17 'Thau abalt net pervert tba Judgment 
ef tba atranger, n»r of the fotberleea; 'nor 
take a widow'a raiment to pledge : 

Ift But tthon riialt reaMmber that thou woat 
a boodman in Egypt, and tba Lord tby 
Ood redaemed thee &enae: thetefora I earn- 
mand thee to do this tbiog. 

1» "Whoa then aatteat down tbine 
In tby Md, aad baat forget a abesf In the 
leM. thoa abate not go a^ to fotah it: tt 
abate ba for the atranger, for tba f a t b a rtea a . 
aad for the widow I that the Lor d tby Qed 




tHob. ItnJ 

lit /MM •/ 



4 31. SO. 

tCor.». 13. 

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m tk. n. K. 


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Lm» ofrm»vH9 up seed. 


The offering offirHfrtuts 

r>«r.U. 17. 

tH«v a*« 

rta/t «•< 
tH.k ^ 

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rr»». IS. w. 
1 for. a a 

lTlm.& U. 

Mark 13. la 


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Tny. U. 1. 

Mjr "Mbm thM la all tk* iiiwk vf tUaa 

3r U'L«B llwa bcHtnil tLlnn ijlLra tn«, 
tllhw ih^L But g^ urnrLbB kvufUi Ljatel 

h liuiL Im fi>f Elicfttn ' - ■ - - — 

Im, tn J lii^ Ibi t«1(t*K 
'.'I ^'Len {|]»u £lE]imril tlvd girt^lii uf thy 
liirjknl, tli«u bIibII tail |Ilr4li ' ''• — 
««r<h jt iliiJl N fqr iti* icr 
fiiU(*rl«4t, md rir It* ml**. 

••ril & LanJKUL Lb ItjB laail nf £tTP*> 
UierijIifTT i aummuiJ EliH lt» tin Eli^i tiling. 

AWaM 'm( <• «MMrf Artf . 4 n« Ml M( to b 

Th* imwtadmt woMaa. 13 VMUt wtitktt, 
Tkt mumtrt^AmmUk U to UtUuM tml. 

IF lb«n be a 'eonteorenj between 
md they eooM unto judnMBt, that tki 
judgM na^ >Mlge them ; thra they iahaU 
jtHtiiTf the righteow, aad eeodMaa the 

8 And It thaU be, If the wtefced man U 
■vortfaT to be beaten, that the jndige.abaU 
eaoea him to lie devn, iiand te be beaten 
before his faee, aooordiag to hti fiiult, by a 

« * Forty atripeB be may aive Ua, •mf not 
ixeeed i leit, if be ■boiua oMeed, and beat 
him ilbvn thete with many atripea, than 
vUa nnto thee. 

i 5 kit btethren dweU together, and oM 
if them die, and hava ■• ohild. the wifo of 

>l&2lk,l& llbMihaTa 

Mranger : ber Ibiubaad'a brather abatl n 
in mit« ber* and taka bar to bim to vi6, 
aad perform the duty of a hnaband'a bretbaf 

• Aad It ihall be, that the firatbom iriiioh 
•he beareth • shall auceeed in the name •( 
Ma bteCber «n«feA irdead, that ihla name 
be not pat out of Irakel. 

And if tlie man Ilka not to Uke Vm 
■btother'a wifc, then let bia brother'a wiiSi 
go up to the /|ate unto the olden, and aay. 
My hndwnd'a brother xeAiaoth to taiae up 
ante his brother n name in Israel, tie will 
not perform the dnty of my fanaband's 
brother : 

8 Then the elders of his eUy sbaU eaU him, 
tnd apeak Unto bim : and <f bo atand te «, 
and say, ■"! liko not to take ber ; 

9 Then ahall his brother's wife some onto 
him in the presenoo of the elders, nnd " loose 
Us Aoe ftam of bis foot, and spit in bU 

iswer and any, 80 ahall it 
be done unto that nan tba* wlU net "build 
uf falabrotber'a lieuae. 

10 And his name shaU be ealled in Israel, 
The bouse t>f Mm that bath his ahoe hwoed. 

11 Y When taen atrlre together one with 
motber, and the vifs of the one drawetta 

near for todeHver ber bnahaadoutof the 
hand of bim that amiteth him. and nntteth 
torth bar band, aad taketh him by the 

IS Theb thou ahalt out oiT ber baud, ''tfatoe 

lye ahall not pity Asr. 

1« «Thon rimlt Bothawlftthy bag tdirors 
weighu, a great and a amaU : 

14 THou shaU not bare In tbino hooae 
tdtwrt msasaroe. a pnsat had a small : 

M ^M than Shalt have a perfiBOt and inat 
•aybt. a norfiMi aad juat meamira sfaaU 
that Ibydayiiaajrba laagtbaa> | 

ad ta the iMid wUth tba I.OKD tby God 
I« Fw 'bM tha* do raeh things, »nd aU 

that do anrigbteously. oro an an 
onto the LOBo thy God. 


by the w^y, whoa ye vato oenm forth out of 

uEunr he met then hy tha WM, aad aaMta 
the hindmoet of thee, eve* all Mot were 
IboUe boUad thee, vhan then waat (aiat 
aad weary; aadhe^CBarednptOod. 

19 Therefore it shall be. 'when the LOBO 
thy God hath giren thee net fcom aU tblao 
aaendea ranad aboift. In the land whteb the 
LOBD thy God girath thee /or an Inhetit- 
aaoe to poaaeao It. tA<t< thou sfaalt 'blot not 
the remembtaaoe of Amalek from aadar 
bsaraa; than shalt not foitet tt. 


n« iMt^tHSfa* tf him that mi^ntk tk, yutH mf 
^bitfruif. M Tkt rrmgrr if Ami timt ftMlA Am 
<A4WMarf (i(AM. 18n« Mwaaal t«ciwm fcW 


we in 


• and 

8 "That then abalt take of the Irst of aU 
thaftnitof the earth, whieh tbonabakbriag 
of thy land that the I.OBP thy God givetb 
tbao, and ahalt pat {I In a baakei, aad ahalt 
tgo unto the phMo wbiob the IiOBP thy God 
shall sihoeea to ^aee hie aama lfaete< 

a And thm skiOt go onto tbo priest that 
shall be in tboee days, and say onto Urn; I 
probas tkb day onto the LoBD Utj Gad, 
that I am oome unto the eoantry wbioh tha 
LoBD sware unto oar fotbera m to give aa. 

4 And tbo priest ahaU take tU basket out 
of thine hand, and aet it down before the 
altar of the I^OBO thy God. 

& Andtboa ahalt sneak and say bcii 

LOBD.tby Ood. 'A &nlaa ^foady to ^ 

MWM s^y father; aad <he w«nt down into 
Bo[p*< Mid sciiouned there with a /few. 

■ unto the land wbieh the Lord 
God glreth tbee /sr an inheritaaee, 
lt« aad dwellest therein; 

B. C. 1461. 



Bom. 3.1& 

nnd iilH'.r'lM aa, anA laij □■uai\ | 

V ihe- LoBD God 
'•■'• {.iicn luuuil our voieoi 
^!Oin U1B1 kad MX labonTj 

' iiTtju^U ui fwth out of 

L i.. v^i.Lh l-lHILij, Uld 1 ' 
[tF, I.Ei'J. «LJt •ultkWl 

nh (.iTi>iii^lrt D> IibExi mus pooe. 
.. .. ... «i u ivii], «i'(n«aland 

10 Ab. ~ 
fitatfruita of the land, whieh thou, 
hast giron me. Apd thou ahalt set it before 
the LoBP tlqr God, and woishlp before the 
Lord thy God 2 

llAnd'^U ejoios In ereryKood 

iMng wbioh thy Ood hath given 

unto tbee, av. : : me house, tlM>u, and 

the Levito, ill 1 un- ' imnger tliat <a among 
12 % When thou hast made an end of tlth- 
ng all the "Uthea of thine Ineraasa tbo 
bird year, which ia •the year of titUag, 
and haat given t( unto the Levito, tboatnn- 

i. !■*,« Moariit tl 
rhieh thou, O Loai 

nay aat within thy gatas, aad bo flllad ; 

eh. Ui. 10. 

A 45. 7. 11. 

Acu 7. 19. 
/««. 4(1. ». 
ch. la 22. 


.- KS.U.97J1J 

eh. ». Iff~ 
i^i.S4. * 

The lam to be written. 


The evrn* cfthe law. 

tt TbM ttwB ahidt^iM hate* tk* LOKD 
ttoO«l,IlMTOhrau^awayttw fcaHo^fii 
tMBg* oat «f mint mom, aad alto han 
CiT«n tb«in onto tb« Leritc, and oato the tke fatbariaaa, autio Uta wldew, 
aMBf«Df to aU thy eaanaaaAneBta «bi«h 
' itcoonaaadadiM: Ihaveaottrasa- 
thj eooaandaaeaU, ^ntUbar faava 
- ^Jktm. 

> UMraoeia m^mean- 
kaa a««y mufht tbera- 
of flw oMy me l aaa «m«, oor giv«« om^M 
UMiMf ferdw dead ! (tU I b»re Uarkenad 
t««lwT«l«aorth« LORoa^God.aiv/lMv* 

M M. ^ im y^ j,,^ ,j^^ ,^„^ 

foifottea M«M. 

16 'Laok dam ftwa thy baly habHatiMl, 
troaa ha aw , and Uaaa *y iMoyia Itrael, 
aad tbe land wbiefa tboa haat givta u, M 

U TMa day the Lord thy flod bath «om* 
DMdad thwta da tliaaa atalntM aad Judr- 
'itra Iwep aad do 
a»dtrllb aUtlgr 

to keep hla atatotea, and 
■ad hU Jn^ibieaU, and 

to bearkea uto fafa 

18 And (Um Lord bath »roa«bed ttiee thli 
dny to be Ua peeuUar people, aa be hath 
.,.. - ' -|)to»,hoaldeetkeep 

thee "bigh abore all b»' 

it iltMe; t* pralae. aad in 

Muaa, and h boooor ; and that then mayeM 
" '^bplypwpla nnt* Ofo LORotbjrOod, 

n« jmmI« eii M wmt w H * wriu l4« few «■•• 
Mmmm} 6 mm*-i» irnfU mm altar ^wM^mSm. 

Clt« mnmfrmmmmmd/rwm >i«Mf ^ta(. 

Ain> Moaaa vith tbe olden Of Iirael «em. 
■kaaded the people, aaylac. Keep all 
the oon ma Bd m eati vbleh I e^iUMuid yoii 

S And tt abaU be, «■ tbe day "^^ea y* 
ahdr paaaom Jordan anto tbe Uad whieh 
Mm Loro tby Ood gitnath tbee, that tthaa 
ihalt aet tbeo op great ateaoa, and plaater 
'^— awtthplaatert 
-1 thouabaltwi 
of (Ml law, vhea 
•for, that tboa SMyeet go hi anto tlia land 
ahleh tba Losv thy God glretb thee, a land 
that iewolb VIA milk aad boaey: as tbe 
LORD Oad of tby fkOeia hath pMmlaod 

4 Tbaiafaratt abaU bo vhea yebogoae 
over Jaadta, (fta( ye aball aet «p thestf 
" '^-'- ' — ' — ~— ' yott thJaday, *ta, 

i Aad «MM ab^t tboa boUd aa aMar aala 
Aa LomD4by Ood. aa altavolHrtaaea : rftbpa 
abalt not lift aa anv Iron foolaaolt them. 

• nam rtwltlniiid tb« akav of the Lord 
ttw Ood of abole ateeeet aad tboa ihaM 
enr bant offerlngi tbanon ante the Lord 

f Aad tboo Aah oibr peaoe offeringa, aad 
*dl Mdlhata, bad teJoUe beCwotbe Lord 

^lai tboa ihaU mii* apoa tbe atoBea aU 
-^ — ^ ^tbU law wy pteialy. 

• Aad Slaoaa u 

apake nato all larael, laying. Take heed, 
aad hearhaa,01arbel; •tUa day tboa aM 
baaone tbe people ef tbeLon» thy God. 

10 Thou abalt therefore obey tbe roioa of 
tbe Lord tby God. aad do bla ooaaauuid. 
awnu aad bia atatatea, vbieb I eaoanaad 
thee thia day. 

11 Y Aad Moeea obavged lb* people tbe 
aame day, aaying, 

U TbeaeabaUataad/apaaaMaMOorialaii 
(• blesa tbe people, abea ye aia oomo over 
Jordan; Biawoa. and Levi, aad Judah, aad 
laaaekaa, and Joaeph, and Denjaaaia : 

13 And 'theae ahall atand npon meant 
Bbal ^te etuao; Beaben, Gad, aad Aaber, 
aad Zebahm, Daa, aad MapbUH. 

15 >Cur«ed 6« the man that maketb mmfi 
graToa or moltea Image, aa abomiaatWa 
aato tbe Lord, the vetk -of tbe baada of 
tbe eaaflaama, and pattetb ttia a aaerat 
ploea t /land all tbe people abaO anaver 

MKhiHod Ae'bo that oettoth Mgbtbybla 

17 "Cursed *« be that reaioTotb bU aeigh- 
beor'a laadmaik: aad all tbe people sbaO 
say, Aawn. 

W •Carted Ae hi that awkalh the bUnd to 
aaadar oatof tbowqrt aad alt the peopU 
shall say, Amen. 

19 • Coned fte be tbatfondrtafh flm iud^ 
meak ofthe atraaget, Catberleaa, andwUew i 

S ' Cursed »• be that Itetb with hla aiaten 
the dtaghter of bis tether, or the daughter 
of bis mother : and aU the people shaU say, 

U 'Coned liebetbat Uetb with hla mathev 
lalaat and aU tbe jteople ahaU aay. Amea. 

M (Cursed fte be ttaEwitotb bia nelgb. 
bearaaar et ly; and att the people abaU ahy, 

Ift "Cursed fte be that taketh reward to 
slay in tooooeot persoa: and, all the peo- 
ple Miall anr. Amen. 

in 'Curaed Ae bo that eoalraMtb aot mU 
tbe words of tMa Uw to do thami aad all 
the people shnll a^, Amea. 


/eh. IL n. 

f*h. 11.19. 

t B*b. /*r • 

*ob.a3. M. 

It 34. 17. 
». 1. 

AN0 It abaU omna to paaa, 'if thoa shaM 
hearken aUgenthrunto tbe «oiee of the 
LuR» tby tied, to efcaceae and to do att 
Ua oeoMaaadmeata wblah I aiawasad tbee 
IMa da7,tte*llhoLlMtD tby God »wUI aet 
tbee OB bMi abefra all aatioas af tbe earth : 

S And aU these blessings shall ooom oa 
tbee, a&d •otoitako tbee, if tboa sbalt 
hearkea anto tbe veloa of the Lord thy 

8 it Blessed OmU tboa 6« In tbe dty, aad 
Uaeaed a*al< thoa bt *in the Oeld. 

4 Blessed 9htat 6e /the fhilt of tby body, 
and tbe frait of tby ground, and tU flrult 
of tby eattto, ttie ineraaa* of thy Une. aad 
the lloeks of thy sheep. 

Blessings /or obedience. 


Curses for disobediente. 


tr%. 121. 8. 


<Bs. 19.1.6. 

• Vam.«.S7. 
iOu. 7. U. 

Ik tats. 


twoY. W. St. 
t H«b. M{y. 
). Latr. Sf<. 4w 

eh. 11. Ik 
reh. U.C 

«i>. a. U U. 



XMh. 11. 13. 

It. 30. 17. It 
51. U. 4k OS. 

<T<«T. tn. SS. 
Jw. 24. 10. 

i BiMMd aJUU 6« thy bMlMt and tby 

• 'BiMMd tAtUI tboute wlMB tlMni eooMst 
in, and bl*sM4 cAolt thou U wbm tbou 

gOMl out. 

7 Tb* LOSD Aabftll esoM thiae «MmlM 
th«t rlM up Acainst tbM to be miUteB bo- 
ton thj fMM : thoT •hail oome out agkiosk 
Ibeo ooo my, sad ioo boCoro tboo aoraa 

8 Tho LomD ohkU •oowBaad tbo UeniBK 
■poB tboe In thy litonhouMa, and la aU 

■haU blMi Umo in tho land wUeb the LOKD 
thy OtHl |iT«tb tboo. 

• /Tb« lotto abaU ootahUoh tboo a ko^ 
peopio unto Mmaelt; a* b« hath avorn unto 
theo, if than ohatt koop tba ooatmaadiaonta 
of the homo thy Qod, and walk in his 

10 And aU poopU oftbo oarth ohaU aoo 
that thoa art •■oaUcd by the naoM of tbo 
Loito i and thM ohaU bo "afraid of thee. 

11 And 'the Loso ihaU malto theo plen- 
teono ■ in goodi, in the fruit of tby tbody, 
and la the fruit of tby oattle, and ia the 
fruit of thy (Tonad, la tho laad wUeh the 
Lord iware unto thy tethen to sire the*. 

It The LOKO shall epea nato thee hit 
good tteaaare. the lioaren fto gira the nin 
unto thy land in his season, and *to bless 
aU the work of thine band : and 'thoa shalt 


13 And the Lord shall make tboo *the 
head, and not tbo taU; and thou sbalt be 
above only, and thou slialt not be beneath ; 
U that thott hearken unto tbo oommand* 
BMnU tt tho Lord thy Uod, wUeh I eom- 
Bumd thee this day, to oboerro and to do 

1« (And thoa Shalt not go aside from aay 
of the words whieh I eommand theo this day, 
to the richt band, or to the loft, to go after 
other geds to serre them. 

IS t Bat it shaU oone to pass. "If thoa 
wilt net bsarkea nato the Tolee of the Loan 
thy Qod, to obserro to do ail bis eomiaaDd- 
■ento and his statutes whieh I eoanuad 
tboo tMs day: that aU theoo eurses otaaU 
osoto upon thee, and "oTortake thee : 

U Outaed MhaU thoa bo 'in the tUy, and 
eursed oMaU thou bo in the field. 

1 7 Onrsed s*«l( »< thy basket and Iky store. 

U Cursed oIkmU bo the fruit of thy body, 
and the fruitof thy land, the tnerease of tby 
kins, and tho looks of thy abeep. 

19 Corsed sAott tboa Ae when thoa oomeot 
In, and eursed ohmU thou bo when thoa 

90 Tho LOKD shall send npoa theo 'enn- 
lag, "Tosatioa, and »rebuke. la aU that then 
settost tblae band unto tfor to do, until 
thoa be deotroyed, and until thou perish 
Ottiekly : beoaase of the wiekedness of thy 
oolnM, whereby thoa bast forsaken me. 

81 The LOBO shall make 'the pestilenoe 
eleave anto thee, until he have oonsomed 
thee from off tbo land, whither tbea goest 
to po(«es( it. 

a The WLOKO shaO smito thee with a eon- 
sumption, and with a fever, and with an la* 
lainm»tion, and with an extreme burning, 
and with the ■ sword, and with 'blasting, 
and with mildew; and they shall pursue 
thee natil thou perish. 

tt And /thy bearen that U o««r thy bead 
shall be brass, and the earth that to under 
thee sA«U 6s Iron. 

laad powder aad d 

it emno dowa upon taom, uaui toe* d* de- 

56 »Tho LoBD shaU eaaso tboo to be 
smitten before thine enemies: thousbaltgo 
out one way against them, aad lee seven 
ways before them ; and Aahatt bo troaMved 
into alt the kingdoms of the earth. 

M And ithy eareass shall be meat onto all 
fowls of tbo air, and unto tho beasto of the 
earth, and no man shall f^ay them away. 

57 The LOBD wlU smito tboo with Itho 
botefa of £gypt, and with 'the emerods, aad 
with the scab, and with the itob, wfaoroof 
thou eanst not be healed. 

U The LOBD ShaU smito thso with mad- 

of heart 

S9 And thou shalt "grope at noonday, as 
the blind gropeth In darkness, and then 
shalt not prosper in thy ways : aad tbon 
shalt be only oppressed aad spoUed ovoc- 
more, and no man shall save thoo. 

80 •Tliou Shalt betroth a wife, aad another 
man shall lie with her : l>thou shalt build a 
bouse, and thoa shalt not dwell therein : 
•thou shalt plant a vineyard, and sbaU not 

tgather the grapes thereof. 
81 Thine ox sAoU bo slain before tUno 
eyes, and thou shalt not eat thereof: thine 
ass sAoU bo violently taken away from be- 
fore thy faee, aad tsbaU not bo restored to 
thee : thy sheep sAoU bo givea nato thine 
i.^^ and then "*"""■ "■ ' 

Shalt have 

82 Tby sons and thy danghtors sAnIi bo 
given unto another people, and thine eyes 
ShaU look, aad 'faU wUk Umgims for them 
all the day long : and lAsrs sAott bo no 
might in thiae hand. 

83 'The fruit of tby land, aad aU thy la- 
bours, shall a nation whiob thoa knoweot 
not eat up; and thou shalt bo only oppressed 
aad erusned alway : 

84 So that then shalt be mad 'for Oio sigbt 

kaees, aad la the legs. wHb a sore botoh 
thatnannot be he&led, trom the solo of thgr 
foot anto tbo top of thy head. 
88 Tho LoBD shaU^bring thee, and thy 
king whiob then shah set over thee, unto a 
nation whiob noither tbon nor thy fotboia 
have known ; and 'there shaH tnaa sorra 
other gods, wood and otene. 

87 Aad thoa shalt beoomo 'aa astoalsb. 
moat, a proverb, "aad a byword, among all 
aatleos whither the LOBD sbaU lead the*. 

88 (Tbou shalt oarry arodt seed out iato 
the fieM, aad shaU gather bu* Uttto la; for 
'the loeust shall oonsume It. 

80 Thou shalt plant vineyards, and dress 
(Amm, bat rimlt neither drink «/ tho wine, 
nor gather lAo^ruuMs; for tho wotau shall 

40 Thou Shalt have olive trees tbroughoat 
aU thy Ooasto, but thou shaU not anoint 
tAyss// with the oU; for thtaao oUve shaU 
east Als/r««. 

41 Thou Shalt beget sons and dangbters. 
bat tthoo Shalt not oi^oy them ; for wthoy 
shall go into saptivUy. 

42 AU thy trees and fruit of thy land sfaaU 
tiw loeust ■eonsnoM. 

43 Tbo stranger that <s within theo shall 
get up above Uiee very hi^; and thoa shalt 

Curses for disobedience. 


Curses for disobedience. 



Urn 4tL 4». 





■ot l«nd to him : /Ise ihall be Om head, 
and tlioa (halt Im the Uil. 

45 Moreover 'all tbeee enises shall oome 
upoB thee, and diall porsue thee, and over> 
take thee, tiU thoa be deatroyed ; beeaiue 
thoQ hearkenedst not unto the voiee of the 
LOBD thy God, to keep his eonunandmenb 
and his sUtutes wfaioh he eommaaded thee 

40 And they sban be upon thee * for a sigi 
and for a ironder, and upon thy teed foi 

47 iBeeaose thoa serredst not the Lord 
thj 6od with Joyftalness, aad with gladneaa 
or heart, Hot the abandanee af aO tkinff* ; 

48 Therefore sbaJt thou serre thine ene- 
mies, whieh the LoBD shall send against 
thee, in hangar, and in thirst, and in niJced- 
Bcse, and in vant of all thingt .- and he 
'shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, un- 
tU he have destroyed thee. 

40 'The LoBDsbaU brtng anation against 
tbee froai far, tnm the end of the earth, 
*at nrtft as tha eagle flieth; a aation 
witese tongoe tboo shalt not t understand ; 

fiO A nation tof fiereeeouatenanoe, " wUeh 
ahall not regard the person of the oM, nor 
shew favour to the yoang : 

61 Andhesbalireattheftnltofthyeattia, 
aad the froit of thv laad, anUl thou be de> 
stroyed: whieh <uso shall not leave thee 
eftAer com, vine, or oil, or the iaerease of 
thy kine, or Hooks of thy sheep, ontil he 
have destroyed thee. 

62 And he shaU (besiege tbee in aD thy 
gates, until thy high and fsnoed walls oome 
down, wliereia then trustedst, throogbont 
aU thy land: and he shaU besiege thee in 
aU thy gates tbroogboot aU thy land, whldi 
the Lord thy God hath given thee. 

53 Aad ''thoa shalt eat the fhxit of thine 
tbody, the ileeh of thy sons and of thy 
jbtors, whioh the Lord thy God hath 
given thee, in the siege, and in the strait- 
ness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress 

M 80 that the man that U tender among 
yoa, aad very delieato, 'his eye shall be evil 
toward his brother, aad toward tthe wife of 
Ids bosom, and toward the remnant of hia 
ebildren wUeh he shall leave : 

£6 80 that he will not give to any of them 
of the flesh of his ebildrea whom he shaQ 
oat : beeaase he hath nothing left him in 
the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith 
-ihlBc enemlea shaU disttesa thee in att thy 

M Tha tender and delieato woman amoog 
joa, whieh woold not adventore to set tho 
sole of ber foot apoa the ground for deli- 
t and tendenMss, *ber eye shall be 
a*d the husband of her bosom, and 
ber son, and toward her daughter, 
67 And toward her t yoang one that eom- 
e«b eat «Aro« between her feet, and toward 

want of an <Mn«rs seeret- 

ty in the siege and straitness, wherewith 
thine enemy shall distroM theo in thy 

&« iV than wUt not observe to do aU the 
wi^tdt nf dibi l»w that are written in this 
Mik, ttrM tr^rtL BWfest fear 'this glorious 
■B J b»rft,J m wmTtOIR LOED thy god ; 

jMl rUn Hit, LOBD will make thy plagnea 
'wudcrfuj, ud the plagues of thy seed, 
n^n gMi« BlB<ves, ana of hwg eontinnanoe, 
mi Ht* flitfisasea, aad of long eontinu- 

be will bring upon tbee all 

•the diseases of Igypt, whieh thoa wast 
aft-ald of; and they shall eleave unto thee. 

61 Also every siekness, and every plague, 
whieh <s not written in the bo4* of this law,- 
tltem will the LORO t bring upon thee, un- 
til thoa be destroyed. 

9» And yo t shall be left few In number, 
whereas ye were 'as the stars of heaven 
for multitude ; because tbou wouldest not 
obey the Toloe of the Lord thy God. 

63 And it shall eooie to pass, that as the 
LORD ^rejoiecd over you to do you good, 
and to multiply you; so the Lord *wU1 
itjoiee over you to deMroy you, aad to bring 
— ... . , ^ ^j^, ^ ptatkA 

» thou goest to pos- 
sess it. 

04 And the Lord /shall seattor thse 
among all people, fh>m tbe one end of the 
earth even unto tbe other; and 'there thou 
shah serve other gods, whieh neither thou 
nor thy &thers l»ve known, even wood 

shall the sole of thy 
foot have rest: (but the Lord shall give 
thee there a trembling heart, and lUIlng of 
eyes, and i sorrow of mind: 
« And thy life shall haag in doabt before 
thee ; and thoa shalt fear day and night, 
aad shalt have none assuyanoe of tby life 

say. Would God it were morning! for tbe 
fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt 
fear, and "for the sight of thine eyes whieh 
thou Shalt see. 

68 And the LORD "shall bring thee bito 
Kgypt again with ships, by the way whereof 
I spake unto tbee, "Thou ihslt see it no 
more agaia : and there ye shall be sold un- 
to yoar enemies for bondmen and bond- 
women, and no man shall buy ys«. 

Jlotn mAortrtk (A« imop/« to cM%tn«4. U Wtw •< 
»kat iktf hoi $**». 10 A a art yrwntml htfair* 
tk* lord to tnttr ittto covmmnt wi'fA him U 
Tko rr«X «>rM4 mkiA AaU com* oh him thmt 
Jtatttretk htwuol/ in hit wiekmhutt. Ht SttrH 
thingt Mom0 unto Gad. 

THESK art tbe words of the oovenant, 
which tbe. Lord commanded Moses to 
make with the ehUdren of Israel in the land 
of Moab, besides "the eovenaat wbieh he 
made with them in Horeb. 

8 And Moees called unto all Israel, and 
ssM linto them, t Yo have seen all that the 
Lord did before your eves in the land of 
Egypt unto Pharaoh, and unto aU his serv- 
ants, and unto all his laad ; 

8 *Tbe great temptations whioh thine eyes 
have seen, tbe signs, and those great mir- 

heart to pereeive, and eyes to sea, ant 
to liear, unto this day. 

6 'And I have led yon forty years in the 
wilderness: /your clothes ar« not waxen 
old upon you, and thy shoe Is not waxen old 
npon tinr foot : 

'Te have not eaten bread, neither have 
ye drunk wine or strong drink; that ye 
might know that I am the Lord your God. 

7 And when ye came unto this plaee, 
ASlhon the king of Heshbon, and Og tbe 
king of Bashan, eame out against us unto 
battle, and we smote them : 

8 And we took their land, and igave it for 
an inheritance unto the Reubenites, and to 

g9m JKx. le. 

llie wicked threatened. 


Mercy to the penitettt. 

tka Gada«i, and to the hklf triU of Mft- 

9 iKoep therobro th« words of thii eore- 
aant, and do ibom, tb»t j« Bwy iproapor 
ia all tbat yo do. 

10 Ye (tand ibis day all of jou bofoM tbo 
LOKO yoor God; jrour captains of year 
tribes, your elders, and your ofiteers, with 
aU the mea of Israel, 

11 Your Uttle ones, your wives, and Uiy 
straacer that ts ia tby eamp, front "the 
bower of tby wood onto tbo drawer of tby 

12 That tboa shouldest tenter into cove* 
nant with the Lord thy God, and "into his 
oath, whieb tbo Lotto thy God maketh with 
thee this day: 

13 That be may •estabUsh thee to day for 
a people unto himself,, and that be may bo 
nnto thee a God, i' as be bath said unto thee, 
and 9 as be hath sworn unto thv fMhers, to 
Abraham, to Isaae, and to Jaooh. 

H Neither with yon only ''do I make this 
eorenant and this oath ; 

15 But with him that staadeth here with 
us this day before the Lord our God, * and 
also wIthMwtbat is not here with ua this 


la (Form know bow we have dwelt In the 
land of Biypt ; and how we can 
the aattons wldoh yo passed by ; 

17 And y« hare seen tbelr abominations, 
and their t Idols, wood and stone, silver and 
gold, wfiioh tMTs among them i) 

18 Lest there should bo among yoo man, 
or womaa^ or fksaily, or tribe, (whose heart 
tumeth away this day from the Lord our 
God. to p> «n4 serro the gods of these na- 
tions ; "ies* there shouhl be among you a 
root that beareth H gall and wormwood ; 

19 And it oome to pass, when he beareth 
the words of this eone, that bo bless bini- 
self in his heoH, saying, I shall have 
peace, though I walk "In the n imagination 
of mine heart, *to add tdmnkenness to 

ao 'The LoKD will not spare htm, bnt 
then 'the anger of the Lord and "his Jeal- 
ousy shall smoke against that man, and all 
the curses that are written In this book shall 
lie upon him, and the Lord (shall hlot o«l 
his name from under heaven. 

SI And til " 
to evil out 

ing to all the curses of the covenant that 
tare written in this book of the law : 

88 So that tlie generation to com4 of year 
children that shall rise up after you, and 
the stranger that shall come f^om a fttr land, 
shall say, when they see t*^ ' - ■• - 

land, and the sicknesses 
hath laid npon it; 

83 And that the whole land thereof i$ 
brimstone, ilaad salt, and bnraiag, that tt 
Is aot sowa, nor beareth, aor any grass 
groweth therein, 'like the overthrow of Sod- 
om and Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim, 
which the LORO overthrew in bis anger and 
ia his wrath: 

24 Even all nations shall say, /Wherefhre 
hath the Lord done thus nnto this land 7 
what meonstA the heat of this great anger ? 

85 Then mea shall say, Beeause they have 
fbrsakea the eovenaat of the Lord God of 
their Ckthers, which be made with them whea 
ke breoght them forth oat of the land of 

28 For they went and served other gods, 
and worshipped them, gods whom they knew 

not, aad twitom ho had not t given unto 

27 And the anger of the Lord was Undlod 
against this land, ^to bring upon it all the 
curses that are writtea in this book : 

28 And the Louo Arooted tl>em out of 
tlieir land in anger, and in wrath, and in 
great indignation, and cast them into an- 
other land, Mttia this dav. 

29 The secret tMnga htUtng unto the 
Lord our God: but those ttdngt whioh 
or* revealed belong nnto us and to our 
children for ever, that tse may do all the 
words of this law. 

Jtf«raC« ura mitd to Jtrmd huo» njtmUmn. 11 
n< tommmnibmtnt u yiamiftH, U lift amd 
dtatk art w( lu/<rrt thtm. 

AND "it shall come to pass, when »aU 
these things are come upon thee, the 
blessing aad the curse, whioh I have set 
before thee, aad "thou shalt call (Asm to 
mind among all the aationa, whither the 
Lord tby God hath drivea thee, 

2 Aad shalt <<retura uato the Lord thy 
God, and shalt obey his voice according to 
all that I command thee this di^, thou and 
thv children, with all thine heart, aad with 
all thy soul; 

8 •That thea the LOJhd thy God will ton 
thy captivity, and have compassion upon 
thee, and will return and /gather thee from 
ail the natieas, whither the Lord thy God 

4 'If any of thine be driven out nnto the 
outmost parta of heaven, from thenoe will 
the Lord thy God gather thee, and tnm 
thence will he fetch thee : 

6 And the Lord thy God will bring thee 
into the land which thy fathers poesessed, 
and thou shalt possess it ; and he will do 

And Athe Lord thy God will circnmeise 
thine heart, and the heart of Uiy seed, to 
love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, 
aad with aU thy soul, that Uou miqrest 

7 And the LORD thy God will put all these 
enrseo upon thine enemies, and on them 
that hate thee, which persecuted thee. 

8 And thoOhalt return and obey the voice 
of the LORD, aad do all his eonmandsaents 
whioh I eommaad thee this dw. 

9 • And the LORD Uiy God wUl make thee 
pleateooe ia every work of thiae haad. in 
the fhiit of thy body, and in the fruUof tlqr 
cattle, and in the fhiit of thy land, far 
good : for the Lord will again i rejoice over 
thee for good, as he n()oi<Bed over thy fit* 

10 If tImU lh%lt bE«Tl!«D \I^W%i\<f^'--'-^VOt 

in cliU liHk iff Uia i^iTh iKifJ ]f tliuiL mm 

aalr. lLii Lc^aUjy (}t^ vttb all lt<la<: lirart, 
anU irLLli aM tLj kbL 

11 t'rjr Lbiii (uenTnacidnwbt wlikU I rom- 
mail J ilieo lliiri day, rji is net }^uld^ from 
theiv -neither^ It (kr uV. 

12 ■- It ^t tadMD ^*B.ftm, Him tibim th^old. 
est t,i.jt Wb* fltslk (3 up tur \MM n listen, 
an«1 ijtiBf It ^^'^ ""■ ^^'^ *■ ™"* ^|*»' **! 
and il'i ill 

li %'rtlth|ir ■■ II "tiejanni the Hi. Ili^ ihoa 
Shfl'jirim laf , Wtitf tluJt |« 4Te» llrf hH Cv 
US, in4 iLf^tig It uQtd v\i, ib^ *fl toy iMar 

it, lUiJ. ic k'A 


\ imtk vrepoaed. 


The apogtasy cf Jsrael. 











14 Bat Um wOTd ia vwy ni^ uBtothM. In 
thj BMMtth, ftad la thj heart, tb»t Uwu bi»J' 

16 8««, *I b»T« M* before thee thk i»s 
Hfe aad coed, and death and evU ; 

1ft IB that 1 eommaad thee tbU dav to lore 
»be LoHO th/ 0«d, to walk in hu wan, 
and to keep hU eonuaandmenls, and LU 
•tatatei, and hie jadgmente, that thou may 
eat liro and mnltiplv : and the Lokd thy 
Owl abaU bieie thee in the land whither thou 
goeft to poeeesa it. 

17 Bat it thine heart tarn awaj, so that 
tboa wilt not hear, but shatt be drawn away, 
aad worship other v>da, and aerre them ; 

18 *I denoonee onto you this day, that ye 
•ball rarely periab, and that ye ahall not 

prolong jfour day* npon the land, whither 
thou paaaeet over Jordan to go to domcm it. 

l».ri eatt heaven and earth to reeerd tliis 
day againat yon, IJImU *I have act betoreyea 
UJe and death, bleaaing and eoraing : there. 
fare ofaeoae UCi, that both thou and tbyeeed 
■My live : 

SO That tboa mayaet lore the LOBD thy 
Ood, and that thou mayeat obey hia voiee, 
and that thou Biitfeat efeave ante him ; for 
ho •« thy 'life, and th* length of thy daya ; 
that thou mayeat dwell in the laud wbieh 
tbo LoBD aware unto thy fatbara, to Abra- 
haoa, to laaae, and to Jaeob, to giro tbea. 

Mmn mmurtmtk (i« r9|<^ T aiul Jmkna. 9 tla 
4MiftrHh lit law Mnit Ik* prittU r« tj rfOtf 
«Mry tnmh ftar to lA« foilt. H Oti tatUtk 
Mott and J-km* *•*• tkm tdbirmmdt. IH Mt 
miwtk tlkammmam f t—Hfg maaaut lk» fmf/M 
OyM4«afye<iWAaciUm U Maf Jdiotr-k 
(A« toaA of tkt tuw to tU ImtM (o Ht),. 28 U* 
•mmmiumA M g€UJk*r all tki tUtrg «»(« kim. 

a Andbeaaidnntothen.! 'Mwahondred 
aad twenty yeara old thia day ; I ean no 
more Ago out and eemein: alio the Li>mi> 
bath aaid unto me, *Thoti abait net go over 
tbia Jordan. 

a The LOBO thy CM. •(ho wiU go ever be- 
fore tb«e.aN4i be will deatr^ theee nationa 

them : mmd Jeebua, bo ahaU go orea before 
tbeo, *aa the Lobi> hath aaid. 
4 /And the LOKD abaU do ttnto tbem «aa 
bo did to BiboB and to Og. kings of the 
Aaorites, and unto the land of them, wbom 

yonr tt.tir, tiu.1 j^ ntaj Jo 

Di^ *hith i ii**o 

#4 Jb nnkf teJ 44f a |pH»d «*»!«««, Htu 
•ot, tool \it ib-Mki of iWiii ' " 

7 Ah4 KaiI'I «LIiK1 uiiiD J-mkiUBi and. naid 
nntO IkJtq !b U4 ilfht at nil lirul, * lie 
atroni nrf Wt ■ ?!»J BimT4g«: f*ii tli-m 
■oat gA wiAhtbik pr^frh untn L^i^ l>ii<J. w|Uc^ 
tboLuiLn Ualh i^uni unta iIh-^t l'Jtrl^^Jto 
dre ilmm i aoJ ISm a»ll ibuH ElMrtn 10 

8 At»J the LdbDh -kfl i< fi thai i^iht,^ b*. 
fot* Hbmti ru iriil b« with lb», U <r>ll 
■e* hU: UiHt liijiihtr t*twiM€ i^un 4 hwr ibit, 
•etthrW iSaraijf^il 

llTotr^ n unui ew urMala th« *<uai iif La'rt. 
'•Hth Iwrii |t.r t^rk pf Itai ontrtlBEjt of Uo 
LOU: El. tail nntu bJI lihc dilEiO btZomtL 

10 And MowM eommanded tbem, aaying. 
At the end of avery aeren /eara, In the 
aolemnky of the 'year of roMaae, 'in the 

11 When all Israel la eome to " appear be* 
fore the Lokd thy God ta the ptaoe whieh 
he ahaU ebooae. 'thou ahalt read thia Uw 
befbre all larael in their hearing. 

12 'Gather the people together, men, and 
women, and ehildren, and thy stranger that 
is within thy gates, that they may hMr, and 
...-. ... . -_^^ jj^ .i_ , 

, . and obaenre t 


13 And that their ehildren. *whieh have 
not known any tJUn0, * may bear, and learn 
to foar tbo Lord your God, aa long aa ye 
lire in the land wlnther ye go over Jordan 
to poianae it. 

if if And the LOBD said nntoMoees, t Bo- 
bold, thy daya approaeh that ttiou must die s 
eall Joahua, and present youraelvea in the 
Ubernaele of ttie oongregation, that 'I may 
give him a charge. AnuJdosea and Joahoa 

, congregation. 

IS And wtbe Iosd appeared in the taber^ 
naele in a pillar of a oloud : and the pillar 
of the elood atood over the door of the tab- 

16 And the Lokd aaid unto Moaea. Behold, 
thou ahalt t sleep with tby fathers; and 
thia people will ' riae up, and /go a whoring 
after the goda of the strangers of tlie fond, 
whither they go to 6a among them, aad will 
'foraako me, and t break my eevcnadt 
which I have made with them. 

17 Then ny angef ahall be kindled agaiaat 
them in that dar, and • I will forsake them, 
and I will illiiae my Cace from tbem, and 
they shall be devoured, and many evils and 
troublea ahaU tbefkU them; ao that they 
will sv in that day. 'Are not theee evila 
eome upon ua, boMuae our God it "*net 

18 And * I will enrely hide my fitee in that 
: „ : the eviU whl«" ---^-.. ^ 
wrought, in that they are 

19 Now therefore write ye thia aong fbr 
you, and teach it the children of larael: put 
It in their moutha, that thia song may bo *a 
witness far ate against the ehiUbrea of la- 

80 For when I shall have broogbt them into 
the land which 1 aware unto their fotbera, 
that lleweth wHh milk and lumey ; and tb^ 
ahall have eaten and filled themaelvea, ''and 
waxen la*; ^then will thev turn unto other 
and serve them, ana provoke me, and 

gods, ai 
break n 

SI And it shall come to paaa, 'whoa Bkany 
evila aad Uooblee are befallea tbem, that 
thia aong shall testify tagainat tbem as a 

mojitba of their seed : for 'I know their 

imagination iwhiefa they tgo about, even 
BOW, beCDre I have brought then Into the 
luid which I sware. 

2S Moaea thereCore wrote tbia song the 
aame day, aad taught it tbo children ofla- 

23 "And be gave Joahua the son of Nna a 
charge, and said, *Be atrong and of a good 
ooorage : for thou ahalt bring the ebUdren 
of Israel into the btod wbidi I sware unto 
tbem : and I will bo with thee. 

Si Y And it eame to paaa, when Moees 
had made an end of 'writing the worda 

The song ef Moaet. 


The Mong of Moaes. 

B. 0. 1451. oT «Ua Uw In » bopk, uatU Um/ w«r« 

• A 82 8 

Ho*. 9. ft. 


Fl. m. 4. 

1.. 1. a. 


rflOhr ».1L 
•21am. 92.S 


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«.T. W. J. 
* Jar 10 10. 


tak. 31. m 

I Or, tha 



S& TbM Moms MinmsBd*d the Lerites, 
wbioh bftT« tbe «rk of tb« eorenaat of tfaa 
LOKD, Mying, 

26 Take this book of tb« law, 'and pat it 
hi the side of the »rk of the eovenant of tbe 
Lord your Qod, that It maj b« there "for 
a wttBOM acatnat tiiee. 

27 »Por I know thy rebeUioa, and tl^ 
'•turneek: behtdd. wfaUe I am yet alire 
with yoa this d»y. ye hare been lebeilioas 

Inst tbe Lord; and bow nmoh more 

Gather unto me all tbe eldera of yoar 
tribes, and yoor oAeera. that I may speak 
tlMse words in tbetr ears, ^and eall heaven 
and earth to reoord against them. 

29 For I know that after my death ye win 
utterly * eorrupt ywtrttlvM, and torn aside 
from the way whieh I haTO eommanded yon ; 
and /erll wiU befaU yon 'in tbe latter 
days ; beeanse ye will do erll in the sight ef 
tbe Lord, to provoke him to anger tbraoi^ 
tbe work of yonr liands. 

80 And Moses spake in tbe ears of all tbe 
oongregation of Israel tlie words of tUs 
song, until they were ended^ 

JTaau* (oaf. fn wkitk t« itUlh f»rtk (htft SMnv 
mmd tmfmnet. 40 if* txltaHHk tkam ta Img U 
mp im tk*irkt* - '~ 

40 if* lAmHHk tktm la (i 

aH*. 48 CM tmdmk k 

mmt Xttt, lorn* Ik* lumd, mmd dit. 

GIVE "ear. O ye bearens, and I win 
speak; and bear. O earth, tbe words 
of my month. 

S »My doetrine sbaU drop as tbe rain, my 
speeeh shaU distil as the dew, 'as tbe smaU 
rmtn upon the tender herb, and as the 

8 Beeanse I wilf|^Mlsh the name of the 
Lord: rfaseribe ye greatness nnto oar 

4 A <s <tbe Rook, /his work (s perfeel; 
for 'aU his ways «re Judgment : >a God of 
truth and « without iniquity. Just and right 

6 ttThey have eormpted themselres, 
■ their spot <s not tha tpot of his efaildren : 
thty mr* m fpenrerse and crooked genera- 

6 Do ye thus •requite tbe Lord, O feoUsb 
people and unwise ? <s not be "tby Father 
i*a2bath*ben^tbee7 bath be not 'made 
thee, and establisbed tbee r 

7 Remember the days of old, eonsider the 
years of ^many generations: 9ask thy fa- 
ther, and be will shew thee ; tby elders, and 
theywiU teU thee. 

8 When tbe Most H!^ •-divided to the na- 
tions their inherltanee, when be 'separated 
the sens of Adam, he set the bounds of tbe 
people aeoording to the number of tbe ehil- 
dren of Israel. 

9 For ttbe Lord's portion <s his people ; 
Jaeoh to the t lot of his inherltanee. 

10 He found him "in a desert land, and In 
the waste bowling wilderness ; he « led Mm 
about, he "instruoted him, he 'kept him as 
the apple of his eye. 

11 'As an eagle stirreth up her nest, flut- 



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her wings, tafceth them, beareth them en 
her wings; 

IS «> the Lord alone did lead Um, and 
Mere teas no strange god with him. 

18 "Ue made him ride on the Ugh plaees 
of the earth, tliat he might eat tlie iner e aee 
of tbe fields; and lie made bin to snek 
i honey out of tbe rook, and oil out ef the 

14 li 


fit of lamlte, and rams 
shaa, and goaU, 'with the bt of kidneys 
of wheat; and thou didst drink the pure 
rfblood of the grape. 

15 But 'Jesbntun waxed lh«. aad/kieked t 
vtitou art waxen Iht, tbou art grown thiek, 
thou art eovered with fatmtut then be 
^forsook God whieh <made blm, and lighUy 
esteemed the tRook of his salvation. 

16 <Tbey provoked bim to Jealousy with 
strange goJu, with abominations pmveked 
they bim to 


God ; to gods whom they knew not, to now 
99d» Utai eame newly up, whom your ttr 
then feared not. 

18 "Of the Ro^ Mirt begat thee thou art 
unmindAil, and bast •fotgotten God that 
formed thee. 

19 f And when tbe LoBD saw ft, he « ab. 
horred Mem, «beeanse of tbe prevekhig of 
his sons, and ef bis daughters. 

SO And he said, "-I wiU bide my Ikoe from 
tbem. I win see what their end sAott 5e: 
for they ore a very firoward generation, 
'ehildren in whom i* no faith. 

81 <They have moved me to Jealousy with 
Mof whieh <s not God ; they have provoked 
me to anger "with their vanities : and "I 
wiU move them to Jealousy with Moss whieh 
•re not a people ; I will provoke tbem to 
anger with a foolish nation. 

29 For »a tre Is kindled la mine anger, 
and « shall bum unto the lowest beU. and 
*8liaU eonsuma the earth with her Inereaee, 
and set on fln tbe foundations of the sMunt- 

23 I WiU 'heap miseUefj upon them; «I 
will spend mine arrows upon them. 

24 They ehall be bnmt with hunger, and 
devoured with t burning beat, and with 
bitter destruetion : I win also send »tiie 
teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison 
of serpenu of the dust. 

2ft 'The sword without, and terror twitUn, 
shaU tdestroy both the young man and the 
virgin, the snokUng alee with the ssan of 

26 <<I said, I would soattor tbem Intooor- 
ners, I would make tbe remembranoe of 
them to eease from among men: 

27 Wore It not that I feared tbe wrath of 
the enrnty, lest their adversaries 'should 
•^ "-— '" nuelves strangely, oisrf lest they 

r, "Our band te Ugh, and tbe 
not done aU this. 

natlsB void of ooaBoel, 

29 kOh that they were wise, that they nn. 
derstood this, t'Mat they would eonsider 

80 How should Aene ebaoe a thousand, and 

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Be bleMteih the tribe*. 

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IOC ^Mte 



l'»M 4L 


^ U4 tlw lOBB ted 

81 P« . 

33 For " Umu TiM • ia of Uw Tia« or tiodom, 

■ ttpf 

MdofttMOthlaorOwnocnai: Ibcirgnpn 


tiMir wiaetoi'tlM potan af «r«|Ma, 


34 Xinot tbia •'JaM up in atwe -wUk aaa, 
ixi t aa Ud mp mmamg mtf toea am ea 1 

3& *T* BM &«<0ii^(* yanga—aa, aad n^ 
impiwaa : tliairfaatateUaMato^««iiMa: 
for (tha da7 of thair aaiaodw i» M hand, 
•adtba tU^itiiat«ii»ttaoaia «poa than 

M "For tha LoBD akaU >i|a Ua pao^. 
Ida aarraatar «Mi 

'Mm>« <« noMafaatup. or laft. 

«7 Aad ba afattU ai^, *Wbar« ora thair 
coda. ih0ir rook In wbom thar tcwtad. 

W Wklab dM «M tba bt o( iWr aa«rifleaa. 
4mU dniik tka «Im af tlMir ditek oOnw 
tari r lat than riaa sp wd balp yao, and 
ba t jwar paotaeUaa. 

a» 8aa Mw «lw4 •!. avai* I, m« ba. aad 
*(*«r« ia M «ad vKk mat •! kill, ud I 
■aaka aUra; I«oiiad.ud I baali «aitbar 
<a Mara any «bM aaa daU*«a on* of my 

40rfForIlUI«pa«ybaBdta baavan, aad 
_ — . «_- .-_ -^^^ 

«j gUMaiteR anacd, and 

TMiB^Jatoa. 6 ya aattou, « 
pU: for ba will laTance Uta 

••d <wlU taMM Taacaani 
■a. aad "wUl ba MtaifU 

la paa- 

of bla 

44 Y Aad Maaaa aaoM Mid apaka aU tba 
waida at tbfai aoog la tba aara of tba paopla, 
be,aad UoabaatbaaoaaTMna. 

4ft Aad Maaaa auula aa and o< tpaaUaC aU 
tbaaa woida to aU laiad : 

40 And ba aaid ODto tbam. " 8a* yaoz baaita 
nnto aU tba worda wblafa I taatify aoMing 
yon tUa day, wbiab ya abaU oonHaaad mar 
abUdion ta ebaacrt ta da, aUflia «ar4l of 

47 Per It <a Mt a vain tbiac for yon ; * ba« 
It <a jronr Ufa: umA tbrangh tUa 
ihaU pralanc iftmr days la tba 


wbUheryagoarar Jacdan ta | 

*4B 'And tba LOBD apaka uato Moaaa tbat 
aalfoaoM day, aayiagt 

4* Ootthaa op lata tUa Vaaoatata Abarlio. 
tM»<a DMOM Nabe, wMab <a la tba land of 
Maab. tbal la avav antaat Jarlaba; aad 
baboM tba laad of Canaan, wbiab I give 
nnta tba abUdran of laraal for a poaaaa 

M And dU U tba Bonat vbltbar tboa toaat 
aad ba gatbarad uato tby poopU; aa 
.. ..__..^ _ J, .. . atHoriand 

ap, aad 

fil ^e aaaae 'ya traanaaacd agalnat mt 
aiaaaK tba ablldna af larael at tba waUra 
af >liaribab-Kadeah, la tba wildamau of 

tba land wUab I glTa tba at 


AND tbia i» "tba 
Moaaa *tba ataa of God blaaaad tba 
ablldna o( laraal bcfora bU daatb. 

a Aad ba aaid, 'Tba LOBD«aaM fkam Si- 
nai, aad roae np from S«lr onto tbaai } ba 
lUnad foitb fk«m HMont Pataa, aad ba 
aaoawUbiitaa tbaoaanda ofaaiatai ftoaa 
bla rigbt baad w»i«< t a Aary law for tbaia. 

S Yaa, 'ba fovad tba paopla; /aU hia 
aaiataoraiatbybaadi and tbayt'aat down 
at tby foct; tvarff ona aball 4i«aalTa of 

4 iMoaaa aauMBdad aa alaw. 4«»a«» tba 
iabaritanoo of tba oaagragatian of Jaaab. 

ft Aad ba waa 'king in •* Jaabvnin, wban 
tba baada af tba paopla tmd tba tribaaof 
laraal wora gatbarad togatbar. 

«tUtBaabaaliTa,aadnotdia; aad lat 

7 And tbU to *h» Uaating of Jndab : and 
U aaid. Haar, LoKo. tba rolaa af Jndab, 
and briag biai nata bla paopU: "let Ua 
baada bo anSaicnt for bin} aadbotbaa*a 
balp ta him from Ma ananiaa. 

8 And of Levi bo aaid. ''Xat tlqr Tb 
and tby Urim fta with tby baly ana. 
tboa didat prora at Maaaab. and latt* wban 
than didat atrira at tha wataaa af Maribah; 

9 Who aaid nato bia flatbar aad to bia 
mathar. I have not 'aaan bimj 'naitbar did 
ha aalnawladga bla b t a tbiaa , aor kaaw bla 
own ahttdfon : for ithay bava a b aarrad thy 

word, and kapt tby 
10 VTbey ahall taach Jaaob tby Jndg- 
menta, and laraal tby lawt i'tbay ahall 
pot inaaaao tbafoia tbaa. >aad whola borat 

11 Blaaa, Loso, bia aabataaaa, and *ao- 
aapt tba work of bia baada i aiaita tlirouirit 
tha Maa of tbaa that ilaa agalnat bin^ aad 
of tham that bata bla^that thay riaa not 

Amd of Bai^iaaUa ba aaid. Tha balorod 
of tha Loso chaUdwaU in aafoty by him; 

of tha: 

long, and UabaDdwaUli 

13 And of Joaaph ba aaid, •Blaaaad of tha 
LOBB fta Ua land, for tha praalona thiaga 
af baavan. for 4tbe dew, and for tba deep 

forth by the aun. aad for the pra^iona 
things t pat forth by tba t moon, 

U And for the ehief tUnga of 'the aaelant 
■anaraina. and far tba praelooB thiaga Wof 
tha laatiM hilla, 

10 And for tba preeioaa thingi of the earth 
aad fblaaaa thereof, and f»r the good will 
of 'him that dwaU In the baah: let ih» 
bUatineftaam upon the head af Joaaph, 
aed npon tba top of the bead of him Ma< 
waa aeparated from bia brethren. 

17 HU glory U lik» the "flratUag of bla 
bnUeek, aad hie boraa »r» lik» fttha boma 
of toniooms : with them iha sbaU paah " 
t R«l>. tkt^tn fofik 1 H.V. MooiM. • a«n. «. W.' W HiilTa. 9. 

• ■(.S.X.4. Abut 30. S& / 0«t. «.«.»»«...* 1.* »■»• 

23.23. PikgLlO. tB«b.««Mi<c«m. ilKla.«l;U. *• 

The rtfuffe of Israel. 


The death of Moaes. 


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yM^ togtOtn to the «b4« •! Ih* Mrthi 
and ttliey ar« the ten thooMade of Kpbnifla, 
Mid tbey ore the tbooiaada of Maaaoeh^ 

18 And of Kebolon he Mid, tBejoiee, Zeb- 
olwi, in thy going oat; and, lieohnr, ia 
th/ tente. 

1» They «httt ^eaU the peeole unto the 
nwaniain; there "they ahall oSsv taerifiaea 
of righteooaneaa : for th^ ahall snok e/ the 
abnndanee of the eeae, and o/treararN hid 

SO And of Gad he eald, Bleeaed 6e be that 
'enlargeth Qad : he dmlleth ai a lion, and 
teanth the «nn with the erown of the 

91 And rbe prorided the flrat pairt fbr 

liauel^ beoauae there, in a portion of the 
lavgltrer, mkm A« tiaated;.and the eaoia 
with the heada of the people, he exeeated 
the Jttttiee of tha Lobd, and hli jadpaonta 
with IseaeL 

22 And of Dan he laid, Daa U a lioa'a 
whelp: ''he abali leap tima Baahan. 

2,1 Aad of Naphtali he aaid. O NapbtaU. 
'aatialled with favour, and fall with the 
bieaeiag of the Lord, (poeaeaa thoa the 
weat and the aeath. 

M And of Aaher he aaid, "Let Aaher fte 
bleaaed wiih ehildren ; let hint be aooapt< 
able to Ilia brethren, and let him 'dip hla 
foot in OIL 

2S iThy ahoea thaU b* Viron aad braaa; 
andaa thy daya, to $haU thy atrength 6«. 

SO f There it *none like onto the Ood of 
*Jeali«raB, ktrh» ridetb npoa the heaven 
ia thy help, and in hla ezaaUeney oa the 


The ctomal God it (Ay *i«AMe, aad 
underneath art the eWeclaatf ng ama > aad 
4he ahall thmat out the enen^ from beiate 
thee; aad ahall a^, Saatroy (Aea*. 

88 'larael then ahaU dweU bi aafety alt 
/the fountain «t Jaeob thall bt np«n a 
land of eom and wiae; alao hia 'lieaTena 
ahall drop down dew. 

SSAUappy eu* thou, larael: iwho U 
like unto thee. O people awred by the LOBo, 
J:the ahield of thy help, and who ^ th« 
aword of thy exeeliencgr > and tliine eaemiei 
iUahaabeibaBdliarauatathee: aad*ttwa 
ahalt tread «^a tiMir Ugh plaaea. 



tarfab T /tUmf. 8 n< ]MO|rf« 

AND Moaea weat q^ftom the i^aina of 
Moab "anto the aaouataia of Nebo. to 
tha top of * Piegaht that ie erer agaiaat Jms 
ioho: and the Lord »a>iewed 1^ aU Mw 
laad of Oilead, «anto Daa, 
S And aU NaphtaU, aad tha land of Ephm* 
Im, and Maaaaaah. aad aU the lead of Ja- 

SAadtheaouthfaadthe plain of tiie Ta^ 
lay of Jeileba, 'the aily afpata taeea, unto 

4An4tti* lK>RDaaidnatobim,/Thia<a 
the laadwhieh J aware onto Abraham, uato 
laaae, aad anto Jaaeb, a^ng, I will giva 
it unto thy aaed: »I havaoanaed thee-to 
aeaft wHh tUae eyea, but thou ahak net 
go over thither. 

6 t '^Bo Moaea the aarraat oftbe Lokd 
died there inth* iMdaT Moab, aaawiWng 
to the ward of the Lord. 

And he buried him in a Tattey la the 
fawd of Moab, a«ar againat Beth^iwor : bat 
4na man kaowetb of hia eepnlefave unto tUa 

7 JiAnd Moaea aaaea huadaad aad twenty 
yeara old when be died : /hia eye waa aot 
ttm,.nor hii taataaal Care* t ^ated. 

8 And the ehUdren of larari wept tbr Ma* 
Boa ia the plaiaa aTMoab^lMrty itoya 
tiia daya of aaaptag a»td ^ ' 

_. apirk of wladom; far • Moaea had 
Uid hia haada upon him; and the ehiMien 
of laaael hearioeaed ante Urn, anddld aa 
tlie Lord eomaaandad Moawi 

10 And there I'aroae not a prophet aiaee 
in larael Ilka iintoMeae>» « whom the Lord 
knew fhee to fhee, 

11 In aU 'the algi 

1> And la aU that mighty hand, aad in aH 
the gTMt torrer which MMoa ahewed in the 


n* lori n ffi n t t t k Jailima (• muemi Mttm. 8 
Tkt txttiu e/ iJu fr^mitad l^md, 6 «ad t^- 
enragttk nnd inttruetttk J^kua, 10 Joikv* 
prtparrtk (A« ^Mo^e f pati »wr J^trdan. 12 
Mtpnttttk 1krtimtrU*» mid m kml/i* mmd ^ 
lA«Jr f rtm if M J l t—t, 18 Tktf p nm i m kim 

NOW after the death af Moaea the aerr- 
ant of the Lord tt oame to paaa^that 
the Lord apake unto Joahua the aoa af 
Maa, Moaea'^'miBiater, aming, 

S^Moaeamyeerrant ia deadf; nowthore- 
fore ariae. go otrer thia JordM, then, and 
all thU people, unto the land whUh I do 
glTO to tbem« eaan to the children of la- 

a'Kvery place that the aole of your foot 
ahall tread upon, that have I givea uato 
you, aa I aaid uato Moeee. 

4 .<Froin the wildemeaa and thia Lebanon 
even unto the great river, tho river Enphra- 
tea, aU the laad of the HIttitea, aad uato 

the great aaa t»wa>d tha gola( down ef the 
aaa, aballbayeareoaat. 
8 *Tbere aiiaU aot any man be able to 

thee: U Witt aot faU ttiee, nor fcraake 

6 1'Ba itroag aad of a g( 
lunto thia people ahaH tl 
iaheritaaee the laad, iriti 
theU fatban to give theau 

7 Only be theuatrang aad very eonrageeaa. 
that thou mayeat obaerve to do aeeordiag to 
aU the law, iwUeh Moaea my aervaateom- 
nmnded tbeet <tnm not fhim it (ethe right 
head or to the left, that thou amyaet tproa- 
per whitlieraeever thou goeat. 

8 "Thia book of the law ahall not depart 
cot of thy BMath ; bat " thoa ahalt meditate 
thereia day aad jA^, that thou mayeat ob> 

|Or. nuAOC 

lOwt. 14. 14. 
(eh. Tl.94. 




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.-•aerit a< 


RmhtA oonce^leth the apiea. 


TheiT covetumt with her. 


Bm DMt.8. 


f-. RmKx. 


MtTc to d* MMi«nr to «U Ikiit to mittoa 
tbaniat ft>r ttea tboa abalt naln tbyvay 
praspnow. Mid thai tbM. dMto aUto fwd 

• •Ham BO* I onnaii 
■tmac aad of a good 4 

Uwef Bo 

, J »be not 

■in^ Boldiec bo thou di«aiqr«d: in tho 
LoKo thyOAd to irttb «hoo «|>tt^MMOV«* 
thou most. 
10 Tbon Jootaft oavaaudvd ttw oOeon 

U Puo thra^Mte boat, rad oomauiid 
tlto poimie, aajugt Prepuo 700 TiotwJa ; 
tor #witkta thno daya 70 ah*!! pMa otot 
khto Jordu, to go in to poaacoa tbo land. 
wUah Ika Lobd jronr Ood gtrtUi joo to 

15 t ilad to tho BonboBttoa, aad to tho 
Oitditoa, Mid to bair ttw tribo «r MwMaeb, 

UBoMnbor 'tka wwd whloh Moaoa tbo 
aonrmnt of tbo Lomo oomniMided von, aagp» 
tag. The Lobd joor Ood batb yiToik yon 
aoal, «Bd bath glvw xoa tbto lasd. 

U Tour virea, yvrnt Uttio oaoa, and jmu 
oalUo, abaU ton^hi ta tbo laaid irhlob Ho. 
aea gavo ytn oa tbto aide Jordan ; bat jo 
ataall Mtao balbto TOW brotbiw tannod, all 
tbo misbtymefi ofvaloar, and bolp tbom ; 

16 Until the LOBD bare given yoiir brolb> 
na >Mt, aa Aa hath givvn jon, and tboy 
also baTo poaaeaaod tbo land wMoh tbo 
Lord yoor eod gtvetb tbeut 'then 70 
obaU rotnm unto too land of year peaaoa 
aton, and e^joy U, wUah Moaea tbo LomD^ 
aerrant gave jva on thlsatde Jordan ta> 
wardtbo aonvMnt. ' ' 

U And th«T anawoted Joatasa, aaviac, 
AU «bat tbon emnmaadaa* na «« vriU do, 
and «Utbef8oever thoa aendeat ua, vo will 

IT Atondlng aa we bearfcenod onto Hoooa 
in«Ulbh^.aowaiweboarfcen nntotbee: 
only the Lord thy God «bo wftb tbeo, aa 
b« waa wHb Moaea. 

19 Wboaoever *««etbat do«b wbol againat 
tby eomnuadment, and will not tM«rkon 
onto thy wtMda In aB that tbon oottmandeat 
Mm, be abail bo Mt to deatbt only bo 
atavag and of a good eaorage. 


/rim.akiaim. iTht 

iknt. 93 Tktir r*l*m om^ reftort, 

AND iTMtaaa tb« BMI of NVm «aent«ottt 
oT BbHtIm two men to apy aeeretly, 
afeytag. Qo view tbo land, erven Jerleha. 
And tbey went, and f earae Into a barlot'a 
booae, named *Rahab, and t lodged there. 
S And ilU -mw tokd tb« king of Jerieho, 

S And tbeMng of Jofriebb MBtnnto Bahab, 
aaylng, Brtng ftrtb the men that are ttiaao 
to fbto, wMeS a»a oateted into thine beuM : 
Ibr tbey be tone to aeareb out all tbo wail- 

V Ab4 tbfi wwaan took the two nen, and 
hM LiviH, uvA nid (bda. There eane man 
VBto inf'nlrtic r itIbI not vAenoo' tbey uwre.' 

^ \siA \t <.-,.•'.. r to paea oftout tA< tiwu of 
■IxiiilinE fiTiu, fUe, wtien it waa dark, that 
lb ni-n v^ni Mitj whither the men went, 
I wvt rvot " fianoe after tbem qnidcly } tor 
yi! ttMi n«rrtok«the)a; 

« Bai /nht hai briogM thett up to the 
fMf of ttia bme, and Ud tbom with tbo 

npoB tbo roof. 

f And tbo men . 

way to Jordan onto the ftirda : and aa aooa 
aa tbey whieh poranod aftor tbem wore gone 
oat, tbey abat the gate. 

8 And botoro tbey were laid down, abo 
eaoM npnato tbom apon tbo roof; 

• And abo aald onto tbo men, I know toat 
tbo Lord bath given yoa tbo land, and that 
'Toor terror ia lanon upon ua, and that Ul 
tbo iabaUtanto of tbo lud ' - - 

161^ wo bavo board bow tbe LORD Adriod 
np tbo wator of tbe Red aea for yoa, wbon 
ye aiamo Mi» of Egypt; and *wbat yo Ad 
onto tbe two kings of tbe Amoritea, that 

6g, whom yo ntt4^ deatroyod. 
U And aa aooa aa w» bad tboard lAoaa 
(Mn^o, <ow boaru did molt, aoitber tdid 
there remain anymore oonrage ta any nwa, 
beoanae of vene tor » tbo Lord voor God, 
be to Ood to boaven above, and la earth 

me by tbo Lord, ainee . 

kladaeaa, that yo wiU alao abow klndneto 
onto 'mif fath«r>a booae, and 'give ma a 
true token: 

1* And ih9t ye wiU aave alivo my totber, 
and my motber, and my brethren, and my 
alatota, and all that tbey have, and deUvor 
oar Uvea fton death. 

14 And the men anawered her. Oar HCi 
t tor yoora, f f ya otter not tbU oar buatoeaa. 
Aad it ahall bo, vbea the Lord bath given 
aa the land, that two wlU deal kindly aad 
tnily with thee. 

16 Then abo 'lot tbem down by a oord 
throogb tbo window : fbr her hooao «o«a 
apon the town wall, and abo dwelt i»«n the 

U And abo aaid ante tbem, Get yoa to tbe 
moaataln,leat tbe puraaora meet yea; and 
' ' yooraolvoa there three dayo, until the 
iiof a bo rotamod : aad afterward miy 
yo go year way. 

17 And the men aaid onto her. We wOl to 
*blameleaa of thia tblno oatb wMeb tboo 

18 iBobold. wA«n we oomo tato tbe land, 
thoa ahalt bind thia line of aearlet thread 
in tbe window wfaieta thoa didat let aa down 
bye *»aad tboa aha|> tbvtog thy fktber, aad 
thy mother, and thv brethren! aad all tby 

19 Aad it abidl bo, tha* wboaoever abaU go 
oat of the doora of thy booae into the atreet, 
bto Mood aAoU ^ apm Ma bead, and we 

with thee in the boaie, 'bia blood aAaU to 
oat oar head, if nmy hand bo apon faim. 
fO And if tbon otter thia onrbaatneea.tben 
w» wUL be foit of thine oatb wfatob tboa 
baat made aato »»oar. 
■n And aba Maid, Aeeording onto year 
worda. ao 6e U.- And she aent theta awi^, 
aadtheydepoitod: aadabebonnd the aear- 
let line in the window. 


abode there three daya, iui> 
til the purauera wen retained: and tbe 
panoera aoariit <Aem tbnwghoa* aU the 
- "-Mtoandf 

blni an «A)fN|W that beMI ttaou t 

Tke Israelites at Jordan. 


Tke peopte pass aver. 

M Aad ttey Mid nto J«rinis, Truly Vlto 
Lord hath dellTercd into our band* all tha 
land; Ibr vrtn aU tba tnhabltaau of Um 
" "* ■ ■ of u. 


Tk* lirmditi CMMt (o J<,rda». 'I fJU *Mcmrt im- 

$lrwei Ihtm iwv Ihtf ar* (• jmtt vwr •(. 7 Tk» 

litr^maomromtkJikmtt. ItJat ki u mm uitrn Mh 

AMD Joahua roao earW in the nMralBg; 
. aod thoy lamoTed 'from bhtMim, and 
eaoM to Jordan, lio and all tbo ebildrm of 
loraal, aad lodgad thora bolbn thoj paaaad 
S And it oamo to paaa » after throo days, 

8 Aad they oaauaanded tbo poopio, aaylug, 
*Wbeo ye ■«• tbo ark of tlio ooroMotoT 
tka Lomo your Ood, ^aad the prioaU the 
LoTitoa boaring it, then yo ohall iwaore 
rcoayour plaeo, and go after it. 

4 * Tot there ahaU be a apaoo betwoeu yon 
and it, abool two thouaand eublu by noaa* 
ore : oobm not near unto it, that ye aay 
know tbo way bv whieh yo aiual go : fitr ye 
have not paeeed thi* way t heretofore. 

& And Jo«hua said unto the people, /Bane* 
tifv »...f^lir4H,. r«T to wvmw the Lord 

t\ . . 

d<> "ii J -« tm iit^iiti^ifj'EiiMintheei^ 
01 Hill [ti*rL, Hta.t iHiiff iiM¥ know that, tas 
I Tii^ wiel. ti-vti, Kf I «j|[ Ih, witbtboe. 
t^ A;.a iiiiHt t\talt owtihfti.d Atbo ptioata 

tliBt Umr ikttrk «f ti<9 r>,^ niaat, ■oying, 
Vl'i.'M ytt iLTB^dHH ui t\w lif-ri K of iba water 
of J^'niiELn, >'f4< ilittik AtaDi] ^iiJl in Jordan. 

'J % .\nr\ j«i.u& uLd DDx-i iiie abtldrm af 
Itrr ^. I. L ..UM hltbor, ud t.c4T the words of 
tljw j<wi4i> jfour trad. 

10 And Joobua aaid. Hereby ye tbaU knmr 
that "• the living God ie among yon, and 
that ho wtU without fkil "drive out from 
before yon the Canaanite*, and the Hittitea, 
and tbo Hivltes, and the Pertaiitoi, and 

' OlrgaaUtai, and the Aaoritea, and tb« 

11 Behold, tbe ark of the eoronaat of •the 
Lord of aU tbe earth paseotb over before 
you into Jordan. 

15 Now thereCm 'take you twelve man 
out of tbe tribea of larael, out of every tribe 

13 And it shall oome to pass, «aa soon as 
the soles of the Cset of tbe priests that boar 
tbe ark of tbe Lord, 'tbe Lord of all the 
earth, shaU rost in tbo waters of Jordan, 
that the waters of Jordan ahaU be out off 
/roa» the waters that oome do wn ftwm abova ; 
and they 'shall stand upon a bsnp. 

14 And It aanw ta pass, when the peopU 
resMved tWMB tbeir tenia, to paas over Jet* 
dan, and tba prieau bearing the (ark oT tbe 
oovennnt before tbe people ; 

16 And as they that bare tbo ark were 
oono unto Jordan, and "the feet of the 
priests that bare tbo ark were dipped in tbe 
brim of the water, {tx "Jordan overfloweth 
ail his banks 'all tbe tiuM of harvust,) 

M That tbo waters whieh eaaae down tnrn 
abwva stood Mmt roaa up upon » heap very 
ftw fkam the «lty Adam, tlMt <s baaido * Sar- 
alan; and Ibaaa thni aanw down "lawMd 

tbe aea af tbe plate, eve* *the salt son, 
failed, and were eat off: — ' ^ *- 

17 And the priests that bare the ark of 
tbe oovenant of the LORD stood Arm on dry 
mi»d in tbo midst of Jordan, «and aU tbe 
Israelitea paased over on dry gro u nd, until 
ail tbe people weta passed sMan avsr Jor> 

ISpWm mm apfinlfit (• Ink* trnMrt itmutfor m 
anwnW ••( V .'•"<■•■ V Twtlm ttktr tl»mm 
ml up <«» tAt wudU •fJunUn. 10 n» p— m l t 
pmu MMT. M 6W iMW«/«(* Jmtkm*. ft A. 
Iin(n ««Mi pUitud t» Uiitat. 

AND it eame to paes. when all the peopte 
. were olean paased "over Jordan, that 
tbe Lord spake unto Joshua, saying, 

1 i Take yau twelve BMU out of the peoptot 
oat of every tribe a man, 

a And aommand ye then, saying. Take 
y«u beneo out of the midst of Jordan, out 
of tba pbMo where 'tba priesU' feet stood 
Arm, twelve stones, and ye shall earry them 
ov«r with you, and leave tbem in i<tbe 
lodging plaoe, where yo shaU lodge tUa 

4 Then Joshua ealled the twelve men, whom 
he had prepared of tbe ehildrea of Israel, 
ont of every tribe a man : 

6 And Josbna said unto tbem. Pass over 
bafcro the ark of the Lord your Uod into 
t*ie midst of Jordan, and take you up every 
Ida s h ould e r, a» 

manor youa 
eotding unto 

tbe number of the tribea of 


, saying, What mt4an ye by 

7 Then ye sbaU answer them. That /the 

ark of the oovenant of tbe Lord; when it 
passed aver Jordan, the watara of Jordaa 
were cut off; and theee stones shall be for 
'% memorial uata the ofaUdren af Isivel 

8 And' the eUMren of Israel did so as 

stones out of tbe midst af Jordan, as tbe 
Lord spake unto Joahua, aoeordlng to tbe 
number of the tribea of tbe ehildren of Is- 
mel, and oarried tbem over with tbem ante 
tbe plaoe where they lodged, and laid them 
down there. 

• And Joehuaaet uptwdve stenea In tbe 
midstor Jordaa, in the plaoe where tbe Ibet 
or the prieeU whieh bare the ark oftbe eov. 
cnant stood < and tbsy ars there unto this 

iJ For the prieoU wfateh bare tbe ark stood 
in the midst of Jordan, until every thing 
was laisbed that tbe Loju> eommanded 
Joshua to speak unto tbe people, aeoardiuf 
to aU that Hoeeo aommandedJashuni aJ[ 
tbe people hasted and passed over. 

11 Audit aama to pass, when aU the nsa* 
pte were eloaa passed ever, that the arte of 

tbe Lord paased over, i ^ "^ '-*- '" 

the preeenae af tbe peopl 

12 And Atbe eblldren ol 
nasseb. passed over ann 
dren of Israel, as Moses i 

13 About forty thousand 
paased ovar before tbe 1 
to the plates or Jerleho. 

14 t Ob «>mt day tbe Lord «ms a a W > i 
- - tetbaalcU or aU Israel iMdthif 

tbe Lord 

the preeenae oftbe 

12 And Atbe eblldi 

obildren of Gad. and half the tribe of Ma> 
nasseb. passed over anned before the ehU* 
dren of Israel, as Moses spake unto tbem i 

13 About forty thousand i) prepared for war 

CirewmetMi&His renewed. 

1CW9 U. 


h.80 7. 
J- ». 7. 

•W-IA 10.11. 

*lKi. MlA. 

tekNdkhn, mUmv fMMd MflMa, aU tba 
U Awl Um Lobo npi^ nto JMbaa, 

1«Cmwmi4 tha iprieaU tlwfe baw Alke 
Brk tf Um taatteany, tbM tbqr «one «p oitt 

■■Tiagt Coo* y up oat at Jonlui. 

U Aad It MOM to psM, when Um prints 
tint bM« ttM «rk of tiM «o««nuit of tb* 
LoKD ««r« oofM i» owt of tka nidst of 
Jordaa, «imI Um mIm of the priMU' fett 
wnvtlifi^npBBtoUM diy Und. Uiat Um 
watcra of Jordan ntnood mto tMr ptew, 
«Aad tflowwl OTW aU Ua banks, aa May 
aUtt befbro. 

19 Aad tba paapla aaaaa «p a«rt of Jacdaa 
•B Um taatb lim of tba lint wMtb, and 
MMampad-'laOilcal.lnUMcaat bacdaraC 

9U And "UMaa twaira atwMi, whiafa Umjt 
took oat af Joidaa, did Joabua pitab la 

SI ABd ha apaka aato Um ehildrea of U- 
rael. saylas, ^Wtea yow ehUdraa abaU aak 
tbeir fbtbera t ia Ubm ta ooma, saTlag, VTbat 
maan Uwoa atoaea } 

SS Than m ahall lat ymu aMUwa kM>w, 
saying, 'Israal aaaa over ttaia Jotdan an 

84 For tba LOKD yotur Oad drfod up tha 
vatarsoT Jardaa fkam bafsra yaii, untU y 
^ ...- w jmuOoA 


Lord, that (t U 
'Blghty: that j% ml^ ffsar tha Lobd 
four Oodt for arar. 

rUCmmammUn^/imU. t JtJkna tirtmmtimllk tht 

of tba Amorltaa, wbiah wara on tha 
aUU af Jordan weatward. and aU the klags 
of tha Caaaaaitas, * wbieb Mara by Um aaa, 
Aboard that tba Loao bad driad ap tha 
watera of Jordaa ftom baftwo tba ahOdroa 

1b tbaok any wwo, baaansa of tba 
of I>ra«l. 

%n At that tlBM tba LOSD said nnto 
Joabaa, Maka thc« tWsbarp kairaa, and 
alisaaasiM acala Um ahUdran of lataalttM 

S And Joahoa made blm sharp kalvaa, and 
alwoiBtosi Um Alldran of Israal at itha 
hiB e( Iha fbreskias. 

4 And this ^ tba aausa wbgr Joshua did 
abaaBMise: *AU tha paopla that eana oat 
of BopW <*<K mmrt makf, aoait aU Um 
■an or war. died In Mm vUdonaas by Um 
wmj, kAct iWj tmwr 04lt fit Ecypt. 

fr |i4^' ad 1^ pv#plr [Lst oanM oot ««ra 
.rirci]r,Lruetl)i bjl aJI Llir ^aoplo that tsara 
Uiwn I Q Um liJrlrnirid Vj tba way as thay 
flsnw. KirtL But el i:^|it, f Asm thay had not 

* rm lb* cbllititb vt [i'mI walked /forty 
fnin Is llw *1l(tanK'4i, eiO all tba paopla 
#mt mtm n-e pf *■'. vbieh aaoM oot of 
i^g^ wwn wwrnvul. hr'Muua th^y abeyad 
mm thaTfliwiil thir l4i»Ds unto whaan tba 

UN lHi4, lAMi ilfBLajii> swan unto thdr 

flMharsUiathawoald KlTaaa,Aalaad Uwt 
iowath with Bilk and Swey. 
7 And i thair ahildraa, bAmb U lalaad np 
In their stand, thaoi Jaabaa airaoisaissd: 
for thay wore anciramnaiaad. beaaass tbqr 
had aos al r a w ncl a ad thaoi by tba way. 

paopla, that thry 
abode In their piMaa in tha eamp, AtUl thay 

• And Um Losd aald nata Jeabna, Tbb 
day have I railed away ithe repraaeh of 
Egypt from off you. Wherefore tba name 
aTtba plaaa la saUad le-augal unto UiU 

10 And Um efaUdran of laraal anaaapad 
In Ollgal, aad kept tha paaaarer "on the 
feurteoath day of the month at eren In the 

U And UMy did eat or the oM aotn af tha 
laad OB tha morrow after the paaaoror, an> 
learened oakea, aad parahea 9»m In tha 
aaUbaoMday. - 

JJ.M.I' :l,::im.. 'row 

af ■ 1 ,-*(-j. :( i\.f iiJd [HJTTi i^r the 

la ' ' r liad lh» ahikMFEk oT Jsrael 

m T.nt; hitl Uwj dLJ ud nt the 

fhi .u.i>-l taHtiiaMatbmljatw. 

I'r- '. Aii>^ ii mmfl Id |iui, vlicH JntlMa 
WS' l-J iferLcbO, Uul hw iitU~i up Lti ryae 

anil ki>i>li«d, uiiJ, Iwlnlil, i\»utt nucqli 'a 
nU4i v-mt m^mati hlbi f ^IiIIlLiIi <T*nJ Jt^WB 
la htf imjt^- ni\i Jwhtia ^ii«i unu liim, 
aaiJ *^A tint* b^, drt tidu br tm. 4r far 

our A.] Trn44lM } 

11 An J Im f«3d, Kmm; Lvi *r • <)«X»t«ia oT 

th» uf iUb l-b ajn >» I UP* *£![■». And 

JailiiLk*fbll aa 1J< fkne tr Llw cartb, and 
dM wunlilv,. aai nLJ untj Um, WlrtH islth 
my LuTi] uijta ^1* hiI-tMl i 
U' AuiJ tki* oa|rt«tb ^ lb» Lump's boat 
sal iL Nnw jMitiHan * IriMw ikij .iHia rFi>« aff 
tbx fiMX : r«- tb* plaaa wb««4ti Umh jtiind. 
Ml i« Uij, An<t ^Hbm itl^ hi- 


Jiriek»{iAmtMp. i Oott nutnmHk feJnui Um 

to t«M>M •(. IS fA* tiff u •mpuNrf MWM 

rf«y«. W n» walU /mil J«vm. 81 AU m (*t 


S And the LOBO said unto Joshna, See, 
*I hare given into thine hand Jeriaho, and 
the tktaig tbaieof; wmI the mighty bmb tt 

8 And ya shall aaaspaas the city. aU ya 
BMn tt war, and go round about the dty 
onoe. Tbua Shalt than da six d^ys. 

4 And aaran priaets ahall bear before tba 
t of rams' boras : and 


6 And 

make a long bloat wil 
and when ye hear the sound of the tiwnpet, 
all the people shaU shout with a great about; 
and the waU of the eity shall fall down *ilat. 

priests, and said nnto them. Take «p 
ark of the oorenaat, and let aeven prieeta 


> tha people, PaaaoB, 


«0«> 31 U 

18mb U «. 

OMtvr 18. 


ch St It. 

b 20 7. ft 

83 3.8. 
rTh«t K 

Mck 4 18 

• Bs 13 8. 
KoB 9 «. 

• B».18.aA. 

yO«B.l&S 4 
Bs 83 83 
Jbeh I 8 
iUul 10 

fSm 88 83 

Jeridto taken and destroyed. 


Tnc itfwMet snntten. 

B. 0.1461. 


L.T. S7. 8H. 

iA. 7. SS. 
1 JU>ci 18. 
17. W. 
Jea«h L 12. 

. the dtj, and lot him that is 
armed pus on bslbrs Um ark of the Lord. 

8 And it oaaw to pass, wiwa Josboa had 
■pokea oat* tbo people, that the serea 
prleets beartaf the seren tnnapete of rana' 
horns passed on beCMv the Lord, and blew 
with tbetnimpeUi and the ark of the ear- 
enant of the Lokd followed them. 

9 And the armed mot went before the 
priests that blew with the trompeU, *aad 
the trearward eame after the ark, th0 
prUatt goinf on, and blowing with the 

10 ^ Jaehna had eoiuaanded the penple, 
saying, To shall not shout, nor * mue say 
■<Mse with y«o> toiee, neither shall amy 
word proeeed oat of your mootb, nntU 
the daf I bid yea shoot; then shall ye 

11 8o the sale ef the Lokd eompas s sd the 
^*T> Ptof •l>M< « '^**' **d ^^ **»* 
Into the eamp, and lodged In the eaap. 

12 5 And Joshua rose early in the mom- 
faig, /and the priests took i^ the ark of 
the LORD. 

IS And serea priests bearing seren tranut- 
eta of lams' hems before the ark of the 
Lord went on eomlnnally, and blew wUh 
the tmnveU: and the aiined men went 
before tbom } bnt the rearward eame after 
the ark ef the Lord, Me prietU going on, 
and blowlBg with the - 

UA ' " 



the seeond day they oompassed 
t, and raturaed, late the eanp. 
th^ did six days. 

U And It eamata pMaodOM sevoKthdnr, 
that they rose early ahoat the dawning of the 
day, and eompassed the eity after the same 
manner senrea timea > only en that day they 
eompassed the titj asrea tinea. 

M And It eame to pasaat the aereatittime, 
when the prieaU Mew with the trampets, 
Jaehna. said mrta the people. Shoot; Cor the 
Lord bath given yea the eity. 

17 And the eity shall be *a«earsed, even 
It, and all that 0r« therein, to the Lord : 
only Rahab the harlot shaU Uve, she aad aU 
that ors with her In the bouse, beea n se 
'she bid the messengers that we sent. 

18 And ye, tin any wiae keep yourtHvM 
tnm tbtf aeonrsed thing, lest ye make yoMr- 
eelvee aemrsed, when ye take of the ae- 
eorsed thing, and make toe eamp of Israel 
a ourse, • and trooMe it. 

19 But all the silrer, aad gold, and 'vessels 
of brass and Iron, or* teonseerated unto 
theLORp: theyshaUomne Into the tteas* 
nry of the Lord. 

W 8o the people Bbqoted %hea M« ^rl<a<s 
blew with the tnunpett : and It same to 
the peepla heard the sound 
I, and tbo people sfaautod wtti 
great snoot, that Atbe wall UU down tflat. 
■a that the people went up Into the eity, 
ovary asaa atndgtit befota him, aad they 
took the eity. 

SI Aad thogr tot^p^ destroyed an that 
woe la the eity, both maa and woman, 
yooag aad old, aad oz, aad sheep, and aas, 
with the edge of the swonL 

S3 But JoMiua had said unto the two men 
that l^ad spied eat the oountry, Oo into the 
harlot's house, and briog out tbeooe the 
woman, and all that aim hath, "as ya sware 

S9 And the young men that were spies 
wans ia,-aad brought out Rahab, ^nnA her 
fittber, aad her mother, aad her brettarea, 
awl aU that aha had; anA they brooght out 

aU her t Undred. aad IsCt tham wlthaot ttas 
eamp of Israel. 

. 24 Aad thay bant the eity with fore, and 
all that MKU therein : 'only the silver, and 
the gold, aad the veaeels of brass and of 
Iron, they put toto the trea ear y of the h 
of the Lord. 
Sft And Jeehna aavad Rahab the harlot 
alive, and her father's household, and aU 
that she bad; aad l-sbe dwelleth In Israel 

me ssea gers, whioh Joabua sent to spy oat 

20 5 And Joshua adjured <*«m at that 
time. Sluing, «Onrsod 6e the 
the Lord, that ilaeth up and b 
eity Jeriohtf: be shall lay the 

ST 'So tha Lord was wUh Josbaa; aad 

4«k«'« trtSMu*. 2 ft* Jinutil— an mttHm mt 
Mm miM (• ^ UAehm* U tmim tg tka iaL 

taespass in 

-^ - the aeonrsed tbingi 

--Aeban. the son of Carmi. tba set 

« Babdi, the son «f Kerah, of the tribe of 
Judah, took of the aoeatsod thing: aad the 
aacer of the LORD was kladled agalast the 
ehfldiwi of Israel. 

5 And Joabua sent mem from Jerlob 
Al,whl*<s beside Betk«rea,aa tbeeast 
ride of Beth'ol. aad spake Onto them, osar- 
iBg, Oo np aad view the couat^. Aad we 
men went up and viewed Ai. 

8 And they returned to Joehua, aad said 
onto him. Let not kn tbo people flottp; hot 
1st tabout two or three thousaad men go 
op and smite AI ; anil maka aoi all the 
people to labour tUtber ; for they ore 6m( 

4 So there want «p tfahber of the people 
about three theosandmen; taadtbiyied 
before the men of AI. 

6 And tbo men of AI smote of them about 
thirty and six men : for they ehaeed them 
from before the gate ewa unto Sbefaatim, 
aad snM)te them* In the going down: whera- 
fora 'the hearts of the people malted, and 
beoame as water. 

And Josboa rfrent Ma riotbaa. And foil 
to the earth upoahto (hoe befoae the ark of 
the LORD bbM the avvatide. be and the 
elders of Israel, and *put dost oporii thek 
keadt. ' ^ 

7 And Josbaa said. Alas, Lord OoD, 
/wherefore hast thou at all broaafat this 
people over Jordaa, to deliver ns mto the 
hand of the Amorttes, to deetroy as t wonM 
to Ck>d we had beea eoatent, and dwelt ea 
the other side Jordaa i 

8 Lord, what shall I say, whoa Isiari 
tarneth their t baeks before their eneaiteo ! 

• For tbo Oanaanites aad all the lahabl»> 
aaU of the Und shafl bear e/a, and shal 
environ us round, and 'eat oiT out aaae 
f^ra the earth: and A what wilt thoa do 
onto llJy grea* naau 1 

10 1 And the Lord said onto Joehna, flet 
thee ap; wfaaeefore tHest thoa thaa ape* 

11 iIsraH hath sinned, and they have also 
trannrsased my ooveaaat whioh I eoa^ 
maarfsd themt *fbr theybava even takoR 

Lrv. 9H. as. 



Thtpunithmaiit t^Arkan. 

llie sirats^ati against. AL 

ih. ]± kCtr 


i^ I f, 

«r tb4 H«n«4 ^U^a4^ AAd bhtv >i4B 4M4cni 

AaJ. I' iUii«^nliJ«rf liHr nod ikof h>n pm U 

^^Mj ItlCB Br 

/Tb-t rtUtj ittf^MMt, UACit thEi itfr 


*SVani< UMBf Lb Ilia mtilHt »r ' ^Kbif tli« k^ui nf Ai, «sJ Lu |i«ii||]w, uid 

Ilicr-** _ „ 

tliwa, Imnal r ifjiwi «Mit)t POI AUad lie[i 

ttUSBd lihini from unmi jum. 

ilfif tlhvf^farti j> AtuhU Im 

'•~'~*'' Jhlfl ««£ MAilndJtifB )d tilt DLnilU* 
^tmr mif: tad Um bui^ wbLeti ibv Lubd 

fitefi tab llliin IMB* tj bmiMLnllli i Kbtl 

IS ■" Aed Jt *lu3r U, tjlLif ItM libij ii ulum 
VtUii Um UESinvil eJiIw MvJI Im bKTQl qlUi 
In, ba <A[1 iJl ttml br; h^lb, : Lnw.(MH ho 
hktb 'IrUidprDtud tlyr urrakof nl IbN 
Lfl JLb, Uld 1ta«U|t Ua H L>kli t^"^ '■ ^Hy 
\M, laruJn 

Jti ^ K|i JwbQB ma 13a tU-\it LH tlu mctrH- 
Ui|t V>il hrwfbt ]|T**I tiV UiAif irtbta J bbil 
it* tfllM ^r JnJi*b WM tBtHl r 

In And bt. bwouffit ibi funLljr at Jui&ti ; 
■.□J Itr iiHvk tLr MiUji cFtlu iUrliJln ; Ulil 
iMf Jsttid^U tba {bibUj «r tl4 XwrJUt*! DtUl 

UAwl lim bcMgJil. lldf iuuwiuilil iBAB bj- 
Baa : BOd JLdtu, Iba kOti yf dmnnb, Itv Hia 

off XiMI, t^B MB vf Zcnlit cE Uh itUj? *r 

W And Ju^HM i«iil OBI4. AabKta, >fj h>b. 
'fin, J prv IbHir flarjr tn il>e Luiii> llifii 
of tviifd^ 'and mii^B HuthadoD vma J^Lib ; 
wid 'ifJI DH ■«« wImI IbcKt ^ul dofw ; li5da 
{/ dM rnan m*. 

ai And Anhui mi'kiQn'l JqaIvq*. lod uld, 
liidr«d 1 LAtB iiuiH^ *BlL|niL Itl* LtiiftP 
dtid Of Lirhti, uid Lhv* Asd llim ^ft [ 
ddlM ': 

ItotijkeiifV fum«l] t, Uld <t«« l^lUulml pbti- 
da of f UT«r» ud k r vad^ 1 mT ffll4 at SD.f 
mhtkxi* vaCiJKt, tlifii 1 »*t(td tbetn, UiA 

tlu flarUa in Uu, mjdit •? mj t«l^ ud ttl* 

]£a J^ Jaibaa hrixL &»*«■■}(., »« J iJkit 
nn iffil^ Um bbt ; ud, tMibJlJn (^ i«u lu4 
^11 Ui HoA, ud llM xUnr ludiir Et. 

A AqdtVr hH^t Unm cjl c( Hit toJ^.I uf 
ttw i^tt ud bruqElit iImd unU JmiMM^ 
■Ad linttt mU tL4 BUldrrv of lirHE, ud 
t Md [Ihib eiit b^Env Lli£ Loiin^ 

IttOk AdlalA tM 1114 uj Zcmi. UmC tbD ^h^r, 
«wl t^ (Ufiim^, Bm] EIh IrrdfE qE 
tod bis HBi^ Bbd LLd dkU^ilc^i, an 
ttma, Wd lull HHI, Bind kll t]lf>*p, U.I 

ttfH. Biid^*]) iMl b4 bad ^ ui d tb*j bi^milii 
%pin naiD '^ttin laJlfj ut Adior, 
S^ jLtUi J«b|U, uid, 1 Wli J but ilwa KTtm\i- 

lad fei ? tb> Li>HD kb4JI LT\ii4lilH ijrfa iMj 
da,;. ^j^mJ bU iBrHd ktnunl l^Cna lilJ^ 
■UbW,, BIkil burCi^d IbEta tIUj Ajw, bFUM- 

libnr bd f UMpd tivAfi nUb ibuif^j. 
$fi Ab4 A47 rfnln^ Birr Lha a cn^t ]v«b 
nr AtaHH nta Uil* df(}, Vm 'dia UimP 

And UufU thhk da In Ai ^cd 'i'St 'kittf u 
ItiiiadldiE ubLtt ' J ntlnluj uid Jh^ Iuiuj- ult 
tlUH BpulJ iLuirvJir, Uld ibE e&ili* liMnttf, 

. — .. ^_._-L rf._ ., _ .... (j^^jjj ^^ 


uf VD^, tB ^ 
mil Uib 

B btv 

.11 IW 

It A] 

[Jm praplli 

LL EJia pri 


tkiuur, vd i^nt l^HR BB^^ b;f bl|$liE. 

t And lif i%^i»m>».ii.if li tbfm, if/Ltkf, H/tt^ 
ttiM,*jB ±iAll liw ia ww\t tfpAtuA Uu aU^, 

f VHJi tiklllud iba irll^ J eu p»L v«rj fLT fruia 

t|j« diET, Ibut fcft Ve kJi irmdj r 

6 APid J, UUl all Uw >enpk4 Uutt fl^-f aJlL 

itif, vU] apprcBdi liBUi Uir i?lj . and 1 1 ilialt 

™[m> tU puir VrbsU llifj atnw guL ubIbU 

lUi, ai Bi i]w firrt, iliki /wc wHl Hcc btfani 

a {tia tfainr will W^IH mt Allrr m,} llJ] *c 
li&ie f drawn th«TO FtWT tlw dt J J iut titaj 
vLll lif. riuij Aei* IvCiiTV iu, »<| bI UiB dntr 

7 Tlieii ja Hbali rian up tram ihti t,mbnah, 
and pflllp apuD IbE cit; 1 fsir tiir T..iJ4i|.l] ^qotr 
Rild W^i drlU4^T lE EtJin jalit hJuuL 

4 Ml! LtlllBltlx, al^n yu blLlvirnkta ilm 

cnidiiic tn Ebr ^prmunADHtmrDl 4f lJj« LolID 
■linl! JB lId. ^I^rti, J tiarn DamntUtdH ^uUl 
V- iodbirn lUarErurp lEiit Ibpm ftanii i and 
llej WEQl tcj ]k« In UDbupbi M-d •lirflj bt- 
Bw-p<lb Itell.-fl Blid Ar. uti ILrtTfBl tiitat 
Al J bui JcMiliUfe kdifed iMl a4b£ Bmmkg 

l(h ArJ JmJafviB TQf* up dirlj In ELa mam- 
Eoif)', and ninntifrtd IbiB pmpjp, twij -wtbl 
ii^y lie. and L1i« eLO^n of Iutj^ ImIWv tba 
in^pJe td ASn 

U A Add h11 II^ IWdulpH nffi Mii lirap^a Df 
*« Ibat fiu-^ wfibJiliD, ir»»t Up, Uld diva 

and PCX UuinvliO Ik In BHibunb 1hBt*lrfli SeEli' 
c) Uiil AJ, Da ll>p m^wl »id« I (j| tlir ddlj. 

] J And irbrn llwj liad tet lU l^-ii^t, antsn 
aU tLa hjiiL EIlU ifirti 9a iM uori b lOT lbs 
fLtj, DJtd tilvLi lleifEj ia. a.ak un Mia *rMi nf 
Lba IlLtj, iTuettaa ffiat iiJd bi^M Inlv tL* 
Hiid*i atlh* raUfj- 

1 i ^ And It mnB Eq pBIU, vtlett ibt Uln^ 
<j( Al #a* it, thnE H^mj Imatisd Bjid m«^ yp 
HAtIj, apd luUr two at Elia fiUj mnpt cul. 
■xaliui Utsc] tD bauJi> Ih at^d e,11 bLt jHi(h 

i'l Aai] Jlmbtii aud til liraid ^mBdi) M tr 
thry acr* bvUeb tflfcHp iltvoi, pod bd "bj 
the wi^j of EI1D irildrrbEia. 

1 i And all tb« MOptc iLkl ar^ri Ed AI mbt* 
n.Q«d iriijT'^lx^ ^u pantufl af^aFllxiu; Md 
tbfT punLwd aJknr Jwbu, Bad van drava 


Ai U taken flnd burnt. 


Critft efthe Gtbeomttew. 

• oK 10. ». 
IV 107. M.* 
110. S 
eb. 10. 27. 

• Is. 90. St. 

17 And tlwre «m not a mma left in Ai or 
Beth-«l, tltftt lr«Bt not ont mttet IstmI : and 
tlMjr left tho d^ open» Mid panned after 

18 And tiie LOBD lald onto Joahna, Btretdi 
oat (be tpear that ia ia thy band toward 
Ai : for I wUl giro H Into thine hand. And 
Joahua ttretohed out the ipear that he had 
in hta hand toward the eity. 

10 And the ambuah arose qoiekly oat of 
tb«lr place, and thej ran as soon as he had 
•tretobed oot bis hand: and they entered 
into the etty, and took It, and basted and 
set the eity on Are. 

20 And when the men of Al looked beMnd 
them, they saw, and, behold, the amoke of 
the eity ascended up to heaven, and they 
liad no t power to flee this way or that way : 
and the people thai fled to the irildeniess 
turned baok upon the pursuers. 

21 And when Joshua and all Impel saw 
that the ambosb had taken the eitr, and 
that the smoke of the eity aseended, then 
they turned again, and slew the men of Ai. 

22 And the other issued out of the eity 
against them ; so tbeT were In the midst of 
Israel, some on this side, and some on that 
side : and they smote them, so that tfaer 
'let none of them remain or eseape. 

23 And the king of Ai they took alire, and 
brought-faim to Joshua. 

24 And it oame to pass, when Israel bad 
made an end of slaying all the inbabttaats 
of Ai in the field, in the wilderness wherein 
tbey ehased them, and when they were all 
iUlen on the edge of the sword, until tbey 
were oonsumed, that all the Israelites re- 
turned unto Ai, and smote it with the edge 
of the sword. 

25 And ao it was, thdt aU that fall that 
day, both of men and women, wrt twelve 
thousand, even all the men of Ai. 

20 For Joshua drew not bis hand b«ek, 
wherewith he stretched out the spear, until 
he had utterly destroyed all the inhabitants 

27 '"OalT the eaule and the spoil of that 
city Israel took for a prey unto themselres, 
aooording onto the word of the LOKO which 
he * commanded Joshua. 

28 And Joshua burnt Ai, and made H *a 
heap for erer, even a desolation unto this 

29 l>And the king 6f At be banged on a 
tree until erentlde: 'and as soon as the 
sun was down, Joshaa commanded that tbey 
should tako his oarOMS down flrom the tree, 
and cast it at the entering of the gate of the 
eity, and ''raise thereon a great heap of 
stones, that remaineth unto this day. 

30 1 Tben Joshua built an altar unto the 
LOBO God of Israel 'in mount Kbal, 

31 As Moses the serrant of the LOBD com- 
manded tbe ebUdren of Israel, as It ia writ- 
ten ia the (book of tbe Uw of Moaea, an 
altar of whole atonee, orer which no man 
bath lifted up any Iron : and ^tbey olTered 
thereon burnt offertnga unto the LOKD, and 
aaoriflced peaco ofbrmga. . 

32 And 'he wrote there upon the llonea a 
copy of the law of Bfoaes, wbieh he wrote in 
tbe presence of the ebUdren of Israel. 

83 And all Israel, and their elders, and 
itteers, and their Jndgea, stood on this side 
the arkaadont^tsldabefbre tbe priests 
tbe lerites, » which bar* the ark of the cot^ 
enant of the LoRD. as well *(tio atraneer. 
aa he that was bom kmong them ; half of 
them orer ag alnat ntoont <<er<tim, and half 

of them over _ 

ses the senrant of the LOBD had 
ed before, that tbey abenld Mew tko peoplt 
of Israel. 

84 And afterward »be wad al tteW0i«e 
of the law, «the Ueaatan aad eorsHiffs, ao- 
oording to aUtbat la 'wHMabta the book of 
the law. 

There waa not a word of all that Moaea 

B. Q* 1461. 

427 UL 



90. 21. * M. 


Tk4 Ung* of (A« Umtt ea m t i H* mtakul hrt 
uM uu i l mtmi d f ftrpmtmUim d ag t . 

Ain> U came to paaa, when all 
wUehtMf^ ea tbia side Jordaa, In tbe 
hills, and in the TaUeya. and In aU tfae 
coasts of *fta« groat aeaoTVr against Leba- 
non, Mbe Hltiite, and the Amorite, tbe Ca- 
naanlte, tbe Ferisstte.tbe HItMo, and «be 
Jebusite, beard thereof: 

S That tbey •gathered IbemaelTSa^ogetber. 
to flfht witti Joohiia and with Israel, wllh 

8 Y And when tbe faibafaMaata of 'GIbaoa 
'heard what Joahua had done unto Jottabo 

4 Ther did work wilUy, and want and made 
aa if they had been ambaaaadWs, and look 
old aacka upon their asses, and wiaebotUeo, 
old, and rent, and bound up ; 

5 And old shoes ^d dooted upon their 
feet, and old garments upon tbem ; and all 
tbe bread of their prorUloa -was dry and 

And tbey Irani to Joshua /ante ttie 
camp at Oilnl, and aald onto Mm, and to 
tb« men of larael, Wo bo eome f^om a Ux 
country : now tbereAtre aaake ye a league 

7 And ttie men tif laivol a^d unto the 
'HiTitea, FeradTcnture ye dwell among ua| 
and *bow ahall ire make a league with your 

8 And tbey aald «nt« Jeobna. iWe are tby 
serranu. And Jootaa aald aa«e tbea. 
Who ore ye 7 and fhim wtaeace eome y«T 

9 And tbey aaid unto hta, kFrem a -rery 
far oomtiy thy aorraata are come, beeaaae 
of Ibe name <^ tbe LoKO tby Ckd ; fof we 
bare /beard tbe flune of bin, and all that 
be did in Ekypt, 

I0And"i|3lihal b« did to the twoklnga 
of tbe Amoritea, that wsrs beyaad Jordan, 
- "" king of He^boa, aad to Og king 
I, which acM at Aahtarotii. 

alders and aU tbe In- 

habltaata of ovr eouatrr spake to vs. aa^ 

ing, Take Yietnala twhta you fbr tbe joiw* 
ney, and go to moot tbam, and aay ^to 
them. We are your serranta : tberetn* b«v 

uye a league with ua. 
Tbia our bread we took bot/orewr p 
rislott out of our booaea on tte da^ we oai 

forth to go unto you ; but now, beooM, H to 
drr, ana it is mouldy : 
18 And these botdea of wine, ^rUeb wt 
filled, «Mre new; and, behold, tbey ba 

become old by reason of tbe Tvry loag 

14 And atbe men took of their TJstwyi. 
*aad asked not eimnaH at the ntoaA of 
the LOBD. 

1ft And Joshua "made peace wtth thorn, 
and made a league with them, to let tbem 

4 A. 19.% \ 
«ea.8.Z7. I 

k Bs. 23. SB. 


90. 18. 



|0>. OiT »y 
—mi tJU 

* ». i*. IL 


i lie Gibeonita made bondmen. 

The ran and moon stand sttU. 

a. 1.2. ft 

«•- 17. 13,15. 

18k lit. 

■ m.(l.9. 
»»«. 1(1. 



16 ^ And it came to para %t tb« end of 
three d»ys after they bad made a leafoe 
with them, that they heard that they were 
tbett neisfaboon, and that they dwelt amonf 

Now their cities irere I'Oibeon, and Che- 
phirab, and Beerotb, and Rirjath-jearim. 

18 And the children of Israel smote them 
not, f beeaase the princes of the congrega- 
tion had sworn vntothem by the Lord God 
of laraeL And all the congregation mar- 
mnred against the prinees. 

19 Bat an the prinees said onto all the 
ceagregation. We have sworn onto them by 
Um LQB.D God of Israel : now therefore we 
m^ not touch them. 

SO Tliis we wiU do to them ; we will even 
let them lire, lest ''wrath be upon us, be- 
cause of the oath wliieh we sware unto 

21 And the ptinoes siJd unto them. Let 
them Htc; but tot them be 'hewers of wood 
and drawers or water unto all the con- 
greyUioB; as (ho piinoes had 'promised 

82 *f And JoiAua ealled for them, and ho 
spiJco unto them, saying, Wherefore Iiave 
TO bosuiled us. saTinir. *We are rerr fkr 

. --- . amongus? 

Now therefore ye are 'cursed, and 
there shall t none of you be freed from being 
bondmen, and *luwers of wood and drawers 
of water for the house of my God. 
24 And they answered Joshua, and said, 
Bocaase it was oeruinly told thy aerrants, 
how that the Lord thy God ''commanded 

[111 fr^wi litfiin ji._, . 

if JuQ, A lid 

9^ AnJ Ml J1J: he uaEjii Elirni, rji4 drJiTTJild 
tlu-lu oM uT Uic lutul .if ibit fV.\i<lfnil <jV Is- 
rwl, UhU tirtjr alrn IheU liuL 

Z! AeiJ J^Mhiua oMa llipiui tlial: ibf Oitir- 
en al wttod and dr*wuTfl vt wsier fur Ebe 
«aii(Ti(prtkni , am4 hr IhN ^s *? iir I]i4< l,t>li 0, 
onfm ifota till* daji ' Iv Use p|n.iK wldrii he 
■IpomU fibuw. 

I'm Uw« war o^ki'm* GOtim. 8 JoAm raMiMtk 

IS S%« MS atU MM <iMrf <«M( a( <A« mN er 

nWktf an hymgU forth mdUno^. ^Snn 
•ritv^tiiMf ar« oaa^Mrai, 43 JtAMa r«(«m ak 

NOTF It mane to f ua, when Adoot-sedelc 
Ung cf Ji'Tviklcoi bad heard how 
JojIw* luid trillion W. 4Fid had utterly de- 
stni.7*d ii ; ■ *- l-r [ipid done to J»icbo luid 

bei kini;. *-2 hr Siul Junt to &Ai and her 
IdbE ; aail "1 Miir Ihc iDb^ltants of GIbeon 
had mid? poa«a vittj Israel, and wero 

9 Tlikc itii7 Jfcu^ gfiaUy, boeaiise Gib* 

%ua 'i^\* IT pn-al *K*i bj one of the t royal 
eitii ., mJ lucMUnc-u u'l^i greater tJiauAl, 
ail' I ill <J«i KbrQ iL.tT,i( ii-we! miglity. 
i- \ii^T^-uwa Ailiim-ihiLi'C klnK of Jemsa- 
1am mmi- nnii^ ILntiMA of Ilebron, and 
iin ia V\nm Mb^ of Jannath, and unto Ja- 

phia Ung of Laehlsb, and onto Debir king 
of Eglon, saying, 

4 Come up unto me, and help me, that we 
may smite Oibeon : 'ibr it bath made peace 
with Joshua and with the children et Israel. 

6 Therefore the five Idngs of the Amorites, 
the king of Jerusalem, tl>e king of Ilebron, 
the king of Jarmuth, the king of Laohish, 
the king of Eglon, /gathered theraselvts 
t — thrr r.rA wr-it flp "Vpt an'l nil ^IMr 


, Kfld 

9\,. LJif pmtp Ui ^.pilfft], »»jliif, Watk rot 
tl-ji Inn i| (rum liij ■rmnln ; ff wiki d|i |o ds 
q iirklj, suil tM-yf 131, BD'I iiB-]^ tan; ft) r all 
U:i- kjnj'i ttl %ht AiDiKritaii tliat dw«Ei In the 
ll'S'ijDLaTiii STtr [Ktbrnrfi iDifrl-liBr aElibst Ms. 

~ ."^i .kibn^ kM^rtiiUil IVum Ckl:^L, he, 
• dU N all Umi pM^e Cf WU 1iUb liiB>, itid all 
tlir iniKkf J nirb ^ TllJ«urn 

d^ Add i]ieL0tiI»:sl>3iiDi4iJKlt'UH, iFrar 
tli^in njt : t*t 1 li,*v# dfhi !iT*il ll»m i bto 
tlijiin ]iaii4 ; ^itirrc sluiJJ u^t amnn Mf tt.fem 
Stnriil: fialofa tlwt- 

3 J 11 lima Hi*ni6int bmhi! onlif Ihnu i"Jd- 

dri;Lj, ant{ t<poI ct|r IVeui nfl|n.l ■]] eJitl^r- 

]n Aurl t]|n|.OH0 'ill xniBifjIi'iT tL^r^ Wlijire 
Iiriu'l.AitJ idrq tlirm wllb H ^nnil <JBtjgLji«r 
a-t Tilht^um, kh'tcliBMTd tEirni ahni^ ibr vay 
t\\h', ^-^'Lli tip *^lik ll«bli-lMgrLHi , nbd lulirte 
tij^Mi (1) *A»jJik1ji, LUd IU>r4 MLHHrdAJK 

11 ^N4 !{ tMai tEi |iu>n iw Plhtj flril Tcwn 

bcf.;r^ Israel, <i 11^ **.-m In \\m jiiUjhs jfawn 
to lU-ti|.|iar;irr''tliB,6 llit lif^hn ctai it-jTrn 
gin: vUiaf^rnrim lhr*vi-n n|n*ji H+m uisto 
Aiiri'ilii -uin (litfj rlLfiU thrjf fcrre irviire 
KLIi-Jj itL<!d KiE MiaJlrilHiDrtt ttisJi ihrjl nliem 
tlru rInJdt D Uf l4rtrl iiltV W^Ml U^ n^cnl. 
T^' [Irt. ►;,.,T.,- .I,..l:„^ ij Ih,- I.-PN In 

tl-.- • . . ■:-.. i ; ihe 

Auivnves uviurc liiD ciiiiurcu ul isnici, add 

he said in the sight of Israel, ''Sun, t stand 
thou still upon Gibeon ; and thou. Moon, in 
the valley off Aijalon. 

13 And the sun stood still, and the moon 
stayed, until the people had avenged theot- 
selves upon their enemies. **/• not this 
written in the book of njasher? So the 
sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and 
hasted not to go down about a whole day. 

14 And there was 'no d&T like that before 
H or after it, that the LORD hearkened 
unto the voice of a man : for (the Lord 
fought tor Israel. 

15 ^ "And Joshua returned, and all litttel 
with him, unto the camp to OUgol. 

10 But these five kings fled, and hid them- 
selves in a cave at Makkedah. 

17 And it was told Joshua, saying. The 
five kings an found hid in a cate at Mak- 

18 And Josbna said. Roll great stones np- 
on the month of the care, and set men by 
it for to keep them : 

19 And stay ye not, ftitiponne after your 
enemies, and r smite the bindmoct of them; 
sutfer them not to enter into their cities : 
for the Lord vour God hath delivered thear 
into your hand. 

SO And it came to pass, -when Joshua and 
the ohil<]r«n of Israel Ikad made an end of 
slaying tliem with a Tery grwat slaughter, 
tin tliey were oonstuned, that the rest leAie* 
remained of them entered into fenced cities. 

IFttm tast^ taJtan wni him^ifd. 


7^ baltti at Iskt Mtrom, 

■ lM>4(JL,f<,lt. 
>I»rtlt. \ XL, 

ritMBk 11,11 

sra Man Aikltl JlltlW^ Up^ 1^ nHvtli vf 
Up 4114 nUI ur tllB i:«^t:- 

IRJ Aod Jm 

II*«d^ B«d mil Imd 
*UL iil>tti, U / Uwbl' i ud ^hibl Agl^lllt; 

__,_._ _-,_- aiiAntl Erf E*ok U,uLk liu klkf Lbrfmur, 

Kf Aqd Ihmw di\l w, sod 1rmi4JLl hsAb V)i| hH tb* HiC^i LlicnflfL Uli Urtf nwt* 
t5|wfla tl«^ kin|i uoU lAm vul uf tit* C»*nj tttq villi iLa «d(^ ut llw fl%iiPii, WM ^ttHf 
Um kjDf iff JetU'sJ^eil, Ibtf h^lkfj [rf H«bnHl. ' ij djrjti'taj^ til lLr» HHbb ^vU irff»£bqii^] 

dtlJ Uie kktag arfj^luilh I Jiibnoi Hf h* did hi I.^bir, l«4l <« Lite ikl^E 

ti And U tnort t« p>rii , Vbio ili^^ SurmicJi* | iki tv^i u b> lk»4 Jufw mlw [a l^ltiq^k, »kd 
wA (bHM hin ttii<o ^iwltui., diaic Juiliua , ii> IrtT kmc- 
«il«d Jiir «U 04 mm ^r irrmt^, taH said ^ 4'} t^i JulW inwAtklL Lbr c4ul]tI7_«r tbr 

QT|.tl| |il4 iqf ll.llU 4]f LilF EOTD dF ^IT ^illCll 

WBt wittj LJTB, Uime iKmf, 'pLtL JvUt Jfit 
ujnh tl» neckfl i;f LidM JtLb^. Ami iLnj 

I dii 

tut- ^Hi 

» laLd UDiD ti 

^ttti aOl, 

_ pliiil ilMi Ln 

3i} ,%li 4 4fLKrwi.n1 Jujliilh tfStOH* HmVi, K.i 

Iin4 MmJ * v^n liUl{U£ ll}Hn Ui^ li^n iui> 
III Mia rT«iiiiif . 
Si AyA it nmr 11^ JitPi U llui Urv rtr Uw 

ifkUidod, knJ i,lwj ^'l(f«t Clietai dmitb Lil l^it 

Uier h)n>1 Imhd L]d, klUi libit ir^tt ■mriB' in 
Uiv BHrv'j inAiutJi, H'ltiaH rrmni^ tiatit tlu> 

Tt*j d»j. 
!^ i AnJ [iiM d^ J^ibiu laHk KkkY^tllJs, 

tai -wMistm H iTitli tllK f^lfp- Hif tiif 'HPurdt Utd. 

«(14l nil. thf ^uli l,li«l mmnt Urfri'ki 

: Uf: ]»i 

lifte* T^Bl^u : u>sl 1^ ill'l tU tt>* kil^ir Elf 

lira^ iflLDAl Upp«^ : 

% Ana th* Ijoku dflL^i«i«d It ilM, nd 
ili« krlof tbiuwif, Lku ibiB Mml nf liirwl ^ 
RJiil ba IBHiEd Et witJf ittr irift at th* unorti . 
ud kill tba nrtili iNkt wr^ tlN^nhq ; tj' W 
■UBB nDiJB lb llj hul ribd iial« iVi tLag 
lUnnf U hd d>d JR441 tbv kirf inf 

31 And J«ttlU pu«m] rmiB LUmth, ^d 
ftU ItfncI mltk. blq>. uatu UcJiIiIih mad BiL- 

will itfliiB HHItll, Uld 111 dlB f«3^» Ud 

cf tlia iprlii|>i Ami lil ibiAl- kini|4 : i» JtH 

nomv nmBiDJitg, hjt ulLerj; ^**tr[Ht4 lU 

llui bnmlLril, <U Llin l^UL^ U«d tr 1h««1 

r tHiniiiialiitiTfln 

41 AkJ JoaAuk ■vn4* ttiriii frt^m It a JiHH - 

tr^ l^r 'd^kiaO'h 'niD iiulii lllbnitL. 

131 Asd kU Ukh klaii kiiid tbflJT Ikud dUI 
Jukui takx!: U \Hit LliBi*, 1 linmiLH Ctv 

Lonu d^ ul Ii«t««l fbu^hl l>r liunli 
K\ Abd Jaibu* retumcj, udiI >II fsnvl 
wLtli l^Lufi, ual« ib« «ui<p *« l^Uc*^ 

i:aAf TXR XT. 

itUiuir k>d be>Td ihtt§i tlilma; ttut 
iM 'acbi iji JuWI^ k\nt nr Ifudon^ ■^4 In 

n it 

33 Aril Llw liORD dkUirml LanEidh iUtv I 
tba tM-uil pIT liTuI^ Tkidli IMA J( liR ttit: 
■f»q4 ^. >■(! pmMr LL wll-ll ibn <ilfH t^f 

tlm *WnI>l^ Ul J ftU llli B[W.|t TE>M W-i |blEn- 

Ih, kk«idla( 14 di tiut b* t'M^ dmB tQ 

ilflp l.uhLih I. bill JiMluuh tMitti him. lad 
hlM px-mptE, buUJ Lm i^A lift blip nemt H- 

iH AbH ftiitn IwJlllll Jatl^io j^uud huLb 
Sfiou, Uil ikll lirwl wUh luntt A,d^ tl4T 

i.'r Aq4 tl»7 li»k It do thkt di^, uitl tntaiw 

it wllb tke t^ta nt tli» i^»rd, aii4 Mil Ibn 
■AhIi [Mt mT4 t]inrEliB L« liU*r^ d«il[«T4.<l 
UiU d^Y, ftteDrs^l; lu blL Udt li4 fahl llu«« 

hi Ui^Jil^, 

^ Aiid"iLii} U»^ II. and iUD^a II vltli iW 
tilffe uCliH- jiwim], bihI i[*u kln| UtfrfiifFk Pieil 

3 And Ul tb« ISd[i t^Kl iBcrt i7b tbri aallb 

f tb* muujiiUbqi I Mid Dif tlur ihUtD* i<HUtb 
«f ^ CbiBnemtb, ftbll lb Ebd tiU*;, mi la 
tija ^inltn ^uf t}<st vL. Ibt ««Tt, 

3 J Ail /d Itrf CkDUUk^ i^n U)*«PMII Mid atk^ 
tb» aeil, Ud <u (llf Ai»nrilii+ ami tbn ttlj- 
lIib, Ibd iba Pfrhf^lti!^ Bii4t Ibtt JrT>iiiL^ lA 
tb* wr^uilalrj. '^ml ri> cbn MitLIb luidBr 
^ ntrmub * Ijl tb» land nl Ml^fteL. 

iAnd a^T ««iiL [Hit, thei aiiri lU tfalr 
^iMti wtlb UMm , mbClL |>MiJih, A.«Tf D »s tlM 
nnd ihiiu aptm tiM iDiMkin b nmlilMvifi. 
wilk lurtei abd flbAT^CAl Jttrj n^nj. 

:i And lilrfti «:|] ibnf ^LnH f™" ^ipHMi- 

ptiirr, Lb^f CHH kUll |v11LeM tacEtbET tJ 
EjM]*«i«raarM«Nni, Ui l|lilicalb»I.itjafl. 

(i And elun LUIED aaid bbhi Juvblik ^Ba 
Tt^l «^Ld bQBUiK of [Jit™ : iut VO HUtmtT 
mbcbt tbli tltne «4II I jKJlHt IfarlTi tlf aU 

ilalb befkin Itrhj] : Utao. iJMlt Ihni^tbcJir 
luirK»v Mid liofn Ih'ir dwlmf^ vltb Ar*. 

7 J?9 JrKhM WOK, tad iTl tlrf< pnf le rf 
FIH win* bLni m^'lnjt tbra) tlj tLr aAten 
&r Viram tud^maif ] and tWj FbH HpiAi 

19 Aad tb> LCiBJi dell^flJ^d tbdtt iDtD lb< 
hana of IItbbJ , «Iib itnivW l^iHI, bUd flbllHil 
tbrm baiui <*«»+ itIltnA, IM»d niily n*K|i. -„^i_L. 
™|^^mUl- mtlbi , Utd B»tiJ til* Tallqj of ItlH^ ™""^- 
prt udl^iknl: *bll llmjansuta IbiRi, aalll |0^tjWjM>t 
Cbt J JrfE U)*[b BOH* WmalnJnj . | „"?tjfi!*' 

AbtI Jtipliip* dl>il «PEC ib*ta*'M Uir 1^1 K> ' ."y^jJT^ 

Udu him:; tf IkiuiliEd tirfli b»npi, Hi>d ■•=»->*»♦ 
bnriit tli»lr Eba*Un* wL[h IVm, _ .— - 

10 1 Aail JuabuA li. iJdi <lUM< Li[t^^ ba^^ 
and Lauk U^atit, ud fHpnA^ |]w kibB lb£i«Dr 
*Lct Uhi 4fl[jr*l [ flir ntiin' bc^brdtni^ Wkv 
tbt >i»ii4 «t >U (^<kH- Ubfid^riai 

\l And iti'^T iBHiLfl oil iS« hwJv Uiat wnv 
thfT7.ia Tltk thd nk* at tfar evwd, im«Th 
tteatr^jLpE **•!«! 1**rfl wm mjt 'abjWl 
tn (iniBtba i Wi4 1i« bsiint Jt uur wllk iBTt- 



I'kt ktit9» tubdned ^ him. 






'n™i a. 17 

MrrttI «r the Lord «oaimU!id«4. 

U But M /br tiw «itie« ttet stood itlll tta 
tboir MrMglb* Utmel bameiA none «r tbMi, 
MTo Iteaw mjy ; Mm dM JoabM btm. 

14 And mH^ the noH oT tb«M eUiM, «ad 
Um osttlo, tiM fihUdron of I«nel took tot a 
pMjr «>H> thMDMlvM 7 bat vrerj hhu thoj 
•■etO'wMi tiM odgv of tho tiNirdt ontU tboy 
bad dettroyed them, neither left titqr aay 

dene of lA 4 

Mtt» Jerfniiteflk aD tiMt hud, 'tbe hllla. 
aad all theeeutb eoaattv, *ai>d all tfae land 
of Goehen. and the ralley. aad the plaia, 
■■dtlw dwtt&tala of larael, aad the valley 
ef llw eamnj 

ir tS9*n tnm othe oMUt Halak. that 
loeth Bf to 8e(r, erea onto Baal-gad In the 
Tall«T ef Irehaaon tnder nooat Henaoa : 
and «all their Una be took, aad mote 
them, aad elvrtfaeai. 

18 ajoeboa taade war a leag tfane vHh 

19 There «a« not a oI|t that made peaee 
iHth the efalMrwi ef Israel, lave 'the HI- 
vMm «he tehaMt^rtc of Olbeofr: all o«A«r 
Hufcy toot to %irttloi ' 

ao rWr 'it waa of the LOBD to barden their 
lMatt«« tlwt theyehoald eome ktateat Israel 
to battle, that he asigbt deetrexthen atter- 
hr, ««Ml that they n%ht haroao thvoar.hnt 
that he mifht destroy them, 'ae the Lobd 

Mabren, from Debtr, from Anab. and from 
aU the mooataias of Jadah, and fhim all 

of Israel: Josboadaetaejrid 

'«h their tftiee. 
aoBO af the Aaakhn Mt in 
«M Mad '«r the- ebUdna of Isiaei : oal^in 
Oaaa, Ift »(l««h, «aad ia Ashdod, there re- 

•erdfag te all that the Lobd said nato 
Moeee I aiad ^osfatta fare it for aa inherit- 
a«be tiato Isrart *aeeordtof te their dl> 
nMoos bf their tribes^ /And the land 


tm- Mmtm «— t mmd da p t m d ^^ ttUtU*md 
«t j*«9 kimfi at a«.«i>M« ^f J»nlu» •Amn Jflma 

'\rOW theee mte the ktags of the laa«, 
JOI «M«h tlie 4iildMn ef Israel smate, 
wfl peeseaMl their land ea- the «fher sMe 

JaihLin 1 ■' - r.-.ngof tliesnn,<*lk«m 

. . _ Ammp. wblsh 

trpufi fbr tMuik 0f ^beM*er Amoa, and 
_jDi tma tAhliitr fjt the river, aad from 
bir Qth-kl. f >■& nnie the rtrer Jabbok, 
wfcJr A it ibR benlrt- <r the ebydnm of Am- 

pkln. rvn tlif 4Ut isa en tbe^ Mwti'«tHe 
M.T 14 ltR4li'>Pcbliii«th : aad fkvmo the smith, 
>!id«r « / Aik.4iiib-«Mcah ; 

* AM i'llM'^^af ar«irWaff"eraashaa. 

tsMe»«e«a ef Athe remaaat of the glaate, 

• that dwelt at Ashtarotb and at £di«l, 

6 And relgBed ia AaiaaBt Uemea. <aad 
la t»aloah> and la aU Bashaa. »vate the 
border of the Ueshafttee and the Maaefaa- 
thites. and half UUead, the b««der of bihsa 

• "Them did Moaea ttie servant ef the 
l<UB»and the ehildsea ef Israel smite : aad 

• Mooes the serrant of the LuKO gave it/or 

Uadltee. aad the half tribe of . 

7 ^ And these ar* the kwgs ef the eoon- 
try f irMeh Joahuaaad the ehUdren af Isnel 
SBMite on thie side Jordan «b the mat, tnta 
Baal-gad ia the valley of Lebaaoa evea aato 
the muaat Uatok, that goeth vp toVOeir; 
wbieta Jusbaa 'gM« uato the tribee «f larael 
for a pesaessiwn aeewrdiag te their dl- 
visiuosl - 

8 'la the aMmataiaa, aad in the valleys, 
aad In the alatee, aad in the springs, and 
ta tte wUdemeas, aad In the south eoua- 
tiy; «the Hittites, the Amoritea* and the 
OaawHilteet the feilBxltes,.tha Uivites, and 

10 'The king of Jemsaiem, one ; the king 

11 The king of Jananth, one ; the king of 
ineUab, en*; 

■IC (Vhe ktag of Sgloa, one; *tbe king of 
Geser, eae{ 
1» •«» kiag of Deblr, eae; the king of 

14 The Mas ef Hosmah, one; the king of 
Arad, one ; 
16 tThe king of libnab, one { the king of 

16 'The king of JCakkedah, one; rfthe 
Uag ef Beth^ oae t 

17 The king of Tappuab. one; 'the Uog 

18 The king of Apbek, one; the kli«, of 

19 The kingef Jbdoa, oae; /the king ef 

to Th»kingof «8hlmron.meron, eae} the 
king of Aefasbaah, one ; 
81 The kiarflfTaanaebjOne ; the king of 

a vtXhe kiaff of Keaeah. eae 7 the king ef 
Jokneam of Carmei, eae ; 
• » Sh« king «t J>er in the • eoast of Bar, 
one; the Mng of tthe nations of aUgal, 

thirty and one. 


Mpek tamd jMtoU ixMrnrat 8 Tkt imkirinmer 

^tk* two lrii«< ••</ a Aat/. 14 fkf nU^ntanct 

imlan**»f«tu**n. aSalmmmitmn Utk* 
t»ktrUm»mit/Uad.i»mU^tk* hoV tnia »/ 

yaara) aad the 1.0R& said ante him. 
Thuu art old tmd atrieken in yeaask and 
there rematneth yet very moeh land i ta be 


8 *PRim aibor. vrhleh 4e beftre JBgypt. 
evea nato the butden'«f Bkrea aocthward, 


leads of the. JhlilatiaM; the OaaaftbltaS, 
nnd the Asbdotbttee, tha BehkafaaMes. the 

The inherUtmet of R eu ben, 




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•ok. 11. a. 
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I Or. AviMT 


4 From tba m«Ui, «II Um Isad of lb* Cft- 
UMlMa, and "MMr»b thM «• bMlile tbt 
SMoBteu, Anal* AplMk. t* th» bn4mta of 

6 And Um trad of tthe QlbtttM. tad «U 
L»b«nM towMd Uw ■anitaiag. 'from Uasl- 

6 AU lb* labftbitaiita of tba hiU coontiy 
•U th« Sldoolua. tb«m '*wUl I drive oat 
ttom lMi»re tba ebUdrta oT Israal : on^ 
*dhrid« tbou it by lot unto tbe IcTMllloa fee 
an mtaeritaoM, aa I bare oomawadod tboe. 

7 Mow therefen dirido tbit laad for aa 
laberitaoae nato tbe niao tribe*, and tbe 
half tribe of MaaaMob, 

8 Wltb wbom tbe Reubealte* and the Oad- 
itea bare reoelred tbelr laberitaaoe, >* whieh 
Mboee gare tbem, behead Jeidaa eaakiraid. 
evea aa Moaea tte aerraat ef tbe LOBO 

• From Aroer, tbak U open tbe bank of 
tbe rirer Arnoa. and tbe ehr tbat «« in tbe 
■id*t of tbe rirer. «aad aU tbe plain ef 
Medeba aate Diboa ; 

10 Aad''alltbe«Uleeor8ibooldagertte 
■ • • 1 ia 

tbe border of tbe 

11 *Aad OUead. aad the border ef tbe 
Oesbttritaa aad Maaabatbilaa. and aU Boant 
Hermon, aad all Baahaa unto Baleab ; 

IS AH tb« Uagdoia oCO< In Baahan, whteh 
reined in Aihtaroth ana In Bdrei, vbo re- 
nu4nedof(tbereiaBaatortbeglaata3 "for 
these did Moaea amite, and east tbem oat. 

U Nerertbeleaa tbe eblldieo of Israel es- 
pelted 'not the Oeshoritea. nor tbe Maacba- 
tUtes : b«t the Oesbnrftea aad tbe Maaeba- 
thitea dweU aaung the laraaUtea aata tUa 

M »Only vnU t 

•Only vnU tbe tribe ef Leri be gare 
■onelaberltaaea: HhaaaarlfleeaeetheLoRD 
Ood of Israel awde by Ire are their iabettt- 
anae, *aa be oaM aate tbenu 

13 4 And Moses gare unto tbe tribe of tbe 
eblldrea of Kaabea imktrt tmi t M aaeordOag 
to tbelr tamillee. 

16 Aad tbelr eoaat«aa«ft<MiAreeit, that 
<a on tbe bank of tbe rirer Araea. *aad the 
ei^tbaalaiatbeMidetoC the rirer, *aad 
aU the piaia by Medeba: 

17 Hesbbea. and aU her eitiea that are 
la the Blaia; Diboa, and DBamotb-baal. 
and Betb-ba 

18 - 

10 'Aad Klijatbalm, and /Sibmab. aad 
Zareth-ahahar in the moont of the ralley, 

50 And BMh-peor, aad H'Ashdetbirt«|ah, 
and Be(b-Jeab(motb, 

51 * And all the oities of tbe plain, and all 
the Unfdom of Stboa Ung of tbe Anurites. 
wbleh reigned In Heahbon, (whom Meses 
■mote Aarlihtbe priaaea af MMtaa. Bri. aad 
Bekem. and Zar, aadHor, aad Reba,«eMo* 
wm-4 dakaa ef Bthaa, dweainc la the oooa- 

^'( Balaam alao tbe aon of Beor. tfaefl 800th- 
' ~ tba ebttdrea of larael alay with 
alaia by 

as Aad from Ueshhoa unto Eaaatb-mlBpeh, 
and Betoalm; aad from Mabanaim uata 
tbe border of Debii } 

87 And in the ralley, I'Betb-atam, aad 
Betb-aimrah. tand Sneoath, aad Zaphen, 
the leat of the kingdom of Sihon king of 
Heahbon, Jordan and lite border, even unto 
the edge 'of the aea of Chiaaetetb on tbe 
other aide Jordan eastward. 

S8 Thto U the iaheritaaee of tbe ebUdrea 
of Gad after their fMaUiea, the oities, aad 

And Mooes g 

SO And Mooes gare inhtritunct aata tbe 
half tribe of Manasaeh: aad CAts waaMe 
p o9M$ a iom of tbe half tribe af the eblldrea 
ef Maaaaeeb by their famUlea. 

80 Aad their eoaet was fkom Mahan^m. 
aU Basban, all the kingdom of Og king of 
" " "aU tbe town* of Jair, whieh 

31 And half GUead. and lAabtaroth, and 
Kdiei. flMea of the kingdom ef Og in Ba- 
Aan, mere p«rtaining ante ' 
of Maebir tbe eoa of Maaasaoh, «vei» ( 
oae half of tbe "ebUdrea of Maabir by 

as Theae «re Me Mumtrua whieh Moaea 
did diatribute for iaheritaaae in tbe plaiaa 
of Moab, on the other aide Jordan, by Jerfc- 
oho, eaatward. 

83 'But unto tbe tribe of Leri Mosea gare 
not any inberitanee i the Lumo Ood of Is- 
rael wa§ their iaheritanoe, 'as baaaid nato 

n* nt— ffOw aiU s kmif mr» t» i 

ohildren of Israel iaberiied la the laad 
of Caaaaa, "whieh Kleasar the prieeC, aad 
Jeohna the aoa of Noa, aad tbe beads ef 
the fothers of tbe tribes of the obildraa of 

S *Br lot wae their inberitaaoe, as tbe 
LOBO ooaamaaded by tbe baad of Meeaa. 
for tbe aiae tribes, aad /or tbe teU tribe. 

3 'For Mooes had girea the iaheritaaee ef 
two tribes aad a batf tribe ea tbe other aide 
Jocdaa: hot unto the laritea ha gare none 
iaheritaaee a m ong tbeau 

4 For 'the ehildrea ef Joeeph were two 
tribes. Maaaaaeb aad Bphraim: therofbre 

agate ao part aata tbe Itoritetta tbe 
aare eittee to dwaU M. with their 
aubnrba for their oattle aad for tbetx aab- 

*Aa the LoBD eommanded Moses, ao the 
ohildien of Israel dM, aad thsy dirlded the 

« % Thoa the ebUdrea of Jndah eame ante 
Joshua in GUgalt and Caleb tba Km of 
Jepbuaneh tbe /KeaetUe said onto him, 
Thea knoveot ftba tUag tbat the LOSD 
oaM aata Meeea tbe man at Ood eonoeraiag 
me aad thee *ia Kadeeb-bamea. 

T Fei^ year* oM «•«• I wbaa Meaea tbe 
aermaft of the LOK» toeat m» turn Ka- 
daebbaaaee ta espy oat tbe laad; aad I 
breagbt Um weed acaia as tt leae la mine 

I ftllseea«haiass *my brathrea tbat went ap 


Ju4a. 11. 13. 

• 28a^ll.l. 

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« Vom. saw t. 


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i Ctkb ^biaimeik Uebrmi. 


Me bUateth bis daughter. 

' 1444. 

•ri.l& 31.34. 


~ >.8.S1. 




•A. ML Ml 

• n.n. 

baft I wtai^ /MiMnd the Los0 ■« Ood. 

S And Mmm awu* an ttmk d«jr« m^U^ 
■"Saraly tte Und "wbuMn thy ftet b»Te 
troddm ahaU ba thina iabwitMiw, mad U^ 
obildnn's for •res, b«owu« thoa hMt whsl- 
W followed the LoKD mj God. 

10 And now. bebold. tho Loko bkUi kept 
aw aliro, "aa ho said, Umm forty ud fiyo 
Toan, OTon •inoo tbo Lobd tpako tUaword 
«alo Maoea, «liiU Ma cAtUron •/ larael 
t'awadland in tba wiMataaaa : aad now, lo, 
I am thia day fouiaoara aad flre vean old. 

UJ>Aayat 2 am a$ atnuf tUadagpaaZ 
•aaalattodaf tbatMooaaaantma: as nv 
auwoftli wiu thoa, otob ao ia my atnaclA 
M«. itar WW, botb aia g» oat, aad to oogaa 

12 Now therefore giyo aie thU aaoontafai, 
wiMiaaf the Loko apaka ia that day ; fbr 
thaa haardaat la that diV how ' ' 

ba Um JwOKo 

, <I ahall ba able todriva thaia 

•at, aa the U>md aaid. 

Aad Joaboa " b lea a ad hln>, 'aad pava 
» Caleb the aon of Jepbuaaeh Uebroa 

««ha4y foilowadtbe lioso Oad oflnael. 
16 Aad "th« aaaie of Hebroa befora taw 
Klajail»*rba} tMfok Arbm wma a great aian 
• -— ■ \Bd thalud had 


n* kmftrt ^ftUtMtf /nJM. IS Cafnt tahik 

p*u—i>m tf to* |M«<M». M OAitid, fwr *<• 

Waar. M* ^aUrtt CaM'* daaalklfr. m aMi. 

i8«A««*ta«M(*aMMMfy**p/MA<r. 21 Ae 

/TWI'S thea waa the lot of the tribe of tbe 
X ehUdiMk of Judah by their teoiUiea; 

•eacM to the bocder of £doai the iwllder- 

B«ea af Zia aeathward awe the nttenaoet 

part ef the aooth aoaat.' 
a Aad their aeoth boid«r waa fhm the abooe 

•rtha aattaea,froe> that bay that kokatb 

tl Aad it went oat to the aooth aide *to 
lad aaaaed aleof ito 
> oa the aooth aide no- 
i naaaadttleag to Hea- 
Adar, aad.fotahed a 
eiB w aai to Karkaa: 

4 rrvm (Aenee h aaaaed ^toward Aiaioa, 
aad went eat vato the riTor of Es7|)* i >u>d 
the gataga oat oT that eoaal were at the aea : 
tfaia aiMUbajoBr aooth eooat. 

6Am1 thaeaat boadar «Mia the aaU aaa, 
eM«t oate the aad of Joidaa. Aad Metr 
ha t de t la the aeith <|oaitet toae fran the 
bagr af the aea at the uttameat part aC Joi- 

« Aad the border weat ap to 'Detb-ho|lah. 
aad p*M*4 aion* b* the north of BctbHom- 
bali3 -"vi ri.e iMirUrE Tontap/totheatcme 
of Ik'i^' .Q un, af iiiiaben I 

7 All' I M,.. IhMfilitr aeot Up towatd Debir 
ftoa >'tL>«' vaJl^j ef Aehor, aad ao north- 
awrrt. LMtiLnc iwwd OUgal, thM i» before 
thir BDhpr up tJ* AdBHBiim. whieh ia oa the 
■euihfWioFtliarifrr^ aad the border paaa- 
•d Mw.i tJtf ipai'-n of Ea-abaoMah, and 

•dbia« «^' 

ley of I 
Koftbe valley 

the header weat «B ta the tra af Mm 
^a that lUtk before the Talley of 
vaatward, vhioh ia at the and <of tl 
of the naaU northward 
% Aad the border waa dcawa (htn the top 
of the hill unto " the fountaiu of the water 
of Nephtoah, aad went out to the eitiea of 
auMiat Ei^ioB ; aad the border waa drawn 
" to Baalab, whiab ia <> Kirjatb-ieariin : 

10 And the border oompaaaea from Baal» 

ah ♦ ' "-*t: T:::ni=*. ^'-' -• "i«ed 

alt..^ _.„ ..„ .„ .,. -jieh 

ii '..,'r^!L^. tiA 'Xv hijclL ^itk;, ui^i veat 
do^iii m ]l<>[1^94{itaab, aB4 |iau<.d «a to 

11 .\[ii|i tEv bci^dBf wmL inul iu>>e^ tlia 4lde 
OT '■'£tnH> n«^b«i'J : anil k)i(i iMdiitp waa 
dt¥ n hi £ij.i^uii+ aail paaferd. abinc L|a a^aoBt 
Bauiik, mmA -weai Jul uciiio J-bboDaJ ; Had 
tht iruLsgi UDl bT Mlu kiriW tfUv >t the 


li; AbU tiirii WEril bonier viW ^ In Iht imMt 
a»n. aird [hi utat ii^tfft/ -, ilil* i< the 
Oil I'll (if tbeduJt]}(tD 4r J'LtLali tviiuud aknot 
« f mJ|(ii 1i» ibijr IkinliiBi. 

}l;i ^ '.\i.4l lupto Cilab IIh «o>.«r JophoQ- 
ark 1m ^f4i a van asHBi tba ciTiLlilrca «f 

J11.I3J1, tcfiufdipf |« tbn Siwaft<dujKBt «r 

tLu^ Li>*u li) jKgltaa, F¥*»i T»pbp atf# of 

ArLi \^ fMlMir lif Aiixkj iTliJab etf* u Ha- 

li fln*] C^Uii 'Ithst** thfUM "Uw Utwe «a>a 
of A,..,-fc -Mj,..*!^, »f,.i ^^SilmMf jMiJ tal- 

iare ia«a £iriath*aepber. 
16 'And CalebaaiOle t 


« ok »*\Ar be- 
that amitethKir- 
takath It, to him will I 
, . . an^ter to wife. 

17 And oQthniel the taoa of Kenat. the 
brother of Caleb, took It « aad ha gave Urn 
Adiaah hla dai^iter to wife. 

18 Aad 'it eame t« paaa, aa aba eaaie m*»> 

19 Who aaawerad. Giro om a 'bleaaiag; 
for thou haet giren me a aooth land ( gire 
aMalaaapriaga of water. And he gave her 
the tnoer opziasi, and the aether apringa. 

SO fTUa U the inheritanoe of the tribe af 
the ehUdren of Jndak a«eoidii« to their 

Bl And the nttenaoat eitiea of the tribe of 
the ehUdren of Judah toward the aoaat of 
Mem aenthwaid ware Kafcaael, aad £der, 
and Jagur, 

SS Aad Xiaah, aad Diawaah. aad Ada- 

S3 Aad KedNb, aad Haaor. and Itbnaa. 

M Ziph, aad Telem, aad BeaU>th. 

SS And Haaor. Hadattah. aad JUrietb, 
aiMf Hearoa, whieh ie Haaor. 

as Amam, aad Shama, andMoladah. 

27 And Uaaar«Kldah. and Heahiaoa. aad 

28 Aad Haaar^aaU •adBaet.aheba. and 

20 Baalab, aad Urn, and Aaem. 

80 Aad Ellolad, and Cheall, aad Hormah. 

31 And /Ziklag, and Madmannah, aad 

aad Aia, 

, tweaty aad 

alae. with their villagaa. 
as 1 JkhA ia the valley. 

CttiM and vfUagea of Jndah, 


The Mimd coast of 

A2KIB.U ;. 

|Or. JaiMM. 
meh 14. IS. 


r Ja<lf. 1. 21. 

teh 18 IS. 

M And Bbftr^in, and Adithatm. ud Oe- 
derab, vmad Uederothaim ; foart««i oltiM 

87 Zenui, md lUdaahah, and Migdal'gad, 

88 And DUosB, nad MIsprit, Anad Jok- 

89 Uebtah, aad BoAath. and Ecloa, 

40 And Oabtxm, and LaluBam, and Kltb- 

41 And a«deroth, B«Ui<da«on, and Na- 
aoah, aad Makkadah; sixteen «Maa irlth 
their TlUaMs: 

45 UbMb, and Ether, and 
1, and Aabni 

, and Aebxlb,' aad Mare- 
shah ; nine citiet with thetr ViJlaaefl t 

46 Ekron, with b«r towna and her tU* 

4d From Ekroa eren nnto the eea, all that 

ir .'i n!-i< li ,.1 V<l:r;i \;v^ ti'-ITEIJ kml Ildf tU« 
lafEi \. f>aia with Ivrr t^wn* ami luir rtl- 
bh£D«, -aaiia i EI|d rirrr nf Kg^ti fend Ithe 
gr'rat i«a, ■£ J Ebr bntllrlr rAprriif. 

i-i t And \-a Lb* 
JaiM', Bbil ^fowL, 

frn And Anxb, pud EiMmiaiU, and Aolm, 
61 I Anil Lliiitfarn,, uiil llnlim. ud UiL»k; 

eletril dilliii with Ibcir vUJbfci : 
6^ A^iK, an'I l>uffial] , an J l:ilK4Bt 
63 Anil 'JtLbtiiu, aud llMti-uppiiib, aad 


<« >U-1iTon, ia4 EL«T j nlx^ dtln ^Ui tlieir 

{£ HaDH. (?iLnn*l, uid Zipb, aad JnLtnh, 

U Auil J^irmL, ma^i JctLdikoi, aaJ Ea- 

67 CbLB] , OIIwkL, uid Tiumah t l-A !!l(iea 
WVtli Ibur Tkili^tia r 

641 lUWiiMl tlvili-ur, uid Gedcp, 

50 Aiiil .Mui'tElL, aod UrtbHUiaiki.aadSI- 
teli^ g ill eLEbn with Ui#Lr TlUafFt : 

et^ " J£]i^atli-bKal ■<thUi\ i* K4rjiiiti-j>-»Tlni, 
and llt.1»l»ah; lwi}dil«4 w1thUi«iT ivJinjea. 

6t T Lb tNBwIIHflrEeH, Vfliti-ar*b*]., ^Ud- 
dia, and Hooairab, 

U Anit fftliihar, Kod ibti ntj [>r b<iit, and 
Eof^illj ill citiei frLtLi tJieLr YllLnEV-. 

93 1 Aj Tin th& J«hu«>i|*« iht kiilixi 11 Ante 
of J rW SaJbtn , "ths f lilJiLrVFl ftf J l»iJftt, J'uBld 

nol HplYt iheia wt : J-lxa* tbo J..l.unlte» 
d^Lk wllh i^v dkiUnn or JailaU tUmumr 
lem onto tbU day. 


nU fMMiw/ torrfdw o/ IJU «<HW «/^ J—nk. S Tht 
^r4tm«f*hm mW^mm ,J tfJumim. 10 n« 

AND the lot of «he children of Joseph 
tfell from Jordan by JeridM, nnto tlie 
water of Jerieho on tbe east, to the wilder- 
•eea thai «»Mfa uto frofn Jeriete throagfaont 
B»ant Beth-el, 

a And goeth oat firont Bettnel te«Lnt, aad 
passeth along unto tbe borden of Arehi to 
Ataieth, ■■ 

8 Aad goeth down westward to ibeeeae* of 
Japhletl, tmrtoibe eoast of Betb-horen tbe 
aether, aad to »Oeier : and the gofngB oat 

4 <i\io tbe ohildran of Joseph. Maaasa^ 

6 t Aad tbe border of the eUMrai 
Ephraim aeeording to tbeir fcoUles 
Mite .• ereft the border of tbeir tnbeiltaaee 
on the east side was ' AtaratlMkddar, /unto 
Beth-boron ibe apper ; 

And tbe border went out toward the sea 
to ' Miohmetbah on the north side ; aad tbe 
border went about eastward nnto TaaaaCb- 
sbilob, and passed by it on tbe east to Ja> 

7 And It went down from Jaoebah to Ata- 
roth, Aand to Naarath. and eaaw to J«H- 
obo, aad went ont at Jordan. 

8 Tbe border went out ttom Tappaah 
westward unto tbe irhrer Kanab; aaa the 
goings out thereof were at tbe aea. TMs4s 
tbe tnberitanee of tbe tribe of tbe ebih* 
of Ephraim by tbeir bmilies. 

9 And Hhe separate eities f6r Hie ehUdrcn 
of Ephraim tvere among the inberitanee of 
the ebUdren of Maaaaseb, aU tbe dtieo with 
their TillaM. 

10 < And they drare not oat tbe OaaaaL 

that dwelt in Oeier : but tbe Oaaaaaltes 
dwell among the Ephraimltes unto this day, 
and serre nnder tribute. 


tUltl^ MintatA. 1 HUtoatt. 12 !%• Oi. 

»/umUm mot WWmw ml. U Tlu ekUdrm ^ 

Of Joseph; (eieit, fertMaohirtbeflrstboia 
of Manasseh, tbe father of Gilead; beeause 
be was a man of war, therefore he bad «0«- 

S Thoi« was also a lol ear Jthe Mat of the 
ehildren of Maaaaseh by their iamilias ; < An 
the ehUdNB of » Abieter. aad Car tbe ebU- 
dren of Heiek, /and for tbe ehildren of As* 
riel, aad for tbe ehildren of Sbeehem, 'aad 
fiir tbe diildreB of Hepber. and «>r |be 
children of Bbemida : these smtv the male 
ehUdren of Maaaaseh tbe son of JoseiA by 


8 But AEelopbebad, the sea of 
son of OUead, tbe son of Maehir, the s^a 
Maaasseh, bad no sons, bat doaghters i 
these ore the names of his daui^rs, : 
lab, aad SFeab, Hoglab. Mileab, aad TInah. 

4 And they eame near before iBIeaBar ti^ 
priest, and beftnre Joriraa the son of Nim, 
aad before tbe princes, sqing, *The L«>B» 
eomraaadeid Moaes to gireas an laheritaaee 
among our brethren. Tbe r e to re, aeeording 
to the eonunaadment of the Lokd, be gave 
them aa inberitanee among tbe brethren of 

5 And there foil ten portions to Msaiaaseh, 
besides the land of OUead and Bashaa, 

oa tbe other side Jordaa ; 

7 Aad tbe eoaat of Maaasseh was fire* 

Asher to iMiebmethab, 

Shecfaem; aadtbebordL 

right band unto the iahaMCants of 

8 Now Maaaaseh bad the land of Tap- 
puabt but **^Tappaah on the border of 
Maaasseh UUngaA to the efaUdren of 
Ephraim t 

9 And tbe coast deeeended "anU the 
•rlrer Kanab, sontbward of tbe rivsVi 

eities of Epbroiffl art aaoartke 
rMaUMobi tbaacaatefMiaawil 


lite. 4. U 

Jar. 7. la. 

4A.U L 

■botder; and Ibey met togatktr in Aalwr «• 
the BCfrth. and ia l e eael M ur «a tbe eMt. 
II 'And Maaueeh had ia ItMakar aadin 
AriMr<Betiii«faeaaaBd ber^ewae, aad Ib- 

f n« CmiamtUe$ n»t IttittH out. 


L10. la. 


TnC'lo^dns MraBy*4!r Bsf^oMifii. 

Ber aad ber toims, aad the faihabitante of 

of Taaaaeh aad her tewai, aad the Inhabit- 
of MccMda aad bur towat.Mw* three 

U To* >«he cfafldnn of Maaaeeeh eoald 
not driTe out «A« tntaWtwU* e/thoae eHlea ; 
but tbe Caaaaaftet woeld dweU la that land. 

15 Yet It eame to pau, when the ebUdien 
oflataaliramraaea ■tnor, that tfafjr ant 
^ho OadHMBitefl to *trfl«te ; bat did not at- 

14 Y lAad the ebUdrsa of Joae^ spake 
nato Joehoa, eajriac, Wby bast tboa (trea 
ne *M< "oae lot aad oae porttea to iabeiM, 
aceiac I am 'a neat peepie, fbraeeraeb ae 
tbe LOKD bath Heeead me blthertot 

16 Aad Joebaa aanrered Ibem, If tboa be 
a gnat people, th*» gM thee apto the wood 
90UHin, aad eat dowa fttrthteelf the** in 
ttalaad t^""*— •n"i^ftM -.•♦'r- ■gUati, 
Ifmonal \.-. ...-. r ■.... v^ ,,^,0. 

10 Aa« '> ..... kid, The 

hUl te aol: '-iH.^i«t, t.-.r u^: !xi,.| uj| the Ca- 
aaaaitaft tint dwrll 1n thR IkchI tif choTaUey 
faaTO'dianiLqi irrijiniH ^a^A ikrjf vlwarOOf 
B e t h ib l m *4iiL Lifr luv^L, ud iA«p vho 

1:7 Aad d u— u m ' bp^v omo tbv heaee of 
Joaoph, e*ei»4oBphnla aad to Maaaeeeh, 
eayUg, VheB«r« a neat people, aad haat 

Teat power: ttoa Malt aet have oao let 

18 Bat tbe nunmtaia ahall be thiae; fb* H 
iaaaood,aDdtbooabalteatltdoirat aad 
th* oBtgoiaga of U ahall bo afaiao: in tboa 
•halt drire oat tbe Caaaaaitea, <>theagh they 
ha«« lioki dtaviota, mm! «b«igh th^ b* 

n» kJtmmMt UtHmpmiBkUoA 9 Tkt'tmmttt- 

AND the vhBla oeagiegatleB of the efaU- 
dnaier teael>aeaer-"-~ 

8bUoh» and *aet np tbe ubetaaaie of the 
aaa y atat to i thevef a&d the laad ma anb- 

tAadtharoreoHiiaed amoog ttie efaUdtan 
otiaaari aet ea toibea, wMeh had aot yet ro- 

jl A n .U Htana nbd nato the ebOdreB of b- 
EafL ' Httm lo^a ""^ je alaeb to go to poa- 
«*#■ tiMi lafi'l. wbt^ tl]*|iOJU><3odof year 

i nbrit r,at fi ■. ni uiiaDg y«a tbtoo man §n 
^ il I >U1 taad then, aad they 
>n4 pi 0"iuA the laad, and 
ilBUrlb« It B,nt:>itdiiig to m laboiitaiieo of 
ihm', fetaid I Irfj iilulT«omo a^oin tO'Bo. 
.1 Afld ibtf tball dh l>la tl iato aovea part*: 

m^-ek U 

h Lil t 

aaaAi a4 «<lba bwiti 4f Jeaeph ahaU aUde 
la Cbair oowU on tba aettb. 

« 1f> iImJI »jrF*fi.P« dMeribe tbe land kUc 
mt4a pf.rt', m^i hriB( ikm dmeriptkm 
Mi^.f.r 4p. mri. /i.ld«tiaay«aatlotal6ryoa 
h*n ha«in Uv LDhJT porCtod. 

t 'Mt cbo l«tit« bare a* part among 


i{ Wrtho p B i aa»a u lottbaliOM>-«tfaefap 

half the talbe of Maa 

8 And the mea aroae, and veal avajf t aad 
Jortma obaiged them that iienttodeeeribe 
tbe knd, aayfaig, «* and vaHc throagb the 

tbe Lord in SbUoh. 

9 And the mea ireat aad paaaed threap 
tbo tehd, and deoortbed it by oitioa iato 
aeren parte in a book, aad aaaae mgtdn to 
Joaboa to the boat at flUlob. 

10 And Joabna eaatlota for them In ShOoh 
be*e*theliOK»i and theio Joabna divided 
the bmd onto til* eUUrea of Israel aoeoMl- 
ing to their diTlstons. 

11 1 And the let of tbe tribe of tbo efaU- 
dren of Benjamin eame up aoeording to 
their imill«e» and the oeart of their lot 
eame forth bettreea the ebildrea of Jodah 
aadthO'*blldTCa of Joaoph. 

11 < And fhohr border on tbo aoith aide vaa 
flrem JoNan? aad tbe-Otordav iwnt np to 
Um aide of Jeriebo on tbe north side, aad 

and tbe goiaga oat thereof v«re at thoirtl- 

IS And tbe border weat oyer from tboaee 
toward Laa, to the side of Loa itwbteh i» 

14 And the border -waa drsva thtnee, aad 
eonmaaaed the «oraer etthe aeaaoatbwaid, 
fhtm tbe hiU that tUth beim Beth-heron 
aoatbward; aad the goiuga out thereof «*re 
at ^KiriaUt-baal wiSeh ^ Xtajatb-Joaaim, 
a aity oftb* ddldren of Jadabi tU* ««e 
the vest quarter. 

16 Aad tbe aenlh ^aartar as«*ftam«ho end 
of Klijatb-jeartaa, aad tbo border weat eat 
oa tbe weat, and went ont to "the well of 

1« And tbe border eame d*wntotbe end 
of tbo monntata that NeM befbiw*the valley 
of the aoB of Hinnom, aN<(whleh4* in tbe 
valley of the glaaa en the north, aad de- 
aoeadod to tbo valley of Hiaaem, to the aide 
of Jobaal on tbo «OBtb, and deeoended to 

17 And waa 4nmn from Oo north, aad 
weal ftwth t* XBHiiemeab, aad waat ftnth 
toward CMiloth. wbtah it ow agalast tbe 
foiag np of Adanunim, and deeeeaded to 
atho atone of Bohaa the aoMof Boabea, 

18 And paaaed along toward tbe aide over 
agaiaat 'NAiabah northward, aad went 

19 And th* border paaaed alsag to tbe aide 
of Betb-bogiah northward: and the out- 
gotoga of tbe beedee were at the north t bay 
of tboaaltMaat tbo aontiiead of Jordan: 

90 And Jaadatt was tbe border of it on the 
eartaide. Thia «mm ttie iaheritaaoe of the 
ofaildren of Benjamin, by tbo oaaato tboreof 
MBBd about* aoeoiding to their (amillea. 

SI Now the ottiee of the tribe of tbo efail- 
dnti of Benjamin aooerdiacto their fcmUlea 
wer* Jeriebo, and Beth-hoglab, and ttie 
valoy aCKosia« 

«S Aad BetbHwabah, aad Zemaialm, and 

98 AnA Avim, and Parah. aad Ophrata. 

Lfft of SimtoK, ZMbHttmt lArechnr^ JOSHtJA. 

£1 4e4 Clirpfaar-bunjwwiiJi ul Upkoj, 

^ A4»l j!f iLp.piihi Hill Llicpigirtli, *ii<i U»- 
U.J Aai h^kPiB, ud Irfml, had TwhUIi, 

^iHriiACiM «f til* «riU4r«L of Jk^JHUPS^ k- 


lorafiiliai ud Elwlr ¥4Uac*>- 
Ganf t\t\ti tail ittfiT vLlJ^fEi :' 

■f tlM BifBtilh Ttiii ^ Ili'B ibLir FrlU<w (ff Ibe 

Oul «( til* portkH ufLlHi [;1dJdjfl« ■! Ju- 

4sbpuM tt)> inlwriLBBOB uf Uid dkkldnHL UF 

g^[n<>oai r>irlJ]D pirt iiL Ifai tllill^WI irf Ju- 
d«b «»< bu ipurii iur iLmia : '' ibtTtbr* rbp 

vitlitD till- Julurittufii tif [ii«iEl. 

Ill ^ AnJ E.hiE EllAnl Lut fwni 4iiP ■'»r LIh 
DldMrra of ZcllukLB ttMriltni kt ucLr TaiaL- 
Uoi [ BB(1 ibfl bHE^uf itf tbslr tn(wni»BEiti 
Wu qtlEd ^aHiI i 

II tfAJJiJ t»*1t ti.iTd*ir wml: up tuwDW IIh: 

hjfc, uid Jilanlkb, ud n»f Lixl td UbUm- 

iliriihj, mhA tmmahttt}t la II»b rtrivr tim^ u itM- 

lit* mnrl#lae vpin iii± LxvriUt irf CUIrimik- 

(WtlniT, tq Jd[iiuk, 

i And 

iVAirf tfa* tflpdw P 

°1. nod A-pJidllili ui-il isb'i 

nod ^f A*h*r, J^apkttUi, 

«uifuinfi fit Ui^if bmclfli 

AiTJtia II (Jw mbnribia^ fif biu uLUi __ 
ibt dnitdlKD gf [«<4«li|J vuimluie id Urtlr 
flWiUlM, tilt rilM. Bjsil ttiBir iLLUeM^ 

H \ A41JI tii^ Ftfili bit puiP ubi Eur ihHtribQ 

fit ||« «iiUiliipB nl AaUct B^urdU^ 14 tbrif 

BbJji Aail ihilpEi* Hi'l .lMdlill4|^b7 

1 Uu &> L\ L«4|| 

iJdl; mad rM«b«ttL to Cuwl tb^vuJ, 
Mill in t^-tiLtiMT'ljliwttli ; 
if! AqiJ tuFMtm t^wMfl it* iitiirtitei 1* 

Ihth-^IWDfl. iHd THMil»eUL Ea ZibuUiB, l^d 
lif 1 tun T iJJnj 4f^4p>xtL&ii-cJr luwat4 lIh NWtll 
ALtl* pf Hoili'^axikH ULil Stkal, Htd fWtfc 
(wl 1 11 Hi^ul i» il» tr n IduiJ, 

1:^ A.U J UsLrua^ aad ilcliO^^ UhI 
atiil J&^uaL, / L'Pf li uaiA iCtrit Eiil««^ 

1^ JiJid t km ILti *ijUE LALTI^VLti rui Jl^tqali 
■iiil U\ bliB MriiDK tll« I TjT»H Bail Um caa^ 
Ly^DBlL Le^ livwtli ; Ilh4 Uhi <iui|i(iLaf| tlmra 
iif arc ak Llid «hb tPtm lb* ^tn^it iii i" A^iiiuli 

.kt \j\MiBiiii t.\ti!-, ll.Bi4 Aplii'^, aatl Aalrjli 

tnnBIf Will tlPO l^^lLl^f Vicll IiUeLC Tllll^FIln 

•11 TbiJ H ill* iniwrttviH i( tliB LrJln i^ 
tlid (iriiiimi <tf Aktir' ammnlibi: i-Oi UmL 
FamiJ4p>, (|iiH« iillai wiUi ilitif »lUr ~ 

K 1 T^ ihitU idt o&na uUX U ' 
Alt S»f\\.iimin tar ihu OlkUJ^fla at S^]^ 
ialL VJiaudiDji tu Lliti t (UttkU*!. 

iU AaiS tlirlj caut *«« ftvHi flflcpbb ^rw 
Ai]i)4 If 3£aaii*Bakaj, uni A^limlit N-ai^i 
Blul i abBKl, ubhi Ltjf dW I iw4 Mt« ciuvB" 
ITIfn [ LrreuT VEn B^ J ^nUa ; 

tD AietfLb-liLtii^r, %aii fn^tti iiut fiiNK tlidi* 

to HlUkirJt, t>aJ T»*^mHi tu JLvtulan Ui iJv 
M1||J)I lnWrBWl Pt«liff*l" Id Jiil«» ^b iihe 
a.ii|L eLilu, 1.04 ti7 Juttait upus iuT^kB 4iw- 

Jij AaJ iiif TcHetl mild am Hiiiii^, Iv, 
aail lUTHmMb. HakkaXii» «uJ i.;bUiIMr#(&. 

:ICi Aatl Adsuult, auJ IUAibIi, ud tl«ut, 

JS Aji.1 IruD, tlaii M<k4&1^, IbrtlB, Uji 

.w rtikj i* iba iBLtm^qcfl cf lb* crfkiB ^r 

Itia dkuJJrrU id K*.DULalL lun^rrlitif «ti Ikbilr 
EiWi|lk«-ji. lilt ^Mr% and thi-Lr Ttltacn. 

^111 jimi UkB p^reULli L^L ^mi wE lu fhii 
Ml^ nf (Ih elilMna jjC I}«q uiuhliliff hi 
tiifl r familiKi. 

41 Kvfi tlH mwH bf lEul^ ElLMrlkBUfS HBa 
ZjjT^t ud taliLK L, atiil lf-Blirtar»l;i, 

^ Ad J uE^jHBlabblbH utd iiUBhw, wd 

' l>rKihillilLa«K4a|E tuitialr-biulUi, ElKia 

fliUBi trUbfL*LrvllUfai- 
I IT ^ And 'Ufl iourtfe l^nt «•«» i^i hi l»ia- 
I «lw, fin iba stdUni 
' toUaclrfaiBllJH. 

lit Ab4 ilMlr Etflf dfT WW 

u^ CItHtiiliiEli, Bbl :JbiiQ«ia. 

.10 Aad UwpJirBJa, Bi]4 tlli^a, Bbd Aub^ 

» An'ii nii)iiiib. Bn.] ]E;«]>iw. ^a aiibi. 

n4 Rit-[inBJm, feal 1^11- 

c j t:i .4ii it J riiMd, ami B^BA-tfrpJi, bh^ dmiif 

*i Ad J Ma^jAMflQ^Bil^ ni:k|£ati^ «jyi Um 
iMrdar ' bof'^rt " J*4tlw. 

ir AaJ ^Ibe WMt at thi riiAJiltTB lil Dttn 
m^rai. put ri>u ^^ftic 'fVir [tifm : Lhr^^Jf<re eLb 
fliiliifTU tt i>tui B«at up tH» KfiM a^nbiii 

LlhiIhiib. 1J|4 iJNLk It, abd «Biai« ll WJlli LiM 

Eilfii ■»! I>b* fBUTil, and p4i^iH>^ lit «ud 

drtaLl IbBHrn, Uiil dBiWd Li:«faata, /fittM, 

all Pi- 1 \im BHK' of UiUi [li«Lr Suiti^t. 
■h^ T 'ikl ^ Dv LaballUliAp uf Oh trCk* nf 
tiiB £ltlJ4i«D arllaa aodutlEtbe Iv tb*lf bB^ 
Ul«i. U)D« vkiiA wUlt iJult 4 LUa^ct. 

' kBbhTUlUMB Ip ^iHAl 


JM tmet <(f tefmge a^pomted. 


The cm» 9t«M Do ike Levites 



tCkM. Ul. I. 

fch.ll IS.* 

u a. u 

• OMt.4.«3. 
IVb.f. 7B. 



lanM «w« «» tokw- 
■OB or Nob mmi*c 

60 AflootdiBg to the word o( the LoBOtlMy 
SB** Mm tbo ctty wMeh bo asiced, «*«« 
'"TiBnath-*Mr»htoinoantKplirmiBi and 
IM boiH the oKy, ud dwelt ttaeteia. 

WUmnr the prioat, ud Jorim* tbo mb of 
Nn, and tbo booda of tbo Hubert oT tbo 
tziboo of tbo ^ibboB of Iiiael, divided «i>r 

LOB», MtbO' 

eeactegatiea. Bo tbey awd« ta Md af di- 



Sim a(uf a/rrfuft an af fin t t d , 

THB Lou> aloe ipak* ttato Joobaa, tay- 

S SpMdc tfr the ebiMnn of Isnol, MTtag, 
* Appoint out iof jwi cities of i«fbg*< wfaere- 
•f f apake BBto yoB by the baad of Moeea : 

8 Tbal tbe ilayer tbat UUetb^ity penoB 

taimree Mit«f BBwHtingly ■ 

and tbey abail be yovr refuge from tbe 
areBger of blood. 

4 Aad wbeB ha thM dolb flee OBto oae of 
Ooee eHieo abaQ Maad at tbe eateviog of 
ttbe gate of tbe eity, aad efaaU deeiare bio 

ia the eara of the ddem of that city. 

^ "-^ UmlBtotbeeityBBtotbeia, 
i plaee, that be Biay dweU 

And if tbe BTeager of Mood pattM after 
biiB. thea tbajr afaaU aoe deliver tbe abiyor 
np into bia bead; beeanse be amotehie 

• Aad be •ball dwell ta that dty, WoatH 
he stand before tbe eeagrcgattoB tbr jndg> 
aaoHl. aiMf oMU tbe death of tbe high priest 
tbatahaUbe in tboee daya: tbeaabaUtbe 
n», «ad aaoM vat* bla vtm city, 
Ue owa boBse, ante tbe eliy tnm 

iated'Kedesh in Galilee 


7 And 


Sptandia, aad 'Kisjatb-arba which «e He- 
bi«B In Atbe naoBBtaia of Judab. 

8 Aad oa^be«tber side Jordan by Jeriebo 
' -^ - aaaigaed •Beaer hi tbe wU- 

IM ptalB oat oC tbo tribe at 


ttiheef Qad, and <G«taa la Baabaa ont ot 
the tribe of llaaaaaeb. 

9 »Theae ware the eltlee Mipoioted for aU 
OtaebtMreBof iaraol«andfortbe atranger 

MJIetb imy peraoa at unawatea aigbt flea 
tMlber. aad Bet die by tbe. band of the 


trUn, unto tht Lnitm. 43 Tkut Sti f«M tA« 

THEN eaBM scar tbe tatada of the ftttben 

and DFit^i? J m lau til* ica oI NuHt and unto 
«b> heiHr 4iT ibe lUlien ol tbe trlbf* of ihe 

«It]Mt<"b h 

MiHl-ij I.T-.r.n 

mik lb iVuburiM Ib^Mof 

•^f"-^-— "■' vl tbir L-uHu^ iboflb- oUuM- lad 

4 AaiJ I lj iat ttxan inii i<aw Lhv fiuUlc* oT 
the ILtf^iUtei. I aad 'fbr 4:lilb<timi irf Aimb 
tba piriEii, a-fi^h tJuT* -if ili« L4?^'kmv 'had 

r>f LJhi ImW Pf Jo^Jaki, Hdi-ittOf 

LTil>v m dim^iniH ae4 »ui ^ Lba m^iaof 

bwk-t -» 
the LTib 

& Aij J, /Tilt r*ic uf llM ^iMm «t Kubalb 
hati Lij J4t Htt BiTtld fvnitimt ..I tiw iri»>e of 
^mimr moA imI kJ Hh lxib« pif Dm^, «ad 
OBl «C tli> imJ£ uiiM ikC IlKUHli^ taa 

« Ahd 'tba cbUdteB of GeraboB had by lot 
the tribe of laaaobar, 


7 AThe ehUdvea of Mevari b« their flMai- 
Ilea Aad out of tbe tribe of SeaboB, and oBt 
oCtbetribB«faad,aadeut ef tbe tribe of 
ZebuluB, twelve eitiea. 

8 «ABd the ebUdrea of Israel gave by lot 
UBto. tbe -Levftea these oitiee with their sub- 
mba, *aa tbe LoBO eoaiaiaaded b^y the 
hand of Mooes. 

• And tb^ gave out of ttie tribe of the 
obildroB of Ju<teh, and oat of the tribe of 
the ehildNB of (Maeoa. theee eitiea wUeb 
aw hart taieallaaed by bmbo, 

10 <Whieh the oUMnb of AaiOB. fta«N# 
oHIMrfuBillea *f tbe KebatfaMea, «*e Mwre 
ef tbeebildi*aoflevi,bad> Cac tbeira vaa 
tbo Irst lot. 

I|l "And thegr gaire tbem "tbaelty of ArU 
the father oC<<^Aaak, wtnebet^ U Hebraa, 
•la thti Mil «OMa<rpof Jadab, with the aab- 

lagaa thereof, gave tbcy to Ci 
Jcpbuaaieii far Mo p oaee a aiea. 

13 5 Thus ftbaar gave la tbe ddldian of 
AoMft tbe priaat ' HotoroB B«th her aabulM, 
to he » «ity of laftago lur tbe slayer, 'aad 
Libnab with her suburha, 

14 And liattir with ber tuborbe, "aad 

16 And 'liolon with ber anbiufaa, 'aad 
Debir with her auburbs, 

M And ' AlB with her eaburba, "aad Jut- 
tab with ber anbBrbavaNtI iBetb-abaaiaab 
with bor anbaibs: nine eitiea out of tlMae 

17 Aad out of the tribe of BeBJaabs.«Gib- 
ooB with bar aabariia, ^ Qeba with ber aub- 

18 Anatboth with her aubniba, and *Aiiaea 
with her auburbe; ftor eittev< 

1» AUibe eitiea ot tbe children ofAaroa. 
the prieata,wcr« ttairteaa eUieawitb their 

of their lot eat of tbe tribe 
21 For they gave them ' Sheobem with ber 
anburba in mount Bpbralm, to 6* a city of 


ft And Kibaidm with her suburbs, and 
Betb-horon with ber suburbs : four eitiea^ 

83 And out of tbe uibe of Dan, Eltekeh 
with ber auburba, Gibbetboa with her a«d>' 

84 Aijalon with ber suburbs, (lath-riBnaea 
with ber suburbs : fmr eiUea. 

86 Andodt ef tbe half tribe of Maaaaaeb, 

CiM» pt«M to tkt Lt9UU. 

An ottsr ta<tt Imar Jurdmn. 

^(IM.13. IS. 


■•« 'Hftlfg ^ h i n bi I tfet rltlri. 
» ilV Aa flMf* lp#r4 hn iilir] Uwlr Mb- 

tatli tLal ffid 11 11(^1. 

ST i I A ail anu Hid alifldnni ^tf^nba*, 
of irir ei<i.rti]]iai» of dw LctIim, {nK iff tte 
ett^r Mir iHi«i Dl Mi.«n«iii'kt rAir^ i/cHn 
iQti^jf [a Dubu^ Pith \vfT mliDTlM, wii k€ 
aoi[,V Thr Frfitpi fiTF Mm |ikj«r, kail UrMl^ 

iHd. InriT lulHiFbt, DMikHtl vlrih borulinLPlw, 
Hi Ji^TutnUi ahth Iwr auburlM, llb-EKaBim 

wii K bri »uhiiiTli( i taaw i;'ttitt. 
«< Ami t.ul. «r tiM tril>ft df AiittI, MlAal 

irtU., I:^r mciltarlM, AMnb «ilb bil-dtUfba, 

WUtl t.Tr ■TlDultll i ftjof tfltlM- 

»: And inn, flf llri mW Iff Wl-phUlL, ' K»- 
dMIj I4t (julll** "mh twr m^urbi, f4 1^ ft 
Bltj ..[■ rrfllt* hi Uw »U.JirJ- 1 *ihI H»mrr,4«b. 
An T^hri, lirt Hiilwrlii^, mad iUrtan viitJL bar 

with their Mborka. 

M^tAnd onto the 

•( Marari. the fMk of tte LarltM, oat sC tiM 
tribe of Bebolm, JokBOMi with he* lob- 



torflabvrtoi fMretttao. 
M A^ ovt of tin tribo of lUobea, • Bonr 

. «T KodMMtbvith IMT rabaibm oad Mopb- 

S» Aad oM of the tribo of Oftd, 
ia Oilead with hor Mburbo, «o to » oltjr of 
reftego fwtbe olftTor; sad *• -^ --■ — ^ 

ber Nb«*o; fttm eitioo is M. 

40 8o an tbo eitio* fbr tbo eblidrai of Met- 
aH by thoir HuaUiei, vtaldi wota Mamiatat 
of tbe fluaiHoo of tho IiovMm, wo(« 6y tbotr 
lofetwelvo oltlOi. 

41 • AU the oltioi of the Uvitoa witbia «be 
powtM H a or tbo ehddraa of brael «om^ 

d eight oiti 


48 1 Aad the LoBD gave noto teaol 'al 
tbo toad vbMb bo owaM «» ■!«• aato tbOi 
■ad 4bey pew w d it, aad dw«l 

46 *Tbei« fkitod aol aogtat of any good 
(Mag wfatoh the Lobd bad tpoken oato the 
hooMoflirael; all oaaio to pan. 


tUuinf. 10 r*#y huiU an altar ofuttimanp tjr 
JvnImH. 11 fJU »th«r irH—^n^fiadti iktrtmt. 
M 4» — yl ane t iit it fwm, 30 wCefc U mtirfao- 

Oaditea. aad tbo half tribe of Mar 

a Aad laid nato tbaa. To have kofit "^ 
lbatMaaao«b»oorMB«of the beu* oom- 

i a a a i rt3 oa , »aadl 

all that 1 oommoadod joQ 

8 To have not lofkyoar bretbroa Iheoo Boay 
d^ aato tbiOday, bM haw ta^^tbaobain 

4 Aadaow «bo Lord yoar Ood balbgitmi 
root uato yoar breChna, ai bo pMinlaod 
thoa: thoteftia now robira yo, aad got ^ 
ante year toato, fl«ul «alo tbo tend of Toa> 
pooMoaiea, •whioh Mooeotboiortaatoflbb 
Lobd aavo yoo oa tbo other side Jordaa. 

frBatrftako diUnat hoed to do tbo ooo- 
BMOdaoat aad the law, wUah Moooo tbo 
oorraat of tbo Lord obarged MB, 'to iovo 
the Lord your Qod. aadtoWlbla iril bio 
wi^i, and to kaop bio ooauaoadtaeati, aad 
to oleaTO aato Urn, aad to atoro hbn with 
aU Toor beart ttd with an Totir Ooal. 

• S^Jeibaa /bloooed tho^ aMdooKtli^ 
away : and they went onto their toata. 

T Now to tbo «M half of tbo tribo «f Ma- 

diaa: rhat aato the 

Jfoafaaa aaMBg their hrothroa oa this ~eido 

tboia away atao nalo 
bieeeed them, 
8 Aad ho OMlBi OBlo «bOm. easing, Botora 
vith aiaoh lieheo aato yoor tente, aad witt 
oatlle, with lilror, aad With goM, 

awy aaaob oatlie, witi 

with ifoa, aad with very 
: kdivido tbo apoQ of year 
oaontfoa with year brothraa. 

9 And the eldldten of Roaboa awl the obil- 
draa of ead aad the half tribo of Maaaaaeb 
rotaraod, aad departed tnm the oMIdraa 
oflnraol ootof Bbllab, whioh to in the land 
of Gaaaaa, to Muato itho ooaatry of Oil- 
ead, to the land of their poaaoealea, wbotetir 
they woropooaoaaod, aoebrdhig to the word 
ofthe LORD by tbo haad of Meaoa. 

10 Aad whoa tbay eaao nato the bordeia 
of Jordaa, that mr* ia the tend of Oaaaab, 
the etattdrea of Bouhea aadtha obUdMa of 
ead aad tbo half tribo of Maaaaaob bvttt 
thoTo aa ahar by Jordaa, a groat altar to 

11 VAad tbo ohildToa of larael *board 
eay. Behold, the ohildrea ofRoBbea aad the 
ehUdtoa of Oad and the half tribe of Maaaa- 
oab hi(*a ballt aa ahar o««r aaataiat tbo kad 
ofCanaaa, ia tbo bordara of Jordan, at tbo 
paaaage of the oMIdfoa of toael. 

1« Aad when tbo ObUdraa of larad heard 
«/ it, <tho whole ooagregatien of the ebil- 
dren of lerael gathered thaouolToa togetbar 
at BtaUab, to go up to war Bgalaat tben. 

M And tha oUl&oa of lOtael ->oeataata 
the otaUAoB of Boaboa. aad to tbo ohildraa 
ofOad, and to tbo half tribe of Maaaaaob, 
iato the kad of QUead, "PMaobaa tbo aoa 

14 And with him ten prinoea. of oaoh t oUaf 
hooae a priaoe throaghoot all the tribee of 
larael ; aad *oaah oae «*aa a bead of the 
hoaao of tbatr flkthora aatoag the tboaaaaai 

15 And' they eamo tinto-tho AHdroa of 
Benben, and to the eMMrea ofOad, aad to 
tbo half tribe or M«aaaoab» antotho tad «r 
Oiload. aad tbey tpabe with tbota, aagring, 

1« Thaa aaltb the whole ooacrogatioa of tbo 
Lord, What treopaaa <a thb that ya bavo 
oomaittod agaiaat the Ood of larael, to taia 
away tide dwfVoaiiiUowtag tbo Lord, In 
ttet yo MM baMdod yoa aa altar. I'that yo 
Bright rebel tbia day agaiaat the LORD f 

ifA tb*tal«ai|y«ar Poor too Uttlaftmo. 

• K«m. 92.33. 


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Lake M. 00. 
yeh. n. S. 

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t H«k. IkMM. 

• Vam.1.4. 

IV oAi^ci in bttiidm^ U. 


Jnshvs^s ck^rvf vniB JbracL 


«W kw mntTbir '' hit wLLI 
■ibuJc OWETEEVll'iD Elf 1^ 

19 Hs^wUliAU'aiLiii.f; 

twtmi qai -pf ll)« IkVid i»f .lit Loup^ 
il>^ >E>liut ttt« IX^itV, ' A2 Anil FbLaatM iKi aiiU iif KL ^m j |^ 

cblldrell at kt-uLcn, vii ^nm Uu otuJdrfgi 

IS UaL UibL ^> nnuf (VTO IVIJ IblM. Aliy 

cntli < 

ir Lliit Jud {If TptLt 

i A<tql I 

in tvuiLbf j«i . _ ^^ 

tbr LuA<? Mit f^iKl. 

IQ rOld £,jFC Aetna th* «VP af 7,4nJi mu- 
ml>t PL lPni^*ai lb iba k^ar^rd lUai, *iui 

il 1 TliA^i U)« cJiUJna of Bdolkai UirJ thr 
ririldnU: nf U^ pad. ltd Uff lirbL* uf Mb- 
»a«Hb'uuii«tTJ, uhI nU oib klv Iwula 
»/ til* fllMUftkdd bT IicB«|i. 

nf fodf . 1m ^laaHlli, 4»J l<nrl Lt itilJi , tIbKt J 
mmw I [f It &« la rtbeiJSiKti, ui S( ks. izvi^ ' lurB . 

M Tlu Vi IiAtv tmEIt -an ^m. l] lU to turn 
bun faUftlI'LtiE ttn JUllU>, cr Lf T4> afrt 

ir (« tiOW [IF^^ «tferitiEi ItitTHD, Ut lb» 
LUILD liim««l| »n)4UJ^ il; 
3( Ajid If «e ImT4 hat 4^»l4er iLhib Ll fur 
ttmt if '4m tiling, Mijbilt, ^ In llBun to egiu 
JBtor cblkJrni oiigtit i|Hitk UliJiJi mLT pLU- 
b«D^ lUi^t VlhuL Uva T« h) d« vMl ibB 

]& Foe Ibit Uiilo UiJi nuAe Je^t^Iu « htrd- 

rr ttetTiffn Di| 40d 3^»*i« ^tiildini ■!>( ItrB' 

La Lhfl Ln b n J pti §]mll JOUr dbittlrEii Rt^lu 
vHr oMUltHB oittMm Jjvm h*r Hut liH Luiui. 
dft Tlvtvtara »* walA^ InCt lU BOW twrpm 

tJ«Hi, lud did ntil IbUbd tua gu up fep^oU 

iJHi fl.||iilr«ii 4f KjiqIikd Hid GiJ dwslb 
cl-t An-;! tLf- ^kjJdTinB (if S^vtifH K&d. i^ 
[d|ij.lnfyi.r Ob J oaJUd IIh Bter i- JU .- fi, 

OtlAttgA XlUJ. 

I.QPI' ^WL [iTFti [Mk nJHB 

ill. uT^.^k 

i Abil JcdliQB "fvU^i] fur lU Imd, mij 
^l" IbnLr elilrji, Bod I41 Uinr Lt^ull, had 
fur iJwLr JlIi^■^», anil fiir t^i^f itBaiirfl. J 
441 r| imla Umm, 1 km oUl anKf KTHfejfn 

a Ari^ r^ tihfb «i«ia bU iJiaIi'Ih tumiTTi 

Jm wUli, bq? LatUt aff«rLng:i^ b&i] 

n Tbtnlirt ulA m, iliu 4 iluJI li 
liin ilw^d H JUT Ed lU i>:r ld iHvr |v 

m*M %'mw In '" 

tb^Lajiif, wlil«b Htr bU4«n utodi, lui* Eiir 
l^DttU oSatiilfM, haw for a«riA«i>; bdl U «f 

Ja» Ubd tbrlld IhBt T«! ,*h4<iiM i«b|] M«lgu 
HUXdU?, Ud Eum ipLl'. tU^ I^Wb l^tlJltiruit 

1 u&riP|jit<kj 
r uf U^LOk 

^MiMV nt jnn ; tar ^ht i LutKlt f iiur tinl it 

he- EiiBi. iuuJi fji^iifbt t'iJ )^4Un 
t BflbnJdt 'J bA*fl litrliLpd qnut JtiH lij Itf 

^llBa<B tlBtJlTQI iWl, T^dBBLu, l« b* BB Hlllifwilt' 

Ud* t«r ^ULif iTitXi, rriim JoriUji, vitbi bU 
HiB 'UUiFBi tlUh I A^tr sm M, «nD bbU 
14* OTfl*t MB, ^TMtw^rd, 
^ A ad lilt IX' h U jour CIhX. / k)B linU r«L 
|iel. Ibaq fViniH. bflfin^ ]rQ[i^ Bbd drLre lli«n 
iriiuk (ijLiff jBDr aig^ ■^ miL±jt itpJI puBiuf 
UrtlT iBbilp 'ki tljB IilifiJI jDid (JBd Imth 
IthiHitlwd uAki jWM. 

Bad u. do mH tJiBL |» wrrttJ'B Ifi til* Imk bI 
tbe- Ibw uF ^mcb, LtlsBl; ;b lurp q^it Bitdc 
|]i»a rffhim r^J iht ri|;bt liBiid Br E{] UiB 1b|1;( 

J TtMi Jfl ^ ^bit but unuBf UiH-n bbIIhb*, 
tiiMr LbBL ^QkMh 4uMiB« jBb ; bflllbei i inBkB 
iai-ai lOb 'Jf th« LAUD nil liirlj' |Hb, dht ^mmw 
iv *w»rM Aj* r-^f-"!. nimlH-f IfltTfl tluU, bat 

a lIlu^ ^ c1bB'?b qnui lb* Li>Kn jeitr ti^dH 

B» JB tiBTB dpiUfl bqt4 t^Ll diijr 

1* i^rnir iha I,OMi* It**]) driTm «■[ ftaai 
l>rriir'n j-uu. p-cBt bBiiiHiB »iid jcroiaf ; k4u 

fl#_fup" Jvd, -iiUBua llBLb bBBb«lil*1lDi«Ud 

1vi^r« Jirtl libCti tiiiri tlBjC . 

10 J' Cm* nuA «r jriMi ibkll <b>jv ■ lbn>^ 

RBnd: ffl' FJ|<t L4Jt.t» ^bUf U»dr 1^ iJ it 

tlBi Bck,E«tli fipr ^vu, *M 1)4 balli pr^lud 

11 ""TlLi tniKl iHvd blvti^uB BMn 1 j^m^ 
UiBt, |B k ■ r LIh IMBI> juHr Uud. 
ii>. Lr <n' iki tn Bti-* wUh '*^ 

Jti. EJ. U. 
ck IN II. Wl 

4 ]*. m. 

^E. •» 94. k 
D..I U ffl. 

fwmw. I. 11. 

«tb, ft. II. 
J Ek ». 13, 

Jt i. T. 
aw^t. 1 a. 



*L u. ;?. J 

ic b«fiifT iki» t^l4iBul.|. ta SJft-, IT \^« -k IB ibj wUb '^j* t*«k 

m 1 ^bid "li»* FliiDBbu Uw priert, nbd cLoftvq. VB44 tL# rtmnuii of iImh nit! 

rt^ I 

P*Bi ».». 

I!,d julf.jl. 

ai, & u. id. 

, , PcPi»lB«flan(jtii 

ili of I^r^L wtiteii M.'r«F i>Hl] •mB^B rriBrTlBc?* vitt^ lUdbi, wvl fo In uiltt 
Itlffl. botttd ibc tuthU d.Bl thf- tiiJIdHil uf tbP'ni. huI ikff tt JvU ; 
twliib mad [Irf e&llilreB oE Uid mvA Ow la Kimw for'a wrtBlBtr tbM^IlM LoMD 
Aa4fini al MuimtJmL ifB^B, Mt ^iB^Hd ,jolu- tlwi -^Jl nci qsorB dT^VM val nNy r/ 
UiBH UBtlptiB flnjti IwiiFt jou i ''but tbrj 
itM b« UHTTt MkI tni|ti UbW }iM» and | 
HUaifiH Lq JHW ildaiH Bad %^D*nr IB JVftU*' 
3 Frt. Hm, m. ( l>.ut. -). 3. B/it%.' ft IL B «-- 
%^ltaBi.7. 1« LKiBvU-l. 


■a Om riuUnti E< (iBili Bfldi 14 t4i« 

O^d't goadmem to Itrutt 

Tkt J&ffMT covttKtnt 

•fM, «MU ye ymM «Mm •« Ma gMd kud 
«MA <te LOBO fMV e«i tatt glTM ]f«a. 

14 JkMA, UbaU, this 4i^n«tmpA»t th* 
way of aU tiM Murthi Md ya know te •» 
yaur hearta aad in all your aaola, that 'not 
•M tUag hath MM of aU th« good tUnga 
wUoh the Loao your God apako oonoeraii 
yo«; all ato * — " — - 



tod apako oanoerainc 
paaa uM* Jvm, and 

Da yoo, wfaloh 
wd*oa; aoahail 
^ . . >aU«Til thiata, 
until he have dastfOTed jaa f^om off thia 
good land whIA (ha Lomo year Ood hath 

IS wW ye have tranagreaaed tha aov»- 
naat of tha L<mo yav Ood, wWah ha oo» 
maaded jon. aad haTO gona and aarred 
other goda. and hawed 7oaraafar«a to than; 
the* ahaU Ab»«Mr of the LOBl>%ekia)dlad 
against yoo, and ye ihall pariah qoiakly 

aa all good things are 
the Lord voor Ood p 
the Lomo Diia| upon yon 


enmk (Joi'igoodnmt to Ikmrnfm 
1« Ht rt%tm*iK ik* cwom 
Otd, as and itttHk yip a at 

AND Joshua gatbeied aU the trihes of 
Israel to 'Shaebem, and ioalled for 
thaoUara of lamal. and fbr their heada. aad 
far Ihslr Jndgaa. and for Uialr oOaars'. and 
they 'presented themaelTee before God. 

t And Jpabna said anio aU the peopU, 
Thaa aaith the IXUtl» Ood of Israel. •< Year 
fothara dwelt on tha other sida of the flood 
in oU tiaa, «««• Tarah, the fotbar of Abr»> 
ham. aad the fother of Nahor: aad *they 
aarred other floda. 

SAnd/Itoek year fother Abraham from 
the other aide of tha flood, aad ted him 
thnagbaat aH^ lafad of Oaaaan, aad oMtf- 
tinUed bU seed, aad 'garo Urn Isaaa. 

i Andl gaaea nt a I s a ac *Jaeoh aad Ksau; 
aad I gara nataiEaaa noaat aalr, to pos- 
sess it; Abotiaaot aad hU ofaUdfoa veat 
dowa Into Bgyyt. 

6 a aent Moaas also aad Aaron, aad "I 
ptagnod Sgypt. aaaerdlag to that whiah I 
did aawag Ami aad altanrard I bionght 

'oAnd I "broagbt yoar Cathsrs oat of 
Sgypt: aad*ya«ame «a«e the seat ^aad 
the Xgyptiana p a rsn e d after your fothers 
with ohariota aad horsemoa unto the Bed 

7 Aad whaa they «wied ante tha Lomo. 
''be pot daikaeea batvaoa y«a aad the 
Xgratians, *aad brought the aaa upon them, 
aad ao««fed them; aad-'yomr eyea have 
asaa arh^ I have dane la Kgypt: aad y« 
dwelt in the wildamess ''a long season. 

«AadI broMfatyoaiaaatkafoataf tha 
A asa rit aa. iM& dwaU aa thaothar side Jor- 
daa; 'aadaayfoagMwiibyon: andlgaTo 
them into yoar baad, thai ye a&igbt possess 

^W'Balak the i. 

• Then 'Balak the wsa of Zippor, king of 
Moab, araoo aad warred against Isnol. aad 
jsat aadaalledBahmm the sea of Boor to 


*Nmroforo ha Mosaad yoa 

Id rftbe men of Jerleho 
fought against joa, the Anorites, aad the 
BBTtMUes. and the Caaaanites, and the 
Hltthei, and the Olrgashltcs, the Rirites, 
aad the Jebnsttea i aad 1 dellirend them 
into your hand. 

Ifl And *I sent tbe hornet befora yon, 
whMi drare Ihem out fHm beiOre jou, smn 
tha t«« kings of the Amorhes ; but /not 
wHh thy sword, nor with thy bow. 

18 And I bare giren you a land forwfaieh 
ye did not labour, aad ^ettiei whieli ye built 
not, aad ye dwell in them ; of the rineyards 
and oHr^arda whloh ye planted not do ye 

14 f 41f«w theiaforo fear the Lord, aad 
serve him in • sincerity and in truth; and 
*pnt away the coda whldi your fiuhers 
sarred oa the ether aide of the flood, aad 
<in Egypt s aad serre ye the Lord. 

1ft Aad tr It seem eyiinnto yon Co serre the 
LORD, *ehooae yon this day whom ye will 
serra; whether "the gods whidt your Ih- 
thers serrod that trere on the other side of 

Aad the people answered and said, Oad 
forbid that we should forsahs the LORD, to 
serre other gods ; 

17 For the Lord out Ood, ho <( is that 
brought us up and our fhthers out of the 
land of Egypt, from the house of boodafe. 
and wUeh did those great signs hi our sl^ 
in all the way wherein we 
among aU the people tbroogb 


two passed 
Ind SeLo 

Lord drare out ftvm befbre 


us all the people, eren the Amoritea whieh 
dweh la the had : Iktrtfore will we also 
sarro the lord; fbr he <« our Ood. 

19 And Jodma said unto the people, <Te 
cannot serra the Lord : for be <s a lloly 
Ood; he is 'a jealous Ood; «he wiU not 
forgire your tr aa s g it ssl oas aor your sins. 

W "If 7e fbrsake the Lord, aad serre 
strange gods, 'tben be will turn and do you 
hurt, and eonsume you, after that he hath 
dona you good. 

SI And the people said ttnl 
bat we wiH serre the Lord. 

19 And Joshua said unto the peoalo, Te 
are w i tnesse s against yourselres that 'ye 
bare ehosen yon the L6rd, to serva hhn. 
And they said, IT* ar* witnesses. 

tl Now therefore *put away, waid )U, tha 
strange gods whieh or* among you. and in- 
cline your heart unto the Lord 0«id of Is- 

M Aad the Mopte said ««to Joshw, The 
Lord our Ood will we aerta, ud Ms toIos 
will we obey. 

» So Joiboa'made a aoreaaat with the 
peapla ttiat daT, aad set them a Btatoto aad 
aa ordinanee Bin Sbediem. 

M Aad Joshua ■wrote tbeoo words la tha 
book of the lawof Ood,andto«4c'agraat 
■tone, and *set it up there /md«r an oak, 
that was by the aaaetaary of tha LORD. 

r And Joahna aald onto aU th« peopla. 

old. this stone Aall bo 'a witaess ante 

. for Alt hath heard aU the war^ «r Ilia 

LORD wUah ho spake unto na.* R Bh«N^ 

your Ood. 
18 So 4 Joataa let the poo^ depart, oToty 

S9 Y*ABd it . , 

tUago, that Jastaa the aen of ITaa, tha 

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**n*9. R. e. 


Death and bmrial of Joshua. 


Death and frtirMt of Bleaxor. 

MTtMt oTUm Loko, died, Mii0«)Hmdi«d 
••d tsB 98sn old. 
aO Asd ttMjrbmrtod him in Om border of 

>, oa tb« north sido of the 

in moiait Ephnin. 
81 Aad "iRMi aumi Um Lobo all fbe 
dajri of Joofaoa, uid all Um days of the eld- 
era ttiat toretUTod Joahus, and whieh bad 
•Inown all tbe works of the Lobd, that he 
had doM li»r InaeL 

MJAb ... 

ebilAen oTIarael biovgbt up oot of Bcrn*> 
burled they la Bbeohem. Tu a paml of 
nooad ''whleh Jaeob bought of the loni at 
Hamor the Ibther of Sbeebem Cor a hundred 
of illTor ; aod It " 

tbi7 buried kim In a hiU tiUrt |Mrtai«M«< ( 
«Pblnehaa Ma aen, wUeh vaa girea htm Ij 
mount Xphratai 



fhtmttffJnAAandSimnm. fl. ,_. 

mmA.emam,A»kkd<m.»ndXkr9mtat«i. VI Tka 

^ UMni. a If AJfr : S>^ Sa,lu£i;U 

|TOW after the deob oTJoebna it 

*aafced taeToKO, aayiag. Who ahall go up 
' n» agalaat tte Oaaaaoitea flrat, to tgbt 

S And the L 

8 And Judah aaid unto BimeoD 
Oome up with me )ato nty lot, that «e may 
flght aninat the Canaanltea ; and *I like- 
wiae will go with tbee into thy lot. SoSim- 
Mm went with him. 

4 And Jndah went up ; and the Loso de< 
Uvered tbe Canaanltea and the Periiaitea 
into their hand : and they slew of them in 

• And they fimnd Adonl-besek in Beaek; 
ind thev fianrht acainat him, and thev alev 


after him, and oanghi 

But Adoni-betek led ; and they pursued 
It him, and out off lila 

7 And Adoni-besek aaid, Threeaeore and 
tea Uncs. having t their tkumbe and their 
great toea out ott, UnUhered their meat 
under my table : *aa 1 hare done, ao God 
Imth requited nw. And they broogbt bim 
to Jemaaiem, and there be died. 

8 Now /the ehUdiea of Jndah had figngbt 
agataisl Jerusalem, and Imd taken It, and 
aaltten it with the edge of the sword, and 
■et tbe «ity on Are. 

9 'And afterward tbe diUdren of Judah 


mad in i1-' ■mfl'-y 

thai .>ci5 Id tM-rio': bulr tilO naaM of 
Itibrvii I'fhT'^ u^'r'- Rb^Jatfa-fLrba ; andtbey 
i^m 01pr«hu!. U'l Altl4hiB, uid Talmai. 
11 1 1 a4 fruFii vtwu^e hf vRbt avtinat tbe 
IwtmhiUk^ti fif n^k.^r i mnti th* name of De- 

h|T Im^TB WSt* ltlTJ|ILlb.*pp3lf^T: 

li t Aa<l Cm\fb lalj. II* ib^t amitetta Ktr- 
M\i-mi^i*.w, udink^^ bt, taUmwilll^Te 

1^ Aod OHlieiJi^l xt-r K<n. dr Rinas, 'Caleb's 
jfrtBf w NrT4'l>n , ui ik ^1 : koil he gave Um 
A^nat^k tikii tlAiic«i4i'T ii mitv,. 
^4 ' iji4 It anff to yvM, -wbtn she onam to 
4fwi. <k>t *lw Eiu'TF'l Mm ta uJcof berfctber 
dJ rrmK off her aaa ; 

itlWl, «n>I «!• EIU'TCM mil 
a«aM] aai ■h^ EL^iii 
Ml CtaUi miA iuit.» ht 

U And ahe aaid nnto Mm, "Give me a 
blaaaing : for thou beat giren me a aoath 
land : giTe me also apringa of water. And 
Caleb gave her the upper sprinfi and the 
nether aprings. 
•And the 

in law, went up out f of the Otj 

1« ^ • And the aUldren of tbe Kenite, Mo- 
aea' father in law, went up out ''of tbe el^ 
of patan trees with tbe efaUdren of Judah into 

the wUdemcas of Judah, which Heth in tbe 
aoath of «Arad ; 'and Ihey went and dwelt 
among the people. 

17 *AndJudak went with Simeon hie broth- 
er, and tbay alow tbe Canaanltea that in- 
h^ited Zephath, and utterly deAroyed it. 
Andtbenmneof the eity waa ealledtHor- 

18 Also Judah took "Oasa with tbe eoast 
thereof, and Ashkelon with tbe coast there- 
of, and Ekron with tbe coast thereof. 

19 And "the LORD was with Jndah ; and 
I' he drare out the inhabUante o/tbe mount- 
ain ; but oould not drire out the inhabitants 
of tbe TaUey, because they had 'charioU of 

20 'And tbey gare Hebron unto Caleb, as 
Mooes said: and be expelled tbenae the 
three sons of Anak. 


driTe out tbe Jebusites that 

salem t but tbe Jebusites dwelt with tbe chil- 
dron of Benjamin In Jerusalem nnto this day. 

22 And the house of Joeepb, tbey also 
went up against Betb-el : tand the Xobd 
inu with them. 

23 And tbe bouae of Joseph *aeat to de- 
sery Beth-el : now the name of the elty be- 
fore wa» rfLna : 

24 And tbe apiea saw a man eoose forth out 
of tbe city, and they said unto bim, 8be» 
us, we pray thee, tbe entranee Intotlie city, 
and * ws win shew the* merey. 

25 And when he shewed tbem tbe entranee 
into the cHy, tbey smote tbe city with tbe 
edcB of tbe sword ; but tbey let go the man 

28 And tbe man went into the land of tbt 
BUUtes, and built a elty, and called the 
name thereof Las : wUeh i$ the name 
thereof unto this day. 

27 /ITeitber did Maaaaaeh drire oat the 
i»httbit€t>if of Beth-ahean and her towns, 
nor Taanacb and her towns, nor tbe Inhab- 
itants of Dor and her towns, nor tbe inhab- 
itants of Ibleam and her towns, nor tbe 
inhabitants of Megiddo and her towns; but 
tbe Canaanites would dwell in that land. 

28 And it came to paaa, when Israel was 
strong, that tbey pot tbe Canaanites to tril^' 
nte. and did ao* utterly drive tbem out. 

28 'Neither did Kphraim drire out the 
Aites that dwelt In Oeaer; but the 
osites dweH in Oewf aawag tbem. 

Israel rebulfed at Btx^m. 


God^t dealings %oith Israel. 




• T«r.«. 


DMt 7. M. 


kboot 1444. 

tbeii . ..r. 
iUnEjDfi .1 
Bor uf A !i 

80 »'i-«thi-r ilM •I'Viilim driT« oot the In- 
Vth. '■'•uiu\^:\ • >. r-UieAiiili*btUnt>of 

%uiit«a dwelt eiaoiig 

:: '-.lUries. 

' ii' r drire out the inluib- 
ul .' LnhabitMiU of Zidon, 
r N„titib.norofUelb«h, 
r ii:«bob : 

82 Uul'iV: .V'yrji, t idwelt 
CanuoLi-'. <■■':•■ ]ryt,MttLaia of the 
forttii'? .i;l r. t ^^•.^^'ci ibem out. 

88jN..:i— ■ i SnyNcfclidrlrcoot theiii- 
bftblL-i II ' ' I. ^ ] I" l'i ilu-inMh, nor the inhabit- 
ant! L,f \i'-<: rir.-.iT-i, hat be "dwelt among 
the Tin aKnitf 1^ t! :n \v imbitanta of the land : 
neTn^hH^-'^. thf '•'.■'laMtaato of Beth-sbe- 
mei!. n.-i L . r i^f!! '..j.^Eh "beoametribota- 
rlei onto them. 

84 And the Amorites foroed the cUIdnn 
ef Dan into the numntain : fbr they wwold 
not softr them to oome down to the TaUey : 

S5 Bnt the Amorites would dwell in moout 
Heiea "in AUalon. and in ShaalUm: yet 
the hand of the houae of JoMpti tprerailed. 
•0 that they beeauM trlbutwriea. 

86 And the ooaat of the Amorites mu 
ffirom "the goinc up to Akrahbim, from the 
rook, and upward. 

An Anftt tOnMA ik* ptopl* at Botktm. 8 Tkt 


mtr tg . K TktnatiotulrftU 

A WD an MAngel of the Lobd eame up 
. from QOgal *to Bodiim, and aaid, I 
m»de you to go np out of Egnt. and hnre 
brought you unto the land which I aw^re 
unto your bthers ; and 1 1 aaid, I will never 
break my oorenant with you ; 

i And *ye shall make no league with the 
inhabitants of thU land; «(ye ahaU throw 
down their altars : *bat ye have not obeyed 
myTolM; why hare ye done this 7 

8 Wherefore I alao said, I wiU not drire 
them out (hna befote you ; but they shall be 
/oa tMonu in your sides, and 'tLstr gods 
shall be a Asnare unto yon. 

4 And it eame to paaa, when ttie Angel of 
the Lobd apake these words unto all the 
ehildren of Israel, that the people lifted np 
their roioe, and went. 

6 And they «aUe<f the name of that plaee 
DBoehim: and thqy aaeriBoed there unto 

81 And when tJoOmkUA let fbe people 
go, the eliildr«n of Israd went ereiy man 
nato hts inberltanoe to poesoss the land. 

7 il And the people aerred the Lord all the 
dam of Joshua, and an the days of tlM 
eldert that 1-ouatvad Joshua, who had smo 
an the great works of the Lobd. that he did 
for larael. 

8 And i Joahna the aon ofKua, the aerrant 
of the Lobd, died. M«v a hundred and ten 

-Andtb«ybiirisd1ilm in the border of 
his inherltaooe In *Tinmath-beies. In the 
mount of Kphiaim, on the north aide of tbe 

10 And also aU that generation were gath< 
ered unto their foth«rs: and there arose an- 
other generation after them, whieh 'knew 
not the Lobd, nor yet the works whieh he* 
bad done for Israel. 

11 f And the ohildiMk of Israel did stU la 
tba 4^ of the Lobd, and sened Baalim : 

U Aad tb«y rfomok the Lobo Ood of 
theit fbthos. wfalab hmo^ them out of the 


land of Egypt, and followed 'other gods, of 
the gods ortbo people that were round abont 
them, and 'bowed tbemseWea unto them, 
and proToked the Lord to anger. 

18 And they foraook Um Lord, *aad 
aerred Baal and AsbUroth. 

14 (And the aiwer of the LOBS was hot 
agaiaat Israel, and he "dellTervd tbem into 
the hands of apoilera that spoOed them, and 
'he aold them Into the haada of their ene- 
mlea round about, so that they I'eould not 
any longer atand before their enetttloa. 

Ifi WhitheraoeTer they went out, the hand 
of the Lord waa agunat them for eril, as 
the Lord had said, and 'as the Lord had 
sworn onto them: and fliey were greatly 

16 Nererthelass *tbe LOBD raised up 

aces, whieh tdeBTered them out of the 
d of those that spoiled tbem. 

17 And yet they would not hearken unto 
their JudMs, but they » want a wtioring after 
other gods, and bowed themselTes onto 
them : they turned qniekly ottt of tlw way 
whieh their fotbers walked in, obeying the 
oommaadments af the Lobd ; but th«y did 
not so. 

18 And when the Lord raised th«m np 

enemies all the days of the Judge : 'for It 
- «L0RDb *-^'- 



10 And it 

.. , J or their groan- 

ittgs by reason of them that oppresied them 
and rexed tbem. 

was dead, that they returned, aad « eorrupt- 
od tA«ma<Iv«a more than their fathers, in 
fonowing other gods to serre them, and to 
bow down unto them^; ttbey oeased not 
from their own doings, nor from ttteii stab- 
bom way. 

SO /And the anger of the Lord was hot 
against Israel ; and he said, Beoauae that 
thia people hath 'tranagresseil my ooTenaat 
whi<tfi I eommanded their fotbers,and haT* 
not hearkened unto my Toice ; 

21 AI alao win not banoeforth drire oot 
any tnm before ttwm of the natlona wbicit 
Joshua left when he died : 

S2 iThat througdi them I may 'prove Is- 
rael, whether th^wiU keep the way of the 
Lobo to walk therein, u tMr Others did 
Iwepjt, or not. 

23 Therefore the LORD nieft tboM naUons, 
wtthoat driring them ont hastily ; "' 
ddlTttedhs them into the hand of J 


[••M w4m4 «Mr« :^( lo iMM /«rarf. 5 A* 

MfW. BOAmidMiwrttklkamJtfmCh^tUn- 
r M m tk m i m ; 19 AW frtm ^Im ,• SI eW 
- itktfkiUMimm, 

I LORD left, to prore Israel by them, 
tten as many of Ariul $t had not known 
aU the wars of Canaan ; 

20nlythat the generations of the abUdran 
of larael ndght know to teaeh them war, at 
the least soeh a* before know aothiag 

8 JVbmely, I1h« lords of tho PhWatiaea. 
and all the Ganaaidtes. aad the Bitelana, 
aad the Hl^tea that dwelt la Bowil t«b- 

I th«y were to prore larael by tbem, 

- -Thetber they would hearken «•>» 

ndaaenU of the LOR», wUeh be 

fflud dtUoereth the people. 


Israel oppre s sed bt JeUiin. 

■ •huS. 14. 

Z7. U. 


•Uak KM. 




hmd. ^^ 

WBOMadad tttato flMhn» by lb* hud of 
6 «< And Om flWdNB of loMl dmU u 

«h« CMlMllilM, HiMtM. Md AttOtitM, „. 

VniBsite*. »&d Ulvim, ud Jelnullw : 
6 And *tlM7 took thoir dan^tota to b 
ibair wirta, and «»▼• Ibeir d«a|^it«H t 
Iboir aoaa, aad anvod UmIz gada. 

•a, and 

7 1 / And tba otaildNn of Israel did arU in 
tba aiiht af ttw LOBD, and fbnnt Iba LOfto 
ib^ God, 'and aerrad BmJSb and Atfia 

ft TlvtfiH^'K 1^ tA»t of itM LOAV **■ bot 
•|f<iMi( U»al,>atl \a mild ibtrna bu-tir Ibe 
baEiiJ jf JiC^ibao'TUlballi^Bi kLnn of ^ Ma«- 

«HLUti!ii, : «a[| l}w riJlJnn ff iNTMiil AtfTTSd 

B AQ'lKbca tlqe i^i)[lr«L si IfnrJ ii?ilad 

onc'^ t^ic Luni'. Uml IjriiLii 'niM^I up a 
tfJ^^JiTdicw to tlia ctiLidrEii nE JsmrU ftha da>. 
Ut irL'il Ibiun, Mven. " UtLtklvl ttu *ali n [ Aa- 
nai, Otlo^"! jftu^iEl b^oCbat. 

In Ab.iJ "blia ^EikHl iT liic LiH Hit ^ -camP tip> 
OK .iiim. ami La judfid l:UrULL, amt vi'ti t not 
to uftr: aail uii Lc^Hd iW[l?«rpil i'Mj4t- 

aB-ngl.4lAalra1llDt df * Mw^pnEWni^ into 
bia tuLoJ [ led Ua t*eil iiraF^bl o^Liziai 

] 1 .\a 'i V\m Uotl VM- icft Aqt^ j bui : qdd 
Ot]]i.i.'J tL« ii^u iif Kfcai ilinL 

I'J ^ J'AutI tliEi nUIdft-E] ul IrjuI 4l{l f'fll 
afSbLi ^ Uia A^ at tliM LuiLIi: AIiJ kbo 
LCii^n jinscthaikad ? Bska Ut* Ulb of 

•HL lif ikait^af IbaXaiLUw 

Va \\4 Ii4 s^bwitd aati^ liln ilm dUUna 
of ' ! " .Vn&taL. Ko-il V4Q t HAd 

am :■■ : :...■., . ■! [hntunr^ 'ti» iiltj oC 

14 Bo tba obndrwi of lanal 'aerrad Xgloo 
tbe king or Moab eicbtaeft jrean. 

16 Bat vban tbe aEudfanor laraal "aiiad 
onto tbe Lou>. tba Lokd niaed tbam «p 
n daUTONT, Shad tba aon of Gen, «» Ban- 
JMaiia, a aan tleftbaodad: and Iqr Um 
tbe ehUdraa of laraal aeni a nraaent tinto 
B|daa tbe king of Moab. 

IBBnt Sbnd made bim a dagger wbieh bad 
two adgaar of a oobit length; asd be did 
^d H imdar bi« Talmai apoa bk tigbt 

ITAad be broogbt tbe preaenft ante Xglon 
ktog of Moabt aad Sgbo woe a raiy lat 

iriwB be bad aud« aa end to dta 
be aent away tbe people tbat 

toned agaia'fira 




■qaaiTies tbatteere by Qilgal, aad aald, I 
kata a aeonfe anand aato tbee, O king: 
«koaald,KoepaUoaee. And att tha» iteod 
kr Um vent ea* from Mm. 

V» A^-» «n^^. ^T* -r>io Um ; and be aaa 
i.'.:.-. - lu..:, ,.!..' r, 4loar,«kleh he bad 
r,.x < , ., , .' ^. .:m .' . hi .J Urod aaid. I bare a 
gH-4<^ ' . r- III! ii'-Hi uii4^ ibee. .Aaabean«e 

31 -.MlXbail pQifartltbla left band, aad 
tooi LJ« immt Anm Ida >i^ tUJgb, ' 

iLruaL h inC^ai bmllrt 

^ AitJ iLc J.iH iIri went in after 

^mM I knil ttw fil aLuid npon tbe blade, 
m itiai Lb Bnulil ikot linw tbe dagger - " " 
Uii b«% I and >' cba din eaoie oat. 
SI TiM BAd veal tath throng tbe poreb, 
aad «:tat the dMtn af tbe parloor npoB faim, 
Aadlaatad ||ii»t< 

bt iiai imw oat, bia lerTaata 
- tl>^T taw tbtt. behold, the 


doen of the narlear «wre looked, ttiegr aaid« 
SonlTbaaeoTeratbbieCietla hie aoauner 

ifi And tbn tarried tiU tb«7 were aabamed : 
and, behold, he opened not tbe door* of the 
parloor) tbere£are they took: a key, and 
opened «»em.> wd, behold, their lord woe 
fallen down dead on the earth. 

» Aad Bbnd eaeuted while they lasried. 
and pasaed beyond the qoarriea, and eaeaped 

tbat 'he blew a trnmpet in tbe 'OMmntain 
of Kphraim, aad the ehildren of larael went 
down with UmfrBm tba mount, and he ba- 
- ■• n. 

I be aaid ante them, FeUow after 
r 'Iba X.OXD hath deUvered yoor 
tbe Hoabitca Into yonr band. Aad 
the* weni down after him. and took » the 
flnda of Jordan toward Moab, and aoflared 
not a BMa to paas ever. 
S9 And tb«y alew of Moab at that time 
about ten thooaand men, all t laat^, and all 
mea oC^;rak«ri aad tbera eaeaped not a 

80 So Moab waa anbdaed thai dM under 
-- ^ Aad'tbelaadbadreet 

bin waa itfibamgar the aen 
alew of thaVhUiatiaee aii 
iMh aaoaiaadi /aad he 


lore yean. 
Aad after 


. evil in the eight «f the LOKO, when 

S Aad Ibe I.OXD » aold them into the kand 
of JaMa Ulif of Canaan, tbat reigned k> 
; the autaia of wbeae boat knu 
- ' h dwelt in •Haroaboth of the 

8 And the ehildraa of larael eried onto the 
liOKD : for be bad nine hundred /ohariota 
of I — . . --^ »— ♦- -,„f- a^^ ra^pfetUj op- 
pat . . -:.- - :■■ - -1 i-. ..'.". 

4 Al J I iji Vit»t.^ « LJ^|jL^>iii^j 'A.■^i t>rt> of 
tmf.A'Ah, 1^ Judiea ljn*i at (L»t nhh . 

4 ^Ai^l aba dwn^ «^ ltd uiiNi ^M'4of 
SaL-uab, beivHa a«mali vnA Ik't!i-ii in 
mousi'r >;)9l:1-ft^Tla : «a>J 4if B|i|3ilTha c^f J*vaai 
eatiLu uit Id Lcr (^ Judgmin L 

d^ v-ii fitirt teal. vaA wlid ^ Bank tliy aon 
of A^'in-jAR «ot ><if Ka^vih-fiapliaJ I , aad 
-■ ' '-'■- HjfXii mt* liH LiiJiEi iiMd of 

, ^JLil I 

<nl .In 

: T*Wi *Etfl UA^ »i'Jl 

^r»Hisi Li( iLa eLiUKQ (J N^pk- 

' il^Lrm [^f iI»Lij]^n I 

'■■ i" uoiii tl^Dfl t Ld kJie -^ rttrei 

■ ' i^j^tmUi of J 1,111 a'a, 

- «iiil Lli tmiUUuiU; aad] 



8 AimJ iULni gtkid nBk> iM^^ir iten atk 
go -uti [u«, iJ>fiD f wMVpti but ir Uiw wilt 
not cm ^iltL mn, t^^tfl 1 »SII bK in. 

VimJ iLe laLd, I <HU vw^j r, vHb i^we 
OKI v^rjuifiAdlDil tl« Jtunif? U>»t LluiB Likoat 
ihb1l ii>.it b« r^rttiLBe liQBHiLr i Lit Ibi: i.i)Xt> 
ahlilL " »ii]t ^Lk-ttii Lntu the Lud af h^nnian. 
As'l PiVufbL ■mwfl, ab^ vxit *ie1ii lUnk 
lo K.-.l^h. 

Ill .^r..1 tUnfe:»]l«(1«l«Nl]U9 ai>4I!4ph- 
tali \i ¥.<A^ii amJ Lb «vat Bf. TktL ten 
tktiuBMuL iiKio ^tl IjLk feet : wait th^biirab 
went Bp liiiJi Wm. 




1 Sun. 13.3. 
iJtA. 17. 15. 


1. 4 U. 1. 
• «h.7. 8.1A. 

■ - a. 17.47. 


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aboat 1296. 
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( Ex. 14. 4. 
•tdi.5. 91. 

SUerA is defeated by Barak. 


Stm0 i>f Deborah and i 

**.«». 7. 
U.St. \i. 

V«h. 5. IB. 

• SmBcUL 
F*. 1& tiU*. 

* Phis. 47. 

lllfoir HtbM-<fta«Krail«,«»«MbtMW«r 
thsobUdraa of 'Hstab tte fMhar ta tew •€ 
Moms, bftd serercd hiauolf from the tiem- 
ite«, and piMhed Ms t«nt onto Um plain of 

IS And they •hewed BiMr» tiat Bxnk the 
MB of AbinMm waa goae op to iao«iit Ta- 

IS AmA 8ls«ra^mtb«red tooettaer aU hie 
ofaartate, even nfaie haadied ebnMt of 
iron, and all the people that wert with Mm, 
from Uarosheth of the OenlUee onto the 

TiT«t of KttbOB. 

14 And Deborah Mridimto Barak, Up; lor 
thie te the day in wUeh the Lokd bath do' 
lirered Sieera into thine band : <ia not the 
LOB» fone oat before thee? Bo Barak 
J — M^^^^^ monnl Taber, and ten 

U And "the Lokd diMmnlted SiMra, and 
M A<*ebariote, and all *«• hoat, with the 
edge of the iword before Barak; eo that 
Sisera lighted down off Ma ehariot, and fled 
a««T on Ma foot. 

MBnt Barak panned after the thaviota, 
and after the boat, unto Haroabeth of the 
OeMUea: and aU the hoat of Siaera feU 
npon the edge of the awerd ; «m4 there waa 
not t a man left. 

17 Howbett Slaa 

the tent of Jael the wilt of 

ite: for (*«*vt*«Mpeaee between Jabin the 

king of Uaaor and the henae or Heber (be 


18 f And Jaol went oat to meet Sisera, 
and aaid onto btln, Tom in, mf lord, torn 
in to me ; foar not. And when he had turn- 
ed in nnto her Into the tent, ab« oorered 

19 And he aaid nato her, Oive me, I prwr 
thee. a Httlewatarto drink! ferlamihin^. 
And ahe opened «a boMe of milk, and gave 
Mm difnk. and covered Maa. 

» Again be aaid onto her, Stand in the 
door of the tent, and it ahaU be, when aaj 
nan dftlh mom and inquire of thee, and 
aay, la there an; man here r thatlbouabaH 
any, No. 

tl Then Jael Beber'a wifo 'took a naO of 

went aoftly unto Mm, and amote tfie 
nail into hia templea, and futened it into 
the ground: for he waa Ihst aaleep and 
weary. Bo he died. 

SS And, behold, aa Barak pnraoed Biaera, 
Jael eame out to rae«t Mm. aad aaid unto 
him, Oome. and I will ahrw thee the man 
whom thou aeefcest. And when be estne 
ihto her tent, behtdd. Biaera by dead, and 
the nail wot in hia templea. 
SB So 'God aobdned on thai day Jablntbe 
king of Canaan before the ehildren of Is- 

94 And the hand of tbe drildren of larad 
tproapered, and prerailad againat JaMn 
tbe kinc of Oanaan, nntil they bad de- 
atroyed iVabin king of Canaan. 

t%* mmf */ DtttnA tmd MmraA. 

THEN «aang Deborah and Barak tbe son 
of Abinoam on that day, saying, 
S Praise ye the Loan for (he *aTenging of 
[arftel, 'when tbe people wUltogly offered 

S WHear, O ye kings; give ear, ye 
pttn«es; I, avan I, wiU sing unto the 
Lom» t I WiU sliv pi ti i ae to ttw Lobd 
God of larael. 


e«l«f Mr, 

when thou aaamliedat out of the UU «f 
B«om./tt»Mrthlk«aiMed.andthe heav- 
ens dropped, the doods also dranped water. 

5 'The saoontaina tmatted bom before 
tbe Lokd, even *tfaat Sinai fnm before 
tbe LOBD Oed of larari. 

6 In the daya of iShamgar the son of Anatti, 
in tbe daya of *Jael, <the higtawaya were 
unoeeupied, and the ttinveUers walked 
thsough tbywnya. 

7 Th« inhabittmf «/tbe vUlagea ea— ed> 
they oeaaed In Isnwl. mitU that I Debotak 
arose, that I aroae "a mother in larnel. 

8 They *ehaee new goda; then «s«s war 
ih tbagatesi 'waa there a abieM er apear 
aeen among btty thenaand In larael r 

My beaM 4s lownrd the govemara of 
larael. that 'oCwod thamea l vee wUMng^y 
aoMnff tbe people. naaayeCheLOBO. 

K) itSpeak. ye •*«>■» ride ea wMie aoaea, 
'ye that sit in JadgoMnl, and walk by the 

UThtf Oat are d«U9tr4d from tbe noise 
of arehers in the plaeeo of drawing water, 
there shall they rehearse the ttrigfateous 
aets of tha Lobd, oven tbe righte«as aeU 
toward tht inJiabiUmta of Us TtUacSa in 
laineri then shall tbo paople of tbe Lobd 
go down to the galea. 

IS "Awake, awake. Deborah: awake. 
awake, utter a aoag; arise. Barak, and 
'lead thy ot^ttrity eaptire, then eon of 

tmang the 

people : the Lobd made me bare 
over tbe nlgbty. 

14 'Out of Ephralm tM« Vure a root of 
them 'against Amalek ; after thee, Beida- 
mln, nnong thy people; eat of tMaanir 
earns down governors, and oat of 
theyibat thandto tbe pen of 

15 And the prinoee of Is* 

bewassenlon t foot into the vaUey. »Ft 
tbe divisions of Benben tMtrt ^Mrt great 

tiboMhtsof hMW( 
10 Why abodeat 
foMa, to bear tbe 

thou 'among tbe i 
Meatiago of tbe fl 

II For tbe divisiona of 
great aeorebinga of b«art. 
17 'Oilead abode bewnd Jordan t and «^ 
did Dan remain in abipa T / Aaber eontin* 
ued on tba soa labore, and abode In hia 

18 'Zebuhm and Napbtali trara a poople 
Mot t jeoparded their Uvea nnto the death 
in the Mgh plaeea of the lleld. 

19 The ktoga eame MMf fooKfat ; then fongfat 
the khiga of Canaan in Taaaoeb by the 
waters of Megiddo; Athey took no pin of 

ly fongM tttm beavvn ; k the stars 
SI <Tbe river of Kidbon awept them away, 

in their teonraes fooght agal 

'Kiflbon awept then 
tbnl aneient river, tbe river Kiahon. O iqy 

aoul, thou baat trodden down atrength. 

SS Then were the borseboofo broken by the 
meana of tbe ■ pranotngs, the pranelnga of 
their miriity onea. 

SS Corse ye Heroa. said tbe angri of tbe 
Lobd, enrss ye bilteriy the inhabitanta 
thereof; ■"beoauae they eame not to tbe help 
"of the Lobd, to the help of the Lobd 
against tbe michty. 

§4 Bleaaed above 

•h. S. la. 17. 


( 1 Bub. 12. 7. 

r^iis. 7. 

«r«.97. 8. 




women ahaU • Jael the 

Teh. 4. 7. lOr, trmmflinp*, ot, plnntiuMt. •eh, I 
S.fl. •lBin.l7.4l*lS.17.SM:ir •«h.«. 


Otdeon MHt to dekvrr thg$n. 



» tH« Hkad «M«r. amd Ota g»«* Mm 

Sr' ' ^U'r p-3t hi-T hui^ ti^ Ike n&il, asd bar 
jlpi ,■..,;,. n,^ n iH'Jliurni''i J^aniQi^rc ; nad 
tr ' I'lir fLrB ■tiwti £Li«ra, iIm 

2. .: ! j : vL h.« Wwi^]^ bfi frLl. lit I19 
do«r. : bL ^icF fiNt br IhiwihI, Iris Llii: vli«n 
h» L-i^-Y^i Itiin- iM" £i:tl ilu-an 1 Jifid. 

Sti TU iHlL#r af Hum l<MkK4 init wt ft 
Vlb'X'i-, awl crlril lJtnni|di U* iUil!»i, Why 

iW[in)^ij ium-rr In l.#rt*U, 

af>'li»i,l|»,ij. Dot Bjp*ilf |iif« iSlr.T Nr.^di. 
▼lA'J til* BIVJT S-l* ***T7 n»a * dim -I •»• 
tin: »b dWi * pfPJ or diTni. r-ii...rsft 
pff y <ir •iiTf-rt t^Uwr-i (if jichIU-tiitL. • I di- 
rf.f L-uJwin v' nr^tUrwLHk Dfi Iturh fidea, 

noi'. r 

a L I ?^a. hH aU ttuBB riHBJet ur^h, 
LObd: buc Mc itmn tkM lore kun fr« *m 
lto«"whMih«goeth forth in Uamicht. 
And the laiid hftd iwt f«rlj jTMH. 


Tk* ImmUilmftr l/tmrM* mn Mwrauad ly MUiam. 

ft A r^VfkU nftiOctA f««i>. Tfi(» aiwrf wi«<.M 

UUm»f*r th«ir Miwnrnmm. 17 <;>£<m aiMA 

Srat^*. tl Bit mfmmt U iw mww rf m»A jtr>. 
OMiwi rf w w l in t J— f » mitmr. mmd tftrlk m 


as 0Mm«'« •nay. 

• ANDtb 

S Asd Iha bftod of Midlu tprerftUad 
acftinst Imal : ofid baoMUfl oftba MldUo- 
llMtha ahUdraa af Isnal iMda than 'tba 
daaa vMah ara in tha mooaUina, ftnd aftTaa. 


lli^j, • . - 'h 1^"!-' <■'•■■■ 

4 And Uii-j r!:!Ci.ifii|i*'l i>|ur)t eK.-"! aod 

/k«Hfa4 ti)« l»mMP yf tbe t»fLx tlU 

IhSB «!Um mt« Gau. and Ir.TV na miu ir L4aaa 

33b 61 

1^ Janat, BtfHbiT "llttprpi but ox. our Ma. 
iTarlbtj flH* op ^b U>tLF ci^ih' ftnd 


tbtir tafvto, iftH Itaj ■,■«■ i^aiirnupiHii-para 
Ibt BaUtHla I /ix^ U]L th,j u J kb>: r ram- 



«!■ .vfv wtHwi* Bfli-brT : juiJ [Ii.j LiUitad 

l«|c tlw ]ud hi ileEtrnj 11. 

4 Acid Uru! nuiimiFj itaitt^vrtbiihr J ba- 

iVi.« of iha Ml.lLanliri ; ami Hvv tiliUJmi 

4ek.3. 11. 

otlfFael «vrLr4 iiftU U>fl U^kU. 

T A«l th «|iH U puft, vhiii til Jra. 

ftba«t 1S«*. 

< Uwl «Md Mta Uh Ui lUi komoM of 

• K.M.I.S. 

tfafl e^dnq af bwl, mkiwb i>vid aiiui itiaau 

Till' Iftlelt tkw UiBTi Uixl iir Iirvl, I 
Nni«lilw JiM up ftnmi RfTfri. autl UluOgfat 
JF(M FDTtli i»ul -'V tlv basd* of hfindan ; 

V And I lUllTarEd fDO vol uf Lbo \mai af 
ti^ Bf^lKkaai, a>d nt af t1<« liauil af ftU 
f]:ajt 4ii)n[«ii«i» d jm. kud I'llnlri; i:brE& «Ot 
tt<tm \mfmwi iu«t» Ud i^Ta t4hl IbEkr Ihvdi 

lii Av^tlaU*! ub(i] jaj, I am iLv LOBO 
fwE (MIt lliu It* UiA iadA of Ibt AoMf 

litaa, la whoaa toad 7a dwaU: bat ya hftva 
■at ebiyad my Taiaa. 
11 ^ And (haro aaasa an anfd af iba 
LoKD, and a«t andar aa aak vhieh imm in 
Ophrah, that ptrtainsd onto JoaaU 'tLa 
Abi-««rita : and bU aoa "Gidaon threabad 
vbaat by tba vinapraaa, tta hida it fiwa 

IS Aad (be "aacal of tha LOBD aMMarad 
onto bint, aad aaid unto him, Tba Lukd t« 
•with Ibaa, tbon ni^ty man af Talaur. 

IS And Gidaoa aaid unta bin, my Lord, 
if tba LOKO ba with ua. why than i« all tbia 
WfnllTTi Tit T aad J'wbaraiaallbiamirftfllaa 
Vwbiab aor tatbera told oa af, sayini. Did 
aak tba Lord bring na up from Scrp^l bat 
aam Iha Lord bntb 'foraakan oa, ftnd daliv- 
aiad na lata tba baada oftba Midianitaa. 

14 And the LOKO kwkad upon bim, and 
■aid, *Qo ta tbU tby micbl. aid thou abalt 
aara larael bom tba haadof tba Midiaaitca : 

15 Aad ho aaid nala bin. O my Lord, 
wbaiawltb abaU I aara laraal t behold. ■ t my 
faaiUy i» paar in Manaaaah, ftod I am tba 
laaatln my (htber'a bouae. 

U Aad tha Lord aaid unto him, 'Saraly 
I viU ba with thaop aad Uioa abalt amita tba 

17 And haaaid nala him. If now I hare 
Cooiid Braeoln thy aifbt, then 'ahaw ma a 
Bin tbftt tboB talkaat vlth me. 

18 'Deport noi baaaa, J pray (hae, until I 
oomo unto thee, and bring forth my n praa- 
enl, aad aattt before tbaa. Aadbaaaid,! 
wiil tany until thou aome asaia. 

18 * Aad QideoB went in, and made readT 
t ft kid, and anlaftvanad aakea of aa apbah 
of flour : tba lleab ba put in a baakat, and 
ho put tha broth ia a pot, and broogbt it out 
unto bim nnder tba oxk, and preacnted it. 

SO And tba angel of God aaid unto him, 
Taka the fleah aad tba ualeaTened aakea, 
aad *lay Mam apon tbia rook, and 'poor 
out tha broth. Aad be did 10. 

21 Tbea tha aagel of tba LoRO put forth 
tha end of tho staff that tpoa in bia band, 
aad tottohed tha fleah and the unleavenad 
aakoa; and <( there nm* up fira out of tba 
rock, and eonaumad the fleah and (be un* 
laavenad ealwfl. Tbea the angel of the 
Lord departed out of his aighu 

S8 And when Gidaon 'pereeiyed tbftt be 
awa aa ftngel of tho Lord, Gideon anid, 
Alfti, Lord Gool /for beoauao I bare 
seea an angel of the LoRO face to faoe. 

S3 And tba Lord said unto him, i'Feaoe 
6a «nto tboa ; fear not : thou abalt not die. 

24 Then Gideon built an ftltftr there unto 
the Lord, nnd called it n JeboTfth^balom : 
unto tbia day it ia yet A in Opbnh of the 

25 1 And it came to paaa the aamo night, 
tbat the Lord aaid unto bim. Take tliT &• 
tbar'a young buUoek, U eyen tho iccoad bull- 
ock of aeren yeara old, and throw down the 
altar of Baal tbftt thy fftthor hath, ftnd > eat 
down the grove that ia by it : 

26 Aad build na alUr unto tho Lord thy 
God upon tho top of tbia trocfc. Din tho 
oatdeied ^ftoe, ft&d tftko tba aaoond bullock, 
and offer ft burnt aaarifloe with tho wood of 

that he aoald aol do <« by dfty, thftt ha i 

Staert^ is de:^ated by Barak. 

Stmt af Deborah amd i 

9ck. 1. 16. 


b.52. la. 

• SmScUL 
Fk. 1& tlUa. 
*1^ 18.47. 

U Koir HebOT fflM Kcntte, wMo* tMW of 
the obildrra of 'HoUb tte bttaar tm U<r of 
Moms, bad Mv«>«d hinuelf from the Kcm- 
ite«. sad piMhed hit teat vole tbe plate of 
Zosnaim, 'vUek i« br Kedeah. 

IS And they ahewed Biaera tbat Bsrak the 
aeo of AbtoMOi waa goao op to moant Ta- 


a-tntbered tomthor 
» owe baadrcd «hai 

■U Ma 

iron, and all tbe people that wr» with bhn, 
from Harosbeth of the OenlUea onto the 
Tirer of Kilhoo. 

14 And Deborah aald onto Barak, Up i far 
thia te tbe day in wUoh the LOM> hath de- 
lirered Siaera Into thine band : lia not ttte 
LOB» fone oat before thee? Bo Barak 
went down tnm ntoonl Tabor, and ten 
theasand men after Mm. 

15 And "tbe LOBD dlaeomllted BiMra, and 
aU Aieebariote. and aU Ms boat, with tbe 
edge of the sword belbre Barak; eo that 
Siaera Ikhted down off Ms ehariot, and fled 
away oa Ms ftet. 

MBnt Barak ponmed after tbe ebarioto, 
and after tbe host, unto Harosbeth of tbe 
Oentttes: and aU tbe host of Bisera MX 
apoa the edge of tbe aword ; mtd tbere was 
not t a man left. 

ITHowbettSleerafletf away on biaCsetto 
the tent of Jael the wlfi» of Beber the Ken- 
ite: for t*«r0 woe p«aee between Jaibin the 
king of Uaaor and the bevse ef Hebor the 

18 K And Jael weal oat to meet Bisera, 
and said unto Mm, Tom in, mj lord, torn 
in to me ; foar not. And when he had tam- 
ed in onto ber Into the tent, abe oorered 

19 And be said nato her, Oive no. I pray 
thee, a Httlewaterta drink! ftrlamtMret/. 
And she opened *a bottle of nUk, and gave 
Mm dftnk, and eotared Mm. 

» Again be said onto ber. Btaad in the 
door of the tent, and it shall be, when any 
man dMh tome and inqotre of thee, and 
say. Is there any man here r timt Iboaahalt 
say. No. 

SI Then Jael Heber's wUb 'took a nafl of 
tbe tent, and t«ook a hammer in ber hand, 
and went softly nnto him. and smote the 
nail into his temples, and futened it into 
the gronnd: f»r be was fhst asleep and 
weary. Bo he died. 

SS And, beboM. as Barak pnmed Bisera. 
Jael esme oat to meet Mm, and said onto 
blm, Oome, and I will shew thee the man 
wliem thou seekest. And when he eame 
into ber tent, behold, Siaera lay dead, and 
the nail teas In his templet. 

SB So 'God sobdned on that day Jablntke 
~)efi>re the ehildren of Is- 

of tbe difldten of larad 
tproepered, and prerailed agoiast JaUn 
the king of Canaan, until tb^ bad de- 
stroyed Jobin Icing of Canaan. 

r%t —mf Mktf^ umi Mmrak. 

THBN «sang Deborah and Barak ttie aon 
of AMnoam on that day, saying. 
S Praise ye tbe Lo»D fbr the tavenging of 
Israel, 'wben the people wUMngly offered 

8 WHeor. O ye kings; give ear, to 
nrinMil I, even I, will sing nnto the 

>g of 
94 And the 

4LMto,'1rhen then wMMal e«t «f Belr^ 
when then marehedst oat of the field of 
■dom,/tt»aarthtk«aiMed.atodtha hea«- 
em dropped, the doods also dr o pp ed w a ter. 

5 'The moantains tmelted bom betire 
the LOKD, even *tfaat Binal bom belna 
tbe LOBD Ood of Israri. 

6 In tbe days of ^Bhamgar the Mn of Anath, 
in tbe days of JiJael, 7the highways were 
imooeapied, and the ttraveUera 
thioagb t byways. 

7 The xt^abitam*a •f^tib Tillages 
tbeyoeasedin lemet.antU thatlDebotok 
aroae, that I arose "a mother Ir ' — ' 

8 They *ehoee new ftA* ; thi 


beoM U toward the goreraeea of 

anwof tbe people. Blees ye tho Lobo. 
M> iivBpeak. ye •'that ride on wUte asses. 
*ye that sit in Jadpnent, and walk by the 

II r*ey Ihat mfr t d tKm trtd from the noise 
of arehers In the plaoeo of draaring water. 

tbere shall they rehearse the ^— '-" 

aeta of the LoBn. oven the tit 
{mAoMMmIs of Ms 

tbe LOBi 

go down to the gales. 
IS •Awake, awake. Deborah; awake, 
awake, ntter a song: arise. Barak, and 
■lead thy ei^tlTity eaptire, thoa son of 

nobles amsog tbe 
people : the LoBD made me bare dominioo 
over tbe mighty. 

14 *Ont of Ephraim mu tKtre a root of 
them 'against Amalek ; after thee, Beida- 
min, among thy people; eat of tllaehir 
oame down goTemors, and oat of Bebolan 
theythat thaa«o tbe pen of the writer. 

16 And the prineeo of Issaebar Bwrs with 
Deboftth ; eren Issaofaar, and also * Barak : 
bewasseotoatAMthito tboTaUey. aPor 
tbe dirisions of Beaben Mere were great 
tihoaghteof beoH. 

— ^ abodeet t 

. bear tbe Meotinge 
iiPor the dlTisiona of Reaben lAers teere 
great searehings of b«aH. 

17 'OUead abode bntmd Jordan r and w^ 
did Dan remain in sMps r /AshereonUn- 

' abode in Ms 

18 'Zebuhm and Naphtali tswre a people 
that t ieoparded their Uvea onto tbe death 
in the Mf^ plaees of the Held. 

19 Tbe kings eame MMl IbMbt ; then Ibaght 
the kings of Canaan in Taaudt by the 
waters of Megiddo; &they took no grin of 

90 1 They ftmgfal ttom heaven ; Ithe stars 
in their teonrses ftwgfat ogaiost StseTo. 

SI 'The river of Ktshen swept them away, 
that aaeient river, the river Kishon. O my 
sool, thoa bast trodden down strength. 

99 Then wet* the beraebooft broken by the 
means of the "praneings, the praadings of 
their mif^ty ones. 

SS Cnrse ye Hem, sold tbe aagd of tbe 
LoBD, enraa ye bitterly tbe iababHaats 
thereof; ■"beoaoee they oome not to the help 
"of tbe Lord, to the help of tbe LOB& 
against tbe mighty. 

§4 Blessed above women shaU 'Jael tbe 

teh. I. 7. J Or. trmmflinot. or, >r«*f<V«- ••»». 1 
8.0. nlBin.n.tlAl&irStS. iT •«h.4. 



Otdeom tent to dghvtr them. 


- 1 - ■, ■.■■■■ i.ii|. i«i tirt. Lmt . n^t ck«/i4 puj thjIw, 

y^n nil iLt\Ti] *ab-iv niMi #tir cfei^t Aim ti ^ An J i\<*n' bmhv u) m^ifI 

Atii^firite " c^tl Lis urn ~ Li i4h-nti I 

.JmIi. LL 

19 And iCiB ^uifi>T uT liw Lofir 
f . "^ imlii Lrlui, IB i) Mid vU Eb bLiii. 1 l:a I'/^lUi t'< 

^■ id^ ]h hl!^ vhtre I ta A>bJ lijdrvn mt^j miiu Ithnir i^ nj l^irij. 
II dwpn 1 ^Md. I Jl LEn U'^hLt lit wUb u». tLj iJkid ii pil LLit | 

n«U.»Ui'iHJ liir*!HTi*iq-jfrutn EjCTpt J Imi I ^^ 

w^um Uh J.41 li.t> l»tb ' r^iukrn am, mini llkUS" I f '^ '«- I^ 

Fiv4 u« luiif ilirt! IibikJj urilu Kliillkiiih;!. | >-'I I'it. H, 1. 

Ip liM' obmAtO. ■» loB( 1^ f^^i'ij } tLiJ Linj 
Lbc- vJii>»lat bf liLp pli>rhiCj P 

irr la timttifi 

ttfp 'r Id iilHTft ■ |rtr> Iff ■1Krr,« 

prrj *f <1iI'*Tt pOloiir-*flf r rp<ll*"*rjrl' . *F tit' 

n I flO b* kU (1i1d« r1»f«i«* 

1^ Mn Mfn bp -J 

l^mi^j b4l i(^ UikfTi lIi 

ii-idw^ tmr lAiir ' ■ 

ia t/rf i 1 * J an ii jiif J 

• AjrD tha ^IJwn «r liX*d dll rr^l La 
A IHA alfM Bf 4Ih LAmii i umA IIk IiiIUji 
drlh«rrd liwb low llM Lud ^tf UUlu 

3 Aivi th* bud «( HidJu ^H«iiiU<Ml 
BCBdnjii |jr«] ■ ^tttf Ihmwk^ uf iW MkiilMi- 

U« lb* <hll-dl«l ^-f lirMi IM4!4 G^mw ' I tw 
Jcfli «hhifa ■t'-f ifh llw nwiuiitftllt*, Mti HT^In 

if And ti* n «ju. wb"i