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" !*< , . ■* » 


Andover - Harvard 
theological library 



^' THE ->^C^ 










iMUnted ia Om Ynr MIS. 



The M'ainea mid Order (if all the Books ef tite Old and JtTm 'JlestOr 
viaits, with Uu M'tanber of their Chaptera. 


Cienctis butli Chapters ... 50 

Bxoduj 40 

LeviticiH 27 

Nuinl)erB ...36 

Deuteruuoiny 34 

Joshua 24 

Judeeg 21 

Ruth 4 

(. Siimue 31 

11. Samuel 24 

[.Kings 22 

[1. Kings 25 

I. Chronicles 29 

ri. Chronicles 3G 

Ezra . - - 
Nehemiah . 
Esther . . 
Job . . . 
Psalms . 

. 13 
. 10 
. 42 

... 150 

Proverbs 31 

Ecdt>fiiEU9i{s 18 

Tht; tiiiui of Sf^kmon • • . 8 

IsaJAh , 66 

Jexftiniiih ^ 52 

Lajiit-'imujunt , • • .5\ 48 

DaiucJ , . , 12 

Hofidi .,.«••• .14 

Joel 3 

AniLJi y 

Ob^irlinh I 

Joi^^h 4 

Miciik 7 

Ntiimm 3 

Hti^inkkuk 3 

ZC]>E]|U3LILb 3 

Hii^riTQi . , 9 

Zet.hririTh 14 

MiiJaclu . « 4 


Matthew S8 

Mark 16 

Luke 24 

John 21 

The Acts of the Apostles . . 28 

The Epistle to the Romans . 16 

I. Corintliians 16 

II. Corinthians .13 

Oulatians b 

Ephesians 6 

Philippians 4 

Colofisians 4 

I. Thessalonians • 5 

U TbessalomoM ... 3 


L'nniothy e 

n.Tmiothy 1 

Titus a 


To the Hebrews . . 

The Epistle of Jarnen . _ 

L Peter 5 

n. Peter 3 

LJohn 5 

n.John 1 

m.John 1 

Jude 1 

RevelatMNi .... 22 

The Fint Book of MOSES, called GENESIS. 

0«d^i«i of fft^m And Earth. 

IN tha bo^noLnr God cjoaled the 
bonvuin Ddd tlie earth. 
a AnJ ihe QEuiJi wim without 
fvfn)] and rnid; nnd darkncfu ira^ 
Qpou Uio fiw of the ttuep: nud 
[lia Spirit iif GchJ iDurod tipOD the 

3 And God iaJdn Let there be 

4 ArMi Gmi raw Uju [iff lit. thaltt 
miLit ifCititA: and God dividud UiO 

5 Ami God eallisl llid liiht Daj-. 
bitl Lho iil.iifkl1€Sa h« cnSlcfl Night: 
BJid the otmiiug and the momiDE 
wer« the first iIm/- ^ , 

a U Andt^mi »iid4 Let th*?rtj hfl a 
fiitnamtint In liiif tnicLatof tiio wa- 
ten : und kt U divide the watcra 
from the WAi^Fi. 

7 And God macTe the fSrmamf^nt, 
And ijjvidad Uio watcri whi*ih wert 
under Iho firTD^iDenL ftom tho wa- 
u^r* which Ktre shays the firma- 
luent: titui iiwaflwir 

8 Atid Ood cbiliui the fimuunE'nt 
ifwven: ■[!(] tbecYeuJng and the 
di«niiiv Wi» the MKpnd day. 

ender tie heaiuD be iiuhefuJ to- 

Sethfjo' uniD one i^laco, and let the 
cy tumi apEiear : artd it was «o. 

to And Gcrd caJled iho ttry iand 
Earth ; and the c^^^li^f ^nif tOi^d^Uier 
at ti^ wae^ftE cal3{HJ! hit Som ; and 
GoA f.nvf ihni it KTffjf ffQod- 

11 Ami Giwi aaid, Loi the chrtli 
brmK furrh i^riusn. the herb yieldrng 
•Dixip '^rnii lFio fruit- tn?4 Fielding 
(hiJt after hu fcimrit wtuMC seed ijf 
in itsc^lfi upon tiiei Borth: Aod it 

1^ And the earth brought forth 

hit kind, and thetr^fi rnlrHnj; fruit,, 
wh^ilo iocd «aj in itself, ani^r hii< 

Ictod : and God law that a ve» 

Ivt Artd tliQ Gvunini: and. the 
pif^rain);' wpjr the thfrtl day. 

14 ^1 And frod,iaidT Let ihcTe be 
IJ^faM in the firraaFnynltif tlie hca- 
rflfl^ ti) divide t}(e da? frtnti the 
&iiht ; uid Het thefn he for signs* 
and Ibr wosons, and fur dafit ^uiu: 

15 And k'( thfm ba far lijrhta in 
4he finaaineni of thfl heaven id 
fiT« jjgiii upim fiw Quth: aiid Lt 

If! And God raado tw# irciat 
btfhts; tlie gmatftr light to mio the 
day, and the leuur Jij^ht la rule itie 
iiaht I Af Ntdi^ the wt&sa also. 

17 And God tet tJiem in the fic- 
mament of the heaven ta give UBtit 
npon the ounli, 

18 Aiid to rule ovi?r the daf, and 
over the niehtt and to divide the 
II^iL frum the d^rkneu: and Gad 
aavr that it max good. 

1L> And tba ev«nine and tht 
mnrnbt ^trcQ the fourth ^ay* 

^ And God laid, Let die wntert 
brin^ furtb abundantly ibe movinf 
(dentine Umt IsnUi hfe» ftnd fyWI 
^a£ may fly s.hovo li^o earth m the 
Op«ri tirinaruent of heaven. 

-31 And G ml created ^refit whoJci^ 
and tivoTj livin* crf>aturo that intj- 
ifctb, which tTwj waicru brought 
forth abundnnlJr after ttieir hind, 
AJid tiv&xv winged fowl nSbii hi* 
kind : and God klw lliol it war 

££ And 0<H^ lAcm^il them, lay- 
ing, Oe fmitfu]^ and multiply, and 
fill ll]« wat«;ra m the iea«, mid bt 
fowl muhlpl^ in the o&rth* 

^ And tho evcfninf and iha 
monLiti? w*tu the flfUi diky. 

^ And G4id Ani*\, Let the earth 
brini; forth the living creature aftfW 
hjfl kind, cattle, and crcDpin| thin^^ 
ared Least of the earth oiiei hii 
kiTtrl : and it woaao, 

t!5 And Gorl made the heftat nf 
thQ j^oirtli afEer his kind^ and cattle 
after their kind^ npil every ihinE 
that Creeputh upon Ute ?arUi aflor 
hiii kUid : and God saw tiiot it war 

Sf> ^ And God loid. Let usmnko' 
mfin in our imaee, artitr our like- 
r\pm: and Ji?t them have dominioD 
ov<^ the &ih of the sea, ami ovur 
the foT*l ijf the nir, nnd ovpr th» 
caltle, and ovfn oil the rnrth, and 
ever c^vcry crac^pin^ Uiing time 
crt'f'peth jiprtii the earth- 

?7 So God ciuntfd man in hin 
tnim image, m tho ietnl^fy of t3(i4 
created he him ; main and femaJa 
cr^ritod ho lliem. 

^ And Gch:1 bl^Md tliem, nnd 
God foid onto UioEn, B>) fruiifuL,. 
Htul multiply, nud rept^^nith lh4 
cnnh, aiul buIhIuu it: ottd have di^ 
minkiti over The fish of the sonT au« 
jCivor the fowl nf the nir, and ovat 
evdirMvinf thing that mdvetn ap> 
unthaeajTtL « 


SB IT And God said. Behdd^ I 
have givep you every herb beaxuuf 
wed, wluch it upon the race of ail 
tlie earth, and everr tree, in the 
which i» the fruit of a tree yield- 
ing seed; to you it shall be' for 

30 And to every beast of the 
earth, and to every fowl of the air, 
and to every thing that ereopeth 
upon the earth, wherein there is 
Ufe, Ilume given every green herb 
for meat: and it was so. 

31 And God saw every thmg that 
ne had made : and behold, it teas 
very good. And the evening and 
tin morning were the sixth day. 

CHAP. n. 

TP« First Sabbath. 
HUStfae heavens and the«aith 
were finished, and all the host 
of them. 

2 And on the seventh day God 
ended his work which he had 
made; and he rested on the sev(»)th 
day from ail his work which he had 

3 And God blessed the seventh 
day, and sanctified it : because that 
in It he had rested from all his work 
which God created and made. 

4 ir These are the generations of 
the heavMis and of the earth when 

GENESIS. MarriaeeittSUtnta 

13 And the gold of tliat land 
good : there t9 bdellium and t] 

13 And the name of the seco 
river is Gihon : the same is it tti 
compasseth the whole laod of EtJ 

14 And the name of the th; 
river is Hiddekel : that is it wiii 
goeth toward the eastofAssyr 
And the fourth river is Eophrat 

15 And the Lord God took i 
man, and put him into the gard 
of Eden, to dress it, and to keep 

16 And the Lord God commui 
ed the man. sajring. Of every li 
of the garden thou mayost fre 

17 But of the tree of the kno 
ledge of good and evil, thou sli 
not eat ot It: fdr in the day t! 
thou e^est thereof thou shall su 
ly die. 

18 ir And the Lord God said 

.../ were created, in the day that 
the Lord God made the earth and 
the heavens, 

5 And every plant of the field be- 
fore it was in the earth, and every 
herb of the field before it grew : tor 
Iho Lord God had not caused it to 
rain upon the earth, and tA^re toas 
not a man to till the ground. 

6 But there went up a mist from 
^e earth, and watered the whole 
face of the ground. 

7 And the Lord God formed 
man <tf the dust of the ground, and 
t»reathed into his nostrib the breath 
of hie ; and man became a living 

8 IT And the Lord God planted 
R garden eastward in Eden ; and 
Uiere he put the man whom he had 

9 And out of the ground made 
the Lord God to grow every tree 
that is pleasant to the sight, and 
food for food : the tree of ufe also 
to the midst or the garden, and the 
tree of knowledge of good and 

10 And a river went out of Eden 
lo water the garden: and from 
thence it was patted, and became 
into four heads. 

11 The name of the first is Pison : 
that »s it which compasseth the 
whole land of Havilah, where tJUrs 

is sold ; 

is not good Uiat the man should 
alone : I will make him an li 
meet for him. 

19 And out of the ground 
Lord God formed every beosl 
the field, and every fowl of the 
and brought tkem unto Adara 
see what he would call tliem ; i 
whatsoever Adam called ev 
living creature, that was the ng 

20 And Adam gave names tc 
cattle and to the fowl of tlie 
and to every beast of the fi( 
but for Adam there was not fo 
an help meet for him. 

21 And the Lord God cause 
deep sleep to fall upon Adajn, 
he slept; and he took one of 
ribs, and closed up the flesh inst 

2S And the rib, which the L< 
God had taken from man, mad( 
a woman, and brought her unto 

23 And Adam said, This ig t 
bone of my bones, and flesh of 
flesh : she shall be called Woir 
because she was taken out 


24 Therefore shall a man le 
his father and his mother, and s; 
cleave unto his wife : and they a 
be one flesh. 

25 And thef were both nal 
the man and his wife, and were 

CHAP. ni. 
71« FM nfMoM. 

NOW the serpent was more i 
tile than any boast of the I 
which the Lord God had ma 
and he said unto the woman. II 
hath God said, Te ahall not ea 
every tree of the garden 1 



S And ihs womrin Eofil unto tlio 
B^pMit, Wo nisLy pftt cf ihe fruit 
of iha iKflti of Hm ffoitluii ; 

3 But uf the fruU (nf t^ia tree 
whitk ifjt 111 LJ]0 itu4EkI ortLe gn]d(;n, 
Guil hnihustiiL Ye£lmll ml vtM of 
it, nfijth«r atmJi yo Ujudi j[» leit ye 

4 And thiD aeiticnL fa id Dnta U^o 
woTnoji, Yo shafi not jfiircly [lifi; 

5 for Gwt cfoth ilnciw, iJiat in 
tijfl dciy ye eat Uvorcur^ uion yiiur 
erciJiEjaJl bo op^nod ; aiirt ]ro &hfl]l 
be aa gods* kiiowbiff Eood and 

Ajid whon the womui iHflr that 
Uie tfEtf tfeu ^ood Tdt ToaX, and 
thst ii ipoj piciuant to iSnt eycAy 
mttd t troe to Uo lirtlrfd to make 
071S vrUt^i the look of the fruil. 
tnereof, and did cat ; and tf hvit nlnu 
unio her Lu^biuid witit her, und lua 
did trtiU 

7 And the ejrm of thfm both 
wens e pent; J. aiid ihfif kflsw that 
yiey M-ert uokcA : and thev scvrtA 
of-k^iT^taeatiter, and mode tlieiti- 
teivci apmni. 

S A4ieI they (wfifd the voiiJo of 
thy LoELH God woJiint in tha e&r- 
den in tho coot uf lite day : And 
Adam an J bia wife hid ihemsc'lvea 
from the prcwinte of tike I^ORTit 
God nmiiotittjie ttet^^jf the ffni- 

n And thn LoRf God cnJtcd on la 
AtJAJii, and laJd unto binii Where 
art thtiu ? 

10 Aod he «nid , T heanl thr toIcd 
n tno f Cirden : and I was [ifrajcL 
bcjcaofei I ksm Dakixl ; und I libu 


J will froaUy muMpl^ thr hottow 
andtipt^conf^option ; iniorruwlhon 
sfsiik brintf fn>rth nhildrgn ; nnd tlir 
deijire thutl Ac to Ui^ husband, &mi 
ho aliaJI fu]u oTfr Liiee, 

17 And uEiio Adiuii he naidi Bo- 
ca ow thou hast liOHf ken^ unto iha 
vuioH of tfiy HiTfl, und hoxt ceten 
of the Lr^ oTtwhich I coitunn^dM 
thee, sBTing, Tbouduilt avl eat of 
it: curiic-d i> the ground for thy 
sfljte ; i» unn-ovf ehalt thou cat ^/ 
it aJi iFie days nf tJjy lii«; 

Ifi ThDniii alsu and ihi^lJei ahnll 
it hritig furih In theo:iLnd tbeu thfiJt 
cat the hcrbi of the field : 

19 In dits liwoiit of ihv face shnJ* 
Uiau eat bread, till thou ralnrti 
unio the ground ; for cut uf it itVABt 
Ujou takLJi r for tltiat thou art, iiud 
unto duHL KhaEt thou retain . 

3(1 And Adam caUod lik w|(b't 
nama Eve, bocauBQ she wot IL'O 
naotltcr of al] Utin^. 

S] Tjcito AeJAm alao and to Uu 
wife ijiij Lite Lr>iii] Gud make coati 
of flkiusj and cjfjtii^'d ihein. 

£2 Tl And Uie L<jilii God aaid, 
n^h^ldt the man ia bt^pamc at an« 
of U3j lo Icnowgopd and ovd : and 
now, lost ho imt forth hia hand, 
and tcUto &Uo of iho trm vf life, 
ami eat, and live forever: 

rcTc ' ' ^ 

23 TM>reToro tho littRU God aont 
him fortlifriiDi thcjurdeu cif Ed^» 
tu till tho ^Qund miprt whoDCe ho 
was taken. 

^ i^o ho drcjve out the man: 
ajrd he ji faced ftt the coat of the 
cran^en of Eden CheruLinui:, and a 

.. _„_ _ . ntmiin^ awotil wJiicb lartied ovciy 

mrwlf. wayj w kwy the way of the tro^of 

1 1 And be aaid. Who ro!d tJios lini^ 
that thou vsatt naked T Jla^t thntj CHAP. TV. 

eaicn of iho Uwj wlwreof I com- Birihi^Cain atudMrL 

if.nnd^i'f ih(i*_ Ui4t ibau vbouldwt A Ml Adam knew Etohi^wife; 
l\. uid ihe ronrclTed, and hoir 

inand'?d' th», 
out eat T 

1^ And me roan MtJd,71]ftTroitiaik 
«)tom thou favoit ta ite with me^ 
■lie f airn ma of tlie Et«flt uid 1 did 
eat- , 

]3 And ih'! Lom^ God aaid unto 
the woman, What ij this that ^vti. 
h'lAdocwjl Aikfl tji^wirtmrtn said, 
^I'he K^pi^At becuded me, uid I dlcl 

U And tlh« Ijoed God irAid untn 
tin wetitfiM, EU-^ayae th(Hi Iidji dr»nu 
thif^ Ihati art cilracd above all cnE- 
de. awt above evcrjr hifitft of Thi.' 
field : upon thy bells' shalt thoo ^o, 
and dan thoJt tliou eat all tiii> dij,yji 
of Thy }m : 

15 Aorfl will jiutejimitybctwectn 
thee ami tbn woitinut and betw£4jci 
thy k^mI lind her wnd ! it sJnili 
bruiM< ihf head, ud tltou abalt 
faruiM hi* heed, 

16 IJota tli4 WDttiau he HJd. I . 

^ Uid ihe ronrclTed, and hoiT 
Cdin^ and said, I have f etu^n if 
tttr^n itom the Lfsftli, 

^ And iih# itf nin liarfl hia brotber 
Abel: mtd Ahei ivojs a ki^tjptir 4>l 
tfieep* but Cain una a Ullcr of the 

3 Aud m ptoccjia of time itcucpe 
111 pa?:*, that Cain breti^ht of tlisj 
fniLt of tFie jf round iin oRchng unlo 
U]i! Lrf>iu>. 

4 Ami Abel, ho nbo broUfht of 
Ihe fiTiiLlinfii of hia flikck, and i^fthe 
fat tbcrF^of And the I^rd hfid fo- 
BpcTt uHto AhtVL and td hiPflEferinffi 

5 Bjt tintn i^ain. and to bis of- 
furieii,', ha had net rj^^ret: and 
t-flin waj very witidi, and hk eerni- 
tenance ffH. 

And ihoLoiLBanJd onto Cn in* 
\\ by urt thnu >vrolb 1 and why ia 
llnr <^ountenanco frdk-n t 

1 Iftboudoeiitwell,ifaaltUKHipi3i 


CtinkaUihMd. GENESIS. JSdam's ggiUMlegi 

I ' ': and ifttiou dMat DGt t 93 Aod Lamnrli eu^tJ u^H'i hii 

wivefl, Adah und Zjlluh, Flhur Jn] 
voic^.yt) wives tiTL^inici h JiCkirkiM 
unto my spocch : Tnr I havit itjojii ( 
man to ifiy WDOiiduii:^ tu;(l n jouui 
man hi wif hurL 

24 [fCniii£hHUbcaTcnecH!»vcil 
foil], uuly Ii«7ne<:|i swi^iy am 

35 IT And Adam kiiQW hii wifi 
ovain, mid trim bEu-^i n j^m jind raU 
od hilt name ^chr Far Gddptf^tt 
ffAfr haih oppoinrcd m<t aniPiliB 
Btiwi ictfiUad of Abei, wlicwn Caij 

56 And Lo St3di, to Lim oJ^ Uietci 
was Lorn a mtji ; add he Callod lii 
Jiaitin Knos : then hoirnn mort Ti 

and ifttiou dMat dgI \ 
Vy- , , ;■■ •(! at tha door : anil 

oiit^i ^hf.-ts ifhitU H bra dotife, tuid 
tbou ihalt mk ovor himn 
^ 9 And Gain toJkod wjtli Abd lik 
brolhcf ; and it cams to ptuu whon 
tbfiy W0P9 In tha Md. ihnl CaLia 
roMUP Uhiiut Abel hk brathcr. 
■ltd fliaw him. 

7 Aitd tlio LoaJiBaid umn Cain, 
Whoro ir Abel Uiy bioilKi 1 And 
hp HiLJ^Ij I know not: ^m I aiy bro 

10 And h« italdn WhaUuwi (htiu 
ao(ie 7 the voica oF Lhy hmiJiEhT^i 
blffod eri^Lh unto ma from Uiu 

11 Arijl noT* art lJiOa<::cirBcd from 
iflO car Lit, which hath oiM.'[it>d her 
moutlL to recHivo ihj bfoUiet'v 
blood Oomthyhatid, 

X9 Whsn thou tiUcBt tha etqiuii], 
h ibnll not hi!,^noj^rgrih ri^dd uaio 
Uioo Iwr iirtiTiEthT A Tueitiv^ and a 
vagabond fhaJt thou ba in iim 

13 And Cain said uni^ the I^Rn , 
Hy Pui^mlmwDt ij freatar than I 
can Lear. 

14 Boliald, thou hfltfl driven me 
out ihEs day from tJia fate or (bu 

SaJth } ftnd from thf face bIidH I \k 
Id ; and I ihaU he a fu|;itivf<^ ftncl a 
faribond iu tiio eanh ; Jiiid it tibal] 
CDips in prwHi £Ad£ every ono tha.t 

15 And Ihn Lord said tji^lo hin], 
Theraforo who^ao rer hIp yeth Cai n , 
Tan^oancQ ibcill bin laknrL on hhn 
pav«:n-fQ]d+ And the LnnD Mut a 
marit upoij Cain^ lest auy ftndhif 
mm ihouid k\i\ hmi. 

16 I^AtidCEifn w^itttititfromtho 

Ceric«t>f thii LoKtt, and dwajt in 
land af Nod. oa iho (Hifl of 

IT And Cain knew hifl vfiTc^ and 
■ha conceiTcd, and bikta Eno^rh: 
■nd he bai)tlad a ^i^y^ nnt\ eaUud 
thA namct oftbe city oflor the nami^ 
ofhttion, Enoch. 

IB Ar>d nnio I^nor^b wna bom 
DauI and Irad be^^ai MohurJSDL: 
■od Hdiujai:!! Uc^al Mcthusaol : 

■Dd MethttJHu;! h«ff at Lamoch. 
10 1^ And" ^ 

Lamech took unto Kim 
|vrc]h^v»: t);ti nnma of Uw oao 
.nab. and liie tioine af tha 

id Adah bare Jabul : ho 
_ faUif r of piicba*dwpll in 
tbtitr, and ^snch om Aair« cattle. 

SI And hi# l^rother^B naino i0a# 
Jobal : ha wajt tlit? flitliEjr nf nil 
sufih lu haridle the htirtt and orrnn. 
39 And Zillah. &he also bai^Tii- 
baJ'^alB. an imtructor of avc^ry 
utl^ffT iri braai and iron ' and iba 
■vtfip « Tubal-cftiD Hot Naantab^ 

call upon iha namo of tha Lord, 

IOi^i^finh^ of tAs FqjMwzhA. 
^lilB u thcltDok oftht) |anorn 

nmfoh^ of tAs Fqtriwch!. 
[iUi u the book ofthq fanern 
tiona af Adam t In tho ck 
trial Coti createi] manr in ihij like 
sies* of (lod mado he him ; 

5 Mats and fontalo created h 
thein \ and Mc^rd diem, aiul twill 
td their name Adam^ tii tha da 
when d*ey wa^jg eriialed. 

a t[ And Adaoi lived anhnnd^ 
and thartji'y^ariB, and bouat a inn 
m h i -f own ILkeoeai, aH er nia imiigfi 
and railed hli imme Setli : 

4 And Hie daya af Adam aftf-r h 
hod bcf otlDn Setli wera etRht hun 
dred years : and ha bagai som an< 
dnud^tcir^ ; 

a And oil tho dnn that Adar 
[Ved worenlno hundred and iJitft' 
yeara : and ho died. 

6 TT And Sedi lived aji hnndir. 
and five ycorsi, and bpfSt Knos : 

7 And HoUi lived aTEcrhob{>fa 
EnoB bight hundred and icvii 
yeaia, and begat aoas and duugl' 

B And all tho dfkyw of l?eth war 
nine liundred and twelve yean 
and ho di^^d- 

i> ir And Enoa fiTed ntnetyytiaii 
and bp^at Cainan ', 

10 And EnoB lived after h^bogrn 
C^amaii efirht hnndmd A«d Gftee 
lu b 

yaan. andT bc^at bohj und daucl 
wra ; 

," ' ' - " ' 'flTsof 
nj no hundred and nvo yea»; an 
m difM^, 

!3 ir And Gain an jived M^-«ni 
yeara, and b^sat KahalBleel : 

in And Cain an lived after hn h\ 

?rat Mahalolool oifht hundred an 
brty yt^n^ and hcfflt aona sa 

14 And oH tho daya of CniDa 
wero nine hundri'd and bt-n yean 

15 IT Aad Mahalah^el lind ctxi 
ajid fiva yeaTii KtA bafat Jered ; 


CIJAP. VI. TketBorld'$ieiekiane$§, 

16 And MiiJuilalc!c9 Hv^mI ivTim \i^ 
ti^Al Jarcfl ejjflit liuiudnl End 
thutv yeuni^ oiid bengal ioiiH aod 

n Ati(I alt lh# tJrtyi cif Mshala- 
keJ were dg ht hunyrMl nm&Ly luid 
five FC'Lni ; aiul lae iJiciJ, 

13 1* And Jared lived an hundred 
iixtjr and Lwo ycoii, ajjd lie bcg.iL 
Enrmh : 

13 And Jared lived after ho h^ 
pnt Enocli eight humlj'L>d ycar?^ 
mnd 3>esai eutis Jiml daiigli^iTs : 

'.in And all the daya( af Jared 
wfiro nino hLiiidn^d tixtjf aiid iwo 
jnuTS : nnd hfl died, 

SI II And Enocli lived stxtT and 
GvQ jcEU¥t fttid bcgn^t MeUi 
tAh : 

1^ Anjd EfiDcli walked ^viih QofI 
after ho be*Eii M(ahu94:liih Uiree 
nundi^d J^cars, ujid begat k<jD£ aad 
dAiiGliters : 

SS And an iJra days of Enoch 
waie tliroo hundred sixty and di^-e 

S4 And En(X:h tvfilkefl with God, 
BJjd lie uunfnut.: for God took hr^t. 

^ T| And MeihuMilcLh lived an 
Imodred v^i^htj and Bfiven yeacfl^ 
and hegat iLiimech i 

Mi And MethiiM;|«h lived ofler 
lid lic^at Laxncch eeven hmidruEj 
eighty and two yc^ais. and b<]gal 
loj-ij ujid dau^hti:!rs: 

W And aJI iJie dnys of Methuse- 
lah vit:re niou |]t]|]dred wbiX^ tav\ 
Hint? yean ^ and he died. 

% ir And Lamech lived an hun 
dnd oiffhtr and twa rean, and 
bexaL a son : 

2£> And hecallcdhjuinnnrieNfra)], 
iAyinie> TliiB^amrBFi^l] eomfort ua 
cancemini; our work and icil of 
QUT hands, b<.-<!tLaw; of the pr&und 
whicli the Lnhn haUieuTSCiT. 

^ Aird Lamevh hvcd alior he 
begat Noah live hundncii' ninety 
uid ftv« yean, tnd begat Bcins and 

31 Am! all ti>o clan of Lamech 

.WBiCf tnviefl hundred seventy and 

WBWvijvajM'. and he died ^ 

3^ And Nonhwaa five hundred 

i ycnrff old : end Noah be^ at Sbem, 

llam, and Japhotli. 


AND It cani« tu pvts^^ when men 
bueiui to multiply on tJio face 
of the eHTth^ and dadghtiirf wtrie 
pcirn nnfo thom^ 

a Th%t thd Hona of €od saw the 
daofhlen of men that thr^v w^rr 
fair \ and thoy tfiok them wivts of 
ail whtch t/ieV chose. 

3 Ami the LrjaD mid, My Si>irii 
■hall out alwan itHv« vfith man, 
fur thni he ali^ i> Rmh i yet hi* 

dayitsfiallbeanhundred and twAfity 

4 There were dnnts in the earth 
In iJioBodayx ; ahil al^ \^f^ll*l W\u.\, 
when t-b" goiistirGudcjime in unlo 
tlie dnuj^htcritofmen, and tlu^y bam 
^hiMTfm toth&m: tbu siamu brcfivin 
mif hty men, which were of ohtt 
mt-ii of renown. 

5 Tl And «oi)8nw that the wieJi' 
edneisft of man waa profit in the 
enrih, onrl that avety imiie;i nation 
ofilie thiitu^Nts nf hia heart tnei 
only evrl conttnuaLly. 

li Aird it repynt(!d the Lopiiulmi 
he bad made man on the earth, and, 
it£rLev<>d hi[[] at lila heart 

7 AniUheLonDjiaLd, 1 will d»^ 
jitFoy man whom I have ereated 
from thfl facfl vt the uartJi j bnth 
mnn and beast, and the creeping 
thing, and the fowlii oflhf) air; Ha 
jl rt;pent«Uj me tlaat I have made 

8 liut Noah found graco In Ui9 
eye* ufihe Lojin. 

fl II Ttie«e are the generatioiH 
of Nuah: Ni»^ili\vsji a jugt man. 
and perfect in his jgenerHlions, mid 
jUtmh walked with God. 

10 And No;ih bcest three sona, 
Shein, Hanif and Jnpheth. 

11 I'ho tmtli u\Ki) wftfl corrupi 
.before God; and the eartli viUkm 
^1\iUii\ with via]eiic{>. 

13 And GcMi looked upon Die 
eartli, aiui behold, it was CjorrtipL ; 
for all t\i^\i bad eorru^lotl liis way 
Up [in the ejir!|i+ 

1^ And God Bdd unto Noah^Tbti 
end of nil fliejsh ib eome before me ; 
for the earth ia tilled with violenn# 
tbrouih ihcm r and bfdiold, 1 will 
doKiroFthem wich the earth. 

14 IF Make thee an ark of ^v- 
pbep'hi'ood : roomEiiihalt thou make 
in the ark, and shalt pitch itwilh- 
in and without witli pitch. 

15 And ibis ii tkefaskiim wbi4;b 
thou ebatt make it£{^: li^h^ lengtli 
of i1l& ark vJiiiU be three hundrxid 
Culnt^t ihe breadth of it fifty 
cubliB, and Iha height of it thirty 

IG A window idialt thou make tn 
]hq ark, ^nd in a Cubit ehalt thou 
nniib it above i and the doer of the 
erk ebalt thon set in the f?ide tbcre- 
of : H3itA lower* second, and Uiiid 
Stnries ahaU thoa makc: it 

17 Anil bokoldi I> even T, do 
bring Q flood of waters upon the 
eartfin to destroy a] I flesb^ wherein 
13 tlin hri-'atli of life, from under 
hifavuti ; and every thing tliat u in 
the earth snail die. 

18 But with thee will I eetabltib 
my covenant : and thou thaltcoma 
into the ark, tboux and thy BniH» 



Andover - Harvard 
theological library 
Cambridge. TvIass. 



•^ THE o>w^;^^ 









laaUtated ta the Yew 1U6« 


Torah*B dtscendtmta. 

96 And Terah lived seventy 
yean, and begat Abram, Nahor, 
attd Hnran. 

27 1 . K u IV thiSMJ aw i ha goDsrationa 
ol TeraJi: Tefab be|ai Abram, 
N^nhur, and Ujinm: and Haran 
1)431? fl.t Lot- 

& And UAtiXd (lied before his 
(A^Kr Ti^Toh in die land uf hia na- 
Uvily, in Lfi' of tJiii CliaUtoug. 

ijl* And Abnim a"d Nahor took 
tiifjn wivdB t tiic nami' 4>r Abram's 
Mfifr ttflj BariJ - HnrI tfic name of 
fdcilinr^i AviTc iMil'^nli, ttif* daughter 
cf Jliinbci, iJie'f::rh,j r thi' [V] ikah, and 
tlie t'aUier ol' l^cali. 

30 But Sarai was bairen; she 
had no child. ' 

31 And Terah took Abram his 
son. and Lot the son of Haran his 
son*s son, and Sarai his daughter- 
in-law, his son Abrom's wife ; and 
they went forth with them from Ur 
of the Chaldees, to go into the land 
of Canaan; and they came unto 
Haran, and dwelt there. 

32 And the days of Torah were 
two hundred and five years: and 
Terah died in Haran.^ 

CHAP. xn. 

Ood calleth .abram. 

NOW the Lord had said unto 
Abram, Get thee out of thy 
country, and from thy kindred, and 
from thy father's house, unto a land 
that I will shew thee : 

2 And I will make of thee a great 
nation, and I will bless thee, and 
make thy name great; and thou 
ahalt be a blessing : 

3 And I will bless them that bless 
thee, and curse him that curseth 
thee : and in thee shall all families 
of the earth be blessed. 

4 So Abram departed, as the 
Lord had spoken unto him and 
Lot went with him: and Abrnm 
wat seventy and five years old 
when he departed out of Haran. 

5 And Abram took Sarai his 
wife, and Lot his brother's son, 
and all their substance that they 
had gathered, and the souls that 
they had gotten in Haran ; and they 
went forth to go into the land of 
Canaan ; and into the land of Ca- 
naan they came. 

And Abram passed through 
the Innd unto the place of Sichem, 
unto the plain of Moreh. And 
the Canaanite too* then in the 

7 And the Lord appeared unto 
Abram, and said. Unto thy seed 
will I give this land: and there 
builded ne an altar unto tlie Lord, 
who appeared unto him. 

8 And he removed from thence 
onto a mountain on the east of 


GENESIS. Jilfram daae» kA wife, 

Beth-eL and pitched his tent, hav- 
ing Beth-el on the west, and Hat 
on the east : and there he builded 
an altar unto the Lord, and called 
upon the name of the Lord. 

9 And Abram journeyed, going 
on still toward the south. 

10 If And there was a famine in 
the land : and Abram went down 
into Egypt to sfljourn there; for 
pie fanune v>a» grievous in the 

11 And it came to pass, when 
he was come near to enter into 
Egypt, that he said unto Sarai 
his wife. Behold now, I know that 
thou art a fair woman to look 

12 Thereforejt shall come to 

pass, when the Egyptians shall see 
thee, that they shall say. This it 
his wife : and they win kiU me, but 
they will save thee alive. 

13 Say. I pray thee, thou art my 
sister: that it may be well with 
me for thy sake : and my soul shall 
live because of thee. 

14 IT And it came to pan, that 
when Abram was come into Egypt, 
the Egyptians beheld the woman 
that she wag very fair. 

15 The princes also of Pharaoh 
saw her, and commended her be- 
fore Pharaoh : and tlie woman was 
taken into Pharaoh's house. 

16 And he entreated Abram well 
for her sake: and he had sheep, 
and oxen, and he-aases, and men- 
servants, and maid-servanUK and 
she-asses, and camels. 

17 And the Lord plagued Pha- 
raoh and his house with great 
plasues because of Sarai, Abram's 

18 And Pharaoh called Abram, 
and said. What is this that thou 
hast done unto me? why didst 
thou not tell me that she teas thy 

19 Why saidst thou. She is my 
sistmr ? so I might have taken hor 
to me to wife : now therefore be- 
hold thy wife, take her, and go thy 

Su And Pharaoh commanded Ai« 
men concerning him : and they sent 
him away, and his wife, and all 
that he had. 

CHAP. xm. 

Jfbram and Lot separate. 
A ND Abram went up out of 
J:\. Egypt, he, and his wife, and 
all that he had, and Lot with him, 
into the south. 

2 And Abram vas very rich In 
CfUtle, in silver, and in gold. 

3 And he went on his journeys 
from the south even to Betli-el, 
unto the place where his tent had 

Cknampnmhtd. CHAP. XIV. l^ttatten. 

U-nL nml cniaG mid dwelt in lI]« 

tilRin of Mnmr*it which w in JIq- 
iroiXi ;md buUl Lhufo ojlaUuMitito 
tJiu Lcum. 


boLh-cl had Uai ; 

i UntiJi tiii; pinco of tha altars 
whi^^h he had toHiJc ihcre &t iho 
fimt! and Lirtra Abracn coilctl on 
the name of Hie li<!lLn. 

5 And I-nt al^o, which Went with 
Abr^n>i h&d 0oclt», ami hurda^ an<l 

<} Anxl i^ie land wab n.fjt nble to 
betu ihem. Umt ibtj might dwtll 
bjf^elhor: for their EtllMtAnce ^viu 

Ecolji *0 U»lt tJ^iey could nut dwoU 

7 And tlwro waj a strife petwepn 
Oie henEineo af Abram'icanle and 
Uie herdjoen of Liat't oauIo: nM 
Che Cs^ikcinbto and tha Ferizuio 
dwfillcd ihtn in the Icutd. 

8 And Ahram p^id unto Lot, 
Lui Oujrft till no strife, I praj thtt, 
btiT'LVepnniBiiticI Llipt, tilid Tx?t\Vi!PH 
my hertljiK'n \itn\ thy herdmcn; 
fijif «e Jfl bfttJfcron. 

D If aol Uie whala land berrtit; 

SMrl Sep^KiTe thyffif [f, [ priijf thetv 
oa me : if tAmi w Hi ifiini'- the left 
tiand. thuii FwiU ijo to thon^ht' 
or if EAoif tjf^ai-t EC} Lhe Tight band, 
ihi^n ] wili^n to thti iet^. 

10 Antt Lnt lillod up hi* ptcs, 
■nd behe!^ alL the plain of Jnircki], 
diAt it Kfiw wtVI waturod liwiy 
irtbfrni, heforo tjia Lonn dtwEiojed 
Bodom and Gomf^jriih, njcn rb* tliu 
fonl'^n o^tiif^ Lr»nn^ iiko the jamf 
or Eifyjilp na ibuu eumCfl uiiio 

It T^irt) Lot L'hchH? hi in EiJI thr* 
p-Tfliin DfHlonlsm i nml Lot jtntrniir- 
ed eji-^r : 11114L t}i(.'rf^Ftanil?r| LliocQ- 
wlve* die L^nc from mp (.hthcr. 

13 Abram d^^etlt'd in ihq Innd of 
Canaim, ttiid Jjot li^velied in cJie 
oitic* oTiticiilEint md pitched hu 
lent towamt Sutl^tm. 

n Hul the mi?ii of EkKJnjn w^rc 
vricked and^di/Micra he/uro the 

14 1T Ami the Lonn «iid unto 
Abram^ afEt^r IhJil Liic wm my\tn- 
TnLrd (Vnni fiim, Lift Up nnw thteo 
fSyea, oitrl look from tlio place 
whfiiQi ibau art. noriJiMrnrd, and 
nauthM-ardp and esfltwaidi and 
Westward \ 

tS For nil the lind. ivliieh ibod 
Be«^ ti} ihf^n will I [rife it^ and to 
thy need for evPF, 

IG And I will maka ihjaepd m 
lJi# diut nf the enribi po i.hnL ifn 
Dtftn tern nufrd>nr the dunt of the 
earfiu tJteu *h|i]t tliy hl-ik] aWi he 

IT An«(?i Wnlk ihroiisb the hnil 
In Ttke Im^tJi of it and In tbo 
htt'Aiith [>f It ; l^r t will give it unio 

IB ThflO Ahram reniavi>d hi» 

The Matiin q/" tM fCinegt. 

AN l> it ciBEi]f! ii] jjjuHt in Th<3 days 
of Amrnphel itjnff olBhioELi^ 
Artoch |iiti£ i^ifEfiisur f^l]<<du^JIlO• 
me^ hinjf of ElaiDr and Tidal kinc 
ofnntionsn ; 

3 Tlmi tJkfXe made w:ir m(Ji 
Berft feinij of Sttdnm, nud willi Bii- 
niha kiag of GoinomiJ)^ ji^hi^ah k\tvl 
nfAdniih, and Shcnjeber kiai li| 
Zebtiiini, find tliq kin< ol" Ihilu, 
which lii /oof . 

rt Ah iheee were jaincd to^elh^r 
in thii vale of Sidilinu which ia IlitJ 
fitdt #cfa, 

4 Twelve years they Mrvodf^irh 
d{iirlai>tiit:r» and in thi^ litiri^eLnh 
VetiT tJwy relndliflL 

5 Aud in tfie fouri&*»nrh yenf 
caTiiit! Chi^dortjipnir^r, and tliii hin^ 
Lhul ipprr with hint, nnil pmotu tint 
Rephnin]!! in Aiihlentth KuniJiimi 
miti the y^^nimn in Unnif rvml the 
EiT)i»U!c 3n :^lhiii\L'h Kirintfbaiin, 

f^ A nil Din llorilL^eii irttJiiHf* nIoUnt 
i^eir, nnlrj El-parrm, whicii ix bjf 
tiie wiklemexs. 

7 Aiidthi?? returned* flTtd ennrc lo 
Hn-miAhpat. wh]ch ijjKnduih. nnil 
iimate all iha country of il^t; Amu 
tr'tii^s, and hIjkj the Aniuritei, liir^t 
d^vi.'lt in iia7.ii'/Aia-l^Tna.t, 

6 And i\iiit(i vvL^ni out ih^ N>n^ of 
Soduin, nEid ihtF kUis of t.'<»ninr^ 
m-ht nndtbn kinj; of AJiii^Lh, ami 
rite k'm^ nf Ziib(>iini, ami ihu kiat 
Elf |lf<hi, (thy iamL" i> ZjjarjJ ainl 

tlN'y jniimd bntile uuU Uicld in liift 

P With f fhudorlaomer llm Ik in:? 
rtf Glnm, ond with Tiffal king uf 
nmions, anil Ammphijl kinit nj' 
^hitiur, ntii] Arioirli W\hS at E\ 
liisnr ; four kitift^n wjtff fivi?r 

TO And ihe vrvie ofSiddim vm 
fttti ftf fitimi^pifs: and tht^ kin^ of 
Siiilpm and fJomonah fl<'df Sud 
fpli There: and thfij tjjftt Tcmaint-d 
fltiil to the mfnjfltjun, 

U And thtej fftok all the goodi< 
of l^odntEt and Goini:irrah, nnd nU 
tiii^ir vn^tHnlp, Unit ivcnt Hipiir uav^ 

13 And the? lonk Loi, Ahrfim * 
brotlifT-a^Hint wbti 'Jwidi iit SihIuui, 
and liix itnirilik itnd diiprkiliid, 

n II Ami then? pj^iTto one ihrit 
hnd rwraprd, ami laid Abnim ih« 
Hi.'l<n'W; forb^ilwpli in ihEhpl^in 
sif [Vlninrn the Afno rite, brother 
nf Eshrfll, and brothnr of A nut: 
nnr] these wa-^ confbilcnitA with 

14 Arjrt wbniT AhrRtn koanl thiil. 
Lis Eiroiher wo* lyk^n ctipdvpt he 


MdeUudak and Ahram. GENESI& Omaan again promised. 
■rtnt^ hb trainf^d Mgnfunis, tKjrn iLtau LajibUMQ number thorn; aitd 
jm hii o>vn liitiiiHj, tiifna tauLuJrL^I bemi^t untu hini, SoiilmU liirMod 

ttmo Drill. ^ 

IJ> And ho iliv'iiJud ]iiEniM^l.r[ifaiiHt 
Ui'^nii lie eukI bj»a-rrva(itd by nj^hu 
flod uD'tle iJLtfni, utbil :^u»ued tjmm 
iijiti> lIubiLb, wlii(tli 14 ini Uw lull 
lumd ul' UARbttJCUs, 

Lti And bo bruUigbtliack all tbo 
fiKicK tJid also b[iiu£hl itgam hid 
hroUi^r Lntr and ]iiii caDTIaT acid 
tbe ivoiUL'n ulstit and diLntEMjtiliJ. 

wcfiifiuttijTiH'ti W\m (atVi'f hifl JE^ 
turn fnHii tlio flny^l'tiif orCliL^doi:- 
UomiiTt ^i^ti ul" tl^^ kinr^ ihil mere 
With liimn) at ib<j viilLffyol; i^bivcJii, 
wlncji Jiff tliu ktnc*i diilc. 

IS And Mob:|imyloJt Ungflfeji- 
km brciui^bt furtii bfuad mid vi^iooi: 
miut he rjM IJiitf jw Sua of iha muit 
bigh tlfiii. 

19 Aiiiiihe blenwl hi In, stid §ai{1, 
Bttiwd be AbrnJD of ym nut^thijtU 

^ And hlcHued ^0 ihe must high 
OoiU which hath ildivtriHl thino 
PUDinicf Liiia tliv hifnd» And ht> 
tairo tilin titbtfi uf all, 

21 And Uie fcinpof Sodain iald 
Unto A brum. Crivc ma ihe |)rr»ans^ 
iJtibI Like ilie piwIb tii thrsrlf, 

23 And Ahiam anii) to Um kms 
lirSixli)m> L fiiiifO lifledunmy hmm 
Unto iht> i^RH, iJi4iTiiLi9UiiflhGudp 
ibfl porOM'^aor ut b^'aven Linl ciilth, 

3:1 Thnl J will licit Ifikt fmm ti 

Srcnd evtiFi id a shrtii-liutrhtrl^ anil 
ai [ wUI nuL Lnkc nnr ildne tltut 
if tbim;, h^t thnu tltbaLJoit &B.y, I 
faavn madu Ahtckin ric^h ; 

'IM S^i'u 4inL^ tkyil which Uie 
rwfiqf meti have uatt?t)4 iind iKti 
fHMtJkia oi'ibc nirin whii:'b wtmi with 
line, AntT, t'L.iJ'u'uL, and llaEnm; luL 
iK^iia talkothiiir iHiruiiii. 

ftptix Prom ft tit Jlbram. 
Fl'KR iIichO thi[i«fl tiiD woril 

(i Afld he hcJioved in ihe Ij<>nrr4 
iuhJ bti rountud ii ld htm Ei>r up'a- 

7 Atul bu Mtiil UnUi hitn, I aui iho 
LctHO thai broughi: theo out ofUr 
i>r tho ChKldefi;^, to givcf Umso ihia 
land Tu inlicrit IL. 

6* And bt]Baid,iiorclGnr». whiii^ 
by jb^U I ktiuvf tluu 1 utinJE inlie;rLi 

y And ha 9aid luito him. Tabo 
we ft hoifw of ibreo joari uld, and 
a enc-guat uT tiirea rtsard oki. aud 
a ram of tjirw rean old, and ■ 
llirr]iT-do\'o, ami n jfaUng pieei>nr 

Hi Anrl lio toDk imti> hirn itJI 
llttMfl, and Jlviih'd thom in iho 
midsl, ami laJd fuich ph^c^a on« 
AfHiitsi Aii^rUieti hiiL Uio MrUd di- 
vidod ho n«^t. 

II And wUea \hi fowLi ramn 
ib>>vn uiitin 1J14;' curiiia^iaiig Abftuii 
drovy ihuniawrvi. 

1^ And M-h^^n ilmtaa waa f&'mg 
dortiir iL deivp bIjm-u fchd iilHiil 
Abfnm; aixt iu^ a horror ol^ efL'al 
darkiiods fellupun him. 

13 And he said unto Abrrtm. 
Kno^v of tt ■ureiy filial thy ^i?ih1 
flhuh hii ft stran^'Qi bi a tmiiJ (i(ts( 
I'j not thoirii, tmd 2.1 1 all waive Tiipim ; 
oitd t^K'f Hhall ufTfiol M>ifH4 ft;>ur 
hundred Foani ^ 

14 A|ii[[ ni\Ki ihnt nELtjfin whom 
lhF.f]r ihiili ior^'n, \i'il] Ijud;;!;': s;id 
afri^rwafd A>kal| %hoj come uiil/v^icb 
■riTit inih«^nc-ei 

15 And Uu'U ehalL ro lo lUf fa- 
iht>rri iiu |}«iicD ; ihflti tdtalibahiurjod 
In ti. ^tmA old nffp- 

lii Bni in tho fimrth ^rvni^fAtifiti 
ilif^jr Ab]i||l 1'nrqo hjtlicr nuain: finr 
Uic iniQiutf uf the Amarilcif 1 j ndl 

17 And It. CAmo to pBMt thai 
wln^n Ibe »ijd wpirt down, and it 
WB« duikd htj^iidd a icnnhirt!; fur- 

oflht: tjOH-UcanicatmiAhrajn ,aac*Hi tjid n burtun^ lamp tiin» 
in Ji vUYiin. naming, F&u nol, . powifd botwoen ihaic MtMi?*^ 
Ahrnm: [ am thr Bln*^!d, and ihy] 18 In U]ftt r,imo dnjr the Lt>R» 
eicciHlin J ffTi^At reward. tnadu a ruvvLrtJuit >Vbih A brain, 

3 Aftd Ahram midt Itotd &ftr>| inrmi; JJnio iliy Boed bii*e,! given 
vrhBit will ibou if'wa m^. ioi^ioe; IllhJdilandt fruta Eho rivpr qt Eei^jpl 
po c^bikw, nfld tho iii^wanl of uor 1, unUi tbo ^naat river, \h& rivuf Ku- 
EoiiMHUiiaEUioTAirofDiioifliciisV jjhTiiEp*: i ,t ir 

3 And Abram mid^ BHbold, lo It( Tlin Kflniliw^ and iho Kcnix- 
lup Uiiiii butft v;'tv<"Ti au &&pr| ■: nitd hir xiifn, i^nd the Kpdmoniii^. 

bkini ill iTi¥ liHin^u is uiino hiMr. | iSA And tJie rLjtlili.'st. and uld Fe- 

4 And ^Milkotd, tbi? wnrJ uf th 

Liiait f FiTrtf untti b^cii, iaj'inff, Tfiii ^- -, - , - - -- 

■ball not hu yiiiniht'ir; Unlhe Unit | CiiTii^jiiiiiiPf. and ihe Cjir^msmiM, 

ri77riii-ji, imd ihf! Rj^ithuiiLis^ 
^1 Aiid iht> AiLiofiik'tti, nnd the 

■lial c:4ji]?F< titnii uul af tbine own I and Lliet JtilMit^iii»^n 

L _ ___ I _ _L_. n 1... . I, :.-. .. i._: . r ' 1 1 1 P 

SAni ' 


,1^ bfi brouijbi him foMb' Sfirnr eirietA fftj gar tit ./JJiy mti^ 

A( uhI J*id, l^Mtlt aftw m\ IVIOW Saroi, AbniiTn*Bwife,bnpo 

liAivi-a. und ii'il rltii ELiirit. if i^ bim liij rh'LltlnHi' iindwiah:ixl 

aagar JUeth from Sarai. CHAP. XVU. Cireumeisiou instUuUd. 

a handmaid, an Egyptian, YfU»m 
najoe was Ha^ar. 

2 And Sarai said unto AbrajiiT 
Behold now. the Lord hath re- 
•trained me from bearinc : I prnr 
thee go in unto my maid: it tnay 
be that I may obtain childrei] bir 
her : and Abram hearkened to iliu 
voice of Sarai. 

3 And Sarai, Abram*s wife, touk 
llaf ar her maid the Egyptian, aii1t!:r 
Abram had dwelt ten yoara m the 
land of Canaan, and gave her la 
her huMband Abram to be kin 

4 ir And he went in unto Ha^nr, 
and she conceived : and when slic 
$aw that alie had conceived, her 
unstress was despised in lii>r 

5 And Sarai said unto Abriim^ 
My wrong be upon thee : I h:b vc 
given my maid into thy bosom ; luu) 
when she saw that she had d^n- 
ceived, I was despised in her eyL^^ : 
thti Lord judge between me aoci 

6 But Abram said unto Sarai^ 
Behold, thy maid is in thyhan^U 
do to her as it pleaseth thee. Aj^cJ 
when Sardi dealt hardly with lior, 
she fled from her face. 

7 V And the angel of the Lojid 
found her by a fountun of water iti 
the wilderness, by the fountain in 
kiio way to Sbur. 

8 And he said, Hagar, Sarai's 
maid, whence earnest thoul and 
whither wilt thou go? And gJtu 
sai<1, I flee from the face of mf 
mistress Sarai. 

9 And the angel of the Lr>RTa 
said unto her. Return to thv qju- 
tress, and submit thyself under her 

10 And the angel of the Lc^in 
said unto her, I will multipfar tlsy 
•eed exceedinj^ly, that it sbaO nut 
be numbered for multitude. 

11 And the angel of the Lomii 
aaid unto her. Behold, thou art 
with child, and shak bear a si^n^ 
and shalt call his name Ishmail^ 
because the Lord hath heard thy 

19 And he will be a wild man ^ 
his hand will be against every m rm, 
and every man's hand against him -, 
and he shall dwell in the presentee 
of all his brethren. 

13 And die called the name of 
the Lord that spake unto liur^ 
Thou God seest me : for she snid^ 
Have I also here looked after lilm 

14 \Vlieniforo the well was coHf^ 
Beer-lahai-roi; behold, it is \ni- 
tween Kadesh and Bered. 

15 K And Hagar ban Abram a, 

Hnd AhriiTM calkd \m Acrn'm 
nami;, which [fji^Jir b»roT lDhnt»«L 
IS If And Abriun wqm fauiicorfl 

und sl^ yoaiB ali^ whin Hujsw Ijure 
liiiiiULuh to Abram^ 

CH.^p. xvn. ^ 

The Covenant r<ii€tr'i^d^ 

4 ND w]ksii Abram wtts [liiwy 
£\. yoana o\*\ and niiso, xha J^ruui 
£ipj*earftl to Ahrnnb, nnd smti vintO' 
hinin I r^m iJ^o Ahni^hty ilo^h 
^vitlk bofuro me« tiud bo thob per- 

^ Anil [ wlU miLke my c^^vcnriTK 
HctwKfGQ me and Xhm, mm will mul- 
tipty theu axci.f>ditis1r* 

;i And Attram fell i>n lita face. 
aud Gad tatkod with liitn, B&jing, 

i Ah for RiQ, bvli^ld, my tov«- 
niini u with thcf, aruE Uiou shalt ba 
a fallicr cifmanir imliuns. 

5 NijUIu'T ahdl thy nntniP' niiy 
muTo be chlWA Abriim ; hui thy 
name ahrkJI bo AlsmhHTu; for a 
i'tiih^i ofnitiiiy nations h^v^^r made 

15 And I will mnke thoe pjit-cfMl.- 
111^ ffnit£ii\, atid 1 will make nntHMiii 
nflfico; and kin^ ihnll come uut 

7 And I will wiflhllih my oo»e- 
nirnt between mo and t^ee^And thy 
fiui;il Eifttf [hoc, m thait e€n>^ra.t\iHUt 
fm an pvifrlrwliOtf roTfAnHttt; to t»e 
B, GqA uiilci iJioe, and tu thy eqgA 

3 And I vrill Five unte thee, and 
Ut thy seed aftor tltLV, llie lacid 
wE]rrc?i]ii t}kt>ii bri a«truni!ii>f, cd) Uv? 
Itvnd (>r (^tijiajmi ff>r nn ev<-rlB4itJiig 
puiiKtapiaionv anil I will hu Uit^tr 

{i IT And Gnd »Lid anio Abra- 
liLirn, Thou ilialt keep my corfi' 
imiii [hrncfbn;! ihmJ, and thy seed 
ivCjvt Tin f, in \h&\r (^neraliirin, 

II) Tlii^ /* my eDVCBiint, whieli 
yc vh^i kfvpi b^tvrcitti ma bnd foU., 
and ih? *twd n^nz lht^\ Every 
iiiEL[i-rhiFd ainontf f si] diaH be cir- 

II And yo nhall eiitrumcisc the 
flo^h of rnur furcinldii} amT It aha>l 
hfl a lulton of the covtmont betwixt 
inc nnil yrHl. 

1'2 And Im that ia eiirht day;* nfi^ 
phiiJl ht\ ciri^timciiUK] fiinuis^^ j^cm^ 
i^vr.ry mcin-t-iii^t in ^niir gt-n^rn- 
tlonfl, ho that is horn in the hon>^n, 
or bau£t]t Vh'iih ttiuiiny of eay 
stfJiin^er, which it not of djy 
- lod. 

13 He that is bom in tlij; h^mu^^ 
iind |j€i Umt is lurueht wjtji thy 
moncv, ir>ilfl(t nofiU her rirruiri- 
ckeilr nn<l my rovcnint fthall W 
yuur Hrsh for lui tvotlnstnig 

H And tlie oncLirciuiSfiiMsd inoti- 

Jahinad circumcised. 



ohUdl, K'haae ITf ill uth'n firt^Ji'in. ii\ 2 And ha liRcil up fiiii oi^oaoiu) 
iwl eircmnciiicd^ ihtti mm] ^UaW \iv. i lauktMit i^Lnd lu, tiiTi.'« tiiah fiiDcjd br 
f&t oSr fmrn bw pcopk'^ ^ hn Ltilii i liim. : and when hu inw tAeoi^ Iiq 
brokrii irny^CoTemuit. tan lo iitwt th«>m from l>]u teiit- 

ihM^r, flud Iwwetl hifii^iiir Lo^vajd 

tiic ffrt)iimlt 

3 And kqllI, M? Lord^ iritoxt' I 
huvo Tomut liiTEJur in ihy aijiitt, 
pom not awur, I pira^ lIil-u, rrom 
thjf Btprviini ; 

4 Le( El little w mer, I iH-ny 70B, 
bQ t^tchcd, and wndli juur fi.^!, 
and [Esi; youtwJvea under Uid 

5 Apd I will fulcli a niftT^ of 
brpflri, and comfiJEiifi your liearu; 
alk^r UjQl yn dtisLtl prm^ on:: TfiT 
rhprtifuns cm je sLwrnv^a yutirwcs- 
vant. And they Atiitl, So do^ «■ 
thuu liuitciiut. 

(J And Aljinlinm hmilefiM inlo 
Llae luTit unio J^^niUi, and tiud, 
Mnkct rtiJicly quirklf Uirwi inti- 
&urp,i of tiiiB m'^fllr knc-nJ i^, and 
liicikn rnkt'j* upun I he heurUk 

7 And AlinihELcn ran muci thtt 
herd* imd Tyidied o cciJr tJ?nicr and 
{locid, and ^avs t£ unio a TdUJif 
nijjri I And Utx hniEEorl ii.* rtrL^Hn ju 

S An[l hp look tmllflr, Et4Ml milli^ 
And ibe coir w)iktii )io hod di^TBU^ilt 
and ui'i I'l Ijuforo Uk'th ; and he 
sLfiod i>y UitTm umkr tha trec>, qjkI 
they did eat. 

i> IT An«] tlu^y ftdi'l unio htm. 
Where I'j linfflli thy wifeT And }nj 
laid, BK-licd^l, iiL t]te iL'ni. 

]0 And lao ^aid, i ^ill iif>rLevinLr 
return unto ihct.>: iiccordiLijr IQ tiiQ 

I my^c 

15^ M Mti\ GckI rtuid tini" Alu^ 
hn»u Aj iV^r Suiftl ihy Wrife, thon 
ilmH itMt call hat viamL Swtmt but 
Bn rnh ^Aoii hor name he^ 

Hi And I \vi\l Lle^ hi^t, nml ^kt^ 
ih^n a s»jn (di^iisrtior; yon, J wiEl 
Lkir^ h[;r, and sheifihol] munnathcr 
at'imliuiu; kjn^a of puoylv skaU ba 
Dt hrr. 

O Hiea AbmhaEn (kn niion Ins 

fa<y?, iLtid Iftu^ht^d, and iaid in hi^ 
TiMiti Shall a thild Ins liorn nntn 
him iLai utanhuiidrL^d y£.-a» old 1 
aud !diiUl BbTih. Uuil k ninclr f ours 
old. hear ? 
In And Abraliam paid nnioGotlt 

i:}tai lihmooi mifihl Livu hefmu 

U^ Attd God fald,B[iJ-a.h thjr wtfu 
■had if ear ihiie a ion icid^iE-HiL; mid 
thuu i^iialt rail liid nnniu [»a[i?: and 
f Will iL^iaijhHh my eov< ntiin will; 
him i'fiT an evcrl»i?ttiiijr euvununt, 
mid wtih hill aeed ntlerhim. 

2[> And nd far tBliiiiiii>l, [ \mvn 
l*r-imi iJtefl] Beiiplkl, I lui*^? hlv-^Pd 
hirtiH a tad wjlj mskku Ltni rnillAil, 
tml will nuiliiply Lini eisc^MJilitifily: 
twdvD jirineea Ahall he kH'^ul, and 

1 wiU makA him & ^ruai nation.. 
3t Uut iTty ^ijvnnaitt MriU 1 E>srjL- 

falitih with leuar^ which Snia>i vlinJI 
b*.^i.r iiiuo tluMi bL tilts mx tiio* in 
uie iwKi T*^tu* 

^^2 And ho Itf^ dT tnlking wiQi 
him, and CtJ ui*nl pp Iram Abra- 

3il ir And Abniimm topJi li^matd 
bii aofln iLtid nli xUi\X wuns iM>m in 
bin biiUffiCj umE [nJI tbnt mirulKHig^lu 
wiib bia mppcfi every mulo aimin^r 
ilhi mc^n iM' Abm hntin' n hoiiiHESi ami 
«iri:uaicin3d Uic lleeb ul^ Linjir Tore- 
slttHn >n the «E*irfliuiw dfty> a« G<pd 
hat[ iaid unto him. 

^ And Abrftham wiu nuitity 
j|tui]« old ami ninim when bn wo-s 
circumcited in iJio Hc^h of bi^ 

^ And I«1im&el hli ^nniffflfttiiir- 
tiivEi f«arj uLil„ wht-^ii I'lf wnjT cir- 
rumrided in ih*! B»^jih ofldii r<pr<^kin.. 

bum cJr^uintuDd, and Labmnul his 

aff And ill tht' lOpn of ht* buiiH-n 
Nini in th^^ hoiiH^, and 1>ouj;htwith 
uitinu;^' 11 r ihu i;triuii!;eri wyrxi cir- 
ciiniciHid with hiiD- 

uriAP. xvm. 

ANTI tha I^aD atpL-nird imto 
him in the phiiiK of Mai^nrn: 
imd ha sal in the tapidupi iu tha 
Leal orrbadar; 

limQ oT Ufij I ojid lu, Sciriili dif 
yr j iU »hn] 1 ! lu vc a ion - A nd Sarah 
Ibt-'ard it ip liiu tpnt^dour, wbictt 
K4fjf Li^hind him. 

11 Nn\v AhTFLhniTi hnd Sarah 
jsrre. ntd and wc^ll otjii^hcn in OEo: 
and it cpn.->rHl t4.* bo with 3amh aP 
tcr t}ip TTianniir nT V^'omnil. 

12 ThiTt't'ore Sarah In u chad 
wjihifi hpiwir, «iriup^ Afier I am 
wnxc-d old ihad I havo pL'^ciAuic, 
ntiV lord iriiing old a1^o ? 

Tu Ari^l thti Lf^Kri said unio Ahm- 
ham, WlnirefnrQ iHd iSurah Ititifh^ 
^t]rin|r, Rtiall [ lif b surety heart 
chdiE, whirh i'lnt tdd } 

\\ [h any lltirig too h(^ for Iha 
LoHti ? At tha liina appoinlpd I 
wdl return imtolbf-*, aeconline »* 
thu lime qT lirc>, and SiiTbJi dJibU 
havo n etm' 

15 Thtn 8arah denied, iayrnflr^ I 
[ntighc^d n^it ; fiir nhe ^vi!?i afrnid. 
And h« Biiid. Nay; but iliou didsl 

16 T And iJie men rose up fTom 
Ihenro, and looked towani t^dom i 
and Ahrtihom went with them to 
briiiB ihi-iii on tbp WBiy, 

IT And the Lou> ui4i Shdl f 

^IftfftMi AiImxmIm 



JB Scumg ill at Abrahiun tha!\ 
■urelr bercvne i, pe&tand uimhiy 
patiDEi, And BJI tlic nalionii (ti liic 
eiaUi iliall bfi blesiw::(I iis him 1 

19 For I know ]iim, that ho will 
coiufnond hia diiliirGO uid liti 
houiivliuld filler 111 m, and thcrfiliAlI 
keepi tlse way of Uie L0KI>, to do 
juiUcoiuidjudEm^aiij ihatiheLonp 
muf Wmg upon Abrnh^im Uiai 
which he ^atli ^[tokeii of Jtlm. 

au And the LnaDiold, Be^^aoae 
Unj rrjr of Sodom and Gomocrahi ii 
f reat^ aiid bceaasiij their sm ifl vcrj 

21 [win^odoiAu DOW, and see 
wliethcr ihnf hAvednim ahoac:thcr 
jkccanLin^ to tlio err of it^ wEich i!« 
cume uiiio mo; tma if not, I wiU 

2! A nH themtTi luTiiedihelt fftc!<^ 
ffoni Oienco. and wcnl townrd Sg^ 
doin r but At^raiiajn stDod jotha- 
rprn the LoRiJ. 

33 IF And Abraham drew near, 
uid Baidt Wilt ijiou also dc- 
•iruir the righleauK vsiih the wick 

S4 Peradvflniuna there b& fiftr 
riffhteQua Hi) ];iin th« citf : Vf] It thoo 
dIpd duitrej and not epare the 
ptaca tuT the fifty hghUKtua that 
tfre th?rcin 1 

25 That bu far fi-om thee to do 
mft&t iJijji manner, lq eky die rizh 
tcoui witli the wicXfid ; fljid thft_ 
iho rjjrljtccut ikoulcl ue ai the 
ii^iiokndt that bd far froiti th€ti 
Bhali not the Jud^e of uJ] dio eartJi 
iif% right 1 

^1 And thn Lcr1> eaid. If I find 
in Bodoiii Ki\f ri£'bipi;;iui within (he 
cUy, tlica I will Jipare all the place 
fur ilifiir If aVtta. 

97 And Atiinhaifi aufiwercd and 
uiiJ, Ik'hokJ niiivt I have lak^n 
upon ifie ii] iqjL-ak unTu (he Tjurd, 
which tint t'iU ihint and itahea : 

^ t*ermlvpnliire titiih; Bha]] liic^ 
fivoof tht'firty riphlemia: wiltlJiou 
di-iitniiy flU t]te ril| for tar.k rtf five ? 
And besfiidt Ul find there forty 
and five, E will n<^t destroy I'c 

S^ Ajid he spake unto hi in yH 
atfuio^ and so id, PerAdventyro 
then? ■I'laJI \to Tony found there. 
Aik) hp «4id, I wiU not do U fvt 
foriy^i inkex 

3lj And he said unto him. Oh, let 
i|oLih*Lord Im3 Aiij^ry, and I wilJ 
mmk : Periiilvf.'nniTe ibertt phall 
thiity ba found Uiere, And ho 
•aid. t will Dtltdof^ if I find tliirty 

;il AnH he uUd, Hf^hold nc'w. I 
luTfl raken upmi me to lipeak untu 
tht lAUd : Fcridventure. thf^rc 

oide frem AbraJiam that thing shall bs twoniy found thcre^ And 
which J do; Jie ftaid^ 1 wifj nut drntof it Jor 

lu *s^ .:_.^ ,1.^* *k„t. — ^v_Ti twfiiiEy^B isftke. 

^ And he Baid. Oh, let not tJio 
Lerd hsj nti^ry, and [ will speak 
yeL htul this onuu i Perod venturer 
ten shall bo found [here. Atid he 
sahl, I will but dtintroy iJ for len'i 

33 And ihe LnjtD wont his way^ 
as B<HPn iiA ln» hail left c:animunin|f 
with Abfaham : and Abraham re- 
turned unto hii place. 

Lift tntertains ti£o ^ttgehi. 

AND there eamci two anf E>3!a le 
Sodom at even li cikdljotsatiu 
the^ate of^odom ; and 1.0^ stMiijtti 
Ulfm, mat', uptompctt^iem; and hv 
Lowt:>d h lintel f With his face toward 

^ And hu said, Behold now, tny 
lordu, lum in, I i>rny ynu^ inio ytmi 
servEinL's house, end tarry ail nifhL 
and woiili your feci, and ye Bhall 
riiH: up ^6.rh^ flud $o on your ways. 
Ami djey iiaid. Nay ; but we wilt 
abide in tjie stieet all night, 

3 And ha pressed upon them 
ereatly; and th^y turned in utno 
hiiii, And eiiii^red into hig hoUiic; 
and he made tJieni a feast, and did 
bake unltavenE>d hrcodt aiid they 

4 ir But before tbe^ iar down„ 
the nien eiftiie city, even iho men 
of SfHtom. compaBsed Uic Jioui^i; 
rouml, boui ukt and yuuiig^ all tJio 
people fram evnrjf qunri^r : 

5 Attd ijiesy caUcil unto Lot, and 
«aid ujiUi him, WJiurf^ ar/; Ihe men 
whieh Cams in to Lhee tbie nijfhtl 
brir>!? them onL unla ud, that wa 
may knnw them, 

iTi And Lot went out at fhe doot 
unto Lhcm, and ahut the duor ciftci 

7 And said, T prayyey, brethren, 
do not so wickedly. 

8 Behold now, I have twil 
dauEthterss which have not known 
man; let mo, I pmr von, brinif 
Lh«ip outvriioynuf BJU do ye lo 
them as is goad in your eyes : only 
unto thMa men do notJiin^; for 
thtTfrfore came they lUidtKr Ihti 
ih^dow of my roofr 

9 And they said, St^nd bttek. 
And they sHid ugaint Thip one/^Z' 
lifTO came in to peiounir and I if will 
needs be a jud^^t: Now will wa 
denj WEih^ VL'ith th^. ihnn with 
tJjom, Andlhey prsBsed aine u pon 
the miin, evm Lot, and cause near 
to bronk the duof. 

10 Hut the mm put forth tliek 
hon«l. And iiylled Lot into tha 
houKw to tbem, and ihiit U> tii« 
door. _ 


Lot Uaoea Sodom. 

11 Ar\A they uniole (Jitf men tlittt 

trfrf! Hi. lUf. dtJLii of tlio liauic witli 

tlirtL tJiRjf wtoiied Lh^iJistflvis to 
find thi! duor^ 

[^ 1^ Atd the ms'n haIiI unto I^it^ 
tjiufil UiQU hnjre iin/ bnn wl<.'!i f win- 
iin-l.ivr^, Jind Uijr «anj, and thy 
^tiy^^hii^ft, and wliiLtdODVQf dioti 
hjiiit iaiho Oil]^, brin^ tAfm Out of 
thi» pities : 

13 For wu will dPBiTOT tliia jiTblcc^^ 

ereat LoEikro tlia fiico of tlio Lolii> '^ 

•trny It. 

H And Lot wont oiiU nnd 
ctj^lti? iint4> liLs REins-iti-KWf which 
tnnrricd hi» dauFhterB, and ■aid. 
Up, Sflt fou outof iJiii plucfiifor 
tiiti T/jHD will dFjatr<if Uiin c-K/ ■ but 
hv Hoemiod DSDQC that modked unlo 
hi J icjTtii-iii-law. 

J5 11 And wbeti liie mtimns 
tlroaoi llten the aii^i^ta 1i:tiBtenra 
Lnt^ iayiJ^St AriUn Lfikf thy vfifnt 
und thy (wo dnnghiFMii whidj flre 
h'^rc, left Etiou lnj coniumod in Llio 
lEiiqiiity ijrii»5 cilr, 

10 Attd whilu V (inff43rwi. tine 
men Said ho Ed upon bin iiand, and 
upnn thi? btimi or his wife, oi^d upon 
tlioboJid ul'lii«twAdati£^ht?[3 ; thfi 
LuTii> bein« laer^irMl unlo him ; 
nnd Lhey brought hira forth^ and Aot 
him iTJthouiihtsctijp. 

17 And it cnmr? to nosTt vrhun 
thcij liEui brouiht them forUi 
nhrcitid^ that ho in^f E^capa Tor 
[Jiy lifo ; luok nnt behind thoPp nci- 
tlint stu^ tlmu in tdl tho plain; frv 
rapd lu tbe mutialtuii* kvt Uiou be 

lA Aj]d Lot laJdiintD thorn,, Oh, 
not $th nif LonJ I 

10 Behold now. thy eorvont hJiUi 
found mcd in ihv eiitbt, and thou 
hrtit imarnifled ihf mnrtjfp wbich 
thou iLQJlahL'Wfid unto mo in savrng 
my life : and I cannot atcap^ to tJio 
mounuiin, luat bohiiq evil UJio niq> 
and I dill i 

1^ BclioJd now^ UiM eii^ i> EH^ir 
tfi 0t*o unto, nnd it f# a little ono i 
Oh, hi uiis «ieepn thitbc-r I Um it 
not a Utdg onn T) and my MotH RhjiU' 

4.1 Atjfl ha Bftid unto lilra, Sco, I 
hnvo o*M*ppt&J then couce^rAing thi^ 
tbinir mlio, tlicLt I will not ovei^ 
throw tJiiti ciLf, for dm which tliou 

^ Mjude thftfi, 4#!Ali« t>tillicr ; 
fhr T omiDatdn anylhinj; tj 19 thou 
W (Mraftthithef : thcrofnri) tho fi^mo . 
of the city was celled Zc^ar, 

23 11 Tlia Bun woa riien upitn thr< 
cnrLlt whf>ti Lot {hntcmd into Zoar. 

S4 Then thn l^^itn rtttu^d upnn 

GENESIS. Jntiaeetf. 

Soflimt and upon Gomomih b#m- 
fliouo anil fire rrum tJio Lojip out 
oflii^avi^ii J 

3^ A nd b e> overthrew those citjpj, 
and cJl tli4i filaiii, niid all tlii! inba- 
lutiiijtri of die ejiim, drtd Uiiit which 
grciw upnn t]te ground. 

'20 ^1 Elut bid wire loftkcd barli 
from b&Eiind him* OJid eh c^ become a 

27 II And Abraham gut tipftorly 
in, ihd mumict^ tu the j4ftcn wJkmo 
he »taod bofure the Loko : 

iB And he lookod to ward Sodom 
uid Gl^morr^j find lowatd ftlltJiu 
land of tho plain, and bohclJ, and 
lo, tho ijittoke 01 Uia^^C'LirLtr; Wf^nt 
up iui the imoke of n furrthf e. 

t&l ^ And it come 10 pas, when 
God dc^tFijyed t]ho eiiicii flf tbi 

{>taio, thai God ramombeTert Abra- 
ihoIt and Hciit 1^1 otil iit'iha tnidit 
of tim ov«rthrowT when h^. over- 
threw the dtjios JO llm which Lot 

30 II Ami Lot wiE'nt up oat at 
Zoar, and dwoti in the inoiinrnint 
and hi4 f^nih [liiii^hteni with idiiiL 
for bf^ fflrtred m d«'(^il hi Zoor : tnd 
he dwdt in a cave, he, lind im tii o 

31 Ajnd Qie fuiA-baTn said anto 
thoyonnser, tJur faihej it o|i1, and 
iAereisaol n man In the earl k to 
garnet in nutci ui uflcrtht] mciiinKr 
of nil the cuUl: 

!I2 Con^^^i let ui mmlco our futbi^r 
drinlt ttjne, and we wiLI lie with 
bim, that we cnoy prusar^o leed of 
our father- 

311 And lhey tnadis tbelf TiitbOT 
drink wine thai meJil! and thntint- 
harn w«oi Ut, mod ]tif witii h^r fn^ 
th'ir^ (ind he perceived not when 
ftho Irv dowHr nor when ihp iLroie. 

34 And it eamu to prua on the 
morruwt that the firKt-horo said 
unto the youncflr, Bi^hotd, I Hf 
yc^teim^ht wun my fat^itr: letti* 
make lam drink Viiito ibii nivbl 
blip ; and f o thou in, and he wuK 
Mm, thnt wo may proicrvn ii3«d of 
our fnther* 

35 And lhey mode tbeir fnthnr 
driak wio^i tliiLt ni^ht aliio : otifl tho 
yoimj^ornroiie^ fljirt l^y with birai 
and he poFT^^ivfid not when iho lay 
•down, nor wht^n ahf> OFOfo. 

iMi 'rbufl were both tJ*o duQ^h^ 
tem of Lrfit with ehijd by thi^iT 

37 And th4i^t-bdrnlAf«i ton, 
and calkyd hlE name Monb : tho 
mmn u the father of the Aloahiice 
unilo lhi#day. 

its Andiiifiyj^Mi'.'-, > '-iknbitra 
n iKtn, mid {••.i'i\' • •• itco- 

ammi : the 4a'iii . ■ raft ha 

childTtm of A[!]£jitJLt untu this day- 

Jt»tmdeehr€»tare» CHAP.ICXI. 


AN [> AJ>rrLlnkiii i|iH3m«3y*sr from 
tfafiDm tow aril dio Aoulh coun- 
tJT, Ami ilweilcii tiftwcci] Kiirludh 
ifnj Shii-T, and tiu'uumiKl in Gi^rar. 

3 And Abraham said »rSara}t 
bi« wifii. She it mf iUtef: and 
AbiniQltHih kins ot'Qciux sunt and 

^ BuL QiiA CD mo to AUimclrch 

• lb a droitm hf n\ti hU A»d uaiil [0 

him, RehoLJ, ihou art bul a. dead 

bti«t tokiui; for she ij a. mmi^i 

4 But Ah]ine]€!cl> ha^ not come 
near her : And be «aiJ, LoftP* wilt 
tiiDQ Bluj eiIjo a hi^litLVUB nulion ^ 

tiatfirT and ilie^ ovpu cha lini^df 
■liikl, He ij caT brothEir: in Uie in- 
tfil^fity of Kir iiCAit DJiil innaceccr 

of mv h/jind:) bavfl [ done tliia. 

And Grxl «ajd Unm him tn a 
drvajitr YfiJii [ know that tliou didit 
f hii \n Uie lutPff ritf of t>iy heart ; 
fctr I dao withhold thoo from sict- 

P'ni axftlndi imfi 1 thert^rij va sniTured 
Uiee not ^o ivaeh her, 

7 New ihororiiro njflqrie thn man 
hu vt'ifb ; for iie m a {tnipliet, aar1 
Isc *hii.ll pm/ f[>T then, ts-tui Lfiuu 
•hall iLvoT and if thou restore h^ 
not, kuctw thou tbnt thou shnU 
tnrcFf «Ji(!ip tf^eu aud oJl Uiai arf 

S ThcrtHbra Abimclpch rosofinrtj' 
in i\io mDminf , and called nil hjs 
KfVELnu, and lokl all th^^i thiug» 
IB Ui^'iir e^mni: and ths men ^cru 
Kfu afraid^ ^ „ ^ . , 

SI Then AhJmi^lech caJled Abra- 
kiJOtiAcl said tuKo hiim, VV hat h^t 
IbenAiitn unto m<$ ? and ivhat have 
I onend^d thcfl^ ihai thuu baBt 
bnHi^t on nV3 and w\ tnj kiTifdom 
t gjnAl sin ? t^iou dutie dK>«lH 
nolo me UtAt oiight aot tu bt9 

Iti And Ablmeleeh #ELicl tinro 
AbrEthjiEn^ Witat BciwefL Uiou^thftt 
Ihuu itjut doiip thii liitni 1 

II Aiid Abrnhani nma, Bet^ause 
t thought, SuruEr ihelaarof God i# 
not in (hia pfac«j and xhcy will 
•Ear ma Tot my wlr^r's ttakC' 

]!^ And ^GiL int]42'i'>d sAf iM m r gti- 
l«r", ihc i> thf) rtaiig^liuir «f my 
father, hui not Uj[> Jnughtpr at 
tay iDi^Uiur : onJ «bQ bucoiaa my 
71 fe. 

14 And Abixnelach look •bw[\ 
and oxan, and mci] B^rvimts,. and 
women' s[!rvjiEiTj<, ami gai-e iArm 
yniLF AUrEtJiom, and riuturod hiai 
3:irQh ^li* wifu. *, - * 

15 And Abimolech said, Dt^hcflj). 
my land is Imdno iJibu: d^'ell 
whenJ it p|HiuM;th ihutiw 

IG And unto &aial\ be said, Ik^ 
hald, 1 hnvo ^ivi-a thy broth E>r a 
tliousEiiid pt'fCGT of^Jvor- bL'l]L;ili]i 
he ij fp thi'ic a covL'rinc ttfihc yyei 
ij^iD all ihiit arr wiui tlti-fi, ant] 
with tktl oUer: thua il^ei waji je- 

17 ¥ So Abraham pmjcA Unto 
God ; and God beai^ir A biraalocb, 
and hil wife^ and bii a]ftiLhiqr- 
vauta X and Ujejf hnp? ijuliirni. 

Itt Fur tJis LihRD liiuJ feust el<iH^ 
np bII U;9 wsiniba of the hou^ of 
Ahime1e^h,bor^u«c nf t»ara3i, Abr.i- 
bcpii'd wifo. 

(:[IAP. XXT. 
The Birth ij Ixaac, 

AND Uii^Lrjiiu visittnl l^nrali bj 
htf hni\ Aiiltl. ni)!^ the I^okp did 
uisto Hr^rJib hj Jio had ipokca, 
S For^AraJ]. tatir.iiiKaJ. lutid bafq 

Abrahrim r EOn in bis nfd,agef at 
the flfiT time 
Bpet^o to him 

the flfiT time of which Ci 



ia Artd it came to mi5ft» whci_ ___ „ __,, 

G{ic| eauMMl nut ra vraiulcr from my gHevEiiiH itt AbraJiain'ii iijtht, bo- 

a Ami Attr^bamcnlleil the naiai 
tiT hi4«oii ibEit wjiji. bunt unLu hiai, 
whom Surah baru to him, Isaac. 

4 And Abroharri circomciird hi? 
Bon iFarnCr being eight dayia old, ba 
Godharl coiitniannlcd hiin. 

5 And Abmhutn w^ijunbiindreil 
yi^antuMn when hil sen Jaaac wai 
born nnto bim. 

ti 1i And E^raJi jaidt God halb 
madQ )n(] to laugh, ad ths^ aJI that 
hear will lauf3> ^ith mn. 

7 Anil ifttc Miif^ Wbu i^ciuTd ha«! 
paid Unco ALniham, that Sajiih 
Hhould ha%'f} given childrcin iuck ^ 
for 1 havu bumo Arm a pan in hk 
oLiI act;. 

5 An'l the diilH frovr, and wu 
weaned: arw] Abraham ruada a 
£iX'Eil. rca^l iliLi Biijtii day llial iaaac 
vrnfi vt'eancdi 

6 II And Snmh aaw t}ie ion nr 
Ilaztvi' the Enrrpbant which ihe 
bad bome anlo Ahrohani, iiiuck- 


JO Wl tritorbr* ibn said u nto A [>ra- 
bam. Cast out tlu9 bond-wemnn, 
and htr BOP: fur ibft ann uf tJiii 
booi-wuman vibal] not Iw heij with 
mr son, «itrn wiili ]#auc 

~1 And tlii> thing wa.% v#rr 

father^! hoii«a, tEmi 1 Jinid unto Eiur, 
Thi» 'a thr kJndiiesa wliirh thou 
«hnJii:licw unto m^ \ ai every ^laco 
wbitber wu thall c^ame« fas' of me» 
n« If my brother < 

caupe tif bia ionn 

I'^^r And Ged iald imto AbTaham, 

ImkI. it nut be ^riiitvoUA in thy <nRhtl 

hrcaufie of Lhe lndt ajcid t}ceaiue af 

1 »hy bond- woman , in all thai Sarah 


Bagtft mHftrtk, 


hsth FAJd ufiro iWej heflrken uma 
lier vDJ^rv; lor in Jseuxc ihiiil ihr 
■Bed bL^ ulLed. 
U And iOmj or iha iflii oF ihn 

14 Afwl Aliinhiini ro#c up efl.T|y 
in the murijjn/, and look tire ad, 
BJull 41 boLLliu uf water, niid gAi'e il 
nnto Hni^nr (piiHinE it «ii bcr 
ihuuJdtir} and iho child, and sent 
bflf awfljt Bind fthci i1<°iJafii»tl, aod 
vmndjorFil in tbu wi](lenicsiufB«:T- 


15 And ihe WRtcr wna spent iti 
Ibe buttle, snd ihs frftut the child 
iLiidm ona 4if tim «hrubj. 

1(J Ani! lihe wen^ ord sint her 
ai)Wi}of'€i' a^nioEL Arm, a good w nj 
sfT, AB h Were a bu Wi>liHJt -. fat uh^ 
Mftid, Lf^t IDC not Bee thn isnih of 
the chad. Ami a^io eatQver affftimi: 
hiiHi and JiAud up har vcmcc, ajid 

17 And Gcwl hdhrd tho voico of 
thn ]nd; uri'l tHh ai]^i:,<^| i^f Cod 
Cullodi to llpit::ir ossinf h(iov<?ni aj>d 
vaid iiuti> hor, What ailoth titct), 
Ffajror ? Feftr not ; for God haiii 
fiRutd ihe^ voicia of the lad where 

^0 tJt* 

If AriHu^ lift iiD the JpJ, mul hold 
himin thine hand [ for [ wiGJ moko 
hini i«r«it nntkia. 

il> And God n|>ofifid her ty&t, 
and ilio enw a vvrII ofwaiET: mid 
ihe vaatp iind fldrd Lhi* boitjn with 
H:it(?rr and grivelha iud ddiiJtK 

^1 Aud uiHl wtkB with iha lad ; 
Bfld hy ETPw, nnd dwelt in iho wil' 
diirnc^an, p.n(ilj[*cfini« an nrcher. 

21 And hu dwett in tim wilder- 
P4*iK{»f Faran l and hii mitthcr took 
him a wife uui of ths land of 

^ ir And it cnmc To pats at that 
tiiriD, t]iai Abimidceb ami Phicbnt 
tim RbiHf cajKain af kin ho^ BfuiJfo 
imlo Abraham, saiyin;^, GimI ii with 
tkac in all LkB.t thtio dii»«t^ 

l£\ lyfawliicrcffjre »ive(ui]ntDine 
lieirD hr G^d, that ihoi^ wilt not 
deal fuLiGlr with mej nor with my 
WQiU nitt lA^iih nif aon"! Bon: ^f 
Hfi^ckirdintf to thu kEmtmifizi ihnt I 
havfl dnna unto Lb^^c, thon nbtih do 
mU<j mci ai3tl To ihu land wberein 
ilittu bull B(iioani€id- 

94 And AhfDiiani itudi 1 wiD 

^ AFhl Abfahnm ifpra\Td Abi- 
iri^^hH'h bir^iLunii of a well ntwriterj 
whkh Abimr<|(H:b'fl Bvrvaalj had 
VH.ik'alJf taktn BwaT> 

'S0 And AbicQtUich ta.\Aj T Wf?it 
pfit who hitb d^ne ihii thin^ : ntji- 
ilior iHilai dtau u>ll nw, neither yet 
Iwiird ] flf it bnl tij-tUyy 

27 And Abruham mok ihoDp 

and oj(en. and fnto thciu tjttio 
AtliEiiQlachr Euid buth of ihcm 
made ft ELpvi^>JLi/iL 

Hxi And Abruham iQt «eveti 
awhJaiTLlrtt of iha flock b^ ihcm- 

^ And Abimidech Baid unta 
A bndi nni^ W iiai jH^tm thn*s ^^&\ t-tj 
ewo-lambij, wbii;ji Uiuu bojit ^uL bjr 

;*i^l And hu *aidf Fut iAfjr« wvon 
eivfl-lamhia Bli^ail ilwu take of my , 
band< thiit Ui<ry nioj be a witnf:^! 
unto ma that I have digged Uiid 

31 Wh€tnfi>rG hn called tlial 
place floe^beba : IwcsLluie thorn 
thov swaia bolli of them. 

aa Tbii> t^my mode a coveflnnl 
at ficor-ihcbn: then Abiaielech 
roae op, and Fbichol ttid cluaf 
cnnthtn «f hii htm, and ih^ re 
tumod intu tha lotid of tlw rhili*« 

33 irAnd Ah-^ham planted a 
fTDVo in lloci-thubA, and cfdied 
thfrre on tlit^ qaiue oi Uio IjObj), 
the oTeirla^rinK God+ 

M And AbfuhajB Bfuouraed in 
iho rtiiliif ti|n^' load many days. 

AIN'D tl ciuno tthpaaa a/ler thcBa 
t-hinpf, tfiit G[id did teinkt 
AbraliaitrT aod Biiid UDtti hijn, 
Abraham; CLPd he naid, Bebiild, 
itcre 1 ar«, 

2- And ha said, Take now thy 
Acm, Lhinf! onljf f^n Uiinc^ whoqa 
Lhcju tovcfct. Emd y,et Ihoe lotu Lhd 
land i»f Murinh j and oAhr him 
ibtrrc for a burnt' ofiT'^nng up^m one 
ef tlie mjouatcLini wbicn 1 will ^ell 
tbeo uf. 

3 M And Abraham rnte uii earTy 
iti themtirnina, and ffiiddhMlni*MB, 
and took ivm of hi* ^ounf inea 
with biiflk Bnd tflaac hu nDt nnd 
clavo the wood fof tlie buTtit^afTEil" 
ing, and rase nii, and went unto 
thf! pltea at' which Ood had toJil 

4 Thm on the tldrd dar Abmr 
bam liflf^d uf) hit f>7£«, and hlw tha 
p|ac« afar off. 

5 And Abmban) vsid unt(> hJa 
youni; nvan, A\t\Ab yt hero with tJic 
an^ and I nihl die lad will f o yon- 
der and worabip, and ecuwQ a«aip 
to roa. 

Ao'il Ahntham tttok the wood 
of tiie hurai-cidprrnir, an*l laid *< 
Mptm Ipubc hi9 *on; and he tuolc 
the MrtT in hi* hand and a knife : and 
thoy Went l«ih uf Uii*/n t(>^*jihftr. 

7 And fjifiac Bpnl(y unto Ahra- 
ham hia fath^ir^ muL Baid, My fa- 
ther: and he sajd. Hero am Lt lay 
ion. And he md. B«hoht IM 

fixe arjid Ihc wooil. 

CHAP. xxin. 


tiui whQro it 

the imnb for a bumt-oflorinje I 

H AliJ AbraliELJii aaiiil, Aly witi, 
l*kj*i will pro virtu EituvKilf ft hmh 
fur ft Dmut-oflTohnE . lo tlicy ^vent 
brnh uf them tygeUitr. 

& Ana ttiey cisme id the ploce 
which Uud hnii lukl htm or; rmd 
AbrEthnm hiiilt nn iJiitr then^a bjiiJ 
Uid tbu WDod io mdei; and bound 
btLAc bi^ ni>n, Etnd laid liim od Uio 
ftJlnr upon thevfood. 

JU And AbfdjEuniftrDlchcd fhrOi 
liu htind» iind to\ik ihc }tmfa to eIrj 
Kjb SDH, 

Jl And ilnj finffol of the LoHP 
ealTcd unEo him out of heaven, and 
■uid, Ahrnham, AtmUiEun, Aui' 
litf tvd, flere arm 1. 

ISl And )ie aaid, Lar not ihlna 
hand upun thu lad, iKithi^r do 
thoii anv ibuitf unto hi in; fur dow 
[ kiiniw thml Ujuu fcftreiit<Ji>tlK loe- 
Uiif Uio(i hikst noi. >^iUihvU tJk? ion, 
thin4J only fff^Hx from niff, 

13 And Abrnham tif^fd up hia 
efv, Mtd boked^ find bcbDhf, bt>- 
hiDd Atfli BlIhoi caujf}il in n [Ini^Uol 
hy hiH huniS' oAii Altrntuwii wtitnl 
aijrt look ihe rtunr ami offered bira 
up for B. burnt-aflUirLQg ia tho Btub^l 
of hig H>][i. • 

n And Abrohnm tailed the 
fiuno of that plauu JehoviLbdirehi 

«! It 11 sbIlL to Uiii Atir^ ri t^io 

mouiiil of ttio JJdu} it dhi^tl bo 

JS IT And the anf el of iho LoriD 
ealkul uuio Abmhiun oat of Jiqa- 
f CD the Kcond titafl, 

10 Aivi iairf, By mjrm^Jf have I 
inrDmiflalcJiUiis l^^P-n, Rn bccaui!e 
Ulou hmit doDO this thins r Euid hajtt 
not withheld thy mn^ thJue oaJy 
flOM : 

17 Thni in blfHiirvE Twill hlnsi 
tJiac*, and In nsaltiplyiitM 1 will muh 
tipiy thy fi^-d a* thij flUn of the 
heathen, and a^i LIjh^ ianrt which i> 
upon, lim sEa-alwrCj nrn] tiry *eed 
■haJ] poiKS the f 3t£ cif hij (jjie- 
mim: ^ 

IS And iji thf prT'd eh alt all tJro 
UftUom of ihe farfb hq hl^^^spd^ 
bi!-m.ujie litau h mh obi^ped my vuiccv 

^1 And fl^ihaol bo^m ElebokHn: 
th«>My«ii^lii Mi]<^[ih did bear to Nd 
Jiur, AlitiihcLnrB broThur. 

"ii Ami Ilia c^orit:ubi»Q, whoaf 
ntLTino KOJ KE^umnhh fiho hajv nhio 
l^iiiLiali, Euiil<Faliaiii;^an.d Tbabujli, 
and Maa^rhah^ 

cfiAP. xxnt. 

DfrtUi ajui Huriid iff Sdrril. 

AND Samb wuann hundred L juiJ 
St^vuft rind livtiily j'cars tild: 
tAwfl were the ycara of Usft lifu of 

a And Sarah diml in Kirjaih- 
ftrba; the aame i> H^'bron in tha 
land of Canaan,] and Ahrahani 
taxmo to muum for E^stnaii, uml La 
weep I'tjf lier. 

3 IT AE)d AbrHham KtoodEipfro;!! 
hL-fore hu rteadr ami upako unta 
ttio Botia of Hcith, Bajin^f, 

4 1 ant B iinrngiT iiQd a A<JoumeF 
with rou ; Riva me it posSKstiun of 
a buryinir-place witli jtm, thai I 
mjijr bary tny dead nuL uf mjf 
sirhi . 

5 And tJri* children of Helh anr 
ifM'iMT&d AhraliLLin^ Jiajfijjg unto 

Htrar iif, my Jord; thou itrt a 
mij^hty pricica among ^i*- it) tha 
chLiice of our flopuJclircs burjrU'tjr 
denii : none of «* *lioil withhnld 
fruni tlitio h\a aupu[chrB, but tb>ll 
thou ificiji'Kt bury thy dttad. 

7 And Abrnham atood ujt nnd 
bnwed himatilf to the ihmi^Iu hC 
ihFj laiul, recn to tlie CJuldicn af 

S And be Communed wiili t}jirin 
enyinr, It'll bo jo^r mind tbjil I 
should bury mjr denid out of my 
ai^]it, hC'iirmD, iuieI c^ntruut ioriua 
Eo Eiihron Ihe ston orZ^jhar, 

n'hJithe may ^ivn mti tbt; cani 
of Macbpfirnht whii^h he bhth, 
which i> in thcond of biifioljl; fat 
ajt muth none J na K in wnrih bo 
ahull f^vH il mct for a |>ftsiJi5a»iitin of 
a buryinff ph^a nmonff Tuu. 

l^J Ai]d rAdjrondwi]]! nrikiiiit llm 
c FnJd r^n of Ilnth' A nd Ephron tho 
Ftiiiiro niia^i^f^red Abmhum in Lho 
audicnro of ihe children of Ilti'lh^ 
tppn of nil tltnt w{!iit i» QLi tha s^ta 

W Eo Aliraham ^relurrted urttO|i)f lilE! (tity, tni'intfi 

_ __ 1, .1 _ Jl Nriy, my lord. 

hla 7oanf men, nn^t the!; TfHe up, I IJ Nny, my lord, brnr 

ami wunt totttb^r lo Flecr-sfidbnidthe ilHd d^d f Uifw, and rhecavi* 

Uid AhnhanidwftltatBoer-9h4?ba. [that i« Enerein, [ eHo il lhc« ; 

TO T And il camo ici p^tjs nftor, in dio pTfH«iieij of Ebo uMii of iriy 

Uieve lniiifv, Uijsi it was 'idd Abrei- 
ham, Hiyinf, Behotd, MikAhtshe 
hath (UiO bfime chiklrftn unto tbf 
Iir(>lhel- Nahor 

SI Ku£ bia frnt-bam, and Bux Iniul 

Ilia b^het, ud Kcmuei the fut}ier 
Df Amm. 

SI AndChoHsdn nnd llMs^rt, nnd 
f ilda^i and JuiUbph, tnd BaihuoL 

penulo Kiya I it thee: bury Uiy 

I'i Ami Abraham how«d dowa 
liimHHJf before thu pooplo of iJ>a 

1^ And ho vrnke unto E[tlir«;ici in 
the ai9iLif<ncfi nX tlie peio^kie of tlie 
■ami, Kuylnjir, But if tliuii vrilt ^'vf 
It, 1 |lraf IhBD, hutlr mot 1 will 

Sarah: » burial GENESIS. 

five thee money for the field ; take 
It of me, and I will bury my dead 

14 And Ephron answered Abra- 
ham, saying unto him, 

15 My !■ ..\ iU'iiTVuu anta mo: 
Uie l:iiie] i^ v^^rth t\i\lt liunElriHl 
tliekeU iif AilvFir ; vfh\n u (hat be- 
iwM mo imtl thcq 1 bury ilitnrjre 

ili A [ii^ Aln^tJiani \ hparkcn' ■ ! ■ to 
R[3hrDn, and AliiiiLaj'c] ^^'iil.-i ' to 
lilphmn Lhft ihlvcr ^hli ji Ji'. . id 
Ddnitjd In tha audipracc ufuieiMias 
of Huihp fniu' JiiuiLlrtNl shekiib of 
silvcfp current ■moKea v-kth the mer- 

17 ir And the field of Ephron, 
which wag in Machpelah, which 
was before Mamre, the field and 
the cave which was therein, and 
iul the trees that were in the Qeld, 
that were in all the borders round 
about, were made sure 

18 Unto Abraham for a posses- 
sion in the presence of the children 
of Heth, before all that went in at 
the gate of his city. 

19 And after this^ Abraham bu- 
ried Sarah hn wife m the cave of 
tJie field of Machpelah, before 
Mamre: the same t« Hebron in the 
land of Canaan. 

20 And the field, and the cave 
that is therein were made sure 
unto Abraham for a possessioo of 
a burying-place, by the sons of 

Ji Wife sottMhA for Isaac. 

A ND Abraham was old a:nd 
jHl well stricken in age : and the 
Lord had blessed Abraham in all 

S And Abraham said imto his 
eldest servant of his house, that 
ruled over all that he had, rut, I 
pray thee, thy hand under my 

3 And I will make thoe swear 
by the Lord, the God of heaven, 
and the God of the earth, that thou 
shalt not take a wife unto my son 
of the daughters of the Canaanites 
among whom I dwell: 

4 But thou shalt ^o tuito my 
oountry, and to my kindred, and 
tnkc a wife unto my son Isaac 

5 And the servant said unto him, 
Pcradventure the woman will not 
be willing to follow me unto this 
land : must I needs bring thy son 
again unto the land from whence 
thou earnest ? 

6 And Abraham said unto hun, 
Bewrare thou, that thou bring not 
my son thither again. 

7 IT The Lord God of heaven, 
which took me from my father** 

Abraham's servant 
hflLirtOn and froan IIjq land (sf my 
kirkcked, and wiiich Bpakfi unt-u irm^ 
ani.1 Ltiat AMifHre uttiu iiie^ i>uyitic« 
UiiMi [Ijjf ACH?d IV UJ I give Uiit lamh 
he p\''\i\\ Htnu hi A uiigt^I be Tom lim^^j^ 
anil iJiiiu pIiqLi uiikca wlTu unUi luy 
soM Irnm r.k'ijco, 

r AjiJ if tJeii WEiftiFin %vil\ nat tta 
willing E{| fulluw iiyr.»^ tNcrn Thuij 
slir-h iio 47 1 CELT from tliis mine uuihj 
on Liriiig^ nai edj sdd Uiiyuv 

5- Aiid the Bcrvant piit fuj hsad 
unu^r dm Uiigh of AbraJiain his 
master, and sware to him concern- 
ing that matter. 

10 ir And the servant took ten 
camels, of the camels of his master, 
and departed! (for all the goods or 
his master were in his haml ;) and 
he arose, and went to Mesopota- 
mia, unto the city of Nahor. 

11 And he made his camels to 
kneel down without the city by a 
well of water, at the time of the 
evenmg, even the time that women 
go out to draw water: 

12 IT And he said, O Lord, God 
of my master Abraham, I pray 
thee, send me good speed this day, 
and shew^indness unto my master 

13 Behold, I stand, here by the 
>vell of water ; and the daughters 
of the men of the city come out to 
draw water r 

li And 1(21 il como to phm, that 
ihtd diinij»ei lu whom 1 bhdi ■af'* 
Let d&wn t}ip vJEciiC'r, 1 itmy Lfice, 
Lbat i mar drink : ond tha ithall 
t&jT, Drinfr, ttml I will i^lvn tfiy 
cajrtwljt [Innlt nbw): irt Uke samt 
tin r!ir! thai thou hut opfujtnU'd for 
tli.r -.rvnjit L^nfic; niul theriibr 
fih; " I ItiHiw dint \hon hoit ilit^wcij 
kii.jr^^jig unto iiiy uiii^kT. 

]5 *r ^j^^j itiinji,,, tit (tfiaitd bfifora 
he imiJ dt^ne Bpeakint;, ihaL bt'liqid, 
Reln'kah can>c qui, wha was tioni 
to liotiiuol, Hifi cf Milcah* the wif% 
i»rKHfK>r, Abmh^im'^i bnither, wJLh 
harjjiiLcliur urNr^n \»}f nho%i[\lvit. 

Hi Ami tfie dfirri--f>l icftj ik-jj fair 
to look upon, a titbit i iiuiihvjf had 
anymanknoMmher: and she went 
down to the well, and filled her 
pitcher, and came up. 

17 Aiid the servant ran to meet 
her, and said. Let me. I pra^ thee, 
drink a little water of thy pitcher. 

18 And she said, Drink, my lord : 
and she hasted, and let down her 
pitcher upon her hand, and gave 
him drink. 

19 And when she had done giT> 
ing him drink, she said, I will draw 
water for thy camels also, until 
they have done drinking. 

90 And she hasted, and emptie4 



for Ttaae, 

h<^r pilcliar into iko iiouffh, ami 
fan [(gull) uitto Uni v,\>l\ in draw 
ti?iittT, ttnrJ rlrt'w fur all iiis cnniets. 

'31 Anrf iKc utun^ WiijiclcriiMT itt 
hcr^ liiEihi big tKsiU:*;, Ul w\i ^^Ijothcr 
ilio l^nw bud miLda lus J4>ufuty 
t^nMpflrGtu, or not. 

3S And it came lo ftius, bh the 
rameh JiELd ilorrc! tLrinkitt^p ilmt iJif> 
iFiati tonk neojiEi'n ear-nnPTorjjair 
d flliekd WDi^hE. cmd twu umculeu 

33 And ■flhl, WlitMo dau^biE^r 
Btrl Oiou ? ti?3l mi?* 1 rfrly thrte; is 
Eliivjra roLiai zn thjr jktlicr'd huiua 
Tfti- mto IwflBO in 1 

S4 Anii Bh«!' jtFLid unto him, I nin 
iho datitrhtor uf IlethiL^:] dio ton at 
MikoJi. wlilcli Abo b^c untoNu^ 

^2S She9aklri!iir:irFQver]iintohtnij 
\Vb hrtTp iMjih atraw and jproviiQ- 
tler L'nouu^i^ ELnd room to l&dffo in. 

t2(t Atid (Jic man bo»utl liuvrn 
hifl head, and worihij;ipod Uie 

i^ And he Fnid, BIcivkI ** tho 
I >HLU tioci D Tiii jr masle f A brnhoni , 
who liiidi nnt left d^ftlitiito my 
m luter «f hlA merer attd hii trutb t 
[ inins "] ibo way, ibo JUmu lud 
fne To tho tLQMx of mr mask-r'A 

28 Ami ibe rf amM^I miit Rtid told 
them of her motber'a bouHO ihnaa 

aU IF AiKl E(?t>?kQh lijul a hro- 
thLTT and hit name tea* Lnb^in i 
fuui LrLlmn ran (tut nolo ihti man, 
tinut titu Hell. 

30 An^l iicamo topfutSt «h(tn he 
iQvinhtii etr-TiruT, wtd brace tufa up- 
on bis sieU!i-^s bands, nnri ^vh<:n hi' 
heard th? vrorda of Rjt'lMihah bi^ 
fiisteri tayinjT, Thut iiiuko tbc m^tn 
giitfj me ; tluU bo camir unto ibu 
inuii, BJirf ^tr>hnFj'fi ha iftood by tine 
oarnpls at th^ w^lL 

lU And he aciLLlr Corns [1I4 thi^u 
blf»sctl oF tho LohPj w}K«r4:roru 
vUiDiJuf^ thou -vvtihoTitt fur I hii^e 
prupnjcd iho bouso, cmd room for 
the eamclt. 

39 And ibo man, came into the 
lHute;and he ani$inlEu] hitcumciap 
ftihJ giivD ttrnw tiiid proveader Irtr 
ihii caitieljr^ anil v/aUT la wuah his 
r«vt, ntui ma own^i loot that iBero 
witii him. 

33 Adfl ihi*n5 witj pei wra^ iToforo 
Mniloent: but liu sdaid, T vritl not 
tatitritill iiavi: Ln]d minu erriutd. 
And he snidT t^piiuh on- 

'M. Aiul lie tiLid, I am Abraham^d 

35 Ami Uie^ t^nnD bath bIcttKtT 
my moflcf ^ri^ailr^ and be Lt be- 
cuitin gri'iCii ; iiimL bo haih tWaa bun 

flcifikf, aaid berdtf and fiilvi!r» aod 
foitt, nnd mpniefvants^ ond majd- 
dnrvanln., and cjniiuk, mid iumai, 

'^"t Aiidii^^nLh, my itiiLSfti^r's wiJ^. 
I>are a ^n Lo my n>et«ier when ibo 
waj old: and unlki Ijiui halli bo 
I5ivi>n all thai ho Jkotb. 

37 And my mast4^f mndo mo 
iiwfear, tayinif, Tbon vlmlL not lakfl 
ftHftfu to my *afl of Ihti ctJMiEbtiif^ 
of the Cai:a[iiiitet, m whua>a land 

39 Hut thou »hftlt po unto nw 
uiLbcr^B huudc, Mid ixtmy kindfod, 
tmA inku a vvifo unto my Hon- 

39 And [ SQiil unto my nltwLer. 
Perailvoulur^ tho uuuum vlJ not 
TqIIow m^- 

40 And ho £:[i]J nnto mo, TIiw 
IjnUD, bf.-^rore whom I walk^ will 
•fjttd bis aTijol with tfi^t;, mid itroH- 
pcr iby way ; und thou pbnit take a 
wjfo iQr mjr pun of my klndied, 
nnd of my *aihEir'# boujii>. 

41 TtieDBliuUtliou be f:k'm from 
L|j> nnna oarh, when tJiou comEMft 
to my kindr^nl; nod jrth«y «ivn 
not ik^a HA/i, thou shiiil be doar 
from my onih^ 

42 And 1 camo ill it day tmlo 
tlie viiiHi Jityl ssiiid, Q LfHtti God of 
my mueior AEifittmm, if nav/ thou 
do pro-ippr my wciy which I ei^ = 

4 J Uyhald, I t^aml by tiic woO 0/ 
WRLttrr: anti jt tliaU come lo pa^i, 
tbut when thfl virgin coaiuth Tortli 
\iy draw ifTtn^f'r, aiid I fiayui heT. 
(*ivi!s mjQ, i pray ih^t?, t litdo waL^ 
ol' tfty pLlcrber to tltms, \ 

AA And Bh[? say to mc, Both 
drink tfpoUp nnd iwi]!! ajjuj draw 
Hpf ijjy CHn]cl#^ frt the linmo As 
iho wuinan wbijm Llicr Loau iiaib 
cipixiinled out for my mci^USr'a 


45 And IpeH^r^^i I haildnTin nsMink' 
ia^ in m!Mehi.'jin, bi^hitidt Kt^ueknN 
camu fur Lb with hi'r pUi^iier uu her 
nUijuttlci^ and tihu went duwri unto 
Ui& vt'fiiU tind rtrpwipoL^T/ and I 
iuid niiLobL'r, LytmE>dj-Ejjk, I pray 

4C? And she made ba^Ce, and kit 
tluwnbi3f pilcbor from hnr skotd- 
d(T, and Bnidr Diiinkt fvnd I will 
ffive liiy caimclit {I rink aUu: bo I 
drank, nnd tfin made tlio caniuli 
drink ajijo. 

47 And I iitkcd her, and said. 
VVhmsi! dnu^^hcer nr£ ihiiul A nil 
chf; Baid, The iLniii^bter orik'tiiurl^ 
Niilior^f Aim, li'luun Mlkuli bard 
im^u Inm -- nnd I put ihi: tjar r'tni 
iipun her ficei and tbu britdebo 
npt^n iicir hajvlt, 

4<!i And 1 bowed down my bcivd, 
and worahkppcd Ihtu LohPn aaa 
hlvapurl the lAtiKli Cod nf n>y mo^ 
itfr Abralinrn, wliiuh had led mm 


AbrabanCa 4mUL 

In tJHf rirhtirsj to ftiifo my maw 
(ar ji [trolber'A daue'iiajr uniu Jiji 

4$)' And now if ffl willdciAl ktndlr 
Bjifl irul]? iTilh mj mOfluu loll mui 
mid if nut, icll me; Ui^t I rtVLf 
turn to Lha ri^lit hmnd, «r ta Uio 

50 TTien l^tiban nnd Bethuel an- 
iwurod, und aajd, 'riie Uiin^ pro- 
Mptluih frtuD ihe LftftD : wa crui- 
Dot jJi»pak ujilo ihiwbcicl or^oiii]. 

Uieti. lakcAtr, an J ffo, an J lot ktcj- 
be thf nittMnjr'* ftuu'f wi/u^ u liie 
lj»ap linlh «p*jkcii. 

5:£ Atiel it cdiiii) ta pci^i^ thot 
wheal AltmlinTii's servnnt bear[| 
Utpir wordi, ]iQ Wt>T«hip9trJ ihtl 

M Andf lIid !ii«rviinL tirDii^litlVirth 
jtw-ula f>f nilvcr, nnd jewel* nf 
tjind, and rDJiiicnLf audi ffiiva £Aetfl 
to ReUiJttth, il» javA nlso id ii€>r 
bn^tlier and Lo Huf moth^ir iitiKiouA 

54 Arnl ilwf did ent and ijrinltt 
He anrl ibfl moil Uinl WAnd wiEh him, 
■uhI Lfl-ftif^d till niKJjr; and ihty 
-04^ up in tha morninfr and Jit^ 
^ald, aciitl 0» liwiiy urUo 

.V5 Aji J hir broUiCf and iior mo- 
Lhrjr «aif], Lpt tLo danijiel nbjfle 
frith ua a f£iD da^a, nt the loasl 
i-cn t ifli'f ihni jbfi shflll po. 

•w Ai]dhii«aiel lUito di^tuD, Hid' 
it{'r intf not. rioolnff tho Lonnliath 
pmifi^nnl my war i: icnd ms nwaT' 
i^ 1 inAji' tfa iiin>rtn£iJiTur. 

5? And Tfior raid. We will ^nlt 
ihe dftmsolT &Dd iiKjuire at hef 
mm lib, 

59 And thaf f^ajlpd Robokah, 
Pt'd ii4id unto licr. Will thou (a 
witl'i tfik oionT And pbt) BJUdt I 
will fffj- 

^ Atid thari^'''nt awb; Hcbalcali 
Uieir ibl«^r> and li(>r n\un\\ and 
Abfoliam'^i urvanL, and hi.'^ mt^n. 

00 And their btii^-xsryl fU^l^tilcdi, 
bid Liiid titnu burt Thnu trr* (.for 

■nnild of milFii'tnA, and lut tliy lovd 
pn;i9(<i« tli4 ffttUJ «f tboso wliicJi 
naic' T}kOTn, 

01 1^ And Rfb*]|;ali rtrQs#H iivl 
hot dnrriHiJB^ and itiojr tmlo upun 
th(! eciintls, bnd Fiplic9iv<od iho mun : 
and tlio iorvivni fook RjQbflkbli^ bikI 
nrpnx hii wii]?. 

^ AdeI Isaac ciLnie riom ihf; 
wv ^r the wen LoKal-ro^f foi ho 
dtreH 111 ttio laiitfa eoutnrf . 

63 And I^aao wdnifiuttiimi^dt.- 
telP in ti:i'> field ai llie sveivUde : 
UhJ ho lin(<d up biA ort», tnd 
WLw, and bfthold, tHectioQli ^gre 

fH And BubeliEiJi \\f\i^ up hw 
P7CH", ^niljvliutE sho «aHr IniiiLCtt iha 
lif hic<( i>n Lb" cqniid. 

65 For %\m bad niud nntc^ Hie »r- 
vatii, VVJiELt Ji]iiii if tiiis thai walk- 
L'lh in tilt] fn^ld lo THt^ot uj J And 
tbe wrvoiil kod ftnidr It u my ulu*- 
ttrn tberi'rtiro siiu loak a vml ajwi 
&oi'orcd huj-stlf. 

U<> A lid tliD Hsrvaot tuld ItOAC all 
iNrngH UiEbt lia iiJirJ dano^ 

(i7 Add Isuit Lrouffhl Iicr Lnti* 
iiLif mmltcr dnrah'^ tjeiii, aitd louh 
n^llM.'knl], aiitl kIiq iH^t^JuiKi his 
wife i olid he ]qV4]d her : and Iklbo 
waj coaUbriod olW hit moLhor's 


.^^TYstftdii^^f I'isaih and i^jtWal. 
niHEN njjiiin ALriUiam toolt a 
M. ivjfe, and Jmr namo uroJ 

^ Aad sHd bare bimZimran, and 
Jokatmn, and Mtilan, and Midi an. 
ami Uhtiali. Brul Shufih. 

.1 Aiul JnlLsilk-in hni^X Shcba^ and 
Dodan. Aud tLo loaa i>r Dcifon 
weio Asnlikirim, and botuslilm, and 

4 And thq ions of Midinn: 
LpJittl], and Ep>n'P, nnd llnnccii, 
and ALiidahj and KLilaah. All thvK 
Hfre Tho cbdrlren ^TKiiurub. 

5 ir Aod Ahraliajti gavQ dU that 
be had untiO \^\i\jc. 

But tinlD iho BtiDff orilia coiico^ 
blnea whlcli AbtahAin fand^ Abfi- 
Laiu «:ivo eirtflh Btiifl »*'nil thom 
PLwii^ fnun Iftflac hra Min {wliik hs 
yet bvpdji tiftptwardi iiaio ibe m^ 

7 And Thofto Of i iho dayt^iftha 

Ecran uf Abnkhnni'^ life whioli hb 
vHt sn hundred ibneoiCtjfs and 
Hrifwn Fftafi". 

S ThcTt Abraham favo uj^ ths 
($|]ii<(t. nnd i^vn\ in a st^d ntd n^c. 
an fild man, und IbU afv^tirt; H-m 
VVila B:a,Ult.'ri,'d lo b]» pMopk-. 

y And hin Piiini linnn ]tnd Iili- 
maa1 buriiid liiin in iha Csivo nf 
Mftchpclnh, ill i|i4ii tinM of Ephrna 
the er^n of Zohnr the HitlitCi which 
M Iwlura Mtiiuit}; 

1(1 Tbe ffi^ld wbieTi Ahnibant 
l^tircJiiisM of llie snne of I]<idi|, 
nwro was AbnUiam buriad, aad 
SMrnb hit wifHi^ 

IL ir And it camr!: to pnB afbr 
ihe dcj^tb of AttELFtam, that Gud 
bliTjiJied bift »un ti*iirie : end linofi 

lUv[^|l lif tbv wi'll: Lnahai-rui, 

J^2 11 now IhoH uT-ff ibi<! CHiiJn- 
ttnoi of Ikhmocl,. Abraliamn $pd^ 
wbom Hd^ar the KtfyptianHSaraJi'j 
haiuliiiaid, bitrc unlo Abrahtiiit- 

}'^ And \h\\M\ tttz tEid n^me^ of 
tlia luai of libma'clj hr '^'l-Jt 
noQitt^ ac£uf difliS to Lbcir iflinil'' 

SirUi 9f Esau and Jaeab CUAP. XXVL Isaac denies hit wift. 

tioua: the first-born of Inhnijielf 
Nebqjoth: and Kedar, acid Ad- 
beel, and M ibsam, 

14 And Bfisluna, and DiimaJip 
and Massa, 

15 Hadar, and Tema, Jotur, 
Nnnlush, and Kedemah : 

lo These are the sons of Lr^l i Eiia^i I , 
and these are their names, by ilunr 
Towns, and by their castles ; t^^^^lvc 
princes according to tliciriiitJQns. 

17 And these are the year ^ mf the 
life of Ishmael: an hundrjd ami 
tliirty and seven years : and hi- ijitvo 
up the ghost and died, a^id wua 
gathered unto his people. 

18 And they dwelt from lis liinh 
unto Shur, that is before Er^ypt. Wf 
tboa goest toward Assyria: and 
he died in the presence of all iiiii 

19 IT And these are the t'OnP'ru' 
lions of Isaac, Abraham^i ion : 
Abraham begat Isaac : 

20 And Issiac was forty yerirs *>U! 
when he took Rel)ekan to wife, 
the daughter of Bethuel the ^yr'ttiu 
of Padan-aram, the sister to LLibon 
the Syrian. 

21 And Isaac entreated the T,i)RI> 
for his wife, because she W'if binr 
ren: and the Lord was en^rvi^n i 
of him, and Rebckah his wi(u l'l<[i 

22 And tlie children Btru;2if|p[i 
together within her: and sh<- mUl. 
If it be so, why am I tlms J Aud 
ahe went to inquire of the L' "ri'>. 

23 And the Lord said unr- . In i . 
Two nations are in thy woni' i. \\\\f\ 
two manner of people sh ..I bi- 
rrparated from thy bowels anr) 
tf,£ one people shall be stioFigcr 
than the other people; an it tUv 
elder shall serve the youMget . 

34 IT And when her dayH to bfi 
delivered wore fulfilled, livJiola^ 
there were twins in her worn i ■ . 

25 And the first came out I ixl, oJI 
over like an hairy garment : and 
tlioy called his name Esau. 

2b And after tliat came hfs hni- 
thcr out and his hand tooJ; IjuU 
on R<«nu*8 heel ; and his nani<> wrv^ 
called Jacob : and Isaac totia rhrn^o- 
Bcore years old when she LieLre^ 

37 And the boys grew : an( : E^'.^n 
was a cunning hunter, a man 
field ; and Jacob was a plaij 
dwelling in tents. . „ 

S8 And Isaac loved Esm 
cause he did eat of *t* vei 
but Rdiekah loved Jacob. 

2D IT And Jacob sod pottafi - 
Esau came from the field, u 
was fsunt. 

au And Esaa aaid to Jacob, VaoA 
uio, I prny thee, with tliai tamt^ 

iff If 
K be- 

':• - n ml 
net he 

rcjl paltaje; fnt I cm faint: there* 
Ufro was hiH naiui] C4iJ[&ii i<^om. 

li\ Anrl Jjiti^ti saiJ, j^llmetiiit 
day Thy btrlhrjfht. 

Iti And E^au aaU}, D^iiold, I am 
n\ ihn fuun tn djo : and wktit orofil 
3iIlilJI Uli^ EarLkrieHldu tn tiie? 

:i:i An J Jactib muh S\Yi»ii tome 
iJiid Aay\ anA he swart uiiJO him: 
nihil he ipEd lib lOnfarigitt unto 

3-1 Thi^n Jacob ETive Esau bread 
sttfl iKiLtiifff? ttf kdtilfci T atiil he did 
onl luhrl drink, and Tom up, and 
v,c^M hid wtiy. Llg itg Eeau despised 
At* liinhricfir. 


AND ihvK wgii a fnnsifie in tlie 
ijijidi^ Liiflidud thtj lirsr famine 
EluiL vfiui »% UiL.^ tiny A of Abraham 
AM iMitLi: went unio Abime 
lerJi kiiii; of tlio Fiiilietiiies unto 
Gi riif, 

••i And iha Lord biiixMired unto 
hi en, anil nahi, Go nut down into 
fijfint : ilwcJI in Iho Iftud which I 
fhalftDll Lht](jaf. 

3 ^!iji»ufii ill i\m JEind, and I 
nn\ Ih> Willi then, tt»d will bleas 
l]iiM- far unto tlico, and unto tliy 

^^ . .J [ sviif uivo nil th>>.^EJ COUU- 

\nr:\ nnd I wiJl p^tlonn the oath 
^1 Jii. f] J ttwaro uuto AbrttJium thy 

4 Aud I will Tn&lie tliy seed to 
nmhJiiW nA iti<> Btms p^ heaven, 
niid vviU pvo unLo Uiy »ied all 
tlki^Hit couniries: and iji tiiy seed 
i^hnil nU U]e natioud of Eht} earth be 
LiIm.^'^iI 1 

5 RfTiusp lliitt Abr^tFtiim obeyed 
ni>' ^oic^n and keiit niy rtiarge, my 
fiurnnninchngniH» my i^tiiLutos, and 
my Ifuvfi. 

4 1 '1 And Tsnup dwelt let Gerar : 

7 And iJiD wisQ of tkni place 
(LiKml kira of hi* witu ^ and he said, 
Shn Vff my wispier: for hM fi^ared to 
ijiy, f^'Aif! ;> my wife; It'^it^ said he. 
i]io mi^ii; nlJhL^ ptricfr sbpidd kill me 
fKir RcLi^k^ ^ bGcuuse ^a rros fiui 
luluuk upon. 

1^ And ii camo Ho PR.5''9 when he 
liitd tirr^n lli<(:ru a tonj; linio, tliat 
AUhTLt'l^^fih kiiif nf tbiu P>ti|i.stine8 
tiri.kii.'il out ril a Windu^Vi iiridsaw, 
_ I tK'liiiircL Ipiiiic Ktas eportiog 
wiili H-jlK'knli hiii wifii. 

And ALiinifik":!! cullril Isaac, 
and Huid, IJi^tiuld, [^f n ^urnty sho is 
thy wifii : imd iH^^v^riiUisi iliou, She 
'ir my ptiotfir ? Anti Izt^niLC ii^nid unto 
fibn, Ikicaiua I suid^ IvMt L die foe 

10 And Ahimrlncb sauK What 

f> ihi-^ thou t*<iht dsttui "nto usi 

nvfi of the pnupLa n^i^hi hgmiy 

iiiive lien wiUi iliy v.\Uw snd th«u 


Jrooe** aervanu contend GENESIS. 

vitk ^bimeUeh's, 

opc^n lis. 

11 And Aliimfilocli cliargeil fill 
Aif peoplo^ jBfin^, He ihat iQBch- 
etli ilii* inn El «r lihtwiria wkt^h iUryly 
IjnEiijt LodemL. 

IS Thtm Wac soweff ifl tlint 
Tniiii unrf rprfivwl in tfiu Hiriit? 

Spiuiii]kon»!fed-fulil: ukU diio LuitD 
ll(»»t:Ht tiinii 

13 And Uio iniui ivFuted grenij 
RUd Avint ror^tard, ami grew uiLiil 
b? ]i«ranm tMf ureut : 

14 Fur bo \mA jni?aeMiian of 
florks, UDii p<}^t*«siou of hurilia, 
and frcFiit itore E>r»arv[U].lj; zUid 
tiiH [Nbiliatiiie>3 unvLkMl liioi. 

15 For all iby wwlla whith hi 
f.iit|irT> iiervuiits tm^l djRijfrfS in iln 
iltLfs of Ahuritlumi Kin fnihitr, liiu 
I hilifilinca hFtd Atopuod thom^ tutd 
AJkd tbijiti with partb. 

16 And AbimL'ltich eiid luito 
Iiaac, (to from tii : fut Uiciu art 
much tinghii^^rLhAnue^ 

17 T Anii lr;:iijc dn^purled ihcnre, 
And pii.cijcd U\i wnt in tba vuLla/ 
tirCerHr, ami dw^i U dnnrc. 

ltd Ami [;^a^c: ditfjfed n^am tho 
wtillit «f wnter yfhmU ih#r litul 
diffitpd In thii dnjrt of Abmiiam 
hii fiitiier; fur tho PJiilisliiniH lutd 

AtHaJmuii: 4iEMi !» caliled their 
paxmn ufttit ihrt uiitiici hy wbittb 
h<* fttVhE^r Jiiifi rnjlrsd r.hpni, 

1& Aiid banc^B iN^rvnnta di^s^f eel 
in the valley p bnd lound Ihi^jrd n 
vadi fffiipriiiMiiiR watLT. 

iO And t|H hi^rd)TK-n of (l^ntr 
dM^rtriVR vHtb Irfnnc'q httrdincT). 
t^f^ne, The water i> our*; nnd liu 
e^UlM Lhe nnmei of Urn wf^l] Hsi^k^ 
btr>nLl^ Uif'Sr CTrLWC! widi liim. 

3 J And UieyihPtftKl iintiiSbPr wi'lL 
tnd ^tfciVD |4>r ll>sit aM?: nud lit.' 
I'nliled the nnmpof it S'iinuh^ 

SSI At'td hu ri'ifioT(>dfn<rn thonf^n, 
juid diiK^e^] iuiothar wrii h lend lor 
Ihitt thoy litrni'p not-, and hn iriill'^d 
U)i] nAfiiQ of it Hc-hnbHPth y utid ho 
niiidH Fi>r ih^w tho Loan h^th mmh5 
HHtLii Tur ti»r and w« shiUI bu truil- 
lui Jn the lafid' 

^211 And hi? wont up from thence 
to Bf I'f-jilii^m. 

*34 Ami I ho l<<Mi.n n^rpcarcd unto 
hiFH' Eliiti ftiime m^hl, and cuidh t an* 
llie (ti^iI 1^1' Abrabani thy fjither : 
fi^iir liol, ior 1 am *vilh thee^ and 
4 ill bliwi thnir, and »iidiip!r tfif 
wml for nay «f*iwil Ahraham's 

^ Aiid hn bulldni'] n.nahArt)i(?ro, 

ifkl ruhi^:-d ujitfii ih<] niunt! rjf ttm 
LuKT', mill [MTchcd hh k'nt IhL'nii 
fl;id diiini bauju^H Bttrvaflt'i diifUfid 
^ A'* If. 
'i^ll Thru Abjmolc^hwi^nltabjin 

from Gerof, ctnil AhiizzaUi mi«nf 
h» friuodd, and ['hkiial tluo chioJ 
capfain of hii* flnnlf+ 

£?7 AikI lidiac £aiid unto thutrt, 
Wb4?refor*t cfitne ye to ine, Jju^nrm 
r# |]£Lte mor ELQd huvQ ecoImo iiu^i^ 
twm Ftiu 1 

^ And they said* We =?aw vvr 
tnjidy Uiat ilm Ltiivn %vitA with thti"' : 
uaA we snid. Let thvrc be twjw rin 
iMith bctVi^ixt IL4f Ctren IjLLwiJtT. Ufl 
and ti»K?| und kt lu mukt a cjjvc- 
nant with ihao t 

3S3 iTtnt liHiu wlltdi* US rus InirT. 
fid we have nat louLb^d thvtn nnd 
UA \%ti hfivu dntie untn thct! jlLitliirtic 
hu( RTjod, ni»r| IjJivti sent thee n^vay 
in ]>{rTLi!« : tliou ar^ now Olk LkflHcd 
Infills l>nfif(. 

^^ And \\s made th^m a fviiiU 
ami ihrij^ did euE nnd drink. 

*ll AlkI [hTjy rPf-e u[« In'timvi in 
ihiu iitorpiiii:, EUui e^wair i^nf- ta 
UJHiithE-r ; L-ii-hE I^unci wn^l tJip/iit eiav-lv, 
fUTfl lli4]y derparled frum Inin In 

'f!2 And it came lo pukh the ?aina 
dny, TJial li^aaE^'i Hr-rv^iis tinnm 
and lidd hiiii eom'iTniuif ihi? vv^^H 
wJiicJi Ehcr hud ttifiSfHiH tmd said 
ijnEo him. Wfl bEiie fuund nviiT^rr. 

:ia Amt he eallvd il t^hyhnl^: 

flapiKKJ ilipin Jiilpr llw derith of Ehfii<.'fi>re thu niimp of tJiu tut if 

h&tT-niniiiA iniin tliiisday. 

M ^ And Kkfiu wm Ctirt^ jfenra 
iilrl ifii'-hen be touk la v^■'^t^ Jodrlh 
eh(t dttu^kitor cif ni^eri t>»ij Hittit^ 
Ctrrd BasheTnaih the daushtgr of 

35 \\'hlc!li ^v»ro a frit^fof miud 
unio L«ujic Jind to Ri'lirkjib, 

AND it came to paifH, UiaL ^t|i4^'tt 
Immc wn* old, ntid hbi uyc^i 
wum dim, su tLmt he Could neat sl-i\ 
he ftittleil E-^au hi* eldtut sun, jiuJ 
^iikl unto liiiii. Mf aon ^ niul lie 
(niid ufito hi nit Btihcdih A£r« A-m I. 

^ AiieI hi! itaid, IWhukl now,, ] 
iirn iit<h I know oot tlm day oi' my 
dcfith 7 

n ^fow th<iicror*} tnko, 1 pray 
tliDC, thy wiinptim, tlij? rioivei and 
tliy bfjw, and pfo om to the fiiitd, 
atid iflko mo .tame vcniiron; 

4 Ami tnnke itia luivimrr nn^nt, 
iiii^h »» I ]ovf>, Liml tiring it io me* 
tl([il I iDity r<at; that iiay acjuI may 
|j?i>i4t]iM! hi'ffirn [ di& 

5 And Rebciiknh linard wHrn 
Isaac cjpeilto to F^^lq hiiii aun : njtd 
Eutiii Welii to thtr fintd to hULpt/or 
veiiiPonT and in hrjnj^ j£. 

n II Ami HnUtkiLh tp^nka ikiEc 
JjL<'i>l hrr M)Tt, Hajrin^. Bcihvh^ 1 
hcLird thy ftnlrvr i^pituk uiitti Kajivi 
Ehy brothfiT, Siiylntf, 

7 Pnufl jiio ir4Uiiiun, and luitkd 

Jacob obtaifuth CHAP. XX VU. ^ Hemng. 

S4 A Pill ho Mj<T, ,^ri Ihou ^n/ 
TFiy Hon EsnuT An J ha iiUd, \ 

and bless th^p bt^fdre the Lujip' 
oeioremy iJ'-nth, ' 

8 Now ilir^r(?foric, my aon^ ober 
roy voice, nrrording to UtaiwJach 
I command iht-i>, 

9 Go now [.^ iht5 Ruck, and fetch 
raetrom th ru^^G wi^ gotwl ktdsnf 
the goats, niiU J will ma to ihcm 
savoury n. .n lof thj f^Uier, mch 
asheloverl»: ' 

r ?u "^.u '^"!" ^^^^ '^""ff ^'t <o thy 
rather, thf,i ko may out, nnd lh^U 
he may blr^^n fhjie bofbrc ii^ (Jcntli. 

11 And .fhTuJj !PajJ to Kobcknh 
hismothw, iMiuld. EsauaiybSi 
Iher w a niiry mrifi, and I am u 
smooth mi" I 

fJr^y ^ i-'iirurFj wjll 

reel me, ar ■ d i,r liMit qs 

a deceivei , i -iinli hnnc ii 

curae uppr ru..\ mi,] ehfT ie Llcsiiiiie, 

16 And til:- motlier -njii ujit!> hiin, 
upon me / : thy cureo, piy san; 
only obey my wicc, and &tj rtjtch 
me Uiem. 

brought tAfflt \ii\m mother: iujeJ 
ma mother marlft tavoiiry meoE, 
such as hiB furhfr lovcit. 

15 And R^htkah loot gooiUy 
'"'■J'tnt of hyr eldeat f.nn Epstm, 
which TOcrc ivirh her jn tliolwu^; 
and put tJi. HI upun J^coti Jitr 
yomiger soai 

JO And i^H^ i^MX tho «kina of thu 
KJUsot tlie h:o;iu upon Lis hfiDcin, 
and unon Uic- sjnttoiji of hia mark ■ 

^'^And &]iii iprin. iJic anioury 
meat and Ibi^ \\w^. \>i\w\\ jthc luiHl 

Sac?*b *'^^'^' ^"^ ™' "^ '^^"^ '^'^ 
..^8 IJ^And he eamD iint<j hia fa- 
ther, w»d BaidH My iSthpr, AikI !iq 
Baifl. Here aju. 1 ■ whu crt thou,, my 

19 And Jn-ah wild nrno tijs fa- 
ther, I am I. nil ihy firii Etom: 1 

nave done ai rdJnj;uiiJii»u,Li][|ct;t 

me: arise,, 1 \na\ \huv:, ait aurl cat 
of my veni8t>]i, tim tijy houI intip 
lucss me. 

90 And IsftTirv aaid tmto hi*f inn, 
llow M It ilmi ihflu t,4i*i i;,unii 1^ 
Pp quickly, myBon! An<[ lir? Bmd, 
Iircause the Loap Lhy Uod brrmeht 
tt to me. * 

21 And Insane laul mtQ Jncoli, 
ivome near, I pmy thoe, tlnbi f 

thou £« my very son Ivtau, nr 

22 And Jnn:ol> ivpnir ueaT unlo 
r«uic h» fniher; and Hd fdt him, 
and said, Tlio vn^ro i^ Jacob'* 

urE«a "" ^'" ^"°^'* 

S And h^disTfmod hii^i not. 

because his liauda ^-cra hiipry, lu 

eS And he anid, Jlrinff f( near 
to 101?, nnsj I wtjl cat of mv t-oii's 

J?ee, And he bt-.n^hi if ni^Hij m 
hunt Jindhq did i,'rUr aijd ho 

Hti An<f hi* fttt^jpr fifauc iiui] uuht 
lum^ I- ijmc near noir. and k^ mo. 

him T aid h& MitJJiFd iha KiriLjll uf 
bmramMnt. anpi hWaai^ri Jiim, and 
™id. yce. Uic flmeU of mv Rup ,« 
*fiic;Ji llia 

aj thes imf;]( oi a tluld i 

ihc dew of heaven luuE the fomLj* 
of ftin eartJt, imd ph-iity of coru 

3!> Lc't pcflplis pervo rjioo, nnJ 
nntiona how ||.twu Id thco; Jht lurj 
nvLY ihy bfethwti, and lei Uiy mo- 
UiLTs sons hr.w down ta Uina; 
tjun«3d Art ivcry one tluU mrstslb 
hue, Jind blciaed Ai! hu ihuL bJinteeili 

^J IT An J it mine to [wig, m *rioii 
m Islla^^ had made jm em] Drblf^- 
injr jL'cob, and Jncufi vptu vet 
iffiurce enriR mgi from ijjo PrsH>nca 
ot Ls&iG Ills ftthcr^ thai Eriau hk 
bfmhfir rjimo in frujti liia Imnlinfc. 
AYI\.Vkt\ \\\^ uJao had mr tde iiilT o q r'y 
moELt, nm] bfjiitght i[ uitbj htn ffi- 
rin:r \ mic! aaid mUo hity (htJier Lei 
my hither uride. ajrd idi oP hi-? 
BOJi 9 leHimn, Uiat thy aouj may 

3^ Aritl [flftjic b!!f filth ersa it! unrn 
him. Who ^n thou t Anft htvsLiid, 
I *fj« l^f,*tm, ihjf first-bftrji. Emu 

^1.* , And Tsanc JnumbW vtrv ejt- 
^cH^niijly, ami Fifikl. Wliu 1 where 
taf ht'^ Mint hfttji tnki:!o venisan And 
l3r«)jfht It me, and I have (?afen of 
m btsiore t!k)U tckniBit. and ^\\^yi^ 
biS^J ^"^' ""^^ 'leiilv'ill be 

:M And when E«aii hoard th« 
worJfi ul hjB ktrhftf, hu critJd w,th n 
cnMiiund ojin:i^cdinp hittt.Tf:ry, fmn 
imd uMo hiB n.thor, Dtu.H*iije,£^c/a 

35 An^j bFi aaid, Thy liroth^r 
Clime IV] lb aubUify, and JiaUi mken 
"i^v^V (hy fl|e■1^loL^ 

named JnrohT for he hjilJiliULi- 
PlontJid rnu ihoflo t^vo tiinL-^^ bg 
UM;k H\vLvy niy hjrfb-n^-bt; nhd b«- 
"""V nnw be hath ifik«n nwjiy 
my lileRMn?, And he -mid. Hiwl 
thoii not rtiflwvw] a bloisiug Jtm 


Baau tkreateneih Jacob. 

37 .\> ^^ 
unJJb L 

*hy lord, nuj'i utj jii;i [jTfLtiriMj r].ivc 
I pivtJii tfl htm ibr P»rviiniJ?> and 
MTiiJi [ii]ru jiLtid vrlna hove I flua- 
mint'tl Lini] aufl winiL slm]|, 1 iJcj 
hdi* until djL'o, m^ #tpn1 

^ And tlsaii d;Lad uenu b'w fiiiiicrp 
Umal tJiQU htil (lEie bleeding, m¥ 
wHitif J hlefiiiin&, ptiffft nu- tijao^ U 
mj fiitltpr ! And Einiu liricd up La 
mk^, fltid wept. 

G£N£S1S. Jac<^6'« oimn at Beth-el. 

~ '", n Arj.lC;.^-! All, ■,;-!. ■ thrti* 

.■■ r:-: Ml •I..- ii: . ■' ;■ ; .J iriLlllJr 

[5iy inuL^ imu ijimj Hjiiyt^t be a 
tnLitnttKkoJ' people , 

4 AnJ £lvo lliti^Q Thp IjEoasme nf 
ALirtihaijij luihoc, and to Uiy f t?ntl 
^vith iliee; ih^it iJiou. nini'L'at lii- 
herii tJie latid \rhc»'it9 (IiuiJ url 
iL Hirrtnnert ^vEilcb Gud e^vo uui^i 

5 Ami iiaEiR »Rni flTtrij JJaJ^oti 1 
fitul ha wun! (o Pmlaritkrani unta 

Eitui d^iid i;rikJ hinip Behold, lJiy.iU«ii tjr«tJkcr of IddbaJcuh, Jai^jt't 
iliv^1]m;;ih]irj he the falDeis uf Utcwnr] Esau'iI innEkicr, 

WHj-iJi. iMirl ol' Uje dow of JioavLa 

^ 40 And by day iwurd shnlt Ihoii 
11 vo^ anil Jthalt srrve tliy brotlior; 
upril \i Ah^U coinc 10 j»DAt ivlicn 
tfmu uriali Imve the ilDminiDn. tliut 
Lhou eIihB: bioak \m yuko from off 
ij]y iir*ck. 

41 If And E-fflu hated Jnceli be- 
cau^ of ih^ blr^in^ whtrewitJt 
Hei rnUior bicftiivd liiior unci Ed^m 
taid in hi* iHirirt^ The dTijf^ of 
mourning for m? futhftr Hns a) 
hnml, Uiea will I sliiy my broLlmT 

't! And (heF&vvordsnf EiQii ln^r 
pld^j- lou were told Co Echeli[di ; 
Urtd ihc^ «peiT and u^djf^ Ji^c^uIj Hlt 
youtiter acm. bthI ^idd uiato him, 
B#lin1dj thy brother E^uu^ tu luuolt' 
ms thi.'ifl, doth tiTinfort biinMiirp jskt' 
pfl.ttjjJTto kid th^. 

4n Now Uipnifure, my son < ohyy 
m; voi^a 1 nnd oriacp nee Ebua to 
Lahfvii my brut her lo l-Jziran ^ 

44 An** turrr witli him ti few 
d.iy0. nnlil Lliy brolJier''» fury turn 
awsiy i 

45 Until thy brotlmrjs ntifiir turn 
ttiVifiy fiTiiin Uice, und bet ft^Fg'Ot 
fihi^ wbirb Ihuu hjiM dnnci n:« him; 
dun I I \\\\\ icnil, ntid fetch difti 

di.^prjired itUo of ytiTH hutii ju nno 


And Rebokah jtaid to Imiit:, 

tt ^f VVhuii F:sau FiiwThrtt I>>Hno 

,hatl ulesFtiil Jacobs Emd sLut hiui Ttidim unim, to Itifce him li 
witohrtm diDD4:u^ and that aj l>e 
hiefuiod btm, h<>gave hirn a eiitr^e^ 
tayiniT, "J'liou fhult rujt lake a wifa 
of ttnME,iujj]iti:rd (irCHiitiJU] ; 

1 And ihiit Jiifob tibeytd In? fji- 
d^nri and bis raudicri ajid waigi>nj« 
lo Pa>f nn-jimm \ 

S Ami I'jjau BBcrn^ Ibnt lh» 
imti/ii^bteiv of Caimiin pleoiiud noi 
Tsanc hia ftttberi 

ftTJititi went Ei?aii un«oIf!bmEii?T, 
rtml lM»k niiln thiu wiv^s %vhjch he 
hii d r M Lihul utli ihr" d ciujj litf'r of Igib . 
inttrl, AbrnJiam^^ uon, tluj aktcr of 
]Pfi>:baint]], t[i h(s hi^ wifid'- 

10 V A Hill Jacnb Wont fliit from 
Beer-Ahcbiif tuid wuiit tU'WOJt} 

li And bcj: lijrhlDd upon a iQcrtxifai 

fdacB', atid inrriMJ iborc nli nitrhtf 
>epau!io tho fUn wiis^nt: iiid he 
took of ibcj atonci of Uiai ptact, 
ai]dniilfA(wii(iir bin pUtowst aUiT 
luy dt-wn [J I i]|.;ir |j|;ic« to lilri'p. 

Vi A(.'^ :,' .!:. .ir.^'d, ami buhotd, 
aljii!:l. . ■ , ■i.'>™rJb,unil \\\y. 

lop i.t\ ,- :>> Iiltlvoh: njul 

bidioMi iJiL- i.iir,. iH 'if ilotl luirei^d- 
Inj; nnAiiiiiCf'.tuViiif on it. 

13 And bcdi'Tddt dia LuAn rioixl 
above it, nnd itmidt I am tin* L.OHn 
Crod of AliraJtani Ehy Htthbr, mid 
tlii](jodorifti]ur : djL^llind »'hen?iJil 

J mn weary of iny Itfti, bpcauaa or thod litest, to Uieo wilt 1 e.ivi> it. 

Umj dnuchiRm of Htith; if Jaaob 
bdto n wl(fl of the dnuij^htnfs of 
I lutb I meh at thijs^ tofiicA ii« of 
tbo dau^hter^ uf tbo land, wbat 
coml' "bJill tny life dn inu t 

ciiAr. xxvm. 

Jacatt ntfefh to Faiiau-firttm' 

ANf> l=>^rtc cii|1&e( JjirQh, and 
li]f'fl»eul Jiini, onfl churg^'d hiin, 
nnd iiiud unlii hHfi, Tbnu ahnlt not 

and lu diy s^dlI. 

14 Ami diyifed ajiall bq nsr tb^ 
du^t of dvf» t^nnh^ nnil ihou plisdt 
spread ubrnad to lliL' wef^t^ and Ui 
thi" t^ist, (Liid to, dm nnrdi, and lit 
the jioiitli : and in th^Ev and iti dij? 
ai<ii[| jibnlT alt tlie fojuiiiiu of thi* 

)5 And huhujf!, 1 am With IbCrt^ 

and wiJI kcttp dieu in all^ tiltitr^ 

1ll]%b =11M^4 UIFiqi- l^llflp A ILI3U Zlllh^lL llli b UI.I1I i^ IJ I n I^IJ-IF l-l L^V J ■■ ^31 fi-Lh 

iftkfT a wife of duo dLiti^htori of j whitfi^ir ihuu i;a<>'^i, and i|i'i]l hrinif 
CanjtiitD. thfjii a^nhi into ILIk hud; fur 1 Wi1i 

^ AridOpffo fnPad^n'fi'mTn, Eotbe nui luaviit lIil'li:, until I ImvodLinq 
homer of Bi^dnivl diy inothiT'iJ fh- fAfii wbicJi I Imva tpi.-kkiin Ijo tkjQ 
fTier; nnd take theu n. wW\ fr^int uf. 

(himfic of ihn dun-hikita of I.ahim | 
Ih^ motbar't broih€:r. 

10 TI And Jjn^ob ^MraJiRd potef 
hi* aLe^p^ and Jin iaid, Surely Ibc 

He mameth CHAP. XXfX. 

UjFtii b b Uut pUot; DOil 1 knew 

17 AikI hewoB arrAiflp nml ini^l. 
Ktiw di^Eiiirbl U this nlflce ; [hi* w 
Hotw alJicr but Lho hau^ti mf Liodt 
Djvtl litis i> tiie ^?iW ^riicnvan 

it) And Jacurj toH? up eutly hi 

ihnt he bu(l jUji fitr liii fjillowi, ajid 
Ht It tip fm- a. palluri dftd pourE^ct 

10 Arul hfs cjLlikd [ho niimo of 

»K ihLLt dir iTiu fiiffai Liu at the 

HiyiniTr If Cod will Im^ willi ose. 
ail J will hi*^ tm ill thi» wuy Hi tit 
[ jfti, and will ffive mfi broad Lo chIt 
uifI rniincifit lo iiut on, 

"I E^tn Uiai I come again lo niF 
fnTlier'j boiiite Iftpenccj tlieiiB^iiil 
%ini J^ORD liti IHF fiiwi : 

'^ A«(i tfiU »u>m, Avhi<ili I have 
■fll far B. plllEtr, eJ>nU bo God 'a 
liDttw; cuid <jf nil thiit tliKiM filirtU 
BJw me, I will sui^ljf civo the 
tcDiii unto dlG{^. 

niAP. xxix. 

Til SrlN Jacub w^biton liii jnur- 
sir-r^, flitd ^inisc inU> tJiu land 
m Uio pcopli? nf liie €fti»L 

^ AikI lie lotikod, ami biAnAH, ci 
H tlj bi llw liifle], awi lo. iIh^fh KFre 
lliree Hocks of fiNc«p lyuig b|r it: 
fi^r out lif ihut well tUuy wai^xecl 
Uic" fl<vkj : find u f real itono vom 
upon iIhh woirn htifiitli' 

3 Aud ihJihcr were all Ihtj nuck-i 
ttulhiiTcdi ojiil tJiLi; roUo<l d^offConc 
fVc>if!i the wcII'b nsooth anil h ntcred 
tlio ftieop, unil put tiio irnrin aiToLn 
upoin tiio wbtrn tuoaik m hia plii^^ci. 

4 And Jacob itnVil utvift ihumi BY i^ 
brt'tlin^n, wKf'ocq Af yol Ami ihcy 
E&ji], OfHiLfai] ar« vi-'ETi 

5 AitA Uv Ml ill uj>to ilifm. Know 
iri? I>al>!in Ihc? ion of NaFior 1 Anrl 
tli^jT'iiJ^lF '^Vt! know Ai'ttf. 

G And Ufi- §hU\ unto th^nn, Is lie 
wcH I And rluT sniil. /fi" w woll : 
\i\d beliolJ, Rnohel bid datij;li(«r 
CoTnr.'Lli wiin Liu? ^lirMrpr 

7 Andlio riairl, Ijo, il. isi jdhinh 
*Wf^ nfiibcT pj i/ time thui ilio «fit- 
iJc ^lioiild bo caLlu^rcd la^t^'lhcfj 
Wtltur ^0 tho ^0«1J» uul j£o 9xd 
fiffd eAm. 

§ Ami Uii^v >jiu1^ We ctinnni. 
until aU tho floc^kii bfi i^uiTliered 

frofl] tbo w<jli^if mPUiJi^ Uit'O wo 
wnltir l]m ii)i04<p. 

U 1] Anil 'LV'hilt'^ 1^4! yot ^nko wjEb 
thnm, Rac^hel flamo wjih lior fa-- 
t^ier"* ahofpi ffjr &bo k<!TFt tbom. 

10 And it cTimft lo naim w|i«ti 
JPrCdb Kiw Rachel tlic ilaut3ni>cr is-r 

LeaA and Rachel. 
Ijabiin bl^ nioibrr*^ bralhor. OehI 
iliu "Jiecji of Lnhan hi* nMther'* 
brtilJior, Llist Jjieob wpnl n&arr mrtU 
rolltH:! tiia stone from Um \vi;JL*u 
moLirh, and waiorcd ilic Hack of 
Uabdii bis ini)tJ]ar'« broHitir. 

n And Jacrob kiasod Racbol, ncid 
li field np tils voi4jc» iind U'i:-p[. 

J"l And Jar^nb lold Eacrlid U>Bt 
bo KJiUff her fQihtr*fl bfatli«r, fioii 
thai hu ffl«* KebEknh'iP eon; and 
slio ran and told bL'r fatbcrr 

13 And it cnmfl lei pivas, ^ 
baci hijitrd the tiding of Jacob bu 
nijrk^r^i son^ that he ran to mi^p^E 
liiiMT aiiJ embraiTPd h'lm^ and ki»ieoa 
him , and br4^UEi>tL J tbu to hJ^ liituuo. 
And bt> inlil Ljdiau nU ibciso thirtK ^ 

H And LLiban aajd lo hiim,SuM> 
ly ibou urt my bnne und my Oefibi 
lyui Lo abodowiUi bbn iIjo spam 
ol'a monih. 

1^ 1^ And T^abon itnid npto Jnrnb, 
nt'.f^ilOBf] tJiou art my [irotitDr, 
Kiio^ildcjit thou LliorvAjru *^<t\(i mci 
for nought 7 [fill me, wbnt f Au/^ iby 

Jo And Labun bati two dnugli 
[c-rs : tbij narai? df tlift elder BiTF 
Jje^thh and tba naiiio uf tbo ybung^:!? 
w&ji Haclii^l. 

17 LeaJi iff a* IcndEr-OTCi!, but 
Rnclifll WB* boauiifyl bikI well- 

13 And Janub lovf^ Bar he] ; 
ajid Iftjilj I wii] i^rvfl tliop sevi-a 
yean for Rachel Ihy yoUDver 

ID And Ltibtm mtiJ^ ft i* better 
ibnt 1 ifive her isi time, tlt^m tbat I 
i.ho!jld pyti iier to anuthtr innn : 
aLiidr TtTiiIi me, 

D(} Auil JiL'ob eon^od seven fi^arjc 
for FliK'hcl; riuI tln^y jm^'tihhI unty 
lum hintu. few dayi, ibr t)ie lovo he 
bad to her. 

^1 1. And Jficnbttnid unto Ldbln^ 
Give? ms iny wifo (for inrdaya are 
fuilllled} chat [ niiiy co In nnio \\^u 

00 And Ltibun pairn^red tcij;L^Eh<3T 
elJI tb« iig^p of the pljico, Euid motde 

^23 And it caitiB to pass in ibn 
|}V<inin?, Ihnt bo tcnnk l^Fv^ib bii 
dnucbicr, and broui^ht bci to hiini 
ami bo vvLinl in nntu b«r. 

*i4 And LabtLrt tfiiii'e unln lii^ 
d^uitbtjcr Leciii, Zilyah bid mnid* 
/pr i^iLhtindnatiJiJ. 

S^ Ajkd i[ i':Hino to pfiBv, tbnt in 
tlio niLirninjF, bohnid, it ^ntr Lbfib : 
EiHil he flnid le Lsbiu'^, Whnl is 
liiiBllioLi bnut dnou untom«fT did 
not I -iJ^TVij wit^i liiifo for Raciiolt 
wbornforc Uwii Iulei thou bygulVed 

^ And Laban loid. Ii tnntA nut 
treffo dona Vn our oouniry^ to ^vii 
tl]^ ynuti^or but'ore the fn^-bdTU. 

Leah beareth Reuben, ^c. 

97 Fulfil her wecfc, ami we will 
eiire tltircj' tiih cilsuir U^ ^bv E^x^r v i^-is 
which thttu filiait ectvo wiiii um yet 
w?ven iirthcr y<<iini. 

■^ Aii^l .bcul> dill stp, and ful- 
fillf-J licr wee.'k: and liu ftjtvo him 
liar lie] Ilia du lighter to m.rfi aha. 

^49 Ami irubiiii ffnve tu Bachcil 
his djiuglitcf, BtlJjoJdviii hulliJiiiruilj 
tn bo jiLi-ir niitjd. 

30 And hi* went in ^ao unro Ra- 
t\t^ii^ and Ua tawA ali»i Kiii'hul 
thikrcrilinn Lpfth, ajul senrikl witL 
fiiin yeX f^own other ycaii^. 

31 II Anil wbEin Um LonD iaw 
uittl Lehh waj hali?d, he oiiL'tufd 
Jier womb : hot Kaeh(.'l teas barrctiH 

32 And J^anh itiHiftriivti^tj sjul Lore 
n tttn j HDL] eho ciilli>il hi4 nttmo 
HeubL^n: for *he EuJd, Sun^ly the 
|jlli> hnlli bokcul upicim my ufflic- 
ti^ji: nrtw limrerun: tni' hUihLiid 
will Ittvtn me. 

3^ AikI dho conceived n^ain, and 
Itamafl^inT m\A aoid, Ui^u-au^ lE^i: 
JjiEVU hrtlh hearnl tha( I Miis tsatt?*! 

CEN ESIS. &{r<A oflfaphtall, i r 

8 AnjI Rarhf^l wiid, Wiih gtm. 

wfiitLlUiieH hiivt- 1 wmtiikvE ^vilTiinj 

be haili tliciL^rfire gt^en inti UjIs 
jHfn Khft^ tuui <}ie callud hui iiajriL' 

3t AdJ tbo (nMicaivi?d nf ^in^ Etrtd 

'^" " ' ' "f Now Ihii 

nl-itcfr nml I have |3reviiJl<.uJ . npcl 
flbtj catli.'ii l]ji iiaiuoKjiphUili. 

tl VVJu-ii Lisuh Mau' iJtrit tlie hatt 
lutt licafiiij:, xhe tun It Zilpah, hv! 
nsfijdf juuL tfUVD licr Jneifb lu wifa 

10 Aad Zilpnii, LeoJi'fl moldL 

biiTG J.ICOh It SkHL 

11 Aii[l Lrah iiaid, A tioop com 
Dih ; Qjid f^iie ca|l4^d hh aainti Gad 

IS Aud Ziiitab. LiNth^a jnaidn 
bar^ Jqi^iIi a Eocond Bon. 

J^t And Leal) faid^ F flippy nia 1, 
fiir lliu duUjfhrejTjt wjII cult Jisc 
blF-iwed: and iilia cettlcd Im nanie 

!4 II Arn:l Reobtin wci^iimlic d&f r 
nfivhcrti-biirviihi, and fouml inline 
dfake^ ii) iho flj?M, nnd brou^h^ 
Ujf-m unfo hi* mDClur l.^inb4 Tlicn 
Rachel yaid in Ldnh. tJiTc nie, 1 
[ifdjf IbtK't of ihy *on'* mandrnfei^, 

l;i And dhu sii]d iiuTo iter, Jm it u 
amiilt mnUc-r Uial. ihoa hajit Inkoii 
cjir hai?band7 and wuiilii^j«r iIlou 
tako awuy my eon'a iiinindiLiktM 
alsio7 And Ruichii-I *aiU, *]'hi.'ra- 
b>rn ho ilioll \\(f ^viTh Uico lo-ni^ln 
fur uii' soji'fl mnndrnkci. 

ISi And Jacob criino run of the 
fit' hi in Dip I'lfunme, iiiidL-?jili wout 
on I lu ii]+iot hijiif and saidf ')1uiU 
iinipiL Ejiiinc in nnlu ma ; foi Burt'Ey 
! bnive birtd iliftt" i^iih tny N^trji 
nmjidmltra^ And lie by wkb lit^r 
Ujat nitfJiU 

17 Ari[| Gild be^Rirktned un[ii 
Li^iih, tinti «(hn cooE'civcd, uiid buru 
Jarob 1hi3 fifLli son. 

,1H And LtiAh vnid, Cr^id JutJi 
giv'^n nic njy hire, berjiuKL^ t iiu^u 
given my in^iidLHi ttt my hii^hEtjid , 
anrl ?be cjiJUitl his njiint'; Uuncjbnr^ 

iV' Ami henh coiiceivcd aiTEtui 
Ahil bard Jacob tlia Rjifh bo^i. 

IJIJ Aqd Lcnh laid, God hnth vtt' 
naed mo teith a ^uad dtDwry; 
now vrill my bnsbnnii dwell will) 
nie^ bDrani^ T hai'o b(in>D him tt-it 
^n?T and ^liC Uii.L|«l lt4m name 


^1 Anil afti-TWBhlB Bho bfire i 
dfiLiL^htcrn arjd caJIctt her naiiic 
^^ II And Rnd reraemb^r^d Ra- 

_. cbt^J. and God hrarUorjcd to hurt 

Di>b went ] amt o(>tini*[l htft womUr 

MHjri^i^'isil, Mul bnrni 

bare n untu ainl &aid 

tirne \vill my huBhsind bcj jid __ 
nnto me, becaiiFUi t Uhvk tKirnohlm 
thtut.' HOT^ : Uii^rfiforfj wuji hi^ naiiiiu 
CPiUfid Levi. 

.15 Ami sho Ponceii'e^l o^flinKiintt 
Dare a Bein^ und nlie i4iid, Now 
will J uraiHii tlie I^Jiin: thererore 
iihtf cnlliHl hiR nnnie Judith, and klX 


Afiti ivhefl Rachel HI w tjiiatehe 
bnre Jar4.i'b nn children, Rii- 
ehcl cnvtFHl luLT s'wwr! and said 
unui Jarob» Gijvo mu child ''tiHf or 
e|i« [ {|i<iu 

S And Jaeob^H ap^cr wan ^tndli-KJ 
A^ainijt Kjicbch and hi piiid,.9ni 
[ ill GdHra b{«Eid, wbo haih witJ»- 
Jictd from tfaija the fruiE O'f tlie 

:j And ib(s iidd^ Behcitd my mnkl 
Bilbah^ fu m Ufitn J)i!<r- niHJ' *Ue 
khtill iH^ar iiE^on mt kni'Cia, rhat I 
jiwy hUo inivp ehiklren hv Iut^h 

4 And tlio lat^v^- hiip Hiihab bcr 
liandmtiid Tu wifa^ and J 
03 iinio hcfr , - - - , - -__ 

5 And Bilhali Conct^j1^cd, and,aiirjn: mid said, God haUi Uiken 
bttf^ Jiicqh It 3on. aiiTnf iny rnnronch : 

6 And Hncbel ftnid, rtod huth , ^ And aiw enth'd hisH nattte Jo- 
jiid^c^d mOf QJid hnth dUo heard iflrj^h: iipd snHp The tjORl> ihuH 

I aint o|>tini*d h(?r \ 
"iT Ami sht^ <"i3i 

' . i :.] 

iJilf voic^^ cind Saih pvtm im a 
msti r tbtifcfoTV colled Biie his name 

7 And Bllhah, Ra«;hd'fi miud^ 
ewwdvifltl tgflifi, and hare Jacub a 

Qtld 111 rnr'anitiliL', 

23 II A ml k came lo t^naSi ^rhen 
Rnchel had borne JoPin^n^i, Uimt 
Jucrhb nnid tidici Lnbiin* Bi^iid mt 
Bwny, ihat 1 mny kd ui^lu mirti 
QWfi idafc, nnd lu my couiitTjr 

Jae«lb''a pcHeif 



96 Give ne my wives and my 
diiMreo, for whom I have served 
thee, and let mo go: for thou 
kaowest my service which I have 
done thee. 

27 And Laban said onto him, I 
pray Uiee, if I have found favour io 
thine eyekjtarrif : for I have learn- 
ed bv experience that the Lord 
hath Messed me for tliy sake. 

28 And he said. Appoint me thy 
wages, and I will give it. 

39 And be said unto him, Thou 
knowest how I have served thee, 
and how thy cattle was with 

30 For it was little which thou 
hadst before I came, and it is now 
increased unto a multitude; and 
the Lrf)aD hath blessed thee since 

Py coming: and now, when shall 
provide for mine own house 

31 And he said. What shall I 
give thee 1 And Jacob said, Thou 
•halt not give me any thing. If 
tlaou wilt do this thing for me, I 
will again feed ana keep thy 

32 i will pass through all thy 
flock to-day, removing from thence 
all the speckled and spotted cattle, 
and all the brown catUe among 
the sheep, and the q>otted and 
aiieckled ainong the goats : and qf 
duck shall be my hire. 

33 So shall my righteoosness 
mnswer for me in time to come, 
when it shall come for my hire be- 
fore thy face: every one that is 
not speckled and spotted among 
the goats, and brown among the 
■heep, that shall be counted stolen 
with me. 

34 And lAban said. Behold. I 
would it might be aceoidlng to thy 

35 And he removed that day the 
he-goats that were ring-streaked 
aoa qiotted, and all the she-goats 
that were speckled and spotted, 
«iuf every one that had soma white 
in it, and all the brown among the 
sheep, and gave ihtm mto the 
hsndtf of his sons. 

36 And he set three days* jour- 
ney betwixt himself and Jacob : 
and Jacob fed the rest of Laban^s 

37 If And Jacob took him rods 
of rrcen poplar, and of tlie har^l 
and chesnut-tree ; and pillod white 
streaks in them, antl made the 
white appear which wot in the 

38 And he set the rods which he 
bod pilled b«foro the flocks in the 
gutters, in the watering-troughs 
wtiea the flocks came to drink-. 

that they should conceive wlieu 
they came to drink 

39 And the flocks conceived be- 
fore the rods, and brought fortii 
cattle nng-streakod, spockled, and 

40 And Jacob did separate the 
lambs, and set the faces of tiie 
flockj! toward the ring-streaked, 
and all the brown in the flock of 
Laban : and he put his own flocks 
by themselves, and put them not 
unto Laban*s cattle. 

41 And it came to pass whenso- 
ever the stronger cattle did con- 
ceive, that Jacob laid the rods be- 
fore the eyes of the cattle in the 
gutters, that they might conceive 
among the rods. 

^ But when the cattle were fee- 
ble, he put tium. not m : so the fee- 
bler were Laban*s, and the stronger 

43 And the man mcretsed ex- 
ceedingly, and had much cattle, 
and maid-servants, and i 

Jacob dcparteth from Lahan, 
* ND he heard the words of 
Laban*s sons, sajring, Jacob 

JljL Laban*s sons, sajrmg, 

hath taken awa/ all that was our 

fat^r*s; and of tluU which was 
our father's hath he gotten all this 

2 And Jacob beheld the counte- 
nance of Laban, and behold, \\wa$ 
not toward lum as before. 

3 And the Lord said unto Ja- 
cob, Betum unto the land of thy 
Tathers, and to thy kindred; and 
[ will be with thee. 

4 And Jacob sent and called 
Rachel and Leah to the field unto 
his flock, * 

5 And said unto them, I see your 
father's countenance, that it it 
not toward me as before: but the 
God of my father hath been with 


6 And ye know that with all my 
power I have served your father. 

7 And your father hath deceived 
me, and changed my wages ten 
times; but God sufiered him not to 
hurt me. 

8 If he said tlius. The speckled 
shall be thy wages, then all tho 
cattle bare speckled : and if he 
said thus. The ring-streaked shall 
be thy hire; then bare all the cat 
tie ring-stresked. 

9 Thus God hath taken away 
the cattle of your father, and given 
them to me. 

10 And it came to pass at the 
time that the cattle conceived, 
that I lifted up mine eyes, and saw 
in a dream, and behold, die rams 

Jacob depcartetk G£M£S1S. from LaJbm. 

S7 Wliomrare diiTsl tliuu flcfl 

which leaped upon the cattle were 
ting-streaked, speckled, and griz- 

11 And the angel of God spake 
unto me in a dream, saying^ Ja- 
cob : And I said, Here am I. 

12 And he said, Lift up now 
thine eyes and see, all tlie ranui 
which leap upon the cattle are 
ring-streaked, speckled, and griz- 
zled : for I have seen all that La- 
ban dooth unto thee. 

13 I am the God of Beth-el, 
where tliou anointedst the pillar, 
and where tliou vowedst a vow 
unto me . now arise, get thee out 
from this land, and return untu the 
land of thy kindred. 

14 And Rachel and Leah an- 
swered, and said unto him, Js there 
yet any portion or inheritance for 
us in our fatlier*s house ? 

15 Are we not counted of him 
strangers 1 for he hath sold us, and 
hath quite devoured also our money. 

16 For all the riches which God 
hath taken from our father, that is 
ours, and our children's : now 
then, whatsoever God hath said 
unto thee, do. 

17 IT Then Jacob rose up, and set 
his sons and his wives upon camels ; 

18 And he carried away all his 
cattle, and all his goods which he 
had gotten, the cattle of his get- 
ting, which he had gotten in Pa- 
dan-aram : for to go to Isaac his 
father in the land of Canaan. 

19 And Laban went to shear his 
sheep: and Rachel had stolen the 
images that locre her father's. 

30 And Jacob stole awa^ una- 
wares to Laban the Syrian, m that 
he told him not that he fled. 

21 So he fled with all that he 
had; and he rose up, and passed 
over the river, and set his face to- 
ward the mount Gilead. 

22 And it was told Laban on 
the tliird day, that Jacob was fled. 

23 And he took his brethren with 
^im, and pursued after him seven 
days' journey: and they overtook 
him in iho mount Gilead. 

24 And God came to Laban the 
Syrian in a dream by night, and 
•aid unto him, Take hoed that 
thou speak not to Jacob either 
good or bad. 

* 25 IF Then Laban overtook Ja- 
cob. Now Jacob had pitched his 
tent in the mount: and Laban 
with his brethren pitched in tho 
mount of Gilead. 

26 And Laban said to Jacob, 
What hast thou done, that thou 
hast stolen away unawares to me, 
and carried away my daughters. 

iLwuy sBErnily, and iiDcil ttWJiy Vrcm 
wf^, iinfl ditEat tml tell me, thjil I 
mrshi hiiVB «3JiE Ihcc uwny wjth 
iriiiUi, jmd with ^U£4, wiLb inlirei, 

■-- And Jiaat not puffi^rtHi rut i« 

k;— U'.y soin;, iLjitl my dunthrcril 
III > II JiikJ^i i^uvv diiOB toiihMy Li nf 

^J UiiintFt^powci ofmyharirf 
to itcf yaii hnri r but lljtf Hud ol 

yi3cijrfaLlii:ri|>iikfl unto we yftjter- 
tnsliU fin¥i»S, Take iliou hoDil ihut 
tltou s]]OMk iiQi to JaCDb riihjc^r 
g^oofl ur liaJ. 

l^ And novk\ ^ouffk Uioq wntitd- 
f^t ijccds k? (fiisifj \n'C.aii?e thou 
t-ui" Unigtthi rtfler ihy fatlicir^i 
U<'\\.^€ ; yr.t wherefore hOft thov 
tiWk'u my tfoJdl 

31 And Jrtcnb QTurwerfKl and m]d 
fpLaljan, Uucauxtio t was lUraid: 
for I uaid, PunidvL'Dturf^ Ukou 
^^dtiltldEt taks by force thj daugh- 
tt Til tram mu. 

thy KOtb, hi bim not itvo : In^roro 

<niT IjrL'ilsJcri duacem ihoti what is 

tj'il'.- NMil, ijir, IUHE lakn it ttl tllL^t 
['►7 Km ufi liiiijW not tlial Eacliq] 

'X\ And haiiiiit wpnl into Jsirrnb's 
T^iir, iljhI inld Lc^ah'f li?nt. ami jnlo 
llii-^ txvo niaiil-aurvnntei' ti'UL); but 
lic^ Cuauil thriA nai. Tlien weni h« 
<>i]t i>r Leigh's lEFnt, njid onicneil 
into Rflclidl'^tT'iiL 

34 Ndw RDichi,'! Imd lakc^n rl^e 
irn^gi(!«, and put HiCm in the ca- 
nieVs diTiutuifi-, iuhI wnl iipnii U]i]rn, 
And Lnbtm ■jI!jk^clJ{^l ail tlit* tcni, 
but roinml tkrm nftU 

35 And she suiii to her fnThor. 
Let ll not c]i»|]k'ii»)i] my Umi Itml J 
CMinot ri^" up befory ihuf ; fi>f 1I14 
Custom of vrcirneri m upon me. 
Aiil) hu ^LMircheJi bill f^^ijftd ni<>tthi? 

30 11 And Jacob weu wrolh^ ahid 
cliadowiUi LuJ^aiii mil] Jacob an- 
swered, and ta\6 to LalrEtn, WJtiiit 
ij my tttLifpn-'w ? what u my Bin, timt 
thou hast no boLly pLi;tiuixl uflryj 

S7 Wlionoflj*! Ehrtii hn^t Raareheri 

all mf ?tuH\ whut hnat th'iMi faunii 
of nJj rtty tiituscholdfiutr? m^i U 
hcffi buforo my hn>thrpri, ttnd Uty 

LnMhrt'n, limt tlity may jud^c bt*' 
twuL tK both. 

*T8 This iwetiiy y&firf ftrtw I fi^rfn 
wJiL TJii>0; thy i^iAw and ihyiiliD- 
gutil^ hayo not "-aat I heir ynungri 
aniE !li{; ruiTiH of thy tlock have I 

^SThnt whirti wTiBtorn tjfhtastSt 
I liroiijjht ont m\\a Uiey; | Ixirp 

as captives taken with the sword 1 i thi lojii of it r of mr hioid dvlii 

Jacob reprovtth kim, CU AF. 

Uiou require it, whether stolen by 
tluv, or stolen by nigliL 

40 Thus I was; in the day the 
drought consumed me, and the 
frost by night; and my sleep de- 
parted from mine eyes. 

41 Thus have I been twenty 

J'ears in thy house: I served thee 
burteon years for thy two daugh- 
ters, and six ypars for thy cattle : 
and thou hast changed my wages 
ten times. 

43 Except the God of my father, 
the God of Abrahaoi, and the Fear 
of Isaac had been with me, surely 
thou hadst sent me away now 
empty. God hath seen mine af- 
fliction, and the labour of my 
hands, and rebuked thee yester- 

43 IT And Laba: red, and 

said unto Jacob, lughters 

are my daughtersj .. . eee chil- 

dren are my chLL:.u-, astd these 
eattle are my cattle, and all that 
thou seest is mine : and what can 
I do this day unto these my daugh- 
ters, or unto their children which 

tbey have borne 1 

fir - 

I Now therefore come thou, 
let us make a covenant, I and 
thou ; and let it be for a witness 
between me and thee. 

45 And Jacob took a stone, and 
•et it up /or a pillar. 

46 And Jacob said unto his 
brethren. Gather stones; and they 
took stonesj and made an heap : 
and they did eat mere upon the 


47 And Laban called it Jegar- 
Mhadutha: but Jacob caJloa it 

48 And Laban said. This heap 
is a witness between me and thee 
iJiisday. Thcreforewaa the name 
ofit called Galeed: 

^ And Mizpah ; for he said, 
The Lord watch between me and 
thee, when we are absent one from 

50 If thou shalt afflietmr daueh- 
lers, or if then shalt take other 
wives besides my daughters; no 
man is with us; see, God is wit- 
ness betwut me and thee. 

51 And Laban said to Jacob, 
Behold this heap, and behoM this 
pillar, which I have cast betwixt 
me and thee; 

58 This heap te witness, and this 
pillar be witMss, that I will not 
pass over this heap to thee, and 
that thou shak not pass over this 
heap and this inllar unto me, for 

53 The God of Abraham, and 
the God of Nahor, the God of 
their father, judge botwixt us. 

XXXIL His present ta Esau. 
And Jacob sware by the Fear ol 
his father Isaac. 

54 Then Jacob offered sacrifice 
upon the mount, and called his 
brethren to eat bread: and they 
did eat bread, and tarried all night 
in the mount. 

f>') Am! I'Dily in tho morning La- 
b&Ti ru-u up, and ki^W \m ?ons 
aimt his (Jiini^htcrs, snd bleised 
tliL'irb: and Ijibnn ilEypartcil^ and 
reiurticd aiitn >i3«n]i^i^e. 
f^dAr. XJtXlL 

ANt> Jfl^^yb H-tfii tKi his way, 
and the ojigclB ofGcd mci 

"■2 And wJi&n Jnctth irw ihem, 
he -:.: J, This u tiorra ho£L: and 
he i' 'N'hI thu naoii] fif that pUce 
M' ' .' ^im. 

■ i'l Ja^bsf^ntinE^H^npierBbe- 
foi I'lUu Esuu 1ii# LfLither, ynto 
th{ Ljd Ql' Setr. ilitf CDitiitjy of 

4 And he Commanded them. 
sajtiiL*, Thui sLaD^ri: «pebk unto 
m^ VM EaiMi-y Thy servant Jiu»)b 
saitli i[mi, 1 Imve iujiiurned with 
Lalmn, aiul eLa^tf(l Uiere luitU 
now : 

5 And I have oxen, and asses, 
flocks, and men-servants, and wo- 
men-servants : and I have sent to 
tell ray lord, that I may find grace 
in thy ughu 

6 fr And the messengers returned 
to Jacob, saying. We came to thy 
brother Esau, and also he eometb 
to meet thee, and four hundred 
men with him. 

7 Then Jacob Mras greatly afraid, 
and distressed : and he divided the 
people that yuis vrith him, and the 
flocks, and herds, and tlie camels 
into two bands: 

8 And said. If Esau come to the 
one company, and smite it. then 
the other company which is left 
shall escape. 

9 IT And Jacob said, O God of 
my father Abraham, and God of 
my father Isaac, the Lord which 
saidst unto me, Ketutn unto thy 
country, and to thy kindred, and 1 
will deal well with thee : 

10 I am not worthy of theloastof 
all the mercies, and of all the truth, 
which thou hast shewed unto thy 
servant: for with my staff I passed 
over this Jordan, and now I am 
become two bands. 

11 Deliver me, I pray thee, from 
the hand of mj brother, from the 
hand of Esau : for I fear him, lest 
he win come and smite me, one 
the mother with the children. 

13 And thou saidst, I will surely 
do thee good, and makethy seed 

Jacob wrestUth GEJ 

lu the sii.tu\ cif tiip mm, w filial] etup- 
nol b♦^ nunilti^rTd fni nluJtilude, 

J3 II Anil h» ludjfud Lhore that 
fiifne niglii, acfl took uf dmi wjiicJi 
«riijiie lu hJN liBfld ji v^^^ul for 
f-^QUhH brothers 

J'l Two yiuiidrcd ibc-ecMit£ and 

L'wea unci twfjii^ raiiM, 

15 ThirtF milch cnnti'li witit thpii 
cuIeSt fi>rl^ bitLL^ niid ten bulltHj 
Ew4:i]tyi!hM-!LiiM» ruicl tc!H Trillin . 

lU Ami he! (iulJVDreil tJina into 
the hiiLifd of hiM 3nrvaj]LA, iivory 
(IrovQ br thorn^'lvcn, auA siuid 
VulD liJS^niDiil*, Paw ovprljprurs 
uti>. anil put a ffpare behvi\i ilrt^vc 
find tlruvc. 

17 AMtSh^coTTiTnittMlftil ilss fora- 
qiuiIh iJiyiii^, When E:^iiu my 
hrothi:r nitctelh Hnw, auil UfrlkciUi 

and wliitht^r gijuat thoul DEid 
uhosu arf thoai? kffoH} Uido ? 

Ld l^hcn tluiu H^isli i»:ky, 7Vv ^f 
thy ^urvtuil Jacuiiri r itijj u jjrF8fni: 
A[Uit unto mf ](nd Ehdu; nuil bu- 
tiitld EliQ he » behind ub. 

llr ^i]4 AQ comntand^tl ho thp 
sCf?Dnd, Und Ihu thirds and aU ihal 
fyllowTd Lho dfovK*. wiyin/^ On 
iliia inaiiEK^r ahall va RUcuk uiinj 
Ii,6;iu. whon yc Utid^ini. 

go A inij^nrvc moreover. Tlohold, 
tby KrviLrLr Jacob it bchirtd us. 
For l]4} BUJd, 1 ^v'rlJ d^^pciLbc him 
niUj itiC ^Tvavnl ihnt pui'th bufi^rc 
ma, ond nll^ciward I will Hcii itia 
faro ; i^fndvoitturu ho tvLiI aeceist 

aj Bo Went ihn pren^Di over be- 
Aire bjm i and liiinuclf iod^eil LLai 
njffbt in ine company. 

33 And iao mafl op that night, 
and took hia two wives, and hh 
two vfomDn-servaiita, iiihl Jiis 
^vt-n loiM^ tuid imiMid over Lhe 

^ AiiJ hu took them. an4 iciit 
Iht'm Dvdr Lhe hrDokj Oail leuL over 

^ It And Jacob vrai lull done; 
find there wrc^lcd a mun vtiiii Ulm, 
UnLd thit break iiktf fsfihf. dayn 

^ And whefl he i^w that he 
pjihrputi'd Hot tieuiiut him, he 
tOLidial lho hnllow nf hii thJiEh: 
and Lhe bfdli>wf of Jif^rtti'i iJiiph 
warn out orjointr U lie wrcsLiiiMl 
w'nh bim. 

31 Anc! h» said, Lh ma ffiK f^tr 
Ihrda^ hrojihnh^ ftnd be Mid^ 1 
W'ijj itol let tliee [d, eiccpt liiJau 
DJeKa me, 

SI And heiaiduntd hlmt^~hciC 
tf« Uiy DUn<3 1 And he laid, Ja- 

an And h« laid, Tlif nennj «)iaI] 
bB i'^tbd no more Jac^.h, l>ul it 

ESia. wttA an migA. 

rneli for a^ ii on nee bai«l rTnnj 
powiT wlin God, mad witli h^kei, 
and iiniil Drevnileil. 

^> And Jacjiib ueked /Uifii and 
Fuid, TtH usi!, 1 pruy IbosT ^hy 
name: aod ho eaicU Wbtrffuf^r 
/j it that ihuti do»i ask afrcT 
III J nanw 1 And he bb'^ncid hi in 

^J And Jiicob callfn! i}icrmn]47 nf 
eIjdi n]iicuP!?ni«'S: htr J hin'u ^rcn 
timl fnr.ft To fai^e, and mg lii'n ii 

31 Anil as he p&SB«ij ovor Feuui?], 
tit V #LJ n f 0(31] upii^ahLni, and he haU- 
ml ufMiTi hh thiph. 

^ ThDrdlbrn ilid trblldrt'n of la 
raci! cut noE i^ ibe iin«?v,' w Jiich 
Hhrjinlc, wbtch i* upon tliu holloiiv 
of the Uiipb, unfa ibi« rky - Ii«<. 
CmHUAC bti lout:hed tlit hojilLtw Eif 
Jacob'i Uugh in tbo iinav iiiAi 

, ciiAr. xxxra. 

WD Jartjb bftiJiS up ht? I'^yi?-,, 
and looktilj and bt.hob], ifsHii 
^amo, aud vviih bim four biindrrj 
men. And hijjliviik^l Ihf^ cliililrrm 
aulii LeFiJb, and uriTo Kiiritei, u^j 
UQio the two haiidiitnicJM, 
^ And Jn) |jui lb(] bimidirFolrtfl jipid 
tb€*ir ebildrcn fatftmaUt and Ln'ah 
and brjT child ran atVer, and Hath el 
Jijid JosL>pb hifulermujiL. 

J Anu he paidhid over before 
tiif-m, and bo^vi^l hiinJUilE' rn ihn 
ground m-vi'M times, until h* t^irn 
near U» his) hroth'OT. 

4 And EJ^uii ran to mopL him» 
nnd cmbra^^ed kim^ atid lijil on Ijihi 
neck, and hissed him: and Ujuy 


5 And \w. lifted uy hii «y^, attil 
i^if ijie/woirten and the rl^LdruiL 
pnd ^Baid, _Wbtt jTffl^ [Jiftfe ^iifi 

thee? And heaahh l*b« ohi^jJrm 
wbitrh God haiJi ifr^'CimuJy gjtmi 

b 1'ben the hotidnmidenB eg me 
nr^nfi ihvY O^nd di^ir cbiLditjii^ dial 
Lbi'j liovfil iJTf.'ni}ielirt?i. 

7 And Leah HJ.'Ht wiUi hflr clnh 
dri'n cnmu near^ tind buinfed ihi^m- 
ceLvoi; ttrLdaflnrETinQ Joit^h am/ 
and R^tb^E* and (herbowtid thciq- 

S And ho caid, WhTit meannf 
tJiou byaJl Lhiadruve which ] nn.^t T 
And hci Hnid^ TArf? iiiv i^i IhiU 
ifrac« in tiieiii|t;}tl of Tny lord. 

9 And Esaii iHiid, f hjivr<!ni>uvh, 
my brtithfir j ke€';it that thuu hii4i 
unto thfvtdh 

lU AiidJai'obiiaid, Naf, t pn^ 
thcci if now I have found uriinei in 
[Jiy fiijcht, djfrti reci.2ivi! my iiiiLiseiti 
ai my hand; Tw tboncfnrrf 1 h»yi: 
seen ihf faee^ a« tiiou^b T had icwfi 

Hb eonuth to $ueeoth. CHAP, 
the face of God, and tbou waat 

1115 LiiEi] id bruugiii tu liit-i^i Ue- 
cau^ tiod hath disjilt gftn-iQit^ly 
With me, nud beujiuw I Imve 
pn4>ufJt: mul he ur(;t:J liim, oxid lie 
t<Ktk Jt* 

J^ And he Baid^ Let m tcLka tiur 
ioarQcjT. ana ]«t lu co^ tind 1 will 

1^ And he injd qnio hinij My 
lord kilU'^Vi!:iUi Uittt LliecJiildr^n ure 
l«miert juid Uie floctii tuai jj^jriU 
*ith raimff orfl wiUi nio, aitd if 
men shQtiiEd ovpr-driva tlium one 
dfUTj nJJ tiiu fluct wiEl the. 

li li^ my lord, [ pr^y ihcc, pojs 
atvr tMnure his iervojit ■ und I vpIU 
feftd OD itrfliy. ni^tinjing aa Ihe 
caiilo ihai eiiL'th b^Fora mo acsd Oie 
cliiMrcii liE^ abLc! li>ei]duru'i tijiiEJl I 
carne un!o 11 ty lard uiitjo Stfij-, 

Li Aiid E^au emiU Lul nic mow 
lanya vmh ihtse aoirij of iJiy J.i[k 
LbJii «r« wiib rae: Art J hy ^nri, 
>\ h;Lt Dd^fEcUi tl T Lot mc ;ji.d 
imcb in the niffht of my lord. 

16 ti So Eis&a. KXamsd thai, drty 
on hii i?a? mtiE^ S«!ir^ 

17 And J^L-ub JEjuriujred to Suc- 
cuHi^ mid biilit liLmajn houie^Riid 
madtj hoatbi fur hi* ctmim . ua^ni- 
fore iUt> iftiijiiy «f ibo pkcL' ia eji]lEid 

]S li AckI JoiCChli cmtnt^ tt} Sha- 
Inin, a cicy uT SbechuTn, whicJj 1^ 
tei liw luiid of CQjDJiaji, i^liLTi he 
C4U]i« from Piidnii-JUura ; fiod pkcJi- 
cd JiiLat£TilU'rLjrG Uipcily. 

1^1 ArkJ he buut'lit a purest tifa 
fiidd, Mfhurc lit] liLtd i)pr>E!Ad hin Innt, 
ailtii: liusut qf the childre.'n of Ha- 
ipor. ^lL4Hd:kum'ii futJjtir, for aa huti- 

^1 Ami he L-rccioa dicni an idtiir, 
A lid caliL-id it Ii!]-£|cdin4enieL 

N{J DiiUiJ-r ili# daaf^htar of 
L«4ihii wlijicli aha htkra unio 
Joicoht wcml oul to bb» IJ16 dauj li- 
tonur iht liuid. 
^ Andwhun Shcclium thq^^^nof 
If i^jnur Uiu HiviUs tJrinc'« of tlie 
oounury^ naw her, he lotilc hor^ aiid 
i4y vv'iih h^f, iLuJ didl^d hi-f. 

3 Ami hid jiciuj cltLve unro Din nil 
the diiU|,^l|[urof Jncoh, antl \m Utscd 
iljv damiSL't, Euid i^ukft kiikLJIy y^jTo 
llic dlijll!«r|. 

4 And g'Nai^bem a^iakQ lutio hw 
niihtir fliunor, saylniTp met me Ujis 
dojTucJ Lo wifh- 

5 An^t J0cob henrd thnl \w. lijid 
d^cd Dinali hia duuchlf!<rt(nrhMr 
lii« PDiw werff with htH uuulo in tJis 
ftelit : utid JacoU held hj* puj^r-e 
iistil thrr ware come.) 

XXXIV. IHnah rmishsd 

6 ir And Hamor the father of 
Shechem went oat unto Jacob to 
commune with him. 

7 And the sons of Jacob came 
out of the field when they heard it : 
and. the men were grieved, and 

they were venr wroth, because he 
had wrought folly in Israel* in lying 
>vith Jacob*s daughter; which 

thing ought not to be done. 

8 And Hamor communed with 
Uiem, saying, The soul of mystm 
Shechem longeth for your daugh- 
ter: I pray you give her him to 

9 And make ye marriages with 
us, and give your daughters unto 
us, and take our daughters unio 

10 And ye shall dwell with u*: 
and the land shall be before you : 
dwell and trade ye tJierein, and get 
you possussions therein. 

11 AndSliechem said unto her 
fstiier, and unto her brethren, Let 
me find grace in your eyes, and 
what ye shall say unto me, I will 

12 Ask me never so much dowry 
and gift, and I will give according 
as ye shall say unto me : but give 
me the damsel to witb. 

13 And the sons of Jacob an- 
swered Shechem and Hamor his 
tather deceitfully, and said. Bo- 
cause he had defiled Oinaii tlioir 
sisicr : 

14 And they said nnto them. 
We cannot do this thing, to give 
our sister to one that is uncircum- 
CLsed- for that were a reproach 
unto us: 

15 But in this will we consent un 
to you : If ye will be as we be, that 
every male of you be circumcised • 

16 Then will we give our daugh- 
ters unto you, and we will tuie 
your daughters to us, and we will 
dwell with you, and we will be- 
come one peopla 

17 But if ye \vm not hearken 
unto us, to be circumcised; then 
will we take our daughter, and we 
"ill be gone. 

18 And their words pleased Ha 
mor, and Shechem, Hamor's son. 

19 And the young man deferrofl 
not to do the thing, because he 
had delight in Jacob's daughter: 
and he 7005 more hooourable than 
all the house of his father. 

30 IT And Hamor and Shechem 
bis son came unto the gate of theit 
city, and communed with tlie men 
of their city, saying, 

21 These men are peaceable 
with us, therefore let them dwell in 
the land, and trade therein : fur the 
land, behold, it w large enough for 

1%t iTftfi Af mfof rt<rtii. 

them ■ let ui Lnko their dtniglmsr* 
to in lur rtWuHj and lai ut s.ivo 

SS Only herein will tho tiiirn con- 
Knt unia UM Pur i(> ^iwihlj with uup 
to h? one |H70|][e, if tJvery Tnn-le 
Bitintng: ub be c-ircujnciiied, db thcj 

'TJ *Aaii not tliolf catile, ftnrl 
their eubstDJire, and CTery Ueut of 
ihsirt beantil DiiiLy kt ua conMuni 
until ilKiUt amt Uwjr will drtall 
with Hi. 

^ And unto llomDr, and unM 
^hi&ciiuni hii Mon^ [tuarki.iinc'd all 
tiiflt went out of the jate orhia 
eifj: Bi]d evcryitialc ivu* ciictiirii- 
ciMeti, ujl thiit Wftnt out of ilie ama 

uf liiiq njry, 

^ IT And it caiuQ to ptui on tho 
ihjjfU diiy* when ihejf wotu Boru^ 
Lhat Iwu af the from of Jairoli, 
Simeon and Levi, Dinah's bm- 
thrtiip t<]{ilt m^ih mm hia swofcK 
Uid tmme Mpon ihecitj bold If, tin J 
slew hLI lh4] innloffK 

^*ifi And th^r ilBW Tfiunof and 
^hechem hk sfifi with thu oilgB uf 
thotword, QoJ tookDiDoh €ut or 
I3l]4l:cltt^;n'a house, and wvnt aau 

SE7 Thottcitw of Jjtcfh CBiTie iip- 
Ab tlietlain, ifind fliioUeil tho ctly ; 
bDB&uHthejr had defiled thaiiftf 


io ilie way which I 


H^tL UQ 


4 Ami I hey puve unto Jacob r\\ 
iliD iirnoge ^{ocia wh It'll $ecrf ta 
tliLMr hnndf aiyl ajj( (ieir^Br-rinirt 
whit'h JCKre in their eaij; aud Jel- 
coh hid them under tho oak whirh 
wttj by Sht^eherju 

5 And they journeyed : erA the 
li^rrur ufCwl was upon the rltic* 
■ hat tofl-e retuwl nlfoiit them, and 

ihdr oxo'iit &m1 their 
mat will' 

took ^hoi^r Bbw^jj, and 

- 1ii.<:h ETOJ in the citfj, iiim| 

UiJt u.'hicrh (tqiJ in UH.'ri{.'FLL 

39 And all Their weulth nin'] nJl 
thejj Uttio onoi, and tlioir wivci 
tbpk they CJipLivOp &od »pui:ad even 
ul Unit warn m the flou*e. 

30 Anil J n coll said iu Bimauu 
Bud Lerip Va have troubled me to 
nmhti una tuktlnk ouioujf the inhd- 
bEianbf uf ihc [uttd^-citnonff tho Cn- 
uanoitefl, bjm) the Fariz]£itcd : and 
I iid?ur fnw in numbvr,, tlicy pimll 
fatljei- 4]LF!iu9elvefl lo^etliL^r Eijrajni^t 
fne, iitid !4hky ftif!^ aiid I sliall be e|o- 
SEiniyritlp I i^rtfl mf hon^Ut 

■U And they tauU Should ho dcnl 
witii aur ^istor u with au kulot ? 
t^HAI". XXX\'. 

AND CJlhI #aJd unto Jacob, 
- L ArijfKt go up lo Ueth^4'^}, tknu 
i^MfyJI Uicre: und nrako thi're bn 
iiiiRf unttiGod, Ihjii uiipFviirnd unto 
Hicw '^I'hen tliyii flL^rhbut froai \liv 
tueu ofKFau rhy bfuther. 

^i Then Jit4:ob «&i^l unEo hh 
lidust'hotijp Rtvi to a]l that icrrr 
with him. Put away ibe tnunto 
I/vhIi thnt srr aniDttE Toi^ and w 
Ciroji and <!iiimfQ your saunE'iitv: 

3 And Ift ua nr'mf, ,iFid go up lo 
tk;dji-el:j and I will make thi^n-au 
fcltar uiHo Gtidy wfbo cttiHiwenMl mn 
in L)iQ daf ol' mt di^itnqit^ imd nt'Om. 

thiL'y did not pursue after thci toTki 
of Jarob. 

n M Bo Jftpob cume to Lui, 
whtL:h if in the land of L'tiniLian 
[that is Beth-tl^ Ijo tun] all Uiu pou 
pfe ihrit iBtm With him. 

7 And he budt there au altar , 
and coIIe.'*! tliu plaee £td>i.'th-ej ; 
because IbtiRftljid miprared nnt» 
hun, M'licn ho fled from the fuce of 
hi? brother. 

S Bui I l(^b(>rah. Rebeck Eih^a nune, 
aim], and the waj buried boo&aTn 
Bmh-eL uniitr an aak: and tJie 
name of it wiw called Allon-bcic 

U *r And God QEiwiired unto Ja- 
cob agiun when ifw i^amo out ul 
Padan-fifaTn ; nmi bleeied him. 

Hi And God fcBJd unto hiai^ Thy 
noiTtu 1« Jncob L Uiy iiAlne 0]jEi]| nnt 
|jc called any more Jacoh, but 
larae] oh all bo tliy name ; and he 
r^Eilled bis name Urnvl^ 

tt And Goc3 jfLiJd unin himj I aja 
Goi! AimiEhly^ bo fruitt'u] and 
nudtppl^ ; El natioB and a &umj>niiy 
<}f natJLPns sJulII bu uf tht^^;. rjiid 
king4 alia] I coait* out of Uvv Kum, 

rJ And the land whirh I ^^tvo 
AbrahciRi and Jinuc, to Lhec \ v,\l[ 

ftsfis it, aruE to thyaeod nfier tJiL^e 
'ill { tive the land, 
1^ And God wmii up from him, 

ill tlio place whe^fo he talked witii 
hi Ilk 

14 And Jacob lot Up a. pillar fit 
the plEirc wliE^re he talked with 
him* enen. h pihnr of *[.one : and he 
l7oureil u drink -offering ther^otit 
and he poured oil {in^rvufi- 

15 And Jacob f sIIenI fho nirao ol 
tho pbre wherti God fliioke >iilh 
him. Heth-el. 

JO 11 And they Jtiomfypd frum 
Bf^Jj-i^^l ; nlul the IV wa* hut a Utti*? 
Way to cnme te Ephrtitli : nnti Ra - 
rhol travaili;dt ond iho had hard 


i7 And it came to pan whcr 
iliQ waji in hnnl lit botifH that th^ 
midwife p.riid unCe her. Pear noi( 
thnu iihall have ihifl aou qImo. 

18 Afni it cunin to poji 01 hci 
iaql we» in dtHpariinK, (for sht 
iiiodj thnt Eihe ^ hiK imme 
Uen-oni : buj hii father called him 

lMuc*8i€tiik CHAP. iCXXVL Esam's ^Mcemdmds, 

19 And Rncfiel died, and wunvrre stranfe.-^ ** . .f h^it 
burii^ri in the war to Ephriith, | ilj&m, bucuuFr. vj ., . 
wkjeh ia LkrUi-lchLDi. B 'Itim dwtrit i;i,nii ill Jiiouni 

^ And Jflc:€li Ki a pillar MPDd MiiEFif r Esau it EdtMn. 
futrrrnvD; tliat j> tha pillnroriLa- £^ ^1 And tiiese jitrr ilie pciiiprii- 
chcri nmvfi Mfjio tliiii Jny. ritMjJ of K^au the latlicr of ihe 

SI 1^ Afid Uniel journcj^pd, ami Eiloirviieii, Iti Tnount ^ir: 

._._JL! . . J ., "^ 10 TliMO diTt! ihc names flf 

l-^uLi'd flDEisL tilinhaj! iJifl iun of 
Adah the wife ofEiiau j lictKri the 

hu loiu beyDmJ tlhc lovrfur of 


Hon ot Batiicmad]. tlm wife of Et>i3u, 

II Aiul tJnj tii>Eiiirf EliLttiJu: vwpre. 

Tiaman^ Omar. Zeiiho, otid Ga- 

noru i^vttivo : ^ Vi Aiiii Timoa wo* conrubijM; 

93 1'he eoni3 of Lienbn Ai^ulivGi to EliplinxT Eiuiii'f son; 4jhJ khii 

"m Aod H Cftme to pu^^ -^ 
lixmjl d ivo] I in Lli at land, that Rcu 
iufu ^-iJdt and lny witli Iliihali hia 
ialh^T'i ci»ncubinDi nod Isriu;! 
liaanl tt» Saw thty idos fif Jauib 

JojCub^ri^ iit^L-bom, and J^imeon, 
iind I^vi, (it)d JuduEi, ^^d l«HicbiLf, 
Aod Zvbulun r 

S4 TLm; eoDi af Rachel ', Jofloph, 
mod Uoi^tiraai : 

^ Ajifl Uic loni nf BiHiab, En- 
chei'f Im/idniaidi Daoi otidNapli- 

ia And Uia wm of ZiIptiKh 

bnni to Etip^iftK. Anmlck: tbosb 
tCrfr^lJiepo[iBofAdiiJi. LdtLo^gwju. 

13 And tltcifo oTf ihi; »ii&» oJ 
RL'udi JVahdiiJi.aDdi Zernii, Sliaiii 
maht JLiui Mizxjiti ^ liicnio wurt ili« 
fion4 of BiibhiMiiuLli^ lilsuiu'^ wile, 

11 If An<1 ibt»s Wem Uk' kiiu of 
Ah^aLitMminhT ihe daujfliler dI 
AniiiiT Eiiu JayzhtPr ur ^ibr^n. 

,'■ faaodinaid; ; OadrOod Ajjibor. E^a a" a wift:-: a.{uT»hti bait lu Eiu ii I 
D tfr^tltftiqwofilicoti, whjeh Juu^bi nad j^ . .- ■ 

^ — . "- »^ ■ - — i -"^*«t """ ifliii[iiii, ami iCurEih^ 

w«r» bom lo tun? ia P&^an-braEa. 15 V I'hi^u icrre diikiri of lli& 
^ ir And Jscoh caaia unllo Isaac Bcrns vf Esau ^ tlie hom of ELiphaz, 
his fatliLT uiiiu Meiimrtr, imTci tJn: I Uid firstborn t0tt at Ed^uj dujl^i: 
eity Iff ArbiUi iwrbif^b i^'j lii^bronj " Ttnuafi, dukuOinar, diik& Z«()h<i, 
u-fkerE AbroboiD aAd taaac s<j-lduk.e Kenaz, 
Joamcd, , . . 1« Duko Korali, dukd Gp.tAnh, 

tM Ami uieoArftor kaoo were on and dufcc Aioith^k: ihcso urs tivti 
liukfifl thai €iime of EJjplia:^, in Lhu 
land ol" Edym i liv&SQ laerf wu soiu 
uf Adahn 

17 IE Aod Ihf^e sriF the b»tm of 
Ril'ijl^I, EiFLu^id itonj duk^ NnlmiJiT 
tlujtu Z^mUt ftiikeSbiimmFibT duke 
Mizznb t Uiene ar^ llic dukea iJiat^ 
camz uf ItL'Ut'lf in iho laiid ol' 

bp^FMirnl (knd rimrHToreriTim. 

^> And Ijiajii: luvu uu thr< fh^ut: 
aiJil dit-dj &idw^ Eulhbroil iinlo 
bin tKNiide, J^finj' oU and fuJL of 
dajf; and Iltji aumi B^iu Ou J Ja- 
cob uiu7i«d biin- 



0\V iJieiW sfTtiic Miinijnitiana I Edomr tkwe flr«ibe tofts of Bu- 
o1. K*jn^ vhu wEduEJi. ^ ^ liiicmalli. EtfiLu'i wife^. 

I ^iLU tD4>k bid wivui of the 
diLnt'bUTB of CanaBJi: Adah iho 
dau^^^virr of t]Jijn t^tu Jliitjii', and 
A'iuJii>2tJi;jih tbp dait^^htiTof Anuh 
tbodauf^it^Tof Zibcuii ihq iJiviTc 

iS T! Aiui iJir-sfl art tbn «a[» of 
Ahi^bbamti^i, Epan'a wlfcj, iCtjlU! 
J^juith, duke JaalaiiiT duke Korali - 
tliiJAV h?<!r« thcr dukcd ^A^tcaiH^ of 
Aht! libani&b iiiiD daug h i^r of A noli^ 

3 Awl BaKJKrEnrLtbi laiuiiiii;>rb| Esau's ^rirb, 
dHi3i,^hii?r, fLAfE^r of NcbaiiHb. | jy Thcuu ftra tbe Hon# of E^an 

4 And Ad all barn lo Eaau, Eli-; (^vho i> Edom) oiul ihci^j arcUuelr 
p]i;%jE ; 4n(iL Muabijinaufi baru Riiuu] ^ ' duiei. 

fl Az»J Ahoblnunak baru Jtiuab,] 30 ll Tht^n- ar« ilig aonwaf a^ir 
HjM J[|Qli4n, AinE Kfjrah : thcBi:s Uie ir<]TitCri4'boii]buhitcNtibF!:lr;]]d , 
art Ujp TOftf ofEiaii, wbicih wcirc I Lolan, and BhubiiJ, inJ S^ibcon, 
biirn uulo him lu tho limd uf Ca- , bj-uj Aiinh, 
'^^i"* ,rt , .. I ^2^ And Didhua, urn! Esy.T, mnd 

a AndERiii ttmk hw wjvfif, nnd'Duhjm: tlicsr. ar* ihe dnkci of 
oil tDni, and bii dAu|rbter«, nnd allj Uk^ llnrit^>«. tbe chilclri.'.n ofSt^ir in 
UiepetMnHi ofhij hou^a, and bij lilit? land of Edom^ 
CBIU«, HJtd all ^iubeit«[At u^^ alLi ^^1 And tbc chiSdren of f>oiea 
hufubfliiu£« wMoli bs had not in were (litri, lind hcnmiit und Lo- 
uie land orCnnaaii; aind won,! into tan^iaistor vidjn''Liiirui4 
the cuancrr fmiA tite fnca of hid Sa And Uig cli;]dn.?n oCShobal 
tirutbftr Jii{]4jb. I Khn-c ihosi; ; Alv D n , and M nnbthath, 

7 For iJieir nrhw wens tnore! ami Ebal, gJwijhu, mi^i OiLctm. 
Vum Uiat ihry JuifhL d^ell to-, ^2-t And tbefo ore tbe cluUlriintif 
^eibBT- Uia Lbttlaud HrhflreLa tliftF Zibnoti; ^oiU A jab, and Annh ' 


JhUtes qf ^^om. GENES1& 

LhiAfv^o^ Cj^nf Anjih (hat rnuiidtluj 

iTiule* in Jie wilIJt^^^^^«l, 4m be fftj 
ti» lUi^Qii of Zibeon \\\a 1 admr. 
^ And the chllilrni} of Anali 

nttih the dAUffhtcr DlAaafi, 
SG And UHfifi ar£ the eliililrcn of 

DL-:hfinii flomrian, nnil EUhbiin, 

niKl Irhrsn, and Cheran. 
27 Tht> ohjUlr^An til Esbot fit*r 

tlhwe; ESiJhnn, and Zjiavnn, ajitt 


919 l*ha cluktren tif DJAiiiui (intf 

5^ Thene a« iho duki'jt fAaf camif 
of tiiti Horit^ji ; duko Lotan, ctuku 
f^habnlr lEuke Zibeon, duke Annh, 

% DukA Dialian, duko Ezer, 
duka EHihttn ; ibr^Q nrf Uliu cUik< s 
U>g|: csK* of Huri, anions their 
ddkH bi |J» land urSoif. 

3^J 1! Aik! tJieao ff rf thp king* thai 
fuiinAd io iho iFuid of Bdom^ bi>- 
fbre thsra f^itnod any kjn« uver 

Jj And Bf la Urn i!on of BcKir 
reifiiod io £ih»in: nniE iJii] nuiUQ ■>/ 
liiiM^i/ wof 1>inliiil»iU. , 

33 Aad Bcla died, juid Jqbub t^ie 
•on of Zorah of llazroh reigned m 

34 And Jobab (lEed» and Hii^hnm 
of tha land of Tumnni m^nod io 
hi! MQBjI. 

35 And Kmlinm died, mnl Hn 
dad tba loa ^f El«du J {wlii> »mow 
Midiui Intbe Hultl lafMoalji rcipied 
In luB AB^d 1 and tiie aaoii) of iij^ 
nit¥ KWi AtiiIi. , . . 

3S And tfadtul diet!, anit Sani- 
lali ^f !lllMn?l[iU3i feij^ned In Idj 

3^ And Bainliih diiMl, and SniU 
of Rchiil^pih hu TAifi river roi^ntid 
in bis fft4:ad. 

3@ Ami S*tiil^di43d, and BaEiI-ha- 
non the lob of Achbor rdEtiHl in 
hi< stmid. 

3Q Afi^l BaAl-hunan liio ton of 
^ckbtjr (liH'tl, nnd FTaJo/Tuieneci in 
iia Itftad : Uxk) 1 1nl iliim'* of nifl citj' 
■MM Pun r lu"^ I kit wife^H name 
»as ?4»4^otatit:1, iI^e^ dEiUii'htier uf 
HatriTd. iheilaiighiur of Alt^iahalK 

^n Anil ihcpp OJ^* iJir* nanjfi* of 
tijOi^uki'^ ihjut sarae m IviiO, ac- 
rijtilinf l{i tlioir famiLirai nfler 
their [ikcofl, by thf^^ir nuntina ; duki"^ 
Timnehj duko AJvuht iltiVe Jo^ 

41 Dnk? Aho]itiameii,doke Blob, 
duka Pincmi, 

AA nukrt Ki^fiP^ dufco Tom an H 
diikc MiEi^iir^ 
43 Duke Maidial, cltrke Tram^ 
L ^ the dukei af Bdain» uc- 
1^ la their habiiatlfrnsT in the 
bf lli«ir pitMMmn: lift Ci 
. tii« furlHai of ihdEilciTAiMi. 

JoMpk** dreamM 


JoamAktitfvi ofhU RrftAren. 
4 Mj Jnctjb dwelt in i|h! Inn^J 
xlL when: in kin fiilibi^r wns a Htrun- 
(€jr, in liitd luml nf Uiinaiici, 

3 I'^jittittf iire the ^fl!neimiiot!t oE 
Jil4^ob 1 Juacph Jtrm^ Fmfrenlccn 
rejua old^ WDj feeding thy flotk 
iijth hid breath ri'iMifuf eTi^ lad wajt 
vfiiU liio Bona of ^jJhah, ami wUh 
the noiM ut S^ilpab, kia father'a 
vvivfvgT and Jiisopti broufhi imiu 
hie lalJior iJiaif evd icpeM. 

^ Knw UiBf} bviid Ju>i0|}h bhjt* 
llinn aEl hU chjlrlnri^ bennuK lia 
ViU ifiti i4in nf hi* i*kt ajra' cod 
ho mjide hun a ci^ai uT mmi^ 

4 And wbpn hii brethren Hiw 
Lbai UiEiir fcLt^iur Invcil him mort.^ 
ihan alt hi^ brpihrco. Ihcr hatud 
hiniH and t^tuld not tpaak ^uam- 
abtf Unlo liicn. 

5 r Alii I J Liaf^ph dreamed a dream, 
and ite ip.dil ii his bmtbren: uiiJ 
Ukuf baU'il hjiij vet Uit^inorti. 

4} A[id btt said tailo dtem, Hoai. 
I ptwy ynUi this dreanj wbicb I iiave 
drnjnned : 

7 Fat ljflhoy» WIS viTff blndiiif 
ibhuAVfid ill Iho fifi]d. and Jo. tn^ 
^wm-nirvw. ami alio ilooil opriihl : 
aitd bch^iLd, yu-ar ibfitiv^ fftood 
round About, qimJ Qindc nbeii^ancD 
lu my Bherifr 

^J^ A ud hiii brethren said lo hi en, 
5hu|i iodt-ed T^ign «vor tisT 
or »hah tl ton imlcinlhuvcdoruii lion 
ovjj^tUdT Atid ihBs hatml him yei 
titu liiort! for hM driiqinf nud foihii 

9 1i And ha dreamed yet anoUie/ 
dream. a4ui lold it kia bit^hn^n, and , 
(ta.'\i\, Bebi»H, 1 htivn jHri'itmL^ a 
dreurn more : and ihihr id, iku «iun 
nnd UuoniLiitn siu| tFie ok^vi^nainrir 
iniiiEu obi^ijiancro lo mo<, 

Hi And he told ii to hi« fntbcr, 
and Ut bia bfeihrtn: Eiml hii facbor 
rehuked hico, and wiid unln bim, 
Whntif Uiif rlrMajn dial dioil ho^l 
drciiiiried t Skali I and iliy niotivLf 
amt ^y brHJ^ren indef^l eoinie to 
bow down ouTiPlVfwto tbett Lu the 
oartli 1 

1 1 Anri kijt brethren envind bini ^ 
buf kin father (tbne/vod iht ,.fi]firiff, 

1^ 1\ And Idd brelhrcn went la 
fcrt<l theiir fniber'a Rot^k ill BheelM*tn. 

13 Aihi li^inLeL siiiH unto .liHeph. 
Do not thy bf uUitun feed tJ^ j(e£A 
in i^hochiJTn ? OwJip, nwl I vrill wnd 
tliuo unlo therein Aod he suid to 
him, li«Ffl dutt L 

Li Acid he B.^Ld to hiiib G^* I 
pray tiLee. iee whulber ft be ^eLl 
wiui I by broihnm. and wvH wiih 
tlw fkickii aod bruie ma wonl 
if Rin. So lifi aant Itira out of Uw 

Sets told 


rule uf Habroo, pmi tiC cmuB [d 

13 II And a rertain man found 
bLnu ujid Ixjhi^id, 4e tf 4;^ wamlcriiii^ 
in Uifl lk<ldL liiTfl the mnn o^ltL'3 
hirtv *iijriiiith W]int iooki^st Hum 1 

Id And na e^r], | k^kJi my brc- 
tiiren: IlE! me, I jirnj ihiic, wli^fi^ 
tiiwF )<!n-'d fAj^j' Jtockn. 

17 And Ulq niim mid, Ttiy? tire 
ilapaited lietsee; for Ilieari Uiom 
nCLr> liel us ffo to Dodinji. Anr) 
JoHhuli neDt &f|Dr his lroUircn:,and 
fouDdtbej)] m DtJihan. 

18 And whiiii They arw Iiiin afar 
off", ev(in licfuru |ih c;»n" tM'n-r unn> 
UiL'iii, thny cuQipircd OgaiiTfL bun 
Ci>?ikiy him. 

ip Andthtf lair! one m flriaU;uj', 
ifehaM uikdrg'nniizf cornelta- 

ao Ccme now tiiatcfotty, und let 
u» ilar hun^ and rant trim iuta mma 
yli: B.Dd vte will «4iyj Somu stvil 
[jtsat liath ijt>VDiiri\LhEiii; nnil wo 
«h4]U e4:l' wbal will bccamo of bia 

21 And itcubi^n henrd it, and he 
orUi-erpd him out of tjicir liujuld; 
und tfiiid, Lnt lis noi kill hidK 

!^ AndRfiLiljt^nfli^iiLl un1« them, 
BhiKi nu tdooti, but cost him juiD 
this I'it ihat ^> in tho wUdc^mc^, 
4ad luy nu hnnd iiprm hrm ; il^st he 
ojklit rid him oux of lLM?ir biindis. 
tudaViv^T him to hbi fathti]: a^nj/i. 

33 ^1 And it caino Ui pnm y^hvu 
Jnifi'ph wu come unto lua hircLbren, 
Ihttt uitfl ftripL Jiistiuh out nf hlii 
CfiBJ, Avt octal ofmanif cu^nurs ihuL 
iD«tj on UiiA. 

SM AiiU they look hlm^ and coil 
luu itlto a pit L nnd thu pH ti0i£,tff 
■oipiy. lAfrf tsa^ na wiiIet in ith 

SSi And Hvff imi down to ent 
brvud L and titter lifted un dmir ^yt.-fl 
aim mi»ku:l^ and tul^iaMh a Com- 
pniir (iri^lunneSileacKnHi frern (!l- 
Ifljid, vfith ilicfr caiDeitf Lenrin^ 
spiryfjfH, 6.nii bn!w, a nil myrrh, 
l^«»iii^ to carry r( dawn To Esjpt. 

^ And iiiduh Fiitid unui hlA 
firpihfeii, WImt (TFofit tf li if we 
l^Eiy pur brother, oud C0ndeal hia 
bliHKt 7 

37 Come, and lei m sell him to 
tjicr Ij^hcnoviiteii, and ItM luat t^ur 
hAFfd bo upon hifJiLf^r ho i« our 
brother, aru:^ oijr fleahi ond his 
liiTerhn-Fi werr contenL 

3H Then ihen' pdb-^^hI dy Midian- 
it«s, ni*rchiiM-Tnfrn „ and ihc? drnw 
ajKT lintd Up Jouej^h out cjf the pit, 
and *ijld Jo^j'h to the^ lishmnidittifl 
fur bfOTiijr pitce* of iilv<?r: and 
iJwy uritiii^hUDieph intfl Egriit. 

w T1 And Reuben rmurtiad unto 
Ibe ^it; Md b^^Jiold, Jofl?[»h wiw 
rrot in ihifl oit; and he rcpt hia 

bp his brethren. 

30 And hit I , hia 
brt'ihmtiH untE cji., . , ,. lud u 

not; BnJ [, wlliL}i(^r.-Ji;LLi i fu ? 

31 Audtbciy Lnok Jui^epii'M coat, 
rand killi^d a kid of ilic \;i}\\\Mi ii-nJ 
dii^pcMl tlifi coal in the MutTd: 

3a Ami thty «:ni tJie coal pf 
fnrnjTiT RnLoUrB, Olid daey hrriLJiJht it 
to iJieir fatJiej , and !it],ii1,Tljialiiivp 
wo lound: tnuiT now wh^tlitrr ir 
ha thy stjn^B coat or ntj. 

33 And he knew It, nnd wiid. It 
w ray stJii'ft coBtt an evil boifjsl 
hjith devoured him : Jnteph iJ 
^vitliouT. iti^ubt ftint in pieces. 

34 And Jucnb rent ills dihibf^, 
and put [ini:hi:lDth u^m hid loijta^ 
and moarned fur hu ion manjf 

-» And an his sam and nil hia 
duuelitcri ro^e \i\i to cnmlbfl liini ; 
butlno fcfuavd to hc' eumfuitisd , 
pud hn Buid, Knr I will jro dawn 
into ihy grava imio my aoi] nifiun^i' 
jTig, Tbn* hh father wppt fuf 

^ Ajid the MidionirL'si boM him 
into EOpt uiitfi PaUliliiti:, nn ofli- 
c(>r ol'Tn&moh^s, and captain iit 
Uiu ^uurd' 


A pMtinti/ ofJudffA. 
R D itmni^s 1o paaa at tjjat tinsp, 
thht Judoli w**nt rtonn fioni 
hiH brethren, aiu\ inmcd in to a 
cnnaln AduUnnide, lyhoRS ^iiutid 
Ki'iJt Hlrali. 

2 And Judnh iaw dict^ a rian^h- 
Eer of a ciriaiti Caucinnite^ wlui* 
name tPfiK ?hiMh ■ and hg took hef 
and wpnt in until hur- 

3 And^ho c-inacelved, and haiu h 
iOTi; nnd he c-allcdhtu tmnn Er, 

4 AtuE jdie coni^tlved a^Bin* and 
hnrc D liinTi ; ujid alie caUtal hui 
i^nmi^ Oimn, 

5 H^nd alio p^it ngain enncjjirvnd 
and tinrc a sun; nnd eluIIpj] ht^c 
Ttnine il^Eiul&h : and ha iv4« at ChJr 
Tib, when *he tsflro bim, 

U And Judah tooti a wife for Er 
hifl fifst-burn, whnwe naino fipoj 

7 And Er, Judnh> fir^i-li^rnL 
W5!) wicked in tlie aipht of th.t 
LoRP i and tJ^ip L4jEid eiiiw bim. 

a AmE Judah salrE unt^i Oitrtn, 
Gv in [inio djy brathET'v ^^Ifc?, Jiml 
many her, and ralEo up &t,-itd tv 
tiry brijth4'r. 

iJ And Clnan know tlmt the se&i 
phould not bo hit ; and It came ta 

Caw, when he went in ucito kit 
rother't vvife, that he jniibt^l it im 
ihR Eronnd, leitl dmt he should (five 
st'eil la biA brodier, 

10 And the thin^ whkh Iie? d[d 
diiploatncE the LiORUi wherufon 
thiw him olflEf' 


Tamar deceiveth Jndak. GETI fSIS. 

11 Then said Judah toTai^Ktir ],h i E>4 * 
daughter-in-law, Remain a ^v]<|iiw 
at tliy father's bouse. tUt ShiuJak 
my son be grown; (for ha jiHldn 
Lest perad venture be dio nUo ud 
his brethren did:) and Tibnciar 
went and dwelt m her fiith'jr's 

12 ir And in process of lirn^ the 
daughter of Shuah, Jud -.'.h' iii 
died: and Judah was c^n 1. 
and went up unto his shooj' ^ r^ 
to Timnatn, he and his Iri^. ^ 'J III' 
rnh the Adullamite. 

13 And it was told Tauinr, say- 
ing. Behold, thy fathiT-in In^t 
gooth up to Tinmath, to ihcELr hi;i 

14 And she put her widow'n irnr- 
ments off from her, and <:ovcnMJ 
her with a vail, and wirun^nl 
herself, and sat in an opctt t)]u<;e, 
which w by the way to TLoiDiith : 
for she saw that Shelah w as ff rvu-n^ 
and she was not given onioliim tu 

15 When Judah saw her, he 
thought her to be a. harlot ; bi^c^ustt 
she had covered her foce. 

16 And he turned unto her hf ilif^ 
way, and said, Go to, I ihqv tlkti:;, 
let me come in unto thee; (for ho 
knew not that she was his iliia£;Kier- 
m-law:) and she said, Wh^Lt ^vijL 
tliou give me, that thou m^tiigi 
come m unto me 1 

17 And he said,I will send the* a 
kid from the flock : and she said. 
Wilt thou give me a pledETQi UU, 
thou send it 7 

18 And he said. What pMf« 
shall I give theel and wha mmi. 
Thy signet, and thy bracoloiii. and 
thy staff that w in thy hanil : and 
he gave it her, and came w iuilq 
her. and she conceived by him^ 

Id And she arose and wppi n wny 
and laid by her vail from h<^r, and 
put on the garments of her ivy^}^- 

20 And Judah sent the kid liy the 
hand of his friend the AdiLllmmitCi 
to receive ki» pledge from the 
woman's hand: but be 

I found liei 

31 Then he asked the men of 
that place, saying. Where im the 

harlot that toot openly by ihi3 n 
dde 1 And they said. There < 

} way- 

. _c WQa 

no harlot in thisploes. 

S2 And he retomed to Judnh. 
and said, I cannot find heri aiid 
also the men of the place said, 
ttat there was no harkitm tiiu 

83 And Judah said, Lc^t Ixir 
take St to her, lest we be sibamed i 
behold, I sent this kid, «id tliou 
tMst not found her. 

Birth d" Pharett4re, 

ilirr?.': rvioBUfiif <tfti.T, ihat \i ivm lulil 
Jtufah, ^yiiif, TKfiiar Lhy daugii- 
li«r' iii-Ijiw^ heith ptujrEMl eIk; hitrfijt: 
and hIiOt bchuldr fine m with chiM 
hy ^biinJilfkm. Aoil Judah iaid. 
Bring her (mtb, and let hor bo 

3i> Whiin she »« bruQglit ff^rth, 
hIhj irnt ly hni fiither-ip-mw, «jy. 
injr, By the iu\in whoiMi thurni nre, 
aia 1 WJLJi child: Cixl hhd uuii 
Djgtem, I prtij ibfie, whose art 
tiit!jio^ Uuf fignut, [iiiilbrac«t|;l4, [iikd 

3t} And Jodnh Atrk howled ehx! 
^/iJnn^ and sakl^ @he htiiit heun 
more rii!,H]Tc»iki ihnf} 1; been two 
that I g^vQ her not to Shcloh my 
sum hjid he know bcr ntain na 


27 And it cama to ftflM in the 
iLiiio of bttr ttei^'aiU ictaL beJjeld, 
iwinu icfffc Ln her wtunh- 

34? And it CBime lo para whtst 
dht? iravailodj that i/tc <me put out 
Ait harkl - and tiic toidwife touk 
and btuind upon his bund acearloL 
thrend, najms, Thia canie out fir^L 

2y A fid it cnmo to ^usa m ha 
Amw hack hln Imnd, that behold, 
Jus br^Llicr cams out ; and iihe ^ajdp 
lUtw h:L!!tthnii br^iken forth f thiM 
brenoh be iipflti tiice : thorofora hii 
nMf\fi wRi cu.[lad f Jiare;. 

^) And aAerwiird cDime out his 
brother ihcit had IFin rii.'UrkL thhend 
upitn hia KelikI ] and hii name vfUi 
calM ZitFHh. 

^^11 A P. XXXTX. 

AND Joseph was brought d^Airu 
la Berttt: Olid PvtiphEir+ an 
offiwf afFmn^iK certain of ihe 
gunMtn fin F^fll^\sui. houeht liim 
or the handi of tl>a [ihrnivnlLlOE, 
which hod hnsuglit him daw ft 

^ And ihA tjotLit was with Jo- 
fit-ph, and liu xvom ^ iirospf^roui 
intui : and be wn* ift tiio houne ^t 
\U9 mii^f.t the EfTFVtiun, 

3 And hi* niljster «aw that il» 
T^oKH viltj wiith him, And titeit Uia 
LnaD niodii (ill Uiat he did to 
^rn#per in itla hand^ 

4 Aiid JoBuph found fracro in hit 
ai^hl, ond he scrrv^d him,: lUid ha 
mndi^ him ovemeer ovef his >ioujto. 
fiijci: All that be had he put Into his 

5 And ti ennie to v^» rnim tlio 
tim* JAui ho bn J nifulo him over- 
peer in liJA houiCn add ovitrall iJint 
ho hftd. ihcit the LrfiAO blejwjfl the 
Ei^yptian'A houw (ktt JowiiJb'ji 
Bokt! ; und the bk^fjiing or iho 
lyiitD wns uiKin nil that he bad in 
the boUKit tunil >n the &vk\. 

Jos(»h tempted CHAP. XL. 

6 And he led all that he had in 
Joeeph's hand; and he knew not 
aaght he had, save, the bread 
wluch he did eat: and Joseph was 
a goodly person, and well-fa- 
voured. . - 

7 ir And It came to pass after 
tliese things, that his master's wifo 
cast her eyes upnn Josopri: ~-\d 
shesaid. Lie vt iifi mo.. ^ 

8 But he retiiM^dT rtttil iflid wnto 
hb master's wi h', Heliolfl, m^rnas- 

bjf his mistress. 

ter wotteth msi what w wiih me 
in the house, p.hI fm halh tanicriit- 
ted all tliat he liii li to my hand ; . 

9 There is ifMic ^nian'r ni inis 
house than I ; iiLiiJic-r iiii\U hv kt^pt 
back any thing from mo* J^ut iJipe, 
because tiiou art his wile; haw 
then can I d^> tliiK gnuT wicked- 
ness, and sin a^tuiiBi; Gu^ / 

10 And it came to pass, as she 
spake to Joseph day by day, that 
he hearkened not unto her, to he 
by her, or to be with her. 

11 And it came to pass about this 
time, that Joseph went into the 
house to do his bu^ess: and there 
was none of the men of the house 
there within. , , , . 

12 And she caught him by his 
farment, saying, Lie with me ; and 
he left his garment in her hand, 
and fled, and got him out 

13 And it came to pass, when 
•he saw that he had left his gar- 
ment in hot hand, and was fled 

14 That she called unto the men 
of her house, and spake unto them, 
•aying, See, he hath brought In an 
Hebrew unto us to mock us: he 
came in unto me to lie with me, 
and I cried with a loud voice : 

15 And it came to pass, when he 
beard that I tifted up my voice and 
cried, that he lefl his garment with 
me. and fled, and got him out. 

16 And she laid up his garment 
by her, until his lord came home. 

17 And she spake unto him ac- 
eordinc to those vrords, saying. 
The Hebrew servant which thou 
bast broughtunto us, came in unto 
mu to mock me: 

18 And it came to pass as T lifted 
op my voice and cried, that he lcf\ 
his garment with me, and fled out. 

19 And it came to pass, when 
his master heard the words of his 
wife, which she spake unto him, 
■aying. After this manner did thy 
■ervnnt to me : that his wrath was 

20 And Joseph's master took 
him, and put him into the prison, 
a place wh«re the king's prisoners 
were bound : and he was there in 
the prison. 

31 Tr But tlie Lord was with 
Joseph, and shewed him mercy, 
and gave him favour in the sight of 
the keeper of the prison. 

22 And the keeper of the prison 
committed to Joseph's hand all the 
prisoners that were in the prison ; 
and whatsoever they did tlicre, he 
was the doer of it. 

23 The keeper of the prison look- 
ed not to any thing tAot was under 
his hand ; because the Lord was 
with him : and thai which he did, 
the Lord made it to prosper. 

Pharaoh's Butler and Baker. 
A ND it came to pass after Uieen 

king of Egypt and his baker had 
'^'-'^ their 

thinga, that the butler of tl:o 
nd Aw baker had 
lord the king of 

2 And Pharaoh was wroth against 
two of his officers, against the chief 
of the butlers, and against the chief 
of the bakers. 

3 And he put them in ward in tlie 
house of tlie captain of the guard, 
into the prison, the place where 
Joseph was bound. 

4 And the captain of the guard 
charged Joseph with them, and he 
served them ; and they continued a 
season in ward. 

5 ir And they dreamed a dream 
both of them, each man his dream 
in one night, each man according 
to the interpretation of his dream ; 
the butler and the baker of the 
king of Egypt, which were bound 
in the prison. 

6 And Joseph came in unto them 
in the morning, and looked upon 
them, and behold, they were sad. 

7 And he asked Pharaoh's offi* 
cers that were with him in the 
ward of his lord's house, saying, 
Wherefore look ye so sadly to- 

8 And they said unto him. We 
have dreamed a dream, and there 
is no interpreter of it. And Joseph 
.r." - -r;,;. n;. ZivA hi% ^rn^lsi- 
i pvay >uu. 

a And Uie chiftf bailer told hit 
drenzn To Jmcph, nnd snM utkyv 

^lil>^, ]|] tny tlnnim, hi:\i<i]il^ A VHie 
lOli.i Itr'TniTi-mfij 

W A Till in thft' vine -merr ftiHw 
briiiif-ti-.-d: nml it u?a^ aHLhuuuli it 
lM]i34k'dt and iii-f bU^iiFeinfl hKliI 
r^nh; Eind ili0 duilcnt tltL^ruol 
bniU!:hl Pitlli ripn ifrnpufti 

11 Anfl riistnicifi^s cnp tpau mm? 
hnnit'; ;md I Jonk th'! Enipr'*, cniii 
firff-nMl lliEiin iiita Phrim<tli'5 cuik, 
nn<1 L gave the eup iiito l^iiturauh's 

¥t And Joioph ma\A uiiio him. 

Pharaolts buUer and baker. GiSSSajS. 

This M the f r. r li 
Tho three brar . :; Li 

13 Yet witJi.ii n-.nui jluii^aJuU] 
Pharauh lift u,i Mjj^ linai!, llulI re- 
store thee unto iliy iJladt^T am] Mum 
shalt deliver P.iuiLiMh'^ cuii into 
his haiid, after iln' N'fui'.T iDomiur 
when thuu was-E Iilh )>ijUi/r. 

14 But think [>\\ iim ^vJlui; iiEdiJk.1] 
be well with ti^. < , uikd stiew kimi 
ness, I pra/ d. <% uatu me, iijii;! 
make mention i.r mm unto Plui- 
raoli, and brijjg lui} otiL ar thii 
house : 

15 For indeoii I wiin ftto]<?n nwur 
out of the lani^ t^f Liic llubti^^Vtf: 
and here also fciiiv^j 1 donu uu^hlnu 
that they should pijL inn lulu Uti^ 

Id When th.' cliief bak«^r iaw 
tliat tiio interi'H'iiiiiLKi mfiu goui]« 
he said unto J i:- ph. IiiUQwcur in 
my dream, am! I'i-IjijI^Ii fhad ihras 
white baskets 'u sny heuil ; 

17 And in th ■ up^icrmoit biuket 
there was of iil rD^nci^r qf bak'j- 
meats for Fhaincifn and tliti Ukds 
did eat them oiuuCUm hajLkt^t Miiun 

my head. 

18 And Joseph nnawEhnod, and 
said, Thi? t* tliQ ifiUtriJTOlytiiLiii 
thereof: The tlirua bu^ktts ar* 
three days: 

19 Yet withi[i lUjt^ xiars whttU 
Pharaoh lift up iIl^^ lieail rrom off 
thee, and shall iiiiiisr Un^o un a. irgu ^ 
and tlio birds .-ilnU eal tliy At^Ah 
from off thee. 

20 ir And itc i <ii>' to paw the Nurd 
day, which w-i*- i'liaraoli'a blriii- 
day, that he m ul. a fi<i:LriE uxilo all 
his servants: imiL he lituid up thii 
bead of the chi> i l»iiilara[iEl of the 
chiofbakerain ii:^' \nA mw^^nx^v 

21 And he tc^fciurfMi Vnu diicf 
butler unto hlir biiiUnr^hjiEi a^ain; 
and he gave tlir.^ cu^ iiiLcj Fharii'<»h'i^ 

22 But he hnn^t^i] tlw chief 
baker, as Josi^ph h^ uii^4:r>rotad 
lu them. 

23 Yet did rat i\\^ chStjf biiller 
remember Jose ;<1 1, UiU fi^reAtiiicii. 

Pharaoh' e .'w?j» tJrtainjir 

AND it canai' [l3 pn^ ai tbn cml 
of two full jiiiors, llwil PliirJinih 
dreamed : and tiiiliuliL, ho iUiud by 
Uie river. 

3 And behcM, then} rame tijt 
out of Uie river :J"'^r4ii wifll-r&vuurifl 
kine and fat-fli ili^LnJ ^ and liie/ iWl 
in a meadow. 

3 And behoM. r^vco otU'^r kinK 
came up after 1 1 1 < n h nai uf iJ it ri visrt 
ill-fa vouretl aii<i [rrmVl^^iwii a^il 
stood bj the oiUir kinc upun thti 
brink of the river. 

4 And the ill-fiLvniirral and lean- 


His tioo iremna. 

U I n viIicmI tjno flitl eat up thfl h^vbu 

■■ I ■■■.■ M nivium"! mA fat kino. 3o 

5 Asul hu elypl und drtsanied Uie 
sfM'iiLid tin 1^1 and behi^kl, iisc^vt!]^ 
qufi Mt' eani Piimo lai^ ui>Liit qw\ 
aiFilkr nink unci uood. 

li ,\rhj L'obt^IrL sfi'^^n ihm ^nrn 
ami blnsUul wiih ilie cast wiuil 
ispruiig Hit jiftor ih&u, 

7 And liie iovcn thin mirs dc- 
vj;iLir4,>d tho £«VL'n niiili. eiulJ fult 
ears. Aivi PfiiLrmoh uwukor unil 
bebutd, it Kojn Ji dfeoiiL 

>i And it cjuirtfl tit pam in tliff 
mumiag, that iiis splint wiii! IfdI) - 
Ml? J f etml h&^^Jii onrl culkfl Fku all 
the niigiuinns ofEsjV''^ ^i' '^J:' ^he 
w]«+ nj(yn iliifreof; and Plinrauli 
u»]i] thEH* li(« di-eatn; but (In** 
10 [T J nnnc Lhtil could interprL-t them 
ujilu Plnj-rnoK, ^ .... . 

U IT Thtn spake llic cinef bi]t]j.t 
(iiUtj Pharriohh «ajriii?« T do runieni- 
h^'.r^\tv fniiLUi llils dsiy : 

m I'Jkuracth was ^vroUi witb his 
s£>irvELQij9» ai;d puL rao ici ^vard in the 
caiJituil lif the pHAnlV houec, both 
me, and tim L^kKif baker: 

J I And we (Ijvaini^d ti draani in 
tine ai^ht, I and he: wq drmtn^u^l 
iinoh man aecurding to Liie intor- 
piulatioLi df iMsrlfgciEn. 

la And £Am wtw thero Viriih U* 
a youfi^ uiaii^nnllohfewp servant 
1(1 iJlq f MptzuiT nf t|]fT ^imtiil ; and 
\iEf lull hLm, iuid Iw ititfSrpi^Tod Ut 
us DUf dnt'iLiiH^ Id ciu^h nuici iir- 
eanlicif to Jiis drueciin bo did Ij]- 

i:i And it ciiniB to pd^^T its he 
mit;«i.l to IJ5> H*! il wmsi mu ha 
reriti>rud unia mine officti^ and hirij 
ho hiiiisi'd. 

14 ir Then Pharaoh iwnl and 
cilIIlhI Ji.)ii(.'|}^^ and thoy brought 
bini liiiflLily4:)iit i>f iJ^it duiigvon : and 
htt hhavfd hinuetf, muJ r handed hi!i 
Falint'-Ot^auil <^Eiifio hi untfi^ Ph^um^bH 

15 And Phtir&ii>i tfiiid Unto Ji>- 
iejtphf I ii!i*e dreRinod a tlrt^mtif and 
tA/Tf w Hon^' tliai can inUi'Fpretiu 
and 1 Ijavd herinl sny i^T thee, tfinl 

inlerpret iL 

Ifi And JoHefih nti«wi>[vd Phn 
rnuhr Hij^iEitfi; ft i^ iioi in nwi ihjd 
shjjil ffivD Ptiiiraoh tm lui^fwer qT 

17 And Plmn\nH fail ilnlo Jti' 
ii'^dii, 111 tny dreikiii. hehfitdH I h^iilkI 
u[H>ii Lhi; tiiirtX itftnc? rivfjr: 

Iri Ami tiehold, Ibt^TC ruTno up 
uiit ef llie riv^i,T bovil-h kitiui liit- 
n^-tcHl, and welt-fiivounpl ", and 
Lh»?y finl itiuTiniiidow: 

iO And b&hold. wven ulbarbiiifi 
<:arrie up a tier ihu m, pnnr, ttttd vcrrr 
ill rELVOurf;il. and lean Itt^shed, mch 

interpreted hy Joseph. CHAP. 
u* ! rn.M-rr na^iv in [J I the \mA aC 

3n A Oil Unf ti'tifl am] (Jjis ill-fa- 
voiifL^i]i kiiiy [!id uut iii» liiu firifl 
«i]van Till ktnif : 

31 An(i vriviH ihoy hml eiU<^n 
lliLiin nj>, it CDuItl Dot bu ki]uwn 

SDfirff iUQ j]] lu vtioretl, on aL Uiti btr 

23 Ainl 1 sow in my lUeAm, nntl 
Ixi^iiitiJj KovcfH card c&aic ujt ui 4juc 
stalk, full nnd gaoJ l 

IJMirc^E^ iIurk SB J bluiiL'd with iJie 

'34 AimJ Uitt til in en™ dovosife/l 
U>e seven gfUMl t'lira: aiiii I tuhl 
i/rjj Ui the nmnicinn*; bul /Afr^ 
IPOS nufl«thnlcuiikliivc|[j,rfl it Uy 

2fj TT Ain^l Jiuepb laul unlo Plia- 
fmulit Tliu drcani uf PJiaraiub w 
«iH<: God fkaih H}tewed FiionioJ!! 
whut hu M ibotjl UJ da. 

V* TJM loven jfood kinc anp 

enr? lire luven feiire: Lhu diuant if 

37 Aim! tilts BBiL-Prt thin anti fll- 
riivQUr«il khio tliui cniue ufj bi'iIlt 

eoi&i ^Tiiiku »hnil tKt ifiven fuiifl vt 

Sri 'J*hi6 M thti tiling vrliirli T linvci 
■pokun aniD ['hnraul] : vliikt fiM 
it mbtiin Lk> fjM h» Hht-w&lJi unLu 

OS) J)<-lkaMt tlbiT£) ctiino BL'^'cin 
jrfMini i>r ^n^ia pliniEy t}knjiU£huut 
iiEl ilHilouJurEjimi 

3tl' Ami UiL'tti KhnlJ arise nile^r 
ihcTn »t;\('ii T^.-uft ijf faminei and 
nU tlje pPi-tiEy slmSl liw furvoLten m 
the hmu vt' I'^ypr ; iiad tlwt fajaiua 
vJiaiJ' I'lMidurni' Tlir fund; 

31 AimE W^ iikniEy iihan not Lci 

DCiwn in (ho J:lijiI [»}" recu>fih dI' 

|# yarjf CTtevuy«. 

^ Ami fuf ili[^l tho [Ir^Qitn h'sji 
Hutihlail Mnlu PlKirauh t^vii'.e; it is 
bcirhujM lliiH thkn^ i^ c^tiLbEi^Ltiti by 
G'jd, ujiil Gud will abgrtly briiiH jt 

39 Nirw LherefctrQ let F'lanioli 
jjuiik ayt a mail {|i*c<reot rui<] wiuiC, 
flfid £oi Jiim over tiiPlaniEi^fllfi vi>t. 

'M Im rhiLraipL du rj(r>, am] hi 
him ame^iat nDiupn f*viii 1.1 lo linil, 
■od tnkr Up the fif^h part of llm 
bmd uf Re/iit jn t^tu iu;|-i3ii piiiu- 

35 Arul IflT ihem f^nHii^t all Ui^ 

Ukrl lay upwirn undflr )ba hftml of 
Pharauli ^ miid let tliein ke«|> fmni 

X(X Joseph* 8 Mdvaneeruettu 
IXi Awl thiti ruud ilialJ b# rui 
itorc ta tiiiji Jiiiul t^tunst iht* tawn 
yi'ss9oi'ikmiuv, Whif}i #htill Ik! in 
lilt' hind o1' liLuypU tJtnr. Lhu Itmil 
liifitwh tini thru I Iff ji iIk? (ImiiJiii,- 

^ II Anil tiki] lIu]]k wjtfl Kcioil in 
tliu e¥<^ u( PJiaruuht aud, ia ))i« 
cj'i'^ Ell ull fiiit i^L*'rviifklti, 

^ Aikt PhiiratiL luiid tiiitry hl^ 
M?rvaiilPH C'ltii Wu finil ^jvr A a 0]>ii; ua 
I Ids iV» n luan ia whoui LJia lipiril uf 

Wi And Fhorftnh «brd unlw Ju 
ecpii, FoirasiiiuL'li du GueI huiil 
s)iPi,^i3tt tiipu all this, there ij n^me 
M rii.2K-rcci arul wist} aa iliou *!>■( ; 

4(IT>iuii shbll Ikt iiVlt mj huQ^i 
ndd i^CK^ivrdine iinio Ihy word fthall 
all my p^jOLilo bL* rulml; onlp ib 
ilut thfoiiu Wdl 1 Iw ETUu^ier ti>nn 


41 AlilI Plinmoh siud ucTa Jo- 
BPiih, Bi.'Ef. 1 hflifo «t tlicw ovtfj nlE 
iJie Intid oTEgypLr 

42 And riiaritcdit«H)ki]fi'ldj|rin4 
frttm Ilia hand, ami put it iipckii Ji> 
ttL'^ili't Land, and^ arfsyud lijri in 
vtJ^EurFiii of lixiKs liiiiin, nnd pul a 
^o]d chain abuut JiiF udtk ^ 

43 And ]»• tfjBiin him tn ndalii Ui« 
BbcDdd c'hmii}t %vhi*-h bo iiiTil: and 
llbty t-.ridd ht-furu hlni, Huw tli<l 
Vriri^ '. find hi" tniirio him ntiCT- ovsji 
all tlLi? landorE^jrpt. 

I'hrtritoh I 

44 AM Vi 

[ vnid iiiih> Jn 

itcph, t aFF) Flmiriiiili. ami ^^LiJmuT 
lIiuu fthiiJL nn man liTl np Liid iuuiJ 

i3r Tcioi in all ihd IhthI i»l i'^gyt^J^ 

45 And Fharnid] called Joieuh'n 
nume Zaplinacli-jpnu^ttdi; iitiu he 
AitT€t hiiD [i3 wife A^DuLti ilie 
daueJilfr of PL»li-|jliarah piioat uf 
f.>Ei : iind Jn^rph *¥cnl pul uvcr oli 
iJie Innil uTEirypL. 

4)1 1' And JiiM'iih tiTctt ihcriy ream 
nEd ■^-hi'\t li« PifHid tn'forn? Phjiranh 
kjmff {if E^y pt i nna ^nsopli wcnl 
tjiui frum t|iL' prL'AfMico of t'bamoh, 
arjil wtmt ti\n.iushuiil ali liia limd 
of E^ypr. 

47 And m thrt ^iv^im pJ^ntjenuB 
yeriT9 tbc eurUi lifpufht i'utib Li^ 

4>S And ho eaEJiPn?d up a|] Ihn 
rdod tif thp miViin ytiira nvhjrih warn 
in thi! Iittnl nC E^ypit flJwl luUI 
nn Ihf] fuiul' in Uif; t'iuc'i : die (ami 
of iIkt Scid which mtis round 
aliaiit aviirF cit/t Icud lie up in tlia 

4D Ane! Juw^fili f aih^f^d rorn dj 
the wumi of tha ton, vtry mpchr 
nn^d ho lE>n nnnihcring ; fur it vac 
wjiIlodI number. 

^ And unto Jnu^ph w^rc honi 
Iwu nuEiH thrlbrc the ycarft un'nmine 
ciJimB ; lYhich AncfiEitli ilip daofrh- 
Eor of Poii-^ih^rah iiriamtcir On ltar4 
up to him- 

Birth otf JotepKa sons. GENESIS. 

51 And JoiMpli riiilTeit ^m naiiiD 
or th«! lifpt-bnrn MntiiiaiToli ; fcir 
(IcmI, niidA^., liiLt!i muile me Rirgul 
nU niy Uiil, anti ali my lUUiCf'i- 

.^J And i\m nnmchnrtlic Bwon*! 

(jnii.^flil ma tia bd truiLfLLl in elattlujiLb 
ot'trsy tkriliclicin. 

SiLt ir And tho seven yftr^ra of 
plcnjeouint^^n tliai wib* in tiio iund 

^ Aii4 llwtuvfcn ytdarBftrdtriurih 
hcfT'kii ha corne» nccnnUng ni Jn- 
wph Nod wild: and die JcArili w,ij 
ia all kaniU; btiL la till Unj laajl 
Di^Kymilitite wim ken [I. 

5& Anil wbon alh \\ifi land or 
Efynt wa^ f.tmifihuFLl^ tUv (m-Hj'lf 
taivA lo FKurauli Ibr bread i nad 
P/ianitih ftD,jil uciiD aU thti E£;f- 
tiurri, G(] uiiti? Jogupti ; wliui he 
sailh to ynup Ao. 

sa AjuJ titq r'amino wai ovar fill 
the fiief nf iluj etrthr and Jo- 
nepk (lEK'nttl nil itio mow-housrit, 
and fluid unlo thn £jt^nli:inH ; iLfid 
tlie flLinifKi Wruod •uni ll; llw Itind 
of Ef ypt. 

."jT AthJ oU rj»iiTitriicA T^iine into 

bmuiLUM) Tl'taT llio funiinQ wii« Ffr 
poru i^n iiW Itirjtis. 

tJJCAl'. XLfJ. 

NOW ^vhcn Jriefil> law ^hn^ 
naiiL iiniu liLt stmi*. Whir do yo look 

3 And U^ eiud, Behold I Imve 
hcnrd Uint Liters ii com in Cj^ypt^ 
cot yno d^twn titiiJiurt djmI Imy (tir 
aft from iUfj^lica ', llrnl we ma^ live, 
and nut {li^. 

r4 \ And Joaepli'i ten brctlirci] 
wfiatduwti ifi Imy (^crrn in EgypL 

4 But Heixjo mi nittosci:! h ' e L fh Uier» 
Jncoh RtTkl not wicli liin btuLliff^n ; 
fi>r >i« liiaidi Loii tK^racEvoitture tnii- 
chi(^^l>!^^Jdi him^ 

5 AnrJ UiL' ^»ns af T^racl came to 
buy cjTTA amnnp Uiiue Umt Fucao: 
h^r rSi? fumlne wai in Uio kutd of 

(I Anil i'lSf^fih v^M the troiemar 
ovf^r tbES Innd. 'fn^ he rt Uffuf ihni 
sol'f lii> EitI !hL' iif'Ttph of thti land : 
ami J^n^pWs broilir<?n raraet, anrl 
Iwwed dnwij th'*oi'Adv4'>9 bvFbre 
bifiL mttA Uic'ir faccw to (h? Darlli. 

7 AihI JoR-ffjIi aaiv iii^ bTriLhniiii 
and hr ItriPi*' iM>niH ben maile J^im- 
■elf etri'kfifrc^ initio t}\tim, iin\\ t]?iiki<- 
fowkWs ttiAatht^my and Jju iPiir] 
unto UI.L7I], Whpinca cowq fdl 
And thtif said, Fmia llio land af. 
Canaan to bny ToihL 

B Ami JoH^ph knnw KiibretbnNit 
Sii thfinr Imttw noi him, I 

JosepWs brethren 

3 And Jaiq>h ^ : j 

dreiiji^jwbicJi lifl iir V .1,1, 

Mud ftiid iinm iJicrtip » y jji-r !-[iie n -, 
lo itoc tbe uakfdui::^ fif UiC land >4^ 
arp I'onK*. 

lU And Hie^y Ba*d anEo hitn^ Jfiiy, 
my loriij Lui itj buy fosid are thy 
BerviintF com*?, 

J J We ijri: all one raaa'« ^oi^; 
ivo flrptriiu Hum; ^hy BcrvnnL* rare 
no -fpiet. 

1-4^ Artd he said iinio thftin, Kny, 
liut lo «c« the naLkednustd of liiu Luiil 
YD are fomt!. 

II ,'\ihi ihuy anidt Thy t'-n-ojitfl 
arf twt'he brethri-T, liie 9vna iif 
tine man in the; luijJ uf CiiniiFiTii 
niid b*!J>o|d, tins vuuiige«r m idiiu 
day widi our falhbrt and una is 


U And Jow^tth wiid unlo Uipm, 
ThcLl ^t tt Lliai I §^tt^ii imtD yuii, 

III JltjrphF JO fdmlt be pmvi^it; 
By ih0 hfu of PbaFaidi yfn sihnll 
nut e^i Iflith bi'iiWi ct"^>.'pE your 
y^uufest brolJier conic hil}iin. 

11^ SuiidotHiuf yon, aiLd k'Miim 
fi'leh yoiirbrijtber, ninl yo lihal] Ltj 
kept in prison, Uinl you? wunds m^iy 
Hjo nmvtfd, wbitE-ljf r there be nn^ 
I ruth in you : or else, by Ujo Iif<i iff 
l^hiiraah, Hunlf yL+ arcwpitw, 

17 And he pu( tJiein all lu^eUiOT 
inio wnrd ihrL^c i\u.]fi. 

Ifl And Jiiw.'^ih fiuid unto ihrni 
the tiiird dtiyt Tbia do, and jite ; 
for 1 ff ■:tir CiiKl : 

JtJ If ye Afl true mniH let c run of 
your brc'thrcn bt.' himnd in U-\g bouse 
oryuurprifiniit ju y-e, tarry tarn 
for llio famine ofFour Kou'De« 1 

l!lJ IE El I biing your yitangic^t bt'rr- 
iber unfo rn(jj so ftiiiiH yimr ^eklIji 
be vcrilicd, anil yo eliaLl nut dii.^. 
And Htny did no. 

51 II Ajid ihpyanid one to annther, 
Wu are vtTify f ullt? concL'roin^ 
ouf hnitberi in tbai w# saw the 
anjfUinh of hi« soul, when bn Im^ 
fiou^ht 114, and wn wt)u]d uot hear: 
iJiOFfifora ia Ihii diKlii?J4 ODinti 
upon uri. 

'Jil And Reuben answered Uimn, 
unjiim, r?'pnke I not unto ycju, P^iy- 
ini;, 1>L] not «in A^ainti tbe claild ; 
and yM wEjEiErl not ln'ar I thfi^mfore 
UFh<.iJd nlMi hjh h^^iiKl in r^Ninirif}. 

i£i And iJicy knnw noi thni Jo^ 
Hi^tiJiuTMFeniTootLtJti/^n ,' lorhedprLko 
Unto tbom by an inlorprtter. 

*24 A ad hu luniLid himEK'lf aboul 
fr(»n UiFnp, n lid wepl ; and returned 
io Umni D^rdn, nftd fctinttiLitied 
witli tJii^in, nm look from ibem 
BinifK»np and bound him Iternria 
tflf if I'ynpi^ 

^ ir 'j^ben J<i<^ph efimniEuulriil 
IQ lid tboli fniOrki Willi t^artiy and iij 

eome into Egypt. 

restore every man's money into hu 
•ack, and to give them provision 
for the way: and thus did he unto 

26 And they laded their aaaa 
«vith the corn, and departed 

37 And as one of them opened 
his sack to give his ass provender 
in the inn. he espied liis money: 
for behold, it toiu in his sack's 

m And he said unto his brethren, 
My money is restored : and lo. it w 
even in my sack : and tlieir heart 
faiJod theMf and they were afraid, 
saying one to another, What i» 
this. tAat God hath done unto 

29 IT And they came unto Jacob 
their father unto the land of Ca- 
naan, and told him all that betell 
unto them, saying, . . , „ 

30 The mau who is the lord of 
the land, spake roughly to us, and 
took us for spies of the country. 

31 And we said unto him, VV6 
ore true iMN ; we are no spies : 

32 We be twelve brethren, sons 
of our father: one is not and the 
youngest is this day with our fa~ 
thor in the land of Canaan. 

33 And the man, the lord of the 
country, said unto us. Hereby 
shall I know that ye are true men : 
leave one of your brethren here 
with me. an^f take food for the 
fumine or your households, and be 

34 And bring your youngest bro- 
ther unto me : then shall I know 
lliat ye are no spies, but that ye 
are true incn: so will I deliver you 
your brother, and ye shall traffic in 
tJie land. 

35 II And it came to pass as they 
emptied tlieir sacks, that behold, 
every man's bundle of money was 
iu Ills sack ; and wlien both tliey and 
tJioir father saw tlie bundks of mo- 
ney, they were afraid. 

'M And Jacob their father said 
unto them, Me have ye bereaved 
of iny ehUdren: Joseph is not, 
and Simeon is not, and ye will take 
Bci\jamin away: ail tueso things 
are against me. 

37 And Reuben spake unto his 
father, saving. Slay my two sons, 
if I bring nim not to th<^ : delivoi 
fiim into my hand, and 1 will bring 
biui to thee again. 

38 And he said. My son shall not 
eo down with you ; for his brother 
IS dead, and he is lef\ alone: il' 
mischief befall him by the way in 
(he which ye go, tlien sltall ye 
bring down my gray haiis with sur- 
10W tu tlie grave. 

CHAP. XLill. Benjamin saU. 


ANli tJbo tainina Vtu liorc iu UiC 

-2 And it caniD tg pOfi^ whf^n 
tJiLT had cat(jn up llio cum wIticJi 
liny Iuie! bmiLifht out tif EityrT, 
(.inr T:itiwv Pitjd un\i} UietH, tj'o 
a- »m, J my ii#ahttlo fnod, 

:i Aitti Juilikii i-uaka unio him, 
f i^ii]fl, Tlio nmndiFl »i»luriiiLl| pia- 
t'Hl unto lis, eafinif, V« ihdll hoi 
iH 1' riijf fni*, oj^cwpi your |ifatJn)riif 
^viilii you. 

■i II" liiou v,m aorvil our binithcr 
vijh im, w^ wili go down nad buy 
Ui'.:e Ibod : 

^ But if thuu wilt not spnd htm 
W*s will liot ffft clowii ; for tliu rrmui 
kuid until tin, Yc Ehcii] not Pi« (iiy 
ficp, except your broLhur ^ wiili 

f] Ami Jsmcl Midi I'VhexffftfO 
J-Jnls yoyn til with mc, of lo li^llthy 
1311 HI. whctl^i^r y« liad yvi a l)r<»- 

7 And tljcjniid. The man oskeA 
vtn Btrthlr of cur ^tutis upd el 
(|^lf kinrlrod, eayin;;, Ja your tblhor 
y.i liJivisT hdvn j[.' tmatAi:f iiia^ 
lUi-j ? umi WW Tfiia Uim cECDrdij|« 
ti< tUu tfL-noF ufU^iiSQ wonki Cuuld 
1^4' L^rrluiEiJy htli'V/ tliat he (iCuukl 
*:v, IWttifi ii^iirlKrijlhijr duwnT 

^ Am\ ilUtjilJidaid Ulitu UifJiirl hi^ 
I'.ijJti^t. atndl the l^iii hith me, rtml 
V. >' ^^ ill [krJBU and go ; ilmt v,'m> may 
L£vi,n^ an it nut dio, butii w<i» auU 
" ')Ur u/uj uLiu our litlli^ une«+ 

I [ wiD be buivty for liiuu cfmy 
li irti) shnll: thnu riKimrtj liini: If 1 
liiii:]]]; haim nnrt uiHo Ihect and set 
huK h^^fom lUm, tiji-n let mu tiOAT 

11^ l-'or t]\?i.<[it wi? hud llngf^red, 
^iirvly luiW wi; Utm>L rviuriMtd Uutt 

U Ami ll>«lr father lirniil said 

i!l4 liium. If tl^ J/m^L du ia qo»°i 

J ttiis^ lakrj of i}t¥ b^ifl fmils m 

" liuif] ill yeui V4»(K)iri: sud eurry 

iliwjtiljc rpun H ptR«4ihE,i a littLo 

brLliu, [lud d httJct han4:;|r, spicijtf, 

an- 1 iiivrrti^ nuti^ andnJEnandii^ 

I'J Anii taki]L duLtltlu iiionfy in 
yuttf brinil; ami the rrtuiiey tiiat 
v::i«. brought tL^iiiti Ui ciit^ ^nutli of 
viiiir rsarkj^r nirry i£ s^'Tun in yuiir 
riLtid] jhifadvoiiLure ti vtoji uji 

Ki Tiike Q]f.o r<j«r brother, aud 
BTii^i>, pu ni'-sLiii untu llkrr iiiuri; 

U An<l i'ii*\ Ahni«htj gii'e yoti 
nu'r-^y bt^Lnrc th<: nian+inNit he may 
pLiTht Rway ^aur other broLhiT, uml 
i'' r.j'unjii: U I he liotuavcd v *n^ 
cif'f<irt.v, I nut bu^t'iivt'iK 

t,> If And ibie mcin look ihal prar 


Jotqtk entertaituth 


m their hand, and Bemamin ; and 
rose up, and went down to Egypt, 
and stood before Joseph. 
. 16 And when Joseph saw Ben- 
lainin with them, ho said to the 
ruler of his house, Bring these men 
home, and slay, and make ready : 
for these men shall dine with me 
at noon. 

17 And the man did as Joseph 
bade: and tlie man brought the 
men into Joseph's house. 

18 And tlie men were afraid, be- 
cause they were brought into Jo- 
seph's house; and tlieysaid. Be- 
cause of the money that was re- 
turned in our sacks at the first 
time, are we brought in; that he 
may seek occasion against us, and 
fall upon us, and take us for bond- 
men, and our asses. 

19 And they came near to the 
steward of Joseph's house, and 
toey communed with him at the 
door of the house, 

20 And said, O sir, wo came in- 
deed down at the first timo to buy 

21 And it came to pass, when 
we came to the inn, that we open- 
ed our sacks, and behold, eoerp 
man's money toaa in the mouth of 
his sack, our money in fuU weight : 
and we have brought it again in 
our hand. 

its And other money have we 
brought down in our haiKls to buy 
food : we cannot tell who put our 
money in our sacks. 

23 And he said. Peace be to you, 
fear not: your God, and the God 
of your father, hath given you 
treasure in your sacks: 1 had your 
money. And he brought Simeon 
out unto thdta. 

S4 And the man brought the 
men into Joseph's honso, and gave 
tkem water, and they washed their 
^e«t; and he gave theur asses pro- 

25 And they made ready tlie 
present against Joseph came at 
noon : for they heard that they 
should eat broad there. 

26 IT And when Joseph came 
home, Uiey brought him the pre- 
sent which ioa« in their hand mto 
the house, and bowed themselves 
to Iiim to the earth. 

27 And he asked them of tkeir 
welfare, and said, /« your father 
well, the old man of whom ye 
spake 1 /« he yet alive ? 

aB And they answered. Thy ser- 
vant our father is in good health, 
he is yet alive: and they bowed 
down theur beads, and made obei 

%» And h« liAed op hn eyes, and 

his brethren, 

saw his brother Bcixjamin, his mo- 
ther's son, and said. Is this your 
younger brother, of whom ye spake 
unto me? And he said, God be 
gracious unto thee, my son. 

30 And Joseph made haste: for 
hra bowels did yearn ujKin hid bre- 
tliiT: QiLiI lie ijoui^tit u-k/:r£ to 
W! ifi: and Ite iijiured iiiiu his 
chnjutior, iin<l ivepttiif r&. 

Ji Aiiil he wiifi|ii«ii his* factt, and 
wutnl (Hii^ anil rtrrniiKil hLm^ctf, 
anrUfiiii, -let pn bn-wj. 

;^J And ihoyamt on for h}n\ tjjf 
hiiii!ii.'3t; And for lli^ni by thpin- 
selvtjfl, and tarrhijEpr^tLau^whleli 
oil J f'jit with him, by t/ieirutL'tvcs ; 
be^^iiLj-fci the KwTVthiiti irii^hl mii 
eai IjiiMul wifij Uiif Kcljrevrdi tht 
th.ii Ejf tm uLoininaUuD luita the 

' ' ■ ■■ ■■ ■ ■ ; • il»o 

firDh-uuiii teCCurUuig to iiis biitli- 

right, and the youngest according 
to his youth: and the men marvel- 
led one at anotiier. 

34 And he took and sent measee 
unto tliem from before him: but 
Benjamin's mess was five times so 
much as any of theirs. And they 
drank, and were merry with him. 

, ., CHAP. XJAV. 

A^oMpA'a Policy to his Brethren. 
IVD he commanded the stew- 
ard of his house, saying. Pill 
the men's sacks lotth fo<Kl, as 
much as they can carry, and put 
every man's money in Us sacK*t 

2 And put my cup, the silver 
cup, m the sack's mouth of the 
youngest., and his corn-money : 
and he did according to the word 
that Joseph had spoken. 

3 As soon as the morning wa» 
light, the men were sent away, 
they, and their asses. 

4 .^{2 when they were gone out 
of the citv, and not yet far off, Jo- 
seph said unto his steward. Up, 
follow after the men; and when 
thou dost overtake them, say unto 
them, Wherefore have ye reward- 
ed evil for good 1 

5 Is not this it in which my toni 
dnnketh, and whereby indeed he 
divineth 1 ye have done evil in so 

6 IT And he overtook them, and 
he spake unto them these same 

7 And they said unto him, 
Wherefore saith my lord these 
words 1 God forbid that thy ser- 
vants should do according to this 

8 Behold, the money which we 
found in our sacks* months, we 
brought again unto thee out of the 

Judak 9 humbU entreaty CHAP. XL V. 

before Joseph 

iVoA of Canaan: how then should i ther comn rJoivn with you, rif fihoir 
we steal out of thy lord's hou*<j m^i inrfciccnomoro. 
wlver or gold 1 ^ ^4 An 

9 With whomsoever of thy ser- 
vants it be found; both let him dii\ 
and we also wdl bo my lord's 

10 And he said, Now also let it 
be according unto your words : y w 
with whom it is found shall be m? 
servant : and ye shall be blameles 4. 

11 Then they speedily took 
down every man his sack to tViu 
ground, and opened every man bui 

13 And he searched, and begrm 
at the eldest, and left at theyouni^' 
est: and the cup was found m Ben- 
jomin's sack. , . 

13 Then they rent their clothr!', 
and laded every man his ass, aijJ 
returned to the city. 

14 If And Judahandhisbrethn^n 

nd il rnmcr To piufl, when 
WE> cojnu up uuEa Uiy P^rvoai uiy 
I'lillrLTT wti tojil hlni fht wonli of 
my If ltd. 

•^ Am\ mir J&thqrsniil, Go ojfiiiin, 
aar/ buy us a little fii'Jti. 

^ AuJ wo Asid, Wq cannot \ta 
down: iffiuF roungirtist brothor te 
with us, t}it^D will \¥^ |;o i1dw»; 
for ML* niny not &ee Uw miift'ii fuco. 
a\4:ep^ Dur yotnig^osL Lruthcjr he 
with un. 

^ Ami thy sprVdJit my fa Uior 
iduil unto US, Ye know tJjEit my 
wile huna nil] two «u<)ijr 

*J& AtvI iSie one 'nvcjit out from 
rue^ and I jEsltl, 3ufoly he id tara 
in jilcce*; MiA I mxw hiin nat 

^Ji> An4 if yetflko ihis alpofrofii 

m^, uml miiidhii^f befnU htin, yfi 

.„ aliftli IjniiEi d^wi my tfi^ay liajiri 

9 yet there :) and they fell bofo rid Willi j^nrrow to the ^rriivA. 

bim on the ground. 311 Nasv tbiiratbftf wImmi I c^infl 

15 And Joseph said unto tlieni, to Uiy ^'rvaim: mr JaUier, ami t>i« 

What deed m tliis tliat ye havisiluil hn mit with, us; {jstcinx tlmi 

done 1 wot ye not that such a man I hi» lie^ id liound uti iii Ujq IimI'i 

came to Joseph's house, (for li« 
vas yet there :) and they fell bofo n 

as I con certaiidy divine 1 

16 And Judah said. What shnlJ 
we say unto my lord 1 what t\\t\\i 
we speak 1 or how shall we cleur 
ourselves 1 God hath found out 
tlie iniquity of thy servants: bu- 
hold we ore my lord's servan^o^ 
both we, and he also with whoiu 
the cup is found. 

17 And he said, God forbid thut , . , 

I should do so: butihe man h\ ^heUI hnvLf tliii hlatnis tomy fuihur 

whose hand the cup is found, hu fur umit* 

shall be my servant; and as furl 3^1 iS^ow tlii^mfoFv, \ pray tliet}^ 

i'ou, get you up in peace unto your i jot tJiy ^lyiitw aLjiLti it-jiLrad oi (he 
hther. i Wl a uonu^mun to m^ luni \ uid bi 

18 IT Then Judah came nenr tim kd go up witJi W hTuiJimn. 
unto him, and sakl, O my lord, li-t I :i4 Fur Uuft* Jih^itl L Jira tip Co my 
thy servant, I pray thee, speak ai futlicr, nml \li^ luil, Airnot wkh nm\ 
word in my lord's ears^ and let not { \^i pemdveniorQ I ni-i^ Uio uvlI Umt 


Jl It shnEI tDnut to pui, whop 
ho ^L'utit tlk^^ liig lud i^ nal «r{£A sr^ 
iJiQt he will die: udJ lJ]y acrvEuit* 
iliail bringdown the grny hairi of 
tiij' ser^hDtfiur IkUu^^r wjtli biirrtiw 
Ui the gi av(^. 

:iS Fyt ihysofvani becnmo sur^tf 
forilie lad iinio my fialii^r^ snyingj 
If I bring liim nnt unto dtcu, ihon I 


thy servant, I pray thee, speak 

word in my lord's ears^ and let not \^i pi 

thine anger burn against thy si r- bIiuII coma on tny fnThcrn 

caAlV XLV. 
JivgrDhmaktUt himjtfifknsiPft. 

vant : for thou art even as Pharao] \ . 

19 My lord asked his servant i^ 

saying. Have ye a father, or a bro- . . _ 

therf Jt hJiiHft'lf bvftm id] thcrn Ltmt 

3D And we said unto my Ior«J. > piooJ by himr and he ctitai, Uausn 
Wo have a father, an old man, artd evtry mud. lo git out from mci 
a child of his old ag^ a little on^^ i and Thcr^; iiood no man with Ujmrt 
and his brother is dead, and hn wjtim Jyitt>ph mndflhim^ulrkjiDwii 
alone is left of his mother, and Lui UTiro his hratlu^n. 
father loveth him. i ^ Ani! ho v^-t-pt ntntid ; lod tjie 

31 And thou saidstunto thysor^ 'Kgi'jjtcnt^ ond tJio bauH4 urrhjt' 
vants, Brmg him down unto mr^ iLn-ni b-^ui]. 
that I may set mine eyes upon i '<i And Joeeph said unto his bre- 
him. I thren, I am Joseph ; doth my fa* 

22 And we said ante m; lord, ' ther yet live 1 And his brethren 
could not answer him; for they 

— 1 my 

The lad cannot leave his father 
for if he should leave his father, 
huftOher would die. 

23 And thou saidst onto thy ser- 
vants. Except your youngest bro- 

were troubled at his presence. 

4 And Joseph said unto hisbro- 
! thren. Come near to me, I pray 
;you: and they came near: and 

Joseph seudcih 

he Baid, I am Joseph your brother, 

whom ye sold into Egypt. 

5 Now therefore be not grieved, 
nor angry with yourselves, that ye 
«old me hither: for God did send 
mo before you to preserve life. 

6 For these two years haih the 
famine 6efn in the land: and yet 
Uicre are five years, in the which 
there shall neither be earing nor 

7 And God sent me before you, 
topicscrve you a posterity in tlie 
eartii, and to save your lives by a 
great deliverance. 

8 Su now it was not you that 
89nt mo hither, but God : and he 
hath made mo a father to Pharaoh, 
and lord of all his house, and a 
ruler Uiroughout all the land of 

9 Haste ye, and go up to my fa- 
ther, and say unto him, Thus saith 
thy son Joseph, God hath made 
mo lord of all Egypt; comedown 
unto me, tarry not : 

10 And thou shalt dwell in the 
land of Goshen, and thou shalt bo 
near unto mo, thou, and ihj chil- 
dren, and thy children's chddren. 
and tiiy flocks, and thy herds, and 
all that thou hast: 

11 And there will I nourish thee, 
(for yet there are five years of fa- 
mine ;} lest thou, and thy house- 
hold, and all that thou hast come 
to poverty. 

12 And behold, your eyes sec, 
and the eyes of my brother Benja- 
min, that it is my mouth that 
speaketh unto yon. 

L3 And ye shall tell my father of 
all my glory in Egypt, and of all 
that ye have seen : and ye shall 
haste, and bring down my father 
hither. . . . . , 

14 And ho fell upon his brother 
Benjamin's neck, and wept; and 
Benjamin wept upon his neck. 

la Moreover, he kissed all his 
Mrethren, and wept upon them : 
and afler that his brethren talked 
with him. . . ^ 

Hi II And the fame thereof waa 
heartl in Pharaoh's house, saying. 
Joseph's brethren are come: and 
it pleased Pharaoh well, and his 
lerx'ants. ^ .^ 

17 And Pharaoh said unto Jo- 
seph, Say unto tliv brethren, Thia 
duye; lade your beasts, and go, 
get you unto the land of Canaan ; 

18 And take your father, and 
your households, and come unto 
ine: and I willgive you the good 
of the land of Egypt, and yo shall 
eat the fat of the land. 

19 Now thou art commanded, 
thin do re ; take you wagons out 

GENESIS, far kis father. 

of the land of Egypt for your little 
ones, and for your wives, and bring 
your father, and come. 

20 Also regard not your stuff: 
for the good of all the laud of 
Egypt is yours. 

21 And the children of Israel did 
SO: and Joseph gave them wagons, 
according to the commandment of 
Pharaoh, and gave them provision 
for the way. 

22 To all of them he gave each 
man changes of raiment: but to 
Beiuamin he gave three hundred 
pieus of silver, and five changes of 

23 And to his father he sent after 
this manner; ten asses laden with 
tlie good thinrs of Egypt, and ten 
she-asses laden with com and 
bread and meat for his father by 
the way. 

24 So he sent his brethren awa/, 
and they departed : and he said 
unto them. See that yo fall not out 
by the way. 

25 ir And they went up out of 
Egypt, and came into the land of 
Canaan unto Jacob their father, 

26 And told him, saying, Joseph 
is yet alive, and he is governor 
over all tlie land of Egypt. And 
Jacob's heart fainted, for ho bclicY- 
ed them not. 

27 And they told him all the 
words of Joseph, which he had 
said unto them : and when he saw 
the wagons which Joseph had sent 
to carry him, the spirit of Jacob 
their father revived : 

28 And Israel said. It is enough : 
Joseph my son is yet alive : [ wiU 
go and see him before I die. 

Jaeoh comforted at Beer-sheba. 

AND Israel took his journey 
with all that ho had, and came 
to Beer-sheba, and offered sacrifi- 
ces unto the God of his fatlier 

a .^1 M <i .1 !>ake unto Israel in 
thr vi-^-ri^H'^i I lie night, and said, 
Jar'^li, .tiMub: and no said, Hero 
am I. 

3 Anil ha said, I am God, the 

Go'! uf Khy father: fear not to go 

doM ri hiU* tk'vpt; for I will there 

I Ml.'. I great nation: 

I »wn with thee Into 
uill also surely brine 
ft , and Joseph shall 

..on thine cyen. 

II rose up from Beer- 
'^ sons of Israel car- 
<- ir father, and tlieir 
.' I their wives, in tlie 

wii:!: piir'^'i'i' h Pharaoh had sent 
to carry him. 
G And they took their cattle, and 

4 ! u, 


i: M 

pu' t i- i 

fj Ami 
Sh-!... : 

1, 1 ll 


fonagoetk CHAP. XLVU. 

ChiHir j^uLiitiJ vfiivch t}]x^Y Jiiul galtnn 
in rfi'^ hiriii tif <./ai}::iiii3^ And cuniff 
iiUu Ei^Tptr JtLcuh, and all liiii seed 

7 His «iDtt and hu Aora' lona 
with hiKL^ Jiifl daunhlen, ojid liia 
iuqb' ii4itsitt£r»^ mhl ttil hb »aficl 
lir-^tuJil he with him into Eff}'i>t4 

e ^r And LilOMS lir« 1^10 DiMUfSfl tif 

the chiidruit of Lrrs4>lt ^vhic h c^me 
in^d Esj^Ht Jaciih ancl hiftiDni: 
Evulf un. Juaub'A rirai-tii>rii. 

9 And dw iiCidfl e^r Elrnitwtit Uii- 
nach, oni PlLO^UUt CLEd HczroD, aiul 

10 ^[ And tke «(?ai {ir SifiiOoa l 

JeuiucU ojiil iiUniUi tmd Oh ad, aod 
ae^hiii^und Z^hur^ ilIi<1 SIjuuIUh 
lun oTa (JanoAHkiiHh woioan, 

11 II And die nuua (>1' Levi ; Gof- 
■ittitjf KakmlK, ftud Iforari. 

12 ^ AjhI die MfjTiii tif Jiulah \ Er» 
anil On Fin. Bod ^hfalahp attU Fhorei!. 
aniEl Zarjili i^ but Ef juid Onud dlod 
in iho land of Ululftaiii; And the 
iHHti or Fiutr^z wdfc iiozfodt bau 

13 IF And the taas of Lwachnr; 
Tolin fto^ Phui^«Ji, uod Jtitii and 

iTjTAnd th, DflB pf Zcbiilun ^ 
Sered. and Blon. jj od JohlepL 

l.T Theie lA^i! Ilw wina of JjaUi, 
whi[:h thebarauntci JaduU in i'a- 
dfui-onun, wiik hiadau^hli^r DiTtaK : 
all Uie mills df lu« «Qiia b^kI bia 
daujihUi^fs fcra'A Lhirt? luhl ihrua. 

16 T^ AiKlOie 30M»f Gcidi Zi- 
uhiodt and Hafj;), BJituii. and Lz- 
Ui% Bri. ajid Aroui, odd AftiU^ 

1/ It Aad Iho »oi *)f Aihcr \ 
Jimnali^ and liiiHoJi, And L«ui« ami 
B^nnh, and Sorali ibnir luter. A nd 
tbAKcuHDrflwiiiii; Hi»lMr,and MoJ' 

\^ TbF>tP anethe huiu of Zil^sih, 
wlinm Lei ban eave la Leidi hM 
dnif)chrE:<r: ufjiT r^t^gu iitij hiix\i liatu 
J I LC4 » !>, f]^ rH tij \toon »]Ub. 

rp Tlih' HMiLs <>f Eich*l, Jiicoh'i 
wife; JrkaQph, and IteriianiiLih 

SI And uald Jgiriiuli Ln lIji} land 
of I^.^M. WT]Lre bom Mnnoioch ^d 
EsihrnLnkwludiAwfinLh ttie dnufli- 
ter of pijiij-iilit!tah iKJBjt of On bare 
nnlip hi En, ^ 

31 ir And tlio lunni of Banjamiii 
wtre n<jl»h, itnd BMi;Mr, artfl Aiih- 
l»".1,G«frFu and Na^niian, Ebit ond 
RfnIi. Mup^prnii ai;d IJuppini, and 

K Tbew arvthe pom of RFK^^ir'U 
wlitcti w«Tti b^»rii to J Jti ' I: il I ; all the 

S ^ AnddufBuuj «f t>ai]; Hn- 

^ Adrt the wmi <3* Na|ilualU 
Jdhzeel, mid (liiiilTadd Jiixer atid 

I 2!j Thoia af g the aonri of MkUiJtl). 
'which LEilifHi gttVia uulo Rncbel 
hia danfht^rT itnd f he bare ditao ud- 
ta JaciTjlhi J till tJit?: dould tccr^ im^cn. 

3ti All ibu wiuk liwt ciixoe wiUf 
Jnrob into £|fypt, wlijch came oul 
uf hiji ktiFH^ iM^idt^ Ja.c{il}'B mm* 
wLvefl^ all Lao iouifl nCfrv UiniiiM*tio44 

37 A^idihftionsof Jaiapb whJct 
werebomehim in Eg^iU iF*r*tW(j 
Hiult ^ uJj Uicr iouli oT thu bdiuc ol 
Ja:iob| whjcb t^^mu inLo Effj^pi^ 
wjn'd thrccAcora and tE>u, 

S^ 11 And ho »etit Jgdab befk^^ra 
him unto Juaeph, lo direct hjd fdcu 
uuio Giiidki43u i and ilicy cjuue kVc 
the land ufGish^n^ . . , 

au And JoiiMQph mado tm^f hit 
chaiicit, add wcniup tomeei birtiel 
his fiiheT to Gualirn^ aad prcaGTit; 
od hinaiH^tf nnro hlni : and lio fdl 
OD bij ne^k, and wept on hlf niick 
a aofld itf hifo- , , . , . 

^ And Lrael said aDtn J^w>ph. 
Now Ici tn^idJflr iijice I bavti icvn 
ilj7 face, becaiuo iliou flri jet 

31 Atid Joaoph eiud untd hw brd- 
thron, and unUs bi» fatiiDrJ'a hou&e, 
t will «o up, and ahf^vif Phufaoh, 
and ij-nf utLin him. My brclhrent 
luid ti]y faliior'ii Iwusci whVcli icffa 
in Ui4 ^iiOid k^f Canajm, ard como 
unlo ma t , , , 

^ And tho TCidti aris fthefdiGrda. 
for th«ii trails iiadi been tu fisur] 
cniLly t eukI ^py have brought Iboir 
floD^ks, and Lbeir herdB, tuid nil tliu 

th(^y imvo. 

;« Awl Jt liimJJ rofiie id posa. 
wliK'H FliiirrToh aball coil yi»u, OivJ 

^hall idy. What tJ youi ocdupu- 
tioo 1 ^ 

34 Tliat yo ahall any, Thy aer- 
vauLa' IrtLdc liddi hfli!ii auoai cattia 
from our yfl^itb flven unUl now» 
bothv^L'n jijui: edriouurfiLthrra^ tbbt 
ye nia? dwell in lLb land ofGo&hen ^ 
n^r {.'Very Eihepberd i> on abonnina- 
Lion unio tin* pl^ypUaDi- 

J4£tth mtradacedtja Phmtti^ 

THE^<^ Jn«^f)h camo nnd told 
Phiraoh, and Eaid. My father 
and n\^ brf^thrmii and Uxcir Horka, 
and djeir hordvt iwnd all ttknt lIiot 
havKit, BrOi^Qoiscut of Uie iJind ol 
CoAAan \ ami bchold,^ they ord Ln 
Uie land iifGcuili^'iL _ 

■2 Ami lie look soiDi' or hia hfo^ 
Lbr^rdj cvfiv^sii men^ and preticntod 
tkam unE*> PiiarnulL 

\\ AiLiI Fliarai^b Mud muo hti 
bn-ihriMij Whir m ;?our ucjcuijiil- 
tioo t AtuJ ThL>y sojd unto PhH- 
rai>h. Thy sCfVunts orfl fllw-'phfiid* S 
bolh wi=!, riH'/also our fathPia. 

4 TKoy said moieuvuf ^rnio fha- 

Jaooh Ufwt Pharaoh. 



raoh, Ft>rto iufourn inthpfHiuirf wfl sincl ht. \v\\ itiein]i bread, foi aPt 
wo cr^iT^fi; for Qiy Krvkiijti have no^tln^ir f.rLiile. iV.r tliui rf^uf. 
tuluri? for thejjr flockj, (hr Uic fa- i ItJ Whrja ihtit, rcur w«b pnded, 
iTuiicf>«orTQiJitJiQlaiiiJor<'nii'Lrm:;th».^^ fume un^o him iHr necoml 
now tJiori.if5>re, wc prnr ihcPr lei I year, and sacLJ untu JLini, Wo wjEJ 
tJiy df^rftuiti dwell in tn& iiuul of i noi ludt^ zttn^iri Tiii^]<tnE, how tbjjt 
Guihen. . . - 

5 AjiH Phttrnoh Bpiifco uaro Jo- 
MlJh, cnfkn^. Thy lUUrnr and ti»y 
limmrea arc conii^ uniDtbee ; 

(t The land uf Eifvpt » before 
ifioaj in tho b^stof tb? Inml iiiaku 

LriDv^ in uio oL'w.aT tri'? iniui iiinifLi 
Uiylnthor onii^bnithrRii tu dwrJU 
in Uia liutcl (if Gofibi^a let ibem 
dw<'iE ^ RO[l if iJioa kna^e^t awi? 
mftn of aetlvily amnnff tliem, llicn 
iTinke tJinm rater? ovot mj^ catila, 

7 And Joseijili broughi in JnCob 
hiHi fHdiGr, Riid Mt him Ifyforo Pirn- 
riioii: Htiii Jucob blesorHl Phafauhn 

"^ A nrl L'h^anh mii\ uiKo Jot'ob, 
l!nw CikI itrt rboii T 

9 And Jan til said unto Pliaraoh, 
Theda;;^ of iliv yeara of niy t^il- 
vriiHpn 4iP]f pti hundred and tbirir 
fMtn: i%w and nrJL h«va ihadifi 
flT OH mui bf mr life bwn, Ahd 
fidTft not afniiood uqio Llie dqja of 
thfl roan of th# life of my faUierm iu 
tb« da/9 of (beir piif r'nnaae. 

10 And Jacob bk^fuffd PHaratih, 
and K^at oui rmm hclbro Pba- 

' 11 ir And JoKpfa plnnxl \\\n fa- 
ther aiid bii breitlir^ji.Jind^a'n? them 
a, pr}99(nuion in Lhelandof Erypt, 
inthcbe^tof Uic Itind* in tha Innd 
fff 1ian)c«e«« Ju Phnrnoh had com- 

la And Jo»cpfi nrj^Fjriebfd hi9 fn- 
iher, and itu hreUiren^ nnd all \m 
father'* hoiiBehoki^ widi brt'td ac 
COrdine to ^Af<r faTiirltEwt^ 

13 irAflt! thm tra^ no hrcad in 
all the land ; for tlie fhTiiincT itfi^ 
Vftrjf snrp. a o Oiat thn land <if Ecryin, 
and aU ihL' land Mf i.'anaan^ ftUnttid 
by rt'iifwn of the famtiw^ 

14 And Jcweph gathered np all 
km mrtfifj \htkt vtiiA found irt tfm 
I mid of I^'S'pti Anil in dio land of 
Cnjiaun, fof tho C'-arn wlueb rhry 
SnuffhiT and Jn*fiph lirougrlit Uw 
money iBlo i^harnohVhouK' 

15 And ^vhonmoTKy fftili&l in tho 
laiHl of E^vpt. onrl ititfie land 4jf 
Canaan^ iiXi the EE^ptlnnji cnmcr 
i|!|1u J4ivr]ii|l|, firirfl «Mdt Givn ii» 
brtmid: for Tf^'h/ ifiould vre di*i in 
U>y pTOftcsDce * ftvr the monpy 

M Ami Jowph pay, tiive yniir 
cniih; and I TArilUiveynu fi&r youi 
ca^Kci. If rnoii*Hy fiid- 

17 And ihcy br* Might Oieir entijf? 

unto Jnwpfl : ninl J{»:irL|>|i| pjjv^ 

• them lireiMl iji rTc\t{nxf for \m\t9H*, 

nnd for the flor-kis, and fftf ih^ Cai- 

ije Anf^it^ hordff, and for iha amea : 

tMit mdneF b mperit; my lerd aJao 
hath our hoai* uf cnlilii -. LlicnL" ra 
nut au/ht kfl in Ifje sii^iitof my 
hrtli bui our bttdtti* and ow 
lands r 

Iff WheTi?roreiBhall wedle before 
thine eye*, bodi we and our land T 
buy ua and ouf land for bruod^ and 
wt; mill CHIT l4MwJ will be ienrasd 
unto Pharaoh ; and g'lvo us intuit 
Ejimt we mtiy liv<% eumI tiotdju. Ihart 
tJi^ Ijitid Ih! nol dewolatCh 

9D And .lo^fl'ph bought all the 
Ihnd of tlgypl far Phumuh i for tJhO 
tjrypiiiiiiB #y]d erery imtn h'n 
ntnti, bocauBC Lbo niiiiiiiP ijrfivnd- 
pd OTuf them ^ Jio the land uerama 

31 And ai for lire peopio, h^ rr 
moved lliom to riLiitiii ffom mi^ vrvi 
of ihc border? of T-^pt uveti !o ilia 
(JjAct- «nd Ihpreef 

32 fhrl/ the land of the iirUsaii 
bou^lii h& not : feiF iha pricniiB htui 
a porUatt nt^ffrw-i iAj^ uf PiiJi- 
m4]h:, and did eat t}ki>ir purtiim 
If hich Pharaoh gnve llmm i whcre^ 
fore thfly tokl men ihtir Jamli. 

^ Then Jc>9t}^[rfi ^rdil' Onto thf 

pceyh:. Tkhoh^T bave boutfht yuu 
this dnr And your land for Plm- 
raob : IcTp hfrv is ^et?d for yoUp and 

yt> BhaJI Pbiw the land. 

34 And ii ithati ccmm lo p^ap in 
the tncreafii!^ thrtr ye ehnn jrive the 
fifth pqrr linlo Pharaoh, nnj four 
•partd phall be four uwrt, fur pr-ed of 
f be field, and fo'r ycjtir fdodrdnd lor 
thrin of yoij:r hoq^vhti khi, UJid for 
food Ccst ymiT liiile onc^^ 

^ And Ihcy wiid* Tiieu hart i»ci 
ved our lives; let Kb find gimtrv in 
the biffhtofmy lord, sjkI wq will \>b. 
Fharaoh's ierrnnu, 

i2ti And Jowph math it a Yn\w 
over Lhe 7ond uf Eryrit unto thii 
day, that Pimra^Ji dhnijld have the 
fiflh part ; esLi^pi the land of the 
prii?ii>4 r>n}y, vAiM hcicatm» not 

\ti If And Im-ftnldwelt in thp laud 
af EfrypTjn the tonniryii^f CoRften ; 
a!>i m^if btid nosMiiiiiairB LltBri^n, 
and erE?Wt and multipliodoxCDed- 

^ Aod Jarch lived in the hmd 
flf R;?vpt Bfvv<'r>[(?f^n ynahs : Ma rite 
whoFe iTtfn i>riHaobwaBUihlindrifd 
foirt)' and spVL>n yforj. 

3^1 Ami tlii^ t>m'^ tUr.v,' nJ?h Hi it 
firnel loiiit dre ; ami hn riklhi'il h;i 
tioti Jikifph. citihl £t&kl unto iriiii. If 
now I h&vf) fouml ^r.i^. in thy 

Jos^h visits kis father. CHAP. XIjIX. He blesseth Joseph* swns. 
s»g\iU f>uL, 1 pr^r tlicc, Lhf hojitf 

i^nil truly v^ilJiiDe ; bury uiq nuL^ 1 
p^\y tfcHs^ rn KgyiH; 

30 It 111 I uiUlic w lib my fj^HiGn. 
Ajiii titi^Li sha]L carf;^ mo nut ai 
Ikrypt, and kiufj ma lo Uw-ir kiary- 
in^l^lacji. Ai]it he BaiJ, IwiUdo lu 

31 And litiiulrl, Swcnr uittti me : 
•jul hu »wtird uiiiii liim. And Ib- 
tm^ bownl Juautol/ upun Ihe bud 'a 

'****'■ UiJAP. XLVld. 

AN u it cftiDE^ to pudd a.i\m tlicse 
lirinA^, Lhfll 0ife Cold Ja!si:::ph, 

Ileliulfi iTiy faUitJi jj #kk: and Lo 
took Willi Jkini liii twoji^^tu, Ma- 
Do^nMrh imkI Ephraim. 

S I4 And tmc Ui[\i Jarfilu and 
lAtd. Ht'liold, ihr Bfin J.iai pli cti- 
jikUi u nto tl ica : und Ii^ra^'] ^rr epti! Ut- 
eoed !i|Ui*c<lf« nnd i^iit upau tli4<licd. 

God Aliuifllity appuimd unto iui^t 
ut Liia b the land of CaJQikAUiH "JJJ 
W(3si»ud mu^ 

4 And jiAJLl Mntp nie, B^liold, I 
wilJ miiku tht*e riujifu], Eiiwl iiiuJ- 
tiptr i^iec, [iud [ will iriJsJn^ of eJim 
■ muUiiudi! rjf pEjupLu ; niul will 
fivn Uhs luThl f.o U] J freed ROvrlliuis 
for u\ f^vc^Ltllftil]^ pturiiCiaionr 

5 ir AtttI rty>*-. ihy two kJoiw, 
Eil^hruJEn and MuiioiBek, wlijch 
wisre l)ani ufblo thvn la ilsu land 
of U^yvij lip fore I camu uutu 
U>eo inlD Ecjmtf iirff mine - a$ 
Reul>ciD aud iSitouuit*, Un^y ^uiU 
bti niind. 

And []iy iAQ(^, winch lliou be; 
fcLUHi aflAf iliL'ifif qhiLtl hu tliipt^ 

of uiPAi hrvHutw in their inluuri- 

7 AmT B« for mo, whan 1 c^mi} 
l>Mn Puden* RocIhjI difn:! by inc Ln 
tin? land of Ca/ianji, in the wny. 
urban yet ikira wiit tipl a LtttJa WDy 1 
to ^cnw^ unto Eplaraih; und I 
iftified he; there in tli^ way of 
Epfhralh, \h& wupe ur BcUi-lO' 

1^ Anif f.<[riial beheld Jaectih^i 
EnnAr iitHJ iaJd^ Whn ar^ tlki^so T 

ft Ami Jfiiwj>h Kiid uHtu his 
fklhiT, Tne^ are my sonSr whom 
(iftil hiith givi^n mo in thio ittice. 
And k^ Batdp Drint thcm^ lurRy 
dhe«p unto meii ami 1 Hill tlc^ 

10 (^o*v the eyw of liratd were 
iia] for nep, to i^U hu rouUI not 
Jitf ;!l iVmJ he brvu^ht them nraT 
onto him ; awl liQ Mwi^l ihem^ luid 
SfnVrnced tlicn^ 

U And Tii.racl sRul tinio Joiirtih^ 
I had n^ lliouf lit to mc thy faoc : 

tini^ loi God hath fiL{]i,md m« al»/ 
Uiy A[ffld. 

13 Artrl Ji>«ci9h liTou*hl them nai 
frtim iKitwL-L-n his knce^, ackfi he 
ltdw<jd Ininpclfwith liin facu to ilio 

13 And Joseph lonk iJiom Lvtli, 
EphmiiTTi ill his rielit hnitd towartj 
[^raePd kfLhaiid, and MaLinAsseh m 
im h^H JuuhI uKvnrd Istruc^t't right 
hund, and brouehl itAfoi neoj unto 

14 And Israel xirtuhed out hh 
ri^lil hand, and laid it upmi 
E^htaim^fl hond, wh') vaj iIi^t 
^'ouuj^er. »nd his Irfk hand ii)ion 
Manaj^Lih^AhDUiL gnidifije hiriharirlw 
wittiiie^l^i for Miuiosieh mae iha 

l^ ^1 Aad be blcaaod Jtiwf>ph, mtid 
ptiit\, Gud, biiruri! whoM> ni]r''uEheTs 
Abraham and linmz rti{| walk, Uja 
Gud uUlch tiiki mci Edi my iil^ jon^ 
unio iliji dcvy, 

IB The An^el wJjich r«!«*ttied 
me from si I mib b|L^ili«>Ttnlffi iijid 
let my iicLine be named en them, 
^SMi tbc namf] of my falheis Ahra- 
hsm ami Ifi^ai?: tim{ lei them ^row 
iTito a niultlludo lu tlic mSdil nf thfi 

17 And wh»;n 3rtj>ovh Ba\t llmt 
bid fa titer laid his right hand upiin 
the brad nf Eplirains il disnlcaiscd 
hjm^ mul hi- liLdd ap hu mthL'^rV 
bimdf iij remove U from Ephruim^a 
head ^intq Muniksiigeh'* hrind. 

1^ AiHlJoii3vbi!aid unto hiii fu- 
ther^ Not«dh my ftitlior: for thi« ^ 
ihii timt-liom ; put thy ri^ht hand 
upon Jiif hiim\. 

\^ Ai\fl hJs futhcT r^fiiPbrl, and 
Eaid, [ know it, my aour 1 knaw it : 
hi} alio hhnii hvcomti a pnciptfin dckI 
ho ol(.n tbaJl J'lr Gr^'rii ^ but truly his 
young ur hraUier ihaU be gve^tt^'r 
tiiau bii, ami bie venti elm[\ tnitioma 
4 iii n Itj IV dc of nniionp . 

^ And he hlwsf'rl ibem that day, 
-JTin^T fn ttite ^hall Jump] hlvm., 
^a.y]ns, Goci maku cb'Ctiat Ephraiin 
and Oft Alnnosi^td]: and hi mi 
Ephmlm hnfutt: MtiflMJw^h. 

yi And Fsrael tiaid ncito Jneeph, 
6e}iold, I diL>; but God lihall bi 
with roll, ftnd bririB you again unto 
Che lanti of your QilJiet^- 

^ Moii'ovcr t hfivecivrnto t}ieq 
om pcutjiHi hhnve thy biri^thTirp, 
which llonkouloft.hpbtnidofthp 
AmoFitewith myswoid and with 
my bow. 

Jticob tflMsrih his J^tm*^ 

A Nil Jairobcalled unlohlaBonHt 
aiid £aid, (iiiUi&t yooHE^ki^ 
ioe;i:ihur, ih>it 1 may Be: VI you tknt 
whjcih bhoil befall you iu the? lasi 

"■*■ 51 

Jacob* 9 prophelie blessing 

■ od NtttF. ye wnn* of Jtif-iiiii aad 
lic^arkuii yntu [arael jioiir fnllicr. 

a 1:1 Kauh^ll^ lium art. mj' ftrat- 
liortip my m'tshli and tiie ]>e?innin^ 
iit' my iUcDEtlt, LiiM uKccLtuncf oT 
iJi^niilJi Jlml ihe u\cvl\t.'n^y of 

I UiuMitf] HB wiktuf, Ehou shdl 
EUtt exJ»f1 ; bc!cuuE,u ihou went est 
Lip ttt thy rntJjuiV Loilj Liifiu tia- 
fileil.*t thou i"; : ho wenl up to ray 

tlirt^d ; Imtmrnnnm of drueJty tir* 
IFI Uirtjr ImbitiLljuiiA. 
€ O my »Du[, ciomi^ nol thou into 

miim InmuLit, Up tiuI ihtiu untloi! . 
fur iJi tima luig^vr ihoy ti uiuv. 
iinil! in Oiclr Kir-wilL Uicy diecutl 
duwii [L vralh 

7 L'liTunl *e iheif Bftffflr, for i^l 
Wflj fercf^ : and t>ioir WraUiT for il 
wju {-rui'l: I wilt divttja lli^m 
111 JacaU^ and #i:;utUT tiicm la 

B II JiidnKp L^tDu orl k& vi-hnm 
Uir brelNrc]:! iqhti]l prdim; thy h^iod 
maf^ iw ill I ho nock: bf tlimo gud- 
nilei; Uiy fnihur'K dtUilR^Ei i^halJ 
bow down bcfdrL' tliea, 

Judah i> u Jiiia'a wKi:l]i; Utim 
tJiu i»r<}yf IS!)' vnn, ihwi an eune wp : 
he iiU;iupiHiL aavftit \m irfliicbt'id Ud a 
l|4)fi» iiJiU (la mi did liunt w|j(» sihaJI 
ri}U!N3 hiiQ upl 

, 10 Thai HL^m^trt! ilinll n&t dyptirt 
trnm Judnh, Dor a liiwtfivDr frutti 
bol^^'tieii hu ruuti ujtii! 9hilub coniu :; 
{induntu bimjAoiJ tho EaUioriDif of 
ihc iH?oplu ftf, 

li DinLljciii hiii ToilI unia the 
vmG, nnil \m slm'a c.o\i uniti thu 

incnt* in wino, and Lis ^lolhea in 
LlliQ bjcmrl {»f f rupciiA : 

t^ Ilia ryi'i shall bt t^ WJth 
wiDc, ujfid hk LQoOi whitfi with 

in TT Zcbulun fhdl dwi1l nt Ilic 
Jiavcfl oT tiiu i^i^jl; ujid t\^ pfmtt be 
roranhat-eiiuf ^iLjiifl^ qikL lui bor- 
der 4^0/1 b§ urui} ^idcitt. 

14 IT luacliar ig u Atnmg imh, 
cuuf y^iig iltiu'Q bcLvrcQii tivii bur- 

■xnl thu lurid tliCLl it vfn-i ^\*?-n^aj\l l 
andb^riiA'fMt Ilia iiliEiulilpr tu D^'arp iuid 
beruiiti A lenrqEii iiruli} lril>Litc. 

16 'S Dna libFLlI ludfR Sm pcii'pkp 
1.9 onn orytDtrihiM orhrai*]. 

17 Xlan 9] 10.11 Ix^ a mf|miii by tho 
Vfuy. wn itkk'r in Uii? puTh. ihat 
bllEiUJi thr hutifH-hiJcU, ro dtat his 
ridfir Bhjill nil! hiif kwr-imi. 

Iti I huvB Vt'tuEoil fur thy ttolvu- 
iiort* O jUiitJ r 

GENESIS. en his twdw sons. 

lil ^ Gftd, a troop tilmU iyvct- 
cemn him: but by «balt uvcrcome 
fit llic Inst 

?IMI Outtjf AsherhlJfbreml shftU 
Its fiil, and ho Abnil thd\A loyjU 

5JI 'r Keiihtall it a bind \si 
looric T ho f ivQiK goodly wi»rdi^ 

23 11 ^t}mr\ih If n frniifLtl HjiMTgh, 
nurn n fruiiful bongii by a welLp 
«cfcp« hrmid>f!« tnjt over <,hn 


2[i Thn n rcheni hture sorely iriDved 
iiim, iiiid sliot a£ Jbin, nnd hated 
hhn L 

-34 But hwWvftbfldelnsfmngth, 
and the arms of hia Jianda wera 
madu vLronif by ih'^ htunls iif tim 
rniijhEy frOii of Jacob: ffroni 
LhL^n^ii /« tlt^ flhupboTJ^ Xhn iCuoa 

25 *:rrni by thn GikI of ihj fa- 
tlw.i, wlui nhlidl bclp thL-f>, ujid by 
Iho J^lmighirr who^hall hk?H the* 
with hlujtfcinn uf hcavoii abava, 
Lk«i[ig>i of ihc Aefp ihAi lieUi iw- 
dcr, blufsiBgf of the bfoast« and dF 
iho wipmb : 

2G Thn bleiiHiiiffrt «jf iliy futlii^r 
havo prsvaJied flttnvr Th(? btefl4.»Uj,'d 

bo^jml of tiip cvRfkaiiiiff hiLli ; 
Ejicy iibuLI he> 01! the? hL ud ofJu«c!pb, 
fi!Ml fln Else CmWJi oftjjfl heaii of 
him tli^l van fiL'pGLraED ffiL>m hin 
brethren- , 

^ II Uurtjamin vhoiW Tti^'vn U» o 
V^'^olf; I El iIk^ morning ho nhatl de- 
vonr iJiD jiToyi iWid at nlf ht ho dhatl 
dU^iik the BpaiL 

'iSJ 'r All I htiNii art the t wi^! vp tribes 
of Jjiro^ii a!!d \h'\* ^a il lUai their 
Fjlhf-r ^P4K[^ miltt ihenip and hieing I 
tbemr cvpry nno tmruFdiog to his 
bk'ftiLni? ho Eih"'tf!<ed them, 

li!) And \k fhiiTK*'^ ihi-rm, and 
eatd iimo tbuin, I a!ii to be gatlior^l 
unto luy |MH>i!4(;^ hiiry tnn wjih eilv 
fatliem in I he rnvv tbut is in Uie 
tielH of Epltron the Hiujiu, 

^1 In Ibc^ eavii Ehnt U m tho field 
of Wnch^telrib, whir;h i# bofore 
Mnfnm, in tbo land of Caiinan^ 
w-liioh Atirahum iMUBbt with tin- 
fit^Ed nf Epiirsjii il>e fIJUitOt fm a 
PDF«i:4siLtn pfa burrinff-iiincCr 

'■i\ rriKTQ Uioy buTiM Abmbnm 
Cind ^nrcili hU wlfo: thoro thay 

|] u ried lito n^c and Ki^hoK ah bit wife ; 
and ihcrc^ I borkd f jcnh.) 

>K! *VUi: tiurehnso of tlio fir Id nnd 
fiT t\in tuvt* thnt tM thu'iumt iSaM 
from the rlnddraii ijf lii-thn 

'Ell And when Jaoob hud made 
an en^l ol' rommnFidini: \m ^mttf 
ho jfELtbnrt:d %ip hit foKrt into ting 
Iti'.ii^ and yi^ddiJHl ujl thf. qlntirL^ 
und wad go^Uieiod tinLi> his (h;o^ 

Jaeob*9 death 


ANU JowpN fii\\ upon hit 

NU JowpN fii\\ upon hiB fa 

SI Aiiii Jt»ciJ'h c<jtfictiiindft(l hii 
flervDJiti iJiu pAjTiiciuna to embnlm 
bifl fiiUior^ 04111 Uit3 phyiiciana em- 
buimed iBmcl. 

% AiKt ruftjr dpijn were fuliillpLl 
Tor him; Tor »j ilfd fuElillinili Lhc 
ilnjADruiitfO which liio enibolcncii ; 
ftflil the EEfpHruiv mouni&ij; for 
biui tlircci^ur'e ehiJ ttiu tluya^ 

^ Atid iv^Fieu the dfi^i of hi^ 

IT now I Juave found (^mcu in your 
UjnEt ppcftk, I pray y^iu, in iLc rjua 

5 Mrffttner maJu me vtvoar nn y- 
Inff, Lo. J dioi ift mv ffra^u which 
[ have' qi^od for m^j in i^m mA ^i 
Copaai), i])sre shalt thoa Lury nio. 
Now tberefbre fci me ffo tip* I jijrai; 
ihe«, and bury niy father, uiiJ 1 
will ooirn; ftcam. ,, ^ 

And Pharaoh laid, fio up^ and 
bury iKy fathur, r^cc^irdiog iui ha 

7 1i And Jo^ph ivonl dp to bury 
hJifiditjr: and wHh hlnq, wtmi uii 
at| ihe wfTnnti \>l rhamoh. Lhe 
clden of Ilia hiJiJBe. DJid fjll Uic; 
eldrrsctf die |:md qf Ktfjrpth 

g And isJJ dto houiNt dI' Jo^t'tib, 
and k\^ hrtjUift[\, tint! hi« fatiiur't 
|ii>iiH: only [hejr liUlo ones, and 
tiKPijf RiJckMh 8uid their Iwffdff, thty 
Itft in die limJ of Gcwhen. 

S And theri^ want up with Jdm 
botlb chafiois and hor^^jnii^n; oijd 
it was a. ¥i£iy frejit cofopany, 

10 And iS^ VBXae: lu tiiEii Lbrekh- 
Inr-tlDti; of Atadt ^^hich ej beyoed 
Jonian^ mid there they momned 
irjtli a gTT^-Ai t\.nt{ very ftore bLf^t^o' 
fatiFJn r Olid b£ made n rrniumiiig 
IW bis failjirr Hevuii ilayii. 

It And when thi< irdiitlllAtitji of 

mouniinil^ iik ibe (Iciot uf Alad, they 
■aid. TJLii ti a ftijevoui inourDingr 
to uio F^fyptjniiB- wiiAnHoru Uitj 
aime of It was fMiEJed AboJ'niiz- 
ittlm, wlit^^b it beyond ImAusy. 

]2 Aorl hi* will did unia htm 
■cETordinf a* lui commanded 
tlunn 1 

j:) Forhii latii carriiMl him uito 
(he land of Canaan, orKi buried liim 
la the C4V« vf dio Uuld of Mnr.b- 
|idah^ which Abraham bought w\lh 
t}ie &et[l fur n pusioisoii oia bary^ 

CHAP. L. and burial 

bi? nle^-e of Ephrait the HUtito* 
beliire Mamre. 

H IT And Joioph reEumed inio 
E^rypt, jje ufHlhi# bicUiren, and ulJ 
Umi went up witli hlin lu bciry \iit 
faLb€rt oTler ha Jud buried hii 

15 11 Afid wh«n/o»ph'i brethren 
■nw dkat Lheir fmdier wu dead, 
they t.iL\4y JoKtjpli will ixtrufWfitt- 
turo haLo m^ mid will ix^Ttuoljir re- 
quite Ud EiU Qio cvd wlijcb wtQ did 
uniiL I' him< 

1(J And they sent a meswnf cf 
iiriti> Jo)*i!t>h< ^it^Sr Tby fniher 
did Comaimid belori} ha dlud^ lay- 

1^ filu sJioN ro nay unlo Joifph, 
FurgivD, 1 ptay uice now, die 
tTi-iyina of thy brtidiroii* und their 
^ui; for they did tiiito thee avii:: 
ami tiow, wo pray thecr forg^ivin the 
trei.paflsof the aervanl* of t lie Cod 
of thy fatlior. And Joaeph WQPl 
when tliey ii;;tEilce onio him. 

18 Aua kti brethren nJ>id wenl 
on^l fed dijwn boforo hl# lUco : on J 
they Eud, Behold, We be thy ler- 

VA And Joseph ■aid iintw Uiem, 
Fear not: fof ant I in die place of 
God ) 

30 Eut aa for 74)11, yo thongTif 
evil n^Qtiut rnii: Ah^ Ood mimiiL it 
tinro eood, to brin^ to imm, ai ii 
10 diin day> to Aave ruuch peopln 

21 N^w iherefora retu- ye not ; 
1 wdl eioiirJ;alL you, and your Jtttlik 
onos. Add boitdfitrortedtEiom, umE 
■pate kindly unto thonih 

3i 1 And Stjvtyph dwelt in £l£ypt, 
be, and hja fatherVu hoiiiMi: iLnd 
Jomrtth lived on hliodJ^«kJ uud ted 

£:i And Joicph haw Ephraim'i 
childreTi of the ihird e^urnLhn: 
[he children also nf Machin thu 
Kui of Manassoh, wero brought up 
uput) Jii«(!^]h'p klifte.!. 

"24 And Jodepb aaid unro hli 
brethrofiH I di^; and God will 
iufely TLflif you, and brin^ you out 
of thi* i^idh unto Uifi IeiuI w^ich he 
aw&ro U\ Afarahitnli to ijaai^ And 
to Jacob, 

2.1 And Josopk took on oathqf 
Ihechildri^n of lamsl, NayinjrTCpxl 
will aurely vieit you, aiif! yu uhiitl 
ejirry up my bunfn frinu henee. 

on S(> Jo«eph died, £/n'n;sahlm^ 
dmd and ten yearn old : smm\ they 
ombaJciicd him^ [md he wb» put Id 
a cgflln in EfypL 

II The Second Book of MOSES, called £XOD(JS. 


KJOW ihms wr^JLiiiF ninnn'MorUio 
J-1 r^jiJjircoat' Eatul'I, wljinir cuim^ 
into Eifyuu t^vvi^ wdn uud im 
bmi^&Jiiiid ttanit; wiih Jaeub, 


3 IsaadliEir, ^balan^ and Bc[\ia- 

4 l>an> Bticl TJaphtali, Gad« uid 

^ Amf allUio louk Umt camo duI 
of Uiti Iviiu of ilaiPDb woff!. sovcnty 
trjula : fur Jti«fptii wita in EgypL di- 

ti And Jmcph die<ii and nil Lie 

"J And iJie ciiiEdrpn werv 
rniltraL, and uici^oMid abundantly, 
ami rnulrlpEied, itftEl waxed em'-^A- 
iti|r niitfbty ; and ttio load whb lillDd 
With them.. 

5 Now ibera antvp up n, now 
kniff nvor Eg/iilt winch ksiavt not 

I> And he Bftid linto hi* T)<*<fp3eH 
BAholii, dm pocjpk f»r tlio cli ildtcii 
of larcu;! *rtf ffloiu jwd tiiigtiticar 

10 Come oUt let iin deal wtaety 
^trjib ihmn, k-it Uicy multliJtjft hiuI ii 
come id i^juja^ lUnt* wln-n theru full- 
edi DUE aur war, umy jam ajs4} untn 
iiLJi ptipinit'flt and fight si:fiiin?L oin 
nnd 40 gtit litem up oQt uf tj.»ti 

Jt TTjorefwrfl tiwr did tct ovof 
Uiem liukmo^teTB, lo af1]]ci th»m 
With their burdiMH. Ami Us^ey jjuilt 
for Fhtmiotb ir«Ji«un]-ciLiQi, Fi- 
tJioia, and Kaanucti. 

13 Bot lEid mart* ihpy J^S)ictl^d 
thnm, t}^Q more Thcr multlptiud and 
(FQw, And thpy ivnrt* cTLcved bo- 
ciDBe or thu childrun urUr^^il, 

13 And thE> tl^ytihann mndt- tiia 
C7iil Jj«n of Iiracl to Htf ve wiUj ^i- 

H And thffv mad? their lireshii- 
lAr wiLh hnni hojidnae^ in nbortjir^ 
bnd m brit^kt nod in all inunncr of 
St^rvke in the ^old: nil ihiut wir.i'- 
vir.p-Abvtiiiii [liey rRods iluim lervD 
VaA ^vilfi rii^ftiir. 

1,^ A Fid Llm Jii]je tif Efypt jspakn 
to tliL' JJi.'tuf^w iiJLdwiTt.<« (t^rwhirh 
ttiij ituiiifiif oi]D Hhiphrah, and 
this luiJii*;' of UK! odiLT PunJuJ 

Xi\ Aiid ho iuJd, WhE'-n j» do the 
oflico ot ]t irtiilwiff to the Hehrow 
\ih'oniun» Km\ ma tAf:tfi. ujnun iha 
viooU; If it &tf itiHjn, tlien ;e siioU 
kid him; but if it i^B a dfiugJiter, 
lltcn pke yhall ]ivr». 

17 But ihif mkhnvfm f^qtvd Gftd, 
And did not o^ the kjn^ of Ef ypi 

comtniiLidi:i! them, but iavod the 
ni4^n-chddTi'n ahve. 

13 Ajid iht! kiiig of Tsrpl raUcd 
for thi" naidwiV'L'N^ nnd ^uid uot*! 
Lln.'m. Whj- huvu jfo done ildc 
Lhiti^, and havo sKVLii Uift men 
ciuldr^n alive I 

lU Ajid the mithvivei laid uniEtt 
FlmTDoh, BeciLiise lUii Ut'br^w 
womfiii arrf tiot wt the E^ifpison 
wi3{n{<ti f fmr they sra livHy, and 
tun dtrhvEiriFd t-ro the iniuHlvei 
tmn& ill tlxi|r> Uieiiu 

yW TiMJTulbre God dealt w(*n wiUi 
the mid wives j ijnd iJifl [woidc mol- 
ti{]lied, aud wiixcd very mijflity. 

£1 And it cEUiio iL> vajcr^ bf<:rause 
ihc midn^'ivn? fuurrd tJod, thai lie 
in;ldo them heiii?oi. 

33 Ant\ Pimrmdi chnrircd all hii 

propio, flaying, Eveiry son diat ii 

bom ye«ha|1 cnai into ih« riixri and 

avery dau^hi^r ye ihull rave [lUvq 


Moitts hii amomt On Ftagj. 

A>'LV lliGfe went a man of the 
imuMt> of tLt-vi, and ivok <C0 
ip</p a daiif^hrer ofLovir 

Ir And iliti wouinti eoiici-ivMand 
brirt a.iMHi : md wlsen tihci^aw him 
thai h^ vo^ a ^ottdly chitd^ she hid 
him iJirei" ]iiii>uUid. 

li Aud w hen elte ftomH no( li>nfeT 
hide hinin e\vo look for Jjtm ui ark 
uF bulrntliifi, titid duuhed it with 
a]\m*i and 4'ith pitrh, and put the 
chiJd liieroiu^ oud «hp;< Laid it in the 
(ItiBi by thf! nvpf'i brink. 

4 And liiE Kjntur-ituod nfiir oIT, to 
wit what woukl bcdonf< ta hhu. 

5 If And Ujo daughi4!:r uf Pharnch 
cnino duwn (o wo^i hrr^eij' at ibe 
rivj^r^ and iier tu oidens walked 
a|on4! by the Fivnr''s piih' : atnl when 
fihfl fviAv the ark aiiitaoE the llafu, 
fiho lent her maid to fcLrh it, 

ti Aud when alio had opit'iirKl I'r, 
ahe PHW tjie ebj|d -. mrnt lrt>hold, thb 
babe wepl. Ard ahe hail coiniiait- 
iieii onhiiTii aiid Eiaidp Thi4 t# sm 
f>f the HettrtJWd' child re eih 

7 Thru iuid hid uintcr tn rha- 
i^oh^f dangbler^ Shall I tfv^ uiit] 
caJ I lo thL>«< a ourvft itf rite H^iEsrviiV 
wnmixik, tliitt ttjio m4Lr nurva tlH") 
child for iltvc^? 

6 And riiArp,olr« iluu^hti^r «aid 
t<i lior- Gti. And I lie inJiid vn:i\\ 
aJu\ c.iuImI dujchilcr« mother. 

11 And Phctnoh^i ditugbinr mid 
iini€hprtTiikat:iii3 chdd awuy nnd 
riur^a lI fur mu nud I will give t&vt 
tliy wjigeti. And the wiiiTLari lot>li 
the rhibrl end nurit;d ji. 

10 And tho cbdd ifrew, nml ilrt 
broUBnt lum nntorhnmuiriictjiuKh- 
(cr, iind m berainft lier him. Aintt 

riia colled hii najn-i Mu^ea : und 
kliv -tajit, Btxause I drew him out 

ufttll; MrlltCf. 

11 If And it fTUftft! 10 pnsm in Unaso 
d&yB, wh^iii Mhjhjh wai trrown^ thut 
ba went tuu untij Iiija brothrE^n, And 
l<}cpk€»t un dioii burdt^ndr uihi itu 
■tiktl un Ksyptttin smiiinjan Ho- 
brew^ (iBO orhii brcttueii. 

I'i And be lookod tbifl way and 
thrjt wuy, and when lio mw ihin 
tA^re vmg iiu aian, lie alt^w iho 
f^rp'tiuiii nnd. bid bim in Urn 

13 And whoa iiQ wane nut ili.i>fri^ 
Cond dnij behuLd^ two men i>r ibp 
UeUrCWn BirOVQ tOftCiilft : Eiod lin 
Mi't tfj him iftdi dill UbQ wron^, 
W' faupvircpr«:anuti'.iri ehou tliy fctlnw t 

14 A Elf) h<:i attid, WlHi moHi) tht^a 
ft prini:^ iiiDd a iudtia over u*1 in- 
bendesl [liou lo kilt mo, aa tiiuu 
ItiUwU^ tlja RiryntlEml And Mfiies 
Csnrtiit, mid ^ojd, Buraly tliii tbine; 
if kjujwn. 

15 Ni»« wbcn PiifijniAli betuil 
ihw ibicL^, lie #19 ugh I lo nln,]^ J4u«ci^ 
Btil MuiiQ^ fltid trow tiio fuce of 
Pharnoh, and dwelt in ihii lain! «f 
Uit^inni^aiid Im tat down Lit a weiL 

lU K>Jw thi:^ iifiiMlorMiuiiui liad 
•even UbughTDni r and tlH^jr cumo 
and dfuw vtfptFf and filled ihe 
rtituMfh* Ui iviit£tf tlietf fniJiLfs 

IT And tha slMr[i]icrd^ rame nnil 
druri'? ePiL^iJi nvf^i ■■ Unit MutfivijfE'jad 
up iind ^Miipod mf?m, ami walenui 
Uwlr fliH^k^ 

IB .\nd when thcf cntdf^ to Iu-iiqI 
their fntheTT hoaaii^ Flow hit that 
fiC nre cmm^Jiii anon ip-tl&y ? 

11* And thcF u id. An jigyptian 
dcViv^md ua out iif Uic? buiifl of die 
fh^^ihrrds^ and al«> drew loiitfr 


^ And h<!^ siild unEnbts daiipli^ 
(iM«t And wh^jru f> ha ? why ij' ii 
tAtU re have LelY the mnnt noil 
hiim. uirit he rntif enthrOHiil. 

ai AoJ Mamis xva* eoiitont to 

tdwnll witb UiQ muDr und bo ^Uve 
f/ttMO^ ZipponUt Uifl da.ijffhteri 
iH Ap^ dfan bare him n«un, and 
ujfqd hi# nckmc QcrnhoED;; for 
MlH, I ha^n bevu a alran^er In 

^ tT Ami Urajni]tc»pa«tjn£ira- 
Drntofijanet, ikat Uia king oi' t'sypt 
dind; nud 'Iw (^hihljriri of tdmi"! 
inifht.'d by reai^.^n uf the hondajee, 
ami tbay eriin] j and tiieir cty cairi(> 
itit unto Gml, bf ua^non i^fuie Uiii^ 

CHAP ilL Ood appeareth to him 


_i And God heard theiT froan- 
lif, and {#Qil r^moiDh^ f cd bif f,u^ 
vmniiat with AhFubiun, with liaar, 

25 AaI God kokihl upnn Uu; 
chlldr^ft of tflfCieU and God bad na- 
Ep^cL unto them, 

CHAP. rn. 

Gflrf fipprnTcth iff Maxes. 

NOW Mn^ufl kept i\m Aurk of 
jL'iJirrj his rttilivr-iu-iiiw, the 
Sliest of .Midian: and ha h-d tlto 
04: k to iJLti hack rijdei of die deceit, 
and came to the mouauufi of Gc4, 
£-fld^ tt> Hnroh. 

:^ And ihe Angcl of tlw LoR» ap- 
peared untn liLii^ in a fliLinc of nrQ 
out uf ih4»mlH«tofa bnub; and ho 
loukc^H Eind, hehnldn thn bush 
humed with iif^, and tua bush was 
nut cjiriflumed, 

a And Modea aaid^ I wdl now 
tiJJ-Ei ELiidL", tLtid (iitL' thid icrcal ii^iit, 
why the buah i« not burtu. 

4 Ani wiicn the LoRP snw ihai 
he tinned Uiati*i to asaj Gnd cniled 
unto him out of the mid^ of tha 
hu^hn anilnuid, Uo«!fl, Aloiea I And 
ho«nid, IJi^riJ tsM h ^ ^ 

5 .Vnd ho JiJtkU Drftw not ni^h 
hitiior : put off tiiy f,hoeH from off 
thy fool i for Uio place whoreon 
th^m iJtande^t U holy j^rniind. 

tl Mor^ovEit he latd, 1 tim tba 
God of thy fill her, tbo did of Abra- 
ham, tlie God of IiArn3, and tjia 
Gad oi* Jaeoh. And Mai<os lud hii 
fiite; for ho was afraid to look 
aptm Gtut 

7 ir And the Lorp aald, I have 
iuralr seen ilMsn(!lii:tioTi of my p*™- 

K\ii vtrliich art in £i;y;ttr aiml nave 
eftnl ihdr eiy hr roaiifo of dieir 
ULbkimiBtL^n^ lor J kno^r tJipirtor- 

8 And 1 dm cnmodosvii to deli^ 
^T?r ihem out ot" the hand of tha 
^yptjaru, and to brin? iben itu 
out of thn I laj^dj utuo a pood land* 
niid EL large, unto a mnd RnwiniE 
with indk and hone^; unio the 
glare of ihi^ CnnaanUQ^^ and Lha 
Hi»][r^, and Fh<i AmotJieK^ nad tlio 
Pari/iitt*i«, ftjctd the Uiritei, and thd 

fi y^iwihereforej beholdjlhecir 
fif thu rbildrun or Igrael u como 
unto m€ ] BJtd I ha^no also wsen tliQ 
upirri^saiou who^e^witb tha Ej^yp- 
tiaiiA wiprcfs thf-m^ 

10 Come now thereCbret ftwl I 
wiil MJttd iUtin unto Plitu-aola, th:lt 
than may^t Udn^ forth luyp'^oplor 
ihfi rduh]n?n of If f;k{?i, om orEfrypi^ 

Wl 11 And Moiiea iiiJd ontg Go^, 
bo am 1, Uitit I ?hoaFd eu unto 
Phataohr and Thai I nhinild hrinl 
forth the irbiJdfen of l^rai:! out di 

H Ami hu eaid* Ortdinly 1 will 
ba Willi ilii!^; and t}di« Mii^l ^e a 
taken uolo tbee, that 1 bnvc lent 
theok WbL'n tbuu hciit Urougbt 

Ooi eatteA Motet fSXODUS. 

fGrtli tlio jwopio out <jf E^rji*- ja 

13 Ami MtNiCi liaM unlo Gnd, 
B«^mlJp whtn. 1 come unLo ihe 
chjlilrrh of lKnL«l, ami shftll suy 
unto Iheni, 'I'lia God of jour fa- 
thcriflaaiL ii<nl int^ unkiyiiLii nitrl 
Uicj sIiidJI mr to ini!ij VVhnl ijh]i< 
naiiiu ? wliAi eliall 1 lar iinio 

ttdehvtK MtTWti, 

AND Moaet artFtu'urt.<!j ubA »aiilp 
But, iKihuy. ther wiJt noi 
litlkve tinjp iiHr h^arktii ujiio my 
VfkicQT for liier will dart Ths 
LroiLQ liath not upr^arotl uhto 


Si And tha LOHB iBul unlo hiiri, 

. ^ ^V^'i'i I * 'J' I'; ill th'ne ho tid 1 A lid 

H Anti fiod laid unto Huieti, ^lia kuhTi A xod. 

AM THAT! AM ^ And Iiq eatil, i, S And ho sojtf, Coit it fin i()b 

Thiifl BhaJt thou fFty im(ri tjie rhl^ 
drcn i>r terete], I AM liatJi iant ma 
unto yoii, 

J5 Anil CTod whid tntn^ivernnto 
Mow;^ Tlma Ebull thou sd j tjnlo 
llio cliii]Jrf>n of Uinaol, Th^i LfliRn 

groufifl. Aitd he cast it on llie 
tTound, and it bccanii; a Et^rpeJi^: 
aod Alosiis Itf^d fmin LKifttru iL 

4 And iht' I<imti said unio 
MoacE, Put rcnt!j thine buid, and 
ijikn it b^ till' EaiU And b4 put 

Goil of yntir fntli^ra* (he Gwl of ■ r»>rth Ins hand, and cunelii it* acirf 
A bin ham, ihn God of Taaac, acid it tM^cami^ a rrHl in his hurd^ 

t^p God of Jacioi}, hiaLh etrnt Jnc^ 
trnfo you; ihia U sir nnms fur 
wcr, and this it itiy cnenmnaj 

WOtO Sli «^binqflitioil«H 

JS ffcOt and Bi^tEier thflclderanr 
urdcl taf Laher, and taoy unto iham. 
The Loitn Glut «f your falhemn 
thft Cod of Ahrrwiain, rtf IsDa<:, 
uod nf Jacob, arjjcari'd untgi m^, 
wiyjfuf, I havo iomk vjfitfid ynuj 
find xecJt I hat wliicii iii dona to 
you in Ef nit : 

17 AinlrJiavdffliid, T wHl lirini 
Yo\x M\t tHjt of the a mi lotion 

5 ThiH (hc^y mar believe tJmi 
the I^iti> God pf thciT fall] L KB. thfl 
GoH uf AhrJihani, Iho Cod c>f 
lArLat, ntul Ehe ilod {]f Jicob, hath 
appeanvd UEito Ui^!«. 

H 11 Antt the Loud *nid further- 
xt\Qr^ tiuto him,Fut now il\m^ hand 
into thy boaom. And ho ro(. hi> 
JianrI inid \ns iKiPom: And i^hnn ha 
luLik ii <iLit, belidldp hii hand iPa<r 
Itnrou* a» emow. 

7 And Iw^aUM^itthunehand into 
thy hoisnni a^ain. And ho ^ut hu 

„ .., — ,, _._ . _. hand mto hi* bcnom infiun, OTiid 

Effypt,u[i!ci(bQlanr1ofthcC*aii(iajv phithtd \\ outof iiiw Uatom, 4nd 
itiin^ \xti\\ Iho fUidi'i?^^ and Uie uphold, it was tomod aealu an bU 
Amorit^-a, and llio PprazTiitL'a, and pfAo- tlcuhi 

U* 1 liv] Ef^. mid the ifihu r^itfyii u ni< » 
ft Innd fl Li vi- 1 n^ with mil k a nd h ouE'y. 

€ Aikd it shall coma Id pajm, if 
ihoy will nat tx^'LiioyD ihc^, nrithur 

18 And ihcy nlmll hF>[ij-)i:un tiithjp , lic:'rLrki<n to ihn? voife cjif iho fir*i 
vgkf-i ujid ihiiu BhrtU ci]n]t3h ihou'eiifn, Uiat tboy will b{^libve the 
tnd th-& cUlon of bracl, unto tho ; v^ncu at ihe lauer i\itt' 
king of EHPt, and yu shall aay i U Afld Jl J^hmll come to Dbbb, if 
omo niin, Tim Loai> «od of Um ihey will net briievo alatithiHc two 
IfcbrifWi'^ hath met with ui; and ' Kieiiii, ni?<ithoc btciiknn uiato t\if 

nnw lot ufl ^Q {wo tK?#c«oh thed) 
tbrti] days' journey inl<) the wilder- 
nenif i|i:it VI rnay BacriHiiu la Iha 
l^i}\Tf our God. 

19 IT And t am mro llmt tho Vitig 
of tlgrpt wdL nut let rou ^a, no, 
itot Ur a uiifbty hand. 

£20 And I will strL'tch out fny 
hand, and £rnit6Efy|>t with all my 
woiuiorm vrh^li \ will do ta thEt 

voic^p ibEit die^u bIikJe lake of ihfi' 
wfttflr of Tberiii'erf aud xmnr U i!P<jfl 
tb« iYif iiymd : and the water ^% iiich 
ihriu tnkettt out itf iho rivof 
ibGitl bceooio blood upon tho dnr 

lU TTAud MoAAi Raid unin tho 
LnitDT O nty [jonl, f aan not elk>- 

niieiit, rHMthor heretofyrc, norNbido 

thou hast «K]ikun unto thy norv an E : 

midftt ihoiroof: nud urier tliat ha , hut I am pTijw oif 'gpi3eii;h, &ivd ^f i 

will 1^1 ynu go.. 

'il Anfl [ will ^ive thin People fa- 
vour So d^ci nli^bt of tlio K.|;y|)tJiu.u : 
«rul it fihall comft la piiotf, that. 

alrjw tontue. 

) ] Ath] the LoTio Biikd Qrto him. 
Who both uiEido mari'a montn 1 or 
who maledi the danih, or de4ir ' 

^■m H. BJIUIl liVtlim IIM I.UiBD, ■.■JXLI^ inrUU fpUJ' KVUl U I.B Tl UJIIU, Ul Lir-UlT ■ T 

wdienyo jco, ye 11:10111 pot go L-mnEy ; th*? w^einp, or tho blind 1 JiATe not I 

5S But every weroan »hall bor- ihs* Lniu>1 
iDW of her neifrhhour, and of bi^r IS Now thcrcfoTD go. and I vfi\i 
that iKojnumMh in hf<r Kntiso^ | lie with Ehyrnouih, aad luacih !heu 



■itver, and Je web of i^oldT ; wital thr»u 4ibaU eu' 
~~' and jn} ehaj] put t^r^Tt 13 And ho &ai< 

II iiD miid, O my IdOrdj 
HpQO youf ■onf,'tnil uiion jour'seudf 1 iiniF(h(5t\ by ihu bond qf 
d^ufhtcrs; and ye nbnll upoif the Aim wAfxtti tlinu wdtf^niJ- 
"** — ^ — H li Autl titeau£LTuf thft 

Motes Uaoeth MitUaii. 
wan kindled against MO060, and he 
■aid. It not Aaron the Levite tJur 
brotlier 1 I know that he can speak 
well. And also, behold, he cometh 
forth to meet thee: ami when he 
aeeth thee, he will be glad in his 

15 And thoa shall fl>eak unto 
him, and pnt words in bis mouth: 
and I will be with thy month, and 
with his mouth, and will teach you 
what ye diall do. 

16 And he shall be thy spokes- 
man unto the people : and he shall 
be, Mw» he shall be to thee in- 
stead of a mouth, and thou shall be 
to him instead of God. 

17 And thou shall take this rod 
mthme hand, wfaenwith thou shall 

18 1i And Moses went, and re- 
turned to Jethro Ids fathel^in-law. 
and said unto him, Let me go, 1 
pray thee, and return unto my bre- 
thren which are in Egypt, and see 
whether the/ be yet ahve. And 
Jethro said to Moses, Go in 

19 And the Lord said unto 
Moses ill Midian, Gro, return into 
"~jpt: for all the men are dead 


which somhl thy life. 

90 And Moses took his wife, and 
his sons, and set them upon an ass. 
and he returned to the land of 
Egypt. And Moses took the rod of 
Ood in his hand. 

21 IT And the Lord said onto 
Moaes, When thou goest to return 
into Egypt, see that thou do all 
those wonders before Pharaoh 
which I have putinthinehand : but 
I will harden his heart, that he shall 
not let the people go. _. 

83 And thou shall say unto Pha- 
raoh, Thus saith the I40RD, Israel 
is my son, even my fint-born. 

83 And I say unto thee. Let my 
eon go, thathemayserreme: and 
if thou refuse to let him go, behold, 
I will slay thy son, even thy first- 

iMT And Heame to peas by the 
way in the mn, that the Lord met 
hinv and sought to kill him. 

05 Then Zipporah took a sharp 
atone, and cut off the foreskin of 
her son, and cast it at his feet, and 
said. Surely a bloody husband art 
thou to me. 

9S 80 be let him go: then she 
said, A bloody husband thou art, 
beeauM of the circumcision. 

97 V And the LcHiD said to Aaron. 
Go into the wilderness to meet 
Moees. And he went, and met 
him in the mount of God, and kiss- 
ed him. 

9B And Mosoi told Aaron all the 

CHAP. V. GotPe message to Pharaok. 
words of the Lord who had sent 
him, and all the signs which he had 
commanded him. 

89 ir And Moses and Aaron 
went, and gathered together all 
the elders of the children of Israel. 

30 And Aaron spake aU the 
words which the Lord had spoken 
unto Moses, and did the signs in 
the sight of the iieople. 

31 1i And the people bcliered : 
and when they heard that the 
Lord had yisited the children of 
Israel, and that he had looked 
upon their affliction, then the/ 
bowed their heads and worshipped. 


ND afterward Moses and 
Aaron went in, and told Pha- 
raoh, Thus saith the Lord God of 
Israel, Let my people go, that they 
may hold a feast unto me in the 

2 And Pharaoh said. Who i$ 
the Lord, that I should obey his 
voice to let Israel gol I know not 
the Lord, neither will I let Israel 

3 And they said. The God of the 
Hebrews hath met with us : let us 
go, we pray thee, three days* jour- 
ney into the desert, and sacrifice 
unto the Lord our God ; lest he 
fall upon us with pestilence, or 
with the sword. 

4 And the king of Egypt said 
unto them. Wherefore do ye, Mo- 
ses and Aaron, let the people from 
their works 1 gel you unto your 

5 IT And Pharaoh said. Behold, 
the people of the land now are 
many, and ye make them rest from 

I LNi '.raoh commanded the 
■•■'■ '^le taskmasters of the 
p heir officers, saying, 

no more give the peo- 
ple straw to make brick, as here- 
tofore: let them go and gather 
straw for themselves. 

8 And the tale of the bricks 
which they did make heretofore, 
ye shall laf upon them ; ye shall 
not diminish aught thereof: for 
thef be idle ; therefore they cry, 
saying, Let ua go and sacii^ce to 


9 Let there more work be laid 
upon the men, that they may la- 
bour therein : and let them not re- 
gard vain words. 

10 And the taskmasters of the 
people went out, and their ofBcen» 
andfthey spake to the people, say- 
ing. Thus saith Pharaoh, 1 will not 
give you straw. 

11 Go ye» get you str^ where 

tgraeTtoppresstontitcreased. EXODUS. 

Viiur v.irk ^imU i 


The promise renewed. 

l*i Hri thei pei>t9Je ivcM iscflitiorwl ' by tii iinfnicaTrforl Almighty, bui 
A][]ri>jiL| UHPiitht^ut EiLI ilm E^mt] of (jy injr ii^unn JEllUVAtJ wail nut 
^YPi, lu ff:tUiiiir£Lu.bblti uuLtsQd uf. known m clirm. 
itraw. , , . 14 Aiul J Imve a!M> c-HtiLLtlUlicd 

IJ And Uio ibdkrTiasten haelcill mir sruvMiotit witii tinunj tsj tfi^f 
"■ — EaTiiiT. Fulfil your wurfcrt. i Lham llic IbikI of <JunH&i>, ihti land 
Mitj'iiJiiKSf QAU'ljtJtitlkefttWiuj ul ttimr piJarimafCT ^tiorein they 

II And Iho olTjircFS of tliu rktl 

5' And r, liuvo also lii^iLrtl iho 

of i*rtnjl, whkl; rik^rnoL'ii icpuuinj; of titu chUdrf?[i of Jnnicl. 
lii3ik.m^{KT% iniid ut o\t;r tiiuinn ■ vvlionH^io l:^yii[i[uiK kuup in k>iitj- 
dt-'niiituEttl, ! a^u : awl [ Ijavo renicmL^iul m? 
■"* f"T-"- 1 1 C4iyennnu 

(i Wljuni^fure iaf niiti) I ha chjl 
drun <if IpTDieU I iim ihe Load^ and 
I vvOI briii^ yuLi out, rrom tindor iJie 
LLirJcfJii «>r thti Ejfj^uliaok. and I 
Will nil rou dutut thcJf Usmclato, 

£Lrui(^liei[-oat afnj, luid widifreat 
I J mi^ menu : 

7 AjiJ 1 ml1 lELko ^du to iii« f^^ 
a jKiopk. and J will be to jou a 
GEjd : and fe «lial] know Uial L dfn 

cin yQu otiE (R^ni undor ihu Ijurduiiv 
oFiht! [%^yE>Li;in^. 

t? n-iiid L wiU brinff you in iinlo 
the itiJiiJ^ c-onco riling Uiv whicli 1 
d(d iWi-piir ii> pivt! ii to AbmliaiPj 
lo Ignac. md to JucoU^ and I wilj 

wero iKiilon^ ,^, __ , , 

Wliar*>|bfc liiivo yu not fullUlcd 
your liuk in inaJune tirick, buLli 

gwtorday add lu-ttny, u hcrutu 

15 IT Then Uie o(Iici!» uf ihc 
chLklnn «f [nrjid (tami* hrHl crkil 
unio riinruulii, tayiuff, Wlicjufktn: 
JooJl'^C LljLiU ihiift M uli liLyi^irVuliU 7 

10 T'Ihjfd ii^ riiji Eliuw given unto 
Ujj pcrvontfl^ ajul tin 7 SHiy lo Ui^ 
Mako Lnck : ami buJuidl, thy fi«r- 

Ul lihiin) own iieutdD. 

J7 Hut he f^Ja, Ve ar£ idEcn vt 
to-e \ii\ii ■ UitvrufuriQ ya iu.i, tji.H uu 
(Oj arid du juiEirilicu lolb» LuJUtJ. 

1A Go Uifiri-'foru nuivv ^.Ttd witrk : 
Tof UiDry eh nil lu^ jslraw bo givon 

Eon, rai ihali yttdobvtLr iJio talk) tif 

rj And the ufTiiferv (tftlit^ oki] 
drun of LsnicI did all^ /4fi£ Lh*'] 
uer^ in avll cMt^ al\or it was tsud, 
TO utiuLI iiuL mijiiah atight fruin 
ruurlirkk^of yc.ur ihiUy laids. 

^ ^ And Umy niE^t Muiu,';^ and 
ArirKin, wtin jUxhkI in tliii wny, \m 
tJioy unniu ibrtfi frani I'iiarapliT 

'^l And LkuyiijihdULdi> Uimn, Tlic 
l^inri k)ok upon yuti, ami jnd^oi 
tn'irmi^e >'a havd ntjulu our SAVour 
tn bu iiliJk^jTcd in llic €yf>« of I'hb' 
FEiifdi. nnl in tJiB cyi« ofhia aer- 
vutiij. If] {Hit K tword in tlieij hand 
Id eluy U4. 

g3 f r JVnd Mo9» returned ontn 
Ino Lri'iiLi, and Miid, Lciid^ wImtu' 
f^ro b:LHl f.riull#tf4!'Vil-cti,lruaEc4tThJ>4 
ENHtpIc^ •nU]/ ia \l thai ibauhast 

suit U1U 1 

£!^ Fof jiorx} I CaiEko ta Pharatjh 

tu tpocLk in Ihy nafao^ he hutli dion^' 

evil lo (hit pi'OijJe: neiihor hojL 

liwu dcli^^'f^'i ifi? |icii;j1u at aJl. 


ftit4 rmciflfth kit Prvmiite. 

TllKK tbo Ldoau Kiii4 unUi Mo- 
oes, No'^v « I i{itt ththii. >ite wlint 
1 tvjLI do to l'h:unuii : fur ivJth 
fr jiLrunK hiiiiit iktiiLlI ka kt 
Uicni uUf Hill I \vi\\t a dlron£ hand 
ah^Lli 111) drii^o iLiim out of Jus 

i! And Gmi ^iiaka imti} Moflce, 
«iul ^jd until Ijini^ L um tbc Iaj}ii>: 

uivti it you foronhurilMO l I tujj liw 

!> H ADdMQv(*EiIlak€^flDu^toUl« 
tl]ddrun«ri!<racl : hot they hoQTti^ 
eni^d i3ol onto AlorHja, tor iui|niBh 
ur^di'il^ iuid ftir cnic\ bnioiiofLV 

m And Lho Lonu epakfi unut 
MtysW} wayiBPt 

Ji iro in, speak itnio Pharauli 
knif^of E(;ypt, Unit }>e let Uitj cjnl^ 
drifrt of liraiil go mmH or h\a 

n Ami Mofpi ipakf> Iwfnre tbn 
LoFtD, Hiyinf, BeUtildt Uic childrcH 
of larool hti^'v hot hcnrkf pad unin 
me i bow tjion ftlmjl TJuirauh lieai 
me, who am ol' uncirciuncjttud 

13 11 Ami tbo Limn t^u^kfi unto 
Muei^jL, oxk} unio Aurofi^ and kwv^ 
thie'm a diartfij unto tibe chililmu t^ 
[fneL iLt:iJ untD Tharai^ kjii|r u( 
r^kVit io WiiiK tba child run uf la- 
raid out ot iho idJid of Et^]r]»i. 

f^thCJii'' lioOfPt; 'J'hii KuJki of flii'ti- 
b*fl tiio firjjt-horo of laraL-l ; H&« 
nocii and l^ullu^ Ikiroo, nt»il (.'jet. 
mi : Lltf^^^f liiii riuTiilieti of lleyhuo. 

15 And ihtf mtm of j^nnuoini 1 
Jfranuii luid Jaiiitaj, AudOimfl^ aixl 
Jturhin, uniL !i&cjhiir nod SIiquJ i\j# 
son nt'a (."anuuiiiiiib wtmiun l ti\tm 
At A t|n.i fnniilu'* ufismM'ou. 

Ji» If And ihfiHj eiiY Liiu fiunira of 
l^»fMiU[UurLtivt, uecordLiif to Uuiif 

tjeetta gefualon, CHAP, 

generation*; Cfenhon, and Kohath, 
and Merari. And the years of the 
life of Levi io«rean hundred thirty 
and seven years. 

17 The sons of Gershon *. Libni, 
and Shimi, according to their fa- 

18 And the sons of Kohath ; Am- 
ram, and Izliar, and Hebron, and 
Uzzicl • and the years of the life of 
Kohath a60r«anhuudred thirty and 
three years. 

19 And the sons of Merari ; 
Mahali and Muslii: these are the 
families of Levi, according to their 

20 And Araram took him Joche- 
bed his father's sister to wife; and 
•he bare him Aaron and Moses. 
And the years of the life of Amram 
were an hundred and thirty and 
•evon_year8. __ 

21 IT AndtheMMisof Tzhar; Ko- 
rah, and Ncpheg, and Zichri. 

22 And tlie sons of Uzziel; 
Mishael, and Elzaphan, and Zithri. 

23 And Aaron took himElisheba 
4aughtcr of Amminadab, sister of 
Naashon to wife; and she bare 
him Nadab and Abihu, £)eazar 
and Ithamar. 

24 And tho sons of Korah ; As- 
tir, and Elkanah, and Abiasaph: 
these are the families of the Kor- 

25- And Elenzar, Aaron^s son, 
took him one of the daughters of 
Putiel to wife « and she bare him 
Phinebas: these are tlie heads of 
the fathers of the Levites, accord- 
ing to their families. 

26 These are that Aaron and 
Moses, to whom the Loao said, 
Bring out the children of Israel 
from the land of Egypt according 
to their armies. 

87 These ere they which spake to 
Pharaoh king of Egypt, to bring out 
the children of Israel from Egypt: 
these are that Moses and Aaron. 
• S8 And it came to pass on the 
day vlun the Lord spake unto 
Moses in the land of Egjrpt, 

29 That the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, I am the Lord: 
neak thou unto Pharaoh king of 

~rpt all that I say unto thee. 

_J And Moses said before the 
Lord. Behold, I am of uncircun»- 
eised lipe, and how shall Pharaoh 
hearken unto me ? 

CHAP. vn. 

JHeset sent itnto Pharaoh. 

AND the Lord said unto Moses, 
See, I have roodctlieeagod 
to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy bro- 
ther shall be thy prophet. 

S Thou Shalt speak all that I 
command thee: and Aaron thy 

'. vn. MoeeTs HgM to Phara&h, 
brother shall qwak unto Pharaoh, 
that he send the children of Israel 
out of his land. 

3 And I will harden Pharaoh's 
heart, and multiplv my signs and 
my wonders in the land of Egypt. 

4 But Pharaoh shall not hearken 
unto you, tliat I may la^ my hand 
upon £!gypt, and bnng torth mine 
armies, and my people the childroo 
of Israel, out of the land of Egypt, 
by great judnnents. 

5 And theEgyptians shall know 
that I am the Lord, when I stretch 
forth mine hand upon Egypt, and 
bring out the children of Israel 
from among them. 

6 And Moses and Aaron did a^ 
the Lord commanded them, at* 
did they. 

7 ir And Moses teas fourscore 
years old, and Aaron fourscore and 
three years old, when they spake 
unto Pharaoh. 

8 And the Lord spake unto Mo- 
ses, and unto Aaron, saying, 

9 When Pharaoh shall speak 
unto you, saying, Shew a miracle 
for you : then thou shalt say unto 
Aaron, Take thy rod, and cast tt 
before Pharaoh, and it shall bo- 
come a serpent. 

10 If And Moses and Aaron wont 
in unto Pharaoh, and they did so 
as the Lord had commanded : and 
Aaron cast down his rod before 
Pharaoh, and before his servants, 
and it became a serpent. 

11 IT Then Pharaoh also called 
the wise men, and the sorcerers: 
now the magicians of Egypt, they 
also did in like manner witii their 

I i F. r ihFF r.r\^t down every man 
hji? rruK and tUtnf bccaine wrpeDLn j 
but A;Lr<>n'v iwl Awulbwied up 

tll4:Lr r^tiE-l. 

13 And he li^d£ttif>d rharaah'a 
hviitl Uiiit bo Ue'Atktitmd mti luitu 
thi'm j a-^ tlu]E LoKE haA naid. 

14 11 And thi? Loiui *a.ul unED 
Moneii Plkfira^ph^i h&Eri Tt hast- 
ened, ]\yi rcfiiselh to let Iho peitpfci 

15 Get thee unto Pharaoh in the 
morning; lo, he goeth out unto tlio 
water, and thou shalt stand by the 
river's brink against he come : and 
the /od which was turned to a ser- 
pent shalt thou take in thine hand. 

16 And thou shalt say unto him. 
The Lord God of the Hebrews 
ha;th sent mo unto thee, saying. 
Let my people go, that they may 
serve mo in the wilderness: and 
behold, hitherto thou wouldcst not 

17 Thus saith the Lord, In this 
thou shalt know that loan the 

nu river tuned into blood, EXODUS. 

I^Fin ■ hi^hfitrlK I vcM amiic ivith 
the tnt\ xhat tj in Tn^ haitd upun 
iho vutora t^lsick are in the 
rivpn luul Uioy fihull Lo turned to 

18 And tl>o fiah Uiat w in ihe 
^t^■^^ nUhH <1ii2, ami the river ^' ill 
RTtnt [ nE3d Uie E^ ypiimii ill 
h>HiJt£9 in [EjrinlL jjf liie wurcr i-1 ae 

ID TT And tho LonD Hpako unto 
Mojn'Hi Siiy untjo Anion, TuktrtEiy 
msl, riTHl fttrctc^li niii thine hiitld UDon 
ti\n vratisn of Egf[it^ upon np lir 
KlruuErii, upon |lL4.'if riVL^j-s, id 
upun iJielT iiu>nd£» and npun n 1 1 > sir 
pnoh uf ivnler, ihnt the? iiv\> e- 
i-fymti Llciinl: Blld TJint Uirrr : ly 
W blufid tliTaU4;hcmt ,iJT ihy l;,t. ' of 
Etirpi, iioih in vfjMe:^ of \<,.->d, 
lUid III TifjJj'fiP qfjAonv* 

30 And Motchfl nnd Aaron did 
«u, n» ilie Ltmp fiuuimtiisduHl 5 und 
>in iiHiid ijptberod and iJisolf^ ihe 
WQicra that trrrt m tht* ri^i ^ in 
tho «lgLit of niArnQht J3nd i'! tie 
*iphl i>f his vervanle; aiid £iN lie 
wfllPrrg thill iiP(?rt \a im rivtjj: wi-ro 
ttjrntid into blnml. 

■21 And the fi*h thni «?«# in the 
ri\ ur rM^^d : tmd thti riv{>r sUink , riad 
liiv EpTPtianH coitld not diini of 
iii43 water of Uiij rivyfi nnd li re 
wfiB ULHjd tUrouihom eUI Ui? i ad 

'SS And Lhe mnflciani af Egypt 
did JKi with tticir cn<:hanlrapncs: 
and Pharjiuh"!! heart wau linmlun- 
vH, nt^jLhcr did h^i htsitTkE^n unto 
Ehfiin ^ na the LffUtD had jfaid, 

'S? And Plmrauh lumpd and wrnt 
tnio hrs h^KiM^, nelihof did be set 
hin heurl to thij b.\§q* 

*a And all ihci Egyptian? dig ^ed 
rqurul B^Hjut Ihc river for wtitrr to 
drink \ Cm ttioy conid not drijilr of 
the Walr?r of tim river. 

35 And msvcn day a wtre fui;, ed 
mfbtir thttt the Loflo had «iJLi;<Bn 

CRAP. vnr. 

wD Iho Loiii> spuke i"'to 

MoBefi, Go UT>(I5 Phftrmih. ■ id 

fiy itntohiitii TijnitHaJLl] tho I .' D, 

Let my iKople ^q that tliey i. 17 

SKTvr^ me. 

S And if than roE\iso In TiM thrm 
zn, IniUntlly t vfi][ jsmitD be] I iliy biir- 
d*'f4 with frOiJi ■: 

S And Thfl rivei snail brln^ !■ 'th 
rroes abiindandy. whirh ^hii ! jo 
U.p4]nd eoniE> into rhino- hau^-i'. id 
jnm tJiy Imd'clminlwr. uriLl ■ )n 
Thy b<ML and into thE? liousr . 1 ly 
tL'rruDti, DJid npuD thypijinrli' id 
intJ thitit^ ovMiH^ and mw ly 
■k'.fcidinj lTr>iiphi»^ 

i And tht.' rrupcii RKall cn^md ap 

T&« i»<af M of/rogg. 
both on thee, and upon thy people, 
and upon all thy servants. 

5 If And the Lord spake onto 
Moses,, Say unto Aaron, Stretch 
forth thme hand with thy rod over 
the streams, over the rivers, and 
over the ponds, and cause frogs 
to Miz up upan ilie Vdml vt 

t /uid Aamn etrttchod ntit hid 
hand Qvt^r tlic v/KU^r* of Etfyut: 
and thp frop came up, njid cuH,'{;rml 
tlif kiml of Egypt. 

' ."'.i.'l iJif.' ii;rnri<:ianH did so with 
th< ' M'liunlLncititf, und bryu^jij 
up -u \ii iji I he 5 and <if Epypt. 

I I 1 1 CN rharaoh c^allpd for M* 1- 
ses ' i A!ir(j[it mid Piiid. Enireut 
thi ffD tlmi he niar tatn away 
thr .'j^ from mc, and fftim niy 
pe-i i. :iNl I will lei the peopln 
go, i.l'rii! I III, y in ay [lo bfLcrificis u^ito 

1' Ami Mn-^aa laid ilnto FharaDlip 
Gl livermoj when »hal1 [ eo- 
tre irthMOfld for thy ?ervTinta» 
an. r thj puople, to ifciiroy thu irom Uite^ und ihy htjuse*, 
fAfri tlHiy may remain in tljfl rivtr 

11) And ho sail!. To-morrow. 
Ai . ' \. He it nrcontin^ itl 
th; ■ t thou niayost kninv 

thi . [lone like uiitQ iha 

II AriiJ Uia frogn sh^jjl depart 
from tJtuE!!, find from thy hDUAt:^, 
and frtmi thy servants-^ itnd from 
thy tt^'^t^l^j ihav flhatl romajn tn 
llie n^er only, 

l:iirAiidMiit»ft$ sad Aaron wont 
out frpm PJiaraoli: aud '^nuioji 
cried unlo tEiu LoFCii, bec'Rusu of 
the fro?* wliiE^h Iiq had brtjughl 
agi-tn'T Flmraoh. 

I'' Aiiil ttic liOitn did acrording 
to ; ■ word of !tfow* ] and thg 
fr< ' ii.'d out of tho hi^uFon, out of 
th< ■■ illisLTOiii, hrid oiilof ihofiiuldju 

14 .A ltd th«'y faLl]<!r^>d llifin to-' - 
geihcT upon budpi: and tiio tutiJ 

V" Milt when Fbaranh wi^v thai 
Ui4 ' ^^ :ii4 rpFii>Et{}, he hardcnoil hit 
he and haarktini^d not untti 

tht ! . IIS On? LfiRP had enid. 

lo And tho Lofin utkl unto 
MtirtC'S, Kuy untfl Aarun, Htrcti-h 
oui tftf ruii. niifl FttiLte di^ dLint nf 
the hMni. that it may bL^cutne liee 
thl''> : hnitt all Ihr Ijind of Ej»pl. 

] ' \\:\i tbuy did !fi:] j for Aatdll 
str ' 'nil ooi lii^ h&Eid i^iiJ] iii.^ tvil^ 
an ' - .iote the du»t of thK eunh, 
an ■ !■ ■ciono Ik'o in man and in 
be :iLI thif du^t nf rhf^ land k^ 
>'e tlirouEboiii all the Id id 

la And 

rid tli<^ ma^^iriunif did lo 

Ite.aiufjCiM. CHAP. UL 

with lhd.r*!flpha!«mmiH to briiig 
forth Ikf, h\.it. ihi-y rinM nai: po 
ihtire were HtLQ upon muji, uatl up- 
on LflWfrt 

ID Tlit^n the ninEHrifliia mill uato 
rimnivh^ Tills m Um fltigin of 
Ood : anil P>i3uaoh^ii honrt T,md 

unto them 5 m tbu LoKO hnd soiiL 

■JU 11 And t}ia Iioftn i^niil unto 

ing:, and ituml lielore FJ tarn oh. 
i\o, he t^tfiftth forth fo th^. wiLtfir J 
uHi iftF unvi hiTn^Thua iQiih Uw 
LtA]|.rp, Let tnf peopJo go^ tlutt i\iiiy 

-31 FJjc, if itioii ^vili not \oi my 
ppoplo E'^, Iteholil, [ TVilf *<"Jir| 
fW4ir7ii» ^^^ttj upr^rn iJiw, mid up- 
un Lhy nuFVEuib, and upoaihi t^'CK 

Ele. »i*il inrn Tht" li""sf*3: nnif iho 
niiA(?# cf titD Ei^jfTJiicLiut ih&il liti 
full ofs^v4Ti™i ef frVt, and also 
the froond wJicrcon the? ars. 

9S Add I win ficv^r in UiM tinr 
tlie Jnnd of Gi»h?n, in which my 
peftplD dwi;ll^ EJrnt no twnntii ^f 
JUeg l^BJl bp iJiere ; lo Ujp end ihou 
Riiif«t kiiovv thiit I viTJi iJiQ Liiiiri 
in ine midAt or tJii« ruirLfK 

S3 And [ wdl put n djvkian be- 

to-morraw nhai] ihia d^n be. 

514 Aiwt tlie Lonn did *ii : utid 
there* canw ft fric^voiu Nivnrni fif 
jfi>jr into the hou*^ of fharatih. 
And irtro h'K w^fraitu' hoii«»]«, and 
into fill llie Innil tif BsfP^'- Uie 
lAnd ^nn 4':orriiptcd bf r^iioti of 
the swofm af Hi^g. 

a& T And Phnniohcmlli^ forMo- 

■esp ond for Aaron » ami imid, 

I'*!» ibcriAcA to fn%it God in ujo 

3S And McH!t!« said.. Ii ia not 
ineet wi to tfuj for wo ittULlI wirrT' 
ilfO dio aEjoiniiuilicinitf tKc) Ilffyp- 
lin/is to the I>>An «)ur God; Lci, 
a^M wp Siicriiic*} iJie n^KitninhUon 
of ihd Kfftptjniiis before Llieiroyui| 
tnd will dicf not aton^ n« 1 

-— -tF fl' 

Mwrratn emmtg eattU, 

30 And Moiis wtjeit tint from 

PharBoli, ami KuirentH cIig TjUfid: 

'-U And Uuf IjfHRlJ did ac«-4Yri:lin£ 

iTicivi^N^ Uii^ H^vunnp 5/" J^rfff fr<mi 
Phnfiiolj, fmiiji hiH feiinjUs, uiiiJ 
from his tiaoplc; tiioru fL^moinid 
ncrt tiiw. 

:{^ And Pi^arrmih harikmod hb 
ht^qj-t ut ^hii tiniQ [iJmj^ tx^iLhui 
would be let tUr tnnijjic! ko, 

Thf Murrain tffllraMis 

THEN titc Umh Eiaid uiim Mc- 
«.^ Cio ID uoto PiiurLioii ajid 
lell him, TJ mil aiiiih tiae LrOKti Cod 
flf tti^ Kirirrcwi, Let nay jjovpb ^3t 
ihrit ijioy luay ■urvu uWr 

2 For if thnu ipfiuc lo liat tilrtfi 
go, imd wiithohilJiE^iii Hill, 

X Uchi\li\, the hand of the Lorm 
iif uiH}n thy caiila wMch ^ in rhu 
(i£*hiT uiHni (ho hvTfoa^ npon llio 
ct«icf!it upon thu caincf#r u|>ui) tfie 
oiiMu and upoti Lhf^i^riDpp: Mflie 
ifAaH if a iti v criuvaus mu^aiQ. 

4 And thft LfiitD *hali serer t«T- 
iwiM'j] ihp rntdu of hrnvl had tjw 
p tittle of Egypt r fiml thoro ih^JI 
nothiciir tliv- tif nil that ij the chij- 
dren'iinf Iwflfii. 

^ 5 And tinj LoHn qnTwInicd a ei'H 
ijifiH, wtxrinCf To-tnnrrow thp 
LoAp bhEill do Uud thinir in lIw 

tj And tbcLonD did that thing 
on this morrow, and nil the catt^o 
of E^f |it dit^ ". hat of tli4 cEiiUu o| 
tkia bhiidrcjii of Idfael died not 

7 And P|inrEi«>h sent, nnd bpljoW, 
uiGffi wnj) not oni] of tFiii nallle of 
ihe I !«raoiitiM dfiji d . And iho hertr t 
of l'h:if:Lnh wn# }iar<]E:nQd, (md ho 
diii not kt the nt^oplu go. 

fl II And U»e L^HiD Fnid unto Mo- 
fn?9 nnd unio Aaron, 1'ake lo you 
linndfular i>r a^li^ji ui tiie fnmacOi 
and let Min^s sprinkle it toward 
tho henvan in iJie a^ht inf Pha- 

_ _ _^ _„ ^ raoh. 

i£T VVi? will go tJinH] dayt^ joar- 9 And it ihall 1i4«riitne noalj doit 
tjty Inio the wilrietiian. Rod jtaert- in iid tb<* hind of Fgyp[, nnd iTinll 
McR La Lht; LnGip OUT God, ai hu be a boil break in; forin i^t\ blnhm 
■half cmnmarid ui. I upon man, nnd uonn beaFt, 

^ AnriPharHoh iAid, I will lf?t thrEiuehout all the Inndof Ef>-pL 
' ' ID And th^'y hKik a^lu'in of thn 

furnnt^e, lUidfftoorl befnre Pharaoh: 
and Mo«» Crinkled U up towanj 
hoavf^n :. and it hccamn a biii] 
brcrtikinff fojth vftk blaiiia upon 
maitt atid iipoii besist. 

n Awl tfiemriffirinDB ■fould not 
irtarnl ti<Tt»ro Moat**, be^nnsc of thu 
bqlki tor tho boll w{i« upi<n tbr^ tno.^ 
l^ictJrtfiH, and upon all the Egyp- 

ynQ |n^ that yc tnt y ta4:rifir:d to the 
Loitn ytitir (tod in th^ ivihli 

only yn i;hii|1 not go very for awuy .- 
entrwit for mt. 

a& An-i Frfi!w«ftPflHt, Hi?bolrf, T ffn 
■Pili from tiii»w, and t will entTisnt 
the IjHRD ttint thti B'Hvnrrna tifjUcJt 
iKift/ depart from Plinrnnhr froni 
hisienrant«» aoil fn^^n iir» uropt^. 
to-morrow 1 hot ki n*>t Plmmoh 
desL dcHTeilfully iinf morCn in not 
Intiag Llie ptK^pIo gq tu fAjcrlCica to 

13: And tiiL^ Lnau hard^nod the 
hr^art of Pharaoh, and M henrfe- 

The plagMe of hail, EXODUS. 

tjwiJ nrrt dirto tht-m ^ flu Ihd Lob,d 
bad Mtuken iintti Muie^, 

IS ^1 Am! tJte LfJRl) nJiid Utitn Mo- 
JSH, Klr8 UT^tiorLv ui UiQ Tnorriin£, 
frEiiJ MMihJ tiiirnFu f hrimiib, bjmI lay 
iiniti him. That aaidk t>ic Lejmi 

p|iL> ptt ilmT they moy *yfvit mn. 

14 For I wilJ E.t tiua time cenri 
mEI my p4;ifUeaup[iDilmiiiJinjt,BJiJ 
UIKJD Uiy iiirvanu, anO utiun Liay 
Fwoiito; diifit than niaireFi knuw 
ihw /Aire iM DQoe IJke tim iii uJl diu 

i& For nriw J wiJi streich out 
Dir Fiand, ihai I ml/ taiiia liiee 
knJ Lliy psapSa witn pt^«ti]i?J)Od „ 

J It And LD vtff deed Tor ihia 
e{iug€ have I miwu Iheu upt t'^f to 
■iKew 111 tlita m|p' ptiwuri biuI Uial 
m/ imme iKay !« dccUurE^ Uirinnjli- 
Dui all Uia {Mirtfi. 

IT A^ yet eiuLbmr tliou Uiyielf ; 
D^ninit my pnciple* ihal llitm wOt. 
DuL IblLiiem fo' 

IH OolitiliUtjo-moiTow about ll] is 
(imD I wUL cauie il to miti a very 
Aiievotu IttiJt Buch hb hatii lujt 
been n Evjrpl emc^ dit; fuuntliitiun 
ihereflf evfMi until nuw. 

l!J ftjftd Unpfeinro n«iw, and fa- 
iltiQr iJiy nartior anil dU tlul liin^u 

niiiij and b^jFL^i which ^ttnlL be 
fuuml: in tli*! fyalth and ihiill not bu 
bmugbl hi>rr>e', tlai] hail Bh^il CQTtie 
riiQWn iiiwti tltem^ cuMl tiiey ^hall 

^ Hd that fp^red ihe wnrd oflJii? 
liCiiip aniiiii|p' die iHyrvaiili n.t PhEt- 
ijukh m&iio hiAjuitvaiitd aiitl bii cui- 
lt« 6mi mto \iifi huuKa i 

£l AniJ \w thm rvMrardDd not tho 
ward of the IjOHtJ JcO his iervonEv 
■id hM i:iitt(4 in tite IkUL 

SS V And thb Imam suld unto 
AI»«*Btretdi lbrtfaUik«hand to- 
VFud hoBTM, that tJture maf Liq 
tiail In nit U>P laml of E*ypt> upon 
inun, nnd uihjn liettst^ n.ini upon 
ifVDty hnrb ol llio fiuld, thraujflit^ut 
tJiclnnd nCFpFpL 

i:t And Mitft'ii inrplthiia fortJi hw 
fiwl tnMiiml in-iivcn, u.iuJ th& LoniJ 
BTHi thuFidL-r and hait, nnJ the «f* 
f jji almiff upM^ii i^iu itrDund : tuid 
Uir ^Li^KD rain^il biul t]|H>n dio land 

^ l|4j th(iTQ wiiJi IihlU mid itrc 
miu^EiMl with ih« bnili veryjtrittv- 
iiu«. kill nil a« iliurQ Wai nonft lilio it 
ill iill l3]l' lund orE^ypl iincu it ho- 
CiiriHi a n-nliufi. 

i!^;^ AnrI tlie hail 'in(3.|v tlirnueh- 

out all the land, of E^ypt (ill liijil 

If fjj in I lit-' ftt.'^ld, builh innn anil 

LiBkt, #rtd ln<^ bjii1 fimnte tt^vrv 


Pharaoh still hardened. 

Iierbflfthfl field cind hrealc cTcry 
lieo ol' the field. 

^ OiiLy in ihct leind nfOosihen, 
whore the chddrenof LiroL] a?rfi!, 
yva* tiiCTe no J tail . 

17 Ti AiMt Phaf^tub ientnnd coll- 
ed fur AluiieB and Aaron , and »aid 
unUj Uioiii^ t Jiftve MiiUhKl tiii-ttimo^ 
a he Ijorp i> rigbteoiiu, and 1 and 
iny jxKiplii art wic^ud. 

^28 bwrrnBLi ilie Lukp ( it iw^ui:h) that tiieru be no mart 
mti^hur thutid«tiii«3 ^wJ bcid; aiul 
\ u'lll let you ifti, and yo m^kimiiay 
no tone^ir, 

2U AinJ. Mo*fti »;ud uutu hiiii, 
A« poon oj I am gone out urtlio 
cIitk ( wj'l iiipruad abroad iiiyhrmd^ 
U[iio ThoLoitrj; HTjJ tlw Qiuudet 
«iiall cea^e. nr^ithor AhiilL Uturc If a 
ELuy mora lUiiL; tJiQi iJ;ou iiioyt^U 
know buw iJmt the earLb i« the 

iW But ;jB for tlice aad thy wr- 
vanti, 1 kuow djal y« will tiut yd 
rv^urUi^^ tiORU^^od. 

31 And Wv^ ila£ and tho barley 
was lirtiitEuri 1 ftsr thiJ barby wtu in 
tliceur, nmJ ihe jElriXvaj bullied. 

^ But tine wheat ami ifie rye 
wtTn iii^L imiltK'i^: fur Llio^ Vert 
m>[ aroHD up. 

3:r Atid MiHCi. wc^nt oot qf tlia 
ciEy from Piianiuh, and fpTixad 
ahrond bii hiupd« unto tiic Lc^rd :^ 
and Umj dicincl^Td aixl hail cvosod^ 
nnd the ram waa not poured Uimid 
t>iw eartli. 

'M And vrhcn Pharneh naw ttial 
tho fniD and th« hail und tJiD thun- 
den Vp'crE? ceased, be fij^neiL yet 
niom^ uiiii ItiiEdeuod \m haait^ bo 
imd hu lerviua. 

3il> Atid the beort of rharnoh wai 
har^lomid^ ^c^ilb(^r would lie |<^t tJi« 
cbddren of Iirnel go \ ai tiw La&i» 

t/lJAP. X. 
T%f HfJif uj? ^ ZdCH J tf . 

A NO tJjifl Liiati (said uotg M(f- 
scis^ Go Id unto PJiaraeh l fef I 
hare hardened bit Jioiirt, ainl t^e 
ht'ort of bisd Hermnts t that I mighl 
sriew tbtioe my i^ienf belbnn Ijjm i 

'Z Ami that thou tiiayost tell in 
the eatu ol' tlijf ftun^ atul of tliy «ain'v 
Bon, what tlLiofi I have wcougbt 
in E^ypt, and my uigna whic.h 1 
havQ dioihi lunqtii them ; Unit 

iij may kunw- how that I 1014 tlie 

'A And MfiRci ami AarQu came 
bi unto Phomob, and Buid uniu 
hiuit Tiiusiait/t the LiOMrl> Gud i^tf 
Uio Hebri-vvA^ Wavt kiof wLIt tliou 
refuio to iiurnhU ihyi*s^lf buloFo 
ino T [j^!i my pooiklo go, dint tbef 
may Krveme, 

4 EIaq, if tliou vbfubti! to lut ruir 


TTie plagTU 



people go, behold, to-mornn^ \v[l] I 
I bring the locusts into thy ronpt -. I 

5 And they shall cover tliQ f^ce | 
of the earth, that one ClimiuI bu 
able to see the earth: hitl ilit^y 
•hall eat tlie residue of thiit wlii^h 
w escaped, which remaiuE ih wnUi] 
you from the had, and ?^ Jul III OiU 
eywy tree which growetJi Jur yi^u ' 
out of the field: * 

6 And they shall fill tliy f]OUi(<#. 
and the bouses of all tliy .-^irvcmb;, 
and the houses of all th^^ Eg; i>- 
tlans ; which neitlier tlgr fai \ i< ' n$, u^r 
thy fathers* fatliers haves(^< rt, elnrv 
Uie day that they were iJ9>oii tlm 
earth unto tliis day. And bu utm- 
«d himself, and went out ft i^m I'lia- 

7 And Pharaoh's servnma eaid 
onto him. How Ions shall ihJji ma^t 
boa snare unto us" Let ihi; mfni 

So, that they may serve t] I L 1juiu> 
^oirGod: Knowestthou mm fut 
that Eg]rpt is destroyed 1 

8 And Moses and Aaton wcru 
brought again untoPharuuJi: niut 
he said unto them. Go. ti3ivc tha 
Lord your God: MUwho «ln^ iljtr 
that shall col 

9 And Hoses said. Wo will i^o 
with our young and with cHir uM« 
with our sons and with ou; i L img h- 
iers. with our flocks and with mir 
herds will we go : for we tt\ \^t hold 
a feast unto the Lord. 

10 And he said unto Hmw, L^e 
the Lord be so with you, im 1 vriW 
let you go, and yonrjitils one^Li 
look U it; for evil is btifoie 

11 Not so: go now ye thai nrv 
men, and serve the Lonp i fur 
that ye dU\ desire. And Hwt wcri? 
driven out from Pharaolj'n pro- 

12 IT And the Lord »iJJ unip 
Moses, Stretch out thine bi J nrl oier 
the land of Egypt for the Jitcrusm, 
that they may come up tap^iti \^m 
land of Ecypt, and eatevtiy h[?Fh 
of the land, eoe$i all that Ujo UhU 
kathleO. . 

13 And Moses stretched furtb 
his rod over the land of f^lt^^tit 
and the Lord brought Fin nnAi 
wind upon the land all thiii ilri^, 
and all that night : and whetti it ivn § 
morning, the east wind broui^ht xlna 

14 Ami the locusts went isp ni^r 
all the land of Egypt, and »i -tu^I in 
all the coasts of Egypt: very t-rk-v- 
ouMwere thew: before them Lh4?rF> 
were no such locusts t^ ihny, 
neither after them shall be Hu^^h. 

19 For Uiey covered thi- f^ire nf 
the whole eurth, so that tli4!> l;ind 
wu darkened; and they did eat 

every herb of Uiu land, and all Uie 
Trtih ortjic tri^ui wEjieii tlio hail had 
lnA: an<E iheru rL'tnutDed nut aity 
irreen iliiii^ In t>ti] ircca, or m the 
lioriuDfihuHclrl, liifough all the 
LumI tjf lilKypu 

Id U Tlica riisruolt called for 
Closes rtrnl Anrinn in hjistc; and he 
tMtH\, I bavii Biiijji'd af^ainst tlie 
LiiEiD rour UueIk ciod against 

17 Nc]W Llsi^rRrora forgive, I pray 
Time, myiinfMiCytht^imce, anuen- 
tre^i tlie IjQiti} iruur God tiiat he 
iniay LnJiiD ^vt^i ftvrn rae this death 

Ih An<t ht' went out from Phf 
rar}]». and i^htrLuu-i] Uid LoRD. 

Ui Aiul tbti LotLth turned a 
mi^ihty airone vri-ai wind which 
liKik away Uie locasta, and cast 
\h\iin inia Ltia Rtd sea: there re- 
]]tiiiiit>ii not utui Idcuaat in all the 
coatTiti of Kffyni. 

^) nut tlto LoRO hardened Pha- 
rtoh's hcurt, io Uafliho would nut 
let th& ^h'Mtei\ of Israel go. 

31 ir And tha Lord said unto 
BEosCfl, Btrabih nuEthinehand to- 
wafU heaven, iliat ttiere may be 
dorkneis oTi>r Uiu lunil of Egypt, 
even darkncK uiicil may be 

22 And Miiie# iitrivLched forth his 
hojicl toward hcavcu : and tliere 
wiu a ihiEik d Eirk miu iU all the land 
of EcTpt tlirca tluya : 

SS Tboy tow nui one another, 
tioithar rose m\y rrqfn Itis place for 
thre^ dnya: hilt i\\\ the children 
uf t^rnirl bad Lieht in their dwcD- 

124 IT >\nd Phnmo^h called unto 
Mnara, &<Hi flaidn Gd ye, serve 
tlic LoKt>i only let your nocks and 
your hf^rdA tiu ■joj&il ; lot your little 
ntit}^ nl^u mi with yiiUi 

'^ And Hoicg eaid. Thou must 
^'ivQ U9 ald4> t[icrifiCL*ia, and burnt- 
oilcfinsi!- tlirtt ^vfl mny sacrifice 
unto tttc Lnii.]> our God. 

'Jul Otjr e!rLtt.rfi aii;c» Aiiall go wi^ 
u>?: Uicre thnll noi nn hoof be left 
tjehmd ; far Mqcrf^uf must we take 
la JKiryq \h^ Ia^km our God; and 
i^'e know not wiiit \i'hjit we must 
iervd iho Lord^ until we come 

'•It ir TEul Oio Lord hanlenetl 
PJiiirMol^'j lii'urtp and \vq would not 
]flt thi'^m tf»^ 

^ And Fliaraoh said unto him, 
ff^'T ihrio frncn rud, tmke heed to 
(hy?elf, ?jxr my Pice no more: for 
in thut dmy iliou ioeit my fuoe« 
thnM refill K 41 rn. 

^1 Anit MtHCTft ^idt Thou hast 
spoken WE'LL 1 wlU see thy face 
sigiun no moEQ^ 


TheiiuUttitimi EXODUS. 


DfaiA ^'tiie. Fir ft front. 

ANU tilt Loiiu HQitl unto Mo^ 
iitiHt Vt^i will I brine oihj 

ut94Mi Ejj!y|>t i 4br>e[Ti';iir(U lie wjll 
k>i Fcm gu tiOJjco ^ when he bIiqU lei 
VOICED, Le^tiull sun\^ Uiruai you 

^ B[][i^;Lk Ei^w in tho care of t]ie 
|ircf|>k. ami iL't ovorr mun iKifruw 
nrhs* nuiElilNjuf, ikrui ttvcry wo"_ 
man of her noij^libuEif. iuwicija of 

tUvU^f MntL jOWd]:!! (}f cuuJh 

3 AimI the U iWJ t'ii™ die people 
nivDur in liio at^hl of tb& T'^P^ 
l^ojU' Murt'uvuTi Uw man nidiei. 

Ever; Rival in tim liusd of 
Irt+ in Uvo alfflil of rhci;r:^oh'B 
ajjts, unii in Uiu Jitffht of tljo 


4 Aoi] Mrnma sniri. Thin lailh 
tlic Lniiu, Abuut miibuslm will J 
gitii i>m iilito tilt) maiaL of L^^y^^t : 

5 Ami fill liiu tt Ell' born in Uio 
and ofEjjpt shall J lei uvta mv 

'{n^t'born of Pliamuh tFiaC BllleUi 
ip4}i] JiJ«:hT<]iic, c vua utito Uiq (irai- 
»om of thy DiiiJd"K?rvani thfti is 
Kkiibd tlie mtU ; ^d sJI the £rA- 

'lorq of boQsti. 
Q And tlicre ihall be n ff rrnt nrr 

Ifaroagliout vlW tha land of E^ypt, 

jHQk M* thora wiu nuiio liko iU Dor 

■HaO iw likEi it iinjr j)iorDH 
7 But i^aicisl jinyof the cliilurcn 

pf l*m«l Tliri]! not a fl<j| m^vte hji 

ft] tiiay kr;o\v how Lhai thto Lorp 
tlnthpul a fijff^'itincf bclwi>eiiTJliD 
EffrpEianj luul Ihtai-'I' 
B\ clII tht^»ft thy M3rvAiit» ■boll 

Svmd rWwn onto mc. a.nd bow 
own Ihvmi^U'j:.'^ uulo mo, eayinff, 
Get Uita out, unJ dJI tha p^iopFf^ 
thPit ToUa vr Uiec : o-nd bUgt that I 
wt!] c^ put^ Anti ho wuul eiil 
from Pharaoh iti a sroal an^ir. 

AmE ilui Lonj> iaid mito Mu- 
tot, PJnuj-acth iihALI not Jicatjien 
iinti^ Foti ^ li^at my Wfiudeta mu^ 
M multi^lUvl in tt^ Ittiid sf 

lu And Mobc* D.nj(l Ajg.ron did all 
tbiisn ^voodofH bflToni rharaoK ; 

End tlue r^ofio htt/dentdl Fliaraeh^i 
L'lirt, no tlilil Ijfi woold not let the 
i^hWilrcii of LriTHEiJ CO out uf J]I« 

criAP. xiTh 

TEi^ttfrif? ifiJii'tTJte'fH 

AND tj'in tiOJLU JipuJCD UDt{» Mo- 
i^^ nod Aarpa la tfiQ land of 
fiiyPT, HAyinf. 

3 Tluw month rAar^ m dn'.o you 
Ujv hi^ginnitis ttt tnoolha \. it ifhaU Mvttncfl Esrvaii ^ evfrn Uic nr«t iiiv 
ic the tirat louutli of the )rcai lolye ahull pot away kavtn oist nT 

gallon ofliirai^U Haj^inp , IhtliQ tenth 
di^ of ttku fnointh Lhi»y MmW LaWt 
to ihpin enfry roim n Incnh nccortl- 
'mix to tttL' hciuBU of Utfir I'lithu-irid. » 
].|iriil] jbrnnhoojCL 

4 Ami if the hoUBehold bo too 
titt]o for tho lamb, lot ium oud hi* 
ncifEhlRtur P^xt unto hia hoiua 
take it according lu the Damber 
nf t^ic) 4at}uti : *JV^iy nuin ricconditiff 
ta hiri e:itinE iiJiuJj ninfce I'otli flouiU 
far the Jarab. 

5 Your lamb *ha!l be wiilidui 
bIcmkiiT a ma!u of The hretyt'or: 
yL' pljull tiike a out froip tho lUiorp 
or from the jgoalfl. 

€i And yo elmll koop it tip tit^til 
Iho fourteenth d&y of the iamn 
month : ojmI the whoto QFi^emtily of 
the couiTrciaiitioii uf lunwl nlinUi kill 
it in tbs evrmfingi 

7 And titer ^hall take of tbs 
blood, ami f^^u'k^3 it an ih& two 
8k^^^poBtl, and on the appier door- 
posi of the huUHOa^whemn Uiur 
flhaU eatJu 

H And tltcy Bhrill oat the Rah in 
that niislit, rito^t wiUa fini. and iiSr 
loairi'nud oread; and witli bittor 
hrrbs tlity *halt eat tL 

S* Eat not of it ni^, ticvt ioddca 
ni all with water, but riHiJii |l?l^ 
fire ; hia boeid wiUi hU lop, aad 
with tlic purtenance tbenjuf. 

10 AnA yp jihall let nQthlne of il 
Tomain Until Iho ipeirtiin^ : aai 
th4i wiiicJi rcmainctii of it until 
tho marnlng So iball bum wjtli 

11 IT Aoit tliua fihnll ye oat it; 
leitjt yotir Irjiita ^inhriTt^ ironriibn«a 
on yoor fei^U and your staff in 7t»ur 
hand: and ye«ha1l vcdt it inheslei 
it ft the LrJati^t pa^i^over. 

Vi For r will pEisH tlirou^h tiho 
httil efl^Fryptthia nij^ht, nud will 
ftmii^alJ thb flral'lM.irn in tbo land 
of l^I5Tpt. both Mtn aiu! Wftit; 
and Q^uintit all the ^eita of Egypt 
I will cxijcuto judfitttini ; 1 am Uio 

13 Anil the blood shall bo tfi lun 
for a taken upon th« houpcv ^vheitl 

fo art : and ii'hcn 1 «ee the blood, 
wiO pois ovoT you, ttnd tl$e 
pl»fU4 nha-ll not btf Ui>nn you lo 
:._.__ .__^ . — '" dioland 

dOfltror E/ffHy when 1 uuito tj 
of Kevpt. 

14 And thti day ihaJI bo unlo 
ou for a moiQuNat h ^^ T^ ehnlJ 
lUop it a fe*rtta ilio Lr»iui ihrougli- 

OQt r(jUT Bi'OJ^nbLieT": y*j ihnll 
keop it a kamI by lui ariUnfUice for 

15 Sflvm (tart «hajl n cut i 


3 f Speak ra unto nil tbo ooocra- 1 

your houm^: fot whofSorrvfreatffLfj 
j^vonod broadt from th« ftnt day 

OJ^amemorial. CHAP. XU. DeMcfOsJirH-l^ 

ut.ill Ibe iovenaj day, tlrni ih>uI ha smote Uie Effypliai]i,Hnd rfeU- 

■hiiU be cu I off from Israd . 

16 And in the imst Aav ikt^^ ^^^^^ 
&« an bdy convoe ion. ftmt m 
tlie HOv^Qth dfty iltftio ahii-Utioflii 
hilly conifticatioii lu you ; nci "iiin' 
ii«f of work Rliall be ti*iM 111 i^"^""' 
f&vQ tAui w];iih every J nan mu?it 
pivt, that only mcy be deno ot 

'*?? Ana pe FbnU obw&fvo tkfftaBt 
ftf utileiv^noiJ bniUd s for in liiw 
»elf-BiinJe diiy Ikivg I bf ou/bf ya»ir 
ar^nieB out of ilip bnd of Kgrp* ' 
U^ertiftJrc abed I yo obHjrvo Uim day 
ill your gutkoraHoil* UfTui Otfl]nanc« 

"iB 11 in ihc firflt mffHik on tho 
faurtE«iitJt iltiy of the nKtijth at 
evoBt ya BbhU^ifttiuilaavoned brp&il, 
nntil ihoorta ami twentietliday of 

ID Sevm days shall tlicra bo no 
leavetl found in youj hoiuies l fur 
wbtiMcver calolh tliai ^bit;ii ta 
leaviMibd. evciJ thai eohI aJiaJl dp 
cut off irum tbe cpngreealion of 
Ii^ai^k, ^h^ttr he hfs n Btranser, 
or Snm in the Ian J- , . 

au Ye Jitiatl oal potluii* Ipaynn- 
et^ ■ LD h\\ yourhahitaiiontt aball yc 
eat tinlftavciMd lirood. 

^1 It Tbea MoHM e^^Klfat all ti^Q 
rldoTBof Ifraei imrt siud imto thf^m,, 
Draw mit, and Iftkfl yoii a liimbr 
aceording' 10 your laaiilioa, and kiti 

^And ye ihail take a hunch 
of bF5«tjp^ nnd dJj* iJt in tlis blood 
that is Iti tiic bnain, and atriku. tfvp 
linud and ttw tyno rndt^rpostq with 
thr hluuti diat fjf in ilio bftjpin : and 
none of you iha1l ir^ out at tno 
doorof |)u luutua uDUl tun meni- 

M For tho Ijord wjll poaa 
tl^mu^'i t(> #miEe tho Eprptia^ts ; 
adtt when be noclh The oEi'JOd upon 
Ui^ lintplT and ori tSic two PiUe- 
tM]iBiB, ibu Loiio will pasi over tbo 
dooft 4S5il wilJ imt Buffer lhi3 rlo- 
ttrof Of to utiFtiA in unto your housesi 

toATOitpV^l. , n T. .1' 

S4 Ac^ ye A^vM observe iiiii 
tJnnf for in ordui^ce in diee Emd 
Id itiT isonB fof ever, 

35 Aiid it iball como to poKB, 
when ye be come to Uie land wmeh 
thv LiJitj will civo you, nccQuVisiR 
jtM iio tisth promL-^dt iuell ye fihiul 
k^ep ti'iis service. 

W And U shoJI como to poft3^ 
wheb your cbildrc^ almll b^i^ unto 
fW, What nuian ye by tbiB mt- 

£7 Tb5t yo thntl my. Ti h the la 
Crififfl of Ui* LoRn'a pflsoTer 

v&rud our houikjj. Ami tJiti , 
p!c Ixiwed Uiu Jiead and wor»h<i>- 

!^ And the cbildrrn of Israel 
went iLway, ami did as the L<)P:[J 
hsil ctiFiiinFkndcd Uosi.>saiid Aaron, 
ao did they. .d . , 

20 IT Ami It cams to ptiaa. tiint at 
midnigbt tho Lok.i> bthwiu aJl tlie 
firEt'ljorn m Um land ol t}s¥V^, 
from ll>Lj^ rtrsit-bortl of Pliiuraoh Uiat 
^t on hJB thmne, only Uie (ii^i- 
borji of die capiivu tjint ira* if] tlie 
duniCGDn ; and all the fir»t-U>rn ot 

3IJ And Phaf atsh iroso up in l^B 
oitfht, be, Jitid all Ida Beryqnts, ami 
all tlio Kijyptiana \ Oiid Uicre wm i 
gr^iai cry in Egypt; fox (Airr? tffts 
aot 11 houBQ where tjnan tlus nut 
one dctul. ^ . ,* * - 

31 1[ Aiwil ho tailed fot Mnww 
and A itrau by niffht, cmd aaid. Rim 
up, tLiirf gL'tvQLiTorth frum among 
my pifOpTe, mjtli yj> and tJiu r.hil- 
dren of fcrtielT and Ro, trve the 
l,f>Tin,a3yc have taidt 

33 AIbu taka your flocka and 
ynor hcrdpiT m ye havn eaidj [uid be 
gone - und htew tnfi also. 

33 And tbo E^ypuana were 
orgnni upon liia fi^iopiOj that thfiy 
mi^hi ttJnd tJiem out of t)ie land in 
iilliEe; for ttiur BaJd, We tf£ nlj 
dead mat. , , , . 

3-1 And ihe people taok their 
dough bcfor« it waa Ic&vopoiij 
dieirlmoadin;; trou^he being bound 
up in their clothes tipoii uiuif 

!I5 And tha ehddren ?if Israel did 
ace or ding Xtf the word of ^^lwii^i 
and they hoirnwed of the Eeyp^ 
liana jewels rif aiJvcr, and jswuu of 
cold, and raiin^i^t. 

'M Atul the Lord gnvo the poo- 
plo favouf in tlie iigbtot tbc JiJyii- 
tiniiip, BO thcit ) hey lent unHo tlicrn 
natk ikivst 0* f^y Tpquirctt ! aini 
limy aptsiled tho Eej-pUanB. 

37 fl Arid the children of iBraol 
journeyed froio Raniceei to 8uc' 
coth, ahfiui aix hisudrcnl ihoiiBand 
an fool tkat went men, beside 
Chl1dri:n. . . , 

aa And a ini?icd miiltituiln went 
up alio with eIjueii^ and tiitrk:^ nod 
iicfdf, etten very mupb cattle. 

30 And ill ay baked un|u:Lvqnei! 
cukta of tbe dt^ugb which they 
bnsught. forth out of E^ypt, font 
WOfl not leJivttned; hecauso th&y 
^vere tliruit out nf Egypt- wid 
could nut tarry, neitlier bajd Ihey 
prepared for UiemMlvB* any vic- 

dJ&KS^Isruol In Eeypt,wl.eill"l«ia™ of brad who Jwall in 

ThePtusoveremtmamded EXO0US. 


£f ypt, was four hundiod and UiiJrty 

41 And it came to i.>?it-i-, ut ±v 
end of the four hundn ii :i:irl i l.itty 
rears, even the aelt-r.ji.iv <hiy i\ 
came to pass, that alJ iK>: Jhii±^t.> 
of the Lord went oiu from lLlg 
land of Egypt. 

42 It is a night to hfi luuE'h nb- 
(wrved unto the Lokd^ U^t hTms-'mg. 
them out from tlielainl .ii; E^ripi: 
this is that night of the L^'Ui} lu Ijc 
observed of all thech]liii< mi uf Is- 
rael in their generatioi hh, 

43 If And the LoRii h^.u] unio 
Hoses and Aaron, Thin /> tht'. ordi- 
nance of tlic passover : e^kj^ihi sJuili 
no stranger eat thereot'i 

44 But every man's strvant thai 
is bought for money, when tlma 
hast circumcised him,lli«o nhidl ht 
eat thereof. 

43 A foreigner, and a Lireil ser- 
vant shall not eat thert'of. 

46 In one house shah i^ be tatiin ; 
ihoushalt not carry fcnh zilihIil uf 
the flesh abroad out oj iln-^ jRiuiit: : 
neither shall yc brcuk n i^ufie 

47 All the congregatiQD of Israel 
Bhall keep it. 

. 48 Andwhenastrar^'^ ' '1 -■■ 
)oum with thee, and y 
passover to theLoRi 
mules be circumcised, -i 

him come near and ke< i > >' ; ^nid Li^ 
shall be as one that is UurN in the 
land : for no uncircumiu-tiL iJuraDii 
shall eat thereof. 

49 One law shall be to liim Uiitt 
is home-b9m, and unto Um «iran- 
gcr tliat sojoumeth amonff rou. 

50 Thus did aU the cUiUit^n of 
Israel; as the Lord cnTiiiniiiukil 
Moses and Aaron, so diJ th^y. 

51 And it came to pibja iJie «ir- 
■ame day. tkat the Loel i> du\ brinz 
the children of Israel out or thtt 
land of Egypt by their n niinfA 

Memorial of the Pasta^tr. 
ND tlie Lord spahc* unio Mu^ 


3 Sanctify unto me \\\ \hi- fii^t- 
boin, whatsoever oi-r.^ih ii'' 
womn among the child ^ i > r Is r . i J , 
both of man and of jji-i-^u ii. u 

3 ir And Moses said unto th^ peo- 
ple. Remember thisdnr, ioMhirh 
ye came out from Ei^iypt, nm of 
the house of bonda^." ; Tir lh]r 
strength of hand the LnrtT' L^nMig-bi 
you out from this pfocf : iii^resJiaJF 
uo leavened bread be « Mhik. 

4 This day came ye ugt, ia tW 
month Abib. 

5 IT And it shall be whisA the 
Lord shall bring then iino the JaiuL 

of the Ciuiuiillei, aiu* in- Tr.itIU:.a, 
nikE tfse AmctriTes, fi'ii' ■' ■ |i ■ ■■■■a^ 
ami iJki- Jybli^iT«H, ^i juta jil- uiivure 
tiiii'ktlsf fatlH.-j-^ Ui tivf Ll]i;Ci a land 
flow J [It hi,it}knnJk uLtEJ ijcincy ;, tJtei 
\.\wtn vXmW liui:i> tJitd titrvicit! iu Lliis 

^ Keien dayjtdttik thou int uri 
lanvenjcd bread, aiui jii Hw lutvfinUi 
Aay shall bt a. U) tbo LoiLD. 

7 Oflluavcim'tl bread Abiil] hn 
ealen ^Yi:n duyt: and diuru i^kiall 
no bavt^iieJ LrumL be; teen \?iLii 
ihePr iflitiUnif »lmll OiL-m be leaven 
^cu wiiti (bee in RiUtliy iLU^n^n. 

8 II An J Uiou SihflJt nisuw tiiy»an 
iji iJiH-t dti>% ftiiS'buit. V'Aij ifl rftme 
bccnuji« of Umi uAtrA Uim Loaa 
diJ unto ma wliyn I gjuue fortli out 
0f Eg yiil. ^ 

0^ Ami it BRdll he for h kjtn unta 
thee upriLhrnehAThfiiiml frjr a mn- 
iiiariij bt;iwtt!j| ihimi cyca 5 tlial 
ihfi LoELu^a idw may bt> in thy 
drtouLJ]. fur wiEh a. airons hand 
harb ihe LoiiTi LroujEbl l}w?if <}Ut uf 

ni TliDu ah [ill ihcrcfEira Jceep ihb 
ardinrtncfiin biti pi&sisun from year 
to yuar. 

II ir And it sliflU ha VfHn the 
I Amp fhaH hrine Uieo into the.liiiu1 
of tkiti CLinaaeslL«N a« he iware un- 
co Uscf! jinU tti thy rathccM» m^d ihiLLJ 
give it Xhcfi ; 

i^ That iliou shnlt set ar>art unto 
the Lt>Ri> all Umt npeni-tb ibe ma- 
trtK ; and ^vvry lirsUine ihat cO' 
iiieih of a Iwaiji ^vliicli tbnu haul, 
the mnlei ukuil he ihf. Ij^jki^^s. 

1^ Arbd pvtrv liraUing: uf an ofl 
thou ishmJi rt^tk-em wiib a lembt 
!?ind iftbuu vd'ilt Mot rudei'Hb it, tlu'n 
thuu aliLill hrf^k bUnefk^ anil all 
till? firj,i-horn of niun ninorf ihy 
eijildreu glinKU^au rutk-ciiir 

14 1L Ami it frbal^ Li« whi^n thy 
son ti&ktHh (hce iu tinie tk> come, 
snyicii;. What u Lhjs 1 that tliou 
HliaLt fay untu hiai. Dy i^trvngUmt 
hijtnd t|io Lono |ifnu£hi LUi out 
frnm JEuypt* from tUo tiouae of 

la And it cami^ te pmh, when 
rbaranb ^voolJ hAr»j|y li't ub go, 
I hat th^> trOtKn b!^? w aU i I]« Ii rf.1 -1 fv m 
M lliD lan'J oKl^riti, b^jih thv l!rbi' 
tinTii ufntnn, and liie fir^-borii uf 
bfviMrt: i|]cri!:fiJro 1 iafritj<':« MMho 
LoFtti a] I tj^ii openc^ili riio miLtrix, 
bt^mtmii^v*-, Llh vfW ibe first' bora 
of my chiiiJreii [ reiiettu. 

Il> And jF chilli bfl for a Uikcn up- 
on ililn^ baftrl, and lor tVenUoiB be^ 
tw iwji [ ti) iiu i-j'isi ; for by strenflih u t 
hand I lie [jOR[» brouiikt u^ forth 
out of ERTypt. 

17 Ii And it cttTne to piss. wheD 
Pharaoh had let ihu people go, 

The itraaUf pwmud CHAP. XTV. b» Pharaoh and Ms hoH, 

LhftL Qod led tlieni iioL throfLfk ihe 

wmf lif LEi'i IlliliI uf ttiL- PiiiiialiiiL^ 
althou<,4i ilidt iTjrf ueiu-l (lir Gad 
'umiiy LoaUHirDuJvuiiiurcibo ptitipk^ 

Uiev 1^1 II m l{i lEtSjaS -. 

tAj'0ii«rA Uw Will- ijf tnu ^vjtLliTtH:iii 
of liie B.ed ^a: 2uiJ iho tliildruit 
of Itrodi fwciil yp lianiif^il viitor 
tJiu land or Hf ypu 

lU Ai*ct MgwMi tcjLik Uw bonpfl of 
JosQf})] with bmi : for h«hiu1 Btrail- 
ly twtiirn ih« cliilil/oo ctf 1^^101^ 
Aujlnff, Goi will *iirtjy vyriL you 5 
•xiU Fi* ahuJi carry ^p 1117 Ixmes 
away lii!&c^ wiUiyati. . 

3ft *r Ajid IfaejEkaok thtirjanropy 
iruiQ @UlCcoLJ^ tiud tncaajped iei 
EUi'airm ict ihe fillsie ufUui wilder- 

21 And dtii LoTu> wfint bcr^rf^ 
tliem by duj in n pdlnf of a ^ lottd, 
Lo lDd.d ihium tJju WK/; uid by 
iiislit in & |iUbf of £ir<j, to ^tvf! 
iJinnii li^flit^ hi e° l^f <iM (uid 

iia IJff iot>k not awBLjf tins iillbr 
of ihn{--Luud by dAjt n^r diu rtilliur 
of (i™ by wgKt, /riipi bdltro iJiy 


A^iiD ihi^ LuttD itpalKJ uiiLo Mo- 
iithi, iayiiiif, 

TQ^I, ihut lljtf y tum Aod on^^riip be- 
fare Fi-jitLJicruih^ bctw^a JHiii^uC 
wd tlie wrn» orcr ^[taiiist Bual- 
a6{)ltya : tMrjTuTfi it sbaJT ye oncojii^ 
by tlti;] Mh. 

^ Fur Pluraoh witi cay qf iho 
ehildrun of [uruQl', They nr^r eii- 
iimtktl ill t](L^ bindn iIh wtld^tiiiisi 
kAtli jiLiui ihcjin in< 

4 Ami I Aviil isiirtlftii PhftTttoh^a 
ticAft^ dinf iiff pjtalj follow ailtr 
tJicjiii nml J W\\\ he honoufOft in3- 
(lu F^inmoli, an^l irpun all hl^ hutil; 
tliAi tiiH £)ify|itiuiiB may know 
ihitl ] an lliu LuitjJ, Anil dicy 
dtii ■&■ 

Si 1; And U w^ idJ the tinp nf 
B^yptihhMhs ptoulf llifii : eljuI lIjc 
heart ofFhiTAoti atid af lit!i #t^r- 

Dle» ntNl Uioy lald, WIty hiivo wo 
dAfle thia, duLt w« bcivti kl [tfroel 


^ wrtiut lu ? 

Aon he raudo rtady liis diu riot, 

7 And hfi' took lix liuiiilrH'tl rhn- 
nn chaiioLiL tyiil iLllthiL': eJiarii^r^ of 
Elfyptt ATid CApLaiiii over evury 
um? or fliem. 

Id Afiil ttie LrniP hur^t<ii(<d duj 
haari oi Fhnraiih kji^ nf E^yjii. 
■ltd hci pujKUod dftar thccbirilreo 
vf lirieli^ ami tli« children oT 

[Bni?l Weill D4J( wilh an hi^h 

11 Sat dje Egyptians pumiCLi 
after diem foU die hortiep flwiii( iiiha- 
Uii\M of FJiajraoh, njiil liiii horvo- 
n], taiA bin fl-fuijj aud ovxirtiiok 
tliQiii f.'ni:^i]i?ipinE by iho *ta, be- 
jililu Fi-Jialiifotii, befoni Btmi-Bft- 

Jt) TT And wliDD Fharnoh drEW 
nifih, die ciiilJj-iiii iif Ism el lifliHl 
up Uieir isym, jmd liiduilld. tlrta 
RkyptiiUMi marcbed tilbr lh*^ni i 
and 1 hey were jwiri- afrcud : and tbo 
ehlljii^ii of Israel cfinifl out unto 

11 Ami they said unto Mown, 
rkniAUi^D thrrs wn-t no Ef^^*?K ir» 
EgrpT, lijiat tliiou ti^tii nn away to 
dtM m diii wililcruit&tT WlsurefiiiFfl 
host Thou denk thui* wlUi u», to ca*- 
ry uj fortJi out of Eeypt 1 

13 /jr i]<fi: diiri die wonl that^vc 
did tE'll tbec in ^-iWU MjyLiitfi Let 
iiii qIuhd, Tbnt we may serve tlm 
r^yptj:oii9 ? For a had bcfu bedoi 
lur us to term's die Ei^yptmiU:^ ihnti 
di^t we should [Jie in duj wilder^ 

13 TTAnd Mnaoi said ud^o tho 
TMxipln, Fear ye nut* tftBinJ i^ll. 
A ml M.^ the ialvntiuo of diu Loru, 
nhjciii htf will kIu^ Ui yuti ta-day 
for tlte Ei„^ypiiai]E< wJtom ye have 
lu^CJi ta-daFp yuflhlillif Q tJiuui nfnin 
no mnre forever- 

14 Tbo Ldup shall flight for you, 
OAd ye ibaVI hold your peaci^ 

Ift. IT Anil diu LoRn aaid uala 
MnriCJ, Wbo^reforecriesl thou imlo 
me ? ^pi^alc UiU(» tlio chiJJf«n ol 
birn<yL mat Ibuy £0 forward \ 

TH Hilt ]il\ Uiou u;p thy iih}^ nrid 
sirenrh otiithiDchaud over ibi^teaT 
and ilifidt^ Li: ajkd t)ia chiUlrt^n ul 
E#rael ih^LI go un dry crattiut 
throujrli die midi^t ofdj^ffla- 

17 Atid I^ bi^buld, I -wiW burden 
the heiiitJi nf tbo EgyiitJAnir Bixl 
djuy sIjdIL fiidlow Ibsin: and I will 
set rau bfjniyiir upun PJifljuob^ nnd 
upon all \ni Ji^n^t, (ipouJusciiarioLap 
JiEiil iiT»i>Ti hjif horsemen. 

18 If And the Er^ptjana i^hall 
kiiuw dam ] dot dtfl Lrt!U', ^^'bt-n L 
httVF' goiien fu(? Jinnour upon Hia- 
raoli, upiiu hii cJiuiiotB, and upon 
liift hone m(?i)' 

le irAndthnaneelofGailwhifh 
WDiil bo fore ihe camii of lun<itp 
rin^o^ed, ojid went bahind thk^tui 
nnd liio pdhir of The <^nw\ wifnt 
frurn U^foru dieir fuco, aud itood 
bfiidiul them '^ 

ati And it eawAi Ij^twef^n thn 
eamp of tlfcc EFyiiiicm* jiud ihe 
niiiup of Ijraol ; am! it \tfip n rluud 
and. liurkniju in (Arm. but ittfave 
I ill hi by nijbt i& tktme : iu thai d]4 

Th6 EgifptitMS dromud* 


Mose»* B&mg rf pnk^t. 

one coLtng not xiDCUrtliDgllicTDl] thai hath trinmjiT ■ •' i-li il ikI^; the 
QJlhu ']iGrt!<sam1 \\. . '■•• ..-. , hr iluo^vn 

'31 And Mowft mrctchoil DUi im jnxt* ilie ^;t, 
KiukI fivcr the sen; unci tJie LfiKfi ji li 'J'lio Lunu i« my Btienfih Mirf 
caufa^l tliQ ftca JO kq ftfl<:A Ly u bsinffn anfl he is bncumu mr Jiolva- 
itir^n. ^..t ^i,:rLj ,ui ib.t ^v„i.r =„.* ,jjn: |]i?iV myGcul, ana I Wtil 

fhrcimro him an habiLition ; luy 
iittixsr'K Gud, eitd I wiiJ CAiirl 

;j Tbf) LfiHD w « man of wur : 
die L4)Mv if his bimac. 

4 Ptmrnuli'a eliaribU end his 
Eio9l hath h«] rjict mut llie Gua: ha 
choBon f^apiiLkn^ alio ojtd druwncd 
in liiu Retf jt'n. 

5 Tliedeptiia have covproJ thmn : 
tlieir miik mm Ui« buiiom as a 

ft Thr rijfht hai]it, O Lonn, ia 
becusmfi cjgnoiia in pi^iwcr l thy 
ri^hLhanJ, OIjOJID, haiJi du^ed 

id pj!^C(!B th<3 JMtL'lltJf. 

7 AtnJ in tha t^incntnesi of tliim 
^xc^lomy thou hii^t ovorthr^wa 
Uttam thit roiio up AtJin»l thwi , 
ihoa eeiitcit furth lliy irralh^ which 
cunsamt^cl thi^tii ait oiutibk^ 

3 Artdwith ihii bJoetortliy nos- 
trilj ilie wEiTcrs wore Eftlhf?ri?'fl lo- 
e4:<tlipr^ the flo™i» atood up^shL p.i 
Em he [Ik, and live dEpttid wera crcm- 
' Ei:fth?£3 in ihw heart of the sen. 

»tron« oait wi[iJ aUJ ihat ni^hc.ann 
made the eea dry tandt £Lni| the 
WEitc» \v€m dividi^iJ. 

tS An J Uie chih^ren of liToel 
went iii^to the miitfai of tiic «uj| 
upon Ujfl dfjf ^{ftfiTij: tind ihe 
walnm wero u wall unto them on 
their rii^lit hand, miiJ on iheir lef^. 

23 11 Au4 the rkn^ininspur^uoil, 
aiktl xvent in til^nr ihctii, fo the 
imiiut DfUi^ POR^ fTim u]l PtiArnoh'i 
hprnet, hra cJmriuiB, ojidl hie hot#i- 

^ 24 And it cnme l:*i paaa, tliot 
m Uic niornine-u'Ltch uicr Jjnnxi 
ItKiked unto tha host of i)ib Ejfjp- 
tiflLifl thj-ijuNh Uie^ pillar of firL^ auii 
of ihe cloucl. nnd Uvul>li»d the lioiL 
of the EfypllnnJF, 

85 Arid innk off ths^if charitit- 
'^hoelti, tJsni tlicy drave them heo vj- 
iy.Wf tluLt thg E|ypiii]iii!3 aaid, Jjit 
U* flnc from tiie joco ef InrdtJ ; lor 
tJio l^ni fij^hteth for iliom acalnst 
t)rti t^ypLimiB. 

36 11 And dio LfiHii ioid unto 
AlkhiOF^ Sirelch outlJriiiehiajid ovt^r 
tilj(» *ca, ihai tha waien may come 
AFT?) in upon tha J^^yptiJina, upon 
trvclrchojiulSf nndtipoD ibeii hone- 

?T And Mrnjcfl stfctehed forth hi* 
DbniE over tlie sen, btieI tho pinn 
rotumcid to hi* Htrt^fUi when tJio 
murnini; hiipeansdv and rJit' Kgyp' 
TinnA iTcid against it; uid tJie LojlCi 
ovcrtlirew tlio l^trpUiiii: in Ha* 
Kiid*n 13 f the seftn 

^ And the waterv Tctumntl, and 
rovcfed the rhaifiol^ and the 
honaeiaen, and all tjie' host of 
Fjhamoh that came into tJio tua. 
after then] : thero n-ouiided not ko 
Hiuch u oit« of I hem. 

'm }1ut tira ehildrcD of l!i>rael 
walki>d Dfiondry innd in the niidit 
of lilt" BFMii nnd the ^vnters KitTc ji. 
Wall unto Uii'm en ihei; rj^hl l^tknd, 
2nd im tlioir leA. 

,% Thiifl Ehci l^ftD pavod T<rad 
(Jiat day out of this hand of l}je 
E^rptiand : and Israel law tlui 
^ytitiiuis deed ntion tbesoa-'HhDru. 

iii And Eirael paw that gresLt 
Work wliieh tJio LaAh did upen 
iImi Efyii^inna ^ itnd the p«uplD 
fi-nreil tiK* Loftn^ nnd twjiray^d tha 
I^Rli, uruJ hiA^ervnnt MoiiCi, 
7%e Sanff of JioKti. 
rpHEN lans Mr»!U'a Pind the 
i child rer) of l^iue! ihtn eong 

rp^otlie Lii|tl:?p And suako^ *tirir>t* 
wiJ] iiM untn the IjOaPt fur htt 

SJ Tilt? enemy snid^ I nilt pursue, 
I will fivc^rtako, J will divide ihff 
»Iioii; my ludt nhnll be uiU^ile^l 
upun thonT ^ I will ttrsw rnr H>VDrd, 
flumehflnd nhfiJli datiToy them. 

![} Thou did4t Llow u^iUi thy 
windi tJiC ita envercd themr vhej 
sank na lend in thi? mighty w[iter«^ 

11 Who in likii in no thee, O 
Xi^KMr aniinnj; tJie c:ods1 who if 
hke thee, grlunoua in holinua*. fear- 
ful in jJraitM, doinjt won^ltn ? 

\t Thou Blr{:tchedJit uut thy right 
handt the cunh awnllon pfl tJiem. 

lU Thou in thy msrcy jijisr Ipi 
forUi the people mhirh t>mu huet 
redeemed] tliou Liut enldf^d tJum. 
in (hy atMujih unto tby holf bflbi- 

^l^i'^"^ . . .* . 

It Tho pfiopto hlmll hr&r, ffini be 
.nfrQid: tiorro^ ihcUl take hi>[d on 
thA inhdhitantji of FaleiiEinA, 

15 Then the dukw of Edam iffcotl 
bv Bniaxed ; the mifrhty men of 
Moiib. tr^nihling shirl lakti Inild 
upon Thbm ; td] the inbalTitnnli of 
Ctuinftn shalJ melt awtjy. 

IB FearnnildrendBhrdl fill upon 
(hem 5 hf the ^ronlji^ffw of thun? 
arm they aJial] Ih] qm sli]! an a Btnno ; 
[ill thypcopiy paju ov^er, O J^mn, 
till the pootife pass over, v>kit.h 
thon h:i3t jHirtihaufeth 

17 Thou ihait bring thom in, 
and phtit them in the mountain of 
thitjfl mhtrtinneo, in the plaw, 
O Lnno, wkk\ thou hast inadt* 

U^aten^Miruh8tO€etaud.VaAP. XVI. 
for thee to dwdi in; nt the wnc 
tuary, O Lord, to/uch thy hands 
have established. 

18 The Lord shall reign for ever 
and over. 

19 For the horse of Pharaoh 
went in with his chariots and with 
his horsemen into the sea, and the 
Lord brought again the waters of 
the sea upon them : but the chil- 
(iren of Israel went on dry land in 
(he midst of the sea. 

20 IT And Miriam the prophetess, 
the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel 
in her hand ; and all the women 
went out after her, with timbrels, 
and with dances. 

21 And Miriam answered them. 
Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath 
triumphed gloriously: the horse 
and his rider hath he thrown into 
the sea. 

22 So Moses brought Israel from 
the Red sea, and they went out 
into tlie wilderness of Shur j and 
they went three days in the wilder- 
noss, and found no water. 

23 ir And when they came to 
Marah, they could not drmk of the 
waters of Marah ; for they were 
bitter : therefore the name ofit was 
called Marah. 

24 And the people murmured 
against Moses, saying. What shall 
we drink 1 

25 And he cried unto the Lord; 
and the Lord shewed him a tree, 
wkiek when he had cast into the 
waters, the waters were made 
sweet : there he made for them a 
statute and an ordinance, and there 
he proved them, . „ . . 

26 And said. If thou wilt dih- 
sently hearken to the voice of the 
Lord thy God, and wilt do that 
which is right in his nght, and 
wilt give ear to his command- 
ments, and keep all his statutes, I 
will put none of these diseases 
upon thee, which I have brought 
upon the Egyptians: for I am the 
Lord that heaJetli thee. 

97 IT And they came to Elim, 
where were twelve wells of water, 
and threescore and ten palm-trees : 
and they encamped there by the 

''■*^* CHAP. 3CVL 

A 7^ Itradites rnvrrmr. 
ND thef took their journey 
from Ehm, and all the congre- 
gation of the children of Israel 
came unto the wilderness of Sin, 
which it between Elim and Sinai, 
on the fifteenth day of the second 
month a(Yer their departing out of 
the land of Egypt. 

2 And the whole congregation 
of the chydrea of Israel murnniied 


a ' ]\loK3 and ALrun, in the 

M ...:■■■■:.>::*: 

:f And tiic dijEJren of Uya^-A said 
un|{] iJiQTTi, Wciulilto (vj'eJ ^'Lohad 
diLHl by lI]c hand of LJtr.i Lurd in 
tbi land of lifTiii. wimn we sat 
by ihe flKtiuobJ, and 'v-Aw.u we did 
oflt LiriMLiI in th^i fit 1 1 : fnr >'o have 
brotigiit lis Ibctji LcTo Ul!:h t^'ilder- 
ne^n, tu kit! iljLa whole a^embly 
with i3Uiig4.«r. 

4 11 Tlrt'n inid Uit? Lono unto 
M'H-y'^. feJuiltU ! wUI niin bread 
ft I ■ ■ ivrft for you; itnrl the 
p«' li tL] i[a oui iinA i^iiihor a 
cc..,jkUi f&le e«ei7 tlay, Uiai I may 
prove them, whether they will 
walk in my law, or no. 

5 And it shall come to pass, that 
on the sixth day they shall pre- 
pare UuU which they bring in : 
and it shall be twice as much as 
they gather daily. 

6 And Moses and Aaron said 
unto all the children of Israel, At 
even, then ye shall know that tlie 
Lord hath brought you out from 

7 And in the morning, then ye 
shall see the glory of the Lord : 
for that he heareth your murmur- 
ings against tlie Lord: and what 
are we, that ye murmur against us ? 

8 And Moses said, TTue shall be 
when the Lord shall give you ui 
the evening flesh to eat, and in the 
morning bread to the full ; for that 
the Lord heareth your murmur- 
ings which ye murmur against 
iiin^ and what are we 1 your mur- 
mu rings are not against us, but 
against tlie Lord. 

9 IT And Moses sptike unto Aaron, 

Say unto all the congregation of 

the children of Israel, Cqme near 

before the Lord : for ne hatli 
jjp__j _.. 1 __ 

iHi- stiksa, as 
Air . ' ■ v^hoUi cflfi- 

gri:ii:i-acjr! 4nJ' iJif e.l]iJUnin dF Isfsief, 
thai thfiy lookcil toivurJ fho wildfir- 
n&ta^ JUicI tttiiiolil, L]J:0 giury of ilyo 
IrfjKli nnreAfn^d in tijo rloudi 
11 If And t}ie hoSu> spake anta 

13 I huvn liuaiii (hH tniirtnur^nj^ii 

of iho chlliirt:]! df Isrnel^ bp^Eb 

uiiTo thifrm, iiH^Htir, At ^vcn yo 

lleeli. Eld J EQ the inurnire 

^_ j-ti...j ...;i.t_ I I n 

shall ep\ i 

ye uhiaJI be ItIW wstli breaii : and 
ye Hhull knout ihut I oja tliQ Loau 

I 'I AtllI it pnmo to pubIt thn^ Dt 
e^ M i|i. quoili c^jmii" up. and 
c».».oJ the camii: and m the 
morning the dew lay round about 
the host. 

14 And when the dew that lay 
was gone up, bebokl. ^ou Um 

QkoOt and maima Bent. EXODUS. 
fiito of iHp wi]i1crj:ir.i« tSrrff isv a 

hoar irimi im Uiu ^r4>unU '- 

15 AekI wilicn tttb crhildreii of 
Tisrai!l &iiw fi^ tli^^y naid 4:ti]rj b> 
Auoiker, h if manna: for tbi-y 
wiot DQL whni It TPtu. Aiul ^tinat.4 
n uniii th^iH Tills Iff iheUrcur] 
icb Lbs liUfLU hith ffiv(?ii rau lo 

1* IT ThU f J Oip ihmp wliirk the 

3 DOiHiiiiuuiefL 4;alliiif of 

ii«Y«rrmftn ui^tcirtliiny to his *rtt- 
\ng I AH oiDi^f for pv*fr man drxflrnf- 
rnr fd tikc number nfyuuir pcrrrtti^, 
tal£o jfu pvery man fof Me« which 
are in hia Ltint#. 

17 Ami Uie chikln^n of Tsrasl 
dkl fltv, imd jjaEJtefodT «oma more, 
Bome ki3«. 

1^ Am\ wlieil they dul mete it 
with an umur:, hit that ^nihete<l 
muich hjid iiiith>nit avert anri he 
timi j^athcFcil littifQ had ao tart- 
they ffrtthtjivtl avuri' ttiua ai: cord- 
ing W ilia eatjiTg. 

19 And MutM!!! BoJdp Let tm man 
lefivt? <>f it till ihe jnorninB:. 

90 NutwithgEJin'Juig, iJif^y hpuj-k- 
cnoEl nol onto Mg^fi^j hut jspnio 
of ihein left of it unlil the mp^rniiif , 
und it hrnd w&nniii, hi\t[ xLEmk : Biid 
Uowca i^EM WffltJi with Ihr^iHn 

m And thor gatbDrod it ov«ry 
tnonuog, cvrry ijiun nec^i^nlin/ lo 
hit cdUnif ', and ivIicd the buh wu- 
lid hot it nir^ltcd. 

39 II A hkI it t^nme ta pnm , that on 
the iixOi day ihay gaiitv^§ twic-? 
(u uiiiuli brt^aiL tivi) umFTS for one 
m^n ; and all me rulorv of t^tn coli 
ejneoLUGn fume and told tklu>ii<v, 

ia And hn UEitd itiitq tlucin, Thi9 
i» that. wHu'h tJtc I^tit!) haili t^aid, 
1V>-nifitrow is ihfl i^5t (if the hr-ly 
■ahhatii unEn thp L^jtin: Lnkc tAat 
which, yo will bnJce io-4atf, himI 
Moatho Utnt ya will fieoUia ^ uiilI 
that whtch vt'Oioinuth nv^f^ Iwy up 
RjT ycu lo he kei>t ufitLt liMs monir 

^4 And t]L[iy I^ul it tit* tin thd 
mamiaiTi n^^ Mc«i?9 hndu ; and it 
d!Hl nut vtioki ncriihor wa« iJjqio 
lUiy vrorm Uiorcin, 

^ AnrlMi>9eii naJi], Em that to- 
dart fti'T lo-day is o mbhaili uni^i 
tht Loan \ Kt^lny jm fiJuUi not fiBd 
it in tho i5«l*L 

SG i^ix dsy^ ye shJiU eathcT it ; 
but an tlin seventh day, wAirk it 
th«r aihUatlu ia it tliiire ihaU bis 

S? IT At^d If camo to pn^^ fAat 
lliiiru went oul^dTNz nf thp p&ij^de 
i»n thi) «t?vr!fith duy fcr lo gather, 
Bnd thu^ fi^uiid d{>ilo. 

3fi Ab£I tJjo LoRct «tiH Urdu 
Bkwn, llow long Tefnte n m 

keeci my commaadmeniB and mf 
Jitw s ! 

'Zi yi.'^t for ilint ih*) Lt^HP h[Hh 
elven ytiu thu anbLalli, Llierafora 
ho ifjvvth yoo on Uie sixilMlay thd 
bread of two day* ; abide ye vveiy 
lEian in lui plaau kt im Jimt> fu 
oiU 4if hip pEucc oei i^iie eievcnlh day. 

^H> do tl le peapla jcMud tin tho 

^1 And tiie houK ef liraDl cal]»ed 
tins uume thereof ManrtiL [ \n\A H 
tpti* hka coriaitdor-sBiwU wldta^ 
and dii^ tajsif' i:if AiBJt Lika walbrB 
mrij/^ wiiJi hitnej"- 

3!i ir And MofiUB Ftud, Th« t£ tho 
thJnjf whjch iJw! Loud iniQinnnd- 
ethn Fill Ein omernf it to be fcufrt 
for ychUi' t:ei»ratior4 ; ihai ifj^y mOF 
sf!fl the bn-od whurt-Miilh I hsTO 
fed you in iho wddoriiUiiH, wliati I 
htuni^Hji yoo foTLii from Utu land of 

SI And Mese« tmd ttnto Aaren, 
IVkn A put, ami put an omer Put) 
of monim themion and lay it up 
ttefnfe thu LoiiiJ, to be kojii for 
yotiT itrnerntiaFH. 

34 Aa Uia LoJtP commnnded 
Mu'it!f, po Aoron laid it up boforo 
the Tt'?;dfnony, i& be kept- 

'15 And ih« cbiMneu of lstEU^\ 
did cat manna forty ycani linrjl 
they anmi; to a land ijihubi[ed< 
mtr dul eat niauna, Einlil tiiajr 
oaineunio thfl bunkmuf ths liuid 

30 Now un omor it tho tenth 
nm-tof an £^nbah. 


A>T> all tlie «*onffnwution of ihn 
chitdrm of litat^ joarnayad 
from ihf \^'ilJcrnt!Hi of iSin, utlBt 
ti^'ir jiJiLmt^yB, acfiPrding to tlio 
coTtiniandiiKi'tit. of th« Li>at>i and 
pi etched in Repitiidiin : Mtul Mi^j 
tflos no waior fur iim pmopje to 

*3 Wlwrofdre thfl peupld did chidfl 
with SAiiiiJMy mu\ taid, iiivo u« 
wate/ ihstt ^o may 4inrik- And 
MoiM:a Baid aiittJ thoiii, VViiy chide 
yc with nt*5 f wherafore do ja 
t<'.impt the ]iORf>T 

3 And llw! paoi»le thirsM ihuje 
for w^tctT and Tlie people mnr- 
innrml ue^imt ^foe^>«, luid sioid, 
VVherefora i> tlu^ t/mi thc»u htill 
brougtit MAvp ntit uf J'l^ypt to ki^ 

with thirst? 

UB and Durcbildn^n and our GAtlle 

4 And Mmf^ CTiad uttto ths 
Loslp, Eiayinev What ahoJJ I do un- 
to lhi» people 1 LlieS^bpAlnaiMtraadr 
to itona met. 

5 Atnil tjiij Loro rtid hnlo 
Miwea, Go on Ivfor* the peopV, 
and take witit Ot«i of thu eUxn of 

januUek discomfited. CHAP. XVUI. 

Jethro meetetk Mosts 

Vnr.itilz and iliy tQf\y wTior^viiiJi 
lliou wnoLest Uio rjreri inka m 
(bjuio hiuid. and gn* 

@ liii^lmkJ, I ^vtl^ ptnnd hti'on 
t)i€e there uiiun the rock in Horeb ; 
liiid Unju isiiEiLi *miii5 tjjo rijct. 
niiu Ihcre slioU cciine vcucpr «tit uT 
LC. tlmtilio i>oapt« may drink. And 
Moffot did lo ID the iiifbl of the 
olJtf 19 of braiiL 

7 Ami im eit^led liw naEiui of the 
0lme MafldBh, Jimt Mvriiiiihi tM»- 
cuuM) nr the ckidinf; (4r iJic chil- 
«lr«n of tsTud^ Aud bccav^ tiicf 
teii][it^d Ihci LonJtt, BOj^inj^, Is Uic 
Loiiit ani^lll^ u.Ht t>r null 

S Tf Tiwu eiinnj AmtiU-k. and 
HHiifht^iih [srnoJ In Repliidirxi^ 

9 And MasE>9 said unta Ji^]ma, 
Chnio$(^ D!i i>ui intn,, and eo uut, 
fifilit with Anjak-k^ Ic-inQiTow 1 
v^ltt Fiand on lite- top uf tha hUl 
witJi iljt' r(}d ofGofl ilk mine banft- 

JfJ Si> Jci^hUB jN«t a-1 Miteft-H had 
Rnh! to lum, and fou(;ht vtiih Ama- 
kkt OflrJ Mn*Wt AEiren. and Uur. 
wi,'Bl up ID tho UJp (>f ihc Jnll. 

U And it cAniti tu p>iSti, when 
Mei«e« lac!d up hist hatid, ihsvt 1*- 
rael prevadKl ; and whi^n hs Jel 
dijwn his band, AmziJek pj-c- 

12 Bui Ifosfls' h^nd« uwrr hea- 
vy ; aad ilia/ tMtk a elDne, an^l pnt 
rY under blm, mid lnu mit ^eirnd : 
and Aarnn and Hur Etjiyn] up hL» 
liaxKlH, tTjii onn au the one eidii, ij:hii 
iho cnhtT on the oibt>r sids : and 
hia hnnda Av?re aicadj' umu the 
fojii^ down uftlan* vtu). 

J3 And J4}shlia diBromfit^d 
Amalak and Lis pcoplo 'ivitJ'k the 

r4 A!v| the l^Hn (mid unto 

in A bouk. ftitd rif nosjve tf iu iha 
eari of Jo^haa: foi [ wiU uiieHy 
ijtit *)tii the fsiaoriifinuico of Ama- 
[r'kA'om unfl^irhfEiiVtn. 

15 And Micift€a built on albiTh 
pnl cridlEid the daMeol' it JEIIO- 
VAH-niiSfi : 

l§ For ka eaid^ BecauM the? 
LoJtD hatK vworn tj|ri2 tiif? tirjiLD 
]»iTf Artff war Vf itJn Aittntok from 
■ooflmtiaa io^i?nt.Tiitir]nH 

TITHKN JetliTD the Jrtert of 
TT MjdiKn. Moec!'!'^ ratlmr'^in- 
tpw. htiiatdcjf alMhut t3*>d had done 
raf Mcw^r Had Tcmt iiyiK^I hii n^io- 
rtft, irnJ thai Ehn LahD "hod 
y^uirtii. I^ai^l ciut of Egypt : 

9 Tlipn Jr'Uifig, Mttg*-)? fuiher^in- ' 

lnwf, rook Zippr>i:ih, Mnwa' wifep 

u^tr lu^ liFid aunl lidr bjck, ' 

3 And hei two wnn ; of wliidi 

Jijir nttmo of tlie ont icdj fkythom i . 

(for l]p said, I have boen on aJJue 

4 A/ld tlio nnn^a nrthentJiorlDaj 
IlLinzer ^ {furl ho tiod of irvy fathfij, 
Fmdkr,vas mine htip, *umJ deliver- 
ed UP from tlie iword of Fhnr&oh :) 

5 Atid Jetliro^ MosL's' faili#r'in- 
\»w, mune *vi^iiJi bis tons ntifj hii 
wife unto Moics Lito the wijjiftr- 
namr whom ho cncjunperl at ili^ 
mitunt of God; 

d And h{] duid nnto M^aics^ I Uiy 
fnthpr-in-lavirJelhrft am cumcuiilo 
tljQi?, and tdij wifo, unJ bci two 
gijaii with h^r. 

7 If Aud Moiee wrat out to meet 
hi^ raLlu!r-ii»-law, and did nbfli- 
6111 ice, iml kinmd blm: otn) tiiey 
ujikod eat-h Dthcr of Otcir woWnm ; 
and they rame inlu tlic tent- 

y Ami Muspa told h'la fiiher-irt' 
law fi]l that the Lami had done 
tintu Pliaraoh. and to tho Efyp 
ti:iri3 fttr Isrnol'H smk^, vnd all tho 
travail tlmt had come updo thrm 
by tlio way, jmd **«? t^iu Loap do 
livrire<3 them* 

D^ And Jciliro r^'olcod for alithp 

JQOflnatt whiirh thn hnp.n had 
"ne to Israd, ^ hom he hid deli- 
vrrtd out of the hand of iho 

lU And Jethrti said, l1]oB4cd is 
the IjTiiLn^ whcj hmh delivered yan 
out of the hnud of the Kasrptiiinir 
arid aut of tho hand of Phuraoh, 
wIjo h!Lii! dcUvorcd thep£ioplu frorD 
ui5der ibrhand of the Esyiiiiftn*. 

11 ^'ow I knrrw Lhnt tho Lo:bd 
Elf ^reuTcr than all goils: fur \u tbn 
ibii]^ V'licrein tJiey dotift iiroudJy, 
Ai vat nhovE* tJ>ctn. 

l-^ And Jathro, Mi>5eii^ fnihcr^irr- 
Inw^ took u. bumt-oflerini^ and 
jriirrine^Tfi f<rir fiod: and Aaron 
eitrn^f Hricl iiit tbt> vldnf^ nf htt^vl to 
ifat bri'nd with fr]i:)il<ci^ ffltlier-ui- 
Itiw before God. 

13 11 And it ^amo to pasti oa the 
ai4j]-rQw, tJjat Mo^es dni la jndre 
the people : and the pooplu utood 
by MofiflH from llw momi^i^ tiiito 
till' eventjifi. 

H And when ]yfo«f!s^ farhor-m- 
Ielw raitir a|] thnt he did tn the pt'O' 
He, ho aiidi Whut f* thtP Imnn 
that tliou i]f)ei9l to tlie pcopjn t 
Why feiittiigt tttouihy^E-df atoigp^jqnd 
piU the jM.'inple p-lo-nn by theo iWim 
fnn^Ilin^f "iHo ev+'nT 

15 And Mow!s paid unio hJi 

father-in-law, BeenuEc tlip^e'iv^l'? 


m Wh<^n they have m mi^tfer, 
tht!y come unto nic, and I judK*: 
bi»tween tine and aimtthftntinfl i do 
miiM^ thrm know tito ;i,t.titutt!a of 
Gndt tind his liH(*»^ 

17 And Mtw«f*fiiUier-tnrlawHtd 

£XODUB. Israel comes to Sinat. 

u^ Jncab, aod tell Ihe cliiJiIreFi of 

4 Yf? hpivfl sfipn 'nhtil I iliil ttitio 
the E^yptiiiiu., nmJ Apm I laru joii 
oni?atr]Cti' wlnci, and biDusiit r^^u 
tintm TTiyeelf, 

5 Now thcreforo if fc vriU oupj 
iny v{iir« ifHlG4Hlj anil keep nijf 
CQVCiiBiJit, lljen yf! «hiill U; a pycu- 

pl^ap!Q: foraJfc Uii^ ciinJi li jinD«: 
fl And ya BhaLl Lc antu mi a 
kingdom or pricifitii, andnaholy na- 
ikio. Tiicio are the ^urfbt whtch 
Uiou «hi^k SfK^oit unto tlie clitldreti 
oflsniel. , „ , 

7 11 Aiul McisAfl camo ftnd calJpd 
for tliB €l(krn of tlia p«o|iler ai" 
brd boruro: tlicif facaa aU thrje 
wuntfl whidj ilio Lous comtnand- 

Mhro*s eouiisel, 

uudi hi[n,*n]« Lliiiif tLiit Lhou iloeni 

IB Thi^uvi'iU tun I J wonr aMray, 
Uith UierU, luid iJiia peopb t^tiit r^ir 
^viUi Uieo: for tliis ilunp i# loo 
hoavy fur Ui<}o^ iJia;] iirt uot dtilc to 
paflonn U diynoircdQiio. 

1*1 llL^iLrken aowf tmiia myvoiec. 
I will jfivt; litcq CiinmclT nnJ Uoii 
dtaU Lu with \Um- lir. ihdu for Iho 
[w^ipio IQ til 111- ward, thul Uiou 
iiiaycii brifti? Ihe cuumim udiuC-dcI : 

SU And lluiu iIiaK lendi dicci] 
urdlDimrcn urnl luiva, ojid shedi 
ffhow tltpiii tlic ivny wharcin they 
miiHi waikf and iho work ttial Ui^T 

21 Morco?er. ihfiWsHciUpiovirlw 
uut uf uJl thd pL'upkv ablo mi^n, 
»uch as fcitf Got!, ifii^ii cjf irulli, 
Eiaiin^ covutouitncfii ; luid place ^m"i.*.- 
#M43A over them U be Tul^ra at B And all jht pffcpJo aniwoied 

rulki^ri of filliea^ usd ruleru oJ 

3S Anil lot tlscm juil^e ihop™ 
|ikr at all scaanriQ : and it fibiill \n^, 
thtit tivury groat rrtaUfiT iJicj aliulL 
Lrinff uii(^" ikL^c* Eiul ovory BTnall 
matt^ir Ukb^r ehaU iiJ:tlii) ■ bo Bliall it 
hti caaiLT f?irtliy*ylf, and Umv iJiail 
bfifi r iJlp &llr^^Jfn with Ui€mj. 

3:1 If tiiou diialt do thi? IhmpTT 
nni Goft coniniHlsd thee £D, tiliC'J:i 
lliOU Hhall tiJj ii]>k to enJufu, anil 
V\ Ibis pL'Opia iLud alio ^o to their 
plgcd m peace ^ , 1 

SI So MoBCH heorkt^iiGu to Ihe 
votes Df hia fuilitir-iii-liLw, and iIie3 
alj ihdit |io Imd aindd. 

S5 And Mtiaoa chnga nhle iiico 
out of i\U Urnel^ ami inndti tfii^m 
^oada over tlii? pco)>tc, lulura oT 
UittUfiiiiuEp, ruiera. of hundrudA, 
fu]eTS(jf Gfiii'ith and ndptfof tcnj. 

55 Ami tlmy jitilfi^^ii the; pcopln 

iht^y liriJUjflii unto MtrtCftr Ijpt every 
(tmaU iDultur tlsiSf JLidgtia thftin- 
£bIvi». . ^ . 

^ And SfotM Ipt lita Fkt)icr-iD- 
l&w depart ; ai^d lio Avotiit hii war 
into hiflovi^n laud^ 


IN thrt ttiird moniVit Tvbtsn tlio 
clijlhlran !jf It^rai'l ware fiono 
fofth om of Eho :]ind of Egycit. tJiu 
same day £;iimfl tbo; uUip tlie wil- 
di'rtirHJib uff^infti^ 

S F«i: tlwr wnrf^ (Jfipartod frnTTi 
lloptiiLhiT>4 Jirid were rufii* f-f> llio 
d&jicrt of mnut, and hrul piti:huL! 
U3 thb wiIdQnicis& ; iiri[l thnro laracl 
eajnpod ItLrfiirL^ Urn mntlnt. 

J * And Mu*f> wf?nt u^i tiTJto 

G'»ft, tind rijn Li>Rr» callod unto 

hiiiL ouE ^r the m&LmLalii, »riyjnK» 

TJiUd ithnJt thuii li^y tu 11 !« liunw 


to^eth^r^ and said, AU Uiat ibe 
j^Kit haih ^i^k^^n «n will do. 
And MitiLA retuinrd tin; wotdi of 
Ihi5 iM^cipIo unto Hio Lontt. 

9 And Iho Lt'TId saJd unta 
MoaoB, Lo, 1 cnnic uriio ibec in 
atlii^^k i^lOLidt diat tlia people may 
hoar when f speak with ijioq, and 
hulbve thee ftsr cvor+ A ud Mdsfta 
[rjld ihc words of the pchaplr vntu 
ijie LajiD. 

Ifl tr And Iho LoKTt laid utila 
MoseA, Ga unto l)tti peoplu, uid 
siaJictify ih&ni ir^ilajr iinH tu-tnin^ 
row, and Jiit tbom waak their 
eh'tfi^i ^ , , , , 

M And be ready oeaitwt ibe 
Ihird day: for ihe thtrd daytha 
LijRU will come down in mfi ai^hi 
of all llua people upon moaiil 

12 IT And thou ahalt ici houfldi 
unto tlicj p[!Opk fifond about, bby- 
iisffj Ttiio hoed to y«n«e]vesp £Ajt( 
uf en ni/f Uf InEo the rnouni, or 
trjucb the bordt*r of i\. wjiiwnovor 
tnii«lH!th the inoQDt riittll ho luielj 
put t<s death: . , . 

1:1 Thefefhnll not M hand touch 
iL hut He.' almll pimdy bi BtuiiRd or 
flhot thrt] ugh : whflliftr it bf. EteaBl 
m mtin^it SiBllnothve- iwhrntj]* 
IrtiTfipL't aoundetb ]oii;, lJi«y ihall 
c(iTi]*? iiji [c thn Tniiuiit, 

14 If And MoH* wait do*i] ftHtii 
tlii^ muuni unto the pooptp, and 
aan^tifiOEl thn people^ and thoy 
waiibed their clotbeK. , 

15 Atitl l]e said unto the pcoplp. 
He rfiady iigauini the thud dny : 
come ntJt nt jtvu-f wives. 

Ifj IT And ii efitne m p(i» en tha 
third day in tlie fnornin*, tbal tbere 
Wuifl ihuudu™ anri litlitmtie^. ojid 
a rLi<!llc douci upon ihe mount, 
and the voice of the trumm 
axceadlnfi Wud \ 10 that all ihs 

Crv« * J'emrritifirettatee. 
P^ttprh thai was in liie 

|3iHnte out of tiia cuinp to Di^^^jt 
wifUi Gcirl ; sM thci/ ^iuod ai tlid 
noilior put of the mrjunu 
id Aurl iTtouiiL 1<iEiiU was EtKa- 

Ktlier on n ^nviEf^fh l)<?iiatJiM5 ijitt 
iPtD ilK!»uuii!i!!tl updii il. m fira: 
ajiJ iljy finnikL" ihc^rwui ftsctJiJeii ait 
Uvs unuke of a fuinaca, and tlm 
K tiolej muuut qUJik lmI ireo-t^ . ^ 

111 Arui whoQ Uiu mioe cif ttit^ 
(TUQiiKul «£iiiiiJo<l ioDCH and \Vii\:iiil 
laudDr and loUiUTt Mom* spukt!, 
anJ GocI ojni^vtircd kiin uj u 

^ And Ujg IrfiiB came d<iwn 
apva muimt :^iiuiL on tJKt toil oj 
y^ muum r luid ihs.^ I^sjj Cfillod 
Mowfii it^ lo Ltio top 111' the maunl ; 
aiid M9>M» wuiA up, 

fll AihI I he I^nn tt^id atifo 
Mii»3% Gi^duwD, ch&reo the ptio- 
p^0^ hsl tJirUT bri?jUt tJiriiiiMj^h uatfl 
UK Limo to Kaz£, aJid munj' dl 
tuooi p«ri=th+ 

32: Anci Ici llio i^ricstfl ftho which 

tbtiiiiwlvcLi, leil tlia UjitP broak 
fbrdi upon dmTa. 

£1 Ami Mii!«ii ^d unto iko 
Ltfiim, TJw people cuinot ona^ my 
Id mciual ^VnaiT libr thou cJiiir|;ei:]»E 
OS, flnyinir, 3vt bouii«l« okiot tLv 
inniiiit, (LnJ ^umiiff it^ 

S^ Arid iliu ItDRu Auidiinia him, 
Awuf, ret d]4M duwti^ und thuu 
oiaJt ciMii& up, MiQu, and Aiircui 
md> tlice t but k^l not rJia pricsM 
and tlie people bn^Ak ibrgui^ h, tu 
caine %lp wtm die Loftaf Jeit hL^ 
broftk Tarth uv^^n thfEin- 

^2j Sq Biti7«ua went dnsvn unto the 
|>L>'^p^ei, and fipuVo uitt» ih^ia* 

The Tim Cof\^niind^Mt4 gi^Bi. , 

AiS' l> God zipiLkti nil thcvc wordftr 
BJiyhuf, , ^ , 

:i T am thf) Lintip \hf uttA, 
«vhi>:h hitV4 hraiighE tlir^e out af 
Ilia lari'l ut V^tfVU otit of Uio b^>Li4i! 

3 Tliou Hihidt uavQ no otlior r«di 
belbre mi'- 

4 't\vm not niTitfi untn ilic* 
Anf ^fp^^'^/i kiia;ro, or :iDf hkont»# 
«lf a«?/ iSmU EJittl iJ iq htflvon 
ftbovi;, Of thiiL u In the narth h#' 
naaih. nf Chni i^ Ln tit^ watuf under 

3 J'>iiia ahFdt Del bo^vdnwntiihy 
telf to iJii'cHt nnr ktvp tlmnit (hr 
L tho W-iKs* thy rjud fim a jtaJuu^ 
G«dp *i-iiiint thti iaiciiidy of Lfm 
(kthrra uuuri ibo e]>iUlr<Li3i unto uie 
Uuni Jiiid ruurLLi f {^itA^o^^Mtiiem 
that hii^t« me; 

4} Ajid ujewiuy ntercir untn 

UUAF.XX. ThelawgitmUromSUm. 


thouwudt of thorn that Jqw vml 
and ketp my Er^irtirnamleitiati. 

7 Tiiuu «EijUt nut take theiiania 
or Eho LuJiu t}iy Liod in vaiq: far 
tho LojUi wdi tjoi Uuld him roiii- 
Ic^ that inKulh hij name m ruin. 

8 Ut'iuL-EiiLiur Uia !tuLbutli-day ic 

U blot days Ehalt thou lahourT and 
do lid Uiy u'ork; 

id But iJie «iTenth day i> the 
sabliEith of tJLe LctACk diytiod: in 
Ji ihHH shiiJt tiut do Emsf Wiirk. 
tii^Ui nor iJiy sont nor thy duuthtAr, 
tiijr iiitui servant, nar thr niaJd-cur- 
^.uiF iiiji ihycaiiMf atir Ltiyitran 
fier dint im widun tiiy fates : 

]1 Fur in riii dayii thi» Loan 
rri:id(j b#nvfvti cEid tmrtb, Iha aaa 
uiilI all tJiat in tltum jj, and f^utflil 
tJiu BE^vuELtii dttr L whoreftiifio tb« 
Lohh blessed tUu siabbaUi-dci/, ud 
hallo wcil it. 

1:^ ^ Honour thy fbtber and ihy 
mothor; ihnttby dny* mny Ims lone 
upoit the Land whidi Uia LoKii diy 
Cad friv^di dice. 

13 Thoa shait not kill. 

14 Tlititi sfaalt nut canuDit odiu- 

J 5 Thou shftJi nirt alaftJ.^ , 

Jli ThouihiUt not bear foZca wtt- 
i]c*j aiJ iiin;ii IJ ly no Ly li \to ur. 

17 Tliou fthaK not covet Ihy 
nei^hliutir^fl bi^uBe^ tiiou fhnlt nm 
cover tijy nei^tibaut'a wife, nor hijp 
rnaO'3i^rv!Lat, nor hia mnid^iHinrafit, 
nof liiii i}S.^ nor hia a^, jtot o&y 
tiiinjf tJiatff thf nuighbour'ji. 

J{4 T[ And aU Lhe p^^\^ iaw th? 
lhumJ<]ryi<», and the hclitnincx^ 
QiA tJiDi noi»<3of th^ tnimpE^t, aritl 
ihiii n^Qimlfmi aiuoklnjp:: fuwl when 
thch jJcophj Mfeuv 1^^, tlioy rcmaved, 
and glaod afax otT. 

Lt> And itic'r said unto Mim«S| 
Speak tbnti VL'ith us, and wo will 
iiuaf : but l«t tuit G4>U nil ^ak wdJ] 
n J. Iliat wo die« 

»^ And MdiOfl iaid tinlo tlie poo' 

PJA, PSBI DOl; fbrtrOdHCOllA lo 

nrovfl rcio, luad thathii f«r n:ia7 ha 
UsRiEe f Ottr fAOfii. that yr am nut. 

01 And the peapio igto«l afar ofTf 
and RWe» dn^w near iinto fh? 
thifikdnrkncu whi-reGod lOflj, 

■^Th^ Ami tho Lqkp aiiid unto 
MoiUM, Than tliuii shult sar anio 
die chvldreu of Turarlt Vo hava 
j-oen IJjac 1 have talked ^'iib you 
from bcaviio. 

^ Ve s}rall tiol iti-iko with mtt 
pod4 of advot, neiiEier kIklU yv 
En.iko uTito vtm arxta of unlJ 

31 ^1 Aa altar of uarlli. tiiou paMt 
miiktit luito im^ arjd iiLbalt wii:nrtc» 
tjicnjuci diy LiJjnt-ciflViiitF** ana 
iUf pcaC4±-i»lE^iiaA thy pheep, im 
tbiii4 oiDD : ID oil ^a<:tt* whofo I 



Ana ordtnanccf . 

n»ord my nB.lrlD I trill tfUUH unto 
Uif4j, acid I will blesi thcD. 

95 And if Uiou will mt^u tnv an 
bilEir Dfatontt, timll eljalE not build 

UD liiy UkjL upon it, Xholi hosl pal- 
iuUMl it. 

36 Ntfiiber plisiit thou en up hjr 
■tens iinU) inina &ltai, Uiat llir 
DELiodnodi ha not dwovci^Q 

/.4UDS far SfirvsHta, ite- 

NOW LhoH4i <trF th« judt^m^nu 
which thou ahuii mattioioia 

2 [f tliDu bujBDHcihrfrw sOT^anl, 
iLC ye urn he ih^ill serve : odJ in Lli# 
BdvGiiLh be shall go out frufi for 

3 [( oe CfbiDQ in by hinuctf, ba 
ihaJl gti out by^ b[iTi.^lt': jT he wore 
miU'H&i, MvBn his winj BhoU gi> out 
with him. 

4 If hii mmiat hftve ei*Pti him a 
wile, Biid ilie h»vu iKirno him atiiai 
OT dHil^^tiTtin, the wiTo bjkI hur chil- 
dien dlioJi hkj hor m<ut4^r> {lod In; 
4ha|J j;n nui bjr binitioir. 

5 Arrl ii'tFi^ RQrviiiit Bbnl] platn- 
Ir flay, i Ipve my mojiiert m/ wift^ 
ADd my chililrtia : 1 will aai eo oui 

fl Thoo hi* moitcr aiuilJ bring 
bJiq unto LiiQ judgod; hej^tial! ulio 
brinK hiifi ii^ tba uoor, nr uiiito ttie 
door-rKisl ; mh\ bt^ niiutcfihiiil bore 
hiienv thrij^ugh witii an awii ood, 
he iliELlI ierve hiin Cbr e^ur. 

7 IF Aad ITa in^i kU btfedauclit^^r 
IQ b$ bl m&id^ef'fTanL, ihu jihull not 
CD f^l M the oico-mrvEintB do, 

3 Jfihe ^ioojee not h^ ma«l?T, 
wbo haili btitretbud iioi to hiitM&lf! 
Unn »h»U ha ht her be fude^iniod ; 
ED snil tier unto n tirejnisu noiioa lie 
Uiall haT4 no pnw^^rT^LH^ut^ tm hiiTb 
dnJt (}»Mitrmlr witJi h^T, 

P Aeid if hf? huvc ht.'UrtMLhc<d bar 
Undo hu son, be flliojil fli^ni witli bdr 
miltKt the maiiflyr afdeu^ht^n, 

m irbuiiLke him arjoLkier »(/<; 
hf^r Fl^t hiTf raJincnl, mul bnr ^rLitr 
of mafriuotthftll lift nut diminiih. 

11 Aflil if he ilti not ihtde ibnf-c^ 
Qtito her, then tiliuil die ga ggt free 
withoui ntonuf. 

1^ *r Ij^ ihcit afniiteih a. mati^ no 
tba[ be dre, iliEiU be lurvly pui r^] 

13^ And if tt niifin lift of>t in wnit^ 
butGnd ib'bvcr Aim into hU humi ; 
th«D t wili appoint ih*3<t a pkein 
Whithf^r hd pliull flec. 

14 Hut if B iiinn ei>itrif> pFpftim(>- 
IdousLjr utmn biv niHghbriur, to 
iJiy biiti with fuile: iliou nhah 
Uifce him from mia^ alui^ tiioi. ha 
Our die. 

15 And be UiAttniiTrilt \m fatlwr, 
or his methcr, £lju,JL Ur: mtf^lj pot 
10 dpmh. 

Iti IT And he Ihoi BteaWlb a mfti]* 
Mild flqllkitii him, or if he bu found 
in hi# haauT he sdiuiil Mureljr ba put 
to dentil. 

n 11 Anil }iti tliBt curwtJi bu fa- 
ther or Ills nuithef, ihpdi vanilj be 
Iiol tn deatJi. 

18 11 And if mca atiivfi togetWt 
and tiniJ jusiiito ariuthBr with n !itane, 
or with kix Bst, nnd bedi« not, but 
koepiMJiAij twd; 

IS* if he rise (igftiii. snd wn!k 
abroad upon hisi staiV^ tbtii aba!! In 
Lliat at»ot« Afflt bc) fiuit^ otily he 
ah til) vn/for fho hjM ol" liLi time, 
hitil ibnll eauaeA^Jit to Lb thorough' 

yO TT And ifainaojmitrhii mt- 
vnnt. or bLa umid, with u rud, eod 
hti EJru Und^r hid hand ; ho fliall bt* 
AUrely punii^bed. 

*21. NotwithFtikndinj, if ho con- 
Liiue ft da/ or two. ha iliall 
not be DuiLuhed : fur he u hiJ 

!^ 1[ If men nrttre, and hurt a 
womnn with cliild, bo tbol hor 
fnlit tftpnn from fcer. imd yet no 
mlscbiCfr follow i he nball Im= turely 
piuniiliiid, accord J us as Ehe wu- 
man's huab&ml wilMJi^ utmn him; 
ajvt he ilull par u the judges fU- 

21 Andl if flTU^ iniichiof follow, 
then thou ahalt sivu hfe for life, 

^1 E^€ Cat eyo> toetb for lijbtJit 
biind Ibr bjiiuif tocPt for foot, 

"^ D^irninS for burnings wuund 
for woun<rL itrJjMi for alrip$. 

^^ f A]id if a miU) imiite ihr eye of 
hiiBorvjint-, or Uiu tvo ofbi* ineid, 
that It pc'hJi^ hb ^ViUl lathJnifo 
Iriit' fi(r Jiifi eye 'a mikCh 

S7 And if bo ^mitt' aai \m miui' 
servfutt'A loothi or bin mnifJ-ser- 
Yitnfi toothy hi' Blmlt let biin ^o 
fjee feT hia lootii^B sJilrf*:. 

^ IF If nil at forv b mrui Or e 
womno, Ih^it they di«: ttion the ox 
EbalE be sureljr ittoiNjiV ojid hie flc^h 
iluiJlnatbe e&ten; bul lliu ownoi 
o} the ox Moi^ if finih 

^ But if the oic woT« wurit to 
piudi with bii liern in ^me pniit, 
MHii it balh been tiihstifitd to hij 
owner, anil ho biith not k<^L>t him 
m, but that hi- hath killed Auiaa 
or a vr nm m n ^ tho ex clinll be stoned, 
and hit vwnof ak» Hhnil bo put U> 
do tit h. 

rtn If Ihera bo laid tfn him h mm 
of inoiier. tbpii h»«ltntJ ^ivptbr the 
miisoni of bii life what»oevaf ii 
laid upou bun. 

31 whether he bafl* if*>rw) e son, 
or havfrcoru«l n. daufbtur, a<;card- 

Stmdrf taws 

\rs to Diiii judgmcnl thnll U bo 

Stnm unto hiiii. 

32 If iLid Ds phall jiuah dl irin^n' 
lDfTii(iL,DjrAmaiil-9^rviiiirj Uo ihatl 

jii^li of r\Wetf ami U tu (tn bIuiII Lmi 

33 tr And if a mun flTioll pjiPii n 
pU, or if a nmji ,Hiiir)t|j dip 6. tijt, antl 
not cover it, uml iin U3C ur on itj? 

34 ThB owner of tfm pU iiliri}| 
nak^j lit poini,. aad givii inonry 
tinlu the oiivni-r of ihrrn ; imui Uwj 
doajl Ara^l alinll ba iiU, 

35 1 AmhfoopiMin'ioihiirtnn- 
ottipr's ipijit lit) dio, 111*^11 iSitijf «lmll 
■fill Uiu lire o:r» nml ijkiilo Uni 
mon?7of it, niul lIiq i^eail 0£ ubo 

3GOrifLtlie tno^ni thai ilioos 
hiUh iu«d tfi pu^ m I'imc pn^t^ hni! 
hiji liimer hDlli nol koi't htiri Jn i hu 
•hall «=ij,n^f/ pAy ox fur ha, and Ihe 
dead ihall hp hiiu iinn, 

/.a»f agit/nH fvnffrjf Oftncra. 

IF a ifLciii <linll uteal an t^x, ar 
flheup, jmd kiU i^offlull U; lit? 
■liajJ rftjTDTO five a ion for nn oSf 
Uttfil four ih«(<v I^Ff eihiHip. 

*i IT If n thipf be foimd hfoakini? 
up, and Iht BitiiUen thai hu dir, 
fJ?«^ . . - 

(;hap. xxih 

]tliD4p, for 

and ordiHtaKU. 


f jiftriU no bSuo4 j^A jrArci fur 

3 if tiiti jun be? ihfn upon him 
tftffri? nhuU bf Ldnrirt i»/M?J fijr himi 
/iFrJwaliiiLikl laak^full rcKritpttori: 
tf he list's noibinffp vXvun Jie ^nll 

4 [f tht' llit'ft ho MTimtiljr fnutifl 
In bii linnd ulivc, whpilier it he o\, 
or Q>i, or iiJbUL!i[^; ho ill mil rciiLuR< 

3 (f a man ahal cetui« A field 
or vilJcyirH to l« cnujEiT umli nbaH 
pul lo )ii^bL':ayL nnil »tmlF 3^4jd in 
i:»tH.iUier mrao'j (ti^*]<( r of the Ih^sI of 
bicoMTfi fitkU mnrl {if tJie? bciit cif tnii 
own vtneycti-il ^hall ii? m^ike nht- 

i 11' lira hrcak our. nnEJ cptlrh In 
ihocmi •ot]j:nt the tftar.kj of corn, 
or Uio iiDwlinir corn, flf th£ (if Id 
bo contfttmerl thffrcicith ; ho ihni 
JtlorJlDrl Lha Gn abaU turoly moke 

t Tt If n man shall deljirer tinto 
hlfl ne^7lil'n>nr munt^f or «hf^ to 
kccpT iLTiil it bft HloUm rtiit tif ihf! 
miin'i} hotiiie; iftho iLJcf bo f^uiid, 
let him aiiy douUsp 

8 ITiIk] rliii^f be nm fonnil^ then 
liic mailer of (hs h^i^ij^u almlL he 
br-ou^lii tinio tim 3u^lS(H4 f" '^f^ 
wJiedier h[» liQVr i>ut hl^a bnrwl anto 
hife nni|hlKiijr'i g'uods. 

9 Par all fntiiiifu^f aT tfen^tii*'^ 
tiheiAer U be for ox, for a«. for 

.. .^ raim«ni, »r fbi nuf 

miariiier ol liii ihinf wEuuh ^ji- 
jirt^cr o[iaLh?tig«lh lu lw Ims: Uio 
paui^ cf boih nnrfica ifiliail eoine 
hofnre Tha judifHa ; tin/J i*bciin ihs 
iiitlam plinU CtunlemTi, iioiiJiatl yjajr 
doiHik unlii his neijilitiour- 

JO It' Gi iiirwj ileflivur unlo hiji 
iiei4?librsur an nia^ cir iin ox, or n 

ji'hiH-p, lit uny iH^^ikstto liin*ii^ ddiI it 
tiji*, orbi? Iiuri, or drivon awaj^ no 
man evt'mg it.' 

\ U 7"hen bIihII an ociih of the 
Lord Ins behvccfl th^fm IjoiIi, thiit 
hi:^ hnth not poi hi» litiiiii uiuo bis 
nr^r^J>|jour'« gaiHia^ und ilidowni?r 
of St qluiEl n,<-eepL /Afncqf, and hp 
eh a] I ni>^ iiMLku t£ guml. 

I l^ A fid if it lio Flo ten from him. 
Juj i>lt-i|] make rc^itltkiUan unXu tltc 

I o^vF^l?r llnfreof. 

UHf s[ bo lorn in piec«-, tAex 
lot litiTi L*rii]B "ii/<JT wiu^ewp and hv 
h) trill fiot iiiLiko ffDod ihut which 
vv]i" lorn. 

M V Arnl \t a manbonowsv f:hi 
of his neigh LK)tir, eirid it bo UuvU at 
die, tins owner llicrecjf beinff not 
with it, bo ahaU iorvly^ ranito it 


15 flwif if tlio owner thereof &e 
with 11, he -flhill not innko ri: ffoodr 
if it be&Qhirti^thinff, ji cam^i t-jt 
his ]>ire. 

Iti V AtkI if ft man entico d mniil 
thrit Iff not lK!Croth<^1, EUid Iin ivlih 
lior^ !>o F^lmll sufefly ondiiw huria 
bd hin Mrifif, 

17 If her fiitfaf)? utierly rtifnFO lo 
(Hvu bi>r »nin h^m, he «b:tll pay 
moiTCT accardin;^ to Ute ilowry of 

.l!?t T Tlioti fibiilt not inflijr ?i 
witrli ti"j livo. 

11^ If VVhTiflWT^r Y\'2th wiih a 
benpr P'iirill Biiri'lF bL^ pnttDtleuih. 

'•2(1 V II ill that iirf^nlireih miTo 
ditjf fiOiL Brvve unlo ll>e LoHDOtiiy^ 
bo HhciU Ih> uttcrEy ilejitroynMl, 

21 11 Tbrm phiii neiihcr wx a 
♦ImnjTi'-T, nor nppnMif him : far ye 
wem ittuns^tM la li» Ijind of 

th! TT Ye cl^AlI not afllict any wi- 
dow, or rqthcflL'M^iiJd. 

'•ZA If E^iou Bfnjt!t tli^ii Id any 
jviiif.oijrl ilic^y irry at .illimtf^ oio, 
I wilt^dTitly hear llicir cry? 

3-1 Afld irt3P wrath «li nit H'ai hot, 
Qnd I uill kiU jMu wl'h IJtefwonlv 
nnd joiir wi^'cs phrLlI bt> widows, 
[iOil[y(>iK- pMhtrf'ii (^^1 h*? rh^xs. 

3,1 1< If ttiou lond monry to an|r 
*tf my pprtplo that iw poor by thoe. 
tliou snnit not h^ lo him nt on 
qsyn^r, np^titherahait thou lay uyjon 
bin I u*ary. 

3l> ir iRhou atotl (ttlte tbym^iEfb* 
hogr's munent lu plad|«, thnv 

Swukrylaws BXODUO, and erdimmuc9, 

(siialt deliver it unto him by that the I thou shall rest: that tliine ox aiid 


8UI1 goeth down : 

27 For that is his covering only, 
it is hia raiment for his skin : 
wlicrein sliall he sleep 1 and it 
shall come to pass, when he crteth 
unto me, that I will hear j for 1 
ATU gracious. 

iM If Thou Shalt not revile the 
gods, nur curse tlie ruler of tliy 

29 ir Thou shall not delay to offer 
the first of thy ripe fruits, and of tliy 
liquors: the first-born of tliy sons 
shall thou give unto me. 

30 Likewise shall thou do with 
thine oxen, and with thy sheep;: 
seven days it shall be willi his 
dam ; on the eighth day thou shall 
give it me. 

31 And ye shall be holy men 
unto me; neither shall ye eat any 
flesh Utat is torn of beasts in tlie 
field -, ye shall cast it to the dogs. 

CHAP. xxm. 

f Duties and Offences. 
shall not raise a fblse 
report : put not thine hand with 
the wicked to be an unrighteous 

2 Thou shall not follow a multi- 
tude to, <2o evil ; neither shall thou 
speak m a cause to decline after 
many to wrest jud^ent.* 

3 II Neither shall thou counte- 
nance a poor man in his cause. 

4 "T If thou meet thine enemy's ox 
or his ass going astray, thou shall 
surely bring it back to him again. 

5 If thOu see the ass of him that 
hateth thee lying under his burden, 
and wouldcsl forbear to help him, 
thou shall surely help with hira. 

6 Thou shall not wrest tlie judg- 
ment of thy poor in his cause. 

7 Keep thee far from a false 
matter; and the innocent and 
righteous slay tliou not: fori will 
not justify tlie wicked. 

^ 8 T And thou shall take nogifl: 
for the gifl blindeth the wise, and 
pervertcth the words of the right- 

9 a Also thou shaltnotoppress a 
stranger: Ibr ye know the heart 
of a stranger, seemg yo were 
strangers in tlie land orEgypt. 

10 And six years thou shall sow 
thy land, and shall gather in the 

fhiits thereof . 

11 But the sevenUi vear thou 
shall let it rest and lie still ; that the 
poor of thy people may eat: and 
what tliey leave the beasts of the 
field shall eat. In like manner 
tJiou shall deal with tiiy vineyard, 
oiirf with thy oliveyard. 

12 Six days thou shall do thy 
work, and on tlie seventh day 


thine ass may rest, and the son of 
thy handmaid, and tne stranger, 
may be refreshed. 

13 And In all things that I have 
said unto you, be circumspect: and 
make no mention of tlio name of 
other gods, neither let it be heard 
out of thy mouth. 

14 IF Three times thou shall keep 
a feast unto me in the year. 

15 Thou shall keep tlie feast of 
unleavened bread : (tnou shall cat 
unleavened bread seven days, as I 
commanded thee, in tlie time ap- 
pointed of the month Abib ; for in 
It tliou earnest out from Egypt: 
and none shall appear before iuq 

h\ Aii[| Ellin fuast of Imrve**^, tho 
fin-r-frtiils of lJ*y liiboufa. wlij^fi. 
thiiu JtOdt navfR in ih^ litfltl : Eml 
till: \h,\L^l ol' in^nlhoriiig> rchich ii 
in iJio end of ilic ycaT. whca tliiju 
hari ^aLliercd in tliy lJibifii» tyui uf 
thi \U'UL 

J 7 TJiroo liiti&s in ilio pear alt 
tliy mklIc?:^ Bitall [ippciaf bcloro Um 
LdfLD Ood. 

}^ I'luni abali not alFcr the 
bl<Mnl otniy BacrilicQ with leavi^ncd 
brcnil' miiinr shall ihiilutcif iiijf 
saiTitinii fomatQ uuLil E.hc moming. 

Vj The fust of the ilrsi-fruits of 
thy tjirn! iltou ah a It Wntg mut the 
ho<J:^o of tlao Lqild \i\^ Uod. Tlmu 
sbjili unit BCL'tlac a Jud m Im ma- 

ilk T H<jJiEjWf I stirnl an Anijul 
beJirff Uiee, ]i» knt^yy Ihfe in Lita 
wfo'h und \a brltig thoci into ijie 
phi ' ■ 1.^ IV bid; 1 1 m V fj prupO-fud . 

j;i Bcwaro of hini, and ahoy hit 
voL^:L'r pmvuki;^ ]\\m not \ ibr ho wHl 
not i^udoii joiMT iriiUM^inniovm i 
foMity Duraotj in hiin. ^ , , 

Hi ilm if T)iou filinlt IncTecd obey 
hit' vLsjccttuul da aU ibui I ur^Luk ; 
then 1 vvill be ntt ciii^^Tty utiLu LIl^ii^ 
cni'i[iitr9. Eiml nil adviirfsury unto 
thiiiri" ELdvurinrJL.'T. 

ij:i Fiji us inn An go! infill po bo- 
foru ihtrPj oiitl bring tJiF*c in uiim 
thi' ArnoniL'^, and tlirg liiUUGXi and 
the 1'<:r(iistes, mid tbe tJonaEinitQ^, 
a«i^ iha HivIlEfS, and Ibo Jabiiifitji>ai 
anii t m\] cut ibom *}fl' 

m Thou ih Elk not bnwdown tu 
th( ir inula, nor FfirvO liiom, nrsr do 
af i>r ilicir \torkd- bul ttiou shall 
utirdy ovcriiirovv iJhym, and fiuWja 
brc I k t] own the i f iuiacf rs.^ ^ 

art Anft yo rihall strvc tba Load 
yoisr Gwl, niicl lip «]ia.!I b'ep ihir 
bri; sif, and {hy walrr: an J I wifl 
tali.' iicknejs awDF iVonitbtj uudfit 
ofiliK^e. , , 

tHi \ TheFPshsiU iwrU^ing cMttVuiii 
youisg, not bfl barren. JU tiiy laml s 

Mo9e$ troeayp CHAP. XXV. 

the aamber of 1I17 dafv I will 

27 L will nuiid mj f(;:ir bpfsiTV 
thae^ aril m lU dccLrmy nil thH piici- 
ulo l>j ulinm thau fthlltC<>mL% iilid 
1 wiij liuike 'a\1 lhi[ie ?n<?nii&i tuin 
Ui6ir LiEvcki iiiui> iJit^o. 

Mfl And I will 6ep»i liortMst? be- 
Teutc tltoOf "ivIlIitIl ahull dijvij uuE rihr^ 
UiviiUr UieConnoniLDi and Uid IlU-^ 
lite fntrit bi^fur*? Uvw.'. 

39 I will noi drive iljcm out 
Itoixi lefurt! LliGO in one fear : liT^t 
tH land booumu dt>fi:i]aie, ndiJ liic 
beB«1. tif L|]{i JScld mulliplir u^Ejaiiat 

ao*By UttJo and Uulol wjl) Jrivn 
tlieni out iVoaon bo fore lIjciGt uiMil 
iliuii be locreaKdi and lidtefitLbG 

31 Aral [ will set M hnnnd* 
fjftim iJw Red hjii Qv?n unto iLiu kodl 
af Ui« Pluli«linea, nnd from theiltv 
ten unto tiiE fiver s for I wiJl dt- 
llv«ir tluj inbnbiliLntii of Um Innrl 
ihto rour Juiinh ajid thou siiiaJt 
drtvQ liiem out before ilioe^ 

33 Thutji«iialtmbLko nocovpoimt 
wttlithcio, nor with ihcir fCiMi^^ 

^ TJii^r i»liiall not dwoll hs (by 
laikiT ksttbcy mtiXe Iht^ncin aifoiuiiL 
IDDT for Lf tnou tiorvc their tfodd, it 
wiJltyfL'ly I A ci idnareunlu tJiCri). 

^oses coiled up into t&£ Mauni- 

ANL> bhi sou! uniu Mvwvfit CoiiiP 
Hi* ifnct* tht; LoKe>. t1iou, &nd 
Aarorir Kndikb, aniJ AbiEiu, fiti.\ 
§nvm^ ttfiUtti-UfraotltmeA; and 
fV'OflirliuE) rv> afar oO'. 

S Ami MoKt alona fsbftll c<tin6 
OCilr l\va L0Jtl> : but ihvif aJioll not 
ciOiDe luf^ ^ nettlfiif ibKlf Uifi itfO' 
p\!b |o up wiUi bim. 

J IT Aud Mmii* tAiDQ and u^lcl 
tho nc^ple lilJ Uie words of li^cj 
L(iN.3's Bod iiil eJui judtsiiitJtiEs; and 
■JI tht^ ptiupJo aiMi^ertiiE >vjdi 01:10 
voice, and mid, AiJ t!ia i^vrirds 
wbicb Uie LoiLD hath said will wq 

4. And Moae» wrme all tho 
wonls or tfac LtORih iuid roH! up 
eijly in tbe QiorDiujr* und buifclud 
«ui ojtar uDdvr lIki bd)» and LvvgIvl- 
pUlorv Ac^ordinif to the iwol^o 
iiilbm or ItfOJoL 

5 And h« #Bt]t yatiii* mfln of 
Uii'ehUdTen ol I^oei. ivhjcbGllcrod 
iHami-olTbriEkiri, odJ «d,i-rLnttiil 

Eu^(HoSll!li^g» of oxen uolo Oiu 

G H^Vfid Monci tuok Lairortlu? 
h|ot|d, miul pLit i£ Lu liruiiiif; aT>d 
Mir of th«i blood be MmlukkHl on 
4]ifl altar. 

T And he looji the IiooIe of ihfK 
c&vfnttht, flrMi read in tb« aiidi«Di?'f 
Df die ptwmle - and thi^y BAi'l, All 

into the mounL 

Ihnt tJie JjdRD hnth fiiud T^'tU w« 
do, and b[^ obi^tik'^iit. 
B And JWoiti look Uie blood, and 

Biriiihled li on tlio ptjoptt^, Atnl said, 
tbi'ld Thw blood of tlifl covc-aunl, 
wbicJi tliD I^RU iiniJi mmUj wiib 
>'[}u unnr'uminff uli these -H'orda. 

9 T Then went up Moijid, end 
Aiiron, Nurlnb. nm AbUtin and 
ewv. n I y f 1 1 1 1> ciders of LtrcLDr^ 

10 Atid rliey s-^Vf Ute God nf 
Tiraah nnd iksri: tutu under bis 
J(?ei nsi it^^iFM u paved wort nf .t 
KippliirC-ailont.s and els it Hrcifi 
rbe body of bufivon bi his tikor- 

11 And upan the nrtble* of the 
dbjldreii uf UraE.i be laid n(>i Iik 
liEuid; nJio tlht:r imw Gud, end diil 
val jxni1 drink. 

1^ ^ And the Loud taid unin 
Mu.S4^T Cuiiiie up tu tnfi Jlitu the 
jniiunTi, And be tJiure: and I wjjl 

friv'u thee inhltu of £tufie, nad a 
tivi, and idomniflndincnbi H^iliich I 
brivu HrtriEhn, thai tl^qu nioy^jF 
it'Qcb thtm. 

13 And Moics lom up^ Eitid bit 
miu'i^tf^r Jemima; and Aiu^ui weia 
up itdo t^Lc mourn nfGod. 

H And im mid unto the eyur». 
Tnrry ye hory for ua, until wu 
come agoiu luiio you; axitl btt 
huidi Aaron uni Hur are wjlIi 
you r if uuy man hair'a any mat- 
tera it^ do, lei bim curne unto 

15 AikI Moses went up iiiIei 
ib^ niotJntf ojid a cluud covfired 
ibi} iDounL 

Itl And the glorr nf die Loud 
abode upLin mount Sinai, and Lbfl 
cloud Co i'oik>fl itsLjt dityn: ]ind Ihq 
^VL'ntb ddf b4i Eroded unto 1!lioi£;» 
out of die middl of ihe cloud. 

17 And Uie ii|;bt uf d^a ^lery of 

on tli4e uyfi of the mount in tliL' even 
of ibe cbildrcin of Ipifue]. 

IS And Mfii«?a wvat mro tbo 
midst of tbe cloud, and ga.\, hLm up 
into tjhi' mount; oad Mu^l'S was iji 
Ihc mount forty dafu and fort)^ 

71m Offering for Uit *]'iiltentadit. 

AXp the LoiLD sjialM tuito 
Mo<N>s, Bayinff, 

^ Bpe nk UAto the eliildica of Ii- 
rael, tlUat dit;; tirLii^mc: ilti urTt-rini : 
of every roan thatiriT«^ib itviilllnA' 
ly with his heojt j^ sliall lake mn 

3 And this lit t}ie afTcrLue which 
y^ pball lake of ibcm^ gold, dJid 
siJvi'r. lind brilA?, 

-4 AimJ blue, ond purple, and 
v&ojlet^ and fioe Unea, iLnd loali) 

Form of Uu ark. 

5 And mnu* akjni cljodi zckJ^ ^^ 
bQd^L^r^' ^kjRi, omt^ dluLiim-vihODdif 

Qti for E.hc livhU Epices for 
^nDtnting uU, Etrtcf ^ui kwccl iii- 

7 Dnyx-itonf!!, DTid ■trnici to be 
S Ami lei ilipm mnko mc a. lanc- 

U A^omiiik? to all that 1 ahew 
llieo, ^ter ihe pattern of iIjc ttWr- 
nuelut und tjit* paUL'rn of all liie 
iiiBtritmcnti^ UienioC ^'k c» »a thall 
jriy ninkc it. 

JU If AiiiJ ili^y eh&U jrinJkf nn ark 
^ BhLtlim-WQOtl r two rubiLq and a 
(liijf ifAji/f 6tf tho liHigih tJiiti^of, 
nnd a cutiU and □ hn^r tlie brf-ndth 
Uaertqfj uad n cvbiL and n lu^ir Utt; 
beiEht ihereofr 

11 AncI thini sbtili Diri'rln^ iE wUli 
ptira ttJliir \vithin antl wjiliritit 
■Ijali iliDu civerliir it; find £lin!i 
m,^\<i uF'Oifi It a crowit of ^uid 
found nbouii 

12 And llioo shalt CftFt four rinns 
of etildforiti &TfJ pat rA^nt in iUn 
fotir corncra ihcmrif't ihniI i^vo 
ringi «AitU Ac m iJit^ one ^ido of jt, 
and iwo rins* in UiO Olhec Hide 

13 And IIk^h «i!iak malie nttiven 
of nhtltini-WiludiUlld oVertuy Uiotn 
(Villi qald^ 

34 And thou sholt put the Hlnvefg 
Into lhi5 rinp^ lijr Ok? fidt*^ tpf ihts 
Affc. Ui4ft tlic ark muy b^ bortin 
with litem. 

J5 The Atairefl fhnEL htt in ibi? 
rinsi of the art: tliey £hal) not bo 
tnturt fropt it- 
Id And Lhoa ihtiU ptit into ilio 
nrlt the tijetMHony wftich I »}tsiiJ 
fiivc thee. 

17 ^f And Hmu ehalt moke a lu'^r- 
*?J-si^M flT P^irO gold: two cuhila 
Hud n half JiftaJi i* thy len^ih 
Ihsreof. ruk) n RUbit iin4 ft b&lf tlic 
brendih thereof. 

y^ An^l thou fihnlt mnko two 
phflrubimm/' gtslilLttf bontfln work 
idutit thou mnlic uieni^ in ^hUf two 
Hidft ofTlic nn&tf^y-mnX. 

|Q And mtike op* cherph on uic 
ADC anil:, Dnd the tithe r cbftrub on 
the <!thi?r end: rrmi of the mcrf^y- 
•cat ■lioll fu maJnr ihe cherul>tiiu 
on Uie iwc» criflfl tlieroof. 

90 And the nh^ruhlnia nhAll 
■ttetrli forlli! (Affr wbtjn un hi fit, 
«?ovprin|f i]i« niprCT-Bi'ftl with tlitiir 
%v'jn^jt, mid ibeir fac^fl nhaU tank 
One tu smother ^ toward tiiti! m^Tc^r 
•eat»hnll liiti fact** of the c hern tii^uji 

91 And thftu ilialtpiJtthitinorcT' 
frni nboTQ upaii the trk ; ftnd In 


EXODUS. Tke golden eaMae$tuk, 4« 

the ni-k tJiou F^italt put iha ttFtiincmy 
that I shii]] pile ibyp. 

23 And more 1 will nvaci wi<h 
ihry>. and I will commune wnj( 
thee fmm Bbove tijn njcffi'-ttnii^ 
from between I he two cUKTUfMnia 
which are uptm the firk nf the tcir 
EJmonr, Jif all thins!Jt whjch ! wirt 
five thee in Gcimniduchnciitimiulliu 
tihildTtpor rsracl. 

^ ^1 Thou ahiillalao maki^ n tntdn 
<tf Hhittiim-vtoGd; Iwn cubits jfJtrjf/ 
6e the lenfUi ll9Cireii>f, and n ^ublt 
tiip tiresidiTi ihere^df, nml r tubii 
Rsui a hnlf the hHKhl tJiPienL 

94 Amd ihou thail nverhijf it witJi 
pura ^old, nnd nmke UnriuTu n 
ef[]W-n of^dd round iiboul. 

^ And ilif'ij ehiilt mski?^ inito ii 
a border ol bnlmnd-breniLth tcjund 
about ^ and tliou hh:ih irtnke a e^M- 
en erown to llic border ibcrisof 
round abcint. 

0|J And thoP sbult mnke for it 
four rinei of eolri, und pu,l tha nr>f » 
In the fltiurcofnert tlmt mrfi mi U>e 

S7 Over axafiiirt the border ffliR II 
tha Hnga be riir ttlacmi orUw «1uvi^j 
lo Ijoarthe Tabto. 

^ And ihou ^halt makoilTQ Mavofl 
qftfhitt fin- wood, nnd ovOrl:iy them 
^nl3i gold, li]at ti»e tabk nia^ b« 
borne wiih them. 

2[l And tliou slidLt mnks t}je 
dishes thurc-nr. eipd Epooikf. tlj^^fcvif^ 
nod covers ihcreorf nnd bowb 
ihoriwff lo covL*f wKhnI: i^f fiutK 
^^M jiholt (bftii infiJti) th<'ni. 

rfii^ Ani:l thou fhnit Hit upon tha 
tn hie tho w-brend ht'fm ru me ci] wn y 

:il IT And iJiPU a hah ruakF? a onn- 
dleatkk 0/ pure cohl : 0/' liOAtcn 
work »linll!|iij canJ]ciitii.'k bn mudtt-. 
JtU tehiifTf nnil his brunches, hw 
bnwldT hia knopa, emd Idd llowctTi^ 

k1^ And hx liTAnd>es wiall eor>ie 
out of Thr) ^ dM ofil ; three b riiilrrh^isi 
of Ehc cnndluFiick out of djo oner 
Kklf!, arid I ] iron bliiipcb«t oftJio caij 
d]<.>fiii4^k out of the uLbcr trdi? : 

^i TUii'.i-i howJji niadi^ Ulna qnio 
almondet, ipHA u knoo ntnl 11 fT 1:3 wet 
in ono branch:^ und tJir^'e bnwh 
made like alninnda in the 4thcr 
bi-nn'br vith n Ittup mui a flown r, 
Mj in ihn ^l^x bvuiLchDa ibnt eoiEit; 
out of the riind]«»Lick- 

'M And iot^BCiuidlfriiokji^Bl^i* 
fonr boiiiii made I tk u u nto aunnmlA, 
witA their knop«iaiid tlieir flower*. 

:tr> Anil tAtr€ skoli bp a krmp 
nndnf two brauch^i^ of di0 8iima. 
ind n knop ondbr two bmot:hi^ ol 
A\p, Hiim^H ^^^^ ^ knop undtvr tn'a 
bniiDrhfis [jf tlm Bame, acrordinf lo 
Lbp ftix brnnciifa ilia I prvceed pu' 

The curtains and boards CHAP. 

3iOTJif?if kiHJIwanil thtif lifflin'hos 
■{i«ill br ot Lkie Njunt> ; iiJE or ii whGii 
Aw <Hie iMMten work fl/in]F« ^okU 

37 Aiul ihou 0]lrilL nmkn tt)4? 
HTf n Jampa llnf FPfii"; nmJ Uitiif sbskll 
UgUL the lamii^ tltL>rctul^ iliai thi'^if 
may iiv« liyht over n^^nmi it. 

aa And ilio iiinpa tJiert^of, ann 
Utp inEiir diehc^a^ ihoiPwr, jAoif Aa ^ 
p-tiro If old. 

3y Of a ttilmii oT pure fold #h4il> 
ba make it, with nil tlte^w vcssf I?. 

^ And |i>(fk Elmi^Uiou inuku XAifrn 

■.flar th«r ^o-Hom^ whjch ^voi 

■IiQwed U]i<n JD t)]C mnuni. 


TA*! CKrtiirwj? rtf thi TaLerKocU. 

MOREOVER, th-iit«!3J!lt maJta 
Uw labfimtiplo ici£A icn tfiir- 
toifiM*i/iirM? hriiwd linL<M»ii[iit blue, 
tiHl [}LiTl>k«, luid Bcarlet: urri^rhii]- 
nibimii of cimntHS vmk sSmlt Lliou 

3 The l^nmh of on.T etirttiin jfiftJiT 
&« eichi and iw&trj cahita, mrd ibe 
btDftdU^ of DUO ruriikhii (c^iijf cabits: 
And evoTY oiu) of the curtaiRi shall 
toivo Olio nM^nsiirfn , „ , 

3 Thi> fiva vMYiaim shall bs 
eoQplcd loRclh^'r oot to aniiUidf^ 
dud ^fAer five evriftind jAoJi fie 
Goaii|«fi ond lo anoitiorH. , 

4 And Thi^a shi-Ut make Idop^ of 
blut upKifi llie edije of ilie uae cur- 
tibi frdm tlie *idvQ<l4?ii in tlie 
eouDlinffi *>^^^ likowiEic shnjt thim 
maku ip tlio tttfcrmch^t vdfti f»f 
nti#t4ffr triiftain, in tlio coupLitiE of 
tfae dcroild. , , 

5 FiFLr lootxi *l^a]t thfjii ittake in 
tfie one curmia, and fil'tj kiutif 
«haH tiiou mflkft m the ed^<? of the 
curtain tfiai w in the t!oiiplii]ff nf 
Ihencctnd^ thoi ilie lo^rpa tn^^r 
t»kn httld uTiC! «f unipi 1 1 Li r 

6 Anf^ tlH^u ^hoJl mnko my 
iiLehe# of Eohi. nriEt. euap)« thn' tur^ 
tfthis I nj;4]ttJiaT with the lauhy* '. and 
i I nh a] I be cine Ubt rn ,i ele. 

7 M AtKl [hoa^bcJt riakii ctij-triitiK 
aftoam' Aairtci bpa covering ujion 
Oie tabeniarle : cluvcn euriaiiii^ 
dnh ihciu TTialie, ^ 

0.The lemEth ofooe rurtiin j)i|aff 

on*-^ curtoirt Tiiur ci^biU : fukI tfie 
Dltri^ii c!Uftainfl tAtUl &i ^11 of ucic 

9 And tftoa ihaK conpb ^vo 
eusriaiju by thcmnelveB, iind six 
cuTUiifU br lhtinu«lvEdt, mid a}ialt 
danbk- t^'i Aiiib rciirinin m itit; 
tDn-nroat of il>p inbenmcle. 

IP Ami thou ihilt nuik« fifly 
|i»pi on the editor of ihti one cur- 
fmiH flni M outnn tut iTithopf]Ufplin;E, 
uid ItAy Iqo^h in iKt.' r^itip cif iIir 
ctmalfi vrhirii CfjiipIcdLtheKccind. 

^j Asd thou Ahalt make fiiltr 

XXVI. eftkstahemack, 

taclk^fi uf lij-a&s. And put the tnehfa 
into Ehe looitfi, and cmifiW. the tern 
tuectiiiT, tliat it may |»0 otien 

iSi And ihe rf^n^nnnt that w- 
mninetlL of The ^Hinaiaa of ih4r lent, 
the Jiaif curltiin thai rrmiuiieth, 
Jtlml] huJig' wcribuback-fiideof thi^ 

I.T And acuhjt on the due Bide, 
nivl a cubit on the oTher side er 
til At wLirb rnmmnc^lli in the lenftlt 
□f thocujrtaiiiflaf tlie tont, It hh^X 
iiniif; ovfTJ tJsfl sid*^ at'the talicma- 
€{□ on tiiit iyde und oa tJiat nid*, U) 
cover iL 

14 Arid Uiou ib&lt moke a 
cQv«:rinff for tlie tent nf iratrta' *I(jtu 
dyvd red, and a covifrine obo^e i\J 
Ltadgfrr^' akiniH 

l5^Tr And than jdialtmnkaboKrdi 
for lliQ taliernJicbo etf pbittim-WDod 
Gtftnding up, 

)4j TtJ:n cirbttfl x&a/! &d tlie Umelh 
of n loord, mii! a [:ubU and ft half 
/hall if tht; breadlji nf one board 

17 Two tenoniMu'if tln^t bi in 
one hf*ajd^ ^t rJi onit r oHfi pipinit 
another T tbllxB^iPtk liaou make fnr 
all tlie bonrdE of the UibcrriFielo. 

15 And thott »halt piake thd 
boards for the tabernacle^, twenty 
hoards ou the loatlj side soutly 

l\\ Arid ihctw *hiiit make furtjf 
scirkctd ofpjlveT ander Thmweativ 
hoards: two focrket« uadL-r erne 
bortrd for Hjh Iwo tooufa, njidt^ro 
fiockL^tra ander aaoUier board for 
hiB IWE} li'Ek»nd, 

2(( Arwl fot Uae second ffidp of 
tlio lubLinncIe un the nEtttb iido 
(A^frtf iWf bf, twontr lioardA. 

?1 And their ^btty iuckeii iif 
nihxr ; two lockoiij andei' on$ 
bqarE], iiiul two juekcti under an 
oThfT i]OJird, 

12. And for iho aiden of tha tahor 
narl»7 wi'atwfLrd thou slialt m^k^ 
six hoards. 

33 And two bqartid ahalt tbou 
ifiiikefeir tlie comem of thetfthcf- 
nncte in the t\v-o ftidei. 

34 Ami t)ie)f tImU 1» cnapled 
lonethf r beneath, rmd th^^y nholl Uf 
{]4jupled to|i[eih^r 9.Uave Uiu ht-ad ol 
it Uiito one rini r thun iiKtih it ho 
for tlu'm btith; the? fthall Im fur 
the two rorrten^ 

*3S And ihe/ ahitll be^ eii?hl 
bonrdF, and tlieir Hcw^kela fluf uilvur, 
liKierjin »nekL^ii^; two iorkiit^iiinder 
i>nit lieard. and t%vo .bockeBa under 
atir»ih{^r board, 

^y^ If And diQU Bhalt inaJt? bar* af 
AhilTin>vi4K)d ; Ave Tor ihe bitami 
ofilie nitii ntdii i»f the talrf.'mii<^!e. 

97 And five ham for the. buard* 
of thfl inTlier *Kle nf t>i*i tflh^mnclo, 
and ft™ bsji for the Im*^^ **' U'* 

idde of tJifi rAberaaelftp for ih* Uvo 
■id Pi viviUvuid. 

98 Anil tli^ ^1d(ll0 bmr m {im 
tnkJdl uf tlie buarda fliiUJ tt^acli 

2D And Ehoil nhallt ovcrlnj tlw 
tioiLrcl* ift'illi fjnWn. nr^d jniik*) Un-if 
rings fljT akikl fvr places lor I ha 

bura wiUl eulil. 

^ Ami iljou ihaU rear up the ta- 
li«nm«ilejLcc;orilitkg lu ttia thhihkti 
idtercot' which wdiehoivEKk Thcc in 

3J 1| An^l th<>ii Bhsil nmltQ a vi^L 
fl/" hliiPT and purple, and: scjirlot, 
■ lul linti Lwu^ed lioL-n nf ruuttitig' 
i^rjrk ^ vr'ilh ^hcfuUiiTui sHllII it bo 

^ And QiDu a]iii]t hanj;: ii: utioD 
four pillars nrshifiitn wofld uvcr- 
lent \4 kh ^o|d : their [nmka jiAmH. lui 
qf eold tipufl t}i£t four HoukiJta of 


33 ^ And thou ehalt ht^nf untiio 
vbil ULldtT lliU Uii^ljr'R, [FtJLt ihoil 
miiTt^t brin^ in Utiih^sr wirhin tfio 
vail iJic Qrk of the tc^lirnony; and 
t)ie vailnhiijl divida iiiii«» sau ha- 
tweeiL iJii! hoty pJacd and Uki thosi 

34 Andthon shall put ihe mcrcj- 
H&l ypqo Uio erk ol Uiu Xneiunoay 
in Lhemo«l holy 7/far«. 

35 Afvl thou f^laolt sat tho rjibk 
Without tl)t] vni!„ and thn I'jiiiillp^ 
vtirk «Vfrr 4i|ainBt the tabls on ihr 
■tdC' or the liiburijiicle tnwnrd LJw 
Kiuth 1 and Ihoa shnli pul Uin Ubb 
on t)ju north iidc. 

3({ And thDii abiJt iniUtf} an 
hojifJnc for tJic door afiEni! u^^ii^ q/' 
b^ue, Biid purple,, and itCArlct, and 
fidD twiiiCi'Ll lineni wroUiiflit with 
noedld ivorfc. 

37 And ihciu fi^haJt make fuT thn 
Udrifi [ifl fivd p] l] an q/^f h ilti m -icaifdj 
jiiid ovcrljty iJiiein with gnU\, mtit 
imiiT haolcs «Aa^f tic ctf \iii]d ■ asul 
thou ilialtC4jt Hvi^eijfkvUarijrdsv 
fur Lhuin- 


EXODUS. G9iert of the tabemade. 

t nD thou HhaJl mi ' 
^ ■Uittt^ni-wtHid, 

: \Wr 
d Uli^ 

hng, and: &vi? cuhitn hTi';k.l 
Hlttir [ilitill he feur^ijuoxL^ : ad 


9 And thou thak makt ihc burn^ 
of It upnn Ibo four cornen LhorvaT; 
hi4 lioms ^halJ \m ertlue nuiat; : and 
tho^u ilialt uvurtitr ii with brnsa. 

3 Aod tliau ihalL makct hii pnnp 
to ropf ive liis afihei,p.]i<l IijIj eihavi-ls, 
and hv bAJin^ niid hji-. lk'fJi'ho(jk<j> 
arid hii firD-pniuf : nlj ibo v^^suiuls 
ttififtHfftliou abiJi miilL« nfhrnwt. 

4 And thou i^halt miikp Tor it a 

praU!' or net-work nf hrnss ; sjid 
tiiwn the nut shaJt thuu TnoJtD Tuuf 
brazen rini^ in tiio four corn en 

5 And Ihfiy shall put it uiuler thi» 
rom^niH of ilm altar b^irif^aihi Llisl 
Uie W!i uuiy he even to tl>B nud^titi] 
thc! uttur. 

C Ami ihou KhatL malci^ stQVn for 
the ciJiQi, staves i^ flikUun-wiiDd. 
Biul Dv<;tiay them \ritii hroHB. 

7 And trte utEtt'crs skiaU be ^ul 
inttt xix vings, and ihtt iitavoa sHaU 
be uLmn tM two ^jdiH tif the aUar, 
to licar It, 

8 Ho! law wiih boardp shall thou 
nak« it; u it ivha -thewpd Lbse m 
the mounts »d &baJl they maka iC 

e 13 AJid ihou iliakt niEilta tht 
murt or iho i4ibtTnacle: for the 
HouLh hido duiitit^vitrd lAtrt *haU 
ht liiiijj„n;iira [or the (iowrt df fine 
twined lincD ot'^bundred cubiLa 
lone liir Lmi}didL>; 

]u ^m\ Mm twcfltjr piUan Ibewof 
and liieir (we nt? i^ucxou xhi^l W 
nf hi-^ifm: i\ni buoks of ihv mlloTl 
aod thi>fir filiHia xAai^ frc af «jirer. 

IL And likt'wisQ far i\n^ PDiih 
fide in it^n];iiithm simU be btinj- 
uifHtifan bendn^dcit&r'if Jor^^fn nnd 
ItB twt-ntj nil Lots uud iliotr t^vf^ntj^ 
p(ji;krt"< tj Unm-, Ujti iba 
pjlbirn and their lillels a/ tilvtr. 

1:3 And ^i?7- thu bfv^lh of the 
court on ttm weal sidfl -vAt^ H 
bajij;m?ii of fifty eubiti; their pl^ 
lar? t'jr>, antl their iurVei^ l£ti+ 

y^ A J III lhi' hrcaiitii of the court 
on tlie eiut siite t^^twad sAaN te 
ftny cultito. 

J4 The hanritifft af one xide q/ 
ike s&tA tkAll bt fifteen cubiu: 
uit'jritiJarjfl three, and tboirfuckoti 

1^ And an ibn other adfl skaU. b$ 
hanpittl^Pj HUloen fUL^'£f / thuir piW 
larif three, and ibeii iockL'ia Uiree. 

16 And for the Este oT UiecouK 
Md/if /jf ncL bii np h '^ rjt' tw^nt; rubili^ 
«/■ hluo, and purple, and iraik-t, 
and fine twliifd tln&n, wTLjuiihi 
with ne^lle'wurlc: and their jul- 
IqjrE tlidU ^ foui, and tb&it iock^ri 

17 All (lie iidlrLr-t rauncl nbant 
thii .r:onrt bhallhe. lilJ4^ti.'d with slj^ 
ven thoirbrjaka cAiiij! ^dL/ijtvcfi 
and iJicir ^£>rkulii q/hriLsii, 

1^ ir Thfv lenfUi oHhtj court tAiOI 
ibn an bundfcid cubiti, and tbib 
bfpQdtJi fifty every ^vbePS, and the 
bright five cnhitN uf ih>e twined 
lini>n, and dieir jHteketfi ([f bntss- 

VA All ihu vmRctn of tbi} tabE^ma- 
chi in uti ttie «er^'icv th^ri^of^ aod 
nU tJiQ piiis Uiereof, d nd all lb« ptns 
of Usi) court, Bhtiii &' of bn»t» 

¥^1: And thou ishtlt command the 

The hokM garments Vt^Ae, AXVUl. 

jJilldruii of traalt Uiat (W fcriUff r them 
tfwe iium i>il-o[iva beaten fbr Ujq 


21 in the tAlHiriiHt^Ifl of Ui«i con- 
regtmcjQ v^idmur die vtiih T^'hidi 
before the t«aU>rnan^, Aarun ntid 
hit ioiu bIilUE Drder il frwn tjvonme 
to moniing beJliiiro ttse 1>(jflu: /£ 
Ehali hi a n^iupb for ever unto 
their fu(K!nitlfl]]fi on t|iq behaJT of 
tim chiidrcn i^^l' h-tnA, 

CHAP, xxvin. 

A^<n^ '"ifiAa Smt» simarated. 
np (aJtn thcui unto thoe Aaron 
tJii' lij-olhur, [iitil htfi Fnits, wlih 
huo, from ojuiljii^ tiio children of 
IjircitfJ, wat ho mny nsinisitor udLti 
ma m tJie priest's of|;ce» cdch 
Aartin, Nndab jind Abihu, Eloa- 
zj^ anU iLhomiu Anron'asftni- 

2 And tJfion aholt makn holy 
giirnu.<n(s fur Aaron thy brother* 
fur feiory anr> for tfLnutf. 

3 Ami [Lou e}ia(t npriFik iinco aJ] 
fAai ore wjno-^hunrtod. whom I 
have fi|Jc>d with iho irpirit of wia- 
doni, that thoy mar mcLkc Aarun^fi 
iSfmentdiij conwcraEju him. ilint \ni 
maj tmnister uriUt me Li the rrieit'a 

4 And thfesB ar* iJio farmcnts 
which th^y shall ma to; n bjcasL- 
plmiw. BuJ dti ephod, Eind si rob*. 
aad a Ijnjiderecl cont, a mitre, n«n 
« irinllH ; and thi^T ahn.]\ matti 
mil; f amtenti for AnTunthjr bro- 
Lhpj, atitl hiB «on^, thftt he mar 
cirrii«tttr unto me in the pnc^i's 

5 And ibeyihciZI takfl goldn Rnd 
bLu9, and puryle^ and icarkE, and 
floe linoii. 

TT And tbur thnll make the 

Eephort ef EauLptf blue, and qf pur- 
|c. £/ BCarkt, Biid Hilq iWLiied 
iimir wjth cuonine work- 
^7 R ifaaJl hnve ih& two ihoulder- 
piaeH ineredf joinud nt iJie tt^o 
mm* Umreaf; and #o fl ihaJI bo 
jorned^ togeThcr. 

8 And ihig r^urtnus ejfdl*? of thu 
ephi^^d wbidi im uuun it, shall b« of 
the BEinK!, ucii^nlinx in the work 
Uturi'iorj' tpffu fl/gold^ o/blue» and 
purple, BiulAcarlet, ^nd f^na twined 

9 And thon abeUt take twoonji- 
•toa», attd ^iv(} on tlicni the 
tiJimHE! of tthe nhnOxiPi) of Ifrael t 

10 fiix of their naniru on onn 
cUHii^ orwi tM othrf Mix tiHmm of 
uub runt on tbi? E>ther Btono. accord- 
IM jcr thnir birth. 

11 Wiihthowiirbof anpiTreTflTer 
In itfine, tiks tFie mirraviTiea nf & 
li^Dt, ihak thriu enifravti iBn two 
uLneflwitfa thti mimfiH iifther.bil- 
ttia of fjr^j Mvau ihelt make 


"j;j- ~ *» Bet iu oaciwfl of' 

iil And rhou Bbalt put the two 
^on^ iipon tbushouhJ^rv of ihn 
ephoa fin- vloncB of mcruorioj unto 
Lhe rhildruo of bf rttd 1 tuad Aaroia 
»fiaJl ht'.M tlifMi nan]^« before tlia 
Lone upon bia two ahouldftn for t. 
p And thou Bbalt make ouc^bu 

14 And two cliflina ^ pure Eold 
nt the undii of wrcatJien wdrk 
ahalt Ihou make uitmn and fa^tea 
ltn3 wrcttthen diaina t« tb^iHirhe«. 

15 tr And tJjou *Jia]t maku Urn 
brtitisC- plate efjudmnent with cun- 
ning work s after iho work of tlit 
epbud Unju fthJik mcLke It ; nf tffjTd* 
p/blue. and (if purple, ajid afecar- 
Jcitt nnd iv *inc twirmd Unen aha It 
Ibou make it. 

16 Four-Bqojire it shall be^ bfing 
doublhd ; a iipan shAli bt tbt; leor t£ 
tliereiif, and a span sh^ ba tiig 
brtailih (hyrcof 
, 17 And t}w)a xbnk set in it let^ 

tinijEs of pttntii, ectn four rovn of 
HtnrtiSB ; t&i-^r^t row *A«ii be a aar- 
druB, a tupaz* and a carbmscJe: 
ar> fhaU be thcs firat row. 

II? And dioiecond taw s&aU b« 
an cnie^nild, a &ir|>pbire, ainl adju- 

]S> And thQ tliihT ifow a lijfura, 
aiiag(H&, find an ametJirat. 

tip And ibe fourth row a bofyU 
and an onrx, and a jasper ; thej 
shnll be set in ^old in theu^ indoa- 


^1 Andfbe stooEiiff shall bowilh 
the nameaof fhc children of Israel, 
tiii'^^tvQ, acC-Didin^ to their 
liks the oniravinen fif a uf^asii 
ovf.Ty Dtti' wfth hiB niuno Bhall 
Lliny he according to the twelvo 

2a And thou fhck make upon the 
brnfyit plntu cbalna at il\& c^nds i^ 
wryathen work of pun gt}M. 

S3 And ifiou sbait mnk& open 
ti]it brfliiRf-plnte two rtn^ of gold, 
*nd ahnlt p.ut the two Tmg% on tho 
iwiit'ttdi of the brtast^plnl«9. 

34 And thou ah nit put th& two 

TieaU]ftn rhims of ffund sn thr> two 
rhifR wihifH ar<; cti the cnda uf Uis 

^ And £Af atftBT two eiidn oftht 
twn wreatlten nhains thou sb^lt 
fnj^len In tJiu two ou^b{», and put 
tAnn on the shouldar^piocQB of tho 
ephofi before iL 

2C And tliou nhnli make two 
rifigii oi' Kolil, and thou shall put 
thtHo n[wn ino twa cn^ls of I he 
bfeast-iplal^ !n thtf bordur ibjoieof| 
whirh ig in Ihn udA ol'ih? ^ Imh 
mwiud* __ 


The Vrtm ana Tkumraxnu 

ar7 And Lwp DfA^T rin^ul aold 
Umu vhAli jnakci niul aJiiill put 
wiom on ihe twfj iid*;* uftJic rtiJifKl 
cndi^TTimfllb. idWurrJ tlip (Ipth! [jjarf 
HiE^reuf, cjTflT n gd in* t tho fl/^L^j- 
1^4 piiprin^ thereof, utioi u Lbt; cutUmj^ 

ya And ihpjr iTiall bintT ihr hrcnat- 

tig? nl itm titjjinil niLti ;i ]ii4!c) of 
hlae, thai f( mn/ Ue; iitiovu the curi- 
cran stritltt gf (he uplnnlit nnd ihui 
U]4} Firntul'ptiita tiu nuL loua^kl frum 
tho ephod. 

fiO And Aerau shnll twiir the 
fiQAi^of the children oT Linirl in 
the bmiiHi-plaLt) ttf jad^Biuni, i/pitn 
feii heorl, whm \\H ^im^ in uulo 
yitf hfjif n/ace, fiir n muniDricU, be- 
mre tho Loud conLjnuiL^I/. 

"Ml Tf And ihuu thftK \mi in the 
brRn-ft-plriic uf jjudgixirnt llic; I'rjm 
J^dJ Lh^ Thiitnmim 5 nmi tht y ^h;»il 
ho upon Aj&ron^ii hcurt, wlioa hc^ 
tw;lh in belurp thu LfiB^n ; tnd 
Aiu-on ehalt bi^nr ihe iud^niL'nt of 
ihft chiTiIien of fsTtid npijn his 
heart beforD tlio Lnno chtiTittunDy. 

.11 If AtlU lliou Bhait make itc 
loha of the ephiKl oJNf blue. 

aa Ajid Uiero slinll be rm hok in 
the top uf it, in ihe najdat therL'of : 
it snail hnve a liintfiritt »t wnvcn 
worV jDund ab^iul Uiir:: liuleof it, a^ 
It wfiFu tiie holo ofBdhabor^tuiii 
UtaL it be neat rent. 

3C1 And btiifuVit'e^O'Vi Uif> hom rtf 
il iJiuui shfllt make pnjnci^ranPLled 
of bluD, fiLkd q/purttks and af^mf 
lifL Tuuiid uboiii tFnj ]>pin titerriof ; 
and buU^ tjf ^old behvtt}Q diom 
ruumi ohaut ; 

31 A ffnldozi bell and A pnniogni- 
Diti!, a golden boU und a poiriL'^ii" 
nolo, upon tlie lirtn Dt tlio robo 

35 A lid it Jilmll W upon Anron, 
icf minister : and big enuad e!|] till l>i} 
KpTird Vt^Jn?!! ho g'yi^th in unto llir? 
no] J' jfUict heforo the Lond. p.ii[l 
'whou he cometb out, thai liu die 

"^ TT AndnhniishultiuivlteDplatn 
of pure ^dldi nnd ^ra\e upmn it 
U^tf the eivrnviruTfl oT a nigui't, 

^ And thou ilmlt pur it on ti blmj 
I lcUt llijit it may ha lanon th*^ Tnilre ;; 
tunnel tbi; roptr-frffntof ihu iniuu ji 
hIlmII Im. 

^ And St ahnll ]>e upon Anron's 
forelteriil, ihnl Anron n>rty]j^nr llir? 
inkiuilv- nf iJit' hoir ilifjiffi. ithiiih 
d» HifUlri^ti of tumvl Bhnft jjiillfjw 
in nl] flu: if holy mfia j uniJ ir shall 
he [ihviijrniifififl hji4 fi]relif?^nti|, (hat 
Hsry mil/ bfl Jit€t.'|it(sU beftsre tiic 

'J<J t And Ihou^KLti Embnidef Uhc 

EXOuu 8. 7%« gacrijice and rita 

Cfiai of Rrnr 

lliakfi- tlU:' ITlil " ' I . ' I . .M,ii 

liiNti 4:hnjt niiike I 111- i.\fil\cvf aioe- 

lU 1 Ajid Tof Aiiiran'K Eone thoB 
aIeeJi uiuk^i coulc, nnd tifuu nhi>lt 
amkv fm Lbeni eirdlt'fi, euieI hfmnoii 
i^iEiilt tltou inakn rurtlietn, fui filurv 
mill Hirbi^miiy. 

41 And Thou ehalt f ul thf^m 
upon ArirLiii Lljy Liroiljjrr, and hi« 
Mj&sf wills liimj Jind dmlF aiioiat 
iIk'ui, and rutipvcrali! iiu^nh amt 
in notify tiem, Omt iJic^y may nii- 
Ekiittcir tinlu tne in iJia priuai'j 

4ti And iIeciu feJiLLU jntikp thtin 
litaoo breeEdii?i to cover tJitk nU' 
ked^n^fls: from ill fi Ioeiis e%^?n unto 
the thlcha ilii^y sjielI] reach : 

4:1 AieeI iheyiilmll bDupuct Anrmi, 
find upon bJa iionii, %vhen Uikv e^rib 
ill lintni tlEE3 liit^eitindu qf ilEu con' 
ErL^uiitFOEi, m Wfhcn they come nutur 
unto Uiu aUar to lagti'i^iLar in lbs 
holy;j/cic<; that Uwiy hesti natim- 
auity nnd dit;. It zkalt be a atatnts 
tor uvoT unto hm^ and liia svcu 
after him. 


TAf Ouw^ccr^ilEiE^ iV^t^ PritHX' 

4 ND UeIb w (he ilLiDRthat thou 
-cl EhELll da unto thcKm to ImUow 
tl]4^m,to mini^Ler uieio m^ in tiie 
Pricsra oiHeo ; I'ako one f^ounf 
i]u]brl(E» and lym mnEB w^lhout 

2 Ami UpTehvencd bread, et^d 
rnkEiB unleavened tjfrnperixl wUU 
EBiL, find ^'aJbre uiE]f>avt'iied anoint'' 
cd vith oU ; of wheatea fltatii qhaU 
tJmU tntifrijitJienJ. 

3 And rhou shall put tJkem iuLd 
oni! Eiiajtkttp and hnns titpin in tho 
b^^kct, \vitb llm bullock aiid the 
tivo r;Ltn,i. 

4 And Ajtrtn and Ieeb Bona Ihaa 
ihalt bnnfi unto the door of thg 
Tfib{<rnaE;|(j of tho coTvgTCffa- 
Liurt, nnd iihnlt Vraah thcai witfa 

5 And thou idmH ii\>\n U10 tTQi^ 
nn^nfji, wnd iMU iHion AurEiri tha 
ctml, andUietobeortli^^phciii), nnd 
ilio dplmii, jjnrt tlbo brc^nat-pljiiei 
u^A crird hitn with thii ctiriuu? jir- 
dhrol'lliuiplmd ; 

1} And iJiou shak put tha tfi\\j^ 
upon hjs Jn neI, and put Ujc holy 
rrtf\^'n rrpon the nilttnt. 
, 7 T Ji c LE ml 1 a ! E E hiui T:k h G The nnoini- 
11115 iiWf Mnd pour I't upon hie hcadi 
Hnd nnoini Kjm. 

d And r|iou 9 ha It bring hu Boiii^ 
and pul rntitji m\t.n\ 1 hem. 

% And thou ilinJi pirfl ihctn witJi 
ginjlr^ (Aarnn and lila loua) and 
ptiE UichonnetH on thctn \ ind tj'w 
pricdi'sn^E^e eJialJ ba tlicir^ for a 


perpetual statute: and thou shall 

oonsocrate Aaron and hb sons. 

10 And thou shall cause a bul- 
lock to bo brought before the ta- 
bomacle of the congregation ; and 

Aaron and his sons shall put their 
hnnds upon the head of the bul- 

11 And thou shalt kill the bul- 
loek before the Lord* bv the door 
of the tabernacle of the congrega- 

12 And thou shalt take of the 
blood of the bullock, and put it 
■pon the horns of the altar wath thy 
finger, and pour all the blood be- 
■de the bottom of the altar. 

13 And thou shalt take all the 

fat that covereth the inwards, i 
the caul that is above the liver, 
and the two kidnefs, and the fat 

that is upon them, and burn tJitim 
■pon the altar. 

14 But the flesh of the bullock, 
and his skin, and his dung shalt 
thou bum with fire without the 
camp : it ti a sin-oiTering. 

15 1[ Thou shalt also talDB one mm. 
and Aaron and his sons shall put 
their hands upon the head of the 

16 And thow shah slay the ram, 
and thou shalt take his blood, and 

' " \ it roond about upon the 

CHAP. XXIX. ifjgittronanaMi»»n». 
fat that covereth the inwards, and 
the caul above the liver, and the 
two kidneys, and the fat that it 
upon them, and the right shoulder : 
for it t« a ram of consecration : 

83 And one loaf of bread, and 
one cake of oiled bread, and one 
wafer out of the basket of the un- 
leavened tNread, that is before the 

M And thou shalt put all in the 
hands of Aaron, and m the hands 
of his sons ; and shalt wave them 
for a wave-ofiering before the 


SS And thou shalt receive than 
of their hands, and born tkem upon 
tlie altar for a bumt-offoring, lor a 
sweet savour before the Lord : it 
i» an offering made by fire unto 
the Lord. 

96 And thou shalt take the breast 
of the ram of Aaron's consecration, 
and wave it for a wave-ofibring 
before the Lord : and it shall be 

37 And thou shalt sanctify the 
breast of the wave-offering, and 

wrinkle t 

17 And thou shaJt cut the ram 
in pieces, and wash the inwards 
of him. and his legs, and put tkem 
onto his pieces, and unto his 

18 And thoa shalt bum the whole 
nun upon the altar : it it a bumt- 
off^ring unto the Lord : it is a. 
sweet savour, an ofTering made by 
Are onto the Lord. 

19 H >)ndthou«haktBke the other 
ram ; and Aaron and his sons shall 
put their hands upon the head of 
the ram. 

SO Then shalt thou kill the ram, 
and take of his blood, and put it 
upon the tip of the right ear of 
Aaron, and upon the tip of the right 
ear of his sons, and upon the thumb 
of their right hand, and upon the 
great toe of their right foot, and 
•prinklo the blood upon the altar 
round about. 

21 And thou shalt take of the 
Uood tliat ie upon the altar, and of 
the anointing oil. and sprinkle it 
npcm Aaron, and upon his gar- 
nenta, and npon his sons, and upon 
Ihe garments of his sonH with him : 
■od he shall be hallowed, and his 
and his sons, and his 
ents with him. 
then shalt take of the 
and the romp, and the 

pun the fatal 

the shoulder of the heave-oflerinc. 
which is waved and which n 
heaved up, of the ram of the con* 
secretion, even of that which ie 
for Aaron, and of that which it for 
his sons: 

S8 And it shall be Aaron's and 
his sons* by a statute for ever, from 
the children of Israel : for it tsan 
heave-offering : and it shall bean 
heave-offering from the children 
of Israel of the sacrifice of their 
peace-ofierinn, even tlioir heave- 
offering unto the Lord. 

529 T And the holy garments of 
Aaron shall be his sons' after him, 
to be anointed therein, and to be 
consecrated in them. 

30 nOnd that son that Is priest in 
his stead shall put them on seven 
days, when he cometh into the ta- 
bernacle of the congregation to 
minister in the holy ruice. 

31 % And thou shalt take the tsm 
of the consecration, and seethe his 
flesh in the holy place. 

32 And Aaron and his sons shall 
eat the flesh of the ram, and tlio 
brood that M in the basket, fry the 
door of the tabernacle of the con- 

33 And they shall eat those things 
wherewith the atonement was 
made, to consecrate anid to 
sanctify them: but a stranger shall 
not eat thereof, because they are 

34 And if aught of the flesh of 
the consecrations, or of the bread, 
remain unto the morning, " — ' 
thou shalt burn 

Oovittmtal bumt-oiffering. 
with fire : it shall not be oaten, be- 
came it is hoiy. 

35 And thus shah thon do nnto 
Aaron, and to his sons, according 
to all thittfa which I have com- 
manded thee: seven days shall 
thou consecrate them. 

36 And thou shall oiier every day 
a bullock for a sin-ofiering for 
atonement; and thou shall cleanse 
the altar, when thou hast made an 
atonement for it, and thou shall 
anoint it, to sanctify iL 

37 Seven days thou shall make 
an atonement for the altar, and 
sanctify it ; and it shall be an altar 
most holy : whatsoever toucheth 
the altar shall be holy. 

. 38 ir Now Uib u that which thou 

£XODaa JlUar«fineen»e, 

thereof : the horns thereof ^laU b« 
of the souH). 

3 And tbou shall overlay it with 
pure gold, the lop thereof, and the 
sides thereof round about, and IIm 

_ _, — the altar i two 

lambs of the first year day by day 

39 The one lamb thou shall ofiTer 
in the morning ; and the other lamb 
thou shall offer at even : 

40 And with the one lamb a tenth- 
deal of tlour mingled with the fourth 
part ofanhin of beaten oil : and the 
fourth part of an bin of wine for a 

41 And the other Iamb thon shall 
oflTer at oven, and shall do thereto 
according to the meal-offering of 
the mormng, and according to the 
drink-olTering thereof, for a sweet 
savour, an offering made by fire 
unto the Lord. 

4St Tiiio skaU be a continual 
bomt-ofiering throughout your ge- 
nerations at the door of the taber- 
nacle of the congregation before 
the Lord : where I will meet you 
to ipeak there unto thee. 

43 And there I will meet with 
the children of Israel; and the 
tabenuele shall be sanctified by my 

44 And I will sanctify the tabei^ 
oacle of the congregation, and the 
altar: I will sanctify abo both 
Aaron and his sons, to minister to 
■M in the priest's office. 

,45 IT And I will dwell among the 
children of Israel, and will be their 

40 And tV? •hrill know that 1 
mm the L^OUi iFicir (iiid. that 
brouicht ihoii] furt^i i.^il ^pT tho land 
of SfTPfT that E niiir- d^vfilj among 
iham [ I otn U\i- Lore^ 1 hr^tr UoiJ, 
t HAP, XXX, 

7^* ^^It it of IjlEiitiSf. 

ANU Etiuu kJisU rnulK! im uMxa 

lim-WLHfid sfi:ilt liioLi miLko it. 

S A culjJE shidl he tliu li-nfrtlh 
therecit^ siteI m, rub it Lhu brrailth 
ihtgrevi ; fQnr^iquare pball K bo ; 
Mad iwo uubitjMoZ/^f i|]E> huinrLt 

horns thereof; and thon shah make 
unto it a crown of gold round 

\ Am[ E^•iro golden rings shalt 
Ifaiii] rn:Lk4' L it under the crown of 
it, by i<jiL- 1 ^fc I) comers thereof, upon 
Ib^^ L,\o Kifles of it shall thou 
ni:Lkij ij , :!,Dd they shall be for 
phu\:9 iwt ihe staves to bear it 

J An J tJiau shall make Uie staves 
of shitlim-wood, and ovenay them 

6 And thou shalt put it before 
the vail Uiat m by the ark of the 
testimony, before the mercv-seat 
that ia over the testimony, where I 
will meet with thee. 

7 And Aaron shall bum thereoa 
sweet incense every morning: 
when he dresseth the lamps, he 
shall bum incense upon it. 

8 And when Aaron lighteth the 
lamps at even, he shall bum in- 
cense upon it ; a perpetual incense 
before the Lord, throughout your 

Ye shall offer no strange in- 
cense Ihereon, nor burnt-sacrifice, 
nor meat-offering; neither shall ye 
pour drink-offering Ihereon. 

10 And Aaron shall make an 
atonement upon the horns of it once 
in a ^oar, with the blood of the sin- 
ofienng of atonements : once in ths 
year shall he make atonement 
upon it throughout your gene- 
rations : it M most holy unto the 

11 IT And the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, 

18 Whenthou takest the sura of 
the children of Israel aAer their 
number, tlien shall they give every 
man a ransom for his soul unto 
the Lord, when thou nuraberest 
them : that there be no plague 
among them when thou numberest 

13 This they shall give, every one 
that passelh among them tliat are 
numbered, half a shekel, afler 
(he shekel of the sanctuary : (a 
shekel is twenty gerahs:)anhalf 
shekel shall be the offering of the 

14 Every one that passelh among 
ihem that are numbered, from 
twenty years old and above, shall 
eive an offering unto the Lord. 

15 The rich shall not give more, 
And the poor shall not give less 
than half a shekel, when.M^y 
five an offering unto the Lord 

Tht anoitttiug oil 



to m^^ Oil atoTiGnidilt Tor your 

Itj And Uioii Bhfllt tiiJcf! tliii jiiotiB- 
meTit-trnJiK^y iif Uio rhll<ireD of I»- 
ruijl, nnd *ihiilt qpijludI it tat die 

rreff QttEiti i U>»L it jnmy bo o. nieuier 

R^al unlit Tlty cliiWrert of laftial Ijl- 
tra ttiu IriiRUf to nuLkci eid alone- 
mcni Cwr jpur houIib. 

17 D Ami Ilia LoEH ipnko unle 
|liSr»sf:«, say ill kT^ 

JB Th0u i^iJt aJsiJ make tLltivar 
of briLift, ami Itis foot d!f ff o/'hrusHi 
to tvash wflAiiJ : ftn<i tiiou fthcili. put 
it Eiolwwn tJio tftbcrniHile of tho 
Ban^rifgaiinn mid ihe aliur, luid 
Uwjti Hh nil imt wat*Jt 1 hun iin . 

1(1 For Aiifon mkI hin sona simll 

rhiklr*>n of Iflmol, eajinut Thu 
aliall bean holy anoinun^ oil unto 
tin? i);rouif]iuiLL your g'tsiifhrktiiins. 

33 Ujjon IP Hit' B Hi^Bh sbjiil ii iiol 
be poured, QQilber shjill yo uiiikD 
«»^ fl^Acr Ulitu iLj ili'lor liati C43K1IIO- 
BiLLtjnof it: iiiiffiiolfT liuiof ii efuiU 
|j€ Ijoly uflto you. 

33 WJLcijLHii'EircoTniKtunclcih any 
like it, QF wiioioavor putlctli tui^ 
ul' it iipoii n -itmiigor. sha!! (ive4k bo 
cul on froini IiIb p^'JJplo. 

'^\ ir And tha Lord (old unio 
Mosf>fl/rakc itnto Uh^ bwopc ^i«M;s, 
RlQcto, and oaj^cLaT and ^albiiuiLm ; 

inconic: of eacli ehoL Ltcie lia U 
iikn iBcijA/: 
35 A»[l U]n« ih^iU mftkfl il ft per- 

WDAh ihuu hoiulii xsiritl Utii^Lr Ibk^l fumo, m roDlbcUoD aftior Lbo urt of 

Ihpreftl : 

90 WJien they go inlo the taWr- 
nnc]o of tiiu congrLhgiaUon, ihcy 
ihJiU Wftiih witli Wiiitfr, tluii tJicy 
did not: or when limy como rufftr 
to thu allAf fu tiiiniatcrT to btim 
DiFvnniS mudu by lira tiiato iJji.' 

Si ^1 tliey EihciJI waK.h tlioir liandj 
uid their fcdi dial tliuy ilip nut: 
and ji siiaL b« a Htftiuia lor tivor to 
Uienit #prB in him and lo hid *cod 
thTQUEhontlh£^i^ B(3ii£riidi)ii.^ 

22 11 Uottiov^r, iJio Loao Hpakc 
unto nlwtv. ^lyin^^ 

23 Talr^thou aki^ unto tbot^ t!ni:i- 
dpfLJ KTiJCGd, iif puro myrrh five 
hundred#;&fJtriff, ami: nf awettcia- 
ftajDoii hatf BO much, r^fTpn two 
fatutdrad: and fijT:y sKtkrU. ami of 
•wfi«t etUamuB two huEiUfud. aod 
fifty ^/bJtcZff, 

fit Auil uf aaiBJa ftva ]iUndrad 
tliiilcflt#. aiWr thb «hellcL af tlw s^iri- 
tUArFn and of dU-ciUve) on hin: 

£5 And thriu tlialt mpU^u it on 
oil of holy tilnLiniGat, an oinlmeoi 
eompdUttd afx^r Uao art of tlwj 
tpotfancary :_ it shaJl t?0 S-ti lioly 

bfl£k)dn| ulL 

w AikI thou AhaJt anoint flio 
talHfiiBcle of tho conlreffatic^n 
iharcwtthf and tln^ atk of iJ» \x»- 

S? Aiid tho labia and aO his r<3s- 

nitj, and tho caadlticUfTir and hid 

ttln^ and the altctr of iticcti^e, 

I And tha altnj of liurnt-oiTflr' 

in* with all his veMcb?, ainj Uiq 
JUTor JiBd his footn 

^iJi And thou Bhalt CBJictify Ibem, 
that tb^y may be rnOBt holv -, 
whatioaf or ti^ilcbelh t]itiin nhaL be 

3ft And thua ihflLlt anoiat Aaron 
And hLi Hinv, itnd criitisuerate th^Tn, 
tfabt lAev nsjiy minlELuir unto lae m 
the phwi'fl offico. 

li Ai>d lliiou Bbalt Bpoak unta tlio 

thu up4jLlicciu-y,tanipuri.'dtugutboTi 
purer unrf In sly; 

3(> And thou BimlL baat som^ of It 
vnry emaLI, ^reI put of it Sit^^afi 
the iftjitunony in Lite iiibern,n:le 
of tho C{]tijJine^atian, whoie 1 will 
mcrt iviUi uieu : it pbali L»o uai^j you 
most IjLpIy. 

37 A I id a* far die pc rf ome ^hicli 
thoia eh nit mftke, yo flliajl p«t 
ruaha Ilh yourealveB fti^uordLoff la 
tJii> CEini^u^itiaii tlieteaf^ it BhuM Lo 
urutj U]<?e huly for (be Lorp. 

\^ Whospcvar fhall make tika 
iitit<^ thiu, t4> ^iDL'tl thcrLla, Bball 
(.^vea be cut off from hkpeoulo. 

A^i'U Uiij Lord Bpako onta 
Mnaej?, yflyirii;, 
3 See, \ hutti fjillwl by namo 
n^itnEepl tho Bon of Utl tho son of 
Bur, of tJia tiitu! of Judah ; 

3 And 1 bavu fiUcd him with the 
spirit of Godr in wiiilomp and iu 
uridetsitiimtin^, luid in knowl^dgu^ 
and in &1I luEinu^f of warkmuit- 

4 To dcviia cunning worksr to 
wark, in guld, and m atlvtrj oiut 
m hnisa, 

5 And in cuUin^ orBtonaB to 5?t 
(AejBf 11 nd ut carvitti of timU^rt to 
i^'oi k in ail maoaar af worluuan- 

% And I, bohoUlt 1 have dven 
with hiuk Ahatiab tlie pon ofAhi-' 
BamiU^h of ilu^ iiiba orOuu^ aiul 
in the hiMirtnnf ulE (hsvi a™ Mfi«h 
hearted I bavQ put "vvLsdom^ that 
Uiey may ni[ika aJl that I fiava 
commanded Uinu e 

7 Tho Ukbemticlo of the con^rO' 
laiion, Eind the ark of tlia Testi' 
moay, bjkI dm murcy^tipat iliat la 
thennipoctt and bU Uie futuituro \A 
the tftbemotrlE, 

S And llitf taWis and his forpi- 
ture, arid tlie pnra uandToiUck wiUi 

Tike tabbath must be obeerved. EXODUS. 

&U hi* Tumi cum, i 

I Uw altar of' 

9 An4 tho alar of bumt-oifcrmf 
with bU hid Turitii-Liti!, oiul Uie kvcr 
ftod hk fofltt 

10 And l*ie clfithet of Jftmco. 
And Uie flDlf e^nML<nli fo^ A^run 
Ihc^ piioMl, miirihc ffUfrmonlB of titi 
(hifiJi, iq Bthiiitct in Uwi priaift'd 

11 And Ui9 fumintJii^ ol], and 

accDnlini; to all ihat I hi^ve cum- 
maticlott thee BtiaU Uiojr dt>. 

M ^1 And Uie 1j<J£|.[> fpake unto 
tfuRAB, Aiiytng', 

i:i i?^pH5iik ihoii bLbu iintid tho chi^ 
dri'n of litriLLl„ wirtnffH Verify uiy 
laEibaihji ^i^j^tjiLl kut-P L for H it a 
Mifsn t>Qtuf en mo and you ihroneh- 
DUL Fiiur ei^Tiprjilmui^^ LMt ye mar 
fcntjw Uiat I am tlie Loiui UioHiiuui 

taraeFs idolatry. 

H y* Ptittll kuDP 

there ri}re- for it w noly uLnm yttu. 

ptittll. ItiAP tho iabbath 

EverT ontj that dL^lilEjth it ahulJ 
•urt'ly Irti put Ln (irulh: for lyhuT-U' 
aver ikipih anw w-urk th<Grcin, ihni 
loyl siidl tri) cuL oif fruoi onioui 
hip tH;4>|il4+ ^ ^ 

IS SiK dora mny work be donn, 
hut in tbu fovcntii it tho inttbutL 
of cc*t, holy to ilio LcmP: wlioaij- 
ever ik>eUi ^Htf work in the eub- 
hnth-djij' be ibiiU iUrtsiy be pm to 

!fi Wlumffira thn ehiidren af 
Iwwl shall keep the tahbiiiJi, la 
oIjhi vm Uhi tcibbath throughout 
l**w ffiiwritUiuii< /or ft pBfptttnal 

17 ft M b ■(im lifitv'nBiii mo BTid 
ths chiliiran of Iprael for ctven 
Tor ^n lix [Inri the Jjonu mntlfi 
hffaveti ftnil enrtbt BJirJ on \hi> 
■tivfidlh dQ.? ha rodleil nBd wai 

lA 11 And ha pairA unto Mnpei, 
when 111.' hurl muiln bd *iiJ of 
commiiniinf wiih liim njwn mouxir 
fiiituT, two tabt(4 of txatiincjnjPt 
tnhloA of BtunQ^ writtiiD witli ihe 
ft^tff«rof OofU _ 

CHAP, xxxn, 

TTli* foU^A Calf. 

AKl> ivhun ihc Di^ofilt! Unw that 
M<}Wi dt'lftjffd to c<irao down 
Dift of the muynt, tJ«9 pi!0].>le 

Sftt.h(;i7fl l>ii<rtni&llr«M tCPtft:ther Uillnj 
L^roi], DtKl iifjtl titito hittip Up, 
iiMikt* lu Eods \whir,h Ahull eo bo- 
for ii* ' "" ' '" 

' ffi<r tiUB Mnwifl, tJin 

mao thn I hroiiihi oi up out of the 
■Ad of BfTpl. we wot nut whul ii 
tweameof hiin- 

9 And Aaron aiihl uniQ thfloi^ 
Break -iff iJia fo|iit<n e4r-rififi 
whieh AT* in iha earn of your 
wiVflA, of FAur ton;*, Mid oF f^»ar 

dautfUturfl, EiiiJ LrLae ^£^ untfl 

3 Ami all tJh; pro pie hralce on 
thu ^ujchm Liiijr-]-ioi$!i iivh^vit Wert- in 
thifjr eard, Biid hfou^ht thfrn lUitu 

4 Ajid he Tutii-U&A tkgm tA iSkCtf 
linnd, nnd foiiuunied it wllh b 
IftiiviiLg Luol, iiLlur }ie Iknd mciilB it 
1^ molit^n calf; eiid ihojf saidg 
Thi^3e br. tity poda, O Israel, whkkili 
brttoght thifO up MUt of tbo Itod of 

^ AttA H'hen Aaron bbw K, Ita 
built nn nSmr hpfure it ; ftnd Aanin 
made pru{:L'imiilJon, ami ^aiil, Tn- 
niorrow is n liuist tu Uic ]jOR.d. 

d Arid dm J n^wj up uiirly mi ill* 
morro\¥j mui oUtrod burut-uffer- 
LajES^ and broi]j;bt peace- ulfprinjt*' 
Gnu ibD people iat down ti; ^at BUid 
to drink, and rote op to iilny- 

7 If Ami die Lonn «Eiid Uiiio 
Mo#^ CJti, f el thee down : for 
tljy peonler which thou broilifhtE^l 
Dill of the foiiii of Epypt, have uor 

rupEpd UurmfflvfA - 

S Thnj' lm¥e lonired uiilK^ E^uieklf 
nijiLof cliewny whidi [ iruniniondua 

thorn 3 ihoif h:kve ijiiidc iht^m a 
jfnolten eidf, and haTU womhiptted 
it, nnd have nLcrilired tltareiinto, 
nnd raid. Thejw i« iby ^od«, t» 
liTiiel^ whtrb have biouGht thee 
Op out of the land of Kfffpt^ 

9 And itie Laitti tntd unto 
Mos<^» 1 linvo Men thia p^^aplo, 
and hchold, il u l itiff-'oejckvo 
peoplct t 

III Nnw tl^dt^'fare let mo alone^ 
that mr wratji hqajt watt hot 
ft(fBjnit them, and that 1 tmiy inxnr 
vame them i And 1 Mrdl umice of 
iht>e n pent nntion. 

il 11 And Alom'H bcwiaght the 
Lanp his? God, and said. Lohd, 
why doth ihy wmrJi wiii hoi 
agAl^L Ihy pc'opte. whrchthou huM 
brrviifhl Kirth {»ut of t]>f^ land of 

Ef ypl^ with in-e It power, and wiUi 

'mild 7 

rtifnm ihoold the K^ 

ihitahiy hniid 7 

" ' WHer«fnm ihooM the V-^V 
tinnj «i>enk nnd p^ijfn For miscTiinf 


did he brinff Lbem out, ivt pIaV 
t]iiL'»D in Ej^f! nHi>uiTidri4, cuid tn 
cen^uiiie t)nfm from \ht- fnre of the 
earth 1 Torn rn»ni ihyfif^rrp^frmh. 
end ;npunt of tliia ovtl againat thy 

13 Remember Abrahnint lif^e^t 
Aod lirrnoJ, ihy •vrt^nnla, to whum 
thfju «wareit by diin-i^ ewn ielf, 
Htid pjiidiit unto th#in, I will multi' 

Ely your <nd tu thi^ vtara ol 
e&ven. nnd nil tlnn Imid that [ 
bav«t tpok^an of will T tfi^o u^to 

I; our wiu\f and ^ey aholl inherit i( 
bi irvcr. ^ . . 

14 And the f JJfcn mH'nted fl< 

Jt^teM^reaketkOMtMUet. CHAP. XXXIIL 


Che evil which ho thought todo on- 
to his people. 

13 H And Moses turned, and went 
down from the mount, and the 
two tables of tho lestimouy wen 
in bis hand : the tables were xrriv 
ten on both their sides ; on the one 
side and on tho other were they 

IB And the tables were the work 
of God, and tbe writing was the 
writing of God. graven upon the 

17 And when Joshua heard the 
noiae of the people as they shouted, 
he said unto Hoses, There is a 
Doise of war in the camp. 

18 And he said. It is not tbe 
voice of them that shout for ma»- 
tery. neither is it the voice oTthem 
that cry for being overcome : but 
the aoise of them that sing do I 

19 IT And it came to pass as soon 
«s he came nigh unto the camp, 
that he saw the calf, and the danc- 
ing : and Moses* anger waxed hot, 
and he cast the tables out of his 
hands, and brake them beneath the 

20 1T And he took the calf which 
they had made, and burnt it in the 
Are, and ground it to powder, and 
strewed it upon the wat(»r, and 
made the childrMi of Israel drink 

31 And Moses said unto Aaron, 
What did this people unto thee, 
that thou hast brought so great a 
sin upon them 7 

22 V And Aaron said. Let not 
Che anger of my lord wax hot: 
ihou knowcst the people, that they 
are set ou mischief. 

23 For they said unto me, Make 
us gods which shall go before us: 
for as for this Moses, the man that 
brought us up out of the land of 
E^ypt, we wot not what is become 
or hmi. 

24 And I said unto them. Who- 
soever hath any gold, let them 
break it off. So they gave ft me : 
then I cast it into the fire, and there 
came out th'is calf. 

25 And when Moses saw that the 
people were naked, (for Aaron had 
made them naked unto tAetr shame 
among their enemies,) 

36 Tlien Moses stood in the gate 
of the camp, and said. Who is on 
the Lord's side 1 let him come oxt- 
to me. And all the sons of Levi 

Ethcred themselves together unto 

27 And he said unto them. Thus 
saith the Lord God of Israel, Put 
every man his sword by his side, 
oMiA gu in and out from gate to gate 

throughout the camp, and slay 
every man his brother, and every 
man Ids companion, and every 
man his neighbour. 

28 And tiie children of Levi did 
according to the word of Moses: 
and there fell of the people that 
day about three thousand men. 

29 For Moees had said. Conse- 
crate yourselves to-day to the 
Loan, even overy man upon his 
son, and upon his Ivother ; that he 
may bestow upon you a blessing 
this day. 

30 11 And it came to pass on the 
morrow,that Moses said unto tho 
people. Ye have sinned a great 
sin: and now I will go up unto the 
Lord ; peradventure I shall make 

_ — -1.. , -: : ...UjJha 

Li.i!iD, LULd ^Lhit Ob, liij^ UtiQ|>ki 
have jiinciud a great a'lnt and hafe 
mJnIe theni fffMl" of %o\^. 

'^i Yet Ddw, ifliiaa wih forgive 
tlieir *ini and if not, blot me, ] 
pr.iy thG«, out of thjr biHik wkicb 

tiiQU liiUt HfiEti^n. 

33 A Fill Uw LoiUf iFnid unto Mo- 
se^T Wlioi*ievcr hath jaoneil 
at'iiiiiit 11116, lijrawij) 1 Uuloutof 
my bnuk. 

^ Thcftjforf] DOW en, le^tcl the 

Ecopkt uiitifc i}i£ viner of vrhurb I 
ave eiKilien unto tjiet- BtliolrU 
mine Aii^l4 sIjOlII ea b^jbn? Uaeoj 
nc'visi1hc![e*»r in the dor v?hvn I 
visit, 1 will visit lli4:ir s^mupoci IIjcjh, 
35 All J Uiu Ln[LD [jJh^bL^ iha 
pcijplwi Uetiauayliwif madt tlic caif 
wIlk-Ii Aaroji marff. 

CJIAF. -\01!I. 
7^ Lord tal&ttA Mrir/f. MttsGi. 

AND liiv I>oiu> jatiU imitj Mrwst 
DeiJinri DTUJ fro ub hence, ibon 
and UiD pcuplo whififj thou but 
braugliL up oot i»f thu! liitnl of 
Eijypt, i,aiiUi iJif land Tivliidi I rwuev 
unto Abrnham. ro1>;iac, cimtlu Ja~ 
cob, Aafrngt Vnia Ujy soed will 1 
givt' u : 

2 Ant] T wiU icnd an nng^l bcfoiv 
thcio^ and I hIH drive out tht Ca- 
nanjiitij, Uio Amoni^^ ans] t]i4i Hit' 
tit..^ pinl i}i0 Ptrk?i!cj, tho Hivttfi, 

(irj lliQ jE>blZii!:ilQr 

n Ltniii a load llc^ivin^ with milk 
ami hon{]y; for I will nxiX ao uu in 
tho Rildiit of lliet.' ; for Uinii ftTt n 
stilT-MQi^kei,{pt<opkt lL«t ICDEUiumq 
tln'H in the wuy, 

4 IT Aiikl vvhcu die people huAtfl 
thi'so evil tiiljijgs^ Utujf uirvTimcil: 
and no man diu put ou Lini liis 

5 For the Lord had siud unto 
Moses, Say unto the children of 
Israel. Ye are a stiff-necked peo- 
ple: 1 win come up into tha 


GM talketh with Motet. EXODUS. 

midst of theo in a moment, and 
consume thee : therefore now put 
off thy ornaments from thee, that 
I may know what to do unto 

6 And the children of Israel 
stripped themselves of their orna- 
ments by tlie mount Horeb. 

7 And Moses took the taber- 
nacle, and pitched it without the 
camp afar off from the camp, and 
called it the Tabernacle or the 
Congregation. And it came to 
pass, thai, every one which sought 
the Lord, went out unto the taber^ 
nacle of the congregation, which 
va9 without the camp. 

8 And it came to pass when 
Moses went out unto the taber^ 
nacle, that all the people rose up, 
and stood every man <U his tent- 
door, and looked after Moses, 
until he was gone into the taber- 

9 And it came to pass, as Mo- 
ses entered into the tabernacle, the 
cloudy pillar descended, and stood 
at tlie door of the tabernacle, and 
the LORD talked with Moses. 

10 And all the people saw the 
cloudy pillar stand at the taberna- 
cle-door : and all tlie people rose up 
and worshipped, every man m his 

11 And the Lord spake unto 
Hoses face to face, as a man 
speaketh unto his friend. And he 
turned again into the camp ; but 
his servant Joshua the son of Nun. 
a young man, departed not out of 
the tabernacle. 

12 ir And Moses said unto the 
Lord, See, thou sayest unto me, 
Bring up this people: and thou 
hast not let me know whom thou 
vrilt send with me. Yet thou hast 
said, I know thee bjr name, and 
thou hast also found grace m my 

13 Now therefore, I pray thee, 
if I have found grace in thy sight, 
shew me now thy way, tiiat I may 
know thee, that I may find grace 
in thy sight : and consider that this 
nation is thy people. 

14 And he said. My presence 
shall go with thect and I will give 
thee rest 

15 And he said unto him, If thy 
presence go not with me, carry ua 
not up hence. 

16 For wherein shall it be known 
here that 1 and thy people have 
found grace in thy sight ? Is it not 
in that thou goest with us? 
Bo shall we te separated, I and 
thy people, from, all.tiie people 
Ihat are upon the &c« of the 
eartli. _ 

17 And the Lord said onto Mo- 
ses, I will do this thing also that 
thou hast spoken: for thou hast 
found grace in my sight, and I 
know thee by name. 

18 And he said, I beseech thee, 
shew me thy glory. 

19 And he said, I will make all 
my goodness pass before thee, and 
I will proclaim the name of the 
Lord before thee: and will be 
gracious to whom 1 will be gra- 
cious, and will shew mercy on 
whom I will shew mercy. 

90 And he said. Thou canst not 
see my &ce : for there shall no man 
see me, and live. 

21 And the Lord said. Behold, 
there is a place by me, and thoo 
shalt stand upon a rock : 

22 And it shall come to pass, 
while my glory passeth by, that I 
will put thee in a cleft of the rock ; 
and will cover thee with my hand 
while I pass by : 

23 And I will takeaway mine 
hand, and thou shalt see my back 
parts: but my face shall not be 

The two Tables renewed. 

AND the Lord said unto Moses, 
Hew thee two tables of stone 
like unto the first: and I will write 
upon these tables the words that 
were in the first tables which thou 

2 And be ready in the morning, 
and come up in the morning unto 
mount Sinai, and present tiurself 
there to me in the top of the 

3 And no man shall come up with 
thee, neither let any man be seen 
throughout all the mount : neither 
let tlie flocks nor herds feed before 
that mount. 

4 And he hewed two tables of 
stone, like unto the first ; and Mo- 
sef '^f^'i up early in the morning, 



It up unto mount Sinai, as 


had commanded him, 
his hand the two table* 

5 '! And the Lord descended in 
the r ltd ad, and stood with him 
there, and proclaimed the name of 
the Lord. 

6 And the Lord passed by be- 
fore him. and proclaimed. The 
Lord, The Lord God, merciful 
and gracious, long-suffering, and 
abuiiaant in goodness and truth, 

7 Keeping mercy for thousands, 
forgiving iniquity and transgression 
and sin. and that will by no meant 
clear the guilty ; visiting the ini- 
quity of the fathers upon the 
childron. and opoa the cbUdreo'« 

Cf the three sotemn CHAP. 

fou-i.; • .■■■ .'."!%. 

B V AiiiJ M..!,.* mode liiiBti!^ and 
bovcd tus bead lowani the intiih 
•nd worshipped. 

. II AihE htti »ajdt if [i<^w I have 
found ffmc!a in Lhjr Binhti O L^ird, 
lot uijf fjiircV I uraj ih<ae, g u Euiiuiit; 
U* (tor it i> a elilvnttck^i] t^Ei^Jiilv]* 
■ nd piirckm our ji|l<|aity and vat 
■in, ^id tuJto UA Tor ihine iuh^i- 

lU IT And hcT «BJ.l, BoLold. T 
trualco ft rovenani: hcfotv all U<y 

rBopluEwL]] do m».TV\t\9, iuch ai 
tvQ fkdt been done in id.! Ui*- tiuriii^ 
oor in anjii nalion : and all Lhe i^tu- 
%Am mnon^ wliii^li Uum iirf AtiaJl 
m&Kt Uit-ntprk of die Loxfl : fur it 
■J a If rrible liiiiiK diuL 1 will do 
with ihvm. 

11 Otiflone t}5(» that whicli I 
Comnnund thee th'-fi dar ^ Bcliold, J 
drivu uui Utjforu th?? tno Amcitita,, 
mnd die Cannanite, and ihe Hiidtv, 
bid t!iu P^tisjiiie^ Hbd tlie Hi vita, 
■nd titu J^huEitc. 

13 Take h^^d io Lhr^lf, l££t diau 

Enke a cQv&naiu wLrh thfj inlia- 
taal* of die land whither t}tou 
ffotPt, lest JL tHi for 11 mmw Iti Ujc 
EBidit ofUiee: 

13 Bui j-a ihiiil disftiar tlnsiir 
|ltitr0» break dniu Luuge^t and cui 
down UieLr emves : 

14 For thou ihaJt wofihip do 
Dt/ier jfod: f^Pf d]« LnnDK wtioufi 
iiaiiii* K Jepluu3» ia a jeutous Crcid r 

lA Lc-flt thou makis a covenaDt 
widi thd iuhaLiEiitnu of ike land, 
uid Uier $<i a whoring after diuir 
g^odi^ nnd do iAeriFicio uiUo tlii-ir 
eodf, uml enr rail ilaoe, and thuu 
Bfll rifliii iMaenn«u; 

16 And ibuutAlceDf thtirdav^h.- 
ton uiilc} thf fiGHii, Baddii^'LrdiLU([]> 
(anfo a wl^oriuf aftpr tJi^^lr ffueii, 
■fid iflnlte di^ aonii £o a whurliif 
nJier their gom. 

n Ttiuu aJiaJt make thee no 

IB The fttuii of urdeaverK!'! br^ad 
^It Ihau kif*V' S?cveo rln yji shall 
UKiit ^M unk'sv^iied bread;^ aa I 
commanded tJidi', ituhfi lima u! tht; 
innuth AliJb; fr>r i» the rnontb 
Abibikini] earnest out ffom E|;yp(. 

]9 Al] dial openeih tb^mairij: iS' 
Dune: arHl ovt-rT fintlinf anion j; 
dif caLde. u;^eu^ ox or abecph 
thai ir vtaU. 

90 Hal thci< Gnilia^ Af Qti u^ tboii 
ihfik rei^LTm vrjrh a Inmh- and If 
diou redeem Aim nal, ilien HhtiU 
Uion biTijk hii iii^ek^ ^^ il tlie fsrst- 
hernof t/ir fion«> ib^ju ^lintt rii^Lc^iiiiii, 
And nuoe aliali appvtif before me 

a % Bit dftff thou ihalt wnrk^ buL 

XXXIV. vearly feaste* 

on ihs acvmtii <hiy ihou shfth rert: 
in ejirinjf-tiinc nud iuharvi^t thQU 

33 IT And dioti Khaltobdfjrrg tha 
feagt of woeks, of Uje rtn^t-fruitu of 
wheat- liai^ikKip wtd die fejust of in- 
BUthcTM]^ iii ihK year^fl on^J. 

ha 1 Thrico in Uiu jeax thalL njl 
j?flUf nitiD-rhiJdr^fn npoDfir hnfan 
Uic Lord G[>n, dui (Itnl of [srneL 

iiJ Fur L tvill ( out dio naticriu 
lieforfi lluMp and eul^ue dij bor^ 
dom: naithrrsha!] DJiy man dimif^ 
iby liuid, v^lien tltoti eh nit ao up to 
DpTwaj bt'fore the Luro Qjy God 
djrico In thfi Fear, 
^ Thou shall not offer Uie blood 
tif Qiy 9ui::riiiievwiib Jiiavtiu, nt^iher 
ddudl Lh& fiacriiice of tlwf ft^sst of 
die pa^savcr b« left unid the 

3n Thofirat of iliD Grft-fm'tli of 
TJir lajid thou ibii]i brinp uniulht 
houne uf die Jjittu Ihy Lioil. Thou 
ebnlL Di^L )«c«tJifr a kid in hif mo- 
tJiH'r'ji milk^ 

37 And the LotiD aaid UJito 
MosiiS, WfitG dioD theao won]M: 
fill aJler die Eenur of thej«? wnrdi I 
have niacji."^ n e^^veimiiL With Uiue. 
iUjd with Tflrael. 

398 And bo vrai thero widi t^e 
I.Qftti Ibrly (Jnya q,nr| fcirlF niehli ; 
itu did ncidier uat bread nor drink 
wDiicr, Add lie wnM uiiod tb« 
labkii the ^'onlj of rlw cuvenEint, 
the ten cnrnmandmenti. 

^ 1^ And it cEune tupaMwheD 
Moica cQine ddwn frnra oiount 
Hioju fwith the two tables of liMj- 
mony in Muii£ii^ hand^ whfti hit 
earnddowii from thoiuoiint) that 
Masi» w'isi nol ibat diu ukin uf hit 
face Ahoao, yrhi^ bs talked with 

^ And when Aamn and idl tho 
children af l^mvA naw McMCii, l»e^ 
hulili Lhci Ilk in nf hi< fpiee fihone; 
Ami tli£7 wuru afraid to con^ Ai|^h 

31 And Mnii^ cftlled untathem; 
muf Aaron and sU die mhti of the 
coneni^ation r«tUTnud untn Mm; 
and1|lrji)fl«^ talkixl \ridi them. 

.1% An^E [lf^t^rwnrd nil lb? r.hil^ 
drenof [flm<:l came ni«h: and he 
gH.v\& them hi roininnndmcnt all 
ihnt die Lonn had M|Kitcin liviLh 
hmi in inoueiT Sinai. 

^ And till Mofles bad done 
KpHJikin^ with dieni^ ho put a vad 
bin hu face. 

34 tlul wb^n Mowr* wcnl in be- 
nirQ Uio IxjKD to Bncak witli him* 
U^ took iho vai] tvff; until h& rt\m^ 
Diit' And he ce.jin2 f>iit and spake 
uoio xikD ehijdren tif [Hroel tfiti-i 
vi-hich hrt wutcomTnimdud. 
33 And tho f-bikirun of faraeli 

nufrtegtfla EXODUS. 

*nw tJiie fdce or M4K4, thnl tha 
■kin of Mo5Pii" f^co ahon" - wn,-l 
M(>Hi's tJiu tfio vuiJ upon hii fiir:e 
ft^ijjli. iiijril \w, wt^iU Jn tu i^inuli 
wtlli film. 

TAf finlfbaUx Lb if «^«rTired 

A^D MiHUif /:Lt}uMt?d n[[ the con- 

IiniL'T tis^roifipr, nn4 tisid iintn 
ihmn* Th&jiu art tlift wurjia whjch 
Uie LFJltti hath Ca[njnii;idod| that 
j^« shnul>i du llioni. 

3 Six dayi ihQll work be Jdiio. 
nut an tlie ^ 'liiy rlioit^ Khull 
hd tu yaniififit>iy dar. n ^ubhnth nf 

wittk \imQiU sbalil bo [lut lo 

3 YoiIiilU kiniMonoftn; throtiirhr 
out fvut h4lLl;itiiHU upun Uii.> sab- 

4 11 Ati4 Mi>i?i» «p:ikc unia oil 
the CDnflTc^nLioii tif thocbitElrcH uT 
Iirafrl^ anyin^, Th\t is k\\v- tliiisff 
wbich III© L*>l;n c^nuomndtMl. sajf- 

5 Tiilte yc friim amone yOu nn 
biTtiriiiir D^iin Uiu lj>n.\vt avHo^u- 
'CTcr Lj cif u wjlltuif heiiurtn l«ii lilm 
brio^ iu 4iLn otforlnf of the LoRU ^ 
goliC and silver, ami lirom, 

(1 And blijo, nnd purphii &"" 
pt^Arkt, and dm litii^iiL, and ^ nan' 

? And rriniB* ikins djrcd ron, nnd 
badgun' ftktn4. and flJiitiiiu-woDdr 

a And oil for tho Wa^U and 
■Siicaa ftir anoiolioff ail, and roj the 
■ive«[ in^rti^hfei 

9 And onjfj-iionoa. and Bionis 
la bu it^l ftpr lb43 ephw^i QJi^ ^^^ 

10 Anilevcrf wiM-n*ai1cdiii!inn( 
irou hhjiU Foipu« nwl niFiko oil that 
thai TjfiJiri bnUs MtnrnnndPil \ 

\\ TliQ LibQriaiiriri, hid tent, find 
bix cuv^*iiO£t bit tjirbost r^rtd hk 
baankt liii' uara, h lp pillan, and his 

IS Tba arlE. iind ib^ ittitts lh«f e^ 
afn^ iPiYJI IKb incrry-flaaL, and thn 
vnil {pf the cf»i?ofini; 

i:J ThyrntdCpRnd In* fttflVFra, ttTid 
»n hi*v*s8a*3|jfH nint t^!OB]|yw-h^ef^d ; 

14 Tlie dfUidlLffllirjJE aidd for Uuf 
light, nnd hi^ hirinturi!, unii hjf 
iRrnps!, with the oil for ibe b^U; ^ 

f5 And LliQiJnci<rim;-iiFtn.T, and hin 
iAuvi!?«, and iiie anDiiitlo^ oiL i^iuE 

e awcf^L in t^iLfiHitt \\tn\ thi^ hnieflniF 

/<»r the tahtmaele. 

tJic- _ . . _ 

Kir tlMJ door [3! tho (iiHurtu^ in uf 

IB Tiui ultar or bumt-offerin* 
with Jiti * ■ 

End nil 
U foot ; 

I btiMn imTB, hiiit imvi?. 

Uld nil hil VqulJln, Uic hiTUr BJiil 

17 Tb* hMfiopa tf the coari, 
\\9 pttHam, luid tlii.-ir lockvts, nm 

tba liioginf fur tlto doar or tl>L> 
court 7 

)?^ Thr [Sim or t^lo iftlemacJti, 
aad iJLt iJLiij urtliR cuiin^ and Uioii 

11!^ Thp clolJuii or siciVjcn, Ml do 
Corsica in liii? holy p^ms*!, ihc b-df 
farnienu for Airuu Uio nriot, smd 
Ihe gummntut oi Jii* *wiA. lu niiHit- 
ter in tbo [iriOiri olflcy. 

^ Tl Ajid a]t ibeC^iniErDpalion af 
the childripn oflsf lud doparu.»ti from 

tllH preiltllOO {ifMoKL'S. 

31 And thoy carut', i^vusf onq 
\¥hoae honrt alirrod birn u]i, mid 
ov&r^ qno wb^m lui spirii irfido 
Willi Off, cni I hey bruujibt the 
I^an ■ oflerinE; to tJic work of the 
ttihcrnjicto II r tfM! CEiiigt{»{[att0ii. 
and for a]t hid M^rviou, lUiil tor ilie 
holy fnrxnoniij. ^ . 

3-3 And thcjr cftioe, boUi mun 
nnd WQiii4.niit U3 ri]a;iy ii* were will- 
iiiS-honrrod. wd br tiiLurht bracclcti, 
and Qur-rliiiifa^ and nnv^ arid ta- 
bluU, (lU JriWtd« at crobi : and t^very 
man thnto(fptt\dH cufwcrf aft <jfler- 
jne^4>r^obl untn uiu Ijdru. 

Sa Atid ETtirji^ mrtn witli wbom 
WD^ found hhir, nnirt purpbs djvd 
ararlctr ^nd lino I Latin, and foata^ 
AflFT-t iiifld rpd skios of raim', and 
badgers', brouGht iMem, 

^24 Evarr ocm Uutt dkl oflfor od 
ofrcrin|tor?^dvernnd brufla hroiight 
t}ia Lqud's ^rftitria^Ej and every 
TTinn with wliorn wEiifuurnl AbiLtim- 
wo4h1 for any work af tlia f crvioe, 
bffltijfht ii. 

^1 And all the women t>iitl W^ra 
w]£o-lu!iirtcd did tpin widi iJieir 
hijnd«+ ami brciu^hi lb at which 
tJif^y Ilok) «;pnn, hath of bbic, and of 

fMlrulot and or BcorlciL, and of Ane 

% And all the womnn whn^ 
l«art sUm'd thena up ia wisdom 
«imn «iia[]f' kfttr. 

^ And dift ruler* brDujFbt anrx 
etonp?*, nfid #^Hjnc* (^ be buL fai the 
opiiori, n-tid for ibi? brfiaal-platfl ; 

'M And nncor oJid od foi" the 
liffbt »nd for tho anoiniiai oij, and 
for ibf aw0c»l ioroiMit. 

2!^ Thacrhildronof [sraclbmu^hl 
a wilUnjE ofTerirn untn di^ Lonti, 
nrvitf niitij rind w^thjio, wb'.'z^^ 
hftirt nmdp thtim vvilhnf to bring, 
Ibr all intknnfir of Wink which the 
IjOiir Imd command Uid to be mottu 
tiy I he hand of Mo^i^^ 

'D II And MiKOi said uaUi the 
children r^f iKfrtel, See, iba Lnitp 
b>itb ciflled br name Rocbln^h tf*?. 
4an Df fTri^ the noci of Hut, of the 
tribw of Jndrib; 

^1 And be hfitb fihtd him wiUr 
thfl Rplril «r Ood, in *ifiidoni| in 
unilorif ajidinf t aod in kuKiwIndftK 


ant! m all mannor of workmSMJ- 

'A'Adi] ifniavm eoriwiu workst 
to wori^ in Eutil, va) iii »i]vi?r, nnd 

^ Afld in ihecutUDj oF ilEm(»,^ 
to ic£ tAcnfi, and in carvrng at 
WDcd, to miike *njf manner i>r 
cuntijn^ work. 

CHAP. XXXVl. thepeopUrestrainsd. 

blue, andrtirplr^. iftrl ttfui^t] wi'tA 

4;h>^riiibjMk^ ill' cunninf work wailo 

he tlwm- ^ ^ 

9 Tlio lenftb lit iJfio cartam i&as 

lirt^acJlth or tjcie eimaira fuur cuUiUi; 
ijia curiutns wtTj Jill ut' ujie aIziJh 
ItJ Ami iio coupled ihe livij cur- 

Jinfijn^ worn, . .. , r^r"^ ^"" ufimj luuiijur . uu^< i«fl 

34 And ho hath puttn Is la heart oiftn- hvo curtauw he couplL-d oob 

tliut litt niftr tiiJicJi. bath liti» and 
AfcioliiLb, Lliti Eioii ui AtiiBamach. ol 

35 Them hath ^lu filled witli wi*- 
Horn of beak, to Wttft all manner 
oi work, of the ent^ravur, liJicl of 
iJiaeiaiinnK werkrnaDT and, of Ibe 
cunliToJder^r. iii lilueji ami m pur- 
ple, in scarloU and tn fine linen, 
nod of lifi weoTer- rres^of iheni 
%hU do anr WDtk. und of ttiiXM ihaK 

nhHEN wmu^hl Be^Q^I tuid 
A AJiolJfili. aud«v*^fy wiirt>-ljBftjl' 
M lURQp In wlioni the Li>ni3 put 
wiidom m nd uinh-- m timllna to know 
Iww lo woik iiJ) munnur of wbrk 
for llie iorvic« of Uio flanctuaT/. 
according tn all Liint Uie Li:>RP had 
connncindpfl- ,, . ^ , , , 
a Aiul Mirfea cnUud Ectaleel and 
AJiuUub, and every wiffrheai-HHi 
niiui. in whoie hoflrt Ibe Lonn hml 
put wi* Jum, even averjf ono ^*lsoFf^ 
hearl stjitvu lilni np to Come unU} 
Hid work f^dnltx , .„ „ 

3 And ihe^iefeivftt of Moi^alc 
ilie ofleriiis whjcli ihp childfL-n of 
[■TAel had brougMtfor the vrmk ot 
Uie lefficc of Lhu ianciuacy. tn 
molro h MifJkw;. Aud i h*jy bftiughi 
jret unui ^um fret-QJlbriuifii eft^i^)' 

4 Ai3d bU ths wive iq#n, tliat 
wTou^lit nil tliD vvnikof tiio aaoC' 
iiit^rr» earne evcrr nuin ffoin sum 
work whr'Ji ihciy juatlo; 

^ TJ And they rpnke ttiitc Mosfflt 
■[jyinrr TIjo p^^ttjio hnng; murJi 
more than enLinj^h faf the Burviee 
uf th4> work which tJte LoHi;! com^ 
ninLi>[]od tu jiiakei 

d And Mosfii g&v^ comniaird- 
jnenE, and thef iatt:utod it tti he pro^ 
cifilipBd t)irouE]kjoat (ha cam^i, laF' 
iWi l^et neither man Bor woman 
tnakq on/mori} work for Ujc nf- 
f«Ftnv &f iha lanstuary. Ho , the 
pfvplft wur^ roitrainBd fram hnn^ 

7 Fur the fttnlT tliev had wna 
tuffldiontfor nil Lhe woikta miikc 
jr, and itiu muoh. 

5 'r Anil v.vety wm^lio^nrtef'inrin 
Binqn^ thorn ihiit wrpusjirt tl]E 
work ijf tho tabfimirlo inade ti:n 
cuftMiw «f Ana tvi'in€d Imea, tm 

Ulirri flji[itls£'r. 

1 1 And ]ni made Ioo]ib orblud r^n 
Lh« ed^e of one cuftain friina the 
Belicil^y ill d]C couplini? ; like^visc 
bo mude in Uio uiLiTmittft eiLle of 
OMfftJitT euitaio, in the caiipUng of 
tJic second- , , 

5i; Fifiy loon inido he in one 
rnrlnin^Hnd fifty loopi nindo lio in 
dift tdge of thecurmin which vaa^ 
m iliH conpline of tJae eocoml : 
tho looiH huld Mio euTtfiiit U* 

I'A Add he marts ^fly tnchei of 
gold, bnd itotiplcd the cnrtuiua uii* 
unLoanuthej-Vritti t}H! tachee. S»> 
il tiiccaiph?! line labemae^le-p 

14 If And he mada curljilnii of 

Efljils' hmr for ihe tisnt oviar the tn- 
crniiclm eliiven cuMaiHd he made 

J 5 Tho lenf th f>f utic curta i n vat 
(liijty cnbila, and four cubits Mr^t4 
thu brfuidEh of ono ciirtain: the 
ck veil c H rta in* ircri f onu Mze- 

itl And he f Eiupled fiirc riiTtaLlu 
Ly thoindelie^ and »ix cuttaind hy 

17 Anil ha made fifty hK)[ie upap 
the iJt[iirKirk*l oiljfe uf tb|i fjiirtnir; 
ID T.}(^ cou[dinff, nfld finy lonpi 
made he npnu iw cdpo of ihe our- 
liiiii which coupletli thti Bccondt 

18 Aji(I he iimJe fifty Uidi^aoJ 
hriustc] cuuple the tent lo^iecJieT^ 
that it tnUht lie onc^ 

19 And he made a eov^riiiji 
for the tent of fwTH»* *kiiia d?^ 
red, and a covering ttf badj;0n 
ekini above EAuL 

'JU IT And he mad? TrdTtnla ft>i 
tJu^ tahtrnacle «/" *hjttjni-wood, 
Atandiof up. 

91 The length of a hoard v-tis 
ten cubiH, ami lh«i brifJitlth of a 
board one cu hit and a hnlT 

^ Ono bunrd hjvji two tennriK» 
eEiuaHy dlitai]t onr. frorfi nrvo^her- 
tbuii did Im itiiLfce for all the hoai*d« 
of tl]0 tabernttcle. 

S3 And he madu boards for ins 
taWr^aqle; iwiMity hannLi fur tlie 
#out}i iido fi'iiJihw.wl : ^ ,^ 

*M And forty Aocket,^ efidri^r ho 
mode uiiLlurthi! twenty horLrrta s t*o 
flocfcei* undf'T one hoaril for hiitwo 
tencinii mid two Fierfcijta uniicr on- 
olJ>er hoard for hiat^o u?non*. 
. £S Afld for Iho DthM ^do of tJiy 


OmeringtifttietabtTiULcU, EXODUS. 
tRbtjrnocle vihich ia towaril the 
portli fomftr, b^ iruuJa twenty 

ae And ihi'it t»ny *i>ck^tJmf n\\- 
vcri iwii si>cki?t6 uijtl&r nne botud, 
Bnil XV, if mickcu under aEiitiljj(.'r 

arr And fi>r the aidiis nT the ta- 
uoniaelu \vtM(iU4Lr4l he mAdu tiijt 

*@ Am} two iHiof ds nnsdu he for 
tlie fionierfl flf the labcmcLcio m Ibu 
tiiVo aidt'i. 

Sfi Atid they wL're rutiplcd he- 
p«al*i. nnd cuuplcd Eof eihi>r »t tho 
bead iJiuruur, lo k^cit^rtii^: tliua h«! 
did to buth of tliem in boa? the 


JO And UicTD were er^ht hoiu-dt : 
Mii diijr sikekfics wer* AlKtLH.n 
iue^t'Ls uiiiih er^ undur every buurd 
iwii iMickelj. 

^31 If And hfi mdde bKT« ^ flfait- 
tim-wood; five for the boards uf 
«ie nne ■Jtfc of the t'lbern&chu, 

33 Aitii flva bar* fuj- iha boardi 
or th^ nthi^r iidu of Uw tahL^rnjmle, 
wm fivu hnr* fur the buardu nf the 
tahonmcilpi for Ujc itderi >Vf™(wQrf|^ 

JH And [lo miiullt! lJ»o ui]4tH<! bar 
tfi jhoat ihTtrti^l] t)ie hoank froin 
Uic onti etid to tbL' uther, 

34 Aim! Im ovrrlaid t3i» hrmrtl* 
with pidd, Euul mode litujr lingn qf 
If aid £1} iff ijlmccf fur thti bnm, atu], 
Oir^Dldrho bai^^i^tJieo^d. 

^ H Aiuibeinada jLvttil{(f h][|o, 
«Dd pur^lor onil tcariet, nisd fino 
twmed hnen: ^iVA^h^jrulaiicjiiiadc 
nB_U iif cunning wnrlc, 

^3C And ho inEide UiercuQlo four 

Ellarwitf «hlt(im-if{r«f/, and uTcr- 
ld ih*jm witJi (?Eild : diett boob 
jtfnctt/ KiiJd; Bind bo cart for iheic 
four jtk.ickelB of «ii[vgr. 

3T 1[ Aisd he matlri a hanging for 
lluf labartuicla-dtior of hJuo, and 
purple, and iCnrlcti^ and Gdb twirled 
liij^i of iitH.-d|<&-w^jrk ', 
..3° And the five pillar ofit, with 
tfi*k hooks; and h0 ovicrlnJd ihfii 
diamturi and thilrfillolB withhold : 
but their fivo JrxJtetB way Afbraaa. 
^ CtrAK XXX\'!f. 

Nv ileT^almji mada tinj oik of 

phiTtini-wot^rlr twneLibitBnnd 

a hair v^Qt tiie !en|rth of ii, unci q, 

cubit iuid a half tho bn«AdUi nf it, 

and aeubit and a half tbo heLghi 

of It! 

9 And ha av^riald jt wjih pur*- 
l;^iA wltjijnnnd wHhnutt imd moUc 
a ertiwn of goJd tn it round about. 

3 Antl he caux for it tb ur rinpa of 
aohl, to *e ret by Oiu four cornHrifl 

ql II L Hvro tvvyi ringfl ufion the one iiuibjcm oi nlmonfl^ in on^ branch^ 
Bide of it^ mii two nnait iipon 1)10 1 a knop and a flovifir^ ami UirtJ 
oUwi:*id|oru. I bowl* made bke iimood^ in ST 


4 AndhamoLdi^ .- 
wftnd, and ovtii i 

. S And he put the ituves mu xht 
rinffB by ih? sid^ of the ari/ lo 
hear thn ark. 

f} II And hemada the merciy-ieftt 
fl/ purtj if aid ; t^vo cubiTa and a 
haJf Kns tjj*r (eTHfth thLA>tiC and 
one njbit aiHl a kalf Qiq briiadth 

7 And be iinida two cherubirnp 
t^fsoUl bftstren oui croijo piece 
niLidt^ he them, on Uje two or^da of 

li^ Ono cherub on tbE^ end on this 
Aide, and anothf^r cbcryb tm ilia 
otAn- end on ih at nido : cjut of thn 
nierer-suM njudo be ilaocliqnfhiin* 
on I he TWO cndi tber^^of- 

H And iheriierubim^ spread out 
apr >vinpB on liipfi, and CB>voru4 
\Mth tlit-it wiriff* over tlie tnercy- 
ipat, wjU^ tJitir fncefl m^ to tuno^ 
iii^T't ettrn Id the niarry-fiaDt-warJ 
^'^ro the faces tif tlie tzhurubiniH. 

It) T[ And he madu the itible a/ 
enittmi-wood] tun cubiUi fnfLs the 
[enith thert^jf, and ft cubit th« 
>rt^ndrh thprcof, and a cubit and i 
hah thn hejjjJu then;of : 

II And he averJaid itwichpuFQ 
Bnl[|, luid mado thereunto 9. crown 
01 fftddrouml about. 

la Alio he made tlinri>iinTo 1 
Oprtlor gf an bajid-hreadch romid 
about ; and luude a crawn of i:old 
fur the bordiirttiereofttiund nhoul. 

13 And ho cast for it timr riii^i 
of fofd. and put the rings opnti ijte 
four C4jm&ru that weri ia the four 
Umt thereof 

14 Over fiffcittiBt the border wero 
the Tmgs, tliH idiLinji fortbtisLav» 

lA And hn nmdy the Btaves of 
wjittim-wood. and overbid thmn 
mih gaUh to bear the lahJ«!, 

lo Arid bo mado tltH Tieuieh 
whjch vfra upon tlit) tahh^ hb 
diahciH and bi» siKKini, and h'ta 
bowlB and bii coinQn la E4jvcr 
wiihal, ofimro^old. 

17 Tl And he made lh«j fanrilo- 
iUsk sf pujnt! gold ; j%/ beaten work 
mjidehoibflcandlffitrck^ hisuhafL 
njid his branch K liia ho wist, hi* 
kDapi, and limtlowDrfl wore nf iJia 

I€ And «x hriinrh^ ffoSng out of 
^joBide-BlharMf; tbr^l,riini;biii of 
the candloBlick flut nf the uno nd« 
llicrijon , and tJiree hntneliei of tha 
candkstick oul of the othor aidtf 

ly Tlirep howlj made after the 
fJUiiunn of nlmond^ in on^ branch 

T%egoUk»caHMmtuk. CUAF. JCXX VGD. 

Oitlwr brjinch, n tuop and a flower j 
Fo LhruuctKiUi tUe >\x tirafujijca ga- 
in e out uf iJic cajiillc'ialick. 

iSJi Ami iu tli4s t:nrkLlf!iitic^ t^irre 
failr buwy ntacto like dmuiKlHt ^ti^ 

31 Artel tt kpun under iwo 
U ranched of Lkei^iiiu, stud d Jiaeip 

niul n kjiap under twii bruuc|}4^ uf 
iho »aino> a&cairiliiis la iJiQ auc 
tiinnchci (omif eat of il. 

^ Tbuir knopa and theii 
tjrndchei *enj of the minM r all of it 
u^ uno beaten work ofp'ou: poU, 

iB Aiid he murk hissoven lamps^ 
aiKl his vnalTers, and ki« snuJF- 

34 Omi tnknt of imre fold miulH 
ho it, and nil xim ve.&faSi therci>f. 

^ If And liQ uiulo Uio idcciih- 
ftllaT fl/" phittim-wFood i^ Uao Icnfttli 
of it Kitf a. cubknr and tha brn^ridlJi 
of }t u e Libit] r£ li^ujf fdUT-Bpuara; 
juid iwo Cubits ncraf Um huiglu of 
iti thff) tiojiu tbomaf wcro of tJio 

^l And he overlaid it wiUi pare 
^o]irl, &4?^tA Iha tup of it, OuTtd tljo 
■idei iJiisreof round ftbrtOt^ Jintl llw 
ht^rru of JE i nldo he made onto it n 
c rn \Vi[ rjf ii?f>ld r' nirtd aboul. 

'27 And ho mrulw Ih^o rinifs of 
KuSd for iL uniiur tlio cruwn thereof, 
by I [us 1.i*o EorrteM nf jl, upiHi tHh 
two udsi theroufi. fo he plncca for 
(he Jtbvea to ben/ it withai. 

SS And he nuulv i^d itfttfiv (i/ 
itullim^wood and ovoilaid them 

%) tr Anil fan madci tJie huly etiairit- 
tng oil] tifid. iha pure incense of 
tweet Bpicifi, acuiordiug t4> tlie ^^ork 
of tiio upem^iLrf j_ 

CHAt. xxxvm. 

TV ^.flj'lqf 4if £itnit-aflrriB*T ^«- 

ANP he mmJ!! tfteDUururuMrfit' 
u AeriD? cj/ ^J li r tim- ituiiid : fi^ve 
enhiu ir^v iJao fon^Fh thereof, and 
(t>fp <;ubiE;i the brendth thtiiesf; 
it voM ftJur-fKiUiire; nod Uimo cur 
Ui^i tha heif ht. llwreoL 

^ Ami \ifi iimde liie ItoinA thereof 
nn Oh} fmir Derne-i^ of it ; the burriB 
thereof were (»t' tJie nainai and ha 
{^v^nl^iLlit wJlh brojA^ 

3 And he miule nil thi! v««e]« of 

liitf ailarj the pt]»ti^ and Uie iboveliir 
i.lldlllll IriLEllUt OM iho flu^-hooBB^ 
and tiiH ffre-piuia : nl! Uia vemb 
thtarcKif rnitdc' W ofbi^iUf 

4 And Jia miidD Cut im nkat h 
hnura eratt uf net-w^rk under the 
eompao* lliereof betioatb wattt tlic 
inhlMt of iL 

5 A^kI bo enjt fou,r rinvi for Lho 
feiir end«af ibu ffrniu of iiTan^ i^ be 
id^cf^ji fof iho 4iiiv«» 

G And be mode the tlatfiw of 

Mtmgimea ^tki tovrL 

^^dltim ^rooJ, 4£hl ovorkid th*tti 
uith brois. 

I And lio put the ftaves into itho 
rings on tlie ^ides of tJie nltnr. to 
beui 11 wJUt^il; be mo^lu the nlltti 
hdMoiv with boaids. 

S ^\ Ati'l h^ niiido tJjc lavof (/" 
taros^T and the fool of it fl/bra«iT of 

li^U Iof»lLi||(f-eJEi4i«i'4 of tJit VoflUfft 

n^HitEiblin;, Avhich ii^is^inhJeil si 
tiie doQf of lho tabomac3c of the 
c^to^n^eaUuru ^ ^ 

S* Tf And lis made tho court: on 
the :9oittb KidEf ^(iiittiwanl the hanc 
ing^uf Uie ctjiirt wert^tf Bnu iwinud 
linen, 811 htmdrrd cubitd^ 

10 Tbdr piilars tfrrt twenty < and 
their braj;en inckuis twiniy: ijie 
heokj cuf ibu pillorti, and their nJletf:, 
(OfyK! iir»i|vi!r+ 

II And for th« north uide. th§ 
Aan^/HiT^ «£ii!7'#nrihundreil nuhiu, 
their pi! [«?■ ipcri? iinf onty, nnd Uieir 
Boifkotii of braui twenty : m^ nooki 
uf [itu pillarst i^nd thuir Qlletft, eif 

12 And for the wert Wdo wor* 
henaiffi* of ^^t euhiti, their pU- 
lira ten, and th^if Bincknti tenj the 
lioukp uf Um piltare, and their filleti, 

1:1 And for the east lidtieait ward 
Jxftr eubkUt. 

1-1 Th<i hfln^idf* of the ono Dido 
id iAfl jfrtit wjwfl (iflcen cubits; 
their pllfckni tbreo, imd their toe ketq 

15 Arid for the other side of the 
court-^aEe, on iJitJ hand cind th&t 
hund!, wnv hansinesof liftti?n Co- 
Ij^Iji \ ib«ir pjllani thTeo, and their 
socket^ tJiree. 

[(J Atl thft hanglnfs nf ihn Court 
round about wenu ef liito twined 

17 And tlie ^eckesa Hir the eillan 
were B/bmss , t]>c bwk* oflfie pit- 
larv^ oiKl thdr fillelji, efiiiiv«!r'» nml 
iho uvtidayin^ of t^ieir diapilerv 
of ailv'.'r^ nriTl hII ttiii pillriri of 
the eoyrt u£r4 £l]i:tcU with iil^ 

IB AblI the hun^tier f<n the ^nt^ 
of tjnj crturt WH/.J n[!C*^'lc-^vl^rk, sff 
blue, find imnilcT arKl Bf:itrlel, Q;id 
line t^vinnd ijnDnj nnd twenty rij- 
biti -taax the: Jett^ht tied the \m^h\ 
in tlno breiidth viaE iHvo cu^ie^t, 
AfUw^irtLbLe to iJio honeinei of the 

13 And llifir jvillftrn wrrf four, 
lind their aoetcetjr ej/ brti-vf fenr^ 
their hotkks ^sUierK jisad tin uviir- 
Inylng of iheir chapitera iind their 

*^l Aitd 1^11 the pi nj of the tuber - 
naulcr and of llie tourt round iLbuut» 

%\ UTtil(S8lhflBtnti<ifthelal*r' 

9uM of the 9Jf9nng». 

nade, men of the tabemacio of tes- 
timony, aa it was counted, accord- 
ing to the commandment of Moses, 
for tJie service of the Levitcs, by 
the hand of Ithomar, son to Aaron 

22 And Bezaleel the son of Uri, 
the son of Hur, of the tribe of Ju- 
dah, made all that the Lord com- 
ntanded Moses. 

23 And with him was Aliohab, 
son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of 
Dan, an engraver, and a cunning 
workman, and an embroiderer in 
blue, and in purple, and in scarlet, 
and fine linen. 

24 All the gold that was occupied 
for the work in all the work of the 
holy place, even the gold of the 
offering, was twenty and nine 
talents, and seven hundred and 
thirty shekels, after the shekel of 
the sanctuary. 

25 And the silver of them that 
were numbered of the congregation 
was an hundred talents, and a thou- 
sand seven hundred and threescore 
and fiflocn shekels, aAer the shekel 
ofthe sanctuary : 

2ti A bckah for every man, that 
is, half a shekel, aAer the shekel 
of the sanctuary, for every one 
tliat went to be numbered, from 
twenty years old and upward, for 
six hundred thousand and three 
Uiousand and five hundred and fifty 

^' And of the hundred talents of 
silver were cast the sockets of the 
sanctuary, and the sockets of the 
vail; au hundred sockets of the 
hundred talents, a talent for a 
socket. ^ . , 

28 And of the thousand seven 
hundred seventy and five shekels 
he made hooks for the pillars, and 
overlaid their chapiters, and filleted 

ll'c™- . - . - 

29 And the brass of the offering 
was seventy talents, and two thou- 
sand and four hundred shekels. 

90 And therewith he made tlie 
sockets to the door of the taberna- 
cle of tlie congrecation, and the 
brazen altnr, and the brazen grate 
for it, and all tlie vessels ofthe altar, 

31 And tlie sockets of the court 
round about, and tlie sockets ofthe 
court gate, and all the pins of the 
tabernacle, and all the pins of the 

court round about. 


The Garments for the Priests. 
A ND of the blue, and purple, 
2\. and scarlet, Uicy made clothes 
of service, to do service in the holy 
place, and made the holy garments 
for Aaron ; as the Lord command- 
ed Mc — 

EXODUS. Thehsl9gi 

2. And he made the ej 


— B ephod of 

gold, blue, and purple, and scarlet, 
and fine twined hnen. 

3 And they did beat the gold 
into thin plates, and cut it mto 
wires, to work tt in the blue, and 
in the purple, and in the scarlet, 
and in the fine linen, with cunning 

4 Ttiey m^tlp Hhoiililr>r'fm?':c?i fgr 
it. lu coup Id it L[)g{!tlicir : by ihti two 
euLicH ivjt-t it t!ou]iEe<l lo^cMier, 

5 And iho cunaii^ ffLnHa afhts 
epJioil^ tim isfi* up<in ii, jspos of 
thf? :4ftmc, aiT-cofding ut tiie work 
thi TL^of; of golcL Liluii, Andpitrpla, 
aniE jn::^iriet, ftml fior? twln^Hi lincn- 
as 1 1ts Ln^Ln 4:ommati(l«t Hosds. 

, fi ^ And ibpy wrought omni sumih 
inrlij-icji in Duchca off old, grav^sy 
as ai^cih^ti nra »r|ifi!i>. viih liis 
na;T[ (i £>i tbu chlEilren or Tflmul. 

7 An J lio mil tJiera on thuF^hodl- 
derd at ilid t itliOfT^ thai ihrw siloii/4 
be 3tfyuje» fur s mumorinl lo this 
chirdEi:n of Israel ; d$. lii'«! LdRD 
COHkiiliintk'd iMdisI>:y. 

H *r Arifl Ikcmciils The bn^iai- plaLa 
of cimnicig wiifk. ]ike the work of 
thr cijflini) j ^guLd, ttlur, ami pnr- 

ftlf', jund viattiii, and tiiui iw]if»t! 

1» U wnK four-ftfitinje^ thry mnda 

thc' hrurmt-iiiliiTD ik<ub|u i a bipiin Kas 

thi' Imigtii ihoreKufr and a in^nn tlis 

bn:i\i{th thpruuH oeiti^ ilrjubled. 

Ht And thi'y w-t in it four nm-j: of 

8t(',l' -i: tk/'firxt row KtfM ainTfliuj, 

at^^'iii/. ati-i u L'Liftiunde.' Uiis tous 
tlie first row. 

11 And the secontl row, an eme- 
rald, a sapphire, and a diamond. 

12 And the third row, a ligure, an 
agate, and an amethyst. 

13 And the fourth row, a beryU 
an onyx, and a jasper: thef were 
inclosed in oucniM of gold m their 

14 And the stones were accord* 
ing to the names of the children of 
Israel, twelve, according to their 
names, like the engravings of a 
signet, every one with his name, 
according to the twelve tribes. 

15 And they made upon the 
breast-plate chains at the ends, ef 
wreathen work c/ pure gold. 

16 And they made two ouches (^ 
gold, and two gold rings, and put 
the two rings in the two ends ofthe 

17 And they put the two wreathen 
chains of cold in the two rings oa 
the ends ofthe breast-plate. 

18 And the two ends of the tw« 
wreathen chains they fastened in 
the two ouches, and put them oa 
the shoulder-pieces of the ophod, 
before it 

fa* the priests 

19 And they made tvj lii:;::- '^t 
foid, and put them on the K'. [> ^si/lJ 
ofthe breast-plate, upon iIil- biiritir 
of ii, which too* on the side of Lho 
ephod inward. 

30 And Ihey made two oi^^ 
Eoklen rings, and put thi:m tui Uie 
two sides ofthe ephod uritlctncaUrt, 
toward the forepart ti' ^h "^^^T 
against the other coupheig UicrMr, 
above the curious gmUo of Uia 

^\l And they did bind ihn \mml- 
plate by his rings unto tlt^ tujjt-j uF 
the ephod with a lace ol la)uo, ihnt 
it might be above the cunoaa «tr- 
dle of the ephod, anil ^iliat the 
breast-plate might noi hu luoftoil 

from the ephod ; as the LoRii com- 
manded Moses. 

22 ^\ Andhemadetlic^robPoTtho 
epbod «f woven work, i^Ll o/ blue, 

23 And there was a \hAm jn tJie. 
midst of Uie robe, as iJici hole of 
an habergeon, vnf A a buTitl loand 
about the hole, that it ahouid aut 

84 And they made upon ihc ti^nie 
of the robe pomegranr i? f af blue* 
and purple, and scarlet, Ktid tAt^iiied 

'^And they made l II? o/ pure 
gold, and put the bells bi.iwoun ttm 
pomegranates upon thi!" ht^m aft ho 
robe, round about bt^twccn tho 

26 A bell and a pameBiunjaiP. 
a bell and a pomegrannix^i nmm] 
about tlie hem ofthe r<il*u to niinii- 
ter in; as the LoRO LujiintOLUilL'Lt 

27 ir'And they made e^<mta nffiap 
linen, of woven workT for Aartin 
and vol his sons, , , ,. 

28 And a mitre « fine unon, nud 

Kodly bonnets of finu Unco, and 
en breeches tf fine i wirifcd linfla, 
a And a girdle of rjny twirvEid 
Unen, and blue, and \^urif\a, ami 
■carlet, of needle- wikj ax tiiu 
Lord commanded Mo;^^^. 

30 If And they madw the sktoof 
the holy crown <i/;pui(f kijI*], aiitl 
wrote upon it a wntim; , tike t^ tliu 
engravings of a sijridif UOIJ- 

31 And they tied unn» ii n. ln;4'jn rjf 
blue, to fasten t£ onlu;i;li M'i>un the 
mitre; as tlio Lord camnmrnt^itl 
Motes. „ , , , . 

38 IT Thus was all the ^*^r\ of ihe 
tabernacle ofthe tent of thn ton- 
gregation finished: an.L Eh<! cluiar^ 
of Israel did according [» nil ilmt 
the Lord commandeil mim^t 
did they. 

CHAP XL. Tabernacle completrd. 

liiit tiursH and his piHart, Ml J ]iia 
etiekefd^ ^ . , > 

:« And Uie covfirins of rnnis' 
ehiTH (lye J red, nnil Utccov<mEie uf 
bytlg^M* sJEEint, and \h^ vail ol yiu 

liS'llie Jirk ftrthetciinm»iiny,nni;l Kw 
srniT* tyicipnTl", aijJ the jcHij-cy-fttnt;; 

36 The vMn, tind nit the ye§«cb 
tliprcuf, and thi^ithew-broud^ 

37 The pure ti[in[llK?tJcr,«jiM tli* 
laifltw iheruof, fP*n Kr(A ihe laiii|i* 
to be eut i» ordt^r, itud ajJ (he v<tj* 
9«1# Thcreiif, and the oil Inr light i 

38 And Uk |cjU[(*ii altar^ auU tjje 
anoinLin? (ill, Qirf ihi* flwcoi in- 
cens«H and tho haixging for tho ta 
tPL-rnJu-le-diJor ; 

3D Thchmxun bUeit. und his gmys 
f br»35, Jus st&vtm. and all Lis ve»- 

gf In, die luvcr iind hi* Tuot ; 

40 Tito hiinglngs ofUm cowtt, hm 
uilluri, iind hi* sockiti, »nd Uia 
hanging fot thn CQurt-gaie, hta 
cord?, and hi:i yma, jnnd nil Uie 
vcfisftliof ti»o scTviiiP ijf tln3 iriber- 
nactn, fo; the toiU uf the ciinato- 

4 J The clothes uf pemce Ip do 
KtvicD in ilio hidy plticf. mul, tho 
i]yly ffrtrmcola for AstTL^i tJio pnetft, 
and bl^ fQ"H' gormuntj, 10 mmisftut 
in t]»c primt^s officC; 

4'2 Acrnrdcnig to all UiAt iha I^jlLD 
commoTi Jed Mosos. ick the childrtm 
tif Ijirftftl niado all ttiR wu irfc . 

43 And Mtrisj.'n did Ifiolt tjpnn ail 
the vvGirkj and bt4]o!d^ ilkey liiut 
clurt it rtfl ihii LniiD bod command' 
<=■<!, L*vcn »a Imd tlw>y duoe it; imn 
Mofidii Ij^tsKflrt iligm. 

71/1 7\d}ern<ids tu ^e r^m-ffJn 

AND tiie Lorm ipuke uala 
Mqs^s. BnyinSp , , ^ __ 
2 Oil liic flrat djiy of llie flr« 
montb nhnlt UioU seVup tlko laber- 
nnclo of ilie tent of the cungtoga- 

S And thot! shilt put therein thd 
ark wi^i Hie vail. , 

4 And thou shalt bring tn thfl 
tnhb, and »nt sti orddf iho U;iiig* 
tiiol am to be wt iri ortlor ti^iim ii i 
13 ml Uitui sjirtli btins in tlie <:iin<l]0' 
itirlCi and Tight thu brnps ihttuof 

5 AndlhouihaU set liio altar fij 
cnld for ilic itieonse heforo the nrk 
oflhiJ lostiTfionj, imd pcil lliCt hJUJg- 
ii]i» of tbe '111 or To lh« tftbcmnf le- 

fl Ami tb'vj pb^il Pf*l The tihar of 

ihtf. burnt- tiflerjn^ hrfnro ihi? dour 

ai* ihn tii^Ktmnjlo of the t^int of thd 

I cimEn' cation, . ,i , i 

7 And tliuu nh ftllnjl the lavfr hc^ 

33 IT AndtheybrouBbtOiotnhoT' tw««n ihp leni uf tbi? cnntfrngatTiHi 
nwle untoMoSs. Sio luirt, und oil Und tliu altar, imd ihalt put wntet 
his furniture, his tachett bishoaf d*. I UierciP. ^ 

The tabernacle reared 


8 And thou shall set up the 
court round about, and hang up 
Uie lianging at the court-gate. 

9 And thou shalt take the 
anointing oil, and anoint the taber- 
nacle, and ail that is therein, and 
shalt hallow it, and all the vessels 
inereof : and it shall be holy. 

10 And thou shalt anoint the altar 
of the burnt-ofTering, and all his 
vessels, and sanctify the altar: and 
it shall be an altar most hol^. 

11 And thou shalt anomt the 
laver and his foot, and sanctify iU 

12 And thou shalt bring Aaron 
and his sons unto the door of the 
tabernacle of the congregation, and 
wash them with 'water. 

13 ir And thou shalt put upon 
Aaron the holy garments, and 
anoint him, and sanctify him/, that 
ho may minister unto me in the 
priest's office. 

14 And thou shalt bring his sons, 
and clotlie them with coats : 

15 And thou shalt anoint them, as 
thou didst anoint their father, that 
Ihcy may minister unto me in the 
priest's office: for their anointing 
shall surely be an everlasting priest- 
hood throughout their generations. 

16 Thus did Mosoa; accordms 
to all that the LoRO commanded 
him. so did he. 

17 And it came to pass in the first 
month, in the second year, on the 
first day of the month, that the ta- 
bernacle was reared up. 

18 And Moses reared up the ta- 
bernacle, and fastened his sockets, 
and set up the boards thereof, and 
put in the bars thereof, and reared 
up his pillars. 

19 Andhe spread abroad the tent 
over the tabernacle, and put the 
covenng of the tent above upon it; 
as the Lord commanded Moses. 

30 i[ And he took and put the tcsti- 
mony into the ark, and set the 
staves on the ark, and put the 
mercy-seat above upon the ark : 

21 And he brought the ark into 
the tabernacle, and set up the vail 
of the covering, and covered the 
ark of the testimony ; as the Lord 
commanded Moses. , . . . 

22 V And he put the table mtho 
tent of the congregation, upon the 
side of the tabernacle northward, 
without the vail 

23 And he set the bread m order 

upon it before Jic Loflt*; na tiio 
Lditn hail conbitimifU^tl Woics. 

tM t Add lid put the cTindteotJck in 
tli^ ri?jkl of die {iongre^aijfMir av«r 
a: liii^L tJie lahlo. cm the niAa at 
tic- ntbcrniiiclefcuthwfir^. 

i.'f Ai>iJ,^>'^ lifhifcl ihp Ismiulw- 
Ur.t inc. Lnap^ as, the iigAD comr 
ni:;?iiki| Mfl-^TS. 
. ,'<f If Ami tki putthf Koltlon &^tu 

n^'-'' chc vnil; 

•S7 As id hfr bumt BWoet iuctmsa 
^ , ,, T ^ tho Loiio cumiDDudcd 

'■ tiiitt)Mi^Xh[' liaDutJng m 
tl ■ ilio lubcrnacle. 

'.'!> .-^hhI ht'. [tUttlit! iihiiirorbuTDL^ 

ort.ririns bvthf ilooT uf tlafi taber 
n:v:\Q: of tln3 wnt of iJio c^inf re- 
gal irjn, and oiTiiiGA upon ii ilttt 
DLLnLi-ofTerLnf, and ttie [ntiat-o(Tdt^ 
h\ti ; Oi thn Lord tH^minftiMled 

:K] t A n 1 1 hfl !^ct the In vei bot ween 

t^in iL'ti-Li^rthi^con^riPcatiorL aiii] I^b 
all ir, &aJ [^utwal^f Uiordo wosJj 

'M Aii4 MoH^p attJ Anrun, and 
IiLh ioni, viFuihL^ ^leii hatiilM and 
thfif tkr'l thereat 1 

^i WhftEi t>»2? w^ifit Into ttin tent 
oriliE^ t:!iinj:ri'^alion, anil ivben they 
CJjnie iip^ir unto tJiB alinr, thi-j 
Vi':l^lJl:d: QJi llie LoRl> CDnimauJeil 

'S'.i And he reared up the cotitt 
r.iui3f| ivboiii the labsrnuck and tlii 
alrur,. ami setup the hnng^'tiffif the 
CMijrE.-gi:iLi]:L so Mosos fUiidiied UiA 

:U MlhvR acbtid covered thelcfll 

crUur r^yiitfreBiitiun, Lfid tlie irlorif 
oril"n» T,-riiLTi nUEetl the tsbftrnuete. 

[i:.~p And Moees wiu not nbte to 
eii''-r into die tpnt of liio eonft^ga- 
iu^iiy bccnuEo Uip ctaud anoae 
tlii'cf'on. nmli Ltie nMrT uflho IrtrKD 
t1\'-d ihL't.nb'CFnEii.'Je^ 

'M And vfh^n. the flaut] nu 
t'l^kr-Ti np ftam flvt*r lUa ULbcmiiclD. 
tlr:^' fJiiktrttp. of !*rBd witiit tinvk'ura 
ill .'ill t^dr^umefi ; 

'■I? But if liiO rloud ivcro not 
tfliiTi lip, liicn tkpy jriiimfFGd not 
tj l!" th*" lULf tlut il wari tiiiht^n up^ 

:H Fitr ihn !^[oulI of the LilTLD 
it'-i tat;ii»ii the tnt»Lunar<te by tinv, 
ami firp Aiiii^ On it b; nighty to llie 
8 ■' ' nf Jill ihf h'iE!*H' vf UriiaU 

H The Third Book of MOSES, called LEVITICUS. 


Of the BuTjU-Offermre. 

A ND the Lord called unto 

t\. Moms, and siiake unto him 


out of the tabernacle of the con- 
grogation, saying, .... 

2 Speak unto the children of 
Israel, and say unto them. If any 

CftAe bumt-eifferiu£0. 

moRc^rynu Uuig an ofTcnog unio 
the LorUt ye jJiaLI brills SfQUr 

bcffl ancl af tike flocks 

3 If hit Dlfcrii]^ Aa uhumtna- 
criiice of thci he^rJt lut bim oRer b 
mole williuut blemi^; ho ihaU 
nffVif it Qfhm oun volunlar? will al 
tha tlot^r of tbe LQUrnatilc of tiia 
edoercf EULton beroTD ihf} Li}aQ, 

4 An^l he; Ktiatl puthiB liand upon 
thalicaJariliDtturiiL^Dfrerin^l and 
it lihatl be ac^cpied fiir hiia to 
malEC jilojiciinsMit fttr hini. ^ ,. 

A Ajid hu ^ali kill Uif? bullocli 
bofont tha Loud : aod the [iii'eat^ 
Auvn'j tam, plwUl bnaR tha bloixl, 
bih) iprlnlcle Lbc blood ruund obout 
upnn lilt] altar tJatit m £j/ the door 
Of iha taJKiinacIa of UiecoPffru^a-- 

U And l)<} ihalt Sny tha burnt- 
aflitrinri *nd cui itiiitfl his piocm^^ 

7 Aufi tJia sons of Aaron tlie 
priest uhtiil pul t\ta upon tlio ullar, 
and bf iho >vooJ in onJut upcNl the 

3 And tho prtPBtt^ Aarao a sona. 
i}iiill Ie7 Lho PBrLf. iho hf-tidt ttml 
tJi« flit, io order upon thEf wood 
that u Ml tiiii 6» wluch u opad 
thrt attar^ 

9 UuL hL9 inwarda luid his Isfy 
■hull lifl wiib In waici : and tho 
piifiit idiati bdra a]] qn tJie aliiki, 
to be A biirat-iBCfificic, an ofTtiriEs^ 
made b/ ftrej tif a twoat »uvciur 
uata t>iu LoftJO. 

10 ^ And tl'his ofTcriitfr frd of tlic 
riockjt, nmneltf^p uf liia ^hc^P, «r of 
thujFgAti; for a burnt- pncririC'Fi^ he 
thtiU brine ii "^ i^lIq without 
UoniL^hr , ,^ . 

IL And 1i^ ■bEill kill it on Ihe 
tjdi< of tbo aUar acvrthward before 
iheLorLj;}; andthu prtetdiji, Aarno'i 
iKffu* shnll tprinklp EiM blocd rtiund 
ftlKml upon ihc aliar: 

IS And Jiu fhaJl cui d into h'n 
jwcu vrith biB hcnd and bCp fitt^ 
lod Uio piioflt shall btir Ibcm in 
iHdef oQ tbtf wood that is no tho 
Qrc whldi i* upon iha clur - 

]3 But lie shall wftsh tltf uwordt 
arKJ thn Inri with water : imd ilit; 
^ncil ihall Ufms U i^t^i >^tul burn it 
ui^(M] the nllaf i it t> il burnt-varri- 
ncs, An ofknng made by f^re, nf a 
■woet favour Unto um Luoitit. 

UTAod IfihabuTnt-Hi'Tiiir^ for 
hiv afCsrifff tn the Lohb be uf 
f^wla, Ehun he iibnll hrinf bia uf ■ 
mine of turtbJHioT'et^ or qT you^s 
pigreonAr ^ 

IS And the priMt «hall hnn^ ii 
onto tl'tn tLllar, und wnnd; nlf hU 
h«ad, rutd btiro ii on thojiftar: and 
tJiQ Lli*ad thpreijf shall be wrting^ 
But Qi ibe ^ide fifUiu nltur '- 

fi ft 

CHAP. U. and meat tdTerines. 

IS And ha ahall pTucit away hU 
er'>p WEth hi^ f&iithL'ra, and ca>t il 
Uetifio the ollu on the eut part, by 
tlio place of iJuj atiJii?a : 

li Aiwl he KhikCl t^lcavy It with 
the wiD|!;# thereof, but ihall not dj- 
vidi:^ it a^imdur : ojut tJ^c priori iki\]\ 
bum it ufNja iho aUtiT, uptm Uie 
wood that u upon tltt- nre^ it is a 
bunit-BtteiiflcCj iio tiifarinij mado 
by firr-^ of a awoAi eavour unto tlie 


Aqf the Meatolhrin^t. 
ND when any wiil offer o. meat - 
ctfTgHnff untEi ib« IxjFtD, hJa 
onurinjr shall tfe *f/ fine tlour i Jsrwi 
ho Bholl pnujr oil upon it, nod ^^ut 
froLnkinCiatiso t}i«reon: 

^ ^ ud hn ihall bdnf It to Aaion^ ^ 
mna tdie prioatj i And im ekM inka 
tlierwtit hi» Imndful of tlwi flout 
ttiorpof, and of tlio nl! thenHtr with 
aU tLk! frauMincijnju Lbt-'noor, ukI 
tlio iirieit lihatl bum the m&moriar 
uf it upon the altET, fa te an oiTcr- 
in« miide by ^re* ofaiweetuivtfur 
uwt the iM&ii 5 

3 And tho rr^ninint of the meat- 
oflbni)^ sA^J ft* Aarnn'a and his 
Eoni^: it is a. thinif niopthnlyof 
thn olTcrtb^ uf thu r^ull U made by 

4 ^ Anrt if theu brine nn nblaUob 
of a ment-oflV^rinf baken in tha 
Qvnn, it tAatl bo unlenvcncd euki» 
ol fine Hour mingled widi oil, or 
unliuiv^ed vvDibm onointDd wiiii 

ftir Atid if tbyoblation iJ(? ji nseal- 
ofierin^ bakai in a pnu, it ihftJl bi» 
iff fiue dou; uoJ4avoj;tdd, ;cuin^JeJ 
with nil* 

ti Thna mhalt part it in pwr.^, 
[inil peur oil th^reua ^ it if & meat- 

"7 ^r And if thy oblatioo to 4 
m^at'Oflt^rinjE boAen in Uio frying- 
jjim, il ihe^ bo niEuia tv Ane flour 

wiili 01 L 
U Aud thim aJidlt brinz n 

i Aud thisu &h(ilt brinz thq m«^t' 

unto The LoKO : aJid when it ia pra 
«cni&d unt*! the rricfi, jia Bftall 
brine it untci thu nilnr- 

*J And the prievt ihal} tako froRi 
the mydt'oflcring a utemnrio] 
therGof, and shall bum it upem the 
altiLr^ lit if an ofTcrinff made by 
firr. rif ci RWeut jaii'eujr unto tM 

lU And Ibat wbifh is Uift nf tho 
m('9Lt^]t^r^^n^ tAd^^A« Abti^q'p nnil 
hiii st^ni;': Etiinthin^ rnoel bcily, 
nf tfie offeirinEs of tho Loan made 

by lire. 

11 No meat-ofTerii^ which !?■ 
_ inll brini unto ihe l-oruj ibeil w 
niLide witb Iq^vqu 

unto ihe hnjui ■_ 

fqt yo vnB 



tf peaee-CiferingB. 

bumukATciir nor nnyhnncyt in 
■of ogygn of UiA LoiLU made by 

13 IT Ai for til* ohbtioTi of ihc 
GrBt-fruii;vt ¥c i^'tiSl qflTer ttn?in tjnlo 
Ihei l^Hb ; bill ihej Ahull ijni Ire 
bliimi on tlio Jiitjir t'ai v. iwot-i 

13 ADd flTcry obtatian i^f lit? 
me^t-otftirini; ah tilt ihnu faciurpn 
with iolt. neither Ali:ilt rhnti fltilTur 
tba sail or ihe ritivfiifjnt uf tUif OikI 
Id bo lacikirx fruin Ui* inejii oflVir- 
inf r ^vilh all tliino oiTerin^B dkou 

14 AnrI if tbou ofTeT a meftt-ar- 
lerLog of ihy tirst-fruiti unto the 
Loan, Uiou «htdtoft'r?;r for UiofOf^tLt- 
offerinf of Uiy ftfut'fniits?, jrecn can 
«f eoro dHad by tiia fifts njm corn 
bc4Ufii tiul of rail; I'aiB. 

15 And ihou Ghult put oH ui^oti 
it, ami ky frcuikiflcixn^ tJitrooii j it 
if a iiiyr,t-<jtr<?riri(t. 

Id And the prtejl ihall bilm Ihc 
mefQoriDl of \U pUTt of tlia hdCLten 
wtu Uwfwf. nml tflfrt of th# oil 
thorfjon with all the frankinrr'iiLeD 
Thtrtsof] it it an iJtT^^rins liiado by 
£fo unto Uio LoB-n. 

CFEAP. I!f. 

Nli jr hij nbliuion be a sncn- 

flec of ponco-olFerinjj, if he 

^Ski it of tho lioid, whdHii-r it ba 

a molffl or feoiaki h* bIiaU ofli^ir 

it without blamkh before the 

2 AiKJ hu t^hiill lnyhui Imnd upa-n 
ihe hand of hii oH'^rin^, and kill it 
at the duor of tim tatH^rancIf!' ^fthM 
eancrc^tion : rmdj Aanjo'fl eons 
Ihaprim* ■hsH nprinklv ihe blo^d 
upon U>(? altar round about. 

3 An J hii iliBll offer of the tacri- 
fira of Hue p<mro nfFp.ntiR, nn of- 
u-'riciLj; nioflc by lira iiototlie LoliD ; 
thatailJint cuv^uit^ih Utiy innftrrlsr 
aM ull iJba fut that u upon tl^ia 

4 And dip t**tj itklin?)'a, Sufl T.fio 
fni miLl ii on ihum, whlEih fd try Llm 
II links, and iJfpj rmil ubnvo iJie 
mv.t, yfith llm kidntuyit^ it GhoJl ho 
tnltQ im'ay. 

5 Anjd Aartko^a «nn« shctH lium i1 
on tJio j:iltur+ uiicin (hy bMrni-sarri- 
niv, which ij iipoTi the wiiod that 
if on the fim i it H itn olftiiitk^ rnailc 
by l^rui^ uf a vwtiat Havoui: iiiito the 

en And If his ofTfrfn^ fitt n m- 
crifJCD of peapfvaifi^rriig unto thu 
Lor? bo nf ihc fl<>nit, mjle nf 
fomaJd ; ha ilto!! dJr<3f i>L vs'ithoui 

7 V If heoffeFn lamb fur hta at- 
fininir thfMi ihsU kfl yibf it btifflif4i 
Ui« LoRii. 

8 AiJtl hualmll Iny liif; hand upon 
tlie head of hii ol^tenng, arHl kill H 
before tbo tabfrm&cla of the con- 
jfrepAtino : bihI Au/oa^i Bona ihat} 
iHEnnnjLlu ilia b\oml ilioff'iir round 

9 Ann hethallafror ofthc tacri- 
(ic« of tli4>;H^ce-t]fn>Fimj nn i}!!!?!- 
ins nu>do by ifiro nnio truj Loud: 
the fat tb^rf^ot ami ihm wbolv 
riimpf Ot fiJiBl' he tiikt? off" btirtl 
by the bturt-bnne;) and tbo fat 
tliat eoifprr'di tho iriwurrl*, nod 
ail the fat ihut it ujwn tj^e ill' 

W Ami the two kldm^yii^ itnd dia 
fnt that is npon thtm, whuMi it hy 
Lbei Hanks^and tJi« cuul ajjovi? 
h?ert vitb tlio kidneys, iL i}ia[l he 
lakfl awny. 

n Awi the priMt ihall biiiu it 
niion the alloj- it I'j tho fuod gf 
die ofllrjof luailo by Gro onto tho 

12 IF And if hiii ooerin; bt i 
f oat, ihon Ins t^nil ofR^p it beforv 
tiin 3>Rrk. 

13 And he ahall lay hts hand 
upon tliQ t^oA of it, and kJiT it bo- 
ftpre the taUimicli: of the conjri!^ 
rati on : and tho aona of Aumn 
shsdl japrinkle thu lUootl thereof 
upon thf? nltiir rfiund nbitut. 

H And he iLioll nflfirr tlicri?of hii 
ofltfingf fTfn cm nflWini mnda by 
firo unio the Lunn ; the flit tFmt eo- 
Viit^ih the inwards, nud all IJmj fst 
thnt is upon die IrtwardB, 

];:» And lliD two kidnDyK, mud tlia 
fhtthnl i$ iipNn dT^ni, whi^^h if by 
ihetL^nk*, und Mi^ criul Di)<.r?e tha 
livuti with the kklnt^yi, ii ehuil he 
take jiwiiy. 

]f> Aod Use prEF'si ahall bum 
[h{>m upon the u Etar : it ■> the food 
of the pfteiinff m^ide by fira for a 
Fweet Mivouf : all l]u9 fat it ihq 

17 /t rhatlfnt a pflrtictua^ntsftitii 
fnf yourffi^nurntjon^ llirougbout all 
yoijt dw(?llinffs, thai ye cat neithor 
mt nor blood. 

i:HAr. [V. 

Of du i^iM-nffiTin/tf. 

AND tticy Lrmti ijiaka unln 
^f^^Nes, tnymg, 

t] JBjHiiik Lintvi Uift rhkhlTen nf 
Ennirl, KELf iT^Et If a aoiil iKa^I tio 
through igncirfiiUPjc ni:ntnAt any of 
iJli^ Cum ninn dnn'tifti i>f ih« I^Jtr* 
toticrrnfnj^ ^A/'fliff J H"hl''Ji D^nfKl not 
lo b^ iJrrte, aiid «haO do aiaiml 
Jinjf nf iheoi :; 

a If tht" pnertthmt is*n*nmted 
I hi 41 tk arr^HfLbnu ip? the nr» of iIki 
[K^oi^h-i ifa<'ti 1<'T bim hr fnt for hii 
Hiu H-|][i':]i hir Ij[it9i kinnnML n foitOf 
budork witJiu>it blvinudi UAio tM 
l^>jli> fftT a fitt-offoffinirH 

i Andhcatiall l^rin^lhc bullocrk 
ttnio Uio diKtr cif tho tubornQcIa Ckf 
the coDKre^ikUuii befdre Lhu LoEiD ; 
aivl tiliiul IJLy Jjiin IlcukI upoit (Jl? bul- 
lock'ii hcail» and ki^l tlid kjulluck 
boforo di0 LnKO. 

5 AnrJ Uiq itr'iefit thai fi (uioinlCLl 
rimil laka of t[iB ballock^s bTiM}^^ 
aj34 Urisiff ii lo Uwt latwrniudecif tjie 
Ci^nrruciEJon -. 

ti Aj]4i Qjti priest shuU dip, hti 
flnri?f in iho blnwU ani]^ ^»[jnkk> 
«f Lhe btondi^uvun uin(i» bc/oni ttiG 
Loiu>, befwra Uiu vudl of tJie aaiic- 

^ And iltc priest bfanJI put forne 

re " ^ '^ ' - ''■' 

_J the bli>Qfl uiKsn thu tiunw of iha 
filar of swetit inci-n^ before tJ>e 
LoKPi which M in the tnliemnizic 
•f the canpit^EUion ^ nitd i^hiijl 
p«ur aH tli!^ LloocL of tha buMork 
«l lliQ bouoni of lJ« ftUar pf Ui« 
burat-oflcnnu, wkiirh w at ihe 
dovr of lh(i i:;ttlM.rnuclcor the con- 
creiationH _ ^ 

8 And ha Bbdll Lake ofTfrnin it 
all the foi of \\i& bJllock far ilie 
■in-<ii|^^ the fnt iliat covcfti^Ui 
Clie InwDrtfi^ir lii^^ ^^ t^'Q f^^ t^^^ ^ 
opfi^H Lb»? iniffarrl.=i, 

U And I he two kidneys I and thii 
fill (hill iff iipun. Uicm. which is hy 
the fljitikit, and the caul Abovg thi! 
livuf, with the k'tdncri. it ihall he 
tak? dWay, 

10 At It wni Inkrit offfrEiiTn ihe^ 
|>ii]|i:>c!k of thii fiicrilicfl of pc!:^re- 
otfonnjirs : and the priitfi ^ibtill: burn 
tlieni uptin ilw {|liu of die bumt- 

11 And the Bkin rif Ihp buUoErki 
ftnd ad bi.4 tttsti^ witJiiij^^ liL^ud, ajjd 
\ffith hitlesf, and \m jnwarct^i v;d 
hii dung ^ 

11 Ev«!ti thq whido btillork ahid] 
h^ VAittf f-iprih wit|>iiui tlw etintnti 
untD Ji rbsuu pb^^t!, wlisre the 
aitht<a AiTi]) poitred m\\, nnd burn 
him on Thcr wootL w\i\i fire: x^'hon' 
tiio Ji^hea ara pctOfcd out ihoil he 
be burnt. 

la IT And if tha wbtihi Miitn^fa- 
tioa of t«raf.'l sin ihrourb iruo- 
mooa, bid Lh« thmf ho hid fr^m 
tlm o^oBDi txw Awemblf^ Eind cJiej 
bniro d(Mii fVHUwAjil u^aiTt^f any 
of the oommnnaitHfrtiB of the 
Lotu> camcitTtioke tkingg xvhi^'li 
thauld tiitt b> duQL'^ tkni we 

14 Wli^n the da which tliey 
have iinfiml afitinitt jt ii kfit}\¥nt 
tb^n tlia fc^niijEreanticMi flhnli olTer A 

Eoanjr bulbar' k f^T the sinr swi 
rinic hliTi ti^'fuFA did tube niucldc^f 
tbo eu'ciffn.'jrntinn. 

15 Aitd tHtf ehlE^ri of I he eDns;re- 

Klirti ahall Jjir thnir haoila upan 
bud of Uie huDocli bcfure the 

CHAP. IV. tins of ignorance. 

LttKi^ : nnd the bullock ihall ha 
killed be [bra cJie I^DKii, 

J*i And the priiBiii ilmt v anointed 
nhab brin:; of Ihe hullock'it blrjod 
lo the tii|j*raach oi the cfldjjra- 

17 And ih^ffi prieiat £haJ] dip liii 
fin<i>r I* umito of the Uondt tm4 
sprinkle U acvcn timee before the 
LiJRtlj rppn btiforo lJ]0 viiL 

1^ Aud he ahnh pnmmtui of tha 
bl^iod vpdn tJio hoTQB uf the aUar 
whkh it bufote the Loho, Uiai ta 
iti the tabB^macle of Oiu congrega- 
tion, iitid ihiUl pour out all the 
blood at thiT bottom of the altar of 
I be biifnt-onV^rli]?, whic:h it a£ Lhp 
door of tiio tabemiclc of the coii- 

ill A Eld ho shall take all hia fat 
from him, atio^ hum it Hifna Uw 

^ And he sbaJ^ do with the ba\- 
lock ELS he did wiUi th4 hulluck for 
H^in-olTcrlnK, io ffhnll he do with 
thia^ und tlu^piriuit ihsU moke in 
atonement tor Uieoii and it nboll be 

forf ivf.'q ihom, ^, ^ , . 

21 Aud ho iholl cumr forth Ui« 
bullock without the canip^ and 
burn him m b& burned tlie ftrat 
hulkck -. it Iff a liA-aOenrttf Hair the 

^ IF VVli^ a ruler liath mnni^f 
and df»iitfifJini!iAat ihroo^h l^o- 
raiwu] a^itmgt anjp of tlie com- 
ni£uidnif^ri]d of thq Lnan bin f^^M 
con^fTniit^l tAinijE which thouhl 
nolbedon&H [L]uti*pnHty,; 

^ Or if ilia fin, wheft'in ho haiii 
Rinnr'dh Cftme to iiis knciwledp'aj 
be ihaH brin^ hiji i^uriiif, a kid 
of tJi^ g'kju.t&i &. maJe without 
blemish : 

!i!4 And he shall lay hm hand 
ilpnti lhu hf^ad uf ihe if oat, nrKl kill 
kiotbejilaeo wlw-ro they kill the 
bumt-o'fferini hefore thu I^^rd :. k 
i> A Brn'Offerinf . 

^ And the pncit Ahull lako of 
tliti bluod of llie sin-olferrnir with 
luB tiu^er, and put it iipuo fho 
hornd tjf thn altar of bUTni -offer- 
{tin, and ?hall pour out hb hluc^ 
at the bottom of the aJtuu i/fhum^ 

26 And ho ihuH bunj all his fit 
upof! the nhnT-r na [hts fnt of tho 
Allien Nj^^ of Pt'oec-nfterin^: and 
Lbt.^ LiTiciit sbail make an iiLaoomont 
fur hiitt tts conr«Fnin# bis eint and 
\t pbnd bfs forgiven Nm. 

37 IT And If any flm* of t*» oom- 
'Dinn pooplu din ihrouKh ii^nomnca, 
wFiilr* h^ d(X;tb ioinrakni fiffttJi^M 
lioy of the cr^nxTtandmc^nta oi" the 

-ntixht not to Iw done» and ba 


Ufferine* for 

28 Or if his «in which lut haLh 
nnned, come ti» hm kiuiwkr^er : 
then he shall Lriiifc hia oAQriDg, a 
kid of the eoat»K a. tumaJD wiihgut 
blemish, for hid iin which ha hath 

ii9 And he F^hnH \ut h»t htuiil 
upon the head oi' live hin-atreriifli, 
and slay the sin ■ < \Xv ring in the pUc« 
of the burnt-ofluriiiir. 

30 And the vthm^ ihiUl mka cf 
the blood theri'i»r i,vmi tiis tinFor. 
and put tt upon i Jie Ijom^or ttju al- 
tar of burnt-oiii t i njj. aiut ihixl! po n r 
out all the blood iliensofat Eho bai- 
tom of the altar. 

31 And he sh«a! tiike nwn; nlX 

divers aiM, 

viithuL and it fcft hhl from hiitj j 
when iw knaw^th tj it, Uien ha 
ihvll La i^uJlL;. 

4 If Of ifa ffoal awear, prenoune- 
injf witli Ai^ lji>s td do evil, or t*i do 
j{fH>d, whiilancvcr it &e lliRla mim 
shall prnnouncu wiU] Art t>Rlh^ and 
it ho fijd from liim? wrhrn Ijoknow- 
c(i! <tf it, iii(.'n he ahEiil bi? fMiKjr m 
bno of Uuav. 

5 Aitd it sliall bo, when be ahall 
l>Q fuilEy in udg uf iht^o ^iT«f«, 
that he ihcll aojif&m that £ie h&ih 
Finfied in Ujat tfyin^ : 

tJ Arid hn shbll bmiw hin^ttn- 

lytimftiS^Brln^ onto the Lon.L> fur 

.. ... „ — hii Bm which Jio hath tinned, a 

Uie fat thereof, oja the fat ii taltti! , female fmni the flork, m Jamb or 

away firom otf 
peace-offering* : 
shall bum tt u 
sweet savour i 
the priest shall 
for him, and •; 


<iip^ Blld 


^ And if he brin^ s Ifamh for b, 
sin-offering, he d^ialT Wws U n ie- 
male without bE4^]ni>^4 

33 And he hJjaJli lay his hand 
m>on the head t4' iJi? 0in-uJTt:'ri[ie» 
and slay it for a iHin-tifTerlng in the 
place where tttcy lull itw burut- 

34 And the priest shall lako of 
the blood of Cn^ t^iu-ttf^uj'wE vc\ih 
his finger, and vux. it up^n ilto 
horns of the alinr 4>r Enirnt-tifTtTkni; 

iicrril^jt? df ;a kidoT Uie ifUEiti, lor a sin-cfFliT- 

\\v(} Dr]»trtng; imd Um- prhigl i^hnli mqhe hn 

Tiir itit a atuuemetvl fuj him conceroiag hif 

'" -' ' ftiiv. 

7 IT AjieI if he ht nut ahln to bring 
A ][imbt then hu shall bring f^r hut 
trcspBHi which be btUi tr4>inmiU«l, 
two turtb^ doves, or two youiv 
pi^ecinji. uoia Lbu: ItcmD: one fof 
a !iin otT^fine, and the uUieT fcsf a 

g Aud lifl nJiJtll kme Thi^m unto 
the Pi'icfli H'ho ah ah otft^r t/Mt( 
which !> for ihfi Alii-nfUirinA firei» 
Anil wrioff off hk bead from hii 
neck, hut lihiUl pot divide if 

9 And he shali Hprinilfi cf thd 
bboJ fif t)iu «i&-o(ri3rinr bpeu thp 

and shall poui am ail ihtt blood ^ide uf the oUnT; and the rest of 
thereof at the uotlom vl Uioittie blood ihnEl bn wrti.n4 utitui 


35 And he shall take aw&y nil 
the fat thereof, \vi ihe Tut of Uic 
lamb ia taken a^vriy_frt}ni the aacri^ 
ficeoftheueacn-uMiTioftsi fitid the 
priest shall bvirjL tht.'m upnn [he 
altar, accordiiii; m Uio t>ffi!:rijiffft 
made by fire unto tha Loitu : muJ 
the priest shall mcLke nn ainni^- 
mmit for his sin tlmt h^^ hnih 
conomitted, amt it Hbalt he fei inved 

Qf divers 0^evifkf;». 

AND if a souJ Ri], And hrnr the 
voice of fHFMiri^ijf, nn^l U a 
witness, whetbFT lit; hnih m^n nr 
known nf it; IT ho do net 
utter it, then ha KhiUi bear hii 

2 Or if a noiil lontih anj? tm- 
clean thing, wfar^Ehfir it bf a. carcajM 
of an unclean bi:Mt,or n. cacrau^r 
unclean cattle, m ilir^ ran.^aHi uf 
unclean creepif ' ' . , 'irtd \f it 
be hidden from l^u ihall 
be unclean, aw 

3 Or if he toi ■ • ■ ! . •■ 1 .:■ .leimiwjfla 
of man, whatsoever un^ lianne^ it 
bt that a man ihail he dafilDd 


ihv bnttoiB of Lha ikLlai^ it im 4l lin- 

10 Artd boAhan offo; the acnoDd 
foT a. bnrnt'ullend^, aeeording in 
ihs manour : and ihq prii.vt uiall 
mako HH titxttnumvni for him for hil 
sin which he hath uimu-d, and tt 
flhitri he forgiven hini- 

1 L II But ^I'he ba nuLable to bring 
two iurtk^flovf!tit or two Youiur 
pi^eoiii ; ilii,'!! h^ tbst ^inntd shhu 
hruig: ter his olforinit thfi Efinth 
pa^t of nit ephoh uf fittB ftr^ur far 
a prjn-afft^riiti^ip he «hal] piit no oi[ 
noon ir, neither ih^U ha put attj/ 
fraukinei<ini4 theretjjiT foi jl is b 

IS Then «hiiD be bring [Hd ihi: 
prEeci, &thI tJid phi'st shall rake hh 
hunJ/ui nf Li, fpf^ a momnrijil 
ibereofji und bum it nn thu aliar^ 
a^^'Conh ng ro ih« efferlnes mnde hj 
firv unED tiif} LoaDk it m a nBr 

13 And ihA prifr«L Hhill niiikei).|i 
atoafment fi^r bint 114 loocliint his 
■sin thnt be halh »fnFied in ci«h) of 
thr*e, nnrf ii ahnil be fnffitrvn him: 
an^l £Af rtmiiiMt fth«ll b* Uie 
priest s, U ipeat-offeruig. 

\4 ^' A»c] ihfj Loud tpnla unio 

15 If a *cMil pammit 11 Lrmpnp?, 
and e'm t)irnuelL ifur^rojiCc. hi tin; 
hviyihine* or the LotiPi ilirn he 
Hhali brin( jTor hia trt-sinu* unio ilie 
LnKD a. riiTiL wtthoat bLeinisfa dUI 
of the ducfcn, iviih UiT «stimaiion 
by iliekali of silvur, mller tile ilti^ 
kol of Ui& »aMtijaiT, f^ a trfiipass- 

]|fi And Ito shall mnko fimEriclii 
for ilie lijirm UiRt lie hath tEone ii] 
■In* holy Uaing, and fihnli aiUI iha 
fifth part UwriL-inH ^i^*^ Bivu it udIu 
tliepfi«( : and ihc priest ahall mnko 
llh ntnetfin^t fbr litni *Elii iKb ram 
of il]e UeHp4iF»-oifEirinff , BJid il a Imli 
bo PiFirivan l>im. 

17 ^f Aini if a iiiul Mn, Quel roTn- 
mU any nf [he™ thinia ivhich are 
rrirlfii^ikin ii> tvo Junis ijy Uju cutn- 
mBmlm^Eilii ^if Umj Lrmn; tht^uf^li 
h« v^'idt il DGi, yrt la ha suiltyp sjid 
tlmll bear Jii^ jiiicjijilf . 

IB And ho tImJI lir^Ti| a ram 
withtiui hteinnh opt of ijn* tlnckt 
with Ih^cBtim^tion, for a trcfpas- 
olfuhng uittu iLa prh-sl; an4 Uio 

firicit ahoJi] main? un aionpRipnt 
or him concern EJij[ hia iGnornxicD 
witPr^in ho umnl and wiai if nol^ 
hjhI U diJill t»o fiJieiveB hini^^ 

IV h » B Trespas&^^ering : ha 
hath ccrriaiulr tiudpajwed acumut 
Umi Lrijui- 


A ND Lba LoiiD ijjaks unta Mo- 

CHAP. VI. himt-^ering, 4rc 

wjsh tliF (^itimfltion. Tor a tnapasa- 
ofPiFinfti unto Om priidL : 

7 And <l^iP prirjtt shfiit make An 
alBiH-'mt-nt tVu hjn> ht^foitj iJio 
Lcinii : Eiiul it jihiiit bcs fi>ri;iv^gi 
|i i m fi>F any Thitip of a l] I h nt h(3 ibu Lh 
flboii m tro^a^mf Uicrihin. 

a II Anil tJjo Loup s^}Lt upUif 
MD«>Vt earlnff, 

<J Cfjoimiiikl Auron and hijt*«itiB, 
pjilfiniti Thiij if the law of the 
liurnt-affeiuiff l ll u thu bunit-ur- 
fering, bocaiM; of iJie burning up- 
on. tilt* allar all nijsliL unlo Use liiu ru- 
in^. aii^L Uii? fuo nf Uin ei^lAir bhkil 
be burninff in iu 

lU And llkii priodt ahall puL unh\a 
linen tfarrncitl, (Litd ojj hiitu 
L>rL'Cc]ibs £haU ho pnL upon hii 
flttfih, njiH tiLke up thd lutiiAi whith 
the tlT4] bnth conAUtntul Vfieh LI14 
buTnt-uffL'iriJiff on ibe ftlto;^ imd 
h& uNall put tbtMU b«*jde the 

11 Aitd hQ tlrLlJ pat qIT his tf oj- 
mcucj^ jsnd jiul on qUii't ffunnenrd, 
and carry rirrijli iJao a&hcd uilhijol 
Lhi^ camp Lin 10 a clooji iiluc^. 

12 And tlic Cro uikjn ihc allni 
ilmJi bu buriihii! in it^ it blmlt imi 
bfl ]tut nut; and ihe prJvat hhuJt 
LLiri> Av^od oil it every uiotiiiu^, 
iu>d lay t>r& burra'<i]r4Jj-iTt£ in order 
iJpQij ii; and iiD sdhail bum djtrwn 
ihc fat of tliu p«fii:ii<M)frt!rii»^» 

1^ 11]^ fire BhaJJ ever be burning 
Upon Uie attar ^ it ibuli Rjcvar igti 

treepBH afniiut iLe Tjonn, and 
Lin unto hit neishbauf io thtit ivhich 
was delivertid him to kptp, ut in 
relJow^hip, tiTi in a ihin^ taken 
AvfKf by rJtulencCr or batii dfCuiv- 
«d MnvighbLimr; 

3 Of hnre found that which irt^aj 
iMt, aitd ikth curtcjrrninf it^ and 
cvUi ftil«e1r T in any of till 
i tbst a man doolh^ tinning 


4 Thill tt ihall be, because he 
liBth f ioned ind w fuilty, ilmt he 
■hult restofe thai v^^hlcb h« tnnk 
vlokmtly away, or thA thjng^ which 
bs hath d£«eilfu]i1y fottenn or that 
whMi w^u rtt>Uveft!Kj him to koep, 
nr theJoiQ Uunp which he found, 

5 Or all that About whirJi he 
nth iwom fajMslr; hi? ihalli2Vf<i] 
wt4ri» it irr (he pfin^ipaL aiid Umli 
add ilidiflh part mon.'' ih^'iiecor einff 
riy^ It luitti lijiii tu Hrhom it a(jpi^^ 
tflhietht ju ilitfi Aztni ^d^ tr(,>ppaM- 

And ho «hi»11 britiff his tr»- 
^«i-o1I¥rini!' unto lli« LottP, t fani 
wtlii<aii1 btfliniih out n\ tlin fln{<lt, 

14 1] And thiff i'# the Zm.w «r tJia 
tn e Bt-orteriutf . TiiE; u jtw u T A aro j> 
i}ia|| offer itlieCitre U>q Loau« hn 
furc the itltar. 

1^ And he shall take of it hi? 
haiidltili, of the tieut uf the itiRftt- 
ofTerinr^ and ortliQ uiUhereofr and 
all th« frunkinc^TiMi which 1* upon 
the meut-onVirinj;, rLnJuhnil hum tt 
upon the aliAT /«■ n nweut iaveui. 
c^flR the memorial uf it, uijuj tite 

16 And tbft icnj Hinder thermf 
mtiW Aaron and hi* frjn# m\ -. vnhh 
uidcavaned broad 4huU it be caxetL 
in th9 hn\ypkicei m the eaurtoF 
■he tabernacle of the CuireTecatlcm 


n U ( ■ 

__ __ ihatl nut bo bak(>n with 
teflvtiD. I hnvy giTSMi El mtio iA&n 
for their portion oTmy otlVTiiieH 
mad by Ii ro . f L iW loy nt holy ^ ai ici 
tiiu iifi-oRerinEt alul an tho tr^tpasf- 

18 AI3 the lufilcs amonif th^ chil- 
dntn yf Aorcip <haJ] i^at of iii tt 
ifhsll be B vlalute for cvf^r in yom 
fenerotions concerning; Uie ofler- 
in^a of the Loan madii br fin ' 
every otw ihnt toueheth iheni ih^ll 


TTulawoftlU LEVITICUS. trespass- etffermg. 

19 IT And the Lord spake unto i the flanks, and the caul that is 
Mo«ffl,«iymg, I above the liver, with the kidneyHf 

ao Thill is the afTerlng of AiirtJii ; itttlmll hn tak*; ns\ny -. 
frnd af hu acini, in^hich thef ahikll' ^ Artd ihe^neiiE eliaH hum liium 
Dtfer uai^ Ujq Lc>rd in tiio day up(jnihciiJUir/v''aQ QlTerijii^niaile 

pajft uf |3J1 Liphah of liinD dour for 

anHia('ofFi?rin|f j,jLTpotuuL half nf 

by fire UfHa i^u LoRn : li cif a uei- 
Efi^ry iii(ilq nmons th« prieai* 

itm UiD morninir, Eind half liiereof phiill cnt itiereufi it iJiEiU l»o aatoa 

at tud lit. 

21 In a pan it RhaU l*e mailo^ witli , 
oil; dftd! mAoi it t? bokrn, lIiou 
flhali Ufln^' it In ^ dTui^ tlio Imkitn 
ineccfl ar tbti niu&t {atfcrins Klmlf 
Uiouofl^r/t^r n e^vtot^cLvaur uuLa 

99 Aiii3 the priest of iiis aons 
thul is aiioiuiEiH:! jn Iuei atend stiall 
ofTof it; i£ i> u sLululf] Tor evar iioto 
tlio LrniD i U 4hdli bo wholly tmrJit 

Si Par every meal'^ofliTing Tor 
thepr[>!»E«iiulL t* wholly burnt [ it 
tltai] not l>Lf eiKert, 

^ M And Ujo Ixkat]^ fipako uiita 
Miytv^, «aylnd. 

25 Sneak unio Aar(>a and to bit 

n Iho Itolf place : !l ig mtMlUo^* 
7 As tiio sin-olTeru^g u, «> » 
liiG tn^apD^-tifn^riuf ; there is eitig 
UiVf fvr Inum : ihc prici:btl]nit niaketh 
atDnf^mouL Lboreu' ith fihul^ hnvQ lit. 
6 An J tJao phwt ihatolTertiUi any 
inao's bumi-ofTufinff reen (he 
prioit sJ^idJI have to hinn^tf tim 
tkm i>rMn3 bumt-oJbruif which he 

9 Aivl fill ihemeat-DlTtfrinEtliat 
ift bakrn in ihc cyl^u^ an^ idl uisii ii 
i]rti&iit>t| ill Uj* frylntf-pajj, and in 
tbe psQ, shall be tbo priasC« Lhai 
oflcFUih \u 

III And cvv-n meat-olIbriBe 
miDitkd with uti^ njid 6ty, thall hJI 

»i;iii«, sa^id^. This (J ^Q Ifiw of iho foi;* nf Awfoa have, ono oj 
the fih-'afFenn^ ; la Um pluc^^ vvhere mvrA as another, 
tlie tiumt'OfTiirine is killed shaD iJ^D II And Uiis i^ tbo law of Uie 
Bn-ofluripE be Kill?<l btrlon^ Uiu ,:3atr]f!i;e of TH]ai--e'Cinering^s, wliliih 
Loap : it u mosi boly. / he ^hnll uftat uciiu ihe Lnap. 

BCTho prwjsi ilmt (tlFercth iL for H If he offttr it fet a iliaaks- 
■In shall oat, It: m tim h4>iy pl^eu giviufr tlien be shall oflbr wUt iha 
■■■'■' ' ■ lirtof Liie I sacjnnco oftlkatikAgivinie utUraven- 

shftU it bo otttoD, ID ibe {loiiri 

tabcrnEiela of tbe ccnni^regaLJun. 

I od rnkei min^bti wiUi oil, sndup- 

, ., ._ „ .. I iKi - ii.*^:. mingle. ^ 

£1 Wbai4fPEivdf eljtajl luucb Uie ' lL>avc-iKMl wafers nnoiaitsl wit}| nii, 

floBh tlicreof ^hull be ]j.(^iy : and iinft CJikei mingW wi^ oil, of fine 

wJion tiiL-rv is spKtikled of Uvel iiour, frifid, 

blotid Ui£fODr upua imy larmoat, i VA tkmidles Ibo enkc^ he fthall 

tiioa shall wasb ihnt wJkt&uii il 
wju BPriiikled Ln the holy placti., 

93 But tba e&itht^ii vtmai wber^ 
ia it ItsoddeDiUiallhu broken : and 
tf i,! bo sodden is s. hriLTiHi pol, it 
fbajl be hutb seoured, and rinsod 
lo water, 

t!9 Al] the males annansUifi! pnitipii 
Silinl] <^al tbL'rvuf ^ it ii auM boly. 

^ And no tin-otfuriin^, whf<ireof 
any of llie bluud lis t^rouflil InEo 
lh« i(L|[wrliKe|u (."ftf tba eea^rL'^auon 
to reconcilt! vriihid ju trin hcdy 

Elate, ahsil be eaten: il shall be 
umi in the lire. 


oflc:r for bis olTerin^t tt^avunnl 
btt.^ad, with liie sscriHco of ttiankih 
^i^intt of his fxtiiCQ-uneringa. 

V4 And of It hfl' shall olfet psie 
out fif line whoh oblation /(M^aq 
lieave-ofTcrioK unio tbe LonP. and 
it uhajl Ih' ihi^ [iriObCa tliul Espj-inkbub 
ihi; blood of ihr; ixruwMsfferinjfs^ 

15 And lliff llF'sb of the lacriiice 
of hiH p«»CE!-nfreriiiE:e for tb4ak»- 
eiv in^ shall bo eati>n tl lo Bsme dor 
uint it \i oiXvTiHi i \iK BbFill nut luava 
aw of it nniil tbe morning i 

}Q Rut if the sacrifico of his 
aPfende bt a \*tw, or a volunlai-y 
ufFerinf, it sbtill be tat^-n Ui*' flume 

T^ki lawiJ'tks T^f^fitiiJS-ttffmng. \i\nf that ho elfereth his earrili^e 

LfKEVVIliE tbb It tliif Ittw {if { and oDthoTngrrowahLci tJu9it<niaL[t' 
tiicj uiwpass-ofliirinff 

mu-dt holy* 

3 In tiio place whore ihof kill T|io 
bural'ofTi'riiil? thai] ihvf kiU Uio 
biwpaHhofliiiTing 1 tnd the blood 
tlivraof »hall be sprinklo round 
ahout iipoE] the ahur, 

3 An^i he shall itflbr of it all the 
fat th&roof ^ U^v rump, and tbo fat 
Uial coi^i^reth tbo invrari3i, 

4 And tho iwu kiitneyiii, andtlto,,^,^ 

fat. that it on tliom, %vbich h hy \u9\miuUr 

it i« . dc^r tif It t^hall be eaion : 

IT tint tbe rt- maindcr uf the fi^h 
of tbe uiCLririCD^ on the ibiid day 
abalt be huml Vrilh fir& 

}fi And If ^at^ of Uie fleih of ih4 
Bocri^cn ufhis poace-^fferiiriGSf be 

estrn at all oa ihfltlurddaT, it Bhatl 
not tm ftf^cfytod, nuttbfT shiiJI it be 
JinpuKKl unui him thntoflereth it: 
it ■hall bo aa nbtiminabon, and tha 
»aul that eateth of it shall Iwar 

tutd^^tkepemee-ttfering. CHAP. 

to And the tSish tliat toui^hctli 
vty unde&n ihinf iiiaM noi ho 
eatcD ; il ihoJl bu burnL with firs [ 
uwl w forth!? flpnh, all Ihiil budeiui 
■linH emtbrirvof, 

ao But thu *oul thai eiireth flftlio 
Dfwb of the Bacrific:^.^ ofiifiice^offi^r- 
inci thiLt ^cT-f uin muu Uhv Lord, 
Ii4via0 ha unclcuiiTieBi uuoii inm* 
wen umi ftoui thuU h^ cut oif fiom 
bis po[»lD, 

SI Mar«ovDr> the sdii] thoit en a J 
tnatrh ejir lin^E^Ein t/p'n^, at the 
Hfi«:]!i^aniiu;ie or man, m ans utiic^Ii^uIi 
beiMt, tjf any fttioniiiuiblci luk^Icoh 
CAjtrtf . oimI eat of the flyaJi uf tbo 
ucrfncf of iKuirc-offufingA which 
pfrtJiin unU^tlie Lnitn, t'vua ikat 
■onl flh^U tie cut olf froEn hia peo- 

32 IT Aad thtt Loan ipake uoto 

2:1 Sjjfiak unto tlip childrt^ or 
Uitmit EoyttiSt Ve nhniH «at no 
nuuiucr of fal, cfox^ orofiheepp ~~ 

^ Aiul the fai of the beut that 
Ak\h er HJttlft B^el Ui£ f^t uf thai 
whit^h II tom with beiJUM, mny b^ 
ibchI in any otbpr use : but y<s maS 

VS For whDfloeTi5t nu.Wih Ine fat 
of thu biwii,, of which nion offer an 
otmrliir maiWhy ftru iLntot}ii! Tir^aD, 
«ycti t ho euii] that ebteth t'£ bhiLUi be 
cut oFf refill hj* pGopIo. 

^ MnneoTar^ yo nholl ent no 
mmncyr of blood, trhfihtr it be 
of fDWI ortif beiist> iri an^f of your 

3T wkaucwTcr ootil it be that 
ealeUiATiyinaTiDDr of litiiJod, nvcD 
ool fihail b& pui Dtf from hia 

.JTTAnrl the LoJLit ^nko unto 
Mit;t?*f tarings 

^1 HpNfak uimto th« cJincJren of 
Ijimoi^ irAf iD^p lie tha.t ciffcrcth tlic 
■aCi'lhee ofhii pwconylfyriiiCi unu* 
ttu^ LojiD. flhall brine: hii oblaUoiTi 
ijutci the LtJFtii of tljo ucni^t^e of 
liiiyieHCfl-afleri ntfff r 

% H'iA awn haudj shall brlnf tha 
odfi<nii(iof thi» Lmm m&ilQ b; 5ru i 
(b« fut wiLh the breast, it nhull he 
bfitWi tiiAt tl]# htfijut mciT ba wn- 


3J Atid the CFri«t sbiiJI bum the 
TdI upon the nilnr; hut thu bnosi 
fhoJlbt! AuFon^s ino hia eoil»^. 

33 And ih& jii^ht bhuuLiki' ihall 
jiij iVtt uiiuj iJifc |jiii«>fi ^ar nn i i*av p- 
qm-rinc laif, tJiu AOcrllijCQi of iraur 

XI He amonf th« toraof Auem 
tfaal off^tetji thi^ blood cif UpU PDOice^ 
offunnath irHl ifa* fut^ ihtiJJ hate 
^ ri^ht «Ijou]()ar for Aif pan. 

. VOL nepriesV 9 portion. 

34 Por the w«vt-bftJ;rt and flu 
h^Avc-ahoulrJer have I LaLen «f ilw 
children of Ifrmcl ffgoiofflhe iacri- 
fictj* of ihtfjr i^pflre-ttftLfliigfcf ami 
havu pivfn tbt'm uniii Aarr>n the 
priuftp aad uotu hUf unrUpby afllamtu 
for air«jr, frpm anions Lbv cbiklfCirt 

SSITThia in Vus portiim of Iho 
nnoiiiiin^ cf Aajun^ and of the 
onoiDtlas of hji. mcn\a, out or tba 
ort*Tittg*oftho Lord ma Ji> by fitv, 
in the day when he presentcHl thpm 
to JtiiniHtfj^ antu tite Loild in Uio 
tiriPBt^e oBiCf? : 

3ti Witich the Loan enirmoadi^ 
tr^be eivt-n tliam oj the children of 
l^raeL in the day diat h^ uinnatlfd 
tbenip J^|r iL iiratutis for o^«;r through - 
otjt (heir |gt!n^T4liuiiji^ 

37 Tbid u the law of ths bumt- 
flffi'rhi^, of tliu mtjat-oneriner and 
of tho»tn^jfferine, ^itd of ihit troi 
{Mi^s-offiirJiigp aiui uf tlKf coiweera 
tiotiSp aiid of tlie ■afiftfice of tli4 

30 Which the«inmiin(fcd 
Moiei in Mount Stnai. in thcdaj^ 
tJiat he cotomnriiU'd the chUcfzen 
of L^rael to offer tli^tr oblatiooi 
unto lite hon^j m tiko wUdemf^i*! 

CHAP. vm. 

A ND I he Loiui ipuke unto Mo- 
XI nein iayjofrp 

S Take AtLfon and hiaiena with 
hhn^ 'a.R\,\ tJjQ i^iirRuyiU, 4nd Uie 
anojnlinf aiJp and n bullock for liiu 
uiit-o(F(!nn£p iind twn raini, Abd u 
bojJtetof unk:aveDeil bread t 

3 And ^atJier thau all th'^ con- 
frrtfTAiion tojjeib«f ixnuj the dsxir 
uf ibe tflbeciiaclfl of Uio c^jogicf a- 

I Artd MoBca did lu ihd Loan 
cocnunand^ him; and Uie p.p«em 
biy WEUgaLhat'td together unto tht> 
diMjr of the tahcrtuicli!! uf the cou 

5 And SfiMti Botd unlo the coa- 

Sreeaiiou, ThlB U iIjv thin^ which 
loLoao rommandt^ to bo done. 
^ And Mi>$«9 brpiisht Aaiun anJ 
his fwnsp and woabed them wii n 


7 AtKl be ^ut iipttfi Inm iliecoal. 
and fiTded him wiih th^i^nlkiiinn 
cldthed liiaa with the nabtf, and pul 
ih^ l^nho1\ uqiki hiui, and he Itnl- 
ihI litin w'ilh the j^iinouBftifdle^flf 
Ui4 f>pKn>dp tpd boond il unlo huo 

B And h« |>iit the broast-ptatf? up- 
on him ^ l^liO h€ ptit ill itiu l>rpiun- 
l»l:iljtf the Urim and tliyThTJiismiHi- 

'J Ami he putthennrre upon hw 
hi^od:; olflO apaa tike mitre, ^vm 
upon lui fore-fromi^ ^^^J^ ^^^ ^^ 

JttitMt eonseeraittk 

liolr crowns cj 

___! L.' !■ ■ ■ :, :. T'dud Mo0Cf. 

10 And busies Li.'ttk tliPDnoinllnf 
DiU and anoialcd thu tiiL^riiAcLu 
and all thai i^'fup thpreirtr ami SEJic- 

11 And bea^prinklodliiDreorupDii 
the aJtJir iovnti (imqifj and anoiiiifHl 
ijbo blijlr find all his v<.£acli, bol:}i 
the Javerniid Ult fiicit, to najicUlf 

19 And he tiouted of tbo anoint 
Ins oil ii^on AarciD^s h^euf^ and 
onoiniod Lioi^ to eaneUr^ himr 

13 AflJ Mdh^f Urtiu^fit AaTOft'd 
■OQii ond put conu opun i|]f;inp imd 
prrdcd iJitui with if miles, ami pul 

isntt^rnundcd M(»gb. 

14 11 And ha brought tho bullock 
fortlia Bin-onbrin^[ and Aaron uml 
Kid Hona Icud Oteir hattdflUfioD thu 
head of the bMUock for tha sin 

I!i And he ilcw it; and Mossa 
took the blood, ftnd put it upou ihe 
tiorm uftlic oJtnr round libdulwith 
hiv fini^er, euid puriJiud the alcafr 
and pourpd tJiy blotid itt iha bottom 
of ihy alter, and iancUfic^ it, la 
m^jEo reconcilJntJon upt^n iL. 

la And he tentk til the fat t]iat 
teas upoo Uio inwarda. and fhec^iil 
aJrti^ the livnr, and ths iwsj^ kiil- 
n«jn, ahdi ihcir flu, and Mdks bortt- 
ed tt upNiiii tliQ rUdj. 

17 Flit tbebulUicki and hu hido, 
]i]i HcMihp aad i)]« dun^, ha butnt 
with Gn? witbmt ilu-< camp ; tu tho 
Lord cuRiniandt.'d Mckk^i. 

15 1f Andliii brouebi the mm foT 
we DQmt-ornjnnr T andAciiiia and 
hiB mm laid ihoir himdi upon the 
head of the nim. 

19 And he killed it; oju! Moh^s 
■{irinlkk'd Uie blood upon iJie dtar 
found abanlL. 

90 A n^T he eut the ram into pitwea ; 
and MoMH burnt the head, and the 
liiecai. And iho fat, 

Vl And he wiLahed the inwani!i 
aod ihe h>xi in watur; and Bl^m^ji 
burnt ihe whole mm uptinthc tiliiir : 
It ifi4ti m barnt-tanrififi^e for a uwvfl 
-patoi^f, and an oETeriaf me da by 
fira unto ths Lohd ; &t tlia honn 
commiindt'il Mi.wl'.(i, 

ffii ir And ho bfcjuffht the other 
rian, ihe ram of cflrwt.'.emtion 1 and 
Aaron cmd Itis imiinlald thnir huvdi 
apKtntbe liend nftherun^ 

SI Apd bn (jEeirv t^ ; an«d Mom^ 
tookol the bliifWtofhp and put li 
iipdn thii t5p of Aarckn> riiehi tar, 
BTid upiiu the tboinlj pT hi? vi^ht 
hand, and u^son the ; ruat tot of bia 

34 And ho brourht AarDn^iBC)r>j<, 
■lid Mowi puiorth0 blcHid iiiK>n 


LEVmCUS. ^arott aiu< kit M0119, 

the tip of tJ]<iir riebt ear, aod uptiti 
thfi tlkumbs of ifiiiir ntht handi^ 
and upon tliu irrunt toea of tJheir 
right feet X and Moii4)4 fprinkled 
(he bTood upon th& nltar round 

i^ Arvl be took tlic fiht, iipd tJiie 
rumji, nod all t}iu fiii th:bt koj upi^n 
tlio iuward.i, luid t]>e t^uol D^4'««the 
liver, uuj the tvro kidnors, an^ 
IhT-irfat, and liio right she aider l 

at And out uf the baxkut of uiih 
Icavun^^ij bn^ad, tiiai ttoj^ bc^fora 
tlie LuftD, bo tocak one unleavtinoit 
cake, andiic^Etke of oiltJ bread. 
t\m\ one wjifer, and pnl t/icm en tiia 
fai^ upon the HifljtihouLdtjr : 

in And hii put all trpon Aitron'i 
handsp ami ufion hii mm' hands, 
and w a veil tfirm far a w ave-oflcr- 
itiHjiiforu il|[f LoaD. 

5P Acid Mf>sc.'8to(j.kthpm fjomotf 
jJiEiir Imndsn aitd burnt tAem on Uift 
altar upon !}>^' burnt-ofTuriiif t ihaj 
ic^trconBecrationpfor a sweet aa- 
vnUT : it i> Ml offering mado hi fira 
unto the IjriKJ>, 

^i And Ma^ri touk the bmaav 
and waved H for a wavo-t>ffbrin|t 
Ixiforo the I>nJin e for of ihe ram ol 
coimMratJtm it wan Moaes'pan; 
^ The l^iHJi eommatalfd Jdlaipi. 

no And Mo4«B tuok I ^fihii anoint-- 
in^oLK nnU nfthe biwjd wbidi ttoM 
up^n the altar, and irprinkled it 
Upun Aarun, and Ppoil hia far- 
penK and upon bsB aona, and upon 
bid pi>r)i^ t^itriniL'ntd witli him ; and 
«&nciified Aaron p ont^his garment^, 
and hri tmn^. nnd bia eom" ^aj- 
iDonlj with him. 

'M IT And MonL^fnidtinto Aciron 
and lo bid jioni^r Buil the flesb tU 
the door of tho tnbernacla of the 
co[i|^n!{ratiion I anJ ther^eai It with 
the bmad that r> in the baekot uf 
conKT^rntionapaa I com ni apded ,«A]r- 
i^L Artron and his Hopitihall eat k. 

32 And thut which mmaitKith of 
Eht; Oeiih nnd of tb« braad ahull f& 
bum with fire. 

vCl And je shnll not 50 oat of tho 
door ef tho tnbemaelo af tj>e con- 
ire^aiipn tn Mven dapt, onii! tho 
daf i of jf oor ronaeCration bo at an 
end 1 for ji even d nj^ Ahull ha e otwv 
CTwUi jrou. 

^4 Ai bci hatli rlnf^e Ihia dar> 119 
tliQ Loan hnUi temninndGd tudo, 
(o mn.k*^ an atonement fj^r yon, 

35 Tln'rvforo aiiall yo n-birie af 
tl<o door of thn tidiefithrle of Uie 
<!oi]|rio|fution dajf and nlijht »rvi>n 
dih^P, arid kr<^(> ihe churfa vf tha 
Mjko, that sre die not : Toj io £ am 

^UV Bi> Aaron and hia ma^ did all 
thin^* IV hi eh tlie IvrttU' commBml- 
rd hr lite hand of Mow»s. 

JiarvtCM tiJfermgMfor 

AND IL Li.iL- !j U-:15» UD ihfl 

Auran tind hk noru^ jitnL ihu ekkra 
of Israel: 

3 And lie tail! unirjAnroatTnio 
thee a Foun^cuit f<}r a sLii-tjflbnnir, 
Ktid ^ men fur EL LiurnE-ofty^fiiigh 
w itlutui blemiBh, srnl affcr (^fW be- 
ta ro tiiu Lotti>, 

3 Andnttici diQ! cJitldrcii of IsiatH 
ihoaHhDltejwuk.imrJji^, Taku yo 
A kid {jJ^ttiQ fDCjila fi>r a tun-oflliring ', 
iijid a CO IF rtocl ei Imnbv iofA of tlio 
fint j^M. without blcmiibi forJ» 
bumt-otftirlng i 

4 AIh> a builocl and 4 mni far 
PQaiCL-titrcringii Loeacrifice dofuro 
tJhe LrOKP i^ aiid a inucit-afTGrfn^ 
liimglibd \i'i1h oil: for to-Uay tti^s 
l^jAJi wilJ^ appoflr Unto j on. 

5 5 And dwF brouebt a<M whkb 
Bloie« coiTimnrudod (tefore theta- 
tKtrtiAcJQ iii tiia c^mgreermiion i nwl 
jlII Ch} congrcgi^tinn drew amu apcl 
•UKhI b&liurti iTlC IfORtV 

d And Moset Hnld^ T^d* i> Ibfi^ 
thins wbkh iho Lonc^ ci>minw[lc(l 
UiM yc Alioulil ila ^ and iJio {rlory uf 
Uiu LoKi! iilniiLlI Dppcnr unui j'au. 

7 Ami MoM*« ftBiri unio A^mn* 
Gn lUiU) iko tiiuf 1 imJ tifttt tliy sin- 
c»lTt!f!ini, ancHhr burni-o(Toricig,aud 
inake nnniunmikynt foriJiyieir, and 
for ili« p«o|jk> ■ EintJi offtfr the oiler- 
inff of Lhu r«opfc^ qjkI runVu nn 
■^ynDAjf^L fyr tht^vi ; oe ibu LOR-D 

% IT Aormi Iherefure went unto 
thatltof, And uluw iJie calf of chu 
lii^nlfbnngT^Jiich «<a« ftjr hiitisplF. 

9 AndtbfiiDoi of Aajron hrt^u^lit 
lb« blocHl unla h;ni t fwil h<3 dipptnT 
hu fiagOl ki tho blu4>r|, q.nd pm. it 
upon Oie horrrfl dT iha tdtar* o^id 
l^umd rvut tim blood al the botlum 
i}f th« aJUir ^ 

10 But tho fat. Hud U\» kxAxit^ft., 
KAd tliecaul ahaxtt the iiixir af uiq 
WEHiiieTia^pJie burnt upon iho uitar: 
■I tb« IjQRO f oouniLDiiJcd Hoksh 

11 Attd the Ae^ 4yid thu bidft he 
burnt with luD wiLliuot ib^ catnp^ 

13 And U« ^law iii« bmiit-of 
ferini; iind A(tFOii^i *uns pmaaeiil- 
wi niitu iiin^ the bluodp wEuiiJi ha 

STLnktccI round aboui upon the 
tar. , , 

13 x\nd thoy pTeaentod ih* hurnt- 
vMiriAf unla biiiiT yi-'i^ tha pieco* 
duiroor, and ihoht^ad \ oiid ho burnt 
lAm u|<»on the aUni^ 

II And hjfrdid woaIi ihc iowandi 
aoil thft Lef«. kod hutot cArm Lipeo 
thv bumt-onbffiogoo tli« altar. 

IS H And hA brought ih#[H!Op[o'4 
eflerinCp Bud took uiofoalr ^bich 
auttie ii«-oflJbnntf for the poopWt 

CHAP. X. A«niM(f cndCAiUMpfe. 

and ji!{?w it, and ofl^mj it fbriiii, u 
the lir«t. 

Iti And he brought tho biimt-of- 
ferine, and oflerE?d it ACtordJof la 
tlm manner. 

17 Aad 1j*! broueht the ment-of' 
ft.'rintf, and iurj|taiiharul/ui thcitiuf, 
and on rot it upon tho Bttur^ be- 
i^indtii the bujmt-^actJtkK of the 
Tnorninif' ^ 

m He d^v^ Elko the bullock and 
tljL^ ramjur ft HiizriFico of p«!aco-of- 
fcrinffii, whic k vif« f(jf ihe peoi^ 
and Aaron's sons pr(»cntod untv 
hijTi i!io blood, ttliirU bo tpriiUiod 
upenti^Q r]iar round about, 

m And ihc fat of tbpbuUock, h£>d 
of 1hi* rELHJ.t^e ritmpHhiid niiai wliich 
coyePiflh tAe i]i»ara«, and the kid- 
n^ira, and the caul oZf^nie tho 

20 And they pat Uae foi upon tb« 
breustK, and iio burnt iho fat upon 
the aJtnr ; ... 

t£l Arid the breaitB and the niM 
fthouldorAaroii wnvod Jir awaVB- 
ofTerinr brforo IhcLoRP ^ u Mo«h 

2i Ami Aaron li(kd u(i hta hand 
toward tho ueoiiEc, nnd blosiod 
tht-'cn; and cama down from oflbt- 
init of tho itn-kiiifDrinf, and tho 
bumt-#fr<fiinE,and peace-cjffisj'iffllfr 

^ A ud Miidus arul A aroo iivent 
intt> tho taborfiorte uf tJtti congie- 
i^aTJou, and camoout, and bloiasad 
fb>s pei:?plo : and iha 8^'^>'y '^'^ 1^ 
LoKif appu(U«d unto aJ>l the peur 

^4 And ihufc cnioG o lira oil t from 
befure ihu Limi>, Rtid ronflumed 
upo/i iho altar the burnl-ofT^Hng 
and tlio fat: ivrAi^A whon all tba 
poople saw, tiwy aboutcd, ood &0 
on tliuir tvtcm. _ __ 
CHAP. ^. 
^adab and *'ibihn bvmt. 

AND Naddb ;mJ Abiho, tha 
ioo^of AaioD, took cirJirrDT 
lb tin hia cenwr» and put Era t^Mro- 
ior und put inceDfi.a tiicrKini and 
offered lEinLniTo ftm LcfDr? tho 
Loaj>, Afrhich be conjoiainlffd thoni 

^ And thero wont c>at nre froA 
the [^no, and devoured tbcn^^ and 
they dk-d tnjfjjro tho Jjorh. 

3 Then Mom!4 said unto Aaron, 
Thii is it that the LoFiP i^paka. 
aayini* I v>\\l bo EiLOctiiiod iii iham 
thai como nigh nie, and botbre hij 
the poaplel will be glorified' And 
Aaioti held hit peaco. 

A And Mo»ea trailed Mishael and 
ElzDVihnn. the wns uF CiZHfl thfl 
undo of Aajon.and mill un^o ihefltr 
(i^^nio neai:, cofiy yi>ur lifcihton 
Ff DTn bsfyro the ionctuiry out fli 



5 Both'^f w^t lionr, Uld Qarried 
them in tnnM cmiXi uiiiaT iita camp ; 
asMuacc- Wit] unM. 

G Anit Mihica ioid unlo Adtoh, 
and untu LlL^iL/iir Jtmi uin^t lUiu- 
niur. h'w «ihi^ I'm-nwirr rnji ynu 
heaiM, n'Mtlicr ruml fMur cliiiltimj 
le«it ye cIhj^ mu\ lift-i >*Tiilli tiuinn 
upon ali \\n^ k>uij|jlu^ ttui k-r yuur 
bruihrun. r n^ ^vkimiu Jmurtu af lafLLi-l^ 
bewtiil til" L^Liniii]^ nrjtidkUieLiikij 
hath kin IUtL 

7 And >i.^ isJiiitj ttfrt ffo oiii frtmi 
the (\wn lif itig tuLfiniacle ijif iIil^ 
eon^reifijri,|.pi> |&!4 yu ilii^r fur Uit^ 
aimnitint; miI ui' Htu Limtf is upiPii 
frtu. Aii^ Uii<y (led uucutdlRif lu 
the wonf . M -^. 

6 II A ' »iLu ipiLiko unru 
Aaron, a 

9 Do I ^vulB ii[pr Bifoing 
drink, th< u, mir iJir »uibt with tJtL'>i'. 
whenyc l;^J mio im tubpmrtiik uf 
the con$-i,|j;iLiJEin, Li.<^t yu Jld: i£ 
thall be •! ^l^1u[e l^irfivt'if thruuEJ:>" 
out youi |i:' iiHrutiun^E 

10 And UKti y« titay put differ- 
«nce bo" '^'Mi iKirjr hueI uuliul/p 
and betv ... i mmi aaA cluoii , 

11 An iiiuy tfiich fIiu 
ehildren :l1I tho siikune^ 
which il. :. ..: i. iiJi KiKtltMh umLu 
them by iLr i. I .i£'Mn^^i>>. 

Aaron, nnil iin'.u J']1<'i]/.ar nnd unit} 
Ithanmr* Jiis) aiHj-; f|*iii i%urft KTi, 
Take tin.' icitiui^ilbncifir tluw rt.- 
mainoth i»:^ Uli; ittTnririfi uf iHl^ 
Lord m-.^iia hy lir»^ and bhI il 
without Umvuii Lw^ide tiiQ allAt ; 
<br it Mill i«iliijty . 

13 And >b ^nll auL ii in the hrdy 

8 lace, K"i'[LiJ<ift it iM thy due, aiiil 
\y sons' i|itfi4 uf iIh} eHcrdi(u^ mT 
the Loai^ iniidu b|f tiru : tur lo 1 utn 
command I I'd. 

14 An: I fhr! Kvnve-Wfrtwt rnd 
hcave-shiiiEliicr tlmll yn tmt in it 
clean plii. tti iJmti, and ilij warn. 

and Uiy ii iiii*-- with tfn-H: iVr 

tAey^et -mI litf HHia^iiuf*, 

w/ucA ai III af ttift #iirrkH^ 

ces of p i. .. \.vtf.t of t\m chiE- 

drenorl I II i. 

15 Th^: krnvit-ihOMl'kf nsd the 
wave-bn iML s-lmJl ihrv iirinir* with 
theoflreriiiL'- nmd<:liij? ftr^tif i|it^ fEit* 
to wave il /•tra. wnw^tfCajms be- 
fitre the l-'Uti; mid it s^i.lIj lti<- 
thine, ain'l rfii^ihMiii' whh tliee, hjr 
m statuti^ Tor fvuf ; am th^ LoKn 

IfMI Ashr Muiu«idih«r^iit!yjicni|Etie 
the soai nf thu airi'-itflbrinii, liitd 
behttld, ir whp burnt- nmt Iti^ «ii> 
anfry wuh Frf™t?:iU nanl lnhuiniir, 
the sons jf Aar&n which were krt 

17 NyhorWun bavi ft not wttn 

Cik« *«ly ttni#«. 

lliti I'lD-uflerinc JB the huly pIacs^ 

!«h fling it it most Liily, ami tfoi 
hiitli E^iyi^n il F4JU to f»iv^;,tF rlti' ini* 
iiJILiH/ uT Uju cunercijfiiEiun, in iiiitlie 
jtiiJEit<nHiiit Ibf Uirni b4!for« tlte 


I§ Btth^^M* ih« bEocid of il wei* 
iit>i tiriiM^lii jn w»tJkio TitH lujly 
^^jjj:e r jftf jfhMoliL imltHi,! Ijuve 
tiik^EE rt in Uiu iiolf jtJ^£«i it« L nuiA- 

L^^ And A limn Hi id unto MifA;s. 
HiiJMklEJ. lliiri duy I tit It' lUiff irifiincl 
LLiuir HLn-iiJlSiiinv^ urn] itiur buiiit' 
lEtli^rin^ Ijfiiorti ntn Ijunni uiirl *iiek 
El!ijiiif4li4i¥ct MeiIIkh uiu: und in 
IE HI I 4.11 ice; tlji; fapi-fiTTf^ring vvdEvy, 
xhoukl 1:1 huvij Ln-'E^n atci^^eJ in tJifi 
eielti id'iliu U»iui I 

tpl And wfiid Mu«M^brd ^lU. 
be was euinttiu^ 

I 'HAP. XI. 

Of Mf'itM clutn ai*dmrKifan. 

A N^^Hl'S Lt^»]i s|!iiEkt? EoiLn htff 


"J Spfiult iirttci thtf thtMmn M 
Uranl, miyiEi^r, Th^u arc ihe tK'-AMU 
wlkiuli Villi Bibqiii (iiii rimuiTi; al] Um 
beo^^ 111 111 (j»-K uii ibt? E"Eiril>. 

3 VV>i:iti^jqveF ^FLiiLtlt th*.- hoof, 
*nd ia ijilov*:rt-toot*tf:, inuiiTLEPWcih 
eJiQ cupI iiiuoii(f iho bviidtt., disE 
rid fill /Hi&aL 

4 Nbver<iip|ii:4(m thoMi ihrtll w 
lEoE nni, iirtJu-m tLatriii^vv tJireiui, 
Ni' Elf ilti'triillHi Elivifntt die hoiFfi at 
Ibf fJiMuL iK-cuuae he chewLuli Um 
iiEi^L^rbiii divtii^^ilE Oi^l Uie liouf; \» 

A AueI tJti<: unv'i, btfrntwe he 
4:ht?WL-ih thi; rod, bul dividtsth nnt 
Ehu hnopf- he ijt Eint^l^nn uiilu yuu. 

ti Auri ihf h:*fe, l>iw:nEin(J jw sdivw^ 

eili iliL' i^uil, hEii ifividrih nuL Uiv 

htPEif 5 hii wmicWrJin UEETii jfiin. 

7 An'l tlve tfix'inu, littJUfh lafi ill- 
tbk kU>' hEj4|f, HEi'it bit fi^iT^'D'ltHM 
*m\, y^the ri^>wtith nui ihecud ^Imd 
^ji uti'dpnii liE you. 

H fJf ilieir itrtflh «hn11 yu rmt rtt^ 
jiinI^ thtyir nmrPrt^ f\\i\\\ j^a (Mti 
titonh; ihuy ^iff tiFicliunEi lo yttu. 

fl If l*hr*P *hi4(l yfl m\\, of rdl 
thill qrr inthi* iv^mniL ivhqr«i»#v<>f 
httlii fin* Kik) Hf^aliM In thr wii|nn. 
iEi tJnh 0«:i,ri, jiEnl ijt tJifi riveri, (\n'^i 
HiEiLli yfvem. 

319 /ViHhilf Lti^i bnvo rtm Am ntir 
la^aJpn \n ihc^imiA, niikS iu ihtt ^i^f^>^tm, 
wt II I [ iJiEil iRfivp in t>iO Vf^iiterp, IE Eh] 
mT ileev )rviii|f ttiinf «^'hich i'# in thn 

i\m\ tJFl^O IfOEl : 

U Th'-r •^"ill tw^'VfniEn "liftmi 

FI^Eli'tn tErtllr jfOI] jrft -ihi-Ell 0<'t I4t 

uf iNn'lf rti'^itn, Iryt FIT nktiiiJ iEarp 
jJeCIF cAfMlrtMJ* "in Qln-miEnHifin. 
9.^ VVriELisuevrtr Iji^lIi qh ilJMUH 

•calei in the waten, that shall be 
•B abomination unto you. 

13 II And these are thep tehich ye 
•hail have in abominution among 
the fowU; tliey shall not be eaten, 
they are an abomination : the 
eagle, and the oaaifrage, and the 

14 And the vtilture, and Ute kite 
oAcr his kind ; 

15 Every raven after his kind ; 

Id And the owl, and the night- 
hawk, and tlie cuckoo, and the 
hawk aOor bis kind, 

17 And the little owl, and the cor- 
morant, and the great owl, 

18 And the swan, and the pelican, 
ami the Kipr-eagie, 

V.) And the stork, the heron after 
her kind, and the lapwing, and tiie 

30 All fowls that creep, going 
upon all tour, shall be an abomina- 
tion unto you. 

31 Yei iliene may ye eat, of ever v 
flying crtKiping tiling that goetJi 
upon all four, which have legs 
a'H>ve their feet, to leap witlial up- 
»n thee.irth; 

'22 Rnm these of Uiem ye may 
eai, the locust after his kind, and 
the bald locust after his kind, and 
Uie beetle after his kind, and the 
gr:iK*htippcr after bis kind. 

23 But all tttker Hying creeping 
(Jiiiiits, which have four feet, shau 
be nn alHmiinatinn unto you. 

24 And for tliuse ye shall l>e un- 
clean : whtksovver tuuchutii the 
carcass of tlicm shaB be unclean 
•ntil the even. 

25 And whosoever bcnrotli an/rht 
of the carr4iS8 of them liliull wash 
bis clothes, and be unclean until 
the oven. 

26 The careaases of every bnast 
which divideth the hoof and i$ not 
cloveu-fiiotfMl. nor cheweth the 
cud. are unclean unto you : every 
one that luucheth litem shall be 

27 And whaliioevcr gocth upon 
his paws, among all maimer of 
beasts that go on all four, those are 
unclean unto you : whimo toiirJieth 
tlieir carcass sltall be unclean until 
the even. 

V And he that beareth the car- 
cass uf tlM*m sb'ill wash his clothes 
and tM'unckmn until the even: they 
are iinclean unto you. 

2!) II These also shall be nnrlean 
onto yuii among tlie creeping things 
tiiut cruer up«>n the earth ; the 
weaMil. arMi the mouse, and tlie 
turl<»ii4e ufter his kind. 

:» And tlie ferret, and tlie cha- 
meleon, and tlic lizard, and the 
snail, and the mole. 

CHAP. XI. t^ meats, 

31 Thme, ars unclean to yoa 

IQ t_ , 

among all that cresp Twhosoevw 
doth touch them, when they i>e 
dead, shalJ be unclean until th« 

32 And upon whatsoever any of 
them, when tliey are dead, doth 
fall. It shall be unclean; whether 
it be any vessel of wogu, or rai- 
ment, or skin, or sack, whatso- 
ever vessel it be, wherein any work 
is done, it must be put iuto wa- 
ter, and it shall be unclean until 
the even \ so it shall be cleansed. 

33 And every earthen vessel, 
whereinto anp of them falluth, 
whatsoever is in it shall be ua> 
clean -, and ye shall break it. 

34 Of all meat which may 
be eaten, that on which sudk wa- 
ter Cometh shall be unclean : and 
all drink that may be drunk in 
every such vessel, shall bo un- 

35 And every thirig whereupon 
any part of their carcass falleth, 
shall be imcloan; whether it be 
ovof" "»■ mn»»»« f<»r n4»»««, flwy diall 
be l.r..i^.ri .Iii'lVii /frr iliisy ars 
ui>'-l4'.m. j^iJ-1 nJiLill \k< MivaXniiXi unto 

:{t;N^:v£inlit^]t>si, n fDiFintainorpit, 
vA'TiiH tkcTf: if plwiiTy lif water, 
shrill IjC v\i}'.\\l : U\A\ llial which 
toucliHth ibcif carttans sliaj] be un- 

3? A^r\ ifnwy part of iliifir car- 
envA full upoo any » ^wing-seed 
w\\iv\\ in lu Imj Huwn, it shall bs 

3H But if any water he put upon 
the sefMl, and any part of their car- 
ca.*is fall thereon, it shallbe unclean 
unto you. 

.3!l And if any beast, of which 
ye may eat. die ; he that tourheth 
IIm> carcassi thereof shall be unclean 
until the even. 

40 And he thateateth of the car- 
cass of it shall wiuih his ciothn, 
and be unch^an until the even ; 1m 
altio tluit liearetli the carea^is of it 
shall wash his clotlics, and be an- 
clean until the even. 

41 And every creeping thing that 
crcepeih upon the earth ahall 6$ 
an abomination; it shall not be 

42 Whatsoever gneth upon the 
iM'lly, nnd whatiMM»ver goeth ii|M»n 
all four, or whatwievnr linth mon» 
feet among all rreeuinir things that 
cre<>p upon the earth, th(>m yi> shall 
n<iteat; for they are an abomina- 

43 Ye shall not make yonrwtves 
nboiniiialile with any creeijint 
thing that crcepeth, neither sliaP 
ye make yourselves unclean with 


Utiniif that r% iliauld h& deiBled 

4j For I a« the Lnap yntir 
Godr re siialL tJieiefora snncTifr 

jr i rtw* holjf : neither pJtLill ro 

of cnepiiif thing Um crocpcth 
d^a tJi« Cflrth. 

45 Fdt E am tho IiORp thnl lirlng^ 
ftb fou op <nitcif t}iu Ian4 of E^yiu, 
t» Iw yptir G4d: vc &hal| LkercfiL 
bfl l>oIjr^ for J din UiAf. 

t» Iw yptir G4d: vc &hal| diGrcfyfu 
s Iwly r for J din luly. 
46 Tliii t* tho kw ot tltp U?[ist!9. 

J oftJH fowU and oftjvtty fh-jng 

and of every (^reniurfl Liiai crvufK) tJi 
opon ihc earth ; 

47 Tu make a tTffTereiicio between 
the unflmui acad tlie clean, and 
iMiLiVLHjn ilie Ufntai tlint irmjr be 
«ELte« aiu] UiB beaat that ma^ not 
be e&ten^ 

FiiruicateiiR n/" ff 'oBtm- 

AND the Lnai} ij^atei ctnEii 
UosBtiL isyioc, 
S %ea.V tiDlo tJH! chiyrea of 
limel'; tai'in^, ff a wnman havi, 
e&ncoivcd seed, and bi^rnc a man 
child, W\tia iiio Bhall La unclean 
■even dayi, accordhi^ li} tlhn duyn 

ihall Bhi^ be unclean. 

3 And in tltd elKhlJi d|a!F thn Hi^sH 
oflii^ foif^liia shall be urc u incised . 

the bJaodof Iser piulfying three And 
thinf dari t iba «hall touch no hal- 
lowed th!ii(r» ni>r cgine iotd the 

Titkena in. dUcrrmng tA& Ijeptaxj/. 

ANQ tins tflJio Bftnke unto 
Mnfta and Aaron, tfuyin;;, 
^J Whr^Eb a iiinn eIihH buvti m tEie 
skin of his dfitih a riding, a Kuh, or 
briiiiht ipcjt. and it hti ia Uii^ vkm 
ul lii^ fleftb riitf tJjo pla^e of Umjio- 
ay : then ho irlmll bti braugbt ualo 
A inroei t!ie jijiL-a t j or uiitu one f liii 
#4JiiB the pnefla ". 

l\ And Vna ndoit ihttll look 4n 

uie pheue in Use skin of thu floab i 

nnd when iJil« hair U) tJiu plp^na ii 

turnoij wbitcv ntid tlio pln^ue in 

" ' ' ' tJicalshl of hja 

niJiRtunry. uflU} tbo dari of her pu 
ligrmff be fuhlMed, 
. 3 Bat if ibe bear a moid-ehnd^ 

theniiw dUi^ bo 

veeni 31 in h'^r separaboii: 

ti^ibdoiui iH-n 

— .,. _ jpa radon : amt 

WA fhul eontiniio in tJie blond of 
har purifying tJiruoscere and a\x 

o An4 whon tlnj dan of her 

EmlVrn^ ure fulfillfid. fjr a son, or 
r A d^tughF^^r, iho nhnJt brin^ it 
mb of Uifl: Sfyt jaaJT for a bamt- 
otTermF; and a roLJiic pi^unn, or a 
btrtJ^e-^iiv^. ftir a rin-oflennv, aato 
ute door vf thn ubamaelQ af the' 

7 Who ihEJI i^lFof ll bcfare tbo 
XtoKD, ann] make an atoacment fi^r 
lier \ and «be ibalt beci^laanHMl fjom 
ibe jHUeofher blo^d. ThiJ u t}R' 
l4Hr fiir her tbat bath borne a msk 
Or n AimnJ^. 

^ Aod if she be nal able tn hrinf 
a lamh, then ihe ihall hrin^ tyiny 
turtl^, or twjiyuiiTieiij^e^atif ; iJi^ 
tMufur tho hurnt-oflH^jin^, ojnJ tli# 
Dia«!- For a ein-olfWriiic : and tjjt] 
pnmt ihall aiale na atoabsient laf 
luir. atid she shall be UBaa, 

MulU iffdc&t^wr than t. .._, __. _ 

fle-sh, itM m plniOJe of leptosp ; and 
Uiu priest blialL look 00 Min^ and 
[»ru[uiunc« hlih unelean. 

4 Ir Uie bfifht ijioi ^ wldte in 
the skin of \ui fleish. and in si^bt 
As not ocppCf Jion the sjua, aad ' 
tbo hair ibenwf bo not turm^ 
wbite> limt the priEsl shall ahni 
op hijn thai hAih tbo pla^uo Kvcs 

3 Aad iht priest shall look on 
mm the seventh dnj ■ and btdjuld^ 
\f die pkffut^ in hin sight bo at k 
*rayi n«d tmi i>Enj;ue spread not m 
tbt! skin ; then tJiii \inm\- thall diul 
him up ii?¥Bn da/* iootb : 

U An<I the pnest shall looilc qs 
hicn n^ain tha pevcoth ^tLf. waA 
bcfioldp 1/ ihr plAjtu^ ht samcvh&t 
dark, and the plasnD Bprv^d bOt 
iti tho ifeinn the prinat shall pro- 
nouniiLe him clean l it is frill el scab: 
aiid be shali waiih big ctolJiest aad 
be clcop. 

7 But if the scab spmtd much 

bn?ad in tJiO skjtir after that he 
hath bPEsn teen of thic priest for hi» 
clraadjnjr, he nhsJ] ba lonn of tlie 
' "i^t again \ 

? And (f tJbo priest see, that bg^ 
iHijd, ths ie^ib i^pitsadelh jq tho 
Hftin, tiiort The Driest sh^l pro- 
nouaco hJm naclean : it ijt ft 

. D1[\VhDnib«idagao^afiepro«y is 
m a man, then ha ibaJt bebrE^utbt 
UElLis Tbt! pritijt: 

10 Apt! ibe pHe^t shall seu A^ph* .- 
ind bt'hold, ir die risiu^j ie vrhite 
in Tbt! bkin, and it hrLtre turned th« 
brur vkhitc', cuid thsre ^ quick mvf 
nesh in ilie rUing : 

11 Jt u an old l$pro«r in thq 
sXm f)f ht4 flesli, arkl the priest 
eh [ill Lironounco him unchmn:, nnd 
^hall not shut lum up; for he it 

I'i And if R lepro^r break onl 
abroad in the ^kin, and dii? lepruar 
cover uEI thtj skin of hitfi iktii JWfA 
duT pbtfin; fiom bis heud even 
tfi h]« root, whcnttnevDr dm di«i9i 
{otikeih ; 


GHAP. Xm, is to diteem tke UjnvMp. 

13 Then the priart §hl^ comiiJer i \ ikin, thou the pne^tilmll pmTioiinc« 
li Ml 1(1*1, V ^^. Itpn.ifj ,]ii ' ■ - ■ -•■ 

Cut^rijJ 4111 hi-i Llufli, ]ji: ^ha\[ piii- 
nouniL'-Ji! hiia clunn iAut haik U^i; 
plajiuuL il iMnU LiurniiJ while: lis i^ 

H But v'kfln rniv flesh tip^icEUriitli 
in him, lieahjiN Iw uut^lttin. 

15 And iJii' pfieBi, tthnii *m the 
raw flwk, UEi^l ptronouiice hinl Id 
b(3 imckiiri : for UiQ mw fltyii w 

tfl Or irUiQ mw fiAfth tarn n%Am. 
UKl be eluuif ed iniq whitOt ha ihall 
oame Bnlo lTui pritiat; 

IT And the j>ri€*t diall see liim ; 
iuid behold, if thtij^lafUE; bo turned 

fMiii iiniiliMn . il is t.fiu plfttfue of 

■f.-:^ AijJ if di» Lri;fht d|ii[it ilftf LeI 
hi# piac<i> ^Rif epre^id mit in the 
dkin, but it be Honie^viicit dark: 
it ij n fwiritf nT the hiirnfjiff, jind 
iJiB [ini»i ihiill ]}ronouncu him 
clean : Tor it (« an }nlLmini:iUon of 
the bumine't 

^ If % man or worn an bnvc t 
pla^uu iitKfji Ehu hi^iut or tiiE? bfran] ; 

3D Then Elif! i^rtest thuEJ «;a Um 
1>liig'ue: EUkI t^fiiiuy, if it An in 
nghl tlu(;f'ct tha.D the skin. And 
tJtgre <^ in it JL yellow thiii huijf ; 
Uien tiiL' pritiii flialj pruncmtinc 

into whito: ih^a tlid pnE^t Rhu-ll hicn iiitclenn,^ it u n diy «cnli, 
prqUQuncqLfli t;]oojitkatAaiAtiia\fMn'B, ieproi; upon thp bsjad g? 

p]{ifDe: hu » tlcan. 

]@ The ntti) aliKi» in whichr «tiirti 
Id Uic iltiii therjtuf, wnit a boll, ukI 
il hi&siiid, , ., 

19 And k tJio plnce of thQ bml 
there be a while rE»iiiet <ir a brkjit 
ppui, whJLeT aiKl someivhtSiireudiEih, 
and 11 be Ahtiwinl to the pcje^t 1. 

SO Afld if. when the nn<«»t«!£'tli 
it, beJiold, it 6e in iiibt lower than 
the skio, lUid t)»e Bur thereof be 
mzQvd whiM { tM piieat thaU prti- 
noujiee bim uiKliean ; tt Ma plainie 
of le$iroir broken out of Uia boil« 

91 But if tine piiesi look on it, 
and behold, fli^e bi nn whito hoirfi 


31 Antl if 11 le pnest look un th9 
plu^ui? of the EC ill, and WliubL it 
he imt ill jti^^iit ik'ep<3r ihantlnj dJdii, 
and tAat tAtrr u no hlii^ck hair io 
it i tho/i till"! priiMt tdiall liliut up Am 
tiiat hffdi tho idaffue of the icaLI 
sL^vuEi dara : 

3il Aftrt in iho seventh (kr ilie 
prit^t ftiiall Ifiuk on the plifue: 
ind h^iolil< iflho fcal\ Bpn^od ni^t., 
and til ere he in it nij ^?lio\* hair, 
nmX tiio hcqU 60 not in light doopar 
thun the hUk ; 

X\ Ho «bnU be ihEtven, hnt tbn 
9^a|] aljBJI he not Glisve^ and tlM 

and twioHl,lAj!re^« AA w Into hotrfi s^al] aijBll ne not Glisve^ and Uia 
theE^Jn, Bod if it be not lower Ihiui prieat shall altui tip A/m (Aul AoU 
tlia flkinn buE ie iOEnowl^nt dajk;l th*? ucaLI Hui^Ein dayn moroi 

:;M Atid iri tilt! icvcnth dur ilia 

Eric^i ii]i.ii1l loolt cvn the. «4:iillj mid 
nrhoid, ^ the «caJI he not iprerid 
in tiio skin, nor ie in light d^ieper 
t}jnn tiie hIciji ; mc& Uifi priest flimi] 
^munmo him clean : and ho sImU 
wu4h liifl clVjthesi S^d be clrntin 

J5 Btil if thi|! Dcnll ipread much 
in ihv )«kin aftt>T bi^ cleiyriiiitf j 

3J Tliiin iJifl prio«i shail \mik 
on hifii : uEid bc'lbohl, if the tcnW ha 
iprciud in tliEj nJtint tlve prj^it ihiiO 
not sr^ek fo; ycilow hair; he ri 

^ Uut if thi> vf^ftlE bo iji his vifflfl 
at a iiD}', hiui that there ii black 
half xrowu \ip Uiurdn ; ih& ieu|] b 
bci]]edi» he u riean : ?Jid tljo priosl 
fthrdt pronounce him cleim. 

38 ^ If a innn il?o "r a wnmEiii 
hnve En tl;ii» vKtn of their flt^i brif hi 
ilMJti* ffFHi whitH hrlaht siputj ; 

% Then the prieit ahull loak z ivnd 
behalH, if the h]-iif bt apota in tht 
phin rvirt1ii''ir fle^b be rtrtyki^h white ; 
Et if EifN'ckk-d iput Ubaffravrethin 
tJioekin; hu I'if dtein. 

4(1 AnrI ths man *-heMie hnir \m 
f]k[|eTi off hit heudr he if ha Id ^ V/^ 
iij ke cleiiTi, , . , ,1 

41 And ho that hath hid hair fdtnn 
iifT frrtia tbo pftrt of biiLhoBd Hf 

ilEtiri the prieat ahaU vhgt hLiii op 
«ii?eii tiaya : 

^ And if it tprt^^ much abroad 
io tlic ftkin, tikcn ihc prii^t shall 
pranouqc^ liiip nnekitLai it u a 

S^ But if the Ltight ipot stay m 
hoM tAmc, mtd cbraad tiat, it u a 
buminf Doili and the piiui ahall 
pfonoupCQ bjm cIdoq. 

iJrtirOf iftiiers be aMy Ceil], in 
Uie ^khi Mfhiiniuf ikire is a hut 
burulni,', and The Qnu-.k JicsK that 
Wcn^Hh hCK^'e a ^vliiio hrifht aptit, 
Bomewhnt redch»h, or ivhiU?; 

^ Than lJii» prieat ahall look 
npuEiit^ eumI iifihutd^ (f tltflf hair in 
Ihe briEht apot he turnofl whitQ* 
ajiil \ibt in ■itfht dci^pt^r tlian the 
•kin ; it i> a leprnt; tirokc^n uiit of 
the burning: wherefore the prie»t 
idudl pmnt^unre 3 dm Einckoo.; it it 
tkepmKU^ of l<3proipy+ 

M Bui if ilie prieat kiok on It, 
ann^ bcfiuW, ihrrc bv no white htuf 
in tbe bright ifrioii, and ii bs nn 
lowi^r ihitn the otX^ ekin, but tt 
tnmewhil dark ; theo t}io prit^iit 
■hall flhut him up aevt'ii dnya ; 

27 And die pri4.'Sii ihall look 
mwn him lh« sevt^^uth «1ay [ ^d if 
it be npfiend tnui'lk ahrii«d ui the 


ward his face, he t« forehead-bald ; 

yet 15 he clean. 

42 And if there be in tlie bald 
head, or bald forehead, a white 
reddish soro : it m a leprosy sprung 
up in his bald head, or his bald fore- 

43 Then the priest shall look up- 
on it: and behold, </* the rising of 
the sore be white reddish in his 
bald head, or in his bald forehead, 
as tlie leprosy appeareth in the 
■kin of the flesh ; 

44 He is a leprous man, he m un- 
clean: the priest shall pronounce 
him utterly unclean; his plague is 
in his head. 

45 And the leper in whom the 
plague i>, his clothes shall be rent, 
and his head bare, and he shall put 
a covering upon his upper Up, and 
■hall cry. Unclean, unclean. 

46 All the days wherein the 
plague shall be in him be shall be 
defiled ; he is unclean : he shall 
dwell alone, without the camp 
shall his habitation be. 

47 T The garment also that the 
plague of leprosy u in, whether it 
be a woollen garment* or a linen 
Karment -, 

48 Whether it be in the warp, or 
woof, of linen, or of woollen: 
whether in a skm, or in any thing 
made of skin : 

49 And if the plague be greenish 
or reddiish in the garment, or in the 
■kin, either in the warp, or in the 
Woof, or in any thing of skin ; it is 
a plague of leprox^, and shall be 
■hewed unto tlie priest : 

50 And the priest shall look upon 
the pliigue, and shut up itthathath 
the pl:iguo seven days : 

51 And he shall look on the 
plague on the seventh day : if tlie 
plague be spread in tlie garment, 
either in the warp, or in the woof, 
or in a skin, or in any work that is 
made of skin; the plague is a fret- 
ting leprosy ; it is unclean. 

5^ He shall therefore bum that 

{r.innent, whether warp or woof, 
n wouUen or in linen, or any thing 
of skin, wherein the plague is : for 
it Ma frettinii leprosy; it shall be 
burnt in the fire. 

53 And if the priest shall look, 
and behold, the plague be not 
■pread in the garment, either in the 
wurp or in the woof, or in any tiling 
of skin: , .. 

54 Then the pnest ■hall com- 
nand that tliey wash (A« tking 
wherein the plague is, and he shall 
■but it up seven days more : 

55 And tlie priest shall look on 
the plague after that it is washed : 
and bahold, <f the plaf ue have not 


LBVmCUB. tiukproat. 

changed hb colour, and thepla«ue 
be not spread \ unclean ; tJioo 
sbalt bum it in the tire ; it is fn>t 
inward, whether it be bore within 
or without. 

56 And if the pnest look, and 
behold, the plague be somewhat 
dark after the washing of it; then 
he shall rend it out of the garment, 
or out of the skin, or out of tlie 
warp, or out of the woof: 

57 And if it appear still in the gar- 
ment, either in the waip, or in the 
woof, or in any thing of skin ; it is 
a spreading plague: thou shah 
burn that wherein the plague is 
with fire. 

58 And the garment, either warp, 
or woof, or whatsoever thing of 
skin it be, which thou shalt wash, 
if the plague be departed from 
them, then it shall be washed the 
second time, and shall be clean. 

59 This is the law of the plaeue 
of leprosy in a garment of woollen 
or hnen, either in tlie warp or 
woof, or any thing of skins, to 
pri*"<^"»«<*f» it riftffln. f»r ♦« r»fo«!»"i«^v^ 

It Lil.l-lt.Li.L, 

t:ilAP. XIV. 

Hifrs i?i dffiwxiHf the l^rr^ 

AND thn 1^1 kD upake uuEo Ala 
Hi«. fnyiiiH, 
e TJjw -3ia]l be ihc bw nf the 
leprr in ihi? djiy Elf Ht rJuaimio^ 
He fthnll be bri^uBfit unui iIm> priest: 

3 And UiQ priUHl sliiill gu ftirtji 
ODt of iha camp: f^cuf th^ pri»( 
shiill Iwjk, mtJ b{.'lio1<i, if the 
pla(;iie ef leuTDsy be huuivd in Ute 

4 I'hrn phi^llthin: priMt commind 
to Irtitu Lor hini ihi\X ii^ ii> bi« chinnt^ 
eiLtvi-o hinjji iiJiva «nir\iiant. niiij 
cuJiir-vrotMli liFid v^urLiit, aiitl liyt^ 

5 And the priest shall command 
that one of tlie birds be killed in an 
earthen vessel, over running wa- 

6 As for the liyfaig bird, he shaD 
take it. and the cedar- wood, and 
the scarlet, and the hyssop, and 
shall dip them, and tlie living bird, 
in the blood of the bird tkiit waM 
killed over the running water. 

7 And he shall sprinkle upon him 
that is to be cleansed from the le- 
prosy seven times, anil shall pro- 
nounce him cletin, and sliuU let 
the living bird loose into the open 

8 And he that is to be cleansed 
shall wash his chithea, and shave 
oflTal! his hair, and wash himself in 
water, that he may be clean : and 
after that he shall come into the 
camp, and shall tarry abroad out 
of hn tent ■even days. 

Rttea mnd taerifiee$ CHAP. 

^ Bui U fthiill be cm ll^ spventJi 

Any, lliat Sl^ ilmlUljavt} ^U tttt^hiiir 

i»ro- bf^i^wB, nwn all l^u* liuir litiE^iinlil 
•biLVti urfi lUiJ ^11! I'll 111 I ivjiuli liEA 
fiu^iHi ni«o he«ii.BJIwiuJi liin rk±h 
111 watrf, anil heehulJ L« ci4?iiii. 

iU Ami oit Lkiu ui^hihil'Ly Uv bLq^II 
lake Ewo lu^-ljjnnib^ MfiiJuml blv- 
itiitih, unilDno pwo-ianibiirtlie Ai^t 
yttur wiUupal blx^muH. ftml tlirw 
tuiitl} ikiilftuf nneHtiur/^r u meat- 
ntlWriiiHi. miH|lD4l wiiii ait, h»4 udb 
liUt ut' nii, 

IJ Anil tlic tiri»i tJiat miLkalb 
At VI donn, ■htiTl pnseoi tlie miui 
liiat ui tu t>e mule ulcan, lulil mqs« 
Uriiigs> iH^fMiiiT Uue Iajsld, at ihe 
dour uf tJw tAbernttab of Um» cdu- 

IQ Aiiil the priost iLdl tokttone 
htrl'ainli, niki (>nWr liim fur a trt'*- 
{jrid^-uj1\:r{ne> anO ihv Iue oi' "il 
(iRil w'uYv \Mia far a wnvb-uffer- 
me bcf'ire Uie Ij^^itl'. 

IhN And ha dhall jJ^lt the Ijimb m 
rJn3 ptuce Ahore he MltnW kilS Uie 
pifii-ofriiriiiif and ihe burni-oflVfinjrr 

fcrliitf *f lilt; [iriust^a, xtt U iim tKn- 
poju^d 'U4l4:ria(i : lL i> iiiofiL lioly. 

H Antl iJn? prtest shun take rfffff!* 
of Ubd bliKjd uf ihe ln'ft(Jaii#-ofl'*?F- 
IiijIk aihl Uu! iH-ireil altnlL piil tluuitEi 
tiie t>p {tf Um riCtiil^Ur of hiin Ihjii 
ii icj 1m; rjeiinvnl, and uehih lUv 
ihtimb af IdEw n^hthjuii], ni>il upjii 
till? ffretit lf«e or hw Tiijlu rtiUL 

Ii'T And liiL- prkiflt »Lhali inkc Mome 
Lit Uiff lfi|t of ulIt nml t^oiir i/ ifilu 
tln^pulin uf IiIb (^wn IcT^ Imnd : 

IB AlliL t\»* pnU'dt B-hiiH dip hii 
hftltt liEuiur in IlIu? ciil ihul it \nUi» 
bm haml.jiit^^halURiiilile uf ifm 
oil wiUi Kfi fingcf ikv^:v iUue* b«- 
lufD llie Limu. 

17 Ami i>r t/ia r«ii of the nil (h^t 
If in hU hufid, F^bnJJ Ibo pnciiit put 
irpun Ujo Up uf the fighishrufhim 
lliai u tci DC 'Cftna^fid, and upkin 
thu tnnmb (tT his rriibt liani^ nn-l 
blHtn Ehi? BrfrM tiw nrliw rijht ftiui^ 
upHKi liw Ligod of the umpAis-or 

lis Aotl rhe rPTTmnnr nf tint oH 
dial U in (i^t priitfll^si hand he shail 
9uut up:in Uxt bu^l of liifn tlini \9 
to l>s rbitiiMd : am) th& prlcdt Hhsll 

Siik« wi UQftBtiKitt for Jiim bufoit) 
if L1111.D. 

10 Ami thQ liriuM itv^il offbi Ihe 
rin^uRliriri^, and muhe an mon?- 
Ktnnt fur him ilmt is ti> be li^henn-^^l 
mim hi« iinclt?iuknc«9 , end n.r^«.^r- 
wefd hft ihiUl kiU Um buini-aiTef- 


^J An I the pri^ft ihall offfef thp 
bUTnt-vlTurin^T and the iTif<iitufrc.r- 
lOf uvtia tbDAliiU . uul t]]« v^iiut 

XI V . m cfemutJi^r <A« Aper. 

ihall mflikiQ an alnnemenc fur him, 
mid Ije»hal1 bti olefin. 

^J| AjuE Him itr[tuoT, aail eanmjt 
eel to HHii-tii Mttiii hu ^krtib iiik« 
(,mb Id I Lib /W a ircrpusM-i'iluniip M 
be wuvuii, Lu otatfE.- Etu atiJEii^aiejit 
rL»f liini, nnd one it'nlit-douhjrtiiii^ 
dour IDE netted wiih oil Tur hl niunt- 

UjluEnn^j UJEd It IktittEf 1.E|1^ 

*£l AjmE two lurlle-dkivat or iwtf 
yuunf pi£<<kuia, tucli ai li« id abHa 
iEj«iit ; and tit^ ana fliatl be a ain- 
olfering, and Lka QUbiir a tfurnl- 
(^iroriiig. ^ 

2:1 Artd hfl pb&ll briEiB th^rai 011 
ih^ eighth dajr far hii clcaiininit un- 
idthe pri^L. unio tlEQ diEorqfdii^ 
Lab<.!'m:kcknrUie coyivreialiDO. Iw- 
fi>riitiEU Uinu. 

'24 Athl tiio priMt BhalJ ukc ihe 
In nib of tj^ie lr^iiipi»!i-(>li}erihff, and 
thu luff ^f orit rmd the profit iIiaJ) 
vfHv^ lhrni/<«- a WAV«-E>f!'£riii0 he- 
foru tisp U'liP- 

it5 AfKt he f hill kill Uia lAjiibal 
iho rrea uiisa-oJPting, aud ihe jirieiE 
esltall lake afime of Uie Filotid of lh« 
ireH»u»-ofl'«fiiiii[ Ktul pui {£ bhuj 
tiiti lip i}f ihe Ti^hi ear of hiio Qiat 
it to Ik f]riiLi!K.>tl, mid u\nni Uie 
ihiiMih of hit Tii^ht hiiju^ aehI upoij 
Ue4^ dreat toa u1 hia riffht fool. 

^> Atsd the pri wt ibdl^iuf of the 
od into tiia pajm ot hit own letl 


^ And Ihe pri^nt chall iprinkla 
wilh hl4 ri|[hl fiuUtfT nfms uf ihe 
iiil I hut is iu htj Icfl baail flfivefi 
iiniit!*be(ore ihp Lokp: 

^28 And ihu :^ri{.'«i ffFiall put iifthe 
i>t| i|E>ii(> m hiA harid.upon ih? liv 
uf tJio rpKcht ei'ir c<^r hhu thai iu to 
hfi. eh'ajiM.'ki, miti upon the thumb 
E>f hi« ritfhf liaml, am^ upon thv 
great to-O' uf h'j# riirht Kiut, upon 
ilH'ptLirp nf llua b|oud of tlu* Ws§^ 

^.t And Ui« rt!¥t {^r thfr oil ih&t u 
in [hi? pnoifi hivnd, he ehiiU put 
Eitiirn thL< hiind et him thai la Ed tn 
4.'k>an»edr to make Mt alcDQiofol 
rr>rilirEE hisfiiru divIjKftn. 

'Mi Aid he ishnU ofTi^r the one of 
ih« turtle-doved, ar uf the yumiij 
piirrun.Hf aiich otha caii got: 

3^1 £t>niiuciitiB lie Fi^blu toj;oi, 
tJiM onu far A Hin^otTcriiifT *^nd thfi 
oihcif/pr Et humt'offufinf, lyiibilvi 
nical -ufferinff. A nd iIh mimil «Iia II 
fUHka ati aluTYtmaol for him ihol b 
Lu hE^ p'h'jknprcL hc'itin." ihc Loan. 

*>3Tliiii iff die \nvt nfhim '\a whi*in 
r'« Uip piairue of lcpi:e>ttr, whoie 
liTinil !« not ubSa to 1^1 thfU xkicA 
pirCiiiJirfA Ii> Iu9 (di^HEki^ifkf . 

^ II And die l^untn vjiake unW 
Mimov lUHt uleeu Aaruti^ eEt/inrt 

^-l Whi!'il re bd cnitm into Uifl 
Iniid of Canaan, vihiuh I live %a 

Signs of leprosv LBVlTICUa 

FDU for 4 poAtiiuiijii, nud I ]>iiL iJio 
r Iciirtjir in a houso or i\vi 


Duo OL „. 

35 An J |i*i tiial o wnulii Uio houaa 
I hall vume tiiuJ icLl Lhc priotii, sny- 
iim» It ieyniBth tu iiw fAcrc 1* oe it 
Wire n plague in tha hnu4M3 ^ 

3U TliMtiiiiu prliist ahaJl {nisuniflJiJ 
tli>:U !ln!y *?miiiJ lJi<» hullie, bt^foro fuiuim* "-^l,., 1 „ . , .i , 
tliu prit'it iffi inUf it lo ftL-c ihc I 31 And hid shn ! take lb* epJar- 

Pla^u^H Unit EkLl Unit «■ in Uio hooaft . wood* mul tJiu Jitj^vaoi?, and Uia 

iJic home i:kui, tiiieakue llicplD4;uB 
is liicuiii^. 

4y AriJ lie shill itkli* ii>c|aiLi)Mi 
dta h4>u^ twu binU, and cedar- 
woad, and stcarlcl, uriii hy^aop l 

5^ And hQ HiiHl] kJIS tlii i>m «>r 
Utc bifiU in an aartliuii vqijk}!^ ovor 
tunning walor ; 

bu not iHHiie unclean £ bjii[1 afUir 
wiint Uie prieal thtiil go in tu buo 
tJkt^ hausti: 

^ And Ii0 alinll look on tlia 
plaf uo, oiu! Injhold, <f the pjajJiue 
oe TU the ualls of tbo lii^iwe, *viili 
holtuw itjmak:!i| procnitli, nr tcmI- 
dl*b, wliiicjli ill lieKt ara IwwerUian 
liic XV nil; 

9j Tii&n LliA pneit bIidII ffo imlof 
iliiQ hDUmti tu tJiti duur uflha hrjuse, 
ftnrt iphul up tha houiK ipven days: 

:tU Ai^lI X\m prieat fliisJl coma 
ni;^aLi iJta ainVfxtth [|:irr >L"d Ghiill 
jiiuk i jLriil beliokL i/ rha idagim ha 
gpruLid In iliu wulw of tJio hojdu^ 

•10 IHi.^u ihfi pfioat EJiiill coin- 
mnnd Umi ilicy lalto a^ny the 
■itijuiw hi wlilcb dm plfu^uc is. and 
liicr flluiitl ciuT \\vnui iniu an au- 
cJcnn plftco without the fiity t 

4k And lid iboll cHUic \hfi hankie 
tu Pfl Bcrapud ^liihtn riiunrJ abnutp 
lutd ther shall ^Q^xf uuL chu diiit 
ukat ihsy icrapis ufT without Ujc 
eitr into uu uuclettn plat^u : 

43 And Lhdy sbdl tahe uther 
■UtiMi*, And tmi lAijiiti Intho plucfl oT 
thai« Etunud,^ and >)q Hh^LJ lak^ 
pUicr niuEtJir, uid Ehali pimlsr the 

43 Aiidiftheplngn^^rrFiiBagaiTii. 
ind braiLk oat in tbi? hi>U!i[!» i^t^r 
tlml he haih tuktiQ away theit^noi, 
and nrtitr he liu^h fiorapaJ tb^r 
buiiiie, aud afrcr it ta|)]aaiered 5 

44 Then lj1l^ (}H«t jiiNitil mnie and 
look i [ind buhuld, if tlic piHi^u*^, Ih^ 
Ipireail in t|ia bou«3, it j«a frcmn^ 
tnuQAT \xk the hoiuffi-^ it U uiic](<ian- 

45 And bft ihall hrsak du^vn trio 
lieoHii tboitBnei of it, tho tuii- 
ber thoixKif* and ail ihfl mortJir ^if 
lhfihou»3 and be ihftU ciuTT lAnn 

40 Moroovor, hetlittHoeih iata 
the hniiio all the wlido thcit it ib 
ihut up* tbiall be unclean uatil \xm 

47 And he that U^th in thfi houae 
ihftll wash hii ololhE^ -- and ha that 
iaioth \n the h<iuio ihall we^b ni* 

43 And if thp pm'at nlmlJ conio 
in, an-rt look -nmn it, imd btbold. 
tJDci p|a«uo hrith not sprwid m tho 



tht houi* wojH pi^ter- L 

dCkkfluL, 4ind Ukd Uviiig bird, and djp 
thoia in Uin likiod of tlK; ^liiin bijd| 
and in liio running wausr, aM 
aprinkla the buuii« sevcP limed - 

ff^ And lie fthaVL i^l^anao the honsB 
vvithtJiebluiidii Tills binlttiatl with 
tlid riinnin; water, and wiLb tha 
livLnff bij-il, and ^itii tJjo cedar- 
wood, and with tJie byifiuii> aail 
witli tiro loarlet : 

5^1 Hut ha tibiill kt %\j the livinc 
biid out of tfie city into tJiu wjMfn 
:flthliiT ami make rin alaaainout for 
lhc \\*mmr- and [t^luiji bt' ekcin. 

54 Tbis tJf the law for ail manner 
ofjilajfue of b^pro.fy^ and ticad, 

55 And fur the l^j [irony of a |4tj' 
montp anrl of aji iinuise. 

5d And for a rising, and for a 
aciib, and for a hrijrhi sp^it: 

57 To tjeacii when tt u imnleanT 
and>vhi^i] it iaE^tu^mL ibis tf Uic 

A Of UitcitaTtii£4$ h}f lasHta. 
ND Uw Loiui fpiiki] nuid Mw 
«oif and ta Aaron, s^i^'inf, 
!2 1^ S^^ak tinLo tlie cliiid ron of 
inniob And Hty untif thfiti)^ When 
any tnan hatJi a ruruiiiu; i>wLia out 
(if liiv dcsbt tei}iias^ Dif hu imue hs 
it t|n^'kan. 

3 And ihiiA shall be biB unclciut- 
nt^^in iii:« 1^^.110: wbt'tlipr his H'^i 
run with hu 'ifivu\ or bia flcnh Imp 
afuppod from hid imtna, it u bin 

4 Every bed wbereon he Uoth 
tljat balli the iasue, i« unclean ; and 
svi^rv Uiingr vviicrcon bo aitljotiir 
ahnll be unrleiin. 

5 And whoiooTer toticbeth hii 
b(?di, «ha11 yfsmh bis clothes, and 
b^Ltbe HiMBi/ in wnUa, and b« 
uni^^i^iiiin nndl the even^ 

ft And lie ttiut tiltcih 011 anjf 
thing whereon hi? iiU that hath tha 
ifflUD^ jhull wa^ bia i-lflthL*4, uid 
batbo AitiiMelfin walct-, and be Un- 
clean until the even- 

T And he tiiat toucbeUi tho Dotli 
of him tluit bath the Imstx^^. thai] 
wash bi^£|L>t>ie!i, and bathe Ainu«^ 
in water, cind be uiii^iean until thu 
ftvenr ^ , . 

i And if bs thnt bhth thu i^oa 
■pit upon him Umi In tiean ; Hitsnhft 
" waih hu cLothfi*, &ad bELibfr 




by issues. 

hwmsciS 111 water, unEl be Uficloan 
uatiltli'e evpn. 

9 And what itidJlo loe^er ho 
ridfiLji upoii that haih tha iBEiiBt 
shall 13C unci<;6il- 

10 And wh(Moe«-f toiJcMii any 
lliiliff ihAL woji under hiai, ihcill ti>< 
unolDnn iinUI the even : ftful hu iliai 
boiuieth Jtn^ of thoso tliii^i, «hiili 
waeh hb dothei, ami boLtio Uim-\ 
self iP waiat, and be unclean yalil 
Ifaeevuti. . , , f 

11 Aod whomaoevfirlifltflai'Tiedi 
Uiai hatti xho imuo tanil ImlJ] not 
tin9v<\ Im hojtitd in water) hu ihall 
wmfh hi3r]othi?5,nnd bMJiCiAim^ri/" 
iu vintiti, and be unclean iuilU tho 

IS And the tt^tsel of earth that 
he toucbeth wbich bath the Liauo, 
itiaU be broken; bm] ^very vtsKfil 
oTwiod ihaJI ht riwnd Im wfticr, 

13 IT And whi?ii he thtt hatli an 
lamw m otejiased of his issue -, tjicn 
ha llutti liuijib*/ tii \iimip\r seven 
dji^i forhJB cleJinjJMp (Uid WJuh hi^ 
elatbv, and bntho tiis Rc^h in rwi- 
DiDf Tfiter, Mid ihall be cltjaij. 

14 And un lliecii;hlb da^ hu nhaH 
tttky tfl hint two larllo-aovei^ *Jir 
two yoiwg pigoarWj and cotne be- 
fom the Lub^i^ uula tho doar af 
the tubortiacla uf tlia conirei^iijiJoD, 
fritd gETB them unto the Qiieffl : 

15 A nd dia prieai shall a A<ir Lhenip 
tiie on* for a isfn ofTijiijiu, end tins 
Qihorffr A bunit-afloriiig ^ ami tha 
prieAuiali mfiJce an &lOACM:fJtMit Tar 
hiai beAin? thci Lnito far his if<ftue+ 

IG And if aiir tnOJi'^iM^ed uf do- 
pulatif^n pri> utit from hinv^ then he 
fhidl weih aii fil« Redh in wAi^r, 
awl be nnclisan uitlU Ui^ even. 

n ATid tf vciT « umienl, and mvf. tj 
MID whereon ii the »eod of ciovula.- 
tJont "haJJ he WEjhed with water, 
wd U€ uncJean nndl ihtj' (jvon. 

]S Thi? woman Jiiso H irJi wh&ni 
man iholJ be tniiA seed of cuimla- 
ikm^ Ihay iliflll both bathe tAnA' 
iid!rBt in wntoTt and be unclean 
until tbfieven. 

19 IT AjmI if a wdfnso have an 
mat, and her iMUe m hur acit,h ha 
blooa, 5fi0 ■boll be put apart 4<ov&a 
dur«i and whoiiKvertouehcyi her 
■Jiall bo miKle3«n until Ihv evon. 

^ And e^'or^ tliiiip tiial Kht; IttjUi 
upun in hfit H'pnrELtion sbrUI bo un- 
cIpil;!: i'tVffrT ^hinif tkhot Uiat «he 
■j](/ith upcin ihall he uo^k'tn. 

31 And w^o^oever lourheth bei 
bfid thidi wa#h hii cU>eh{?ST and 
bathe Atfliffi^/' ill 'Mrntqr, atid m uu- 

eltafi until the cTcn. 

B Atid whaeiDflVAr to\iChfith Any 
ifainC that aho t&t up^jn shall wnj^h 
ti» clathM,and botho kimaf^fm wa- 

S3 And if il^f onAi^hEsd, ornn 
any tfajti^ wlKjrwM) tihe niuath 
ivlv^n he tocjahmh ilhecball be un- 
clf^na until thaevcn. 

34 AnrI if any rowi li<!! witlihflr ai 
alh r^nd bcr fluwer? he upcm him, 
hii t^lmll be unch^an !i«v#n ddye i [ind 
aJt iJn? Iu'd whcrcan huIieihibuD 
bu iinclunii, 

^J5 And 4f a vraman havf^an im\sn 
vt bi:r btuod mnny dnyi oat of the 
lime of hflr icparation, or if U run 
iwyond tlwi liitid of bet »(^p»Jiitio4i; 
& 11 the dftTi of the Laaue of her un- 
rhrumoia shulj be lu the day>t ul 
hvT vCparKticn ; ehe MhaU be un- 

53B Evi-ry bed wbetptto ahe Ittjth 
all thri dnj* of her issue shail be 
unto her wa the bed at bcr jieaara- 
tion: aEid whatsoever sbe nttetli 
uppd ihall ho uncleaji, aftheonr 
cleanness of hertepatiLtJiin^ 

37 And xirbjuofivor toucbeth 
LboiB thin^ ihall be unrkAit, and 
ahai;! wn^h hi* clothp^, find haihe 
Aimfffi/" in wator, tmd be unclean 
untd the pvra. 

, as BiitjfilnjhDd&anscdofher 
t^Uff, then ahe ihall numljcr to h*r- 
Ef^lf B^i-vu^n dayi, and iiTU;t that ahe 
Ehnll b« iL'lc^. 

3i^ Aud ofi tho eiichlb dsy phfi 
ihall take unlo hyr two tuitles, nr 
two jroitjjj^^ ptfeon^r^ aiid brinff thcni 
imta the prieitr to thu door v\ 
the tabcraacio of thu CongrL'^a 
tinn. , , 

HI And thi^ prie-itt ah ill nOi^r the 
one /or a «in-o(ferin^, end the 
o(h*fr ftrr fl hiirnt-oflbnn^ ^ and tlie 

{iriept shall make an rituiieint'nt Tut 
lei- licfgre tho Lord for the iraua 
of htif nniflyonnpaa, 

SI T^hos ihall ya SL-paratf^ tlte 
chiWr&fi uf lattiul faun tlieir uii- 
cEcanncsiH ; tJiL^tthoy die not in their 
uncli&imnesiii wbi^n they dr^lo nty 
tt1feinFicl<3' Ihiit is aitLuna thenir 

33 Thi4 is tho law of Mm that 
hath an hwne, and i^ him 'tvhnso 
tmeA i?OBth tmta hitilt lind is di^hxi 
tliercwith ; 

33 Anil ef htr that ii pJcIe of her 
flovrcFiii and itf him UiEit hath an. 
iouCy of tho man, fitid of thn w^h 
Tniin, tind of himlhatlielh with her 
tliat ia unclean. 

71(f Sacri^rj uf Atffntmint. 

AND the LoAO spnite unto 
Mo«Dii nRtrr the death af thg 
twfl Bont of Anrottf lAhon th**y 
oHnr^d hafonj tho LouPt an4 
died : 

S And Iho Lont> Riud ontn Wlj- 
Ki, Speak iinUi Aaruo tli^ IsrulhcT^, 
that he oome nut nt olil tiiii«9 mto 
I the hdly plau within the vti i Kbefor*'' 


LEVITICUS. andt(ftJtehUod9f9vriiMint. 

the mercj-Mau which w upon Lhtj 
ark; that he die not: for I wtib 
appear in the cloud upon Uiu 

3 Thus shall Aaron come 3 ntu 
the hxAy place: with a young tnii 
lock for a sin-offering, and a ram 
for a bumt-offering. 

4 He shall put on the holy Unu'n 
coat, and ho shall have the Unnrk 
breeches uiwnhis flesh, and sIiilII 
be girded with the linen girdle, imU 
with the linen mitre shall he bt^ ar 
tired : these are holy garmeiitf. , 
tlierefore shall he wash his flesli m 
water, and «o put them on. 

5 And be shall take of the mn 
gregation of the children of Isr^kul 
two kids of the goats for a ^'m.- 
offering, and one ram for a bumi- 

6 AjuI Aaron shall offer hh 
bullock of the sin-offering, whirJi 
if for himself, and make an atouc- 
ment for himself, and for hij 

7 And he shall take the Xwa 
coats, and present them before the; 
Lo&D at the door of the tabernacle 
of the congregation. 

8 And Aaron shall cast lots upon 
the two goats; one lot for thu 
Lord, and the other lot for iJie 

9 And Aaron shall bring th?; 

8 oat upon which the Lo&irs \*a 
ill, ana offer him for a Bin-olfvr- 

16 But the goat on which the lot 
^ to be the scane-goat, shaU be 
presented alive before the Lord, 
to make an atonement with h\vn, 
mui to let him go for a scape-guui 
into the wilderness. , „ 

11 And Aaron uiall bring ihr^ 
bullock of the sin-offering, wliich 
M for hunself, and shall make an 
atonement for himself, and for h i-^ 
house, and shall kill the buU^jrk 
of the sin-offering which i$ fur 

12 Aiid he shall take a^ censur 
.jU of bumincooals of fire from ojT 
the altar before the Lord, nT\i\ 
his hands full of sweet inceiirj*: 
beaten small, and bring U witlhjii 
the vail: 

13 And he shall put the incensn 
upon the fire befbre the Lord, th ut 
the cloud of the incense may covor 
toe mercy-seat that U upon tlic^ 
lastimony. that he die not. 

14 And be shall take of the blooil 
ofthe buOock, and sminkle it w l; 
his " ' 


^_- upon the mercy-s; .. 

Mstward: and before the nercy- 
■eat shall he sprinkle of the blaod 
wiUi Ms finger seven tunes. 
15 11 Then shall he kill the gant 

ijf liio Bm-<>fti3r(ni tlist U for Wm 
\yet^p\fiy and iihiig Uu lilftad witliiii 
The vaif, ijnd du wjlli iJjat bkmd us 
Ui [Jill >*ilJi Uie blood ijf iha tdl- 
lock, nrx^i sunnkb il upufi ih". 

lU ^Antl he eIlqU mnko an numfr 
[QnuL tiuf l\»i |]g]y jiliiir, burnrits 
pf [fcip uneltiann{.-ss of iJtB rljildtL*n 
of Ifme], and IxKiauAe of tlicir 
triindjfrBHiifiijriH jn uU Uieif iiini ; mid 
jto ^m\\ be do for Ihe TnLcmji^lc^f 
Lhti cutiffrffgaiion ihtit rumuinnth 
(UnOn^ mtiOl in Ihe midst of Uieir 

17 Art[| lE](!r4^ shall ba no ttiRp in 
ihfl-tuln;ri;ittt:th?of the 4:t)inj:r(3JjrriUoii 
when htt Eotth Id to mfikn rin 
ELtancmtmL in the \i*\\f piac^, uitiji 
he Comu oiil, mill have nn 
atonement Hir himj^n'IT^ nnd fur hit 
hiiUH-'hulLK jindfor all ihtcj^ogfe- 
C4'it>cin ofuMoL 

Id And hfl shall ^o out nmo the 
ill tar that is h^k^xn iJie l^atj, ^id 
muko ftn n loneinent for it ; luiiJ thall 
taka of tjid btoodfif the btiLlockf 
and pr tlie hJ«od of tfie eoai, OTid 
l>»l ft upon the bartis or the altmi 
round aEiouL 

n And he iSftll apriokli? of Uw 
bftiod upun it with his fin for scvcit 
tinies^ luiel cIci^iikHt) itp aarl htUlow 
it frum The unclDruuiuH of ihe chll- 
ilron £>f liirDeJ. 

-JSi ^[ Aiidi when hf; halh msdo an 
?nd of reconeiiina; tJio holy pfoet, 

Eui[l UkA totxumaclA of ihti eopgir^ 
LLLOllt and ihi? blLart he shall Oriuj 
lU live ^cjjil; 

fZl Ann x\arcin ahcdt In^ both hu 
Imndi upun The heod of the live 
If oat r and confcBB over Lim aU ihe 
iliti:iuj[t(<4 nrthb of Isirad. 
anff all )hf}ir trartsef^wion* in 
nik their linii, ^udm^ them npon 
tii<,< hirnd 41 1' ilio gnat, and «bal1 
scrwi Aim nwa; hf tho liojid of a ^l 
man intxithe wild^rncM - 

S2 And iht! ff"iii nbtdl l»5ar njsoii 
him all Their Luiqiiilie* unto D lend 
not inhabiEed: and ho ^aJJ l^ go 
t*tt> fiimt in (he wlldemi^ss* 

23 And Afiron nknll ^ome into 
thif taturna^lenrthi? congregatronf 
mid chJsEl PUT off the liiiefl gannifnta 
which hGuul on when he went mto 
the hn]y pluct^ and iball Icaw 
them thuro : 

^4 And he ihall wash l\\m lltvJi 
tf'wh water in th(<^ hoi? place, aiid 

iiui on liifl rantir<nti, and com^ 
urth, ntid Oftvt hpB hu m t-iiflnritfg, 
iirtd tht' turnt-offLTinif nf ihe peo- 

Elct and multe an ntunemcnt for 
jmielf, and for the veopk^. 
S5 And thft fat ofthe ctD-QfThria^ 
■hall ht bum npon the iltar. 

Day of atonement. CHAP. XVII. 

20 And he that let eo Uie goat 
for the scape-goat shall wash his 
clothes, and bathe his flesh in 
water, and aderward come into tlie 

27 And the bullock for tlie sin- 
ofl^cring, and the goat for the sin- 
oflcring, whose blood was brought 
in to make atonement in the holy 

SUice^ shall one carry forth without 
ie camp; and they shall bum in 
the fire their skins, and tlieir flesh, 
and their dung. 

28 And he that bumeth them 
■hall wash hb clothes, and bathe 
his flesh in water, and afterward he 
•liall come into the camp. 

29 IT And this shall be a ^tiiiut^ 1 or 
ever unto you : that in the &i=vh. jith 
month, on the tenth drr.^ m' itie 

month, ye shall afflict y is, 

and do no work at all, . it 

ie one of your own cou: ■ .. . a 
•tranger that soioumein ELnmOg 

30 For on that day shall tJU 
TTiest make an atonement for you, 
to cleanse you, that ye may be 
clean from all your sins before the 

31 It thaU he a sabbath of rest 
unto you, and ye shall afilict your 
•ouls oy a statute for ever. 

32 And the priest whom he shall 
anoint, and whom he shall conse- 
crate to minister in the priest's 
oflice in his father^s stead, shall 
make the atonement, and shall put 
on tlie linen clothes, even the holy 

33 And he shall make an atone- 
ment for the holy sanctuary, and 
be shall make an atonement for 
the tabernacle of the congregation, 
and for the altar: and ho shall 
make an atonement for the priests, 
and for all the people of the con- 

34 And this shall be an everlast- 
ing statute unto yon, to make an 
atonement for the children of Is- 
rael for all their sins once a year. 
And he did as the Lord command- 
ed Moses. 

CHAP. xvn. 

Blo0d forbidden to he eaten. 

AND the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, ' 
2 Speak unto Aaron, and onto 
his sons, and unto all the children 
of Israel, and say unto them. This 
i» the thing which the Lord hath 

eonimanded, saying, . 

3 What man soever there he of 

die house of Israel, mat killeth an 

ox. or lamb, or goat in the camp. 

Blood forbidden. 
gregation, to oflTer an offering unto 
the Lord before tlte taberaaclo of 
the Lord : blood shall be imputed 
unto that man, he hath shed blood ; 
and that mnn shall be cut off from 
among Iiis people : 

5 To the end that the children of 
Israel may biing tlieir sacrifiees 
which they offer in the open fii>Id, 
even that they may bring them unto 
the Lord, unto the door of the 
tabernacle of the congregation, un- 
to the priest, and offer tliom/^r 
peace-ofierings unto the IjORD. 

6 And the priest shall sprinkle 
the blood upon the altar of the 
Lord at the door of the tabernacle 
of the congregation, and bum the 
fat for a sweet savour unto the 

7 And they shall no more offer 
their sacrifices unto devils, after 
whom they have gone a whoring : 
This shall be a statute for ever 
unto them throughout their gene- 

8 IT And thou shalt say unto 
them. Whatsoever man there be of 
the house of Israel, or of the stran- 
gers which sojourn among you, tliat 
offereth a burnt-offoring or sacri- 

9 And bringeth it not unto the 
door of the tabernacle of the con- 
gregation, to ofier it unto the Lord ; 
even that man shall be cutoff from 
among his people. 

10 11 And whatsoever man there 
be of the house of Israel, or of the 
strangers that sqjoum among you, 
that eateth any manner of blood ; 

I will even set my face agai 
that soul that eateth blood, and 
will cut him off from among hia 

or that kUleth it out of the camp. I 

4 And bringeth it not unto the! 

door of the tabernacle of the con-l 


11 For the life of tlie flesh is in 
the blodd ; and I have given it to 
you upon the altar, to make an 
atonement for your souls: for itt9 
the blood that maketh an atoixh 
mcnt for the soul. 

12 Therefore I said unti> the 
children of Israel, No soul of you 
shall eat blood, neither shall any 
stranger that SQJouraetb among you 
eat blood. 

13 And whatsoever man there be 
of the children of Israel, or of the 
strangers that sojoum amone you, 
which hunteth and catcheui any 
beast or fowl that may be eaten : 
he shall even pour out the blood 
thereof, and cover it with dust. . 

14 For it t« the life of all flk«h, 
the blood of it is for the life 
thereof: therefore I said unto tt»o 
children of Israel, Ye shall eat 
the blood of no manner of flesh : 
for the U«B of all flesh is^e Wood 

(if wdaadiii nutrriageg 

thcrdof : whuflocvar tsaii^th it ■hati 

15 And flvorjf fidUl thM cuteth 
Ihfli which riicJ ji^f i£«ift/^ or tliat 
which wttjs torn i0i£A frc:<u^» [mlw 
t&er it fte one oryouf own country, 
or a itran^or) lut flhaEI br»th wcmh 
hi* c|oLliL»a, mul huthn Aiwu^^/ hi 

Qvnn : then ihall h£i bo cleui. 

1(J fiql if be WBjh £An» noin ntir 
baLhc }hk flcsL; UiCD Uif nhatl Imas 
Kin ini^mUy. 

CFFAP, xvin, 

or Uniawfid JUtirriaffeti i'c 

AN 11 tho l^iVD epD^a imlo 
Moaca, beifIh^, 

^ Spokk unto ilni tliiUlreCi af l^ 
rmalt oiitl jfnt Uiiiki Ihdm, 1 an the 
LoKiiyuur Gcd. 

a Arbr she (ipjnsj yf the land pf 
JE^riii wherein yu JwolL, ihnU rt! 
Dtit ilti : aiifl iil\tif iib^ d{9infi of tjtu 
land of Cannon whlih&r 1 bhiw 
rau, ihall 1% noE da : neithcf fhalL 
re walk in ih(.*ir nhliitanci^. 

4 Yd #hal] do my jtiil^mtintji, 
tad keep 1111119 £>rdiiiannnii4 lo wnJk 
thjcriiiu: I an the L>ubj> your 

LEVITICUS. trndtmaU. 

EiHki^dn(!9i of ihf Iktbisr^ii brotli&r 
ihon shJilt tiut api>rvEu:h to hii wife: 
flhu is thine auni. 

15 l^tiou EjliaiL not uiicQvcr tha 
nukedni^H yf iJiy dauffhtcr-ia-lflw : 
BhL'iar ihy EiotrtaiwifLV Uiuu ^haltnol 
unnovprher imk&tlftnM, 

l(i Thau f<hak not uacover iKe 
naJiDdn?^ of thy hroilicr'a wifa; 
it i» thy broUiOr'i nnkedncK. 

17 Thou sboii not uniipvijr the 
nukc^tieeii uf n wom:tn utttl her 
dau^fhter, neither ahalt U^ou taktf 
hat pon'i ilaueLtter„ Qr hut d itu Ab- 
ler' b daUgiiTcr, ta yncover \wff 
ruikcdneaii \ for thc^y urn her near 
kitt3W<3tni)t;: itt'jwKkedDcw. 

IB N{-Llher Ahalt ^Imw lakf^ aiiifQ 
to boT fiislf>r, to TB J icTn to uocovvr 
b&r nakedness, beniJea iJia i>l1igt 
in her Mii-iijs\A. 

V^ AlriQ I hall Rhuit not ap- 
proach unto a woman to uncnvDr 
her nahi^lne&s, as Iljqe as she is 
pul apiirt for her niicleannftai, 

iiO Mur^'uVCt, thciU ftitllt liol liB 

camsilCy with i^ynolRhboar'^^lfo, 
TD defile thjitll vi'itJ^ljis^ 
31 AwliliQ 

h Yq shnJl l]3«fi?f0r« keen my 
1 ar/i tito LofLP. 

flEajutitg tin J my jiidiintntrt: ivhi< 
if El, man rio, Jm jijiiiil livu in ' 

l) TT None of rou sbal! apprciiLcb 
ta any that ii nfuiT of kin to himT la 
bncovci tkcir nakcdaasa 2 I an ih^ 

7 The nakiKlnosi of thy father, or 
ilut imkctlriKs of Uiy motiier, %kin\v 
lllDit not uncover : aha is iby 
piother, thou «hUL not uncovur 
ner aakodnaia. 

S The nokedaf^iB uf thy lUthdl'^B 
wife shalt Oioa not Linct^yer : it i$ 
thy fattior'ff nakedneei. 

ft The nakciln&is of thy aifftcr, 
tha daafhler af ihy faUHiF^ ot 
daujfhter ofihy tnoUier, whtil^rshf 
kt hrtrn e.t homen or Bom abrnat), 
cvcit Mkeir nakednctii thou iJmlt not 

10 The najccdinu* of thy »on*i 
dnitehtari or of lii^ daughter's 
dauffhteip evm ilK^rr naked neai 
fhou shaltaoturicovflr:: fortbi^^ 
thine fitrn nakt^dnesi., 

11 Thn nakedileH of thy fnther'a 

S'iffl^i dauifhtar^ hog^OLtiMi ef liif 
tb«r, {%hA it thy iUtar) than ihdL 
Bat vnciovcr h(.ir nakedneiu. 

IS Thou phalt not unnover the 

mkednfinii ^r Uiy futlter'a siiter^ 

tivni* til yfktliiE^Pia near ttfaworrinn, 

1.1 Th(™ Bhftit rot in}znvtJt the 

JiakfducAi of thy inoiherV elitter: 
or *ha it tliT nEKitlicr'i nuiu luns' 
H ThoD ihaJt twt Vitco¥« tba 

,^ thou ihdt notletanyof 

liiy seed pasi tJirou^h tke Jrre to 
Molocb, nuiiher shnU thuu profe^ie 
the niante of Uiy God: I an xiie 

22 'J'hou sihall ttot lia with man- 
kind, aj with Wfjniankindi it U 

^ Ne LtbeT shalt Lhoii lie with any 
beaijit to dofila thy«]3f tharcwitli 1 
noLtlitfif «ba]l any tvoman stand he- 
f jrc a beaff[ to Ha down iheruio 1 it 
i> confualnn- 

54 llcfiJe not ya rourvelvi^ id 
any of i hose thLa^ l tor in alJ thoiB 
the nntiuru an;! defleU which I Oaat 
out before jau: 

55 And tno land ia dt^filed : tfiero^ 
fore I (Jo vUit the tnifluihf thnratsf 
upon it, iind thn land iuel rromitatb 
out her iiJiLiJ>ita.nt«, 

^ Ye sbnll thurefora keep mv 
ttaiuies and my iudfTnaoat, and 
shall niii cromniit Anjt af IheM 
aboeninntioiiB I, »«£A£rany ofyouf 
oiiyi:! natlLin, nor ajjy iiraa^r t^oj 
lojfiUj'rK.^ttb amt^rni yon 3 

^ (For all tlieta abomlnationi 
have tlid mon uf tlio Jund dune* 
which Krrit before you, aild iha 
Jand \3 dt^fdud -A 

" That the land jppua not 3?oa 
out aiitOt when f e delile it* ai it 
Mpuf^d out the natiopa that met* Uo- 
(ore ynu. 

!^ For whoauai^er mhtiil comralt 
any i>f ihnse abnminatiooi. eTon 
the ioulH that f:ommit e4eiA ■bnll ba 
cut otf from amaoE their people. 

30 'l'%erafor« shal] ye keep mana 
ordlnaace, thtt yf curnmil not 

JDwcn ordinances CHAP. XIX. 

any OTie of ttiftstt atiominablo clih' 
toms, which wcro cuiiiiiiUiFd be- 
roro you, and tJint yo dDfito not 
roorselves thc^rEfiii: 1 uni tlnj Lord 
your God. 
^ „ CHAP. XIX. 

A WD ttie Lord ijTjiio imtu 

-^ Speak waui jjf litj oongrctrn- 
lion of the cliili]n?ii oFtiniL-L Eitir! 
my unto them, Ya alwUl ^ ^uly^ : 
lor 1 the LiujiQ yotu God «ja 

3 IT Ye diall fuar nvnn roan hJs 
mother and hia fiiihor. uml ktifii 
mysabbaths: I ata Uiu Loun yuur 

4 IT Turn ye not unto idols, not 
make to your:»cLv^ molten gada: 
I am the Lorik yqor God. 

5 II And if ye ofHir a flijf^nnc-o 
of peace-ofTeniii^^itnln ihu, 
Fe«yaU offer K (ir jnur own will. 

6 It ahall b& eaten tJie aamcdny 
ye offer it, and ttn Uie mon-ow: 
«id if aufht remain nntn tiie 
Uiird day, it aLali he burat in tlia 

7 And if it be eaten at aJl im the 
third day, it is nbumlndbie ^ it abaU 

.^ 8 Therefore fPfjr^ imn thht eatcUi 
It shall bear hid iniqiUEy, bei^aitpc 
ho hath profiLni^d the bdllowed 

thinff of the LfiiRj>^ ami Uiat bouI 
shall be cut olf (rinu nantna liii 

9 IT And when je fcop the li arvpft 
of your land, th(>u lihHlt not wholly 
reap the comeia of thy liutd, ndf- 
ther Shalt thou ^aiimi tfia i;leAiim&K 
of thy harvest 

,10 Awl thou iitmk Qdt fileaii thy 
vineyard, neitii^f^ ihrdt Uiou ^nthiT 
every grape of ?hy vinnyDnl ; thou 
Shalt leave them tnr ihapoor anJ 
^ruigor: lam the Lord yutir 

11 IT Ye shall not slojij, Dalthor 
deal falsely, neiLii^r lie onu to 

1211 And ye dmll not Ewoorby my 

but \n uEhleomtmsa ihnJt iLuu 
JUfJff^MViy nei^EiboLir. 
iff 11 I^itunhnit oat g.Q up and down 
as n trije-beru't'r nmojip ijiy reoplo : 
iijijther £liti)l: UiDu itmid uf uinct the 
hloLwl nf ihy neJifhEioiif : J ajji duj 

17 IT Tliitsii ehaJi nol hotu thy Lro- 
ciivfmtiilDDlKiiri; [hou diaU m qht 
-rt »> fi^lmiu Ehy D^ijrJjbuur, and nul 
BUfTtir *i» ufitm him. 

IBTThoHfthaJtuQtavonEeT i»ir 

b*^at kmy ijruddu Bifiiirot Uie cbih 

(Iren of iJjy pcjiinlci but thuii shall 

lovu thy nei(rhbQur an ttiyitelfi I 

M the LtjRn. 

LO T Vfi^BhAtlk^ep my ttaUitai. 
Tijciii sJirtti utit lot Uiy cnttlo eundiar 
With n diverjju kind: tlmu shalt 
iKit BOW ihy field with mmcM 
aecad : n^'iiher ih^l a icormejit 
roinf kd ofluiQu mid wDollfiii coma 

iSi ^ AiKl whosMjvflrlioth cnmnljy 
uiUi a woman that i* a bond- 
mtUd botratlifid toanljuriUiid. mad 
npc flt b]J redeoiiiort, uor fry&doin 
{Sivijn heii nhe fifjullba uourfcdi 
th'i^y eihFill ntii be pnUodcaiJif ho- 
CRiuc b1]o waj jiot free. 

^1 And liD fliall hrin^ Kii tnis- 
puBs-oflfbrin^ unto Uio Lhntt, unUi 
LliQ dijcjr of tJia tube mil r.tE!) of the 
ccaii^regiitiont em% a ram for a 
tr4^awD IrbriDj;. 

Anfl LhE pnotit^hKU mtika an 
aUjnemeut for bim with the ram 
oftiiu ttLhHpJisst-ijffbrinE bcfortj Uid 
Loop ffir hiB nin which bo hath 
lEonc; nod liio ain whidi bo hsJii 
dmie phn1| be forgiven him. 

S3 V And wbcayoalialj fnms]nta 
tha land, and shBil liiivo pkniad 
all muiMif^Tor trccd furfijQij^ Uien 
?t! Ejiall count t^iD. fnllLlliGfeof aj 
anciTCumciEud ' lijree yoDtv ^ihliU it 
Imj u un^lrrumriaoii uJili> yoU: U 
shall not he cruen [>r 

2^ Um hi iht": fniirth *#ar all Uu 
fruiL tlifirthof ffhuli ha liDly la praiH 
IhgLoJiP tsitAaL 

25 And [n tl]«i RHh yea; nTisJl ^ 
dut or tjio fruit tlicmofi that ii mi^r 

!I5S^o«i%r^' "^'^i*' ,"''^'1^ thuiii yii^Jd unto fm thft incrciiMj thart- 
2I?te^-«"**''° **^ tliy God : I| of: E tim tbo Loan yLiur God, 
•?^ IT -Ph^'-i. I. . I r , , 29 'f Ye slmll »ol eru any tfiias 
^^^m^^'ii^'r't^J^^^ ft'h*l^» ^'" Mood. n^dtli.r 4^ 

— i^'?'u?®''^V'' ^I^^.A^" ■ .t''"'""«'wjchantmfiat, 

w»W«of him tliiii IS liiral Elall | liinan^ 

Dot abide with tJiee all iiight until 37 Ye ah!il] not round dm mtimkp 

titjr obeorvs 

the mominf . 

'of your h&adk, neitJiur limlt tbou 

JWU IboushaltnoteiuwthqJAar, mnr th« cornyra of thy beard 

n<»J»«t.a.8tUmJjlmg|,]|,<^k beforu , as Va ihflll nnt malt-, n» 

nor out fl 

the Blind, __. 
am the Lord. 

».r..~-i i: i^" . - -^ - "..,j. .^ I aiS Ya iball pot make any eul- 

but sfc lilt fLMjr Oiy God I I , ttq^ m yrmr llesh for tliw deadj nar 

unnt any nrnriu upim you: t am 

loi xeshalluo no onnnhtconii- 'the f^jn.D 
leas in Judgment . thou uhult not I 3(t1I lloi 

I Ho not proKtUute thy dnuifh- 
-"r-i" -^ "'-:-',"" '■■■ "* <^iiUSfl DM to bo 0. vvhord : 
"iiirtbu niiehty:i|ojt the land fill to whonHluiD, 



viiA the land 1>«Foin« Tall of wick 
3D If Ye Bhall keep in r iabbatlis, 

31 M Rcpud not thou) thiLt hitvp 
fftniilitir 9p^l3, neiliier fcefc aftor 
wi^iiTila, lo be defiled by thi^ni ; 1 

33 ^r TbDU afialt rise up lioraro tbo 
hfiEkfv J-ii'afl^ jind hduout tJiu ht^d oC 
(he old fnaii, and fear ihj God: 1 
amtlio T^>RL. 

:a IT And if n ttmiiser iojanm 
with iheo In fOMi land, ro ihjili 
nut ffuit him* 

S4 /^lii thi.' atj-artBer that dwclleth 
wiUi yrm stinU bo unia ytm lut aul' 
bum timooff fna, nmi ihnu shaJt 
loTo him 04 il]yicvlfi for yo wort 
ftmiff«rt m Uhq intv] nf E^jrpt : ] 
an lbs LnRD yonr God. 

35 TT Ye Bball datmunriBSi^tit- 
neeairiJudgmoLiitr in metje-yeiLrd, Ui 

W£Jfht, or III iDEiOBUfD. 

]il>lcpba}i, nnd a iutL hin ■hutFI ye 
liavo : I ai* the Ltinn ycnir (lod. 
irhiffh hrouc]>t you oui of tiic Iftnu 
of EmFpt. 

37 Tbereff __ __„. , 

fiFI Far italutefs mnd aU my juflit 
ineiita^ and dii them: I dm the 


A all the ipoJta unlu 

9 Afaiii Lhou ihiaU it&f ■(> the 
chiMran af l^rati'l, VVhoschavar Kt 
**df the£hil''r4.''R of UfAf'l flr of 
Uiy ^uung^ni thnl *njniirn ia IsraoJ, 
ujni (tTt'th ttfl^ of hiB Bdod uati) 
Mo]«ebi he ihnl^l iur^]y lia put to 
deaJh : ths netipliJ {jf the luiO ehall 
■tune him with atonic. 

3 And 1 mW lot mr ltii» aeninpt 
Lhut man, and will cut him nttfiam 
^mftus hi*|>rHfpIe i bectitiM he hnth 

Siircn t:<r leed ilnlo flolech, to 
eftle mF vmnetumy. an4 to pTi>fane 
mr iioly name, 

4 A m) I Tihe peopi^oriheland 
dU) «jiy itfayH bale uwii eyaa (Voiti 
tihd man, vrhen he gi^m at hit 
Med unto Molechi and kill him 

% Than t vnll tet iny fai^p a^alnirt 
tliEit mnn, nod ajrain«t his fiyrdly, 
and will I'nt film vlT, und EilltJi^ilRO 
» wFi'^rind afVi>r lijmj Ut coiiimit 
w^Hirutlom ivitli Mojocht from 
mnt^^rbe tJj^iif [HiopEe. 

(t ^ Ami th4^ Aoul tbnitnrneth nflcr 
■ueh cui bave frirailiar erlrifj, and 
afTiT wirnriUii T<] 1^1 1 a ^vlfotin^ aft^r 
llirrn, I will ^^^(.'11 fi'.-l mj? fac?' 
Bi^ujust tlint souL acul wiU c!iiL Idin 
oirrrom amoni hii |Hii}j)l&. 


Of a^Kttery. iiicm<« ^. 

7 IT Sanctify yti>ant]v«4 thnrtfort 
and b« f € boir : J'or I am liie Lt^Aij 
your GhmI. 

& Aiid ye mhiUl kwp m^r fltahiii>&, 
and do them [ [ nm iholjoa^ which 
itanctifM' ytfu. 

U Tf lor every one thELlcuricth bci 
fatlLcrui- hij^ mittherf shnll be KUralf 
[30 1 to dead;: he both cuned hi4 
Ihther ur hid maUter: hii U]«<>d 
tkf^lbe upon bimr 

10 If And ilx man that commit- 
tRth adultery wiUi aneihr minji'i 
tvifOi etmn he thatcomnsittath ndid- 
tory wltJ> hiMJiLn^hbuLirV vnfif, thA 
&dalterer and the adulterofia ahull 
iure [y be pat tti iti^atli. 

I i A nd the man tl] at lieth wi th 
bis faUior'n wiro hatb unaoviarad 
hh fothor'* n^eilndsf? trntt of 
them shall ffurply ba put to deatii : 
til(^i^ Uu<h| MhtiU ^c upmt tbun. 

IS And if a man lin with hi* 
dDushtar-jn-law, both of them ibaU 
aarely be put to death t they haTu 
wrong iiL cenfualonj their blood 
Mkfitlht iipnn tb^m- 

Hi If a man a]jo lie ifith DiaD- 
kind, tut ha liiytli with a womarrt 
Lut]i uf Uiem havs tomn^ittcd an 
ubuminaUoiiL they ihaJI puridy be 
p»it lud^hLh; ibeif blofKJ fhaU ba 
tipon tljern, 

14 Anil if a man tako n wife 
ajod her inutlicr, Jt ^d wtchc>d[k^ r 
they shall be burnt wiUi Htb, both 
be and the-'y : that there be no wick' 
4}<Jnii3M jimrmg VQij. 

iTi And if a man lie with a 
bea^i^ he jsball fiurely ba put iv 
dtiatb ". and ye ahiall tlcy tb<H bi'ait. 

10 And if a woman appront^h 
urtii) atiy lM>a»t, iLrkJ Uu iluwn 
thiir«tOt tliQU ihalt kiJJ thq woman 
and tbo benatv th&y vhaU flurtdy b^ 
put to d«^lJi ^ ibfnr blood »kaU Itt 
upon them^ 

17 An/A if a man shall take Itii 
iiKt^, hi* falhcvr'p daughter, or hIi 
mutber'a dauEht<iiT, and >^ee her 
nakedaofi, and ibe tee hLi nake^rl^ 

. it If a wJrkt?Mi tiling; cuiKl 

iiif-f aliall bi.' cut eiT In tha ai^bt uf 
Tlujir t»«nple: be bath un&tveffed 
bli Bi?ter'Anakt»lnnai } he aluill beai 
hta iniquity. 

18 And if a m&p nhaU Lie wtth a 
woman having her »i-:ki]C!Rf, and 
shall one^iver her nak^.'^rwH; hf^ 
hiitb ibacoverMl h&r fiitiiiLninp nnd 
iih« hnth uncikverpri thcr fonnMin 
n( her Ulciud : nnd both af th^aa 
ihallbo cutalf from amauB tbeij 

iU A ad thnu fibaTtnnt uncover 
the n<ikf^duH>ae ihl' diy m4^4li<Hn:r'H ■iv' 
tfr, n<tr of thy fntiKsr'i »ijiEt'T^ ft^" 
he unnivi-'ri'tb hi* near ktji: th^r 
phaJil bttw thttir Imitiitf « 

Divert onUtumeet CHAF. 

30 And if a man shall lie with 
his uncle's ivife, he hath unooyer- 
ed his uncle's nakedness: they 
shall bear their sin ; they shall die 

21 And if a man shall take his 
brother's wife, it is an unclean 
thing : he hath uncovered his bro- 
ther's nakedness; they shall be 

22 IT Yo shall therefore keep all 
my statutes, and all my judgments, 
and do them : that the land whither 
I bring you to dwell therein, apue 
you not out. 

23 And ye shall not walk in the 
manners of the nations which I 
east out before you : for they com- 
mitted all these things, and there- 
foie I abhorred them. 

34 But I have said unto you. Ye 
shall inherit their land, and I will 
give it unto you to possess it, a 
land that floweth with milk and 
bmey : I am the Lord your God, 
which have separated you from 

SS Ye shall therefore pat difiei^ 
ence between clean beasts and un- 
clean, and between unclean fowls 
and clean : and ye shall not make 
your souls abominable by beast or 
by fowl, or hy any manner of living 
thing that creepeth on the ground, 
which I have separated from you 
as unclean. 

26 And ye shall be holy unto 
me : for I the Lord am holy, and 
have severed you from other peo- 
irie, that ye should be mine. 

27 IT A man also or a woman that 
bath a familiar spirit, or that is a 
wrizard, shall surely be put to death : 
they riiall stone them with stones : 
theu blood sJkaU be upon them. 

OrdxMttUies for the Ptiests, 

AND the Lord said unto Moses, 
Speak unto the priests the 
M»s of Aaron, and say unto them. 
There shall none be defiled for the 
dead among hb people : 

S But for his nn, that is near un- 
to him, that is, for his mother, and 
for his father, and for his son, and 
for his daughter, and for his bro- 

3 And for a sister a virgio, that 
is nigh unto him. which hath had 
no husband : for her may he be de- 

4 But ho shall not dofile himself, 
Mug a chief m^n among his peo- 
ple, to profane himself. 

5 They shall not make baldness 
upon tlieir iiead, neither shall they 
•liaye off the corner of their, beard, 
nor make any cuttings in their flesh. 

6 Thw shall be holy unto their 

XXL for the priests, 

Goilj and nai p/vlkno tli^ nanif! €it 
tfieir God % for the ofRrinEB of Uie 
Lnnn made by fire, tind the bread 
or' thujr Gnd tJi^y iJo t^fTer; Uj«e- 
furathcr&hahlif! holy. 

7 TJipy «httll not tttko a wife 
Vttit is ft w borer oriirofttoo^ jm- 
t{i4:i: ^kiiii the? tako awomiui not 
aujiy from hen JmsbHnd: for he is 
li'.'ly unto his^ God. 

f5 *Vhuu tbalt tnnctifF bim 
tlLt^rcfora^ for he tsfTpfvlli Oia brflJul 
of Lhy Gml[ he tliiiti bo Iiolf unlo 
tJiee; fwr 1 the Jj^tap, which HUie- 
tii'f yoUf amliolrn 

AndtfietldughtBroranr piost, 
if ilw prolans heriieir bp iibying 
tlio wiiore, she prurDD&ui Km fa- 
til,Eir: nhc nh^W lif! hurlituith ^r«. 

10 And A« tAut i« the higb prieflt 
ataonii bia brdhr^a, upqd wbqws 
hruil Ui« AnnLntLD^ mi -vi^is pui^rcd, 
acid Uml is congee rttipil to pul on 
tlu: Rarrntni^, sLitill noi uncover his 
hi?Ji i\ . n" r reml his c. \ii\hm \ 

\\ Ncidmr ibnll he po In to anf 
dr'Url bit]iiy» nor doliia WimmlS fvt 
hJ£ ratber> or far his mother ', 

l"! Hmnm nlmll he uio out of tha 
annrtUBiy* nor profaflf Uit' ftoop- 
ttiQfF olhti God I, for 1 he <;rowtt of 
i^if}. nuolnUhg ail of hi^God is up- 
on hiiri : [ am the L'>nD. 

Ki A^d lit «lia)l Lake a yntv in 
hnr virginity, 

14 A widow, or a Hivurcetl wu- 
man, ar prormiQ,^aciharlQiU thena 
Bti»[] lie not Take : bm hd dholl t iijiq 
a virjrif) of hii own puopiu to 

iS Neither ibdM lie profane his 
seed among his pe¥»FTe: fur 1 Wt 
l^nriD th\ fiirittify |]iin, 

10 U And LiiQ Lou tiJiiiifi untu 

17 Speak iint« Aaron, sarinE, • 
Wbouaovor iie bt *>f ihy auueI m 
tJiii'ir giitiDriiiiona thnt hFiih oni^ 
falr'tniBn^ \vK JFltn not Rpproach to 
iTer iho bread of Kia Q^n : 

13 pur wJiatjHievor mnn Ar he 
tlmt hath A- h\i\n\\»hf bd ^ol! not 
apj>rosch : it bJinil TUnn^ or a Innte^ 
or he thjLl huth a Oat dosDt p' iu>7 

ID" Or II ii\'4J\ that i3 broltEfn'ruot- 
eiL or bro k4!i ti-hiiuiliMET 

■S Or crook-back Ed, or a dwnrfi 
or iliai hath a bli^ninh in bkeyo, or 
br; Korvy, orflcabbod. Or haUt h Is 
stt^nj^K brnktin . 

SJ Nomiiathat halh a blfiuttih 
of the sepd nf Afltrm tlie pneat 
shnll comp nisb tfl ibtt ^jifor- 
ili£4 Cif LboLriKt? mnde L; ^yvi \ he 
hnrh a bt^Miih^ ho siiali not r^me 
niffli to oflbr the bfi^ad of hi4 

£1 Hb iball oat tha bread of hii 

IVfiomaveat LEVITICUS. 

cfholy things. 

'J3 Only tiD bIiqJ] ant pu in un'o 
tbo TitLit^riDr camD nieB ijdlt) titc 
a^LBF, |Ma<MiLiio he batn n bleiiiiih ; 
dial, lie prufuiid nut mr iUiclujL- 
iih: iWf 1 tbii LoKD ilo HuicUf/ 

^ And Moen told i^ unto Aojon^ 
ftnil ]o hill BUDS, Bfld unto bU Uia 

CHAP. xxn. 

Of tiiistabnjie fretn htflif Tinitf*. 

AM T) iVm l^EiD Bpake unto Uo- 

3 S[K'ak uiiuj Anntn una Uj hs 
lunin djntlherwpjraieLhemHejviti 
fracu QitJ hoi J i*une;n orUio childfoo 
of larQol, micl tl^al dii'y yr&ranfl HOl 

whirh ^hcy liaUow unto ir^at 1 tun 

ii(} Iff -A] yiivi 9«)d; amoEiff your ee- 
MmUciMii ilaiiL noeUi unui tbohuly 
ihirvi. wnii:h the cbildren of hmel 
faoJktvv^ unto ihn Ijos^d, havrng hJe 
luiclefinnuni iJPpn him^ llmt soul 
^(Ul ho cutoff fnun my proxace 

4 What jnun »oeyiei or wi vam 
ofAiiruii is B Icipftr, oriinth mun- 
piivs iPBiioi h(i tihnll noloat nTUiO 
hinSy tiiJnffSp uiiTil ht^ bo clean. And 
vfhom toachctb any Unnit: tAnt ts 
uiii'ifjin &j^ Uit.* cloaJ, HT a man 
whase b(SM yoctli frwfO biiu v 

5 Or wbofltnevt^r lout'n<:tn any 
Crecfiin^ Uiinf, vvhnfttiy lit: may bo 
iSAdft nncloojih ot a. rnnn cir wiiuns 
ha iriny takv uuck^imTicis, wiiuucr 
AvQr uucleannera hu hath: 

Tbeli^Jlliwbidl hath touch- 
ed an? iucb shull Ijq uiickoii until 
oven, ojid ahJili not cat <it tho holir 
tliLng», unEcsi he wash his Gum 
ifc'iiJi wiit4fr- 

7 Anil wlicn tin) sun li diiwa, he 
fhall hi' clean, and shall aflcrwarfl 
HBi tiT tlic holy itilngSp be^rauMi U w 
h{9 fiwdn .... ^ ^. .- 

S T]iaT which dicth of tticlr^ or 
is lom icifA AdiTxtv, li^ shall not vai. 
to dctrlc iilnWr tbora^iUi : I am 
tl»Lo!iti._ „ , , , 

9 Tliry ahull thereftirD Iteop mine 
ordiuiuicF' l^t ihoy bijar »in lor it, 
and rfin iKeri'fijrWr if ihr>y nrcifufio 
U:^ 1 the l.^llDdo<:llllt:LErv Uklnrt, 

10 Thcns ihnll no itj-imifer 
oat Rfliio holi' Uiipv : ci M}nnnier 
of iJia iirjciii, or nil hirod it^rvimi, 
sh&ll nat ^-nt. q/" Uif Eiollf thins ^ 

11 liut if iJNe tlriiuil buy liitu Bonl 
with hifl n:iCLD(^Vr be shull cat uf it, 
ii^ lu^ Dial V horn la bishoiue: 
thf^Ti^hllib^atorbifl nic^nt^ 

IV If tha pr'KuL's dmiiihti^r aUu 
he mttnrietl ULiitu a jfLrniiflFir, ib^ 

may nut doi of aii oRerln^ oF Iho 
holrthiiEitfNH , . . , 

iri But if the pnCEr? dauubLejr bHS 
a widow, i:if divorced, and have im 
ebiia, andisjoiurrii:!d uRta bojr fa 
iber's JhiuibC!, ai in bej ynulJit vb0 
nbaJtoat ol" her fatijcr*« riieai^ bat 
ihcrrc ifiliat] iiu £tr[U]i^eF eiti xhnrtiaf. 
14 And if Q iniin E.iat fi/iije iiolj 
thuig uiuvimja^ly, ibenhc s^iaUimt 
tiio fifUi poH ihofijof unto ii, [nid 
»ha|] eivQ tt unta ihi priial;, wiUi 
tlje boly thinE- ,, ^ . 

l."! And U]cy febaJI not profane the 
haly iJiiaBS urU'U children ol'Isriael 
which liioy oGer unto tiiu Lnai? : 

id Or euder tJiom lo boar tho lEii- 
fiLuty of Lroepofla. wbea tiioj Mt 
Lhoir boly till fi^b: for I Iho Lomr 
dt? KflDclify them. 

17 11 Anil tii^ LuBJ> vpoko Uioto 
Mimes, floyiiiff, .... 

IB SjHiait uuio Aaron, and to hifl 
iCiQ^i and uiuu all thu childmn of 
Israelt JSJJd any unto ihem, Whai- 
sotvor A* tm ot lJi[> bouao «f LrraoL, 
or of tho BtmniieiB in Umtih Ihni 
wiL olTet liii ohi&tion fciT all hii 
^Qvt9, and fur all bis frte-ivill-of- 
foringsf, which tJli]y^v it] uilcr mMo 
tliE! IkiRB for a burnt-oforiiti?-. 

iti Ke Mrti^ o^CT- ot Foujf own 
vkill anird*! \*iiJlioul hicmlsil] of the 
brovea, nf the aticft^Jt i>r til tJic pouts. 
20 £fai vtiiiiiooveT hiuh a ble- 
mish, (Aoiishnh yc not cdfcr^ for it 
^loil nut bo Bccepmblo tor you- 

SL And who^LUcver o^orctb a bA' 
rrillceidpenrp-^ffiiriflttft unt*i th^ 
EJoiLlj to acciumplii^h Ku vow, tjvo, 
free'Wi!]roiTeriL(ff in boev(^, or 
KhocPt it ah nil be pprTeijt. to ho ac- 
ocptfid i there »hiill bo ao bkniivb 
lliprt^in. . ^ , . ^ 

^ UlimU orhroEDQ, or rniliniod, 
OT luLving D. wf^ji^ or scurvy, or 
Bcshljed, yo fbnll not otliM tJij^ 
unio tbn l*ORi>, nor jnake an fllwj"' 
ioEhy firc^jf ihom up^m tba iilLnj 
unto the Loao, 

!iP EttliE^r a bullocE. or a LDiitb 
thru; haih nn^ thins BUFwii^tlonui; or 
luck Id jT in bis [.larta^ that mftyert 
?h»i] iNiror ,fffr tl fruo-wdl-ofiVrm^ 1 
but ri>ra von' it ihaJl not bti aoci-pt- 

^ Yo shall not ofllcr unto tho 
Lon.iT tliut whkli is brujj^d, or 
trru^lscd. or broken, or cut i neither 
ii,hiill yc^ luikke anj/ lijfenne ther&if 
in yoOTland. 

It5 Ni^iiiit'T vronia itrooecF s hood 
«liaiM yf* ijfler the brund nf jum 
fjod of any oftJifiw j becaiieo thHj- 
corruiiUoa ut in tb«™, and bio- 
nLJ-ihb* £e In thorn; Uiey shRlJ rut 
bo FToeoiKtad for roiie 

Off ir And thft Lout Bpfckft lutlo 
Mosc^, Miyinf, 

TABtknett iemt t CHAP. XZm. 

27 When * bbllocfc, dr « nhee^. 

DJ a wtmt It brouf hi ftarlh, lljtQ it 
■ IirII hs scvr.n tinys under tht>j|nni ; 
ftficl rnpin the eiffliiJi dajf and thejicc- 
fnrth it shall be accc!£ited far an 
afTe ring msnH bf (itd usito tho 

28 And 2cA/f£luTr rt &c cow^ or 
4 we, 1*4 shiill not biU it cuiJ her 
roiing tii^ih in {ict& Ju;. 

at Anil when re wiU <jff(3f & 
fiiCTinc4 cjTthank^iiiiVLiiJf iiitto the 
MTtEjt utTer i? al yijur own will, 

at} On tho i^TTic QEkr ii ^Eiaj] bi^ 
flatei} up, yn eh^l leave naan of it 
nnul UiQ jnom>\f ; 1 im iha Lnitti. 

31 ThoTororo Eh nil ye kf'up my 
commnndnientfl, and do ihtim: I 

OH tll# IjOR^. 

33 Neither sh,il] yc prortmo my 
I1DI7 Dsme: liull wiJi Ji^ halluvvcd 
£im#nf thechJturCEt urkreLuE:: ' 
th* L^i^D which hallaw jun, 

33 Tliat brtiutfliL j'mj am oV iha 
kciil af Er y j)t* to be jour Gwl : I 
ftm the Lrmo, 

A_ CHAP, xxni, 
ND th* L(in,ii3 apako linto Mo- 
ae«, Baj^irtffn 
S S^HrnJ; iintf> dKj chiMrnri' of Es- 
mel, anjt *iif iiitm ih^^m, Cettcem- 
cnf dbBi lbiiEUari}m LoaD, whkh 
r« shut proclaim ta bfi holjr oonvD- 
cUJoiw, nrm thou dr« jny faodti, 

3 bIk i^af n iibiiU work ht Hone ; 
bat lh<! xtiirr'nth day it the iDbbadi 
or t^^fT no hcily DonTDcatiDTi : yg 
■*ia|l Jp no work ik^nm ; iT ijt tho 
wLbhalJ] of the Lor-Ij in ah lout 

4 tl ThciO era rho fcrrwia pf the 
uiAtt, CHBH holy Popvocatinni, 
iffhith jfl sKaU proclaim in Umir 

3 In tho fourteenth ditjf of iho 
(lr«t mfinili at evca ijt ihe Lukd'a 

fi And on thi) fifteenth (Jfty of the 
■anm month is lhe\ fi^n^t of unisa- 
nneti br&ax! uorothe LoJln: Mvun 
dui rctmu>C eac tinlcAv^itiFiiJ bnt^id. 

1 In tho fini (Iflf yp rhull have an 
hmy convAeatioFt ; fo shail do no 
■errtlfi wnrlt therein. 

5 But i^P ehajl nrTpr an ofTfring 
mejk by fir? unio (he Loap^ovt^n 
d^Fi^ In thf^ ■ev^ntji [liijr Ktii-nh4>lr 
&i:niver:[itiion, ft'ihall do do i^rvilo 
wcjfk E^erfln. 

!^ ir And the LoBi? ipako unto 
MofleSj jnyinf , 

to Sp«>ak uiito tho children of 
ut*el, ftnd flftr unto ihi'in, When 
in be come into ihe IrjkI ^vhirh L 
rivo unlo jf«u, fthd ihrtll reap tli4} 
hoTfeoL th(rreof. Then ve •halllirins 
a aliAfiTor tho Ardt-t^aits ofyuiu 
htrwtt uoto the prieit 

11 And ho shad Wbva tliq ahenif 
tpofone ths Luftn, to bo i^rceptJ d 
foryou: on the morrow .lAor tha 
Mttbhftth the prtc£tdh>irl] wuva iC 

li Anr! ye shrLH ofltr tlini dar 
ivhcn yo wiive (lieshoar.anh«-btnb 
wjtliOiM hlcmiih of the first yiuif 
lur a btirni oflcriiiff uulu tiia 


i3 Aurl the mGat^ofTcringthfrtor 
^h^il 6e two toriih-fluak of tine 
flour mingiud with oil, nn oHV-niu 
inailo bf fire onto iJie Loup /«■ a 
«weytiBvo(if; liml the dhnk-oAer- 
m? ihemtif *A^iii bt of winOt ilrt 
Tutirlh part oranhiit. 

H A nJ ye eihri [| eat ne-tlier hrettA, 
nor pa^ehcel Com, Uf»r ffreon «iri^ 
until thcftclf-aaMU! dny tJiai yo Iiath 
hfouifht an ofTerin^ unin jyyr God : 
it thitll &e a JiiiLtuiD for ^vet 
throii^hnuL yout ^eneratium in idf 
yoiir dwrilling?, 

la U And jo shall Count unia 
you from Us« morrow^ aflcr tho tab* 
baih, from the day that re brnu^hl 
i\u< »beai of tho wavo-onering ; h- 
vert MbbaiJis shall Ije contpkta : 

Ifl Even unro the i/inrrow aftar 
tliy mt^vcnih dabbitth i);nll ye noflt- 
her fifty disyn ; and yo uhall olpif 
a aew mcat-oITofbff imta tba 

n Yeflhallb^^rl}□tl9^yoti^faa' 
LIi[atlon4 I wo wave-]aavea of two 
t«nlh^JealBr xhpiy shall bo of ftna 
noar, llicty nhiOl bn bakon with lea^ 
Tefl, J!i^e^ ara tho flrit-fruiiH uqlo 

1& And yo ihall fllTor with the 
tircad seven Iambi without hlemri^ 
of the fif.Ht yatitt find one yiivnt 
hullockt ai3d two rnm^: they shall 
he for a burot-orterinE unto tha 
LDRn, with uir}it jnoai-oirn^ring, 
and ibtir dfink-ofrtringFi^ ^rom. nn 
aifE^rin^ made by firs of pwDot u- 
vour unto the Loan, 

10 ThL'n Yf. uhall taerifice one 
kid tjf the goal* fur 3 finn-DfTurfni, 
qnd two lam ha or the first yea/ for 
aancrmco urpeace-ftlTorLncE. 

50 And tho prieit ehall way* 
them WTth Ehe bread nfthe fifpt- 
ffuita /pr a wave ri (ferine befora 
tho LoRr>, >*'ith the two Inmbi; 
thcyithaif be holy tij tho Lomj for 


^ And yn shall proctajin on ths 
flelf-fiame day, fAat it maj besn 
holy conToratjcin unto yoa : y* 
ihall do no Eieryile work thfnwt: 
it fkailir ti iLaiutu Tm evt^r m all 
yoiir dwellings Ihroughoat yout 

22 IT AJirl when y^ reap th* hat- 

vnntfi of rfltii land, thoo ihnU not 

I moke uleuD riddaoce of tho cuf- 

I ncn of thy Aeld wbcu thnu f«i^ 


TUdavaf atnnemaU. LEVITICUS. Tkefnst 9f t3HrrueU9. 

est, neither shall thou gather any 
cleaning of tliy harvest: thou shaft 
leave them unto the poor, and to 
the stranger: 1 am the Lord your 

23 If And tlie Lord spoke unto 
Moses, saying, 

24 Speak unto the children of 
Israel, saying, In tlie seventh 
month, in the first dap of tlie 
month, shall ye have a sabhath, a 
memorial of blowing of trumpets,ao 
holy convocation. 

25 Ye shall do no servile work 
therein: but ye shall offer an of- 
fering made by fire unto the 

26 ir And the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, 

27 Also on the tenth dav of this 
seventh month there shall be a day 
of atonement; it shall bean holy 
convocation unto you, and ye shaU 
afflict your souls, and offer an of- 
fering made by fire unto the 

28 And ye shall do no work in 
Uiat same day ; for it is a day of 
atonement, to make an atonement 
for you before the Lord your 

29 For whatsoever soni it be that 
shall not be affiicted in tliat same 
day, he shaU be cut off from among 

30 And whatsoever son! it be that 
doeth any work in that same day, 
the same soul will I destroy from 
amonc his people. 

31 Ye shall do no manner of 
work : it shaU be a statute for 
ever throughout your generations 
in all /our dwellings. 

32 It shall be unto you a sabbath 
of rest, and ye shall afflict your 
souls: in the nintli day or the 
month at even, from even unto 
even, shall ye celebrate your sab- 

33 IT And the Lord spoke onto 
Moses, saying, 

34 Speak unto the children of 
I?rtc1, unviT— The fifteenth day of 
this m?»v^9iiij iT:«mth shaU be the 
feast uf tain: n^ir-les for seven days 

35 On Lhu first day shall be an 
hoij uinvorutioo: ye shall do no 

3lj Sfvin ; v>'B ye shall offer an 
onv'-,.- '■■'■ by fire unto the 

L<^i ighth day shall be 

anh,^ i I ■■>•■ Lion unto you, and 
fe shall offer an offering made by 
me unto the Lord : it is a solemn 
■asembly ; and je shall do no ser- 
vile work therein. 

97 These are the feasts of the 
Lord, which ye shall proclaim to, 

be holy convocations, to offer an 
offering made by fire unto the 
Lord, a burnt-offering, and a 
meat-offering, a sacrifice, aad 
drink-offerings, every thing upon 
his day: 

38 Besides the sabbaths of the 
Lord, and besides your gifls, and 
besides all your vows, and besides 
all your free-will-offerings, which 
ve give unto the Lord. 

39 Also in the fifteenth day of 
the seventh month, when re have 
gathered in the fruit of the land, ye 
shall keep a feast unto the Lord 
seven davs : on the first day shall 
be a sabbath, and on tho eighth 
day shall be a sabbath. 

^ And ye sliall take yon on the 
first day the boughs of goodly 
trees, branches of palm-trees, and 
the boughs of thick trees, and wil- 
lows of the brook; and ye shall re- 
joice before the Lord your Goi 
seven days. 

41 And ye shall keep it a feast 
unto the Lord seven days in the 
year : it shaU be a statute for evef 
m your fenerations ; ye shall cele- 
brate it m the seventh month. 

42 Ye shall dwell in booths se- 
ven days; ail that are Israelites 
bora shall dwell in booths: 

43 That your generations may 
know that I made the children of 
Israel to dwell in booths, when 1 
brought them out of the land of 
Egypt: I am the Lord your God. 

44 And Moses declared unto the 
children of Israel the feasts of the 

Shelomith's Son blasphenuth. 
A ND the Lord spake unto Bfo- 
■ljL ses, saying, 

2 Command the children of Is- 
rael, that they bring unto thee pure 
oil-oUve beaten for the lights to 
cause the lamps to bum continu- 

3 Without the vail of the testi- 
mony, in the tabernacle of the con- 
gregation, shall Aaron order it 
from the evening unto the morning 
before the Lord contmually : it 
shaU be a statute for ever in your 

4 He sliall order the lamps upon 
the pure candlestick before the 
Lord continually. 

5 IT And thou shah take fine 
flour, and bake twelve cakes there 
of : two tenth-deals shall be in ono 

6 And thou shalt set them in two 
rows, six on a row, upon the pure 
table before the Lord. 

7 And thou shalt put pure (Vank- 
incimse upon eocA row, that it mkw 

Tkclawufblaapkemv. CHAP. XXV. 

be on the bread for a memorial, 
even an offering made by fire unto 

8 Every sabbath he shall set it 
in order before the Lord continual- 
ly, being taken from the children of 
krael by an everlasting cove- 

9 And it shall be Aaron's and 
his sons' ; and they shall eat it in 
the holy place: for itw most holy 
unto him of the offerings of the 
Lord made by fire by a perpetual 

10 IT And the son of an Israelitish 
woman, whose father was an 
Egyptian, went out among the chil- 
dren of Israel; and this son of the 
Israelitish woman and a man 
of Israel strove together in the 

11 And the Israelitish woman's 
son blasphemed the name of the 
LORJ>t and cursed ; and they 
brought him unto Moses : (and his 
mother's name wds Shelomith, tlie 
daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of 

IS And they put him in ward, 
that the mind of the Lord might 
be shewed them. 

13 And the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying. 

14 Bring forth him that hath curs- 
ed without the camp { and let all 
that heard Mm lay their hands up- 
on his head, and let all the congre- 
gation stone him. 

15 And thou slialt speak unto 
the children of Israel, saying, 
Whosoever cursetli his God shall 
bear his sin. 

ya And he that blasphemeth the 

Erne of the Lord, he shall surely 
put to death, and aU tlie congre- 
gation shall certainly stone him: 
as well the stranger, as he that is 
bom in the land, when he blasphe- 
■leth the name eftMe LORD, shall 
be put to death. 

17 ir And he that killeth any man 
■hall surely be put to death. 

18 And he that killeth a beast 
■ball make it good; beast for 

19 And if a man cause ablnniBh 
in hi* neighbour; as he hath 
dune, so ahaU it be done unto 

99 Breach for breach, eye for 
eye, tooth for tootli : as he hath 
caused a blemish in a man* so shall 
It be done to him og'am. 

91 And he that killeth a boast, 
lie shall restore it: and he that 
kOIeth a man, he shall bo put to 


J Ye shall have one manner of 
Uw, as well for the stranger, a« 

The year of jhbUte* 
for one of your own country ; for 1 
am Uie Lord your God. 

23 If And Muses spake to the 
children of Israel, tliat tbev should 
bring fortli him that Iiad curtsed 
out of the camp, and stone hin 
witli stones : and tlie children of 
Israel did as the Lord commanded 

The Year etf Jubilee. 

AND the Lord spake unto Ho- 
ses in mount Smai, saying, 

2 Speak unto tlie children of Is- 
rael, and say unco them, When ye 
come into the land which I give 
you, then shall the land keep a sab- 
bath unto the Lord. 

3 Six years thou shalt sow thy 
field, and six years thou shalt prune 
thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit 

4 But in the seventh year shall 
be a sabbath of rest unto the land, 
a sabbath for the Lord : thou shah 
neither sow thy field, nor prune thy 

5 That which growetliof itsowo 
accord of thy harvest, thou shalt 
notieap, neither gather the (rapes 
of thy vine undressed : for it is a 
year of rest unto the land. 

6 And the sabbath of the land 
shall be meat for you ; for tiieo, 
and for thy servant, and for thy 
maid, and for thy hired servant, 
and for thy stranger that sojourneth 
with thee. 

7 And for thy cattle, and for the 
beast that are in tliy land, shall all 
the increase tJiereof be meat. 

8 ir And thou shalt number se- 
ven sabbaths of years unto thee, 
seven times seven years ; and tlie 
space of the seven sabbaths of 
years shall be unto thee forty and 

9 Tlien shalt thou cause the trum- 
pet of the jubilee to sound, on the 
tenth dav of the seventh month, in 
the day of atonement shall ve make 
the trumpet sound throughout aO 
your land. 

10 And ye shall hallow the fiAieth 
year, and proclaim liberty through- 
out all the land unto aH tlie inha- 
bitaots thereof: it shall be a jubilee 
unto you ; and ye shall return every 
man onto his possession, and ye 
snail return every man unto hia 

11 A jubilee shaH that fiftieth 
year be unto yon : ye shall not sow. 
neither reap that which groweili ot 
itself in it, nor gather the grapes in 
it of thy vine umlresfted. , „ 

12 For it is the jubilee : it shall 
be holy unto you: ye shall eat the 
increase thereof out of Uie neM4 

/UdemptimQfUmd.^'C' LEVITICUS. UsMry forbiddw. 

13 In the year of this jubilee ye 
almJl relura evt^ry mun unio tiiu 

""iJTAnrt if thnnacll uught onto 
thy uL'iifhJunir, ur buytj-t ah^^ ot 
th^ ijLiiShbour'fe fiiifi'l. yo BliiiJl not 
Dpurew one skitftthRr: 

ft ArfordLns la ,iln5 numbi'f of 
rtiara aflE-T ih'>,JiitiilLH2. tiK^u «h^k 
buy of Uiy neiplbLoitr, (tna ac^ra-. 
ina <mLo ihti nurnEicr (if yyara or 
lits f ruita hp shdl scU uu tu lIk?c. : 

Ifi Ac ctJrttinl tci lh5 iiiullitiutq of 
FflftTj Uiou ihiilt ij^crcaao Oio pnee 
Umrcof, imd arcimijrtff lo tjio (ow- 
lUMfl of ycrttfl iltoti fiTiaUdimusish 
th# pricu of it; for accorrfrnff tis ihu 
iiuFnIj«r ^t/m ttrnr^ of ihe rmili 
doLh he «;!1 h"^^' ^J^*- - „^_,, 

17 Ye HhJill nul ihaveOitD oPJJpaa 
oiw ftnoiheri but UiQii slmli. feftr 


*J^I II And it a niun bcIJ d (Iwell- 
iLtg-tiouiK; III a wiilted cicy. ihen hv 
iriJiy n>i(i.'Bin 51 wiUun a whdp y*Mir 
iLfler it is iokl ;, w/£Am a lull rettf 
inuy liu riirlcom i(- . . 

, 3fi And if il be itoi reilefiKicd 
wiihtn Uiu Bpuco ot a juU year, 
ibon (he houirn ihriLu irttjie waiiod 
ciiy p}i(iJl be (^(ubliahotl lor ever lo 
him tliat Ixpogtii it. ihroa^houi hu 
iTQnaraiioiH ; It almll uot go oJt m 
[hojubiJc*^ _ . -T, 

3] liui tbo houjH^ of thn y)t|age» 
which hn^u DO wail* munrt ah«ut 
ihem. ahnUhfl counted ua the hold* 
of tiiD country 1 they iimy be ro- 
d^=^!™od. and ihoy ihall eo out in 

M NotwiihatBiidins^ ihociti^ of 

lfi*TT WhorF?r<j™ yt> ahoJlda my 

»nd dit ihoin ; tind ye simJi dwell ui 
Om land ini sEileiy- - u t^, 

10 And ihe Inr^d shaH yu^ld her 
fWiU. bik) ye Bhdlk oat your fill, and 

30 And if yti Bhtdl »^y. Whai 
fi^l:lE] wt'oftttiie iovcnih year 1 pe- 
b&M, ^fi flhftll DolsownufffflUiflJ 
in our inCTeast; . 

31 Tlicn ( will CDmniand my 
blEEibiinei uo«m juuin the mxUi year, 
mad U ibJui bruje ^fth &uit Ibi 
tlirtju yeiirH. t ' T.±i 

22 And ye thai) itiw the^eightfi 
year, and eat yei of old fruit unul 
this ninSh yeitf ; ^uoul ber riEiit| 
coine in yo *hull eat iif th« old 

SI ITTlia lanJehatl rot tu sold 
for ever ; for the Ittml iRiutnE?! for 
ye dff Htransorf aiifl amoumeri 
with mti. „ . 1 1 ^r u„,« 

^ And in till ^ thf land ftf your 
powewion ya. "^^^'^ ff™^^ ^ "^ 
damptioTi for (he lario. 

25 ir If thy brother be ua^flri 
poor, and hftth lidd awrvj J^nia^of 
Ym poMcuBion, ind Lt any of hia Xin 
com* lo r^Bcm it. Ih^n Bb:ill he 
redeem tluU which hit brothisr 

*ai' And if the man have r^flnp to 
rodeeia ii, Aitd birwiCiF bo abis to 
ledeemU; , 

37 Thenltit hjm Count the yoJire 
of the aula lh(ir<?ofrand rcalore ilie 
ovenilu* unto liio man to whom 
he ioid il ; Uint h<5 may roiurii unto 
hia puisatwion. * , j .^ 

^ Hill if he be aoi al^lot*? re- 
port it tfl Idm, then that whirh lu 
SLild ffhaU remain in the bnml of 

th^ IrfVllESfrtHtt lJH?]lUU3tf»uiuJo 

^ctiiesof (heir poisc«iioTi. m[iyt)i4 
^ LpvilM rwltfum ai any Uioe. 

33 And if Anion purtd^aie of tbp 
Lt'vites, Ihen iho hynie that wu 
Kntdf and \ht^ city uf hispomston 
Hhull gn out in ike year pf rubUe* j 
(br Oie hcjUBt'^ uf the ciliEm of tha 
Levit^tffl 4ira thnlt po&«».*ion iiJiKjng 
lln> i^litWrnn of Isrtifil. . . , 

34 Hill the fieltl of the Ruburhtqf 
ihtir titjw mny not ]» mW.. for it 

J ^haU remain in me "'M*",^^ T f^'^/ g:;7t 
1 th«L h?iih hi>ucht ii vnid the laud 'ii ^i-BJl'^ 
ioHubUw marintbejobd^oii I sold oi bond in 

m ir And if thy iM-ethftrbaivajtcri 
pwif, and iaJlen in deftny with 
Lhue ; then tbnti shalt Mmv& bun : 
j/f (I, ihmtsh hf- ftff a^ etranicr, or ■ 
aojjurnuri that he [Uoy hva wiLh 
thee, ^ ... 

3fi Take thtm no fuurjf Of hmi( 
07 increa^w ! but f«iir ilij' God ^ ihui 
thy Lit ntl ler m ar live with Ui^e* 

37 I'heu shall not pve him ihy 
money niiiin usury, nor lend huu 
thy T(ctu[il5 iVir inf^njuea. „ . 

58 I «pi I he lioiip yoTit tr«l, 
whi-'h bTotif III yoii forlh out ot tht 
land of Eifypi, tu five yon tha 
loiid ef Cuuaan, and lo be fffur 

''aS'^And if U^y brother (iut 
i/iFpUrtA by thee bo wa^en pooi, 
and be sohf uoiei the«; ihou^en 
rn>i earn pel him to lerve ai A Dond- 

4(1 i?K/ hi an hired icrvsmv i^d 
iu a iojourn-r bo shall bo with 
Oiec ami eball atirvo Ji^ uoto Ihfl 

the*!i ttffAhe Hnd bis cloidrwn wiih 
bimtiind ihall return unlo ma own 
fjoiiily, Eiml unto the p^JWfOBamo oJ 
hi* fathers phaU be relnrnn 

43 FoT thOf art my «f*Mil» 
vffhitb 1 brought forth out vttht 
' - -^ ''— |jti ih<^yih4l[ not M 

KedempUon eftervants. 

■'." '" .'s nut fulfi oT(>f ti]in 

U'lii. -.v.-- lnji ihoJt feur tliy 

44 Bittli Ltij^ bdiiJ-tnii^Ji. am] ihy 
tynml-rjiiiu J^ , w hi r. \t l|i o u sh nl I Ji ave, 
ahtitl b£ tiT tibu liuitJiRii titaL cltc 
Fourtti tkbtsut yi3U ; af thtsin whiiO y4i 
byy ^nrKj-men w"! biind-TiiFiiJa. 

45 MurcDvor, ot ibo cluynjit of 
the einutsfifa that dE» fltyotiro 
■mone thu, of tJiein sKnil Fo buji', 
«Ad af tliuir riUtlLlll>l diiit art W^Ui 
ywb, *hi<:l> titL'j Ufffut ID your 
uod : and they iai " ' 

: adJ they ihEilJ 1^ rouf poe- 

CHAP. XXVI. BUsnnftpromUed. 

\^ E ehiiil timkci yuu no klul^itDi 
-1 gravi'n inmeQ^ neithiT rear 
jTiU u[! D. iUindirj^ inm^H, ncliijui 
alioJI yo hiuL lip unit j[i]LL^[j ot \timk« 
in yuur ImhTi lo Uyiv ikk^ipj mitu ii ; 
Kir I am tbc LitltD ynur GuiL 

S If Va dholl ko^p my sahhtiflm^ 
uul I'l.'vcrciicDmf uiictmiF'/ : I am 
the Lij?iQ. 

3 11 Ifi'dwttlidn itiiy sLELtut4:i jiiul 
k^iei? my command iihmiu, biicI do 
them -r 


4G And i^P wh^l take them aj» an 
InhtTilunrti for your cbililrcD aflor 
yc*U[ w inJtfrii £A™i /or a jiua- 
H^Mioni ihey »hall he yDui btind- 
miHi far ever ; but uvar your hro- 
ihr^fi UiQ cliiyren uf bruul^ yti 
■hall not nxle one ov«r anoUici 
wJeJi jii'fS'Ur 
47 1l< Add ifi sojoiiri»orur astffiD- 
fer wa* rk-li lijr iUp.k^ BtiA tiif hro- 
Jittr tkuJ-JiBelliiA. bfhim ivax poof, 

tr Mioovnier by tlicu, or t€> Uie iluck 
Dftha rtmngiH^B fairiiry ; 

4B Aftet ihflt he ii »ol(t h« msiy 
DO ndcemcd o^iun ; odo oflib brc- 
thfon mny timIkid Ijiiik 

fU liiUiur hb uncla, ur hti uncloi'? 
■on may redeem li;m, or aiw that b 
flich af km unio iiini of hii taiaily 
amf rcHleeiii hiiuj vr IP lie be adlo, 
he mJiy redeora oimeelf, 

50 Ami he AhaU rockrha \Tiih ^unI 
thfct bought him, fn^Ki. the yuaj- Uml 
he W^ts geUl tofiim> unto the yecir 
orjuhUeoj atid the price of hjii naEt 
iflinll bu ac4!:ordiiiLC unto the fiumbcr 
af yeA[»^ acvcordid^ to the time of an 
hired lerviuit iliall jt ba wbih 

51 IfcAtre ie yet man; yotitp ?if^ 
iyiW, aeconlJisiT unio Ihtim hr #hs>(l 
(ivu apnin thcprire of hii redcmji" 
tiuftoutuf L]j{» rnunj'y UiAt \w wna 
boiieht for- 

."Sl Aoil if tbem rernrLin but few 
Ff-AT* UiUii^i the /far afJubiliH^i thcii 
he ih.:dl f-TJom VfiUi liim, ani^ bc- 
Ofirdinj unto hii^B&rfBhall hu giv^e, 
hbri afadi Oia pnce of hi£ rcdemp- 

Sn ^4iid' 09 A yearly hlt^ urvnnt 
■had he be wUh him t miff tAr atAft- 
«ha11 nut rule iviih li^our uvet him 
in thy ■{{[hi. 

5t And if hi* bo bot tirfJf'nmi^d 
In ibiHD i^earst tb("n h'^ ab^ill ^li uui 
bi (Im tea.r of juhHet}, b&tM hvt cmH 
bii ^hntlren wirb birn. 

55 For unlij »ic llio f'hililrL'^n of 
Iirtiel Mr A ■i-i'vanfjf th^y ctrer m^ 
■nrvuniv wbom I bronffht forth out 
nf tha land of Eff yi^t - I am ^w 
ijoiw roor fiihl- 

4 Then I will give yan ruin in 
due season, vaA the lanu#hn.|[ vield 
hef increase, and I lie Lreea of Uie 
lielil ethcdl yiuM thi'lr Tiv'ii ■- 

5 Acid jrourthreahini^iti^il] rear-h 
unl^> the vintiLgUr and ilia vtntaie 
dhdU rtacb unti} Uie povijug-tijiie, 
find ye«]]aJl eaL your brfad 14J ilia 
fulU and dwoLI in your land »cifelr. 

6 And I ^viU eivtt pcjico in ihi 
lanil, and ye ehaEI lie down^ and 
nonu ftltallmttjtaf tfU afraid : iutd f 
will jiJ vvil benjtf oiU of tim 
Innd, ncicJier iliidl tlic sword go 
[hfuu^h your lit mK 

7 And ye Bhnil rh4» your eoe- 
miei^, mid ll\cy ahuM full Ixjfora ycm 
by till" flivoTii- 

e And live of you ihtillcHfiaean 
hundred, nnd an hundrEMi uf you 
aJinU jiut ten thninumd la Hi m I it : 
iind yt^ur^emiea Bhiill fall bafdro 
you by iJioawurd. 

1* FiJt T will hnvo ri??!?"!^' iitflo 
you, and make you rniiiTuI, nod 
iTiuidply yon, and i.'jkt[iij|i«Ji my 
cuvc'Riunt wiih yoi]. 

ID And re fchaJl eaE olil ■tore, 
and brio; forth the ul^i becAuac! of 

\i And I will net my Inbemacle 
BTnontr iftiu : eliilI my hjuI «hal| na\ 
at»h{»r you. 

13 An^LI ^^I'l WlUk arnottfi you. 
ivnd wiill Ce youi God, umJ ye ^ImlJ 
biEf my pefipfe. 

].il a-ja the I/ORP your Qnd, 
whldi bri>u|;ht you forth out of ll4e 
jand of E^fpt, thcit y# ^^hould not 
be their baad'mbiiT and T have 
brokc^n the bunri« of ynur fak^ 
and tundc you go tiprfent. 

11 irBut If jc will not b'^nrken 
unto mut and will not do tiil the» 

jri Au^t If re (jbaU dc^piafi mj 
■tatuti^ Or if your ftoul ciUhoi my 
judgrmvnfH, ao tbat yc will not do 
all my conitnandincntsiK &ii.t that 
yu break tny covi-tsytii : 

1(1 t jjUo will fto iJiisi utiio you, 
1 will even DP(>nini o^'isr *uti 
lerrfJTp fonaumplion, and ihe huip- 
inv affile, tJint «hall conaiimp tlire 
eyes, mud eatuc »rtrrow,' fiT Utmrt '■ 


Plaeues thrcaUnei 

and yc shall sow your seed in vain ■, 
for your enemies aliull eat it. 

17 And 1 will set my face 
against you, and ye shall be slain 
before your enemies: they that 
hate you shall reign over you, and 
ye shall flee when none pursueth 

18 And if ye will not yet for all 
this hearken unto me, then I will 
punish you seven times more for 
your sins. 

19 And I will break the pride of 
your p6wer; and I i^ill make 
your hraven as iron, and your 
earth as brass : 

20 And your strength shall be 
spent in vain : for your land shall 
not yield her increase, neither 
shall the trees of the land yield 
their fruits. 

21 IT And if ve walk contrary unto 
me, and will not hearken unto 
me, I will bring seven times more 
plagues upon you according to 
your sins. 

22 I will also send wild beasts 
among you, which shall rob you of 
your children, and destroy your 
cattle, and make yon few in num- 
ber, and your At> A-ways shall be 

23 And if ye will not be re- 
formed by mo by tliese things, but 
will walk contrary unto mo : 

24 Then will I also walk con- 
trary unto yon, and will punish 
you yet seven times for your 

25 And I win bring a sword 
upon you, that shall avenge the 
quarrel of my covenant: and when 
je are gathered togetlier within 
Tour cities, I will send the pesti- 
lence among you : and ye shall 
be delivered into the hand of the 

26 And when I have broken tiic 
■taff of your bread, toi^ women 
■hall bake your bread in one oven, 
and they shall deliver you your 
bread again by weight: and ye 
•hall eat and not be satisfied. 

27 And if ye will not for all this 
hearken unto me, but walk con- 
trary unto me \ 

28 Then I will walk contrary un- 
to you also in fury ; and 1, even I, 
will chastise you seven times for 
your sins. 

29 And ye shall eat the flesh of 

Sour sons, and the flesh of your 
aughters shall ve cat. 

30 And I will destroy your high 
places, and cut down your images, 
and cast your carcasses upon the 
carcassesof your idols, and my soul 
■hall abhor you. 

31 Andl will make your cities 

LEVITICUS, for disobeidencs. 

waste, and bring your sanctuaries 
unto desolation, and I will nut 
smell the savour of your sweet 

32 And I will bring the land 
into desolation : and your enomiea 
which dwell therein shall be asto- 
nished at iu 

33 And I will scatter you among 
the heatiicn, and will draw out a 
sword after you: and your land 
shall be desolate, und your cities 

34 Then shall the land emov her 
sabbaths, as long as it lioth deso- 
late, and ye be m your enemies* 
land ; even then shall tlie land rest, 
and enjoy her sabbailis. 

35 As long as it lieth desolate it 
shall rest; because it did not rest 
in your sabbatiis, when ye dwelt 
upon it. 

36 And upon them that are left 
eUive of you, 1 will send a faintness 
into their hearts in the lands of 
their enemies : and the sound of a 
shaken leaf snail chase them ; and 
they shall flee, as fleeing from a 
sword; and tlicysliall fall, when 
none pursueth. 

37 And they shall fall one upon 
another, as it were before a sword, 
when none pursueth : and ye shall r". nriTvnr to Etanrl bort>r0 
y<i-.. . I,.. .;.. 

^1^ j\iju y,: s(jii]| ]k'i1hIi atnong 
the jK*!iilii?n, Rinl tlin hmd of yutir 
enrrmifis eljulli divlyou up, 

3!> Amlilieyihnt iiro jofi of rtiu 
sh;iSl pint' Qway in ihcir ininiKl; in 
yoi^r ('iM?iiLi{<i^ Jiiiuts^ nnJ uli^o jci 
thr i:iLi]iii]ijc^fi! uf thfitr fntlmrn shiiU 
tln'j- itirvii u'rt'tty wilJi llsam. 

^i> If lliof shnJl cfinliiia their 
iriiiiiLiF, tifiJ iHe ini^imii? dF Uieir 
faiJu^ri, W"]Lti U>eiT tn>Bpju» whiJ^li 
tl]i')' tu.\^\tniiis^i\ RffolsM m*t, bad 
thii cAr." iJuiy walked uun- 
tr.-.ry ';jril.' iiif-L 

41 And iUai I also have walked 
contrary unto them, and have 
brought them into the land of their 
enemies; if tlien their uncircum- 
cised hearts be humbled, and they 
then accept of the punishment of 
their iniquity : 

42 Then will I remember my 
covenant with Jacob, and also my 
covenant with Isaac, and also my 
covenant with Abraham vrill I re- 
member; and I will remember the 

43 The land also shall be left of 
tliem, and shall enjoy her sab- 
baths, while she lieth desolate 
without tliem: and they shall 
accept of the punishment of their 
iniquity ; because,, even because 
they duspiacd my judgments, ana 

Mercy to the peniunt. CHAP. 

bccauiie Uilnt loul Etbhomad 037 

44 And yyi for nTl xhni, w\\^i\ 
ilior bf \r Ihe lend of ilttir un*=iniry#, 
1 will nol eajt tlniii awny, ncilhcr 
■will I Rl]fiorthiMiii( I0 riMmf^ tiirm 
utterly, unri lu biuink iny f^fivcninkt 
wtUi UKun 1 tut t am LJii: 1jI,>ili^ rholj 

41 Bui I vriU for th^'n- ralictre- 
mtstubcr the tavcci^ni iif Lhctr bti- 
cseslu™, whom \ \mmsih\ TcJi-ih put 
af ihfl liuid of Efypi in t)ic BiijJif of 
the iKntli^ti, Uirtt 1 rnifflii lio their 
ttod ; I Jim Uip LaRo, 

4(i ThuiBfl tvrr rliu idtitutn, and 
hifEgYnenlf. swjlI Iuw^ wliirJi l|ie 
lUnMp mado bciwo™ him rmrS tr»* 

br ihu hwnd oJ" Mob*^+ 


ANP EFiu Lrfmn «ipiiku imto 

$ Spcnk anifi ilm c]i.Bldrcn_ri.r fa- 
rllcl, and toy untci tJn^rn, \\'hfln n 
man liimli riiaktf astijii^ulnr votrr^ tha 
if«!rioji!f jib^U if fur tJiio LohEi by 
UiTcsrtlifirtium. , ,^, 

n And tJiT csfimaiion nlmnbe. 
of Uk? iTiTiic trt'iTk iw«THy r^nrB ulri 
oren mntJEi Bixty PtafB alu 1 even Jiv 
e^ltmatioii libaJl Lw fifty iiieKi^U of 
mlitvr, aftar ii« *hok«1 of Uie ibdc- 
nihry, ^ , 

4 And if it b« n ma^itt. ihm 
thf (HtiiikiLtjaQ shoJ] bo thirty ^ho' 

5 Andlif rtftcfrtiTn fiioyenMold 
Rveii untfi^ twenty ri;ars oJd, tinin 
thr c^tiinatii>n jilmiriHi af thn msle 
twenty «beki&ti4 and fur Uie fc'tiiajo 
ten th'iktils. 

({ And if i!t ^ frum n munLI) a^ 
R^ftfl lidTo l^vn vtonra d\A^ Uu:!^^ thy 
flitinialiifin chirkli bo t^ttho nmh five 
iliekuk {ifftiivor, ami furtive Tcmnle 
thy e<!eirnntj{]n gh.itU Ae Lhroe tUo- 
fcelatif silver, 

7 And if it f*i from nijEty yc^n ok] 
and rjHfivo } if it lie &, Umj'U 
tiiy laLiniftlitjn shuJI tw fif>emi sUn- 

8 tlm if }iG be unorer tlmn tjiy 

hmwrif baforc ibe prii^U ond ^he 
priest dtalt vuluo hLmi ncErnnJinj; 
la hlji obiLity ih^t VEi^vud iJiaii ihu 
prict vnW hiiLi. 

£t Arirt it i£ ^<; n l»ast wf^trftif 
men tiriiw nrt ulferine unnj tliii 
Lrpun. ilH xhax amt maA s\vaUi 

of 'H^U DQtX> lli^ LdHA ihal! Li,' 

Ill' Fin cImU not nJTur ii. nor 
iihiioe«t ill a CDod far n bud. or n 
iHid fur a ^«ad; fitt'i if h" vonU at 
ail chuaite l>en,ji fu-r Litini^E, tJjni il 

XXVn. Lawtmpeeting 9&W9. 

and tJie eXclian^Ei thereof bIiiiD bb 

J J Add if it he any nncleiin 
leasit of irhith ihey dn not olftr 
a iar:rificf] unto tiie LuTinn, then he 
Mh^U pnmai Uao hmsi befoni tha 
prjcflt ^ 

1-2 Ainrt the prieit shnM vbIoo it, 
whrihtr ii he gnott or had r a» tlian 
vuln^t it icfuf art theprieit, »i) ehfrll 

i;i But if he wiL at nil redeinn H» 
fh4<]] hn Fhrtll bdd ntiflh^fE Uiun- 
of unto thy wtimaflon- 

14 •[ And when a man Bhikll lane- 
■ ify hi* Katuo to bf iiojy miTu thg 
LoAPj t}jen the pricit ahaJl ^Ir 
mn it^ itt whether it bo iCMui or bad : 
m ihe priedKt sh&U «*uinitto H, #t 
Mhnll it Hand. 

M And if he tliat sonctifidd it 
irlil fft]*xm hiflbcQACf thvn liQihiLli 
11 lid ibu fifch |)flrt of (ho mi^nej of 
thy L'i^ciTiintioii uotoit, anJ ilfilinll 
be iiip^ ^ ^ 

U\ And if nnifiLnB^ietlsaiictify 
until thu hnnjy jwk« ^arr of a fiekl 
cf luB poBH^ioiip iJinn iliy uKtiina- 
tlon ihall he arcordine to the K*a 
tliuriof : an homer of hnrley seed 
EhaU bs vftlmd at flflj jthakMiof 

17 [f hft tan rtifyhia field from th« 
year of jubilee, acfinrJtn* tfl ihj 
i^stiinarion it aball mm']. 

18 fiut tf hi3 Bani-tify his fcld 
after tho jubilee- ihon I ho prie*l 
ahall rt-ckon unto him tiiQ muney 
ari^pTdtnir to the yearn that r^tnailti 
even untn thfl ywr of the jiihik'<?, 
ntiJ it ^iickll be abxiled from thy ct- 
limuUan- , , , ., , , 

JO And if be thni «anetinea i!i« 
fT**[[i will inaiiy wIsh^ rpdi'-f^m it^ thf!0 
h[i ibalJ 0^ the fifth vffri of the 
itumey of ihr ustinaniion unro it, 
, jind it filiidl be u»iiinwl w him. 

20 Atid if be will tint Ff^drem tlie 
fluid, ot if ho have i>(dd the fiphi to 
AiiatW mnn, it jihnH not be re- 
lieenitrd onv nior<7. 

51 iitiX the Rrlci, whro U ^neUi 
out in iJjB juhiLH*, thall be holy 

. iupti> uu'r Loan, as n fii'l^l d ("voted - 
rho iiOEfsi-^hm thereof sliajl he tho 

52 And if s man ertrvr^tify ntit« 
the I.>iJ!l,l' a ftelol wbtrh hf' huth 
houshi, wbirh is noiof t]ke (ieldt 
uf bJA ni>ajt4]:^sitin^ 

^ T\»-.n lb& prfart fthnll rt^t^kiin 
nntobtin tipe ^vofth of tbynfcUmii- 
iion, rn>T« iinin the yf*iirnrihu jjiibi- 
ler^tr aiul h^ «hLiN jjivo liiiiH! rnti- 
ttk^tion in ihitt day^oi & holy ihiiti 
iirsm tin? LaUDu _ , , , ., 

2^1 f II llie ytar or thfl jHril'^ th# 
fieJd tliiiH rclnmuntobivH nfwh'im 




^rhom iha p4»stfttalOD of ths lud 

S3 Ancfii]! Uir «stimntti>ni s^iaU 
ba accunlJAff lq Uie iihckcl ni' Lhe 
PKoctuQLfjr^ iweiJlF gCrftJi* *lta.L be 

3t» 1 0nl jr the flnt] inv ofth^ boiuils, 
whkh iJtuuJil hi- Um) LoRD'is rtrdt- 
Ijng, mt miii) sJiuli i^^Jini-uf^ it; whe- 
liicr if Aff Dji^, ar fihuc:p : it i ^ lhe 

27 Arul ir (( bft of nn unclean 

eor^JJEiff to thine miiitEiiilt id 

■iiali ailel El TiliJi par/ of it li >: 
or if M bp no I njiSkMancdn - it 


^ 11 N<i>twithiifiet[!tii^T no at'TO- 
tetl tliiug thai a, m^m ftbatl J^'s ute 
lUfiKi [Jtu Lr>iin at all tlvd\ I' • h, 
ImtAof nitinand hFui«lp m^ le 

Gi^M ut'hb ;HHiiiiuunn. whau >. Id 
Of HBtieiiTnini ; pvttry ctt^vtittu -j^-if 
^ nMMt iiotF Unto lhe Loud. 

S9 Ncrno devotod, whir-fa bIuuI 

be dcVDUHl dI^ mmn. ihaH bo fd- 
Aevm&i : ^M BhulUiui;)^ l>e oitt id 

:S(] And nil the lithe of the l^nd, 
wbfiMr iifilveamtl pf the ifUtd» w 
of tlii^ fruit of the trec^ M thn 
Loiii>'i : il it lioly unto the 

cU And if a iniiD vflM at all rv- 
decm BMffAi i^f Im tiiliMp lie *hiiH 
add thereto tlin fifih jsori thereof. 

IJS And C4ncerr;lnK the litJi* of 
thc3 hF?r(], or of Uiq flucki rro* of 
wl ■ ■■ f Tojevcr un^ii^lh under tlie roH, 
lh< i-^.iiih dmU Ui hiAy uuio tbq 

\\i lie shai] not Ksreh ^fhetJin 
it W ei3Dd ar batFT nciiUier ihall bq 
cliangu it I And if be ch^ico It m 
all; t}ii;ii bnth it nnd the eban^* 
thi n iif e}ii\.[i be iioEy i it iIiilU nut 
b« ■ ^iL«ttoi<ii 

I < I'Jiese UTf the Comrntimlmeuti 
wluiih the LoMii cunuuandDd Mo^ 
■oa, fur the chikb«ii of krad iiB 
moujit SiuaL, 

tr The Fourth Book of MOSES, called NUMBERS. 


ATTkB Men of War nMXiAertA. 
ND the liORD spake unto Mo- 
w sei in the wUderneu of Sinai, 
in the tabernacle of the congrega- 
tion, on the first dav of the second 
lonth, in the second year afler 
ley were come out of the land of 

Take ye tfie sum of all the con- 
gragation of the children of Israel, 
after their famihes, by the house of 
their fathers, with the number of 
tkiir names, every male by their 

3 From twenty yean old and 

Eud, all that are able to go 
to war in Israel ; thou and 
,)n shall number them by their 

4 And with yon there shall be 
a man of every tribe; eveiy 

Ste head of the house of hiii 

5 ir And these art the names of 
the men that shall stand with yon : 
of tkt tribe d/Reuben ; Elizur the 
■on of Shedeur. 

6 Of Simeon ; Shelumiol the son 

7 Of Jndah; Nahahon the son of 

8 Of Issachar ; Nethaneel the son 

9 Of Zobuloni Eliab the son of 

10%f the children of 
Bphraim^ ' 

the son of 

Ammihud: of Manaseeh; Gama- 
liel the son of Pedahzur. 

11 OfBeiviamin; Abidantheson 

IS Of Dan; Ahiezer the son of 

13 Of Aslier ; Pagiel the son of 

14 Of Gad ', EUasaph the son of 

15 Of Naphtali ; Aliira tho son 

16 These were the renowned of 
the congregation, princes of the 
tribes of their fathers, heads of 
thousands in Israel. 

17 IT And Moses and Aaron took 
these men which are expressed by 
tAm* names: 

18 And they assembled all the 
congregaUon together on the fint 
day of the second month, and they 
declared their pedigrees afler their 
families, by the house of their 
fathers, according to the num- 
ber of the names, from twenty 
years old and upward, by their 

19 AstheLoRDConmiandedMo 
ses, so he numbered tJiem in the 
wilderness of Sinai. 

30 And the children of Reuben, 
Israel's eldest son, by their gene- 
rations, afler their families, by the 
house of their fhthers, according 
to the number of the names, by 
their polls, every male from 
twenty years old and npward. 

77k« nun aMefor tomr 


OTB HUMotrttL, 

a£t thai were Cbla to ea forlli la 

« liaat vfere nmnhnirftr) al 
ixii:jd, Eveii DflhfttrLbG of Hcuben^ 
mrf furtr and au ibaudanil am 

ItJH ur'Tljerliildrt^n 
tVif ct-nor^tiitiid, itfUjf thtnt fmui- 
tiei^ by the huuEe of thotr fut|mr«p 
ihoce diat wotu niuuLiorcnJ bfltaem, 
iiceurdin^ to iho nunibw of Ui« 
najDi?^, by ihcir polli, tvcry male 
iroiiii twriiny fimn ul^i unil iKtwurd^ 
All Uiat M^ere able tu gu mrlli Ur 

■il Thoit ihflt were numbered of 
tbem, enoi of the uibe i>r SiiTiwP, 
iDFf d Afljr mid bioo tiuiusond euiJ 
llnree buiidrud. 

i^ ^ Of ih(3 ehildien nt Gari, hy 
tlieir seticraTJoni, nl^ar ibbii faoii^ 
Juesr It/ L'l'^ biJUsoul' ibisir futilt^ni, 
ace^rdloK to the aoEnbefr uf xhu 
□aruei. ff om iwenly fijara dJ J and 
ut^iA af dp alj Uidt w^.sa able tu ^i^ 
uirrhlo wur { 

iLp I'hoMf ihal iffrro ninubered of 
ihutn , «xi™ of iht, tri by at Qt^i , tsSTi 
(vily and five dmuaEUHl bii. buddrvd 

ailf Orthaehilclrt^niif Jnflah, b/ 
Ibeir CL-nuiiLtluDi, alVcr Ih^jir fmni- 
lici, br UiQ hou^ cif thoir fathers, 
Afcoratiir tjut the nutitb^ir Df the 
tanicB, from twenty yca/s oJiJ tnd 
iipweiril, aO titat wl^iu able lo £i> 
forihin VflJ E 

2T Tbcwo thai T^rere numbered ni 
then], *pe» uf th* liihe of JuJuh, 
vim threcscoTe and fuurUsun tlujiti' 
ia^ifl and »i;i hujidfiod. 

m 1It>f the chiilicu of Tsmjcliflr, by 
llieLr fenBralioiu, after tJiuir Huiji^ 
bc^p brihe houiia af tbolr fathers, 
acrurdiDg to tho numlHif of Uie 
lULicies^, frotci twemtjir jenmobl ohe! 
apward, nil tJiat ware able to go 
forth to war j 

Sy Thows that wwn Dunber^ of 
llu^T eem of the iribe cf iMnchiift 
tasn fiflr and four tfautuaod ajid 
fauf hundred. 

;«1 for the child ten of Zt>buhAi,b7 
ihftir ffflrreretltjtB, iftcr ihait fiinu 

ujTwUd, all thai wara aUo to fq 
Ibrth lownrj 

33 ThoHf Ui*t \vi*r6 fiujisbered ot 
tiicuu A?£n ofdiQ tribe u I' EpbraJm^ 
weft fort? tJiouKimid oiul li¥<F hvo- 

34 ^ Of the ehUdreji of Manaflseh, 
ity ilitii ^taumtii^iiA, aiitr Llieir fn- 
uiiiieiii by iite bitUMi of tlMsir fJitherB, 
accurdbg Ea dis number of tbe 
iiaui^j^ t'irum txvaiity yetin old andi 
iij:iwafd, aU Umt wore jjblo to fu 
forlJi to war ^ 

30 Thojoti ttiat wflro numberiHl of 
tbibiii.fDffTtofUielrilx: (J ManaHelu 
if^i-« tidrti' a[)d two tbouagnd and 
twit hmvUed, ^ ^^ ^ 

DC ^rOftJitt child reaufB^rajamin, 
hf tliah gi.'n(jratiaci4, aftuf tbcir fu- 
luKinN, h> thti boLUiwof ilvpif ftttheri, 
EiccordiDf to tiao Jiumbftr of the 
liam», ffuni t\vii>n[y yeara old tad 
lu^ward, aU Uiat vvere ubljo to la 
forth towaii 

37 Tbt»«f thnt ^vwra numberfitl of 
ih^.iHy fTfUfiftJjiD tribe of OenJEUDliu 
ipere thirty hdii five tlkOiLtiuuJ aotJ 
four hundind, 

ae ^ tlfthu children of Dan. by 
ilitiir g;(.-n4jration!if aHier tiielr fnjn^ 
iJeMr by the hou4s vf Ihuii ^Uien, 
Dcrordinjc to the number of tha 
aaiite^p fr«io twenty years (d<l and 
upAvnrtlp flj] that wirra abls to (o 
forth to wiLf : 

3y I'ho^ that were nqtnborfld of 
them, men uf tlw tribe (jf Dan, 
1^m^ LiiTyiiSCom and twa tbouuju] 
aiui ^v«a hiirHlrcdn 

40 5 Of th(^ ^bi id ren of A^ r» b/ 

i)i(9ir^€:|ierailc>»9, nftyf^ their fctni- 
lies, by " " 


H^M, by tJio ijuiue' of tJ1E^i^ futbera,J Uie 

, . the bouse of tb&ir fsthcri, 

acconlim; to tiia number of tha 
namoi, Tn^m twi^nty yQOfti old and 
upward, all tha.t were abla to i^o 
forth low [If ; 

41 TlitJie rhnt werfl oitmbcr^ of 
theinp jwru of the tribe of Asbei, 
U'fre forty and £inQ tbouAiujd sjm 
fiv« huijilredH 

42 IT i^rtbec^hilctroni:)! NepliLalip 
thtiHiifhouL thf.'ir itiinr^niTjonKp adu'r 
tiieir /kuiibcir hy lite houee of ib'^lr 
faUun^A, itccordine lo (Jjd nuoib^^ior 

Brrordios to UiB oumbfl^ of thfj 
naiiiei^ rrc^m iweoty ye-ars old and 
vvvtunl, all Urm werfl ahio to ga 
fortbio w:in 

31 Thri«aThatweritiurnbpt&d of 
thf^fli, frrmcif die tribe of Znbulnn, 
vrTB fifty and levuA thou^tMid ttui 
four h)iri[!n'd, 

K t Of the chjldfeo of JoBepb, 
ntifat!^, ofthechlldrettorEiJiirairnf 
by li^*■w iri*oeratioQa> nf^er tbeir fti- 
lUifiiH. by the houiie of their faibtrt., 
art4iriUrE to the numbw of tha 
, from twontf yyan old and 

fjT^ini wi'nty jtiara iih\ 

and upi\ard, aU that were able to 
^Ei fortl) to War 3 

43 TlioBfl chut were nutnh^red nf 
diciiip £Tti^ of tho iribe of N^iphtcilj. 
were ^Wy EtikJ tltnfo tiiouiDJid arid 
four bund rod. 

44 Thuao are thon" that were 
n^imbi^rcHp u'hich Moaei and 
AiiTctn nuniilj^i'ed, niul tJit> itrincoi 
of ImraelT beine twelve rpnj-ni : each 
nne wai far Lho bouio ai bit fa^ 

45 Sawrtts h\\ tbof* Ihjt w*ra 
numbered kifUiB chddnrafif Ura^U 

Of the LeviUe* teniu. 
t¥ the }K>UBCof diDir faLhcti> from 
IwvDi^r yiiJirs oltl Emt! iipwjtriii a.\\ 
that HTf^fQ able tugo LbrUi Lo vfM m 

« Evnn a1i1 Uicy thot ff?re noTH- 
b«red. wt^re elt liunilrctl Lhiuusimel 
liiiil Lhrw iliMiiHiiuitiJ &ihJ (ive iiuu- 
dretJ antl 11(1^4 

4T II Uuit ihe Lovitcfl. afTur tlia 
trdjeof tJluJF ftfihurs. wero fluttmiii- 
be red iLinun^ thcrn. 

48 Pur vhi.\ Lnfii] had Bpok^m un- 

4."^ (^Eiiy tJihu 4hult not niiml^r 
tliQ trittg! uf L^vi, neither lake [lac 
10 m nTihcni onioiJg tlio chikiicn ciC 
Lirai-I t 

5ti UutUgou ihalL Bppoittttho Lo^ 
vitca over tlie lulMfMHiiile of loitj- 
cnony, ami ov« all tJis voi^ck 
thpreor, arul ove-r all UiingB Umi 
Ae^Ditf^lo il: tliey *>iall bear ihela- 
bcriiiif:]e» ^vt iill the v{!*»nU dien^jf, 
ami thcr shall mintiUir LinTo \U ntid 
EJiail LmcEiiiip fuiuiil ^bout ihe Xsi- 

51 And when ibo tabcmacle »nt- 
iflh forwant, iho Levitt'^ ihiJI 
tnhf; ildon'n; and wlji:fi thEiiiitjcr- 
DiiheLa UUi bii pLlulif^)t 'he LieA-itcti 
■hnU pct it up: ojid tha ftLran^ur 
thai eometh ni^h tlmU lie [lUL to 

5^ Add Uia ehthlrcn nf lirauE 
ihndJ piirh Uniir tenivK Qvt'r? luun 
b7 bid uwn cajup, oud <;verT iniLti 
bv hit D^vn eioodardi thruughoui 

53 Rui el]{> T^vitifs bIiq]} pitch 
rounfl [ibuut iho Uthcrnat^lc of 
^^imMW^ i Ihatlhcre be nn wmih 
opon thoi-'oo^rtjgiuiiin, af ihe i}iii- 
drtfii (if iHmol ^ und tho Lcvitea 
ihstil knep thec}iari;e of the Laber^ 
iiac:le flfteKiimoMy- 

54 A r>d the 4:hi}dren of [erael did 
according To all Ibai the Laiui coid' 
mujidud Mua/Qfth su did [lie;^ 

OfrfiTi^r^te 7ViAm is iknr Tmtt. 

AND tjiL> Loal> A;>akii unEu 
Moicfl and unLo Ao/aa, njf- 

i'R^DTTinnn of the cbildren of 
hrrirsl ahati piLch bj hi" e^vn PUind- 
■.rd, wUb Uit? f^n."ii$i| e^ tlieirfailiirir'ia 
huudfi: r^r i]ff ahQtitthu mli^rnacle 
ofthf conf rcBuUonibnEI rbojr pitrh. 

3 And on diQ east iid^ toward 
d50 risinf of (lio lun ehFvU ihey uf 
tin* sLnndn rd u T ! ho eiurip uf J ud fl h 
pilc.ti ll]rulJ,^liuUt their nmiifrA; ritiI 
Njiliyln]ti the pon of Annrninad^kb 

SAdil Af CApiidji 0f dio chiidrea of 

4 A«3d hii hofft, eukI thote timt 
wfsrfl ninDl3t?Tt>d: of d'hEtm, wert 
dirMacoro n^id rouri<>t'n dioutand 
lj*il lU hqndfitd. 

NUMBERS, Tke order ej the tribes 

5 And dm- !di oeM 

unlo i>hn^ ji-.^i'/i' ■■ .. : Hi cjf liiiift' 
clij^r; aciij iNi.'tliArM'tl iku son of 
lAmr s&iiU frif capLiiij) ufthu eliiktrvn 

uf IftiKlhilT* 

fi Ami 1 1 is hoal, and l}u}«e tliat 
%voro iiuNihiL'md thLTi-^i^ ttsereHCir 
a^^d Turn ihi>Ui4iDd ajid^ fi/ur hun- 

7 WwtJiotribenrZpbultiii:and 
Elliblj d^e Kin orHelua f JIh/J &f cait- 
luin of the cliildrRu ufZLihultm. 

8 And hitf htnL and Ihnw ih^ii 
wore nilmlK^red diewof, ^sra (il\y 
and Aovtsii digiiid:;ind nnd Vunr bufH 

1> All diBl were nuitibor«d In Lho 
irutnpc»f ,lui|pib wi7-J? an Irtiii'lred 
ihoai^nd nnd fuynacnTii Lhi»uifand 
and jsLx thuusiinit and riji;LrhuiMlfi!;d 
dircju^Kuut ihE^ir ajiaLes^ d]£» 
shall iirsf ini forth, 

10 T On theHouth aideM**^^ fl^ tbo 
ctatidarnl of ihe ymnp «f HenLMJO 
arcordinis; lodieir nrmiot: Fumlthd 
eupiQln of tbq cldldren uf KL^uben 
M'?if Ac Kikur U«e itin ut* Sbtdeui . 

H And Iriia husip and LboM? litat 
vv«f6i nutiiboroi] ihtrt^f. wrri fijrtj 
i;ii>d m\ ilu)Lisand anil ItVft hundred. 

V2 Aiid tltowntlikh uticb bjym 
(<Ai(ii: ft? Ihe liibe orStmpuni ond 
die Ciiptinn of dio children of SI- 
irtLdn jArtiTf ftfl SlHsluuiii;! die nn of 

1[| And bli hQsi, nnd thctu thnt 
lAifttv numhvTdA nfdtr'jp^ were fiftr 
nnd nine tliounEiiid and ibiee hiut^ 

H Th?in the tribe of Oodi utdthn 
crripiaLii (jf the kihu i^rCrad shaUbt 
lvlin^j|[]h (he son ofRjcuihl. 

15 And hii htjsi, mt^ihoto thai 
wi-TU aundMjroilorthtMrb, apcre faETv 
nn<\ fivi] tJtuusand acilaLX hui4dreu 
iknd nfiv. 

Id All that wt^TB oambomd In 
the camp uf BeuLen uncrif an ban- 
dred tlnPUHUiid tinrl A(\r atnl aim 
ihoiiannd Eind four hundred nnd 
HOy, ill rcrngi tout duUr arinlea 
thvy tfjjall Mjt forih ia the 

17 If Thffn the tnbemacle of thm 
cunfEri'^ation uKaEl M:t forward witb 
llio euriip of t/in l.c<Hlmf in Lha 
inJdHit of di* cnmp: ad dief on- 
Etamp, fti> ibnTI iher kl for\v^iLn|p 
i-.vuT* mnn bi JiiA place by their 

m ^ Of) the west ud^jAiff Ac tht 
stAmlunl (if the caetii^of Elibminiir 
ai^cftrdioR lo tbeir armioa : ntvl 1J14 
captain of dic tuns uf E^pbnibti 
jrA^iiJ! Afl EliJiliamo tlie atinof Arur 
■nibud, , . ^ , 

Kl And Mn bout, arrf t)io« ibu 
woff ntirdhfiroil of ihe'iii, wpflflfort^ 
UiouHind and Gvd hundiW' 

tntk4irteuUaHdmarcke§. CHAP. m. TlUstnfuetftAeLmriUs, 

^ And bv him slitiH bt tha trihft 

of MaiiiLbBE-h ! aiii] lJic fEipraici uf 

GlUliMhl-i ih". fUEl Uf pLHlullttir- 
Uli A Hi I U^ U-^i, nnJ iNwe that: 
lywo n LI I Li Lm riM i u f lIi^iu , iccrfl Lhif ly 
iui[| two UiuiU4U]4i and twu hun- 

iM Tlit-'H Hid tribe qf flnnjiintin^ 
■ mi LliQ 4^:Ei[>nbin ortiid! sons ofUei^ 

fjLini^tei, accardinf t« UuD house of 
Uiek fatliar^ 


ur A urn El Liihl IVluht!«, iu the 
Hiif tAcLt iLiu Lh.>ilu iiJLiiie vritli 

'i Ami iheiti off tIiu nanicti nriJiQ 
«on# of Aiiii^Li \ ^'fi«1.lIi Lh^ ^nt- 

BI1LI LiiQ ^:EtE>Hbin 1^1 III*; snna iLit i.»fi]^ wii» ui rtiuLTLi , ^imvllu Liiq nr»t- 
jamLii Akaii be Abiiiazi tiio Aun ufi bom, ami ANhu, EJauzEUp and 
GJ'liHjEiii. 7 JUi4iirt:ir. 

*i3 AndhiftliosL, sad tbow that 3 TUa&e sra the ti«ni^ of Lh« 
Uirru 1rUinl>Ur{.>tl uf t}jUEn, ver^lianagf A^rwl, UlO priiVlJ whicit 
ihiMf siw) five LhaUMiiid Bnd four i*tifo anomieiK wJkjiu ba P4>ni*fr 

^ AL|iiiiilwerci»inibcri.H!ciirthci oiHrfi, 

-'-■■■ ■ ■ ■ 4 And N'adab anij Abibu died 

bcfum the Lfi«.|i. vr)ii!a Ui^^/ udur- 

If J <t7QfliU fifO Dvforo tlnj IjQlttl. 

in ihe WLULoriLcstf uf SmiLirOnd thCT 
bjid naduMrciEiL nnd Elmoar and 
Ulinmnr iriitiDftert^l in ihe jjriest*! 
otliccj JD Uw iJfhi of A^rou UioiJ 

^^ II And the Lonu ipako unto 
Munfi, isajFti]^, 

a llruif Lbe tiibo af IfOvi nnai, 
and pru&Li^ni theio U>rurt! Ali/i>p the 

fkri>i4t< Uiat limy may oiLuiiUfr iiiiu> 

7 And thie? ihi^U k4*tJ hiii rlmrffo. 

jjof EcibrciJm were un bniiJrud 

iLou^iul mid GiicktifioiJHnnElaEiHtin 
bliiMlj-i>d, Uin>iJfhuuld>eLr unnUj^i 
Ami Mtii'-f ihuil f o forwacd in tiie 
thin) rAuk- 

^ir Tho»taD4ptr(lDriliO cimp nf 
Din Mii-' i'E^ (in llie nortii eidu by 
thuir unniifs; Rwtd ibeeii];ii(Ui] oftHe 
Bbildren qF Dan Jihali ^ AhieEor 
the «aa or Abjiiiiiibaildai. 

31' And liiFi hfwl, and d>Dae ibnl 
were nuitiberkjd of iham, were 
thirifffitre ftEid two IJiubiwinEi 94»il 
•even humlFLsi, 

^ Ami Uii>*tj djAit (HArampbj biiti 
tksU ^inc iribo af A^h^r ; niid die 
captJiJn of tbu cliSEdrcn of Aaliiiir 

^ And JQi boBf^ and thoic tbnt 
werD^iiiiiub«fiH}oriii0m^ Mtsre ^orty 
%nA Blue ^Jin<ufliuiditnd flv« huttilrucr 

21t ? Then Tiia Lrfbe of NaEih> d i : 
&iul the 4^:ii L9 1 HLtij nf tiiO cliilLJrL'il lif 
napbtiili sktiii be Ahira thu koii tif 

IU And Ills haAf and tbi)i^ tSar 
iVtfrO numbenjJ an iherflj KPrefinj 
ami ihrve Umu»uid and fuat hun- 

3 J All they that wero tmrnbi^r^d 
in die camp of D^in wereajilnm- 
drcit LJi4>u:vitiid and ^f^f ami kutvn 
thoii^nnd and iix hundred ; dii^j 
■hull fu hindi$u];ft wiib Uniir fltand- 

S'i ^ Time awthrHH* wliirh iverc 
oamltrTtKl mf lite rtid'Jr-^n (if [xrAcI 
hf Uic hi4U4G uf tltirir r^Ul'i^'ri' t all 
chfiiie dial ivein 

CBniM riiruiii;hi,»ut dicir b<k!tf4t mrrtf I ainurw die 
iuc iiundreil tJioiiAinil ari<1 ilueej ilHtrufure 

anil ihecbnrctiof \Uo whohi i-on- 

arutraduii Ljt!lL>ru dni^ Uibc^j-iiurlL' of 
w tioaErvxaiiwu lo du Ute M^rvioe 
of the lalK'rnEudi]. 

a And dicji itlmll kcop mil iha 
iilif tnunenttt of Uit; tjdM iniii r tu of iba 
canjE^FejTHtHjnT and l>ic cbaritu of 
diuCiliimrriil ijf r Ih n) uU tu dil \\m BOT 
V k'o uf ill ri til bprnitc I^H 
J And tliuu idiJilt rtvt} ih^ Lit' 

„^,-^ vit«>« uido Ajiron andliibiif luni; 

vrre^Qny ' tUpy dt-e tvhutly givttEi imUtiiiniuul 
of Um i^hiiilrijti 'dftirLiiil. 

Id Andduiu ftbolt iLr^P^ii^t AaKiq 
and IlIsI AuTkit, and tf»ey dliiiill wait 
on lltrir priuat'i {ilTldif: and tjii 
i;Uiiiii{?er iJkEit coinodi iug;h liiaJl be 
puc l«^dcuEh. 
IJ A ltd die Lord spoka imlo 

I'i And l» biibuy^ I betva tiifcon 

Ibu l^vllcd, frfiin aninns ibci crird^ 

[run of tflj-fiii'], LuifsiiiJ of all dki 

n^uTji llto [niitriiL 

[»:ui<X 'if dn.'l rirst'burn liiat npgn'UT 

clilklrL'n of iNrmd 


lUj ^w bujijkud All J ; niine 
But diQ I^rUoti vvera nol 

i\\o Lovhci idiulj b« 

BOiLiLitirud nmuiiiT iJ3{i cbiNlnMi of 
uniA : urn Ih^ LniK-b ctj'miiiii-EidiiHli 


_ Jocnusonll tho ErRl-bom ari 
niEnL'i Jin'iM ihv i^ay dirii t diniiLa 
nil did Hrai-hifn id ihn bad of 
Ejj^pt, 1 liJllUi^^'i.'d Utlln ine nVl 

^ And iJiCf rhJil'lrpn of tirn^l did ' jieihE |j<;;ui : iniiw U4oy dhsdl 
ocrur-liTiE !■' nil dull dHi Ijihu nm tbc l^^itn. 
KiinntELndcid Minv* pg lln;y iiiNvh- U ^ And llio L/iHfl Kpiiksontp 
^ by titmr iliUidititli, nnil tn dii?'^ | Mii^i in iba wjlduintiv ui Suial' 
0mpd, fvarf ime ifli'-f Ui"kr wiyinj, 

ttd byt 

TJie»everalfamilie», mmber, NUMBERS, and ckarge i^fUu LevUett 

15 NismlicT thF' ciTiilrlreri of Levi 
ftRertlte htjUMi ttf tlbcir CriUKsrH^ by 
lh«-ir I'iiJttiHoa ; uvFry mJifpi frwrn a 

RiTintti uk\ and u^iwurj ilisil ttiuu 
Duiiibf^r Litem. 

Id AnO M(w(>ii tnjtnbered rhtnu 
At^nrHii]^ loThf wflnl' of ihf* Lakl>, 
u liD wn«ci^tntniir4':ii!)- 

17 Aiiil Uipws wtre the if^ns of 
L*?i!j uy ilicir nnm'ts; Ueriiliun, 
■ iMi KtiiiaUi, mil) MMrnn^ 

18 And UiwRo are ibo niimfH! of 
^e Mins of Ontion Uy tlieir Ikmi- 
lb»; Liirnni, rtncl ^hjmr^i. 

Hi An-l tJ-ie i(MiB of Kohnth by 
ihcirfaiiiiilK-p: Actirsim, ntvi Ixdhiuri 

SO An43 the mru of MoTQTi hj 
ibiirfuiitlie*; Mithlt, nmd Musiii; 
tbno are llie raniiljn^ of ttie Lc- 
vltflu, aecordini to ihe houw of 

.SlQf GCTihon i&a* 0io fflinilrof 
jhn tfilmitefl, and itii? fjimilr of iliii' 
RlilmitRi 1 f iMhM Ore Lhe ramJJiea of 

illut GiirihnFtittui' 

39 TJioK Lhat were numbered of 
Miciti, Jiocnrdinf to Ihu numhof of 
oil the iiiii]efl» from i manili oliJ nmi 
itpwKrd, msii thapetkiit were num- 
bo«d orthem. i0erTM]V«n iKoittaail 
itnd 13 VQ hunarvd- 
, 23 Thtf firniilie* of iha t^^wlion- 
itf-fl jtliall pEtcli behind thetabcnia- 

SM Anil the chief i*f the Tio«j*e of 
the Cutbi^r e^T iIic Genihoiiim j'AoJ^ 
be Tillas^ph the eon of Krl-L 

S5 And th<^ chBrse tif t}ife enn!) of 
Cflfshfin In lhe ttil>pm:Lc|<* ti( Uic 
CDtie^rciipiiEion j4rTU be th^ tnlKima' 
ch, and the rent, the toifprinc 
lliert^f, aM ijie Imnvinfr for the 
donf of the tabcrnactrj uf Uie con- 

50 Anrl the hJlt«in|ii nflh* coaitt 
ind ihii eurULin for the doi>r eif the 
court, wfiich w by the l&b!,'^rniie1e, 
and tif^ ihij aUfLT rcnintl qIiquu and 
I!* <?jordB of itt f*ir all iHe acrvicv 


97 II AndirtrKnfintb watfthefamL 
It of the AinromitoK, an^l thi^famJIi' 
of tlio TicDh^irtm, mii] The ffunfiy 
Qf the lli-'brtinith^. aii<l tfio fririiiF; 
oflh*jUKJdpTplni!- tntMH^ ore Itiu fa- 
AllTuof the KohaJhitJH- 

9R tn Lfan number of all tho 
malfi* from n. TnonMi flid HQil Up- 
wurilt loerr ^tfhtthoutnnd ami wix. 
h^mlttiA, kifoptne Uiechar^of Uic 

S9 TTin furaiUiM of the ton* nf 
Kohath ^Fanll pitrfh on liip aidfi of 
Ihi' tjkln-riiriclf'inTiirh'wftTil, 

IJO Ami i\w rhiuf of lire hnnun ot 
the HiLher of thu fiiinUi'iH! of the 
KohoUiita Moij he EliKHphiin the 

31 And ilielr e-linrfre jAail be thii 
ark, and thu tablfr. Eta J tha candla- 
■Mck, anil iho alcart, and the vft- 
w.'la {tf tiio Hinctuiirf whorovFitH 

nit ihi?*eT-vi<:e tJii?rt(in 

S2 Anil EJ^Hjisarihesionof Anron 
lhe pricwt f AmW be chief nvur ih» 
chicfof the Lii'VileA, j^niiA'rpe tha 
i>vr!rjiight of llipm Th^t ki^!p lim 
ch nrffc of I Up ftannfu irr. 

aa II or Morari uTiM tho famalj- 
of iJiEf NUhlilea, nnd the ftimilj- of 
the Mu^biieft: ilusg are the fait^i- 
hL»a of Mt-ruri^ 

31 And thEisethnt wcrf? nitmhflr- 
ed of Lliuin, acconling to lhe rioiti- 
t*or al' nil the mains fnim ti n^noih 
old [LTtd upward. If rr^tlx thouHiDd 
and two liunrfrvL 

35 And iherhicfof the ho"w uf 
tho fntJier of the fantilin^ of Merari 
wa^ /urfpl thesonof Abih^] : t&rirt 
ilmll pitchi on thti «idu of the iaber- 
iiu^'lft riorthrt^nrd* 

3© AntI vntiiT U^ cuitmlx and 
churj^eof tfjD anns of ^I^ttkii aSaU 
ha t^io boanbfil'thc taberniiPle^ nod 
, the ban thereof, and the pillarv 
thcnjhCtC and die aoetieta thurLHaf. 
luid nil the '^mw^h thereof, and aJl 
that ieireth thcreTo, 

If? And tho pilla^a of tha court 
rnQrtd about, and their i^ckels, And 
thi3tF pina^aiid thpir ci>ri|a. 

38 Tl But those thfttencampb^^foni 
tiifii tahomDe!f>towBJcl the^nat,frffii 
before the lnt»*mnc1e oftlie coi*- 
l^rcEation e!istwarri,fAa'J be MoK^t 
nm| Aiitoii nrifl his ffoni^, kf^epini 
thflrharffFjflfthcFthrictiiiJirr, fortliq 
chnrffi* of tho chilffren of Tfl-tOel; 
Ami ih^ ptran^^r thj^t comotli nigh 
ehnt] be pnt to dcutfi, 

J¥* All thiit vi-['rfi rnunlw!rr>J of tha 
Lev^tea^ *vhir:h MnacM nnd AajoB 
nuiTitH?rc!d at tho comma nditlMit m 
tho Loajt, ibronichciiut their fanH 
Ijei, all the mevt» fNini a miHth 
old and apward, iBfrt twonit7 uid 
fwo llioo-tjind. 

40 tr Ana the I^stTi niid mito 
Moiwi, Number all thn ftret-bom 
i^r thc^ Ttinle-a of iho children of 
I^rnfl, frikm n month old and op- 
^vc'•|ll ttnd tn)l& llsc auniber of 
U^<;ir n^mp*, 

41 And thou ithalt take the ijt^ 
vitca for me CI J?™ the Loud) Uh 
Bteod of nil the^ frr^t-tiom ftFrK^nf 
tho children uf Is-rmjl; arnl the 
cattloof [he Lpviiear initen*! of all 
tbo fJTi^linjis nmone the cattlo of 
tlie ehildreii of Ii»rnel. 

4*2 And Mhihe^ nijiiihi^red^ at um 
l*win Qommnndrd him* all th« 
tinjt-l^nrn lunoai the cliildroti af 

43 Aadallthnfliwt-bianiiiuTHlir 

The first-born fireed. 
thei QQJTibdJ- of n ncnPi , from a. niuntli 
oid and upwanL oflbniia Llial wrT'" 
RumlicTie^ of them, were jwi^nTy 
intl twt) thiHiMnil two liuntk€<l an.iL 

44 ^r Afi'1 the Lqild i|>bke unTii 

4.1 Tiike ilie IiBTitcs mvliOft nf 
all tJie firir-liorn acnoTv^ tlw ^lii!- 
drcn. ijf Isfa&I, rnirl ihe cnttle of the 
l^vi ic* jcHiEMiil of Ihoir cattTB ; a nrf 
ihv Luviiiuft nhaU be nune ; t avt tite 

4fl And fur iticrt* tlmi nro to he 
ni'dliMirdfid of tlin two hand red and 
thn?HM:-nFv nnH Tlilrtrpn^ of tlio firit- 
tk*rn ofdie ph ildren rjf J*Fael* vrhicb 
nrf tnrtTH ihstn t>io l>vi((^d : 

■IT Thou sliJiH even t4ilte live 
cltt.'ke>9 iipieua lir tiro pnll, aHoT the 
phak>?1< nf tliiQ lianctunrf nhnU ihou 
take ihrm : tho ihF.'kel tj litfpittr 

*^'fi''"' . .... 

4*^ And MmiiBhalt^ive (be monej', 
whtrvwitli llii? of)<f tiumftrr of them 
ii (D be r^numutl, unto Aa^uQ und 

49 Ami Slo?Bi Topk thn rcyTcmp- 
tion^miiTH^f of tbt'iiJ that wtrc over 
sn*i atKiT^ thorn thnt \?nre ivdectn- 
Pd lir ilic Lcviip* 3 

m Of din flrrt-^om of iht- fhll- 
ilf^ti of IpfHchnok he die money: 
A diiHiiiitiil duo(4 hmndriMl and 
thriH^ftcore i^nrt five tfhckcU^ ajftor 
thF! !irH*1(t^l flf the ^ncrnnry l 

51 And Maws* fiovr- thi." Tufinr^y 
of tjitftti thill wera redeemed Unto 
Aaron, ani[ to liia son*, accord inir 
U» iha word ef die Lfpno^ u tho 
M11U) commdndod llrttoi. 

The Ofkcf fif IAj I^rritsf. 

ABJn tfiu Umi* njjjikf* unto 
Moms tiiiiJ troio Auttnt «lj- 

§ Take tJj>& mm oftho lonf of 

^fibjirh frri^n amoij? thn iri»ni of 
ffvi, af^iiT their fFtuijIk'H} h/i|]e> 
hoo!« of llieir fnthm 5 

3 PVim diirt^ ^cari old and up- 
wirtlt even untd frfly ycarB ol<f, 
all dvit enrerint^Miti! hocti to do ]}i[; 
woi\ in tJm usiK^rriifcb of the con- 

4 'V\*\* ak^il hi t^n Kcrvict? of 
The ison? of Ktifiaib in the inhnrna- 
tif! of [hi'< rotl^rc;l$Rtio[^ nj^oiti liia 
moiAF hotr thin?i4. 

h f And whf^ntli^ t^nvr^ petir^iTi 
fonv ard, Anfuo ■hall 4:&nif^, 4tirJ 
hi«ioiWn< nnd rhey jib^ll Lnko dowo 
dini f:ovt!ririi£f vm\, tmd cover the 
ark ort(^«diiiejTiy wSdi it : 

(j A Oil slo^lt tMit thfrpon thr 
eovtrriiKt iff Ijndtfi^ra* fkios, nud 
j^liill: tpte?i(* oret i( artolh Mfhntlj? 
of WwPj upit iJmU put In u\t »Tavci 

CHAP. rv. The charge tf Eiaax^r. 

7 And itpon the tflldf of ptiew- 

renil dte/ihaJl itrrend a cloth of 
!.ilt]v» Qntl i^ut tJ^L-Tt'oa the di»hi^f 
nnr! dje ppoons, and iho boiTlit, an<I 
rfpv»;rs (,o cover wit}»di nud tha 
c^nitdniiul hrtiBd flhuH be dicrKmr 

H AtilI diLhf vbnEI spre^ad ujioa 
fEicth ri cJotli of ecuftct, ojuI r'»>vitr 
Elie aamo iivith a coTuring of had- 
t'era' ikiSM, mid ehdl lull in the 
#T raves lliprcof, 

U And ihE;!:y iliall take a rUith of 
Idile, fii[id Cfkver iho ccnidle-ulirk *ff 
tiie lifht, and his Inxnpa, itfid hit 
[nnpi, tmd iufl Bimff'diiih*?!;, ami all 
I he [iil-veiiwid t[K>reof, whiirewhh 
Ihfj minkuirutMtJ ii' 

10 And diLv ehall pnl il, utid all 
t|i(: Vi'Hsela ihofcof, w'ltliiu a (rsjvor- 
iibS fff hnd;!reffl* ukint^ olid ihldl put 
i£ opoEi f\ bur. 

11 Aod ujjuo tjio po!dcB altaT 
lh^;^T itmll spmad a clolh ef blue* 
:inii cover it wUb a roverini (if 
LAJ?er:3^ skJaa, ujid ma^l piiL lo Ukr 

12 Aad diey Bball tnkc all the in 
RtruinmiLB of muui^iYy whi<rowilb 
Ihfiy minbl^rlti di*= Hjajji-ULiiry, imd 

put f^F^ io a clolh ^f bluej nad 
i^jjTer theni with a fflvtrrin^of Lad- 
Ijnen^ ikipi, aiul sball (lUl tAent an 


10 And they slmll tak« fiwny th» 
aithei tyirin Tiia Edtar, cuid aprood a 
inlrple clolh therKJO' 

1-1 And ther flhiill pot upon it^d 
-hr; V{!«Relii thereof, wherewith dwjf 
mim^lLT ahaut it, rtni ths" Cfliwjra, 
tltu tlf^ili-hoelu, and die flitove]^, 
and tho bdflinHj nil the VFi^^iiMc of 
tJtt* altar; unci they jihnd Hpro^d 
imon it n co^'fTinp of had^^^ru' 
ftkiiTA. and put to tlkC Btnvi'« of iL 

15 And when Anron nnd his Hmi 
hnve niJido fin end of eovi'rins the 
sjinclugirjr', and afl ih^ %'4MK4da vf 
thn pnnc-tsJiiTif* n% the f^cknifj b to 
$iqt for^vnrd ; aAor tlial, the sont 
of Knhadi shiiJl cym*? la bear it: 
but ihf^r shall not lou^^h tmu holy 
l|] in ^ , leirt L|i4^y d i(!. 'Tht^sntkiu^W 
are tlte hurden nf the sond of Ko- 
hrilh in th(^ tubemsclti of the con-^ 

111 1' And to tbf? ofTicQ of l^lifntRi 
t];e •nil uf Artron du^ prio^r /wT' 
£d»uCJ& Uii;} dll for ihn tiiht^ and 
th(^ nvr^t '%t\.f:*2iifft, DEid thn d.iitr 
ni'Hiai-ofrcTiTur, ami tJie nnoitEditis 
oil, and the averflpht of idl tbfl 
LrihLtriiEirls, II nd of i^tl lh:tl Uiereio 
ufi in the Esn^tuary, and in tli« 
v[»ft»ch dirieof. 

IT 11 Ami the TjOAd Rpake unto 
Mo'V^s unrl untfi Ai^mn, vnyin^, 

le Cut ye not off tfcif irib* of 
d»e families of the KohatlblLctf from 
among tJio l^tiitn : 


ThetiMm»er9ualiUd NUMBERS. 

19 Bi :mo th^tm, Umt 

they m .1 uoi die, when 

theyapi',"]' ji mnu \hi* tnb^ihnly 
things: s\ i^mi tmU his mns sluiU so 
m, and :ij>tii>irLi rlKiii cvltj uhc to 
hisservii--.' .mdUi his byrJeni 

5M) But UiLj^ liiall riLjt jto in to 
•ee when the huly Jinn&i uro co^ 
vcred, l(»Tit Uit;/ [tic!, 

21 If Aiirl ifio LoRij ipake unto 

22Tuki. uj^^dthc 

of Gersfi'ii. LhrDus>tt>iii ihp hiji 

caum of the mns 

of their d.nh^irii, tiy Ehuir tHn;Uiv^ , 

23 Fro u 1 c h I rry y tard fcui* i) btl and 
upward uKTil rltly yt^uti uLl! «hiLlt 
thou ntJuli.r iJtemi atl ihat en lei 
in to periiirrn iJio mirviqPi, iij do iho 
work in ilu; (filiCfiintJo of lio coci- 

34 TMp 13 (hw Bcrricp of ilie fa- 
milies 1' Lho GursbunltiGa, LOB^^rvc^ 
and for buTfU'nsii 

25 Anrt ihuy EhrJJ bear the cut- 
taina of rhi-^ taLcfnacbc, and the 
tabornai''.' jifLho ccinj^re^atJnn, liis 
covering f [inJ Iha cuvcrm^ of the 
badger&' ^kins tliat ts u>>uvq upun 
it, and tht\ ULnams fur the fU>qr 
of the t&bt'macre of the coasrct^a- 

26 Ant! tha hanpn^a of inF^ 
court, tiiifl the l^iuu^in^ for the 
door of I he j^iu of Qie court, 
which u hjr rht.' labamaclo nxtA hy 
the altar ruuncl nhEjut. and thfit- 
eonls, ami all the instrument? of 
Uieir service, and all thut is jnaiu 
for them : au fthall Thor vorre^ 

S7 At tho attpaiiitmcat of Aaron 
tnd his erma BJiriU ho nti the nsr- 
jriceof l:^3C Honn of the Gef»b<.in* 
ites, in all! thejr bunlena, timi in alt 
their sorvker jutd jr« flhnll nppoiiu 
onto thorn iu charge all Uicir Liur- 

28 This (.T tha iervica of the 
fhniiliefl of the antiB of Oerelinn Ln 
the tabertiarjo of th& (^Anfei^t^iiLiofi : 
ftnd Iheir rhnrpe ithaU be under The 
hand of lihumar tJioaon of Aiifuo 

29 ir Ah for the smu of Mnr4iii. 
thou shall ituaiber tluM^i fifhT iJuMr 
familie«> by the huu-^t' of tJnir 

30 Prom thirty yeatB old rmri up- 
ward evrri unto finjryr^LLrflohlahitlt 
thou nuLul:i4^r thoin, every ont^tJini 
enterotli into tlitj e^n'iro, ta da tiic 
work of rhu.' Tiil^rn^icle of die con- 

31 Aint ilikD ix Iha charjfe of 
their burilii:!, aecurditiEf to V\\\ thk^r 
•orvice in Hie X4itH'rnjir||] of Uit? 
CongregMiiirTii ; Iho lumrdi nf dip 
tabema<Hi'>. nnd the bar* thereof, 
and the pitLun thcranTt uniT sockat^ 


32 And the pillani of Uift coutt 
ruiind ubuLil^ B^d their tocki-^, 
and their pjem, and Lhoir Cordi^ 
wi(Ji al) ih*:tr tnstrumGntd. and 
wilij aJi Their Btrvjce ! and by 
naniD ye ih&lk roi'knn iha ioiilfii- 
m[>nti uf tha cbaiga i^f tbaij 

33 Thl* iff the lervii^e of the 
rnmilieifif tliosons of M?rtiri, air- 
coTtlLug to alf tlii^ir service, la tht 
mJ*cniii'lp of thrice ngre^ II lion, un- 
der tJjc hand of lUiuu^ur iJta «uu i^f 
Aurtm Ihti priest, 

34 IF Aud MuH>A aod Aaron iind 
the chiff of the cone;reEatsi»n nuni- 
bered the #qd« of th« Kohatikiitt 
atTcr Umr fumili^.!^! and aiiur tho 
houii« of ihcLf falhora, 

35 Frtijn Uiinj yvan old and 
upii-Qril even uotu fifty yciirs uld^ 
every onu Hint etitcrijih icilo t>ic 
ELTV »«:(!, fdr the wentlL in Lh« tikhier 
nRCJo of tiia eonffrcsaUun ; 

3(i Aud tliotie iltal Tvere nnngr 
bcfrxl of lliein by ttudr Hi mil id 
were two thomgiiiiid sevau Immlmd 
and fiffy. 

37 Th«Fft wwe they that wens 
piUmbL^r^d of Lho fan 1 dies <*f Uw 
KuhaUiLie*^ nil ibat aii^'ht do pcr^ 
vic« in the laberfk»»e]e of th<i! con- 
eri^^iLtioft, wbirli Moh^s nnd Ann m 
did ininiber according to Uj^i cam' 
nin.ttelinfjnt ttf the LdAD by ibe 
hurd pf ^foieL 

39 And thaie t}jat wie» nuniibar' 
m\ ctfifn* litmiiof Gornhun, ilirou^h- 
out Thf.Hr ramdiud, and by the huuM 
of tjietr fatbanii 

'fil From Ihirtj yaarji olit and 
upward even unto tifly ycuii 0M1 
uvG-ry one tlmt «nturi.-th Into iha 
m'rvirtBn fur tJ;E> wbrk in the tabor- 
narig of tjjic tongrcj;nttun^ 

40 Even thc*e tliat were nurn- 
bered of ihi'.m. thritu^thout tiicii 
futnib^, by the H%>\iMi v( Uiuir 
frLliierSt were tvi^a ibouiDJid ;uid tix 
hundred nnA thiiTty. 

■il Th('J« tin Mjf.f that mera 
numbered of the fainiliii.* of llwa 
jKitvi nf Gen^hoHt i^C atl tiiat nilgftit 
do Bfn'^lct^in the tabernni^lc of dia 
iTjinj^ifffistionT wbom Mo«i and 
Aarun ujd number according to tha 
c^nifnanjilmentoftha I.t>i]itD, 

^':; ^] And thniiic tliai ^vt^ra ntint- 
heT'fd of the faiuilie-s of \\}v A^'nn 
oT Merari, tbrouebout timt fa- 
rnilicti, by tlic buuio of diuir 


4n From Uiirty ycnrs old «nd 
vpivard avv^i unio fifty yi:yiTA old, 
t^vt'ry one tbiiit cnicrdlli into thu 
VQTVic^., for tlifl work Ln l.i4a tabu;- 
aaf Je of the eoogr&catiun, 

44 Cven tJtajc tfmi wore nurar- 
bpr^d of them aJlor liieir lamibas, 

RutUution in trespaues, CHAF. 

vrere three thousand and two: 

45 These b* those that were I 
nnmbcretl of the fHmilies of the 
sons of Morari, whom Moses and 
Aaron numbered according to the 
woni of the Lord by tlte hand of i 

atonement, whereb/ an atonement 
shall be made fur him. 

9 And every oilerinff of all the 
holy things of the ciiildran of b- 
rael, which thef bring unto the 

46 All those that wore numbered 
of the Levites, whom Mosos and 
Aaron and the chief of Israel num- 
bered, after their families, and after 
the house of their fathers, 

47 FVom tliirty years old and 
upward even unto fifty years old, 
every one that came to do the ser- 
vice of tlie ministry, and the ser- 
vice of the burden in the tabernacle 
of the congregation, 

48 Even those that were num- 
bered of them, were eight thou- 
sand and five hundred and four- 

49 According to the eornmand- 
ment of the Lord they were num- 
bered by the hand of Hoses, every 
one according to his service, and 
ai»M>rding to his burden : thus were 
they numl>ered of him, as the Loiu> 
commanded Muses. 

Tike Vneleanput out ef the Camp. 

AND the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, 

2 Command the children of Is- 
rael, that they put out of the camp 
every leper, and every one that 
frath an issue, and whosoever is 
Jefilud bv the dead : 

3 Both male and female shall 
ye put out, without the camp shall 
ye put them : that they dcnie not 
their camps, m the midst whereof I 

4 And the children of Israel did 
so, and pot them out without the 
eamp: as the Lord spake unto 
Moses, so did the children of 

5 V And the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saving, 

6 Bpeak unto the children of 
Israel, When a man or woman 
sliali commit anr sin that men 
eommit, to do a trespass against 
the Lord, and that person be 

7 Tiien they shall confess their 
stn which they have done : and lie 
sliall recompense his trespass with 
the prinripal thereof, and add unto 
H the fifui part thereof, and jgive 
if unto kim against whom he hath 

8But if* the man have no khis- 
man to reeompense tlie trespass 
•nio, let the trespass be recom- 
pensed nnto the IjORD, even to 
Ifao pcieit; bendet the ram of the 

priest, shall be his. 

10 And every man's hallowed 
things shall be his: whatsoever 
any man giveth tlfe priest, it sliaO 
be his. 

11 ir And the Lord spake untu 

12 Speak unto the children of Is- 
rael, and say unto ihein. If any 
man*s wife 90 aside, and com mil a 
trespass against him, 

13 And a man lie with her car- 
nally, and it be hid from the eyes 
of her husband, and be kept 
close, and she be defiled, and 
there be no witness against her, 
neither she be taken with the 

14 And the spirit of jealousy 
come upon him, and he be jealous 
of his wife, and she be defiled : or 
if the spirit of jealousy come upon 
him, and he be jealous of his wife, 
and siie be not defiled : 

15 Then shall the manb . 

wife unto the priest, and he i 

bring her offering for her, the tenth 

Sart of an ephah of barley-moal ; 
e shall pour no oil upon it^nor put 
frankincense thereon ; for it is an 
offering of Wlousy, an offering tit 
memorial, bringing iniquity to re- 

16 And the priest shall bring 
her near, and set her before the 
Lord : 

17 And the priest sliall take holy 
water in an earthen vessel ; and of 
the dust that is in the floor of the 
tabernacle the priest shall take, and 
put it into the water : 

18 And the priest shall set the 
woman before the Lord, and un- 
cover the woman's head, and put 
the offering of memorial in her 
hands, which it tlieiealousy-ofTur* 
ing: and the priest shall have in 
his hand the bitter water that 
causeth the curse: 

19 And the priest shall charge 
her by an oath, and say unto thn 
woman. If nd man have lain with 
thee, and if thou hast not gone 
aside to uneleanncss with aneUier 
instead of thy husband, be thou free 
fVom this bitter water that causeth 
the curse: 

90 But if thou hast cone aride te 
another instead of thy husband, 
and if thou be defiled, and some 
man have loin with thee I 

thy husband : 

^21 Then th^ . __ -— r- 

the woman with an oathof euia- 

riest shall chaiire 

The trial efjeahustf. 



tng, and the priest shall sfty unlo [ftrink no vincntir nf wine, tir vine- 

Ihe woman.The Lord malit^ tlu^n u.\i::r uf Birun* ilriukj neither iholl 1iq 

curse and an oath among [t:y [ii'i>- Ji itik ruiy Hquajt of pra 

plo, when tlie Lord dotJi rnakc mnlshL cmpi-fi, urdrtPLL 

thy thigh to rot, and thy hiHiy iw ' - '^' - ■ " 


iivitik. ruiy liqufljf of gmp&a, noi eal 

iniEhL cmpi.'fi, tirdrtpi-l' 

4 rAll tbi! days of }iia iGi^ELrcttian 

*w» 1 , , . 1 *^Ji!I lui t'tii tioiliine th:U u mndo of 

22 And this water that cauaeth r fti'i vjtk«>-in<e. iVoni |J(4^ hornek even 

tlie curse shall go into thy LK>i^r!]<i, 
to make thy bcUy to swell, nnt] tkw 
thigh to rot. And the worn ufi iiliAJ I 

lay. Amen, amen. 

,_ ^riestshallwTiiB ihcwu 

eursos in & book« and ue dJitilL tuot 
Oiviii ova. wrtii the bitter Wd Lur . 

^ And ho shall cause \Uc wo- 
man to drink the bitter waritr Umt 

LCI 1I143 hu^k. 

ft All lilts Jays nf Uio vo^r of Uu 
eeparitiinn ilKrrt* ibull no r:^j.ttr 

dnyiftifi rulfirtL-d, in ihcwhrrh hq 

,-j±* =:ririiL oi' btily, flifj i-hnll Irt r/m 

fauseth the curse: and tl^i^ wurcr L IS All Uic liiiyatUat he iE^niunii^^th 
tliat causeth the curse shiil &ii<it hiumtlf uniu tha Loup, he ^hall 

into her, an(i become bitter . 1 — -1 1 . i _ 

25 Then tlie priest shall itLlfo the 
jealousy-oflfcring out of ilif? v^n- 
man's hand, and shall v luc tlin 

offering before the I^RD, :irid oRVr 
it upuntiio altar: 

2b And the priest shall luki^^n 
hnndful of the offering, rrm ihn 
memorial thereof, and bum iL iji>inn 
the altnr, and afterwaril siiall 
cause Uie woman to dunk iJje 

27 And when he hath iri:iile hrr 
to drink the water, tliett it itiHif] 
come to pass, that, ifshe Ih ' 1 Ic ftl' •*] . 
and have done trespass ac^Liii»;t tser 
husband, that the water U\:\.t f.^m- 
elh tlie curse shall enter inio hf^r, 
and become bitter, and h*r Iw^lly 
shall swell, and her thigh t^lkall rot 1 
and the woman shall be & turmi 
among hor j^eople. 

28 And if the woman fao nn^t 
defiled, but be clean: Xhf.u plie 
shall be free, and shall eoncclvii 

29 This M tlio law of je^iloiiFiPs, 
when a wife goeth aside to tinftthfr 
instead of hor husband, ai jJ is de- 

30 Or when the spirit of jenTutwy 
Cometh upon him, and he !rf> je'il- 
lousover nis wife, and shall jn^t thn 
woman before the Lord, tinr! ifjn 
priest shall execute upon her tttl 
this law. ... 

31 Then shall the man be cmh- 
less from iniquit^r, and thi« wofnAo 
•hall bear herinimii^. 

TV Laio of the J^ateritM. 

AND the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, 

2 Speak unto the chililrpii of 
Israel, and say nnto them, Wht'iii 
either man or woman shall xpa- 
rate themsdoes to vow a vtjw uf 
« Nazarite, to separate themsetvfM 
unto the Lord : 

3 He shall separate htmsclfiTtmi 
wino and stronf drink, ma ihuJl 


comp al no dead iiuily. 

7 He nhnll mn mnk^ liJTnBr<^f 
ilnth-nji fftr hi» fiithpfT or foi hii 
moliicrK for his broilier, ut fiir his 
BksiPF, 'lv|ii7ii th'-y di« ^ Wtfln?e iha 
rrufifkicralLon of uiuliOil ifupoti h'is 

\i AH t?ie i1»y« of hit «cpmatjoi) 
ht'is limlir unto the LoFtn. 

And if ail? mrio tlie very nud- 
t\p.n\y by hhti, and he liat)i ile6M 
rfic heHii of ilia conwcmtliift? then 
i\e> ^liall aliavo hk head Ln U>u ilay 
nfliifl i^knififtin^, on Uio«veiith tby 
ill n 81 he bI]!1v(* it. 

H) Ami on Uie ei^hlh day he 
BliLi]f brinir twa iurtlf!^h ot hvo 
)M,»m]^ piei'Dtiai, lo ih(i pnost-r to tlia 
uoor of uic tnbcnimiele of ihe COn- 

11 Anil tbp Y\t\(S(i wimW ofTtfr ihe 
on<^ fijr 11 jin.-otTerinB'T and Thu 
other for ft byrnl'oircrinjj^ and 
nmta oJi nLoneiiii^n! for mm, fur 
that |i(« HiniiE'd hy l|so dead, ami 
rflisil hallow hia ncud UiUt «:LTnis 

1^ And hf! ^nll cPosefTfllp nflto 
Llie LnnD the days of hi* ^cjiiira- 
tUm, i*t>Ll fthall bring a lonih of the 
first year fur a iroapjite^iiiroHnir: 
instthf! ji^ays iJint woro bffnrc nhitll 
hh- IriAt. Lcnaiue hii iHrpiu-aiitpri wu 
J<?fi]i'd. ,,..,. 

1 ■! TT Aoci ihia It the law of ihe 
NjiSfriritei VVh(?n the iJayr of hia 
sopnFTttjon nif. fn lulled, he shall Im 
liFitiifht untca ll]E> diicirnf the ti^- 
Liurnarlc of ihw tMOPTuiJiiion; 

14 And hoflJiull offuT hUanf^ririK 
itiitft the Lord, vtiM |ic-lainb uf Lhe 
Rmi yf^or ^JLliout hIismMli f^iir i^ 
hurst-^fp'rinif, aa*^ one ewf^lnmb 
iif th^ finl y^nr withuut bh"- 
tnyh for a fliii-ipf^nns- and nne 
rnim uiihoui b!i^nil»h for pear*- 

15 And a bfi^hivt of unkavfined 
hroiid, cttfc<« of finfi fTnnir ntinit)<:4j 
with ojt, and. u^aff r* of iinUinvuuftu 
hiDod onuiatod with otL ami Ibuir 

Cft0 JVoxoHte. 


16 And the prieeL ihall brinf 
them before tliL^ Ijojin, arirt BlinJl! 
offer his un-ofleridifT an J lik bkiriU',- 
oflferinf : 

17 And he shall dlFiir the n^mfor 
a sacrifice of jj^ace-otrerinii^ unUi 
the Lord, with the bAnkei ot urt- 
learened breach Uif; phsit ehsll 
offer also his mciLt-oirDnn^^, miJ lui 

18 And tlie NiiSKirile shall ehavu 
the head of hu eiipcLrucit^j) a( ihxi 
door of the tat<!mfterle of »he ron^ 

cremation, and ^hjiU tofca nho hair 
of the head of liUAf-PAmtiQn^ and 
put it in the fin* which is nuder tho 

CHAP. Vn. Tkeprineee* offering; 

tt«ir diink-liMid woro over thatn that wero 

3 AmJTnPF Lruutf lit their of^f^^mff 
lJO^o^:l^ die J^siLn^ eijt coverea 
Tff,iS«nit, and iWfrlvf? rjien ; 4 
waEon for two 0/ tiia i^rini;^^ 
dLii4 Hur £.'ach unp an ax ^ aad ihey 
brought tlicm berore Uie l(LljL>r- 

4 Atid thn Loan ipakfl unin 

5 TftJtii it or them, Thar Lhoy may 
Lo 10 du ihe sendLX^ «f tliD tabcrna- 
i;le of thi? cDDgreeaiiDJi \ and UgtM> 
■hpJL ei*e ilium liiitu the Irf+vitfw, 
to cTtjry miui ac^^^onUiij^ ta lua 

fi AptI Mo!>c» tQDlt the "ircigfjTii 
■uirl thf^ oxrn, imdi fave tiwm imta 

sacrifice of the jNnco-ofTHriTiga. _ 

19 And the Mkit shiiUnikutho tlauLevkcs. 
sodden shooldiir of tiio ramt ft"<n 7 Txto wniron* rjicI fntir oien 
one unleavenc'il cokt^ out of tha he i^avu imin the sans of GoraL^n* 

basket, and onr.' an^cavpnctl wEiJar„ 
and shall put tkem up^iti Ehu imnM 
of the Nazaritc^ i^fldr Oa 4a/r ^hii 
•eparatjon is shnvnn r 

a) And the prioat jhall wave 
them/or a wavur-off*: ring ]>e (ore the 
Lord: this i* \uA<f tat the |»^1[]!*^ 
with the wave- hrciidC, nrtd henve- 
shoulder: and af^ur that, thePJa- 
zaritemay drini; wine. 

21 ThisMthu law uf thn Nazn- 
rite who hath vowatlf mid qf has 
offering onto thti Lorh fur huiRO- 
paration, besidi^ii Llicif tlmthia hajiJ 
shall ifet: acoQrrlJDg to iho vi>w 
which he vow^rj^ io ha must dci 
aAer the law of bin acpEtratian. 

22 IT And the L^iRO tpikc imca 
AI08CS, saying, 

.23 Speak uni^i An ran an4 unto 
his sons, sayin^^ On this wfsc je 
shall bless the irhildr^a of t^rapl 
say ine unto thtnii, 

24 The Lord bicm ihcOr and 
keep thee : 

25 The Lord mfiko bis fnca 
shine upon thei, and bogra/rious 

26 The LoRf IiH up his rountn- 
nance apon tliu-o, luiii iivo thof^ 

27 And they shall nut myDamo 
apon the children of kraol, niuj I 
will bless them. 

_CHAP. vn, 

o pz^a mi the dhy 

.jjkd fkitJy eot up the 

tabernacle, and U&A auoiuivA it^ 
and sanctified It. and il^I the if\- 
struments thereof, both ihe nrtur 
and all the vesscta thfirnif, and hnrl 
anointed thenk^ tuvtl nanctiBod 

2 "rtiat the prinj^f" t»f Urtiel, 
haads of the hmue of their fath<?ri, 
who aosrt the prmc^i of thfr iiiha. 

UJlAl'. V 

A ND It came ro p: 
.Cl. that Moses hi\d f 

aetunJiijg to dipir ^rvicc 1 

8 And ffjui wo^Dita and eirlit 
oxeji ho sa\j:b unto the aam of Me- 
rwi, a<rc(jr[|ii]e unto ibeit iwri-ico, 
under tlic bona of Jlbamai tJ]« #tjil 
of Atiraii liie prie«i- 

I^ut unto tlio Bom of Kuhath 
h^ gavd none : because tbt! sxjf irlf!fl 
rjf tbs numiur-Tf bidunjfjng unta 
them looj t^£ iUtsy should btmi 
upitii ihtiir nFiuuldorsn 

10 TT And iJio prinjcM offered fof 
dedicating of this altar in ihcdeiy 
that it waa aiiointtidij. even thn 
TtriiteeBoflbredthoiroftoring hciforo 
the nJtar. 

11 Atic^ the TjORP eaid unto 
M[isL'9n Tltey ihcill ortV:f ihm cffcr' 
inp» oarji print'i; im bin day, for 
thif flt^Ljifntioir of tbfl a]tar^ 

12 'f And ho ihnt omn'd bin of 
ns^ring the firE!t dayvvBR NaJitihun 
Lhe sonof Aiiuniniul^b, of tbif txiltg 

l^ And hii oflV^rlna' Ma* one fll- 
vcr trfiarffeiT the woicht whdriMjf 
iffdjiaDhun'lrod and thmy skfheiay 
<iTju jiKdr howl nf seventy jiiiE'keU, 
arter the sfiekol of the jinTiii^tuj^ryi 
Ijrub of tb**™ V'trr. full of fine fluui 
mjjii?li?d with oil for ft moat'ofTur- 

H One 5;>don of ton nhiikeU of 
ffold, full of ubc^cnfle ; 

15 One yoiihti; bullock, one ram, 
otn lamb of the fint yoor, for a 
bumt-offbriri^ ; 

10 One kio of the loan for a elii- 
offering : 

17 And f[ir a mjenficQ of P4aE:a- 
ofletmeit tvii-ii uxenj five rnms, fivo 
he-ffnjitfl^ five Inmui of tbn Aral 
yeojj tliisw/utlio nlfcrlrijr ofNah- 
ibon the #nrtof Amminndnb. 

IH ^'i On the second day Pfellia- 
neol the noa of Zuar, piinea of t# 
tarhar^ dJtl offer 

Offerings (ff the pr1nee$ NUMUOtS. atthtieiieatimmftkettUar, 

10 11. ■■■ ■ ^ - . ... 

•ilvrr.i. • ■ .1 

lBaJlHl)uil>':jii; luhI Lhijy skrUrU.' 
aHQ all voir Low I uf iuvmitv iilieltrld^ 
ador ilij^ jtlit'kek uf dim ^luinruiar^i 
twUi of the in full uf due Aout 
mifMCled wilii uil iur a iTiiiiLL-Dtfcr- 

aj One BDdOD or 4oli3 oTtcti jAc- 
kei*, t'ulJ or iiicGiisd : 

' UurEcr, I he MreLfiit whcrDtif fcu 
nn hunriruJ U[i!) iLirtjf vjliijtdk, 
Ejiitd ^Lherliinvl »i ^wvulf shekel*, 
nfler Lhc ihf!ki.'l of dit bfLfirtUiLrf \ 
butii of ihtjca TuU ur jeik! (Iriaf 
lojiiekd VfUh oil fur a mcal-an^ 

51 Orti^ rouiie Ijiillfack, orq ran, 
one lamb oT i£e fint. rt'iu* for n 

23 One kikTuf Uie ffoaia for a m- ' 

aa AliJ par a f acTlEice of psace- 
offerinsii u^i'o oxuji, (iifu rfttn*^ live 
kli»-Ai^iibi^ &vii Lambs ot ihe lirvt 
ntitri UiiiiiKFtUiibiii uHlirinff of No- 
tnnnefl lhc son of Zuur^ 

*| r fJii ilitj Uard daj Eliuli (hr 
Wij orif^Lrni, prixiiiM oiutu child ran 
uf Zeburaji, tiid o^cr : 

'^ lik ntferiiiff i^n* ana |ilvcT 
ctiarn^Br, iha wmsiit vvhEtn-or jbhj 

alter Dti? ihckel of the; ianduarji 
both uf tbeiu full of fine Hnur 
minirlod with « J foi a muai-olfer- 

Wi One cijliion iftaon of ten ffif 
Af^fft fill! iif Liiceniu: 

27 One yoimi bollock, ene roifts 
one Itiinh of iJia Bnt fcoj, fof a 

^ Oim kill uf ilio f oiUja for ii,«i»- 
ofTcrijuf 1 

2!J And for a wienflcc <a pcaco- 
offi-nnifi,, twQ oxen, A?o Tttms^ nv$ 
hH-.^nFiltf, ^vu Imabs of Uia lirKl 
Iftiaf : dnfl HT^ iJtB uiTcimi of £Ujnb 
ihu kun of Ff <?lao. _ 

30 ^r 09^ rJiu faurUi day t^H^itr 
tJio Ron of Shytlcur, princoof tho 
cliLhiff^n 4jf Reuben^ dtd afffrrt 

31 Hii olferiup ipiur uiif? silvot 
(^hari^t'^r. uf this wei^l;! ofaahnn- 
drud and Uiinif Jit.rArf#, ODQ aUvcr 
hovv[ fi.f HUvt'iHj' !*li+.'kci#^ aftiir iho 
• Ki.:Ui:'] of ilu.' D^kEteiuarF : bi^rli of 
iJk'Tl rt]t! itf ITiH-iJitur luijifJEhJ wilii 
inil t'ltf 11 nicat- ij-ffertue ; 

S'J OmQ fTQlllL-n £|}0l.1D of U'JI fA^ 

ike£flt IijU uf iaciHuc : 

33 Onp j-tftjiij liollin-Af onpTsm, 
nilcf liiiii3> of lije fiiifl fPiif^ fiJir a 

M Ooiif kill of tins EOUli fm a rin- 
uffbrin^ ; 

:te A Uil far n nirnfifle af p^aca 

hc-ffOFitfl^ Fivt; Imnijid nf Un? ]1r«L 
rear ihtP ipnj tiiLs ofTunrie of Elr 
mr ihi'! Mjin Hpf Slioilemr. 

:»fi *1 On the fifili ihiy SlinEuminT 
thu ion of ZufV^LJuldLN, j»rjiici4 of 
Uiftfilijlilitin orSirn*nin, i/ii^ftifrr. 

^ flLK afftninc vjnM iint<- uUvkt 

._ Onu ffoldi-'a «MJon of tttn *jte- 
Jtifj, fulltillni'jjiwfi^ 

!^ Odq ^Qun^ bullock, ana rani^ 
oao l^unb uf the ftrat yvay, for a 

buntt-oflef in^ . 
4G One kjdof the gonu for a qui- 

41 And for a iU£;rtflc«of peat^ 
,>St;rinjEEii, twa oxi'^nT fivu mou, fiva 
ha^^n^l^^ ^vc lajblm of Un? (list 
year : this was Use offurinE of She- 
Inn Licltlie qon of Zurich Jiildnj. 

43 1i On tin? Bitih dn^ EliaiD^ 
the t«on of Duui^It prinf^of tho clui- 
ilren of God, (^fi:rt:d : 

A'^i ffui oCibrins was ono filvei 
rhnr^erf of Uifi WL'ighl ofanhun- 
dn^l ttijd iliiiif nifkfU, J* ■ilvti 
uuwl qf nevf^nvihtthob, after thd 
ithi'ikcl of tho ffanclutir^^ both of 
lliem lull nf finft flauf (ii].hf lml with 
la'd fur a niuabalTcnne : 

■U Oire £^ul[lt?rT ^i'»Jo of ten ekt- 
keiM, full tjf jnccriM: 

45 Otie rt^i"! yniHotkH nno rant, 
i*Ely ImnU ofiho first j^Kar^ for ■ 
burnl-iiftV!rinff : 

4Jj Otju kid of the eoaw fur a sid 
offizrinf 1 

47 And for a mi^ri^ca of peocih 
ciffcrlneit twij nxm^ fivp rnms, flva 
hc}"g^aati^ fivu Iambi of the flrtt 
FCAr; tlija tua^ ^hu crflR'rin^ of Ell^ 
a«ajuh tire •f.'n of l>ci.ipi. 

iB "l Oa dtu> M'vitnlh A&f Ehdia- 
nia the son uf Anuiiihnd, prince of 
(he cbihireft ^^I'VlpUTriim^ ti^erEd : 

4^ Hb oEf^'Huic teqj- am «ilvar 
chnrjfcr, the wciglil wbi^rpitf kos 
ankundnid rind Uiiny tkckfi*. ona 
■ili^p.r bo^vl of j^n'ijnty nhnKoIi, 
Jifler Lfit< iiiclct?! uf tljO nauQK^itUTf ^ 
both of Ehetn fiilj uf flno door inin- 
^bsJ with oil foT a iiiBuHiifar- 

Sd 0<rui Rcildi^nipaon rrf ten the' 
Ae^i, fTillol'JncflGffii 

M Ofic roun^ builock^ one ram. 
uTie iMnh c»f ihu first rtojr f^r a 

Sri Omt kid of the lOati fur a tm- 

53 And for o pocriflce of iieam 
o{rk.'rl]i.g£, two oii.'n, five tamSi fivp 
lifl-4f»j|U!C|, ftv<i |nir>b» nf tfic fim 
j[?ar: ll]Li»4i^ thu offlirinE of Ell 
nh^ninthc son nf Aninnhnd- 

."il ^r On ihp elfibth rift)' afr-ntd 
Oainulif^l tlie wifi df IVflisliEnK, 
i^iini^u r»f iJie chUdrvji of Manat- 
tch r 

5?i Hit afEWrim wtu offr niWflir 

7^ prineea* dTertngi at CUAP. Vn. the dedication tfthe altar. 

chtiT^ett of iJi* wei^lit oCan liHJi- 
dred anfl thirty thckrls^ one f ilvci' 
twwl lif sovt'ntF ihektMji, flfter the 
shekel (jf tjiio BV-tKniHTj : l>£nh of 
UieiU fuU of line Hour laui^^^Etii ^villi 
ulI for a luoai-plTefini ; 

50 Chic ^uklen ipoun of lert *jkj?- 
Af/#, full of incpniic: 

57 CJnp iffmnfiT Uunock^ one rsmt 
one IniTtb of ibe Giit rear, fuf n 
hBrnT-Dfrcrinf : 

:i8 On«i kid of tlie ^cfOli for a tin- 

59 And foT a mcri^ce of iHjm:;^- 
olforiu^, two oxen, live rBma, five 
he-ffoati, five ItkinbA of liio firit 
f pfir : ihiR iiTa# iJ^e Eifferinf ofGa 
itialiel the »oii of Pcdni»ziir. 

Q<J ir On ihff nintli dny Aliklnn 
>h& flon ofOidetmin prince of did 
chndr^ti of Bcnluulnn ojmrd: 

CI IIjs offtTiiiff irtr* one alvpr 
chnrj^or, I he w&ie>ii wliprcof itd;j 

■iivsr ^KJWi of Mveiity ehekeli, 
afti^ ihfl fthi^kel of tlie aanciuiirr^ 
bfllli of tliera full of fine ilour mm- 
^kd with oil f&J a iiuiai-ofRT- 

m Ojin fnldtn qpoan of ten she- 
kel*, full ortnccn^e t 

m Out rinmp bailor Jt, one mm, 
ana Inmli of ihe fint rcar^ fur a 

fl4 One kid of ihc EOIUJ fgr d. eln- 

1§S And for a Bacrtflco of pc^iito- 
DfR'nTtg^ii t-^vit px«n, fivD rajiM, five 
he^fflxilHj ItTU Inmbi of iJie tlrst 
year ; thia IftrW ihe ofltfiHff wfAbi- 
dFtn the loctof Gideoni, 

06 1'i^ On iha itmih day AhicEor 
ibfl pnfi nf AmmifhntJdai, prittco of 
iho children of Dan, o£itrtd : 

^ Hii cilTcnnif va« que silver 
c|inrei:r, llie wp.']^ht wftttrcaf itoJ 
iinhiiiKlrctJnrid thirtjr jrAeitftJ. nne 
■llvf^r bowi of SRr4/n(]f ihfikelfl, 
nilfi titc ilii:''ki^| tif tfic pnoi.'^Lniiry- 
belh of thr'fn fiiil ^tf fin*; Eloiir 
mingled with oil for a utiiit-afffcr- 

ttS One rolileii #DD4n iif ton thf- 
keU, fuU af aocxnikf' : 

W One ronn^ bi]]li>ck, one ram, 
one iaiub of llm fijm 3rf^,ir, for n 

Ttl One kid of Lha f d^ta for a fiki- 

71 And for a Bntrifice of \h.-m-v- 
ofl^'riDfjit twouxen. dvc tunui, ttvc 
turgOiiTJi f7Vfl LnlnlHi uf Uii? Aral 
rirar ; ihii lofir The olTerinf nf Ahic- 
Eiar fhntun of AinmLrthnHdni 

W ^ On ihe eWf-nifr dnr PnpiH 
ihe Min of OrrarirjirhnROuf tJiu rkil- 
drpfi itC A«hcr, qifcrerf * 

73 KiM itiT^Tine tcoM om xLlvci 

anhundned and thirty sAekfla, one 
pilver bnwl of ^ifveuLy fbek«k, 
a Her Uig shtkid of ihi* BElnrluaiT i 
budi of t}ienk Ail! of line OnuT 
iTTiTL|»tud wiUt oijl for u niMal-olTei- 
iltfi ; 

14 Onfl iolden (poon pf (en jAe- 
iftir, full of incense: 

75 One ronitf bullock, one rrim^ 
ono krrrtlj of tSe flnt ycnr, fur l 
bornt-nffcrinc -. 

7»i One kid ofth* goat* for ft iin- 
fjlTering : 

77 And fur n Mcrifico of pcaccp- 
oRVTinjTBi two otwh, fivft nimF, five 
be-eofltfij fivo ]timb« of Ujo lirat 
rear: ihirwQ^the: uHWin£ of Pi- 
jfjel tlio Hon uf 0(nn. 

78 1^ On tlie twelfth day Ahira 
iho tion nf Kilijn, prinno uf the chit- 
dn?n of N tipli t fiU f offrrt^d : 

TO Hi» olT^riaii vnii od^q silver 
chnfjfpf, llic weight wht-riM^firurnn 
hundred and lliirlf shekels, ono «i]- 
vur bowl of lifli-entyiiljiikelaH rftqf 
tho j^hf^kd of Iha HancnLarr^ both 
of Lhem IVitl of fin# flour min' 
^Icd with oU for a loi^at-oifor- 

80 Onfl e^oldcn stioC'ii of wai «ft«- 
iffj, fuU of incense t 

£1 One rriHif btidock, one ruiif 
i>nc laaib of liio firtl year, for a 

PS Onij kid of llie (tmu for a ttu- 

83 ,And for Q tacriiiee of peace* 
olferlng?, I wo ox^n. Ore Tama, flra 
he-^ontM^ fivo liimbe of tho fli*l 
year ; this tie n;r the oflfirinf of Ahira 
iJif'Son of Etian, 

84 This iBnM the dedication of 
the altar ^in ihe day when it woa 
aijoirtTird} b; thfi princes of lira eL: 
twolvD claarEiom of »Uver, iwolva 
tLWer bowli. twelve »b4}aiis m 
gold : 

B5 Eflch cbftreerofFilverwrmri- 
t'Mf n;) hundred and l\]\r\.y iUiBxhlti 
earh bcnvl sii'V^nty: nil the ^^'^^ 

f< HI r hundred tJirk^U^ after ihs sbe- 
ktil "f ihe snnrtuary : 

89 The golden Bpoona tPmf 
iwtTt^p. full of inrfiiiMi!, wtiehinn 
ton apiece, at^er the fih(^kdl 
of ^M! iinraeiutir? •- i^ll ihe fold oj 
t}ie srionnF iroj (La hundrfkl ana 
tW(inly afw.kttn. 

P7 A[l ihe oiffln for the bnTnt-of- 
li^rinir vnrrt |wejI?p bMllot'kf^, t.Hi 
rninti twelve, the lainhiif»f the first 
^enr iwplvift with thoir meaT-olTer- 
H1K ' ftnd the kida of the g^'^tj) f'jr 
ain-ofl"erlng, tw^lTPr 

Sfi Anil nil thtt o.ien fi>r the wa- 
4lrifirp rif ihfpirnce-off rutins* tPfr4 
jl twenty and four buHofka, t^te rams 

dlianrr, ihe^ wi^ht wJiKn>of voj' dxty, the Ibf^fioaii Rijtif. the Iambi 

Ood ipeaketk to Moset. NUMBESS, Leoiiea* eoHteeraUom 

of the ISrit yeoj iiitr. This k?£u isoai, nnd oflbr them/dr ui oQIariag 

tJiG (i^Lc^LiDti of the aliart afit^r 

60 And when Mosei waa f ctio 
Into thd tAbrrnairJf of tho CLiiiga- 

Kaiiun to spQcik with Jiim, ih«n hr* 
Bard tha vt>icD uf aim upeakliitf 
untd htm from oif ttn* int:ri^y-3iuai 
tliul »jjj upun UiQ ;Lrk ortcfUmonv, 
fn>m belwtion tht I wo crkiHiuLjinu ; 
tiid liesiiitkc tinio hjm^ 

AND ihe l^oiifi styake unto 

a SfHiuh unia Aaron^ and ta? 
yflio liim, When iltf^u ljf luejii ih* 

Diht oror iiguin^ lIid ciuullefiLick. 
19 And Aaron ilUlj «a ; he }iffkM:!d 
iho Lojnps thereof orcr a^inal Itic 
AluuUeMicjE, US liie Loup cum- 
raaorifid Mmci. 

4 And ttla work of the cacdlc- 
■tick Wftj uf Li5ai«>fi. f(j[.], unto Uio 
■hart Uiurt'or, mjio tJia flow^sn 
Uicraofp voff benu-n work - nccarJ- 
uif unto thd patlifm wlLit^h Uio 
LuRD hud gh^-vfud Moiexp lo lio 
mado iha candlc^tJck. 

5 11 And lilt LoED spiJeo HnUj 
Mosei, iriyinx, 

6 TfLkfl tjie I^Bviics from among 
tho chOdnui vf ]s^^i, and cleanAB 

7 An^ thm akajt thou Jo untr> 
Uiam^ la cicantts ihtm; sprinkle 
wntwr of purifying upon Uiem, and 
pt themihuvoDLy iheir flush, and 
Kt tbtm wiuh th«Jr doUiw, and «a 

8 ThFjn let thorn UJto a roune 
bullock with hia meni-annnni, 
■p«i Jlno floiif minffle^ti wtJJi; nil, 
aod anulher Foung huKo<:k ^baJt 
thou takr) Tor a »i n ofTerbg . 

And thou tht^i hrin; tho LfC- 
Tfitw bflffit^ the UberQ^ele of thd 
^^nt^ref utiati : and thou chalt tfa-^ 

chndronrtflirael Sfl^ftthijri 

JO Am] thou abcih hrinff the Le- 
Tkei buforn tha J^Kb: eumI dm 
cJiiyT^i {if Hrtiel tiliiilE put liuiir 
handji upon Ihe L«vLtiv;; 

11 Ami Aaron tfhaUfiCrerthe L«^ 
iritoa Ijijfoxtf i,ht LoRo/lrr an ofTftr- 
ing fif the 0^11^17'^ of Jjrapl, thni 
Ui^jr mar ciacuio iha w&rfica of 
ihu Loftp. 

13 And ihoLFryitra ahtlll lay their 
haadi upon tEie hoiiJj of Uia hu]' 
l«ki : ajiil thuu thaJt affwr Lht^one 
far et ■jn'^lriMrin^f, and ili<* attier 
/t^a bumt-ol!erki]g^unhi^the Limb, 
Id m^kti jici Biancmunt for the Le- 

la And theu thiiLL ut the Le- 
Tftftt bnroTfi Aarori, itnd hnrpiT h» 

unlit Lhu Loiip, 

]i "rhUiiiihaiL (Jkou fi^jiiu-aio tttn 
Lev tliui from mnonif I he rhilnlriFi 
Lit [srcicl : and dia Lvviioti bhiiil! tnt 

IS And aPtfir thai Ebnll ihe Ija- 
viLps ffO ill to du tlio tc^vico of tJii) 
Eat>prnac|o (jf Uig ccin^re;arion ; 
[in 1 1 iKou *liJilt clennzio ihiim^ niiil 
ofler itiL'm/or au uirirrinsH 

itt For ilnrs^ an wliolly Eiven 
lini(} int? ffum nmun^ iJiq i^hiTitn-n 
of luatil ; injtcud ofiuch cu open 
iiVfty worn Li, rem ftuf«trJ vf liu? 
firii-bom of all ihe riiildren of I* 
r:n.'1, hiive I laken tin? in unto mo. 

17 For all ibo firvt-bom of lie 
chiLlfL>n flf Israel ore mmci bftth 
man 4nd boatl: tin ihuda^llmtj 
emoie every fsrfit- bom in the land 
m E^ypl I ianctiliod them for 

IJ^ And 1 bavatoken the Levitoa 
WT all the flnt-horo of ihe ctiiklt^n 
of Israel. 

IB And I hiitfl riv^uthe Laritn 
(iM a eifl: to Aaroo and to jiin BOns 
from aruQDi Uie children of Isrjut]. 
Ill do lh{i nervice of the cliibircq of 
Ifrofl in the tabcrnaeln of the con- 
;r{<«aljon, ajid ta mlike no atonic 
mfMii for the children uf Iwrnrd 
Ehal UiDro Un no plo^ne nmimn the 
cnjEdri,'!] Nif JiiraelT when ihe chil- 
dKw of Ifiraiul com^'nifh i$nto ihtr 

'^1 And MopieiK and Anton^ nnd 
al] ihe conf regal )on of the cbitdrun 
of t^aeli d>d to tl\ti Levited aceord' 
ing unto nil Ihai Ibe I^iiU) oom^ 
mandful Muim c^nciTnins the Lfi- 
vnm, io did the chUdftn fiT Iiraef 
unto thsin. 

^L And thdLevitcfwnre purified, 
and the; wiuhtHl lh<ilr ctutneij and 
Aaron offeripd them ts an oflcriru 
before the LoltPi and Aafen mada 
nn atoaamcnt for thccti to cJamisc 

^ Aiul afler that ^irent th& Le- 
vi u« in le diitholT iorvice in the 
tabernade of the t:D[)^rCr'i|iition be- 
fon- A atoll, mill Ixrf^tre htii iinni ; 
ajthe Ltmn hud tiiiniinflriflod M<i- 
i€^€oni?em]ng ihe I^vitm, hj did 
ih^y unio tbiMTi- 

^1 If And the Loud ipako unto 
MuiMM, ■arinjr, 

^^ iTiii u it thiit bdomrrVi anto 
the LeviEe«i From twci^ty ond^ve 
roarv i^Jd and u^wnnl iher «hall 
so in to wall apum the aervica of 
ihn t^il^macl P flf the con ifrcgntion - 
^'i And rriiTTi tlje ofe nf fi^r 
yoan iJi(.'y ahull cea^ wniiing uikia 
LheBervLCti there^, and iLbiUr»Tv« 
no moroi 
itt liui *ha1l minliiar witli thatr 

Tk0pai$09ereivoiiud. CHAF. iX. Qf the cloud tmdjbrt, 

brfithrtici ii) ih& taifaumnctp nf ih? 'a motif Ini [H^Dptct bcijimEHU bo 
Ccii^z¥ff^rLciii, to keep The dmrge, >iTQUfat not tho DSTctiiiE of t(i« 
uid nhii.l\ do ri^i iKirvici?. T^icii I Lo^rHfi his KLppoinii^Bcajicjii tJiat 
ftbalt Uum dp unti> li^g Lfrviiea ' tnnti nhnCI Im^iif bJiPiTi, 
tQuchinjE their 4:ftnfgf!. | IJ Amlif a«Lriiiiirctri?halliQ;Fotjnt 

CJlAF. LX. uizioii^ y^^nu achi wl|] km^p tiac pei«is< 

7^ 0^s■f^DflRe^^^/" the PtiMgffver^ .'over unlo me LOHt^; aCConJins To 

AND Uie J.<{iAD apsLk^! iititu Mo- the urdinimcc^ uf ilni panMiMii. ah J 
mt9 ill Lbo M'ilrlerTK^Mf of ! u,c>c<ontin^ Ut Uie moJinvr iJiurv 
niOflj, in tha flnt hhjhiJi of tho ea- of, eu shall h-? rinr -. fc- ihall have 
isiuvl yacir atler ttt«y ^er« come anoordinantu l»o<ih for iJj^^crang^o r, 
oaiot thet land ofE^mit, MirJuR't Und far Jiim Umtwus bom in LtiA 

3 l^'t thd ^htldn-ii uf li<;rai:3 aim I land, 
keep Ui4 t>Juiovcr ol hu appoinUid | If} If Aad on the ik; tliat i\m lb.- 
MHuaD. beroarlc t^oa rcnrod yp, the cloud 

3 In thd fburtiC«atli Jftf of thi« cuvortd ihfs uthoFim^lif, iiJittttflJsr, 
ptontJi* at «Yeii, f e shall kee^i it in | the tcnl of Ehc Uidnionr : n.nd at 
hia apftotiiUsfl ffiawn : according lo f^venl tharp wan ufHiih thu LibernA 
all iha rilei of it^, and ai^cornlijiiT to I ele ii» it were Uie ftl;pearalicc ai 
diii thfi QttTemoikifH UicnEafT^lidJ ru firp. uafil the in((niinff. 

keep it. J In So it vroj always : tli<j chiutf 

4 And Mo*at ipako onto the icoverwlii frtfiij^iruwl the appear- 
eh ifdri^ of IifiidU tiuU. they ebu lUd oJice i »f ftre bv ai$j i L 

kfteit the paiMJvef , 

5 And Uit.'/ kept thd panflovcr on 
Tho fnurtDc^nEh daF of Lho /frdt 
month at ptbh in tt>p ^i-ildcmeii of 
Biou] Bceordiae la ail lliiLt llui 
I^Kn cotniDundii^ Mi 
the (^hlUlmd of iHiuel- 

B ir And ibcre were cart aid miOD, 
«hffl wort dofUcd by Lhr dead h- uJ/ 
of fr oiba<^ UtLt ihcF could aoi ki^-^ 
th0 BtunvtiT oji that duy l and ihtiy 
EUDB bofnru Mufl&« and belTorG 
Aaroit (341 that day: 

7 And tho'PD uieasaid unia him^ 
We dm? ilp/iled by the df fe! body 
of a man ^ iivhcrL'rorfl art) we kept 
back, that wl> rnay not uffiir bn of- 
feti^e of the LtiUEi hi hiii nbprjtnt- 
etl Eeaaeii anioni iho childfui) of 
b»cl 1 

A AaA Mn»pj iiiil unlo tJi<!m^ 
fltond «[E11, And I will hoar wbeU 
lh« LoRit will eemnuiiul cgae^^m- 
tnf you. 

Tr And tlie Lord ai'akD unlo 
Afo^ftt, sQriof . 

ill Sp^Ak iintrt thfl children of 
IsTBcl, Bayhi^, If any man of you 
4IC uf fouf iHMteriiy ahall (je un- 
ekmi by renioa of n. Af^vi hotty, 
ur Ae ill a isuraey afv ofl^ yot he 

^0]! koei» thi9 fii£h)vor unio ijia 
U TIao f^puru^nth ihv of the 

EjekI iDcijitK at evnn they shal] 
P Et, nmi uAl itiYith llJlIc^LtT(!nE^d 
ieJ nnrl hittiir JtfrA^. 

12 Thi^y ihoJI lfii±vT< n'jne ef it 
Iint4» the mornini;, nor LmmlIi HJiy 
bQDe of it: fl^^ordiuif tn fjU li^r. qt- 
oinanrxi of t^e v'UiO'Vor they ahni] 
kism iL 

13 B^ut the imxa that it clean/ 
cod ii net m a joQfneyi Bifid for^ 
biib^lh to keep the poHKiTet. even 
wcftxDA iDul •haU be mi oflrfrooi . 

17 Ami vihcn ilm cloud wiii 
iiiiken up froni the inliernai^jEe. then 
atler tliat thje i:hildfL':n of Israd 
JQUjfn&yt'd and in th^:i place ^vhero 

tbo clouil abode, djero the diiklrc^Ji 

w did ofbinclpUdiud thetf leiitfl. 

]@ At the eommanrlaieat of Uie 
TioRt} the children of Isnibl jour 
ne>yttd» sod ni the ^omninj]E|Eii£oi 
of tlio LoA.i> lihey pitched: a4 
long HI tlio cloud abcKJEi |]pf>n the 
1jibcrtviu:le Ihey rmsted m ilmt 

10 And tthon the clood lamed 
long upon i\iQ tnUemacle niariv 
duyji, then tho childrtfO of ImtweH 
kftpt the cliarira tif tiie Lors^ and 
j» arnoyed ni:>L 

i20 And i5(J i[ waa, when the elotid 
wmsi albin^ daya uptpn iho tAbcniti- 
dun acconli4ii{ to the commmid-' 
nit'iit of the r^iFin thny i^hoiio in 
theii tentft, and nccDMlii^ to the 
Commandment of tha LoHd ihey 
^T And to it tva?, ^hcn tho cloud 
abode from D¥en unlo tho moraing, 
and that titt^ cjond was takon up 
in ihfT TOfirniniff, then thoy joamoy- 
oif ; \vhf^U]t!t li «fljf by dAF af by 
oijEht.that the doud wot tnken up. 
they KionierLjdH 
m Or tifhfiiAsr it »frft two dnyi, 
months or a rcwf, tlmt tha 

floud tarriijd ujinn the Libtmacle^ 
Fftm:Linin^ ibercon, the childrfin of 
[erael abudfl in their t^oti, anil 
joiiniL'ycd not: hiit ^vhen it wu 
inkc-n lip, they journeyed. 

Sn At tiift coininaiulmcni of the 
Lnn.p tl>ey rejiftl in their iFjnl-i, imd 
ibt \lm commandment of tlie Ik?Rl» 
tht^y jonriiiT<?d l they kept the 
choree of the Lonri, at iJie ooTit- 
tnn tidim>ttt of Hh Lord by ttia hand 
of MoiGi^ 


Vat of t&e silver Irumpett. 

Abradiies remove from Sinai. 
Nv Ihe Lord spake unto Mo- 
sea, saying, 

2 Make thee two trumpets of 
silver; ofao whole piece shalt thou 
make them : that thou mayest use 
them for the calling of the assem- 
bly, and for the journeying of the 

3 And when they shall blow with 
them, all the assembly shall assem- 
ble themselves to thee at the door 
of the tabernacle of the congrega- 

4 And if they blow but with one 
trumpet, then the princes, which 
are heads of the thousands of Israel, 
shall gather themselves unto thee. 

5 When ye blow an alarm, then 
the camps that lie on the east parts 
sliall go forward. 

6 When ye blow an alarm the 
second time, then the camps that 
Uo on the south side shall take 
their journey : .they shall blow an 
alarm for their journeys. 

7 But when the congregation is 
to be gathered together, ye shall 
blow, but ye shaU not sound an 

8 And the sons of Aaron, the 
priests, shall blow with the trum- 
pets ; and they shall bo to you for 
an ordinance for ever throughout 
your generations. 

9 And if yo go to war m your 
land against the enemy that op- 
presscth ^ou, then ye shall blow an 
alarm with the trumpets; and ve 
shall bo remembered before the 
Lord your God, and ye shall be 
saved from your enemies. 

10 Also in the day of your glad- 
ness, and in your solemn dbys, and 
in the beginnings of your months, 
ye shall blow with the trumpets 
over your bumt-offerings, and over 
the sacrifices of your peace-offer- 
ings ; that they may be to you for a 
memorial before your God : I am 
the Lord your God. 

11 ir And it came to pass on the 
twentieth dav of the second month, 
in the second year, that the cloud 
was taken up from off the taberna- 
cle of the testimony. 

12 And the children of Israel 
took their journeys out of the 
wilderness of Sinai ; and the cloud 
restod in the wilderness of Pa- 

13 And they first took their jour- 
ney according to the command- 
ment of the Lord by the hand of 

MJInthe^fint p^AM went the 
rtandard of tlie camp of the chil- 
■ran ofjudah according to their 

N UMBERS, The removalfrom Sinai. 
arrnltn : Uliri qv^t hjfl Tnjll tPa4 Noh- 
iHhiin the Ei>n of AiiaEnirtDilab' 

15 And uviir Uie husi of iJiu triba 
or tlic childrL'n of Iiwnirliiit i^intr Ne^ 
limnfc] liinf^iii ftFZuflr^ 

1« Ami ovof die liosi of tb& iribe 
tif ihe cJiiIdrc^Q of 7«buEun war 
Etijib ihm mn Pf licJoo. 

17 And iJiGUbcraiick' u^a-qtnkciii 
iluwn ; ami lliu y<riiu( of Gorehtm 
[1114 L Lhniioim ofMerari eotfurvvQi^^ 
Lj^rirmg I hi* latscriiacb- 

1^ t Aat\ the lUmdnird of thfl 
cnnip rjf Rj^nben itit fcirw&tJ uc- 
t<.pTit]ne Lc) ilviir firinj4wL iind^iverhii 
h(i;?i vjitu EliJur Uic iOB ofShcdpuh 

5^ And over iJu? hojsl nrilur Urbe 
of Lite i^JLllilriiii ol'^imcpn tpas She- 
luMwcl Uin-i-nn ofZuri^haiLdiLi^ 

'Jfl A Hit fVLH ttiR hnijtof the Iribfl 
of ihs! i!liiMrEF[t of Cad ipa* Ella 
Bji[jh tFiecon of riauol. 

'J I And tfio KolNathhe* set for 
WeiFil, bi-'jirinis tIsD sDJicLiiEiry: and 
tks other dtdi sti up the TnhcrDaciii 
a^:iJ9U(L llutveiimeH 

3^: ir AiJ(f the Ktantlarcl of the 
cininp of Uifi chililtL-n nf Bphrnim 
hri I or wan]: gcf online to tlieirnr- 
rnii?2 ; Qjiil OTPr im Imst fc^t Eli- 
^hnjna ilm eoaof AmmihU'i^ 

^i Awl Qvrr Uie host of Ihe tiibe 
cif Ike childrGQ of MFinnganh ieom 
GnmaM tin- si>ii ofPpdtihinr. 

2^ Afirt over the heat of liio tribe 
itC the cJiiktrdn af BEM^amLn kom 
AfaHtiin iliUflon uf Giriiforii. 

'i^ IT And the siarNrnrd of the 
CQtnp uftltc ehiklren of Dnn iPlfor- 
iwnr[L whicti vas the Ti^rg'^vard of 
at] the v^m\fA ihroMchnut t]iE>ii 
HfiaiBt mnl in-rf U\i hojt KOM Alila- 
ZE^r the son fif AimnishacLiaL 

20 And o'i (?r tbo host of the tribe 
Df[nE?i:]itl[iren{3f Asia^j was Fasiel 
iht! sun nfOtT^n. 

t!7 And ovvT the Koit of iJip tnhtt 
nf ihe cltiklren 4>f NaL>i>t-"i v'os 
AUjra ihti eon of Eonn. 

28 Tlin^iTRri Uio joiimrFlni^A bf 
l!it* rhddrt:n of Isrw'l flcconling 
to tliQlr ara)i», when thcy set fur- 

^J!^^ And M^Mea iuhl iitito tlobmh, 
Mic eon 'if Riii^iinl iha Mviinnili', 
Mmsfjs' frLTJifr Ill-Ill w, VVp fl rn^ inji i r- 
iK'j'ini; imio die \\hf'a of which the 
Ijtmp «tildr \ will flvo ii yuti : 
Celine tfuH] ^virh m, and v^•f^ wiJI do 
tFti':e good : fur tito T.rmn htith 
^pnkon good coTirt'rnirif [ktiic). 

30 And he beiIlI unto htm, I will 
not^ftj hm [ u-jll diTi^rt to mine 
o\vn hind, nnd To my kindred., 

nil And liCAuJd, Loavo uanoUl 

Erfiy ihcei Ibmamnch cut thou 
nDwc^t how wv nrn to nnmmp in 
tJin wildurnrra, and thnii nihr^il b« 
to u« iJKi^ail of cm. 

Manna loathed. 

UUAF. IX. nu pe9pU lust far fieah. 

3S And Li shall IwJi. if thou go 
wiLh lu^ ft!^ i I, shall be, ill at wlial 
lOcdaeiA ihii Loan ^Imil ati isnto 
Ua. tho SBme will \v-<jcIp ui>tii then, 

33 ir Aiwi they liu^piirtod frcjni Why 
mount uT i^Q Loild tJartH dajt* 
jniiTDey^ Qnd ihtf tirkof ilie Ltivo- 
iiant of thu l^ffLU wcnl tK:l!4>n^ 
Ujiifh io liiu ikryo [SuyB'igLirnny, tu 
tiNirtth "Ui H ff^Ling' iil^a liir liinui. 

!M Anil tlw clciiid of thu LoHP 
uoA upHjn tlii^Di br iliift ^vlicQ Ibey 

Wl'lll out ItftitU I^QJTIp. 

35 Ami it Carat lo pom, wlien th*r 
ark iei fonvardp tlini 9tfi»«f^ nalii], 
Riifji up, Umo, nnd M ihiue enc- 

diDt halo tliee Hoa befuro Uti.^. 

36 Aiitl when tt f»?!*i,wr, hu said. 
Ketum, O IjOthj. udi« U]'tr manF 
Utoueojiili of Inraf']. 

CflAP. XI. 

I^uiLD: auii tjiQ Lo^r» heard it: 
tExl his ao^er ^va> kinilled^ am\ 
the fiiuof t}ii? Loap bunitaniDrtc 
thfeifi, ami. t^mmimcd tftrtn tA^i 
terr* in Ilia uLLsrmost purts of Uio 

2 And tiio people cried unto 
Hafuv'> aod v^hun MoHia iirayml 
uittu die liUAp^ thu lire wm 

3 Ami ti« cnUn] the mtme nf tho 
platif) Tubfinil^^ b&raujp tiie Aro uf 
tliijf Loiiu> burnt Bxaooff t)t(!m< 

4 And the mix^muldtudci diat 
teas noionit ihi^m fblj a. lusiinf t And 
die chiliLriMi of IumQl idttr Vifcpt 
Afffi]n, aii4 said. Who ahall girta tu 
ftsfsJi to «ai7 

5 Wo imiiABibK'r tliD fiili which 
we did cm In Eeypt FtodI?; dii^ 
cucuxnbcndi afid Uie tncloiu, And 
me Icckj, ajiil ihe iinion^t oitcj ttic 

6 But now our soid i> dried 
tn'AT 1 ^4fr£ » nfrtJiiifit nx &ll, bc- 
fttdce tKi* mannct, &fJorF our cjph. 

7 And the niiBiina woi m <rori;i.n- 
dcr-K!^, bird the coli>Ur Lhurcof m 
the colour nf tnlf^nii'iju. 

B Aid tlkF} pi>op1o went about, 
and tfELthcMiii) it, und fround it in 
milU, Of b<7at it Ln a mortur^ and 
pa|i>cnl If: in pans, ntnl tnbde Cakes 
of ii : anet tae taita of ii was ai the 
taite nf finh t*il. 

9 And whfa the dew ^11 tipon 
thu camp m tho aJEht, tlio 

f<sd upon it 

10 11 Tli<yn MuMdt hf^iM^ the peo^ 
pla wwt* thmtifhouttherrramilira, 
ewjJT nioD In tfi* door of hi* K-nt ; 
ami the :insot of (Jm Lob.o wmf 
kiodfcd fTcatlr ; Moftti olao' wiu 

11 And MDi<!i ijjijd tinto ifie 
LuRD, Whertfiirfi bajit tjioa ajflict- 
e*l Uu i«3i-vtini I arto whiirefitrB 
hsve [ not fuund fjivour in thj 
nipil, 9 hat liiuii Ju7i>st ih^^ t>urdun 
of nil diis pt>opia upon me 1 

VI Havuf coniiGxvflit all ihii pen- 
pUf^ hrtVL' I iH-jjotieji Jhem^ t'l^l 
tJtou fthoidileitE Bar unto mc. Carry 
thnm in thy bont/iru sis a uuTvina- 
faOuei: b«ari>Ui tho Mjcking chilil. 
unto the litad which tbou *warc«t 
uniu thdir fntltCEiT 

13 Whrrts!* ihould T have flKh 
to give unto alt tJil* jitoplc 1 for 
Uicy woL'p onto me, suyinfT Civo 
u^ fl(j*h, that we nmy uat. 

14 I aui not abk tti hour ftlJ tliii 
ptapio atnm!, bocnuio it is taa 
hfinty for me, 

J5 Anil if thou deal thu« with 
mth, kill mo, 1 poij Ihce, out of 
hand, if I nave found favour in 
Lhy fteht ; and U\ ma (HH «u tity 

15 IT And tha Loiti> said unta 
Motefl^ Gather unio me tovr-nty 
mtn ef the eldcn of larncU whom 
thdu knowoEl LD b? th« fthjors of 
the people, and o|?icers over thorn t 
and hrinir thE>m tJDio tiin tabornacla 
of tl>e congrefation, that (liey mar 
Eta no there with tJiee, 

n And r will come down and 
talk with iJiiie titers ; AUd I will 
takfl of tFio iipirit wbicb u upon 
thee J Jind will put it uv^tn tJiom ; 
i^tid thoy flhaJl buiu Uio hurdennf 
tbo jioopkr wjtii tbcG, tliai ihoti 
bear it not tiifself Mn^e- 

18 And any (hou unto thp iHwple^ 
Sanctify yourselves nxairtit lo- 
rjioitnw, Jsnrt yp E^hal! eat flesh : for 
jc have ^VDpt m ihe etifa of the 
Loan, sftyinft VVli& shnll |ivouj 
ne»h to cat i for it htiu well with 
Hi in E(yj>t: tht^utfore tfm L>oiti» 
will ^t\F> ynti nf!ih, and ye thai! eat. 

l!il Ye shall note tit one day, nor 
tU'o days, nor fi ve dn ya, neitlikt ten 
days, nortwenEy dnyA; 

9fl ,fful ev&n a whole montJi^ 
until it CE>ine out at ymn- aeitrik^ 
and it 1341 loathionio until y^o . bfi- 
CEitise thni ye inxvc dodiui^ t>iii 
Loao wliicli ig nmeng you^ tmd 
hnve we|^t lufone him, saying. 
Why c&Tiir. wp forlJi out of Egypt t 

SI And MEjflea aaid. The p»>o- 

KlU aPiooE whom 1 ttm, are tiT 
lindred iLeuiMiDd rootnieu; and 
Thou hast isiid. I will five diem 
floih, thai they ro«y eat 4 whob 

22 ShRjl the flotik* nnrl thp bflida 
iM» ftlain for thE^ni, to tjuIRs^p ihem I 
oriiHnn fiB thfo fch of the Jioa ho 

ELthcred tofullior fex tliem^ to aui- 

ice thcml 


Of Uu quaiU and plague. S UMiSE&S. Minam'e^editum jnmishsd^ 

fi-.m Kilir<'(l] huttQavmb unto IIk- 

23 And Uio Lord said unto 
Moses, Is tlio LoRU*8 band waxed 
short ? tliou sholt soe now whether 
ni7Word shall come to pass unto 
thee, or not. 

24 ir And Moses went out. and 
told tlio people the words of the 
Lord, and gatlicred the seventy 
niea of the elders of the people, 
and set them round about the 

35 And the Lord came down 
in 8 cloud, and spake unto him, 
aitd took of the spirit that ioa« upon 
him, and gave it unto the seventy 
elders : and it came to pass, thcU 
when the spirit rested upon them, 
ibey prophesied, and did not cease. 

S6 But there remained two ef 
the men in the camp, the name 
of the one was Ekiad, and the 
name of the other Medad : and the 
Spirit rested upon them ; and they 
were of them that were written, 
but went not out unto the taberna- 
cle: and tliey prophesied in the 

27 And there ran a young man. 
and told Moses, and said, Eldad 
and Medad do prophesy in the 

28 And Joshua the son of Nun, 
the servant of Moses, one of his 

Joung men, answered and said, 
ly lord Moses, forbid them. 

29 And Moses said unto him. 
Enviest thou for my sake 7 would 
God that dl the Lord's mople 
were prophets, and that the Lord 
would put his Spirit upon them. 

30 And Moses gat him mto the 
camp, he and the elders of Israel. 

31 ir And there went forth a wind 
from the Lord, and brought quails 
from the sea, and let them fall by 
the camp, as it were a da^'s jour- 
ney on Uiis side, and as it were a 
day's journey on the other side, 
round about the camp, and as it 
were two cubits high upon the fkco 
of the earth. 

38 And the people stood up all 
that day, and all that night, and all 
the next day, and they gathered the 
quaib: he that gathered least ga- 
thered ten homers : and they spread 
them all abroad for themaehres 
round about the camp. 

33 And while the flesh wa« yet 
between their teeth, ere it was 
ebewed, the wrath of the Lord 
was kindled against the people, 
and the Lord smote the people 
with a very great plague. 

34 And he called the name of 
that place Kibroth-hattaavah : be- 
(tanae thete they boned the people 
that lusted. 

35 .^nd Ihe people journeyed 

_ — "kjinlc Lit Huwr^jth. 

( KAK Kit 

ANl^ E^Tni^iiiiL !ui>L Aiij'fiEi spake 
fiti'iiirsc ft1..k^L-js bfT^duiie tjf lim 
EiliiiiiMfiii wumnn whom he hod 
rrii^S ■: (lit ha hiul rnardciJ an 
£iliii4h|>Luii HiMTinn^ 

- Aiitl llif^T said, II nth the L^liJ> 
ir<k'(](] !i|Hjkun only br Moiius 1 imih 
hi Moi s]>okt;Ct Dko by ii«1 Aod tba 
LnfFiip Eiunnl it. 

:i (Now tiit^ iiitin MfMfli wa* tory 
mtH^k, jilHkve a;i (he nwo which 
wrrt ufKin the fflCe m the parth.) 

4 An'l iJir' Lnrii> fpoke auiideDly 
uiHr.i Mndfs^, nind ii»to Anrun, oiia 
Ujiii3 Miriam, L'oTue oul ye three 
Vin'iit iim Uihr-mn^lti of the catiST^-' 
gririan, And ihey thrt'o t^ntii^i^ur, 

ft And Uift LuKU EMuiie down in 
tVi" inllur oT Ui^' cluurl, and staud -jfi 
til-' door of the Uilrrinwvle, and 
ciilli'il Aiin»n aisil Miriujo:: and 
tliry ViQlfk PUiTti- ttn^h, 

t\ Ae"! ho nau\, Heur tuiw mf 
Vi'iiiS^L If tJn-rti hi' n uraphet 
aiuoiig y^u. i U.U Lord wiU 
make myself known unto him in a 
vision, and will speak unto him in 
a dream. 

7 My servant Moses is not so, 
who is faithful in all mine house. 

8 With him will I speak mouth 
to mouth, even apparently, and 
not in dark speeches; and the 
similitude of the Lord shall he be- 
hold : wherefore then were ye not 
afraid to speak against my servant 

9 And the nn^er of the Lord 
was kindled against them ; and ho 

10 And the cloud departed firoBi 
off the tabernacle ; and beboM. 
Miriam become leprous, wktU as 
snow: and Aaron looked upon 
Miriam, and behold, she was le- 

11 And Aaron said unto Moms, 
Alas, my lord. I beseech thee, lay 
not the sin upon us, wherein w« 
havp <lonri fc-o'i?NTr. ~^nd wherein 
we lhn\rt MiTiiif^. , ^ , 

13 Let hor tiirt Im as^ one tleod, 
of whfiin theflpfih is biilf cajipumnd 
when he coineth out ofliis niothor-i 

y.\ And Mo«(^ cried unio ih« 
LoKO, myiPS, lied her otiw, O 
Goti. 1 bPiwdi tliM. 

14 ir An^I ihn T,fmD said unto 
MoiiL'i, If Ivct rather bM but sbil 
in Imt fo-f-ti, nhouhl she rvEit b« 
asli^EEU'd stviin dflyst l«t iivj b* 
shi 1 1 E.*uT f ni m Uie cum p sevij n di^i, 
and aSim iJitii let her ts4 recinviwl m 

4k»t«9 Mftf te «e«rcA Gutoan. CUAF XII 1. 

neir mil report- 

IS An'l M.nun was kJiuI '►iiiiyoflT uowd courne^^ imd brinffflf 

•^iii P4i.ihi':'irn:. Jd'vttih lUlVjt : mill thd iiwv i't.tti tif llm InnA Knvu tlui 

fmni Ui«f '.:£irtn» i?^.'viii.n ilayjf.: jjiuli tho 
pfliOIilo jutirni^.TtiiJ ni«E till Sliriimi 

WBfl bTDUfhl in HffMtl.. 

1« And Aflerivard Tjmi pnuple rfr 

Ui iba wiklcmcfis of J^luoju. 
CHAP, XllL. 
£;jiai weni Ut Canaan. 

ANI} difl LoiLi} £paJitt uPtD Mo- 

fl Scnci lijou men. ihut iher mw 
iciin^h thu Lund tif Canmnili which 
L livo unto tbo chiiiLrun of Isriiu!; 
afo^oiy tfilj* flf their failiridi ahoJl 
FB Bcmi n main ovary one A nUof 

3 Ami MoBos by tm ommanrl- 
iDcol of ll» LuJin B*nl itiOTn frijirj 
thfl wUdoniMB uf pB.ra» ^ nil Lhydfi| 
men tser4 bank of tlie ckalhifLEtorf 

4 And thwe wat* iKttr nainw 
Of th(T iribd of Reuben, HhrLiiimua 
ihftjitmufZpicL'Uf. , 

5 Oi" the tribe of Simeon, Sha- 
phaiihcionof Hon, 

fl Of tha tribe wf Jadab, Calrits 

the KJt) iif Jopbunjioli- 

7 Of the tribe flf ' 
t^ iL>n af Joseph^ 

Idachsr, Tiol 

a OfUioihboofEphrB-imiOthea 
dioKon ofNuLn- ,„ * , „ , . 

tK ihd tribe of Byryinun, Tsm 
the Mjo of RjlLiiHU' 

lU 0( the Uibr ef Zcbiilun, Qiid 
dLeitheEwni^f ScrdiK 

U Of the iribe of Joieph, TiaiSfi- 
jv. of the Ui^K] {ifManbsii^h, Grud- 
dj th« ton of Bu*i. . , 

13 Of ibe iribfj of Dm, Aramiffl 
thdionof GtMiiaDl. ^ , 

13 OI" llie tribe of Aihor. SpUiw 
tho KSti of MiciHiiAL ^^ , ,. 

T4 Of tji* tril* ar !J ^phioli, 
N Ahbi iJia loQ^ cif Vnphfi. 

15 Of Uio irjbfl of llaiJ, Goltcl 
Uin fon orMojcbU , , 

10 Tlif^its iBY ">9 Diimts ^if Uuf 
nMn which Muiiei uol in npr (iut 
iSie tand. Ami Mows calkU 0«beK 
tlmrnn of ^un^ JelmEhua. 

17 1L And nm*a mn* ihem lo 
i|if ^mt the- land tirf CEmjmtJi. itnJ 

uav ftoutJtward* auii so ap wiui tJic 

10 An<i iflft tht lanl, whiil il rr 

aiitl the fiekipld iliimlwoUi di ihutp- 
in, whctner t' 
fcvr or manr 


her tliej 6e tLryiij: orwtinJt, 

1ft Aihi w^tvt t]ie ]p]«t " iJml 
tlwsf dwell in, Whtsthur U ir ETotn] 
OI b/irf ; nnd. whol ciiiua f/iW m 
a\nt thiiT dw^rtll in, wboihur in tcntM, 
or in rtnoTtelitddB; 

90 And -vf liot 0*L» land «, Y"*^ 
Uipi il in fit«*f loaflt whc.iilit^is,erfl 
bii woij>d thttr^tn, or imk. And li 

tiu} ftuil f*r Uio land. Now dw 
liiin' KHi4 itiu Ltnw i*f ihe (irsi Ui» 

;i 1 *l jiit iJicr wout upj and « an-h- 
ed dje Inxid fioTn ihe T*iid' rneasor 
ZiTi ilnLu Kflaob, na mcrn Camf! lo 

E^J And tlioy lu«cn(lE>d hw die 
Boutfin OTuf cam'! unto Ushntu; 
wlietu Aliimnn, Sheahai, and Tu1- 
mn], tho t!hiJdron of Anak, tcrrfl, 
JNtjw Hebrort iTiiibaiJi iui«i ypai^ 
teftu' /oon in EayytJ 

2;{ An[l They catnftUDto the ljri«>k 
of l^JisuL and put dowi> fnun 
chcucG u branch wiui oiw dusicr 
nf gxnifXMi aiul lh*y bare il beiwo4;n 
tTVit it|tun a sTaJf : Bhd Wi*V fri^njA^ 
pift>ic [MjnieeroiiiiLteir Uid of tiie 

S4 1'litf !p]ai» wait ealled the 
biouk Frf.ljcoL btjcciy^iteit'iiwcW 
toi of 4trii|n^s wiiieh iho childroftof 
I««el ^m down from dicnce, 

as And thoy leturtiml from 
acnTtjhfjjf of tiso Icuid afiur fuftj' 

9Lj 11 And Jiey went and camelo 
nio^i. nnd tn A {iron ► nnf^. i*:* a'j. 
theconimifQtieTi of ihoclnldren of 
IhthcIh un.ii> ilio wildortieM of Pa- 
ran, to Ktidcsii ^ and hroiiffht bUflL 
ward iiniu them, and unto all tJw 
fMPSfeJrtfliin, u[|d khow«d UiCfu tlm 
ffuilo! Llioland' 

BT And they told Idrti^ and Kud, 
WoCFirno unio the land wintliar 
Ui«u s<Mitoii u?, ami auf oly it Bow- 
eLh witlt luilt und lioncy ^ and thu 
Fih*> fruit of il, ^ ^ ^ 

rif cfiat dwell in Hkj land, and 
cjtji'^ art wadoo, ana very 
■Ftftat: UDsl nioniovorj wc iawtljfl 
Childn n of Aniilt there. 

2Ji Thn AmuMkllfii rfwt^tl m tiio 
JandnfTh^^iuuth: and Uia]liti3l««> 
aofl tlm JwbUftiilM, HI id ihp Amij^ 
]fste», dwoll in the mniinininsr ; ofid 
lh# Cfli5ii!isitu* dwdl by the ecu, 
ami by till* E*r^j|fil of Jainlan. 

30 ArtdCaieb fltillcd the pt^opla 
Irtftift Mosoir, and satd. Let ti» ffO 
up at oneo, otid poHiw n i For *a 
are ta cli nble to overcome U. ^ 

31 r+ul tlif^ tflon lb At went lin w lib 
him dftid. We bo not abl* to gn tip 
ft«jitn-;i tho iwopls ; fat Uiey art 
rtrtmirtir lii-Tts wo. 

34 And ilipf broui»bt pp an ovd 

rtpi^rt of the lard vt\iith tlipy >iad 
wnrcii^il unto Iho chddTH^n of i** 
nicl. eiiyLUffH The htod tlin^u^li. 
which wfi haVD ifOTw lo wnrcl! lU 
lantl that flfcteih up ilw inha- 
,^olJtllio«>0f^ and al! tJ^^^S^^^P'-J 

«tfllUI«. ._jj 

The people's murmuring NUMBERS, causes OotTstkreatenings. 

33 And there we saw the ^ luiitSr 
the sons of Anak, which eonu: oV 

tiio gianta: and wc were in ciur 
own sight as grasshoppers, auU ^v 

The Israelites murmur* 

AND all the congregatioTi Ufied 
up their voice, and criud i anA 
the people wept that night. 

3 And all the children of lamol 
murmured against Mosm and 
against Aaron : and the whul't c an - 
gregation said unto them, W(>iiilt| 
God that we had died in tiie landL 
of Efypt! or would God wd had 
died m tliis wilderness ! 

3 And wherefore hath tluj Loud 
brought us unto this land, U \'ni[ 
by tlie Bword, that our vflva anil 
our children should be a pnyy ? 
were it not better for us to icWn^ 

4 And they said one to QnoiJu^r^ 
Lot us make a captain, and ivi uh 
retunj into Egypt. 

5 Then Moses and Aaron ftU on 
their faces before all the HMcrnhljf 
of tlio congregation of the diildraxi 
of Israel. 

6 If And Joshua the son ^if Nudt 
and Caleb the son of Jepkiumnielii 
which mere of them that senrcticid 
the land, rent their clothes x 

7 And they spake unto all rliB 
company of the children of Un\i± 
saying. The land, which we r>»»>'n 
through to search it, is an exceed 
ing good land. 

8 if the Lord delight in m<H Ui«n 
he will bring us into thislanti, and 
give it us; a land which duHL'tJi 
With nr.ilk and honey. 

9 Only rebel not ye agiiinr^L thn 
Lord, neither fear ye the peirplo of 
the land ; for they are breart I lit m : 
their defence is departed fr(im i1iem ,. 
and the Lord is with us : foot Uicni 

10 But all the congregation haos 
{(tone them with stones. Aiei! ilio 
glory of the Lord appeared m iJto 
tabernacle of the conffregnriun be 
fore all tlie children of Israel. 

11 11 And the Lord saki unto 
Moses, How long will this uenTtlu 

E revoke me 1 and how long will it 
e ere they believe me, fnr Lili Ui@ 
signs which I have shewed araong 

IS I willsmite,themwitlitlt« [wh- 
tilence, and dis'mherit thf^m, n^rul 
will make of thee a greate-r njiLiun 
and mightier than they. 

13 ^ And Moses said unto the 
Lord, Then tlie Egyptiaiui i^hnW 
hear it, (for thou broughtesLU]* rh]* 

14 Ami l}ie.y will :.,.■.■■ ■ ■■■ :.-. 
hjibiisinla of tins h-.-- .<■■' il-^J 
hlivf liiTiml l^lll'- llmu ij-uttn *trt 

u.\f\itn!i ehia iK>orli'. i^ihI iJiiou Lnitn 
fLtl a<:-i'jj Wiri* Ui fiiCiit Hint tJiiU ihy 
cjjjud fluinU'ili Mvii^r Ihwn, HnrI t&flt 
thou ifu«it before tbarn, tif any- 
time iti a. Eitllur df a rloucl, dnd iti 

l5TNnw?jrU]iaiJalij«ltkni uiiiJiLa 
pciMpb iksunu ukiJE), Uien the ti^tioiw 
whieh have Ui-anl Uio fnmo Dfvliuti 
wall npi'ak, sayingi 

i(j rSEn;i!L'i<f U]0 Louu woi not 
ftblo to hfme IhU [>tQple luia Iha 
Iniul whicb lie «wura unto tJicni^ 
ehiirr.rort] Ua hoMt frloln llietn in the 
wildpmiws, ^ , , , 

17 And now. I brsjTodi tlicc, IkH 
lh<3i3ovv«rtif itiyLtiiii>lJc*T¥iii, Re- 
cording np thiiu hiiaiHWRcnT ^y- 

y&Tho Lqhd u loFiff^tilTE^rifis. 
Eutcl of ffrtiat Tn^rcyn foigivlnff inir- 
tiuity atid iinnAKrewiun. ind |jy na 
tnp:|[i» (Mearinp^Ad tTtJtt¥, vijicing 
llif! iniquily aniic falhcra upuii dtc^ 
cktlilrcii unto tha lliird bueI ftjiirUj 

19 Fanlon, I hcwictih ihtvt* tha 
iniriuUy of i)j4A pooplo ncconlint 
ujito Iho gtwUH^ uf iby in(<rcy, 
Wild jii Uiuii latiFi Curjiveii thb j>eLi- 
plo, ffom Egypt dtoh until now. 

^Jt) And the Lniitn jgiid< t huve 
pBrfiitriK^rl nceardiu? In ihy wnrd -. 

iil Uut us truly U4 [ livu, all th? 
n:lireli aJiull bo Rllcil vritb tlifi glury 
fif thu Loiio. , 

^ UeCaiiKit all thosiD men whirh 
hevvQEiM^n ni/ glftrj^, unci tnj mira- 
(;lci^ wKidi I djd m Ei;ytit and in 
the wildctmt><H, njul hnTfi tcTPptfid 
mil nnw tlieBC icn timt-jj and hiva 
iHil liiJEtrkt^iicd lu my vdicu^ 

^1 SuT-uly thuy Hlmll nut soe the 
land wlikh 1 ffivare onhi tlioir fn- 
rht^rfl, nciithtir -^holl nny of tiieni tn&t 
prtivoked md iHJn it : 

ii4 But my survnnt CaJtb, be- 
CEiu^ ho luid aiiotbtr spirit witb 
hirnn 8 ml bfwt]> followed uu'fiillif, 
him %1'ill [ ijrinic inia Hits Ijusd 
whorcintEi he vtaat ; ELod h'li iced 
fhnll pn-^^psH it. 

S5 {tiuvf t]u^ Amalohlto*, antl the 
('!|lt|Etal1itt^& Ehvt:]L iii tliD vnlli.<y.ji 
To-morrow turn yfrti, Eind g€t loii 
Lnio tli4! wilitomew Ity tlie way or 
thn Red wA. 

06 ir And Iho l.ftuD stMikrr miQ 
Miwfs Mid iiiiio A nrtintpciyinff, 

37 Ho^v kiTig jAriif / **"flf witA 
thin (jvil roTtFUfCiiiHEUn whtPn mur^ 
mur a^dinst mf.l 1 have hoiird llio 
in 1.1 rim tfm lis iif ll 19 c I tii IlI Hai p F Jt^ 

people in thy might from among I m«. 

raul, which they miiniiuj afoJiBi 



Sa Say imW tfacn. ^^ tridif lu I 

Th€ m u rm un r a are exelwded CHAP. XV. Jrom the promised land* 

•pok'-LJ jn (jiinti ears, au will J it> to 
yuM ■ 

99 Ycmr frorciLEffec iibnll Tall in 
thkE witiii'rnei4« ; atiil all lliM Vyort! 
numlKTiict f^i' jna. ttccnnlimr to 
yoflr whule nuniibDr. fpiin twcnlj 
yeartcMpti uiwartf, wiiJirliha^Ei 
Riiiirmitrcid eu^Dtn^T ide^. 

30 DoubUci^s ]h'g dmll hqI come 
futo tins h*nd cim^sTTiinff which J 
■wikfis Id mntw joa iJwtlE tl>L^n?]nr 
fearo Caleb 1,hi^ ton nT j4i]»biULk|itiiiir 
aiulJcraliuiitiic PLin of Nun, 

31 Buf rnur little tmcs, wliieh ffl 
ffikl bhould tie a pj-ejr, ib^m wU[ I 
brinf in, and tticy iifaCill knavr Llie 
Innft wIeicIi j« Isiivc dcFprjwd. 

rs H I It ii^/cfT roil, you r 

e.^U r.. 111'., *i.l^...:t.I 

Ihep rFiallfEilIm t3iiF< wiidi^imc^- 

XI Aud yuanlilklren ilmU uftn- 
dor in Iho ^viLdcmeisi forty jcar?, 
antl bear ytJtiF ^i-linreilotnii:, until 
ynuf c4iTc!AsiHia be i^'ll^I^J in Uw 

3^ After ilio number nT (h* ilars 
im TiUfhirh jp ecnri:hni?d iliti Innil, 
eren fiirtr daya (encli djiy Tir n 
r«ir)!liitlIrclieC]Lf four ininuiTlcrft, 
rocA RiTiT yf^RXB nnrl yc BLd j know 
DirbrMcb i»rpriimjdu. 

» I the LoftD linvo eaid, 1 wtlJ 
Mtplrrlo it unto a[l ilui L^vit roii 

if^r Sf diut mc : In LhU wUJtirnojSi 
they RlinJJi bo coasiuntitl, ojid ilMsru 
Us^j shftfl ilje. 

36 And tho meri whi^h M<;iiei 
•cnt ta ioartli Hin lund. ulio re- 
tumtHJ, aittl iradf] alJ the coDj^ro- 
fatiitfi EQ murnwf tJinifHl him^ by 
bnn[7iTi(; up a fibinjder upon lijc 

37 Etuh iHoM nMSfl Uirit did 
brinif up thavvii riMiiorl. urnm tin; 
lamf. died Ly the plagun LcfaHt the 


3H I! tit Ju$hu& (Jii* wn ctf Nuti, 
and f^akEi ihc adh of JtiidiuEinidi, 
Vhkk ttnT€ or Hie tncn ilml Weul 

U> iipnn-li, Uifflnnd, I'wa] atHt. 

39 Ami MLi--i>:<i tuli'l ih'-se paying 
UcjTa ftlL diccliiLtftn of IiiracJ: ami 

m tr And thvy tom up enH/ So 
thv monuiiffi uad ^ut iJieui up into 
tiid top Qrtbo mounEain, ^ariii^, 
Ln, we ^e hrrt, rtnd will co up 
Qoxja toe pljirc w^hi^zJt tliu liOun 
baiK promuc'Ll : for vi e bavo lui- 

41 And Mttiu^ «nij% WTiijreroiB 
low dt> yc Lran«grc>;i« the com^ 
2nandm«ni of liic IiOiutt but H 
ah^H not pTOFi^nr- 

^ Go nol up, fortbp LoTiB w 
%ut among you ^ tJiJit jo bo jiul 
imiti'^n b«rurc your infill] ktt^ 

€] Fur the Amalokilci and tlia 

nnj ye BlmJI I'll I ■ ■■ ' ■ ■,■1 •. bo- 
nansa jo aru tuj-Eiffl jtwiLf rr-iitii ijm 
LOREjp Lh^jmrore LiieLultl} iviU uut 
bo wirhyoLj, 

14 But liivf pNiiumed iir so np 
unto the hLli-to}> i net^^rtlLulejs lh« 
[itk of die ctyxmhttt at Mm I^nniJ, 
and Moit^a, dopnrued uotout of tli« 

4S Tlufn the An^alekitfls oanie 
[loH'n, and i\vo Cunaonili.'B w\mb 
di,voIt m timt hill, ami eniolfi tbani, 
imd ili&comfltad ihem^ epai auto 


j4 ND Uie I^BD Hpitltu unto ilo- 

3 J^pcak unto Iha tbildrci^ of 
[iiriieb annl say utiiw themt When 
ye be t-onio into tli^ iaad ofynui 
h&bitiiUoji4, wiiicU I give unto 

3 And iviil make an ofl^riHi; \tj 
ft re ujilu the LoelPh a burnt-oflTeF- 
'ui£, or a sacrificD in iicrnirniiiig a. 
vow, Of iit a free-wiJI-ofiuiine, or 
ill your solemn feaatai to muiiea 
iuoot «DvoLjf uitio tins Lone, uf 
UiC herd, or of Uic flock: 

4 Thru i^ball lie tiial ofnhr<*th hit 
iiiTcfiiia mito iJLQ Lord brniff n 
meut'om'riiijt of a tentit-(?L'al ef 
d ijyr mlngli>[| WiUi Uie foyiLii part 

of an bin of oil. 

5 And litu fofiriii pnHi^mkw nf 
wine for a drink oflVrlo^Ehnil thou 
}>rcp>ire with the buruL-odxTlofl m 
aacribaee, fur one Inmb. 

U Orfora r^ni^thciu fltaliprepFLri] 
ji^r a fuiiat-olTi'iioj; tvvott:ifelh~ocalB 
L^rHuiir irtirj^led wili^ thetLifU part 
:>fan1un ofiuL 

T An<l for a driak-ofi^jricvE tltuii 
■■Tiail olJ'or ihc ibiid part in tin bin 
Li^fwine, ffiT ^ iw'Det atntuur ufil^ 

fl And tvjaen ihoiu^^niirest a bu|- 
Ii3<;(t /flf n burnt-onerin^t or /ffra 
fiiicriiiiiu in pL'tformin? a vow, or 
P'.'flf o-tilTering'* unto tlio Lnnp; 

Ti ion Jill nil ha brine tvith abiii- 
umk n niQai-ulferlncor iJirfo Mintii- 
[li.'uli of Dour miiiik>d witiihalf lUi 
bin ornd. 

1(1 AiuT tliDU almlE brine fctr (i 
rirink' oneriiic hn If an ! i Ui o r wi lit!. 
/l?r an onVTini; mndo hy fuo, of a 
«»'0(!t pivvour uiitoliiD Iionp: 

31 Tbua ill all it bo rlona far av^ 
h\j\Un:kt or for one racn.ur for a 
lairb^ or a kid. 

13 ArrjitAmii to tbo numljt^r that 
yn dli^ll ptn'tiLirr^, ht phuil ye do to 
evofy €^m uccordinc to tiioir nuco- 

1^ All ib:il isrc? Uorii of Ihp 
counErydiiiU do Umvo ibjnci afl«r 

LoM cfgundry efferiuga. 
this manner, in ofTering an oflferinc 
made by fire, of a sweet flavour 
unto the Lord. 

14 And if a stranger sqioum with 
70U, or whosoever be among you 
III your generations, and will ofler 
an offering made by fire, of a sweet 
savour unto the Lord ; as ye do, 
so ho shall do. 

15 One ordinance shall be both 
for you of the congregation, and 
also for the stranger that sojourn- 
cth with you, an ordinance for 
ever in your generations: as ye 
are, so shall the stranger be before 
tlic Lord. 

16 One law and one manner shall 
be for you, and for the stranger 
that sojoumeth with you. 

17 M And tlie Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, , ., , 

18 Speak unto the children of 
Israel, and say unto them. When 

Se come into the land whither I 
t ing you, 

19 Then it shall be, that when ye 
eat of the bread of the land, ye 
shall offer up unheave-oifering unto 
the Lord. ^ . „ . 

20 Ye shall offer op a cake of the 
first of your dough^r anheave-pf- 
fcring: as ye do the heave-offering 
of the threshing-floor, so shall ye 
heave it. 

21 Ofthc first of your dough ye 
■hall give unto the LoRDanhoave- 
offcring in your generations. 

22 IT And if ye have erred, and 
not observed aU these command- 

NUMBERS. Tkesdbbathbre^keraUmeiL 

sojoumeth among them*, see- 
ing all the people were in igno- 

27 If And if any soul sin through 
ignorance, then he shall bring a 
sTic-goat of the first year for a sin- 

28 And the priest shall make an 
atonement fbr the soul tliat sinneth 
ignorantlj, when he sinneth by 
ignorance before the Lord, to 
make an atonement for him ; and 
it shall be forgiven him. 

29 Ye shall have one law for him 
that sinneth throu|[h ignorance, 
both for him that is bom among 
the children of Israel, and fur 
the stranger that sojoumeth among 

30 ir But the soul that doeth aughi 
presumptuously, whether he be born 
in the land, or a stranger, the same 
reproachcth the Lord ; and that 
soul shall be cut off from among 
his people. 

31 Because he hffth despised the 
word of the Lord, and hath bro- 
ken his commandment, that suul 
shall utterly be cut off; his iniquity 
shaU be upon him. 

32 ir And while the children of 
Israel were in the wildemess, thc> 
found a man that gathered stick* 
upon the sabbath-day. 

33 And they that found hiir 

ments which the Lord hath spoken 
unto Moses, . , . . 

23 Even all that the Lord hatli 
commanded you by the hand of 
Moses, from the day that the Lord 
commandbd Moses, and hence- 
forward among your genera- 

94 i'hen it shall be, if am(ht be 
committed by ignorance without 
the knowledge of the congregation, 
.. ._ -• =-Ti shall 

that all the congregation 

one young bullocK fors ,^ 

fering, for a sweet savour unto the 

il offer 

for a bumt-of- 

LoRD, with bis meat-offering, and 
his drink-offering, according to the 
manner, and one kid of the goats 
for a sin-offering. 

25 And the pnest shall make an 
atonement for all the congregation 
of tlie children of Israel, and it 
shall be forgiven them; for it is 
ignorance : and they shall bring 
their oflforing, a sacnfice made by 
fire unto the Lord, and their sin- 

ignorance : 

26 And it shall be forgiven all 
the congregation of the children 
uf Israel, and the stranger that 

— jy t 

Sathering sticks brought him unto 
loses and Aaron, and unto all tlie 

34 And they put him in ward, 
because it was not declared what 
should be done to him. 

35 And the Lord said unto Mo- 
ses, The man shall be surely put 
to death : all the congregation shall 
stone him with stones witliout the 

36 And all the congregation 
brought him without the camp, 
and stoned him with stones, and 
h'l died ; as the Lord commanded 

37 ir And the Lord spake unto 

38 Speak unto the children of 
Israel, and bid them that they 
make them fringes in the bocdora 
of their garments throughout thdr 
generations, and that they put npon 
the fringe of the borders a riband 
of blue: 

39 And it shall be unto you for 
a fringe, that ye may look upon 
it, and remember an the com- 

«.■» »..^ w.^ ^ . ...... «i.>... .mandments of the Lord, and do 

offering before tlie Lord, for their them; and that ye seek not after 
your own heart and your own 
eyes, afler which ye use to go a 

whoring : 
40 That yc may reroombor, aod 

ITorah and hit eompanv CHAP. XVI. brine ineeiue hefort the Lord. 

w flic: Et KuinI, \V o w ill n y t € ome tip ; 

13 is it a. smmJI thJTtg Uut Uimd 

htbit birunf Fit us? uit out of a Jiyul 


do BlE DiT coinmnnrtTTicnEj, nunfl lid 
hair iintq your GoJ. 

41 I am the L'^nn your God, 
whrch brougiJU you unt uTllw lOflJ 
i}f E^ypu lu N yaur Gotl : I am Ihe 
LoK[> yiiaur Gfid^ „,„ 

ClfAP. XYt. , 
TT^ff Hj:hdUQii of fCorah, fl-fi. 
"OW Kurah, llic fldii lil Izlmr, 
die ion Qt" Kuhalhi iho ton of 
Len^nnd njiOimi mid Abintm, 
ibe MTH II f Eliab , uml OHk tJnf acm 
of Pdcthi *i9ii5 uT UDubtuii, tc^uk 
rrarw ; 

!2 And tliey rose up nrroro 
MfupEM, with crertaliii i>r ihe rhlJd- 
rmt of [iracl. two hundrtd aiid 
fiftj- jidnfltu of iIjo aifornbly^ fit 
tnout in Ujq coUffrfffaUwnH mnu oP 

3 And tliey gallir]^ rhenwelrcs 
tiigcUiiir A^i^iiiiii MomtB M\ii iLuruinst 
Aurwrt, and eaJd tmto thofrij Fe 
Jdif tLM mu^li upon ynia, teeing [»U 
Ui« c<ddfTv«alioii or* Jn,i!y, owt^ry 
oneorLlieni;^ KDtl Lho LuRi> i5 aman^ 
Uwiin whflrelbire Useo lift ye up 
ruiirsektA hbavta tlio conpirceauim 
ftflbc LoKtil 

4 Aim) ^\wm Moi^n hcof d ii, ho 
ft^EI upHin hii facQ : 

& Anil }i^«iHihaiir[Eo Korah cind 
uEitonll h^oDmpnny, inrjnx, Eveti 
Lo-morrow ihe Ijjup will ih<rw 
wli*> art hUt and w** lit hoiy ; 
mid will [;du«8 Aim to Caiiio mitiir 
niit& hill] : Qvm Arm whc^m he hiLtii 
fhom-n wiU ho cause ld c\>mi mm 
unlo hinL 

6 Thi* do I Tflke you ceiucra, 
Kamh, on J all hii comi>any ; 

7 And put fine Uitir&in, nni put 
(jieniue id them hpfiitei iht^ 1*oiid , 
t0-mikfiowi Bxid it tEiall h*^ that the 
mait A^oni tlio Loud dotli 
frho<i4Ci h«; tAfifi b^ holjt v^^o^, 
too much Dpon rou, ^e som of 

fl Ami Mn«M inirj ijftto KoTiLh. 
livar^ I ^raf youi jq suna of 
Lovi : 

& Sfivnti^ it but n »m&U thin? 
di^to ygy, that the G^jd ^of Lorael 
hs^tb Kpuntiid you rromi tho eon- 
ircfvilon of licrnciti to hrini? jrou 
WAT to hinuftif to do tho «orvico 
nftbatibci'niiclQ of tho Loile}, uulI 
ta ititfirj bi^ftiro Uie consfrt^EaUon to 
min jfler unlo tJiem 1 

10 And Imi hath, hroafflit lJu!« 
Dflar (fl Awfif ntid nit ihyl>n;thr¥!n. 
Uw aons of Tj^vi with Ui^mj : and 
•eck vfi (ho prtcflChaod iUmi ? 

U For which tfcui* froU thou 
tfid dU thy compmrr eire pmlhortHl 
tufiilbiir taf QjiiBt llid LuUD ] ariii 
what i» AsTon, that y» murmur 
ilB il m t him '^ 

If tr And MoMNiMt tovsti Du- 

Ihcie iluwuiJi wii}i jnjlk and inMieft 
to kill u» in iha wildrmei«,i.'Tic«pi 
tbtitt incjJte iJiy*ulf uiiEj^eihor n 
prinoj (ivor tia f 

14 MLir5i?iT0r, tJiPfl Kftit not 
hi-uii^hl us into d lanJ tiial ^ow^Ui 
with mitk hiliJ hont-y^ orctvettuj 
hjhnrttmieft of field* and rineyBrrLi : 
\v]|t fhuu put out thii uye^ of Uil'44 
nifin I we ^ill (lotcnme up, 

15 And Mij«ei wfii vert iv ruth » 
nnd ffnid uttio th#JLoRP, K«->'|ti-ri 
nut tliou tlHfirofl^rmiS [ I Iil™ jmh 
tiiktn oner bu from iJ>eai. nciUKir 
liji ve ] hurt aot 41 thoin. 

IG Arid Mope* ttid nittu Kornh, 
Rb thnu nnd all thy epmpBur Wfuni 
Ehtt Lord, ihou, luid they, uu) 
Anmnt tu Tnomow ; 

17 And laJtu evtry ttidfi his ten 
ier, bch) pvi incenjse in thtnn, and 
hrinj yo hefnr^ the J^nitis fiery 
mail hii ^ciimu two hundred and 
fifty c^nKira : tJiau uko und AAiun 
earJ> i^ t/&ti Vw Cvami* 

IJ3 And they took every mnii l^jji 
f^n^er^ and ptii fir« iu ilic-nu ninl 
laid jncuiine Obereoui and ntuod in 
thf^ dour of t]ia tahemdcla of 
the con^n^gatjon Atith Mueefl »iv1 

ty And Knrah f nthtir^ bll iha 
con^4':£i]tioh Hfcuinst th^m uiita 
tho dorjrof the tahcrnapln lyfthe 
^onj^rrjffatjon -. and the glr>rj of the 
Lnptp nptiearod uiitu all th4 eou- 

^ And thn Loon vpaktr unlo Mo- 
Ben ji ml unto AaroQ^ (^ajrin^^ 

21 fitpnrat* yi^nrteivos from 
aiDunf ihti CDnrr^£ti[»Qp theit 
1 may Consume them in a mo- 

t£l And thtiy roll Upen tboir lARrti, 

rtil B^id, O God^ tlie GihI af thu 
ifiiriLii of all Aii^h, »hal} uoo muct 
mn, ADrl wilt thou hQ wrodt \viUi 
aJ] the eongreKution 1 

23 tf And the LoitPfpoko unto 
MojHi^T Buyiuff, 

a* iSpenk unto ihfl <?onRtoirndonp 
tnyinff. Get you up from nhiMil ll]«> 
tobsmarloof KoraJj, Duthni], and 

SS And Mo»w roic Up, and wonl 
onto DathJtn ami Abironr, and lho 
oldcTB orbraolfutktWbHl him^ 

aifl And be ppuke onto the Con- 
liTr^^aiion, nayinv, Ikpfirt, I pray 
r^^u, Trum the teninof \h\:wa wick- 
<}d ^ men, iind tciurh nothing nf 
lliQirB^ loit yi* b<j conplimeit io all 
Uutir rim. 

27 Bi> thny t^\ Op fintn the tii^».'f- 
nach of Koffaht Dalhun, aiid Abi- 

Dutrwtionof Korah,Sfc. M UMBERS. Aaron staycih tJu plague. 
ram, oo every side : and Dathan 
and Abiram came out, and stood 
in the door of their tents, and their 

wives^ and their sons, and their lit- 
tle children. 

28 And Moses said, Hereby ye 
shall know that tlie Lord hath 
sent me to do all these works ; for 
/ have not done them of mine own 

29 If these men die the common 
death of all men^ or if they be visit- 
ed aAer the visitation of all men ; 
then the Lord hath not sent 

30 fiut if the Lord make a new 
tiling, and the earth open her 
mouth, and swallow them up, 
with all that appertain unto them, 
and they go down quick into the 
pit ; then ye shall understand that 
these men have provoked the 

31 ir And it came to pass, as he 
had made an end of speaking all 
these words, that the ground clave 
asunder that toae under tliem : 

33 And the earth opened her 
mouth, and swallowed them up, 
and their houses, and all the men 
tliat appertamed unto Korah, and 
all their gooda. 

33 They, and all that appertain- 
ed to themi went down alive into 
the pit, and the earth closed upon 
them: and tliey perished from 
among the congregation. 

34 And all Israelthat to^re round 
about them.flcd at the cry of them: 
for they said. Lest the earth swal- 
low us up aleo. 

35 And there came out a fire from 
the Lord, and consumed the two 
hundred and fifty men thai offered 

36 11 And the Lord spako unto 
Moses, saying, 

37 Speak unto Eleaxar the son of 
Aaron the priosL that he take up 
the censers out of the burning, and 
scatter thou the fire yonder; for 
tliey are hallowed. ^ , 

38 The censers of these smners 
against their own souls, jet them 
pmlcA ihem broad plates for a co- 
V- ■' .;■■ ill .■In I :. ! i!" 7 offered 

tl . : . - : 4:1' .1 r ■: I ! !. '.* Li ■ ■ ' . r herefore 
Itirj' nre htiJldTved; itfi.] i hey shall 
bi:: tifligtiimievLhipchildri'in >)f Israel. 

'JS And l!;iE!!L«itr Ihr l»riiMt took 
tbetiraxeii renin m, ^^tiurt^iviththey 
uuX were burnt liiTtl nfTered; and 
tlier were maile limod pliUes for 
■ coT^rtnc of ihr alter : 

40 7b oe a memorial unto the 
children of Israel, that no stranger, 
which is not of the seed of Aaron, 
come near to offer incense before 
the Lord ; that he bo not as Korah. 

and as his company : as the Loud 
said to him by tJieliand of Moses. 

41 M But on the morrow all the 
congregation of the cliildrcn of Is- 
rael murmured against Moses and 
against Aaron, saying. Ye have 
killed the people of the Lord. 

42 And It came to pass when the 
congregation was gathered against 
Moses and against Aaron, that tliey 
looked toward the tabernacle of 
the congregation : and behold, the 
cloud covered it, and the glory of 
the Lord appeared. 

43 And Moses and Aaron came 
before the tabernacle of the con- 

44 ir And the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, 

45 Get you up from among tliis 
congregation, that I may consume 
them as in a moment. And they 
fell upon their faces. 

46 IT And Moses said unto Aaron, 
Take a censer, and put fire therein 
from off the altar, and put on in- 
cense, and go quickly unto the con- 
gregation, and make an atonement 
for them : for there is wrath gone 
out from the Lord ; the plague is 

47 And Aaron took as Moees 
commanded, and ran into the midst 
of the congregation; and behold, 
the plague was begun among the 
people : and he put on incense, and 
made an atonement for the peo- 

48 And he stood between the 
dead and the living; and the 
plague was stayed. 

4a Now thejL that died in the 
plague were fourteen thousand 
and seven hundred, beside them 
that died about toe matter of 

50 And Aaron returned unto Mo- 
ses unto the door of the tabernacle 
of the congregation: and the 
plague was stayed. 

CHAP. xvn. 

Budding «f Aaron* s Rod. 

AND theLoRD vake unto Mo- 
ses, saying, 

2 Speak unto the children of Is- 
rael, and take of every one of them 
a rod according to the house of 
their fathers, of all their princes 
according to the house of their fa- 
thers, twelve rods : write thou 
every man's name upon his rod. 

3 And thou shalt write Aaron's 
name upon the rod of Levi : for 
one rod ehall be for the head of the 
house of their fathers. 

4 And thou shalt lay them up in 
the tabernaclu of the congreganoD 
before the testimony, whore I will 
meet with you. 

His rodprtterwd. CHAP. XVIIl. Priests' and LevUe$* ehargt. 
Ur| a iiPiUiger bIjdiIE noL coniQ nigh 
unto Y^i^^. 

ofEliu xnncirimry, uml iharhru-fiu nf 
Uia oJiar; Lltut tiiura Ua nn wmUi 
[iny mofo upon thfi diJtJrjjii of 

El AufI I. behul^l I laavB lot^un 
rnur brE^UiK^n Uvo Lc^viui^ frani 
umunif lii4j chUdrtin of [sroi^l : la 

rim tjteft PTC. eireii a* u pill Fur iliw 

iM'itmnk ar Uwi [ri;]rigNigft(iEja 

wiiJi iJ34<a£liait kac'p jour firjuif* 
cflire for HVrry Mmur of ihn ftlLar^ 
and AviLhiEi iha rnih CLiirl yt] Blmjl 
Bt^Fi'ft' I iiHvt ^(von ypMT i>ri<rai'fl 
ottjrn wjifj^ [f0u nj uvOTvke of p»u i 
fkii<] LSi3 ti|jtkii[|!er that cumoUi nii^lt 
liTmU E)e;- put Ut iiiDtJi, 

p 1' A nil I lie l*riitn i^pako uh(o 
Aitnm, IkJioM, 1 nUu kiJivu pi%i:Li 

inns^ ikl' iiti 4J»u hn^luwcxl tlitni^ oT 
[fi<j iHkiliErtLi itC lurauJ ; un^D IIjOA 
liQvc I fivLT I hem Ij* roRB^iTi aflMo 
riJiiiLijtina, nnd Lcr ijiy suiiis, by aji 
firilipiiiTttJ^ lbr<^veri. 

^1 Thiiihsktl Lg ihins ortlio rricnl 
fioEi' tiiirijr* rcJerpc^ frura Lho liru ^ 
Lvi-n nblaiirto flf (-fmirn, ewry 
Jn^iil-nirtTLnir nrthcrn, and flverj 
niu cilTr-rifiif (ir Ijn^lrBp fliiil every 
Ln?Bpni.^-rtffijTi(if of ]i>eirfl.» ^vhicu 
thrill thni] n^ud^^r uiriln mo, shall b» 
ifiiwt hoi? for ihcGJind fur tlijf joni. 

10 fn llii; iiiuiA iKily /'frj^r f<haU 
l)iniM-jii il: i'V4jry iiiaiEm^lititl due jh 
it phnlUic bnly nriEo tkc 

I! AiiiJ ihij i> tibime; Uic heave- 
ofTmr^ir of ihMJrffi*^, wfth nil thq 
%v:(Vf-olTi-'fiiiSS of ihd chNdrsD of 
linif+h r havo inven Ujum p]iiii 
ilioD, mill tu 1 hy Bui», tLTid tu th/ 
i:1iiiigbk''f? wiUi iJidOt by a f-tatuie 
feir ov^r- cviiry one UmL u cIdoii in 
Ifif hoiiMpfnfl uat. of iL 

12 AL] lIr' Ik^fii or ilmnil, onn nil 
iho Eai^-^t of LIk^ ^1'^° ^^'^ ^^ ^^ 
wliojii, rho firdi-rruii« of iht^m 
hifbtck tJliuy ihEilt aircr lUSti} t^Kt 
Lttjin, tJipm bftVD I given thtw. ^ 

IhJ ,^itJ whn^^fl(■vF.'^ ifl first rip« 
in Ibc lnntl. vtrHjiC^j llioy bhaJL lirioi; 
uiilo Hie I<oRn» uSiiiU bt litiu^j ; 
nv^hry otio ibul is cEEran intJiliU' 
[ lioii8*'__ihci]l ivii p/ it- 

5 Axiil it fkhall contfl i^t ^ma, tMt 
Ihantiiii^M ru4 wbuni [ stinEI cbiaoHj 
thaU iilojtitnni : anA I wiLI mukc tu 
c«!MiL] fftmi mo the jniKmnnflsa*^ 
dqe diiEilrtn lif tHrnclT wliureby 
ihfy mnrmur nfiain^i you. 

6? AndMuv^itpEike uuio the cnjh 
dren of Iirmftl, And *>v*.'ry one of 
Ui?itpri»Bc^ffavc hiui a rail tipiae-g, 
ibf each priniH! i^ud, nccurdrnf to 
tJifck HitheM' huxue^, evm twelve 
rod«: tUiU (j9b ruU of Aaron wo^ 
(mane tlicii roiU- , , , 

7 AnU Mums Iu i d u;i ttio fuds be- 
fore the Loud in iluj tuLiemLttU!! flf 

Wit|lt!4iJt. ^ 

a A ltd It cnme to pMs^ thai on 
Uio majTuW Mosca went inio ll« 
ttrbwasclflufwum'ss; Qiid hL'liold, 
Uid rod «f Aaron for ttmJ Imuso of 
Leri wilb bvdduil, anil brou^iu 
farililtuildp and blounimil bluBEooi.^, 
Aitd y^E-I^LiHJ almojuJs. 

y And AEoiiiv btou^Hl odi all tl^a 
toiU from before djo LouL^ unbi 
kl^div tliijdrca of Jumul t uthd lljn.^y 
boksjl, and Lugk ovury mail hi^ 

10 Tt And iHe LrntP "Ki'l unto 
Ui^eOr firlnf Aft^>n'l^ rod flffaiii 
brjforo the tjUAiLmony. if Lc ktipi for 
a tobeit ^oliliti di'f rr'hoU; nod Uhiu 
lihuh fjnita lake uway iJinir mur- 
ntiiriniit froro itieJb;tt dicy ibn miL 

U And MiMiTia did sa : lm tiifi 
LoiSLtt conunondisil httfi, io did hur 

1% AiWi HiB chDdri.'jt of larnrl 
■poke untoMfMC*, rayinf, nt^hoUl, 
WiDflio. we pmih, f^t* uLI |M;tkh, 

t3 Who3opifuf cunicth ajjyihine 
neur unio iiiti talKsmjLcLo of Lhf^ 
LfhPtP &huU ilicj flhiUI vf*s hn e-oa^ 
' witlt dfing- fc 

__^PJIB M i<i imio Aaroji> 
_)ic9t),, itnd diy HtjnK and thy 
fkther^Ahou^ with ^\v--i\ Sihali boar 
tlw jniqiijiy of ilic KfinrirMiiry: and 
U'louund thrion^uitJ] tlieu Bhnil 
bear iJjfl iniqniiy of your prie*t 

bOEKt- ■, * , 

S AimI ihj brcthrnn nlw of the 
ttitie ofLovi, tbo tribe of thy fdthor, 
hriOGrlhou wiihihi'i), iJiui tfie^ niejy 
htj ioined unlo tbee, ftxiil ipini£T43r 
Uiktii' ibce 4 bm tliou aji<I diy nturkH 
with iheo *Aa W viinUUr before ihej 

laberraactp of witnn^HS, I 14 Flvnry Uiinjc dcvoti?rJ in Tbtael 

! kfrtp Shy chpr#e, BhylHn! d]iiic. ^ 

3 An4 they filial! _, 

onl tlie cb^irfe of all the ^ibeni:^ 
eto: itnly they fflmll not fiorrio JiEgb 
the viiiiii^b of till ean4.HuaFy lunil 
the nilar, that Ci«it|u?E diuy. nor jc 
4J»aT d'iB. 

4 And iK«y rhall be jnineil unla 
Uhw^ and ltt^^'() dia rbp^ftru t»f ilif! 

abimiacle of iho r'nagrr^^Ttiurni for 
I |i|i MfriGa of tlw lu^jLtn^adis I 

Ift Kvf'rj^ ihinpi that orernL'tti tba 
mrvirix in all Ktinh, whifh di#y 
hrio!^ fjnti>thfl Loilti. ichfthrr it Ui 
of riii'ii ni- liiFa^ctji, #k.i]dl Ih] lUioe : 
nflverthf'kwsT "bw finit'br»fn (if TOSti 
tthnii ibou iun^ly n^ilff m, niHl ihu 
RTSffih^ uf uncluun bc?iUit:» vhuU 
liiao rei*<Hun. 

Itt And thoAs Uitki an:* Jolwim 

fUp^rtimoftheprittti, NUBfBERS. 

md tftJu LniUB, 

thou reiJEHiiii; arciurJinj; to thino 
Ctftiniiitloiir Tor tiio maakw [i>r tive 
ttH^hol4» afier iJio utiekcl cf the 
nncLuuiTi whii:h[ i# iwtitnj ecruhi. 

17 Out Lilt! liE¥lljn({ ot Ekcrjii^H ur 
the riraUiiiis of ti utfffl^pi fjr (Jic firal- 
l^nc of Eb ET'J^at, Than abiLlt nf^l re- 
det:Di ; thcr ai^e liolr : thou shalt 
fPtiuNk tiiGJf ljliif>i! tspoTii the ttlltiT. 
and ihoJt bum their fht far lui of- 
fefinff mode by fits, for ii awflcl bi- 

IS AdcI Uie fleahof them thiUI he 
tliini^p [Id tha wa\o-hrir>[X9t iind da 
tha riglit BliuoMur Bry ihiiuj. 

VA All the h&nve-oiTurifiRii of thft 
huljr thiiica, which thn c-.hiJdren oT 
IprarluJfifttintoihfjLijiiD, have I 

Sivcn iJ}B«t ftnil tiif ^ns (uid thf 
augiitfira ^viUi thipw, bj a fftatute 
WT even it if acovcrnoiituf e^thfor 
rvor bL-rure tfits Lo!in unio Uteeand 
to ihjf siErm^ with tli€M, 

W IT And Tbo LiiiLti ipELko unto 
AojonT Thou ahaU iirtvy no inhft- 
rtULocD In rht>ir land, neither shalt 
Iban have Anr pait an^iufiK^ ihcm: 1 
dm Lh; pun and thinn' inncntance 
ftinojii tiie c^hiklrenpt [sTfiri. 

£1 Ancj h«?lKtk1!T 1 liayfl givi^n Uie 
children of I^vl all Uio t^aUa in Ii- 
ranl fijf an rnhpinlnnct!:, for t heir anf - 
inco which ihciy «?rvo, srFft Uie 
Hrvjco of thn Tjibcruacin ofUio coo- 

9x Noilher mtiist thg: cltihlncn of 
Iirad benet^furth Cflnvo ni^h ihe 
InNtjunicli^ of (he contrr^f aUoD, Ittit 
UiPF l>eai iin, aud difit 

k5 Butthi! l^f'ViK's nhnll do Uie 
len'iee t»r the mbfrnaclo of th<* 
eun^rcfaUon, and Ui^y nhalj beiir 
tb«ir imctuit J i ^f *AjiU k$ ft slQlute 
for tver EJiFoijg'hpiiT ym\i flciifMU- 
tionst that aifionjf (tie chjhlrvn of 
IsraDl ihQjrbEiVR no lnN4Til:;inE:e. 

^ Hill the tJlisGfl af the chiEdren 
of Esraeli wkteh t>tt^r fidVit fi^an 
bDnv^olTeHTiff unto the L.OHD, I 
Mh¥«£jven to the [jCvlEea lo iiihe^ | 
rfl: thftr^f^Te I have aatd untn 
wwi» ATtionf tiie cjiilclren uf Jiruel 
Dimr »hA]l hnve nn inberiinnf^OH 
^1 TT And Um LoKU ipike untd 
Mi^iwu, dayinf, 

1^ ThuRppaalc unto the Lg:V]M^, 
aaU BKf Unty thf m^ Whf^n rs lake 
of ll«7 chiUlim of Isritcl the lilhcji 
wrhlch I have i;i?ii!ii yci^u frnifi thetn 
fiir fQut inbantanc-Pf than f e Khali 
olfur fit> nn hcmvo-ulfutififf of it for 
Lhri I At Rfl, etre^i ti tenth siti-E Qf the 

?? And ^Arf j^our hir^fti't^-clfiiiH'njt 
ibnil h$ srinckon4>d uoto you, &s 
thaurh »^ »rt* Ihe corn of I he 
ilir^PhJnjT flour, and u fhe fulniw 
'if tofl wino-pn.'M. 

{28 That jt oliQ ih&D ofl^r an 
hfave-ofranns unlo the Ldnnri of 
all fuur titbuit whinh ye T0G4''iTQ of 
UiQ cbiklreD of Ifraci ; iLod ye nhal] 
crivo UuitiKtf tiLtii IxsiLD'ji huave^ 
utrt^rm^ U\ Anmuj the £»rio»t. 

&I Out of all youFjiAia yu »hrLll 
offi.r Lvoij ituavo-oOijrinf of Eha 
[j"n.n ol all the bwrt tiie>ruuf» 
tiwa the baJtuwed pajt Uit^reof oul 
or it. 

30 Thfirorore thou ahaltAij uiin> 
ibem. SVhrn ya Lave hcUTi?*) ttie 
btal thereof from it, Uien it aiiaJl bo 
^i>uitted unto the licvitti!i lu tlje io- 
crcftjsc of Wm ihn^pihinjr-floor, citid 
an the in^inisiie of Uja wiiio-priUia+ 

31 AjhI ye«ha|] eat U in trvftij 
plaice, yii and y^jur hoiuoholdd: fop 
St it yuiir rowncd fur ^4Uf gervjcA 
in the taberDaclii of this cotti^re- 

^ And yo shaD bear no iiji far 
reagon of it, whi^n se bAVta benvrd 
frcin sL the b^t yf it ; nelUier BhaJf 
]>o poUutA U» b()ty tfiinRS of th« 
childreD of Isrnelp le«tyediD. 

AND the LoK-n ppako unl* 
moscA iifld un Ln A n th mi , aay ifijf < 

2 Tljia if Liie ordiuancre of th* 
!ftw Tvbkh tlie J^ru hath com- 
manded, aayjne, Speak unto ihe 
cbldreiiof liraol, that ihcy hrjn« 
tJiEse El rud heiTer witiioat aput, 
wheirein ls no blemith, ind uikjo 
whir'Ji never came yuhe: 

3 And yu ihtilt give her unlo 
El^-a^ar thn priest, that ho may 
briEti; her furili witljriiut (he camp, 
and if-AS »hail alay hoi bufuifc biv 
face ■. • 

4 And Ek-.-M ■:- n - - 
take uf ht:r I. '•. >'. 

andirpmikhM^r i .-r t ifTORT/ 

before (JiiQ tiiuurTLntMj nf iho con- 
greaiiUon «rvyn Lfm(<a- 

5 And tfTta a] tall burn the hpifer 
in hii akhl % huf skin, aiid hf*r flfl^h. 
and her bloi^ii:], ^A'tth has dtin^, «hal1 
he bum : 

Tt AeiiJ [he pricaiihtl]' tak{!'i:i>dnr- 
wood, and hpfiuEnp. and iGarlBt, And 
cast it inie t]ia iiiid«iof the buriiuig 
o! thij heifer. 

7 Then thn prinft •htill waah hit 
clot] 11^, ^ncl he ibnll badie hj9,|lii«h 
m M'uktr, and nnnrwadl ho thall 
comn ipifl ihe campt and (li« 
pnoat iball on unclean until tha 

S And bo xhnX burnetii her Ehnll 
wajih hi* clnlhei lit water, u^ 
huThc hia flesh iti m-ater, aod uhall 
h« unclean nntil thv r^ven. 

9 Anil a man that iw eleao 
iltall ijather up thn afhea of (Im 
hiiirfer. and lay thf/m up withi>ut 

Tile latD tifpurificatMn. CHAP. 

the (jump; jibcc, aiwl it 

ihsJt br; k' ;^ •'! !■ < artgiegalion 
of iKo cliLjcken <]i Israel for b. 
wntcr of s*!paj:atJOD : it is a iitniifi- \ 
ciLtioi] fai sin. 

IQ Ami ho ihnt ^ath^rcUi th« 
uhcsof Hie heifer jthall wdMii his 
C^lcid!ir!is, and b<^ unclean unlil ihe 
wen J anil li Bh&ll hy ytita ihc 
cJiildrcn of Israel, and linto the^ 
Htran^r^r that i9i>i(iUTiiaiK amoog 
thcnij for a »ta(ute for ever. 

11 ir Ha that louchelh the dead 
body of any naan ehcdl be unckaii 
Bovffn dajra. 

1£ Hii shall purify himself with 
it ftn Uid third dajft E^d on tlie 
seventh da^ he eh^ll bo ckan^ 
bn.t if he purify not himaeEf ^he 
third daji% thenthe nvoniJidarho 
■hall not be Glean. 

13 Whuaoevortoucheth the dead 
hotiy of a^y man thut in dead, and 
punftcUi not himself, defdeth the 
tabernacle of [he Lord ^ and thnt 
m\j\ shall be eul isET from Uraol: 
becauffs tJio water of seuciratiyn 
WM n^i pprinkUd upon nioir he 
fthalJ be unclean ; Ids unckaniieq4 
i> jrei upon hhn. 

14 Thin is Um? law, ^h'&n a man 
dieth in a. tent: all that cume into 
ihotr-nt, ajid all ih[it ij in tli^tent 
■halli ho unclean seven d^ya. 

J 5 And evcTy open vf sbaI which 
hatli no covorinf bouJid tipoa it, is 

16 And wboiDOYer toucheth one 
tJiat ia ilalit with a nword in th@ 
D{K!;n fielda, or h- dead budft or n 
bone of a man, ot a ^rave, ahall bo 
unr Ic-aa vovtrn day a. 

17 And Tm an unclean pmon 
-|Mt ahaU lake of tho a^huB of the 

*fflllW^i(er of punAcation for siiin 
mid TurnnQf water Blndl bfl ptit 
ih-eroto in a vessel: 

18 And a c\eun penson shall take 
hjfvaoin, arvl dip if m tho wai^r, and 
•prinklo i{ upcm tho tont, and upon 
ail lb) v^ut^\i, aiid Ufton tlig ner- 
MrnB that ivene Ihero, and upon nim ' 
that touched n.h&m, or on<^ st^in, 
or ttflo doail, ar a (^rave r 

19 And the clean prpson alinli 
ipKnklo npon the uni;lcrin on thn 
third day, and on thf; aevi^nth day : 
and on tiiu aev&nLh da^ he ah fill 
purify himafir, nnd ^va^ih his 
c lollies:, and bathe himself in water, 
dltfl shnll bo ckan at r^von. 

30 Hut the msin thskt shall bft 
unclean, andshiill notpnri.fy him- 
H?|f, thnt HOLiI ihall ho Gtit olf froFT 
acnunf the conjfresatlont bt^aiist 
iko hoth dfiftlod the sanctuary of tl»u 
Loftii: th? walet of s>eparation 
hiith not been EPTinklod upon hiun-r 
he is unclean. 

XX. MtavntraforuanlefioaUr 
21 And it ihall ba a perpetual 
atatutR uoto lUum, that he thai 
sPrinkleth I he water of S'^pa ration 
shaU wash his c]otii<i6; and he uiat 
tou^hEttb th« wjqtBr of (reparation 
shall be unclean until evoij, 

'^2 And whaisii&voJ' tlu^ umdean 

pcrsflTi t*.]tichelh shall be unclean ,' 

and the soul thnt touchcth t( thalL 

bu unclean until even. 


fjmES camt! the chddren of In- 
X. rael, even the whole coiif rc^a- 
tion^ into the desert of ZiD m tba 
riiKt ninnth: and Ihe i>eoiile aboiU 
in Kadesb ; aiid Miriaiu died MvHi, 
and was buried th^rv. 

S And there was no Watei for ths 
Conj?reeation i and they gathr^rod 
tlieitiBelvoH togcither agujnst Mui« 
and against Aaton^ 

3 And tho people chode with 
MoBo>f, and Fpake^ aayln^^ Wuuld 
God that we had died when oux 
brethren died bofnre die Loan 1 

4 And why have ye hroue;ht up 
the congregation of tho LoKiii hito 
this wi[{lt:<)-n»>ji^, that we and vut 
Cattle should die thcie 1 

5 And wherefore have ye inade 
ua t& tiome uj? mil of Egypt, td 
brinff us in unto this evil place 1 it 
3$ no place c>f aeed, or of figSt or 
of vineSj, or of pomeb^mi nates; 
neither ts tliero any watei La 

And Moses atid Aaron went 
from the pre^nce of the aasembly 
unti) th[j di»ur cif th^> tabaroacio of 
the coni^rPifatioo, and I bey fell 
upon their jlicp^ I anfl the ^lury of 
tho J»RD appearwl unt^.* thtm, 

7 IT And the Loitu spake unto 
Mo&es^ saying, 

B Tata the rod, ami gather thoii 
the an^mbly togelh<iTj Ih^m and 
Aaron t^iy hi-oiher, and s^peak ye 
untq the roek buftire (hmr eyea; 
and it shall ifive forih hie watiof, 
tind thou AhiJt brio£ forth to them 
wal^r «ut of tiie roefc ; so tfiou 
Fhalt give tho conffregalLoa and 
ttn"'ir Iw^asti drink. 

!:> And MuMH took Ibe rod from 
before the hoRHf aa h# coiil- 
ma tided him. 

Hi And Mf'^^cs and Aaron ita- 
the red the congreg'ation toeoth^ 
before the rock, and be said unto 
tliem,. H%RT now, re rebels ; must 
wo fetch ffiu wut^r out of thiq 

11 And Mnses lifted up bis 
Idand, and with his rod he snoots 
the Tock twice I and the water 
camo out abundnnUy^ and ihfl 
conEregaiion dtanki, and tlieli 
beasts aiio- _^ 


MotetT mmsttge t0 E^lmn. Nt^BERa. JiarondiethatmimntHgr* 

13 IT And the LoKit iptiltq ut^iu 
Mosoi and Aaron, Bthciju^e jri* Lw- 
licvod me not, to tuafltily nau in 
the eyes of tlie chikUun ^^.r \f<mv\ 

thuroture /e shall nc^i: brin^ iIiil 
coiigriigution into thu lunU vtimh i 
have ffivcn thcin. 

13 This M Uie watt r fff Sluribah \ 
because tJio children a f Ura^i iitru vu 
with the Lord, and Jlu wuh suiicii- 
fied in tJiem. 

14 V And Muses stint TUfi^sf^niji^rw 
from Kadesh unto iJtc kiu'i *}]" 
Edum. Thus saith 1 1ty bruiitE-r Is- 
rael, Thou knowest ni] liie travnll 
that hath bofallen us : 

15 How our fathers ^v^■nt dawn 
into Egypt, and wr^ have dwelt 
in Egypt a long tiniQ ; and the 
Egyptians vexed ui. and 

16 And when we cried unto ihd 
Lord, he heard our voif*Js, nwl twni 
an angel, and hath br might m t'atMi 
out of Rsypt: and beluiildt we ore 
in Kadosh. a city in the uiierniusi 
of thy border: 

17 Let us pass, J prny thiiw, 
throuffh thy country wv. w\\\ nnt 
pass through the dch]'-, ur ihiouglii 
tiie vineyards, neither will wr iSrinh 
«(f the water of the w>A]i : we will 
go by the king's kigk^^'^ky. vvt» wiJI 
not turn to tlie right bin id nortu ihe 
lefl, until we have piusciil thy buf 

18 And Edom snid unto him. 
Thou shalt not pasn by itiD, k^tint 1 
eonie out against Ihtw WAh the 

1» And the rhiMrh^n nf hrApl 
•aid unto him, We will go by thi- 
hi{;hwuy: and if I immI itiy cituip 
drink of Uiy water. Hum I will p^iij- 
for it: I will only, wtrbE)ut ttmnf 
any thhig e/««, go thni^ugh i»n my 

90 And he said. Thou ibnlt piui 
fo through. And &1om cairn; oi)i 
againat him with mueb puHplQ, and 
with a stronc hand. 

31 Thus Biloro refti«tHl to five 
Israel passage UiroufK hii blt^1l'r^ 
wherefore Israel turnud awity ftum 

33 H And the ehildrnti of tumt}. 
even tbu whole congrF^xititun, juiif- 
neynd from Kodesh, uiiil came un- 
to mount llor. 

33 And the Lort> ■iirthe iinttr 
Moses and Aaron in nukiitii IJirr, 
by the coast of the lun^l of Edmo, 

34 Aaron shall be «'iirhnrHl unm 
his people: for he sltuFI mji ^inu-t 
into the land which I huva uiveii 
unto the children of Lrael;iU!tc 
ye rebelled against my worti a( the 
water of Menbah. 


^ Tike AiroQ und Glcaur fak 
->HMi, Liai] Lru^^ lEii;i[i up uiiru mauni 

ifll Ami itr^p Aorun of hi* ijer- 
uH-kirar uikI PiJi iln-rii tiinon b^kuxar 
hm nun J >iiiil AiiriinoJiLtLl Ih^ jfjitli^sf 
luii NBld Ai's jrui^fdt und «buil itie 


t^ Anil Moaei did ^4 dm I^im 
coiminLiTii It'll : end iinsy wuiu up 
intu tiiuLkTit llor in th^ iig>il (if ell 
till! ('i>[iifr4]ifiiliLj]i. 

t^ Acid MrkHT-bi kI ripped Anrtm nf 
hia garkHLlEilJlf imd put llifiin <iPI!m 
I'li^JisMf iiia eon; itifl] Aorun died 
ihE'ru in the top of the mount : mid 
Mijws 4thd t'lJtiifuiKr eiunfi down 
rniin tbe mciiinl, 

fj Mi\i wJjL^n aCI tho confmga- 

(ion saw thui Ajuod Vtan dnnd, 

ttii-y rnMiirnotl for Anron Uiirly 

days, encft nil tlm Jimuf*! oi UraaL 


f^tutitfJi iiit hu S^nt S^TT^icniM. 

ANU wAoi king Arnd tJmj Tm- 
naFkoitm, wh^eh dwtiU \i\ tlri 
9i*urlii, heani toll Uitit Iflry<it cunie 
ijy ibtf WLTj fi^f ihe spiea; th'^ii be 
fistighi npfiiim liradT and took 
4r«^w£ inriJHMnprliiijncn, 

*^ Ami lifui^l vu^vrjcl n. vow ufilo 
iliy LoLt^it^ j]i}il wtifj. If tiiuii Hill 
iji(b;ud dnlivrr Lliis people intij my 
lnsi]f|, Uien J will uUeHy dcailruy 
tlien nttiijiH 

n Ai]d the? Lout) liejirkcfied w 
tbu vrilrir uf Tjirnrl, niii^ deliver. id 
II [J I be C4in4iiWMie94; anil Ujuy uitoi^ 
ly Lh'dTray^ l^itiiiQ uibi thi^r ciiieit 
4iibl III] cnllorl Uie name of tlia 
^Hhe^i" I]i>rniJLlL. 

4 11 Anr! tb?y joiirt#nid rrmn 
rtinuTM Hiir by tlie way <if ihe 
Hitil 9cu, lu rufnpa4 tl'in land of 
VAWm : Qjjil cbc si»ul of IbtLMMm 
%vjL^ mii<'Jj itiiioouFutrBd BBCuuse of 

5 An<i ibf!^ iieopTit Hpikf; iti^ninit 
(■LMJ4 mti\ ngJiuiiE AfuiM!^ ^VliL-fQ- 
fi>n» hnve yu brnugbc lu up nul i»f 
Cf j^pl lo iJie 1(1 the wiltleniiMdj 1 Fot 
tk'-re is no tirujul, iMitiiifr lyr L^'if 
ctR^ wciiei^; and nnr mtH loutlieLh 
ihiji li^bt br[mi1, 

n And ihc Lf>nti Rent Sttry Kr^ 
pom* EiFiiun^ [114 > ptHiiple^ una ihyy 
bii ihif' jii'i^mTo; aoti murh p<i-o{rte 
of l^trtihl flknL 

7 Jl Tbrrr^r^re The Ur>tiu|? enifW 

ni^l, Citr we iiHVo #ii<»kt^n M^q^nvt 
IliiF Lm'KIi. and tijE^hin-^t Jhinj; praj 
ooin Lhi! l^'iRn, t>iui he iTikp Jiwtijr 
ibi? wrT*^'ritd fVh^jti u». And Mv«es 
pr^yiMl ffr in? ^K'liciJii. 

T^ Ami tllV ijunl Wdid IlittO Mri9l»&. 

M.ikfl ibei! a rtury wiriviii, Mnd 
■ai h uputt a pole; end it nhuU 
r to paHk fliAt «VBty me ihal 

Of th» bratn serpnu. 

CHAP. XXil. 


M bitten, wJjfin tvQ louJteUi ypofi i^ 
thai\ ]hL\ 
iJ A [id Moi<?fl mj|i!o a fforptnt of 

il L-nmu lo puh, lluil if ij^ ^L-rpt'Eil 
huA tiititia mijr nitui, ^vlifn Lu Lm> 

httUl iitV- HirfUMa tjf liTEMiB, \tli iivt'iL 

Id 1i Ai5i| [|iu cliililTLn (jT [j^rai-l 

iot UttwMii, liihJ p^tcltiL^J ill OUitJ^. 

] I Aibl llicy JMurrtL'^DLl Tiuni 

Jn 13 1£ wtlilL^rtiL'TW wliii;l> (J bL^AirO 

12 *l Pmin tJ^t^ncu lhuyrtlnovt^(ll 
bulI p^ichbil in lito vullL'y orZuntkL 

M\ KritiBi thi'Jicu ihcijr nj:jnuvii[l, 
Ami i)ili;JiuH on l\w uUicr aiilc ur 
Arnthti, wHcli EJ in llio vij^tumeirf 
L|^i;il dMinvtll atiL uf iJht CulldTs uT 
t}i« Amiifhtii; fi»r AmtJii i> lJi« Imr- 
iler ijr Mi>blf, UkLwouii MuaU oiitt 
Un? AmiirikiA. 

14 Wli^ftrrbre it it ielIlI in ihu 
bouh of Ute wrant or iJftj IjoftU, 
M'JmiL Iiu (I}iI in Like [U'dsca, mu\ 
111 lh« IffiMjkH (irArjhmi, 

15 Ami III tlw itforiiTl of thfl 
bfouk* timi uuoih dttim to tho 
dwi^Jliug' uf Ar^ aini iiudi upuu iJiq 
bvi>]i^r ul'MuKb. 

ll'» Ar»J rn>rii Uicmre thfn wmi lo 
Bfii't: UniL U llitt well ihv-hBrCuf lliil^ 

I^mn ft[jj(ltij (jiiUi Slopes, ^utliej^ 
Iht.' |H!i>|Mi] UiguUier, tuvd 1 will ^ive 

17 ir Tiii?ri tarnol lanv thid Bon^t 
fipririji up, O ivi'll I firiif vu iinlu it ; 

liS Th[^ iitinvtiM trui^LHl Ok.^ rt'k'lL 
tJi«? i^iJ>li>4iiC l|jd iKHjpliMiii^^ifrcl IT, 
by tkf tiiretltaH ^f \.\i^ bLw-|;ittfr, 
wiih t]i0Lr diBvev- Anil fri;iin tJit 
wjlilvmffv U«v »fir( 1" SJp,iL:iniili ; 

10 And friMiT HiiUiinibii lu Nn- 
liii|«r| : aoiJ f^fifli Naljalk'J to 

^ Ami (Vom ItatiKiih in tho val- 
ley, Lhtil i> iniliK^eimiitry orMtuil^ 
to rhe flip irPiijfrnh, whicki UioVeth 
tti^'iin^ JitMhiiEtDn. 

SI ^^ And br^l ««lt| ntHsdl^en 
uitQi SjJiua kiiijf of [lie Amoniei, 

'Sj^ Lift irve (laiat llirnugli thy Inml : 
wfl will nui Lum in^u uw twVU, or 
inti» Utt; vim^yiLnd:^ j we iii'ill m^t 
4:Irink ^ \h^ wivt^^n of llio well: 
frill wu wiU e<j Alung bf thci Jfinv'* 
iii>A-way, until we w post thy 

^ And 8ihi»n would not sufTcr 
[Hrni<l 111 pri!^ ihroueli WtA bonlnj- : 
bm Siiion |[ud}trri>H ull liin (k-oitU' 

Ulfl4i|^r< nkhl WHfllt IKLt UJ^HIIUll 

tinijil into \\v^ w\\i\i-tf\i\*>L\ H.jhi 1h> 
CBrthj Iti Jiilijiz« KCiJ lliufkl Bifuiual 

94 And IvraeJi tmcfla liim with 

the HlC^ flf thO KWOfd^ AuU pair 

fuwrl hi* lo^il frfiEh Amun uiiId 

Jablini^H cv<?Tii ijiira the childttjit of 
ALiuium: fcr tJMh border dfthe cbiE- 
ilrijii uf A ininuo tHiA^ ^iru^nvr 

3^ Aocl l^miil liiok all thoce 
citi«; AJid IiiraieJ dwvli In nil Um 
tiiit"* of Lho AjiionVa, in I le^hUinp 
iitnl itk nlJ dw! vil]!nif&v U^rrnTur. 

i^i Fur HiTfhli^id if Of dj£} cily <}f 
Silm^i] Lliakiri$ui'd]i?A[niiriu^»w|]o 
hidLl JiijyhL atfLiiLui ilty funiirr kiuf 
oJ iitiiiLi^qruEriukuii elII 4^izi tiLdi! out 
of hi« Ii4iiid> uvL'n ntiiu Aiiii>M' 

27 VVlliinfurulhLyiJwt i>|HNiTi in 

firi»'43flj^ n^ty, Coiuti: juh» JJiL^kilifm, 
L'[ iJkki (^ity Dp Siitno be buili unj 

S( FiTi iJieru rs a. firo gono «ul iif 
Ilii^libun^ u diiiiiL- rntin difrciiyuf 
Piliuii: it Ij^idi c^Minaniuil Ar "f 
Ar*at]^ OTif^ ihu li>rdj uf ike bifh 
pi4ii ['il nf Arrnjn, 

•1^ VVu lu ibL-fl, KToLib: lb«u QLit 
iimtonif, O |H.>4i|>lu ul t^l>c^noiili ^ hu 
}ialb jfivun hU fluni tiiaLiiMi-n/Hd, 
nnd bui duuifbttJi*, into cu^iliyily 
until Silji^ii kiii^ i>l \\m Ariiitritpa. 

\mvY Ja [wriilkiiKi! L<vi:n untu Uiil>oit, 
urn I we Iniv0 i[4JJ dinm wdjifieven 
unm Nopbalitwiiic'k reacMetk imLD 

;il Ti Tliuij lirTftel dwoU in dui load 

Ih! Anrl Mi»ii(» mnx m spy dui 
JavtDn oiiil thi;y louk Uia vjlhifei 
[EiMfFiif, iLT^I itrot^e uut ihc Amo' 
rin'a iIemt afrm ditirQ. 

!^ 11 A I III 1.1 luy turiiod an[l wrnL 
iv2iy ihf r " ' ^ 

_ _ __ II* uf Biu __. 

u^FiiEisi ixiffn^ Fut^iindiUI hi# people. 

diis ki 

Biulnin >V{-i(t nul 

Id ttm Uriiiltf at lyirvit 

34 An^i iltu L4JI1D silid unU) 
MiHufl, Poat him mAi for I hava 
iliftiveu'd him ^ntoEhy liimilHEinil ull 
iki^pfjtjplut (Ukd hu hind \ antl ihnti 
aiialt i1h to bim iti4 tbtiij tli'lii unio 
ijilnmi tsitiit 4if lh« AmurilLVf which 
dwrlE ui Kc^hLiuri, 

35 &u dicy *Einptjo him, HDrl hlj 
don&, and nil lil« pooiit^, uDtil iheze 
iiVtid ]U)n« Itifk him ulive: illkI ihoy 

' hiH liiuiL 

CHAP. xxii. 

Hai(*k*» Mej»it£f to BaIs^im, 


jL frirw^ 
. air* of ft 
b^ Jtii-jiniiii 

_ itMfi . _ .. 

_ _ diq chiJdrmi of lAtae\ Kt 

rrirwnnl, cuxl IHPi:li4^d i[i Uld 

tlib " ■ 

rL frir^ ., _, ^ _ 

pltiiraof Modh on uibsiLle Jonlaii 

2 If Ami Unhlt llit^non ofZipptif 
fiqw nil thai l^rnel Imd doD« lu Ui* 

3 Ami Moab wni virio afntid of 
I he p%tiiiplu, bbfTiiute iiwTf tngri 
maajf t mid Mn^d' WLii dirilni'iMied' 
l>rH'ni]iH<< iif tJ^L- I'liiliLrtiti uf lerael. 

I And Moab iEiiLLi tinro cIid cl ' 
of Mi'linFi^ Knw nhiktl thit i: ._ 
panF U<-k DP »ll tAiil fl^ timad 

BtOak tmdtfor Balaam. NUMBERS. Balaam* a a»$ tpeaktth. 

about u, M the ox licketh np the 
ffnuM of the field. And Balak the 

an of Zipper vaa king of the 
oabites at that time. 

5 He sent measengera therefore 
onto Balaam the son of Beor to 
Pethor, which ia by the river 
of the land of the children of 
Ms people, to call him. saying, Be- 
hold, there is a people come out 
from E^pt: behold, they cover 
the face of the earth, and they 
abide over agaimit me : 

6 Come now therefore, I pray 
thee. Curse me this people; for 
they are too mishty for me : per- 
adventure I shall prevail, that we 
may smite them, and wtt I may 
drive them out of the land : for I 
wot that he whom tliou blessest is 
blessed, and he whom thou curaest 
ia cursed. 

7 And the elders of Moab and 
the elders of Midian departed with 
the rewards of divination in their 
hand ; and they came unto Balaam, 
and spake unto him the words of 

8 And he said unto them. Lodge 
here this ni^ht, and I vrill bring jrou 
word again, as the Lo&o shall 

Seak unto me: and the princes of 
oab abode with Balaam. 

9 And God came unto Balaam, 
and said, What men are these with 

10 And Balaam said unto God. 
Balak the son of Zippor, klnf of 
Moab, hath sent unto me, aavmg, 

11 Behold, there is a people come 
out of Elgypt, which covereth the 
race of the earth : come now, curse 
me them ; peradventure I shall be 
able to overcome them, and drive 
ihemout. ^ , 

19 And God said unto Balaam, 
Thou shalt not go with them ; thou 
umlt not curse tibe people : for they 

13 And Balaam rose up in the 
mominx, and said unto the princes 
of Balak, Get you into your land: 
ft>r the Lord refuseth to give me 
leave to go with you. .„ ^ . 

14 And the princes of Moab rose 
op, and they went unto Balak, and 
said, Balaam ref useth to come with 

If And Balak sent yet a^ain 

es, more, and morenonoura- 

„a than they. _ . 

16 And they came to Balaam, 
and said to him, Thus saith Balak 
the son of Zippor, Let nothing, I 
pray thee, hinder thee from com- 

i7 For I win promote thee unto 
vary great honour, and I wiU do 
wbataoever thou aayeat onto me : 

come therefore, I pray thee, curse 
me this people. 

18 And Balaam answered and 
said unto the servants of Balak, If 
Balak would give me his house 
full of silver and gold, I cannot go 
beyond the word of the Lord my 
God, to do loss or more. 

19 Now therefore, I pray you, 
tarry ye also here this night, that I 
may know what the Lord will say 
unto me more. 

20 And God came unto Balaam 
at night, and said unto him. If tlie 
men come to call thee, rise up, and 
go with them *, but yet the word 
which. I shall say unto thee, that 
shalt thou do. 

21 And Balaam rose up in the 
morning, and saddled his ass, and 
went with the princes of Moab. 

22 IT And God's anger was kin- 
dled because he went: and the an- 
fel of the Lord stood in the way 
for an adversary against him. 
Now he was riding upon his ass, 
and his two servants were vrith him. 

S3 And the ass saw the angel of 
the Lord standing in the war, and 
hia sword drawn m his hand : and 
the ass turned aside out of the way, 
and went into tlie field : and Btt- 
laaro smote the ass, to turn her in- 
to the way. 

24 But the anrel of the Lord 
stood in a path or the vineyards, a 
wan being on this side, and a wall 

on that sido. 

25 And when the ass saw the an- 
gel of the Lord, she thrust herself 
unto the MraU, and crushed Ba- 
laam's foot against the wall : and 
he smote her again. 

26 And the angel of the Lord 
went further, and stood in a narrow 
pHre, whfTPWflj no wtiT to turn 
esilser Hi tlie jif^ht hAiul or to the 

37 Anrl whf n thn a w ittm^ the an- 

St af !hfi LtifiD, »Lic M[ doMTu un- 
r Itfiliinrn : iukI Balunm't anger 
wi!ls kjrtFlliL'il Uil be Biuote the asa 
witli f\ pitnfT^ 

!^ Ami the Lcfto nprnied the 
mi^utk iif Hni- Ei<<9, Aod who said un- 
to H&limni, Wlml hav^ J done un- 
tn t.ti4;4), that iJb^tu hast nnittenme 
tlnTHo thre*! limcfl f 

^ And BiJahm said unto the 
adB, 1i'^au#« tlupu liriAi mocked 
irir,^: T wiftitd thf^FQ ivcro a sword in 
miiir hiind. Ibr now woukl I kill 

30* And the aas said unto Ba- 
laam, .^m not I thine aas, upon 
which thou hast ridden ever sinof 
/ was thine unto this day 1 was | 
ever wont to do so unto thee 1 And 
he said, Niqr. 

halak*a ejflirittgt. CHAF.XXm. Balaam* a first parebU. 

^ '^^^^ LoRt; fimmvA thai will come lo ini»^ii]«t And who^* 

•yei or Balaani, and he itniv tbo Ki^^vi^r Ji*? cNwciai mo 1 uilJ idi 

anfel of the InrtJiEU EiaiiJin^ in ilit>«. jlmi hu wont to Ml hiffJi 

the way. and hiB *wii(M diown in 
iuahana: and liu bowc-il rj^nvnJi 
head, and fell flai on ]iLs ftirc. 

^ And the ana<4 «r liit; Umu 
aaid unto hiru, whercltjre hmi 
thou smitten ihiru tids thtwo thnac 
times? behold, I wrnt m^uL In willi- 
■tand Uiee, becaan (As w«^ U pfir- 
verae before me : 

Zi And the aainwnw, and ttim- 
ad from me theiA thttre limta: uii- 
leMshe had turned fruni nie, iiircdy 
now alsoliiad iliUrt Oiiie, iinJ ia- 
v^ her dhre. 

34 AndBalaiiTn Mid nnto the [irh 

rl of the Lord, I Jmyii Hitim>fh for 
knew not tlnu Uion k^hiodf^A in 
the wajr atfainai nit^ -. uuyr UT^rofo re, 
if It dispfeaae Hue, 1 wiU get me 
back a^ain. 

35 And the ongHl of the Lojid 
•aid unto Balnam. Gn^ with ilie 
men : but only v\m wt>rd that J ^hali 
•peak unto thee, that rhi^u HhtiJt 
speak: so Balnom worn wiUi Ui^r 
princes of Bala k 

3jS t^ And when Baliik heaTd that 
Balaam was comb, he went out tcj 
meet him unto a rity or M{»nb^ 
which ia in the bordijr rtf Arncinj 
which ia in the utni4»t cKjofit. 

37 And Balftk duid uhia B(i- 
laam, Did I not oamoiitljr vend uoin 
thee to call thet V wjTu^Jijre camcf x 
thou not unto me? am I itatabEF? 
indeed to pronKito ihiw in boriour 1 
. 38 And Balaam Fii id unta Eiatakj 

Lo, I am come unto Ui<ch} : huvi' I 

now any power nt nil \.n «njr tin 

thing? the word! ihut Go J puttoi 

m my mouth, that Mhall [ spx^^lc 

39 And Balaam tA-tiui wUh Bel- 
lak, and they canio untD Kirjifttli- 

40 And Balalk aHbr^ oven cind 
iheep, and sent to Bj Janm. nod Ui 
the imnces, that »rrd; v^ich hjm. 

41 And it camir if* prim tm the 

morrow, thatBuink Uuik B.-ifaam, 
and bronahthita nv into \}\n hif:! 
maces of Baal, ilmt ihtinrQ Ik 

might see the utmost jtax't of the 

CHAP. xxm. 

ND Balaam i:ijfl unto Qalsk, 

B uiM me hore ^ vf n q] tajTi, am! 

pnpara me here coven omu aitd 

8 And Balak did ns Palimm hod 
Bwen; and Babk tiiid Eljiilanni 
ofntedoneMr|raJturabii1tockE b^ 

3 And Balaam PHifl nnto BaJak, 
fmnd by thy burnt-ntTohn^, and 1 
wlU |o; peradvenTiiiTK ih«i lirjun 

4 And Gofl mot Balaam : nn*! ho 
lard nnxq i\\m, I Jjbvo iirop^rrd iw- 
v^Mi ahars^, and I havi' oflcrftd 
upon etNT^ ftliar a bulljck 4tid a 

5 And Lho Lflnr put a word in 
ururiain'i nioiiih. &nJ itan.1, Return 
unto Ualaki and tiiiui Lhiuhi «biLil 

ti And ^lesrettimod unto him. i^nd 
In^ hti^t^fHt by hij bnrrii i«ncr(fico, 
bo, fiiicl all tljo iirin^^ofl o^^to]|h^ 

7 Ami ho took u^i hii purable, 
nnJ^aiil, Balak ihn kintr Drftlnil 
hBlh broniiil itii* from Arum, out 
of iJic iimuntniin of dm eiwl. si}^ 
ing^ tromrf, riufse oio jacuh, wid 
roincj, th?fy \f.r&v\. 

% Hnvt fchnlt I ruiBp, wAom God 
biiUi pfjt rurwdl or how shnlU 
ijeTy, wkam Um LnRW hatb nut da- 

!3 For from the top of lTiu nwki I 
nee him, and fn«n tlm biLh I bo- 
bohl him; lo, ti]i3 pfopb iball 
J well alone, ojul f\m\\ not bu rcc- 
Aontid amonff Ihc naiiiui«^ 

HI Who can count ihe diiHt of 
Jjiirnb, ami the nurnlNor of the 
founh ptiTt of larne] 1 Let mo difi 
tho r!t!^ih nf the ri^htiiolij, and lot 
my liciRt uml bu liko hii! 

11 A nd linl nk aiihi tintn RdlanTiT. 
vVJjiilhn«ttiioudn^tiriuntomoT f 
tmak thoo To rurse mine ont^rniei, 
^iid behold, Uioa haat bi^med tl^rni 

lii And lio aftsTVPTipd and ■duI. 
Mij^t I not tHke heed lo i peak thai 
winch the Lrmo hath put id my 
nioiitli T 

13 And Balak aajd nnio him, 
4,ome, 1 pray ihf^> wiih Ino untP 
anoihr^r iilflfj>, fr„ni ivht^ncc dioti 
mnyotft loo tiicmr dmo »hiik »pe 
but Uio ulmtwt pjirt of ihofn, and 
«imJt not see them alh and cuifp 
niif' thenj from thcniro. 
.1 ■1-^;/"A^^^^'*"F^t him into 
me Ql^M i^rZophim, to die tDE> fif 
Hi*B!ib, and hiiili sevi^n oJtarii, aad 
uftercd a hillock and a fitm oti 

ITi And ho mid unto Balak 
etjind h^r# hy ihy }niml-om^rinf, 
wbdfr I mpftr fAe JMkt? ynrdcr, 

lit And ihe Lobo mut R^Uani, 
ftn/i out a word in hid mouth, ami 
mMy Cro ELj^^ain unto UaluJ^^ auij s^y 

17 And when hi^ canio to hfm* 
Ivfioid^ he fltofKl hy hk bumir 
iiffrrin^i and tfte nnncei of Mnmh 
with him. And Balak naid ume 
him, W hntbuLli the La|Ln*pokitfi T 

BaUum's second parabU. NUBiBERS. His propheep 

18 And he look up hu parable, I and gaid, Balaam Uie «)ii of Be«>r 
andaaid, Rise up, Balak, and hear ; ] hath aaid, and Uie man whoM eyea 
hearken unto me, thou son of 7ap ir^ ^'^■'•v h^th hhuI 

19 God M not a man, tliat lie w'^ril4i.|iiLid,wJiiclijij»vtliy vision 

should lie : neither the sun at' maEi^ 
that he should repent: h&th he 
said, and siiall he not do it ? i^r 
hatli he spoken, and shall im nui 
make it good 1 . ^ 

SO Behold, I have received r^nt 

Ltf Tins Alinighiy. full ma into a 

trtJ.mF* liLtt liJvvine liiii tyL's openi 

5 Mow ysMtrJly fire thjf luou. O 

Jaicob, and ihy laljernut^luini O I«- 

e An iht? vallcya are tlicjr epr cad 

W isenoid, i nave receiveo r^m- 1 ■« ^^ "i^? *«i.^jrj. «^ ":-, ^^y ^ 
mandw«nf to bless: and he kath, forth, oassiFcljJiirt by Uiy river 9*i|k*, 

blessed, and [cannot reverse ii.^ 

21 He hath not beheld inisiLiUF 
In Jacob, neither hath he seen psi- 
verseness in Israel: the Lojiu hi^ 
God is with him, and the sjiutii. ot 
a king is among them. 

m i(i« irtiM yf li^ii-al*ieuwl»ch ihe 

ti-fCH b^inidu tiiu waters. 

7 Ik Slilill puiir UiA WKtor nut of 
his buc keis^ and tiis «a^ 'JSieii^ ^.ff 

ta jEianf watf^r^, and hb klity ^hiii] 
" 22"\fod"irrought"'them out of N« l>iff'j«,i; tl'an Ayngp ood hm kJHg- 
5«yPAi .'i«_ha^.i- i' --« ^^^^^''T&b'^»^;"'hL f<mh out of 

^uypii he h:»Th AH it were tl»e 

f<«7pi., ire HttMi »- 


23 Surely there ts no enchant- 
ment against Jacob, neither itt there 
any divination agaiMt Israel : ac- 
cording to this time il shall l>e saad 
of Jacob and of Israel, Whut hath 
Godwrrought! ., . ,^ . 

24 Behold, the people sh nil nee 
up as a great lion, and hft up him- 
self as a young hon: he shrill tioi 
lie down untilhe eat of the pryy. 
and drink the blood of thoaliim. 

25 ir And Balak said unto Ba- 
laam, Neither curse them iit all, 
nor bless them at all. 

96 But Balaam anawerExl and 
said unto Balak, Told not 1 t^^ep, 
saying, All that the Lord speaketJ:!. 
thatfmustdo? . .^ « 

27 ir And Balak said unie Ba 

stFtniflWfLiDunJCTii-O: he shall eat 
un ilio nsiuanii his finemics. eliuI 
ihall break iheir hones, ant! picrca 
iii^m through wiih Ins arruwu. 

EJ He couched, he lay down as a 
lion, and as * ffirBt lion :_ whoahall 
stir him upl Bk>ft*ed is he tliat 
t»lQ9ftcth Lhec, and t:.urved u ho that 
cunseth th*i«j ^ , ^^ 

10 ^r And Bfilak^s tutger was 
kindled a^iiinsl Buhiam, and lie 
KEnote ids haiitls loijieilitir : and Ba- 
liik fiJUHJ unto Baliiami [eoll^l th« 
to curse mine tnemies, and whoSdi 
x}m\i hast aliu^ether bleA^ Uian 
iJujsfl three limea. 

11 Tht>refure now Hob thou to 
thy place : 1 llioiiE nt to promote 

laa^ " Come"'l"oray 'thee!" I will 5 1 liE>e ueiio crcat honour ; Iwit lo, tii« 
feahS«?SoLoSer?fc^ per-.L-mi. hath kept thee back /rom 

bring'thee unto another plac« j per- 
adventure it wUl please GiKt thai 
thou mayest curse me them iroin 
thence. _ . . . .. » > 

93 And Balak brought Bakain 
onto the top of Peer, that looketh 
toward Jeshimon. ^ n i i. 

29 And Balaam said unto Balak. 
BuUd me here seven altar*., haeI 
prepare me here seven bullocks and 

■*» A^d BalakdidaiiBalaam h;v^ 
•aid, and offered a buUock «uid a 

roDi, no won* ""M — — T 1. . L 

to seek for enchantments, hui be 
iet hia face toward the wdiicr- 

"?And Balaam lifted up his eye*, 
and he saw Israel abidini; rn^i^ 
C«iU« according to then \uW^, 
and the Spirit of God came upon 

3 And he took np hit mrnbls, 

iionouT. _ n . *_ 

r^ And Tlnlanmeaid onto Balak, 

Spakr i not alxEi to thy nivsaOEig^ni 

wliiE^h thuu sente^t unto mei say- 

\'.\ If Balak woulfl give mo Ills 
hou«n fall tjf silver aiKlffEiLEl^ \ efin- 
not gii ht^fitiid the coiniuiifEiilmunl 
of the IJiiB-D, to de either i^od or 
hncj of mine own mind ; hut what 
thft LoftTi aaith, ihal will Isposikl 

14 Apjii now, behold, I go unto 
nay ucuple ; come thrrtforc^ and 
\ \\\\\ Enlvertiiio ihfie what Ujia pe.E>- 
iile ihall do to thy people in the 
UViit diaya^ . . , , , , 

15 ^1 Anrt he tiKik up hta parable, 
an<l Haiti. Biitftam ibifiiiOi> dl Heof 
hath iuiiil, flful Mic iiiHrt whtaoftj^ei 
CLH> opf»Ti hath psk-iil ; , - , * . 

Ifl H" hmh ajiid, whECh tienrd 
thi* WHU*l« of OoiL anri krtrw the 
kntiwledu^ of the Moi^i Utph, wAia 
aa^v the vLtion nF thi- ALntshtf, 
fallin;^ inlQ 9.tranc^i boi having hii 



CHAP. ZZVL ZimH mid CnU «l«f«. 

Jl come a Star out of 3a- 
_i a Sceptre shall rise out of 
, and shall smite the comers 
VI jHviab, and destroy all the chil- 
dren of Shcth. 

18 And Edoro shall be a posses- 
aion, Scir abo shall be a possession 
for his enemies ; and Israel shall do 

19 Out of Jacob shall come be 
that shall have dominion, and shall 
destroy him tliat remaineth of the 

90 And when he looked on Ama- 
lek. he took up his, parable, and 
said, Ai«|bk was the first of the 
Dations. MR his latter end shall be 
that he penah for ever. 

21 Ah he looked on the Kenites, 
and tow up his parable, and said, 
Stronff - is. thy dwelling-place, 
and Uioa puttest thy neat in a 

' !^ Nevertheless, the Kenite shall 
be wasted, until Asshur shall carry 
Uiee away captive. 

83 And he took up his parable, 
and said, Alas, who shall live when 
God doeth this ! 

34 And ships shall eonu from the 
coast of Chittim, and shall afflict 
Asshur, and shall afflict Eber, 
and he also shall perish for 

25 And Balaam rose up, and 
went and returned to his place: 
and Balak also went his way. 

Israd^s fvkaredom and IdjoleUrv, 

AND Israel aUMle in Shittim, 
9Jid the people began to com- 
mit whoredom with the daughters 

S And they eallod the people 
onto tlie •arrtfi'*es of their gods: 
and the people did eat, and bowed 
down to their gods. 

3 Ami Israeljoined himself unto 

Kal-poor : and the anger of the 
RD was kindled af ain^ Ismel. 

4 And the Lord Kiid unto Moses, 
Take all the heads of the people, 
and hang them up before the Lord 
ag:iinsi the sun, that the fierce 
anger of the Ldrd may be Uirned 
away from Israel. 

5 And Moses said unto the 
judges of Israel, Slay fe every one 
bis men that were joined unto 

6 ir Anil, behold, one of the chil- 
dren of Israel came and brought 
onto his brethren a Midianitish 
woman in the sicht of Moses, and 
in the siaht of all the coogregatiun 
of thechilclrcn of Israel, who were 
weeping before the door of the ta- 
bernacle ortlM congregation. 

7 And when Phinehas, the aoo 
of Eleazar, the son of AanMD the 
priest, saw it, ho rose op from 
among the conirregation, and took 
a javelin in his hand ; 

8 And he went afler the man of 
Israel into the tent, and thrust both 
of them through, the man of Israel, 
and the woman through her belly: 
So the plague was stayed from the 
children of Israel. 

9 And those that died in the 
plague were twenty and four thou- 

10 IT And the Lord spake unto 
Moses, saying, 

11 Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, 
the son of Aaron the priest, hath 
turned my ^ wrath away fVom the 
children of Israel (while he waa 
zealous for my sake among them) 
that I consumed notthe childreD of 
Israel in my jealousy. 

IS Wherefore say. Behold, I 
give unto him my covenant of 

13 And he shall have it, and hia 
seed aAer him, sosm the covenant 
of an everlasting priesthood ; bo- 
cause he was zealous for his God, 
and made an atonement for tlie 
children of Israel. 

14 Now the name of Uie Is- 
raelite that was slain, even that 
was slam with the Midianitish wo- 
man, 100^ Zimri, the son of Salu. a 
prince of a chief house among the 

15 And the name of the Midian- 
itish woman that was slain was 
Cozbi the daughter of Zur ; he 
wa« head oyer a people, and of r 
chief house in Midian. 

16 IT And the Lord spake unto 
Moses, sajririg. 

17 Vex the if idianites and smito 

18 For they vex vou with Uieir 
wilest wherewith they have be- 
guiled you in the matter of Peor, 
and in the matter of Cozbi, tiie 
daughter of a prince of Midian, 
their sister, which was slain hi 
the day of the plague for Fcor'a 


AThs Israelites numbered. 
ND it came to pass aAer the 
plague, that the I/mo spnke 
unto Moses, and unto Eleazar the 
son of Aaron the priefit, saying, 

3 Take the sum of all th« con- 
cregation of the children of Israel, 
from twenty years old and upward, 
throughout thmr fathers* house, 
all that are able to go to war in 

3 And Moaes and Eleazar the 
priest spake with tliem in tlte 

flr Jc- 

iichQ, myins, 

4 Ta/fe tftc fum nf the peijple, 
fr&m twenty year* ij^L'l uml fl|j- 
irViird 5 as i]ie JJt^Rn coininnTKled 
Muees und the child rcn of krjitln 
which went furth outtjf lJiq 1ew<| of 

I TT Rotiben the eldest sfto of la- 
rml; ihi; child ren of Rcobtifi; tlji- 
nni^h, af itAflta c«rpnet/i ihe familr 
nf tho Hannchlicg^ of Pallu, tlic 

(5 Of Hczron. the fjimlly of the 
JlpzroniltsBt of Curmi, the fiimity 

TThe^e art iJi^ fatnlliea of the 
iU;iihcnitefi ^ and tii«y that v^t'rr 
niirnborcd uf tliem were ftsrlif and 
three Ihoueaud aiul ae^en hundred. 
tfi[| iJiirtj'. 

8 Ana (he aonaof Fnllu; KiisK 

3 And thfl uitiia of Eliab; Ne- 
inuitU and Dathmij intd Abirani. 
'I Jiia tj tAflt Diithnn fimi AhirtLin, 
wftiVA i^cre fiiiaoija in tlie consre- 
CaiiuJi^ who atfdiie a^ainat Md^m 
4ind ugnin^t Aniroa an tliu company 
flf Komh, whicii thoyitjryve against 
tbo liOFtD: 

10 And llie flarth cttened her 
natsuthj find swallowed tiiem up to- 
gether with Koroiin when that Com- 
[>any died, w3-ta.t tirae thf: fire do- 
ifourefl twq hundred finiL Ei^jr inEtn: 
and they became a ri^' 

11 Nalwithatandiiig the dhildren 
oi KoTiil's died not, 

12 Ti The aona of Sirnoon alicr 
their faini]i(^ : ui Nennue], the 
ratniliv cif the Nemuellteij : or .1a- 
in|n. the family «f the Jjiminjtpg 
of Jarhln, Uie family of tlie Ja- 

13 Of Zcrnh, the famiiy of th& 
Zarhitea: orfdhaul, ttti) famiJyof 
thfi Shautitcar 

14 ThedC arf [ho fnmiJhe'fi of the 
0imcon(iF.'&, twenty and two thou 
Hind and two iiundred- 

15 IT 'rhe ciiililren of Gnd after 
llicir rnmille-ii: nf Zephon, tliefa- 
cnily of the ZfjihoniU's: of Haggi. 
Eho family of thi> Hi^^pkers; of 
Shnni. the family of the Sliunite*;: 

KVOfOini, the family uf (he 
Ozniiesi of Ej-it di& family of the 

17 or Arod, the fnTnLly m the 
ArotlitErfl: of ATfilii tlio ffiiaily of 
tlic Arfrhtpj. 

IB These are the families uf ihr 
diilidreaof Gnd, According to tho^e 
tbftt werBfiumhcred of th^rm, torty 
tmmMrh'l And five hMmCRxi. 

Ip irThe»i>iiaofJiutjih t^tre Er 
|nd OnBii : and Er and Onan died 
Jtl The land iff Canaaji, 

SO And the »oni of Judah afla 

tn Vic -plaiKs ^Mtat. 
their families wera \ of Shfkh, tfaa 
famiJyofthcStielAiiitAst ofFbium* 
iho family of the FbarezitpsT of 
Jiii.'rah the family of the-Zarhites. 

21 And iheaontiofl^harez vreTo; ' 
of l^czron, thiiiiinuly of iho Hea- J 
rotnti!^; of flmnol, tho ffuudy of' 
the Hamyhtcs, 

23 Titem are thft ramilies of Jti- 
dah aectirdinff to thoao that were 
n urn tiered of tiicni, t}trc«$c<ti¥ arid 
sixteen tJiouBand atid five bun- 

^i ir QfthesouJioflfflacliar aftei 
lli^ir familiea : tif Talft, the fajnilv 
of the Tolaitca : of PiiZio fftHiilf 
of tho Pan Ilea: ^W 

m Of Jaahuh, tho ItMr of tbu 
JasliubLtK! 4}f i^hifnrtrfuBiQ tsjaily 
of the Bhimrrmitee, "^ 

Si3 These anethe faoilii^ of Is- 
aacJuar according to thole that 
were nunib«rtHt tif Thenir Uir^e- 
acorc Qnd fuur thouaand and three 

iifi T<;/t^ie ionflof Zebnlun afW 
thejr Eainditu : offered, the fojnilr 
of the Btirdiies ; ofElon» the family 
(if the Elonjiej-. of Jahleel, th& 
ffirnii'X,?^ tljc Jiihleelites, 

27 ThiMe are the fam]lim of tho 
Zubuhinites according to those tliat 
ivere numhered orihcm^ thrccu^uri^ 
thpuMiiiit andflve hundred. 

iiS IT The aona of ioiii^iib nftei 
their fFinuliea tecri ManuBsch ond 

jRi Of theRonsL of Mananseht ef 
MachJr>the fainity of the Machtr- 
itca: andMiichirEK^ifltGiloadi nf 
(liiiind t^me tho rtunily of tiia 

30 Tlieso ofrt the »ons of Cilf-ad ?, 
i^JceacfTt thw fsimiJyof ihe J^^ejui-- 
ritee: of Helck, thv fcimily of tiie 
Helekilos l 

:U And ^ Asriels the finnily nif 
tVio A^ricliteii : and aT ^hechuni, 
tlie family 4>f tliAShuchemites ; 

:t^ A nd ct/" HhRtRMlJi, thfl ffimiTy 
of the Sheniidaites ; and o/Hcphoiv 
tJ]0 family of the Hrphcrites. 

XI »EAndZ(lcii)he|iadlhi^ son uf 
HephiT hnd n« pon&t hnt dau^h- 
lrr» ^ tijiH-t 1 1bf? nnmea of llttj daiiff h- 
t^rs of Xi'3oj»h('ii!i:d fnrrp Mnldnh, 
f\ntj iS'oah, llngLnh^ Milcah, and 

3^ The^sp nrelhe r;sniili4p*njf Mn- 
na^seh, nnd IhnM' thiit wt-r^ tium^ 
iMjred of them. EilVy :iniS two thmf 
sand nnd sfi^ven h»nfjred. 

iS'i'Hjweare'tlie iona oiEr hr aim 
aWct j\ii<-At i'mmliv&z c i f IS f : til he lah^ 
I he family of tho ShitThidhitoat 
Elf BechtT. thii fumdy of the Bnch- 
rile*: of Tah«o, the fainilr of tho 
: 36 And tbfUB art Uio mm of 


aeeording to their tribea. CHAP. XXVI. LandtebednridedtvM. 

52 % An J lliD Lord ipake luito 
51 Until t}iy*fl thfl land ahaO be? 

|f3hurlioliib; of Erari, llie femilyof 
tbij tlfaiiUoa. 

37 Thesm nrf tho fnunilt^B tif the 
, jjpirt of Ephraim Bcco n li n^ to 1 1 K-Tse 
thai Wf-nj tiiiinljfit^tl urihttn^ diirtv 
nnd two thou^ntid and five hun- 
dred- Tlu:sc art the aons of Joseph 
after I heir families^ 

^i IT TliEjioiiAof Pcnjamin tiflcr 
lhGlTi'3m\l\*'.9' otBeiH, {hit family 
(if the BclRitcai «f AsiibeL tht? 
famrly ut the Afeil]tit.'titr:-a ^ of 
Aliiirain, tho ramilr of lim Ah\- 
mmit»: , . ^ .. - 

3i> Of elmphatnn tho hrnily nf 
ihi? Shuphamatfi: of Huplmm, the 
family of ihe HypliacnhfMa. 

40 And tho eona of ll+lri wfltfi 
An! anU Nttoman: fl/ -5r(/, the 
family of *he Arililyg^ nnri of 
Kaaiiiaift th« funnily of tiic Naa- 
niiicfl.;^^ , ^ ^ 

41 Thes* art the ^ons of Ttrin 
JEimin aflor thoLr farrtilici r and 
they thai wern neinibenncl oflhinrii 
wfrre foriy aod fiv» thousai^l mkI 

4^11 Theeeai-fflhe aom nf Hat! 
Eiftor llieir faniilica: of Shuhnni, 
iha fajnily »f ihe ShiihamitcA, 
These are The fucnilies yf Dan ftfltir 
their farniUaa. „. 

43 All the ft^Tuthc-t of thu Sha- 
liamiicfl acGordin^r to ihoaa that 
xveti rramberfttl &f them, Ktre 
Llirceec<ir« nnd four tl^omiiiKl and 
fi^ur hundred i 

44 % fiftiie ch ild run a f A sh&r a fter 
iheiF faniili««i ^ of Jimria^ the faujii^ 
of tho Jininitca : of Jesui, the farn^ 
hr of tliij jEEswito*: of Beriahj tho 
family of tho BeniteM- 

45 Of the Jioiu of Bcriah: of 
H«b<;rt the nunily of ilie Hobo ri Cos) ; 
of MakhicU Uie ^inily of tho 

4G And ihii nameof ihodaue^htCT' 
of Aaher teas Sunib. 

47 '.rhG5K* are the families of tlic 
flona of AsJter aecorditiff U> Uhjwp 
tbAt were numbered of thcni ; wAo 
vien lift; and ihrco tliousaiul aiiij 
four haiidredt 

43 T (Jtf th««iontof Naphtali after 
ihelr familie* : of JtiliieBl, thv. 
fanuTy of tho Jahxeclites '. of Gani, 
the family of the Gunitea l 

^ Of Jezer. tho fumilf nf the 
J'PZdritefl : of BbtUem, the family of 
the flhilkmitct. 

50 Thao »r* iho families of 
Nn]>htali eLccordinr ta their fami- 
haa : anj th^y that wore niitnherod 
of thfim, UPCTT furijf und ftirothou- 
land nnrl four hundred. 

51 Thf:s« iiifTt tho numbered of 
iKd children of lara^lj six hunclrrNl 
thou^aitcl anil a thuuaand AAven 
hdndrod rmd thirty. 

divided for an ]iibpritance> a«ord- 
xviSL to iJit^nuniher of ninici|^ 

54 Tomnjiy Ihou xhiilt Jk0 the 
more Lnlicritancep ami to rew thou 
tshaLl give tlio Ices inhoritiinco l to 
every one shall his inheritanco ho 
^iven^ according to ihoao dial wein 
[mm]H^Ft?jE <if him. 

55 Notivithstandin^T ^Q ^^^^ 
shall bti diifid^d hylot: according 
to the names of the (iil^ea of then 
fathers they simll Inherit. 

50 ARcofdiii^lo Ihe tol sliallthe 
possession thereof bo divided be- 
tween many an^l feiVt 

57 IT And these are tbey that 
were niimliomcd of iho I^evUefl after 
ihetr faaailie*: of Gershou, the fa- 
mi ty of iho GsrshonlLes^ of Ko^ 
h:\\\ Liia family of Lho Knhathitea l 
of MOrarii Uie pimily of the Alo- 

58 These rti-* tho famllie* of tha 
Le%'iteB : the family of (ho Lib- 
nitoM, the family of tho H gb^oniEieft, 
ibo family of tho Mahlites. tho 
family of the Muahiticat the fainily 
of the Koratliiies. And Kohath 
hejrai Amram. 

IA\ And the nama nf Amram^i 
wife i&ri* Jwchubod, iho dau^htor 
of Levi, ^vhomAcp woth^ barn to 
lynvj in Egypt: arul she hare tinto 
AmraiTij Aaron and Mosoa, and 
Miriam their sister. 

60 And unto Aaron wo^ hotn 
Nadab^ and Abihu, Eleazar, and 

61 Ancl Nadab and Abihii died, 
when Uicy offered atrango firo ho- 
foTB the IjOPir** 

62 And thoae tJiat ^were num- 
Vit^rod of thctm werfl twen^ ntid 
three thous^iEiiij all m^des from a 
month old and upwards for th<oy 
weta not numbcr^l omons the 
children, of Israel, b^icause thera 
wai no inberit-ance given lliem 
amonE tho child rgn oft^raHb 

63 IT These art- they that were 
numbered by Mo»^ and Fka^sar 
the priest, who ncimhencd the chil- 
dren of Israel in the plains of Moab 
by Jujfdftn TtF.a.T Jijricho. 

61 But amon^ these there was 
not a man of them whom Mcisoa 
and Art ton the priest nuimbfrjiit, 
when they numbered tl'ie children 
of Israel in Lho vvild'ijrnost of 

65 For thft LfiRD bsid said of 
them. They abali surely die itj tlig 
wilEJorncss. And thtirtv waa not 
left atti^n nf thomr i^av^; Cil'alr^b dnfl 
son of Jefihunneh. and Jcnibua tbe 
SOD of Nun* _^ 


Cftht lam afinkaritanu. 

7^a La.a3 uf InhtriUmcr. 
f'pjJEN amne Urn iliuitihusrn iti 

HDcliir, ihe iuii oi' MjiiiadM^hT i>r 
tJie fjuniliDi flf Miifiiuf^'h iLhc son 

of Ilia d^ugfkTur? ; bliiiJilAh^ Nonli, 
and tldgliLh, luifl Milcak, luju 

Knd Uvi'vni EU:\ii.iir iJn' prii^at, unJ 

IfiPBaLion^ ij/ tine 1^1 ior ui'tliitjEnJicr- 

3 Our Filth Eir dln'il in llii^ wjMiir- 
noHJt, mid jm wiu, uol in tJio rom- 
V^uirarUibEU Ui[it if ciUitMrtuI llliom- 
AelvBa togeliicT ngiimsl dio Lt>RP 
ill ihi) cumpaiiy uf Ki>ritb ; hut 
djH] La hu uwn sin, uiJ li^d no 

4 Why sJuiiijlifl ihfl nnmc of oor 
Fmil\Gt be doiiEi fnfrwy rnmi ftmung 
hi« f^miilF, bccauDC hu >i:».tji no 
BrjQl 4^iva 11111 a ui thsrditre n 
vmt^tmf'wn anwaa Uio bfcihreti of 
&iir faliicr, 

5 Aiul Mo!>cs brouf lit ihc'ir camih 
before ihe LfniiK 

fi Tf And iljo LoiLi* gpnfcc tinio 
Moan, Bfif iuf;. ^ ,. . , . . 

7 Tlifl tiauEhtuTB nf Zt-laiihtlmrt 
■pciak KKht: ihQLi ebali euitili^ ^ii't'i 
UHHii & liotee^iuEi iifikti InimrnfLiici? 
BJnoDf ihoLrfiiUier'abrtiiJiTun} and 
(hctu ^ait i^tkiisu UiiC! iaheriiance of 
thf^if fiLtiier la pans ilnln ihum. 

i And Uniliiili^lil ipuak unto Uie 
chill ErK^n tjf [iTW>U wtrhiff. If a 
tiijiEi tiJo, aiii] Jmvp no noiih ihtin im 
■ijuJI^TiLiiaii hid inlieritanc« to iioii 
unto] lie diiuj^lirtT. 

9 And if he have do deLU^htet, 
IhEn yt) Bluill givti UJi iiihcritance 
DAiijj hLi bimthrvinr 

10 And if lip hnvD tioliTetljmn, 
U»t!rii yu ftlmU eivo iii* inhcritaaca 
unii^ nl)i r^LlJti.'r'H lirr'lLlrren^ 

H And iriili fattiut bnve nn bro- 
thn<ti» tJicin ye i;l]4]l fiiVft Ins ni- 
hierilcm^ uittU' Itie kin^imiui thut if< 
nyit l« him of lii* farciiily, nnd he 
riiftll pu!»er'«i It : und it enall ht 
unia tltQ duhUhn of lurnciL a viaiutjg 
of iii4)iirn4^tit< 01 tii« Lyiu> com- 
manded Mfi«ea. 

15 tl And iha l-riRP mid nnl& 
Mo«esp Gitt \hiy& up iniu tlnii, 
fnount Abunm^ and iiof? ibn: ]n.nd 
which [ liavo jfiviui unto dm ebil- 
^ri'h of Iar4jF'li, 

y And wlmn iJhjU h^iflt *eon it^ 
th[3ti Jil^> >JtiiU be tTHtlierrd iinLu 
thy rf^*>idi'. Ji« AiLri>n t]iy bn^lbiir 

WiU (TIlthnTtMU 

14 r«r yc rdHTUt'd n^atnitl my 

foQimandrnfint in ilw dfwitFi of 


NUMBERS. 7%e 4a«/y bumt-ajrerinff. 

7Jm, intheptriru 4)f l}iit ri}nere.j?»i- 
fM^n^ tL» bDiK^kfy inu ul iJiu watcT 
Uffmr niriniyt<ii- ihm w liio walAT 
ofMf ril»!ib in Ktidi'^J:! in iltn ^ildor- 
utsti ofZin. 

J 5 ir And MoacB spake nnlu iim 
Luri^D, iiujriiiyrj 

Hi Lei ihi'. I^Riv, thr^ O^id of the 
ipiriu of all flciib, iet a man ovof 

17 Wliirh may to *3iut befora 
tlit^ni, aud I'^hich inn? fo in horura 
Uiuiitn *ma Hhkh mny lead thwm 
mil, nn^il wbirb may brini; them in, 
liiaL Lilt} cuUigm^&ijoa flf Lho Lnftn 
be nnt ai ihefp wbicb bave do 

la ^1 An<i iha Lon.i> paid uniEi 
MoHE^ Take Ihpfl Jindioa ihe wn 
cif Nun, a man in wham it Uia 
H^irit, and by Oiino bind upan 
bitn 5 

19 And Bcl him lipfore FJeazar 
the fiti&iAy and boforw all die eon- 
^rpptuiri, itrtd give hbnaehureo 
m dieir Aighl, 

lihl And thou ihnit pnt aovif af 
IhinQ biintiur upnn binip tliat nil t)ie 
cirngfOj^aFiGn of the rhlldrgn of la- 
rac-i taiif bti ok^illuiL 

SI And he thtiJl itatid bgfore 
Eleaj^f tlie priui*!, ivho *haU oak 
cnuK^ri flit bttu after dif jiul^^ 
ment of Vum h^tow ibe Ijuru r 
At hia word jihuil Uiey ^u out^ aud 
at hU wunl ih*^ #lHiTl cqi»b in. 
ttttt^ he* and all the children of 
laranJ with liuiip avbn all tLe can- 

^ Afut MoHn did at tlie Lord 
t^ununuivl^sl hint : and be itsuk 
Jmlnia, and set him iKsf^uro Ejn&isr 
Uik> pri4j9l, and hiafL»rD all Uic con- 
fre.|[3tir»n ; 

2:^ Ami lie laid bia hanil^ n^aa 
him, ftud ^uve Mm n charge, ai iJio 
IjtiKa comiTiatidod by die liand at 

cFiAP. xxvm. 

AND U*i3 LfiitD jpake iinio 
Moses, Biiyin?, 
^ Cciiumrttid ihe children 4if Ta- 
rjfdr and bcvJ HntEi tb*^ni. My ttf- 
fiMini;, ai«d luy br<Nid fur mywafri' 
6cus rdudv by ^t^^ for n fivetiA 

anvQtir unto me* , , -^ , 

to affrt unia mo in tbciir due 

3 t And t.Sun ah alt nay anio 
I hem. This It Ui« i>JT<'ring luariw by 
fbe whiE^h yi^ ahiiU <tRi?r iinin ihfl 
Lo!vl>; two lamha of the firifl year 
widiout cpnt diiy li^ i[\y^ firr a 

4 Tfie oi]U ianih .^hrilt thau i 

in djo mrjrninr^ imd lJ»e odmr lamb 
ulirtli iIkiu ofT^f (It flvcn : 
5 Aod «. teiHli p»-( uf 9ie eph^i 

Offeringt on the sabbath, CH AP. 
(if flour rtiTii iiii^:il iinWingr niin- 
^Li^d witli iIhj foainii jfarLxil'miiau 

. & KijfUCunUnuilbiJnil-tJirLTlnff, 
wUcb wnj; fircl^iiiuHl in ni^i'iJ.Eil Sinaj 
flu' AdwrctsutuTEr^ iijumrilii:*] jiicuJf.' 
by iire miUk On? LrHiDr 

7 And the Urint ufforinFihOfwtr 
xttail &t diss fuLii tfi pariol oiiliin for 
tlto Quw lji;nll]: ill liio hply ^pinefl 
fhalttiiou cttii?e t|l]R 3lftn]ff wjno to 
t^ |)oun.>ti uLiio tho Lrfian /w a 
driulc'OlTerinei . , , , 

8 A till [luj oiher lamb sbik tliou 
flflbr ut tvois ^ an die meal-oJttiring 
of diCL mDrninfj mirl sis iJiQ tldnlc- 
ofRjrinff thereui, Tlioti JihuItftflJn: if, 
a sacriftco made l>r firo^ af n iwetrt 
Kuvoiir unto Uie Loup* 

9 If Amloothfi Bab?jath-day t^vu 
liimbEi af the fiwtjfptir wUliuut sii^u, 
ttful liVD tnnlh-della of (linif/flr a 
mpar-ufloring'« fntw^lod with oil, 
mjd iJiL>{1j-ink-oflari[iff iLornaf; 

JO Tkijf iff tJie lumt'wftbrinjS or 
ever? Rabbiuh,, bedidt] Ihepnii^u- 
a.1 burni' ulfii^rinif . othj hifl uJink-uf- 

11 And in the bnfftniiniM of 
^tnit mmUh;) r^ shall onbr a mtrii- 
ofTarine unto line LofLa ? two 
yijiM]f LLini>aki, and ono mrn, ^1- 
vcFj kmlit uf die fifrft ypar without 
flpot ; 

13 And Uireo lenib-dMlftometir 
fifra meB^-oflVring, niln^Irhd with 
oil, for one buNotiNi luid two 
ti^iiik-iJftals 4)f fluur Tor a mtiut- 
DfTt^rjiig, mingled wilh (9d, Fqt oh-c 

r^^'^^i . H ■ . ^ 

1^ Anil a sever lU lenth-deol *r 
flour mln^lod with oU far a meit- 
Dlfnring; onto onu lamb, /in- i^burtii- 
aifcrbig of a q.wDQisJivLtur, nsactri- 

H Atid thnir dnsk-olTeringt 
fthAll l»] hfttfnnhin of wino unto 
a buO^ck^ and t^jti tliird ptivC ofan 
hln iint« a. ram, and a. rtiurEh ^Qrl 
ofanhin unLo a lamb: Ujia e'j tho 
biimt-ortferinff of evtry tiiauih 
JsTQUffhoot tbo montRB of w^ 

15 Aor] wiD kid aftha ^nntu for 
B nin-oRcrins uni^ Lliu Lokci *i«ill 
b<n (tflfett^j Doaido tha eontinija! 
tHJmt-ofr@rmSt (in*^ lua drinfc-oElFjr- 

Ifl And in the foiniPCinLh day 
of the fiTwt mtrntii m the pewbuylt 
of the Lcinn. 

17 And in llio finfl*ntfj da? nf 
iJiiii niQitib IE tbc fcMi i stivpii 
dAVB alicLli unWavencd bread bv 

Ifi In tb4* first dnjf jfArtf/ iteanlmlr 
coDvoc-iiti^.m ^ jroaiiLiU dunu Tnaii- 
oat of Hurvilo w^rk tAerem : 

is Bui ye ahall oobi m iiM^ririeu 

. XXIX. 

atthepassover, i-c. 

niJult) by fire for b burnt- offerlna 
nnrn tiifl Lrrttft ;; two viMinj bul- 
JuckiSp ELjjit 1.1] I r» rrjiii^ amJ seven 
IrirnUii uf tbu Hrdt yuiir: ih&y ibail 
hL' Einioy«>iii witjiouL bk^iLsh : 

a(l Afld iltPir in<crut-oJrerin€ xhall 
{tutifAnm tainaiedvf'nh olli iJiree 
ttinilL-JcaEdftJiall ye offuf for a hul- 
\tiub., and twQ tcntli-dcala for a 
rain^ . . . 

21 A 9t!V(irJi] tenth ilral vKnlt 
tliiiu uttt^r liirevurTkFQh, tJiroufili 
oui the aevpn lamb*: - 

SiiJ AnJ one ei>Eit /or a ffi n oRer- 
irtgj. io mak^^aLl iiKHtement n^ryoiu 

23 Ye #hjill oifur thaty haaido 
dioburnt-ortLriiiff in thti moriiiin:, 
ivhi'Jh ij(ii\i a ti^utijiual burni-of- 

^l After ihiamTinnrr FD Bball of- 
fcT duily iJirougltoul ilie ooven 
dayi, tht? m<)ai of iJia wicriflce 
mtu] ts l^y fi re, D f a ewinst s nv unjt im- 
10 the LiOTin ^ it *hal] hfi offi.rn'd l»e- 
jtjij^ Uie continual t>urnt-£if!bring. 
and liiwilritik-fiflliriTi^^ 

^ A [»] on the «j vomb day ya abafl 
liAvoArj holy cunvocii^titm ; yu ■ball 
do ]t!P Bcrrfclc wf>rk. 

■20 V A Im in TliD day of the firat- 
frniu*,, whEtn yj;? bring a ««>«■ moat- 
tirTh.^rinff untni thy 1joivl>, Qftrr your 
wctiuitcoT^ryu shall haven nlioly 
eonv[ii:aiioii ^ ye idiall do nu servile 
utkrfc: ^ ^ , , 

27 But yc sbniJ osR'r the bumt- 
offerinfi fur a bwlujI navnur unto 
thfl LiiiiD; two jfwipg bullockB, 
on^ ram, ecvon lambii of uio Jlrat 

:^ And thoir moai-t>flbring of 
flour min^loiJ with oil, fJiri^ti tenth- 
L5<?a|fl unto on« i>ullotrk, two tenth- 
[Icula unto one ramr 

"Sll A Hovt^rTii lontb-doal unto 
pno lanib, throughout the seven 
lambs } ,.^^, 

^ ^•iJtd one klJ of the ^nats, to 
mnkt'an n^inT^FtciiLMit forytm. 

31 Yc sbLill offer £AffP»ijf*i(1& ihe 
ccmtinual buTtil-olTi'j-inu and liis 
mcnl-ttrteriuff (they ihitll Iw unto 
yuLj vrlthout bbmiEiJi) nnd their 
drink-offe-npfli. ,^,^^„ 

CHAP. xxrx. 

ANr> in the icventh month, on 
thn fin^t diift of tlie monil3» ye 
ahaJI havoanholy eonvocatirm ; ye 
fibaU ilo no £er\'ilo Work: JL i,!^ a 
day of blowing the Lrumpotj unto 

2 Ai5d ya Bhull on\^r a humt-Qfler- 
iUE for a tweul Kavour xmia the 
Loitn ; ono youn^ bulTciL-k, une 
mrat and wvr'rt llimbtt of tluQ first 
ycaj wilhuUl bleiniah: 

3 And tlioir meat'oflTtirinE nhnll 
im ij Sour mingied wWi oil, thtee 


tenth-dcEiU ror a 1iu]]acli, aiuf two 

lenth-dcolE \m a rftiu, 

4 Anil iMie tcnili-ilctU mt fldO 

5 AikI tjiut kiJ of Uns Boyijf /o?- 
A un-^^crmc, to make on uLuita- 

D Be^Lilu tlje bumt-oflWifl^ of 
Lbo cnonlii, fluil hli munt-olftinni^^ 
itml ihc tlas]y burnL-oltfsricij,', und 
hji muat-ailerinf, nn4 Llieir urink- 
DShrin^r according uiUo tlioir 
miJincir, Tor ifiwoei Eiftvunr^ a su- 
crificn Dioda bf fira unto the 


7 ir Am) rti «tiiUI Kuva en tlie 
tooth ifdif &r Uiia iovmtJii mortibDi 
hrily CL^flvocsiTli^D : an J ro shrJi iif- 
flirtyour loub: jpCfh^U uutdo uif 
wort lA^ein : 

8 Slut jf « jitriill oTtr □. burjit-on"cf - 
iae UDto ibe LultD /w » « wpet an- 
traiSTi pncivoujif btilloch:. oncraiu^ 
0714^ »evcu bmb^a of iha fttsl ypai i 
thcr BhoHi be unto you witliout 
blc!it]i!ili \. 

3 And ihair fnetii-onferiisff irA^U 
fre ftf fltjur inftiEkid ivith oil, three 
ti?iiiLii-d4JJild to a bullucic, tmd tivu 
u?fith-de[i!i U.I ono turn. 

10 Ascvtrnl tL-Dtli-ucR] for oni* 
kjitb^throEieUc^ui tiicjfoven ktntia : 

11 One kill of rhe joatp/flr a iin- 
aJT^rijlC^i bciJdc iIjO ain-Dtti^riasof'^ 
al(hiDirLi<iit, Bjul Uiu etidlioual 
buiTLL-i}flbiinffv mnd Uia meat-iiifor- 
uir of Lti oudiiijeTr drink-ofTdrlnEe. 

I2TApdoKIafcfiftfiei>th (ioy of 
tlie icvenLh mcmtii ye ilioll havnem 
holy^cronyucution: ys ^hall do no 
i^rvild wotkci BundT fv; bIieiII keep a 
f\]tM£ unfo tjiti LuAn «&VM 

1^ And TD sbaD off^sr a burnt- 
«fibnaf, a. ucri^eo mrnlo by 6re» 
of a iwoot BQTaur unti? the L[]itD ; 
lKidw?D yoimff bkiiloi^ka, iwu rnioE^ 
^iad fourtjEion lairdtt uf Lbe ^i^i 
otu'; thu/ «hall bo witbiiiiL 

lenuih 7 ^ ^ 

14 Aju^ Iheirm&fti-nffonrif *lffH 
fre q/ flitiur mingled vvii;h oil, Lhr{» 
tema-daalu unto dvi^ff bulto{?Jt. af 
tbo ililrtcDii buUucl^t iwij t(!!n,th- 
doblfl to each iiun. of tha ivi^o 

16 And a icTaral lanth^cal to 
cacki tniub of Uaa fi:#iirl#vD lambii i 

m Aiul ono StJd yyT \hi' jruaTji /or 
ft iin-nffuring ; bpjidp thft continu- 
at burnt-ofliirinrf, 3iiji meatijITbr' 
Icf. and hii drink -a^flarinp- 

It 11 And nn tho b^'FiiDd daF |w 
iA<aif 4(ifi!»- twalTo nmwt l>ullock«» 
two rKnu> HiuildflO lamlta of Uiq 
flnt ^^UT witbaot ipni ■ 

IB And tliuiT mtial-DirDnni und 
thcjr dnnk^ufforinci Tor the bul- [ 
locfct. for thfi tfttn*, Rt^ fnf tlin k 


NUMBERS. the feast of U»bemade$. 


lambvT MhoUle acordui^ Lo Oidit 
uuinberT nttut Uaa mEimKir; 

lif And unc kid uf the foati ftiT 
u sin-otTiirine i beside fiie ccHiliiiit' 
al burnL-i>(f(.'rti]|t, uuJ tiie ntf^at-of- 
ferirtS' tj^ereof, and their driuk-of- 

31 ir And ontheUiinldixr i?lerpn 
bnllMckj^, iwo mnu^ foiiiiccii Ininljv 
of tha G^iA yeoj wUhout hie- 
niijrh : 

51 And tlitfir meat-offGdnf Ami 
tholr druik-ofFLrLnfa fm the bul- 
bcki, ^r the ntms, tind for iho 
lambs, Mhnll be B.ccuT(\h\g to tbtiii- 
rtuEribfir, aflertbi^ nmnner: 

52 And^tEK! gv\it/oT a flin-dfrerjiitf; 
bc^iilc Uie contmuml burnl-uffer' 
uiff, and liii mtAt-aSenaK, und iin 
drink ofrerifKr. 

^ ir And (io tbfl fourth dn^ ton 
buUiickSf two rtuniit kiii<( fiatiriEen 
]a]nl»of iha &ni yeiir wiiJiout bla- 
Uiidb : 

34 Thttr meiii-ofli?nn^ and thrtr 
drlnk-ofliiTinEe for the bulbcki, fi^r 
ibc! nLniB. Diid ftirlhoJATiibFi, ilisli 
be HftcitTfimt tu thoir oumbor, ^ftct 
the manner; 

55 And onekul of tlid iroAifl^or 
aiin-ofTerin^^ txnide liieconunu- 
al burnL-otferinej: bii meatn/risrinf , 
Mirl hia drink oitTofintf. 

56 V And i)ii thn hflli Haj aia^ 
bullG^^ks, Lwa fomjti mtei fakirfeon 
htntia of iho first rear wiUioui 
spot 7 

27 And their nwat-^ffcrirte nnd 
(iieir drinikiiflM^riEig!] fur the bul- 
loeki, for tho x'-iWHt nnd foi tiie 
jorubs, ahail i^ accord iiif 10 their 
ntiTubF^r, ftjlor the rntinour; 

^ And onui^oai/irr a etin-ofTer- 
'mw\ lM!*ian thti cornirriihl bunit- 
iiukfms. nnd kd« moal-ojlfeiingt 
ti.m\ bia drink^ofT^nni^. 

a[( 1' And on Lhevijtih day oi^hl 
bollcjckj, twi^ raniE, ^md fourti^eB 
[Qtiibn of Un Ant y<^ar without 
b]emiih - 

3D And thoiT meat-ofrerinff and 
their dfink-orrerini:]! for the hul- 
li:9ckn, for tliti raiiiB, and for tJw 
iQiEitn, 4htiU 60 ncconliiEy to thuir 
UUhiiUer, iif\er Ihe triELiin^ii': 

H) And one pont /ff*" a iin-ofwf- 
ins; be-i^lde tho continuaJ bunif 
oflVrini;, iiL» EEUjat-oAtirii^Kt tuid hi* 

^ 1] And on Llia Mvantli dap 
H>Ton buLlooks, t^va rmntt tmd 
fmuliHQ Tafnbs of the fint year 
wilhoui hicmithr 

^ And tlwir moAt-&flo/in( and 
ih^'lr drink^alferiniia for thja boi- 
iot^kjf, for the ranuit and tot the 
lojiibft, jiAidEf Af M 
hiumb&F, aftoFthti 1L^ 

:M And ntM ^QEi far i tiA-amt' 





«f Motdry voiu. 

_^ , continual bmnt- 

oiiering, his meat ojSeiinff, am hia 

35 IT On the eighth day ye shall 
have a solemn assembly : ye shall 
do no servile wnrk tA/Tftn : 

^ Butra iljaJL otihi cl bumt-of- 
finiltf, L Hi£j:ifi4:6 aiiulL- by tkni, of 

cmQ bullock, ouu riun, acion Icunbs 
of thn fint year witJ>gut Llcntl^h :^ 

37 Their mcftt-olFErinj and their 
i]rink-4itrbrhitjs Ibr tho Itullock, for 
Lhn riiin, andforthclimibf, Mhallbe 
aecondjng U) tbuir aumbqr, tLlter 
the manner: 

38 And one goat for a sin-ofTer- 
ing; beside the continual bumt- 
oflTering, and his meat-offering, and 
his drink-offering. 

39 These things ye shall do unto 
the Lord in your set feasts, beside 

?rour vows, and your free-will-of- 
erinffs, for your burnt-offerings, 
and for your meat-offerings, and 
for your drink-offerings, and for 
your peace-offerings. 

40 And Moses told the children 
■of Israel according to all that the 
Lord commanded Moses. 


A The Obligation ^Votos. 
ND Moses spake unto the 
heads of the tribes concerning 
the children of Israel, saying. This 
18 the thing which the Lord hath 

2 If a man vow a vow unto the 
Lord, or swear an oath to bind his 
ioal with a bond; he shall not 
break his word, he shall do accord- 
ing to all that proceedeth out of 
liis mouth. 

3 IT If a woman also vow a vow 
unto the Lord^ and bind Aerse^f by 
a bond, being m her father^s house 
in her youth ; 

4 And her father hear her vow, 
and her bond wherewith she hath 
iiound her souU and her father shall 
liold his peace at her : then all her 
vows shall stand, and every bond 
wherewith she hath bound her soul 
•hall stand. 

. 5 But if her father disallow her 
ID the day that he heareth. not any 
of her vows or of her bonds where- 
with the hath bound her soul shall 
^and; and the Lord shall forgive 
her, because her father disallowed 

6 And if she had at all an hus- 
band when she vowed, or uttered 
aught out of her Kps, wherewith 
rile bound her soul: 

7 And her husband heard iU and 
held his peace at her in the day 
that he heard it: then her vows 
shall stand, and her bonds where- 

with she bound her soul shall 

8 Buiiriicr huflhflTid t]jsalbiwed 
her ^^n Ujtj i\\lj Uiai h*; heard it, 
then he&Liall tnnha Hlt vt^vt which 
sht" vowfMJr aod dint which &li« ut- 
teruU will] hcf iijWt whtirywith ths 
bound her euul, Dfnon^ cffuci \ «ml 
th<' LnRD tihiiJE foreive litif. 

11 Bill fyv«ry voiv «f ii widow, 
and of her \hu.i is ilivortcd, wli«io- 
wiUi ilifyhiive LiQund their lon^ 
shol:! etAnd JisEiiniit her. 

10 And if anc vowed in her hiis- 
banj'a iniiiae, or botmd her soul h^ 
a tond with an ocith ; 

11 A]}d her hujibEinj heard i^aod 
hetcj hti v^atti atiitfr, ujEi/disalluw- 
ec fiur Dot : tlicn mil her v^twii nhall 
Stan J H and cvijiy btrnd w hers with 
sbi' bi>mgd hf^Tsoul ahoJl Bland, 

I? But if her huBLnnd hcith ut- 
terttf ymdo thom *qid on I ho da? 
he hE^rcl ikcjh ; then wbaiioev4:r 
prcicc^zded ootof b^r lips etineert)' 
ui|? )iur vowK, Of {lon^^eming the 
bond i»r hf r ffoul^ shal] nut si tod ^ 
her huibnnJ l^aih m&dplhE'm vuid; 
anil il]<^ Lqrd ihull forgive bur. 

13 Every veiw^ ]ind uvt'^y bTtldiug 
oatii t(i aOSici Ih43 soul, her huaband 
mny eitiibbBh it* €f ber huihan] 
mar muke Ltvnid. 

^4 UuL If borhuiband altoeethiF 
holJ IiLb peace cil hi^r froni driy in 
da>' : tliun \vs: fistabliihiMh all ber 
vo vf^, i>r all \mx hondt*, which a.Ye 
upon her r ho conJiriiH'Ui tliL'in» bi^- 
caLwts ho h<i\tl hii peace ai hfii in 
thfi i\m that he he-nrd them. 

15 Bui if hoi^Jtli an^ wiiPiinake 
them V4.»id ul\er llnil he bnUi hoard 
thcmt ilicn ho «Ldl boar horini- 

^l^These are the statutes which 
the Lord commanded Moses be- 
tween a man and his wife, between 
the father and his daughter, being 

Set in her youth in her fathers 

The Jfidianites spoiled. 
A ND the Lord spake unto Mo- 
xX ses, saying, 

2 Avenge the children of Israel 
of the Midianites : afterward shall 
thou be gathered unto thy people. 

3 AndMoses spake unto the peo- 
ple, saying, Arm some of your^ 
selves unto the war, and let them 
go against the Midianites, and 
avenge the Lord of Midian. 

4 Of every tribe^ a thousand, 
throughout all the tribes of Israel, 
shallye send to the war. 

5 So there were deUvered out of 
the thousands of Israel, a thousand 
of event tribe, twelve thousand 
armed for war. 


The Midimites spoiled. N UBiBEBS. 

6 And Moses sent tJiera lu tho 
war, a tliousand of rcrr^ tritw, 
them and Phinehas the aon a T Llea 
«ar the priest, to the wHf, wtib tho 
holy instruments, and tha irimipoU 
to blow in his hand. 

7 And they warred «wraiinat iUa 
Midianites, as the LoRii £ «i men nui I - 
ed Moses; and they slew oik the 

"s And they riew tliu kin?ff of 
Midian, b^ide the ri .1 ot, ihom 
tliat were slam j »uwi»«rr^ Lvj, buI 
Rekem, and Zur, anil, IUft fl"sl 
Reba, five kings of Mwlinn^ Ba- 
laam also the son of Deor thcr 
slew with the sword. 

9 And the children ot UTn^^ taofc 
aU the women of Midiini tTuprrvi^, 
and their little ones. g[m1 uviak the 
BuoU of all their cattle, iLiid aU Uitir 


they brought rh-^cnptivos, 
>rcy, and tlni ^ttuil unWj 
dEleazarthi.' Kic*t, arid 

flocks, and all their gonnl ^. 

10 And they burnt all ihrit ciucs^ 
wherein they dwelt, runl ail Umr 
goodly castles, with fire. 

11 And they took all tho spoiL 
and all the prey, both of men bjhI ol 
boasts. , . , , 

12Andtheybrough rl 

and tho prcr ""'' 
Moses and Licaaox uii. ..'iivirN, ^^.-^ 
unto tho congregaUon ut Uju fnil- 
dren of Israel, unto thji cnmu at i Jib 
plains of Moab, which art by Jor- 
dan near Jericho. 

13 IT And Moses, and EIcojeit the 
priest, and all the pnnrr-i of tbo 
congregation, went lurUi to meot 
tliom without the cam [» . 

14 And Moses wa:^ ^v mi h with 
the officers of the hn^i, mth Uip 
captains over thousaml?:, an J cap- 
tains over hundreds, wUJch camo 
from the battle. ., ^ . 

15 And Moses sajd iinto theisi. 
Have ye saved all Oio wunwn 

16 Behold, those cnuucxt ihe chil 

30 And purify all ypnr raiiiicnt, 
iuid all thai ij mailo of tikinirk. aiHl 
elII v/tttk. of ifiiata' Arj^i-, acid all 

21 1[ Asjd EkDiatilw unesit said 
uLiin I tic nicit (»f waf wliic3i wmii 
10 tho buttle. 'Thn i* tlie nrdmnnce 
of tho luw ivhicli tho LomJ Cflm^ 
mandod tAoBO* i , , j, 

iiS Only tJio ffoWn and tlm Bfl\;ftr* 
th« hriiM. the iron, tlio tin, iwid u»b 
loadi . - * 

^ EriMF ihini that may abide 
the lifo. yo bHuII inBko it eo t^npuyh 
the fiftj, and ii ahall bo cluaii: 
ncvortholcM it fh&ll bo.iiurJiwi 
wllh thBWoturof ae-PriraULin; and 
all thiitabideUi t*ottiio flre yo shall 
mjifco CO thfuggh Hio wnioT. 

34 And re shall waah your 
cloLhca oa tlio swcjiih day, and y* 
shall tie cloan^ ancl afterword yo 

35 M And the LotLD grpako unto 

Mo&oi^ aayini, 

Tso ta ita the mm of U to pwy ih at 
was taktint ^^^ ^^f i^'^, '^"^ ^^ 
hunst, ihon. and EiouAar ilnipneitl. 
und ilio chief fathfifs of Um Cfliijjie- 

^"?7*An[l divido tho proy iiiHt*^° 
parti; hMwcen thorn that tyuk tho 
wnr upon tiiom, who went mil to 
Imi tle» and bftwcen all the conEfe- 

^"sa^And lovT a tribiil* unto ihfi 
Ltmn of the men ni vr&t which 
wotit out to biittlo : one soul of Bvo 
htindwlr ^fJt »^ I'J^ pofiojn^ anij 
of tho bccvoir and uf tbo asaea. Mm 
aftl'io shacp; , ,_ 1 , 

39 Tako it yf tiieirh nit, ntifl Hive 
it unta Eli^a^ar ilie j>rii:i»t, Jvrm 
h*.av e- offorinif of I lm Lf 1 ILP - 

3Q AndpftliaehdrlrenflffsniDl I 
half, thou shaJt tiiko one V*^ni^ 
i,t fifty, of Oia pcTEon*, of the 

fgai^nSiXe A^ ''-^^ S S^^^H^^^^ ^' "^^ 

of Peor, ,and there wa^ f^ ^Hw^ ^l Aid MW.* and EleuaiT tiie 

among the congreK^t^un "^ ^"LrlitJUMuIdLoiLDcoimniindod 

17 Now therefore ki:] cvorv male M^^e|- .. ^^^^ ^^^^ U>fl test 
amongthelitlleone«.andk.lievYy -^ ^nd^^^o boojyj^&<n^u| rwi 

woman that hath known mcin by ^J^^P^lTi^ ,i« l.umlml tjij?ii- 

'"ifBuWl'The w.m.n-ohil.]rcn. ?^d J Jii..-ir thoa^md and five 

10 I>Ul oil WIO »»"r(ii.« «,,,,n,,-.. 

that have not known a mftn "y if 
mgwith him, keep uJi^e foryum- 
Wiind do ye abids wilhnuMhe 
camp seven days: wlinaMTsr nam 
kiUed any person, fi 111 i^^ho|aev^; 
hath toucW any slun. puiify J^tJ 
yourselves and your '^"P^i'^J'" 
Hie Sird day, and oft tlm w^onth 
^^ ion 

thnU9snd ehocpf , ^ 

^33 Ami threi^C'irc and iwoWe 
Lhominfid boiives, 
34 And tliTcesporo and one iwn»- 

'^:^ Arul thirty and iWtithoMind 
iJEraofis ifl nlU of wcimoa liml had 
ijoi known man by tyjo* *!» 

^"Sg And the half wAitft loai d»i 

Tk» 90lmUtr9 oblation CHAP. XXXU. 


portion of them that went out to 
war, was in number three hundred 
thousand and seven and thirty 
thousand and five liundrcd sheep : 

37 And the Lord's tribute of the 
sheep was six hundred and three- 
score and fifteen. 

38 And tJie beeves were thuly 
and six thousand; of which the 
Lord's tribute was threescore and 

39 And the asses were thirty 
tliuusand and five hundred ; of 
which the Lord's tribute was 
tlireescoro and one. 

40 And the persons were sixteen 
thousand, of which the Lord's 
Irilnitc was tliirty and two persons. 

41 And Moses gave the tribute, 
which was the Lord's heave-offer- 
ing, unto ^' " "^-^ iest, as the 
Loan con ^'-^ es. 

42 And' ■ I of Israel's 
half, whic. ( >i i ■^■■'- u n n-ed from the 
men that w.irrc^tl, 

43 (fiow rhft hiiJf fMt pertained 
unto the < mL-rr iriirirm was liu-ee 
hundred tlux . I ■i:\A thirty thou- 
sand and .-. .11 I' <i7:<-[id and five 
hundred sheep, 

44 And thirty and six thousand 

45 And thirty thotisand asses and 
five hundred, 

4ti And sixteen thousand per- 

47 Even of the children of Is- 
rael's half, Moaes took one portion 
of fifly, both of man and of beast, 
and gave them unto the Lovites, 
which kept the charge of the ta- 
bernacle of the Lord ; as the Lord 
commanded Moses. 

48 IT And the officers which toere 
over thousands of the host, the 
captains of thousands, and captains 
of hundreds, came near unto 

49 And they said unto Moses, 
Thy servants have taken the sum 
of the men of war which are under 
our charge, and there lacketh not 
one man of us. 

50 We have therefore brought 
an oblation for the Lord, what 
every man hath gotten, of jewels 
of gold, chains, and bracelets, 
rincs, ear-rings, and tablets, to 
make an atonement for our souls 
before the Lord. 

51 And Moses and Eleazar the 
priest took the gold of them, even 
all wrought jewels. 

52 And all the gold of the offer- 
ing that they offered up to the 
Lord, of the captains of thou- 
sands, and of the captains of hun- 
dreds, was sixteen thousand seven 
hundred and fif\y shekels. 

53 (For the men of war had 
taken spoil, every man for him- 

54 And Moses and EUeazar the 
priest took the gold of the captains 
of thousands, and of hundreds, and 
brought it into the tabernacle of the 
congregation, for a memorial for 
the children of Israel before the 

Reuben's Inheritance, A-e. 

NOW the children of Reuben 
and the children of Gad had 
a very great multitude of cattle : 
and whpn they saw the land of 
Jnzer, and the land of Giiead, 
that behold, the place was a place 
for cattle ; 

2 The chUdren of Gad and the 
children of Reuben came and 
spake unto Moses, and to Eleazar 
the priest, and unto the princes of 
the congregation, sa/ing, 

3 Ataroth, and Dibon, and Ja- 
zer, and Nimrah. and Heshbon, and 
Elcalch, and Shebam, andNebo, 
and Beon, 

4 Even the country which the 
Lord smote before the congre- 
gation of Israel, is a land for 
cattle, and thy servants have 
cattle : 

5 Wherefore, said thojr, if we 
have found grace in thy sight, let 
tliis land be given unto thy ser- 
vants for a possession, and bring us 
not over Jordan. 

6 If And Moses said unto the 
children of Gad and to the chil- 
dren of Reuben, Shall your bre- 
thren go to war, and shall ye sit 

7 And wherefore discourage ye 
the heart of the children of Israel 
ff'TM gfiing over intu the lan-d 
viiiLch tJifi Lonn Imih ffivcn 

B ThTiadJiJ your fnthera, uhcnt 
sriht Ujf'ErL fmra KadKih-buiDca lu 

'1 The land. 

'J Far vfhim they went up itnto 
tlif' vii[h']r [if fjihfrfll, nniJ saw tJto 

of r| ■■ rJiifnlKin tiV IiifTujl, that they 
shi.'iild nut ^Q inio iho land wljJen 

thi! l.fniD inui «rivr(i lHhi _ 

III AmJ the Lnnik*! aniri? wa< 
kiuiSli^il the Aume lime, anA he 
•ware, saymg, 

11 Surely none of the men that 
came up out of Egvpt, from 
twenty years old and upward, 
shall see the land which I nvran 
unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and 
unto Jacob ; because they have not 
wholly followed me : 

12 Save Caleb the son of Jo- 
phunnch the Kenezito, and Joshua 


TlUUmdeastofJifrdan NUMBBBS. given to tkeIUub€nUe»,Sc. 

the son of Nun : for they have 
wholly followed the Lord. 

13 And the Lord's anger wm 
kindled against , Israel, and he 
made them wander m the wilder- 
forty years, until all the 
iration that had done evil in 
J B^ht of the Lord was con 

the B^ht 

14 And behold, ye are risen up 
in your fathers' stead, an increase 
of nnful men, to auement yet tlie 
fierce anger of the Lord toward 
Israel' <• 

15 For if ye turn away from 
aOer him, he will yet agam leave 
them in the wilderness ; and ye 
sliaU destroy all this people. 

16 If And they came near unto 
him, and said. We will build sheep- 
folds here for our cattle, and ciUes 
for our little ones: 

17 But we ourselves will go 
ready armed before, the children 
of Israel, untU we have brought 
them unto their place : and our 
little ones shaU dwell m. the fenced 
cities, because of the uihabitants 
uf Uie land. 

18 We wUl not return unto our 
houses, until the children of Israel 
have inherited every man his mhe- 

linfore the Lon& to battle, oj my 
lordaaidu . 

^ So cunc<?riiLiijr tlieni alo#oi 
tuEomflrtiiod Ek'&aftT tiic pfiest, 
ami Jo&tiuu lLia sotiDtNun, tuad 
tlic chief luthiir* of tlic Uibos uf 
thft c U i U ^i>n of I sraL^ 3 

W Andfll*Jfics*Q!(ltifltoihain- If 
tliechililren of tiatl and ll>b cbiS- 
drtiD of Rciiben wiJI pass wiUi pm 
fivnr Jordan, gvorj mftn armed to 
UQlUet Ijcfonj ilm LoiD. and ibft 
iLULcl »hal] bo BuUiiied before yoiai 
Tb<iii j^ Bhal! ilvc thom^ tbu miH of 

(jiieLiil for a iniiwOi- 

:iii But if iboy will tioi nais uirDr 
with you annod. the? shall liave 

n;l AEidihe dbiyren of Gad aiajJ 
ll]i: dtitdten of Il«ubcn aimwered. 
Baj'Liiir. As tba IjijRi* hath aaid 
imrii iliv flcrvnnts, *o will we do^ 

33 Wt? wilk UMB ever armed bft- 
ftarfi tin) LoiLD into ilio land of 
Canrtrjij, tlmt tho pDBiit>^ion of a\n 
mmi ItanCP oa ihii aide J ofdaa majt 
be OUrfl. , ^ . 

33 And MoSflsgaTflJiin*^ «*■?' 
ifotn i« the yhiWrttn of Gad, anil tu 
tba chililf wn of Reuben, out! unto 
liiijf thu ihh^ uf MjinMJiwh, tlie son 
of Jrnfovtif tlio kiuffdom *if Sihon 

19 For we will not inherit with Ifcinj? ofUieAmonif^sftijd the kir^- 
thwnonyondersideJordan,orforhloiii of Ou kinjf uf Ba^ha^. ^o 
wardrbecause our inheritance is I !nnJ. witb U.e ciU.3i tiiercof m^i 

^ ^I Aiid tlio thililrcn uf Gftd 
built DihoD, find AtMoth, suw 

5t5^Iinii AtTLith^ SboDKo4i, and 
jQTtur. an;! .Iiu'>>flbftb. 

36 Ami Beth inns rabt and Ooth- 
haraa, fsinxJ c'lU^s i iiua f*iltl» WT 

*'37^Apd (Jhfl chad rnn of ^Reuben 
hiiHt Hr-iblwa, sad Ekaich, anJ 
ICid'tthrLirn, , _ ^ 

ii AtHl: NKfbo, Btid Bnal-ioson* 
(ihi^ir iittiiic* bujni: cbaH«ed J and 
atiibjiiab; and caie otlmr immM 
mitrj rho cii'iiM winch Uiey bialded. 

39 Ami tbc rbiiilrtui of Maclur 
ihq Bon of M]Uiai*ch went tu 
tJilertdt and ti-ok it, and diipoi- 
fiiaMod Uio Ajuanta >^bich was 

'"4V And Moses f avi? nUsiHjl unto 
MiirhifThoBOHor MamitMhs a^A 

41 And imr the 3on of Mr;n!W- 
inh 1 

fallen to us on this side Jordan 

90 IT And Moses said unto thorn. 
If ye will do this thing, if ye wdl 
go armed before the Lord to 

*S* And will go all of you armed 
over Jordan before the. Lord, 
until he hath driven out his ene- 
mies from before him, 

22 And the land be subdued be- 
fore the Lord : then afterwa^ ye 
■hall return, and be guiltless before 
the Lord, and before Israel ; and 
this land shall be your possessiou 
before the Lord. „« k- 

23 But if ye will not do. so, be 
hold, ye have sinned against thj: 
Lord : and be sure your sm will 
find you out. . . . ,.^., 

24 BuUd you cities for your httk 
ones, and folds for your sheep ; an. 
do Ulat which hath proceeded out 

— louth. - « J 1 

aw rtuu the children of Gad and 
ic children of Reuben spake unt;i^ 

ofyour mouth. 
K And 

do as my lord commandeth. 
36 Our litUe ones, our wive^, 

?^tS?r«'?nffie^ftii'^fGil^^^^ ^^nrt ihe viiuips u,^ 

^sniTSS i^ante wtu pas. £id ^\U it NuUoh. ftAei bi* 
^, evei^ man armed for war, I liomo. 

Hm went nod look iHpi Rmnu tuwri 
ihoEtHif, 4JA^I callLd iliuni Huvotli- 

"' 4" And Nftlfnh vcf^ni an«l too% 
K<>tiath. nnd ihi viELag?* Uie^eof, 

1 ^_.f 1T...I Ee lUd-Jiiil-i tinmr hiA aruM 

ThefottiKiooiiniinuyB CHAP. 

i r - :xTTL 

TH[:Si. Nrr k.,r: J,.llimt??il (if ihff 
rhildn;ii cifkriitrl. which wt^ut 
forth out uf Uju hi ml uf IT^'t't ^Jc-'' 
tiiciir Eurniif^ UndiT ihe hand of, 
MitHS amt Anron, 

^ And Mi^ki^i-fl wrotntlieiriftinija 
uut^ccurrEiii^r Iq their jounteyu hy 
tile Ji'ommaiiilmi^t of the LoR,n ; 
awl ihfli^!? art Lhflir jmif ncf e acwfd- 

3 And iJ(Uf depiirtifd from Ru- 
BKWii in till] lifirt nnjnth, on tho fif- 
tmiutl] dayaf UsQ firdt mtintliT nO 
um moTTOw nfler Ut4j paaaover the 
cJiLttlrf^n of tgnu"! wcinlijutwithiu} 
lifh hand m Uie dtfhl of lUl tlw 


4 Ffjr ihe Effyplifins bnrii^d a31 

iiiid viuitien funinig themi upon 
i:ht':ij coda oIho iha ujitii oxacui&l 

5 AnJ tbt' rJitktn.n of Enftd rt; 
noT'ed fMHn ^ncsei^ and pilcl^^ 
in Stie^^th. 

ti Ami ihny fl^pflriEvl from Riifi 
«oUi, and njtF3lt^[I in Ethftm, wtkkh 
4* in TJie *dgc *^rtJiio wilJorLU>«. 

7 And t[icF roiTiovFrJ fromEchDimd 
ftnd turrtedl luuin unlu Fi-huLhirnlJi, 
wh jell t j^ btftbrt^ Itjud-Kephei^n t atiid 
lh«rp4irhotl hofoTe Mi^rioL 

^ Anri they deihiTtiKl ftflm Imrnre 
Ft-hiLldfoiLh, mild i^opfcd through 
Lhn rniiJflt of tht' if^ri intu tJic wildF.^r- 
Russi, iind wunt three djyfH^jfUirnt'f 
ill ifie wLlrl«mixss of ElhftiHi and 
ttitr.ho^l in MHjfih, 

H And thf^jr rojodv^d frnin Ma- 
rahpAiid Ciitn^^ uiiU> EUin ; and in 
Elim ip«rff iwolvn founLum of wa- 
lor, and UiiecKon and tw paJm- 
Mvim ; and tlK*jr pitcUod Ihtre, 

10 And th»'j' TpmaTod frntn 
Elim, and encamped bf tha R(kI 

11 An() ilif^j' romoved from the 
Hc'd si^a, and nncjuiipctl is th? wU- 
dvrtuafl of^n. 

)2 Aid Itn!* tftofc th&ic Jonrfier 
Dot of Ui*; wilih^mcflfl of Hm, and 
ancampart in [kiphkah. 

I'A Artd the? di:|]ari:ed frorn 
LNjtgihkah, and <?n camped in Alueh. 

M Aiiti tJiijy ratntivii'd from 
AFiuh, and t^ncair>p4id «l Et'^phi- 
ilim, wh«r« wna nowaler for thfl 
pacipk' to drink. 

LA And thuy disparted from llo- 
iliidlia, ajid piLchod in (ha wild^- 

10 And thf^T mmnvud from ili« 
ifevutdf 8iniii, v^itl ttitiihi^t at tCi-; 

17 Ami thivy dcpnTiefl froin Ki- 
Inotlrhottaavah^ ant^ epcJUPped at 

H H 

IS And rJ^ey d^pnirted from 
HB5toroth. and pitch&d in EiAh- 

l!* And tho/ dppnrtofJ from 
Kithmuh, ujidpitc}ji;dai EJmmQU- 

'20 And ihay dcpoilcd from 
EjMitncm-pare^, and ptiehed jii 

*2l AhjI thcT removed fram Iiih- 
iia]i, und pitched at RJuikh. 

iU And thoy iourneyud from Uis- 
inh, anJ pitrnedin Kc^hclaihiih- 

23 And tliey went from Kchola- 
ilialin mid iJitchiKl ill tEOdtil Sh* 

54 And t3wy removed frcoii 
mounl i^httpiitr, and ss&BJiipDd iii 

55 And they romovc^d frtun 
Haradeik, aud pitckL-d in Makho- 

Sfi And ibcr tcmuvod froflj 
Makhutoifa, and ancouipsd al 

^ And ihftj? deputed fwipi 
Tnliath, and nitcbod ai Tamh. 

a:? Aiw utt*y rnmovetl fiom 
Tfirnh, rtitd pUcli^d in Mithcah. 

^J And thay went frnm MiUictib, 
and pitch i^^d in Huhnionah^ 

30 Arwl Dioy depaiiwl fram 
HtLflimonah, andoiicuinped al Mo- 

31 And thflf drtparu^l from 
IHfj^arflth, and pitched in Rene- 
itiflkan. ^ ^ , , 

33 And Iliv7 removed from 
Fk^nc-jaalEnn, and enCOnil^isl OX 

3^t And ujd^ wmit Urom Haf-h^- 
gjdcad^ and t>itched in Jothathiih. 

3^ And thef comoTcd ffoin 
Jrxbailiah, and encamped al 

35 Aihi iher don^rtod ft jo) 
EbroaaJi, andl Qiicampud at Esaci- 
firtMjr. ^ ^ 

35 And they peinovflcj frora 
Exion-frnb^j and niir.hnd in ihn 
wilitt>nbe«Dr7Jn, which ijrKadadu 

37 And thay removed from 
Kndeih, ofld pitehwl in mount 
lli>rp in Lhn edge of the land at 

34 And Aortiri liio priest ivent lib 
into mnutit iCor at uiu CQaiaiiLiuf'- 
montof tlie ^Jon.t^ an^Jl dii?:d Lhei^t 
id the f^irtinlh fetir lU^r ihe chil'^ 
dren of [irael Wctp C-oton out i>f Lha 
land of BgTPt, m the fifst d^j/of 
rjin Rf^h month. 

1^ AnrI AAron vox am hnndTcd 
nnd twenty antJ thrL* yaaia old 
whf^ci h« died id morini rictt. 

40 And it ins A rad the Canaan i Ic. 
wiiirh d^valL IP t>iy pijiilh in Ihl* 
innd of<Tart.iRri* hi^^tti of the oom- 
iPff of tbfl i:hiklr«n «flv«e^ 

CkMomtet to be dutroytL LUMBERS. 

41 And they i5< purled ftistn 
mfiUJit Hot, luid pitotied in Zal- 

412 Aadlhciy d4!PEir(iC<rt from Zal- 
mm^oJii atid piicbcxd in Puoun. 

A'X And Uu'y dopariEjcl rrt»m Fu- 
Dun, and pltc^jiLtd in Obtith. 

44 Aud titor tlvpiirt^ii from Obauit 
and t)iicli'«) in Ijt^uEiarimj^ m (Jjd 

45 And tboy rli^purted iTrani lin^* 
uid piieJiod ill Dibon-giid' 

id And ihty rtmiiiveJ frthm 
Dilrf)p-pd, and cncQJitped in Al- 
ODli-diulLiUiatin- , , 

47 And llH;;r mnwived frtan 
ALofeon-dJbliLthaijn, and v^Xuhi^ In 
die niuLiiiUUfjyi oC Aiiaprmi. befurc 

43 And tlicf doparbsd frurn Ilia 
mmitituiiia uf Aluuim* and piUrJiod 
in tlw p^Luns of U^i^iU by Jurd^ 

49 And they pitcliod by Jordan, 
from BoUi-juitmolh «■(-« unto 
AEioMiilUin m liid pluina uf 

SU TT And tbp LirtiLD stuika uiiEo 
M(Nii9« in Uie pining uf MliaIi by 
Jurdan T^ar Jurf ii:h u f say lug, 

51 3p<jak unto the cluldri'ii ejI \a- 
Tieli vk] nay uigiik tliE^ni, Wlvin yc 
aru jiDsMd over Jonlitn iiiUt Uiu 

fill Thoii y^ ihnll drive out alt 

'^1 mliobitanbi af the l[uiJ.i hurnhn- 

yuu, and dditruf nil \hmt m^- 

' and d^^tr-ciy itj.i tfsuir uiidtt-n 


imaflM, audquitu pUick doW» K.fl 
Ibeif high pbces . 

53 And yo ilmli di^ipussfsi EJu 
iilAdAntaNtf tcT thu L^uirl, uid dwoy 
thtitom^ tut I Ipva Ei^^^ you the 
lluld itojKH)BCm it. 

54 And yu ihs^[| dJvidc Uiu land 
by loL fiir, ui iiih^inuini^P mnanjr 
yoiLr fojniliet ; ow^ tit ^be mt^ro ya 
■taon itva t)iD m^jro LnhtifiLiinftii 
and tu tbii fimrur ye liiail {pvt! tho 
Ion udaaiitanifl t uv^ry mua's m- 
Asn'tssce ifaal] Ni bi ih« plbne 
whuKibUkiilklleth ^ act^nfutinff to 
tlw (iit4«of yout fatburi ye lUum 

55 But tf yfl v^ill not anTO out 
the uibnbitHUlJi bf Ui« jnnd from 
borttrtyuo; tiwft it ihfdl (!uind tju 

tlmt tJl^i 

Bordera«ftlU lanM. 

9 Command the r.hiJdrun ciT In- 
mol^ and eoy ujila Un^in, Whfin 
yc com^Q into tlLU ImiuL of L'anEi^m; 
[tliiii ij Lbu bnd Lbiu simH fiilJ unto 

t'ou flit nn inlkcrjLaace, irccn tJi« 
n]]^d of CannAD wiUu Uia cooi^ 

3 Tbunyour aouLh quojler phalY 
W frct/jL tbu w tidier thESft <m( Zin 
alonis by the coB-^t of Bil(3m, and 
TiiUT ii»utii border ibidl bo iha 
uutjuujtt CMOAt erf tbe salt ttm em- 
ward ; 

4 And your bordor ilnLI turn 
from tf]0 auulh lo th*r a»c«uL *jf 
AkfiiblrJEDj fijpd tkiiM titi ia /^iii: 
and t>K^ ifuing f^irLb llwriMaf ghalt bo 
frioin %he eoutli tu Kn(1u«ih-biu^ijcia« 
and sIjllII to on to Hiizai-addiLr, 
and pUB^ on to Azniofi : 

5 And tlu} bordeir *\tn\l r^tcli ^ 
coibpiiAii fruTij Aimon ilntfj tJiid 
river itf Efiypt^ Emd tbe colcis^ ^ut 
of it ekali bii at tho aocl. 

e And «tf /«- the vveainm bank^T. 
yn ilui]] «!ven have Hie ardat v^a fi^r 
a burdur; tiii^ jbtiJi b<3 your Vrtial 
bcurdifrt ^ ^ 

7 And thu ahall hit yotir porth 
bondt^- fr0m tba cr^nt eea yft 
flhall point out Tor yoo luiiimit 
flor L 

@ Ffoin mount Hor ye «UaB 
tNnuE. out 1^0 Kr A^wvin- nnlo tb* 
DDlnince of HanintJi ] and iUu bo- 
mgi fuitb of Iho bunJkr Bbail hu to 
Zeilnd r 

D'f AndtbobDrdcrshoJl CO on tu 
ZipUrr>n» flilrl thD iToilljfl oul of ll 
nbuJE b«at Hjucur-iirttjin ; tJJiiia bbiill 

be ytiur narlh bontur- 
lb And 


cn^i bi>nlof from llo^^-cnmi to 


11 AthI ihe con^t mhedl go down 
from ^Si<Gp]3am In Eibj^ih, on Um 
pait et^ida of Ain l nnd liiHj bonliff 
fehnU d>^i:xiid, and shall nsnt^h Uulo 
thfi iide of tha tua i»f Chinnurittli 

1:2 And tbehordt^r <hid) go da urn 
toJi.»rdun» aikd the jrcnnsvont ofit 
f hdl b<? it \i\a Kfiit s«a. Tbik Bii;iU 
htt yimr lund withtJiuculifetitliuiicor 
IDtnid dboUl. 

Lt AniJ Mniitf Gommivndod ilia 
cKildrf-n of Israel, Jiayin^;. Thi* it 

, _ __ _ , tbi? ]i|]]ft which yo shaLli inlieiit by 

iixttiii of ilhcni ajk^t pe pi'u'k^ m kit, which tli«e l^MLP r(]tnmiiiiLli4t 

)bi«o Mfhich t*i IH 

yi»lirdy^«^ ami ihiifnii in your ttdtd, 
and ribiLil vex yoy in Uic J nod wbero^ 

Ctt i^ivc ujtiu ibe nina tiibiiiiip ADd lu 
14 Fcir ti^ tribe ol Ifao f-hildri'if) 

xniv . _-, -- -- 

5u MureW«rf __^il^ elial] conio in I of EleubL>'n^ tirEiorElific to the Iioueh 
■"of tJicir fulhera, _iiiid the tTihe »f 

, _ . I. thai 1 e^iiill ^a unto yuy, u 
ihouirht rii ihi noUi tbem. 
Tlfefl Bttrdm nf the J^vnd. 
A NTI till} IjiiKLi t^aku unto 
ik Miifu'fi, Buying. 

the i*hilHlf<:n of Ond acrordinj to 
t!ia boo'^t^ of tboir raiherw, hav*' nj- 
ca't^uil tAtir ijUkci'iitince : tunl hatr 
the tribkiofMniiJtis^b bnru toc^iveii 
UuiLr tnbi'dtionco : 

JTm^^Oau to divide U. CHAP. XXXV. ThecUieM^ rduge. 

tnbe have received thdr ln3ivd[- 


ance on this side Jordan »irrjr 
cbp eastward, toward ilie 

16 And the Lord hii£iJ;ii unto 
Bfosej. sajring, 

17 These are the nanif^* of ilie 
men which shall divid.. thp Ib^lI 
unto you: Eleazar Uie pu^i^atui 
Joshua the son of Nun. 

18 And ye shall take one urlneo 
of every tribe, to divide the laiiil L y 

19 And the names of tl]e mpn an 
these: Of the tnbe of Juda]i, Cah^b 
tnc son of Jephunneh. 

20 And of the tribe of the cliil- 
dren of Simeon, Shcmucl ilie tun 
of Amouhud. 

21 Of the tribo of Benjumin, mi- 
dad the son of Chislon. 
.u^ ^?^ ^^ PR"<5e of tJic tnho of 
the children of Dan, Bukitj tha mn 
of Jogli. 

23 The prince of the chjlfjrcn of 
Joseph, for the tribe of Uie chlMKn 
of Manaaseh, Hanniel Uju £uq of 

T34 And the Prince of the tribe of 
the children of Ephraim^ Ktiuutri 
tlM son of Shiphtan. 
.u^ d?!^ t^® jpjjnce of tha iribQ of 
the children of Zebulun, Klitzipljan 
theson of Parnach. 

26 And the prince of tljo Lribc of 
the children of Issachar, Faiiiiii Uje 

the children of Aslier, AhiLud tJiti 
■on of Shelonu. 

,,28 And tlie prince of the triby of 
the children of Naphtali^ PtftlihoJ 
theKmpf Ammihud. 

29 These are ikey Vfham tlic 
lA>RO commanded to diviilfi ilit- 
inJientanpe. linto the ch^]di«i] 
oi Israel in tlie huid of Ca- 


ACiUeM given to tlie Leritft, 
»u the Lord spako uiiLo 
Hoses u the plains yt Moub 
by Jordan near Jericho. B.ivjtjj,':, 

2 Command the chifdnn of Is- 
rael, thtit they xive unto iJifj Lo- 
vites of the inheritance j»i' (hkjt 
possession cities to dwell in; nnd 
ye shall nve.obo unto the l^vhiii 
subarbs for the cities rouu J abmit 


J And the cities shaQ Hv^f Imvo 
to dwell m; and the subLtrbn *tf 
them shall be for their caulr;, iDd 
grUieir goods, and for ull their 

4 And the inibiiriM of the cities 
which ye shall give nnto ih« L^i- 
ntai, tkeil remtk from th« wall uT] 

tint til J flod tiutwiutl a thuuiiuiii 
tl]l3i!| rauiHt abwiji. 

^, AoJ yu Bhati joruun^i froin 
wjlhoul tlio r-uy on tJie «!i*t aiJo 
two iJjgqsBnd tubj!»^ nntf on the 

oij the If cat atit^. mo Ujgugnnii cm- 
tjiifl. ainl cin Ihe nurth shin uvu 
iliciusiun; CM bit* ; and ibci dry skafi 
fr in tbu mi.iit: Uiis shiill W 14 
i^"l t fiiJi^^Ths eHbe citii-s, 

shatiftr 31JC eilicj ftir njfupe, wbitth 

&*1? ^l^y^.Hee llutliir; iif„| t,l 
them ys ska]l atW ftiriy and two 


7 A\f ii|| the Bitioi whu^ to ,vtiDll 

t^l'' pJF^i ciiij^ = tbcjn gjrnll If a gitt 

yrt^hihttT !.u\mrim. * • ™ 

*^ ^"*^ A'J^ ti^iPfl wliidb ye nhull 

tlju elnhJryii of l^roch frnm ij^a 
t*fli AiTUiS mpnj ,^ shriJl iriv« 
^laiiy .but frtyn iArw fA^jj! ^a^^ fiw 

ffivo uf ha citiH ft on^o the Leviltn 
jircorfJing tu Im inLuritiinco which 

Tl Anil llic Loiu) ipRke |,„to 

10 SpLjAk ntild thocliildfprt of b^ 
rDo], and my unto JJium, When va 
b^ j^^ma (jver Jordan inio llie lund 
oJ f-aii^Qn i 

cilnji ti> be citiiTi (^f rurusr for /t.^ 
J £he fttjtjftr Ditty i\te thiUiPf 

12 And they irbul] hf? nnic] yon 
cnjis Iflf rdJ iifri> frtjtti the nvangf r 
Uiat ihp niJu?BJuyer die iii>t. utiulha 

BiAftd Isuforc the couifretniion in 

]3 And af tliuw dtlus whtchya 
*lsHlJ Rjve. lu ciUH shall ye liava 
for rtTHjte. ' "^'' 

..H Ye ibjill «ivc tlij-ea crtks oii 
Ui\*f mi^ JfirJjin, arul iJiajb eiwrs 
MhniT IB giTtr m Oie land of Ca. 
njmii, tAtcA bJibH be citic* of 

15 Th™p sij ciries ihjUI be a 
rt'fuga, ifl£A for l!w chiWr^K of 
Israel , trul for the stMjigut, uid 
]or L>i« wyounUT Dinon|r tJicm: 
tJiul every ttt\e ih&t ktihth mis 
pcirKon ujiifi^n^Biee may flot ttii- 

, 1& And if he smiEo him wfjih ah 
^'I'trtHtenfl ol iron, mn diiii he diiv 
Jifl tj a rntirdcrtTL tJ>L* nmrddier 
ihal ] ^amly I k« t^ut to dtn th . 

17 And if hii imiln him wiiK 
throw ii^S tt itune, whQruw»iJ» ]i« 
Okoy die, noU be die, hf i« a mur 

Tint lam tS murder, A-e. NUMBERS. Heiresses commanded 
L^misfuciion for i]ii; 

18 Or 1/ be nniio liiin Vuli 3in 
bAutlf- weapon af Vftmd, v^ln'rewUh 
bu ini^y diu^ mwl h^ die. Ini ij u cnuir- 
dureti U11.1 murderer Eili all eUTdty Li Q 

]\i Tliw ff.v< imt-r nf l>lr«Ml !iim- 
nlf ilii^t tJmj I4i4? niunJenrr; wliuti 

20 Bm if iip Ihru^l liim ftf hitr^, 
AT Jiurl al }iiin \ij layiitu of wait, 

11 Or ill vdtniijr ainit« Urn wiih 
hi« hiuxlT tJiuE ho dte - lie Uiat 
Hnoije Mm «1iall «iirfilif Ixi jiut it) 
iniidi^/ap he w a niynlcrtjr; the 
mwti^T ^f Lpjood ^Imji £lav 
tha murdcrar. wlitiit he mtKtdtJi 

^ Ttiit ]f W ihtiiEi him luitilciilr 
wLdiuul (■aiiilt^, or have t-^tvpoii 
him rtJiy Uiin^ witLuut layinif of 

21 Or Willi any none, ipvherpwilh 
arnoitniay liiiSf^ficriai? Aiw? nctt, afltJ 
cjiiit If iipm^ him, thai >ie riiOt and 
WiUlioL hid cp^Jiiy, lueidier lou^liL 
hiiihieriD: , , , 

*il Tiien tJic coT;eTo^nt3on thuU 
bike bt-Lwieii tha slayer and Uie 
mvonpcr of blood iii:.'jnrLjlJ»i^ Uj 
UiMaji^E^rmrntar . 

^ Aim the confre^iiLjoii nlmJI 
deliver the i^Jnyer oul uf Uic h;ind 
vf die revojigof of blood, and ihc 
cuiifrcfaiiij'Ci ibali ruLi^rf^ Itnn lu 
Ebe i'Jiy of hi^^ t«fa|iLs wliiiber lie 
wnt d^dr iLo<t hv iOiig.U ahifieinil 
UlUu thi] dfUid] {if ihur hifih prk'fttt 
uhfcli. waB aoiFiQlcd vi.'idi Uiic boty 

3fl But if Ibc dayer fhaU atariy 
tima c^uiFie withouL tJie bi.tfder of 
iho i:.itriif hk rsfiigo, lArliiihcr he 
wn* lltid i , , , , 

'27 And Ihe r^Tptig^r of bWod 
fiiid htm witheuL tha tKifdprt 
of ilm <^itj^ uf his rrifufe, and 
Ebp rvvnn^er pf Idood kill Uitr 
■iu/er; ha $ltaU noi be fuLIiy cf 
btijiMlr ^ ^ 

5EiS Becuuie ho shoajd hjiL^e re 
tiiaiaLfi in tit4^ city of lii? rcfutfe Hu- 
ll] tJie de-nih of ih*^ liigh prieni; but 
AJfWr tho doadi of uk hiff h iMftieri 
Ibc ilnytr iboll ivLurti into the land 
of hinkraweHKili' 

Stt 8a ihoK ifanffs shall hi for n 
AmltiiU of judtfinent unld ynu 
uirouffhoitLy^iur gi^tmriiiiouji in nil 
four d waJUiin. 

30 wlioio Kdl4?th any penmn. th<<i 
fDurflerttr «haU he put lu rk'adi by 
tKtt mimtii vf witi>ir'4f n!) : hut une 
vritnf^ iliiill f]<it Ifsiify ngaitUEi lujy 
pcri^iD Lbi causckim. to (Iec^ 

31 Moreavei» /« ibiUl tiko do 


Av^i*tt VI i I it'h j^* (f ul il J ■ ■ . . I (.t 
hi> filial L htfiuiiircrT piic 10 liiitui- 

[fi And ye ahall icikri no inljhfac^ 
liort tor him ihitt it i\'t\ U* iIhh cily 
of hii refaer* ilmt lie alinukl cotw 
agtijn ti^ d^^ulL in The itnid^iimilUid 
d?'utjb LjfUielirifiBt, 

rCf &i ye ihnll lint pollute the land 
whurvin ¥0 art: fuf bJood it de- 
fihs^lh iln^lnndr and llicEan^ fnnni^l 
be cleatk<«ed oftli*; bttiod lhat m tiitvi\ 
tliumitii, but by tiie blood nf liim 
Us 13 1 pbeeJ it. 

31 DelUe: nut Therefoie the lainl 
Vfh\ch y£t fhnJl inlmhit, wJuTriii I 
diiKcu. r ftir I thn Lonn dwell amonB 
thechiEdti^n tif Ijtinc^l. 

Qfikf JjtAerita»ce ^ DaujphttTS. 

A Nil liic chtbf fatliere of ihe 
famibtis of the diibirt^n nl 
Giltynd^ ihc' qui) of Mn4:liir the ion 
of M:itietjrdrb, of the fiimditi uldif 
mmw of Jo»L^[ahH came nnnr^ mvn 
tptLka beforv Aro9«?» und before dio 
prinr^s, llie chief raUi^^ra oilhe chil- 
dren cifFarat'f : 

2 And dic^y iasJ^ Tim Ijot^fi 
commnrtded my lord to uivf? ilit 
Innd I'ipr nn inh^fLlajio] by lot li? 
thts cUiMruu of Isrnid : end my 
lord wii eummajidL>d by ihe 
]*mlD to irivu IhP inheritance nf 
ZcloidieJiiud uuT ItroLbvr UdUi hn 

^ And if tht^y !» mairied to any 
cif ibe f mni fif iLc otArt- iribc* of Ui* 
£h>U(tjn*if lartieL ihf^n whalt ihtir 
inbfriuiiji^e hi' inkcn frturv ini? jo- 
hcnlanre of oitr fitlhef!:, tiiul shaM 
be puL la ihc mlmritante vi iho 
trihfi ^vhcfewfilo they are Ff^ftivcd - 
so ehall Jl Im! tiik(;ii frnUl Uio lol of 
titit inli^riinprr. 

4 And iifhrn thd jiiblleo of ih« 
ehiliiren of Israel «hn.ll \»i, Ih^fl 
fhaHthuif inlu.*ritflnre beiiiituiiiu 
iho inhtTiiLince of tbo iribu >vbfm- 
onto t^ity are rcceiveil : to iJiTiU 
tliRir lidn-rHaTtf^t? be itiken p.wa; 
from ibp inhcritnncis at ihti tnbtti>i 
our fELthf^rn. 

5 And M09'^i cmnmiiTtdcd Ihn 
chlLdren «f lemfl ncrn'olinp Ifl tfcto 
word of tht} LoRfv, v^f'inf;. The 
tH iyfi of the sdiib of Jogtph hatli is id 

5 Till 5 y* the thine whkh (ha 
LoHii disth comirond rnnceTnirif 
tiit<d[iiiehteniof Zelophehad. iAy- 
in?. Let ihem ttiiiry to whom thL^y, 
think bMi: only lu dm fwmily of 
Oin irib€ of tbi^lr lilthef uiall ihef 

the chiUlT4.>n of Ifiracl 

frora tribe td tribe : for ev^ry on« 

of tho chOdivn of Ure«i maU lti.'«v 

to marrv in CHAP, 

himself to tlic inhcritojicc of Llic 

8 And evf'iry rUiti£l]ter. thpit por 
■esseth an inJurntinir^L* tn aitY irjlic^ 
of the chili Inn af tttuaU ultall hi: 
wife unto oil I' ff Uio jTairiHy ff ihi.^ 
tribe of her 3;iiln:r, TJint ihe childri.-n 
of Israel m.iy iM^tjih>' im L'rjr ^iijyi Uic 
inheritance s,f his liiiii^ns, 

9 Neither ^UriU the iiiberiUn^^ 
remove frojit ofki XtA^m toEnoihcT 
tribe : but everyone af thctitbeiof 
the children uE Urni^l vhall ktxn 
himself to h n: o-wn 'uiUanK^mro. 

10 Even rii Uie t^oitu cnm- 
mandcd Mv-te. no dki the d^vu^li- 
ters of Zelo^>JjiiUiul : 

their own trihea. 
1 1 For MahlaJi, Ti r^ :i li .and Hog- 
In hi, nnel MlkMili. una [Vooh, tlio 
rtatifl^tcrs <»f Ztrloitfiohad, were 
nrnmeiJ imlr^ dioir fuEli4jjr'« brotlicrs' 

gOIH 1 

1^ .-fHi ihp^ WF^rc married 
into the liui lilies of the sons 
of Mrtionsc'ti tJio ifijfi if Joseph, 
und timr inheriTJinr(» rimainetf in 
LliQ tribe of tlio fknii^y i.i' their fa- 

\A l^icdQ Atvilio carnniandmcnts 
nml lljFj ^dEmi'Dtj. ^^hich the 
l^Rii roTnmnndod bFthe hnndof 
KIqsii^b ileKo tUt; cliikTfgi] of Israel 
in ihu p\\x\m ofMoiib t»y Jordan 
iifWT Jerii^ho, 

H The FifthBook of MOSES, called DEUTERONOMY. 


Mogta reheavBciA Oo^i PrtmUe. 

THESE />r iho words whtcli 
Moses spribt! iifiioall krciei an 
this side Jord m\ in ihe wiltlerm-ss, 
in the plain ovor ag^^aiost ilhe RimI 
«ea. between PF}ra,ii, luid Tuiihi^l, 
and Laban, aod Hcuierolh,, mid 

2 {.There OFT. E^levcti duf*' jfiur- 
a«y from Hort^b bj Hw wny df 
mount Seir tturo Kodr^ih-bnrupa.) 

3 And it camu to fi^uu Itt U»i for- 
tieth year, in Use ^IpvL^nth month, 
on the first da>i aV ihc nioTiih. L^df 
Moses spake unto ih^ cliiklrttti nf 
bruel, accord in (T unto aL; ihht thr 
Lord had nsiwt \tim in coioiuodi:!-^ 
ment unto theiu ; 

A After he h.^ull sjnin 3lhon the 
king of the AriHiriiH^ ^N^\^\r^\ i\wtAi 
in Heshbon, aiml 0| i}i(> kin; c»f H^l- 
shon, which dwulv m Astnroib in 

5 On this siiJc Jordan, inthefiiDd 
of Moab, be(:nu MpHjig to iJeclara 
this law, sayill^^ 

6 The Loan our God Bpak«! 
unto us in Horf^br safin,!?, Vo 
have dwelt Ljnif finon^h in t>Eid 
mount : 

7 Turn you, and take ynurjoyr- 
ocy, and go Ui- ih« nioimi of Iho 
Araoritcs, and (into nit the jil^Wit > 
nigh thereuntil, in iho ]:»liiiii. intlifl 
bins, and in liie vain^ jjnd in \hr^ 
south, and by the Aoa-sidoH to Uiifl 
land of the CinnanitrA, nnd unto 
Lebanon, unU < liiu srcai nvLirn, thg 
river Euphrati'.^^ 

8 BehoU, I Kave *et tlie Iflfld bo- 
fore you : go ii 1 1 1 nd ;tEifi««Mt!i tIiu Innd 
which the LoilH' tware uino vour 
Auhen, AbraliLiinj Uojtc, unit Ja^ 
cob. to give uiico lAeio and to their 
seed after thenu 

tjmp. snyinp. I am jio* mbt b la Lctxr 
you myjicir^JtJiie; 

111 Tho LoRU your Cfod Hath 
iriiltipllEd you, ond bphnht ro are 
till* day 01 tliB stars of ht^nvmi fur 

, 11 f'i'hi! I^iin God of yntir fa- 
thers itittke yuii a ihoiifond ilnaes 
pti tnl^ny more iis ya arr, and bless 
you, na he hnthpromi^td you 3) 

12 How ciiiji I myHidfaboD iMmt 
yuiiT cnmbranep, nnd j^our burdi?n, 
iinrl ynyr Blrifd I 

13 Take yoti ivisp men, nnd on- 
deritfanrlinff, and knoirn nnicinf 
yniir tnbvd, and 1 *ill ni^ikc iJiie^m 
ryjQrvi; ijvor you. 

14 And yc anaworthl ijit, nmlMih], 
ThcEliW whidFi t)tnta lms;t epokL-n 
'¥ BjHid/iJT II J lo dn, 

15 3d f ru<ik ihi> chit^r of yi>ijr 
irifw^B, Avisse hujeIt and kiio^n, and 
mis do ihnm heads over you, cup- 
tains nTur thuuiarids, ami erLtituhiii 
over hundredj^ nm\ cuDi^uns otot 
linM>fl, and cnjirains overtcod, and 
tyPHr.nn amand yuur tribes. 

1(1 And t t:h(ij'Er.d ynurjoilgej at 
that Tfttid, pnyiii^. Hear tAe cattseg 
bi'lH-Lien yvlix brctbrt;]!, utitj jud^ 
rijf ]] totKipily betwpfln rrrry ninn and 
}iig brnthcr, Rnd tliestrangrr t&at it 
with hint. 

17 Vrt jihnll not r^spe^l uptpous 
jUFlirment; trnf yif hlifdt li^cif 
EiiD Finxnll ns Wi^ll n,»ilt(* t^renl ; ye 
ahtLll Tint [I?* nfr:dd of tbc fi«» of 
tnjin; Tor ihe iuiljj'iiii'nt it God's; 
and \hiy. fauFti^ ibnt >a it^o hurd fa? 

foil, btinif fJ unto m(s, tiixl 1 will 

JH And I ComTnandod you ml 
thnl Ei'ine all Elio things ^lilehyv 
ftiioiihl do. 

Itl 11 Andwht^n wlmI 

9 V And I s{»uka iiQif^ yi^Q tA. Hint I ^rt^cii qjid tenible 

t¥[» dn^nrlod from 

thtriuj^h nil ^h'.a 


JlfoaetbHeJlvrekearseth DEUTERONOMY, the Israelites* kistcrj/ , 

which ^ saw by the way of the i to shew you by what way yeabould 
mountain ofthe Amoriles, as the go. and in a cloud by d»y. 
34 And the Lord heard I 

Lord our Grod commanded us ; 
and we came to Kadeah-barnea. 

20 And I iaid unto you. Ye are 
come unto the mountain of the 
Amoritea, which the Lord our God 
doth aive unto us. 

SI Behold, the Lord thy God 
hath set the land before thee: go 
up and possess it, as the Lord 
God of thy fathers hath said unto 
thee ; fear not, neither be discoura- 

32 IT And ye came near unto me 
every one of you, and said. We 
wJU send men before us, and they 
dball search us out the land, and 
bring ui word again by what way 
we must go up, and into what cities 
we shall come. 

S3 And the saying pleased 

well: and I took tweWe men of 
you. one of a tribe: 

524 And they turned and went up 
Into the mountain, and came unto 
the valley of Eahcol. and searched 

25 And they took ofthe fruit of 
the land in their hands, and brought 
It down unto us, and brought us 
word ag[ain, and said, His b. good 
land which the Lord our God doth 
give us. 

26 Notwithstanding, ye would 
not go up, but rebelled against the 
eommandment of tlie Lord your 

27 And ye murmured in your 
tents, and said. Because the Lord 
hated us, he hath brought us forth 
out ofthe land of E^ypt, to deliver 
na into the hand or the Amoritca, 
to destroy us. 

28 Whither shall we go op 1 our 
brethren have discourafed our 
heart, saying. The people w greater 
and oUler than we ; the eiues are 
great and walled up to heaven; 
and moreover, we have seen the 
lom ofthe Anakims there. 

29 Then I said unto you, I 
oqt. neither be afraid ofthem. 

30 The Lord your God m 

Kieth before you, he shall fight 
r you, according to all that ne 
did for you in Egypt before your 

31*And m the wilderness, where 
tliou hast seen how that the Lord 
thy God bare thee, as a man doth 
bear his son, in all the way that 
ye went, until ye came into this 

SSTet in this thing ye did not be- 
lieve the Lord your God, 

33 Who went in the way before 
mm, to search you ,out a place to 
pitch your tents tn, in fire by night. 

„jard the voice 

of your words, and was wroth, and 
sware, saying, 

35 Surely there shall not one of 
those men of this evil generation 
see that good land, wliich I sware 
* ► jyve unto your faliiers, 

36 Save Caleb the son of Jophun- 
nch ; he shall see it, and to him 
will 1 give Uie land that he hath 
trodden upon, and to his children, 
because he hath wholly followed 
the Lord. 

37 Also the Lord was angry 
with me, for vour sakes, saying. 
Thou also shaft not go in thither. 

38 But Joshua the son of Nun, 
which standeth before thee, he 
shall Ko in thither. Encourage 
him : ffir he shall cause Israel to 
inherit it. 

39 Moreover, your little onca, 
which ve said should be a prey, and 
your children, which in that day 
had no knowledge between good 
and evil, they shall go in thither, 
and unto them will I give it, and 
they shall possess it. 

40 But as fsr yon. turn yon, 
and take your journey into the 
wilderness by the way of the Bed 

41 Then ye answered and said 
unto me. We have sinned against 
the Lord, we vrill go up and fight, 
according to all that the Lord our 
God commanded us. And when 
ye had girded on every man hia 
wes^Mns of war, ye were ready to 
go up into the hill. 

^ 43 And the Lord said unto me, 
Say unto them. Go not up, nei- 
ther fight; for I am not among 
you ; lest ye be smitten before your 

43 So I spake unto yon : and ye' 
would nothear, butrebjelled against 
the commandment of the Lokd, 
and went presumptuously up into 
the hill. 

44 And the Amorites, which 
dwelt in that mountain, came out 
against you, and chased fou, as 
bees do, and destroyed you m Se>r» 
even unto Hormah. 

45 And ye returned and wept 
before the Lord ; but the Lord 
would not hearken to your voice, 
nor give ear unto you. . . 

46 8o ye abode in Kadesh many 
days, according unto the days that 
ye abode there. , ^ ^ 

CHAP, n.^ 
IsraeVs Jmanuvto Gsneoii. 

THEN we turned, and took our 
journey into the wilderness 
by the way of tlie Red sea. as the 


Loitt} spake nnto me ; lunt wc aan- 
QMoni tatmat. Si'ir maiudmya. 
fi And tlw Lojiu ipftko vmtn mo, 

J V(i hnvQ CDiii|>iu$»ed titii moun-' 
tftin Jfjng etifiuf h ; lurM yuu nortii- 

4 And CDntmnntl iliau tl>^ pe^H 
Itk^T Myingi Ye are Ko ptuss lln.iinjh 
tilt oo>^ ctfiTDiir brotLnM]^ liie rhLl- 
diH flf Hpau. which riwflll in Self ; 
■Ad thjflr «hiiU be aTraid of you : 
aim fa giMd heuil uotjo ^ounekei 

§ Medclb) not with th^m ^ foi I 
wiU not givo you of tlitnr Innd, nn, 

euuw i have ^vf^n mctudt Suir im- 

6 Yo iTiaS]! utif mrut af tliom for 
ifiDiH^. thitt ra TRAY eat; aud to 
•haQ al^io buy wrucr isf Uiqoi for 
mofwy, tiiiLt j^D fiiLij iieink, 

7 For iJje Lfntu ihy Gad linth 
lil«s»d thi» m iiir iJie w^^rkH i^r thjr 
hand; he knywatii iJiy wjilJtin^ 

tHofld fufir fujin iho LoiiP thy 
Q<jd Aoji 6fei» witii ihes ; tJuiu 
kutUipkeil acithlne'^ 

9 Aftd wbf>n wy i>nj!Kd ftjr from 
our hrerhrfn iJirh r]it][Iren of E^aU] 
wbfcli lUv+'St 'i[i l^^ir, thrkiuflfi the 
WBjTflf l.lin- [ilnm frurn. FAuw, ntid 
Fmni ET^iiMi-giibcr^ wo tiirtitMl Jitid 
IHUfed \.*y the way ufthe Mfiklar- 
ws* of MoQh. 

9 And (hs Lord vaf d unto me, 
Uiritrf!^ uiit ttiD Mtiubhci, neither 
f iiittetiit wkb thuin N liii[i]<! : fiir I 
*iU dot pVifo thee of Uieir IbiuI fur 
A (ipiHfiaiiQOi bccaiue [ havejfiv«fi 
Ar uriio iho i^loldrtin of Loi/yr a 

10 (.TJii? Eminwdwplt therein in 
iiniiii p-Aflt a. [Kople grt^al, uul 
m^nTr Jind ulL iu thti Aiitilcifad ^ 

11 W3i;t^)i qUo ^*er« h^^.ouiitod 
finnlj, ai tha AnFLkims; but tlm 

CHAP n. intkdrmtiifUaauuHt. 

IS For indc*?d the harnJ of Um 
Ldkd Willi PkirriinrHi Lhcni, tn duiitjoy 
tii&m fram aman^ thi^ halt, Untu 
ihi^y wctus coDstiined- 

iQ H tju hciJLOie to piLifw^ whtiu nJl 
tliQ tiiOD of WIU wcru etjojFUFtuHf 
and dEnid froto utt^oiig tlvs pyoidtj, 

17 Tlmttha LoKit Bfiaie uniQ 

38 'rhijii QTl topjusfi ovi-'r Ihrougli 
Ait tiws cujjai of Monbr tJiit day t 

1<J Attd vfksR tliou comiuit mgii 
ovfii agiiimrt t>Et« tihikLnm af Anl- 
mon, [hJitT^esK thcBi CKtl, mtr medtife 
with thrrn : lor [ wdl not give thsm 
qf rlio land cif th* cbUdnin of Amj 
FTiGn antr iiceMaiiirjn ; beCknie 1 
hQVi2 Ffiven itnnla ib? diLldrvn ijf 
Lot fdf a putstitnuion. 

S(J rnmt [Uao wm nceoimtcd i 
land of giants r rianladwetttherflinf 
in fjJil ijine; and t)iB Amn.iimitu4 

^l A Df^uplo ftreiit^ and maar^ 
ar^d tall a« lijo Anakinsi«; but tH« 
lAyviit di'Htrnyuil thtint imfitni iheni ; 
nnrl ihfiy nintrcedfld thorn, and 
dwidtin theij atead i 

S3 Aj ho i^id ti) iho phiUren of 
EsaUp which dwnH in Soir, ^fhcn 
h« diTBtrttyud the Horimi from U.^- 
f4>re Ih^mi vtitl tlicf AaccuMnh-d 
ihcm, DJid dwolt ioTbcir ileadevoB 
Uhintbiadfiy [ 

£n And thu Airjnu whicih dwelt 
in HaEertm, evm miio ATjrJih, tha 
t'aphtohTtiFit whlchk came fortii out 
of C:ii»}iinr, dciitrctyed thnw-t and 
dw(.^lt in Thoir itu^uLj 

^ IT RjdM- ye up, rake your jour^ 
nflv, and j>n.98 r.ivt;F U^y rivi.T Arrmtl ; 
hphtikln X Have lav^n jnio tliy band 
&ihim ihi^ AmriTiie, kin^ nf Hc»h- 
bi>n, and Iieb land r hrein to ^mi^ii^ 
it, aad contend witlh him in bot^ 

35 Thiv dny will I btsm lo put 
tlio dread of ihee and I he ifiwT of 
ihc^o upun tJio nntions tfmi art; un- 
[rier tlie ^lioh hci.-n'Uh. uho &htiLI 

.^ ... ... fuer I'lB VfiiuiiJ iiMinuiij niHi at 

'W The HtJrima nliodwidt ioS^fFri hear rcMrl of thea, tind ^hf*U (n„.. 
bi'frjre-iinia, tint tko chiklren ar ula, and be m a^nmh hucauMi af 
Bpau ■nrj:ci«dod tbejti. whijii th«y tbf*. 

hnd dnBf.myiNJ th»Tn from brforo Stll And Tw'Titni4»a?r!H(r*!!rToirtof 
UHtm, anddwuhin thtiirertMid^ m | the tvddrrnf>yj oJ Ke^kniiotb nmo 
liriiiif did uato tbE^ ^^.i^d of bin pni-i 8HH*ii kinf;i>rilFuiibua w^ili w^iviia 
■ ' ■ ' - I ,] ' 

MMinn, whicb tlie Loa^fi pnve aoto of [loare^ «uf ins, 
flaw nid till, £,^i<^ ^P n^nd e^t 


13 Atiw nflu 1III] ^^i*» 'p t^>"i £*•'■• 
fOO aVef ihq brook 74ered i Eind wo 
went over thf* brook Zorod. 

14 Am! (lie ^iia^rfl to whifib w»? 

*n Lot moptiAttbmiifrb ihylbtid : 
t will ^a Tilung t»y tho mirhwftr, J 

will neither inrn unto tL« rfflit 
haeid nor to the [»^fl. 

.-. ^..u^ .... .,. . ,n* "- , 29 Thuu Edinhflell me irinnl fcir 

Cflirtirt frtirti Kndn«h hamea, uMU motiey, thJii 1 may eat j and ^it^ 
wti wcTPCoroi iiver thn bronkTio- mfl water Hir mtiiv-jr, llitil I mar 
rod, Koa thirty and flipbl j-eaT^; dnnfc: only I wiilp3«« lhroui;hDfl 
Ojidl 41 1 1 the een*fnt>fjti ctf the men ' niyfEKl; r p ^ * 

l>f WTlr Wyrtl l^«5iT<5d ['lit ffnin | *) (Ai tbo cJiddTPIl of Khqh 
ifflonE the hoit. am the T-oRi^.wBf^ i whu^h dwa^l in ^irn niid the >it*il^ 
imto Uiem. I it» *hir.b dwtdl m Ar^^td 



Intoih.- ^ .. V. .. . 
(Jod tfjveiji us, 

30 Ryt Sllion kine of Hcnliboo 
wooldl not Jei us jMiii by him ; lor 
iJiifi fjORD iJiy GtMl hcu-ftenct] hji 

HDtQr that J)Q miijht rtE-^SJiTr him 
tiilo t^iy buiad^ m di^peorfM tiiii! 

(k*lM^I<], I liuve beeun lo (rive SihuEi 
iinfl liifl land before thE>e : brjrio tu 

Ku&HiAv tiiiir tiiau BLuy^L iniierit 

3S ^rhflo Hihqo canrt nut npoiiut 
m, he and ull hij p«opk]^ to fight bt 


3^ Ari<l the Lniui out God de- 
liTOfed hira befurti ua^ and 
FiTLiite him^ ciod hia aona, luid aJI 

i And Wfllook nU hk citici at 
that time, ncid uiLorSy litrtroyrd 
Lhfi m<]a, atbl tJiD w^mtm, am] tlio 
Ititlu oiMjf of uvt<nr ciiyj wo It ft 
mono to remain ; , 

35 Onljr ^e caUlti we Lonk Air ft 
prer unto oufselvci, arhl iliu £j}oj1 
of ibfl^Diti«« whieii wo tooliK 

3D FVom Arocir which ia hj tht 
brink oftlie river of Arrian. and 
/rtmt thfl tiiy timi i> Lf Uie fItlt, 
evPMi ufilo Gj!fhu1, tlwjFO wjibi not 
Qi» citr too atnun? fur ni - the 
Lord fiur U^hI tWlivfiri^ all unto 

^ Oiilf unto the Innd <ir the 
ohiidrviti of Ajnoion ilima fAinest 
Doit nwutito unr place of the ;<;' 
ver Jab1iolr» nor unto t)ie cjt iev Lra 
tbo mountaina^ nor unto whmrso- 
war the Lokh uut God furbod? 

CRAP. nr. 

TtrarV* Jtmrunt Ten'ttnt. 

rnfiEN we turuL>ii, and wi'ut np 

J- tlie w[Y¥ tfP HJiJ^lann r and Og 
Utg Itiur ^f Bjuhan caitiL^ uijt 
uahini uf, ho and all U'a imopUi, lo 
imtk at Bimi. 

V And t]i& Loan laid nnTo riOh 
"ear him nai-, dn i will {lojivtir 
him. nrtd all l^ia {w^i'ph-, bml hjp 
land, iiuo diy Jmitrh Rnd thoufihuli 
do untu h'lm Ha thou cLdM uuto Si^ 
h'U'ti king iif iho AmaitLci, whJcJi 
dwt^ll (bi HmhUion. 

3 t^i the Lii<Kta our GchI dt'liTcrLnl 
iiitu our Itn^dfr 0(i fl.Iao tlte kmi of 
B [^bI I on , ai nl nil li ie people : ci riif >■« 
bnorc him iiuiil nuiiti wm lufi tu 
nnn lotnnifxi^e.. 

4 Ami we tLw<fe all; hia fitioa nl 
Utal lime, tiii&ro wn» not a rli; 
v?hirh we ttutk not from thi-m, 
UrooKtirta citifw. nil (he rt.'«i^H] 
of Aw*>l*P tbo kjoedoru of Qf in 


DEUTEEONOBIT. Uttory cvnUutMi. 

S AW GiesQ cjtiea tccre Trniii^d 
wiib hlch wiUlff, griE'Jfl, ind Liir*; 
boflido luiuaUed towaa a ^real 

a And we uHerlJ d^troyotl thtfiti, 
OA WL' did unio Silion kiikg of HiMih-^ 
\n->u, niioilf dtatfoyin^ the men, 
^vouiEfnt and duklrea of every 

7 But all tlie CO tile, and the fipoil 
of thi« cities, we took Ait a pmr In 

S Add %v^ inofc at that time out 
of thfl hand of die two king^ uf tho 
AmorittA tho land thai vo^ on ibii 
aido Jordan » from llie mcTof Aj^- 
non yctto mount TJemiati: 

ft C rt^fiitA Htnnon the BlcloniajH 
end eirion; ftod Uic Aniontea t?All 
it Shenlr ■,) 

HI All tijc cTiica of the plaiflf nnd 
oil Crileoili nnd mil Ua^han, unto 
Scikhsvh oniJ Etlr?i, ritica of iW 
kinedum uf Os in Buaban. 

11 For only CJg king of Bashan 
n^Tnaliwd of ibe ramDaatof fiontt; 
iHshuldt his h&dateitd wiw a itied- 
fitoadorirnni i> il not In R^ibbath 
of tlie children of Am moo? uiofl 
nuF)i[a trcjf the lungtli tlicrrnf^ nnd 
foiiT coLiiifl Um Lffuiddi of it, aficr 
Ui^ eiiliitnf aman. 

la A nd thi4 land , jphi^A we pr«- 
appaetl nt tlmt umt, from Af ocr, 
whjdi is Ly the iWer Aruonp nrij 
half moimtOilRail, and the riliea 
iliH^r^f, Euvo 1 unioUte Heubcaiica 
atKl to iJie {^odJieB. 

13 And 1.1 ic rest of Ciload, ftnd 
hit Hs^aj], IteiTis tho kinplom o| 
Og, ga\u I unio thu halr-tiahc cf 
Ai luinip^eh ; all ihii wptiu of A tiioU 
with all Daihnn, whi(;h wtu colled 
tiio mnct uf ei^i'iita, 

H J 3 in he §oiiiif Mofvaitsith t^ok 
all I ho eouniry of Ar^'*h, unto the 
toiLii* ofGc^UriT nTid Miiach^ihi ; 
i^nd i:allod tlifm uflcr hin. riwn 
ntinn.-, naBhaudmvolh-jjuir, unio 
Uilil dny, 

IS And I favi: Gilcad unto Mn- 

Jti And onto the Eeubeniic^ ;ittd 
unto t}iD Gadi(c>fl I fnve frdin 
Gili?ndevDn unln tlm river Atdqo, 
half iho vnlUy, nnd the bi>Fd(?r, 
«vc<in fintn ihu fiver Jahbok, tphich 
i> The holder of iJie ehildr^'n of 
Ammori E 

17 The plain alkfl, ood JofdaDt 
nnd thO'CEiUft. iftn-ffl/', from Chiu' 
n^^reth ov^ii unto (lio *ea nT ilio 

Shtin, «ipen The snti cfn^ undiT Aah- 
otlirpiwnh en*twdrd- 
It? Tf Ami I Fuiiiirmndf'd yr^n at 
Uijii tune, snyins. The l^iui jotii 
fjixl hadi ercvtm you thU Initd to 
po<!«f!i4 it; ye iH^all patrg onir 
armnd hnfoTe Jour hri^UircD Ut« 

Mou$' pr«if«r noected. CHAP. 

ehiliiren orbnd, nD thai are meet 
for ih^ wur, 

19 Elm jour wiv^ei, Hid rour 
littJei onci, ftnd ytiur caTtJe. (iiir I 
know Uiat ^e have inui^Jj ciiulcj 
stJia]! abidy in yaur ciuos whicUi 1 
btiVd fivea ymi ; 

90 UntU the I^Kb have g\vt^ 
t&l Lkoto jmur Lri?Lhr«ri. on ^tf^il as 
unto fou, and wKfj'i thor also po?- 
■era the land whli'Ji tJ^e LfjUD yciur 
CfChI huth jrivQii LJi^ni b«!>^o]U| JoT- 
dui : tmil uaen nhall ye return every 
nun UnlD hia pDwofi^eo wbjofa 1 

SI And I cunimarnVd JdbLuq 
■( that iLintJ, itayjciff^ Thine ey^ 
hav4f KMin MM hat ihfl Lob-P your 
GiKi htith d<}ne unto these iwu 
kine^': aoiihniL the LaiLD do unl^ 
fjl thd ktngaomA chillier tbou 

23 Vp fhnll not fear Uiem: fur 
the Lnii.D yguj Oftd bii iiiiai] fifibt 

i£l t[ An*] T Iiewiuflrht the Loan 
ai that time, tayih^j 

94 O Lflid Coft. thPtt hart be^n 
to iht:^v l}iy servant thy gr^nttieGa, 
mild thr ini^hiy hntwi, for whut 
God i# iAer^ in naaven ar in earth, 
that c^n eIo ae^c^ardmg to thy 
work^, DcuJ at-cordin^ to thy 

a^ I prny thee, let mo po (jver^, 
uid *Li? tJit Et>tid (and t^!lt is be- 
yt4i(l J{»nTnni, rhnt goodly moun^ 
taJTt, Eind Lebanon. 

3G Uut tJ]C LoiWJ vi^Eia ^roth 
*?ilh n)D for your aakeE, aiait 
would not hear me ; iitid the 
LofiD iaid until mo^ I jet ii suffice 
uiu ^ nptiik no more unto mo of 

37 If Get thee' up into the top of 
Flipahr Itchi lirt lip ihinoeyoB we^t- 
wan^ Aftd nurUiwAiJ, and suuth- 
warcl, and etulwiuvj, and bf^holil 
iCwith ilijnei^yflii' fur thou ihalt 
a{)teo over thiir Jordan. 

S8 But rlinjw JoiiKoAi ajid m- 
4aunLfD him, «nd itrenKthenhlm: 
rijir m ihbll fo ovi^r lAforff this 
people, and hn ahAll (^ikiine tb^m to 
inlierit thu land which thou ahall 

^ So 1VD flhodfi in the TEkUer 
aver aiaiosc ni-th^penr^ 
rriAfT IV. 

NOW llicrefore hnarkcn, Q 
Israel, unto ih^ eEntu^ea nmt 
onto il]4^iu[IVi]iE^ntHT wliicJi I tattrh 
iiiu, fftv TiT} d(} £Ann, thnt yd mny 
UTc, anit go in tkodittm^m uiu land 
wMch Of! T^Rti God ofjuurfar 
therv elvetb you, 

S Yc sbuJI mit add unio tha 
word whirh I coramand roUp 

IV. He exkorteth to (Otedience. 

neither ihaJl y<- dirr.jrjlJ, uu^hi 
from it, tiijst y«- in ■ . -..i-!' '.\i- coui' 
mrinilnirnTi oflhi' LjOn.|> yourOoit 
which I command you. 

:3 Yuur t-yes tiaveieen wbatllie 
Lojin did litw Etoin of Baa^beiir 
tur all the m^^Vt thnt followed Haal- 
preor, the Lcijui tli^ God buti^ 
rlc«in>yi;d iht^m from oinonjj 

4 But ye that did clieuve nittd ihe 
Loao youf Gc»d, ora aliTo every 
ams ptyolj thi? day. 

5 Behold, 1 1. ^v a taught yoti tft^ 
tu!e», and judgnLeotB, ev^n as the 
Lonp uiy God eommnndod ma, 
tJmt yo HbiiuM do «j in tiie land 
uhttlifir ye po to poiBCH it, 

fi Keep tfierefore and du£A(ini; 
foT tills 1$ jutir wii»dom add vuar 
undur^LandiTig in tiic hicIiI of the 
Tibtiimi^ which ishnll licj^r nlL l!]es« 
statutin^ Mid in J, Purelj lhi« ?real 
naEJEin f,f a v!\sxi and uadentaiuJ- 

'"f fS"'"- 

- . whnt naffen tj itAcrff mo 
^reat, who Au£^ God Kit n\^\\ uittu 
tlieni, as thn LwH-D utit Cod i* ki 
ail things that wo call uimn him 
/or 7 

9 And what nattcu i> iA^re «? 
pitD,!, that hatb itatutca and 

Iud^mentsi so ti^hUHtm lui atl thii 
aw, wiilch 1 tei before you ihia 

9 Only tnicD he&d io Uiy^ejf, and 
koDp tliy Biijtil dilfRrnlly, lest thou 
fnr|!et the [hini;B which tliiJke eye* 
have Been, nnd ierni i\»'y di'pmi 
from thy heart all the dnyii af th^ 
Eift; bkiE leach tlitm thy mnAt ana 
thy 4anii' fimiiB ; 

10 iHpfcialljt ^he day tJmt thnu 
Btotide^l hefore the Lqild thy O^kI 
in Hepflht Ti'hon tiie LriFin snid 
UTVtfj me. Gather n^u tlm penple 
together, and I wilE innkf> tiiero 
htaai my worrit, thai thrry nmy 
Irani to fi<ijtf me nil the daya that 
thev Ehull live upun ihc: tnrih, 
line! ikat ilidy may touch Ihuit 

1 1. And jQ came neof anil flti>i>d 
UfiHer the mnimtatti; nnd iha 
mountain burned with fiTf^ unto th? 
tmA^t of huaveTT, witli darknass, 
cjoiid*, snjl Oiick darknewiH 

19 And tl'tu Ijcirh frp^ke nnta 

f'ftu oiii of ihcmiitfit id'tliQ fins ^ yt 
toani tlie vaine of the wurrfii, buj 
FFjvr nu flimiUitiid<^ x only i^e ^eorid a 

13 And he di'rlated unto yi^u hti 
^ovennnt, which he eoininanded 
F{i<n to per form , ttffn ten command- 
rtmntA: and he wroti» them upon 
two tablia of BtorLc>. 

14 And tho Loup corr^jnanrled 
me at tiiat time to lench yua 



statutet and judfineiui, that ye 
might do them in the land whitfaor 
ye CO over to posscas it. 

15 Take ye therefore good het'd 
unto yourselves*^ (for ye saw [i4> 

probni jfifur dflyi upon it, bm 
shM iititrly be tlcftroyetL 

^ And the Lord ihrtH •Oittei 
you ammtg Ihg nflUonfl, and ^o 
utrnU Ih? J«IY lew in iiumber irninrtir 

manner vf simihtude on tlie d^iyiihc Jienthen. whiiher ihe Lrt^iLD 

tJinll (tud fim- 

.38 Ami lliffo ye ihnll (tfnrvi* ffiida, 

Mat the Lord spake unto you in 
Horeb out of the midst of Uto 

Id Lest ye corrupt yourselves, 
and make you a graven imai£ti> 
the shnilitude of any figure, the 
likeness of male or female, 

17 The likeness ofany beast that 
U on the earth, the likem^A^ 
of any winged fowl that flieth in 
the air. 

18 The likeness of any thing 
that creepeth on the ground, die 
likeness of any fisli that t« in the 
waters beneath the earth : 

19 And lest thou lift up thino 
eyes unto heaven, and when thdu 
seest the sun, and the moon, and 
the stars, even, all the host uf 
heaven, shouldest bo driven to wc .t- 
ship them, and serve them, which 
the TjORd tliy God hath dividtd 
unto all nations under the whole 

ao But the Lord hath taken you, 
and brought you forth out of Uiu 
iron rumsicc, even out of Ej^iju 
to be unto him a people of tnltu- 
ritance, as ye are this day. 

21 Furthermore, the Lord Wita 
angry with me for your sakes, arm I 
sware that I should not go ovur 
Jordan, and that I should niii 

So in unto that good lond which 
ie Lord thy God giveth thee Jar 
an inheritance : 

23 But f must die in this land. I 
must not go over Jordan : but yu 
shall go over, and possess that gou< I 

23 Take heed unto yourselvE^a. 
lest ye forget the covenant of ilu? 
Lord your God, which he madti 
with you, and make you a grari'n 
image, or the likcnotu ofany thing 
which the Lord thy God hath for- 
bidden tliee. . . _ . 

24 For the Lord thy God w a 
consuming fire, ewn a jealouA 

25 IT When thou Shalt beget chil- 
dren, and children's children, ani:! 
ye shall have remnined long in iliti 
land, anil shall corrupt yoursdv-f^, 
and make a craven image, or iKc 
likeness of any f/mt/r, and shall i!o 
evil in the sight of the Lord iVxy 
6o<l, to provtike him to an;{or ; 

26 I call heaven and earth to >a ir^ 
nessagniiiai you this day. that y^ 
shnll soon utterly perish from udV 

Iho laud whereuntu ye eo ovit 
lordun to possess it: ye shall not 

sJm[l ttud i 

.. .._. . ^ . ^. . J! ai709| 

ihu work at niL-ny hiindb, ^uoa and 

atun*, M^hKih neilherscHSriKjr hWt 

nor aai, nor smell. 
^ Ftut if ftMTn ihenc-e thnu shall 
irk \\Hi LoFtn thy God. ih^m idialt 

!iiyl AiTNn if ihou isLHfk him wrtfa 

^d tlif hi^iiri, and wUU aU tbr 


m When thoit srt iu tribulaiicm, 
and jtll UiEse things nre come nptm 
LtiQD^ tiBtTi in iJte lai[«r deiyi, LI 
thou ikirti to Ihfi LfiRii iMy God, 
hoA shall be obi;<i]«iiit nibtu hk 

'A\ (Far the LoRi> thy God u a 
mL-reiful Oudj) he m\\ pnt forsake 
ihee, ni'illier drstroy lti*e, nor for- 
§iA the covefiiitit uf ihy fsthura» 
which ho BWdra gtitu ih^m. 

33 ForJUik now of the diiys that 
are pnpu uhirh were before ihee, 
«inC4J the day tJiAl Gnd eiE'filed mfto 
UDtrn the PEiflh, and ask from iha 
one »ide oT hnnvcii uttio thif oihor, 
whc'Lliiir tJi,?re hiitti \w^a aitj/ rath 
thing Ds thin ifrenil thir>s is, or hath 
been liennd Ieao W t 

IXi [>i(lrrfr|ieopifl b^arth^ voice 
orCtid speaking out of tiia midst of 
the fire.^ aa tliou host heard, uw 

34 Or halh Gad sifinyiKl to ga 
ami lake In in a rvarji^n from th« 
pntd^L ti.f Q.^iatkvr nmii^rJ, hjf tj^mp- 
lai it>i>9, by liifns, and by wondunt, 
rijiEl by wur, at([l by a mighty 
handt nmd by aciretened^iiut nrm, 
and by grDDt terrors, arrr.fiT^ina to 
till thai the Load your God 
did for you in Eopt before your 

i^ Unfo thee si w[l■Fh^wod, thfl* 
dpuit iivJ^hiL-fti ioow ilint the LoKD 
\^: is I^ikI^ ihjcrt u Rinkd tijut be- 
eirle him^ 

36 Out of heayen h^ madei ihee 
to hear hit voice > tiiai he aiiiribi in^ 
struct ihec: end upon VHith hfr 
thewf^l the« his great fir^\ nod 
thnu h»'[ir[i4$a1: hu WOtdl out of iha 
miilfit of ihe fTTRK 

',Vl And bernuse on InVoil thy 
fi&ihi'n, Llietf^fore he choee thf^ir 
ijstsi'd nf^rr liii'm, &iu\ tiniUEFit tUt^ 
out iia ]iiE gjk'bt ivrU> hi« micht; 
jMi'ivrf nin t»f Rur^Eit^ 

■^ To ilrivp 1111 1 iiiilion^fniiii be- 
fore ihee, grrisTtrr and miiiihriT ihufi 
tK>]E] art, In hrirtj MifH] inrtr^rivt 
ihcp tijoir bind /^an iDJiuniaitBs, 
KUtiM tbindiiiy' 


HB Kuovf Uwnftrt thli daVt tinA 
cocuiik-r ii iu ihine Eirari, thi^ti tho 
LiOAP he t* God id (itnven nlMive^ 
•}i4 Li[>o& tlw v^lta iM^iifiLLii c4fiv 
t9 none ells. 

4U Tbuu ilmh kimjt thorttfam his 
ttbtutg* mid him CiJEninuiHlrnL'n'id 
tvhkh [ cofninbiul Uiuv dii» d&y. 
Ibut |L itiiii|r f ij kvdl wiUi tJiL^o, Botf 
%viih thy i^luMran nder iJh*, ftmi 
UiBt Lhou majroii pruloniE iJtfi Aaf 
npon t^ imrih, wtiich Lite bolLD 

41 TI Tiien Muies ii9VGire4l (i;«ic 
clik « ufi iKiii Hi^du Jotdiu), UiwarU 

42 Tlihl Llto iJarer mifht fle« 
thill]*;;* whioli f buiili] kiLihiinciiih- 
bour uaawarotP, sutd ImM hitu 
nat im t]m()# p^iHt, and iliai flEifiini; 
UlttO Oi» af thtaOi CllitM \ui 
live : 

43 JVflfBefff, ne^er in tVie wd(. . 
iHa*. io TJMi plAill COUEltrT, of the 

of the GadjiU!^, and GoLin Id fia- 
■hurt, oftlitf St^iiaiKlM, 

41 TT Ajid ihii Li the i*vr wKicli 
MuBca ivl bolbra tlie chUdrcn nf 
tirnifl ^ 

45 ThGH are ihe iwiimofuet, 
Bsd tlui itiiiuL«, bjkI dv9 judg- 
m^tit^. whif^h MiMtA riinkflf who 
the c^dldren of Inrael:, afWr Uiey 
cama Tufih out of ElsrpU 

4fi On Uiii< aide Jufdan, b the 
tlUdt aver aiajntit BeU]-[)cor» In 
the [MiA of St^un kiQi uT ih? 
Ainriri[*rsi wJmd^'elt at H<nihb&ii, 
whi>fii Mo^H and LJhis children of 
Wnol ffFnalu , ufifir the? wg rd conw 
forrii out of EtjvI ; 

47 And ihijjr |9aiB''>iiDd his loud p 
Anit thg land u^rOc kin^of Boshejii, 
two kini^ nf iho Anmrite*, T^liich 
iBetf an thj» ejda Jordant lownrd 
ifae Fun^riHinf ^ 

43 From Aropr, *hich i# by Uie 
tkvtk uf tiiu rivrif AfnoD^ evc'n 
anta mount Sion, wh»eh rt Her-, 

4't> Alic) all tht plain on t]>ift aide 
Jordan eAilward, evt^n unlA Hie I 
«<A tif thd plain, under iho apricsi 

cfiAr. V. ^ 

Tie C!»D«iaTi J in ftar^h. 

AND Mtwu cdled all [irael, 
ant) said unlu Lhc>m^ Hc:ir, O 
brafi, the<intuteiii acid, judgcmeiitj 
Hrliick I fpeiik in jtkur enrf this 
dH^^ Thnc ^e rtift? IviirD tiieiQ, imd 
ttL'iL aad *Xit i.\w<m. 

% Til* I>airtl> «Hr Gtjd mmlii a 
ei^vcniint v^'ilh lU in T]uT«^^ 

2 The l^mp rnatle ntit ihi»eo- 
iHHixu« Willi our fiiTiio'jiT bul with 
U. fv<^L ua, wba aF« «Jl £if oa aar« 
alfv* thin diBiT- s 

iim/feraft. CBAF. V. TkBtenemmmtmimewlm, 

4 TU^LoRD inlltPd Willi ywi 
racv Io tQcc m the raouuL, ow ol 
Lhif midat of die rim, 

^ ([ tftoixl tii^tU't.KHn th« Lord 
qpiil jKui M thill tinw-, to the* yuii 
t^to wiird of Thu LoliNi for yu 
M-unj urmid by rflUH>n nf iht firo. 
and went not up into ihe ratsuul,J 

(1 II I dwi the Lord thy God, 
whiub brtJMsfKi ibw fiui iifilif* Jfuid 
of l^rpi. fTom die Uvow i-tf 

7 U'hioii ihalt have noau otliutt 
gf«!» bnfon? in*i- 

H l^liuu iliLiiiiiDi mnk^ thee tmif 
fti^'vvn iniii|fu» iFT any Iik4!n<^p4 of 
arnt tktne ihmw in lienvcn nhoirn, 
or that iM m tite ejirth hcntiuih^ *tt 
ihsti it m lym waters tutiMtath Uia 
Milh : 

9 Thou fihalt mt bnw diiwn tljy- 
iH^Eruiiixi titL^ni, En>r icrve tiiemr (vr 
I the Lonn tity Giid am a. iealatia 
Gild, vlr'itin^ [Ite Jniiiuity of I he 
fiiThhfii mian ihechildErn unto the 
third lifkl Taqrih gen^atiem M 
them thii L hate me, 

10 And BliewJQ^ mercy iintci 
thaniJandd of ttiem thiL luva me, 
and kej^ptnr cnrnmnmlmeriu^ 

1 ] Thiia iihalt not take the name 
of the LfORii thy GihI in vain : fen 
the Ldhtl will not lioldAm guiltkai 
Uiiu inkcrLfi his namii in vain. 

15 KtJ'Hp Ute Bti]>hikih-{lii y to inntj- 
tJTy Jl, ad the ihy 6<4 hath 
coDimanded ibctr. 

l^ i^U daFs rhtfii «haJt labour, 
and liiP all th; wofk; 

14 EtuL thf! ni^viintli day it Uie 
E» bhath r t he l*i>n P thy tiod r» H 
thuu «haJl nul do an; work, thou, 
nur thy ion» niir Uiy daufEJticr> nor 
fhy mtui-Hen'ftni, nor H'y inaid^ 
ai:rir^iL» ttor thine ox, n>:ir thine 
turn, »c>r any nf thy cntili.', t>i'1 
tJay itranj^er ihni it wlihln thy 
f uUtf ^ [hilt thy nuin-ii<3rvani oJiii 
thy mEiid'KiTant may real as well 
n^ thou. 

}A Aiul fflinembft that thoti waM 
a semnt i_n liie I" ad of EffYin, 
and t\at the L»t\Kti tiiy CtolI 
bfbiuf he ihrtf out theaci'^ ihr^iiii^ti b 
mighLy liand ami hy a ttrvai:li«d- 
eut ami: iher^ftiry the l^iitDlhy 
God eon^manded thee to k^^c-p thA 

111 'r Honour thy fnthar mnd thy 
mctlhttT. at Llie LuTtP thy Giid 
hath i^()TniiiiindeiJ th^no^ ihiil ihy 
dnyji mrijp iie prolonHLul, ami That it 
may eu ml-i] with tfien. in iJm* Innd 
which tht! l^^fm thy God fiirt'th 

j7'Thomhan not kill. 

16 NfiitliflT ibnJi ttiou cniamii 



HI NoitlioriJiallthmi steal. 

SO Ni^ithfcr mhull thou, boor falfQ 

%l NeiUi€7 ih^lL tiim desire ihjr 
nflurlittuu/'i vtiiv, ncitJier Bh;iJt 
thou ciiiivfi'i tJijf n^i^hbiiuir'a huusc^ 
111* riDld» or hu man-iorvftnL or hw 
Enuiihservmnl, hu ok, or iiii asi, 
or iii]f aittff thai tjf tiiy iie^£h- 

SSH Those ^dkIa the LoRrt ipake 
BEiru ail ^uur lusemblj in Lhu 
:iiuUf)t^MUt nP'tbEj rnjilm qf llin ijirc, 
orih(? chjuil, flrwl of thctitickdark- 
ncsBf with a (jTunL vojh^g; ojitI kit! 
»ddflf} np iriiir«: Jiiul he wroEEyth(;iii 
tiuwii tnhlpii ofniaoB, and dolixcr- 
«y) ihaTD unlQi me. 

!i0 Anil it tatatf Id pdjtji, whnn ?■? 
hmtrii the voice 01*1 of Llio cnhl^t of 
tlie dnrhcibfiitp iiror d>e ttiountain 
dill hiirn wilti flre,^ ihnl yn 
ciuiw Qi^EkT unto mc^ tf^ren nJl tiio 
hcniSi pf jnitr tribec, 4Bd jrpur 

31 Ani re wiid, HcliDld. thy 
LoiLD^urGoJ hndi showiHi iishiv 
glutjf^ and hit cre&tnoM. flnd uh 
bav^r hturnj Wjh *oifo i^ut f>f Ibcr 
mulrfi of the fl re ; tvc hrive H>en Oii* 
dur t>iAt God doth taJk wilh nun, 
fto*J he livcUi- 

23 Now therofoTD whr^huold wa 
4io1 fpT thk itest firfl will Don 
niniP UiT if wn hniir the ifoice of 
tho Lnut) our God anr moro, then 

2G For who W flrtMrreTall ft^sh 
^liiL haib houd the vuice of the) 
tivinf God pjMinlkinjf out of the 
midit of iJie nfe. ui wc Jbaw, ami 

£T Go thou nenr, and hear nil 
tluLttliD Lnni] aur GlmI »hdJI mv. 
and ftiteak ihDu unin im all that mv 
Lo!lt> ocir dml ilmlE fipciik utitH' 
thee; and We will hLi^ir it, mui 
do lit. 

38 And iIiA LofOi ho^nl tltc 
voice of ypiir wordii when yc? 
kpakeunto irny^ and tlm* Loni; said 
linlo mc» 1 hnva itVMtd tli4 riMC^a of 
tJiQ vrordi of Uvih pimpJuj whiuh 
f hep huvo GRokcn unto thee: diey 
have well A&id all that ilior hllvc^ 

aa O that th«r« were mcti ftri 
ln^jirt in thj-m, thai The? wonld 

ieViT TZlf-t I1II4] 1ief![J all tTtf CUtTl' 

DandnK^iirH nlifraifint thnt n minln 
be well with tlvpm, aadwiih their 
cJijtdFtn ntrevrr *. 

30 Gp wir 10 tham, Oet yo-u into 
fCMH' tenia ajvifU 

31 Rut ui for thca, itand th^ti 
iHrra br m^^ ciimI I wtil vivrnk muf) 
tfna alJ ihe cjoinmnndmcntj^ nml 
tim ■taiut'is^ and the judg^meni^, 
«^ltteb Utgu khllt l^uc^h ihfMn. Lh«r 

they may tfp ^rm in Ihe loiid 
which I ^ve them to poii^-tf iL 

X^ Ve liJialL obnitvti \At rh» ihero- 
fufu n# d]^ i^mD ynnr GshI hnth 
CfirimiQndi^d you r yf ihail not tuna 
fuide to Urn iij^hi liojid or lO the 

33 Ve phn]| walk in «J1 ihe WBy« 
which tliL" LoJtu viiur G<m1 b«th 
c^mmiuidthi jqu^ thai ye may live, 
ajid tAat it najr AewciF wiiJk yoiit 
tind £Aaf ya rnsiy iirub^n^ r«tr dnT# 
in diu jaml ^^htch ye ahall puK 


]\TOW these arf ilia coininand 
in iDfrnti!, UiQ fitntijlpsp nnd ihr> 


JLidEiiientN vvhjf:Fi ilie Luko rtiur 
Gild ceEiinia.ndeiil la kMch you. 
thai ye iiiiiiiltt do Utrm in the laivi 
whVdif^f ifiim lu iMib&urt It ■ 

3 Th^t iTaoit mkUtcat ftar the 
LolLL^ tbr tri3qt^ Id K£f!p nli hiil 
ffTdtuLe^ and hi> epnimnndnuffitfl 
which I command thee, thEHi^ and 
thy JtoTi, and thy Aiin't mta^ all tlie 
diiy» of thy bfc ; luiij that lliy da if* 
mny be prolonre^, 

3 I1 Fit^ar ih'Hf^forer O Esr^nl, atkd 
oImajtvo to du it: that il rti ny hu 
well with ibec, rtnd ihat y<! may 
mcrcrira mi^htdyt n* ihd Lnnp 
(iod of diy (lithdrs bad; TironiiHfd 
tliL'ti, in Lhn kiKf that flowetii with 
mi[k npid haneyn 

4 FliLinr, O kraeh Tha l<oitD 
e^xir Gtjd tr pcio Loan : 

5 Andlhfiia nhrilt loVO thn 1^Ri> 
thy Gorl wiihall Uiiimhiiiiir^and with 
idl tby mul^ oDd widi all ihr 

h An<T th«* word-T which I com 
maud tbet tiiis day, fhallbaicithiajt 
hectdt : 

7 And thoa i^idU ten Eh ihcm 
[Illi;rnt]y iinlo thy chtldrenp and 
«hiLti t.tik urthmn wheuthottiiiiECH^t 

Inline lidUACiiTHl iivhi^n tkioij wflJk- 
fisit e<y die wiiyi aad wht^n thou 
['iKH dCiH'n, and wticn tJiuii luoit 

9 And thoQ thaJt bind tbatit for 
a man upuit thiiLii handK aiul Ehny 
' iTbe osfrouUati betWKui tliiiiD 

!l> And thou ihalt writa tlir-ni 
dpon the potftii i^jf thy huuse, md 
an tiiy j;n.lci' 

to Aral it «hall Ik.^ when thv 
L«>nu thy God «Kiill hnve hioanrhi 
thee into thft Innd whMdi he KWnrfl 
unla lbytadiof4. To Ahrahum^ to 
taaaCt anil tn Jncob, to pvc thee 

Erear and lioadly ciliew, which djuq 
nildedit oat^ 

J1 And hPiuHM full of all itwd 

tMnxity which ihou iill>id«i not, and 

idlidii(|[ndt which tliOD diff««'l«l 

EKkmrUUgmUoMiatea. CHAP. VII. Ofmmmmm fwHiMm 

land whithor Uhki ffoeat to poMen 
it, and bath cast out tnany nationa 

Ml, vinafaida and olhra-tnaa, 
which thou piantedat not; when 
thoa shah have eaten and be full ; 
IS 7^k«» beware lest thou forget 
the Lord, which brought thee forth 
oat of the land of Egypt, from the 
house of bondage. 

13 Thou shult fear the Lord thy 
God, and serve him, and shalt 
•wear by hu name. 

14 Ye shall not go after other 
gods, of the gods of Uie people 
which are round about you ; 

15 (For tlie Lord thy God is a 
jealous God among you;) lest the 
anger of the Lord thy God be 
kindled against thee, and destroy 
thee from off the fkce of the earth. 

16 f Ye shall not tempt the Lord 

Kuf God, as ye tempted him m 

17 Ye Shan dilutentW keep tlie 
eommandmcnts or the Lord your 
God, and his testimoniei^ and his 
•tatutes, which he hath command- 
ad thee. 

18 And thou shalt do that which 
It rkht and good in the sight of 
the Lord: that it may be well 
with thee, and that thou maycst 
«o in and possess the good land 
which the Lord sware unto thy 

before thee, the Hittites. and the 
Girgashitea, and the Amorites, 
and the Canaaaites, and the Pe- 

rizntes, and the Hivites, and the 
Jebusites, seven nations greater 
and mightier than thou ; 

2 And when the Lord thy God 
shall deliver them before thee, thoa 
shalt smite them and utterly de- 
stroy them, thou shalt make no co- 
venant with them, nor shew mercf 
unto them: 

3 Neither shalt thou make mar* 
riagea with tliem ; thy daughter 
thou shalt not give unto his son, 
nor his daughter ahalt thou take 
unto thy son. 

4 For they will turn away thf 
son from following me, that they 
may serve other gods : ao will the 
anger of the Lord be kindled 
againat yon, and deatroy thee aud> 

«o in and 
which tr 

19 To eaat out all thine enemiea 
IVom before thee, aa the Lord 
bath spoken. 

91) And when thy aon aaketb thee 
in time to come, aaying. What 
mean the teatimoniea, and the sta- 
tutes, and the judgments, which 
the Lord our God hath command- 
ed youl 

21 Then thou shah say unto thy 
•on. We were Pharaoh*s bond- 
aaen in Egypt; and the Lord 
brought us out of Egypt with a 
mighty hand : 

fS And the Lord dwwed signs 
and wonders, great and aore, upon 
Efvpt. upon Pharaoh, and upon 
au his houaehohl, before our eyes : 

23 And he brought ua out from 
thcnoe, that he might bring ua in, 
to give ua the land which h& aware 
onto our fothera. 

94 And the Lord commanded ua 
lo do all theae atatutea, to fear the 
Lord our God, for our good al- 
waya, that he mi^ht preaerve ua 
alive, aa t( ia at Una day. 

85 And it ahall be our righteooa- 
neaa, if we obaerve to do aU theae 
eommamlmenta before the Lord 
oar God, aa he hath commanded 


Reward of Obedience. ^ 
IIEN the Lord thy God 
ahall bring thee mto ' 



5Butthua ah— . 

them; ye shall destroy, their altarBj 

5 But thua ahall ye deal with 

and breakdown their imagea, and 
cut down their groves, and bum 
their gniven imagea with fire. 

6 For thou art an holy people 
unto the Lord thy God: the 
Lord thy God hath chosen thee to 
be a special people unto hiijMeJt, 
above all people that are upon the 
face of the earth. 

7 The Lord did not set his leva 
upon you, nor choose you, because 
jf% wo»> 'Tf^r*^ frr mimN»T than any 

PPi ) I ■ IV , i Ljd ji e Hi. ft iJnJ tV %*■ tiSL of 

e But EiQCdiuB the Loitu fevpd 
raUt Auti bocpfim he would kii«p 
Uie '>ntf( whfch hi> hiA pwnm unto 

Eour fociipriT hnlli ihe htrnji 
nuiitht yo^x ^ut witJi a mighty 
hnnirlp nnii ri'clnuinucl yiFll out of 
the JioiJSP of b<fn(t-ment from Hit 
hanil iH'PlmfBfih king or Egypt, 

P Kbiiw tii^ni'l'ore Lhot thfl 
IjOftm iljy Go(l, he u God. thii faith- 
ful CitP<1, wLrch k«^^pc-]li c^vunanl 
onrl n>i?rc? vviih rhwn thailovfi Utm 
nod kccfp hi« ronmrBmlniaHtB La a 
thouinnrl guiK^raritini ; 

lil And ri7pityei>i tham that 
h%Uf him lo iJieir fai^iC, to fleatroy 
iheni.; hfi ivi][ ntfi h<i tlctck to hini 
that hflicih him. h« ^ill rei:»ay 
htiEi to Jtift Hlcp. 

Jl l^J'ioii ■hnltl'hDTi^rore keep the 
CoTninanilmDntfl;* *nd liio Mnlutcj, 
and tho jadgm^nty^ which I com- 
uiam^ ther th\* Hhy, U^f\n tham. 

J S % WhfirerorR it iHuU rfifno lO 
pnnii, H' ya htihrkKti to ihcM jude^ 
miiniR, and k(M^i>, nnrj do th^iri, 
lliftl ihc LottnlliyCtTtt *isal' keep 
unto thae tlic rotfinunt mm Urn 

T%»Cmuumils$ DEUTERONOMY. t0be4e§tm«d, 

*rcf wliiicli hn nran unto tti^ iKa[t noL deiire ii>e ttlvftr or gnti 
ihftri : (AaJ r.f on tiwtn. fior tult^ i; unw 

13 AnJ be will kvo thee, and t^ee. k>$;i \ho^ lie en are I therein: 

I thee, and multipW thee : he for it in an aboiiuDBtiiHi ia the Lo'tui 
Jl oisu bNv Uic fruii ofth J wDm b, thj Giv I. 
Kikl the rruji of ily Lnrvl, tlir com^ S6 Nfiihrr ihalt thou brimr ad 

of Ui 

pa iiii 

Lhf wins, mtd thicie uiL, the I obcj . 
,dUQ i^r Uij" iti»?, nnU tlie fttHSka thmi K^ 
thr *hDep, in in« Innd ^vhich d^cik^J 
■wus uau^ thy f&ih^n to gWe qJiiik u 

14 Thou Hhnh be bleiKd Abovo 

. fetimltj bjirren _ 
ftnion^ four entile. 

aniiito Lhine houiie, 
cunei! iliiuR liliH Kt Aut 
utiorlj delCTsl il, and ihcm 
rif flljlicrt: it ; f^tv il if s 
earsed Lhinj. 

CHAP. vin. 
^^n fliJutritiLiim tn Otttdjeta^, 

ill peuplfl -. tliore ihull oat b* miilii> , 
fehiftl ■ 

>nc > _^ . , 

15 Ami die Luiui wl]J tiikft/iwaF I j^ nlm-ruti !« do, ihnt yu mi/Lhe, 

frum thee all sfickL. 
Tuin^uf lina {^vil di 

Inil witi I up Utii'm upuc dJ] lAm 
that imie ihpo. 

AlJj tJ'h^^riinmDhrlnu'nep vrhicb 
[ (^rhmrnjiTiil Ujc^tJiiidaysluill 
pp nlwi-ruti lij d<i», Ihrit yu mi " 

and will [!ut nnrl mulupl^, nnd to «n »"*! (i 

" ' of EfTi'pL thu Laud winch lJiiqI^ru t»$tt^ witr 

^ And Ihoii «htiJT rcTnamlKtr aB 
Itiie wiiv ^hidi thu Lutiu Uir Qod 

Ifl And Ttiou flhaH canvunio nit j Uft\ ihue tiiew Curly ytan in ths 
^e i^iEitdH which ihe Lord thy wiJilt^meii, to huniblo ihee. 

God ■h.ill dchvuT thee^ Uiiue eye to pnitt thfto^ ti} ltrki}># what vm* 
ihjill havo na [lily upon them] net- ■ in thine hfraiit whmlwr thnu 
thcTbhaltllLauffervie th^ 4rnd*t CDrfWQtiJdat koep hia coinnaiuidiDBiilEi, 
UiQl wiU br fc Kimre nnto thee, ' 

17 Ifthou tlmlt ta.y in thine heafi. ' 
Thtwt^Utitiiinaranr rnctrfttj 
fitui IdbijKMiiP'iJ them T _ 

Irt Thiiu Aliiilt nal ba afraid of, not, neiihciraid ihy fulhfira knowr; 
them: ^ut ihalt wcU Fcirit^Jiilior that h^ mifht makQlhoe ki!ii«>w tlifti 
what the L{»>tD thy Gi>d did unla Tnan dcith tml livo bj/ lirpqd oidy. 

X, urvu *iiuii Hmf ui u tM4<c 4 irbt M ' 3 And b« muntibd Lhne, and vuF 
c^utitiiinaranr rnctrfttbun I, bow tttc^ tlieu to huneer, and ft>d Lhaa 
i: 1 T ^^ji^ ntaHniL whichtJviu ltmiw(»i 

Fhntucthp biul utiio ull £f ypi , 

19 The f nmt tomiitaliuns which 
thine ayiis alWt kb J iha idffis, and 
Ihe wDndoa, md thu mighty hund^ 
iod LiieHtnlcbod-out 6rm, whcnbiy 
tM Loita ihjr Gtjd bratmht Lhi'4] 
tnn 1 w> ihall tine L«riap thy <rod du 
unta all tha ptKiplu of wbnni thou 

90 MureiTver, Ui*? IjflUn Uiy Gud 
will ncijjil the hornet sununff limfn, 

duilI thiiy [hal urt> IdH, iind 
thoiitiielvcs fr<im thi^o, ho du^Lruy^ 
31 Thou ihnlt fi^»i he aiTrjchTed 

'liui hy every wifrJ ilim wijcecdcih 
0Ut ufthii iTii>ulli 0f ihfi tionij, dt>Lh 
mnn fi^i-f^ 

4 Tbf miment waxed flnt oki tio- 
on il^eti, nr'-iiher did thy £ooi iwaU 
liieMi forty FL^axi. 

5 Thou f hull nlsn ccnLmdt^r ^i thirH 
hourt, that ai a man chiuriviiialh hit 
■on, 0a ih« L4>n.i:i thj^ fpi:^! chaa^ 
leneth iheen 

.«.,:.K j (S Therefore Ihou fclmlt k«-pthQ 
hiric ' Canin]ajtblin«<ol* uf t^ l/iRH thy 

God, Ej walk in hit wajr«, and La 
fuiirhirn. ^ * i , 

_ . _ ,, ,^ ^,. 7 For The IvfULD thy God bnne' 

at tiiv^m : for ths IxtltD thy u<)d ij eth ihoa into n ^o^id tnnd^ a land of 
amctti f^Ut a iDiihty 6od «i|d tui^ . hroolu i:if water, ()f fnuiiiiLiiii, and 
ij bla I dcpthi that £|>f iug out of vnlieyt und 

^ And the Loni» thy Gud wiH hilk l 

Eut flkit thi>«3 nation* belbra thee B A land of wh^sftl. and baih^w, 
V liulo and Ittti*: ihgii marcel ! and virtid, ^d ll a -tr4.i% and podhi^ 

]ji;td of uil-oLire, and 

I but cuTMumfl ll]«in at vnc^* Ib#i the 
beiut4 uf tlifi field incieoHJ tip'iTi 



and wheroin thnu Khiiit eql 

'i3 Bill the IjOHP thy CSod ihaH brf^md withmi amrrrnfift;, thortj 
„ Oliver llhEiin unto thoei nnd shidl flJi:dt not ]nek any thjifjf m it ; a 
dp»Truy UK«m with A mtfhty do- IruicUvboK' inniOfl ora 1100,^1111 out 

■trucliiio, wnTil thnf h«d«tftT0yFxf 

^ And he ihiiU dnbver tfieir 
kinidintothirwhand^aiHl thnu ahnLt 
dfMtriiy thiiiT niuiut fftitit %mth 

df wh^td 

Uiim mixvejt dig 

la \Vhrii ihon hant eaten and 
Rtl ftillr llivntlrni) Ahalt bbM Uw 

bt^ivQn: liiere ihrilt rm in?iT) benblo; Loan UryCitn] hn thu ^iiiaod l^id 
tudtand Uifi^n: thi», uniJJ tliou iiavc whi«'K hi- hriiJi t^ivuni Iho 

.1 Ucwjin!! l-hTii ihou furjifi not 

-, *„w ..-., B^ of ilieiTithe Lomo ihyGod, in not kftop- 

p-Hliithall ya bum with An : ti^icni inf bin ^omfnnadTivntA. and Ui* 

dcpm^ad LJ)*j^n. 
^ The iravpn imni 


oAcr Lbai liui Ldsld tliy (7od hatb 
ciui ilioin liui fram bi?r->re thee. 
R(^fin£^ for mj rtjfhtiC-iiiii^iieM the 
Tjimtt Ijnili bruuifbi nan in to 
puHscfl* tIkU leui[f : bur for the 
vi'LckcdnE!«a al' dtew Jiiitions the 
Lonu duLti drive tb^in trut from 

5 Noi for t}Kf ritzliCfuiiMiien, or 
for Lhu tiiiriehinew of tliine heart 
clciit thou to tapomHssa rtin/ir land : 
buL fur tliA wicktiljiL'NN. nf theee 
Dutjiitu. Uiu Jxtnj) lity iiod doth 
■Ifivd mi^m uui from ux-^r'ore thee, 
REiJ iliat JiQ may [wijiitrm the 
word whid» ih<3 L!>rt[> Hwareonto 
w riiihen, Al^robjiui, Umc, and 

(j ttnibrsTand iherrfDre. thattl^e 

Miuiktl^eir Umi ffivthih ihoonotthia 

^{j'nJ Iniul tiO pu!9t4»i it for thy 

' Uft itnim art a itiff. 

[uifgEnDijc^K and hi* stiLLuUii, wMch 
I eoJTLEn^ctd lIiw this ilay ; 

r2 Luii vAflt Uittu hast eateji, 
and OTL Cull hmi hcutbcnJt gisodlr 

loT Ai>ij «rArH L>k>' IjciTds one] Hiy 
fliiclui mu^iiply, and Uiy fill VBF Jind 
tby ^uld in louliiEilif-d. and! ^ tttAL 
Lhu II hnut in ]nuJLii»[ii-d ^ 

14 ThLtiUiijieliijartba liacd up, 

which hrcauMnt Uiot3 JjitcCh qui nfUit^ 
laud of EftfpU (V^m ihe iit-ufie of 
lHiii<lu|Ee^ ^ ^ 

15 Who led thcD t}irouEh l)iAi 
creat Qnd birfiLtlu wiliicnibg9| 
«iftirm Kcre fierr irrtiontM, and 
teorpiQJu, fljiJ diruujhi, wiipre 
lA<!r£ tcA* notvat^^jT: who brought 
lh«o faiUi walei oul nf t2io rpi^lt 4>r 

to Who fed Ehae in the wlMer- 

Itimw itt^tt iJiuL 1i« miffht buinEiLi^ ; 
ihocH and Mi at lio might provoThee, i 
to do Lhpe fiiitd Ql Us^ laELur <>nd : 

17 Ajid thou fliiy inlhkwhenH, | 
Uj vovifiT and tJjct uti^tiKif niiiig , 
httnil Imdi ffiiTTun nui dsU WfCJifUi, | 

\B UurthoH uhnll rekneinlMr the : 
LhqKI^ Lhy Guil : for U if ha liitit 

Sivuib dia? EinHrni Id ^et wealth, 
nai ho may e^tuLI'L^li iiu covi^fiojiL 
wlsiE:h hu i^vare unto Uij' folbffrvi 
•4 t( u diii day. I 

IP And U sKflH bg, jf ihoil do flt 
all forj^n^t tbrt Lhird thy <JljiLj and i 
walk df^jtt otiicr £:ud4, nml ^un^:! 
thern^ rinii wur<hip tliein> 1 teslify ' 
aiTJua^L roil tJiN >iwf \\mi yia wliah\ 

Si) AntJiic anliona %vhich the LoFiD 
dfiBtniyelli hefnr^ yuuf t'ivct}^ ^a 
thtdl ]ffl pciiili \ Lmjchuri fu would 
ngt b« tsbCHliCAt unto tlkO V^ico tjf 

CirAP. rx- 
Mota ftheuTAfiM fsratTM Rt- 

HEAR, O l^rjLLiI : Thou ^H to 
pr^M 0\&T Jurdap thii dity, to 
f<:t in lo [KWKsaiialjuiu ^rtfalcjand 
mjjilitior tlLui) Lljyw3lr', ritJDfl freat 
m:Mli rvtJdud u|3 to hen ¥ Oil, 

3 A iMjojile ifFUat fijid toll, cJiQ 
cliiklri.'n of die AnnkinHK livhom 
thoy kijcpwefil, and nf whm» thou 
hasl }icani naj/, Whu cat» itujid be- 
fore the chiMnm Df Anak 1 

3 Unilsftitujid thercrbrfi this day. 
thai tlw Lrfi&n dif Gwl |« he 
which cfHHJ] av«r before thee ; at 
m ouowinioif Ere ue tthuW fli-^tmy 
Imm, and no jlmll Unas tj-^pin 
down L^roro thf Tnce : mi eJkalt 
Uuiu Aiivf. ihem ou% iind d^t/oy 
tJtaoi {)uii!klr, iu iha Lmhh butu 
iiiiit UDiLt tht^e, 

i 9p«ai[ uoi thim h3 iMh heartt 

tijjhEuijLL^FKuBc ; ttft ihtjhbi art a 

7 H Rijrneitibor^ vtd forfet not, 
how ihii^iu tfro^okod^t tfie LoRp 
Miy Cml to wrudi in the wij- 
durnetai litiin tJip dii>' that thoo 
didai dupzirt out nf ilia land of 
E^fyiit, until yn cuiau unto thifl 
phicu^ Jo Jlqvo boea [ebelUoiia 
ajgfliinitilic Lff^D, 

a Alto Ell IJuriih yt] provoked the 
Loud Li» \i-iath. mt Uiai the Lord 
wu!> &iiif ry with you lo have de- 
HlTMynid /ou. 

V WJcen 1 vfsm gone u[a hito the 
tnattnt u> riTEivc tbt' Iri1>k';i of stooet 
evcit tlie EmblEHf »{ ihu covenant 
^vliLcli Uiu UiEtit muihr Niith von, 
thett I abi^le in ilii^ niDuDt forty 
dayi oiKl forly Di^liti, I ni'ithndlu 
oat hm^dT ourilhnk iivuU^f : 

\^ And ihi: X^]R.[» di'livrred unto 
me fA-it TjiEdeft of bnnie writ- 
ten with ilie tmifc^r of djd ; and 
on thonii icnj KrUtm ufAiordutg 
til fUl th^ wurds which the Lord 
ppake wiih you hi the mount, out 
of ihe miiiit of th^ f[je^ in the day 
of thpaeausmblf. 

1 ) AtleI i) c'amn to petiti at the 
c™i of R*pj riaya mvA ft^nr nights, 
tkatUiohfiKO (EivL' me the two 
tiihlcs of el one, tjtsn. diO tables of 
die covea^jLiH 

13 And the Loko mid onto roe. 
Arise, eti tiwL^ ^tawnnuic^ from 
heneit;; for thy pooplu which thou 
hasl hroUifliL furtb fpiit i>f EcHPt 
hnvo corrupUHl r\mrjir:rc«7thej 
tire quit' Jtly turned upido nut of the 
wny u'hidh 1 CLitnxnanJvd them; 
they hare m^M thorn a molten 

13 rurLh^rinori^pthe Lnao spake 
nntm mQ, fEiyinx^ 1 havtt leen thia 
pcopli*^ and IrerKtklf it £# a ati# 

14 Ijei uui ali>iief thnt I may 


ItraeP§ rebtlbonB. 

daitroy them, and blot oot their 
BUie firom under heaven : and I 
will make of thee a nation mightier 
and greater than they. 

15 So I turned and came down 
from the mount, and the mount 
burned with fire: and the two 
tables ofihe covenant were in my 
two hands. 

16 And I looked, and behold, ye 
had ginned agtiinst tiie Lord your 
God, and had made you a molten 
ealf : ye had turned aside quickly 
out of the way which the Lord had 
commanded you. 

17 And I took the two tables, 
and cast them out of my two 
hands, and brake them before your 

18* And I fell down before tiie 
Lord, as at the first, forty davs and 
forty nights : I did neither eat bread, 
nordrink water, bocaiiae of all your 
* nns which ye sinned, in doing wick- 
edly in the sight of the Lo&d, to 

iwovoke him to anger. 

19 (For I was afraid of tiie anger 
and hot displeasure wherewith the 


Lord was wroth against you to do- 
•troy you.) But the Lord heark- 
ened unto me at that time also. 

90 And the Lord was very angry 
with Aaron to have destroyed him : 
and I prayed for Aaron also the 

21 And I took your sm, the 
calf which ye had made, and 
burnt it witli fire, and stamped itv 
mtd ground it very small, even 
until It was aa small as dust: and 
least the dust thereof into the 
brook that descended out of the 

8S And at Taberah, and at Mas- 
•ah, and at Kibroth-hattaavah, ye 
provoked the Lord to wrath. 

S3 Likewise when the Lord sent 
from Kadesh-barnea, saying, 

up and possess the land which 

I have given you ; dien ye rebelled 
against the commandment of 
the Lord your God. and ye be- 
neved him not, nor hearkened to 
bis voice. 

^ Ye have been . rebellious 
aaainst the Lord ftom the day tliat 
Iknewyou. ^ . . . . 

^ Thus I fell down before the 
Lord forty days and forty nights, 
as I fell down at thejir§t; because 
the Lord had said he would de- 
itrqyyou. ... 

90 I prayed therefore onto the 
Lord, and said, O Lord God, de- 
stroy not thy people and thine inhe- 
* ice, which thoa hast redeemed 
' thjr greatneM, which thon 
-ght forth otti of Egypt 


S7 Bemember thy sorvanti, Abt»- 
ham, Isaac, and Jacob ; look mit 
unto the stubbornness of tJiis peo- 
ple, nor to their wickedness, nor to 
their sin: 

28 Lest the land whence thou 
broughtestusout. say, Because the 
Lord was not able to bring them 
into the land which be promised 
them, and because he hated them, 
he hath brought them out to sluy 
them in the wilderness. 

29 Yet they are thy peoplu 
and thine inheritance which tboii 
broughtest out by thy mighty power 
and by thy stretched-out arm. 


GmTs iiwrciL*^ rettoriMg iJU 


AT that time the Lord said unto 
me. Hew tliee two tables ol 
stone like unto the first, and come 
up unto me into the mount, and 
make thee an ark of wood. 

2 And I will write on the tablsa 
the words that were in the first ta- 
bles which tliou brakest, and thou 
shalt put them in the ark. 

3 And I made an ark of shittim 
wood, and hewed two tables of 
stone like onto the first, and weol 
up into the mount, having the two 
tables in mine hand. 

4 And he wrote on the tables. Re- 
cording to the fint writing, the ten 
commandments, which the Lord 
spake unto you in the mount, out 
of the midst of the fire, in the day 
of the assembly: and the Lord 
gave them unto me. 

5 And I turned myself ond came 
down from the mount, and put the 
tables ill the ark which I hadroade ; 
and there they be, as the Lord 
commanded me. 

6 ^\ And the children of brael 
took their journey from BeeroUi of 
the children of Jaakan to Mosera : 
there Aaron died, and there be 
was buried *, and Eleazar his sen 
ministered in the priest's office in 
his stead. 

7 From thence tliey journeyed 
onto Godgodah ; and from Gudgo- 
dali to Jotbath, a land of rivers of 

8 ir At that time the Lord sepa- 
rated the tribe of Levi, to bear the 
ark of the covenant of the Lord, 
to stand before the Lord to minis- 
ter onto him, and to bless m his 
name, unto this day. . . 

9 Wherefore Levi hath no part 
nor inheritance with his brethren ; 
the Lord is his inheritance, ae- 
cordins as the Lord thy God pro- 
mised him. 

"iO Atti" i ■*W^f *" ^^ 

fint 1 


arid txkorttVum 

dayd and foriy nlfhlB ^ diuL Ujd 
Lord hearkrrnud nuLi} mn at tha,i 
time also, ami Lhis Loiu) wuulil iioi 
destroy thee. 

11 And the Loild xiud untu noAp 
Arise, take tlajiomHCTf b^ioT^ Uic 
people, that'UiJ^r ^^^f go id nod 
possess the iuiLy uJucli I siiynrQ 
unto their fuiheri to fi^ive uiitu 

12 IT And n^iWi lirmol, wJiBt doth 
the Lord thy Goni rtrriiilrB uf Uicp 
but to fear tiir^ Loilli Uiy GoJt to 
walk in all hu wayci, ftud Id luvo 
him. and to tcrvo the Lcjkti liif 
God with all Uiy heart and witli all 
thy soul, 

13 To keerf iho cdrnmantlEiiGrUa 
of the Lord, and hit tftatuk^s, 
which I conu^iaiul ihm thin Jay lur 
thy good 1 

U Behold, tlie hefivE>n nrni the 
heaven of htintiifl ij tho LfjfLti's 
UiyGod, the vurtii ufjtrp wHEi aJl 
tliat therein ty. 

15 Only tli€ L(m]>had adcligliL 
in thy fathers u, iuvi; ihitm, und tit; 
chose their pL^ud after Ow-m^ nfjii 
you above all pcHiitlc, oa it 14 t|iU 

16 CircumcLse thoref^jnetJio fore- 
skin of your hii'jLti, and bn 110 uiure 

17 For the Ij<mi> yonF Gnd ij 
God of gods, Q,L^«] Lord tif lotds, u 
great God, a 1 1 bj <^ h Ly, and a t^riJiiitD, 
which regard 'LI I not pcriooB, nor 
taketh reward : 

18 HedothH>x4J4!mpUii(!Jti4Te;Tnufic 
of the fatherh ^:9 and willow, ujiJ 
Ipveth the stiiUb^fut, In gi^iog liim 
food and raim^ m, 

19 Love ye iJi[:L'crDrc Uts slran- 
ser: for ye y^uru iitminitu in Uie 
land of Egypt. 

aO Thou shnk rL^rtJti] L<}Kti ihy 
God; himshfilT thnu servo, ojul lo 
him shall thou uLii^avD, AEid jwuar 
by his name. 

21 He w th}' iitraisc, and ho it ili^r 
Ch>d, that haOi U^^uo fur Lhcia Uiaso 
neat and teniljEe thlngi wfUc^b 
thine eyes ha\r.< &c6n. 

22 Thy fatliifrfii witnt dnwa inlu 
Egypt with th:4.'e4ri:tr[h sntl isn ul"!- 
sons; and noNv i.Ilu LuKib lUf G>rK] 
hath made theu hj tht; ^turs ofhca- 


fpHEREFOllK ihyg ^hsiTi Lq^d 
JL the Lord tiiy GnA. nrjd ki:c^ 
his charge, and iii^ -^EliI ititH, and Inn 
jodgments, and hji Cfxiicimndnxinc*, 

3 And know ye fkEi dELyj Ti^r 
/ apeak not w^tb yttur chiklfcji 
which have not knowRf nnd which 
have not seen Uie eboiliiemiuit gf 


to obedienct.' 

iba Loud your God, hta ifrrrat ■](»&, 
his niijjiity JiiiJiJ, ufld j^li itreLdiod 
yiii arixK 

^ And hi» mmc.lcg, nnd hi* acts, 
which ho did in tlibiiiJd:ii^or£Lg:yj,PtK 
unto l;*hnrauh tht) king of E^y^i. 
andiinlo ftJI I'lis laJid^ 

4 And wliaL he did tititii the anny 
tiCEsypU "^»l*J ihuir horDCS, ami Xa 
UiEisr uburiou;; ]]iaw he olhIo the 
water of ibo UihI ftOiJi U» ovcrllow 
ihtitn in tliey pyre uod nftijt yctd, 
nnd A^i? ihe Ldeld halli tltftiiro^bil 
ihtin unto tJ^ii day ; 

5 Ami what bediji] unfo yoti in 
t]i6 wildoTCiE^a, until yo caioe inln 
Lhia j:]]iicu ; 

G AitnI what ho did nnio Datlmn 
AihI Abirnnt, Uic ifurifi ofl-^JiiU), i\w 
son uf Ruiilj4i!U: hmv l\w oarlh 
opciiiE>[E f]<:r muuth, and £wal]awHl 
tUtidi up, cmd tlioir hnusdinUh, und 
their icjiifi^ aj^id al] iho tab»iiinca 
that mtt^ in ihcir no&3c«!i^0D» in UiB 
tnidii. ui^ail IsraE^L; 

7 Bill your CiyeEhavt^ suen all tho 
umtii nnu of iho LotLb wlilcli hfi 

a n*h«efuro thall fa k«op nil 
tfau commandnicnLi wligoJi 1 com- 
nijind you thi, iWy, tlial ye innj ho 
iLToo^p amE gfi ia and poiiic^ Uia 
miidp whitliLir 70 go to po^^ss 

And T!iai yc may ptobnej/" w 
dayH IN Uio Iiiiid ivlik'J; the Libiui 
EwuTd unto Four fatti^m to jf Ivo un- 
to tFtufii, smd ^0 their seuiL a LuiOd 
that fluwolh witli tiiilk and 

ly irForlLelnDdr whillH?; Mioii 
■ocat inlQ jiu^iauitii jc, u not sis tho 
IsbrtLJ of E£,^yj;3i, from wIjl'oco ye 
camiL> Dili, wlieiQ llmu sowKtisi litg 
iii.'-L^d^ and hulj^jvdil it willi thy 
fuol, fij a gardun of licrht 1 

11 But iltc land, wJtitltur yc |j{? 
topovscsa it, i> a jund wf htlLi and 
vailcyM, r^m^ddukoth \^'ator ofthe 
riiln c^r heaven ; 

12. A la^id which tliE^ T«uiis thy 
God CArvtb for; the eyes of tlya 
Loud th; God am alwayf npf tn it, 
TioEn ilieFl>egi}inii9L'4rthu year evnu 
unto thu end of Uie yeaf, 

1^ ITAnd itahaLEcomo topojt^ tf 
re shall bcrjirliun dUt^eiJiijy untu mw 
€4jmmaX)j]iiitM]tj9 wM'^h 1 con^b^and 
fan UjLs day. iu liivu tho Lohd 
yuur God. aTtd to verve l^iici with 
alE yaur huart tmd witii oil your 


14 Tl;at I will g^va jwu the mln 
of your la nil in Ldi due buaion, 
tho first rain and tha ianuT rain, 
that ihou uiayu^t gatlmr in iLy 
<^iunit tknil tiiy ivinoi &nd tliino 

13 xVnd 1 will ai^A grnEi!! in tJiy 

f$rttet exhorted 



Aolda for thr cattle, that thoa may- 
eat eat and be full. 

16 Take heed to younelves, that 
four heart be not deceived, and ye 
turn aside, and serve other gods, 
and worship them -, 

17 And then tlie Lord's wrath 
be kindled against you, and he shut 
U)) the heaven, that there be no 
rt*in, and that the land yield nut her 
fruit; and lest ye perish quickly 
from off the good land which the 
LoRDgiveth you. 

18 ITTherefure shall ye teyupthese 
my wonis in your heart and in your 
soul, and bind them for a sign up- 
on your hand, that they may be as 
frontlets between your eyes. 

19 And ye shall teach them your 
children, speaking of them when 
thou sittest inthine bouse, and when 
thou walkest by the way. when 
thou liest down, and when thou 
risest up. 

'20 And thou shall write them 
upon the door posts of thine house, 
and upon thy gates: 

21 That your days may be mul- 
tiplied, and the days of your chil- 
dren, in the land which the Lord 
■ware unto your fathers to give 
them, as the days of heaven upon 
the earlh. 

22 II For if yeshalldiligently keep 
all tliese commandments which I 
command you, to do them, to love 
the Lord your God, to walk in 
all liis ways, and to cleave nnto 

23 Then will the I.1ORD dnve out 
all these nations frum before you, 
and ye shall possess fpreater na- 
tions and mightier than youi^ 

S4 Every place whereon the 
soles of your feet shall tread 
shall be yours : from the wilder- 
ness, and Lebanon, from the ri- 
ver, the river Euphrates, even un- 
to the uttermost sea shall your 
coast be. . .. ... 

25 There shall no man be able 
to stand before you : for the Lord 
your God shall lay tlie fear of you, 
and tlie dread of you upon all the 
land that ye shall tread upon, as he 
hath said imto you. . ^ 

26 If Behold, I set before you 
Uiis day a blessing and a curse : 

27 A blessing, if ye ol>cy the 
conimamlmeiita of the Lord your 
God which I command you tliis 

&'And a cnrse, if ye will not 
obey the commandments of the 
Lord your God, but turn aside out 
of the way which I command you 
Uiis day, to go after other gods 
vhieh ye nave not known. 

29 And It ahaU come to pasa 
when the Lord thy God hath 
brought thee in unto the land 
whitiicr thoi/ goest to possess it, 
that thou ahalt put Uie blcKsing up- 
on mount Gerizim, and the curse 
upon mount Ebal. 

30 Are they not on the other side 
Jordan, by the way where the sun 
goeth down in tlie land of the Ca 
naanites, which dwell in the chain 
paign over against Gilgal, beside 
the plains of Moreh 1 

31 For ye shall pass over Jordan 
to go in to possess the land which 
the Lord your God giveth you. 
and ye shall possess it, and dwell 

32 And ye shall observe to do all 
the statutes and judgments which 1 
set before you this day. 

CHAP, m 

Idols must be destroyed. 

THESE are the statutes and 
judgments which ye shall ob- 
serve to do in the land which the 
Lord God of thy fathers giveth 
thee to possess it, all the days that 
ye hve upon the earth. 

2 Ye shall utterly destroy all 
the places, wherein the nations 
which ye shall possess served their 
gods, upon the high mountains, 
and upon the hills, and under every 
green tree : 

3 And ye shall overthrow theit 
altars, and break tlieir pillars, 
and burn their groves with fire; 
and ye shall hew down the graven 
images of their gods, and destroy 
the names of them out of that 

4 Ye shall not do so unto the 
Lord your God. 

5 But unto the place which 
the Lord your God shall choose 
out of all your tribes to put his 
name there, even unto his habita- 
tion shall ye seek, and tliither tliou 
shalt come : 

6 And thiUier ye shall bring your 
bumt-oifcrings, and your sacrifices, 
and your tithes, and heave-ofTer- 
ings of your hand, and your vows, 
and your free-will-offerings, and 
the firstlings of your herds, and n( 
your flocks: 

7 And there ye shaD eat before 
the IjOrd your God, and ye shall 
rejoice in all that ye put your hand 
unto, ye and your hmiseholds, 
wherein the Lord thy God hath 
blessed inee. 

8 Ye shall not do af^r all ths 
things that we do here this day, 
every man whatsoever is right ui 
his own eyes. 

9 For ye are not oa yet come to 
the rest and to the Inhentanne 




wlueh the Lord fow God ghreth 

10 But when re co orcr Jordan, 
and dwell in the land which the 
Lord your God giveth you to in- 
herit, and when ho giveth rou rest 
from all your enemies round about, 
■o that ye dwell in safety : 

11 Then there shall be a phioe 
which the Lord your God shall 
choose to cause his name to dwell 
there : thither shall ye bring all 
that I command yon ; your bumt- 
offerinffs, and your sacrifices, your 
tithes, and the heave-offering, of 
your hand, and all your choice 
■rows which ye vow unto the 


IS And ye shall rejoice before 
the Lord your God, ye, and 
your sons, and your daughters, 
and your men-servants, and your 
mnid-servants, and the Levite that 
is within your gates; forasmuch 
aa he hath no part nor inheritance 
with you. 

13 Take heed to tliyself that thou 
offer not thy burnt-offerings in 
every place that thou seest : 

14 But in the place which the 
Lord shall choose in one of thy 
tribes, there thou shalt offer thy 
burnt-offerings, and there thou 
■halt do all that I coimnand thee. 

15 Notwithstanding, thou mayest 
kill and cat flesh in all thy gates, 
whatsoever thy soul lusteth aAcr, 
according to the blessing of the 
Lord thy God which he hath given 
thee: tho unclean and the clean 
may eat thereof, as of the roe-buck, 
and as of the hart. 

16 Only ye shall not eat the 
blood; ye shall pour it upon the 
earth as water. 

17 % Thou mavest not eat within 
thv gates the tithe of thy com, or 
of thy wine, or of thj '* 

9f bvrtu-ojfbrinfft. 

' wine, or of thy oil, or the 

igs of thy herds or of th; 

flock, nor any of tliy vows whici 

thou 'vowesL nor thy free-will-of- 
ferings, or heave-offering of thine 

18 But thoa must eat them before 
die Lord thy God in the place 
wfaieh the Lord thy God shall 
eboose, thou, and thy son, and thy 
danghter, and thy man-«tcrvant, 
and thy maid-servant, and tho Le- 
vite that is within thy gates : and 
tfaoQ shalt rejoice before the IiORD 
thf God in all that thou putteet 
thjne hands unto. 

19 Take heed to thvsclf that 
thoa forsake not the Lcvite as long 
aa thou livcst upon the enrth. 

90 IT When the Lord thy God 
shall enlarge thy border, as he 
bath promised thoe. and thou shalt 

way* t wtD ml Bcsh, Irt^raiuo thy 
siml TaaeelljUii>iiLtfti.'£liH ilirPTi may- 
e-1 > ill (ti^li, lirhQtiKhEi'vcr thy soul 
InsiiTh nfter, 

-2] If ilic pkCQ wl^iLch ihti Lord 
thy CitMi heitli t^htivtm to jnit his 
n.trntf ffirre be i^o for fmm I hue, 
tJ « n thou ehitti kil! tjf tLy h»'rd 
aijil of Thy Kank, uhieb the Lukd 
hiiili givtij thnei^t lu ] hnifo tstiro- 
n-in Oiled ih^e, tmid thoa s^tatt 4satin 
itiy ^lEtt whaisoovcr Uiy «quI Iiist- 
etti jifii!T+ 

33 EvpiJ cts the roe-bur k afld the 
flariL la dateu, ao tl^ou sthnil cat 
tljcm : Ch^s ujici^nh imd tiit' clettD 
tiiiiW pdi sfliKni tilike. 

3n Oaly be iur« tlmi ihna eat 
nH>i Lhe blocHl : ti}t ^}ip LlniWI m the 
11 ff^ ntjd thHiu majeut ncit cat the 
lifi ivjrhthetlesh. 

^1 TJkrm ft! I alt nut cat h\. ihon 
si I til I pyur it lapati the umrlli oa 

"25 Thou nlmlt nf»t out it; ihlt it 
may jfo wt'D With thrx, hnd with 
ttty rjiildrnn uflfv tbee^r when ihou 
a\,ii\t rh^tAtitvhich it vieht. in the 

Si-t-E f?irthi5 I/iRD. 

"W Only Uiy hnli' thinfi which 
ttton liju^L.tthd ^Jiy vowir.ihou Rbalt 
ttikt?, nnfl Fii vTiin I he yiAon which 
tlie fjiiiRP H]al] rhooee: 

'J7 And tlnKLi nkD]t fiflur th? hamt- 
ol^vrin^R, the f1e«li nnd the blood, 
UL^ici ii^^i RlEjir uf thi: l^ntD f.hy 
G> <i^ : CLhiJ ihc; bln^Kl orthy in^c riflcea 
sItihH be jjonrcd vtii won ih+i nltar 
of ihc LnaD thy Qod, fmcl ihuu 

^iS ObH^^¥e and bcnr nil ihEsee 
.. urrli whiRh f ctjifittiiind thiffl, that 
it ll^]^r Ba well with fhee, and v^ith 
tl.y rhiklren unicr llv>ft for ov^r. 
w lien 1 h D a il PfiL that which iJMiooa 
and n^ht [n thn light of the Ldk.d 

2f* If J- 

When tho Lord thy Cod 
II eiLti>n~iik« nntioni frtini be- 
llied, whither thou fioeat to 
p\-''^-vm thitiQ, and thou tuoooed- 
etit rh^m^ nnd dwcHejrt in their 

M Tnke htn! m thTsolTthai tbra 
h<' mtt prmni) hy fmlouinff ihfm, 
afc^r ihni they \re deslroprrd ftttm 
bftVirtt: liicti ; and L^iatihuu Ipiquire 
nfn itfiityt thu^ir eodei, sDrm^, How 
dtj-l tlkfiA^ nntions ?i?rvD tiiuir giKUil 
eviji ik> will 1 do liktiwijt^. 

31 Thnii Khhlt tiot do iio tiTiEit the 
Liiftn ihy Ooih fi*r every tvlMiniina- 
tii»rj in tn4^ Lotitt wiii^h he hatt>th 
h:i^'«^ U]£iy dona unto ihcilr ftods; 
for O^i^h ihf'ir ^ti^ and UitnrdnUgh- 
ttrs Ihny )itive tilirnl in thit ttra lO 
th'-ii Foi-iia. 

;£.! What thing sotreer T rnm- 
mand you. observe to dn il : tlioo 

PuniMhmaUtif DEUTERONOMY. idoluUn,4^ 

iudi uickodjiasa b9 ihh in. anHKig: 

tiuiM nut udd t]»^nfi)>> nor diiainiib 

IF ihtfre arwii flmonjf yniii b iiro- 
pbot> or 4 drtMuntT Drdrcmnen 

*J And th« aiert or the worvder 
coma to }i^mj^ v,hii>rcof Jiq i^paka 
ujitD Ukw, iavttip;, Liu uj go after 
(ither v^ile, which Lhcm liii«L nol 
knowcu ami kl ui Hcivd tltiim^ 

:i Ttum ahalt Rut hvairkoii untn 
■Uw HTonifi of th^t [i'ri>pJ>E]'t, or liiat 
drouncr or drcanu: loir iho Li^D 
your God provpih yog, lo know 
wh^jtlicr fo To VI' tho JjQnn jfotsf 
God ujUi iiJI jotif fciujirt luid wiLh 
sll your iouL 

"1 Yq frhnEI iviiEk nflof Mie l^im 
ruurfjoiiaiidfiia^kiTTi, and fcfop 
nil commandments, und uttt^y liii 
voiciij imil ye flliiiil KHrvo him* and 
cIwtvetinEfi him, 

5 AjkI thELt prophot, or tJiat 
dreajDur of drcaiiu^ uhcill be pul to 
deatJi \ becaiuo ho hntii ipukon lo 
turn f 011 awn J from Ikfi t»oiipyolir 
God» which bfouifht yuu mit fifUie 
Eand of K&yM, und tn^doomrKl you i 
(luL of tlie nc^UH] of bnadage^ to 
throifi tht-a oai i>f iho way which 
Uu9 LoJiD thy God comiDBJidtid 
ilu&o lo w[i] b in. Ku i] ml t ttiou i w i 
Cliti dvil a war ^rom iJm middi of 

6 ir If Lhy bFoUicr, i1m> $an ofUiy 
moUier^ or Ih^ pon, or tlty dau^h- 
Cer, fir ihe wiTl' or Lhy iMpexjm^ or 
thf frtBP4 whjuh it as tiiitiu own 
#041, eotioe Ui(!4 HoOiUly. KtLyin^, 
Let tu lo and lervu oU^i-'r {^^hI^, 

■ ■ the ■ 

li^ ^ Jf iJitni ((UrUi hcaraatt in on« 
of til J clUMt vviiicii lliii Lonii tlty 
Ctiti Jjatii fiiv^^H ihuc tEji dwell liiarw, 

wbjcli Uioii |j.iut not known, thou, 
7 Jfameli 

oqr \hs futhors . 

... teltf. qf Oifl godi tjf the 
PfHipte whirh are round about you. 

. Jt yL_. 

Di^h unto ihii^!.. Or fnr off from 
thyc> from Iho one end of tliB eirth 
evcti unto thu otA^r cikI of Llio 

9 Thoti ihnlt not Aonsont unto 
him, Di:ir boiiTk^ii unto ^liin ^ uolLlioi 
ihall thine &ye pitf hiJiL neither 
Ahalt Ihoil H^iro, nintlior ibaJt ihou 
con<:!i]ai hirn.: 

f) E(it llionaKfllt tciNtlr kdl l;iill i 
tiiiriff] htindBhiq.Ellre firnt iilKiu him to 
pui liiin to dentil, nnd ufbof wHuld 
the hand of aU the LH<ui>]a. 


lU And ihim »hah itone bim 
ILh jitqaa Lhit ho die; bocauaq 


— ,Ji ■Du|}it to i}Lru^t thee awftf 
llaiii tli« l^>aEi tfhjr Qod, whJGifa 
brouiht th«e (uit of tho J'spd af 
E^yvt from the huaie of bond- 

H And i3l Iiiraul ahall hf-Rr, ftnd 
huir, and Ahull du no naurn nor 

Helm I, art goiiu out from bmoug 

EoU| and hctve withdrawn the in- 
ahaCruLlB of their dty, aayiii^. Lei 
tisgo iitid aarva otJuir godi* wliiuJi 
yo hiivo nut known; 

14 Timn fitiiUt tliuu inquire, and 
mitkft fiottffih, find otik mllstJiuly j 
and bcthold, y it ha 1] lUli, niid tlm 
thiui^ eortani, that d:U4:h Eibuiniiui- 
tiun la wrouAlu Fiinoiij! youii 

15 ThotJ ilinU BurJly i^iiiito thfr 
ioEiiLhimntd of tJmt city wijtlt the 
tilge of tJie swofcit dt^troyinc it 
uttciily, Tind all that lt iliorokir and 
the cutdo Uiofoof, wjtii the Esdgo of 

IG Add Lhou sihiilt gather dl I ho 
fijoil (if it into tije inklat of thfl 
atreet tJiorcof, and ehtill burn with 
lira ihkD city, and all tJiA tpoil 
thereof o*t!ry whlL f^jr the Loivp 
thy God-, and it ithbllba an heap 
fer aver, U jehiiU not he huiu 

IT And IhBTQ almH cleave nought 
of the [^urSL^d thing lo thine Imiu : 
ihnt til 5 Limn niiiy uim from the 
itiercenojtai at hi a nnfcr^ and shew 
ilieo nRtrcy, aoil hjivu Companion 
upon thee, nod multiply tlieo, su hu 
hath tworn unto thy (inimni 

IS Whei tliou ^aJi hEitarkfvn to 
the voicfi of iJia LoFin H^f Gofl^ to 
kiica oli hid coEiiniaddiu&nli winch 
[ cuLi]cnrijir^ ihiHi liiii ilay, Hi df» 
iAat tehicK i^ nsftT in the oycd of 
the Limp I liy ft*vi,. 


Of Jlciif « drOM (inii mistffn. 
"ITE orrj the chddren of the hoft^ 
X youjr God : ya ahitll not cut 
yourstitve^ nar make any bald- 
ue*3 butwe^ii your ^lycsK iqt tltu 

S! For thou uH un boly pvLipIo 
unto liiu IjOP-o tlbj tlod, rind tli^ 
L{>RU hath choaan thee to be a 
peculiar peaple up|u himinlf, abcivo 
elLI Uie nbiloni LhcLt pu*ff upon the 

a if Thon phoJt not ftat uny nbo- 
minahio thin;, 

4 ThcftCf itnp thu bonaij which ye 
bK&II eat; TJie ox, th^ Aiicep, end 

SThr hftrt, iind IhoToe-bitek, luid 
fbAfJtlliiw-dic^r, and ihn wikt^iffifltH 
and tjm pygiFifH and the wilil-ot, 

& And evi'iry hennt tlint parljf^n 
\^l•i huof, and i3leftvfsth Uw' cti-fl 
loru (Wo citiwf, amd chtwi^U the 

cad among tho beast 

not cat, of ihom Umt cluzvif tfie 
euil, WT of thfsm thtit dithJe ilie cld- 
Jftfn hciof ; Of tJio ciifnt'Ej tLoJ iho 
ftnTD, fljjd tho cqiiy^: tbr ihey chL^iw 
Utuciid, lot tTjvido not thu hoof; 
Mrrt/ffrs tljei^ an uncieaR iiiiio 

8 And tho 9virmc, b«Miune ft di- 
videtlk UK» hoof^ ypt uhtxyriTh no t the 
cud, ji is nnck'jii] unro you 
Bhall not cfit <ir their fliiaJi. nor 
touch Ihffir dead carciiaa, 
^it ir ThMB yo til ill CO I, of aJ] 
ihnt trrs ui ihp watotu ■ nil that have 
GDi and si'altM ishiill yc ear : 

10 And whfiiaoevor huLli nQtfini 
»nd acufcs ya may not oat: it U un- 
clean titito you, 

H IT Of aJl clBftn btrds y« aball 

12 But thepe ar<? Nicj/ arwhifl!i 
TOnhftd not Ptttr The co^lci and 
tiK? oiaifroj^L^ and t/io oapniy, 

13 And the gled^ And tfio kiln 
*iid the viiKuru after liia Irind, 

14 Ami every rnvrn afttr hi* 

15 And tTin tmU ojid thD ni^ ht- 
hawrk, und the cucJioo, and ti>e 
Kiuvk uneryakjnd. 

Ifl Th^ litOe o^vl and the front 
wl, Euul the flwnn, 

17 And tiie pt^hcai], andtbe ^ler- 
eaj^lif, ami thu corniortJir, 

IW Artfl tfic^ ??tor|t, and the hnron 
4fli'r hor kind, and tln^ lanwinir, 
and the b[^t, 

ly And ovrry cri^epinB thif3|fthat 
nieth M unckiin uniuj yon: ihey 
filiad not \m nnXen. 

W Bui qf ail cLeajDi tovth ja mar 

CHAl'.XV. OfiitAea. 

Uiatre ahalj thorf?. whcjj tfiolrfirtp ElirGod hath 
[dLE^^F^tl thee: 

25 Then shalt thou turn it into 
mcmey^ and bind up tfje money ih 
tljtnehiLutJ,ru]d sh^h ^o unto fho 
plritre which the I,o]id thy God 
E\mn ahooso: 

IJIS And Uipn shdt bcitow that 
mttmY luf whaTJoevt-r thy soul 
luBtotf] nJler, for os^-" '^r fr»r sheep, 
or lor wine, or f^ s ir:ff drink, 
or for whntjioe!!' . v Hottl do- 
Bireth r 5Jid Uiou !=.'i ■ :!,r.^hereb6- 
Hire the Lnnin thy i^Vuri, and thou 
fhJilt rqjoicEi^ thousand thinehouse- 

S7 And the LotiIc that ia within 
thy FBjes : thou Ehtdi not forsake 
nun L lot hp nai h no part nor in- 
hcntmir;!^^ with ihyin. 

28 V At tlii* end of three years 
tlmmruUt brjEi;^ foiih ail the tithe 
or thim? iDc^rtaso the Mime year, 
nrtti flhaJi Jiiy it up within thy 
f atca .■ 

'£} And tho Lovite. (bocause he 
hath nrp ptvft nor inhc^ri Lance with 
t ]<ju) Auti the itmnfi^^&r, am! the fii- 
thujrFiKs and the widoiv^ which ara 
Tyiii|in tJiy watts, uhaO come, and 
«uall€atnnrl he Aatlatled; that the 
Ijoild thydrrd mny hl*=aa thee in 
uti ihf work oftbiou hind whidi 
thou dnciL 

CriAP. XV, 

AOftke Yc^rof H&kast. 
T Use end of ti^fr^ «evcn years 
tJiOEifhaitffltike a release. 
^ And thij is tho Ennimcr of the 
rt^ eai4 ; V^nnf irrvdiror that lend- 
oth aught uiitri Fiia nciirhlntur, shall 
[iHease li; he ah all nut c/ract i« of 
ma iniifihbour, "r of hid brother; 
twtrtuie It "ta callod the Loao's re- 

3 Of tt rori?tffnpr thou mayest ex- 
hrl it ngntn : hni fAai which is 
Uicnq Willi Lliy biMtlichr thine hand 
ffhall rR]fjn!-;i; '. 

4 auvo ivhen thero ah all be no 
VitfyT ajnnng youi for the Lord 
shall griniatly hlcniJhfti in tho land 
which llfw L(pJt[> thF flod givetli 
ih4?o/ciran inhcrkuj^re to | 

21 TT Ya fthnll not eat q/ nnj 
Uirn g th At d jtnh of i tsioir : thoi ] ^:ilt 
five it unto tiie atritiiE'v'r thjif. r> In 
thy ffdifist that ho m-iy taE rt; or 
ihou inayeft fri?LF it urrio an Ji^ifit- 
1m thuuricrf nRhply ppoplfi iintn tJie 
I^ttD thy Oml. ThHii shah not 
Aer.^L|ie a kid inhitnnithHr'A mjlk^ 

2i Thou Fhsili trufy Tltho nW 
thtt tnci^iLsti of ihy ^.rd, tfiai tjvu 
fi^ brin^i^Di forth yew r by year, 

Ti And thou fhiilt oat br^fijre 
Ihd I^nr> Eh? flod, In llio iiIucp 
which hsihalLchooH tu pkca hts 
naineLlier^, die tillin oftJif forn, 
of thy wine, ond of thine oil. aofl 
1M tInUiomi of thj hoftla annl uf 
thj iockiii ihnl thou mnyeftt Eif^^rn 
tonar the Lfiaw ihy God alwnys, 

31 And }f tlidway bft tim lon^ 
(iit thrut tii thnt thou nrt nnt nht^ 
in c^rry ii i ^r if Uin plare bii i-rto 

.^i'''L".i!Ti: "^'"'l'' *e Loup thy . „ „ „,^ ,„ ,.,..ap„ur 

uud .hill ehooa* lu ut hii nan>e! mm tif oiHr of thy brethren wiUiiii 


5 OnTy if tfirju MrGrnlly hearken 
unto tlin voifie nf thn Loud thy 
flod, to obuisrve to do all these 
f^ommand inputs whjeb I command 

IToT tho LotLD thy God blesseth 
thrj<*, ai he promised thee : and 
thou shalt blind unto mrtny nationsL 
hut thou ahrilt fmi borrow ; ana 
Thou shilt reikis fiver ma cir nations, 
out they ji|i]dl noi reten over 


7 II Lftht^ra beaninrtE yon a poor 

or (Jk« year ^reUate. D£UT£RUKOM Y . 

Uf the poMMTvet. 

of thjr gates in tky land which i come of thy herd and of thy 
Lord U17 God givoth tliec, flock thou jthult sanctiiy unto the 

thou ghalt not harden thy heart, 
nor ihut thine hand from thy poor 
brother : 

8 But thou shall openthine hood 
wide unlo him, and shall surely 
lend him sufficient for his need, in 
that which he wantelli. 

U Beware that there be not a 
thought in thy wicked heart, say- 
ins, The seventh year, llie year of 
release, is at hand ; and thine eye 
be evil against tliypoor broUicr, 
and tliou givest him nought; and 
he cry unto the Lord agauist thee, 
and it be sui unto thee. 

10 Thou shah surely irive him, 
and thine heart shall not be grieved 
when thou givest unto him: be- 
cause that for tliis thing tlie Lord 
thy God sliall bless tliee in ail thy 
works, and in all that thou puttest 
thine hand unto. 

11 For the poor shall never cease 
out of the land : therorore 1 com- 
mand thee, saying. Thou shalt 
cnienthinehandwido unto thy bro- 
ther, to thy poor, and to thy needy, 
ui thy land. 

12 IT And if thr brother, an He- 
brow man, or an Hebrew woman, 
be sold unto thee, and serve thee 
six years; then in tlie seventli year 
thou shall let him go free from 

13 And when thou sendest lum 
out free from thee, thou shalt not 
let him go away empty : 

14 Thou shall furnish him Ube- 
raUy out of thy flock, and out of 
thy floor, and out of thy wine- 
proas : of that wherewith the Lord 
thy God hatli blessed thee thou shalt 
give unto him. 

15 And thou shall remember that 
tliou wast a bond-man in the land 
of Egypt, and the Lord tliy God 
redeemed thee: therefore I com- 
mand thoe tiiis thing to-day. 

16 And it shaU be, if be say 
onto thee, I will not go away from 
thee ; because he loveth thee and 
thine house,becau8e ho is well with 

17 Then thou shalt take an awl, 
and thrust it throueh his ear unto 
tlio door, and he shall be thy ser- 
vant for ever. And also unto thy 
maid-servant thou shalt do like- 

18 It shall not seem hard unto 
tfiee, when thou sondest him away 
free from thee : for he hath been 
worth a double hired servant to 
Oue, in serving thoe six years : and 
Ihc Lord tliy God shall bless thee 
411 all that thou doeeU 

19 IT >U1 tl;o firstling moles that 

flock tliou shall sanctiiy unto I 

LoKU Uiy Goil: thou shall do no 
work with Uie firdiling of tliy bul 
lock, nor sliear tlie firstling of tJiy 
slicep. . ^ 

SO Thou shall eat it before the 
Lord thy God year by year in the 
place which the Lord shall choose, 
ihou and thy household. 

21 And if there be any blemish 
therein, aa if it be lame, or blind, or 
have any ill blemish, thou slialt not 
sacrifice it unto the Lord thy God. 

22 Thou shall eat it within thv 
gates: tlie unclean and the clean 
person shall eat it aUke, aa the 
roe-buck, and as tlie harL 

2.3 Only thou shall not eat the 

blood thereof; thou shalt pour it 

upon tlie ground aa water. 


T»e Sulnnn Yearly Feasts. 

OBSERVE Uie month of Abib, 
and keep tlie paasover unto 
Uie Lord thy God: for in the 
month of Abib the Lord thy God 
brought thee forth out of figypt by 

2 Thou shall therefore sacrifice 
the r"°"^>'P'' «n*t> the I^ORD thy 
Go J, iri ;jj<^ flijiik HJiil iViii UefJ, in 
the p\viiie which the Luk.e} «haJ} 
chiJL^KG- to place iiia 11111110 Uiiirt. 

a Thfru filmll e«t no luavenud 
bresiiL ivltli it ; ^uvi-n dari ihah 
thfii (TLi uLili nvr'ui'cS broiLiil ili-t^fe^ 
wjih, ei'.n ili^' liirfiid of rif1j?iii>n^ 
(ftJr lliiLiiJ r.l4lliL-e[, l\mh *i\il ttV lL« 
larirl pf E|>pL in hjuiEo :) that tLi>u 
mn^'Lvi r?mc!nibor U19 UEir wliim 
thciu caiijc-st fufOi DuL cf tlte land 
of KfyjJU nil tlj<' *Uyw of thy 11 Tc. 

4 Ant] Uieiu ehuJJ Ix' do luav^ini^d 
b^■■1^l wilh lliL'u ir> n[\ Uw 
COi!>ld j:i'vrii eUjti \ ncklJicr nhnfi 
th< ' . .'. .'Jtrnt" of UK, t\mii, vh'^iieji 
th .. .... ,»jLiU:ii>i lite llist diiy at 

evi ii, lumoln all night uiiUI the 

5 Thou mnyest not sacrifice the 
passover within any of thy gates, 
which the Lord thy God givelh 

6 But at the place which the 
Lord thy God shall choose to 
place his name in, there thou shalt 
sacrifice the passover at even, at 
the going down of the sun, at the 
season that thou camest forth out 

of Egypu . 

7 And f 

_ thou shalt roast and eat 

it in the place which the Lord tht 
God shall choose : and thou shak 
turn in the morning, and go onto 

thy tents. 

fir - 

- Six days thou shall eat unlea- 
vened brrad : and on the scTentk 
day shall be a solemn assembly to 

feast offoeeks^ S'G. 

tho Lord thy God: thou shall do 

no work therein. 

9 IT Seven weeks shall thou num- 
ber unto theo: beffin to number 
the seven weeks from such time 
as thou beginnest to put the sickle 
to the corn. 

10 And thou shalt keep the feast 
of weeks unto tlie Lord thy God 
with a tribute of a free-will-onering 
ofthinc hand, which thou shalt give 
unto the LORD thy Ood, accord- 
ing as the Lord thy God hath bless- 
ed thee: 

11 And thou shalt rejoice before 
tiie Lord thy God, thou, and thy 
son, and thy daughter, and thy 
man-servanttand thy maid-servan^ 
and the Lcvite that is within thy 

Sates, and the stranger, and the fa- 
icrlcss, and tho widow, that are 
among you, in the place which the 
Lord thy God hath chosen to place 
his name tJiere. 

• 12 And thou shalt remember that 
thou wast a bond-mim in Egypt ; 
uid thou shalt observe and do these 

13 IT Thou shalt observe the feast 
of tabernacles seven days, after 
that thou hast gathered in thy corn, 
and thy wine. 

14 And thou shall rojoice in thy 
feast, tliou, and thy son, and thy 
daughter, and thy man-servant, 
and thy meud-servant, and the Le- 
vite, tlie stranger, and the father- 
less, and the widow, that are with- 
in thy gates : 

15 Seven days shalt thou keep a 
solemn feast unto the Lord thy 
Go<l in tho place which the Lord 
shall choose: because the Lord 
thy God shall bless thee in aU thine 
increase, and in all the works of 
thine hands, therefore ^ou shalt 
surely rejoice. 

16 IT Three times in a year shall 
all thy males appear before the 
IiORD thy God in the place which 
Ivct shall choose ; in the feast of un- 
leiivened bread, and in the feast of 
weeks, and in the feast of taberna- 
cles: and they shall not appear be- 
fore the Lord empty : 

17 Every man shall give as he is 
able, according to the blessing of 
the Lord diy God which he hath 
fiven thee. 

18 H Judges and of&cers shalt 
thou make thee in all thjr gates, 
v^ch the Lord thy God giveth 
thee, throujKhout tliy tribes; and 
diey shall judge the people with 
just judgment. 

19 Thou shalt not wrest judgment ; 
(hoa shall not respect persons, nei- 
ther take a gift: for a f(ift doth 
bhnd tho oyca of the wuo, and 

CHAP. XVfl. 

Of judges and Justus 

pervert the words of the right- 

20 That which is altogether just 
shall tliou follow, that thou may est 
live, and inherit the land which the 
Lord Ihv God giveth tliee. 

21 M Thou shall not plant thee 
a grove of any trees near unto the 
altar of the Lord thy God, which 
thou shalt make thee. 

22 Neither shalt thou set Ihoe up 
any image; which the Lord tliy 
God hatelh. 

CHAP. xvn. 

T Idolaters to be put to death. 
HOU shalt not sacrifice onto 
the Lord thy God any bid- 
lock, or sheep, wherein a blemish, 
or any evil favouredness: for tliat 
ts an abomination unto the Lord 
tliy God. 

2 IT Iftherebe found among you, 
within any of thy gates which the 
Lord thy God giveth thee, man or 
woman Uiat hath wrought wicked- 
npas in the .'»i,«'Ht of ^h'* IjnrLT) thy 
Gud. in r;- ■ ...0 


',i And hill)] ifonc ami scirvibii utitiuf 
godf , anJ WDr^hif>pL^ tJicmT eitfaar 
um 9an, or moon, or any of iluj 
hu-^i f]f ituaven, which I tiuvu aul 

4 And ti tju tokl thpT, and thou 
m^i hmrd af it, aiid lDqu]r«d dili- 
geiilLy, arid b&hold, it bi tmeT and 
tlju Lhinff mttt^ifi, that such ab^Hiii- 
nai!«kn ts WTOusht in l£ij::icl'. 

5 TJjCTi Ehnli thftu bnns ^tirth 
tliiit rniin or Umt womim, which 
h-uvij {Committed tJiat WLclLt>il ihiUKt 
unli> ihy gute^t cfoi ihal mnn or 
thJiL woTDBJi, nnd bIidJl atisttui tlimn 
wlUi Btonosi till (huy l]j<^ 

(S AtUwmauLh of two^iitnissca. 
or throe wilnc^ascs, shuU Im that U 
wufil^y nf iloiLLh hi^ j,nH la dualh ; 
but ELt eJiu mciLith of (inc witness lim 
shiiiJ iiol be nut to dfatli. 

7 The hands of t^ie wltncnai 
8!);iil [)i« jiiiit UJiDli him to put him 
to ^L'lnihr and aiuajr^vrird the h&ndi 
of alii tljft ptinple, So thvu ihak 
put the cril away fracii amonf 

8 IT If there arise a matter too 
hard for thee in judgment, between 
blood and blood, between plea and 
plea, and between stroke and 
stroke, being matters of controver- 
sy wilhui thy gates : then shah 
thou arise, and get thee up into 
the place which the Lord thy God 
shall choose; 

9 And thou shall come unto the 
priests the Levites, and unto the 
judge that shall be in those days, 
and inquire ; and they shall aliaw 
thee tho sentence "' '" * * " 

ElectUn, Src. of a king. DEUl'ERONOM Y. Portion for the priests, 
he, and his children, in the midst 
of Israel. 

10 And thou shalt do according 
40 the sentence, which they of that 
place which the Lord shall choose 
shall shew thee ; and thou shalt ob- 
serve to do according to all that 
they inform thee : 

11 According to the scnientrc of 
the law which they shuJl u^ach 
tliee, and according to 1I14] jiujs- 
ment which they shall ti^l ihs^, 
thou shalt do: thou shaU uni de- 
cline from the sentence v hnrh thtiy 
•liall snow tiiee, to the ri^^Jii hand, 
nor to the left. 

12 And the man that will Av 

fuesumptuously, and wtlL nai 
icarkon unto the priest tliuit stand- 
eth to minister there b-.^futD Khn 
Lord tliy God, or unto ttii< jiidpu^ 
even that man shall die : n na Uiuu 
shalt put away the qvU front 

13 And all the ocople f lioTI iititr, 
and fear, and do no lume pre- 

14 IT When thou art cinas unto 
tho land which the Lord rhy God 
givoth thee, and shalt poRSccifa it, 
and shalt dwell therein, injii:! eitm 
say, I will set a king ov-er niu^ 
like as all tlie nations UmL art 
about me ; 

15 Thou shalt in any y'^'im mcI 
m king over thee Vtimm tJic 
X)KD thy God shall cho<>sp t (me 
om among thy brethren ii 1 iiK tium 

CHAP. xvin. 

Priests* and Lcoites' Portion. 
nnHE priests the Levites, and all 
X the tribe of Levi, shall have 
no p3irt »w inhenLance with If 
nii'l '. ditiy all [ill irut i\i& olfQiings 
of iJio LoRi> ijijiau by fira, ojid 

^ Thorororc EhnS ilu^y Jiiave no 
inliuritancf! amocie thi^ir bretliren: 
Mio Lnnp ie their inhehtunci!^ at 
hn hnlhanid unto Oiutti. 

'A ?[ And thia diJili be the prwit** 
dijj? frum the r^^'^^t'^i from them 
that nff^^f a mcrtficci» wti&Uior it ht 
CMC itt Hhcijp \ am^ they shall iJv» 
uiilo tlie pritwi iliu BhouldiTi Dad 
tha tvva tihu^kH. ariil Ui^ tnpw, 

4 The first- fruii nUc of Oj^ com. 
of ih^ wjne, an^J of thine oiL Mul 
the finit ijf the fl*?'7eo of ihj ihfiept 
shixit tliou give liLin. 

5 For titu J^^hd tlj? Gad huth 
ch4M4^]i Inm out of alf thv tribes^ 
tu JtaTKl to minidicr in tlie naine 
of il]B Ltiiuj, hfrti and li« ions for 

li Artd if a LeviEn eoma from 
any of diy ffiitea (ju[ c?f p|| InriloL 
when? ht> «qjuurti(si), and coma 
hviiLi nit UiQ de!«irQ of Lid muid 
ikiili^i the place whicli the Luap 
jluUl chi^ic ; 

7 Thrn he ehiiU mlniflei in (lin 
name of tliu IjiiaDliki Cjchl^ [ii< 4II 
his bfti'ihrErti thu T^viicn do, which 
Blanil llnirs Iwrfore thu Lrfilt.]>:. 

J!J Thef tiiail have like penlorH 
In ^'at, iHi'^ictu thut which comoih 
of ll]o sale Qf ULd pQtrinioiir. 

SI ir WI]«tMhuu art coitu': itUo tha 
land w]ii<:h Uio Lohu tlay tjod iw- 
clIi iliots iboti «h:a|t nnt JtNiri) tndn 
nl^^n tJkO mbumiituiiund of Iho^e 


JO Thum b1>^1I ni't be fouofl 
aTUdcie you qnv <m< thut hiELkctli 
liii son DT hia dsiujehtur to via^i 
UiFiiUflt ihafiFr, m* tJiai uiolli dt^ 
Tiftsitjtjjj;,, pr an Tth*Orvt^f itf times, 
or tin CEichuinlcf, nr a witch, 

. !l Ot a chtimaiif , or a cpfiiutipr 

tills law in a bo^tk out of witJi fjuniliar tpdrlU, or a •wizJaxA, 
' or a Dcrrumiinccr. 

^Sl For bU Uiat df) Uit!# ihJTt«i 
are a.n abomiriatiaTi unlo tliE' 
Lnno :: Btid biir^iine uf these 
aboiBLiinMons Ihe Loup Uiy God 
doth drivQ thum ojt I'ruin b4.'forr 

13 Thatt Bhalt be perfwsiwith ila 

set king over thee: Uiou tn^t .. 
not set a stranser over thoe, which 
is not thy brother. 

16 But he shall not multiply 
horses to himself, nor l^uive^ ilia 
people to return to Egytit-, lo Ujc 
end that he should multip \y ha nton : 
forasmuch as tlie Lord UaUj ns-Ul 
unto you. Ye shall hcncurorth rv- 
tnm no more that way. 

17 Neither shiUl he multiply 
wives to himself, that im iit^mi 
turn not awav: neither iholl he 
ereatly multiply to hin^icir ailvur 
and gold. 

18 And it shall be when he stt- 
teth upon the throne of hts kiiut- 
dom, that he shall wnrn him 
copy of tills law in a bo«>k out ... 
thatvhich is before the kriottt the 

19 And it shall be with htm, and 
he shall read therein all tJm dji^i uf 
his life: that he may lotm tfj. fnnF 
the Lord his God, ' 

, to kti-p all ihij 

words of this law and these sta- 
tutestto do them 

30 That his heart be 
up above his brethren, 

I,ni<-r3 l^ir 



he turn not aside from the com- 1 shaii possess, hearkentni uiiiu u6- 
maodment to the right hand or to 1 servers of times, and unto dmnent 
the lefl: to the end tliat he may ; but as for thee, the Lord thy God 
prolong his days in his kingdom, I hatii not sufrered thee so to do. 

Of CSurtBU the true Prophet. CHAP. XCL 

15 IT The Lord thy God wUI 
raise up unto thee a Pnn>li<3L from 
the midst of thee, of thy brciTiwci], 
ake unto me; unto hitu. y^ ih-Ai 

, 16 According to all Uiat thou 
desiredst of the Lord tliy UuA in 
Horeb in the day of the ii!i!»^riib]y, 
•afing, Let me not hear Eij:i>ini t£c 
voice of the Lord my God, n«MiJ)Of 
let me see this great fire any more, 

17 And the Lord sud unto mo, 
They have well spoken thai M^Uich 
they have spoken. 

18 I will raise then up a Pro- 
phet from among their bri.i}|reQ| 
like unto thee, and win mn my 
words in his mouth: ati4 ln^zihal] 
q>eak unto, them all tbiit 1 ^mU 
command him. 

19 And it shall come to pBss, 
that whosoever will not hearken 
onto my words wliich Ii4^ ahull 
speak in my name, I will ri><iulre it 

90 But the pr(H>het, which aIifiH 
presume to speak a word jci my 
name, which I have not zaw- 
manded him to -speak, or that elmJl 
speak in the name of oihur ft^dsp 
even that prophet shall die. 

31 And if thou sar Id thtnq 
heart. How shall we ktitiw ihe 
word which the Lord liuth nat 
spoken ? 

^ When a prophet qwakoih in 
the name of the Lorb, if ih? 
diing follow not, nor com^ 

K«, that is Uie thing whicfi Lhc 
RO bath not;^poken, but tin 
prophet hath s^Ncen it iirKfiiimp- 
tnously : tiioa shalt not ho afraid 
of him. .1 

_ CHAiP. XIX. 
Tlu CiUea ef Refttge. 

WHEN the Lord thy God hntli 
cut off the nations, whru^ 
land the Lord thy Gi^J eiveth 
<hee, and thou socceedo^t iJik-m, 
and dwellest in their cities, and in 
their houses; 

9 Thou Shalt sqi»arate tlirce ci iiva 
for thee in the midst of Oir l^d 
which the Lord thy God givtsU^ 
thee to possess it* 

3 Thou shalt prepare tliPA a afq j, 
and divide the coasts ot ihy hiM 
which the Lord thy Oud ctviith 
tliee to inherit, into thti>4> iiari^. 
that every slayer may fle« t h] Lher. 

4 IT And this is the eti-^ nt \hp> 
dayer, which shall flee thithi^r, t fiai 
he may live. Whoso kilkth Jiia 
neighbour ignorantly, wiiotit he 
hated not in time past; 

5 As when a man goetli into the 
wood with his neighbour to h«w 
wood, and Ms hand fotcht^ & 

atruke i\ilh tlio mce ta oni down 
iho tree, cud Iho l]<mil »li[t|ieth 
fifulu thij hi"]ve^ and JiafiHith uiKua 
hi« iieiihbour^ uiiii he di« ; hu sfiDiJI 
n«e unuj ofui iif ihe^ celiac, and 

6 JjEfflt tb« iLvengDr of the hlotid 
Piipue the aJAycirp whilo his iioart 
\a hut, ODd av^rtake him. iMy^jniiB 
Uip way is loof, ainl ilay Jiim i 
whtifuas he ifffu not ivurthy uf 
death, itiELtfiPtidi m hp hated htm 
jiut In time i»iut. 

7 WherisTora T command ihee. 
iujfiatf, Thou shalt ii^paraiu Uitfis 
titiea fbr theMj. 

S And if tha LoFiP tfsy God en- 
lufge Lhy Ti:o!iPt, jia ho hatli iworti 
EirtUJ thy fftlhwrii, aiid gir^ ihm nil 
the Eaad whJch hoj^toniised to give 
unto lliy falhorsi 

\k ir Lhoo ihalt keep ail these 
commandment to do thE^m, \?hieb 
I commoEid Lti^ thU da^< to luve 
the JjiiRin tjiy Godn and t(j i^alk 
i?v<tTin hiiwaytii then iha^t thoo 
iwld thrpa ciUw moro for thie, he 
jdidki Ihcii- threes 

10- Thai innocoat blond Tie not 
ahed in thy Juiid, wlikh iha LoKjJ 
^ly Qtn\ fiivpib thee far on Jft- 
huntance, and so blood tie utMD 

11 IT Bu£ if any man hato hii 
n<&j£;hboiir^ and ho io wiit for him, 
and riie np again^i hjoi, and Huito 
mm mortaMF th«t he die> aad tleeth 
hjLo nnL>' af th^e cities : 

V^ Tbon the etdora of his city 
shall send aiid ftitt^h him ihoncei 
and dtHivi'r hrin into iho tiatid of 
tho ATen^orof blood i t>Mil he may 

I^ Thi«us evu shall not pity him, 
but theu shalt put away Uto jntiU 
of innocent blond frnni Israel, tlial 
iL may bo wi^U with thee. 

J4 Thpu «haH not retriov^. thy 
aoi^h bourns laotl-Eiiarkt vi^hie^h they 
af old tiiuf? have pet in iklne io- 
heriianc«t which thou ^haJt inherit 
in tha land that Lhu LpRii thy God 
tfiVL'tl] ihfiC lu iiussesi lE. 

15 IT One witnci^i shall nnt rlso 
up againit a mufi far any iniquity, 
or TnT any nin, in any Bin lhn,t he 
sinneth ; at thn maulh erf two wit- 
noibrs, nir ae thn rnuuth of th»e 
wJlnLflajCHi ihoU tlio laultur hd 6StS- 

16 If If a falM viitm>vi rise up 
apaifiEl any Man to testify agaiost 
hiti^ ihat TiihirJi » Mrron|i[ ^ 

1:7 Thi.'n boUi the n^j&n boiwewi 
whom tha rxmtrbvnniy it aholl 
i'.nnA ttcfufp Iho I^ORXi, bt^rore the 
pri<i!Bti and thu judgei, which thai! 
be in ihoss da^; 

IB And the judges mnui maki 



(nTie«nl itKiuisilitm : tnd IwiboW, if 

lU ITipfi «hn,ll ye do unio him. lai 
K^ tiail rhfitijrlit Ht hove iJciini;' unti> 
tllB LrnThiir : po filtnll iNi>u Liul tiii^ 
evil awtsjr fr<nn finifinf yun. 

SO Anif duTsc whirh nimtiin Bhall 
(loart ami fuart and itmll heticcr- 
(bfih fcPTnmU no more nnt ■TJ*;h 
evil FiTfioji^ jfnj, 

21 AikI thLHi^ P7Q shnll not jatj -. 
but life **rJf^ Jff f**' lifo, eye for 
*>fl, looih fur louth, hand for hand, 
fciul for foyL 


WV\ES ilitttt poeii Ottl to litttOft 
D^jiinst thjTiB HDemieB, onil 
tseat ^prwi. Bind uhnrints, and b 
pcnipla mt^m Uian ihau^ be not 
armMioT ihem^ fbr ihc ljmt> tiiy 
God u< tvUK thee, which brought, 
thPD up out i>t th4 land ol 

S >lnd it Bhnll be when ye are 
tome nigh unto the hmttle. tlinrihe 
pKL«t shi^ll Eiitproacli ntid ipiMii: 
ontq tho people! , 

3 And »\mi\ iftF unto thenit 
Bear, O iHrficI, ye npproacli ihw 
At.y unto hnttje aiaimt ^ur one- 
mi«: lot uiii your liearti fomt, 
l^ar not, aad do vul irunible^ Itt^i- 
thfir be yo lerriAod biKuiuM of 
tbern ; ^ „ i . 

4 Ffir the l^itD your uod n 
he Ehai i;t*Eli wills you^lo fighi Cut 
you n^Dtn&t yuuj eneniiM, to tave 

5 TT And thn officeri •.hciii *penk 
nnm tiny pcopk', BnyittE; What 
pcin w iA*rt thHi lialh imilt m m-w 
lioui>e> fliirt hath out dedicated jtj 
fot h]m fo and return unto Iiih 
Nouiue. ImE hedi^, intlio baUJeiand 
another man dedtcFite iL 

^ Ami whni miiu wAr thftt hath 
Ki1*inif!d li TiBoyard. stul halh not 
yet r^pteri of it 1 let Jiijtn aUa uq 
fjsd r«rurii until bii hoTiao^ lefit he 
dio i>i the batiioi and onoih^T mftn 
eaturit. , - , *. 

7 And what nan ** i***™ thai 
hjllh bi^Trnrheii a wifti^ 4,!id hmUh 
nut toli«i herT l^tliimiru wmi re- 
turn unto hl!i hoUBe, le*t he Uie in 
the battle^ and nnotbor fium tako 

iAnd th« offlcere shftH «puak 
fVirtJit^r unto tht' poopio, aod ih^y 
■hall Hfij, Whai mtiii i^ fjfi*r/ **j*t 
u ttnriul nnd rGint-heartei? 1 \i2t 
him #4 und rfituFTi unto hi« hoUfitK, 
ibit nis brulbri'a'i houTt faint bs 
w«a Ad hiv hi?iiri> 

9 And! it ihatl bB> when the nm' 
»&r« have nwdv on vnd^f ipcak- ^ 



.jif unto the people, that they ahufl 
make cBnEainii of the Uftniva to Inuil 
ihepftoplo. . , . 

lit II Wli^n tnou comefft m^h 
unto a crtiy Eo Hglit iicrajtist it^ Uiuu 
prm-lnirn pi'nt'e uiHoit. 

II And it Bhull bo, if it mnka 
Lhe« aiiBWCF of iH-neCn aiad opeij 
unto tiitif;^ ihen it PthnlE be, tAot ul] 
■he people UiniL u found ihi.rr'in. 
shiilf ho trihutnrffti unto tho*» vm 
iheyihhll ii-rve ihee^ 

i-i And if it will mnke no peace 
with thoo, Lut will makt \vuj 
BiTRinst IhoOT tlicn thvu shall hi- 
siedo ill . _ 

15 Arid when the LoRti thy 
God hath dDlLvererl it intothino 
hondsr tJinu fhali ftQiJEe?ver| rouJo 
dieruof wiEii iha edge of the 
■'vvord : . , . ,. I 

1 i Bui the women, end tht lUtJa 
om*«, nnd ih? eottJe, and all ihat ii 
in the ciEy, nnt Jill the tpoil ihorift- 
of, ahnEl tliuu ttike uiita tiiyiii\f^ 
anil iJiQu lihalt fiat the wpoW of 
thine enemiun, winch ilj4!Lon.D thy 
Gnrf haili given ihee- 

15 Thus ehikit d>riu do un)0 ttJl 
iho rJtic* iffcVA a-rt very far ofl 
ffoiti tJiee, which ar^ nut oi tli/D 
eitifts nf thype niatis^nt. 

le But of the rilie^ of thc«o pco 
plo which thti Lent* thy <roi| rtuEJi 
grivo iJieo fitr nn tnluTriiLnce, iJiou 
sbuU Ffivo olivfl nuthiiig thM 
hrenrticLit 1 

]7 But thou ihak nitrrly deitruy 
thpin, nar*flitt tho Hiilitrfl, and 
the AmoritL-i, the ronoanitei^ and 
the FoHxy.ir4?B, the [li^itc^, und 
iho JMbEi9it4»K m The LkinD thy 
Qttd huth {^oinmlCiidixl ihnre: 

Jtfl That they tenrhycm n<it to de 
nfter ull Uieir nbi>iTiinti(ii^ni wJ^ich 
thoy hove done ffnto thru fudft^ 
no should ye ^m against the Lour 

Jtl T| When thon ibmft hfRJeiTB b 
city a luog time in making war 
nxEii^Et it to tnke it, thou i^lmlt not 
desiroy the trer* [.hi'rHiof b^f furcing 
an aifl d^QitiHi Them : lor t}jiiu 
luaytiit eat of ibron : aitdThon ahalt 
Tfoi cut tliem down (fur Iho treoof 
tho fifld i> man^i lifri ut employ 
eAi'TK in the Bii'fftj; 

aO Oniy the tTe« whirh thou 
Vnowest that thf y An n^t irets for 
mfiat, thou ■hah df^sTtoy nnd cut 
rhrni down; and thou tush build 
hulwarki h^^ainst I he city iJinl 
mnkfiih war vfith thee, until it be 

CRAP. XXi. ^ ^ 
ExpiatLon ufnueifrtfun Jtfvr-der. 

rF ^£ be found *iiitn fn the land 
wkirh the Lontii thy Grid givgO. 
tt, lyio^ «o Uv 

U9<i4Mfct99iMfmtJM, CHAP. XXU. AnMUgut t^Ub* 9iomi. 

tlioli ili:il' " ^ ii a! ttH for 

fiijy, un^ It bo i)t»i known wb* 
luilJi sl^iin Mm ; 

9 Tlitiu ihy tklem ami ihf judpca 
■hall Cflme JortM, aod ihey shall 
mprtjure iiLblo ihe citi*?* which or* 
Tourid ahum liitn iJiciL k ilam : 

3 And it iihall hu that thu (^ity 
icAifA i> arxt luilo the tLaln niJi», 
even Uid e liicre tt' Uint ciiy nhall 
take ao heifer IV hicii hnUi nol ho^n 
wruuihi witli, iuid ivlilch bath not 
drawn iDihfyvko: 

4 AjkI Ihc etJen oT that citf 
tliall brint doWi3 iha boiTor uitta a 
roujfli viilloy, which ii Jieitfiirf 
Qoroil nitr Kcnvn, and %hn\\ JAriltc: 
uF tbs heifof 'i ucck ibere in the 

fr And iW prioiU tho #fjcs of 
Leri nhall crtmx msoji (for ihtm 
ihfl I^RD Uiy C^tid hntb ch0t:»t!ti m 
mifikiur imt" tiim, a^id i« h]#4M in 
the njjiie of the LoiitJ,) and by 
^cir wanJ sIjilII cvi>ry conLtovci^y 
in^l (►vrry slniko b?? tried ,' 

And Jill the eldfin of that city 
|tti ar*r nc!*( qtjtw the dAb man, 


ill wDjih Lheij handj over the 
far ihdt ■ 

--. , „ „ tliO 

villcy ;, 

7 And ihoy ihij] anrwer and 
■ay» Qnf hnnth have rtut shod this 
dwmL nQidior havo out eyea BMm 

fl Bo m'«TH;rul, O LoTtDj unTtiihjr 
people IpracE, witoni tikiHi htiiil to- 

chaoiiifrfl"^ il.^ii, irj^ H^LUse tiiDU hut 
hunihlQii h«rr. 

13 13 If B man h*™ tT»o wivu, 
ctno betuved, and nnolher hD[edr 
mid ihc J bnvu tii^tti^f hitti cJiiMrsQ, 
bitlh ibo helovnl and the haled; 
and if l^bti' ^ntt-bom son Iid liot* 
ihBt waa hatad', ^ 

la Thdi] it tlidl be. when ha 
mjikurh hii ^ntui in ithberii (hiU 
which ho hiTvriiH <Aiit ho miir not 
pi&ko thewip uf iho hejovail iimt- 
bemr before iliu wmof ih« hatoilr 
i£Aich i* indind tlio firai-bofn i 

J7 Hut hqfhall ncknowledtfe thfl 
ion af iha hatcJ for the fiwiTjom, 
bv«;ivina him a douhlu poTtion of 
ail thai ne buth ; Un he u xim ha- 

Sinning t}f hid litrcngth ; iijn ti^fht of 
le fiiTl-horn i> his* 
18 11 If a man have a itubbom 
nnd rebollioos tun, which will not 
obey the ^oice ef hia farhcr, or [be 
\oic«of biE mttthirt nod tAu£f when 
thuT have cbi»«tenfld hina, will not 
hearkon unto tbam: 

im bun Phil (I liii father and hia 
motlier lay bald on him, and 
htiflf hiin mit wnto the ftUlei* of h« 
city, and untn iho guto of hii 

30 And ihoy than nay unlo the 
Mon of his ciiy, Thti hut ion u 
ttiiblHirn and rQO<::llii>i|ii« he wiU 

Joornc^Ir und by not iimiifiml'< not obey c^ilr v4>ico; J^ I'j a g-lot- 
bi<>i:id tintv IhypooMlo of larnit^l's I Lan. anif adrunkard. 

chjjrj^o. And tho lilaoil ^ijjl bo 
lor^ivan Lhnm, 

D So Fhalt ihoo put awai' the 
SUih iif inn^tcirnt hlu^nl from 

lUDUHS f^y^f whf-O.lhf^U *\]in\i dfi_ 

Arvd jiH tlin men of hm city 
ahaJI itono him ^I'ith BiuD(jiS, ihcit he 
die: so dhult tlii>o put ii\ii away 
from amonff yoii^ and all Israel 

jtiiaJI hesi 

nooff yi 

lift ^^ 


lAol mJbcJk M rLgbt in tha ilebl of £! Ti An[l if a mtn b:ive conb 

10 ^f Whc^n iJiau fowt forth to 
wai aEainal ihiue eiiuEniiWp nnd 
i|ia Lr>H,^ tby tiod hath ddlivercd 
{lK<ri]hjtc»lbijH'!hajide,aiid thou hwA 
iaJi«n thciEi cuptivri 

11 And iiKit iiinong tbo captfvcfi 
A ht^rtutiful Vfoman, and ha^t ft de 

miiK^lTi tfsn worthy of dorithr ami 
tiL> Lc tubo put to di'aU], mid ihoo 
hiina him un a trcei 

Sii His Iwdy >hn|| not romnLa k)) 
night upoi] tlic^ troo, but tlioo vbnli 
in STiy wwifi hiory him thut day } (Tot 
hu tlirtt i? linnKt'd it acii:iir»pd of 
Gi>d ;] thtitthy h^nd li^ not dpfiied. 

Rra unto hnf» Ihnl thou woukhat | which the L^^Ttn thr 'God giv«th 

hmvo hof tti fhy wlft^ 

15 Thmi thnii NhaU brns bar 
humetothiDohouHtp Jind ftha ah all 
irhavo hof hi(Mul, and pare her 
niillH : 

13 And' iha shall put tho rai- 
ment of hof onpiLvUy frum off 
hatp DJid Hhj^E] retihain in tlJoa 
hatjji;^ und bawmil her fathE>r jim] 
bor m(»tli(^r a full nitaolh i: nod 
al^Qr that, Umu »halt go in unto her, 
and hti her huiband, and «l]$ sh^ilj 
be liiy wife. 

H Ami it mliall be. If tlioa baTA 
rro dali^lit ia her, then Lhou fhak 
k-t h«t |4 whither aha niU ; but 

J^ftifry I^mcK anil Orrinnmcjfs. 
^HOtf ahalt not icw tliy bco 
X thar'ft ox or hts shocp fo 
astray, and bh1o thyself fnnn 
thfliu; ilir^u shftH m any ca^c hrinir 
tliom a rain unio thy bruther^ 

S A nut if lliy bruthfT hf not nij^h 
untti ihce, or if thou know him 
n^it, then thou fiha]t brin^ it uoi^ 
Ihino own houiie, anrl it Ehmll ha 
with ihofl iindl tiiF broihw tech 
rtfl^r it, nnd tbuo ahalt r^itoFe \l 
To him aj:ain. 

3 In Hke trtafinat ^aJVpioo ila 

PuniMhmeMmftUaiJer, DEUTBRONOMY. mukastOv, amdatbiiUrp. 

thfj ahull <iptt3ad the clotb betoi* 

dtf? v.WhT* fjr the caty. 

lb AniJ till) (sJ*[i!fi of that a\r 
slitiU iitko LhAt mnii Eun] cbofltiK 

. li* Aod ihef ^hall Amen:e hint 

in an haflf]|re<l tlukdx of Hitvuir, 
an-! I. jj^tv-e eAcmi licitu rite fiLihsr nf 
til'.) [lEinitiL^I, bucuuia he hath 
brought mi Rii ov\[ aama upon a 
yjri:iii of fdmel: ^nA shu ehciJl tjo 
hiv If Lfo i hti may not put her awgtjr 

'iii Bui ir t>iijithTn^ be tru?, and 
tA€ £4jA'jn.' (if viTsimlw he Dotfiiitmil 
for til** ■Jiuiib*! : 

'^! TJjcii UiM iholl hniogotitthe 
diin^ijj ut ihp du(]r or hcf fathot^it 
h^m-f, and tho men of her city 
bIulU Httstno !>ffr witliqitoocs ihatalw 
duT ; Ijpf^rLuw aho iiath wrought 
fiplly iti Ut:u.ifU la pi ay tlio wlmrg 
ill Ifr^r fjj|l|i«r'# hiiuac^ H iJtBlt 
tJii»ii put L-^vil BWBy Trnm amanf 

'2 J inf R mstti h<? ftHini! Ivlnj 
vnih !i W<imon married to an hiu- 
ta iiihJ, Ehei>thi:jr4iiaJ] buUiaf LbL^no 
di..f, hiitk Thfj martth:ii In? iviUi the 
iK-MFtiiiu, nnd Lho waniiui: 8d ib&tl 
tinm pul awiij^ aril rriKU Jdirtu^L 

^J U Jf a il>iiT)i«sl tkiU I J a nkffiM 
bfj LiErLmlhirtJ uritnH,Dhu§haarl, and 
a m:iLri find hur in iJio oHr, and, Ua 

'4-1 Then yo iihaU hring thdmi 
b^itli out unto ihtf gaic> cf tU^'t cily, 
and Y» alLull afu[lt3 thmn wjui 
8riPil<l4 lh:Ll t\wy diD ^ lli^ diinun], 
b>^4L^aLi»« »he criatl nol, bcinf in iho' 
Ch^:^ ^ iindi}io rnuJin lifrciiudclie haUi 

Uuij. ahalt. ])ut away evil from 
aEUim* jfon^ 

'2r> V Uul it' a incin RlkI nhetfoLh^Hl 
d'un^cl in I ho ttelU^ and the mEm 
fttrizt' hcr^ ^n*\ Up wiiii licr; ihen 
tbu m^n vnlv iliat by with Iith; 

■;.M> Mk]E thp dutnapl Uifto 
c . .hiilkijtf ; there is m iUc 

I at itatiAff i.>f dL'^ith L for 

I iLi:in ririfiLli aiEriinfi hii 

I.. i^ii.FiMjt^ kiTtd sthyttEh him, even 

*J7 P»r ikf^ fisund her in ihe fiotd, 
aitiJ the tNsiroihud tln«]i4cl ctied, afHl 

Ijg 11 t f ct man find a damsel itlii;l 
t-T n. vli^inii w)jiicli i* nnl bi^iFothiid, 
ami lay hold un h'QF, and litf wiiti 
jnor, aii4 tlwuf be found ^ 

9a Then ihf! tmul ihal la; wrlb 

with hb a«; and to shaltthou do 
with hit raiment; and with all lost 
Ifainffa of thr brother's, which he 
hath lost, and tliou hast found, 
■halt thou do likewise : thou majr- 
est nor hide thydclf. 

4 If Thou shall not see thy bro- 
ther's ass or hia ox fall down by 
the way, and hide thyself from 
thnni : thou slialt surely help him to 
uA them up again. 

5 II The woman shall not wear 
that which pertaineth unto a man, 
neither shall a man put on a wo- 
man's garment: for all that do so 
are abomination unto the Lord 
tliy God. 

6 II If a bird's nest chance to be 
before thee in the way in any tree, 
or on the grouhd, whether they be 
young ones, or eggs, and the dam 
sitting upon tiie young, or upon tho 
e^gs, thou shalt not take tiie dam 
with the young: 

7 But thou shalt in any wise let 
the dam go, and take the young to 
thee; that it may be well with thee, 
and that tliou inayest prolong thy 

8 If When thou buildest a new 
house, then thou shalt make a bat- 
tlement for thy roof, that thou 
bring not blood uponthine houses if 
any man fall from thence. 

9 ir Thou shalt not sow thy vine- 
yard with divers seeds : lest the fruit 
of thy seed which thou hast sown, 
and the fruit of thy vineyard, be 

10 IT Thou shalt not plough with 
an ox and an ass together. 

11 II Thou shalt not wear a gar- 
ment of divers sorts, at of woollen 
and linen together. 

13 If Thou shalt make thee frmges 
upon the four quarters of thy 
vesture, wherewith thou coverest 

.- flfanymantakeawife, and 
go in unto her, and hate her, 

14 And give occasions of speech 
against her, and bring up an evil 
name upon her. and say, I took 
this woman, and when I came to 
her. I found her not a maid: 

15 Then shall the father of the 
damsel, and her mother, take and 
bring forth the token* ef the dam- 
■el's virginity unto the eiders of the 

16 And Uie damsel's father shall 
say unto the elders, I gave my 
daughter onto this man to wife, 
and he hateth her, , . 

17 And lo. he hath given occa- 
«ona of speech ogainH her. say- 
ing, I found not thy daughter a 
jnaid ; and yet these ore ike token* 
€f my danchter't virgimty. And 

9a Then ihfi tHuH that lay wrlb 
liflr Hhull give u nil J the ilaiHsers Cu 
ihnr llfty fA^ktij of ailvur. aijd iha 

isliiiUI tHs Ibij wkft] ; IrtH'.aujt hei hatli 
hLii>^bliid lnnr, be may not p«t Ivir 

I 30 i; A man ikaU ni>t Uks hu ^ 

OfcUmatneM* in the cmp. CHAP. XXIT. Qf unary, mim, 4x. 

tJ»r^iwife, ii4ril'ucovorluarajthaKi|d«)iver \li<ye^ pnd to fftw gt* tbin^ 

HB ilhiiLl i* W4>iiiidi,>f;) in LJie 
utcjnua, or hnUi liiii iirivy mern- 

CoDifreEalJitn ctf llic L^ird^ 

a A Laiinr^i ihdl nut eilti?r itilo 
tliB conp-cusllnfl uf ilia C^I^^J 
even ici \\\a T^jnih ^nErutiDft hIjbJi 
h^ ft[Si L'fH5*r bui th*J conuretuUurt 
oftJic Lofln^. 

3 An AmmonitQ or Moaltitn 
fihaU quit eAl#f Into iho roD^rv^a- 
tirtn of ihe LoftD ; even to ihciT 
tenth iTDnL^rikLJon &haJl thcy not 
entar into tho cnn^rcseitiijck of tiic> 

4 fl«uuw ihcT met yoo rwit with 
bmjd aqil witii watEir in thf> way. 
wbraa Tft came fanli out of Efipi i 
and beCBosfl Ihcy KWcd against 
tlwf> Balaam Uid aoa ot Bvur of 
P^iht^r of MewtJotaniiQ;, to tiuic 

5 NovwrtheleM. th*» Lom> ih? 

G(h1 ivoutrl nut hoark^n uTttn fta- u^ary 

tJtycBinp be holjrj ilajit liu tc>4 i^^ 
unclebfi ihiris in Uidu, ami turn 
awny from ihws. 

15 If Tliou aihftit notdL^livorunrn 
]ki9 ihML^r [|ta HurvjinL ivjiich id 
f^ ^nlKkt froia tiiH m o^ler unto 

1(1 He aliflll i3w(j|] with ili(?€,?r«n 
anir^in? yoii in thut pbne whii4:)i tie 
fihci!] rljL3o>i«t! in un4< uf Tby eitifi» 
wUcns U likoEh him best: UiouihLJt 
Dot appTES^ liim. 

17 If Tjmru ithall tm no wliore of 
iNu dciuffhtcrt of Jiroch nor a «v- 
domiu^ of die e^oiu of [ijnicl. 

IS Thou flhaSt tt«t brififf tli* hirfl 
of :l wliiirfit or the price »f n ilog 
into The hoiuK: of the IinKP ih^ 
(jOeI fur Euir vaw; fur wan btitii 
ttieso (TTT ii,bomjgatii>il Unto Uid 
Li<jRn ttk? Cud, 

19 11 TIluq iiltELit not Ie*ueI upon 
usury t« thy Uiother^ osurir m 
monuy, n^my of vit^tuolti, iiiury 
of any tlitn^ tkai ti lant tiiwn 

laam : but the Lorm dty Gml luracd 
IhiL" cui^n Into tt blDsgm$ tmlo tht», 
becBLtJc iJ» Lord thy God lovod 

li rhou iholi not seek thftlrp«q,ea, 
ciDT ihelr pruniGTity nil tliy clays foj 
cvm . 

t f Thou shTiH Rpl phlinr an 
fldutnito. for he ls? thy liroikcr 

30 Unto a stranger thnn niRy{?ft 
end uputi usiify \ but y^itLi ttty 
bruUivr thou pJuUi noi Iflihi upon 
ufliiry : that iJie LoRj) thy GulI niiy 
blDBs dii>c> in all that ihou ^Qttest 
t}tinpbar]dtg in ibe Irincl ^vhithur 

thou %OWA to JHHJC^ it. 

31 1i Wlipn thou ell iiK vctwirvow 
liino t^ne LoKD thy Giirl. thou 

chnu ilhrifr uqi abhftf aci Egjipuunn. | ir^iolt nut elaek to pay it: ^ijr uU 
bt-cau^ tliou wut aibHttlcur inhiii t^au Uiy fjiul \v\\\ ntjrp^ly reqiLir4 
land- I It of Uica ^ and Lt woujd b« itn in 

8 The chFyrcn Ihai nro hDeoticn. ilire, 

4if t^K-m BhaEleninr into iliD t'Onprc^ ^ But if fhou eh nit rorbcar to 
ttktmiicir ilu Loud ja thoif third vo^yji ehall ha no ±\u. in Liiqa. 
i;eiH2TiLt^rt' « ^ ' tl^xhat which i^funu out nftliy 

9 II VVhpn thu host goeUi forth j Irpithoa «hn|i kwp and pcrfunn; 
AiroinMt tliino t^lUJUiien, then Reap frrJi n free^will-orturinf, rLcconlint 

thee ffocu t^cry wicked thinfr. 

thou llEUt VJJWrcl unlE) thu J^^fip 

10 ^F IfUiijr^ hi? n-Tuon^ jati art? j i^:^^ God, which t^iouhEuiprumiied 

HjEiu llirit ii noi ^loan by reaicm of 
unrleiumE^^A (hit d^iUicieEli him by 
olaht, tli&n AhuLl he ^o mhrnad oni 
(.tTtht cainpT ho iljail nut corno 
wiihm tlio c^iTipt 

\\ Buc it phuii he, vylsPTipreninff 
fi;<iittpth on, he shidl wash /uiajr j/ 
*iih watpr: Rnd wrlien the *un ip 

Wills Thy tni:itith, 

34 11 When ahou cnrae^i ittto thy 
neiffhliour*A vineyard, then thoa 
{nnyDst oat^mpca ihy HH, at thtnft 
own pletuure ; bqt thou shall not 
put tmy iti ihy vtwiiel. 

^i5,Vvhen Liiuu coiTtcflt into Uw 
fttamihoE c'^^ »r thy nei^hhouct 

downn Un all nil como into thai then ihou mayest piiir^ tho dan 
^'Hrnp o^TJitJt. KviihthinehauaMni'L iSiuu t!|»uLl lift 

i*^ ir Thtm FhnK hove a pluce rnov^ n Hi^kLi^ aut(> thy neifiliboiir 1 
alao wishniiut the camp, wliitlier iifLadin^Corn, 
thou ihuh fn furili auraad: "'" ' 

n And thou flinilt hiiv# a ititcyie 
upt ID th; weapon: and it «h all he 
whon \hm\ w Ik eavc lhy«otf ibhruad. 

CHAP, xxrv. 

WHB^ a man hntJi taken % 
wife, and mimod her, afia 
thtruihaii HJiiT Thi,'nt!with and ihaUl H ctEitne to pn*f!i that ihe find no 
tara bne^)^, and mvcr that whiicJii IjiK'on^ ;i] hi^ ?j^€^, hueauflu he haUi 
etwneih frfiin tlipu; I fcLind spme unciltinmiL'HS m Iwft 

14 For tbh' (jtijip thy Gf«l walk- i ttita tat hiin Write hyr a bill of 

eih in the niiiUi of thy eamp, ta' diroitwmotii. tuiil giva tt in bar 


Of pledget, n 


1 her out of tii 

3 And when she n deimrterl due 
of his house, she nmy ga and be 
another man's wife. 

3 And if the latter hiiibnnrl hata 
her, and vrrite her -a hi El of di- 
vorcement, and giv<Mh it In hi-r 
hand, and sendetb h'.-r oui or hk 
house; or if the laii-r hiUiCtiirif] 
die. which took her ta be bis 

4 Her former hutibrvrtd which 
■ent her away, may u*\. iiik^^ her 
again to be his wife, tu H^^r that Aho 
isdofil^; for thatw iilHOTiLnaiiDn 
before the Lord: ariJ thou shak 
not cause the land t» i&m, which 
the Lord thy God givcih rhon/^ 
an inheritance. 

5 y When a man hatJi i -i k v n ft tiB* w 
wife, he shall not go 0^.1 < lo wur^ 
neither shall he be f imrkTi'vl wFih 
any business: bvt he - -^i J" '"mm-. 
•t home one year, an 
up his wife which he 

6 IT No man shall ta . -t 

or the upper millstor.L: uj \>\v\\, 
lor he taketh a mcM> iifa 


t if If a man be found fiealin^ mi y 
of his brethren of the ihildnen ^r 
Israel, and raaketh mc ji^lnttidiKE? uf 
him.orselleth him; ^•^*iW dintthr^r 
•hall die; and tliou skphli \*\ii ovil 
away from among you. 

8 IT Take heed in Iho ptn^o uf 
leprosy, that thou ob»^m^ eliUgenL- 
iTf and do according Xu lU chiil \\w 
priests the Levites shaM ti^neh rou : 
as I commanded them, my yu niialJ 
observe to do. 

9 Remember what the I^iRU thy 
God did unto Miriam hf 'Ci^ way, 
after that ye were come forth i>ut 

^ 10 ir When thou Amx lend iJiy 
brotlier any thing, thuti rh^i put 
go into his house to fetch hi^ 


irrhou shalt stand abroad, and 
the map to whom thou dgvi bnd 
nail bring out the pledge abroad 
unto thee : 

12 And if the man ht [loor, Lboti 
•hah not sleep writh his [<]i 'li^t^ : 
^ 13 In any case thou ^ : ■ ! .^.f 
hnn the pledge agai 
■nn goeth do wn^ that 1 

in his OMm raiment^ ...s^ 

thee; and it shall be Xi'^huiiiimnsM 
uito thee before the Lohj> ]hy 

14 IT Thou shaltnot nfiufsw ai] 
hired servant that i> \y*mT an a 

of llljf 

juatieet and duaritt. 

^ neiiLhcr iha!] iho nqit 

'4"-^[k ii-i 'of h<3 'Vfhrar, and 

^Hii..--tJi \'.\A he?Lrl iJjioii it: le«L be 
cry nfninil liice unu tX\b Lu]l[>, 
ailiE IT ho iitk Mnlu iJ'th.'Ei, 

IG The HiOiers shait oat ha put. to 
death rorlJu.' c^tuEdren, iteitjier shall 
tiifi cJiiklren be pul to dculh fttr ihfl 
TiitbE^r?: every man ilLiJi beputui 
death fat hid owu»in. 

17 '[Thou iliult auL {HfrvertUi^t 
jud^iju-nt oTtlita airtintff r, n&r flf i!ie 
fuihcrleuiF Fiur taku a widuw^i 
raimcnL to pledge : 

18 Uiit tJiuu flm^l rcni&nibertlial 
Ihou MfoA 4 bcfoJ-nmn id I^ypi, 
and iho Loftp thy Red rwlemnud 
thtM* uisiiEi'e; fJter^ffore I Coniiuiuic] 
ihc^ Tn iEd das iliEJiii;. 

I9I1 Whenihuu Lutte^idown lUiiM* 
hurvi^t in thy field, und Jie»« furgiH 
D ulieaf in i1il> fichl, thuu jihult noi 
?o Jignln 10 fettfi U; it ilitiO be fw 
rh,T iitrBfljjtr, fijr iJ]U Tivtherli^Q^ and 
!'.r Tho u'idow: tjial tliu Lri>nD ihr 
c^rnl niny binsa ibct) La all the WDfR 
<<l If Line liaiidfl- 

'^ WJitin thou hen, test tiling 
olive-lr^e. thou »hatt nut «a r^vAr 
iha bau^ki a^ikin^ \l njidrhc for 
t/in sir[infLT,ifljr the fuLhetLes^i*^ and 
fijr UiD widLtWr 

21 Wl 1.511 tliou «aUiere«t the 
irri£K!« uf Uiy vuiPiriird, thmi aliaU 
noE fiJcMLii it at'tiirwcijict L IlKhaEI h« 
fiLir ihe^cranfur^ Tor the rathrcrlass, 
041 J lor ihc widow, 

i£! AjuE tlioa «lialt reinombcr 
ilijir U30U vtfEiit iL tkmd-inaii 11} the 
land ijf Erypt ^ tlierpfon I com- 
maiul dKiO t(^ do ifaii thing, 

Sunilrj/ I^atts and OrdinojiceM. 

IF there bo a winiroven.y bu- 
Lw^en men, nnd ihuy , come 
uiilQ jivlginutnt, l}jat £Ae jv^res 
in^^r judge Uj£m} then tbfy ^hoJI 
jii!itir^ tho rifbteoil*, and condaism 
Uic wiek«L 

2 And it tthnll b«« u ihcr wiekeil 
Bian b* wai-lhy lu be lu'atea, ihst 
the judge Jih^EJ fitiuafl iiiiti to lie 
duwa^ and ia be bentt^n btirara hia 
fae^, jtccurding ta lii» fault, l>y a 
certnin iiuiTd.i«f. 

3 forty «iri[H>i he may civo him. 
and nul eicc^kt ; kal if lie tihoutil 
e>>^«vi1. achI bijut bini altniv^ thepe 
wilh ni[injittri;*e%,T[n^n thy bruthai 
hLeiuJlI nei^n vLh< unio thuo. 

4 1^ Tbciti fhalt ttot inumle the 
Dx hIujo ho troodeth out i/i/ 

5 If ir brf^lhreu dwetl 

, and Tine uf tlbi'm ilju j 

bre- i mi rhihi. rli«: wifj' of the 1! 

jhT ha 


Medy, vkeUuT he be , „_ „ 

thren. or of thv strange rri lUm m-'i ni.^t nmrf r wii}ii»iii: tinio a 4tfFin.;»r 
in thy land within thy g:ites ; 

i hfx iiusbaijid's brother ihi 

15 At. his day thou shulr give unto hor. and take her to him to 

all fti i 
o him I 

wilbt uid perfbnu ths duty of so 
bu^uid*! brother unto her. 

e AikI it s}tAn b«, tk^t Ihe (Int- 
born '*>iicl'i lilie Imjuj-pUk iliiiU sue- 
CGtid m U4e n&mQ of Lif hruUter 
vJye4 i> tlL'dii, Uiat hi* OMic Lu 
nDi i»ui qui of Ihriialr 

? Am^-t ii Ui«^ mnn Jika not rn tnkcf 
hit brui'Kir'* wKiSi UiPfi l*5i lij* Lro- 
Uior'a ^ifiro Eo Up lo th« s'l^o ufXi* 

brtiihur R«fiti?('Cii lo rtuaa up juid 
bis UrwiJicr a. nniiiu in [jrm?l, Iip wiU 
UDl r4irrurlll UiO cluLf vt IBf hui^ 
bfmiri brqthur^ 

e 'J Iteii iliie oldcnof hiicitirthult 
eaU hij», ami ^mak unto him -. nihl 
{/ liv sLMid iB tt, QDjJ suyp 1 lifca Dot 

9 "lhvl^ Hliilt liii broilier'i wirt? 

CHAF.XXVL JFV-«yir#ii«|MfitMlM. 

lekfrommiderlMftiFieoi thou dial 
not forget iL 

CHAP. xxn. 

till A fiUjiH be, vi'lieo iliiuu on 
r eymc In kuiui Ujtf hiij^j which 

an irLli^JtiiLLiice, holI puiitiiMafL it, 
ami AvtL-ilfSil Uiertnii ; 

2 Tl»&i liiiKj ihiilL isike Qf Ibe 
fipiii o( dt Uie fnii! of ihe earth* 
^vhkh ttkim ^MkJl brrno nV Jiv lojncl 

QntI atiali tftii it in a liHii'kijL fiiin 
«ti4ilt fu unlu iho pliiie vhUkU tbe 
LttrtP thy Gful vim\l ch(KW« to 
plucc liiii Tinirie iIwtp. 

3 Auci ibuu Alialt fD iinra ihe 

COEiu* muii liim in ilu! ^irtMcrvc*? of ilajf uolo ike LtJFtn Thy *Mid, thnl 

tJji; bltVun^ nml IquHe h;»iihint fTOLii 
dH' hifl flpm, nnrJ sjiii in h™ fucu 
Knil ahull onai^'ur und siLi?, J§i> ^n\. 
it be ricnit! tj[im thii m^n EhJil iviU 
niii bruiltJ Lip JM#hruiihprV houfo^ 

ID Ant\ his nniiiii shall be called 
|d Uratl T^ke Ui»iKi of iiim iji^t 
bBith bu fhutt hMsed. 

IJ II Whtii mui^ «triTcMfie[e{hef 
BOO iriih nnutJierp oniJ UmlH wife pf 

She ocie drflwi-'lh near Tor tc deli v it 
icf hu&titiiMl (tul oriJiL^luiiuL 4^r4iini 
ihjif imitqih hiinn nml t^uUt^ih TurUi 
hf^^ hJinJ:^ and tukuth hun by tliu 

IS I'hen thnu ihak cut c\1T hm 
hAxu\y thine cfi> sh4ll ntvi |iUy Arr. 

l^ tr Thuu Hhalt nut hnvc in chf 
bKHE^ liiverK iirui<fliUt K great and a 
■timll , 

14 THqu slmlt npt have In thine 
(iou»o Llivora mua&urcfl, & ennt HJjd 

15 Bui ihcci atiaU hBv« d. ;>?rfe?l 
ind jupi ii-eig'lir, r ihiiTocl tnd just 
nwaiure nhun Thnu I^dvq ; ihai thf 
duy^ntny bo h^ugthtf^ncd in riie luml 
which tJte Lord ihy Gud fiveth 

16 Far itl that do suih tiling 
end all thai tlv O-nngUttMiosfly , ore 
■n abiiimuBtionuato tbe LoKD thf 

17 ir RrmptnW whnt Amakk 
dJd unto lh«! bjf thfl wbv, T/vfiMi ye 
were cnmr Inrlii out ol'E^irypt j 

IS How liQ met t>Miu by ihq vicnf, 
iml tmote the hindmivt flf th«-e, 

Um*, when Uiou Wfast Tnint oiiJ 
Weiinn tkm\ hp fi.:Mred nnl Gml, 

JU Thc^mHire it aihaLI Uo, when 
1m l>m^i tJty l^riFH hndi gEv-on UittD 
twl fnim nl) ihme fnpmit^B round 
ibnti^ in lb4> bmd ivhich the l^nrtp 
di/ G(>rl Biveih riiLf/or 11 r inherit- 
intc lo poHQ^i iti tAat thtio ahalt 
Hot dut the remombrMiw of Auia- 

pt]tMi Ui^i sliGiLl bu in iitoif« Hvft, 
tuid nn^ uniu hijm^ I firulVw uiit 

i am rocne unl& tlie country vrhtth 
iliL- Lip no Kwiuij unto oui fnUmzi 
for ti>jfivti uii< 

4 Ami the Tiriimi shall take the 
bojkci auioftliLnfifipQiHlj. uEtil Bt-Ut 
di^wn b^'fi^fe iUq ailar oflhuL^RD 
Lh; Ood. 

^ j\tELl thou a halt ujpeak und ftir 
!wftj«f chu Uki^n th)f GlhI, A i^yri&n 
rt^ady to pcj-iiih vmj! niy fiiLlicrj; 
and howQEit iltivn ioin btfj^pt^ and 
^^uOfnoEJ lUarts Willi tt Tliw, nod 
Locuiita tlM^ri^ a (loiioin, ureut^ 
mijxhlY, ami pr^puloufl : 

6 And i\w £^v:pLiLirLii4]Vi]'fynlreit 
nd iia, nnd nnlifitid ui. iiud luid 
ypoi) us hurd UriiHla|;n l 

1 Ant] whttn wa cried uota th* 
hftRB G*i^ of our laiJivm, tlie 
LoH[» he ird our voice. dcmI lookr4 
iiit oLir DilhEtiuii, aod tiur InUouFi 
4nd nLlr EiftortjhBitrn t 

i And Mi« L/tiRD brffughi m 
fortlj fjut of Ei^ypt with u nii«h|j 
hand, BJiii \^-ilh un oUE.-iirf I Dhifra 
arm, and V'iili gr^i^l lerriblfy- 
ne-t«, and witJi liEnv^ tml wjlb 
wondfrr* \ 

^ AmlhebnThbmtiffbtuiitiTOlhEi 
place, unil hJith ^ivL'u ur thia land, 
ecfu a IdoJ that Qoif^ath wuli milk 
(uhI htpntty. 

in And n?vir, beholdn I have 
brought the fimt-rruit* ol' iho liind* 

•AhtVh tlHMl^ O LiC>llU, hUflT i4VCIl 

me: nnd tJi^iti shnlt msi it Ivftm 
the Lord tliy Gud, and warvyp 
burn^cr the Ixtnn Ihr God-. 

il And L>iou lahedl ^■^'jtJicB in e^erj 
wouA thiA^ which tin: LnRo thr 
GykI lintii lEivi^n unto lhee» tiinl un- 
t atttine hon 1!^, i i lon und Uiu Luv ita* 
■mri liie fltnin^er Lhnl iff iiniojti 

VI Ti When thpni hni^l mHdu aa 
end 4.>f liLhhPit^ ulk diiftirlif^i iif LltLcia 
incrtaic ThftiiJnl year, tcftick iM 
thm rakr dT Uthiflt* imd.hitft >ma 

Om Mumt wkkGci. 

it onto the Levite, the Btranser, 
the fatherless, and the widow, that 
may eat vrithm thy gates, and 

thoa mayest go in unto the land 

_^ Then thou shalt say before 
the Lord thy God, I have brought 
away the hallowed things oni of 
mtiM house, and also have given 
them unto the Levite, and unto the 
•traoger, to the fatherless, and to 
the widow, according to all thy 
eonunandments which thou hast 
eomraandtid me: I have not trans- 
gressed thy commandments, nei- 
ther have I forgotten them : 

14 I have cot eaten thereof in 
my moummg, neither have I taken 
away aught thereof for ami/ un- 
clean «««, nor given aught thereof 
for the dead: but I have hearken- 
fd to the voice of the Lord my 
God, and have done according to 
all that thou hast conunanded 

15 Look doti-m uom tny la- 
biuiLioni imm hi^avi-^n, ji:. ass 
thy pcopU) UTac\ and "■■■ nd 
whicJi tJiuu ItiLii anca u?, ou 
swarcrit unlu our fa^K.^fSr nd 
tbpit RiJWf^iik ivitii tnilli hill; sy. 

16 ir This day thu Lorej i od 
hnth conimapElod th(K» to i!'. sse 
statutes anctiudjjinDntit i(i' alt 
thDrvfuro b[>e^ and du lii<- ith 
alhhinehtim, uid mvMi ^ i hy 

17 Thou hanUratlchBd theLoRD 
thl# diiy to ba ihy UoJ, and to walk 
111 his ways, and lo Kce? Iiii ita- 
tftui^ Dfiil hii comm^ndnifHiEs, and 
lutJudffiipiciatSi tu>d to bfMvrlcen un- 

id ntl V01C4 : 
IS AndlbeLoRiihatli arr.i . 'led 

aoc Uii4 day to bo bin per^irl m>- 
^ D, as ho hitlh trorniiod [fi nd 
IbuLtltoit sbriuul^oit kei?[i .-.. his 
eommandments ; 

19 And to make thee high above 
an nations which he hath made, in 
praise, and in name, and in ho- 
nour; and that thou mayest be an 
holy people unto the Lord thy 

Ths Law to be written on Stones. 
A ND Moms with the elders of 
J\ Israel commanded the people, 
■aying. Keep all the commond- 
nienu which I conunand you this 

9 And it shall be on the day 
when ye shall pass over Jordan un- 
|o the land which the Lord thy 

Ck>d giveth thee, that thou shi 


,3 And thou shalt write upon 
Incm all the words of this law, 

which the Lord thy God giveth 
thee, a land that floweth with mill 
and honey; as the Lord God of 
thy fathers hath promised thee. 

4 Therefore it shall be when ye 
be gone over Jordan, thai ye shall 
set up these stones, which I com- 
mand you this day. in mount Ebal, 
and thou shalt plaster thom with 

5 And there shalt thou build an 
altar unto the Lord thy God, an 
altar of , stones : thou shalt not Uft 

yn ^^^,1 ffrij^ f'n^l l!!T>«P tbf»m. 

■ ■■ ■ ■ JtTtiir <jr 
tl ; ■. ■ ■ • ■ ■ - ■.:■■!.■ Atonet; 
ar.d ihDLi feiuiJt Dfiyr L unit- « flflp- 
iin.'r' tiioroon unto the Loud thy 

Gi?d : 

7 And Ihdiiihaltofre; p«Bc^af- 
ferin^u, rhiI ^heJt eai Lhdro, tmiJ re- 
joiri* bfR^re tins LaR[> thy Gud. 

f^. And tthDUfitiatt wrila upun ihs 
sli. i.d u.n the wards of this law, 
V. . ■. jjl&jnTy. 

'And Mosci and ihe tirk«ta 
tl r ^c vita's ap;:ili.i? iLiito all uraol 
81. ■; !j< Tnke hf*r| linft tiDtirkcian O 
h ■■ 1, thiadaj thou urilHtcnma ilia 
p- : 'Ih^ of t]io Lf>n D t^v God. 

: ' TfroM shall iJieit'RNra olkcy th* 
Vi • '• uf tiiD LrjHi" ihy GitiL nna 
di I .i {^ LinintaEL hnn;! m1^ Eind hid ftLa- 
tu "9 which I commuuJ tii^^ tbi* 

il IT And Mows charged Uift 
people thotamo day, layiaif^ 

12 Thoso bIi all stand vtit^m mputit 
Gerizim lo bk-sn tKu pouitU'] when 
ye n rt; Came over Jordan ] Si incon, 
and Levit n&d Jurlnh, nnd I^MUchar, 
ai 1 .Tofr^nh, and Rumjiuriin : 

Arirt thcaw ehnn, iUiml iittoii 
tn ill Kbal m cuiiu»i (Eimbptt, 
Gi I. imd Aah^.rt find Zt^buluq, 
Diiri, ivtid NHpJiEnli+ 

14 i: And the Invites ah all sprllc. 
anil «iiy unto ^1 iha men of uraol 
witf] a Joud vojrif?, 

J^ Corud in Liio rnan thnt ma- 
k&h oHV ntVlno tjTiTiiiUE'n JTTinjro, 
an iboniination unlu Llic LoltP, ihe 
Wc?rk of till] liAluia uf thn Crs^fhi^ 
muti, arifl ;iutu>Tli it in a lecTdi 
pl'jcf: i.T\*i all the pet^pk &lia[] irt- 
sM'.-r attdaitj', Aiucit. 

]ij Cunod ^f hQ tJmt gpiteth hahi 
by hLr father nr laid itiolhet ; and sil 
thci p«op]43 flhn 11 fiiiy, Amenh 

^1T CunH:!d bt ho thiit remnvalJ^ 
bin ncii^hbour^iiland'niarki qikIbJI' 
the jH^op^U BbaH ray. Anii'n. 

,13 VwneAbf. lie ihianiiiltHh tli* 
bliruj to wELDitcr fiut tiT thn w^ay; 
and ftl] tho ptiDpIc shall kiv* 

19 CnTHd ^« be thnt pervert«th 
the judffmci^t of thp itr^iiii'r, 

ThBoawBtfthtUof CHAP. 
fttlierten, and widow i and all the 

people shall lay. Amen. 

SO^Cuned be he thai 

Ms fatlier's wife ; because he ,un- 

eovcreth his father's skirt: and all 
the pRople shall suy, Amen. 

81 Cursed be he that lieth with 
way manner of beast: and all the 
people shall say. Amen. 

S2 Cursed be he that lieth with 
his sister, the daughter of his 
fother, or the daughter of his 
motlier: nnd all the people shall 
say. Amen. 

"23 Cursed be he that lieth with 
his motlier-in-law : and all the 
peoi>le shall say, Amen. 

^ Cursed be he that smiteth his 
■eighbour secretly : and all the 
people shall say. Amen. 

25 Cursed be ho that takcth re- 
ward to slay an innocent person: 
and all the people shall say, 

26 Cursed be he that confirmeth 
not all the words of this law to do 
them : and all the people shall say, 

CHAP, xxvra. 

Blessinee promieed on ObeHmee. 
A ND it shall come to pass, if 
J% thou shalt hearken diligently 
unto the voic« of the Lord thy 
God, to observe and to do all his 
commandments which I command 
thee this day : that the Lord tlijr 
God will set thee on high above all 
nations of the earth : 

2 And all these blessings shall 
eiproe on thee, and overtake thee, 
if thou shnlt hearken unto the 
voice of the Lord thy God. 

3 Blessed ehali thou be in the 
dty, and blessed ekaJU thou be in 
the field. 

4 Blessed shall be the fruit of thy 
body, and the fruit of thy ground, 
and the fniit of thy cattle, the in- 
crease of thy klne, and the flocks 
of thy sheep. 

. 5 Blessed «ftaff be thy basket and 
diy store. 

6 Blessed ehaU thou be when 
tbou comest in, and blessed skaU 
thuu he when thou goest out. 

7 The Lord shall cause thine 
enemies that rise up against thee 
to be smitten before thy face : tliey 
shall come out ajrainst thee one 
way, and flee before thee seven 

8 The Lord shall command the 
blessing upun thee in thy store- 
bouMx, and in all that thou settest 
thine hand unto : ami he shall bless 
thee in tlie land which the Lord 

9 The Lord shall establish 
Ibae an holy people unto hunselC 


XXVfIL ftr iUt&edienc^ 

SJi h^nth iWDm unto thw, irdi^ 
111 riJ (■keep the cqmfnanHmcniK of 
the hmw ihr God, and vitlk In 
hti ways, 

10 Anil all peopio <&t ||i« cfirLh 
tllr^l^ tee thtii i)iou nrt (allied Lyih^ 
nnine of liic LollD r and ihvy shaU 
bo nrruiEl bf lluje. 

11 And liie Loud shall maks 
thi:^ pleiil:(H>i]£ in coodA^ m Uitt 
fruil of ihy btidjf, and in t)ip fruit 
of ii]y cattlfTi ohd in the fmit uf 
thy gruund, m dio kml H]iic}t ehfl 
Lonn \BWTiT6 uuui ihy fnih^ia ta 

J** The I>RP shall oppn unto 
tlK't \i'\i fbiiii ueasart, the hiFjiven 
to giva th<s rain nn(u ihy Innd in 
hkB Btdtnn, tipd Xij bliTM all ihs 
noFkorihinehnnd^ nnti t^ti^ii aholt 
k'm\ uniu many nalionii, Lnd ihoD 
timlt riEPt [;urri»w. 

1^ And rhQ I'ORn phall moke 
ihQQ thi9 hentip nnili not llic tail ; nnd 
thou filial t be nbove only, And tjioii 
shalt npi bo beneath^ if thui iliuu 
hiciTki'ti unio ijie rnmrnjinilmi^nti 
tf tJiP LuRD ihy God* h hith I com- 
irinni:] ll]efit}ikday^ t0(tb«er¥B and 
t<i fla ihtm : 

H And thnu shnlt nai go nsida 
uom any frf ihc worrT» wlifch I 
cciTiimand UioetliiiKay, t/fihe rivhl 
hund at to tlio Itfl, to go after ijtJiur 
grill* tu wrrre thrni. 

15i 11 But it bIieiIE cnm6 to pass, if 
thuu wilt not h^urki^n imio the 
vtnco of ihe L<>Bti ihy God, to i^h- 
•prvn to do q[I liii commniirEfnenti 
and his Btnlul^ wLirli 1 CDinmand 
tit^ Eh IB lisy: ihnt nTI thef« curAfrf 
shnll corne upon iIibc^ and uvar- ' 
tuU ttiect 

lli Cursed thalt th«u bs in the 
C'ty, and cureod thsU iJiuu bti ia 
t]>o Held. 

n Cur»d ehalt be ihy buikni 
etM} fhy tiurc>. 

IR Ciirwil Bhall br lb*! fruH of 
thy Lody, nnd liii' Ituit Mihf hind| 
Um inrtD^fiw iif ihy kinci and ibn 
flcM^ks of ihj ih-cvp. 
. 19 Corstid skalt thou be wh«ii 
tf»oi] comest m, frndcuFwd fAoJl; 
tJ^toij hr iwhen ihoo truest ■oui. 

^ Tho Loap shall send upon 
tliciTurkin^r, vfxniion, prn^t rrhnke, 
HI dH thcit thctuwLtMt thine hsnd 
untu f^if to dot until Ihdu be de- 
stroked, nnd until ihuu |>rri£h 
quickly: Etccauicp of Tho wifki^d- 
tt'ftf of ihf ffuirigi wli«/thy tbou 

hn^l for^nkiHi niQ' 

21 The IrfiRP shall make the 
UF'sT ilcDce cli'ttvfi uni(v tliPCi undl 
m^ hurt' cc»a.4utned thee from off 
tlif> jiand^ whithtr ibua guest to 

* jB'^ 

OEUnSRONOMY. in cm* 

Eith a cooMinptioii* ind «40i a 
ver* ami with ao innamii|||ion, 
•ad with aa extreme buraius, 
ami with the swurd, ami with 
Miuitny, himI with inildew: and 
Um/ «itull puMue thee until thou 

2) And thy heaven that u over 
Ihy head Dhall be braM, and the 
eunh tliut i» under thee akuU be 

sM The Lord shall make the rain 
of thy hinii powiler and dust : 
from Iwrnven «haU it cuine down 
upon tliee, until thou be 

25 The Lord shall cause thee 
to be smitten before thine oue- 
miea: thuu shalt go out oneway 
aguiust tliem, and Hee seven ways 
boiiire them; and shalt be re> 
moved into all the kingdonu of the 

SO And thy carcaM shall be 
meat unto all fowls of the air, 
•nd unto the beasts of the earth, 
and no man sliaU fray tAem 

37 The IjORD will smite thee 
with the botch of E^ypt, and with 
the enierods, and witli tiie scab, 
and with the itch, whereof thou 
•aost not be heulud. 

S8 The Lord nhall smite thee 
with mudness, and blindness, and 
Mtoniidimeut of heart : 

*29 And thou shalt grope at 
nooo^iay, as the blind grt»poth in 
darknesK, and thou shalt not pros- 
per in tliy ways : and thuu ithalt be 
only opprensed ami ttpoilcd ever- 
more, and no man shall st 

30 Thou shnJt lieirnth ft w ._, 
ami another nmn P^hnlL ]io ^vith 
her: thoi* shall tjUfdl fin InkLUK!, und 
thou wlmlt not iLwlIiI ihuriMn:. tliou 
shalt piuiit a vijieycird^ miA nUtit 
not gnthur the KifJiiK'* thynjijr, 

31 Thine ox shuU &e«l!iin Liefore 
thine wfe»t ami tlum ahull n<^T'iat 
tlioroor thine a^s mAhU be vutli'iitly 
lakun nwny frortt bcinn': ^hy i'at^e, 
and sliull not It^ n^iunsl to ihie: 
thy sheep shall be ^Ivtn mriu Ehme 
enemirii, and tliuu aimk imvo imw 
to rctwue thnn, 

33 Thy soiM and thy daughters 
th'ill b0 givfin luito another people, 
and thine eyu» shall look, and fail 
Kith loMfing for them all the day 
Ions; II mi tA«r« shall be no might 
in thine hand. 

33 Tlw rmit of thy laml. ami all 
thy InlHMirs, shall a nation which 
thou kntiwent not eut up : ami thuu 
•hall be only oppressed and crush- 
ed alwiiy: 

M So that tbott sbak be mad for 

the nghtof thine eyee whick thoa 
shalt see. 

35 IMie Lord shafl smite thn« in 
the knees, and in the legs, with e 
sore botch liiai cannot be healed, 
from the sole of tliy foot unto the 
topui'tliy head. 

% The L<»RD shall bring thee, 
and thy king which thou shalt 
9iA over liiee, unto a nation wliicb 
neither thuu nor iliy fathers have 
known ; anil there ^alt thou serve 
other gods, wood and stone. 

37 And tliuu shall become an at- 
tooishment, a proverb, and a by- 
word, among all nations whiihet 
the Lord shall lead thee. 

38 I'hou shah carry much seed 
out iuto the field, and siialt gather 
but little in: for the locust siiall 
consume it. 

39 Thou shalt plant vineyardi 
and dress them^ but shalt neither 
drink cf tlie %vino, nor gatlier tAi 

Srtipss: for the worms shall eet 

40 Thou shalt have 
thoughout all thy cc_ 
thou shnlt not anoint thi/et 
the oil: for tliino olive i' 

41 Tho 

.. Thou shalt beget 

daughters, but thuu shall nutei\)Qf 
them : for they shall go into aip> 

4*2 All thy treoi and fhiit of thy 
land shall the locust consume. 

43 The stranger that is within 

\ shalt come down 

theo shall get up above thee very 
• thou i" " 

44 He shall lend to thee, and 
* ' ■ JiaU 

high; oiia 

thou shalt not lend to him: liesha^ 
be the head, and thou slialt be the 

45 Moreover, all these cursee 
shall come upon thee, and shall 
pursue thee, and overtake thee, 
till tliou be destroyed: because 
thou hearkenedsi not unto the 
voice of the Lord thy God, to 

keep his commamlments and hie 
'■ ' he commanded 

ey shall be upon ti„ 
id for a wonder, and 

statutes which 

46 And they shall be upon thee 
for a sign and for a Wf-^ - 
upon thy sueil fur ever. 

47 Bec'iuse thou -1st not the 

Lord thy God \ 
and with gladiion 
abundance of all t 

48 Therefore sh . - m jo serve 
thine enemies wli4"ii ilie Lt»RD 
shall sendagBunst III' i>. m hunger, 
an. I in thirst, and m i» ikcilm'ss, 
and in want of all ihiu;:^ : and he 
shall put a yokeuf uuji uitonthy 
neck, until be hai^e de«tn»?eo 

oyfuli* _ 
rt, for tlie 

wMkiiMn caioMHiet, CHAP. XXUL 

49 The Load •hall brinff a 
nauon against lliee frum far^ 
fitim the end of tJie earth, as 
gwifi an the eagle flivtli. a imtiuii 
wUunc tuugue Uiuu idialt not un- 
derstand \ 

Sa A nation of fierce counte- 
nance, which shall nul rcguni tlie 
persfun of tiie old, nur shew favour 
to tl>e yuung : 

51 And he shall eat Uie fruit of 
thy caiih), and tlie fruit 01 tlijr 
land. uutU thou be deittroyud : 
whicli uU9 sliuli not leiive ihce 
either corn, wine, or oil, or the in- 
crease of \hy kino, or flocks of tliy 
shocp, until he have destroyed 

52 And lie shall besiege thee iif all 
Cliy gates, until thy high and fencotl 
walls coine down, wherein iliou 
trustudst, Uiroughout all iliy land : 
and lie sliaJl besiege lliee in all thy 
gates tliruuffhtml all tliy land 
which the Lo&o thy God hath 
givun tliee. 

53 And thou thai! eat the fVuit of 
thine own boiiy, the flesh of thy 
■ons and of tliy daugliters which tlie 
Lord thy tiod hath given tliee, in 
the sie^e and in tlie straitness 
wherewith tliine ooemies sliall dis- 
tress thee: 

54 Ho that the man that ia tender 
among you, and very delicate, his 
eye shall be evil toward his bro- 
ther, and toward the wife of bis 
bosom, and toward the remnant 
of his childroo which 

55 80 that he will not five to any 
of lliein of the flesh of ins children 
nrhom he siiail eat: because be 
hath nothing loA him in Uie siege 
aiwl in the straitness wherewith 
thine enemies shall distress thee in 
ell thy gates. 

5(> The tender and delicate wo- 
enan among you, which would not 
ftd venture to set uie sole of her foot 
upon the ground for delicntuness 
end tendemoss, her eye shall be 
evil toward the husband of her 
bosonii and toward her son, and 
toward Iter daughter, 

57 And toward her yonng one 


so Then the Lord will make thy 
plagues wonderful, and the plagues 
of tliy seed, even great plagues; 
and of long coiuuiuance, audsoiB 
sicknesses, and of ' 

UU Moreover, ho will brin, 
thifu all liie diecaves of 
which thou wast afraid ol 
tliey shall cleave unto thee. 

61 Also every sickiMkiS. ami every 
plague which u mil written in the 
book of tliis law, tiiem will the 
Lord bring upon thee, until tlioe 
be destruyed. 

(S And ye shaU be left few in 
nuinliei, whereas ye were aa the 
stars of heaven for multitude; be- 
cause thou wuuklest not obey the 
voice uf the LoRii tliy God. 

63 And it sliall come to pass, 
that as tiie Ixird reioiced over yoa 
to do you guo<i, ami to multiply 
you-, so the LiiRn will rejoioe 
over you to destroy yuu and to 
brine you to nouflil; and ye 
shall be plucked from off tie 
land wliitiier thou goest to poe> 


64 And the Lord shall scatter 
thee among all people frtmi the one 
end of tlie eartli even unto the 
otlier; and tlicro tliou shall servo 
other gods, which neither thou nor 
thy fathers have known, ewa woo<| 
and stone. 

65 And among these nation* 
shalt thou find no ease, neither 
sliall the soie of thy liiot have 
reet : btit the Lord sliall five 
th(<'lNi-rc TrLmirinin' iK'urt, anil 
failing; af eyoi, uud surruw at 

ii^* AntI ihy life ilinll hung in 
doulo iKfctrulheor an^l l.hi»u ^hhll 
feft.r iNkV juht ikitftit^ mu\ A\aX\ liiLVfl 
nain'^ H*!'<unLiu!t^ \it ili¥ liloL 

Iv III thu rhufiiiny tJiuQi>t:ilt sny, 

eviTi \\m\i iiJuili HEif^p Wouli1 Gv'd it 
wefH.' rnDj-n^hiir^ fuj ilie f^jrohhlfte 
he: in wJterewith Efiuu i^halL IcJif, 
aJltJ Tmr the mighi uf tliilio fye^ 

G^ Amrj I hi.' Lohj] N>fmEI brinirtlioa 
ink J Kiij'pC ul^ii'Mi tvLlJi nh\ym, Uy U}^ 

that Cometh out frum between her : wu y ^iiih^rsoV I fiv-.skv. Miti*^ tJtce, 
fiwt, and toward her children Tli.ju uiiuU aui: ii mi incire flp^jim : 
whii*Ji she shaU bear; for she shall and Ui^l^m? ^v ahbJI Ut e(jIhI itniu yoiit 
ett them for want of all thities ent-jMira Imt bumli-iiic^n uml [rum]- 
•ocretly in the siege and sir uitness wuiiiie;n, ^nJ nu umn blioJl buy 
wherewith tlillie enemy shall dis- j/cu. 
tMs Uiee in Uiy fates. CHAP. XS IX. 

98 If thou wilt not observe to _^ Kxhartation to Obediimee. 
do all the wonis of this law tliat ffillESE are tlie wurds of the 
ere written in this book, tliat tliou X cuveiiant which the Lord 
fisar this fhtrious and 1 commanded Muses to make with 
— OBD THY i Uie chiklcenof Israel ui the land 
tef Moab, besl^ the covenai^ 




9 If And MoMt called unto all 
Tiirael, and said anto them, Ye 
have 8een all that the Lord did be- 
fore your eyea in the land of Egypt 
onto Pharaoh, and unto all higger- 


lU. and unto all his land . 

. The great temptations which 
thine eyes have seen, theaigm, and 
those great miracles : 

4 Yet the Lord hath not given 
jrou an heart to perceive, and eyes 
to see, and ears to hear, unto this 

o And I have led you forty years 
in the wilderness: your clothes are 
not waxen old upon you, and thy 
•hoe is not waxen old upon thy 

6 Ye have not eaten bread, nei- 
ther have ye drunk wine or stronc 
drink : that ye might know that I 
mm the Lord your God. 

7 And when ye came unto this 
place. Sihon the king of Heshbon, 
and Og the king of Bashan, came 
out against us unto battle, and we 
smote tliem : 

8 And we took their land, and 


Lve it for an inheritance unto the 
lites, nnd to Iho Gaditet, 

the hnlf trill? of Mnnii«B<eJi. 


silver and gold, which wan 


18 Lest there should be among 
you man, or woman, or family, or 
tribe, whose heart tumeth awaj 
this day Arum the Lord our God, 
to f o and serve the gods of these 
nations ; lest there should be among 
you a root that beareth gall and 
wormwood ; 

19 And it come to pass, when he 
heareth the words of this curse, 
that he bless himself in his heart, 
sayinc, I shall have peace, though 
I walk in the imagination of mine 
heart, to add drunkenness to 

ao The Lord will not spare him, 
but then the anger of the Lord 
and his jealousy shall smoke 
against that man, and all the cursoe 
that are written m this book shaB 
lie upon him, and the Lord shaB 
blot out his name from under heft> 

21 And the Lord shall separate 
him unto evil out of all the tribes 
of Israel according to all the curses 
of the covenant ^at are written is 
this book of the law : 

22 So that the generation to 
cuciie of your <!hilJrvrL thai ihaO 

, -, . rise up after j'tm, anrj ihe it runner 

9 Keep tbEir^fur-? iJie words of thai almll come from a fir laiul^ 
this covenant, n m 1 1 Eo iham , tiiai re ahu II nay . vn Uca ihcy iwo Ui« plafuas 
may prosper in till iliat jfa do. tqf that lami, and th^ »i«ktw»«i 

10 If YesNiE»iTJiuniis]f ftllttryou^which Uift Lord hmh laSd uiKjn 
before theLnHO fm\T Qtid l r^tur i 

captains of 3(4 1 LirtnbL4, your elderfl, 
tnd your omcr-n, wiiA oU tJi« men 
of Israel, ,^ ^ 

11 Your htile oaa. your w|v«, 
•nd thv striiiiii'tfr that if lo ihy 
eamp, from tk« h#wi>r oftihy waodt 
onto the drawer nV 1I7 wtHer t . 

IS Thatthi*u ihoiiEii««L aniax in- 
to covenani wliK Ui^ Loivn ihf 
God, and inr.i^» liis aaLh. which th« 
Lord thyGud msJiaia iwlth thee 

13 That hrt may csiablL^ thee 
to-day for a uiropIih tuno himsuif, 
and that ho itiar be itnc-u iii«u a 
God, as h<j h^Eh e&kl unto ^vo, 
and as he hn'th iwpm unto Ehy fa- 
thers, to Abjalieun, t^ loaat, uhI 
to Jacob. . . , 

14 Neither wiiK rou omj qo I 
make this cuv^i'iinnE avA i\m o;itti \ 

15 But wnh him that atanilrth 
here with ii.>^ xiaa day brfmti tiho 
Lord our Gh^'L tnduflowiih him 
that is not here wiih Ui thu day -. 

16 (For 10 It now how we baivc 
dwelt in thu^ land uf Forrpt ; and 
how we caTHf thrtm^h the niLtiona 
uriiich ye pam^d by 1 

kl ^»d cA4f the whole land xhcrm- 
af U bnnii'tiine. and Bnii, and bum* 
ms* tfiat Jt IB not fo^n, nur bear- 
mi, nor any gruA groweth ilnsro- 
in, iiku liie ovrtrthroi* qf Sodutd. 
nnd ContorrHh, Ad fit n 1 1, and 
/«tihi>Lni« ^^-hich the Lh^jsd aiear- 
ihrow in hii ancer luid in lUa 

^i aU nations eh a II wttjt 
VVh^TeTore tiath iba Imku done 
thuB ijfit4tKtti IfvniiT whfti Hi^^tieU 
thv hp»t of this groat axiEer T 

^ Then mun «hali any, HccailU 
they hnvti fonuikon iha cover^nt 
of thn JjCi^itn GtMl of llirtr l^tlicn^ 
which hi? mado with liieni whefl 
he bro'i^bl thmrt forth oui ef ilie 
land of EgTPi ; 

50 For un^y went ma eerv*a 
other ffpwift, and wors.^nllp^J(l thelrt| 
gods wlioin Uiojf knt^w not, and 
wiUrn hit had timt jfivcn luita 

£7 Ami the tuiKer of the Lord 
wM kiitiUed asum^i tliis knd, lo 
brinf u|ii>n it nil thf^ curBea thai 
att written jn iliift hook ^ 

2^ Afiii ihn Umo r«>CTted them 
o«t rtf tb&ir load in anser aea ui 

17 And ye have ftL>«ii their abotni,. .. . . 
oatiims. and thaii h^ok, wo^d and 1 vrram, and Mi gtaat 

JUFCjf pfotnuM 

and cbU: lliem ICkto Another lonil, 

^ The ectri^t iAtiiff ff AdttTt^ un- 

CAjH^r uu^'eA are rcv^iilcd tt'luR^ 
luitu u«, Eijul lu uur ctiUdrvn fur 

«f Ufki law. 


AN t) il *imJJ cyme To paM, when 
abL llitisc tJnnzB arc cojiie up- 
(iD liiee, Tim liTcnJ.11^ atitl tltn 
iivmk, i*hi[!li 1 Uiivo wi befure 
Uiije. aciel lliuu pIiqJl cull the^a lu 
niirki aiimii^ mil ihc naiicii^ will- 
tliuj- iliu LuAu tJtjrCiiU'cl btiLli dri- 
von tliuuf 

S AikI thai! rBlum ufito tbeliDRb 
thj Oud, OJbd tliiitl ukiey tiid vtiicd 
acrcunhriE tu oJJ Uicii J cummnml 
tliL-e iltiri iijiy, ihfig ttJv! ihy cliiMren. 
WjlJi uE] thine Ju}iirt,mD4l wiih all Lbr 

3 TJiat ihcn the Loud thy God 
wili I urn ihy crtptivity, and have 
Cemiratisiun upun Lliec, ami will rc- 
mrii DJi^L ^ailii-'r Lliiw frutn a]I Uh^ 
iiHUi^Fii wditUHt cht! LdiiDthy God 
buiJi BCDttQrcd i]>fse. 

4 If an}/ ui' tlima ba djiv«n out 
DDlfi UiQfjiiimofit frarti of heurcn. 
fkoni liicnco will iJid LDhb tiiy Qed 
■aiher lIigs, and fruin liteiiCQ wiil 
hfl Tatch Um4 

: :. " ..J> thir 
oriniE l\ttio mio ijie J and tv^iich tliy 
fuL^jL-na pOiiio»H3d, ami lituu shull 
4iid he will Ho thee 


f\Qody and muiUjily Lhee abuve Uijr 

G Attd LhQ IdOltD thy tiM will ci r- 
CDRiei.i« thine heitit^niul che beart 

Orihy UHBd, lu LoVE! lilf: LiOA.[> tilV 

God with idlrhinf? hearty and with 
bil thy EouJj litut ihau maycdl 

7 And ih& Lono thy Gdil wil\ 
put aJ] thcve sunai upon thino ena- 
mel Qnit on tliem Uiat hal« thuBy 
whK^hfHirveeoted lIilk;. 

© AaJi thou lihjiK riiiurOi and ahef 
the vuii^u of Uiu bOFlDt and do djI 
bii commcuulmenta which 1 cou- 
laend t/ieetluadDj. 

9 And Lho Lord ihj God will 
mak'* thcQ plenieoLii jp every work 
Dftliine hiLnd, in the fruJlL of t|iy 
budy, and in the rrujler LJiy cMiIl', 
and m tJin froit of Ihy land, for 
fwnl ■■ tor tlte 1~>C]RD wiJl a^ELln re- 
|oice over tliqu Hir guod, aj ho ro^ 
|fliced over ihy fnlhora : 

10 1/ tliuu ^atl hiTQTke^n unto 
the vqica 0I" the Loitp t}iy Cufl, to 
keep hif (.'ommnfldnients arkd his 
ftatiites whirh are wriiVfn in tltjj 
tKKik of the law, attd i( eJiou turn 
WUO lh« L0B.D thy Gnd wjth «J1 

U the peniteniL 
witb ull iJiy 

thiue heart 

J I ir For thii romniEinclniiafti 
w]Ji(^h 1 cuaijnuiid EhcL^ i\i]ik fhy, ii 
is iiul hidduii from \i\it^ iJuiUjoj- u 
IE ('ur ^ff. 

1^ ltJj;nol mhpaven, that ihc^n 
shouli1k»Lsay« VVJiuEthn]! gu uii for 
Ui tu il^nvl>:^^ and Lirin^ k untu ua, 
ih^f we nuu hear it, and du it 1 

1^ fiijJLljei^ ta ii beyujid iJie ^a, 
Uiatthuj ■ihuiiUhnt pay^ Wiioihall 
^fi over Uie mix for uii, and bfln^ it 
nnto uif LhaJ. we may hviu it, K/rd 

14 But lhev7on1 w Tery ni^li on- 
to Uitc, in thy tiiuuih, and m thy 
heart, Ehat tJiug inayest dn it. 

15 IF Sti«^ 1 have set before lJia« 
thm day life and (oud, and daatb 
and evdt 

Iti Ln that I commanil thee tlin 
diiy Lp \ttv^ ihe Lfani* thy Gwl. to 
wnlk iu Ilia wuyv, aoeI to kanp hii 
comaiaiiEhni^nu, and hi* ntJimiEx, 
iiiid hi^iudsiitL'niUd lital tJitiu uiay- 
e?t live aikd mukinFy -. and thd 
LuKu tiiy God AitaEf o|e«i ihoe in 
lite iQjHl wbjUi^ ihoa goeil La poa- 
■eaa it- 

17 But Lrthina heart turn aw ityt m 
tjta.t Ehou wiu (lut heart but ahajl 
be drawn awuy, and wonhip oUiBr 
Sodi, QJ>d «*!rve ihem ; 

\f^ 1 denounce Luiruj^m thin day, 
tlmi ye irbalJ cmi^ly perish , mui tAni 
yo BhciU not urolon^ t/oiir dayi 
upon lho landn wb'|tlti>f tltnii pqh- 
tist over JoimJiU) to ^ o to poisesv 

J!> TeaJI haaven and oa4^tb to re- 
cord thid Jay agiiijisl you, thai J 
hieve tat bE^fiire you life EUit] iJi^ath, 
bleaun^ and cunia^L iJ]i?rE>ruir4 
chouiie llfCr tiiat bath tliuuand thy 
ne^l may live i- 

itt That ihou mayesl live tha 
I.CIRD thy (;odf and Eltattliuu oia;- 
ent olwiy hii voi^e, and litfki ihotl 
mayeet cleave untcp hi mi [fur he it 
\lvy Eifu, and the lynijth of thy dan^ 
tiiat thou ma^cst dwell hi uia land 
which tike LoAn iwaro umo thv 
fatlion, to Abiaharfit to Isnao, aikd 
to Jat^ub, til uive theni. 

M0fea tauuita'attith tks Peoplr* 

A nlj Mo<«B went aiul tpaka 
.n. tliosewurda unto ah Liraid. 

^ And he aaid unm E burnt I 
sia an hundred and twenty year* 
old diU day i 1 can no mora 
£0 out amt coma in: al^ tha 
Lord huth iaid untu me, Tbou 
4ibiLlt not ff« over thi» Jor- 

'A Thfl LaitD ihy God. ka will lo 
over bufar-a thee, mid he will de- 
■tfoy therie nationi from hcfoie 

thee, and thou shall p(»«9u Uiom : 
and Joehua he »m\\ tco ovL<r 
before thee, as th^ Luihd bitth 

4 And the Lord KhaU Aq ttnta 
them a* he did to SihoD, flnd lu 
Of, kings of t}ie Arrii>rilL4, nml ' 
unto the land of theiUi whum ke 

5 And the Lord shall pre ihein 
up before your face. ibiU yo may 
do unto them acoonlmf unto utJ 
the commandments which I hmv 
commanded you. 

6 Be strong and of a food cou- 
rage, fear not. nor Im ni'mui of 
them: for the LoRu lUy Guil, be 
it is that doth go wirh ihce, Ue 
will not fail thee, nor lorsatu} 

7 ir And Moaes called amo hi- 
•hua, and said unto liini in ibm tt\eh\ 
of all Israel, Be strong Jind iir'a^uuEl 
courage: for thou rnti-pi gu with 
this people unto tin.' Innll which 
the Lord hath swcsrn untci ihtir 
fothers to give them; ^nd ttiuu 
dialt cause them to inlkcrlt ii. 

8 And the Lord, he it ia thnt 
doth go before titee; ha wilt bu 
with thee, he will rmi fail th^^^ 
neither forsake thee: fear not, nui- 
tlier be dismayed. 

9 IT And Moses wrol^ thin law, 
and delivered it unia tlio priesiji 
tiae ions of Levi^ whith huru 
the ark of the covonnnt of Lhu 
IjORD, and unto all lLg itldfsta o( 

10 And MosesooiMTiAnnfid thcim, 
■aying, At the end of rj^rru pfiven 
fears, m the solemnity fif Uie rean 
of release, in the l'uu£i of tuEH^r- 

11 When all Isrfl&l li como to 
appear before the Lone iby Wtsd 
in the place which h^nhnlL c!i€5oee> 
thou shalt read this luw imiuia all 
brael in their heariMc 

IS Gather the peuplcr tcv^iihert 
men, and women, ornJ eluldnjnr 
and thy stranger thni v wiLfim uiy 

Ktes, that they may hmi> ami that 
jy may learn, and fear Uw Umi; 
your God, and f}bt«f vo to dv nil 
the words of this law ■. 

13 And e^ffCthenrt-hikltenwhirh 
have not known auw Mnuf. niajr 
bear, and learn to i^anhe I^^kt^ 
your God, as long an s^ live ii iho 
land whither ye fo f^^^ Jprdan to 

14 ir And the Loan said unto 
Moses, Behold, thy fijiir" &T»r>r(Mich 
that thou must die: riUI JoKhuu, 
and present yourse1vf>a m i\w\.i.^ 
bernarle of the conirji ^?fllLOQ. rnM 
I may give him a chhirge. And 
Moaes and Joshua want tnd pc*- 

DEUTEROXf OMT. to remd Vu Uuo. 

Ki^^ntDd Uieniselv^P in i\vi lAWrnudr 
ol lIj^ CQii^rcgnTJcjn. 

15 A [III tbf L4tHl> appeared in 
lliij tabemarle in O pdlar of a 
i:|nud: and eIie piilaF uf the eiEiud 
\B\iM\\ uvii<ri|iti dour uf the taLer 

m t At>d t^e l>iitn said unto 
ftluHub] Ik. hold, IbQU EJuiit stii^O 
wiih i]l/ raihrra, amJ l3itb pt^tipk 
wtll risy Upbuild jju u whuriii^ hiibj 
ihi) gudi or itie tiranf^nri fdf Lh& 
liincl, whUhc]- Uifsj j;d to Ar nmoriB 
themt and will fiirBalte me, aiiil 
LireitB; oij covenant wbkh I havn 
n3ni1i> H'ith them. 

IT Then my atiftjr nJiall be hin- 
dJtid flEuinflt iheni in tlial dny. and 
I will furiuike l]i4:;m. and 1 will hido 
my fiitje fruni ibi^imH aii<l ^ler 4(fis!J 
\m devour^HK and nmnjr ii^i'iu! and 
iruublcs shall befall ih<^h no I list 
llifiy will »ay Id thnl dny. Are biil 
Uu:i«o Qvjts comtf upiin us, because 
our Ofwf « noi nmiiFie "* ' ^ 

Ifl Aud I will sundy hi do ms 
fEit:t! itb that day for all llie cviii 
Vbhkh Tbcy *hnll hpivy wnjtifht^ in 
that they are turned linto vihtt 

lU Now ihErnjfojfo wriie ye this 
KjnjE far you, and l^fl^h it the 
cbiJdr&n of Ti^rael: pgt it in their 
iDuutiit, thnl this sonf may he a 
wi(nen for me aijiiiiiiit Lliediiyraa 
of Israel, 

20 For when T shall Ijnvc btrhughl 
thrm ititi> the bad wlnrh 1 iRw.eira 
unle ihear lalhers, 1:J^nt flowi'^th 
with milk and huntv, wM they 
shiiH have eaion und nlled tiiein- 
^ctTt-a^ and wajen fal \ then wil| 
they turn unio other E^iHUt a^d 
serve rl»!Tn. srid pruvukc me, aod 
brenk ray covennni* 

^) And it frhcill come to pass, 
when iimoy mv^ils iind troiildGii are 
bafi^llfiil thiilTt. Urn I tJfiA lun^ ahull 
t(!slify Ji^uifiKt ihPin nJ a wHnnni; 
for \\ Khull rnjt Ik- fure'Olleii HJtiT *f 
the Tuouihs of fbpir «J5frd : for I 
know ih«ir intsi^oatien which 
thi':y (to aboitt, even now, before 1 
hdvft broufcht tbciin into the land 
whif^b \ iwure^ 

23 V MoBf&lheTDrare WFut*? this 
s(vn^ the sanit! day, and taiighl it 
tj!ip (thilLlren of Ism^fl. 

'^ And h^ Fi*v(j Joshua the son 
of ]Vun n cbarre, and afliiI^ Be 
«tnjng and of h ffoud Cinincn : fttr 
ehoM »hjili tiring ih? rhiHren of 
Itropj into I be l.ind which I iwarc 
unto tliemj and I will w witb 
thpf*. . 

34 *r And it cnmr? rn pas™, whpn 
M<n«# hrid made im *rvl ufwririni 
thp ^orda of this taw irt a boo*, 
jsm^ yh0t ware 9fli>^ 

7^10 MM ^Muei CHAP. 

25 Tliftt Mows commanded the 
Invites which bare the ark of the 
covenant of the Lord, saying. 

36 Take this book of the law. 
and put it in the side of the ark of 
tiie covenant of the Lord your 
God, that it may be there for a wit- 
ileiHi against thee. . .^. 

37 For I know thy rebellion, and 
thy stiff neck : behold, wliile I am 
vet alive with you tliis day, ye 
have been rebellious against the 
Lord ; and how much more after 

SSfGatheriutDmeallthe elders 
of your uibes, and your officem, 
that I may speak these words in 
Iheir ears, and call heaven and 
•arth to record against them. 

39 For I know that after my 
deatli ye will ntterW corrupt your- 
ielvr.3t and turn aside from the way 
which 1 have commanded you 
and eviJ will befall you in the lat- 
fer days; because ye will do evil 
b the sight of the Lord, to pro- 
voke him to anger through tlie 
work of your hands. 

30 And Moses spake in the ears 
6f an the congregation of Israel 
tbe words of this song until they 
Ww« ended. 

CHAP. xxxn. 

„ The Song qfMoaea. 

/^TVE ear, O ye heavuns, and I 
\Jf will s}NJuk ; Olid hear, O earth, 
tiw words of my mouth. 

S My doctrine shall drop as the 
niin, my speech shall distil as the 
oew, as the small rain upon the 
tenler herb, and aa the showers 


Ml OoiTs M«rcy, 4b«. 

Hpon tlie grass: 
3 Be ' 

I BeciiuM I will publish the 
me of the Lord: ascribe ye 
greatneM unto our God. 

4 fie is the Rock, his work it 
perfect: for all his ways are judg- 
ment: a God of truth ami without 
iniquity, just and right is he. 

5 71i«y havp corrupted them- 

evesi their spot is not the spot of 
childrea: tknf are a perverse 
and crooked generation. 

Q Do ye thus requite the Lr>RD, 
O foolish people and unwiae ? is 
■ot lie thy father that hath bougiit 
thee t hnth he not made tiiee, and 
•itabliflipd tliee 1 

7 II Remember the days of old. 
•omridor tlio years of many gene- 
rations : ask thy fatlier, and he will 
•Imw thee; thy elders, and they 

*'8 WhenThe Most High divWed 
to the nations tlieir imieriiunce. 
when he separated the sons of 
Adam, he sol the bounds of tlie 

9 For the Lord*s fwrtion is hk 
people; Jacob w the lot of his in- 

10 He found him in a desert land, 
and in the waste howling wilder- 
nuss ; he led liim about, he iniitruc^ 
ed him, he kept him as tlie apple of 
his eye. 

11 As an eagle stirreth up her 
nest, fluttereth over her young, 
spreadeth abroad her wings, ta* 
keth them, bcareth them on hag 

IS $0 the Lord alone did lead 
him, and there was no strange god 
with him. 

13 He made him ride on tha 
hi^ places of the earth, that Im 
might eat the increase of the fields; 
and he made him to suck honey 
out of the rock, and oil ont of tha 
flinty rock ; 

14 Butter of kine, and milk of 
sheep, with fat of lambs, and rama 
of the breed of Bashan, and goats, 
with the fat of kidneys of wheat; 
and thou didst drink the pura 
blood of the grape. 

15 V But Jeshuran waxed fkt, and 
kicked : thou art waxen fat, thou 
art grown thick, thou art covered 
witA fatness ; then he forsook God 
whick made him, and lightly ea> 
teemed the Rock of his salvation. 

16 They provoked him to jea* 
lousy with strange gods, with abo- 
minations provoked they him to 

_. They sacrificed unto devila, 
not to God; to gods whom they 
knew not, to now gods that came 
newly up, whom your fothen 
feared not. 

18 Of the Rock that begat thea 
thou art iminindful, and hast for- 
gotten God that formed thee. 

19 And when the Lord saw it, 
he abhorred them, because of tha 
provoking of his sons, ana of hit 

90 And he taid. I win hide my 
face from them. I will see what 
their eml shall he: for they area 
very froward generation, diUdraa 
in whom is no faith. 

31 Thi'V have moved me tn jea- 
lousy with thai which is not God ; 
they have provoked me to angm 
with their vanities: and f win 
move them to jealousy with thos$ 
which are not a pcoph; ; I wiH pro- 
voke them to anger witli a foolish 

23 For a fire is kindled in mina 
anger, and shall lium unto tha 
lowest hell, and shall consume tha 
earth with her incrtsuse, and ael 
on fire the fbnndatioaa of tlia . 

TkB §omg of Mo$ea. DEUTERONOMY. BUptv^Hmw^ 



wiQ htitip mlfdij&nt upon 

them; I will 4M«fld aiba arrowi 

Tif ir f AdU i« burnt w i lli hun 

mU nful WLEh lajtier flHstruriiun ; 1 
MifiW alHf iun^l thti lecL^ bl' bt'o^U 
upon Uium, wtUi Uie puisciD vf Ei^r 
peots urthu ^^bL, 

its Tlie Bwurd wiiliQuti otid 

the yaujig tiiiin Eind tlitj vkffin* Uie 

Euckluiif o/fD with Lhe monurgraT 

^ [iCLLrl, 1 would BCBtiAr ih«tin 
in [43 ELunicinf J won hi mnko the rp- 
membruncii of Uusm Id ccjue from 
■unung jut^n; 

27 W^Hii U tiPt that f fenreii the 
iM-iitJi uf ihe enooif, leal tiioiif ad- 
rE^marit!* ihuuld Lnhavo dtcjn- 
va|vl^9 itrang&Lr. and Icsl Ihej? 
lliuuki aav, DurhDJid u high, kul] 
tjie Lord haih oiJt duae lUl 

Sis Forlhe^ are a nation Void of 
eouniA^L, niNthrr i> ej^f ojt^ ua 
d^nstrniJinff in xham. 

W O thit ihej? were wisn^ fA«( 
UiCf undmiatuEid Uiki, £^a£ ihcy 
Di^iiutd i!i»iij(iflcr their Intu-r nnd | 

30 [fnwjthiiuld one chiiEtLNi Lhou- 
R&rHit and iwo put Usn ihrjunainH tu 
flight, os<u|)t tlh'ir Rock had snEd 
tiiurq» ^nd djo Lactp hdul 4iiut 
ilium iiH ' , 

31 Fur their ro-cK it not aj onr 
Eochn evpji our i;mumii!A tiiotrt- 
idl >ren Afinf judf eii ^ 

^ Pdf tJii>if vmkj It of (he ^itio 
orSkMlnm. dnd uf Ulq fields raf Gio- 
morfah: th^ir |frnp<H ffr«^ grap^ uf 
pij] their eJuHeTS ar* bitibf : 

'SA Their wind ii the pa'uroif of 
dfiwu9», dad th« qnicl vuoom of 


M fd n^d thifl kul up In dture 
v^ilJi me. find sciatfyJ ap .itAani iisv' 

35 To nit] htUmgeik^ Tengeflnc?^ 
ami rocumpsniM; ^ tltelT f'jic^i ihull 
affLlFi in dof time; fVir titudr^jr of 
their calcintUf j> nt httlidi itnd tbr 
thm^ ihat tiioU conitj upini Lhom 

38 For tho LoRO nHaVI judgo his 
PAcipk% audi repent hims^^lf fur hin 
•UfVanta t ^'rhc^n ho Keih Uiat lArir 
powcir ii {(oniT^ and fAfre it luine 
•hut up« >H l^fl- 

It? And ht, j^hall iii3^, Whi)iJB an, 
th«ir eadni, thar rock In whum 
Ibey iriiii^nu 

_J Which <Jid ent the fat uf ihoif 
•&Ctific4.'i, ait^ drank lite wine fif 
tiietr drink-ctlToflnffaT let them 
tifltf iif» and bfjlp Foit» ofiJ be yi^ur 

he. vmI iierf if no jjod with m« s 1 
kill, and I make eJive^ 1 wuyfid, 
iind 1 hca] : rtcilhihr u fA«rv an^ 
that can tteiivGr uutoE niy htind. 

<(J fat i \it\ up my hand to hem- 
veaT nf'd Bay, I ti^e fiir ever. 

41 if E whiten V^hTPOrilOEH word, 
D-ad iniTie h&ndttiiK& Jbotd on juds- 
mt^iM; f Wilt tcLbcJtJf «uiLKt.-ance tci 
iikiiiie en^aiiuB, aftd will rfiward, 
tiu>En that hnth me. 

^i [will mn^e m me a; rowv dnm^ 
vvitJi blorHl, and mf tword vhikll de^ 
vouf flL-6h| sud (Asi wifh tlin 
htood cf the skin and of the cap- 
tives from lh# hu^intiitif nf ro- 
vuneei uikjh t^tw enemy, 

I'l R^iir^. O yc nnijoni, ki£4 
hii pci*i>le: fiLJt ha will gvpiue tba 
Lhiud yf hia lidrvanis. and will rea- 
diT veiia^ance t«j hii advemarVcii, 
nod will twa inurciiful unta hw land, 
atitf Kn hift tw^le. 

44 IT And Muffles cniae ami apakv 
^n tJw ^vordfl of tji» Auni in ihi 
ean of the pct^pk, he imd tloBhu 
The son or Hun. 

45 And Moifss mode an ead of 
fpeukLFijf ait tiie^Q wordi t» tU 

40 And he anid unto tliem. Set 
your hE!u.rlJi Unlfi aJl the wordi 
which i iPfltify among you thi» da a 
which ye ihallc^^mitinnd yebrchU' 
drpfi to oh^orvu to do, all the woindi 
*f thi» liiw. 

47 Fur it i>tiot a vainihtns Tm 
yt>Hi hnrnuwj U i$ itviiT Mv.\ and 
throufh thin t>iiTtB ye Ahall prt^luaff 
Vdur ditVA in the in nil uhuhef y« 
^u Over Jurdarr En t!i]!«ECB9* it. 

4B And ih«? Loan npulte itnm 
Alkttcrttlmt aelF-f^Eiieda?. sayinir, 

4!> Or':t thc(] tip itiii> iliisi rmnin- 
ttlth Abarim, vnl^ miumt Nchbo, 
which if in lhi(j Innd of Mnnl/r tJial 
If over DEftiuft Jdrieho; anil be- 
hold tiio Eaa<l of CdJiuati which ] 
%\ve unto tlifl childji^a of |arui<| rui 
a fiirfij|4fn jtjjfi : 

Hi MiA di€i in the mount whither 
thou em^\ np^ and be ^ntbereJ 
unto liiy f^oi^Ih ; aa A iiron thy bri*- 
ttiLTdJart jn mnim) JTi>r^ And waa 
^athr^rc^d unEu \{im people: 

51 Dei^au«n ye rrdJtpqBBod againft 
me nmoni^ tbe chililren of T&rucl at 
rht^ wati^rsof McribLih'KRdiMh^ in 
the wildcmtjia of /.iiii l^^^'n^l■& 
yc BiLnrliELi^d mc not in tho inid^t of 
^1t^ t:biUiren uf Israel. 

53 Yet thou ichalt Pce tiie land 
boffiru tht-r-t but tJiuu «ball not (d 
ihiihfr unto tlie hind which I £ivi 
the childr».*n nl'lpmf^)- 

l^TIAP. XKXm, 
J Mag^^ ftles^pth tAe Triba. 

4 Nr> thii tt th? Ukaiins wharw- 
I J\. with Md*h tbn man of Gw) 


before hi !f [leatli. 

t And he BtiJ, The Loud enme 
from Sinai, and rnso up,frotri Mir 
OHIO tihfljn; liLwhinrd furtli fnitii 
imaunt Paran, and! he ca.m*? wUh 
ttji thousniiild of sidntB : trtjcn hii 
[ieht h&nJ «{iuf a flwry lnvf ft»r 

3 YftRt h*^ loveil iho pcoplfl ; all 
^- --^ AT€ in Ihy h*)ind : and 

C7HAP. X^^TTl- twOoe tribes. 

or IjnLel, JFi.And for the ^r^cloDithin^ 

dier ax down fti thp feel i nwrv 
OIH tholi rtjcoivD of Uiiy words^ 

4 Moici. coipnjiLDded up a Inw ; 
fe«fi Uiu intienionM of tlje con- 
grei^atipn of Jacob. , 

5 Aad he vrasi tinff in Jeshuruii* 
wliwi ih9 head* of iha people sad 
llMtribet arUrnfil w^re faihered 
tofotlierr _ , ., . ,. 

fl ^1 Lti Eouh&o liTu.and tioi die j 
Uid Jet rtot hii men by faw. . 

7 TT Add ihii M lA* 6tc*jiiTiir of 
JudEihr atici h<.» sLiid, Hyar, LoftUr 
Hie vuicn of Jiidah« iukI bring hnn 
unm hw people; let hia handi be 
■uiHoient H^r hini, and betbou Bit 
he3 i»l(r Aim from hi9 niifi mJn. 

S -»[ And of Levi lie said, /wriihr 
Thumoum and Uiy Urim be with 
thy hnly one, whom thoa diilst 
prove ^t MoAEaJi, swi Toith whom 
thoa didflft itrivc nt tha ivatun^of 
Meribati ; 

Who laid unto hii father (ind 
Id his mother, t have natnifC'n hixa, 
mejLhor did m acknowlodee hi^ 
breihn^n, nor knew hia ovvei diil- 
drpnr for th?y have obaervsyJ ihy 
won!, and kept ihy covflnartt^ 

10 Thuy fctiall teafh Jacob thy 
iadgmenUF, Jind Jarati thjf law? 
thdjr *hail put irtflewe bi-fon; ihpo, 
and «rhalQ. burnt MCtiflcfl upon 
thine ajtar, 

11 B)G*a, Loan', hii stibHtntic^, 
and aM tjpi tfiq work of bin hntida : 
lonite tlirc>as;h tho loins of them 
thai rigQ ntinimi him, ajid cf thain 
Urat haU3 him, ihat Lhej rise nut 

li ^ JSni of RcDJamin ha *aid. 
The huluvud nf tiiu Lokp ihfill 
dw*[l in jmfety b^ h\mi a^d ifu 
LOttD ffbiiU (luver hiii rtii ihud.if 
ioni, ufi'3 bu fthall dwell between 
hu ahould^ra. 

13: if And of Joseph hff Bind* 
Bies^ of the Lord *fi bin Jflnd^ 
for the urfieioiit thingi of hoavcji^ 
fcjf th^ I tew,, and Tor the deep that 
couchnih beneatlit 

14 And for th*j precmua froila 
brcn^At /(iriA by the iiiii,finrl tot 
theprecioiii tlTing* put forth W tho 

15 Atidfm the^^hiisftbins^oflho 
■na»«nt mouoiaini-iWid fur iho pjro- 
aioMiM thin(^ ofute laiAiRi hilu. 

_ ._. gret . _ 

of the eanh jind nilnejn iheruuf 
arid firir the gond wdl "f id en that 
dweEtinthoEuHh; id lAfi blaiittff 
oomo upufi thQ hoad of Joiieph|, 
iiml uptin the top nf di* head f>r 
tijni t>i3i WLia leparatEKl fr^ni h}» 
brethteriH , , „ 

17 Hia fflorv is like iho firiUing 
pf hia bullockT and hia htirna la-i 
like ihti h«rtu of unicorns^ vi^ith 
thfetti li# ah all nwah iha poaptc lo- 
gether to the enria of ih^ yarth: 
aad thay ar? tli4! t«n dieasandj of 
Ephnaim, fliid they an the tliou 
sanda of MiLnaaM>h. 

Ifl IT And of Zebulan he laid. 
Rejoice f 5?:(!balunr in Xhy guing aut ; 
and Ijaae^har. in ihy lenii, 

ID Thtiy ibub e^l tiic r>eoplfl 
unto tht! mounTnin J Hsar*: they eimll 
orttr sat^rificM nf rvghitKiUMn<jai ; 
fiiT liie? phall itictt *f the nhuti- 
d niuit' or tlic aeasr and ii/ treaiurei 
hid in the aAm!. , , „, 

iM IT Anrl of GBiJ he aaid, ^1^ 
ed ^0 ha diat enlar^tb Gad: he 
dwellelb as a iion» and t*sareUi 
thu arm wiUi Ihe dfown of the 

21 And he provided the firfli pan 
foT hirjMclf. because duKe. in a por- 
liH>n of dift biwffjveT, ledJ Af Boat- 
ed : end ho catfift wiUi thw httad» of 
thn pL'uplot hn DJEecuiod the justice 
of the LoFLi), and his jud^menti 
wiiK IsrntT. _ 

^i ir And of Dan h<i natd, Dan u 
n llE,«n*« whelps he vbitQ leap from 

^ IT And of Naphtali ho aald. O 
NaphtJdJ, aaljgfied with favour^ 
and full ^ith tho blewnf of the 
LfiRD^ poKcn thou the woirt and 
ihc south' ^ _ 

^l IT And ot Aali^r he nald, Lft 
Avhsr be b\imMid with cliildrcnii lat 
him be Qrceyptiiible lo ^ his b»^ 
thnen, and let him dip his fool in 
oiL __^ ,, . . 

25 Thf ah^t sKftli he tron and 
braj?a \ and aa tliy daj's, bo shtsU 
thy Btronerh bt^ 

5n ir There is none iTk t imto tho 
Cfod of Jexhorun^ mhts rideih uixin 
ih-^ heaven \n t^iy h«jlp, aod in \\h 
exr«?TiMney on the =ky, 

!E? The etc rn 111 Goit i.j lAi/ reuiffiu, 
Ititd underneath nr* The nvtMlaitin^t 
arms^ aiid he ahaU thrunl out the 
onumr Fmrri before Lhce ^ und ihiill 
my DflHlniJf theiu^ 

^ Israel then *bjdj dwell m «aft^ 
ty alone; the fuunUtlri of Jiifiob 
Mhallbeuptin a land of corn una 
wine, cil#o hit bi^avem ahail drop 
d^wndew. ^ , t 

9St HELppj art thou, O lar^Bl; 
who V Tike aato thee, O peiiple 

The death ef JUosm JOSHUA, 

saved by the Loai>, the shield of 
tliy help, and who t» the sword of 
thy excelleDcy ! and thiiK; enemiea 

diy help, and who t» the sword of 
thy excelleDcy ! and thin*; enemiea 
■liall be (bund liars unto thee \ ami 

thou shsJt tread upon their high 

Motes vieieeth the Promised Land. 

AND Moses went up from the 
plains ofMoab, unto the moun- 
tain ofNeho, to tlie top of Pisgah. 
that is over against Jericho : and 
the Lord shewed him all the land 
of Gilead, unto Dai>, 

3 And all Naphtali. and the land 
of Ephraim, and Manasseh, and 
all the land of Judah, unto the ut- 
most sea, 

3 And the south, and the plain of 
the valley of Jericho, the city of 
palm-trees, luito Zoar. 

4 And the Lord said unto him, 
This M the land which I sware 
unto Abraham, unU» Isaac, and 
onto Jacob, saying, I will cive it 
unto thy seed : 1 have caused thee 
to see tt with thine eyes, but thou 
■halt not ffo over thither. 

5 IT So Moses the servant of the . . „ ^.. _,.„ ...^ „, 

U>RD died there in the land of ana m \t]l i^if; ^kul lurror whieb 
Hoab, according totho word of the Murh^i aJidwimII in U^o sight of all 

Joshua tueuedsth Atm. 

6 And he buried him in a val- 
ley in the land of Moab,over agafaost 
Beth-peor : but no man knoweth ut 
his sepulchre unto this day. 

7 II And Moses toas an hundred 

anrt f.vrr'r r s nld when be 

dii.'l, . If I::' rL^>c v^'kjj wtsi Lum« uuf lus 
naiiirjjJ \uTt:t!- itbatc<1- 

^ "• i\n>i iJie« child run of Israel 
wi.r«^ for filuiHsi in iJie plains of 
Moiih \hinjf iltn I Hc» Ihe davsol 
w<'^iiii]£ ti-rni mouruiiig forMoeea 

11' T Ani:! Jci«haa ihc iion of Nun 
wss.-; fiijJI tjf liie qjjril of wisdom; 
foT Muset hail luiil h'ti* hands upon 
hill J tidd Thb chikln^i of Israel 
heLLrkt'rttfiJ uiitiO hjpii, mid did as the 
Li>\in *:<,iimi\-,\.ndin\ Moaes. 

V,i II Aii*l Userp aruws not a pro- 

8n<A simre in Urui'l like unto 
lor^t^. whom tJi« Loav knew face 

to I A'Ph 

II [Jh all the sifiu and the won- 
derri v-hich die l^iiKLisent him to 
do Ej] Um \tiit\i uf Egym. Lo Pharaoh. 
aU'I L<» alj Jiifl lejviiim, and to all 
hitj 1 1 mil ; 

V2 And in nil that mighty hand. 

IT The Book of JOSHUA. 


Joshua succeedeth Moses. 

NOW after Uie death of Mosea, 
the servant of the Lord, it 
came to puss, that the Lord spake 
anu» Joshua the son of Nim, Mo- 
ses* minister, saying, 

8 Moses my servant is dead; 
now therefore arise, go over this 
Jordan, thou and all th'is people, 
tuto the land which I do give 
to them, even to the children of 

3 Every place that the sole, of 
your foot shall tread upon, that 
have ( given unto you, as I said 
unto Moses. . , . 

4 From the wilderness and. this 
Lebanon even unto the great nver. 
the river Euphrates, all the land of 
the Hittites, and unto the groat sea 
toward the going down of the sun, 
shall be your coast. 

5 There shall not any man be 
able to stand before thee all the 
days of thy life : as I was with 
Moses, so I will be with thee: 
I will not foil thee, nor forsake 

6 Be strong and of a good cou- 

lond wiuch I sware unto their fh- 
thers to give them. 

7 Only be thou strong and very 
courageous, that thou mayest obh 
serve to do according to all the 
law which Moses my servant com- 
manded thee : turn not from it te 
the right hand or to the left, that 
thou mayest proq;»erwhithersoevei 



. - .lis book of the law shall not 
depart out of thy mouth ; but 
thou shalt meditate therein day 
and night, that thou mayest c»t^- 
serve to do according to all that 
is written therein: for then thott 
shalt make thy way prosperoui 
and then thou shalt have ~ 

9 Have not I conunanded thee 1 
Be strong and of a good courage | 
be not afraid, neither be thou dis- 
mayed: for the Lord thy God 
is with thee whithersoever thou 

10 IT Then Joshua conomaaded 
the officers of the people, saying, 

11 Pass through the host and 
command the people, sayings Pre- 

lare you victuals ; for witlun three 


ntge : for' unto this people shalt ! days ye shall pass over this Jordi 
thou divide for an inheritance the ! to go in to possess the land wh 

Rahabreul»ethdUapu$. CHAP. II. Her eovaumt with tkm. 

the Lord your God giv«th jou to 

IS ir And to the Reabenite^ and 
to the GaditM, and to half the 
tribe of Manaueh, q>ake Joshua, 

13 Rnnember the word which 
Moses the senrant of the Lord 
eommanded you, saying. The 
Lord your God hath given you 
rest, and hath given you *" 

14 Your wives, your little ones, 
and your cattle shall remain in 
the lauid which Moses gave you on 
tliM side Jordan ; but ye shall pass 
before your brethren armed, all 
the mighty men of valour, and help 

15 Untfl the Lord have given 
your brethren rest, take hath given 
you, and they alM> have poe- 
•essed the land which the Lord 
your God giveth them : then ye 
•hall return unto the land of your 
Possession, and eivoy it, which 
Moses the Lord's servant aave 
f ou on this side Jordan toward the 

5 And It came tp,paas •bout^tht 
taau of shutting of the gate, when 
It was dark, that the men went out: 
whither the men went, I wot not: 
pursue alier them quickly ; for ye 
sliail overtake them. 

6 But she had brought them up 
to the roof of the house, and hid 
them with the stalks of flax, which 
sho^had laid in order upon the 

7 And the men pursued afler 
them the way to Jordan unto the 
fords : and as soon as they which 
pursued after them were gone out, 
they shut the gate. 

8 IT And before they were laid 
down, she came up unto them upon 
the roof; 

9 And she said unto the men, I 
know that the Lord hath given 
you the land, and that your terror 
IS fallen upon us. and that all the 
mhabitants of the land faint b» 
cause of you. 

10 For we have heard how Aa 
Lord dried up the water of the Red 
sea for you, when ye came out of 

m-rising. , Egypt; and what ye did unto 

16 IT And they answered Joshua the two kinn of the Amoritet 

•aying, All that thou commandesti that were on the other side Jordan, 

OS, we will do, and whithersoever Sihun and Og, whom ye utterqr 

ttwu sendest us, we will go. . 

17 According as we hearkened 
onto Moses in aU things, so will 

K hearken unto thee : only the 
RD thy God be with thee, as he 
was with Moses. 

18 Whosoever ke »« that doth 
rabel against thy commandment, 
and wOl not hearken unto thy 
words m all that thou commandest 
him, he ihall be put to death : 
only be strong and of a good cou- 

***** CHAP. n. 

ARahdb receiveth the Spies, 
Hn) Joshua the son of Nun 
sent oot of Shittim two men 
to spy secretly, saying. Go. view 
the isind, even Jencho. And they 
went, and came into an hariot*s 
house, named Bahab, and lodged 

8 And it was told the Unc of 
Jericho, saying. Behold, there 
came men in hither to-nifht of the 
children of Israel, to search out the 

3 And the king of Jericho sent 
onio Uahab, saying, Bring forth 
the men that are come to thee, 
which are entered into thine house : 
for they be come to search out all 
the country. 

4 And the woman took the two 
men, and hid them, and said thus, 
There came men unto me, but t 
wist not whence they »sr» : 


11 And as soon as we had heard 
these things^ our hearts did melt, 
neither did there remain any more 
courage in any man, becaune oi 
you : for the Loan your God, he 
ts God in heaven above, and in 
earth beneath. 

Vi Now therefore, I pray you. 
Bwr-r rr*o -ne by tho Lord, since 
I Jjiivi; iJuL-ivvJ fon kiJi.Tju-i.^ that 
ye yv\\\ uhojihcw kindnLdh unto my 
mlh«r^B hoiive, onJ gvv^ nio a true 

\2 And ihftt j-e will itive aliw 

my r:iili4^rp anct my fncttlLRi-, nnd my 
brfckjrtin, and my tiitprs, tmd all 
thni ihrr 1invL% and deliver liorlivoi 

frcni, ikuLlu 

\A And ih*r men atuwfrnd her. 
Our ti/u fur yiiura, if re utter not 
thi!) cMir Uitaitit.'«iiN Atid \i f^h^all bo, 
wbi?n the Lonb hatb Bvy*-n us the 
lanj, thm ^e wiU doaT ki mi I brand 
truly wiih ihfie, 
.15 7'h4:» srhu let them riiisvo by a 
core! tJiir"Lij;h the iviiiffuw ; for nor 

hoil-K- 7^,7^ lUKtn ^W': tHj.T,^TJ-Wall, 

an(! • . -I-.'. ■ :■ ■■ ■■■ '■■■ .■■ i 

V' , Get 

you to UK muuriLaiit, it»i the pur* 
suers meet you ; and hide yourselvca 
there tliree days, until the mirsuon 
be returned : and afterward may ye 
go your way. 

17 And the men said unto her, 
We tirttt *« blamalese of thia thine 


oath w]iich thou ha«t made ni 

18 Behold, vhen we come into 
the land, thou sbalt bind this line 
of scarlet thread in the window 
which thou didst let us down by : 
and thou shalt bring thy father, and 
thy mother, and thy brethren, and 
all thy father's household home 
unto thee. 

19 And it shall be, thai whoM>- 
ever shall go out of the doors of 
thy house mto the street, his blood 
BhaU be upon his head, and we 
will be guiltless : and whosoever 
shall be with thee in the house, his 
bUiod shall be on ont head, itanv 
hand be upon him. 

20 And if thou utter thii our 
business, then we will be quit of 
thine oath which tbou hast made us 
to swear. 

21 And she said, According unto 
rour words, so be it And she sent 
them away, and they departed : 
ud she bound the scarlet line in 
the wmdow. 

S3 And they went, and came un- 
to the mountam, and abode there 
three days, imtil the pursuers were 
retnmed : and the pursuers sought 
Aem throughout all the way, but 
found them not. 

23 IT So the two men returned, 
and descended from the mountain, 
and passed over, and came to Jo- 
shua the son of Nim, and told him 
all things that befel them : 

fU And they said unto Jo&hoa, 
Truly the Lord hath delivered into 

E hands all the land ; for even all 
inhabitants of the country do 
t because of us. 

CHAP. m. 

Joshua eometh to Jordan. 

A ND Jo«hua rose eariy in the 
£m. mominf , and they removed 
noni S^attml. and came to Jordan, 
be and all the children of Israel, 
and lodged there before they passed 

. 2 And it eamo to pass after three 
days, that the officers went through 

I And they commanded the peo- 
ple, saying. When ve sec the ark 
of the covenant of the Lord your 
God, and tlie priests the Levites 
bearmg it, tlien ye shall remove 
ironiyour place, and go after it. 

4 Yet there shall be a space be- 
tween you and it, about two thou- 
sand cubits by measure : come not 
Dear unto it, that ye may know 
the wajr by which ye 
pr ye have not passe 

5 And Joshua said unto the peo- 
ple. Sanctify youraelves: for to- 


JQBHUA, the passage over .Afrddxn, 

morrow tlie Lord will du wonders 
amr»TT? ymi. 


6 Ajkl Jf>!Hhij;i i\-iike unto the 
priivtn, ftBiycriBt 'l'iiit<' up the ark of 
the ':.jvcini:uii, unil v'^-'^ over before 
the i\iiati\r. Atiii Uj£y took up the 
ark Kii u.«, cuvuuuiit, and went be- 
fore the people. 

7 II And tlie IjORD said unto 
JoshusL This day will I begin to 
magnify thee in the sight of all 
Israel, that they may know that 
as I was with Moses, so I will be 
with thee. 

8 And thou shalt command the 
priests that bear the ark of the 
covenant, saying. When ye aio 
come to the brinR of tlie water 
of Jordan, ye shall stand still m 

9 IT And Joshua said imto tfie 
children of Israel, Come hither, 
and hear the words of the Lord 
your God. „ 

10 And Joshua said^ Hereby ye 
shall know that the hving God is 
among you, and that he will with- 
out fail drive out from before yoo 
the Canaanites, and the Hittites, 
and the Hivites, and the Perizzites, 
and the Girgashhes, and the Amo- 
rites, and the Jebusites. 

11 Behold, the ark of the cove- 
nant of the Lord of all the earth 
passeth over before you into Jor 

12 Now therefore take you twelve 
men out of the tribes of Israel, out 
of every tribe a man. 

13 And it shall come to pass, as 
soon as the soles of the feet of the 
priests that bear the ark of the 
Lord, the Lord of all the earth,, 
shall rest in the waters of Jordan, 
thiU the waters of Jordan shall be 
cut off from the waters that come 
down from above ; and they shall 
stand upon an heap. 

14 IT And it came to pass, when 
the pe<4)le removed from thmr 
tents to pass over Jordan, and the 
priests bearing the ark of the cove* 
nant before the people ; 

15 And as they that bare the ark 
were come unto Jordan, and the 
feet of the priests that bare the ark 
were dipped In the brim of the wa- 
ter, (for Jordan overfloweth till his 
banks all the time of harvest,) 

16 That the waters which came 
down from above stood and rose 
up upon an heap very far from the 
city Adam, that is beside Zaretan : 
and those that came down toward 
the sea of the plain, even the sah 
sea, failed, ana were cut off: and 
the people passed over right ngainsit 

17 And the priests »hat bare rhv 

JsraditeB* pauage over Jordan. CHAP. V. StoneB »et up in Oilgal. 
JiMkua : and the people hasted and 
Missed over* 
11 And it came to pass, when aD 

ark of Uio covenaul of the LfifiD 
■l{H>d nfni on dn Ground in the 
midtAuf JuriJnn, bjuF uJj iba Unnd- 
ites pn««!rl ovor dd drj* Kruinid. 
until dl Lhta rHfoi>tc ware paiibW 
dELunower Jl1^■i[lll' 
Tti^elnt Stfmct faf a Memorifd. 
AND it cHine Mi pn^u, wliun nil 
Lha pcoyila woru clt'iin pjiiued 
over Jiifdaii^ Uiuitiie Jj^tulu titxiiJie 
UDlD JuiiJiiuii, ear in;, 

2 Tiiku yuu iwfjivo men oiit of 
tlrS penpEe, oui of cvciy tjit»a a 

3 A oil commetaiJ re them, sny- 
lufi T«ikfl yiiu ku'iiL'c out uf the 
mitidl of JEifiliin, an I uf Uie pliice 
wh4<r(3 th4) prioHtH^ fesl BliLHtd llrin, 
twelvs sluTirs, btwS yfl pbaSl ttury 
them ovpr wiih y<>M, hikI kave 
thcim in die lodcm^-pliiaQ whyfe 
ro shni/ I4hI^ iJiJ9 tiitfht. 

4 Thon JoihuH call&d the twelve 
iD«nt iv^ioia lie Jjuil DrepKreiJ of 
the children of l^nuiJ^ out of flvoty 
tribe n rmn t 

5 And Jud^lpua a^iid unto thr'm, 
Prm uvor l*t'flsrf? the aris cf the 
XjOiiD fouf ti^y into tiie midit of 
Jo Han. and tskd you up uv^^r 

or you a Ptijne itpoo his 

ftbouljlcrp Eicckurding unie tlse niira- 

b^ pf the tribe* uf Uio cliiklren of 

fi That this may he a ii^ umonc 
youT t^fi' whfin /four ohiidr^o odk 
their fiitAers in LiiJia Id conuft "njr- 
mg, What nMffrt y<j hy thes« 
itoncs 1 

7 Tiitn yo ihall bTib^tot them, 
That tlie watt^m 6f JurJuji were 
cut off b^fctn! tJiQ art of thiiiCCiVO- 
iiiJil of the IjfUvJj ^ whun ii pnHJMjd 
Over Jordjin, the ^'uiJHri uf Jordan 
ivere rut liff: and thnie itiines 
RhnEI bo far a. m^wouai ujitv the 
(tliiklren c»f [irac'l forev^T- 

8 And The chiUlri^n of farael did 
ID DP JfHh jh CDrnmnndi^dii lilid ri <-»k 
up twelves alont^ i>u t of Ihtr m : st 
111 Ji>rdAn, as ih? Lriao al^.l ie 
iuit4i JujihuaL^accordinff t(v riie nuio- 
Eter c^fthn tnllH^ pf th^^ tiftitdrci] of 
fsrriQl. And rarrie^l th(!Pi ov(]r ^viih 
them Uftio I ha place whi^ru ihny 
lodged, a.n<i Inid ihani do^a tlicre. 

9 And JcAhun Birn dp t'n'i.'Jye 
•Htoit^^ in thu mishit of Jordan, in 
the plure whtiru tlm fui^t of Lhe 
ptiestd which bare thG artt of ^he 
ftciv{!fiaiit itoud: imd they ore there 
luitU' Uiwday, 

10 IT For th^ prif^Jti whkh hnre 
tjie itiiod in the rnidat at^ J*\t- 
don, linlil ^vury thin^ wqji frnishisd 
Uiat the Imlijiu 4-ommuEidiid Joehua 
i4j cp(yak unto the penple^ ibccdtd* 
itif w mil thst Meifli ^^iitiTiJtinded 

the people were clean passed overt 
that the ark of the Lord passed 
over, and the priests in the presenoe 
of the people. 

12 And the children of Reuben, 
and the children of Gad, and half 
the tribe of Manasseh, passed over 
armed before tiie children of IsraeU 
as Moses spake unto them : 

13 About forty thousand pre* 
pared for war, passed over bof9ie 
the Lord unto battle, to the plains 
of Jericho. 

14 ir On that day the Lord mac- 
nified Joshua in the si^lit of all 
Israel, and they feared hun as they 
feared Moses, all the days of hn 

15 And the Lord spake unto 
Joshua, sayinK, 

16 Command the priests that bear 
the ark of the testimony, that theiF 
cor"" "" out of JnH»m. 

I, ^''- -: ' ■ :' ' ■ I- ' ; '."■jmrniuiiied 
the [jticr,(!i, iiuyiEig, Uijnie ye Ui^out 
of Jordan. 

IS And it came to paiir whott 
the pnEsi* ihai Lar« ttio ark uf the 
covennnt yfthe Lord were Coiqb 
up 4>iit at the mJdit of Jordan, and 
the jiyltm of tliD pstis&lM' feel were 
lifted up i]nto the dry land, that 
tha waters of Jordnn fetum&d uato 
thei^ pbco, aad CmwtiJi yyor ell his 
banks, aa ikf.if dui before, 

]£> If And iiiM p\yQji\o came up atit 
of JordHti <in tmi uj^itth day or the 
first niontib, and encampm!, In 
GilffD), in uie eut border of Je- 

2U IT And those twelve ^tttnea 
whicJi tho]f Inok out of Jordan, did 
Joshun pilch in Gil^nL 

21 And he ^uke untn the chil- 
dren ef IsrsfilT layinGT, Wh^ii youj 
chljdnjn j.|][l|] li^k ihtyr f^ih€t§ m 

tin- i'---- ^Lnylnjt, What?i{«an 

th( .-- : 

k. J. uuu y c diall let vour chOdran 
know, saying, Israel came over 
this Jordan on dry land. 

S3 For the Lord your God dried 
up the waters of Jordan rrom before 
you, until ye were passed over, at 
the Lord your God did to the Sed 
sea, which he dried up from before 
us, until we were gone over : 

24 That all the people of the earth 
might know the nana of the Lord* 
that it is mighty : that je might 
fear the Lord /our God tor ever. 

Joshua reneweth dreumeision. 

AND it came to pass, when all 
the kings of the j' 
which were on the i 


JiMtaa r0tt0weth drameintn. JOSHUA, Am angel appeartth U him. 
the morrow after they had eaten of 

_ _ the old com of the hind : neither 

heard that the IiORD had dried up had the children of Israel manna 
tiie waters of Jordan from before anymore; but they did eat of the 
fruit of the land of Canaan that 

wQitward, and aO the kings of the 
Canaanitea which were by the sea, 
ird that the Lord had dried up 

i waters of Jordan from before 

the children of Israel, until we were 
fyaasedover, that their heart melt- 
ed ; neither was there spirit in them 
any more, because of the children 
of Israel. 
S M At that time the Lord said 

Kto Joshua, Make thee sharp 
Ives, and circumcise again the 
children of Israel the second time. 

3 And Joshua made him sharp 
knives, and circumcised the chil- 
dren of Israel at the hill of the 

4 And this U the cause why 
Joshua did circumcise: All the 
people that came out of Egypt, 
that were males, even all the men 
of war died in the wilderness by 
the way, after they came out of 

, Jf ow all the people that came 
out were circumcised; but all the 
people that were bom in the wil- 
derness by the way as they came 
forth out of Egypt, them they had 
not circumcised. 

6 For the children of Israel 
walked forty years in the wilder- 
ness, till all the people that were 
men of war which came out of 
Egypt were consumed, because 
they obeyed not the voice of the 
Lord: unto whom the Lord 
■ware that he would not shew 
them the land which the Lord 
■ware unto their fathers that be 
would give us, a land that floweth 
with milk and honey. 

7 And their children, whom he 
raised ui> in their stead, them 
Joshua circumcised : for they were 
oncireumcised, because they had 
not circumnifiod them by the way. 

8 And it came to pass, when 
they had done circumcising all the 
people, that they abode In their 
places in the camp, till they were 

9 And the Lord said unto 
Joshua, This dajr have I rolled 
away the reproach of Egypt from 
off you : Wherefore the name of 
the place is called Gilgal unto this 

10 IT And the children of Israel 
encamped in Gilgal, and kept the 
pasBover on the fourteenth day of 
the month at even, in the plains of 

11 And they did eat of the old 
com of the land on the morrow 
after the passover, unleavened 
eakes and parched earn in the 

19 H And the Banna ceaaed on 


13 IT And it came to pass when 
Joshua was by Jericho, that he 
lifted up his eyes and looked, and 
behold, there stood a man over 
against him with his swont drawn 
in his hand : and Joshua went 
unto him, and said unto him. Art 
thou for us, or for our auver 
series ? 

14 And he said. Nay ; but a$ 
captain of the host of the Lord 
am I now come. And Joshna 
fell on his face to the earth, and 
did worsliip, and said unto him. 
What saiLh my lord unto his ser- 
vant 1 

15 And the captafai of the Lord's 
host said unto Joshua, Loose thy 
shoe from off thy foot, for the 
place whereon thou standeet if 
holy: and Joshua did ao. 

Jerkho besieged and tahen. 

NOW Jericho was straithr shut 
up, because of the children of 
Israel : none went out, and none 
came tn. 

2 And tha LdRD raid unto 
JobiFaiFi, Bv>tf, i hive (riven into 
thictt* hoiut Jericlio, iitkI the Una 
thereof^ tmd Hi? tmifiitj men of 

3 And jr^ihancompnBBtheeitsr, 
all jtri; men of vrurt and go round 
abouHlu^ citf once - tfiui shall thou 
doi^ifV ilays^ 

4 An J evven ftrieitfi Fhall bear 
beA'rE> t>ii? cirk B(!T4^Ti uumpets of 
raiTi-H^ hnmi : jmil the a^-^enth day 
ye slioU compass the city seven 
times, and the priests shall blow 
with 4he trumpets. 

5 And it shall eome to pass, 
that when they make a long bloat 
with the ram^s horn, and when 
ye hear the sound of the trumpet, 
all the people shall shout with a 
great shout: and the wall of the 
city shall fall down flat, and the 
people shall ascend up every man 
straight before bun. 

6 It And Joshua the son of Nun 
called the priests, and said unto 
them. Take up the ark of the co- 
venant, and let seven priests bear 
seven trumpets of rams* boras be- 
fore the ark of the Lord. 

7 And he said unto the peopl^ 
Pass on, and compass the city, and 
let him that is armed pass on be 
fore the ark of the Lord. 

8 If And it came to pass, when 
Joshna had spoken onto the peo- 

Jbrteho huUged CHAP. 

plet tfiol iha eqvon priealB bouiDi 
the Mven irgnjpeU of rams* hyrn* 
jiaraed on buf^re the liORDi^ and 

9 Mven trUEi^EwLt of rams* hyrn* 
paraed on buf^re the liORDi^ and 
Ufiw iviiLh ihu triunpiitB: and tlio 

irk ihF ihfl cuv^nani of the LoRu 

9 ^E And Lhti BTTDcd men went 
before tike pricati* tjuit btow vi\\U 
tbe irijrnjHOLn, 'inu Uie jcffp-vrinl 
eatne ikfLer iEk* ark. fhc w^t/i u^^tiln^ 
on, qrirJ hluu'iiie wift litetrmnijftia. 

10 And iniflniJi hftif commrirvikd 
(}io pui>|j1{>, iiLviei^p Va BtiiUl nt>E 
■hnui, nor itiaRe uny rmiss wiih 
ytMir woicie, neither ahalt anv word 
pruc^fKt ifut at jnut maxiWiy uniil 
ttie^lnr [ bid joil sboul, LbeA ■iiiUJi 

U i^u tli« ark af tha Ldild ecm 
pajM»| iho cit;, colng Orboui i£ 
oncDT and Iher cama InLO thu 
camp, atid;ed In the cainp. 

IS 1^1 And Joithua roMF> oariy in the 
morpjtiff, and iM i^rieisu biok Pii 
tho ark of tlie LoHD. 

1% ^od ervt>n pdests bofirirtg 
«¥¥^n [rumpprtof rJiro»' horru bc- 
roretho nrli of tfie LoJU» went on 
eotit ill u ally, iiEtii blew with tiae 
liuDipoli : an^ the armEd insn 
wcai berure ihom^ but tha rcri.'^ 
ward came aftor Iho ark of the 
Lotto, tJU pn>jfj fojfit on, and 
blowing wiLki thu trumpctB. 

H And iha itcondi d&j ihajT 
compared tho city onrg, and rc- 
tumud iDto th« camp. !S(k thuF did 
«i dQ|s. ^ 

]5 And it CBTnft t43 psii on the 
■Gventh dur, ihrat thf<y rfjfio Dcirlf 
about rh* dfti^ninf of the An-t* ^tid 
conipaswd ihe rity al^r tlie ianie 
OT^nnH^F d?vtn timofl : avXf on thai 
daf the; c^jnipui^ the city acvcin 

J 6 Afid it came io pt$m at tho 
KF^nfh titnciT whcrn the prient^ 
blew with Lhff trurn[jctj^, Joihtit^ 
ukl wjU" t|nJ I'laoi^riJ, Shout; for 
the LolU> hath ^ivra you tha. 

i7 \ Arid tbo city ihall he ac- 
Cuisao, «DBt it, and alt thnc an 
tjiofdn, to th« Lnfip : ouliy ftnhob 
t}|« hnrlDt Dball ]1t4^, ilie and aU 
tliat. arr whh her ia the houEe, bc- 
can^e ihe hid Uie mesioi^tra that 
we ■ont. 

18 And TCi, in any wise keep 
Vtftirjrcfivf from the bt'curaui) tbjnM, 
li»t fo moke i/</urjrc!iiniFi nccursedj 
whiii^ ye lako of tho accur?Di1 
Ihinp, and mak^? the caiDji of tarao] 
« CUrsi-, ELnd trouble iL 

IP But nil the ^kurn and i^oUl, 
and veitpli of brnH Bund iron, are 
cuaiecrui^d uiiii^ tha LoKi>: they 
^uJi eomo jjitf} UiA tfflUQtr t>f thrr 


VIL TluwaU$faUdiOWH, 

90 Sa ths peoplo tbontod when 
the priests blew willi tliu trumptit* i 
and it camu lo ii&.ifl, whtm iho 
p[^pEe henrU tlie tound of thfl 
ururiii)Qi» El lid tiie ptMjpIo ahciuted 
i,v't\h tt £n;aL BluiUtt iiuU- Uj« w-oil 
fell dovvn f[uU m that the people 
wvnl up Into the city, eve^y man 
atriu![ht htifwii hittL. bnd they took 
Lho city, 

^1 And thpy utterly di}sLroyui:l aB 
thut iTfljT ill thfcitjc^ lnjih mun aud 
woman, yuune luid old, and ox, 
and iiFiari'p, and as«, with tlic cd^ 
ortl>e pw-ufd. 

SS But J<ifhiJ[L hod raid unto the 
two men lb at had Hinitd out tba 
nouiitty. Go mtii the harloi'« 
houKt and brine out theoDD tbo 
woman, ami all iLaL abnf hath^ oa 
ye Siwar& unto hct. 

^ Anil t>ic young m^n that *art 
wp\G9 wt^nl in, ond brouifht out 
Ruhnbr anil her fnibcr, aud Jier 
muihiir, and herr bruihnm, rind oU 
than flhe had t and they brought ouv 
all her kjmlrcid, and 4ul^ thun) wiib' 
oui t)ie f-tiuip oflij-acL 

21 And thoy burcil the city with 
fire, and all Ibtit tens tiM^rein: onlf 
I he ulv^r, and the lioEd,' attd the 
VMielj of broM and uf iron, thoj 

put EPICi thf» iTPU&UtJf of tho hOUH 

of the LtiJiiD, 

25 And Joihaa lOTod Knhab tba 
hurlot aliv^t andherltithcr'i house- 
]T(i!d, e.od all that itbti hadi and 
■be dweJkth in Israel even unto 
tliJ!i i!hy^ b^i^Ruae thii hid tho iD&t- 
ten^ujv which Joshua sent to tpf 
eut Juriche. 

fjfl Ti And JcwKua ndjuird tfum 
at that time, saying* Curmwt he lho 
man before tha LrjKli, that rieeth 
lip and build<i?ih Uui ciEy Jr-ricbo r 
ho abill lay the found at^ni thereof 
Jnhi#rir-<t-boTi], and in his yntlTifiest 
MOfi fitiall lie sat op lliL" gatei of |L 

^7 9o Uu] tfORB was with 
JcishU!^ \ Rtid hi* fa-ma was n^isett 
titrciu^liout all the countryn 

CHAP. vn. 

Fsraeltti's smtttnt al «^i. 

BUT the cbildrcu of Israel conir^ 
mitted h Lrecpuiis in tho ac- 
curMtd thiDf : for Achan^ the eon 
of Cnnnii thf^ son of Zabdi, ^»n 
flf Zerah, of the Inbt of Judqhi 
took uf the aceuTHd ihintf ! and 
the anffErr ol'ibe Loan was kitidkd 
iigAinst thf? cInldrciL orljtrnel. 

3 And Joshua e«nc men from 
Jericho to Ai, which ij^ baFido 
Hfth-avi-'n, oa tho vasi sirle of 
Q0th-(i'l. And spake iinto theni» 
'ayini^ Go op and view the c ouih 
try. And tho men went ud OShI 
viovtfld Ai, ^ , 

3 Aftd tSioF nrtujned to Joahna^ 


^dum trvubUtk Itrad : JOSHUA. 

and Mid unto him. Let not all the 
people go up ; but let about two or 
three thousand men go up and 
■mite Ai: and make not all the 
people to labour thither ; for tliey 
are but few. 

4 So there went up thither of 
the people about three thousand 
men: and they fled before the men 
of Ai. 

5 And the men of Ai smote of 
them about thirty and six men : for 
they chased them from before the 
gate even unto Shebarim. and 
fiiiiote them in the going down: 
wherefore the hearts of the people 
melted, and became as water. 

6 ir And Joshua rent his clothes, 
and fell to the earth upon his face 
before the ark of the Lord until 
the even-tide, he and the elders of 
^ael, and put dust upon their 

7 A nil JoeIi us ^q iAt A la:fl ' O Lord 
Oqd, ivtn.'rQfcjre hail tiiou at aif) 
brciugbt thii pi^uptcovdr Jordan, ru 
deljvLT na iitiu tJ>e hixui\ af iJio 
AfnontdBi, to (k-aTro^y ui7 would tq 
GotI WQ tiaJ hiica trunlcnl, and 
dwelt on tliQ iitbtt Bide Jorilan ! 

a O h(3itl what Bhitll I any, 
whea I»rad lurncth tiioir booka bc- 
foTtJ their eneiniea '. 

Fur the CajiaFiniTi's, and ftlluie 
inbiihilantd of ihfl kii^l lUmll hciif 
nf it, and «hall environ ub round, 
i,nd cut dlf our nume from iht; 
I'ftrth: and wh^i wLlitUiou do unto 

He it taken hy lot, 
tribes :, and it shaO be, (&a< .thf 
tribe which the Lord taketh shall 
come according to the ffuniliea 
thereof; and tlie family which the 
Lord shall take shall come by 
households: and the household 
which the Lord shall take shall 
come man by man. 

15 And it shall be, that he that 
is taken with the accursed thine 
shall be burnt with fire, he and an 
that he hath: because he hath 
transgressed the covenant of tha 
Lord, and because he haJdj 
ivroucht folly in Israel. 

16 IT So Joshua rose ap early in 
the morning, and brought Israel by 
their Uibes ; and the tribe of Judab 
was taken : 

17 And he brought the family of 
Judah ; and he took the family of 
the Zarhites : and he brought the 
family of the Zarhites man bf 

jiiiiri; ■?.\\'\ '£\\\>\\': wwa Lnkf^n; 

IH And \';i} ll^Jljj;Jll llta bouH- 

hcild man by man l uikd A chap tlm 
6(ir£l ofCarmi, thL' son of Zabdi, ihe 
sen of^^umb.ofiho tiiUsfuf JuduJi, 
wa» taken. 

ID Acid Jfuhun ttkl tinto AchDU. 
Mr flon* £i^e, I pmy ihoe, glory to 
tiic LoHi} God of Israel, antll no oka 
ironlEtA^iion unLa hint ; and 1^11 itie 
iio^ what ihou hojki dom!, Idde it 
nol rrrmime. 

^ And Ai^hcin nEtawd^LKl Jnahom, 
BiiJ BbiJ, [niiifd [ hiivc; pjnneJ 

m ^r AnrI Lha Loud Mid unto 
Joshua, Got Unie UP \ whereforo 
jiciL tbuu tlius upon thy racfi'! 

It ]«ru4!l hiitK sfnfied, and v^y 
havtf ml»o iraoiertitwjil mj Cove 
nAist wlaieh I eummandiH] them; 
fm t3;ey hava evea luten of mo 
lecum^d iliinft and hnve alin 
stolun, fi,nd dcoombled abo^ and 
i^iif haTc^ jjut li cveo among mt^it 

12 Therofi>re the children nf Is- 
rKol eouid nuL Blood bQti.ire i| 
er>t'fnJ«!i^ *Kt turued cArir ba^'k* 
bcroroiheir enemies r bflpauw Ihey 
urefo ar^curpcdi neiiliQr wiEl I m 
wiLK Jttu sny oiorB. oxeopt j-u 
d^iroy the accdnvd from amon^ 

13 U|}, isnctify ihet iHKipIo, and 
Boy, Sanctiry your^Iv^a .nfaJDil 
Lo-morrnw : fur thus t&iui the 
liimD God of Ux^ci, Tha* it hb 
ae^-tarstHl lUms in thCi lEUdst of 
tS\i}n, O lErJiC>1 . Lhou COnsl (lOt 
atand before thine isnttnios, until 

fe tiikc^ away the ace^nniid thing 
rorn drntins ytrn. 

14 In ih« morning thercfora ye 
ihbU M hfoughi mcctirdiDg le your 


a^iufiHt the T#e^iiD f^itd of laraoU 
obd Uiuj an*! thus half!' I iSfJOfl. 

SI VVhiTi I ri:iw cmioiiff Urn ■poild 
a goodly Qabj^lanidli g:Firint>ntt And 
two hundred ahfkrl* of ailvcr, and 
q. wed CO of gold of 6fl; iihul:t]k 
Wfii4rl]t, tli^inl rtivetitl thpin, und 
[noli lliein, and litihijrld» Ui[>y art 
Uiii in liie oartli in the midst 
of mj tool, and Ui4 silver imdar 


2* ^y Ro Joahtia sent oiesMngna, 
ttnrt thpy run uniu ihe tent, aod 
behokl, it iffiu hid in hutent^ and 
Ihe BiLvor under iL 

^ And thgv tqok tbem oat of 
the midst of the te-ni, oiieI hroiigbi 
ihent unto Joahii ii^ sikd luiio all llw 
rliiklifin of Isranl, and laid Uiaa 
out before the LoHEi. 

^ And Jo*hu&t and oJI tsr^l 
with turn, Uiok Ai^hekn Uie son of 
Zerah, and the eitvec, and Ui« gur 
nuHiU, and Liiii wi>{lg« of goldp and 
hk wixiM^ iiEtd hii daugtilervj uid his 
axcnj and his vjuitx^ and his sheep, 
and hi A Uint^ and all thet he had . 
anrl tbpv bruii^lil them unto tb« 
viiHey Qf Ar>ior. 

05 And Jdfhua said. Why htm 
thou iroiibkid ns ? tha Lord AmU 
irouLta thea thii day. Aiitf tu 


tea.o\ ifoned him wkU tEoncfi, an(3 
tiu'ii them Willi lire, nftci thay 
hiuil iHiin^ tUcm with vtoiiuj. 

CHAP. Vm. StraUigmMtakmiJii, 

T^&jpftcjf i#nrlh&t HMTf vrilh hiniU 
went up, and draw ni^h, oiiiJ noin* 


^tJ And Un!r nvii&i uytir him a portii iido uf At: n^»w £Arr« 
real lieap of lAontit) unUr diis daj. valley between th^jn and Al 

the LofUi mmiNl rmin Ua^^ 

of hLa angers whyns- 

fbiti the nuita af that pEattfi was 
ulJfldfTha VtiJIe? of Aciuft, wjto 

CHAP, vni, 

Joithv4t''s Sirai/tffpm offitinMt JJi\ 
A ND the Lt}RU pumI unm 

1'2 And be louli alKtiit fiv^ Ihou- 
Jiand mtiti, amt vjt ibum tfi liti in 
lUiibiuh Ivctwepn BetJi-el and Aj, 
on rhu west nidu of ibo city. 

13 Aa4 wbeu they hiul t£!t tha 

POOPlcSp «WPl lllil Iho llOBl Khni toot 

aa tfiB RonU of diB ciiy^ and Ihtiii 
^iL, —^ ^.s.,^ -i-,.- -,.". ikra in waitoiilho WMt of lljatkjf, 
joihus, FiiLt not, nuitlifji bo Jo-fh^a vrmi il^^t iij£Ut iuba tJIm 

A ^ -# UBlJlUa., ± DUL UU^ III.:! LltUA UQ 

ibflu disnarod : tak@ oil the poo- 
pie of war wiib thee, and ari»f , lio 
Inita Al : WK^ r have ^ i^iin Lnto ihy 
iboA iht^ kj n t "f" A i , and Im pcop^k, 
>Bd his diy, aitd hij land ; 

S And tliuu uliaJt do to Al &nd 
hv iL'itif, fLc ihuu dltlii unto Jeiidio 
and hur ums ■ acdy tin anqLl thGio- 
of. and tiip csittle tJhfiretii; phall ro 
lake for a pj<-y unto rourH^Hvi^^ 
lay theo nji ftoibuali for tim citr bo- 
yml it. 

3 IT So ,Te;hjTiiia btoio. boA (ill ilia 
peopla of w&r, to go up a ffjunst A i :: 
ind Ju^hiiL cLtuioout U^uty ihou- 
ttnd miEhtr mija qf vaJuur, and 
■ant tlieni away by ni^hL 

4 And hecolamBndedt]le^I,iAy' 

|fllf, Uuhoid^ yq «tia|J: I'll] in wait 
uirrtiiNi thtj ifity^ snen hpbin*! the 
Ally ; ito not VQT7 fBi from thn dtr, 
but be ye all rbady; 

$ An'! It Jknd nil tha people that 
are with mn. will itpiiroacb uato 
th^f city r ao{| il ^iKhJI come to Pe|«4 
when Lhty ciiino o^it nruJEittt nsi. oi 
bt ihk" finit Uiut WQ will Uvu bfHifO 

{Vift Utt-y wi)\ cnme ^ut lifter 

S) till WH h«¥e drtkWTi thisfn from 
Bpityi ftir thpy will! mf* The? 
Ah bafufp U9^ at lit ihe Hrsli therQ^ 
jbfe W(t irilJ fji>o Hipfom thefli. 

7 Then yn ah^il risi! op fwim tlie 
ambiEBh. aniJ seize upon tlie cjtyL 
loir the Lnup yuar God will deu- 
rer it into yont hand. 

8 Ai,id it iluill ^le whf-n p have 
mki^P tl-itr city, tftttt ye tfmj] net thu 
0}ty*^i^ f^rt;: ttC4;i}r!linf tu ihe?{)i?i- 
Duuidjwnt of the I^^firi. phall ye 
Ao. £^i I liara cummiuicitKl 

IT Jnihnn Ihemrorfl sent lh*?ni 
fiiftls [ ami i|]<jy went to lio in am- 
ImBh. ntid nlHHld betwe«:n Flvth-ud 
and Ai, cm thr w^jit ude df Ai : but 
JtHhiifl lodged tliot ulrIiI airioog 
the iM''>p1i?. 

}\i Aird Jinthoa rows iip ei^rey in 
ibc ttujrftiiiK, nnd niinibtirvd tti!- 
peeplet n.ii^t w-ent op, bf and lh<; 
elden of Isi^i, bi;fafn iha injopb 
la Ai' 

11 And eJ] the paopla, ttxji the 
K 10 

miditqf the valley. 

14 ^A]]d JL flaiuQ lopaM when 
the king of Ai nuw ij, Uiat Ihe^^jr 
htuted HJirl rnse uy early, curl ih* 
fnE^n of Uie city WL'nt out a^ainit 
Ijrael to battl^n, he and all bii piL'o- 
pJe, At a time appohitttd,lHifure Hm 
pluln : but he wist ttnt t>i4i Uvn 
Kffre Ikn in tunbuiL JLesiiint him 
biotiLiid tlio€iiy. 

M AcmJ Juahua and all braisi 
mode Ew ifUi^r viQta b«atan Wfan 
tb^m, Biitl fled by the way of iht 

10 And atl the poopk tlitit xart 
in AS wtiffj cath'd tpjfijaier t* pur* 
Biie Bfbr thrrn : and Uwy pnraiuia 
afber JiMhua, and waro drawn 
awriy frtiiii tJio city. 

17 And thfra wn» not a man left 
in Ai, or Beth-el, tlial ucnt not 
out after laratl: and they kit 
tins ciijT (}pf>[|^ and piiraued oflur 

15 And tho LoRJi aiud atiM 
Joshua, Strvich out ilie PPfiar thid 
ttjn thijja bund tj^vvatd Ai; for ] 
wilt five it into til jne hand. An 
Jtiahtia iitruteiicd out the ipoat 
tbat hi hAd is bli biuid toward ih* 
city. . , , 

\V AndtheBTiihmhftfMeqQiclUy 
nut of tlieJr placet ti^d ih^ay tnn ja 
stinn aa ho bad gtri^u^hi^d ttut hit 
band ; and the^jr eni^recl rntnj the 
city, and lou'k it, and hoatod, and 
gel the ci[y fin firr?!, 

^ Atid when die mfm of Ai lodk- 
od behind th^m, tluiy suw, and h» 
holi], tbodaiobe of una city njeend- 
ed up Ui hn^^avon, and iln^;^ U.'vl rta 
power io flee ihia ^fay m dint 
vta.y : and Llie pfjple thai Ikd 19 
the wildfrrntsaii turned back uinua 
tbp jtunuerflh ^ , , „ 

21 And when Jonliua and aU 
Taraal fiaw that EJi4* ainLiiflh hod 
^b^it tliucitv,and ibnt iliuKHiokfl 
of The Mi| fljix^ndwlt \hm iho* 
tumcMl 4eai»4 nod ibw the n»u OE 

IJ And the olhcf Uffuod out otlho 
rily Jif liirtit ibi'ni ', wm IhiT wtfru LSI 
tbft aii'tfti of laraeli inimenn UuJ 
■itdOtBod wmrm on ihoi aide: uid 


they niocs tfaam, w thftt tkcr let 
none oTthem romain er escape. 

53 And the kiur of Ai they took 
alive, and brought him to Joriiaa. 

54 And it came to pais when I»- 
rael had made an end of slaying 
all the inhabitants of Ai in the 
field in the wilderness wherein 
they chased them, and when they 
were all follen on the edge of the 
•word, until they were eonsamed, 
that all tiic Israelitee returned unto 
Ai, and smote it with the edge of 

55 And so it was. that all that 
fell that day, both of men and 
women, were twelve thousand, 
§»m all the men of AL 

96 For Joshua drew not his hand 
back wherewith he stretched out 
the spear, until he had utterly de- 
•trored all the inhabitants of Ai. 

S7 Only the cattle and the spoil 
of that city Israel took for a prey 
onto themselves, according unto 
the word of the Lord which he 
commanded Joshua. 

98 And Joshua burnt Ai, and 
madeit an heap for ever, even a de- 
solation unto this dav. 

39 And the king of Ai he 

ed on a tree until even-tide : and 
as soon as the sun was down, Jo- 
riiua command«xl that thoy should 
take his carcass down from the 
tree, and east it at the entering of 
the gate of the city, and raise there- 
on a great heap of stones, that 
wuuneth unto this day. 

30 H Then Joshua built an altar 
unto the Lord God of Israel m 
mount Bbal, 

31 As Moses the servant of the 
Lord commanded the children of 
Israel, as it is written in the book 
of the law of Moses, an altar of 
whole stones, over which no man 
hath lifted up omv iron : and they 
^^ d thereon burnt-offerings 

the Lord, and sacrificed 

JOSHUA. Oibeemiiee^ttmmaieosm 
the words of the kw, the Ueas- 
iogs and cnmnga, araotding to 
all that is writtan in the book of 
the law. 

35 There was aot a word of att 
that Moses commanded, which 
Joshua read not brfore all the con- 
gregation of Israel, with the wo- 
men, and the little ones, and the 
strangers that were coavenaai 

Tike OibeouUea' Craft. 

AND it came to pass, when all 
the kings which were on thb 
side Jordan, in the hills, and in the 
valleys, and in all the coasts of 
the great sea over aaainst Leba- 
non, the Hittite, and the Amor* 
ile, the Canaanite, the Perixzite, 
the Hivite, and the Jebusite heaid 

SThat they gathered themselvee 
together, to BKfat with Joshua and 
with Israel, with one accord. 

3 IT And when the inhabitanti 
of Gibeon heard what Josliua had 
done unto Jericho and to Ai, 

4 They did work wilily, and 
went and made as if they had 


39 T And he wrotetherennondie 
•tones a copy of the law of Moses, 
which he wrote m the presenee of 
the children of Israel. 

33 And all Israel, and their elders, 
and officers, and their judges, stood 
on this side tlie ark and on that 
aide before the priests the Levites, 
which bare the ark of the covenant 
of the Lord, as well the stranger, 
as he that was bom among them \ 
half of them over against mount 
(lerisim, and half of them over 
against mount Ebal: as Moses the 
gervant of the Lord had conmiand- 
•d before, that they ahooU bless 
the people of Israel. 

MAnd aftorwmid In nad all 

been ambassadon. and I 

sacks upon their asses, and wuie- 
bottles, oU, and r 


1 rent, and bound 

5 And oM shoes and dented 
upon tlieir feet, and old garmenii 
... — jyj^ jjj |j,g-|,road of 

was dry and 

upon t 

their provision 


6 And they went to Joehua unto 
the camp at Gilgal, and said unto 
him, and to the men of Israel, We 
be come from a far country : now 
therefore make ye a leaffue with 

7 And the men of Israel said,unto 
the Hivites, Peradventure yedwdl 
among us ; and how shall we make 
a league with you 1 , . 

8 And tliey said unto Joshua, 
We are thy servants. And Joshua 

to them. Who ars ye 1 and 

said iL . 

from whence come ye 1 

9 And tliey said unto him, JTrom 
a very far country tliy servants are 
come, because of the name of the 
Lord thy God : for we have heard 
the fame of him, and all that he 
did in Egypt, 

10 And all that he did to the two 
kings of the Ainorites, that were 
beyond Jordan, to Sihon king of 
Heshbon, and to Og king of Ba* 
shan, which was at Aslitaroth. 

11 Wherefore our elders, and all 
the inhabitants of our country 

spake to us, sojring. Take victuak 
Ith you for the journey, and go 
BMOt than, and say unto thorn. 

kut or* a4iud£€d CHAF. K. 

maw maki 

k!ii(ue with 
m 1 

If Thu our lirejiJ wo took hfnt 
/or our provUio[» out (sf our hoti*^ 
on the i\^ vie caiiw; furth to fo 
unto rou; but tunv^ UhoEd, it is 
dry, Dud ii i^ im^uLiI^: 

13 A^hI tJipmj IkiU]€3 flf wina 
wJjich wo fUkd, wrr* nuw. and b*- 
UtM ihcjf be tvuX: Qud tlirwj our 
fuimeqij urtcj our bIujos iLfo bo- 
cnms old by rctuufi afUi^e very IpUff 
jouriJi'F* ^ . ^ , . 

14 And tbo men took oV dwnr 
victunli, ind a&kifd liol c^iiiiffl ml 
l^q m[)tith tif ttie I^RDr 

15 And Joplmmiinidi! peace With ... 
Thom^ bod made ^ bmirii^ wlih i uiiio vhn Huy, iiii the {ilai^whicJi 
tiicm, to l^L tltn^irt livQi imr] tttu | boaiiould rbno^. 
princet of the cungn^ifttUoD aware i 

to perpettud bondage. 
fPTvatii }/in^m iff t'iva yuu uti the 
EttJid.nnd lo ii«itr£3;y ii!] Uio iii>m[ii' 
tantauf Llifi land Uom before VoUh 
therofot^ we wrra eoro afriiLa or 
our liTu betbiiie of yon, and hmn 
doitp tliii Ujiog. 

'SS Ami now, behold, vre arf in 
Thine hand: h«itf««ni«tli grHii} ttvl 
rt^ht UDLQ tboe lo do unto la, 

20 And ifo did he onto them, and 
dfHi'TL'rL'd ihem out of tJw hojiil ef 
Uie cluk!r(?o nf Iimel, Umt they 
slow lliem notn 

ST Aod Jfrihua made Ibem th^i 
dfif hi-wcrv id' ivood and dr^tvorft 
of wilier for ifie con^r^j^nliun and 
for lh(^ niiat of the Limo, ereu 

L'llAP. X. 
Five Kmg9 c^TSitHfl. 

NOW il cume to p^isF, whfln 
Adimi-j£irtdi.'k i(in| of Jt.>rnift- 
dealea;nevvVhihf!rh,tU^T>tt!y I Itio had heard how Joihnu had 
* ibfll »Jiey leere ihoir neUh- tFiken Ai, and Jtnd uttL^rly destriav- 
uid^ai ihi>y dwell fttiiopc i «d in a* he bad done la Jen 
I ("ho and kc^r kinr^ so be had done 

10 % And it coriw io pas ai Lhe 
«iid af throe diii^H nflur ttiL^y hail 

thi^m- ^ I — ~..p> ^ 

n And the cliildrcn of brjel , tu Ai and herkini} i^i^d how the 
joiim^FEdn Biid f urtiu unto ^hifir iiih:kbitantd of Gibron had mndB 

cjtk* "on I ho Uiird dnjf, 
thiir citii^ Kurr* Gthaon, 
Chfv>hirnhn and Deerolh, 


1^ Aud Iho children of lara^rd 
imolfl Ihfiin nnt, b4ii:aujii} Uifi 
priniiei nT lhe RmprE:frLtion had 
swom an In tJietti by lite Ijoud 
God of lirn^'t- And tUI the tnn- 
fri^ifaUun irmrotui^ agairiidt the 

I a But nil tlitrt linnrjw mid imto 
all the cunrre^nJooH We Imve 
iwctrtt unto \\yaXA by the Lonli God 
of lirn?^: ^mvf thcreforii wn mny 
not li^iiirli ihexn. 

3U Tlib wo wif! do to tliijm ; we 

ho upon usi, bH]<:aiiMb of the uaUi 
«|]jfh wf! jinari) II nut thmn. 

SI At)i| tiie ;)rinr.iit liaid unlo 
thfjait Let ihein li^e \ but ffti ttii^m 
boiiewertfiirwuud, and drnwora of 
ivitier untfk all tlio congrt-'j^niion ; 
Hfl tht; prinM!' Kml pf i^tuiu'd fhciin, 

^ II And Joihun calkfl for rhem^ 
Acid he »pakii unto LJiiem^ tuyinfl, 
Wheiflrer* have ff U-juiWd Ui^ 
HUriiAf t We ar« vi;':ry fixr rrom yuu i 
wMai r« divull amonf U!«i 1 

23 Now tlintt^liiro ycarc cunfld, 
HJid tiikcre «:imn iifititt uf you W 
rirf(*d from \mnt tKmd-mon, and 
h^won of W04JU ond drtiw^if* of 
WLitt^r f(>r the houjafl of my fisxl, 

34 Afid ihi-y nnpiTOitHi Joibuii, 
uid liid^ Bp(^b.u«& it wai w-rtninii' 
UM ihr Hrvnnti, h^i^tr th^il the 
Ldi^]) thy (fod commajioed hit 

peano with lira^T uiul wore i^noug 
tht'm \ 

Si T}hn! liter feared preudf, be- 
i[^nu3u Giboon tt^t a grt'at city, ai 
inie of thnj-nynl eiiias, iirtd heciLuig 
il w/rff xreatfirthaei Ai, and all thd 
montiior^fif i^irrs triiEbiy. 

3 Wlifrcffuro Adoni ?.F'dt^k iiUff 
of Jrniiuleinsent unto Ilohan:! kin^ 
of Ht^hmti^ and unto Fitiim klnsr'^T 
Jiirminh, and unio Jnpbia ]ting of 
Larhijh^ and untd Dubiar kin^ gf 

EgltJtiH MFtnif, 

CjunK* n[i unto me^ nrrfl help 
me^ ilint we tpny fcctiiic Gihoun: 
for U htith mrid*' immic^s with 
JoiihiiJi ejid wiih the chddren of 

5 l^hereffkre the fivo kinffl of the 
AniLirit^, thp king; of JortJsEilFm, 
tho klnc of Huhron* th« kinv Ot 
Janniitlu tliii ki^tg i>r I^lii^hhiA, 
lhe RinET of Effloni t^:ith(?T€d theui^ 
Bch'CftliL'fft-tln^rK OTbd went up^ ihcy 
an^l hlJ thrir hoil9i eiul cni^ampcd 
bi?roT? GiLKop, and m^do wnr 
njraitiBt it, 

fl *r ATkd the men of Giltron *enl 
unto Jujiiun *o \\m ramntu fiilgah 
Miyinf, f^itteknot tiiy hnad from 
t'ly w?n'notfl:r tunic up lo uj quick - 
IJt and isvi! uSn Aiad ittlp us : ftif 
nil ihi.' kingn ftf ibe Aniuritiea Lhm 
dwcli irt thfli mouhinirw hre father- 
ed trmctfser n^ninM n*i, 

7 B^ Joflhua ajcorded frctjn Gil- 
{ral. hn, and fdl lh« paopl^ of w:vr 
wiih hinif and all the siiBtity mcu 
of vulour, 


Sun and mom stand still. JOSHUA. 

The Jtoe king$ tlain. 

8 IT Ant tho Lunp saiil unto 
Jo^liun^ Fcor Tltpm nnlr (^ir 1 hpnuj 

fore ih\}nr 

[h*ni Buililejilri iti^ wbdI up I'rmn 
Giljfal all laifhL 

lU Atid uiit TjOtid diBTomFitDd 
thflm Ij4]fure InTacl, mivd iiltw lliuju 
witti a graiiL AlikELt'Jiic^F at Qlbfitm, 
uhl i}|tu5utl tJitin KloiiB tlia w,iy 

■inoia iiioiia lo Aiiikiili, and! unu> 

M And ii csimc U) pBRft lU iUvy 
ftcd frum, b^foru Ufatsl, and whtq 
in ilio coins dtiwn u> BjjLh-boruU:, 
that im Lonn ctuii dnwn ^nsu 
•icinud frijoa hojivmk upyti iliLin] unio 
Ai&uXiih, tmd tlicy UipJi lAfV tc^f 
Biut* whioh dkid with IluuIohl-h 
\hnu wimia iliL'! L-Liidien of U- 
m^l ftliviv wiih tlifl tiWorU. 

12 U TkuD muka Joshyti l<sJ Lliu 
Lqiu) k ihu dft> wityn Uio l^inn 
iebvored uu thu AmoriLsH burofo 
thD cititdftui of Im EicL ind_ liu 

tivKed u|] thu AmoriLsH bufofo 

■ id hi 


, _. LU 

^ _ . ibu vuLqj of 

13 And Ilia iun iiofld still, niv\ 

lud ii%'et)|«d ihiiinuu'ilveji upoa 
UioiT oiujTnieiu /* not diii. writttn 
fai dm tjDuk afJasNot T 0r> Uiu sun 
HthmJ H(ilJl m IK* mtddt of hcnvpn^ 
Ami hafffisd not ui ^u dtiwn Ekbout a 

H And iherfl wu no dur IjMt 

jltD licarHcncd unto Oiu vciicimr 

tnjjiiit: fi>f tbp Lc^iio fought for 

lA ir And Joshua retuinnU aitd 
•Jl I^rud wid^ him, umE> Uiocomp 

Lti Out ihttie fivi! 3cini3 dcii, Aiid 
hid thi<rit3civi5fl in a t&vi} uL MnJi- 
koilQh^ ., w I 

17 And U wfu told Joshim^ my- 
kig^ Ttui fivf kiaea uro fouiui hid 
Id h (tnivtii ill Mikkedab. 

JR Ami Junhitii Hiidi K^'ll froEil 
■Uifi4]ai u(xiii iJi^ month m Uio cjivii^ 
uid tai inum by il tuf Ifl kca^i 
thrini r 

IB Anil itnr yo noi* J^Mt purHUc 
arter jf^*tii un-i^mjcst iind dnutc um- 
huibbuii^L ofllit^ni; ^tidVi Ih^jnirini 
IP cQiar iatf) t}ii»ir riiiot: for th^ 
Lkikd ^uur GotI hmb dchvnr^tl 
Ihnni Into your humL 

90 Ami I! pernio i& paw, whon 
Jnfthua Htiil tlM} ciiililnin of Istrocl 
Jt»d mado an i*ii4 of «tityint tlieni 
with a ¥«fy frent «iluoi;htc<Ti IHI 
thdjr ^ram curuumodi lii&t the nwi 


tffA-u:^ remaipBd of th«m entared 

jjlUi l^nci^d i^rtiiULi. 

SJ And atJ tlu' pf^oplo returned 
to ilia camp to Joslma ill Mah~ 
kcrinh in piMutu; fjonw moVfsd hk 
Diiyiue ajszuiiil cmy of tha cLhildron 
of fBrdHiL 

^ Then nid JoEhua, Optttiha 
nioudi of iht] cuvL\ iin/(l htiog out 
Tit(>mj hve kin^B unt^i tnf? out ofUw 

^ AiQd tlioy dhl *a, and Lrau^ltt 
f.irth tho*Li fivo Itifl^B uitlo him yml 
of the cave, tha king uf Jeruaalfrnip 
tliti kin !- of littinm, iiieki»ijof Jst- 
T?uiLh, t\ki' kiuH^of Ladikdh, and tbv 
kii'ij^ uf IlffloEL. 

X^i And it c&me to |»9r wlien 
tliey bruujflii out ihami kings unio 
Ju^hun. ihtu Ji,»]>ii;^ calM fuf dJ 
iiio m>in of Inmr;], nuil jtrild uuto Liw 
L'u^litim of lite niun of war whtdi 
Ni^^nt With liun, Cum'^ near, pal 
your r<,M!t upon thu ni^crkB of tli(« 
kinifii. And Lhcf cama noar. nnd 
put tljtiir foot uihJn the oocki « 

^ Anil Juihua laifl unte thnns, 
Fcikr tioi, ttcir ha diiiraayiMh li« 
fltrwiiff a-nd of ^nod couraeei foF 
Lhut ihiLl] liiQ Lonn do to bU 
yiiur eni^iaiLv a^ttkinst v/hma ya 


ai And qfVcrwDrd Joshua smt^te 
thrill. Qnd sluw Ihum, ELfid hall^ 
th^in on fiva trees: and Lh<;T Wbk 
Jian^ing uiion the Uu^^i until tha 

^ And it camn ta pa^d at tlia 
UinH uf iliu flrjin^r down at th4 
NUi)< £&4f Jo:dhita cHimiiiandeilr raiul 
thay took them tUwn aft ti\B 
iTvtWt ar^Ll eit»t them into the cavp 
ivherLHu they iuui U^i^^it hid. and 
IciUl 4rm^ laitmcs in the cavo't 
mouthy lokitk remain uatU ihU 
vi'ry fclay. , , 

*3ri 11 And tbfit dny Jaflhuji [o»h 
Milk hed [ill, ami amotg U with Lh« 
L-d^e iiif tNe AWonl« and Itu; kim 
tliDreof \m utterly dE^tprjjfed, 
thum, find all the noula ihut ithTc- 
ihi^n^in;, he U^l none rtsmain: qiu! 
Im dill to tha k'mtf of MjUtk^idi 
iLi he did unto the kini of Jeri-" 

'2^} Tlien Juahua ptw«4)d frorn 
^liikktHEEih, and uliL Uraid with hhn, 
nnto Lihijnh, And C^iiL^hl tElldtHi 

^\i Anil Iha Lotin dulivnred it 
nfscj, ami the kini? ihertoft intothfi 
himd of l.-trtiL^h and ht^ «niOCe it 
H'ith tJK- e^li^e of Mm avtunl, and all 
ih^ vm\a thmwFTfr Ihent'm; ho hi 
none remjui) in it , hiit did unto lj)« 
kiilf thitreof u he dul UDio Vx) 
kins fif J^ridio. , , ^ 

31 ^ H\nd Joihui vanod mtw, 

Laehiaht Eglou,^. taken. CHAP. XI. 

litmah. sad til iBimeT witli him, ■ 

tgainMl it, iind fouziA &^mml it ] | 
IfJ And iSw Lonii rleJi^iHrts] | 
Lar:.l>ititi into lire Ittiiid of IiiraK?!, 


Dijiiyf Kings ovtrttimer 

A^B it cnniD ti> pcLAj, when 
Juhin t\ng «r Hft*ur hpid 

tlijit iBtre of Ac^ "^ ' 

hud ilcjoD lo LitiiUhirr 


Aiiil iti tli<i liingi tl>!il iBtrt d« 
iho tionh erf the inuunLniuB, and 

33 11 Thc-ii JitsriLm kins' nTGczer ;i of 'lj*i piui"^ aoaUj of '<.-injief€>ih, 

Same ui> to tirljj Lui'.hiii^t hihI 
oihuft nmouj him nnrl hiAue 
iLDiiE hm had ka hjm cmuo ro- 

34 1< Ami rmtn Lschiib Ja^hiiB 
POkicmI unto EjErh>iu una tkil hrael 
with him ; aiiri Dtoy en'L'ainiHfi] 
ufTninfil it, nnij Tuug^ht aaiLirsst il ; 

:il3 And ihi'T liHik ii on ttidl 
dar, aod sniot^ il ivilk lh« t!dif<! of 
thv tfwurd, ami iL| tho ir'uI» that 
«»¥ tliQiruih h(5 Uilofir ttPinif(jy^ 
iJiat daj', iiccori]£Ji|^ la e^I ihut he 
had dodo tk>'rhtvh^ 

3tj AfuI Jiifihun wL'nl HP Ttnm. 
E^lonr nriLl all Xtrtml wiik him, 
uiit<3 Jlebrmis and ther louBtii 
AgnLJtvit ti P 

37 And thi*y iDiik itt and unota 
iLwiTh Ihts edge of the pwi aril, and 
the kinff th?r<Kif, mntl ah tJte i^itici 
ikcriH^r; atid hW thn^cuiU ikiit kma'c 
th(-reiii» tie li;rt nana mnaintn^, 
n^rnrdinff to alt ihut ho hsd don» 
to E^IljeI^ kut dctitrojTLHl ii tltiCrlT, 
and all tho souk dtnl ierE:r« 
therein n 

i^ 11 And Jouhnit r^iuriwd^ and 
nil Ifrn^l wiihhLm, toD^kirj und 
foiirht armiiHt iti 

jH) And he tottk il, and the kbiff 
thBFPnf. and ah the iiilUi^B tJiiMii^iil, 
tOil ihcF »iiMito Uiicm Willi Uic efJiff* 
of tli@ ivvnrd, and utterly dentroref] 
all thi^ f<-iiilH that tf^rmeThoruinT he 
le^ nanrt j-BPnnimnp : riH 6e hnd 
diino la H'E^b^o^l ^ur he: did to Di'bir. 
■Eld to tha hine tiier^iufi OA hi; hnd 
dona aJio to Libnah, And to hcf 

4tl! ^ Bo Jinhufi ftni^t^ nTl the 
(^HJRtry of itiq hiMv. and of the 
^outh, riivlof tht) vala, and of the 
i)>f in^'fl, and alJ Uieir liUiiga : h4? ^^|\ 
lUKina hFnnAining, but utterly du- 
iixo^d (lU ehai breatbi!ML as ih^ 
L<.tlLD God of Israel CDinmiiLnrli'fT. 

4 1 Aiul Joahoa ftcholfj U K>m from 
Kitdf'jih-baitii.ift (tvdii oino Gazn, 
nnd dl^ the country of Goihim^ 
ifvT'n Untri flibenn. 

4^ And ail tlina kjn^j and their 
land did ioihita Lak^' i!it one iim<? ; 
hcn^nup^ tho J>lFtP Gfiid of LenLCd 
loOffbl for JerneL 

43 And Jniiliaa relumed, nnd all 
(not wah him, unt» the fuimn lu 

and m ilw Vidhiy, nnd in Uio Uir- 
dfJK ctf Dor on tlio weal, 

:} Jlnd ta the Canattnltu oo 
tljD D:l«t And on tJio wi<>ti^ ai4d to 
tliB ArrnntQ,. and lIia tLiLlilej atitl 
thi: P^irijtito, and tho jL'hxi!iiit» in 
thit tniHiniMiii, bikI lo tlie Htviia 
tiuder IJuiiaua in tiio Itind ol 

4 Arid they wonl ontr they and 
all ihbij Jiosif with ili4»n, mm^li 
IKHtpti!. even [t» iha mud iJi^i z# 
u]»jn tlie vea-^dhnre in muldtud^ 
with hurnsd rM chaiiub very 

t And wlKhJi ah iliiHe kinn wota 
fiiut Log?uih«f. ihuy wme nnd piti^li- 
<■(! TogetJier ni dm wibteis tif Mo- 
roia, to hjchi (^gai<tMl IsruiiL 

li i: And the l^mi^ mid unto 
Jotphua, Bfl not afraid hecjtusu of 
liitiiu r fur lEvniEifrow iibdiit iha 
lime wiJI I deliver them up ajl 
^tuin before UraLd : thou ihiilt 
hriLiprh tb&fr boTi»» ind tmrn tbcir 
charinls with hra. 

7 J^ dcrthuii came, and all t3>B 
puoplftufwar with liiin, nKJiiiut 
tlii^m by ihe waion of Mcfum 
Aiirtdealfp und Uioy fblJ ujwo 

8 And tlie LoRtJ dclivnred thorn 
into tiio liaad of limn.!!, who 
pfrtola ihacn a^hI t^haAcd them 
unlo prent Xldfuii uTid unLo Mit- 
Ff*;>hnTh-niaim4 and unlo thL' v~jilby 
ol MiziKJh eafltwajTl \ and they 
■mu[4i thom. until ibey left lLmdi 
nune remain in ^r 

And J{)iihiiii dill uritd ihdm as 
ihif I^>iit> Lindfi hini^ he huiiffhod 
tlK^ir hors^efi, and bujot Uioir 
chariold with fire, 

II) 1( And diJrihua nt llid,L timfi 
turned bo^k, and look Haupr, «ju) 
^niotc ll](!^ kinia tlt&rvcif with tlra 
Bworri ■ for Hnitir iH'rciret>nie wai 
ihfl head of nil those kiiiudoniB. 

1) Ami they imote all ihij aouli 
thtit vtert Llionihi with thr> pA^v of 
ihc swurdf utu'rly dusiroy WK ihiem : 
ihtfo wn« Hat any loft Uj hreaiiiei 
ajid ho buml FJazor wiili Qre, 

hii And uti thti ciiiuH of ihom 
kin^ii^T a^id all th« khiiM of thoiu^ 
d>il JiMhun iRkft^ and Amotc thara 
with llici aAfa i>r iho twordt and 
\w utivrtir dtsntror^d them, m 

Th»Atutkim§eut^. iOSHUA. 

Afr]^e» iliF> icrvnnt of ibe Loiii> 

i:t But iiffor tbfl fiitk^f Jjisl ntijQil 

thai JFil JtrRhuH biirrt^ 
14 And 41 II the spoil of iU&hq 

bfLtnuti trmh for a i>rnf unlo ihoiu- 
Miviri : bill uvftrr itum thaj Kfnoijc 
iritii iho (Jtljry of thq Rword, until 
Owy htid di.-stJi}r»d theru^ ti«i;ti4«t 

J^ II As tUv Lonn «[>inmiiindc!d 
MiiiM lijj tervani. ao did Muittd 
aumniufid Jtjiihua^ uid tn did Jo- 
•hiw: lie Jot^ noUiin^ umluno of 
|U thM, Om Load command dcI 

W SoJotbufi lEjcikal] thai land, 
Urn yiUlA, and all Uie ^juth c^ucttir, 
ud nil Uie larai oT Oonlmri, ond th« 
vaJky^ niid tho pkiti, nnd the 
mauDtalu of iKratUi oad tiiu valtcy 
of UiP fBRie ; 
17 Eren Irom t}ir iTkount HoMk, 

Bi'^t s<jwth lip ta Smr, evrfj unio 
UlVnaod, ID iJiG "tmlvj q\ L^L»r)]>UD 

under moLnt fJ^rmon i Q^>d nlJ iht-tr 

•tlL>^v ihtuii, 

18 Joi4ma made vrar a lunc Uine 
wit^i iiii Llioso Icingt. 

Ill Tiverc Wfiu ttot A i^Kj Uial 
ptailo peacie with lJi« childirDD of 
iHrui'U wvu th4_' HivJUw the inhnhj' 
taiita ofGibccio : all aUt^r llwy luok 
Ln hiitUn. 

3Lii For it wa« of the T^ird to 
liard«m thnnir h^-(ir!«, th^it tlu'-jr 
•htiiiuid eaniB Bf jLtoitt hitedl in hat- 
l]?: ihal he mi^hl deaLror tli^m ut- 
Iflfli, ani tha.t ihifV miJflU havv no 
fiLif'fiO/, but ihat lie mif 111 d^^itro; 
tfai<ini, as tbo LofLi> c^mtntundud 

S!l IT Aa4 It that time ciuno Jo- 
shua and ritt o^ Lho A nokiiits frmn 
tiif> nitfuniaiiui, (Vom Hnbion, fn?m 
i^t^birtrroiii Arinb. And from jillllie 
fnoualaiTH uf Judnhd emi ftnm nit 
l|i& itmimtflrtni of Jtreel : JoehUJi 
dHoniEiy^d them iiu<ifly w'ltli their 

^ There ^ai notio of the Ana 
himtf left in Uie Innd 1^t^the f^lidtlrvn 
ttf l&mel : only In Giixa, in Galh, 
and in Aihdodp ihfLfu reroairusd. 

■£i 3o Jo4hiia U>ok t^ku u'holf! 
^d, Kccordiaii lo oil thnT the 
l#r»iitii iaid unia Mlmoi^ and Jnahua 
pavo it fnr an in^hcritan^ unto ts- 
rnsl arrordinj; lu ihi^ir iLiviaifiiui hg 
thtitr trihei. And tiiD l4ind rtiV^i 
fraoi wur^ 

C!pw«ai£« iff Mitft^ andJoskua. 
f^OW ihme nn tho kinn lyfihtf 
1™ Uindj which the thddrj^n of 

C^mgucsU qf the Ftraditea. 

lam^l Hnole, nnd ] r 

Igpd on itio other .■i\' ^■ 
ward iJia rijiintf of tijy »^uifc+ frTU 
die river Arnnn, unto mouni Mrh 
nton, and all tho plain on tJie 
ea^t : 

!^ Silion kioe^of iImi Amoriiua, 
iwho durelt in Hci<hhi>n, and mleJ 
from A roe r, /which »> uixm ihe 
liQjiJt of tJio nvier Arnon, aad fr^itn 
the middle of tlio river, and from 

SaXf GiIiML<1j even unto tho rivnt 
nidKiki uAicA if the border of the 
obildroD of Aininon ;^ 

^ And from th>? filain to tbe jua 
ofCinDeTDEJi on tbc oait^ mid unio 
t}ie dea of the f)lain« nn ihn Ai]|t 
fKti. an the i'Mt- tlio way tij BeUi- 
je^hiinoik ; and iVoni the ■oath, uo- 
det Aiib[IoLb'piag:ab ; 

4 H And tliL- coMt iif Og kinff of 
Boahan, nthith wax of tho rcunnajiiit 
of the s'mnl^, that dwell ut Ash la- 
roth and £1,1 Ed reit 

5 A;ed rviened in mount Tlenrn^n, 
and in SiikiLl], nnd in all nai^haiiT 
untij Uio Jinrdor of llie Gt<jjltunu»» 
and the McLaehatJiiu-f, uid hk|f 
GilpEid. ihnbnrdcr of 9ihon kind of 

tl Them did Mohu the Hcrirant of 
ilie LojiLOn and i]i[' i^hEldren of Lemel 
iitiilf^i and Miitci Uie *L<rTuiE of 
the LotLD unvQ it fnr a pit^m 
Mcjii u&io tiw Efjubeniiev apfl [he 
Gaditf!^ arnt tiiu half tribe of Ma- 

1 ^1 And thoBe an l.hi; king* of 
ihflroHnLrj' wriiich Jiwhon and Oie 
-rhddren of lirmel irn'Ote un shii 
^[lu Jtirdjin on The wi-atr (t<*m Rani- 
gad in iho vaik?* nf Lebanon, oven 
unto Ihe mount Ilalak that gocib up 
tuSi.'jr: uritii^h Jmiitija j{iLV|f uiirir 
thfi triUis i>f Isiani far a t>o«- 
K^en accord ing to their di- 
Tifiion4 ■, 

3 In tho mo^nteins, and la 
the vallefii and in the f)Uiiiii)< nnd 
in tbt^ ipripxii, and in Iha wild^ir 
ne-Aiij' and in th*.' *oiiih fioun'rv; 
tbe ftiititjOA, Uif!: Amoritcj, #nd inn 
Cnnannita^i the Pti^riEzilciii, iJiiq il\- 
vicfA. and tlio Ji^buriti^ : 

ft V Thy kin^ of JerinhOt oiioi 
the king of Ai^ whiiUi Im L{iiitk> 
Beth-«LT oner 

ID Tbv kinf of Ji!ru«Jeqq^ omfi 
tbn kinir of Ilehruni nnn ; 

U The kinir, *if Jamiuth, ani<»; 
ibn kinf lu T^achisbi onir ; 

f^ The kini; of Eflon, one; tbo 
kinf cif {jv£f;r, 4)nn : 

n The killer <>f Debir. otw ; t/in 
kinf rifGeiierT orw , 

14 Thn kine orHoimuh, or» ^ tJie 
king cf Amd, onoj 

15 Tl w kinc of Uonah . ono \ ih* 
kirtiT of Aduir^m. una v 

1[J Tlifi ttbf ttt MttkkedidJi, ono ; 
the kinvotHulh-^LLDCiQ:^ 

IT '^ha iLLiig of Tip^uBht oritt ; 
the king ^ii^ llf pher. unc ; 

IS Tim kinn DrApfi>ik, one i the 
kUif [if Lniliiiracin une i 

J9 Tho kins orMiuIoo, one ; Uie 
king H)f HiLLur, UEie ■. 

30 TKe king oi" ShJnjWDMiMif on, 
one ; Ui? kin? of A^^ibiipti. ono i 

21 TliL* tins wC TfiJiniiHtti, one ; 
the k'itts ut Me^iiliia^ Qivti : 

*^ The line lit' KfitleaK, one i ^** 
kincdf Joknciiim ol LrarriiH unos 

^1 Thu kinff of [>ur iu tlie eout 
of l*ijr, finrL' f the kiJiK of ih* na- ! 
UDIt» of Oif^nlt aiierj 

94 ThuJting onVuLh, ono: JlU 
(Jib km^u *!\H^p"'ijii' 

NOW Joilrna *U« dd *tti 
Ami.'ken in ya*" j and tjiie 
Lbjuj Mid unio hirer rhon iti ukl 
and 4irickoEi jn ft-ara, eml there re- 
BUDoth rot wtf mudi hud to be 

2 This w Oio landthmt rot remmrL- 
^h : mli Ih* bardori of i^ Pjulid- 
tin<», and allCeihim. . , ^ 

:i Pfftni Silior. which t^ befOTB. 
EeiTjt, evtin tixilo die bcirtiars ol^ 
Bkrou ncirttiward, lehicA ji tuuat- 
ed la the CiDaunitf) ; five lorcta of 
Kim Fhiliitin^'Ai theOivznttiiti4!i, and 
lh# AshiJoUiiUofp tho iiiJ^kiiloniUiM, 
th« c:ittjiut^ and the tkronitefl ; 
kImi the Avium: ^ 

4 Ftom lh« m^Kh dU Lhe land of 
the CaitBAniUMi AtiH Mqiit^i that it 
bflwdfi the Hiduniana, unui Aplit-^k 
to {h» hoirlAn or the AmoritEH ; 

6 Aniltbel&a<lordic>Gibliie»t and 
ftl] IfPhimHin tow«ni Hw mn-tmn^^ 
tiom llaal-E^id uniU?T iitvupt tlof^ 
03 1 in miUi tnfl: enlcririK iiiUi H&^ 


ft i^tll ihd inhohitAtitu of ttw hiJI- 
eo^ifitrp Cntm h&hn.noTi luiio Mi'irQ^ 
IfhoLti-tfirLirn, artd a.l[ die ^iilnniaiis, 
tliBm will 1 Hfivo ont frnm bofftra 
tjte children r>r Ijiranl : of\lj dividi^ 
tfcun it iyy 1-j.t unui the [iiriif^litca for 
Oil ifkh^^ritancA^aa Ihavfl eutmniwd- 
«d theh*. ^ .. . » .^ . ^ 

7 Now thf!i%KiT^ di viOD tnu Ihdhi 
for no inht^ritanrci mrilu thn nto^ 
trib<>i. ukl the hidf- tribe of Siafiafl^ 

•«^' . P. . 

With whom ihtfftt'ubHisttii imd 
1^ Gndtu^ hiivi> rfl»iv4Ml tiysir ia- 

SrJiajntA^ vrhirih How* (u vis them, 
wynA Jnfdun 4arivrarrl, ttt^frk ff4 
a±v9 rfio KrvKint at Uio Luiui 
srnvp thom ^ 

Fmrn An»r that » upoa the 
haak oC ibfl riTor Arnnjii, ukH Dia 
flB^ ibiil M in ^Jid ttiidbt of th« ri- 

CHAP.Xm. MaktHtmeufnMAm. 

ver, imd oil Iho plain of Mfed^bm 
unto Dtbon : 

10 Aftd all di* ritie* aC Sjhdo 
kinff of iJie Aim^Tltci, which reif a- 
0(1 in He&hbooj unto tlio border of 
thu diiildroit or Aiannao^ 

11 And Giiciuil, iirtd tho border 
of tim Gti^iiurLte* mud Maociiimiii- 
ten, iirjd al] tnukint, Uej-mon, nmj all 

1^ All the kingdom ofOir iti Bu- 
Bhan, which nuen«d in AahtiMvtJi 
and in Edmir who mmnioLdaf the 
fuimiiint of iKq vionU. F*r dteso 
did Moif!* Buiiie^ nnd eoEt thcni 

13 JtfrveTthftleB«H the ehiCdmn of 
Ur;tiol expciled not the Gevhuriteit^ 
nor tho MtiiLchathitea; tint tbi 
Geflhurircs imd the Maaclmthitni 
iJwuLI ajiiDnif dio briiijliUr'* until 
tiiw iiiiy. 

iA OiAt anto the tribe orLpvi \m 

!;nvQ luino iidioritanca ; the uicri- 
iccw af the Limo (iod <jf Iiritel 
mfuJe by tire anf their itihoritioca, 
u ho fiaJd ynti? th^ffm. 

1.3 1i Anil Iri[ri4!d g^av« untg the 
bribe of the chiklrE^n of ReulK'^ iJi- 
M^ritttnee acocirdiar la their fa- 


Iti And theii coast wai ftom 
Araor thnl u on the hank of ibe ri- 
v'c'T Afnonr and die city that uin 
thu miiUtaf ihE; riv«r» ood lull tb* 
(ilain bj Medcbn: 

LT He^fihlKin, and all he^r cillos 
thitt oTTf ilk t^tu phiiiiT Dibon, and 
BiunPth-b^QJatnd Beih'luiad^mH^rti 

1^ And JahuAn and Kodemolh, 
and Mspbaathr 

lH And Kiruithum, Bind Sihenah. 
anni Zarutii-rihaiiar in tiie mount of 

die vhUcVl 
" idBeth 


^ And Beth-oenr, an 
pt«!rah, and Bsth-ierfhim.. , 

ttl Anrl ail die citi«t of thi; plun, 
Am all tho kiogdnfti of Si ban kiiif 
of thp AnjoriEus wljjch M'igoi'tl in 
HodtibiiDin, whom Mosf^ffmoto ivith 
dm prlnccfl iif Midiant Etl, acid 
Hekemi and Zur, and Hot, iind 
Riibn^ vAicA lotrt duke* uf BsEion, 
dw^diHif in tjio cntintry 

23 If Baloani nlxn die ion of Heor, 
the jii:i»t)i-HJi>^cr, did the rhildrnn of 
IsrltL'l sinr with thti' ^wtirdn ainonj 
tliem That were fhiin by ihem. 

'£i And the bonihi^r ol the rhihift-n 
of E'iubi-o wiu Jnrdon, and thit 
bftrdfiF thert^f. Thi* usiut ihi- in- 
Jki^ritfuict' of ihi* rhildrcn of K&u- 
hFiHr ^I'^t^l ^■<-'i'' ^"^'l^b^ tliD cJUi^ 
and thi' viJIn^CHI lhrn:nf. 

*i And M^TWH ^f^^v» iithrriiavctf 
iiatfl Ihe tribe of Qnd, ffrrm min 
dir! cliiMrc-Q of Gad accDrdinfC Uy 

^ And ih^r coait wnj Ja»r; 

MertiMM 9f Gad. JOSHUA. CaUk ehiaineth Mebnu. 

and all the cities of Gilead, and ||pn,rL unto iho Loviioi in i1i{5 Imd, 
ialf the land of the children of'suvii titiFs !i.>jlweH itii ^vxOi liusii 
Ammon, onto Aroer that m befoic 

96 And from Heshbon unto R&- 
math-mizpeh, and Betonim; and 
from Mahanaim unto the border of 
Oebir : 

27 And in the valley, Beth-aram , 
and Beth-nimrah, and Succotlip 
and Zaphon, the rest of the king- 
dom of Sihon kinf of Heshbon r 
Jordan and hi* border. eve» unta 
the edge of the sea of Cinneretli, 
on tlie other side Jordan east- 

SB This is the inheritance of the 
children of Gad after their fami ■ 
lies, the cities, and their villa- 

S9 IT And Moses f ave inheritamce 
onto the half-tribe of Manasseh : 
and Ma was the pottession of the:: 
half-tribe of the children of M&- 
nasseh bjr their families. 

30 And their coast was from 
Iffahanaim, all Bnshan. _all the 

kingdom of Og kinf or Bashan, 
and all the towns of Jair, whic U 
are in Bashan, threescore cities : 

31 And half Gilead, and AshUi- 
roth, and Edrei, cities of the kini^- 
dom of Og in Bashan, were pet- 
tainiHg unto the children of Mach i r 
the son ofManasseh, even io\hi^ 
one half of the children of Hachir 
by their families. 

33 These are the eovntries which 
Moses did distribute for inherit- 
ance in the plains of Moab. on the 
other side Jordan by Jericho east- 

33 But unto the tribe of Levi, 
Moses gave not any inheritance: 
the Lord God of Israel wa» their 
inheritance, as he said unto them. 



by lot, 

AND these are the eowtdriea 
. . which the children of Israel 

rited in the tend of Canaan. 

which Eleasar the priest, and 
Joahua the son of Nun, and the 
fcoads of the fhthers of the tribes of 
the children of Israel distributed 
for inlieritance to them. 

8 By lot tcM their inheritance, as 
the Lord commanded by the hand 
of Moses, for the nine tribes, and 

3 For Moses had given