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* '^''1";H1 ''*K.\*Kk iJ_"RAitv 





Dicp in Chathaih, on the 4Ui inst., of hooping cough, 
LvDiA F., only child of Hiram atid L^dia Hardm^.aged 
; a months. 
Iltnew that we Must part dayja^ter day, 
I aaw the dread destroyer w in nis way ; 
' *f hat hollow cough firtit rang the fatal knell, 
j' A^on my ear itn solemn warning fell, 
k f kneiv that we nStilit part, — no power could aave 
^ Thy quiA goodness from an eari/ grave ; 

AlL^oH thy doom, \ /clLk ai ii)yiii»ariy. 

'fljBp shaft was struck^r knew that we mait part, 
^' And we have parted. Tiiou art gone, 

Gone in thy early bloom, meek, suffering one, 
- Thy weary spirit breathed itself tosleep 
. So peacefullv, it seemed a sin to weep ; 
" Th* ,t»red,' like breezes didst thou sink to reat, 
Nor one, one ping the awful change confessed; 
Death stole in softness o'er that lovely face, 
And to^iched each feature with a new-born grace, 
Oh cheek and brow unearthly Ijeaiity lay. 
And told that fife had passed away. 
In mj Inst hour be lienvcn so kind to me, 
1 ISisk no more than this, io die like thee. 

. But thou an the silent tomb, 
' Where thou art laid, thy kindred shall find room, 

A little while, a few short yearsof pain, 
' And one by one we'll welcome thee again ; 
Thy kind, kind ftther shall seek out the place. 
And irest wit|i thee^ the yoiingest of our race ; 
> Thy dear, <h?ar mother, bent with careahd grief, 
JShall lay her liead by thine in sweet relief, 
Shall Come and make their quiet bed with thee, . 
'^i^ fieneath the ground that now dottf cover thee. 


X.r i 

LINES wftrrrfiN tfriri 

A gift from thy mother, my own (air boy, 
*Ti8 the true source of happiness, peace'and joy; 
May it^ beautiful precepts ihy footsteps guide, 
And keep thee through life on Virtue's side. ^ 
This book fmpearled hy a mother's tears, 
May it speak to thy heart in alter years; 
And when she rests 'neaih the lowly sod. 
May it teach thee to place thy trust in God. 
May thine. Delov'd be a hitssed lot— 
Aud oh may the giver be nev^r fo'^got. 



^ D«po>ite4i In 



V A. 





TH£ Ol40 Aim NCnV rtSlftAMBNTfit 



aMI^ WfW tM' 



' ' r>^ mw^YORKt 


fwanvb bi d. fakmuw. 







2 i&e Nam€$ and Order of aK the Books of the Old and Wtm 
Testgmenis^ wUk ike mmbtr of their Chapters. 


I«eviUciii • . 
Nnmben . . 
OMteiOBQIQf . 

TbeBoofofSokMBon . 


31 Jotl 


RuiB . 

If. Swnnd 94 

LKtiigi 92 

II-Kinp 8S 

1. ChronielM 90 

n. ChraiUGlM 36i Nalram 

Bvm 10 

Nektaiiali U 

Mmhu . 10 

"^ ••:::::: ::::::Jli 


Zephuiiali . 
Hunt V ' 












... 94 

... 91 

. . . 9B 

... 16 

... 16 

IL Coriatbiaofl 13 

Matthew iMthCliaplen . 
Mark. . . . . . . . 


Tbe EpIaUi Mibe Bomani 
1. Ctorindiiaiia 


• I. 



TlmoUnr . 
II. TlBOttay 


tttmT. 7'. ..!!!!!!.'!; a 

PbUeoMNi » f I > T 1 s 1 

^ tM Hebrewi .:.::..... 13 

Tn« BpMe of Janei s 

LPetef 9 

n. Peter 3 

tmm fi 

II. iota ... I 

IILJolui 1 







WfAP. I. 
<yemti0H •fkeMven mU earth, 

IN ibe b«clniiiiic uod created the hMven Md 
i And the ewth was without form, and voM ; 
and darkness »•« upon tlie face of the deep : 
and ihe Spirit of Gud moved upon the ftice of 
tJle watersi 

3 And God said, Let there be light: and there 

4 And God saw tJie light, that t4 w» good : 
and God divided the light Oom the darlcness. 

5 Ami God caUed the liglit Uajr, and the dark- 
ms he called Night: and the evening and the 
■Mroing were the tiist dajr. * 

8 H Aud God said, Lot thero be a ffmament In 
Ihe mid^t of the waten, and let it divide the 
Waters from tlie waters. 

r 7 And God made the firmament, and divided the 
watem wbleh were under tiie firmament from tlie 
walet» which were above the firmament : and it 
wasm. ^ 

9 Ami Ged called the firmament Heaven : and 
iheeveningaMi the momiag were ihe second day. 

I IT And God said. Let the waters under the 
heaven be gathered together unto one place, and 
ht Hie dty lamd appear : and it was so. 

10 And God cafled the dry Und Earth ; and 
(he gathering toget^ier of the waters called he 
Cb»s: and God saw that te w«« good. 

IJ And God said. Let the earth -bring forth 
gnsfl; tlie herb yielding med, and the fruit-tree 
rMdiog fruit after bis kind, whose seed is In 
Itself; upon the earth : aiul it was so. 

IS And the earth brought forth grass, and herb 
ritflding aeed after his kind, and tlio tree yield- 
isg Ihut, whose seed w$ in itself, after his 
kind: and God saw that tt f0f« good. 

13 And Ihe evening and the morning were the 

M IT. And God said. Let there be lights in the 
irmaaient of the heaven, to divide tlie day from 
die nigbt ; and let them lie for signs, and for s^ 
isne, and for days, and years. 

15 And let them be for lights In the firmament 
of the heaven to give light upon the earth : aiid 
k was so. 

16 And God mode two n«at lights; the greater 
Iglit to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule 
Ike aight : ke made the Mars also. 

17 And God wm them in the firmament of the 
heaven to give light upon the earth, 

18 And to rale over tlie day, and over the night, 
and to divide the light from the darkness: and 
Ged saw thatit woe good. 

iO And the evening and tJie 'morning were the 
fonrth day. 

90 And God siM, Let the waters bring forth 
atmndiuitly the moving creature that balli life, 
* fowl that may fiy above the earth in tlie 

lag thing, md beast oC the eartli tiler Mi khid : 
and it was so. 

85 And God mad^ the be«st of the earth after 
ds kiad, and cattte after their kind, and every 
thing that creeneth upon the earth after his kind I 
and God saw mat it wa good. 
96 V And God said, Let us make man in onr 
image, after our ilksnesi: and let them have 
dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the 
fowl of the air, and ever the. cattle, and overall 
the earth, and over every creepiiig thhig that 
creeneth upon the earth. 

87 So Goa created maa In his awn hnage, In 
he image af God created be him ; male and 

female created he them. 

88 And God blessed them, and God said nam 
tlieni, Be ftiiltftil. and miihiply, and replenish the 
earth, and subdue it . and have dominion over tlie 
fish drthe sea, and overliie fowl of the air, and 
over every Nvinathlngthatmoveth lipon iheeartli. 

89 11 And God saM, Behold, I have given you 
lierb bearing seed, which U upon the face 
tlie earth, and every tree, in the which is 

the ftiiif of a tree yiefaHng seed ; to yon It shaH 
be for meat. 

36 And loeveiy beast of tlie earth, and to every 
fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepef It 
upon the earth, wherein <A«rsn life, I have given 
ev^ry green herb for meat : and It was so. 

31 And God saw every thine tliat he hod made, 

and behold, it was very gooif. And tlie evening 

tuid tlie niomhig were the sixth day. 

CHAP. If. 

The first eabhath. 

THUS the heavens and the earth were finkrti- 
ed« and iMt til® bo9t of them. 

2 And on the seventh day God ended his work 
which he Irad made ; and he rested on the scv- 
enth day from all his work Wlricti^ he had ninde. 

3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sancti- 
fied it: beoausathat in it he had rested from all 
Ilia work which God created and made. 

4 H These are the generations of the heavens a fid 
of the earth when tliey were created, in the day 
that the Lokd God made tlie earth and the 

5 And every plant of the field before it was in 
tlie earth, ana every herb of the field before it 
grew : for the I^oanGod had not caiiseii it to 
raih iippn the earth, and there was not a man to 
till the ground. 

6 But there went up a mist ftrom tlie earth, and 
watered tlie whole face of the ground. 

7 And the Loan God formed man ef the dust 
of the ground, and breathed Into his nostrilsihe 
breath of IMb ; and man Iwcamc a living soul. 

8 m And the Loan God planted a gonien east- 
ward in Eden ; and there he put the man whom 

aseii firmament of heaven. 

i And God created great whales, and every 
■ving creature tiiat moveth, which the waters 
kroaglit forth abundantly after their Und, and 
mrmry winged fowl after nis kind : and God saw 
dUt it was good. 

88 And God bleeied them, saying, Be fruttftil. 
aod amltlply, and fill the waters in tlie seas, and 
lit i»wl DiulUply in the eartii. 

8S AMd the evening and tlie morning were the 

he had formed. 
9 And out of 


the gronntl made the Lorb God 
to grow every tree that la pleasant to tlie sight, 
and good for food ; the tree of life also In tlie 
midst or the garden, and the tree of knowledge 
of good and evil. 

10 And a river wnat out of Eden to water 
the garden : and ftvun tlience it Was parted, and 
became into four iieads. 

11 The name of me first is Pison : that is H 
which eompassatil the whole land of Havllah^ 

, „_-_ .„ where liUritit»floUI> 

i^jr. - / 18 Attd the gi(ridf»r that rand is good; there <« 

Aid God said. Let the earth bring forth the lideNfam and the onjm-swne. ^^ 

eieatui^ after his kiad, cattle, and crcep-l 13 And the aaroe qi' tiie sewiwtwer is over 

the same <« it that coB^iMKtb4fetwlMl6lua4»r[iialnd1 flMttkoii aMim of the trae wheroof I 


14 And the name of the third river is HlddelMte 
that it it whh:h goeth toward the eait of Aa- 
ayria. And the iourth river i$ Euphrat^ 

15 And tlie Lord God took the man, and put 
hi«i iat« Ui#,tMeiiof Mmi i»4reaaiii«Nl tm 
keep it 

10 And the Lord God commanded the mao* 
•Rying, Of evieiry tne of the fwdea Umu. mj ept 
freely «At : 

commanded thee, that thnu ghouldest not eat 1 
li And the man said, The woman whom thoa 
cavest to kt with me, the fave me oflhe uce, 
ind I <8d eat. 

13 And the Lord God said onto the woman, 
Whi^t is this that tluni hast done 1 And the wo- 
man said, Theaefpent beguiled me, md I did eat. 
U Ami the Lord God snid unto th» serpent. 
Becaase thoo liast done this, tliou artcursed' 
ahf>ve> ali cattle, and above eveiy bean of the 

17 But of th^ tree of the knowledge of good andjfieM: upiaii thy belly shaH thou go, 
■ " " '*'""'"' Shalt lhou.oat all the dafB of thy lifti 

evil, thou ahoU not eat of it : for in tb« d^r tfaM 
thnuenteat thereof thou sbalt auxely. die* 

18 IT And the LoR9 God said, A is. not food: wwMii, 
ttet Uie man abouM be alADe; I: 

a help meet for ... 

I !> A n^ out of the ground lhe>LQfRR God formed 
every beast of. tlie fieldt and every fowl <of the 

will RwlMhimbhall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise Ma- 

16 Unto the woman be said, I wlB greatly- 
muHinly th v oorrow. and thy cottception ; in sor- 
row taoM analt bring forth children : and thy de- 

nir, aivl bM'oasht tksnk untoAdom to sea what i 

lie would call them; aAd whattioever Adam sire skM is to thy husbandj and he shall rule 

called every liviof creatttie, that was th« 
SO And Adam gave names to all eattiOtand to 

over thee. 

17 And unto Adam he said, Beeause thou hast 
hearkened unto tlie voice of thy wife, and haet* 

the fowl of the air, ami. to eivery beast- of tho eaien; of the tree of which I commanded thee^ 
field : but for Adatti there waa not found a lielp eaying. Thou, shalt not eat of it: cursed m the 
luoet for him. ground for thjMake ; in sorrow shalt thou eat •/' 

SI And ibe LotB God eauseda deep sleep to It all the days of thy life ; 

fall upon Adam, and lie rtept ; and he>took. one 
(>f ills ribs, and ckiaed up the flesh instead thereof: 

'32 And the rib. which the Lord God had taken 
from man, made he a womsAi and hnhighi her 
lutto the mam 

*^) And Adoin said. This is now bone of my 
t>nnes, and flesh of my fleah : she shall be calM 
Woman, because she waa taken dutof man. 

94 1'hcrefore shalla man leave his fktborand 
, hU mmlier, and shall cleave untoihia wife: and 
they shall be one fles|i« 

C5 And they wefe both nake4, the man and his 
wife, and were not athamed. 
ThsfaU of «u 

NOW the serpent was^more subtile than any 
lieast of the Held which the Lord God luul 
tiimlc : and he said unto the woman, Yea, hath 
(3<h1 said. Ye shaU not eat, of every tree of. the 
enrden 1 

1 And the woman said unto the serpeat. We 
niny cat of the fruit of tlie trees of theiardeu : 

3 But of the fruit of tlie tree which it In the 
midst of the garden, God hath said. Ye shall not 
eat of it, nei(lier:shall ye touchiit, lest yo die< 

4 And the sorpent said' unto > the womany Ye 
shall not surely die : 

.5 Fur God doth know, that in. the day ye eat 

18Thoraaal«o and thistlea sliall It bring forth 
tothee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the Held: 

19 In thosweai of thy faee shalt thou eat bread, 
till thou return unto the greuod'; for out of it 
wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto 
f*ttst: shalt thou return. 

9Q And AdamonlhMl his wifo*a name Bvo, be- 

thereof, then your eyes shall be opened 4 and ye tiller of tlie ground. 

shall be as cods, knowing good and;evil. 
6 And when the woman, saw tliat the tree 
MHugood for food, and tiiat it w^ pleasant/ to 
the eyes, and a tree to, be desired to make m* 
wise; slie toofc>ofthe fruit Utereof, and did«at; 
anc" gave also. uuto< her husband with her, and 
he iiil eat. 

tney knew that they wers naJied : and they'.. .. 
ed fig-leavea together, and mnder tbeoMeLves 

8 Andfthey lieard the voice ofthf Loan God 
walking in the garden in the cool>of the day : 
wid Adam and his wife hid themselves from the 
presence of tha Lord God 
the garden. 

And tlie Loan God ealled unto Jiam,.aad 
said unto him, Whera mi thoul 

10 And ho Bo'.d, I heard thy voice In tlia garden : 
and I was afraid, because I was oakadi; sad I 
bid myself. 

11 And lieanMv WIm told thee that iho» waft 

15 And I will put enmity between tl 

vwnnii, and between thy seed and her seedc h 

1 thee and the 

K n Ana tne juord uoa saiu, uenoia, uiu.mBN 
I become as one of us, to know good and evil. 
Adnosir, tost he put forth Ids* hand, and take 
ISO of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever : 

cause she waathe mother of all living. 

31 Unto Adam also and' to his wife dM tht 
LoRDGod make coatsaf skins, and clotlied them. 

tt V And the Lord God said, Behold, 
Is bee " * ' " 


83 Therefore the Lord God sent Mm forth from 
the garden of Eden, to. till the ground^ front 
whence he waa taken. 

S4 So he drove out the man : and he idaced at • 
the east ofHbef arden of Eden CheruMms, and 
a flaming aword which turned every wayi to 
keep tht wi^ of the tree of lifo. 
Btrthiof Coin ami- MA. 

AND Adam knew Eve his wife ; and she con- 
ceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have 
gotten a man from the Lonvu 
% And she kg ain bare hia brotlier Abel. And 
Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cktn was a 

3 And in process of time it came to. j 


Cain brouf at of the fruit of the ground an olfer* 
iaf unto the Lord. 

4 And Abel, he also broughtof the flrstHngs or 
hit floek, and4}f the fot thereof. Andjhe Loan 

id not 

bad respect unto Abel, and to his oflTering: 
S But unto Cain4 and to hia olforing, be l^\ 

And the eyes of them both were opened, an4 respect Aiul Cain, was very wroth, and hia 
...w .-_...- ... i-^ coimiennneefelL 

6 And the Lord said unte Cain, Why an* thou 
wroth 1 ■ and Why is thy countenanoe fallen t 
.7 If thou idoott well, shalt thou not be accept* 
ed 1 and if thou doest not'well, sin lieth at tho 

door. And unto thee shsU hs hia deaire, and' 

tlw treci of thou shalt rule over him. 

8 And Cam talked with Abel his brother: and 
it^ame to pass when they wvm.inthe field, that 
Cain rose up against Abel Ilia bvo&er, and ste«v> 
"lim. * 

IT And the Lord «aid unto Cain, Where <» 
Abel thy brother 1 And he said, 1 know not: 
wfw I mr*n^h€r*t k«cpev1 

11 And now «rt Unra cnned Oon tiM euih, m4 fiveyMtrt; aad he^M. 

whieJi bath 
krolhbr's bl 

Jier mouth to wavi^e ihy 
from thy band. 

gat Mahalaleel : ~7 ^ -i 

IS And f^mm IMafW ha kafM MmhaWaal 
eigiil hoofed aad Iniy yean, aatf kafuanM 

13 WlMii thmt yilcst the fvouad, it aluUI nat 
heMe<!A>ftii ri«ld onto thealicr miaglh : <A Ai- 
fttive Md-a ▼a«;aboml aiialt Ibou ha inilie earth. Mid daHglNara: 
13 And Cain said unto ihe Losp, My pmiiah- 14 And all tha daya of OUaMi ware alM htti* 

dfod and ten yaari : aadha died. 

1» If And Mahalilael H^red rtm and a»a yaaia. 
and begat Jared : ' # ^ 

If And ikJ ia h da al lived after he begat Jared 
eight hundred and thirty yvaia, aad begat attaa 
and dabgliiera: 

17 And an the daya of Mahalaleel araie eight 
hundradniii^ and Ave years ^ andbedied. 

16 V Aad Jared lived a liandred aixty aad two 
yean, and he begat Enoch : 

19 And Jared Hved aAer be begat Enoch elglii 
hoadred yaara, aad begataom and danglitere: 

80 And all the daya of Jared were ainehmidred 
sixty and two yeara; and hedled. 

91 f And Buoeh lived lixty and five years, and 
begat MetbMelah: 

tt And ^noeli walked with Qod after bebeghc 
MethoMlah three hundred years, and bagat aona 

S3 And aH the days of Snoeh were thiea h«»- 
dred alzty and five ymn: . 

a«mt t» greater than I -ean bear. 

14 Behold, ihoo hast driven aie oat this day 
fnm the bee ot' tiie caith ; and ftom thy iboa 
ihall 1 be hid ; aad I shaU be a rttglti^'e«ad a 
vagaboud in Uie earth; and it shall tome to pasa* 

t 4k«t every one tlMUftndeth^nesbaH Slav me. 

15 And the I«oro said anio hlni,Thereiore who- 
seevarsUyeih Ualn, vengeance liMll betaken o» 
bte seve n i eld. AndtheLoRDseCaauirfc-ttpOB 
Cain, lest any fiiidiug him should kill him. 

id ff And OaiM went out Aom the Pieaence of 
the Loam aad dwelt in tiie land of Nod, on the 

17 And Gaia knew his wife, and she coafelved, 
~ : andiiebu i l d e d ae ity, and called 

ihe name of the city aOer the name of his son 

18 And antn Enoch was bom Irdd: and Irad 
kv^Mebigaet: and Mebujael begat Uettmsaal: 
aadUethaaaei begat Lameoh. 

Ill IT And I^amech took unto hbn two wivea : 
dtenaawof theone 
Ihe other Zillah. 

eo Aod Adah bare Jabok he wee the flitherof 

Kiich as dwell in tents, and »f$ttek m$ bavs eaitle. 

« %1 And IHS biathei^«amu war Jnbal: he waa 

ibe father of allaachashandletholiarpaadoigaB. 

33 And ZlUoh^ she aisa bare Tnbal-cain, aa in- 
suNctor^vvery an ilieer ill brass and iron: and 
tbe siater of Ttdbol^eain war Naamah. 

its Attd LaMseeheald naito his wives, Adah and 
%t»i»h, Hear toy voice, ye wives of 
Itf'nrken unto my spaecli : for 1 have slain a man 
m my wouodhig, aad« yoang man In my hurt. 

Laiuecb seventy «ad st^ren^fold. 

35 IT And Adorn knew his wifb again, and she 
bare a SOB, mid eaileU his name Beth: PorOod, 
Mt'd ske, Iwth appointed •ms aam i wr aeed In- 
stead of Abel, whom Caia slew. 

36 And to S«t)», to him «lso there was bora a 
sna ; tuid Ik tailed his name Gnos: then began 
men to call upon the lumieof tlie Loeia. 

G^nMitgy^ the pMritrdbt. 

THIS irihe bookoTthegeiiermionsof Ada^ 
la the day that «ed created man, in the 
litee a t m of €od mode he him : 
9 Male aad fiunale created he them ; andblesa- 
eil them, and called tbcir 
day when tiwy were eres» 

3 IT AadJAdam lived a hundnd ahd thirty 
ream, and begat a -sati in his own Hkeaesa, after 
bis image ; and called his name Seth ! 

4 And the days of Adam alter he had begotten 

sons and daughters 

6 tr And Seth lived a hundred and 4lve yeMa, 

4md begm Ama c «ni*^at4h the earth, and l*ac every imagine- 

7 And «eth lived •ftsr lie •bagat Enoa eight tioa of ihethooghts of ^his heart was only evU 
bandied tmd seven yaaib, aidl begat aona ahd conUnuaiiy. 


all the iday»«f 8dtfi weie lOw kimdred 

twMve yearat aad4ie/dieU. 

9« Aad 

10 jMid Bads is«d Alter te begbtOaiaM Ught 

— — — — w —iv and ni^ y^»«p.». . 

Adah, and the name of 94 And Enoch walked wHh Ood, and he waa 

not : for God took him. 
t5 V And Methuaehih lived a hmidred eighty 

aad seven years, aad begat Laniech : 
95 And Miidniaelah li\'ed after he begat Lameeh 
wven bandied eigh^ ami two years, and begat 
NSW aad daughters : « 

97 A Md all the days of Metliuselah were nine 

hundred sixty aad nine years ; and he died. 

98 II And Lamcch lived a hundred eighty and 
two years, amt begat a son : 

99 And he called his name Noah, saying. This 
aaaMeball conilhrt us concerning our wore and 

34 1? Cain shall be avengeB wvew^fold, tnily^oii of our lrands,beeaasbof the groand whid) 

tlie Lord hath oarsed 

Jb And Lameeh lived after be begat Noah five 
hundred ninety and five yeaia, dnd begat aoM 
and daughters: 

31 And all tlie davs of Laawch were seven 
hundred seventy and seven yean : amd he died. 

99 And Noah was Are hundred veeis old : and 
Noah begat Sheas llHm,and Japbeth. 
The dipraotfy •/ maaMid. 

AND it eanie to pass, wlien men' iiecnn to 
multiply on the raceof theearth, and daugh- 
l«m were bom wile-thein, 

9 That the sons of God saw the daughters of 

MO thai they iwr« Mr ; «nd they took them 
wtvea iiC all trMdh theftthesb. 

>And the Lord said, My «piHt shbH not always 
strive with man, for tMt he alao i» flesh : yet his 
daya shall be b Inrndrod and twenty years. 

4 There were Riants in the eaith in those days { 

8eth were eight hnndied yearn: bhd he begat mid also after that, when the sons of God caine 

in ui.iiothedonghiera«fm«n,cnd ihey bare cbti- 

S ANd«lltiiedayi thatAAam lived werenlhejdMi to them: the same *<eawe mighty men, 
mndtedund thirty yesM: andlmdied. whiah wshs of did, " 

men of tenown. 
5 ir And Gob'saw thdttbe Wickedness of man 

6 And 4t rtpented the LoCh <that he had made 
tHan ^itk the «avth^ ahd It grieved him at his 

,7 Aiid4he LoRwaaM, I-witI desifoy man whom 
Ihai^wreatiiid'AomthefiKe'ortheeaith; bath 
MiiHOMl «ieaat,«Bd'tiie^«Meplnt4Mi«k bmlthd 

fowls oTilie «ir ; for h repemiHli IM tlM 1 Iwvetiii tbe mcoii4 month, the Mvmteemb dajr of ik« 

made Humi. 

8 Bhi Noaii found srMe.lii thicgpietof the Lor». 

i* II These are the geuorotioiM of Noah: Noah 
was a Just inan, and pttrfect ia bii generatiOM, 
und NfNili waikHil with Gml 

10 Aud Noah besat ihrea tons, Sliem, Bam, 
ami iaiflietli. 

1 1 Tlte earth also was corrupt befoie tiod ; and 
tint earth was Alloil with vioteiiee. 

le A lid God louked uMm tJie earth, and heboid, 
tt was eormpt : for aU flfish iiad eorrapieU bis 
way u|inn the ennh. 

13 And God said unto Noah, Tbe end of all 
flesli is come before me; for tiie earth is filled 
Mith violence Uiroiixh tlicni: and behold, 1 will 
diwtroy tlieui with the earth. 

14 V Moke thee an ark of oopber-wood : moms 
Shalt tliou make In the ark, and shall pitch it 
within and wiilioiit ^vitli pitch. 

15 And this ts lAs ftuhion which thou slinll 
make It •/: The teiiKth of the ark tkalt bt three 
hundred cuMis, tiie breadth of it liity cubits, and 
tfie height of it thirty cubits. . 

)4i. A window slialt thou make to tbe ark, and in 
a cubit Shalt thou finish it above ; and tlie door of 
tlie ark shall thou set in the side thereof: with 
knver, second, audtlii rd «C«rMt shall thou make it. 

u And belmM, I, even I, do bring a Hood of 
waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesli, 
wii«reiii IS the breatti of life, from under heaven : 
ami tivnty thing tliai is in the earth shall die. 

IH Diit with tliee wUl 1 establish my covenant: 

month, the same day were all the fountahisof 
the great deep broken up, and the windows of 
heaven were opened. 

12 And tlie ram was upon the earth forty daya 
ami forty nights. 

13 In the self-fame day entered Noah, and" 
BiMBni, and Ham, and Japhetli, the sons of Noab, 

Nt)ah*8 wife, and the Uiree wives of his sbaa 
with them, into tbe ark : 

14 l*liey, and every beast after his kind, and all 
tlie cattle after their kind, and every creepiiw 
thing tliat creepeth upon tbe earth after his kln{ 
and every fowl after liis kind, every bird of every 


15 A ml they weM in nnto Noah Into the ark. t«ro 
ami two of all Oesh, wiierein is the breath of lifo. 

16 .And they tiiai went in, went in male ami 
female of all itesh, as God had commanded him : 
and the Loan shnt him in. 

17 A nd the flood was forty days upon the earth : 
and tlie waters increaseil, and hare up the ark, 
and it was lifted up above the earth. 

18 And tlie waters prevailed, and were increaa- 
ed greatly upon tlie earth: and tlie ark weni 
upon the face of tlie waters. 

^19 And the waters prevailed e^Kcccdingly upon 
the earth ; and all tlie high hills that losrs uUder 
the whole heaven were covered. 

50 Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail : 
and the mountains were covered. 

51 And all flesh died that moved npnn UieeaYlb. 
both of ftiwl. and of cattle, and of beast, and of 

and Umu shall onme into tlie ark, tliou, and thf every creeping thing that creepeth u|ton the 

sons, and thy wife, and tliy sons* wives witli thee. 

lit And of every living ihbig of all flefli, tvfo of 

every gort shall thoii bring into the ark, to keep 

^ them alive with tlive: tliey shall be male and 

• female. 

'20 Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after 
tlieir kind, of every creeping tiling of the earth 
after his kind ; two of every sort sliall come unto 
thee, to keep them, alive, 
ttl Aud take thou unto thee of all food that Is 
eaten, and thou slialt gatJier tt to thee ; and it 
siiall lie for food for thee, and for them. 
33 Thus did Noah; according to all that God 
couiuianded him, so did he. 
TAs ffnural d/tlnft. 

AND the Lord said unto Noah, Come tlion 
and all thy house into Uie ark : for tliee have 
1 seen righteous before me in tiiis ^eneratton. 
3 Of every clean beast thou shall take to tlicc by 
sevens, the male knd his female; and of beasts 
liiat are not clean by two, the male aud his femahi. 

3 Of fowls also of the air by sevent, the male 
and the female ; to keep aeed alivo upon the fttco 
of all the earth. 

4 For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain 
upon the earth forty diqrs and forty nights : and 
every living substance that t have made will I 
destroy from off the tbce of tiie earth. 

5 And Noah did according unto all tiiat tlie 
Lord commanded him. 

And Noah was six hundred yeaia old when 
the flood of waters was upon the earth. 

7 If And Noah went in, and his sons, and ills 
wife, and his sons* wives witli him, bito the ark, 
because of tlie waters of the flood. 

8 Of clean beasts, and of beasts 
clean, and of fowls, and of every tiling that 
creepeth upon tlie earth, 

9 There went in two and two unto Nbali into 

earth, and every man : 

3d All in wlHise nostrils wtu the breath of lifc^ 
of all that was bi tlie dry {and, died. 

33 And every livbic substance was destroyed 
which was upon the foceof tbe around, both man. 
and cattle, and tlie creeping tilings, and the fowl 
of the heaven; and ibey were destroyed from 
tliC earth ; and Noah only remained sisve, and 
tliey that were ivlth him in the ark. 

34 And tlie waters prevailed upon the eirth a 
hundred and fifty da)'s. 

The 'W4Uers aseuage. 

AND God remembered Noah, and everv living 
thing, and all tlie cattle that was witb him 
in tlie ark : and God made a wind to pass over 
the earth, and the waters assuaged : 

2 The fonutains JEdso of the deep, and tlie win- 
dows of heaven were stopped, aud the rain from 
heaven was restrained ; 

3 And the waters returned ftrom off the earth 
cmitbiuatly : and aft^ the end of tbe hundred 
and fifty &ys the >vaters were abated. 

4 If And the ark rested in the seventh moBth, 
OH tlie sevehteonth day of ilic numih, upon tbe 
mountains of Ararat. 

5 And the waters decreased continually, until 
the lentil month : in tlie tenth awaa, on the first 
day of the montli, were the tops of the moun- 
tains seen. 

6 ir And it came to pass at the end of fortv 
days, that Noah opened tlie window of tbe jtfk 
which 4ie had made : 

7 And he sent forth a raven, which went forth 
to and fro, until tbe waters were dried op &om 
off the earth. 

8 Also he sent forth a dove from him, to seelf the 
wateii were abated fixun offtlie foceof tbe ground; 

Q But Uie dove found no rest for the sole of her 
foot, and she returned unto him into the ark ; for 

lie ark, the male ^md the female, as God bad |h4 waters were on tbe fticeof tbe whole earth, 
ommanded Noah. Then he put forth bis baud, and took her, aad 

10 And il came to pass, after aeren days, thRi pulled her in nnto him Into tbe ark. 
tbe waters of the flood were upon the earth. 10 And he stayed yet other seven dayB,aad 

n H IntbeiAxbaiidrodtbyearof Noab'a Ul9,la|tdn be aent forth tbe dove o«i of tbf> ark. 


Wf m §ttn MiUMgt', 

CHAP, tx, r 

iMml die dove caweiiilo JiJoi intlMe?eata|. 
ajid In, in her ntouUi wo* an olive-leef ploekt oic 
So Noaii knew thai the waien were ateied 

13 And he ecayed yet other seven dagpi^ sad 
wmt forth the dove; which leinraed nol aflidB eerth. 

every llvlag •raMme itat i§ whh yM, fcr pv 
petuel generatiom. 

for a lolieB of a r 

unto him any oioie. 

J3 V An4 it camf to paai in the ilx hondredth 
and first year, in the first flMnO, the first ^^ ^ ^ slovd 

MAnd HshaDeoMtopMi, whfli IMi«ft 
dewl over tiM eanlmimSlMr iMl ta MM 

the monUi. the waters were dried op tMm 
earth : and Keah removed tin covering of tlw 
ark, and Isolied, and behold, the fsce of the 
gnwmd was diy. 

14 And iu the second montht on the seven an4 
ivweatietii day of the month, was the earth dried, 
i J5 M And God snalce nnto Koati, saybif, 

16 Go fimh of tift arlc, tlioti, and thy wife, and 
thy »oMi and thy 8i»ns* wiVes with thee. 

17 Bring forth with thee every living thing that 
U with thee, of all flesh, both of fowl, and of cat- 
ite, and of every cree|4ng thing that creepeth 
M(ioa the earth ; that they may breed abundantly 
ia the earth, and be fruitAil>.and miUtiiily upon 

18 And Noah went forth, and his sons, and his 
wife, and his sous* wives with him : 

19 Every beast, every creeping thing, and every 
f ml, and wiMtsoever creepeth upon tlie earth, 
siiiet.thekT kinds, went fiurth out of the aril. 

' 20 ^ And Noah buiUed an altar unto thel«ea», 
and took of every ^ean beast, and of every dean 
fowl, and oflbred tMimt-oflTerings on the altar. 

31 And the Loan smeUed a sweet savour; and 
the Loan said in his heai^t, 1 will not again 
curse the greuua ai^ more for man^s sake ; finr 
Uh: iumgiuationof man* s heart U evil Arom bis 

'youih: neither wUI 1 again smite any more 
every tiling living, as I have dune. 

32 While the eartli remainetli, seed-time and 
imrvest, and cold and lieat, m summer and 
wiiimr, and day and night, shall not 

GetTs uvtnant with JVoak, 

AND God blessed Noah and hissoi 
umo them, Be fruiiAil, and- multiply, and 
replenfeh the eartli. 

3 And the fear of you, and the dread of you, 
shall be upon every beast of the earth, mid upon 


'MlTMVtMBlf wMn i§ 

every fowl of tlie air, upon aH thatmoveth nmvn 
theearth, imd upon all the fishes of the sea ; into 
your band are they delivered. 

3 Every movtaig thing that Uveth shall be meat 
fitr yon ; even as the green lierb have I given 
you all things. 

4 W But flesh with the life thereof, vtkieh u the 
blood thereof, sliall ye not eat. 

5 And sureV your blood of your lives will I re- 
quire : -at the JiaiMl of every beast will- 1 requh« 
it, and at the band ofman; St the hand of every 
man's brother will I require the life of man. 

6 Whoso sheddetit man's blood, by man shall 
his blood be shed : foriatheimiigeof Godmade 

7 And you. be ye AruitAU, and multiply ; 
forth abundantly in the eartli, and multiply after their Atmiliea, in ttieir natioBs. 

between me and yoo, and every UvtaMr ertamra 
of an flesk; and the wateie shaB no save be- 
come a flood to destroy all flesh. 

16 And the bow shall be in the dond; and I 
wiU look upon it, that 1 may remcBiber the ever- 
lasting covenant betwean God and every h\ 
creatwe of all flesh that ii upon the earth. 

17 And 0«d said nnto Noab,Thls W the token 
of the covenant which I have esuMMied be- 
tween me and all flesh that is npon the earth. 

18 IT And the sons of Noah that went forth ot 
the ark, were Shsm, and Ham, and Japhetk: 
and Ham is the fiuher of Canaan. 

19 These art the three sons of Nenb: and ot 
tlien was the whole earth overspread. 

90 And Noah began uk$^ hushiaiknin, and 
he planted a vineyard : 

81 And he drank ofthewhie, and wasdrankoii 
and be was u n eov e red within his tenL 

SS And Ram, the father of Canaan, saw Hm 
nakedness of his Auber, and^told his two breth- 
ren without 

93 And Sheni and Japketh took a garment, and 
laid it upon both thefar shoulders, and went 
backward, and covered the nhkednei^of their 
father: and thek fhces ware backward, and 
they saw not their father's nakedaesa 

34 And Noah awoke ttom his wtoie, and knew 
what his vounier son had done unto him. 

35 And he said, Cursed be Canaan, a servant 
of servants shall he be unto his brethren. 

9fl And he said. Blessed b« the Loan God of 
Shem ; and Canaan shaN be his servant. 
87 Ged shall entairge Japheth, and lie shall 
dwell in the tents of Shem ; and Canaan shaH 
be his servant. 

If, And Noah Hved after the flood three 
hundred and fifty years. 
99 And all the days of Noah were idne hund- 
red and fifty years: and he died. 
/ CHAP. X. 
The isstendamU •/ JWaA. 

NOW these Are tlie generations of the sons of 
Noah; 8hcm, Ham, and Japbeth : and unto 
tliem were smw bom ^ter the flood. 

3 The sons of Japhetb ; Comer, and Magog, 
and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Mesliech, 
and Tiras. ^ 

And the sons of Gonuar; Ashkenaz, and 
Riphath, and Togarmah. 

4 And the sonaof Javan; Elishali, and Tar^ 
shi^, Kittim, and Dodanim. 

5 By these were the isles of the Gentiles divl^ 
ded m tlieir tends^ every one after his tongue* 


8 IT And God spake unto Noah, and to hia sona 
with him, sayingi 

9 And It behold, I establish my covenant with 
you, aBd with your seed after you ; 

10 Aad with evenr living creature that is with 
yson, of the fowl, of the cattle, and of every beast 
of the earth with you, from all thatgo out of the 
aril, to every beast of the earth. 

11 And I will establish my covenant with you ; 
neither ahall all flesh be cut ofl'any mate by the 
waters of a flood ; neitlier shall tiiere any more 
be a flood to desooy the earth. 

19 And God said, This ^« the taken of the eave- 

6 IT And the sons of Ham ; Cush, and Misraini, 
and Phut, and Canaan. 

7^nd the ions of Cush ; Seba, and Havllah, 
and Babtah, and Eaamah, and Sabtecha ; and 
the sons of Kaaniah ; Bbeba, and Dedan. 

8 And Cuab begat Nimrod : he began, to be a 
aichty <me in tlie earth. 

9 He was a mighty humer htioro the Loan: 
vherefere it is said. Even as Nimrod tbem^^ 

hontw before tlie Loan. « ' 

10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Ba- 
bel, and Eredi, and Accad, aad Cateeh, in the 
land of Bhinar. 

U Outof thatland wem forth Asshar, and build- 

M/liMVClwM««lwdirMftk0tfk,iiideiMl, MMer ihMB akMMl «|Miikt flMe «f «R lb* 

it ii>rt Biw tttirtMi MJBwnoli ami Cilili. <uiili 

.13 Attd iibniNi kiQgat LodHM, ato4 Aiaiiiiia« ««« a hundred yean old, and iccat Aratanoia 
mnA Ut»mmmd WiidiwMw, HpaycwtaAerlhcAood: 

wT llAMftSli 

14 And PathruiiiBi, awi Cashihlm, (oat 
prten canw JfklUmlmi) »m< CaiJrtariii* 

IMaAfOtmmm M p i ■ »» ■ Jib J to>»oni« «id 

17 Ami ^e iftvila, ad Uw Aridta, and die 

I8:Aji(1 liipAwadllei«ndtkeZeaMrtie,a«ltius 
Vamatlilie: airf i^totaraid ler^ <!» faMllJiia of 
tlie<}ftiiMntMi«iMad ahraad. 

to And tiM boMl«r <Wtiie CaiMaMMa wm fimn 
iBMon, at ihau aomaittu Garac, ail* Gtesa ; <i« 
4bim 8MII4WIO flcNtoia and Onanandi, and A4- 
nutli« and Zfllwiat»<eiMM WM* Laitei 

QOTtieae «r0 Uw «an« ^f Ifaai. aAcr Otar ftemi- 
Itet. lifter their congaca, la iMr 
in their natioai. 

til V UiMA Stem Abo, tba Athar of rfl the 
children aT Bher, tbd tovtlier iaf Jaajmli the 
^kifit^mntm <o Mai were tkOdrm -bum. 

39 Tnic children of Shem t Slam, «ad Aariiav, 
amd AffflMiftt) and Lud, and Aran. 

33 And ite ehildma ^f AnHMi Uv,«nd Ual, 
«iiit lOeihec, and ltla«li. 

94 Aad AfplMUBartkegai Sahih ; and «alali be- 
gat RlM>r. 

98 And «ate Bber waca boca 4wo aaai: fhe 
«mnie nfone «mu Peing, fbr in Me dmf» ants the 
eailJidivldtMt;and hisbrMaer'oiiameiQaffiakian. 

il8 And Jakun befM Aimodadi and Shelepb, 
and lla»MniaiHelJi, aad Jiuah., 

S7 Ami f ladeiaaivM^ Uaal, aad DiUah, 

at Aad theli: dwelling waaft-oui Meiba, aa tlieu 
goest unto fldiWiar^ a noant of the eaaL 

II AadSbenUMrfalkerhebegatAkiiltazadflft 
hundred veare, and begat eoaa aad daagbtera. 

ISAni Aifliaiad Nved aAer he begat «alata 
Ibar handnd and tbiae yeaia, and begat bom 

14 And Salali lived thirty yeara, and begat Bber: 

15 And Salab Hired aA«r Ho begat Eber four 
hiMidKd and three yeaia, and b^i eoM aad 

MAad fiber lived four and thirty yeari,ahd 

17 And fiber lived after he begat Peleg four 
hundred «nd thirty yeaia, and begat aone and 
daiightera. # ^ -» --• 

18 Aad Peleg lived thirty yean, and bwat Hen : 
W And Peleg lived after he bei^ fteu two 

hundred and nine j'eori, and begat fOni and 
'^'^ And Rett lived two and tMMy years, and 

81 And JUw lived after'iie begat Serag ttvt> 
hundred and eeven years, and twgat sons and 

•t Aad demg lived tMr^ years,' and begat 

93 And Seritg lived after be begat Nohor two 
hundred ydars, and begat eons and daughters. 

M And Nftlior lived nine and twerity years, and 

loAnd Nahor Hved aAer he begat Terah «' 
hundred and nlneleeo years, and begat sons and - 

38AndObal,andAbiaaiel,and8beba, daughters. 

09 And Oehif , aad Havilah, and Jofaab : «II M And TerM lived aeveaty yean, and begdt 

heee iters tlieeoaa of Jofctan. Abram, Nahor, and Ilaran. 

S7 ir Now these «r« tlie fenerations of Terah ? 
Terah begat Abran, Nahor, and Haran : and 

31 Theas mre the sons of ShcaK alter their 'Haran bmt Lot. 
^)unilics, aa«V'their tongues, la tbelr tende, after 88 And liavan died before his fbther Terah la 
ibpir nations. the land of his nativity, in Ur of the Cbaldces. 

as These ars th* flunilles«f ibeaons of Noah, 89 And Abram and Nalior took them wives : tlie 
aaer their generations, Inlhelr nations! and by •ame-ef AbramVi wifeit«»Sarai ; and the name 
ilieee were the •atkms.dlvided in the eanta after of Nahor^a wife Niloah, the daughter of Haran, 

tlie flood. 


AND the whole eaitb was of oae IbUgaftfi, 
S And it came to yass, as they Journeyed Areai 
tlie east, that tb<qr fbuad a plain 4n the Iand4>f 
Shinar, and they dWaU there. 

3 Andtheysaidonetoanother,Goto,lcluMiiake 
bctek, and bum then iharongMy. Aadthe/had 
brick for stone, and slime had they tm martar* 

4 And they jaid, Qelo, let us baiU na« «lnr, 
and a tower, whose «o|i ate|r reaal anto heaven ; 
and let as make us a iiaaM, lest we beaeattered 
abroad iw6a the fate of the wfc eiieartfc. 

5 And the Lfoaa caaw down la aee the eity aad 
t«M tower, wtiieh the ehUdsea af men buUded. 

e laaguage' 
begin lo'do: and mwaallttnt w 
iVom them, WMdi ihegr incve Imagiied lo do. 
~ ~ ' lad tfiere i 

7 Go to, let us io 
their language, that th^ amy not 

_._j another's . 

88o the Laaa aeattered tbem abroad A«IA 
thence upon the face of an tUeaortb: and ihey 

STbepOdMeis «he name i»f Healled fiAbM, be- 
cause ttte Loan did there confound ibeiangitagei 
craHlMMfOi: odd INnn tbentb dM «he boi]» 

the fiitber of MHcah, and the fbther of lacah. 

30 But Saral was barren ; she kmd no child. 

31 And T«rab took Abram his son, and Lot the 
eon of Haran his eon's fon, and 8arai his dough* 
ter-in-iaw, his son Abram*s wife ; and they went 
fbrth with them (h>m Ur of the Gbaklees, to go 
fnto tlie land of Canaan ; and thqr ealne nntb 
Haran, and dwelt there. 

38 And the days of Terah were two hundred 
and ave years: aad Terah dled^a Hbran. 
&0d etdlHk attorn. 

NOW the I^an 4iad saM auto Abram, Gel 
thee out of thy country, and from Hiy khi- 
i^etf, and (ten thy Ihther^ house, awe a land 
that I will shew thee: 
8 And I will make of tliee a great nation, and 

6 And the Lord said, BehoM, thd|Mople Ks ane, 1 wlH Mew thee, and make thy oahie great ; and 
itid tbey have an One laaguage: aad tide Uicy tliou shalt be a blessing : 

Jiou Shalt be a blessing : 

3 An* I win blest them that bleas thee, and 
curse him that ewrseth thee : and In thee ahaU tfl 
Iteallleeef the^earifi be blessed. 

4 8o Abnn departMK as the Lolia bad opokeik 
ante him, aad Lot went with Mm: and Abran 
we* seventy andjve yeaned when be departed 

5 And Abran teek Saial Ma wifb, and Let Mi 
bretfiei^ SIM, and all thefar subeianee that Hwy 
had gathered, and tfid soote thM they had goM 
Hi Hatan; and tbey went foitfa to |d 1Mb He 



I it iM9tn into K^fpt. 

6 And Abram . 

■laoM oTfliebeut, iimm tteptein oflfor^k. And «1m left 
«te Caaoattite wm Ike* im Um tend. 

n; Md iiii(»UwUid«rCaiMMHtkjW0«;i|Jra3rilM.AiNniM: IfOMsOltcte 

the left hujid, then I will fo la tin rifbt: or If 

^"^^i!^ •^S"tJ"^J*; ^.i^f^ •• Uit riifbt iHMri, tlM llrill V 10 

7 And the Lord appeared «nt« AWaa^ and nM, 

RD appeared «nt« AWaa^ and nM, plain of Joedaa, that it «•# wan wataiad avafy 
l/Mo thnr aeed mU\ i five tlria4aMl: aMttfeara wheae, kedwa im Lw» diattuiad eodooi and 
baiMed he aa altar aaia Hie Laap, wfca apfear- r -* ■'- ' — '- 

li Abram d waMed In th^ land of Canaan, aad 
Latda r a H edta the aktoeaf the plaint and pitch- 

8 AndbefaiMOved 
on Die east of Beth -el 
«Rf Bcdh-fl OB tha « . 
wid 4here he huiMed an aAtar nolo the Laah, 
ami «alted aiKMi tiM aauia of the Loa*. 

9 And Abrani Journeyed, going on ftiil toward ad hi» tant laward I 
tiw aoaih. 13 But the Man of Bodooi wm^ wiek^ and 

10 f Aad there wai a fhinine in the land - and -^ .--— ^----— . 

Ahraai went down into Egypt to aaionm there 
for the fhoiina mma grievoas in tiie tend. 

li And keameto paw, When he nraacoma near 
m mter into Egypt, that he lald unto Snrai Me 
wife, Behold now, I know that thoa ^t a Ihir 
woman to look upon : 

It Therefbra It ehaH conM la pan, when the 
Egyptianfl ehaU see thee, that they shall s^, 
This is bis wife : and they wNI kill me, but they 
win save chee aUvo. 

slnnari belbro the Lanih aisasd ing l y . 
H V And the Loan saM nnco Abran, after thai 
Lm wna sspaw i ad ftaai hin, LHt up now thine 
eyes, and look ftom the place where thou art, 
noMhwavd, and samhward, and aasiwaid, aad 

15 Eor all the tend which thoo saast, to thee 

will I gNa it, and M thy seed Ibr ever. 

M And I wM nrakn ihy seed ^ the dust of the 

earth: so thdt if a nan can nnnibar the dnsi af 

Km aarih, lAsn shall ihgr need also be aunbered. 

tt^asy, Ifraytbe^thOtt«rl1lly«lsMr: (hktit HAriae, walk ihraufhtfie tend hi the length 

aaybcwaawiUiBseforthyBukei aad iliytual)of Hand te Hwhrcaddiof k; fori wU givail 

18 The* Abram renHwed Ms lent, and came 

sfiall live because •€ ihee. 
14 f And it chme to )>asa, that when Abram 

was oome taio E^pt, the fiaypitens behekllbe and dweH in the pteih af Maawe, whtobit In 
w^aianibat she w«« venr Mr. Hebron, and built Ihere an altar nato the Loa». 

15 The prinoes hisa 6f Pliaraoh sMr her, and CIIAP. XiV. 

I her before Pharaoh: aadthawahian 

was taJEfte imo Pharaoh*B hoaee. 

if And Ke entreated Abram well fm her laka 

'and he had sheep, and oxen, knd he«saea, and 

Bien-servants, ana mkhl-servanta, and she-asMs, 


17 And tlie I>aao ptegaed Pharaoh ami his house 
wWh f real plagaes because of «a«ai, Abram^s 
wife. . V 

18 Aad Maraok called Abram, and said, What 
u this tkmt liiou haat dnae unto met Why dM« 
ihott not tdl me that she war thy wife t 

19 Wbj saidst thou, She ts my sister ? so I 
blight have udien her to me t6 uFife : niiw thcre- 
Ibre behold <hy wife, take A«f , and go thy way. 

M And Pharaoh commhnded %is men conoern- 
big him : and they sent him away, and bis wife, 
awl aN that he had. 

^hrtm mud L»t sipsrmli. 

AMD Abram went up oM of Bgyptt he, and 
. hte Wife, and aH thai he hadTtod Lot with 
him,lrto the south. 

S AiiA Abram vm very rich In cattle, te silver, 
and in gold. 

3 And he went on his joumeya Arom the south 
even lo Betfi^l, nntu«he place where his tent had 
beeti at tlie beginning, between Beih*el and Hai ; 

4 Untn the place S( the altsr, wMeh he had 
ma^e there at the ftrsl: and there Abram called 
an the name of the IrOKo. 

5 And Lot also, which went with Abnmi, hnd 
looks, and herds, and tenis. 

• And the land was not able to beor them, that 
they mighi dwell together: for their substance 
wi great, so that they could not dwelt together. 

7 And tliere was a strife between the herdmen 
af Abmra*s emcle ant the h^rdmea of Lot's 
latde : and the CanaanHe and the Periaaite 
dwelled ihea in the tend. 

8 And Albmm dald mrta Lot, Let there he no 
WtfB, 1 pray thee, between nie and thee, and 
kawauLH my fetrdmen and thy ^rdmen; ferWe 
IMKttoen. _ 

f i;inoi«liewlMitetend<bdbpe-«Mt1 asparhia 

>« AHdLotlUtednphlieyoa,ahdbeheM aMtho 

' Tk§ hMttU «/ Os Mmtf». 

A NDkcame to pass,iniheday80f Amraphd 

^tlL khig of aitlnar, Atioch king of BItesar. 

Chedorlaoaier king of Btem, and Tidal kteg of 

natioiis ; 

5 Tkut tk§99 made wair with Bera king of So- 
dom, and wUh Birriia kteg of OomornJi, Slii- 
nab king of Admah, and Aiemeber king of Ze- 
bothn, and the Mna of Beta, wMeh Is Zoar. 

3AU these were Mned together in the v;de of' 
Siddim, which Is the salt sea. 

4 Twelve years they served Chederteoaer,and 
to the thirteenth year they rebelled. 

6 And ito the fourteen A year came Chedorlao- 
ner, nnd the Mags that wsrs with him, and 
•note the Rephaims in Ashleroth Kamaim, and 

the Zuainis in Ham, and the Emims te Shaveh 
6 Aad the Horltes la Ibehr voant Seir, nnto 

El-aaraa, which i§ by tlie wlWemess. 
7 And \t\siy retbmed, and came to Bamiehpat, 
which i» Kadesh, and smote all the country of 

the Amakikttes, and ahw the Amorites, that 
dwelt iu Haacson-tamar. 

8 And there went out tJie king of Sodom, and 
tlie kteg of Gomonrdb. aivd the klnt of Admah, 
and the king of ZeboHm, and the king of Bela, 
(the same it Zoar ;) and they joteed baiUo witli 
them to the ¥ale of Blddim ; 

9 With Chedorlaoroer the king of Elam, and 
with Tidal king of nations, and Amraphet king 
of Shinar, and Arioch king of Ellasar ; four 
kings with five. 

10 And the vale of Siddim was full tf sHme- 
ptts ; and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah 
fled, and fell there : and they that remabied fled 
lo the mounuio. 

11 Aad they took all the goods of Sodom and 
Gomorrah, and aH their victaals, and wem their 

13 And they look Lot, Abram*B brother's son, 
who dwell in Sodom, and Ms good8,«nd departed. 

13 IT And there came one that hud escaped, and 
told Abram the Hebrew ; for he dweH in thn 
plain of Mamra the Amorite, brother of Bshcol, 

. JMekhtMt Ue»$ia JkrMm. 
and htotber nf Aner : «n4 UmM 
Willi Abram. 

U Ana when Abrmn tetrf tkM hit broclMr 
wns taken captive, be anue4 hie trained ttr- 
VHU^ born in hie own bouee, three hunired and 
eiitiueen, nod pursued them unto Dan. 

IS And be divided himaeir acaiMt then, he 

and bi« servant* bf niflR. a 

iMirsueil ihem unto Uobah, whieh m on the left 
liand of IHunascua. 

16 And be brought hack an the fooda, and al«> 
broiigia again his brother Lot, and Me goods, 
ami tlie women also, and the people. 

17 V And ilie king oTBodom went oat to meet 
hiui (after his return ttan the slaughter of Clie- 
dorlaomer, and of the kina (hat wer§ with hiui,) 

18 And Melchizedek 
fonli bread and wine: 
iliA inoet iiigh God. 

19 And he blessed him, and said, Blessed fts 
Ahram of the most high God, possessor of hea- 
ven and earth : 

2U And blessed ft« the most high God, which 
liath delivered thine enemies into %Sy band. 
Aud he gave him tithes of all. 

21 And the king of Sodom said unto Abram, Give 
uta the persons, and take the goods to thjrseif. 

S3 And Abram said to theliiiw of Sodom, I 
have lifted up my hand unto tlie Lhan, Uie most 
high God, tlio possessor of heaven and earth, 

S3 That 1 will not tak$ from a thread even to a 
slH>e-latcliet, and tliat I will not take any thing 
limt is tliiue, lest thou shouldest say, I have 
made A brain rieh: 

24 kSave only tliat whIeh the young men have 
(•ateii, and tlie portion of the m^ii whkh went 
with ine, Aiier, Esdicoi, and Blamre; let them 
take iheir portion. 

(7ed*s prowUt* U Mr^m. 

AFTER these things the word of the Loao 
came unto Abram in a vision, sayii^. Fear 
not,* Abram : 1 ma Uiy shield, and Uiy exceeding 
grent reward. 

GBNE8I8. /siaMsltelsr*. 

cothderate (that thy teed sbaR be • stnmftr in a land tUi * 
not theirs, and shall serve them ; and thnr shal 
afflict them four hundred years ; 

14 And also that nathm whom they shaH servt, 
wUI I judge : aud afterward shall they coaie oM 
Willi freat subsunce. 

15 And thou shaU go to thy (hthers In peace} 
thou shalt'be buried in a good oM age. 

16 But in the fourth generation tlic^ shaU com« 
hither again: for tlm iniquity of the Amoritei 
ts not yet fuU. 

17 And it came to pass, tbavwhen the sun weM 
down, and it was dark, belmld a saiddng fos- 
nace, and a burning lamp that paased betweea 
thoee pieces. 

18 In Uiat same day the Lord made a cove- 
nmit with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have 1 
given this land, ftom tlie river of Egypt «nt» 

at tlie valley of Shaveh, which is the king's dale. 

'^ * " king of Balem brought 

uid oe was tlie priest of the great river, the river Euphrates : 

10 The Kenites,aod the Keuissites, and tht 

80 And the pittites, and the Feriultes, tad the 

31 And the Amorites, and the Canaanltea, and 
the Girgashites, and the Jebosites. 
S*raigiv€tk Magar ts Ahrmm, 

NOW Barai, Abram*s wife, bare him m> chil- 
dren : and slie had a handmaid, an Eot* 
tian, whose name wms Hagar. 
S And Sarai said unto Abram, Behold iiow,th« 
Loan. hath restrained me from bearing: 1 pray 
thee go in unto my maid : it may be that I majr 
obtain cliihlrett by her. Aud Abram hearkened 
to tlie voice of Sarai. 

3 And Sarai, Abrara*s wife, took Hagar bar 
maid the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten 
years' in tlie land of Canaan, and gave her to * 
her husband Abram to be hife wife. 

4 IT And lie went In unto Uagar, and she eauh 
c^ved : and wh«i she saw that she had con- 
ceived, her mistress was despised In her eyes. 

5 And Sarai sahl unto Abram, Btv^wrong k§ 
upon thee : I have given my maid into thy bo- 
som ; and when she saw that she had conceiv- 

2 And Abram said. Lord Goo, what wilt thoireil, I was despised In her eyes: the Loan Judft 
give me, seeing 1 ao childless, and the steward ofbetwccn me and thee. 

my house is tliis Elieaer of Damascus>1 
a And Abram said, UehoM, to me thou hast 
given no seed : and lo, one bom in my house is 
mine heir. 

4 And behold, the word of the Loan cmms unto 
him, saying. This sliall not be tidne heir ; but 
he that shidl come forth out of thine own bowels 
shall be thine heir. 

5 And he brought him forth abroad, and saldjj 
J.iM»k now toward heaven, and tell the stars. If 
tliDU l>e able to number them : and he said unto 
iiiiii. So shall tliy seed be. 

ii And be believed In the Loan ; and )|« eount- 
rd it to iiim for righteousness. 

7 And he said unto him, I Mm the Loan that 
tiroiiglit tliee nut of Ur of the Chaklees, to give 
tJiee tills land to Inherit ic 

8 A lid he said- Lol-d God, whereby shall I know 
that I shall inherit HI 

d And he said unto him. Take me a heifer of 
three yearn old, and a she-goat ef three years 
old, and a ram of three years old, mid a umle- 
dtive. ami a young pigeon, 

10 And he took unto him all these, and divided 
tiiem ill the midst, mid hiid each piece one 
against another : but the bijds divi<^l he not. 

Tl Andwhcp the fowls came down upon tlie 
earoasscfl, A lit mi drove them away. 

19 And whei. the sun was going down, a deep 
•d«)ep fell upoa Abram ; and k>, a horror of great 
darkness |bI1 i ipon hlir . 

13 And he mm hqio Abrami Kiio9 of a luitty 

6 But Abram said unioEfaral, Behold, thy maUl 
is In thy hand ; do to her as it pleaseth thee. 
And wlien Sarai dealt hardly with her, she llei 
from her face. 

7 ir And the angel of the Load found her by n 
fountain of water In the wilderness, by the foim- 
tain in the way to Shur. 

8 And he said, Hagar, Saral*s maM, wbeneo 
camest thou 1 and whither wilt thou go t A nd she 
said, I flee ftrom the face of my mbtress Sarai. 

9 And theangel of the Loansakl umohcr,Retum 

to t liy misuress,and submit thyself under her handa. 
10- And the angel of the Loan said unio her, 
I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, that ll ahall 
not be mmiwared for multitude. 

11 And the angol of the Loan said unto her. 
Beliokt, thou «r< with child, and shatt bear • 
son, and shatt call bis name Islimael; because 
tlie Loan hath heard thy affliction. 

12 And he will be a wild man ; his hand teOI 
bs against every man, and every man's hand 
against him ; mid he stwll dwell hi the j^reaeaeo 
of an his brethren. 

13 And she called the wme of the Loto thni 
snake unto her. Thou Ooiieest me : for she sai4, 
llave I also here kiokeil after him that seeth mel 

14 Wherefore the w«H was called Beer-hihal- 
roi , behold, tl is between Kadesh and Bered. 

15 tr And Uagar bare Ahram a son: and Abmai 
called his son's naaie,which Hagar bare, Ishi 

16 1i And Abram 100* tburscore and six i 
oM, when Uagar bare Ishmeel to Abraa. 

CtnumisitMmttitutei, CHAP. XVn, XVm. Dminsiku^S 

CHAP. XVIL |Ui«iMiorAkniiMi*tlMMM:ai 

The covenant rtnewed. Uw fle«li of their foreakln, to Um wM-mmM 4af% 

Alt D wlien Abram was ninety yean old ami 
nfne, Uie Lord appeared to Abram, and 
a^id onto bint. 1 am Uie AlmigUtjr God; walk 
berore me, and lie thou perrect. 
9 And 1 will make my covenant between roe 
and thee, ami will inuliiply thee exceedlpgly. 

3 And Abram fvU on his face : and God laUted 
with him, saying, 

4 /\8 for me, iMsliold, my covenant it with thee* 
and ihou shalt be a father of many nations. 

5 Neither shall thy name any more be called 
Ahrani ; biit thy name simll be Abraham ; for a 
faihor nf many uniioiu have I made thee. 

«l And I will make thee uxcceding fruitful, and 
I will make nations of tiioe; and khigs shall 
come ont of thce^ 

7 i\iid I win estauli«h my covenant between me 
and thee, and tliy seed alter tliee, in tlieir gene- 
rntions, for an everlasting covenant; to oe a 
Gml unto ihec, and to thy seed after thee. 

8 And 1 will give unto thee, apd to thy 
after thee, the land wherein thon art a stranger, 
all llie land nf Canaan, for au everlasting 
session ; and I will be tlieir God. 

9 V And God said unto Abraliam, Tliou shall 
keep my covenant tlierefore, tliou, and thy seed 
after thee, in tlieir gmerailons. 

10 This as my covenant, which ye shall keep, 
between me and you, and thy seed after thee ; 
Every man-child amongyou shall tecirciuncised. 

11 And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your 
foreskin ; and it shall be a token of the covc- 
uanl betwixt mc and you. 

1<^ And he that is eight days old shall be cir- 

camcised dmong you, every man-child in your 

« ceuemtions, he that is bom in the house, or 

bought with money of any stranger, wbicli is 

aot of thy seed. 

13 He that is bom In thy house, and he that is 
tioughl with thy money, must needs be circum- 
cised '. and my covenant shall be In your flesh 
far an everi!»titig covenant. 

14 And the uncircumciscd man-child, whose 
flesh of his foreskin Is not circumcised, that soul 
shall be cut ofl* from his people ', he hath broken 
my covenant. 

l.'t H And God said unto Abraham, As for Sa- 
nd thy wife, thon shalt not call her name Sarai, 
but Snrah sAoil her name b«. 

\6 And I will bless her. and give thee a son 
also of her : yea, I will bless her, and she shall 
be a mQtJker of nations ; kings of people shall be 
of her. 

as GfSd had said HMO Mm. 

94 And Abraham wma vinmf wmn 
iiM.whcn IwwaseirewnciMd.lD iha 
Ma foreskin. 

flesh or 

9S And bhmael hIssoQ MS tMrtaea yeartoM, 
when he was circmncisMl la the flesh of hit 

S6 In the self-same day was Abraham ciiciuii- 
cised, and Islimael his son ; 

97 And all the men of his Mnne, bom In tbn 
house, and bought with money of the suaafer, 
wore circumcised with Mm. 

Jlkrnh«m wmUrtaina tkrm mtftit. 

AND the Lord appeared untp ntm in the 
plains of Mamra: and he sat in the tent- 
door in the beat of tlw day; . 
9 And he lifted up bis eyes mnd looked, and 
lo, three men stood by him : and when he saw 
aim, lie ran to meet them &om the tenHtoor, 
and bowed himself toward the ground. 

3 And said, llv Lord, if now 1 have found fii- 
voiir in thy sight, pa« not away, I ptay thae, 
from thy servmit : 

4 l4et a little water. I pray you, be fetclied, and 
wash your feet, and rest yourselves nnder the 

5 And I will fetch a morsel of bread, and com- 
fort v^ your hearts ; after that ye shall pass on : 
for therefore are ye come to your servant. A ud 
they said. So do, as thou hast said. 

6 And Abraham hastened into the tent untn 
Sarah, and said, Make ready quickly tliree 
measures of fine meal, knead it, and make cakes 
upon the hearth. 

7 And Abraham ranuntothe herd, and fetclied 
a calf tender and good, and gave it unto a young 
man ; and he hasted to dress it. 

8 And he took butter, and milk, and tl)e calf 
which lie had dressed, and set it before Uicm ; 
and he stood by them under the tree, and they 
did eat 

9 ir And they said unto hbn. Where i» Sarah 
thy wife 1 And he said. Behold, In the tent. 

10 And he said, 1 will ecrtainly return unto 
thee accordhig to Uio time of life ; and lo, Sarah 
thy wife sliaH have a son. And Sarah heard 
it in the tent-duor, which was behind him. 

11 Now Abraham and Sarali wers old and well 
stricken in age ; and it ceased to be with Sarah 
after the maimer of women. 

19 Therefore SanUi laughed wltlitn herself, 
sayKtg, After I am waxed oUl shall 1 have plcas- 

n Then Abraham fen upon his face, and "^e, my lord being old also 1 

laughed, and said in his heart, Shall a child be 
bom unto h'lm that is a hundred years oWl anp 
shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear 1 

18 And Abraham saitj unto Cod, O that Ish- 
mn«>I mi|^ Hve before the« : 

19 And God said, Sarah thy wife slmli bear 
thee n son indeed ; and thou shalt call his name 
litaae: and 1 will establish my cbvenant with 
him for an eveHasting covenant, and with his 
serd after Uim. 

9ft And as fo^ Ishmael, I have heard thee: Be- 
lK)ld, I have Messed him, and will make hlni 
fnUtfol, and will multiply him exceedingly: 
twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make 
iiira a great nation. 

91 But my covenant will I establish with Tsaac, 
whom Sarah shall bear unto thee at this set 
tinie in the next year. 

99 And he left ofl" talking with him, and God 
went up from Abraham. 

93 IT And Abrahanrtook Ishmael his son, and 
•n tlmt were born in his house, and all that 
were bongiit with bis money, eveiy male among 

13 And the Lord said unto Abraham. Where- 
fore did Sarah laugh, saying. Shall I of a surety 
bear a child, which am old 1 

14 Is any thing toe hard for tlie Lord ? At the 
time appointed I will rclurn unto thee, accord- 
ing to the time of life, and Sarali shall have a son. 

15 Then Sarah denied, saying. I iaugliod not: 
for she was afraid. And he said, Nay ; but thou 
didst laugh. 

16 And the men rose up from thence, and 
looked toward Sodom: and Abraham went witli 
them to bring them on the way. 

17 IT And the Lord said. Shall I hide from 
Abraham that thing which I do , 

18 Seeing that Abraham shall surely become a 
great and mighty nation, and all tlie i*aiions of 
the earth shall be blessed in him ? 

19 For t know liim, that he will command Ms 
children and his household after him, and they 
shall keep the way of the Loan, to do justice 
and Judgment; that the Loau may bring upon 
Abraham that which be hath spoken of him. 

90 And the IjORd snid, ni^eause the cry of Sod- 

mm ami OwlMinrab If feal, mi 
jikM i9 ymiy grtevMa, 

SI I will go down Mir, tMl Me whether they 
h nvo 4o»e tfNonchcr aeeentlne to the ery of It, 
wMeh Is eone UMo mm\ and if noc, I will kMMT. 

£2 And the men turoed their faeet ftwD theoe^ 
MMi went tAWMd flodeMi: but Abrnhnn sieod 
yet befdie Ihe LoftOc 

•23 II And Abraham drew ncwr, and eaM, Wilt 
ihoff alMdaatroy the dgtahow wtth the wieked 1 

84 Peradventure there be ifty rfghteoui within 
tite city : wiU thM aieo deatref and not epdre the 
Irfaee fhr the fifty rIghteeiM that ere thereto 1 

SS That be far ttam thee to do after thie man- 
ner, to ilay the rlghteouN With the wicked ; and 
that the rtehteoaetbould be as the wieked, that 
bo Air ftom thie: ShaH not the Judge of all the 
earth do right t 

9» And the Leaotaii, ITI find hi 8odom fifty 
TighteoaB whhhi the city, theft I wUl eiieBe all 
' r their ^ 

CBNSSm. SeAna and OmwrrA iutn^ti, 

% And they said, Stand back. And they eaM 
^«<n, This one fOUw came in to eqioam, and 
he wlU neede be a Judge: Now wffl we deal 
w«rM with thee than with them. And they 
pteSM^d tore upon the man, eem Lot, and taam 
near to break tlie door. 

10 But the men put forth their hand, and pulled 
JLot into the himee to them, and shut to the door. 

11 And they emote the men that iMrt at the 
door of the house wlUi blindness, both tmaU and 
great: so that they wearied themselvee to find 
the door. 

19 1 And the men said unto Lot, Hast thou hen 
any besides? son-fn law, and thy sons, and thy 
daugliters, and whatsoever thou hast in the city. 
Vine Om out of this place: 

n Pnr w« will destroy this olace, because the 
^xy E^rthr-m is waxen great before the face of the 
Lnn» ; aiTd the Loan hath sent us to destroy II 

14 Aod U>t went out. and iq^ke unui his soae> 
in law, which married his daughters, and said, 

he iilacefor their saltes. in law, which married his daughters, and said, 

97 And Abraham answetcd hnd said, BeHeM 1 1 ' m get j(»ii out of this iriace ; for the Loan will 

now, I have taken upon me to speitk ttnio the 
I«nlto, which est knt dnst and ashes : 

96 Peradweatare there shall lack five of the fifty 
righteous: wilt thou destroy aR the city for iari 
of five 1 A nd, he said. If I find there forty and 
five, I will noc destroy it. 

99 And he spake unto him yet again, and said» 
Peradventwre there shun he forty found there. 
And he shld, I wRt not do ii for forty*s sake. 

30 And he said uafe him. Oh, let not the Lotti 
be angry, and I wtN s|ieaR: Peradventure there 
shall thmy be foUnfl liiere. And he saM, I will 
not do «. if I find thirty tM^re. 

31 And he said, Behold now, I have taken upon 
ine to speak unto tlie Lord: Peradventure tlier« 
■hall be twenty found thete. And he tflU, I 
T^ll not destroy ii for ttveirty^ sake. 

:)9 And he said. Oh, let not the Lord be ahgry, 
and 1 will speak yet but this once : Peradven- 
ture ten shall be found there. And he said, I 
will not destroy it for ten*s sake. 
33 And the Lord went his way, as soop as he 
had left communing with Abraliam : and Abra- 
ham returned unto his place. 
J^i nUrtaint turo khgeU. 

AND there came two^ angels toSodom at even ; 
hnd Lot sat in the gate of Sodom ; and I^ot, 
seeing cAem, rose Up to meet them ; and he bowed 
himself with his face toward the ground ; 
3 And he said. Behold now, my lords, turn In, 
I pray you, Into yoUr servam'^g house, and tarry 
all night, and wash yoiir feet, and ye shah rlM 
u p early, and go on your ways. And they said, 
Nay ; but we will abide In the street all nkiit 

3 Ami he pressed upon them greatly : and tht<y 
turne<i in unto hhn,.and entered into bis house [ 
and he made tliem a feast, and did bake unleav- 
ened bread, and they did eat. 

4 ^\ Bnt before they lay down, the toen of the 
ciCy, e««ii the men of Sodom, compassed the 
hmise round, both old and young, all the people 
ft-om every quarter : 

5 And they called unto Lot, and said Unto hhn, 

rli'-Mmy diLa chy : but he seemed as one thai 
inirckRd mtio his sons-to-Iaw. 

i& ir And when the momfaig arose, then tho 
athifp],? hastened Lot, saybig. Arise, take thy 
wlri^ itnti thy two daughteis which ait here, lest 
ihi>ii he consumed in the hiiqiiity of the city. 

U Aihl while he Ihigered, the men kid hold 
n^im hM ttaad, and upon the hand of hia wifo, 
find iipi}ii tite hand of his two daughteta; the 
Ln K 13 being merciful unto him ; and they brought 
hiui forth, and set him without the ciqr. 

n And U came to pass, when they bad broughl 
tiK'jki ffinh abroad, tliat he said, Escape for thy 
llf^> tonk not behind thee, neither stay t)iou Ui 
uti i.hf. plain : escape to the mountain, lest thou 
be cnn^^uuied. ' 

H A ii4 Lotiaid unto them, Oh,notso, my I.oid! 

HI BtihoTil now, thy servant hath found gruce 

III iliy tig hi, and thou hast magnified thy mercy, 

IV Itich tliiiu Yaa\ shewed unto me in saving bv 
life : and I tUkWiX escape to the mountaia^ lest 
some evil take me, itnd 1 die : 

90 Behold now, this city if near to fiee unl*, 
and It is a little one : Oh, let me escape thither ! 
(m It not a littl^ one 1) and my soul sbaU live/ 

91 And he said unto him, See, 1 have aeeepted 
thee concerning this thing also, that I will not 
overthrow this city, for the which thou hast 

SI Haste thee, etcRpe thither; for I { 
any thing till thou be come thither: 
the name of the city was called Zoar. 

93 ir The sun was risen upon the earth when 
t40t entered Into SSoar. 

94 Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and 
upon ChMnorrnh brimstone Rnd fire tnm the 
Lord out of heaven ; 

95 And he ovenhrew those clUet, and all th« 
plain, and all the Inbaiikants of the cities, and 
that which grew upon the ground. 

96 tr But bis wife looked back fton 
hfaii(&n<I 9))o became a pillar of salt. 

97 IT And Abraham gat up early In the ^. 
to the place where he stt>od before the Lord 

^hcre are the men which came in to.dieethlsj 98 And he looked' toward Sodom and OomOr- 

night? bring them out unto us, that we may 
know them. 

6 And Lot went out at the door uhto them, 
and shut the door after him, 

7 And said, 1 pray you, brethren, do iu>t so 

8 Behold now, I have two dau{{hters which 
have not known man ; let me, I pray you, brine 
thcni oattinio you, and do ye to than as i* good 
In yottf eyes: only unto these men do nothing; 
for therriloiu came they^nnder the shadow of my 


rah, and toward all the land of the plain, and 
beheld, and lo, the smoke of the country we« 
up as the smoke of a furnace. 

99 If And it came to pasi, when God destroyed 
the cities of the plain, that God remembered 
Abraham, and sent Lot out of the mUlst of thn 
overthrow, when ht oveithtew the citiee In th«' 
which Lot dwelL 

30 IT And Lot went up out of Zoar, and dwMl 
in the mountain, and his two diui^ters wWi 
him : for he feared to dwell in Zourt «nd ht 
(dwelt in a cdve, he, and hia two daughten. , 

3f f Anrf rhe flm-lKint ««i Mio tirt )r«M . . 
Our ftohertfroM, and Oirt ir »oc a mm iotlie 
«inb «• C4MM hi onttt at after tilt HMAotr of all 

3% Cfiae, let as makt our IMmr itirik wtae^ 
aa4 are wNl He wttb llid^ Uuii are any pnnerva 
ar«^«fMiir Hatlier. 

33 An4 tiair maite Uidr flitlNr driak wtaetbat 
Right: ami Utc (irit-kom weal K »d lay arlUi 
fwr fWiher', aod be per e ctred aoi arkea iIm lay 
^wa, iKW iriMn tlie aruee. 

M And it euae to paakoa ilMMloirvear,tliatUie 

firai-bora mid uato the youanr^ B«liold, I lay 

itenviffht wMi my tfkiber: let m anke liUn 

ddak wineilds nlflil aieo ; and gn thoa la, aad 



lie witli bia^ tliat are aiagr prewnraeeed of aar 

K And tkey made thetr father drtak wlae that 
m^diu alM : and the youager aroae, and hty with 
Mm ; and haparecAvad aot arhaa the lay dowa, 
Bor when sheaiata* 

36 Thus were both the daughtera af Lot with 
ehitd hy their fiOhar. 

37 And the fir»^kom baraa nn; and eolled hia 
name Miiab: the tame it tiM father of tlie Mo 
aMiea unto 1Mb day> 

38 And the youagar, the aloo bare a eoa, and 
caUMl hi* nawtt Ben-aattmi : the eame it tlie Ah 
Jhdrof tha cMMren af Ammon unto this day. 

jni'akMM dtnMtk kit wifB, 

AHD Ahratam Joameyed tVom theace toward 
the aouth country, and dwelled between 
KadMh and 8hur, and sojoamed in Geror. 
2 And Abraham said of Sarah hit wife, Sheit 
•ntf filler v And Abhhelceh klag of Gerar ami 
and look Sarah. 
* 3 But God eaoie to Abhnolaeh la a dream by 
alghe, and aaid to Mm, Bohold, thou aH *«l a 
dead man, for the woman which thou hait 
taken: for «he i« a Mdn^i Wifb. 

4 But AbiMdMh bad not come near her : and he 
aafd, l.o«Dy wMiMioa slay aleo a rlghteoutnatlonl 

5 Said he not anto Me, She it my eieter ? and 
ahe, even ilie herself said, He it my brother : in 
liie hneirrlty of my heart ahd faMiOcency of my 
haads hare I done tliit. 

ft And Godeahl aaio hiikihi adream, Yea, I know 
ihat thdb didst this In tho intearity of Ihv heart ; 
for I aiao wfthlieM theofirom slnnhig againat me 
tki!re%ra aufl^rod 1 thee not to touch her. 

7 Naw thc K rf uia la ct one die man hit arife ; ib< 
he u a (imoliet, and he shall pray for the«, and 
ihoa Shalt live: aadifthou restore W not, know 
ihou that thou shall surely dle^ thou and all that 

8Tharefone Abhnelcth rose early in the morning, 
mndcalMallMsaervaals, and cold all those thhiga 
in thetr ears : and ihamen were sore afVaid. 

9 Thoa Abtmrfcch oaHed Abraham, and said 
aato hint, What hast thou dohe unto usi and 
what have I o^id«d thee, that thoa hast brought 
OB me and on my kingdom a great sin 1 thou hast 
dmie deeds rnito me that ought not to be done. 

10 And Abinielech said unto Abraham, What 
aaweM thou, that thou hast done this thing ? 

11 And Abraham saM, Becaase I tboofbt, 
iSnrely the ftar of Qod it not in this place ; and 
tfiey wtil slay me (br my wKe*8 sake. 

13 And yet indaed the ii my sister ; sha i« the 
daughter of my fither, but not the ddugbtar of 
my mdther : and she became my wife. ' 

13 And h came to pa«, when God caused me 
«> wamier from my father's house, that I said 


J wall of water: and she went, and flled the boir 
taild her, This «• thy kindness which thou shah tie with water, and gave the lad drink. 

Miow tthto ase; at ev«ry plaea whither we ahaU 
9ome. say of me. He it my broUier. 
'Mifagd AbldMiMh «s0k sheap, and oiea, and 
Matt-aenrants, and womaiHMrai&ta, and gave 

his wife. 

fore thee: dwell where It 

M And MHO Sarah ha aai^ BahaM, I hmm IN. 
ed thy brother athausanda^sssa af aUvar: W- 
hold, ha is to thee a cavariiM of iha eyaa aaia 
ay that art with th•^ and wSiBaHaMsr; thip 
she was laproved. 

17 V So Abraham prayed aalo Gad: and Gad 
healed Abimelach, and MswUh, aad Mi BMli> 
^mrvaats; and they bare tki Unm , 

18 Far the Lo«» had test aiesed aa aD tha 
wombs of tha house af Abhaaleeh. bacaase af 

7ht §irtM tf it^m» 

AND tha Loaa visHed Sarah as he had sidd, 
and Iha Loaa dM void S^ah as ha had 

t Par Sarah eaae e l v ad , aad bate Abraham a 
son In his old age, at the sec Ihna af whkh Gad 
had Spoken m biai. 

3 Aad Abraham salted Iha naaM of Masoa thai 
was bom unto him, whom Sarah bare to hba, 

4 And AbrahaMclreamelsad Mi aaa baaa, ha- 
Ing eight God hadeaauaandcd Mm. 

5 And Abraham was a huadiad ytu* oM, 
when his son Isaac was herd uMo Mm. 

6 V Aad Sarah saM. God hath made ma to 
laugh, M i*a< all that hear will hmgh arhh aw. 

7 Ami she saM, Who would havasald ualo 
Abraham, that Sarah shiiald havegivaB childrMi 
suck? fori have borne *i» a son un Ms oblige. 

8 And tha child grew, aad was waaaed : aad 
Abroliani made a great feast tha aasw day that 

9 ir A nd Sarah saw the son ofHagar the Bgjrptian, 
which she hod tiorae undo Abraham, mocking. 

10 Wherefore she said imto Abraham, Cast out 
"' boad-womaa, aad her son : for the aoa of 

boad-aromaa rittH not be hair with my Mm, 
ro<a with Isaac 

11 Aad tlie thing was vary griavoui In Abra- 
ham's sight, beoause of his aoa. 

n^r Aad God said ualo Abraham. Lech not 
bo grievoas ia thy sight, bacauie of tha lad, and 
because of thy bondwoman ; in all that Sarah 
hath saM UBio thee^ hearken anto lier voice: for 
in Isaac shall thy seed be called. 

13 Aad also of the son of the boad-womaa will 
I make a nation, because he it thy seed. 

14 And Abraham rose up ear^ in the moniing, 
and took bread, aad a borne of water, aad gave 
it unto II agar (putting tl on her shoulder) aad 
the chiM, and seAt tier dway : and she departed, 
and Wandered in the arilderaem of Beer^sheba. 

15 Aad the waMr was speut hi the bottle, aad 
she cast the chlli^dcr one of the shrubs. 

16 And slie weat, and sat her down over 
agains/. him,' a good way off, as it were a bow- 
shot : for she said, Let me not see the death of 
the child. And she sat, over against Ats^ aid 
lifted apher vofc», and wepc* 

17 And God heard the voice of the lad : and 
the angel of God edited to Hagar out of heaves, 
and said unto her. What aihNh thee, Hogor t 
Fear .not ; for God both heanl tilt voice of 
the lad where he it. 

18 Arise, Kft up the lad, and hold him hi thy 
hand : for I win make hfan a great hatioa 

19 And God opened her eyea, and the aaw a 

50 And God was with the lad; aadliefrew,and 
dwelt in the wiJdeniess, and became an archer. 

51 AadhedweUhnhawihiermimof Paron : ai^ 
hismother took himawifooatof the laadofSiM^. 


Mima9af»€99i*»mtwHkMrMkMm, GENESIS. Mr^Um UM»e4 ggm 

tS V And it came to pfew at that time, that AM- 1 18 And h« said, T^y not thine hand u|ion tha 
KMflcch and Phicliolihe chief cnptain of hit hoAiInd, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now 
•pake unto Abrnhani, aaylug, God it with ihce 1 Icnow that thou fearest God, seeing thoa haal 
In ail that thira docst : not withheld thy son, thine only «mi, fnm mt, 

t3 Now therefore swear unto me here hy God, ]3 And Abrahanf lifted up his eyes, and look- 

that thott wihnot deal Oilsely with nie, nor with ed, and belioM. behind Am a ram caught In • 
my son, nor with niv snn'ssnn : kut according to, thicket by his horns: And Abraham went and 
the kindness tliat I have done unto thee, tliou took the ram, and ofl^red hhn up for a burnt of- 

Shalt do unto umi, and to tiie land wherein thoulfcrtng in the stead of his son. 

ban sojourned. I U And Abraham called the name ofthat ptaea 

94 And Abraham said, I will swear. Jehovah^ireh : as it is saM to Uiis day, In th^ 

SS And Abraliaiu re|Nroved Abimelech because ! mount of the Loan it shall be seen, 
of a well of water, which Abimelech*s servants* 151( And the angel of the Loan called unto 
tend violently taken away. Abraham out of heaven -the second time, 

etf And Abimelech said, I wot not who bathj 16 And said. By mytelfiiave I sworn, sa^ the 
done this tIAng: neitiicr didst thou tell me, j Loan, for because tliou hast done this thing, and 
nriihcr yet heanl I •/ >(, but to-day. bast not withheld thy son, thine only «•» ; 

37 And Abraham took siieep and oxen, and! 17 Tliat in blessing 1 will blessthee, and in mul- 
gnve tlieni unto Abimelech: and both of thcm^ti|>lying I will multiply thy seed as the sUra of 
made a covenant {the heaven, and as the sand which it upon iht 

58 And Abraham sot seven ewe-lambs of Uie sea-shore ; and thy se«id shall poMOSs the gate of 
flock by tliemselves. [his enemies ; 

59 And Abiuielcch said unto Abraham, Wiiat 18 And in thy seed shall all the nations of the 
mean these seven ewe-lamba, which tiiou bast 'earth be blessed ; because thou hast obeyed my 
set bv themselves 1 {voice. 

30 And lie said, Foi tA0M seven ewe-Iambs shall 19 So Abraham returned unto bis young men, 
thou take of my hand, that they may be a wit-! and they rose up, and went together to Beer- 
ness unto me that I have digged this well. tsheba ; and Abraham dwelt at Beer-sheba. 

31 Wlierefore he called that place Bee^sheba ; 90 If And it came to pass after these things, thai 
because tliere they sware both of them. It w^as told Abraham, saying. Behold, Mllcah, oh* 

33 Thus they made a covenant at Beer-sheba : 'hnCh also borne children unto thy brother Nahor: 
then Abimelech rose up, and Phichol tlie chief I 91 Huz hi^ first-born, and Buz his brother, and 
captain of his host, and they returned into the Kemuel tlie father of Arank, 
land <if the Philistines. 39 And Chesed, and Ilazo, and FUdash, and 

33 H And Abrtkvm planted a grore In Beer-IJidlanh, and Bethuel. 

slicba, and called there on the name of the 
l<oan, tlie everlasting God. 
M And Abraham sojourned in the Philistines' 
hiiid many days. 

CHAP. XXII. hash, and Maachah. 

83 And Bethuel begat Rebekah: these eight 
Milcah did bear to Nahor, Abraham's brother. 

94 And his concubine, whose name was Rea-* 
mah, slie bare also Tebah, and Gaham, and Tlis- 

Trial of JlbrdUm'tftntk. 

AND it'caiiie to pass aftnr these things, that 
God did ttmpt Abraham, and said lilito liim, 
Ahraliani : And he said, Belioid, kert I am, 
? And he said. Take now thy son, thine only 

CHAP. xxm. 

Death ami kurial of St^tk. 

AND Sarah was a hundred and seven nn4 
twenty yean old : tkett were the years ot 
the life of Sarah. 

Moit liMiac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into] 9 And Sarah died In Klijath-arba ; the same ^# 
tlic land of Moriah; and offer him there for a Hebron in tlie land of Canaan : And Abraham 
burnl-oflering upon one of the mountains wiilcli came to mourn for Sarali, and to weep for her. 
I will tell tliee of. I 3 IT And Abraham stood up from before hhi 

3 ir And Abraliam rose up early In the morning, 'dead, and spake unto the sons of Heth, saying ,^ 
and saUdlud liis ass, and took two of Ids young i 4 1 am a stranger and a sojourner with you : ^v« 
men with Irim, and Isaac his son, and clave tiiefme a iKMseasion of a burying-plaoe with you. 
wufid for the biirnt-oflbring, and rose up, and that I may bury my dead out cm my sight. 

went unto the place of whioli God had told him. j -5 And tlie children of Heth answered Abr»> 

4 I'lien on tiie third day Abraham lifted up his ham, saying unto him, 

eyes, and saw tlie place afar oflT. 6 Hear us, my lord ; thou art a mighty prince 

5 A lid A liraliam said unto his young men. Abide .among us: in tlie choice of our sepulclires biirv 
yelierc witii the ass, and I and tlio lad will go Uiydead: none ofussiiallwItliholdAom thee hto 
yoiiiler and worship, and 40iut again to you. ....---.. 

6 And Abraliaui took^the wlbd of the bumt- 
ofliiring, and laid f( upon Isaac his sou ; and he i 

to<»k the fire in h6 hand ami a knife : and they 
went both of tliein togetlier. 

7 And Isaac spake unto Abraham his fiitber, 
and said, My father : and he said. Here •« I, my 
■pu. A nd he said, Behold the fire and the wood : 
int where it the lamb for a bunit-ofl'ering 1 

H And Abraham said, My son, God will provide 

sepulchre, but that thou mayest bury thy <)ead. 

7 And Abraham stood up and bowed himself to ' 
the people of the land, even m the children of Hetk. 

8 And lie communed with them, saying. If it be 
your mind Uiat I sliould bury my dead out of my 
sight, hear me, and entreat for me to Ephron the 
son of Zohar, 

9 Tliat he may give me the cave of MachpeUib, 
whicii he hath, which it in tlie end of his field ; 
for as much money as it is worth he shall give it 

hinifBlfJMamb for a burnt-ofiering : so thcyjme, foraposscssionofaburying-placeamongyoia. 
w0nt hdmof tliein togcUier. | 10 And Enhroii dwelt among tiie clilldren of 

9 And they caiiu! to the place which God had* Heth. And Ephron tlie Ilittite answered Abra- 

told him of; and Abraiiaiii built an altar there, 
and laid the wood In onler ; and bound Isaac hhi 
son, and laid hlin on the altar u|)ou the wood. 

10 And Abraham stretched fortli his hand, and 
inok the knife to slay his son. 

11 And the angel of the Loan called unto him 
out of heaven, ami said, Abraham, Abraliam. 

ham in the audience of the children of Hetli, s 
of all that went in at the gate of his city, saytng, 

11 Nay, my loni, hear me : tlie field give I thoe, 
and the cave that it tlicrein, 1 ^ve It thet; tai 
the presence of the sons of my people 0w I It 
thee: bury thy dead. 

19 And Abraliam bowed down himaclf belbit 
the people of the UuMl. 

IS f And li eMM to |__, 

■peakiag, Uimi belM»ld, Rd^k^h aum out, wlw 
WMborn to Betimet, cm of MUeah, iIm wife oT 

»mmk ^ MuiptUL CHAP. XXIV. MrsUmTi ^Trti^lf 

«3A«d be^MkeiintoBphnMitlbeaiMKMieeiuii 1 iHD ghre lliy eaiMit MMk iIm : In «• 
•f lie people of tb« land, Mylnr, But if tlMm Witt, fAaM *« ■he ii«i Uioa hM am^^ 
0i90it, l.pray thee, bear me: I- will give ibeeivant Isaac; aiid Uierebjr ihall I know Umi llm 
Moaey for the lieM : take a of me, and I will liaat shewed klndneM nntoiny 
kary my dead tlM^re. " " *-^ ' 

14 And Eptiron answered Abraluun, sayinf 
aotofaimt , , _ _„^ ^ 

15 My lord, hearken tmto mff : the land it mrth Nahoff Abraham's brother, wkh her pilcbir apoa 
Cow hundred sliekehi of diver ; what is that be-l her sbouMer. 

urixtjue and thee? bnry therefore thy dead. 16 And the damsel was very fldr to look vmu 

16 And Abraham hearkened unto Bphron, and a virgin ; neither had any awn known her : and 
Abraham weighed to Ephron tlie silver whieh she went down to the well, and Ailed her pitcher, 
he had named in the audience of the sons ofjand eame up. 

HetiK four hundred siiekels of silver, current 17 And the servant ran to pseei her, and said. Let 

m^nev with the merchant. me, I pray thee, drink a little water of thy pitcher. 

17 11 And the Held of Buhron. which was in 18 And she said, Drink, my k>rd: and she hasl- 

Machpelah, which wa» before Mamre, the Aeld ed, and km down her pitcher upon her hand, apd 

and the cave which wa§ therein, and all the 
trees that were in the field, that were In all tlie 
bordefs round abtMit, were made sure 

18 Uato Abrah.'un for a poemsslon In the pre- 
seace of the children of lleth, before all that 
vent In at tlie gate of hitf city. 

19 And" after this, Abraham buried Sarah his 
wife In the cave of the Aeltl of llachpelah, before 
Msmre : the same it Hebron in tlie laiul of Canaan. 

SO And the fleM, and the cave tliat ts therein 

were made sure unto Abraham tm a possession 



Jl wift ^tnght ftr Itaac. 

AMD Abraham was old nd weU stricken In 
ace: and the Loatf bad blessed Abraham 

«r a burvtng-place. by the sons of llei 

2 And Abraham said unto his eldest servant of 
bis bouse, that ruled over all Uiat he had, Put, 1 
prav thee, thy hand under my thigh : 
. 3 And 1 will make thee swear by tlie Loki>, the 
Gad of heaven, and tlie God of Uie earth, that 
thon Shalt not take a wifo unto my son of the 
dtaehtersoftlieCaiuinnites among whom I dwell: 

4 But ihou shall go uMo my coiHitry, and to my 
kindred, and take a wife unto my son Isaac. 

5 And the servant said unto him. Perailventure 
the woman will not be willing to follow nie unto 
this land : must I peeds bring thy son again unto 
the land fWrni whence thou earnest 7 

6 And Abraham eaid unto him, Beware thou, 
that titou bring not my aon tliither again. 

7 HvTbe Lord God of heaven, which took me 
ftom niv father*8 house, and IVom tlie land of 
ny kindred, and which spake nnto me, and tliat 
sware unto me, saying, Unto Uiv seed will I give 
this land : be shall send liia angel before tliee, and 
thoo Shalt take a wife unto my son from thence. 

8 And if the woman will not be willing to fol- 
low thee, then tliou slialt be clear from this mUe 
oath ; (Mily bring not my son tliitlier again. 

9 And the servant put his hand under the thigh 
Of Abraham his master, and sware to him con- 
cerning that matter. 

10 IT And tlie servant took ten camels, of the 
camels of his mastef, and departed ; (for all the 
foods of his master wert in his hand ;) and be 
arose, and went to Mesopotamia, unto the city 
•f Ifahor. 

11 And he made bis camels to kneel down with- 
eat the city by a well of water, at the !iine of 
the evening, eMn the time that women go out to 
draw water : 

12 IT And he said, O Lord God of my master 
Abraham. I pray thee, send me good speed this 
day, andshewhindneasuntomy master Abraham. 

13 Behold, (Itand here by the well of water; 
and the daughters of the men of the city come 
out to draw water : 

14 And let it come to pass, that the damsel to 
whom I ahall'say. Let down thy pitcher, I pray 
ihee, that 1 may drink i and she ahaU say , Driak , 

gave him drink. 

19 And when she had done glvbig him drink, 
slie saM, 1 will draw walsr for thy caaiels also, 
until they have done drinking. 

90 And she hasted, and emptied her idtcher into 
the trough, and ran again unto the well to draw 
w«(«r, and drew for all his camels. 

31 And the man, wondering at her, held hie 
peace, to wit whether the Lord bad made Ua 
journey prosperous, or not. 

S3 And it came to pass, aa the camels had dont 
drinking. Uiat Uie man took a foMen ear-ring, of 
half a sliekel weight, and two braceleu for her 
hands of ten tktkelt weight of goM, 

93 And said. Whose daughter trt thou 7 lell om, 

[ pray thee : is there room im tliy fhther's house 
for us to lodge In 7 

84 And she said unto hhn, I asi the daughter of 
Bethuei the son of Milcah, which she bare unto 
Nahor. ^ 

35 She said, BM>reover, onto him, We have both 
straw and provender enough, and room to todge In. 

96 And the man bowed down his head, and 
worshipped tlie Lord. 

97 And he said, Blessed Isthe Lord God of my 
master Abraliam, who hath hot left destitute my 
master of his mercy and his uuth : 1 being hi the 
way, the Lord led me to the house of my mas- 
ter's brethren. 

And the damsel jan, and told them tif her 
mother's house these things 
99 If And Rebekali had a brother, and hia name 
was Lallan: and Laban ran out unto the man, 
unto ilie well. 

30 And It came to pass, when he saw the ear- 
rbig, and bracelets upon his sister's hands, and 
when he lieard the words of Rebekah his sister, 
saying, ^lus spake the man unto me ; that he 
came unto the man, and behold, be stood by the 
camels at the well. 

31 And he said, Come In, thou blessed of the 
Lord, wherefore staiidest thou without? for t 
have prepared thtfhoiise, a«d room for the camda. 

33 And Uie man came into the house : and be 
uiigirded his camels, and gave straw and proven* 
der for the camels, and water to wash his feel« 
and the men's feet that were with him. 

33 And there was set meat before him to eati 
but he said, I will not eat until I have told mine 
errand. And he said, Speak on. 

34 And he said, I am Abraham's sen'aht. 

35 And the Lord hath blessed my master great- 
ly, and he is become great : and he hath given 
him flocks, and herds, and silver, and gold, and 
men-servants, and maid-servants, and camels, 
and asses. 

36 And Sarah, my master's wlfo, ^re a son to 
my master when she was old : and unto bbn hath 
he given all that he hath. 

37 And my master made me swear, saying, Thoa 
Shalt not take a wife to my son of the daughteit 
of the Caaaanites, In whose land 1 dwell : 


l» mv kindred, mm takm a wtffe oMo my won. 
a$ Ami 1 mui uiito aqr nuMier^ Peradvenureilie 
^-1 wiHBotfolliSw 


4» Aad k& «ttid uMo me, The LomD. tefbre 
whom i waik, will Mml liit ui8*l with flme. and 
frraiMr ihy w«r; Afid thou ■baltftli* a wife (W 
«itf fM of my iqndred, and W mjr fluiitr*B iMNiM. 

41 TlwB Shalt thou be elear fVom tkm Mtae •all^ 
wbenMrncoraeetiomrkiadred; andirilKytiire 
npt thdb •110^ UioH ahatt be dear ftmn my oau. 

49 And I came tWeday imto iJie weU. and Mid^ 
O liORD God of my master Abraham, iraow thea 
4n pr^iper my way wMcli I go : 

43Behnld,litaiidkftlieweil of water; and K 
•baH eome to paM, tliat when tlM viifin cometh 
<hrdi Uf draw watery and I eay lo bar, €f ve me, I 
phiy thee, a attle water of thy pitcher to driali ; 

44 Aiid the M^ to me, Both drinit thou, and 1 
wHI alM) drairlbr thv camels : M the same ^ the 
woman whom the Loan hath apfuiated out for 
ifty master*a son. 

45 And before I had done speaking in mine 
hKart, behold, Rebelcah came Ihrth with her 
pitcbor OH her shoalder; and she weat down 
jiiito the well, and drew mmim' : and I said nnio 
hnr, Lf:i me drink, I pray thee. 

46 A nd she sMde haste, and let down her pHcher 
frnui her sA i rfrfrr , «nd said, Drink, and I win 
five ibv camels drink also : so Idraak, and sh|i 
niiule tlie camels drink also. 

47 And 1 asked her, mid said. Whose dniwhter 
mri ttiou 1 And she said, The daughter of BetmieL 
Nuhor's son, whom HUcah bare unto him : and 

ibey Mte upon thacMiMs. and foRnwad Ike mM t 
and the servant took KebHuli, and want IMaway. 
tt And Isaac* came ftmn the W9f oftMewel 
Labai-rel; ior he dweh tn the somb eoanoy. 

63 And Isaac went nut to meditate In the lleM 
M the even-tide : and he NAed np his eyei, ttid 
saw, and behold, the camels tNr« oominc. 

64 And Rebekah lifted ap her eyes, and wh«n 
she saw Isaac, slie Nghied offtheaamel. 

65 For shekod saM nnio the servant, WhatmaR 
«tthhilhatwalfc)ethinihe6eldiomeecns1 And 
the servant Aad said. It is my masiei 
she mok a vail and covered herself. 

W And the servant loM Isaac aU thh^s that M 
bad done. ' ^ 

67 And Istac broiwht her into his mother 8a- 
Mirs tent, and fkiDk Hebekah, and siie became hii 
wife ; aad he loved her : and Uaac wascomfottsd 
after hit mother's detok. 

Jtbrmh mm 't dmik m»d hmrtti. 

THEN ^aitt Abraham took a wilb, aad het 
name was Keturak. 

9 And she bare hbn Zimran, and Joktban, and 
Medan, and Midian, and Isbbak, aad Bhuab. 

aAndJ«»kshnabefat£Hieba,aadDedan. Ami 
the eons of Pedan were ^ashwrim, and Letusfaim, 
and Leiimmim. 

4 And the sons of Midian; Bphah, and Ephes, 
and Hanoch, and Abid^, and Ehlaith. All 
these w«r« the children of Keturahw 

Sir And Abraham gaveall that he had vnio bane. 

6 But unto the sons of the concubines whteli 
Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and aent 

I |Mit the ear-ring upon her ftice, and the brace- them away from Isaac his son (while he y^l 

Idu Upon her hambk 

48 And 1 bowed down my head, and wonhlppe^ 
tlic Lord, and blessed the Loan Qod of my 
uinster Abraham, which had M me in the right 
way to take my master's brother's daaghter unto 
hiii Mon. 

49 And now if ye will deal kindly and tmly 
wiih my master, tell me: and if not, tell me; 
timt 1 may turn to the right hand, or to the left. 

.'iO Then Laban and Bethuel answered, and said, 
'IHie thing proccedetli fVom the Loan : we can- 
not speak imto thee bad or good. 

.51 Behold, Bebekab it befbre thee, take A«r, 
»iid go, and let' her be thy master's son's wife, as 
UiC Lord hath spoken. 

5^ And it came to pass, that, when Abraham^s 
servant heard their words, he' worshipped the 
Lord, hatoing kimseU to the eaith. 

53 And the servant brought forth jewels of sil- 
ver, and Jewels of imld, and raiment, and gave 
them to Rebekah. He gave also to her brother 
and to her mother precious thinn. 

54 And Uiey diil oat and drink, lie and the men 
that were wltli him, and tarried a|l night ; and 
they rofic up in tlie morning, #od he said. Bend 
me away unto my roaster. 

55 And lier brother and her mother said. Let the 
tlauiscl abide with us a few days, at the least ten 
a filer that she shall go. 

56 And he said unto them, Hinder me not, see 
ing tlie LoRp hath prosper^ my Way : send me 
kway, that I may goto my master. 

57 And they said, We will call the damse), and 
liiquire at her mouth. 

58 And ihey called Rebekah, and said unto her, 
Wllf thou go with this man 1 And she said, I 
will go. 

59 And they tent away Rebekah their sister, and 
hor nurse, and Abraliam's servant, and his men. 

60 Aad they blessed Rebekah, and said unto 
ner, Thou mrt our sister ; be thou the wtotker of 
thonsanda of millions, and let thy seed ^ 
the gate of thdte which hate them. 

61 1 Atid Rebekah arose, and her dunsdb, and 

lived) eastward, unto the east country. 

7 And these are the days of the years of Ahrft< 
lam's life whteh he lived, a hundred threescore 

aiM fifteen years. 

8 Then Abraham gave up the ghost, and died 
in a goed old age, an oM man. and AiU 0ffemr§ ; 
and was gathered to bis peonle. 

tl And his sons Isaac and Ishmael burled him !« 
the cave of Macbpelah, in the field of Ephron tiie 
son of Zohar the Bittite, which is before Mamre ; 

10 The tieid which AI>rabam purdmsed of the 
sons of Ueth : there was Abraham buried, and 
Sarah hU wife. 

11 IT And it came to pass after the death of 
Abraham, that God blessed his son Isaac: and 
Isaac dwelt by the well Lahal-roL 

13 1r Mow these are the generations of Ishmael, 
Abraliam's son, whom Hagar the Egyptian, 
Sarah's liandmaid, bare unto Abraham. 

13 And these ore the names of the sons of Uh* 
mael, by their names, according to their genera- 
tions: the firstborn of Ishmael, Nebi^oth; and 
Kedar, and Adbeelj and Mibsam, 

14 And Mishma, and Dumah. and Massa, 

15 Hadar, and Tema, Jetur, Kaphish, and Kn- 

16 These are the sons of Ishmael, and these mre 
their names, by their towns, and by their castles ; 
twelve princes according to their nations. 

17 And these are tlie 3 ' '" '"' 
mael: a hundred and 1 
and he jave up the ghost 
^thered unto his people. 

18 And they dwelt from Havflah onto Shnr, tKlkt 
i$ before Ewpt, as thou gocst toward Assyria : 
and he died in tlie presence of all his brethren. 

10 ir And these ore the cenerations of laaae. 
Abraham's son : AbrWiam begaljsaae : 

90 And I^aac was forty years oil when betook 
Rebekah to wife, the daughter of Bethuel the 
Syrian of radaA-aram, the riater of Laban tiM 

81 And Isaac entreated the Loftn for his wUb, 

lecadse lib/e tOBs banen ; and die Ldtn Wks en 

years of the life of lsh> 
thirty and seven years: 
host and died, and waa 


MMftV Himmti AmI. 



treiMd ^fMmrMni RfltafcabMi «4fe «iMMelv«i. 
e And the children itniggled to«tih«r mkkm i 
|ier:«iMl<«lie«akl, k* ie *« «^ wlqr m 1 Arm t M«wf>« Mn : 
»i»d«h«*»«witO'ins»ire«filieLoiiD. '• *--• "- 

«l And the L.OIID mM imiM ber, Twe i 
ve <fi tiiy womk, w4 two manner ef people 
shall be eeponited flroio thy bowels : and U« mu ^on of herds, and ptm ■toffmrMli: Afl4 

Mopteidiall IM 

etreiMer than tkt •tktr people ; 

„ iH leHrethe younMr. 

tlU ATid>wlienherdar»ii»bedeH' 

18 nMn Isaaewwed kKhattand, and weelwid 
inthe taniA year a hundrvd-fohl: and dn Um» 

13 And tbe man waied fieal, and w«M Hv- 
want, and frew nattl lie beeaaie iwy fPtat : 
M FW beted poiMsiloa of iocke, aad poMP- 

fMfkWed, ^irtwld, l»«H» ww^ twine In ber wen*. 
25 And the ftrel came oat red, all xmk Mite a 
baity earmMt: and tliey called Ms name Esau. 
m Attd after that came his %rot}Kr em, aad Ms 
hand took hold <m Esau's heeT; and his name 
was cqUed Jacob: and Isaac «a« threescore 
ycara <M when she bare ihem. 
«7 Airi the boys grew: and Esau Wis acon- 
nioff iiunter, a man of the fleid ; and Jacob was 
a plain man dwellUnrln tents. 
98 And Isaac loved Esau, because he did eat of 
lit reniaon : bnt Rebekah loved Jicob. 
>» W And Jacob sod pottaae : and Baau came 
from the field, and he waa faint. 

30 And Esau aaid to Jacob, Peed me, 1 pray 
tliec, with that name red pottage ; for 1 «« firint : 
therefore was his name calM fidmn. 

31 And Jacob 8aUl,Selluiclhisdaythy birthright. 
83 And Esau said. Behold. I am at the point to 

die- and what pTofitfhanthisblrthriglitdotonfel 
33 And Jacob said, Swear to me this day ; and 
lie sware unto liim : and he sold hia birthright 
auto Jacob. 

tlie PliUtattaes cMted Mm. 
14 F^ aN theweHa whiab Mi fMiM^ aervMM 
hod diiiged in thed^ra ef Abtahaai Ma tmm^ 
the Fnmattaei badaioppad tba«, aad4Uied tlNM 
with earth. 

16 And Abimelech aaM onto laaae, Ge froai m : 
An* ihoa art much migMer than we. 

17 H And laaac depaifed theuee. and pMNi 
lita tent in the valtey of^lerar, aad dweK Hmub. 

18 Aad laaac dlmi agatai Hie wella of water 
which they had dHorMl tn the d«w of AWatnn 
hia faUier ; for the PhiUattoea b«l atopaad tlMM 
after tlje death oT Abraham : and be ealled their 
names aAer the naniei by which bla fatlier ha4 

19 And IsaaOi aervania dfcfBd In the irilfl|h 
and found there a wifH of apringlnc W«ter. 

SO And the herdmen of Qerar did airlve WftH 
laaac'a herdmen, laying, The water <• oark: 
and he called the name of the well Eaek ; be- 
CRuae ihev strove with him. 

91 And diey dlgjpid another wall, and auovefbr 
that alao : an4l he called the nam« of It Sttnab. 

93 And he removed ftom thence, and dlgge4 
another well ; and ft>r (hat they atrove not! ami 
he called the name of it Rehoboth ; and he aald. 

M Then Jacob gave Eaau bread and pottage of For now the Loan hath made room for ua, ami 
fenUlea ; and lie did eat and drink, and roae up, — -^-^ »"- '-*•*'"' *- ••" '"-^ 
aad went iiia way : Unit Eaau daapiaed hit 

Jsaae sojounutk in Oerar. 

Abraham. And laaac went unto Abtmcledi 
king ot the Pljllistinea unto Gerar. 

2 And the Loao appeared ufiui him, and aald. 
(io not down into Egyi>t'. dwell in the land 
wWcb I alian tell thee oC _. ^ ^ 

3 Sftioum in thia land, and I win be with thee, 
and will bleaa thee : for unto thee, and unto Ihy 
seed I will give all these countries, and 1 wili 
perfonn the oath Which I aware unto Abraham 
tliy father ; 

4 And 1 will make tliy seed to multiply as the 
uaiB of neaven, and will give unto tliy seed all 
the&e couMtriea : and lu thy aeed ahatl all the 
naiiona of the earth b«i blessed : 

5 Because that Abraham ob«yed my voice, and 
kept lay eliACge, my conunondmenta, my aiauites, 

6 IT And Isaac dwell in Gerar 

7 And the men of the place asked kim of hia 
wifei and Jie aaid. She ia my stetcr: for he 
feared » a^, 5*e ia my wife ; lee^, said *^ the 
men of the place should kill me for Rebekah ; 
because she was fkfr to look u;xm. 

8 And it came to ftaaa when he had been ttiere 
a k»^ time, that Abtinelecli kUig of the Philistines 
kmked out at a window, and aaw, and behold, 
Isaac wca aporting witii Rebekab hia wife. 

And Abnneleeh called Isaac, a^nd aald, 3e- 

we diall be fruitful in the land. 
83 And he went up from thence to BeerfhdMk 
9i And the l^oao app^wed amo him the same 
light, and said, I am the God of Abraham thy 
father: fear not, for 1 ow with thee, and will 
ND ihCTC wwa famine in the land, bes»dca, bless thee, and muttiply thy aeed tor my acrvani 
.the first famine that was »" the. day^ of A^rnh^am^s s^^^ 

on tiie name of the Lord, and pitched his teul 
there : and theie Uaac*a servanta dicged a well. 
26 K Then Abimelech Went to him from Gerar, 

|»old,of a auaety ahe ta thy wife ; andhow saidst 
llMia, Bb« it my alatert And laaac i 
Mmt Becaoae I eaid, tieal \ die for her. 

10 And Abimelech aoid. What w thia them hut 
done tinni ual on« of tte people; nHght liahtJy 
have lain with tby wifo, and thou abouldeat 
have brotigbt c^iHIneaa upon ua. 

U ABdXblmelecb charged aU «;.pe»gf. »?: 
faig, Ha that touclieth^hla mm wt hia wife tiiai) 
aorevbeirat to death. 

!20 Ti ^1 nen ADinieiecii vreiii. lu imii iiiuii uciar* 

and Ahnzzath one of hia fVicnda, and Phlcbol 
tlie chief captain of his army. 
37 And laaac aaid onto them, Wherefbre coma 
yc to me, seeing ye hate mc, and have sent me 
away fr«Mii you 1 ^ 

98 And they s(fld. We saw telrtahily that the 
LoftD was with thee : and vm iaid. Let iliere b« 
now an oath betwixt ua, even t>cta'ixt ua aad 
thee, and let us make a c<Mwnant with thee : 
30 Thai thou will do us no hurt, as we liave not 
touched thee, and as We have done unto thee 
nothing but goo^, and have sent thee away in 
peace : thou art now the blessed of the Lord 

30 And he mad« them a feast, and they did cat 
and drink. 

31 And th6y roae up betimes ht the morning, 
ami sware one to another: and Isaac sent theia 
away, and they departed f^om him in peace. 

32 And it came to pass the same day, that 
Isaac's servants came and told him concerning 
the well which they had digged, and aaid unto 
him, We have fbUnd water. 

33 And he called it Siiebah : therefi>re the aaroa 
of the city is Beer-aheba unlo tbta day. 

34 tt And Esau was foriy ycara old when h^ took 
to wife Judith tlie daughter of Beeri the Hittite, 
and BaahemaUi the do^iter of £lon the tlittite t 

"^ Which were agrieif of miad unto laoacaad 
to R fti'^i kyb- 


Isaac sendetk iBsau/or venison. 

AliD it came to paas, t<»at when Isaac waa 
old, and his ey^ were dim* so that he •««> d 
not aec/tie called Baau hib ddeat aon. and said 

•MO Ma, My MMi: and lie Mid uuto lUns Be- 

Y^ A«r< M I. 
And he taid, Beliold now, I am old, 1 know 
•01 tho day of my death : 

3 N<«w therefore take, 1 pray thee, thy weapons, 
«hy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, 
•M take me $owu veniaon ; 

4 And make me aavoury meat, iueb as 1 love. 
andbrhigt<tome.tkatlniayeat; thatmyaoul 
Miay Meat thee beANre 1 die. 

5 And Rebekah heard wbeii laaac ipake to 
Etan hie aon : and Esau went to the field to bunt 
far veaiaon, mul to brine H. 

o f 'And Rebekah spake unto Jacob her son, 
ioyinf , BehoM, 1 heard thy father speak unto 
Bsau thy ^n»ther« saying, 

7 Bring me venison, and make roe savoury 
aieal, thai 1 may eat, and bleas thee, before the 
I<«R», before toy death. 

8 Now therefore, u%y son, obey my voice, ac- 
cording to that which 1 command thee. 

9 Go now to the flock, and fetch me from thence 

£«te OtMlMisa Ma. 
en,.aiid the HiOmm of the earth, and plenty eC 
com and wine: 

89 Let people serve thee, and natioiia bow down 
to thee: be lord over thy bnthsen, and let thy 
mother*8 sons bow down to thee : cursed *« 
every one that cuiseth thee, and blessed k he 
that blesseth thee. 

30 f A nd i t came to pasf, as sooa as Isaac had 
made an end of Uessiug Jacob, and Jacob was 
vet searee gone out fVoro the preaeaoe of Isaae 
hia father, that Esau hia brother caoM in ftoaa 
his hunting. 

31 And he also had made savoury meat, and 
brought it unto hift father; and said unto his 
father, Let my father arise, and eat of his soa*« 
venison, that thy aoul may bless me. 

3S And Isaac his fluher said unto liim, Who «H 
thout And be said, I am tlgrsou, thy first-born, 

33 And Isaac trembled very exceedingly, and 
said. Who 1 where u he that hath taken veni- 
son, and brought it me, and I have oaten of all 

Iwo good kids of tlie goats ; and I will make them before thou earnest, and have blessed him 1 yea, 

aavoury meat fur tliy father, such as he toveth : 

10 And thou shall briug it to tliy Auher, that he 
may eat, and tltat ho may bless thee baore hia 

11 And Jacob said to Rebekah bis mother. Be- 
hold, Bsau,my brother it a baUy man, and I mm 
a smooth man : 

12 My father peradventuie will feel me. and I 
•hall seeiu to iiira as a deceiver; aud 1 shall 
bring a curse upon me, and not a blessing. 

13 And his mother said unto blin. Upon me kt 
thy cnrse, my son ; only obey my voice, and go 
letch,me <Ami. 

14 And he went, and fetched, and brought thtm 
to his moUier: and his mother made savoury 
meat, such as his father loved. 

15 And Rebekah took goodly raiment of her 
eUeatsou Bsau, which were with her in the liouse, 
and put them upon Jacob her younger sou : 

10 And she put the skins of tlie kids of the goats 
uiMMi his bauds, and upon the smooth of his neck : 

17 Aiui she gave the savoury meat and the 
Vrend, which she had prepared, into the hand of 
her son Jacob 

18 H And became unto his father, and said. My 
fiitlier. And he said, Here am I ; who §rt thou, 
my son t 

19 And Jacob said unto his fttther. I am Esau 
thy first-born ; I have done according as thou 
badest me : arise, I pray thee, sit and eat of my 
venison, tliat tliy aoul may bless me. 

SBO And Isaac said hcto his son, How it it that 
Ihou hast found it so quickly, my son 1 And he 
said, Because the Lord thy God brought it to me. 

91 And Isaac said unto Jacob, Cume neai^, I 
pray thee, tlmt I may feel thee, my aon, whether 
tliou be my very son Esau, or not. 

92 And Jacob went near unto Isaac his fbtber 
and be felt him, and said. The voice it Jacob's 
voice, but the hands art the hands of Esau. 

S3 And he discerned him not, because his bands 
were hairy, as his broUier Esau's hands : so he 
blessed him. 

94 And he said, ^rt thou my very son Esau? 
And he said. I am. 

95 And he said. Bring it near to me, and I will 
oatpf my son*s venison, that my soul may bless 
thee. And he brought it i^ear to him, and he did 
oat: and be brought him wine, and he drank. 

96 And bis father Isaac said unto him, Come 
•ear now, and kiss me, my son. 

97 And became neais And kissedhhn: and he 
iBMUed the smell of his raiment, aitfblessed him. 
and aaidtBoe, the smell of my son it as the smell 
of a field wWch the Loan bath blessed: 

98 ThMrafl^.Qod give thee of the dew of heav- 

md he shall be blessed. 

34 And when Bsau hoard the words of hie 
father, he cried with a ireat and exceeding bit- 
ter cry, and said unto hu father, Bless me, seen 
roe also. O my father ! 

35 And he said, Thy brother came withsubtiMy, 
and hath taken away tliy blessing. 

30 And he said. Is not he rigbily named Jacob 1 
for he hath supplanted uie these two times : he 
took awav my birth-right ; and behold, now he 
hath taken away my bleminc. And he sahl. 
Hast tliou not reserved a blessing for met 

37 And Isaac answered and said unto Esau, 
Behold, I have made hbii thv k>rd, and all bit 
brethren have I given to him for servants ; and* 
with com and wine have I sustained him : and 
what shall I do now anto tliee, my son 1 

38 And Esau said unto his father. Hast thou but, 
one blessing, my Ibther 1 bless me, even me ahto, 
O my father! And Esau lifted up hie voice, 

uid wept. 

39 And Isaac hbi fiither answered, and said an* 
to him. Beheld, thy dwelline shall be the flitness 
of theearth, and of thedew ofheaven from above ; 

40 And by thy sword shall thou live, iiod shalt 
serve thy brotlier : and it shall come to pass when 
thou Shalt have tlie dominion, that thou sliaH 
break hia yoke IVom ofl'thv neck. 

41 V And Esau hated Jacob because of the 
blessUig wherewith his fhther bleracd hhn : and 
Esau said in his heart, The days of mournlnf 
for my father are at hand, then will I slay my 
brother Jacob. 

49 And those words of Bsau her elder son were 
told to Rebekah : and she sent and called Jacob 
her younger son, and said unto him. Behold, thy 
brother Esau, as toushing 'thee, doth comfort 

hlmoelf,r«rpeenif to kill thee. 
43 Now therefore, mv so 
and arise, flee thou to Labanmybrotfier tollaran ; 

43 Now therefore, mv son, obev my voice: 

44 And tarry with him a Tew days, until thy 
brother's ftlry turn away ; 

45 Until thy brother's anger turn awav from 
thee, and he forget that which thou hast done to 
him : then I will send, and fetch thee IVom 
thence. Why shouhl I be deprived also of you 
both In one day 1 

46 And Rebekah said to Isaac, I am weaiT ef 
my Ufe, because of the daughters of Heth : if Ja- 
cob uke a wife of the daughters of Hcth, such 
as these which are of the daughters of the land« 
what good shall my fife do me 1 ** 

Jacob gaeth to PaioM-aram. 

AND Isaac called Jacob, and blessed him, and 
charged him, and said unto him. Thou shiit 

IMC tak« a wife of tiw daagbten of 
9 Arise, 90 to Padan-aram, to the Ikmim of Be- 

CBAP. xxnr. 

< AM ke lMk«d, and boliold, ft w«n la Hm Mi, 

,_ and lo, there w«r« three flocks of tboepljrtafbf 

iliiiel thy mother's Hiiher ; and take thee a wife h; Ibr out of that welt tfrry vri*-veA the floeka: 

from thence of the daughters of Laban thy 
UMiUier's brother. 

3 Aad God AIniixhty Mess thee, and nake thee 
fruitful, and raultiply thee, tliat thou mayeM be 
• muhitudc of people; 

4 And give tliee the Ueoring of Abraham, to 
tlMse, and to thy seed with thee ; that thou may- 
es*. inherit the land whereiatliou art a suaager, 

which God gave unto Abraham. 

a And Isaac sent away Jacob: and h^went to 
radaii-anutt wuo I^aban, son of Bethuel the 
Syrian, the brotlier of Rebefcah, Jacobus and 
Euan's mother. 

6 V Wkcn Bnn saw that Isaac had Messed 

and a n«at.itone vm» u^^m Uw weirs momhi 

3 Aad thither were iJl Hw rincki weathered : and 
they rolled the sume fruai ih« nvhlTs I 
watered the sbeef», ami ^iut ihv tmmt 
the weirs mouth in hii^ i^Hn^*. 

4 Aad Jacob said ur^ic^ them, My brathren, 
whence bt yt 1 And tl^ey >t&bd, uf Elaran ars w«. 

5 And he said unto iinrriii^ Kiinw ye Labaa iha 
son of Nahor 1 And ilo y Etnia, We know kiwu 

And he said unui ihrtw, h hr weOI Andthv 
said, UtU well : and bnJioy, Bicbel bisdanfb- 
ter ouneth with the sheep. 

7 And he said, Lo, it is yet hiah day, neither 
i» it thne that the cattle should be gathered to- 

Jacob, and sent him away to Padan-aram, to.|ether: water ye tlie sheep, and go aad (bed lAsw. 
take kirn a wife fhnn thence; aad that as ho 8 And they said. We cannot, uaUl all the floeka 
btened him, he gave him a charie, saying, Thou 
sbalt m>t take a wife of ilie daughters of Canaan ; 

7 And Uiat Jnctib obeyed his father, aad his 
■mUusr, and was gone to Padaa-aram ; 

8 And Esau seeing tliat the daughters of Ca- 
naan pleaaod not Isaac bis fhtJier ; 

9 Tlwit went Esau unto Ishmael, and took unto 
tile wives which he had, llahalath the daughter 
ot' bibma«l, Abrniiam's sou, the sister of Neba- 
jofh, 10 be bis wife. 

■ JO H Ami Jac«ib went out from Beer-shebUi and 
went luward liaran. 

It And heligbtisd upon a certain place, uidtarri- 
«d there ali night, because tliesuii wasset : and he 
took of the stones of llial place, and put thttnf^r 
his pillows, and lay down iu that place to sleep. 

M And he dreamed, and beliold, a ladder set 
upon Ike earth, aud the top of it reached to 
. beaveu: and beliold, the angels of God ascend- 
jof^snd descending on it. 

1.1 And boliold, the Loan stood above h, uid 

be gatttered togetlier. and titl they roll the stona 
from the weli's moaUi ; then we water the aheep. 
If And while he yet spake with thea^ Rachel 
came with her fluher'ssh^p: Ibr she kept theai. 

10 And it came to pass, when Jacob saw Rar 
chcl the daughter of Labaa his nocher's brother, 
and (he slieep of Labaa his aiMber*s brothw, 
tint Jacob went near, aad railed the sloae frani 
the weirs mouth, and watered the flock of La- 
ban his mother*s brotlmr. 

11 And Jncob kissed Rachel, and ttOed up hit 
voice, and wept 

IS And Jacob told Rachel that he »«« her As- 
titer's brother, and that he was Rebefcah's son ; 
and site ran and tobi her fatlMr. 

13 And tl came to pass whni I«abaa heard tha 
tidings of Jacob his sister's son, that he ran to 
meet him, and eaibraced hiai, and klsaed hiai] 
and brought hba to his boaaa Aud ha told 
Laban all these tilings. 

14 And Laban said to him, Surely tboa mrt my 
nOd. I am tlui Itoan God of Abrabaiu'thy father,! bone and my flesli : aud he abode with hha the 
and the GtMl of Isaac: tlie land whereon tliou space of a month. 

liijst, to thee wi/l I give it, and to thy seed, 

14 And Iby seed shall be as Uie dust of the 
earth ; and thou slialt spread abroad to tlus west, 
ami to ibe east, and to the north, and to the 
mwtli: Mitd iiiihee and iu thy seed shall all the 
fsmiliea of tlm eartli be blesenl. 

15 And beliold, I am with tiiee, and will keep 
tbee ill all pZocfs wtiitlier thou goest. and will 
bring thee agalil iuu> this land: for 1 will not 
leave tliee, unUl 1 have done that which I have 
flNiken tf* f liee of. 

Itt H Ami Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and 
he said. Surely tlie Loan is in this place ; and I 
knew it not. 

17 And lie was afiraid, and said. How dreadful 

15 ir And Laban said ludo Jacob, Because thoa 
mrt ipiy brother, shouldest tliou tbereftmi serve ma 
for nought f tell me, what thtM thy wages fts t 

16 And Laban had two daiighten : ttie name of 
the elder was Leah, aud the uame of the yovnfsff 
wa$ Rachel. _ 

17 Leah wu tender-eyed, but Rachel wai 
beautiful and well-lbvoured. 

18 And Jacob loved Rachel; aad said, I wW 
serve theo seven yean fiur Racbd thy younger 
daughter. " . .... 

19 And Laban said, It is better that I giva her 
to tbee, than that I should give b«r to another 
man: abide with me. -..«.. 

90 And Jacob served seven yean for Rachel ; 

look tJie sUNie that he had put /or his pillows, 
and act it up for a p&Uaf , and poured oil upon 
the top of iu 

J«J And be called tlm name of that place Beth-el 
but the name of that city was eaiUd Lua at 

SO And Jacob vowed a vow, saying. If God 
will be with me. and wiU keep me In tJiis way 
that 1 91, and will give nteiiroad to eat, and rai- 
ment to put on, 

2J So that I come again to my father^s house in 
peace ; tlien sliall the I^oan be my God ; 

88 And this stone, which I have set/or a pillar, 
Aan be God's house : and of all that thou shalt 
five ma, I will sureW give the tenth unu> thee. 
Jacsb siselca RaekeL 
nrmSN Jacob went on his Jouraeyi and f 

X iatotlielaiidofthepeeplaofthaflaaL 

is this pbice ! this is mno other but the house of and they seemed unto him kvA a few days, |br 
G4)d, and this is the gate 4>( heaven. tlie love he had to her. 

18 Ani Jacob rose up eariy in the morning, and si V And Jacob said unto Laban, Give m$ m 

wife (for my days are tlilfilled) thai I may go la 
unto her. 

S2 And Laban gathered together all the men of 
the place, and made a feast. 

33 And It came to ftm in the evening, that ha 
took Leah his daughter, and brought her to 
him : and he went in unto her. 

54 Ahd Laban gave uuio his daughter Leah, 
Ziipah his maid, for a handmaid. 

55 And it came to pass, that in the momlag, 
behold, it was Leah : and he said to Laban, 
What t« this thou hast doue unto me 1 did not 
I serve with thee for Rachel 1 wherefore thea 
hast thou beguiled met 

36 And Laban said, Itihust not be so done in our 
country, to give the yomiger before the fiist-bora. 

a7 Puldl her week, and we will give thee Uda 
also, for the service which thou shah serve mm 
a»i yel tevaa other yam«eMHllt«eltolhiadM«hierto«Hft«lnb M& beetiMelfcwrebonMMMilcMM! i ' 
— ' " ' - . ..cSfodliiti 

tt AW ijabwi gave to AacM lUs 4M|ghtcr, < 


MIlMlihto hawiiwiW, in be licf MpM. ' SI And •fterwsrdt «lit b«ie t dQUgbtcr, m4 

ao AmI -he wem ia iIhi mito 4HkelMl. ettd lie called her name Dinah, 
•lanretf alaa llac^l metetiiaii Lealh and aenred 9t IT And Ood ramembered ftMiel, Md God* 
' wWi Mm ^eevan other feava. kearkeMcd to hert and opened her ^vomb. 

31 V And when theLonaaaw that Leah vaviNt- 93 Arid she conceived, and bare aaoa; aad 
•d. hennened her woaib: but Baebd •aabftrren. taid, Ood bath taken away my remoacb : 

K AmlLebbeaMeived,andbareaeea;aiid t4 And ahe called hli name Joaeph; aad Mid., 
me «all«d Mb nnroe Rcabea i Ibr the aaid, Tbe Lokd ihall Add to me another mm. 
8m«lr the Loftnliaih looked nnan myilBletiM; SS If And it came to nanf when Rachel had 
-mtw 4l*rulbrr my hufband wffl iDve me. borne Jjvmiph, that Jacob laid nnco Laban, Send 

J9 ^bnd abe coMcdlvcd again, and bare a mn ; me away, thai I may go bnto mine own place, 
and raid, Becauw the Lena hath liemd that t and to my-coimtry. 

m»u bated, be JiatblbeMlbM given me tbii Mm 96 Give me my wivei and my children, fbr 
«li» ; mid she called hla name SUneea. wheM I have aerved thee, and let -me go : Tor 

M Atid ibe eonedved again, mid bare a aon r lliouknoweaimyterviee which I have done tbee. 

«nd cald, Now Uili thne will my bnsband lie «7 And Labmi saM unio bini, I pray tbee. If 1 

loiaed umoiNe,lecai«e I have borne Mm llifee haw found nivonr in thine ey^ Carry .* /fr I 

- .. „ . . . .. tliaitbe' 

: tberelbie was hit i 

B caned licvi. 

95 AaMMwconcehredacain,andliareaaon: and 
■bo taM, ^Now wilt 4 nraise the Loan : therefote 


■Jiame Judah, and Ml benvinc. 

Oil AP. XXX. 
HmektVs > kmw>iHnms. 

A Nil when Rachel aaw that ehe bare Jacob 
BoeMMran, Rachel envied heralHter; and 
■aid uniA Jacob, Give me chiMien, orelee 1 die. 
9 And Jaoob*8 anger was kindled agtiwit Ra- 
clivL ; and he said, ^m I in God'b Mead, who 
hath WitbbeM ft«m Hma Ifte hmk otHf womb t 

3 And slm saM, Behold niy maid Bilhah, go In 
unto her ; and she sliall bear apontuy kiie«i,lbat 
i amy afee Imve cMMren ^f her. 

4 And tlie gbve bhn WNiahher hbndmaki to 
wlAe : and Jacob wttit hi oMa her. 

5 Aad Bilbah conceived, and bare Jacob a«on. 

6 And Rachel raid, God liatb Judged me, and 
liaih alao heavd my relce, mid hath g i«eii me a 
ant) : therefore «aMed she bis name Don. 

7 And Bilhah, Rachel's maid, eonoclvcd 
mid bare Jacob a second son. 

have learned by eipiBjIence tliat tlie Loan baili 
bicsaed me for thy sake. 

98 And be Mild, Ap|K>hit me thy wages, and< I 
will give it. 

99 And lie ■.ild mfto him, Tiwvt knowest bow 1 
Ihave9ervcdtl)4,*e, and liowtliy cattle was with me. 

30 For H WM little which iluni hadst befone I 
•ame, and U le noio Increased unto a mul^iude ; 
and tlie l^ni^o, hnlli blessed thee shice my com- 
ing : and now, when ahall I provide for mine 
own hniisc also 1 

31 And he said. What shall I give Iheel And 
Jacob Mid, Tliou siialt not give me any thbif . 
If ih<iu will do thbi thing for me, 1 wUl again 
feed and kc^ thy Hock : 

39 1 wHl imm tbrough all thy dock to-day, fe- 
moving Urom thence afl ibcspeckled and spotted 
cattle, mid nH tbebiiown cattle miiong tlieeheep,. 
and the spotted and speckled among tlib goata i 
and of vweh shall be my 'lih«. 

33 8o ihall my riglMeensnem answer for me Jn 
thne to «om«, ^h«m it shall come for My hire 
before thy face : every one tliat ^ not speckled 

8 And Rachel said, With great wrestlings Imve land epotted among the goats, and brown imiong 
I wrestled wMh myelster. and I have prevailed : Ithe sheep, that shall be counted stolen with we. 
and elie called bis name Naphtatl. { 34^ And Laban mid, RelioMh I would it might 

9 When LMb mw that the bad left bearing, she 
look Zilnali. hermald,andgave her Jacob to wife. 

M And Zllpah, Leah*s mbM, bare Jacob a aon. 

1 1 And Leah said, A troop ecmetb : mnd she 
«antiid hb name Gad. 

18 And Hitpah, Leah's miiM, bare ^acob « 
■ectmd son. 

13 And Leali Mid. Happy am I, for fhedbngh- 
leta m\t can mt Meswd : and ehc caHed bis 
name Asher. 

t4 W And RcMben went In the •days ef ^heat- 
4tarvcst, mid found innndtniiec hi the flebl, and 
brought tliein unto liis mother Lenb. Then Ra- 
chel void to Leah) Gtvt Me, I pray thee, of thy 
. «Dn^ mandrakes. 

15 And she said unto her. Is it a small matter 
tliat tboH liaM labeA my huikiand t and WiMMcst 
thou take nww myean^ mandraikes ahmt And 
Vaneb^ Mid) Therefore h«%hall He wtih thee to- 
Sigbt for thy ■on^ mandrakes^ 

1» And Jacob came out of (he licM hi lhe«v»- 
Mngi and Lebb wem oM to Meet hhn, nnd ■bidi 
Thou mutt come «n unto nm; for ewrely I have 
Irtf^d (hec Wiih biy ben^ nubidftitea. Abd he 

toy with bbrt 

17 And Ood h cbi fe n e d «nin Lenb, and die 
bonceivbi) ««d b«ro Jacob the 0IUi con. 

18 And Leah raid, God batbgbrbii me my bhre, 

*»«MMbffc«f«r" ^ ^ * 

be accotdbig to Hiy word. 

35 And he removed Chat day the be-goato tliat 
were rtng-vireaked and upotied, and all the ahe- 
goats that were speckled and spotted, «»d every 
one that bad «««i0 wlilic in H, and all tlie bmwiii 
mnong the sheep, and gave them Into the Iwode 
of his sons. 

3fl And he setthtipe dnys'Joumev betwixt Mni- 
sdf and Jacob: and Jacob fed tJie rest of Lb. 
ban*s flocks. 

87 IT And Jacob took him rods of greeb poplnr, 
and of the haxel and chesnut-tree; and pilled 
white streaks in them, and made the wUi« a^ 
pear which i»a« lb the rods. 

9B And he set the rods which be had pffied be- 
fore the flocks tn ilie gntunrs In tlie watettng- 
troughs when the flocks came to drink ; that 
they should coboeive wlien they eame to drink. 

39 And the flocks conceived before the ro^ 
aad brought forth cattle ring-streaked, speokkad* 
and spotted. , 

4e And Jacob dM separale the lamba, tti4 sm 
the faoM «f the flocks toward the ring*atremke4, 
and all the brown in the flock of Labnn: mad he 
^pm Maewb flactai by themaaivfl^k ^XMl ^t i 
not unto LalNM'a C«Mle. 

41 And lie 

eattle^id eoncclviL fl» 

fora the «yM of tfte Mttle biiha gatMM, ttat 

ihey might concaNe anWMg the roda. 

1tA«dLNli«ob«elvedbgblb,Uidb«r«laabb 49 But when tbeaailte we r e fo abia , be put Oam 
baaUMft^ML ^^* iMtib: abtbe4b«MerwbMLbhMfr'i^>«Mttte, 

» And Leah said, Obi iidi4tedt««i<MtiMiairoi«ttJIMKiVa. ^ 

C( Ani timnua^iac mmt i i tm rnU f t^i ami li«4i<kHi% tlM tktm htm molem mn^ mmi 
niieli cattle, and maiA-^anwilf,. WMt »«<Mr-jii»«vanA«MttMlawif nf 4Mgtilai%» 
Taa|i,.«ii«lc«|Ml», andftaiffla, toJrm wHh the i%irani t 

AND. he havd Uia wocdft of; LabiaA** fDM^ 
■ajriitgi . Jacoh liath uUs^n awty all UuitiMw 
our rttiiief*a;. aiitl of OiU.wlii^ i^moht fMai'a 
hath h«t gotten all tills glory.. 
St. And Jac«ib.beliekl theicouRtanaoaaeri^iilbaii, 
aadbetiold, it-w«rfnai.t«wMd luni iit.^afor«. 

3 Awi tlaa l4NU>' aaMump Jacob, Bamm wia 
die land of thy fathers, and to thy Undrixk; 

4 AjDd Jacob 9CPt and called Bachri «¥» Leah 
W the fitkt uiuo Iti&floelc, 

5 And coid lima thenni Lateyoiir.ftt)i<iB'«<aniMK 
tenaiice, that it U not toward me a«.b«fora: taM 
tite God ofny fkihar hatb been witli me. 

6 And jia l^nonr tliAt witb all aiy power I baire 
■nred your fmher. 

7 And your father bath deceived: bm, and 
eh&aged my wagea ten Uinea : but Ged " 
turn not to hurt me. 

8 If he Mid tbiM^ Tlie apeaUed shall be thv 
w^teaa; tbeiiaUtlie.eauleba»>.«|)eekted,: and if 
he iald,iiiua» The ring*streaked shall be thy 
idre;. then bare all the cattle rinft^feaicBd. 

B,Tkti»God hath talcen awraj^ the eauleofyoai 
ftU>«r, and given Umi to ne, 

10 And it came to^Dwe attUo Kme that ihe cal- 
ila conceived, thai L«liaed up mine eyw» and 
Mw iit a. dream, and beholdi, the maia whieh 
k'aiicd upon the cattle v«re ring-streaked, apeek* 
hid, aod grixzled. 

11 And the angel of God smtlMunui me in a 
dreuu, tmii^g, JMtpob : A Ad X saidrllerc; mm I. 

U Aiid he 8ald,,tilA up^ aoiv iMut eye* aad^JLahaa: aad l as ah answered, aiid< said t» La- 
sec, all the rmwp which. leoii,iipatt the cattle er« 
riitg-strcu!kcd^spetkl«i|,aB4griKcled: Ibilhame 


***•> A?***** '"'^ ■«»* »*»^ away wWi »lrtJ^ 
wd wUh soi^B, wtditaAseVMidwttlilMip Y 

m Aad Jnsi aoi snftwed Bwia kis»Dir«ona, 
aodmy d a a ch i a r al than hastasw daw fooHsU- 
ly XnjM doing. « 

J».tt lain Dm MMrefaf iMii m doyo« 
hmt: b'tt tiMGod oC/aorftihesspalM «mob« 
yestemlghl, aaylng, Take tbo« keed iba» tho« 
satak. Boft toJacobektaas pm^ot ted. 

3ft And BAW, tk0ngk tka« waaliisst needs km 
flma,b0cavae tho»anaa Istaisiafl wiky fkther'a 
houib ; f«t wheffeAwalMsttkoM stetatmy gMb f 

3lAad Jacob aiMPSiyd aadaaid^io LaSut, Bi^ 
cause I.was aflndd : fet I said, PeradvMMuffe thou 
WQuhtaisttBke by lbia»*f dan^Heci (hm me. 

32 With whaiiisaa«er tfMMiiMesi tky gsds, let 
Idas atat Mv«: bafoasaut bnithi«» dtasem tiHiit 
what ytbiaswiUiHm, aad lake it tai thee : a*» 
Jacob blew nat.thatBMkelkad stolaii ttoeai. 

.33 And. Labaawttit Into Jasab's^ tent, aiid.liit0 
Leah's tent,, and laio tha Hsa aiaid-servujiM* 
tents; bht he found <*«« m>t. TheiiwenllieoiU< 
of Leah's tent, andeatsred into Rachel's tent 

34 Now Raahel had taken the knifes, and put 
them la tke oarael's AunltuM, and^sai upon 4h«im. 
And LabAn scardied all the tant, but fbaiid'eibsMi 

36 Aad akasaid to^kerlbthen Let it not dis- 
please my ford that I cannot risn apbaAire thee ; 
for th» customof w oms a i» <ipQti me* And he 
searchedt imt feaadnet tkahna«sa. 

36 IT And Jacob was wroth, and ebede whfc 

baa. What i§> mv. tres|Ma»t what it my sin, 
^jat theuthast sftmMly pursoe«l a<Wr mef 

15 L «iK tlie GoAoi BoU«-eI,.TChaxeitfMiu.aiiabiir 
edst the pillar, and where thou vowedf B a voff 
uii^nie<: RowafJ8a«iettboe.QutfimmUiisihiud, 
aM return umo.the landor tliy UMnd* 

U And Rachel and Leah aiiswal«d,-«ad aaid 
Httto him, h ihtreym. aoj; ppvtien o» iuherkance aad^iei 
fur us In our Cajkiter's housed 

Id Are we noi^ oouAtpd oC Mm stHtiigoiail Ah- 
kt liatlisoldMSi^aud hath quite * 
otr Biooey. 

16 For all the ridies Whkh GUhI hath tahea ftom 
our father, Mours, aiul our childrea/s : now 
then, whatfoevcrGod luitiiaaid unto iliee, do. 

11 1 The9 Jacob rose upf aiui.sat kis sons ajul 
his wives i^|x>n^aiiiel»: 

18 And,^ carried away aH bis cattle, and all 
his gpQda which be had gottunt th«€a«tIeo(i his i 
glutting, Which he^hnd«e(ien4«<Vuliui-.iraMii; foft 
to po tp Isaac his Hither in the land of Caimaiu 

m Ajid Labaiifvwinttto^ sliesf/hiaalieep-: ami Ra? 
cbcl ^od-stoleii tlm huagos «o«r«i her ftither^s. 

SO And Jacob stole away: unawares to Laban 
the SynaiUriu Uuit he tobl^him m»t Uiathe ited. 

91 So he Bed. with all that lie had: aadlve 

37 Whereas thou hast seaiohed alt my stuHf 
w4mMi Imsi Ih0«> fiaaad of all Uiy keiiflchold- 
studfl setse ksre befiire mybsethrao, and Hm 
hN^ueni thaltiiey may jadgobetwUl Nstlioih.' 

3d^TjklatMuaityy*arsAa«sl<*sMr with thee; tiiy 
ewes (uai thy Bhe-#Mits have HDi «twrtli«iii> yaaug, 

» of ihyt iech hmva i not'eatsa. 

Tiiol wikicb< was torn i/ k9u$ig^ I Itroiiglit 
UM unto thea; ( bare the lessorit; of my hand- 
dMst thotk requice it^ wktUtm stolen by «ay^ or 
stolen by night 

40 Tkmt 1 was; in the day the drouglit ooit. 
swned laej and^ tka frost by niglit ; aad my sleefT 
departed from mine eyes. 

4A Thusihsivel'baen twenty ysare la thy benee t 
Lsrurved* thee fonrtaen yeaas for thy two dnugh- 
tersj amb ais: yeam for- thy cattle : and: ikeu hast' 
chaugedtmy warns 4ea liines^ 

42 Except the God of my father, thQ Got! of 
AbralMUUr and) the Fearof fmae had been with 
mci siurely thoa hadst senime away nowimipty, 
God bath seaa mine< affliotloay and the labour 
of my Imods^ and rebuked- hWeyseternlght., 

43 11 And^babaiianswcrcdiaml saW unto Jacob, 
Tkotei daag}iten> srstfny dnu]!kierB, and IAms- 

«p,and passed over the rtver, aad^ let.histfaee cMhti«»«re myobHtUwa, ami CAfs^cattle-mv my 

inurdihe oioiint Giload* 

Jacob was fled. 
9» And betook bis. brethren -wiUtbfai^ ami put* 

ovcrto«khlmin<the mount GileaiU 

^ And God came to Xiaban t^iei ayrion im a 
dreAin by night, and said wiio hiini^Fuhe heed 
that thou speak net to J&sobieitltcrgoadioi bad; 

S3 IT Then Laban overtodk Jacobs Now Jacob 

with his brethren pitotiedinithe DMwntsl^aUead. 
«i And LobMi 4al4 lo Jasolfv Wkat hasMkou 

cattle, and all that thou seest trmine; and what 

S3.And.UwastoJd Labanon^thC'thbrdtdiy^tkaA cau> Ldo thia day ume^thcse my dnuglitoM, or 

iHttot their cMldnrn wMoh they h»vo borne 1 
44 Now therefora ooiiie tHoii, let us nuike a 

sued after, hiut seven days* joumey/. and^tilsyi covenmiti iaad^tbou; aiul let it be Aif a wii- 

iMss-befwieoni aie atul; thee^ 

45 And Jacob took a stone, and set It up /sr a 

'46 And: Jacob said nnto his brethren, Gatlier> 
stones ; and they toofr stones^ and- made a heapi 

kad pitohed Ills tentiiu. tlie mount: and/Laham and th^ didieat there iMwn the heapi 

with his brethren iiitot»edin>the DMNrntsl^OUead. 4i7 And Laban called it Jtear-sahadutka : hm 

4*7 And Laban called ii J««ar-0ahadutka : 
Jacob «aM«Mi>l» 1aa di: 

Jfir VfMCtcCl witk M mnfa 
48 Ani LakMi Mid, Thte batp <* It wttMniuaio ktoMrvwMa, Pmi over befbre ne, and put 
ketwMM mc aad UhX) this dty. Ttwrefore waaja apMe betwixt drove and drove. 

tb«! name of ii eallvd Galeod': I U And be 

40 Aad Mlapa ; fbr taewUd, The Loeb watch When Baaa 


lay brother mceteth thee, and 

teween me and Ihee, %rben we aitt abaeat one.eih thee, aaylnju Whoae mrt thou 1 and wbithei 
fram anottier. g«>««t thou t and whoae arc theae before thee 1 

SO irthottaliaita«ctHydanghieii,ortrtbon* ISThen thoa ahalt aay, They ke thy aervant 
ahalt take aOar wivoa bealdea jnjr daughtera ; ' Jacob*a : ft it a preaent aent unto my lotd Eaan : 
■• man w wftlrna; aee, Gtid w witneaa betwixt and behold alao he <* behind in. 
ane and thee. | 19 And ao eommanded he the aeeond, and the 

At And Labaa aald to Jacob. Babold thia heap, third, and all that followed the droves, aayinc, 
and behold Ota pillar, which I have caat be- On thia manner ahall ye apeak unto Eaau, when 
iwlxl me and ikea ; y« find him. 

93 Thia heap h* witneaa, and tkit pillar k§ wit- 90 And aav ye moia o ver, Behold, thy aervam 
WW, tliat I ^ ill not paai over thia heap to thee. 'Jacob it behind ue. For he said. I wiU appease 
and that thou ahalt nat iwas over thia heap and I him wl^ the preaent that goeth before nie, and 
Ihia pillar unto me, for harm. i afterward 1 will aae hla (ace ; pcradveoture he 

33 The Gbd of Abraham, and the God of Na- will accept of me. 

hor, Uie God of their failier, Judge betwixt ua. SI So went the preaent over before him ; and 
And Jacob aware by the Fear of his fnther laaae. himself lodged that night In the company. 

54 Then Jacob oflered aacrlfice udon the mount, { 22 A nd he rose up tnat night, and took his two 
andcalled his brethrnn to eat bread: and they did, wives, and his two women-servants, and hia 
aat bread, aad tarried all night in the mount. eleven aona, and paaaed over the ford Jabbok. 

55 And early in the morning Laban rose up, S3 And be took them, and aent them over tha 
and kiaaad Ma aona and liis daughters, and bless- brook, and sent over that he had. ' 

S4 IT And Jacob waa left alone; and there wreat- 
led a man with him, until the breaking of the day. 

85 And when he saw tliat b^ prevailed not 
agalnat him, he touched the hollow of hia thigh : 
and the hollow of Jacob's thigh waa out of 
Joint, as he wrestled with him. 

cd them 

I Ma aona and liis daughters, and bless- 
and Laban departed, and returned 

— ial*a wus»Mfe u Esoa. 

A Nu Jacob went on his way, and the angels 
J\. of God met htm. 

t Aad when Jacob saw them, he said, This <*| 96 And lie aald. Let me |o, for the day break- 
Qcid's Iwst: aad Iiq called the name of that eth : And he aaid, I will not let thee go, except 
place Mahanalm. ithou bless me. 

3 And Jacob sent meaaengen before him to 37 And he said uatohbn, Whatif thynaaiet 
Esau his teothcr, unto the land of Seir, the; And he aald, Jacob, 
country of Idom. 

4 And he commanded them, saying. Thus ahall , Jacob, but Israel 
ye apeak unto my lord Esau . - - 

88 And hesaid. Thy nameshalll>ecalledno more 


saying. Thus ahall , Jacob, but Israel : km* aa a prince hast tliou pow- 
; Thy servant Ja-!er with God, aad with men, and hast jwevailed. 
imed with Laban,! 29 And Jacob naked Mot, and said, Tell m«, 1 

cob aalth thua, I have sojourned with Labani 
and auyed there until now : !pray thee, thy name : And he said, Whereftm 

9 And I liAvr; r^^. u . njH^ ft«Ftf!j^ ftneks. ivifl ihch-Im U Unit. Uiau 4n«i ask after my namel And lie 

aervanis, lutil w >^n^tvrviuii«i ainl r Ivaviiiotiii Irieitdi'tl luiii tt^i^rM. 

tn tell mv Lnd, iliai J may fmtl ^rnet^ In tUy sight, \ M Ami J.vtoh cj^Hed the name Of the place fe- 

'6 IT And iKc m^uepng^r* rt^uiriKil lo Jii*ol», ta.y- ,iiiol : fo? 1 havfl wsen God face to fbcc, and my 
ing,Wecauitta iliy kmUur East m .and uJs^i hfltom- life Ib |ir»cri»Hl. 
etntumeeiiUeiiitCUKi fniirUinuimlniciiwiUi hm.\ ^1 And ofi ne ^^iwed over Fennel, the sun roae 

7 Then Jjicob ivas ^Fimly mmiA, mid lUirtntsi- upon him^ and ke halted upon his thigh. 

ed: and he dlvlili^d lUc ^^v^^\\1^ ilrni ittu ivlih' 3? Ttiertififn? Llie children nf Israel eat not«/ 
hiiii,andtlif^ dciclUi ami Ijcrila, ami lIju c^uiicla the flitew whicti shrank, which is upon the 
into two blinds; Umlh^w uf ilie iSil^li, unto ihiedav; because he 

8 And satd, tf &du en me to ihe one cnrnpfliiy^ iitiichfil ihn liMIow of Jacob*s thigh |n the sinew 
and smile M, Uioji Ui« mher caKiimny wliich l« that alirmk. 

left shall e«cii|ic. 

V And Jncob said. OCTml of my fnOiRr Abrn 
ham, and G^id of my falher Iminc, the Ldhh 
WiiichaaliJiatiiiitfl iim\ R^iium unio iliy CfTiimry, 
and to thy kiudred, attd L wtH d 

10 I am not worthy nf the least nf nit the tnt^J-- 
ciea, andnrall ilietrmh. which thnii EidmbJicw- 
ed unto tiky Acrvaiii : Hor^wiih my fltair [ \\nmcd 
over this J nfAaa, and n ifw 1 oin in^ mi f. iwf)^ l^uiid?. 

tl Delivi!r mti I (triiy thee, Truiii iJie hand rrf 
my brotlu^r, fnnii tim Ua.n4 ot Eniii : tnr 1 fcQr 

Jacah nitd E$a%'» nuetiiag. 

AND Jncnh h lied up his cyea, and looked, 
and iM'iioidt t^u came, and with him fnnr 
wdl with hiiFidrt.'d \w.i\. And he divided the children 
>nTn t^ntr, and udto Rachel, and unto the two 


» And h(! pTii the handmaids and their children 
Htreitiaat, and l.riih and her children after, and 
Eachti and Jn$f!ph hlndermost 

:i And he iiA^^ed over before them, and bowed 
JilniMsIf -" • 

he Ijft? 
\a ihe 

p^iind seven times, until he came 
him, leat he wih comi^ and unite nie^ sNd ttiti'iit'Jir Ki liU bmiitier. 
mother with ilie chihhen. 4 And B«au ran to meet him, and embraced 

13 And tiKHi iflldatt I ^\\\ lurtfly dn \\wa K<^od,'hiin, and fetl c>n hia neck, and khacd him: and- 
and makt rtiy m-H on iln^ aai^d nf the sva^ wEiklijthey wvpi. 

" I JV And heimrdnphlseyea^andsawthe 

cannot be ninMlM'>rtd for inultitudi;. 

, 13 V Anci 3i'^ iK'I'M d thnro thai aoiue iii|>ht» andn^ir] 
lookof tJ'^^L wkKlii:Ame toJiUJuuid a f ifwini i., 

for Esau his brother; 

14 Two hundred she-goats and. twenty he- 
goats, two hundred ewes aad twenty ranis, 

15 Thirty nillch camels with their colts, forty 
' bine and ten bulls, twenty slie-assea and ten foals. 

16 Afd Im delivrred tkem into the hand of his 
•ervantii every drove by thawinlvn ; and aaid 

rfiif-rrm, rtrtd aaid, Who are tlioae with 
i\\\^\ hf: ?[ild. The children' which God 

hath ffraciously given thy servant. 

6 Then the handmaidens came near, they and 
their children, and they JMiwed themselves. 

7 And Leah also with her cliildren came near, 
and hotted themselves ; and after came Jdaeph 
near and Rachel, and tliey bowed tliemselvca. 

8 Aad he said, What msanast thou by all thli 

V%t mJbunifJsea mtd Etmu CHAP. XMXX9, XXXY. 

fmd (race In the sight of my lori. 
§Aad Ebbu said, I have eao^^ my Wvther ; 
' keep that thou baat anio thjeea. 

lOABdJaeobsai<l,Nay,I prav that, Ifaow I 
have found graee in thy light, then raeelva My 
pneent at ray hand : for therefore 1 have eeea 
thy IWte, as though! had tean the fhee ef God, 
and thou wflM pmkeA with ma. 

U Take, 1 pray thee, my U«Niag that !■ brought 
mibee; becaaw God hsthdaahgraeioutly With 
me, and becaiae I have enough * ' 
himf madheUMkil. 

IS And he mid. Let ua take our Journey, and 
l0t us go, and I will go befom thee. 

13 And he said unto bim, My tord fcnmveth 
that tne children «r< tender, and the flocks and 
hcrdrwiih young arf with me, and if men should 
•ver-drive them one day* all ihe flock will die. 

MLet my hMrd, I pray tliee, paisover iMfore his 
servant: and I will lead on solUy. according as 
tfMcaftUe thatgoeth before me and tlie diildren 


; until I come unio my lord 

. 15 And Emu sald,.Lotnie now leave with thee 
SMM of the rout that mn with me : And he said, 
Whatneedethiti Let me find grace in the sight 
or Mr lord. 

H 186 Esau returned thai day on his way UB- 

17 And Jacob journeyed to Buccoth, and built 
Mm a house, and made booths for his cattle: 
ibereflMne the name of the place Is called Suocuth. 

18 V And Jaeob came to Shalem, a city of She- 
ckoB, whfeh <s in the land of Canaan, when he 
came from Padao-aram; and pitched his tent 
before tiie city. 

19 And be bought a parcel of a fleld, where he 
- had ipread his lent, at the hand of the children 

•f liamor, Shecbem^s father, for a hundred pieces 
of money. 

90 And taeerectel ihait an altar, and called It 

9k§ek0m d4i^ IHlkaJL 

AND Dhiah Uie daughter of Leah, which she 
hare unto Jacob, went out to see the dough 
lera of the land. 

9 And when Sbcchcm the son of Uamor the 
Nivite, prlnee of the country, saw her, he took 
her, and lay wtth her, and defiled her. 

3 And his soh\ clave unto Dinah the daughter 
of Jacoib, and he toved th« damsel, and spake 
kindly unto tlie dsBMel. 

-4 And Stiechem srake unto his fiither Haaior, 
oaylat, Get me this damsel to wife. 

5 AM Jaeoh h<«rd that he had defiled Dinah 
hie dauber : now his sons were with hie cattle 
fci the fad 1 and JaeobheM his peace uaUi they 

XS Ask ma Be% .r so much dowry and iM, and 
1 will give aecordtaig as ye shall say uato sm : 
but give me the damsel tti wife. 

13 And the sons of Jacob aaawered Hbeshea 
*^ ^iiM>rhlafbtherdeceiifully, and said, !•• 
cause he had defiled Dinah their sister: 

14 And they saU uam them, We caaaocdo iMi 
thine, to give our sister tt» oae that b UMlrmni- 
cised : for thatiMr« a reproach unto us: 

ISButtothiswUlweconsemiinmyou: Ifyt wM 

16 Then mHI we give our aanghters unto you, 
and we wllltake your daughters U) MB, and we wiu 
dwell with you, and we wiu become cue peoalr. 

17 But if ye will not hearken unto im, tebe ck* 
cunicised ; then will we lake our dai«hmr,aad 
we win be gone. 

18 And their words pleased Hamor, and Iha> 
chem, Hamor*s son. 

10 And the young man defofred not to do ih« 
thing, because he had delight in Jacob*s daugh- 
ter : and he vss more honourable than aM thu 
bouse of hblbther. 

90 V And Usmor and Shechmn his son cam# 
unto the gate of their city, and communed whh 
the men of tiielr city, saying, 

81 These men «r« peaceable with us, thereforu 
let them dwell in the land, and trade therda: 
for the tend, behold, It M huge enough for them : 
let us take their drntghteis to us Aur wives,, and 
let us give them our daughteta. 

93 Onlv herein will Uie men coneent UMD us for 
to dwelj with us, u> be one people, if every amte 
-unongus becircumeised,as they srscireumclsed. 

93 SkmU not their cattle, and their substance, 
and every beast of theirc k» ourst >bnly let us 
consent unu> them, and tliey wUi dwiU with us. 

94 And unto Uamor, and anto ShachSi his son, 
hearkened an that went out of the gate of hto 
city : and every male was circuniclsod» aU that 
went out of the gate of his city. 

65 V And it came to pam on the third day. 
when they were sore, that two of the cons 14 
Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brethren, lotHc 
each man his «w(»id. and came upon the rMjf 
boUlly, and slew all the males. 

9G And they slew Uamor and Sbecliem.hLi son 
with the ed^e of the sword, and took Diiiah out 
of SJiccheors iMMise, and went out. 

SS7 The wiia of Jacob came upon tlie slain, and 
spoiled the city ; because they had d«ifil«d their 

98 They took their sheep, and tb«jir oi«n, and 
their asMs, and that which w«s In the city, and 
that which wu hi tlie CHd. 

99 And all their wealth and all their little c 

fl IT And Hamor the father of Shechem went 
out unto Jacob to eonnnnne with him. 

7 And the sons of Jacob came out of the field 
when they heard it : and the men were grieved, 
ami they were very wroth, because , ae bad 
wrought follv in Iitael, in tying with Jacob's 
daughter; which thing ought not u>be done. 

8 And Hamor coromunea wUh them, saying. 
The soul of my son Shechem longeth for your 
dswghter: I pray you give her him ta wife. 

9 And make ye nmrriages with ~ 

10 And ft ehall dwell with us: and the tend 
shall be before you ; dwell and trade ye therein, 
and gut you posMmions therein. 

11 And Shechem said unto her fother, and unto 
her bmhren, l«ei ma .find grace hi your ey 
aid what ye shall say unto ma, I willgive». 

and their wives took they captive, and qMdlea 
even all tliat ««• In the house. 
ao And Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, Te ' 
have troubled me to make me to itink amoim tha 
hihabitants of the land, among the Canaamtes, 
and the Perlasites-. aiui I Mng few in number, 
the/ shall gather themselves together against me, 
andglay me, and I shall bedestruyedt I and my 

31 And tliey said. Should he deal with our da- 
ter as with a hartet t 

Jmt^ sent U BUk-d. 

AND G(od said unto Jacob, Arise, go up ta 
Beth d, and dwell there: and malce there 
an altar unto God, (hat appeoriNt uniu thee ^hfja 
thou fleddest ftom thc^face of Esau tliv brother. 
9 Then Jacob said unto his household, and to 
all thst wsrs with him. Put away the strange 
gods tiiat sre among you, and be clean and change 
your garments : v 

3 And let us arise, and go up to Dnth-el ; and I 
will liteke there an altar unto God, who a— — 

DW«ftm#*«><l«li/ ib««» 


TUkimf^f MUm 

me In the vvay whidi 1 went. pMo; A4ah the daiifhter itf Ekm tR* lUtUtt^ 

4 A nd they g»ve wnt* Jmco» afttfce i tf aofg ywto aoi AlMUhuMh the danfhtw of Asaii Ui« 
vH^lch MT^ifi their handt mmI «II iA«ir cot rltifgi daughter of ZibeMi the lUvite; 

whkh iMfv ti their ear*; and Jacoh Md them 
under the oak which wm» ij Bheehem. J 

$ And they Jounteyed: mnd tha terrop of God 
waaufMrn the eitlea that tMrcrotind sfcautthcK, 
and they did not puimra «<Ver the tone of Jacob. 

d ir 80 Jacob eani»tol«iw,wliichs# in the land 1 
oT Canaan (that m Beth^) he and all tho pao> < 
fife that w«f« witk him. 

7 And he kilH there am altar, and called 1 
place BMMth-el ; iMeaue theie God api 
tmto MnitWiwmli8<iBdftoi»tile<hceofhi»bw>tner. istance which he nat- got i» tn« laad of Canaan ; 

a Bat Dohorah, Rdwkab'e nurse, died, and she and went into tha CMntry ton tiM Ikce of Ma 
waa buried beneatji Belli cl, under an oak : and : brother Jacoik 
thenameofitwaacalhidAlten-bachtitik 7 For their richc» wwa^ nam than thatthef 

9 IT And Gild appeared unto Jacob again whenlmight dweH together: aad tiie laad whercte 
MeeameoutflfPadan-aram; and blewod him. flieywefe aua ngei a ciw J d not boat tlw i iheca a ae 

3 And I 

4 And Adah- bare tftHaattfEUphas; and Ban 
sbeaiath bare Retid: 

5 And AlioabaMali ban Javh, and Jaala»» 
and Koralv: TlMB»ar«tiiaaoMof Etaa, whteh 
weie horn HMO Mot In the land of Canaan. 

•And EM»toQli Ma wkMa, and hia aoMi and 
Med tlie his daughten, and all the penMnaof Ma ho«M| 
iPpeared and hIa ca(tle.«Ml nl»hlBbea«a.and an Maaub- 
brother, jstance which he bad got i» tbo land of Canaan ; 

to And God Mid nnlo hin», Thy name U Ja- 
•ob: thv name ahafl not be called any more Jah 
tab, but Israel sliall be thy name ; and ho caUed 

6My were strangeiaoavldMt boat tlMn^bacaaae 
- of their cattle. 

» Thua dwelt Bmhi iM Munt Selir: Bhhi i§ 
i Bdom^ 
Ms name Iwael. IF And these ar« the generations of Uiaiitlia 

1 1 And God said unto bhii, I am Ood Almighty : ftfher'of Ihe-Bdoanttes, In mount Self: 
be fVuitful and muUinly; a nation and aco^-i 10 These are the names aC Baan^ sons-; EU^ 
patiy of natlonsahallbeof theev and kings siKiU,phaa the «r>n of Adah the wi(b of ESan; BMial 
•ouie out of thy loins. the son of Bashenatli the wife of Esau. 

V9 And the land which 1 gave Abraliam aBd{ n And the sona of BUpbaa weM) T^bbmi, 
baae, to thee I will rive it, and to thy seed after Omar, Zepho, and Gatam, and Kenax. 
thee will I give the hmd. 19 And Tbnna waa eononfoine to BlipliaK, 

13 And God %ronl up Oon Mm, in the piMe Bsan^asan ; ind she bare to Bliphas, Aroalall : 
where he talked with him. these wert the sonaof Adah, Esau?a wilt.. 

M And Jacob set up a pRhi/ Jn the plaea wherd |.^ And Uiese ar^ the sons of Bend : Nahath, 
lie tnHced wHh Mm, even a pillar of stone : and , and 2t>rab, Sbaromah, and MzKah : iiieae 
he poured a drhifc-oilbring tnereont andJM pour- theaons of Bashematn, Bsan^a wife, 
ed oil thereoh. 14 IT And these were the' anna of AhoHbawftl^ 

19 And Jacob caHed the name of the place th< dtraghter of Anak, the dmubter of SUbcon, ' 
where Ood spake with him^ 9eth-eK |Esan*s wMr: and ahe bare 10 fisatt^ Jaiiahi mm 

10 YT And niey tourneyed firom B«;th^l ; andl Jaahiak and Korah. 

ttiere was but a UtUe way taoome to B^Hrath: 15 IT These io«r« dukoa of the sons of Eaatt 1 
and Rachel travailed, and she had hard labour.; the eona-of EUphaa, the flm-boni asiiof Bbait; 

17 And it came to pass when she was in hard duke Teman, duke Omar, duke Zcpli% dnlDi 
^' " " " "" " Kenax, 

16 Dnke Kondii dirice Oata■^ and dnke Ana- 
leks these «r»thcdnkea dint casM of Bllphac, In 
theland of Bdom : tiMae tMfvtbe sonaof Adali. 

17 IT And these are the sons of Reueli Bsaii** 
sen ; dnke Nakoth, dukelesah, dukeShammab. 
duke Miasak : these ars the dnkea lUt casw ed 
Reuel, in thehwid^of Bdom:,llM8ear» the aoiw 
of Bashemath, Bsan^s wife. 

18 IT Avrit these mre the eons of AboUbanafi^ 
Esau's wife; duke Jensh, dnr** '—' — ^ *- 


labour, that the midwife said unto her^ Fear not 
thou shah have this son also. 

18 And it came U> paas as her smil was In de- 

Erting. (for ahe died,) that she called his name 
n-oni : but his fhtherxalled him Benjamin. 

19 And Racliel died, and was buried In the way 
to Bphrath, which t# Beth-lehem. 

90 And Jacob set a pillar upon her grave: that 
i$ the pillar of Rachel's grave unto this day* 

91 f And Israel Journeyed, aad spread hi»teBt 
beyond the tower of Bdar 

'H And it came to pass, whea Isniel dwelt IniKofah: theae- wsra tlifr dnk e a tkwi emmtotA 
thn*. laud, that Renben went and lay wltli-lHIhah iibaniah tlie daughter of Anah, Epau's wife^ 
Ms (iMlier's Goncahhie: and Israel beard »l. lOTheseaiv the)sonsafEsaa(wtot«.Bdi 
Now the sons of Jncob were twelve : 

S3 The sorar of lieah ; Reuben, Jaoob'a first' 
bom, andSimeoiuaiid Levi, andJudab, aadla- 
sachar, and ZldnMin': 

94 The sons of Rachel ; Joseph, and BenI 

95 And the sonsof Blltiah, Redral'i band 
l>en, and Nnplitall: a 

9C And tiie sons of Zilpah, Lcah*s handmaid ; 
Gad, and Asher. These are the sons of Jatob, 
which were bom to liim in Padaa'annn; 

97 ^ And Jacob came onto fsaac IMs father unto 
Mamre, unto the city of Arbah (which it Ue- 
bton) wliere Ahraliam and Itoae wn^mtfn&k 

98 And the days of Isaac were a bandred and 
Ibvrioore years. 

8!l And Isaac gave up* the f host and died, and 
#a9gatiiere<l unto hisjieople, MnrtM and ftiN 
at days ; and hhi eons ^nand Jaoub bariod him. 


XlM«*s/««tly tn Cant 

l^nw^HJse cm the lenfratiOBS'orEMiij irbo 

and these mt their dukea. 

90 H Tkese aratbesona<of Seir the Horite, who. 
inhabited the land; Lotan, and Shobalk aad. 

21 Xnd Dishon, and Baen and Dishanc then 
'' Uosiies^ the cbiidfea or 

the dakes of t 

Seirin ttie^hmdofL 

99 And eke chHriFcn of Lotaa were Hori, ami 
Hemaa: ond'Lotan*seistariP«rTtanna. 

93 And'tbe children nfSbokal »«rs these; Ai- 
mni and Manabatb, aad Bbal, flhepko, and 

94 Aadthese are the ehihtoea of Zibeon ; bellt 
AJah, and Anah: thiamuCikalAnBbibalftNNil 
themaka in Hw wihleHM8% natae M tbeasna- 
ofZilieon his father. 

93 And ilie ddMren af Anah were theie r Bl 
slion^ and Ahollbamah the daafhterof Anab. 

96 And these arstlie ehlMnNfof Mshoa ; Hell- 
dnn<. and Eshhaa, and Itbiaa, md^&tpntb, 
117 TtieeMldrea of Eaer are tbMi } BUbaa,«ad 
Kaavaa, and Aka» 

At^ reUtdkhii iriumt. , CHAP. XXXVn. 

S8 Tbe ehiUfra of Ditbu ar§ tliei»; Uz, And 

iuke Lottn, duke Sliobtl, duke Zibeon, duke 

30 Duke DiahoOfdnke Exer, duke Dlthan : tbete 
an tbc dukes that Mm« of Hori, am^ug Uieir 
dnkea in Uie Innd of Seir. 

31 V And these art the kings that reigned in 
the land of Edoni, before tliere reigned any king 
over the children of Israel. 

as And Bela the son of Beor reigned in Edom 
a»d tlie name of his city was Dliilialiah. 

33 And Bela died, and Jobab tJie sou of Zcrali 
of Bozrah rekned in ills stead. 

34 And Jobab died, and Husbani of the laud of 
Temani reigned in his stead. 

35 And Husham died, and Hadad the son of Be* 
dad (who sniote Midian in the field of Moab) 
rdgued in his stead: and tlie name of liis city 
letu Avith. 

.18 And Hadad died, and Saihlah of Masrekab 
idgaed in Ills itcad. 

SI And Samlah died, and Saul of Rehobotb kp 
the river reigned in his stead. 

38 Aad Saul died, and Boal-banan the ion of 
Aciibor reigned in lihi stead. 

39 And Baal-hanan the son of Acbbor died, and 
lladar reigned in his stead : and the name of his 
dtywosPau ; and hbwife'sname wosMelietabel, 
Uiedaugtiter of Hatred, tlie daughter of Mezahab. 

40 And these are the names of the dukes thiU 

Jtiig ttidiiti§ JBcHtf ' 

11 AndhtebmiluwiMfied hia; WtlUsiktiMff 
obaerved the saying. 

125 Ai^bisbretlifen went to Oed their lktlMf*0 
flock in Siiechem. 

13 And Iwrael Mli onto Joseph, Do not ihv 
brethren feed Osjua in SkoelMnl Come, and 
IwiU send thee unto them. AndlMSiddioliim» 
Here ssi L 

14 And he said to hlnu Go, ( piay tbas, tee 
whctlier it be well with thy bretluen, and well 
with the flocks ; and bring me word tgain. 80 
he Kut him out of the vale of Hebron, and bt 
came ta Sbeehem. 

15 V And a cerutn man Amnd him, and be* 
hold, he woi wandering in the fleU: and ilif 
man asked him. sayinc, Wliatseekeit thoal 

16 And he said, I seex my brethren: tell me, I 
pray tliee. where tliey feed tJUtr laeCs. 

17 And tne man said, They are departed heaee ) 
for I heard them say, Xiet us go to Oolhan. And 
Joseph went aAor kis brethren, and fonnd them 
in Dothan. 

18 And when flwy saw him afkr ofl; even befoiw 
he came near unto them, they SDaspired againsi 
him to slay him. 

19 And they raid one to another, Behold thif 
dreamer cometh. 

SO Come now therefbin, aad let us slay him, 
and cfst him into some |Mt; and we will say 
Some evil beast hath devoured him; and wn 
shall see what will become of his dreams. 

91 And Reuben heard t(, and he delivered hfan 

of Esau, according to their families, after out of their hands ; and raid, Let ns not kill him. 

places, by their nam" "*"*"'"* *^ ~» - .- . .. ~. ..... 

ditke Alvah, duke Jetlieth, 

their places, by their names; duke Timnah, 

41 Duke Aholibamali, duke Elah, duke Pinon, 

43 Duke Kenoz. duke Tema^, duke Alibzar, 
' 43 Duke Magdiel, diike Iram : these b« the 
Jukes of Edom, according to their habiiaiioni, 
fat tlie land of tlieir pomesBion : lie is Esau, tlie 
(aUiw of the Bdomites. 

CHAP, xxxvn. 

Agepi AMted of kis brethren. 

AND Jscob dwelt In the land wherein his tk- 
titer was a stranger, In tlie hind of Canaan. 
3 TJiese Mre the generations of Jacob. Josepli 
heinf seventeen yeans old, was feeding tlie flock 
with his iMrethren, and the lad was witli tlie sons 
of Bilhah,aBd wiUi the sons of ZUpali, his fa- 
tker*8 wives: and Josepii brought unto his latlier 
Ibeir evil report. 

3 Now Israel Wved Joseph more than all his 
children, because he was the son of his old age 
and he made him a coat of stony colours. . 

4 And when his brethren raw tliat their father 
bvedhun more than all Uhi brethren, they hated 
bina, aad could not speak peaceably unto him. 

5 IT And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told 
U ills brethren : and tliey hated him yet the more. 

6 And he mid unto tliem, Uear, I poray you, this 
dream which I have dreamed : 

7 For behold, we were binding sheaves In the 
ficbf, and lo. my sheaf arose^ and also stood up- 
right; aad DehoM, your slieavea stood round 
about, aad made elieisance to my sheaf. 

8 And his brethren said unto him, Shalt thou 
Indeed reign over usl or shaltthou indeed have 
dominion over us 1 And thev luued him yet the 
more for his dreams and for his words. 

9 V And he dreamed yet another dream, vid told 
k bis brethren, and raid. Behold, I have dream- 
ad n djvam more: and oehofd, the sun and the 
moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me. 

10 And be told it to his (hther, and to his breth- 
ren : and his father rebuked hiin, and raid unto, .« .. , ^ ,_. 

him, What is this dream tliat thou hast dream- 34 And Jacob rent hi8Clothes,find putsackclotli 
ed ? Shaillandihy mother and tliy brethren in-npon hisIoiRs,and mourned for hissonmauydaya. 
deed cnmeto bow down wuselves to lliee w the 35 And aUhls sons and aflhlsdaugUteis ro««P 
eanb t lio eoialbrt him ; but he refused tt)4mcpBNnea^ 

8 B SS 

52 And Reuben said unto them, Shed no Unod, 
but cast him inu> this pit that i« in the wilder^ 
ness, aud lay no hand upon him , that he might 
rid him out of their hands, to deliver him to hin - 
father again. 

53 IT And it came to pam when Joseph wan 
come unto bis bretloren, that they stript Josepli 
out of Ms coat, kis coat of sistiy colours that 
was on Idm. 

94 And they took bbn^ and cast him into a pit: 
and tlie pit was empty, tksre was no water in H, 

SS And tiicy rat down to eat bread : and they 
lifted up their ^yes and looked, and behold, a 
company of IsluuaeUteacame from Giiead, with 
their camels beJarbig spicery, and balm, aud 
myrrh, goiag to carry ii down to Egypt. 

96 And Judah raid unto his brethren. What 
profit is it if we slay our brother, and conceal 
his blood t 

27 Come, and let us rail him to the lahmaelites, 
and let net our hand be upon him ; for he is our 
brother, and our flesh : and his brethren worn 

S8 Then there passed by MIdlanltes, merchant* 
men; and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of 
tlie pit, and sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for 
twenty pieces of silver: and they brought Jo^ 
seph InU) Eieypt. 

90 H And Reuben returned unto the pit; and 
behold, Joseph was not in the pit :' and be rent 
his clothes. 

^ And he returned unto his brethren, and said. 
The child is not : and I, whither shall I go 1 

31 And they took Joseiih's coat, and killed a kid 

39 And t . 
they brought t 

have we found: know now whethef it ks thy 
sea's coat or no. 

33 And he knew it, and said, /( is my son's 
coat ; an evil beast hath devoured liim : Joseph 
is without doubt rent in pieces. 

inu tney toon josepns coat, ana xiiiea a km 
e goats, and dipped the coat in the blood : 
Lnd they sent the coat 4»f«aity colours, and 
brought it to their father ; and said. This 

^y^fMSi ^ Ontm. GBNBStS. Jm*pX t*mftei if its mhtrttk 

•a4lMHU4,Pttrlwlltgo4ofniiatoibefnveuiiio|frebeib«aieil: behold, I acnttlUfUd, and thoa 

mymmmtinlM, Tiros hit ftther wept for liim. 
3i Andth* Mklniiita told blm into Egjrpt unto 
Putlpher. an oOcer of Pb«nofa*i, mU captain of 

■^ CHAF. xxxvni. 

AND H came to pa« at tliat tinie, that Judah 
went down from hit brethren, and turned 
In to accrtaUi Adullamitr.whoeoaame wMHirah. 
9 And Judah saw there a dan^hter of a certain 
Caoaanlte,whoaenaine»a«0hiiah; andhetoolc 
feer, and woM in nolo lier. 

3 And she conceived, and bare a son ; and he 

enlled his name £r. 

4 And she conceived a«ato, and bare a SCO ; and 
•Hq called JiismuneOnan. 

5 And she yet afaia conceived and bare a son ; 
and called his name Shelah: and he was at 
Chezlb, when she bare Wm. _ . ^ 

6 And Judah took a wife Ibr Er his first-bom, 
whoM name v Tamar. 

7 And Er, Jiidah*s flrst-bom, was wicked in 
the sifbt of the lioan ; and the Loi^o slew liim. 

8 And (Itulah said unto Onan, Go In unto thy 
lmither*s wife, and marry her, and raise up seed 
in Uty brother. 

9 And Onan knew that the seed shonld not be 
Ilia : and it came to pass, when he went in unto 
his brother's wife, that he spilled it on tlie ground, 
lest that he should five seed to his brother. 

10 And the tiling which he did displeased the 
Lord : wherefore he slew him also. 

tl Then said Judah to Tamar his daughter-fai- 
law. Remain a widow at thv f>ither*s house, till 
Bheiah my son be grown ; (for he said. Lest per- 
ttdventure he die als6 as his brethren did :) and 
Tamar went and dwelt in her father's house. 

13 IF And in process of time, the daughter of 
Biiuah, Judah*s wife died : and Judah was com- 
forted, and went tip tinto his sheep-slieaiers to 
Timnath,heand his friend Ilirah tlie AduHamite. 

13 And It was told Tamar, saying, Beliold, thy 
Ikther-tn-law goeth up to Timnath, to shear his 

14 And she put her widow's garmenu off (Vom 

her, and coven^ lier with a vail, and wrapped . 

herself, and stab an open place, which ^ by the: he had, that tiie Loan blessed the Egyptian's 

hast not fbund her. 

M f And it came to pass abOQl three nomhi 
a/ler. that it was told Judah, saying, Tamar thy 
daugoter-ln-law hath played the harlot ; and 
also, behold,she if with child by whoredom. And 
Judah said. Bring her forth, and let her be bamu 

S5 When she wtu brought ferth, she sent to her 
fetlier-ln-law, saying, By the man whose these 
arey am I with child : and she said. Discern, I 
pray thee, whose ar$ these, the signet, and 
bracelets, and stafi*. 

86 And Judah acknowledged them, and saM, 
She hath been more righteous than 1 ; because 
that I gave her not to Shelah my son : and be 
knew her again no more. 

87 And it came to pass in the time of her travail, 
tliat behold, twins vere in her womb. 

38 And it came to pass when she travailed, 
tliat the on$ put out his hand ; and tlte midw.lfe 
took and bound upon his hand a scarlet thread, 
saying. This came out first. 

39 And it came to pass as he drew back his hand, 
that behold, his brother came out ; and she said, 
How hast tliou broken forth 1 this breach be up- 
on thee : therefore his name was called Pharez. 
. 30 And afterward came out his brother that 
had tlie scarlet thread upon his hand ; and hit 
name was called Zarah. 

Joseph's advuncemeiU. 

AND Joseph was bought down to Egypt: and 
Potlphar, an oflicer of Pharaoh, captain of 
the guard, an Egyptian, bought him of the handa 
of the Ishinaeiites,' wUch had brought hhn down 

8 And the Lonn was with Joeeph, and he wm 
a prosperous man : and he was in tlie house of 
his master the Egyptian. 

3 And his master saw that the Lord was with 
him, and that the Lord made all that he did to 
prosper in his hand. 

4 And Jodeph found grace In his sight, and be 
served him : and he made him overseer over hie 
bouse, ami all that he bad he put Into his hand. 

5 And it came to pass from the time that he had 
made him overseer in bis house, and over all that 

way to Timnath : for she saw that Shelah was 
grown, and she was not given unto him to wife. 

15 When Judah saw her, he thought her U is 
a harlot ; because she had covered her face. 

Itf And he tumefl unto her by the way, and 
said. Ho to. 1 pray thee, let me come in unto 
thee ; (for lie knew not that she was his danch- 
ur-in-l&w :) and she said. What wilt thou give 
me, tliat thou mayest come in unto me 1 

17 And he said, I will send thee a kid firom the 
Hf (cJc : and she said, Wilt thou give me a pledge, 
till tliou send it 7 

18 And he said, What pledge shall I give thee 1 
and she said, Thy signet, and thy bracelets, and 
thy SUIT that is in thy hand : and he gave it 
her, and came in unto her, and she oonoeived 
by him. 

19 And she arose and went away and laid by 
her vail from lier, and put on the garments of 
her widowhood. 

30 And Judah aent the kid by the hand of his 
friend the Adullamlte, to receive his pledge 
IVnm the woman's hand : but he found her not. 

31 Then he asked the men of that place, say- 
ing. Where u the harlot that was openly by the 
way-side 1 And they said, There was no harlot 
^ MiiM»la€S 

house for Joseph's sake ; and the blessing of the 
Lord was upon all that he had in the house, 
and in the 'field. 

6 And he left all that he had in Joseph's hand • 
and he knew not aught he had, save the bread 
which he did eat : and Joseph was a goodly ^er- 
«oa, and well-favoured. 

7 IT And it came to pass after these thtnsi, that 
bis master's wife cast her eyes upon Joseph : 
and she said. Lie witlt me. 

8 But he refused, and said unto his master** 
wife. Behold, my master wntteth not what ig 
with me in the iiouse, and he hath committed all 
that he hath to my hand ; 

9 T*here is none greater in this house than t\ 
neither hath he kept back any thing fttim me, 
but thee, because thou art his wife: how then can 
I do tills great wickedness, and sin against God 1 

10 And it came to pass, as she spake to Joseph 
day by day, that he hearkened not unto her, to 
lie by her, m* to be with her. 

1 1 And ft came to pass about this time, that J^ 
seph went into the house to do his business ; and 
there was noae of the men of the house there 

13 And she caught him by his garment, aayhiig. 
Lie with me : and be left bis garment hi hat 

tee And he letunied to Jadah, and said, I cannot .hand, and fled, and got htm out. 
find her; and also the men of the place sahl, l3Anditeanietopa8s,whenshe8awthatheba4 
that there was no harlot in this place. left his garment In her hand; and was fled forth^ 

33 And Jadah said, Let her tab it to lier, teat' 11 That she called un^the men of her bouae, 


Jk«9i **^ imUpriitn, 

mniamke unto tfiain, Mjria^fitee,ke)uitli Ivoughi 
In a Hf brew unto ut u» mock us . be couM in uiito 
Bie to Ite with me, and 1 cried witb a loud voice 
15 And it canie to poM, when be iieard that i 
Viled up my voice and cried, that be left hja^ar- 

Bient with me, and fled, and got hiin out. . ^- . . 

itf And she liiid up hiifiarinent by ber, until.lili iiuion 
lord came home. 

17 And the s|Milce unto iUni according to these 
wor^, •ayloSt '^^^ Uebreiv Rervont wbicb thou 
hast bronilii unto us, canie in unto me to UKictF nie : 

18 And It came to pass as I lifted up my voice 

CRAF. U, XU Kkmrmk MiMIArMlik 

and aak« mmkm^ ■# mmo nwMh, a«i 

bruif me out of thk ho«st : 
J.5f" »w»»* 1 was siotai «rajr •« of the ImUl 
of the Hebrews: sudherealsohaveldoMMih- 
^— that they should I 

«nd crlmi, that he left his farment WJ 

19 And it came to pass, when his master heard 
the words oThis wife, which she spalte unto him, 
saying, A/ter this majuier did thy servant to me ; 
lliat his wrath was kindled.. 

50 And Joseph's master tobic him, and put him 
faito the prison, aplace where the Icing's prisoners 
wert bound : mul be was there in the prison. 

51 IT But the Lord was With Josepli, and sliew' 
sd him mercy, and gave him fovour in the sight 
of the keener of the prison. 

32 And tiie Iteeper of the prison eommitted to 
)os^*s hand all tho prisoners that were in the 
prison; and whatsoever they dM there, he was 
tl)edoer#f ti. 

S3 The keeper of the prison looked not to any 
thing thai was under his luind ; because tiie Lord 
was with lAm : and that which he did, tiie Lord 
BMde U to prosper. 

PkarMth^s butler and baker. 

AKD it came to pass after tiiese tilings, that 
. the butler of the king of Egypt and his batter 
bad offended Uieir lord the king of ISgypt. 
8 And Pharaoh was wrotli against two of his 
officers, against the chief of the butlers, and 

Tiinst the chief of tlie bakers. 
And he ^t them in ward in the house of the 
captain of the guard, into Uie prison, the place 
where Joseph ves bound. 

4 And the captain of tlie guard charged Joseph 
with them, aiid he served tlieui ; and they con- 
tinued a season in ward. 

5 V And they dreamed a dream botli of them, 
each man his dream in one niglit, each man ac- 
coiding to the interpretation of his dream ; the 
buder and Uie baker of the king of Egypt, which 
•ere bound in the prison. 

S Ai^ Joseph came in unto them in the momlnff, 
and looked uponthem, and behold, they i0«re sad. 

7 And lie asked Phamob's officers that were with 
hhn in the ward qf his lord's house, saying, 
iViietefore look ye so sadly to-day 1 • 

8 Ana (hey said unto hiui. We luive dreamed a 
dream, aud there is no interpreter of it. , And 
Joseph said unto ilicm. Do not interpretations 
^l4fng to God 1 Tell me lAem, I pray you. 

9 And the chief butler tuld his dream to Joseph, 
and said onto him, in my dream, behold, a vine 
was before me ; 

10 And in the vine were three branches : and h 
was as though it budded, cad her blossoms shot 
ibrth; and the clusters thereof brought forth ripe 
grapes : 

J 1 And Pharaoh*s cup was In mv hand : and 
look the grapes, and pressed tlicm into Pharaoh's 
eu|i, and I gave the cup Into Pharaoh's hand. 

12 And Joseph said unto hUn. Thii ie Uie inter- 
pretation of h: The three branches are three days : 

13 Yet wiUiln three days sitall Pharaoh lift up 
thy head, and restore thee unio tliy place : and 
ihou Shalt deliver Pharaoh's cup into his hand, 
after tlie ibnner mamier when thou waM his 

14 But think qu me when It shall be wen with 
Ihee, and shew kindness, I pray thee, unto me, 

baskeu oo my Iwad : 

It And UMim uppetmcw ba,|« l4^i,^of aB 
aManerof bako-meatsferPhMMh: aoddnbliria 
did eat them oat of tim basksi^M my hni 

18 And Joaepii answered, aad s^d, TUs <s tha 
Interpretationitheieof : The three beekmrnnO/nb 

19 Yet withia three dajre shall Plmraeh lift aa 
thy bead tnm olTlhee. and shall hai^ theeoaa 
tree : and the birdsshall eat thy flesh fima oTtheiv 

50 v A nd U came to pass the third da V, »Aia ««» 
Pharaoli's birth -day, that he made a feast ato all 
hisservaats: andheiiAedapthebeadofthecUer 
butler and of the chief baker aamag bis servaaii. 

51 Aad he restored the chief butler anio his bat- 
lersblp agahi; and he gave the cup into Pharaoh'e 

SS But he hanced the cUef baker, as JeMph ha4 
interpreted to iLem. 

83 Tct did not the chief butler fMiBwber Jo- 
seph, but foigut him. 

Pkaraok^etwo dreema. 

AND It came to pass at the end of two fidi 
yean, that Pharaoh dreamed: and belioM» 
he stood by the river. 

8 And beliokl, there came up oat of the river 
seven weU-favoured kiue and f^fleshed ; ani 
they fed In a meadow. 

3 Aud behold, seven other Une eame up after 
them out of the river, Ul-favoured and teaa-flesh- 
ed ; and stood by the oOcr kine upon the brialc 
of tlie river. 

4 And tlie ill-favoured and lean-lteshed kine 
dU eat up the seven well-lbvoiired and fbt kbic. 
So Pharaoh awok^ 

5 And he slept and dreamed the aeeoad tioie: 
and belioid, seven ears of corn caam up upoa 
me stalk, rank and good. 
C And behold, seven thin ears and blasted with 

the east wbid sprung up aAer theui. 

7 And the seven thw ears devoured tlM sevea 
rank and full ears. And Pharaoh awolce, and 
behold, it was a dream. 

8 And it came to pass in the momlnff, that hia 
spirit was troubled ; and he sehtand caUied foraU 
the magiciansoCEn^t,aud all the wisemen these- 
of: aiuiPliaraoh u>l4 lliem his dreams ; but tkera 
wiMUonethatcouid luternrettliemuhtoPiiaraoh. 

9 IT Then spake the ciiief butler unto Pharaoh, 
savins, I do remeiuber my faults this day : 

10 PJuiraoh was wroth with his servants, aad 

1»ut me in ward in the captain of the guavd'tf 
inKse, both me, and the chief baker : 

11 And we dreamed a droam in one night, f and 
he : we dreamed each man according lo tho !«•> 
terpretatkm of his dream. 

13 And there wa* there with us a youag mati^ 
a Hebrew, servant to tlie captain of tim guard ; 
and we told him, and he interpreted to us out 
dreams ; to each jnao according to his dream ha 
did interpnet. 

13 And it came to pass, as he interpreted to uii 
so It was : me he restored unto mhie office, and 
him he hanged. 

14 H Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and 
thev brought him hastily out of the dungeon : 
and lie shaved Atswe^f, and ctiauged h(p raimeait 
ihd cnnie in unto Pharaoh. 

15 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, Ihave dream- 
ed a dream, and there is none that «an interpret 


k: uMlIlMTelMtnlMyordMe,tt«itlwucuMC 
nndenUBd a drean to interpret it. 
If Aad ImBph aiawvred Pbaraoii, njrinc, It 
it not in ne : God ■boll gifoPliaraoli an answer 

17 And PiMvnoh Mid uito JoMfih. Inmj dream, 
kelMld, I Hood upon tbo bank of the river: 

18 And beiioldy tliere eime ap out of the HvHr 

B kine, fkt-flesbed, and well-faTOUied ; and 
they ftd in a meadow : 

t9 And beboM, eeren ether kine came np after 
them, poor, aad very ill-lbvonred, and lean-fleih- 
cd, meh ae I never law IB all tbe land of Egypt 

SO And the lean and the lUfbvoured kine did 
eat up the fliat seven fbt kine: 

91 And when they bad eaten them an, It could 
not be known that they bad eaten them ; but 
they w$r€ stilt IU-/bvoured, as at the beginning. 
Ho I awoke. . . . ^ ., 

SB And I saw bi my dream, and behold, leven 
•ata came up In one stalk, ftill and good: 

53 And behold, seven ears, vrtthered, thin, and 
blasted with the east wind, sprung up after them : 

54 And the thin ean devoured the stivcn good 
talb : and I told thi» unto the magicians ; but 
U«rt wM none that could declare it unto me. 

55 V And Joseph said unto Pharaoh, The 
dream of Pharaoh is one: €k>d hath shewed 
Pharaoh what he is about to do. 

96 The seven good kine mrs seven years ; and 
the seven good ears «r« seven yean : the dream 
is one. 

S7 And the seven thin and lll-fbvoured kine 
that came up after them ore seven years ; and 
the seven empty cars blasted with the east wind 
•hall be seven years or famine. 

SB This u the thina which I have spoken unto 
Pharaoh : what God is about to do he sheweth 
Mito Pharaoh. 

39 Behold, th«re come seven years of grent 
plenty throughout all the land of Egypt : 

ao And there shall arise after them seven years 
of ftiniine: and all tlie plenty shall be (braouen 
In the land of Egypt; and the famine sliaO con- 
mime tlie land : . . 

-31 And the plenty sliall not be known In tlte 
land by reason of tliot famine following: for it 
shmil ks very grievous. 

3S And (br that the dream was doubled unto 
Phamoh twice ; it is because the thing is estab- 
lished by God,and God will shortly bring it to pass. 

33 Now therefore let Pharaoh look out amaii dis- 
ereet and wise, and set himover the land of Egypt. 

34 Let Pharaoh do Uis. and let falm appoint of- 
Acen ever ihe land, and take up the ftnh part of 
the land of Egypt in the seven plenteous years. 

35 And let them gather all the food of those good 
years that come, and lay up com under tlie hand 
of Pharaoh ; and let them keep food iu tlie cities. 

30 And that food shall be for store to the land 
against the seven years of famine, which shall 
be in the land of Egypt; that the land perish not 
tfHoogh tlie flunine. 

St is Uvmuti. 

in vestures of fine linen, aad put a gold chala 
about hte neck ; 

43 And be made hbn to ride In the second cha- 
riot which be had : and they cried before blm. 
Bow the knee: and he made him ralcr over au 
the land of Egypt. 

44 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, I «ai Pha- 
raoh, and without thee shall no man lift up hia 
hand or foot in an the land of Eg^ 

45 And Pharaoh called Jioseph's name Zaph- 
natli-paaneah; and he gave him to wife Asenatli 
the daughter of Poti-pherah priest of On: an4 
Joseph went out over all the land of Bmt. 

46 IT And Joseph was thirty years old when he 
stood before Pbaraoh king of £^pt: and Joseph 
went out from the presence of Pharaoh, am 
went throughout all the land of Egypt. 

47 And in the seven plenteous years the earth 
brou|ht forth by handfuls. 

48 And he gathered up all the food pf the seven 
years which were in the land of Egypt, and laid 
up the food in the cities: the food of the field 
which was round about every city, bihi he up 
in the same. 

40 And Joseph gathered com as the sand of tlie 
sea, very much, until he left numbering ; for it 
was without number. 

50 And unto Joseph were bom two sons before 
the years of famine came : which Asenath tlie 
dau^ter of Poti-pherah priest of On bare onto 

51 AjiA Joseph called the name of the lint-bom 
Manasseh ; for God,«ai'd ks^ hath made me for- 

37 tl And the thing was eood In the eyes of 
Pharaoh, and In the eyes of all his servants. 

38 And Pbaraoh said unto his servants. Can we 
find saeft a ens as this is, a man in whom the 
Mirit of God is 7 

30 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, Ferannueh 
m God hath shewed thee all this, tkart is none 
•o diserect find wise as thou art : 

40 Thou Shalt be over my house, and accord- 
IM Imto thy word ilhaH an my people be raled 
CNuy In the throne will I be greater than thou. 

41 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, Sco, I have 
let thee over all the land of £^pt. 

48 And Pliaraoh took olfhis ring from his hand, 
ead fM it upon Joscph^s band, and arrayed bhn 

get all my toil, and all my ibther*s II 

5S And the name of the second called lie 
Ephraim : For God hath caus^ me to be fruitful 
in the land of my affliction. 

53 IT And the seven years of plenteotisnea that 
was in the land of Egypt, were ended. 

54 And tlie seven years of dearth began to come, 
accordini as Joseph had said : aim the dearth 
was in Mi lands ; but in all the land of E^pl 
tliere was bread. 

55 And when all the land of Emt was flunteh • 
ed, the people cried to Pharaofar fw bread : ami 
Pharaoh said unto all the Egyptians, Go unto 
Joseph : what ho saith to you, do. 

56 And the famine was over all the face of the 
earth : and Joseph opened ah the store-houses, 
and sold unto tlie Egyptians ; and the famiiio 
waxed sore In the laud of Egypt. 

57 And all countries came into Ecyptto Joeepli^ 
for to buy com ; because that the famine waa «# 
sore iu all lands. 

CHAP. XLIl. , 

Jacob sends kis sons to huf esrtu 

NOW when Jacob saw that there was cnrm 
in Egypt, Jacob said unto his sons, Why 
do ye looRone upon another 1 
S And he said, Behold I have heard that tbere 
is corn in Eoypt : get you down thither, and buy 
for us ftom thence ; that we mny live, and not die. 

3 And Joseph's ten brethren went down to buy 
com In 'Egypt. 

4 But Beiuamln, Joseph*! brother, Jacob sent 

4 out DW^UUUH, tPUBCIfU ■ UrVUiCSIl V1U.VW mctn 

not with his brethren : for he said, Lest perad' 
venture mischief befall bim. 

5 And the sons of Israel came to buy eem 
among those that came: for the fiunine was la 
the land of Canaan. 

6And JoeeittiiT'u ilif f r^vcmorovertheland,a«4 
he it was that tmu] lo nCl ilie people of the find i 
and Josepb'd breir:rHTi mme^ and bowed down 
themsdveabefbreMiTTrf >: ^ i ^^Ir faces to the earth. 

7 And Joseph saw iiL ^r-iiiren, and he knew 

them, but made himself stranee imto them, and 
spake roughly unto them ; and he said unto than. 
Whence come jrel And they said. From tb« 

load of Canaonto buy food. 

8 And Jomepb Inew hit bratbren, bat they knew 
mtt him. 

9 And Joseph remembered the dreami whieh he 
drtOflMd of Uiem,and sftid unto them, Ye ar« tpiee; 
ID tee the nak^dneMof the land ye are eome. 

10 And they nid unto him, Nay, my lord, but 
to bay food are thy senronta come. 

11 We mre all one man's sous ; we §r$ true 
sm ; thy servants ore no spies. 

IS And he said unto them, {fay, but ID see the 
Mhiwtnese of the landye are eome. 
1^ And they said, Thy servtnu an twelve 
bielhren, the sons of on<! man in the land of 
Canaan : and behold, the yo«ui|est w this day 
with our Ihtber, and one it not. 

14 And Joseph said unto them, That U it that 
I make into you. sayinf, Ye ars niies 

15 Heieby ye shall be proved: By tl 

CHAP. XLIIl. Jecel rtffiutA U $md intfsw*i. 

34 And Wtaf yonr yoangetft brother unto mei 
then shall I know that ye «r« no spies, but Ual 
ye ere true ««a; ss will f deUver yooyour bee* 
ther, and ye shaU tramck In the land. 

35 IT And It oune to pass as they emptied their 
sacks, that behoM, every man's bundle of money 
•0M in bis sack; and when *WA they and their la- 
ther saw the bundles of money, they were aflrald. 

36 And Jacob their lather said unto theas. Me 
have ye bereaved •/ my aOdrm : Joeqpfa it not, 
and Shneon w not, and ye wlU take Be^Jamiii 
away ; all theee thinfs are amdnst bm. 

37 And Reuben spake unto his (kther, eeybif, 
Shiy my two eons, If I bring hbn not lo thee: 
deliver him Into my hand, and 1 wiU bring Mm 
to thee acaia. 

38 And he said. My son shall not go down with 
the life of von; forhlsbfetherladead,andheisleftalone} 

Pharaoh ve ahaU not go forth hence, except yo«r If miachlof beAUl hhn by the way in the which 
yeoMBst brother come hither. ye en, Uum shall ye bring down my gnw haiia 

Jtf Send one of you, and let him fetch yourbro- with eonow to the gravcT 

Iher, and ye shall be kept in prison, that your 
words may be proved, whether thtrt bt a«y 
truth la you: or else, by the life of Tharaob, 
surely ye err qiiea. 
17 And he pot them aU together into ward three 

liAnd Joseph sak 
TUido, aiid live; /er I f^ God: 

li said unto them the third day. 

19 If ye ^ true aisn, let one of your brethren 
ke bound in the house of your prison : go ye, 
carry eora for the famine of your houses : 

50 But bring your youngest brother unto me; 
m ehail your words be verified, and ye shall not 
iie. And they did ao. 

51 V And they aald one to another, We art 
verily guilty concerning our brother, in that we 
saw the anguish of his soul, when he besougbt 
us, and we would not bear; therefore is this 
distress come upon us. 

Sft And Henbea aaswered them, eayiag, Spake 
1 not unto you, suring. Do not sin against the 

chUd; and ye would not heart therefois behold toM blm aecordlha to the teaor of these words 

also bis Uood is requiredc 

£3 And they knew, not that Joeeph understood 
iktm; Ihrhe spake unto them by an interpreter. 

flf And he turned himself about firom themt and 
wept; and returned to them again, and com- 
Bumed with them, and took firom them Simeon, 
aad bound 1dm before their eyea. 

2S V Then Joseph conunanded to All their sacks 
with torn, and to restore every man's mooey 

into his sack, and to give them provision fiir the hlame for ever: 

way: and thus did he unto them. 

95 And thev laded their asses with the eom, 
and di^rted thence. 

S7 And as one of them opened his sack to give 
his am provender in the inn. he espied hie mo- 
Dgr : Cm behold, it wu in his sack's mouth. 

98 Anihesaidnatohia brethren, My money Is 
lesiarai; and k>. A i« even in my sack: aad 
thehr heartiailed Oas^ and they were afraid. 
aayiM one to another, What is this Osl Ood 
hath done unto us 1 

99 V And they cane tints Jacob their fa^ier 
aato the land of Canaan, and told him all that 
befell itnto them, saybig,. 

30 The man wht u the lord of the lead, spake 
longhly to us, and took us forspiesof the country. 

31 And we said unto him, We art true «m; 

33 We^tweive brethren, sons of our nuher : 
one as not, and the youngest it this day with out 
fluhair in the land of Oaaaaa. 

33 And the man, the lord of the comtry, aald 
unto ns, Bereby shall I know that ye mrt true 
bmr: Mve one of your brethren Asra with me, 
and take fotdftr theliunineof yoitr bottm he i ds, 

JMttk ituittk BmuuL^^ 

AND the famine ttat sorein the land. 
8 And it came to oass, when they had eamn 
up the com which tnry had bro^ht om of 
^pt, their father said unto them, Go again, 
buy us a little food. 

3 And Judah spake rate hhn, sayin, The man 
did solemnly protest unto ae, saying. Ye shall aoc 
see my thee, axeepi your brother *• with you. 

4 If thou wilteend our brother with ua, we will 
go down and buy thee (bod: 

5 But if thou wilt not aend JUai we wUl not go 
down: for the man aald unto us. Ye shah noc 
aee my Ihce, except your brother U with you. 

And Israel aald, Whenforo dealt ye tt ill 
witli me, OS to tell the man whether ye had yec 
a brother 1 

7 And they aald. The man arted us stralthr of 
our state, and of our kindred, sayhig, it your lb- 
tbervetaUvel have ye snoOcr brother! and we 

€ould we certainly know thai he would any. 
Bring your brother down t 

SAndJudahaaidttntoImnelhislhther, Bend 
the lad with me, and we will arise and go ; that 
we may Uve, aad noc die, both we, aad thou, 
sad aleo our little onee. 

I wiU be surety for him; of my hand ahalt 
thoit require him: if I bring hbn not unto tliee, 
andeet hhn belbie thee, then let me beartho 

,aiirefynow we 


10 For ezorat we had lingered, i 
hod returned tMa aeeond tune. 

11 And thehr Ibther larael aald unto them, If i< 
sMwt U ao new, do tUs; take of the best (knits 
in the land in your veasels, and carry down the 
man a pif seat, a little bahn, and n tfttle honey, 

and myrrh, nnn^ and ahnonds: 
And take donUo BMney in yimr hand ; and 
the money that waa brooght agua tai the mouth 
of your aack8,ctfiyi(afnn in your band; per*/ 
adventure H was an 4MMMight : 
IS Take alao your brother, aad arise, go again 
unto the man: 

14 And God Abnighty give yon merey before 
the man, tliat he nwy aead away your other 
brother, and Bei\}aailn : If I be bereaved tif m^ 
thtUrtn, I «n bereaved. 

15 f And the men took that preaent, and they 
took double money In their hand, and Bei^amin: 
and rose up, and went do wn to Egypt, and stood 
be(bra Joseph. 

10 And when Joeeph saw Beqjamin wbb them, 
he said to the ruler of hto house, Brii« cA«a« men 
home, and almr, and make ready: forihcssmen 

hall dtam with me at noon. 

17 And the man dhl a 

Jbteph mdUA c feitt 

man broufht tlie men Into Joteph*! honse. 

18 And the men were afhiid, becaute they were 
... ... . . ^„fj^ 

QfiNESIS. ,htiak''t kumitt ntppiUMitm 

5 /» not Ibis ^f la which my lord drtokath, and 
whereby indeed lie divineth t ye have done evil 

hroufht Into Jose|4i*t house ; and tliey 8ald| Be- 
catMo of the money that wm returned in oar 
•ad» at the first time, are we brought in ; that 
he Biay seelc occasion against ua, and fhll upon 
OS. and talce us for bondmen, and our asset. 
Id And they came near to the steward of Jo- 
seph's house, and they communed with him at 
the door of the iKMise, 

90 And said, O sir, we came indeed down at 
the first time to buy food : * 

91 And it came to pass, when we came to the 
Inn, that we opened our saclM, and behold, every 
uan*s money wag. In the nioutli of Ills saclc, our 
■loney in Aill weight : aud we have brought it 
Main In our hand. 

83 And other money have we broufbt down In 
our Itands to buy Ibod : we caniMit tell who ptu 
our money in our sacks. 

S3 And he taid^ PMce letoyon, fear not : your 
God, and the OoA of your (kther, bath given you 
treasure in your sacks : I had your money. And in iienjamin's sack, 
\e broiisbt Simeon out unto tliem. 13 Then they rent their clothes, and laded every 

a And the roan brought the men into Joseph's •** -* " - "- -'— 


in so dolns. 

a If And be overtook them, and he spake wilo 
tliem these same words. 

7 And they said unto him, Wherefore saith my 
lord these words t God forbid that thy servant! 
should do according to this thing: 

8 Behold, the money which we found In our 
sacks* months, we brought again unto thee out 
of the land of Canaan : how then should we 
steal out of thy lord's limise silver or gold 1 

9 Whh whomsoever of thy servants It be found, 
both let him die, and wc abw wiU be my lord's 
bond-men. « 

10 And he said. Now also ht it be according 
unto >'«ur words : he with wliom It is found sliw 
be my servant ; and ye shall be blameless. 

11 Then they speedily took down every man IHs 
sack to tlie ground.and opened every man bis sack. 

IS And he searched, and began at the eldest, 
nitd lelt at the youngest : and the cup was found 

he brought Simeon out unto them. 
house, an ^ 
their net ; and he cave their asses provender. 

. and gave them water, and they ^ 

S5 And they made ready tlie present against 
Joseph came at noon : for tliey beard that they 
should cat bread there. 

SB f And when Joseph came home, they brought 
biu the present which loae in tlielr hand Into the 
bouse, and bowed themselves to him to the earth 

S7 And he askeii thorn of their wcU'ire, and 
said, Jb your Ikther #ell, tlie old man of whom 
ye spake? /the yet alive 1 

88 And they answered, Tl\y servant our Duher 
<e In good hMlth, he ie yet alive: and tliey 
bowed down their lieads, and mode obeisance. 

S9 And lie lifted up his eybs, and saw his brother 
Bodmin, b\a mother's son, and said, It this your 
younger brother, of whom ye spake unto me 1 
And he said, God begraciouf unto thee, my son. 

30 And Joseph made haste ; for his bowels did 
yearn upon his brother: and he sought where to 
weep; and he entered Into his chamber, and 
wept there. 

31 And hfrwasbed his flice, and went oat, and 
retrained hiniselA nnd said, Set on bread. 

38 Aiul th^ 9et on for him by himself, and 
them by themselves, and for theE^gyptitws which 
did eat with him, by themselves: because the 
^yptians might not eat bread with the Hebrews; 
for that ie an abomination unto the Egyptians. 

33 And tliey sat before him. the first-born ac- 
cording to his birth-right, and the youngest ac- 
cording to his youth: and the men marvelled 
•ne at another. 

34 And lie too^ and emU 
(Vom before him : but Bei^mln*s mess was Ave 
times so m ueh as any of theirs. And tl)py drank, 
and were merry with him. 

JotepVe peliev te hie brethreti. 

AND be conmanded the steward of his hdUse, 
saying. Fill the men's sacks with food, as 
much as they can carry, and put every man's 
money in his sack*s mouth. 

S And put my cup, the silvercap, in the sack*s 
mouth of the youngest, and his corn-money : 
and he did aecording to the word that Joseph 
bad spoken. 

3 As soon as the morning was light, the men 
were sent away, they, and their 

I his ass, and returned to the city. 

14 If And Judah and his brethren came to Jo- 
seph's house, (for he was yet there :) and they 
Ml before him on the ground. 

15 And Joseph said unto them, Wliat deed U 
tills that ye have done 1 wot ye not that such a 
man as I can certainlv divine 1 

16 And Judah said. What shall we say unto my 
k»rd f what shall we speak ? or how shall we clear 
ourselves 1 God hath found out the iniquity of tlry 
servants : behold we are my lord's servants, both 
we, and he also with whom the cup Is found. 

17 And he said, God forbid that I sliould do so t 
^Ml the man In wltose hand the cup is found, he 
shall be my servant ; and as for you, get you up 
in peace unto your fkilier. 

18 V Then Judah canie near unto him, and said, 
O my lord, let tliy sen'ant, 1 pray thee, speak a 
word in my lord's ears, and let not thine anger 
bum aaainst thy servant : for thou mrt even is 

10 My lord asked his servants, saying. Have y 
a father, or a brother 1 

80 And we said unto my lord. We have a fother. 
dn old man, and a child of his old age, a little 
one : and his brotlicr is deod, and lie alone Is left 
of his mother, and his ftither loveth him. 

81 And thou saidst unto thy servants. Bring hhii 
down 4intt> me, that 1 may set mine eyes upim hint. 

82 And we said unto my lord. The lad csnnot 
leave his father: for if he sliould leave his Ik- 
ther, his father would die. 

83 And thou saidst unto tliy servants, Except 
your youngest brotlier come down with you, y« 
sliall see my foce no more. 

84 And It came to pass, when we came up unto 
thy servant my fother, we told him the words of 
my lord. 

85 And our fother said. Go again, and buy ae 
a little food. 

86 And we said, We cannot go down: If our 
youfigest brother be with us, then will we go 
down ; for we may, not see tlie man's foce, ex- 
espt our youngest brother he whh us. 

87 And thy servant my fothersakl unto as, Ye 
know that my wife bare me two eene : 

88 And the one went out IVom me, and I ssid, 
Sorely he is torn in pieces; and I saw Mm not 

^, ,, . 89 And if ye take this also from me, and mis- 

4 windwhenthey wfmvoneoutof theciiy, and chief befoU him, ye sliaU bring down my graj 
not fsC for off! Joseph said unto his steward, hairs with sonow to the grave. 
Up, fellow after the men; and when thoa dost 30 Now therefore when I come to thy servmtt 
overtake them, say unto^hen, Wherefore have my fother, and the lad *e not with in ; (sc 
yemvtidsdevllforgoodl that hhi life Is bound up in the lad's UfoO 

Ju^ sendetk f^r 1U$ ftitr. 

3f If slialf come to paas, wlien he teeth thai the 
larf f> oot with u*. that he will die : and thjr ser- 
««iit8 shall bring dowa the grajr haire of thy eer- 
vant our father with iorrow to the grave. 

18 For thy servant became surety for the iad nn- 
lomy father, saying, If 1 bring him not uato thee, 
then I shall bear the Uame to my father for ever. 

33 Now therefore, 1 pray thee, let tliy servant 
abide Instead of the lad a bondfnan to my lord ; 
and let the lad go up with his brethren. 

34 For how shall I go up to my father, and the 
lad be not with me 1 lest peradvemure I see the 
evil thai dwU come on my fatlier. 

CHAP. 5lLV. 
Jft^ maketk himself known. 

THSN Joseph could not relrain lUmself be/bre 
an them that stood by him ; and he cried, 
Cause eveiy man to go out from me : and there 
stood ao oMui with him, while Joseph made him- 
self Jbiown unto his brethren. 
8 And lie wept aloud ; and the Elgyptians and 
ibe house of Fharttoh heard. 

3 And Joseph said unto Ills bretliren. I ssi Jo 
aeph ; doth my fkther yet live 1 A nd his bretliren 
could not answer him ; for th^ were troubled at 
his /vesence. 

4 And Joseph said nato his brethren, Come near 
10 ne, I prav you : and they came near. And 
be said, I mm Joseph your brother^ whom ] 
toto Egypt. 

5 Now therelbie be not grieved, nor angry with 
yourselves, that ye sold me hither : for God did 
send me before you to preserve life. 

6 For these two years k*tk the famine *««m In 
die land : and yet there mre five years, in the 
which there shM neither be earing nor iiiirvest. 

7 And God sent me before vou, to preserve you 
a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives 

CHAP. XLV, XI.VI. Jaeoi U 

rstudT: forthcfOolK^ 

SO Also regui not your i 
all tlie laud of l^pt is youra 

81 Aad the chiUrea of Israel did to: and Joseph 
gave then wagons, accordbig to the eonmiand- 
nicnt of Pharaoh, and gave tbsm provision for 
the way. 

S3 To all of them he gave each man changes of 
raiment : but to Benismin be gave three hundred 
pmes of sUver, and five rhsngss of raiment. 

83 And to his Auher he sr ^ " 
ten asses laden with the 
and ten sbe-i 

by a great ddiverance. 

5 So now it vos not you that sent me hither, 
Vna God*, and be hath made me a father to Pha- 
raoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler 
throMghout all the Umd of Egypt. 

9 Haste ye, and go up to my father, and say unto 
him. Thus saith thy son Joseph, God hath made 
me Nxra of aU Egy^A ; come down unto me, tarry 

10 And thou shalt dwell in the land of Goshen, 
and thou dialt be near unto me. thou, and thy 
children, and thy children's children, and thy 
Bocks, and thy herds, and all that thou hast : 

11 And there will I nourish thee, (for yet Oers 
are fiv« yean of fomine ;} lest thou, and thy 
hoQsehold, and an that thou hast come to poverty. 

18 And behold, your eyes see, and the eyes of 
my brother Bei^Mnin, that it is my mouth that 
•peaketh unto you. 

13 And ye shall tell my fbther of all my glory 
In Enpt, and of all that ye have seen : and ye 
shanbaste, and brine down my father hither. 

14 And lie fell upon his brother Bei^amln^s neck, 
and wept; and Benjamin wept upon his neck. 

15 Monover, he kissed ail his brethren, and 
wept npon them : and alter tliat his brethren 
talked with him. 

16 IT And the fbme thereof was heard in Pha- 
raoh's house, saying, Joseph's brethren are come: 
and it pleased Pharaoh well, and his servants. 

17 And Pharaoh said unto Joseph. Say unto 
thy brethren, This do ye ; lade your beasts, and 
go, get you unto the land of Canaan ; 

18 And tftke your father, and four households, 
and come anto me", and I will give you the good 
of the land of Egrpt, and ye shall eat the lat of 
the land. 

19 Now thou art commanded, thhi do ye ; take 
you wagons out of the hind of Egypt for your 
DtUe odes, and for your wives, and bring your 
ftlher, and come. 

seat after this ««iMsr ; 
e good thbigs of Egypt, 
I with com and bread 

and meat for his fhther by the way. 

84 So he sent his brethren tway. and they de- 
parted : and he said unto them, siee that ye IWl 
not out by the way. 

35 V And they went up ootof Egypt, and came 
into the kind of Canaan unto Jacob their fbtber, 

3B And toU him, saying. Joseph is yet alive, and 
be is Eoveniur ever all the bmd of Egypt. And 
Jacobus heart fointed, for he believed them not. 

87 And they toM hhn all the words of Joseph, 
which he bad said unto them : and when he saw 
the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him, 
the spirit of Jacob their Ibther revived : 

88 And Israel saki, it is enough : Joseph my son 
is yet alive: I will go and see hUn before I die . 

Jsesb esmfertei at Bser-skehM, 

AND Israel took his Journey with aU that lie 
had, and came to Beer-shcba, and ollered 
sacrifices unto the God of his Aiihec Isaac. 
8 And God spake unto Israel in the visions of 
the night, and said, Jacob, Jacob! and he sai<l. 
Here mm h 

3 And he said. I asi God, the God of thy fhther: 
fear not to go down into Egypt ; for I will there 
make of thee a great nation : 

4 I will go down with thee bito Egypt; and I 
will also surely bring thee up s^oia .* and Joseph 
shall put hb hand upon thine eyes. 

5 And Jacob rose up from Beer-sheba : and the 
sons of Israel carried Jacob thehr fhther, and 
their little ones, and their wives, in the wagons 
which Pharaoh had sent to carry him. 

6 And they took their cattle, and thoir goods 
wliich they had gotten in the bind of Canaan, and 
came hito Egypt, Jacob, and all his seed with him; 

7 His sons, and his sons* sons with him. his 
daughters, and his sons* daughters, and all his 
seed brought he with him into %ypt. 

8 ir And these are the names ofthe children of 
Israel, which came into Egypt, Jacob and hie 
sons: Reuben, Jacob's first-bom. 

9 And the sons of Reuben; Hanoeb, and 
Phallu, and Hezron, and Carml. 

10 IT And the sons of Sbneon ; Jemnel, and 
Jamhi, and Ohad, and Jachin, and ZoImut, aiul 
Shajil the son of a Canaanltlsh woman. 

11 IT And the sons of Levi; Gershon, Kohatb, 

IS IT And the sons of Judah; Er, and Onan, 
and Shelah, and Pharex. and Zarah : but Er ami 
Onan died in the land or Canaan. And the sona 
of Phaiez were Hesron, and Homul. 

13 11 And the sons of Issachar; ToUu and 
Pliuvah, and Job, and Shhnron. 

14 IT And the squs of Zebulun ; Sered, and 
Eloojjind JahleeL 

15 These be the sons of Leah, whicli she bare 
unto Jacob in Padan-aram, with his danghtrr 
Dinali : all the souls of his sous and his daugh- 
teis were thirty and three. 

16 If And the sons of Gad; Ziphlon, and HaggI, 
Shuni. and Ezbon, Eri, and Arodi. and AreuT 

17ir Andtbesonsof Astier; Jimnan,and[shuah, 
and Isui, and Beriah, and Serahtheir sister. And 
the sons of BerJah ; Heber, and Iralchiel. 

18 These *re the sons of Zilpah, whom Labao 

9rt >h hlf daughter: and Umk ibe biuv 

ions of Bachd, Jacob*f wife; J o mp ti, 

i^unto JoMph In the land of Egyipt were 
tMnijdaiiaMeh and Ephraim, which Aeeaath the 
daughter ofPoU-pberata prieit of Ob bare unto 

GENESIS. JtMtfVt ieatmg in lUfmOM^ 

8 And Fliaraob eaid wito Jaeok Row old ore 

9 And Jacnii aaid onto Phaiaoh, The dan of 
the yean of my pllgrimaie crt a hundred and 
thirty yeart : few and evfi have the days of the 
jpean of my life tteen, and have not attained un- 
to the days of the yean of the life of ny Athert 
in tlie days of their pilgrimage. 

10 And Jacob Weswd Pharaoh, and went out 
from before Pharaoh. 

11 IT And Joseph placed his flither and bis 
lirethren, and gave tnem a possession in the land 
of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of 
Sameses, as Pharaoh liad ccmunanded. 

19 And Joseph nourished his father, and lUi 
brethren, and all his father*s houseliofal, wWl 
bread according to Uuir Ikmilies. 

13 IT And tkert wm» no bread in all the land; 
fbr the Ikmlne wmm very sore, so that the land or 
Egypt, and mU the laud of Canaan, ftinted b^ 
reason of the Ounine. 

14 And Joseph gathered op all the money that 
— found in the land of Egypt, and in the land 

w*r§ tlireeseore and tcik 

58 V Aud lie sent Jodah before him unto Joseph, 
10 direct liis face unto Goshen ; and tiiey came 
into the land of Goshen. 

59 And Joseph made ready his chariot, and 
went up to meet Israel his father to Goshen ; 
and praMuted himself unto him : and he fell on 
his neck, and wept on his neclc a good while. 

30 And Israel said unto Joseph, Now let me die, 

91 1 And the tons of Bet^aminwsMBehth, and 
Beciier, and Ashbel, Gera, and Naaman. Ehi, 
and Rosh, Moppim, and Iluppim, and Ard. 
99 These tart the sons of fiachel, which were 
bom »9 Jacob ; all the souls mn fourteen. 
93 t And the sons of Dan ; Hnshim. 
M And the tons of NaphtaU; Jahzeeli and 
Guni, and^ozer, and ShilJem. 
95 These ere tlie sons of Bilhab, which Labon 
gave unto Rachel his daughter, add she bare 
these unto Jacob: all the souls wtre seven. 

98 All thesonls that came with Jacob Into Egypt, 
Which came oat of his loins, besides Jacob's 
•ons* wives, all the souls wert threeicore and six ; 

97 And the sons of Joseph which were bom ,^ 

Mm in Egypt; ^^* ^^o ^^^ ' *11 ^« *ouls of of Canaan, for the com which they bought : and 
tlic house of Jacob, which came into Egypti Joseph broucht the money into Phamoh*s house. 

15 And when money failed In the land of 
^(ypt, and in the land of Canaan, all tlie Egyn> 
tians came unto Joseph, and said. Give us bread : 
for why should we die in Uiy presence 1 for tlie 
mcney fliileth. 

10 And Joseph said. Give vour cattle : .. 
will give you for your cattle, if money foil. 

. . J and Joseph gave 

since 1 have seen thy face, because tiiou art yet horses, and for the flocks, and for the cattle of 

17 And Uiey brought their cattle unto Joseph: 
* ' I them luread in sxdUa/e for 


tlie herds, and for the asses ; and he fod then 

uio MviuB, ttiiu lui utfs a»BCB , unu no ivii tuv 

31 And Joseph said unto his brethren, and un- with bread, (jor all their cattle, for that year, 
to Ills fathers house, I will go up, and sliew 18 When that year was ended, they came unto 
~ " ... . .^^ iiy i^f^iiiren^ and liim the second year, and said unto him, Wn 

Pharaoh, and say unto Jiim, . ,,_ , . 

my fathei's house, which wsrs ia the land of i will not hide t( from my lord, how that our i 
Canaan, are come unto me: ney Is spent: my lord also hath our herds of 

39 And the men ore shepherds, for their trade 'cattle: there Is not aught left In the sight of my 
linth been to feed cattle ; and tliey have brought j lord, but our bodies and our lands : 
tlieirflock8,andtheirherds,andallthattheyhave.| 19 Wherefore shall we die before thine eyes, 

33 And itsballcome to muis, when Pharaoh sliali both we and our land 1 bu v us and our huid for 
call you,and shall say,VVhat f« your occupation t'bread, and we and onr land i^ be servants un- 

34 That ye shall say. Thy servants* trade hath to Piiaraoh: and give tu seed, that we may 
been about cattle (torn our youth even until now, I live, and not die. that the land lie not desolate, 
both we, and also our fathers: that ye may| 20 And Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for 
dwell in the land of Goshen ; for every shop- Pharaoh ; for the ^rptians sold every man lila 

herd it an abomination unto the Egyptians. 

* Jaeat introdueei to Pkataok. 

THEN Joseph came and told Pharaoh, and 
said, My mther and my brethren, ilnd their to the other end thereof. 

flocks, and their herds, and all that they have, 
are come out of the land of Canaan ; and be- 
hold, they ore in the land of Goshen. 
9 And he took some of his brethren, turn five 
men, and presented them nnto Pharaoh. 

3 And Pharaoh said unto his brethren, Whit Is 
your occupation 1 And thev said tinto Pharaoh, 
Thy servants ort Hiepherds, both we, and also 
ourfothers ^^ ^ ^ 

4 They said moreover nnto Pharaoh, For to so- 
journ in the land are we come : for thy aervants 
have JW pasture for their flocks, for the fomine 
it sore to tlie land of Canaan : now therefore, 
we pn^ thest let thy lervanti dwell to the land 
of Gonien. 

5 And Pharaoh spake onM Joseph, saying. Thy 
fother and thy brethren are come vnto thee : 

6 The land of Egypt it before thee ; in the best 
'Of the laiid make thy father and brethren to 

dwell: In the land of Goshen let them dwell; 
and if thou knowest any men of activity amo 
them, then make them mien over my cattle. 

7 And Joe«phbroaghtlnJacobhUifather,andsec 
kirn bdbcerharaoh : aad Jacob bteised Pharaoh. 

field, because the (amine prevailed over them: 
so the land became Pharaon*s. 
91 And as for the pcoide. he removed them to 
cities ftom ont end of die borders of Egypt eveh 
o the other end thereof. 

99 Only the land of the priests bought he not ; 
for the priestt had a portion tttigned them of Pha- 
raoh, and did eat their portion which Pharaoh 
gave ttiem : wherefore they sold not their Innda. 
93 Then Joseph said unto the people. Behold, I 
have bought yon this day and your land for Pha- 
raoh : lo, hero it seed for you, and ye shall sow 
the land. 

M And ft shall come to pass to the increase, 
that ye shall give the filth ptrt unto Pharaoh, 
and roar parts shall be your own, for seed or 
the field, and fervour food, and for them of your 
housdiolds, and ror food for your little ones. 
95 And they said. Thou hast saved our Uvea: 
let us find grace in the sight of my lord, and wo 
will be Pbaraoh*s servants. 
1Z6 And Joseph made U a law over the land of 
Ecfpt unto this day, tkmt Pharaoh should have 
the fifth porf ; except the land of the priesta 

only, i0Aia became not Pharaoh*i. 

irri And Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, to 
the country of Goshen ; and they had poes csrt o n o 
therein, and grew, and multiplied exeeedingly. 

98 And Jacob Uved in the land of Egypt ie¥«lh 

SmmViUmr^UJItMfk CHAP XLVin.kLIX. 

teen ymn: m the whole wge of Jacob wat a 
hondied forty and seven yean. 
99Amdthemnt ' 

BUssitk Jl>lr««« mi MMMtmk 

It TrMR Mrdtt*t head onto ManaMeh^t b«d 

18 And Jowph said unto lifs father, Not so. ■y 

fhther:ferthl8i«the0mbofB;pMthy rtahl 
hand unon bis head. •-—»••— 

n And Ms father refteed, tod taM, I lOMmtt; 
my ion, I know ft; he also shall heeonea peo- 
ple, and he also Shan be great: but tndy his 
Koancer brother shaU be greater than he, and 
la seed shall become a nraUtade of natfona. 
90 And he blessed them that day, sayfM, la thee 
SS' ?«^* "**» "y*"!* Ooi'malMthee aa 
Ephraim and as M anassefa : and he set Bnhralm 
before ManasKb. 

81 And Israel said unto Joseph. Behold, I die ; 

bQt t3od shaH be with yon, and bring y 

unto the land of vour iatbers. 

«! Moreover I hare given to thee one portioa 

•bove thy brethren, which I took ont of the hand 

of the Auiorite with my sword and with my bow. 


JtMlk Uettttk his ssM. 

AND Jacob called unto his sons, and said, 
Gnther yourselves together, that I may tell 
you tkut which shall bcrafl you in the last days. 
3 Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons 
of Jacob ; and hearken uato Israel your ftther. 

3 If Reuben, thou art my fiist-bom, my might, 
and the beginnhig of my strength, the eicelltncy 
of dignity, and the eiccHency of power : 

4 UnstAbte as water, thon shalt not excel ; be- 

, . cause thou wentest up to thy father's bed ; then 

, which were born unto thee in the land of dcHIeiiit thou it : ho went pp to my coach. 

Biypt, before I came unto thee into Egypt, are ' " "' . • - - 

■nne : as Reuben and Simeon, they shall be mine. 

6 And thy issue, which thou besettcst after 
them, shall be thine, end shall be caued after the 
name of tlieir brethren in their inheritance. 

7 And as (br me, wiien I came fVoni Padnn, 
Hachel died by me in the land of Canaan, in the 
aray, when yet tkers was but a little way to come 
anio ^pYvra-th -. and I burled her there in the way 

drew Bigh that braM must die; 

loi he eiJled his son Joseph, and saM unto him, 
If WW I have fbund grace in thy sight, put, 1 
pray thee,'t]iy hand under my thigh, and deal 
fchKlyand truly with me; buiy me not, Ipray 

3IBat ?SS*lte with my fhthert, aad thon shalt 
cany me oitttof Egypt, and bury me in their bury- 
ta^^ace. Andtiesaid,IwlUdoasthouhastsaid. 
31 And he said. Swear unto me : and he sware 
nnxo htai. And tuael bowed himself upon the 
bed's bead. 

j0St^ viait* ki» sick father. 

AKD it came to pass after these things, that 
•M laid Joseph, BehoM, thy father h ntck : 
and he look with lum his two sons, llanaaseh 
and Bpfaraim. 

t H And one told Jacob, and sahl. Behold, thy 
son Joseph cometh unto thee: and Israel 
wengdiened himself, and sat upon the bed. 

3 And Jacob said unto Joseph, God Almighty 
appeared unto me at Lus in the land of Canaan, 
and MeaMdme, 

4 And rahl unto me. Behold, I will make thee 
lhih(Vil,and multiplvthee, and I wilt make of thee 
a naltitude of pebple ; and will give this land to 
fbyseed after thee, /or an everlasting possession. 

5 IT And now, thy two sons, Ephraim and Ma 

of Epbraih, tlie same t« Betli-lehem. 

8 And Israel belMid Joseph^s sons, and said, 
Who «rs these? 

9 And Joseph sold unto his father, They are 
Iny son^ whom God hath liven me In thia;»/aee. 
And he said, Bring them, 1 pray thee, unto me, 
and I will bless them 

11 And Israel said nntn Joseph, t had not thought 
10 see thy fhce: and lo, God hath shewed me 
also thy seed 

13 And Joseph brought them out fl-om between 
hl8knee«,andr ' "'* - . - - 
the earth. 

13 And Joseph took them both, Ephraim In his 
right hand toward Israelis left bono, and Manas- 
•en in his left hand toward Israers rl^t hand, 
and brought them near unto him. 

14 And Israel stretched out his right hand, and 
laid it upon Ephraim's head, who leasth^ younj 
er, and his left hand upon Monasseh's head,guii 
hig his hands wittingly; for Monossch was the 

15 K And lie blessed Joseph, and said, God, be- 
Ibre whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac did 
walk, the God which fed me all my lifb long 
anto thlad^. 

16 The Aaw which redeemed me from an evD, 
btaaa the UeSti and let my name be named on 
them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and 
Iiaae : and let them grow tato a mukiiude in 
the midst of the earth. 

17 And when Joseph saw that his (hther laid his 
rtofatband upon the head of Ephraim, ttdispleased 
h&D : and be held up bis father's hand to remove 


5 M Simeon and Levi are brethren ; i 
of cruelty are in ihclr habltatloni. 

6 O my soul, come not thou into iftehr secret; 
unto their assembly, mine Imnour, be hot thou 
united : Ibr In their ancer they slew a man, and 
in their self-will they digged down a waU. 

7 Cureed be tiielr anger, A>r it was fierce: and 
their wratli, (br It was cruel : I will divide them 
in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel. 

8 V Judali, tliou art he whom thy brethren 
shall praise; thy hand shall ke in the neck of 
thine enemies ; tliy father's children shall bow 
down beibre thee. 

9 Juduh is a lion's whelp ; flrom the prey, my 
son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he 
couched as a lion, and as an old Uon : who shall 

10 (Now the eyra of Israel were dim (br age, so rouse him up 1 

tket he could not see :) And he brought them /iO Tiie sceptre shall not depart (hm Judah, nor 
■ ' '' * ^ ' rfroi ' * * " " 

tear unto liim; and he kissed them, and embra^a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh 
ccd them. come : and unto him shall the gathering of the 

people be. 
II Binding hhi foOl unto the vine, and hhi aas's 

colt unto the choice vine ; he wa^ed his g 

grapes 1 
12 His eyes shaU ph ircd with wbie, and hia 

in wine, and his clothes in the blood ol 


teeth white with milk. 

13 IT Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the 
oea ; and he shaU be for a haven of ships ; and 
his border shaU be unto Zidon. 

14 IT Issachar is a strong asi^ conchbig down 
between two burdens : 

15 And he saw that rest was good, and the hind 
tliat it was pleasant; and bowed his shouldef 
to bear, and became a servant unto tribute. 

16 V Dan shall judge his people, as one of tha 
tribes of Israel. 

17 Dan shall be a serpent by the wi^ an adder 
in the path, that biteth the horM-heeu, ao thai 
his rider shall fofl backward. ^ 

18 i have waited for thy salvation. O Loan! ' 

19 IT Gad« a troop shall overcome hhn: but he 
shall overcome at the Iosl 

ao IT Ont of Asher his bread s^aU is At, and 
he shall yield royal dainties. 

n IT Naphtali is a hhid let looee: he glvetlr 
goodly words. ^^, ^ , 

8S II Joeeph is a ftulti^il bough, sveit a (VultftU 

botwl] by* wrlii itA«ff Iwanchw run over Ute^thc t-lifi^f* nf iil? Jj/)u«?, andaU UieeMenoftiM 

33 Thir ifcden Jwr« tor«|^ grfcTVit bkm, KHfj HAnA aJ^Uiei l]oijn^orJuieph,aiMlhiibi«clireB, 
•Inil di kim, nnd hnird h lui : ami im rm^er's bouiH! : arljr their little Oil«,aiHl 

1^4 But ill" b^^w AlHtilu In feuengfih, and i)ii!rirvisltlH'ir anckft^feiid Lbck ht rdi, tbey left In iJm land 
©f lii* |j4u<|i^ were niailt; uirtnie Ity iljrC hands D^of (J^hpn. 

\W Eulgliiy <7ffri of Jactib : (from Oicuct *j iliv 

35 Eotn Ity Uiu GtiJ of iliv inxhiti wlio «haJl 

JiiH' iJ"«i;, tivil Ity tht ATuiiehty, ivIjq ihall Llcea, _ , 

tliM Willi bicuingB or tioar^ii alwycr bkii»irti;i«,witii a RrLQi find very c^^rt.' lamentation: and be 
of iZie d^Hii-p iiiitt iji^iji timier^ bi«»iijiijj! (iT tJie lUAdu a muuriiin^ fur hin father seven dayik 

^ And tbrru w^nt up with him both cbarloia 
and hnrvc^m^n: ond ii nan n very great company. 

in And Uiey ranic t4i i he iNresbing-floorof Atad, 
wIjicU u bryotid ^orann, and there they mourned 

brrMiitandortiie womb: „ ^ 

»J Tlie t>leB9inu of I'jy fiii^'er ii^^e prevailed 
above the bicsiinxi of my proffenkora univ Uiu. 
Wmosi bniiiid tit\kc rmJa*itH|r JjiUs ; ibt'y sjJaH 
by ftji Uut jiind of J-Ht!;*lJ,uiHl oil Ui€f trftwn ortlM 
head of hi HI iNiit wa* ieimraifi frttm Jub brtthren. 

27 11 BtiiijaiiUa *ha^l fa**^" «J a wetf ; In ihe 
UNifnhitt hi ihaii dc»^iut tiie prt-y, and al (ilgbt 
be ihah dklda tilt! Kpoth 

as 11 AH "f'f!*^ a''" ^''^ iwclve irlbci of Umel : 
aisd til It i> '' Lhat tluir futhcr ittiake uiniu ilieni, 
ami liF(-»Hrd Un?iiir PV«ry one actnrding lu ht» 
bh'ii«liiif he M;c*wd ihfm. 

^ And he chargf^^ tht^m, and iflEd unio thtni, 
f am ti} tte cadifi^red unto my jMHijulf*: bury me 
witii my niuier?* In iht cave Uiat u lii tbc Held 
of Ek>hnmlhc IlitLiie, 

:H1 111 tlifi cnvi; that tt in tbc lit'il of MaclipoFahf 
•ih'hicli iV b*;rtirtf Mamri'i In rhc land of Ca^nani 
Whkli AbmbaiH bouilit wliti lIil- fitld ofCg^rbroii 
tfie lUiiliEi ffff a |KJ!>«eaflii>n r^f ^ l)uryiji;g-(diice. 

IM (Then? iliey buried A bra In nm ninl Maiuli Eiid 
»ire; til pcf they bLirk'd Teaac and Rbbtikub his 
IS trH : and llii'rc L burled Lrah.) 

3a Til E piinshme uf Urn field amt ofiJiteai^c 
tliai U ihcrthiT Mij* l>i>m Un? children, ornelUn 

UI3 And IV hen Jacob bad iiiiulc an end of cum- 
mandlug hh iona, be ;zaihf]ied h^ bia feci luio 
tl^e liiHl, and yielded up tlia jjlioil, ami w^ £aUi 
«r^ unui blB pconlo. 


ANt] Jofeeph fi:lt upon liia faiber ri flacc^ and 
vvtipi upon bhn, mid hlstcd bkii, 
'2 Anil iiiscpti conunaiidird III* ei-fvanti Lhc 
lnhyitctana lo embaEin Ida failicr : ami ibe pliy 
•klanti 4'iribahiiPil larti^L 

3 And fttfiy day! were fulfilled for him : fnr bO 
ate futnileiil ihe day^ of Uio«ie wblrbureeiubalin- 
ed: and Ihe Eeyi'i-iajis muurund fur biui ilirte- 
•core ami tea (Tnys. 

4 And wJn;n tbu dJiyf of hta nio Liming werp iia*^ 

U And when ihi: JiihatpiEantiof the 1 , 

Chml^^iLcl^ t^w the niinjming In tbe floor of 
Mad, tlH'y said, 1'hkif i^ a frievous mourning to 
ihij t^y|jtiona ; whtrefoj-i^ the name of it waa 
(jilkd Abel niUraimi wiiU h is beyond Jordan. 

)2 And hln ftoni did ui^io him accoiding at ho 
commanded diem : 

13 Fnr hlR ion* carried hitn into the land of Ca- 
n;mn, ami buried blm hx ilie cave Of the field of 
Mac}ipf>tah, whlcb Abriil^am bought with tbe 
liL-Hd for a tirmiat^i^hm of a burylng-placeof Epb- 
mn Ibe Tliliite, beftirir Mniiire. 

U V And JoE^i^h rtiuriied into Egypt, he and 
bla bmhr^Hn, and ah ilini went up with bhn U> 
bury hl^ futile^ ahur he had buried bis father. 

1^ IT Aod IV hen Joseph's brethren saw that 
their fadjtr ^vaa ijcadj they said, Joseph will 
pexadvi'niurp hate ui^ and will certainly requite 
lis fill ilic evil wbkb we did unto him. 

1 A nd Uiey ti; ni n nict^c ri;;cr uutoJofiepb,saying^ 
I'by fatbRT did comnxaud tiefore he died, saying, 

17 Bo A halt }c nay un[D J^isenh, Forgive, I pray 
[hco nf>w, the irivpELsa of e by brethren, and their 
Bin; for tlicy did nnto tbt-e evil: and now, wa 
pr^y thee, forgave the Uc^jiassorthe servants of 
i]ic f^mi of tliy father. And Joseph wept when 
ihey Dpahc unio hhn. 

Jb And Ilia brethren also went and fbll down be- 
fore his face: and iiiiy aaid, BehoM, we bi thf 

1^1 And Jofisph said unto them, Fear not: for 
an I Ui ihe pluce tsf fiNd 1 

^ liuL at for yuu^ ye iNuugh^ evil against me; 
bui God ineain immo i;oEid, to bring to pass, aa 
it it ihl« d^y» tr> snvti njych people alive. 

31 Now Lht,r^fitre fear ye not: I will n^urisb 
ynu, ami your llitle onee. And he comforted 
Uiem, and upake kiodty unto them. 

^j A nd J(»i'pb d weU i 1 1 i:;j> y pt, lie,and his father** 
bouse: amUoie|ih hv«d ri huudroi and ten yeara. 

^11 And JuEcph iaw E[4iralni*8 children (»f the 
third ^fnmrtftiji/ ihc clijtdrcn also of Bladiir, 
ihc ton of Manasseh, were brought up upon Jo* 

JotL'ph t|tale unioUiu houfcorriiaraidi FayUiif, u,. ^ ^»u. 

If now I have Hi and grace In your e>eii, apiakj I acpb's knees^ 
pray you, in ihe eari: of P/iciraob, laying^ M Ami Joseph esahl uato his brethren, I die; 

5 My faihi'r niadft n^c awennjayini^i. Lo, [die: and (TihI will e^utely vi->tL you, and bring you out 
ill uiy Rrave which 1 have disced for me In ilie of iliki laad, niuo ihe bind which he sware to 
Itiud orCanaaii,, tbiirnBbalt ilnm bury me. Now 

therefore Tw me go up, I prav thee, and bury my 
falhert and I vlll coniv again. 

6 Aud rh&mr^ inhl, On up, and bury thy fa 
Iher, accord ing au be made Uieeswfrar, 

71F And Jcisfiph wcmupioburyhuf:iihfir: and ^ . 

ivUli him went up lUi the servi^iu of FJi«raoh,' put in a coffin InE^pi. 

A lira Emm j lu I^aac, and lo Jacob. 

2a And JoseE^i looh avi oatli of the children of 
Ipraeit snyin^, God will surely visit you, and ye 
sJmll carry np nry htim-i from hence. 

^ IT So Jodepli dif^i. being a hundred and ten 
yean old : and ihey vmhalmed him, and he waa 

H Tht Sexmd Book of Mo$€9,caUed EXODUS. 

Tkt ekHiren •/ igrad increase. 

NOW these are the names of the children of 
Israel, which came Into Egypt ; every man 
and his (.ouschold came with Jacob. 
S Renben, Simeon, Levi, and Judab^ 

3 Issachar, Zebulun. and BeiUamln, 

4 tMn, and Naphtall, Gati, and Ashcr. 
9 An4 all the souls that came out of the loins of 

Jacob were seventy Mlili: for Joseph wae in 

6 And Joseph died, and.aU his bretlufcn, and all 
that generation. 

7 And the children of Israel were fhiltful, and 
Increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed 
exceeding mighty ; and the huui was filled wlUi 

8 IT Now there arose up a newlting over Egypt, 
which knew not Joseph. 

9 Ami he said unto his people, Behold, the peo- 
ple of the children of Israel art more end nl^bt 
icr than we. 



ciiAP. ii,ni. 

10 Come on, tet ns deal wisely with than, test 
they joultiplyt and it come to pan, that, when 
tbere falleth out any war, they join also unto 
our enemies, and fight gainst iii»aMd «• get thero 
up out of the land. 

11 Therefore they did set over them taskmas- 
tcn, to aflict them with their burdens. And they 
bain for PJiaraoh treasure-cities, Pithom, and 

AjCsftt Alls 


It Aiid he loolced this way and that way, and 
when he saw that a«rs w« no man, be Blew tha 
"Sormlan, and hid him in the sand. 

13 And when he went oat the second day, be- 
hold, two men of the Hebrews strove iMetlier: 
and he said to him that did the wroiif, When- 

fore smitett thou thy fellow 1 
Caamses. ^ ^, '^ ^ .M And he wUd. Who made thee a prince and • 

12 But the more they afflicted them, the more Judge over usi mteadestthoutokiirme, as thou 
they multiplied and grew. And they were ailledst the Enrpclan 1 And Moses feared, and 
grieved becaviM of the children of Israel. said. Surely this thing is Imown. 

U And the Egyptians made the dUtdren of " ^ *- - ""- " " 

Israel to serve with rigour. 
14 And thej made their lives bitter with hard 
bondage, in mortar, and in brick, and in all man- 
ner of service in the field : all their service where- 
in they made tliem serve wa* with rlcour, 

15 And the king of Egypt spake to the Hebrew 
mid wives (of which the name of one was Sliiph- 
raft, and the name of the otlier Puah ;) 

li And he said. When yc do the ofllce of a mid- 
wife to the Hebrew women, and see them upon 
the stools: if It he a son, then ye shall kill huu; 
but If it fte a daughter, then she shall live. 

17 Bat the midwives feared God, and did not 
as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved 


he king I 

ildren alive. 

15 Now when Pharaoh heard tids thing, h« 
sought to slay Mosm. But Moses fled from the 
face of Pharaoh, and dwelt hi theUind of Midian i 
and he sat down hf • well. 

10 Now the priest of Mklian had seven daugh- 
ters: and they came and drew water, and ftUed 
the trouths to water their fluher's flock. 

17 Ana the shepherds came and drove thea 
away: but Moses stood up and helped then, and 
watered their flock. 

18 And when they came to Reuel thefr (hther, he 
said, How u t'( tht ye are come so soon toilay t 

19 And thev said. An Egyptian delivered ns out 
of the hand of the sheplierds, and also drew 
water enough (br us, and watered the flock. 

90 And he said unto his daughters, And where 

18 And the king of Egypt called (br the mid- <« hef why is it tkt ye haveleAtheman 1 call 
vlyes, and said unto them, Why have ye done him, that he may eat bread. 
Ihi8thing,andhavesavedthcmen-childrenalive1 21 And Moses was content to dwell with the 

19 And the midwives vaid unto Pliaraoh, Be- man: and he gave Moses, Zipporahhisdaughter. 
canse the Hebrcwwomen ars not OS tlie Egyptian I 3SAnd she bare Aim a son, and lie called hie 
women; for they ors lively, and are delivered name Gershom; for he said, I have been a straa- 
cre tlie midwives come in unto them. Iger in a strange laud. 

2D Therefore God dealtwcU with the mMwives: 93 IT And It came to pass, in process of tloM. 
andthepeo|ilemuItipUcd,andwazed very mighty, [that the king of Egypt died : and thediildrenoC 
21 And it came to pass, because tlie midwives Israel sighed by reason of the bondage, and they 

feared God, that he made them houses. 
99 And Pharaoh cliarged nil his people, saying. 
Every son iY\ai is bom ycshall cast into the river, 
and every daughter ye shall save alivQ. 

M»te$ hid among thefiagt, 

4ND there went a man of the house of Levi, 
nnd took to wife a daughter of Levi. 
9 Ami (he woman conceived and bare a son: 
and wlicn she saw him that he was a goodly 
tkildt she hid him three months. 

3 And when she could not longer hide him, she 

took f«»r liim an ark of bulrushes, and daubed itlhe mountain of God, evsn to Horeb. 
with slime aiulvvlih pitch, and put tlie child there- 9 And the Angel of the Loan appeared anU> him 
hi; and she laid it iu the flags by the river's brink, 'in a flame of fire out of the midst of a hush ; and 

4 And bis sister stood afar oflf, to wit what he looked, and behold, the bush burned witli 
wooU be done to him. jfire, and the bush wa$ not consumed. 

5 \ Aod the daughter of Pharaoh came down to 3 And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and 
wash Aerse// at the rivei ; and her maidens walk- see this great sight, why the bush is not burned, 
edidongbytheriver'ssldc: and when she saw the 4 And wlien the Lord saw that he turned aside 
•rk among the flags, she sent her maid to fttch it. jto see, God called unto hUn out «»f the midst of the 

5 And when she had opened ie, she saw theibnsh. 

cried ; and their cry came up unto Godroy reasuA 
of the bondage. 

94 And God heard thdr groaning, and God re- 
membered his covenant with Abraham, wltii 
Isaac, and with Jacob. 

93 And God looked upon the children of Israei» 
and God had respect unto them, 
QoA appearetk to Moses. 
TVrOW Moses kept the flock of Jethro his Ihthcr- 
11 in-law, the priest of Mldlan: and he led the 
flock to tile back side of the desert, and came to 

ehild : and behold, tlie baiie went. And she had «» I. 
compassion on him, and sald» This is one of the 

and said, Moses, Moses ! And lie said, Here 

Hebrews* children. 

7 Then sahi his sister to Pharaoh's daughter. 
Shall I go, and call to thee a nurw of the Hebrew 
women, that she may nurse the child for thee 1 

8 And Pharaoirs daughter said to her. Go. And 
the maid went and cniled the child's mother. 

9 And Pharaoh's daughter said unto her. Take 
this ehihl away and nurse it for me and I will 
five thee thy wages. And the woman took the 
^M4 and nened it. 

10 And the child grew, and she broufiht him 
tiBlo Pharaoh's daughter, and he becameher son. 
And eiie called his name Moses: and she said, 
Because I drew him out of the water. 

11 IT And it came to pass iu those days, when 
Moses was grown, thathe went out unto bhibreth- 
iai« sad lookodon their burdens: and he spied 

5 And he said, Draw not nigh hither: pnt olT 
thy shoes fh>m off thy tset ; for the place wliere- 
on thou standest is holy ground. 

Moreover he said, I asi the God of thy father, 
the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the 
God of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he 
was aiVaid to look upon God. 

7 K Aod the Loan said, I have sorely seen the 
aOHction of my people which ors in Egypt, and 
have heard their cry by reason of their taskmaa- 
ters ; for I know their sorrows : 

8 And I am come down to deliver them out of the 
hand of tlie Bgypl^ns, and to bring them up oot 
of that land, unto a good land, and a laige^ unto 
a land flowing with milk and honey; nota the 
place of the Oanaanites, and the Hittites, nno the 
Amoritcs, and the Perizzttcs, and the Hivltet, 
aod the Jcbusitcs. 

Jbn§ l» nnt U iOher ItrtuL KXODV0. Jtaren U gpjMintei U taut ktM 

9 nam tberaibre, Miofd, the cry of the ^Id-/ Put now thy hand into ihjr boeom. And he pot ' 

ica ef I«mI it cone unto me: and I h«ve also his hand into hia bosom: and when he look it 

nea the oppresaioB wherewith the EfTptians out, behoM, his hand was leprous as snow. 

nnwMi them. 7 And he said, Put thy hand into thy bosom 

1(1 Cbne now therefbre, and I wW lend thee again. And he put his hand into his bosom aaalii, 

unto Pharaoh, that thon miyest bring Ibrth my and pluclced It out of his bosom, and beh^. It 

people, the children of Israel, out of Eiypt. "^ turned anin as his other flesh. 
II V And Moaea said unto God, Who am I, that 8 And It shall come to pass. If they wUI not be- 

I diouM fo onto Pharaoh, and that I ihould lleve thee, neither hearken to the voice of tfi« 

Mnf forth the children of Israel oat of Egypt t 
IShAad he said. Certainly I will be with thee; 
and this sAoil U m token unto thee, that I have 
sent thee : When thou hast brought forth the 
people out of Egypt, ye ahall serve God upon 
this moumain. 

13 And Moflca Tt\A onto Ood, Behold, leAsa 1 
eome untc^ \hfr cl'Mriren of Israel, and shall say 
unto tlieai, TUfi God of your fatliers hath sent 
■ne unto -ymi, : nnil they shall say to me. What 
it his nainii i IVImi ahall I say unto them 1 

14 And 4^h1 f.iiil unto Moses, I AM THAT I 
AM: And he sniJ/fhusshaltthou say unto the 
children i*i I^rnt'l, \ AM hath sent me unto you. 

15 And iU»\ BQitI moreover unto Moses, Thus 
•halt thou say unio the children of Israel, The 
Loan God ofyour fliihers, the God of Abraham, 
the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath 
aent me unto you : Uils is my name lor ever, 
and thUi U my memorial unto all generations. 

16 Go, and gatlier the elders of Israel togetlter, 
and say unto them. The Loan God of your fa- 
thers, the God of Abraliom, of Isaac, aud of Ja- 
cob, appeared unto me. saying, I have surely visit- 
ed you,and tun that which is done to you inEgypt: 

17 And I have said, I will bring you up out of 
the affliction of Egypt, unto the land of the Ca- 
Doanites, and the llittites, and the Amorltes. and 
the Perlzzitcs, and the Ilivites, and the Jebu- 
iites, unto a land flowing with milk and honey. 

18 And they sliall hearken to thy voice ; and 
thou slialt come, thou and the elders of Israel, 
unto tlie king of Ecypt. and ye shaU say unto 
him. The Loan God of the Ilcbrcws hath met 
witli us ; and now let us go (we beseech thee) 
three days* journey into the wilderness, that we 
may sacrifice to the Loan our God. 

19 ir And I am sure that the king of Egypt will 
not let you go, no, not by a migluy hand. 

90 And I will stretch out my hand, and smke 
£g3rpt with all my wonders which I will do in the 
midst thereof; and after that he will let you go. 

SI And I will give this iicople Htvour in tlie sight 
of the Egyptians : and it shall come to pass, 
that, when ye go, ye sliall not go empty : 

S3 But every woman shall borrow of her neigh- 
bour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, 
jewels of silvur, and Jewels of gold, and raiment : 
' and ye shall put (Ami upon your sonstand upon 
your daughters: hndye shall spoil the Egyptians. 

JHt9€ti* TOd chvlUftit 

AND Moses answered and said. But, behold, 
tlicy will not believe me, nor hearken unto 
my voice : for Uiey will say, The Loan hath not 
appeared unto thee. 

9 And the Loan said unto hUn, What i» that in 
thy hand 1 And he said, A rod. 

3 And he said. Cast It on tlie ground. And he 
cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent: 
and Moses fled from before IL 

4 And the Loan said unto Moaes, Put forth thy 
Iiand, and uke It by the talL And he put forth 
his hand, and caught it, aiiAlt became a rod in 

first sign, that they will believe the voice of tiie 
latter sign. 

9 And it shall come to pass, if they win not be- 
lieve also these two signs, neither hearken unto 
thy voice, that thon shalt take of the water of 
the river, and pour ix upon the dry/oad.* and 
the water which thou takest out of the river 
shall become blood upon the dry land, 

10 ir And Bloses said unto the Loan, O my 
Lord, I asi not eloouent, neither heretofore, nor 
since thou hast spoken unto thy servant : but I 
im slow of speech, and of a slow tonnie. 

11 And the Loao said unto him. Who hath 
made raan*s mouth? or who maketh the dumb, 
or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind 7 have not I 
the Loan 1 

13 Now therefore go, and I will bo with thy 
mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say. 

13 Aud he said, O my Lord, send, I pray thee, 
by the hand of him tokom thon wilt send. 

14 HI And the anger of the Loan was kindled 
ocainst Moses, and he said, f$ not Aaron tiie Le- 
vtte thy brother 1 1 know that he can speak well. 
And also, bchoM, he cometh A>rtli to meet theei 
and when he seeth thee, he will beglad in his heart. 

15 And thou shalt speak unto hhn, and put 
words In his mouth : and I will be with thy mouth, 
and wiUi his mouth, and will teach you what ye ' 
shall do. ' 

16 And he shaU be thy spokesman unto the peo- 
ple : and ho sliall be, even he shall be to thee In- 
stead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him ia* 
stead of God. 

17 And thou shalt take this rod in thy hand, 
wherewith thou shalt do signs. 

18 ir Aud Moses went, and returned to Jethro 
his falhcr-ln-law, and said unto him. Let me go, 
I pray tliee, and return umo my brethren whMi 
are in Egypt, and see whether they be yet alive. 
And Jethro said to Moses, Go in peace. 

19 And the Lord said unto Moses In Midiaa, 
Go, return into Eg>'nt : for all the men are dead 
which sought thy life. 

SO And Moses took his wife, and his sons, nnd 
set them upon an ass, and he rotarned to the land 
of Egypt. And Moses took the rod of God hi 
his hand. 

31 IT And the Lord said unto Moses, When 
thou goest to return Into Egypt, Bee that thou do 
all those wonders before Phnraoh whkli I have 
put In thy hand : but I will harden ills iieart, 
liiat he shall not let the people go. 

33 And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thussaith 
the Lord, Israel it my son, even my first-bom. 

33 And I say unto tliee. Let my son go, that he 
may serve me : and if thou refuse to let hhn go, 
behold, I will slay thy son, even thy first-bom. 

84 IT And it came to pass by tlie way In the ina, 
that the Lord met him, and sought to kill bin. 

85 Then Zipporah took a sharp stone, and cut 
oif the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet^ 
and said, Surely a bloody husband art timu tome. 

88 So he let him go : then she said, A Moody 
husband then artj because of the circumdsioa 

thetr fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of 
Isaac, attti tho God of Jacob, liatb appeared unto 
8 V And Um Lom said ftiitIi8|PDM>re onto hio, 

Ills hand: . . J 87 M And the Lord said to Aaron, Go hiiothe 

5 That they may believe that the Loas God of] wildemeai to meet Moses. And he went, aid 

went, t _ 

met him In the mount of God, and kisied fatan. 
88 And Moses told Aaron all the words of the 
Lord who had sent hhn, and aU the 8%w which 
he bad commanded hin. 

^TiMlifttBtu'tukbuntMl CHAP. T* VI. Tk* ftludtif tf M^m mi A 

S9r And MoMfl and Aftron went, mdcathered oarisiroar MkesUiofrMl te the ef«i nT Ibt- 
umether all tne eldere of the chfldten oflsrael. , • •• - 

30 And Avon «pake aH the word* wrhich Uw 
UoRB had spoken unto Nowi, and did tbe wigtm 
tiiUiealfht of Uie people. . . ^ 

31 IT And the people bclietred : and when they 
lieard that the Lord had visited the children o( 
f srael, and that he had looked upon their affliction, 
then they bowed their iieads and wolnblpped. 

' CHAP. V. 

rkaraok ekidts Motet. 

A MB alierwurd Moses and Aaron went In. 
and told Pharaoh, Thus saith this Loan God 
o€ braeL Let vaj people tfo, that they ma]^ hold 
a feast unto me In the wDdcfness. 
3 And Pharaoh said, Who is the LoKt», tiiat I 
should obey his voice to let Ysra^l go 1 I know 
Bot the Loa«, neither will 1 let IsHiel go. 

raoh, and In the eras of his senraiti, lo p«t a 
sword in theirhand toilajr at. 

88 IT And Moses fetumed unto the LMt», and 
said, Lord, wherefbte'hast thou as evU-entreai- 
ed this peoplel why <• It aal thou bast sent DM 1 

83 For since I came to Pharaoh to speak Ui \hf 
name, he hath done evil to this people: BeitMr 
hast thoa delivered thy people it ao. ^ 



milEir the Loan said unto Moses, NewslMit 

X thoo see what f will do to Pharaoh : for with 
a sttonc hand shall he let them go, and with a 
strong hand shall he drive tliem out of bis land. 

8 And God spake Unto Moso, and .iald uato 
him, I cm the Loan: 

3 And t appeared onto Abraham, aato Istte, 

3 Aiid ihev said. The God of the HebrewH hath! and unto Jacob by tkt name ef God Almighty, bat 
metviiJi us: let uago, we pray thee, three days* by my name JEHOVAH Was Inot known to than, 
jooraey Into the desert, and sacrifice unto the 
Lord our God ; lest he foU upon us with pesti- 
tenoe, Of with the sword. 

4 And the king of Exypt said untothem,'Where- 
fore do ye, Moses and Aaron, let the people from 
tbeir works 1 gel you unto your burdens. ' 

4 And I have also esublished iny covenant whh 
tliem, to give them the land of Canaan, the land 
of their pilffrimage, wherein they were stransers. 

5 And I have also heard tlie groanins of tbe 
chihiren oflsrael, whom tlie Egyptians xeep la 
bondage : and I have remembered my covenant 

Tff And Ph^uaoh said, BehoW, the people ofl 6 Wherefore say unto the children of Israel. I 
the land now are many, and ye make them test «» Mie JLK)aD, wd I wiMhdngyououtfromu^^ 

from their burdens. 

the burdens of the EQrptianL and I will rid you 

6 And Pharaoh commanded the same dav the out of thehr bondage, and I will redeem vou with 
Usiunasters of the people, aud their officeirs, asiretched-oiiiarm.andwithneat judimentt: 
w»iu»K» w r « 1 I ^ ^^jj I ^ijj ^^^ • ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ people, and I 

7 Ye shidi no more give the people straw to wUl be to you a God: and ye shall know that I 
Mke brick, as heretofore : let them goand gather am the Loan your God, wh ch briugeth yoo oui 
s^w for themselves. from nnder Uie burdens of the Egyptiahs. 

' TAnd^'thrtSS'of'the bricks which they did! 8 And I wUI bring you in unto'the hwd, soa- 
wake heretofore, ye sbsdl lay upon ib«m;_yc ceniing the which I did i 

swear to rive it to 
Abroliam, to Isaac, ahd to Jacob: and I will give 
it you (br a heritage : 1 am the Loan. 

9 And Moses spake so unto the chiklren of 
Israel : but they hearkened not unto Moses, for 
ansttish of spirit, and for cruel bondage. 

10 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 

11 Go in,speak unto Pharaoh king of Egypt, that 
he let the children of Israel go out of Mm land. 

18 And Moses spake before the Lord, saytaig. 
Behold, the children of Israel have hot hearkened 
unto me ; how then shall Pharaoh bear me, who 
«m of uncircumcised lips 1 

13 K And the Lord spakeunto Moses, and unto 
Aaron, and gave them a charge unto the children 
oflsrael. and unto Pharaoh king of Eeyptao bring 
the children of Israel out of the Utnd of Egypt. 

14 These 6e the liekds of their fathers* bouses: 
The sons of Reuben the flrst-bom of Israel ; 
Hanoch, and Palla, Hezron, and Carmi: the&e 
»e the AuniUes of Reuben. 

15 IT And the sons of Sbncon ; Jemnel, and 
Jamin, and Oliad, and Jachln, and Zohar, and 
Shaul tlie son of a Canaaiiilish woman : these 
are the fbmilies of Simeon. 

10 IT And these are the names of the sons of 

shall not diminish ati^kt thereof: Ibr they be idle ; 
therefore they ciy, saying. Let us go and sacri- 
fice to OUT God. .... 

9 \iB\. Uvetc more Wofk be laid upon the men, 
that they may labmir therein : and let them not 
fccard vain words. 

10 And tbe taskmasters of the people went out, 
and their offieefs, and they spake to tJie people,8ay- 
hig, Thus saltb Pharaoh, I will not give you straw. 

1 J Go ye, get you straw where ye can find it : 
yet not aught of your work shall be diminished. 

13 So the people were scattered abroad through- 
out all the land of Egypt, to gather stubble in- 
stead of straw. 

13 And the taskmasters hasted tiein,saying,FuI< 
ffi your works, ytfat* daily tasks, as when there 
was straw. 

14 And tlie officers of the children of Israel, 
which Pharaoh's taskmasters had set over them, 
were beaten, and demanded. Wherefore have 
ye not fulfilled your task in makins brick, both 
jresterday and lo-day, as heretofore T 

15 IT Then tlie officers of the children of Israel 
came and cried unto Pharaoh, saying, Wherefore 
dealest thou thus with thy servants 1 -- , -, - _., ^ . 

16 There ia no suaw given unto thy servantSj Levi, according to their generations ; Gcrshon, 
and Uwyiiytous, Make brick: and behold, Uiy" and KohSith, and Merari. And the years of the 
Svauti aribealSi; but the fault tsiathhie own ^of ^eviicsr^ a hundred thirty mjdsevj^^ 
leoDie IT Tlie sons of ^erShon ; Libnl, and Shimi, 

ITBothesaid, Ye«r«idle,y«awidle: Uierefore, according to their fillies. 

ye say, Let us go, and do sacrifice to tlie Lord. 

18 Go tlierefore now, and work : for there ihall 
DO straw be given you, yet shall ye deUvci the 
laleof briclHi. • 

19 IT And tiie ofilcers of the children of Iirael 
did see Uat they were in evil ease^ after it was 
said, Ye shall not niuisb aught from your bricks 
of y0ur daily task. 

89 And they met Moses and Aaron, who stood 
la the way, astbey came forth from Pharaoh : 

81 And they said unto them, The Lord look 
■poo you, and judge ; because ye have made 

18 And the sons of Kohath ; Amram, and Izbar, 
and Hebron, and Uzztel : and the years of the life 
of Kohath were a hundred thirty and three years. 

19 And the soasof Merari ; Mahali and Mushi: 
these are the families of Levi, according to thehr 
generations. ... ^ ^ . 

30 And Arnnun took him Jochebed his fbthei^s 
sister to wife ; and she bare him Aaron and 
Moses. And the years of the life of Amram were 
a hundred and thirty and seven years. 

31 And the soasof Izhar ; Korab, and Nepheg, 
andZidiri _ 


UrmU fW hHtmu « ittpnu, BX^HJB. 

»AndtlieKMsorU2xiel: MidMel, and £lza 
phan, and Zittari. 

33 And Aaron took Urn Eltaheba daughter of 
Ammiaadab. sister ofNaaslion to wife ; and stie 
iMirehfniNadaband Abiliu, Eleaxarand Itbaaoar. 

24 And theaonsofKorali ; Assir^and Elkanab, 
and Ablasaph : these are the familiei of the 

35 And Eleazar. Aaron*i son, took him one of 
the daughters of Puiiel to wife : and she bare him 
Phinehas : these ore tJte heads of the fathers of 
Ihe Levites, according to tlieir tenilles. 

26 These are that Aaron and Moses, to whom 
the Loan said, Bring out the children of Israel 
from tlie land of Egypt according to tlieir armies. 

S7 Tliese tar* they which spake to Pharaoh king 
nT Egypt, to bring out the children of (scael ftom 
Egypt : these or* that Moses and Aaron. 

^ And it came to pass on the day when the 
liORP spake unto Moses in the land of Egypt, 

20 I1iat the Lord spake unto Muses, saying, I 
urn the Lord : speak thou unto Pharaoh king of 
E^pt all that 1 say unto thee. 

^ And Moses said before tlie Lord, Behold, I 
mm Qt uncircunicised UiN, and how sliaU Pharaoh 
hearken unto me 1 

CHAP. vn. > 

Mo9€» tent wUo Pharaok. 

AND tlie Lord said unto Moses, See, I have 
made thee a god to Pharaoh : and Aaron thy 
brother shall be thy prophet. 

2 Thou Shalt speak all that I command thee . 
and Aaron thv brother shall speak unto Pharaoh, 
tliat he send the children of Israel outof his land. 

3 And I will harden Pharaoh's heart, and multi- 
ply my signsandmy wonders in tlie land of Egj'pt. 

4 But Pliaraoh shall not hearken unto you, tliut 
1 may lay my hand upon Egvpt, and bring forth 
mine armies, and tay people the children orlsrael, 
out of the laud of Egypt, by great Judgments. 

5 And the Egyptians siiall know that I am the 
Lord, when I stretch forth my hand upon Egypt, 
and bring out the children of Israel from aofong 

6 And Moses and Aaron did as the Lord com- 
manded them, so did they. 

7 ir And Bloses was fourscore yean old, and 
Aaron fourscore and tliree years old, when ihey 
spake unto Pharaoh. 

h And the Lord spake unto Moses, and unto 
Aaron, saying, 
9 When Pharaoh shall speak unto you. saying, 

Shew a miracle for you: then thou siialt say 
unto Aaron, Take thy rod, and cast it before 
Pbaraoli, and It slmll become a serpent 

10 IT And Moses and Aaron went m unto Pha- 
moll, and Uiey did so as the Lord had command- 
ed: And Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, 
ami before hit servants, and it became a serpent, 

1 1 K Then Pharaoh also called the wise men, and 
the sorcerers : now the magicians of Egypt, they 
also did in like manner with their enchantments. 

12 For they cast down every than his rod. and 
they became serpents: but Aaron^s rod swallow- 
eil up tlieir rods. 

13 It And he hardened Pharaoh*8 heart that he 
hearkened not unto tliem ; aa the Lord had said. 

14 IT And the Lord said unto Moses, Pharaoh's 
Iiearti* hardened, he refuseth to let the people go. 

15 Get thee unto Pharaoh in the morning ; to. 
he goeth out unto the water, and thou shalt staiia 
by the river^s brink against he come : and tlie rod 
which was turned to a serpent shalt thou take in 
Uiy hand. 

10 Amtthoa shalt say unto him, The Lord God of 
the Qetocws hath sent me unto thee, say'uig. Let 
my peo0iego, Uiat Uiey may serve me in the wilder- 
ness : wad behold, hitlierto thou wouldest not hear. 

17 Thus saKh the Loed, Iu this thou shalt knowi 

SfihSl?f«^!*K* *»?oW.I^wU« with the 
'""•""S"-*"* "*y ^"^ "?™» «*»« wateis which 
^*! ^.u^^l"^^ they AaU be turned to blood. 

18 And the Ash that u in the river shall die. and 
*« n'^e' »»»•" «Jnk : and the ^ptiansshaS 

19 IT And the LoRp spake unto Moses, Say unto 
AaroiL Take thy lod.and stretch out SyS 
!!K;SS1?^" of &ypt. upon their sueaim^ 
upon their rivers, and upon their ponds,and upon 
a^llh<?ir pools of water, Uiat they may bec<£e 
b^ : and Uot there may be blood throughout 
a the land of ^pt, botK in vc*,cU^^, 
and in vetteU «/ stone. ' 

20 And Moses and Aaron did so, as the Lord 
commanded: and he lifted up the rod and smote 
the waters that were in the river, in the sight of 
Pharaoh, and in the sight of his servants ; and aS 
the waters that were in the river were luroed into 

21 And the fish that woe in the river died >and 
the river stank, and the E^pUans could not 
drink of Uie water of Uie river : and there was 
Uopd throughmit all the land of Egypt 

22 And the magicians of Egypt did so with tlieir 
enchantments: ai^d Pharaoh's heart was harden- 
ed, neither did he hearken unto them : as ilm 
Lord had said. 

23 And Pharaoh tnmcd and went into his house, 
neither did he set his heart to tliis also. 

24 And all the Egyptians digged round about the 
river for water to drink ; for Uiey could not drink 
of tlie water of the river. 

25 And seven days were fulfilled after that the 
Lord had smitten the river. 


The plague offrogt, 

A ND the Lord sf^e unto Moses, Go unto 

X^ Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the 

Lord, Let my people go that they may serve me. 

2 And if thou reftise to let them, go, behold. I 
M'ill smite all thy borders with frogs: 

3 A ml the river shall bring forth A-ogs abundantly, 
which shall go up and come into thy house, and 
into thy bed-chamber, and upon thy bed, and Into 
the house of tliy servants, and upon thy people, and 
into thine ovens, and into thy kneaifingtrouglis: 

4 And the frogs shall come up both on tliae, and 
upon thy people, and upon all thy servants. 

d H And the Lord spake unto Moses, Say unto 
Aaran, Stretch forth thy hand with thy rod over 
the streams, over the rivers, and over the ponds, 
and cause frogs to come up upon the land of E^pt. 

6 And Aaron stretched out his hand over the 
waters of Egypt; and the frogs came up, and 
covered the land of Egypt 

7 And the magicians did so with their enchant- 
ments, and brought up frogs upon the land of 

^ll*hen Pharaoh called (br Moses and Aaron, 
and said, Entreat tlie Lord tliat he may take 
away the frogs from me, and from my people : 
and I will let the people gQ, that tliey may do 
sacrifice unto the Lord. 

And Moses said unto Pharaoh, Glory over me: 
when shall I entreat for thee and fbrthy servants, 
and for thy people, to destroy the frogs from thee, 
and thy houses, that tliey may remahi in the 
river only 1 

10 And he said, To-morrow. And he said. Be it 
according to thy word : tliat thou mayest know 
that tkei% is none like unto the Lord our God. I 

11 And the flrogsshaildepartfroin thee, and ftrom 
thy houses, and from thy servants, and ftom tiiy 
people; they riiall remabi in the river only. i 

12 IT And Moses and Aaron went out ftom Pba- 
raoh : and MAses cried unto the Lord, because of 
the frogs which he had brought agabist Pharaoh.' 

13 Aud the Lord did according to the word of 

JUpUgmM tf Im«, miJUu CHAP. IX. 

Uxmm: and tlie tton died oat of tlie howei, Wi 
0ftbe vUlafes, and out of the fieJda. 
M A od tbey gathered ibem together upon beape: 
and th« land stank. 

15 But when Pharaoh saw that theft was re- 
spite, be hardened his heart, and hearkened Mi 
snlo them ; as tiie Lord bad said. 

16 IT And tiie Lord said uuto Moses, Say unto 
Aaron, Stretch out tby rod, and smite the dust 
of the land, that k may become lice ttinrngbout 
aU tbe land of Ei^pt. 

17 And they did so ; for Aaron stretched out 
bto hand with bis rod, aiut smote the ditst of the 
earth, aud it became lice in man and In beast : 
all the dust of the land became Uce throughout 
aU the land of Egypt. 

18 And liie uiacicians di4l so with their enclianl- 
nents to bring iortli lice, but they could not: so 
tbere were iice upon man, and upon beast. 

19 Then the m^icioiis said unio Phiiraoh, 
Tbis is the finger of God : and Pharaoh's heart 
was hardenetL and he lieaikencd not onto 
them ; as tbe Lord hud said. 

SO H And Die Lord said unto Moses, Rise up 
early in the morning, and stand before Pharaoh ; 

(fci, be oometli furtli to tlie water ;) and say unto 
bjsi, Thus salth the Lord, Let my people go, 
that they may serve me : 

91 Else, If thott wilt not let my pimple go, be- 
hold, I will send swarms o/JU$t upon thee, and 
upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and 
faito thy bouses : and the housesof the Egyptians 
Aall be Hill of swarms «//>M, and also the 
ground whereon they sre. 

S3 And I will sever In that dtf the land of Oo- 
iben, in wliich my people dwell, that no swarms 
•fjUes shall be there ; to tlie end tliou mayest 
know tliat I am the Lord In themidst of the earth. 

93 And I will put a division between my peo- 
^and thy people : to-inorrow shall this s^u be. 

94 And \l\e Lord did so : and there came a 
grievous swarm ofjlie* into the liouse of Pha- 
raoh, and into bis servauts* houses, and into all 
tbe land of Egypt : the land was corrupted by 
reason of tbe swarm of Mies. 

S5 And Pbaraoli called lor Bloses, and (br Aaron, 
and said, Go ye, sacrifice to your uod in tlieland. 

OS Aatl Moses said, It is not meet so to do ; for 
we shall sacrifice the abomination of tlie Egyp- 
tiana to the Lord our God : Lo, shall we sacri- 
fice the abomination of the Egyptians before 
their eyes, aud wUI tbey not stone us 1 

97 We will go three days* journey into the wil- 
demesB, and sacrifice to the Lord our God, as 
he dial! conmiand us. 

SB And Pharaoh said, I will let you go, that ye 
may sacrifice to the Lord your God In the wil- 
demesi ; only ye shall not go very far away : 
entreat for mc. 

9S} And Moses said, Beltold, I go out firom thec^ 
and I will entreat tbe Lord that the swarms of 
/lies may depart from Pharaoh, fW>m his servants, 
*ud fVoni his people, to-morrow: but let not 
Pharaoh deal deceitfully any more, In not letting 
the people go to sacrifice to the Lord. 

30 And Moses went out from Pliataoh, and en- 
treated the Lord : 

7%gpUgmm tf lOtft mUktM 

9 For If ikMiiiAMtio letOsm fo, Md wikhoU 

3 Behold, the kaad of the Lor» is ■pM tby cat- 
tle which <« hi the ieid, npoa the boiwi, upaa the 
asses, npoa the camels, upon tbe oxes, and apM 
the sheep : Osrs sMI *s a very griev««a ■urraiM. 

4 And the Lord shaU sever btiwetii tbe tatUa 
of Israel, and the cattle of Bnrpc: and there sbaB 
nothing dieof all Oat is thechUdf«ii*f of Israel. 

Borrow the Lord shall do this thbM la the taal. 

6 And the Loan dM that thhM on tbe Morrov, 
and an the catlle of ^pt died: but of the cat- 
tle of tbe children of Israel died not one. 

7 And Pharaoh sent, and behold, there was net 
one of the cattle of tbe IsraeUtes dead. Aadtha 
heart of Pharaoh was har d ea edi and be did not 

let the people |o. 
8 IT And tne Loi 

iRD said HRto Moses and anio 

Aaron, Take to you bandlkls of ashes of the lUr- 
nace, and let Moses sprinkle it toward tht itea- 
ven in the sight of Pharaoh. 
And it shall become autall dust ia all tbe land 
of Ej^ and sbaU be a bile breakiog Ibrtb it<a 
blains upon man, and upon beast, tliroufhoot all 
the land of Egypt. 

10 And they took ashes of the Aimaee, aad alood 
before Pharaoh; and Mows sprinkled It ap to- 
ward heaven : and it became a bile braaklaf 
forth with blains upon man, and upon beast. 

11 And the nia^ans could not stand before 
Moses, because of the Ule: for tbe bUe was u^ 
on the magicians, and upon all tbe Egyptiaaa. 

19 And the Loaa hardened the heart of Pha- 
raoh, and he hearkened not unto them ; as the 
Lord had spoken unto Moses. 

13 f And the LoRDsaid unto Moses, Rise apearly 
in the morning, and stand beforePbaraoh, and say 
unto him. Thus saith the Lord God of the He- 
brews, Let wy people go, that they may serve me. 

14 For I will at thUi time send all my plagues 
upon thy heart, and upon thy servants, and upon 
tby people : that thou mayest know that tksrt 
is none like me In all the earth. 

15 For now I wiH stieieh out ny hand, that I 
may smite thee and thypeople with pestilence ; 
and thou shalt be cutofirftoai the earth. 

16 A nd in very deed for this fuss have f raised 
tbee up, for to shew tntJiceny power; and that 

17 As yet exaltest thou thyself against my pee • 
pie, that thou wilt not let them go 1 

18 Behold,to-UM>rrowaboutthisthMl will cause 
in Egypt since the foundation thereof even until 

19 Send therefore now. cad father thy cattle, 
and all that thou bast in iJie field : /or i^M* every 
man and beast which shall be found in thefieM. 
and shall not be brought home, the haU sball 
come down upon them, and they shaU die. 

90 He that foared the word of the Lord oommw 
the servants of Pharaoh mado^liis servants ana 
his cattle flee into tbe houses: 

91 And be that regarded not the word of the 
Lord left his servants and his caitle hi the flehl. 

, 99 IT And tbe Lord said anto Moses, Stretch 
31 And the Lord did according to the word of forth thy hand toward hcnvea, that there may 
Moses; and be removed the swarms of flies' " " * ^ --«- - . 

fVom Pharaoh, from his servants, and Arom his 

people; there remained not one. 

am And Pharaoh iMurdened his heart at this time 

•bio, neither would he let the people go. 


The murrain of beasts, 

TOBN the Lord said unu> Moses, Go In unto 
Pfiarooh, and tell him. Thus saith the Lord 
God of the Hebrews, Let my people go, that tbey 

be hail in ail the land of Egypt, upon man, and 
upon beast, and upon every bein oftbt fiefal, 
throughout tbe land of Egypt. 
93 And Moses stretched forth bis 
heaven, and the Lord sent thunder ai 
tlie fire ran akn^ upon tbe aroun 
Ijord rahied hail apon the land of f 

tiiroughout tbe land of Egypt. 

93 And Moses -stretched forth bis rod toward 

nd: and the 

94 So there was bitil, and fire minfMwttb the 
hail, very grievous, such as therewas none like it 
in all the land of Egyptsinee it became a natloik 
I 95 And tbe baU smote throughout aU tbe land 


Kuj wpiBt ihau nil ;,J li^ E^\!i'^'^'? t^^i' Cn3 . 

2>M« ^ tkefirtt^himi ikmienei. CII AP. XII. ru Mrsuh^ -« -* • 

4 iijMf Mont mid, Thira imriJi the Lnvio, Abnmr 15 R4.V™ a„«* t. .« ■^^■""^ ■« «*«- 

aydBMit will I fO*cnii into U«o mM.iof k?m Lieu Ihrtt^^l?^" ^ ,?^' '^""^a^^"*''' ^f*fld ; 

4ks fm the fi»t.b«jM.rmrao/i ihS ,kt.J.!;;!/»?"'f,^":'?^^^^^ ^*^''^*'^*^ 

vpoB kk throne, er 
■MM-aenram that .. u 
•the tfnt-horn of kes^ts. 

6 And there shall be u prcat cry Uimiiitliflnt all 
■Che lAml of, wPt, mcti ae ih<;re waa iiou^ Like 

it, nor ahaU be Uke ft any mntLr. 

7 Etrt acaimt aay of li n crd td rpn of Ibitw?! abaU 
■01 a dog Bonve Mi tons » 'S a^ai iiai man ci r Uenat : 
thatye may know hnw ifi^i the Lord tliiih iutt 
*a*.KP"^ between 13 it? K-yininriA qtld [sfatl. 

'8 And all ueaethy servanii sUM\ cfjmn do^vii 
'Mtt* "»«2 ■■o WW ilovvn iJienLSf^lvea unio nic^ 

1, nea unto tl» lir.t-larii of ihelitiar^ .1 Son l.«?m "f X-''' ."" f**"'" ^°>' 

ahai It done Ik iJi(^m,«,ivciMi w[ikln;,«y max, 
iihiai eai, ifmi ft,ny niiiy be tifnit of you. 
17 Anil^reiJuillolMferve iA* A«jU/ uniravenH 

tliall yt obKryt; UjI* *lay Li| yow e«iKraUfltu bv 
ad nnlinancc ft^f ever. 

-w ....^|^_.,..«« Mau i-iuj^Fn did all thetf*? H-nmlcra 
lefore Pharaoh; and tlie Laap liardcned Pha^ 
raoh s heart, ao that Ire would nut Jot the dUl- 
dieu ofkiael go out &r liia land. 
CHAP. All. 

A t*€noetr iuMtituttd. 

WD the LoaD sMke unto Mo9« nn^ Atron 
in the land of Egypt, saying, 
9 This month tkall *e unio yoa the bc^kinlnj; 

^.,„„, ,.,c„ p^,„^ „p^„ HpiaiF DH ctuon^ twm 

tliH coiigriHgntkni of Ibmi.H, ttiitther h& ba « 
mranBrr^ nr Ih^rn In the laud. 

"n 'l^"!!?"* ■il'*" 3^^ *^^ un leave n*;d Ureiid, 
2i\\ rhniftlo^es calkij for all the i-ld?ri of Jb- 
rael, and snid unio tJiem, Umw oui, and raNo 
yon II tainh, arwifdJtig lo jour ftunMles, and kiJl 
ilie pn^sover 

lei nun and Ris aeigijboirLt miM ujito j»* hnujS4>iwHihnik*f.b«pHiit.t^,^ .»„.i„,iii*.* * . .V. .,._ j. 

lethbaaad hia aeigtilnnt lu^Jit ujito jii* Jinu5<« 

take <t aecMdIac to the ji ^Hr af nii; raui». 

etery won aeoordbix to Jii9 eatiEig thoJi make 
yow cmm for dw lanib. 

Of the flial fear: ]!« that L take i£ um from the 

rtieep or fiOB the goau : 

« And ye ahaJI keep U up umll ih*? roiirtRPmh 

ny or cheaune month: and lite whole adsemhry 

•C the eowtregaiioB of brael jihaiL kiu Ilia U^e 


7 Aad tliey ahall take or ihe Wood, and arike 
u <m the twro dde-|^ti^ ar«j i>n ilic upucf door- 
pwof the houses, when' in (bey EhaN eai ii. 

8 And they shall ent i^ie flesh m that nIpKt, 
RNut with ore, and unleavened brt^d : umi with 
Mtter kcrfts they shall ent it 

9 Eat not ef it raw, nor aodden at all with wa 
ter, but roast wiiA Atio; liig \u'M wliji IiIb tega, 
and with the purtenojue thereof. 

ItAndyesballtetDothingfir U remain ttmll 
unif : and that wiiiiih reinutJiem m" it 

^■■v p.r..^E., .^..o ^u j»u(j iwu qroe-{KM'u, uie L#[»aii 
wHI passtj ver the dsxir^ and will not iufler tiie dc- 
•^^X"-*'!"* ^^™*^ 1^ iiniTjyciur houaea m eiTiltet/ffn. 
91 An4 ye «hnlf nhwrve Ihts ihlne ftu' ma oriii- 
nniuM lo thee and lo Ujy aon# fur ever, 

tic A.t^l. _t,„ll ^^ ^1 .. _ L . 

TCmrrta»rJ«iiXr?' , . , . . . , , "^^"^ ^'* *•*■== ^^^^^ •** tJiy aon» r^r ever, 

»f thelMyear: yevtiau take it um from ihe to the tan.l wJiirh ih^ i.n^^'^ui „(L .^.7 _. 

the aiemhig. «■■«■ u«b« wjmi^d reinuEiieif 
imtU the morning ye ill all bum whh fire. 

gJ* '1,'And thns idiaU ye cat n ; via your loTfiii 
ided, yov shoes on your feet^ and your staff 
I year hand : and ye ihall eat ii in iieai^ ; it it 
the LoRB a pnssoTcr. 

W For I will pass thrftti^h the Jand of Egypt 
his niffht, and will smite ait the £im\x,tti in the 
and of Esypt. both man nnd betiBi ; and icainsfl 
lO the gpdsof Bgypc 1 wiii tx^ctnt iudgmeui: E 




«« the Mm,m.m, 

13 And the blood shaN be to you fbr a token 
apOB the hoases where ye ok : and when I foe 
the hlood, I will jmwb over ynu, ami ihe jibj^tn; 
mall not be upon you to deatioy vau, vrhen I 
Mute the land of E^dl 

14 Aad this day shaU be auto you for a memo- 
IW; and ye sItaU keep it it feast to the l^nati 
teou^oot your generations', ye aJmil keep it a 

to the land ivhlch the T-aao wJil give you, ac- 
cnrtiinp ufl hehalJi promised, tjMit ye idiail hten 
Ihifl iervkr. 

^ And h shnll come lo mni, wticn your chtJ- 
dn-n shaK aay ujiio you, VVhj^i mcmt ye by Uijj 
lervlce ? '^ ' 

Si That ye shall say. It is ilic aticrinee Uf the 
liURp's iiafisovdr, who pafvi-d over the houiee of 
Ulfl dUidrefi of laraeT In Egm, when he antf»Le 
the %rptbn«, and dellre^ed out /lousct, AoJ 
Ibe pjsnplc ho wed the head and woraJiip|icd. 

as And tTie children of rurael went away, *nd 
iinl aa the Lonn had coausiaiidcd Mo^ea and 
A[iriKij sfj ilid ttiey. 

2<» U AniJ It came m pam, thai at mldnlnht the 
l^{}n0?mot« all thd lir?i-bnrn inilie Inndof %y|Tt^ 
ftiOEi the fint'born nf rharaoli that aqi on hJa 
Ihrnno.tintn ih« first bnm nf the captive thai if4* 
In tliedim^fion; and ad the? firat bom of cittte, 

30 And l*harnoh rose up In the ii%ht, be, and 
a] I hia ae r van tj;, a n d al I \\ le Epy pilaiis ^ and I herfl 
wna a grtat cry In Ejjyjjt; fur ika-t vw Jiol a 
house wljcra iker^ wax not ane dead. 

31 M And he talked for Mnse* and AaKiti by 
ftiyhi, and aaid, Riae up^ and grn you furth frnin 
smong my p^^ple, boUi ye and the children of 
Israel ; aod go, b+tvp Oio Lnno, aayehavctaid. 

3ii AlBo takp ynnr flocks and your herds, ai ye 
have said, and be s^na: and hi ess mc alto. 

a? And the Ej^i^ti^nii were u rgcni upon the peo- 
pie, tint they mimHiLscnd them out aniic laiul LA 
haste ; njr iliey &nid, We bt all drad Timi. 

M And the people lonk their (ifHiKh before 1i 
waa leaveaed, tlicir kitcQdlnif irougrEis lie trig 
bf}and up in their clothe* upnn ihetr slifiulder^. 

35 And tlio cJilldruP of Taraoi did accordinfi m 

Tkt §rihim»£* of iJU pMtsour. , EXODUS. 

Um word of Moms: and Uiey borrowed of die 
EnrpUana Jeweta of silver, and jeweli of foldi 

36 Aad tbe Lorp gave the people faraur In the 
■Ifbt of the EcyptJana, w that they lent unto 
them tuek tkingrt mm tkey r^purei : and they 
Mioiled the Egyptiana. 

37 V And the children of Ifrael Journeyed ftom 
Rameaec to Succoih, about six hundred thousand 
•n foot that vere men, besides children. 

38 And a mixed multitude went up also with 
, and flocks, and herds, even very much 

39 And they baked unleavened cakes of the 
4oQgh which they brought forth out of Egypt, for 
ll was not leavened : because Uiey were thrust 
•«t of Egypt, and could not tarry, neither had 
they preparea for themselves any victual. 

40 1 Now the sojourning of the children of Is- 
rael who dwelt inJ^gypt, was four hundred and 
Ihir^ years. 

41 And it came to pass, at the end of the four 
hundred and thirty years, even tJie self-same day 
It came to pass, that ail the hosts of the Loan 

The hrtuUtss g§ mU ^ Eg0i- 
...« ».<,-..4altshewthvsoninthatday,sty- 
This ie ifmis because or that wAmA the LoM 

8 If And thou shah shew th V son in thatday, sty- 
inst 7%Mt>d9ii« because or that wAmA the Lo 
did unto me when I came forth out of Egypt. 

t out from the land of Egypt 

49 It i« a night to be much obeerved unto the 
Loan, for bringing them out from tlie land-of 
Egypt : thhi i$ that night of the Loan to be ob- 
served of all the children of Israel In their gene- 

43 H And tbe Lorb said unto Moses and Aaron, 
This i$ the ordluaiice of the passover: there 
shall no stranger eat thereof: 

44 Bur every man*8 servant that Is botight for 
money, when tliou bait chrcumcised him, then 
shall He eat tiiereof. 

^ 45 A foreigner, and a hired servant shall not 
cat thereof. 
46 In one house shall It be eaten ; thou slialt not 

9 And it shall be for a sign unto thee upon tkf { 
hand, and for a memofhil between thine eyes; 
that the Loan's law may bie in thy mouth : fiir 
with a strong hand hath the Loan brought thoa 
ontof Egypt. $ 

10 Thou shaU therefore keep this ordhiance \m 
his season ftom year to year. 

11 V And It shall be when the Loan shall bring 
thee into the hmd of the Canaanites, as he sware 
untothe^ andto thy fathers, and shall give it thee. 

IS That thou shah set apart unto tlie Loan all 
that oneneth the matrix; and every flrstUng that 
Cometh of a beast which thou hast, the males 
sAott As thfc'LoaD*s. 

13 And every firstling of an aas thou shalt re- 
deem with a lamb ; and if thou wUt not redeeM 
It; then thou shalt break his neck: and all the 
first-bom of man among thy children shalt tliou 

14 IT And it shall be when thy son asketh thee 
in time to come, saying, What<«thls? thatthou 
shalt say unto him. By strength of hand the Lord 
brought us out firom Egyp^ fVom tbe house of 

15 And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would 
■tardlv let us p^. that the Lord slew all the first- . 
bom In the land of Egypt, both the first-bora of 
man, and the first-bom of beasts : therefore I sa- 
crifice to tbe Lord ail that openeth the matrix,* 

males; but all the fiist-bom of my children 

carry forth aught of the fiesli abroad out of the the way of the land of the Philistines, although 

bouse : neltlier shall ye break a bone theraof. 

47 An the congregation of Israel shall keep it 

48 And when a stranger slioll sojourn with thee, 
and win keep the passover to the Loan, let all 
his males be circumcised, and then let hhn come 
near and keep it ; and he shall be as one that is 
bora in the land: for no uncireumeised person 
shall eat thereof. 

40 One law shall be to him that is bome-bora, 
and unto tbe stranger that sojounieth among you. 

50 Thus did all the chiklivn of Israel ; as the 
Lord conmanded Moses and Aaron, so did they. 

51 And h came to pass the self-same day. Oat 

the Lord did bring the cliildren of Israel out of 

f their armies. 

give thee, a land flowing with milk ami honey ; 
that thou shalt keep this service In thS «ionth. 

6 Seven days shalt thou eat unleavened bread, 
and Intheseventhday «Aa/<As a feast to the Lord. 

7 Unleavened bread shaU be eaten seven days : 
and there shall no leavened bread be seen with 
thee, neither shaU there be leaven seen with thee 
In all thy quaiten. 

16 And it shaU be for a token upon thv hand, and 
for firoatlets between thfaie eyes: for by strength 
of hand the Lord brought us forth out of Ef — 

17 V And it came to pass, when Pharaoh 
let the people go, that God led them not through 

that tsM near ; for God said, Lest peradventnie 
the people repent when they see war, and they 


18 But God led the peon] 

ray of the wilderaess or 

children of Israel v^ent up haraessed out of the 

BOple about, lArsaf* the 
of the Red sea: and the 

land of Ekypt. 
"19 And Moaes took the bones of Joseph with 
hhn : for he had straltly swora the children of 
Israel, sayUig, God wUI surely visit you ; and ye 
ihatl earfT up my bones away hence with yon. 

90 V And they look their tourney ftom Snccotk, 
and encamped in Etham, in the edge of the wU- 

91 And the Lord went before them by day In a 
piilarof a cloud, to lead them the way; and by 
night in a plUar of fire, to give them light: to go 

by day UHLi;<f h^ 

the land of Egypt! 

Memorial of tkepteover, 

AND the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, _ „, 
9 Sanctify unto me aU the first-Dom, what- 98 He look not awav the plltar of the doud by 
soever openeth the womb among the children of day, nor the pllter of fire by night, from before - 
Israel, both of man and of beast : it is mine. 

3 IT And Moses said unto the people, Remem' 
ber this dav, in which ye came out frdm Egvpt, 
out of the house of bondage ; for by strength of 
hand the Lord brought you out ftom this pioeo 
there shall no leavened bread be eaten. 

4 This day caine ye out, in the month Abib. 

5 V And it sltaH be when the Lord shaU bring 
thee bito the land of the Canaai|ilesy and the 
Uittltes. and tbe Amorites, and the ^vltes, and 
the Jebusites. which he sware unto thy fathers to 
give thee, a land flowing with mf" 
that thou shalt keep this service I 

PkeM^adh purenee the lermdHee. 

AND the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 
9 Speak unto the children of Israel, that 
they tura and eneamp before Pi-hahlroth, be- 
tween MIgdol and the sea, over against Baal- 
aephon: before it shall ye encamp by the sea. 

3 For Pharaoh will say of the cliildren of Israel, 
They are entangled in the land, the wUdera'esa 
liath shut th^nln. 

4 And I wiU harden Pharaoh*8 heart, that ha 
Shan foUow aAer them ; and I will be honoured 
upon Pharaoh, and upon all his host ; that the 
iiypUansmayknowthatlamtheLoRO. And 
tbnrdidso. ^ ^ 

5 IT And it was tokl the kingof Egypt that the 
people fled: andtheheartof Pharaoh and of his j 
senranti was turned against the people, and they- 


TktkrtOiUspMiMtymightJUXtiHm. CUAP. XV. 

mM, Why bave we done thia, tlut we tftn kn 

jna go Ihrni eenrf ng u» T 

< And he made leady Mi chariot, and took Us 
feople with him : 

7 And he took six handled ehoeen ehariota, 

nd Moeee nreiehed forth Mi hand over tht 
and iB the cimriotiorEKjrpt, and captains over cea, and the sea returned to hie itrenffth whea 
ereiyoneof them. "^ ' ' - - - « 

8 And tlie IjORO hardened tlie heart of Pharaoh 
kiM of Egypt, and lie pursued after tlie children 
of Israel : and the diildfen of Israel went out 
viUi aU^ handr 

9 But the Eeyptians porsned after them (all the 
iKwaes «»d cbaHols of Pharaoh, and his horw- 
men, and his armjr) and overtnoli tNem Mieamp- 
big by the se&k beside Pi-liahiroth, liefore Baat- 

10 Y And irben Pharaoh drew nish, tlie ddl- 
dren of iirael UOed up tlieir eyes, and behold, the 
Egyptiaiu marched a|\er them : and they were 
aoie afhUd: and the children oi^ Israel cried out 
■Mo the Lord. 

11 Aadiheysaid nntn Moses, BecaosetAsrt in 
BO iraves in Eforpt, ha«>t thou taken us away 
diemtliewilderuesBl WliereAire hast thou dealt 
thus with u^ to carry us (4>rth out of Egjrpt I 

12 A not tills the word that we did telTiiiee in 
Vfnt^ sayinf , Let us alone, that we may serve 
iMMeVpiiaiiB? For It iksd^MM better for ns to 
s eriia a t Egyptians, than tliat we should die in 
the wilderness. 

U T And Hoses saiil unto the people. Fear ye 
ML stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, 
wUch lie will shew to you to-day : for the Egyp- 
tiass wlioni ye have seen today, ye shall see 
tfeem again no more for ever. 

14 The Lord shall light for you, and ye shaN 
bold ysor peace. 

15 V Aad^lie Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore 
criest ihou unto me 1 Speak unto die cldldren 
•f Israel, Uiat iliey go forward : 

16 Bat U(l iliou up thy rod, and stretch out thy 
baud over the sea, and divide it : and ilie cltil- 
dren of Israel shall go un dry grotrnd through the 
midat or the sea. 

17 And I. bcboM, I will harden the hearts of 
ibe i^piians, and they shall follow tliem : and 
I will jfet me honour upon Pharaoh, and u 
hitheM, upon liiscbariots.and upon nishon 

tiansgliaN know that I 

7%* EgffpUmu inwwii 

98 V And the Lord «aid tmio Mosea, Stieieh 
out thy hand over the aea, that the waters maf 
come again upon the Egyptians^ npoa their chft- 


the morning appeared; and the Bgypdans ied 
against it ; and tlie Lord overtluew the Egyp- 
tians in the aaldst of the sea. 

S8 And the waters retumed, and eovartd tht 
chariots, and tlie h otm rntm, end an the heal of 
Pharaoh that caaM into tlie sea after theat 
there remained not so mnch as one of them. 

iiithenUdstofthesea; and the waters wsrt a wal 
onto them on their right hand, and on their left. 

as Thus the LokD saved brael that day out of 
thehandoftheBgnNtaaa: and braelaawtha 
Egyptians dead upon the sea-shore. 

31 And Israel saw that fieat work which tha 
Lord did upon the Bgypdana : and the people 
feared the Lord, and believed the Lord, and 
hia servant Mesas. 


n§ »9%g of M»999. 

TIEN sang Moses and the children of Israel 
this song unto the Loan, aad spake, saying, 
I will stag unto the Lord, for he hath triumph- 
ed gtoriously : the horse and his rhier hath ha 
thrown into the sea. 

«The Lord i» my strength and song, «nd heia 
become my salvation : he it my Ged, and I win 
prepare him a habiution ; my thther*s God, and 
I will exalt him. 

3The Lord i$ »maR of war: the Lord i» hia 

4 Pharaoh*a Chariots and Ma hoat hath he cast 
Into the sea: hki chosen captains also are drown- 
ed hi the Red sea. 

&The depths have covered tliem: they sank 
into the bottom aa a stone. 

<l Thy right hand, O Lord, is become gtorioua 
in power: thy right hand, O Loris bath dashed 
in piecei the enemy. 

7 And in the greatness of thine eicelleney thon 
hast overthrown tliero that rose up against thee: 

I will Jfet me honour upon Pharaoh, and uponlu) iliou sentest forth tliy wrath, lokkh consumed 
"■ " hem as stubble. 

8 And with the blast of thy noatrils the wiiera 

16 f AiNl the ^ptians^liaN know that I am the 
LoM, wlieu I liave gotten me honour upon Pha- 
nMih, upon hie dwdots, and upon Iiis horsemen. 

09 1 And tlie angel of God which went before 
tbe camp o€ Israel, removed, and went behind 
them ; and the pillar of tlie cloud went from be- 
fiwe their face, and stood behbid them : 
•50 And it came between the camp of the Egyp- 
tians aad tbe caoip of Israel; and it wasactoud 
and darkaess to themt but it gave light by night 
utkue: so that the one came not near the other 

SI Aad Moses streuhed out his hand over the 
aea; and tbe Lord caused the sea to go *ac* by 
a strong east wind all that night, and made the 
sea dry load, and tlie waters were divided. ' 
f^ And the dilMren of Israel went into the 
midst of the sea upon the dry ground- and the 
waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, 
and on tlieir left. 

I t3K And tbe Egyptians pursued, and went in 
after them, to tlie midst of the sea, even aft Pha- 
iaoh*s liorsea, his chariots, and his horsemen. 

S4 And it came to pass, that in the moming- 
araieb the i>oRo looked unto tbe host of ttie 
BQrptians through the pillar of fire and of the 
Mood, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, 

tS And took off their chariot-wheels, that they 
kvre them heavily : sothaLthe Egyptians said, 
Ml us 4ee ftrom tlie face of Israel ; for tbe Lord 
Igkicrtli for thein agataat tbe figyptiaaa. 

were gathered together, the flooda stood upright 
asa beu), aad the deptba were congealed in tbe 
heart of the sea. 

take, I will divkle the i 

9 Tbe eimny said, I win pursue, I wHI over- 
divkle the spoU : my Inst shaU ba 
«•»»■«» •!»« them ; I wltt draw my sword, my 
hand shaU destroy them. 

lOThou didst blow whh thv wind, the seaoove^ 
ed them : they sank as lead In the mighty waters. 

11 Who if like unto tbee, O Lord, among the 

>ods? who is like thee, glorious i " " 
rnarful tn praises, doing wonders 1 

gods? who it like thee, glorious in holiness, 
inarful in praises, doing wonders 1 
IS Thou stretcbedst out tliy right hand, tha 

earth swaltowed thtoi. 

13 Thou in tliy mercy hast led forth the people 
wkieh thou hast redeemed : thou hast guided Ossi 
hi thy strength unto thy holy habitation. 

14 The people shall hear, am4 be afraid : sorrow ^ 
shall take hold on the inhabitants of Patestina. 

15 Then the dukes of Edom shaH be amaxcd ; 
the mighty men of Moab, trembling shatltfoke 
hold upon them ; all the inbaUtants of Canoaki 
shaU melt away. 

16 Fear and dread shall fall upon them ; by the 
peataess of thine arm they shall be tu still as a 
stone ; tiU thy people pass over, O Loan, till the 
people pass over, whiek thou hast purchased. 

17 Tliou Shalt bring them in, and plant them hi 
the mountahi of thbie Inheritance, in the umc^ 
O Loan, «i*»c4thoa hast made for tbeetodwell 


ngmUmMtMto'akfweetiiud. EXODUB. fiftaiUaMdmrnnMiitli 

%n in th« santtuEiry, O Loud, whUh ihf iiandiineat lieffMr* th* Lnn&: for be haih hauni ywur 
iiii»«inhiisi]Evd imiTirmrinir!?, 

ifiThfl LnRB Bliull rf iim for ewfr nnd ever. 10 And it caiiH? to poa, as Aflmtt ispalt* unto lUn 

rtirfou mid wUJi Ijifl h^rwrni^n iiiio the ii*ii, aad tliey «oheil i^war<l tli^ vvriUler™, a»(I beUold, 
SblJId hniiiBla ^gain Unt ivmtfW of iTie inn llifj elory of llie Lord api^afei! iii i^ie clmid, 
Si« ihrPm- bui h« diitdreii of Jsrud wenl op 11 1^ And t])« J^ORti Bj.alce unto M^«fl, inyin^, 

dwieea. l^'"? ^**'*'^ ^""^ ^'**^' 

^A^id Mirlain anawemJ them, Sing ye W tht 13 And Iteamc lo pfiss. hal at even I e qna » 
Lord for Jje Imtli Iri.iiMi^d the can^e up, a.;d cov,rrcJ ilie cjimp ; n^d u tlie 
koiw anil his riacr haili ha tlirown inlfl Hie Hen. mftriilno tlic dew liiy miind aljoiit tlie hoit. 
TerMm^ b ouglii Imeifmiii ih« R..» «!aj M A Jwlien the dew tlialijy wn^ goue uivb^ 

iS ulBy went Ui^ee duya hitke witdefiitjss, and 'small found il>Hifi, ui BiiiaU :bj tlie lioar fro#l m* 

fhtinri nn ivitHr ^^^ ErOUmi ; 

*^Ti!,d ,vl;«o U,e, ;o M.,.Mhey«».W , .5 And 

tli« vvate 

*M An ".!ir/rihml"^^l dincemly J>earki.n mlei^d, *.>mc m«ue Bon^e I^h. 

thJ vflK iii Uap U y God: au/will do thttll IB And when ihvy did ij|<>le it wHh an nm^f, 

S'alh ia d-^lii Tua i "[.I, .lid Witt give car to, he ihat ^^therort nmdi had "''t^mFov^r, and he 

Wicim'andm*^.^ti^an!i keep a .%lahite-, 1 that G^^''^™^1 ^^^ f.^^^^ [[f '^^ ■,^'*^^ «^^'*^ 

""*' - '^ ■■ - *■ — "■!■:-»- evefy man according to Ina eatinp* 

13 And Mn*Hi said, LctuQ uiim leHTE of It liU 
t)i« morningv 

20 Nolvyith&lDiidlngT they hearktiieil not tintn 
Moses \ liut H>me ot Uiein I en of it uiiii] tlie 
morning, aiad U bred woriiu, and utank ; Utid Mu- 
(Cfl was wroth with ibcm. 
31 And tlioy gatli*red H every morning, every 
niifi nccordiiig Ui liifteallng: and when Uie sun 

I pill nonti of lUoflfi di^eaetsiupoii thee, which 
ive brought u [ion liie BLgyiUiajiBi for 1 aw the 


llittV . . 

Lftun iJiat iicnielli Uiee. 
27 IT And Uit+y tame Wi Elitn, whete wmr welve 
wells of water, and tlireescom and le'i pnlni- 
trees: ontl they cncamiied there by Uio wtiifiia. 
TAe IsraslUiit 

ND »hpy iftuk ihLlr }ournFy fi-om Ellin, and 

ah the coticrecalinii of itif^ cliildietief Israel waied hot ft melted. 

- ltd KUTe€onEregatlonnrtl*efiUMdr*nor 33 And he said umo ihcm, Thli i> ^jU which 
lariat II ornS aaaW Mosd awl Aaron In the LoaD hath said. Tomorrow m the res^^ of 
J J?tiii iPmew™ i3:»e li idy sabbath lUS to the Lo r o j hake that w li Ich 

1 And the "lildren of IsraeJ said unto ihero.^ye will bake to-day, ^ tcclho that ye will 
Wolild to Gi^ tr^l^d dl^hy Ui« hand of th^^^lhe ; and th.t which rem alneth over, \^y up 
1 jTrb in the Jand of Eityiil, when we sat by M for yon to be kept nntU the mEJ?niii|- 
IS^h notr-Vd when wf/k <?at bread lo the full ii ^ And ihey laid it up tit t le morning, as Mt> 
S^yc im^e ;S'l iiTrorlS intf) this wllderae«. U bud. : and It did not sUitk, nelUier was there 

''i^'^e^iM^^^ir^s^^oidj '^^ 

will raia bread ftom heatfE^a for yt>il.'^'*i!;!;l^„!t ff^JJ^^'i^^S^''^ ^^^"^ to day ye shall nyt 

Jdsl tliers went [»iJt 


(lory 1 

miismarings u|;aiantt_ ^^..^. .- . . . 

BUaKve^i m^^^^ fle.hlaeat,andliJ :J1 A"^ ^«'^Tr"*^'ffrl^^u''l^''S wh^ 

ffie ShigCdtothofnll' for thPttlhe Loap!«f Manna '^l^'*^^"" '";^,f^^,^^^^ 
liureth ymir miirmaringa wlticH ye murmnr^aad tlia Vaata of It wu like wafen «-« »""» 
a«ain«Lliim: And whata^-flwel ^^"^"^"'if |^Wv„a Motes Pahl This « the ibhiRi^bichlii^ 
tnM w not aiaioHt itit, bnt Againjrt the Ln at*. *K If A nfl MOiCB j^ni, i ^|f « ">» ^" ' ^ ^e k«ntlbf 
™ Ana Motea spakTunto^^imn.Say ont^ *^'|Ln't»'»'n'°^"^"j»'\^'' '^,^°"^^„^"!^'^e^^ 
UK tttlnflwtloii ^ Uie children o/ Jwoei, Codie'yw»i gencraUotii i ihat^they may ice tiie utoaa 

k #MnMw. CHAP, xvn, xvm. 


I bvDMrlit Tou Ibrth from the toad of Bgjrpl. 

laaeB «ai«l unto Aafoa,Tftke m pot, and 

er fitll of inanna therein, and lay Itnp 

Tore the Lokd, to be Jcepc fbr jfour getteratione. 

JttM's ai9U$ U M$m- 

Ct an omer fitll of inanna therein, and lay Itnp 
foce the LoKD, to be Jcepc fbr vour generatione. 
M Ai the LoKD oominanded If oeei, to Aaron 

laid it «p before the Tettimony, to be kepc 

35 And the ehildren of Imel did eat manna for- 
ty years, until they came to a land iuhablied 
th^ did eat manua, until they came unto the 
knden of tlie land of Canaan. ' 

36 Now an omer U the tenth ncrt of an Mdiah. 

WtUr miraeuloualp aunlitd, 

AND all the congregation of the children of 
Israel kwraeyed from the wHdetnea of Sin, 
after their joanieys, according to the command- 
meat of (he Lord, and pitched in Rephldim: 
and Uure wms no water for the people to drink. 
9 Wherefore the people did chide with Moeec, 
and aoid, Give uc^water thdt we may drink. 
And Motes said unto them, Why chide ye with 
SMl whecefoiedo ye tempt the Loant 

3 And the people thirsted there for water; and 
the people mnrmnred asolnat Moses, and said, 
Whtremra i» this thmi thou hast brought im up 
out of Egypt to Idll us and our chUdien and our 
cattle wfth thirst t 

4 And Moses cried unto the Loan, laying, What 
shall t do unto this people 1 they be ahnost ready 
loKone me. 

5 And the Losn said unto Moses. Go on before 
the people, and take with thee of the eldert of 
Iflsel : and thy rod, wherewith tliou smotest 
the liver, take in thine hand, and go. 

6 B«hold« I will stand before thoe there upon 
the rock in llorcb ; nnd thou shalt smite the 
nek, and there shall couie water oat of iu that 
the people may drink. And Moses did so in tiie 
sfadit of theeldeis of Israel. 

f And he caHed the name of the plaee Mamah, 
and Morlbah, became of the chiding of the chil- 
dren of Isniel,and because they tempted the Loan, 
•aylnff, Is the Loan among us, or not 1 

8 V Then came Amalek, and fought with Israel 
In Kephfdim. 

9 And Moses said unto Joshua, Choose us oat 
uen. and go out, fight with Amalek : to-morrow < 
I will stand on the topof the hill with the rod of 
Gctf in my liand. 

10 8o Joshua did as Moses had said to hbn, and 
Iba^t with Amalek: and Moses, Aaron, and 
Hur, went up to the top of the hill. 

11 And it came to pafs, when Moses held up his 
lMnd,that Israel prevailed: and when he let 
town his hand. Amalek prevailed. 

IS But Moses* nands wer* heavy ; and they took 
a 8ton& and put it under him, and he sat there- 
on : and Aaron and Uur stayed up his hands, the 
one mtihe one side, and the other on tlie other 
side ; and his hands were steady outU the going 
down of the sun. 

13 And Joshua discomfited Amalek and his 
people with the edge of the sword. 

14 And the Loa» said unto Moses, Write this 
f*r a memorial in a book, and retiearse t( in the 
ears of Joshua : for I will utterly put out the re- 
membrance of Amalek from nnder heaven. 

15 % And Moses built an altar, and called the 
name of it JBHOVAH-nlssi : 

IC For he said. Because the Loan hath sworn 

« Then Jethii, Mews' fhthsr In law, tank gU. 
porah, MosssP wifo, after he had seat her bMk 

3 And her two sons; of whlchlhenoMoftht 
one was Gershom: (for he said, 1 have baen an 
alien in a strdi^ Imd:) 

4 And the name of the other was BHsMr ; <for 
the God of my fother, said As, «ss my help, and 
iettvered me fhNB the sword of Pharaoh :) 

5 And Jethro, Moses* fother-Ui-taw, came with 
liis sons and his wife unto Moses into the wilder- 
ness, where he encamped at the anMint of God : 

• And be said unto Moses, I thy fhther-ia-law 
Jeihro am come unio than, and thy wife, and 
her two sons with her. 

7 f And Moses went ont to meet his fkthsi^ln- 
aw, aad dUi obeisance, nnd kissed hhn: and 

they asked each other of Ostr welfoia: aad 

they came into the tent. 

8 And Moses told his fothsHn-tew all that tht 
Loan had done unto Pharaah, and to the Bgyp- 

s, and all the travaU thai 

tkmt the Loan waikmnwat with Amalek fkom they shall bring unto tliee, bat every small mat< 

fsneration to geaeiation. 

CHAP. xvm. 

M»»t§ entertahutk Jetkra. 

VTTBSN Jethro tlte priest of Uidian, Moses* 
f T Aiber-in-law, heard of all that God had 


tians for IsraeTs sake, as 

had come upon them by the way, and Asis tht 

Loan delivered them. 

9 And Jethro ni(Mtd for aU ih« goodaesi 

which the Loan had done to IsraeL wham ha 
had delivered out of the hand of the Bgypllana. 

10 And Jethro said, BleasSd *«the Loan, wht 
hath deli veied yon out of the hand of the fenrp- 
tians, and out of the hand of Pliaraoh, who bath 
delivered the people ftom nnder the hand of tht 

11 Now 1 know that the Loan U greater tha« 
aU gods: for In the thing wherefai theydeall 
proudly, hi war above them. 

IS And Jethro, Moses* fotber-ln-Iaw, took a 
bumt-oflbring and sacrifices for God: and Aaron 
came, and all the eUars of Israel to eat bread 
wiUi Mooes* fothe^iMw before God. 

13 IT And It came to pam on the morrow, that 
Mosessatto Judge the people: andthepeopivstotMl 
by Moses from the morning unto the evenhig. 

14 And when Moses' fatlMr-in-hiwsaw all thai 
he did to the people, he said. What istliis thins 
Umt thou doest to tlie people t Why sittest tlHiu 
thyself alone, and aU the people stand by thui 
from morning unto even 1 

15 And Moses said unto his fluheisin-law, Be- 
cause the people come unto me to inquire of God : 

16 Whentlicy have amatter. they come unto me, 
and I Judge between one and another, and I do 
makeOssi know the statutesofGod|and hishiws. 

17 And Moses* fatherin-law said unto him, 
The tiling that thou doest ia not cood. 

18 Thou wilt surely wear away, both thou, and 
Uiis people that u with thee: for this thing *s 
too hea^ for thee; thou art not able to perform 
it thyself alone. 

19 Ilearken now unto my voice, I will give that 
counsel, and Godshall be with thee : Be tlmu for 
the people to God-ward, that thou mayest bring 
tlie causes unio God : 

SO And thou shalt teach them ordinances and 
taiws, and shalt shew them the way wherein they 
most walk, and the work that they must do. 

81 Moreover, tliou shall provide out of all the 
people, able men, such as fear God, men of 
truth, hating covetousnem ; and place tuck over 
them to be ruleia of thousands, and rulers of 
hiuidreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens : 

S9 And let them Judge the people at all sea- 

and It shall be, th^t every great nmttsr 

ler they shaU judge: so shall it be easier for Uiy* 
self, and they shall bear the burdem with thee. 
83 If thou Shalt do this thing, and God command 
thee ro, then thou sha> be able to endure, and all 
this people shall also go to their place in |ieaee. 

8, and for Israel his people, sad 84 So Moses hearkened to the voice of his father 
had biooght Israel oat 01 £gyptaitt-law, 

, and did aU that he had said. 

ti And HoMi dMw aUe MH MK or fdl ImmU 
and madt iIm« be«4a ov«r the people, nilert of 
tiMwiMiii, rutoft of heiidrede, mien of AAlet, 
»n4 mien of tens. 

99 A«d Ukej Jiulged the people at aM WMone 
the fteid camet tb^ broittht vmo Mom, but 
9wnf ■mall laattfv Nnv jwM tliMMelves. 

97 Aad Moaes let hie fttheHMaw depart : and 
be went kit way Into hto own lend. 
Tkt l9rtliUM€9m*USin9L 

IN the third month, when the ehildren of fnrael 
were gone forth oat of the land of Egypt, the 
aame day canie they rat* the wUderneee of 8tnai. 

9 For they were departed from Rephldin, and 
were come U the deeertof Sinai, and had pitched 
la the wlhlemea; and there Israel encamped 
before tlie mount. 

9 V And Moees went up unto God, and the 
Ix)RD called unto hfan out of tlie moui^taln, say- 
lag. Thus shah thou say to the house of Jacob, 
ami ten the children of Isvafd ; 

4 Ve have seen what I did unto the BRypUans, 
•ndAMs I bare you on eagles* wlngi, and brought 
yna unto myself. 

ft Now therefore, If ye wiU obey my volee In- 
deed, and keep my covenant, then ye shaU be a 

SO And the l^ao camedoifn opoB mount e»mal^ 
on the top of the mount: and the Lotta eadlarif 
Meses aip to the top of the mount; and M^mm 

31 And the Loan said unto Mosea, Ck» dowa. 

tharge the people, lest they break through luM 
the iH>a» to gaze, and many of them perteh. 

» And let the priests also which cone ummt to 
the Lord. sancUfV themselves, lest the Uomm 
break fortli upon them. 

53 And Moses said unto the Loan, Tlie peopto • 
cannot come up to mount Sinai: forthoaclMn* 
edst us, saying, Set bounds about the nKNim. aad 
sanctify iu 

54 And the Lord saki unto him. Away, oet thee 
down, and thou shall come up, tiMm, andAmroa 
witli tliee : but let not the prkMUand the people 
break through, to come up unto the Lord, ieei 
he break fortli upon tlieni. 

55 So Moses went down unto tlie people, maA 

peculiar treasure unto Bie above aU people 
tbr all the earth <s mine: 
C And ye shall be unto me a ktogdom of priests, 
and a holy nation. These ors the words which 
thou Shalt meak imto the children of Israel. 

7 ir And Moses eaa^e and called for the ekten of 
the people, and laid before their fkces all these 
words which the Loan commanded him. 

8 And ail tlie people answered together, and 
•aid, All that the Lord ha^ spoken we will do. 
And Moses returned the words of the people 
unto the Lord. 

• And tlie Lord said unto Mosea, Lo, I come 
unto tliee in a thick cloud, that the people may 
liear when I speak with thee, and believe tliee 
for ever. And Moses told the words of the peo- 
i»te unto the Lord. 

It IT And tlie Lord said unto Moses, Go unto 
the people, and sanctify tliem to-day and to-mor- 
row, and let them wash tbehr clotlies, 

11 And be ready against the thhrd dav: for the 


71s lea CMswaadsieNte Wvsa. 

AND God spake all these wonts, saybic. 
S I CM the Lord thy Cod, wldcli b 

brought thee out of the laud of Egypt, out of lUe 

house of boiulage. 

f3 Thou Shalt have no other gods befhre me. 

4 Thou Shalt not make unto thee any greven 
image, or any likeness •/ any tkmg that U la 
heaven above, or that U in Uie earth beneeili, or 
that cs in the water uiuler tiie earth : 

5 Thou siialt not bow down thyself to them, nor 
them : for I tlie Loan thy God am a Jealcme 

all the people upon 

IS IT And thou shalt set bounds unto the people 
HMnd about, sayUig, Take heed to yourselves, 
thai fe go not up Into the mount, or touch tiie bor- 
der of it: whosoever toudieth the mount shall 
be surely put to death: 

13 There shall not a hand touch it, but he sliall 
surely be stoned or shot through : whether t( be 
beast or man, it shall not live: wlien the trumpet 
soHPdeth long, th^ shall come up to tlie mount. 

14 And Moses went down fVom the mount unto 
the neonle, and sanctified tlie po^e; and they 
waslied thehr clothes. 

15 And he aaid unto the people. Be ready 
agninst the tlilrd day : come not at y««r wives. 

16 If And it came to pass on tlie third day in 
tlie morning, that tliere were thunders and light- 
nings, and a thick ckiud upon the mount, and the 
voiae of the trumpet exceeding hmd ; so tliat an 
the peimle that was in tlie camp trembled. 

17 Ana Moses brought fbrth the people out of 
the camp to meet with God ; aad they stood at 
tlie nether part of the mounts 

18 And mimnt Sfaiai was altogether on a smoke, 
because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and 

the sniokf! thereof ascended as fiitt smoke of a 
furuacet and tiie whole mounti||^ed greatly. 
19 Aad wlien the voice of the trumpet sounded 
k)ne, aii4 waxed louder and louder, Moses spake, 
•lid Cod ansv^arad biin by a voice. 

God. vltiiting tlie Iniquity of tli« fntbers upoa the 
children unto the tliird and foutth gentr^ioii of 
them that hate me; .v 

6 And shewing mercy unto Oioiisands of them 
that love me, aad keep my commandinenta, 

7 Thou Shalt not take the name of tlia licina 
thy God in vain : for the Loan will not boU 
him gniltteia that Uketh his name in vain. 

8 Remember the sabbath-day to kc^ it holy. 

9 Sixdaysshslt thou labour, and doall thy work I 

10 But the seventh day u UiesabbathoTUit! I^ro 
thy God : in it Uiou siialt not do any work, thou, 
nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy man-aervant! 
uor thy maid-servant, nor thy cattle, nor thy 

tftranaAr that ■*> tArliliin •!•» a»iA« • ' 

tliird day the Loan will come down in the sigbtof itranger that i* witiiin thy guics : 
all the people upon mount Sinai. 11 For t« six days tlie Loan made heaven ami 

i earth, ^he sea mid all tliat In them is, and i«Hted 

tiie seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed 
tlie snbltatli-day, and liallowed it 
18 Honour tlty fUtiier and thy niotlier ; that thy 
days may be long upon the Imid which tJie Loae 
thy God giveth thee. 

13 Tliou siialt not klH. 

14 Thou siialt not commit adultery. 

15 Thou shalt not steal. 

16 TImhi shall not bear false witness agalnsi 
thy neighbour. 

17 Thou shalt not covet tliyneiglilMHir*s houssb 
thou Shalt not covet tJiy neighbour's wife, nor 
his man-servant, nor his nmid servant, nor hisox, 
nor his ass, nor any tiling that is tiiy neighbour's. / 

18 1( And all the people saw the tliundvrhigi;" 
and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, 
and the mountain sniokiipg: and when the peo- 
ple saw tt, they removed, and stood afar ofT 

19 And they said unto Moses, Sp^ak Uiou with 
us, and we will hear: but let not God speak 
with us. kist we die. 

Sri Ai>d Moses said unto (heiieople, Pear not: fbt 
God is coiiie to prove you, and that his fear may 
be before your laces, tliai ye sin not, 

51 And the people stood afhr off, aad Mosn 
drew near uato the thick darkneai where God eat. 

52 And tlio l^oRD said unto Mttses, Thus thoa 
fhaU say unto the chlhlren of Israel; Ye hafi 



^ tb«t I have. talked with ytm t\nm Jwavea. 

$a Y« riiaH n6t make with me gods of eilTer, 
idtAersJiaJI ye make unto you lodi of goM. 
M t An altar of eartii tbou raalt make u 
me^indsiialt sacriAce tbereon thy burnt-oAr 
tail^and tby peace-offerings, tliy sheep, and thine 
oxen: in ad placei where 1 record my naow I 
will eome unto tliee, and I will blew tliee. 
S5 And if thou wilt make me an alur of ttone, 
thott Shalt not build it of heWn stone, ibr if tiKm 
lift up thy -tool upon it, thoa hast polluted it. 
11 M either shalt thou so up by steps unto mine al- 
tar, Uiat thy nakedness he not disooTered therooa. 
Lmufor tervantif i't. 

NOW these srt tite judgments whleh thou 
Shalt set before them. 

2 If thou boy a Hebrew servant, six years he 
shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go oul 
free for aoihing. 

3 If te came in by himself, he shall go out by 
kilnseff : if he were married, then his wife shall 
gs oat wlHi him. 

4 If his master have given him a wife, and she 
have bone hhn sons or daiigliters, the wife and 
ber chlUiten shall be her master's, and he shall 
go eiscliy himself. 

5 IT And if the servant shall plainly say, I love 
siy mast^, my wife, and my children ; I will 
antio out free : 

fiTlen his master shall brinchlmunto the Judges: 
' hedmll alsobfing hi m to the ifoor, or unto the dunr- 
poit: and his master shall bore his ear through 
with an awl ; and he shall serve liim for ever. 

711 Andifaniansellhlsdaughtertobeamaid sor- 
v«nt,i^ shall not go out as the men-servants do. 

€ Kshejllise not her nmstcr, who hath betrotlied 
ber to taiiSMf, then shall he let her be redeemed : 
to self her unto a stranfe nation he shall have no 
power, seeing lie hath detUt deceltAtlly with her. 

9 Am) ^ he iiave betrotlfed her unto his son, he 
shall deal with her after tlie manner of daoglilers. 

10 If he take him another toi/«; her fbod, her 
miment, and ber duty of marriage shall he not 

U And if be do not tliese three unto lier, tlien 
*sll she go out free Whbout money. 

11 t He that smitetb a man, so tirat be die, sliall 
ke smdy put to death. 

J3 And if a man tie not in wait, but God deliver 
ins faMo his hand ; then 1 will appoint thee a 
' place whither lie shall flee. 

14 But if a man come prestmiptiiousty upon his 
■eigiibour, to slay him with guile ; thou shalt 
take him from mine altair. that lie may die. 

15 And be that smitetli his fetber, or his mother, 
rimil be suiely put to death. 

16 1 And lie that stealcth a man, and selleth 
bim, or if he be found in bis hand, he shall surely 
be put to death. 

17 ^ And he that cnrseth his f^Uier or his 
owther. shall surely be put to death. 

18 IT And if men strive together, and one smite 
another with a stone, or with kis fist, and he die 
Bot, but keepeth his bed : 

19 If he rise again, and walk abroad upon his 
itaC tlmii Shalt he that smote khn be quit: onlv 

gbe snan pay for tlie loss of his time, and shall 
cause him to be thoroughly healed. 


ke surely punished. 
31 NotwItlistamHag, ifhecontinncaday or two, 
ke shall not be punished : lb? he ts bis money. 
8 V If men strive, and hnrta woman with child, 
n that ber fruit depart /rsm her, and yet no mis- 
ddef follow : he shall be surely punished, accord- 
Nf aa the woman^s hosband will lay upon him ; 
m be iball pay ai tlie Judges diUmine. 

i^ ^T^J^'^^^'B'^'^'i'^* <^ ^''M **<« 
give life for life, 

84 Bye fer eye, tooth fer tooih, ba*d fer hairi, 
foot for foot, ^^ 

stripe fbr stripe. 

9S And If a inui smite the eye of his Mrvant. 
or the eye of l^maM, that H perish ; bt slMi 
let bIm go feee fer hto eye*s sake. 

37 And if he smite out his B 

or Ms maid4ervant*s tooth ; be shall let bbn 5 
fees for his tootb*s sake. 

98 IT If an ox gore a man or a woman, that tbof 

die: then the ox shall be amely stoned, andtt 

shall not be eaten; but the owner of the oi 

But ir the ox were wont to pnsh whb Mi 
horn to thae past, and it hath been testified to Ma 
owner, ami he hath not kept Mm in, but that be 
hath killed a maa or a woman ; tha ox shall ba 
stoned, and Maowner also shall be put to death. 

30 If tiiere be laid on Mm a sum of BMmey, thea 
he shall give fer the ransoni of Ms life wbaiia- 
ever is laid upon Mm. 

31 Whether he have gored a son. or hava gored 
a daughter, according to thla Mpaeat shall to 
be done nnto htm. 

If the ox sliall push a man-servant, or mai^ 
servam; he shall give umo their master tbfarty 
shekels of silver, and the ox shall be stoned. 

33 If And if a man shall open a pit, or if a man 
shall dig a pit, and not cover It, and an ox or an 
ass fall therein ; 

34 The owner of the pit sbaM make ft good, 
and give money nnto the owner of them ; and 
the deail ieiut sliaH be Ms. 

33 And If one man's ox Itart another's 0mt he . 
die, then tliey shall sell the live ox, and divide tli* 
money of it, and the dead tz also they shall divide. 
30 Or K It be known that the ox hath used to 
push in time post, and his owner hath not kepi 
liiin ill ; he sliall surely pay ox for ox, and tJie 
dead shall be Ms own. 

LmBS MgMtnH sundry ^0nues. 

IP a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and KiN 
it, or sell it ; he sliali restore five oxen for an 
ox, and four sheep fbr a sheep. 
S If a thief be found breaking up, aadbe smitten 
that he die, tkere »hiU no Mood he Mked for Mm. 

3 If the sun be risen upon him there ahall te 
blood sked for him: /sr he shouM malte fun 
restftiition ; if he have noUiing, then he shall be 
sold for his theft. . 

4 If the tiieil be certainly found in^bls hand 
alive, whether it be ox, or ass, or sheep; Im 
shall restore double. 

5 H f f a man shall cause a field or vineyard tn 
be eaten, and shall put In iiis beast, and shall 
feed in another man's ficM: of the best of his 
own field, and «f tlie best of his own vineyani 
sliall he make restitution. 

6 If fire break out, and catch in thorns, so that 
the stacks of corn, or the standing com. or the 
field be consumed ther*taitk ; he that kindled tbo 
fire shall surely make restitution. 

7 IT If a man shall deliver unto his neighbour 
motey or stuff to keep, and it be stolen out of 
the man's house ; if the thief bt found, tot Mm 

90 And if a man smite his servant, or hismaHl, p|y double. 

ifith n rod, and he die nnder Ms hand ; he shaO rif the thief be not fbtind, then tfte master off 

the house shall be brousht unto the Judges, u 
whether he have put his baud unto his neijgb- 
bour*a goods. 

9 For all manner of trMpam, wketker it he fer 
ox, for ass, for slieep, for raiment, er fer any 
manner of lost thing which oMatker challengeth 
to be his: the cause of boUi parties shall coma 
before the Juiiges: and whom the Judges shaH 

•dMmm, IM ibon pay dMiMa ■MB kit Mlglibour. 

10 ir a min deliver unto lUi BeiglilKmr an aae, 
oraM«s,orlal»eB.oraiiybeaitialMep; aadit 
die, or be hurt, or driven away, no naa teeliiK U, 

11 Tkm OuAl an oathoTUie Loan babetweei 

lioth, that lie bath not put liit hand onto bis 
boar's goode; andtheownerofiteballae- 

OMC tktre0fJkui be ihaU nbt makBUload. 

I§ And if it be ftolen from him, he etaU i 
rettitutioa onto the owner thereof. 

IS If it be torn in pieces; Om let Mm bring it 
far %vitneM, mmd be ibaU not aaki good tliat 
which was torn. 

14 f And if a man borrow mtgkt of bis neigh- 
bo«r, and It be hurt, or die, tbe owner tbt^reof 
Miif not with it, he shall surely make »c good. i 

tS M if the owner thereof it with it, he sba» 
MH^make it good : if it *« a hired Ossirt it came 
for his hire. 

Id H And if a man entice a maid that is not 
beiTOtbed, and lie with her, ke sbaU Mtiely endow 
ber to be his wife. 

17 If ber fiitlier utterly roAtse to give ber ttnfo 
him. lie shall iwy money aceording to the dowry 

18 1 Thou shaH jMit saHbr a witch to live. 

10 V Whosoever lietb with a hiast sbaU sm^ 
ba put to death. 

to V Be tfaatsaerifteetb unto anf god, save unto 
the Loan only, be sball be utterly destroyed. 

SI V Thou sbalt neither vei a stranger, nor 
oMnsB bbn: for yeweieftrangenintbelaBl 

93¥e shall not afllict any widow, or fbtberless 

23 If thou afflict them in any wise, and they 
ery at all unto me, I will surely bear their cry ; 

S4 And my wrath shall wai hot, and I wiU kiU 
you with the sword ; and your wives shall be 
widows, and your chiklren (btherless. 

tS IT If thou tend money to any ^ my people 
tkMt it poor by thee, tkou shalt not be to him as 
a usur<n', neitJier shalt tliou lay upon him usury. 

96 ir If thou at all take thy neighbour's rafanent 
to ptedge, thou shalt deliver It unto bbn by that 
tbe sun goetb down : 

27 For that it his covering only. It ir his ral- 
nient for his skin : wherein shall he sleep 1 and 
it shall come to pass, when he crietb unto me, 
that I will hear: for I cm ^aclous. 

88 H Thou Shalt not revite tbe gods, nor curse 
the ruler of tir 

EZIMM78 Ciftkiftfr^rtK^ 

7Keeptbe0fbr fVom a fUse mattv ; and the 
hmoeent and righteous slay iboa not : for I will 

8 And thou sbalt uko no gift; for tbe gift 
bliadetb tbe wise, and pervertetk tbe words of . 
the righteous. 

9 Also thou shaH not oppress a stranger: fory«. 
know the heart of a stranger, ateing ye fvera 
strangers fai tbe land of Egypt. 

10 And six yean thou shalt sow thy land, and 
Shalt gather In the fruits thereof: 

U But the aeventhvMr thou shalt lei U rest 
and lie sUU; that the poor of thy people may 
eat : and what they leave the beasts of the field 
shall eat. In like manner thou shak deal witir 
thy vineyard, and with thy olivf^d. 

13 IT Six days thou shalt do tliy work, and on 
tbe seventh day thou shalt rest: that thine os 
and thine ass may rest, and theson of thy hand- 
maid, and the stranger, may be refreshed. 

13 IT And in all thingt that I have said unto 
you, be circumspect: and make no mention of 
the name of other gods, neither hit it ba heard 
out of thy mouth. 

14 IT Three times thou shalt keep a feast uato 
me in the year. 

15 Thou sbalt keep the feast of unleavened 
bread : (thou shalt eat unleavened bread seven 
days, as I commanded thee, in the time appointed 
of the month Abib ; for in it thou earnest out ftom 

rpt: and none shall appear before me empty:) 
And the feast of harvest, the fint-fruits of 
thy labours, which thou hast sown in the fitid :. 
and the feast of ingathering, wkiek tr in the end, 
of the year, when thou bast gatiiered in thy la- 
bours out of the field. 

17 Three times in the year all thy males shall 
appear before tlie Loan God. 

18 If Tliou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrl- 
fice with leavened bread : neither shall the fat 
ofiny sacrifice remain until the morning. 

19 The first of the first-fhilts of thy land thou. 
Shalt bring into the house of the Loan thy God. 
Thou Shalt nut seethe a kid In his mother's milk. 

do IT Behold. I sendjan Ansel before thee, to 
keep thee in the way, and to bring tliee into the 
place which I have iirepared. 
SI Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke 
him not ;^ for he will not pardon your tranwres- 
lions : for my name it in him. 
S3 But if thou Shalt Indeed obey his voice, nad 

,.,.r-_ do all that I speak ; then I win be an enemy unto 

90 ir Thou sbalt not delay tt tgier the first of thine enemieSi and an adversary unto thuie ad- 
^ . . - ^ .1 ...--__.. — versariea. 

33 For mine Ansel AaH go before thee, and 
bring thee in unto the Amorites, and the Ultttoea, 
and the Perizzltes, and tbe Canaanites, and the 
Hi vitcs, and the Jebusitcs ; and I will cut them olT. 

84 Thou shah not bow down to tlieir gods, nor 
serve them, nor do alter their works: but thou 
Shalt utterly overtlirow them, and quite break 
down their images. 

35 And ye shall serve the Loan yonr God, and 
he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I 
will take sickness away from tliemidst of thee. 

96 There shall nothing cast their young, nor be 
barren. In thy land : the number of tliy days 1 
wilirWfil. ' / • 

37 I will send my fear before tliee, and will de- 
s#oy all tbe people to whom thon shalt eome, 
and 1 will make all thine enemies turn their 
backs unto thee. 

S8 And I will send bomcts before tbee. which 
shall drive out the Ilivite, the Canaanke, and 
the Ilittlie from before thee. 

89 I will not drive them out from before thee ii| 
one year ; lest tbe land become desolate, and the 
beast of the field multiply against thee. 

30 UylitUe oud little I wiU drive them out flfooi 

thy ripe firuits, and of tbv liquon : the first-bom 
or thy sons shalt thou give unto me. 

ao Likewise shalt tliou do with thine oxen, end 
with thy sheep : seven days it sliail be with his 
dam ; on tlie eielilb day thou shalt give it me. 

31 And ye shall be holy men unto me: neither 

shall ye eat any flesh thmt it torn of beasts in tbe 

field; ye SbaU cast it to the dogs. 


Simdry imtitt sad tigtiuet, 

Tfft)U Shalt not raise a Alse report: put not 
thy Imnd with the wicked to be an un- 
righteous witness. 

9 Thou slialt not foHow a multitude to da evil ; 
neither shalt thou speak la a cause to decUne 
after many to wrest juigmml : 
3 IT Neither shalt thou countenance a poor man 
la bis cause. 

4 IT If tbott meet thine enemy's ox or Us ass 
■oing astray, thou sbalt surely bring it baMc to 
blm again. 

5 if thou see the ass of hlap-Aat hatetb tliee 
lying under his burden, antrwouldest forbear to 
help him, thou shalt siHipty help witli him. 

6 IT 9lion Shalt not vvrcst tb« Judgmeat of thy 
poor hi bis cause j- 

r^Uon qfGoi'f iUry. CflAP. XXIV, XXV. 

before tlt«e, uiKit lUou be iitcreaied, and inheri' 

aj Aud I will tet Ihy boatubi tmm Die Sad wa 
ftvea unto Ute 0ea of the Piiili«tine«, and fVnm 
Ui« deK6rt uHto tlie river : for I \vtN dfiHvi*r the 
tohaf^ltasts of the land Into yntir band ; and thou 
aAaJt drive them out beAwe thee. 

aSTliuit ehalt make no covenant with them, 
wir with their gods. 

33 Tlicy Biiall not dwell in thy land, lest ther 
aiakeUieesUacainetine: for Jf thou serve their 

bring nie an filktXna . of every man that fiviih 
tt jMillhifly whb hif heart ye ahail lake my 

3 And thte i» the ofluring which yt ihaU lakeeT 
them : |oM, and ailm, and brwe, 

4 And Mue, and fwrple, and ecariet, aiM fine 
Ihien, and fMite* Aair, 

5 And rM»«;tikIiy dyed red, awHadgef***!!*. 
and tliinhn-«rood, • • 

6 Oil for the Hght, ipicea tor aaoinUnt OIL and 
for sweetlacenie, • ^ 

and in the breaat-|itate. ^^ 

SAndletthemmakemeaeanctnary; tbatlmav 

Accoidinf to all that I shew thee^ c/)ter Ui« 
imuem of the tabernacle, and the pand^n of aN 
the Imtromeuts thereof, even eo elmH ye make it. 

10 V And they thaH make an ark •/ ahitthn- 
wood : two euMta and a half tkM U the tengtu 
thereof, and a enbk and a Italf the breaddi there- 
of, and a cubit and a half the lielght thereof. 

li And thou thatt overfay it with para fold, 
within and withont shaH thou overlay H, ami 
shah make upon It a crown of gold rmind about. 

19 And thou iliah cun Amr ring* of girid A>r ii, 
and put tktm ia the four comera thereof: and 
two rhigs akM heMx the one ehle of It, and two 

gilds, ii will aarely be a snare unto thee. 
JVmm eaUed k« into the m«mmt. 

AND be nM anto Mn«e8, Come up unto (he 
L.ORD, thou, and Aaron, Nadab. and AUhu, 
and sereMiy ef the eiders of Israel ; and wor- 
ship ye a/ar ofL 

% Aud Af nses alone shall eoaie near tke Lokd : 
hilt tJiey riiall not come nigti ; neither shall tiie 

3T And Moees carae and told the people all the 
wordsof Die LoKD, and all the ju<iSuieHts : Md uN 
the people answered with one vniw, aud saM, A II 
Uie wofds wUeh the Lord beth said wiH we do. 

4 V Aai Meses wrote aH tke words of the Lori>, 
and roue up early in tlieanicNiug, and huilded an 
altar under the fail, and twelve piUars aceordhig ; 
ui the twelve tribes of Urael. riuas in the other side of it. 

SAnd be sent young men of the children of Is- 13And tlmusltalt make staves »/shlltim- wood, 
rad, which odTeredburnt-oirerings, and tacriftccd and overiay them with gold. 
• peace-offerings of uien unto the Lord. 14 And thou shall |Nit the staves Into tlie rings 

< ff And Moaes ioHt half of the blood, and put tt by the tides of the ark, that Uie ark may be borne 
ia ^wiUB ; and half af the blood he sprinkled on with them. 

15 The suves shall he in the rinp of the ark : 
they shall not be taken from it. 

16 And ihou shall put iuto tlic ark the testbnony 
which I shall give iliee. 

17 H And thou slialt make a mercy-aeat s/ pure 
gold : two cubits and a lialf §ktdl bt tlie length 
thereof, and cubit and a half the broodtli thereof. 

18 And thou shaH moke two ciierubtuM •/gold, 
of beaten work shall tliou make ihMU, in the two 
ciid«of the mercy-seat. 

19 A nd make one clicrub on the one end, and the 
other cherub on the other end : eoon of tlie mercy* 
feat shall ye make the cherubims on tiie t%s« 
ends tliereof. 

90 And the clierublms shall stretch forth their 

wings on high, coverini* the meivy-sealwiih their 

be lai^ not hts hand : also they saw God, and did wings, and their faces ohall took one to another , 

Uk altar. 

7 And he iiv* tlie book of the covenant, and 
read hi the^^mliefice of the people: and they 
said. An oat tlie Lord hath saM will we do, and 
be obedimt. 

8 Andiioaea took the blood, and sprinkled tt on 
ibe p^v^e, and said, Rehold Uie bk>nd of the 
cuveiant, whkb the Jjoro bath made with you 
c«tiieemingall these words. 

»ir I'hea wem ap Moses, and Aaron, Nadab, 
Slid AUhu, and seventy of the elders of Israel: 

10 Attd they saw the God of Israel: and tkere 
ma* under his Uitt as it were a paved work of a 
nyiphire-stone, and as it were the body of lieaven 
in kit dcameas. 

1 1 Aud upon the nobles of the children 6f Israel 

eat aud drink. 
13 And the Lord said unto Muses, Come up to 
sie into the nmiini, aud be tliere : niul I will give 
dMe tables of stone, mid a law. and eommaiid- 
mcnts fvhicb 1 liave \vriuen; tlmi tlioa mayest 
teach them. 

13 And Moses rose up, and his minister Jophua: 
and Unsos went np into the mount of God. 

14 V And he said unto the elders, Tarry re here 
for us, uniH we come asain unto vou : and behold, 
Aaron and Uur ore with you : if any man have 
feiiv matters to do, let him come niito Uiem. 

I J V And Moses went up hito the mouul, aud a 
cloud covered the mount. 

Id Aud Uie glory of the Lord abode upon mount 
Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days : and the 
siiveiitto day he called unto Bloses out of the 
aUdsi of the cloud. 

It And the sight of the glory of the Lord tsos 
like devouring lire on tlie top of the dioum in 
the ey«a €»f the cbUdreii of Israel. 

15 And Moses went into the mUstof the cloudv 
tad gst him hp Into tlie mount : and Moses was 
li the Bonm Ibrnr days mid forty nights. 

V TksogonMgforthotMkomaeU. 

AMD tlie Lord moke unto Hoses, saying. 
9 BpMk unto the children of Israel,lhat they 
* V 

toward tlie mercy-seat ahull the Awes of Uw 
cliernbims be. 

91 Aud tlmii shall put the mercy-aeat above 
n)M)n Uie ark ; and In the ark thou shall put Uio 
testimony Uiat 1 shall give thee. 

29 And there I will meet wiUi thee, and I will 
eouimiine wlUi thee ftom above the mercy-aeat, 
from between Uie two cherubims which mro upon 
the ark of Uie testimony, of all thing* whfeh t 
will give thee in commandment uuio the chil- 
dren of Israel. 

93 IT piOB Shalt also make a table 0/ ahllUif- 
wood: two cubits sAall ho the length thereof, 
and a cnMt tlie breadth therooi; and a euUt and 
a half Uie height thereof. 

94 And Uibu slialt overiay it with pure gold, and 
make thereto a crown of gold round about. 

95 And thou slialt make imto It a border of a 
hand-breadth round about,Rnd thou shalt make a 
golden crown to Uie border tiiereof round about. 

JB A nd thou shall nuike for it four rings of |!old« 
and Dut the«ings in the four eoraers that a 
the lout feel thereof. 

S7 Over aRaiust Uie border shall the riafi be 
for places of the staves to bear the laUe. 

SB And thou shall make the staves •/ shlttlm- 
wood, and overlay ihem with gold, tl^t the 
table may be borne with them. 

Tk* ff*Um emndUMtrcM, EXODtJ? Tke rati far the «fi 

•A* And thou Blialt make tbedtobes th«rf>c)r, aiirfinnd nut tlie taclies iiitn the I«k>|w, and cnuiilt; tiie 

sinHUM tiiereui; and coven tlmroof, and lMiwi«! tent ingether, tliat it may be one. 

tJiereor, tci cover withal : of pure goM tinilt tliou IS Ami the remnant that reniaineth «r tlie cnr- 

tiinlce tliem. I taint of tlie tent, tiie half curtain that remaineih, 

.'HI A nd tlioa shall set upon the taUc shew-bread shnll hang over the baclcside of the tabernacle. 

b'l'ure Die always. | 13 And a cubit on tiie one^ide, and a cubit on 

31 !r And thou slialt make a candlestick 0/ pure j the other side of that which reaainetli in tht 

jp*id: 0/ beaten work shall the candlestick be Itmgth of the curuiiie of the tent, it shall hong 

muile : his shaft, and bis branches, his bowls, over the sides of the tabemacks on Uiisside and 

h\ji knnps, and his flowerSf shall be of Uie mrnc. 
:Vi And six branches shaU come out of Um sKUes 

on that side, to cover it. 
14 ir And tiiou Shalt make a covering for the 

iif it; three branches of the candlestick out «f,tent of rains' skins dyed red, and a coverini 

the one side, and three branches of ilie caudle-Valiove of badgers* skins. 

Slick ont of tiie other side : | 4 5 If A nd liiou shalt make boards for the talier- 

:t3 Tha'e bowls made like unto almonds, teilA intcle of shittim-wnod standing up. 
aknopaiid a flower In one branch ; and thrre ItiTvii cubits «Jlia//»e the lenstli of a board and 
buwia wade like almonds in Uie other branch,! a cuitli and a half skaU bo the breadth of one 
Ktik a knop and a flower : so in tiie sis brandies, board, 
thiit come <»ut of the candlestick. | 17 Twaienons gkaU tkere be in one board, set 

'M And in the candlestick tkall be four bowls in «>rdvr (Ve against another: thus shalt tiiou 
luatle like unto almonds, with Uieir knoiis and make for nIKlie h<iards of tlie ubernacle. 
ilM«ir fluivcrs. , ^ I ^^^ And tliuufc^uUi make tiie lioards for tiie taber- 

.io A nd tkere skaU be a knop unil<:r two branch<» nacle, twenty boards on the southsidesouthwartl. 
f >i* the same, and a knop iimbir two bnuiciies of| 19 And thou 8ha(t make forty sockets of silver 
the same, and a knop under two brandies of the iiiulor the twenty l>t«ards : tw() sockets under one 
same, accordinsio tiie six braiidtes that proceed' lM>ard for his twotehpng, and two sockets under 
out uf the candlestick. I another board fur his y^o tenons. 

:)6 'J'heir kno|iB ami their branches shall be of, Sll And for the second Mde of the tabernacle on 
the Maine: alluf ittfAatf ^onebeulen work of pure' the north ^Ide tkere skiUl h^ twenty boards. 
gold. . I 21 And their liirty *HK:k«i8 <,/ silver ; two sock- 

:n And thou shsUt make the seven laiii|)sthvre-;ets nndcr one board, and two sockets under un- 
of : and they siiall ligiit llie laiiiits thereof, Uiut, other Itoant 
tliey may give ligiil over a||aiiist it. | S3 And f«tr the sides of the tabernacle westward 

'M And the tongs tliereor, and the siMiir«li«hc8 thou «hult make »ix buardp. 
thereof, sAo// 6e «/ pure gohl. 1 £1 And two hoards shalt th«u make for the 

39 0/ a talent of pure gold siiull he make it,' corners of tiie tabernacle ui the tvo sides. 

with all iliesc vessels. | 24 And they nhall be coupled togetiier beueaili, 

40 And look Uiai tiiou make tkem alVer th«>ir and ihey chatl lie coupled logetiiei above tlie 
imtlern, which was shewMi thee in tlie mount. * ' " '- • • 

Deseriplion of tke tabernacle. 
0R120V£K, tiiou shalimuke Uie tabeniaclelels of i<ilvcr, sixteen sockets ; two sockets ruidttr 

h«ad of ii iiiito one ring : thus shah it be for 
rii«>ni lH>ih ; ihey shall be for tiie two coiuors. 
STi And I hey shall lie eight b4>ards> and Uifir sock- 


IrX v)itk ten curtains of fine twined linen, and one lioanl, and two ^mckets under another b(\urd. 
blue, and purple, and scarlet: teitk cherubiniSj 20 And ilioii shalt make bars 0/ shittuii-woHd; 
of cunning work shall tiiou make 1 hem. j five for liie boards oi ihe one side of tiie taker- 

. 2 The length of one curtain shall be eight and. luide, 

twenty cubits, and the breadth of oiiccutiuiu! 27 And five bars for the boards of the other siite 
f<iiir cubits: and every one of tlie curtains slialliof the tabernacle, and five bars for the boards of 
have one measure. j tiie side of Uie tabernacle, for the two skies wcsir 

3 The five curtains sltall be coupled totrethcr, ward. 

one to unbthcr ; and otker ti ve curtains sftuU be\ 28 A nd the middle bar in tlie midst of the boftrds 
dMiided one to another. {shall roach from end to end. 

4 And thou shalt make loops of blu^ uji^'tl rlit-i l^^ A ! :h n i^ali overlay the Imards with gold 
49dge of the one curtain from the seUNF-at;ii iir tlir: hhlj innkr WiHir rings of gold for places for the 
Cimidipg; and likewise shalt thou miLkij m lijt: Lr:kr-ti nuij Thou shalt ovQirlay the bars with gold 
iitiemiost edge of anofik«r curtain, in lUc ^i>ijp | '.i\^ ,\tul Eltiiu shah rear up the tabernucle ac- 
•iiiig of ilic second. . ci h-iII 1 1 ^ 1 ■ » l hu fashion tiiereof which was shewed 

5PiAyloo|i6siialt thou make in theorkt ciinain/ilj^e Unhv mount. 

and fifty hioiis shah tliuu make in \\\*i Li\pi ol] '4\ lj A inl thou shalt make a vail «/ blue, and 
liieciiruin tiini is in the coupling ol lJji: !ii't:oiid ; |>Mr|i34>^ nn4 j^^ariet, and fine twined linen of cuii- 
thai the liM)|)B may uike hold one of juiMilitr- | urii^ work : witli cherubims shall it be made. 

Ii And thou shall make fifty taclies niprifldt '^wuV :^1 And ihoii shalt hang it n|)on foiu- pillars of 
cituph} Uie curtaius logelher with lim incinn AtUinim tenod oviir\a\d wiiii gold: tlieir hooks 
and it shall be one laberuacUi. l^h-Hl be »f gold upon the four stickets of silver. 

7*.i And thou sliuU make curtains o/<:oatii' A 1:1/1- 1 'i^i Ami tfum shalt hang up the vail under tlie 
to be a cuvcrhig iiprm tlue tabernacle: di^vcn ladifja, tlmt lliou niayest bring in thitiier witiiin 
curtains shall tliou uiake. Iiiic VAJI itj£ nrk of the testimony: and the vail 

8Theh;iigihofoueciiriain#Aa//JisiUtrl> ciibltujishall lUvldi; unto you between the holy place 
aiul tiie brcadili of one curtain four iitMia : a a J ami \Uv uumi holy. 

lite eleven curtains ekkU be^U uf oi:c iiMiiuture. 
II And thou shall couple five curtail l-^ Ity tliL'ui- 
•elv<^ and six curtains by U)eiusc'ivi,.ij, uud alrali 
doui4e Uie sixth cunain in the foreiiouiur ma 

*M Aufi iJioii shalt put the mercy-seat upon Uie 
atfe of Uk" icstimony in the most holy pUce. 

3:i Aiiil ilinLishaU set the table without the vail, 
aiLi) tht cafbdiestickovcr against the table on tlie 
tidiirff i\u'. taberuade toward the south: and 

10 And thou slialt make &tiy loops t\n ihc citfc thou than ^mt the table on the north side. 

'^eonecuriam(Aa<uouuiiOfciinUjt!OjM|iJiiai!J :k> ^r A mJ ihou slialt make a hanging for ihi 
I Ai\y lo<i|« in the edge of Uie curtain wliidi it^jtir ttf ilic mnt, of blue, and (mrplu, and acar 
Ifte^h Uie second. f '*^^ ^'■'^' '^^^' twined linen, wroiurht wiUi omwIIa. 

. AIM Uiuu fsliiitK AMkc fiAy lachi^ fif brvs*^ wijrk. 


9i0 murt of tke taernacU: CHAP. XXVII, XX VIIL 

37 And tlioii tlialt htakii fur Uie baufinf five 
pithirt •/ «biuiiif««tfi<, aiid overiay tmiiti witli 
^fMy mnd their bonks skMii k* •f gold : aiid Uiou 
ihalt cast five sockets of bram for them. 
The altsr cf bumt-ogMnf. 

AND thou shait make an altar of ibtuim< 
wood, five cttbits long, and five eublts 
broad ; the altar shall be four'sqaare: and the 
lieighi thereof okall kt three cubits. 
3 And tliou ^alt make the horns of It upon the 
fkmr comexs thereof: his horns shall b« of the 
same: and thou shalt overlay It with brass. 

3 And tliott tbalt make his pans to receive his 
ashes, and his shovels, and his basons, and his 
flesh-hooks, and his fire-pans: all the vessels 
tliercof tboa shalt make af brass. 

4 And t/ioa shalt make for it a grate c»f net- 
work 4^ brass ; and upon Uie net shalt thou make 
fiHir brazen rings in tlie four corners thereof. 

5 And tboa shalt mit it under the compass of 5 And they shah take gold, and blue, and pur- 

the altar beneatli, that the net may be even to ] * * * 

the midst of the altar. 

6 And thoH shalt make staves for the altar, I 

Slaves t/ shUtim-wood, and overiay tliem with 

the staves shall be upon the two sides of tiie al- 
tar, to boar it. 

8 Hollow with boards shalt thou make it : as it 
was shewed thee Iji ihu mount, so sliaU they 
siftke it. 

9 f And thou shalt make tlie court of the taber- 
lade : for the south side southward there ahall 
he hangings for the court of fine twined linen of 
a hosdrcd cubits long for one side: 

13 And the twenty pillars tliereof and their 
twentv sockets shtUl be tf brass: the hooks of 
the piilurs and their fillets tkall be of silver. 

11 And likewise for tlie north side in length 
there ekell be hamrings of a hundred et^iU long, 
and his twen^ pttlars and their twenty sockeu 
ef brass: the hooks of the pillars and their fil- 
lets of silver. 

12 And for the breadth of the court on tlie 
west side oksU be han^ngs of fifty cubits : their 
piU^rs ten, and their sockets ten. 

13 And the breadth of the court on the cast 
•Ue eastward ekall be fifty cubits. 

H The hangings of one side of tk9 jtate ehall 
be fifteen cubits: their pillars three, and tlieir 
soekeip three. 

IS And on the otlier side ekall be hangings, 

MToi^ fmmmU iui oMe i 

CHAP, xxvin. 

A Jfmren end hi* •mis teparmtod. 
ND uke titou UMo tliee Aaron thy brscher, 
and his sons wHh Mm, ftoni among the 
ehildren of Israel, that he may minister unto ine 
In the pHe«'s office, even Aaron, Nadnb ami 
A Whn, Elcnzar and Ithamar, Aaron*s sons.> 
« H And thott shall make holy garmeniT fbr 
Aaron tliy brother, for glory and for beauty. 

3 And then shalt speak unto Mtkmtv wk«e- 
hearted, whom I have filled with the spirit r.f 
wMom, that they may make Aaioa^s garwems 
to consecrate kim, that he may mkamer uiMm 
me in the prie«t*s ofllce. 

4 And tlNJse mre Che garments which ttmy shaH 
RUiRe ; a breasi-plate, and an e|ih«d, and a rabe, 
•nd a brotdeipd coat, a mitre, and agMIe: ssid 
they shall make holy tarments fi»r Aaron thy 
brother, and his sons, that he may mfailstflr umu» 
me in the priest's office. 

pie, and scaVlet, and fine linen. 

6 If And they sliaU make Uie ephml •/ gold, of 
blue, and of purple, of scariet, and fine twined 
linen, with cunning %vork. 

7 It sliall have the two shoutderpiMcs thereof 

7 Aad the staves shall be put Into tite rings, and Joined at the two edges thereof; and seltshaU 

be joined together. 

8 And the eurions fhfdle of the ephod which 
to upon It, shall be of the snme. aecoiding to the 
woik thereof; even s/gohl. ff Uae, and purple, 
and scarlet, and fine t%vlued Unen. 

And thou shalt take two onvz-atones, and 
grave on them thenamesoftlwcliildren of Israel : 

10 Six of their names on one stone, and the 
other six names of tlie rest on the other stone, 
according to their birth. 

11 With the work of an engraver In stone, Uko 
tlie engravings of a signet, slwlt thou engrave 
the two stones wiih the names of the children 
of Israel : tliou shalt make them to be set in 
ouches of gold. 

IS And thou slialt put the two stones upon the 
shouldors of the ephod for stones of memorial 
imto the ehHdren of Israel : and Anron slwll 
bear tlieir names before the Loan upon his two 
shoulders for a manorial. 

13 And thou shalt make ouches of gold ; 

14 And two chains of pu^e gold at the ends; 
of wreothen work slihlt thou make them, and 
iastoi the wreatlien chains to the ouches. 

15-11 And thou shalt make tlie breast-plaie of 
judgment with curaiing work; after the work of 

fifteen eubiU : their pillars three, and tUeirsock the ephod thou slialt make it; of goM, of bhir, 
ets three. -...i ^^^..-^.l-. ..^ ^i> ..^.^^ ...^ -.r<..^...u.....i 

16 And for the gate of tlic court bhoU be a hang- 

hig of twenty cubits, of lilue, and purfile, and 
iorlet, and fine twiiied linen, wrougiit witli 
needlework: and their pillars ehoU be four, 
sad their sockets four. 

17 All tlie pillars round about the court ekall be 
filleted with silver : their hookss&atf be s/silver, 
and their sockets of brass. 

18 IT The length of the gomxx ekall be a hundred 
cubits, and Uie breadth fifty every where, and 
llie height five cubits of fine twined linen, and 
their sockets of brass. 

19 All the vessels of the tabernacle in all the 

and v" purple, jmd •/ scarlet, and of fine twined 
Ihien Shalt thou make it. 

the nihs of the court, ekall be ofhr^aa. 

90 ir And thou shalt command the children of 
Israel, that they bring Uiee pure oil-olive beaten 
itr the light, to cause the lamp to bum always. 

tl 1^ the tabernacle of the oongregaUon wlth- 
eut the vail, which ie before the testimony, Aaron 
aad bis sons shall order it from evening to mom- 
hig beft»re the Loan: It ehail be a statute fbr 
ever unto their gencraUoas on the behalf of the 
•kUdici of Israel. 

16 Four-square It shaH be, beitif doubled ; a 
span ekall be the length UiereolT and a span 
ehall be the breadth tliereof. 

17 And Ukmi Shalt set in it setthms of stonesi 
eoen fimr rows of stones ; the Jbroi t^ti^ ehall bo 
a sardius, a topaz^ and a carbuncle: thi$ ehall 
be the first row. 

28 And the second row ekall be an emerald, a 
sapiihire, und a diamond. 

19 And the third row a ligure, an agate, and an 
jv /^M u«c *«McwvL wio MitiwiHHMo III Oil uiv SO Am thefourthTpwaberyl.and anonyx,and a 
service thereof, and all Uie pins thereof, and all jasper: they^hallbesetingoldiiaheireuclosinffi. 

31 And Uie sioiitti shall be wittl the names of 
the children of Israel, twelve, according to their 
names, Uke the engravims criT a s^net ; every 
o.*ie wiUi his name slwll th^y be according to tho 
twelve tribes. 

33 And Umu sliaH moke upon Uie bretst-plaie 
chains at the ends of wreathen work of pan goM. 

83 And Uioii shalt make upon the breast-plate 
two rings of gold, and shalt put the two rings oa 
the two ends of the breast-state. 

Mi Vfim €ud Thnmmin. BXODUa 

94 Aim! thmi shall put the t«m wreathen ekatng 

nl' g»ld in the two ring* wkick are an tke ends 

of th9 bnmttrfAMe, 
'SS AHd tke atker two ends of the two wreathen 

tkmins tiMNi vbidt TMten m the two oucbe«,'a»d 

put tktm on the shoulder- pieces ufihe epliod be- 

M And thon shalt make two riagi of cold, and 
thou ahalt put tben upon the two ends of the 
breast-idate in the border theroof, which is in 
Ihe «idc of the epbod inward. 

97 And two Hktr rings of gold thou shalt make, 
and shak put diem on the twosldesof the cphod 
underneath, toward the Tore-part thereof, over 
against ibe otk^ conplins thereof, alrave Uie 
curions cirdte of tlie ephod. 

98 And Uiev shall bind tlie breas^ilate by tlie 
Hafi thereof unto the rin^ of the epiMkI with a 
lace of blue, that tl may be above the curious 
girdle of the cpliod, and that the breast-plate be 
noc ioooed ftom the ephod. 

29 And Aaron shall bear the names of the chll- 
dmn of Israel in the breast-plate of Judsmeut up- 
on Ms heart, when lie goeth in untothe \ifAy place, 
for a memorial before the Lord continually. 

T$e ner^iee mkd eertmmttUt 
Tke eontteertitiug of tke prietU. 

AKD this i> the thing titnt thou shalt d«t nni« 
tliem to hallow them, to mininer unto.nM 
in the priest's oltrce : Take one young bullocJc, 
and two raim without blemhih, 
S And unleaveniMl bread, and cakes nnlean^nfld 
tempered with oil, and wnfiTs unleavened anoint- 
ed with oil : of whenteii flour shalt tliou niako 

3 And thou shalt mit them into one basket, aiul 
bHng them in tlie basket, with the bullock atui 
the two rams. 

4 And Aaron and liis sons tliou slialt bring un- 
to tlie door of the tabernacle ot'tlie eongreg:ttl«»R, 
and simit wash them ivitli water. 

5 And tliou shalt take the eamients, and pnl 
upon Aaron ttiecoat, and the robe of the cphod, 
and the epbod, and the breast-plate, and gird liiin 
with the curious ginlle of the ephod : 

6 And tliou slinit |Hit the mitre upon his heail, 
and put the holy crown upon the mitre. 

7 Then aliait tliou lake the anointing oil, ami 
pour it upon his head, and anoint bini. 

8 And tlmu slialt bring his sons, and put coats 

30 H And thou shalt put in the breast-plate oriinoii them. 
Mpnent the Urim and the Tliunimhn ; and they A iid ihou shalt gin! them with girdhsa (Aaron 
shall be upon Aaroirs heart, when heeoeth hi aMdhi8aona)aiidpnttliebomiet8ontliem;andrh« 

Ufcre the Lord : and Aaron shall bear the jiitlf- 
ment of the chlklrenof inrael upon his heart be 
fore tlie I«ord continually. 

31 IT And thou shalt make the robe of tlie 
e)ihod alto/ blue. * 

33 And there shall be a hole in the top of it, in 
the midst thereof: it snail lia\-e a bmdlng of w*»- 
ven work round aliout the hole of it, as It were 
the hole of a habergeon, that It be not rcnL 

.33 And hentatky upon the hem of it thou shalt 
iiiuke pomegranates of blue, and of purple, and 

prifst's office shni I be thuirs for a perpetual statute! 
aiMl tlioti shalt consecrate Aaron and his sons. 

10 And tliou shalt cause a bullock tobe brouglit 
liefore the taheriiacle of the congregation ; and 
Aaron and his sous shall put their bands up<m 
the head of ilie btiHock. 

11 And tliou shalt kill the bullock befoietho 
Lord, by the door of tlie tabernacle of tlie eou- 
gri!|^Uon. ' , 

I 13 Ami thou shall take of tlie blood of the bul- 
lock, and put it upmithc horns of the altar witli 

f/,~*?«*»,">»n<* about 4he hem thereof; audihy fiH§er, and itourall tiie blood beside tlio boi- 
liellsof goki between them round about: loin of the altar. 

J!i --Jf*^**®" ***^* *"*^ ^ lK>ineprauafe, a golden I3 And thou shalt take nil the fntthat covereih 
Z^Ji^ \ pomegranate, upon Uic hem of iheiihe inwards, afid the caul tknt is above liieHver. 
^^A^"^ ?**?.".*• * • : .!»•"* ^•^^ ^«'" kidneys, and the I'ah that is upon 

i.??^"?!*'^"? *i**^.'*^ii^^/""'?'*"''"^fH*'^- *n«*i»»»e«n. a«»d burn themnuon the altar. *'"»'• 
tlS^ISSv I *" 5*r*'**"l '''*f" «««P*»«l»> in w"i« 14 But the flesh of the bultock, and his skin. 
iomeS^ofi'lha^hS'Si^iS..^**''"' '"•** "^^'^ ***'*'^"'* "»" **""« **'^'' '*»«" »»"™ '^i'** «« '^uSS 
-SlaJL ..^ifV^'Vi'**'*'' * Plate <^ mire gold, 15 Thou shalt also take one ram ; and Aaroa 
HofiNB^O THE LOrT^^^ Sflhe^^rr." ***''" *'"' '^'^^^ *»^'*** "P«" 5ie hS 

37 Alid thou Shalt nut it on a blue lace, that It 15 And thon sIihU sl.nv ihp rim nn.i (iir.« -».-•. 

38 And it shall be upon Aaron's forcliead,tliat 
Aaron may bear the iniquity of the holy tlilncs, 
which the children of Israel slmil Imllow hi all 
Uieir holy ciiXs ; and It shall be alwnvs upon his 
lorelicad, that they may be accuiited" before the 


:W And thon shall ondmilder the coat of fine 
linen, and thou shalt make the mitre «/fine linen, 
ami thotishult make the girdle of needle-woik. 

40 y And for Aaron's scMisthoustialtinake co.iis, 
ami hou shalt make forthein girdles, mid boiinuS 
•5? An?i".*S*'*®^K'J*'^"»'^8*'*y"»d for beauty. 
JLaiJ „\5".". ••**'' «^* '^'e'" "PO" Aaron Uiy 

•'iS^A^S'^^i"'*"*?®' »>"l« »ne ^ th« pricafa office 

f^^^Kii**^'..'**'''^'*^ : f"»»»» il^e Mua even uuto 
llie thighs Uiey shall reach: 

J2:^^*?;i'**" ^ "r«» Aaron, and upon hU 
!uI!wSli!C? «'»*»««* WMo l»»e i«beruaclewt.!l,nui 

kS^SSKiS*?.'"**' " '»•« iio\y place: thsttbry J? 
bear not Uilcittity and die. It skall be a statute thP 
foi aver unto him, wid hiaseed15\or him. *" "*^ 

the altar. 

17 And thou slwlt cut the ram In pi<>ce8, and 
wash the inwards of him, and his legs, and mil 
tkem iinio his pieces, and iinto hit; head. 

13 And Uiou shalt burn the wlwle ram uimn tha 
altar : it is a biirnt-oflbring unto the Lord* it is 
a sweet savour, an offer ing made by fire unto the 

19 And tiKHi shnlt take the other ram; and 
Aaron ami his sons shall put their hands unoa 
the hesd of the ram. * 

20 Then shall thou kill tlie ram, and takcof his 
blo«.d, and put it u|ion the tip of Uie right ear of 
Aaron, and npon Ute Up of the right ear of tils 
sons, and iiinm the thumb oi* their right hand, 
and upon ike great toe of their right foot, and 
sprinkle the blood upon the altar round about. 

ei And thou shah take of Uie blood that »s nnoa 
the altar, and of the anoinUiig oil, and sprinkle 
it uptm Aaron, and upon his gannents, and upon 
hb suns, and upon the garments of his sous wkh 
him: a<»dhoshallboh«dtowed, and his gannents. 
•"-• hte sous, and his sons* gnnuents with him. 
Also thou shak take of Uie ram the fat and 
the riinip, and Uie Ait th«t eovereiti the inwarda. 
and ihu caul above the liver, and the two lUdneyr 

Tkt MMtimM^l h»r»t0f&init. CHAP. XXX. 

and Um /«t ciiat m vpoo tiNM, and the rifht 
•litHi/der : for it u a ram oremwecratian : 

^t And oiie kfaf or bnrad, aixl one cake oToiled 
W«NiU, aud oiie wafer nui nf the baiket of Um: 
uu)eaveiiod bread, that <> lieforo Um Loeo. 

C4 And tliou shnlt iHitall fn tlic hands of Aaron, 
aiiti in tlie hands of }ii« fona ; and rhnit wave 
them for a wave-offeripS before Uie LnKW. 

S3 And tlKMi ahalt receive tlieni of their hande, 
ft:«I burn them upon the aUar for a biimt-olier- 
ins, for a sweet savour before the Lona: it it an 
oflering made by fire uuio the Lqnn. 

^'t AjmI thou thait laice tiie breast of the ram nf 
Aaron's couaecretion, and wave it/«r a vi*ave« 

oderhig bofiMetlae boan: and it slioll be tliy part 

37 And thou shalt sanctify tlie breast of tlM^ 
wavc-oAcrisf, ami the shonSder nf tlic lieave-of- 
f<Hriug, n'iiich is waved and which is heaveil np, 
(M* Uienun of the couseurntion, even of tktU which 
M for Aaron, and of that wiiich it for his sons : 

98 A***i a Miall be Aaron*s and bis sons' liy n 
sfstaie for ever, fVoiii thecbiUiron of Israul *. foi 
it it a taeave-ofKrins : and K siiatl be a henve- 
AflWrittK front the dnMrvn of l»rai;l of thevncri- 
6ce of their pcacc-oilvring;), evcM their hunve-of- 

f«!rj»c nnfo the I«ORn. 

Stf And the holy garments of Aaron Rhall ho liix 


44 And 1 wmmmMf ifcn irtieni— to of Qm mm^ 
frcfatlan, and the altar: IwlllsaictifyalsaboiJi 
Aaron and his smm, to minister in ma in iha 
priest's nfllee. 

45 If And I wiU dwell amanf tke cMtfran oC 
Israel, and will be their God. 

4« Ami they shall know Utat I «» the Loaa 
liipir God, tiiat bronfln tliem forth out of tlie 
land of Bgypt, thai I may dweU among tlieni : I 
CM Uie Loan their God. 

TUt ttlUr •/ incentt. 

AND thou Shalt make an altar to bnm fnecn#e 
upon : •/shiuint-wood shalt thou make It. 

3 A cubit tkmU bt the length thereof, and a cuMi 
tlie breadth lliereof ; foiir-sqnare shall It be ; and 
two dibits tknll be the height thereof: the Ijortis 
therrnf tkaU bt of the same. 

.1 Ami thou shah overlay it with pure pMy tlie 
top th4H'f>nf, and the sides thereof round alMHU, 
ami the lioni? ilierrof ; and thou sliah make iimo 
tor it a erown of leold niiind about. 

4 And two poSdeii rings shnlt thou miite t«> it 
nndnr the crown of it, by the two comt;ri therfr 
ot*, iiimn the two tides oT It shak thou make it ; 
nod they tsliall be fur places for iheguves to bear 
it withnl. 

after kini^ u» l*e anointed tbttrctn, and to! .'» And tiion shaU make the staves tf iMttim- 
b** consecrated m th<*m. wo<id, nnd ovtrriay tliem with gold. 

30 .fad that son that to priest In his stend shall G And thon shalt nut h before the vaH that is bf 
put them on seven days, when lie comoth iutojtlie ark of the tn^imony, before the nMirry-sent 

ilie labemai^ of the congregation to minister 
ia the lioly plmee. 

31 Ami thou shalt take the ram of the conse- 
ctaiuiio, and seethe iiis flesli in the h«»ly place. 

32 And Aaron mni his sons shall cat th«! flesh 
of the ram, ami the bread that is in the basket, 
^hc door of tlie labenincle of tlie congregation. 

33 And they shall eat those tilings wlierewitli 
Utc atonement was made, to consecrate and to 
mnctify tliein: but a stmiiger shall not eat there- 
0/^ beeause they cr« Imly. 

:t4 Aud if ae^t uf the flcsit of tlw consccra- 
ti'ins, or of the bread, remain unt«» the morning, 
tti«*u tiion siiait b<irntl)e remainder with fire: it 
kJiaU imt be osten, becnnse it it holy. 

:ti And thus nhalt thou d«i unto Aaron, and to his 
•mts, according u» all tkiuffs which 1 have com- 
mantled tliec : seven days sliah thou consecrate 

M And thuii shalt ofler every day a bulkick for 
a sin-o^srlng. for atonement ; and thou slialt 
cleanse the altar, when thou hast made an atone- 
Meat for it, and thou shak anoint it, to sancliiV it. 
. :r7 Sevea days tiiou shalt make an atonement 
for the ahar, and sanctiry it; and it sliall be an 
altar bmm holy : whatsoever loucheth tlie altar 
shall be holy. 

38 If Now this is lAal which thon slialt ofler 
Nfion tite altar ; two hmtbs M' tlie first year duy 
by day continually. 

il9 Tlie one hmib tlion shatt ofifer hi the morning ; 
mid ilie other Umib thou slwlt offier at even : 

40 And with the one lamb a tenth-deal of flour 
mingled with tlie fourth part of a hiii of bi'nteti 
nil : aud Uie fourtli |>art of u hiii of wine fvr a 
drink Hflforing. 

41 And the other huub tlmu shah ofler at even, 
and slialt do tiieseto according to tint moat-ofler- 
hijE of tlie morning, aud m^eording |o the drink< 
•flR^iiiit tlicreof, for a sweet savour, an olforing 
made by fire tmto the toitn. 

43 TAit tkM bt a continual bumt-ofltfring 
tiiroughout your generations at the door of Uie 
tabernacle of tlie conpegatioa before the Loan : 
wiirre I will meet yon to speak there unto thee. 

4a And there 1 will meet with the children of 
Israttl, and cAs tubtrmadt shall be sanctified by 

tiini is over the testimony, where I will mct't 

>Vil|| tlUK!. 

7 .And Aaron shall bum thereon sweet Incenw; 
every morning: when he dresseth tlie lani|>s, he 
sliull bum incense upon it. 

8 And when Aaron Hghtcth thetampsatcvcn, he 
shnll bum Incense upon it ; a pen>etual InceiiKe 
before tlio Loan, thrmighont your geixiratioiM. 

9 Ye shall oirer no strange incense thcieon, nor 
Imriit-sncrifice, nor nieat-oftcring ; neither «>liaH 
ye pour drink-ofl*eriiig thereon. 

10 Ami Annni shall make an atonement upnii 
tiie horns of it once in a year, wHh the blood of 
thesin-oAhringof atonciiieiits: once in the year 
shall lie make atonement upon ittiiroiighnut 3'uur 
generations: it is most holy unto the Lord. 

1 1 V And the Lord sitake unto Moaes, saying, 
19 When thou takest theanmoftliechihlrenof 

Israel after tlieir nunilmr, then simll they give 
every man a ransom for ids soul unto the I^an, 
when thou numherest them : that tliere be no 
plague among them when tAoa numherest if lem. 

13 This they shall give, every one that pusM-tli 
among them that are numbered, half a niii^kid, 
after the shekel of tlie sntictnary : (a shckd is 
twenty gerahs:) a liaH* shekel shall beihe otfcr- 
in<( of the Loan. 

14 Everyone that imsseth among tliemthnt tire 
numbered, from twenty ycstrs ol<i and abovf, 
simll givf atf ofluriiig unto the r<oRD. 

15 The rich simll not give more, and the p4ior 
Fliall not give less than half a shekel, when thep 
give an otfering iinb) the Lord to make an 
atonement for ytmr souls. 

16 And thou shak take the atonenient-m<Hioy of 
ilio children of Israel, and shnlt appoint it fur tlia 
sefviccnf the taberiiae<e of the congregation ; that 
ii may be a memorial unto the chiliircn of Israel 
buAire the Lotto, to make an atonement for your 

17 H And the Lord spake unto Mottcn, sayini!, 
Iti Tinm shak also make a hiver afbrans^ and his 

foftt also of brass, to wash v,%thal : and thnu shall 
)Nit it lietweon the tabernacle of thecongiegatlon 
and the ahar, and thon shalt put water therein. 

19 For Aaron and his sons shall wasli tlnar 
hands and tlieir l«f«:t thervnt : 

30 When th«y goimothe^abemaeleofllieeoft' 

9V A«ly §n§iuti»it Bit. 

frafaHon, ihcf sImII wmH witk wnU*r, tkal tliey 

die not : or wh«n Uwy come iienr tit tha iMtar to 

luiiiltfter, to burn oflering luade by Are uuto Um 


91 80 they itmn wnfli their htindi and thetr 
ti>et, thnt tliey die not: and it shall be a ttatiite 
lor ev#r to thimi, «r«« to hbii and to his seed 
ilimiighoiit their genemrions. 

'22 It Moreover, tlie Lord spoke unto Mows, 

BXODUS. Mfse* rteeivttk tw UkM 

7 The tabemncle of t)ie congregation, and the 
ark of the testhnony, and the mercy-aeat thnt iM 
thereupon, and ail tliefurnitHreonhe tabernacle, 

8 And the table ami his furniture, and the pure 
candlestick with all bis furniture, and the altar 
of incense, 

And the altar of bumt-oflTerlng with nil his 
furniture, and the laver and his font, 
10 And the dotbcs of service, and the lioly gar- 

ments for Aaron tlie priest, and tlie garments of 
bis sons, to minister in th^ priest's otRcc, 

11 And the anointing oil, and sweet IneeiMe 
for the boXy place: accordlnt; to all,that ( have 
comniamled thee shall they do. 

13 ir And the Lord spake unto Motes, saying, 

13 Speak iliou also uuto the children t>f Israel, 
"AyiRf ) Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep : for it 
is a sign between me and you throughout your 
gcnerntiims; that ye may know tiiat I «m the 
Lord timt dotii sanctify you. 

14 Ye shall keep tlie sabbath th<ircfore: for it 
M holy unto you. Every one that defiletli it 
sluill surely be put to death: for whosoever 
doeth amy work therein, that soul shall be cut 


*23 Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of 
{Hire niyrrli five hundred tkekels^ and of sweet 
iJnnattKNi half so much, evm two hundred and 
JiAy tkekekf and of sweet cohinius two hundred 
and ViiW *hekeUf 

^24 And of cassia five hundred skekelt^ after the 
shekel of tlie sanctuary', and of oil-olive a bin : 

*2:> And tliou sbalt make it an oil of holy oint- 
ment, an ointment compound after the art of tiie 
anothccnry : it sliall be a holy anointing oil. 

W And tlimi slialt anoint the tal:ernacle of the 
r«tiigrcg:uion tiierewitli, and tlie ark of the tcsti- 

'i7 And the table and all his vessels, and the ^ , _. 

t-andte«>tick and his vttisels, and tiie altar of ofl* from among his iieoplc. 

iiiceiiM, I 15 Six days may work be done^ but in the 

'J8 And the altar of hunit-nflTering with all his seventh it tite sabbatli of rest, holy 10 the Lord : 
%4!Ksels, and tlie laver and his fu«it. iwhosocver doeth aay work in tlie sabbath-day 

3!l And thou shalt sanctify tlicm, thnt tliey he shall snrely lie put to death, 
may lie most holy: whatsoever toiichcth tJiem 16 Wherefore the children of Israel shall kci'P 
shall be lioly. ilie sabbatli, to observe the sabltath throughout 

.10 And thou sliaU anoint Aaron and his sons,'Uieir gcnurutions, for a perpetual covenant. 
nn«i CoiMccraie them, that they may ministeri 17 It t> a sign between me and the children i>f 
unto uiu in tiic priest's office. ! Israel for ever : for t« n\x days the Lord nm<le 

'M And thou shalt speikk unto the children of heaven and earth, and on the seventh day hff 
Isrni*!, saying. This siiall be a holy onidiiiing resteil and was refreshed. 
i><l unto me throughout your generaiioiM. i 18 11 And lie gave uuto Moses, when he had 

33 Upon man's flesh slialt it not lK)|N»iiretl,nei-'iiuule an end of communing with him uptm 
thcr sliall ye mak*: anp0tker like it, after thelmount Sinni, two tables ol* testimony, tables of 
composition of it : u w holy, «iid it sliall be lioly stone wriileii with the finger of God 
"Mtaynu. UIIAP. XXX 

^3 Whosocx'er eompoumlelh any like it, or 
wlioso«\'er putteth any of it U|ion a stranger, 
•hall even lie cut ofi*ftiini his people. ... 

34% And the Lord said unto Moses, Take unto gathered themselves tngetlier unto Aaron, and 
thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and gul-isaid uuto him, Up, make us gods which shall go 
liaiium ; ike»e sweet spices w'.Ui pure frankin- Itelbre us : for a* for thhi Moses, the man that 
reuse : of each shall tiiere be a like iset^Ac ; j brought us up out of the land of £gypt, we wol 

:Vi Aiul thou shalt make it a |>erftiine, a confec-.iiot wliat Is liccome of him. 
lion after the art of tlie apotliecary, tempered 3 And Aaron said unto them. Break off the 
together, pure mnd holy: golden ear-rings wliicli are in tiie ears of your 

30 Ami tlimi slialt beat some of it very small, wives, of your sons, mid of your daughters, and 
nnd put of it before the testimony hi thoialiemn- Ibring them uutG me. 

«-.le of the coiiffregation, where I will meet with 3 And all the people broke off the gohlen ear- 
thct: : It ^hall be unto you most holy. i rings whlcli vers In their ears, and brought them 

:r7 And oe far the perfume which thou • shalt unto Aaron. 

make, ye shall not make to yourselves according! 4 And lie received tktm at their hand, and ftish- 
to the composition tlicreof : it shall be unto tliee lonod it with a graving tool, after he bad made it 
holy for the I^ord. | a molten calf: and they said. These be thy gods. 

:M Wlmsoever sliall make like unto that, to O Israel, which brought thee up out of tlie latnl 
«melltiiereto,8liallevenbecntoirfrQmhis|ieople. of Egypl 

.. ..,.. ij ^^ ^y^^ Anion saw it, he built an altnr be- 

fore It ; and Aar«>n made proclaiuatiou, and said, 
To-morrow is a feast to the Lord. 
And they rose up early on the morrow^ and 
offered biirnt-ofibrlngs, and brought peace-offer- 
inis : and tlie peofde sat down to eat and to 
drink, and rose up to play. 

7 IT And the Lord said unto Moses, Go, get tliee 
down: for thy people, which tliou broughtest out 
of the land of Egypt, have corrupted tkemsetses : 

8 Tliey have turned aside quickly out of th0 


The golden ealf. 

AK I) when the people saw tiiat Moses delayed 
to come down out of the mount, tlie people 


Bezalul and ^koliub etUled. 

A ND ilie Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 

JtL 3 ir See, I have called by name RextileeTtlie 

•on of UrI, the son of Uur, of the tribe of Judah : 

3 And I have filled him with the spirit of God, 
In wisdom, and In understanding, and In know- 
iMlce, and In all manner of workmanship, 

4 To devise cunning u'orks, to work in gold, 
and in silver, luid In brass, 

5 And In cutting of sumes to set CAem, and In . , 

carving of timber, to work in all manner of way which I commanded them: tlicy have made 

workmanship. . 

<l And I, behokl, I have given with him Aho- 
liab the son of Ahisamnch, of the tribe of Dan ; 
nnd in tlie liearts of all that are wise-hearted I 
have put wisdom ; that tliey may make all that 
I toRve ceiainandcd thee 

them a molten calf, and have worshipped It, and 
have sacrificed thereunto, and said. These he thy 
gods, O brael, which have brought thee up out 
of the land of Egypt. 

9 AndtheLoRDsaid unto Moses, I haveseenlhit 
people, and behoM, It m a stiff nocked people: 

r iMntitrs siafn. 

cnAP. xxxin. 

141 Now therefore let m(> aV>fM, thai my wmth 
mnjr wnx hot a?nhist tliem, rihI thut I nay eon- 
0uiii«th«iii: a?idiwiUmnkeot'theeagreatnmtion. 

11 ^ And Mows besonirbi tJie Loko bte God, 
and sahl. Lord, wiiy diltli thy wrath wai hot 
M^wt thy peoirie, which thou hast brooghi 
frirtb oiit of the land of Esyi't, with great power, 
ami witli a mi{i:hty hand 7 

le Wherefore islioiild the Egy|itiaiM apeaic and 
ny, For miaclitef did he bring them otit, to shiy 
di«m \n the mountains, and to consume tliem 
from the face of tlie earth 1 Turn fh)m thy Aeree 
wrath, and repent of this evil agaimt thy people. 

Mstes frmfttkfar dcjMspft 

Ifoaeaaatd unto the people, Ye iMveshined agieflt 
iln: aMaow I wingoapumotbel>oao; perad 
▼entiire I sbaU make an aton«niM>iit for your sHu 

31 And Moses returned uiiio tlie Lord, and said, 
Oh, this people have sinned n great sin, and have 
made tliem gods of gold. 

33 Yet now, if thou wih, forgive their sin : and 
if not, blot me, I pray thee, out of thy book 
which thou hast written. 

33 And the Lord said unto Moses, Whosoevei 
badi sinned against me, him will I blot out of my 

^ ,. . 34 Tlierefore now go, lead the people unto £A« 

13 Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, thy pl*t9 of which 1 have «poken unto thee : Bcli«>ld, 

sf rvants, to whom thou swnrest by thine own 
self, and saldst unto them, 1 will multhtly your 
8«^(Ht as the stars of heaven, and all tiiis Uiud 
fliai I barespoken of will I give unto your seed, 
and tltev shati Inherit t( for ever. 

14 And the Lord re)ientod of the evil which he 
th«*ii£ht to dn unto his people. 

iSt V And Moses tiirncti, and went down from 
the mount, ami the two tables of the lustimony 

mine Angel shall go before thee : neverthcleai, in 
tlteday wlien 1 vi^t,I will visit their sin u|ion them. 
35 And the Lord plagued tlie people,tiecau<ie 
they made the calf wliich Aaron made. 
The I^ord ttUketk with JVs««s 

AND the Lord said unto Moses, Depart «it4 
go up Itence, thou and the iicopte whkJi tftbir 
tuu uKjuiu, iui>i luv t<«v .».M^ w. ...V •...'%....v..*;hast brought up out of the land uf Egypt, uiiio 
vers in his hand: the tables itere written on j the land which 1 sware unto Abraham, to Isaac, 
bntli thek sides; on the one side ami on tlie I and u» Jacob, saying, Unto thy seed will I give Its 
other vere they written. 2 And I will scud an angel before thee; and 1 will 

iHAud tiic tables were the worfcof CinI, and ihc'drivcnntiheCanaanitc,the Anioritc, and the IIU 
writing tDorf tlie writing of <?od, graven u|Niutlm,litc,aiidtliePeri7.zite,the11ivite,aiidtlieJebusiif': 
tables. { 3 Unto a land flowing with milk and honey : lor 

17 And when Joriiua lieard the noise of tlie J will not go up in tlie nridst of titee; for iImni 
|M3it|rie as they shouted, lie said unto Atosos,Ur£astitf-neeked people: lest 1 consume iliee in 
Tk0re U a noiae of war in the camp. I tlie way. 

IBAiHlliesaid, /et>uottitevoiceof(Asm tA«/ 4 If Ami when the people heard these evU 
Bhottt frur mastery, neither fV/t the voice of tAAwKiilin!^ tJiey ntourhed: and no man did put on 
(A«t ciy for being overcome: but the noise of him his onuiments. 
Ukem thai sing do I hear. { 5 For the Lord had said unto ^osea, Say unto 

19 IT And it came to pass as soon as he onme the chiUlren of Israel, Ye «rs a stlfr-neckcd i>eo- 
nfgb unto the camp, tliat lie saw the calf, and 'pie: 1 will come op into die nii«lst of thee in a 
Mie dancing*, and Moses* anger waxed hot, and; moment, and consume thee : tiicrefore now put 
he cast the tables out of his liaiuls, and brake off thy ornaments from thee, that 1 may know 
tlicui beneath the Mount. I what to do unto thee. 

sen And he took the calf which they had i» And the cJiildren of Israel stripped themselves 
Mimie, and burnt it in tiie fire, and ground it u» of ilieir oniamonis by the mount lioreb. 
powder, and Mieweil i( u|M)n tlie water, and 7 If And Moses took the tabernacle, and pitchy 
made the children of Israel drink ef it. it without the camp afar off from the camp, and 

^1 And Muses said unto Aaron, What did tMs called in he Tabernacle of UuiCongreaaUoii. And 
pfKipJe nnto thee, that thou hast brought so great ft cahie to pitss, tkmt every one which sought the 
a iln npon tlieni 1 |Lord, went out unto the tabernacle of the son- 

Si V A lul Aanmsaid, I«ct not the anger of my;gregat(or^ which w$ without the camp, 
bird wax hot: tliou knowesttlie fieople, tliat they 8Aiid itcanietopaaswheaMoseswentontunto 
sresec on mischief. the tabernacle, that all the iieophi rose up, and 

^ For they said nnto me. Make us gods which latood every man at Ills teiiMloor, and looked af- 
•hall go before ns: for ttgf»r this Moses, the man |ter Moses, until he was gone into the tabeniaele 
that Immglit us npont of the land of Egy|>t, we 9 If Audit came to ikiss, as Moses entered into 
wot nut what is bcotmic of hiin. Ulie tabernacle, the cloudy |>iUar dcsceifded, and 

34 And 1 said unto them, Wliosoevcr hath any istood at the door of the tabemaeie, and ikt 

fidd, let them lireak<(flir. Sotiicy gavetCnic: then 
cut it iMtetiie Hre, and tlicrc came out this calf. 

55 And when Moses saw that the |ieo|iile tote 
naked, (Anr Aaron had made thein iiaked unto 
tkrir sliameaiiMfng their eneniK»,) 

56 Then Moses stooil in ilie gate of tlie camp,^ 
and said. Who ia on the Lord's side 1 let him 
€mme unto me. Ami all the sons of Levi gather- 
ed themselves together unto him. 

57 And hesahl nnto ihcni, Thus saith the Lord 
God of IsraeU Put e%'cry man liis sword by his 
ride, and go in and out from gate to gate thnmsh- 
out tlie camp, and ^lay every man his lirutlier, 
and every man his c^unimnion, and every man 
bfai iifilghboiir. 

LORD talked with Moses. 

10 And all the people saw theclondypilhir stand 
at the UibernacleHleor : and all the iicnple roKo 
up and worshipped, every man in bis tent-dour. 

1 1 And tlie Lord spake unui Moses Aicii to Otce, 
as a man speakelii unto his tVicnd. Ami lie turn- 
ed again into the camp; but his servant Joslma 
the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out 
of tlie tabernacle. 

13 If And Moses said unto the Lord, See, thmi 
saycst imto mo. Bring up this people : aiui thou 
hitft lun let me know whom thou wilt send with 
Uie. Yet thou hast suid, I kiio^ t<iee by name, 
and thou hast also found grace in my t>ight. 

kl Now therefore, I pray tliee, if I have found 

^ Aim the chiMren of Levi did accordidg to grace in thy siglit^ sliew me now thy way, that 

dw word of Muses: and there fell of the pe(»ple 
that day about three thousand men. 

89 For Moses had saiil. Consecrate yourselves 
lo-day to the Lord, even every man upon his 
•an, and upon his brother ; tliat he may bestow 
■prni you a bleaiingihis day. 

30 H And it cauie to paw on the morrow, th:u 

may know thee, that 1 may find grace in thy 
sisht : and consider tliat tliiM nation is thy p<!Oplc 

14 And he said. My iireseiice shall go with Usr, 
and I will give tliec resu 

15 Ami he Siiid unto him. If thy presence go not 
with m«, carry in not up hence. 

1^ Fur wherein shall it be known here th«t 1 

7%i MflM i/fA« /.#f^ jtrcdmimti. 
and Iky people bave fomiii pnice In thy tiffht 1 
/4 »c uot in ilMt thou gdest wiUi lu 1 Sr> Aall we 
b<t •epunted, I and thy people, from aU tbe peo- 
ple that «r« upon Uie (ace of iIm eartli. 

17 And tlie Lord said uuio Uoces, I will do this 
thing aim tliat thou litK4 s|iokeu : for thou ham 
found f race in my siclu, and I know tltce by name. 

l8And hesaid, lbese(^hthee,shewmetliyglory. 

10 And he said, I will malie all my goodneM 
pass before thee, and I will proclaim the anme 
•if the Lomo belWe thee; and wiU be gracious 
t4i wliom I will be gracious, and wiU shew 
niercy on whom I Hill shew meicy. 

90 And he said, Thou canst not see my face 
for there shall no man see me, and live. 

91 And the T^oao said, Behold, Ukert it a place 
by me, and titou shalt sund upon^ rock : 

tS And it shall come to pass, while my glory 
imoseth by, tliat I will put thee in a clrA of the rock; 
ami will coverthoe niihmyhand whllelpassliy : 
*£t And 1 will takeaway my hand, and thou sliaH 
secnny back parts: but my face shall uot be seen. 
Tk€ two tablet rttuioei. 

A Nil the I^oBD said unto Moees, Hew thee 
two tables of stone like unto ilie first : and 
1 will write upon tket» tables tlie words that 
w*v9 in the first tables which thou brnkest. 
i! And be ready in tlie morning, and come up 

itams of the land, and they §• a whoring after 
their eod«, aiul do sacrificu unto their nNta, and 
MS caU ih«e, and Uiou eat of Ms sacrloee ; 
l«Aqd tlKHi takeoftlieir daughters unto thysons, 
aud their daughters go a wlioring aAer their god% 
and make tliy sons go a wlioring after their goda. 

17 Thou sholt make tliee no uMtlten gods. 

18 The feast of unleavened bread shalt tlioia 
keep. Seven days shalt thou eat unleavened 
bread, as I eomniandod thee in the time of the 
month Abib : for hi the month Abib thou canesi 
out from Egypt. 

10 All tlmt openeth tlie matrix it mine: and 
every firstling among thy cattle, whether ox or 
sheep, tktU it wmit. 

90 But the firstling of an aas thou shalt redeem 
with a lamb: and if tltoa redeem Aim not, then 

shak thou break his neck. All theyfirst-born of 
tliy sons thou shalt redeem. Aud none shall 
amiear before me empty. 

Si Six days tliou slialt work, but on tbe seventb 
da^r thou slialt rest : in earliig-time and in liar' 
vest thou Shalt rest. 

SS And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, 
of the firat-frulta of wheat- harvest, and the feast 
of ingathering at the yearns end. 

33 Thrice in the year shall all your men-child ren 
appear before the Lord Goo, the God of Israel 

S4 For I will curt out the nations before thee. 

tu Die morning unto mount Sliiai, and present; and enlarge thy borders: ncitlier shall any man 
thyself there to nie in the top of the mount. desire thy hind, when thou shtlt go up to appear 
:< And no man shall come up with thee, ncitlier before the IjORb thy God thrice in llie year. 

let any umn bu seen tliroiighout all the mount: 
neither let tlic flocks nor iierds feed before that 

4 And he hewed two tnUes of stone, like unto 
the first; and Mtises rose up early ui Uio moru- 
iiigj and went up unto niouut Sinai, as the Lor» 
luui commanded him, and took in his lutnd the 
two tables of stone. 

5 If And the Lord descended in the chmd, and 
stood Willi him therCi imd proclaimed tlie name 

*i And the Lord pasted by before him, mid pro- 
claimed. The Lord, The Lord God, merciful 
and graclmis, long-sufTeringt and abundant ii) 
goodness aud truth, 

7 Keeping mercy frnr tlmiuiands, forgivUig ini 
quity and transgression mid sin, and thHt wili 
by no means ckiar tkt guHtjf; visiting the Ini- 
quity of tlM fatliers upon tlie children, and npon 
tlie childreii*s chUdren, unto the third and to the 
fmtrth ftneraiit^m* ... 

n II And Moses made haste, and bowed hhs 
liead toward the earth, and worehipited. 

» And he said. If now I have found grace In 
thy sight, O I^rd, tet my Lord, I pray thee, go 
.nnong us (for It t« a stilT-necfced peo|ile) and 
pardon our iniquity aud our sin, and take us for 
thine inlieritance. 

10 % And he said, Behold I make a covenant . 
liefure all ihy pcoide I \vill do marvels, such as 
have not been done In all tlie eartli, n«r In any 
nation: and all the people among which thou 
art sliall see the work of tlie Lord: for it ts a 
terrible thing that I wlU do whh Uiee. 

U Observe tlmu that which I command tlice 
this day : Behold, I drive out before thee the Am- 
uriie, and the Canaanite, and the Hittlte, and the 
Pvrizzlte, Mid the Hivite, and the Jebuslte. 

13 Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a eove- 
nam wHh the Inhabitants of the lead whither 
ibou goest, lest It be for a snare bi die midst o( 
^bee: . ^ ^ . 

13 But ye shall destroy their altars, breik their 
images, and cut down tlieir groves : 

14 For thou shaH worship no other god : for the 
Lord, whose name it Jealous, it a jealous God : 

>5 Lest itettflrake a covenant with tbe iubab- 

85 Thou Shalt not offer the blood of. my sacri- 
fice with leaveu, neither shall the sacrifice of the 
feast of tlie passover be lefl until tbe morning. 

Sfi The first of tlie first-fruits of thy laud thou 
slialt bring unto tlie house of tlic Lord thy G<Mi. 
Thou siiaHaot seethe a khl in his motlier's milk. 

37 And the Lord said unto Moaesj Write thoa 
Uiese words : for aAer tbe leaor of these worda 1 
have made a covenant with thee, and with Israel. 

88 II And he was tliere with the I^oan forty days 
and fiirty nights; he did neither eat bread nor- 
drink water. And He wrote upon the tables the 
words of the covenam, the ten commandments. 

89 ir Aud it came to pass when Uiiscs came 
down from mount Shial (with tlie two tables of 
testimony in Moses* hand, whenlie came down 
from the mount) tliat Moses wist noc tliat the skin 
of his face shone, while He talked with him. 

30 And \vlicn Aaron ami all the children of ls> 
reel saw Moses, behokl, the skin of lils face 
shone, and they were afraid to some nigh him. 

31 And Moses called unto them ; and Aaron 
and all the rulers of the congregation returned 
unto him : and Moses talked with tJiem. 

38 And afterward all the i;hiklreQof Ilbiel came 
High : and he gave them In commandment all that 
tlie Lord bad spoken with htan in mount Sitmi. 

33 And CtU Moses had done speaking whli 
tliem, he put a vail on his fkce. 

31 But wIteiT Moses went in befiire tl>e Loav 
to speak with him, he took the vail off, uniil be 
came out. And he came out and spake unto tlie 
diiklren of Israel U«» which he was command vdl. 

<35 And the children of Israel saw ttm face of 
Moses, that the sMn of Moses* fhce shone: and 
Moses put the vail upon his face again, until he 
went In to speak with Him. 

Tke tabbatk to bt obtervti, 

AND Moses gathered all the congregation of 
the children of Israel together, and saM 
unto Uiem, These ere the words wliich the 
I^RD hath commanded, that ye should do them. 
8 IT Six days shall work be done, but on the 
seventh day there shall be to you a holy day, n 
sabbath of rest to the I^ro : whosoever dooiii 
work thereia sliaU be piu to deaik 


r%9p40pl0*s re^a—as to i»#^. CHAP. XXXVL 

3 Ye flteU kliMite no fire UimiislMNit fHW btilii 

4 *r Aim Moms nnke i 
•fthecMl^ren ofbraeL 

Ice unto all the eongntfatloii 
aeL MyiNg, Thli* iv tlM thing 
wMdi tlMs'itORO coMUsaiMed, sajrluff, 
STidce ye fireiu aaMng youon •^rii^iimothe 
Lnu>: whosoever w of a willing heart, let him 
an offering ol* the Lord ; goM, and sil- 

6 And bliK$, and fwrple, and scarlet, and fine 
Imen, ami foats* kmir^ 

7 And cams' skins dyed red, and badgers* skins, 
and shlttlm-vrood, 

8 And ml for the light, and sfices for anointing 
oiU and for thewrect incense, 

Vk Aiui •ayz-stone^, and stones to be set ibr the 
ei»ltod, and fat the breast-plate. 

10 And every wiM>-hearted among yoii Bhairiinen,aHdof theweaver,««niofthenitiMadsany 

ctNiie, and make all that tlic Loan hatii ciMn 

1 1 The tabernacle, bis lent, and iiis oovei^ing, 
km taehes, ami bis boanis, liis bars, his pillars, 

12 T\)e ark, and the slaves thereof, witk tlie 
QKjrcy-seat, rod the Tail of the cohering ; 

13 The uMe, and his staves, and all his vessels, 
and the shew-breail 

fnraitiire^aad his lai 

I, withthe oil for the tight; 


15 And tlie inceiwe-ahar, and his staves, and the 
atminiitigoll, and the sweet incense, and the hang- 
b^rftir thedoor at theemering in of tliu tabernacle ; 

hi I'be altar of burnt-ofl'ering, with his brazen 
paie, his staves, and all his vessels, the laver 
Slid his foot ; 

JTTtaehanciBgsofthecourt, his pillars, and their 
incKeis, andthe hanging for the door of the court : 

JJUralitp of the peopU resirtjnsdl 
See, die l.oRBliatb cnIM l>v name BejudeeL the 
son of Uri, the son ni* lltir, of the tribeuf Jndab; 

31 And he haUilUbtd hhtiwhlMlie spirit of God 
in wi«doHi, in tniUtirstandiiig, and In knowledge, 
and in all manner of workmanship ; 

'3fi And lo devise curious works, to work in |oM, 
and in silver, and in brao, ^ 

33 And In the cutting of stones, to set cAssi, and 
in carving of wood, to niake any ntamier of cun- 
ning work. 

34 And lie haih put in his heart that he maf 
teach, both he, and Aholiabi Uie son of Ahlsa- 
niacit, of the tribe of Dan. 

35 Them hath lie fitted with wisdom of heart, 
to work ail manner ol'work, of the engraver, and 
of tlic cunning worknuin, and of theewbitiidcNner. 
in blue, and in purpte, in scarict, and in Une 

work, and of tliose tliat devise cunning work. 


0jftri*j9 gietn to the workmen. 

THEN wronsht Dexaleei and Alioliab, and 
every wise-licarted man, in whom the L«iru 
put wisdom and nndfrstaiidiiig to know how tu 
work aU manner of work for iTie service of tlm 
sanotntury, aaconling to aU that the Lord had 

14 The raiidlpsiiak alsa Air the Ihrhl, aad Ua ft And Moses ealhd BeuUeel and AI»)Hab, and 

every wise-hearted man, in whose heart the 
Lord had imt wisdom, evei* everyone whose lM*aft 
stirred him up to come unto the work to do it : 

3 And they received of Moses all the oflbriitg 
which the chiliircii of Urael had brought for the 
work of tite service of the sanctuary, to make it 
mthnl. And they tvuiight yet unto hint free- 
ofTeriiigs every morning. 

4 And all the wise men, that wrought aU tim 

18 The piBB of the tabernacte, and the idiis of|%vnrk of the sanctuary, cume every aiaii from 

his work which they niadf* ; 
5 H And they spake unto Moses, saying, Tlie |)CO • 
pie bring nmch more than enough tor tlte service 
of the Work which tiie Lord coiuniHiided tomttke 
, 6 And Moses gave conmiandmeiit, and they 
90 IT And aU thecongregMton of the children of*cauM:d it to l>e proclaimed tliroughout the cai!i|i 

the court, and their cords . 
19 The clothes of service, to do service in the 
hi«ty ptaee, the holy garments for Aaron tlie 
priest, and tlie ganncnts of his sons, to minister 
in tlie Miest's ollce. 

r And al 

iKRiel departed from the presence of Mo8<>s. 

31 And they caaie, every one wliose heart stir- 
red him up, and every one wiiom his sphit made 
a-tltini;;, ead tiiey brought the Lord's oflbring to 
the work of the tabernacle of the congregation, 
ami for all his service, and for tlie holy garments. 

'^ And they came, both men and women, asi 
tnany as were wttting-hearted, itnd brought brace- 
leis, arid ear-ringt, and rings, and tablets, all 
jenels of i;oU: and every man that offered, 
oferti an oAbriiig of gokl uiMo the Lord. 

%\ And every man with whom was found blue, 
and purple, and scarlet, ttnd line linen, and goats' 
>«u>, and red skins of rains, and badgen>' hkiiis, 
bninght them, 

S4 Every one tiiat did ofler an ofibriiig of sil- 
ver and brass brought the Lord's oflering : and 
every man with whom was fimnd strittim-wood 
for any work of the service, l>rmtght t(. 

3.) And all tlie women that were wise-hearted 
4id spin with their bauds, and bronght that 
which tliey had spun, both of Uue, and of pur- 
|rfe, and of scarlet, and of fine Knen. 

26 And all the women whose heart stirred them 
up in wisdom spun goats* hair. 

97 And thejrttler8brofigbtonyx-stones,and stones 
lA be set, for the ephod, and for the breast-plate ; 

as And spice, and oil for the lighu and for tlie 
inobitfag oIL ami fi»r the sweet incense. 

89 The children of Israel brought a willing of- 
(briiif unto the Lord, every maa and wonuin, 
whose bean aiade them wiNfng to bring, for all 
Bumier af work whkh the Lord had coiiunand- 
eito be made by the hiuid of Moses. 

» V And Btoses said utitu the ebikiren of Israel, 

sayiii;;. Let mtither man nor woman make any 
more work tbr Tlic otruring of tlie sanctuary. 
S«i the iieople were restrained from bringing. 

7 For the stuff ttiey had was suflicteiit for all 
the wnrit to make it, and too much. 

8 IT And every wise-hearted man among them 
that wrought the work of the tabernacle made 
ten ciirtaii'is •/ fine twined linen, and blue, and 
purple, and scarlet: vith ehorublins of cunnip.g 
work made he them. 

The length of one curtain wojt twenty antl 
eight cabiis, and tlie brcadtli of one curtail) Ibur 
cubits : the curtains were all of one size. 

10 And he coupled ttie Wv^ curtains one niito 
another: and the ether five curtains he coupled 
one imto another. 

1 1 And lie made loops of blue on the edge of 
one curtain from the selvedge in the coupling: 
likewise he made Hi the mtcriiiost side oiotiothtr 
rurtafn, in tiiu coupling of the siicoad. 

12 Filly hiops made he inonecuriain, and My 
loops made lie in the eilge of the ciirtain wliicb 
was in the conpling of the second: the Iuo{h 
held one eurtain to another. 

13 And he maile fiAy tachcsnfgold, and coupled 
the curtains one nnto anotiier with tiie taclic}:. 
So it became one tabernacle. 

14 ir And he made curtains of goats* hair (V>f 
the tent over tiie tabernacle: eleven curtains 
he made tlieni. 

l&Ttie lent«ih oirone ctirtahi was thirty ciiltiis, 
and four cubils was tlie breadth of otke cujta^u : 
tlie eleven curtains were of one size. 

1ft And he coupled five curtains by ihcniscUca, 
and six curtains by theiiHflvus. • - -■ 

57 ^ 

7k$ httrd$t 4-e. for lk» ubern^eU. 


17 And lie made fifty kiope vpon Uie ntleniMMt 
edge of the ciirUilu in ihe ein)|ilin{;, and lirty 
ktnm made he upon ihe edge of Uie curtain 
whleh couptelh the second; 

18 And he made fifty tadiei tf/bratf to couple 
the tent togrther, tliai it might Leone. 

Ill V And he made a covering for ihc tent •/ 
rninfl' skins dyed red, ami a covering •/badgers* 
•kins ahove th4U, 

Tke tnileHiek, wnd^Ur if ^erajH 

7 And he made two chftrttbima t/ cold, beaten 
out of one piece made lie them, on the two embi 
of the neicy-seat ; 

8 One cherub on the end on this side, and ano- 
ther cberub on the other end on tliat side: out 
of the mercy-mat made he the cberubims oil Uie 
two ends thereof. 

And the dierubims spread out their wings on 

.Wgh, and covered with Hiolr wings over tlie 

<20 IT And he made boards for the tabernacle*/ uiercy- seat, %vith their faces one to another; tnen 

shiuim-wood, standing up. 

*il The length of a board woe ten cubits, and 
tlH> breadth of a board one cubit aiul a half. 

iS2 One board had two tenons, equally distant 
iiiitt Crom another: thus did he make for all the 
b«Mirds of the tabeniacle. 

'J3 And he made boards for the tabernacle 
twenty Itonrds fur the south side soutiiwiird : 

'il And forty sockets of silver he made under 
the twenty Itoarda ; two sockets under one board 
lor his two tenons, and two sockets under ano- 
ther iNmrd for his two tenons. 

'^'tAiid for the other side of lite talKsmaclctp/ktcA ie 
toward tiicnortli corner, lie nia«1etwemy boards, 

W And their forty sockets of silver : two sock- 
<!Ui under one board, and two sockeu under 
niioiher board. 

i!7 And for tlio sides of tlic tabernacle west- 
ward he made six Imards. 

the tabernacle in the two sides. 

«J9 And tliey were coupled beneath, and coupled 
ti>getlier at the head thereof, to one ring : ' 
hi! did to boll) of them in botli the corners. 

:NI And there were eight boards; and their 
pockets i0«re sixteen sockets of silver, uiiderevery 
iMiant two sockets. 

.:n IT And he made bars »/ shittim-wood ; five 
lor the iioards of the one stdeof tiie lalHsruncle, 

IIS And live bars for tlie boards of tlie otlier side 

to tlie merry-seat-ward were Uie faces of the 

10 IT And he mnde the table 0/shlttlm-wood; 
two cubits WM the lengUi thereof, and a cubit 
Uie breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the 
height thereof: 

11 And he overlaid it with pure fold, and made 
thereunto a crown of gold round about. 

IS Also he made thereunto a border of a haiid- 
brcadth round about; and made a crown of gold 
tnr Uie border tiiercof round about. 

13 And he cast for it faiir rings of gold, and put 
the rings upon Uic four comers that locrsln the 
four Aset thereof. 

14 Over acainst the border were the rings, Uie 
places f«Nr the staves to bear the table* 

15 And he made the staves o/sliittini- wood, and 
overlaid tliein with goM, to bear the table. 

16 And he made Uie vessels which viere upon 

28 And two boards made lie Air the comers or the table, hisdislies, and hissiKMuis, and hbi bowls. 

and his covers to cover withal, «/ pure gold. 

17 H And he made the candlestick of pure gold ; 
of beaten work made he Uie candlestick; his 
shaft, and his branch, Iiis bowh^ bis knops, luiU 
his flowers were of Uie same: 

18 And six brauche8«>ingout of thesldes there- 
of; three branches otthe candlestick out of the 
one side thereof, and three branches of the can- 
dlestick out of the other side Uieroof : 

111 Three bowls made after the fashion of al- 

oft he talternacle, and five bars for the boards of iiionds in one branrii, a knop and a flower; 

the taliemacle for the sides westward. 
:i3 And he made llic middle bar to shuot through 
the Iioards from the one end to the oUier. 

:M AiHl he ffvurlaiil Uie Ijonrd* wlih ffiU, niitj 
iHndi? ila-lr rJnisiF 'if ^(\\ A lit he Hact? for Uii; bare, 
]iml oVMj-lnld lim Itiin ahUIi 4^0 ftl. 

:W \j Ami iw iiHulc n vjiit p/ \A\v^, atiU inirpic, 
;iiiiiJ jh-nrrrtr EiiLiI I^Tt4f (wlii|f*<| iintn: »r£Jk chi:riL 
Nmih iiiihdv iK 4it nrckiiiniri!; work. 

:9\ And iiu JUJide ihin;iiMn> four yWiiim fl/slili- 
liiPi Nfffiij/, mui overlay rlitijn witU ^nltl; ihuir 
liiiiikp ncre q/'ROkl; iiuil \k ccirfl for tlium font 
^»i4ti*art of silver 

:i.7 Ajhl iHi tnAiii! it lian*iiij|[ for Uin mbt^r^iatlc 
iTi.Hir i*f tihiP] Htid piirpE?, biul Ecarlui^ and I^mu 
iwmrd litKii, nt* iii^uilltj-wofk ; 

■M Ami ilii; Hve iiUliir^ ofli, rt'tih lliHr linnkfli 

It Mil tin {utrlnid ilietr chnrdtfini dimI Ihuir Qllou 

ulTli Eii*lil : liKt iltrir t\vp wickcTi »erf fl/bniBS, 


AtVn ltnMik<fl Jiintk ihcnckfl/ vhiulm wnnd 
im^ CO bibs ai]*l il liulij' ^^u tha lenffih of It, 
aiNf A cubit and n hnlfthc brCkUltlj of k, aiiJ a 
rtibk atia a iisTthe htilglit at li : 

^ And ^G nvti^rliiM ii with purv sniil wiililn nnit 
wlitimut^aiid tiiail^ n crown orgoM Hi li ruuiuJ 

:t And he caAtrm U fmif rtn^s or^nUl , teiettt by 
ii!3 four Enmernnf \i: tv*tii two rlnos iii«n tfii.*Hi(j 
«ld(i nf lt» and twei rliif 9 upon tho othef ildeor it. 

i And he niiMc stAvea ttf fiiliUm-woiid, and 
eveitaUl them wHh pold. 

3 And he p4ii tli(^ mAVf Into ilie rtngi by Uic 
Sldija of tbQ iifk. 10 tiuar tttti arlc. 

6 ^ And ho iTiadu ihf' mcr^^y-^at nf pure eold 
twociibliid unda^iAli nnu Umian^iU itieTmr,aD(l 
ijiC cttbli and n liJ\ir ihe tirctdvti thereof 

and three bowls made like alinends in anoUier 
branch, a knop and a flower : so throughout the 
six liranches going out of Ihe candlesUck. 

^ Aim! hi The cnniNctfikk Kfvf fnur bowls made 
llHc EbLiikotJf, tiin kiiojui nnd h\n AowL-ra: 

a I A ti J n k ii f' r H 1 1 [li: r I wi> brifc 1 ic U lv nC U\(i niw ite,- 
Eiml n koogMjiider ivvu braiirlhCfl oriht^Kaiiie,ntnl 

Ilk imp iiml^^r iwo tKantbiig cirtbeflnme, ncciirU- 
Inj; ro iliH fix bmiidiT^tioiii^ tiutfifU. 

%^ Tlidr kmntn and tlJi;tr hrii tidies wtyre of ihe 
Bill II v: aJlEifh tffu^oi]i; l»L^nm]i Wdrkv/pMrcgnEii. 

SLl And he inw^a \t\n kvlh ininpf, mui Ills Rim f- 
f^Jt^^ Jind Uin Bniifl^di^livfi^ «/ pure gold. 

^4 Of a t;alHiH ofpura gold, oiodu lie It, anil ail 
lliH viiBKid tlM^ruof. 

%^ 11 AiLil Iw iit:idc the Inccnuctillar ^BliUiim- 
wixid : thf? I'lnglh i^f it ma^ n cubit, nnd the 
liTi^adLli or U ii culilt; it voj fmir-fiq^inm ; and 
I WD cu \i\ 1 El v)<u lU ft hv\z\n uf h ; ilic Ij um» ihi^ruuf 
wort' of the Etimc. 

Cfi A tut lie f^viThild it ivIUi pure gold, ftntA iJie- 
\^^\^ (if iu and Uic nidci Iher^rruiiiid nbout, nod 
Un^ Uimi9 nfii ■ niao he iinide unta It a crown cf 
gnld r^iitid uboitl. 

97 And he mnde two rtnp oTinld ffiT \l under 
thccrriwn tbtriHjf, by tlie iwn CDrncni of U, ui'oa 
Uio two Bidi^ IhfjtfUifj 10 be lAiitvi fur tlio »iavt4 
lo Ikunr It w[[hnL 

^ And ii«:mujiethe BUV^Sf/KhUtlm wo>i>dand 
DvcFliLtd them with gatd. 

^ 1F And lie tiinde Hie holy itiolntlug oil, and 
the p^rc tnctnFtf of sw^ct epkeq^ accotdliig \^ 
ih^ work ftfUifrapothocsfy. 

ciiAi'. XXX vm. 

ANB hf^ mnde the altar of burnt-oflbrliif mf 
>hKiim n-oml : Avp eobiis hw Uie len^ 
^hvt^i>ri arid live en hits ihQbrcadUitberof; ii ie«i 


T»« Sim •/ ike tti^mg. CHAP. XXXIX. Thf trtntplm 

Ibtar-rattuv; ami three cuMtsifMbHflittiMnof.teni tbekMi, aftd* Um Biick<>l of ibe mnrumnt 
% hndhti niatic the Itonit ibercoron the four 9tf A foekab (w tvnry itmn, tkmt U, half a ffhi- 
c<»m«raorU; t>»« lioms thereof were oTlliaMiite: kH, aOer ili> fbeluil of the laactaary, for evrry 
•mi he overlaiil It wUh hnui. one that went t» be iiumberi^ from twenty yeare 

3 And he made all the veweto of the altar, the old and u|iwani, ftir tlx hundred thoucand and 
m>iB aud the eliovrJa, and the biMOHs, and the three thousand and Ave hundr^ and fifty mm. 
flUli-lH»nks, and the flre-pani : all (he veMcli S7 And of the hundred tahmte of altver wera 
tbemif made be tf brats. tan the •oefcets of tlie fanctiuiry, and the eoefc- 

4 And lie iiinde for the altar a braxcn fraie ofettof the vail; a hundred sockeu of the hundred 
Mt-wnrk under ilic compaM tlieruef beneath talents, a talent for a sockeL 

snto vbe Midst of it. , . , , - 

S And be cast four rings for the four ends of 

tUo eraie of brass, to be places for the staves. 
« And be maikstlie staves s/sliilUui-w<M>d, and 

uvcrlnid tbeiii witli brass. 

7 And tie piu the staves into the rings on the 
sides nf the aitar, to bear it witiial ; he made tlie 
altar boltow with boards. 

8 V And he made the lavcr of brass, and the 
fiMrt of It •/ brass, of the kioktns-glasses of the 
womem aft^niblins, which asseuiblcd s( tlie door 
of >be tabernacle of the cangregation. 

9 11 And be made the court : on tlie south side 
muvUward the hangings of the court were of fme 
twined linen, a hundred cubiu: 

10 Their pillars wre twenty, and their braxen 
soekels twenty; the hooks of the pilhirs, and 
their filleis, is«r« a/ silver. 

11 Asd for the nortli side, the kmiftng$ were 
a hnndred cubits, tlieir pillurs were twenty, and 
lliMT sockets of brass twenty : the hooks of the 
INliars, and tlieir fillets, of silver. 

ti And for the west side were hansings of fifty 
csKiB, tlHdr pillars ten, and tlieir sockets ten ; the 
tinoks of the itiilars, and their fiileta, of silver. 

1.1 And Aur tJic east side eastward fifty cubits. 

14 Tha hangings of ttie one side of the guu 
were fifteen cubits ; tlieir pillars three, and tlieir 
anckets three. . ^ ^ 

15 And U>x ilie otiiftr side of the court-Mie, on 
this band and that hand, were hangings of fifteen 
c<ibits', Uieir pllUra three, and their stwkels three. 

16 All the hangiiiM of the court round about 
wers of fine twined linen. 

17 And the sockets for tlie pillars were of brass ; 
the hooks of the pillars, and their fillets, o/ sil- 
ver: and the overlayjng of tlieir chapiters o/ 
sKver; and all the pillars of the court w^-e fil- 
tetcd with sUvcr. ^ , 

18 And the hanging for Utc gale of tlie court was 
ieedle-wmk, of blue, and pun>le, and scarlet, 
and fine twincti linen; and iweiiiy cubits was Hie 
length, and the height in the breadth was five cu- 
Vi^ iuiBwerabte to Uic hangings of the court 

19 And their pillars were four, and their sockets 
of brass four ; their hooks of silver, and the over- 
lay ins of their chapiiors and their fillets of silver. 

« And all the pins of the laliernacle, and of the 
ennrt nuind about, were of brass. 

?l M This is the sum of lire tabernacle, ttfsn of 
the talKimacle of testimony, as it was counted^ 
according to the comniandmonl of Moses, for 
the service of the T.eviics, by the hand of hha- 
mar, sou to Aaron the priest. 

23 And Beaateel the son of Uri, the son of llur, 
of Uie tribe of Judah, nuute all liiat the Loan 
commanded Moses. ., ., , - ..,_ 

23 And with him was Aholinb, ton of Ahisa- 
moeh, of the tribe of Dan, an engraver, and a 
cunning workman, and an embroiderer in Wuc, 
•mi In purple, and in scarlet, an<I fine linen. 

34 All tlw gold that was occupied for the work 

38 And (d* tlie thousand seven hundred Mvanty 
and five shekels he made liooks for the pilhirs, 
and overlaid tln^ir clmplters, and AUnsd them. 

Sii Ami tlie brass of the offering ws seventy u* 
lents, and two thiMisamland four hundred thekub'. 

30 Ami tlierewith he made the sockets to thn 
door of tlie tabernacte of tlie congregation, ana 
the brasen altar, and the braxen grate for It, and 
all the vessels of the ahar, 

31 And the sockets of tlie court round about* 
and the sockets of the court gate, and all the 
pins of tlie tabernacle, and all tlie pins of the 
court round about 

CHAP, xxxix. 

Tks ffmrmsmts for the priests. 

AND of tlu! blue, and purple, and scarlet, they 
maile clothes of service, to do service ni tlm 
holy place^ and made the holy garments for 
Aaron ; as the Loan commanded Moses. 
S IT And he made the ephod of gold, blue, and 
purple, and scarlet, and fine twined Hnen. 

3 And they dbl beat the gold Into thbi plates, 
and cut t( into wires, to work if In the Uue, and 
in the purple, and In the scarkt, and in the fine 
llneij, with cunning work. 

4 IMiey made shouldcr-i^eces foi It, to couple it 
together : by tJie twoedges was it coupled together. 

5 And Uie curious girdle of his ephod, that was 
upon it, was of the same, according to Che work 
tlicreof ; of gubl, blue, and purple, and scarlet, 
and fine twined linen ; as tlie Lord commattdcd 

6 And tlie>' wrought onyt stanes enclosed in 
OHChcs of gold, graven as signets are graven, 
with the names of the children of Israel. 

7 And he |mt them on the shoulders of the 
cpliod, that they should he stones foi^a memorial 
to the children of Israel ; as the Lord commaiid- 
ed Moses. 

8 V And he mmlc the breast-piatc of cwmiNg 

work, like tlie work of tlie ephod ; sif gold, blue, 
and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined Hnen. 
It was four-square; tliey made the brcasi- 
Itlate double : a span was the tength thereof, tuid 
a span the breadth thereof, being doubled. 

10 And tliey set in It four rows of stones: ths 
first row was a sardius, a topaz, and a carbun- 
cle : this was the first row. 

1 1 And Uic sncond row, au emerald, a sapphire, 
and a diamond. 

12 And the tliird row, a l'.gure, an a^ate. and 
an amethyst 

13 And the fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a 
jasper : they were enclosed in ouolics of gold iu 
their enclosings. 

14 And the stones wers according to the nanH^a 
of tlie children of Israelj twelve, according totheir 
names, like the engravings of a signet, every ono 
with hia name, according to tlm twelve tribes. 

15 And they made upon the breast-plate chains 
at the ends, of. wreathen work •/ pure gold. 

16 And they made two ouches of gold, ahd two 

ef the offering, was twenty and nine taleftts, and 
I hundrSi and tliirty shekels, after the thth 

ket of the sanctuary. 
2S And the silver of them that were nimibeied 
ef the congregation was a hundred talents, anda 
t^utHud Mven hnudrod aad'tUreescorc and fif- 

iran the work of the holy place, even the gcftd gohl rings, and put tlw two rihgs in the two ends 

of tlie breast-plate. 

17 And they put Uie two wreathen ehalnsof gbU) 
in the two rings on the ends of the breaatviaie. 

18 And the two ehdsof the two wreathen chabis 
they fastened in the two ouches, and pat thei^ 
on the abonUer-pieces of the euhod, before it^ 


. 7W tailmMcIf U ttmpieted. 


If And Uiejr made two riiift of fold, Mi |Mit 
a«M on tiM two endf of Uw breact-plaie, upon 
«lie border of it, wlUdi if «« on the tide of IIm II iwbi I then, 
nhod Inward. 

QO And they made two #a«r loMen linfs, and 
|Nit Uiedi on tlie two lidei of the ephod nnder- 
n*aih, toward Uie fore|iart of It, over againat 
the 9ther coupUnf thereof, above tJie curkma 
ff)rdle of the epbnd 

^§rm mi kU 'm»« to he 9»Meti/Ui 

21 Aiid they 'did bind the breaM-pfaite by bit 
rtnga nuto ihc rinfs of the ephod with a hice of 

behold, they had done it aaihe I«oRn had com- 
manded, even to had they done it: and Mo«ei 

T%4 Uimmmele t^heremni. 

AND the liOKD ifNifcft nmo Moeee, taying, 
8 Ob tiie Unit day of f he irM moMli xhall 
thou Mt up the tabeniadc of tlie lait of tiie con* 
3 And thon ahalt pnt llierehi the arfc of the tc«^ 

....„ , , thoony, and cover the ark with the vail. 

bliia, that It mislit be above the eHrioM ilrdle of 4 And thon shalt bring In tlie taMe, and Ml in 

I he cpliod, mid that the breaac-phite mighl not 
be kMwed from the ephod ; aa the Iami» com- 
ntanded hlntm. 

«-ovca work, all •/ blue. 

^ And tk9r§ was a Imle in the midst of the 
robe, as the liole of a liaberieon, wic* a band 
rmind about tlie hole, that it should not rend. 

94 And tliey made upon the hoins of tJie robe 
pomcgrouatcs of blue, and purple, and scarlet, 
«»d twined liiuu. 

'ii And tliey made bells •/ pure cold, and put 
the bells between the iwmeffhuiates upon the 
liem of the robe, round about between the |ioine- 

iM A bell and a pomegranate, a beU and a 
pomegranate, round about the hem of tlie robe 
10 minister in : as the Loan commanded Moses. 

37 V And they made coats of line linen, of 
woven work, for Aaron and for his aons, 

128 And a mitre of tint linen, and goodly bon- 
nets •/ fine linen, and linen breeches i{f fine 
twined linen, 

-29 And a girdle •/ fine twined linen, and blue, 
mid purple, and scarlet, •/ needle work ; as Vie 
l^RD commanded Moses. 

SQ H And they made the phite of the hoi v crown 
^f pure gold, and wrote upon it a writing, lifts 
to the engraving!i of a signet, liOLIKEIBB TO 

31 And they tied nnio it a lace of blue, to fiuten 
it on hlfh upon tlie mitre ; as tlie Loan com- 
manded Moses. 

39 f I'hus was all tlio work of the tabernacle 
of tlie tent of tlie concregatioii Anislied : and the 
children of Israel did accoidhig to all that the 
Iairo commanded Moses, so did they. 
^ 33 And tliey broiit ht the tabertmclemito Moses, 
the tent, and all his Airniturc, hia taches, his 
boards, his bars, and his pillars, and bis sockets ; 

34 And the covering of nms' skins dyed red, 
and the covering of badgers* skins, and the vail 
of the covering: 

as Tlio ark of the testimony, and the staves 
thereof, and the mercy-seat; 

.16 IMie table, and all llie vessels thereof, and 

37 The pure candlestick, tpith the lamps there- 
of, even wtk ihe lamps to be set In order, and all 
the vesscb thereof, and tlie oil for tlglit; 

38 And uie goklen altar, and the anointing oil, 
and the sweet incense, and the banging for llie 
tabernacle-door ; 

39 Tlie brazen ohor, and his grate of brass, his 
Mnves, and all his vcasols, the laver and Ms foot : 

40 The hangings of the court, his pillars, and 
hki sockets, and tlie hanging for the court-iate, 
ids cordsi and his pins, and all the vessels of the 
service of the taheiuacle, for the tent of the con- 

•41 Tlie clothcs-of sendee to do service In the 
holy pines, Jind the hoty garments for Aaron the 
priest, and hie sons^^aimeBie, to mfaiister in the 
prien*s oAee. 

48 According to aH that the Loan 
MQes8,antheehNdrenof fanelmadeaU the work. 
41 And Moies did look tipou til the work» and 

order the things that are to lie set in order upon 
it : and thou shah bring in Uie camUcstick, and 
liffht the himps thereof. 

33 f And he made the robe of the ephod tf 5 And thou shah set the ahar of gnld for the 

.. _.. - ... incense beAire the ark of the testimony, and put 

the banging of the door to the tabernacle. 

6 And then shah set the altar id' the burut-ofler- 
hur before the door of tlie tabemaele of tlie tent 
or tlie congregathm. 

7 And thou slialt set tlie kiver between tlic tent 
of the congregation and the altar, and shall pot 
water therein. 

8 And tliou Shalt set up the court roimd about, 
and hani up the hanging at the court^nte. 

9 V And thou Shalt take the anointing oil, and 
anoint the tabernacle, and all that to therein, 
and Shalt haUow It, and all the vessels thereof: 
and it shall be holy. 

10 And thou shult anoint tlie altar of (he bunit- 
oflering, and all his vessels, and smictiiy tlie 
ahar: and it sliall be an altar most Iwly. 

1 1 And thou slialt anoint tlie faver and bis foot, 
and sanctify It. 

18 And tlMU Shalt bring Aaron and his sons 
unto the door of the tabemaele of the congrega- 
tion, and wash them with water. 

13 11 And thou shah nut ii|ion Aaron tlie holy 

Krments, and anoint liim, and sanctify him ; that 
may minister umo mo in the iiriest'sofike. 

14 And tliou Shalt bring his sons, and clothe 
them with coats: 

15 And tliou Shalt anoint tliem, as tliou didi4 
anoint their father, that tli^ may minister unto 
me in the priest*s office : (hr tlieir anointing shaU 
sorely be an everlasting |>riesthood throughout 
their generations. 

16 V Thus did Moses ; according to all that the 
Loan oommanded liini, so did he. 

17 And it came to pass bi tlie first month, in the 
second year, on ilie first tfay of tlie mouth, that 
the tabernacle was reared up. 

18 And Moses reared up the tabemaele, and Cam- 
lencd his sockets, and set up the boards thcr*>of, 
and put in the bars thereof, and reared up |im 

10 And he spread abroad the tent over the taber- 
nacle, mid put the covering of the tent above^ 
nnoii It ; as the Lord comnmnded Moses. 

80 And he took mid put the testimony into ilie 
ark, ami set the staves on the ark, aiid put tlie 
mercy-seat above upon the ark : 

SI And he brought the ark into the tah^mncle, 
and set up the vail of the covering, and covered 
tlie ark of the testtmouy ; aa tlie Loan com- 
manded Moses. 

89 Aikl lie put the table In the tent of tlie con- 
gregation, upon the side of the tabernacle north- 
ward, without the vail. 

83 And he set the bread in order upon it beftnw 
tlie l«oRD ; as tlie Lord had commanded Moaas. 

94 And he put the ^ndlestiok in the tent of the 
eongreg ailon, oror against the table, on the side 
of theiiabtfnaele southward. 

85 And he lighted the lamps beforo the Lot«» 
as the Lord conunandPd Moaes. 

86 And he ma the goMen altar in the teat 04 
tbc congregation, before the vab: - 


OJ Ut kmnir^ftHmg. 

rtlAP. I, II. 

A etmad wMVt Ike UAermmeU 

S7 Antf IM Iwrot fWG»i tncoMe tlMfeim i M tiMttabcffMcle Mtf ttie ttliar, m4 m 
I.OS0 comntandeJ Umea. of the cmirVfMe : tn M<mm dttMh^ llM* wwHi. 

» i^nd lie tet up the liaiiciiis«illiedopr ol 34 V Tli«ntelmi«l«ov«fv<l KieiumortlMMii- 

lbe ubernacle. 

QD Amllie put tlie altar of burnt-oflS^naf kp the 
dnorof tlie laberoaeleortbu lemoi'iiieewiiKrega- 
lion, and offi^ed uponittheburnt-oilbring^aiiil liie 
mvja-otkring ; as the LoRD-onmniaiided^ M«i«ee. 

3U And he set the iaver betweim the tern tH* the 
congrecatiou and the altar, and |rai water there, 
to wasB witkaL 

31 And MoMM, and Aamn, and hi« eoM, wash- 
ed thtiir UaiuU and their feet thereat : 

32 When ilwy went l*itr> the tent of the eonere- 
gatiiin, and when they caine near unto iltc nitar, 
tli«')r wuilied; as tlie I^ord cunimaiidfd Ma«ed. 

1 , 33 And be reared up Uie court round ahout the 

grvnatiou, aad the gkyv of the Lo«» dltod Uia 

the conjcrefackm, hecauM the ckiud abnde thrte- 

'M And when Die cloud wastaKnn up from ovet 
the tabernacle, the clilMrcn uf Israel went oih 
tvonl in aH their Jonmeys: 

:I7 But if the cloud were not taken up, then thcf 
Jouninycnl mk till the day that It was tahm ofi. 

38 For the cioud of t lie Loan if««U|N>u the iabt«r- 
nade by day. and Are wai on it by night, In the 
eight ttf all the bouae of t«rael, tliroiighout all 
tMr joumcya. 

1[ The Third Book rf^ Moses, ealUd LEP'ITWUS. 

Oftii9 burnt'ogerinfi. 

AND ihe Lord callnil umo Monet, and spake 
unto Uim oui of Uie tabernacle of the coa- 
greMtioii, saying, 
S Speak nato tJie cliilthen of Israel, and say 

unto them. If any man of you bring an iiiering AST) whin any wilt oqTer a in«at-oflMnfr unto 
mmo the Loao, yv shall bring your oflMng of /3L the Loan, his offering shall be «/ lino fl«Hir 
tJie caiiJe, even of the iierd, and of the flock. " "' 

an If his ttHering is a burnt-sacrifice of the herd, 
leihiinofleranuuewitboutUemish: hcsiialloflbr 
it (if his own voluntary will at tlie do«»r of tlie 
labemacle of the conaregation before the Loan. 

4 And he shall put his hand upon the head of 
ttie burnt- offerhig; and it sIhiII be accepted for 
Mttto make atonement for him. 

XS»i he shall kill the oulhick before the Loan : 
and the priests, Aaioo's sons, shall bring tlie blood, 
and sprinkle tlie blood round about upon the altar 
that i# l>jtUie door of llie tabernacle of the oon- 

U Aud M shall flay the burnt-oflering, and cut 
lijntohl« pieces. 

And the sons of Aaron the priest shall put 

of, kut sbaN not divMe i( asunder : and the priest 
shall bum it upon the altar, upon the wood tttnt 
u itpnn the tire: it is a burnt-sacriflce, an iiflbring 
made by Are, of a sweet savour unto the Loan. 
Of tks m4tit-»Jfkrinf9, 

and ho shall pour oil upon it, and put Arankin- 
c«!nse thereon : 

tf And hoshall bring it to AaKHi*ssonsthp priests: 
and he shalllMfce thereout bis handAil of the flonr 
tin^reuf, and uf the oil thereof, with all the frank 
incense thereof, and the priest shall burn the 
meumrial of it upon tlie altar, U k§ an ofleTiiig 
made by tire, of a s^veet savour unto the hffiau : 

3 And the remnant of the inentoflbriiig »kaH »« 
Aaron's and his sons*: it if a tiling loorit hul/ 
of thootruriiigsoftlie Loan made by fire. 

4 If And if tliou bring an oblation of a meat* 
oflering bakeii in the oven, it skaH bt uiileaven* 
eii cakes of fine flour mingled with oil, or un- 
leavened wafers anotntcil with oil. 

5 If And if thy oMatioii be a tneat-ofliiring baken 
6re upon Ihe altar, and kiy tlio Wood In order iin a pan, it shall be tf line flour uulcavenud, 

* ' mingled with oil. 

d Thou shah part It in pieces, and pour oil 
tliereon : it w a meat-oflbrlng. 

7 V And if thy oblation be a nieat-ofl*ering bnken 
ill tliu frying-pan, it shaU be made »/ fine flour 
with oil. 

8 And thod shall bring the meat-ofleriitg ihat 
is made of Uiese things niito the Lord: nod 
when it Is presented unto the priest, he slialt 
bring It nnto tlie attar. 

9 Aim! the priest shall take (Vom the meot-ofn.'r- 
lag a memorial thereof, and shall burn it upon 
the altar : it t> an oflering made by fire, of a 
sweet savour unio the Loan. 

10 And that whteh is lefl of the nieat-ofl«;rliig 
sktUl be Aaroirs and his sons* : t< ts a thing motit 
holy, of the <^*rings of the Lord made by tin;. 

11 No meat-oflferiiig whteh ye shall bring unto 
tlie Lord shah be made with leaven : ft^r ye shall 
burn no leaven, nor any iiouey, in any tffl j Mp g 
of tlie IxntD made by fire. 

I'j V As for the oblation of tlie flrst-fVuits, ye 
shall ofler them unto tJie Lord . but thoy shall 
not be burnt on the altar for a sweet savour. 

13 V And every oblation of thy meat-oflering 
slialt thou season with salt; neither shalt thoit 
suflhr the salt of the covenant of thy God to be 
lacking from thy mcut-ofl'ering : with all thine 
offerings thou shalt ofi*er salt. 

iriHMi the llie. 

8 Aud tlie priests, Aaron*s sons, shall lay the 
part& the head, and tliu fat, in order upon the 
wimd thai i» on the fire which it u|Mm the altar. 

4 Bui iiis Inwards and his legs shall he wash in 
water: ami the priest 8l.all bum all on the ahar, 
tfbiSi burat-sacrifice, an oflcring made by fire, 
sf a inreet savour unto tlie Loan. 

lUinAnd if his ofl*ering be of the flocks, namely, 
«f the aheepw or of tlie goats, f«ir a burnt-sacri- 
fice ; he shall bring it a male witlmut blemisl)) 

1 1 Aud he sJiall kill it on the side of the altar 
Borthward before the Loan: and the priests, 
Aaroii*s sons, shall sprinkle his Ueod round 
about upon tlie altar: 

Itt Aud he shall cut it into his pieees, with his 
bead and his Iht: and the priest shall lay them 
hi order on the wood tliat » on the Are which 
.tsuBon tlie altar 

n But he slmll wash the inwards and the legs 
witli water : and the priest shall bring it all, and 
bum it upon the ahar : it t« a bi»m-sacrific& an 
oifttf iug made by fire, of a sweet savour uniB the 


lO^nd If the bnmt^sacrifice for his oflbring to 
Ibc Xo«D be of fowls, then he shall brIugJiis 
aflferluff of turthhdoves, or of young pigeonD 

15 And thepriest shall brin;; it unto the altar, 

iad wrlnt offbr 

and tiM wood thereof shall be wrung out at tlic 


w And he shall pluck away his crop with his 
feathMS, and cast It beside the aiiar on the east 
part, by the place of the ashes : 

17 Aad he ahall cleove H with the winga there- 

14 Aud if tliou ntf^r a meat-offi;ring of tliy first 
fmiis iinio the Lord, thou shall ufl*er (or the 
tiieat-ofleritig of ihy first-fruits, grcuncars i>f corn 
dried by the fire, enen corn beaten out of AiH cars. 

15 And thoa slialt put oil u|K>n ii, and lay tnin\i 
thereon: it ts a moatoflbriog. 

LBVmCUt. 9in0i^inff of iffiwMet 

or tlM uliemaele nf the cowraratioii before the 
Lord ; and thall lay hte band upon the bullock's 
bead, and kill the bullock befbre the Lord. 
5 And the prieA Uiat is anointed shall take of 
the bullock*s bk>od, and bring it to tlie tabernacle 
of the coiigTMation : 

If And the priest shall bun the nemnrial of it, 

pmrt oftlie beatm com thereof, andjiarc of the 

oil fhereoi; with all the f^kinccnse thereof 

•C IS an onwiof made by lire unto the Loao. 

CHAP. in. 

Cfth$ peaee-oferinfB. ■ 

AND If Ms oMation kt a s«cri(lee of peaee- 
ofleriRf, if he atfsr it of the herd, whether 
ithtn, male or female ; he shall ofler it witliuut 
l»lemlsh before the Loan. 

2 And he shall tev his hand npon tlie head of 
hisoflerinf, and kill it at the door oftlie taberna- 
cle of the eongretation : and Aaron^s sons the 
priests shall sj^tkle tJio blood upon the altar 
round about. 

3 Ami he shall oflfcr of the saerlftce of tlie iioace- 
oAbrlng, an olTering nimie l)v lire unto tlie Lord ; 
the fat that eoveretli the inwards, and all ilie 
AU that i$ upon the inwards,, 

4 And the two kidne)'s, and the fat thatts on 
tliem, which it by the 0anks, and the caul above 
the IHrer, with tiie kidneys, it shall he take away. 

5 And Aarou^s sons siiall burn it on 4he altar, 
upon the buntt-sacrillco, which U upon the wood 
that U on tlie fire: itU an olRiiing made by fire, 
of a sweet savour unto the Lord. 

6 IT And if Ills oflbring for a sacrifice of peace- 
oflbriiig unto tlio Ijord be of the flock, male or 
Aimale ; he shall oflbr it without blemish. 

7 IT If lie ofl*er a lamb for his ofieriiig, Mien shall 
he oflVr it before the Lord. 

8 And he shall lay his hand upon the liead of 
his ofl^ring, ami kill it before tlie tabernacle of 
tiie congregation : and Aaron^ssonsshall sprinkle 
tlie blood thereof round about upon the altar. 

9 And lie shall ofler of tliesacrificeoftliepeace- the eyes of the assembly, and they have done 
nflbring an oflMng made by fire unto the Lord : oomnokoi MfminH any of t' . . 

I lie fat tliereof, mndthe whole rump, (it shall he 
take ofl* hard by the linck-bone ;) and the fiit UML 
covcretli Uie inwards, and all tlie ftii tliat i$ upon 
iii«> inwards, 

10 And the two kidneys, and the fat tluit is npon 
tiiem, which t> by the flanks, and the caul above 
the liver, with the kidneys, it shall he take away. 

1 1 And the prictft shall bum it u|nhi tlie altar: 
t< i« tlie food of ' " ■ ' 

tiie Lord. 

f the oflering made by fire unto 

19 ir And if his oflering ho a goat, then he shall 
oflbr It before tiie Lord. 
13 And he shall lay his hand upon the head of congregation : 

6 And tlie priest shall dip hts finger in the blood, 
and sprihkb! of the blootl seven times before tlie 
Lord, before the vail of the sanctuary. - 

7 And the priestshall pntsosuof the blood upon 
the horns of the altar of sweet incense lieforc the 
Lord, which ts in the tabernacle of the cohgre- 
gation ; and shall pour all tlie blood of the bullock' 
at tlie boi«un oftlie altar of the biirat-oflering, 
whicii AS s( the door of the ubemacle of the con- 

lock for the sin-offbring ; Uie Dal that eoveretli the 
inwards, and all the fat tliot it upon the inwards, 

9 And the two kidneys, and the Au that io npon 
hem, whichis by the flanks, and the caul above 

the liver, with the kidneys, it shall he take aw4y, 

10 As it was taken off^from the bullock of the 
sacrifice of peace-ofleringa : and the priest shall 
bum them upon the altar of the bumt-olftHns. 

11 And the skin of the bullock, and ail his flush, 
with his liead, and witli his hsgs, and his inwards, 
and his dung ; 

12 Even tlie whole bullock slinfi he carry forth 
witliout tlic camp unto a clean place, where the 
ashes are poured out, and burn bUn on the wood 
with fire: where tlie ashes are poured out shall 
he be burnt 

13 V And if the whole congregation of Israel 
sin through ignorance, and tlie tiling be liid from 

tomnohot MgminH any of the commandments of 
the Loan eoneemingr tkingi which sheukl not be 
done, and arc guilty; 

14 When the sin which they have sinned against 
it it known, then the cf»iigrcgatloH shall ofl^r a 
young bullock for the sin, and bring him before 
tJie tabernacle of the congregiMion. 

15 And tlie elders of the coiigregatiou shall lay 
their hands upon tlie head of the bullock before 
the Lord : and the bullock shall be killed be- 
fore the Lord. 

16 And the priest that is anointed shall brii 
of the bullock's blood to the tabernacle 

It, and kill it boftire tlic tabernacle uT the congre- 
gation: and the sons of Aaron shall sprinkle the 
blood tliereof up«m the altar round about. 

14 And he shall ofler thereof his oflering, men. 
an oflbriiig made by fire unto the Lord; tlie fat 
that eoveretli tlie inwards, and all tlie fat that 
IS upon the inwaiUs, 

15 And the two ki<lney8, and tlie fiit that i» ii|ioii 
them, which t« by the flanks, aud tlie caul above 
tlio liver, with the kidneys, Itsliall he take away. 

Itf And tlie luriestsliall biini thciii U|ioii tlicahar : 
If it the food of the oflering made by fire for a 
sweet savour : all the tat is tlie I^ord's. 

17 It §kM be a |ier|>etuai statute for your gene- 
rations tliroughniit all your dwellings, Uiat ye eat 
neiilier lot iier blood. 

Of the sin-offerinjrg. 

AND the Lord snake unto Moses, saying, 
3 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying. 
If a soul shall sin through ignoraiice against any 
of the commandments of the Lord eoneeminff 
tkinge which ought not to bu done, and shall do 
■sainst any of ihcm : 
3 ir If the priest tliatis anointed do sin according 

I bnnc 
of th2 

17 And tlic priest shall dip his finger in seme of 
the blood, and sprinkle t( seven thiies before the 
Lord, sera before tlie vail. 

18 And he shall put eon^e of the blood upon the 
horns of thenltar which i» beiure the I«ord, that 
i$ in the tabernacle of tliecunsresation, and siutll 
pour out all the blood at the Wtoni or the altar 
of the bunit-ofiering, which is at the door uf the 
luliernacle of the congregation. 

19 And he shall uke alfhls fat from him, and 
burn it upon the altar. 

90 And he shall do with the lNilh>ck as lie did 
with ilic bullock for a sln-oflcring, so siinll he • 
do witli this: and the priest shall make uu aume- 
mem for theiu, and it sliall be forgiven them. 

SI Aud lie shall carry forth the bullock without 
tlic emnp, and burn him as he burned the fir^t 
bullock : it i$ a sinofTering for the congregation. 

S9 II When a ruler hath sinned, and done sowr- 
wkat tlmiiigh ignorance agaimt any uf the com- 
mandmenis ul^tlie Lord his God eonumtng 
tkinjts whkh siumld not be done, and isguihy ; 

23 Or if his sin, wherein he hath sinned, come 
to his knowledge; ho shall bring his oflering,' a 
kid of the gouts, a male without blemish: 

his sin wiUch he hath sinned, a young bullock 
without bhunish uiito tlie Lord fi»rasiii-ofl'ering. 
4 And be shall bring tUc bullock unto tlic door 

to the sin of the people ; then let him bring fon 24 And he shall lay his hand u|ion the head of 

the goat, aud kill it in tlie place where they klU 
tlie burnt ofliiring before the I<ord: K ts a •!■» 

0§efmg9 M flhtn MtnM. CHAP. V,Vt Tntpti^ tprhf HiMmkgt 

25 Amd the |h1mi tlmU takt of the Mood aT ibelfefHit, wm Mie I.1MI11; mid (Wr a i4«-»llbrliLL 
wio-oikrins with his fiHftr, and |Ntt u upon thu «iul uie mlwr fnr n htiriH-oirerine. 

jMimf of Ui« altar oflNinit-otRfrinc, and thalT 

Cnrom liia Mood ai Una Iwtioia oCUm attar of 

96 And Ins Malt bum alt his flii npoa the altar. 
a«tliiifat ortltetacriAceorpeacc-oirprinst: and 
ilw priest aball iiinke an ateiieiiient for him ai 
cottccmlnn liii alu, and It ahall bo forgiven him. 

87 ^ And if any one of the cunimon people sin 
through igBoraiMe, while he doetli tsmnekiu 
mgain$i any of the eonimandmitnts of the I^oao 
eoncfmtiir tkinj$ which ought not to be done, 
and be emUy ; 

58 Or if hlsiin which ho hath sinned come to 
litft ltiiovrled|« : iImmi he vliall bring Ids otfering , 
m kid of the£oau, a female without blemisli, for 
his sin irhich he liatli sinned. 

59 And be sitall lav his hand npon the head of 
tlie sJtt-otTering, antl stay tiie vin-offbring in the 
place of tlie burnt-olTerinK. 

- bnrat-oirerine. 

8 And bt shaH briof them unio tlie priest, irha 
shall o«br tktu wbieh is for the sln-oAMnc An% 
and wring olT his bead from his iieek, but sliatt 
not divide it asundor: 

f And hcf shall spHidcle of the blood of the sin- 
om!rit« upon the side of the ahar ; and the rest 
of the bkwd shall be wrung out at tlie bottom uf 
tlie aUar: it t« a sin-oAbhng. 

10 And he sliall oflbr the second fitr a biu^t- 
oObring, according to tlie ninnner : and the priest 
shall make an atonement for him forhhisln wbidi 
ho liKih sinned, and it shnil Iw Otrglven Idm. 

11 II But if lie be not able to bring two titrtte- 
doves, or two young pigeons ; then lie tliai sin- 
ned sliall bring for his otTcriiig the tenth part of 
an cphah of fine flour for a sln-ofl^ring ; he shall 

Kt no oil upon it, neither shall he nut aay tVank* 
cense thereon : for it i* a sin-onoriug. 
I? Tlinn shall ho bring It, to the |iriust, and th« 

30 And the priest shall uke of the Mood tiiereof priest shall take his handful of it, sv«« a memo- 

wiih Uis ftnger, and put it unon the iioms of the 
altar uf buml-offbrbig, aiul sliall pour out all llie 
blond thereof at fiie bottom of the altar. 
31 And he sbaH take aivay ail the fat thereof, 
as Che fat is taken away IVoni olTthe saeriflceoflhim as toncliing his sin that he hath sinned in 

rial thereof, mid bum it on the altar, according 
to the ofliYings made by lire unto the Loan : 11 
U a sin-oflisring. 
13 And tlie pnest shall make an atonement for 

peaee-olierings ; ami tlie priest shall burn it upon 
theahar for a sweet savour unto the I.okd; and 
the priest shall make an atonement f<ir him, and 
it mall bo Ibrgivea him. 

% And if be bring a lamb for a sin-oflerinc, he 
•hall bring it a fismoU} without blemish. 

3} And l»e shall hiv his hathl u|iou the head of 

one (»f these, and it sliall be ftirglven him - ami ih% 
remnoMt shaU lie the priest's, as a ment-oflering. 
II H And the Loan spake unto Moses, saying, 
13 If a soul commit a trespass, and sin through 
ignorance, in tlio holy tilings of the Loan; tlien 
lie sliaH bring for ids trespass unto the I«ord a 
ram without blemish out of the flocks, with thy 

the nn-oflering, ami slay it fi>r a sin-offering in estimation by shekels of silver, alter the shtkel 

thsylace where they kill the bumt-ofrcring. -f''' **" "*" ^-^-- 

34 And the priest shaU take of the blooil of the 
stai-ofibriiig with his flngor, and put it upon the 
horns of the altarofburnt-oflbring, and siiall pour 
ont all the Wood tiiereof at the bottom ol the 

35 And hs shall take away all the ftit thereof, 
AS the fat of the lamb is taken away from the 
siterifiee of the peace-offerings ; and the priest 
shall bum thera npoit tiic altar, according to the of- 
fering made by fire unto the Loan : and the priest 
sliafi make an atonement for his siittliat he hath 
•QOMiitled, and it sliall be fbrgivcn him. 
Of iinert ojferinga. 

AND if a soul sinf, and hear the voice of 
swearing, ami t« a witness, whether he hntli 
seen or known ofii; if he do not utter t(, tlien 
be ShaU bear his Iniquity. 
9 11 Or if aeonl touch any unclean thing, whether 
If ^ti carcass of on unclean Iwast, or a carcass 
•f unclean cattle, or the carcass of unclean cre«)>- 
lag things, and <f it be hidden from him ; he also 
shall be unclean, and guilty. 

3 Or if he touch the unclennness of man, what 
soever uncleaniiess it be that a man shall lie de- 
nied withal, and it be hid from him ; when he 
knoweth «/ tc, tlien he shall be guilty. 

4 If Or if a soul swear, pronouncing with his 
Hpa to do evil, or to do good, whatsoever it he 
that m man shall pronounce with an ontli, and it 
be hid ^rom him ; when he knowetli 0/ tf, tlien 
be shall be guilty in one of tlicse. 

5 And It shall be, when he shall be guilty in one 
af these <Anif s, that he shall confess tliai he hath 
mned in that thing : 

ft IT And he sliall bring his trespass-offering unto 
llM l«oRD for his sin which he hath sinned, a fe- 
■ale Arom the flock, a l^mb or a kid of the goats, 
Ibr m rin-oHbrins ; and the priest shall make an 
atonement (br him conceramg his sin. 

7 V And if he be not able to brlns a iamb, then 
he sInUl bring itit his trespass which he hath 
', two tortlMoTes, or two yotuig-pl- 

-tof the sanctuary, for a trcspass-oiKsring : 

16 And he shall make amends for the liami that 
lie hath done in the holy thing, and shall aild Uie 
flAh part thereto, and give it unto the priest: and 
the priest shall make an aKuuiinent flir him with 
the ram of tjiu treitiaHS otftiriug, aiul it shall be 

forgivi>n him. 

W And if a soul sin, and commit any of thesa 
tilings which are forbidden to bedoncby thecom- 
niaiidiiicitui ot'tlie l^oan; though he wist it iiut, 
yet is lie guilty, and shatt bear his hii<]uhy. 

18 And he shall brine a ram without blemirdi 
out of the flock, with uiy estimation, for a tres- 
pass-oflbring iinio the nriest ; and the priest shall 
make an atonement for him concerning his ig- 
norance wliercin he erred uud wist it not, and 
it shall bo forgiven hiin. 

19 It ts a trespass offering: lie hath certainty 
trespassed against the Loan. 

Of the tremast ojfering. 
\ ND the Lord spake unto Bloses, saying, 
Jt\. 3 If a soul sin, and commit a trespass' aguinsl 
the Loan, and lie untohisnciglibourin tliat which 
was delivered him to keep, or in fellowship, or 
in a tiling taken away by violence, or haih de- 
ceived his neighbour ; 

3 Or have found tliat which was tost, and lleth 
conceraine it, and swcarcth falsely ; in any of 
all tlicsc that a man doeth, sinning therein : 

4 Then it sliall be, because lie hath sinned and 
is guilty, that lie shnllrestore that which he took 
violently away, or the thing which he liuth do- 
ceKl^illy gotten, nr tlial which was delivered hiiu 
to keep, or tlie lost thing whicli lie found, 

5 Or all tliat about which he hath sworn false- 
ly : he shall even restore it in the principal, and 
shall add tlie fifth |mrt more thereto, and give It 
unto him to whom it appertainetli, in tlie day 
of his trespass-ofTering. 

G And he sliall bring his ticntass-offerlng unto 
the Loan, a ram wiihout blemtoh out of the flock, 
with thy estimation, for a trespass orcring, unto 

7 A«4 tlM prteit iImUI nuUie m ftUHiemmfc for 

Mid beAire the Ln&o: anit it iluill Im foffivon 

Mm for MjF thing of all Umi he I 

k d^M In 

Lw •/ at pemte'9jrerinjr». 
30 AiNl miHn oIKfrtni;, winsnnfeinoCiht hloo4 
U tHOUgIrt into ihtt tatN'raMteoT the conim>sii- 
Hon to reconcile wkkai in itm Imly pUee, shall 
be eaten : it liiall bn bnrnt in th<! lire. 
The Imw of the trtgptuihofetinff. 
T IKEWISE Uii« is th«. law of the troswi*- 
JLJ ot&trinff: it is most holv. 

In ilw! iilace whm U»y kill tint bnrni-ollf^r- 
Injsimll ilMy kiU tlie trespasfi-oflrerinc : and the 
blootl theruofslmll lie #|irinkl<! miuid abuut ninki 

;i And he shaH offer of it all the fat thereof: tlie 
nini|i, and tlie fat iliat covcrmli the Inwards, 

4 And the twe kidney*, and the fat that in on 
llieni, whieli t> by tlu; flaak?, ami the canl that 
it aliovG the Iher, with the kidneys, It tlmll lie 
take away : 

5 And the mrleat fdiall burn them iifion the ahiir 
for an oirerinf nitide by tire iiiitu the Loao : it 
it a trcupaw-oflerinf . 

G Every male among t tie |irlei4ii shall eai tbimMif : 
Itdmll be eaten in the holy phice : It u mwt h<jlv. 
Aa tlie ■iii-o(fi»rliig t'«,iu it the treepa86-otllMF< 
iiig: ikert it one law for thum : tlie iiriest that 
maketh atonement thcrewitli shall have it. 

^ And the priest that o^retli any inau's burnt' 
off«>riux, «v«ii tlie priest shall have to lihnm'lf tlie 
skin <if tlie bunit-oderUie which he hath offered. 

U And all the loeat-ofibrinf tliat Is baken in the 
oven, and all tliat is dressed in tlie frying-pan, ami 
in the pan, sliall be the priest's tliat ufiercth it. 

10 And every nientHiflering mingled with oil, 
and dry, dinll all the suns oi Avaou have, one 
Ail much as anotlier. 

11 1( AndUiisMiIiekiwof thesaeiificenf penee^ 
offerings, wiiich ke shall offer unto the Lord. 

1U V If he offer ii for a thanksgiviag. tliea lie 
shall offer witii tite sacriffccof ilmnksglviiig un- 
leavened cakes mingled with oil, and unfcavHh> 
»?d wafers niudiited with oil, uiid cakes iiiinglod 
with oil, of fine flour, fried. 

13 Uesides the cakc», he altaU o|K.>r for his of- 
fering, leavened bread, wltli liie sacri4cc of 
tluinksgivhig of his iieace-offerings. 

14 And of It lie shall ofli>r one out of ihe wliole 
oblation f«r a lieave-ufleriiig unto tlie Loan, mtd 
it shall be Uie priest's tltat sprlnkleth the bfaHNi 
of the pcaceoffisrlngs. 

15 And the llei^h of (he sacrifice of his peace- 
offerings for thanksgiving uliall be catien iliesume 
day tliai it is offered ; he shall not leave any of 
it until tiic inoniingy 

16 IT But if tiie sacrifice of his offering bt a vow» 
or a voluntary offering, it shall be eaten tlie «aiite 
day that he <»ff*ercth his sacrifice: and on the 
Uiorrow also tiic remainder of it siiall be eaten i. 

17 But tlie remainder of the fiet«li of the sacri 
fice on tlie third day sliall be burnt, with ffre. 

ISvAnd if oity of liie ffesh of the sacrifice of hit 

{leoce-offerings be eaten at ail on tlie third day» 
t shall not be accepted, neltliur shall it be impu- 
ted unto iUin thai offeretii it \ it shall lie an, 
abomination, and die soul Uiateutt'ih of it shall 
bear Ids iniquity. 

19 And the ffesh thattoucheth any iinctean t^ivg 
sliall not be eiueu: it shall be burnt with lire : and 
as for the ff ush,ull that lie cleau sliiall eat thereof. 

20 But the soul that eatetb «/ tlie flesh of ifie 
.- „ ., sncritise of ttoace-ofTeriugs that /itfrtatii unto tlt« 

S7 Whatsoever sliall touch the flesh thereof |«orp, having his uncbMmuess u|)on him, uvvu, 

i 1 Awl Uw LMtB apake umia Mom^ sayint, 

9 Oowmand Aaron and bis aoiWi^ saying, Thii 
is iha law of the burM-ofeHiig: It w the bumt- 
offering, because of tbe buniiug opon the altar 
all night unto tlw morning, and the fire of the 
ahar sImII be burning in it. 

10 Awl the |wie«chaU put on his linen garment, 
and hia linen breedies sliall he put udou his ffcsli, 
aiMl take up the ashes whieli the lire hath oon- 
snrocd with the bnmt-oftring on the altar, and 
iNt shaU pat them besMe Uie altar. 

11 And he shall put off* his garments, and nut 
en other nrments, and carry forth the adies 
with<Nit tKe eamp unto a ctean phtce. 

13 And the fire upon the altar shall be burning 
In it ; It sliall not be put out : and the priest shall 
bum wood on it every mornings aud lay the 
bumt-olibilng in order upon it; ami lie iball 
bum theieon the Ikt of tlie peace^fferings. 

13 ThefiMtball ever be burning upon the altar ; 
t shall never go out. 

14 H And this it the btw of ihe nieat-offbring. 
I'he SOBS of Aaron shaU offer it beloru the L<ird, 
before tbe altar. 

15 And he shall uke of it his handful, of tlie 
fiour of tlie meat-offering, and of the oil thereof, 
and all the frankincense which it upon liie ineat- 
oflbffing, and shall bum it U|hiii tlie altar for a 
•woet savour, coen. tbe memorial of it, mito the 

16 And tlie remainder Uiereof shall Aaron and . 
his sons eat: with uuieavoned bread shall ii be^ 
eaten in the lioly place ; in the court of the taber- 
nacle of the coiigregatiou tlwy sliall eat it. 

17 It shall not be baken with leaveu. 1 have 
given it untt thtmfor tlieir |ionion of my offer- 
iiisa made bv fire. It it most hotv, as » ilu; siu- 
••ttmiig, and as the trespass-offering. 

18 AH the males «iiong the children of Aaron 
shall eat of it. /( thall he a statute for ever iir 
vour generations concerning the offerings of the 
i^oKD made bv ffre: every one tliat touclielli 
I hem sliall be holy< 

m IT And the Loan spake unto Moses, saying, 

dO This it theofibring of Aaron and of his sfuis, 
which tliey shall offer unto tlie Loan in the day 
when lie is anointed ; the tenth part of an epiiah 
of fine flour for a meat-offering perpetual, half 
of it in tlie monaiig, and )ialf thereof at nigiiu 

SI In a pan it shall be made witli oil; andwken 
it it baken, tliou slialt bring it in : and the biikcn 
pieces of the meat-offering slialt thou offer /or a 
sweet savour unto the Lord. 

S3 Aud the priest of his sons that Is anointed 
In his stead shall oA*er it : It it a statute forever 
unto the Lord ; it shall be wholly burnt. 

53 For every meat-offering for tlie priest shall 
be wholly biiriU: it shall not be eaten. 

54 If And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 
S.1 Speak unto Aaron and to his sons, saying. 

This is the law of tiie sin-offering: In tlie place 
where |lie burnt-offering is killed shall tlie sin- 
offering be killed iiefore the Lord : it is most holy. 
SB 'i'iie priest tliat offereth it for sin shall eat 
it : in the lioly jilace shall it be eaten, in die 
c<iurt of tiie tabernucie of the congregation. 

aball lie holy : and when there is sprinkled of the 
Mood tliereof upon any garment, tliou slialt wasli 
Vial whereon it was sprinkled in Uie holy place. 

SB But the earthen vessel wherein it is soAden. 
ahaU be broken : and if it be sodden in a brazen 
pot, it shall be both scoured, and rinsed in water. 

%> AH the malesi^amoi^ the priests sluill eat 
Uwroof : it it most holy. 

that soul shall lie cut off* from his people. 

SI Moreover, tlie soul that shall touch any ivn- 
dean thing,^ an the uiicleaiuiess of man, or anif- 
unclean beast, or any abominable unclean tkiv^% 
and eat of the ffe&li of the sacrifice of peace-of- 
ferings viliich jttrtq.m utilo the Loan, even that 
poulshali be ciu off' from ins p60|4e. 

S3 ir And the Lokd spake unto Moses, snylpfo 

Prfe»ta' f^Hitm III ^«ce 4||Ma/«. 

CO.\f. VIII. 

n Speak unto theebiMrtaoriinel, i^l 
•Iwill «5at no mftuner of At, of ox, ^r uf 
or of ^oal. 

34 Ami the fat of tlic bewt ibat dUdb of Itself, 
aii4lh« fat of that which \a torn With boaiit*, 
may be iiMed In any other u«e: bntyo ahaii In 
ltd \(fU*i cat of It. 

2S For wluhiocver cateth the fat of the beait, of 
wbkli men othr an uflering made by ftre unto 
Uie Lord, even tiie aoul Uiat eateth it chall be 
ou otr ffom bia people. 

% ^ Moreover, ye shall cat no manner of 
blood, wktthtr it k* of fowl or of beast, bi any 
of your d wettings. . 

Ti Whatsoever soul it be thatcntcth any man- 
vtiT of bkx4, even iliat soul aliall be cut i^fron 
U\i people. 

2H II Anil the Loan «pake unto Moses, saytnf, 
S!) Speak unto the cliiidrcn of Israel, saylug. Ho 
that oflereth the mcrUice of his peace-o/ferings 

Ha raaf ^cMUSsv«fiMl» 

put in the bnait-phae thftUrim «mI ibt Tburn 

9 And lie Mt the mhrt upon bbi head : al^o 
upon the miiio, tmm mmr his fonriVont, did b« 
nut the golden phue, the holy crown ; as tha 
Loan conmianded Moses. 

10 And Moses took the anotnUng oil, and 
anointed the tabemade and all that w^ tlH'rc- 
in, and sanetMed them. 

11 And heaprlnkled ihataarttpon the ahar scr^ 
timrs, and aaolnied the akar ami aU his vessels, 
both Uio taver and Ida foot, lo sanctify them. 

12 And he poured of the aaoluthig oil apo^ 
Aaron's head, and anointed him, to sanctify hbn. 

i:l And Moses hnnight Aaron's sons, ana pm 
coats upon than, and ekded them wkb glrdl«s. 

and put bonnets upon theui ; as the Loan corn- 
utanded Moses. 
H IT And he brought the bullock (br the idnof. 
foring : and Aarnu knd his sons hiid their liamla 

IS pf) 
unto the l^iRD, shall bring his oblation unto tltclunon'tlie head of the budock for the sin-oll<)ring. 
Loan of the saeritire of hb peace-ofleriiiipji. 1.1 And he aiew it ; and Moses took the blond, 

30 Ills own baudtf shall bring the oiTeringd of the and put it upon the horns of the attar round 
Loan made by tiro ; liic fat with the breast, ii'nbout with his Onger, and purified tlie altar, and 
shall be bring, tliai tltc breast may be waved/** {poured the bkmd at the bottom of the altar, and 
a wave-uflertns before the Lord. aauetlAed it, to make raconcilmthin upon it 

'M Aad tlie priest sltall bum tlie Hit upon tlie^I- Iff And he took all tlie fkt that was upon tho 
tar: bat the breast sliall be Aaron's aiul his sons*, t inwards, and tlie caul mknt tlie Hver, and the 

Ji Aad Uie right sliouUier shall ye give unto the two kidneys, and their AM, and Moses burned it 
prkufor a beave-ofieriug of the sacrilices of, upon the altar, 
yoar pcace-ofieriugs. 17 Rot the bulk>ek, and his hide, his flesh, aad 

33 lie aniojijg the sons of Aaron that ofleretli hhi dung, he burnt with fire without the camp ; 
the blood ot the peace-oflerings, and the fut,'as the Lord commanded Moses. 

shaU have the right shoulder for kh part. | 18 IT And he brought tJie rain fnr the bnmt-of- 

34 Fur tbu wave-breast add the hcavc-sboiilder fering: and Aaron and his sooa laM their liands 
bare I taken of tlie cliiUren of Israel from off upon tlio liend of the nun. 

ibc faerifices of their peace-offerings, and have I 19 And he kUk^ tl; and Moaea sprinkled tht 
given them unto Aaron the priest* ami unto hlSjbhNNl upon the ahar round about, 
sons, bv a statute foi ever, Atom among the chil- 
dren of Israel. 


80 And he cut the ram Into piecaa; and Mosea 
burnt the head, and the pieces, aad Uio fat. 

91 And he waslicd the inwards and tlie k;gs In 
water ; and Moses burnt the whoki ram np«»n 
ilie altar : It wa§ a barnl-«acrtAca Ibr a swi!et 
savonr, aad an oflkring made bv An unto the 
Lord ; as the Loan coiiunanded Moses. 

VHh TbVft ia tht fortion of the anointing of Aaron, 
and of tlie anoiating of bis sons, out of the ofler- 
ings of the 7«oaD made by fire, in the day iaUr 
he presented tlicni to muiistcr unto the Loan In 
Uie priest's office ; 

3C WhicJi tlie Lord commanded to be given S3 IT And lie btonght the other ram, the ram of 
ihem of the cliifclren of Israel, in tlie day tJiat consecration : and Aaron and Ma sous hihl their 

bands upiro tlio bead of the i 
83 And he slew it; and Moaea took of the blood 
of It, and put t( upon the tip of Aaron*s right ear, 
and upon the thumb of his right hand, aiui upim 

he anointed tliem, dy a statute for ever through- 
ovttheir generations. 

^T^bis IS the hiw of the bumt-offtring, of the 

n»j«todR$riugjandof tliesln-olfering, andofthe^ . 

tropasa-oirenng, and of tlie consecrations, andjthe great toe of his right ^oot. 

ui the sacrifice of the peace-offerings jj d4 And lie brought Aaron's sons, and Moses pnt 

% Which tlic Lord commanded aIoscs In 'of the blood tipoo the tin of their right cars, and 
mount Shiai, in tlie day that he conmianded tliejupon tlie thumbs of their right hands, and upcm 
children of Israel to offer their oblations unto the great toes of their riglit feet : and Mosea 
the Lord, ia tiie wilderness of Sinai. 
J9«nm. and his sons eonseerattd. 

AND the Lord spake unto Mfwes, saying, 
9 Take Aaron and his sons with hbii, and 
the pmients, and the anointing oii, aiul a bul- 
b>ck for tlie sin-offering, and two rauia, and a 
basket of unleavened bread ; 

3 And gatlier thou all the congregation together 
lUiUf tin: door of the labeniadeof tliecongregation. 

4 And Moses dhl as tho Lord ctmiuianded him ; 
and the assembly was gathered together unto 
tlie d<ior of the tabernacle of the congregaihtn. 

i And Moses n id unto the congregation. This is 
the tiling which tlus Lord cowmaaded to be done. 

d And Moses brought Anion and his sons, aad 
waslied them with water. 

7 And be put upon him the coat, and girded 
hhn with Um girdk^ and ctotiied him with the 
robe, and put Uie ephod tiptm him. and he gird- 
ad him with tlie curkms girdtoof ihee|ihod, and 
lound it unto hlut-tberewiib. — — — -• 

% Aad he put tbe breast-plate upon hbo : also henhe Mood which wm upmi the altar, and f|kriAk>^ 


sprinkled the Mood upon the altar round about. 

35 And he took the fat, and tho mmm and all 
tlie fat that ios#npon the Inwards, and the caul 
akovs the Utfer. and the two kidneys, mul their 
fat. and the right shoulder : 

26 Aiul out of tlie basket of uideavened bread, 
that loas before tlie Lord, he took one unleaven- 
ed cake, and a cake of oiled bread, and one wa- 
^, and put tksm on the fat, and upon the right 
slmuldcr : 

«7 And he put all upon Aaron*s hands, ami u|f 
ou his sons* hands, and waved them/«r a wavo* 
otUiring before the Lord. 

38 And Bloses took them fVom off their hands, 
and burnt tksm on the ahar^ipon the bunit-offcr- 
ing : they loere oonsecratlens for a sweet savour i 
it fs an offering made by fire umo the J^oao. 

SH And Motes took tlw breaA, and wavetl H/»r 
a wave-nlibring before the Lord : for of the nun 
of consecration it was Moacs* part ; as the l<<««6 
conunanded Moses. 

30 And Moses took of the nnointlng oil, and of 

MtM mnI f Am Af cMMerolMH. . 


Tkt prints furhtiden vtni. 

led it upon Aaron, and npon hit fwmenis, and 18 He Ocw 9ko the fcnlloek and the ram for a 
uiion Ills sons, and upon hit mhii* ganncnts with micriffce cf pence-oAferinsi, which wiu fur the 
Mm ; aiul raneUtted Aaron, and his farmonts, 

uifS and iitt nona' gannentt witli liim. 

31 If And MoKet raid unto Aamn and to his 
sons, Boil tiie flcsli at the door of the tabernacle of 
till! conffretation ; and there eat it with the bread 
that If in uie basket of couMcrations, as I com- 
niniided, saying, Aaron and his sons shall ent it. 

:& And tliat which remainetli of the flesh and 
of Uie bread shall ye burn with Are. 

:<3 And ye shall not go out of the door of the 
tabernacle of tlie congregation in seven days, 
Hutil tliedays of your consecration be at an cad : 
for seven days shall he consecrate you. 

34. As he hath done tills day, $• tlie Loan hath 
commanded to do, to make an atonement for von. 

35 Therefore sliall ye abl«lo «< the door of the ^ .,_ .„ 

tnhemack! of the congregation day and night beniadl} of the congregation, and conie out, niut 
seven days, and keep the charge of the Loan, blessed Ihe people : and the glory of tlie LuRV 

racriffce cf peace-oAferings, which wag fur the 
peo|»le : and Aaron's sons presented unto him 
tiie bloftd, which he sprinkled upon the altar 
round about, 

1U And the ftit of the bnllock, and of the ram, 
the rump, and tliat which corereth the intoardt^ 
and the kidneys, and the caul abwe the liver: 

50 And they put the (ht upon the breasts, and 
lie burnt the fat upon ilie altar : 

51 And the breasts and the right shnalder 
Aaron waved /w a wave-offering before the 
Loan; as Moses connnaiuted. 

23 And Aaron lifted up his band toward the 
people, and blessed them; and came down fnuu 
oflTtsring of the sin-otferhig, and the bumt-oh'er- 
ing, and peace-olferiugs. 

£1 !T(aih1 Moses and Aaron went Intb tlie la- 

tlMt ye die not : for so I am commanded. 
H6 tio Aaron and bis sons did all Uiliijrs wlilcli 
tlie liORD commanded by the hand of Moses 
OilAP. IX. 
JlMTon's siwfferinff. 

AND It came to pass on tlie eightli day, that 
Moses called Aaron and his sons, and tlie 
elders of Israel 

annearod unu) all the people. 
^ ir And there came a nreout fr«Mn before the 
Loan, and consumed uix>n the altar the bunu- 
olferlng and the fat : lehick when all the iieo|*lc 
saw, iliey shouted, and fell on their fucesT^ 
AWo* and Miku Snmt. 
{A NDNadabaad Abibu^he8onsofAaron,looli 

*J Andliatald unto Aaron, Take thee a young calf jnL either ofthein his censer, and put Are therein, 
for a siii-ofl*ertng, and a ram for a bunit-ofiering, 'and put incense thereon, and oflcred stranire lire 
without Memish, and otTer them before the Ijoan. Ilicfore the Loan, which he commanded then: noi. 

:t And unto tlie eliildren of Israel thou shalt S And there went out fire from the T^oan, and 

3 leok, saying, Take ye a kid of tlie goats for a devoured them, and they died before the I^an. 
u-oaerUig; and a calf and a lamb, katk of tlie I 3 Then Moses said unto Aaron, l^his is it tl:at 
first year, without blemish, for a bumt-offuring ; jthe Lonn 8|iake, saying, I will be sanctiffed in 

4 Also a bvllock and a ram fur peace-olIbriitff8,lthem fhtit come nigh me, and before aN the itoo- 
IM sacrifice before the Loan ; and a meat-oflcr-lpte I will iHiglorlfi*^. And Aaron held bis peace, 
lug loingkd with oU: for to-day the Loan will 4 And Moses called Mlshael and Elzaidian, ilio 
appear unto you. tons of Uzaiel the uncle of Aaron, and said uituj 

5 And thc^ brought that which Moses com- tlieni, Come near, carry your brethren from bo- 
mai|ded before the tabernacle of tlie congrega- fore the sanctuary out of the camp. 

Uon: and all tlie congregation drew near and- 5 So they went near, and carried tliem In thi-lr 
Maod befbre tlie l^oan. 'coats out of the caiitp ; as Moses had said. 

And Hoses said, This is the thine which the G If And Moses said unto Aaron, and unto Glea- 
Loan commanded tliat ye should &: and thoxnr and unto Ithiunar, his sons. Uncover not your 
glory of the Loan shall appear unto you. heads, iieitlicr rend your clothes; k»i ye die, 

7 And Moses saM unto Aaron, Go unto tlw al-'and lest wrath come up<m all the ixHipIv : tott 
tar, and oflbr thy sin-offering, and thy biim«-uf-|tot your bretliren, the wliote house of Israel,^ h« ' 
faring, and make an atonement for thyself, and wall the burning whteh the Loan hatli kindled. 

for Uie people : and ofier the offering of tlie fieo- 

Jle,,aiui make an atoneiuoiH for tiieui ; as the 
<oan commanded. 

8 II A arou therefore wcutunto tlie altar, and slew 
the calf of the shi offering, which toos for himseir. 
tt And the sons of Aaron brought tlie blood unto 
hiui : and lie dipped his finger in tlie blood, and 
put a upon the Imms of the alur, and poured 
out tlie blood at the bottom of the ahar : 

10 But tlie fat, and the kidneys, and the caul 
aboa» the liver of the sin-offering, he burnt upon 
the altar; as the Loan coiumaiuled Moses. 

1 1 And the flesh and the hkte be burnt with fire 
witliout tlie camp. 

12 M And he slew the bunit-offerlng ; and 
Aaron*s sons iHresented unto him tlie blotal, which 
hv Hpriiikted roimd about u|>on the alDir. 

13 And they presented tlie buntt-offeriiis nnto 
hull, with the pieces tlmreof, and the head: and 
he burnt them upon the altar. 

14 And hedM wash tliehiwardsand theleg8,and 
burnt ikem upon the bumt-offerlngon tlie attar. 

7 A ltd ye shall not go out froui the door of the 
tabernacle of the eoiigr^ation, lest ye die : for 
the anointing oil of the Lord ie upon you. A nd 
they did according to tlie word of Moses. 

H ir And the Loud spake luito Aanm, saving, 

9 1)0 lUH drink wine nor strons drink, thou, 
nor tliyAins witli thee, wlien ye gninto the taiier- 
nacie of tlie congregation, lest ye die : it ehall be 
a statute fur ever throughout your generations: 

10 And that ye may put difference iH^tween holy 
and unholy, and between unclean and clean ; 

11 And that ye may teach the children of Israel 
all the statutes which tlie Lord liath ff)>okeu 
unto tlieni by the hand of Moses. 

13 II And Moses spake unto Aaron, and unto 
Eleazar and unto Ithmuar, his sons that were 
lel\. Take the meut-nfiTeriiig that remnlnetli of the 
offeringsof the IjfiRjtmadehy fire, and vat it with- 
out leaven beside the ahar : for it ie uioxt holy : 

13 And ye shall eat it in the liuiy niace, because 
It t« tliy due, and Uiy sons* due, of the sacrifices of 
the Lord made by Are: for so I am commanded. 

^_ „ lebyftre:f 

15 V And he brought thepeopte*s offering, and 14 And tlie wave-breast and heave-shouldef shall 
tmikihe goat, which leosthe sUi-ofleriug for tlic;yeeat In a clean place; tlion,and thy sons, and 
people, and slew lt,aiuiofiered it for 8in,a8 tlie firat. thy daughters with thee: fortAey lethyduc.and 

16 And he brought the bnrnt-offiBritig, and of- tliy sons* due, which are given ouiof tlicsucrifi- 
fhreil it according to the numner. c<* of peace-offerings of the clUldren of Israel. 

17 And be brought tlm ineat-ofTering, and took 15 The heaveshouhler ami tlie wave-breast 
a handful thereof, and burnt it tipon tlM altar, shall they bring, with the offerings made by firo 
bcniilep Uie burnt-saeriflce of the morning. 'of the fat, to wave it feir a wave-ofH-ring bcfork 

th9 Jstmo ; and k shall be thine, and Iky tOM* 
witii liiee, by a statute for ever; ae tha Loed 
toaih eommanded. 
16 If And Moses dillf(entlv smiflit tlie goat of 
the B^n-oflTcrlnf , and belmki, it was banit : aad 
be was angry witli Eleaxar and Iilitaiar, the 
Bons of Aaron wkiek uer« leA a/nr«, sayinff 

; Wtierefore have ye not eaten the sin-ofibrinc 
in the boly place, seeing it t> most holy, and 
(M bath given it you to bear the iniquity of 
Ibe congrefation, to maJce atonement for tlieai 
be£>Te the Loan? 

18 Behold, the blood of it was not bmuglit In 
arjthin the litAf place: ye should indeed have 
eaten it in the hMy pUee^ as I eouunanded 

19 And Aaron said nnto Moses, Behold, this 
day have they offered tlieir sin-offering, and their 
btimt-olftiriog before the Loan ; and such thints 
hare be/hUen roe : and if I had eaten the sin-oT- 
ering to^ay, should it have been accetHed in the 

90 And when Moses heard tAaf , he was content 


Ofme*U eUtm aad aac^an. 

AND the LoED spake unto Moaes and to 
Aanm, saying unto tlieui, 

2 V Speak onto the children of Israel, saying, 
These are the beasts whidi yc shall eat among 
all the beasu that are on the earth. 

:< Whataaever partctli tlie lioof, and la cloven- 
fooled, and cbcwetii Uie cud among tlie beasts, 
tJiai shall ye eat. 

4 H NevertlielesB, these shall ye not eat, of them 
that chew the cud, or of tlieui that divide the 

» £a» tiiese of thM ye May eai ; The lacnsl 
aAer hia khHl, and the bahl biensl aAer his khML 
and the beetle after his kind, and Uie grasshu|» 
per aner his khid. v r 

33 But all •Osr flyinf creeping things, which 
have four feet, tiUtU kt ui ohnminatiiMi unio yon. 

24 And for the«e ye shall be miclean : wiwrn*" 
ever touchetli tiie carcass of theiu sitall be aii- 
dean until the wtn.. 

S5 And wlioanevcr beareth gmgkt of ibeeai«a» 
of them sliall wash his clotlies,«nd be uadeaM 
until the even. 

26 rhtearet9€s of every beast which dlvldelh 
the hoof and is not cim'en-footed, imr^hevreth 
the cud, ar$ unclean unto you : every one tluil 
toueheth them shall be unclean. 

27 And whatsoever goeth upon his paws, anincg 
all manner of beasts that go on a/< ftair, ihnne 
•r§ unclean unto ynu: whoso toudi^i tb<'ir 
carcass shall be nacleaa until tlie even. 

28 And he that bearetli tlie carcass of iliem 
shall wash his clothes, and be unclean until the 
even : they Ȥ undcan unto yiui. 

29 H Tiiese also tkmU ht unclean unto yon 
among the creeping things that creep u|m>u tha 
eartli ; the weaad, and the mouse, ami tlie tor- 
toise after his kind, • 

30 And the ferret, and the chameleon, and the 
lixard, and the snail, and the moh^ 

31 These ars undcan to yo« among all that 
creep: whosoever doth touch them, when iliey 
be dead, shall be uncteau until tiie e\'en. 

32 And^iipon whatsoever aay of tlietn, when 
tlioy are dead, dotli (all. It sliaN be unclean ; 

hoof: m» the camel, because he dieweth the wliether tt k9 any vessel of wood, or raiment. 

cud. Vat divideth not the hoof; he is undcan 
unto you. 

5 And tlie coney, because he dieweth the cud, 
but di vIdeUi not the hoof; he t« unclean unto you. 

C And the haie, because he diewetli the end, but 
divkleth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you. 

7 And the svrhM), tliough he divide the hoof, 
and be doven-lboted, yet be dieweth not the 
cud ; lie is unclean to you 

I shall ye not touch ; they ttre unclean to you. 

9 tr These shall ye eat, of all that ar» In Uie 
watari : whatsoever hath fins and scales in tlie 
watery in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall 
ye eat. 

10 Aad all that have not fins and scales in tlie 
seas, and hi the riven, of all tliat move in the 
waters, and of any living thing which is in the 
water*, they skall bt an abomination unto you : 

IJ They shall be even an abomination unto 
run : ye shall not eat of Uieir flesh, but ye dial! 
nave ihdr carcasses in abomination. 


13 V Ai 

that shall be an abomination unto you. 

nd these ars thsff which ye sluUI have in 
abiNubiatioti among tlie fowls ; Uiey shall not be 
eaten, they an an abomination : The eagle, and 
the ossifrage, and the ospray, 

14 And the vulture, and the kite after his kind ; 

15 Every raven after hb kind ; 

10 And the owl, and the night-hawk, and the 
cuckoo, and the liawk after his kiiul, 

17 And the litthi owl, and the cormorant, and 
the great owl, 

16 And the swan, and the pdlcan, and the 

19 And tJie stork, the heron after her kind, and 
the latiwijig, and the bat. 

ao All fowls that creep, going upon all four, 
shall bs an abomination untp you. 

31 Ytt tliese may ye eat, of every flying creep- 
hig Uiing that goeth upon all four, which have 
mpi ttbove their feet, to leap withal upon the 

or skin, or sack, whatsoever vessd U *c, where- 
in cay work is done, it must be put Into water, 
and it shall be unck:aa uutU the even ; so It shall ' 
be cleansed. 

33 And every eartlien vessd, whoreinto cmy of 
them ftiUeth, whatsoever is In It shall be un- 
clean ; and ye shall break It. 

34 Of all meat which may be eaten, thst on 
which ntcA water coneth shall be nudean : 

8 Of their flesh sliall ye not eat, and their ear- all drink tliat may be dnmk In every such 

vessel, dmll be undean. 

35 A nd every thing whereupon any pari of tlidr 
carcass ftilletJi, shall be unclean : vkelhtr it bs 
oven, or ranges for pots, they shaU be broken 
down: for they ars unclean, and shall be un- 
clean unto you. 

36Nevorthdes8, a fouMain or pit, ^hsrsin thsrt 
is plentv of water, shall be clean : but that whidi 
tnudieth their carcass shall be unclean. 

37 And if any part of llieir carcass fall upon any 
sowing-seed which Is to be sown, It shall be clean. 

38 But if any water be put upon the seed, and 

12 Whataeever hath no fins nor scales In tlie any part of tlielr caicaas fall thereon, it shall b§ 

undean anio you. 

39 And if any beast, of which ye waay eat, die; 
he that toueheth the carcass thereof shall ba 
unclean until the even. 

40 And he that aateth of the carcass of It shall 
wash his clothes, and be undean until the even ; 
he also that btiareth tlie carcass of it shall wash 
his dothes, and be unclean until the even. 

41 And every ereeping thing that creepeth upon 
tlie earth shall bs an abomiaation ; it shall not 
be eaten. 

42 Whatsoever goeth upon the belly, and what- 
soever goetli upon all four, or whatsoever Iwth 
more feet among all creeping thinp that creep 
upon the earth, them ye shall not eat ; for Uicy 
ore an abomination. 

43 Ye shall not make yourselves abominable 
with any creeping thing Uiat creepeth, ueithei 
shall ye make yoursdves uncksan with tliero, 
that ye should be defiled thereby. 

44 For 1 am Uie Jamld your God: ye shaU 


n« jmrifieUimHtf mmtn. 


liierafbre tancdftr j f wu m Uvm , ami .?« tliaU he 
iMly ; for I M» iKNy : ndtlMr tliaM ir« d«Ale yoiir> 
Mtvw wiUi any mMncr sT creeiitiic ttUns thai 
creepeth upon the earth. 

45 For 1 cm tho Lofto that bringeth you np oat 
of the land of Egypt, to bo your God : ye shall 
UMrefore be holy, (ot I «■ holy. 

-46 This iff the fam of ibe beanta, and of the (bwi, 
and of every Hvbif creature that moveth in the 
wateia, and of every civature that creepeth upon 
theearth; * 

47 To make a difference between the unclean 

mud the dean, and between the bcoet that may 

be eaten and the beaA that may not be eaten. 


PurifUatin §/ wnun. 

AND the Loan spake unto Bloaes, faying, 
8 H Speak unto the chndrenof Israel, sayi Bg, 
If a woman have conceived seed, and borne a 
uuincliild: then she shall be unclean seven 
days ; according to the days of the separuUen 
lor her infirmity shall sbo be unclean. 

3 And in the eightli day tlie flesh of his fore- 
skin shall be circumcised. 

4 A nd she shaU then continue In the blood nf her 
IMirifying three and thirty daya: she shall touch 
iHi hallowed thine, nor come into the sanctuary, 
BHtil the days of ner purifying be fulfilled. 

5 But If she bear a maid-ehlld, then she shall 
be unclean two weeks, as In her separation : and 
she Shan continue in the blood of her purifying 
threescore and six days. 

CMiurniiigtkB Uprnf 

8 And <^ the priest see, that bdioid, the scab 
•preadeth In the akin, then the priest shall pro- 
nounce hijn unclean : it t« a leprosy. 

9 When the pia^oe of leprosy is In a man, tliea 
he shaft be brought unto the priest: 

10 And the priest sliall see him : and b(>hnM, 
if the rtslag be white in the skin, and it have 
turned the liair while, and tktrt bt quick raw 
flesh In the riidng: 

11 it to an old leprosy in the skin of his flesh, 
and tlie priest shall pronounce lilm uneleaa, and 
shall not sliut him up : for he it unclean. 

12 And If a leprosy break out abroad hi the 
skin, and the le(frosy co\'er all the skin of kim 
tkat kBtk the plague from his head even to his 
fbot^heresoever tlie priest liMikcth ; 

13 Then the priest shall consider: and behold, 
ifihe leprosy have covered aH his flesh, he slrall 
pronounce Aim clean cAat kMtk the plague : it is 
aH turned whito: he it clean. 

14 But when raw flesh appeareth In lihn, he 
shall be unclean. 

15 And the priest sliall see the raw flesli, and 
nronounce him to be unclean : for Uie raw flesh 
ig undeau : It is a teprosy. 

16 Or If the raw flesh turn again, and be chungsd 
into white, ho shall come unto the priest ; 

17 And the priest sliall see hini : and behold, if 
the plague be turned Into white ; then tlie priei*! 
shall pronounce Aim clean that hath the plague: 
lie is dean. 

18 The flesh also, In wbidi, even in tlte skin 

6 II And when the days of her purifying are; thereof, was a bile, and Is healed, 
fulfilled, Hat a son, or fur a daughter, site slmil | 19 And In the place of the bile there be a white 
bring a lamb of the first year fur a bumt-oflerin^,*riiiinf, or a bright spot, white, and snniewhiM 

and a young pigeon, or a turtle-dove, fbr a sin- 
uAering, unto the door of the tatberaade of the 
emigregation, onto the priest: 

7 Who shall oflbr it before the Loti», and make 
an atonement fl>r her; and she shall l»e cleansed 
I'rum the issue of Iter blood. This is tlie law for 
her ilmi hath borne a male or a female. 

6 And if she be not able to bring a lamb, ilien 
•he shall bring two turtles,or two young pifoona ; 
the one for tlie bumt-oflbring, and the other for 
a sin-oflering: and tlie priest shall make an 
atonement fbr her, and she shaH be dean. 
CHAP. Xill. 
Tokens in discerning the lepresy. 

AND the I«OR» spake unto Moses and Aaron, 

C When a man diafl have In the skin of his 
lliinh a rising, a scab, or bright spot, ami it be in 
ihti 8kiu of his flesh liks the plague of lopros>' ; 
ihiin he shall lie brought unto Aaron the priest, 
or luito one of his sons the iNiests : 

5 And the nriesl shaU look on the Plasiie In Uie 
skin of tlie flesh : and when the hair in the plague 
M turned white, and the plague Insight As deeper 
tlinii the skin of liis fleshy it is a plague of lepro- 
sy : and the priest sliaU look on him, and pro- 
iittuiicc him undean. 

4 If the bright spot be white in the skin of his 
fleMii, and in sight be not deeper than tiie skin, 
and tlte hair Uiereof be not turned white; then 
tlie priest sliall diut up Aim thai haik the plague 
seven days: 

5 And tlie priest shall look en him the seventh 
dny : and beiiold, </'the |ilagiie In his sight be at 
a stay, and Uie pbigue spread not in tlie skin ; then 
ilH! priest shall shut him up seven days more: 

rt And the priest shall look on him agahi the 
seventh day: and behold, t/tlie plague As some- 
what dark, and the plague spread nut in the skin, 
the priest shall pronounce him clean : it is but a 
srah . and he shall wash bis clothes, and be clean. 
' 7 But if the scabspread much abroad in tlie akin, 

i)ter that he hath been seen of the priest for his 
ht fball be worn of the priest again : 

alter that I 

reddish, and It be shewed to the priest; 

50 And if, when tl») priest seeih it, behold, It 
As hi sight lower tlian the skin, and the luiir 
tliereof he turned white; flie priest shall pro* 
netiQce hin luicteftu : it is a plague of tei»rosy 
broken out of the bite. 

51 But if the iNriest laokon It, and behold, titeri 
be no white Imlrs therein, and if It Ae not lower 
than the skin, but As somewhat dark ; tlieii the 
priest simll shut him up seven days : 

Si^ And if it spread much abroad in the skin, 
tlir.t tlie |>rieet shall (ironoiin^' bim unclean : it 
is H plague. 

S3 But if the bright spot stay In his place, end 
spread not, it i« a burning bile ; and the priest 
sliall pronounce him dean. 

124 Or if there be any flesh. Hi the skin whereof 
there ie u hot burning, and the quick flesh tlint 
buriieth have a^white bright siMit, soi^twhat 
reddish, or white ; 

95 Then the priest sliall look npon it : and l»e- 
hold, if the hair in the bright sp<it be turnrnt 
white, and it Ae in sight deeper than the skin : it 
is a leprosy broken out of the burning: where- 
fore the priest shall pronounce him uncbmii : it 
is tlie pliu(ue of leprosy. 

96 But if the priest look on It, and buhold, (A«re 
As no white hair in the brigiit spot, and it be m* 
lower tlian tlie other skin, but Ae somewhat dark ; 
then tile priest sliall diut lilm up seven duyj; : 

37 And thorniest shall look upon hint the seventh 
day : and if it bespread much abroad in iheskin, 
then the priest shall pronounce him uucieau : It 
is the pliuue of leprosy. 

98 And If the bright spot stay in hta idace, and 
spietid not in the skin, but it Ae somewhat dark ; 
it ie a rising of the burning, and the priest shall 
pronounce him clean : for It is an iuAantmation 

99 If a man or woman have a )ilague uiion tlie 
head or the board ; 

30 Then the priest shall see the pla«ue : and be- 
hold, if It Ae in sight demier than the skin, and 
tAerc As in it u yellow thin hair; then the prie« 

iMmsf^ the Upro»!f. 

•iiull prfmfttuice liim uacleaii : it t« a dry scall, 

tven a leprtmy U|K>n Uie fwail or hcwrd. 

:u And it' lite priest look on tlw ^a^ue of the 
scan, and behold, it ^ not in tiglit deeper tiMUi 
iln: skin, and that th^rt U no black hair in k ; 
tlieu tiie iirlvst ahali shut up Aim tku kmth Uie 
plague of the scail seven days : 

3-J And in the seventli day the priest shall look 
mi ilie nlasue : and beiiotd, if the scnll spread 
Rut, atui there be in it no yeJlow ludr, and the 
acall be not in sifht deei>er than the skin ; 

X\ lie sliaU he shaven, bnttbettcall shail he not 
sitave; and the priest shall sliut np him that 
kath Uie scan seven days more : 

CHAP. Z1V. aemitmt ^ l»p^ 

the warp oi" in the wMf, or in Miy thing or skin { 

54 Then the priest shall command that iIn^ 
wash t*« thing wbetein the plagtto u, and b« 
sJiall stmt it up seven days uiore : 

WAndAei • ' 

tliat Jt is was] 

nut changed his eok>ur, and tlie plague . 
spread ; it i$ unclean ; thnn nhatt bum It lu tb« 
Ore ; it i» fret inward, wketktr it ht bare witliin 
or whhout. 

ftO And if the priest look, and tiMiold, the ptactie 
hs somewhat dark after the wu»hin| uf it ; then 
he shall rend it out of the garment, or out of the 

.it And in the seventh day the priest sliall look 
«ii the iicaii : and behold, if tlie scall be not 
spread in tJie sicin, nor 4» in sight deeper tlian 
ttie skin ; then the ivriest shall pronounce hiui 
cl(>an : and he shall wash hisck>tliet?,andbecleaH. 

35 Bnt if the scaU spread much iu Uie skin ailer 
his ^^nsing ; 

36 Tlien tlie priest shall look on him : and be- 
hold, if the scall l>e spread in the skhi, the priest 
sliaU not seek for yellow hair ; lie if unclean. 

vn But if the scan be iu his sight at a stay, and 
tkitt t/iere U black liair grown up Uierein ; tlie 
scaN is healed, he ts dealt : and tJjc priest shall 
pronounce him clean. 

38 If a man abco or a woman have in the skin 
•f llior fiesli bright spots, etstn. white bright spots ; 

39 Then the ^nriefat «hall look : and behold, if 
die kright spots iu the skin of their flesh he dark- 
Mi white ; it ts a freckled siwt that groweih in 
theakh) ; he U clean. 

40 And the man wimsc halp is fallen olT his 
kead, he ia liaid ; ytt is he ctean. 

41 A.nd he tliat bath hi? hair fallen off from the 
pari hi his head toward his face, he is forehead- 
bslii ; yet is he clean. 

43 And If there be in the bald heail, or bakl 
ftirehead, a white ri;ddi!<h sore ; it is a leprosy 
tprung up in his bald head, or his bald foreheiul. 

4.'{ Tlien the priest shall look upon it: and be- 
totd, if the rising of the sore he white reddish 
b his bald head, or in his bald Hnrehead, as the 
Inroey appeareth in tlic skin of llie flesh ; 

(l He Is a leprous man, he is Uiicletui : the priest 
•ball pronounce him utterly unclean ; his plague 
u in bis hocid. 

43 And the leper in whom the jilngue t5, his 
clothes aliail be rent, and his head bare, and he 
ihail put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall 
cry, unclean, unclean. 

4ft An the days wherein the plague shall be In blm 
bejjthall be defiled ; he is unclean : he shall dwell 
atone, withont the camp shall his habitation bt. 

47 The garment also that the plague of 1e}>ro8y 
is in, whether it be a woollen garment, or u linen 

48 Wheilier it he m the warp, or woof, of linen, 
or of woollen : whether in a skin, or in any 

liiin* made otskin : 

49 And it tlie plague be greenish or reddish In 
(he garment, or in the skin, elilicr in iJie warp, or 
hi the woof, or in any thing of skin ; itt« a plague 
of leprosy, and shall be sliewed unU) the priest : 

50 And the priest shall look upon Uie plague, 
«Rd aliut itp it that hath Uie plague seven days : 

51 And he sliali look on the Hague on the sev- 
<«th tiay : if the plagac lie spread In the garment, 
diber in tiie warp, or iu Uie woof, or in a skin, 
T in any work that is made of skin ; Uie plague 
u a rreUliij? leprosy ; it » unclean. • 

Slle ahaJi therefore bum \ittn gunnenc, wliether 

varp ur woof, tn w6<dlen or in linen, or any thing 
sfsklo, wherein the idague is: for it is a IVelUng 

tiisy : it shall be burnt in the lire. 
And If the prhwt shall look, and behold, the 
Ibgnc be uui spread in the isannent, eiUier in 

I up KTen oays more : 
9 priest simll kxdt on the plagoe aOrf 
ished: and behoM, (f Uie plague have 
1 his eok>ur, and the plague be not 

skin, or orn of tlie warp, or out of the woof: 
57 And if it apfiear still iu the garment, eltlier 
it! the warp, or in the woof, or in any uHng ef 

skin; lti«asiireading|>/a^K0.' thou ifialt bum 
that wherein tlie plague is with fire. 

58 And the garment, either H-arp, or woof, or 
wliatsoevcr thing of sklii it he^ wldch tliou shall 
wash, if tlie plague be departed from iliem, then it 
sliall be washed thesecond tiiiie,and shall be clean. 

50 Tiiis is the low of the plague of leproay te 
a garment of woollen or linen, ettlier in the 
warp or woof, or any Uiing of skins, to pronounce 
it clean, or to iironounee it unclean. 
RHes in cUausing the leper. 

AND the Loan s^mkeunto Uoses, saying, ' 
3 V Thh sliall be the law of the leper In the 
day of his cleansing: lie shall be brought unto 
the priest : 

3 And the priest shall go forth ont of the camp: 
and Uie priest shall look, and behoM, (/' the 
phiffue of^leprosy be healed in the leper ; 

4 Then shall the priest comiiiand to take for 
him that is to lie cleansed two birds alive antt 
clean, and cedar-womi, and scarlet, and hysso|u 

ft And Uie priest shall coinmand that one of tlw 
birds be killed in an earthen vessel, over runnhtg 

6 As for the living bird, hesliHlI txtkc It, and the 
cedar-wood, and the scarlet, and the liywop, and 
shall dip them, and tin: living bird, in the blood 
of the bird £Aa< «a« killed over therunningwatHr. 

7 And he shall sprinkle upon him that Is to lie 
cleansed firom Uie lepro^iy seven times, and shall 
pronounce him clean, and shall let Uie living bird 
loose into the open field. 

8 And he Uiat is to be cloaused shall wn»h bin 
clothes, and shave off all his hair, and wat^h 
himself in water, Uiat he may be clean: and af- 
ter that he shall come into the cuhip, and shall 
tarry abroad out of his tent seven days. 

lluiit shall be on the sevenUi day, that he shail 
shave all his Imfr olT his head, and his beard, 
ami liis eye-brows, even all his hair he shall shave 
oif; on^ he jihall wash his clothes, ais«> he shall 
wash ids tiesh in water, and he shall be clean. 

10 And on the eigliUi day he shall take two he- 
lambs wiUiout blemish, and one ewe-himb of Uie 
first year without blemish, and three tenUi-<Ieuls 
of flue flour for a meat-oflering, mingled with 
oil, and one log of oil. 

11 And the priest that maketh Am clean, shall 
preseiit Uie man that is to Iw made clean, and 
those things, before Uie Loan, at the door of the 
tabernacle of the congregation. 

12 And the priest shall take one he-lamb, and 
offer him for a trei>pai»-otferiiig, and tiie log of 
o\\, and \l'ave them for a wave olfering before 
the LoKD. 

13 And he shall slay the lamb in Uie place where 
he shall kill UiHsiii-ofii^rhigand Uie bumt-ofl^ering, 
ill the holy place: for as Uie sln-olfering iV Uie 
pridst*8, $0 is thetrespass-oilcring : it is most holy. 

14 And- the priest shall lake some of the 1«Io«h1 
of the trespass-oflTering, and the priest sliall put 
it upon Uie tip of Uie risht car of him tlw* is lO 

l^in># itf l iywiy fm « !•«««. 


ko etoMMwd, mid uiien Uie UiiibiIi of hit r^ffctlscc itw pingue, timt hH that «# In tlie house te 
'land, and upi« ihecnsai tMcof hiarlfht Tool. Jinh mudcuuclean; and a' ~ • • - - 

l.'i And Umi |irk«t Miall toke «mm uf the I09 oq^n '» 10 M'C tb« bouse : 
oll^ and pour i< iuio this |iaini of liU own leA band : .17 II A nd he shall look on the plague, and be- 

" '»"l«*i ^/* Uie plague *« hi Uie walls «»f the house, 

lil And th<! prh-sishall dip hb richt finier in ilKoil 
Chat i« in hJR lel^ hand, ainl ohnll sprifiklc of tlie 
oil wiih hU Atifer aevfii Uiues berore the Lobd. 
17 And oT ihi: rest of tlic uH that u in his hand, 
•hall the priitft iHit U|ioh ibv tip ol'ilie riglit car 
01' him that la to tie clcnn^'d, nnd upon iJie thumb 
of his rielit liaSil, nnd n|iun the vreat toe of his 
ihihl ftMit, u|iou the ItkMNl of (lie trespass-olleriiii;. 
Id And tile reuiuuut of tlic oil tImt u in the 
|»rl<*st*< hand lie slialt pour uiion tin: head of liini 
*that Is to be cbiausttt : and iim; priest siioll make 
an aioiiement for biai iN'f'ore Ibe Lord. 

19 And the priest sbnil ofler the siu-oiTeriiiff, 
and make an nioncincnt for liini limt is 10 be 
deauacd from his uuckinnness; and olterwurd 
in; shall kiU tlie linrnt-ofreriiig. 
90 Ami the priest istiall oHur ilie buriit-ofl*ering, 
«iid the nicat-ofluriiix upon tlic altar: and the 
priest slinli make an atonement for him, and he 
•liall lie ctean. 

SI And If he ie poor, and cannot get so much ; 
tlieu he slialt lake one lamii/of a trespass-offer- 
Inp to In; waved, tu make an atonement for liim, 
and one teiith-dcul of fine flour mingled with oil 
for a meatuiTerlug, and a log of oil ; 
82 And i\v*l«rtle-doves, or two voung pieeons, 
Bueli as he is able t(t get ; and im one shall be a 
tfin-oirerhiK, and the oilier a burnt oOi'riiig. 
23 And ItSaliall bring tJiem on tlie eiglitli day for 
IiIk cleansing unto tlie priest, unto the door of tlie 
labornacle of the coiigre|;nii<iii, ticfore Hie Lokd. 
S4 And the priest shall lake the Inmbof tiie ires- 
pass ofleriiig, and the log of oil, and the priest shall 
wave lU*'.m for a waveoAering before the Lord. 
STi And he shall kill the Iniob of tlic trei<pas8-of- 
fi'.ring, and the priest sliall taki\ some of Uie blood 
of the iresiiass-oirering, and put i( uiH>n tluj tip 
of il^e ri^ilit oar of him thai is ui liu cleansed, and 
ii|NUi theiluinib of his right hand, and u\Hin the 
great Um: of liis right foot. 
S(i Am! ilie priest shall |tourof Uie oil into the 
puliii of his own lel\ liand. 
'^7 And the nriest shall sprinkle with his fight 
linger gome otthe oil tliat is in his led hand seven 
times before the Lord : 

'i8 And the priest shall put of the oil that U In 
hiiihand, n|ion tlietipof tiie rightear of him that 
is lo be cleansed, and upon the thumb of his 
riglil hand, and ui»on the great toe of iiis right foot, 
U|K)n the placeof the blood ofilie trespass-oirering. 
m) And the rest of the oil tliat ts in the priest's 
hand. In; shall put niion tlie head of him that is 
to lie cleansed, to make an atonement fur him 
before the Lord. 

:I0 And lie shall ofler the one of the tnrtle-doves, 
or (»f the young pigeons, such as lie can get ; 
:U Even such as lie is able to get, the one for 
n sin-oflerhig, and tlie otiier/ora buriit-ofl*ering, 
^^ iiii the meat-oflering. And the priest shail 
make an atonement fur him that is to lie clean- 
sed, i>efore the Lord. 

:I2 This ig ihe law of htm in whom ts the 
^tngue of leprof;y, whose hand is not able to get 
t/iat which jiertaineth to his cleansing. 
'A'A II And the Lord spake unto Moses and unto 
Aaron, saying. 

.'<4 Wlniii ye be come into tlic land of Canaan, 
which I give to you for a possession, and I put 
the plague of leprosy in a house of tlic laud of 
y(nir possession ; 

:t5 And lie that owneth the house shall eome 
and tell the priest^ saying, Itseemetli to me there 
ig as it were a i^lague in the liouse : 
.% Then tlie priest sliall command Uiat they 
empty tlic house, before the priett go 111(0 t( to 

with holknv' streaks, greenish, or reddish, whieh 
hi sicht «re kiwer than the wall; 

38 Then tite priest sliall go out of the house to 
the door of tlie house, mtd shut up the hom«e 
seven dnj's. 

.TO And tlie priest shall amie acain thesevcmh 
day, ami shall look; and behold, if ih« {lUigua 
l»e s|ir<>ad in the walls of tlie lioii^ ; 

40 Then the priest shall command that (hey 
lake away the stones in which tlie plague is, and 
they shall easttiieni into an unclean pisicewitb- 
oiii the city: 

41 And iie sliall cause the house to be scraped 
within round about, and iln^y sliali pour out the 
dust timt tliey scrape ofl* without the city inlo 
an iinch>an place : 

42 And they shall lake other stoneis and put 
thevt in the place of those stonea ; and he sliull 
i.'ike other mortar, and shall plaster tin; lioui«e. 

4*1 And if tlic plague come again, ami break ont 
in tlie house, ailer that he Imtli taken away the 
stones, and al\er lie haUi scraiied the house, and 
after it is pl.-istercd ; 

a Then the priest shall come and biok ; nml 
U'liold, if the plague l>e spread in the hoiiMr, it 
is a freiling leprosy in tlie iiouse: it is unclean. 

4o And he shall break down the house,! In; sum<« 
of it, and Uie timber UiercHif, and all the mortar 
of ilie house: and he f^hall carry tA«wforUi out 
of the city uito an unclean place. 

46 Moreover, he that got ih into the hon«e all 
Uie wliile that it b shut i|p, shall be M»chfau . 
until the even. 

47 And lie thatlieUi inilie house shall wasHms 
cloihcs : and iie that eateth hi Uie house shaU 
wn.'jh his cliHlics. 

48 ir And if the priest shall come in, ami look 
vpoH itf and behold, the plague hath not spread 
ill the house, aAer Uie house was plastered : tlicn 
the priest shall pronounce Uie house clean, be- 
cause Uie plasue is healed. 

4i> And he sTiall take to cleanse the house two 
birds, and cedar-wood, and scarlet, and hv^sop: 

50 And lie sliall kill Uie one of the birds' In an 
earthen vessel, over running water: 

51 And he shall take the cedar- wood, and the 
hyssop, and the scarlet, and the livhig bird, and 
dip Uiem in the blood of the slain bird, and in 
the running water, and sprinkle the house seven 
Uincs : 

52 And he shall cleanse the house with Uic blood 
of Uie bird, and with the running water, and 
with Uie living bird, and with the cedar-wood, 
and wlUi the hyssop, and with Uie scarlet : 

53 Hut lie shall let go Uie living bird out of the 
city Inlo the o|»en fields, and make an atoncmeiu 
for Uie house : and it sliall be clean. 

54 This is the law for all manner of plague of 
leprosy, and scall, 

55 And for the leprosy of a garmcut, and of a 

SC And for a rising, and for a scab, ajid for a 
bright spot: 

57 To teach when it is unclean, and wfien ttt'f 
clean : Utis is the law of lepronr. 


Of untUanness by issues, 

AND the Lord fiiake unto Moses nnd to 
A aron, saying, 
S IT Speak unto the children of Israel, and say 
unto them. When any man hath a running issue 
out of his flesh, beeauge of lUs iasucbe is unclean. 
3 A nd this shafl be bis uncteanness in his Issue t 
whether Ms fleui run with his i»ue, or his flaHi 

TU efuHgtHff ofUeni$ CIIAP. XVI. Tke iugk^itts 

. be stopped from his issue, it iWibundeaiuiefls. (Itar tame tIalllieiliiiolHsr u Uie bml oflMr ivi«- 

4 Ev(Hy be<l wliereoii lie tkili Uiut liatli tlic ration: and wluusoever sbu sitietb u|ionsliiiUb« 
lt»He, b iiiicleaii: aiid ovvry tlaiug wheruoii )iejuiiclt>Aii,as tiKj uttcknuineasofJier seiNiratiuiu 
cirtKiJi, sliuii tM! iiiicican. | S7 And wlKMoever uiuetieth tiiiise tiiiiigtf shall 

5 And wlKteiocver toiicheth \m bed, shall wash |be uiM'l*taii, and shall wash Idselofbes, mul loiiH) 
hUckiUies, and hatht: himself In. water, aitd IfcJA/M^f^^iii water, aud be u»ct««ii until ihecvtm. 
unclean until tlie even. 'iA *^ Rut if slie be cleansed of ber i«iue. tlie« 

6 Aud lie tliat sittetJi on any thing whereon he 8iic lUiail iiundNrr to hersdf itsveii days, and alkr 
i^i Uiat hatii the m\xt% 6\\9\\ wash his clothes. tthnttiht* siiall lie clean. 

m\ buttui Atm^e^' in water, and Ite unckaii uutil{ 2!t And on tlie eighth day she shall take unto 
Uie even. ilier two tunles, or two yoniit; |%Mnis, aud brim| 

7 And he that toucbeth the flesh ofhhn that tiiem unto the priest, to tin: do<»rvl'tbe tabernacle 
haih Uie li6Q«^ shall tvash his clothes, and bailie or the coiiere^thiu. 

kimadf in water, and be unclean until the even. HQ And the priest shall oflTer the one /sr a sln- 
H And irhellMtiiaththe issue spit upon him that 'oH'erlnjf, aiui the other /vr a bunit-<»flerlng ; mmI 

bi iU;ai.i ; tiien heshall wash his ciothes, and batlie 
kiwfetf in water, and be unclean until the even. 

VI And what saddle soever he ridelh upon that 
haih the issue, shall be unclean. 

lU And whosoever toucheth any thing that was 

Uie priest diall niakc an atoneuicnt for her be- 
fore Uie l*oRo for tlie Issue <»f her nudeaDneM. 
^\ Thus shall ye separate tiie children of Israel 
fVnui thebr uncleainieifs: tliat they die not in tlieir 
juncleanness. wlicu I lu:y dolUo ray tabernacle thai 
under hint, shall be (uiclean until tlie even: and *'« arnon)2 thent. 
he tliat beareth any a/ those things, shall wasli 33 This is the law of-liini that hath an issue, 
liii» cloUies, and bathe himself in water, and be.nnd o/ Aim whose seed j^tii from hiui, aud \k 
unclean until the even. dclifed therewith ; 

\l Aud wliomsoever he toucheth that hath tlie 33 Aud of Iter that is sick of her flowers, and 
Issui; (aud hath not rinsed his hands In water) of liiiii tliat hath an issue, of the nuui. aud (A 
be «\mll wash bis clotlies, and bathe hivadf iiilthe woman, and of hUii that iletii with her that 

warcr, and be unclean until the even. 

U Ami the vessel of earth that lie toucheth 
nliich hatiiihc l^iie, shall be broken: aiidevery 
visNd of w(hn1 shall be rinsed in water. 

13 V And wheuhe that haih an issue is cletinsed 
'ef his issue ; tlnjii he sliall number to hinisiilf ' 
cevcu days for hiscleatising, and wash hisclothes, 
andtiaihc his flesh in running water, audsliall 
bo clean. 
' M And on the cii^hih day he shall take to him 

is uncluin. 

The saet'ifiut of atonement. 

AND thc.l«eRn «ipnke unto Mosetafker tlie 
deatli of tiie two sons of Aaron, when Uiey 
otfered iicforc the Loan, and died : 
S And the Loan said unto Moses, Speak unto 
Aaron tliy brotlier, tliat he couw not at all times 
into the holy place witlilii lite vail, before tlie 
zncrcy-seat, which ie upon the ark ; tiiat he die 
two iiirtlc -doves, or two young pigeons, ami coniu! not: for twill appear In the clotid upon the 
keCfttK the l.0Ri>, unto tlie door of the tabernacle nierey-seau 

of tin- coii;<regation, and give theiu unto tlic priest: 3 M Thus sli.tll Aaron come Into the holy place : 
l!i A'ut\ ilie \irit.'st sliall ofler them, tlie one /or with a young buUock for a siu-olferiiig, and a ^ 
a sin-otferin!!,andiheother/«ra burnt-otfering; ram for a burnt-oflering. 

aud tlie iH-itait shall make an atonement fur hiui 
Iw'ibre the Jmrd for his issue. 

16 And if any man's seed of copulation ?o out 
from him, then hesltall wash all his tlesh in water, 
aud be unclean until the even. 

17. And evoty garment, and every tkln wliereon 
Is the seed f»f cO(>ulaiiou, shall be washed with 
water, and be unclean until the even. 

18 llie woman ak$t> with whom man shall lie 
with seed of copulation, lUey shall both bailie 
themselves in water, and beundean until iheevcn. 

19 ^ And if a woman have an issue, and her 
is«e ill her flesh be bk>od, she shall be nut apart 
seveto days : and whosoever touclielli iter shall 
be unclean until the even. 
- 90 And every thing that slie licih upon in her 
separatKm shall be unclean: every thing also iliat 
•lie sitteth upon sliall be unclean. 

31 And whusoever toucheth her bed shall wasli 
hisclothes, and bathe Atmse^f in water. aud be 
Niiclean until the even. 

29 Aud whosoever toucheth anything that she 
sat opou shall wudU his clothes, and bathe hiia- 
sdf'in waiter, and be unclean until the even. 

93 And If it ire on ktr bed, or on any tiling 
wliereon she siiteih, when ho touchelii It he 
•hall be unclean until the even, 

84 And if any man lie with her at all, and her 
fto%vef8 foe upon him. he sliall lie unclean seven 
days : and all the bed whereon he lleili shall be 

%5 And If a woman have an issue of her blood 
aiany days out of the time of her separation, or 
If it run beyond the time of bar separation ; aH the 
days ofthe issue of her uncleanness shall be as 
Ike days of her separation ; the shM be unclean. 

jM Every bed whereon slie lletb all titc days of.moiiy, that he die not. 

4 lie sliall put. on the lioly linen, aud he 
shall have tlie linen breeches upon his flivli, and 
shall be girded with the Ihien girdle, and with 
tlie linen mitre sliall he be attired : these are h«ily 
garuients; tiierefore shall he wash Ids flesli ia 
water, and so put them on. 

5 And he shall take of tiie congregation of tlie 
children of Israel two kids of tlie goats for a siu- 
olfcriiiff, and one ram for a burnt-oflering. 

6 And Aaron shall offer his bullock of the sin- 
otferina, which >s for himself, and make an atone- 
ment tor himself) and for his house. 

7 And he shall take.tlie two goats, and present 
them before the Loan at the door of tiie tabcrna 
cle of the ctmgregation. 

8 And Aaron shall cast lots upon tlic two goats; 
one lot for tlie Lord, and tlie other lot for the 

9 A nd Aaron shall bring the goat upon which the 
LoRn*8 lot fell, and ofler him for a sin-ofiering. 

10 Hut the goat on which the lot fell u> be tlie 
scape-goat, sluUI be presented alive bctbre tlie 
Lord, to make an atonement with him, and to 
let him go for a scape-goat into the wihierness. 

1 1 \\ Aud Aaron siialT bring the bullock of the 
sin-ofl'ering, widch is for himself, and sliall make 
ail atonemeiit for himself, and for his house, and 
shall kill tlie bullock of the sin-oflTering which is 
for himself: 

12 And he sliall take a censer full of burning * 
coals of lire from ofl^tho altar before tlie Lord, 
and his hands fiUl of sweet hicc)rae beaten small, 
and bring it within tlie vail : 

13 Aud he shall put the incense U{ion the Are 
before the I<ord, that the cloud of tlie incmise 
may cover tiic mcrcy-seai that is uptm the tosti- 


J%i i fp t /wa t 


li Ami he stiall take oftlie Uond of the bttUo^, 
and fiHinkle it with his Angur upmi the nercy- 
wut eaMwiird : and before the mercjr-ieat ihall he 
MNriiikle nf the blood with hb finger seven timet. 

15 H Then sliall he lUII the goAtof the tln-ollcr- 
his that M for the poopte, and bring hi« blood 
WhMn the vail, and do with that blood as lie did 
with tlie bkiod oTthe bullodc, and sprinkle it upon 
tiie ttiercy-SL'ai, and before the niercy-eeat : 

' 16 And he slmU make an atonement for the 
Jmly flace, beffiuse of tlie uucleanness of tlie 
cliHdiien of Israel, and because of their trans- 
gvcssions in all their sins: and so shall he do for 
tile mbemacleof the eougregation that remaincUi 
among them in the midst of their uncleanneas. 
17 And there aliall be no man in the tabernacle 
of the congregation when he goeth in to make an 
•toiiemcnt in tite holy plau^ until he come out, 
and have made an atonement for liiniaelf, and 
Ibr his household, and for all the congregatioii 
of Israel. 

16 And he shall go out unto the altar that is 
before the Lord, and make an atonement for it ; 
and shall take of the blood of tlie bullock, and 
of itie bkiod of Uie goat, and put it upon tlie 
boms of the altar round about. 

19 And he shall Hfirinkteof the blood upon It whh 
liis finger seven times, aiiil cleanse it, and hal- 
low it from the uncleaunea of the children of 

30 11 And when he hath made an rud of reconci- 
ling the holy jtlaee^ and the tabernacle of the con- 

Mb^i ki^ni Mt tki H^tntuk 

the atoneaMnt, and shall put on the linen clotlie^ 
nen the holv garments : 

33 A nd he snail make an atonement for the hdty 
sanctuary, and he slialt make an atomanent for 
the tabernacle of the congregation, and for the 
Altar: and he sliall make an atonrment for the 
priests, and for all the people of the congregation. 

34 And this shall be an everlasting statnte unto 
vou, to make an atonement for the children of 
Israel for all thnir sins once a year. And lie did 
as the Lord commanded Moaes. 

Bto0d forbutden to be eaten. 

AND the I^RD spake unto Moses, saying, 
S Speak unto Aanin, and unto his sons, and 
unto all the children of Israel, and say unto 
Uieni, This is the tiling which the Loan hat)i 
commanded, saying, * 

3 What man Kocver there be of the house ^t 
Israel, tliat kllleth an ox, or lamb, or goal in the 
camp, or that kilietli it out of tlie camp, 

4 And bringeth it not unto the door of tlie lal»«>r- 
nncle of the congregation, to oflTer au ofl*ering nuto 
the Lord liefore tlie tabernacle of the Lord : 
biooil shall be imputed unto that man, he hath 
shed blood ; and tuat man shall be cut ofi^ froui 
among his people: 

5 To tlie end that th^ children of Israel msiy 
bring their sacrifices which they ofltT in the 
o|ieii field, even Uiat they may bring them unto 
the Lord, unto the door of the tabernacle of tlie 
con^egation, unto tlie priest, and offer t^pm /or 

gregation, attid the ahar, he shall bring tlie live peace-oflerings unto tlie Lord. 

goat : 6 Aad the priest shall sprinkle the blood upon 

21 And Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the the altar of the Lord at the door of the taber- 
headoftlie live goat, and confoss over him all the nacic of the congregation, and burn tlie fat for 
iniquities of the children of Israel, and all then a sweet savoiii unto tlio Lord. 
transgressions in all their sint, putting tlicm ujion 7 And they shall no more ofier their sacrifice* 
the head of the goat, and shall send him away by unto devils, afler whom they have gone a wlior- 
the liand of a At man into the wilderness : ing : This shall be a statute for ever unto tlieni 

02 And tile goat shall bear upon him all their throughout tlieir generations, 
iniquities unto a land not inhabited: and he 8 V And tlioushalt say unto them. Whatsoever 
shuil let go the goat in tiie wilderness. J man there be of tlie liouse of Israel, or of tho 

93 And Aaron sliall come into the tabemade of strangers which sojourn luuong you, that ofller- 
tlie congregation, and shall put ofl^thc linen gar- cth a burnt-offering or sacrifice, 
nients which lie put on when he went into the 9 And bringeth It not unto the door of the 
holy plaee^ and snail leave them there: tabernacle of tlie congregation, to ofler it imto 

24 And he shall wash his flesh with water in the Lord ; even that man shall be cut off rr<ijn 
the Itoly place, and put on hhi garments, and among his people. 

come forth, and oflbr nis bunit-oflbring, and the 10 M And whatsoever man tJUre be of the hoti^ 
burnt-offenug of the people, and make an atone- of Israel, or of tlie strangers that sojourn among 
meiit for hinu«lf, and for the people. you, tliat eatetli any manner of Mood ; I will even 

25 And the fat of the sin-offering idiall lie bum set my face against tliat soul tliat euteth Uocid, 
uiH>n the altar. and will cut him off from among iiis peopley 

26 And lie that let go the goat for the scape- 11 For the life of tlie flesh is in the blood r and 
eoat shall wash his cbthes, and bathe his flesh I have given it to you upon the altar, to make 
in water, and afterward come into the camp, an atonement for your souls : for it is lAe blood 

Vi And the bullock fvr tlie sin-ofl^iring, and that maketh an atonerociii for the soirf. 
the goat for the sin-onhring, whose blood was IS Therefore I said unto the childreA of larael, 
brought in to make atonement in the holy pluesj No soul of you shall eat blood, neither aliall any 
BhaH one carry forth witliout tlie camp ; and striAger that sojourneth among ^u eat blood. 
th<>y shall burn in the fire their skins, and Uieir 13 And whatsoever man therf be of the dill- 
flesh, and their dung. dren of Israel, or of the strainers that ardourn 

28 And he that bumeth tliem sliall wash his among you, which hiinteth and catchetfa any 
clothes, and bathe his flesh In water, and after- beast or fowl that faiay bc^saten; he shall even 
wardJn shall tome into the camp. pouroutthe blood thereoi;and cover it witli dust. 

29 fAnd this shall be a statute for ever unto 14 For it ts tlie life of all flesh, tlie bhiod of U 
ynu rrlPat in tlie seventh month, on tbo tenth is for the life tlicreof : therefore I said unto tiie 
day of the month, ye shall afflict your souls, and children of Israel, Te shall eat tlie blood of no 
do no work at all, vhetker it be one of your own manner of flesh : for tlie life of aH flesh is the 
couiury, or aetranget tiiat sojoiurneth ajuong you! blood thereof: whosoever eaietli it shall be cut off. 

SfTor on that day shall the priest make'an^ 15 And every soul that eateth tliat which died 

uBbement for you, to cleanse you, that ye may 
be dean (Vom ail your sins before the Lord. 

31 It shall b$ a sabbath of rest unto you, and 
ye shall aflllet yonr soula by a statute for ever. 

32 And the priest whom he shall anoint, and 
whom iie shut! consecrate to minister in the 
\vicaVs oifice in his ful]icr*9 dtead, shall make 

«f itself ^ or that whh:h was torn with heatu, 
{whether it be one of your own couMry, or a 
stranger) he sliaU both wash his €l»Niea, mad 
bathe himself in water, and be uucleao until Un 
even : then shall he be clean. 
16 But if he wash am not, nor bathe hit teth ( 
then he ahall bear hii iniquhy. 


Of mnlaw/ul m^^Ug€*^ 4re. 

AHU Uui Lono ipatus imu) Motet, li^riJiCf 
8 Mfmatk unto the chililruu of br^ ami 
«»]r unto Uienif I «//> tht Lord your God. 

3 After tbe doings of tlie land of Efypt wber^ 
ye dwell, shall yc not do : and after the doings of 
tlie i.-md of Canaan (vhitber I bring yoa. sho^ ye 
uol do: Mtdtber sliall ye walk iu their mrdliuiDcaf . 

4 YeshaOdo my judgments, and keepmhuordi- 
Mucea, to walk tiiereiu : I «» the Lord your God. 

5 Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my 
judgments : which if a man do, he ihaU Ut« iu 
litem : I tm the Lord. 

6 IT None of you shall approndi to auy Uut U 
near of kin to him, to uucover their nukeduims : 
! am the I^rd. 

TUe uakediwss of thy father, or the aaki-d- 

the land ibne, wiuch apfr« Mbn you, Mi« tke 
lanti if drtiied ;) 

1» That the laad spue not ymi OM also, ivWA 
ve defile it, as U spued out the aaiioiis Um( ««M 
Duforf^ you. 

20 Foi wliosoever siian enmMk any ©f rtiew 
r^omiiiaitoue, evM the souls that eoMmit gkm 
sliaU be eutor from ameim their pcopto. 

3U Therefore skaH ye keep aihie ordioaMa, ihiH 
yfconunltnotaayeMOfthefleaboMiiiaMecu*' - 
loiui, whieh were eouwained Mbra you, and 
that yu doiUa ikm youoelvei tbetcia : 1 asiihe 
Loaa your God. 

.^•vpefi tis» •/ notiry Urn*. 

AND ilie l«oR» spako unio Musee, sayine, 
iiS|ieak unto all the eauiragation m' lUs 
cliiidrvn of fsraul. and say unto them, Ye sliail 

nessuf iby luuther, shall thou i:ol uHr4>ver : irlie is ; w*. lioly : for I the Loaa yaur God a» Mly. 
UiV mother, tliousiialt not uncover her uakediiess. I U 1i Ve >hull fear every uiaa his toother 

6 'J'iM!uakcdiiessoftli]( father's wife shall tJtou]hi4 father, :i:mI keep uty laMtalhif 1 aai the 
not H.icovcr; it u- thy tather's nakeduoto. iJ<i»iui your (iud. 

9 l*he luvkediiesd of thy sister, tl)e daughter of 4T(tru ye not uuto idoUi,noriiiako|oyotuselv«« 
thy f^tfhKr, or d«iughtcr of Uiy mother, wketlur nuiiten god^ : I «m liie Lord your God. 
gke be horn »i home, or bom abroad, cv*n llieir '^ '^ ^"'* "' ••* "*'*'- " —-- *« — r^^^ ^ 
uukcdncis ihoxt sli&U not uucover. 

10 TIk iiakvdiiciia of thy ^mi's duughicr, or of 
tity duugliter's daughter, eocn their nukeducAi 
tliou tiuili not uocQver : fur tlieirs it lUiue owo 

li Thu nakedness of thy father's wife's daugh 
U'r>>teBoitca of thy father, (she u thy tisicr) 
i/inuWalt nut unc4»ver her nakediieifs. ^ 

IS Tifou Fiiatt nol uncover ii)R iiakLHliiess of Iciweit tiling of the Lord 
thy father'a sifter : slie is Uiy fjiiher's near kiiis- 

5 ir And if yeodbr asaerifice _. ^ ^ 

liuiu the Lord, ye shall ofler H at >-o«r own will. 

(i It skiU be eaten the same day ye aOef it. 
and on the morrow : and if aught remain ttmil 
Uie third day, it shall ba burnt In the Arc 

7 Aud,if it be eaten at all ou thb third day, it 
t« abouHuable ; it stiall not be accepted. 

8 Tlwrefore «v«ry ««# that eatetb it shall bear 
Mils iaiquity, because he hath Motkned the hul- 

aadtliat soul shall be 

n Thiut sIiaTt iKit uncover the nakeiUiess ofrtljou slialt nol wholly reap the eornav of thy 
lit' ntiwhi.r's etftiitr ■ f<>r aikA .a >iiw ttnith^r'a it.vjr jield, ueither sluilt thou ffuihuf tlio claaaiBBi of 

tliy harvest. 
10 And tl4ou Shalt not glean thy vineyard, net* 
iher shall lliou gather ev$ry gropeof thy vifK' 
yar4t ; thou sluill h^ve them for tlie poor aud 

tlty niothur's aisiur : for site i» tiiy mother's near 
liimnvomau. ■ 

14 Thuu shaH not uncover the iiakedness of 
t!iy failicr's brother, ihim shult nol appro;ich to 
his wife: she m thine auni. 

15 TlKrti shall not uucover the nakedness of 6iraii«;cr: I an the Lord your Got*. 

thy dau/ehtur-inhiw : she tV thy son's will', Uiou, 
fliaft not uucover her nahediiuss. 

It! Tltoi; iUialinoi nncover the nakedness ofiliy 
trotficr'^ wife : il is thy broUier''d nakednosis. 

17 Vhtm diialt not uncover the uukedite^ of a 
woiiuut and her dauiflitcr, iteitiier siiatt thou lake 
h'Y wn'^ dau-rlilvr, or Iter daughter's duiigtuur, to 
uitcovcr her nakeduns^ ; for Uiey are her near 
LiUi<wumen : it is wickedneas. 

Vi N«;lllt«!r shall thtm take a wife to^ her tti^ler, 
!" vex Ac/-, to luicuvcr hur nakednotss, bcjiitles tlie 
wlii'r ill lier tiii»-£«i/«. 

VJV. Aliu tliuu vlialt not approach untoa wf^Vian 
Iu uncover licr'hakedni.'ss, :i!i long as she is put 
apart for hvr luitlf aunos*. 

•J9 Wftn?«»vi'r, tliou lih.iU uol lie carnally with thy 
Jif^hbour'* wiJV, to dettlii ihyitelt' with Jior. 
?l Aiul thou sliati not let any of tliy seed pa!?s 
r'lnMi^i fhe Jirc to Molech, neither slialt ttiou 
jTofan*; the nauiu of thy (Jod : I ain the Lord. 
^ I'fiou lilialt not lie witii niuiikiud, us with 
KiMiiankind : il is alutminution. 
23 Neillii.r slia'i ilinii He wiili any beasi in defiln 
ihydelfthennvittr.nuitlier shall any woman stand 
!8'lbr»* a \m!U-i to lit; down thereto : il i.-« conl'nston. 
ai ftiiikU iiotyoyoiirseKv^ inanyof ;lM'.scil!insfs: 
Utr in ail thcj^e liie nations are defiled which 1 
east out bel\»rcyou : 

25 And tl.'e land U dofileil : therefore I do vish 
Ihe iiiSiiuity thereiif uiion it, and 4l« ^ land iuett' 
voniitetJi ouiher inhattitattu. 
36 Ye shall thcnH'oro keep my statutes and my 
iadgniciils, tiiid slinll ttot commit any of tiicae 
aiiRmInaiiot'.s ; nr/tAc*- anj* of your bwii nntkm, 
Mr any svanger that sojourneth ninutig rou : 
t7 (!\)ra1t rtn^c aUinjiiraUons liavc llie men of 

cut oif from auioug his people 
!! And when ye reap tlie liar vest of your hind. 

1 1 Ye sluill not steal, neither deal falsdy, uaithei 
lie one to another. 

IS And ye shall not swear by uiy name iHlse^, 
neitlier siiali lliou profane tiie naime of thy God ; 
1 am ilie Lord. ' - • 

IU Thou shaK uol defraud thy liai|^jfbour, nei< * 
ther rob hiui : the wages oi'hiui ihkt is hired shall 
not ubidu with tliee all night uiiOLihe morntue. 

U I'hou shall not curse the deHf, nor put a 
sinniMiiig-Mock before tlie blind, but shall fear 
thy Ood : 1 am the Lord. 

15 Ve sluill do no uniighieouvtess in jiicLnneiil ; 
ihon Shalt nol resiaxt the {wnsvn of liie poor, uor 
honour the pcrsim of Uieniigliiy: 6jiti» righteous^ 
ne:» shall thou ji:d^e iliy neighbour. 

16 Thou shall not go up aud down as a tale- 
bearer among th v i>euple ; neither slialt thou slaitd . 
against the blood oftliy neitjlibour ; I am the I«ord* 

17 Thou shall not haie Uiy brother in thy heari : * 
thou shah in any wise rebuke thy neiglibour, and 
not sutler sin upon him. > - 

18 Thou shaU not avenge, nor bear any grudge 
.igaiiuii the children of thy people, bui thou ehalt ' 
love thy neighbour as iliyself : I am tlie Loud. 

19 Ve shall keep luy statutes. Thou sliait not 
let thy caiUe gender with a diverse kind : Thon 
shall uoi sow thy field with luiiu^led sei:d : nei- 
ther shall a garment mliigied of lineu and wool- 
Ujn coaie upon iliee. 

90'And whosoever tii>rh carnaUy with a wiutmn 
that is a bond-maid beliotlied lo'a husband, and 
not at all redeemed, nor (Veeilom given her ; sUti 
shaU be scourged : tin.'y shall not be put to death, 
because she was not rfw5. • 

^ And he shall lirin? his trespass^fft*rlHg unto 
the Lord, unto the door of the taberhadeof the 


•MfNfatiMi^ torn a ntm for « trc9pM»-olferiii|;. 

9S And the |H-icst sIhUI uiak*; an atouenteiit Air 
him whh the roiM of the truspaM-otfeiing before 
Mie Imwh fiir hw iiiit whicli he hnth done ; and 
Uiejdu witicJi lie iiath done shall be forfiven him. 

93 IT And wlMh ye «hall coine into the land, and 
' Kball have ptauted all manner of trees for food ; 
then }'e shall count tlie Aruit tliereof as uncircum- 
eised : three years shall it be as uncircunicised 
unto you : it shall not be eaten of. 

^iutterf mnd Hutu. 

10 V And the man that eoniDiiuetli adultery 
with another man's *vlf«;, eten he thateoniiuitteth 
adultery with his neiplibour's wife, tiie adulterer 
and tlie adulteress shall surety be put to deaili. 

1 1 IT And the man thai lieth with his father** 
wife hath uncovered his father's nakedn&w: 
both of them shall surely be put to death : their 
bk>od thallbe upon titehi. 

13 And if a man lib with his dnughter-in-lnw, 
both ol'tlieni siinll surely be put to dcatli: tlioy 

'Hi But in the fourth ytfar all the fruit thereof have ¥rrought confusiou ; Uieir blood shall be 

shall be holy to praise the Lord withal. 
35 And in the QAh year shall ye eatof thefhilt 

thereon that it may yield unto you the increase 
tliereor: f im tlie IibRi> your God. 

36 ir Ye sluili not eat anv Uingv/ith thehkxMi 
n^tlier aliali ye use enchaiitntent, oor observe 

37 Ve shall not round the comers of your heads, 
neither sludt thou mar the comers of thy beard. 

98 Yc shall not make any cuttings in your flesh 
fur the dead, nor print any marks u|x>n you : 1 
aw the Lord. 

39 IT Do not prostitute thy daugliter to cause 
her to be a wiiore: lest the land f:UI to whore- 
dom, and tlie hind become full of wickedness. 

3(Mi Ye shall keeji mv sabbaths^ and reverence 
my sanctuary : I am the Lord. 

'M V Regard not them that have familiar spirits, 
mijlher seek afler wizards, to be defiled by Uiein : 
1 tm the Lord your Goil. 

33 IT Thou slialt rise up before the hoaiy head, 
and Iionour the face of tlie old man, and rear thy 
God: 1 am the Lord. 

:|3 ir And if a stranger sojourn with thee in 
your land, ye shall not vex him. 

:t4 5«t the stranger that d welleth witli you sliall 
be unto you asoneborn among you, and thou shall 
loVc him OS thyself; for ye were strangers in the 
laml of iBgyiit: I am Uie Lori> your God. 

:)5 IT Ye shaU do no unrighteousness in judg- 
ment, ill mete-yard, in weight, or in measure. 

30 Just balances, Just wcishts, ajust ephiih, and 
A Just hill shall ye have : 1 am the Lord your 
Opd, which bnmght ymi out of the land of Egypt. 

rn'l'herefore shall ycobsorvealliny giatuies, and 
all my judgineuts, and ilo them : 1 am the Lord. 
~ CHAP. XX. 
Ji repetition of sundry laws. 

AND the Lord spake unto s]o<»e8, saying, 
8 ir Again thou slialt say to tlie children of 
Israel, Whosoever he be of tlie children of hracl, 
or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that 
giveth any of his seed unto Molcdi, he shall 
surely be put to deatli : tlie p^ple of tlie hind 
c>hall stone him with stones. 
3 And I will set my face against that man, and 
will cut iiiin ofl' from among his people ; because 
lie Imth given of his seed unto Motecb, to defUe 
my siuictnnry, and to proftme my holy name. 
, 4 If And If the people of tiie laud do any ways 
hide their eyes from Uie mUn, when he giveth 
of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not ; 

5 Then I will set my Hice against that man, and 
agaiust his family, and will cut hhn oflT, and all 
that go a whoring afWr him, to cuminU whore- 
dom with Molech, fVom tmioug their people. 

6 M And the soul thattumeth Rller such as have 
familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go awhuring 
afler tJiem, 1 will even set my (ac^ against tliat 
soul, and will cut hhn off from amonghis people. 

7 If Sanctify yourselves Uierefore and be ye 
holy : for 1 am the LoRn yoiur God. 

8 Am* ye siuUl keep my statutes, and do Uiem : 
I am thu Lord whic|) sanctify you. 

9 1[ For every one that ciirseth his fatlicr or bis 
inoiher, sliall bo surely put to death : he hath 
cursed his Oither or his moUicr : his blood shall 
ie uMii bin. 

13 If If a man also lie with mankind, as be Wtnh 
with a woman, both of them. have committed an 
abomination : they shall surely be put to deaiii ; 
tlieir blood shall be upon tliem. 

14 IT And if a than take a wife bu6 her mother, 
it »9. wickedness: they shall be burnt with tire, 
both he and they : that there be no wickedness 
among you. 

15 IT And if a man He with a lieast, he shnll 
surely be putto death : and yc shall slay the bciirt. 
' 16 And if a woman approach unto any \tca»i, 
and lie down thereto, thou shaltkill tlie woman 
and the beast ; tliey sliall surely be put to death ; 
their blood shall be upon tlieiu. 

17 And if a man shall take his sister, his father's 
daughter, or his motlier's daughter, and see her 
nakedness, and slie see his nakedness : it is a 
wicked tliins ; and they shall be cut off in tiie 
sight of their peo|)le : he hath uncovered his 
sister's nakedness ; he shall bear his in^uity 

18 ir And if a man shall lie with a woman hav- 
ing her sickne8S,and shall uncover her nakedness ; 
he hath discovered her fountain, and slie hath 
uncovered tlie fountain of her blood : and both or 
them shall be ciit off from among their peoiile. 

19 IT And tlioii shattnot uncover the nakedness 
of thy mother's sister, nor of thy father's sis- 
ter : for he uncoveretli his near ktai : they sliall 
bear their iniquity. 

30 And if a man shall lie wltli his uncle's wife, 
he hath un<^vered his uncle's nakedness : they 
shall bear tlieir siii ; they shall die childless. 

31 And if u man shall take Ids brother's wife, 
it is an unclean thing: he hath uncov(>rcd his 
brother's nakedness; tliey sliall be diiUliess. 

SSlTVe shall therefore keep all my statutes, and 
all my jU4l;nacnts, and do tlietit: that the land 
wldther I bring you to dwell therein, spue you 
not out. 

S3 And ye shall not walk in the manners of the 
nations which 1 cast^out before you : for tliey 
conmiltted all these thuigs, and tiienfore I ab- 
horred them. 

34 But f have said unto you,.Ye shall Inherit 
tlieir land, and I will nive it unto you to iiossess 
it, a land vliat floweth with milk and^ honey : ( 
am the Lord your God, which have separated 
you from other people. 

35 Ye shall therefore put dl^renee between 
clean beasts and uncleah, and between unclean 
fowls and clean : and ye shall not make your 
souls abominable by beast or by fowl.or by any 
which 1 have separated from you as unclean. 

36 And ye shall be holy unto me : for 1 tlie LoRi* 
am holy, and have severed you froni other peo- 
ple, that ye should be mine. 

37 IT A man also or a woman that hath aflimiliar 
spirit, or that is » wizard, shall surely be tnit to 
death: they f hall sumethem with stones: their 
blood shall be upon them. 


OrdittSficM for the priests. 
he Lord said unto Moses, Speak imtu 
. tlie priests the stnis of Aaron, and say unto 

them, There shall none be dclitod for the dead 
among his people : , 

QiAMprimU* mmrming. 
€ Bot tat bis kin, that is 
for h\» mother, aiid for his fatlMr, tuid for lii* 
MM, and for liis daughter, and for his brof tier, 

3 Aad fi>r his sister a virprtnt that is nigh unto 
him, which bath IhuI im» husband : for her may iie 

4 Ifal he shall not defile himself, Miig % chief 
■um among lite |ieople, to profiine lUraeelf. 

h They ehall not make baldness upon their head, 
seither sliall th«y shave offttie ci»rner of their 
keiird. nor make any cuttings in their flesh, 
a V They shaiH be holy unto their God, and not 
profane tlie name of their God : for the oflbrings 
Af the Loan made by fire, «iid the bread.of tliclr 
God they do oflbr: -therefore tiiey sliall be holy. 
71! They Shalt not take a wife L*«lM a whore, or 
profane; neithersliaUtheytakea woman putaway 
from lier hnsbaiid : for lie it holy unto bis God. 

81i Thou shaH sanctify iiim therefore, for Ite 
oflereth the bread of tiiy Go«l: he ihail be lioly 
uato thee: for I tlie Load, which sanctify you, 

9 Aim! the daujcliter. of any |iricst« if slie pro- 
foue lu^rself by playing the whore, sne profaaeth 
her father: the shall be burnt with fire. 
.10 Aiid he that is ilie high priest nntong his 
brelhrea, upon wluwe head tlieaitointiiig olFwas 
poured, and that is consecrated to put on the 
ganacuts, shall not uncover his head, nor lend 

11 neither shall he go in to any detd body, nor 
ddUe hittiaelf for his foUier, or for his mother; 

li Neitlier shall he go out of tlie sanctuary, 
norproftute tlte sanctuary of his God; for tlie 
crown of Uie anointing oil of his God it upon 
bira : I cm the <I<ord. 

13 f And heiimll take a wife in her viiginlty. 

14 A widow, or a divorced woman, orproftme, 
«r a harlot, tliese shall ho not take : but he stuill 
take a virgm of his own people to wife. 

15 Neither shall he profane bis seed among his 
people: for I the Lord dosanetllV hlni. 

16 V And tJie Lord spake unto Moses, saying,^ 

17 8|ieak unto Aaron, saying, Whosoever kt be 
•f thy seed in their generations that Imtii any 
Uetnisb, let him not approach to offer tlic bread 
•f his God: 

18For whatsoever man he (< that hath a blemish, 
he shall not apnroach : a blind man, or a laiue, or 
be that liath a flat noee, or any thing superfluous, 

19 Or a man that la broken-footed, or brokun- 

CIIAF. Xait irie sMy sM M^ iM^t 

that «o«l siMll be OM off IroM my p«mence : I M 

4 What man soever of the teed of Aaron it a 
iMer, or hath a ruaaiaff Issm ; be shafl uot eat 
of the holy thinn,nmi| he be clean. And whosn 
toucheih any thing tUi t« unclean Ay the dead, 
or a man whose seed goeth from him : 

5 Or whosoever toueheth any creeping thhig, 
whereby be may be made unelcaa. or a nuoi of 
wlmm lie may take uncleoancss, wimtsuever 
undeonness he bath : 

6 If The soul which bath touched any Mch shall 
be unclean until even, and sbaH net eMoTtbe holy 
things, unless he wash his flesh with water. 

7 And wlien tlie eun is down, lie shall be clean, 
and shall afterward eat of the holy tbinga, bo- 
cause it is* his food. 

8 That wlilch dleth of itself, or is torn wiU 
ieatttt lie sliall not eat to deflle hhnself there 
with : I em the I«»rp. 

U They sliall therefore keep mine ordlMuiCf% 
lest they bear sin for it, and die therefore, If they 
|m>fane ir: I the I«ord do sanctify tliem. 

10 If I'here shall no strainer eat tf tlie holy 
thing: a sojourner of the priest, or a hired ser^ 
vant, sliall not eat tf tlie holy thhig. 

11 Uut if the priest bay any smil with his mo- 
ney, lie Khali eat of it, and be that Is bora in bit 
house : they shall eat of bis meat. 

13 If the priest*s daughter also betsarrMtmio 
a strancer, siio may not eat of an offitring of the 
lioly tilings. 

30 Or erook-baekcd, or a dwarf, or that hath a 
Memlsh in his eye, or be scurvy, or scabbed, or 
bath his stones broken ; 

31 No man tliat liaih a blemtsli of the seed of 
Aaron tlie priest shall come nigh to offer llie ofler- 
kfs of tlic Lord made by fire ; he hath a blemish, 
beshall not come nigh tooffer Uie bread ofhisGod. 

SS He sliaU eat tTie broad of his God, botA of Uie 
aiost luily. aiul of tlie holy. 

33 Only lie sliall not go in unto the vail, nor 
eoine u$h unto the altar, bccaiua he Initli a 
blemish ; tliat he |>rofnne not my sanctuaries 
for I the Lord do 8;inctify them. 

91 And Moses told it unto Aaron, and to his 
iona, and unto all tiie children of Israel. 
Prietts* ahttaining from holy thinfft. 

AN fXtUe Lord spake unto Moses, snying, 
2 Speak unto Aaron and to his sons, tliM 
Uiey separate Uieiuselves from the lioly tilings of 
the chlklren of Israel, and tliat they profile not 
my holy name in tkott tkingt which they hallow 
anto me : 1 a« the Lord. 
3 Say unto them. Whosoever he b§ of all your 
•eed among your generations, tliht goeth unto the 
holy things, which the children of Israel hallow 
iuio the Lord, having hisuncleaimcss upon biro, 

lioly tilings. 

13 But If the priest's daoditer be a wi 
divorced, and have no cbUd, and is returiied 
unfo lier fotber*s house, as in her youth, she 
shall eat of her fotber^s meat ; hot there sbaU 
no stranger eat tbersof. 

14 And if a man eat of the holy thing unwit- 
tingly, then he shall put tlie filth part thereof 
unto it, and sliall give tt uuto the priest, with 
tlie lioly thing. 

15 And they shall not profhne the ho|y things of 
Uie children of Israel wbicb they oilur uato the 

16 Or suffer tliem to bear the inkinity of tres- 
pass, when tliey eat their holy things: for 1 the 
Lord do sanctuy tliem. 

17 If And the Lord spake unto Moses, saylag, 

18 Speak unto Aaron, and to his sons, and uuto all 
the childreii of Israel, and say unto them. What- 
soever As be of tlie liouse of Israd, or of tlie strao' 
gcrs in Israel, tliat will offer hisoUntion for all his 
vow«, and for all his free-will-offerings, which 
they will offer unto the Lord for a bumt-ofl^bring : 

WYe thtUt offer ai your 6wn will a male without 
blemish of the lieevok of tlie sheep, or of the friatii. 

30 But whatsoever bath ti blemisli,Uk«t shall ye 
not ofRsr : for it shall not be acceptable for you. 

SI And whosoever offend asaifHftceof {leace- 
ofibrings unto the Lord to acconiplish kit vow, 
or a irae-will-ofl^ng in beeves, or sheep, ii 
shall be perfect to bs accepted : tiiere shall be 
no blemish therein. 

S3 Blind, or broken, or maimed, or having % 
wcu, or scurvy, or scabbed, ye shall not uffer 
these unio the I^ord, nor make an otR^ring by fire 
of them upon tlie altar unto tlie Lord. 

S3Eitherabullock,or a lainbthat hath any thing 
superfluous or lackhig iu his parts, that mitvest 
tlMHi cflfar fer a free-wiU-oflering ; but for a vow 
it sbnll not be aesepM* 

94 Ye shall not offer unto tlie Lord tliat which 
is bruised, or crushed, or broken, or cnt; neitlier 
shall ye make un$ tffering thtretf in your land. 

25 Neitlier from a stranget*s hand shall yc oflbr 
the bread of your God of any of these: because 
their eomiption it in tliem, aad blijmlshes bt in 
them : they shall not be aeeepted for you. 
'96 II And the Lord imakc unto JAeaes, sayllif . 

97 When « iMHnelc, ,or n rlicftp, nr a jinat U'luid tiwir drink-offi'tintii, «i*tfM ui oflMnf ntadt 
brouQht forth, tl»en It vliaJI be ^Mrnl lUvv uiMl<?r by rur» oft-wvei ravour imfo the lAm^. 

tlie Htm ; and fVoni tlm ei^th day mid tlicnco- 
Amh it shall be .icec|iled for aa ol&sring made 
^Are uuto the L(>ai>. 

9B And whether it be cow, or ewe, ye fhaKBOt 
kill it and her yottng both in one duy. 

89 V AndwhettyewiUoflbraMicriliocofthankt* 
yiv<iiK unto the Loii», oflte U at your own win. 

MOn ibe same day itsbaH be caien up, ye shall 
leave none of it until the niorrow: lawtheLonD. 

31 Th«teib«e shall ye keep my coiiimaadiiicMii, 
aiMldo (iMin : 1 OM tiM Loan. 

33 IMchcr staaM ye piofane my holy name ; but 
I win be hallowed amor« tfaediildreB of Israel : 
I car the Lojin which hallow voii, 

33 TImt broufht you out of the land of Egypt, 
10 be your Cod : I «« Uhj Lo«d. 

Tke.eeUmn yearly f (Mis. 

AND the liOKD spake unto Momi^ rayiiif , 
t Speak unto tlie cIilMren of Israel, ami say 
unto tbem, Conceminff the (basts of the Loru, 
which ye siiall proelaim t&be holy cmi vocations, 
even these are my Asasts. 
n ir Six days simil work be done : but the seventh 

19 Then ye i:hall sfieriAce one ki4 of the g«nN» 
for a Kin-oticring, and twe InnilMof theArst ytnf 
f<»r a sacriik-e of |«iieeH»flferings. 

SO And itie jiricst thall wave them with tin* 
bread of the ur^t-Oults/ur a waviM>irertug be- 
fore tlte Lord, with the twoianibe : they thaM 
he holy to the Lord for the priest. 

91 And ye shall pmclaim on the self-fmme day, 
tA«£ it may be a Iioly convocation unto you: >e 
shall do no servile work therein. It ehmll he a 
statute for e^-er in all yourdwcUmgi Uiroufhovl 
your generations. 

92 H And wlwn ye reap the harvest of ro«f 
hind, tliou Shalt not make clean riddance ertltf 
comers of thy fieM when thou reupcst, neither 
Shalt ihon gather any ^caning of thy hnrveyt'. 
thon shall leave them unto the p<tor, Hnd to the 
stranger: I an the Lord your Ctod. 

33 IT And the I^rd nmke unto Moses, stivlti*;, 

34 ftiiwiK unto the children of Israel, sayiita, 
lit tlie seventh month, in the first Hay of ihi' 
month, slmll yc have a eabtiatii, a memorial oX 
bidwiiig of truin|>ets, a iioly convocation. 

25 Ye shall dd no servile work therein; but yf 

day tt tiie sabbath of rest, a holy convocatimi : !»haU o(Ie{an ofl(>rhig mnde by fire unto the Lord. 

ye s^iN do no wturk therein : it is the sabbaih S6 V And ikt! Lord simke unto Mosirs. sayins, 

' * ' ' " ■ 27 AljiO on the tenth rfay of this seventh month 

•«f the Lord in all }'0ur- dwell inss. 

4 V TiWie are the feasts ol'tiie liORD, evan lioly 
eouvQCRtiOBS, wlUch ye shall proclaim in their 

5 In the ibttrleenth day of the first inontli at even 
ie the LoRD^s possover. 

«l And <m the flAeeiitli day of tJie same luoiuh is 
tlie feast of unleavened bread uoto the f ^ord : 
tfeven days ye must eat unleavened bread. 

7 In the first day yc shull have a liety oonvoea- 
lion : ye shall do niv servile work therein. 

8 But ye shall otferunofibringmaiieby firotmuv 
the Lord seven day s : in the seventh day ia a lioly 
V49nvocation, yti shall do im servile work therHn. 

i> V And the Lord siwke unto Moses, saying, 

10 Sneak unto tlie children of Israel, and say 
nmo Uwni, When ye be come into i he bunl wirich 
I gi vcnnto j'ou, and sliall reap the harvest tliercoi; 
tJieii ye sliall bring. a sheaf of the lirbt-fruits of 
your harvest tinto the priest : 

11 And he shall wa\-e the stieaf before the l.osn, 
to lie occepted ft>r yon : <in the morrow arter Uie 
aalibAth tlie priest shall wave It. 

12 And ye sliall otter that «hiy when ye wav<t 
tlie sheaf, a he lamb witliont bleniiHli of tlie lirsi 
year (br a burnt-oflerinfi unto the Lokd. 

J3 And tlie meat-oflbring tliernof *Aa/< br iwe 
lentli-deats of fine flour minf^lod with oil, an 
ofi'oringmadeby fire unto the Lord /oca ftwect 
savour: and the drinfc-olferiiig thereof tffta/; be 
of wine, tlie fomth part of a liin. 

fay <»t tilts seventh month 
tfiere ehall be u day of atonement ; it :?hall In* h 
holy convttcation unto ymi, »ud ye *ha!l nt«i«| 
j your soiiijt, and cHler an ofleriiig made by fire 
unto the Lord. 

38 Aiitl yo shall do no work In ilmt same day ; 
f<tr it is a duy ofRtonemeni, to make an atone- 
ment fiir yon before tli«{ Lord your God. 

SP Per wlmtsuever soul it br. that i>-hall nor W. 
aftlictetl in that* same day, he sliall be cut »H 
froxn among his fteoplc. 

:)0 And %vl>aMroevir soul it he thntdooth atiy 
work in thai Siunc ilay, tlie vuiiie soul will 1 ih> 
stroy from mnong his pi>optc*. 

31 Ye simit do no nuiniit*r of work. It shaft be 
a statute for vwr throughout your general iont; 
in all your d\vi'llin)!s. 

:!li haknll be unto you nsalibiith ofrest, and yn 
shall aftliciyoiirsouh. in ilie ninth tUt^ oi' the ^ 
month ju evrn, from even uiito even, shall >t? 
crk4ira:e your fMiIilutth. 

33 If And ilie Lord opake unto Moses, sayin«r, 

34 8iM*:!k unto tiie chlldien of Israel, sayiup.Tho 
fifteenth day of iliis Krventh motnli ghoH be Hte 

feast ortalH>rnaei*» /«rrs(* veil daj'ttimioUic Loitn. 
35 On the fir:»i day 9h^l be a holy cunvoeatifiii : 
y«' sli.*ill do no survile work therein. 
' 3tl Seven clays ye shall otTer an nfil'ring nind*- Wv 
fire unto th<> LiirIi: on tht^ eichtfi day vhall If- a 
holy fonvocatitin.iiijto you, and vi* ttiiall ofli;r vn 
ofieriii!:ii»adel>yfirfiint«MlMf Loan: iir>» wdemn 

14 And ye shaH eat neither bread, nor pardMNls-kJict^nbiy ; iiN(/yt'.shalldoiHiservik;work£44*rm;. 
foru, nor green ears, until tlie s«:If-sanH? dayj 37 'I'Im'Sc are tlu; iVa^tts ot* the Lord, wbicli ye 
that ye have bn>ughiaH oflTerin^ unto }'our Cod: Julian ^ii'oelaiin to be holy convoratiofis, lo ofivr 
It shall be a statute for ever throughout yoi:r:an ofierhiju; lo.-nle l>y fitoiiMUi the I.mkd, a ImriM 
generntloiw in all your duellinps. itfierhH;* tind a meat dfliring, a sacrifice, and 

15 V And ycshalUount untoyciu from lhenior-idiink-<»ti'<Min«s, ovm* tiling' u|him hi:$ day : 
row afte-T the sabbath, from the day that ye* :t6Hesi«i<*s the gal>l>ait!9(irilii! Loan, aiHl'lK'i«i«fff 
brought tlie sheaf of the wave-ollurlng ; tievenlyrturgilHaiidlH'/iUirttMllyoni v«w?, and iH'j'idf'y 
salibatlis shall lie complete : all your trve->vii|-<Mli.'riH«}s, winch yc give unfo 

16 £veu uiuo the mom»w alW the sevfnth »ab- the Loru. 

bathahallye uutitber fitly days; and y*; vhall 3ttAhM) in the fifit^entiiilnvot'tli<>')evc»itri month, 
offer a new nieat-oflcring luito the L«»Rt». wlicn ye hav« gailienul in tlte tViiit of tin: land. 

17 Ye shall bring out of your haldiatUniit two yu slnUI keen affast unto ilie LdRUiteven «iayi>: 
wavc-loaw» Of two tMilli-tleals ; tliey shtill be on thi; fin^i day gitult be ti i>ii(ibath, and on tlift 

t*\' fine fltmr, they f liftll be baken with Jeavtn, 
e*ey are the first-fruits unto the Lord. 
IS-And ve slmll ufibr witli tlie bread seveti lambs 
whbont 'blemish or the first year, and one y«mt»g 

Otiiiith day nJtall bfi a sntibaih. 
4b And yu shall take you on llie fir-tl day tlte 
iKjugh* ol' goodly trees, bmncluts o!" pnlintie**^, 
andthelntughsorthiik tr»"e«, and wiH«>W3 mihe 

bullock, and two rnms: the4'i'halllH:/«»raburm- brook; and yn shall rejoit*: b«:fc»rc tiie LoRDyoiii 
•flbriitg uuto llie I<orI», wiih ilieir meai-oirerinj, 'Cod seven dr.ys. 


TAt/eMsl ^Ubtrnmlm. 


41 AjMl)reaJia|lk60pita£!Mi«iit0 UwLAMii 

ttMMU tf «« HHmk ftm 

terAfi days in tlie year. A MW?^ a itauiu IW raemiMithfey nbmiM briiic Ibrtii Mm ^ai Imi4 
4iv«r m your fenemkNM; yeaboJI celGlirate M oMMd Mt nf iiM «i^ 

•'So*^ Ti*"?,'? "*.??*.!. . \mM9: and tha cMMrm tT ] 

40 Ye ahaJl dwell in bontiis aeveii itar* 

are IwaelHea bom shall dweH in bouUnt : 

43 That your senerationt may know tliat I mmle. 
tlie children or Israel todwdl in bootlis, wtien 
I bcmifbt tbem out of the land of Rtfy|>l : 1 asi 
thfi Loko your God. 

44 Aiid Noses declared iinto Ui« chiMrcu of 
Iwael tbe feasts oOJie t<oap. 

Sheiamitk*t mm blasjtkemtth, 
4 ND the LoKO spake unto Moses, saying. 
*%. S Oeaimand thechildreiiof Israel, that Uiey 
bring untothee pure oil-otive beaten ibr the light, 
ti> cause the lainpo to hum continually. 
:) Without the vail oftiie ti^timony. in the uber- 
iMcle of ihe congregation, siiull /inrf»n order it 


all thai Lord coiiiiiuuMled Moses. 

cMMrm tT IstmI did at tlM 



Moses hi oioaM 

KD the lioaa spake into Ik 

GKnai^ Myhig, 

S «peak uuio the chHdreiHtf livael.and soy «ni» 

iheni, When ye come into the land wMeli I gira 

you* ikM steN ma tend keei* a «afa|«ih Iteto yw 

3 8ii years thmi shaN sow thy isld, and sli 
years Umki shah prmie thy vineyard, and |a<beff 
in the fruit thereof; 

4 But ill the seventh jw^ar shall be a sabhath of 
r««t unto the land, a sahhotJi liir the Loan : thou 
ftliali neither sow diy Aeld, nor prune thy vin^ 

„-_„ , _ ^ — — ..yard. 

from tlie evening unto the iiiomiiig befitfe the I 5That whlehfrowethoritsownaccmdof thy 
l«oRO cuiitlnnally : it akall #e tk statute for over ; harvest, thou sha*t nut rrap, neither gather tha 
u» your generations. graftcs of thy vine ondroMcd : jW it is a year of 

4 He shall order the lamps npon the pure cun- ntx uiun the hind. 

diestkk before il>e Loan coaUnnalty. a Aiul ihe sabbath of the Innd shall be meat (br 

5 IT And thou ahalt lake fine flour, ami bnkelyou ; ihr iliee, and Uvr iliy servani^ and Ibr thy 
twelve cakes tlierool : tivo teiitli-deala shall be maid, ami for thy Mted enrvant, and ft thy 

Israel, saying, M^hoeocver eitrsoth his God shall 
bear htsste. 

16 And lie tiMt (damhsmetii the name of the 
Iaiss, be aiiall sorely be put to deatli, aadallthe 
cnngregatian shall eeitainly stone him : as weU 
Um atraafar, as lia Hut is born in the huid, when 
he blaspheraetii tbo naroo tf th» LOiWt ilnti 
be pat to death. 

17 IT And ha tint kUedi any man lliaU turelj^ 
be pot to death. 

18 It And he that killeth a beast shall make it 
flood! beast Ibr beast. 

10 And if a man causa a Uemlsli In Iris iteiah* 
hour; ashehathdone,soshallltbedoneniiiohlm: 

80 Bseach for bnash, ^ye Ibr eye, tooth fbi 
tooUi: Mhe hath cdasod a blemisli la a lQal^ 
so shall it be done to him afairt. 

SI And he that ki}lethabeast,he shall restnrah: gather in our iaotease: 

and lietJwt killeth aman, he shaH be pii| to death. 
93 Yc shall have ane manner of hiw, as weU 
lof tiM iisan g e g j as for one of jfoar own tmtn- 
uy ; fet I «» tha |<oa» jToar <tod. 

in one cake. 

6 And thou sh^It set tliem In two rows, six on 
ft row, upon the imre tabia belore tlie l«oftD. 

7 And thou shalt put pure frankincense U|ioii 
MAlrow, that It may be on the breml for a memo- 
rial, sveii an ollbring uuule by fire unto the Loan. 

8 Every sabbath he shall set it In order before 
Uie Loan eoutimially, ieitiff taken from the chil- 
dren of Israel hf an everlasting eoveeant. ^ ' 

9 And it shall be Aaroirs and his sons' ; and 
they shaU eat it in the holy place : for It m nnHii 
holy unto him of the ofibrlngs of tlie Loan made 
by Hi* by a perpetual statute. 

10 IT And theson of an Israelilish woman, whose 
fathervcsaa Bgypiian, wtatoni amongtheehil 
Wren oflsrsel; aad thisson of thelsraeHllsh wmsan 
and a man of Israel strove together hi the cm Ap : 

11 And the Israelitlsh womlm'sson blasphenml 
the name 0/ tk§ LORD, and cursed : and they 
Woagbt him nato Mnses: (and his itmtlicr's 
name asos Shekmuth, the daughter of Uibri, of 
the tribe of Dan :) 

12 And they put him In ward, that die mind of 
(lie Loan migiit be shewed tliein. 

13 IT And 1^ Loan sfiake ttnto M<i«e8, saying, 
M Bring forth him that hath curseil without 

tlie camp; and let all that lienni kirn lay ihclr „ 

hands upon bis head, and let«U the congregation shaH not oppress one another : 
stone Mm. IS According to die number of yean after tht 

l» And then shalt speak tmlo the children of jubiloc, ihou shah bay of Uiy neighbour, and ae- 

stran):er that si^^eumeth with thee, 

7 And for thy eaitle, andfor tfie beast that ara 
iti ihy landfShaN all the hicrease thereof be meal. 

8 II And thou shalt uumbcr seven sabbaths of 
y<nrt amo thee, seven times seven years; nnd 
ilie space of tlie seven sabbaths of yeoia ilialt 
be unto titce forty and nine ysaiB. 

9 Then Khalt thou cause tlie tmropet of the Jih 
bHee to simnd, on the tmith dey of the seventh 
inontli, in the day <if atonement shall ye maka 
the trimipet sound tbsonglioitt all your land. 

10 And ye shaH hallow the fUUeth year, and 
proclaim liberty ilwonghout aU the tend aato 
aU tlie Inbabitnnle thereof: H shall be a Jnbitoe 
amo you ; and ye shall return every man amo 
his possession, nid ye ahaU return every awn 
unto his fondly. 

i I A jubilee shall that MUetli year be anio ymt : 
yc sh.ill not sow, neither reap that which grow* 
eth of itself te it, nor gntliar I4s ^ntpes in it of 
tliy vlite undressed. 

I^Foritisthetubilce; it shall be holy ante you: 
ye shall eat the incrensc tiieroof out of the Held 

n In the year of thte Jubilee ye shall return 
every mau4into hte possession. 

14 II And it' ihoa sell aaght unto thy neighbour, 
or btiyest ssjrAt of thy neighttour^ baud, ya 

Gonling unto the nmnberof years of theihiita be 
shall sell unto thee: ^ 
m Aeeordhig to the maltltnda of years than 
shalt ioereose the price thereef, and according 
to the fewness of yeosa thou shalt diminish tha 
inrice of it : for ac€or4ing to tbe number tf tkt 
yeora of the fVatai doth he sell unto thee. 

17 Yc 4ball not therefore opprem one another : 
but thou abali four thy tfod: for I ma tha Loan 
four God. 

18 V WhaiafDfa ya shan do my ttatntea, and 
keep my jadgniems, and da them ; and ye than 
dwell in the land In safety. 

19 And the land sliaU yield berl^iit, and ye 
shall eat your fill, and dawH UMrein in safety. 

90 And if ye shall tur, What f oill we eat tha 
seventh yearl behold, we shall tun sow nar 

21 Then I will command iny blessing npon yoa 
hi thaeiKthy«ttr,and It shall bring forUi fhHt 
for thiee yaars. 

«3 And ye alteU aaw the eighth year «*da« 


Ml of oU flrvH wnlf tbe iriMl» sfMT r Mcn kar 
h^HaeiNM in ye abftU eat ^tl»oM «t«r«. 

{JJ2^^g[Jfay«tirtend: andtheydiellbeyouf 

iSlLS^SEl'*!! ;!?^2S«SL*!2 Jd « And yiehitfittUce them «ttfiil»rlt«iicefbr 
SJrnSS wiSSi *"• •^ wtrmeen ud to- yourcliUarenafterycHi,totalierttfiton/ora|K)8- 

joiirnera with me. 

34 And in an tM land of y«mr poMeiaion je 
■haJI trant a redemption ftir the land. 

% H If thy brother be %nucn pm^rv and hath 

hia kin eome to redeem it, then ahall he redeem wax poor, and sell hiraacif unto the 8trai»er or 

8«^|oHrner by thee, or to the stoek of the atran- 
gcr'i family : • 

48 After that he \n anid he may be redeemed 

that which his brother sold. 

96 And if the man have none to redeem it, and 
himself be able to redeem It ; 

97 Then let him connt the years of the aale 
thereof, and reotore the overplus unto tlie man 
ID whom he sold it; that lie may return unto hhi 

38 But Jf he be not able to restore it to him, 
then t|iat which is mid sliall remain hi Hie hand 
of hlHi thnt liath boii^t it until the year of Ju- 
Mleo r and In the juliliee it shall go out, and he 
shall return unto his posacwinn. 

39 H And if a man snil a dwelling-house in a 
wallod city, then he may redeem It within « 
whiile year after It is auld : witkm a full year 
may he redeem it. 

30 And If it be not redeemed within the spac#»J 
of a Aill year, then tlie liotise that is in the wall- 
ed cHy shall be established for ever to him tliat 
boufhl K, Jtronghout his geiieratloiui : it shall 

not 00 out in the jubilee. 

31 But the houses of the villages which have 
no walls round about them, shall be counted as 
tlielleldsoftheeountry: theynmybefedeemed, 
and they shall go out in the Jubilee. 

:I3 Notwithstanding the ciUes of the Levites, 
mud the houses of the ciUes of their poaseasion; 
may the Levites redeem at any thne. 

33 And if a man porchaae of ilie LevUes, then 
the house that was sold, and the city of his pee- 
semion shall ^o out in (*a vscr s/ Juttilee ; for 
the bonacs of the eiUes of the Levites are their 
poaseasion amona tiie children of Israel. 

34 But the field of the suburbs of their cities 
may not be sold, for it m their peipctttBl 

fHilen in decay with tliec ; then thou sliali re- 
lieve him :.y«a, th^ugrh kt be a stranger, or a so 
joumer ; tliat he may live with tliee. 

.16 1'ake tlu>u no usury of him, ojr increase ; hut 
fenr thy God ; tiiat thy brother may live with tliee. 

3? 'I'b<vi sliait not aive him thy money upon 
usM7i nor lend him thy victuals for increase. 

38 I- am the Loan your Goil^which brought 
yon Ibrth oiH of the land of Egypt, to give you 
the land of Canaan, and to be your God. 

39 IT And If thy brother that dtoeUetk by thee 
be waten poor, and he sold unto tb«e; thou 
shaJt not compel him to serve as a bond-servant : 

40 But as a hired servant, and as aeoJourMer 
he shall be with thee, and shall serve thee unto 
the year of jubilee: 

41 And then shall he depart ftrom thee, both he 
and his children witli him, and shall return unto 
his own family^ and unto the poaaenion of his 
fhihers riiall he return. 

43 For they an my aarvants which I brought 
forth out of tlie land«f Bgypt; tliey shall not 
be sold as bond-men. 

43 Thou Shalt not rule over him with rigour, 
but Shalt fear thy God. 

44 Both thy hond-men, and thy bond-maids, 
wbich thou Shalt have, thaUU of the heathen 
that are round about you : of than aball ye buy 
bond-mefra^d boad-maida. 

4$ Moreover, of the ehlldiiii of the atraagera 
*"-' '' ' KOflhemahaUyobiiy, 

lion, they shall be your bond-men for ever: 
""* «ver your brethren the children of Israel, ye 
«»«""« "lie one over another wiili rigour. 

JL^"" */ * •"i«>"M^ or a stranpcr wax rich 

"frf S; 1?"® ^^ ***■ brethren ma v redeem him : 

49 Either his uncle, or his uncle's son may re- 
deem him, or eny that is nigh of kin unto him of 
HIS family may redeem him ; or if he be able, he 
may redeem himself. 

50 And he shall reckon with him that bought 
mm, from the year that he was sold to him, unto 
the year of jubilee: and the price of his sale shall 
ne accordiuf; unto tlie iinnilier of years, accord- 
ing to the time of a liired servant shall it be with 

.,? .« r^^r? *' ?*f.'??"y y**" *«*^'' according 
unto them lie shall give agnin Uic price of his re- 
dmiptiniioiitof the money tliat he wis bought for. 
.>3 Ami if there temain but few years unto the 
year of jubilee, tlien he shaH count with him, 
and according unto his years shall he give him 
again the price of his redemption. 

53 .^«d as a yearly hired servant shall he b« 
wiUi him: and the other shall not rule with 
rigour over him in thy sight. 

54 And if he be not redeemed In these years, 
th«i he shall go put In the year of jubilee, bptk 
be, ahd his children with hfra. 

55 For unto me the, children of Israel ore ser- 
wnts, tliey are my servants whom I brought 
ftirth out of the land of E^t: I am the Lorv 
your God. 


Y Bleseinff* promieed on ohedienee. 
E shall make you no Idolsnor graven Image, 
neither rnaryou up a stmiding image, neither 

??.! And If u.y br»a«, b..w„«. 1-r, «tf ;tt^«d,'s„r^r,irf,';iri^t^o"iV5S!' 

a .r « 1- .. ; - -the Lord your Go«l. 

2 II Ye shall keep my snbbatlis, and 1-everence 
my sanctuary : I am the Lord. 

3 IT If ye walk in my statutes and keep my 
commandments, and do them ; • 

4 Then I will give you rain In due season, and 
the land shall yield her Increase, and tlie trees of 
the field shall vidd their fruit : 

5 And your threshing shall reach unto the vlifc- 
lage, and the vintage shall reach unto the sow- 
iwHimc; and ye shall eat your bread to the 
fttn, and dwell In your land safely. 

1 « V?* L^'" **^ P«»ce in the land, and yO 

Shan the sword go through your huidT^ "^•"'" 

2 u^J^ 5***" ***** y®"' enemies, and they 
shall fan before you by the sword. ^ 

8 And five of you shall chase a hundred, and a 
hundredof you shaU put ten thousand to llicht- 
andyourenenfiea ahaU faU before you by the 

•ndof their 

9 For I will ))ave respect nnto you, and makt 
you truitful, and multiply you, and eatabUah my 
covenant with you. ' 

10 And ye shall eat old store, and brfaig forth 
the old because of the new. 

11 And I will set my taberrfaele amohg you i 
and my soul shall not abhor you. 

13 And I will walk among y»u, md wiU be your 
God, and ye shall be mypwpk^ 

ort with yoo, wjiiehiforth out of the landof 



FUgwik tkrstemd 


be tiiefr boad-nMn, and 1 htve broken tlie btu^ 
iff your yoke, ami nnuie you to viirisbL 

14, T But if ye wlU noi lieatteu unto me, and 
will not do all them commaiMlttietttt ; 

15 And it' ye aball aeipi«e my statute!, or ifyour 
•oul abtior my judgments, su t)iat ye will noi do 
all my emiiitiaiMlffl<aitS) but tiiat ye brouk Jiiy 
covenant : 

16 1 alao wllJ do tbis onto yon, I will even «np- 
|>oint over vou terror, eimsumption, and tlie bun<- 
mc «e*>^ t"^t B^'i consume the eyes, and cmi^ 
a>rrow of Jienrt : and ye shall sow your seed In 
vain; for yo«ir enenii<» sliall cat it. 

17 And 1 will fiet my Taco against yon. and ye 
»lialL be slain boiore your enemies : Uiey tliat liaie 
yon shall rvigii over you, and ye sbaU flee wlien 
iioite pursneUi ytm. 

18 And if ye will not yi'i Ihr all this hearknn 
unto uie, then I will injnUh yuu seven limes more 
for your sin*. ~ 

111 And I will break tlte pride of your power . 
and t will make your heaven as iron, ami ymir 
earth aa brass : 

tsu And yonr strength shall be spent in vain : Tor 
your land sliall not yieM her increase, neither 
shall the trees of Uic land yield tlieir fruits. 

SI Aud if ye walk contrary unU) me, and will 
not hearken unto me, I will bring seven times 
moreptegues upon you according to your sins. 

^ I will also seiul wild bcaMs among y<in, 
wbkb shall roh yon of your ehiklreu, mid de- 
sooy your cattle, ami make yuu lew in luuuber, 
and your At^A-ways shall be desolate. 

S3 And if ye will not be reformed by me by 
llicie tilings, but will walk contrary unto me ; 
'f4 Hien will I also walk contrary unio you, and 
will punish you yet seven times for your sins* 

2$ And I will bring a sword upon you, tiialslmli 
atnenge the quatrelof my covenant: ami wlien 
ye are satliered togcttuu' within your cities, I 
wUl seaid tlte pestilence among you : and ye shall 
. be delivered hnn the hand of the enemy. 

36 j9nd when I have broken tlie stall of your 
bread, lea w'onien ehall bake your bread in one 
oven, and they tlnUI deliver you your bread a^h 
by weight : and ye shall eat and not be satisned. 

t7 And if ye will not for all tlib hearken unu> 
me, but walk contrary unto me ; 

28 Then I will wftlk contrary unto you also In 
fary; and I, even I, will chastise you seven 
times for your sins. 

^ And ye sliall eat the flesli of your sons, and 
Uie fiesta of your daiightera shall ^yc eat^ 

30 And I will destroy your nigh places, and cut 
down yonr images, and oast your carcasses upon 
the carc as s e s of your idols, and my soul shall 
abhor you. 
' 31 And I will make your cities waste, and 
bring your sanctuaries unto desolation, and I 
will not aneH the savour of yt>ur sweet odours. 

32 And I will bring tins land into desolation : 
and your eoeoiies which dweU therein shall be 
astonished at it. - 

33 And I will scatter jrou among the heathen^ 
and will draw out a sword after you : and your 
land shall be desolate, mid your cities waste. 

34 Then sluUl the land eiqoy her sabbaths, as 
loa^ as it lieth desolate, and ye be in your ene- 


were beANrea sword, when none pumieth : and ye 
shall have no nowvr to stand before your enemii's 

38 And yt shaU perish among the heathen, and 
the land of your enemies shall eat you up 

39 And tiiey that are left of you sliall pine awity 
in tlkelr iniquity in your enemies' lands; and 
also In the iniquities of their fathers shall tJMty 
pine away with them. 

49 V If they sliall confess their Iniquity, ami 
the iniquity of their fathera, with tlteir uespnss 
which tlmy trrsiiassed- against me, and tliat ahm 
they have walked contrary dnto me ; 

41 And tMat I also have (valketi contrary unto 
them, and have brought them into the land of their 
enemies; if Uien their uncircumcised hearts he 
hiiinltlcd, and they then accept of the punbli- 
niem of tlieir iniquity : 

4i Tlien will I reiueinlier my covenant wit^ 
Jacob, nnil also my c<»venaut witli Isaac, aiid 
also my C4»venaiit wiili Abraham will 1 remeni* 
ber ; mid I will remember the land. 

43 The land also slmll be hjft of tliem, and sliaR 
«iiij(»y Iter sabUnths, wliik; she lieth desolate with- 
out them : and they shall accept.of tlie punlsli- 
mcnt of tbeir iniquity ; because, even because 
they dt^iised my judgments, and because their 
soul abhorred my stntutoC 

44 And yet for all that, when they be In the land 
of tlieir enemies, I will not cast them away, 
iiuitlier wiH I abhor tli6m, to destroy tliem utter- 
ly, and to break my covenant with tliem : for ( 
am tlm Lord their God. 

40 Rut 1 will for their sakes remember the eov- 
enmit of their ancestors, whom 1 brought forth 
out of the laud of Egypt in the sight of the hea- 
then, that I might be tlieir God: 1 asi the Loan. 

46 These are tiie natutes, ami Judgments, an. J 
laws, wliidi the Lord made between him and 
the children of Israel in mount Sinai by the hand 
of Hoses. 

7%s etiiwtt^on for %9W9m 

AND the Lord siiake unto Moses, saying, 
S Speak unto tlie children of Israel, and say 
unto tliem, Wlien a man shall make a singular 
vow, tins iiersoas skaJl be for the Lord, by thy 

3 V And Uty esthnatlon sliall be, of the male 
IVom twenty years old eveii unto sixty years old, 
even tliy estimation shall be fifty shekels of sil- 
ver, aftisr the sliekel of the sanctuary. 

4 And if it be a female, then thy estimation 
shall be thirty shekels. 

5 And if It be from five years old even nnui 
twenty years old, then thy estimation shall be 
of the male twenty shekels, and fur tlie female 
ten shekels. 

6 And if U be fhim a month old even unto five 
years oUl, then tliy ^imation shall be of the 
male five shekehi of silver, and for the female 
tliy estimation shall be three shekels of siKcr. 

7 And If it be from sixty years old and above; 
if t( be a male, then thy estimation shall be fif- 
teen shekels, ami for tlie female ten shekels. 

8 But if he be poorer than tliy esthnation, then 
he shall present himself before the priest, and the 
priest shall vahie him : according to his ability 
that vowed shall the priest value him. 

e^Joy her sabbaths. 

^ As long as it lietli desolate It shall rest ; be- 
eauae it did net rest in your sabbaths, when ye 
dwelt upon It. 

36ABd upon tliem that are left ative of you, I win 
send a faintneis into their hearts in the lands of 
their enemies; and the soundofashakeii leaf shall 

sword ; and th^ shaU ftdl, when none pursueth, 

uiiee* land; snea then shall the land rest, and 9 IT And if t'l be a beast whereof men bring an 

offering unto the Lord, all that any vuta ^vuih 
of such unto the Lord shall be holy. 

10 He shall not alter it, nor chance it, a good 
for a bad, or a bad for a good : and if Ue shall 
at all change beast for beast, then it and tiic ex- 
change thereof shall be holy. 

11 And if it. be any unclean beast, of which 

ebaae tliem ; and th^ shall flee, as fleeing from a th^ do not offer a sacrifice unto the Lord, Uien 

he shall present the beast before ttie priost : 

37 And tliey shall fiyi one uptn another, as in 18 And the priest sliall value it, whctlier it be 


JMmjrtiM •/ a Ume^ •rJUtd. 



isnti or1»ftd: M tttcfu viiiiMM H «il« «ri HieiffctMiilR: ni1»*»ll fivt lhiw > i Mm ti— 
priMit, to PhoU ft be. in tfiar 4tiy, •# a iMly tMic «Mo Ums Loebw 

l3B«itifbewiliatiinreifMBil,thralMiliali M InilMyMrortiiel^wSM the AcM ifc«n t»' 

add a ifthf are thereot' unto fbyesttiMtiRn. 

I# f Ami wlieu n man ehall MneUfy bit bouee 
tm kt holy unto the Lord, the* the priest shall 
Mithuiite itf whether H be food or bad : as the 
priest shall estimate it, so shall it staml. 

td Aad if he that saaettAed it HiU redeem Ms 
hoose. then he shall iMd the fifth fmrt oiT the, mo- 
ney or thy estimation nnto It, and it shall be Ms. 

16 IT And if a man shall sanctify unto the IjORd 
90me part of a fleld of his poss ts sion, then thy- 
estlmation shall be aceordhif to the seed thereof: 
a iHNncr of barley seed sluM ktvdlued at fUty 
shekels of silver. 

17 If bo sanctiry bis fidd from tlie year of J«- 
MIee, according to thy csthMntlon It sliall sf and. 

18 But If iie sniietify iiis fleld atV«>r iho Jublloef 
it¥yt» Oie priest fihaH reckon unto him the iiMmey 

according to tlie years that ri'inaiM, evvn unto devoted thing is most bo^ nnto the liOao. 

ne year of Uie lubilee, and it sliall be abated 
(hnu thy estimation. 

19 And If he that sanetlAed the fleM w«ll in any 
wise redeem it, then ho «hall aild tlie fifth purt 
of the money of thy estiinntiun unto it, and It 
shall be assured to liira. 

90 And if lie will not redeem tlie field, or if be 
baye sold the flch! to nnotlicr man, it shall not 
be redeemed any more. 

^ But the field, when ft goeth ont in the jnb*lee, 
shall be holy unto tiic L<ibd, as a tieM demoted : 
the pess cis si on lliereof shah be the |Hriest*e. 

32 And if a mmn sanctify nnto the Lord a IMd 
which he hath bought, which is not of Ihe fields 
of Ms jmssession ; 

33 Then the pHest shall reckon nnto him the 

tnm nnto Mm of wImm H was bought, ss«m t» 
hfan to whoMtho possessiMiof thefamd^WMsan 

S3 And aH thy eelhnations Shan be according M 
tito shakel of the HUMtnanr: twenty geraiiashatt 
In> tlie shekel. 

S8 Onhr thefiiMNiKof thehflosts,%iilchblmutd 
be the Lor»*« flrsUfiut, no num shall sanctify it; 
whether U *« oi^or sheep: it <s the Lord's. 

S7 And if <t *« of an nuebian beast, then ha 
shall redeem U according to thhie estimation^ 
and i«mltodd a fHUi pare of it thereto : or if Si 
be not redeemed, tiwn itshall be sold according, 
to thy estimation 

S8 1i Notwithstanding, no devoted thing tbiit a 
man siiall devote nntu the Lord of nil tliat kfi 
hath, kttk of man aadjbeast, and of the field of 
his kiossession, shall he sold or redeemed ; every 

worth of thy esttmation, evn unio the year oftrael in mount Slnai. 

99 None devoted, which shall bedevoled ofmen, 
slinll be redeemed : *atf «liall surely lie pnt to«ieath. 

:ie And all the tithe of the hiud, uketktr wf the 
seed of the land, m* of the fruit of the tree, it the 
Lord's : it is holy nnto the I^onn. 

31 And If a man will at all redeem Mu^kt hf his 
tithes, he shall add thereto the fifth part thereof. 

3& IT And eoneeming the tithe of the herd, nr 
of the flock, evtn of whatsoever passeth under 
the rod, the tenth shall be holy nnto ttie IjORd. 

33 He shall not search whether it be good oc 
bad, neither shall liechange It: andif bechanne 
it at oil, then both it and the change thereof shall 
be holy; Itshallnot be rcdeeme£ 

34 Tliese «r« the eommandments which the 
Lord comtnanded Moses fbr ttie children'of le- 

1F The Fourth Book if Mostn, taUtd NUMBMS. 


The wu% •S war nnmherai. 

A ND the Lord s|Nike unto Mooes in tfie wil 

<^ dermrss of Sinai, in the tabernacle of the 

congregation, on the first day of thesecondniouth. 

In the second year after tiKsy nrere 

the land of ^{ypt, saying, 

3 Take ye the sum of all the eoRfregatlon of 
the children of Nrael, after their fntnUes, by the 
house of their fathers, with the nnmber of tkeir 
nnnics, every male by their polls : 

3 From twemv yt*ara old and upward, all that 
arc able to go forth to war In Israel ; tlmu and 
Aaron sliatf nwulier tliem hy their armies. 

A And with yon there shan be a man of every 
tribe ; every one head of the honse of bis fathers. 

5 y\ And these are the names of the men that 
•hall stand with you: Of tks ttik§ a/Rehbcn; 
FMznt the son ofShedeiir. 

a Of Simeon ; She! luniel tlie son ofZurlshaddnK 

7 Of Judah; Nahshon the son of Aauninndab. 

H Of Issacliar ; Nethaneel the son of Znar. 

9 Of Zebaiuii ; Bliab the son of Helen. 

10 Of the children of Joseph : of Ephraim ; Rli- 
rltainathesonof Anunihud: OfManasseh; Ga- 
maltel the son of Pedahznr. 

n Of Benjafbin; AbMan the wm of Gldeoni. 
13 Of Pan; Ahieter the son of Anmisliaddal. 
13 Of Asher ; Pagiel the son of Ocrsa. 

11 Of Oad i EUanph the son of DenoL 

15 Of Nairfitall ; Antra the son of Bnan. 

16 These vers the renowned of the 
tton, princes of the tribes of their 
•f thdusands In Israel. 

17' II And Moses and Aaron totk then men 
which are expressed by tA^ names: 
18 And they assembled aR the congregvUMi to- 
r tn the first d^ of the seeond month, and 
' - ' * ^^" sifter ihflrllBBilles, 

by the house of their fathers, aeeonfing to the 
number of the names, ftom twenty years <H4 
andupward, by tlieir polls. . 
10 As the Lord counnanded Moses, so lie 
numbered them in the wildartiess of SinaL 

80 And tbe ohHdren of Reuben. IsraeTs eldefR 
gencmtlons, after their fhnUHes, by 
the house of ttieir fiiUmrs, according to the tina»- 

ber of the names, by their polls, e\*ery mnile from 
twenty years oM and npn'ar4t aU that ware abia 
to go forth to war ; 

SI Those that were numbered of them, even of 
the tribe of Reuben, wert forty and sU tliousaud 
and five Inmdred. 

39 Of the children of Shaeon, by tlieir gcnera> 
tions, after their fiunilies, by the honse of their 
fatii^ tiiose that were nuiubo>ied of tbcm, ao> 
eoNliDg to the number of »^ namea, by their 
polls, every mala fWmi twenty yearn old and ii|i> 
ward, all that were able to go fbrth to war; 

93 Those that were numbered of them*eoea of 
thetilbeofBhneon,«srff fifty and nine thonMod 
and three hundred. 

91 Of the children of €lad, by thehr ffflneratioB^ 
after thair fbmtlles, by the house of their fathers, 
according to the nombar of the nasneis, from 
nweniy yearsoM and nptward, all that ware abl« 
to go fbrth to war; 

9S Those that wert MKbared of than, ce^ of 
the tribe of Gad. wsrs forQr and five thoosond sic 
hnndrtd and fifty. 

9S0f thaehildronof Jndab, by their geMra> 
tions, alter thehr famUies, by the house of their 
fhtiwra, aieeortfng to the nnnbor of the names, 
firom twennr years old and upward, all that were 
able to go rorth to vrar; 

97 Those that were nnmbered of them, eiMn of 
thetrlbaof Jndah,wsrs ibreeoiommd fonr«ea« 
thonsond and aii hnadred. 

7*9 mm§^ tf tk* inkt. "CH Ar. It. 

XOftim dmilwn of l*aeh»f, »v thiM gc iw f - 
tjons, after their families, ty ilie hnim; nf tlieir 
f^ltera, According t» the mmittf •€ tlie nanieti, 
(kmn tweiit/yo4TanM aii4n|m'anl, all that were 
«Me tn fn f»r.'!& io war; 
*t!9 Those" that were nuiiihereil of iliem, tntn 

^r the tribe tif lamiebar, wtre Mlty aiNl four tliey 1411111 liear the tabernacle, and all iJie ve»> 
iNmniaRfl nad fonr humlred. . .». — ^ ... .. . 

30 Of th« chikinm of Zubalua, by their seiiera 
lions, alter Uieir families, by the liou*e of their 
fatheni, »ecordin^ to tlte namlter of the names, 
tVuiA twennr y«;ars oM ami upward, all that were 
:ihle logo torth to wor; 

M IMWMe that were immbcredof tliem, ee^ti of 
the tribe of Zeiiuluh, were llfty and tuvcii titou 
snitil and four humlrod. 

'JO, Of the cliildren of Joseph, «M»e{y, of the 
chiliireocf E{)liniiiii, hy ttieir i^m^rnilnns, al\cr 
ilM^lr fantilkM, by the hoittc <(f titeir IHihens ne- 
rording k) the number of tlie naiiic<s ^^^ twenty 
yeare old and, upward, all thai were fide to go 
forth to war ; 

%^ Those that were mimlieced of them, «Ma of 
the trISe of Eidiraim, aeere forty tliotmaiHl ami 
dve hundred. 

M Oftiie cJiiidren of Manataeh,by their eene- 
raifons, after their nuiiUf e9, by the lionm ot^heir 
fmbeni, -according to the niunber of the names, 
fmm twenty years ohl and upivanl, all that wer4^ 
'able to go forth to war; 

?S llmne that were numbered of them, ft»e« of 
the trHie of Mnnaaseh, toere thirty and two thou< 
•aiid and two hundred. 

36 Of thechlidren of Ber^amin, by thehr genera- 
ifons, after their (bniilies, by the noiiac of their 
fhlhos, acconlins to tlw iiiimbcr of the names, 
frfimtwenrif years oM and tt)tward, all that were 
«Me to go forth tri war ; 

37 Those that were numbered of them, even of 
the tribe of Benjamin, toere thirty and live thdu 
sand and four hundr^. 

38 Of iheehlMren of l)air, by their generation?, 
allf^lbefr families, bv the lionac of tnetr Hithers, 
aceoidfng to the ntlmber of the names, lYumt vvvn- 
ty yeam old and upward, all Uiat were able to go 
fhrf h to war ; 

3!^ Those that trere nnndiered of thetn, enen of 
Die tribe of Dan, were threescore and two thou- 
sand and aeVcH liundriMl. 

40 Of the cliildren of Asiier, by their genera* 
lions, after their families, by th^ tiouse of their 
fla]in<s, actordlng to the number of the names, 
from itventy years old and upward, all that were 
•Me to go fortino war; 

41 Those that were numbered Af them, even ©f 
tlie tribe of Ashcr, leere forty and One thousand 
and fire hnmlred. 

41 Of thechlidren ofNnphtali, throughout their 

The tAviua mmpuAfrwm iii'ifci 
4»Oii1y tJMMt stMdt not ntvnber the tiM at 

Levi, neither take thesum of them aiwNig tkt 

50 But tlHMi Shalt appoint the T^evhes over tk« 

cahcnl«cb>of tesilmoay, and over all the ve«eii 

thereof, and over aM thingtthat Mong !• ft: 

»?U( thereof, and tli«*y shall minister uMo it, aad 
slmll encamp round about the tabernacle. 

51 And wlien the tabernacle tetielk forward, 
the I^evites shall take K down ; and when tlw 
tabemaeln is to be pitched, the Iievites shall set 
it up : and the stranger that coMeUi'a^ sbaB be 
iwt to death* 

SA And ilweMtdrsfn of Israel shall pitch their 
iL'nts every man by his own camp, ainl every 
man by his own stnmlani, throughout their liosts. 

9A But the Levltes slia'l pltcii routui about the 
tabernacle of testimony ; that Uierc be uo wrath 
upon tlie congregaiion of the dtihlreu of brael : 
niid the Levitts slutll keep tlte charge of the 
tabernacle of tuntiuuiiiy. 

54 And the children of Israel did aecoYding to 

all thai the Laaa conHraMded Moses, sodid tbi^^ 


Oritr of IA« lrt»M in tkeh tenU, 

ANf> the l^tan s|iakti uuio Meses and oata 
A:ii on, saying,. 
8 B\'<ry man of tlia childrea of Israel alian 
pitch bv his own standard, whh the ensi^i of 
ttieir fhther*i house: (ht olralMMtt tlie tabernacle 
of the congregation shall they tdtch. 

3 And on the east wide toward die rising of the 
sun shall they of the stamlard of the cahin of 
Judnh pitch ihrmighout their armies: and Nah- 
slioii the son of Ammlaadab tkaU ke capcalu of 
the chiMren of Judah. 

4 And his host, and those that wfre numibertd 
of them, were threescore and fourteen t h ouaa n d 
and six hundred. 

5 And those that do pitch nett unto hfm, ektU 
be tlic tribe of Jssachar: and Netluineel the sou 
nfZuar«Aa//de catdain of thechlidren oftaaetar. 

li And his host, and those that were nambered 
thereof, were fiHy aud four thousand aad fiMtr 

7 7'AettthetribcofZebiihin: andEliahlheionar 
Ilelon#A«/l ke captain of the children of Zebiilan. 

8 Aud hi.s host, and those that were numbered 
thereof, were tllty and seven thousand and four 
hUH«lred. . 

» All thht were nnmbfted in tbecnmp of Judah 
were a htindretl thousand and fbursoore thousand 
and six thousand and four hundred tlirougliaai 
their ttrmies : these shall fhrst set forth. 

If) On the south side tktU he the standard of 
the camp of Reuben aceordhig to their armies : 
and tfbe captain of the children of Reuben ehM 

generations, after their niinlHes, by tjie lionse of be Sliwir the soa of Shedeur 

tfieir futliers. according to the number of tlie 
aainesi fVom twenty years oUl and upward, all 
that were able to go ft>rth to war ; 

43 Tliose th«t were numbered of them, erea%)f 
(he tribe of Naphtali, were fifty and thre^ thou- 
sand and four hundred. , 

44 Tliemi are those thit were mmiberM, which 

Moses and Aaron nuniliered, ami the princes of of them, toere liny and nlae thousand and three 

Israel, being twelve men: each one was fbr ibe 
honse of hn father. 

45 So were all those thai were nambered fff tlie 
chihiren of Israel, by the house of their ftithers, 
fmm twentv years old and upward, all that were 
•Me to go forth to war in Israel ; 

tf Even all they that were numltercd, were six 
bttsdred thousand and three thousand add live 
baitdrcd and fifty. 

47 If But the Invites, after i!»e tribe of tbelr 
iKhers, were jiot numbered among thetn. 

i8 Forthe LoftD had spoken unio Moses, My^ng^ 

1 1 And his host, and those that were numbered 
thereof, were forty and six tiituisand and fiva 
liundrcd. < 

12 And tlionrarhlch piteh by him sAoZ/^the trilie 
ofShneon : tind tl>c captain of thechiMtenoTShii- 
con sk^l fte Shelumiel the son of Zurishaddd. 

1 3 And his liost, and those that were immber^ 


14 Then the tribe of Gad : and the eapuin af 
tike sons of Gad sikdfZ&eElhMaphUiesoQ of Itcuei. 

15 And his host, and thosethat were ntunbered 
of them, loere forty and five thousand and aUr 
hundred and fifty. 

10 An that wercnnmbered In the oamp of Sen- 
ben toere a hundre<l thousand aad fifbr and oae 
thousand and fbnr hundred and Hftyt Hiroughont 
their arink» : and they sliall set forth In the se- 
coml rank. . . „ 

17 Then tlic tobemacMof the c«n|rtiMl«a»i»M 

M oiaip of theLTtot, Uit li ei fc >iMt AteM tke pritM, tiMt UMf may 
uthey MicMipi w thatl tlwv WHO kiQi. 
man Ui bis pnee by tbetir 7AiMlUMvaballk«ephlteharge,tiHltl] 

Mr forward wHh tb« 
•fit ibrward, every 

18 On the weat f me M«II »« ibe MMiafid of tbe 
camp of Ephraim. accordbig io tbeir armiea 
and the captain of the eons of Bpbraim skM *« 
Elhihama the aon of Ammibnd 

19 And his host, and thoae tbat were nimibered 
of theni, were Ssnty thousand and five hundred. 

30 And i^y him a«a *e the tribe of I' 
and the captain of the cliildrea of 
tkaU be GainaUel the mn of Pedabsur. 

SI And liis host, and those that were numbered 
•f tliein, lisrs thirty and two tbousaud and two 

93 l*lien the tribe of Ren|ainin : and the captain 
of the sons of Bei\jamin ekuU be AUdan tbeson 

^ And Ills host, and those that 
of thein, were thirty and five tiumsand and four 
hundred. ^ 

The IjnOm nmmbnH h/»miBm 

^13 Because all the first-born are wine ; /rr on 
tM All that wftre Bumbered of tbt camp of the day that 1 smote all the first-born In the' * 

Kpliraim tssre a hundred thoosaad and eigfat 
tifousaud and a hundred, throughout their ar- 
niies : and they shall ao forward in tbe third rank. 

35 The stiuidard of the camp of Dan «/U// 6s on 
the north side by their annies : and the captain 
•if tht children of llaii ekall *s Ahiexer tlie son 
of Anuuisbaddai. 

38 And lilsliost, and those that were numbered 
of them, Iffsrc threescore and two tliousand aud 
seven hundred. 

37 And tliose that encamp by him skM be the 
tribe of Asher : and the ca|>tain of the cliildreii 
of Asher thall be Pasiel the son of Ocran. 

38 And iita host, and tliose that werfl numbered 
4>f thctti, losrs forty aud one thousand and five 



39 Then the tribe Yif Naphtoli : and the captain 
of the chUdrati of NaiditaU ektM be AiUra Uie 

30 And his host, and tboMe tliat were numbered 
of them, wsrs fifty and tliree thousand aud four 

31 All they tbat were numbered in the camp of 
I>aH were a hundred tliousand and filly and seven 
thousand and six hundred : tliey shall go hind- 
most witli tlieir nandards. 

33 Tliese ere fihoso which were numbered of 
thechidren of Israel by liie house of Uieir Ibf liers. 
All those that were numbered of the camps 
tlirougltoiit their hosts, «<r«six hundred thousand 
aod three tiumsand and five hundred and fifty. 

33 Ri>t Uie Levltes were not numbered among the 
children of Israel: as tlie Lord commanded Moses. 

34 And ilie children of Israel did according to 
all tlint the Loan commanded Moses : so tliey 
|4u:litid by their standards, and so they se| for- 
ward, every one after tlieir fiuuiUes, according 
to tlie liouse of tbeir fathers., 

TAs /..evitee* ssrvioe. 

THESE also are tlie generations of Anron Md 
Moses, in tlie day that tbe J«ord spake with 
Moses in mount Sinai. 

3 A n«i tliese are tbe nameaof the sons of Aaron : 
Ntdab the first-born, an4' Abihu, Eleazar, and 

9 These mre thenames of the sona of A aron, ^e 
priests wliicb were •nointed, whom he consecra- 
ted to minister in the priest's oflice. 

4 And Nadab and Abibu died before the Loan, 
when they'ofli^red strange fire before the Loan, 
in tbe wilderness of Sioal, and they liad no chil- 
dren : and Eleazar and Ithainar minbter6din tbe 
priest's oflke in the sight of Aaron their fatber. 

ft V And tbe Loan spake unto Moees, saying, 

6 firiagthi tube of Levi neur, and piesent them 

tbev aball keep his charge, and the chaigo 
of tbe whole eongregttioM before the tabonaclo 
of the congregitton, todo tbe senrko of the ta- . 

8 And tliey shall keep all the Instrumentsoftho 
tabernacle of the congregation, and the cbargo 
of the chUdren of Israel, to do the service of tbe 

And thou shalt give the T.evitea unto Aanm 
aod to hU sons : tliey are wlioUy given onto lilni 
out of tlie children of lerael. 

10 And thou shalt appoint Aaron and his sons, 
and they sliall wait on tlieir priest's oflke : and 
tJiestranger tliat comeih nigh shall be put todeatb. 

11 H And tbe Loan spake unto Moses, saying, 
13 And I, behold, I have taken the Levites tnnu 

among tlie children of Israel, instead of all the 
first-bom tbatopenetli tbe matrix among tbe chil- 
dren oflsrael : theroforeiheLevitessliaUbeinine ; 

of Egypt, I hallowed unto mo all tbe first-boru 
in Israel, both man and beast : mine they sliall 
be : I est tlie Lord. 

14 V And the Lord qiako unto Moses In the 
wilderness of Sinai^ saying, 

15 Nrjiiber the children of Levi after tbe house 
of tJieir fathers, by tlieir faioiUes : every male fVom 
a montlioldand upward shalt thou number them. 

16 And Moses niunbered them according to the 
word of the Lordj as he was commanded. 

17 And these were tbe sons of l<evi, by their 
lames; Gershon, and Kohatli, and Merari. 

18 And tliese are the names of the sons of Oer- 
siion by their families ; Llbnl. and Shiniet. . 

19 Aud the sons of Kohatli by tliebr families ; 
Amram, and Ixebar, Hebron, and Uxziel. 

30 And the sons of Merari by tlieir ftuullles.; 
Malili, and Musbl : tliese are the furoilieB of the 
Levit<i[», according to tbe iiouse of tlieir Iktliera. 

31 Of Genhon wa» the family of tlie Libuites, 
and the family of the Sbbnites: these are tbe 
families of the Gorslionltes. 

33 Those that «verc iiuniberod of tlieni, accordiiw 
to the number of all tlm males, from a month old 
ami upward, even those tliat were numbered of 
tlicm. were seven thousand and five hundred. 

33 The families of the Gershoiiltes shall yitcb 
^hind the tabernacle westward. 

84 And the chief of tlio house of the Ibther of 
tl|c6erslionitea^A«Z/&e E!lBsaph tlie son of LaeL 

SS And the charge of the sons of Gershon in the 
tabernacle of the congregation shall be the iabsr- 
nacle, and the tent, the covering tliereof^ and tbe 
ban{(lng for the door of tbe tabernacle ot U^ con- 

36 And the hangings of the court, and the cur- 
tain for tlie door of tbe court, which is by the 
tabernacle, and by the altar round nlxiut, and the 
cords of if. for all the service lliereof. 

Wl TT And of Kuhath was the family of tlie Am- 
ramites, and the family of the Izeharites, and the . 
fomil^of the Ilebroiiites.and tlienmiily of theUa- 
zielites : these sr« the families of the Kohathites. 

88 in tlie number of all the males from a month 
old and upward, were eight thousand and six 
hiindreil, keeping the charge of the sanctuary. 

SOThe flunilics of tbe soiisof Kohaih shall pudi 
on tbe side of the tabernacle southward. 

30 And the chief of the house of the fotber of 
the fomnies of the Kohathites shaU be Elixspbao 
the son of Uxxicl. . ^ 

31 And their charge shaU be the ark, and the 
tabte, and the candlestick, and the altars, and tbe 
vessels of the sanctuary wherewith they mUilsier, 
and tbe hanging, and all tlie aenrice thereof. 

38 And JSIeaiar tbeaon of Aaron tbe priett tlfil 

Pim» MMi tkmg% •/ Mm$9 md J9mr»n. CHAP. IV. 
A«cliJefov«riJiec)iicrofU»« l^^bet^Mndhmv 
tile ovecsightor them tliat keep Um; eliafse of the 

33 M Of Merari wm the family of the Mahlites, 
mnd ilie family of the MuiliilM: these «re the 
families of Uerari. 

34 And those Uiat were mimbered of them, ao- 
cording to the nimiber of all the males ftmn a 
month old and upward, were six thousand and 
iwo hundred 

:» A nd the cMef of Uie house of the Auber of the 
families of Merari was Zuriel tbesonof AbUiaU: 
ikese shall pitcli on the side of the taberuaeie 

:«> And under the custody and charge of the 
sous of Merari sktdl b* the boards of the tabenia- 
cte, and the bars tliureof, and the pillars thereof; 
and tliesockets ilifrt-of, and all the vessels tliereof, 
ami all tJiat servetli thereto, 

37 And the pillars of tlie eonrt round abont, and 
tiieir socketft, and their pins, and tlieir cords. 

:I8 H But Uicise that encamp before the taberna- 
cle toward the east, even before the tabernacle 
of the congregatiou eastward, $kM he U^mnf, 
and Aaron and his sons, keeping the clmrgc of 


9 Take the sum of the som of Kohaib IWm 
among the soi# of Levi, after their AuuitteS| by 
the house of their fadiers ; 

3 Prom Uiirty years old and upward, erenimiH 
fifty years okl, aU that enter into the hoM, to do 
Che work In the tabernacle of the emigre«atkNi. 

4 H This $kMH if the senriee of the sons of 
Kohatb in tlie tabernacle of tiM coBgrcgation. 
aiout the most.liOly tlibip. 

5 And when tlie camp setteth (hrwird, Aaron 
sitall come, and his sons, and they shall take 
down the covering vail, and ^ver the ark uf 
tc«iimony with it: 

6 And shall put thereon the eovering nf badger^ 
skins, and shall spread over it a cloth wliolly of 
blue, and shall put In the staves thereof. 

7 And upon tlie table of sliew-bread they shall 
spread a cloth of blue, and put thereon tlie dishes, 
and the spoons, ami tlie bowls, and covers to cover 
withal: and the continual bread shall be tiiereo»: 

8 And tliey slialt spread upmi thorn a cloth of 
scarlet, and cover the same with a covering of 
badgers' skins, and shall put in the staves thereof. 

9 And they shall take a cloth of Uiic, ami cover , 
the candlestick of tlie light, and his lamiis, and 

:iie sanctuary, for the charge of the children ofj his tongs, and his snulT-dislMM, and all Uic uih 
Israel; and the stranger tliat comoth nigh shall veseels-tliereof, whercuith they minister unto it: 

be put to death. 

39 All that were numbered of the Levhes, 
w^k>h Moses and Aaron numbered at the com- 
mandment of the ItORD, throughoui their ftuui- 
ties, all the males from a month old aud upward, 
»ere twenty and two thousand. 

40 IT And the Lord said unto Moses. Number 
nil the first-born of the males of the children of 
fsrael, from a month old and uptvard, and take 
life number of their names. 

41 And thou Shalt take theLevites for me (I am 
the LoRB). instead of all the first-born among 
the children of Israel ; and the cattle of the Le- 
vites, instead of aU the firstlings among Uie cat- 
Uc of tlie childrea of Iprael. 

42 And Moses numbered, as the Lord com- 
manded him, all the first-bora among Uto chil- 
dren of Israel. 

43 And all the first-born males by the mimber 
of names, firom a month old aiid upward, of 
iliosc tliat were mimbered of them, were twenty 
and two tliousand wo hundred and threescore 
aiid tliirteen, 

44 ^ And tlie Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 

45 Take tlie Lcvites instead of all the first-born 
aiiiortg the children of Israel, and the cattle of 
;iie Levites instead of their cattle ; and the Le- 
vites shall be mine : I am the Lord. 

46 And for those that are to be redeemed of the 
t>fo hundred and Uireescore and thirteen, of the 
linit-boni of tiie childrea of Israel, whuh are 
more than tlie Levites: 

47 Thou sliaJt even take five shekels apiece by 
tlie poll, after tlie shekel of the simctuary shalt 
tlmii uke them : tlie shekel i* twenty seirahs. 

48 And thou shalt give the money, wherewith 

tlie odd number of them is to be redeemed, unto .Kphathites from amonc the Levites: 

Aaron and to his sons. 

49 And Moses took the redemption-money of 
theiii that were over and above them that were 
redeemed by the Levites : 

jSO Of the first-born of the children of Israel 
took he the money; a thousand three hundred 
aud threescore and five ekekeU^ after the shekel 
of the Sanctuary : 

51 And Moses gave the money of them that 
were redeemed unto Aaron, and to his sons, 
according to tlio word of the Lord, as the Lord 
mnmaoded Moses. 

The ofice af the Levites. 

AND the Lord spake wi«o Hoaet and unto 
Aaron, saying, 

10 And they sliall put It, and an tlie vessels 
thereof, within a covering of badgers' skhis, 
and sitall put it upon a bar. v 

U And uMn the goklen alur they shall spread 
a cloth of blue, and cover It with a covering of 
bitdgers* skins, and shall put to the suves ihereol': 

13 And they sliall tRke alt the instruments of 
ministry, wherewith they minister in the sanc- 
tuary, and put them hi a cloth of blue, and cover 
tliem with a coveting of badfers* skins, and sImII 
put them on a bar. 

13 And tiiey shall take away the ashes ftom the 
altar, and spread a purple cloth tliereon : 

14 And they sliall put upon it all the vessels 
thereof*, wherewith tliej^ minister about it, eve* 
the censers, tlie fiesh-hooks, and the shovels, 
and the basons, all the vessels of tiie altar : and 
they slmll spread upon it a covering of badgenP 
skins, and put to tiie staves of It. 

13 And when Aaron and hta sons have made 
an end of coverhig the sanctuary, and all the . 
vessels of tlie sanctuary, as the camp is to s<*i 
forward ; after that, the smis of Kohath shall 
come to bear t( ; but tlioy shall not touch any 
holy tiihi|, lest they die. Tliese thinjrg ore tlie 
burden of the sous of Kohath hi the tabernacle 
of the congrcgntiun. 

16 ir And to the office of Eleaxar the son of 
Aaron tiiu priest ^pertoinetil tlie oil for the light, 
and tlie sweet uicense, and the dally meat-oner- 
ing, and the anointing oil, and th* Oversight of 
all the tabernacle, and of all tbat therein •«, In * 
the sanctuary and in the vessels thereof. 

17 V Aud tiie Lord spake unto Moses and unto 
Aaron, saying, > «? 

18 Cut yt* not otTthe tribe of the ftmllies of the 

19 But thus do u3*.»them, that they may live 
and not die, when they approach unto the most 
iKdy things : Aaron and his sons shall go In, and 
appointihem every one to hhi service and to his 

90 But they shall not go in to see when the holy 

thiAffl &re covered, lest they die. 

31 T And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 

32 Take also the sum of the sons of GerslMm, 
throughout the houses of thehr faifeen, by thcb 

its From thirty years old and upward tratll fins 
years old shalt thou number them ; all that ent« 
in to perform the service, to do the work in the 
tabernacle of the < 

r V ^ MtUmUei, tire. IfVMVRIS. 

M TMi it Um Mnrioe iif the %n(ltai oT the illy 
OenlMHiitMt \m tMiro, ami for biinlcM: 

SS And thcy-sliMll lieat ihe curtalnt of Che mbmr- 
RMte. MMl thm iirtienwele«rtJwc«mgra«Mi<NV Hm 
coveitag, and Um eov«rinf oT Uic tadsws* akiiiB 
iliat h aiMve upnn It, and the hanging for ibe 
door of the talieniaele M the congiegatkia, 
. Sff And the haffgiiir ^ ^^ c^urt, and the hang- 
(lit; for the door of the gate of the eourt, which 
Mr Inr the tabcmacleaml by the altar round about, 
Hod ihek cofdi, and aH the infltrumente of their 
•(.rvke, and aU that is mnde for Ihem : ao sliall 
. «. «y Kfve. 

S7 At the amotntaient of Aaron and his tmui 
siiall be all the serviee of tlie sons of ilie (t er- 
•hfmims, in all tlicir burdens, and in all their ser- 
vice : and ye shall appoint unto then in charge 
all tlicir iHjrdenj. 

38 This M tlM serrlee of the rnmilies of the sons 
iM CSunilion in the tabernacle of the congrega- 
lion : and their charge »luUl b$ under the hand 
•W' llbamar tlie sou of Aamn Uie priest 

I V As for the sons of Merari, thou aliaH nnm- 

Sid, evury one that eiiteMth Into dhe 
servica, ftar the urork hi ttw tabernacle of the 

44 Even those that were miaibered of them 
after tlielr ftuniHes, were three thousaad and 
two hundrrd 

45 TheM h§ those thai were noMbered of the 
families ofthe sons of Merarl, whom Moses add 
Aaron numbered aeeording to the jvonl of the 
Loan by the hand of Moees. 

40 All thoso that were number^ of the Letltes, 
whom Moses and Aaron and the chief of Israel 
alter their IhnHHes, and a(ter the, 
Imuse ct their fathers, 

47 Prom tlihrty yean 6ld and u|hieard even nnto 
(idy years old, every one that canie to do the 
service of the ministry, and the service of the 
burden In the tabernacle of the congregation, 

48 Even those thatwerennroberedof tliem, were 
eight tiiousand and Ave hundred and fourscore. 

49 According to Uie commandment ofthe Loan 
tliey were numliercd by tltc hand of Moses, 
every one according to his w^rvicc, and accord- 

tlicir fathers; 

'M From thirty years old and upward even unto 
tiily years old snait thmt number them, every 
4w.ti that enteretli into the service, |o du tlio 
work of the tabernacle of the ccngregniion. 

31 And this it tlie charse of tlitiir burden,. ae- 

4l."* eongsegation ; tite boards of the tabernacle, 
niid the bars thereof, and the pilhirs Uiereof, and 
sockets tluireot, 

3a And the pillars of the court round about, and 
their sockets, and thchr pins, and their cords, 
with all their hntntments, and with all their 
iHsrviee : and by name ye sliall rcfekon the in- 
scrumdtta of tlw charge of their burden. 

33 1*his i0 tlie Service of the fanriiies of tiic 
^um of Merari, according to sU lliehr serviee, in 

ker them after- their fainiltes, by the Iwusuoringio his burden: tliOs were they numbered of 

hUn. as the Loan conimniided Moses. 
The vneietm jntt out of the eamjt. 

AND the Lord stiakc iiuto Moses, saying, 
9 0>niniand the chlldrim of Israel, that lliey 
phi out of tlie camp every leper, and every oue 

tording to all thdr sorviee in tlie tabernacle of that Iraih an issue, and whosoever is defiled by 

the dead : 

3 Both male and fi-nmte shall ye put otit, with- 
out the camp shall ye puttheni ; that tliey deAl* 
nof tlielr camns, in tlie midst whereof I dwell. 

4 A nd the eirildren of Israel did so, and put thetn 
out without the camn : as the Lord ^AM.t untso 
Moses, so did the ehildren of IsraeL 

S 11 And the Lord 6{iake unto Moses, mxiitg, 

S)iettk unto ilie children of Israel, When a 

moil or woman shall coinniU any sin th*it men 

Uie tabernacle of the coiiEregoiion, uiidnr tlielcoiiuiiit, to do a trespass against the Loui>, and 

hand 6t' llhaauw the son of Aamn the nriust. 
34 II And Moses and Aaioii ami ihecliief of the 


It peraon be cnHty ; 

Then they Miall cenfbss their sin which they 

tongregallon numbered the stms of tho Krittmh-{ have done: nnd he shall recoinprnse his trcKpasa 
Hes after llicir fUtniUcs,;aiid after tlie Itouse of with the princiiiaHliercofi and add unto it the 
their fathers. 

35 From tiiirty years old and upward oven unto 
fifty years old, eveiy one tliat enteretli into iImi 
service, for the work in the tabernacle of the 

fifth part thereof, and give «t unto ikfm against 
wlmm he lintli trntpa-ssed. 
8 But ir the man have no kinsman to reconi- 
liense the trespass unto, let the trespass be re* 

congregation: [comiiensed unto the Lord, ee^ to the priest; 

36 And those tlmt were nnmbered of tliem by besides tlie ram of the atominent, whereby an 

tlieir ftimilies were two tiiousand seven hundred 
Slid fifty. 

.17 These tMTs Uiey that were numbered of tlie 
famillos of tlie KohaUihes, all that might do ser- 
vice In Uie^abernacle of the eongregaiion, which 
Moses and Aaron did number according to the 
commandment of the Loan by the hand of Mows. 

38 And those that were numbered of th< suns 
«rf Gecshoii, throiifhoiuxUeir famihes, and by tlie 
house of tlieir fuih«rs, 

.19 From thirty years old and upward eten unto 
fifty years ukl, every one that enierelto hito the 
serrice, for the work hi ttA ubetupcle of ti» 

40 Ifiven those that were mmbered of tliem, 

ai'oi.etncnt shall be made for him. 

9 And fixery oflbring of all the holy things of 
the children of Israel, whhh they bring unto the 
priest, shall be his. 

10 And every inan^s hallowed things shalbba 
his : whatsoever any hraii givetJi the priest, h 
shall be his. 

1 1 II And the I^rd smke unto Moees, saving, 
19 Speak unto the children of fsrnel, and say 
unto tliem. If any man's wife go, aside, and com- 
mit a trespass acaiiist him, 
13 And a man lie wldi her camally. and It be hid 
from the eyes of her husband, and ne kept close, 
nni! -^ r^ nti ^Oled, and tktrtht ao witness agahtst 
' she be taken idtU cAe siaauer ;. 

throughout their famlUes, by the liouse of iheiri w mu\ i^ie spirit of Jealousy come upon'hinl, 
fibers, were two thousand aad six bund n:(i kn d h«d t>r;]>«alous of his wife, and she be defiled: 
•adtlrtr- ' ^^ - — ■ 

, k>rjrtti(>^]iirtcofjeak>08ycomenponbim,aiidlie 

41 These are they that were numbered of ibcW j?a]<vli^ otf his wife, and she be not defiled : 

.temiUes of the soasof Genhon,of all that mi^iuj is ThLit ?haU the man brhig his wife nuto th« 

dp service in fiie tabernacle of the congregat \ ' firi i^t, a?iii be shall bring her ofibring for her, the 

whom Moses and Aaroa did number accar^Cd.^ 
\n the commandmeVit ofthe Lord. 

43 H Aad those that were numbered of the 
IhoiiUefl of the sons of Merari, tiirougliotti their 
families, by Uie Iwiise of tb^ (hthers, 

da From thirty yteaia old sod upward even utto 

ti;rir:i pf^Ti of Utt ejphah of barley-meal; he shtll 
pour no oil upon it. nor put ftranklncense thera> 
on; for it is an oflerlni of Jealousy, an oflbrlng 
of memorial, bringhw iidquity to remembrance. 
16 And the priest «mll bring her near^ and set 


CHAf . Vl» VII. 

I A« Briesi BkclNalic J»^ nralBf in m 
VflMst; anil of the inm titai li in die 

flaor of tiie takcrnacle Um {iHest bIkiII tak«, umI 

ftH <c tnm die water: 

18 And f he priest tban Mt tiM womm beldrc the 
LoRO, and uncover the wcwian*t bead, and put 

-tlile«ylwringi>fmeMorialln her haiid t, which ia 
the jealauny-offisHnf : and the prieet Khali have 
hi hiB hand the bitter water thatcaiMeththeeune : 

19 And the priest shall charge her by an oath, 
nad sajr unto Ae woitian, ir no man have lain 
with thee, and If thoq hast not gone aside to tin* 
eleanneas wUh mmtktr Instead of tliy husband, 
to tliou ft-ee fVom tliis bitie^ water that causeth 
(he curse : 

:iO B«H If tiNia hastgone aside t« MMiUr Instead 
oi'Uiy luMband, and If ihoa bedeffled, and soino 
man have lalu with thee besides thy ha«hand : 

21 Then the priest shall clMrge the woman with 
All oHth of eursiiw, and Uie priest shall say unto 
x\\e w<Mnan, The Loro niatce thee a eiirse and an 
Aftth amonf thy people, when the ltoa» doUi 
make iliy thi^ to rot, and thy belly to sw^U ; 

22 And thki water that causetb tlie curse tihall 
go intoahy bowels, to maiie thy belly to swell, 
and Uttf Ihigh to rok And the woman shall say, 
Amen, nm&n. 

23 And the priest shall write these cnrMss in a 
b«K>k, and he slian bkit Uum out with the bitter 
water : 

21 And he shall eaoie the wcman to drink the 
"Mner water that causeth the curra : and the wa- 
y-t that causeth the curse sbAII rater Into her, 
saifteeoiKS bitter. 

2a Then the priest shall take thejeakrasy-orer- 
in;; out of tlie woman's hand, and ^all wave thu 
otlenii|beforetheLoKD,andoa'erhBpon ihealtnn 

28 And Uie priest shall take a handfitl of the 
aflering, evea the ineniorial tliereof, and bum it 
upon the akar, and aAerward shaU cause tlie 
wmitan to diink the water. 

^1 Ana when he hath made her to drink the 
wafer, then it shall come to pais, thaty if she be 
d»'mtd^ and have done trespass against her hufl- 
band, that the water that caulttth tlie curae shall 
enter into her, aitd Heome bitter, hnd her belly 
iltaU swells aiul her tliigli shall rot : and the 
woman shall be a curse among her people. 

Sd.And if thewomaubcuotdetilcd, jliutbectean ; 
l)»>nshe shall be free, and shall conceive seed. 

29 This i» the law of jealousies, when a wife 
gqeth aside to another insteftd of her husband, 
and isdeiUed; 

30 Or when the spirit of jeatousy cometh upon 
hiin. and he be Jt^atous over his wife, and sitnil 
Kft tlie woman before tlie Lord, and the priest 
titoll exetfftte upon licr all tliis law. ^ 

31 Then shall llie man Iw gtillilesa ftom Iniqui- 
ly. and thla w^xnan shall bear lier,iniquity. 

* CHAP. VI. 

The law ^ the ^Taiarite. 

AND the Lord spake unto Moees, sajrlnff, 
Sdpeak unto the children of Israel, and say 
nnto them, When either man or woman shall 
separate themeelvee to vow a vow of a Naxarite, 
to separate themedves unto the Loan : 

3 lleshall separate A^iMeZ/from wine and strong 
drink, and shall drink no vhiegar of wine, or 
Vinegar of stroogdrink, neither irtiall he drink anv 
Uquor of grapes, nor eat moist grapes, or dried. 

4 An the iliyB of his separation sllan he eat 
imtblng that is made of the vine^tree, fVom the 
"kernels even to the husk. 

$ All the days of the vow 6fbl« separation there 
^an na razor come upon his head: until the 
days be AiUUled, In the whith he separateth him- 
uif onto the Lori>, he shall be holy, and shall 
let the tocks of the hair offals htiad grow. 

• AH the d«V8 that he separateth himtelf unto 

rwrWm Of NMIMSJlf tMSpSi^M 

%m l«o«», he ataMI oome at f» dead body. 

7 lie Shan not make htawdr uttetoaa Ibr Ms 
fhtber, nr fbr his mother, Air bla bnither, or ftm 
hisiteier, when they die: baeanseflieeoaseem- 
tion of his God i» upon bis head. 

a AN the days of hti separalhNi b« fclioir wM* 
the LiHt». 

9 And If any man die vcit sudiody by bMw 

md he hath deflkMl tlie head 6f his ooMeeration ; 
then be shall shave Ids bead in tbe day of hia 
deaashig, on the seventh day shaQ ha shave H. 
And on the eighth day he shall bring two 
turtkw, m two ytmng pigeons, to the priest, lb 
the door of the tabernacle of ihe congregation : 

II And thoprieit shall ofRsr the one lor asia-oC- 
fering, and tlie other for a burnt-oinsrbig,nnd realM 
an atoaement for him, ftir that he stalled by the 
dead, and shall hallow Ms liead tfiat »aa»e day. 

15 And he shall eoitsaerate nnto the Lori» the 
days of his separatioli, and shall bring a lamb of 
the first year for a t re spa s s offering : but the days 
that were before shall be lust, because lijs-sep»> 
ration was defHed. 

13 H Aiidlils ^«tbe Uiwof the Naivlte: Whea 
the days of his separetton are AiMlled, he shall 
bebrought unto the door of the tabemaele of tha 
congregatloii : 

14 And he shall ofllbr Ms ofli»1ngiinM the l«oi», 
one ho-lomb of the llrst year wtfhout Meniisb 
fl>r a Inimt-ofllirinff, and one ewe-lamb of tha 
first year without blemish ftir a sln-oflbring, md 
one ram witlmut blemlslilbr poaee-oflbrlngs, 

iS And a basket of unteaveiied bread, cakes of 
fine flour mingled with oil, knd wafers of unleav- 
ened bread anointed with oil, and their meai> 
ofliiriiig and their drlnk-oObrings. 

16 And the priest shall bring Oem bef<nre th« 
LoRi>, and shall oflfer hit slit-olftring, and bia 

17 And he mall oflisr the ram fot a sacriAce of 
peace-offerings unto the Loan, wkh the bbskeC 
of unksaventttt hrcnd : the priest shall offer also 
bis meat-offering, and his driiik-ofi^iitg. 

18 And the Nazarite sliall simve the head of bit 
separation at the door of tlie tabernacle of the 
congregattoii, and shall take the hair of tlse head 
of his separation, and put if In tliefir^ which ie , 
under the sacrifice of toe peace-ofibrings. 

19 And the jnieet shall take the sodden shoulder 
of the ram, and oneuuleai^Hcd cake out of the 
basket, and one tmleav^ied wafer, and shnll put 
them upon the hands of lite Nazarite, after Oe 
hair of Lis separation Is shaven : 

20 And the priest sli&ll wave them for a wave- 
offering before the l«ORn : this u holy for tha 
priest, with the wave-breast, and hea%'e-«houldor : 
and at\er tiiat, the Nazarite may dihik wine. 

21 This ia the la*^ of the Naxarite who hadi 
vowed, and of his offering unto the Loan for his 
separation, besides that that bis hand sliati get: 
according to the vow whteh lie vowed, so ha 
must do after the law of his separation. 

22 \\ And the Lord sp^ke unto Moses, saying, 
83 Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, 

Oh this wise ve shall bhss the children of Israw, 
saying unto them, 

^ The Lord bless tlice> and Keep thee : 

25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, 
and be gracious unto thee: 

96 Tin* Lord lift up his countenance upon thee. 
and ehre thee peace. 

27 And tliey shall mtt my name upon the ekU- 
dren of Israel, and I will blnss them. 
Tht ofjitrmge of the prineeo, 

AND it came to pnsson tiie day that Moses hnd 
fVilly set up the tabernacle, aiid had anointiid 
it, and sanctlfted It, mid nil the instnimenta 
theredf,both the altar and all tJbe vessels Uicrcof. 



aiid bad anolifiMl Uiem, and i rt a cri fci l tii«ii ; 
% Itiat tbe princes of Israel, lieails of Uie boose 
of Uieir faUiers, wb» w«r# the iwinces of tbe 
ti^bes, aod were over Umdi tlial were nuiubered, 
offered : 

3 And they brought theb' offtring before the 
Lord, six covered wagons, and twelve oxen ; a 
wagon for two of the pnneea, and for each one an 
ox : and they broughitlieni before tlte tabernacle. 

4 And the Lord make unto Moses, saying, 
r> 1'ake it of tbem, that tbev nmy be Ui do the 

service of tlie tabernacle of the coittregation ; 
and tlMMi slialt give them unto the Leviies, to 
evi>ry man according to his service. 

And Moses took the wagons and the otxen, 
aud gnvo Uiem unto tbe Levites : 

7 Two wngotts and four oxen he gave unto tlie 
loitii of Cershon, according to tlieir service : 

H Aud four wagons and eight oxen he save unto 
the sons of Merari, according uuto their sitrvice, 
iiiulcr the hand of lihaniar Uiejon of Aaron the 
pmwt. f .. 

!) But unto the sons of Kohath he gave none: 
iMtcanra tlie service of Uie sanctuary bel'mging 
unto Uiem was thai they sluiuld bear ujion iiieir 

tha i t Htmi t 4 ^tkamiur 

deur. priBM aT iho abUim of Jtenbeii, didtig^: 
31 Hk ofbring was one silver charger, or the 
weight of a hundred and thirty tksMt, one sil- 
ver bowl of seventy sliekelB, aAer the shekel of 
the aa»«Mary ; both of them i^M of ane flour 
mingled With oU for a meat-ofleting: 

33 One young bullock, one ram, one lamb ol 
the first year, for a burnt-offering : 

34 One kid of the goats for a siu-oflerlng: 

35 And for a sacrifice of peaee-oflkrin9^ two 
oxen, live rams, five he-goats, five lambs of the 
first year: this iocs tbe oflferiim of Elisur tht 
sqn of Shedeur. 

36 IT On the fifth day SheJumlel th^son of inti- 

37 Ilia olTeriug wa* one silver clmiger, tlie 
weight whereof wa* a hundred aod thirty tk§- 
ktUt <»ne silver bowl of seventy shekels, after 
the sliekel of the sanctuary \ both of them AiUof 
fuie fluur niinglud with nil for a meatrofTeriiig : 

38 One golden spoon often shekeU^fH II ot'incense: 
3» One young bullock, one nun, one Ihuib of 

the first year, fur a bunit-offeriiig: 

40 One kid of tlie goats for a sin-offering : 

41 AiHi for a sacrifice of peace-offerings, two 
lu II And Uie princes offered for dedicating or oxen, five rams, five lie-goau, five lambs of the 

tiie altar In the day tliat it was anointed, even 
tliu princes oflbred tlieir ofii^ing before tlie altar. 

II And Uie Loaasaid unto N< . . 
oflirr their ofiisrittg, each prince on his day, for 
Uic dudfcaUng of theiUtar. 

13 II Ami he that offered his offerhig the first 

first year : this wot Uie ofieriHg of Shelumiel the 
sou of Zurishaddai. 
OSes, Tliey sluill 42 II On Uie sixth day Eliasaiih the son of Detiel, 
"^ " • "prince of the cliihiren of Gad, itfcred; 

43 liis offering wa$ one silver diarsor, of the 
weight of a hundred and thirty skekOs, a silver 

dsy was Nalishon the son of Amminadab, of bowl of seventy shekels, after Uie shekeH>f the 
" " "• • ■ sanctuary; both oftheni full offiue flour mingled 

Uietiilioof Judah: 

13 And Ills oflbring wa$ one silver charger, the 
weiglit whereof toss a hundred and Udrty «&e4u^, 
oiw silver bowl of seventy shekels, after the slie- 
kf:l of ilic sanctuary ; both oftheni were full of 
fine fl<Hir mingled with oil for a meat-ofl'ering: 

1 4 One spoon often ekekels of gold,full of incense : 
10 One young bullock, one mm, one kuiib of 

the flmtyear, m a bumt-olfuriug: 
J A One kid of Uio e«mts furtrsin-oflliring: 
17 And for a sacrifice of peoce-ofierhigs, two 
oxen, five rams, five he-goats, five lambs of the 
first year : this was Uie oflering of Nalishon Uic 
son of Amminadab. 
IH II Oil Uie second day NcUianeel Uie son of 
Zimr, prince of Issochar, di«l oflur : 
10 1 le o^ered for his oflering one silver charger, 
the weight whereof was a hiindreil and Uilrty 
shekels^ one silver bowl of seventy sliekels, after 
the shekel of the sanctuary : both of them f^ill of 
fine flour mingled wiUi oil wt a incat-offeriiig : 
aOOnespooh of void often skekeU^twW of incense : 
21 Oue young bullock, one ram, one lamb of 
the first year, for a btfrnt-offbrlng : 
^ One kid of Uie g«>ats for a sin-offering : 
S:t And for a sacrifice of peace-off'erings, ttvo 
oxen, five rams, five he-goals, five lambs of tlie 
fintt year : Uiia was Uie ofl*ering of NeUuueel 
the son of Zuar. 

S4 1( On the Uiird day Eliab the son^of Hekm, 
prince of Uie childreii of Zebulun, did itfer ; 
35 His ofl'ering was one silver charaer, the 
weight whereof to AS a hundred and thiity ske- 
Jkslst one silver bowl of seventy shekels, alter 
the shekel of the sanctuary : both of them full of 
fine flour mingled with oil for a meat-ofl'ering: 

88 One kid of the goats for a sin-offering 
20 And for a sacrifice of peaco-ofierings, two 
oxen, fiVe rams, five he-goats, five lambs of Uie 
first year : this was tbe offering of Eliab the son 
ofHelon. , 

3U II On Uie fourUi day Elixur Uie son of She- 

wiUi oil tor a ineat-oflerlng : 

44 Onegoldensuoon often «4elce<s,fun of incense: 

45 One young bullock, one ram, one lauib of 
the first y^ar, for a bumt-ofiering: 

40 One kid of tlie goats for a sin-offering : 

47 And for a sacrifice of peace-olfcriiigs, two 
oxen, five rams, five he-goots, five Iambs of the 
first year : this was the ofibring of Eliasapii the 
son of Deuel. 

48 ir On the seventh day Ellshama the son of 
Ammihud, prince of the chiMren of Epliraiuia 
offered : 

49 His oflerinpf ^was one silver charter, the 
weight wliereot was a hundred and Utirty ske- 
keU^ one silver bowl of seventy shekels, after 
the sliekel of the sanctuary ; both of them full of 
fine flour mingled wiUi oil for a meat-offering : 

50 One golden spoon of tai skekela^tull of iiiceiise< 

51 One young bulk)ck, one ram, one huiib of Uie 
first year, for a burnt-oA'erlng : 

53 One kid of the goats for a sin-ofiering : 

5:) And for h sacrifice of |>encc-ofl*«riiig8, two 

oxen, five rams, iivc he-goats, five lanibs of' the 

first year: Uiis was the ofi^ering Qf Elisliama Uie 

son of Ammihud. 
54 11 On the eighth day offered Gamaliel the son 

of Podahzur, prince of the children of Manasseh: 

55 His offering was one silver charger, of Uie 
veight of a hundred and thirty skekdSf one sil- 
ver bowl of seventy shekels, after the shekel of 
the sanctuary : boUi of them full of fiiie flour 
minted with oil for ameat-oflering : 

56 One golden spoon often skekels^ m\ ofincease: 

57 One young bullock, one ram, one Iamb of the 
first vear, for a burnt-offering : 

58 One kid of the goats for a sin-offering: 

96 One golden spoon often fikeik«<«,fuU of incenses ^. 

27 One young buUock, one rain, one lamb of 50 And for a sacrifice of peace-offerings, two 

the first year, for a burnt offering : oxen, five rams, five he-goats, five lambs of the 

of the goats for a sin-offering : first year : this was the offering of Gamaliel the 

year : Uiis was the offering c 

60 ir On the ninth day Abidan Uie son of Glde- 
oni, prince of the chlUlrcn of BeiUondn, offered: 

61 tlis . offering loos one silver charger, tlio 
weiglit whcreorwM a hundred and thirty t^- 


71U prf$4^* ^trimgB^ 4^ CHAP. Vtll. 

keU^ one iftver bowl of cefenty Aelnlii» tllerttken be htMii the Toke of one tpetkliif vam 

the s/iekel of the saiictiiaqr ; botli ot than Aill hiiii from oflTtlw merejr-eeet that »m upon th« 

of Ikfie flour mingleU with oil for a mem-olfering : 
68 Onegolilen 8|>oon of ieu«AdM«,fttII of fncenae: 
ff3 One young bullock, one raw, one lamb of the 
firei year, for a bumt-oAerIng : 

64 One kid of the goals for a sln^lfering: 

65 And for a sacrifice of peace-offisrings, ttro 
oxen, five rams, five he-goats, five lambs of the 
first year : tliis wot ilie oflering of Abidan the 
son of GIdeoiii. 

66 ^ On tlie tenth day Ahkser the sod of Am- 
roishaddal, prince of tlieciiildren of Dan, 9f^r9d : 

67 His oneriui; was one silver ohaiiger, tlie 
w^eight whereof ipos a hundred and thir^ §tu- 
keUf one silver bowl of seventy shekels, a^r 
Uie shekel of the sanctuary ; both oCthem fall o( 

' fine flour uiingled with oil for a meat-ofiertng : 
6BOneg6Men spnouof tcn«A^JlEcZs,fuilof inceuse: 
09 One young bullock* one ram, oue lamb of the 
first year, for a burut-ofrering : 

70 One kid of Uie ffoats for a sin-offbring: 

71 And for a sacrifice of peaee-oflbrin^ two 
oxen, five nuns, five he>goats, five lambs of the 
first year: Uiis was the oflRsriugpf Ahieser the 
son of Aijpuiistiaddai. 

Ocran, prince of iJic children of Asher, offered 
7Tt His oflbriug wm one silver charger, the 
weight wliereof was a hundred and thirty tke- 
keu, one silver bowl ot' seventy shekels, after the 
s/^el of the sanctuary ; both of tliem Aill of 
fine flour mingled with oil for a uient-ortering: 

74 One golden spoon often «A<iiee/«,full of incense : 

75 One young bullock, one ram, one lamb of the 
first year, for a bu'rnt-oflTeriill : 

76 One kid of tlie ^ts for a sin-oflbrhig : . 

77 And for a sacrifice of peace-ofl*erings, two 
oien, five rams, five he-goats, five lambs of the 
fttst year : this was tlie ofl*eriiig of Tagiel the son 
of Ocran. 

7811 On the twelfth day Ahira the son of Enan, 
prince of the children of Naphtali, offered 

r upon I 

ark of testimony, ftom between the two chem- 
bims : and he spake unto Him. 
The esnseeratien e/ tks Asv<tM. 

AND tlie Lord spake hnto Moees, sayiM, 
3 Speak uiHo Aaron, and say unto nhn, 
When thou lightest the lamps, the seven lamps 
shall give light over ngabist the candlestick. 

3 And Aaron did so; he lighted the laona 
thereof over against the camDestitk, as we 
Loan commanded Moses. 

4 And this work of the candlestick was ef 
beaten goM^unto the shaft thereof, unto the flow- 
ers thereof, was beaten work : according untu the 
pattern wiiich tlie Lone bad shewed Hoses, so 
he made the eaadlesUek. 

5 H And tlie Loan spake unto Mosea, saying, 

6 Take the tevltes Aoni among the elilklreu M 
f^acl, and cleanse them 

7 And tlius Shalt ihou do unto them, to cleanse 
tiicm : Sprinkle water of purifying uptm them, 
and let them shave all their flesh, and let them 
waHlitheirclothes,ands0nwketlicmsefves clean. 

8 Tlien let them take a young bullock with bis 

73 If Oh tlie eleventh day Paglel the son oflmeat-otfering, svsn fine flour mingled \vith oil. 

pnnce ui tue cnHuren in napniuii, ej/erea: uunib-uueniiic. uuiu ui 

79 Ills oflferliig was one silver charger, tlieiment for tlie Levites. 

and anbilier young bullock shalt thou take for a 

9 And thou shalt bring the lievHcs befbre the 
tabernacle of tlie congregation : and thou shalt 
eather tlie whole asMimbly of the children of 
Israel together : 

M) And thou shalt bring the Levlfes before the 
Lord : and the chiMren of Israel shall put theif 
hands upon the Levltes: 

1 1 And Aaron shall ofl'er the Levltes before the 
Lord f4n' an offering of tlie children of Israel, 
that they may eiecute the servioe of the Lord. 

16 And the Leviies shall hiy tlieir hands upon 
the heads of the bullocks: and thou shall ollbr 
thjs one for a sia-offiniiig, and the other fer a 
bumt-oQeriug, unto the Lord, to make an jstone- i» 

' weight whereof was a hundred and thirty she- 
keUf one silver bowl of seventy shekels! after 
the shekel of the sanctuary ; botli of them nill of 
fine flour mingled witli oil for a meat-oftering : 
80 One golden spoon often «A«Jir«/s,f ull of incense: 

81 One young bullock, one ^am, one lamb of tlie sliall be mine. 

13 And tliou Shalt set the Levltes before Aaron, 
and before his sons, and ofStdt them /or an oflbr- 
ing Unto the Lord. 

14 Thus shalt tliou separate tlie Levltes from 
among tlie children of Israel: and the Levltes 

first year, for a burnt-ofllbring . 

82 One kid of the goats for a sln-ofiTering : 

83 And for a sacrifice of peace-offerings, two 
oxai, five rams, five he-goats, five himbs of the 
first year : this was Uie oObring of Ahira the son 

84 This was thd dedication of the altar (in the 
day when It was anointed) by the princes of Is^ 
rael : twelve chargers of silver, twelve silver 
bowls, twelve spoons, of gold : . 

85 Bach charger of silver weighing a hundred 
and thirty shekels^ each bowl seventy : all the 
silver vessels weigked two tliousand and four 
hiiiidred«&eft«2s,atterthesliekel of thesanctuary : 

80 The golden spoons wsre twelve, full of in- 
cense, weighing ten shekels apiece» after^he she- 
kel of the sanctuary : all tlic gold of the spoons 
was a bupdred and twenty shekels. 
87 AU theoxenforthebumt-oflTeringwere twelve 
bullocks, the rams twelve, the lambs of the first 

sar tw^elve, with their meat-ofierine : and tlie 

ds of the goats for sin-oi&rUig, twdve. 

JB And all the «gien for the sacrifice of the 
peace-oflerings were twenty and four bnlkieks, 
the rams sixty', the he-goats sixty, the lambs of 
the first year sixty. This , was the dedication of 
the altar, after Umt it was anointed. 

89 And when Ifosos was gone into the taber- 
ancle or the congregation to speak wilb Uim, 

15 And after that shall the Levites go In to do 
the service of the tabernacle of the congregation i 
and thou shalt cleanse them, and ofier Uiem /sr 
an ofreriiig. 

IG For tiiey ors wholly given nnto me ft-un 
auiong tlie children of Israel ; Instead of such as 
open every womb, eo«n instead of tlie firtit-bom 
of all the children of Israel, have I« taken then 
unto me. 

l?-For all the flmt-bom of the children of Israel 
are mine, both man and beast: on the day that 
1 smote every firet-bom in tiie land of Egypt- 1 
sanctified them for msrsclf. 

18 And I have taken the Levites for al tht 
first-born of Uie chiUren of IsraeL 

19 And I have given the Levites as a lift to 
Aaron and to his sons from among tile children of 
Israel, to do the service of the children of Israel 
in the tabemaele of the congregaUon, and to 
make an atonement for the children of Israel : 
that there be no plas\ie among vhe children of 
Israel, when the children of Israel come nigh 
unto the sanctuary. 

90 And Moses, and Aaron, and all the congre- 
gation of Uie children of Israd, did to the Le- 
vltes according nnto all that the Lord com- 
manded Hoses concerning the Levites, so mi 
the children of Israel unto them. 

31 And Ut^ Levites weie purified, and tiiey 


'•tf '4MMl4 SAAIMMV* 

M in olRtring Wfbre iftt Los»; aad Aaroa 
Riiit ma atoncraeM Tor ttMm to thmu them. 

^ And after that went tiie Levik* ta to dio 
tlietr service in Uie tsMmadl of the confretE- 
ikrn befbra Aaroa, and kefbre Ms tMu : as tbe 
L<Hi9 had amnnamM Mows concenriiig Uie 
Invites, so did tlicy unto then. 

33 IT And the I^ord spalce unto Mosss, saying, 

21 TlUs U U Uiat Mongtth nato the Levite« : 
From twenty and five yean old and unward they 
shall go in to wait upon the aervice of the taber- 
nacle of the con^^r^atioR: 

25 And from the age of fifty yeaiv they shall 
cc-ise waiting upon the service tkarwf^ and siiall 
serve no more: 

25 Out Shalt rolnisu^ with their brethren In the 
tatiernacle of the congregation, t» keep tlic 
charge, and shall do no service. Titus slialt 
ihrni do luiio the i<evir<>s trmching tiieir cliaigc. 

AND tlie Lord spake unto Moses tn the wil- 
derness of Sinai, in the fiiw month of tlie 
second year after tlu^ were some out of the land 
of Egyj»t, saying, 

2 l^et the children of Israel also keep tbe pass- 
over at his appniiite«l0»nsoh. 

3 in tlie fourteenth day of this month, at even, 
'fti shall keep it in his appointed seamn : accor- 
ding to all the rites of it, and according to aU tiie 
corenttMiies tliereof, shall ye keep H. 

4 And Mhsos snake unto the children of Israel, 
that they shmild keep the passover. 

5 And tiiey Iwpt the passovet on tlie ftrarteentb 
day of thb first month at even in the wlkteraess 
■of Sinai: according to all that the Lord com- 
mand^ Moses, so did the children of Israel. 

C Tl And Uicrc were certain men, who were de- 
filed by the dcnd bo<iy of a man, tliat they cmild 
ttiu keep the passover on that day : and Uioy 
caute bofbre Moses and he(bre A amn on that day : 
7 And tlMMe uiensaidMnto hiiirr Wcoredcfiieil 
by tlic dead body of a man : wherefore are we 
kept bock, that we may not oflbr an offering of 
the Lord in his appointed seanu ainohg the 
children of Israel 1 

K And Moses ^aid nnto them, Stand still, and 
will hear whatllie Lord tvill eoumiand concern- 
\nt, you. 

$t W And tlie I.ORD snake unto Moses, snylng, 
}0 Spuak unto the children of fetmcl, i>aying, If 
any niati of you or of your posterity oliall be un- 
cluan by reason of a dead body, or he in a jour- 
ney lifar ofi*, yet he slittll keep the pagsover unui 
the Lord. 

1 1 The fonrteenth day of tiie second month nt 
even ihey sliall k«op it, and eat it with nuleav- 
oncd bread and bitter herbs. 
1% Tli«iy shall leave none of it Unto the morning, 
nor break any b(Mie of it: accordini to all tliu 
ordinances of the passover they shall keep it. 

13 Uut the man that is clean, and is not in a 
)i*unN;y, and forbearelii to keep tha passolrer, 
evf;n the same soul shall ba cut off" from among 
bis people : becauie he bmnght not ttie offering 
of the Loan in his appointed season, that man 
shall bear his sin. 
H And if a stranger shaU soijoiini among yon, 
and will keep tlie passover trnto the Lord; ao- 
eonling ta the ordinance of the panover, and 
jMcording to the inamter thereof, so shall he da: 
ye shall have one ordinarxe both for the stran- 
ger, and for him tiiat wa& bora in the land* 
15 IT And on tlie day that the tabernacle was 
reared up, the cloud covered the tabernacle, 
namtZyt tkc tent of the tostimouy : aiid at even 
there was uthui the tnbernaele as it wore the ap- 
tearanae of fire, until the morning. 

16 80 If #as aiw«yv. the dood covei«il ti *« 
day, and the appearance of fire by night 

li AndirlMathectondwastakennpfroiiitlieU- 
b«niade,ilien after that the children of Israel Jour- 
neyed : Md in the idace where the cloud abode, 
there the cliiMren of Israel pitched their tcnt». 

18 At the commandment of the Lord tbe cbil- 
dren of Israel journeyed, and at the comrruuifl- 
ment of tbe Lord they pitclied: as long as tli«' 
ctond abode upoa the tabemcie thoy rested i« 
their tents. 

19 And when thecloud tarried longupoii the tab- 
ernacle many days, then the children of Israel 
leept the charge of the Lord, and journeyed not. 

w And to It was, when the clond was u few 
days upon the tabernacle; according to the com- 
nuindment of the Lord they abode in tiielr tenta, 
and according to the commandment of the l.oit0 
they journeyed. 

31 And to it was, when the cloud abode fVoin 
even unto the morning, and that the cloud was 
taken up in the morning, then thry journeyed : 
whether it was by day <»r by night that tlie cloud 
was taken Up, tiicy journeyed. 

a^r whUkot it teort two d:iys, or a month, ot 
a yelr, that tbe cloud tarried upoa the taberna- 
t\% remaiuing thereon, the childr(.'n oi' Israel 
HAmde in their tents, and journeyed not: but wben 
it was taken up, they Journeyed. 

83 At the commandment of the Lord they i«at- 
eii in their tents, and at the coniraandinout n/ 
the Lord tliey journeyed : they kept the charge 
of t lie Lord, at the commandment of tlie Lofto 
by the hand of MosesJ 

CHA?. X. 
The TsriitiUs renuroefrom Sinai. 

A Nil tlie Lord spake unto Moses, sdying* 
3 Make thee two trumtwts of silver : of a 
whole piece shalt thou make them : that tlion 
mayest use tlieni for the calling of the assemb^, 
and for the journeying of tbe camp?. 

3 And wlion they slmll blow witl) them, all the 
assembly shall asoenihle tlicmselves tf> thee at the 
door of Uie tabernacle of the congregation. 

4 And if they bbnv hut with one truntpet, then 
the princes, which are heads of the thousands of 
Israel, shall gather thcpiscives unto thee. 

5 When ye blow an alarm, then the camps that 
ne on the east parts shall go forward. 

6 When ye blow an alarm tlie !;econd time, 
then t!ie camps that lie on the soutli side shall 
take their journey : Uiey shall blow an alarm 
for their journeys. ' 

"2 But wlHMi (he congregation is to be gathered 
toguihcr, ye shall Wow, but yc shall not sound 
an alarm. 

8 And the sons of A amn, the priests, shall blow 
wlih the tmm|iets; and they shall be to you for an 
ordinance fur ever throughout your generations. - 

9 And If ye go to war in your land against Uie 
enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow 
an alarm with the trumpets ; and ye shall be 
remeiid>er4d before the Lord your God, and ye 
shaH be saved from your enemies. 

10 Also in the day of your gladness, and in 
your sol^n days, and in the Ix^inningsof your 
momhs, ye shalP blow with the trumpets over 
your burnt-^offeriags, and over the sacrifices of 
your peaee-ofi'erin» ; that they may be to you 
ftnr a laemorial before your God : I am the Lord 
your God. 

11 IT And it came to pass on the twentieth day 
of the second month, in the second year, that 
the cloud was taken up from ofi* the tabernucte 
of the testimony. 

n And tbe children of Israel took their joui^ 
neys out of tlie wilderness of Sinai ; alid the 
cloud re«te«l in the wilderness of Paran. 

13 And they first took their Journey accordtfig 

Order 0f tke hrM^ttes' ntrek. CnAf. XI. Ahites e^wq^Miutk ^ kta rlirf> 

to the eommaiidtneiii of the T^oftV hy the lmii<l{iet iifayetmno tftg |A»t», tl i e t k t wmm^t wO n ^ , 

ofMoim . ^^ ,_^ 3Ai»d1ie«*llRdlfceBai»eoftli«ptaM>Tiib8«lK 

.^ r- •^^ «— -» .- .-^^^ ^ ^ biHaiiMe the nre nf tlie L«t» bwatanoM tlic» 

4 ir Ati4 the Mixe4 maWtiMie ibM wm a«iont 
them Aril a iHctiiif : mnA the cWMren of Umirt 
«IM wefit wtn, m4 Mid, Who thyi |iv« a 

5 Wc rememher the fleli wMeh wciid e«l i« 
^L '^^ *'*^ cuetwibeni, ami the Metow^ 
AMI the loeka, anrf the oQtfNw, Mid the nrlle. 

Huinnw otir iwml f/* OfM twiy ; tkS^ig no- 
thhig at all, betides thia maima, ki/»n our eyca. 

7 AiNl the ntaiina «0m aa, coriaaiw emji, aaA 
tlie colour fhereof as the eoknv of bdellium. 

8 ^nd the pe<»tile want abouti atal cathoted jr. 
Kiid ground it in nillla, or heat »t iu a monuiL 
and \tahnA it In pane, nnd made cakei of It :' aai 

'M'S'nneon vat Sheltimid ihc mnof Zurishnddni.! tlit; in:<K> of it was at the fa«le of frush <mI. 
00 And over tlie lioMt of the tribe of the ehi}*l And when the ilcw felt upon the camp is tht 

dren of Gad Kit* Klfa^aiHi the son of J>fnel. Inisiit, the manna fell mnn it. 
'21 And the Kobathit^ ml fitrwurd, bearing ihcj 10 1i Tttau M<N>ea heard the peoptoweepthrongh* 
nnctuaTy : and the other did set up the tnher- nut th^lr l^mtlies, every man in the door of alt 

14 In the fim plaet trent tlw sCimAuii of the 
camp of the children of Judah nc<5onUiig m their 
armiee : and over his ho8t was Nahehon the^on 
of Ammlnadab. 

15 And over the ho«t of tlie tribe oflbe ehildreii 
ef toachor »« Nethaneef the son of Zuar. 

16 And over the boM of the trilic of the eliiklrvn 
0f ^f^ebnilun toot Eliab the stm of flelon. 

17 And tlie tabcraade was taken down ; and 
the 8one of Oershon and the mns «»f Merarl Pf;t 
tV»rivard, bearing the tabernacle. 

IB ^ And the standant of the camp <vf Rentien 
i*;i forward accordine to thrir nnnliMt and over 
tit« host yetu fiNznr me son of Stietlcnr. 

1 a And over th«; host of the tribe of the chfMnni 


ii»c]c ngaivt they came, 

' ^ If Ami the standard of the camp of the cliil- 

drea of I^rahn set (brwanl nccordliis m their 

^rmica: mid over bi« float was GlisJitmia the mm 

ef AmmUiud. 

S3 And ovd^ the host of tlie tribe of the children 
of Manasseh wa» Gamaliel the son of 

e4 And over the hostof thctribeof the chiidrcn 
of Benjamin was Abidnn tKfe son of Gide<nii, 

^ IT And the tundanl of the camp of tite cliil- 
dnm frf* Dan set forward, which wus the rere- 
Avaidof all the camps throughout their Ikwuh 
.ind over his host W4U Aliiczcr the son of Am- 

9H And over the host of tlic tribe of the chtl- 
itfux of Asher was Paglcl the son of Ocrait. 

37 And over the host of the tribe of the chil- 
dren of NajAtti! was Ahira the son of Emm. 

28 Thus wert the jounievings of tlie children 
of rsraid according io their armies, when they 
an forward. 

Sn IX And Mosea said tmto Ilobah, the son of 
Ragoel the ftUdianite. Moses* futher-ln-la\v. Wc 
are joam^iAg unto the place of which the Lord 
tnAy I will give it you : come thou with us, and 
we wiH do thee good : for the lioan hath spuken 
|ond conceminc Israel. 

ao And be said unto him, I %vttl liot go ; but I 
«iR depart to mine own land, and to my kindre«l. 

31 Am] he said, Leave us not, I prny thee : for^ 
atmnch as tixm knowest how we are to encamp 
hi the wilderness, an4 Umu maycst be to us in- 

% And it Shan be, If thou fto with ns. yea, It 
■ban be, that what goodness the Lord sliall do 
nnto «n, tlie some will we do unto thee. 

33 IT And they departed from the nwunt of the 
Lord three days* journey : and the ark of the 
covenant of the Lord went before them in the 
three days* Journey, to seardi out a resting-place 
for (hem. 

34 And the dotid of the Lord was upon them 
by day, when thev weift out of the camp. 

35 And It came to pass, when the ark set fhi^ 
ward, that Moees said. Rise up, T.ord, and let 
thine enemiea be scattered ; and let them that 
bate thee flee before thee. 

36 And wken H tested, be said, Retnm, O 
Loro, unto the many thousands of Israel. 

TV Israditss loaiks manna, 

AND when the people coniplalBcd, it displeas- 
ed tiie Lord : and the Lord heard it : and 
Us anger was kindled ; and the fire of tlie Loi(d 
himt among them, and consumed them that were 
b the uttermost parts of the camp. 
S And the people cried anto Moses; ami when Mo- 

eryma _ 

lent : and the anger Of the Lcid waa fclndlei 
«;reaKy , Moacs aba was d i sple a se d . 

II And Moses saM unto the Lori», Wbenfoit 
hast UtouallUeted thy servant f and wherefora 
have I not Ibund Atvour In thy sight, that thou 
l^jn! t*>« burden of aN this ueopta upon me% 

19 Have I aonccived aH thia peoplel have I 
beg<nteii them, that thou ahouMest say UMO me, 
Carry them In thy baosm, aa a iMrslM-t^thar 
lieareth the saekhig cMM, unto the lud whkh 
ihon swaiest umn their fathers 1 

I.*) Whenea shouM I have fleah i» ghra unto all 
ihlt peoplel A>r they wasp auto tee, aajrtng. 
Give ua flesh, that we may eat. »— »-^ 

14 f am not able to bear aH thia paoala aloMk 
liecause tl is too heavy fiir me. 

15 A ad If thoa deal tlma with me, kill me, I 
pray tliee, m«t of hand, if I hava found fhvoar \m 
thy sight ; and kit me not see my wreiehednesa. 

]» 1 Ahd tha Loro aald imto Maaea, Gather 
imto me savanty meii of tha alderf or Israel 
whom tliou knowest to be the «ddem of the peo- 
|de, and oAocra over 6ieA; and hring them urn* 
the tabernacle of |he eangngattol^ thitthay may 
stnml tliere with thct. 

17 And I will coma 4mm and ulk with tbea 
there: and I will take of tha spirit whieh ^ 
upon time, and will put U upon tham ; and they 
shall bear tha burden of the people with tiieei, 
that thou bear it not tliyaelf akme. 

18 Ami sav tlnrn uate the pesnie, Saiietify 
yourselves agahwt to-monow, and ye shaH eat 
desh: fhrve have wept hi the ears of the Lord, 
saying. Who shall iHra ua flesh to eat t for « 
was well witli us hi Emt: t he r ai w e the Lor» 
will irlve you fleah, and ye ahall aa|. 
. 19 Ye shall not eat one day, nor two days, nor 
five days, neither ten days, nor twenty days ; 

90 Btu evtm a whole month, until It come oiit at 
your noBtrlla, and it be loathsome uhioyou : be> 
cause that ye have detpiaed the Lord whieh it 
mnong you, and have wept before hfaa, sayhiig, 
Why eame wo forth out of Egypt I 

21 And Jdosea said, The peopm anong whom 
I oai, art six hundred thousaml footmen; and 
thou hast said, I will give them flash, that thef 
may eat h whole month* 

98 Sliall the flocks and tha hai* he shihi for 
them, to tufflee them f or shaH all tha fish of the 
KB bo gathered together forthem, toauflkethemt 

S3 And theLoRD said unto Mooes, Is the Lord'o 
hand waxed short t thou ahait sea now whether 
my word shall come to pass imto thee, or not. 

M H And Moses wem out, and toM the people 
the words of the Lord, and gathered the seventy 
men of the eMeia of tne fvoffit, and set the» 
round aboat the tsbcmaala. 

4tt And tte L««» cum down bi« dMii, ^w\\ 11 And Avon mid inito Momi, AIm, mv lonf, 
MMke uMo Mm, and took of tke iqplrtl that v^j i ijoieeeh llMe, lay not xitt sin upon its, wherein 

I him umI fnve H unto tb% WTOiity t-Mef^ ' w <^ kave doa« fooUably, and wbereia «re bave 

r. ea^ lo iMMB. fUi when tiM wMl Te^ti^il'fciitned. 

•iid It enm to nam, tkmt when the tylrll fe^Ti^-l; fciitn 

nmn them, Uiv pifHihesied, and did not ctas<: ' it! Let her not be aa one deod^ of whom Uie 

nmn I 

-J Bnttliere remained twitf tJu'muk nt rliir fit^hia half consumed when Be'cometh out of 
camp, the name of the one «m Eldad, ai^l 1 1 ►; Ik;" mother;a womb. 
nameoTtlmacherMedad: and iheSplrit re^u.^ i,t And Moeee cri«l unto the Loan, •aying, 
nntm cliem ; and Uiey wtre of them that vi f r^^ Ihal her now, O God, I beeeech Uiee. 
written, but went not ont unto the taber nac^ : ; 1 1 IT And the Loan taid unto Moses, If her f^- 
and tli^ nropheiied in tlie camp. | ih^'T had but spit in her face, should she not be 

87 And there ran a yonnf man, and told>ioBf?Sv ^i>auied seven days 1 let her be shut out from 
and aaid, BMad and Uedad do prophesy iu i\ni the camp seven days, and after that let lief be 
enaiBk iwblved in turmiu. 

W And Joahna the son of Kon, the wwxam i>q t5 And llidam was shut out firom the camp 
MoaeK, MM of his yoimg men, answered and en J di Biven days: and the people Journeyed not till 
My lord Itfosea, fhrttid Ihem. I Mifinm was brovfhtin o^ctn. 

S» And Moves said unto him, Eaviest tlioii Cttr] l(( And afterward the people reikiovcd from Ha 
aty aafce t wouJd GihI tliat all the Lord's (x^Mil-r :(^ rntt|, and pitclied in the wilderness of Paran. ' 
wrre prophets, cad that iheXoao wouhl i^m li^s CHAP. XIIL 

Spirit upon them. ' Spie* .gtnt to CtMoan. 

30 And Moaes fat him into the camp, he and' - - - — 
the ehlers of Israel. 

31 T And tliere went fturth a wind (hm tlie 
IxHin, and brought quails from tlie sea, and let 
f*«m fhtl by the camn, as It were a day's journey 
•a thte al«le, and as it were a day*s jonmcy on 
the echer aida, ronnd about the camp, mid as it 
ware two eabits kigk upon the fhee of the enrth. 

9S And the people stood up all that day, and all 
•Aal ninlit, ami all the next day, and they gath- 
arad the quails : he that gathered least aatliered 
ten h«)mers : and they spread Osm all abroad 
lor th am aa l vea roumi about the camp. 

SI And while the desh W4U yet between their 
teeth, ero It was chewed, tlie wrath of tlie Loan 
mm kiadlod against the people, and the Loan 
sinote the peonle with a very great plague. 

3€ And he called the nameof that idace Kibroth- 
MUttvah : becauia there tiiey buried the people 

3S ,and the people Jovnwyed ftom Klbrotli-hat- 

awvah unto llkaaroth : and abode at llam»t>th, 


A^._ M irimm tmd wf area's —Utiom, 
ND Miriam and Aaron spake against Moaes 
^ . becauae of the Ethiopian woman whom lie 
had married : for ha had married mi Ethiopian 

9 And tliey aald, Hath thel^oan indeed spoken 

•n*r kty lloaeaf liath he not spoken also by us ' 

And the LtORB heard tc 

S (Now the man Moaea was very meek, above all 

u* men whicli wsrs upon Uie ftwe of the earth.) 

^And the Loan spake suddenly unto Moses, 

*k ^^^ Aaron, and unto Miriam, Come out ye 

?!?' .""*•** *•>• tabernacle of the coogregaUoii. 

And they three eame out. 

f Ami the Loan came down in the pllUir of the 

'^{»JM« and aiood im the door of the tabernacle, 

AND the Lord spidce unto Moses, saytac, 
S S«fnd tliou vieii, that they may search the 

land of Canaan, whicli I cive unto tlie children 
of Israel : of every tribe of their (htbers shall ye 
send a man, every one a ruler among them. 

3 Ami Moses by tlie commniidinent of the Lk>kd 
seut them iVoiu the wilderness of Paran : all 
ihoM men losrs heads of the children of Israel. 

4 Anil these toere their names : Of the tribe of 
Reuben, Shamniua tiie sou of Zaccur. 

5 Of tlie tribe of Simeon, Shapbat ttie son of Horl. 

6 Of Uie tribe of Judah, Caleb the son of Jephun- 

7 Ofthe tribe of Issachar,Iga1 tlie son of Jf>s<^h. 

8 Of the tribeof Epbraiin, Osliea the son of Nuo. 

9 Of ilie tribe of BenJamin,Palti the son of Raphu . 

10 Of the tribe of Zebuhui, Gaddiel the aoii of 

11 Of the tribe of Joseph, namely, ofthe tribe of 
Manasseh, Gaddi Uie son of Susl. 

ISOftbe tribeof Dan, AnimielthesonofGemalll. 

1 3 Of tlie tribe of A8her,SetIiur theson of M icIiaeL 

14 Of the tribe of Naphtali, NahU the son of 

15 Of the tribe of Gad, Genel the son of Machf. 

16 Tliese art the names of tlie men which Mo- 
ses sent to spy out the land. And Moses called 
O^liea the son of Nun, Jebosliua. 

17 TT And Moses sent them to spy out the land 
of Cuiaaii, and said unto them. Get you up thia 
•Dsy southward, and go up into the mountain : 

18 And see the land, what it i»; and the peo- 
ple Uiatdwellethttiereiii, whether they *e strong 
or weak, few or many ; 

10 And what the land ts that they dwell In, 
whetlicr it U good or bad ; and what cities tkeg 
ke that they dwell in, whether hi tents, or in 
stmnc holds ; 

90 And what th« kind U^ whether it he (ht or 

the Lord will make 

*JJ!f*5*ed Aaron and Mhrtam: and they both 'lean, whether there be wootltlierein.ornot. And 
««»• iprai. I be ye of good courage, and bring or the fruit c^ 

my words: If there the land. Now the tune was Die thne of tht 
flm ripe grapes. 

81 TT So they went up, and searched ilvi land 
fiem the wilderness oi ZUi unto Rehob, as nien 
come to Bamath. 

91 And they ascended by the soutJf, uid came 
unto Hebron ; vfhere Ahiman, Shcshai, and Tal- 
Bwi, the children of Anak, were. (Now Hebron 
was built seven years before 21oan hi Emrpt.) 

93 And they came unto die brook of jEUicot, 
and cut down fVom th«occ a branch with one 
duatrr of grapes, and they bare it between two 
upon a staiff ; and aey bought of the pomegra* 
nates, and of the figs. 

94 The place was called the brook Eshcol, be- 

^wt !S? Wm to a diaam. 

^], 2^ *2[^t Moaea is not 10, who is (klthAd Uk 

ml^JUl ***"* ^"» I "I*** W>ttth to IIMUth 

7h^Jt S !t S^9 , and not in dark snaeches ; anc 
ISL22?'*^^ ^ ^ !-©*» ihainie behohl 
t;^!™^ ^•"^ '^w* y« ool aftaki to apeak 

- ^ .^ '^*^nr of the Loan wai ktaidled 
;^w; and ha departed, 
ij^ ekwd dwanad ftom <iir the taber- 
« belioid,l3rlunfts6aaishmM, 
."•■A Aaron hioked upon Mhian 

10 And 

mssnow: «nd Aaron hnked upon 

of the cluster of grapes which the chiUrca 
of Israel cot down IVom theuce. 

tUp9H tf Hu Jfieff. 


Matu lafiTfcJcift/tff tjtr^cdflf 

%&'Ana they returned rrom sewthliic ofihe land 
»Aer tony days. 

S6 tr And they went and came to Moeee. and to 
Aaron, and to all tAe ooni regation of the chil- 
dren of Israel, unto the wiTdemeie of Paran, to 
Kadesh ; and brought back word unto them, and 
unto iril tlie eongregatiou, and shewed them the 
fruit of tlie land. 

97 And ttaev told him, and nld, We earoe nnlo 
rtie land whither thou sentett us, and surelf* it 
(loweth with milk and honey ; and this m the 

rmit of it 

38 Nevertheless, the people fte stront that dwell 

tai the land, and the cities «r« walled, imd very 

great: aad moreover, we saw the children of 


9l»Tlie Amalekitesdwell Inthelandoftbesouth : 

and Uielltttltes, and the Jebusiles, and the Am- 

orite% dwell in the moHntains ; aad tiie Canaan- 

itt» dwell by tlie sea, and by the eoast of Jordan. 
30 And Caleb stilled the people before Notes, by no ^^leahs clearing thegtMtp, visiting the Ini- 

and said, Let ns go up at once, and poisess it ; quity of the fatliers upon tiie ciiiidreu UMlo tht 

13 IT Aikil Mn3f?4|p|d iimt> the LnJtii, Tli^^tM 
EgyptiniL-i »iiAt( liW rl, {(or tliou bfouf h[»l lip 
thisptoiilt; \si Lhy mijtJii fttmi aiiKWft ^ji^ut;} 

14 And thvy wiii leH a ta tftc UiU^biianU of 
this Itiitl : fttT ihry Iidv^ liearJ iJiai itwa Lrmi? 
art anunii;^ i^J'e i^o^*nl^^, ihn iliou Loim art seen 
faceto rni!:e,Eifiii t\at lhy UomJ tLajvdeUi(rv«rlh«ik, 
and tkft-t tibou :rfJi2Fi Imfrnt^ iiiem, tivdttf-ilme la 
a pillar or » cUmtf, tUmI Inu |.Ml>ar n| dm hy nlphL 

ISNifw E/ihiiii lilinh ivllli tilt Lhls fi^otttn QH untt 
man, Uitn tii4i iHilMnnt whkcM Imw IieanI Ihtf 
fame of thee will speak, saying, 

16 Because the Loan was not iblo to brlaitliit 
people into the land which lie sware unto rnu^ 
therefore be hath slain them In the wilderness. 

17 And now, 1 beseech thee, let the |iower of 
my Lord be great, according as thou bast spoken, 

18 The r«oRD is leng-anflbrlng, and of great 
mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and 

for we are well able to overcome it. 

31 Bnt the men that went up with him said, 
We be not able toco up against the people ; for 
titey srv stronger than we. 

32 And they brought up an evil fenort of the 
land which they bM searched unto the children 
of Israel, saying, The land tlirouih which we 
have gone to search |t, it a land that eateth up 
the inhabitants tliereof ; and ail tlie people tiuit 
we nw in it ars men of a grcAt stature. 

33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of 
Ansk, wkiek earns of the giants: and we were 

in oar own sight as gras8ho|)perB, and so we ten times, and have not hearkened lo my volee 
were in their s^^ht 

*J%$ Israeiites marsiar. 

AND sR the congregation lifted up their voice, 
and eried ; and the people wept, that night. 

2 And ail the ebiidrcn of Israel murmured 
agaimt Moses and against Aaron : and the wliole 
eonermulon said unto them, Wouhl God that 
we aadf died in the land of Egypt ! or would God 
•we had died in this wilderness ! 

3 A nd w^refore hath tlie Lord brought us unto 
this land, to fkll by the sword, tiiat our wives 
and our children should be a prey 1 were it not 
better for us to return Into Egypt t 

4 And tliey said one to anotJier, Let us make a 
taptain, and let us return into Egypt. 

3 Then Moses and Aaron fell on their faces be- 
fore all tlie assembly of tlie congregation of tJie 
shildren of Israel. 

% If And Joshua the son'of Nun, and Caleb the 
•on of Jefiliunneh, which were of them ttiat 
■earehed the land, rent their clothes : 

7 And they spake unto aH the eompany of the 
children of Israel, sayins, Tlie hmd, which we 
•passed tiuoug^ to search it, U an exceeding good 

8 If the Loan delight in us, then he will bring 
us into tills hmd. aSul cive it us ; a land which 
flowelh with milk and honey. 

l^Only rebel not ye against the Lord, neither 
lear ye tlie people of tlie land : for they are bread 
for IIS : tlieir defence is departed from them, and 
the Lord ts with us : fear them nou 
I 10 But alLlhe congregation bade stone' them 
witli stones. And the ftovy of the Lord appear- 
ed in the tabernacle of the congregation before 
iall the children of Israel. 
II IT And the Lord said unto Moses, How kmg 
vHl this people provoke me 1 and how tong will 
it be ere they believe me, for all the signs which 
1 have shewed among them 1 
19 I will smite them with the pestilence, and 
tebiherit them, and will make of tliee a greater 
I mlgfitier than they. 

Uiird and fourth /mera<«sa. 

19 Pardon, I beseech thee, the Iniquity of thia 
people accordhig unto the graalnqpa of thy mercy, 
and as thou hast foigi vea this people, from Egypt 
even until now. 

90 And Uie Loan said, I have pardoned aecofi- 
ing to thy ward : 

SI But «s truly «s I Hve, all the earth shall It 
filled with the gfory of the Loan. 

22 Because all tlioee men which have seen my 
glory, and my miracles, which I did in Egypt and 
in the wildemess,and have tempted me now these 

en times, and have not hearkened lo my volee: 

S!3 Surely tliey shall not see the land which I 
sware unto their fathers, neither shall any of- 
them that provoked me see i( : 

94 But my servant Caleb, because he had aMlhes 
spirit witli him, and hath followed me flilly, him 
will 1 bring into the hind wherelnio he went; 
and his seed shall possess it. 

25 (Now the Aroalekites, and the Canaanitei 
dwelt in the valley.) To-morf ow turn you, and get 
you Into tiie wilderness b v the waypf the Ked sea. 

26 ^\ And the LoRo spake aato Moies and uma 
Aaron, saying, 

27 How long sAsK Ihear wUh tills evil congre- 
gation, which murmur against me 1 I have heard 
tlic murmurinpof the cnildren of Israel, which 

, Say unto them, A» truly a$ I Hve, saith the 
Lord, as ye have spoken In mine ears, so will 
I do to you : 

29 Yoiur careasses shall foil In this wilderness ; 
and all that were numbered of you, aeeordiag to 
your whole number, from twenty years old and 

upward, which have murmured asalnst me. 

30 Doubtlesa ye shall not come Into the land 
eoneerning which t sware to make you dwell 
therein, save Caleb the son of Jephuaneh, and 
Joshua the son of Nun. 

91 But your little ones, which ye said should be 
a prey, them will I bring in, and they shall know 
tlie land which ye have despisbd. 

32 But a» for you, your carcasses, they shaB foil 
In thte wildemess. 

33 And your children shall wander In the wil- 
demess forty years, and l>ear your whoredoms, 
until your carcasses be wasted in the wilderness. 

34 After the number of the days in which ye 
searched the land, <ve» forty days (wch day for 
a year) shall ye bear your iniquitice, even forty 
years and ye shall know my breach of promise. 

35 1 the Lord have said, I will surely do it 

unto all this evil congregation, thai are gatliered 
together against me: in this wilderness tbej- **--" 
be consumed, and there they shall die. 

36 And the mm which Mosessent to seAucb tht 

fliH* t«iMHi Arc** Jf««|iMM. 


71« stkkmtk-HMktr ilMii 

retNnwi, MMl4M^»a OeaiHiregfe- ia4 fer the gtrnmct that w ^ wi i t tltwkh snmi. 
mnitr «ff«lnil liii^y l ilini% up < 17 5 And the Lon» 9|Mke «iiio Mooot, w/iag. 

37 BvHMMiWB|MiClNit4lMlnliifiipilMCTn report 

•Mmtteteml,««4%ytlieiM«MMkt«tlM I«oit». 

.18 PM AwbQA tiM tMorlrim, and Caleb iIk 

fn0 of JephmMh, miUM wet^ ef Uie Men that 
weac to aeaith the land, Nved «fliJI. 

^And MoMtHildtteteaayfiMiaiiwaKttieelitl- 
drmafltnMl: ah4 the iMJople mowaed oeattr- 

MVAMltlief roae mieaitfintlienoniUicaiid 

»at them up Into the topoT tM moontala, ■aylna, 
<*, we l« Air*, and wHInnnpuntothe place wiiieh 
Vh* JUoft» hath promised: fer tve have sinned. 
4 1 And M«Mf nW, WHeieftMe now do ye cnuu- 
Cre« tliecommdodment ofthe Loaa 1 but it shall 

180peak iNii* the children of tonel, and My 
iimo them, When ye cewe tmo the land tvhitlieff 
IbHni you, 

If Tliea it tfiaN be, that when ye eat of the 
bread ofthe land, ye aiiaU oiiw up a lieafe>oflbi- 
* \E unto the Loko. 

II Ye ehalf ofTer up a eake of the fint of your 
dtmfli fot a heave-offerinf : as ye do the hnavih 

4? Go not up, for f lie f«oRn *> not among ytMn 

(hHt v« be Hnf sroftrnvbeAife your 

43 For the AnWlekiloe and the Canaanites are 
there belbre yau, and ye shaU IhM by the aword : 
biniiii ya art tnnieil away ft«in the lK>a», 
therefore tie I^oao will not be with you. 

-fl i«ttheypreia«iedtoenupunn>thehlll-top: 
wrvettheleee the art of thecotenant of the f •oRD, 
<vid Meaai, departed net out of the eamp. and hfs driuk-oflerinf , acconliiw 10 the UMinaer, 

4.1 Then th? Amalekites came down, and the and one kid of the goata ibr a dn-oHering. 

oibiiag of the threehinf-floor, 80 shall yeheaveli^ 
31 or the lirst of your dough ye shall give unto 
the iMMia a beave-oflfertng ift ynttf generaliens. 

S^ IT And if ye have erred, and not observed 
all ifaeea eomMandmeacs which the l^oHohatk 
spoken unto Moseis 

f3 ^eea all that the lioaa liath omimanded 
voitf by the baud of Mosea, from Ham day that the 
Loan cnmmaiidcd AfosMi and heueeforward 
amoiif your gmemibnui ; 

SM Then it ^laU be. if avgf^ be committed by 
ignorance without the knontedge of the congre- 
gation, I hat all the congregation shall ofRet one 
yoimg bullock for a bumt'eifrerit^, for • sweet 
savow unto the Loan, ivith his meat-oiieriaf. 

Canaanllea whMb dwdt Intiiat Mil, and smote 

iliem. and discomAted tliem. even unto f lomiah. 


Tie Uw Iff nmdrf i^Arfoff. 

ANB the Lord i^e unio iloeea, eaytnt. 
S Speak unto the chiMlen of Israel, and say 
amothem, When ye be come toto the land of 
ymir habltatbmn, which I give unto yoti, 

3 And will make an oObriiig by dre unto the 
liOKis > bomi'Oflering, or a sacriAee In perfhrm- 
iiit a vowi or In a f'roe-wiU-oflbrtng, or in yemr 
«cd«aM fieasts. to make a sweet savour unto die 
l.nft», of the herd, or of the flock : 

♦ Then shall be tJuit ofTeiath Ms offtrins nntn 
the I4ORD bring a roeat-ollbring of a tenth-deal of 
flevTMhifled with the fourth part of a hin of oil. 

i And me fourth part of a hin of wine for a 
dtink-ollbring shalt thou prepare whh the burat- 
«ibrin|or saerifteay for one hunb. 

d Or mr a ram, thou shalt prepare /br a 1 
•tdkring two tenth^dealB of flhMir mingled wUh 
ihe Uitid parf of a hin of oit 

7 Aad for a drhik-oflbrhig thon shalt oflbr the 
third yari t»f a hin of wine, for a sweet savour 
timo Oia Loit». 

8 And when thon pieparest a bullock f»r a 
burnt-offering, or/or a sacrifice in performing a 
vow, or peace-oflerings unto tho Loan 

8S And the pri*^ shaH make an atonement fee 
aU the congregation of the children of Israel, and 
It slmll be forgiven them ; for it is ignorauce: 
an I they shall brhitUieirodbffhit,asacratcemade 
by (ire unto the Laan, and their sintering ha* 
fbve the I<oRB, for their ignoranoe: 

9g And it stiall be forgiven idl the congregatioa 
of the cliihheil of Israel, and tiia stranger tliat 
sojoumcth among them ; seeing all the peophi 

vere in ignorance. 

^ ^ And If anyaoul sin thronth Inorance, then 
he Shan bring a aho-goat of the fiiat year for a 

88 And the priost shall make an atonement Ibr 
thesoul that sinoeth ignorantly, when he ainnetli 
by ignorance before the Loan, 10 make an atone- 
ment for hhn ; and h shall be forgiven hhn. 

SH Ve sliall have one law for Idm that ainnetli 
through Ignorance, k»tk f»r hhn that Is born 
imong the chihllen of Israel, and fbr the stran- 

per ttiaf sojoumcth among them. 

UO IT But the soul that doeth murkt prMnmpttf> 
ovMlyK wketk^ lU *• bom in the nnd, or astran- 
ger, the same reproacheth the Lors ; ami tlmf 

« Then Bhan he briiif with a bttUock a meat- 
•ffcring af three temh-aeals of fbar«nin8led with 

sweet savonr unto the Lord 

1 1 Thus shall it be done fbr one bulloek, or for 
one mm, or for a lamb, or a kid. 

13 Acedtding to the number that ye shall pre- 
bare^ shtllyd do to every one aceordlng to their 

13 AD that are bom ofthe eomitfy sbbll do these 
iMngd nAei this maan^t, in odbrtng an offering 
•lade by Itee, of a iwaei aavonr unto the Loan. 

14 And if a ftraafer Mtioum with you, or who- 
oever *s among you hi your generations, and 
via oflbr an offering made by Are, of a sweet 

'aavour unto the LoR»; as ye do, so he shall do. 
Ift One ordinance •kaU be i$tk for you of the 
congregatien, and aleo fbr the stranger that so- 
JournaUi mitk ysu, an ordhiance for ever to your 
■snerathMs: aa ye are, so ahaU tlie e t ian g e r be 
before the Loan. 
Id Om hMi ami «M miaacr than be for you, 

soul shall be cut off from among his people, 
ai Because he hath despised tlie word of the 
I.0R0, nml hath broken his commandment, that 
smil shall utteriy be rtit off; his iniquity akmU 
he upon him. 

33 IT And while the cMMren of Israel were ia 
the wiktemcss, they found a man that gathered 

10 And thou shall bitag fbr a drhdHifibrtag half sUchs upon the sal^bathnlay. 
i hin of wine,/br an oibring nude by Hre, of a 33 And they that fbuad him gathering sticks 

l^j^^gl,! |jj^ jmip Moses and Aaron, aiut unto 
r all the congregation. 

34 Aad they put hhn Inward, because It wai not 
dechired what should be done to him. 

39 And the Lorb said unto Mosei, The man 
sliall be surely put to death: alllhecongresathm 
shall stone hhn with stones without the camp. 

36 And aU the cangregaiion brought hhn without 
the camp, and atoned him with stones, and he 
Ued : aa the Loaa ceaNnanded Uosos. 

37 IT And the LoRO spake unCo Moses, sMrhtt, 

38 Speak unto the cMMren of Israel, and bTd 
them that they mdke them fVingea hi the borders 

- • • ^^ It their 

of their garments thraughoui .. 

and that thev pot upon Uie fringe 

e 39 Aad H shall be unto you fbr a frii 

ye may look UBon it, and remember all I 
I, maiidmeBta orthe Loan, and do ihcm ; 


fringe, that 



M0>rMlk, l>4t^UM audJ9biram CHAP XVI. 

fe seek, not 9fy^ your own kesit oad your own 
eyost alter urhich ye use to 90 a wlMring - 

40 That ye oiay reia«Tober, and do all niy com- 
waiubneiitSt and be luily unto your God. 

41 1 ijtan the Lord your God, which brouzht you 
•tti or the land of £g>'pL, 10 be your Goa ; 1 aw 
the LoBj> your God. 


Tke rdtdttMik of Koraky i** 

NOW Korah, Uu2 son of Uliar, the son of Ko- 
baib, Uie sou of Levi ; mid Datiian and A bi- 
iaai,uieMKisof£Jiab: andOn»tiie8oaofPelelli, 
■MIS ol' Reubeu, took ««n ; ^ 

S And ih«iy rose up before Alngeis with certain 
01' the chUdren of Israel, two hundred and fifty 
princes of the assembly, HuAOUs in ilie 
tiuii, men of renown : 

3 And lUey gaiheredthemselvestofetherafaiiisi 
Mosi.'fl and against Aaron, and said unto them. 

Ye take too much upon you, seeing; ail tJie con- 

9Q And Hie ton* tfrnkt umo llaM^ aad «iitt 
Aaron, sayiag, 

31 iSviNuniuyouiielvctftoinaBUNif iMttoB^rv- 

gref ata}n urc Itoly, every one of tltein. and tbe 
Loan 15 among titom : wherefore then liA ye up 
yu^rsclvcis above the coi^jr^ationof tlie Loan ? 

4 And when Uosee beard /Ote^cJlupoii his face: 

5 Aud hespaku unlo Korah and uuto all his corn- 
pan>',8ayi^ Evoii tomorrow tlie Loan wiU shew 
wlio are Ms, and who is holy ; and will cause Am 
w come near unto biai : even Aim wImmu he hath 
chosen wUI lie cause U) come near unto bim. 

G Thb do ; Take you censers, Korah, aiut all 
his eotn{)auy ; 

7 And put fire therein, and put incense in t)ie*n 
before tJie Loan torniorrow : and it sitali be f Aol 
the nuui whom tlti ; Loan doth choose, lie thtUl kt 
boly : ye take too niucli upon you, ye sons of Levi. 

IpaUm, Umu I may consutne tiMBi 10 a uMiarai 
^ And they fell iipoQ their teei, and said, O 
God, tiie God of the spirits of all flesii, shall on4 
mau sio, and wilt tbou be wwih wltb ail the 
confrecatlon 1 

£) If And the Lot^ spake Ata Maoes, utyli^, 
Si Speak unto tl)p congregatiem saying, Get y«Ht 
up from aboyt the tabeniack of Korah, DatluMh 

S5 AndMotet row up,aad went ttBioDatbanandl 
Abiram ; and the eUeia of Israel fettewcd hiiu. 
% And he ipaka unto the congiagatioa, sayi)it, 
Depart, I pray you, from the tents <^ these wir Ic- 
ed men, and touch nothing of ihtiis, lest ye be 
consumed in all their stne. 
27 80 they gat up from the tabemaeI<^of Kncah, 
Ootlian, and Abtraro, on every side : aod DatliaN 
vnd Abiram came out, and stood in the door (if 
their teals, and their wUea, aud their som, aiid 
their litfle cbildrea. 

58 And Moses said. Hereby ye sliall know tlnM< 
the Loan hath sent ma to do ail tiiese wotIm ; 
for / Aso« not 4un$ then of mine own mind. 

59 If tliese mea^ie the common death of all 
men, or if they be wisitcd after the vWtativu ot 
all men ; tken tha Loan bath aoi sent nc. 

30 lliit if the Loan make a new thing, and tfie 
eartli open her mouth, and alfraUow them up, 
Willi ail that 4g^«t«M unto tliem, and tkey ko 
downouick into the int; then ye siitll under- 
stand tiiat these men have provoked tho I.onD. 

31 ir Ami It come to ptus, ai lie had made an 

you, ye sons of Levi 

M Seetutb U kut ». smaH thing unto you, that 
the God of Israt:! hath separated you from ttie 
conf r^ation of Israel, to bring you near to hlnir 
self to du the service o( the uilieniade af tlie 
Loan, and to eund before the congregation to 
miidmcr unto ttieiu ? 

10 Ami he iiath brought ihoe nf>ar te kimt and 
III thy brethren the sons of I«evi with thee : and 
ttek yu the priestiiood also 1 

U For ivliich cause both Uiou and all thy com- 
pany are g^uilierod together agsUnst Uie Loan.: 
ami what i « Aaron, that ye innrniur asninsl hint 1 

I^.lf Ami Mo^es sent to call Datimu and Abi- 
raitt, the sons of Eliab: wtiicli said. We will not 
citffie up : > 

13 /situ sninll tiling that thou hast brought us 
ap atit of a land that Howetli with milk ami 
huney, to kUl us in tiie wilderness, c]«^|>t tliou 
Btake thyself attogeUiur a prince over us? * 

14 Moreover, liKm hast not brought m into a land 
ihiit flouetli with milk and lionuy, orpiven usin- 
beriiance of fields and vin^ards : wilt thOM put 
Ml the eyes of \\uiae men 1 >ve will not come up. 

15 And Moi>C8 was very vv^rotli, and saKi unto 
the Loan, Resi»cct not thou ili«lr o(fertng: 1 
have not taken one ass ironi tiiein, neither have 
) hurt one of thorn. 

16 And Moil's said imto Korah, Be rhoii ami all 

9 And Moses said unto Korah, Hear, I pray end ol^aktng all tbcM words, that the grmitid 

clave asunder tliat was mider them; 

33 And the eanh opened Iier mouth, and swal- 
lowed them up, and ibetr houeee, and all the men 
that eupertaintd imto K«>rah, and all tkeir goodd. 

3aTiiey, and all tiiat i^ppertaMsdto them, w«ui 
dQwn aUve into the pit, aud the earth cioeed up- 
on them : and they perislied fnom anmug ttia con- 

34 Aud ail Israel that isers round about tbein^ 
fled at the cry oi' Uicm - for they saki, LeiH the 
eartli swaltow us up akfa. 

3a And theie came out a fire from tbe I^oaa, 
and consumed the tivo hmidred and fifty mtn 
that oflered incense. 

ad IT And Uie Ltian spake unto Moses, saying, 

37 Spealc nnto Eleazar the son of Aaron the 
priest, tliat he take up the censers oat at' tlte 
burning, and scattei^tliou iii^ fire yonder ; f<jr 
the^ are Imllowed. 

38 The censers of tliese sinners against ihoir 
own souls, let tiiein make them broad pUtics/Wr 
a coveting of ilie altar : for they oflB»e<l them W- 
fiire Uie I^n; thcn^finre they are haHowMl : a;td. 
they shall be a' sign itnto the children of lsra«l. 

30 Aod Cteazar the priest took tlie braacn cen- 
sors, wherewiiii tiu.'y that were burnt had ufler- 
ed i ami tiiey were made broad p/aies ff^ a 
covering of tlic altat : 

40 V'o be a memorial unto the diildren of le- 

iby (Miinpaiiy lieforc tJie I<oau, liiou, aud they, rael, tJiat no stranger, which is not of Uie t>eei 
*1 Auron, 'to-n>ortow : of Aaron, come near to q(Soi incense befims tho 

17 And uike every man his cemuM-, and put in 
eensc in ttieni,and bring ye beforothe LmtDevm' 
•lan Ills censer, two hundred and lifty ceu:Mrd ; 
tbou also and Auron ench ofyou his censer. 

18 AihI they took every man his censer, and 
{tut fire in them, and laid Uicense tiiereoii, and 
Rood in tlie door of the taburnafle of the con- 
Cregatioo witli MQ9e8 and Aau'on. 

19 And Korah gatiiered all the congr^ation 
\ litem unto tlrc door of tJie talxirnacle of 

Loan; tliat lie lie not as Korah, and as his 
company : as the Lord said to him by tlie Irattd 
of Moses. 

41 II But on tlie morrow all tlie congregation uf 
tlie children of Israel murmured against MtitKn) 
and agaiuiit Aartm, sayuig. Ye have ktHed tiie 
IMiaple of the l^ojuo. 

H And it came, to pass when the congregation 
was gathered against Moses and agaiust Aaron, 
that they looked toward the taberu.iele of the 
*e congregation: and the glory of the LoKDlcongreguiion: and beJio.d, tho cloud covered ii, 
ifpenrca ttnio all the congrf^atioii. iandtlie glory of Ui(^ Loao appeared^ 


49 And Hmw and Amran I 

SMk of the congregation. 
44 V And the Lord tpake unto Moees, tayiiig, 
44 Get yon up from among ihia oongregation. 

llMt I majreouMine them at In a monent. And 

they fell upon their fhcea. 

46 IT Ani Nome said unto Aaron, Take a oenter, 
and put Are therein from off tlie altar, and put on 
toe«tt«e,aadgoqulckly unto the eongrecation,and 
•lake an atonement for them: foribere i« wrath 
gone out ft«m the I«ord ; the plague is begun. 

47 And Aaron took as Blosea eommanded, and 
ran into tJie midst of the congregation ; and be- 
hold, the plague was bcfun among the peo|)le : 
and he pat on incense, and made an atoueni«nt 
Sat tlift DffMilii. 

48 Andhe stood between the dead and the liv- 
ing ; and the plognu wta stnyeit. 

49 Now they that died in the plagiie were four- 
teen thousand and seven hundfed> besides tJiem 
that died about the matter of Korah. 

50 And Aaron returned unto Moees unto the 
door of tlie tabernacle of the oengregatlon : ami 
the plague was sraycd. 

CHAP. xvir. 

Budding of Jtami** r«d. 

AND llie Lofto spake unto Moses, saying^ 
8 Speak unto the children of Israel, aud take 
of every one of them a rod according to the liouse 
of tkmr IHthent. of all Uieir princes acconling to 
the house of their Dithers, twelve rods: write 
thou every man's name upon his rod. 
3 And thou slmlt vrrite Aaron's luuiie upon the 

ttm: bat thmi and thy sons with thee f*«I 
minitUr before the tkbemacle of witness. 

3 And th«r shall keep thy charae, and the 
charge of all the tabernacle: only they sholt nut 
come nigh the vesMis of the sanctuary and the 
ahar, tlmt neither they, nor ye also, die. 

4 And they shall be Joined unto thee, and keep 
tlie chajge of the tabernacle of tlie congtegatioii, 
for all the service of tlie tabomacie: and a 
stranger shall not come nigh unto you. 

5 And ye. shall keepthecharge of theMBCtnafy, 
and the clMuge of the altar ; that tMre be no 
wrath any more upon the dilldren of IsraeL 

6 And 1, beliold,! have uken your brethren 
the Levites fVom among the children of Israel : 
to you Ukejf ere given luagift for the Lord, to do 
the service of the tabernacle of tb<e congregation. 

7 Therefore thou and tliy sons witii thee shall 
keep your prlest*s olDce for every thing of the 
altnr, and within tlie vail ; and ye shaH serve : 
1 have given your priest's ofliee itnto yom. oi a 
service of gilt : and tlie stranger that cometb 
nigh slmtl be put to death. ' 

8 If And the (jOrd sfuike unto Aaron, Behokl, 
1 also have given thee the charge of my heave- 
offerings of all the hallowed things of the chil- 
dren of Israel ; unto thee have I given them by 
reason of tlie anointing, and to t£r sons, by art 
ordinance for ever. 

9 This sliail be thine of the most holy thinp 
reavrved from the fire: every oblation of theirs, 
every meot-offerihg of tlieirs, and tv^ sin-of- 

jforii^ of tlieirs, and every trespass-offering of 
rod of Levi : for one rod BkaU U for tlie bead of theirs, which they shall render unto me, ekaU bi 

most lioly for tliut; and for thy t 

the house of their fothers. 

4 And thou shalt lay them up In the tabMfiacle 
of the congremtion before ih^ testimony, where 
I will meet with you. 

3 And it siMtll come to pass, tht tlie man's rod 
whom I sliall clioose shall blossom : and 1 will 
maketoceaae fhrni me tlie murmur<ngsof tlie chil- 
dren of Israel, whereby they murmur against you. 

• And Moses sjiake unto the cliildren of IsraeL 
and every one of llioir princes gave him a rod 
apiece, for each prince one, according to their 
fathers' houses, sv«n twelve rods : and the rod 
uf Aaron waa among their rods. 

7 And Moses laid up the rods before the Lord 
in ti.e tabernacle of wimess. 

8 And it came to pass, tliat on tlie morrow Mo- 
ses went into the tabernacle of witness ; and be- 
hokl. tlie rod of Aaron for llie house of Levi was 
budded, and brought forth buds, and bloomed . 
blossoiiis, and yielded almonds. 

9 And Moses brought out all the rods fVom be- 
fore the Lord unto all tlie children of Israel 
and tliey looked, and took every man his rod. 

10 H And the Lord said unto Bloses, Bring 
Aaron's rod again before the testimony, ui be 
kept for a token against the rebels ; and thou 
Shalt quilc take away tlieir niurmuriiigs from 
nic, tlmt tliey die not 

11 And Moses did §0 : as the Lord commanded 
him, so did he. 

12 Ami the children of Israel spake unto Bloses, 
saving, Beliokl, we die, we perish, we all iierish. 

13 Whosoever cometti any tiling near unto tlie 
tabernacle of the Lord shall die: shall we be 
consumed with dying 1 

TkBpriuU* tharge. 

AND the Lord said unto Aaron, Thou, and 
thy sons, and thy father's house with thee, 

10 In tlie most lioly pUce shalt thou eat it ; every 
male sliaii eat It : It shall be holy unto thee. 

11 And this ia thine ; the heave-offorinfof ttieir 
gilt, with all tlie wave-offerings of the diiMreii 
of Israel : I have given them unto thee, and to 
thy sons, and to uiy daughters witli thee, by a 
statute tot ever: every one that is clean in tliy 

house shall eat of It. ^ 

13 All the best of the oil, and all the best of 
the wine and of the wh^at, the first-fruits of 
them whkh tlicy sbalLoHbr unto the Lord, them 
have I given thee. 

13 And whatsoever Is first ripe in the land, 
which they shall bring unto the Lord, shall be 
thine ; every one that is clean In thy house sliali 
eat of it. ^ 

14 Every tiling devoted- in Israel shall be thine 

15 Every thing that openeth the matrix In all 
flesh, which they bring unto the Lord, vkethar 
it be of meu or beasts, shall be thine : neverthe- 
less, the first-bom of man shalt thou surely re- 
deem, and the firstling of uncleaa beasts shalt 
thou redeem. 

16 And those that are to be redeemed from a 
month old shalt thou redeem, according to thine 
estimation, for the money of five shekels, after thp 
shekel of the sanctuary, which u twenty gerahi. 

17'Burthe firstling of 'a cow, or tlie firstling of 
a sheep, or the firstling of a goat, thou shalt not 
redeem ; they are holy : thou shalt sprinkle tlieir 
blood u |M>n the altar, and slialt burn their fat/«r 
an offer! iig made by fire, for a sweet savour unto 
tlie Lord. . 

18 And the flesh of them shall be thine, natm 
wave-brcost and as the right shoulder are thine. 

10 All the heave-offerings of the holy thlngi, 
which the children of Israel offer unto the LoRo* 
have I given thee, and thy sons and thy daugn- 

shall bear the iniquity of vhe sanctuary : and thoii ters with thee, by a statute for ever: it •« a cove- 
and thyaons with thee shall bear the iniquity of nant of salt for ' ^ ^ " ' *" 

your prteathood. 

3 And th3^bretbren also of the tribe of Levi, the 
uribeof t ' ' -^ • ' ' 

bey nxsf 

ever before the Loan unto thee 
and to thy seed with thee- -,w^- 

SO If And the Lord s)>ake unto Aaron, Tbmi 

MltB3^bretIlrenal80ortnetnDeo^L•evl,t^e xwii ado me uord spaxe unw "•*«"« ^.'T^ 
of tliy father, brirg thou with tliee, that shalt have no inheritance in their land. neiUMw 
nay be joined uiitu thee, and minister untolshalt tliou have any part ammig them : 1 csi toy 

U*m» ^ermg of ike prittta. 


/.«• /tr ik* wur tfMp vmlm 

p«ft and thine inlieritanee aoraiif lb* ebiMien eaiii]iiaaelMn^aeetMMlitili«nbeketillhrtJM 
" ' oongreg«ttM of the children of laraol fbr a watet 

of brael. 

21 And bebpld, I have given the children 6( 
I.evi all Uic tenth in brael for an Inheritance, 
for their service whip h tiiey serve, csra the ser- 
vice of the tabm-naele of the congregation. 

92 Neither mnst the eldhlreu of Imrael lience- 
Ihrth come nigh the tabernacle of the congrega- 
tion, lest tliey bear sin, and die. ' 

93 But the Levitea siiall do the service of the 
tabemade of tlie congregation, and Umr i 
beartheiiliiiqaity: /t«Aal< is a statute for ever 

of separation : it te a puriflcatioii for sin. 

10 And he thatgathereUi the ashes of the heifer 
sliaH wash his clothes, and be unclean until iIm 
even: and It shall be unto the children of Israel, 
and unto the strancer that sojouroeth among 
tltem, for a sutute for ever. 

11 II He that loucheth the dead body of any 
nan shall be unclean seven days. 

13 He shall purity hbnself wiih-it on the third 
day, and on the seventh day he shall be cfeai : 

ihroughout your generations, that among the hot if Im purity not himfelf the third day, thea 

childi^i of Israel uiey have no inherltence. 
a But the tithes of the children of Israel, whifh 
they offer as a heave-ofllering unto the Lom», I 
have given to the Levites to inherit : tlierefore I 
liave said unto them. Among Uie children of Is- 
rael they sliall liave no inheritance. 

55 IT And the 1«ord snolce unto Moses, saying, 

56 Thns speak unto the Levitos, and say unto 
them. When ye tnke of the cliildren of Israel the 
titlies whtcii I have given you from them f«Mr 
your inlieritanee, then ye sliall ofllsr up a heave- 
ofileriug of it for the Lord, tvtn a tentli part of ii 
the tithe. 

87 And£it« your heave-ofliiring shall be reckoned 

the seventh day lie shall not be clean. 

13 Whosoever toiicheUi the dead body of any 
man tliat is dead, and purifietb not himself, de- 
llleth the t^bornacle of the LeitD ; and that soul 
shall be cut offflom Israel : because Uie wat«r of 
Mparation was not sprinkled upon hiin. he«hall 
bo unclean ; his uaeleanneas is yet upon lilm. 

14 This is tJie law. when a man dieth la a leiii : 
all tluu come Into the lem, and all tJiat is In ilie 
tent shall be unclean seven days. 

15 And every opeh vessel which hath no cover- 

^nf bound upon it, is unclean. 

16 And whosoever toucheth one that is slain 

«--««..-, , ^ .with a sword hi die open fleMs, or a dead body, 

untoy ou, as though it ware the 6om of the th reah- 1 or a bone of a man, or a grave, shall be unclean 

.. ,. -.^ . sevendavs. 

17 And for an andean werson tbey shall take of 
heiferof puriikatlon forsin. 

ing-iSoor, and as the fulness of the wine-press. 

SS Thus ye also shall offer a heaVe-offering un- 
to the Lord of all your titlies which ye receive 
of the children of Israel: and ye shall give there- 
of the LoRB*s heave-oflering to Aaron the priest 

Sd Out of all your gifts ye shall ol&r every 
beav&offering of the Lord, of all the best there- 
eleven tlie hallowed part thereof out of it. 

30 Therefore thou shalt say unto them. When 
ye have heaved the best thereof from it, then it 
4idl be counted unto the Levitcs us the increase 
of the tlireshUig-tloor, and as the increase of the 

31 And ye shall eat it in every place, ye and 
your households: for it is your reward for your 
service in the tabemade of the congregation. 

as And ye shafl bear ao sin by reason of it, 
when ye have heaved from It the best of it: 
neither shall ye pollute the holy tbuigs of the 
children of Israel, lest ye die . unchian. 

CHAP. X IX. 91 And it shall be a perpetual sUtute unto them, 

Tke water of separation. that he that sprinkleth the water of separation 

AND the Lord spake unto Moses and unto dmll wash his clothes ; and he that toucaeth the 
Aaron, saying, watsr of separation diall be unclean until even. 

3 Thta is the ordinance of the law which the S3 And whatsoever the uncleair |ier9oi» touch- 

the ashes of the burnt 

and running water shall be put thereto in a vessel 

18 And a clean person shall uke hyssop, and 
dip it hi tlie water, and sprinkle it upon tlie tent, 
and upon all the vessels, and upon the persons 
that were there, and upon hhn that touched a 
hone, cy one sUiu, or one dead, or a grave : 

19 And the doan person shall sprinkle upon the 
unclean on the third day, and on tke seventh 
day : and on tlie sevemh day he skill purify 
himself, and wash bis dothes, and batiie him- 
sdf In water, and shall be dean at even. 

90 But tlie man that shaU be unclean, and sliall 
not puriiy himself, that soul shall be cut off fttMn 
among the ccmgregatioii, because he hath defiled 
the sanotnary of the Lord : tlie water of sepa^ 
ration hath not been sprinkled upon faUn ; he is 

Lord bath commanded, sayiiie. Speak unto the 
diildren of Israel, that Uicy briug thee a red 
heifer without spot, wherein is no bkunish, and 
Qpon which never came yoke : 

3 And ye shall give her unto Eleazarthe priest, 
Utot he may bring her forth without the camp, 
and one §baH slay her before hid ftooc 

4 And Kleozar the priest shall take of her blood 
with his finger, and sprinkle of her blood direct- 
ly beA>re the tabernacle of the congregation 
seven times : 

i And one shall hum the heirer in his sight; 
her skin, and iter flesii, and her blood, with her 
dung, shall he hum : 

5 And tlie priest shall take cedar-wood, and 
hyssop, and scarlet, and cast it into the midst of 
Uie burning of the lieifer. 

7 Then the priest shall wash his clothes, and he 
ihall batlie his flesh in water, and afterward he 
than cmne into the camp, and the priest shall 
te unclean until the even. 

8 And he that burnetii her shall wash his 
cknlies in water, and bathe his flesh in water, 
aad shall he unclean until tlie even. 

9 And a man that is dean shall gather i)p the 

eth shall be undean ; and the soul that toudieth 
it shall be unclean until even. 
Water miraeulouslf stamliod. 

THEN came the children of^lsrael, even the 
whole congregation, into the desert of Ztu in 
the first month : and llie people abode in Kadesli ; 
and Miriam died there, and was buried there. 
9 And there was no water for tlie congr^ation t 
and they gathered themsdves together againsA 
Bloses and against Aaron. 

3 And the people chode with Moses, and spake, 
saying, Would God that we hod died when our 
brethren died before the Lord ! 

4 And why have ye brought up the congrega- 
tion of the Lord into this wilderness, that we 
and oar cattle shoulA die there 1 

5 And wherefore have ye maile us to come up , 
out of Egypt, to bring us in unto this evil place t 
it w no place of seed, or of figs, or of vines, or of 
p(Ninegmnates; ndther »th«!e any water to drink. 

6 Ami Moses and Aaron went t>om tlie presence 
of the assembly imto thedoorof the4aberaacle 
of the congregation, and they fell upon«ieir ftices: 
and the glory of the Lord appeared unto them. 

of the heifer, fttul lay thm ud without the 7 H And the Lord spake unio^Meses, saying, 


• Tysetliem^MiAfMtariiMiiilie fumfcljr 
tni M l iiii, tbfM wmi A«fm thy bMilier, uA •peak 
f MMo lint aMi beAm ikek cfw; and it aball 
09% Awth hit water, «ai limi tbyc Wing ArtH 
l» ihMi wtm Ml of Ike rack: m tkau sbait 
five Ike e««||ic|Mk« Mi UMir boMCg drink. 

9 Aa4 VomiimMi tke rod Imii ketes Uie 
Loaa, p ke coouniioded kiw. 

lA Aad MMQtMid AMMgatkiced tkeeoKCM- 
gatioii tocetker keftktt Ike roek, and ke aaid UQtn 
*e«, Hear now, jra rebda; miMi »« Ibtck >-ou 
water oat eTikia lock 1 

li And MoBM lifted ua Uf kand, and with kaa 
Md ke anoie tka jock twice: and the water 

drank, and Ik^ kturn tdm. 
U % And Uie Loan qmke maa lOowt and 
Aaron, Beeaaee ye belkvetl me not, le Haacufy 
nie in the eyet of tke eliiklnsn of fsrael, tken»' 
foie ye ahall not briug ilii« eoagreKaiigii into Uie 
laiMl whkb I kave g iren Uiew. 

13 Tkif is tke water of Meritwh ; keeawe tbe 
cliiidren oflirael ilrove wilk tke Le«o, and lie 
wa« aaaeiillei in tkem. 

14 ir And Motes »ent meeiengura from Kadesb 
unto tke king of £dnm, Tiiite raiili tM' bcntber 
Iwaol, Tkoii knoweet all tke CravaU tkai kath 

15 How our fathers went do^ Into GgyvL and 
we kave dvvtlt ia BgyptaknigtiiDe; nadllie 
Kgypliaus vexed ue, and oar Aiikwr« : 

16 And when we cried uuio the Loan, he 
keard our voke, and sent an angel, and itntli 
krottglit us forth out ofEgypt : and behold, we aire 
ki Kadesk, acity In tke uttermest of U^r border : 

17 Let us pass, I iiray tbce, ikroiick tky cmmtry 

we wtU not uoas tlirough Ute fields, or tbrmtgki serpent kad biitett aiiy nmn, wbeu be beiicid tks 

tbe vincyanb, neither will wo driuit af the wa 
ler of the awUs: we will go by tke k&ig's Ai^^- 

way, we will not torn to the right hand nor to and idubed in Obotk. 

"■ " ... • u ^„j iii«y jounmywi from Oboth, tti»rt piich^ 

tke kift, until we hare pnssed thy borders. 

18 And Edumsoid untoliim,Tliou shait not pa.«8 
^ine, kwi I come out against thee witiitheswoEft. 

lO And tiieebildreo of Israel said unto him, We 
will go by tlie highway : and if I and my cuttle 
drink of tliy water, then I will pay for tt: 1 will 
•itly, withpiit d#fit^ any thing eUa, go throu^ 
on my feet. 

CO And ho said, Thou simll not go through. 
And Cdoui ctiute tuit against him wttli uiuek 
lic'ople, and witli a strong bond. 

94 Thus EUioni refused to give Israel passngn 
ibruugh his l»ordcr: wherefore Isniel turuvd 
away from him. 

S3 V A ud ilie children of t «ael, evtn tlic whole 
congregation, jouriieycHl bi ai Kadesli, and ensue 
unto mount Hur. 

S3 Ami tlM! L«oRn spake u ito Moses and Aaron 

Tke CssaaarUstt Uwrndk d«iii^«Al 
Tke Israelitss bit hyjiery Mtrpent*. 

AKO mktn king A red tbe CfmnUev whtcb- 
dwelt In tke south, heaid leU Ikat Israel 
cane by ike-way of the spks; then .ke lot«bt 
against Israel, and took •onu of then iwisoners. 

9 And ls.^el vowed d vow untn tke Loan, and 
saidv if tkou wilt indeed dehver thb peo|*i« into 
my band, then I wiU utterly destroy linir oiUes^ 

8 And the Loit» hearkened lo the voice e^ is^ 
rael, and delivered up tke Caaaanites ; and they 
utterly destroyed tkem aad their cities : ankhe 
eaUcd tke name of the place Honnah. 

4 If And they iournesned fitun UMunt Uor by 
Ike way of the Hed sea, to eooHMua tk« kuid itf 
IMflin: and tke soul of tiie peo|de was much 
diseauiaged because of the way. 

5 Andthe people spake agotnsttiod, and against 
Moses, Wherefore kave ye brout lit us tip otit of 
I^pt ti> die In tke wIMerneasI for there it uo 
bread, neither is there any water ; and our soid 
kmthetb tikis light bread. 

4^ And tko I^oaa scut Qcry seriHmts amune iht 
people, and thay hit the people ; and much peo- 
l>le of Uruel die«l. 

7 11 Therefore tbe people came to Moses, and 
said. We have sinned, for we have s^iokeM 

r'nsttke LoRO, au^l against thee; pray unto 
Lrf)Rn,.that ke tak% away tlie serpents from. 
us. AiMl'Bloses prayed for the people. 

8 And tbe Loan said mito Muses, Make tlte^ a 
fiery serpent, and set it u(ton a pole : uiid it shuH 
come to pass, tliat ev«r>' one Uiat Is bitten, when 
he looketli upon ir, shall live. 

SI And Moses wade a serpetu of l^rass, and pttt 
ft upon n pole, and it oanie lo iiass, diat If a- 

serpent of brass, he 11 v«d. 
Itt V AiKl the cbildwu of Israel set forward, 

In mount Uur, by the cods of tlnHand of £dum, 

S<1 Aaron shall bo gailie nd unto bis peoftle : 
for he slial) not enter into lie land which 1 tmvc 
eiven w(to liie children of Uraul, because ye re- 
iicUed against my word ai ilie water of Mcribali. 

25 Take Aaron and Ele; Mkr his son, and bring 
Uteni up unto mount ilor : 

Sfi And strip Aaron of his garmititta, and put 
them upon Elcazar his son : and Aaron sliall bo 
gatliered unte his veopfe, und>sliaU die there. 

ii7 And Moses did as tin; Lnno commaiulcd : 
and tliey went up into mount Ilor in die sight 
of all tlie congregation. 

and put them uponlpeasiar his son; and Aaron 
died there In the ton of tlie mount : aiul Moses 
and IStoazur cume down from tlie mount 
tX> And when all the congregation saw that 
Aaron was dead, they moitrned ft»r Aaron Uiirty 
o^ysi nen ail the liouse of Israel. 

ed at lie^abahni, in the wilderness whlvh m 
before Monk, toward iho suiirising. 

IS ir Fr^m theftce itiuy removed, and pitched 
ill the valley of Zared. 

13 From thr<nc(> tJioy removed, and pitchi;d'on 
the other side of Anion, which is In the wUdt^r- 
iiess that cometh out of t/ie coasts of tli«j Awo- 
rites: for Anion tV the border of Moab, between 
ftlo;^b and the Amorites. 

n Wherefore It is said in (he book of the wart 
of the Lord, What he did in the Red sea, atid 
in die bnxilcs of Amon, 

15 And at tbe stream of- the brooks that g^ih 
down to Utt! d\rcUing of Ar, and lieth Qiion tlte 
border of Moub. 

16 And from thencetA<^/ feme to Beer: that iaif^ 
well whereof tke Loan spnke unto Muses, Gittin^r 
tint fieopk: toset|ier, aiid I will give them wntr.r. 

17 If Then Israel sang this lung, Sfiring^ up, O 
u'oll : sing ye unto it : 

18 The princes digged the well, the nol>lM of 
the i»eople digged it, by the iireuion'ef tlie law- 
giver, M'ith Uieir staves. And from the wihler- 
iie/s they men/ to Mattarmh : 

li) And from Matiunnh to Nahalttl: and from 
Nabaluil to BainoUi : 

,S0 And from llnmoth in the valluy, that i.i in 
thecountry of ftloab, to the topof Pisgak, wiiicb 
lookcth toward Jeshiuion. 

SI IT And Israel scui messengers unto Sihon 
king of tiu} AmorHeH, sayinu, 

28 And Moses strip]^ Aaron of his garmentSr S3 Let me pass through thy land: we will not 

turn into the fields, or into tiie vineyards ; we 
wiN not drink of the waterr of the w01 : but wh 
will go atoi^ by the king's Aff A-wuw until %ve 
be past thy borders. 

S3. And Slhon wmild not suflcr Israel to pass 
through his burder : but SiUon gathered all hit 

JtiJiM and Og mftrume. 

luto * 

together, and wtnt imt igiteft I«mI 
! witdernesft: and toe caoie to Jaliaz, and 

ftMigbt against israel 

94 And Israel fmate him with the edge of tJi« 
aword^ and poesened bis land flroni Amon unto 
Jatkbok, even unto the children of Anmoa : far 
llie border of tlie children of Anunon wa$ strong. 

S5 And Isfiael took all thefe cities: and brael 
dwelt in all the cities of the Amorhes, in Ilesli- 
bon, and in all the villages thereof. 

9BFor Heshbon wu the city oT Sihoa the Mag 
ai the Araorites, who had fo<iglit against the 
Ibrawr Uitf of Uoah, and taken all hia land out 
of Jiis handi even unto Amon. 

^ Wberclbre they that speak in proverbs lay, 
Gome into Hestibon, tet the city of flibon he 
built and prepared. 

98 For there is a fire goaeoiitof Heshbon^ a flame 
flrom the city of Sihoa : it Iwtli consiiau^ Ar of 
If oab, «Rd the lords of the high places of Arnon. 

89 Wo tothee, Moab! Thou art undone^ O peo- 
ple of Gbenosb : he hath gives hia pons that 
escaped, and hia daugliten, into captivity unto 
SIhon kiag of the Amodtes. 

30 We have siwt at them ; Heshbon is perishad 
even unto Dihon, and w« have laid them waste 
even onto Nophah, which rtaeketh unto l^edebo. 

31 % Thus Israel dwelt in the land of the Amor- 

as Aad Moaes sent to spy out Jaaeer, and they 
laok the vilhigee tiiereof, and drove out lira 
Amaritea that were tiiere. 

33 V And they turned aad went up fay the way 
9i Basluui: aad Og the kine of Basban went 
aat against tiMD, he» and all his people, to the 
battle at £drel» 

Zi And tlie l^oao sAl unte Moses, Fear him 
•ot: for I have deliveied hbn into tliy hand, and 
all his people, and Ids land ; and thou shalt do 
le him aa then didst uato Siiion kiaf of Uie Am- 
orltes, widch dwett at Heslibon. 

35 So they smote him, and his sons, and all his 
people, until there araanoue lei) hbn alive: and 
Ibey possessed his faiad. 

ctiAP. xxri. 

BalaVe me$e*ret9 gsfaaat. 

AVD llie children of Israel set forward^ and 
pitched in the phiins of Moab on this side 
lofdan ty Jericho. 

S IT And Bahik the soa of Zipper saw aU that 
Israel had done to the Amorites. 

3 And Moab was sore afraid of the peopte, be- 
cause they were many : and Moab was distressed 
because of the children of Israel. 

4 And Moab said unto the elders of Midian 
Vow ahall this company lick up all Met eare 
leuad about vm, as the ox licfceCh up the grass of 
ihe Held. And Ralak the son of Zlppor 
king of the Moabitas at that time. 

CRAP. XXn. MtUam** i 

9 Aad God eame aate Balaam, aad said, WhM 
men crs these with tbeef 

10 And Balaam said unie God, Balak tin son of 
Zlppor. kiag of Moab, baCb sent unto me, saytiyrt 

11 BehoM, lA«rw «» a papplecumemrt of fikypi, 
which covereth ^the face of the earth : coma 
BOW, curse ,me them; peradventure I liuUI be 
able to overcome theoh and drive tham oul 

18 Aad God said ante Balaam, Thou shalt noc 
CO with them; then shalt net curse tim people : 
nt th^ crs blessed. 

13 Aad Balaam ruse up ta the aioming, and 
aid unto the princes ol Balak, Get yeu lato 

yonr land : for the Loan reAiseth to ^va me 
leave to go with you. 

14 And tne princes of Moab roae up, and they 
went unto Balak, and snid, Balaam lefuseth lu 
come with us. 

15 f Ami Balak sent vet again priaoea, more, 
and mora ImaouraUe than they. 

16 And ihey came to Balaam, and aald to hUii, 

of the hin^of the children of his peophs, te i 
Mm, saying. Behold^ there Is a people come 
from Egypt: behold, they cover the f»ce of the 

earth, and they abide over against 

'\ Gcana now tharefoie,, I pr^ th( . 
lis people; for they are too mighty for me 
peradventure I shall prevail, that we may smite 
them, and that I may drive them out of the 
land : for I wot that he whom thou blssaest u 
Measetfl. and he whom thou cursest is cursed. 


7 And the elders of Moab and the elders of since Wmas thine unto litis day? wad 

departed with the rewards of divination 
h their hand ; and they came unto Balaam, and 
make rnito him the wordaof Balak. 
B And heaaid unto them, Aod|^ here tliis night, 
md 1 will bring you word again, as the Loan 
dun speak unto me : and tl)e prineee of Moab 
«odc with Balaam 

T^us saith Balak the son of Zlppor, Let nothing, 
I pray then, hfakter ihae (torn eoming unto me : 

17 For i will pfomote tliee unto very greut bo^ 
Bour, and I wUI do whatsoever thou sayest unm 
me: come therefore, 1 pray thee, cume me this 

18 And Balaam answered and said uato the 
aervants of Balak, If Balak wouM give me bis 
bouse full of diver aad gold, I cannot go be>'ond 
tlte wordof tlio Loan my God, to do lessor more. 

19 Now therefore^ I prav yoUr tarry ye abM* 
here this night, that I may know what the Loan 
will say uHto me more. 

SO And God came unto Balaam at nicfat, and 
said unto him, If the men come to call thee, rise 
Ufi. end go witk them ; but yet tlie word wliicli 
1 shall sov unto tbec, that shalt thou do. 

81 And Balaant rose up In the morning, and muI- 

Uad his ass, and went with the princes of M«)ab. 

88 V And God'a anger was kindled because he 
went : and pie angel of the Loan stood in tlie 
way fof an adversary against hbn. Now he 
was riding upon his ass, and his two servants 
were triih hhu. 

83 And llie a« saw the angel of tlie Loaa 
standing in tlie way, and his sword drawn in lihi 
hand: and the am tun«Hl aside out of the wn>', 
and went lam tiie fieUl : and Balaam smote the 
nss, to turn her into the way. 

84 But the angel of the l.<onn stood in a pial» 
of the vineyards, a wall ^ng on thhi side, and 
a wall on that side. 

85 Aud when the am saw the aikgel of the Lori», 
she tln^st herself unto the wall, and crushed 
Balaara*s foot against the wall : and he smote 
her again. 

96 And the angel of the Loan went further, 
aud stood in a narrow place, wliere woe no way 

lenoers therefore unto Bafaiam to turn either to UtC right hand or to the left. 
the aon of B6ot to Pethor, which m by the river 87 And when th« am saw ilie aiwel of the Loan 

'■ * * ' " she fell down under Balaam: and Balaam's anger 

waf kindled, and be smote the ass wiUi a siafi: 

88 And the Loan opeued tlie nioutli of the aM, 

and ahesaiduBto Ba*aam, Whtu bavel dcNie unti » 

C Gone now 'therefore, , I pray thee. Curse me thee, that thou hast smitten lue these three tUnea? 

89 And Balaam said unto the ass, Because 
thou hast mocked me: I would thate were a 
awordjn my band, for now ivould I kill thee. 

30 A|iuhe ass said unto Balaam, Jha not I 
thiaeSJ^ ^V>n which thou hast ridden ever 

wont to do so unto thee 1 And he said. Nay. 

31 Then the Loan opened the eyesof Bataaiii, 
and hesaiv ih&Apelof the Loan standing in the 
way, and li^^^^Vrd drawn in lii« hand: and Iw 
bowed down mrlilid, and fcU fiat on hia faois 

38 And Che angel of the Loan ssid unto blni, 
Wherefore hast thou Finittcn thine ass tiunn 
i 97 

B^Ut eUtrHiiw>a B^tm^m. KUMBER& Baimtm^pMrMt 

ibrM ttaua? behold, I went oat to wttlMandiiiuiMMt pan or4liem, and shah not see tiien aH: 
chee, tiecaiise (Ay way is perverse before lue : aud cvise me them from tJieaee. 
33 And the ass saw me, and turn«Mi from me 14 t And he brousht him Into the field of To- 
these three times: imless site liad turned fVom phim, tothetopof Plifah,aa4bailtsetenaltars» 
me, surely now also I had slain thee, and saved and ofTered a bullock and a raai on cMry ^har. 

her alive. 

:i4 Aud Balaam said unto the angel ofthe Loed, 
t liave sinned ; for I knew not that thou stoodest 
in the way affainst me : now therefore, if it dia- 
l»l«aae tiiee, I will gM me back affain. 

35 And the angel of the Lord said unto Balaam, 
Go with tlie men : but ouly the word that 1 shall 
speak uuto thee, that thou shalt speak : so Ba- 
laam went with tJie princes of Bahik. 

3G ir And wiien Balak heard that Balaam was 
c«>me, lie went out to meet him uuto a city of 
Moab, which »« in the border of Amou, which 
u in tlie utmost coast. 

37 tr And Balak said unto Balaam, Did I not 
earnestly send unto thee to call iheet wberefpre 
camest thou not unto me ? am 1 not able indeed 
to promote thee to honour? 

38 And Balaam said unto Balak, Lo, I am 
come unto thee : have I now any power at all 
to say anv tiling 1 the word that God puueth in 
my mouth, that shall I speak. 

39 And Balaam went with Balak, and they 
came unto Kirjath-huaoth. 

40 And Balak offered oxen and sheep, and sent 
to Balaam, and to the princes that were witJi him. 

41 And it came to pass on the morrow, that 
Balak took Balaam, and brought him up into 
the high places of Baal, that thciice he miglu see 
the utmost part of the people. 

CHAP. Xilll. 
BtiUUt's sacftfcM. 

AND Balaam said unto Balak, Build me here 
seven altars, and prepare roe here seven 
oxen and seven ranui. 

2 And Balak did as Balaam bad spoken ; and 
Balak and Balaam oflbred on svery altar a bul- 
lock and a nun. 

3 And Bahiam said unto Balak, Stand by thy 
bumt-oflerlng, and I will go : peradventure the 
Loan will come (o meet me: and whatsoever 
he sheweth me I w HI tell thae. And he went 
to a hiffh place. 

4 And God met Balaam: and he said unto him, 
I have prepared seven altais , and 1 have offered 
upon everf altar a bullock and a ram. 

5 And tl.e Loan pot a word in Balaam's mouth, 
aud said. Return unto Balak, and thus thou shalt 

6 And he returned unto him, and to, he stood by 
his bumt-sacriflce, he, and all the princes of Moab. 

7 And he took up his parable, and said, Balak 
tlie king of Moab bath brought me from Aram, 
out of the mountains of the east, soym^, Come, 
eurse me Jacob, and come, defy Israel. 

8 How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed 1 
or how shall 1 defV, when the Lord hath not de- 

- 9 For fl^m the top of the rocks I see him, and 
fWwi thf hills I behold him : lo, the people shall 
dwell alone, and shall «ec be reckoned among 
the nations. 

10 Who can count the dust of Jacob, and fte 
nuofber of the fourth pmrt of Israel ? Let me 
di« the deatli of the righteous, and let my last 
end lie like his! 

1 1 And Balak said unto Balaam, Whathast thou 
done unto me? IiookUieetoeuTsemineenemies, 
and behold, thou Imst Messed tkem altofreiher. 

Vi And lie answered and said, Must I not take 
.heed to sneak that wMeh the l«ttu> hath put in 
my moutn ? ^ • 

l3.Aad Balak said unto ilm, Come, I pray 
thee, with me unto another place, from whence 
thou maveat see them : Uiou ihalt see but the 

15 And he said unto Balak, Staad here by thy 
bamt-ofierina, while I meet Oe LORD yonder. 

16 And the Lord met Balaam, and put a word 
in his mouth, and said. Go again unto IMak, 
and say thus. 

17 And when he came to him, behold, he stood 
by his burnt-offering, and the princes of Mnab 
with him. And Balak said unio him, Wlial 
hath the Lord spoken ? 

18 And he took up his parabte, and said. Rise 
uu, Balak, and hear ; hearken unto nie, tliou son 

19 God is not a man, that he should He ; neither 
t^e son of man. that he should repent : bath ho 
said, and slialt he not do it 7 or hath he spoken, 
and sliali he not make It mod ? 

90 Behold* t have received e0mme!Himetit to Mess; 
and he hath Messed, and I cannot roverse it. 

21 He hatli not beheld iniquity in Jacob, neitliei 
hath he seen iierverseneM in Israel : the Loan 
his God i* with him, and the shout of a king ie 
among them. 

SS God brought them out of Egypt; he hatli as 
it were the strength of a uiiiconi. 

93 Surely there ie no eneliannuent against Ja- 
cob, neither ie there any divhiation against Is- 
rael : according to this time it shall be said of 
Jacob and of Israel, What liath God wrought ! 

54 Behold, the people shall rise up as a great 
Hon, aud llfl up hhiiself as a young lion : he 
shall not He down until Im eat «/ the prey, and 
drink the blood of the slafn. 

55 V And Balak said unto Balaam, Neithef 
curse tliem at all, nor bless them at all. 

96 But Balaam answered and said unto Balak, 
Told not I thee, saying, AH that the Lord s|ieak- 
eth, that I must do ? 

S7 IT And Balak said unto Balaam. Come, I 
pray thee, I will bring thee unto anotner place ; 
perad venture It will please God that thou mayest 
curse me them fVom thence. 

98 And Balak brought Balaam unto tlie top of 
Peor, that tooketh toward Jesliimon. 

29 And Balaam said unto Balak, Build me lier« 
seven altars, and prepare me nere seven bullocks 
and seven rams. 

30 And Balak did as Balaam had said, and of 
fered a bultock and a ram on eveni altar. 


The9rapheeff of Bataam. 

AND when Balaam saw that it pleased tha 
Lord to bless IsraeL he went not, as M 
other times, to seek for <^ncliantnient8, but he set 
Ids face toward the wilderness. 

2 And Balaam lilted up his ^eo, and be saw 
Israel abidlngia hie tente according to their tribea, 
and the Spirit of God came upon niqi. 

3 And he took up bis parable, and said, Balaam 
the son of Beor hath said, and the man whose 
eyes arc open hath said : 

4 He hath said, which heard the words of God, 
which saw the vision of the Abnighwy, falling 
tnu a tranee, but having his eves open: 

5 How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, aai thy 
ubemaeles, O Israel ! 

6 As the vaHeys are they spread forth, as gar- 

dens by the river's side, as the trees ofnin-aloes 
which the Lord hath planted, cad as c«dar trees 
beside the waters. 

7 He shaU pour the water out of his backets, 
and his seed ehall he in many waters, and his 
king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom 
shall be exalted. 

8 God brought him forth out of Egypt : he hath 

•sit were the strength of a tmieorn: beilialJeat 
■p the nations his enemies, and shall luresk their 
hones, and pierce them, through with hii arrows. 

9 He couched, he Hiy down as a lion, and as a 
ireatlion: who shall sur him upt Blessed it he that 
Messeth thee, and ciirwd i§ m that cnrseth thee. 

10 V And Balak*s anger was Icindled agabist 
Balaam, and he smote nis hands together: and 
Balak said unto Balaam, I called tMe to curse 
nine enemies, and behold, thou hast altogether 
Ueased Usm thepe three times. 

11 Therefore now flee thou to thy place : I 
thought to promote thee unto great honour ; but 
Jo, tite LoKD hath kept thee back from honour. 

12 And Balaam said unto Balak, Spake I not 
also to thy messengers which thou sentest unto 

13 IfBalaJc would give me his house Ailt of silver 
and goUl, I cannot go beyond the commandment 
of the Lord, to do etOergood or bad of mine own 
mind; tut what the Loan salth, that will I speak? 

14 And now, behold, I go unto my people : come 

CHAP. XXV, XXVI. timH Mi CM< «lmi. 

brad, who iBsrt weeping ^fsw the door cT tha 
tabernacle of the congregation. 
of Aaron the priest, saw O, be roae op Ihmi among 
the congregation, and took a javdio in his hand ; 

8 And he went after the man of Israd Into tha 
tent, and thrust both of them through, the man 
of Israd, and the woman through her bdly : " 
theplMue was stayed from tl>e ehlMren of Isri 

9 And those thatdiediu the plague were twe 

|rie shall do to thy people in the latter days. 

15 7 And he took up bis parable, and said, Ba- 
laam tlie son of Beor hath said, and the man 
whose eyes are open hath said : 

16 He hath said, whidi beard the words of God, 
and knew the knowledge of the Most High, wkieh 
saw the vision of the Abnighty, falling inU a 
trance, but having his eyes open : 

17 1 shall see him, but not now : I ahall behold 
Urn, but not nigh : tliere shall come a Star out 
of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, 
and shall smite the comers of Moab, and destroy 
all the children of Slicth. 

18 And Edom shall be a possession, Seir also 
dial! be a possession for liis enemies ; and Israel 
shall do valiantly. 

19 Out of Jacob shall come he that shall have 
dominion, and shall destroy him tliat remaineth 

SO And when he looked on Amaick, he took up 

and ftmr thousand. 

plague were twenty 

10 IT And the Loan apake unto Moses, aajring, 

1 1 Phinehas, the non orEleaxar, the smi of A aron 

the priest, liatfa turned my wrath away fhnn tl«e 
children of Israel (while he was seolous for mv 
sake among them) that I consuaMd not tlie diif • 

drea of brad in my Jealousy. 

13 Wherefbre say, Behold, I give unto him my 
covenant of peace : 

13 And he shall have It, and Ma aaed aAer him, 
svsjyhe covenant of an everlasting prIeatlMMMl ; 
becflbe he was zealous for his God, and made 

Iftsre/ore, and I will advertise thee what tills peo^ kn atonement for the children of Israd< 

... ^ ,..-.- ... . ^^ ._ 14 Now the name ofthe Israelite that waaahriB, 

the nations, but liis latter end gkatl b* that he 
perish for ever. 

31 And be looked on the Kenites, and took up 
Us parable, and said, Strong is thy dwelling- 
place, and thou puttest thy nest in a rock. 
8 Neverthdess, the Kenite shall be wasted, 
vntil Asshur shall carry tliee away captive. 
S) And he took up his parable, and said, Alas, 
who shall live when God doeth this ! 
S4 And ships fAoZJ cotm ftom the coast of Chit- 
dm, and shalt afflict Asshur, and shall afllict 
Bber. and lie also shalt perish for ever. 
35 And Balaam rose up, and went and returned 
u> his place : and Balak also went his way. 
TgraeVt whoredom <m4 idol^trjf. 

AND brad abode In Shittim, and the people 
begftu to commit whoredom with the daugh- 
ters of Moab. 

3 And thc^ called the people unto the sacrifices 
ef tlieir gods : and the people dkl eat, and bowed 
down to tlieir gods. 

3And brad Joined himself unto Baal-peor: and 
the anger of the Lord was kindled a^iust Israel. 

4 Aim tlie Lord said unto Moses, Take all the 
heads of the people, and hang them up befbre the 
Loan against the sun, that the fierce anger of the 
Urd may be turned away from Israel. 

5 And Moses said unto the Judges of Israd^Iay 
ye every one his men that were joined unto Baal- 

Ill And, behold, one of the children of Israel 
caaie and brought unto hU bretliren a Midianl- 
ii* woman in the sight of Moses, and in the 
ii|ht of all the congregation of the children of 

even that was slain with the Midianltlsh woman, 
•Dss Zimri, the sou of Saht, a priuce of a chief 
house among the Simeonites. 

15 And the name of theMidianiUsb woman thai 
was slain wua Coxbi the daughter of Zur : he w§ 
liead over a people, andofachief house In Midian. 

16 IT And the Lord spake unto Moses, Myliig, 

17 Vei the Mldlanites and smite thein : 

18 For they vex you with their wiles, wlieri^ 
with they have beguiled vou in the matter «if 
Peor, and in the matter of Cozbl^ the d^v^vti 
of a prince of Mhllan, thdr sister, which was 
slain in the day of the plague fbr Peer's sake. 

The ItraeUtee numbered. 

AND It came to pass after the plague, that tlie 
LotD spake unto Moses, and unto Eleaxac 
the son of Aaron the priest, saying, 
3 Take the sum of all the congregation of the 

bis parable, and said, Aiiialek was the first of children of brad, fVom twenty years old aud 

upward, throughout their fHthers* house, all thai 
are able to go to war In Israel.' 

3 And Moses and Eleaaar the priest spake with 
them in the plains of Moab by Jordan near Jeri- 
eho, saying, 

4 Take the eum efthepe^le, from twenty years 
old and upward ; as the Lord commanded Moses 
and the children of Israel, which went forth out 
of tlie land of Egypt 

5 H Reuben the eldest son of Israel : the chil- 
dren of Reuben ; Uanoch, of whom cometh tlio 
family of the Hanochiies : of Pallu, tlie family 
of the Pallultes : ' 

6 Of Hezipn, the Aimily of the Hezionites : of 
Carmi, the family of the Camiires. 

7 These are the families of the Reubenites : and 
they that were numbered of tliiem were forty uit«l 
three thousand and seven hundred and tliiny. 

8 And the sons of Palhr; Eliab. 

9 And the sons of Elhib ; Neiuud, and Datlian, 
and Abiram. Thb *> that Dathan and Abiniiu, 
which were famous in the congresaUon, wIm» 
strove against Moses and agaiiiiit Aaron in the 
company of Korah, when they strove aguinsi 
the Lord: • 

10 And the earth opened bor mouth, and swal^ 
lowed tliem up toi^ether with Korab, when tlmt 
company died, what time the fire devoured i\v<» 
hnnoretl and fifty men : and they became a sign. 

11 Notwithstanding the cliilUreu of iCoruh died 

IS IT The sons of Simeon after ilieir families: 
of Nemuel, the family of the Nemuclltes: of 
Jamin, the ftimily of tiie {aminites : of Jachin, 
the ftniily of the JadtiiHias; 

iBmn, tlie fiunilj of the Numites. 
41 tb 

\t or Zcr<h, Ike Amily of Um ZarhttM : ^Ti/Jfrd^iht Anlly of the Arditee: and of Naa 
Bhaui. the feuilly of tlie Jlhenlftofc 

14 Tbeee ere ifie fluBilies of the SimeoniteSi 
iweaiy smI iwoiAliouBaiKi and two hundred. 

U 1 The cbi!dren of Gad mfter their ffunillea: 
•MZMboBfthetomMyofthe^pboiiitee: ofUag- 
fi, the family of the Uac^tet; of Sbuni, the 
ikiiiUy of the Bhmiltet : 

Itt Of Oani, the (knily of the Oxsitee: of Ed, 
the faaiily ef the Britee 

fJOfAfod, the family of the Aroditee: ofAreli, 
UterkmUyefthe Arelitea. ^^ ^..^ ,^ ^ 

18 Tlicee an Um flunlttee of the children of Gadv 
accotdittg lu wuite that were titimtercd of them, 
ft»rty thoyiand and ftTe huBdred. 

19 Tlie aotts of Judah w^rs Er and Onan: and 
Kr aiid Ouan died la the land of Canaan. 

90 And the eons of Judah after their fkotilics 
were * uf Shelah, the family of the Shelanites: 
uf Pharex, the ftmily of the Pharezites : of Ze- 
rah, the Auni^ of the ZArhitee. 

SI And the sona of Pharez were ; of 
the family of the llezroniteB : of^Ur 
fiunUy of tlie HamuUtes. 

tIS Theieart the (kwlliet of JudaM aecording 
lu thoae that were numbered of them, threeweore 
and eliteen thousand and five hundred. 

XI 6/Uie eona of Usachar after their fiBmllies 
tf Tola, the fauiUy uf the Tolaitea : df Pua, tbe 
iltimllyof thePiiuIiea: , ^ , '^. 

34 Of Jashub, the family of the Jaskubitea : of 
eiiluHron, the tolly of the 8himronito8. 

S5 liiete an the famOief of leeachar according 
u» thoee that were minihefed of them, thceeeoore 
and fbur thouaand and three huudredv 
• St 0/ Uie aona of Zehulun after their ftunlltea: 
of Sered, the ftwnUy of the Baiditei : of Eton, 
I he family of the.Elonitea : of Jahleel, the fami- 
ly of Uie J alihselltea. ^ „. . . 

S7 Thete ar$ the famiUei of the Zebnhinitea 
according to thoae thai wen numbered of Uiem, 
threescore thouiand and five hundred. 

98 Tlie ions of Joseph after their famUiea wire 
Manaseeh and Ephraim. ,„ .. ^ ^ 

99 Of tlie sons of Manoweh : of Machir, the fa- 
mily of die Machirltee : and Machlc begat GUead : 
of Gilead cmm the family of the Oihsaditea. 

heee «r« the sons of Benjamin after thefar 
lea : and they that werenumbeiedof then 
men forty and five thoueaiid and six hundred. 
42 These are the sons of Dan after their ftimi- 
Ues: of Shubam, tlie family of the Shuhamites. 
Tbeae erethe families of Dan after their fomiUea. 
43AU the^dlies of the Shuhamites according 
to those that were numbered of them, were three- 
score and four thousand and four hundred. 

44 Of thechildreo of Asher after their &i»itief i 
of Jimna, the flimily of the Jininitea : of Jjeaui, 
the family of the Jesuitea : of Ber^ah, the tuai\j 
of the Beriites. 

45 Of the sons of Beriah : of Uebcr, the ftimlly 
or the Hcberites: of Malchlei, the family of the 

46 And the nameof tbe daughter of Aaber v«i 

47 These an the families of the sontof Aaher ae- 
iwu, cortUng toilioae that were numbered of them ; vAe 
thsi wen fifty and three Uiousand and fqnr hundred- 

48 0/ the suns of Naphtall after their famines; 
of Jahzeel, the family of the Jahzeelites : of 
Gunl. the family of tlie Guuites : 

49 Of Jezcr, I lie family of the Jexejites : of 
Shillem,tbe Aunily of tim Shillemites. 

90 These are the rumilies of Naphtall accord- 
ing to their ftunilies : and they that Were num- 
bered of them, were forty a^id five thouaand and 
four hundred. 

.51 These wen theJiumbcred of the children of 
Israel, six hundred tliousand and a thovwnd 
seven hundred and thirty. 

52 IT And tlie Loan spake unto Moeoc, saying, 

53 Unto these the land shall be divided for an 
inberilance, according to the munlier of nanMs. 

54 To many tiiou sliait give the more Inhcri- 
tanee, and to few thou «huU give the less Inb^- 
tance : to every one shall bis inheritance be giv- 
en, according to tliose thai were numbered of him. 

55 Notwithstanding, the land shall be divided 
1^ tot : according to the names of the tribes of 
their fathers they shall inherit. 

56 According to the lot shall the nossessloB 
thereof be divided between many and few. 

57 H Andtliese are they that were numbered of 

.16 These are the sons of Oileaid: <i/Jeeser,the _. ,« , 

funiilv of the JeeKeriles : of Helek, the family of the Leviies after tbeU- families : of Cershon, Uie 
?" H«tekl^ • •«» ' ' f^^ of y,^ Gcrehonites : of Kohath, the famfr 

tlieHelekltes: . ^ . . ^ , * _i m^ 
:n And •/ Aariel, the family of the Asrielltea: 

and of Sliechem, the faroUy of the Shechemites: 
aa And©/ Shemlda, the family of the l?hemida- 

Ites : and V Bei'lier, the family of the Hepher- 

:«l*And Zetophchad tlie son of Ileplier had,ni> 
•twif, but daughters: and the names of the daugh- 
ters of Zetopliehod were Mahlah, and No9h» Uog- 
lali, Mllcali,andTi«ah. 

:14 These ore the families of Manaiseh. and 
those tliat were numbered of theni« fifty and two 
tliotisand and seven hundred. * ,. , 

:I5 These an the sons of EphraUn after their 
fawlties: of Shuthelah, tlic flunlly of the Shu 
ihaUiiiea : of Becher, the famHjrof the Bachrices 
of Tahan, Uie ftunlly of the Tabanites. 

Bran, the family of the Branites. 
37 These orrtlie ft&mllies of the sonsof Epbraira 
according to those that woNtnamTMcd of them, 
thirty and two thousand and five hundred. These 
an the eons of Joseph alter their fainllies. 

yS The sons of Benjamin after Uicur families : 
of BeUL llie family of the Belaites: of Ashbcl, 
(he ftimllv of the Ashbelitcs -.^of Ahiram, the 
jkniilyofiheAhlramites: . „, t. « 

39 Of 8hupham,thc family of theShuphamlies: 
•f llupbani, the family of the lluphamites. 

4U And the sons of Bda were Ard and Nauuian: 

ly of the Kohathites : of Uerari, the family of 
tiie Bleraritea. 

58 These are the families of theLevites: the 
fmnyy of the I^ibnltes, the family of tlie He- 
bronites. the family uf Uie Mahlltcs, Uie family of 
the Musnites, the family of the Korathites. And 
Kohath b€«»t Ainram. 

59 And the name of Amranrs wife wa* Joche- 
bed, Uie daughter of Levi, whom her mother 
bare to Levi in Egypt: and she baie unto Am 
ram, Aaron and Moses, and Miriam Uielr sister. 

60 And unia A aron wiip born Nadab, and Ablfau,, and lUianiar. 

61 And Nadab sad Abihu died, when Uiey of- 
fered strange fire before the Loan. , ^ ^ 

.. * i...«., un, .—..., w. «.» ...„—.—. 68 And those tliat were numbered of ihcm 

36 And these an the sons of Sliuthelah : of were twenty and three thousand, aU males ftom 

a monUi old and upward: foi they were not 
nninbered among the children of Israel, because 
there was no Inheritance given them amoiif the 
diildren of Israel. </ v j . 

63 IT Those an they that were mitahered by 
Moaesand Cleazar the priest, who numbered tfie 
children of Israel In Uie plains of Moab by Jor- 
dan near Jericho. 

64 Qut among these there was not a mon of 
them whom Moees and Aaron the priest num 
bered, when they numbered Uie children of U 
rael in the wilderness of SlnaL 



^85 For the Lokb had smM of them, They i hall 
■urely die in the wilderneii. And there wu not 
felt • man of them, save Oatob the ani oT Je- 
Bhusneb, and Joihua the son of Nun. 

CHAP. xxvn. 

The Un» ef inkeriUmee. 

rrWEN Mme the daughters of 9^lopheh|idt Um 

CHAP. XXTll,JCXVnL J§tkutMttif9HM$y»sweet$»w 

Hapaaseh the son of Joseph : and these mre the 
ftiunes of Itit daughters ; Mahlah, Noah, and 

him : and he took Joahna, and set hbn Wfiira 
Eleaxar the priest, and beforeall theeongreaationi 
93 And he laid his hands upon hhn, and aa\-« 
hliii a charge, as the Loan commanded hy the 
hand of Moses. 

Qftringa io b» aktertU. 
XXn the Loan spake nni 

X son of Hepher, the son of Cilead, the son of A N1> the Loan spake unto Moses, sayinc, 
Machir, the son of Manasseh, oftlie fhmilies of .tIl 8 Command the childrm of Ismel, aaSsat 
^ • ^ * '^ ' onto them, Mv offering, antf my bread for my sa- 

crifices made by tixt^ft a sweet savonr unto me, 

3 IT And thon shall say unto t2iem,^This i$ tlie 
offering made by Are which ye shaft offer unto 
the Loan ; two lambs of the Am yeor withoit spot 
day by day,/«r a cominual bumt-oflering. 

4 The one lamb shalt tiiuu ollbr in the morning, 
and the other lamb shalt tliou-ofler at even : 

5 And a tenth pari of au ephah of flour for s 
meat-oiferiug, mingled with tlw fourth ^ort of a 
hin of beaten oil. 

6 A u a coptinual btinlt-oflbring, which wns 
ordained in OMmm Sinai for a sweet savonr, a 
saeriAce made by Are nnio the Loan. 

7 And the drink-oflbring thereof tkM he the 
fourth 9Mrt of a hin for the one lamb : in tlin holy 
place Shalt thon cause tlie strong wine to be pour 
ed umo the Lord /m- a drink-offerina : 

8 And the other lamb shalt thon omr at eveu : 
as the nieat-ol&ring of the morning, and as tiie 
drink-ofllringthereof,tho<shalt offer te,a8acritice 
made by Are, of a sweet savour unto the I<ord. 

And on the sabbath-day two lambs oftlie firrt 
Srear without root, and two tenth-deals of Aour 
for a meat-ofiering, mingled with oil, and the 
drinic-oflNsring thereof: 

I A This ie the biimt-oAbrlng of every sabbath, 
besides the continual bumt-ofibrii^, and liis 

11 And in the lieginnings of your montlts ye 
shall crffbf a burm-oflMng unto the Loan ; two 
young bullocks, and one ram, seven Iambs ot 
the Arat year without spot ; 

19 And three tenth-deals of flow far a meat- 
oflbring, mingled with oil, for one bullock ; and 
two tenth-deals of flour/or a meM-oflfering, min- 
gled with oil, for one ram ; 

13 And a several tenth-deal of floor mingled 
with oWfervL meat-oflbring unto one lantb, for 
« bumt-ofl'eriag of a sweet savour, a sacritice 
made by fire unto the Loan. 

14 And their drink-oflbrings shall be half a Iii.«i 
of wine unto a bullock, and the third part of a 
hin unto a ram, and a fourth peart of a hiti unto 
a lantb : this is the bumt-oflnsrfoig of every mouth 
throughout the months of the year. 

15 And one kid of the goats for a sin-oflerinn 
unto the Lord shall be oflbred, besides tlie con- 

Hoglah, and Milcah. and Tirzah. 
S And they stood before Moses, and before 
Bleasat the priest, and before the princes, and 
all the congregation, hy the door of the taber- 
nacle of the congregation, saving, 

3 Om father died in the wilderness, and he was 
ttot la the company of them that gathered them- 
selves together against the Lord in the company 
of Km^ah ; butdied in his own sin, and had no (pons. 

4 Why should the name of our flither be done 
•way from among his family, because he hath 
no soal Give unto us therefore a possession 
among the bretlireu of our father. 

5 A ud Moses brought their cause before theLoRD. 
. 6 If And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 

7 The daughters of Zelophehad speak right: 
tiiou Shalt surely give tliem a possession of an 
Inheritance among their (kttier's brethrm : and 
thou dialt cause the inlterltance of their fbther 
to pass unto them. 

8 And tliou shall speak unto the children of hh 
tmel, saying. If a man die, and have no son, 
then ye abaa eauae his inherttanee to 
hitf daughter. 

B And If he have no daoghter, then ye shall 
give his inheritance unto \m brethren. 

10 And If he have no brethren, then ye shall 
five his inheritance unto his father's brethren. 

11 And if his fkther have no brethr^, then ye 
alitil give his inheritance onto bis kinsman that 
is next to him of Us O&mily, and he shall possess it : 
and it shafl be unto tlie ehiidreu of fsruel a statute 
of Judgment, as the Lord commanded Moses. 

12 IT And the Lord said unto Moses, Get thee 
ip into this mount Abarim, and see the land 
which f have given unto the chiklrcn of taael. 

13 And when tbou hast seen, it, thou also shalt 
be gathered unto tfly people, as Aaron thy brother 
was gatheted. 

14 Vw ye rebelled agaiiwt my cmiunandment in 
the desert of Zin, in the strife of the congrega- 
tion, to sanctify me at tlie water before their 
eyes : that w the water of Meribah iu Kadesh 
In tlie wilderness of Zin. 

15 If And Moses spake unto tlie Lord, saylnc, 

16 Let the Lord, the God of the spirlu of ift 
Bt!sh, set a m^ over the congrecation, 

17 Which may go out before them, and which 
aiay go in before tliem, and which may lead 
Ihem oat, and which may brhig Mwm in ; that 
the congregation of the Lord lie not as sheep 
which have no shepherd. 

18 IT And- the Lord said unto Moseft, Take thee 
Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom ie ihe 
spirit, and lay thy hand upon him ; 

19 And set him before Eleazar the priest, and 
before all the congregation: and give lum 
Charge In thehr dght. 

98 And thou shalt put eeme of thine honour 
upon him, that all tlie concregation of the chil- 
Aren of Israel may be obedient. 

91 And he shall stand before Eleatar the priest, 
who shaU ask eouneel for him after the judgmem 
•rOrim before the Lord : at his word shall they 
id out, and at his word they shall come in, hv^ 
la, and all the chlMren of Israel with him, e««n 
Iril the oongregation. 

98 And iIhms 

I did Of the Lord commanded 

tinual bumt-oflTeriiig, and his drink-ofl*«ring. 

16 IT And hi the fourteenth day of tiie Arift 
month ie the passover of the Lord. 

17 And in the fifteenth day of this month is Uie 
feast : seven days shall imleavened bread be eaten. , 

18 In the first day ekell ke a holy convocation ; 
ye shaN do no manner of servile work therein : 

^11 or 

10 But ye shall offer a sacrifice made by fire 

tdl/or a turnt-oflfering unto the Lord ; two young 

a ballockl; and one ram, and eeven lambs of tlie 

first year : they shall he tinw you without blemish : 

30 And their meat-ofibring shaa be of flour min- 
gled with oil : three tentli-deals shall ye oier for 
a bullock, and two tenth-deals for a,ram ; 

Si A several tcntli-deal slialt thou oOer for every 
tamb, throughout the seven lambs : 

99 And one goat fer a sin-oARvhig, to make on 
atonement for you. 

93 Ye shaaoflbr these hesidcs the burat-oflbr. 
ing in the morning, which is for a oonttnual 

94 After this manner y«ihaHoAr daily tkroafh- 
oiit the seven dayf , the meat of the nacnfice made 
liy Ore, of a i weet savour unto the Loas : ft shall 
he oflered berides the continual bwnt-oflerlns, 
and his drink-ofl*erinit. 

35 And on tlic seventh day ye shall have a holy 
convocation ; ye shall do no s«iSrile work. 

86 V Also in Uie day of the fintrfaiita, when ye 
bring a new nieat-onbrinf unto the Loas, alter 
your weeks b* 9ui, ye shall have a holy convo- 
cation ; ye shall do fio servile work : 

27 But ye shall omt the bumt-oflhring for a 
sweetsavouru^totlieLoED; twoymm^ bullocks, 
one ram, seven lamhe of the first year ; 

S8 And their meat-olTering of flour mln^foii with 
oil, three tentJi-deals unto one buUocJc , two tuji Lli- 
deals unto one ram, 

20 A several tentli-deal unto one lanb, throuch- 
out the seven lambs ; 

30 ^nd one kid of the goats, to make an atone- 
nieiit for you. 

31 Ye shall oflbr tkm besides the continual 
burnt-ofTerlng and hte meat-olTering (they shall 
be unto you without blemish) and their drink- 

Offerin/ts at feuts. 

A J«rD In the seventh mouthy on the first ia;^ 
jrV of the month, ye sliall have a holy convo- 
cttiion ; ye sliali do no servile work : it is a day 
t^' btowing the trtuupels unto yon. 

2 And ye shall offer a burnt-oflering fbr a sweet 
savour unto the Loud ; one young bullock, one 
rain, and seveu lambs of the flnt year witliout 
blemish : 

:t Aud their roeat-ofiMnf ihmll be of flour min- 
gled with oil, three tenth-deals for a bullock, and 
two tenth-deals fbr a ram, 

4 Arid one tenth-deal for one lamb, througliout 
the seven lambs : 

5 And one kid of the goats /cr a sIn-oflbrlRg, to 
make an atonement for you : 

(» Besides the buriit-ofr«riug of the month, and 
bis meat-ofibring, and the daily bumt-offcring, 
nnd lil« meat-ofrerlng, and their drink-oflbriiigu, 
according unto their maimer, for a sweet savour, 
a raerifice made by fire unto the Loan. 

7 II And ye shall have on the tenth dap of this 
siiventh month a holy convocation : and ye shall 
Afllictyoursouls'.yesliallnotdo any work a«r«tM; 

8 But ye shall ofi'er a burnt-ofibring unto the 
Lord for a sweet savour; one young bullock, 
one r&ju, and seven lambs of the first year ; they 
tfliall be unto you witliout blemish : 

» And their meat-offering shall bo of flour mfai- 
gled witli oil, three tenth-deals to a bullock, and 
two tenth-deals to one ram, 

10 A several tentii-fleal for one iamb, through- 
out the seven lambs : 

1 1 One kid of the goats for a sin-oflbring ; be- 
sides the sin-ofibring of atonement, and the con- 
tinual burnt-offering, and the meat-offering of it, 
aiul tiiehr drinkcoflferings. 

12 And on tlie fifteenth day of theseventh month 
ye shall have a holy convocation ; ye shall do no 
servile work, aud ye shall keep a teast unto the 
I<oRi> seven days: 

13 ir And ye shall oflbr a bumt-offedng, a pnr rl- 
flce made by fire, of asweetsavour unto the Lo R Li 
thirteen young bulkicks, two rams, and fourteei 
lambs of the first year; they shaU be witliutii 
blemish : « 

14 And their meat-ofibring shaU be of flour mlit 
tied with oil, three tentb-deab unto every Nl- 
V)ck of the thirteen bullocks, two tenth-deoU k» 
eadi ram of the two rams, 

1 5 And a several tenth-deal to each lamb of the 
ft>ttneeii lambs : ^ 

16 And one kid of the goixtafor a sin-oflluriiig ; 

NUM BBUS. CHorin^ at dU/eaat oftabomaekt 

besidea the continual bttratofferhiig, his oveal- 

ofTeilaf, and his drink-oflfering. 

17 1 And on the second day ye Hall ojfier twelve 

yo«ag bullocks, two rams, fourteen lambs ot the 

25 And one kid of the goats /or a sln-oflTering , 
besides the continual bumt-ofibring. Ills meat- 
oflTering, and his drink-offering. 

26 IT And on the fifth day nine bullocks, two 
rams, and fourteen lambs of the first year with- 
out spot: 

27 And thetr meat-oflfering and their drink-of- 
ferings for the bullous, for the rams, and fbr tlie 
Iambi, skaU ba according to thehr number, after 

first year without spot : 

18 And their meat-ofifering and their drink-of- 
feriofs for the bullocks, for the rams, and for the 
lambs, okaU bo according to their nuiuber, after 
the manner: 

19 And one kid of the goats for a sln-oflbrine ; 
besides the continual immt-ofilbring, and the 
meat-offering thereof, and thehr drink-ofl'erhifs 

20 IT And on the thhrd day eleven bulkickB, two 
rams, fourteen lambs of the fufst year without 
biemiflh : 

21 And tlieU' meat-offering and their drink-ef- 
fi»rinp for the bullocks, fbr the rams, and for the 
Iambi, okall be according to thehr number, after 
tlie manner: , 

22 And one goat /sr a sfn-oflbring ; besides the 
continual bumt-ofrering, and his meat-o0ibrhig, 
and his drink-ofllbring. 

23 TT And on the fourth day ten bullocks, two 
rants, and fourteen lambs of the first year with- 
out blemish : 

24 Their meat-oflbring and their drink-oflTeriiigs 
for the bultocks, for the rams, and for the lambs, 
shall be accordiing to their number, after ttie 

28 And one gdat/tfr a sin-ofliering ; besides th^ 
continual bunu-offering, and his meat-offering, 
and his drink-oflering. 

29 M And on the sixth day eight buIkKsks, two 
rams, and fourteen lambs of tiie first year with- 
out blemish : 

30 And their meat-oflbring and their drink-of- 
ferings for the bullocks, for the rams, and for tlie 
lambs, ohall be according to their number, after 
the manner : . * 

31 And one gpMfor a sin-offering ; besides the 
continual burnt-offering, his meat-offering, and 
hte drink-oflfering. 

32 TT And .on the seventh day seveiv bullocks, 
two ramsy amd fourteen lambs of the first year 
without blemish : 

33 And tlieir meat-offering and their drink-of- 
ferings for the bullocks, for the ramr, and for the 
lambs, shall be according to their number, after 
the manner: 

34 And one fpalfor a sin-offering ; besides the 
continual burnt-offering, his meat-oflbring, and 
his drink-offering. 

35 IT On the eighth day ye shall have a solemn 
assembly : ye shall do no servile work therein : 

36 But ye shall offer a burnt-offering, a sacrifice 
made by Arc, of a sweet savour unto the Lord : 
one bulk>ck, one ram, seven lambs of the first 
year wiihnut blemish : 

37 Tiielr luciit-offering and thehr drink-offerinffj 
foi lIie: Imtldck, fortheram,andfortlielambs,«*«'' 
be according la their number, after the manner : 

38 A [>d one fflatfor a sin-offering ; besides the 
eiiiLtimial burnt-offering, and Ilia meat-offering, 
an J htsdrLoh-offering. , 

3y T^ifisc things ye shall do untd the I<oR» w 
your eti feaeis, besides your vows, and yojj 
(kt^wm-of&irina, for your burnt-offerings, «». 
for your m«at-offerings, and for yotur driok-w* 
ferings, and for your peace-offermgs. 

71k€4aw of MiM. 



40 And Moses told Uie cbOdreB of ImdI ae- 

cording to all thai the I«ord coromaudeirMoees. 


Tk» obligatiw of vows. 

AND Moses spake unto tl«e liead< of the tribes 
concerning the children of Israel, saying, 
This is tiie thing which the Loan liatli com- 
S If a man vow a tow unto the Loan, or swear 

5 So tbete wen delivered out of the tbousands 
of Israel, a thousand of twerp trihe, twelve thou- 
sand armed for war. 

6 And Moses sent them to the war, a thousand 
of everf tribe, them and Phiaehas the son of 
Eleaxar tho priest, to the war, with the holy in- 
struments, and the trumpets lo bloVr in his hand 

7 And they warred against tlie Midianites, as 
the Lord commanded Mo^ps; and they slew 

an oath to bind his soul with a bond ; he shall jail the males. 

not break his wont, he shall do according to oil 8 And they slew (he Icings of Midian, besid«>t 

liiat proceedeth out of his mouth. itlie rest of them tliat were slain ; naaiely, Evi, 

3 D If a woman also vow a vow unto the Lord, land Rekem, and Zur, and Uur, and Rem, Ave 
and bind kortOf by a bond, being in her Other's! kings of Midiaii : Bahuun also the son of Beor 
hnuse in her youth ; (tiiey slew witli the sword. 

4 And her fatlier hear her vow, and her bond! 9 And thechildren of Urael took oU the women 
wherewith slie bath bound her soul, and herjof Midian captives, and their little ones, and 
father shall hold bis peace at her; then all her! took the spoil of all tlieir cattle, and all tliotf 
vows shall stand, and every bond wli^ewith ^e Qocks, and all their goods. 

hath bound her soul shall stand. 

5 Bat if her father disallow her in the day tliat 
he heareth, not any of her vows or of her bonds 
wherewith slie hath bound her soul shall stand ; 
and the Lord shall forgive her, because her 
father disaltowed her. 

6 IT And If she had at all a husband when she 
vowed, or iiuered aught out of her lips, where- 
with she bound her soul : 

7 And her husband heard tt, and held his peace 
«t her in the day that he heard it: then her 
vows shall stand, and her lionds wherewith she 
bound her aoul shall sund. 

8 But if her husband diaaUowed her on the day 
that he heard tt, then he shall make her vow 
whi<^ slie vowed, and that which she uttered 
with her llpe, wherewith she bound her soul, of 
mme effect ; and tlie liORD shall forgive her. 

9 If But evwy vow of a widow, and of her thai 
Is divorced, wherewith they have bound thehr 
fOttla. shidl stand against her. 

10 And if she vowed In her husband^s house, 
or botuid her soul by a bond witli an oatli; 

11 And her husband heard tl, aud held his 
peace at her, ai^ disallowed her not : then all 
her vows shall stand, and every bond wherewith 
ibe lK>und her soul shall stand. 

12 But if her husband hath utteriy made them 
void on the day he heard Hum ; then whatso- 
ever proceeded out of her lips concerning her 
vows, or concerning the bond of her soul, shall 
not stand : her husband hath made them void 
aud the Lord shall forgive her. » . 

13 Every vow. and every binding oath to afflict 
the soul, her ouwand may establish it, or her 
hu^and may make it void. 

14 But if her husband altogether hold his peace 
at her trom day to day; then he establishetli all 
\wx vows, or allher bonds, which are upon her : 
he confinneth them, because he held his peace 
at her in the day that he heard then, 

15 But if he shall any ways make them void 
mOcr that he hath Jieard ihem; then he shall 
bear her iniquity. 

16 These ore tJie statutes which the Lord com 
manded Moaoi between a man and his wifCr 
betweoi the father and his daughter, heii^ yet 
in her youth In her fatiier'« house. 

The Midiomites destroyed. 

AND the Lord spake unto Moses, 
3 Avenge the chihlren of Israel of the Mld- 
anitea : alUiw^d shalt thou be gathered unto 
thy people. 

3 Ami Moses spake unto the people, saying, 
Ann some of yourselves unto the war, and let 
Ihem go against the Midianites, and avenge the 
• f Hid)- 


4 Of every tribe a thpusand, thronghout all the 
kihea of larael, shall ye seud to the war. 

10 And they burnt all their cities wherdn they 
dwelt, anH all tlieir goodly castles, with ire. 

11 Aiul they took all the spoil, and all tlie prey, 
both of men and of beasts. 

13 And they brouglit the captives, and the prey, 
md the spoil unto Moses and Cleasar tlie priest, 
and unto* the congregatioa of tlie diikireU of 
Israel, unto the camp at the plains of Moab, 
which ore by Jordan neor Jeriebo. 

13 If And Moses, and Eleaxar the priest, and 
all the princes of the congregatioa, %vent forilt lo 
meet them witlmut the camp. 

14 And Moses waa wroth with theofficeraof the 
host, with the captains over thousands, and cup- 
tains over hundreds, wiiich came from the bntt W. 

13 And Moms said onto them, llave ye savod 
all the women alive 1 

16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel-, 
through ihecounsel of Balaam, to commit trespnns 
against the Lord In the matter of Poor, and there 
wasa plague among the coagregation^he Lord. 

17 Now therefore kill evtry male aiiiong tlie 
linle ones, and kill every woman tliat hoib 
known man by lying with hint. 

18 But all tlie women-chiMreR, that have not 
known a man by lying witli hiRi, keep alive fttr 

19 Aud do ye abide without the camp seven 
days: wlHisoever hatli killed any person, ant* 
whosoever hatli touched any slain, ^urifv both 
yourselves and your captives on tne ihiid duy, 
and on the seventh day. 

20 And purify all yowr raiment, and all that ie 
made of skiiw, aud all work of goats* JUtr, and 

all thinfls made of wood, 
nd iSleaaar the pri 
war which went to the battle, This Mtlie oidi 

21 And ^leaaar the priest said unto the men of 

T.UI .«» nvu» IV •ini WOftU^ «IIIB C«UIC WIUI- 

nance of the law whidi the Lord comniaiidnl 

22 Only the gold, and the silver, the brass, the 
iron, the tin. and the lead, 

23 Every thing that may abide the fire, ye shall 
make it gothroueh the fire, and it shall be clitjaii : 
nevertheless it shall bo purified with the wauur 
of separation; and all that abidetli not the fire 
ye shaU make go through the water. 

24 And ye shall wash your clothes on the sev- 
enth day, and ye shall be dean, and afterward 
ye shell come into the camp- 

25 IT And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, 

26 Take the sum of the prey that was taken, 
4oa of man and of beast, thou, and Eleazarthe 
priest, and the chief fatliers of the congregation : 

87 And divide the prey into two ports ; between 
them that took the war upon them, who went 
out to battle, and between all the congres aiioi| : 

88 And levy a tribute unto the Lord of uie m«tn 
of war %vhich went out to battle: ou« soul Of 
five hundred, both of Uic persons, and of thib 
beeves, aud of the asses, and of the sheep : 

SSl«iSthI!S^'~* •evenly thowrwd and five 

34 Aiid threescore and one thousotid anes. 
J^jiiii***!?^ •"** '^ thousKid pemoMin ail. 

^ih^ '' "*^ "'^ ***'"" "«"' ^'y 'y*i 

liS.!"!!*^ half »*mA »« the portion oftliem 
:w And Uie asdet »<rt thirty thousand andfivn 

N'vr TV Miv vuuurvii ui jMmueu ana ine cnnoren 
orOad ^ad a very great nultitnde of eat- 
Ue: and when they saw the landof Jaaaer, and 

whiehami.SS^"tJRr* ■**^«*»" thousand. of 

Loan's heave^Oferlnf, unto EleaSrthe wiesL 
«• ihe Loan comuianded Moses. *^ ^ 

M-l"i!i*. Hit '''**""« <»f '""«»'■ hair, which 
*]"»« <«»vided from the men that warred. 

KISSiTS *"*? ""**' *»">»«-• Uiousnnd and thirty 
HicHj *^**" thousand and five hundred 

j4 And thirty and six tliousand beeves. 

43 And Uiirly thousand asses and five Itundred. 

4tt And sixteen Uiousand persons ;) 

47 Even of ilie children of Israel's half, Moses 
tcmic one portion of fifty, totA of man and of 
i»ea«t,aiidfavetiient unto Uie Levitcs, wirich 
kept the change «»f the taliornacle of Uie Loan • 
MS ilie Loan couimadded Moses. 

48 If And the ofll^rs which W0re over thousands 
of Uie host. Uie captains of Uiousands. ami cap- 
tains of hundreds, came near unto Moses : 

4U And Uiey said unto Moses. Thy servants have 
talcenthesum of the men of war which are under 
««if fhw|«» wid Uiere tackeU) not one man of us. 

50 We have Uierefore brought an oUaUon for 
Uie Loan, wliat every man hath coucn. of Jew- 
ols of gold, chains, and bracelets, itiigs, ear-riinn, 
aml^abiets. to malce an atonemem for our souls 
bclbre die Loas. 

51 And Moses and Eleasar the priest took the 
gold of Uiem, even all wrought Jewels. 

58 And all the gold of the ofiering Uiat they 
oJTered up to Uie Loan, of the captains of thou- 
sands, and of tlie captains of hundreds, was six- 
«^>\w»ttwnd seven hundred and fifty siiekels. 
53 {Far the men of war had taken spoil, every 
■an Ibr hhnself.) . i~ f «/ 

5f And Moses and Eleaaar Uie priest took the 
gold of th« captains of thousands, and of hun- 
dreds, and brought it into the tabernacle of the 
congregation, /br a memorial for the children 
•f Israel before the Loan. 

^^mS^**J **• «***«»* «» inherHmue. 
J OW the children of Reuben and the children 

fc,^.i_-- '^'"'*fj wtucu uie Lioan smote ne- 

uT.^ffv^Sf^?^?''^'^' •' • land for cS- 
"JlJJm* thy servants have catUe : 

«»7.« Hr "?f^ ■^** ""^ ^«e children of Gad 
5?rln*l*^»* '*'"^''«" ^ "«"*^ Shall your toS 
thren co to war, and shall ye 2t here f 
I Ana Wherefore discourage ye Uie heart of Um 

'fist ^^V?*** '^^^ Ipven tliemi 
fSJT??*^*''? 7®"' fauiers, when I sent tiiem 
from Kadesh-bamea to see Uie land. 
p-iJ^^li '^henUiey went up unto Uie vaUeyof 
ESS"i/t"*'f?.!r "*** h«id, they discouraged iS 

10 And Uie Loan's anger was khuUed die same 
Uni^ and he sware, saying, ^^ 

«1L?.**7*^ """^ ®''*''*' "«^ Umtcame up out of 
S?T!h.?***5 twenty years old and npward, sliaS 
see Uie land whicli I sware unto AbValiaiu. umo 

wro&y^olSS i*e?'- *^"« '^^ '^^^^ '^ 
JSf Save Caleb Uie son of Jephunneh the Kena- 

now forty years, unUr all Uie geiicraUon USatSl 

14 And behold, ye are risen up in your faUicrs* 
stead, an hicrease of sinfnl men, to augu.enim 
the fieice anger of Uic Loan toward Israel. ^ 

vif ^fJii 1^ ""[? *^?y ?""' «"«•' him, he win 
yet again leave Uiem lu Uie wilderness: and vl 
shall destroy all this people. ' ^ ^* 

ti? ^^ «."? '^.*y *^*n® near unto hhn, and aal<t 
We will bnlld sheep-folds here fwour ciwJ 
and ciUes fbr our litUe ones : «»wie, 

n But we ourselves will go ready armed ludi*^ 

J® ?^«L*^"' !i®5 '«'"''» t»nto our houses iintll 

hi? S2Ssi;jL^'"^ ^'^^ "^^^^ -^ S 

19 For we will not inherit with Uiem on yonde* 
side Jordan, or forward; because our inheritJmS 
IsfiUlen to us on Uii. side Jordan eJtwSrd^^ 

80 II And Hoses said unto Uiem, I f ye will aA cki. 

M And will go all of you armed ove? Jordan 
before Uic Loan unUl'hehaUi drimi o2i hk 
enemies ftom before him. °" 

p And Uie land be subdued before Uie Lonni 

before the Loan, and before Israel: and 
^^^^J^ y®"' PwsesBion before tiieLoRn 
» But If ye wiU not do so, behold, ye hS;. 

will find you out 

91 Build you ciUet for your HtUe ones, and fouia 
forvottt rtieep; and do Uiat whicrhaUi wST 
ceeded out of vour itoouth. 

S» And Uie chUdren of Gad and the chltdrenir 
Reuben spake unto Moses, saying. Thy serviuS 
irUldoasmylordcommilndeUi? «''•«• 




m Our little QiKM, Aur wivcf, ttr flodtt,jMi4 a» nriUernat, ud went three days* iouniOT tai iht 

ear caule, shall be there in the cities uTGIlead : 
87 Cut thy aiNrvants will nus over^ evtry men 
u»m4 for war, baTiKe the Loas f battle, as my 
tord saitJi. 

S8 So CMieeniInc them UoseseommaiHled Elea- 
sar tlie priest^and Joshua the sou ef Nun, and the 
•Mefteiborsaf the tribesof the chihlreaof Israel : 
mt And Moses said unto them, If the ehildrea 
of God and the ehihlrun of Reubui will pass with 
you over Jordan, every man armed to battle, be- 
fore tlie Lord, and the hind sball be subdued 
MMbre you ; then ye shall give them the land of 
Gilead foi a possession : 

30 But if they wili not pass over with you arm- 
ed, tliey shall have possesions amouc you in the 
land of Canaan. I 

31 And tiie children of Gad and the children of 
Reuben answered, sayiiix. As tlie Loan hath 
said iHH94liy servaHts, so will we do. 

32 We will pass over armed before the Lord 
hiio tlie buid of Canaan, thuttiie possession of 
ourteheritauee on tills shle Jordan ««y H ours. 

33 Aad Moses gave unto them, even to tlie chil- 
dren of Gad, and to the children of Reuben, and 
«nlo half the tribe of Manasseh, the son of Jo- 
seph, the Icingdom of Silion king of the Amo- 
rites, and the kingdom of Og king of Bashan, 
the land, witli the cities thereof In the coasts, 
ansa the cities of tJte country round about. 

M V Attd the children of Gad built Jiibon, and 
Ataroth, and Aroer, 

3S And Auoth, Shoplukn, and Jaaxer, and Jog- 

3S And Beth-nlmrah. and Beth-haran, fenced 
cities : and foMs for slioep. 

37And the chHdren of Reuben buUt IleshbMi, 
and Elealel^ and Kirjathahn, 

ad And Nebo, aihd Baal-meon, (their namss 
hitei changed,) and fihibmali : mnd cave other 
liMMi«»io the cities wliieh they buM^ad- 

anwf the children of Machir thefon of Ma^ 
MWi went to GUead, and look 4t, and dis- 
paweesod the Amocite wiilch ao«# In it. 

40 And Moses gave Gilcad unto Machir :Uie 
son of Manasseh ; and he dwdt Uterein. 

41 And Jair tlie son of Manasseh went and took 
theamal t towns iihcffooi; and caOed (hew Uavoih- 

49 And Nehah want and took Kanath, and the 
villages thareai; and aaUed k Nohah, «(Wr his 


miIE8B sre the Journeys of the ehildrea of pitched in Mbathah. 

wilderness of £tham, and pitched In Macah. 

9 And they removed thini Marah, and came 
unto Elim : and In Elim ««r« twelve fountalua 
of water, and threescore and ten pahn-trecs; 
and thev pitched therA. 

10 And they removed from Elim, and encamp- 
ed by the Red sea. 

11 And they removed from tlie Red sea, and 
encamped in the wiklemess of Sin. 

IS And thev took their Journey out of the wll • 
demessof Sm, and encamped in Poplifcah. 

13 And tbc^ departed Arom Dopbkah, and en- 
camped hi Aiush. 

14 And tliey removed from Alush, and encamp- 
ed at Rephidim, Where was no water for the 
Ipeople to drink. 

15 And they departed ftom Repbidhn, and 
pitched in the wilderness of Sinai. 

16 And iliey removed from the desert of Sinai, 
and pitched at Kibroth-hattaavah. 

17 And they departed from Kibroth-hattaavah, 
and encamped ai Uazeroth. 

18 And they departed from Haieiolh, and pitch- 
ed In Rlthmah. 

.19 And they departed from Rlthmah, and pitch- 
ed at Rimmoo-pares. 

80 And they departed from Rimmoa-pares, and 
pitched In Ubnah. 

SI And they removed from Libnah, and piuh- 
ed at Rissah. 

SS And they Jonmeyed Aron Rissah, and pitcli- 
ed in Kehelatbah. 

83 And tliey went from Kehelaihah, and pitcii- 
ed hi mount Siiapher. 

54 And they removed from mount Shapher, 
and encaipped hi Uaradab. 

55 And they removed from flaradah, and pitdi- 
ed in Makhetoih. 

56 And they renMved Aom Mahhalotb, and en- 
camped at Taha|h. 

97 And they departed from Tahalh, and pitch- 
ed at Tarab. 

S8 And they removed Aqm Tarah, and pitched 
in Mithcali. 

SO And they went from MUbcah, and pitched 
in Maahmonab. 

30 And they departed from Uaahmonah* and 
enrimped at M(mrrotih 

31 And tbey depaxtod from Jloperoth, and 
pitched in Bene-Jaakan. 

33 And they removed from Bene-JaakaO) and 
encamped at Uor-hagidgad. 
33 And 4hey went from IIo^haghtgad, and 

X larael, which went fefth out of tlie Umd of 
Kgypt w4th their annim under the liand of Ito- 
aes and Aaron^ 

9 And Meaes wfole iheir geinge out aeoerdlng 
10 their journeys by the comMiandment of tiie 
Lord: and these mn Iheir jauraeya according 
lo their gohigS' out. 

3 And ti*ey departed ftom RameiQs bi the ficst 
month, on the Afteenth day of tlie llmt ;month; 

on the morrow after (be passover tlie children 
of Israel went out wilh a htgh.hihd in Uw fight 
of all the ^yptiane. 

4 Pmr the figypaanahuiM all tjkm ^ret-bom, 
which the Lord bad wiiiten among them: upes 
Ihftir.goda ahM the Lord eieeuted Jndgmenta. 

5 A»d the chiMren of Israel removed from 
Rameses. and pitched in Succoth. 

Aad 4hay deaaited fromSuccoth, aad pitched 
hi EUMMLwhiahis to theedgnof the wilder«e«c 

34 Aad Uiev removed Item Jotbathah, and en- 
camped at Ebronah. 

35 Aad they d«|iarted from Ehronah, and en- 
camped at ^oa-gaber. 

36 And they removed from Esion-gaber, and 
pitched lathe wIMemeesoflUn, whhMi M Kaitesb. 

37 And (hey removed from Kadesh, ond pitched 
" • ■ ' ■ • "ofEi 


in mount Hur, In the edge of the hwd c 

wiest went up ini ^ 

'meat of tlie Lord, and died 

38 And Action 4he priest went up into mount 
Hot at lAe commanameatof tlie Lord, and died 
thore, in the mnieih year ^tiet the children of 
Imael were come cut of the land air Bgy pt, in the 
firs^ 1^ af the dfth monMi- 
^ And Aaron is«« a Iwndred and twenty and 
three yean oM when he died in niount Hor. 
40 And king Arad tlie Oaaaanite, which dwelt 
hn the eoiithin the land of Canaan, beaid of the 
coming of tlie children of Israel. 
^ - ... dl And they departed from jnoimt Mof, and 

7 And they removed 4tomJ5thamt.and turned pitched in 7'almonah. 

igllD WHO Pirhahiroth, which it heAire Jaal- 4S And they .dcpaxted firom Zahnonah, and 

mploB : and they pHciied before Migdol. pitched in Prnw* 

TA^d they depaned frain before Pi-hahlDoth, 43 An44hey departed frepPaaon, and pitched 

MpwMl ihrpugh the uUdatof the Ma HMOitJfed* QiMMb. 

Tki CtmmMMiUi C# l« i4itr wft 4 . 


Tki men wk* AM iiwUiiktUMt 

44 And they deputed ftom OboCh, and pifelwd 


49 And tli^ remofied ftooi INkoB-gad, Mid e*- 
eainped !• Aliwoa-dibmhaim. 

47 And liiev renoved fion AJaoa-diUatlialn, 
mmI pitched la the moaatalnt of Abvim, before 

48 And they departed from the 

Atuirim, and'pitehed In tlie plaiiw of Moab by 
Jordan near Jericho. 

4ft And they pitched by Jordan, from Beth-Jeei- 
iiioUi«v«»uttio AbeHhittimintheplaiaioflloab. 

ilO If And the Loan epake unto Bfosea in the 
pinina of Moab by Jordan ntttr Jericho, saying, 

51 Speak unto the children of larael, and say 
unto them, When ye are paaMd over Jordan 
into the land of Canaan ; 

98 Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants 
m* the land fh»m before you, and destroy all tlieir 
pictures, and destroy all their mcrften images, 
and quite pluck down all their high phices: 

shaU be your land with the coasts thereof round 

In IJe-abarim, in the border of Moab. about 

45 And they departed from IlB, and patched In 13 And Mtiaes commanded the children of Is- 

... •— rael,8aylng. This it the land which ye shall toi^ 

herlt by tot, which the Lomo commanded to give 
unto the nine tribes, and to the half tribe: 
14 For the tribe of the chlldrea of Reuben, ae- 

eoidlag to the bouse of their fothers, ana the 
tribe of the children of Gad aoeordliig to the 
o( house of their fothers, have received O^irtiiJUri- 
Uuut: and half the tribe of Manasseh have re 
ceived their inheritance : 

15 The two tribes and the half-tribe have re- 
ceived thdr inheritance on this side Jordan nser 
Jericho eastward, toward the sun-risiiig. 

16 H And the Lord spake unto Mosea, saying, 

17 These ors the names of the men which shall 
divide the land unto you : Bleasar the prinat, 
and Joatraa the jon of Nun. 

53 And ye shall dispossess tkt nkakiumti tf «0 And of the tribe of the children of Simeon, 

I lie land, and dweB therein: for I have given you 
ilie land to possess it. 

54 And ye shall divide the land by lot for an 
iuhcritanoe among your famillea: and to the 
uiore yc shall give the more inheritance, and to 
I lie fower ye ahall give the lem inheritance: 
«;very man*8 inktriUiu§ shall be in the place 
where hia lot folleth ; according to the tribes of 
your fothers ye shall inherit. 

55 But if ve wiU not drive out the Inhabitaata 
ol'the land from before you ; then it shall come to 
pass, that thoae whkhye let remain of them Mail 
Ae pricks in your eyes, and thoma In your Udea, 
and ahall vex you In the land wherein ye dwell. 

56 Moreover, it shall come to pass, that I shaU 
do nniD yoil, as I thought to do unto them 

T%9 h0rdsrs §ftkB land. 

AND the Loan spake unto Moeea, saying, 
S Command the children of larael, and say 
unto them. When ye come into the land of Ca- 
naan ; (this it the land that ahall foil unto you for 
an inheritance, smm the land of Canaan with 
the coasts thereof:) 

3 Then your south quarter ahall be from the 
wilderness of Zia' along by the coast of Edom, 
and your soutli border shall be the outmost coast 
of the salt sea eastward : 

4 And your border shall turn from the south to 
the ascent of Akrabblm, and pass on to Zin : and 
the going forth thereof shall be from' the south 
to Kadeah-bamea, and sl^ ffo on to Hazar- 
addar, and pam on to Asmon : 

5 And the border shall fetch a compass from 
Aanoo unto the river of Egypt, and the goings 
out of it shall be at the aea. 

6 And a«/«r the western border, ye shall even 
have the great sea for a border: this shall be 
your west border. 

7 And this Shalt be your north border: from the 
great sea ye shall point out for you mount Hor : 

8 From mount Hor ye aliall point out yeur Ur- 
dir nato the %ntrance of Hamath : and the 

goings forth of the border shall be to Zedad : 
9 And tlie border shall go on to ZIphron, and 

the goings out of it ^aU be at Uaaar-enan : this which ye shall appoint tt 
ShaU be yqur north border. he may flee thither: and 

18 And ye ahaU take one prince of every tribe, 
to divide the land by inheritance. 

10 And the nameaof themen aretheae: Of the 
tribe of Judah, Caleb the son of Jephunneh. 

Shemnel the son of Ammihud. 

91 Of the tribe of Bei^amiu, Elldad the aon of 

S And the mince of the tribe of the children 
of Dan, Bukki the son of JogIL 

83 The prinee of the children of Joseph, for the 
tribe of the children of Manasseh, Hannlel the 
aon of Bphod. 

94 And the prtaee qf the tribe of the children 
of Bphraim, Kemuel the mm of Shlfditan. 

95 Andthe prince of the tribe of the children of 
Zebulun, Eiuanhan the aon of Pamach. 

98 And the prince of the tribe of the children 
of Issachar, Paltlel the aon of Asxan. 
'^ ' ' the prince of the tribe of the chlldr^ 
', Ahihttd the son of Bhelomi. 

98 And the prinee of the tribe of the children of 
Naphtali, Pedahel the aon of Ammihud. 

99 These 9r9 tkew whom the Lord command- 
ed to divide the inheritance unto the children of 
Israel in the land of Canaan. 

€)Uie» given te the iMfitee, 
A ND the Lord spake unto Moses in the jdclna 
2x of Moab by Jordan nemr Jericho, saying, 
9 Command the children of Israel, that they give 
unto the Levitesof the hiheritance oftheirpoaaea- 
sion cities to dwell in ; and ye shall give cIm unto 
theLevitessuburbs forthecitles round about them. 

3 And the cities shall they have to dwell hi : 
and the suburiis of them shall be for their cattle, 
and for their goods, and for all their beasts. 

4 And the suburbs of the cities which ye shall 
give unto the Levites, ehallreaek from the wall of 
the dty and outward a thousand euUla round 

5 And ye shall measure from without the city 
on the east side two thousand cnbita, and on 
the south side two thousand cubitf, and on the 
went aide two thousand cubits, and on the north 
aide twothouaand cubits ; and the city »kM ke in 
the midst : this shall be to them the •uburbs of 
the cities. 

6 And among the cities which ye shall give un- 
o the Levitea there ehaU ke sii cities fbr reAige, 

for the manalayer, that 
'to them ye ahall add 

forqr and two cities. 

7 Ar all the cities which ye shall give 10 the Le- 
vttes ehM ke forty and cA^t cities: them ehM 

10 And ye sliall point out your east border from 
llazar-enan to Shepham : 

11 And tliecoast shall go down from Shepham 
to RiUah, on the cast side of AIn ; and the bor- 
der Shan deaeend, and ahall reach unto the side 
of tlie aca of Chinuereth eastward : 

19 ^ad the border shall go down to Jordan jand Osai Oat hmte many ye shall ^vemany; bvt 
tte|0li«ioiitoritibadbeatUwHdtiit. InminmtkmtlMhtwtvwJttUMA^Umifimf 

ft Was with their suburbs. 
" And Che cities which ye Shan 

chttdren of Israel: froai 

8 And Che cities which 
the possession of 

B Shan give sAallls or 

YV UwM 0/ murdtr. CHAP. XXXVI. 

one shall give of Ills eities uniA the LtviiM se* 
enrding to his inlieritance whicli lie iuherlt«Ui. 

9 IT And the. Lord siMlce unto Moms, saying, 

10 Speak unto tlie cliildreu of ItrmeU, and tay 
auto tliem, When ye be couie over Joidao Into 
the land of Canaan; 

1 1 Then ye tiiall appoint you cities to be cities 
of reflige for you ; that tlie slayer may flee thi- 
ther, which IcHleth any person at unawares.- 

13 And they sliall l>e nnto you cities for reAige 
flrom the avenger; that the manslayerdk}not,until 
hf stand l>cfore tlie congregation in judguieiiL 

13 And of these cities which ye shall give, sti 
cities snail ye have for refuge. 

14 Ye shall give three cities on this side Joi^ 
dan, and three cities shall ye give in the land of 
Canaan, vkick shall be cities of refuge. 

15 These six cities sliall be a refuge, k0tk for 
the children of Israel, and for the stranger, and 
fiirtlie sojourner among tlieni : tiiat every one that 
killcth any person unawares may flee tliitlier. 

16 And If he smite him with an instrument ofdren of llrael 

31 Moraover, ye sbaH take ao sMisfhctloa ftt 
the life of a mm -d ewi , whkh iB guttty of death, 
baths shall be surely ptfC to death. _ ^_ 

33 And ye shah take no satlslketfciii (br Mm 
that is fled to the ct^ of his r«faffe,that1ie should 
come agahi to dwell in the land, uatll the death 
of the Driest. 

33 So ye shall mm nolhite the hind wherein ye 
•rs ; for Mood h deflleth the land: and thehmd 
cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed there- 
in, but by the blood of him that shed iu 

34 Deflls not therefore the land which ye shall 
Inhabit, wherein I dwell : Ak I the Lord dweN 
among the children of Israel 

Of tks inkmriUHce •[ dttuikUrs. 

AND the chief fathers of the Dunilies«»r the 
chlMren of Gllead, the son of Maehir the 
son of Manasseh, of the fbmiltes of the sons of 
Joseph, caoM near, and spake before Noses, and 
before the princes, the chief Athers of the chlh 

Iron, so that he die, he ua munlercr: the mur- 
derer shall surely be put to death. 

17 And if he smite liim with throwing a stone, 
wherewith he may die, and M die, he t« a mur- 
derer : the murderer shall surely be nut to death. 

18 Or if he smite him with a hand-weapon of 
wiKid, wherewith he may die, niul lie die, he £r a 
uiiirderer : the murderer shall surely be put to 

19 The revenger of blood himself shall slay tlie 
aiurderer whciihemeetcthhiin,he8hall8layhim. 

SO But if he thrust him of hatred, or hurl at 
him by laying of wait, that be die ; 

21 Or in enmity smite him with his hand, that 
be die : he that smote Am shall surely be put to 
di'ath ;/«r he is a murderer: tlierevengerof blood 
•ball sUiv the murderer, when he meeteth him. 

S3 Biitif IM thrust him suddenly witliouteniuity, 
•r have cast upon hUn any thing without laying 
of wait, 

830r with any stone, wherewith a man may die, 
seeing kim not, and cast it upon him, that he die, 
and was not his enemy, neither sought his harm : 

34 Then the congregation shall Jud^e between 
the slayer and tlie revenger of blood according to 
these judflnents: 

8S And the congretation shall deliver the slayer 

3 And Uiey Batd,TlMLoRD eonmanded my lord 
to give the land for an hiheritance by lot to the 
children of Israel : and my lord was conunanded 
by Uie Lord to give the Inheritance of Zalopho- 
bad our brother umo his daughters. 

3 And if they be married to any of the sons of 
tlie other tribes of the chlMren of Israel, then shall 
tiishr inheritance be taken fVom the Inheritance 
of our Aitliers. and shall be put to the iaheritancft 
ofthe tribe wbereuntotbMf are received: aosluUI 
it bo taken from the tot of our inheritance. 

4 And when tlie jubilee of tlie chlMren of Israel 
shall be, then sliall ibsir inheritance be put unto 
the inheritance of the triba whereunto they are 
received : soshall their Inheritance be taken away 
fimm the inheritance of the tribe of our (ktlicrs. 

5 And Moses commanded the chlldrea of Israel 
accordiac to the word of the Lord, saying, Tlie 
tribe of the sons of Joseph hatli said well. 

6 This it the thing which the Lord doth com 
mand concembig the daughters of Zelopheliad, 
saying. Let them marry to whom th^ think 
best; only to the flunily of the tribe of theh- (a- 
ther shall they m^rry. 

7 Bo shall not the inheritanct of the chlMren of 
Israel nmmve IVom tribe to tribe: for every one 
of the chiMnm of Israel shall keep himseir to 

eiit of the hand of tlie revenger of blood, and the the Inheritance of the tribe of his Aithers. 

congr^atlon shall restore him to the city of his 
refuge, whither he was fled: and he shall abide 
in it unto the deatli of the high priest, which was 
anniuted with the holy oil. 

96 But if the shiyer sliall at any time come with- 
out tlie border of the city of his reAige, whither 
be was fled; 

37 And the revenger of blood find him without 
the borders of tlie city of his refuge, and the re- 
venger of blood kill the slayer; he shall not be 
guilty of blood; 

98 Because lie shouM have remained in the city 
of his refuge until the death of tiie liixh priest: 
but after the death of the high priest Uie slayer 
tfiaH return into the land of his 

39 So tltese tkiwt shall be for a statute of judg- 
ment unto you throughout your generations In 
ail your dwellings. 

30 Whoso kllleih any person, the murderer shaH 
ke put to death by the mouUi of witnesses : but 
ene witness shall not testify against any person 
l» emu99 him to die. 

8 And every daughter, that possesseth an in- 
heritance In any tribe of the children of Israel, 
shall be wife unto one of the family of the tribe 
of her Ibther, that the chlMren of Israel may en- 
Joy every man the inlieritance of his fathers. 

9 Neither shall the Inheritance remove flroro «as 
tribe to another tribe ; but every one of the tribes 
of tlie chiMren of Israel shall keep hhnself to bis 
own inheritance. 

10 IT Even as the I^ord commanded Moses, so 
dM the daughters of Zelophehad : 

11 For Mi£lah, Tirsah, and Hoglpli, and Mil- 
cah, and Noah, the daugliters of Zelophehad, 
were married unto tlieir tather's brothers',8ons: 

13 jfndthey were married Into the families of Uis 
sons of Manasseh tlie son of Joseph, and tlieir 
inheritance remained in the tribe of the family 
of Uieir father. 

13 These are the commandments and the Judg- 
ments, which the Lord commanded by the hand 
of Moses unto the dilldren of Israel in the plains 
of Meab 1^ Jordan nemr Jericho. 

% The Fifik Book qf Mow, ealUd DEUTERONOMY, 

Moeee reheteeUi OotTe premiee. 

THESE be the words which Moses spake unto 
all Israel on this side Jordan in the wilder- 
IM, in the plain over against the Red «<a, be- 

tween Paran, and Tophel, and Laban, and Ba- 
aeroth, and Disahab. 

3 (There ere eleven ixpfjemrm&t tnm Hor«b 
by the way of moont Sefarunto Kadesh-bamea.) 

3 And it cane to pass In the nirUeth year to 

MtHBin^gnkianHk DBUTratONOSIY. 

Uw eteventb monili, osthe fint ^of the oMNith, 
tkm If (MM 8|Mke unto tlic cliiMrait of Israel, ac- 
cording unto all that the Loms haAfivea Mm iit 
covNMiMlaient unto them ; 

4 After he had slain Sihon the Um oftlw Amo- 
ritei, which dwelt in Heakkm, and Og the king 
of Bathan, which dwelt at Astarotb in Bdrd : 

5 On tfate side Jordan, in tiie land of lloaii, 
Innn If oees to declare this law, laying, 

6 The LoBD our God sfrnke unto us in Horeh, 
saying, Ye have dwelt loag«n<*uf h in tliismount 

the cominandaettt of the LoR» 
your God : ' 

97 And ve murmored in your tents, and said. 
Because the Lord hated us, he bath brought us 
foi:iih4>ut of the faipd of Egypt, to deliver us into 
the hand of the Amorites, to destroy us. 

98 Whither shall we go up ? our brethren have 
diMouraged our heart, saying,ThepeopleMgreat- 
er and tatter than we; the cities are great and 
walled up to heaven : and moreover, we have 
seenthe sons of the Anakims there. 

? ?l***?i"***' "»*» y^* '^'«ad not, neither be 

30 The Lord your Ckn! which goeth before you, 
he shall fight for yon, accordhig to all tliat he did 
for you inlBtypt beA>re your eyes ; 

31 And in oe wildemen, where thou bast seen 
how that the Lord thy God bare tliee, as a man 
deth bear his son, in all the way that ye went, 
until ye came Into this place. 

39 Yet in this thing ye did not believe the Lord 
your God, 
33 Who went tn the Way before you, to seRrcli 

you out a place to pitch your tents in. In fire hy 

night, to shew you by what 

and in a cloud by day. 

; way ye should go. 

7 Turn you, and take your journey, and to to 
the mount of the Amorites, and unto ail tis /t«e«s 
Bigli thereunto, In the plain, in the hiUs, and in 
tlie vale, and in the south, and by the sea-side, 
to tlie land of tlieCanaaoiles, and unto Leba 
ben, unto tlie great river, tlie river Buphratea. 

8 Behold, I have set the land before you: go in 
Rud poasem the huid which the Loan swareunto 
your fathers, Abraliam, Isaac, ond Jneob, to give 
unto them and to their seed alter them. 

U IT And I s|iako unto you at tlmt time, saying, 
I am not able 10 bear you myself akwe : 

10 The Lord your God hath multiplied von, 
and behold, ye «rs this day as the staiu of hea- 
ven for multltuile. 

1 1 (The Lord God of your fluliers nuflce you r 
thousand times so many more as ye at^ and 
blem you, as ho hath promised you !) 

12 Uow can I myself alone bear youreumbrance, 
and your burden, and your strtfe? 

13 'Vake you wUm men, nnd understanding, and 
known among your tribes, and i will nwketliem 
r3]]ciri over yo^ 

U Aiid ye UDdwer^d m«, &a4 an\4t TJio thing 
wlucU tliau liAdt vpnknn U gandffir ui to do. 

15J9i> I totik UKvlaiiffiiyourtfibPE^ wise men, 
mill tinowiij and mad^ lJi^ui licjiiils over you, 
fi^ptums ovtir Liiuuaamls, (irdcapuii'i^averhuu- 

an iLi, iiriilcii[itaiiii>tf>v»;rniike, n nit capiaiRs over hhn: for he shall cause Israel to inherit It. 
iiriis, T\n\l oihcefa ojiiong your tnbt^. — - • - 

1'> Ami 1 cImrgeU ymir judges ai iliat ilnie,8Ry- 

34 And the Lord heard the voice of your words, 
and was wroth, and sware, saying, 

35 Surely there shall not one of lliese men of 
Ms evH generation see that good land, which 1 

sware to give unto your fathers, 

36 Save Caleb the son of Jephunneh ; he shall 
see it, and to him will I give the land that he 
hath trodden upon, and to his children, because 
he hath wholly fonowod the Lord. 

37 Also the Lord was angry with me, for your 
sakes, saytnt, Thou also shah not go in thitlier. 

38 £mi Joshua the son of Nun, which standeth 
before lliee, he shall go In thither. Encourage 
'ihn : for he shall cause Israel to inherit It. 

99 Moteover, your little ones, which ye sUld 

:h ye 

1, wnicl 

„ , . ^ , "*/ Buuuiu uc a pre/, aiiu /uur ciuiuren, wiiit^u ih 

iitSf Hi'jir ihi cauas Utiiwuc^i ypui brtihren, and that day had no knowledge between good and 
jinlge ilgiiUroiiMJy h«m»«ii flffcrj uinii axm " " ' - -■ • - ^ - . . -. . ... 

br^ljjiji'r ntiA tiid siruni^'^LT tkat ij wttl> ^ifam. 

I his 

I Ve si ml I II til rt^jiucL ^HTJ^t^na in juitgmcnt 
hui yv- 9lm\l hijar th^; (smjiU la v/rW Ad the front ; 
ya Mludi iim be afrnid of iYm face of man; for 
tljcJiJdjiincjiUf l^otl'fl: and t^iet^ausc Lbatiatoio 
ti:\,ni (lit yoii, brjn^: ft tinto metiiiid 1 fdlHiearit. 

\i^ Ani! I CJiniMiiii^iltid y^m ai U\*l Uiiiu M Ibt 
tliJUES wlilcli ye Minqtil du. 

It) If A lid wbini wf; denned twm Horeb. we 
^veiiL Uiroti^li elU llral i^i^at CLiid terrlLte Wilder- 
iu.'»i» wlikhye iaiv by liie way rti'tbi;: uipnmain 
oftlw Amorites, n^Uie LoROoiJtGod titiii '^' 
ittr; niid wtffajtiu lo Kavlrsi^-bunif^n. 

i2(i A fid [ aaid u^itn you Yt; nre come unto the 
itiouiiLahi {ir the Amodtcs, which iJie Lb^RD 
Cod iU^tU gt^/e uiitu uIh. 

<2l JleJintif, Ui@ Lord Ihy Gnd ImL^i seltlte lUftd 
briforc ihtsb : go ^p and [tftsteeiit, as the Lord 
thu\ E^rUiy faihmr^ UaUi said unto ibee , fear not, 
jii'iUi^r be dtscniiragudn 

should be a prey, and your children, which in 
that day had no knowledge between good and . 
evil, they shall go in thither, and unto them will 
,1 give it, and tiMy shall possess it 

40 But tt« for you, turn yon, and take your Jour- 
ney Into the wHdemess by the Way of the Red sea. 

4 1 Then ye answered and said unto me. We have 
staMd agiibist the Lord, we will go up and fight, 
Mcordtaic to all that the Lord bur God command- 
ed us. And When ye had girded on every man 
his weapons of war, ye were rea^y to go up into 
the littU 

49 And the Lord said unto me, Siiiy unto them, 
Go not up, neidier fight ; for I «m not among you ; 
lest ye be smitten hefbre your enemies. 

43 So I spake unto you ; and ye would not hear, 
but rebelled agadnst the commandment of the 

yiiii, aad fluid, 

Llii!>' Bbail idaVcli UB out th(f land, and brliig udunto the days that ye abode Uere, 
word a^iilu by wbat way Wk muil go up, "■ .—...— 

\n[Q witnt cittf^ wu bIijiII cuidti^ 

Un hnA the myhig L>tea4«<l nie w« U : and I took 
iwslvo Fijf^iii 'i-f Vim, out? uf n irsbu ; 

SI Ana uicy luxneil stM i^eiil up iulo the 
-tain, and came unto toe valley of Eshcol, and 
searched it out 

Lord, and went presumptuously up into the bill. 
" " * * which dwelt in that moun- 

44 Andthe Amorite8,v 

lain, came outagainstyou. and chased you.a^bees 
do, and dteiroyed you In Beir, even unto Hormah. 

45 And ye returned iutd wept before the Lord ; 
but the LoRO would not heRrken to your voice«' 

^ M Ami yi? cnmc near unto me every one of nor rive ear uhto 3rou. 

' We wii I ?end men beff jni us, and 46 So ye abode hi K adtah many days, ateordlng 

99 And they took of the fruit of the land in their 
hands, and brought it down unto us, and brouiht 
us wocd again, and saldt /t is a good load whieh 
the Lord our God doth give us. , „ 

SBb NdtwiUi8taii4iii8} jrc would noi go op, bouthe cMldien^f Brao, which dw< 

CHAP. n. 
• ItrttitVBJourMu tit Canaan. 

THEN we turned, and took our jottrtoey Into 
the WHdemess by the way of tlie Red seS] 
as the Lord spake unto me : and we compassed 
mount Seir many days. 
9 And the Lord spake unto me, saying, 

Lt turn you northward. 

*- 4 And command thou the people, i*ylngi Yo 
on to pass throtigh the coast or your oreithren 
^. .«__ . (vhichdwdflnBdir; and 

ly <!• JMSiflMlw mmd Jtmmmtitu CHAP. 111. 

llMy itell be tflHM of )Km: MkdjrefMdJMod 
ttiito jroQiMlves Uierefore : 
ft UeiMIe DOC with Umm ; for I wM noc five Tou 
tf tbeta- tend, iio,BocioaHieli iit a foet-breMiJi; 
kecMtse I liave fivra nMuni ieir imio Emm /or 

ft Ye Btaall kii7 mtatortiiMi for MMMv, tiMCfe 
maf est ; anft ye sbaUalio iMiywater er UioB Ibr 
BQiiey, tlkM jre aMy driak. 
7 For the Loaa thy God hath Meeted theeta 
aU the worka of Uiy hand: be knoweih thy 
waUtiag thro«c*i tM* V^^ wilderaeta: ttwse 
-forty yeafs the Lord thy God hath k^m with 
thoe: thou hatt hicked nothUig. 
6 Aad when we Rawed by ftwn owr brethren 
tbeehihliea of Enii, which dwelt la Seir, throach 
the way of the Plata from ElMhtaad fWMN BziMi- 
faber, we turned and pa w ed k\y the way of the 

9 1T And the Lord mM ualo me, DlMreia roc 
Che Moabiiea, neither oontead with theM in bat- 
tle : for I will not give thee of their hind /or a 
poB M iri oa ; beeauae 1 have «iven Ar usia the 
cltUdfoi of Lot ^ a a imimI on. 

10 (The Emhna dwelt therein in tUnea poit, a 
aeoplefreat, and Many, and taU aa the Anakinn ; 
7l Which also were 

d fianlB,aaihi 
AnakiaM; but the Moabitea call them Bnilaw. 

12 The llorlms aleo dwelt in Selr before-dane, 
bat the chiklren of Bsau wceeeded them, when 
they had dcatfotyod them Ihna before itoam, and 
dweU in thehrtiead ; as braal did unio the landol 
hifnosscwion, which the Loaugave untoihem.) 

13 Now rise of, tmd /, and fst ymi erer t|e 
brook Zared : and we went o¥er tlie braok Zersd. 

14Aad thespace in which weeameftom Kadeali- 
bamea, antil we were come over the brook Zeied, 
»«« thirty and eiglit years ; antil aU the gmMfa- 
Cton of the men of war were wasted oitt A«m 
among the host, as the Lord swave unto them. 

1ft For indeed the hand of the Lord was agahiBt 
ttMu, to destroy them from awonf tlw iMMt, until 

Ift So it came to paasi when all the anen of war 
were consumed and dead ftom among the people, 

17 V That the Loan spake unto me, saying, 

18 Thou art to pom ovei tJuaugh Ar, the eoaat 
•f Moah, this day : 

19 And wAm thou eomost nigh over against the 
children of Ammon, distrem them not, nor naed- 

r IwiU nc ' 

die with them : for I will not give thee of the 
land of the ohildren of Ammon any p oase ml on ; 
because I have given it unto the children of Lot 

/»r a possession. 
90 (That also was accounted a Uind of giants 
' therein in old time; and tlie/ 
liiem Zamsununims ; 
» great and many, and taU as 
■t tin Lord destroyed them be 

gianu dwelt therein in old time ; and tlie Am- 
monites call them " 

21 A people grea 

Aaakims ; iwt tlie Lord destroyed them before 
them-; and tbeiy succeeded them, and dwelt in 
their stead: 

22 As he did to the chUdieii of Bsau, which 

_ _ I the men, women, and children of every dty. 

dwelt hi Beir, when he destroyed the Horims 7 But all Ihecaule, and the spoil of the cities. 

lh»m before them; and they suosaeded ihem, 
and dwelt in theb stead even unto this day : 

23 And the Avims which dwelt In. Hazerim, 
m$€M unto Aaaah, the Caphtorims, which eouie 
forth out of Caphtor, destroyed them, and dwelt 
In their stead.) 

21 H Kise ye up, take your Journey, and pan 
ever the river Anion : behold, 1 have given into 
ihv hand Sihon thf Amorite, king of Hushbon, 
and his tend : begin to possem »(, and contend 
with iiim in battle. 

» This day will I begin to put the dread of thee 
and the fear of thee upon the nations Oal «r« 
leader the whole heaven, who shall hear report 
af ihea, and shall troMde,' and be bi anguish 

28 And I sem MsaRRfSia oat of the wildeiMH 
of Kedemoth unto BIhan khig of tteshbon with 

words of peace, Myiac, 
27 Let me pam ihnmgh tl 
bv the highway, I wiU i 

. thy land : I will go ahMf 
» highway, I wiU ndtbar tarn umo the 
right haadaor to the leA. 

28 Thou Shalt seU me msat for money, that I 
may eat: and give me water for money, that I 
may drink : only 1 win pam through on my foet ; 

29 (As the chUdiea of Ksau which dweU in 
Seir, and the MoaMies which dwell hi Ar, did 
unto me:) until I shall pam over Jordan hito llw 
land which the Loan our God giveth ua. 

30 flttt Sihon kteg of Heshhoa would not let us 
pam by him: for the Loaathv God hardened his 
spirit, and made his heart obsthiaiei, that be Biifht 
deliver him inio thy hand, as af p oirtU tMs day. 

31 Aad the Lord saU uMome, Be ho l d»lhave 
begun to giveSihon and his lanibefora thee: ka^ 
gin to pomess, that thou mi^yest Inherit Ms land. 

33 Then Sihon came nut against as, he ami all 
his peenle, to ftght at Jalma. 
33 And tho Loan our God delivered him befora 

34 And we took all his cities at that time, and 
utterly d^stseynd the msM, and the women, and 
the U t tto ane s ofeiwgyci^;wele»noneto remain; 

35 Only the cattle watook for a prey umo our- 
lelves, and the spoU of the cliks whkh we took. 
3ft Frsm Aroer which m by the brink of the river 

af Aroon, and ffmOM city that «• by the ri\'er, 

even untoOilead,lhere was not one city toostroiig 

forus: the Lord our God 4siiveredall onto us: 

37 Only unto the land of the children of Ammon 

thou ea ms st not, imr unto any place of tlie river 

* " ' noruntothedtiwhithenimii^ainSfHnt 

the Loan our God forbade us^ 

CHAP. Ill 

ttnul'sJMWMtw T^cittd* 

THEN we turned, and went up the way to 
BsMhan :«nd Og ine king of Bashaii came out 
TJnst us, he and all hispeople, to battleat Edrei. 
And the Lord snid unto me. Pear hhn not ; 
fur I WiU deUver Mm, aad aU hispeopte, and hk 
land, hito thy hand : and thou slialt4o unts him 
as thou didst unto Slbou khig of thd Amoritea, 
which dweU at Ueshbon. 
3 So the Lord our God deli vered into our haads 
Og alM the king of Bashan, and all his people : 
aad we smote liim until none was left lo him 

4 And wo took aU hhi dties at that tlmeyihera 
was not a city which we look not ftmm them, 
thi amc o ta cities, all the legloa of Argoh, the 
kingdom of Og in Bashan. 

5 All tbeae ciUes wen feaced with high walls, 
ilie gates, and bam ; beeidcs unwalled towns a great 


6 And we ulieriy destroyed them, as we did 
unto Sihon king of Heshbon, utterly destroyhig 

wc look for a nrey to ourselves. 

8 And we took at that time out of the band of 
the two kings of ttie Amorites the land that io«# 
on this side Jordan, (kom the liver of Arnon 
unto mourn Uermen ; 

9 (Ifkick Ilermon the Sidoaians call Sirion; 
aad the AmoHtes caU it Slionir ;) 

10 All the ciUes of the plah^ and all GUead, 
and all Bashan, unto Salchah and Edrei, cities 
of the kingdom of Og hi Bashan. 

n IT For only Og king of Bashan remained of 
the remnant of giants ; beboM, bis bedstead •»«# 
a bedstead of iron ; u it not in Rabbath of the 
children of Ammon ? nine cubits war the lencth 
thereof, and four cubits tlie bresdih of it, biVm 
the cubit of a man. 

Mmt^ pr&ftt t» iuUr a« tani, DEUTBRONOMT. 

It f Ab4 lldi taMid, NAt'a we pnwMPed at that 
lliDt, tkam Armt, wkieli i» ky the river Amon, 
and hair wouiit uUead. and tlie cities theretif, 
gave I ttMo the ReubenlteB and to the Gadites. 

13 And the leM of Oilead, and aU Basban, Mikf 

tile Iciagdom of Og, gave 1 nnto the half-trilie of go to 

4 B«t ye that did cleave anio the I^orn* yoar 
Godt «r« alive evwy one of you this dhy. 

5 Behold, I have taught you sututes, and Jadg^. 
ntenlB, even as the Lord ny God coninwadod 
me, that ye shotild do so in the land whither ye 

Manaaseh ; all the 

of Argob, with all Ba- 

le recion 
alian, which waa called tlie huid of giants. 
* 14 Jair the son of Manasseh took all the conn- 

Kof Argob, unto tlie coasts of Geshuri, and 
kaebathi ; and called them after hia own name, 
Bashan-liavotli-jair, unto tliis day. 

15 And I gave GUead unto Machir. 

16 And unto the Reubenites and unto theGadites 

6 Keep therefore and do Osm .* Tor this ts your 
wisdom and your undenundint In the sight of 
the nations, wliicli shall hear all these statutes, 
and say. Sorely this great nation it a wise and 
understanding people. 

7 FOr what nation is Vut§ m neat, who A«a 
God M nigh unto them, as tlie Lord our God U 
in all Uung» tkut we call upon hlin/#r? 

I gaveiVomGileadeventtntotheriver Amon, half 8 And what nation is tktre so great, that hath 

Uie valley, and tlie border, even nnto tlie river Jab- 
bole ^<c* w tlie border of the children of A nunoR : 

17 The ntain also, and Joidao, and the coast 
therssf. flrom Chinnereth even unto tlie sea of 
tlie plain, svsii the salt sea, under Ashdoth-pls- 
gali eastward. 

18 And I commanded yon at that time, saying. 
The Lord your God hath given you tills land to 
possess it; ye shall pass over armed before your 
brttliren the children of Israel, all tluU art meet 
for the war. 

10 But your wives, and your little ones, and 
yoiircattle, (fsr I knowthatyenavemuch cattle,) 
shall abide In your cities which I have givoi you ; 
90 Uatii the Lord have given rest unto your 
irethren. as well as unto you. and wiUU they also 
MMsess the hind which the LoiiD your God hath 

given them beyond Jordan: and then shall ye 
return every man unto his possession which I 
linve given you. 

91 And I commanded Joshua at that time, saying, 
Thine eyes have seen all that tlie Lord your Q<m 
hath done unto these two Icings: sOshaUtheLoRD 
do nnto all the kingdoms whither tliou paasest 

99 Ye shall not foar them : for the Lord your 
God lie shall light for you. 

93 IT And 1 besought theLoRBatthatUme,saying, 

94 O Lord God, thou hast begun to shew tliy 
servant thy greatness, and thy miglity hand : for 
what God is tktrt in heavon or in earth, tliat 
can do according to thy works, and acconttng to 
iliy might 1 

95 I pray thee, let me go over, and see the good 
hind tJiat is beyond Jordan, that goodly moun- 
tain* and Leinuion. 

96 But tlie Lord was wroth whb nie for your 
sakcs, and would not hear ine : and the Lord 
said unto nie, Let it sufflce thee ; speak no more 
unto me of this maUer. 

97 V Get thee up bito the top of Pisgah, and lift 
up tliine eyes westward, and northward, and 
southward, and eastward, and behold it with 
thine eyes : for tliou shait notgo over this Jordan. 

98 But charie Joshua, and encourage biin, and 
strengthen him : for he shall go over before this 
people, and he shall cause tliow to inherit tlie 
laiul which thou shalt see. 

99 So we abode in the valley over against Beth- 

7\U cities ef nfufs. ^ 

IVrOW therefoiie hearken, O Israel, unto the 
x\ statutes and unto the Judgments, which I 
teach you, for to do them, that ye may live, and 
go in and possess the land which tlie Lord God 
of your fatliers giveth you. 
H Ye shall not add unto the word which I com- 
mand you, neitiier shall ye diminish aught (Vom 
it, that ye may keep the commandnienu of the 
Lord your God which I command you. 
3 Your eyes have seen what the Lord did be- 
cause of Baal-peor: for all the men that foltow- 
ed Baal-iieor, the Lord thy Oud hath destroyed 
them from among you. 

statutes and judgments ss righteous as ail this 
law. which I set before yon this day 1 
Only take heed to thyaelf, and keep thy soul 
diligently, lest tliou forget the tilings which thine 
eyes have seen, and test they depart (h)iu thy 
heart all the days of thy life: but teach tliein 
thy sons, and thy sons* sons : 

10 ^eeiiU$ the day that thou stoodest before 
tlie Lord thy God in Horeb, when Uie Lord said 
unto me, Gather me the iieople togetlier, and I 
will make tliem hear my words, that tliey may 
learn to fear me all the days tliat tliey shall live 
upon the earth, and that tlicy may teach Uieir 

11 And ye came near and stood under the 
RMwntain ; and the mountain burned with Are 
nnto the midst of lieaven, with darkness, doufls, 
and thick darkness. * 

13 And the Lord spake unto you out of the 
midstof the Are: ye heard the voice of the wor^ 
but saw no similitude ; only y« heatd a voice. 

13 And he declared unto you his covenant, 
which he commanded you to perform, sveu ten 
commandments ; and lie wrote them upon two 
tables of stone. 

14 And the Lord commanded me at that time to 
teach you statutes and Judgments, that ye inighi 
do them in the land whither yegoover to possess it 

15 Tak^ ye tlierefore good heed unto your 
selves ; (for ye saw no manner of sfanilitnde on 
the day thtu tiie Lord spake unto you in Horeb 
out of the midst of the fire ;> 

16 Lest ye corrupt wewrselves^ and make you a 
graven image, the siraUitude of any figure, t!ie 
likeness of male or female, 

17 The likeness of any beast tliat it on the earth, 
thelikenemof any winged fowl that flieth in the 

18 The likenem of any thing that ereopeth on 
the ground, the likeness of any Ash that m in the 
waters beneath the earth : 

19 And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, 
and wiien tliou seest the sun, and tlie moon, and 
the stars, sv«n all the host of heaven, slmulde^ 
be driven to worship them, and serve them, 
which tlie Lord thy God hath divided onto all 
nations under the whole heaven. 

90 But the Lord hatli taken you, and brought 
you forth out of the iron furnace, even out uf 
Egypt, to be unto lihn a people of inheritaiice, 
as ys ar» this day. 

91 Funliermore, the Lord was angry with me 
for your sakes, and sware tliat I sliould not go 
over Jordan, and that I slioutd not go In unio 
that good land which the Lord Uiy God giveth 
tliee jr«r an inheritance : 

99 But I must die in this Imd, I must not go 
over Jordan : but ye shall go over, and possess 
tliat good laud. 

93 Take heed onto yourselves, test ye foiget the 
covenant of the Lord your God, which he made 
witli yoa, and make you a graven image, er the 
likeness of any tMng which the Lord thv God 
balli forbidden thee. 


Worn far duoMimua, 

9HAP. V. 

Tk$ Urn c — «— *— «H 

94 For UwLoftDtliyGodtf aeonMuninf An, 
men a jealous God. 

S5 Wiiea tbou aliatt beget eUUIreii, and ehtt- 
iren*s ehftdren. and ye ^all liave remained 

tone in Ui« land, and ibali oonrum ftwtlvu, 
aBdmake a graven inuige, »r the likeiie«f ofany 
Otiur, and uiall do evil in the tight of the Lomo 

thy Gb«|, to provoJce him to anger ^ 
96 I call heaven and earth to witaeei againet 
you this day. that ye ehall soon ntterty perish 
ftoiB off the land wiiereunto ye go over Jordan 
w poaseea it: ye shall not prolong y«itr days 
upon it, bat shall utterly be destroyed. 

57 And the Lord shall scatteryou amongthe na- 
ttoos, and ye shall be left fbw in number among 
the heathen, whither the Lord shall lead you. 

58 And there ye shall serve gods, the work of 
men*s bands, wood and stone, wliieh neither 
see, Bor hear, nor eat, not umtW. 

Sd But if ftvun thence tliou shalt seek tlw Lord 
thy God, thou shalt find AAn, If thou seek him 
with all thy heart, and with aH thy soul. 

30 When thou art in tribulation, and all these 
things are come upon thee, ntn in the latter 
days, if thou turn to the Lord thy God, and 
tfialt be obedient unto his voice ; 

31 (For the Lord thy God U a merdftil God ;) 
be will aot forsake thee, neither destroy thee, 
nor forget the covenant of thy fbthers, which lie 
nvare UBto them. 

33 For ask now of the days that are past, wliich 
were before thee, since tlie day that God created 
Man upon the earth, and atk from the one side 
of heaven unto the other, whether there hath 
been say »n^ thing as tUs great thing i#, or 
bath been heard like it 1 

33 Did «e«r people hear the voice of God speak- 
ingootof themldstof the fire, as thou iiast heard, 

34 Or hath God assayed to go and take him a 
aatloa flnom the midst of «a«M«r nation, by temp- 
tatimn, by signs, and by wonders, and by war, 
and by a mighty hand, and by a stiretched-out 
tnn, and by great terrors, accordiitt to all that 
ihe Lord your God did for you in Egypt before 

35 Unto thee It was shewed, that thou mightesc 
know that tlie Lord^ he U God : tft«rs U none 

44 f And this if the law which Moses set ba- 
fore the chHdrsa of Israel : 

45These or* the testlnMmies,aBd thesiatatss,aBd 
the judgments, which Noses spake onto the cliil- 
dren oflsrael, aAer they came forth oat of Egypt. 

4fi On this side Jordan, hi the valley over agamsl 
Beth-peor, in thelandof Slhon kingof the ABM*- 
riles, who dwelt at Heshboa, whom Hoses and 
tlie children of Israel smote, after they wen 

ome forth out of Egypt: 

47 A nd they possessed his land, and the lami ofOg 
kingof Bashan, two kings of the Amorltes, which 
www on this side Jordan, toward the sun-rising ; 

48 From Aroer, which is by the bank of the river 
A moo, even unto mount Sion, which it Hermcn, 

49 And aU the plain on this side Jordan east- 
ward, even unto the sea of the plain, under the 
swings of Pisgah. 

Tkt e#vmeiU ha Htirtlb. 

AND Moses called all Israel, and said iinta 
them, Hear, O Israel, the statutes and judg- 
■Mats which I speak in your ears this day, that 
ye may learn them, and keeP) and do them. 
S The Lord our God made a covenant with us 
in Horeb. 

3 The Lord made not this covenant with our 
father^ but with us. svsa us, who ers all of us 
heiej" •• ' 

36 Out of heaven he made thee to hear his 
voice, that he might instruct thee: and upon 
earth lie shewed thee his greai fire; and tiwu 
beardest his words out of the midst of the fire. 

;37 And because be loved tliy fbthers, therefore he 
chose their seed after them, and brought thee out 
hi his siffht with his mighty power out of Egypt; 

38 To diivc out nations from before thee, great- 
er and mightier than thou art, to bring tiiee in, 
to give thee their land /«r an inheritance, as >c 
U thte day. 

38 Know therefore this day, and consider \i ra thy 
heart, that the Lord be u God in heaven above, 
and iipon the earth beneath : tktr^ u none else. 

40 Thou shalt keep therefore his statutes and 
bis eommandmehts wliich I command thee this 
day, that It may go well with thee, and with thy 

kihiren after thee, and that thou mayest prolong 
My days upon the earth, which the I4>rd thy 
Uod glveth thee, for ever. 

41 IT Then Moses severed three cities on this 
tide Jordan, toward the sun-rising; 

43 That the slayer might fiee thither, which 
dNHthi kilt his neighbour uilawares, and hated 
fthn not in tbnes past; and that fleeing ui 
ef these cities he might live : 

13 .Vamcfo, Beser in the wilderness, in the plaRk 
csuntiy, of the Reubenltes; and Rauioth in Gile- 
atfOftheOadltes; and Qohm in Bashan, of the 

ither% but with us, i 
ere alive this day. 

4 The Lord talked with yoa Awe to Awe In the 
mount, out of the Biklst or the fire, 

5 (I stood between the Lord and you at that 
time, to shew you the word of the Lord: for 
ye were aftaid by reason of the fire, and went 
not up into the mount,) saying, 

filam the Lord thy God, which brought thee ont 
of the landof Egypt, flrom the house of bondage. 

7 Thou shalt have none other gods before me. 

8 Thou shalt aot make tliee say graven image, 
#r any Ufcenesa «/ say tkkng that ia in heaven 
above, or that w in the earth beneath, or that t> 
in the waters beneath the earth : 

9 Thou Shalt not bow down thyself unto them, 
nor serve them : for I the Lord thy God am a 
jealous God, visiting the Iniquity of the AKhers 
upon the chUdren onto the thhrd and fourth /ens. 
ratMR of them that hate me, 

10 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them 
that love me, and keep my commandments. 

11 Thou Shalt not take the name of the Lord 
thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold 
him guiltless that taketh his name In vain. 

13 Keep the sabbath-day to sanctify it, as the 
Lord thy God hath cominanded thee. 

13Sizdaysthoushaltlabour,anddoall thy work \ 

14 But the seventh day is tlie sabbath of tlie 
Lord thy God : in it thou shalt not do any work, 
thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy man- 
servant, nor thy maid-servant, nor thine ox, nor 
thine ass. nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger 
that it within thy gates; that thy man-servapt 
and thy maid-servant may rest as well as thon. 

15 And remember that thou wast a servant in 
the land of Egypt, and that the Lord thy God 
brought thee out thence through a mighty hand 
and by a stretched oat arm: therefore the Lord 
thyGod commanded thee to keep thesabbathKia|^ 

16 IT Honour thy fbther and thy mother. arUie 
Lord thy God hath commanded thee; that thv 
days may be prolonged, and that it may go well 
with thee, in the land whlcli the Lord thy God 
glveth thee. * 

17 Thou Shalt not kill. 

18 Neither shalt thou commit adultery. 

19 Neither Shalt thou steal. 

30 Neither shaft thou bear AOse witness agaisfll 
thy neighbour. , ^^ , 

31 Neither shalt thou desire thy ndgbbour s 
Iwifo, neither ihaltthoo eovet thy neighbour's 

mmUt$ctmttkiis»fr0mO0d, DEUTEKONOMT. 

Man, Ma ftel4, or lite nuM-tervaM, ot hto Mtld- 
■enmntf his oi, or hw iws, or any tkimg tkwl ia 
thv neiglibottff**. 
K Tiiefle wor«fai the Lorp apftke tuito ■U 

J«JUrteft»it U •laJtowrt 

S8 Tiiefle wor«fai Uie LoRP apftke tuito Ml yoidr thy dmm, and on toy gatna. 

assembly in the aMMmt, ottt of the aklst«f ilie 10 AnA U sImU be, when the Leap thy God 

flre,ortJiecloud,ui4ortheihiek4arkneBB,with[shftlf have brought thee into the IidmI wl»kh lie 

ore : and he swaie auto tiiy fathers, to Abraham, to Iranc, 

aadi deUrer- and to Jacob, to give thee great aoi goodly cittca, 


a great voiee ; and he added no more 
wrote then in two taMes of steae, 
«d tliemaniaaie. 

33 And it came to pass^ when ye iward llw voice 
mitof tliemidsiof thedarluMss, (for tbemaaatain 
did bum with Are.) that ye caaie aear unto ma, 
«v«a all tJie heads oTyour tribos, aad your elders; 

" rCodlwHi 

> d4 And ye said. Behold, the LoRp our OodlH 
Viewed us his glory, and liis greataesi, and \ 
have heard his voiee em of tite midst or the ii 
we liave been this day that God-doth tails with 
man, and he liveth. 
35 Now therefore why ohould we die ? for this 

9a For who ts Oers </a11 flesh that hath heard 
the voice of the living Ood speaking out of tlM 
midst of the fire, as we Aavs, and lived 1 

37 IT 6e thou near, aad hear all that the Lord 
our God sliail say : and speak tliou unto as all 
that the Loan our God shall speak unto thee; 
and we will hear it, aad do U. • 

88 And tlie Loan heard the voiee of yow words; 
when ye apoJu unto me ; and the Lorp said 

this people, which they have spolMn unto thee: 
they have well said all that they have spoken. 
39 O that there were such a heart in them, tliat 
they would fear me, aad Iceep aU mycommand- 
RMnts alWRys, that it might be well with them, 
and with their ehlMrea for ever' 

hand, and they shaU be as fiootlett beevraen 
thine eyee. 

Aad tlieu sliak write them upon the poets of 
thy iMase, and on thy gates. 

11 And hmises AiU of allgood iMaM, which tlioR 
fiUedstnot, and weHsdigged, wbidi thou diggedA 
noty vineyards and olive-trees, which thou ptant^ 
edst not ; when thou shok havoeaten andbeftUl ; 

18 Tktn beware kst thou forgot the XoKti, 
whidi brought thee forth out of the tond of 
Ewpt, Oom the hoase US bondage. 

13 Thou sliaH fear the Lord thy God, and 
ssnne him, and shalt swear by Ms name. 

14 Ye shall nol go after other gods, of the gods 
great Are will oensiime us : if welMbr the voice of of the people which -om round about you ; 
Che Loan our God any more, then we shall die. IS (For the Loan tl^ God is a jealous God 

among voa:) lest the anger of the Lo«o ttiy 
Godbe idndJed against thee, and destiny thee 
fma ofthe face of the «arth. 
M Ye ShaU nee lempt 4iie Loan your God, as 
ye tempted kim in Mossah. 

17 Ye shatt dlligeatly lieea the commandments 
of the Lorp your God, and Ms tesUmonfee, and 
his statutes, wMch he liaih eommanded thee. 

18 And thou shalf do act which is right and good 

unto me, 1 have heard tlw voice of the words of in thasigbtof tlMLoan: that it may be well witli 

(iMe, and that thou amyest go in and pOflseas the 
good land which the Loansware untothy liuhers, 

10 To east oat all thiae enemies from before 
thee, as Hm Lorp lmthep<dien. 

80 And when thv son aslceth Hiee in tinie to 
come, saying, Wlun mean tiie testininnies, and 
the atemtes, aad the judgments, wMofa tlte Lorp 

30 Go say to them. Get you iaioyourteiits again. 

M Bat as for thee, stand thou heieliy me, and 
'" mUk ttniatlieeaUtbecommandawnis,and 

utea. and tlm judgments, wMoh thoujPluraoh*s bend-men ia Bgypi;'aQd the Loan 
ich there, that they m^ do tkmm ia tlie , broaght as out of ltgf\M with a niighur hand : 
ich 1 give them to nessew it. 83 And tlie lioaa shewed signs and wnndem,^ 

our God hath commanded youl 
81 Then thou shalt^aay anto thy aon, We were 

I wiUspeak ttniatlieeaUtbecomniandawnis,and 
tlie statutes 
Shalt teach t 

33 Ye shall observe to do therefore as the|great and som, upon Egypt, upon Pharaoh, and*^ 
UMtP your God hath comnmmM yon : ye shaU jtraon all his liouselwld, before our eyes: 
aot turn adds to tlie r^it lumd or to the left 23 And he brought us out from thence, that be 

33 Ye shall walk in aM the ways which die niight bring us in, to give us ^le land wtrich ha 
Lorp your God luuh commanded jrou, that ye sware unio our fothen. 

may live, ahd tkmt H majf be weU with you, and 
tkat ye may prolong yoar days in the land which 
yt shall possess. 

OliAP. VL 
Tkt •ndaftkt lais is •heiitmf. 
f OW these ars tiie commandments, the sta- 
tutes, aad the judgments which tlie Lord 
yoarGod connmandcd to teach you, that ye might 
do (AsmlnthelandwldAheryego to possess ft: 


3 That thou mightest foar tlie'LoRp thy God, 
to keep all his statutes and ids conrnmndments 

84 And tlie Lord commanded as to do all thestf 
latutes, to fear the lAMtooinr God, for our gooii 
alwmrs, that he aright preserve us alive, at it ii 

3S And it shall be our rigiiteousness, if we nh- 

lerve to do aM these commandments before the 

Lord our God, as he hath commanded Us. 

Off AP. VII. 

C»snatraisa wUk the nati»n» forlMdtn. 

WHBQi the Lord thy God shall bring thee intd 
the land whither than goest to possess it. 
Bvw, Kuu and hath cast out many nations before thee, Urn 
and that Iiittjltes,aadtheGfrgashites, and theAmorites, 
and tlie Conaanites, and the PerizKites, and the 
Hivitesrand the Jebaeites, seven nations greater 
and mightier than thou ; 
8 And when the Lord thy God shall deliver 
them befe^thee, theu shott smite tliem a%d ut- 
tsrly ^troy Hiein, thouiAnift make no covenant 
wiUi them, ner shew mercy unto tliem : 

3 Neither shalt thou make marriages witli tliem ; 
thy dan^Ker thou shalt' not give unto his son, 
nor his daughter shah thou take umo ttiy son. 

4 IT For they wtH turn away thy son ^m fol- 
lowing me, tiiat tiiey may serve oHier gods : 

which I cmumand thee, thou, and thy son, and 
thy son's son, all the days of thy life 
thy days may be prolongud. 

3 IT Hear therefore, O Israel, and observe to do 
it; that it may be well\udth Uiee, and that ve 
may increase mightily, as the Lord God of tiiy 
fothers hath promised tlise, ia the land that flow- 
eih with milk and'heiiey. 

4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God tsoneLonp: 

5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all 
tliy heart, and with all thy soal, and with aU thy 

6 And these words which I command thee this 
day, shall be in thy heart : . „ , „ 

7 And tiioushalt teach them diligently unto thy ! wtti the anger of the Lord be kindled against 
children, and shalt talk of them when thou sit- 'you, and destroy thee suddenly. 

lest in thy house, and when tliou walkest by the | S But tlMS aiiatl ye deal with ihem ; 3re shall 
way, and when tliou liestdown, and when thou destroy their akars, and break down tlteir ima* 
risest up. jges, and cut down their groves, and bum theil 

£ Aad thou Aalt binfl then fora lign upon thy graven images with Are. 

9kf mMenJmgtMMdpfWKises. 
i H For tftoa tri a holy people uato tlie Lor» 
Iby God: the Lord thy Ood li«tli cbeoen Uiee 
«» be a ipedal people anto Jiimaeir, above all 
p o q p lo tlHU «r« upon the face of the earth. 

7 The Lord did not let his love upon you, nor 
ckoaaeyoa, becaiiaeye wore more hi nuaibertliaa 
any people; forye««retlMf)iweet of alt people: 

8 But beeauie the Loan lored you, and bccaoee 
he would keep Aeoa^ which he had sworn ua- 

knt Umhi than attiriy deleic it, aad Umw ilMdl 

CHAP. Vin, IX. 

I than rtmrtf < 
utterly abhor it ; for It 

. CHAP. \UL 

ALL the comaiandweata whkh I 
Uiee this day shall ye obeerre U> do, thatya 
may live, and tuiUtlply, and go taiand possess the 
land/Which the Loan sware unto your (Hthera. 
2 And tho« shalt remember an the way wMeh 
10 your fatheit, hath the Loan hroi<|ht yoa out the Loan thy God led thee tiMsa fbii^ years ia 
wuh a mighty hand, and redeemed you oat oqthe wUdemew, to huaMe thee, aad to prove 

tliee, to know what mn in thy heart, wliethef 
thou wouMest lieep hia eoMuuaado 

the bMise of bond-men, firom the hand of Pha- 
raok king of Egypt. 

• IT Know thererore that the I«oao thy God, he 
If God, tlie ftklifal God, which keepeth cove- 
nantand nwrcy with them that love him and keep 
his eommandments to a thousand gcneratloas; 

10 And repayeth thttm tliat hate khn to their 
Ace, to destroy them : lie will not be slack to Mm 
thM hateth him, he will repay him to liis flwe* 

11 Thou Shalt therefore \ttf the commaad- 
nents, and liie statutes, and the Judgments, 
arhich I command thee this day, to do them. 

\% Wherefore it shall come to pass, if ra hear- 
ken to these Judgments, and keep, auddo tiieai, 
that the Lor» thy God shall keep naia thee the 
covenant and tlie asercy which Ira swaro tiato 

IS And he wHl love thee, and Mem thee, and 
■nlUply diee : he will also bless the fruit of thy 
womb, and the fhilt of thy laad, thy com. and 
diy wfaie, and thine oil, the toerease of thy kina, 
knd the floeks of thy slieep, In the tand whieh 
ha aware unto thy ihthers to give tliee. 

14 Thou Shalt be blessed above all people: there scarceness, thou shalt net lack any thing hi it 

3 Ami he faamblcd thee, and suffered thee i« 
hunger, and fed thee with manna, whkh tho« 
kneweat not, neither did ihv Ibthers know ; that 
he aright make thee know that man doth not Mva 
by bread only, buthv every wH that proceededl 
oat of the moulli of the Loan, doth aian live. 

4 Thy raiment waxed aot old upon thee, neither 
did thy foot swell these forty years. 

5 Thou shalt also consider tn thy heart, that as 
a mmi chasteneth his son* •« the Loan thy God . 

6 Therefore thou shalt keep ite c 
of the Loan Iby God^ to walk hi his ways, and 
to fear him. 

7 For die Loao Ihy God briageth thee into a 
good land,a land of brooks of water, of fooatains, 
and deptlis that spring out of valleys and bills ; 

8 A tend of wiieat, and barley, aad vines, and 
fig-OPces, f nd pome^anates, a tend of oil-ollvei 
and honii^; 

9 A tend wbeiein thou shalt eat bread w4dibat 

ihall not be male or fehiale barren among you, 
sr mnongvonr cattle. 

15 And ine Lord wiU take away ftom thee all 
dckness, and will pat none of Utc evil discuses 
af Emt wfdch thou knowest upon thee ; but 
artlllay them upon all thtm that hate Uiee. 

18 Aad thou sbalt consume all the peoidc which 
rim Lor* thy God shall deliver thee ; thitie eye 
shall have no pity upon them : neither shalt thoa 
ware tticir goos ; for that wiU he a snare nato thoe. 

17 If thou shaH say in tliiiie heart. These ua- 
dons «r« more than I, bow can I dispoosem them t 

18 Thou Shalt not be afraid of them : hut shalt 
well remember what llie Lord thy God did unto 
Pharaoh, and tmto all Egypt; 

19 The great temptations which tMne eyes saw, 
Mid the signs, and the wonders, and the miglity 
band,and uie stretched out arm, whereby theLoRD 
diy God broucht thee out : so shaH tlie Lord tkv 
God do unto aiu the people of whom thou artalVaid. 

» Moreover, the Lord thy God will stod tlie 
hornet sAiongthem, until they that are left, and 
hide themselves fhim thee, be destroyed. 

SI Thou shalt not be affrighted at them : for the 
Lord thy God i» among you, a mighty God mid 

lit tne IjORD tny woo simii eeoTer nicm 
e, and siia:i destroy them with a adghty 
Ion, until they be destroyed. 
I he shall deliver their khigs bito thy 

af the Held increase upon thee. 

C3 V But the Ijord thy God shall deHver tfiem 

antothee, I " '"" *"*"" 


S4 And V _ . 

hand, and thou shalt destroy thetr name from un- 
der heaven : there shall no man be able tostand 
kefor« thee, unUI t|ou have destroyed them. 

e The graven images of thehr gods shall ye burn 
witli Are : thou shah not desire the silver or coUl 
tat <t on them, nor take H nato thee, lest thou 
te oMied therein: f«r to is an abomination 
*e Lofto thy God. 


98 Neither BhidlMi bring an ahomhiatkm into TTS A R,0 land: Thou « 
^kMae,tebiiliM)iea€«sedthhi|llke it : Ju dan tbii dqr ^^'** 

a land whose stones are iroa, and out er whoso 
hills tliou mayest dig brass. 

10 When thou hast eaten and art AiU, tlien thou 
ahalt Wess the Lord thy God for the good land 
wWch he bath given thee. 

11 Beware tliat tlioa forget not the Lord tliy 
Ged, fa not keeping his commandments, and his 
Judgments, and hte statutes, whkh I command 
thee this day : 

19 .Lest whin thou hast eaten, and art foil, and 
lioKt built fopdly houses, and dwelt therein ; 

13 And wkm thy herds and thy docks tnultiiily, 
and thy silver, and tliy gnhl is multiplied, and aM 
that thou hast is multiplied ; 

14 Then thy heart be UlWd up, and thoa forget 
the Lord thy God, which broinltt thee forth out 
of the tend of Egypt, fkom tlier house of bondage: 

15 Who led thee through thdt great and terrtUo 
wIMemess, wAsreta were fiery serpents, and scor- 
pions, aud drought, where t/ure wtu no water: 
wira Draught thee uirth water oat of tJie rock of 

16 Who fed thee In the wlldemem wbh manna, 
wMch thy fitthers knew not, that he might Imm- 

hie thee, and that he might | 

thee good at thy tatter end : 

99 And the Lord thy God wRI puft oar those 
■attooB before thee by little and little^ thou ^ . 

mayest not consuaie tliem at once, lest the beasts 48 But thou shah remember the Lord thy Godi 

» good at thy I 
17 And thou say hi thy heart. My power aad tht 
might of my haad hath gotten me this weahh. 

for iti»h» that giveth thee power to get weahhi 
that he may establish Ills covenam which ho 
•ware anto thy fotheia, nit is this day. 

19 And it shall be, if thou do at all forget th« 
LoRiD thy God, and walk alter otiicr gocb, and 
serve them, and worship them, I testify agaiusi 
you this day that ye shall surely perish 

90 As the nations which Uie Lord dcstroyeth 
before your face, so shall yeperteb ; because ye 
would not be obedient unto tha voice of tna 

JITmss rtftsarssc* IwruePe rehettienB. 

: Thou art to pam over Jo^ 

Tk9 NMUtiu tf Ttrta DECTEftONOM Y. 

faraicr nd siightier tluui UiyielA ciUcs great 
and feneed up to heaven, 
2 A peopla great and laU, the chitdrea of the 

8 A people great and tall, the chitdrea of the 
Aiiaktau, whom thou knowest, and §/ wA#m 
tfMHi haet heard ««y, Who can staad before the 

3 Understand therefore thie day, that the Loan 
thy God it he which goesh over before thee t mt 
a sonaumlBg Are he ahall destroy them, and he 
•ball bring them down before tlqr Ace: loahalt 
thon drive them out. and destroy than quickly, 
as the Lord hath said unto thee. 

4 Speak not thou iif thy heart, after that the 
Lord thy God hath cast them out fttmi before 
tliee, saybig, For my righteousness the Loan 
hath brought me in to possess this land : but for 
the wickedness of these nations the Lomo doth 
drive them out fVom before thee. 

5 Not for thy righteousness, or for the upright- 
nem of thy heart dost thou go to possess their 
land: but for the wickedness of these nations, 
the Loan thy God dotli drive them out ftom be- 

.fore thee, and that he may perform the word 
which the Loan sware unto thy fothers, Abra- 
ham, Isaac, and Jacob. 

6 Understand therefore, that the Loan thy God 
glveth thee not this good land to possemitfor thy 
righteousness; for thou aH a stiflT-necked people. 

7 leaMmber, and forget not, how thou provo- 
kedst the Lord thy God to wrath in the wilder- 
nesa; from the day that thou didst depart out of 
the land of Egypt, until ye came uato this place, 
ye have been rebellious against tlie Lord. 

8 Also in Horeb ye provoked the Lord to wrath, 
•0 that the Lord was angry with you to have 

you to destroy yo«.) But the Loan hearkened 
unto me at that time also. 

destroyed yoi 

When I was gone up Into the mount, to ra- which thou brouihte 
ceive the tables of stone, ntn the ubtes of i]la|aud.hy iliy«cteidied out^arm 

90 And the Loan was very angiy whh Aaron 
to Jiive destroyed him : and 1 prayed for Aaron 
also the same time. 

31 And I took your sin. the calf whkh ye bad 
made, and burnt it with ore, and stamped it, and 
ground U very small, even until it was as sioaH 
as dust: and 1 cast the dust thereof into tlie 
bmok thatdeseended out of the mount. 

8S And at Taberah, «nd at Maasah, and at Ki- 
broth-hattaavah, ye provoked the L6rd to wrath. 

S3 Likewise when the Lord sent yon from Ka- 
desh-bamea, saying. Go up and possess tlie Imid 
which I have given you ; then ye rebelled agataisi 
the commandment of the Loan your God, and ye 
believed him not, nor hearkened to his voice. . 

84 Ye have been rdiellious againA the Lord 
iVom the day tliat I knew yon. 

35 Thus I fell down before the Lord forty days 
and forty nighti, as I fell down at thejbrtt ; be- 
cause the Lord had said he would destroy you. 

36 1 prayed therefore unto the Lord, and said, 
O Lord God, destroy not thy peqple and thine 
inheritance, whichthou hast redeemed through 
thygreataess. which thou hast brought forth out 
of %ypt with a mighty liand. 

87 Remember thy servants. Abraham, Isaac, and 
Jacob; kwk notunto thestubbomneas of this peo- 
ple, nor to their wickedness, nor to their sin : 

96 Lest the land whence thou broughteet us 
Hit, say. Because the Lord wainot able to bring 
hem into the land which he promised them, 
and because be hated them, he hath brought 
them out to alay them in the wiMemcss. 

89 Yet they «r« thy people and thine inheritance 
which thou broughtest out by thy mighty power 

covenant which the Lord made with you, then 
J abode in the mount forty days and forty nights,' 
f neither did eat bread, nor drink water : 

10 And the Lord delivered unto me two tablesof 
•tcmewritten with thefiugerof God ; and on them 
tna* written according to all the words which the 
Lord spake with you in the mount, out of the 
midst of the Are, in the day of the assembly. 

11 And it came to pats at the end of forty days 
and forty nights, tkmt the Lord gave me the two 
tables of stone, even the tables of the covenant 

13 And the Lord said unto me. Arise, get tliee 
down quickly ftom hence; for thy people which 
tiiou hast brought forth out of Egypt nave cor- 
rupted tkemaelvee; they are quickly turned aside 
out of the way which I commanded them; they 
have made them a molten image. 

13 Furthermore, tlie Lord spake imto me, say- 
ing, I have ^een this people, and behold, it u a 
•tia'-necked people : 

14 Let me alone, that I may destroy them, and 
btot out their name iVom under heaven : and I 
will make of thee a nation mightier and greater 
than they. v 

15 So I turned and came down from the mount, 
and the mount burned with fire: and the two 
tables of the covenant were in my two hands. 

16 And I looked, and behokl, ye had sinned 
against the Lord your God. and had made you 
a molten calf: ye had turned aside quickly out of 
the way which the Lord had commanded you. 

17 And I took tiie two tables, and cast them out 
of my two hands, and brake them before your 

18 And I feH down before the Lord, as at the 
first, fortt^ days and forty nights: I did neither 
eat bread, nor drink water, because of all your 
eliis which ye sinnsd, in doing wickedly in the 
sight of the Lord, to provoke iiim to anger. 

w (For I was afraid of the anger and hot dis- 
pieMure wherewith the Lord was wroth against 

Oed^e merew in neterinr the taklea, 

AT that time the Lord said unto me. Hew 
tliee two tables of stone like unto tlie first, 
and come up unto me into the mount, and make 
thee an ark of wood^ 

3 And 1 will write on the tables the words that 
were in the first tables whinh tlKW brakest, and 
thou Shalt put them in the ark. 

3 And I madean ark o/sbiuim wood, and hewed 
twoiableq of stone like unto the first, and weut up 
into thermount, having the two tables in my hand. 

4 And he wrote on tlie tables, according to the 
first writing, the ten commandmentb, which the 
Lord spake untayou in the mount, out of the 
midst of the fire, in the day of the assembly : and 
the Lord gave than unto me. 

5 And I turned myself and came down fVom the 
mount, and ptit the tabirs in the ark which I had 
made ; and there they be, as the Lord command- 
ed me. 

6 IT And the children of Israel took their Journey 
fh>m Beerothof thechildrenof Jaakan to Mosera: 
there Aarua died, and iUere he was buried ; and 
Eleazar his son ministered in the priest^s oflice in 
his stead. 

7 From thence they journeyed unto Gudgodali ; 
and fhmi Gudgodah to Jotbath, a kind of rivers 

8 IT At that time the Lord separated the tribe 
of Levi, to bear the ark of tlie covenant of the 
Lord, to stand before the Lord to mhiister unto 
him, and to bless in his name, unto this day. 

wherefore Levi hath no psAt nor iniieritance 
with his brethren ; the Lord ie his inhoritanoe^ 
accordine as the Lord thy God promised hbn. 

10 And I stayed in the mount, according to the 
first time, forty days and forty nights ; and the 
Lord hearkened unto me at that tfane al£o, and 
the Lord would not destroy thee. 

11 And tbeXiOROsaid unto me, Arise, take Ito 

L0M U strMnfWB. 

CHAP. XI, Xlt. 

Journey before the fteople, dmt tbejr amy go in 
and pomem the land wlUdi 1 iware uaio their 

Bii$§iBg mtd cunt p npntti 

fiitJien to five onto them. 
18 IT And now, Israel, what doth the Leiin 
thy God renuire of thee out to fear the Lord thf 
God, to wallc in all his ways, and to love hini, 
and to serve theLoanthyGod with all thy hewrt 
and with all thy soul, 

13 To keep the commandments of the Loan, 
and his statutes, which 1 command thee this 
day for thy good 1 

14 Beliold, the heaven and the heaven of hea- 
vens is tbe LoaD*s thy God, the earth «/m, with 
all that therein i». 

■ 15 Only the Loan had a delight in thy fhthers 
to love them, and he chose their seed after them, 
tven you aibove all people, as tl i« this day. 

16 Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your 
heart, and be no more stiff-necked. 

17 For the Loan your God u God of gods, and 
Lord of lords, a great God, a mighty, and a terrible, 
which regardetn not persons, nor taketh reward : 

18 lie doth execute the Judgment of the Auher^ 
less and widow, and loveth the stranger, in giving 
hiui A9od and raiment. 

19 Love ye therefore the stranger : Aur ye were 
strangers in the land of Egypt. 

20 Thou Shalt fear the Loan tliy God ; him shalf. 
Uiou serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, and 
•wear by his name. 

21 He i$ thy praise, and he is thy God. that 
bath done for thee these great and terrible thUigs 
wliich thine ey^ hav« wen. 

22 Thy fathers went down into Egypt with three- 
neure and ten persons ; and now the Loan thy God 
bath made thee asthestarsoflieavenformuUitude. 

€HAP. XI. 
Jin txkortaiisn to phedienes. 

THEREFORE thou shalt love the Lord thy 
God, and keepblscharge,and his 8tatutes,and 
bis JudpiientB, and his commandments, always. 
8 K And know ye this day: fbr / speak not 
witli your children which have not known, and 
wliich have not seen tlie chastisement of the 
I^ao your God, his greatnew, his mighty hand. 
Slid his stretched out arm. 
3 And his miracles, and his acts, which he did 

far Uie midst of Egypt, unto Pharaoh the king of 
Egypt, and onto all his * "' 

I land: 

Ci^|ll, ttllU lUIMf Oil Ills lOMU , 

4 And what he did unto the army of Egynt, 
onto their horses, and to tlieir chariots ; how he 
aude the water of ttie Red sea to overflow ihem 
as they pursued after you. and koto the Lord 
bath destroyed them unto this day ; 

5 And what he did unto you in the wilderness, 
antil ye came into this placej 

6 And vrhat he did unto DaUmn and Abiram, 
tlie aata of Eliab, the son of Reuben : how the 
earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them 

' up, and their households, and their tents, and 
all the substance tliat was in thehr possession, in 
Ibe midst of all Israel : 

7 But your eyes have seen all the great acts of 
tho Lord wliich he did. 

8 V Therefore shall ye keep all the command- 
ments which I command you this day, that ye 
■my be strong, and go in and possess the hmd, 
whither ye go to possess it; 

9 And that ye may prolong your days In the land 
which the Lord sware unto your ftitherstogive 
jinto them, and to thehr seed, a land that lloweth 
with milk and honey. 

10 For the land, wMther tho« goest In to posKss 
I, is not as the land of Egypt, /irom whence ye 
came out, where thou sowedst thy seed, and wa- 
leredst it with thy foot, as a garden of herbs : 

11 But the land, wlMber ye go to possess it, is 
t land a€ hills and vaUegn, and drinketh water 
If liw rain of heaven: 

ISAIandwhichtheLoRwthyGod caretb foe : 
the eyes of the I«oro thv God or* alwajra upon 
it, from the beginning ofihe yew evea uMo tha 
end of the year. 

13 And it shaU come to pasB, if ye skaB hearkei 
dlligenUy unto my commandments wUeh I com- 
mand you this day, to love the Loan yoor God, 
and to serve hhn with all yomr heart and with 
all your soul, 

14 That 4 win civ^fMithe rain of ymir land in 
his due Kasoa, the itst rain and the latter rain, 
that thou nmyesc gather la thy com, and thy 
wine, and thine oil. 

15 And I will send grass hi thy fMds for thy 
cattle, that thou mayeM eat and be ftUI. 

16 1 ake heed to yourselves, that your heart be 
not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other 
^ods, and worship them ; 

17 IT And tksn the Loro*s wrath be kindled 
against you, and he shut up the heaven, that 
there be no rain, and that the hind yiehl not her 
ftuit; and losi ye perish quickly rVom off tlie 
good land which the Lord giveth you. 

18 Therefore shall ye lay up tliese my words in 
your heart and In your soul, and bind them for 
a sign unou your hand, that they mi^ be as . 
frontlets between your eyes. 

10 And ye shall teach tliem your chUdren,speak- 
ing of them wlien thou slttest In thy house, and 
when thou walkest by the way, when thou Hem 
down, and when thou risest up. 

SO And thou shalt write them upon the dopr 
posts of thy house, and upon thy gates: 

21 That your days may be multiplied, and the 
days of your children, in the land wliich the 
Lord sware unto your fkthers to give than, as 
tlie days of heaven upon the eartli. 

22 For if ye shall diligently keep all these com- 
mandments which 1 command you, to do them, 
to love the Lord your God, to walk In all his 
ways, and to cleave unto him ; 

S3 Then will the Lord drive out all these na- 
tions ftom before youl and ye shall possesa 
greater nations and mightier than yourselves. 

34 Every place whereon the soles of your feet 
shall tread shall be yours: iVom the wildemess, 
mid Lebanon, from the river, the river Euphrates, 
even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be. 

35 There shall no man be able to stand before 
you : for the Lord your God shall lay the fear 
of you, and the dread of you upon all the hind 
tliatye shall tread upon, as he hath said unto you. 

8ft 11 Behold, I set before you this day a bkissing 
and a curse : 

27 Ablessing, Ifyeobey thecommandmentsof the 
Lord your God which I conuuand you tliis day ; 

28 And a curse, if ye wlil not obey the com- 
mandments of the Lord your God, but turn aside 
out Qf the way which I command you this day, 
to so after other gods which ye have not known. 

29 And it shall come to pass when tlie Lord 
thy God hathhrought tliee in unto Uie luid whith- 
er thou goest to possess it, that tliou shalt put tlie 
Uessingupon mount Gerh&im, and the curse upoi 
mount Ebu. 

30 jSre they not on the other side Jordan, by 
the way where the sun goeth down. In the land 
of the Canaanltes, which dwell in the chamiuUgil 
over against Gilgal, beside the pUins of Moreh 1 

31 For ye shall pass over Jordan to go In to pos- 
ess the land which the Lord your God giveth 

you, and ye sliall possess It, and dwell therein. 

32 And ye sliall observe to do all the statutua 
and Judgments which I set before you this day. 

Idols siK#l ho dostrovod, 

THESE or* the statutes and Judgments whfeb 
ye shall observe to do in the land which the 
Lord God of thy fathers giveth thee to poasesi 

mft pUet 1/ W9t»hip U hi k^t. 
hj fell the Anyu that jre Hve upon the earth. 
9ir YefthftllHttertyftejitroyall the placef, where- 
in the tititions which yt thftll poaaeM served their 
fudi) upou the high mouDtaiiw, and upon the 
nine, md nnder ertij preen tree : 
I 3 And ye f hnn overthrow their nltan, and break 
their pillars, and bnm their groves with lire ; and 
yeshatl hew d«rwn the graven imagesof iheirg(»d«, 
and destroy the names of tJiein out of Uiat prace. 

4 Te thaii not do so unto die LoRo'^ar God. 

5 ir But unto the place whidi the Loan'jrour 
Cod vliaJI ehOMe out of alt yunr tribes to put bis 
noine tliere. even nnto his habitation Aall ye 
aoelc, and ihitJier tlion slialt come : 

And tliither jre shall bring yonr bomt-olTer- 
tap, and your sacilftces, an A your tithes, and 
hea 'e-offerings of your liaiid, and your vows, 
and your free-will-oOerinn, and the fintUnfaor 
your herds, and of your ihekM : 

7 And there ye shall eat before the Loan yonr 
Cod. and ye shall rejoice in all that ye put your 
Jiaiid unto, ye and your households, wherein tlie 
I^oao tliy God hatJt blessed thee. 

8 Yc shall nor do aAer all the tkinge that we 
4o here tliis day, every man whatsoever i« right 
hi hit own eyes. 

9 For ye are notas yet ^meio th4>rest and to the 
Inherilnnce which the Lono your Ood gi veih you. 

10 But loAm ye go over Jordan, and dwell in 
the land whtcli tiie Loan your God giveth you to 
inherit, and when he giveth you rest from ail your 
•neuiies round aboat»fo that yc dwell in safety : 

1 1 Then there shall be a place which tlie Loed 
your God sliall choose to cause his name to dwell 
there ; thither shall ye bring all that 1 command 
you; your bamt-oflbruin,and your sacrlflces,yottr 
tithes, and tlie heave-oilbringof your hand, and all 
your choice vows which ye vow unto the Loan: 

ISAnd yesliall rejoice before the Loan your God, 
}'e, and your sons, and yonr daughters, and your 
men-servants, and your maid-servants, and the 
Invite that i» within yoUr gates ; fbrasmuth as 
he hath no part nor iniieritance with you. 

13 Take heed to^ thyself that thou ollbr not thy 
biinitofferfngs in eveiy place that thou seest : 

14 Nut in the place which the Loan shall choose 
in one of tliy tribes, there thou shalt oflbr thy 
burnt-oflbrlnffs, and tliere thou shalt do all that 
1 command thee. 

15 Notwithstanding, thou mayest kill and eat 
ilc)th in all thy gates, wlistsoever tliv soul lusteth 
gfler, according to the blessing of the Loan thy 
Ood whicli lie hath given thee: the unclean and 
tiie clean may eat Uiereof, as of the roe-buck, 
aiiU asnftlieiittrt. 

16 II Only ye shall not eat the blood ; ye shall 
|Kiur it upon tlie earth as water. 

IT Thou mayest not eat within thy |atea the 
titlie of tliy com, or of thy wine, or or thy oil, 
or the firstlings of thy herds or of thy flock, nor 
any of thy vows which thou voweft, nor tliy Aree- 
will-ofibrings, or heave-onbring of thy hand: 

18 But thou must eat them before the Loan thy 
Cud in the place which the Loan thy God sliall 
cliooae, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, and 
thy man-servant, and thy maid-servant, and the 
Lcvite that U witiiin thy gatea: and thou tbalt 
rtgoiee before tlie Loan thy God ia all ihatlhou 
■pnttcst tiiy hands unto. 

19 Take heed to thyself that thou forsake not the 
Levite as long as thou llvest upon the earth. 

90 tr When the Loan tliy God sliall enlarge thy 
border, as he hath promised thee, and tlmu shaft 
tfty, I will cat flesh, because tJiy soul longeth to 
eat flesh, tiiou mayest eat flesh, whatsoever tliy 
onul lusletli after. 

31 If the place which the Loan thy God hath 
Chosen to put his name there be too far flrom thee, 
dicn thou ibaU kill of tiiy herd and of thy flock, 

DIfiUTERONOIir. meeifethMm 

which the Laan hatii given thee, v» I have com- 
manded thee, and tliou shalt eat in thy gates 
whatsoever tliy soul lusteth after. 

8t Bven as the roe-buck and the hart Is eaten, 
so thon shall eat them : the unclean and thcdeah 
shall eat «/ them alike. 

S3 Only be sure that tbon eat not the btood : (br 
the bkxHl M the life ; and thou mayest not eat 
(he Hfe with the flurH. 

tl Thon shah not eat II ; thoaAalt pour tt upon 
the earth as water. 

tSThou shalt not eat it ; that It may go wen with 
thee, and with thy chHdren after thee, ^hen thoi 
shalt doCAat wAtcAw right in the sight of the Loan. 

86 Only thy hohr thinn wliich thou hast, and 
thy vows, thou shah take, ami go umo the place 
whicli the Loan shall choose : 

97 And thou slialt offer tiiy bumt-oflbrliigs, the 
flesh and the bkiod, upon the altar of tlie Loan 
thy God : and the bkiod of thy sacrifices shall be 
pouted out noon the aH«r of the Loro Uiy God, 
and thou shalt eat tlie flesh. 

S8 Observe and hear all these wonls wtilch I 
command thee, that It may go well with tliee, 
and with thy children after thee for ever, when 
thon doest tkmt wkith ie good and rigiit in the 
sifht of the Loan thy God. 

9 H When the Loan tliy God shall cut off* tlie 
nations ftom beftire thee, whither tlmu goest to 
possess themt nnd tliou succcodcst tlioin, and 
dweHest in their land ; 

30 Take heed to tliyselt that tlioii be not snared 
by folkiwUig them, ai\er that they be destroyed 
ftom beftwe thee; and that thou inquire not after 
their gods, saying, How did these nations serve 

their gods 1 evefTao wili I do likewise. 

'liou shalt not do so unto the Lord tity God 


for every abomination to the Loan wiiidi he 
hatuth have they done unto their gods ; for even 
their sons and their daughters Uiey have burnt 
in the fire to their gods. 
3t What thing soever I eommand yon, observe 
to do it: thou analt not add thereto, nor dluiiu 
ish fW>m It. 

CHAP. xin. 
Jiruvket entieere to idolatry. 

IF there arue amongyou aproph«!t,or a dreamer 
of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wondt>r, 
% And tlie sign or the wonder come to pasw, 
whereof he spake onto tliee, saying. Let us go 
after other gods, which thou hast nut kuowu, 
and lot us serve them : 

3 Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that 
propliet,or that dreamer of dreams: for the Loan 
your God proveth you. to know whether ye love 
the Loan your God with all your heart and with 
ail your soul. 

4 Yeshall walk after the Loanyonr God, and feat 
him, and keep his commandments, and obey his 
voice, and yeshallserve him, and cleave unto him. 

5 And tliat prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, 
shall be put to death ; because he bath spoken 
to turn you away fttmi the Loanyour God, which 
brought you out of the laud of Egypt, and re- 
deemed you out of the house of bondage, to thrust 
tliee out of the way which tlie Loan thy God 
commtinded thee to walk in. So shalt thou put 
the evil away from the midst of thee. 

6 IT If thy brother, the sun of tliy motlier, of thy 
son, or tliy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or 
tliy ftieiid, which U as thine own soul, entice thee 
secretly, saving, Let us go and serve other go<is, 
which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy ftiinen; 

7 JVatae/y, of the gods Of tlie people Which ore 
round about you, lugli nqto thee, or tv off'ftom 
thee, ftrom tlie one end of (lie earth even unto the 
ether end of the eartii ; 

8 Thou shah not consent unto him, nor li<»rfceQ 
onto him; iieiiliershalliliiuceycpliyhim,nettlict 


Id0Uar§n» tiUf U he iatrafti. 
itelt tbov ipftre, neither sImU iIkmi eoseeiU bin 
9 But tboB Shalt surely'kiU blm . ihy h%mA aiiall 
ke iist upon him to p«t bin towato, aiid tfter- 

wards the hua*! or aU the penplab 

t hioi with I 

10 And tbon ahalt stone 
b« die ; because Iw bath iottf ht to ihnitl thea 

CHAF. nv, XV. nam V ttmmm 

17 Aad dM ptHean, and tha gftmr-a^la, and 1M 

18 And ibeiioik, and the iMMn after bar kind, 
and tbe lapuriac and the bat. 

thai MAndeverycvaepinc thing tlMtfileil|<tna> 
elean unto you : tliey sljall nee be eaiea. 

81 V Ye ihaJI noveai ^ any tbiag that dlath ot 
ivetf: tbou ahalt ^ve It unto the «rangar that i» 
In tby gatM» that he may eafit ; or thon nayeat 
•ell It unto an alien : U» ihoa an a holy neopla 
unto «ie Loan thy Ood. Thou ibalt not aaath* 
aMd In Mi mother'a milk. 

ttH Thou Shalt truly Uthe aU the Ineseasa ot 
thy seed, that the MA brinyeth forth year by year. 

Loan thy Obd always. 

84 And if the way be loo long loc thee, aa thai 

thou art not abJa la earry It : sr if the jdaea b* 

too Aur from thac,whiefa the Lom> thy God shall 

choose to set his naaw thaaa, whan t^ Lams 

thy fiodhatliMsmedthet: / 

» Thensbalt thou tarn i< into nMney, and bind 

up the monay In thy hand, andshakgo unto tht 

place which the Loan thy G«d ihall ebaasa : 

8ftAnd thou shah bestow that noney for what- 

soerer thy soul htsteth afler, for oxen, or km 

sheep, or for wins, or for strong drink, ar for 

ysonldesireih: andthoa shall eat 

God, and ihon shall 

wiMtsoerer thy son! desirei 
there before ibe Loan thy 
rejoice, thou, and thy houi 

away from the Loan thy God. which brought thea 80 But t(f\3A clean fewto ye may eaL 
ontoftlte land ofEgypt from tbe honscof bondage. "•-«••-'—" 

11 An4aIll8raelshallhear,andfear,andshaJldo 
no uKkre anysueh wickediieSiasthi8iB.aniongyoa. 

18 If tbou shah hear ««y In one o# thy cMes, 
which tbe Loan thy God hath given thee to dwell 
tberej saying, 

13 Osr««c» men, the children of BeHal, are gone 
oat imm among you, aad hove withdrawn the 
inhabitants of their clqr, earing, Let us ga and 
lervR other gods, which ye have not known ; 

14 ThMi Shalt tliou Imiuire, and make search, I 
and ask diHgenUy ; and behoM, if it ke truth, mi 
the thing certain, thtU sucli abomination is 
wrniiglit amo:ig you; 

15 Thou Shalt surely smile the Inhabltanii of 
that dty with the edge of thesword, destroying 
it utterfy, and all that it therein, and the cattle 
thereof, wifh the edge of the sword. 

16 And thoii shall gather all the spoil of It lata 
the mMst of tlie, strict thereof, and shall bum 
with fire the city, and all the spoil thereof every 
whit, for the Loan tliy Qod : and It shUlbe a 
heap forever ; it shaH not be built acniu. 

17 And there shall cleave nought of the cniaed 
tMitf to thy hand : that the Loan nuiy turn fhun 
the Mreeuess of his anger, and shew thee mercy, 
and have compassion upon thee, and multiply 
thee, as he haui sworn untn thy fbthars ; 

IB When thou shalt hearken to the voice of tbe 
Loan thy God, to Iteep all his commandments 
Which I command tlieethisday, todo tAoi wkitk 
it right in the eyes of the Lord thy God. 

CHAP. xrv. 

Of meats eleun tmi wneletm. 

YE are the children of the Loan your God : 
ye sliall not cut yourselves, nor make any 
baldness between your eyes for the dead. 

2 For tbou art a holy people unto the Loan thy 
Gitd, and the Loan hath chosen thee^te be a 
peculiar people nnlo himself, above all tlie na- 
tions that are upon the earth. 

3 f Thou Shalt not eat any abominable thine. 
4The8ecrethe beasts whidi ye shall eat: The 

ox, the slieep, and the goat, 

5 The halt, and the roe-buck, and the follow- 
dk>cr, and the wild goat, aiul the [^^garg, and tbe 
wild-ox, and tlie chamois. 

6 And every beast that parteth the hoof, and 
deiiveth the cleft into two claws, and cheweth 
the cud among the blasts, that ye shall eat 

7 Nevertlieless, these ye riiaN not eat, of them 
that chew tlie cud, or of them dmi divide the ck>- 
venboof; as the camel, and the hare, and the eo> 
aey : for they chew the cud, but divide not the 
hoof; C4er^0r« thev are unclean imte you. 

8 And the swine, because it divideth the hoof; 
yet eheweth itot the cud, it ie unolean unto you : 
ye shall not eat of their lesh^ nor toach their 

OH These ve shall eat, of all that ors in the 
waters : all tliat liave fins and scaSes shaH ye eat : 

10 And whatsoever hath not fois andjcales ye 
Kay not eat ; it m unclean unto yon. 

1 IIT 0/ all clean birds ye shall cat 

18 But thefte are they of which ye shall not cat 
Th^ eagle, and theoariftage, and the osprey, 

13 And the Klede, and the kite, and the vnliun 
litef bla kind, 

14 And ev<^ry ravenlifter his kind, 

15 Aud the owl, and the night-hawk, aad the 
ibtfctM*, ami the hawk after his kind, 
VTiiQ little owl, and tlienreatowl, and theawan, 

87 And the LevUa that ie within thy gates; 
thou Shalt uot foraake him: for he hath no part 
nor inheritance with thee. 

88 IT At the end of Hiree years thou shall bring 
forth aU iha tithe of thine increase the smue 
year, and shah lay it up within thy gales : 

80 And the Levite, (beoauae ha hath no pan nor 
inheritance with thee) and tlie stranger, nnd ilie 
Atherless, and the widow, which are within thy 
gates, shall come, and shall eat and ba.satisflrd , 
that the Loan thy GM may Mem thee in all the 
work «f thy band which Uiou doest 
CilAl*. XV. 

AW the fear of releae*. 
T the end of everp seven years tkoa shah 
make a release. 

8 And this ie the manner of tbe r elea s e : Every 
creditor that lendeth angkt unto his neighboiir, 
shall release it ; he shall not exact it of his neigh- 
bour, or of his brother ; because it is caMed the 
Loan's release. 

3 Of a foreigner tlion mayest exact t< s;fa»tt / 
but aoi which is thine with thy brother thy 
band shall release : 

4 8a ve when there shall he no poor among m; 
for the Loan shall great^ bless then In the land 
which the Loan ^thy God givetb thee /or an to- 
beritanceln poenm it : 

9 Only if thou onreftilly hearken vaio the valoe 
of the Loan thy Ood, to observe to d^all thesa 
commandments which I commandibea tbladay. 

6 For Hie Loan thv God Wesseth thee, ae im 
promised thee : andlliott shalt lend unto many 

nalians, but tbou shall not borrow ; 


•eign over thee. 


over many nations, bnt ibQrsbaa nai 

If there be among you a poor man of ona 
of ihy brethren within any of thy thtas In thy 
land which the Loan thy God giveth thee, tboa 
ahalt not harden thy heart, nor abut thy ban* 
Arom thy poor brother : 

8 But thou ehallKipen thy hand wide unto hbn, 
and Shalt surely lend hfan snlRcicM for Ms need 
in that which ha wanteth. 

Beware that ttere be not a tbougMt tai thf 
wicked lieart, sayf nf, The aeventh year, the year 
of releaae, ia at hand ; and thtae eye be erll 
agaliiat thy ptWir brother, and thou giveat hint 
nmiff bt ; and he cry unto the Lord ag ainat thee, 
andlt be sin unto thee. 

10 Thou abalt lurely give hfan, and thy heart 
ahall not be grieved when thou giveat unto him: 
becauae that for thb thing the Loan thy God 
ahall Meai thee in ift thy worin, and In all that 
thou putteat thy hand unto. 

11 For the |Mor ahall never ccaae outof the land 
therefore I command thee, aaying, Thou ahak 
open thy hand wide unto thy brother, to thy 
poor, and to thv needy, in thy land. 

18 ii And if tlay brother, a Hebrew man, or a 
Hebrew woman, be aold unto thee, and aerre 
thee fix yeara; then in the aeventh year thou 
ahalt let him go free tnm thee. 

13 And when tliou aendeat him out ftee IVom 
thee^thou slialt not let him go away empty : 

l4'Tbou ahalt ftimlah him liberally out of thy 
flock, and out of thy floor, and out jof thy wine- 
prem: a/ that wherewith the Loan thy God 
iMth blcMed thee thou sluih give unio hbn. 

15 And tilou alialt remember that thou waat a 
bond-man in the land of Egypt, and tlie Loan 
thy God redeemed thee : therefore I command 
thee tiys thing to-day. 

1€ IT And It shal* be, if he aay unto thee, I will 
not go away from thee ; becauae he toveth thee 
and thy bouae, beca'uae he la well with thee ; 

17 TJien thou ahalt take an awl, and thruei ii 
tlirough hia ear unto the door, and he alwll be 
thy fervant for ever. And alao unto thy maid- 
aervant thou shalt do llkewiae. 

id it ahall not aeem hard unto thee, when thou 
aendeat Ulni away free ftom. thee: fbr lie hath 
been worth a double hired lervant U tkee^ in 
aerviog thee aix yeara: and the Lord thy God 
ahall bieaf thee In all that thou doeat. 

lU IT All the firatlingmalea that come4)f thy herd 
and of thy flock thon ahalt lanetKV untntlie Lomo 
thyOod: tiiouahaltdonoworfc^i^Jt^i ilic th»]\]nso( 
thy bullock, nor aliear theflratliiiij of thy shi^^p. 

90 Thou wait eat «f before tlic I^rd iliy God 
year by year in tJie place which tke Lou a tball 
chooae, tliou and thy lioutehold. 

91 And If there be any UemMi tJiprrbi, as if it 
he lame, or blind, ar km any ill Uemiah, thou 
ahalt not aacrifice it unto the Lord thy God. 

92 Thou alialt eat it within thy gatea: the un- 
clean and the clean pergon thou Mt it alike, aa 
tlie roe-buck, and aa the hart. 

93 Only thou shaU not eat die blood thereof 
thou duUt nour it upon the ground aa water. 

Tha $oUmM wurlf fsuti. 

OBSERVE tlie month of Abib, and keep the 
paaMver unto the Lord thy God: fbr in the 
month of Abib the Lord thy God brought thee 
forth out of Egypt by night. 

S Thou ahalt therefore aaeriflee the pamver 
unto the Lord thy God, of the flock and the 
herd, in the place which the Lord ahall chooae 
to plaee liia name there. 

3 Thou alialt eat no leavened bread with it; 
aeven daya abaltUiou eat unleavened bread there- 
with, aem the bread of afllietton ; (for thou 
earnest forth out of the land of Egypt in haste :) 
that thou mayeat remember the day when thou 
duneat forth 'out of the land of Egypt, all the 
days of thy life. 

4 And there shall be no leavened bread seen with 
thee in all thy coasts aeven days ; neither shall 
there any tkimg of the flesh, which thou sacri- 
floedst the firat dny at even, remain aU night 
until the morning. 

5 Thou inayest not sacrifice the passorer with 

Wtut 9f tMUruMtteft &t 

In any of thy gatea, which the Lord thy God 
giveth thee : 

fl But at the place which the Lord thy God 
ahall chooae to place hianame in, there thou abaU 
sacriflee the pasaover at even, at the going down 
of the sun, at the aeaaon that thou earnest forth 
outof Egypt. 

7 And thou shalt roast and eat #t in the place 
which the Lord thy God ahall chooae: and thou 
ahalt turn in the morning, and go aniotiqrtenta. 

8 Six days thou shalteat unleavened bread : and 
on the aeventh day tkaU be a aolemn aasembly to 
the Lord thy God : tliou ahalt do no work Uemn. 

V Seven weeks shalt thou number unto thee : 
begin to number the aeven weeks ftom nuk tiwu 
aa thou beginnest Ca ^ the sickle to the com. 

10 And thou ahalt keep the feast of weeka unto 
the Lord thy God with a tribute of a f>ee- 
wiH-oflbring of thy hand, whidi thou ahalt give 
naxa tk§ LORD tkf OmT, according aa tlie Lord 
thy God haUi blessed tliee : 

11 And thou slialt rejoice before the Lord thy 
God« thou, and thy aun, and Uiy daughter, and ' 
thy man-servant, and tliy maid-servant, and tha 
Levite that it within thy gates, anif the stran- 
ger, Rnd the fatherless, and the widow, that art 
among you, in the place which the Lord thy 
God hath cliosen to place his name there. 

12 And thou shalt remember that thou wast a 
bond-man in Egypt : and thou ahalt obaerve and 
do these statutes. 

13 % Thou Shalt obaerve the feaat of tabema- 
clea aeven days, after that thou hast gathered in 
thy corn, and thy wine. 

14 And tliou shalt r^ice in tliy feast, thou, and 
thy son, and thy daughter, and tliy man-aervant, 
and Uiy niaid-aervant, and the Levite, tlie atran* 
ger, and Uie fhtherless, and tlie widow, that «^s 
within tliy gatea: 

15 Seven days alialt thou k^ep a solemn feast 
unto the Lord thy God In tlie place which the 
Lord ahall chooae: because the Lord thy God 
shall bless tliee in all thine Increase, and in all 
the works of thy hands, therefore thou sliaH 
surely rejoice. 

16 if Three times in a year shall all thy ranlea, 
ippear before the Lord thy God in the place 
vhicli he shall choose ; in the feast of unleaven- 
ed bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the 
feast of tabemadea : and they ahall not appear 
before tlie Lord empty : 

17 Every man thuu give as he is able, accord- 
ing to the blessing of the Lord thy God wnich . 
he hath given thee. 

18 1T Judges and officers shalt thou make thee 
in all tliy gates, which tlie Lord thy God giveth 
tliee, througliout thy trilies : and th^ shall Judge 
tlie people with Just Judgment, 

19 Thou ahalt not wrest judgment ; thou shalt 
not reapect persons, neither take a gift: for a 
gift doth blind the eyes of tlie wise, and pervert 
the words of the righteous. 

90 That which la altogether just shalt thou fol- 
low, that thou mayest live, and inherit the land 
wliich the Lord thy God giveth thee. 

91 K Thou slialt not' plant thee a grove of«any 
trees near unte the altar of the Lord thy God, 
which thou^^ialt make thee. 

99 Neither shalt thou aet thee up any Image; 
which the Lord thy God hateth. 
iitlattrt tt be put to death, ■ 

THOU Shalt not sacriffce unto tlie Lord thy 
God aay bullock, or sheep, wherein hi blem- 
ish, tr any evil fbvouredndN: for that «r an 
abomination unto the Loi» thy GOd. 
2 H If there he found amone you, within any of 
thy gates which the Lord thy God giveth then, 
maa or woman that hath wrought wickednasi 


CHAP, xvin, 

ItbUi^n Md iutf of « Ung. 

to the sight of the Lcr» thy 6cd, in trmimfptm^ 

Ing his coveoantf 

3 AndlwUi gone and wired other godtf and wor* 
flipped them, cither the sun, or moon, or aajr of 
the iuNK of heaven, which I have not crnnnianded ; 

4 And it be told thee, and thou haat heard of it, 
and inquired diligently, and beiioid, it he true, 
o»d the tiling certain, tiUt such abomination is 
wrought in Israel : 

5 Tl>en slialt thou bring forth that man or that 
woman, wliich have committed that widsed ttUng. 
unto thy gates, even that man or that woman, and 
stialt stone them with stones, till they die. 

6 At the mouth of two witnesses, or three wit- 
aeases, shall he that is worthy of death be put 
to death ; Htt at tlie mouth of one witness he 
shall not be put to death. 

7 The hands of the witnesses sdiall be first upon 
him to put him to death, and afterward the luuids 
of all the people. So thou sfaalt put the evil away 
rrmii among you. 

8 II If there arise a matter too hard for thee in 
^idgment, between blood and blood, between pifea 
and plea, and between stroke and strolce, Mng 
matters of controversy within thy gates : then 
•halt thou arise, and get thee up into the place 
which the Loah thy God shall choofte ; 

9 And thou shalt come unto the priests the Le- 
viies, and onto the judge ttiat shall be in tliose 
days, and inquire ; and they shall shew thee the 
sentence of judgment : 

10 And tlMNi Shalt do according to the soitence. 
which they of that place which the Loan shall 
choose shall shew thee ; and thou shalt observe 
10 do according to all that tliey inform thee : 

11 According to the sentence of the law which 
ihey shall teach thee, and according to the judg- 
SKttt which they shall tell thee, tliou shalt do : 
diou shalt not decline from the sentence which 
ibey shall shew thee, to the right hand, nor to 
the left. 

12 IT And the man that will do presumptuously, 
and will not hearken unio the priest that staud- 
oh to minister there before the Lonn thy God, 
or unto the judge, even tlmt man shall die : and 
thou shalt put away, the evil from Israel. 

13 .And all the people shall hear, and fear, and 
to CO more presumptuously. 

14 V When thou art come unto the land wh|ch 
Uw Lord thy God gi^elh thee, and shalt possess 
it, and shalt dwell therein, and shalt say, I will 
ttt a king over me, like as all the nations that 
«re. about me ; 

15 Thou shalt in any wise set kim king over 
thee whom the Lord thy God shall choose : oim 
rrom among thy brethren shalt thou set king 
over thee : Uiou^mayest not set a stranger over 
ihee, which is not thy brother. 

16 But he shall not multiply horses to himself, 
nor cause the people to return to Egypt, to the 
end that he should multiply Imraes: forasmuch 
at( tlie Lord hath said unto you, Ye shall hence- 
forth return no more that way. 

17 Neitiier shall lie multiply wives to himself, 
tiiat his licart turn not away : neither shall he 
greatly multiiily to himself silver and gold. 

18 And it shall be when he sittelh upon the 
tJiroiie of his kingdom, that he shall write him a 
cu|^ of this law in a book out of that wkick io 
)>erore the priests the Levites. 

19 And it shall be with him, and he shall read 
therein all Uie days of his life : that he may learn 
lo fear the Lord his God, to keep all the words 
or this law and these statutes, to do them : 

90 That bis heart l%not litUtA un abqve his 
Itrethren, and that h^ium not aside from the 



t bring diem again umo ihy 


Z 1 1-^*" *' "*>* ^'^*i ^^^^^ ihti^ 01 
" E^ '* *Ai*^^' Lfion bJiaH brln^ II 



Lori> l 

2 rU'y 

among t 
tancf^ ai 

311 Anti 
people^ fr 
the BJhiiildl 

4 1'he hri 

ind of 111 in. 
sheep, sh^Lli 

5 For tlie 
of the Lord, . ,^«.» .».«,«.. 

6 IT And if a\i...«««eiSShie from any of thv gates 
out of all Israel, where lie sojourned, and come 
with all the desire of his mind unto the plact 
which the Lord shall choose ; 

7 Then he shall minister in ibe name of th« 
Lord his God, as all his brethren the Levites is, 
which stand there before tlie Lord. 

8 They shall have like portions to eat, besidet 
that which cometh of the sale of his patrimony. 

IT When thou art come into the land which 
the Lord thy God gi veth thee, thou shalt notiearn 
to do after the abominations of those nations. 

10 Tliere shall not be found among you any 
one that maketh his son or his dauf^ier to pass 
tlirough the fire, or tliat useth diviiMtioa, or an 
observer of times, or an enchanter, or a wKcli, 

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiaf 
spirits, or a wiaard, or a necromancer. 

IS For all that do these things ors an abomi- 
nation unto Uie Lord : and because of tlien* 
abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them 
out from before thee. 

13 l*hou shalt be perfect with the Lord thy God. 

14 For these nations, whicl| then slialt possess, 
hearkened unto observers of times, and unto di- 
viners: but as for thee, the Lord thy God hath 
not suffered thee so to io. 

15 IT The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee 
a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, 
like unto me ; unto him ye shall hearicen. 

16 According to all that thou desiredst of the 
Lord thv God in Iloreb in the day of the assem- 
bly, saymg. Let me not bear again the voice of 
the Lord my God, neither let me see this great 
fire any more, that I die not. 

17 And the Lord said unlo me. They have 
well spoken tkat which they have spoken. 

18 1 will raise tliem up a Propliet from among 
their brethren, like unto thee, and wHl put my 
words in his mouth ; and he shall speak unto 
them all tliat I. shall command him. 

19 And it shall come to pass, tkat whosoevet 
will not hearken unto my words which he shall 
speak in my name, I will require it of him. 

50 But the prophet, which shall presume to speak 
a word in my name, which I have not comm ' 
«d him to speak, or that shall speak in the ii 
of other gods, even that prophet shall die. 

51 And if thou say in thy heart, liow shall wa 
know the word which the Lord hath not spoken t 

SS Wlien a piophetspeaketh in the name of the 
Lord, if the tiling (bilow not, nor come to pass^ 
that is the th ing wiiich the Lord bath not spoken, 
but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously : 
thou shall not be aA-old of him. 
7%e cities of refuse. 

WHEN the Lord thy God hath cut off tha 
nations, whose land the Mrd thy God 
givtib thee, and ihdu 8tu:«eed«n them, and 

^MMitkmfirfttfaUtwiSmut. • DEUTERONOMY. 

dlwftllcat In Uielr ««ileV^J5 *?' I'SIT?*' 
% Thou ataalt ■e|Wc«M three dtlea for thee in 
the midst sf thy ItfMl wliich the Lo»» Ihjr God 
■iwih tJiee tn pomca II 

3 Thou siralt prepve thee a wajr, and divide 
tie coast! of thy land which the Lord thy God 
givetli thee to inherit, into three parts, thai every 
•layer may flee tliitlier. 

4 IT And this u the eaaa of the aiayer, which 
•haM Aee thither, that he may live : Whoso klll- 
etb his neighhour igaoraiitly» whom he hated 
not in time past ; 

5 Aswlien a manfoeth lato the wood with his 
neigliboor to hew wood, and his band fetcheth a 
•trolte with the ue to cut down the tree, and 
tlie head sHppeth fVom the helve, and Hghteth 
upon his iMxbbouf, that he die; he shall flee 
tMHo one of these cities,, and Hve: 

Lest tlie avenger of tlie blood pnrsae the 
slayer, while his heart is hot, and overtake hbn, 
hecause tlie way is long, and slav liim ; whereas 
he woM not worthy m dsaih, inawmich aa he 
haled him not in time past. 

7 Wherafora l>icommaBd thee, saying, Thou 
Shalt separate thiee cities for thee. 

8And if the Leantliy God enlarge thy coast,aahe 
hathswnm unto thy fluhers,and give thee all tlie 
land which he promised to give unto thtkaithefs; 

tf If thou Shalt keep all these commandmenu to 
do tliem, which 1 command thee this day, to 
love tlie Lord tliy God, and to walk ever in bis 
wayi; then shah tlion add three cities more for 
thee, besides these three: 

10 That tanocettt Mood be not shed in thy land, 
whlcb the Lord thy God giveth thte/«r an la- 
heriiaaee, and s# blood bo upon thee. 

1 1 V But if any mso batehis neighbour, and Keia wait 

for bin, and rise up aMinst hUn, sad mile him aioc- 
mlbr that he die, sad fleeth into coo of ihiM cttios: 

13 Then the eklem of hie city shall send and 
f«fteh him thence, and deliver him into tlie hand 
•f the avenger or Mood, that lie may die. 

13 Thine eye shall not pity lilm, bat thou shalt 
|Mit away Uu gwU of innocent blood IVom htravl, 
tJiat It may go well with Uiee. 

14 Thou Shalt not remove tliy neighbour*! land- 
mark, which they of old time have set in thine 
inheritance, which thon shalt inliorit in the land 
that the Lord thy God glvetb thee to possess it 

15 ir Ono witness slmll not rise up against a 
man for any iiiiqnliy, or for any sin, in any sin 
that he sinneik; at tlic month of two witnesses, 
or at the mouih of three witnceses,shall ttie mat- 
ler bo established. 

IS H If a fhlse witness rise up against any man 
to testily against liiin tkatwkiehis wrtmg ; 

17 Thf'n lioT'T thfi mm trntTTrrn whnnithe enH' 
Inovertv /.? ^J..^Ll .'-jiLfi Li£fi>}^. :!tij Lor u,L£ fore Lhe 
pf iestSH-L r>^ iIr" i ud L^i^s, w ] I LcJ I i la at! bn in thnst il aj^ 

18 And tliE? jud^rjft shall muku diUgiteit tnqeslFii' 
lion: arnl b^'li!*lil. '/ I'l*' wiMirffA ^'ja n fatse ivii. 
nes8,aru^]i:rLli;i:r'iiiiL: ■ ■. 'niisfniiflbrnnihT: 

10 Imve done unto his brother : so shalt thou pot 
the evil away Arom among yon. 

MAnd those which remahi shall htar, and 
fear, and shall henceforth commit no more any 
sneh evil among you. 

SI And thine eye shaO not pity; hu life sJkall 
fs for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for 
Band, foot for foiot. 
^^ CHAP. XX. 

PriMffs »xk«rtaHonprmri»U9 to battU, 

WHEN thou goest out to battle against thine 
enemies, and seest horses, and chariots, 
and a people more than thou, be not aftaid of 

Aabf to Ae siMrvsd Ai »ap 
the bailie, that the priest shall approach aad 

Tiak unto tlie people, 
And shall say unto them. Hear, O Israel, yt 
approaclr this day unto batUe agafaisi your ene* 
miea : let not your hearts faint, fear not, and donol 
tremble, neither be ye terrified becaose of them ; 

4 For the Lord your God i» he that gocth with 
you, to light fer yoo agaiiwt your encmio, tn 
save yoo. 

5 H And the officers shall speak onto the people, 
saybig. What man it tkert that hath bufft a new 
house, and hathflbrdedicated it 1 let him aoand 
return unto hfai house. lost he die in the batUe, 
and another man dedieato It. 

6 And what man u kt that liatii planted a vlne- 
yacd, aad hath not vet eaten of it 1 Id him atM 

Eand return unto bis house, lest he die in the 
ttle, and another man eat of it. 

7 And wlwi man is tkm-e that hath betrothed a 
wife, and hath not taken hert let him go and 
return unto his house, lest he die in the battle, 
and another man take her. 

8 And the officers shall spcaK (\irther tinto the 
people, and they sliall say. What man i§ ihert 
tkmt i» foarAil and foint-hearted? let him go and 
return unto his house, lest his brethren's heart 
faint as well as his heart 

9 And It shall be, when the officers have mode 
m end of speaking unto the people, that they sliall' 
make captains of the armies to lead the (Hsople. 

10 IT When thou comest nigh unto a city to 
fight against It, then proclaim peace nnto it. 

11 And it shall be, if it make thee answer of 
peace, «kul open unto thee, then it shall be, ikut 
all the people tktu, w found therein, shall bo tri- 
btturies unto thee, and they sliall serve thee. 

13 Ajid if it willmakeno peace with thee, but¥rill 
make war against thee, then tlion shalt besiege it: 

13 And when tlie Lord thy God hath delivered 
it into thy hands, thou shaK smile every male 
tliercof with the edge of the s%vord : 

14 But the women, and the little onee, and the 
cattle, and all that is In tlie city, even aH the 
Mmil thereof, shalt tlioii take unto thyself: and 
thou Shalt cat the spoil of thine enemies, which 
the Lord tliy God hath given thee. 

14 Thus shak thou do unto all the cities loJltcA 
are very far ofl^from tiiee, which ari not of the 
cities of tliese nations. 

16 But of the cities of these people which the 
LoRi>>tby God doth give tliee/«r an inheritance, 
tliou Shalt save alive nothing that breathetli: 

17 But thou slinlt utterly destroy them, nameff, 
the Htttiies, and the Amorites, the Canaaiiitee, 
and the Terizzites, the Hivites, and tlie Jehiisltea, 
as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee : 

16 That iliey teach you not to do alter all their 
abominations which tltey have done unto thdr 
gods; so 8|ionldyeshfi against the Lord your God. 

19 % When thoo shalt besiege a city a long time 
in making war ^gainst It to lake It, thon shalt 
not destroy the t/ees thereof by forcing an aie 
against them; for thou mayest eat of them : and 
thou simit netcut tliem down (for the tree of the 
field i§ man*s life) to ertnploy tJum, in the sicee: 

90 Only the trees which thou knowest that wef 

Hmn : for the Lord thv God is with thee, which 
MPWight thee vp out of the Uind of Egypt. 
« And itabdf be when ye are come nigh Qmo 

he not trees for meat, thou slialt destroy and cut 
them down; mid tnou shalt build bulwarks 
agahist tlie city that maketli war with thee, tUi- 
til it be subdued. 

Jfopjatisn of uneertain murder. 

IF S1I0 be found slain in the land whieh the 
Lna a Lhy nod jrt vrth thee to possess It, 1 vlni is 
til t fict it, an rf 1 1 be rtnt Ik iUMm who hath slain him : 
^ TihM iiiy cLdcm afiU ihy joi^es shall come 
fort>), and i\u:y fhiill rticRNure unto the eltlei 
Which are roiiiid abom ^glin that is sihin: 
H And Lt sbaU be iksi the tUy which it next vm- 


CHAP. xxn. 

of Chat dtx 

t «(«i§§«ni «M to ht stonei. 
Ii the illin man, even the 
than take a heifer which hai 
with, and which hath not draV^iPh the yoke'. 

4 And the cidera of that city shall bring down 
ttie lieifer unto a rough valley, which la neither 
eared nor sown, and shall strilA off ibe heifer'a 
aeclc there in the valley; 

5 And the prieuts the ^sons of Levi shall come 
near, (for them the Loan (hv God hath chosen 
m minister unto him, and to bless In the name 
of the Lord.) and by their wood shall every con- 
trovorsy and every strolce be tried} 

6 And all the elders of that city that are next 
anto tlie slain mmni shall wash their hands over 
tlie heifer that is beheaded in the valley: 

7 And they sball answer and say. Our hands have 
not shed this Mood, neither have our^yes seen it. 

8 Be merciful, O Lord, unto thy people Israel, 
whom thou hast redeemed, and lay not innocent 
Mood unto thy jwople of tsrael's charge. And 
the blood shall be forgiven them. 

9 So ehalt thou put away the pdttof Innocent 
blood from among you, when thou shait do that 
which is right in the sight of the Lord. 

10 K When thou goest forth to war.against thine 
Into thy hands, and thoMLha^t taken them captive. 

11 And seest among the captives a beautiful 
woman, and hast a desire unto her, that thou 
wouldest have her to thy wife : 

12 Then thou shalt bring lier home to thy house, 
•nd she shall shave her head, and pare her nails : 

13 And she sball put the raiment of her captivi- 
ty^ from pff her, and shall remain in thy house, 
and bewail her father and her mother a full 
Bonth: and after that, thou shalt go in unto her, 
and be her husband, and she shall be thy wife. 

14 And it shall be. If thou have no delight in 
her, then tliou slialt let her go whither she will; 
but thou shalt not sell her at all for ihoney ; thou 
•halt not make merchandise of her,, because thou 
hast humbled her. 

15 irif a man have two wives, one beloved, 
and another hated, and they have borne him 
chihlren, both the beloved and thie hated ; and if 
the first-bom son be hers that was hated: 

16 Then it shall be, when he maketh his sons 
to inherit tJlal which he hath, thathe may not 
ttake the son of the beloved first-born, before the 
•on of the hated, which ie indeed the first -bom : 

17 But he shall acknowledge the son of tlie hated 
fer the first-bom, by giving him a double portion 
of all thathe hath: for he is the beginning of 
Msatrength; the right of the first-born is hts.^ 

18 If if a man have a stubborn and rebellious 
son, which will not obey the voice of his father, 
or the voice of his mother, and Uat, when they 
have chastened him, will not hearken unto them : 

19 Then shall his father and his mother lay 
h<rfd on him, and bring him out unto the elders 
of his city, and unto tlie gate of his place ; 

20 And they shall say unto tlie elders of his city, 
Thisourson is stubborn and rebellious, he will not 
obey our voice; he is a slutton, and a dmnkard. 

91 And all the men of his city shall stone him 
with 8tones,that he diei so shalt thou put evil av(ray 
from arooni you,and all Israel shal I hear,and fear. 

88 IT And if a man have conmiitted a sin wor- 
thy of death, and he be to be put tb death, and 
tUou hang him on a tree : 

S3 His body shall not remain ail night npon the 
tree, but thou shalt in any wise bury him that 
day; (for he that Is hansed is accursed of God ;) 
tet thy land be not denied, which the Lord thy 
■•d alveth thee /or an inheritance. 
Sundrf laws and ordinances. 
ffmOU shalt not -see thy brotiier'sox or his 

M, sheep go asuay, and hide tbysolf from them : 

P'MitsftlMiil a^tti tUttdtftt 

thoQ ahalt in aayctnbiing than atalB tfMotlqf 

3 And if thy brother he not nigh unto thear oi 
if thou know hhn not, then thou shalt bring It 
unto thine own house, and It shan be with ilea 
until thy brother seek aAer it, aadtboa shalt it>- 
•tOre it to him again. • 

3 In like manner shaH thoa Ac with Mi •••; 
nnd 80 shalt thou do with his mimeai; and with 
all lost things of thy brother's, which he hatb 
lost, and thou hast found, shalt thou do Ukewm: 
thou mayest not hide thyself. , 

4 ir Thou Shalt not see thv brother's aaa or his ox 
fall down by the way , and bide thyself from them : 
thou Shalt surely help hint to lift thorn up again. 

5 V The wopian ahali not wear that which 
pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put 
on a woman's garment : for all that do so are 
abomination unto the Lori» thy God. 

6 V If a bird's nest chance to be befbre tl)pe In 
ground, whether 
d the dam sitting 

the way in any tree, or on the ground, whether 
thsjf he young ones, or eggs, and the dam sitting 
upon the young, or upon tlie eggs, thou shalt not 

take the dam ^tli the young : 

7 Bnt thou shalt In any wise let the dam go, and 
Uke the voung to thee ; tliat It may be well with 
thee, and that thou mayest prolong thy days. 

8 ir When thou buildest a new housa, tiien thou 
shalt make a battlement for thy roof, that thou 
bring not blood upoit thy house, if any man fUl 
from thence. 

9 IF Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with divers 
seeds : lest the frait of thy seed which tiiou hast 
sowiK and the Hruit of thy vineyard, be defiled. 

10 IT Thou sh^t not plough with an ox and an 
ass together. 

11 ir Thou shalt not wear a garment of diirn 
sorts, as of woollen and linen together. % 

IS If Thou slialt make thee fringes upon the 
four quarters of thy vesture, wherewith thou 
coverest thyself. 

13 H If any man take a wife, and go in unto' 
her, and hate her, 

14 And give occtislons of speech against her. 
and brhig up an eviUname upon her, and say, I 
took this woman, and when 1 came to her, I 
found her not a maid :. 

15 Then shalbth^ father of 4he damsel, and her 
mother, take and bring forth the Uhfins of the 
damsel's virginity tmto the eklers of the city In 
the gate : 

16 And tlie damsel's fhther shall say unto the 
elders, I gave my daughter unto this man to 
wife, and he hatetli her, 

17 And lo, he hath given occasions ot speech 
against her^ saying, I found not thy daughter a 
maid; and vettliese are the tokens of my daugh- 
ter's virginity. And they shall spread the cloth 
before the eldere of the city. 

18 And the elders of that city shall take that 
man and chastise him ; 

19 And they shall amerce bbn inahundretl «Aei* 
els of silver, and give them unto the fatliQf of tlie 
damsel, because he hath biDught np an evil name 
upon a virgin of Israel : and stie shall be his 
wife ; he may not put her away all hisilays. 

30 Bat if this thing be uue, and the tokens of 
virginity be not found f<*f tiie damsel : 

31 Then thev shall bring out the damsel to the 
door of her ratbcr'e house, and the uiqu of li*:r 
city shall stone her with stohes that she die ; he- 
cause she hath wrought folly in Israel, tb play 
tlie whore in her father's house : so idialt tliou 
put evil away nrom among you. 

23 11 If a man be found lyinc with a woman mar* 
ried to a husband, then they mail both of theiu die, 
both the man Uiat lay with tlie woman, and the 
woman :*so shalt thou put tfway evil tlrum braef. 

33ir If a damsel Oat M a vUgltt be betrothed 
181 , 

Pmitkmtml nf ajuktrf. 
iiMo*a huitand, and a maa find ber la Ike eity, 
and lie wlUi ber ; 

fl Then ye shall bring tbem both ont nnto the 
gate mf that city, and ye shall stone them with 
stones thai they die ; the damsel, because she 
eried not, beinff In the city ; and the man,, be- 
cause he hath humbled hte neighbour's wife : 
so thoa Shalt put away evil from among you. 
85 H But if a man And a betrothed damsel in the 
<MM, and the man force her, and lie with ber ; 
■tten the man only that lav with her shall die : 
26 But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing ; 
tAsrs »s in the damsel no sin wortkjf of death: 
for as when a man riaeth against bis neighbour, 
and slayeth him, even so w this matter : 
37 For-he found ber in the field, and the betroth- 
ed damsel cri6d, and then was none to save her. 
S8 V If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, 
which Is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and 
lie with her, and thev be found ; 
99 Then the man that lay with her shall give 
unta tlie damsePs father fifty skekelt of silver, 
and she shall be his wife; because he hath hum- 
bled her, he may not put her away all his days. 
ao V A man shall not take his father's wife, 
nor discover his father's skirt. 
Sunirf laws and ordinances, 

HES that is wounded in the stones, or hath his 
privy member cut oflT, shall not enter into 
tlie congregation of the Loan. 
3 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation 
of the Lord ; even to h's tenth generation shall 
he not enter into tlie congregation of ihe Loan/ 

3 An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into 
tlie congregation of the Loan ; even to their 
tenth generation shall they not enter Into the 
cmregation of tlie Loan for ever* 

4 Because tliev m^t you not with bread and 
with water In the way, when ye came forth out 
of Egypt; and because they Mred against thee 
Balaam the son of Beor of Pethor of Mesopota 

that placei 
gates when 
oppress him 

mla, to curse thee. 

5 Nevertheless, the Lord thy God would not 
hearken unto Balaam : but the Lord thy God 
turned the curse into a blessing unto thee, be- 
cause the Loan thy God loved thecu 

6 Thou Shalt not seek their peace, nor their 
prosperity all thy days fbr ever. 

7 11 Tlinu slialt not abhor an Edomite, for be is 
tliy brother: tliou slialt not abhor an Egyptian, 
because thou wast a stranger in his land. 

8 The clUldren that are^begotten of them shall 
enter into the congregation of the Lord iu Uieir 
third feneration. 

911 When the hostgoeth forth against thine ene- 
mies, then keep thee from every wicked thing. 

10 II If there be among you any man that is not 
clean by reason of uncleanness that chancetli 
him by night, tlie^i shall he go abroad out of the 
eamp, he sliall not come witliin the camp : 

J I But it shall be, wlien evening cQineth on, be 
aliall wash kimseif with water : and when the 
sun is down, he shall come intathe camp again. 

13 IT Tliou shalt have a place also without the 
eainpi whither tliou shalt go forth abroad : 

13 And ilKMi shall have a paddle upon thy 
pon : and it shall be when thou wifl ease thysel . 
abroad, tliou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn 
back, and cover that which cometh (Voni thee : 

14 For tl%LoRD thy God walketh in the midst 
of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give up thine 
anemies before thee; therefore shall thv camp 
be holy : that be see no unclean thing in thee, 
and tarn away from thee. 

15 IT Thou shalt not deliver unto his master the 
aervani which Is escaped from his master unto 

16 Ha siiatt dwell with tbee, evca among yoo 

DEUTEtOHOMT. Cfm$mrf mi um. 

i iHtiik he sbaUehooie in one of ihgr 
iroHlketh him beat : thou shalt Ml 
iress him A 

3re shall be no whore of thedaughten 
of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of IsraeL 

18 Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or 
tlie pripe of a dog Into tiie house of the Lor» 
thy God for any vow : for even both these ar9 
abomination unto tlie Lord thy God. 

19 If Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy bro- 
ther ; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury 
ofany thing that is lent upon usury : 

Su Onto a stranger thou mayest lend upoo 
usury ; but unto tii v brother tliou shalt not lend 
upon usury : that the Lord thy God may blep 
thee Ui all that tliou settest thy hand to In the 
land whitlier thou goest^o possess it. 

21 IT When thou shalt vow a Vow unto the 
Lord thy God, tlnm shalt not slack to pay U: 
for the Loan thy God will surely require it of 
thee ; and it would be sin Ui thee. 

23 But if thou shalt forbear to vow, it shall bo 
no sin in thee. 

33 That which is gone out of thy lips thou shaft 
keep and perform ; even a free-will-oflfering, ae-< 
cording as thou hast vowed unto the Lord thy 
God, which thou hast promised with thy mouth. 

24 ir When thou coipist into thy neighbour'a 
vineyard, then thou niayest eat grapes thy fill, at 
thine own pleasure ; but thou shalt not put any 
in thy vessel. 

35 When thou comest Into the standing com of 
thy neighbour, tlien thou mayest pluck the ears 
with tJiy hand : but tbou shalt not move a sicitiA 
unto thy neighbour's standing com. 

. CHAP. xxrv. - 

The law of diooru^ ^c 

WHEN a man hath taken awl(b, and married 
her, and it come to pass that she find no 
favour in tiis eyes, because he hath found some 
uncleannesa in her : tlien let him write her a 
bill of divorcement, and give it in her hand, anA 
send her out of h is house. 

2 And when she is departed out of his house, 
she may go and be another man's wife. 

3 And </* the latter husband hate her, and wrtta 
her a Mil of divorcement, and giVeth it in her 
hand, and sendeth her out of his house ; or if tho 
latter husband die, which took her to be his wife; 

4 Her foniier husband which sent her away, may 
not talce her again to be his wife, after that she is 
defiled ; for that is abomination before the Lord: 
and thou shalt not cause the land to sin, whicli 
the Lord thy God giveth thee/vr an inheritance. 

5 IT Wbih a mail hath taken a new wife, he shall 
not go out to war, neither shall he be charged with 
any business: but he shall be free at home one year, 
and shall cheer up his wife which he hath taken. 

6 IT No man shall take the nether or the upper 
millstone to pledge : for he taketh a'man^s ufo 

o pledge. 

7 H If a man be found stealing any of his brethren 
of the children of Israel, and niaketh merchandise 
of him, or selleth him ; then that tiiief shall die; 
and tliou shall put evil away from among you. 

8 IT Take heed in the plague of leprosy, that 

rlk<iu observe diligently, and do according to all 
i^t the priests the Levites shall teach you : as 
1 commanded them, so ye shall observe to ito. 

9 Remember what the Lord thy God did unto 
Miriam by theway, aAertliatye were come forth 

out of Egypt. 

10 IT When thou dost lend thy brother any thing, 
thou shalt notgo into his house to fetch his pledge: 

1 1 Tbou shalt stand abroad, and the man h» 
whom thou dost lend shall bring out the pledge 

abroad unto tbee : 

12 Artid if the man be poor, thou shah iioialeen 
iolwitb Ids pledge; ^ 


^Jm»ti^ mU tf Aarii9, CB AP. XZV, XXVI, 

13 InanyMMthoatbaHdettTerlriiiitbeplttlce 
igain wlien the fiin Roetb down, that be may 
•leep in his own- raiment, ai^ blew thee ; and it 
•hall be lighteouMieat unto tbee before the Lord 
Iby Grod. 

14 If Tliou •halt not opprera a Hired servant 
U«t is poor and needy, whttkerke he oriliy bre- 
thren, or ol' thy strangers that arc in thy land 
within thy gates : 

15 At his day thou Shalt give Am his hire, neither 
shall the sun go down upon it, for he m poor, 
ami settetb his heart upini it : int he cry aipiiust 
thee unto the Lord, and it be sin unto thee. 

16 The fatliers shall not be put to d«hth for the 
children, neither shall the children be put to 
death for tlie fathers : every man shall be put to 
deatli for his own sin* 

17 ir Thou Shalt not pervert the judgment of 
the stranger, nor of tlie fatherless, nor take the 
widow*8 raiment to pledge : 

18 But tiiou Shalt remember that thou wast a 
bood-nian in Egypt, and tlie Lord thy God re- 
deemed thee tlience : therefore I conunand thee 
to do tills tiling. 

19 IT When tnou cuttest down thy harvest in 
thy field, and hast forgot a sheaf in tlie field, thou 
ibalt not go again to fetcli it : it shall be for the 
stranger, for uie fatherless, and for the widow : 
that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all the 
work of thy hands. 

80 When thou beatest thine olive-tree, thon shah 

iot go over the boughs again : it shall be for the 
stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow. 
31 When thou gatherest the grapes of thy vine- 

iard, thou shalt not slean it afterward : It shaH 
e for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for 
the widow. 

98 And thou shalt remember that thou wast a 
bond-man in the land of Eg^pt : therefore I com- 
mand thee to do this thing. , 
SiaUry laws and ordinances. 

IP there be a controversy between men, and 
they come unto judgment, that Misjudges may 
lo^ethem; then tliey shall justify the righteous, 
and condemn the wicked. 
8 And it shall be, if the wicked man hs worthy 
10 be beaten, that the judge shall cause him to 
He down, and to be beaten before his face, ac- 
cording to his fault, by a certain number. 

3 Forty stripes he may give him, and not exceed 
lest i/he should exceed, and beat him above these 
with many stripes, then thy brother should seem 
vile unto thee. 

4 V Thou shalt not muzale the ox when he 
Ireadeth out the com, 

5 If brethren dwell together, and one ef them die 
and have no child, the wife of tlie dead shall not 
oiarry without u^to a stranger : her husband's 
brother shall go in unto her, and take her to him to 

. wife, and perform the duty of a husband's brother 
iknto her. 

(i And it shall be, that the first-born which she 
beareth, shall succeed in the name of his broihec 
wAicJk is dead,that his name be not put out of Israel. 
7 And if the man like not to take his brother's 
wife, then let bis toother's wife go up to the gate 
unto the elders, and say. My husband's brother 
vefuseth to raise up unto his brothel a name in 
Israel, he will not perform the duty of my ' 
btnd's brother. 

UThen the elders of his dty shall caH him, and 
■■r unto him : and if he stand to t(, and say, 
nUe not to take her, 

I Then shall his brother's wife come unto hini 
h the presence of the elders, and loose his shoe 
ftom off his foot, and spit in his face, and sluill 
atswer and ^say. So skall it be done unto that 
■tt that will not build up his broUier't house. 

10 And bit nine sktn b« ealM in Iir*l, TiM 
house ofhbn that hath Ills shoe loosed. 

11 If When men strive together one with ano- 
ther, and the wife of the one draiMreth near for lo 
deliver Iter husband oat of the hand of hUn that 
sniiteth him, and putteth forth bar hand» aad 
taketh falm by the seereis : 

18 Tlien thou shah cut olT her hand, thina «y« 
shall not pity hor. ' 

13 If Thou Shalt not have In thy bag dini» 
weights, a great and a small : 

14 Thou slialt not liave in thy boose divert mea- 
sures, a great and a small : 

15 Ifatthou shalt have a perfect and just weight, 
a perfect and just measure shaU thou liave ; Wol 
thy iays may be lengthened In the land wlilcli 
the 1 ord thy God giveth thee. 

16 For all that do such things, and all that do 
unrighteously, orsan abomhiation unto the Loan 
thy God. < 

17 If Remember what Amatek did unto thee bjr 
the way, when ye were come forth oiit of Egypt ; 

18 How he met thee by the way, and smote tha 
hindmost of thee, own all thai i0«rsfeeble behind 
thee, when thou »a«f foUit and weary: and he 
feared not God. 

19 Therefore It shall be, when the Loan thy 
God hath given thee rest nrom all thlneenemlea 
round about, in the land which tlie Lord thy 
God givetli thee for an inheritance to possess it, 
that ihou shalt blot out the ramenibranceof Ama- 
lek from under heaven ; thou shalt not forgot it, 

Of ofering the Jirst- fruits, 

AND It shall be, when thou art come In unto 
the hind which the Lord thy God giveth 
tliee for an inheritaitce, and possessest It, and 
dwellest therein ; , 

8 That tliou slialt take of the first of all the firult 
of tlie earth, which thou shalt b^ing of thy land 
that the Lord thy God giveth thee, and shalt put tC 
in a basket, aad shaltgo unto the place which the 
Lord UiyGod shall choose to place bis name tliere. 

3 And Ihou shalt go unto the priest tliat shall be 
in t!iose days, and say unto him, I profess this day 
unto ihe Lord tliy God, that I am come unto the 
country which the Lord sware unto our Auhere 
for to five us. 

4 And tlie priest shall uke the basket out of thy 
hand, and set it down before the altar of the 
Lord thy God. 

5 And thou shait speak and say bdbre the Lord 
thy God, A Syrian ready to periah was my fother; 
and he went down into Egypt, and sojourned 
tliere with a few. and became there a nation, 
great, mighty, add popukms : 

6 And the ^yptians evil-entreated us, and af- 
flicted us, and laid upon us hard bondage: 

7 And when we cried untct the Lord God of our 
fathers, the Lord heard our voice, and looked on 
our afflictio», and our labour, and our oppression : 

8 And the Lord brought us forth out of Egypt 
with a mighty band, and with an out-stretched 
arm, and with great terribhmess, and with signs, 
and with wimders; 

S And he liath brought us into this place, and 
linth given us this land, fiven a hind thAt floweth 
Willi milk and lioney. 

10 And now, behold, I have brought the first- 
fniitsof the land, which thon,0 Lord, hast given 
me : and thou shait set it before the Loan thy 
God, and worship before tlie Lord thy God : 

11 And thou 'slialt rejoice in every good thing 
which tlie Lord thy God liath given unto thee, 
and unto thy house, tliou and Uie Levite, and the 
stranger tliat is anmiig you. 

13 T When tlinu hast made an end of tithiag all 
the Utiles of Uiine increase the third year, which 
is tbe,ytar oC.iiihtdg, and hast givjsn it oato (he 

Tki 0O9enmU wia Gfi BEUTEKONOMT. 

Levlte,tbestjraiiger, Uieratherl«fi,and the widow, 
that Uiey may eat within thv gatea, and be 6lled : 

13 Than thou ahalt say before the Lord thy 
God, I have brought away tlie hallowed things 
nut of my house, aud also have given them unto 
the l^evite, and unto the stranser, to the father- 
le«i, and to the widow, aecordtng'to all thy com- 
Miaiidnients which thou hast commanded me : I 
have not transgressed tliy commandmeuts, nei- 
tJier have I forgottea them : 

14 I have not eaten thereof in. my mourning, 
neither have I talcen away mmrJU tliereof for axir 
unclean ««e, nor given aurkt thereof for the 
dead : but 1 have hearkened to tlie voice of the 
Loan my God, anii have done according to all 
that thou haat commanded me. 

15 Look down from thy holv babiution, <Vom 
heaven, and bless thy people Israel, and the land 

^ which thou hastgiven us, as thou swurest unto our 
fathers, a land that floweth with milk andhbney. 

16 ir This day tiie Lord thy God hath com- 
manded thee to do these statutes aAd judgments : 
thou Shalt therefore keen and do them with all 
tJiy heart, and with all ttiy soul. 

17 Tiiou hast avouched the Lord tliis day to 
be thy God, and to walk in his ways, and to keep 
his statutes, and his commandments, and his 
Judgments, and to hearken unto his voice : 

18 And the Lord hath avouched thee this day 
to be his peculiar people, as he hath promised 
thee, and that tkou ahouhiest keep all his com- 
iHandments ; 

19 And to make thee high above all nations 
which he hath mode, in praise, and in name, 
and in honour; and Uiat thou mayest be a h<riy 
people unto the Lord thy God, as he hath spoken. 

The law to bt written on stones. 

A NDMosai with theeldersof Israel command- 
ed the people, saying, Keep all the command- 
mentfl whicli I command you this day. 

3 And it shall be on the day when yo shall pass 
over Jordan unto the land which the Lord thy 
God giveth tliee, tiiat tliou shalt set thee up 
great stones, and plaster them witli irfaster: 

-3 And tho6 shalt write upon them all the words 

of this law, when thou art passed over, that 
tliou mayest go in unto the land which the 
Lord thv God giveth tliee, a land that floweth 
with milk and honey ; as the Lord God of thy 
fathers hath promised tiiee. 

4 Therefore it shall be when ye be gone over 
Jordan, that ye shall set up these stones, which 
1 command you this day, in mount £baj(, and 
thou shalt plaster them with plaster. 

5 And there shalt thou buiM an altar unto the 
Lord thy God^ an altar of stones: thou shalt 
not lid up any iron f4»orupon them. 

6 Thou shalt buikl the altar of the Lord thy 
God of whole stones: and thou shalt offer burnt- 
offerings thereon unto the Lord tliy God : * 

7 And thou shalt offer peace-offerings, and shalt 
eat there, and rejoice before the Lord thy God. 

8 And thou shalt write upon the stones all the 
words of this law, very plainly. 

9 ir And Moses and the pnests the Levity 
•pake unto all Israel, saying, Take heed and 
hearken, O Israel, this day tliou art become the 
people of the Lord thy God. 

10 Thou Shalt therefore obey the voice of the 
IjORd thy God, and do Us commandments and 
bis statutes which I command thee this day. 

MV And Moses charged the people the same 
day, saying, . 
12 These shall stand upon mount Gerizim to 

bless the people, when ye are come over Jordan ; 
Bhneon, ana Levi, and Judah, and Issachar, 
and Joseph, and Benjamin : 
13 And thew aball ttaiid upon mount Ebal to 

71s Mtrset yWfR wmtta KM. 
curse; Reuben, Gad, and Aaber, and Zebulun, 
Dan, and Naphtalt 

14 1 And the Levites riiaO speak, and say unto 
all the men of Israel with a kMid voiee, 

15 Cursed be the man that maketh anv gravea 
or molten image, an abomination unto the Lord. 
the work of the hands of the craftsman, and 
putteth UAaa secret place ; ahd all the people 
shall answer and say. Amen. 

16 Cursed be he that setteth light by his fhtber 
or hisroother : and all the people shaU say. Amen. 

17 Cursed be he that removeth his neighboar*t 
land-mark : and all the people shall say. Amen. 

18 Cursed be he that maketh the blind to wander, 
outoftheway: and all the peopleshallsay, Amen. 

19 Cursed be he that perverteth the judgment 
of the stranger, fatherless, and widow : and all 
the people sliall say. Amen. 

90 Cursed be he that lieth with his fiUher^S 
wife ; becahse he uncovereth his Aither's skirt: 
and all the people shall say. Amen. 

31 Cursed be he that lieth with any manner of 
beast: and all the people shall say, Amen. 

S3 Cursed be he that lieth with his sister. th« 
daughter of his father, or the daughter or hia 
mother : and all the people sliall say. Amen. 

S3 Cursed be he that lieth with his mother-in- 
law : and all the people shall say. Amen. 

24 Cursed be he that sraiteth his neighbour se- . 
cretly : and all the people shall say, Amen. 

S5 Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay anln- 
nocentperson : and all the people shall say. Amen. 

36 Cursed be he tliat connrmeth not a.7 the 
words of this law to do them : and all the peo- 
ple kholl say, Amen. 

CHAP, xxvin, 
Bleseinge promised on obedience. 

AND it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hear- 
ken diligently unto the voice of the Lord 
thy God,, to observe and to do all his command- 
ments which I command thee thts day : that the 
Lord thy God will set thee on high above all 
nations of the earth : 

8 And all tliese blessings shall come on thee, 
and overtake thee, if thou shalt heai'ken unto 
the voice of the Lord thy God. 

3 Blessed shah thou be in the city, and blessed 
shalt thou be in the field. 

4 Blessed shall be the fhiit of tfiy body, and the 
fruitof thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the 
increase of thy klne, and the flocks of thy sheep. 

5 nicsBcd shall be thy basket and thy store. 

6 Blessed shalt thou be when thou coniest in, 
and blessed shalt tliou be when thou goeat out. 

7 The Lord shall cause thine enemies that rise 
up against thee to be smitten before tliy face: 
they shall come out against thee one way, and 
flee before thee seven ways. « 

8 The Lord shall oommand the blessing upon 
thee in thy store-houses,, and in all tliat thou 
settest thy hand unto : and he siiall bless thee in 
the land which the Lord tliy God giveth thee. 

9 The Lord shall establish thee a holy people 
unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, if tliou 
shalt keep the commandments of the Lord tliy 
God, and walk in his ways. 

10 And all people of the earth shall see that 
thou art called by the name of the Lord ; and 
they shall be afraid of thee. 

11 And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in 
goods, iu tiie fruit of Uiy body, and in the fruit 
of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy grounc^ta 
the land which the Lord sware unto thy fatliin 
to give tliee. , 

12 The Lord, shall open unto thee hfa good 
treasure, Uie heaven to give the rain unto thy 
land in his season, and to bless all the work of 
thy hand : and thou shalt lend tinto many na 
thMis, and tbou shah not borrow. 


tUtrsst threatened 

CHAP, xxvin. 

13 And the Lord shall make thee the head, and 
Brtt tJie tail ; and thou shaft be above only, and 
thou Shalt not be beneath ; if that thou hearken 
onto the commandments of tlie Lord thy God. 
which 1 command thee this day, to observe and 
to do them : ' 

14 And tliou Shalt not go aside from any of the 
words which I command thee this day, u the 
right hand or to the left, to go after other gods 
16 serve them. 

15 ^ But it shall come to pass. If thou wUt not 
hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God. to 
observe to do all his commandments and nis 
statutes wltich I command thee this day: that 
all these curses shall come upon thee, and ovef- 
lake thee : 

16 Cursed ekalt thou he In the city, and euraed 
ikidt timu be in tlie Aeld. 

17 Curaed ekall be thy basket and thy store. 

18 Cursed shall be the IVuit of thy body, and 
the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kiue, 
aiid tiie flocks of thy sheep. 

19 Cursed ehalt tliou be when thou comest ii)f 
and cursed ehalt thou be when thou goest out. 

SO The LoRDsliall send upon thee cursing, vexa- 
lion, and rebuke, in all that tlmu settest thy hand 
anto fur to do, until tiiou be destroyed, and until 
Ibon perish quickly : because of the wickedness 
•f thy doings whereby thou hast forsaken me. 

21 The Lord shall make tlie pestilence cleave 


35 The Lord shall smfietJieein the knees, and 
in the legs, with a sore boteh that cannot be 
healed, Oom ttie sole of thy foot luuo the top of 
thy head: 

38 The Lord shall faring thee, and thy king 
which thou shalt set ovur thee, unto a nation 
which neither thuu nor thy flitliers have known : 
and there shalt thou serve other gods, wood and 

37 And tboa riialt become an as t onis hi eM t , 
a proverb, and a by-word, among aU natiiMM 
whither the Lord shall lead thee. 

38 Tlmu ihalt carry much seed out into the 
field, and shalt gather but little In: for the k>can 
shall consume ft. 

Thou shalt plant vhieyardf and dress Ossi, 
but shalt neither drink of the wine, nor gatlier 
tkerrapee: for the worms shall eat tliem. 

40 Tliou siralt have olive-trees throughout att 
thy ctMMts, but thou shalt not anoint Uiyeet/ with 
the oil : for tlilne olive shall camkUfnut, 

41 Thou slialt beget sons and dainhters, bi^c 
tliou shalt not enjoy them : tbt they suall go into 

42 All thy trees aQd (hilt of thy land shall tbo 
locust consume. 

43 The stranger that U withbi thee shall gel 
up above thee vtxy high; and ihou^alt come , 
down very low. 

, 44 He shall lend to thee, and thoushalt not lend to 
■nto thee, until he have consumed tliee from off him the shall be tlie head,and thou shalt be the tall. 

i laud, whither tliou goest to possess it. 

22 The Lord sliall smite thee with a consump- 
tkm, and with a fever, and with an inflamma- 
lioQ, and with an extreme burnine, and with the 
sword, aiul with blasting, and with mildew : aud 
ibey sliall pursue thee until thou perish. 

23 And tliy heaven that xe ove^r thy head shall be 
Wa». and the eartluhnt is under tliee shall be i ron. 

24 The Lord shall make the rain of thy land 
powder and dust: from heaven shall it come 
down upon thee, untfl tliou be destroyed. 

25 The Lord shall cause tl:ee to be siiiltten be- 
fore tliine enemies r thou shalt go out one way 
against them, and flee seven ways before them ; 
and shalt be removed into all tlie kingdoms of 
the eartli. 

26 And thy carcass sliall be meat unto all fowls 
of the air, and unto the beasts of the earth, and 
DO man shall fray them away. 

27 The Lord will smite thee with the botch of 
Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, 
and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be 

28 Tlie XiORD shaii smite thee with madness, 
and blindness, and astonishment of heart : 

9d And thou shalt grope at noon-day, as the blind 
gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in 
thy ways: and timu shalt be only oppressed and 
spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee. 

30 Thou shalt betroth a wife, and another man 
shall lie with her : thou shalt build a house, and 
thou shall not dwell therein : thou shalt phmt a 
vineyard, and shalt not gather the grapes thereof. 

31 Thine ox shall be slain before thine eyes, 
and thou slialt not eat thereof: thine ass shaU 
he violently tiken away' from before tiiy (laco^ 
'and shall not be restored to tliee: thy sheep 
ahall he given umo thine enemies, and ' 
Shalt have none to rescue them. 

38 Thy sons and thy daughters shall he given 
into another people, and thine eyes ^aU look, 
and fail with longing for them all tlie day long : 
mA tkera shall he no might in thy hand. 

33 Ttie fruit of thy land, and all thy labours, shall 
aiMUion which thou kcowest not eat up: and thou 
a*ait be only oppressed and crushed always : 

m So that thou shah be mad for the sigbt of 
tliae eyea which thou shalt soe. 

45 Moreover, all these curses shall come upon 
thee, and sliall pursue thee, and overtake thee, 
till thou be destroyed : because thou hearkenedst 
not unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to keep 
his oomnt-andments and his statutes which lie 
commanded thee. 

46 And they shall be upon thee for a sign and 
for a wonder, and upon thy seed for ever. 

47 Because tliou servedst not the Lord thy God 
with Joyfulness and with gladness of heart, for 
the abundance of all things ; 

48 Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemlee 
which the Lord shall send against thee. In hun- 
ger, and hi thirst, and in nakedness, and in want 
of all things : and he shall put a yoke of Iroli 
upon thy neck, until he have destroyed thee. 

49 The Lord shall bring a nation against tliee 
from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as 
the eagle flieth, a nation whose tongue thou shall 
not understand ; 

50 A nation of fierce countenance, which shall 
not regard tlie person of the old, nor shew favour 
to the young : 

51 And he shall eat the fruit of thy cattle, and 
the fruit of tliy land, until thou be destroyed : 
which also shall not leave tliee either com, wine, 
or oil, or the Increase of thy kine, or flocks of thy 
sheep, until he have destroyed thee. 

52 And he shall besiege^ee in all thy gates, until 
thy high and fenced walls coipe down, wherein 
thou trustedst, throughout all thy land : and he 
shall beside tiiee in all thy nites tliroughout all 
thy land which the Lord thy God hathgiven thee. 

53 And thou shalt cat the fruit of thine own 
body, the flesh of thy sons and of tliy daugbtcm 
which the Lord thy t*od hath given thee, in 
the siege and in the straitness wherewith thine 
enemies shall distress thee : 

54 So that the man that is tender among you. 
and very delicate, his eye shall be evil toward 
his brother, and toward the wife of his bosom, 
and toward the remnant of his ciiiklrcn which 
be shall leave: 

55 So that ho will not give to any of them of 
the flesh of his children whom he shall eat: be- 
cause he hath nothing left liim in the siege ami 
in the straitness wherewith thine enemies shall 
distress thee in ail thy gates 

M The t«nder and delieate WOMM among ycHiv 
whicli would U(H advenuire to let the Mrie of her 
fool upon tite ground Tor delicatenaM and teu 
demeast hureyeihall be evil toward the husband 
of her boaotti, and toward ber ton, and toward 
her daughteTt 

57 And toward her joung one that eometh out 
from between her feet, and toward her ehildnm 
which she shall bear : for she shall eat theui for 
want of all atii^« secretly in the siege and strait- 
nesii wherewith thine enemy sliall dlstreas thee 
ia tliy gaces. 

58 If thou wilt not observe to do all the words 
of this law tJiat are written in tliis book, that 
tliou maycat fear this glorious and fearAil name 

59 Then the Lord will niaJce thy plagues won- 

derful, and the plagues of thy seed, svea great 
plaguei, and of long eoatinuance, and sore sick- 
nesses, and of long continuance. 

fiO Moreover, lie will bring upon tiiee all the 
diseases of Egypu trhkb thou wast afraid of; 
and they shall cteave unto diee. 

81 A Iso every sickness,and every plague which is 
not written in the book of tliis law. them will the 
Loan bring upon thee, until thou i»o destroyed. 

63 And ye shall be left few in number, whereas 
ye>were as the stars of heaven for multitude j be- 
cause thou wouldest not obey tJie voice of the 
Lord thy God. 

(i3 And it shall come to pass, tkMt as tlie Lord 
rejoiced over vou to do you good, and to nmlti- 
ply you ; so '^e Lord wlU rejoice over you to 
destroy you and to bring you to nought ; aiul ye 
sJinll be plucked flrom <^the land whither thou 

DEUTERONOMY. Ot^s t^muaU wiA ftrmL 

7 A nd when ye cane unto this place, Siboa thfl 
kirtgof Heshbon, and Og the kingof Bashan, camt 
out against us unto battle, and we smote tliemt 

8 Au«t we look their land, and gave It for an 
ioh^itance urtto the Reubeultes, and tp the Gad- 
iies, ami to the half-tribe of Manasseh. 

Keep therefore the words of this covenant, 
and do them, that ye may prosper in all tliat ye do. 

10 II Ve stand tbi«day ali of you before the Lord 
your God ; your captains of your tribes, your el- 
ders, and your officers, with all the men of Israel, 

1 1 Your little ones, your wives, and thy Strang^ 
that i« ill tliy camp. Aom the hewer of thy wood, 
unu> the drawer ot thy water: 

12 Tiiat tliou shoiildest enter into covenant 
with the Lord thy Gml, and into his oath, which 
tlie Lord tiiy God maketh wiUi iltee tills day : 

13 That he may establish thee ui-day for a people 
anto himself, and that he may be unto thee a God, 
as he hath said unto tliee, and as he liatli sworn un- 
to tliv fathers, tn Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob. 

14 NeiUier with you only do 4 make this cove- 
nant and thib oath ; 

15 But with him thatstandeth here with us this 
day before the Lord our God, and also with kirn 
tliat it not iiere witli vu this day : 

Ifi (Foi'ye know iiow we have dwelt In the land 
of i^pt ; and how we cRiue through the nations 
which ye iiassed by ; 

17 And ye have seen their abominations, and 
their idols, wood and stone, silver and gold, 
which were aiiuiiig them :) 

18 Lest tliere Hhoiihl be among you man, or wo- 
man, or f)Utiily, or trilie, whose heart tumeth 
away this day from the Lord our God, to go and 
serve tlie gods of these nations ; lest there should 
be among y<iu a root that beareth gall and worm- 
wtMtd ; 

19 And it come to pass, when he heareth the 
words of this cnrse, that he bless himself in Ills 
heart, saying, I shall have peace, tlmugh I walk 
in the iiiiitninntiim of my heart, to add drunken- 
less to thirst: 
90 The Lord will not spare him, but then tho 

anger of tlie Lord and his jeatousy sliall smoke 
against that man, and all the curses that are 
written in this biuik shall lie upon him, and the 
Lord shall blot out Ma name from under lieaven. 
31 And the Lord shall separate him unto evil 

goest to possess it. 

(H And the Lord shall scatter thee Simong all 
|)cople from the one end of tlic earth even unto 
the other ; and there thou sha]^8erve other gods, 
which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, 
even wood and stone. 

(15 And among these nations shall thou find no 
ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: 
,lmt Uie Lord shall give tliee there a trembling 
'heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind. 
i<CG Arid thy life shall hang in doubt before thee : 
niid tliou Shalt fear day and night, and sliolt have 
none assiirimce of thy life : 

07 In the morning thou siialt say. Would God 

it w6re even ! and at even thou shaltsay. Would , out of all the tribes of Israel according to all the 
God it were morning ! for the fear of thy heart curses of the coyeiiant that arc written in UiAa 
wlierewith thou shall fear, and for the sight of] book of the law : 
tliine eyes which thou shall see. 38 So tJiut the generation to come of your chll- 

6Q And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt|dren that shall rise up after you, and the stranger 
again with ships, by the way whereof I spake that shall come from a far land, shall say, when 
unto thee. Thou sliall see it no more again : and I they see the plagues of that land, and the sick- 
there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for buml- . .. 

men and bond-women, and no man sliall buy yon 


jfn exhortation to obedience, 

THESE ore the words of the covenant which 
the Lord commanded Moses to make with 
tlie children of Israel in the land of Moab, besides 
the covenant whicii he made with iheiii in llnreb. 

2 IT And Moses called unto all Israel, and said 
vnto them. Ye have seen all that the Loan did lie- 
fore your eyes in the land of Egypt unto Pharaoh, 
And unto all his servants, and unto all his land ; 

3 Tlie great temptations which thine eyes have 
Men, the signs, and those great miracles : 

4 Yet the Lord hath not given you a heart to 
perceive, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, unto 
this day. 

5 And 1 have led you forty years In the wilder- 
ness: your clothes are not waxen old upon you, 
and tliy shoe Is not waxen old upon thy foot. 

6 Ye have not eaten broad, neither have ye 
dnink wirite or strong drink : that ye m^ght know 
ilMt I Ml the Lord yotir Qed. 

which the Lord hath laid upon it; 
93 ^nd that the whole land thereof ts brimstone, 
and salt, and burning, that it is not sown, nor 
beareth, nor aiiy grass groweth therein, like tlie 
overthrow of Sodom, mid Gomorrah, Adniah, 
and Zeboim, which the Lord overthrew in hki 
angpr and in his wrath : « 

34 Even all nations shall say. Wherefore hath 
the Lord done thus unto tills land 1 whatmeajt- 
eth the heat of this great anger I 

35 Then men shall sav, Because they have for- 
sakeii tlie covenant of tlie Lord God of their 
fathers, which he made with them when he 
brought them forth out of the land of Egypt: 

36 For they went and served otiier gods, and 
worshiptied them, gods whom they knew not, 
and whom lie hao not eiven unto them : 

37 And the anger of the Lord was kindled 
aiaiiMt this land, to bring upon it all the curaei 
that are written In tliis book : 

38 And tlie Loan rooted tliero out of their land 
in anger and in wrath, and in great Indignatloiii 

into anoUier land, aa j« M Uiia day. 

I4fii and iMU stt k^ort iktm. CHAP. XXX, XXXI. MtMi tiumar§gtth Mtkum 

9a Tile ^ret tkmff» heUmg uato Ibe Lord ourfaiU that tiioti mayot obcjr his Toke, and tkM 

God : but those thing* wkiek mrt revealed ielong 
unto ut, aiid to our children for ever, that w 
•lay do all the words df this law. 
, . CHAP. XXX. 

^treiet to tkepmitent. 

AND It shall come to pass,* when an these 
things are come upon thee, the blessing and 
the curse, which I have set before thee, and thou 
Shalt call tA*m to mind among all the nationa 
whither the Lord thy God ham driven thee, 

2 And slialt return unto the Lord thy Ood, and 
rtall obey ills voice according to all that I com- 
mand thee this day, thou and thy children, with 
all thy heart, and with all thy aoul ; 

3 That then the Lord thy God will turn thy cap- 
tivity, and have compassion upon thee, and wilt 
return and gather thee from all the aationa 
whither the Lord tliy Ood hatli scattered thee. 

4 If anj of thine be driven out unto the utmost 
pmrts of heaven, from thence will the Lord thv 
God gather thec^aud from thence will he fetch 

5 And the Lord thy God will bring thee into 

thou mayestcleavenatobim (forheutby Hfe,aiid 
the length of thy days) that thou mayest dwell in 
the land whieh the Lord aware unto thy Ikthen, 
to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jaco^ to rive ikem. 
Moset •neouragetk tktpmpU. 

AND Moses went and spake thasa wofda oato 
aU Israel. • 

S And he said unto then, I m a bmidred and 
twenty years old tMs day ; 1 can no more go out 
and come in: also the Lord hath said onto met 
Thou Shalt not go over this Jordan.' 

3 The Lord thy God, he wiU go over befbre 
thee, and he willdestroy these natloasfhNn before 
thee, and thou shah possess them : and Joshua be 
shall go over before thee, as the Lord hath aald. 

4 And the Lord shall do unto them aa be did 
to Sihon, and to Og, kings of the Amoritea, and 
unto the land of them, whom he destroved. 

5 And the Lord shall give them np before youi 
face, that ye may do onto them according unto all 
thecommandmentswbkh I havecommandedyoa. 

6 Be stronff aiulof agoodeourdge, fear not, no» 

bring t , , ^., , ._ 

tlie land which thy fathers possessed, and thou: be a/hild of them: for the Lord thy God. be t< t* 
Shalt possess it r and he will do thee good, andj that dotli go with thee, be will not fail tbee, nor 
multiply thee above thy fathers. . forsake thee. 

8 And the Lord thy Gpd'will circumcise thy 7 If And Moses called unto Joshua, and said 
heart, and Uie heart of thy seed, to love the Lord unto him in the sight of all larael, Be strong and 
Uiy God with all thy biean, and witli all thy soul,; of a good courage: for thou must go with tbia 
that tliou mayest live. I people unto the land which the Lord bath sworn 

7 And the Lord tiiy God wiH put all theaecurses unto their fatliers to give them; and tbou abalk 
n|ion tliine enemies, and on them that hate thee, cause them to inherit it. 

which persecuted thee. | 8 A nd the Lord, be »!»• that doth go before tbee; 

8 And tliou Shalt return and obey the voice of he will be with thee, be will not Ikil tbee, nei- 
ihe Lord, and do all his commandments which ther forsake thee: fear not, neither be dlsoMyed. 
1 command thee this day. 9 IT And Moses wrote this law. aiul delivered it 

9 And tlie Lord thy God will make thee plen-l unto the priests thesons of Levi, which bare the 
teous in ^very work of tliy hand. In tlie (hiit of ark of the covenant of the Lord, and unto all 
thy body, and in the A-uitof thy cattle, and in the, the elders of Israel. 

fhiit of thy land, for good: for the Lord will | . 10 And Moses commanded them, aaying, At th« 
again r^oice over thee for good, as he rejoiced; end of sesry seven years, In the solemnity of the 
over thy fathers : year of release, in uie feast Of tabernacles, 

10 If thou Shalt hearken unto the voice of thej 11 When all Israel is come to bppear before the 
Lord thy God, to keep his commandments and Lord thy God in the place which beshall choose, 
his sututes which are written in this book of the thou shal£ read this law before all larael in their 
law, ojid if. thou turn unto the Lord thy God. hearing. 

with all thy heart and with all thy soul. | 18 Gather the people together, men, and wo- 

1 1 V For this commandment which I command' men, and childrmi, and thy stranger that u with- 
Uiee this day, it is not bidden from thee, neither. In thy gates, that they may hear, and that tb^ 
w It far off. I may learn, and fear the Lord your God^and oIh 

IS It U not In heaven, that thou shonldest say, serve to do all the words of this law: 
Who shall go up fur us to heaven, and brine ^t ^^ ^nd tkut tlieir children which have bo| 
unto us, that we may hear it, and do ill known, any things may bear, and learn to fear 

13 Neither M it beyond thesea, that thoushould-' the Lord your God, aaloiig as ye live in the 
est sav. Who shall go over the sea for us, and land whither ye go over Jordan to poseep it. 

bring It unto us, tliat we may hear it, and do itii 14 IT And the Lord said unto Moses. Behold, 

14 But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy' thy days aoproai^ that thou must die: call 

mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it. Joshua, and pr^^nt yourselves in thetabemad« 

luiuiii, aiiu III uijr iicai ^ uim uivu luujrcBiuii lu «wbiiu«, miu pivociw jrwurseivcB iii uiv tai^rua^fO 

15 !I See, 1 have set before thee this day lifeiof thecongrq^tion,thatImaygivehimacharge. 
ind good, and death and evil ; And Moses and Joshua went and presented 

16 In that I command thee this day to k>ve! themselves in the tabernacle of the congregation 

I day to k>ve! themselves in the tabernacle of the congregation 
the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, and to! 15 And the Lord appeared In the tabernacle 
keep his commandments, and his statutes, and In a plHar of a cloud: and the pillar of tile cloud 
bis judgments, that thou mayest live and multi- stood over the door of the tabernacle, 
ply : and the Lord thy God shall bless tbee in 
tlie land whither thou goest to possess it. 

17 But if thy heart turn away, so that thou 
wilt not hear, but sh^lt be drawn away, and 
worship other gods, and serve them; 

48 I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall 
fiirety perish, and that ye shall not prolong yoar 
dajm upon tiie land, fvhither thou pasaest over 
Jordan to go to possess it 

19 I call heaven and earth to record this day 
against you, that I have set before you life and 
death, blewlng and cursing: therefore choose 
life, that both thou and thy seed may live: 

iO Tbat-ttaou mayest love the Lord thy God, 

16 And the Loaosaid unto Moses, Behold, thou 
Shalt aleep with thy fathers, and this peopiewill 
rise up, and go a whoring after the gods of tlie 
strangers of the land, whither they go to *s 
among them, and will forsake me, and break 
my covenant which I have made with them. 

17 Then my anger shall be kindled against then 
in that day, and I will forsake them, and I will 
hide my fhce from them, and tliey shall be de- 
voured, and many evils and troubles shall befall 
them, so that they will say in that day, Are Ml 
these evils come upoa ut, because our God ia 
not among usT 

18 AiMl I WiU surely bide my Ibce In that day 

JbMt* «•»#, wktek $Httth forth 
Ibr all ihe cvfte whieti they shall have wrQitght, 
In that tliey are turned unto other gods. 
J9 Nnwjherefore write ye this song for yon, 
and teach It the ehlfalren of Israel : put ii in 
Uietf nioutlif, that this song may he a witness 
for nie against the ciiildren of Israel. 

50 For when I shall have brought th«n Into 
Uie land which I sware unto their fathers, that 
lloweth with%nilk and honey; and they shall 
have eaten andWilcd themselves, and waxen 
fat; then will tliey turn unto other gods, and serve 
them, and provoke me, and brealc my covenant. 

51 And It shall come to pass, when many evils 
•nd troubles are beftUlen them, Uiat this song 
•hall testify against them as a witness: for it 
•hall not be forgotten out of the moutlis of their 
•eed : for I know their imagination which they 

K) about, even now, before I have brought tlma 
to the land which I mnx^ 

SS If Moses therefore wrote this song the same 
day, and taught it the children of Israei. 

S3 And he gave Joshua the son of Nun a charge, 
and said. Be strong and of a good courage: for 
Ibou Shalt bring the children of Israel into the land 
which I sware rnito ^hem : and I wHt be with thee. 

9i K And it came tQ pass, when Moses had 
made an end of writing the words of this law in 
9 book, until tliey were flriished* 

55 That Moses commanded the Levites whteh 
bare tlie ar)c of the covenant of the Lord, saying, 

56 Take this book of the hiw, atod put it in the 
aide of the ark of the covenant of the Loan your 
Godjthat it may be tliere for a witness against thee. 

97 For I know thy rebellion, and thy stiflTneck: 

DEUTER6nOMT. Osd^ a up cf iwt g*n ^« i te> . 

ted hhn, he kept him as the apple of his eye. 
II As an eagle stirreth up her nest, flutteretb 
over her young, sprea^eth abroad her wings, 
taketh them, beareth thedi on her wings ; 
IS 5* the Loan alone did lead him, and Ofr* 
wa* no strange god with liim. 

13 He made hiui ride on the high pitces &f the 
earth, that he might eat the increase of the 
fields ; and he made him to suck honey out of 
tlie rock, and oil out of the flhity roclt ; 

14 Butter of kine, and milk or sheep, with (kt 
of lambs, and rams of tlie breed of Baidian, and 
goats, with the fiit of kidneys of wheat ; and 
thou didst drink^the pure blood of the grape. 

15 IT But Jeshurun waxed fbt, and kicked : thou 
art waxen Ait, thou art grown thick,thou art cover- 
ed witkfatnes9: then be forsook God which made 
hlmuind lightlyesteemed theRock of his salvation. 

16 They provoked him to Jealousy with strange 
fodtt with abominations provoked they him to 

17 They sacriUced unto devihr, not to Ctod ; to 
gods whom they knew not, to new fods that came 
newly up, whom your flitJiers'fcared iiot. 

18 Of the Rook that begat thee thou art unmind- 
Ail, and hast forgotten God that formed thee. 

19 And when the Lord saw ft, he abhorred 
th«m^ becausje of the* provoking of his sons, and 
of his daughters. 

90 And he said, I will hide my fbce fW>ni them, I 
will see what their end shaU be: for Uiey are a very 
iVoward generalionrchildreuin whom is no fkitJi. 

91 They have moved me to Jealousy with that 
which t« not God ; they have provoked me to an^ 

how much more after my death 1 

98 Gatlicr u^itomeall the elders of yoiur tribes, 
and your officers, that I may speak these words in 
tlieir ears, and call heaven and earth to record 
against tlienK 

99 For I know that after my death ye will utter- 
ly corrupt fnrselvety and turn aside ftrom the 
way which 1 have commanded you; and evil 
will befad you In the lattier days; because ye 
will do evil In the sight of the Lord, to provcMce 
liim to anser tlirough the work of your hands. 

30 And Moses spake in the ears of all the con- 
gregiitlon of Israel the words of this song until 
they were ended. 


7%« 80n£ 9f Mo»tM. 

GIVE ear, O ye heavens, and I will speak; 
and hear, O earth, thewords of my mouth. 
9 My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech 
shall distil as theoew, as the small rain upon the 
tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass: 

3 Because 1 wilt publish the name of the Lord: 
ascribe ye greatness unto our Cod. 

4 He is tne Rock, his work is perfect: for all 
his ways am Judgment : a Crod of truth and with- 
out iniquity, Jwn and right it he. i 

5 They have corrupted thenmelves, their spot 
is not the spot of his children: they are a per- 
verse and crooked generatton. 

fi Dp ye thus requite the Lord, O foolish people 
andVnwise 1 is not he thy father (Aat hath bought 
thee ? hath he not made thee,and established theel 

7 IT Remember the days of old, consider the years 
of many generations : ask thy father, and he will 

behold, while I am yet alive with you this day. ger with tlieir vanities: and I will move them to 
ye have been rebellious against tlie Lord ; and jealousy with Uose which t^e not a people ; I 

will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation. 
,93 For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall 
torn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume 
the earth with her increase, and set on fire the 
foundations of the mountains. 

93 I will heap mischiefti upon them ; I will 
spend mine arrows upon them. 

94 They shall he burnt with hunger, and devonr- 
ed with burning heat, and with bitter destruc- 
tion : I wiH also send the teeth of beasts upon 
them, with the poison of serpents of the dust. 

95 The sword without, and terror, witiiin, shall 
destroy both the young man and the virgin, the 
sucklhig also with the man of gray hairs. 

96 I said, I woul(J| scatter thettj into comers, I 
would make the remembrance of them to cease 
from among men ; 

97 Were It not that I feared the wrath of the 
enemy.lest their adversaries should behave them, 
selves strangely, and lest they should say, Oiir 
hand is high, and the Lord hath not done all this. 

98 For they art a nation void of counsel, neither 
is there any understanding in them. 

S9 Oh that they were wfse. that they understood 
this, aol they would consider their latter end ! 

30 How should one chase a thouMnd, and two 
put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had 
sold them, and the Lord had shut tliem upl 

31 For their rock w not as our Rock, even our 
enemies themselves ieinr Judges: 

32 For their viae is of the vine of Sodom, and 
of the fields of Gomorrah: tlieir grapes art > 
grapes of gall, their clusters ere hitter : 

33 Thehr wine is the poison of dragons, andthe 
cruel venom of asps. 

34 Ts not this laid up in store with mc, and 

«2®J51*ce ; thy eldcra, and they will tell thee. 

8 When the Most High divided to the nations «^ .. ..„. „.„ .„.„ „,, ,„ .»„., 
uielr inlteritance, when he separated the sons of sealed up among my treasures! 
Adam, he set the bounds of the people accord- -"" 
'»« to the number of the children of Israel. 

» For the Lord's porUon is his people : Jacob 
<» the lot of his inheritance. 
JO He found him in a desert land, and in the waste 
■AwiingwUdemea; heledh|mabouAbein>truc- 

35 To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence: 
their foot shall slide in dne time : for the day of 
their calamity is at hand, and the things that 
shall come upon them make haste. 

36 For the Lord sliall Judge his people.and repeal 
hUaaelf for his servants ; when he siBetli that their 


tmtii^UmmaitJM*. CHAP. XZXm, XXZIV. 


f wcr iigoaft, md thtrt fa none ilmt np. or ^ 

37 And he shall say, Where arf their gods, 
tfc0rr rock in whom thef trusted, 

38 Wbkh did eat the fat c»f their saerMcea, cud 
drank the wine of their drink-oflferingsT Jet tliein 
riffe up and help you, mnd be your protection. 

39 See now that f . ev«n I am be, and tkert ig Ao 
fod with me : I kill,' and I make alive ; I wound, 
and I heal : neither i» tker§ any tliat can deUrer 
dot of my hand, 

40 For I Ufl tip ay hand to heaven, and say, I 
Hve Ibr ever. 

4t If I whet my glitterins sword, and my hand 
take hold on Judgment ; 1 wall render vengeance to 
mine enemim, and will reward tliem that hate me. 

4S 1 will make mine arrows drunk with Mood, 
tad my sword shall devour flesh ; cud that with 
the blood of the slain and of the captives from 
the beginning of revenges upon the enemy. 

43 Rejoice, O ye nations, with his people: (br 
be will avenge the blood of his servants, and 
will render vengeance to his adversaries, and 
will be merciful unto liis land, and to his people. 

44 IT And Moses came and spake all the words 
of this song in the ears of the people, he and 
Hoehea the son of Nun. 

45 And Moses made an ^d of tpcaUng all 
Ihese words to all Israel : 

4t And he said unto tliem, Set your hearts un 
l> all the words which F testify among you this 
day, which ye shall command your children to 
thserve to do, all tlie words of this law. 

47 For it it not a vain thing for you : because 
k is your life; and tlirough this thing ye shall 

K>long your days in the land whither ye go over 
rdan to possess it 

48 Ami tlie Loud spake unto Moses that aelf- 
lame day, saying, 

49 Get thee up into this mountain Abarim, nnU 
mount Nebo, which is In tlie land of Moab, that 

and thy Urtaa>« with thy holy oM,i 

didst prove at Maasah, mnd wiU whom tboadUai 
strive at the waters of Meribah ; 

9 Who said unto his flither and to his mother, I 
have not seen him, neither did he acknowledfM 
his brethren, norknew hlsown ehiklren : ,fbr they 
have observed thy word, and kept thy covenant. 

10 They shall leach Jacob tliy judgments, and 
Israel thy law ; they shall pot incoisc before theoi 
and whole burnt sacrifice upon Uiine altar. 

11 Bless, Lord, his substance, and accept tho 
work of his hands \ smite throufh tht hmia of 
them that rise aiainst bim, and ofthem that hate 
him, that tliey rise not again. 

12 V And of Benjamin he said. The betoved of 
the Lord shall dwell in safety by him ; and Os 
LORD shall cover him all the day long, andjie 
shall dwell between his shoulders. 

13 IT Andof Joseifli hesaM, Bietfed of the Lord 
he his land, for the precious things of heaven, fivt 
the dew, and fbr the deep that coucheth beneath, 

14 And for the predoits firults hrwgkt forth by 
the sun, and for the precious things pu^ forth by 
the moon, 

15 And for the chief things of the ancient moun- 
tain8.and fbr the precious things ofthelastinghills. 

16 And for tlie precious things of the eartn and 
fulnem thereof, and /or tJie good will of him tliat 
dwelt in the bush : let the bleeeing- come upon 
the liead of Joseph, and upon the top of the head 
of him that was separated Hrom his brethren. 

17 His glory i§ like the firstling of his bullock, 
and his hornssrs Uketiie horns of unicorns : with 
them he shall push the people togetlier to the ends 
of the earth : and they are the ten thousands of 
Ephraim,and tlievore Uie thousa nds of M anasseh. 

18 V And of Zebulun he said, Rejoice, Zebulun, 
in thy going out'; and Issacliar, in thy tents. 

19 They shall call the people unto the mouniain ; 
there they shall ofTer sacrifices of righteousno 

Canaan which I give imto the children of Israel 
for a posseasion : 

5C And die In the mount whither thou goest up, 
and be gathered unto thy people ; as Aaron thy 
brother died In mount Hor, and was gathered 
«mo hb people : 

51 Because ye trespassed against me among the 
children of Israel at the waters of Meribah-Ka- 
desh, in the wilderness of Ziu ; because ye sancti- 
fied me not In the midst of tlie children of Israel. 
58 Yet thou slialt see tlie land before tkee^ but 
thou Shalt not go thither unto the land wtnch I 
dve the children of Israel. 

CHAP, xxyin. 

Moees bleesetk the tribes. 

AND this is the blessing wherewith Moses the 
man of God blessed the children of Israel 
before his death. 
S And he said, The Lord came from Sinai, and 
Toscup from Seir unto them ; he shined forth 
from mount Parah, and he came with ten thou- 
sands of saints : fVom bis right hand went a 
lleiy law for them. 

3 Yea, he loved the people ; all his saints are 
hi tiiy hand : and tliey sat down at thy feet ; 
•aerv 91M shall receive of thy words. 

4 Moses commanded us a law ; even the inheri- 
tance of the congresation of Jacob. 

5 And he was king In Jesliurun, when the 
heads of tlie people and the tribes of Israel were 
gathered together. 

6 V Let Reuben live, and not die ; and let not 
Us men be few. 

711 And thSnis thebiessinf of Judah: and hesaid, 
Btmtf Lord, the voice or Judah, and bring him 
lato his people: let his bands be sufAcieiit for 
Mb, and be thou a help to him from his enemies. 

1 1 And of Levi he raid, Let thy Tbumtnim, 

is over against Jericlio ; and behold the land of for they shall suck of tite abundance of the 

seas, and of treasures hid in the sand. 

90 IT And of Gad he said. Blessed be ha that en- 
largeth Gad : he dwelleth as a lion, and teareth 
the arm with the crown of the head. 

SI And he provided the first part for himself, 
because there, in a portion of the lawgiver, was 
he seated : and he came with the heads of the 
people, he executed the justice of the Lord, 
and his judgments with Israel. 

S3 H And of Dan he said, Dan is a lion's whelp > 
he Shan leap from Bashan. 

S3 ir And pf Napbtali he said. O NaphtaH, satis- 
fied with favour, and full with the blessing of 
the Lord, possess thou the west and tlie south. 

34 ir And of Asher he said, /^etAsher be blessed 
with children ; let him be acceptable to his bre« 
tbren, and let him dip his foot in oil. 

^ Thy shoes shall be iron and brass ; and aa 
thy days, so shall thy strength be. 

S6 If There is none like unto the God of Jeshu- 
run, who lideth upon the heaven in thy helpt 
and in his excclleikcy on the sky. . 

87 The eternal God is thy refuge, and under- 
neath are the everlasting arms: and he shall 
thrust out the enemy from- before thee ; and 
shall say. Destroy them. 

38 Israel then shall dwell in sfifety alone ; the 
fountain of Jacob shall be upon a land of com 
and wine, also his heavens shall drop down dew. 

89 Happy art thou, O Israel : who is like unto 
thee, O people saved by the Lord, the shield pf 
thy help, and who is the sword of thy excellency ! 
and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee ; 
and thou shait tread upon their high places. 
Moses vieweth the promised land. 

AND Moses went up from the plains of Moab, 
unto tlie mountain of Nebo, to the top of Pi»- 



«XmAhA MMMlrfMft JUm 

tall, timt /• fiir«ri«iilfMt JoHcha: Md iht Low 
riwwed tiitn all thft hind nf GilmMl, nmn Dan, 

5 And all Naplitall, and tJi« land of Eplirain, 
and Manaweli, and aH the land of Judali, unto 
the tttnMMi tea, 

3 And the eoutb, and the plain of the vallejr of 
Jericho, the eity nf pahn-treee, unto Zoar. 

4 And the Loan said unto him, This i* the land 
which I tware .unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and 
unto Jncob, sayinf , I will five it unto thy seed : 
1 have cauited thee to see it with thine eyes, but 
thou Shalt not go over thitlier 

A H So Moms the servant of the Loan died 
there in the land of Muab, aoconling to the word 
of the Loan. 

6 H And he buried Mm in a valley In the land 
of Moab, over afainut Betli-peor: but no man 
knoweth of his sepulchre unto tliis day. 

7 1 And Modes was a hundred and twenty 

years otfwlMa ha died: Ms eft waa aot diait 
nor his natural force abated., 
e V And the children of Israel wept for Moaet 
in tlie plains of Moab thirty days^ aa the daya 
of weepinf «»d moumlnf for Moses were ended. 

9 H And Joshua the son of Nun was full of lift 
spirit of whwiom ; for Moses had hiid his haadi 
upon him . and tlie children of Israel heariiened 
unto him, and did as tlie Loan commanded Mosea. 

10 V And tliere aroff<> not a prophet since la 
Israel like unto Moses, whom the Loaa knew 
face to face, 

11 In all the sifna and the woodera whidi the 
l^an sent him to do in the land of Egypt la 
Pharaoh, and to all bis servanta, and to sll bia 

IS And in alt that mighty band, and In all tha 
great terror whteli Moaes shewea in the sight of 
all Israel. 

.TtghuM 9ucesedtth Jlhstt* 

NOW after tlie death of Moses, the , 
of the Loan, It came to pass, that the Loan 
apake unto Joshua the son of Nua, Moaet* aiio- 
isler, sasring, 

9, Moses my servant is dead ; now therefore 
arise, go over tliis Jordan, thou and all this peo- 
ple, unto the land which I do live to them, svsn 
to the chiklren of Israel. 

3 Every place \hat tlie sole of your foot shall 
4read upon, that have I given unto you, aa I 
aald unto Moses. 

4 Prom tlie wUdcmeas and this Lebanon even 
unto the great river, the river Euphrates, ail the 

ir T*a B0ok of JOSHUA, 

' 15 Until the Loaa have given your brethrefl 
rest, as ke ktk gmen you, and they also hava 
poaaeaied the land which the Loaa your God 
givelh tliem : then ye shall return unto the land 
of your p o s se s si on, and enjoy iL which Moses 
the Loao*s servant gave you on this side Jordan 
toward the sun-rising. 

16 IF And tliey answered Joshua saying, AU 
that tiiou comniandest -us, we will do, and 
whithenoever thou sendcat us, we will go. 

17 According as we liearkeiied unto Aioses in 
all things, so will we hearken unto tliee : only tlie 
Loaa thy God be with thee, as he was with Moaea. 

18 Whosoever he t» that doth rebel acniiist thy 
GOBUiiandment, and wift not heairken unto thy 

land of (he lliitites, and unio the great sea toward words in all that thou conmiaiuiest him, he sliall 
the giiing down <»f the sun, shall be your coast [be put to death : only be strong and of a good 

6 Tliere shall not any man be able to stand be- 
fore thee all the days of tiiy life : aa I was with 
Mosea,. M I will be with thee: I will not fall 
thee, nor forsake thee. 

6 Re strong and of a good courage : for iinto tliis 
peoiile siialt thou divide foif an hilierliance tiie 


Rakat reetivetk the sptet. 

AND Josliua the sou of Nun sent out of Shit- 
tini two men to spy secretly, saying. Go 
view tiie land, even Jericho. And they %vent, 

laud which I sware unto itietrfathemiogive them. I and came into a harlot's house, named Rahab, 

7 Only be tluHi strong and very courageous, that and lodged tliere. 

thou iuav<wt observe t4Mtoacc4irdin| to all tlie law I 2 And it was told the king of Jericho, saying, 
which Moves my servant ciMiiiiiaiided thee: turn ' Behold, there came men in liitheV to-night of ilie 
not fhini It to tlie right hand or <« the teft, thatjcliildren of Israel, ut search out the country. 
Ihoii niayest prosper %vliitli«rM>ever tliou goest. | 3 And the king of Jeficlio sent unto Rahab, 

9 TMs book ol the law shall not deiiart out of jsaying, Bring forth the men that are come to 
thy iiiouUi ; hut iliou slialt meditate therein day ; thee, which are entered into tliy house: for tbey 
kud night, Una thou niayest idMurve to do ae-,be come to search out all the country, 
cording to all that is written tlierein: for tlien' 4 And tlie woman took the two men, and hid 
ihou sliall make thy way prosperous and tluiii them, and said thus, IMicre came uien unto me, 
lhou> Shalt have good success. Ibut I wist not wlieiice tJiey tetre : 

9 Have wH I commanded tliee 1 Be strong and | 5 And it came u> pass tib0ut the time of shutting 
of a giNMl courage; be not a^aid, neither be Uhmi of thega4e, wlien it was dark, that tlie men went 
dismayed: for the Intao thy God ts with theejout: whither the men went, 1 wot not: pursue 
wliitliersoever thou goest. after them quickly ; for ye shall overtake Uiem. 

10 ^1 Then Jiwhua dunimanded tlie olficen oft 6 But slie had brought iImvi up to the roof of 
the people, saying, jthe luuise, and hid them wltli tlie stalks of flax, 

11 Pass throuch tlie host and command the, which siiu had laid in order ii|iou the roof, 
people, saying. Prepare you victuals; for witliin| 7 AihI the uien pursued after them the way to 
three days ye shall |iass over this Jordan, to go Jordan unto the fords: and as soon as they 
In to possess the land which tlie Loan your God which |iursued after iliem were gone out, they 

oil to possess It. 
'IS M And to the Reubenitas, and to t>e Gaditea, 
and to half the tribe of Manasseh, spake Joslma, 

13 RiHuember the word which Mfises the ser- 
vant of tlie Loan couiiuaiidcd you, saying, The 

shut the gate. 

8 IT And htiCote they were lain ddwn, aho c 
up umo tlioui ii|ion tlie nMif : 

And she said unui the meh, I know that t^e 
Loan hath given you ilie hiitd, aiul that yon| 
terror is fallen uptui us, and tliat all the intiMd* 

Lban yuhr God hath given you rest, andluitli.tanis of the hiiid faint because of you. 
given you this land. j 10 For we have heard Imw tlie Lord dried up tha . 

14 Your wives, your little oues, and your cattle |wat«!r of tlie R«^ sea ti»r you, when ye came oat ' 
Aall remain in the laud which Modes gave yi^u !of Egypt ; and what ye did unto tj^ two kings of 
on tills side Jonlan; but ye shall pass beforeitlie Anioritesthat wereontlieotmNrsideJoraaN, 
your brethren armed, all the mighty men ofiSilton and Og, whom ye luicrly destroyed, 
^alour, and bdp tkeai; i U And as aoon as we had beard tktt€ tkimgM 

^^ 130 

7W rifttfw 0/tMtho0 tpiw, COAP. lU; IV. ' TViMtcrt «f Mrim HtHkt 

wur bmrta did^nelt, neitiier dM tiMre ramain ant TfAnd the LMt» i^M onto Joiiitt«i Thii Aw 
■ore courage in any man, becaium of ywu : for will I befin to maxnffv Ukw la Um dgbt of aU 

Israd, that ibey niay Iniow tliat aa I waa wltli 
«0 I wHI b 

die LtoiD yo'ir God, ho t« Clod in heaven above, 
and In earth beneath. 

13 Now therefore, J pray yon, iwear unto me 
by the I^Ro, iiiitce 1 have shewed you kifidneai, 
that ye will alto idiew kindnem unto my fatiier's 
bouae, and yive me a true token : , 

13 And <Aat ye will save alive my fkther, and mv 
another, and my bretlireii, and my aiateni, and all 
that they have, and deliver our liven from death. 

14 And the men aiwwered her, Our life for 
yours, if ye utter not thb our busineia. And it 
•liall be, when the Loan hnthfiven im the land, 
that we will deal fcindlV and truly witli thee. 

15 Then she let them down by a cord thrbugh 
the window : fiMr her lioiiae iom upon the town- 
wall, and ahe dwell u|Min the wall. 

10 And she said unto theiu. Get yon to the 
mountain, lest.the pursuers meet you ; and hide 
yourselves there three dayit, until uie^mrsucrsbe 
returned : and afterward may ye go your way. 

17 And the men said unto Iter, We «ot/i be 
blameless of tliis thine oath which thou hast 
made us swear. 

18 Behold, when, we come into the land, thou be cat olT/rsvithe waters tliat cone down ftom 
■halt bind this line of scarlet thread in tlie win-| above ; and they ^all stand upon a heap. 
4nw which thou didst let as down Inr : and tliou 14 H And It came to pass, when the peopk 

- be with thee. 

8 And thou shah command the priaata that bear 
the ark of the covenant, aayina. When ye am 
come to the brink of the water ofJordan, ye shall 
stand sti!l in Jordan. 

9 tr And Joshua said unto the cblMien of Israel, 
Come hither, and liaar the worda of the Loep 
your God. 

10 And Joshua aald, Hereby ye shall loiowthat 
the living God ts among vou, and thai, he will 
without fan dri veout from before you theCanaan- 
Ites, and the Hitthes, and the Hivltes, and the 
Perixxltes, and tbeGlrgashites, and the Amorltea, 
and Uie Jebusltea. 

11 BehoM, thearkofthecoveikantoftbeLoa* 
<rf'all the earth paaseth over before you into Jordan. 

12 Now therefore take you twelve men out of 
the tribes of Israel, out of every tribe a man. 

13 Anditshallcometopass, asaoon astliesoica' 
of the feet of the priests that bear the ark of tlie 
Loan, the Lord of all the eartli, shall rest in the 
waters of Jordan, that the waters of Jordan sliall 

ibalt bring thy Dither, and thy mother, and thy moved fVom their tents to pam over Jordan, and 
hrethren, and all thy ikt^ier^a household home the priests bearing the ark of tlie covenant ba- 
tiitothee. {fore the people; 

19 And it shall be, thai whosoever shall go out; 15 And as they that bare the ark were come 
af the doors of tliy house iuu» the street, his unto Jordan, aiul the feet of the prieau that bare 
blood 9hM be upon him head, and we will ^sjtlie ark were dimted In the brim of the water, 
guiltleaa: and wm.Moever shall be with thee in, (for Jordan overiloweth all bb banks all the time 
the honse, his blood »h(dl be on our head, if any of harves:,) 

hand be uprm him. 16Thatthewaterswhlcbcamedownfiroin above 

' 90 And if thou utter this our biisinem, then we! stood and roae up upon a heap very far iVom the 
will be quit of thine oatli which tliou hast made! city Adam, that u beside Zarctau; and those 
us to swear. that came down toward the sea of the plain, smu 

51 And slie said. According unto your words, so{ the salt sea, failed, amf were cutoff: and the 
leit. Andsliesenttlieuiaway,andtheydeparted: people passed over right agaiust Jericho. 

end she bound tlie scarhtt line in the window. 17 And the prietta that bare the ark of tbeeov- 

52 And tliey went, and came unto th^ ntouniain,!enant of the Lord stood firm on dry ground la 
and abode there tlnree days, until the pursuers: the midst of Jordan, and all the laraetiiea p ' 
were returned: and tlie pursuers sought Uek 
throughout all the way, but found them not. 

53 II So the two men returne<l, and descended 
from the tmmutain, and passed over, and cafate 
10 J^oehua the sou of Nun, and told him all tkinge 
Chat befel them : 

84 And they said unto' Joshua, Truly the LoRi> 
hath delivered into our hands all the land ; for 
even all tlie inliabitants of tlie country do faint 
because of us. 

JoehuA cemcth to JordoM, 
A ND Joshua rose early In the morning; and , . 

they removed fhtm Shittiiu, and came to them in the lodging-|>lace' wha% ye shall lodge 

over on dry ground, until all tlm 
passed clean over Jordan. 

. CHAP. IV. 
T%B people paes —er J#rdmi. 

AKDItcame to pass, when all tlwfai 
claan passed over JonUa, Umi Hm lnaa 
snaJce unto Jo8hua,^«iying, 
« Takeyou tw«lv4> men outgf lliipaa>h, a«l 
ofevery tribeaman, 

3 And command ye them^ e^gte, ^Viaba ymi 
hence out of the midst of l<KidaB, ew tffiiie pmoe 
where the pricisv feet stood ftri9, tiw alw a m w<B» 
and ye shall carry theme ver with you, and leave 

Jordan, he and all the children of Israel, and 
lodged there before they passed over. 
S And it eaine to pass after tliree days, tliat the 
elBcers went through tlie host ; 

3 And they commanded the people, saying, When 
ye see the ark of the covenant of tlie Lord your 
God, and the priests tlie Levites bearing it, then 
ye shall remove from your place, and go aAer it. 

4 Yet there shall be a space biitween you and it, 
about two thousand cubits by measure : come 
not near unto it, ttiat ye may know the way by 
which ye must go ; for ye have not passed thi$ 
way heretofore. 

5 And Joshua said unto the people. Sanctify 

Stirael ves :' for to-mormw the Lord will do w 
ra among you. 
i And Joshua spake unto the priests, saying. 
Mm up the ark of the covenwit, and pass over 

rue the people. And they took up the ark of 
•oreoBut, and went before the people. 

this night. 

4 Tlien Joshua called the twelve aae% whom 
he had (nrepared of tlie children of laraeH o«t of 
ev^ry tribe a man : 

5 And Joahua said unto them, Pass over before 
the ark of tlie Lord your God into tlie midst of 
Jordan, and take you up every man of you a 
stone upon his stioulder, according unto the nuui* 
ber of tiie tribes of the children of Israel : 

6 That this may be a sign auioiie you, thai when 
your children ask their fathers in lime to come, 
saying. What mean ye by these stones t 

7 Then ye sliall answer them, That the waters 
ofJordan were cut offbefore the ark of the cove- 
nant of the Lord ; when it passed over Jordan, 
the waters of Jordan were cut off: and these 
stowv slialf he fur a memorial unto the cliildrtfi 
of Israel for W¥f^. 

a And the children of Israel did so 9s Joshua 
conuuandedi and took «|> twelve stoneaotti of 
131 ' 



the mMK of JordMi, aa the LoM i|«ke anto 
Joehua. aeeordbiif to the number of tha tribes or 
the ehlidren of Ivael, and carried them over 
with them unto the place where they lodged, 
and laid them down there. 

9 And Joahua set uf twelve atones in the midat 
oT Jordan, in the place wtiere the fleet of the 
Itriecu which bare the ark of the covenant stood 
and they are there unto this day. 

10 IT For the priests which bare the ark stood in 
the midst of JordaiL until every thing was Anlshed 
that tlie LoRB commanded Joshua to speak unto 
the people, according to all tliat Moses'command- 
ed Joshua: and the people basted and passed 

11 And It caoMtn pass, when aU the people were 
B Loan pi 

Jfn anfMl tf p tm tik U i % ii «fr 

thewUdenflaaby theway aatbcyeame ftMthfNtt 
to the number of tivs tribes oflof Rgypt, tkom they had not dreomelaed. 

6 For the children of Israel walked Amy yewa* 
in the wilderness, till all the oeople tkmi wtr» ^ 
men of war whicn came out or Egypt were con- 
sumed, because they obeyed not tne voie^ of 
the LoKD : unto whom the Lonosware that h# 
would not shew them the land which the Lor* 
sware unto tlieir fkthers that he would give ua, 
a land that floweth with milk and hooey. 

7 And ti^eir children, wh^m he raised up in their 
stead, them Joshua circumcised : for they were 
uncircumcised, because they bad not circumei- 
aed tliem by tlie way. ' 

8 And it came to pass when they had done ci^ 

to pass, 
clean passed over, that the ark of the 
over, and the priests in the presence of the people. 
19 And the children of Reuben, and the children 
of Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh, passM 
over armed before the children of Israel, aa Moses 
spake unto them : 

13 About forty thousand prepared fbr war, pass- 
ed over before the Lord unto battle, to the plaUis 
of Jericho. 

14 IT On that day the Lord magnified Joahua 
In the sight of all Israel, and they feared him as 
they feared Moses, all the days of bls'^Ufe. 

15 And the Lord spake unto Joshua, sa^ 

16 Command the priests that bear the ark of 
testimony, tliat they come up but of Jordan. 

17 Joshua therefore commanded the priests, ny- 
Ing, Come ye up out of Jordan. 

18 And it came to pass, when theprieststhat bare 
the ark of the covenant of the Lord were come 
up out of the midst of Jordan, and tlie soles of the 
priests' feet were lifWd up unto the dry land, that 
tha waters of Jordan returned unto their place, 
and flowed over ail liis banks, as they it^ before. 

19 IT And the people came up out of Jordan on 
the tenth day of the first month, and encamped 
In Gilgal, in the eaiit border of Jericho. 

20 IT And those twelve stones which they took 
out of Jordan, did Joshua pitch bi Gllgal. 

91 And he«pake unto thechiklren of Israel, sav 
Ing, When yoiir children shall ask their fatlicre in 
time to come, * " 

22 Then. 
Israel came over this Jordan on dry 

93 For the Lord your God dried up the waters 

Bnyourcniiaren snaiiKSK uieir lauivra in 
:oine, saying, What mean these stones? 
1 ye sliali let your children know.saying, 
me over this Jordan on dry land.. 

erf" Jordan firom before you, until ye were passed! none came In. 

cumclsing all the people, tbnt they abode In their 
placea in the camp, till they were whole. 

9 And the Lord sold unto Joshua. This day 
hhve I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from 
off yon : Wherefore the name of the place iff 
called Gilaal unto this day. 

10 H And the children of Israel encamped hi 
Gllgal, and kept tlie paasover on tlM^ fburteenth 
day ofthe month at even, in tlie plains of Jericho. 

11 And they did eat ofthe old corn ofthe land 
on the morrow afler the paasover, unleavened 
cakes and parched esm In the self-same day. 

19 IT And tlie manna ceased on the morrow after 
they hod eaten of tJie old com of the land ; neither 
had the childfen of Israel manna any more ; bat 
they did eat of the YVuit of the land of Canaan 
that year. 

13 11 And It came to pass when Joshua was by 
Jericho, that he llfteo up his eyes and looked, 
and behold, there stood a man over against him- 
with his sword drawn In his hand : and JoehuR 
went unto him, and said unto him, ArtihoM for 
us, or for our adversaries 1 

14 And he said, Nay ; but as captain ofthe host' 
ofthe Lord am I now come. And Joslma fell on* 
his Aice to the earth, and did worshiii, and said 
unto him, What soith my lord unto his servant 1 

15 And the captain of the Lord's host said unto 
Joshua, Loose thy shoe fh>m off thy foot, for the 
place wlicreoii thou standest U holy : and Joshna 
did so. ^ 

Jericho hctieged and taken. 

NOW Jericho was straltly«liut up,bee&use of 
the children of Israel : none went out, and 

over, as the Lord your God did to the Red sea, 
which he dried up from befbre us, until we were 
gone over : 

84 Tlmt all the people of the earth might know 

the hand of the Lord, that it ie mighty : that ye 

might fear the Lord your God for ever. 


Jaehua^ renemeth eireumeieMn. 

AND It came to pass, when all the kings ofthe 
Amorites which were on the side of Jordan 
Westward^ and all the kings of the Canaanites 
which were by the sea, heard that the Lord had 
dried up the waters of Jordan Hrom before the chil- 
dren of Israel, until we were passed over, that 
their heart melted ; neither was there siiirlt in 
them any more, because ofthe children orlsrael. 
9 If At that time thet Lord said unto Joshua, 
Make thee sharp knives, and circumcise again 
the children of Israel the second time. 

3 And Joshua made him sharp knives, and cir- 
cumcised the children of Israel at the hill of tiie 

4 Ami this tff the cause why Joshua did circum- 
ciae All ihe j^pte thnt came nut of Egypt, that 
were males, eeen al! tiie meti of war died in the wll- 
derneMby the way,ai\er they caine out of Egypt. 

» Now all the people that came oat were eir- 
ciHactsodi bttt «! tu« Ptople <A«t if4r» bom in 

S And the I«ord said unto Joshua, See, I have 
given into thy hand Jericho, and the king there- 
of, and the mighty men of valour. 

3 And ye shall compass the city, all ye men of 
war, and go round about the city once: thus 
Shalt thou do six days. 

4 And seven priests shall bear before the ark 
seven trumpets of rams* horns: and tlie seventh 
day ye shall compass tlie city seven times, and 
the priests shall blow with the trumpets. 

5 And It shall come to pass, that when they 
make a long Uaet with the ram*s horn, and when 
ye hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people 
shall siiout with a great shout: and the wall of 
tlie city shall fall down flat, and the people sliall 
ascend up every man straignt before him. 

6 IT And Joshua the son of Nun called the priests, 
and said unio them. Take up the ark ofthe cove- 
nant, and let seven priests bear seven trumpets 
of rams* horns before the ark of the Lord. 

7 And he said unto tlie people, Pass Oh, and 
compass tlie city, and let liini that Is armed pass 
on before the ark of the Lord. 

8 IT A nd it came to pass, when Joshua had spoken 
unto 1 lie people, that the seven priests bearing tho 
seven trumoets of rams' boms pawed on before 
the Lord, and blew with the truijipets : and the 
ark of the ooven«nt of the Lord fbltowed theM. 


7ft» wtOs 9f Jtrkk^ fM i0wn. CHAF. Vli 

f HI And the armed men went beAxw Um prieMi 
that blew with the irinnpet*, and the rere-ward 
cam« after the ark, th$ prittti going on, and 
Mowing #ith the trumped. 

10 And Joefcua had commanded the peoplo, tay- 
log, Ye ahaU not ehout, nor make any none with 
your voice, neither shall any word proceed out of 
yrmr mouth, until the day I Ud yoa shout, then 
ahall ye shout. 

1 1 So the ark of the Lord eompaastd the dty, 
going about it once : and they came into the 
camp, and lodged In the camp. 

12 Tf And Joshua rose early in the morning, and 
the priests took up the ark of the Loan. 

13 And seven priests bearing seven trumpets 6f 
rams* horns before the ark of the Loan went 
on continually, and blew with the trumpets : and 
the armed men went before tlunn ; but the rere- 
ward came after the ark of the Lord, U«|»HMt« 
gbing on, and blowing with the trumpets. 

14 And the second day they compasMd the city 
' once, and retumed^ iuto the camii. 8o they did 

Bix days. 

15 And it came to pass on the seventh day, that 
they rose early about Uie dawning of the day, 
and compassed the city after the same manner 

' seven times: only on that day they compassed 
the city seven times. 

16 And it came to pam at the seventh time, 
when the priests Mew with the trumpets, Joshua 
mid unto the people, 8hout ; for the Loan hath 
given you the city. 

17 H And the city shaH be accursed, wen it. 
Mid all that ve therein, to the Lord : only Ra- 
hab the harlot shall live, she and all that are 
with her in the house, because she hid thf 
sengers that we sent. 

18 And ye, in any wise keep y^ntiehit (Vom 
die accursed thing, lest ye make f^urttlvf ac- 
cursed, when ye take of the accursed thine, and 
make the camp of Israel a curse, and trouble it 

19 But all the silver, and gold, and vessels of 
brass dnd iron, art consecrated unto the Lord : 
ifaey shall come into tlie treasury of the Lord. 

90 So the people shouted when HufviuU blew 
with the trumpets: ahd It came to pass, when 
tlie people heard the sound of the trump<^t, and 
the people shouted with a great shout, that the 
wall fell-down flat, so that the people went up 
Into the city, every man straight before him, and 
Ihey took the city. 

M And they utterly destroyed afl that wtu In the 
city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, 
and sheep, and ass, with the edfre of the siford. 

33 But Joshua had said unto the two men that 
had spied out the country. Go into the harlot's 
house, and bring out thence the woman, and all 
that sne hath, as ye s^vare unto her. 

S3 And the young men that were spies went in, 
■Ad brought out Ri^ab, and her father, and her 
mother, and her bretliren, and all that she had ; 
and tliev brought out all her kindred, (and left 
them without the camp of Israel. 

34 And they burnt the city with fire, and all 
that was therein :' only the silver, and the gold, 
and the vessels of brass and of iron, they put 
Into the treasury of tJic house of the Lord. 

35 And Joshua saved Rahah the harlot alive, 
'and her father's household, and all that she had ; 

and she dwelleth in IsmeiPven onto this day ; 
because she hid tlie messengers which Joshua 
sent to spy but Jericho. 

36 ir And Joshua adjure<l thtm. at that time, say- 
ing, Cursed it the man before tlie Lord, that 
liseth up and buildcth Uiis city Jericho : he shall 
biy Uie roundation tlieruof hi hU first-bom, and in 
Ur youngest ton slioll he set up the gates of it. 

37 so the Lord wimwlth Joshua ; and his farod 
vat wMt4 throiin>)pi an the country. 

OU eneamrMgwUk Jtakmm 
. CHAF. vir. 
ftraelUet tmitttn ai Jti. 

BUT the children of Israel committed a trea- 
pam in the accursed thing: tor Acban, the 
son of CarmI, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah, 
of the trilie of Judah, took of the accursed thing: 
ami the anger of the Lord was Itindled agalasl 
tlie children of Israel. 

8 And Joflhuasentmen ftom Jeridioto Ai, whicli 
it beside Beth-aven, on the east side of Beth-eL 
and spake unto them, sayhig, Go up and view the 
country. And the men went up and viewed Ai. 

3 And they returned to Joshua, and said unto 
him. Let not aOl the peopSe go up ; but let about 
two or three thousand men go up and ^ite AI i 
and make not all the people to labo«r thither ; 
for they art bnt few. 

4 So there went up thither of the people about 
three thousand men : and they fled before the 
men of A i. 

5 And the men of At smote ef them about thirty 
and six men : for they chased thera/r»in before 
the gate tvtn unto Bhebarim, and smote thorn 
in the going down : wherefore the hearts of tlie 
people melted, and became hs wateiw 

6 IT And Joshua rent hi^ clothes, ariV fell to the 
earth upon his face before the «rk of tlie Lord 
until the even-tide, he and the ddera of Israel, 
and put dust upon their heads. 

7 And Joshua said, Alas ! O Lord God, where- 
fore hast thou at all brought this people over 
Jordan, to deliver us into the hand of the Aino> 
rites, to destroy usi would to God we had been 
content, and dwelt on the other side Jordan ! 

80 Lord, what shall I say, when Israel turiieth 
their backs before their enemies! 

IT For the Canaanltes, and all the Inhabitants 
of the land shall hear of <t, and slmll environ us 
round, and cut ofl'our name from the earth : and 
what wilt thou do unto thy great name 1 

10 IT And the Lord said unto Joshua. Get tli«>e 
up; wherefbre liest thou thus upon thy (hicel 

11 Israel hath sinned, and they have also uans- 
gressed my covenant which I commanded them i 
for they have even taken of tiie accursed tiling, 
and have also stolen, and dissembled also, and 
they have put it even among their own stuff. 

12 Therefore the children of Israel couki not 
sund before their enemies, hu turned tktir backs 
before their enemies, because they were accursed * 
neither will I be with you any more, except ye 

destroy the accursed from amona you. 

13 Up, sanctity the people, and say. Sanctify 
yourse|Nres against to-morrow: for thus saltl) the 
Lord God of Israel, Tkert it an accursed thing 
in the midst of thee, O Israel : thou canst not 
stand before thine enemies, until ye take away 
tlie accursed thing from among you. 

14 In the morning therefore ye shall be brought 
according to your tribes : and it shall be, that tho 
tribe which the Lord taketh shall come accord- 
ing to the families thertof; and the Oimily whic^ 
the Lord shall take shall come by households ', 
and the household which the Lord shaU take 
shall come man by man. 

15 And It sliail be, that he that is taken with 
th«»«ccurBed thing shall be burnt with fire, he 
and ail that he hath: because he hath trans- 
gress tlie covenant of the Lord, and because 
he hath wrought folly in Israel. 

16 ir So Joshua rose up early in the morning, 
and brought Israel by their tribes ; and the tribe 
of Judah was taken: ** 

17 And he brought the family of Judah ; and he 
took the family of tlie Zarhltes: and he brought 
the family of the Zarhltes man by man ; and 
Zabd^ was taken : 

18 And he brought his household man by man; 
and Achan the ion of Garmi, the son of Zabdi, 



the fon ofZersh, of ihfl tribeof Jadah, WM takeiL t tMfv «rlth hliB, w«n ap, ■fl4drewllifl^ a^ 

19 And Jnsbna said unto Acban, My ton, f^ive, 
I pray tbee, glory to the Lord God or I»ni«i, and 
■Mk«€(mr«Mion unto him : and tell nie now wliat 
llMNi lia«* done, hide it not (nnn ne. 

90 And Acnan answered Joshua, and said, In- 
deed I liave sinned afaiast Uie Loa» God of 
Israel, and thus and thus have t done. 

91 When I saw among the spoils a goodly Ba- 
bylonish nrment, and two hundred sliekels of 
silver.and a wedgeof gold of filly sJiekels weight, 
then I coveted tlieni, and took Ihein, and behold, 
th«w cr« Md in the eartli in tJie midst of ny tent, 
and the silver under it. 

98 H 8o Joshua sent messengers, and they ran 
unto the t«nt, and behold, it w$ hid in his tent, 
and tlie silver under it. 

93 And Ihey took them out of the*midst of the 
tent, and brought tliem unto Joshua, and unto all 
the cRildren of Israel, and laid them out before 

94 And Joshua, and all Israel with him, took 
Aehan the son of Zerah, and the silver, and the 
inrni«nt,andthew^eofgold,and hisson8,and el, that weni 
nis daughHHi} and YA* oxen, and his asses, and! the city oper 
his sheep, Ad his tent, and ail Uiat he had : andl 18 And the 

before tliecity,aad pitched on tlie north ride of Al x 
now tkart w» a valley between them and Al. ~ 

19 And he took about five thousand men, and 
set tliem to lie in ambnsh between Beth-«1 and 
Al, on the west side of the chy. * . 

13 And when they had set the people, svsn all 
the host that wss on liie north of the ciur, 


thek lien in wait on the west of the city. Joshua 
went that night into the midst of the valley. 

14 K And it came to pass when the king of Al 
saw ft, that they hasted and rose up early, and 
the men of the city went out a^nst Israel to 
battle, he and all his people, at a time appointed, 
before the plain : but he wist not that tkert were 
liers in anibu«b against him behind tlie city. 

15 And Joshua aiul all Israel made as ir they 
were beaten before them, and fled by the way ^ 
the wildemess. 

16 And all the people that wcrs in Ai were called 
togetlier u> purqae aider them : and they pursued 
after Joshua, and weredrawn away from the city. 

17 And there was not a man left in Al, or Beib- 
' '*-' went not out after Israel : and they left 

— tn, and pursued after IsraeL 

i Loan said unto Joshua, Stretch out 
they brought them unto the vallej- of Achor. the spear that tsbi thy hand toward Al; forlwill 
95 And Joshua said, Why hast thou troubled!give it inui thy hand. And Joshua stretched out 

us t the I40RD shall trouble thee tMs day. And all 
Israel stoned him with stones, and burned them 
with fire, after they Itad stoned tliem with stones. 
91 And they raised over him a great heap of 
I unto this day. Bo the Lord turned Irom 

the fierceneiM of his ang^r : wherefore the name 
of tliat place was called, The valley of Achor, 
unto this day. 

*J§9hus**^trmtaf$m offainkt JH. 

AND the Lord said unto Joshua, Fear not, 
neither be thou dismayed: take all the peo- 
ale of war with thee, and arise, go up to Ai : see, 

the snear that Ae had In his hand toward the city. 

19 And the ambush arose quickly out of their 
place, and they ran as soon as he had stretched 
out his hand : and they entered Into the city, and 
ie<tk it, and basted, and set the city on fire. < 

90 A nd when the men of Ai looked behind them, 
they saw, and beliold, the smoke of the city a*- 
cended up to lieaven, and they had no power to 
flee this way or that way : and the people tliat fled 
to tlie wilderness turned bock upon the pursuers. 

SI And when Joshua and all Israel saw that 
the ambush had taken tiie city, and that tho 
smoke of the cfty ascended, th^ they turned 

t have given into tliy hand tlie king of Ai, and! again, and slelv the men of Ai. 
his people, and his city, and his land : 23 And the other issued out of the city ag ainst 

9 And thou shall do to Ai and her king, as thon'them ; so ihey were in the mi^ of Israel, some 
"'-X unto Jericho and her king : only the spoil on this side, and some on that side: and they 

thereof, and the cattle thereof, shall ye uke for 
a prey unto yourselves : lay tiiee an ambush for 
the city behind it. 

3 H So Joshua arose, and all the people of war, 
to go up against Ai : and Joshua chose out Uiirty 
thousand mighty men of valour, and sent thum 
away by night. 

4 And he commanded them, saying, Behold, ye 
sliall lie in wait against the cHy, eosa behind tlie 
city : go not very far from tlie city, but be ye all 

5 And I, and all the people that are with me, 
will approach unto the city : and it shall come to 
wnt;n they come out against us, as at the 


smote them, so that they let none of them re> 
main or escape. 

S3 And the king of Ai they took alive, attd 
brought him to Joshua. 

24 And it came to pass when Israel had made 
an end of slaying all the inhabitants of Ai In iJiei 
field, in the wilderness wherein they chased them, 
and wiieii they were all fallen on the edge of the 
sword, until they were consumed, that all the 
IsraeKtes returned unto Ai, and smote It with 
the edge of the sword. 

S5 And so it was, tAsC all that fell that day, both 
of men and women, ao«rc twelve thousand, even 

Jt, that we will flee before them, 
(For they will come out after us) till we have 
drawn them from the city ;. for they will say. 
They flee before us, as at the first : tlierefore wo 
will flee before tliem. 

7 Then ye shall rise up ftom the ambush, and 
seize upon the city: for the Lord your God will 
deliver it into ynur hand. 

8 And it sha^ lie when ye have uken the city, 
tkal yc sluH set the city on fire : accordiug to the 
eommaiidnient nf the Lord siiall ye do. See, I 
have coninianded you. 

9 H Joshua tlieretfire sent them forth ; and they 
went to lie In oiiibueh, and ubode between Beth- 
el and Ai, on the west side of Ai : but Joshua 
lodged tliat night among tlie people. 

10 And Joshua rose up early in the mornii\g,and 
•umbered tiie {leopie, and went hp, he and the 
eiders of Israel, before the people to Ai. 

all the I 


36 For Joshua drew not his hand back where- 
with be stretched out tJie spear, nihil he had 
utterly destroyed all tlie inhabitants of Ai. 

97 Only the cattle and the spoil of that city Israel 
took for a prevnn^ Uieinaelve8,accordiiis unto the 
word of tlie Lord which he commanded Joshua. 

98 And Joshua burnt Ai, and made it a lieap 
for ever, eoea a desolation unui this day. 

29 And the king of Ai he hanged on a tree until 
even -tide : and as soon as the sun was down, Jo- 
shuajconimaiided that they sliuuid take his car- 
cass down from the tree, and cost it at the enter- 
ing of the gate of (lie city, and raise thereon a 
great heap »f stones, thmtremainttk unto this day. 

30 ir Then Joshua built an altar unto the LOR0 
God of Israel in mount Ebal, 

31 As Moses the Servant of the Lord command- 
ed the chiltiren of Israel, as it is written in the 
book of the law of Mosus, An altar of whole 

U And all the people, svea cAe/iMpJ^of wur that «toae«, over which no man hath lifted up oay 


tJMm mriHtn»m tinut. 


Imh : and tlwjr oflteeA Umvom Iwiu - o a bii iifi 
ttmo tbe Lord, and nerifleed peaea-olferlnga 

32 And lie wrota tJiare opon tbe ttoaM a copy 
af tbe law of Moaes, whicli he wrote la tlie pre- 
sence of ttie children of Inrael. 

33 And all Israel, and their dden, and oflkera. 
and # their Judfes, stood on this side the ark and 

ther heaid UmH tbey mrv tlMii 
at thejr dwelt amoug then. 

17 And Uie clilMren of Israel Joaraeyad, aad 
eaoie unto their cities on the third day. Now 
their ciUes W0r§ Gibeoa, and ChepUrah, aad 
Beerotht and Kirjaih-Jearim. 

18 And the children of Israel smote them not, b^ 
an that side before the priests the Levites, which caaee the princes of the oonfrecatkNi had swora 
kare the ark of the covenant of the Lord, as well unto them by Uie Lord God of Israel. And a0 
the stranger, arli^ that #as bom among them ; tlie congregation murmured against the princes. 

kalfof them over against mount Gerisim, and 
half of tliem over againM mount Ebal ; as Moses 
the senrautof the Lord had commanded before, 
that tlicy should Mess the people of Israel. 

34 And afterward he read all the words of the 
tew, the blessinss and cuninfs, according to all 
that Is written in the book of the law. 

35 There was not a word of all that Mosea 
commanded, which Joshua read not beAire all 
the congregation of Israel, with the women, and 
the little ones, and the^strangftrs that were coa- 
versant among them. 

% The Oiktonitu' traft. 

AND it came to pass, wlien all tlie kings which 
mert on this side Jordan, In the hilte, and in 
the valleys, and in. all tbe coasti of the great sea 
ever against Lebanon, the Hittite, and the Amo- 
lite, the Canaaiiite, the. Perizzite, the Uivite, 
tnd the Jebusite heard tktrmf ; 
S.That they gathered tliemselves together, to 
fight Willi Xosbua and witli Israel, with one accord. 

3 H And when the inhabitants of Gibeon heard 
what Joshua had done unto Jericho and to Ai, 

4 They did work wilily, and went and made 
as If tliey Irad been ambassadors, and took old 
tacks upon tlieir asses, and wine-bottles, old, and 
rent, and bound up; 

5 And old slioes and clouted npon their feet, 
mid old garments upon tliem ; and all the breaa 
of their provision was dry a«d mouldy. 

6 And they went to Josliua unto the camp at 
Gilgal, and said untp him, and to Uie men of 
Israel. We be come from a far country : now 
therefore make ye a league with us. 

7 And the men of Israel said unto the HIvites, 
Peradventure ye dwell among us; and how 
shall we make a league wltli youl 

8 And they said unto Joshua, We are thy ser- 
vants. And Joshua said unto tliem, Wiio ara 
ye 1 and (twa wiieuce come ye 1 

9 And they said unto him, From a very fax 
country thy servants are come, because of the 
name of the Lord thy God : for we have heard 
the fame of him, and all that he did In Egypt, . 

10 And all that be did to the two kings of tbe 
Amorites, that isers beyond< Jordan, to Slliou 
king of Heslibon. and to Og king of Bashan, 
which MM at Aslitarotli. 

1 1 Wherefore our elders, and all the Inhabitants 
of our country spake to its, saying. Take victuahi 
aritli you for tlie joiiniev. and go to mail' them, 
and say unto tlieni. We art your Nrvants: 
thereAire now make ye a league with us : 

13 This our bread we tookJiot for our provision 
out of our houses on the day we came forth to 
■o unto y« 
bi mouldy 

19 But ai tlie iirtnees said unto all the congr^a- 
tion. We have sworn unto them by the Lord God 
of Israel : now therefore we may not touch tlieai. 

SO This we will do to tliem ; we will even let 
them live, lest wrath be upon us, because of tiM 
oath which we sware unto them. 

81 And the princes said unto them. Let them 
live ; but let ibem be hewers of winmI, and draw- 
ers of water unto all the congregation; as tiM 
princes had promised them. 

83 H And J<Mhua called for them, and he spaka 
mito them, saying. Wherefore have ye beguiled 
us, saying. We srs very Ikr firom you; whea ye 

S3 Now therefore ye ara cursed, and there shall 
none of you be freed (Wmi being bond-men, and 
hewers of wood and drawers of water for tha 
liouseof my God. 

34 And they answered Josliua, and said. Be- 
cause it was ceruinly told tliy servants, liow 
that tlie Lord thy God commanded bis servant 
Moses to giv4f you all the land, and to destroy 
all the iuhabitauts of the land Arom before you, 
thereliKs we were sore afraid of our lives be- 
cause of you, and have done this thing. 

S5 And now, behold, we «r« in tliy hand: as it 
seemeth good and right unto thee loifo unto us, do. 

9tt And so did he unto them, and delivered 
them out of the hand of the chUdrea of Israel, 
tliat tiioy slew them not. 

87 And Joshua made them that day hewera of 
wood and drawers of water for tlie congregation 
and for the altar of tlie Loao^ even unto Uils day, 
in the place which he sbouM choose. 
Fhaa kinga aambima, 

NOW it came to pass, when Adonl-sedek king 
of Jerusalem had heard liow Jtishua had ta- 
ken A I, and had utterly destroyed it; as he had 
done to Jericlio and Iter king, so he bad done to 
AI and lier king ; and how the Inhabitants of 
Gibeon had made peace with Israel, and were 

ly wi 
>ld, i 

■o unto you ; but now, behold, 11 Is dry, and it 
bi mouldy : 

13 And these bottles of wine which we filled, 
vers new, and behold they be rent: and tliese 
ear gahnenis and our slioes are become old by 
feason of the vety long journey. 

14 And tlie men took <yf Uieir victuals, and ask- 
ed not coannl at Uie moiuh of tlie Lord. 

15 And Joshua made peace with them, and 
made a li^iie with tiieni, to let them Kve : and 
the princes of tlie cougrogation sware unio them. 

16 And It came to nam at the end of three days 
after Uisy bad made a Isague with tbeoi, that 

3 That they feared greatly, because Gibeon was 
a great city, as one of the royal cities, and be- 
cause it aoos greater than AI, and all the men 
thereof i0«r« mighty. 

3 Wlierefore Adinil-zedek king of Jerusalem 
sent unto Hoham king of Hebron, and unto Pi- 
ram king of Januttth, and unto Japiiia king of 
Lachish, and unto Uebir kingof Bghm, saying, 

4 Coiuie up- unto me, and help ine, tliat we may 
smite Gibeon: for it hath made peace ^with 
Joshua and with tlie children of IsraeL 

5 Therefore thelfive kings of the Amorites, the 
king of Jenisolero, the king of Hebron, the king 
of Jarmuth, the king of Lachish, the king or 
Eglun, gatliered themselves together, and went 
np, tliey and all their hosti|, and encamped be- 
fore Gibeon, and made war against iu 

6 H And themen of Gibeon sent unto Joshua to 
the camp to Gtigal, saying, Slack not thy hand 
Arom Uiy servants; come up to us ouickly, and 
save Mi, and help us: for all the kings of the 
Amorites that dweU in the mountains are ga- 
thered together against us. ^ .. 

7 So Joshua ascended from Gilgal, he, and all 
the people of war with him, and all the mighty 

of valour. ^ 


TUmmMi wMii iUadttm, JOSHVA. 

8 IT And the Lor» mM imlo Jothut, Poar them 
Bot: for I have delivered l&eiii into ihv band; 
there shall not a hian of iboin etaml bdore tliee. 

• Joaliim therefore came lanio them eoddenly, 
tmd went up from GUgal all nicht. 

10 And Uic Lord dlecumfited tnem before Iwael, 
mid alcw them wHh a great eluushter at Gibeon, 
and chased them along the way that goeth up to 
Betli-horon, and emote them to Aaekah, and 
imto Makkedoh. 

11 And It came to pamaa they fled fi»m before 
Israel, uniwbre in tliegoingdown to Beth-horon, 
that the Lord cast down great nones from heaven 
•pontliein unto Aaekah, and they died: tkqfwtre 
more which died with hailstones tlian Ocywhom 
the children of Itracl ilcw with the sword. 

13 V Then enake JoUiua to the Lord in the 
day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites 
before the shildren of Israel, and he Mid in the 
Bight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon GIbeon, 
and thon Moun, in the valley of AJalon. 

13 And ilie sun stood still, and the mooa stay- 
ed, until the people had avenged themselves upon 
theireneiuies. It not this written in the book orJa- 
iherl Sothesunstood still Inthemidstof heaven, 
and hasted not to go down about a whole day. 
1 14 And there was no day like that before it or 
aAer it, that tlie Lord hearkened unto the voice 
of a man : for tlie Lord fought for Israel. 

15 IT And Josltua returned, and all Israel with 
him, unto the camp to Gilgal. 

Itf But tliese Ave kings fled« and hid themselves 
In a cave at Makkedaii. 

17 And it was told Joshua, saying, Th^ ive 
kings are found hid in a cave at Makkedah. 

18 And Joshua said. Roll great stones upon the 
mouth of the cave, and set men by it for to keep 

19 And stay ye not, hut pursue afVer your ene- 
mies, and smite tlie hindmost uf them ; lufler 
them not to enter into their cities : for tlie Lord 
your God hath deltv^ed them into yotir hand. 

SO And it came to pass, when Joshua and tlie 
children of Israel had made an end of slaying 
them with a very great slaughter, till they were 
consumed, tliat the rest which remained of them 
, antered into fenced cities. 

91 And all tlte people returned to the camp 
Joshua at Blakkedah in peace : none niovt.'d his 
tongue against any of the children of Israel. 

SS Then said Joshua, Open the moutli of the 

Snm kt»g9 msns ss f ns r sit 
liieiwriie Ufaily destroyed, them, ami an tlM 
souls that wsrs therein; he let none remain: aB4 
he did to the king of Makkedah as Im did unto 
the kii« or Jericho. , 
S» Then Joshua passed from Makkedah, mn4 
all Israel with him, umo Libnah, ami fought 
Mrainst Libnah: 

30 And the Lord delivered It also, and thakinc 
thereof, imo tlie hand of Israel: and he soMHe it 
with Uie edge of the sword, and aU the souls that 
»«re therein; helet none remain in It; butdid unto 
the kins thereof as hedid unto the king of Jericho. 

31 If And Joshua passed from Libnah, and all 
Israel with hhn, unto Lachish, and encamped 
Mainst it, and fought against it : 

3S And the Lord delivered Lachish Into the 
hand of Israel, which tooklt on the second day, 
and smote It with the edge of the sword, and all 
the souls that »m therein, according to aU tkat 
he had done to Libnah. 

33 H Then Horam king of Geser came up to 
help Lachish; and Joshua smote him aiul hia 
people, unUI he had left him none remaining. 

34 IT And fVom Lachish JosJma passed unte 
Eglon, and all Israel with hhn : and they eucauiB- 
ed against It, and fought against it : 

35 And they took it on that day, and smote It 
Willi tlie edge of the sword, and all the sotils that 
io*re therein he utterly destroyed tliat day, ac- 
cording to all that he had done to Lachish. 

96 And Joshna wentup from Egk>n,and all Israel 
with htoitunto Hebron ; and th^ fought against it: 

37 And they took It, and smote k with the edge 
of the sword, and the king thereof, and all the 
cities thereof, and all thesouls that were therein; 
be left none remaining (according to all that he 
had done to Eglon) but destroyed It utterly, and 
all the souls that wer* therelR. 

38 ir And Joshua returned, «nd all Israel with 
him, to Deblr ; and fought against U : 

39 And he took It, and the kmg tliereof, and all 
tlie cities tliereof, and i^ey smote tliem with the 
edge of the sword, and utterly destroyed all the 
souls that vers therein ; he left none rMuaiiilns : 
as he had done to Ilebron, so he did to Dcbir/ 
and to the king thereof; as he had done also to 
Libnah, and to Iter king. 

40 II So Joshua smote all the country of the 
hifis, and of the soutii, and of the vale, mid of 
tlie springs, and ail their kings : lie luf\ none re- 
img, but utterly destro)r^ all that breathed^ 

cave, and bring out those five kings unto me out 
of the cave. 

t S3 Andrhey dhlso, and brought forth those five 
kings imto him out of theeave, tlie king of Jeni- 
aalem, the king of Hebron, tlie king of Jarmuth, 
the king of Lachish, and tlie king of Eglon. 

S4 And it came to pass, when they brought out 
those kings unto Joshua, tliat Joshua called for 
all the men of Israel, and said unto the captains 
of the men of war which went with him, Come 
near, put your feet upon tiie necks of -these kings. 
And tliey came near, and put their feet upon 
tlie necks of them. 

25 And Josliua said unto tlieih. Fear not, nor 
be dismayed, b^ strong and of good courage : for 

hu^ shall the* Lord do to all your enemies 
aiiainst whom ye fight. 

iai And afterward Joshua smote them, and slew 
them, and hanged them on five trees : and tliey 
were hanging upon the trees until the evening. 

S7 And it came to pass at Uie tinMM>f the going 
down uf the sun, thtU Juishua commanded, and 
they took them down ofl'the trees, and cast them 
Into the cave wherein they had been hid, and 
laid great suiiics in the cave's mouth, wkUh rs- 
Mattt until this very day. 

S6 H And that day Joshua took Makkedah, and 
smote it w|tlvUie edge of the s»-ord, and the king ami cbarloti very many. 


as tiie Lord God of Israel commanded. 
'41 And Jusliua smote them fh>m Kadesli-bamoft 
even unto Gaza, and all tiie country of Goshen, 
even unto Glbeon. 

42 And all these klnss and their land did Joebua 
uke at one time ; because the Lord God of 
Idrael fought for Israel. 

43 And Josliua returned, and all Israel .willi 
him, unto tiie camp to Gilgal. 

Divert kiagt everenu. 

ANB'lt came to pass, when Jabin king of 
Huzor had heard th^ie lAtn/«, that he sent 
to Jobab king of Madon, and to the king of Sliim- 
ron. and to the king of Aclishaph, 
3 And to tlie kings that were on the nortl» of 
tlie mountains, and of the plains soUth of Ciin 
neroili, and in tlie valley, and in tlie borders of 
Dor on the west, 

3 ^nd to tlie Canaanite on the east and on the 
west, and to tlie Ainorite, and the Uittite, and. 
tlie rerh^zite, and tlieJebusite In the moun- 
ti|^, and to the Uivite under llermoa in tlte 
land of MIzpeh. 

4 And they wem out, they and aU their iMMla 
with them, mueh people, even as tlie sand thai 
iM upoa-the raa-shore in multitude, with bones 

tf^MUD^ v9 'telwN wti hfimttt 

CHAP. Xn, Xm. ThevMvni tkMy Ittngt mttlMI 

» And wben all tnefe KingB wen met tofetnerjtneir iiin«i on tM otlicr viiie Joniaa toward tat 
ttoejr caine and pitched together at the waters or rfaiing of tlM «uu, flrom the rhrer Araon, nni* 

M^m, to fight against Israel. 
6. IT And the Lord said unto Joshua, Be not 
afiraid because of tliiem : for to-morrow about 
tills time will I deliver them up all slain before 
Israel : thou shalt hough their horses, aud bum 
their chariots with fire. 

7 So Joshua came, and all the people of war 
with him, against iliem by the waters of MeMm 
suddenly, and they fell upon them. 

8 And the Lord delivered them into the hand of the salt 
Israel, who smote them, and chased them unto 
great Zidon, and nnto Misrephoth-maim, and 

^wnto tlie valley of Mixpeh eastward ; and they 
•mote them, until they left them none remaining. 

9 And Josuua did unto them as the Lord bade 
blm: he houghed their horses, and burnt their 
cl»rio(8 with fire. 

10 H And Joshua at that time turned back, and 
took Hazor, and smote the king thereof with the 
sword : for Hazor beforetime was the head of 
all those kiifgdoms. 

11 And they smote all the souls that were there- 
to with the edge of the sword, utterly destrojring 
ijUm.' there was not any left to breathe : and he 
bomt Hafor witli fire. 

12 And all the cities of those kings, and all the 
kincs of them, did Joshua take, and smote them 
wit^ the edge of the swmrd, ^nd he utterly de- 
sMyed them, as Moses the servant of the Lord 

13 But M/»r the cities that stood still in their 
Arength, Israel burned none of them, save Hazor 
ealy ; that did Joshua bum. 

14 And all' the spoil of these cities, and the cat- 
tle, the children of luraef look for a prey unto 
themselves : but every man thev smote with the 
edge of the sword, until they hail destroyed them, 
aenlier left they any to breathe. 

15 IT As the Loiib commanded Moses his ser- 
vant, 90 did Moses command Joshua, ahd so dia 
Joaliud : he left nothing undone of all tliat the 
Lord commanded Moses. 

i6 So Joshua took all that land, the hills, and 
til tlie south country, and all the land of Goshen, 
and the valley, and the plain, and the mountain 
of Israel, and the valley of the same ; ' 

17 Even ft-om the mount Halak, that goeth 
up to Seir, even unto Baal-god, in the valiev of 
Lebanon under mount Uermon: and all their 
kings lie took, and smote them, and slew them. 

18 Joshua mode war a long time with all those 

19 There was not a city that made peace \yith 
the children of Israel, save the flivites the in- 
habitants of Gibeon : all other they took in battle. 

SO Foif it was of the Lord to harden tli^ir hearts, 
that they should come against iM'ael in battle, 
that he might destroy tliem utterly, and t|yit they 
■light have no favour, but that he might desuoy 
tiiein, as the Lord commanded Moses 

21 T And at that time came Joshua and cut ofTthe 
Anakims from the mountains, from Hebron, from 
Debir^from Anob, and from all the mountains 
of Judah, and from all the mountains of Israel : 
Joshua destroyed them utterly with their cities. 

33 There wos none of the Anakims left in the 
land of the children of Israel: only in Gaza, in 
Gatb, and in Ashdod, there remabied. 

S3 So Joshua took the whole land, according 
10 an that the Lord said Unto Moses, and Joshua 
gave it for an inheritance unto Israel according 
10 tlieir divisions by thejir tribes. And the land 
lesjed from war. 

CHAP. Xtt. 
CkntttusU of JHosM and Joshua. 

NOW these ari the kings of the land, which 
tlie ehUdren of Israel smotet and possessed 

mount Hermun, and aii tht* plain on tlie east * 

5 Sihon kins of the AinoriteM, who dwelt Ui 
Heshbon, cx/rokid fvmn Aruer, which is upon 
the bank of the rivfr Amon, and ftom the mkl- 
die of the river, and ftom half Oilead, even unlo 
the river Jabbok, whuh it the border of the chil- 
dren of Ammon ; 

3 And fVom the plain umhe sea of CInnemtli 
on the Aast, and unto the sea of the ^ain, «m« 
the salt sea on the east, the way to Beth-Jeshi- 
moth ; and (torn the soiith. under Ashdoth-pisgah t 

4 And the eoast of Og king of Bashan. which 
was of the remnant or the ^antt, that dwelt al 
Ashtaroth and at Edrei, 

9 And reigned hi mount Hermon, and in Sakah, 
and in all Bashan, imto the border of the Geshu' 
rites, and the Maachathites, and half Gilead, tlie 
border of Sihon king of Heshbon. 

6 Them did Mosee the serVant of the Lord, 
and the children of Israel smite : and Moses the 
servant of the Lord gave it^sr a po s s e s si on 
onto the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the 

7 IT And these are the kings of the country 
which Joshua and the children of Israel smote 
on this side Jordan on the west, (torn Baal-gad 
in the valley of Lebanon, evoi unto the mount 
Halak that aoeth up to Seir ; which Joshua gave 
unto the tribes of Israel for a possession aecord- 
ing to their divisions ; 

8 In the mountains, and in the valleys, and fn 
the plains, and in the springs, and in the wihler- 
ness, and m the south country ; the Hlttiteai the 
Amorites, and the Canaanites, the Periflntes, 
the Hivites, and the Jebusites: 

9 ir The king of Jericlio, one ; the king of At, 
which is beside Beth-el, one ; 

10 The king of JeruanUem, one; the king of 
Hebron, one ; 

11 The kingxof Jarmuth, one; the king of La- 
chish, oue ; 

12 The king of Egton, one ; the king of Geser, 

13 The king of Deblr, one ; the king of Geder, 

14 The kingof Hormah, one ; the kingof Arad, 

15 The king of Libnah, one ; the king of Adul • 
Iain, one ; 

16 The king of Makkedah, one; the king of 
Beth-el, one ; 

17 The king of Tappuah, one ; the king of He- 
pher, one ; 

18 The king of Aphek, one ; the kingof Lasha- 
ron, one ; 

10 The king of Madon, one ; the king of Hazor, 

20 The king of Shimron-meron, one ; the king 
of Achshaph, one ; 

21 The king of Taanach, one ; the king of Me- 
giddo, one ; 

23 The king of Kedesh, one ; the king of Jok- 
neam of Cormel, one ; 

23 The king of Dor in the coast of Dor, one; 
the king of'tlie nations of Gilgal. one ; 

24 The king of Tirzah, one : all the kings thir- 
ty and one. 

CHAP. xm. 

Boundaries of the unsubdued land. 

NOW Joshua was old and stricken in years; 
and^the Lord said unto him, Thou art old 
and stricken in years, and tliere remaineth yet 
very much land to be possessed. 

2 This is the land that yet remaineth : all the 
borders of the Philistines, and all Oeshuri, 

3 From Sibor, which w before E|ypt, even unto 
the borders of Ekron northward, which is oouM- 



fli to the CaiuMiilia. iv« loidi of tbt Pyili- 

tiiMt; tiM Guatliiiea, and the Aahdochilte, the 
BdikalonUfla, the Gittitflt, mod the Bkronr 
o^the Avitet: 

4 FroM the touth all the tend of the Cuiean- 
Hm; end Mearah that if hetide the Sidonians, 
luito Apbek to the borden of the Amoritei : 

5 And the tend of the OlMllei, and aU Leba- 
non toward the •un-rising, ttom Baal-cad under 
■lount HdraMm unto the enterina into Hamath. 

6 All the inhabitant! of the hUH^ountry from 
Lebanon unto Mierephoth-nialm. and aU the Si- 

I will I drive out mm before the 

LtvPs imkaHUtnm 

doniam, iheav 

Shildren of Israel : o^ly divide thou it bf lot 
mto the braelitaf for an inheritance, ai I have 
conunanded tiiee. 

7 Now therefore divide thia land for an inheri- 
Mnce unto the nine tribes, and the half-tribe of 

8 With whom the Reubenitas and the Oaditea 
have received their inheritance, which Moeee 

Eve them, beyond Jordan eastward, wtn as 
OSes the servant of the Loan gave ttmn ; 
• From Aroer that i» upon the bank of the river 
Amon, and the city that U in the midst of the 
Hver. and all the plain of Medeba unto Dibon ; 

10 And all the cities of Sihon king of the Amo- 
rites, which reigned in Heshbon, unto tlie bor- 
der of the children of Aaimon : 

11 And Ollead, and the border of the Geshu- 
rites and Maaehathites, and all mount Hermon, 
and all Bashan unto Salcah ; 

It All the kingdom of Og in Bashan, which 
' reigned in Ashtaroth and in Edrei, who remain- 
ed of tlie remnant of the giants. For these did 
MoBSS smite, and cost ttiem out. 

13 Nevertheless, the children of Israel expelled 
BottheGeshuriteii,northellaachathites: but the 
Oeshurites and the Maaehathites dwell among 
the Israelites until this day. 

14 Only unto the tribe of Levi he gave none 

and Befonfan ; and tnm llahanaim unto the bor- 

37 And In the valley, Beth-aram, and Beih-nim. 
rah, and Buceoth, and Zaphon. the rest of tlie 
kiacdom of SiJion king of lleshlKm, Jordan and 
Am border, wm unto the edge of the sea of Ciii' 
aeioth, on the other side Jordan eastward. 

98 This iM the Inheritance of the children of Ga4 
after their Aunilies, the cities, and their villagea. 

89^ And Moses gave tiU«ri(aiic<unto the half- 
tribe of Manassefa : and thia was ike p0»a«ssi0n 
of the half-tribe of the children of Manasoeh by 
their fomilies. 

30 And their coast was ttom Mahanaim, all Ba- 
shan, all the klaodom of Og kina of Bashan, and 
all the towns of Jalr, which «r« ui Bashaa, tliro»- 
score cities: 

31 And half GUead, and Ashtaroth, and Edrel, 
cities of the kingdom of Og in Bashan, weraper- 
Umhtg unto the chlldrai of Machir the son of 
Manasseh^ evtn to the one half of the childrea 
of Machir by their fkmiUes. 

32 I'hese are tkt countHe* which Mooes did 
distribute for inheritance in the plains of Moab, 
on tlie other side Jordan by Jericho eastward. 

33 But unto the tribe of Levi, Moses gave not 
MMf inheritance : tlie Loan God of tsrael tooe 
their iniieritancc, as he said unto them. 

jnnttrHegmnduhM^fimkmittfUt, . 

AND these mre Us eauntries which the chil- 
dren of Israel inherited in the land of C^ 
naan, which Eleaaar tiie priest, and Joahua th« 
son of Nun, and the heads of tlie fhthera of th« 
tribes of the children of Israel distributed fbr in> 
heritance to them. 

S By lot was their inheritance, as the Lou» con- 
maiidtid by the hand of Moses, for the nine tribes, 
and/«r the half-tribe. 

3 For Moses had given the inheritance of two 
tribes and a half-tribe on the other side Jordan : 

Israel made by fire are their inheritance, as he 
aaid unto them. 

15 IT And Moses gave unto the tribe of the chil- 
dren of Reuben inkeriunce according to their 
famiUes. . 

10 And their coast was ftom Aroer that ia on 
the bank of the river Arnon, and the city that 
<# in the midst of the river, and ail the plahi by 

17 Heshbon, and all her cities that are in the 
plain ; Dibon, and Bomoth-baal, and Beth-baal 

18 And Jahaza, and Kedemoth, and Mephaath, 

19 And Kirjathahn, and Sibmah, and Zareth- 
■hahar In the mount of the vaili^, 

50 And Beth-peor, and Ashdoih-pisgah, and 

51 And all the cities of the plain, and all the 
kingdom of Sihon king of the Amorites which 
reigned in Heshbon, whom Moses smote with 
the prhices of Midlan, Evi, and Rekem, and 
Zur, and Hur, and Reba, which ware dukes of 
6ibon, dwelling in the country. 

83 H Balaam also the son of Beor, the sooth- 
sayer, did the children of Israel slay with the 
aword, among them that were slain by them. 

83 And the border of the children of Reuben 
was Jordan, and the border thereof. This was 
(he Inheritance of the children of Reuben, after 
their families, the cities and the villages thereof. 

34 And Moses gave inhentaMce unto the tribe 
of Gad, even unto the chikiren of Gad according 
to tlieir families. 

89 And their £oast walJaxer, and all the cities 

of Gilead, and half the land of the children of to go out, and to come in. 

Amuioa, unto Aroer tliat ia before Rabbah , 
80 And fion Heibboa onto Ramath-mixpeh, 

inheritance ; the sacrifices of the Loan God of! but unto the Levites he gave none inheritance 

among them. 

4 For the children of Joseph were two tribea, 
Manasseh and Epbraim : therefore they gave no 
part ilnto the Levites In the land, save cities to 
dwell tn, with their suburbs for their cattle, and 
for their substance. 

5 As the Loan commanded Moses, so tl>e cliil- 
dren of Israel did, and they divided the land. 

Gil Then tliechildren of Judahcaineunto Joshua 
in Gilgal : and Caleb the son of Jephunneli the 
Keiiezitesald unto him, Thou kiiowest the tiling 
that the Lord said unto Moses the man of God 
concerning me and thee in Kadesh-baniedt 

7 Forty yean old waa I when Moses ttie servant 
of the Lord sent nie IVom Kadesh-bamea to espy 
out the land ; and I brought him word again as 
it waa in my heart 

8 Nevertheless, my brethren that went up with 
ne mjule the heart of the people melt : biit I 

wholtefollowed the Lord my God. 

9 Ann Moses sware on that day, saving, Bnrely 
the land whereon thy feet have trodden shall be 
thine inheritance, and thy children's forever; 
t>ecause thou hast wholly followed the Loan 
my God. 

10 And now, behold, the Loan hath kept me 
alive, AS he said, these forty and five years, even 
since the Loan spake this word unto Moses, 
while the children af Israel wandered in the wil- 
derness : and now, lo, I am this day fourscore 
and five years old. 

11 As yet I SM as strong this day, as fwaa In 
the day that Moses sent me : as my strength aooa 
then, even so w my strength now, for war, both , 

13N0W tlierefore al ve me this mounwin, when* 

of Che LoKD spake in that day : for thou heardeM 


CiMV portion md umqnut. 


IB Uist day how the AiuUiimt tnre theve, and 
tkat the citiei wer$ great ^d fenced : if lo be 
the Lord will be with mc, then I shall be able 
id drive them out, as the Loan eatd. 

13 And Jnehua blessed hhn,and gave unto Caleb 
the son»r Jepllunneh, Hebron for an inheritance. 

14 Hebron therefore became the inheritance of 
Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite untp 
this day ; because that he wholly followed the 
f^ED God of Israel. 

15 And the name of Hebron before wa» Kiijath- 
arba ; wkiek Arba was a treat man among the 
Anakima. And the land had rest from war. 

Borders of the lot of Judah, 

T'H/S then was the lot of the tribe of the chil- 
dren of Judah by their families ; even to tlie 
border of Edou, the wilderness of Zin sputliward 
was the uttermost part of the south coast. 
3 And their south border was fh>iu the shore of 
the salt sea, ft-om the bay thatlo4iketh soutliward : 

3 And it went out to the south side to Maaleh- 
•crabbim, and passed along to Zin, and ascend- 
ed up on the soutii side unto Kadesh-barnea, and 
passed along to Hezron, and went up to Adjir, 
and fetched a compass to Karkaa : 

4 ^0111 tkenee it passed toward Azmon, and 
went out unto the river of Egypt ; and tiie goings 
eut of that coast were at the sea : this sliall be 
your south coast. 

5 And the east border wu the salt sea, ( 
anto the end of Jordan : and eA«i> border fai the 
aorth quarter was (torn the bay of tiie sea, at 
the uttermost part of Jordan : 

The eitist of JtMk. 

6 And the border went up to Beth-hogia, and villages : 

aaaaofi ainn* hv th<> nnrth nf RRth-nrnlinh * nnd 33 ^mA 

16 V And Caleb said, Ue that smiteth Kiriath- 
sepher, and taketh it, to him will I give Aciisali 
my daughter to wife. 

17 And Othniel the son of Kenaz, the brother 
of Caleb, took it: and he gave him Achsah bla 
daughter to wife. 

18 And it came to pass, as she dune uiUo AJm, 
tliat she moved liim to ask of lier father a field. 
And she lighted off Aer ass ; and Caleb said unio 
lier, VVIiat wouldest thou t 

19 Who answered, Give me a blessing ; for thou 
hajit given me a soiiili land, give me also springi 
of water. And Hi gave her the upper springSi 
and tlie netlier springs. 

90 This is the inheritance of the tribe of the 
children of Judah according to their families. 

SI And tlie uttennoet cities of the tribe of tha 
children of Judah toward the coast of Edom 
southward were Kabzeel, and Eder, and Jagur, 

93 And Kinah, and Diuionah, and Adadah, 

83 And Kedesh, and Hazur, and ithnan, 

34 Ziph. ajid Teleni, and Bealoth, 
' 35 And liazor, Hadailah.and Keriotb,and Hez- 
ron, Which is Hazor, 

9G Amam, and Stienia, and Moladab, 

37 And Hazar-gaddali,and lleshnion,and Beth- 
palet. ^ 

38 And Haaar-shual, and Beer-«heba, and Bix- 

39 Baalah, and lim, and Azero, 

30 And Eltolad, and Chesil, and Hormah, 

31 And ZiklaS,and Madmannah,andSansannah, 
33 Aifd Leba<»tli,and Shilhim, and Ain,and Rim- 

roon : all the cities are twenty and nine, with their 

aaased along by the north of Beih-arabah ] and 
me border went up to the stone of Bohan the 
•on of Reuben : 

7 And the border went up toward Dcbir IVom the 
valley of Achor, andsouorthward looking toward 
Gilfcal, that is before the going up to Adumuiim, 
which is on the souUi side of the river: and the 
border passed toward the waters of EnsheniHsli, 
and the goings out thereof were at En-rogel : 

8 And the border went u|» by tiie valley of the 
•on of Hinnom, unto the spuih side of lhie Jebu- 
•Ite ; the same is Jerusalem : and the border went 
up to tlie lop of the mountain that listk before 
the valley of Hinnom westward, wliicii is at the 
end of the valley of the giants northward : 

the bill unto tlie fountain of the water of Nupli 
toah, and went out to the cities of mount Epiiron 
and tlie border was drawn to Baalaii, which is 
Kirjath-jearim : 
lU And tiie border compassed from' Baalah wcst- 
w", 'r! M! '-. ni-nini 3fiTT, flTia pH^sed along unto the 
aiOti iii iuouikL J(:!;irtui ( wlikJt is Cliesalon) on tlie 

33 Jtnd In the valley, Eshtaol, and Zoreah, and 

M And Zanoah, and En-gannim,Tappuah,and 

35 Jarmnth, and Adullam, Socoh, and Azekah. 

Oederotbaim; fourteen cities with their villages: 

37 Zenan, and Hadashah, and Migdalgad, 

38 And Dilean, and Miziieh', and Joktlieel, 

39 Lachish, and Boxknth, arid Gglon, 

40 And Cabboif, and Lahinam, and Kithlisb. 

41 And Gcdcroth. Beth-dagon, and Naamab, 
and Makkedah ; sixteen cities with tlieir vUlages . 

43 Lilinnh, and Ether, and Aslian, 

43 Ami Jiphtah, and Ashnah, and Nezib, 

9 And tlie border was drawn IVoin the top of 44 And Keiiali, and Achzib, and Maresliah '\ 

n^nh tidfr^ artj wnnt Uu wii to Hcth-shemesh, andjUer thereof 

nine cities witli their villajses: 

45 Hkron, witli her towns and her villages: 

46 Prom Ekron even unto the sea, all that /ay 
near Ashdod, with thoir villages: 

47 AsilKlod, with iier towns and her vHlages; 
Gaza, with her towns and her viliages, unio tha 
river of Egypt, and tlie great sea, and the bor- 

on i^^ Tjuiunuh : 

48 II And in the moiAtains, Shamir, and Jattir, 

1 1 And Uii! bnr4nr wucit ikii anto the side Qf and Socoh, 
Ekrnn ctortNwordt nm\ Wm border was drawn 49 And Dannah, and Kirjath-sannah, which i« 
10 Shici'iti, a[i4 iT^aiiFd iUyiit^ lo mount Baalah, Debir, 

QiitL w^nt mil u^H<i Jal'itcct ^ Olid tiie goings out 
of till: border vn^f* ni thu ^':i- 

l^Aridtlmwe^JHiitlcrwixjrLothe great sea, and 
ttiti cuiiji thsrsof : tiili ig l^ti t:Diistof the children 
OlMudah ruiind alK9iti.acc(>r[!l]i!{toiheirfaniiiies. 

n V Anit iiiiUi CMiiii till.' stm of Jephunneh he 
cmve a part dkmici^ ihti chiUU^^K of Judah, accord- 
In)^ tn thi^ caininiridnttdoi ui'iljr Loan to Joshuai 
nem ihp city of Arba the iUiiitit of Anak, which 
eity is Hebron. 

14 And Caleb drove thence the three sons of their villages : 

Anak, Sbeshai, and Ahiman, and f almai, the 
children of Anfik. 

15 And he went up thence to the inhabitants of six cities with their villages 

DeMr : and the nana of DeUr before was Kir- 

50 And Anab, and Eshtemoli, and Anim, 

51 And Goshen, and Hulou, undQiloh; eievea 
cities with their vilUigcs : 

52 Arab, and Dumah, and Eshean, 

53 And Jaiiuiu, and Bcth-tappuah,and Aphekah ^ 

54 And Huiniah, and Kirjath-arba (which it 
Hebron) and Zior; ninecities with their villagesi 

55 Maon, Carmel, anc^Ziph, and Juttah, 

56 And Jttereel, andJokdeam and Zanoah, 

57 Cain, Gibeah, and Tiinnah ton cities wiili 

58 Uaihul, Beth-zur, and Gedor, ■ 

59 And Maarath, and Betlianoth, and Eltekon | 

Kirjath-baal (which m Kirjatii-Jearim) an4 
' • two cities wkh their viUafea J 

139 , 

«1 V In the wtUemew, Bet]l-■ff■bd^ lUdAn, 
and Secacnbt 

es And Nibshan, and the cHy of Salt, and En- 
fedi ; six citiat with their villages. 

63 As for the JebusiteSt the inhaMtaats of Jeru- 
■aleni, the children of Judoh could not drive 
them out : but the Jebuaites dwell with the chil- 
dren of Judah at Jemsalem nnto this dajr. 
Bmritrt of tk* «#n« of Jootfh. 

AND the lot of the cliildren of Joseph (UI firom 
Jordan by Jericho. untOijM water of Jericho, 
on the east, to the wildemeMiat goeth up from 
Jericho throughout mount Beth-el, 
S And goeth out from Beth-el to Lnx, and pav- 
-. . , _ - - ^i to AtaFoth, 

JOSHUA Owia anifsy «t irivm wm 

the bolder went aloaf on the right hand onn 
the inhabitants of ^-tappuah. 

8 JVtfw Manasseh had the land of Tappoah: 
but Tappuah on the border of Manaaseh belong* 
§d to the children of Ephrahp : 

9 And the coastdescendcd unto the river Kanah, 
•ottthward of the river. These citleeofEphraia . 
erf among the cities of Manasseh: the coast of 
Manasseh also w$ on the north side of the ri Ver, 
and the out-goings of it were at the sea^: 

10£k>nthward it ws Ephraim's, and north- 
ward it W4U Manasseh's, and the sea Is his bor- 
der ; and they, met togetlier hi Aslier on the 
north, and in usachar on the east. 

11 And Manasseh had|n Issachar and in Asher, 
Beth-shean and her towns, and IWeam and her 

Japhletl, unto the coast of Beth-horon the netlier, 
and toGeier: and the goings out tliereof art at 
. Ilie sea. 
4 So the children of Joseph, Manasseh and 
Ephraim, took their inheritance. 

Cth along unto the borders of Archi w ^«M»itfuiji »eui-aut;an nnu ucw miwiw, miu ■iracsni •!■«■ Hv* 

3 And goeth down wesCward to the coast of towns, and the inhabitanu of Dor and her towns, 

and the inhabiunta of En-dor and her towns, 
and the Inhabitants of Taanach and hfer towns, 
and the inhabitants of Megiddo and her towns, 
seen three countries. 
13 Yet the children of Manasseh eoul^ not drive 

IT Ana the border of the children of Ephraim eut tko inhmbitmntM of those cities ; but the Ca- 

according to their families was tkut : even the 
border of their Inheritance on the east side vifas 
Ataroth-adar, unto Beth-horon the upper; 

6 And the border went out toward Uie sea to 
MIchmethah on the north side; and the border 
went about eastward unto Taanath-shiloh, and 
passed by it on the east to Janohah ; 

7 And it went down from Janohah to Ataroth, 
and to Naarath, and came to Jericho, and went 
out at Jordan. 

8 The border went out firom Tapnaah westward 
unto the river Kanah ; and the goings out thereof 
were «t the sea. This is the inheritance of the 



naanites would dwell in that land. 

13 Yet it came to pass, when the children of Is- 
rael Vrere waxen strong, that they put the Canaan- 
ites to tribute ; but did not utterlv drive them out. 

14 And the children of Joseph spake ftnto Jo- 
shua, saying. Why hast thou given me but cm« 
lot and one nortion to Inherit, seeing I «« a 
great people, lorasoMieh as the Loan hath blese- 
ed me hitherto 1 

15 And Josluia answered them, If thou ho k 
great people, then get thee up to the wood-e««tit- 
try, and cut down for thyself there in the land 
01 the Perizzitee and of the giants, if mount 

tribe of the children of Ephraim by their families. Ephraim be too narrow fbr thee. 
9 And the separate cities for the cMMren of| 16 And the children of Joseph said. The hill Is 

I separate 
Ephraim wen among the Inheritance of the chil- 
dren of Manasseh, all the cities with their villages. 
10 And they drave not out the Canaanites that 
dwelt in Gezer : but the Canaanites dwell among 
the Ephraimites unto thhi day, and serve uhder 
tribute. / 

. CHAP. xvn. 

7%« lot ofMamtooeki Sre. 

TIBRE was also a lot for the tribe of Manas- 
seh ; for he toa$ the first-bom of Joseph ; to 
wit. for Machir tlie Arst-bom of Manasseh, the 
father of Gilead: because he was a man of war, 
therefore lie had Gilead and Bashan. 
S There was also a lot fbr the ^est of the chil 
dren of Manasseh by tl^eir families ; for the chil- 
dren of Ablezer. and for the chiklren of Helek, 
and for the children of Asriel, and forthe chil- 
dren of Sliechem, and for the children of ^epher, 
and for the children of Shemida : these were the 
nuile children of Manasseh the son of Joseph by 
their families. 

3 IT But Zelophehad, theton of Hepher. the son^ 
of Gilead, the son of Machk, the son of Manas- 
aeh, had no sons, but daughters : and these are 

aie names of his daughters. Mahlah, and Noah, 
oglah, Milcah, andTirzah. 

4 And they came near before Eleazar the priest, 
and before Joshua tlie son of Nun, and before 
the princes, saying, The Loan commanded Mo- 
ees to give us an inheritance among our bre- 
thren: therefore according to the commandment 
of the Loan he gave tliem an inheritance among 
th< brethren of their father. 

5 And there fell ten portions to Manasseh, be- 
fides the land uf Gilead and Bashan, which were the north. 

not enough for us: and ail the Canaanites that 
dwell in the landof the valley have chariots of iron, 
both tke^ who mre of Beth-shean and her towns, 
and theu who are of the valley of Jezreel. 
17 And Joshua spake unto the house of Joseph, 
even to Ephrahn and to Manasseh, saying, Thon 
art a great people, and hast great power : thou 
shait notrhave one lot onlf : 
, 18 But tlie mnuntain shall be thine ; for it £« a 
wood, and thou shalt cut it down: and the out* 
goinis of it shall be thine: for tliou shalt drive 
out uie Canaanitjss. though they have iron cha- 
riots, and though tliey be strong. 
7%« tabernacle eet %p at SMilok. 

AND the whole congregation of the children 
of Israel assembled together at Shiloh, and 
set up the tabernacle of the congregation there : 
and the land was subdued before them. 
3 Ana there remained among thai children of 
Israel seven tribes, which had aop yettetieived 
their inheritance. 

3 And Joshua said unto the children of Israel. 
How long are ye slack to go to possesrthe land 
which the Loan God of your iuhecs hath giveo 
you 1 

4 Give out fh>m among you three mm for eadk 
tribe : and I will send them, and tiiey shall rise, 
and go through the land, and describe it accor- 
ding to the Inheritance of them, and. they shall 
come again lo me. 

5 And tlier shall divide It Into seven parts : Jit- 
dah shall abide in their coast on the south, and 
the house of Joseph shall abMe in thehr coast on . 

on the otlier side Jordan ; 

6 Because the daughters of Manasseh had an 
Inheritance among hUi sons: and the rest of 
Manasseh^s sons had the land of Gilead. 

7 IT And the coast of Manasseh was from Asher 
-to Michmethdh that heth before Shechem ; aad 

6 Ye shall therefore describe the land into seven 
pans, and bring Oe deeerintion hither to me, that I 
may cast lots for you here hefore theLonn ourGod. 

7 But the Levites have no part among you ; for 
the priesthood of the Lord ie their inheritanca 
And Gad, and Reuben, and half the tribe of Ma- 

ns iM tmi eiiiit af Bti^f^mbt, 


■Mieli, have received ihdr toberitanee kejrond 
Jordan on ihe east, which MotetHhe lenrant of 
Ihe Lord gave them. ' 

8 V And the nen aroM, and went awajr : and 
Joriiua charged them Uiat went to deecribe the 
tauid, eayiiif , Go, and walk throofh the land, and 
describe it, and come again to mc, that I may 
here east lots Ibr you betbre the Loan in Sbiloh. 

9 And tite men went and {mssed through the land, 
and descjr Ibed it by cities into seven parts in a book^ 
and came affuiu to Joshua to the host at Shiloh. 

10 V And JoslMiacast lo^ for them in Shiloh be- 
fore the Lord : and there Joshua divided tlie 
land unto the ehiidren of Israel aec<»rding to 
their divisions. 

11 V And the k>t of the tribe of the ehiidren of 
Benjaminkcame up according to their families 
and the coast of their lot came forth between 
the children of Judah and the children of Joseph. 

13 And their border on the north side was ftom 
Jbrdan ; and the bdrder went up to the side of 
Jericho on the north ride, and went up through 
the mounuins westward ; and the coings out 
thereof were at the wilderness of Beth-aven. 
•J3 And the border wimi over fnmi thence to- 
ward Lux, to the side of Lus (which is Beth-el) 
sMithward ; and the border descended to Ata- 
ieth-a9t near the hiil that littk on the south 
Me of the nether Beth-horoa. 

14 And the border wan drawn CA«iiee,and com- 
saned the comer of the sea southward, from the 
hill that lietk before Beth-hoion southward ; and 
Ihe goinp out thereof were at Kirjatli-baal 
(which U Kirjath-Jearim) a city of the children 
of Judah. This »m the west <juarter. 

15 And Ihe south quarter wtu (torn the end of 
Khjath-Jearim, and the border wenit out on tlie 
west, and went out to the well of waters of Neph 

16 And the border came down to the end of the 
■lottntaintliatliea before the valley of the son of 
ilhinoni, and whicli u in the valley of the giants 
on the north, and descended to the valley of Hin- 
aom, to the side of Jebusi on the south, and de- 
scended to En-rogel, 

17 And was drawn flrom the north, and went 
forth to En-shemesh, and went forth toward 

LaU •f t—9Am 9tU JUtm 

wftMn the triwrttaaee of the childwB of Judah. 

2 And they had in their inheritanee, Beer-ehe- 
ba, and Sheba, and Moladah, 

3 And Haaar-shBal,aad Balah, and Aaem, 

4 And BItoIad, and Bethui, and HonnalL 

5 And Ziklaf,aad Beth-raareaboth, and Dasai- 

GelUoth, which U over against the going up of 
Adumrairo, and descended to the stone of Bohan 
the son of Reuben, 
18 And passed along toward theside over against 
Arabah northward, and wentdown unto Arabah 

19 And' the border 

fi And Beth-lebMMh, and ShambeB ; thirteea 
dues and their villages: 

7 Ain, ReauBon. and E 
cities and their villages : 

8 And ail the villages that mtm round about 
these cities to Baalath-beer, Ramath of the south. 
ThisM the inheritance of the tribe of the chil- 
dren of Shneoo according to their (hmiiiea. 

9 Out of the portion of the children of Judah 
mtu ttie inheritance of the children of Simeon i 
for the partof ttie childrenof Judah was too muoh 
for them : therefore tlie children of Simeon had 
thehr inheritance within the inheritance of thorn. 

10 H And the third lot came up for the childre* 
of Zcbniun according to their nuniUes : and the 
border of their inheritance was unto Sarid : 

11 And their border a^t up toward the sea, 
and Maralah, and reached to Dabbasheth, and 
reached to the nver that U before Joluieam, 

IS And turned fKwi Sarid eastward, toward the 
sun risina,unto the border of Chisloth-tabor, and 
then coeth out to Daberath,and goeth up to Japhia, 

13 And from thence pasaeth on along on the 
east to Gittali-hepher, to Ittah-kazin, and goeth 
out to Remmon-methoar to Ncah ; 

14 And the border compasseth it on the north 
side to Hannathon : and the out-goings thereof 
are in the valley of Jiphthah-el: 

15 And Kattath, and Nahallal, and ShMhin, 
and Idalah, and Beth-lehem ; twelve cities with 
their villages. 

16 This it the inheritance of the children of 
Zebulun according to their families, these citiea 
with (heir villages. 

17 ir Ani the fourth lot came out to Isnachar, 
for the ciiihh'en of Issacliar according to tltvir 

18 And their border was toward Jezreel, and 
Chesulloth, and Shunem, 

19 And Hapliarahn,andShihon,and Anaharaih, 
SO/And Rabbith, and Kishion, and Abess, 

21 And Remeth, and En-gauuim, aad £n-had« 
dah, and Beth-paazez; 

22 And the coast reacheth to Tabor, and Sha- 
hasimah,and Beth-sheniesh; and theout-goinga 

Betb-lioglah northward: and the out-goings of the 
border were at the north bay of the salt-^ea at the 
louth end of Jordan. This »a« the south coast. 
20 And Jordan was the border of It on the e^st 
tide. This wa» the inheritance of the children 
of Benjamin, by the coasts thereof round about, 
According to their families. 

21 Now the cities of the tribe of the children of and Beten, and Achshaph, 

Beivamln according to their families, were Jer 
cho, and Beth-lio<;lRh, and the valley of Keziz, 

22 A nd Beih-arabah,and Zemaraim,and Beth-el, 

23 And A vim, and Parah, and Ophrah, 

' 24 And Cliephar-haaminonai, and Ophnl, and 
Gaba; twelve cities with tlieir villages : 
35 Gibeon. and Ramah, and Beeroth, 
96 And Miapeh, and Ctiephirah juid Mozah, 

27 And Rekem, and (rpcel, and Taralah, 

28 And Zelah, JSieph, and Jebusi, (which U Je- 
nwalem) Gibeath, and Kirjath ; fourteen cities 
with their villages. Thlsu theinlierithnceof the 
tUldren of Benjamin according to their fonUlies. 

Tlu lot of SiiRMtt, Zebvlun^ ire. 

AN D liie second lot came forth to Simeon, even. 
/or the tribe of tlie children of Simeon ac- 
Midluf toiheirfamilies: and their Inheritauce was 

along to the side of of their border were at Jordan : sixteen cities 

with their villages. 
S3 This is the inheritance of the tribe of tha 
children of Issachar according to tliehr families, 
the cities and their villages. 

24 ir And the fifth lot came out for the tribe of 
the children of Asher according to their families. 

25 And theU* border was Uelkath, and Hali, 

96 And Alammclech, and Amad, and Mlslieal; 
and reacheth to Carmel westward, and toShilioi- 

27 And tumeih toward the sun-rlslngto Beth-da- 

Jon, and reacheth to Zebulun, and to the valley of 
Iphthah-el toward the north side of Betli-einek, 
and Neiel, and goeth outtoCabulon the left hand. 

28 And Hebron, and Ruhob, and Hammoii, ana 
Kaaah, eoen unto great Zidon ; 

2i> And then the coast tumeth to Ramah, and to 
the strong city Tyre ; and the coast turnetli to 
llosah: and the outgoings thereof are at the 
sea from the coast to Adizib : 

30 Ummali also, and Aphek, a^l Rehob : twenty 
and two cities with their villages. 

31 This M tlie inheritance of the tribe of the 
childrenofABheraccordingtotheirfumilieSftlifiiie . 
cities with their viUages. 




Arfy^dlfMcMcf 4(f fft* £.MiM» 

as H Tlw ilxili loi came out to tht ehllArwrV 
Ifaiilitali, m«ti fnr the ehildren oTNuphuU se- 
cordinff to itieir fauiillet. 

33 And their cnaat was (torn Heleph, from Alkm 
in Zaanannim, and Adanii, Nekeb, and Jabneel, 
MBto Lakum ; and the oat-goingg thereof were 
at Jordan : 

34 And tiU» the eoait turaeth weat-ward to Ax- 

Boib-ubor.andgoethouifVomthencetoHuttek, the phiUi out of the tribe of Beubw, andRamoth 
•nd reacheih to Zebahin on the wiuth side, anU In Gilead out of the tribe of Gad, and Golan la 
reacheth to A«her on Uie weit tidet and to Ju- Baahan out of tlte tribe of Manaaaeh. 

dah upon Jordan toward the tun^ rising. 1 » T»ieH were the eiti^ appointed for aU thm 

35 And the fenced cities are Ziddim, Zer, and children of Israel, and for the si 

his own dty, and unto bis own hovoe, uaco tlw 
city (hm whence he fled. 

7 IT And tliey appointed Kedeah tn Galilee Ui 
mountNaphtali, and Shecheoi in inoom Ephrmias, 
and Kiijath-arba, (which MBebron) In the moun- 
tain of Judah. 

8 And on the other side Jordan bv Jericho enal^ 
ward, they assigned Bezer in tliewihlenieaa tipo« 

Hanuuath, Rakltath, and Cinneroth, 
ar* And Adoniah, and Ramah, and Hazor, 

stranger that oo-~ 

ijonmeth among them, that whosoever kllleth tmjf 

_ person at unawares might flee thitlier, and not 

37 And' kedesh, and Bdrei, aiid En-hazor, " die by Uie hand of the avenger of Mood, unai b« 

38 And liwi, and Mlgdal-el, Horem, and Beth- stood before the congrwatloii. 
anath, and Beih-shemesh; nineteen ciUes with CHAP. XXI. , 
their villases. I ' ^^ ^*^*^ UMngned to the LeviUg. 

39 Thist# the Inheritance of the tribe of the OIHEN came near tlie heads of the fathers of 
children of Nanhtali according to their families, J. the Levites unto Eleaaar the prtet, and un- 
the cities and their villages. ^ Joshua the son of Nun. and unto the heads of 

40 H ^nd the seventh lot came out for the tribe Uie fathers of the tribes of the children oMarael ; 
of thechlWren of Dnn nccordUit to their families. 2 And they spake unto them at Shiloh in tho 

41 AndihecoastoftlielrinheriiancewasZprah, landof Canaan, saying. The Lord conunand4)d 
by the band of Moses to give us cities to dweU 

in, with the suburbs thereof for our eagle. 
3 And the children of Israel gave uni^he JLe- 
vitea out of their inheritance, at the command- 

and Eshtaol, aAd Ir-shemesb, . . ^. ^ 

43 And ShaalabMn, and Ajalon, and Jelhlah, 

43 And B'on, and Thinmathah, and Bkron, 

44 Mtd EUekeh, and GibbeUion. aiul Baalath, 

46 And Me-Jarkqn, and Rokkon, with the bor- 
der before Japho. 

47 And the coast of the chiMren of Dan, went 
out Uo little for them : tlierefore the children of 
DaMTcnt up to flght agnhist Leshem, and took it^ 
anmiote it wKh the edge of the sword, and pos- 
aessed it, «iid dwelt therein, and called Leshem, 
Dan, after the name of Dan their fttlier. 

48 This «• tlie inheritance of the tribe of the 
ehildren of Dan according to their families, these 
cities with their villages. , ^ .. ... 

49 II When they had made an end of divldlAg 
the land for inherlunee by their coasts, the chil- 
dren of Israel gave an inheritance to Joshua the 
sou of Nun among tlieni : 

50 According to the word of the f^RD they gave 
hfm the city which he asked, eveu Timnath-se- 
rali in mount Ephrahn: and he built the city, 
and dwelt therein. ' . . ^ „. 

51 ThKse arf. the inheritances which Bleazar 
the priest, and Joshua the son of Nun, and the 
heads of Uie fathers of the tribes of the children 
of Israel, divided for an inheritance by kit In 
Shiloh before the Lord, at the door of the taber- 
nacle of the congregation. So they made au end 
of dividing the country. 


TJippoinimttU of six cities of refufrg. 
HE Lord alto spake'unto Joshua, saying, 
S Speak to the children of Israel, saying. 
Appoint out for you cities of refuge, whereof 1 
■pake unto you by Uie hand of Moses : 

3 That Uie slayer that kiUelh any person un 
awares and uiiwiiungly, may flee" thiUier : and 
they sluili be your refuge from the avengerofbkiod. 

4 And when he that doth flee unto one of Uiose 
Cities siiali stand at Uie entering of the gate of 
the city, and shall declare his cause in the oars 
of the cldersof Uiat city, they shall take him into 
the city unto them, and give him a place, that 
lie may dwell among them. 

5 And if the avenger of blood pursue^fter him 
then Uiey shall not deliver the slayer up into his 
hand ; because he smote IiIh neighbour unwit 
tingly, and liaied liim not beforetime. 

6 And he sliall 4well ki Uiatcity, unUI he stand 

ment of the Lord, these cities and their suburbe. 

4 And the k>t came out for the families of Um 
Koliathltes: and U^e chiMren of Aaron theprieat, 
ishick were of the Levites. had \ay lot out of tiM 
triiie of Judah, and ojut of the tribe of Simeoa, 
ami out of the tribe of Benjamin, thirteen citioa. 

5 And the rest of the chikhrett of Kohnth hmd 
by tot out of the families of Uie tribe of Epttraim, 
and out of the tribe of Dan, and out of tbe Italf- 
tribe of Mauasseli, ten cities. 

6 And the chiklrea of Gershon kad by lot out of 
Uie fanuHes of the tribe of Issachar, and out of 
the tribe of Asher, and out of the tribe of Naph- 
uli; ami out of tlie half-uibe of Manasseh in Ba- 
slian, Uiirteen cities. 

7 Tlie children of Merari by their families hmd 
Out of the tribe of Reuben, and out of the tribe of 
Gad, and oiiiof the tribeofZebulun, twelve citlea. 

8 And the children of Israel gave by tot unto 
the Levites these cities with their suburbs, as tlie 
Lord commanded by Uie hand of Moses. 

9 H And they gave out of the tribe of the chil- 
dren of Judah, and out of the tribe of tlie children 
of Siliieon, these cities which are here menUon- 
ed by name, 

10 Which Uie ^children of Aaron, betm^ of the 

families of Uie Kohatliites, who were of the chil- 
dren of Levi, had: for Uieirs was Uie first tot. 

11 And they gave them UiecityofArba the father 
of Auak (which i9t(y te Hebron) hi tliehill-coaniry 
of Judati, with Uiesuburbs Uiereof round about it. 

12 But the liekls of the city, and the villages 
thereof, gave they to Catob Uie son of Jepfaua- 
neii for his possession. 

13 II Thus they gave to the chihlren of Aaron 
the priest, Hebron with her sulntrbs, to Aea city of 
refuge for Uie slayer; andLibnah with her suburbs, 
' 14 And Jatur with ^er suburbs, and Eslitemoa 
with her suburbs, 

15 And llolon wiUi her suburbs, and Debhr wlUi 
her subur^Nft, *• 

10 And Ain wiUi her suburbs, and Jutiah wiUi 
her suburbs, and Beth-shemesh with luur sub- 
urbs ; nine ci'Jes out of those two tribes. 

17 And out of the tribe of Benjamin, Gibcoa 
with her suburbs, Geba with her suburbs, 
• 18 AnaUiotb with her^suburbs, and Ahiion %viUi 
her suburbs; fourciUes. 

before the congregation for judgment, «»d until . 

U^ deaUi of the high priest that shaU bein Uiose 19 All Uie ciUw of Uie childr«i of Aaroa, Uit 
days : Uien shaU Uie^Iayer return, and come umol priests, were UUrieen ciUes wlUt Uielr subiirba. 

OUAP. XZtL TUiUm'tftutmnf 


3 Ye have not l«a your bratbrM tlwM muaif 
day* unto this day, but have kept the eharge oC 
the commanditieiit of the Lord your God. ^ 

4 And now the LotD your God bath ft ven real 
unfo your brethren, as he pronitoed them : there- 
fore now return ye, and get you unto your tenii, 
snd unto the land of your poeeevion, which Mo- 
•ea the senrant of the Loan fave you on llM 
other tide Jordan/ 

5 But take diligent heed to do the eonyund- 
ment and the law, which Moeee tlie eenrant of 
the LoRDchargedyou,to love the Lord yourGod. 
and to walk in all hie ways, and to keephia coai> 
maudmenis, and to cleave unto him, and to wervt 
him Mfith all your heart, and with all your eoul.. 

6 So Joehua bhaied than, and aent them away ; 
and'tliey went unto Iheir tents. 

7 IT No«ttotbe«iMhalfoftbetribeofManao- 
seh, Mmes had given jia«#M«Mii in Bashan: but 
uiup tlie other half thereof gave Joshua amoM 
their brethren on this side Jordan westwanl. 
And when Joshua sent them away also umo 
their tents, then he blesaed them, 

8 And he spake unto them, saying, Return whli 
much riches unto your tents, and* with veir much 
catUe, with silver, and with gold, and with brass, 
and with iron, and with very much raiment v4l- 
vide tlUe «|K»il of vour enemies with your br^ifln. 

9K And thechildrenof Reuben,andtliechlldre« 

TUf fwrmOUf reHfr^m miar, 

«i H And the ftmiliesor the children of Koliathri 
tbe Levites which remained of the children or 
Kohath, even they had tbe cities of their lot out 
of the tribe of Ephralm. 

81 For they gave them Shecbem wHh her sub- 
urbs in mount Ephraira, to kt m city of refuge 
for the aliyer ; and Gezer with her suburbs, 

SS And Kibzaim wiUi her suburbs, and Beth- 
horon with her suburbs ; four cities. 

83 And out of the tribe of Dan, Eltekeh with 
her suburbs, Gibbethon with her suburbs, 

81Aijalon witli her suburbs, Gath-rimmon with 
herwuburbe; four cities. 

85 And out of the half-tribe of Manasseta, Ta- 
nach with her suburbs, and Gath-rimmon, with 
her suburbs; two cities. 

86 All the cities wero ten with their subnrbs, 
fbr the Ikmilies of the children of Kohath that 

37 IT And unto the children of Oenhon, of the 
fkmilies of tlie Levites, out of the other half-tribe 
of Manasseb theifguve Golan in Bashan with 
her vttimrbs, tobeh city of refUge for the slayer, 
ttid Beesh-terah with hersuburtis; two cities. 

9B And out of the tribe of Issachar, Kishon 
with her suburbs, Dabareh with her suburbs, 

9S Jarmuth with her suburbs, £n-gannim with 

hersitbuHie; four cities. 

30 And out of the tribe of Asher, MIshal with 
her soborbe, Abdon with her suburbs, 

31 Helkath with her suburbs, and Rehob with of Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseb returned, 
her suburbs; four cities. land departed fh>m the children of Israel out of 

39 And out of the tribe of Naphull, Kedeeh ln|Shiloh, whicli i» In the land of Canaan, to go 
telilee with her suburbs, to fte a city ofre(\i£e ' -^-^«.— -. — .l-._ . .*.^ . 

for tlie slayer; aOid Hammoth-dor with hersub- 

artw. and Kartan with her suburbs; three cities. 
33 All the cities of the Gershonites, according 

to ilieir families, wen thirteen cities with tlieir 


Galilee with her suburbs, to fte a city of relXifeiuntotliecountryofGlleailttothelandofthelrpoa- 
sesBion, whereof they were possessed, according 
to the word of the Lord by the hand of Moses. 
10 ir And when they oame unto the borders of 
Jordan, that are in I lie land of Canaan, the chlh 
drcn of Reuben, and the children of Gad, and 

34 IT And unto the families of the children of the half-tribe of Maiuutseh built there an altai 
Mcrari, tlie rest of the Levites, out of the^ribe by Jordan, a great altar to see to. 

ef Zebulun, Jokneani with her suburbs, and! lllf And thecliildren of Israel heard say, Belmld, 
Kartah with lier suburbs, | the chthiren of Reuben, and the children of Gad, 

35 Dimnah with her suburbs, Nabalal with her. and tliehalf-tribeofMaiiatiBeh, have built an altnr 
suburbs; four cities. jovcragainsttlie laiidof Canaan,intheborders.of 

38 And out of the tribe of Reuben, Bezer with; Jordan, at the passage of tlie chiMren of Israel, 
her flubnrbe, and Jaliiizah with her suburbs, | 112 And when die children of Israel heard ef it. 

37 Kedemntb-with her suburbs, and Mcphaath-the whole cimgregation of the children of Israel 
srith her sub&rbs ; four cities. | gathered themselves tofetber at ShiMi, to go up 

38 Andoutof tlie tribe ofGad,Rarooth in Gilead to war a^aiiut thcni. 

with her suburbs, u> he 9. city of refuge for the 
slayer ; and Mahanaim with her suburl)^^ 

39 fieslibon with her suburbs, Jazer with her 
suburbs; fbur cities in all. 

40 So all the cities for the children of Merari by 
their families, wliicli were remaining of the fami- 
lies of the Levites, were 6y their lot twelve cities. 

41 All the cities of the Levites within the pos- 
session of the children of Israel were forty and 
eifht cities with their suburbs. 

42 These cities were every one with their sub- 
urbs round about them. Thus were all tliese cities. 

48 IT And the Lord gave unto Israel all the 
land which lie eware to give unto their fathers: 
and they possessed it, and dwelt therein. 

44 And tlie Lord gave them rest round about, 
accoidiiig to all thatiiesware unto their fatlien : 
and there stood not a man of all their enemtes 
before them; the Lord delivered all their ene- 
mies Into their hand. 

45 There failed not aught of any good thlnej though there was a plague in the congregation 
which the Lord had spoken uii^o the bouse of of the Lord, 

Israel ; all came to pass. 

CHAP. xxn. 

7%« two tribte and a hatf dismieeei. 

THEN Joshua called the Reubenites, and the 
Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manosseh, 
9 And said unto them. Ye have kept all that Mo- 
Mi ihcaervant of tbe Ikir» commanded you, and 

13 And the children of Israelwnt unto the chil- 
dren of Reuben, and to the children of Gad, and 
to the half-tribe of Manasseb into the land of 
Gilead, Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest. 

14 And Willi him ten |irlnces, of each chief 
Imuse apriiwe throughout ail the tribes of Israel ; 
and each one «oa« a head of the house (^ their 
fathers among tbe thousands of Israel. 

15 And they came unto the children of Reu- 
ben, and to tlie children of Gad, and to the half- 
tribe of Manasseh, unto the land of Gilead, and 
they spake with them, saying, 

16 Thus saith the whole congregation of th« 
Lord, What trespass u tills that ye have com- 
mitted against the God of Israel, to turn away 
this day tnmi folkiwing tJi% Lord, in that yoi 
have buikM you an altar, that ye might rebd 
thbi day against tlie LordI 

17 /t the iniquityof Peor too little forus,IVom 
which we are not cleansed Until this day, al- 

18 But tliat ye must turn away tliis day from fol- 
lowing the Lord 1 and it will be, eeeingyn rebel 
to-day against tlie Lord, that to-morrow he will 
be wroth witli the whole congregation of Israel. 

19 Notwithstanding, if the Ituid of your posses- 
skm As 'unclean, Mm pass ye over unto the land 
of ibe posaoiiion of the i«ord, wherein the 


I^ii>*«t«berBiel«4Mr«lletb, tad trittpnwBWl>m{tli their 
wnong ua: but rebel not agtinit the Loed, nor 
rebel agaimt iia» fan baitdinc you an altar ' 
the aloir^if the Lord oor God. 

90 Did not Aeban tlio son of Zerah eommit a 
treapan In the aectuaed thing, and wrath fell on 
all the congregation of larael 1 and that man 
perlihed not alone in his iniquity.' 

SI H Then the children of Reuben, and the efaU- 
dren of Cad, and the half ^rlbe of Manaaseh 
anewcved, and said ttnto the heads of the thou- 
aaads of Israel, 

Si The Loan Ood oi gods, the Loan Ck>d of 
pods, he knoweth, and Israel he shall Itnow : if 
itb4ln rebeltloa, or if in transgression against 
..the I«ORD, (save us not this day,) 

S3That weluivebuiltusan altartotnmfVomfol- 
loiring the LoaD,or If toofftr thereon burnt-offer^ 
Ing, or meat-offering, or if to offbr peaoe-oflbrings 
thereon, let the Lord himself require it ; 

JOSHUA. frmummaAn€ttaHg§ 

lies round about, thm. Joabmrn, wax- 
ed old end stricken in age. 
8 And Joshua called foraU Isra^cntf for their 
elders, and for their heaas, and for their judgea, 
and for their oAcers, and said onto them, 1 am 
old end Aricken in age : 

3 And yi' have seen aU that the Loato your God 
hath done onto all these nations because of yen ; 
for tlie Loan your God is he that liath fought 
for you. 

4 i3ehold, I have divided unto you by lot theaa 
nations that remain, to be an inheritance for 

four tribes, ftotai Jordan, with aH the nations that 
havecut off, even unto the great sea westward. 

5 And the LoRo your God, lie shall expel them 
firom before you, and drive them firom out of 
your sight ; and ye shall possess their land, as 
tlie Loan vour God hath promised unto you. 

6 Be ye therefore very courageous to keep and 
to do all that Is written in the book of tlie law 

S4 And if we'have not r«a«r done it for fear of of Hoses, that ye turn not aside Uierefipom Is 

the right hand or to the left 

this thing, saying. In time to come your children 
■ftigtit speak unto our children, saying. What 
have ye to do with the Lord God of Israel 1 

55 For the Lord hath made Jordan a |H>rder 
bMween us and you, ye children of Reuben and 
children of Gad ; ye have no part in the Lord. 
8«shaU your eliildren make our children cease 
(Vmii fearing the Lord. 

56 Therefore we 8aid,Let us now prepare to build 
us an altar, not for burnt-offering, nor for sacrifice : 

57 But that It may k* a witness between us, and 

Sou, and our generations aAer us, that ^c might 
o the service of the Loan before him with our 
imrnt-oflbrings, and with our sacrifices, and 
with our peaee^flRiriiigs ; that your children 
may not say to our children in time to come, Ye 
have no part in the Lord. 

38 Therefore said we, that it shall be. when they 
ahottld 90 say to us or to our generations in time 
to come, that we may say a^ain, Behold tlie 
pattern of tlie altar of the Lord, which our fo- 
thers made, not for burnt-offerings, nor for sacri- 
lices J but it M a witness between ns and you. ' 

29 God forbid that we should rebel against the 
L<iRD, and turn thbtday from following the Loan, 
to build an Miwc for bumt-offerlnga, for meat-of- 
ferings, or for sacrifices, besides the altar of the 
Lord our God that it before his tubernocle. 

30 1 And when Phinehas the priest, and the 
prhices of the congregation, and heads of pie 
thousands of Israel which were with him, heard 
the words tluit the children of Reuben, and the 
children of Gad, and the children of Mauasseh 
tnake, it pleased them. 

31 And Phinehas the son of Bleasar the priest 
said unto tlie children of Reuben, and to the cliil- 
'dren of Gad, and to the children of Manasseh, 
liiis day we pereeive that tlie Loan ie among 
us, because ye have not committed tliis tse^pass 
against the Lord : now ye Itftve delivered the 
children of Israel out of tlie hand of the Lord. 

91 IT And Phinehas tlie son of Eleazar the priest, 
and the princes, returned from tlie children of 
Reuben, and fVoni the children of Gad, out' of tlie 
laud of Qilead, niii6 tlie land of Canaan, to the 
children of I«rnel, and broitsht them word again. 

33 And the tiling pleased the children of Israel ; 
and Uic cliilda'n of Israel blessed God, and did 
not intend to go up against them hi battle, to 
destroy the land wherein the children of Reuben 
and Gad dwelt. 

34 And tlie\:lilldren of Reuben aiid the children 
of Gad called the altar Kd : for it ekall be a wit- 
ness between us that the I«oro m God. 

CHAP. XXlll. 
hehna ezkorleth the IsraelHet. 

A Nil it came to pass, a long timedtfter that 
tho Lord had giveu rest untu Israel uroai 

7 That ye come not among these nationa, theat 
that remain among you ; neither make mentida 
of tlie name of their gods, nor cause to swear 
bjf (Aesi, neitlier serve ucm, nor bow youraelvea 

into them: 

8 But cteave unto the Lomo your God, aa y« 
hare done unto this day. 

9 For the I«ord hath driven out ttom before yon 
great nations and stronz : but at for you, no man 
lijith been able to stand nefore you unto thia day. 

JO One man of you shall chase a tliouaand : for 
the I.ORD your God, he it it tiwt fighteth for yuiH 
as he hath promised you. 

11 Take good heed therefore unto younelvec, 
tliat ye love the Loird your God. 

IS Else if ye do in any wise go back, ano cleave 
unto the remnant of these nations, even these tliat 
remain among you. And shall make marriages 
with them, and go in unto tliem, and they to you i 

13 Know for a certainty that the Lord your God 
will no moie drive out any of these nations from 
before you : but they shall be snares and tri}pe un- 
to you, and scourges in vour sides, and thorns In 
your eyes, until ye perlsli from off this good land 
which the Lord your Go|jl hath given you. 

14 And behold, this day I am going tlie way of 
all the earth ; and ye know in all your heortii and 
In all your souls, that not one thing hatlt failed 
of all the good things which tlie Lord your God 
spake concerning you ; all are conie to {mas uuia 
you, and not one thing hath failed thereof. 

15 Therefore It shall come to pass, that aa all 
good things are come U|k>ii yon, which tlie Lord 
your God promised you ; soshuli the Lord bring 
upon you all evil things, until lie have destroyed 
you from off this good land which the LoitD 
your God hath given you. 

16 Wlien ye have transgressed the covenant oi 
the Lord your God, which he conunandol you, 
and have gone and served other gods, and bow- 
ed yourselves to than ; tlieii shall the anger of 
the Lord be kindled against you, and ye shall 

Rerish quickly IVom off tlie good land which be 
ath given unto yoit. 

Jotkua reUUetk God^s heneJUt. 

AND Joshua gathered all tlie tribes of Israel 
to Sheclicm, and called for the elders or Is- 
rael, and for their heads and for their iiidgcs, 
and for their officers ; and tliey pre^Nmteo th^i- 
selves before God. 

3 And Joshua said unto all the people, Thiia 
saith tlie Lord God of Israel, Your fathers dwelt 
on the other side of tlie flood in old time, etfen 
Terah, tlie fotlier of Abraham, and the father 
of Naclidr : and tlicy served other gods. 

3 And I took your fatlier Abraham from thi 

Wkt eovmumt fttteuti. 

CHAP. xxnr. 

•Cher side of the flood, and led bbn throofhoat 
ftU the land of Canaan, and muMpHed hit seed, 
and gftve him Isaac 

4 And I gave unto baae Jacob and Esan: and 
1 gave unto Esau mount Seir, to possess it ; but 
Jacob and hia children wont down into Egypt 

5 I eent Mosos also and Aaron, and I plagxicd 
Egypt, according to that which I did among 
tkem : and afterward I bronglit yoti out 

€ And I brought your faUicrs out of Egypt : and 

JMMmV lift Mid tftao. 

ye came unto the seii ; aiid tlie Egyptians pur* Jealous God ; he will not forgive your transgrea- 

sued aner your fathers witli chariots and horse- 
men unto the Red sea. 

7 And when they cried unto the Loan, be put 
darlcness between you and the Egyptians, and 
brot^ht the sea upon tlicm, and covered tlicia ; 
abd your eyes have seen what I have done In 
Egypt : and ye dwelt in the wilderness a long 

e And I bronght you into the land of the Amo- 
rftca, which dNvcIt on tlte other side Jordan ; nnd 
ttey fought with vou : and I gave them into your 
iMmd, that ye might possen ilicir laud ; and I 
dtotroyed tbem from before you. 

9 Then Balalc the son of Zippor, khic of lloab, 
wose and warred against Israel, and sent and 
etfled Balaam the son of Beor to curse you : 

II But I would not hearken unto Balaam ; 
tinrefore he blessed you still : so I delivered you 
eat of bis hand. 

U And ye went over Jordan, and came unto 
Jericho: and the men of Jericho fbught against 
jraa, the Amorites, and the Periazltcs, and the 
Caaaanites, and the Hittltes.and tiieGirgasbites, 
tftfUivites, and the Jebusites, and I ueliverea 
them Into your Itand. 

If And I sent tlie Iiomet bcfbre yon, which 
dnve Uiem out fVom before you, eten the two 
ttigs of the Amorites: but not with thy swool* 
nor with thy bow. 

13 And I have given yon a land fbr which ye 
Ad not labour, and cities which ye built not, and 
ye dwell in them; of tlie vineyards and oUve- 
yards which ye planted not do ye eat. 

14 U Now therefore fear tlie Lord, and serve 
■m in sincerity and in trulih ; and put away the 
fodswliich your fiidtersserved on the other sideof 
the Adod, and in Egypt ; and serve ye the Lord. 

15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the 
Lord, choose yon tbis day whom ye will serve, 
whether tiie gods which X'oar fathers served that 
wete\m the other side of the flood, or the gods of 
lAe Amorites in whose land ye dwell : but as for 
Bie and my house, wc will serve the Lord. 

10 And tlie people answered, and said, God fbr- 
bid that we should forudce the Lord, to serve 
other gods ; 

17 For the Lord our God, he it is that brought 
IS up, and our fathers, out of the land of Egypt, 

from the boose of bondage, and which did thOM 
great signs in our sight, and prestrrved us in an 
tlie way wherein we went, «ftd among all tbA 
people through whom we passed : 

18 And the Lord drave out from before as alt 
the people, even the Amorites which dwdt in 
the land : tker^ore will we also serve the Lord; 
for be U our God. 

19 And Joshua said unto the people, Ye cannot 
serve tiie Lord : fbr he <» a holy God : lie t> a 

sions, nor your sins. 

50 If ve forsake the Lord, and serve strange 
gods, tlien he wHl turn and do you hun, and 
consume you, after tliat he hath done you good. 

51 And tlie people said unto Joshua, Nay ; but 
we will serve the Lord. 

83 And Josliua said unto the people, Te are wii^ 

leases against yourselves that ye have chosen 
you the Lord, to serve him. And they said, JV§ 
•re witnesses. 

S3 Now therefore put away (ndiks) the strange 
gods whicli ore amongyou, and incline your heart 
unto ilie Lord God of Israel. 

34 And the people said unto Joshua, The I^r» 
our God will we serve,iind his voice will we obey. 

S5 So Joshua made a covenant with the people 
that day, and set them a statute and an ordinance 
in Slicchcm. 

SSS IT And Joshua wrote these words In the boo)( 
of the law of God, and took a great stone, and 
set k up there undei^ an oak that tpos by the 
sanctuary of the Lqrd. 

87 IT And Joshua said unto all the people, Be- 
hold, this stone shall he a witness unto us ; for 
it hath heard all tiie words of the Lord which 
he spake unto us : it shall be therefore a wUnesa 
untoyou, lest ye deny your God. 

88 So Joshua let the people depart, eVery man 
unto his inheritance. 

S9 And it came to pass after tbeae things, that 
Joshua the son of Nun th^ servant of the Lord 
died, b$inff a hundred aiul ten years old. 

30 And they buried him in the border of hto in- 
heritance in Timnath-scrah, which is in mount 
Epliraim, on the north side of the liiU of Gaasli. 

31 AAd Israel served the Lord all the days ot 
Joshua, and all tlie days of the elders tliat over- 
lived Jr^iua, and which had known all the worka 
of the Lord that he had done for Israel. 

32 And the bones of Joseph, which the children 
of Israel brotight up out ot E^gypt. buried they in 
Shccbem. In a parcel of grouud wliich Jacob 
bought or the sons of Hamor the father of She 
chem for a hundred pieces of silver ; and it be- 
came the inheritance of the children of Joseph. 

33 And Bleazar the son of Aaron died ; and they 
buried him in a hill that pertained to Phinelias 
his sou, which was given liiin in mount Ephraim. 


Tk^ Mtts of Judak tiHi Simeon. 

NOW after the death of Joshua it came to 
pass, that the children of Israel asked the 
I«oRD, saying. Who shall go up for us against 
the Canaanites first to fi^ht against tiiem ? 
8 And the Lord said, Judah shall ^o np: be- 
hold, 1 have delivered the land into his hand. 

3 And Judah said untoSlmeonhis brother, Come 
s may fight against 
e will go with thee 

. twitlihira. . 

4 And Judah went up, and the Lord delivered 
tbeCanaanites and the Perizzites into their hand ; 
•iWI they slew of there in Bezek ten thousand men 

5 And tliey found Adoni-bczek in Bezek : and 
tb^ fbught against him, and they slew the Ca- 
— - I and the Pcrlzzitcs. 

7 O 

"i The Bo^qf JUDGES. . 

6 But Adoni-bezex fled ; and they pursued after 
him, and caught liini, and cut olTiiis thumbs ai>d 
his great toes. 

7 And Adoni-bexek said, Threescore and ten 
kings, having their thumbs and their great toea 
cut oin gathered t&eir meat under my table; as I 
have done, so God hath requited me. And tliey 
brought him to Jerusalem, and there lie died. 

8 (Now the children of Judaii had fought against 
Jerusak^m, and liad taken it, and smitten it with' 
tlie edge of the sword, and set the city on lire.) 

9 IT And atterAvard the children of Judah went 
down to figiu against the Canaanites thatd welt ii| 
the mountain, and in the south, and in the valley. 

10 And Judan went against tlie Canaanites that . 
dwelt in Hebron : (now the name of Hebron be- 
fore was Kirjath-arba:} and they slew Sheahai 
and Abbnan, and Talmal. 




tfiekiine$9 ^f th«lm0 gtm^i^m. 

II AM from Ibence 1m west agafaM th« iAlia-rbliaiiu of BeUi-^lienMib, nor the inhabitants •€ 
Mtanti of Deblr: and the name of OeUr before) B<i(h-anoth ; but he dwelt among the Cantuui- 
M« Ktriath ■epJur : Ii<m, the inhabitants of the land : neverthelea^ 

n Am Oiltb etld, He that anlteth Kiriath- tJie inltabitanta of Beth-tbemedi and of BctJi- 
* ■ "" ' " aiiaih become tiibutariei unto th«n. 

34 And the Amorites forted the children of Dan 
into Uie mountain: for they would uotiuiTertli^ni 
to come down to the valley : 

35 Dut Uie Amorites woald dwell in mount lie- 
res In AUalon, and In Sbaalbim: yet the li^iid 
of the house of Joseph prevailed, so that Uiey 
became tributaries. 

36 And tlie coast of the Amorites »«# from Um 
foing up to Altrabbim,lh>mthen>ck, and upward. 

lirael rOtukU at BocUm, 

•epiier, and takeih U, to him wUl I give Achsah 
my ilaaghter to wife. 

13 AadOthniel the son ofKeoas, Caleb's young- 
iw brother, took It : and he gave JUm Adwah his 
daughter to wife. 

14 And it came to pass, when she came uhim, 
lltat she moved him to ask of her father a field : 
a*l ahe lighted from nlf A«r ass ; and Cahfb said 
anto her, What wUt thou t ^. ^ 

■5 And ahe said unto hhu. Give me a blessing 
A>r tlwu hast given me a south land ; give nie 
also springs of water. And Caleb gave her the 
apper siirtngs, and the nether springs. 

lo IT And the children of the Keaite, Moses' 
father-in-law, went up out of the city of palm- 
Uecs with the children of Judab into ilie wilder- 
ness of Judah, which Uetk in the south of Arad ; 
and tliey went and dwelt among Uie peopk:. 

17 And Judah went witli Simeon his brother, 
and they slew the Canaanites tiiat inhabited 
Kephath, and utterly destroyed it. Aud the name 
Of the chv was called Ilormah. 

18 A ISO Judah took Gnza witli the coast thereof, 
and Askelon with the coast thereof, and Ekrou 
with the coast thereof. 

Itf A nd the Lord warwlth Judah ; and liedrave 
out tAs inhaiilants of the niountaiu ; but could 
not drive out tlie inhabitanu of the valley, be- 
cause they had chariots of iron. 

:tU And Uiey gave Hebron unto Caleb, as Bloses 
iaki : and he expelled thence the three sous of 

91 And tlie children of Benjamin did not drive 
out the Jebusites that inhabited Juriisalcni; but 
iJie Jebusites dwell witli the chiklreu of Ueiua- 
Min in Jerusalem unto this day. 

t{3 IT A nd Uie house of Joseph, they also went np 
ajrainst BeUi-el : and the Loan waa wiUi Uieui. 

83 And Uie house of Joseph sent to descry lieth- 
d. Now the name of the city beibre tooj Lux. , 

84 And the s|des saw a man come forth out ofi Bphraiin, on Uie norUi side of the hill Oaash. 

the city, and they said unto hini, Siiew us, we 1U And also all that generation were gathered 

pray Uiee, Uie enuance into the city, aud we will: itiuu their faUiers : and there arose another gen«- 

AND an angel of Uie Lord came up from Gil- 
gal to Bodiim, and said, I made you to go 
up out of Bgypt, and have brought you unto the 
Uind which I sware anto your fathers*, aiid I 
said, 1 will never break my covenant with you. 

2 And ye sliall make no league with Uie inlia- 
bitants of tills land ; ye shall throw down tiieir 
altars : but ye have not obeyed my voice : why 
have ve done Uiisl 

3 Wherefore 1 also said, I win not drive them out 
from before you ; but they siiall be as tkamm in 
yoursides,and Uieirgods shall be asnare unto you. 

4 And Jt came to pass, wlien the ai^ of the 
Lord spake these words unto all Uie children of Is- 
rael, that the peopk; lUkd up Uieh- voiGe,aiid wept. 

5 And they called Uie name of that place Bo* 
cliiin : aud Uiey sacrificed Uiere uuto Uie Lord. 

IT And when Josiiua had let the people ko, 
the cidldren of Israel went every man unto Eio 
inheritance to possess the Jand. 

7 Aiul tl^e people served Uie Lord all the days 
of Josliua. and all the days of the eUers tbot 
outlived Josliua, wlio had seen all the great 
w6rks of the Lord, Uiat he did for Israel. 

8 And Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of the 
Lord, died, htins a hundred and ten years old. 

9 And Uicy buried him In the border of his In- 
heritance in Tininadi-heres, in the mount of 

shew thee mercy. 

85 A nd when he shewed them the entrance into 
the city, they smote Uie city wiUi Uie edge of the 
aword : but tJiey let go the man and all his faiiiliy. 

86 And Uie hian went into the land of the Ilit- 
tltes, and built a city, and called the name there- 
of Lua : which i» Uie name thereof unto Uiis day. 

87 H Neither did Maiiasseh drive out <Ae tnAa- 
hitanu o/BeUi-shean and her towns, nor Taa- 
nach and her towns, nor the Inhabiuuiu of Dor 
and' her towns, nor the inhabitants of Ibleam andj Baal and AshtaroUi. 
her towns, nor the inhabitants of Megiddo and 14 11 And the auffcr of Uie Lord was hot against 
her towns ; but Uie Canaanites would dwell in Israel, and he deUvored Uicni into the hands of 

ration at\er them, which knew not Uie Lord, nor 
yet the works which he had done for Israel 

11 1( And Uie children of Israel did evU in Uie 
sight of the Lord, and served Baalim : 

18 And they forsook Uie Lord God of their fli- 
Uiers. which brought UteinoutofUielandofEg)r|>t, 
and (oilowed oUier cods, of Uie gods of the people 
that i0«rs round about them, and bowed them- 
selves unto them, and provoked the Lord to anger. 

13 And they forsook the Lord, and served 

that land. 

88 And it eame to pats when Israel was sming. 
Uiat Uiey put the Canaanites to tribute, and did 
got utterly drive Uiem out. 

89 IT Neither did Ephraim drive out the Ca- 
naanites that dwelt in Gczer : but the Canaan- 
ites dwelt in Gezer among them. 

30 Neither did Zebulun drive out the inhabi- 
tants of Kitron, nor the Inhabitants of Nahalol, 
but the t}anaanitea dwelt among them, and be- 
came tributaries. 

31 IT Neither did Asher drive out the Inhabi- 
unts of Accho, nor the hihabitaiiu of Zidou, 
aor of Ahlab, nor of Adiaib, nor of Ilelbah, nor 
of Aphtk, nor of Relu>b : 

33 But the Asherites dwelt among the Canaan 
lies, Uie Inhahitauts of the land : for Uiey did 
not drive them out. 

siHiiiers that spoiled them, and he sold them Into 
the hands of their enemies round about, so thai 
they couUl not any k>iiger stand before thehr ene- 

15 Whithersoever they went out. the hand of 
the Lord was against tliem for evil, as Uie Lord 
liad said, and as the Lord had sworn tinto 
Uiem : and they wore greaUy distressed. 

IG IT Nevertheless the Lord raised up judges^ 
which delivered them out of the hand of tlwrte 
Uiat spoiled them. 

17 And yet Uiey would not hearken unto their 
judges, but they weat a whoring after other god^ 
and bowed themselves unto them: they turned 
quickly out of Uie way which their fUUiers walk* 
ed ill, obeying the commandments of the Loani 
hut they did not so. 

"'And when the Lord raised them up Judgiib 


39 f NeiUier did Napbtali drive OttC tke loha-lUiea Uie Lord was with Uie Judge, aud dttiiv«r* 


aW« HtpUumm i^gmut JstmO, 

ed ilMm oat of the band of tkdr MMMitt mil tke 
days of the Jndfe: (for it repented the Lord be- 
cause of their groanings by reaMW of them that 
Mpressed them and vexed them.) 

19 And it came to pass, when the Jndfe was 
dead, Ukat they retunie«l, and corrupted Ucw* 
sHneM more than tlieir fathera, fn following other 

SI to serve them, and to how down nnto them; 
r ceased not from their own doings, nor from 
r stubborn way. 
80 ir And tlie anger of the Lord was hot agalwt 
Israel : and he said, Because that this people hath 
tranegressed my covenant which 1 commanded 
their fatlien^ and have not hearkened unto my 

51 1 also will not henceforth drive out any ftom 
btifore them of the uatious which Joshua left 
when he died : 

52 That through tliem I may prove Israel, whe* 
ther they will keep the way or the Lord to walk 
therein, as their fathers did keep tt, or not. 

• 83 Therelbre the Lono lefl those nations, with> 

aut driving them out hastily, neither delivered 

be them Into the hand of Joshua. 

CHAP. Ui. 

The iuai»n9 Ujft to prmit ItrMil. 

row these are the nations which the Lord 

CHAF. Illi IV 

r which had two 


: aadbedidglrdltunUei 


left, to prove Israel by them, (svex as many of and when th«r saw that, beliold, the doors of tlio 

hrmei as had Dot known all the wan of Canaan ; 

9 Only that tlie generations of the ddldren of cth his feet in his summer-chamber. 

laael might know to teach them war, at the 
lesBt such as before knew nothin