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Full text of "The Holy Bible in Bengali : containing the Old and New Testaments"

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Jjible iSociety 

Catalog No./\ ' /// • ^('^/ 6 7707 
ramily_r/yj>o- j6fR.ope/\// 
ASub-FamilyJ/Wci?o - -InArrf/nr^ 

Brancli ^ /V J)f<L- 

Group B /\ST-er\N 

Language BC ^/6AL» (^^B ANLa) 
Dialect ^S+<^>»4«^|'c(. t^*'* TAfy = 

Locality ^SeTt^t^/ L^S^JpZ/y BhaS 

Contents Jo > ^«-e 

V ersion T^«. v »-seA ^ I)— £:Ji,Ti9t% 


PuUisked Ly & F B 5 

Place C ALCUT-7"/^ 

Date /<?07 

Accession rso. I^S" 
Accession Date Ocf ^Z, H^J 
Price P-ZO 

> 0:1 

r > 

(^ r 
























Demy 8uo.] \_Bourgeois. 



lUh Edition.] [7000, 

Boston University 
School of Theology Library 



(n%^5{f^ I) 

5I^(:»ttf^v» y\v^:^n 

*j^i:??r M^ 

fm^^"^^ ... 

J "i-^c^^ ... 
?. *^^ ... 


sf^w ... 




«t^? ... , 

■srt^T^?) ... 

^f¥Cl5 ... 
f¥M^^ ... 


Mil^ i 

^«(11?1 1 


^l^^^ ^t5f 1 



^lOH^ ... 

... 8» ... 


*1^%5 ... 

... ^t ... 


f^"(tt?I ... 



f^rafsra ... 






f?I%^5i ... 

... ^i ... 


Ttf^lCSci ... 

8 ... 


c^cn^ ... 

... ^5 ... 


C?tCM ... 

< 8 


^tCTt^ ... 

... ^^ ... 



... *« ... 



... '.» ... 






... >° ... 


^^^^ . . . 

... 5-5 ■ ... 






... s\ ... 



... i«- ... 


It^tft ... 



pl^il 1 


«i«(Tt^ 1 


n^gi^i 'rt'f 1 

... ^i^ ... 


5 V5t^f«l5 

... i* ... 



... ^8 ... 



... ^> ... 


f^MI'R ... 

... i^ ... 


ttlTI ... 

... i'>> -.. 


^lltfH ... 



5 f^m ... 



^ f^«^ ... 



5 C^^ ... 

* ... 


^ C*i1^5( ... 

8 ... 


^ C?I1^^ ... 

8 ... 



« ... 


fif^tf"!^ ^t^ 



5? . 


S'' . 
58 . 




^ . 
58 . 







*J J 






; OS 

5-3 9 




^"tc^ %T. 'sri^ ^^^TsT^ ^srtul ^^^^f^ ^■tt? ^5f^- 

8 ^ir ; ^\^tU5 ftf^ ^ I ^^ P'^J ftf^ 

7mj\ ^ '£rt«i^^t^ ^^ '2t9ix fpf^ ^ 1 
** ^ WK^ ^ ^rii't ^ff "^^T I ^^ ^t^^ 

b . ^^ ; ^at^^ CT^t ^ 1 ^'R t^ '^ISf^ 

■w^^, 'fJ^'^ ^'tr^ ^-^^ T^^ ; vst^CNS c^i^- 
>2rt«°.Tr5T ^5T ^«hi f?^ ^ 1 

Beng. O.T.— 1.] 












^R ^ftfti:^ frt^ iTfTtl w^, ^"^x f?^^ ^ 
^t^ ^nc^ ^^ ^^tn:<. ^'^i fifs ^c^ 

NQ .^rt^s^t^ ^fc^ ^< f^r^ ^ 1 

^ '2f^s',Tt=1 ^C^ t^'l fH^ ^t^ 1 

\l^(.'«, ^SfW^W^ It^ f^ f^^h Tf?; 

^ ^ot^t^ T5i:f^ ^vsvim ^'tc?, ^sftrW? 

^^ir:?, vs ^^f^ f^%T "TtT^f^ Tfc^r^f? 
^^^ -^^ -?R^ I *trg ^n ^t-t^rt? -«f5- 



[^; ^^ 

'If^'sT:'!^ ^'^^, ^^° ^j^ifr* T5pr%l ^twt^ 

CTf^, 'Sltfsf Tf^ ^®^ t^ "^f^^ ftWfV 

^HCvs ?rsR%i ■^wt? '#f5, >ii^ 'f^^ >£rt^^ 

^t^W'f ^"s ^^«( ^'^^ ft=Tf5f I ^fit^t^ C^i^- 

C^R, CTt ^^^ f^ ^f'l^ f^7r5{^^t^7 

« ^tc^ f^2ftsr -^f^i^ I ^l^ t^^ c^it 'i^'i 

(71^ ^k^ ^m ^l^t^ =?! ^ f4 JR^ Ttlj 

^rW^^^f f^rtM ^f^csT^T, ^«t^T^t^ ^it¥M- 
ft^^^'H^t, ^srt^ ff^ ffw^ Tfe 

;i{n:< ^vH ^l;^« ^^ ^ft f^*^ ?t^, ^ "a'il 
^Cnt^ ; t^1 TSJ^ ^^^ C^ C^l^ ^^P^, ^'U^ 

u'^^ *tt^in ^t^, ^t^ d^ w*ra M ^^^, 

=pft wt«^ 1 
i« nc^ Jiiirt^^f^ ^t^ ^srtw:^ ^it^ ^f^ ^- 

^?]tC^ I'ra J(.W^ "W^ '^W^ CSW{ TT^^ ; 

>2r^ ^^ ^^[iww c^^ f^r?i lit M^^ f©f^ 

^'. ^¥l Tfx^ ^t^ C3T^ Tt^ *3^:5R 1 7^3^ 

W'-R ^tw^ ^t^ ^ft^ C7{^ ^s?tr^ 'S^ fr f^r^i 
^NCcru ^ '^f^^ ^tlTrt'ra U'^L^ '^r^ctn 1 

? 8 i<it ^t^l ^spj^j ^t'R fl^ Tt^T ^t-sf ^Wl 
^t'W fri^ ^f^fTa' ^t^. »il^°s ^?t^t^ «fl^t^ 

ttf^R?«^ , ^t^ 'Srfftcw^ ^t^ CTtf tl^ Tl I 

-. 5!Tft>2t^ ^''t^:^ W^^ ^ >2rt^C5f?: 
^ti^, ^st^ ^c^ra fT^ tr^ ^#T?rti^, c^st^i 

^r^tC^ C^t^ ^"f^^ 51^ ^^ 5rif^-33t^ 


•Jj — 8 ; ^^ ij 

^tf^'j;^^ I 


-^m\ ^^^, ^^ fst^ ^^t^ "^ mf^Tii 
" Iw^'f, ^rf^ 1%!^^ cv[w^ <^U(.<A'*{ 1 ^«t?fi^ 

■^ T^^t^i ^^^^ ■2iW5 ^¥l ^?:^ I 
v' -stir^ %t^ 'T^t'^t^ t^c^ ?^ ^f^ *rt^- 
c^fJT, fsf^ fHtr^ti^ ^fi^ ^rsRt'51'R Tf^^- 

^ ^t^^^R 1 ^^ ^^ ^ ^ftRl^ ^ff^1 

^ffJtiR c«T5rt^ ?^ ^tR?ri €W ^^t^, Tt^l 

i^ f^nittk^, ^t^ «rr^Dtff 1 ^^ wt>2(^ ^-R 
^\fm ^fe^R, ^"^ ^ fV wfim ? iTift ^- 

»ttfVc^ ; ^ C>T CnsRH ^^ti:^ ^f^ ^^fk^ I "SiU 

fsp{ 'srfw:^ ^^f^ccR, c^ ^wn ¥C5r^ fr^;:! 
^. -i^ ^tTf ^*R ^^k Rm ^ [^f^] 



^^ ; 'fl^ nt^ C7f ^^ fwm Tfwi #r^- 

tifTt^ ^-^p ^r% ^^tl¥t fifl^^, C^, M^ -JTt^l 

^rf*K5R 1 

o *rt^ ^rw^ ^fR ^ ^t^ -^tftH citici 

^C^R, 7tlft>2f^^ Tl^tn^tl ^t^1^^^V» ^Cf 1 

?. -nir^ f%f^ c^^ mm ^t^i^ ^i^iw^^ «t^^ 
8 7itft.2i';p ^i;^c*f ^^fsn? ¥^ ^«,5i^ Tf^ I ^^ 

C^^NS ^t*R *rtl^ "Sf'I'TWt^ "^4^ «t'3S 

-3 •^t^lW^ CW ^^.^^ ■^fe I ^<R 51^£I'^ 

« Cf^m^ ^ ^t^t^ ^n^t? 5rtW '^f^Ii:^R ; fT^ 

^fiW^ ^ ^t^^ ^*t^t^ «srt^ Tfe«1^ Ri ; *<1^ 

f^^ TfTR ^f%*m t^^ ^tcT, ^t^^ -^^sr tr^fi 

* ^^ I ^t^ll^ W\'^^ ^^■^ ^"^^R, ^f'f 

^ ? ^t^ w wtRt Ri ^^, vs^^ n\^ ^t^ 

«Jtwr^, 'ii^" ^ ^^ ^■'11^ wf^ "^w^ I 
ti' ^fs[ ^¥fiR ^t^ ^t^ c^^^ >if^ ■^?:«tt'^»l^ 

^^WT; *f^ ^t^t^l Cmt? cni^ ^Vf ^t'f^ 

^ -"n^ 'wt'2t^ t(wt ^^FTi^^, c«itt^ ^^ 

C^^ C^lt^ ? (R ^W^ Tf^, ^f'T WfR 5(1 ; 

i . ^srfirtir ^^«t^ ^^f^ f^ ^tfsf ? fsR ^fe^^f ^ 
ii '^■srt^ ■^ti^ 3r^ ^^%^^ I ^t^ ^«R, (R ^ 

C^stRt^ ^ ^1^5 C«tRt^ ^^^ l^^t^tlC'f 
i^ ^C5l I ^f^sR^ ffw^ Tfe^^ ^«1^ 'srt'^ 

*tf¥ f??rl csl'Tt? C5R1 'srt^ ^^f^^^ ^\ -, ^f^ 


^tf^*t5?^ I 

[ 8 ; ^8 — e ; NOV h 

>« vsWC^ ivft^f^ ^st^^ TfesR. vfl^ ^^ ^fTR- 

^t^ 'tivf ^%1 ^tn^ rjJ^^JJ ^Tt^TtfW^^^ 

^» -^T 3tlf ^tH ^sftTl, 'si^rt^ ;^t'i f^ I ^«ft^ 
^^ frtt -« Tx%«ftft T^CcT^ 'STtf?'!,^ f^ I "^tU 

Tt^i ^5ftf^ ^"fitc®^ nf^t*rrc«j ri^'^, 


^ttcsr^ ■^t*tt^f%-'l^ 'iit I c^ ff^ ^ 

^ PfCSH I ^C^ ^tf ^l ^^ t« f5»f ^"^JI^ ^HC^ 

>!. cn^ ^T »r^ *ft& ^"^JR T?w ^c^rtc^t^ ^ 

»^ fWCcR I JT^^^ C'fC'ir? ^ "Ts ^ ^'JiJT^ T?R 

* t^*I ^^ ^"^^"^ ^niPi ^^^t:^ sj^ fvfi?R I 

>-0 1|^cjCc1Cci<J ^ %cT "^ ^^5^ ^f& "Ins 5f^ 

i3 Ji^«^ t'^'iL'ii ^ »po irn ^-^JT? T?m ftc^ 

^^ CT?[f v^-^ t^ ^fj ^<^jr^ T?n:7T ^hIC'*<i ^^ 
^i ^^rt^ %^^ ^"^JR "^71^ 5(«fcit5n^ ^^ 

»(^ ^"^^ ^IJii iff^ 'srsRt'PR "^fkcR, ^^'s 
lf?^ ^'Rt't'R TT^T^^ I "^K f^r^T 'Sit? 

TTt^ »f^ f?^ ?<^^ ^?«i «rtfV?rl Vr?^ 

-oo v5(tTitf(fsT!:^ st^ ^^f^ I cjftt^ sf^ fwf ft? 

CcpT^ 'Its »t^ '^stH^^ ?<;Ji? #t?'^ '(Itf^l 

-3i ;5(t^v3 <^^5rf? ^ f^tc^ I ^^% cpRc^ 


^<i,^ "W^ C■'^\^, 

■^^ i^ I *nr3 c^fi^ ^\^ *t« 

o ^RU« cJtf'Pt I ^5t^tra Jftft^ ^¥%5R, '^W^ 

^st^n^ ^rsni ^■^ *t^ f^x^fTs ^''.'T^ ^5j'^i 
» ^«,Tt^ '^fftc^ i^tfl^^i ^, ^'^°s ^"s'^ti:^^ 

v^^lvQcf ^Ic^ ^f^^ -^f^^ ; ^^?:"^j^ 7lf^~5 ^?s, 

^f«tfT^ ^^i:^ Titwn^ ^1, '^f'jft Gft^ii?iij 
c^, ^t^ c?«r, m ^1 ^irri:f, c^prI ^f»{f i^ 

c^t wtfti:^ "^^1 l^ff prtt«l TRcq, ^ ^st^t^ 

^f»rc^ ; ^r^ '2f«f5f, tWt^ vQ ^ftlT ^tcTl fif^tl 


c^tv5i c^tvsl ^K'^ ^t^tw^'srtT^'sftc'f'^rti^hi 

c^tvsl c^v^ 'Sttt^^ti^ c^W^ t^ifg 'SnrT*! 
7i^>2r^t^ «rtwj 'itsf^ '^^ ^f'n^ti t^c^ 

A . ^t^ ^t^i^ wt^r^ ^?i^^, ^fsf 3T'ff?- 

^ cTf<»rarfe I ^ ^ft ^^n ^"^ mj\ >£fr«]^ 

^t^f^ W^^ "^tWt^ '2ft^CT ^5f\QcT ^^ 

•■» ^?sfF -n-^^, 4^"x -^^^ ^ "^fiic^ ?KJr%t "^iwi^ 

^Ic^^ ^ft'l;^^ c-^rt^ c^rtv^i ert^ti^ c^rtc^ f^^r? 

i o >2f]7rt ^m 1 'li:^ c^t ^rt^ fvR '5r« ^i:^ 

•*t3 ^«.7iii5^ TTfriT ■s^\u\^ ^m^ fffi^ T?r- 

^?rfc« c^r^^^ ff '<3 f%^ *3?5^^ ^t^t^ >2frT»r 

iv!3 H^^ >2fr^*t ^f^ I JpcTsS ^t^ .2ff3J ^-iiw^ 





= • "Sf^O 1^ ^^ 1 ^t^t^ ^'^'^ ^'\^^ ^ ^=1 

= i ^^ <2r^ ^^, i#s ^r^ f^ ^=^ I ^f^ti^ 
^R -^rt^^ <2tt^— -n^, 5trstj ^ ^^ n^, 
^5^ T^'?'=t ^^r^^t ^^° T^ ^'^ Tfe 1 

7f^ ^ntf? "^tT^tit ^t^c^ '^^1 TfiT:^R, 

;^^j ^^ ^t^ ^c^ TTWl f^¥l ^-^"^ 
« ^?tw ^tf^ ^af^ 1 ^^ ^r»t^ Tf^ "tw w^ 

t^ <t^^t^ '5^ CVfil C^ 1 

^tf^^ r^WH ; ^t^tC^ (71 ^f^ ^f^ ^'tf^^ 

1^ ^sjt^ ^^f^ ^'f^ Ski jt^ ntl^irRw f¥ ^, ^t^i 

55tf^tftp9 «(t^^i^ ^c-^r^ ■n^'fc'ti ^R nr^cT 
^1, ^\t ^\tm ^l^ f^^ Mwt ^tf^^ I 

^«R ffift ^t^ ^t^Td vstl^"^ *ffec1^ ^G 

>o -t;:^ f^^i ^t^ Tft^ f^^ r^^ ^fed ^r^tB? 
i> ^^^ cJit "^ctt^ ^iTT^? nfem f?ra^, ^^^ 

^n^5?t ^Tf Itfll^ ^t^t'^i f^C^ fVr^ ^Sltf^^T ; 

5\ jtn *ttt^rn:i I *1^ f^ ^rt? Tt^ ftR f¥\^ 

TfN C^ ^Clt^ ?rf^Tfl ftfCcW, ^^ CJI ^t^t^ 
^5 'Ts v^^ ■^'.'I^^ -2t«{5l ^rt^JT^ "SfOlf fe^ , 

i8 fi{m\ 

i'» Tif^ "^f-G I ^rt^ c^stTt^ ^ n«. n^, ^ ^^ 
jrfr^-^ <2p?fs Ttt^rsni "^ ^frsr^ ^srti:^ , cit 

^rft^^ wt^ ^ ^^, TSf^ ^ <2rt^ sft^ 
-^fF ■^^li fcffj -^^^^fiT 5itirl crffR ^nc? 

^^K Vila's ^i"?r¥t^ ^ c^T^^t^T, >ii^*x fvr^ ^Q 
^ ^t^\^ ^!;^ ; ^'i^ ^f^ ^1"^ ^ ^.;f^ >i^^ 

8 f^lf I f^^ ^>2fH ^<K T?^ Tft>T C^t^i{ 

^fk^, "sr^ ^^ ^t^ ^^'it* "^ ^ftc^ ; 

:> ; » — 'i o J ^f I] 

^tfW,^^ I 

^t% 5rt^ ?|c^ ^Ttf^ ^t^rt^, ^5t^tc^ Tit^ 

Tf^ ^srtsrt^ fini^ fr^ ^ ; ^5T?tt^ ^t^ 
jpt^ -Ert^ ^srt^ ^^^ ^i'^ ^ ; v«i^°v ^ifr^ 

c?CT ^^ «(^ ^\'^ ^f^, ^^t?tt !Jf«ffi^ 'rf^^ 

-sn^l Tf^ 'srt^r^ (^ f^HR 'STTflW, ^K1 ^STKf? 

i'» Tttt f^nrsf, ^1^1 ^1 "srai ^^sf^^ I ^^ c^rt^i:^ 
^^%^^, ^^^ JTSf^ -£rt% 3Tf^ ^srt^r^ 

if C'^\V^ C^ *jl^ ^Sft^t^ ^t^ Ttf^ ^- 
^^'WH, ^^'s ^f^-^ W.^] fW3 ?t?f1 nfe- 

^^^ cff»rai Trfe^ 'srt'^ ^t :^T^"^ 
^n^ti-ff^ ^m K\fm v^"^ ttl5Tn fn^r^ 

^5T^^ 'site^ttf^ "^^Ti^H ; "^tf^^^ ^'r 
«rwr5 ^i^tn f^Tat^ ^sfAsl cwf«r!^R ^ i 

^8 *fr? csrtl^ BT's^^t^^r^ fsj;jl ^^ w\^ ?^^1 

^*t^ ^tfs "^^^ %Cm 'SftF^e] ^^ ^1- 
W^\^ ^?t^ Vft^ ?^ 1 

^i^ ^m^t^^:^ ncu c^t^ f^ »r« *t^rt^<^5r5 

c^^<( ^u*t^ f^^«i I 
^ o c^rt^^ *1:^ c^fsf, ^f ^ cqws? ^'x-r- 

^ ^^, c^^ ^ #^ I c^tTir^ 'i^t^— Wr^?^] 

^r^ ^'^ ^Ks^ ^^1 CJTtltt^ f^«^ ^tcT 1 

^w:^\^ ^cn^ *i;;q; M^ ^'^«fflc^ n?i:ffT 
s. 5^^ ^f^icsR I fsf^ 3wt'2i^^ TTf^t^Ns *r^t:g^f^ 

i^^t^ ^t^t^ ^^tCWJ? -£?«R ^"x^ff^l C^.^opt 
^tc^ M^ ^^ f-snn ^^, mftRt<^-'3;lT, 

i^n^ c^<;, f^?, ti^rltif. Uifd^, f^^^^ 

>l ^sr^?, ^r^5, ^ft^, JTSftf}^ ^3 ^t^TI I nc^ 

=> » 4WH^»l(.Vf«1 :^^1 f^^ 1 ^t1^ 'srt'^ C^tft. ^^, 
C?^ ^ ^tfS 'SRpnc^ ^^ 7[T^ ^TC'I'T 51^1^ I 

Kb' ^, f;f^, ^s^, ^^^rci;^. fMl. '"Sft^. ^^1 


C^o j ^»— ^ V ; «l 

^» f^t^ I CR^ '^iT^'C *l^f^^^ T^t^ ""l^ nW 
•«i ^tOR ^^Jlt% f^ I ^*t^ ^"^ C-sttft, 'cW, 

Gpf, ^ wtf© ^si^prtr^ ^t '^^^ '^'tc^ 'l^tJt I 

ND ^tl^ ^^ Tf^ ; ^t^ ^"^^ ^?^. '^t^'^, 

8 ^t^ I na ^fit^t^t vf^, ^tt^, ^fRTt ^^^t- 
cvf^ f^w.'^ '^'^ '^^ ^ ^^^r°T»it ^'^ ^^ 

« ntif 'R^ ^f ^C5i fe(f»^ ^^ 1 "m^ 1^- 

* ssf^ orf^»rua 5m'2f^ ^rtf^xii ^rtf^n^R i 'srf^ 

>Q ^^ ^»W^ft ; >^<H ^t "^t^ '2f^^ ^^ ; 

j» "sm^ ^^ *t^ ^'^ f^^ ^^ I ^t ^^ 
i« (?«r^T^ ■^^"t-fai^ ^^ 1 (?^ ^^ *t^ ^'?,5f^ 

ii WH IWR I ^V4HCtf^ ^^ fwx?f -^ Cfxi 'trs 

f^jTSR 1 

ib- c^"!! fc5*f ^<^jr^ -^11^ f^^ 5i^ fifcfpf I 
i» f%l5 ^i^ fw^ *rs ctcf^t ^ *tN5 ^ ^<^jr5 

^-> fW|^ ^M*t ^"^^ TiTC^T ^rart^ ^i^ ftrccl '< I 

^^ irtc^tc^ ^^ fffm -^ ^t ^ *t^ ■^'^JR 

^H^ ^<!,^ ^^«. «ttw^ 'srt^^ *l:^^wt^ 
5.4 c^s^ 51^3^ -^(^JT^ -^m '5r^^ TR^ ^s 

^1 C^^l^ ^°v^-^|^3t^ vilt I C^^? ^^t^. •Rtr^t^ 

?,» -^l^i^R I ^snt^i ^ ^^ ^^^ fT^5^ -^f^- 

•«n^ c-^^^ ccffgc^ ^a^t 'srati'f^ at 'lift 

■^"^t^ cw^ "^^Tf^ t^t^ ^#t5 Ofl*t^ ^ 

^i^ ^!rt3il ^^f^=T ; 'srt^ ^^1 ^^^ 'tw f^mi 

^^ ^«rr<i ^^ Tf^^R 1 -^^ (75^c^ ^ M^ '^t5 

^^ 5Tft«l^ ^igtsitT ^i:5R, ^^ ^*t^ 

^"^ art, ^tf^^l"? ^ l^^ Tt^ «Tf^^^ 
= u^ I ^5ftf^ c5tsfj i^t^ vf)-?? ^f^t^rtfs ^<^^ 


i^, ; 8— >0 J :>'b|] 


4^1 CaWU© ^'•t^ ^tT«r?i ctlSt 'srt^^f 
^W '^u5 '2r?t^ ^fc!^ 'sr^tw^ %1^s^ ■^'^'T^ 

7^^^ ^51 ^^^Tt^ an?n ^rsRfC^ "^ral 'pr^W'l. 

fvnrt -jftlc^ -^ttc* f*tf«m -^im, c^rtf^ ^ccn^ 
ft^^ fwc? ^'rf^3 5|c?H I ^«.Tfi^ ^¥^- 
hi'^ cj^t c?Ti*f ^t^i "^^ 1 

^5rtf^ cst^t^ "^vm A^ ctpf f?R ; wr^ (Tit 
t^^tc^r^ 15^fVc^ ^in^f? ^ Tt"^ T%cFf ; 

^st^ ■nf*5l^ t^«m ^3 *I,^fviT^ 'Sni %T ; 

.io ^[^ OfZ*\ ^"^ ^t^f, ^*R ^3ta fw^ 
fif^ -^^C^ "^Tf^ ^?rC5R; C^SRI [?RR] 

.5i OtI*t ^\fi ■§f»^ ^^ifel 1 'Sit^ 'Sl^tSf'I^ 
fipMK ■2fCTH <5>N(.« ^TTs ^^, ^^ ^^ 3*f 
TTtffl^ ^C5R, Cff'T, ^tf^l srtf^T, ^ Cvrf^ 

i8 n^ ^g't^ fw^ 'Sft^ -^f^cj r^ i^ ciit^i 
¥ff^¥l T%5R, ^"^ 'sfW^ "^^k^ ^ fV 

fsj^C^ ^5lt^ f^I^R, ^^ ^«t^^ T^^I^??^ Tni^ 

^^t^nr^ ^ ^yt^ frc^ f^N Tf^ I 

51^ c^Tti:^ jfciy OiJ!^ ^r® [^^^t^ 

^ «(5R ^ "?< C?ftcni ^sffs^ JR^^ fe^^ I ni? 

fsf^ ^ff^i ^.^ ^«(C5r^ "PfiT "^u* 
8 *n:^ ^f^T^ ^ti^ Ttfn^ ff^, cTfi ^\^ 

« vStlVc^Hf 1 ^R ^^rc^ 5I?"^t^ C=Ttr&?NQ 

-!» ^i^r^ c^ ^ c^ ^^'s ^ti; fen ^»it^ (Tit 

^t^tW^ ap 51'=5>ffg 9\\T^^ %t^u\ <il^^^ 

^tt ? fT^ni ^, ^W ^^^^ ^Tf ?^ ; ^, 
^ ^ti^ "^rf^, ^rif^ vff^i:t "^ ;' ^, ^ 
Tf^ti ^^, ^mf^ ^u^ -jft^ I 

7^^ ^^cT cTr?r? ^r? 5p#5 j^^cr, jpft'^!^ 

^tC^ Wm, f^ Cffl?^ wt^, C^^Tin 

•sr^ Tfk^ ; ^^^*t ^5t^^ n^*^^ ^=?rf 
i?, ^t:^ 1 ^^ ^^^rtf (M^ «rrfVccR, >£i^- 

i8 ^ratsf ^^ C5?f5 ^«l^ ?^^ *t^ Tft'^t^ 




[^O ; i«)— 'i* ; 8 

^ w\^ c«W^ ^v^ -^m-, c^ ^ 

o ^ftn ^^r^^ fjT^I ^ScT^^fsjC^ ^"ff^ cn^pT^C^ 

8 ^■^:a ^tmfewsf I Ifr^ ^ttr«f ^<^7r^ -sitrg 

^■ff^'r^rsic^ ft^TT^ »rff^^ :^.^ttp^ '^'s^u 

*tt(^ CJlft^ •«T^<ir« N»?[tTt^ C^llil^M(.<» 

^3 f^ra ^"fK (TTT^sn:?? ^^t^ ^3?^ ?lin 

i • xsrrfftrus (7R1 Tt'n^ "jpfsccw I ^ fn^'T 
^ji?r|fs(t^ crfS^l ^ssW5i ^rc^r^ «tt« ffor ; 

^srt^ JtCTTHf ^ ^WW'a ^t^tl ■n^TtTR "^fkcR 

^ 'sIRW^ TSf^ ^l^^ ^ 'a^r ®^ cTtn 

C5^, ^«f^ f^^ 'srt'lf ^^t^ fa^ *t^ ^tit^ 

ifi^t trt'3pnr?F^ ^^c"5 f^ c^Tt *ffj^ 
^tnj? ^tfi> ccrr& ^Q %\^ 7i»pf% <ii^t istccrr^- 

f^m<F ^ Cqf"^ >i4"^C<t» fwt^ ^ff^^ I 

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a t?ra ^«r^tfr ^t^, ^©fTi f^^ mf^ ? 

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fert% ^-^JTi Tsnui ^^rri ^sf^n:^ Wsn^ 




[ "i^ ; i— 'iV': CI 

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« ctf«r, 'srtf^ c^t^t^ if^ ^^ f^ 1t^ 

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at Tftftir^ ^srt^ Ttft Tf^ v5tf^^ JTI ; ^t^ 
^T%^t? '^^, vij^°. ^t^l ^l« ^^ *J:^^3 

^rr^ 5f^ ^'^'i? T?r^ Ti^ fr ■^ph ^^1^ ? 
>^ -nr^ '^if^t^ ^T^r^ ^¥%5R, I'^fi^ 
i» c^w^ c^mc^ ^\m\ »it^ I ^^ ^T^ ^- 

ccR, GsW^ ft Tt^ ^5r^ C5~r5rt^ fsrf^ «i^ 

[^\^] itf'i^, ^r? ^iff ^\^\j 7^-^ ^tTt^ 
f^^ Tt'l^ ^^f^, '^t^ ^t^t^ ^»tft ■^ti»r3 -^r^ 

^t^t^ ^ip5»m ^•x*r^ ^5rf^ ; ^t^t ^i:'* ^tT*f 
csf^r^ fM^ ^t^rc^ >g5r^ ^f^, GTit t^- 

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|*JiUmw5 fs^^isf^ ^f<r^tR -^^m ^\^u T?f^ 
^-b c 5^ ^<;3T^ I c^rt 1wr| ^3'r^t'i ^ ^t^f^ <ijq 

'Sf^^ ^i^ T^^ 'J;^^^^'^ ^!:f?f c^ 

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8 4t ?tUr3 fw5 ^l^ ^SfTf^ ?%^^ ^ I fT^ 

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*n^j ^snt^ M, ^st^ ^m «fti ^irrfTrs 



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fiTR^ '^^PT fti:^^ f^TC5 ^'t^ ^C^H 1 

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f^ <1>r^(.=H. ^n^ fs^ Tt5( ^^^ TWl srt^l 

•1 ^tf^ filT •2f?r« wii I 'tc^ ^^t^ T^ 
>^ ft^rr^ ffcs^ cjf ^j^ ^ 'ttr Tf^ I ^■»r^f^ 

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i . -iff^ccH, of^, f^ "st^ 'srtif^ 1 ^«t^tc^ 

^'ffrs ^'^ '^ftfsi ^T^j c^sW^ ^c^ f^twi 

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i8 f^ Tps]^ «f3R ^^f^, ^rfsf C5I ^ ? C^fsT 

>^ Tfe?R, «rtf^ -^rt^t Tf?R. ^«t^, It ^^i^- 
<i5R€t ^^ ^rf^ ^'^'m ^c^, ^^° ^'^fr^ 

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^i ^srf^ns "©tfr ; 'sitf^ fti5 ftrn C?f^, ^btW^ 

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^'I >£f^^ TC^ ^511 T%rs ^^ ?tlTtff I 

^i^f¥ mfji, -n^M ^sR 5m%T^ *ft5 ^5R ^iH 

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^^ sfsr^ f^l <>r<j(.<^^ ? fsJR -^fecR. C^t 

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■^ ? fsf^ T%5R, c^'>i\l^ f^m ^sr *rt|c5i 

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^ff CT^ ^f^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^t^ ; "^fff CT^Il^ 

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M^^fjlC^R 1 

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f^i^R, "^rt^ ^tt^^tc^ ctff^ni 'st^rtw^ 

c?^, f^^ ^, ^*Woni viit vrtcJT^ ip. 



^f^'l,^^ I 

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"^??:pr, 5n, 'srt'rai h^I ^^rf^ ■^I'=t=t "^Ff^ i 

'^Vm w:^ c^tTSR, M3 'J^f^T^ ^^ro .srr^ •^- 

« ^Rt^ c«iw^ ^%^ 1 *n^ ^t^Dif^ »nr:^ i»^ 

« ^^t c^rr^cT v^rf^^ ^f^, ^m ^rr^^i* c^ \t 
^w c^t^rm ^tttc^ '^itfTM, ^rf t^l c^f ra ? 

^ff^i^ ^3^11^ f^^^^ 'srrpi^l wfn^ra -n*^*^ I 
■i ^^t^ ^^ "^Wl "^fe^H, ^t ^^^, f^^ '^^. j 

^t^ '^, fV^ CJit "^f^W^ •^^ f^^ Tf^^ j ^^ 

^, (T^^t ^t f^f^t^ #r^r^! ^rsfR ^^^ ^r^i i 
a ^fsn? '^w.m I ^'^ ^f?r^ ■¥%!, ^rfwi "^i i ! 
^t^^ ■^?^, ^ ^^r#i '2'^R ^^^"5 ^{f^ i ^o 

^t^tn c^fr^ ^^im ^rft 5^t^ ?t¥i ^^i"? 5 4 

> ^ «rt^ ^^51 1 ^u c^t ^jf^"^ c^ftc^ ^fe^^, 
mTf^i ^ tt? '^^ T» ^^ >ilt ^^o ^fcw, 

jft^tra ^t c^^c^ f^^Cs l^t^'^'l^ ^1t- 
^^?n ^l?f >5«j-n^ «iTcf , ??r^tt'5n:^ ^^ ^.-q, ttcw 

i4> C«ff^t ^^tra^ ^*r^*( f?Rt ^^3 I f^Fl fsfil *^ 

t^Ws: ?F%^ sitr^fr^i^ ; ^t^c« ^t^ '2tf* 
^«li^R I .fil^n ^aTTtftf'ti:^ ^rf^ ?5%rj fsR 

c^rf&i^ 4>r<wH, <2nt^^< -nffn^ ^^. "^'^t*; 

■^\tw^ "^w^ ^inf^f ^t^rra '£rf^ ^t'wt^ 
^Ji¥i -nfec^ ^fi^ srf^ 1 w^, -n^^^ 

CM^ ^"=11^ "Ttr ^fr* ^tc^i c^nl^ (?it?R~^ 

c^i:^^ fr t\m fn^ ^c^ '=1'5t'^ fffi^ ^it 
^1^ '^mwT^ ^"^m ^i^m, «ic^ c^ '^t'^ ^- 

srsf^ ^ff^ fifc'^ 5tr??n Gff'i^^, ^T^ ctf% 
^t^C-n (Tit '^^'^ f?^ ^^ ^^i^ f^K- 

^fc^ c«Tr^ ^s ^t^ ^?t ^^ CThra ?t^ 
^pTtf^i'tra, ^t'sr® ^fi:^ ^ wx*! c^t=T *i:^ 


^5); ««— <^ J 1 I] 



^f^51, df^, ^ litVAU^ ^tff f'f^l^ Tf^ 

»• ^®t^N5 ^t3l ^%^^ €1^ ^|5I I "SU^ ;5iffl 


^^-"s^ ^1|, -^t^ii^ ^t^ ^srt^t^ ^ Celtic 

i^ ^^1 ^.^, ^\^ '^W^ ^^ ^5T 1 "5^ -^i^H ^T^ 
C«l5rt^ ^t Pf^ -^fe^ ^C^, ^srt^l CTI (71 ^ti;^ 

^tH cjit CT^ Ttc^ ffl ^srw^ f^rji ^^sQ^ ^ 
>* ^ ^^ t;^. W^ "^w^ 1 "^ f%R 5rWi^ 

f\ tW^ f^m irt-^ 'sffrr^r^^^ ^^ Ji^ 

^"t?t^ if^ *tTR ^^, ifi^n f^t^^ ?°x*t ^^ 

m^t^ *tt^ "^tl^ ; ^^ ^^M ^#51 ^st^ 
^f^^ *m "^R^ ; f^^ ^«t^ *t^ ^ ^IN 

, ^1 ^m (mM "^^1 ^ ^^ "^f^^ ^st^^ ^rTsf 

3 ^Srt^ ^:fr^ ^S«^ ^r« Vff^'l CVfC*f 

< (T^^ fV "®rftR ^!f '^%:^JT ? (Tit ^^ f^ 
"^Wiw ^^ ^. .<i 'siKt^ ^fn^? ^^°, (Tit 
ftxs f<F ^:^ •rtt, ^ '^Tt^ ^1*1 ? ^f^ ^t^i 

'^^ (nt ^^ ift ^®t^^ tw%l ctt^, 

C^PRl (Tl ^^; ^srt^ (TT C«W^ 5i^ 

-Srt^Rl ^fe^, ^St^tl^ ^^ tifk^ ; f^ Tifpf 

■V (?®1^t^ Ji^CcTt tR«^ 5ff^ I 9fC^ ^l^cf^ 


V3 C^R I ^-JR 'srat^l^ TiTlI^ ^rfwt« fRSf ^■^'^. 

« ^Rt^ ^ifiT "^r^.^R I ^srat^R^ v£i-^ »r» ^v 

"^%^R, t^ '^tRn:¥ ^1^ Tii1^(.c1^ ; (R C^? 
1 t^t ^RIR, (R 'srRt^ 5ift^ ^t^ ^IR I fst^ 

^5rt^« ^R^^R, Rt^ ■^^Vf -nr^ ^^ -nR ■^- 
ti^, v£i^^ -^5^ ^irt^tsnr^ c¥ ■^f5fu« ttf^^ r 






^^rfktf^, Tt^l ^«t^T tR^ ^^3^:5 C?H- 

c^sc?, ^st^t^ c^t '¥«{1 ^^ i c^^ ^^1:^1^^ 
^:t'^« ^fsf ^-^ ^f^ ^^■^ Tf^^, ■^ti^ c^ 

^tM ^tt^ ^fwi ^iit?K^ ^fe^R, ^\'m, 

^t^ ^^ t|^ f?c^^, ^t^^ C^ '^'^ ^I^Kl 

^i >£i^t s!iW:^ Ttf^^ «f^ ^ 1 (^ "tt^i 
«rt^c^ ^fs "^^ I ^^rni wt^ Tt^t 

^^ ^R^^ I 'SlflC^'^^' ^^t^ f^'St^ ^fflCslH, 

^ ^«R f%f^ ^fe«R, ^f% '^l^ 'J^q'^'^, c«W^ 
^5#ft^ ''l^!^. "^rt^tw ^'^ ^»t^ ^. c^ ^^r 
^T^ ci^ CTtfet w^ ^t^, '^'^s ^«fr^ c^ 

Tt^ tiI^ccr', ^5rt^ ^^1 ^c^ f%f^^ Tt!R^ 
8 f^^ spR ^^ta^ 1 '^^^ f^^^ ^sc^i^ 5=f 

n^ ^^^^ "^^^ f^ccR, ^^'^ 1%^ ?r^ ^ 

>8 «W o^^t^R ; *K^ ^"^^ '^'^^ 6p1^1 C^CcR t 


<< ', v—K<^ ; >^l ] 



tc^ ^^ ^ ^jj^t^^ ^f^l c^f^ "^tc^ 
^tf¥t:5Tif, ^!:q^, ^:^t^, ^sii^t^ i f%f^ 

^^t^ ^f% fV^ ^f^N3 ^, C<PR1 ^^ ^'sf 
^'^ ^fifTTt 5tf?C^W, ^t^ C?^, ^t^t^ n»^<^ tW 

r%i c^it c^% ^t^i ^tn^ ^^ tfl^t^ c^W'f 

^ vfil ^t^j ^^?f, ^f^rr^-^ ^n^ ^l^ftri 

^t^'^r^ ^t^ c«w^ ^5[f>tn ^"vf^f^ ^m; 
c«t^t^ ^°*t '^^'i^ "t^^ w'^ra ^i%^ ; 

'Stt^ ^^ ; Tt^t ^fsf ^Wl Ttwj "^^m 
5^ ^%t^ 1 m:^ ^5[;^t^T5f ^t^ TtfW^ f^¥C^ 

f%f^¥i c^m^, ^t^ ^^^ ^^ 'ii'^w c^- 

O. T. 


>^ ff^ ^^ <^T *t^ Tt^tt^ ^'^'R <?^- 

Ji\^ #:« ^^ tMT!t c^c^ :?T^1^^f^ ^- 
t%^ ; 'ortf^ ^^t<! jf^^ ^^s ^rW^ 

^t'Wt^ ^]| ^^^ ^?J5, ^-^t^ ^:^ ^^^ 
f^Tt^ ^^ ^^r^rtctf^ cT^ fs|i5t "^iT^ ^'fr^ ^^fii^ 

^'ft'^ c^c^ Ti^l^^t^ ^c^ >2rf tnt^ ^fe^^,' 

■5^^ •^Rc^ ?rf^c^ ^ ^^tiff^ JiTrf^ 

^ ^t^ c^ci^ -sftr^ i^^c^j \s^ 'srR? , ^^1^- 

i. n5*i^ ItYfci (^^i^rj^ 3!^t^afi'"^5fj Tf^ fen ; 
^j%rp[, ^t^tf^ •^ic^K^ cjft f^€t^ ^Ciftn 

f^ 5itf^^ 5fgt=TCTr^ Jit^rf^:^ ^^^:rtc^ ^st^ 

X U^\^, ^1*1^ -^T ■^^ f^5f 1 ^«f^ 

'sj:^!^ ^sc'St% cw^TOf^ 5rW^ <2f8nt^ 

c^^ ^ f^, ^nf^ 'srW^ f^^ Nst^ 

ie c^ ^srW^ -2(u»l, ^srW^ ^?tl ^^, C5it ^f% 
•^r ^tfi[ '^ c^^^^ ci\nprt^ ; t^tc^ ^tt- 

Tti:^ ^R«fH ^1%^ ; tc5li c^u«^ Ji^st^- 



, ^Trff*t5?^ 

[ <0 ; >'1— <8 J ^V\ 


Flf^ *t^ c*tT5T c^lT c^ Tf?n1 ^wtti:^ 

^o ^^tc^s '^W^ tt TTt^ "^^ f?;:^ I ^t^l 
■^T^c^ wjwt^t!:< (Tit cm^ ^3 ^''fW^ 

^ ^^1%f1WR I ^-^ "ml^^ ^"^ TtfT^, ^at^ 
f^ "^f^, ^f^ "^P^ ^^t^ %& ^ W-Q ; 

8 sf^r vst^tw^ cw[^ ^ral ■5f^i "^ft!:^ ^, f^ 

(?it 'Tt^ ^t^ti:^ ^f1%:^5f, fr ^tf^, ^rW^ ^if^ 
•^t cw^ wtf^i:^ C¥t^ ^^^ 5j'5f5 ^|c^ 7fi ; 

* f% ^5rt^ (7ft cwc*t ^rtrit "^rtt^ ? ^^R ^r^ktH 
Nst^tc^F ^¥fe^ Jit^sff^, c^l^ :g^^ ^^ 

1 ^:5c^ 'srW^ d^rti^ ?!t^ ^'S ^ I JWt>2f^, 
'^i;^ ^^, f^ ^Wc^ "S-t^ ^ ^ <si"JicPtc*f^ 

^t^:^, '^^i ■^'^ ffRj ^fwtc^ a, ^^rtf^ c^sWsi 

1%^ c^Fts? ;^c^ ^srtsrt^ <j3[r^ ^rtrt^ o\ cwr»t 
4Rcsi^ \ 

>• "^ (Tit ^ ^*rR '21^ ^|CW^ 'J'd ^t^ 
vr»f51 ^1 ■Q ^t'=1^ >2t^ wR«( ^^ w^ ^j^ 

^'tc^ "Tf%^ T5i«1 ^<i^ Plot's ^If^'TC^ w- 
i^ t^ i1f*n;5iiT, -iiTx ^ftcsH, c^ 'iw1'2fu»l, ^sftT^ 

^1 'sr^t^f^ ^^, f^ ^f^, 'spfj 'sjt^ 

^M ^^»^ ^<if^ ^^, 'srt^ ^ 'sf^t^nrr^ 
i^ '2tf^ ?r?i1 -^ I c;f<r, 'srtf^ ^t t<sm ^"^ fw^ 

tngit^ ^fl, 'ATs ^t ^'t^^i^iT^ ^^wt-n-i ^i^ 
i8 ^;gfifi:5s Ttft!:^^(>ic^sc^; '^rs*^^ (TI ?Fwtr^ ^^rtfif 

T^t^, a\ T^ "wi, ^^ "^^j c^5]t5 ^I'R'src'^'Q 
^R T^it^, ^st^ cs\^^t^ w\^ t't^tc^ ^^ 
c^^t^t^ 1%f^ "^¥1 (Tit ^^■; t^t^ ^rtf^ 

i4 .fit ^?n "^1%^ ^ wfkj^, c?«r, f^fwi "^"t 

^tc^ ^rt'T^ ^t«t^ ^ fkwt^ *$q ^s^pi^:^ ^^raJt I 
i* (Tit "^^ cwf^c^ ^vst ^'^ '^^"'^ ^^ri^fft^i 

« 't^c^^ nf^F^ ^<2rt^ fe^ I f%fa[ fi^ ^rrf^i 
it ^^^H ^f^iit ^^\ ^rrf%^c^, ^'R Jiirg (nt 

wR w>^^ ^t^ 5^;:^ sTt^fs ^Til 4R(.<ri»j, 

tt^ ^^ ; t^ ^f%1 ^f^ % ^^»t ^1^:^ 

"^^u^ ^^ ^\fm\ ^J^'^ ^r?t ^[^css ^^ f^r^c^ 

Ftft^n, Jift^sf^ tt^^ -^rtisi 1^ ^c^ fV ^, 

^^ ^^ ^tf^ra ^^ -^1^ ?fti^R I ^1 T^^ ^^ 

■^ ^^1%5i '=1^ (Tit *3^ ^ c^t^n "tftf^^ 

^^f?|C?R, ^tf^ (Tit ^«pIW^ ^^^. f^ fwf^ 

^(^ m«j| ^f , v^^'s Itf^ ■^'tCSf^ TR^ ^^ I 
^^b ^^ (TI ^tI% 1^2^ ^R^ "^f^ Wt>2f^ ^C^<tC»r 

5^tc5r^ 5f^ 'iwt^ig <^ ^, f^ ^sftsrt^ wt^ 

3ff^v5 ^'^ wilt « 1^57 ^T^^ f^ '^C^ ^ ; 

3Wl'2f^ ^Wr^-Q -^ll^f&srtli^s ^SfW^ "^^^ ^^tf%- 

?,»^ n^ (Tit '^^ c^fl^ f^ ^"1^ ''i^®t^ t^^ 


^8 : ^^-'550 I ] 



Tt^ <<l-^ ;q^sj i%:5R, ^5t^ Jft^si «Tt^ ; c^ ^rt^^ 
^qt%^ .^ ^^Tf%=^ ^rw^ f.^ ik^ or\fm] 

C^rcSR, «lt^ Off, f%f% ^^ f%^ ^|c?^ TtC^ 

'=='. ^fl^tfl I ^^ ^ ^^rl% Ttttr:^ >2fi^ '^fwt 

;5^ f tt^ ^^ ^^, f%^ ^%f^ ^¥1%^, "^m^ 

C?R, ^^ I 

^« Tt^ ; 'Fft'St^ '^rt^t^ wtTTf 1%r^i ^it%#? 

N8 =?< ^^'^ \ft^ ^8 ?t^ ^^'x ^1 « ?t% to:^ 1 
o'b ^^\<[ ^frt^ ^f^ ^t%l ^t^ f^r^li^^ 'tt^ sr^ 

f^^-^w^ ^ ^ofW^ c^ittt^ f^r¥c5 f^ "^rt^ 
"^I^Ttsf, f% wtf^, c^t^ T^ 'siWa Jiw 

^^ "^ ^t^; ^W^ c'5ft§t^ f%^ c^tc^ 
^f^ ^t^M [^^] ^ oni, ^©c^ ^ <ii^ 

f^^ ^nff« ^#rt^, ^rt^ ^f?Mt^, c^ >m>2M, 

8^ -ii^ ^twt 5PF?i ^, xsc^ c?^, ^srtf^ 'ii^ j^^m 

88 f^, f%f^ 7^ -^^^^^ ^^3 ^tt^ :^^ 4;^. 

1^ c^ "^^ ^, ^i^t^ m\^^ ^i^t^ ^r^ 

s* "^^^ I \s^ f%f^ % «^ ^^ -^cptf sftsrf. 
^ T^i ^<^ ^5itf^ ^ ^fel^; 'srt? 

^^° f%f^ ^SIW^ ■¥#^ <iCq^ W^ \§t^ 

si1^^^ 5t^*tfc«f ^srt^rt^ «£rf« 't^T ^5ft1%^, 

^W^ ^N 5rf^ Wl "S ^Fsl ^R^ Tfe 
'I'Sf^ V^, ^1 ^^ ; ^lt?f ^'^ lit ^y\, ^t^vs 

jpft'St^ ^^ '^^ i^ ^t^, ^sffsral ^t^ 'Pf 
«i PFi^^f^-mf^^ I v^ ctft5, f^fwi ^^W^ 

7^^ '^{i^ ; ^^X^ 5f^ >2n-t^ ^^^ ; ^ ssit^f- 

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c^, ^sjtsri^ ^t^ f^T^ '^^ '^rWi::^ fwhi 
«* ?*t f^ ?tt^, "^ ^1%^ I 1^ 1%1r 'tt^- 

C^^ S^'St^ ^SffJft^ ^t^ 7pp5f TT%cR ; 

(Mt' ;5tf¥iit ^st^^fi^T ^Wr^ fwW ^ I ''f^ 




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f¥f^ ^^rfpratf^c^, c^^ f^f^ ^1 cwi»t ^tfi 

T^i-^cw f%^t^t TrItsH, ^tsirw^ 3TC^ jft^^ 
toM. -^i:^ (TT^ ^ t^t^i^ ^t-^!^ f ^ 3i5r^ 

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f^^ ^ fwt ^^t^ #t^*rrc3^ ^^ "^ ^s 

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TJ^^ft ^'H C5!t^Dr^ 1%^ >l°x^t^ ^t^C^R I { 
C^^,-^ C^Tt^^ *1^ ^C^C't^ C^^^ ■sm'^l i 

'r^tsn:^ -^tii (Tit c^^ 3Fq ^fwti%^ii i c^ I 
'^tiR ^Ht^ff.^ 'Q ^t^ Jit ^rt?ft^ ^^^ cif«^ I ?is 

t^^J^CT 'Slt%^ ■^CciVf ; ^^« ^3^^ C^^- • 


^trt^ ?t^ f^^ ^^t^ ^ilMc^ WSJ ^?tc^ 

f^*l,'i, ^, •spil, ^^, c^, f^^, irt#^ « 

cif? ■sti'f ^ ^st^'^ ^spsprts^ ^f^f? <^^ ^t 
^t^4 ^t^tn ^fH ^tn^ wtf% ^5(^tT:<! ffipn 

^n^ Crrt^Pr^ f^^C^ Tf'.'^ft^ ^^TcR 1 ^t^ 

fWl^ 3T^«t=? *I^ ^^J^ ^7l]% ^^f^ ; f%f^ 

^t^ ^fiT^f ^f^t?f ^pi T^rf^^t^ ^m'^ I 
^Pi ^ft^ ^^r^?i ^'^rac?!^ ^^ 'sr^t^^ 

t^ f^t^ ^¥1<R I t^i^c^^ ft ^^j ^«f il^ 
f%f% ^t^t^ tRJ^C^ ^fft'^ Ttlif '^rt'f^ ^R- 

t-fff^ fr fif^^i ^wt ^c^^ I ni^ ^'tft^ 
^rf^s^r f*f^^^ w^twf® '^j%r, \sWc^ f%iR 

C-JfC^R 1 ^«R Wl^"^ ^t^k^ "^f^CSR, 

4^ ^1*1 ^^ ^r*f ^it'^ ^^=TTt^ ^ti^, 

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>il^° ^5t^ ^t^ C^t^^t ^fC^ ^^ fl^ I ^R"l^ 

ift^ ^i:^ [c^t^»t] ^ttt cm 1 nc^ ^st^ ^^1 

^srf^ ^^ ^\^ ^^mu [ ^5itft] ^^ ; 

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■^Tt^iTN Ttt^ ''tt^ "^f^TtC^, .ij^ ^W:^ >HU\\ 

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< <r J vs^ — < ^ J ^v I ] 

cs\w^ ^t^ "^i^sT^, nc^ ^©fl #r5rl cstcsiii i 
'^ w T^^\ cpfc»t ^rt^ >ii"¥ ^t%^ ^nff^ ^ I 

fw?i1 ^RCfR, ^fk fipR GfC't ^if5[<rt ^it^ ^, 

c^Rir¥ "Q c^r^fts ^t*rc^ '^t 5^3 cipf f^, ^5^° 

^ic«t^ ^r?i c^W^ ^i^ ^ ^1^, c^l^t^ ^^»tr^ 

^^fwi 'rtmt ^t^t^ ^tc^f, ^W^ ^^iwl, ^t^rj! 
■Rf^ « ^t^rw ^j^ '^iR nt^ ^^[15 1 

St, ^t ^?f1 ^C^ t^ ^ ^C?R, ^if^JicR, 

f% sftpf ^t ^f:^ c^rtc^H f^f^^t^ HPic^ 

c^R 5RGI ^f^tt?iC5ra ?N '©rflC'l^i^ T^st^ 

» f^iwr^ ^f^ m^ '^us^:^ I ^'R ^fic^'^ 
<>[<l<ti<t» ¥(Ttt^t ^^cci^, c?t^, ^ ft ^"tj 
^fRt^ ^t1]1 ; ^sc^ 'sitnf^ «t'^"^1 ^¥t ^(^t^ 

.2, o axsj ^|c^ I ^«R vij^csj?!^ ^i%?R, "srtniR 

^t^rti^ 5#5 '^ 1% ^r^f^ -^fm^ ? ctr 

^C^ n\fW3 ; \5t^ ^CcJ ^^1r ^t^tfw^tC^ 
^^i C^5t^ ^f^l^ I -^ ^L'M^ ^"^^ CcTtTC^ 

^^ '=^-<^!^, ^t^ fitt'tff^ ^mj ^tc^ I 




^^JT^ »t^ ^1 n^ *tlt!yR, 'il^'v ^W\^ ^t^tC^ 
'5rt^<^ ^1%^ I ^t^ f%]R ^f%^ ^!^R, ^^? 
^m ^m |1% tttH ^f% ^ C^^ ^^{.<?1»{ ; ^ 

•■9^° ^t^t3 f^ ^Sf^f^'ra ?R^ ^t^ ?t^^i«l C^ 

^M?i^ t^^c^ ^^f%5R, ^m^f^ fW^ 
■^U5 ^t^ -^^^ c^^R^ ^t'tA ^^tiw^ mnw\ 

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'srJR^ ^t 'R^ «ItTt^ 'Ifk^^ ; ^t^l ^5St- 
^ti:_^ ^^ -nc^ *l(.=igl(.^<^l (R 5i^5f ^tt^i 
c^%t[% ; ^t^ ^t?tn ■pf*! (Rt ^"^W(R c^i 
^i1 ^tf^5rffe?R, f%HG (Rt CJlt Ri^ Wif^Cq^ I 

c^^^W^t^ t^tt"^ w\m'\ ifpt wm 









■R^t? ^n¥l ■^f^, >3 5fci ^tRtCT^ ; "^m 

f%R cTft ^'•[^ ^\^ ^^-^ [1%ttf] ^tf'n:^, 
c-^f vst^t^l ^t^t^ 'if^s fet? •^fwrfei 
"t^ t\-^ irt^'ni 'sit^ "^^ ^n «R^ ^i^ 

^"^t^ C^ft^ ^^^ fWtff ^fM ; val^tC^ 

fsR (R?t^ ^ pi^i [f^n^^] t\j^m'^ I f%lR 
^^1 ^i:^ >2i?R "^fl^l ^5j^ .f]-^ ^n '^R^ '^fj- 

C^R ; <Ri^ IrIRI \stTfWl i%t? ^^f^ Rl ; vs tf 
f%R (R?t^ RR ^Iftcm*^ ['2(»l'^ '^RJ ^tfet ^- 
C?R, 'il'R 5IVft-2(^ «i'RtN'5R'^ fiT*!^ TK f^C?!^, 

c^^-c^u^ ^&^\ c^tm^ I cRt i'i'1%^ Titrf^;^ 
^■f^tt::^ vK^t f^-^\ "^f^if, ^tlR cxstRt^ fn^st 
^oliS'f^t'R^ ^"U. ^S^ ^fl« ^, C^sRl ^tf^ ^t'R 
ft^ ^:gT5tW^ 'sr^^'ft^ c«tRit ^^^, ^tR 
CsRtC¥ «lt%^t? ^1% « CxstRt^ ^°\»f |f% 
^fl^ I *tc^ t^tT <R ^tR "^ISJ!;^ fifsi^i 
^llfl ITf^'f^ 5?t!R ^lt%ifR, ^ra (Rt Tti:^ 

f^JR ^t\ Ttn^ "^CfR ; 'Q tt^ ^R9f1 vsSttU 

^Ic^T^"^ 3^^ 5i|^ ^t^ ^t^ t^,^c^ 

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Cci^ ? ^iRt^ ^ ^TtC^ C^^ Wl^t ^Tf'lRtlVf? 


'5[tf^«3^^ I 

[ V'J) J ^s— ^<^ ; ^<i r 

«rf^ ^It c?f5r^, m\^ ^<W^ 't^^, 
« ^'Rt^ ^^ ^■^ »t*tf ^^, ^t^ ^fr^ '^'^ 

Ttt. ^°v ^'Htr^ »rfi%:^ fwt?f Vj%tfl, 

^JT2ftT ^t?tw^ f^f^is c«t®f sm^ wf^ 

^^tw^fc^ f^fft^ Tflc5i ^^ *rtf%^ ^t?t^ 
f%^% ^tc^ -2t^ wnm^ I 

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^rRc^i^, *£it 5fi» ^pfi nw c^ ^'tc^ ^1 

«3 ^ ^c^l 5f|»t ^^71^ ??CT f^? crfl^ 
«e srfft ^■9tc<>' f^t^ ^RC51^ I tft^l t^,^^ 

"^ ' ^ ctff^ft^ ^rt^c^ ^ ; ^«m i%f^ "Sitn- 
^ cmb ^ ■sx^^ v5tf%?rt ^Rc^rn, ■^<i,^ I 

« ^Tf5 f^ ?^. ^if% sri I ^tr^i f^ii ^fl, c^n 

^em ^tpf, ^55if ?Tt^ «rttfi sm^ ^^%1 ^5it^ 

•^% f*l^^ ^fl^1 ^I%1 ^"^t^ ^tftl 'St^^ ^, 

vst^tCNS ^tf^ c^»t^5i Tf^ ^^^ *!;pR J^tft- 
> >2t;|^ Jit^Uv© c^Jft^ 'sit^^f^ '^1% I c^ 

^1^1^ *3;5, •^'R ^tf^ c^WcT ^Tt^ ^^it^ ^f?, 
^«rt5fr3 cJit ^'^ ^^1 ^f^ 'tti:?! f^?i1 ^«J1 

^C^ ^^5| ^t^ ftf-^'^JT ''Tt^, c^t'ft^ f^^ 

a<!i^ «[5! ^RTIi?, vSm ^"Tl^ «rt?I 'SJtf'l fif^^ 








Tf%1 f?^ ; n!^ ^ ^*R f*t^ fk^ ^t^l 

fflt?n ^^, f%f^ ^t^l C^fSR ^^^ ; C^ f%f^ 

^tf^ ^1^ ^Hc^ 'SR^'^ ^f^nii ^'fj ?^ ; 
^t^ ^C5f ^R WtTt^ <^ ^5ti%^t^ ^i wt^i 

c^t ^i%»tt^ ^srWc^l ^T, c^K^i ^t^t^ <F«t^ 
tt^ ^cTt^ f^nn ^fi sitfi Tt^ fH^ 

'^itf^CSH, ^5lt^ ^tft^ f^ cwt «t?[ ^c^.. 
fl^. f^fwt ^5t^ ^?rt tR# *i^ ■^rtc^t^c^ 

^m f%f^ ^i*t^ ■pf^ f^^ ■pr?rt T%5i5T, 

^@¥l #nrl ^SfW^ 'Sftf^s ^9W°x^ CatSR -^w^, 

|ji^^t^ ^^5? <5^C^ ^fesR. ^'^T, C^?R ^t%i 
4^ % ^?1 'ttt^ ? f^ 4R(.c1H. ^1^ ^^ 

w\'^^ "sitsrt^ jf^c^r '?s^7pcT ^^r1^ ^cci^ i 

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■^f^«i ;qt«l -^wf^ ?^^ wfTf ^^ ^ ccTt^i^^ 
f|ci ; ^vgii^ f%f^ ^t^lr^ ^rt%#? "^f^csR I . 

^tc^ ^t^ ; ^f5f *J.!:^ ^srpf^s ^9W°sJT C5\^^ 

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cfw, ^^* ^^rtn^ «rtf^^ f^csf ^st^ nm 

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c»r«r. ^5ft?rt^ tjirg^ ^?f^ 

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SiWS ^^%l f*f\5t5 f^^c5 ^5ltf^5l "^f|Ccl5(, f?tv5;, 
^ff^ §©¥1 'IC^R "^t^ -^"mW^ C5t^R ^^, 

c^tsR ^^%1 ^sl^U^ ^t%#ttf ^fwtfl, «rt^ c^k 

oc ^sfpitr^, «it5rtc^« ^5ft%^f "^^ I t^\^ ^fk- 
C5R, c^5W^ ^1^ ^ ^t^ ^tf^i^rl c^t^ "511% 

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<5rt^ *iir^ 3i!:5f 3ic5f -^f^jm. 'siw^ f^^c»rtir^ 

^f^^ tj^ ^rtcTt^c^ <5t^%ffR, Tfe^i^, 

80 ^srKtlvst 5RC^ >2|C?t5( f?C^5Cl I ^^, C? ^^3F|, 

'srw^ ^?ri '^T ; ^, ?m:i 'srw^ i^t^ stNcji^ 
88 f^^ 'i^rtt^i ■'it'Q ; 'H'^i (mtc^ fVf Tt=T «irr^, 

a iw c^W^ ;^tsi cm^ ikfs srt ^ i 
84 CSt^U 'af% ^^tsra C3l«f l^ffS ?t^, 'i)^? ^fjj 

8* 'sft^ f^fwi t^^^r^c^ ^Rc5R, 'iit fkt\^- 

C5R, ^f^ "^^ CH^^ CWP{ ^Wtr?P H^ •^f^'Q 

CTR ^?rfr^ f^Rt^ ^f^c^ f^^«c ^R¥tc^^, 



^tf^*t5?¥ I 

[ <^ J S)— ^;5 ; -iTil 

i» ^t^ •'Ttc^t^ cT^^-c«r^ ^t!^ ^tf^ ft^ ^- 

^ficsfR I 'srt^ f%f5[ v»«fl^t^ -£f^^ 5it^ ^fipt 
"^fim c^ %\c^ f^ ^tt^t^ w^ *r5R ^c^H I 

C!t\ ^St^t fWl t^C^^ f.^'^t'l ^j^c^ ^s 

^%<i 'ifm ^m [w\i^] ^^, ^^\ ^f^ 

> « €t?r c^ 'srt^^tw -sit^ ^tc^ I ^5it^ c?«i, 'sitf^ 
C5-WI 'i^^, c?i c^ ^^tc^ %f^ ^tti^, (Tit 

sat^ ^<i spfSj ?f1 -^f^, ss\-^^ C^Ml'^ Wt^ 

^^^*tj 'ill f ft^ wi^ ^tcw^, ^srf^ ^tf^ ^ra 
>'i ^fvs fell ^ I ^t5 f^f^ ^^ ^t^ ^flc^iiT, 

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^o ^c^ ^^-jK^^rrst ^ ]%5f I 'Sits "^rtc^t^ 5rt^ 

^■-"^ ; ^t^ ^ ^TtC^ C^ f%l f^C^, ^t^ 





^^It^ ; ^1^ c^it ^"^^ ^i:*! ^"^ ^<^ «^ fe I 
c^ ^ti?T tt^ Ji^^^ vfl^^ <p^1 w^ c^^ 

^ T^, (35fral c^ '^ii^ra c^t^ ? "^l^t^l 
c^^, 'ii^ 5^(1^ ^c^ ^'i^ rf«t?f cR^t^i sit^i 

^«lf^ ftcc^R, C^^^ f%lR C^'nf?!^ IWi^T I 

f c<i^ ^^ ^!:^ ^^n^ =1^11^ ^?t? 3n'^ ctH- 
c^ CT^'ilrir<F ^^ *rR ^^'tfi?!^ I ^<i ^cTt^ 

ntt^ df]^ 'STft^ IR^s 5TW^ -^iilUo C^ftSR, 

^it?t^ ^c? ^?? Tt^i ^1^ ^t^ '^nm^ I 

^^srsj f%lR ^^ ^l%:5i^, ^''Rtg ^^ -^^] 

W^^ C«lTtl^ in^i ^t ^1^ ^"^J^Tt^ 


^;a ; ^o— oo ; ^o I ] 

'sitR'i;^^ I 


^» f^C^ «rt^ I 4t^*t ^CTl^ ^1C^C<rr<| 5F?I Jit^ 

^[^ft >2i^ ^-^ 4^ ^i^jr^ ^t^ ?Ftt5 ^'^ 

^i *t!^ ^rtiTt^ srt^'T!:^ ■^f^c?!^. ^rW? ^^fws 
wm jr^< ^, 'ii'^R ^t^t^ 'st^i ^t^rtc^ R^5f, 

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^c^ T^ ccTf^i::^ 'ii'^^ "^rl^ c^M '^i^^ 

CSRtC^ ^^\ ^t^ fw5 ^f^l f^C5R, ^t^ 

Pm\ ^rtft ^n^ wt^c^ ^1^ ^^5/1 cci^r^ vft^ 

f%f^ ccnn I ^s\^m -^cwi^ ^\m^ ^f^^, 
^if^ 'Sft^rt^ 5rf^ ii f% ^H^ ^flc?i^ ? 

^-i ^SC^ CT^t «fWC^ <2i^^^ "^lic^ ? ^«i^ ^f^^ 

wfw^, (?\w^ «rt^l ^tr¥^ cvsttfc^ vrt^ "^f^^ i 
'25''^i%^ ; ^c^ ^t^ ^1^^ ^^ ^1^ ^^wt 
^t'R ?t^!r¥ J\cw^ ?t^ ^M^ ^t^ti:^ f^c^ I 

^i ^cs[ iprt'2f^ c^niti:^ ^sr^t^ cpffiiiil tt^[^ 
c^, ^m>2i^<SH?rti:i^ ai, itf^ ^«ri^ "tt^, vstt 

^WC^ 'SltJl^ ^C^, CTSRi 'Sftf^ 'It^ 5iW 

5i^t^ sn:^ ^t, ^?R f%f^ ^{^ fiif% ^'<\ 
^f^c5]^, vQ •?rt!;<Ft^c^ ^f^C?R, ^tTt^ Wt^ C^TQ, 

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<^% ^t^r^ vft^ 1^^^ ^cf, ^^? ^tc5 

'N^ ^ ; C5R ^8 «l^;q ■£\7^ -^f^^ «rW^ C^FtC^f 

^f%^ fhfh ^t^ jrf^ isrf^ ;fi^ f^^T^ 
^Rt^ irf^ ^T^Tj^ij 5f^^ ^iri m^^ 

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f?t^ *ttt^ ^^ ^m CcI^ltC^ ^lf^¥l fe ; 

C^wj^l ^tf^ ^1^ *IJq^ ^^ff f^5l C^WC^ 

«1v5l ^?rtff ; ^tt CJit ?tf^t^ 1%iR ^t^o^ 
ii ^K^ Hfj? "^1%5R I «rt^ tT^ c^¥t^ >£ii<irt 



^srtt^'l^?^ I 

[ OO ; ^^— O^ J » r 

srH^nr^F Tfe^R, ^^rtr^ t^t^ '^^, "^itf^ 
^*W^ tft^?^^ ^t^^, 'srt^rt^ (71^ ttf^tc^ « 

^(>s ^5t^ *1tt^ ^tf^ [^st<i «iltT] ; cw^^ 
^f^r ^^siTj srtf^isTt^, c^W^ 'si^^tii'f iwt>2i^ 

^b- ^tsftC^ ^%^T5' T1%.5R I 1%f^ '=5tt^« "^1%^, 

^s vs?i^ "^itc^t^ ^t^tr^ ^f%:=i^, ^rtf% cwn 
' '5it*W^ vfl^r^^ Tjwrfl, '^^x 'Sftsit^ "R^ ^^- 

f^, 'ii'SR ^ itt^1 -ap ^^^f ; 'srw^ 
■^c^ 7Rl'2f^ ^■^^c^ ^^^tw ^^fwt;:^ ; f^ 

^srt^r^ ^?F ^'^ "^ ^rp[, ^c^ 'sitf^ 'sit^Wa 
'^^ ^n^t^ ^51^ *f^*tt^:5ra I'ff f^il M^ 
^Q ^^< 7):^^ ^^« fftcTsJ w.^ f5art5f -a f^- 

f?^ c^c^ f^ni ^ttlR ^5111%^, ^«l^ ^^^ 
«ftf%^^ ^"fit? ^^ ^^ f?^ ; ^F=T^'. ^^iw^ 

•ft^t^ ^^Cn5 f%ff <!; «^< f^^T, ^'R ^f 


jf^ vfl^t f{3^«f csR Ji^R ^«f^ ^f1%t 'srtl^ 

Tt^C^ IC^d f%51 f^W^ m ^«ft^ ?rl%5R I 

'5ft^ ^c^t^ sim^ra ^f^l ts^ 5^t%^ 

^1^ ^f?^ ^C5R I *1T^ C^ ti^ l^^m ^ TRt^< 

8» ;^f^f5 I ■nc^ "^tCTt^ wl 5i^^ "^^^ ^'ff ^i%- 

'ItliST^ if^ ^ ^^tf«ml '^'H tt^^ 'J'if^ 

^^•x ^i «Q ^r^ ^«fl ^51 1 

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c?f%i:?R, "srt^ C5f«i, ^ ^sft^ ^t^ '31% 'jwti 
^^^11 ^srt^ m]^ ^rtcTKcT ^1%?r, ^^f^ 

*ft^tt¥t Tk^ -^^c?^ f^r^ Tfc<^ « c^nrR^ 
^t^ ^t^tc^ «rR1^ "^f^ ^f%:^ orsr sftt I- 

b'C^R^ T<R f%f^ ^C^s^, f^^fif^ 't'Stl 

cotsrt^ c^JT^^n ^tc^, ^«R >R^ nt^ f^- 
f5l%^ tt^^ s\y^ ^f^ ; '^?*x ^«R ^fe^. 

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ib-^ 5;&tl^ ^1^ ^<itf^^ 'ntf? T^R 

^*rt^ "^fwlT^^R, vst^ cTt^ ^^ Cift»f 

<5^ ^tc^ ^1^ fi4t^ :Mp«?rtc¥ ^1 ^f^- 

[^i^<^] ^1^ *it^ ^t^t nf^^ *r^ JT^cJi ^tf^Rii 
^^ nc^ ^^ft^ f^ cit^ -sTtr^rtc^ *t5rti:^ 

ift^ f^cii^ *t«t ^^ n^^t, «(mi^ ^csR, "Q 

^8 f5f%w *t^^ ^r^ C5f«ii *ntc5R I f^ tt^ 

^fe^ ^?n^^ '■M^\'H\^ ^tkc^^ f%^ ^t1%© 

^!d ^t^^ ^fe^H, JfH'fR, ^CTt^C^ «t5l 
C5H, '^ C^R ^'R ^ ^^1%^ ? ^Sft^tC^ ^f ^ 















^■^(.clij ^Q fitt^ Tt?J *i;^'oT^ f^ftsi "^I^St^ I 

jft-^cs ^51:^1 -^f^^ 'sitsrt^ "^t^ ^-W^ 
■^ 'Sites, ^st^ ^^ I ^^t^jfr^ ■^rtiT^ ^Rc^ii 

flcSR ; CJ^t Sf5J ^rt^ ^t^ ^t^ 5r^ ^ 
^^ fn^tr^ Tf^CcR, ^, 'Sft'W^ 5lt^^ 

^rtf^^lk^ tfetsi ^, t^t^ fr^ ^^ 

^fe ^rti^^ I ^c^T^ ^rt^^tr^ ■^^^f. 
'srt^f^ ^^ f%, « 'sitsrt^ nt^ fV c^, ^pr 
fii^'iivo ^?i ^w^ ^'Ft'^ 'r'^<^ cwlfOTi 

^^ 'te^^ l^&t^ 'W^ I ^t f^s"*rj% ^"^jf^f ^srtf^ 



^[%tf5 ; t^t^ 1W ^f^ w^ ^t^ ^tsit^ c^^ 
•8^ vs«R rit^ ^^ "^fel ^rfr^c^ '^^i%sH, 

<ii?i^, ^^» .£1^ n^it^ ^t^i^ n'^m^ ; ^^ 
•S8 ^ifir 1% ^1%^ ? ^tt^, csfsifc^s « ^5it^t?;\5 

^RCcR, ^Wlftat'Q £1^ 7\°^^ -^iH I ^f^fc^ 

81 ^ti:^ ^ ^tPra fwc5 c^lw^ ¥fwi^ I ^m? 
^ ^c^, f%l C5f«I, f '^^ ^PlU « c^«t^t^ >i[^ 

^(f*! CW«t, -^^"x '^l ^S^ C5f«I, "Slt^t^ vS C^sW^ 

4^!; ^f^« 'fit ^tf»t « >iit ^^ "ru ^fl 'srt^t^ 
f^c^ W{|%^ ^, t?t? ^It^ ^t ?1f»f « t^t^ 

■^f^m ^f^^l ^rt^1^ ^f^c« ^t'l^ ^I^R'f.^' j 
i^m'\ -^iim^, ^t^lc^ 'st^t^l c«ieR ^i%i I 

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^tf?^nr^ lilt '^'t^ ^f%^. c^\^ '^W^ 'Sff 
i^u^^!:-^ ^f?tc^, ^'W^ ^ 'Ttr^t^ ^tn^^ 

* nu^ ^5tci TTtr^n:^ f^^:^ f%%i ^f5nn 
■^%r, ^t^ra"! "STtn^f^ ^t«1 <ii^ "wt^ f^[- 
f^U ; ^rt? f^f^ 5tf^ »t^ c^it^ 311^ Ei|^i 
^h^ ^^ 'Tt^'^ "^f^ ^tf>K.^(,^»i I 

C^ TT^ C^lt^ ^t^ m^ f¥\, ^^^tl^ v3 

>£i^ w^fi^ '21^ ^c^^, ^?rffn 'si^ ^^ ^sitRI 
t^tc^i tt^, ^f^ 5ittt2,'^ ^t^rf^ 'srWc^ 

•^t^ ^^ ^c^, '^c^'t^ ^ ^tc« 'srrsrt^ '5^1 

^Ts T^^W^^TS^ C^ Ttf% Tt^«Tf >2t^^ ^«t^ ^^ 
i^ nt:^ ^tc'^t^ c^t '^f'-'^ ^f^ ^^ ^rlc?R ; 

« ^l^t^ f^^C? ■^ f^, ^31^ ^^^ 5lt^ 

Bfr>^ ^r«t « H 1^, ^^° f^N»tf^ ^%«t « ^*t 


0\ ; ^-'9 — "S^ ; ^« I ] 



5* *fC^ f%R '^''tmn -il"^ ^"^ WP\^ ^C^ '^^ ^^ 'Slt^ i%f^ ^^^ C^ff5%« ^\l^m^ 1 if]^ ^t<5«3 

fim^. cm^ ^w^ ^c5r im ^t^ ^«, ^^itn 

i-j 5f:«(j tc^a ^^t^T ^ti%i -sic^R- *rt^ ^^f^??^ I ^m 

t^f^ ^5H€t tft^ic^ >^t ^'^ iwR, ^rM^ ;^t^ 

<iic^ ^tff^ c^^t^ Tt^f^ ^C5i ■^pr ^«R 

fsrsstJTi ^i%^, ^f^ ^t^ Tim? cfi?mi 

^«n -21^1% ntc^^ *r*5tff^'5ft;ft ^ 7r^ffc^«s 

^t^ ^#5 T^wl^ ^fl^, Nst^c^ f^R ^\;^n 

^i <2fi% ^'21^ ^ftc^r-Q "^us Ttc^ I ^r^^ii^ 

^t?t^ ^csf ^^oJt^R ;w^i nt^ ^?n cm, f¥i 

tul 'srmt^ 5p^ ;^^ iti:^ 'ttttliii -rj^r i 
<1^ •2t«t^ W^ ^t^^ ^f^ W5^ ^^^^ ; 

5if^s ifit^i w^ ■^Ki) ^rtc^nc^ ^^M^ 
^^ ^t^^ ^^1 ni<[ G\^ ^^ ^fwf, ^w^ 

«» -nci 's^rni ^c^^nc^ ^1%^^ ^i^c^iii i ^^ 

*f^ c^rt^ I ^?R f%iR ^tsiTR'stc^ f^t^ '^fh\ 
3^c^ ^5f f?nii Tit« ^1^ f |%5 <2ffi*ft^ 

■^Rt^S "^[%5 ^t^ ;^t^ JR^tS ^'tf^^ 
C?lf^?l1 '5lt^ ^t^ ^ «rf?[^ ^i%^ « 

1irs-tj5[c^, ^r^ cvsi^t^ c^ ? f%R ^f%cH„ 

t^5? ^51^ -^f^ti ^"RT^ vft^C^ lilt T^^ 
^ 'l^R jWtCfST I x5?R ;ft%1 >8 ^ftC?^ JfSHtt 

^t^ ^T^R^I f^^CS ^tpnil >2lf^nt^ ^CcR ; 

c\c^ c^c^^ >Q ^tc^ f%^^ ^snf^iil '2ii^*tt^ 

JRtC^fCf^ ^fC5 Rf%^R C^ ^T^ f^C^ f^ff^ ? 

f%pi ^i%5H, '2i^ ^c« ^5f^ *nf ^ w^ I 
» vs?R vficTl "^cfi^, '^\^^\^ '^mt ^m, ^, 

C^, ^t^ 5(ij^ f^ii :^§^ ^tlR "^f? ^1^ 

^c^ «t^5j:^ ntt^ «rtf%, ^sc^ ^it^t^ ^ ^tc^ 
i > ^sfTO^ '2if% >2i^ ^|c?R I i^?i ^f^, ^n^^ 

i^ ^f^C^ ^r<i1 vs-t^ 5t^1 TJ%5H I "^m 45^1 

-si^ ^C5R, -iit ^Tt^r^^n c^^i^ici, >£i^^ ^^wf 

CSjfr « ^t^t Tpf^I ^rt^tH ^C^ ^sitCf ; 'ii^ f^iT 

i3 5rt^ c^^ Ft^rtfcsi T^^ *rt5Tt if^?:^ i lRi:w=T 
^f^, c^ 'sft^rra -21^. "^rt^fR ^*R tftcjf^ 'sfc^i 
^m ^RR ; 'Sit? ^(f^ ^t^<; (Rfti^ 'sri'rra ^^ 




[OO J ^<5j— 08 J ^^ I 

C5H, vs:^ ^tTt^ ^ T^T c^rf^ c«W3 f^irr? 
f^? ^5iW^ e\^ ^13 «rtf^ 'si^it^ ntt^ 

•i* ^ ^C^*1 (Tit f^ c^c^ ^^ f^%l 

^^1%;?K, <^t ^fiF cfit ^R ^tift'^ [^Its T^] 

f^«i ^f^ ^51^^ ^n^ ^ii^-tcsrtc^-^t!^^ 

f^?i ^i:5rf^ =rtT^ cw^tf^^i%^ *33 f»ff«pf 
^t^tc^ cTff^f:^ *rtt^, ^^s ^t^cT ^1 ^^1^1 

8 pit ^n\ "^fm I t:^ f*if«R 'srtn^ f*t^ 
<(.iiHc<t» ^r%f, ^f^ 'srw^ Tij^ f^TTt^ 

^ 5W:?l "St^ 'J^^t Ttc^ ^«^C5i^ 5ic^ ffsi ; 
^srf^ ■'Ttc^i^ vst^c^ ^?m 'iw c^ 

»^ ^f^^f^ I ^«H ^C5It^ ^st^cw^ ^f^ ^C'srl'f- 
^, "SftiTt^ *irara if?^ ^»t^^ f^^ c;f<2 1 

^ T^ ; 4t CW^ C^tltC^ l^t^ ^ft^, C^^l 

c^rr^^ cq 'srwc?^ ^fn^ f^, «ii'H "^^ 

i8 ^t^ 1 c^^ <f)t ^^ ^"Rc'jf <5rtwi c®Ww^ 
■^^ 1^^ ^t^ ; 'srWcw^ irt^ CvsfRl ^tUo]'^ 

is v5t?t^ <l;q f%f^ Tf^l ^1 "sn^ CJit ^ 
^f^c^ (Tit ^^ "^f^, c<R5fl cf ^rlii^c^^ 

^» *ra ^^t^ « ^s1^ *i^ f^f^ ^*t^ ^^K^ 

^i "^i^t "^fk^. (Tit c^c^ <5iwcT3 'rft^ 
Pil^«tt«( ?fei1c^ ; ws^-^ ^t^i ^t cfcn ^ 
« ^RWT ^^^^; c^R^ cvf«l, ^t^lc^ ^?qpi 

51^1 ^f^, « ^Wf:T3 ^^^1 v^t^f^fc^ fwt I 

^^ f%^ \si^c5i^ 'ill 4^ 'ti 'sfi^, "srWcifs 1^5(1 

^jivsj-^ <a^ 5if? v^t^icff^ 5r» ferr^ ^. 

5.V5 ^cs jpjivs ^ci I 'srt^ vsl^lCTTsf «R, I'^f^ « 

^«1^lCTr^ "^^flu 'PJrs ^Cffit ^t^ "^Wcf? 

'.8 7tft\9 ^ ^f^^ I ^S'R ^p^^M « ^t^ 

*l^ f*tf^R^ ^^ ^^t^ ^^n:^ ^ %l cq jf^ 

C5i1<F ^fe^ qlt^. ^st^r^l T^^s ^, ^5It^ ^oT^^ 
^e ^^CfVf ^^1 ^ I -^m ^#?l fH?I "StTtll 

^rmc^ ^^ ^ «j;^ "511^ ^^ <m 5t^1 

I5?5tt^1(:« ^«( "^^f^ f*tl%5ra Ttft i^ci5 fitter 
^1 fit^ 5f%^ 'SftpM I ^?1^ ^©t^cif? ^fMc^ ^t 


'08 J ^v — O^ J ^» I ] 



j^b-fsfTc^ %i 5t?f^ ^ Tf?5ii ^w?t ^^^m 

RiPt^ ^^^ ^^ 'SrWCT 'SlWS ^1%^ ; 

■^f^, c^PR cTSrt^ 'rfl^, c^f^ 'srfrtc?^ ^f'l- 

-qtsi >in;^ 5P55 ^t'^ c^sttt^ *t^rtTRTt^ c^ 

c®Wc?^ TtC5 c^ T^ t^ c^i^ 'sittf . 

^st^-sfir^ ^ T?, 'ii^t '©ft ^«, 'e ^i?> ^ «T3 1 

o ^? ^tt^, <srmi ^1^ ^>m ^ ; c^ ^^ 

f^stficjR, lU^'x ^!rw^ ^m*R5f 7m^ few, 
^t^ ^c!f^ ^tf^ c^it ^tR >ii^ ^m:^ 

'fl^^ f^f^ «^ ^'^^ f»ff«R'r^ fH4"5<)^ <im\ f^^? 

* •^ ■^CTt^ "Q tt^t^ 71^°t^ 7{^C5l -^TTt^ 

•^ opt^ ^ ^<t<i t^vm ^1f^^5 i^t^pR I v5«rf^ 

;^t«t^ T|5 ^^ ^\^H *1flt?H-^C5I ^T5 (Tit 

» ^^-^5rat^ ^^ -jitj^rt^ f^fl^ ^■\f7[r^ ^^ 

^ « 'FSI^', ^^ 'at^ti:^ ^f^Ccl^, C^t11^ 5^1 

cst^\^ ^\^ ^^t^ ^4 ; ^t?f%f^ ^^ ^ 

i8 ^|cx5 ^^"spR ^%5R I ^ trtr^ cJif ^«m- 

s* «tc^ ^trt^ ^c«f5i ^t!>5 at^ TiWT, «it^ 

^rm -sittf^TrM ^pic?! l%f^ «3i^ ^\^ f^c^t^ 
^5t^ ^^ f^t^ [ 5f]%i ^:^*j;h ] ?tf^C5R I 

^» ^^<;(.q^Ci^<1 *tl?R ^tC^ ^ft^ -^^ ^ I ^rc^ 

Ttr?l^ ^tftw ^^(.<(<i ^'^ i£i?F ^^ ^9\7{ 
cTf^ ^glrac^i^ ^f|f% w\m ^c^i fnn ^^ 

^* « 5T^tf% I C5i?rt^ ?t^ f^r^ Tgl^ ; ^ « 
H^cb' ^tf^ ^tc«n I 

^'l'? C^rt^CVf^ f^m? 1°x^|f^5 ftC515? ; <il^t 


>0^ ^tf^^^^ I 

i^t^t^ 'l^«t ^|c^ 'Slt^ ^-^ C^C't '£fTt^ 

5 . 5^^ >ilt I ^W't^ Jl^C^ :^ dl| ^1 I 4C^>5 

ii wra^ I ^^ t^^CJT^ *a3 ^^»^, ^'f'^, '^^ 
<mH ft f^, ^t^ ^^t^ f^l*f, ■^'f "8 

OI ^^t^, ^l^t^ *3^ ^1f% ^^s5H, f^^ 

f^l*f, ^nf% ■^rt^i ^ '^"11% cTti? ; «prt^ 

i> ^5t^ t^t^I I t^t 'ilC^^^ ^<t^ fCtfti^^ J^^, 

^> c»rt^, frf^csit^, '^, f^c»rt^, ^'^^ « ft^ ; 
cjifra^ ^t 'iisti t^tft^ cw^ c^tftn ^;c»rt^ 

^8 W^, tt^^<^, '^^^, '^^l « «5R I «tt^ Pif^- 

[ O-i) ; ^ — 0«) ; «J 

^0 vfqi^ff^ c»rt^, ^nf% fyfNcrrt^, Vf5i*i1% ^s^i^ 
jf^'tt^ RoTt^, vf5int% ^"^1^ « ^f^nf^ ?t»pi J 
^i?i c^ifr^ cfc»r^ c^ttt^ ^ic»tt^ w^i1% i 

^i t^srt^^-^^t^^Ktf^ ^*t^ c^t^ ^1^ ^^ 
^^t^ ^ tttwl tcfftsi cvfc»ra ^t^ fICfR I 

>3^p[c?itc^ <ljq c^ ^ufN c;fc»t ^tww ^i:^, 

^= ^^^ ^sf!(t^ ^t^ R^t^l I 'srt^ cwi if^c?j 

vsa ^«pq (|t?t^ *tC? ^t^^ "^^C^ I ^Rt^ ?»t^ ^C5t 

^-i "^c^^ ; ^t^^ ^t^^tft^ =rt^ ^ft^ I 'sit^ ^w- 

OS <f;c7^ I <5ff^ Jfg 5ifi[CcI ^^ [^ft<^1 ^nfi^ H^t- 

^H ^c^tc^Ivf^^l^l c^^ ^t^ 'icif ?tsi^ 

<.s, ^^^t^ ^t?t^ 1W ^tW^ ^C^ I ^ra 

« «t^t^ ^tf 'ic^c^, c^ ^z^um "^^rl « 

80 c^, "?t^ vs sft^i csm '^^ #:^ ^^1^ c^ 

7i<^ vf^-nr^ fe^^, ^?tc?^ Tt^ >£it >5t ; 

8i vfcinf^ f^i, if^ni% ^1^, Tfci-nf^ f^^f^. vfcinf% 

8?. ^^i^w. ^nf% 'iicH, »r^nl% %^ ^nfs 

8v3^^>VJ7|^ lrft'.^'% t^PR, Vf^nf% f^,T5, ^*f|% 

si^ftCUffJ « W^^'tf^ ^^'t I ttt^1 ^n^ ^*f5T 

^f^^t^ cvf^, ^1^ 'oit^ ^^f^'R c^cw tc^tcsra 
^vat^ 5prt>g I 

-V a ^<^Ttc5f ^c^t^ ^1^ f*t^ '£Rl^-c'f:*f» 
i?. ?tc¥tc^ ^°*t-|^et^ ^t I c^cw wm ^(^'i^ 

CJj ^]?PtC5i ^sit^H f^^^ f^^T^ 'S f%t^ 
>» ?ti^ ^ fn^ f^^C? «Itf^^ I c^c^^ t^t- 


O^ ; 8-04 I ] 

'srtfwt^^ I 

• ^■^^\f^ C5n\ 21^5 ^r^?11 i^5)(f|C5R I f^ f*l^ 
^St^H 3\W^ 5t»1 <51C*TSF| v5f?tC^ 'Slf^^ ^(51 

^P^. t^ wRsi v5t?t5 i^i^ti <5nrtc^ C^^ 

« «it^ c^cw ^?r cfff^tTii ^*Pi ;^tff f c^ ^t^ 
Tft^i; f?tir5 ^rsl 55t^c^ «lt^^ 'sif^ 

»' '£iRit« ^fi^ I titc^ ^t^ iqri^'1 «t?tc^ 

^r? ^R^l I CJl ^|%T, W«f, ^tf^ ^f^ "il^ '^^ 
't-tc^ t?f^ W^ ^fl^. ^^c^ ^?t^ f 1^ 

^^1.^ «w^^?n ^r^c5H, ^ 4 c^^ ^?f 

<:ffi[t.5I ? ^tR, C^Tt^ 5(1^ « C^Tt^ i^fl, 

ii ^f^C^ «ItPI^ ? ^3lt^ vSt^l^ ^t^^l vst^ 'Sf^ 
^^ ^f^5T, f%^ ^^ f*l^ (J\t ^0(\ 1CH 

X v£,T(n ^©t^ ^ni f^f^ n«^ 5^c^ 

C5H, C^^ 5|t;^?t1 f^ PtRci n«*lt^ S^tt'-s'-W 

>« x5^ vli^ W\ (s\X^ v©'t?1i.^ CfRc^s niffi, ^H 
Ctf«r, d -£t3C^ :^3ic) ;^,^(.;sCf ; (Tit CSit^ 
v5t?tC^ f%®i3Tl ¥i^?T, f%CJl^ 'SJCT^I ^f^.«5 ? 

^^5t^ ^l'^^ liTlt^ ^, ^t^rSl C^«ft^ 

o. T. 3 33 











♦ttt^T, «i)^t (31 fk^ ^*t% ft^ <lc1^ 

C^; ^^ «rtfJ1, ^t^l ^^(.^ ^«f ^^ 

^^1 %^ C^Pi^ll f^ ; n« ^/%^, C^t^ fl'.g 

Bra «t?t(.^ «iTt?n (^gti? ; v8t?tc« c!rf^, 

^^r^ '?c?f^ f% ^? I i>i(.^i t^ 'Qf^?!! ^t^tCiR 
?^ ^fCxS vSt^tt.^ ^^f^ Tf^. ^,^5T, ^, «ll?f^ 

^%, (^tsf^i ^^nt« Tf^« 511, ^c^ 

^t^c^ «ilt ^^sfcsg c-!pfini1 cif«, t^ ^^ 

^(.\9 «t^t(.^ ^^ ^f^ui f*r«Ti f^^c^ f^f^m 
nt^t^t^ cull ^f^^i I 

*U^ c?nc^^ «11^5i ;^t^?t!;«t^ f^.^ ;5Jtf5iC5T 
^Jt^ <5t^^ ^ ^Cs© (Tit ^, (3it CUt^^tf^ 

'tC^ ^5t?l ^^tS ^f^C« ^f^i^ ; ^^'^ 5f ^f^r^l 
6lf%T, «It^ ctf?I, f?t|i|W ^tC^ ^■^ tffl t^OI^ 

5?^j, ^^^«g^« 9t^i sjfsi f^ wt "^c^flcj I 
^tcw vst^tc^ f^ijTi ^Hr. ^5Ri ^nn ^nt^ ?t^ 

'ilt^ I t^tCvs ^l5til ^f 1 'I'JI^ ^ 1 *tC^ fkf^- 

^^\^^ ^Fk^^I f^^c^ «itpic5j ^?t^ (^c^^c^ 

^NQ ^C« -gtj^Sl ^fiicl ; -ij-^', A°s*lf% CTt^I^^I^ 

'sit^ ^Ct?l c^c^^"^ f'PR c?c»i 5it51 cm I 
nc^ ^c^i ^tc^^ f^^c^ f%f|?ii (.^^ ^ri? cw^, 

C^C^^ CJi«!ltc5? 5ltt ; ^'^ (?l «Itn5f ^ f^flsT, 

^iit^ iqt^c«(? f^^ct f^^^ ^tfen ^fl^i, ^¥?t 
^if, ^^ 'sitf^ I ^1R c^Ntn ^if ? ^ic^ ^ft^ 

^?1 ^Ttt^l . ^^ cm^ ItZlt^l CJit CFtWtl% 

1^^\n R^c? ^*if^« ^f^ ^j^cf, «it?rsn •^t- 
^Ps *ltt^T, f5(^^i ^f^5i ctf% t?i cvsl^rra 

•ii ^ «it^n <I<.;g^t ^3 ; c^m fkm w^ ^^(.^ 

^^1 C^PI^i^t.^ C^:^¥ 'SITSJ «(^ 1« ^5t(.f I 

«(t5T ^fl5i 'ic^g!^ sfs m.^^ fsf^ nir^ c»n^ 
^f^csiJ? I ^^ ^t^ j^T^g *|,^^5rl ^^51 ^i^t(.T 

"^fkfsi^, «i1fi[ <?rt^ ^f^c^ ^f^P? ricaf^ |%^c^ 



[O*) i «5j — o;^ ; ^ I 

^i- <^ ^^ f^I?t ^t'"t^ ^^*t^ f^'^ 
^ ^^ s\t^ "^fM ^sft?i fl^ ^C5{ ^^tt 

■^ift^ *t^^ ^srt^ ofR^l f^^ ^t^ti:^ 
« 5t^1 ^f%?i1 ^sWs ^tiil ^^ ^f^^ 1 tc^ CJI 

^■«r ^tiii 'i,^ "2171^ ?Fi%i. ^ -Rift ^t^rti 
«, 7^^ f|5i I nc^ f^^fi \?t5ra ^tff -^^ "^^111:^ 

f ^«i;t!^ Wt'Sl^ ^s[^^ 'Jti^Hl (7F1%«T^ I \?t^tt.\5 
^1 ^fSR ■¥^, « ^t^ '2lf% CiRC^ ^^^J 

(Tit "^I 'I'tt^^^ ^C« 1=? ^-«5ti:^ fsH 

<o\^w^ ^%, c^ ^iw "sitTt? «^ (?^5n ^ III 

C^J^ (7T ^jij^I. Iti.1 ^t« tW^ W\^ (m-Q sfC^ I 

i^ nc^ ^ f?^ ^ ^^ '^'^ ^W1 f^Ttl 

^ 'Sl^sfl!! fM^ 3ff^ f%^^, ^rt^^ ^t^t^ 

c^'^'t^ c«Tt^ ^ttc «f|?i, vst^tctra f^C? ^f^=T 1 

i8 ^«R (71 '^^^ ^3 ^^ ^Wl ^rt^l ^ts1 

^R^ ; '^Ft^l (71 (Wm, (?^1 "^ ^C?!^ ^t^t^ 
iC ^R« Wt^ f^^t^ WI ^ 1 ^^ f^Ift ^1^^ 

J'b "^fl^lfl^ I 'SfSi)^ (71 ^I^^^C^ f5t^U« ^1 

nt?!':^ ^«(^ ^\^ '^t^t? f^^t^ f^ ^?^, 

'Sftt^T, ^tf^ C^t^tJf TtCf 'SOT '^ I ^I'l^ 

itittin f^ I ^IT^ ^f^, ^K*^ ^^ ^ tttt'e, 

if sot^<^ ^i^ii ^tci f^ fV| ^^ ¥ff<*R^ ? (71 

■^r^. f¥ ^^r^ ?tf«r^ ? ^fsR ^ff^, c^M^ 

iflR (Tlt^ vS '?^ y3 ^C^^ "^ I ^«R (71 

iS ^t^t^ (71 vstft ^tc« -51^^ ^^I I «tC^ 
(71 ^Hfl et^ C^. '£[-^X G^ 'srr^l vBTt^ 

f^f^ (7lt ftC^tl^^ f^^ ^1^ ^^^f^ ^"^ 
?,i tttrt^l tw^T, t^ (71 vst^tC^ ttt^ Tl I ^^ 

(71 ^«tt"^ti c^it^tf^^ f^tm, <^5Tfmi 

*n:«t^ <tM c^ c^l fe^, (71 cTt^ira ? ^t^ 

5,^ ¥f^, ^ '^c^ cw\^ c^'sn ^ttc^i vr[| I nu^ (71 

f^ti f^r^c^ M^t f^^l "^ff^i, ^ti^ ^t^tr^ 

^^ %\m c^R CTSrl ^tl^T^ ^tt I ^«R PlIWl "^fI^. 

^R^ ^I^ti^ ^f^^ I C?«f. '^R ^t ^^t^'s'l^t 

nt^tc?itff^t^, t^ ^R ^i^fi^ ^ttt^^i ^ I 

R.8 ^t^ f«^ Tt^ '='tr^ (T^ R^U^ "^f^. 

f^^fii ^r^, ^t?tc^ ^tf^c^ 'sttt^ cm^^i 

?.« C^^ I "ni ^tf?^ ^^^ ^Tt^ I'SJ!:^ (R 

'^s^i^ ^#r5ii <tt^tl;^, ^t?R >£it 1^^ ^, 
c^l 'l^w^ ^ti^ 'sjt^rt^ ^^ ?t?itii I (71 ^?^ 

^* CW«t I ^^ R^Tl OT^fsi ftfifin ^f^, (R ^STRl 

^|u5-G ^"«(¥ s(tra^, c<p^ ^1R ^ftc^ 

^■1 ^m vst"5nr3^ ■st^iT^t^ ^^tf^ ^^, ^sit^ 
^>^ cw'f, ^st^ ^tfc^ ^'i^ ^^i^!^ I ^«t^ <2f7rT^tc5i 

?,s ~S[^-s{ ^fi[#-^ct I f^^ (R ^11^ ?^ T^tf^ 
G\tm Cf^I, ^st^t^ ^^s1 ^'^^ ^1^ ; ^•^ «(Mt 

'Sltf^l^ ? ^^^^ ^St^^ ^R C^r^ [(3a5f] ^e! I 

o. n;:^ ^^ ^^r't''?;^^^ ^t^ ^«1 ^r^ ^^t^i 
5©!^ ^R (7r?R ^ I 

'st^tw^ lw& ^t'm ^5tft cni^m 


-0;& ; X — 9 o ; ^o 1 ] 

^tR*J3S^ I 


« ^t^t^ -2t^ cff^n;^ I 'STsii^ cmiVf ^?f^ 
^«a'^ ^ftil tt^ ^^ ^r^ti ^^'^ 

'SRf^f TT^r^f^ C?ltC^l^ ^5l«[llU«( C^ f^TI 
'I lilt T¥^ ^^t^ 1^ ^tf t^ >2np 3t C'TtCWP^ 

'stt*!^ 'Sf^ ftiT^ "^fe^R, ac^, v£it •^t^c^ 

c^^c^ c^it ^"11 "^^c^ fsf^ ^t^ 'rf^ 
5i Ji'si^ ^|c^ ^ 1 n^^ ^^ w^ c^ii^^ ^r^j 

5^ «(f?Rn ^f^. "S^U ^ft^ *t^ T^ ; f^^ 
34 ^5l1^ ; -Sft^t^ ftWf^ ^f^T^lt C^ 'Sft^t^ t^c5 

f^ ^«rtfii cTpfci^ ^tf^i^ *t^|^i c?m I 

c?! ^t'ft^ f^r^ ^t^t^ ^«nt^ c¥%i ^[t^cij 

^t^ ?^^« cTt^ f^^i!i ^tnt^ ^^fk^ 511. 
, c?PHi ^\^f ^]^<[ ^vi'il fe^, ^^°v f^r^ 

xstftcw^ ^ira^^n Tf^c^ ?itw^ I ^iitim 

i»^\ii c^cw 'St^jc^ ^t^tc^ f%^ 'oitr^^l 

'at^? '21^^ ^iltc^ "<Ft^tT^ fl^, vsl^f^m^ 

"^^rpt^ wHtt^. ^t^!^^ ^fl^. ^i5it^ ^c?f. ctf^, 
^ ^H >il^' ^^^ ^^^" ^1^ 'f^ ^^ 




[ 8« J i^ — 8^ : ^^ f 

fe, ^r^ «rtl^ c^ iyf^t^ 5it^ ^c?ftc«ra *rrct5 
i^ fijsrstt^i ^c<)tcn? ^!:^ cJit nt^ ff^t^ i c^;:^^ 

^f^c^^i ; ^sft^ ^tnfsi *f^^f^ ^^c^ ^'it^ntsi- 
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*nFtw f^ ; 'sit^ *if^^i ^tit? 'Hsc^^ ^^-tlr? 

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f^fsf «lt*R"t? ^^^ ^C'T'^ ^5f?J C^ISf •21^ « 

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*l,#^ ^t^c^ Oltf^T 'SW Jit^ ^*i % ^Hsi I 

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nra fsf^ c^ft ^iTTl ^^ ^3 nf?«fR ^f^?f1 

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^st^t? ^< "^f^^:^ *ttc?, 'ii'R CT^ ^tt 1 fV^ 

^r?C?i^, ^?1 ^tTt? ^Rt«(J, ^ni ^c^ini^ 

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tStMtl 1 ^R C5f«r, ^1 ^tC^ Jlt^^l 3^|^|: 
^'tf^ ^t^ ^H^ ^tifl ^R 5r?C« STlfsi^ I 

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fjl^TsJ OiC»f ^t^*t f^^ ^t«t ^^« C?R 5Iit I 

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CTt«( ?t^ ^, c^'Rl ^^t?1 n^TR «1?I 
f^^lf ?f?5T I ^«tsf ^t'lt^ fj?:f l«sr ^|5T I 'iR 
«ltfs( ^t?J 4^ "^tf CWf^?tl1; ^t^f CJf^, -il^ 


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oi^fir^ *fi^ irR, "^1 ■« I'^l^ ^t?!^^ c»rtt^^ 

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3T^5 ^^Ta, ^il^^ <^ Tt^^ ^^ %^ Tt^ 

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ii^; 'X^ii ^tl.':^ cnrf^^ c^ Jit^fl f*i %^ ^g^, 

f'J'^^ W^ 7i?i^ •'•t^^^icjj^ N'^fo ^tc^, ^£1^; 

nfk^ ^1 ; Tt^i ^ra ^^=1^ "^l^^ ^C^ I 
«^ ^ ^nitcn^ f^^i;^ ^t Tt^ '^?f c't'rit^ ^K 

4t ; ^'^ t?1 f^l ^^IIRWJT, ^^° 5fT3 1^ 
^\ff ^Q ^t^l^tJ^ *l^l^ cell Tf^^ ^tftl^ 

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»« ^tf tirt (Tit ^ttt^ ^« ^'^'i^!:^^ ^"W] I'ssr^ 

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■otK ^^ :^?n ^^ c^f ^ I ^l^ ^1 "srtn^ 

ftlfW'R^ 4(^W»J, ttt? ^ *t^, tii?t^ 

:«. ^f^ii ^^t^ :^tii^ ^^J^ ^^ . ^?rt^ j^?|^ £i^i 
■«> ^srtf^ c^I'd ^c^ ^ «itr^^ I ^c^i c^rt^pc^ 
«^ wn^ ^*t^ f^i5 ^f^N 1 i^'s ^c^^*i ^^ 














'ii^'s c5iUT?i ^t^t^ w.^ 'Sfi-sr *^ *n^, ti^ 

*fi^' ^fc^^ C^lt^m Tf^^I I ^t^*f M^ 5151^ 

^t^ ^^^t^ 5^1^ fspi^ ctfW c^^T c^rt^ 
^t^t^ ^t^^<; 'lift ^wt^ f^^t^ ffCcRi 

•^pc^U-t^ f^r^ ^tt« •sf^t^ ^f^^ U^ cwi*m 

^nf5« cit Jig ^<sJi!:"a ^"^f^i "t^ ^it^si? ^f^^l 

eif^ ^lit^ c^ *i^ ^^, CJit 'iti^ ^t^ 'i^^ 
■^f^c^^ I vflt^^^'f (^(.w 5i^i;i3 ^tg^'^i^ wti 

(M cm^M '111 i^'«f"t Lf^li^-^"^] ^'t^^^. 
3r^^ w»f ^'"^^ 5^. fjp^ 'T'ra f'pr^ cwc»f 

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ft^tff^ I ^f^ c^Rw ^i^^ ^tR^ c^t^ tf^^ 

«it^ fsR"^ c?!?n ^f^"^ 2R5I ^t^n ^S^ I '^^^ 



^tf^^a;^^ I 

[ 8^ ; ^i-^-il 

3ni "^f^ ^tr^T, c^^\ 'P!^c5fc*tt ^f^ 'Sf^ 

w^ -'fgi 3^ ^f^^ 'srt^r ; vst^ 3^cci «itx^i 

8 »t^ ;r?[ ^fic^ f^Tfc? Jftf^^l c^cc^JT 1 f^^ 
^tr^t^ (TTt?:^!:^ ^^\^ f^fT^"^ ^cf^ 

<3;:q^'t« »r2f fVl^Tt^ Sf?> C^fCSR, CT^ ^RR 
dfU'l^ ^5)1^ fesi^, f^f^ C?^?I C^l^ JPF!^^ 

'^tkm^, c^ti^l cTt«l1 ^!:^ ^tf%ti ? ^t^l^t 

f^^ ^t?1 ^?tCT 1%f^!;^ ^tftC5R ^ I 

5^ ^*Rt^ ^^ ?t!^^ 5"^ 'f^ I fV^ f^lR ^t^t- 

^IR? *3^; C5it5, ^tttW^ C^t^^ ^tt 'SlVfJ 
i8 f^B "^^ ^ttW, <5^* >^^ ^^ ^t I ^^ 

i* ^f^ ^C^ ^f^C^ Tt I C^st^fC^t? ^T 5Rl^ 

^M^^ c^titiwii (mt ^Itc"^ ^^«. c^mi ^^ 

















«ftT ; -Q^^^t C5\^\unf T«rt^ *rlt'Fl ^?R, 
^£i| ^ ^^^ ^t^t^^ ^ffsi^; 'sitf'r ^Tgc^ 

C^^ ^-^ ^t CvstTt^TS ^t ^l^t^tTTSf T^ 
5tf^^ . C«fl^ ^^i^T ^\9m ^^^ ^W.WJ ^W 

■sftJit^ "^1 cwf^^it^ ^1^1 -^Ir ^I ; >£|^ ^^ 

^C^^l ^^I -^r^lll 'St^ifff^C^ ^RT5R, ^tfT 
CPj«r, 4^^ vst^t^ l^^^^S f^T^M ffft^s ^tc^lf t 

'st^t^i ^fvn?« ntfe^i^ '^n, c^^^ fwtfr ^f^i 

^«!l «tC^^ 1C«(J ^ir^l^l ^ttvsf^ I ^«R 

f^r^T ^tTtw? f^^ ^^c^ ^fijin f^m C^^ 

^fii:^; "^ai fVf^ul ^tpi^l 't't^tw? 3=^^ 
^tf tc^r^ fWcNst trr«ftcR I 

-2tU5JT S;t^ ^t^t^ '^'t^l f¥ltl^1 1%^^ ^ 

^t'R 'srf^ ^^i«^ ^^fr5 "^ Fi^l^l v5?fl 
^t;:^ <£t^R -^f^m^ i f^^ ^w^i ^^r -^^ 
^T 5i^ ^fR t^«:^ ^tfl^ f?cvs wN 

c^«r, i:t?tt^ ^:'«r^ "^^ i vsWc^ T%f*i ^^or^ 

^c^ ^5til ^rR c?c»t 'sjt^t^tnr? f^l 
tjtr^tiT^ T^-^i^ ^nf^ ^^c^, ^ ^^tCTf'ii 

■2|fs ^tfl ^51 ^t^^tfe^, <R Jl?!^ 'tt^tr^ ^1^ 

SV ; ^^— 80; iS I ] 



fV^f!:^ ^fe^, t^t^t '^'[W^ ^rif^ c^, 

f^cS wtf^, ^t^ti^ ^'^:^ nff^^ c^r, C3"t5i?1 
^tfTSiT ^r^c^ nt^c^ 1 

^^ ^t'l^ ^I'R l"t^t^ ^'t^ ^t^ "StTm 

>S6 ^rf^ ^t^tw^ f^r^l •5ii?:^t^ ^c^^, c^t^i 
^'ittT l^ft^ ^¥fw ; at^¥ ^tt, f'lfjirat^ 

c^si^t^ ^tci ^u^ ^^^r^ ^tf^^ f^^ I 

•Jitter ^1, C^^ ^t^ ^t^tff^ 1RTI1 f^^t^, 

*R:«f ^f? %m (M'^ U'^ ^us, ^c^ cHt!;-^ 

-^t it^ ^^i ^sfWcT *rt^t^ ^ttt^ %^ I 

c^R, oi^ ^f^ ^ ■sffvs^ -^fwl ^t^rtf^^r^ 
'^\'[ws\ (^{-m ^t^t^ ^t cvfi%s 'ttt^ 











C?^ ^t? ><l^ ^t^ 'Sin:^? >5t^t^ "^Y^Ts^, 

^^^*t fsi^W ^w.^'^. "^fWM^, c^i^lw? 
f*tvst fV A'^'^ ^f^ ^tC^ ? C^t^RW^ f9F 

^'srr;:^ 'SIR? f^^vfi ^\9^ f^j^i tgti:^^^ 

Cf^ ; ^tl^ ^©^1 >£i^^ ^f%, ^t^tl« ^f^ « 
^ I ^ff5l^ ^t^^ ^tft^ ^^fflt^, ^iTt^ ^ 

^tft^'I 1 v5<R tt^-Rff^ f't^ ^^U^ ^t- 
fff^tc^ ^r^C?!^. ■Jrf? ^t^t^ ^, ^[^ v£l^ ^^ 

T? ; c^tT^ ^ft^ ^■'H 'ttra ^^ am^ 

C1^1 'Q ^151 f^l f^g citlJl flt^l CJlt ^Jfel^ 

^tci T^tt^ ■^tt^ ^^ c^ i%lR C^iTtlf^ 

^tc5 ff^st ttri ^ f^^i^^c^ 5r:^ ^^ ^- 
^«:^ cTtsI ^^, '^H ^^ 5)1f^^l ^5rR!]t^ ^^ ; 

^nr^ *tfv5¥i ^t^i "^^c^^ ^ ^it^R?^ ^^ 



'«?if^*r?s^ I 

[ 80} ^0—88 : i^l 

^If)^ f^ssC^ clt^ fTSi ^^ fvfSI, \st^1t'3 ^t^^ 

^* ^c^ cqtcT^p ^c? '^]f^z5\ ^\^m ^f^« 

^»fci ^ ? 1%fvf fV v£l«r^« ^f^^ 'Sftt^ ? 
^*Rct «ltCf 5?, fsfjf ^f|«t^ 5#tf^ ^Cf^ I *tC"^ 

C^^^^ ^t?t^ 'B\^IVH WSf tt^ •2ft1 ^tfJfC^- 
f?^, ^tf fspl c^t?^ ^^^ ?PT ^^«1 

^tC^ ^^C51^; ^«R ^t^l *Jir»l? 'Btr-WI 

« ^1^^ Jif?* ^Ift^ t^m^ I 

C^, <nt C^W.^H 5t^tTf ^Ts "1^ K^, 

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3FCTf? ^t^l? iti^s vsrt^t? ^1^ ^^1^ Ci\i9^ 

?tt& ?l9r I ^«R CJT C^tC^CTR ^ ^«f t«(JTtC? 
8 f^t?f? 7[f^ 1%tTl <1tt!:5R I ^t?f?1 5{5t^ ^^^ 

^C?^, vD fr C^Tt- ^1{& ^? ^t ^ T^t^ 

*» ^fc^ I ^t?t^ ?f^c^^. 5i?t*m, c^^ 4^ ^»M 
1^ vst^l ^ «tt^^ I cvft5, ^11^1 ^t*l^ '^rt^Jf 

i. fif^? irt^ ^? 1 c^i ^f^^, ^fffi, ^^i'\ c«Ri- 
i^ ^t*R ^t^ '^r:^^ 1 "sit? c^i csijSi 'st^f'f 

'Slt^^ ^^1 -^HS *t%^ ifsf^T ; ^t^ f^^r- 
'Srt'R ^t'H ^ f&f^i^5(^ 'Q ^'W ^tl^ l^c^ 

'SltfeffR ; t%f^ ^«R« ^«Jt^ feci^ ; ^r^ 

^t¥ ^f^c^ ? '5rt5(i? ?i^ *i^ «i?s ^«Ri 
af«rtl? ? ^(V( ^*H^n? wfw? «in?t«( -21^11 

*ft«^ f^!lU5, ITl^Tf sri? ftT ^^111 


■8 8 J >«i— 8tf ; ^« I ] 

'sitt^'l,^^ I 


"^ ^\^; ^S\^ TV^mi ift^rtC^; (Ti^f^ 
^\J 511^^ ^^r»ll tt^ ; >il^°s ^t^ f^l 

^8 ^ftsj^l ^'t^T^ TfJT C^ ^(1t^ f^1, *t^t^ 

^f^5lt?I. -SlttCs nrf^^ ^1 ; ^f? C^ ^tt 
'.1 Ctff?IC« ntl^ Hi I ^©t^Cvs «lt^<Ft^ will 

'(C'fl >ii-^ 5R ^Tt^ f^^ ^tC^ ^TtH ■^fSST, 
^» ^tt I ^<R ^W^ PT^^ ^tc^ t^rCT^ ^Tlt 

c^csf ^f? t^ cTtH nn? ■^rc^, ^c^ c^^l 
c»mT 4t nm im ^iiR^ 'Tt^tcci ^^rtt^ 

^tf^ ^^^ Tti;^ ^^f^ fIcsT ^rsitot? ^l^ 
oi -Jiff ^^ ^^ ^ 9i\^^ vst^ v£)| ^-^^r^ 5rfi:«t 

*t^ «ft1 ttsft 'SitC^ ^fii^^ ^g;^^ ^rtf Oif^lCcf 

f^f^Ttii1*tfs^Tif; «iJt^i:l ^*fH^Fl^ lilt fnTRl 
«^ ptotc^ *rt^c«T HW^m f^ I =5rW3 «it*tH^t^ 

^-» ^*r^^ «ftfv? I 'si^ij^ f^5 7)ff%^ 5)!^ 

f^r^ 4^ ^"^pSf^ *(f?Rc^ «rfi5RiT^ WW ^5itf?f 

-2ff^ ft>i ^^1 «(tr^, f^^ ^t ^^^c^ ^tntii 

f^t3 f^^c5 ^ttc^s ^nfw ? itci fn^at^ c^ 
^niif ^t&c^, ^tt ^rt'it!:^ c^ff^r!:^ ^^ i 
Q<^ ^«H c^c'q'p '3it*tHr3 f^c'^ trat^^sT 

^^ tf^tt^i ^. «ft^ ^«Rt C^tCW ^ttcif? 

« *tC? C^tC^'Sp 'sntJ? ^tt^T^ ^f^f.^lH, ^^tf^ 
C^R^^ ; ^tlt^ f*f^ f^ 4«R« ^f^a ^tC^H ? 
ti^tC^ ^t^^ ^ft^ N5t?t^ Jlt'^tC^ -R^cT ^fiit 

^n^ ^tCf ^ ^ftr.^H. f^H^ ^f^, ^tTt^ f^^C^ 

^tl^ 1 '^t^i?! f^^c^ c^t?iH I 1%f^ ^f^c^i^T, 
c^11?1 ^tTR^ >iit "^RH f^^ "^raTit^ -^f^ 

* *tttt?¥R^ I Tfm ^t ^(^^l^t^f^ Oft*! ^f«^ 

■^ ^^^ 1 ^t^ ^^^ 'Jflftc^ c^sWc?^ ^"s"! ^-^1 

b- c®1^w^ ^cif ^ilRi'^ *ft^R^H I ^vs4^ 

t'^^ *rtit?5tcf^, -5^° ^t^tc^ ¥c^H*t^ frfTt- 

^V, tt^ 3^51^ Tlft?[ '2(;2 ^ 5151^ f^TT^ cwc»R 
^iTt^ f^^ f^^C^ ^^. ^t^R^ ^5T, 'C^t'lt^ 

5« 5^!n ^\t^, f^^ ^^^S ^ I ^^^ ^g Cft^qf- 
ff^ <3 C^RI^tf? 7\^mn Jrfl^ C^«R 'ZRWC^ 

^RH ^f^ c^Ttc^ -sif^^^H ^rl^, c^^^l 
&Rf^ c?f«ic^ CT, ^f^ f^5f T^m cs\■^\(.w^ ^"s 



^tfffl^^ I 

[ 8(? i i8— 86 } ^o I 

^t^ ^t«rat ^t^t^ ^rf^ ^^tt^'^ ■^'^ 

Sb" ^^^ c?fc»t 'fSR ^^, ^^° C^tC^ f*^5tC"?F « 

vsjt^ ; ^oitf^ c^t^tR'^if:'^ f^^ cw^ ^«.f I -^^i 
f^, 'Sit^ c^^l cwn^ Jitatrt c^^ ^ft^^ I 

■^^ ^^, c^st^l "sit^R ^^ Tt^^ ^t#iTl « 
^C?^ f¥^ 1^ W*t ^t^ "T^ =ltfl f^^l 

C^^ 5T^ fW^ Wtl ^"^.f I ^^ C«Wc?^t I 

^^ »t^ IWR, '^^s ^tC?l^ I5^« iWH ; f^sf^ 

^8 2f^i% ^'^i ;5^ I ^t^c'i 1%f^ ^t^^ !5M- 

f^^tC^ ^r!T "^'.^ ^\^M ^^t^ ^f^C^^ ; M^ 

^« «tc^ ^*t^ f^WS ^ll^ ?t^1 "^R^ '^f^ CfC»f 

51* ^Wc^ f^^ mc^tc^ f^c^ ^n1%^ ^t(3^, ^ 

^l^c^ •^i^c?i5{, c^rtc^^ ^'^R^ #tf¥» ^t*:^, 

^t^ 5R^ f^ C?C*tl ^tc^ c^it ^rt^RT^I 

^•J 'at^lCVf^ ■^'^ ^t^t^ frrt^ ^^ ^ ' f^ 

en 7^^^ ^«R tt^tH ^\ti^ ^^i^. >^^s *t^c^ 
5i^^1 ^^^ f^Ptc^ c^ti:^'p c^ 'i"^ *r^ 

^^t^ 7(^«^ f5(7I^^ 5lt5T 

Q^ *f!^ t^f!:^^ ^^tg J^^cT^ 7[f5^ ^rtiH 

f't^ t^^ti:^ ^LHH ^^Vf^ ^fft?t^ ^fltiSH I 

v9 ^t ^Pf I vs?R fsf^ ^'5i:?R. ^11^ t^, 
■?Ff^-G ^. C^R^ ^f^ (Til ^!;i^ C^WC^ ^<i 

^^^ ^t'l^ ^^" TtfWl <3 ftf?5R^ (Tit 1"^^ 

'm? ^¥i fit^ c^m^, ?rt?i ^c^i ti?tt^ 

^^tf^^ ^"^^ 'i'^f^ ?it^1 f^^ ctfC»f '^fe^^ I 
>21^f^ 5=R^ ^°x»t!:^ 5tCW ^^ f^C^ ci^ 

'^t^'ra fW^ C^Cci^I. ^t^tW^ ^'R I ^tlTll^^ C5iJ# 

5 5 (?#i I c?if^ «i;^ c^tc^, -^^U « iitft I 

i^ f^fti 'j::^ ^^. "SIR, c^, (.nv\ ^ c^^ i f^^ 

ie ^LW\ I t^ll C^t^ ^t^ ; f^ n^^j^TTtCT^ 

5* ^stt^ ?ttc^ *3;,q f5i%?R, ^, '2^, ^^ctR, 


8* J ^^ — 8*) ; iVI ] 

'5rtf^«J5?^ ' 


C^l, ^Tt^, >5ft, C^t, ^n%5?. 1^^% 'Q ^? I 
nititcsR ; ^it^ ^t^t^ C^t*R •2fW*t 'Wfli:^^ I 

f1^ tz5tc<K:?ra ^f^ ^t^t"^ ^flc^ c^c^ ; ^r^ 

v»o c^tfR ^RC^H I N5^ ^glCFl CTfC^¥i<F "^ftc^, 

v£i5H =^^fi3f ^sn%?r^ cT^Hi c^r^rt^ ^«t cfptc^ 

-^K ^^Cv5 ^rW5 t^r^ 'SftFiirt!:^ ; ^t^ CR- 

'tt^f^. ti^t^ n«*tt^ ^f«nrt "iit^^^ ; ^^ 
«8 fsi;^!^ ^^t^^, c^^ti:^ ^J^t^ f^ ? 'S^H 

CvsCl ; ^st^!:S C^cl^ CHtt^ -SfCW^ ^t^ ^f^^i^ 

^^ ^f>l?llCM ; ^Sft^ Clft5. ^t^t^ C^t*R 

Tt^l ■'RtiT c^ ^5rf% «^ft ^f^^ ^t^rti:^; 

^151^1 C^|»t^ 'SWt ^ 'f^^ ; ^tl ^ ^tf t- 

(^ m'^ ■^t^t^^'G ^t?1i^^ ■^t^ff^ <^X^ ^f^Ht 
i^ ^ ^^^ ^t:^>'t!:-^ ^t^^t? ^ra^^ i \s^ 

ii ^^*t ^c^ f^tn ^^c^R I vs^ c^c^jf 5fc^>m 
^rt^i^^t!:^ PR^ c?!?^ ^^ ^fc^r, ?tfe^ 

'if^Tt^t^ti^ ^^ i^^i ml ^ff^nt^ ^f^c^Jt I 
i^ ^<;"¥t!:5i jpi^t c?c»f ^»^ ;f^ fl^ Tl, ^^n 

1^ CfCt »8 ^^f^ CVfH ^ OltF fi^I, C^ltt^ 

^t^ fwl *f^ 4^ "^ti.^ c^rti:^^ cJi^ 51^ c^\^7 

i(2 5l',5f:5 ^flul W^^C-t^ «t^tl^ ^tl^CsH 1 1^ 

^^^3i:«i at?^^w?i tR^c5 ^rft^ '^f^, ^srWf^^c^ 

TtCl ^n^ ^t^R *t<!S ^tf^ (?^^ ^, CSRlt^T, 
^^ W^ ^tf^il^ ; '5t^C^ C^tCW vst^t^ff^ 

ib- 'Sft^ Cl^ ^<!,Jra ^#a ^tliffT "ft^sh ■^<^5Il^ 
^t^ Mt^ 1^TC? 'Sllfjnit ^f^5l. ^\S^ 21^ 




[8*^ J ^:»— Sir' j ^8 I 

,:i» ^t;f^ ^t1^ «rt*R \|(^ Jlff^ ^*t;f^^ 

Ff c^h^^ c^R m\ "^t^ ? ^"f^ ^"^ f^^i 

^11^ ^11^ ^1^ ^f^ 'if^ ^c^lct^ ?t^ 

f'f^tC^?! -StC^JC^ ^t*R "Sfl^^ C'^31 f^SjHI ^f^51 I 

f%l^^ 3F^ "^f^^ I C^^, 'ill ft^ sjIH f W^ 
^8 ^^R ^ ; vst^tCNS ^^ ^t\ ^"^"^ ^^\ "^t^f^ 

^f^it't ^pRtlc^ ff^, ^?y 5tf^ ^°*t c^raji 
^« ^t^tc^ ^t^i ^^^, wttf^ wiitiw^ >2rti ^'^1 

■^w.^ c^tw? ^t ^inl 'Tt^^ "^c^, '^'^ ^^ 
■^1 'srt^ tq"t^i^ f^Ti^ cwc^f, c^i^ ^?icT. -^71 

^\r fspt^ oti^t ^tr^l^ Jics? "^•^'i? ^frs ■^t^- 
^ci I ^5^ M^ ^11^ *i;^ c^rtc^'p^^ v5lTt- 

^f?R, ^^ ^f'l '^IIIK^ flJ^^ ^C^ 5^l^1 
f^t^l ^t^TsJ ^^^^tt5? ^TSnt'St ^f^^ 1 

fsf^ 'JtTt^ I^C? 1W ^f^C^l^l I ^«R t^st-. 
Qly ^t '1"¥^ ^T^ ?tl^ fS CT? C^tC^'FC^ 

^ ^^^ ^fwt ^^t^ ^finit ^ccR 1 ^5rt^ ^tr^t^ 
« ^ric^ fs^Tttt ^f'JTt^'f 4^ cw»t 1%^ I 'sit^ 

=1 ^t^^ ?t^ I 'srt^ ^5{ ^t^ ^•w^ ^fji^ra 

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^t^i '2r5G= #\i-^ ?^Qllti:^5 0?!%^ nttt^^ 
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Sb- -y i«— 8;^ i^'i \] 



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C?fiRl ^t^t^ CZFtC^J ^H^^n ^f^, 
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[ 85> ; ^^— eo 3 ^<i I 

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c^it^¥ wc^it^ 'IftsRc^ ^^i:^, ^ ^tf^ 
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■^flc^ ; «rt^ ^c^'lc't^ trt^'5ti 5i^^5i^--tt^r^ 

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(^ 4 "Slf^ ^t^l (?^t^ ; -iit f^f^l'Q ^^U% 

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c^um ^sfj^ >e^rc^ ^^ T^ f^C^, ^t^ 

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csiM c^cwc^ ^t ^"Jl ^r^«, (^iTt^ ^t^^t 


Co ; 'ib'- 

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5R?PR Tt^^ =rt^^ «3J^ ft^^l^t!^^ c^- 

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t^t^tlT^ -Q ^l^tC^ f^^^ Cq (Pi^ T^US fw 

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^ll-f'l^t'i^ ^^T fff^l ^t^ Urn (.^^ 'ii^ *tTt- 

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« 8 ccff^ vQ f^i^n. t^t<r^. ^^ « f^^t^^. wH <3 

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f^^nr^F ^!:sT^. c?^, ^sifrtw^ 'SK'^^I ^HM- 

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5i1f^i «t^t<rt ^^Wirn ^H\ c^ cq ?t^^ 
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^t^1l^ ^«( ■^f^l^ ; ^tti '^ WW[ ^T[, vsl^tC^ 

^t^tof^ ^ti^ *rt^ ^t^t^ *!x^ ^ot^l 
^^°v c^rtr^t if^ lll^t ^f^*ra ^^^, ^^ 4 




[ ^ ; X'i—Oi >!>t 

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^f^c^ ^r^^ ?tf«ic^ I 

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ttCcrt^C^ ^<1^-?Ft^ f^^Ct v5tf^ ^f^^ ? 

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■?F«|#t «l^^ ^^rH ^^ ^ffem^ I 

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C5R, CJT C^^^ C^1^ ? c^lTal ^t^^T c^^ 

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citf*!^ ^tc5 ^'^c?? ^^t*r 


titc^t^^ Jif^ f « ^*i5n^ fsnif "si^i ■^- 
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fift^i?^ *r*5^5tc^ c^'^sT 5it^ f'Rfl c^Um^, 
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O : 8 — 8 ; ^1 ] 

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^Hj*rr^^^^ctR ^m^ ^t^tur^ :r^^ ^f^fe : 

ww^ 'srtit^ f^!;'^ ^nit^ ?^tc¥, >£i^? 

C^^fl^ ^P^l't^ f'{<fClJ c^t^i ^f?, '^ f^? 

^c^ 'srtsrt^ '2IW1 t^Tf^^-'TSt^R^!:^ ^tf^ 

5^ 'tc^ cTtft ^"^^ ^r^w??, of^r, 'sttfi ^«R 

■^t?, ^[^ 5rt^ f^ ? '^c^ \st^tR'5tu¥ fV 

4t^*t ^^. '"^h" c^t'iti:^ RTL^ ^t^t^ 
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* (T1) 'SltfJr <8»tf5, ^1?-1 «ltf% I (?1) <5ItfJT 'BltfW. 

o. T. 4 49 

fetrf'o [7[?r5i^], c^tJw? f^n:^^tTR ^T3, 

^■^3 ■^, ^^fff^r^F .iit ■^«i(i ^, 5itft«^|. 
fW^ C^TtUf^ ^Y5 5rt^1 ^^ 5t^^?, ^t^ 

fl^^w?. tprrftuc^ra, nftfi^ivfii. f5#^w? 

f^^!:^ ^r?r^. ^-f^i^ ?f^ic?. ^msi^, tti'^m 

is ^"prfo fif^ I f^^ ^tf'i m\f!{, fsiJ^t^-a ^t^i 

m^rt^t't ^c^ ^. c^^ ^5tin ^n, 

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^tftc^ '^t^^, cst^H ^ps ^ttf^ n? » Rsrf 

'Sit? cttH ^t^ ^^«t ?tc^ ^i^rtiR Tfgc^isT * 
8 N5«R m\^ citfti:^ ^^c^i^T, "^ 1^«T5 

»tW^W? ^T^. ^3t^t^^ t'^?, t^C^ t^ « 


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f^C^^Q IHtCTt^ ft ^C?, ^C^ f^^^ fee? 
^R 5fft^ f^I W^ ^t^ ^^ ^W^ Ftf?l¥l 

^tt^ ^^n^ f r?, t^ta *i3:^-e fWti ^, ^1 
<£i^ ?li^^ 5if^ c^titji 'siMn ^f?iTr3 ^c^^ 

i5 ^ ; ^ft^l WtpT ^^^ « ^®fe^ I 51?f'2rf 

tt^tc^ ^f^rcR, 5i^(.?ir5 ^35 c^ fjf^tl ^f^- 
?rf^ ? 'sit^ c^Tl, ■^f«(?, ^^^f ^ ^sr^r^ cw 

c^ ^srt^t? -21^, f^^ ^r^, "^t^t^ ^'^ 'it21tc^ 
^^©1 ccifig ^t^ti f^ Ttt ? "sitR ^tf^, CJT 

>ilt '^ ^^ ^ic^. t^ ^t?tt c^lt^^ c^it 

citf^ f^i^i c?^*r f^f^^i f^ii ^^\*tr^ 

iy nc^ c^tH ^t'tf '^^^ f^ii^t^ f^^r& f^fwi 

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^o ;^^5J 5(f^ f^tTftr^ I ^«lf C^t ^t^R 3^ « 

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cmm. 4^*v atft ^t^ ^i^ ^"^iK^ (Tit 'it 

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1^ fi^i^ fipf^^ ^|c^, c^??r<e, (sitt^i c®t^t3 
^^ c^ yr¥=i 'sff^ "^c^^ '51^ ffRitft, ^U*t^ 
Tt^ft^ c^ 1T5I ^fi^ ; f¥i ^f^ ^ff r? ^rni 

^Tt^ ♦tsiC'^ I'ffeiTl ot« ; f^i '^ ^t^trr^ 

>fi^«itR 'tt'tc^ if^ 5i|?ri ^fR *u^ ^ 

C^fff ■=^1l^^5( 'Q ^t^t^ 5?t«fW ff^^ ^1 
^* T^ I 'Sft^ ^^ ^f^tC^ Wtfpl fw^^f ; ^«R 

^■1 ^it^ Jwt^s}^ ^tc^ktT ^f^cqf, ^R csrtpn^ 

Tif^ 5it^t<i. ^f^^ <2it^C? ^t-G 1 ^St^\U^ 

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c^tf*t^ <£ir® 3ifrt>2i^ ^'«i^ 5i?i^ ^-^j vat^- 

^r^^I 1 

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^c^, <2rt^c^ 'siRi^ ^I'ijx^t ^"^Ji^ ^^«rtc< 

C5R, 7|trt2i^ c^, c^ ^tR ^ft^ ^"^tl '«s'^ 
^gtt^CT ^tfMl fvR ? ^tfl 5i5rt«^'t.^ ^tR 

-sit^i^ ^tiiNs ftt^, nrn f^ff i^Rtft f^ 


4r J <t — ^ ; ^^ I ] 



t%f3 w^ ? "^t^s, c^rsft^T^ ^f^ "^^ ^^ fi^ I 

. « ^FTSl)*! Wt^^ "^R!:^!^, C(ff , diVH C^t"^ <il«t^ 

b- ^t^t^ 7i»5f? ^^^ 1 t^^ «3;{:^ ^t^Uf^ ^ 
IIt f^^tfi't^ ^t^ ff^r, ^«R^ cTtt ^^ cw^ ; 

S' c^ c^rt^c?^ ^m^ ^t^^s ^H^ "^tr ^r^t^ 

2^ vsf^i:^ CcTtCT^ "^t^^ C^lt^ ^tSl 7t°5f5 
i^ ^Rt^ JfJI^ f^JI^ (M*\ ^ttlrt "^ire^ I ^t? 

^t^ tl^ "nim f^^i f^if^ ^"^ ^t^^t^ 
v5i5fjc^^ ^ffji^t ¥i:^Ut^ Pl^^ 5F^^ 

c^t^^i 'sj^tTf, c«tTai ^5Ft^. ^t^ ^f%c«w, '^\w^ 

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^f^, ^st^ ^ >il^ CTff^^ ; CW^\ "^t^g^!^ 

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•Rg^UCTr^ ^to? %5 ^c^ Ttf^ ^R^ 

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cvpf ^^ ^ft^ "^fel ^Tf^^t^ ^^ fgti:^- 

i8 4^ TlTsl Cclt^ ^t^ ^l^R f'l^t'-''^^ *tf^ ' 
•^<^ ^ ^^f^ ; Cclf^ ^fJl *i»T »t^ ^f^^ 

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f?^fc^ fsiJi? 5^1;:^ ^ff^ ^^ 'srtf^^t^ sisj 
c^ c^tf»f « ^1c?tl 1 

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c^tf*t ^^\s^ Tf^t!:^ ^t.5i^, cvf^, 'sirf^ 

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^t?l f'Pra cvr»f ^c5 ^f'l^ 'eTi^jJiii^c^, ^"^^ 

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CTtf«f 'Q 3^^1 C^ll^n ^fi:^^ ; 3T?t'£!f^ 

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fif^, '^t^ ^f^ t^t^^ '^ts ^r^ ; c^«r, 'sitfsr 

j^^ci ^<^^ ^nf, vst^t^i fft^l ^t?:^, ^^t 

^s- *fir5 3i5ft«^ c^Tf*fr^ ^fi:^, ftr^tc?F ^^ 
^«f1 ^^, ^f^ ^t'l^ ^t ^t^\ f^m:<i<[ m-^ 
S^c^, ctfc»t^ ^ft, ^H f^5t ^ Tsi^ 5icTt*{?:^^ 

w^t ^^ ^|i:^, >ii^°v RJ]^ djrm ^^ ^t^^ >8 

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^rac^ ntR^ ^1, <ii^°N f^^ ctft^t^ 5i?R;5 ^^ 

^dti ^tn^ ^c^ f^r^^ c^fc^R, t^tc^« 'R^r- 
^ft^ ^{\w ^^H ^\[mi'^ «PR ^fm I 

wc^ ^spi^s ^Ns, '©(Tf Gi«r, ^ti'f c^^ ^t^ 

^R^l" ^tC^ ; Cri 51^51 C^^ ^1§?n C^t^t^ ^C^, 
C^t^ra, CStsit^ fii^tC?^ -Q Tt^^lt^ ^K^ C«^ 

-e ^ttc^ I 'ic^ 3=itrt2f^ c^tf*ti:-^ ^Rc^^, ^tcittc^ 

W\, ^R ?ff, 'ift^ ^ f^ 7i^C«T^ ^^C^ "^t^ 
I« f^^t^ ^IWl ff^ W'm ^'TC? C»^ 

«i ^t^ve 1 xst^^ ^rc^ti tw^ 5T^=T ^:?r^ 

^*fr5 'srt^i^ ^ R^?t? Tfe^ c^r^ ^ui 
cfitw^r ^^ f^^ c^c»t^ ^ic^ (?»^ 'srtf^ I 
c^^, Jif I'Si^ ^Ui ft^ ^F?, c^ fsf'f ^t'rt 

vs ^rt'Wt^ ^ 'I'^si ^u^ ^mii ?^, c^^ 

c^tf'f ■^%^^, 'sit'mt^ ■^l^t^ltl^ ^^, C5R 
^'tH ^tRi:^ *tt^^ c^i, ^it^t!:'R ^^^ 5m- 

ii >2pp ^J C¥f ^1 ; CoC"^! ^w^ ^ti^ vs 

^n^rt^ ^?. Ttn « '2f^ 3^^^ ^:^ f5 ^irl 
'wii\itii f^^^ ^c« ^tfe? C5fi?i^, ^-m c^rrf^t 

i«^t^ ift^'l c^ti^ ^mt^^^ ^fe^^, 

^t^ tn^, ■SftWtl ^ C^^ 'I'^ST C^T Tll^ I 

i8 n5«R ccfti:^^ (71 Ti-^eT ^■^:^ ^f^Tit ftt^ -^f^ci 

i« C?C»f ^^ ^5f I f^^ 5fC^«l 51^ C^f^lC^R, 

f^^f^ ^t^, ^«I^ 'srt^ ?if^ ^tft ^^?:5R, 

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^fi ^tn^ ^ f^^f^ ^f^^ fTO ^Mu* 
<2t^t^ ■^^, ^trt^^ i^ijni fi^ cvfi*i ff -5S ^i^ I 

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^tlfji^ ^^ ft^t^ ^fl^ ^^ ^i^!r« fif^^ 

T^^ c?i?«ra ^^:5 ^r5i^ 51^^^ ifsT f^« ^^1 
^5j^ I Ns«rtf^ ^^'tif^ ^^ ■^©^ ^^, f®H 




[ It' ; ^^ — ':D i ^» ! 

-ST^^tC^ ^tfe?t ^ OH'Q, ^^^ CW«I, 'Bltf^ 

c^<i '%^% ^i^ ^^r^« ?|5l ; ^t^c^ ^^ fspi^ 
CtfC*! 5f°»tC^^ ^t^ c?^ c^ ^<^^ ^t^ I 
^e V05R tfc?ll citft « ftc^ttc^ WtTt^Tfl 

^ntSR^ ^f^tfft^ ^r^CcT ^st^H f^ ^tllfffStC^ 

w^fe c^t^^ '^it^cji fsim wf^^ ^'^fi ^fft- 

£t^^ ^CtitC't ^55 ^? ; f^^ Wt^ ^tl'S ^t ; 

spit^i^ ^(cw R^r^ "^f^^, ^t^tc^ ^«>c'(^, 

f^^ra mt:?? ^c^ll "^^t^ ■2(^5j3irl ^ ^w^T I 
O' nm citft ^(.^"ic'i^ n^? ^tt^ ^ir?c^ f^i?ii 

vft^^'t ^ ■2t5il ^■^^ ?l^ ?°»t!:^^ ^T8 4t^ ^ 

%,. -noi ^]S\^ CS[\f*m ^r^ccR, ^f^ 
^il^^l fwc^ ^^"si^ ^<3, ^4R-« Tl«fl Pi's, ^si:^ 











^cgtraC^r^ n>«C^ ^3 W\l<!^[ ^^U^ SiU9^ "^- 
Tltft'Sf^ ^r^tt ^f^C^R, ^\^\U5 fspiJM 1^^ 

'©^rtH ^dlc't^ ?fni ^tft ^, '^'^x f^f^ ccit^- 

fvf^tC^ ft^?¥l f?C?IJT ^ I 

c«ii^ ^p *j5 "^f^^ ^i^^ ^"^ ^^' '^ '^'f 

fff^^ I vst^i ^1^ f'pra cTf*t^i% r^ ^f^ ^?il 
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^t^l fit^ ^^t^ 51^^ 'srt^ ^n^ ^^^3 ^tf^^i 

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a S\f<o -^rfl ^L^5f^ 1^ (Tit iSi?J I ^ra t?1 ft^?-^ 
^Si^ C^W5 ^^ ^ "5111*1^ Si?J C^Rf^ ^t ^T^ 
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^tf^ ^ ^C^rtU^ '^m'^m Ti'^^l-^ ^^Si^n 

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c^TRl 5pft>2t^ 'tit^t^ ^ ^^1 ^i5rtfw^^ 
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^picff, c^ ^m\ ■s\\^c^ ^hr(\ ■?rt^ ? ^f^ 

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fwt?ic?^ 'imwn ^^^ ^^t« ^rac^H, ■Q f^2?t^- 

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cjj^ jf^c^n^ c^Wr^ ^W^^ Tfes 1%? 5(1 ; 

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Tlc^i W^^ W^ f*tf^ ^'H ^^fe I 

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?tf, ?t?f, ^fRl f^ (.W\ ^■s^ W^ O^ 






?tc« <t?T ¥^ ^1 "^f^ ; c«iTr^ ^tfe? T%1 

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*PI%'^1, Tt^'^^t^I ^|C5T C«mt ^tRC^ C^, 

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?f^ I 'sft? ^t?1 crf^m t5tra=T-T@t^?l«l ^ra"^ 
"^R^r, ^^ fV? c^^^ ^©t?1 f¥, ^t?t?l 

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f¥^ 'Si'T^ C^.^ ?|t5I ^t^l ^f^Hl ■^1^5 I 

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^t 5tl 1 ^slt^ ^-^1 f^(.^« CfilTcw^ icsg cf^ c^ 

^b' ^tt^ ^) I vo'H 5lTt>2f^ C^r»lC^ ^^ucR, CSmi 

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» ■^fti^si ? '^'R c^c^^ (Tit it^ w^tt^ri? 

■^fe^, ^PI .fit CSTf^C^ ^R^ fV ?rf^ ? 

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*j:^ "Q stc^ Tc^ sTlTi eit^c^ c^if»ra f^^i^, 

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« f^glm^f^ <£(r5 "^II^ ^t^ ^fl^lfe^^, 'Si'^'s 

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i^ ^ft?i t^tc?^ nn;:^ ^r^ -^r^s 1 nc^ c^f«m 

^P!^ ^tc^^ 5i^i:'!{ c^rtpf^ '^^i^ 5il^« «tt^ 

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^Tt^ '^f^ ^€t? ^CJT, [-2m] 1%^ ^«t^ 
^tel ^51 ^11 ^^c^ ^nf^^s ^tc^ CTft ^Uu 

f^<i Tt^ "^f^ ; t^tC!!^ C^ "^tl^ iW^sH 

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^t^tc^ v&tfVfj ^n?c?R, ^ ■?nc<t»ic<(s( ^^ 

c<j^ ^-n^ ^^- n^ ^t^, cns^r c^ww^?^ 

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®t1% ^1^1 ^Wl f^TSP? ^fsf^t? ?tc^, C^^RI 

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jiwt'Sf^ c^tP'fc?? ^^fe^R, CTf<tr, ^srtf^ f^rf^ OT^ 
^t^ti ^t^t^ -?sf^i;^ 'It?, 'ii^v c\»t^fc«« f^^^l^ 

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ii .ii^? ^5t^t^ 'srt^ ^t^ ^ C#5 ^^"^, ^lt<I 

^^ff? f?C^ ^?» T^C^l <£f^^ ^^ ; C^JRl 

c^srai jn^«fR, *i^c^ wtu^t^i f^Tt ^t?t^ ^1 

fV^ ^t«l ^tn f^^ ^^ ; *f« ?^^ f^ 1^1 

vst^t^ ^r^'« ^l^;:^ I 
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^ft^? ^i^ c^'^R'fi:^ M^^ ^i^ ^^tf^ 

ib- ;o«t^ JT^ zfR^i ^^^ ^^^s^ f|cT ; C^^ Wt>2!^ 
"Slftr^ ^?t3 ^t!^ mfsf^t ^ffJTCci^, 'sjt? ^"^^ 

■^'^ ^fe^^, >a^°N ^^^ Tt^ ^^1 ^it^^ ^^ 
^i c^c5|5{ I ^«?Ji^ Tfirt«^ c?nf*nr<F ■^i?r, ^pt 

nU^ ^1, C?FR1 ^ fu 'srt^ twi ^iWw?fc^ 
^3 ^^ I 'sit^ Ji^-sr^ 'St^tr^ ^fe?i^, "^rf^, ^f 

fl^l-^ ^c^, c^st^t^ ^5^ "^fwi «rfl%c5i5{ I 

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<0 ; S—K ^ j ^» l] 









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7i^w~f[Ui\n ^*(c^ ^^t?, ^iJ^r3i «ipi(i'^ c^ ^c?, 
«ntic'^ c3^ ^t^ « «nir3 ^rr^ i^r <Tt^^ 

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f^ £\-n ■^H'Q, ^^^^^n 7\7i^ Wit] "^f^-e ; 

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J^ awn f^W^ •Q GsWU lt«tC^ 5l^tT3 ■^f?^, 

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^^rsiu *i<R^ c?r«ici : ami ccitc^^i ^al'i^e' ^t^i, 

■^R^ . fV;^ yif^ ^STRtlCf^ Jiff's ^^ =n ^^Jl, 

«?rR"^^i csi^iwg 6fi9f^i53 ^^W'i 5f^s 

C5151, c^'ftiH SfTR r^c^i^ I 

o. T. 5] 65 

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fV ^<"5I5 C^R^ fJlllll ^fl« ^ I 

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i^fit'f'^ ^(^, cssRi'a c'ra « c«Rr^ C^l^ ^<s^^ 

■^^f?, CJit C5i5 ?tR CnsI^I^ RT^l^ 'Srti^i^l 

<2i^c^ ^«t?i f^^ti ^ft'S sii, cw^m ^^n ^^m 

^^^ C^Ril ^''It^ on^CR fw?1 ^i3<3 sn, *I1C5 
^t^l^ ^'iC^ C®T511^ ^ri^^sl «IH1-^^ ^^ I 

^l?T^ 2ft« ^^ Jir^« ^r>.^ I ^Hf ^t^ 
-2t^ ^?ra f^^ W5. >ii^t CT? at ^i5t^ ©?j 

^i^a i% W^ &J5"^ ^C?, vSC^ CTf 3^{.« « ^5t51^ 
^R ^^51 a|(.^ ^^' «|p|j| ^ ^ Ji^R^'iC^ 

^iff) ^fJi. ^ ?t5l BJ^m ?rit^ ill, \s-i5t W^ 

«t5t^ -STg ^t^JL^ ^'^'.'a^ f^^i.? flful ^ifC^, 

^''ifs's ^r^c^, ^«!iig ^^1^ ^§ iii^ ^1^1 ^t? 
'srra c^f ^? 'srt'iH ^^tc^ ?t^^*{ f^g^ 

32^^ Jif^o vsi^i3 r'TTt^ ctfn, «.^ ®5rsj «icg^ 'Q 




^^ — <^ ; \r I 

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5^1^ ^5, ^a:^ cJT ?T%? «rf*r?« ^^*tti< ^t^tc^ 

^iTt^ C^lTfiJ fW? ^t.^<3 ci^ ^i:^ I 
■Sf^ ^C^. «t^t^ '2nt?« ^T« ^C^ I 

ito 'stts c^5 5rf? c^l^ ^w:^ f f^ "^fel f^ng^ 
^t^, fV^ ^5t^ ^c^ "^f? '^t^c^ nt^Til ^tir, 

^o ^jl t^ ^^t^ ;ffJTC^ fVrl ?1%^ "^ Wt^ 

■2)^ '^i%C5I OT "^f^ v5t^ ^^ 1C?, ^C^ CJT 

^i ^^SJ ?^ft?I ^C^ I f^ Cfi ■'ff? ^t ^"^ f^ 

it's, ^11 vsti'ra '^ff w^l5 ^c^ ^, c^^ c^i 
^^ "srt^ *3:^c^ t^Ttvf ^^%i c^t^ ^n^ ftc^ 

^^JJtC^ ^St^ ^<?»8 ^TSJ ^^, « G\ f^Ft^- 

Tt5if»rat^ nfs(.»itc5( ^^m i 
^^ ^1^ c^ ^''w ?t^ f^ Tt^ ^"^c^ 'srt^t^ 

^Ir' ^^ C^n^ CTR *35l^ fV ftC^ '55f1?t^ ^f^ 

en 'if^ ira, ^5t^ •if C^nw 'SJ^^ fi(^?WC^ ^5fT 

Tt^5ftC^ ^1 ^t^ftC^ if? C7T CTtJf <1^C^ f^ 

^o -ii^; 'S-r?!^ "^t^^ ^t^'Q ■^^ I if? vsl^ts 
f^f^'.^ <2rt^f»^ fsi^f^i^ ^, ^©i:^ (71 firt'T^ff'^ 

>=> fjff^ fjTf f^ 3W2 FU %^ I ^sW^ CTt^ if? 

Ctt^ if? Tt?r^<3 ?1^ f^^ ?t^C^ '^Wllt^ ^Cl, 
C^t^ -£f^1^tCv5 1!fl ^tci I 

•2 3 "sri^ c^" if? c^t^ ^n «Rtfo -^c^, i%^i ^n 
^8 c^t^ ctt^ fVrl ^^^ nf^c^r c^ ^^ ^tH\ 

lt« ^f^CcI (7i^ tii% 3it:^^ vsi;^ vst^t^ ^f^^s c^tt^ 
flS^I ?Ff^TIl ^1^1? ^517 ^t ^IV^ '^^ICI, ^1'v >^ 

04 ^ C^t^^ ^ ^°v*f "¥f^?Jj C}f C^ I f^^ 7([if ^1^ 

"^W ^^c^ 5i1^5ff!7f mc«l sitf, ^©c:i (7! ^f1^ 

nf^^i^ ^w cnt^ f?ci, f^ ^ c^rtjp ^st^^t 

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'^'^ fV^ fiS'U ?R^, en >£i^ c^n^ nf^c^csf 

»ft5 cntsF, « ^^ cic^? nficTttSf 5tr? ci^ f?c^ i 

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f1, « 1t^ *fC©, ^C1 v5t^ ^?J ^^^tC^^ C?t1 

2 ?tci sft I if? ^®1^ ^nc3 ^ ^f?^ ^, 

^1 ^^«tfra^ C?1l t^l^ ; '^f^«3^1 ^Wt CFtCf^ 
^U ; if? ^t^ta f^ ^ «*nc^, ^(.1 CFtll 

8 c^^ en fi&\vo ^1 1 c?rf^, -si^ Ti csi\ gfl^ 

C^R 1^ if? C5tC^ ^C^ ^<i, «1t«H 1T1, vsCI 

en vst^t^ f^«i f?ci I 
« C¥? if? »ra'c'^c:§ f^ t^t^Ftr^^ *t^ F^, 
^1^ ^11^ *f« WTfeU f?c?[ if? 'at^l 'sic^r^ c^cg 
fcs, ^c^ en iif%= 'sjt'H c^ag^ ^^ »ra fV^ 
sit'in ^"^tc^o^^ ^^ ^ f?il ^fN»%^i 

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^'S ^t^s'^tf"! fV^ ^=sf^ ift\5 f¥^ c^as if^ ^, 
^ci cnt ?t^ft ^n^ ^f5*i^i ^f^:i I 

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^¥t^ ^f65« ^tflC^r if? ^at^ ^5 ^^C« C^^ 

^t?i ^f^ ^«. ^1* cnt cut^ «nii *rt^, ^ci en 
^ ^m t^«l f?ci I if? cFt^ «(^1 5^1 *fe$, ^sei 


\^ J U — ^O J >o|] 

^t^t«l^¥ I 


^f^t^ WW ci\ ^^c^ Jit^ti:^ ^t^^ ^^ I 
<t^ i%Tl C5R f^^ ^, ^ cn^ ?t^tl ^^ 

fW^ ^ C^^ ^J^^, *fl C^it C5^, ^sT^ vS^ci]<l 

^^1 ^^^^ f^^c^ ^nf^ ^tc^ ; t'^ ^r^t!:^ 
i • c^ ^f^ ^^ ?t^ fV^I c^t^ fV^ c'R 
ii ^, f^^l ^tfe^ ^.vsc^ '^ti^I fitf^^t^^ :s^] 

^'ft ^f^ ^', t^ ^fm\ -ii^ ^ ^raj sfC5{^ 
=^t^ iwt'St^ 5it!.5f lw ^nic^ ; ^t^ ^m '^t^ 
cJit 1w st\^ ^fe^, >^ ^1= ^f^^?*i -^u[ 
i^ sfl I fV^ "^f? 'st^ fwS ^tu« ^fi ^ ^t^, 
^i:^ (?! vst^l^ '^tft? ^tcf '^1%«i<ii ^^^1%^ I 

i 8 'sftn c^ ?rj% ^t^ '2ff%?t^ *t^ Ftfen ^nr, 

*t« ?n, ^OC^ ^5t^ ^tetC^ C^f ^ I 
i.4» ^rt^ r.^ ^fvf ^SRt'Vr^ ^^r^L^ ^5ltt?rl ^51^ 

^\^ "^^n U^^ f^uo f^^ fJT^t^ ^"Ji^ ?^, 

^o c^ ^% CR^ ^w\^ ^f%ar^ cTt^ C5R- 
^« ^°«t f?r« 5n I ^?tf^T^^ c^t^ fi^ ^^^ ftft^i 

'rff «t^l ^rt^ f^l^i.^ i^^'iR ^C?, vac^ ^tR 
5I«f ^f^, Elites c^imur^ flKi f^K^ « CSt^t- 

W^ ^l^l, «C^ "^^tt.^^ *tC^ ^r?1 f^^t^ f^« ; 

^1 c-^^fft ^t?i ^^t^ 4^5rtxg 'sit^ivR, ^1^1^ mt?^ 
•^tc^ ^5?f^ ^^, voc^ «nl% ^^ «f^, C'^^ 

^» c^tit? *i^ *ra; v3 m^W[ f^rc^^ ^i%;^ 
'©t^ Tt^ ftR ^«i^ ^rt^t^ 3lft^5 «!nr^c^, "sil^f 

fH^ ^f^ ^^1 ^STRtC^ f?>Q I 

^fii "siu c^t^^ ^Rt^ ^cvfPf nf^ c^rr^ ^c^ ; 
cms f^ffi<1 cTR 5n°\'i Tttc^ 511 ; ^st^i ^^^ctm 

'^ Tt"^ ^?rl ^CJT^ 5i^5«1 ^r^^ ^ I 

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8 csiTt^ 'n^g^ c^tt^ f^^t ^tw^ *i«t?t^ 
Gf^^ ^r^ ^T'SJ ;st5t^ f^r^cp ^t^t!;-^ 5it^ 

^« cifKs.e! ^wrft ^onu^ ^t?\^ ^f^Ufi 

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^tf^'S, >ii^°s fijt-^tK? f^ «ftfir^ •sifn 5{| 

Col^^l ^ f^CfT%^ ^5t^ 5?H, C^5lTn C^t^^ fsp}^ 

^^Jic^ ^^ic^ H^rt^i f^^s, c^r?i5i ^tf«r>8 ; ^^lus 
c^ilf^ =^511^15 wf^:S^1 «nti.^ *l1tc^, ^T^ 

i^ dfm ^r^^S I ^f^ fH fW5? «li1il ^^ ^f^«, 

f^ ^^1 f>C^ tisilsi Tfl« ; C^ CNSt^ll^ C?rt^ 




[^O 5 -ss — V8 ; *>• !> 

aR9fi:«r? ^ ^ra^ ^« 5(1, C5WCTf^ ^c«l c^ 

58 ^fsj -^(^jt:!^ 5fc$fj f^ ^ ^:it? ^c'iOT ^<iJR 
5« ■^f^^s I 'st^'^gj ^§1^ ^<yi^ Tt^i^l ^ll« ; 

■siW? ^ssi^fync?. f^^ni^ 5^5ic5. 'sjifi^ ^rji, 
3n^ fjR ^^i^f '^ ^ft t^i^ ^f^'S, c^^Ri v£,| 
Ttcjj ^Pi fs{7[ii cipn 5tc^ ^r><i 5l?n «itR"9tw I 
^r^ c^? fs^^c^ «iiira f^^c^ ^*ni« ifi 5^^ I 
5«» ^? f PI »ra-B5ffc^ ^<^Ji^, «ii^T'^ csfcig 5rt5l 
^rt^ ^mw, ^mn ^t«^^ ^cfiii ^<^ji^ ^[wr 

i«» -^1 ^c5i wi^i^ni^ ^«ri^ ^P\^ ^R'S I ^<;7i- 
c^ ic«a f^ ^ra cvsi^rra jii^ %mf^ ^^ 
'nri'S^ Jit^tc^ ^^f^« ^fc^ I 

^« ctf«r. ^fsr <tc?f c^i^rtc^ ^"^ ^f^irs, -siix ^tfsi 

=1'. ^^C^ ^1511^ ^i^j '^f^gtcf I r^l ^R ^fff 1^*55 
^(?l^ HC^ ^^<R ?F?. >«)^; «Ilf^ ^151 trt^i ^i%, 
(71 7i5i^ ?p^. ^c^ ^jtR c^i^ira »fgJi.?^ »i:g5 -Q 

i£|^; C^5 ^^n ^r^^ HI ; ^ilfsi Cvslll^ ^H«) 

^tfe) fii^c^ ^^r?« ffc?, «f3rffvf-5f(.^ <rif^^ 

^lift^; ^?t^1 f5#5J, ^5lt% « ftfllJC^ 

o. ^f^i c^ *t^[^ ^r€v9 ?t51 cw»I ^iff^^ 5r| ^^, 

3if^ fV^i^ cff^?tc«ti if?^ c-^H l^rat 

>^a f^ ^r^c^ :n I v5,5r3i c^Tra wen ^-r ^raw 

5n, T[c5 vstct^ «im^ ft^c^ c^t¥tc^ nt*t 

^^, vsc^ ^51 ^^^ c^i'rra 5Fitf^^i 5^c^ I 

'siiftc^ HI ; 'Sit^ CciIl^^I ;ai^i^ Jjf^xs §nci 

Tt^"J >S ^^5! »ttHH ?Ff?C5R. vst^.^ J^SI^ 

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^Cv»^ VSC51 ^il?F TtSsv^ff <3 t^fCTlC^^ ^1fn 

* l^r>^>.^ ^f?itfH ^R5i I v5«R c5rtl% vsift^ 

■1 C^fiR ^^« £f(.^*( ^f^(,5R I «iT^ f^R f^5:j- 

vst^ti.^ ^i^ra ^f>5i, JfTti^ ?rt5i ^(^ ^%cK, 
b- 3]i5isi 7,51^? *iteiH ^r^^ « ^wr^ ^t^ I nc^ 

Cliff '.1< •al' 51^51 (.m'^W^ ^*(c^ Sft.'^n ^f^?Jt 
C«.1i(.?5l >lfi^« >Ht ^^^ ^^ I^C^ f|^ 

^^ ^«r«c5i^ ^H 5ftwfi^ri-fHf^^ mt- 




\S J ^^ — <^ J «^l ] 

I'tiiit'l^^ I 


55^ "5t1^ ^W\Sl^ C'ltPnC'^ ^ffC5l5T, '^ ''1'!%.^ 

^lTt5 f^c$ ^I3?rl «iir^l "iif %\^ «J1^, 
tiif'V^ ^rn « ^t^l cm\L^ f^. C5R f [•51 
^traS-R"^ f^^l'^ ^fe'.^i^, vi^r a|f»f §».fc^^ 

D* ^«R ClC^ *i^^ ^1^5^ ff 51 I ^.^ ^^ '■l^l^^ 
W^ ffR a^^^ ?f^5J ; *1!.^ J^nQ^I f^c^ t%f^ 

c^.'fia ?i.5n >2i?:T«f ^RTTi *i^c^ ^6c^ I cTtf'f 

»rn 7pft£f\| C5ltf*f!:^ ^feci^, ff^ 

tgUTic?-^^i5?rfi?tc^ ^iTr3 fj^fsiL^ ^"1^^ 

^C^, \5t^1 ^|c-s C^\m\ ^mi CTt ^n?t^ 

8 at^e| ^^^l■^ ■, '^•f, a I'm, f^f^si ; ^^? ;^5i. 

\S> Wf « C'RB'S. \5?»I E^. <3 f*.uI5l ^,S; f|*t1«l 

'srt^i^ f^Nc^ ^a^ «(^^15| fiiiii'i ^ip^^. ^i^m 
cw^tf , ^f^.tc^ c^ii^1 Ji^^l ^iit^ I 

:3 • '^t^^ f»l1t5I ^ir.§-5 >i.-^ f^s^ f^^tl -^f^ . 
^t^ ^IvStt ^^ f.t, C?\5 ^^ a^ « C?5 ?^ 











SfW ?^^ 5tf^ ^ #tC5 Ftf%?1 ^tf1^ Ftfll 
*lt(.^ Sit ^ 'ftf^C^ I 'Sitg ^R f'l&I^l W\'^K 

^i?1 ?ti:« ^r^f 5 5?i:^ ^ I ^1^ ^if^ t^it^^ 
^t <F^^ R^ti ^fl?:^ ; *nnfTai.n^ i^t ^ti^ 

^ ?l^l^ Ri5l.^ >§ ■^51 ^iH^t^a-3 f^^c^ 

^t Jj-^cl f^^Si »?< ^rgl 5ffv5C^ I ^tg ^'51 cJlf 
CIC^^ ^^im '^WH 5i^i.«I RJivs (j-'fif-iltl 5l(f«IC^ I 

^t^m ^t«, nNi, c^(^t«<H -^m^ ^ "^ 
-ii? ^^ »rt'<fi ^1^151 *it^ ^tc^ fvi^fe ^c^ I <£i^ 




[ <e J 08 — ^'i) } ^s:) I 

^•^ »|T»9t ?(tr^C^ ; fine's? ?fC^ f^'jf^ f ^ *tt^t?l 

v5i -^[li-^t "Q 1t^ ^"^^i? ^^^ ^t^ ; ^l^t f^t^t? 

^■1 f^m ^cf^ ^"^t ^ ^|C^ I ^t^ ^t^ '^t^R 
^rt^ft -sfft't Mtl ^^ ; '^^x c^tc^fl CJil 
5l^cl .2{ft*f ^Rttc?i ^t^t? Ji^c^ ^c^il ^Ic^ I 

'SftW'f c?f^ c^, c^if^n Ji^ftt ^1%^ I 

'^^ -^f^C^ ; m^f^ ^t^t^ ^t^fl f ^ SiTs ^^, 
C^SCJf >8 citcT ^r^^ t^f t'l ^R!r^ ; C^lt ^^R^l 

«irt'"'^c?, ^Vs ^srar *f"f^ ^R^t^ 1^"^ cnpi 

» -^^^ 1 nc^ 'ft? ^fi?'^ '^^'^ c^rtiFl ftf¥t 'j'jf 

^^C5r3 ^^ ^fsr^ cvft^t^ ^ra^l ^1^ 'I'^.^-'f 
5 ■> ^tftc^ 1 ^1"^ c^t^TtR -Sill ^^i ^^f^rs 



i^ vstft::^ ^tfl ^■^l ^ ^tC^ ; ^t^ ^^twt^ 

&i:^^ ^-^ ^t? '£f^^ ^111!:?, ^t^^ vst^ ^'tc^ 

>2rci c?® ^^ ^c^ I 'Sfc^j^ ^^^ n^"^? Jj;"^ 
Ns^i I 'aft?! CTt n°s*rf© vs?§n^ ^C5 uf^ c?rrciT<i 

'It^t^ Rf^C^ ^i ITW, <if^'s ^5RF ^SISJ ^©^'1^ 

^fi ^fsr f»t^ Tfii^^ ^^^ «f^^5 ■^c^, 

•stt^ ^^r«f 'SIS 'Stt^ 1^1^ ^ttc^ I ^^ .^ 

'Sff? ^1 ^, C^^C^ 'Q 5lt5I »il?*x ^t^N 


5 8 




^* J vs^— <V ; '^ I ] 

^t^l^^ I 


^s^ 'srtf fx5 «rff¥c^ I ^fsj ^t^ '?!:< ^T5l^ f'ltrsf 

^p^ ^f?^ 5^t^, ^^°. c^t^^ cimr^ ^f^ 
«« gf^ ^"^ ^f^t^ I 'srt^ ^f'S >i4cci<i %u 

"^rf^ '^ti:^ ■Q ^r^ 'tf^ i.ii'^i( -s^^j c^yWcvf^ 

^t "^"ir?^ ^ 'S\'^ ^^1 <2!^^5 "^f^c^ I 'srt? cjft 
*t^ f^f^c^ f*i1^ TR^ 'ft^^ ^^ f^^ti 

^f^t^, ^^'n ^st^ t^TCl f'f^i:?!^ 'ftP ^f^ 

^ A ^rt^ ^1 f«i^^ "^t^ ^tal 'Tt^ ^^ ftt 
Tf^ v5<^jf5 ^•^r^ ^c^, vij-^^^ ^f?! \5tft fi's!;?! 

* 'ilrfVf.? I ^sft^ (T^f^ Hfm^ f*i^T ^^^^ ^^- 

^a^l fw¥| ^t^ 'Ttr?^ ; *t#:^ c^il:^ (pqm 
a 'srt^ ^f^ ^srWors ■sft^i f^i "^ra:^ ; ^«i 

5f5f f'm.m ^^^, ^'^\ ^c^? ^t^ ^ *f5ilTt 
>i Ji^^ c?in:nT^ ^c^ I ^«5i^ ^^ ^tH ^'^ »t^ 

^^ <l^ ^Q ^1^ 5tf5 ^^ « 5-tr^ ^f^ ^tc^ I 
^ ^tcT. 'Q (m^f^ ^t^v^l c^*iPi^, « ^f^ 

^. ^^'s ^55ai ^ ^^ ^fi^, 3i^5if nt^t^ 

■fe«t^5I C«tTt^ T^^T^ ^R, ^t^L^ t^^TB 

'?< <il^•^ ^5f, c^m « ^rt^i vii^'v ^l^rl ^^^ 

1 -£i^^ Tf^C^ I vst^t^ ^t ^?tt^ *Ta'*r3 Ix^'S' 



Tt^t't^S^ I 

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84 ^\^\irn ^'^^ ^^ I ^Wc^ ^W^ ^t%^ a, 

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c^ti ?tc^, ^^t ^^ ^^ ^ ?tc^, ^t^t^ ^5^ 

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^t?l? ^'^ ^^f% ^n ^t^tt'^ ; >2tf% firsts 

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<2it^f'Fst<?^ *it*r#r3 ?^ fwi ^t? ^fw 

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<2lt!lf^ ^f^C?, C5I^ ^stftltR fC«(J ^n^Jt^lC^I 

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Ttc^T? 5fi; fh^^ni -ii^ 2i'^t^?i-'!tfig >« ^^ 

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i» ^tC?t1 ^3 v5t?t? *l;^t1 ^t?tl^ 'Sfll'T ^^^ ^« 
^« 'Q 'tW CS(t^ ^f^C? I >©t?N1 C^ Tt 1C?^ 


Oo ; ;>^ — O^ i ^1^ I ] 

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lift's^ ^W\ ^fiTf^ ^t^t^ ?^ T^'ttc'if c^fw? 
^i f^r^cf ^-n^ w\^ ^<n ^fH 5^ ^ 1^ C5(t^ 

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f^^C^ ®^ ^51 ^?tf% ^I. ^siff"^ ife Itt^ 
(T«f^5I <51^7^tr5 <tt5 'n^S Ct^^I fWI M^^, 

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■^f%:^, ^I^C^ ^t^1 'Slf^ ^f^ ^tl^ ; C^ C^^ 
^» ^^1 "^"f ^c^, ^irt^ 'ttl^ ^^^ ^t^ I ^t^ 

>oi ^ ^^ntC'f ^fe^T ^1l¥l *lf^ "^f^!.^ I «rf3 

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■^c^, ^ c^ c<F? ^ci^ ^tog ^?t^ f^r^'^ div, 

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V33 Wt^ 5Ifft«^ C'Ttf^RT ^r^C^R. ^fsf Wtl^^ 

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c^t f^H nfe ; c^ c^ cTt WH ^nf^ ■^f^, 

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^(.'Sf.*t ^f^iTi^ ^ra^v.^ ^ ^f^iTJiL^, c^ fguu^, 

•io Oti, ^1^111 ■■«tS''^l^ 5?lf5 I ^'<H ^[5f ^i^ 

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fe^i^l, xsl^l ^ "^1^ ^llcl^ I 

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<£|^<l5ff1C^^ ^^'S NS^'.^ &,t ^'.&t Cci^l ffct I 
CJl? -i.^<l5fci^ ^'>f«<l f^f'S^, ^^t CTt C5i^ 
^\3(^ C5i«ri, ^-cK.^ diffivo I mJ f^i.^1^5 

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^|5iu^ ^f>5(. ^iRicf}^ *i5isii^i ^i^ta ®3r 
^WL^n Tm^jQ cw^^i f^^n ^-^5?^ c^s^^n 

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^h^^l ®1R 511 I ^*-R «11R ^r?«it1, C^RlCVi^ 

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iiltf, c^5»5ii ^tc-<)ici »i35t.vis 5i(.«ii f<'i(,L^n Sigr 

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c^ifi^ >«irR^l >i'^>.ci vsi^ifi fsj^ct vi.^ai ?*5i I 
rsfs! ^1^1^'K^ ^f^'.eiJf. >^^Jf1'2i^, |i?K?cc)^ 
5(^J, vi^ ^?1| ^-C^^, C^l51<l1 it^J^ ^51 "ajl^R 
^llJlvSJi-C^ «t>*^ ^|»(, 'Q I'll^C^^ 1«<I fltm ^^ 


OK } ^V— OO ; >J5| ] 



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jftc^ vs^t ^fpr, 'srfa c>it ffR (.cji^w? 5ic«a 

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^fl'tl'T ?fft?RW. ^fn^K^a Bf5» '^'f-W^sl 

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■^r^csrt, C3|5ir^ f?ir«r5 «x^"^ ^t?:^ «il5rt? 

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^\m^ ^\'^ ^tf'r ^[^R ri^^ ffci. "^itS^i 

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^0^ ^m 7[w\^ rmf*\i^ ^f%m^, ^tf^ ^!3t- 

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^(^51 £lCajt"^ 'srt'l^ ^t*R v5,'?5 WtC^ ftvFttv©^ 

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^f^s c^^r^^ (.iff^na : 'Q ^5t<s (31^ ^S?l1 
<2f:«ic^ ^*R ^*i^ ^if? ^^ ?(tf}>-?n 2rf«f«Tt« 

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c^ii'a ^!?.s ^^5f5 «-tg ^??ii mr^, ^c^ 

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^IR « C^TI^ fit^l^t-^ ^<sc\^ ^l^^V Sftf^ 

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^R 'siiin^ ftca «]^5f? 'Sftg ^t5t5, >itv^ 'S(\f^ 

SIR ^^1 C^i^c^ WifH I 
is CSmi^ «5tt OrRC^ Gf-Q I ^XH ^i?C51J», ^iftlR 






[OO ; ^o— 08 ; ^8 I 


■^f?r^ ; ^^ ^tfsi ^?lc-^ »nil ■'pfi, ^t^i:'^ will 

^^f^^ ; <3 ^t3^t^ >2tf^ ^^'11 '^, 'St^t^ filf^ 

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C'n^ ^PiR TRra ^tf^ C^m\CW b^^ >il"¥ ^'Hl^F 

gj'?!^ ?«R ^H-s^l ^tlc^ sfl I 

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fm, (M 1"^ ^ti '^f^ ^t ^1 ^Fic^ f^f^ I 

^S^ '^^^ T^vs^ ^'it^ c9ti:5]5f, "Q (Tit ^t "Sf^- 
^tP]5l CJl ^Wf ^?t^ ^f^^ w^tiwR ^tft 
^t?i^ ^'^1 f«nil ^i^ ■'^^^s '^k c^'tl ^i^, 

■^, ^f, ^fsrtc?^ i«(]^ ^ t^ ^^, 













^<!R« ^^1 ^Tl sitt, 'iil^ ^1*S^J ^r«MT ^% 

^Ifl C^llt^ ^1^ C^U^R Tlf^tra ^f^; 

vsl^tCvs C^ 7\-^c\ Ccit!.^ IC^fJ fll ^tW, ^1?tg1 

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5f1. c^^^Rl J^it-sf^ "^i:?!)^^ ^^ci ^^0^1^ =rtl 

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^st^CPf^ ^^rai 1R^ CPf^lCtR ^^?W^ ^f^ll 

^f^!i1 c«tTt^ «jarlf^"^ ^siin^rttf? c!R'nit<i 

IRPIC^ Wtt? (Ttsll C^^ C^T^ f^^1l ^1%^ ^1 I 

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wt^ ftw^ c^i fj^^r^^ 5RIH c^l ^1%;.^ 

Cvst^tC^ ^t^ ^ftmf?, C'Tt^C'l ^f^T (?lt ^vs 
^fi Pl^^ Cff»t ^C^ ^f^^ ^^ 'Sltf^^f^ I 

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5fci7it5tc^^ ^-^jj^ 'tt^i^ ^f^r^ I 

^<;7i:^^ l!:5(j f^ ^ c^«WcT^ JRS *3:^t5i1'^ 
t?3lc5C5r^ ^"^ ^^ ^'^^X^ tWcxs Sif^.^ 
^c^ I c-!p^5(i ^pi ccp{\-^ 7^"^ ^us mh- 


08 ; ^e — 0(r J ^« i] 



^f^, 'Si'^'s ^ ^<5,T]i3^ 5Ii;«a f^ Tt? ^t'l'T 
■^iicJi CNfifira ff^i:^ c^ c5it« "^f^c^ ^ i 

^■^ ^t^ Wi'^ CTff%:¥ "^fe^R, ^f'T -5^ 51T5I 

^b- ^ficitl I Oif 5Rra citf'f ^f^ fiTTt^ts (?i«rR^ 

^s ^t;:^ c'srtft ^t 'it^I^l^^ ^l^ ^t^ ^^ 

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'S 5I^Q^ ^m'^ 7^-^ ^151? fil^cg f^f fell ^lf^- 

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^Tf^ ; vslftC^ f«f^ ^^ ^^l^ ^f<l^ ^ft'Sl^ 

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^«n ^fe^ t%^c^ ^^rs 5i^L^ ■?iit5.^^, ^^, 

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If t>2{^ C^ltftffCT 4t ^'^^ TW Tt^R Tftl^ 








Cq CT? CJ^t f?!.'T ^^ "^fe^. ^51^1? ■STtt^Q 
Jif tfi(v|^ Ufs(U^ ^f^RKW firm's ??i7« ^n^li 

^Tt^T, 'srf^^w^ ^% ft?, ^'tTt, vs^i, ^^ci, ^^ 

^(.ji ntistji ^r^^t? i%i^(.^ '^'Hf»tf^^ ^, 

JT^^'^i i^c^ 'STR ^n^i I ^t^ ^Tc^R ^m-^ 

<2iff^ « 11^ t35l ^|rf, ^fit^l Ji^lfi 71^'1'5151-vst^ 

^t.3^ Si® 7i?t«2.^^ ^CHfCT ^n?t^ ^Tfii^ I <3y^ 

^tR^1 ?^?, ^^?I, ^^?1"^ ^S ^1^, ^«f^ ^# 

'SJ^rs ^5I¥t^ ^lf^ i a C^? 'i?ti ^^ ^'if C^f 

'^I'R ^n^ '^If^u^ etRcj, (71 ^jR5i I ^srrs 
^^oi^ fi?^^ 5fi5i, c^^^, ^-\^ « Jrt?l 1^ 

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^t?tll 'S.C^TC^ ^1^1 ^tlR^I I C^ C^? C^'IJ « 

cJif ^1^ ^tf^^T ; ^^; ^ft? fJm? c^R 
^f¥i I ^t^ f^'^'Ri 3tt^ti^^i 'sit^si sn^-isr 




[ OC ; ^^53 — O* ; ^'^i> 


^^r^ ^?;*(? furl's "51^5^ « t^s^ ^iRis^if I 

^*l^(^ ^HR^.^itff^ ^ Cliff ^II ?t51 ^T^1 ^fe^ ! 

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«i (si^ii ^\^ s(raTr| v5-tf%ccR ; ^t^ f^f^ ^f^K.^ 

«8 "Slt^ ^t Ti'^C^? f*I^ Pfl.^ vit^ « ?R-^°x%?) 

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f^S^Rl Ccll^C"^ vBifVcSR, ^«fK C^it ^ ^JR- 
*1RZ5 =?trR^ m.m ^TtffR 31"ni ^^tt.?J fr3t- 
&^C« ^151^ f^^C^S t651«3;R^ ^1^« S^I 

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^« RiSI CPil^ Jl"^?! ^t*t^ ^*'i^ ^"3 5tc^ 
« SllfJi?! CKf'lC^ ^rl.Siil, JiWl'£i^ ^(^1 ?t?1 ?)B^1 

«R«n ^U^ ffcsi^r c^, *i,^^ f^^i st(.5ii^ 












^111C« C^itC'^^l ^tf^c^ f^^'Q 5t5l I C^^^ >1^5| 

CTt ^^^tWl 5{^C5 f'ra'^C^^ f« ^¥^9fCt^ 
'^ff r^ ft^ I <2fC\sT^ ^f^^ ^5rf^f*f 5^ #tt, 

^<^ c^ni ■^f^'j, >£i^? "«i^ nt5 5RlR-^tN8 
^^R^t^ ^m ^m'^ ^«ft^^i "^iitcisi, ^^i 

^r^c?i^ I >2f9R ^^f^^tc^ n^t*i ■?i^'fi^^ ^fsi- 

^R^ fig*f ^ fr^", "G SiUST^ "^R^ Frf^ f^ 

a^ ; >£i^t^»t ^^R^^ ^"^ nf^^i«i f^ I *fc^ 
^R^ ^«(^ c^v5l ftiC?R I wti c?tv5Tn:^"^ 

•^^H \i?t^l ^rac^R I "srt^ CTt® twi ^^ vsi"^ 

f XS CI^R^ vsll^ ^"^ ^f*?. ^^t^ ^St^ ^^^ 

^fi^l ^W^ f^rat*! '^^C^'^l I vi"^ ^-^ ^s^ flc< fr»l 
■^■^"^^ 1t^ ^t ^t ^^ f^^ ; »iit^*1 fSR 

C71-5 R'^sR^ ^^1 ^^^ ^^CSiS?, iff^nnfc^ 
wf^l ttC'^^ fRRC^ f?t*rf^ vs^l ; «IT3 CJ^ 

>i4^; ^g «i?f ^^s^l^ Ki^'Q ^5ic?a St ^t *n^^ 
f^^5 'tfc^^ UUo^ ^^sjfvf!:^ f^;»ff^ ©e-l 


O* J ^'J — O^ ; ^b'l ] 



nT-^if^"^ 'sirrtOTa *wt<; ^ftc^ f^i^ f?j 

'Oi ^fra fsR f*l§R ^tS ^T51 «I^ «2t3^ ^fkSR ; 

«rt?tc^ ^r-sK ^(."^ ^«^t^ ^^ 'tis ^^51 1 

>»« «rf? f%f% ^, c^^srvf, srtci « nt^N ^W 
^t?t^ filR.^ f'tttil ^tc^^ 5tf^ ^^ fjl^fn 

^■^ ^c^ f^j^ ^^ ^r^ f^f^-^ ^^, c^sc^, 

« (?ll-l^ '^■^^Sl ^NC?1^. >il^°v 4 Ji^^CSra Tlls^ll 
^ >« C?;^ f ^ ^55 ^^1 f^eT ; ^t^ f%^^ « Ttf^^ 

^ f^(pi '5tre¥i f^.^i^ I ^ra ^t^^ 5ira *n^? ^^ 
8 >s "5)g n\i^ ^f ?p;5l f«f>-«i^ I ^t^ f^fi{ f^itpi 

C5R ; Tt51 «rti6'tf 5^ ft^ « CW® ^ &"? ^^ 

*» ^t5i I 'srt^ f*r&H =?< ^m ^t ^^iR^ f^ti ^f55l 

O. T. 6] » 


> • ^l^ f^ f^i^Tf "^ ^t^ C^^ f^4t1 ^%51^ ; 
^?t ^t 5^ ft<, ^^ 5?2 <2I^ -S CVnS ^^ ^^ ^1 

>^ T^up '^'^ r^Tt^ ^fi?n fvftq^ I ^t3 fsf^ ^^ 

yo f^-^fcl st%¥l fffCcR I wt^ ^^ ^^ »^f5 

N « Gi^ ?5Rt5f ■^jf-vfc^? ^^ ^|ci I ■nc^ f^lR or^ 

>>!> ^f^SC^^ I ^t^ Cm^J ^nW?^5 Its Ji^FffT 

i 1 m^ fsfs? fif'ssr f^^t^ =?< ^t^ #r*t|^ ■(^^'=1 
^r<ic5i^ ; vst^ra ^^3. »n<n, c^t^w?. ^I^i-^ 

>s f^5f:5 ^fcT I ^^ «tt«rt? Tlfll 'IC'^ w\^ f^ 
»ft«ii5 Ttfti 'l.c'n^ st5 fi^ c^t^rtsft?, ^-^ 

^i f^^ I ^^ ftnfC'^ (7f 5?fi ft^ri Piis 5|5T, 

fe, >ii^; Ji'si^t f^iti^ f^^si ^^cf^ i(-^t w 
^« fe 1 «rr3 f^R ^f5~f^ Jit 4ft itft'j ^-^t vstfi^ 

^RR4 R^fl "?< ^^1 fil^tl ^f^CciTf I 

^55 5^.^tt ; ^st^r^ 'jsf JT^c) ^i^ra ^1^53 ^^^ 

^"1 Utf^ftfi.^ ^Cf^ f^M ^TTl fitC?i5f I 'SIH ^1^1 
^f^Tt^ ^?F ^^tfC<3^ ^^ ^r^9l 1%C^ ^t^T^ 



Tf^'i,^^ I 

[<i*\ ; ^s — o:i 


51 s *i!:^ fsf^ ^t^R^^^ -£if3r?it^c^ ^f%i:^Ti«f 
if^ t^?! M3 ^?tf% :^^r^ f^^^ ^*t <2i^^ 

"^fW.^^ ; ^t^t ^tF ^ f\^. 'ft^ ^ >2|^ « 
^Ct^ ^« ^'I^ fe ; f^f^ ^^ fl^^ ^- 

^ c^ I ^ f^f^ c^% j}^ 'tt^, ^'It'^ tifr, 
^t^, ^t, f^g^ « ^5fti«ftfr, ^^ ^w^ n\^ 

•i mti ^^fl¥l r\w:5\ ^cci^ I ^t^ c^f^ ^^^c^ 

^^t^ ''ttff ^C^ >5 ^^^-^^ 'Ht^C^ ; t^fil 

#tni ^f^?rt ^ iwl c^f^ Mti TfwR I 
f^f^^ vf^i ^t^t 1%f^ >2t'.^m-nt^ vs ^t^ t^ 

1%:^^ ^<rfwl ^"^ "t^s ^^, ^ ^s't^f^ f^°x»t1% ^® 
i^ ^srt^ *15^fe^ ^ nt?:f^ frl^ "t^H ^^ f|?i I 

i c fi{-^, ^t^1^ 1%^ ^^ >Q 1%^ ^fw, -AVs ^^ 
i>!> ^ f^ ^^ ff^ I >il1^C«t^ ^tf^1%!:^^ ^^^ 

£t^^. <il^l Nst^^ ft^ ftf-^f^ ^, ^1^ 2t1^- 

>nt I C^ti^ ^"W^tCU G\t ^W2 ^'l^ ■^l 

^^ ^ ^nPiT:<in ^1^1 ^1 ^ft 1 ^t^ ^m^f^ 
^°s»fwt® ^"^ cffq ^% <j:^ ^«,iitfi^ 71^51% 

^\T^^, ^n?f?re 7i^^ ^f 'tfe ^(7t^ c»t^^ 

^J^IC^ ^ra»f ^1=Tf Jft^ *t^ fe»t C*t^ffT 

^5m^w\ ^f«(^ ^^^ fer, c^ 5^ ^^ f^ Ji^?? 
^^ CT^I, ^<t<^ *tf^ Tf!:^ c»r^ ^^Jfti^ 
^t^^ c^m nf^ ^t^^ ^f^ « t%^^f^% 

■So ^t^t^ ^t ^^g Ftfl *t^ C»t^5T fe I \st^ ^i^ 
^i ^t^ ■p'f^^^?? ¥l^rff >8 C^fff^ JI^?I <Tf^, >il^», 

■st^^ "^f^c^^, f^c»Rv5'. ftcstcT^ WW nf^ ^3 


-^7> ; e-8-5 I ] 



■^m f»ti^i;^ c^t^ c^ ^fl'^l ^?t^ ^nc^ fe, 

e^c^ti ; ^t^^ c^t '^""W^i c^i^t^ ^fic^ ; 
"^fim^ I ^t^ ^st^ Ptft ^i<&w ^?\^ '^w^ 

sra^^s, f^sl?! 'tsfe^ I^^N, 5fl«T^^ "Q 
^^W^ Ht^t^^tc^ ^tW*t^ 'Kt^; ^t^ srt^ 

C^tffTS '2!!^^ if tC^ ^t^Pt ^°xi:*ra ^f^ ^T vil^ 

=^c'fw ^t ^ « '^c'f^ ^f ^^ f^^ti Train 
'^ji'l^ (Tit ^t T-^ ^tf^c^R I t£i^'v ^m\^ =5^- 

^Uf\v^ f^tf^ ^f^-^H ^^ra «(icT, -iji^it 

'H;^ fs^ 4WtW^ ^'f^^ff ^f^C^I^; ^t^1 

^■^^ti:^^ f^ 'Q ^TJ5?i flfi^f 1 ^m cm 'ifr 
W-T^ ^ ^i^t^ l^I^fc^ f^; ^1 m^^ 

^^t^ ^^f; ^t^ C^ ti\^ ^ ^tTf, ^^ ^IJ 

^4 Tftt^'51 flj^c) ^f^?l^ I ^'iC^ ^t^t^ f^ll^ '^f^ 

li:^! nf^c?^ ^Fi:?i^ ^rf^f^iTT ^tf^^ l^.^j 

W^ ^"^ fTf%% « 4T 'llfvE'I, ^l"¥ f^ff ^i) 
Tl^it^f C5ftf*tCT ^t^l f^?ltfe?R 1 

^L% m^mi .^^ ?tf^~^t^ ^^ ^t^l ^5T '^ 
^s^ dit siwtc^ Jrat^-^st^^^f ^t^i^^ ^^ Till 

Jl^tg ^t^l ; CJlffra -2tf^ 'I^t«£t^ ^sft^rci 

^^^^^^ ^'^. '£\'^\ ^«ft, ^5^1, ^'^, ^^ « g1%, 
^8 ^#tf « a^-^f^flivS ^?, V5^t-^^1%f^^5 Iff 

^ii nra ^ ^n^-wtf, f^^ f\^'^, ^st^t^ -2(^1 ^f 

fn'Qm^ 4\nf\, ^tft^ ^^-w^ « ^ii^ '"ite, 

8o >2t^-tfi^-''-itw >8 ^st^ ^^, '^^t «2rr^i:'r^ ^- 

f^Tl, vst^t^ ^^ v3 |w ^"^s '2rt^'1-^tr^ *i^, 

■Q ^t^t^ ^, c^ltw 'Q ^^^\'^\^-^\^^ ^^ '^t^t- 

8i CT^ Tt^^^ ^^ '^tt^, •^f^ "^t^^^ 'if^^rt 

Tf^C^R 1 




[ 8 o ; !> - ov r 

"^^ ^t'l^ ^ ^r^ii I 

Go ^^ T?t*^ c'ltf-'lt:^ "^i^^T, ^fsr 5t«Ji 
8 -i^Rc^ I *rr5 a<st fs^c^ 'srif^Tii ^t^t"^ ^nra 

f%«L^ ^lf^?1 ^t^?( 'Stff'^ '^■'F^l mf^Ti] ftff.^ I 

^,^1 ^^^ "^r^C"^ ^ •£ii^i:Ta WRTS 1^1 
^sif^c^^ ^r^?ri *^?n5 "^f^c^ I 

CT^ ■^f^',^, '^f^R^ ^st^'ral 'sitff^ ^fsrsT^'s 
■vb- ^^t^ '^tfn^ 5l^ I citf*t ^t^tH '^i^'R ^fi- 

?8 ^u fsR ^it^'r ^i^r.^ cm^^ ^^-«r ^^t- . 

^■i '?<fi:^rvf ^if^i^iT, ^?; ^fra ^^c? ^-nf^ ^n 

c^i^fr.^f^ ?1f«(?1 \5t?H ^nc^ c?1?f^5i <3 ^m 

>3. n?:^ fsR ^Tt^'r^^'ti ^ c^fpf^ T^^R^ 

«3;:5^i ^t'l^ ^r^^ ^ "1? C5f^t^ ^%^s^ ; 

C^R^ 1r^?^€1 ??C^R, ^1?,^^^ C«ft« "^^l\s5{ ; 

>»« C5RJT Jiwt'srg c^tffc^ ^isi fffTitfwcsisf I *tr5 

vilt^cn .■xfff^t ^t^J >i^tg ■^r^C^i^ I 
04 jpfiefiw etst'i ^TTfJl nf^^^' ^r^5l I v5t?fU5 

mm^H Sf^st'l 'sn^R l^^ni'^ ^fetlW^T I 

tgtC^-^^R'Stl ^t'lsrti.tT-^ ^irai^ T|l5l?f ^5R^ 

^51 ^1^ I f^^ C^^ ^fff ^1% ^'S 511 5?v5, \St^ 

CT fff^ ^C^ ^1« 5^1 ^ta, CJi fffsi *ltij^ ^t^t^t 


C^% ^^^ I 

^ Titrfi^^ ^c^i:»t ®n?r? ^«;3i^ ^c^, ^5^ or 
t^'ir^ ^t':« Mi'i. cswi? f^\ Gi^'>i\s\ ^|i;« 
«n^R ^^?t^ ?it^i s<^Ji^ ^^^ I 

8 ^r^C^ I ^iC^ C^t'l^t^ I^C^ ^^t'ft ^f^.^ ; 

^'tr^ ^ "^tcs^ ^'t?ra ^l^ii ^« ^"^^ ^^° '['S'^ 
c'<\^ ^r^i^ ; <"ir5 ^1^^ c^m ^"^m CJT 71^^ 

io ^tw ^f? c^T cm^n f<F^ Wt?:^ *rt^ ^Cs 

^<^Ji^ ^r^^t C^fff^ ^'f^ ^t^ ^fsi!:^ ; ^1^1 

^« »ti^^cfr^ T"^ ^t^ ^t'l^ ^'i^l^ m^ I <tc? 
^tsi^ ^K1 c^r^ fs{^c? «!tfil??1 ^t^ra 1^^ 

^15i5t??l '^\t\C^ C^fffC'3 W^ "^faiTf, .il^°s vstfl^ 

i"* ^[c^ f^c^'t ?^j%:^ I *f!;^ ^?f^ v[^ ^if^f.^, 

f^l n#"ft fir^lll C^1%C^ ^ ; ^^» ?[|^-^ C^f^ 

^''\in. ^;^^ ^nf^^ ^tcg^ ^nin ^i^ic-^ if^ 
N ^1? c^ ^^ Jitft^f^ ^i:'wc»f ^»^' 

^ tmm ^'i?t^ c??, ^^ '^ ?r^ ^t^^ 

'^^ '^rsf ^ '2acf ^-^x 7\^^ ^^ sTtc^ ; ^ic^ 

3 ^t? ^fff ^ ^^^ «T^ ^w!-t^(mj ^^- 

fni^ ^1 l^^l'W ^l^,"^ ^^51"^ ft-c^ 

(J ^ic^ I ^t^ ?iftf v^f^ «^ntc;5 "5^.^15 

-i* ^fe"T5;^ '^'^ ?rsf ftft:^ ^c^ I ^fij vst^ '^f^ 
«r« ^r^?it ^i^ra ^nc^ t«5f Fif?ic^ ; i^ 

=1 '511^ ^ ^ ^"StC^ *1^ ^^-^C^^ 

^''tf t^ cw«, vsc^ ^sfi^^ '^ "^fsf f^^5 f n^ I 

^ ^t^ C^fff^ f^^(.^ 'oilf^c^ I ^'^l ^rsr^ C5lt 

i. f;s ^■'f^t? I '^\^ (.Tit ^■s^-J-tsic^i.tjR ^^."'il 



c^flif 'i,^^ 

[ < ; ^^ — 8 ; ^^ 

^^fji^f ^ftff^ ^^^ti tr=T?i 'f^ '^fw.'^ ^1 i 

^c^c't nc^^ ^fe^ "^11^, f^^ c5Tl^«ti:< 
^t^ ^^-^?r^!:pf7? 'Sfi^r^ ^'l^ ^■^tti' 

f^i ?tf^« -'t^, fW% t^^ V3 71^^ ^^w if^ 
R c^ ^^^ ^^rr^ ^r^ ^^'fl ^^ffwl ^^t'5ti- 

5>3 Ji;?^^!^ '1'?t;«I ^tf^C^ ; ^\^\^ l^t"^ ^'f'l 
^^'s ^tC^t^^m ^l^^l C^fH ^^^ Ftf^f?^^ 

wt^il ^n^, i?f<2t^ ^^f;»t ^Rtf ^ ^1^ 

^«,7t^ "^f^"^, ^'ft'^ Wt^tWf^l C'tW vQ ^^^ 

>4 ^^rii'^ 7^^^ c5rff ^"^s ^1 c^^, ^ft? ^nfrf^ 

i«!> 7ff^v5 ^t^¥l ^!r^ I nc^ "^itW^ (TTftR ^*R^ (71 

■^m cz\^\iw<\ ^^^ f^i:^ ^t^% i%<iTtlt 1%ft' 

^t, C^fl^ C51W <3 ?^ 1%!^ C^fSi^ -^f^c^ ^ I 


^t? ift-sff c^tftc"^ ^r?t^^, ^f^ t^st- 

C^^-T^^t^^lCT ^, C^^ ^f? '£|^i?fT't^', 
*rtn ^C?, ^<t<^ ^5ftfi{v^ ^r^^tf^ft'?! ^^5r^¥ 
^ C^!^ ifl^ "^ Trl% ^C^ ; 1%?^^si ^i%ft^ 

^t^"¥ "^fw -^^ n\^ Tc?, ■^f^ic^ c^Tt^ura. 

8 Tj^i^ c^vf^ ^^' ^1 c^irl, ^^nfwf^^ ntf^ 

^^f^^ ^f^^, TtTik ^ ^^j^ ^nt^ ^t^ w^ i 

'i\'m ^\v?i\i'\'^ ^'^'l c^fw^ ^^fi:^ ^tf^fffc^ 

^ti? ^«.^^ ^ji;:^ ; ^^^i ^\^H (^? ^ 311^ 
5« 'sd^sfiiptn CI? ^ 'sr;^? ^^fli'^ Ji?;^ CI?, ^^? 


^ ^tn ^tw^ cTit ^1! ^ti^ ^^r?T ^^tlifi *rfe 

(Tit J^^^ fVl ^¥l JTSft^T-^t^ W<] 3T?t>2t^ 

Ji^c*r f^^ ^C^ ii-nn c^f?<i -f:^ f?c^, ti<i 
^^CTi ^^ cT?, ^<t<^ ^t^sfeiFtTl CI?, w:sn 

^ ^"^MT^ ^5J^ C^, ^^X '^t Cli&¥| ^ vs^'^f^f^ 

'Itfi c^ ^s -^fr^si[ ^'^■% ^at?(tT^ c^|&¥t^ 
?tc^ c^R^ ^tvs ^?, ^aigi'i ^^ ; >^^\ ^sf^ 

Cn<\ 5^, Tf?]^ 5ff°JI, ?I^-^ « <t?, ^5|5 « c^?, 

^c^, ^"si c^fci!n f?^ -itc^, ^tr^i ^ttt^ 

^'tC^ ^fttC^S C^I^Elt^ f?C^ ; ^"SI C^l^^ f?Tr3- 

8 ; ^^• 

Jj I ] 

c^ft?f n^-^ I 


58 C^ ^^, vsC^ ^tTfCTR f^ CJTf tt't ^^^ ^t^ 
cJit ^^'s' ^'t^ ^'^ ^^¥l vst^t^ f%f^<s 

^5(1 7f?rt«^"3 Jng;^.^ frs c^f^ '^'^^^ ^^'« 

"^ ^^ vst^ ^'l^ C^ ^t^ C^f^ ^'^ 
^st^tt^ 5i^ '£(tT)f*B^ ^f^, ^st?tC^ vsf^tClf^ 

^^ ^rlTTi f^^l m^ ^^-^ c^^ cmv5it?it- 

^mi[ nt'[i«(^ ^Tt^ I 
^^ ^srr^ ^f? c^t=T ^5(1^ *ftf ^c^. ^<f<^ mt^- ^ 

^^ CJT ^^ ?tc^. ^%'^\^ ^n^it^ ©n^ti 

^8 ^#nn vS"^ OTc^r^ *l!:itn ^tf^c^ I m^ >§ 

wti^^ 1^:^ ^(^1 ^ft^n cft^-^ ^^rc^r^ ^^tc^ 

. ^« <^ ^fcitrR 1 ''HT^ "^sr^ ^■n^ ^^f% ^tn c^t 

^T^s 'Tit'Spp c^R ^t^tf^ft^ ^ ^1 nt*^ 
^t« ^tc^, ^^ ^t*Rt^ f^ CJ^t itt'^'^ w^ 

^¥ ^^1 ^Wt C^t^fsi-^^ Cfff ^11 1<^ 

f^ff'^ ^^ ^til c^wrftf? f^ §nc<j 1%c^, 

oo ^?f^ vsi:^ ^ij:^ f^l^\^ a{^-^%^\ ^tl^c^ i ^^ 
c^ *Tt^t<^ ^^ ^^c^ ^^'f'l ^f^TTl cf mf^ 

trt^sr^ ^1% ^f^ (Tit 'ftnt<-^ ^fsf^ f^f^'^ ^^ 

^w^ -t?f^ ^'^^ cspf wtsttn ^rtc?. ^^°v Jitrf- 
f ^ ^t^ ^\^Y*^ ^f^c^ ; vTt^tc^ ^i^t^ ^1cni 

/^ ^ti ^ c^ ^tM^ nm ^!-^, Tft^t 

cw\'^ «f«t% ^^j "^"f ^c^, ^^f5 w^<? '^^ ?^, 

f^Tl ^«f5 C^ttC^iRtf^ '^^ ^¥, f^Tl ^?sf5 

^^ f^l "^f? c^ "!i»f ^c^, ^3 ^r^ wtf^;:^ ^1 

8 *ttTr, ^c'^ cJi vstfl ^^i^ ^c^ c?ifr ^|c^ I ^1^ 

c^? ^"^c^5^^^^ c^ c^H f^RT '^^^f ■^^^ 

^fcT ^ ^^ ^n% WH'^ ^fk^\ »fn«f ^^r:^, « ^f^l 
srtf^^ 5{i 9ffij^ ^i:^ cjj ^f^ ^{-5 ^,^ ^f^c?[ 

« C? tft ^t^^ I ^t^ ^^^ C^t^ fV^C?I Cfflft ^CoT 

b- ^t^ 'ii^^ ntit< ^^?} c^ts{i< ^rq I cJi 
^c5f ntnt<^ ^fsT ^"^Ji-jf -^feri \ot?t^ ^ ^^- 
^5Ti f^^'^ii^ ^^ cwr^ "s^im r^bi^w, v£i^; 



c^% n^^ I 

[ a J -io — ^. ^b-i 

^tTf^ w c^r^ ^ ijtfsnri C5f«?l ^rttR ; t^ 
io nt^-^"^ ^f^ I *rc^ c^ M«fic« f^«i?i?r c^iiii.'il 

>i ''Slt^ (Tt ^f^ ^ ^ fV^ ^^ '^^It^ttT^ 

^t^fi ^n^r^ ^f^^i -^^t^ if*Rtt»f '^% *Ttni5{^ 

^ ^^iP ^tr*IC^ ^, C^^HI ^t^l nl-^l'J^ ^f^T I 
i^ nc^ (.1 «r?l ^f^C^^ f^^C^ ^lf^t=1 ^Si^ ^1?t^ 

f*&^ ■^r^l^, ^?tC« \5l^ ^■R'l? ^11 ??C^ ; 
•ill' [^^f*il ^^J] «^J-^^C^WJ^ 13 ^JtSf^^^ 

i8 ncs Tpft^ citf«R^ ^c^T^, ^r? c^ jpft- 

<^ ^f^ ^tf^c^, ^v^ ^(w^ c't^?' ^JiU? 
c3iit? H^rn« ^ftitc«i c^^^ij f'ifiii nt^ ^fc^ 

^i^ra ^w srt^f*6is ^r^c^, ^t^K3 vsift^ nK^5i 

i-i ^t^ ^R C^ ITt-21^ ^t^tRI^^ CTt^ ^ 

^•f^Tii ^n '^1% 3c^ c^ ^'ra ^ sitf%!:?i« 

^1R51 Wl*(f«f^ ^liC^ ^^C^^ R^5.^ ^^f^« 

it^^ 'sita Jiffi^^ c^tr'tc^ ^"^ccR, c^ ?iftf 
«f^^i Ji^1«K?^ afs 'si^rt? ^L^, f^^l ^t^i'i 

9\\^ ^|txs ^-^ f%(.^R cst^^ffi (.vfW!.si{ ?i5?ir^ 
b'.a *rc? m^'f atf»ir^ -^Ff^t^R. ^ ftC?t1 

« 'Sift? 'Xa^ti.^ ^t ^1^ '^? I C^tCl? 4t 
^I^^ ; C^R ^1% >t^t« "n^J^ 715)^ ^ifig c^fif^ 

^'^X C^f^ ©'IC? 'Slitff 5 L^CI? C^ ^^ ^tC?, 
^'ij;? "^tS f«l5l ^IfqC^, ^^? ^t^l? ^'IC? C?R- 

^1 v^m Jivfi'2)^? Ji^L^ vst^l ^f5ii."^r 

ic nc? Tt^^ ^5t^ ^ti.3 ^1^R ^t *3i'l ^ftlll, 

cwT^ ^'ift^ 3^1^ 't^"^ ^t^ii ^?1? 'srafN<F 

i^ ^[^C^ I 'Sit? ?1f.?t1 ^ ^t^l? 'JJq^l ^t^t? 

<5t?r*[| ^t»t c®tsj^ ^r?c? ; f^^l 1)\^U5 c^R 
^f^:g ?1R 31^1 cstsi^ ^r?c^ ?|c? ; ^t5l?l 

i<^ Jl^Jt^R^tf^? 'SrtifCI ^St^l C^tSi^l -^m I \st5l? 

j^;^ 3i?i ^1^ ^?n ^%i^ ^ I 'sitri ^*i^? 

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^ft|-f^ ®1?l? ?^C3 i|^1 *l^<l1^3=C3f f&?^|fl 
CvsRICf? ^f*!^? ; C^ C^^ ^U1 ''l^f ^f?t?, 
31^151 ^if'^^i ^N8?1 t1t 1 


^ J ^S— *J ; ^^l] 

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i^c?h ^ ^m *i;3^i JiTt^tf ^ ©cvfc^i^t^^t^ 

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^•^ c^R nf^ Itc^ «t^ «rfl!:^ ^tc^ I c^ c^ 

vst^n Tts^ '=^*f' "^C?, vst^ra -nf^ 5'«!I1 ^ ; 

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^^ ^t^, ^f?i ^tf?r^ c^f5TC3 ^|c^ ; -qf^ 

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^» SiCci iitf^^l nfs^rt^ ^r^C^ ?|C^ I m^^ffa 

ic«fj 5151^ *|^ ^^1 c^t^^ -^nus n\]^m; 
«. vot?i «if« ■n!^ I f^ nR3r ^tc^ -srtm*^^ 

• lf^ I C^ ?t!R C^ltC-^^l C^lSJ^ffl ^^ -^C^, 

^^t3 ^r^i^ ^^^ c^^ ^<s7i^ ^f^c^, srtfc! -e 
511^ 'j;^^ ^^ c^5R ^f^c^, cTR nf^g ^f:^ 

vst^l C^l^^ ■^l^C^ ^fC'^ ; v5t^ ^5lf^ «tr^ I 
C^R^fcl $<^Ji^ ^c^, (,5lf ^^^ ^tfTS ©<^'?| cf i^}- 

>8 'srf^ C7f ^t^ ?fc^5, "Si<ift<; «rsr^ ^-^^i^ ?tcvs, 

'ffftSi^g^ ^C^C*I f^^IJ ^f?R ; d 5II®f^ 51^- 

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^'s'l!:^^ twf ^T?! c^i5?^ ^ra'.NS ?tn, ^^; 

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cTt'i^ "^fsi? f<Fr?p^ Tt;^ c^t^^ -^^ ^rii, ^^ 
cTft ■^r^r iti? ^^z^ sn, ^^^ cJii ^M ^^Ji^i- 

^£lTx C^ SR ^Ifl C«t5R ^C^, (31 Wt'R 

5S) ^n^t^f ^^R "^W.^ I ^t? C^R 'St^ft w^r^ 

C^ TtR "^1 ??I, ^t?1 ^e^J ^r^ ^, ^trc^ 

cnt^5tt?n RC^ ^i:-^ I ^^ sflm S!l^W «f5 

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^^\ C7lf fifr«i1 Wt'R C?if^C?^ I'd ^l\s ^I'sf^ 

^i itC? I ^R ^? C^f C^R ^«f5 ^ ^?jK 

f^C^R '«lSr& ^^ f^Tt ^Sf? 't^ f%^ C^R 

^«f5 'jj'ti? "^^ '^*t' ■^R?l1 Jl^rt^tf 5I^Wl?l 

T^^r'^ -gfsi^ mm cvsts^ ^c^, ^c^ c5Tt -srit 

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^^,^« 'Srt^ ^itrl^f^ RtPtl^ ^r^C^I^, ^R t^CM- 

Ji^R'itc^ ^ c^sRft cnt^^ f^^i cmws f^^i 

■^r^t^; f^^ C^t^ TC^ ^tci C^tSi^ ^^?:^ 
^;?rf « ©"t^t^ ^<>7\^ ^^1 trt!i. c^Tf ii«^ c^ 

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^'i* am i«a 5ti:« ^r^f s ^ti^ i ^R caRtc^R 

CTt^l ^R^t^ C^R^ CTt^ n«^ t^ n^tl 




[ *) ; K'\ — h-', ^^f 

^^^» ^t^ i?r^^ c'rtfic^ ^f^c?!^, ^ ^t^^M- 

O' ¥q^2 'Tft^^^ ^W^ ^tff^ ^'T^^ '«I<t'^ 

^^s c?t=T^?i ^M^TiM 7f?t^^? w^i^ c^if^ 
^:> ^^ I ^rl^ ^tsi^ c^f?w ®nc? CJit CT? ?f^ 

^^ ^^c^ 1 ^tw c^t^^ ^^^ ^n^ l^^<¥ ^^fe 

^36 ^^ "^f^wtii I wt-sf^ ^^;:^ ^5]f%:^^ twf 
5?¥t^^tr^ wf^^ ^c^^ 'srt'^ ^^^ ^^^ 

^^^I'^f <Fl%:^ ^t^ f^l^, G^ fw^ ^^ 't^Cvs 

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^tc^t^tc^ « ^Rti jff^^ ^t^ *j:^^tc^, 

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« TfrC'^'t ^■Q^\ Ji'TC^^ ^51 I \5«Pt CSftN 1^%^ 

^t^ ttR nf^^i « v«-t?R ^'^^ '^c^tw 

^rtrg c^|5[ ^^f^i ^t^t^ ?R^ ^wtw«rt^ ^ 

^t^ 1^^ ^^ ■RC^, ^3 ^t^ "^TRST ^^- 

c^^ ^nc^ '^'fRi itc^ nt%g ^^ fvfi^sf. 

ii (^R 1 ^t^ ^^ fVi ^ftfl c^tI^ ^*f^ ^t^ 

^c^ti^m ^^^ Ftf%1 ^t^^ 'tf%g ^tt^'4 

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^•tc^ f^r^ ^srtf^ ^t^?tr¥« ^^f^^ 

fe?R, -« sTtft^ ^ir '2mif*5^ T^nt^'if ^r^i nm 
^fi:^<l ^ ^ft? *j;^9fi cTTt cf!:^^ f^^^ ^^Tt 

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C^f^ C^lTfil ^"^ ^fffC^ ^51^ ^^ "Stl'^n 

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oftf*t ^r^t^ f^¥, Tt°v7i^7r5^ ^Q cw ^^ 

^i ^^m^ I nc^ f%iR ^t^ ^5j^ v3 '^ si(?i c«rt^ 

^f^;:^, ^^'n c^f^ 51'st^ oRfr c^f^. ^^tc^ ^% 

^CTirC^ Wftf^ ^^t^ ; C^^'^ 'l^t^f CSrtf^ 

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^fm^, ^^°N c^tf»f 'St^tw f¥R5<^ ?^ ci^ 

^Cfltd^ tff^l ^f^ ^tC^ « ff^^ ^-3^ 



;;> ; ^s rj 

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^c^^ ^''fc^ -Q ?1%1 *ttWW ^^r^ ^'^ 

ctf^ tff^i ■^<f<[ ^rfc^, ?f^«i ^^^ ^^i:§^ ^'ti:<T 
^ 5ff^i ^rti:tr3 ^51^^ ^*R^ 1w^, ^^^ CTtf"f 

^=1 ^«1 sf^t^ ^''t;:^ ^tf«tc?iJi I ^[^ ^tii^R't^ « 

^t^tn ^c^ ^'n^, ^^° c^ ^icw 'Stft^ %m'i\i'{^ 
*tr^ •Q ^tf f^ ^ ^^^ '^^x CTt 'TW ^t^^ <3;^- 

SfW ^t^ f^ 1W 7R!^5i-v5-|^<} ^\^ f^^tflte 
s. *tc^ ^1^ f?c^ C^tf*t ^tt^f'l ^ tt^t^ 

>ii^ It^, Cft^f^ra Nf^ic^ -ii^^li^ f^c^K ^"^ 

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>■ fk^^ I ^t^R^ ^t(rat^ CW5 f^^c^ f^i ^it- 
» ^m f tc^U'l^ 'X'^^i ^t^ f^^c^ ^t^i^ ?^ 

^tf^':^^ ; « fcf^ ^['•R ^^R ^^ i^^^ll 
C^JTR *J'':^<f ^nc^ ffri^R, ^^N ^5i^f*t^ ^ c^f^ 

^ftc^R, ^^°s ^c^Hn-J 't:q'ni ^t^^ 1%^(;^ 
vot^ W ^tf^c^l faf^ C^ffl Ss'lr^ Frf%fe^ 

li^Ti^r^ 71^^ 'Q 51^-^ ^fct^ 1%^C^ ^tf^C^R ; « 
i8 fsf^ CT^t 5^^^ C^^ ^^C^ W^ ^^fk^ 1 ^tt? 

tt^ wt^ ^^ ^f^!ii ntcn^ w^ ^<^Ji^f ^fe^iJT I 
i* ^R^ f^f^ c^5r^ ^ffsnn f^ft'ic^ ^'^1^ ^'^- 

^itft c^f?? ^^r:<[ Tf^ -^iisi^ I t^i w\^\ 1%fif 

CsTt^CWlI WSJ T^^t«f^ ^1% >^ 1^ >Q C'R ^^^ 
■^fk^l^, ^'^x ^{rp^Mil '^:q^1 ^t^ f^c^ 

^t^t^ ^^ ^tf^C^l f^R CWI ^^r^ 5tf^%^ 
iS ^tfl ^V^'^ '^fWl'^ I lit? ^^^ C^? >Q C'TC^ 




[;5 ; ^o — 'i^ 3 Ol 

^"^ "^Rm^, ^ C^JT^ ^^n CTt c^ w^ 
^^ c^HR c^if»i ^ti^ %tfe^^ I nc? ?lc^i ccri-?F- 

Cflflf^ 'Q f^i'if^ ^f^ ^'^'I'f ^f^?n 5ltft!I1 

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^fir f^^^ ?t?rl c^fif? ^nfw^ c?mf^ ^s CRf 

^f?^1 it^^ ^?I1 nfe^ I 

\st?t? §nc? ^n i%!rl ^wt«t? '^\L-^ ^1^B wiist? 

^ f^nftc^ t«? «iftr ^^7i^ ?^f?^ I ^t^tf.'^ Jiirt- 

'3^? ^T^ ^fi^^ ^rt r'<^^ ^t^i ^1?iiTf^c?J 5ftJi 

f^??# ^, vst^tCT? IC^T ^tfsi 'STTS *lf?^- 
?iin Tt^ 35f?, « ^r^^ C^itC'^? Jn[t<* C^>?Tt- 

ft^ ?t? I vS-Sm f tC?t1 ^?? ^t^ ?f|cclSI I 

c?iri >Q t^^wiw v5imrt "^fe^^. fJr^t^ 
j\r:mi Ji^<r j^r^xs f*;r?i?? -^ihm ^m ^'S i 

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•a^i^vs ^ ^TT, 4t ^^ i.NSlSRl ^1^ ^"R 1^"^ 

f^ CNsTsiitw? sit^-ni, '5;<t<^ ^1^ tgirafi-^i?i, 
"1 51'it'£i^? f^ ?15 '21^^ c^l'R '^^^ I ^1? 

^t«? ?tf5? ^t'Q ^, C^^l C^WC?? ^IC^ 

ii U'<\USH Sil'^^ ^f?C^, ■fi?^ TPftSf C^if^ ^t?1 

tgtcu^i-Ti^R^f-ic^ c-?i 5i?75f f^f^ ftnrtc^, ^stfl 

t^^t^ ^ ^IIT^?^ '^f?C?R, 5i^£i^ ^CWrt 
^ftf?F« ^■nft«? W^Ml C^ 'S'^T-'esrc??! 'srfl^, 

^1^1 fit 51 f^ui c«t"5i?i ctT?? '^tf.^' f^ ^pfrc^ 
i^ c^^jf ■^, cw^^\ '«t^1 'sifs *lf^;5 I c^t^ 

■21^5 ^WC»f ^firf« ^^ftC?? SRSfJ vslTlt C^W^ 

"Q C^RI? <X^^C1? £,1-9?T ^°*t ; ^t?1 «11|5J 

i8 v£lt ^m Ttt^tff 1 'Sit? Ort=i^TI ?^J 'Q 

CTR «f5 '?iR C<»i^5{ "^niL?. C^^RI |gtC?J^- 

Ji^R^^ 5f5r?l1<^ ?f^tfR ^tc^ v5t^ Cvst^t? 

« cvsRl? 'i^tJJ^.'T^ <2tt^Tr sit*t ?]%^1 f^ 

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Sf^l ^S Wtfi^.?l ?'^°. C?l5]5ft5 tJl!:?Wf ?f5l5i1 
C^|5li? <3 C«l^t? 5i^R'5ti:t? fol'flfl ^fs(^i? 

'^fum'^, sri? w?t, ^1^1 cnr^tffi af^n ^f ^ife ; 

(Tit ^^ f^R ?a?t(.*t^ ^^f*l| ^t <33q t^IJI? 

i*l « 5fSii?IC?? ^rs 1^ ??^ ^R'.^^, CTt <Ttf I'l^ 

?l%i C^11?1 "^R^ 'TtR C^SjST ?f? ^It C^R ? 

■^«°, 5if1^? 'T^i:''! >2fr5f*B^ ^^Itl'il ^?l 

ib'fafjf c^i^ifwrn?^ ftratti^ I c^n, f%«i:? «tfe 
'srf^l'^Jlt.? 'ife Tt^^ ^^ r.«t^5f :^^ cvst^- 
07«r, ^^1?1 'sutt ^^fi^'a ^c^c*f 'srf^ ^ft'i^ 

?Ff?giCW, sit? 'StRt? 2ff® >il?i*1 ^?I ; ^f% Sitfif 
^t^ Vit'lt?}^ ?fcl C«|Si^ Tf<l^R, ^C? ^?Tt>2|^ 
^. ^tc« xst^l r^ ^1^ C?t«( ?l^ ? (Rtf*f I^R ^^1 
«f*lC5!5T, ^t?t? ^Itc^ ®1^ C?1«f ?t^ I 

• « Sit? m\si^ (Rtfn « ^!:?tn!;T '^fesiT, 

•* ^ CvsR?1 Igti-^^-^^WlC-^ ?5I, 'J^? ^^^ 
*1«?5i{.'(I vi-t ^^^ sfl"^ C«RKif?.9r|tTj ^t(.? t 

^ *i«^t*r^ leg a tTR *i5 Ji'^'l f^'i« t?f^f^^ 


^> ; 8-80|] 

c^f[^ njs^ 


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C«tSR ^RC^ 511, ^l^Cff^ ^^^^3 ^^ ^<fsc^ I 

>8 ^^, ^sf^ ^ ^151, f&5i vs «rti^ 'sit'n^ Sllfs 
i««(^ri^ ?f2. >ii?» ^t^ ^t^ ^r« ^^mi^ 

51 ^tn^ ^*r^ wif^ ^'^JTtc^ csR, cn5^, ^tf^iwi 

i,9 Tft^Ji ^^» ^t't^ ^1^ ^^ ^SI^^TR^ T5F, I5t|« 

«fr^5f ^*m 5rtf% 'Sf^prK^ '^^^t^, ^*w 'sitn^ 

^j% «I^7ltC^ Tf^t^fs^, ^t^Jf ^t^ ^tfs ^^- 

^? f#r^, ^^t ^t*i5T wt^5{ ^f« ^7\\i-^ ^^ 

^8 v£if 7[^^ ^tH C^sfsfll ^«f5 ^t^ ; C^ C^^ 

^sf?tc^ »r^ ^A ^Rc^, C5i 71^ 1^^ ^^f? 
^e iyif^c^ I 'srr^ (Ti c^^ Nst^?^ -fLTg c^R ^ri 

5f!:«fl 01 c^ ^I «fHl m^ Rci, ^Iff^l Cvst^tctf-^ 

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^c^, vii^°s 7\wn n^ 'sr^fs «rfm^ ; nc^ «f? 

^^°x ^f? ^^c?i f^"^! ^5Ttc^ ■nw, ^5C^ vst^l 
oi ^c^ ^?sf5 '^rtf^c^ I CT^^ ^^ f^^i en fin 

^l^^ 5!^ 'IttT, ^t^ ^15 ^tC^ ; f^^ ?t?R3 

'^t^rcfi «f^ '^1 ^ti?, ^t?tf ^«ft ?tc^ I 
^b- fic^si ^us, ^c^ ^t^i ^1% «rtm^ I f^^ ^tsii 

^t^^ ^nc^ *fCv5, ^81^ ^?1 C^rsi'Rff^ ^'^ 

■as ^^f? I «n^ c^i^ic?^ «rttfT c^^ n« TRCcf, 
8. ^^rs «{tf^c^ I 'srt^ c^ c^? ^f^t^ *f<:T5 Ttt^i 

^W1 I^Tg 'Sl^fs «ttr^C^ ; ^t^ C^ C^ O^ 

vsCstr«f?5" t(.^ '51'R^tft ^^^, C^ C^^ ^^ 



C^ft^ ^^^ I 


88— ^O ; ^o 

c^?^ ^tfsi ^^rf^ ; c«;t5ral ^f^ ^'^ ^'i^- 
w^ tT^ ^ti ^^ fro c?*f ftc^ c^»t^tf^^c¥ 

^C^^rt^ 1^^ ^i^ <2tt^^ f^m 'ill ^JWl ; 

<t\ 'Sft^ ITt^^ CStiPtC^ -^fe^, ^ t25t- 

'^^ t^^ 'Sill tWT ^1W^ <2^tC^ ^^CW ^ft^ I 

? y^t^ ^^t^ ^itfrc^ ; ^i^'?, c^^i f^ *35 ^ 

•« ^^'<iXX^ fitC^'t "^C^ ^1 ^sit^ ■^iftf (7i ^Sl «R^ 

••^ c*ff5K ^«^gt^ 'si^tiJ «ttr^£^ I ^ii:i ^ fr^i 

"• ^^t^W-^sti5 wfc^ ^rsfJ:^^ f^^^c^ '^^^^ 1 ^1^ 
^tsf^ wt2if^ '^^{A ^t^ ^<s^'^ ^^ cjtI fm 
f^fsjci ^situf^B^ ^flc^, '^\^!m c^ 'sit^'R I^gt^ 

vst^t^ 'il^ Cf RlC<, ^?ift Tinted f^ ; ^olt^ 

■^it^^ ^tfi^ M^m <2rt?f'&^ ^f^i^, ^t^tc^ 

"^ ^ffr c^K i^':^J^ *tftc^^ 5!^ c»rt«J f^^ 
'^i W f^Tl fs^^ f^ -^, ^t^ ^1^ "fflc^ ^cli 
^#c^lw^ ^ra^ ^1^ 5?, vsii^ (71 ^tc^t'i ^t^c^^ 

s f;j<Fi^ ^pfi^ ^|c^ I 9tc^ jj-rsT^ vci^t^ »(|\i:^^ 



ilt^ f^ W^ ^ftiH ^tf^ic^ I ^tc? 1^1 1%^^ 
5f1^^ ^tf R^ C^C^ ; "^H (F{% ^ viit^l^ 

^c^ ?rf5!^ Nst^tc^ ^^'G Tt^ f^^ w^ ""ff^l 
^tRc^ I ^t^ 1^^ f?cj{ ^f^r^ ^^c<F «37i^t^ 
c?r%^ ; ^rti of^i, -^if? c^ ^ 5rffR ?^?rl ^tr^. 

■^isf^ c^<r{^, 'stt^ of^, ^ ^f^ ^t^t 6-c^ 

■511^^ NSt^ C^f^ ; ^5IH C5f^, ^ ^Ift^ T^t^ 

^r^t^ f fFI Tt^n CPrf^TTrl vst^^ ^-t-f^ ^5^^ ; 
t?lt f (Fl Tf"^ ^«f& ; ^t^ f# I 'Sit^ (71 #fFi 

5ri»jl ?fffr ^^t^ (XSA^ \^, vsC^ (7f ^twi^? 
cTi«t, ?if? \st?t^ ^1 (r^^< ^t^1 «rf?r^, ^^ 

(Tt^f^ I 

^ftf (Til CTt'&CT^ '?1W (T^^f (?^t«^ f^^ C^ 
^ ^^<i, 'W^^ f^^l f5^ ^^, ^Z^ ^\MW?i fjf^c5 

^t^ cw«r, ^Hf ^t^t^ ^Hc^ v^t^ ^%«'W f^ 


\<> ; ^'i-i 


C^ft?f ^T I 







- 1 






^^ ^flral ?tf^ I «lc^ 'at^ ^ ^^ ^t^n, 

c^^'T f^f t fe? ??r, ^fii:^ ^^sr^ ^t^ c?f^ ; 
^ti C5f<r, f5wi fi^ f^ (^\^ ^ c^^s^f ^?r, ^ 
c^Rcv© ^tc^t^ t^ c^t«( ^, ^^ ^^ ^ht- 
Tft^ ^<^n^ ^k^^t ; 'srsii^ ?rt^r^ ^i?R^ ^«f^ 

nw Pf^ i^R ^, «c^ ^^ vf ^ ^ic^ c'^l'T ; 

^|c?j ^rtw^ C5it ^ ciff^ ; ^1^ cTi«r, ^^ ^t 
c^rt^ ^uw, ^s^ ^rtw^ vst^ti^ ^<5f^ ^c^; 

^ftcn^ f^ ^ ^?i, « ^r^tc« f ^^< csft^ iitt, 

^C^ -^\W^ C7\^ ^f^ ^ f^f»l| ^Jl%C^ Jits f^ 

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cfff^r:^ ; ^t^ (yix ^r^ cJi^ #i "^tf^^i ^1 H\^, 

ciTT%^ 5^t?:^^l #! f^ir c^t^f ^ ^, vsR c^ 
-^^ ^c^, fw if^ ^t^ ^^ ^1 "^[tc^ 5rt . 

nc^ ^tW¥ «^ #1 t^ftl ^^^ 'Sft^ ^t^ ftR 
W^ ^[^ ?tf^C^ I ^1^ ^^ fWC^ ^tW^ CF[^ 

ffci c?ff^c^ ; ^rt^ af«i, ^f^ c5Tt #r ^^ ^rt%iil 

^t^ ^w ?tf^ "^n •?!!? vsfct^ ^^ CTit f1% 
C5r«r, "^ff? ^^ K^ ff^ ffii ^?ri Iter, ^^ 

^tS?^ ^f^^t^^ CSftC^l 'SR^^'l Tfe^ ^ ; (71 

^•?sf& I f^^ ^i^ ^^ ^ lt% srl ^tfMl 
«rK^. « ^^tc^ f ¥^< c^t5[ ^|l?rl ^ittT, ^^ 













^sc^ ?t^sr^ Nst^ CTff«nr^ ; ^ra c^'^, "^ifvf xstit^ 

F^^ ffe^l ft? ^ff&R C^^< ^\ \5Z^ ^t^ 
UC^ ^<;n5[ fjTWt^ C^Tft'S^ ; C7I «ft I <5[t^ C^ 
5I^C^^ C^*f 1^"^ ^tc^ ^fjJH *tG5, CT C^, CJf 

^ft I "stt^ ^f^t^ c^-'f 5i^c^ ert^ ^cns ■<^h^\ 

•^\U5, (71 ^^tC^ (7Iv5l, (71 >5Sft I fV^ "^f? (7{®1 
Tt5ff¥ f¥ (7r5l V*ntC?l t^<^ ^-s^fsif^n* (T'-i^^'T 
^ ^, vs:^ v5t^ \s1?1^ (71^ 5r[9f tf f^^l (71©l 

^t^, \sc^ (7f ^§t, (71 ^«ft ; '^rt^sr^ ^t?ti:'¥ 

^STTSJ ^?§ft ^f^C^ : vst^t^ ^ vs-tlt? 5I^C^ I 

« ^tft^ 'i^^ ^^i:^"'*t 5tti%c^, « (7T ^fl^t^ 
'e^ ^ wt^ FtfVnl "^-^sfs, «i«ft" *£it »Rf 

(7t ^^ft ^rlf^C^; (71 ^"Sft; (7J ^?Ft^ ^t^ 

^f^c^, f'tf^c^ Ttfe^ ^i?ii TtJnrT ^t;:^ I 

^5^ Tttvs f^ f ^ ^^1 Wtf^lf.^ I *fC^ 1^ T^TT 

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f^ vsW ^ tfMt^ f^ ^^Rf^vo ;5^, (71 
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"si^c0 vQ ^f-^i niw? ^d ^ oriTfl"^ ^j% 

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C?R^f^ -Q ^^J-t^ICWT C^fffUS ^'?i>!^ ^i%C^, -il^t 

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^3i T^fw^ ; ^«ft^ ^t^t^ Ji^f^ ^jftc^ ^^-"e^^- 

otc^ ^ ftfWI c^ ^^it%' 'sft^t^ ^f^ ^^ 

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^^tf^ "ttC^, 'CC^ CTlt t'^ ^i'x^t^^ t^ 'SlIW. 

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81 <i%^ ^^f^ «ttfVc^ I 'Slt^ C^ C^F? CJit ^ 

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cn^ ^ c^i^tc^r^ ^ "^^T? ^t^ Ttc5 ^tf , ^c^ 

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csrt^, ^t JT^sn ^til (Tit ^ 's^^'^'t ^^^ i 
4^ '^ «^ #tf^ 't^r^ ^^c^ ^Tfei Ttc:^ f?r^ 

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CTt^ %5T «t%, ^5t^ Sft^tl^ ^?J ; ^C^tTi^tl 

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C51 l%f«f >^t ; vst^ti ^ifri ^tc^ ea^ 'sf ^5^. 

CSrr^ C? C^Ft^ *mrt^ *m TC^, v5t?l «I~51% ; 

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?CT, v^ti ©^ ^ c^ ^i:ji, vsc^ (Ti ^*fi 

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^ci, CT JWl *1^J^ ^^fB^ ^iftf^i:^ ; '^l'^ CT 
c^ ^^1 ^, CJl ^^ ^ c«(t^ "^f^, ^i^ 


T. 7] 



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>v9 ^srt^ fifc^iifi ^?pi 'srt'H fifa^ ^|c^ ^f& f 5, ^^r^i 

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if ^^1 ^)1 ^^^ ^^fs «ftfVt<[ I ^t^ ft^ iff^ 

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a c^? ^^c-^ '^'^ <Fc^, G\ ^%]\ nw ^"^ft 

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C5J ^t'H ^ C5J>© ^1%R, ^C5| TR "^%^, ^^; 

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f<p?t ^tJic^i^ @*i!:a c^U fw% 9i\f^T^ c^ c^^ 
^Cl '^■^ ^ra. CT 51 wt *i^ ^^f5 «rif^:^ I 

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'srt^Rt^ f^f^'s Ita f?^ ^«H1 TfTfC^, ^<^^fC? 

1'fF^'lt ^w^ 'sitTt^ 'si^ft ^i%c?i vstft^ ^m 
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«if^J5 ^t;:^ f^^^f^^^ f^vsc^, f^i^i:'^ ^nfl'? 

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*tf^5cR ^^%^. i^srm ^f^?n tf^'j'R ^^c\ 
5f^fRn ^^^ if^c^, 'ii^' sr^t^rt? ^^?lc^ f^- 

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«I-R5R "^Ff^^ RtSil vS f^W ^C^f^ f^R^ '2ftTlf»6^8 
^C^tl -^ ^5^ StC^ mCll ^Qf^itf& "^f^W; 

f^R'.vs 55. (71 C^ vSTtC^* f^ffci firt'SC^ 
C£t(13 5tC3 ^m, 'af^fl^ \st?t^ ^9 >£fnif*t^ 

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^fm, ^^^mi c!\ ^t^^ ^^t«i^ ^f^ cTit c5ft- 

^t^ ^tnt^^ct^ ^'5..'«t >§ W ^it^ ^t^ fttf- 
c'ft^'^w^ ^^5 ft^tt^l f?¥tfe, c^t<^n ^t?ts« 

^c»f1c5^ i:5(j ^^T% ^c?, ^f^^ f^f^c^ C7f v©Si'"( 

^'it's vst?t(.?^ Ti^H^f ^m vs't^ts ^''ic? <i"^i^ 

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^m ^^', Ttf^^^ ^ftc^, >a^; ^'WS c^^j% 

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^3 C5f]« ^flC^, ^8 ^9|5{ 9tt^ ^c^ c«f)^ ^fe^. 

^1 ^«."''ic^ f*fRL^ ^ftc^ 1 ^t^ 'it^'it'^ ^f^i cni- 
■^rac^,- « ^in:? ^t^ sfiST c«([xs ^Rc^, ^^'='it^ 

ISI 'itc:!? ^*m m^ ^(:tr% f^^ c^lllc?^ li!ff 

■SJ^W^ttt f^W%, C^1^^ ^t^l^ ^t1^ -Sft'tL^ 

(Tit f^^ cvsi^tfw^c^ -^sft ■^ttc'f C^WCVR ^'2r 

c^wcvf^ ftan^f'i^ R^it^f^ ; 'Si'm c^m\ 

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^ctfc^t ^*i^ ^<^Ji^ ^f^c^ iiTtif-Nsti;^ ¥ra- 


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■iV ; ^O t 

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^^\m ^l^tctf^ ^^ ■2\u^'^ ^1%^, -ii^? CI? jprt- 
c^ it^cw^ ^^'t'fcst ^f%5l^ Tl%?n 'srtPT^:^^, 

^CWC*t ^Vl-^ ^f^tiS ^^ ^^ ^.Tt^-^stl,^ 

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■211% f^^ ^, « ^5t^ C^ItflW^ 15fl ^^ 

«tt«i ^tf^ ^t^i <^fw^ ^'"f!^ c^wrf^^tr^ lT?(ti% ; 

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:8 c-^^sn 'sa^sjT 'Si\^n -^w^ «2rti, xswtt ^f^ 

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'sl^fB Tl^^t^ 7j^^ f^^?[ f^f%( I 
♦ 1; ^t^ TfTf-SI^ cTif»tc^ ^f^c^i^, ^f^r t^t- 



T'Vfjf J]^^ ^It^l^ ^ra^, 4^? C^t ''li,?! F#I'Q i 
^tTt^ f^f^f JT^ 'Q ^tTt^ *tm 1^^ *lt5R: 

^Rt^ ; Cq C^? vilt ^r^^l nm'^ ^^, C3l <il^ 

«]'ij1<% «it*i^ 5rr«t^ ^511^^5 ^srsfi^^ ^ra« ^1 ; 
c^ c^swrsi I'M ; <5t5t^ ^snra^Ti ^^i^vs "^^ 

^^^ fV^l 'srang ^T^ ^^, ^^f.?^ «it^^^^ 

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^t?t^ ^t^^% ^5ftf« ^« ^ I CvstfR f^^- 

^l^^l I C^stf tl f t^T^TR ^rR^% 'SR't^^ ^'S 
5(1, C7( cxsTTl^ Tr«m ^T€t¥l I C^mU f^^i:^!^ 
^t^^^ ^^tf« <FR'S ^, ^5t^ I'ff^ fW^ 

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^TO1, ^^t^ ^tTa%^ ^RTf« ^^ '(I I CvsTsrR 

c«r^R ^1^51^ ^It^^^ I CTt^ ?fti « ^f^^ 
^¥^t^ ^t^^^^ ^Rtf3 Tf^-e ^, *fi^* 'srt^^J 

5it« v(t ; vst^t^ *rr^^ ^t^TH ; ^ ^^ I 

^srR^^^ '^•i'H^ ^C^ \»t^ M<PC.'i> "Ttt-Q ^1 I 

Tt^c^^B cit?r?F c5fCT^ ^uvfc«t 'srHJi f^o fvnri 
^^^ ^^ *r?i^ ^f^^ ^'Rtc^ ^«f^ ^^ 

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^Ir-i ^8— ^;& J ^4 I ] 

C^ft?f *t5?^ I 


^^^ ^^^«f ^?tc^ c^^ ^mt^, '^^^ opt «rt^ 
^t^r^ ftfsf « ^rw^ »rr^^ Ji^^^ ^t^ ^^s ; 

c^K ^Ttt felt ^^i?, cJit -sii^ "^rt^R ccTT^dirs 
'■So sfif; ^|tvs ^f^vi ^c^ I «i®.ii^ cvstsr^ «rwtii 

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8 emu] ^^^ 'Slf^t^Ct? ^r^55 ^^ 5H, « 

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^#iTR ■^^, ^'^ 5t1? ^Tt? f^Ri^s ^f^tft^ 

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i- -^^, ^S^ vst^ ^«tt^ ; ^stTi ^5rt^ ^C^ : 4^? 

^ft^CW ; (Tit "Sft^ «lt*R C^^Ot^ 1«(J ^tCv5 
s> ^^ C«t11t ^«R ^\n^ ^"^ ^f3f^ »t^ ■^^, 








'stthi 5i?t*^ c^®wcvr5 ^Ts I 

c^T^t ih ^^ 511, -^^"s ^*R ^*R Jl^t- 

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■^fW.^ C^V^U ^'^C^'3 TR ^^f^ "^^1 ^; 

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?tf^«5n I 
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C9m\ f^5ti? 'srsrt^ ^f|«8 5(t I ^fsf Tff%- 

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f5(MI ^f^-Q I 

^f^ ^c«f§fn ^¥1 '«it^ c^rt^rw^ 5(c«fr ^^^^ 
^stft^ ^tfi^ w?j ''ttn ^^ ^f^c^ 5n 1 v^f^ 

^t*R W\f^ 5(^15ic;t? ^''ICl >2t1%f^°vJi1 f<? c^ 

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c^t^ ^srW? f¥«f T^ *ll5i5( ^« I ^ 

t%I 1%^ "^t^t? *t«^ Tjf^ «]t9[^ nSf^^C^ 

It^l^ ^flC^ t%« 5(1 . Co\^\^ ^^ c^oi ^^ 

<£iTt^ ft^ ^« 5ji . ^^« ^^ ^r^ ;^cg fsffars 

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"sjt^ ^ ^t^ f%^ 'sjUWC^f ^ ^ sft^, 
«il'(5( (^ ^t'trSl (ft^. ^5t?t^ 5lf^ ^f? C<F? 7\t7\i 

^c^ 5fi, c^R5rt CT ^ ;(C5 1 ^?jc^*a^jpsrt- 

^tx-vsti^ ^c^ Jift-sif^ k^c»t ^*t5n^ amt«(¥ 

^rt^^ jjwt^f^ 5(^C'«i cJit ctrt^<^ ^f^ra c^ 

'Sits C^^l GtC»f «£1C^ "^IST ^«I5( ^p5I ^^- 

*rt< ^'^^ -21^^ f^ c^ni ^fe?, ^^ vst^ 

c^»fs!5( ^f^^ 5fl I nc^ B'g^ ^<^Jic^ v©t<?ra ^ws 

7^ JT^t^ff^ ®»I°s'(t<¥ ^n?tSi?iCn *tf^ ?tc^ I 
^5{t^ *t^1 ^<inc^ C^tT^I 'St^t^ ¥51 C®t^ ^FRR ; 



C^ft^ *J3S^ i 

["i^ i \^—K9 J ^J» I 

^■J* C^tSfH "^C^"^ lf^^ C^H ^ C'StSR ^1l-« 

^^ 'fl I c^i'Ri 'sit^ ^1^1 5n?^£,tc^^ c^*r ^m]- 
■^1^ ^f^^ ^. « ^t^^ ^rfH ^f^^ c^i i^^ 

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C^ltCTR TH^fiRl^ JW% C^lt^-Q C^f^ ^tc^ ; 

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mil Tt^'^Tl, ^rm -5^ « ^11 f^ ^tr«n:^ ; 
'srtf^ 5T?t«i^ c^Ttcff? ^Ta. ■ftf^ f^^ am ?t«^ 

^ifr^ 51T3 f?rfv 'Q ^w^ >ii^ »rt^^ it9J ^f^«, 

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CTi^ ^1% f^^ tgU^c^ra icsg -sR-t^i^^tfr c^i^r 

W^ ^C^'t ^'^^'i TC^, '^C^ Nst^^ '2tlttf^ 
'SR-^J ^t^, C?C^ C^rtC^?! ^st^^ '2R?^^tC^ ^«f 

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C?R^1 Cll?!^ WLTa ^(.^C»I ^t'm ^'vn^rf^C^ 

cwQ^lc^ CJ^ ^Tt^ *iiim 'si^fs ■^^, « «rw^ 

'SSt'l^ ^xi:»r^ "<FI^C"^« fflt^^ CTftTa ^(.t!fC«f 
^%^^ ^L% ^"^^Ccl if? C5f%5 C^ltC^I 5^ 

^1%^ -211% ^ ^^1^ C^1§t^ £}f% f?pi«I ^^51 

xst^t;:^ « cTt=T^ c?ti^ 5Tf^ iif%5t^ Tuiiu^ 

^sl^t"3 "sj^Ttft ^Jf%5t^1 Ji"^!;"^ ^t^tc?^ c^r¥- 

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f^«( ^t^l ^t?i^ c^rc^c?^ f 5(j ^c^ Not^R^ 

b' 'SII? C^5l?1 ^srW?! I^R 11^ ^r^<3. '^11?!^ 1^f>3 ; 

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fn^\^ fw^\ '^■\'^^^ nm cw, ^^ «rt'i?'« 

ii ^f%5ifi^, ^«CTi «tnff>Q ^s^tci I '^Hc^ 
iif^ ^t^ f*f^^tirt^ if^^ T?!^ ^(.1, C7J ^^^ 

f*lNST^ ^H^?I *IH1^^ ^? ; ^?tC?^ ^t WC^flt 

fitntTQ 'STTSJ ^C1, ^t^T^ ?«* «l?tC?^ ^'^^ 

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TCI, ^1 ^©t^fl?^ ^t !5fC^1 'Snt?^ 'SH'JT 

?tC1 ; v?t?r?1 finite 1^ Tf^5tC^ ; ^l^tCTf^ 

i-» ?5§: ^t^C?1 ^*fC^ I^CI I "Srti CI'H 3ll ^f^^, 
C^^P{ ^^ if? *l:^Wil 'if?^ *f?i'T TC^, v5l1 
^^r^l ^t ^^ ^tl^ f3F?I1 TCI ; ^^tCTR -311- 

?« ^fTs; ^ci; ^iTfw^ i^* ^?tc?<5 ^nc^ 

>8 I^CI I '511? if? C1^ CTR atCT "Q ^^ 

c'tivFtt^ii f?c^ ^tci, ^t?fCT •« Nsif rc?^ ^^icT 

f?C^ ^fCI ; C1^ CNSt'JiC?? ic«g ^TtlJ ^t ^!T I 

i« 'Sit? CI c^^ cTt^ ^f^s? if?^ *ni^ T(.?. <st^ 

firtn?^ 'STT® ^tci ; 41^ c^siii cit n«cT« 

i* is( Tf?ci I 'srt? cTR 3^ if? *(«i "^tci f^?n 

^^^ lf|^5 m^ TC^, ^C1 'gf'l CTit CtCT « 
CJit *t^CT 1«( Tf^CI ; vSt^Cff? ^if^if^ ^?Sf 

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if? CT? 'sft^^ ^f^cT, f^^T'srtcT fi^^i vt^- 
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^f^^ll ^1^?^1 "Sf^'fS T1tC3 C^ ^[15J ^1?t5f 

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^9 ^f^^, nt^R ^ii'G ; c^ «nni c«wt?:vi^ 

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"l^i^ ^x^H ^^^ ^nr^ ^srfrw ; 'srifi ^t- 

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*ttC5 ^t^l ^*tf^ Tf^C^ ^?t^ ^<^£^^ *rt*f 

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ivo ^*tft^ c^t^Tj Tf^"5T Tl I f^ ■Tt^^^ "^^ 

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is -^fldr^ ^ I 'siT^ ^ CT? -snTt? T^: nf^3f 

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^8 •^\^mn ^^1?i ^^l art? ^?t^ ^ i 'str^ 5rf% 

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•Sf^? §(T5rC»t ^^Jl'sf wfli'Q ^ ; C^sTsitCfR C?C»t 

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>fi^ cvst^^l 'sffsit^ ^>al Ji^^ ?il^ ^%^, 


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^RC^ ; T^f f^^CJl nf^ 5r»l ^C^ ; CaTT^I 

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wtc^ Oi cwi T^\ Oit Cf i?t fiff^l ^t^ C^sl^^t 

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i^i fnim^ "^ti^ I c^«rsi^ «rtn^ «it^^ t^^tJT 

•^vy(^ ^t ^ ^?t ^tf^C^ ; T^ "^fcf ^Hl ^t^ 

iir a^ ^'ifl"! 'Srt^^^'v*! ^^ I "Blt^ C^T^l (Tit 

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-3. ^t(J ^^ ^tW? I^t'^ I "Slt^ (?lt fWI C^ C^Ptl 

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^> OTsJ I'^I ^t^ ^f^ ^f^^ I C^®1^"31 CTR THT 

«ri*ii «fttc^ 5:«r f^^ ; itoi^ 'it^ ft^^ iwt- 

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«9,v38 »(tu JjTt'St^ c^f»tc^ ^%?H, ^t^ ^tai?^- 




[ VO ; ^4— V8 ; ^^ I 

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«f^ ^r.^c»t ^ftrf'^ ^'■nrt^ ^"sJisf ^i^i:^ ; *tc<i 

C^tm^\ JiTft-Sfl^ ^[^C^t ^fttf^ ^■^?t^ ^'K^'^ 
*lH;g 3i^1 ^m\ c^l^tl "^^i^, 4-^v -^ifsfti^ 

v5» ^srt^t^ ^^'i iR^^ *l^it*i fw^cJi ^fsi^ -^m 

^•^51^ *lt^ ^ftC^ ; «f«J'f ffR^ f^Sffll^ « 

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Ji?tva^^ ^c^c't c^t ^<^Ji^ -^^ ^i;<[ ; t^ 

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51^1^'nnc^ f'R^ c?»t ^tc^ Ttf^ ^r^n ^tf^^i 


^t^ jpft^l^ CSftftil^ "^fe^T^, ^fsf ^31- 
^Rcit^ SiTf C^t^t^ f^^c'g ^'4r%« "21^ f^^^ 

fsia-'£«ci ^ir^c^, \5^t?i f^^« <2tftn ^\^m 
"fe?)'?rli«ili) ^1fe^ ^wi ^^f'f ■^i^^s ^^ ^fft- 

fit§^ Ji-qc'^ f^!5-s ^1^1 Jltsrtt?!! ^ff^f-^ ; t^1 

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■^fl\^ ; ^f^r^ StC^-^ fl§"?F [-^"^ >^t^] ^t ipt- 
* Tt*»f ^f C-^ I nc^ ^f^ ^'^ 4"^ 'I'xfec^o ^Ti ^- 

•» f^^^ acsR ^nc^ ^tfi ^tf*n:^ I >2fc^]^ "^liwn 

^''\ll[ N^-^ ^'^f ffflTl ; V5l^ C3Tt ^^^ 'SI^TK^ 
I' ^tC^ 1 ^t®I^ f^?i^ '2fr« ft^tt^l^tt.^ Jiff t'2t^ 

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»rt'f fif?T, v^t^tc^ ccitc-^^1 vst^tc"^ c^rtf^m fj?^^ 

^tcppn 'Itt'^l^ ^C^^tlJ ^t^tc^ w^ -^f^^ii 

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^f^ ^t^t^ ^«rt ^f^Cf, v5t?t?1 T^^ ^t^lK 

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i« ^^tcT ^5( "¥f^ I 'srf? ^f^ t5tr?is7-5i^R9f«t^ 

is> c«rtc5( fifti I ^f? c^? jprpfti?!^ ^\u^ ^^ :^<i^ 

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^"5(5 ^'i'si^ mit c^Tt^, c^swsj wu^ra « ^\^1\, 

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>^ ^t^ ^fsi «rtn^ ^W fits f^iftf ^<^^, Tt^ 

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^o C5f^ ^I's w*f ^ft ^t^itc^ I 'srt^ c^tsrat *i^t- 

*i^ ^«.^C^ *tfW ^f^C^, ^^•^ 51^^ C?C»t ^9(t- 
^^C^ ; ^^°s m^l\ SiT^^^ ^^ ^t^ ^fs(- 

>i c^tlt^ f^^c^ 1^m\ ^\t^{ c^Wcifi f^ft^s 

■n'<et'*l^ ^«.J1^ CmC^^ ^tC^ ; C^'ral fiSF ^f5{<3 

c-^iii:^^ ^<i,y\r3i (.-^m] •sff^sR ^w^ ^tn^ ^fV- 
y<t ^\ «r.^ Cat'l^l *r^'=n^ ^SRJt^ ^f^^B ^1 I f fs] 

f R fjfsf wi ^(^''t^ ^Rt^, ^t^fi^ c^'ral ^f^^ 
«ttt^ ? af«r, "sii?!^ ^ c^i:3i ^'='1^ "?Ff^ ^^ ^Q 

^8 C^^r^l ^ 'Slt^t^ Jlf^^ f^i;f% >Q fiTTt^ I ^[^ 

R;g=CTr^ ^'5;jra ^'K1 ^f^^1 ^'f^Jitc^ ^^'e: 
^Til clti^ ^if ^n, vsc^ ct| f^#r^ ^?r^t^ 

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3o xst^l ^^ ^^f^ '^ifi'^ifr Ttf^r^ I f^^^r? 

;g^^^t^ f5?^lft ^f'^'^R ^tf.^ ; ^^ CTtC^^T 

Ti^Sf ^^ •^^f^t? 'SlR'^t^ C^ift^CVR Jl^tflt 



c^^ii n^^ 

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cot^f? ;^t«tc^ c^t^f^ 3=if|"3 #r^ 5(i^<i ^f^c^ 

i%'5tc^ fjf^^ <:?■•«[ 5?c-o -^f^^ ^ni¥i ^t%tt^^ I 
•Tllc^, « 'srt^i^ t^-^ ^R^tc? f¥fif?rl ^ttc^ i 

f^^I C^ ^tC^ ^tfe ^ft¥l 'SJlf^TItrW ; ^t^i^1 
^i^ T|^ ^f%« in, f^^ ^1"'K ^'^<\l'^ 'e^ 

«8 ^i^NS I c^l^tcff^ ^^f^^^ sitl%^'4l t«fJ 

3t Ctf^ 'SffJT^t^ ^IC^ I ^1^ C^l^J] 'Sit'R ^t'PT 

^t^tffft!:^ f^c^ 11^, "^^'v f%^ ^W^tcw? ^\^- 

^?l^<3 ^^C^ ^^ "^1^ ^1%^ ^i I 

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^f^c? ; fV^ ^r? or JR^'N; ^1 ^i, ^^ 
?<^7i'S ^f«( c^ffc^fi -^<iM 1%^ cg^^^t? 3Tf^ 

01^ ; ^?t? •^t!^ \5t^ «ltf^Tt^ ^'ra CT«^- 

^C^ f^^t^ ^f^iil c>i| ^Ri-^ ^"^i^Jftra 

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«c ^f^^ ^^ ^tnt ■^ti.'^ I c^^l tgl!;^?i 5i¥t^?tl 

^tr^ fiJi'S CT*I ^^ ?tr^? ^ftl^ ^f^Tltf^ ; 

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^if t? f^sti5i^ti ^^^ Tf^^ ^r?«, « ^tii<f 

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^Ilfsf Ctfcn -Itf^ -£i^5f ^Hl^ ; C^I'I^I *t?iJT 
^r^fl ftf^ ; « C^tltCW^ CffC»I «t95f ;^^«1 -^f^C^ 

1 ^n I 'Sit? c^t^iii «ih^ici^? "f;s^^'rc?f ^i>5i^^t 

b- 5|c? I ^t? cvstitcff? 'its ^'i ^t?tw? 4"^ »i« 

^^C^ '5ti^l?1 f^t?, C^I'dCW? vUT 't® ^^ fH 
^ ^t C^lTtW? Ti^c^ 9lC95t *lfN5^ ^|C? I '^U 'Ttf'f 


V'^i ^0-8^ l] 



i» 1%^ f^^ ^f^ I ^srf^ c«t^Ti ^f^^ <i?it^^ 

^W^ ^tTt^i Ttf<t^, 'sfWa -srti c^t^rPf^r^ 
?r^ ^f^^, « cv^t^vf^ ^'^^ ft^, .fi^'s m^iw 

ie <iit yf^^i ^srt^ ^tt^T^ ^1 -^n, -m ^tsft^ MV 

^•5ft^ ^^, »Q CsWCVf^ 5ft1 '^tft^ *t1'R 51^^ 

^*ti ^^15, ^t^^ cvst^ ^^t^ ^i^l "^rt^^ ^ 

^111 ^Tsrt^ Rirsi ^^ ■^?, xsT^ ^tf^^e c^mor^ 

i* sirs vii^ ^H^ ^^t^ ; c^sWc^^ w^ f^^^r^i, 

^m\ 'Q ^^^=5^^ f^ra^i Tf^, "^rt^ti^ c^l^rtDf^ 

sifs f^«i ^f ^ ; ^^tt^ Cstsral ^^;^ *fi555Rt^ 

^f c^ '51(5 « ?f^ ; "^i^ni CNspsrrffr'nc^ c^ ^ca, 

c^lTtfff^c^ ^ ^^tti:^« cvst^l n^mi^ TRc^ i 
ib- ^t^ T[i% CN5t5(^1 t^tcvs^s ^•prra TtiT^ 'fc^lr.^t^t 

>«f^« ^ Ft>s, ^^ ^fR c^fsrfw^ nf^^Ttc^ 

■'lit ^\T^m Tt ^ atc5Tt¥ ^^ f%^ c^ktc^ 

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^* Ttf^ f?^ I ^ri cxofi^ ^t'R ^ti^ «i^'5f!:'r?i 

^J^ Tf^cT ^1^71^ ■^llR, C^stSTtlT^ «(^5}t5} Tl"^^ 

«« OR »n^9tt ^N^ii 5^<!,f^ ^c^ I y5rt<i voitfsr 

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^t^tt^l ^t^l ^ttc^ ; c^rR^ C5rs(^ m^^ ^'T 

^C^a l^itlT, ^tiH ^15^ *t?ittc^, '^^^ C^5 

^^t^m C-JR'J? ^?n^ ^^^^, C^^ vil^ ^^ 'SIC???! 
^*fl^ 'tf5« ^C^ ; >il^°s -*[mW^ ^U^ tt^tt^ 

•stltU ^C^ f^^l ^C^. « CvsWCfR "*IWW^ Gpf 

^f^1 ^5r^f»il iffVc^, ^t^t^ ^t^=f ^*R 'sin- 


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[ <* } 8^ — ^.'^ ; <b I 

^tf^ ^1:5 <!?, « ^t^^1 '^t^T ^1^ ^^U5(^ 

8^ ^^3 5tt^ -^C^, vs^:^ ^t[^ TtCTtlTT^ ^R^ f^S 

ctfi ^^^srtc^ Ws^^t^ ?t^ ^^ f^^rm c^t^ 
?^fic^; ^^Tai ^t c^, ^^^1 ^t^t^ *itJi^ 

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it^I^ fro^ ^T^TI I 

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CT^ 1^C»R ?fR^ "^C^, ^C^ C^«t5lt^ t^^i^^ 

^•^^r^ T5i^ nli^ ^i^ ^|i^ c^tit^ f^<i^^ 

^?[T nf^^ ^tc^^ <?T^^ ^Jltc? <1^H c*t^^ 
* ^8 tti 'l^^ f*t (-^t^^ ^t^^ I ^r^f ^"^ ^^ ^^ 

C5fsrt^ f^n^Tt ^517 ft^ "tC^ f«^ C»f^^ «\^ 
•< ^C^ I ^ff ^It ^^.^^ f^^l ^t^t^ '^fT^ ^^^ 

^,^C^ ^tSfCT^ f^^C^ «l(5Rt^ ^fr^, ^^v ^t^^ 

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*f«? if^^S <t«? tf^^ '^U^, ^^ ^5l^ -il^* 

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^i[^ c^t^ ^«f& n« ^R c^ vftsi ^c^, ^r^ 

i^ >^ n« ^t^ f^Tl t'f ^^, ^W^ ^t?t^ ^^ 
f^^ni ^ftc^; (Tarsft^ ^^t"^ "^it^!:-^? fsTf^ftl^- 

'^? lf^ ^1, ^®c^ ^tf\ ^P[ fV^I 'Pf #^, 

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i* ^t^ ^R c^^ "sit^Rta ^«rf^ c^u^<[ c^t^ ^x»f 
i 1 ^f t*f c:»t^^^ TR151 ct^ I ^1% c^i c^rtc^^ ^<s^^t- 

^fsf «rt^R Wi3i nf^4 TC?, ^C^ C^l^f^ f^^l^sl 

^ (.^t ^^trt^^tc^ ^5t^ f^^ ^^ I f^ ^fff ca 

C^tC^C^l 'U^ 'SJt^ C)^ <tf^ TC^, ^^ "^tw^ 

is Jitc^ C5l^ f^n^!i ^ ^ T^ "^^c^ I «if^ 
f^wn^^ a>c^^ n?fTt'v*t '5if«(^ fwcci ^?i 

tT-5^^ "^C?, v5C^ ^?1 "Slt^ ^•«R\3 ^ ^tc^ m ; 
G\t (.W^ «tl^ '^'^^m C3^^ ^^ ?tt^ f^l^t 

^f^^ ^f^ ^n litrt'Etx'^ ^wc»t nf%g ?tc^, 
^^ ^t5tt« -^rt^c^^t ^ifsf^i^ ?tc^ I ^t? ^ftf cT'c 

fi^wn^^ ^i^irt^^c^ arc"^ ■^'^^^ "^i^^ ^i^t"^ 
c?i ca't^i ti^ ^%^, ^t^ cj^t fffi^^ <^ c^'it^ 


<«) i ^«— ^ ; ^^i] c^fr^ *t5?^— 'n«W*l3?^ I 

5557 if^ ?TC^ C*r?Rl ^^tC^ ^C^ ; f^ltf^ 

^b- ^tl C^l^ ^f% ^t^Wa 71"^ ^v5, T^TJ fV 

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*i ^(.ii(fC*t nf^ I 'Sll-g ^f? C^5 ^1^R (p«I?ns*I ^Cvs 

^C5 fvnn ^t^ f^f ?rt^, vst^t"^ m^ 'src^i^ if»ii 

00 yf« J^vrt'Stg W ^CvfCt ^R3i ?tc^ I ^aT^ ^[^ f^ 

*tfa^ ■^?. ^C^ VSt^t « ^1^1^ ftf^U ^«?lt 


Jl^RCW^ ^^^ ^^^. <2R;^5I^ ■'l^^j-^ ^^c^^ 
8 ^ I ^5[tg sfc^i^ ^°,*f ^c^ ^^ ^^ SR^ ^[•s'l;^ 

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[^ ; ^v 

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^pp5 c^rt^ c5t?rt^ J!^ Ft1% '^ I 
i^f^ I f^t*t1% ^"^Jra « ^sc^f^^ w^ ■^ t'R- 
#1^ C5it^ 3it^5li 'i^?? Frf^ H^ I 

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f^'fij 1 •ft's^ff^ ^"iT^ « vsIi^tf^PP" ^W^ ^.^ TSR- 

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•^^c»f? ^f«t5 c^x^ 'fif^ 31^ Ftf^ "*r« I 

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'R^ I ft^»{f% ^<%^ « \5i^«r^ w^ ij;^ ^'R- 

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^:^iCt|(.gl5l ^t^ WH ^^"W ^<t<^ 'Slt^ ^^ 

P'f^^? '^^ ^"^ w^ ^^^ "^^ ^ff^ ^^r I 
8*^c^ ?mwt^ 'R^ *i^ 'tpr^ ^tc^i ^fn^ 

Ccrt^CVR ^'-M ^ 51'3? f^^ 'i^ 'fl^ *t^ n^W 

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8» ^finrttwi^, ^f^ c^^ c^h ^^c»f^ f *W ^f^^ 

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c^ cglf ^ ^^, 'iit f^fi^ ^R'^n^ ^sftTti^ 
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f^n ftte^ l^sT^ Ji^frn c^rtr^ 5Tf^- 

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*- ^tft^ ^^^, ^?t^ tft^ Ccft?F iir®t^ ^i^g o1t% 

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i. vff^i tli'^ ^^^ ^J^w 'sr^Jitc^ ^c^c'i^ fiffV- 

vst^tsl ff«t^ CSitT C^^*t 5!^ 'ftp "t^ ^Jf I 

>^9 ?fC«t^ '5l«fF'3^ ^t^ I ^^t^ ^J^W, ^^"klf^ tf*tvS 


V i ^«— O ; ^o I ] 



5ft ^«t^ ^«fl^ ^tc^ I vTtTt^ ^JIW, ^5t^W^ 

t%f^^ isn^'ll ?t^ 'Sj^j-rr^ 5t^; m^TJTl 
C^'R Jttm^f'T® ^, ^«t^tl1 C^'ff^ ^^fif ^'H 

^mcif^ ^f«t^ ccTt^ 5ft*t y?^ «tr^ «r« 5R I 
^5 ^»t^ t^raf, ^t^Kw^ ■nf'Ta c^rt^ ^1%^ ^i^ ^t 

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di-^ ci^ ^f& 3^^ lii'^ »r5 5R 1 '«Rt^i ^^irs; 

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^1 ^f«t3 (.cn^ ^T© Jil^ JTt^ *f « ®R I ^t^CVR 

jf^s^ ^^ 5w Tt^sT^ jRg ^ *fo ©^ I 
vot^m ^[''R ^tn^ *f^W 5it?rl C»CT "si^rij^ 

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^°v*lT7F ^rtl^m ?tciTi ^5fc^^ v^M $nf^ 

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fw&^ 5fc^, ^t5ra «iitf^ ??w I 

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7^l[^ £f?Wsn»C^ «IRT^ ^Cif!:*! n:^ ^fMf^ ; 

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i« ^ c«if%^ Ji^Rl'ic"^ ^si^ii.?^ fn^it^ «i^>iTi:^ 

i* m ^^ ^sre rr^C"^ -sit^l ?r^ I v5^ c?ttf»f 

it' L^.»iR, ^5t<; 'Q T^ff^ I wr^ ^n^ ^t*R c-jft^ 

'ai^^ltC^ C'n.'^iR^ ^^RC?^ 5TR fffRf^ « f^fTft I 
is ^(5 ^t^f^ ^(*f^ c^I§l ^-IK^ ^^[(-«^ ^^WW^ 

',» ^R ^si5[i5i, fq^^^, r^cgf«) ^8 ^^cuci I 'srra ^t*R 

^^ C^ft ^^K^ 5i^Tf^^ Tl^RW^ ^^ 'S[■^^ 

O. T. 




[O; ^^—8 ; S I 

^f't^ c5it^ ^°^t^ ^rr* ^?23 ^'t& *f s si^ ^t^i I 

wr^^ ^i^t 4^'s 5151^ cJiTt^i^i r^fj]^^ ?^ 1 

f^gt^ln c^rtft « ^flra#?T c^t^i ^<N'i?f ^ ; 

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«■> 5ifsr^f*t^ ^1^ 1 ^t^ ^^Ic^iiL^i^ ^ t^^^'l 

ft't^^, ^t <^W, ^fe '^tr.^^ ^t1l5^t=*l^ 511^ 

^ct^ ^^I^ 5t^1 nfe ^ti:^^ 1^^^ ^^^c!t<? 
^'t^ f^J^ fl^3^ I 
o« t^f% 5tc^ I^Ch CJfltf « ^%?i csjl^ 

VQ ^t^tfsr^ ^5^ '|5l^ ''^ ^«WI ^ftcci t^tcvfi 
stfpa C^t^ m'<l{<i ^?l ^^ 5,t «f^ ^^ ^^ I 

^^, gM « ^t?t^ ^^ ^I, ^^° ^<^^^1I 
Ob- 7\-^^ -^ ^t^rw?! ^w, c^tw « 1^ I ^t^ ^^fsra- 

8. ^<I 5i?t^f Cltftc^ "^f^C^R, ^ff tgtC^- 

'I'^^^ct^ 'icsg i»^ ^t^ « ^s!^stp(^ ^^ >2)«j^- 








8 8 ^t^ 3Wt£!^ C^ffnc^ T%?I^, ffsi tgt- 

f^^i:^, ^ vsf^rcvf^ n«5<cii? nf^^ c^jftTn:?^ 

nf<^ ^tci^^ c«i^5i ^Ttt;:^ nt? 'ff? c*r^^ 
^it;:^ ; f^r'tf^ c^\u5 ^^ c^^ci \^ \ ^rt? 

^tf t?n ^^Rl «rtf¥5T, ^r^rctf^ ^l¥<^ ^^j c^tft 
i^uo ^nig ircjfi c^^cs^^ nf^^i >3^ ^^g 

^-^JT? ^T!'? ^5rC«( If H ^"^JI^ ^1^ 1W T5 
^^fJi^-^I^T:^ ^1c^^ Jl^^^'t^ OlTt^^ 

^f^ -^rfe ^1^ [ ^\w^ ] I ?«R fMra ^5tJi^ 
5|:^, N5«f^ 5t!:ifi ^ '^t^ *3i5^i fi^c^ ^t^c^, 
vfi^'x ^n^R^ f^'^r^^ Tt^tf^n ^i?t^ ^n^i- 

PI^¥ FtfVi^^, ^sf^ ^*tC? ^^-R^^ «]t^t5i^ 
V\Ui, 'G vst^t^ ^'^ ri'^< ^51^< ^^ ^g 

«{ir^c^ I (Til 5i^c5i^ s*tc^ ^r^i^ 'iiT c5Ttff «- 
^f^a ntfoc^, ii^°N N5?f-5i:^?i ^t5f t«f^ r^l ^t?1 


8 . io-8J5 I ] 



ii ^^^ ^tf«rr^ I 't!:^ ^t^lil '^'f'^ni c^cf^ ^^x^ ^=t- 

^4 ^3 Itfe^ ^t^^ ^^l^ ^^-SC^l Wf^fttfiT 

-i^ 5fC^^ ^"^H stf^^ I ^iH c^ ^t^ ^»^ c^i%:1 
•i 8 ^t^ ^nci C^liJ.^ ?c^<i ^ ^f^c^ I ^sll? ^st^t^ 

^sff^ \5t?t^ ^f^ra ^*tc^ ^c*t-R^^ wt^fif^ 

^srW^t 'ii^'x cq fVf ^mn w.Ki ^m, ^tftm ^1^ 

5s ^".ifcT ^^^ ^f^^3 ^ I f^ ^'si^ ^f^<n ^ 
«irt!:^, ■srt^ ^ ^, >^t frfi^ c^t'rai ^l^twvi 

f^^irs f^^1 ^?n:w '2ti\sf¥ sRi"^ wii^T ^^R 
^o cJRl"^c4 « ^t"5 ^^f;^ f^^ ^^fm^ 1 f%i ^^^1 

^>,^^ ^r? JiTf^J^ CTtftc^ ^fe?W, ^ C^R^ft^- 
5^ JI<?IX1 5t?1 ^1 I fe^ ^'K^<[ ^^ ^^^ n^t-l 

■^•^^ T5r? 1%^ Tf^T^ 5i^?t^-'«tfrs ot^t^^ 

»> "^f^z^ I Ji'Ji^n-^ctlj:^ t?tt c^Ht^-^R^-Tii 

^o 5rf[^ ^[^fw^'c^ ^n^i ^^ I fe»r ^<sJi<j ^^"^ 
^^fsf ^W[^ ^(^^ ^<!=? i1j^ ^i^'li j^t:^!?;- 

^4 ^icftT ■fe*t ^<sri^ ^!i^ ^#^ '^'<^r»f ^^^ "^^ 

osi ^^5T C9tf% ■Q r^'^f ^i^t^ ''ff'tNs ^, -fe^t 
5^7ra ^^^ 'si^'f ^t^fM ^^s^ra ^•5'? <iw ^rt^i 

8. ^t^^ ^^^ 'Slt^R Ctt§t « Pi'ffcTt^t^ ^^ 

c5t!?Ti5T-if^R9f!:tw cnttof? ?rPr« ^ii^? i^rt^- 

8^ fig-f ^'^TJ^ ^!I^ ^Rf?f ^^H ^'^'T? ^'^ ^^ 
88 x5t5tHl ^t^ ^t'l^ C^^ « Plff^t^^l ^« 

84 5lc^ i%^ Tffg ^t *t^ ^^ ^^ I t^tal ^ti%- 




[ 8 ; B'\ — a ; ^S 




■^1^ c^ c^ffn;?! ^'^ wtl'T c^rttl <3 f^i^- 1 

(Ti^t^'t «Q v»r^ ?^ ^1^ -^f^!:^ £fr^ w\<r5, 1 
81^ ^i^rai #t^ ^^ ^tt 5T^ 'fts »t^ ^t% ^^ 

#v- ^t^ jwt^ c?rrf»t^-^ ^%?[5T, f fi tgt- 

^^f^ &l^^ S)^'^ f%fT3 ftt^ ^ifll ^flul 

f^'ftc^ f*tf?<t ^ft^ Ttfl^ -^n I ^^itw? c^ 
c,* ^t^ 7pf(2(^ c^t'"*^!.^ ■^f?c5T5T, ^ tgtnm- 

I^^ICTf^ 'lii^O efclxs C^'R *itn ^f?^ Ti^t^^^ 
■^KW JIaF^T^R ^C^, ^t^ C^lf >21t^ Vf^^T5 ^H, 

(?n?i ^"^ ^°*i '^f'i^, ^rt^^ f^c^ cw ^ra^tc^, 

^t^^r^ fWo ^tl^ ; ^f%^ Wl^ ^?1^ >2(tll- 
s ?^ ?!I, dll ^tuf-^vstf^ CPi<3 f«Il'« 5tC^ I ^t^ 

5if^^ -s^'M ^f^in c^rtni:^ 'si^f^ ^. « ^1^1^ 
«rtii^ m^ 'sT^t^ '2ff^ ^^^'t^t^iil ^n ; U» 








^^ C^lt ^'Ct ^"R ftC^ ^t^.^^ ^tl^ ^tf^C^, 

■si^'. sst^ra Rr%'« ^Rl^ ^'i?t^, ^'ll'^ ^^ >§^ra 
"sjtf ^ ^13 ^iftig Slot ^tmi ^trfwa c^r^iit^ 

f^f^<s ^fci cj^i cjil isii:^^ ffri;-^ I ni:^ ^t;gi^ .^ 
^fsi ^^\^ ^\t\i\ ^f\7{\ ^\f<^Ts\ ?tr^, ^e f^^p^ 

PP^ ^R ^^R "^I^^ ^fl^n ?t^t« SIR f^^r<- 
^8 Cxsl^ra "^tft f^ ^^ C^R "^"^ ^n C^l^ls?. 

■^f^c^— 7i?[£r| cxsi^ti ^^ ^^»f ^ c"jRi<] ^Vf^ 
-5 m-^i[ "^fm ^f^w^t ; ^ra >i!t "(Fi^^^ wi 

C^m^ ^ff« -SCT*! ^fHl C\S(^[^ ®ff^ '5?l» ^ 

C^t »fm5iR^ Srsl f^^^C^ v5T?t^ ^ttisg '2!,'^ I 

^iqi^ '«^i-^5in:wi 5it^^, Vila's CTt ^^-t^rq^T 

^Ui^ I ^^t ?t5f^ vS'^'si^'nc'il (T!t ^^J-^n^- 
cwj^ ^^ ^ 'Sff'i ^f^¥i c^^ ^m^ 5f^ ^rac-^. 

^'J.IL^ v§ Stc^ Oi? ^5f nt^ "^Ifl^ I ^1^ CJTt 

fic^ 5i^ *rR "^ttii^i cjj ?if^ ^1^ ^1^ 

*lf^C^ ; >i;t^t^ CJit 3^ ^{9R C^lt^W^ 1-^7 
"ItC^t^ ^f^ ^IC"^ I ^tS ^f^ CTtt ft «l«f5 ;^ 

■Co 1 



^n^it'iT?^ I 


'^tff? ^ff^ ^^f-^ f^m''m%^ ^(«fF ^i'^, 
«i ^t '''T^ ^r^fl ^t^^ ^fe^ I ^t^tc\s ^# ^(''f- 

*l;^ f^^ atcsii^ Jiin'2!^<i ©!:'v?i:»i ^?i^f ^ ^f- 
■■3 Tra ^5? ^^^ t%"*t^ 5«, ^wfl<i ;5^, ^^^, ^''H 

3 ^c^ -2(^-a f^lt ^C? ^ I ^t^t? ^»f^r?f%- 

^ -^IttC^ ^1 1 "^IPf ^tl^ f^'^ f^Rl THal t%^1 

^'Hll^ «['?Sf% ^ft!-^ ^ ; (T^^l ^t^t^ f^TT^ 
^f^ t^C^^ ^OTt»t '3?l'^f^t%? 1%^ «IlC5 I 

J* fR^ I 'srt^ ^fW CTR 5I^^T f^t"^ ^im iR^t'^ 

<2ii¥f«B^ ^c^ ; ^i^ CTt t^^ ^t^ti ^'S^ 
i 3 ^t^ ^t^ifira^ 'fit ^^^ ; ^t^t^ ^«(^rif%^ 

^'^Ji^ ^l!C^; c^m!!:«i ^^^% f^C^t^ -il^ 
Cm^.J!, >Q ^tntC< 'ilT^^ fH(.^t^ -^^ c^- 


-^« ^"^^l ^8 5r^ti< Irc^^ ^-^ C5R. 'srt^ *ii-5p g*ri% 
^o(^*|§j 'S^t^ Jt^ei^^^ ^ ^sf^l^ ^Tfi^ ^^7 
Jivfta^^ yi»^r.«r ^t '''^^ ^ni^"a ^^1 ^f^t<I 

51^-^1I ^^j <3 c^^ ^i^w f^rrffR ^f^ I 

f^(%5 f5^ (TT ^^C"^ c^pt, ^t^ ^t^l i^^1<^ 
iS ^fcT^ ^sjif^ ^f'^r.^ ^tf«tC^ I ^\^ ^ttrai 

fn|¥ ^3 ^"¥«rR ^if !"*('§? rrf 5"1"^1 cTfll ^t^1^ 

^t^l^ fiTC^ ; cff f^ f^c« 'TR^ "^f^^ti::! ^?1 
;^^^5o ^t^ Wi^^ (.^fti^ ^r^c?i^, '^fsi ftwi'l 

%<^-^ ^t^cn ^%Rtf ^r^C^; 'ol^tf^^^ 
?3 T^^t-sf^ c^i^tc^ ^t^^f '^'^ ^ C^tTtC^ 

'Q C^SRIf^ *ttf^ WR <FW^ I 

'sii^ c^i fpfR citf*r ^t^t^ it^'fR ^it^ 

C^i^, ^t3 ^«,^°x4=t^ ^■^^ ^^J ^^° C^f? <3 

^ ^fn^s c^t^cpfii ^nc^ f*)^^ fe^^i I ^l^HI ^Wt- 





lii"^ ;£iT w^ '^'^ -^^^l '^^ ^tf^^t wt'^tc^ 

8,4 ^^ Tivft^ff wrftc^ "^fe^^, ^ ^st^w^ 
^ti^s ^?t >st^i "^ ; (7i JT^^ Ji^1^-^ti;^ c^Tf- 

i%^C^ f^iT^ ; -a^ >S^ ^^I^ ^t'R 'Slt^R CTITt- 

« ^^t^^tc^ f?^^ I ''t'^ <:^tf*t (^t =^R^ ''t'^^ ^ 

1^ FtR ^?, >£l^t f ^tfll Ji^RltC^ ^t^tC?! C^I^t- 

^tt^'itci Ftf? «R^ « 'stl^ ^^ f^^ ^t?:^^! 
i •> Ti^!:'?! ^t^^ ^t*t^ ^^tn ^tR^^ I ^*i^ ^t- 

^^ f^^ c^R-£tf^M«{^ 'STtn?! ^n^ ^'4?t^ 

j^ >2t«l^ f^CTi f^g?l ^r*!^^ ^fTRf^^i «Jq 

^f^ ^jR^ m'w^ ^^^rtc^ 'ii^ »t« fe^t [c*i^] 

ie tf»f [C*t^^] ^fmtl '^(I'f^ ^^ ^^^ ; <^^^^^ ^^ 
ii^is ^tt^tW ^f=1?tR^ ^^ ^■^ l^t^ ; *3 ^^=Tt«i^ 

\mi sf^ ^t c'Jft^, ^fts c^\ ^^15 ^t^, ^^^^^ 

■nfti ^IR^ c"*t^f[ ^^tra ^^ *r« i^*t [c»i^^ ] 
5 i ^\Hm'\ "^i'U ^'^ ^^ ; c^c^"^ ^^ '^'^ c^it- 

^t c^nw, *it5 c^, ^15 5M, ^^^^1?i nt& c5i^- 

^2 «J^g t^iit^ I ^t^l^ ^^?n ^m ^R^ c»[^cT 

'si^Jrt^^ >ii^ »t^ f^»t [c*i^^] '^\m\'\ c^lc^ijij 

^b- cm, 'SiW^ 4T c^^<^yi ; ntTf^ ^f^?R^ 
'tt^ c^i^, ^t5 wt^r, 4^^^lh nt^ c^^^<^i ; ^^t 

o> fj^ t^^^ 1 vSt^tlf ^'l^^ nf^ ^C^ C*l-^cf 

^TTtc^ 4^ *f« fe»f [c»r^«!] nf^h c^'t^'Tr5 

^o rr^lf^ ^-^ ^^ . c^c^f? ^^ ifl^ C^^<^5T, ^"^ 

Oc ;sj5; ^-^ ^^ . vs SJ^fc^fl^ ^f%l SrSJ ^t C^[\W, 
^It^ Gl^. ^l]5 It^. '^'^^^ ^W m^^%'^ ; t^l 

^■^ ^fviJi^^ «i:q *t^firaf[ I ^at?H ©^1^^ ift^ '^tW? 

c»t^c[ ^j^tc^ 4^ »t^ f3i»f [ c^'^^ ] ^rf^5fti 
dlc^ij^ '^<F «ftfi, 'Q 51^ c*r^^ ^ifmii c<(\i^n 

8 = cm, >ii^^^ ^"^ C"5R^<^7T ; ^'tt'Tf^^ '^fkWk'^ 

8 i ^® ^-^ ^f5t ; v3 ^J^oTt?!^ ^f^ ^^ ^t (■''I'tW, 

^15 C^^, ^5 Wl^, ^^^5 'TtF CT^'i;^ ; t^ 

8 5 ^^1^(71^ I Wt^ ^"f^ n1%5 '?TR^ C»t^^^ 

^rili:^ ^'w ^« ftpf [c»f^£i] nft^i csfrc'^tji (fi^ 

S3 '^r^c^ '^^j 1^"' ^ft^i' 'f'f [c*t^ nfwit 

8 =1 sf^ ^i'^ wcjf ; ^ 5iw^t«f^ ^fsra s?^ ^t (.^W. 
nt5 c^^, 'ntF ft^. ^^^^u nt^ C^^<s^ ; t^ 

sa 9^ tcTt»tT5H I ^i^(^ ^^f^H ^fe ?ic^ c*!'^^ 

^%7\\C^ ^^ »t^ fi5*t [ C"!"^^ ] nfl^tt CTtC^dl 


&\- \^ ; 'M] 



«« ;^ v£l^ ^t1 ; ^ f^^t'l'^ ^#ra ®i5J ^t t^fTf , 
'ItF C^, 'ft^ Wt^, >£|^^^ '^t^ W^<^'! ; t^l 

88 «jg 9|i|(rf|(.*Jcj I ^T^ ^^ITt^ tll^T ^^ (Tf^ffT 

«i«PiRi >ii^ »f\s f^ [ c*r^5i ] tf^Ttt cjrt!''!]^ 

lil"^ Sft^T, ^S 7i^ C*r^ '^f^^tl C¥t^^lT^ -5^ 

8S SfW ^-^ ^-n ; « 51^^51^ ^f^ Sf^ ^t Cti'W, 
«tt^ C^, 'tt^ ^9t, >£1^^^ ^ C5m<^1 ; t?1 

<>i ratfJra <I3 ^ifr?t^ I ^t^^ ^^t^ ^1%fl TU:^ 
cT'Fcf ^5i^c^ >ii'^ ^ fig^t (c*r^5il ^'fft-srti 
c?tc'!TT^ >xi^ ^ft^r, « j^i^Q? c*r^5i '^f^i ca\i^j? 

«v3 nt%5ni "^f^ 'il^ 5^5T ; C^CT5 ^reJ 4^ C5lt- 

«.8 ^<^ii, ^^ c^, 'S^^rft^ 'ii^ c^'^^^'i ; ^Mt<^ 

^t c?rt^, ■^ c^. 'tr^ ft^, ^^^u 'ftp c^^- 

<£(^ ?rt^, ^8 Jt^a^ (TT^R -nftltl C3\!.<^ -il^ ^it, 
-1 i 5jgj v£l?F 5t^ ; « IW^'f^ -^9^ W^ ^t C^t^, 

10 ?j;ig -^f^ni^f I tt^ ^n^t^ nftia itc^i^ cr^ 
^irtc^ ^"^ffs f^»t [c*i-^] ^wn'\ a>i^j? 

'I'l ?ti?rsl SiS ^T fH ; <3 5[^cTf?r<P ^fsTS Si^ S^t 
C^^, •=tf^ C^^. 'tt^ ^tn, ^TT^'ll % C^^^s^i ; 


IS 9^ ^-^o , ;||^^ ^,^^ ..^f^ ^,_^ ^^,j^_j 

^si^prtrg ><|-5F »r® f^t [(y\Tm\ nf^Ti c-^'tc^R 

b-2 pftTT^ ®i5I ^"^ ^fst , ^Q t^sTt<¥ ^f^"^ WW 
^t C^t^, ntF cm, ^ ft^. ilTT^*^^ nt5 c^^- 

>^ s c^fvf ^ ^5ff%C^T-f?l^ C^f^-2lfa^H W^ 'fit ^*t- 

WtW»f 'm, C?>l*1I^ ^tW*t Tl#, ^l«f^ ^'tipf 5^ I 

1^8 ^t^ -snrsiT «!ft^ ■ii-?? ■'T* f5»f [c*!^, ^^^ 
^1\ua<\ c?t^fj tf^ Tti^ c»r¥^ ^^ri^^ i;t 

'^t'f^ ^?»f R7T, <2tC^JT 5^71 ''if^S ^K^ Cn^cT 

v^u[^ ^< '^T »(^ f^°v»i% [ c^-^^r ] -^fjfs^ j 
i^=i ccW«:< Jft^!:^ ^*f c^rtip, ^lTf*f c^, ^¥Tfi¥ 

^iiNs, cJit ^t ^^cTg ^5fj ^|t^^ ^t^ -^m^ -^.^ 
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y. ^sjt? 5Ti^«t^ Csrtf^R"^ ?^5R, ^7{ 
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•sri^ ^t'R c^n^^'W^ 1^ ^tc^ ^Iws ^?t"^ ; I 

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v?t?t^i f*if^ «itr^^, ^1^ i?t-2r^^ ^twfcvst 

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«irtr^'«, J^TTtsr^^ ^li^in^ -^itsi ^B^ ; Noi^i<il ! 
'li:^ 7i;ft2i^ c^itfnc^ ^fe^, ff^^^ut ' 


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^t^ OfW c^wcw^ cf*w?r^ f^ni^? 1%i^ 

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^tii^, 't?:^ G\t <^^ ^t?^ <£ff^a ^^r^fvo 

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'5l'ft*t^ll^ ^ "^^^ ^^tCTf? C'iTtlf^ 

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c^5it^ Tw^i ^%, c^^^^ Jf^ta^i tgtraf.^ 

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^isjictT^ ^i^ ^t-Q, v!W >iit ¥^ ^^, JWl-^rg 

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c?itf»t >i?i'2i'^ f^^c^ £ti'«(^ ^rac^i cJit ^f'sr 


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c^ a Tt^ «rit^Ii, ^51 ^^t JHI, «t^, IIP, 

vb 9f^ \3 cT^Tf 5J(R ^firoSC^ I 'il^ ^fflUTS 'Stt'l 

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^stf^c« ^<"^¥i ^?^tfi7« f^^ "^f^, « 'm\^\ 

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•si^c^ 'sr^rr? ^fwf5, ^^° '^t^t^ ^'^i^ c^r?^ 

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^t^^l p'[f^'55ic«fj ^cTifi^ '^rsT? -^fkus ^\h- 

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"sit^itof^ Jiff ^ f?F ^c? 51 ^tt ? 'sita 'ii "^isn 
^:n^l c^tH c^T^tt ^f%^ ^5i%r fgcfi^ I 

^fl iR^C^ ^tt?! ; ^?ra f%^ SR ^% ^^1 

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.£f\g v©t^<j f^r^ c^t^i vr»R ^t^i ^m^rt^ 

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■^RC^, ^r?i, ^I5in -st^, ft^ -^ra, ttcn^ "Jf^ 



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fwt ^t *n;«f f^J^ ^^, •^tt^is ^5fi:?i f?t!il ^^ ^; 

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7i3t^ 5f^^^ 1R^^ ^^rf^^ ?t^ ©^fff^nr^ « 

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^t?i,^^; ^t?R?i ^jlc^'Q ^^-^f ^t?ii5t I 


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ii ^? 7iT^t'2(^ Wtf*fc^ ^cfi^, ^t c^tr^^l 

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i« c^ 1 -fi^ ^fvf ^fij -lit c^rt^rw^c"^ ^"^ ^j[%^ 

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is. £ti%^5f ^i^ I f^^n -^f^, C«RH ?<rr^ ff^l^- 

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^i WS\t ^tf'f #^, A'^'s Jil^ 'Jf'ift ^ia;|^ 

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Gfc'^r f^¥tl%r, c^t cffc*f «itR ^tfti^ si<[>:r 

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^iR ^^ ^1«! 51^ ^f^ ? t^rCM'5i^t-?i^ 

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<il^ 'ii"^ f?L^ ^^ -it^ ^<F ^<!,^, c«ii^l ^^t- 
.38 c^7?pf^ vstTl ^t^ t^'^ I '^^ ^wta^i ^fsiitfi. 

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nttit^rfefR, ^\^M f^fwi ^tf^TTH ^ cffrm 

■Ob- ^f^ Ji5rt>2(^ii ^i^c^i 'i^Rtftc^ 5ffi^ 1 c^ 

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cft^f?!^ 'fffs ^'sTTl ^f?ra ^^, •2n:oT<F c^- 

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^<^^'^ "^f^ I ^rf^ ■^'M ^fn Jift^ngi ^cttch 

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^Tftcg lilt ^"^^ "^f^"* ^ftc^ I '^ C^sfltW^ 

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'f^t^'tt::^ ^, ^^ff^^ti:^ ^, ^sitfsi c®W- 

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Tji^ft^f^ ^c^*f ^'gm^ Sn^ Rw^r-i ?Ff^ I 

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fit'rnrf^ ^nfif^«! '2ftTrf*^ '^fw.'^ -, ^^t^us 
^5t^ '2rt^«6^ ftc?i ^«i^ra tin ^^ ^^ I 

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(Til ^[^ ^'i^ c^r^?^ ^^ ftc« ^fe[ ^^ 1 

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'srt^ cPKR -^^ ; (Tit ^fe vgc^fTtir^ ^f^ 
^c^, ^5t^ ^n^t«f ^at^^t ^''f^ ^itc^ I 

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wo[ ^'i^ 'sitn^ ^^:^ cTtci c?iit f?^^, '« 

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Tiirt'St^^ ^^^ ^t^ 'Ji^n ^^%i ■'H^ii ^1. 

3» C^ ^5(W^ 5R^ ^^ "SRI ■^, vg *Tt^ ^, 


8 i 4^", ^^t^ ^^j:^ ^^T^f^ s^^ ^ I ,5^ 
\\^ c^tIt^ Ji^t^ ^^'^, ^^t^ 7\^[^ pn^^, 

(Tit f^,?:^ 5l^1-5T C^ C^r^^ (7f i:^» 
=^ «rf[?i5f, <<\m C^cTC^ *l!q ^Q^ ?5T tff«fcT ; 'Sff^ 

tglt^-t^t^rwi ^t *r« ^^t»f sn:^ jtI^ 

c^f«m ^'^j^r ^i3?r ; t^rai ^^1 ^(^^^ ^i^rtrsf 

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■sRWT sfift ^^^, '^^N ^?t<2(f ^?t(.Ta 'i'd- 

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cw^, c"^ jrtrf>2p|? c^t^, v3 (?f *ffe, "^'i^tc^ 

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^t?ti^ Jiwi'2i^ ^i^t(r¥ 'wt^^ ^c^^, (Tit 

^Tf%5 ^rf^ ^tr^ ; C? (^Il%? ^^W^l, Cvai^f^t 

c? c^f^ ^m^'^\'=\. fr^ni "^f^, ^w? -^^n ^^ 1 

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Jitrt^^ «rt^t(Tt? (TRT^^ ■^^Tfc^ 'Q ^i^qf? 

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Jll%5 C^sM? JfJI^ iqf^^ ^j'?jt<s CcT1T5 7^\^- 

^ftf ; ^n ^m'i C^ C^, <^1^ ^t^t^ -£(f%- 
sowt^t^ Ttt^ ^; t^ f^ f:^ 1^5 c?i, ^f^ 



[ ^ <b ; ^ 8 - 8^ r 

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cTf? ^D5 ^"^ ^t^'s elf ?rtt, '^t^ ^^pr^ ^"^ 

c[t¥i \5T^ ^tc^ ^n fwni jj^t'Zf^ 'T^c^r 
it' ^ir^i ^'H wtn^ w^t^sft^ srtt^ I "^^ 

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vsb- nf^ig I ^^ ^ err -^n^ ^t^^ ^'i^ £itt;n^ 
^S^. c^jRi ^tfRi jjvft'^nf? ^in c^ 7\7^^ 

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csl'Rl 'tft^ Tt!:^ ^^^5 « c^t%^ ^^^^ ^^ 

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O. T. 9 ] 




[ ^Ir'; ^O -- '5>;5 

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:^<, fi(^ I ^\^ ^^\r.:^ 5(!.?fic^ ^Ri:^!^, ^r?t?:'?'S 

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f^^^T^, C4t5t1% ^^ ^C^ 5^t?, ci|?{J{ .£1^ HW^<^\ 

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« Jirs ?t^ c^T^ ^«= f^'^tt?!! fffc^ I ^^ ^trrs ^t- 

^?c^ ; ^c? f^if^c^ ^^^ ^iic« ^ttf^c^ ; mif'i 

b- ^q'lBff Jl^rt '^r^I^ ^«r5 ^Itf^C^ I ^^ C^ ■^jf^ 
CS(lv5 ^r^C? « »ttl^ SiC^T ^t^;^. 4^°v Tfjl ^^f 


i o — - ^ O . ^ fi I ] 



a c^r c^ c^H l??:^!^ f^ Of? "^""i ■^t?, c^ 

f?^CJi ^t'|5(tc^ ^^nt^ ^1 ^C?[, ^C^ '^^ ^tc^ 
:« Jit I c^ c^? c^m ^%m]<\ ^^ c?^ "^"i "^r^Tii 

'Sl^f? ^^; (Tit <2lt% igtC^CeT^ '('(J ^IC^ 
^m^ ^t^^ ; C^^^ ^t?t^ ^^lll ^t*t>51 S;^ 

- 8 ^t^t5 ^JSfB^l ^tC« ^t #??lti:W I ^JT|1 >ilt ; 

c^t^ t^^J ^*R '^i;^ fC5(j ^c^, \»^ CJI5- 

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1?r ^f^^ ^ '5\\<i ^nc^, v3 (Til "^[^H JR^ 

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>5^' c^ s^\^ ^\\\ ^A ^r^, (?i 7\^]\ •^■^]i 

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Ji^tf 1-1 ivft'Sf^^ j^rt* t^^t? ^li^i, ^t^ 1^f% 

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f^t^tr^^^H, (Til f'l^^^ ^t^i^i ^15^^ ffR ^tJi 


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wtf, ^t^ t%f5? ^oii^rtc?! J^ ^^jf^^^i^. >fi<r; r« 
C'SBi -^m\ ^Rtf^^c^ TO^ ^Ic^ ^li^^ -^fm ' 
^if^^ ; ^(^ (.if«r, «iif II c^tTfi wii «i|55- 
in f^"s ^tttf»i ^{^fci =5111% I ^tR mi "^1%, f r^ 

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t^Ti^^-Ji^'Rni ^(ffc^ ^i%[, ^mj\ <it^''t«f 

f^?t1 Ttll ; ^if^ f^ ^Wl ^<S^I1, ^tl^l ^Ff 

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c^c^ ^t'{^ ^^ ^s^i fm\ ^ti'o f^i.^ ^Ji^^ 
^|ct; ^^>ii^ tq-Rn^ ^t^^rs f^^ ^|cv5 ^^ 

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^c^ <2(^1JT "^fliii c?ti iw^ ©if^^ ^?r I 

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C5[t^C5fI f^C^ I's^pft^ ^t^^; C^^ ^ff^ 

fitc^f ^rac^ ^ ; Ttii ^rftil ^c«T3 f^t^ 
^« ci>m\ wmii "srf^i fif f t^rfr ^itff c^i i ^f^j 

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^» ^l^-s ^fi^ ^tfsiTrt ^tf^cci^ 1 ^11 ^»rsT Jii^ 

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'^IW.*\ ^f^^ ^B11 ■^r^ri, ^fif 'I'fsi ilt C?!t^- 

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8 ^[ti ^1^R1 c^ "i^^ ^^?:^ s:'%\^ -^f^^;! 

■^r^o* citr^, c^t^f^i c^^ ^i^ifvfm^ f^Jin 

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^RTTl ^tt ? I^^« ^tt. ^fl'S 5l1f J ^t? ^Nfctffl 

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t^ti:^^:^ ^5^1 ^t?:^ ^t^l i 
i o ir^ tgtc^M-Ji^t^^i ?rt^ ^r^fl ^QWtcs fHR^ 

; ^ ftfti ^I'^s? "^f^ I ^s«it ?tc^ ^1^1 ^fi?n CT^? 

;o ^9|^i^t(.^ fnfra ^tl^ ^fifl I ^5f1 ^t^S ^1:51 

''ttci '2it^« r»if^ =^1^^ ^fe ; c^^^ ci[n1ci<i 

<3 tc'lt^lWI 1S(I^# ^t-fl^ CTl^ltC^I ^11 I 


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ii> «tC^ ^RTH -2tt^^ itc^ 1^Rr?I, vQ l^l^l ^tNS 

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C^CS Sil-^^ -^f^^ ^1, ^C'il ^?I'S 11^ ^f^ ^ ; 

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■^8 -^^ ^(ifi I ^?t^ fgt;:^^ '<^mii[ ^l^t^ 
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'sic'Jit^-'i^Rw? f^^'^ *iw ^t^m cipt ^nf^t^ 

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^c<i^^ ^t#^ ^tt^'-tC'^ stt^ ^ra^'Ki I 


^R ^rff^t ci\Wi *t%^ ^^'si ^f<iiiti%, 
?rtii c5(tf^i *(^<? j%^ I 

«5 ic^ ^\m\ f^m\ ^ni-^ ^^t m\ ^^\ 

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f*tra Itn^ ^"R^I I 

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^fi^, C^tt^ C^^ Sftd^ 5{ff?i ^c) ^i|g5i ^(ij^ 

ij« 'itMt^ xst^tc^ ^Rcti^, c?t5, f^^"^ itc^ 

d)^ sjtf^ ^iRi il^ ^tf^^rtcw, cwt3 ^^^'^'' 

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^111 lICvS ^tf f^i ^f[^lJT ; ^ ^ ^tfl ^t^tfff^i.^ 



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ii<rtci1^ ^5(1? f^-^.^ ^%i 'llilt^iR^iT ; W^r, 
^■R? I -ii^ ^f^ «rtf3l^ ^11t^ f^fti:^ ^t^tfti^c^ 

^!0^5t«tC^ ^f^, C^5ral '^W*! ^f^^ "^i'S, 

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:8 ^Ji'Ji^ ^i^^ I ^?tC'« Cll^tc^^ ^«0^^1 ^&5l 

'^itRC^ f^l%f 'Sf^'Jl^ ^^Ccl^ I 
ie ^C^ ^t^ll^ ^tTt? ^t^t^TS ^C*W ^^°v«II^ 

f^filTlCT^ f^^C^ ^lfJ1?1 vst^tt^ ^ft^, f^C'lt- 

ci^ *I,g ^t^rt^ 'flt ^«t1 ^C5?JT, f^^Tf ^f%, ^l^t^ 
U^^ '^\^^L's ^t*tf^ f^c^^ f^^tfi^ ^^<:^^ 

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i V f^ file's Cilt Cc!l^f^9ti:^ »t1^ f?f^ I ^«R ftf^^^ 

^t^t;:^^ wt^fff^i:^ ^^^ ^f^^, "^tflfl ^t«it^ 

is, 4^ci pi^?i ^ra, c^ti^t« ^it ^t(.^ ^tf^ ^M^ 
^tf^^l ^t^tc^ ■^r^c^i^, ^ c^lc^l ^f? c^t^itc^ 

^©?ll ^ri^ M^^ ^tSttC?n C?lt?ltC^^ ^^tJ^Cff? 

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c^i:;g -Jt^^ ^|i[cT ; ^i^R^s f^f^^'r ^^«tc^ 
Jivrl^l^ 1*^^ '^'ff^l '2itfic^ ^t^ c^R^l cstcj, 

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f« ^1^« f^f?"^ ^5f?l^ ^^?ll, vfr^Cl f^ ^tC^ 

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^l5iti;^ f^gn ^fl^t^; ^tfN ^^ ^ ^r?5t 

*t4]^ ^t^t^ ^^m 5f^!l1 «lt^, ^tf^ f^ C9\m 
«l^ f^f^TICT^^ 5^ «J;f51Tl1 ffC^?, ^t^tc^ CT 

^f^ ^t f^^ ^t^ C^l5t(^ ^l^^lC^ C^^ £,^t^ 

^ftf?, c^^ ^tii^ Jif^R^ ^f^ f^^m ^- 
c^5 ; ^t^ ^^#f ^tiic^ wf<in -ill ^ ^H 

M^^^ Jifft'21^^ l^c^ ^ft^, ^tf^ nt*t ^fj(- 

^ti5tt?1 WR^,^t?1 ^tr^ Wlf^ ^tl; f^^ ^'^(.1 
^RCclJf, ^ (.^\-^l^H ^:.^ ^(nS, fW% =5l1f^ a 

■^?lt c^l^itc^ ^M, ^f^ c^^fi ^l^tt '-^f^e^ I 

tc^ f^r^^i ^t^tc^^ ^«(jfC5t^ ^r^« t'i'i 

f^ffiTll ^if^TrtJf «1%TI1 ^Iflt"^ «t^t^ 3Tl^ 

opi^'it"^ 'Sfi^f^s ^c=f[w^ ^m\^ ^^fl^ I «it^ 


<^ ; 4lT — VO , ^^l] 




^\^\r^ ^\^H f^^i."^ c^^ ^1^^715? 7{\^ ? ^i^r- 

8. 5C^R^ ^'(f^« ^fCSR I ^t^ ^tri1^ ^^^^f?i 

^^j^w^ f^^i.t ^l^ttin f^C^Jl I 

'srt*? >ii"^ ^^ c^W!;\5 .5^ ^i^tl c^t^^Tf vQ ii^^ 

«& ^tca c^ ^t?t^ A^cT^ f^r^^ri c^ ; ^t^ ctf^, 

CTl5tc^^ ^^n^^ct^ ^r^^ ^t?i1^ ^l^t^ C^t'-l? 

*» f'l^c'S tt^tt^i f^'^^^ I ^*t^ (-^ ^t^^ 'f^ £f^1 

^Icit^ ^^t^ ^tra '^l^C^ ^W^C^^, 
c^t^H-^t^ *l^f?c^ ^^It^l ^t?.^ ^W- 

^Ji, ^tit^ f^fst^ ^tr^t^!:^ »tt^t :?«, 

V ^'^^ ^t^tt^ »n^ OT^ ^it. ^fi f^fii't 







JcrRi!;^? ^^i^ wt^ 'Stifle ^^j ^^^, 

■^I^ST, 7IWi>2f^ ^ilt? ^'I^ C^ "^"«fl C^, ^Tt^^rt^ 

T%ci5r, f<i5i?T -^f?, ^^ ^t!:^ ^i11? Jifx^ ^t- 
^s'^R Tt^t^ ^t^tC"^ fl'^^? '5^f^3 C^ltft^f • 

c^ig ^t^\ fm cTit 'iti'i Tit«^ c^f? t^^t'i 
f^f^iTii'ra ¥tci ctf^ fwi ^i^t^ ^^ 4^ ^t^j 

Jfflo ^[5^1^ ^1*t^ C^tl^f%^ f%^ct t[l5l|?i1 
§t? 'l^I W^V^ C^ f^'<\l\ "^fWJ^^ ; 

f^f^ ^f^I^ft 1% fJl^ ^f^^Jf III ? 

^sfii ^5^r^ ^5tc?^ ^m^ I 

t"^^ f'lJT^ ^t'^'S ^^if^'tC^ ^iRCSCfST ; 



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'Sllt^fSf, ^tf^ ^It^i^li:^ 'stW ^TC^ 5ft¥l ^tt ; 
^ v5 C7\t ItC^f ^fV?Jl ^f^t^ f%RC!s ^t^tPi^!:^ 

^i^i^ "rfi cvt«?n ^rvm ^Hc^ ^t^^ ^c^ i 
\^ m:^ ^^\ c^!^^ I f^f^^ ^^t^c^ ■^f^^T, 

vilt ^t^^ "^tTt^ f^f^lCl Tftfitt C^f? t^^tl ■^f^, 

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CT ii^»fr>f (R^ ^ ^1^. 

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1 ^?11 ^ffl^l ?tc^ Sff} ^«(fBi?i1 ^f^l\ 

• (T1) iic^rcTT f^-^z^ t:?n:!tC'T? UlfZ^ I 

^^t5 TtSfl ^^t^ 'sicvt^t^ ^ '^t^'^^. 
^51^ ^rsfl ^t(^ ^tc^ I 
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^^ f^M ^1^5{ :^c^ -^^51^1^ ^rlccH ; ^t^rt^ 

i^ c^ I ^3^^ M^^ ^P\W(.'W ^%i, ^tf^ 1% 

^n^Tt^ c«f^s f^s^i'T^ m^tc^i ^f^ ^rrl, 

j^ wfn ^t^t^ "?< >8 a^c'^tr nfi^'f ^m ^? 

l^f ^f^Tt^ ^^ >i?t2,x^^ 'srt^ ^ts^tiT ^f^ilvs 
iS^fsR? ^■^ Gi^, voltf^ "^SitftTOr^ 1r<fl¥ 

>4 ?Fra I nc? cJT ^9R 511 '5f?i ^r^m ^f^^ ; 

^t^t?l 5^ *[^W^ ff ^, Cnt ^^ ^f^ii^C^ ; 
i^ C^ ^^C^? ^^ JT^cf -^Si.^, 

(71 -^if^^ 'Q ^€lFI^5^ ^iri ^f^C^f ; 

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1^ -st^t "^mi "^f^, 


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^n, '^'^^ ^^ t?i ■^';^^. ^^^ (-'^ ^ff^c^ ? 
5« 'tt^ Hfsisisi ^gin "^^ti:^ f^fk^rt c^, (£i^*^ 

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^t<i^ti?f^ c^^^mt? (Totwi;^ f^^ii ^rl^, Vila's 

C^tC^H C«lW^ ■^f^TTl ^1?tl?^ Cf^^tt*!^ "^tCW 
>2lf^ ^t^«5 ?t^ ^tf^ ; ^«il^ tqtCn:^^ 

j^c^ ^t?rt TRt^iii ^cvfc^f ^cti^ 5113:^ ^^f^-sir^ 
8 >2t5« cg^l«( f^p ?tc^ I vs^R citPf tgtc!!!:^^ 

fnC^C^ >2ff^ 'SftTii: ^t't^ ^I't^ C^Tt^ff^tC^ 
^tf¥f, v5<^^Cfl C5ltC^<I1 Ti^i^fSJ^i^^ ^tC^ Cat?^ 

cul t^tc^^i^ 'j^^c^ ^^'. c^t? fff^ri CJit ^c^, 
i.,ji nt? ^^\^^ o[\-?*\u^ Mw^. c?it^c5ni 

3lC!i;J 'SlW^ '•iW ^^^(^1 '2f^i'*l" ^^tc^ ^tc^i 
7i«1^^1 ^tC^ ^ W?i (.^\^ U%^ '^h^ ; ^it Si§I 


i^ ^t'f ^1 ^^ii^ "ffn ^t. "^'il ^^^T^ cw«t. wipi 

i8 fJlfsfCW '2fi^P5^ ^rljDlCf I tgt'.llsflTI C^ 9^ 

i^sj.i"! *fra Titft^i^ c^lf'ic^ ^f^i^R, ^f3( f^f^n- 
t%j)ir¥ 5r,?r ^<r', cfft f^ii^rt^ ^^ irat^ ffftcJi 

*j;_5 trnt^f^ ^tw^c^ ^^ccR, cst^ tgt- 

^•tc^ ^t^ TTfllff Cci^i I 

>!» C5ri§t ; fejtl ^tc^ f^gt^TI C?ti§l ; ■^f'a ^trs 
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^,^ «it?j •^ii;^ ^^R t%t^ 1 ^^ThIct^ ^i^R ^^; 
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: 1 C^t§t ; ^f^ ^^Us <Sif\r[ c^ltr ; ^C^tT ?t^^ 

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v^ ^tl^ ^t'^R cnf^ ^sr^ti:? c-^rtc^':^^ 1^, 

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'%\H\ '^I^C^l Ji^-R ; ^<11 -^^C^ ^^?tl^ C9|t§t I 

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=i^R I t^cff? ^ft^ c5ji^ ^^^tran ^^g ^ 

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cnttt ^rt^ ^t':^ c^'i^ll ^^2? ?tf^ *f^ c^rl^ 
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•pllf ^f-^ Ml?I C9fl§! ; f^JTJ^ ^tC^ f^f § 

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a?,«« 1C<1 Ji?t2f^ C^ltRl^ ^fe^l^, ^t^-JI°x«lTT5[- 

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4<) ^t^^ ^11^ c^ttt ^^^tt^ c^i^^itf^ 'ttisii ^r 

71^?! C5l1^ -Stri^ ^tf[ ; C^>."ft5^ \tl't C^CM? 
C^l§t, ^?t'^ ?tC^ ^^t^Tl C9tl§t, ^^If% ^Icvs ?t?t- 

f^cgl^i c5t1§t, 5i^°t^ c^titt, sih-^ (.iwi, LM-<<t\^ 
4s» c^ill I ^ ^?tra<i <1^^ ^:3R I ^gtc)^ fl^ ^1^ 

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C^?^ f^ff^ilf.^ 5I^t^, f^tf^^IW It^C^ 5I^t^, 

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c^lt ^1;:^ ^t^t^ ^tf c^R c^itn nttr.^ ? ^Iir- 

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'I^WtC'^ ■^, C"^? ^j% ^"^Jlq^ ^^1 'IC^, ^r^^ 

'R'R nc^ f^Ft^ M^ ^ti^ I 

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C^R^1 SiiicI^ f^ra Cqt^Cff^ ^1^tC^ ^TtC^ 

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"^¥, « ^t^tltf^ :?i^):<ir f^^« Wt|?:J1, 'Si-^X v5l^t- 

ii^ ^^ 1 ^«r^ 7iff;«t^ C^tf*!^^ Tf?l^JT, ^C^ <3^;q 
:» ^l^t^ l^c^ ?^Kl ■^^ ; 'ij^^ tf^^t^?( ?tW- 
^« ^l?t!:fR 7!1^1C« '^t^l^ ^Rlpt C?^Q I ^t^ 

v»t2^tc<F c^\^\i\ 7\'^\mn ^t^ T^, c^ tgtt?;ei- 

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^t'fl ^f^TII ^t^R^ ^R^'-t fffCeT^; C-^lSiJ? C^il 

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^itt^ ^^^t^, ^I'ftl ^CWl*! ofl^«t«i^ 'Slftf^^ 

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<sft5;-?F[c5ii ^^i « cn^ t^f.^ctfj^ lira ^t^^q 

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: 6 ^^c^ I 4"^ ^g-^tt orR«,C7f^ Sill f^cii^ ^j:^^, 

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il <t?R 1 ^t 1t^^ nfW*t fw^CJ^ ^^-^ ^tc^ ; Jit^ 

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■^ si^'^i]^ 7ft«^ c'l^^'^Ji ^'sPii '^fic^, c^w- 

<ii"^ ^<^(:7i^ ^^ ^^ ^^ tr*til°*f '£«^pif^'\5 

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^VJTH sfgr <i|^ ^^ w*t^n»t t^cifJifaf^ '^fw ; 

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■s^fe jf«1 ^|c^ ; 'srra c^tiH ^1^11 ^i'W 

fifties ^"o'^ fffC^, ^^°x c^t^ ^1^ ^ftt^ ^ I 

7{m] ^-^ ^^ ^'^c>i^ 5f^ ^"^ s-^ ?*iii;*t t«?i- 


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^W t%^ f^^ ?*I^t°x*t, ^t§f C5IC^^ ^W iflT 

c^^'i,l^^<^ ^j^a ^^^ ^i^^ ^%u^n w^ ^<f ^^ 
^c^f ^^fi f(^, v^f fm^ ^<^7i^ ^f^c^ I f^^j 
f%5 1 

J** ^^ f^«t^ f?^^ C^^1 f^TWt^ ^t<ltt <X'- 
ia c£i^° ni^*!^ ^fB^lC^'f 'i)^?t W\'^. ■Sit ^^^ ^"5.^^ 

wc^ 1 R«i c^m -ii^x ^t^t^ "vwi ^ cn^ 

^o ^t^ ^^^ mc>l C^l^^l fs^C^t^ ^^t??l C^<s7T^ 

^fe^ 1 f^«J C^^ »£i^^ ^t^t^ 'K^J ^ cn^ 
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^^b ^t^ ^^-n fvncTl GstWl f^WN ^ C^t^<^7f^ 

?s ^^ ^^ ftf^ITI C^fSRl f^C^t^ ^tt Clt^^Tf^ 

■^<:^i f^ c^tT 4^t ^t^ ^^ >g c^ 

^^t ^^t^ ^n^ fff^CTT C^t^ fe^ Jlf^ Ctt^'^TJ^ 
^RC^ I f^^T C^t^ ^^°^ ^t^ f^ ^^-J ^ C*f!l t^K^TfT 

Jlft'Sff ^ ^uvic»t ^<is-^i ^f^c^ I c^t^ti:w? c^r-i, 

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<5lt^ -^ ^t!:^ f^^ 7i^^ ^(^jl^iffc? ^1% 

^ ■^^^ I "Sit^ C^r^T ^Cclt^ ^(f C"?I>^ "^1^ Wt'R 
f^^ 'trfVC^ ^1 ; ^t^ ^1^ fn^H t^«( >2l^ 



'T*f^t*l^^ I 


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f^'i^ CT 51^1 ^t^j ^t^1 ^11^ >2ttn?:^ ^'f ^r^- 

urcf, [Ttft] ^t^ ^4 ^R!:^, ^t^ w\^^ ^t^fc^ 

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^'ft^l ^i"^^ 'Srt'tr^ ^^ ^R^t!:f, C5it ;g'®i 

■^ftf ^tfri ^.? «ft[>^li Jisic^ 5rt^« ^r??i «itc^, 
fVrl ffRj ^mi ^1^^ ■sfm^ ^^^^c^ ^^ ^r<i?ti 
ii s^rc^, -^^s ^tfrs =^tft Nsf^l ^Hnl Nst^tc^ r:^i 
5(1 ^fi^ ^^^ ?t^l 'rtc"^, ^c^ ^t^t^ '^T^ ii^ i 
f|^ ?ltf^t^ ; ^^\ c^ ■^'^1^1 ^t^i^ ^ttc"^ ^^ 

Sitter, ^C^ ^I=^tJf tf^TS f^^C![ ^ ^1^t^ g^^^^ 

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C^^ £|^tC^ =^1^ ^t^t ^J< ^Cl, ^^^ ^^ ^•=^- 

^» 'sii^ itft^^ c^fHr^ ?^f^^^. ^ff tz^i- 

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cw^ ■'F®^ c^f^ l^M 7\f^^ ^^^^ Jlfft^f <^ 

^V*f ^tC^ 'ilT ^"^ ^^ CeTtT \C^ C-£{^^ ^f^r.^ I 

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'i T^^g C5if?F >lf^« ^1=1 I ^twcn (Rtf»f 'il'^ i£|^ 

^tc«t^ v£iT -^^ Ji^g c^it^c^ 4^'v tr^i^tJ!^ ^ISf- 
c^^ *j^ %?>!!:^ ^c^ cmi "^mSR; ^?^ 

b- ^Q Ji^^ '^w.'^ T< ^f^ I ^5[t^ ^r?ra fR%- 

» ^^ f^f^rmi-^^ ^©n ^t^1 ^'f ^f^ 1 ^U t2?t- 

^ff^^ifff^^ ^7% '^m\ ^l¥t c^^, ^^°v \5tff- 
wi Ji'i^ n^, 711^ (R^^tt^i 's Ji^i^ 7i'=nf^ gjgui 

io ^^^ . <5ft^ 'St^Of^ 'll^ lR^tJ1R'5N « 7i?{^ 
i^ Fj%5i I ^tmi f^c^t^ m'g^il "^^f!?^ 

^«ft«. 5i5gnr%!:?^ « ^f^'if^ctra ^nr^ (Rtf*t 

T!^? I^RC"^ ^t^r^tt V't^'^U C?CT5 f^ra 

tgtc^ Ji^R^tc^ JI?ta^^ f^^ft!:\s 7issj5]5?i^ 
^^■tt^lfl^, ^fM^il' J!Wl-£[^^ 1^%^ IfRtft 

i^ R^"¥ ^I'i^tCW^ ^^ ^Rvs ?t«r I 'SJt^ C^R?1 
=^113 fff^ f*ir%^ ^tf^i:^ cl^^ ^Rin ^t^, 

c?ii^c^ 'M '^mi^, ^'^m ^^i?i w^c^ « i^t 

f^r^^ ^R^i?i ^?i f^?i ^t^i^tf^^c^ ^^nt^ 

C^t^tf^^C^ ^fe^i^t, ^Wt^f ^f^ (Rtr»lC^ Pf^ 

^1 ^5 11, (R 5^^fi ^f«f^ TRsg fm ctwttc^, 
^ftf.^ il ^^, ^t5l c^R^1 ^i:^^ fi^l fff^l 


O^i J ^« — 0< ; i^ i] 



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^^ ; l^"^!, C^(^, 't^ ^ C^^, 'ilt JI^C^? 'J^i^fJ 

n» 'ft^ ^t? »r^ #rc^i '£if^ ^"¥ 'ii^ #^ ^tffcw^ 
■st^ ^ c^?itw ^51^ n«Ti ^sfi \ti^ n^i»t n^t*f 

#C^I <2tf^ ^^ -il^ #t^ «!^, ^5^° ^?t>2t^? 
■a^ tf^^t^'a '^{^W CJl|?[i^ "^r^C^Jf I C^^^l "^l"^ 

««, «8 vs? Jif g cf ^, ^ ■^t^i^'5 >i^g c^rr^ , ^ 'A'^^^ 
"oc 51^3 f ^«, 'srt^ ^f^ 'i^g 1^, Mi'i, *t^c5( 

** ■'l^^C^? 'tftM ^'Sff^ f icsit^ fl^ I vst^tc^ 

^si art cT^ ?t^^ ift'Sff^ 51^ ^^ ^1=^ l^ »i^ 
«»^ «f5t^^tt C5R I ^t^ c^t^ f^.^ wra»t ^^^, 

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^ftr't ai^rw^ ms ^tu^ ^|?ii ^tc^-Ji^t^- 

8 8 1%^ ^^ ^ttf^*t Ji^g 'fts »i^s t^\ iR"*t j^^g 
8«.8* ctt^, fe"*f JT^ 'ft^ »i« -n^*, >Q «t^ Jl^ 

^c^^ ^ns ^^ ^"^ #t^ ^it^ ^fft^^^ ^t^t:^"^ 

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Tl^gnfvs!:^^ "Q *t^'ffv5!:vfl ^c^i?i^?i ^^f^U^? 
Ji^t^^t^ 'si^tt't^ f5^^i:n ^t^l JT(t^-^t\c^ 


Jl^t5?5t=j ^\f7\-^\ C^tftl"^, tt^^fJf^ ^W"^C^ 

« ^t^t^l ^t^^s ^f%?i, ^tt^ "^f? ^fw^ ^c^ 
^^5f5 <ittin ?itf^, ^c^ ^l^i^r^t^ ?t^f^?RT 
^f^^t^tc< ^t cw»f f^c^ ^twi ^^^, 'siWf^^cT 

i» "^t^tf^^f I ^tl CTt ftR Jitft^np cg^tf 

2t^f?i^ ^^c^i i%rJT »fn«i ^f^?i ^f^^itfesR, 

fvf!:^ fff^ ^f^Titff , f'lTii ?tc^ m^t «j;^^c^ 

Tt^l ^l^t^tt 1'^'%''.*'r >l?t«^^ ^^^ ^- 



^fJIt'j^?^ I 

vO< ; :>« — OO ; 8 I 

fci\5 ^f-5^, ^ra fxsf^ 5fS»f ^<^Ji?) *t%^, JiWt- 
^tC^ f^f^¥l ^t'S, ^c^ fx»R ^w^:\<{ t^K-^^u^ 

i* vs«R ^t?H1 ^t^t^ A'^C'5 ^tpl^l "^flfi, 

^%w '^Rai^ ^n ^[^. \sH<^ ^^^ ^t?n ^t5t- 

W^ W5f ^C5f ft^R ^fl^ ; CW^^ ^fftCPfl 

^■\9\^ ^t^i^ ^f^^tc^? f^^^ f^f^^ wtP!^ ^ I 
is, f^^ ^i^sl ^R^ ^tc^ ^ xst51^ ^Pfi:^ ^^tcttn 

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Jiwt«^^ ^^%^ ^tc=i t? c^R^I f^ra^l "^mi^, 

'Sit? jpfi^-^^ ^^.^ ^t cTpt c'«t5(1i:w^ ^fsr^t^ 
'-^ ^|c^ I f^i ^"^ ^:g;^ ^ Ti, '^i^, c?f«r, c^l^i^l 

^« ^t^ll^JltC^ W^ "^ I ^<!R ^tff-^ii^^i <3 wi^i- 
^f^cciv?^ ^l^^t^ w\n ^\m xst^tt ^f^^ I 

vsT^lfw^C^ ^fe^^, '51tii^-ri=^R^1 -Q ^il^l- 
^^l^^'l, ^,^¥^ f^i^^ ^'1^ '^.US]-^ W^ -sif^ 

^5, ^C^ ^(^1^1 C^l^tlff^ Sicsu ^ifR GfC»f 

ftf^tl^ ^[^1 ■^F^^tCf^. vsl^lt '^R^l ■^^ i 
«^ ^151^1 JlJi^ ^1^1 TUfl^^^ Ji^':^ 'Tt? ?^?I1 

■jps^i^ C'iCT -^llt^ ; 'Sit? "^ifR? l^^^Itil? 'SftTf- 
«-» C?f? ^mtl? ^1^1tff? ^^ f?? sf^vl I *tc? CTtf*? 

ftiJCf ? ?wi ^c^li^i sisii « ^1-*|R? ?i^ >et^"i 

OS ^^ ^\^ ttf't^ I 'Sit? i^ijfir? ^ ^tftc?^ 

(Rt ^i^R^t^'t ^Riftiifff'ni;'^ ^ft?n?§r« 

8i fvflSR, ^'^°s (R^^«J1? TR ^f^5| I ^t? 'RSH? 

?^f?ff, -il?" ^1?1W? ^R ^?^1V?tfl? [^?U^^ 

mn ^?i? ^t'l ci?(?^ ?tf<M I 

|gtnm-Ji^t^9t«i (Rtf*t? « ?tt?tr't? 

'Sf^tR ^t1^ ^t1^ ^^C2t^ :5^T fR?1? Ctff 
?^c^ ?ir?? ^1^1 ^tfJisi, vstltdf? ^'e^l-fR 
^ 51^;;^ f???l «^| I cRtf*t 5i?t^f? ^5rt®t5 

« f???'=i v£if I £(9151 ^n^Tj^ .gsii^i 5iR7i? n^fi*f m;:^ 

vst?r?l ?1RW? ^tt^ «2t^t^ "^f?5T ; f^T?ni^l 


^c^^ "^ fit^nc^ « t23tf.^R«1^'5tcn? ^r'f ' 8 5it^K^ ^^^c^ ^im \t^ I C5it '^il^^ fl^'l!:^?!. 


oo ; « - «'59 rj 

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voWoR TK*f} ^trrfftr^ wt'St^ ssit^ -^fwt- 
* 9C?rr5 f^f^ It'^ "^^ST I ^?Wt'^ ^f^ ^ttal 

^roii fiit^ra^ ^^Wrf^^ i<i«!r(.^ f*ff?ra Tt''!^ 
«, •5?-,'^ I d)SiR ^cv5 ^mgi ■^wi ^^-TTc^t^ 

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Ji^!:;?5i ^«(j ff¥l ett^c^ «fc^ ^f^^i. 'S^t vfi«tf 

^tfT5 5t^ ; ^^\^ Ws\l[ "^Hf! ^^ ^ 

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5> JH-sK^ ^%*f f»ff^ ^tn^ ^^ I '?¥^T5 

^tU5 ^twi ^fwi 3^1^ <£rt^c^ f*tf^ ^h^ 

: 5 fntr^ ^t"^ ^^ I wt^l ^tc^ ■?rn§l "^ft^ 

^r^^ ^^f^c^ f»tf<r^ %^^ ^f^^ ; C7I '^im 

5 4 Ccit^Ctfl *tWC< ^^ fl^t ^ I 'Stff^t ?#tftT 
^C^ ■^t3f1 "^^1 ^^ 'Slt^gX^ f*tR^ '^M^ 

i4 -^f^cT I ^t^ni at^^ ^c^ ^rt^ "^^1 fVt5t"s- 

^■1 ^^r^tc^ f*ff^ it*^ "^f^^ I f^^i3t<s-^^t?t 

^CNs ^rt^ Tfiiil ^'sCJTc^tra fiftra '^t^ ^m I 

i» ^f^ 1 li'sTl ^t^ ^t^ "^ra^l Rcaf^-c^^cTi 
^» f«rf^ It^^ ■^ficT I f^cati-c^ra^i ^fivs ^rtisl 
'.i ^l^?1 f^^c^ f*(fT5 ^'H ^ii^ 1 i^^l ^c^ 
5^ ^rf5l ^f^^l ft^t!>s Wt^ ^t^^ ^f^ I f^'i'il 
^|u® wm\ ^f^\rl "^c^^TtiJ f^tfra X\^'^ ^f^^ I 
^o ^5crt«i1 ?tc^ ^Ust -^f^^i c*t¥^ n^c^ f«fR^ 
?.8 =5t*H Tf^5T I ctwn *t^^5 ^\s ^1^1 ■?Ffwi 
^« ^^firR^ f*tiT3 '^I'W ^f^^ I ^i1wi ^^ ^t^l 
^4 ^r^?l T^^cmcvs fn1% ^ti^ ^r^^ I m'^L^i^ 

■^U5 ^Z5l "^r^^ ^US f*ffT5 '^tl^ ^ft^T I 

^1 ^-^ ^Ira ^Tt^ ^f%!il (.^sim f^lrs ^^ "^ftsf I 
'b- c«^ ^!?3 -^itiri ■^f^¥i f^'^-^c^ t^f^^ ^ri^ 

^» f*ift? ^n^ ^ii^i I ^jsn^ ^fc^ ^fi^ ^fi^n 

^J C^tl^^tC^ f»tf^ 'ftn^ ^ft^ I ClR^C^t^ ^C^ 
5rt^ -^trg^ ^C^.TTf^^ fHf^^ It^ -^f^cj I 

«8 ^tTtl?© f»lf^ '?t'l^ ^f^^ I i^W ^c^ TTt^'l 
«« ■^fert '5it3rt1tU5 f»flT3 '^t^i^ ^r^5T I 'sicgt'tl 

>3* ■^f^sf I t^fwN-c^trs #As -^rttsl wf^. fJi^ 

^1 '£ft^c^ ^^ilt^ ■^ir:?i.»t fnlra ?PR ^r%5i 1 w\lw*\ 

^t^ ?t^ ^f^TH twR c?c»R ■srt^i^^ c^t^ 

^b- <T?R!35 f»tr^ t^"^ ^r^^ I "^iT^ ^c^'\ ^t^r^ 

?tc^ tgtcn^i Ji^R^cn^ ^f^^ ^?r^ ^fsn 

8 o 'sm ^^TR Grc»ra ^f'^l 'si^eif^^l^ TJTt^^ 
8i ^f%C^R I •^ ^?t^ CI5R 1^v5 ^Cn© ^3rt 

8^ ^?l JT^iRt!;^ f»(f^^ ^n^i ^f^?i I JieTCsrRI 
^ti:^ Trf3i ^f^m *i;c5nc^ f*ff^^ ^t'R -^f^ i 

80 i^TRR 3^C^ ^rai ^f^m ^SC^t^ f*tf^? '?t^ 

8 8 -^f?!?! 1 ^i:^\<i> ^U5 ^?rrai ^f^TTi cTl^iK^ firt^- 

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ei xs^Tff^US J^Tt'St^ CTir»({."^ ■^f^L?!^. ^ t^t- 
^«R Wt ■'Tt^ ^t^l ■^^'r OTW ^^f^^5 ^Ic^. 

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O. T. 




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;*b,ii ■nc^ Jlvft'St^ c^iltitc^ -^fe^j?, -^it^t?!! 

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o^ J :)8— o^ J 




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f«5T SI'S!?, « "^JT1^ (;wr.»t fs^ ^^l^ fffc^ ; c^^^m 

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it^i ^^1 ir^c« -mc^, 'iiJR ^^ ^c^ 5tt<ii ^R 

ifcr f^^i ^1^1 ^f^i ^fl[T,^ ^tc^, ^^if c^t^ ^1^^ 

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cw^ w\^\L^^ '^\^\s ^c^, t'wi ^^i "^rlii 

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^3^2 Rc^n '^^, t'V^i ■^tn ^t^i ^Rcs '^\i^, 

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^tit!i-^tc<i^ 3fl5ft^ TtftiT ^t^tc"^ ^!!r, ^(.^ 

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^^\'S^^ ^^iim-^^m'nm w^'<] tr "^1% i 

^l5it<} s\^:<^ ^\m\ ^rli^t'.^, '^^x ^nn ^tf t- 

cff^ fn^nc't^ '^v<w\'^ ?t(.^ ^t^tWT ^N^'t^ 
^litiffi ^f«(^tc'^T m*\ ■^t'^^ ^tti -ql^cT I 
'SIK^IL^ ^»t^C?^ ^f^^f^ ^;^ ^t'-^ ; ^t^^'^'i 

C^Jf. ^\^\J\ ^i^tf.^ 5}cJ(l;^^ ^f^CT, ^l^iC^ 



^M^t*!^^— f^^ f^^^^ 

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f^^ ^f5i ; ^t^riia ^t^tw^ «if«(^ra ^t^ttri 

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citf*r &ft*f ^"sTi;:^^ ^^tf*f 'itCTT, ^ft.^^ <£i«i'r 

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f^SI, C^t^ltC?^ ^^ ^^^ -^^1 v^^rj ^(5(1^ 










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vst?i ^tir?i "^tcf ^iRc^, ^rf^ ^1^ ^f^ I 

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^f^tci. ^5t ^i5Ri c^ ti^ mt^ ^\t ; "^mi 

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c^trf sT^rc^ ^nf^^ ^c^ ?|R, ^^t^t^ ii°v^tff I 

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^iTSl C!R R^l ??, ^t t!;iltl^!;W^ ^^ i 8^ NS^ ri?tS(<^ ^STt^R^ ^^C^^T, ^ 'St^tfT'RT 

^^b- ^Ic^ ^f^ -^f^m "^i^m^ I 'srt'rai c^t«it?i 

c^I'di?^ 'SlSt^t^, f^R w^ C^fC»f c^Ww^ 

i^5 ^^ *J^;q!:T ^^ -^1% C^-^f^ ^^ ^\^ 
C>lt 'lis ^«t C^stsft^ ft^ J^Tt^t^ C^tltC^ 

•a^ ^^^ Tf^lilrt I ^'^ftf't ^t ^%n 0^11^1 ^I'W- 

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cm c^ww^ frsi^ Ttf^ ^, i^f^^t 

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«£> c^stsral ^Wlwi f^^i;^ ^t^ ffjUl «ItWT w^ 

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3^^^ ^rtc^ ; (^p[U fVpt ^!«H ?5 ^tt I 
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vst^tCtf^ C?i.-*t^ C^R 'Sir*! CvslltC^ W^ ^1 ; 

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^j:f?i ^^r«f C71W ^ft 'Tt^ ?«il -^tvi^ ^titw^ 

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^'if^s ?-Q, ^«I5l ^l^ir^^C^ C^»f fff« ill, 

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OO a 

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^r«JTt^ ^i^C« ftfTUff I ( C^t C?^« ^Tlfl^r.^f^ 

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ri°x«ij^ "Q fH^m ^^"^ i^ri% f^^. fV^ ^ffifii^ 

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v£ll^>? ^[^'R'nC't^ Rf^Cv8« ^5i^f ■^'^ "^ftc^R, 

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^IR f^^^C^fR^ ^'tWl |Rlft5 ^(.^Ri^ ^ ^l^t"^ 
CW'I C^lira ^l^ J'.^^l <FfeR ; ^R ^?;1 ^Sipf- 

^c5 f^« ^irs'sict^ ®''i<:i c^tll ^t(.^ ^t""!?! « 
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%[m ^t5i nRr<^ sj^i m^; ^ir c^^ 

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C^i5|1^ ^l^ ^t^tC^ ^^'i'fl ^t.^^, C-5151^ ^ff[ 

^t^if ^f??itc^ I ^1^ ^^\^f 'Stilted •^r?(.^ 

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^t^tjf ^1^ fitsitCrTl^ ^R1w? 'Slf^cci Tff^^ 

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«£,^; C^ C^(^ ^fC^^ f^^CH 'Sfpqtr.W^ ^^^^ 5Wt^ 

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C^i^iTl 'STIR ^^m, ^m Jnl^ a^tC^it^i.^ 
C^^^ R^f.^-H^1^ tt^tistSWl -^\W\ ^Cf iW^ 

'^TWM^ ; vsl^K^ '^R^l ^l?d'^ ^51^ ^l^1a 
^^.^ ^W^l ^Ifl^ Ji^l^ ^^^ ^^5ta ^ml5f . 

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«» Ui^ ^^^^ ^^fl« fe I ^11^1 R^^C^tC^R^ ^tS(1 

^r^^t >«^ ^t^tctf^ 711^ '^m^ ^^i[ f^-\t ^R- 

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^ItC^ ^t^l f\L^ m^^^'C% 5lf^ ?^ I ) 

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Ti'I^ ^MW^ Jif^a ^^'sftl^^ 7i?rS ^^?T ^lf5[ 

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c?'«t ^m] f^^la I ^i{;f»t^ 5f^1^ ^tft? ^^Itl[- 
C?? « tt«(l<i?ll?? ^]-s[\ 'itF^ ^d'R^ 'ill's 

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^ffi ^ti^ [ cj^t ^\^ 5fcia 'siti^ ] 1 ) ^^ 

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CatltCff^ ^l^^ 1« «ItC5 I ^\LH m\^f csw- 

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nt^ ?$Tn C-^ « ^ICSiJ^ T%C^ ^it!^, CJlTi^l^ 

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f^^? f^^^l 

[O i ^<t — 8 J ^«l 


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'^m ■^f^, CTf T(L^ Cfit^^i ^sita f^g cm^t 

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c«lilftt^^ (Tit^'^ f^f*^ « *rt^ ft"^ %ff^ ; 
C^.C^lTSl c^ cw^ ^«(?^ -^f^i^ ^i:^«¥. Oil 

'^t ^c^ ; <^t '^^^^^ f^t^ ^f^ ^^'t ^r^^^, 

I' ^T?i ^i?i(.^ ^f^, f^n f^^^ I "^t? 'srtf^ 












i£|^3i ■^?, ^lf^ ^tl^ ?W T^^ ^t^tJTfllT 

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^fsTC^fe?^, f^ C^n ^M C?Rt\5 tttCSf ^1, 

cns5, cJit w*f c^TRtf? tt^i^ W«f « »rt>i^ 
TT^ cstitfff^fr^ ft^l f?r« ^wisi^ c^ lira 

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ws'ii^ m^R ^"t^ -srtcn? f^ra ^1%*fTf Jrr^sft^ 

'srt^tc^ ^c^ c^tf?« ■srf^Ti f^^i ^ ; 

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Of t.*ff 'sitsii!.^ Tfm^ ^tr? ; '^f5( ^^ *rf? ^tm 

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cstm ^^ Ji^'21^ sttJTfifr ^f^'^<jin ; f^R 

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fVf^l C^tfirs atl^ f^lltl ^^, ^^'n C^W^ ^^ 

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«riwf^ wfw9 ?i^ nt? ?t?rl ^cxsf , cJit c?^ 

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^^^1 ■^^, ^c^ ^t^ ^c^^f *rt|c^ ; 11^ 5if- 

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<iiVs ^t I'l^ c^ttt? '2rf% mt, \»«R CT? ^fr 

c^^ w\f^ ^ftri i«fT 5ti^ ^t^Rtfr ^'■mn ^^ 
•^4 ^te'T ? Jift'Si^t ^^^, t^r^ ^T#!^ ^t^ c^? 

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^\^\um ^rg ^t^tuR ^?»n:"^« iwl^^ "^(^1:51^, 

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§^^. 'srgr c^ ^ff 1 «it?[ cst'il^ i^cf >q c^ttT^ 
®tft Ji^t^^cn^ i^r^ c^ ?^, -5^° c^Tt^ f^'^ 

^1?1^ ^flil C^ C^t^t? fl^' ^11^ ??, >ilt ^^ 
%^ C^^^ 5(1 ^f^Tl1 ^^R^» -^sj -SFL?. CI C^ 

^f Ji^cc]^ 5i!:s(j c'^l^ si^ti^ ^srtlTil ^fR^ 
^r^iL^ -211-^^? c^<i,y\\ ^tfi5(.?^ ^^ M^mii^ 

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srsrtt^t^, f¥V ^ »tt^ ft^ « ^ii^tfe^R I 
Um ^ti^ ^tf^^ ^t^ ^tl^r.^ <^tf*t >e t^tra^T- 

^t^t^ « ^HL'T^ ^twi ^t^^ cif»t. ■'i^c^ *jr^- 
^<m 1^^ 'si?!!^ ^csfh ^tl§ ^'i^ c?»f, >ii^°s 

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CT!^ ^nr ^tc^ ^^ ^<3^tl^ (7«11^ «1^£n5 

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br xjR ^t^f^fi f^l%^s c-^tfTf^ <£rf^5i1 t^lrti 

ft^ ^5^ ^c^ ^f^l ^51 ^Rs, vstftw^ c^ti? 

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5ilRrff!:'f^ ^^iv^ ^^t?, ^?t^1 ^ft?.'^ c^^ 
"^ii, ^t?tuf^ ^^5 ^fjf «3:^^ -^t^]^ ^^tt ; 

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^^c^ f^(.^l^ ^raw^ ^1 I 

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*t«, f^ C^5t^t? *X^^tC^^ •ST'fl^fr f^llf^, C^^ 
CTR "^ttl "^fa-Q 50 ; C^tt? W1JI 'Q C^tTt^ 

f^m w»f 'iR vft^ feft, f^^ c^Rti f"?^ Tiwt- 

«21^ ^ci^H ^^ 'Q f^^tf^s Til ^t?1 ^'((1 ?tC3 
Ft^tC^ « C^llt^ 'ItalC"^ ^sjttfii ^rl^s ; C<15? 













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^«rr ??i^ LvsRiw? ^1^ TiTtc^^ R^c§ v£,t 'i^'s 
^c^ foR 'it ^^ "^isn ^t«iR <2t^w^!:^ 

f^lf?!^ ^R1c^ f^mfeclit I f^l ^«R C^llt 
'Sl^^tC^^ 5)!ij 5|C5 C71| ^-^ '?SRC« ''ilt!.^, d,^l 

C?^ ^r'tW^^I G -£[1515191=1 7\-^<M ^{-mn R?Fct 
^1P1?I1 ^RC5T, C5?«(, 'SlWfCPf^ 5?"^ Jitft2l^ ^I5it- 
Cff^ ^tC5 ^l^'R '2i^tn « SffRSf) .2(t7»R ^r^cq^f^ 
'ilT; ^UH\ ^rt^ 'I'fl ^?(.^ vs1?t? ^^ "SRCvS 
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c^i'itw? it% CTt (.-51 c^n-KA c^m^i f^^t'l 

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^t^tC^ C2I1 ^?, N*)^; c^5Nt■<^ ^^^ ??^ « C31^t^ 

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■fw\. 'sn? f^f^ ^iftif^ «u^ xsi^icfT^ ^°x»i(."^ 

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^rsR "wn. ^^ ^f^»rti5f^ 3^c^ I 

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TtC^ ^lISl 4«i^ <£fC^C"^ 31T^5( ^t^'R ^L« 

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^R c?«l. CJlf ?tRf c^5ll^ C5l?f^r^ S<^^^ ^R^Q 

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jpftsf^ C^ 'IR 5l>.5(Rl\s ^r?r.^, CJif ?R5I 

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^RC^. 1tt>l '5^1 ^^i^l, «'R ^i1 «li.tS ^f%- 

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CsRtS sjgfci >s ciRI^ «rlt T'.ei^Cff^ 3(^ci ^^ I 

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^■1 51(.5?r'^'5 ^km ^1?c:^ ; 'sii^ r.voRi^ t^^^ ^5ff- 

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C^^, ^t^lR^i.'^ ^»R f:v5R(^ S'-C^ 7lfl£ff c«R1^ 

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O. T. 




f^ftll f^^^^ I 

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•^ ^f^, ^c^ ^f^ cJit ^N^fft^ tV^ (-^t '^^Hc^^ 

^tr^ ^fn-f^ ^ft-S ift ; C^^1 C^^l^^ C^t^t- 

^t'^fw^ ^'^^ ynrt>£(^^¥ c>2i^ ^^ f^ ^, ^t^ 
c ^¥^, « ^t^c^t "^t^i^ «^T I «rf? (Tit ^t^- 

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^t^;^ c^fsffff-nc^ ^1ft^ '^m\ ^H^itcw^. 

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■^ fw ^^ f^gl c^tft'^ ^c^^ 'srtjl ilF'^1 

mi ^^c^, 'sjttTi, ^?r^ f^?n ^rar c^^tors cjri 

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^t^^ ^*f^ '2f1^ *1W « C^t^ ^tfo^ a Cf" t^ 

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b' vo':^ ^f^ (Tit ^fs^'a 'St^tc^ JT'Jt^ ?t^ ^1, ^\'^\^ 

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c«t^^< vst^ tw "^1, ml f^wfoti c^Uw^ 

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■^^^ f^^^, t^l ^i%?r1 c^st^t^ ^Tm c^^ 
'^K^ Iwti ^T5 ^ ^^ ; ^Pi "^f^ '^t'H ?[?;;? 

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\515T^ ^3^ C^Sf'' ^r^C^ 'tl, 'sRl ^^^^ ^(a i8 
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at^J^KcI «]TR ^njC^ f^R5l 5ltR I ^R W!I 
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^t«f ,^^(^ ^'rf^ n^VS ^-5E5T5 W^s ^n5T3 l"!^ 

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•3S m\^^H r%l^ ^fwC^ I ^f^ ^^1TI fwt^ ?Ff^C^ 

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c^R -s:*"^!^ "^^^^l^ c^li^ ik^\ ci^ ^f^ 

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(?! C^Rra ^^3 Iff l«fp IRTR els^Jj ^tal vlitft^ 

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c^lfTi '£;wt^l^fffm"^ <3R<Ri^ f^f^ii ofc»f ^51^1 

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cw^i, t5t^ ''h:^ c^wi cJif *iL9r «it^ f^nnrt 

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51^ C^ 5115 C^If^ ^t^s^l ■^1?. ^t?t^1 C^ITR'^ 

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^t^ Gsilt^ ?5'5r5 "^f^C^i ^fl ^©1^1^ 115 'l^- 

^tf^^ <3 ^l^^l 'St^f^ i^irr^ l^"?, 115 ^- 
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je Tifif c-^R *r?c^ f«nr| ^rf«5l ^t s*t ^^, 

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cjii ^R ^"sft ^%? sn I 

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A.V ; vo — VO J 8 I 1 



7\^m^ ^sjo^i ?F(^i:^ ; c^Ri^ ^vs\n ?rat«l c"?! 
c^i^i ;s^ 'gfi *iT«, cJit Ji'^i^i^ f^iic^ ^^^i 

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-e a^L«iT^ ^L-^-^ *ifsU5, f^i n?p^ ati^K^? 

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^o ^uW « 1^C« 4?ra ^f^^l ^ ^f^ ^ I 

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c«rtt fff« I 
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*n^, vsc^ ^^i\n Jif^s »nra^i^ cut *l5p^ « 

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anfc^a c^^{ *iin 1^1? ; ^?i«? c^iT^ (.^R 315^ 

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fn«tc?p "^^H [ (.»r^5i ] c^l'iT f^w, >i.^t ^i^tc"^ 

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ai^l ^fe^ 'lltC^ 5^1 ; «t*!^ 1,^'^ ''^T^ ^5n^t- 
Ctiil C^5 J^tfl'S^^ JlTtcW ^5R-Q <£rcT»t ^(T(,\5 



f^Ttl f^^^*l I 

[ VO ; 4— V8 ; VI 

^ Spl clt^ CvstltCTR 7[f^^ 

c^ ^^R^t ^^15 '^^, ^t^til ^€l^ ^^c^ 3=pft- 
^^ ^^\m ■siz^ ^Ri^ 'Tlt!:^ I 

^C^ C5l f»ff^ ^tCvs ?tf^ 5it|c^, f'lf^C^^ ^«(J 
'^R 1r1^1 ^ftm ^ftcvf^t ^f^l^ CT^ ^tC^ 

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c^t^rs ^^i^ ^'fi ^l^c^ c^t^t^ ^^ 7\w\2i^ 

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^^ft f^^ Cff^RTl f^lR C^W ^C^ ■R^«I 5^ I 

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CS't'lt^ i^^c5 'STtt':^, ^l"^ ^^1^ CJft "^tft^ 

^tc^^ l^i:^, c^^^lt^ ^1^t? ^1^ ^R^, (Tit Tc^t- 
^t^ t23ti:^-^°%^ f^^^t^ n^ C-5R *j35rfl°! ^1 

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^r^;:^ ^f^ Wo f^ ^rl^ ^n ; c^^ (r«tit^ 

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itc^ ^f^ *tw ^Ff^wi c^^^ wTnv^ n\m:^, 

c^i^ ^j^ ctr fi^ 5tf «i Ti%n f^Tt^ 

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^ ^t^ c^ fr vst^f^ Tt?i ^ic« ^tf?^ 5t?f^ ''f^ 
^ "R?n ^?i «if CT5 ^1^1 ^t(-^ ^iic? I ^1^ >^ *w- 

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e C^R ^jf^ ^^ f^TT? "^Cel ^?JVfC5I ?R^ 

^r?c^ ^ ; CT 'ii^ ^'s^T? ntj^ ^11^ ^c^ 1r^^i 

^^^ ?tf«r!:^ 5(1 ; ^t^ "^fim ■ati ^^ it'^n ^ i 

1 c^R I^^J ^ 'Siin^ ^i^^?:'!?— tgtre?i- 

Tt^^dT"^— ft^ c^^T ai^c^ ^f^ ^?. ^^^ 

^^•s sffi '^C^F, ^C^ CTt C^tS ^ ^t^ ; vfll^^ 


\8 ; J5--<C J ^J5|] 

f^trif f^^m I 


c^ c^ ^t^ %ti%, ^^ *tt^ THUS ^ ^^ii^ I 
> J ^rlc^ ^1 1 ^f5f Ttfe^ ttv5t^¥l «it^i;^, <ii^'N 

!5H^ ^f%: ^?Ft ^^J ^tf^ ^f^ill C^^sW^ P^l"^ 

i^ ^t%^ I ^'t^ c^ ^1% ifR¥ ^1, ^«i:^ ^f^ ^st^ 

:8 C^'W^ ^tvsl ^^^, tVtI (^1^5 CW^ ^^t^- 

^t^?ra "s^wi^ f^w% ^^^, fl^ ^o*?t ctowtft^ 
is «£!f% ^^5^ ^1%^ ^ I wtcm f^^U\ ^st^ 

^f^ w^ (3fc»t vftJT fwr, f^ c^\^H t^^ ^wt- 
^if c^iii^ c^FBrt ^rR^ ^tf^<Ji «it^, ^^ ^^1 

cirWs :jtTtc^!:J5^ ^^t^5! M^ ^^, ^'il^ 

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^'r3t«ff^mc^ ^iTtt^^ i°v'*tn f^^^ ^ft?ii ^n- 

;qt^ c^Wi JTt^ti:^ ^Bf^Ti ^^ I 

■^RC^ ^ ; ^t^t^ cin? ^f^^ ^ci Ttlw, 

^ W^ ^t^^ ^C^ I tC^ Olt ^ (^ ■£|?t^ ^ 

"^ ^c^ JTi I ^srm c^t ^3^ ^f^ ^tn^ ^^r|U^ 

^PI'?^, (71 ^t'Tt^ '2t1% CW^^^ ^^=^J Jlt^R ^l^c^s 

^tptfi ^t^ '^r? ^t^ "tt^^ «jfs^. '^^" 

ii «iwi^^1 "t^'^^i^ R^^t^ "^1%:^ ^t^tcir^ ^^ 
:?, *iW^t^ ^c^, ^^^ ^R ^t^ \^ ^ttSnt c-?ff5ic^, 

i 8 Vfl «|t^^ I C^slTt^ '^ en's ^v5 ^t <2|^t^ ^1%- 

i>i> (Tit W^*t C^l'lt^ fig" ^^^tl. ^^ I "^t^t C^ C^^ 
i") =^^C'I "Sift's, f^J^^ ?ti^ c^t^ •^^ "^f^ 

f^ a^t?:^ c^l5rt^ 5ift^ ^m Mm\ c^iitu 

't'^t^^at ¥,^=7 C?lt^ 51'^=1C^ ^5113=11 ■^I^ST; 



f^€t^ f^<l«l I 

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C«WC?F ftfC^i-.f^, ^fsi ^«R CTt CfC*I «{n| 
■^ vS<i^K5i 'JR f f'l^ ^R^?l ^Cei?, C«111i) ^^^3 

^•^tg ?pcci^ ^f5rsi[t«i 5?^:^ fVf f^ 5it?i 

^f?(C^ ^^C^. Jpn«^ ^tTtlTflC^ CT C?»l %^ 
CTt (.ff(.*I ^t^ «ItPiTtfW ; t^l ^iiT C^tlB ^^ 

5il^^ ^^i^'lii ^ii'rra f^^i^ fei^ ; f^f^ 

'SfW Jlt«lTl?l f^Ca Sllf^^l f^im Sm^ ^C5i^ ; 

^I'^sT, ^Tsilfvi^;:?^ ^;^ fim « "^fS^ tW^ ?Fgl- 
■^ ^fi : "smu^ ^ITSI 'srtn^ fi^«l^^w? ^^ 

^r? « l^ta^^?*! ^^°x 5JR1 ffefJ ^ ^Sl^ SJ'^I 

^m f^^^ ?|^ ^i^fiftf^nr^ -^f^ -^m] "srtf^- 
» c^i^i I ^ra fsf^ ^I'iifTf'STiT vat ?ft5{ ^iR?i[c^, 

^fsi « (3ftTl « C^11^ 1MJ^# f^f^, C^tl5t1 

7\^lfl\ ^1^5Jf ^Ff^C^ I 

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^ti^lft* Jl'Sf^ ^(^[^Jffrsl ^tf?l «lt*R ^ 

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cwiwii m^ 'srtf^ ^^1^ fV|t c^^ "^f^ 
5tf?, ^«r5 ^^^i?i ^i^ra fV|t Ttf?^ -^ snt, 
<<i^t ^ s c^rfc'^ ^wc*i ^51^1^ fVft ftft snt, 

«nnj> «tf^ fiRi^i 5?cns. ^'f ^c^, ^^"=11^ 

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M^J, ^RT^ ^1^1 ^ ^(^1^ »fR5i jf^cl -silci^ 

5J» ^WH ^^^ ^1«^1 11c1Jl ?Ffgc^ . «it^ fefj^ S)t*t- 

qt^ ^fe^ Ji'i^ sfifs ^i<i^i c^smi.^ c«s ^fsTTl 

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'srtfsf CNSiiirtfnc^ cq Ji^^ ^1351 ffft, c^t^^ 

^ CT 7151^ ^n^R ^r?<3 I ^tg C^l^t^ 5^ IWt'Sl^ 

C^oRK"^ C^ Cif*l fifC^^CW^, ^f^ ^^ •^^^^ ^\li 

^t^i cJit f-fii ^^'3« f ti^^. 'S'R ^*Rt3 ^g 
■^«^^f5i^ %^'^ ■a^^ ^n^ ■^^c^ « vstfi ^1 

a^^Qf^ra ^nc? .it ^T^Tf^ ^1^ ^'n ^%? ; 


^.1 ; 8 — ^.t-; ^i I] 

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(?it Ji^^ -2.^? '?i'R ?Ffa?:^, « v5t5l ^«t ftf^ 

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fw^ ^f«ifc^ ; >ii^? vsr^ra Snc-g cvs-i^rra srra itrt- 
^ (fH ^ftc^, «rra (Tif ^tcJi (.^^ -^Fiic? ; 

4^5 C^Wl tT3 Wt'Sl^^ l^u^ir ^R5?f ^RC? I 

'srtw^ "^f^^R C5T 5^?^ -^ric^^ ^r^c^ I 

cit^, c^if^, ft??i, t^i«ra, c^r.^^ >Q f^grft^, 

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f^^i ^ftin c^rmcj? '?i'i5i ^ca. cji 'nr^^ttg i 

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d *ttn5t^ I ^^ ^13 C5i(^ ^f?i£.?, ^PR I 

^CiJ, d *rt'i>5t^ I ^^ Ii1« C51t^ ^\m\ 
'SttCR I 

^srstn "^c^, en »n'i5t^ I ^0^^ 11^ ccii^ ^fejc^, 
^. c^ c^ f*i^«t^ra if^ »nR "?fc?, <5rt^5i 

^J C^ C^5 C<t»R *i«a 5lfl^ »r5?T ^rc^, C^l »tt«f 
5t^ I 'S'R »)?I^ C^il^ ^f«1C^. ^t-.5|^ I 

^'SR 7ii« C5ii^ •^f^ii:?, ^iti.'R 1 
"Tt^rafs I v5i5t Ji^i^ ccii^ ^fsit?, 'siv.i^ I 
»rt*f5ra I ^^ 11^ c5ir^ ^r%^, ^rtiJi i 

^^'.■?F(5 5r5«) ^C^, Cfl «tn5t^ I ^^51 Jil^ C5i1^ 
ii* C^ C'^? vat ^^T^Tt^ "^90 Jf?^ *tt5R Tf^1^ 


^r^Csf^, ^^''X?<^ (y]t JI^cl m^R ■^f^- 
^ S?^ ^fpf \iU sin^l 5r'g^ 7i;r;fi,|<i ^c^ 5l(.^'-. 

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t ^?^T^ JRI'5 ^fJl ^l^'Rltf^s* 5tc^ I C«Ria C^ 
»t^5l«i CSRia f^^C^ ^Lt, ^t^tfttf^-^ Jitft^l^ 

f?51 C^W^ fw.^ ^IRC^, f^^ JTI^ 'it ftf?ll 

^faSl C5R1^ L^rai^^ 7)^.^ «i ^'31 c^ c^l^ 

IJ55^ ^RC-^^; "i.^; C5R[^ Sr-^a T'.tft?'^ C^RK'^ 

c? »i(.^ *iT5i:^ c^i. C3RI^ 5;nc3 5i(f|i^a irt'l 

:> 5?W I ^H ^tfl^'^ C3R|.^ actf-t fwC3 C5I31I? 



f^ft^ f^^^^ 

L Kh^ ; n-88i 

« c^Wi ^?:^ Tsf^ ^c^ ^it^-^ti^f ^f^c^ 5lTt- 

^^v{^ ^1 ^t^ (■'^^ ^^^ ^t<^^ ; C^^^t^ 

«2.^^ *rt^^ ^f^i^ ^tpi c\sf5it^^ ^fj ^t^f'f 
>■< c^tsii^ |nf^ « c«iTt^ ^^fflii ^t^^t ^tn^t^ 

i» «tt^5t^ ^ft^ I f^^sCl ^tf^TTa Ji^ira ^R HM- 

(Tit '^titr ^5ft^^ c^si^t^ ©^t« ^1%»tt^. ^^^ 

^t% ^W^, ^1^1 ^Pf 'SftTti:'^ ^1%5Ti^ ^fi- 

CT'f ^ti^O ^[^"s ^r^^ ^1 5^, ^i^'s 1Wt«21^ 
Clt^, ^^, ^l«Tt, <2(5^ §lt^ « *l95t -^^^ *tt^'^ 

K.'« ^tt^ ■^Ri^ I ^t^ C^'[^U i^c^ ^^- 
^% ^t^<?. ^t^ ^tTl»t ^C^ ^tfl^ C\»ral? 

^c ^^c^ nfec^ I m\^^ csWn "<«i^i:w^ i'5c«i 

CTf^ Ji^*r ^fl^ ^(?ira^ ^%^; Vila's ^f«ift^ 

cifit'^, 'till « fsifi^, -i.t 3f^5f cft'n it^i 'ii'R 

c^Kl^ ^'5!:^ ^ ^i'^, ^t^ ^Tl ^Rt^ ltt>i 
Q^^^ ^frji^ ^ttt^ it ; cvst^ti ?iw» cs-tii^ 

|1!1 w^?i1 "^tt^ 11 ; c^iti c^^^rt^ C^?[i^ 
■•«l^^tc<F ^^ \ti^, Cv?t^1^ '^IC^ Tl^tl^^l c^5 

«^ 5{tf^T^ ^1 I Cvct^m '^q^^^tl ^^ vilT Sjtf^C-^ 
if\S ^m, -G 311^ f?1 ^tf tlT3 ^^^t^ Ftfe^ 
5tfeN5 Cotlf^ 51J ^^1 ^C^ >ii^°v C5lvir5 ?1^<T 

i>5 c^tl *IT^ «l ttVc^ H I C^1^1^ ^^t« '^^ ^tfo 

^%^ ; <il^°N ^fsf 5]^Vrl C^^ ^'^^ « B^" 

^c ^r?! ^W^S ^"C^ I 'IWt'Sti^ CNotlt^ ^t^ m'^\ « 

-5«!j ^I cjf t"^ ^1^ ^t^ t^ ^Rc^ I m\^ c^st^ti^ 
lii^*^ c^ ?twK^ ^Pf ^t^t^ ^nc^ fl?,«= ¥fe^, 

^t^tC?F C«WiI ^i^to ^^°s C^allt^ fl^'3^07;^ 

itci ^ ^s a^^Ri:^, ^r^ 'Q <^z^\ (7,-^\ 
ii«n sit^i -^itl^i^i, ^i^tiw^ ^tc^ ^fi? n=Jii<;<;. 

f1^ ^IJl C^^ ^|<I1 ^tc^, f%^ 'SIW 3Tt5{^ 
os> ^f^T^ ; C<N^1 ^W^f«1 ^'1^1 Nil ¥i%^ I ^R 
JFt^tC^^ -21^ ^ni^ ^t^t^ ^t|^ ^fiii.^ f^^ 
151^1^1 *ni '^r^C« f¥ ^t^i?-^ 5^1 "^fevs 
^ttc^ 11 ; C^m ^^^ ^1^1 '^ttl5t C^mi^ I 

8i fsivs^c'^i ^^T nm\ nv&i^ I ^R ^^^T- 
^tni 5i^ fffc^, f^^ ^t5i^ c^in^ ?ti^^ ii ; 

80 Jl?l^ ^^ «Q ^R^ Tpcl «|f«(^1^ ■^faC^ I CNSt^ISl 

I^J^^'l f^W"^ C\5l'i1 ^t*^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ 

8 8 ^tC^, ^3 ^f5I ^^^ fe^^ ^^l'* ^^t.^ 1 C'l 


\Vj s<L — K^i ^ i j 

fw^^ f^^^«t 


C^t^tCT '^1 f^C^, 1T^ ^f^ 'St^t^ 'iHl f^^ ^1 ; ' 

c^W^ ^«rN^ ^ra^il csW^ f^^H *t1i^ 
8* >£i jpi^ c^t^t? « ^c^t ^"n c«W^ ^°c^ ^'t!^ 

gtr- ii^ ^^ 5i?1>2i^ c^W^ 1%;:^ c^ *1^5t«t^ 
fw^^ ^^ c^^ ^fe^ ■^Hrs vst^Rw^ wt^^ 

8s f^ni ?tr«K^ I Tiftsf^ c«t^t^ fWi::^ ^f^ 1^ 
(Ti^ ^^ *t^ ^m] ^ti^i, [cjj c^tt^n 

^<^7i f^^i c^fit^ a^^ *ftT^ ^^1 ^f^^ 11 1 
It ^tc^, ^t^«i (71 c^«t^t? JR^ i^-¥ti:^ (^\^m 

^^Clt«( ^r^C^; C^tlt^ t^ 5JTt'£!^ 't^ 

cv^f^ii ^1^ c^c»t ^51'?? 1^-^ti:^ (71 c^ItR^ 

«8 ^?JtWC^ Tt'^, C^»t^1 "^fli^ I ^^ ^1^ 1^- 

vs«ii (Tsl^t^ i!:«(i c^ "^ c^\^ « <5ii%»tii 
^^^% ^*ti ^t^t^, ^^sf^^ ^\^T\^ « ^■^- 

f^ f^ 11 ; ^t^ f^pi^ ^^?nl 11 itn 

^«R C^ ft CTt'I^iNSl ^8 ^«IC^[^ <St^^ ^h1 

-nif^sf ^r^:^ =atf'*ic^ it^^ ^f^^ 11, c^tit^ 

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fl'sf^ ^'Jj^ra « ^t^tlt^ <2Rf^^ f»t«l^^ 

tf tf^^tc¥ c?rt*l^ «rtti:^ I 

(Jlr ^JTI Tlf^ .ill «J3gU^ f^l-RxS ^^It^ 3W^ <F»tt 

=itfr i^t^ v8 ^^i^t^'^ift ^Hi^i^ c^^t ^H1 
\!jo 'srw^ ^1%"^ I 'Situ ^j'^ "^rra ?l^"^ ^f^U 

^=C^, (Tit fxqt^ ^^'^tN ^W"^ C-sW^ 

^^l^ ^1fl^^ ; CI 51?F^ C^slXt^ 511W^ =^tft 

•S{Sm «(ir5JT C^N « ^t^r^ 7ii;ft>2;^g C^tlf^ 

f^»t 11 ?^¥l *iW (Tst^t^ ^*tC^ ^IHC^I I 

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'b-o ^fli^ H 1 ^f^ C^t^Ril^ 1^=T "S ff^ ^fe^ 

c^l 3Wt'2t^ c«WiWfi. 3^?:^ ^ti^ ^f%i^i, 
(Tit^n c^iitcvr? f^rt "6 (^tt "^f^i^ Tift's!^ 

^f«r^ "^fk^ ^ttc«5, ^Tl ^Ij:^ cst^i^i ^^pr^ 

48 ^tl^ I ^^ 5ITt'2i^ C^tlt^ *jr«fft^ ^"1^ «!t^ 

^c^ ^'^t^ fitt^ "^'^ ^^ ^l^i 'f!:^! feri%^ 
^ra.^1 i c>it '?fci ^R 'oJ^'tlt^ ^ ^lni Fl'^- 

*2 (71^ ^Ri:^ I 'srt^ ^pi cit ^tfs^^l^ 1151J iTg 
^'^ nttc^ 11. « m-k'H n^f'^mi sfw ft^it^i^ti 
«5rtf¥c^ H, f^i ^Tft^^ (Tit it!:i c^titi"¥ ?'^- 

4^ ^'^, 5^1 ^1^1 ^ '2iti'rs '<5^?^l f?c^i I ^t^ 
C^tirS #R1 C^t'lN ^tc^ 51^»[CTl (^fWt^^Ill 

«>'^ #i^i?fT^cii c^iit^ frm «rtm^ii I fpj 

^ti-^ ? ~s\-^i 7',%]\7^\m -^im-^, ^iTt ^t^, ^^ 

^biy fiitvs^o^tsT ^^^^ ? "^ (T^ ^c«i^ f^^ ^f^ 

c^l^w ^?i1fl, fJ^ ^t^ ^^ c?fRc^ 11, iwi- 

■stf (Tit f^r^ (^*l^ ''f^'f ^t^t^sf ^f^^ (^titi:^ 

'Il^t^ ^t^1 ^tti:^ ; <il^°N C5^ ?ti^ cotsi^i 
5tT%^ ; f^ (^? C^tltf^^C^ 3R ^ra^ It I 
C^ fm^ f^^ ^f^TTtf^^SIl, ^f%I Gi\m 

^ti^l ■^f^^^■^, -ill 5^^^ c^t fi^i'ra ^tri i 



f^ft^ r^nn I 

[^"^ ', ^-^5^{> 

■^^ C^IIICf ^ ^Itcnt^C^ ■^fS? iff '.fill, vst^ CVSI5I^1 
JpFS! r^^i « CJ^I 5i^f?i 5[5<^ ^:|^ ci^«l c^\-sni] 

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« C?Jl STff I ^Itfsi sfgn ^<iJ^-g £(t^,^ C'Sl'Itrti^IC^ 

^•f f 5 5iif , <3 c^l?fi^ ''iKJi c\s-i5it<i ;^si «3^^t^ 

yt^l^JI nr i?^ *TR "^^ Vfft ; (.-SR C^R^I 
^tRC« nr? C^, 'SJlfsis CvsRf.ff? ^^? Tltrt^i^g I 

Ctf3 lf5« ^^ ?fftl^ ^if^^ ^ICe] ^151^1 ^I5t- 
b- Jff^Jf ^^t^5 ^f^fil^ ; ^1? ^IftCtT^ C^"-^ ^t^\ 

» on '511 ^t*(C^ PrcJW I ^3i|-^ Cs'Rsil ^1^1 51151 

4t PHPt^ ^t f^Tii.?!^ ^-911 5i^cl ^W\^^ "^h^, 

fWr^c?? ^stjiil c'sRi^ ■^iSL^ft^ ^•^fn ^^- 
^\ ^t^^ *itT^ f5(.w^. 7[^m^ 'srif ; c^ ^ff 

'SITE'S 1«. ^151 C'aisil^ §"45 Tlifta^ ^Wf C^Tl^ 

^5a^# ^tsin, *ii^t-iiu, caVijiii 'q '^•fsr?? 

*3:ip^ f^^ a\ f^"^ c^i§t f^^F^ ^t»l c^lTtciT? 

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CS\^U m^ 5IWt«|^ ^C^ ^^5(1^ ^?, ?rl% Ti;}^ 

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T. 12] 


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i« cw«i, ^tR ^tfi c^'frti w^yi[ €l^^ « 1'^^ 

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t'4^ Titf t^tvgC^ C>£(5f ^^, vatf r^ ^C^ ^^!(t^ ^^, 
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>«^rt3 ^t^Rf^ c^ l^Wi *flt 1"^^ «ft^i H. 

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it ^^-^s1f!:^ ^"if^® ^tl^ll I ^1? 7t5ft>2t^ CJlt 

■^r^c^. '5!t^ 'ill C5iti"^^1 i|5c^, 4^'v a c?!:»t 
tt*t^ "si^^mi ^]r«5t^ ^f^c^, ^^v '*iW!:'^ 

"Slt^ "^r^C^, ^3 \5t5tW^ 'if?^ f^ '^Tt^ fl51 
SI ^59f "^f^C^ 1 c^t 11!:^ ^l^tCfil f^^^ ^1ft^ 


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^i '^\i\ ^'R vst^turs ^*ic"^ ^it^Jf 'SRW^ -e 5i^t 

^f1 ftl« ?tC? 11 ; ^^n^ ^tfl C^ (m»t^ 
^H ^^ ^^11 'at^t^l C^l 5R^^ ^f?C^i:f , 

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<if ^^ f^iN^ ^?1 tqt!:^-7r§1i?tnc^ ft"^! 

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c^RII ^tfl t5t!:^'T-^^1lt'tc^ c^ c^ f?c^ 
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«. *n:^ c^tf»t J^rf^ n^]-g t3triic?i<j ^^i ^^mr^ 

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c^t'Jt^ fl^tc^ fsf^mi ■^^, CJI ^W^^ ; 

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i^s fajTf «jf5r^ ^^5T^ JTTc^ra §n^ f^ ^i^tc^ 

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t^€t^ f^^l«l I 

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>«] Tj^^Trj ^i^ Jiwi5 v^ ^r<(^ ^tt I 

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CTt'ftl CJit ^«t=T, "^Tt^fl *fl^ ?I??ltrf 5T, 
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vs^ftf tfm ^1^ C^lll^Cffl f^?^!.1^ Jl^^ftvs ^fC^ 

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vst?f^ CSW^ Ul't^Cfl ^PM, 

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^?ftPt \»t^ CcTt^ ^W51°«(I^ ^^^ I 

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c^tir^ c>if ^t'^* ^\k^ c^[^t^ ^"ft^ 's ^ftf 

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a or ^ti^ fn^st^ « ^t^ Tt^ ft^« ^%r, 

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tgtra^t:^ c^^t^ ^^=^1 ft^l iw ; 

NSt^t^ ^C^l ^^ 5(1^ -^J ; 

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'l^STO ^?g T^^g c^t^ I 

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is. t^^i cnttrff-nc^ n^c* ^t^^R ^ftc^ ; 

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'L'!' C^ ftS^I. Sf^.^l ^I C^^ ^t ; 

fj{Sf C^t^IT^ ^^R^csif ^l^t^ts ^C^IT I 



f^^^ f^«| — (^1:^^13:^ ^^ I [ 00 J ^«i — ^ J V I 

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"K^sra ^ :rt^t?cjrg cwc^ Tfi ^^ ; 
'«rt^ ^tfl'g ^l^M 5|{.\s^s f*ff»t^ ^c^ I 

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f»ra ciH. 'fi^^ *tf*&l ^1^:5 ''i^J^ U^Wt<[ ^^^ 

fl^rm, «rtPi c^W^ ^V'^c-^F c^it c^ fvR, ■£[ o\^ 

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C'^R ^tC^f •?lt^S. C5]t ?1C^ ^"^'l^^ df^VS 


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f^^ttj:^^ 'l^T I 


C^^Rl ^f'Sf CT C^tJl '^ICJ? ^t«, CTit itt^ c®-|il^ 

t^? rimaf c^tit^ Ji^^il I 

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CSRtfif^i^ C^ CW»J f^^tJ.1^, C^'lllW? ^Ccl1-^, 
CSlTtltf? ^t^^tl^ f^ait^ iTfC^^, ^<t<^ C«t1t 

OR ^"^^ Jitnaf ^I5tre^c^ c^cw»f f?cvsci^, 

v5l^nt« ^«R CTf Of^ ^f«(Tt? ^fiC?. v5«R 

c5-pi?t ^r^it^ *i^''itc? '^c'tjtw^i-fffc^ m\^:^ 

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(?;»t C^f«(^ti 's?^ ^^t ^^ 5^ 

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C^^ni ^C? '2tr^»t ^r<l¥| (Tit itc^ »t5i^ -^si I 
^ ^? C511C"?F?t ft^C^t? imM"^ ^f^51, Itf^J?. tti»t 


Mtc^t? ?twi ?1^^^ fs^^t^ ^t ^ps^l ^fli^t 
c^lTt? ^-^ ai:^*t ?Ff^¥tcw. ^t^tfvf^!:^ Ttf^^ 

^tc^ C^ c?it(."?P?1 BfcTS! f-n^rtti ; ^1^1^ CTt«Jt^ 

^n;:? 'oii^i^ra ^^^\^^ if^i^i? ^it^t? sicsji grt- 

^Tt^l ^f^Ctf? ^'CBt"^ Grlfe^l c^. (Tit C-fltt^ 
i. af»(fi{^t^ JiH^ C?lt^ ^1^^ f^^R^ I C^5R1 

■^f^^rificci^, .a^t c^ti^l w^ 'snt?^ ^c^'I^T 
« ^-n JftL^ tittftTiw? ^t ?l^t? «f^ ?t^ 

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c^Tai 'siiiri? fn^i^iivsi. ^mt«ni5ft9t«t ^ ^t^tif? 
c^i'iictra in^i.^ ^tittif? ai^ ^^^ ; c^ ^"sm 

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J4 *tt? CJl ^1x5l?s{ fifSl s^ ^t^l ^1j?lfif'5{(.'^ siisrr- 

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f^jlfl ^ir^!i^ C«!1^1 m^^ nc«f 5f^?l1 ^tt« I 
f^^ ■^stt^ts, W f^^ra ^1^^1 f^L^t^ ?|^ I 

^|?]l nc'^ ^c^, ^t^t^ ^s^^ic^ ^^m^ "Sim 
c?F? cxs-rsfm 3^f?^ ^^ic5fj ^tr^, ^t?r^ ^*u^ 

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■^t^tH ^'5t<s w)fe^ f^^tf|?[, ^t?t^1 Jii^ ''tct 

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^ifjM, >5^°x ^tn^Uvf^ '2ffe ^1 ^1^1 ^|5?iir5^, 
'3;?J!:^ ^r^^, Ji^it Jiwt«rg ^1 'I'TS c^*f ^1it- 
c^t^ ^l^tCVf^ 7l^C?I ^f^^l f^Tlt^f I 

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■sti^^ vsl^l ^5^ "^r^ra ClfRc^, ^<;^1C5I 'Slt'l^ 
^t'^l^ '?R ^'tra ^;51 ■^r^^l '5l^1-3 *'i*5K *f«5t'^ 



[ < J i'J — O J "i^ I 

(s\Hi^i[ m^ ^csf ^ ; ^t^tc© vsi^tn f^^- 

if^ltf^S ^f^lvS 'Sil?^ ^f^^, C^ ^t^t?i 

^if^'.Ns'iti:^ c^ mf^ c^s^ (jwrn ^?^^ f^K 

«^ C^^if^ C^l^t^ y[^^# sitf^^ I ^fsf fsi1!1-P1^^- 

c'51'i^ 'Si^m "stl^Ji. c^ti'Rvf^ ^TS( ^vrt^itp 
f?#?i, nM?, f^fi%?, twr^^ « f^^T!- 

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t^nit^? ^^ 'i,^ ^r*i ^ttvs ^"^ v£i^ ^if, 
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^t^tfer, f^^'^ ^^"^ ^^ Iti ^, c^t ^^^ 

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TR Ff^*t 51^ C^t^ \l^^ ^^ J^tf t^f^I 'T'?,^^ 

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I5f^^ <5^^ff "^i*( ^f^^, ^«I^t ■^X^ Sjcl ^- 

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C5R, C? ^t^lt^ avf, ^1<T51-^t^ «fl tftJ^C^ f^ 

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^9fC?? «2tlft^ ^fRJ? ''if^Ul ?ritR, ^^^ C5}ttT^ 

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cfsici, ^?; ^^-i, fffc^? ^Ji^ 51W :-£(§? fj^s^i^? 
*t»6K *r'«6K ^15( ^R?i, l^lSj-^^l] 'f^JWfsf 
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*£i^ ^1^ 5(M? •sttrf'^i ^f^^i f*if?c? fjpf?^ 

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^^55=^.^ f^t^t^ ^nm ^1^, vst^tcvs ■srtft^ =?- 

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CSl'^ ; "^t^l f^ClC^ Rfl^l ^f^^ ^^ ftc^t- 

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Wl ^^ I \st?tC3 ^t^t^ f^^l ^?I f^ltl^l ^r^^I I 
tC^ v5[^1?1 r^C^I^.!!^ fJl^ct ppR^l m't~^J\ 
'^^, C^ %\^ Jl'^ffT C?t1"^ ^n C?t(.c1'Q ^TI, S,^ 

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WfiS'f W^C^ ^l^tvs ^r^?l : 5l^^-^t^ ?|c^ 

c?t^ct^ ni:^ ^t^t« ^fl^T, ^tc3 c^t^c^n^ 

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^■^i ^fl^ ^1n^ l^c^ ^ f5t|t;^5T I ^1^ 

^W ^f^ C¥^ 'ilt C«=it^m^^ WT ^t^ ^R^ 
'STtfilCSI ? ^!l ?t^, ^11^ C^^ Jill ?l¥l W^^- 

^n^ Ji^i^ ^?r| c^c^ n^ ^tf^i f¥ ^f^R ? 

^Cv© 51^51 ■srtU, C^Jl^l xst^f^l ^r^^T ft?!K5 ; 

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CoH^ffi^Il."^ *lf<I3l -^^^ ^51, C^t^l^l "^CclJ? ^W 

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f^z^i'^^n ^^ I 

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S-^ !f^ ^fm ; ^r« f^r^ Aff t^ C9ft§t 5i<FfiC^ 

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^Hif (.fi R^?l-^°^5i cnni^ii ^^U J^r^l ^^t^ 

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^r^H c-'T^Ji *trlR« ^^ ^R "?< cwNft c^c^ 

vslgC« W[feTll C^, 'Slt^ C^^, ^t^t^ \stl5 '"^'^ 

^8 fit^i j^'ic'sr vot^t r^^t^ ^r^^ I *fc? f^c^f^Ti vs 

c^t^. ^^^, c^ « ^1^. '^'^° ^^^^ ^!^^ ''^^I 
#^5lc5 i iSt^cn ^ifft^^ ^t''R '2f5^ c^g-t'f ^tc^ 

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^RTTl 5i«, ^^, "m^ ^t3il "^^ ; cw^, ^tf^r ^ra? 

^ra?J « ^«(1^t? ^I5l1l S\\^^ vs^vf ^i%^^^ f^ 
'^R ^m^? f^^C^ ''t'*^!'^ ftfC^ ^1*1^11? vfl^ ifsi 

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^■5fc^^ *t«Bli:^ ^^fc^^ f^f c^ sj^ttH 5f (rVc^ ; 

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i o 5ic!fj (Til ^ife^l^R ■^r^c?!^ I ^i:^Nc^rt?i •3"! M 

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<2t1l?t^^'jf C?lt^C5fl ^CSf ^ISi «IC¥ ^t^ ^filLci^ I 

fffC^ f»tr^l Tt'R ^r^^ ; ^t^t^ « ^CT!^ ^j^j^tc^T 
5^ v£,^ ^'t^F^1 ff^ I ^1^ f^R ^5^R '^t? ^?g 

>« I^J^tC^ ^^1|^1 ^tf^C?l^ I <i,|?[jcn c^tc^^ 
f^C^ ^f'l^tctT^ ^^ ^t^ I'l^'t^ ^^ : ^^* 


Vi ^8 — :5 ; 8l] 

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is ^m ^*R w^ ^t^ \sir1 wf^^, ^*t^ 

^"^H^ (s\\j:^i^, -^[sfl >e ^1^f^ ii^^i c^tl^, si^^ 

5R^ ^1 Tl t^'fCST ^^f*t| 5itf%51 ^1 ; TI^Csl 
^M^ ^f^^ *t?ij ^«^ RC"^ ft^t^ "^^ ; C^R^I 

^'ff^ =??t5t ^I^NO ^@51 C^i-st ^^ ^f<!^,^ ^^C^ 
^T'Bt^ f^pfel Ftf^^l CWR^T. ^1^ C^«r, ^^<51 

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«ft^l^ c^t^c?^ Wi.^ f^\m\ ^t:g^l "^Ri:^ 

^= 7i°N^t^ ^r<lU3 citf^C^l^ ; ^t^ ^^ Wi'Q 5f5t5l ^I'c^ 

c?m<[ 'icJfT *tt\5fi, ^^^ '^''itc< ^^^ vsn'tc'<" ; 

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^?f, ^'t^*^ f^c^i'^?! 'SfFRl^ f^^ir^^ -'i^iiJJtfl ^^ 

f^c^t'^^^^ ^t^tt^ ^1?t^ »I^ ^t^ ^tc^ ^Wf 111 
^^Um ^^-<2fC^!,»t^ ^tc^ t^f^ wt?t^ ^^ci 

'Sits?! ^r^^ffe^^, Cxs^H ^t^tsrl ciif»t^ ^j^=^t- 

^nc^ c<F^ c^fl? ^it5 ^rit, ^5^ -si^c^ -5 ■^^- 
c^f? f^i'^ti Tft^r, <iiT\ ^t^t? Sic? JiPff'Sf^^ 

Ti^t^'niti ^'^i-^ f^ cf tf*t? f^f^ ^i^'fi? ■si-^ 
j^^^t^L'sf ^■t%^'f? ^^Itt'f, 7iij-[a-;|^ TftTj c^tr*t 
^t^'R'i? -sfiel^^M, "^^stra^i ^ H^fii^l'n^, ^- 

■sfit? Ji^C'?! tt^lt^ ; ^ti^ti?? ^ttr-n C^fl^i 

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^f^R ^IfR ^^:^^ ^nc^ *Xf[s^ ^1«=I1 «ii^'v 
^t^t^'i'T^ 'I.^ta^, ^fo ^t^1^^ fnl 5tnt- 

^It'.^ "^^t^ ^a f«l=^, 'il^N 'il^ «^ -8 5f "sfi^St 

f^^i^ ^r?5f, ^ti^i ^?cfpf ^tc^ 'sftnT^iR ; 

^<;c<F ^f^5i, ^I'rat 'Slt^RTt^ Tt^ I ^^ ft^^t- 
^W'^ ^t^^ ^tn^tT, C^^l^ ^t^^ #lli, -il^l 

i • f^R f^^ cwc»t c^ ^ttr "^f^itc^, 'Sit? ^^c^rs 

«iWf^t!:^ ^f^, c^tT^I ^t^t? ^^ ^^^^ 'rtif!? 
:?^ ^t^ ^l^T^ if?^ ^it^t^ ^fsc^ ^«, 

f^ -^it^ '^r% ctI f^ ^11^1 ^ ^^ c^ ^n 

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^t'ltc'i? '^t n^^ ^ « *tt^^1 *x^t^^ ^5tCW, 

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«It5fI ^^ -5t^1 -^R^I, f^^ JITtSt^^ ^f^'l* 

5« fSf^t^ Tf^^I ^ I 'Sit? nC^t^?l ^RtW? Jif^^ 

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fff^cj^ ^t?tcff^ sin? Ti^c^i^ ^tc5 ^'tr^« ??5t I 
c^l ji^sT ^nc?? 5it5l fnr^c5li?, ^f 1?1, C?C?1<\ 

^V nQ f^r^!5<^-ni5r?|?t I ^^Q^"1? «11J^ni ti^tC^CcI? 





■^[^^ ^1, f¥l Jil^ '!^^°1 «1!1J^?|C'1? \W.^ 

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<2ffss c;g:t^ ^nr?s ^^c? I ^^ii? ^5(j^'5t=i ^1ff- 
fffni^ ??r?i:?R, ^^m #?<^ «it^T ; f^ «1S0'^- 
^cT? ^'it^mcs ^l^t?1 ^■H^ ^^n Rflil 

'Sit? f^C^tl;^ ^t^trff^C<F vEtTtt^ T%5R, 

cnsIi?) ^ ^tiic!i?t f^'^ Ttn ■^rausi; 'sc^ 
'^n<\\ cat^ilcff? 5|ra ^f^ fc? «rtf^, v£it ^11 
?ffi?rl c^^ ^tilfffnc^ '£t??5il ^f^ ? 'ill 
f^f^c^ (^■m »rtnsr^ ?ttct ; 'sri^i? f 'stc?? 
^j:^? f^fic^Q ?ftk^5f5i ^8 ^^^, 'Sit ^t^^T"^^ 
^tcv5 c«l^ ^'<Rns ^r^ nttc^ ^ I ^1^1 
ftc^t^!ir^ ^^ ^rairl ?f?i^, ^^Rlfffti^ viit 

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'srt^l^^t? ^'-m 7i?r«i^ c^ ^t'^R vftn c^tRc^ 
^Slt^t ^Ff^iltfiC^T, ^tTt^ lRr*B^ ^°^? ^I^'R- 
■^1? Ttn 'Sill?! nit?tfi^t^, 's^si «rt^^ 'siin- 
^iJi'R ?^^ '2ttt'»t^ «if^5»ni ^ ^t^ '^t 
?ft^j "^f^^tfl I >5^ ciftT, srt?f?i '5it^R^t?t 

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^t^ C?1s( flf, vSt^tt ^^ 1 *!!:? f«]R ^t^f? 
«f3 vstTft '^fW-W^, 'Q tzTR^^-51«R^cn? ^ 
^cs ^t^tfffnc^ ?'f 1 ^f?ic^T, ^l?tc^ ^?t^ 

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'^tcT is^? « Ti^rt'Sf^^ ■51'Soc^fif? fHRc^ ^^- 

C^fR « SicH^T ?rc^ j%C?t1? CJTt PR^ ^?t^- 
fff5t!;^ fr^ ^"f?C5R ; ^^?1 'Sm ''IW ^^ 
'^r^CNSCI I 

C^^, f^i:?t^?» 'Sill ^?i;s ^f%t fq;(?^ 
f^^l ^i?TltCWT. f^lf Cfl « ^«lt?i~t? ?1^ <2ff% 

C515R ^f??iife?i^, ^^^ ^ ^«il?5t^ ?tsrt? -2tr^« 
^5n ^r^^Jt;:^, ^?*s f^f^c^Ji-fT^t^^ fgt- 

fnRc5t^ ^n^ ?t5f5(l^l? ?)t5 p<; 4?? ^5 mn- 

^t« ?\5, 'Sit? ^<it^i? 11^ (mw ?^^^ r^?i I 

' ^tif f^^*lt^5[C1? ?l5f1 ^C5f t^-C-^?f I^CglCl^ 

>0 ; 8-^Vl] 

t^C^tl^Tl?! ^^ I 


'sit?^^, 'srtsii^ ^(?TO ^5f^, 5^^ ^il^l f^r^- 
ai^i?ir?^!.^ 'siwt^ ^ra ; c^^^rl ^i^i^l ftcft- i<» 

c ^;sij^ |wifl!ii.if? ^ nt5 ?1W1, 'si'TK f^- 
511, '^t?I Wtf'l^l 'sniRW^ f^^T^ -Q 511TNI ^^, ^» 

^^t.f^ f^l^C^ ^'lf^« ^C?i^ ; f^f^ 11^ 

^tfig f^-sm ^tc^ ^*tc^ fwc^ ^ISi^feci^ I ^o 
f«f«tc^ ^xm ^fWl ^^-C^tl^Ut^ 'itc^i^i-ni 

^t^ t®, ^f^ 'SJII'RSIH W^Rt^ I 
<»ta li'OJll'^ 'S^ni ff ^ llf^fj, '5I^'51515T ^[<[V^ \\>' 





'^fw:^^, ^1^ ^f? c^t^ f^ ^ ^i^ ; c^^^rt 
^ics r%^i'^5 Ji5i^ t3tf.?i5ir.^ 5iC5f ciim f^- 

^t^ >^ «'lt5 n\m ^\^m <Pii?l i:wt^ 'S^tc^ 
^^tl^tf^c^ I *i« OTt *n5 ?twi(.^ 5ii:¥?t? 

OT>sf^ ?^ ^fk^t? 5i^ xa?ilg C^rt^ UiW '^, 

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C^3 C^t^l CTN ^^C^ «(C^ ^f^5I I ^H Tl^TS 

4^t ^»n ?tiN9 c^t 9ft5 5i5? ^-tsitc^ ^tirs ^ra^ 
^it? fJi^c^ '^]^ I '©t^t^l CJit?!i^ ^f^, ^fffi^: 

?t5rt?:^ cJit ^fi ?tc« ^r^ ^f^^ ^^ f^^c^ 

^C<P v&tr^C51^, -il^', ?it^t^1 ^t?t^ 51^^ iL^ f^^t- 

^t^t^l f^^c^ ^Jl^l ^5t^(r3 ?ti:^ *f1 fff^ I 

^t« 5^1. m^^ ^-2, ^Q 7[\T^7\ -S^ . i7^^\ Cv5tl^1 

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.2ff^ Jiwta^ vflt^^'f ^iic^'? I ^<;*R? f^^t^^^ 

'Sll^t^ ^ff^H C^l ^^S ^^ ^tC^ ^5( ^raCci^T, 
C?iVi^ ^^° Itcffil >Q ^911-^1^ ^I5lt(.^ «t^^JftC^ 


f^^^ttC^?! *JJ?^ 

[ ^O ; ^JS— 'i^ : ^« I 

Wt^f^ •2iT%'e ^s^t "^lii^^^ I 

■^tet^ >2ff^« ^a^'f ^r^rt I 
^us citfu-f Hm ^t^t^ f^fl^ flR^ ^It^i^ 
rac^ra ^^ ^w ^i^i^, ^s ^t^t^l ft€l?i fiRCTi 
%f, ^^i^f ^l^»f « ^'iit^t^ Jii^ '2it^c^ «i?n- 

^tc5{^ Ti^c^ ftf^ ^t^t^ "^f^m ^t^t^ f^^^ 
«4 \^ '^m I ^t? CTt ft^ ^t?i ^^^i^ "^f^^i, 

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tester? -211% ■^fs)¥tfeci^. c^%<^n ^t^tc-^^ 

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CW?« ^f^f^t? i%t ; 4^° 'I^'of^r^ ^^f*tl 'i^^ti 

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^tft^ ^f^l f^ml 51^?l1 ^R1^ H^C"? PFil^l 

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"^ii^fi! ^Iii «Fsm^, ^1^5? 'stf'R c^rtSi ^^r^, 

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K'^,^>r 0^ f^c^fsr. ^^?n, cfsn, >ii^^. f^f^'^ «i<t^ 

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f^C^tl, *a1^ « 'Sft*!^ ; "^ ^ ■SriWS Jiff's etfii^ 

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«■> ^(Sfi, ^i^^rrs, c"^tf*T. f reft, >§^-^Kwi^, 

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«8,8« ^^5^, f-Sl^ltR, ^|5i"^, %f, ^(.^-^51^, 

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fvsR >5 ^5f^ R^fl Wm] ^^\^ -^m -^RCSR I 

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Cci? c'^if*', ^^Ra^S 5^n5J ^L^-'i^ f*l[»R, 'Q 


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Cciftmtf^ 1WJ ^tt^tl -^rtW!:^^ Ji^t^^l ^Mt's 

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^1^ ^511^5? 'Sl^P'll ^^'R^l ^'^ft'; ^<x- 
*t% f*lf^^, ^ ^sl?t^ ''If^^, ^^v ^iftTil^l Jiff's 

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^^ --IW^ fc^l c'^^t ^l^1w^ ^1^^ t teller 


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^t'R 'Slt^^ ^1t^^. ^4t«. ^'ft^f^ ?t^ Citft 
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f^c^rt!^f <i ^.^"^ 

[ W J ^J5 — ^O 

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CS[SiH\ ^<Tj IltTi^^^ UCS\i\ ?tl.5I fsf^ ??51I 

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'jiisfj^^fi n8 t3tc?i5ra Ti^g-^if^^i ^^«l-5t^t^- 

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o8 '^\^<^ f^g -^f^ III I i:?i ^.^1-31^ R^i « 'sfttf- 

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C^^TW C«Rtctr^ 5('-{^ THj-jCEivi ^riR CvsWRtT^ 


^O J ^^J— 5.8 ; ^^ 1 ] 

f^C^t^^pi?! ^-^ I 


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^Ilcit?^ t^u3 "^m^m fffc^. miius c5[mn 

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^ms ^ c^i^itcr^ ^icf c^ Ji^ci 51^51 Tt^ ^f^^l- 

fWl5R. ^?t C-?f5I5l C^iSilClT? -SIC^ li^-^ ?5^, 
^f g^ <^psi ^tc^ f^i^l ^C^ST, C^ ^[51 C^Rt- 

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opt ?|t^ c^t^?i ^^t^ f^l 5tC^ I 

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fff^u^ Ji'l'fl ^^^itl, vst^tCs C^t^^ ^t^tCIf^ 

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^^C51 ; m^ RSftC^t^ C^itL^^I, f Rifl!I, *lfg^X. 



f^c^tlc<i^ %^^ 

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^r^^, ^f^ ^tit^ ^"xC't sit^rt? JTf?^ 'sittJf, 

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c^Tc^ ntl^ '^t^t^ Tift^ 1^ ^R?r. 4^°x 

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^iT5ti%, f ^ ^t"5I1c^ ^ir^'f stf^^m fff^ti:!^ I 

^t^t^ "^f^^i ^^^« ^f%^, ^t^t?i j^r?^ ^tfi 









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'^ii (^ ^t^l^ ^^» ^|i;^5 ^Tiff ^ ; ^t;:^^ ^t^tc^ 

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C>2t^1 "^f^^ I «i,C^ >^ ^'tC^'^ ^[51 ^ ff^T I 

«l!ft!;^ c?r<I?i1 ^t^tt:^ ^r?^, f^^^ ^f^, ^^- 


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tgtC?l?i-J5^R Ji^cii:^ >£lt ^«t1 ?Ff^C5i CcltC^PWl 

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'^t^t^ ^rli^ 5itf^5i ; ^s^; ^t^ aff^?i!;n^ (?^\ 
tt3, M^ ^t?tf?^C^ f^^ (^»f ?tf^^ ^Tffn 

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•Etfiit^ ^f^c^ citf^sT, ^t^cn ^ift^fr^ 

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i J :sV— O; ^15 1 ] 

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*itcit^^ 'sr^si ftfirtrVit^, >ijt sfif^ ^t?i ^^^i 

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CTc^ '^^^t^l ^«f^^ ^rac^ f^ ^1, ^W 
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^ni«, ^5W^ '^^cn^ Jif^^ «rt^^ ^i^in 










c^ ?tsrl Y*t^ niHuNftw^ ?c^ ^i^tfti^c^ 

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■^1%!:^ c^tf^tC51^; f^f^ ^^rC«f ^fft^ ?tl^^, 

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Efe*f ^<nji? ''I'gj^ ctpf f^^'k^ ^%f ; nc^ 

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c^^ I 'sit^ tg'RM-^^t^i'sii ^lir'^ ^<^J!^ ^t]« 

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Cfl^T, C? ^m\ '5!t''R^n f^^>.^ '511511'S v£i-^U 

om^\-9 ^«n "St'.? I ^t^i ^fficfR, g»f ^n ; 


t^^t^^^^^^^ f^'^HI 

[O; ^« — 8 


^0 tt^ f^^ ^t?:^ ^t%^ c^M I ^t^ cfinf 
^t^J 'srt^tt^ ^e'^ 'Sfti;^ ; vot^tc^ 1%f^ ^t^^ 

tf$« ^tn:^ «ftl ^ff, >ii^t «r^ c^? w^ ^5T, 
c^^ f^R ^!f^ ^c^ ^st^ Ttr^^ ^ftc^R ^n ; 

^3 t%fvf ^tf^ ^t^ (.'s\m <itsit<i tft^i^l ^-^illo^, 
« Ftf^^t dif^^, 'Sits CW<I, <^ % 5^ ^it^^t^ ^^1^ 

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ntl^ f^^^ ^n^ ; ^t^ CVt'St. f^H %«^ ^tt- 

^"i f%R ^lf^« ^tlI1 -n^sl^ t3rr<I^ '2!l?C-*t '^fr 

C5R, ^mn ^*m 1«5t<^ ^it^, C-^^1 ^ltt>2t!g 
TTSl'fl -J^lllTilCI^ I ^«I^ ^1^1^t ^t^t^ ''W'^ 

*W<^ Ttfi^ at^tc^^ f^?F!:^ ^^c^i^ ^tt^^l^l 
3f^?r '^^^ ^[ii^, '^■^ >2it^^"« ^tt^ ^^ 

^c^^ ^%|^ ?l^ I ^t^ ^1% ^^^^ <:«i*t f^i^- 

mfm <lt^t?1 ^''[^^ ^tc^ t^t- 

:g:*fR ^f^^i, c^^l ^t?"!^ ^?i ^13 c^'t^'j f^ ; 

Tt^l^t^ R5t^tC5j ^t?t^ f^Tt^ ^6^1 ^1ft^ I 

«» ^IC^ fvsR C«lt^ *ri:^tf ¥l C^?"f-^^f?F ^Cv© 

mtC^tlC5(<l «1^ ^t^^C^ ^t^ft^ ■^Rt^R, 

^ct^ ^s 'Ti^^^-Ti^R^'r^ ?f*f Ji^ c^it^ 5it^ 

^C-fl^ sift^ TiftC'T C^lTf^ fsi^C^ ^1^1 

3ic^ ^t^, ^i:^ ^Iff ^rt^ ; f^^ ^fl 'Slllt^ 
s w.^ 5(1 c^cei ^ff^r ^t^ ^1 I tfC^t^l ^%5i^, 

: o -"tC? ^t^T C¥WC»t ^t^^ •Q ^^^l'^ ^^t^tt- 

CcR; ^t^ Vf»t 1^5? C^it^ ^t^t^ ''t*5t«i «1»&K 

lEilail ^f^vr, ^^», 5fc^t^t« ^\lU ^R'o c^!:^^ I 

i> ^ Jifc^ c"^^^ c^^^ c^fl?i(.w^ ^If.^, crfpt^ 

Jl^# c^N!;tj} Ji^i^Mi ^i:^. ^1^ ^^ c-^tT- 

:-s^S?!Ul I ^151 ^^^1 ^t^R ^1^ ^«f ^«it<^5ni 

^r^c^i^, ^i. c^sj^i =5i^jt w\^\% cxji^ii^ 

i'Js si'lR^I *'l'f3C^ ^i?it^^ ^Hl5l^ I ■^'^s ^1^^ ^tf^- 



'i'\ I 3 

f^^<i^^^^«r5i f^?[«i«i 


sn fVl 3ft^l ni!f^Sf IcfttH C^% C^^C^^ ^ 
■^R^IlsT^ ^^ fttl^ C^C?i^ ; CW^'^\ fl'^CJ^tt^^ 

^tt^^. ^t^f^ '^Itt^ 'Sltt^^, ^ ^t^ 5fl I 
^'^ f%f^ ^I?t^ fifC^ f^R¥l ^St^C'd C^C^T 
C^t tt ^"^ ^^^ f^^l ^t^tC^ IFtT'V?!! ^'sR^ I 

<• « ^t^^ urf^Ri ?tRc^^ I *tr5 3^^i ^t^'^ 

^^ ^t^ 'ij^ efts? c[^!^R. « ^i!f5t^ ^C^ 
<^ 'iltlC'l V^fH -^^ ■^t'^ Sif^ti C^tCcR I ^t^ 

1%H ^t^^ ^ij^ >2!c^^ ^rai^. ^5tt^ c?«r, 
^iftc^^ f^fC'f vst^Rvrsl ^ ^^ s^^ ^^ 

O. T. 14 ] J 

« TITt^Tp Tf^t^ ♦t^^'tt ^'^'Tl^ ^5!. 
^'Ttll^tt tg-RllC^ Tl'ff^t^ fesR, ^tft^t 

t^tc^^ ^tft? tm I'v^m ^csfe^n 31^ ;'. 

i« t^t«rc^ ^5(j^^i f^Tt^t? Jifr ft;:^^, 

^\H *1*5t<s ^t?t^1 C^C^ NScT^JTICsS (M^ i 

51 f^fsi^ff ^!:^^ <intr^ ^ ^i^?r. 



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CJlt <2itfN ^, ?Ftt»tt^ sift I 

c^=Ri vst^tai ^1^ 5n i?t'2f^ Tt^tc^ ^^, 

c^^rtcH ct^ ^t^, ^«lt5 Sjf^Tll *tf^ I 
\st^ ?T^ C^ 'Ff 1^ 5i^ ? 

*n3i 5r^»t ^<^jrai c?f»t fJif "iScT «t1f¥3l I 


fTwm f»ifT^ ^fn^ ^R^l ^Tt^ f^^t *iim 
^f5(ij ^51 n^^ -^f^, ^n ^gtcTiisra s?^ «rt5fT 

IgtcTM fsirffnc^^ ^^c«f ^f3»m "^i ^, 'J^ 
^gtni^i-i^^^l 'ivft«;g^ ^tcf g^^R ^^^r i 

br -^5 g:sff^ ^ff^, \5^ 1Tt«^ t23U5^-T8t^- 

Ǥ >at ^11 -^i^^. ^tff c^itrif9ri^ f%JT? 

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^f?IC^?, vst^fiJ C?^^t!:^ ^5 ^f^« 511 I fws 

c^ijil ^t^(^ w\ ^fnt^ ^"^ 5rtt I 

?t^ ^r^ c^ srtf^caff:?!^^, cjr f^jftf^^c?? 

(5rr«5^ fg=5t^ ^^1^ ^(ftffrfc^ ^fcisife^isr. 


<5 ; iS-^u I ] 

f^^^^tC«t^ f^^^«l I 


^5t^C^ "^CoR, f^'E^ ^lf^ C5tl1^ 'I^^'ot 

Tt^ ^t^ ^?ar? itt^i sifT'V. v5^^ ^{"m^ 
s*" «tW^ c5T«rt^ I f^^ni ^, ^tf^ ^<^ ^il'jl? 

sj» ^t^<; ^l^r f^"^ "^^ I ^«R f^froiR f^q 

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^*fc? ?t«r, vii^t cartel irtfsiiri c?« i f^f^ ^rot 
'siaf^i^ ^t5tt^ f^m c^ Tfx'! « vsisl^ nl^- 
^in G\t ifx'T « ^v?i'5^?f filT^fsT arm Tjitcr ; 

•sifn f« ; «rm ftRCTit^ ^\w(^. ^ flu, c^ 
-^'3 sif^ ^"sc^ cvfr«(cil5f I 5Hft«§ ^t^-R^f ^fe^H, 

5t?icw^ ^(W\u5 ^itfn 'SitCl I 
-?.« " ■'ra (Tif ?iiracs Turt^f^ ^ot^'^ "^f^iisR, 

f^atll p^ St^l ^^?, 4T, ?[t^ C?fC<l^ c"^ ^lasc^fff 

<siw 'i^c^? Mti ^^, ^5rt^ CTt f^^ 5^?t 










?fsi?it%fi^. c^t^n ■^fsiwjf ; T>^ 'sit'i^ fn^- 
«tc^ ^1 ^ ^^51 ?t%^ ^^il^^ I 
c?^, ^tc«i^ ^i^ssc^f? ^ir 'Q ^i^tii tt"!!? «itc*t<n 
^^ft ^'^^'^ ^^1 ^t^tcf 1 ^^ vsi^t^ *tm^ 

cTTf^ ^^ <Ff^Tin^ I ^1^3 ^?ti"a? ccitr^i 
CTt^tfC^ "^f^^, c^lTt? 'I^c^ Ttf^ ^^ui 

^r>^l c#i^c5, \s v5t^ *tt'!f^ '5ftc»i^i cw?^ 

1t^ C^^ JPF^IC^ "^RC^I^, C^Tatt fV TtCcj^ 

^^^ ; aci^^^ ^^t 'Tssc^f? ^tr ^t^ri:^ » 

[^1«T f%t? '^'^] ^tr«R^^, TI5I15I5(, ^Icf ^t^<l 

j^f^^ fT^ ^ip^, ^(?i cJi ^©tft^ c^ «tf?nii 

c?r'l'3 ccTti^^ ^^ar ^fcr, ,«i^', nt^ ^f^t 
f'ff^c^nci^ ^ci^fsf:^ f«ff^ %\n^ ^jicf I fi)Fg 

^m f^fffCTTts? ^'Sf^CT ^f^^R. 'Slt^l^l^t? ^t^J 
H^t^ ^c^, ^C^ c^rt^. '^r^l '^tltci R^ 
r»if»t^ *t!;!?, «ii^t 511^ f R -^s^ «itc^, ^t:^ «itf5(. 

^fsT. n^ftR f^f^ ■£,^K^ ^H^l C5lt Cclfsi 

^r*tnl ^r?l 5tc« f^f»ra. *[< ^^ ^1^ ^^ 


f^^ra^^nc^t^ f^^^*i I 

[ «b J 80 — <) . ^N I 

11 5^^, 'Sltf^ C^^ '^H ^'^'^ ^^ ^'iJl ^f? ; 

f^^ "^r?. c5ji^ it^i ^iitc^ '511^ <ii^tr ^t^ 

ift^t 5it!.^ fff^l ; M^ C^^ C=Ttl^^ ^ni^ 

^^«1 ^^^, ^t^ JT^ci ^fsra ^n^ra f*!ft^ *i|^ I 

«« ''ic^ ^T^ c^l ^fec^ vsg^f "^feci^ ; vst^ti:^ 

c^^ct c^itct^ ^n^ ^^^ ^t^, ^1^ Ji^^ ^Rc^ 

' ^ ^'i^ cciT^ ^m ^fz^\ ftc^lf iti^ 

^?{l^ f^c'^ f*fr^^ ^tn^ ^r<5i^i ; ^«R f^R- 

^1^ ^f^Tll ^C^, ^Ifl 'Slftl ^IP^l^ fl^t^ 

cjj f^r?^ f^f^isf *t^ ^i'^^ "^i^iii ^^^ I 

Nstitc^ c^t^ctf^ f 5(j ^tra ^l^( Ji^g c=iK 
•21^ f^fffc^l!:^ "^^=11. c^1^ '^^■Q ^ft^ 

31^ [5t^ f^ifffc^lic^ ^r^^i, cq c^? ^^^-^^ 

5Jt^ m^l ^^1 ^^ ^li^^i ^t?, ^t^tr, v3 c^ 

c"^? ■^111 ^ii^t^ ^^ tt^^ ^*'[c^ ^^ ^^, 

« ^t?lc^ ^«l^ "^ra^ "^l*! I ^t^tc^ 7i°N«tj|^ f^i 

t^ftVR ^ral ^tfl CvSltlfvf^C^ fl^l^ ^ll^, « 

^1^11 =511*11 ?C^ ^^I ^^J "« 1^^ ^51 "^f^^, 
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8b ^?(^ ^ft;:^^ « ^[^ 3^f^9t1 ^i^cci wit^ 

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f^nst^^^'^n^ t^^^l I [ ^ ^ J ^v — ^ V J i8 i 

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f^^tCa ^tlCcl?l ; 'SIR ^1R1^ <3 tl^R 3at ^t- 
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TtRt^ ^^t^ alc^ ^f^C^??, 'SIR?! ^5RS7 ?iR1 

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f^5t<i^^^:«t^ l^^iil I 

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f^ti "^Rc* "^rttc^ ? fi^t^ fi^R"^ ^f^- 

f%R l^ttmtf^ fw!:^ ^^tf ^^1 ^n;;^- 
fe^R I ^<K^\^ ^m^^M\ t^\iw\ii ^*tt:<f 

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Cff^t^ ^^*[^ 5tl%?5l c^r;:?!?!; ^t? cif^, fji'xC^i 

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'tccittc??! ^t^t^ f^^^ «l1f^i:3 f:5»f sjH ^f- 

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cijtff^ ^f^^t ^f?^, ^fjf ^1tt!:^ c^^ ^t1 ^f^- 
C^, ^t^ ^P\ ^ ; ^UU '^wltim'^i'^ v^^^t 

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^t^N ^tll C^ttf^ ^f^ ; *t^ f^R iT^'1 mCJT 

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(s\^, 'srt^ f^f^ ^i^c^it!?? ^fiul f^Trt ^it^r^ 
f^»t sfi^i;^ ^t^t^s ^1i^1 ^t^w "^ tj^^t 

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Cvsl^t^ J^TfC^ fiflllfl ; ^t^t^ ^R^1 «f^°t f^ 

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f^^ *t« '5^t^ «ff^Ti1 i»t1^ 51^ ^rctR c^Tiw 

C5IC5f C^t^ "^il^l ^t ^1 C=1CSF ^^ J)^ T'lt^T 

c^u:^<\ »t^ >s f^ «^!:'^'5 ^tfrl^ ^'^^^ 'ire^l c^^ 1 


\9 ', 1— 'i* } i« I ] 

f^5t5^|^fC«f^ f^^?l*| I 


?[1^ ; C^R^^ ^trt^ '!f«^ ^5t5t^ ^r^ cit^i 

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CJJI Sfrc^ « ^{^ ftStC^ ^31^ cntvBil^i 

f^Ufft^ C^R^^ f%^t^1 ^fi^^, C^fl^l ^lTtW5 
^tr*(t « ^PI^1f§ ; CT ^^tCtJ^ >£ff^ C-5R^ ^f^- 
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tsl^i "Sfcwn >^ ^«it^ TiSti^ ^if^^ ^^i I 

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'BTtfTl ^<i7[:^ C^WC^F in5t GlW ^:?1. «il^ (TTtvBl 

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^t^l «if^ ^^, est^K\ c^R |*f ^<)^1 "srt^ ? 

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ci??; 'Bit^ m\^ ^f^% c^R ^^ 'arst^ 

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f^ut^^^"'?tc«f<i f^^<i«i I [ ^ V J ^j> — "i :> ; i^ I 

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ttt5 FtcTl <£]f^ ^¥l ^^eT, ^''t^ *3,t^tf^^ 

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^1 ^st^iT^ TRe^, ^tltW^ 1C«fJ C^ C«tTt^ 

tw^tc"^ 'srt^^l ^tcs ^«r^ w^t^ cvff^nn f^^i, 
^rt'i^ ^1?ti:^ U-m\ '^\p\^ i 
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^CtfH ^C^s ^ tic!, ^^? ^^ W\^'Q 5Tt^^s 

^J» fil^ll -^ri[^\ ^<in Tt^ ^f^ I ^^ ^WlWt? 

5itc^ c^it 5i?n:?^ ^1 ^m ^tf^ ; f%^ *2J^ CJit 

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c^iftjvs fiifs^i ^11^ ^f^^i ^ir«t5i I 


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^1%1 '^<^CfI^-f5lp~tll '^Tt'R f'l'Stsl ^^l^ f^ 

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fl^ vsl^tC^ CWf«I^1 'sil^^ 7\^-^^H ^t^t^ Tjf^ 

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f^ff <% ^1^t^ ^fet C^Sl^^r^ ^«:^1 ^f^^ THi. 

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f^rsi G\t ^jfec^ ^ft^, f^'u ^f^, ^'ws ?«, 

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<1^J^ Cns15(^1 f^Pi9 "^^ ; vfit^C^O ^l^^l ^"©ni 

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^;5 J ^«— Vo J & I] 

f^t5^^'''nc«r<T f^^<i*i I 


or? 'T'R? ^mr5l 5fi:m ^^% ^1 ; <5r!^1 t^; ^sf- 

•^pf^^ ^t?7T,^l5]^1 ^t ^^Ifi^ C^R ^IC^ ^1?, 

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"^ ^f??ii ^iiprraff c^^ ; (Tit TF% "^r^Hvssi?] 

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•fit ^1R 5i^ ^=?! 'Q 5t^t?^ ^'Rl. C'^l^ ^WR 
^J "Jlt^'R "aril's ^1 I 'fO %% ^t^tC^F '®11'"i^ <Il?f.3 

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'5i^:"^^i 'sifiiirlj^ ^R!:^!:i, '^^ ^^vs, can, 
■^^in:^ C5\\i^i[\, ^^^sf^i it^^, (Tit "^1^^ 5lf^- 

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^l?f^ "^#1, ^tf?^ ^1^1 NCli^tCif^ n^C^ f^Rl 
•Hl^ ^'^'^ ^R« ^ ; ^ ^-^ 'SJI^R ^1^..« 

ftf^tc"^ ^tf^ ^raul "s^iT^ ; c^i?i^i ^i^tftfR^ 

CTt«f ^^, ^t?tt ^^ ; f¥^ (Tit I^C^"^ >afN5 

^« i»5R ^?«t? ■^'^ "?Fr^^ ^1 1 ^«iirn ^^(^1 ^t?i<^ 

o. T. 15 ] 225 







^if^^l ; ^n ^t^t^1 ^5f?t^ ^'if^f^ ^t^, ^^t 

«2t^i« n^i^ Ji'R? ^tf:s "^W^ sf^ ^^Cllbl"^ 
^R^i ; *IC^ ®ttC^1 ?t^1 ^if'lt?! ^?K<F ^tfvB^I 

■^ifl ^m'n "^i^^ ^u^ 'srtfJiin '^mim "^^ 
^fv5^i ^r^^i I 'Sri^'.'^^t^i 5tc5i <5t?B «^% ^t^i 
^m ^tt^i^ si^ ?[T.^^ ^^f5 tf^Tii ^IR^ 5t«r» 
^t^ cw«i, (Tit f^cfii-^, ^1^1-^ S^-^^. •5f':5i 

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^IPRt? r>^ ?tc^ ^WJ *'l'^J^ ^1^1 ^"ii <F«R^Q 

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^[?Rl t3t<.?i(.^^ fc^fj ^^^ « ^B-si^ w[^ 

(51^^^ ^ f^;^C^ ^t''!^ ^{'^ 1^ ^f^5l l^'tt 

N»«R Ji^^f^ c^it^ ^^ ^^\%l^^n w\-^ ^i^t[ -^ft^r, 
^11^1 c^? ^t''R ^t^(.« ^tt^ ^1, c^^ ^t^ 

Titles f^f^?I1 -5111^ ^1 i f^l v£l«|^ f^lftut^ 


f^^t^^f ^c«r^ f%^^«j 


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cg-^ af^ cfi^ jj^g c^il^ sf^i ^f^^, c^ <5rt^ 

Ccft^ C'St^l ^f^fl ^f^pf, C^TtC^? 'R'fl <Si f^ 
^W^t-Q Tt^ »f^ fWt^ C^t^ ^PrS ^ I 

c^t"^ ct51 fer ; ^\^t^ «r:^^ «f^ c"^ stc^ 
f^srt? ^t^ Ttf^i^ ntf^^. sr^igFs ?^^ ^ i 

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i» ftf^^ ^M^ "^fe I "fc? t5tn;^-c^tc"?F?1 f^t- 

fjlf^fl ^ti^ ^tf^ ^^1 "^ fT^u\ t^t^m^ 
Tc«(T ^tt"*t ^m c^it^c^ Jii^ ^fii^ii f«fi»r(fr 
wf^^ I 

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?.<5 wt Ttc^ '2^^ w^1 ?f ra^ I ^^ |23lc?i5t-yt^l5f- 

'Sltsi^l ^^1^ ^t^l f^1^>l-7J^1^C?^ ^T^^ ^,^ 


^c« R^« ^m ^^n fgits^i-^^R^i? 
^r^^i, t^i^i i^c^it «i\95f«ftfr f|£i I 

'i^c'^r c^t^^ ^Rsi 'Q <ifjiTn ^R^r, 4^*x c^t 

t'^C^ f^^-f7l5^T ^ ^tR fe, 'S\^X Ttr?Rt? 

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^^n ^t^^ fc^ 'ji'^f^ ^51 ««ii Ttrs^ 5rt9 

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7\i^\^ ^t^ : f^^ ^5tl1 ^1R^S 5l1 C^I, ^5t^cf 
C¥ Jl-s^l? Tfe, t?1^1 ^^Cclt «f?5l5<tlt fe I 

fii^rs f^^"? ^tc^ n^it?;^ ^r^¥tfe?i, wc^^'^p 

f^^, (Tit ^^tf^^s Cqt^ltfa S^lt^ f^'^l ^f<JC^- 



<o • 'Sb'— ^^ i Xo \] 

f^^t^^^'^'t^ f^^![«l I 

tgtc^5i-c5rfc???i 5it5tti ^%^ ^Rc^ ^^ f¥^t- 

t^T I ^«I^ n^tft^T ^tTKT^ ^Tt^ f^*f BR^ 

e. ^r?^ ^|ci I f^ -^1^ ^-jR ^cns ^^t^tra 
Ftf?^ c?%r. ^ af<t, 5R^ =1^ ^'Wi ^|5l 

•fitt^c^ n:«t^ 1%:^ f^r^ ; f^i C5it ^t':^« 

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8 8 ?Fi%^ 5ltf^ I ^©Wc^ f^^C^ ^t^ 1^3 

*r5tt^ ^f^cvo citfMci, 'Sits ^5t^i ^n:«r ^^- 
cw^ ^raf 'ftF 51^ cctt^r^ ^sc "^iisT ; nt^ 

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8v f^ti '^\^ ^fM Tt^ Tt^ ■^f??i I *^ t^^lracf. [ 

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e ^^fT c"^ 'i'R ^i^ ? *l?f^^7i c5rtc<Rl >£i^K^ 

■l ?tc^ ^tfl ^'^ ^°s"l ^f5f g ^^cl I ^^ ^t?t^ ;5I^. 

b' ^^^-^ ^\-^\ ^f^^ fspi^^N© jRt'Sif^ f^r^ 

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5* fit I ^tC^ 1^^ ^«TTH[C5f^ 5j5)j ^|c^5 ^ 

•iit ^1^ ^^, cs\m Tt«, ^^-fnf^^w- 

fiiTt^°li:5ra m«(j ^'R Ftf? »t^ ^srtfr nt^^r, 
^tf t^i «i^c^ jrf?^ »r?R Tf^ii ^1^ *(f|5^ 
e\\n ^5 ^ I ^t^ W!{\^ ctft^ %ccit^ fff^r^ 

i« vs t^f^^tC^ ^f^ I «tC^ Jil^ 5^6^ Cc!t^ vfttt- 
5« f^5 fW^ ; ^«ftf^ ^^\V!fH "SJf^t^ ^5j I !3it^ 

54 '^fj^ 5^3^ srtfr^'f ^5^%^, fwt^ ^^c^ 
a1srf1% ^f55i ^M^, W5'S(^ «i^f*fgc?^ frrt^ 



f^5t<l^^^?:«r^ f^e| — ^c^^ f^^^«l I [V^j^^— ^;^'>} 

«iT^ w^, ^ftf ^ry\\<^ ^^{%'\ ffccra 51C5IT ^'51 
^i%!:^ ^fic^ ^ifi^a ^51 ^ttw, ^c^ (.^i^m 
^l^ic^a ^^cnS ?if?^ ft^ <£ii;^ir."^ %C5[R 
■^st(.w5 1SJI ?tcv9 ^1^ "5iin^ ft 5fri5i clf <ii 

W^ 3°t *tt^ sill i '511^ CSilill^ ^l^tR^C^ CVf^ 

^« ^tt, f^c^ '^f^ ^n^tfr ^tu5 1 ^s^ fw^fi^- 
^11 ?t (-^ '2tC4ic^ ^FR ^*t^ ^!;i:*r3 -Q cm^t^ 

■^Rl '2l'?f^ ^R?I ; ^W\<[) m) ^tCvs Ttf?^ 

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« CS\^ I ^ira ^^5fl<l "^l^ Sc^W^"^ "SifH^, \»15R^ 

^.^ ^t^ ^I'fl, ^H iii'^ 5/fR^ ^11 ^<s I ^tl 
vsl?i51 'SI^^H l?»l ^<^7i^ -^icl (Tit =^[1^ ^t^ 

*• "Sllt^l^ Sjg ^Ct 5ffR^ cltf^tcl I \5?I5l ^n^ c^i 
■sj^^^C^ ^i?«1, C^11?1 'SlI^'R 'Sil*!^ 11^t^ 

C^RS1 CJI^'I ff^l ^r^T115, J1W1£I§ C^lftW^ «% 






^<^7rf^, r^r^Tii ^ts ; c^R?i 'sitTt? ^r^ c^^ 

^f^i^ nif? K1 : 'srra ^lTrg >2i«Ti«fl ^Rf, t^l 
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'srt'Rt^ ^t wt^^^ ®^t!:^ ^''iftf fi^ ^i"^ f^^t^ 

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^'''f^ ^f^. or «[1^H ^tf:^^ « ^Rra 5fR^ 
5i« ^ ^flc^ ; «it^ «iiR ^i^ti 4^ =?ifr ^ 

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'SII^ ^r^t^, fy^^ ^fl, ^IR ^l^tC^ vii^ ^^ ^^ 

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Ftf%5t-5^ I f«R -^[W\^, ^R v5"tfV 5itt, 

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^C^^ I rsf^ ^^^ ^f^!:?I5T, ^<s^, ^ff^ vSTr^ 

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If R'vfTa t^, C^'^m t^ttllCSI^ 5lC5rr ra»f 5153 

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iScltf^l ^5jt^ 'Sm C^ ^^i'^H »t^ ^RUl 

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« tftc^i(.Ji^ 'Ttc^ 'it^R ?Ff^cT I mh'^m ^^T^mtiJini 

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C^^ Ji'^C^ fftC^ri^ ^R:^ ^^^5 5t^ ^tf^^J 

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^tc'^ ffti.'jrtR? JTG >Q ^f ^^ T% ftTii -nf^^ 

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ft^, a?°v t^R ^tftfff^C^ Jlv^t? ^f?(.?l^, ^3^- 

cwt^tf? ^ ^tJ^1t^*I? c?fl^fff?i!;^ c-ft??? ^t?l 
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p\^^ "Jtti^ ^^ f^^ I ^Iftc^ \s1ft?l fgt- 

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pifm C?K.51 *'l? -^ s^^?? R?'l^ 7Hf[>2i;^^ ^ 

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f^^ ^'^C'l? f'l^'^ tdftC^ ^'fi'f « f^Cfl f(.4^1%- 

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ftft^f, ^Ifl ^?1R f^fa^II ^,^¥. ^iSllfff^^'^ -Q 
'Sitsilc?? (.rl1?Jf5i^fC^ T< m ^?'?^ I W[<\'\ llft- 

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[ * ; ^ — *i ; 0| 

^t^ ^\ ^f^, "^^1 CTpf^f^F 'Slt^ ^ ; «rt3 
5I^C^^ «llv§i{Hi ?f5p{ n^j^ ^llSff! I 

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I'gtOT;?!^ ^"-iiiin f^^ <itiit5l ctf'S. «c^ 1^ 
''tlitt<3 5Ti, c^R «i-^-tra cwRi«hF ^nci^ <5i^ra 

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1; 8 — t'; ^i| ] 



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^'rt^ f^^^ ^RC^, "fl^? vai^l^ vsl^ ^L«?ra 


^f^R^^ 'Q 1%^'^ 51^^ ci^^ ^-^^ ff t^rfw'ti^ 

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'Rfi ^'^?^ f^r^t^ fw^eW ■^Ttc?( -Jiftu® ^tc5f 

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^«R ^?t^ ^tC? fe#!;^^ ; '^tf t^1 ^^S5IWT 

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W^l CSIT^CT Cvctlt^ ff{Wl^ C^J'\ T-m ; ^ 

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WW «if%f^^ "^f^!:^ : ^rt^ R ncsitlmti? ^^ 
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Of% >il (Tit ^%, ^t^ra ^l'^ ^tfT C«tlt? 

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^t^ ^^gtc^c^ra ^■^^ ?tr^^ 5^j ^tf t? 7 (?i 

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5^* ^tc^l "^Icol^ I *fC^ "i^l^ *tt^'¥r5F <Ffe»R. 

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jj^w '^t^ ^iIm I «rr3 [ ^t^C^si ] ^?f^C?R, 
w^, t^ ^t^l Tn\T^ ; jf^ I?1 '«rt*mt^ t?i:<? 

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tt^-^B, ^tf^ C^lltC^ ^«^ ^t^J 2(^1 ^FWtt I 

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t'^l'^m ^tC^^ f^T§ ^tti.^W. ^'R f^ 5R 
•j^C^^ C?<f1 nttc^, CWf^Ti^, ^^W^ SfCfJ ^^ 
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'srt'^ ^^^ <^ ^"^ ^m irt^t^Ji ^^ "^rarac^ I 

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"5Itf^ C^tl't^ IR^C^ ^tt^ ; «itfT ^t^'^ CStTt^ 

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*tr3 f%R •t^i^ccf? f^iTt ^c« ^ft^ ;^w 

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(?I^JT. (Tit *t^C^, fenf^s ^tCcT, C?«r. 4^ tfST 
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'sit'Jil ^1^^ '©l^t^ ^1i^ ^1pil?l^, « 'St^tcvf? 
^t?!^t 1.':^ ^Wc^ ^tH^, ^I'^W 'i'^csi ^^jf 
si-^H "^hv^^^^, ^^^ c^c"^! ^5f^^ ^f?^. 



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Jl» ^^Jirc<I Jifft'Sl^^ JTt^tt^ ^'='(r?^ ^-Q I ^TC^ 

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^i.^ ^lf^l)Ki ? ^^I^.^ ^r?csi^, cff^r, cJit ^fi^ 

fi(|^ ^c^Ri^ ; JR^ cm:^? 1C«a ttf^ ^'^il 

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f"5if<?fi!i «rri^ ^1^;:^ (.'^m'^ -, '^^x ^xn ^]^\ui<\ 



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^c'f ^r^.ffi^, ^wt ^"^^ "tf^^l f''i^tt^ I f^^ 


^> ; ^^ » 

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'Sltt^l tgtra^ W*ra ^^^ ^I^l^l ^ C'S^I "^R; 

C*l^ C^^ ^|C^ ^CVf^ t*6K T'St's ^tfJILvsCW^ I 
C^ f^®t^ ■^f^lS^Jf, C^RL?^ f^ ^^ttf ? 

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^*1 "^^1 "^ttC^ ; ^1^1CnS 7iWl'2r«^ '2ff^ Ccrt^CfR 
^!I ^*lf^^ J^'GHtl^ vs1?tl1 ^i^ l^t^I? Wi^ 

■^r^C^J? ; ^t^^« t3tCT!«l-^^R^C«rS fo^l 51^ 

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Ttf^ ^^5(1 ^1^ ; ^t^^fCl^ ^1tC5 m5l ^t^I 
■2f5^ «~t;5 ^tF^ m'5l1^!lfw^l^ ^°^ ■^RC^R; 

'srt«i ^sti^w^ ^<ff'^l c^rtc^^ ^'R fw5r%3 ^«i 

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c^^ f<f 'siwt^^ ^*m ^sn ^tc^ ? cjft C5JT?- 

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wsi ^r^t^ ^^ fit's ©n':"^(5 5ffi ^r^^ife? 

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"^f^C^l^, C^ll^l ^111?l fC^ C^R IF^ 'rt>« 









Jjtft^^r.^ '5''f(^ c^, ^t? f^f^ ^tv.^tr.^^ 

Jitft?^^ ^ic5 5=5^^ ^r^5i ^r??i. ^t^ii *ih 

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■^r^.^T, ^, ^11 lew? ^'tc? >£i-^ 5i^ <it^i urn J 

Cif? $'^C^ ^f S3lg K\W\, ^^r.TI ^r> 'sit^Ji 

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^^C^ CT, c^sl^i^l ^n^tw? Si?) <II5i-| ^IWI 

«rt? ^1^ ccit^ *t^.!]cir,-^ ^'f5!, ^R^i c'^R srI 

5lf?, i*lt m^ ^l^R «lt^i» tfWCVf? fs*R^ 'S\]^^- 

W\ii Sf'?^ JHfTa^? ^It^ afj^i ^^^, c^^^l 
^R^tff c^. «)iiutf? sg ^tsfi ^iwi ^RTilf^ I 

O. T. 

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^tWl ^^CTl f^i}| ^tc^ I 


c^^ [ fi§n ] ^«.^ w^ ^t^ f^ I ^^ -8 

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1^5 f^^Rl^ '2i!;?f»t? f9ff%tc^ c^w^rc^ Jif?^ 

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cffi'in ^^r§ ^fr ^tsitt^ ^fe^R. ttR^^I 

"^l? ^tTTtl^ I "R^ C^rtC^^I C»ttCfi^ ^*BlCv© f^r 

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^f^Rlfw^c^ f^nti^st^ cvff«m, c^Ji^il ccilr^^l 
^'r^^ ftc^ff^ ; ^^ ccjic^l 's^tt^, c^c*r, 

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c^titcT c^ '^m ftf^i;:^, '^t^l "it^R ^^ ^t ; 

5tR^ 13 v£i-^ ^R^ "SIC^I -^i^Tii 3|?tt^ 
flC^i^, ^R ^1^ "IFi'i ^^ ^]^ I 

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;£i-?F ffci ^<;-c?ftitin? *n:«r? f?c^ f^ra^i ; ^^° 

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*tt1 ftRt^ ^^ 5gic!ic5r5J It^ c?it^C^ 'tisiti^ictf ^ 
^tcw ^f^5l ^ti^ ^n5 I ^^t° i^tcRi ^tficr, 

^t^l, fWl, ^if^l^ ft^ '^^v "It^ "^1^1 C'^l 



c^t»H 'sit^t^ 'sia^l^^ ^^^c^ ^r^ccfs?, 

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^fi^c^ *l:3 c^ ^r?^, f^f% ^i:-5ptff ^«rttt 

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^!:^ ¥t^l ^^^, f^'St^ ■^RC^ J^tft^i^^ c^R 

^t^f^t^ ^t?1 IC^ ^V, ^l^lt ^^^ ; CJlt f^^ 

^\m ^n^tctf^ '^tc^ ^rst^?ri «itf^^. ^t?tOT?[ 

^1C1 ^Hm ^tt^ ^ I T'V^ Tff^ v£|t ^?(1 ^CcT, 

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f^^C^ ^i§¥t ^TttTT, ^fral C^t^tftf^C^ ft^ 

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«fC^ TT^C^ lt^^ ^tc^ cltf^, ^^'^ ^t?tl 'Sia- 
^5^ ^1?1^ <1*6t<^ *1*FK ^^tfvf^C?!^ ^5( ^f^ 

il'sftfw^n:^ ^f^c^H, •ii'^ ^t^ (s\\^ ^'\^\ ^|%?n 

Ccrtrfff^fC^ 5tn^ ^f^. "STt^ C?«I, C^Ri?R v8 

^fti^R, ^'^^^ f'^^^ -^t '?tt^ ^R ; CT^l 

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^8 ^ fff^W t^tra^ Cclfl'^1 ^^*II'1^ ^¥f1i5T, 

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^■1 ^ fffCTF ^^ ^^iifesT ; f^i (r?rRt«Jc5r5 f«i^l 



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ftf't':'^ ^tf 5] ^""^-gt^.i^ ; f^5i!i ^f^, c?^, 'fif 

^<s"^r><^ 1^ ^f^t^ WHV.-:o 'srt^lf^ 5"^ c^i^ 

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««^5f ^f^c« -e ?^^^ «rt5c^ 5iir^ I ^^ '.^'^ 

^i§ ; ^tsf 'aitii^ ik^t^ ^'^«ri^ |f<N '£t^t5 

CNSll^i '2f.;sT'^ S;^ «]FR "Sn^tJl C9ft^ <3 fifc^I^ 
■^"■S?^! TTtf l*"^^ f^WL% ''Iff ^ra« ^ I ^'iWSs 

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^iWi"^ ■^*5\<s 5rtii?ii f^nii «2i^io "iti^ v©t?titf^ 

^iJi^^ ^t?;:^! (if ^fR W'9C^? lR??i.§ ^'•r^s 
ot ^t I S1^rc« Cftcl ^"^iliU fsf^u? fSr®[7^1 ^I^- 

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8« f^f^ c^iic'^^l dieted "^j^, tsTcm^T^ ?ir.5fj 

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Of'S ; C^^^RI CJl ^i^R ^t!r« ^^5t? *tttiitc^ i 

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'Sl^^ra « C-®Til 5fC^^ 0^\ «rtfT ^tf^ ; ^t ^ 

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5f^C« .bII ^r^'.^I^? ; C^^ill ^C^ VSI51 si^im 

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'Sit? f«N C^tllfW^C^ 'SllftCfr? ?!.« Il'fl 
^jf^CT^T 1 

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Si?J 'sufJi?!! f^^-^<^\^I ^5C5J tf1|5 1^? -^ 
ncejl'ii:?!? ^^^5? ?l?^t? siSJ t^5Ji.^^? f^C"^ 
cvf~in5c?iiT I *ic? fff^ff ^t'R ^fsic^ ?^ fMt 
>il^«IR 'IW? ^tfi^? "^IW-^^, -ii?°v f¥s?tc« ^■^ 

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*n«!(a*nR ^tf t? ^«tfc5i ^fji?n c^ ; 'state's 

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CclJ^ ; r^ fftlCff? 5;.^ «r95f M 5(1 I ®it Vft^? 

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^l?i?i *|5ii!)5;? ^r?^ I «it? ^giwi^i? -a f^gtft? 
vQ tcg^ic'i? ^1? *t^J^ nc5ili5Ctf5 *i»^<; *f^<; 

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41 -^jjq ? -stc^ vrt|? "^i^ nc^iiiiic^ "^^ ^ra^t 

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5}?^ ^fe^, ^f t^ Pf^st^ ^tflC!5 f^f^^l ^ItC^ 

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tr^fi ?ii5fc^ fffcsi^, HLSj^ Ji^^, ^sm f^, 

vftl^tfC^ C^I C^H ItC^l C>2|?^ ^?^, tf1|!f CT? 

?tcn? ^®:«3 «t^ cTt«( ^t^T I 

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'St^^l ^t<ll ^f^.'flJt, ©^t^ tft^W^ f^M^ ^^ 
•«1^C®^ ^?(1 -^f^l^, <3 'sri^t? R^RI C^^si Ji?g 
Tl^cg^ ^'JJt ^f^M ; t^C^ ?!5f^ ^]€t\s CJ1 ^1^ 


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i* C*Il^ ^^1^ f^C?] e§|ri^^ ^fccjif I f;^ Jl^^ 

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^l^R^ CT? ^^ ftf^ ; CT ^l?|^ ^ISr^^^f 

?^^, « «U5itiiic?^ ^^ vst^ra ^^rc? ^^ I 

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?t-iC^ =51(^1 fWC^^, C'5151^1 L^TflW tftgjtr^ jrf^ 

^1^1^ ^r^iii 4f ^«ji ^^. (.5f«r, t^i^fw •2(1% 
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5,8 f r.-B^a ^ra I nr:? (.»(1i.?f^ ?iJi'5ti ^i^r^ ^if5t^ 

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"^ftcSiiT. C^t^^l Ift^ffC^ «fl^ ^'ll ^. SISfl f^ 
^1 5-R^ TJ, C"^^^ ^IWl^ *lWi?^ 2(r^CTR«ra 

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^f^c^jsf. ^^s ^tsit^ ^Rt4l ^t^t^ ^^ ?t|tf 
^f ^t^ c»(T^ Gff^^rl ^tW^ 'ttf^Cci^ c^, wt- 

•^ *^ ^t^ ^f^ ft^c^ ^r^^i ffi^^, c^ ^1^I^1 

W\^mi -£(1% 'Slfs*!?? ^5^1= fesR I C^R1«t|^ 

*rtc< ttvstt^, « c^lit^ ft^t^ fH^t^ ^fl^ 

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c^ «ri'R^t? f^^^ 'tt'^ "^c^ ^tt, ^it ^i?t^ 

^Ri^T^ ; ^f^rR ^tf1 Ctff«I?l| ^il^?? ^niTii- 

C5R1 'sii^ c^RfW ^tiwc^ c»i"!c?ra ■^Iti 

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v5«i5T c^^ "^pm ^i-^ ^^^^'s^^\f^L^^, ^t^ra ^^ 

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fsf^t o^c^ra ^'^•'f ^fcvs Tfj^^n ■^t'STiic^ ^t^? 
?5»rt i%i^r;^ tjf^il c^, vfi?? wt|5 en ?lfev5 

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f^lfl irr^^ ^t^lt^ ffrC^^ ; ^t^C^ T%R f^l 

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#tC\s "^RUl "3111 f? <FttW ^R, ^fsi ^l^tCT 

c^^, ^fsi ^t?in:^ c^^ ^t^i^*t «^^^ ^T%5i ? 
1%1r ^I^Titfe^^, ^t^U"^ ^lt(.^ <^^^, ^f^ 

«tC? fsR 'Q "t^C^^l f^I^l ^\ll]U^ -^{^ ^flC?!^ I 




^;5 J ^^ — Vo ; ^5» I] 



l°s^i? c^tw:^ c?«iij ^rfii Vsf^ ^l^ fcf^^cT 

^r^C^; ^ C^t,"? |^<s ^Cn^ R^C^ ©^(f^« 

vST i^^ "^f^. c?t5, ^1^1^ ^t''!'? ^iratc^ 
f^R ¥tilf^^ "^luius ^^h^ STl ^>«iil *t^i« 

7R^ W^tlt^ f^^g ?l^ 'If^^l ^Rt^^ I ^t 

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vft|?c^ ^r^c^^if, c3i^i?( <£iti:i ^1^1 ^5f, ^ir^ 

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^^r^ "^twl ^f^^, c"^^^ c^ %i!.-i{ ^t^tciR 

^11% ^t^f^^ f^f^ 5^ ^, vsr^ '^f'T ^tRC^, 

^«( ^ ; '^f^i c"^ c^\■^[li f^t^i^ ^¥c^ '^P^'\i^^ 
^ffr c^t^K"^ ^^'t ^C^ ^^^ cvfi(, c^ ^"sitf tr^ 

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^f5?[ ?Iti1 c^c;? -Jrtt i ^?tc^ 'at^t^l ^t ^^j 

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TtcT, 'srt^ ^tff ^t^ cvstTt^ ^fc^ts-^ ^ ^f?, 

f*fm 'tltfC^ ; ^ift>21^ C-W^ ^t5(t^ Pt^t^ 31^- 

;« C5f^t|r.t, sm7{ ^T^^ f^ v^f^j ^sftsit^ ^car^ 5tT%^ 
^gt?i s^i^ ^'^R^ ^f^c^ ^1 ; ^^r^i 3iwt-2(^ fftipf^ 
<2((.^j^ *t:^c^ ^^ffi ^»c^ ^f^^ wni'^^, ^^'^'Q 

y-^ ^fi:^ ^ I ^t^!;^ c^t^N^ ?T|<:'f? ^c^i^ ^if^vs 

is, ^[if ^(^'^ nll^ '!Jtf^?f1, (M fff^ ^f^ ^^t?^ 

f^C^, CJlt ItC^ ^^ ^'T^ '2(^1^^ R^C& 
^o sltr^C^ 1 ^IR ^^J f^ ^ra^t^ fC?l fs^^ 

^i ^^ ^t?t^ Iti:^ c^n«i ^ii^ I ^t^ C5f«r, ^Rt^ 
^fffc^ €l^ ^tc5, ^r^^l SI'S, ^;;-^ ^fij 'srfFi^ ; 


AC 5, 

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^O— ^ ^ ; 1 V 

^.s c^R^1 ^^[sf^ cst^fc^ f^fffi ■'p'f^Ti^R I <5rt^ 

^8 *ic? ?i|tf c^;.3 g^^ft^ii ^r'^c^R, t1%^c«fj 

^5 ?l®fi ^^ ^isrc^ ^rrn 3IHJI ^m^ ^'Tt's f%%s 
fsr^t^ ^Ji?:^ ^ftc^^ I c?RWt1^|5C5i^,^^t 

!rtcf, C5i ^f% 3??i, CJi ^R® ^«f% ?l^¥l «?iir^i:^ I 
^1 f^^ 'i^fif^w, itt^i? f^<si5 mw, wi|w^ ^R 

^^ ?ii^ ^Ic5, ^i^°v ^(11^ i^l^it ^'RR^ ^1tc« 
^tS3l ^i'^^tc^^ ; '^^s'^ f^^ ^ra, "srif?! ?lfff 
c^fsii^ ^^c^ ^55f^ ''fit^l «!itr^, ^^ 'snfi 

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«^ «rRI^ ^1C5 ^I'Tl, C^^^l f.TI ^^^ JilR I ^1?K.^ 

ctI^^ ^(?ir.^ «Il^ls ^f%^T"a ^^ ^T^ra f^ff-^ 
^t?)1 cisi ^1:^ ^c^^, itcj^^ f%'i\v f^^cri 

■%in ^f^, ^^T^i ^i^w f^i^ ^im 'si^Riii 
jji^ elf 111 c^c^, tff^w^ ^r?^ (.^ ^i^ f^^f*i\5 

^f^c^i^, ^tf^i c'Ji ^c?i^^ ^^ f^c^n "^f^^, 
^t^^?l wtfecci fsf^i st?I^ -efffc^ fm^t^ 


5fR^ 1r%^ ^cg^ ^tc^ ^''tf?^ ftc^i c^t'Tt'R 

^^ <s\H Sflf ? ^l-^l? C?|^N5( ^1c1^^.?f v5lf%^t 

^»R C^RN^R^ CTit T[^^ #^^'51 fv5ttift 
vss. cit?n ^IfR ^i'a ^K^ 'Stl^Ttfi I fw^ ^■\c\-^'§i 

8 f<^5 gsi© ff ?.ci^ I ''ic^ c^rRi^R 'sinsr ^ 
^l?:^ Si3ui «iiui?n f^^ ^1^ ^'■siiiv© ^^v5 ^¥t 

8 5. C^tfJl ^RC^ST I *1C<1 (.^Rtl^f ff1|WC^ ^''?CcI^, 
f*fC51 ^l«. «|R^1 v5 &t ^^ 7iWt'2l^^ ^\l^ iflt 

^?c»ra i^iT^^i «(ir^c^if I nra f^f^ tfe^i -2iTt^ 

"^ht^^. ^1^ «Rl«{^ ^^C^ B#1?I) (.^(.^^ I 
^(r*1C« '^TR?I1 Ifl^Ctf^ Jlf^« 511"Sf(<; ^Cel^, 'Q 

;l ^isf c^^ srif C^R ? ffi^W ^c^ic!^ ^is/^c'^ 
^r>c^^, ■^fsn .ii"^?! ■^i.'Ji^ ^R fw¥i ^iiii:^ 
^m^Jlc^^, ^tf^ c^lJitf:^ c^ ^IW ca?i ^f^- 

c^? in Sliest ; ^[^ ^[Pi f^i-Sr^ Jl^l ^^■^rff'R^ 

•5 ^^-^ «i^^ ^tw «iiRi.\s ^f^if'i 1 ^i«i^ '«rtt- 

8 ft 5 f C^ 'Jl^ ?t^l 'ffl.'^ I W\^ ^15?^L^ ^vg^ 
fffCSfil, ri«if fa^T fff^ ^RR^^ ??C\5 alt^1^ 

^«l^ ^f^^rt;:^ ; -silR ^m ^if^i ^f ?il ^if^i, \s«iR 

f^ci ; «Issii^ ^f;I ^r^1W^ ^t^ 7\-^c] ^|I\3 

■>Cs1J? : C"^^l C^lt ?tR ^^ S-ft h^ ^1, C^^ 
^?1 ff^^\ ^t^n fffiR ^^ ^?t ^lf«Hl^ ^^ 


^^ ; V — ^\ ; ^"J I] 

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^Tfsf ^f^K^ ^«f ^f^^rffwc^JT, (Tit nc^fm 

■fe^ ^«nc5? ^^rcis sist^ ^Tci ; t^ ^f^ 5!f i\5 
^tc^, ci^^, c^^Ri t5i fi^ 'srm c^w «i^ 

io ^\^ wTw ^©^ c5it W^ c»ftc5ra ^i:^ *mit^1 
'sit'^c^ra vft^'ti ^t^R"^ ^ff^, ^ ?i% f^ 

vri^^nc^ ^ffc^i^, c?^, c^iT^ ofRc^ *rtti:«5, 

v<l f^^ ; ^c^ t^t^ «It^t^ R^C^ c^^ ^tf^c^i ? 

titw ^^t^ ^^tcw f^c^i ^^^1^ ^f^CsS ^if^- 

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'^'^ '©^tc^ ^t^iTUn cn^^ : ^ra ^RH ^1^|^«1 

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twati jpfs ceTt^ ^r^ R^C? ^"^^ 5t^, 

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cq ^\^\<[ ett'Rir't? cslt ^i:i, (M CNstTt^ <2n*t- 

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f^i^itcf, ^«(^ fvsR "Sitter w\^ ^^i^m m^ 

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<0; ^^— <8 ; "iVl ] 

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'©rl^lC^ ^f^TTt':^, C^l ^fs*t!J 5l^ft^ Jiff's Ft^l I 

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^t^t^ c^l^, ^tc^ c?i '5ii(.f , ^t^i (.^x 51^1 ^?, 

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^tc^'R ■sii^c^ wt^-f^ *1*5t<^ n"«5t<5; ^1^1 ^ft^l 

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so<!R ^R ^1^^ 0l% -^rt^l ^t^I ^RHT^, ^t?1^ 
^Cia^ ^^51 ClW^ ^^1C^ ^t^'lf'^ ^^f^^l ^^ 


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fitf^ 4^^ ^"^ -^rac^, ti-^U fWi.^ ^iTt? ^^ 
f^f% 5iiTt«^ ^fafW I ^t^n ^«(1 ^t^ »ft^? 

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f^^ ^t*l5j^t^ ^nt^ ^Rt? spi^ ^t^, wtf^ 

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^tt, ^^t ^t^^^l^ fW^-% ntn "^f^ 1t^; 

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n*'o\% ^"^"51 f^t<Ss| ^»5't<^ I f^ 5itft«tf 
^1^ ^fil 5(tr^^, C"^^1 ^R ^llfJI 1^ 


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f?^ ^? C^, ^f^ «l-RI^ "^m ^1511^ ^;»l ^fs^g 
?Ff^!:^^ I *f!;^ <"l^^ ^'^ B'SfTll '.^cR, f^f^ ^t^;f 

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«rt? ^iTf5 ^T^ra ^itt.« ^t?f^ "^^^ nR i tc^ 
;ft|W ®i3?il Ti^i ai^c? ^Rii ^f?cciii I 

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i-a ^^ ?t^W ^f^5f C^t^fff^n:^ ^RC5I^, C^SfRl 

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■^^c^ 5iw^^t? -^fim ^{^n itc^ ^^^*t(:^ 
f^um ^Rtcff? 5trar?c^ -2rt5l^^^<1 f^l 

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5RS f t^ n^c^ ^5R5f^ fp ?t?lt7;f ; f^^ 

f^fsf ^^^ ''it^^ c^, ^t?tc^ c^R ^«ri ^n^c^ 
^^i, 'ftB^ -2(^^ (R-^, 'ftF -^1^ ®twi 'n^, -a^ 

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^t?1^ ^'J!:'?! ^]m\ ^rpicci^. ^t?tc^ c^i ^tftuf^ 

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7(51^ ^ ^tf^i i^rt ^'^ ^f^Tif^. ©era 5R^ 
¥i:^^ fV|t ?(^f5 ^tt ; ^\n CT ©n^tc^ 

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^tfl^l tfl^CW^ Ji'^t^I ^^ ^fUl nr(L>?1 1RU5 


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'oi^ff.^ i? I'l^ ^it^ '^a ^i%f ; ^«R ^r^t^ 

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^•w^ ^f<fc^^, 'ort'^^ti:^ tsfc?'.^^ ^^R^ ^i^n^- 

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c»it^ ^1 w:^ H'^ ^r%.? ^ I ^ra ^«R TTTf- 
-2i^ ^t^ra '21^'s i^'i ■^r^i'^, ^*R ^f^^ra 

^jiu« ^f? 1^1 %5 ^\ ^^^t:^, ^c^ ^tHc:^^ 
H"^^!^ I^^W^ "m^] ^"^ ^^Q 'Si^fo '"ttr^ 

'S* nc<i ^ft*5t^ ^Rl^^ {R^C^S ^tF^ ; ^5Jt3 C?«t, 

o T. 17 ] 257 

tftlW ^f^^tC^ PJ^tC^^ Sf?J c!t¥l Rlfc^ ^t"f- 
81 C?mittRt^ ?t^ I *tC^ ^^^ % ^Ul\ "51%^ 

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83 gt ?t^ I f^^ c»ft^ i1*r5i ^fCI ^nR ^§Jl 

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t%!.5R, v£i^°s C5in^^1 'St?!^ ^tniftiT:^ ft^R 

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fsf^ 'srffHc^JT, ^rt^ cpf«r, c»iVt *t^'5f\9C5i^ 

3rc«fi fsffe^ ^tcf^, ^t^^ f»tTi!;^^ Ttc5 ^t^ 

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■^r^iiSH, ^WT ^T^ ^*W^ »f2FC^ ^M^t^ 5^ 
JT^'fl ■^rMtCl^ ; 'Sl^^'^ '5'«R fr^^ ^fl, ^*t1 

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cH^m^ f*m ^U5 ^t?t^ w^ "® ^'^ '^ 

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«i1%1w cvsfrtw^ -21^^^ -^i^K\^ ^«i 5ftt I 
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?tc^ "f^-t*; 'W*^ c^R «(t^TR ^ ? ^tf^ f^ 
^«I1 ^^5T ; ^ff m\^^ 'sit^rt^ f^^t^ ^t^i^m^ 

afg ^^ ; c^'^p^ ^vfj vst^i ^sftr^ ^t^stlnl 
«ltt^ ; ^»W^ ^f^^c5, -^f^ U^\ "sraj w^icn^ 

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^WT c^'R ^t^t^ iWc^ ^t'l^r^ra '2(1') 1ft- 

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^m\ csRsiTf^ ont^i^ ^^Ii5f f¥f?5i c?fc5H I 

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<3ij ^fft^t ^rrsr^ swi-on ?t5rt^ f^r^c^ c^n^ i 

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^tf t^ ^?:^l ^1ii:?i5{ ^ I 

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cTt^ 5(^fc? 'srt'jR^ ^1^1 fvt^. «i1f^ '5'irtT? ^1 



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1% ?t 5(^ ^t^fcT f^c^ ; -ill Tt^i ^mtft 
fJIf 9f f^fft^ ^tsitt:?^ ^f^j^tc^ 'siit^ I 

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5i wf^nt'^t?! i f¥^ ?t|w c^\^ «i^ fV^1 frc^ 

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'Sit'fR ^tHl^5 ^r%^^ I ^i'fl"'«f Vfi^?l^ ^f^- 

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'ot^^tf^^i ^t^t^ ^'R I ^^J? c*h5i «rtn^ ^m- 
(sWo^n -sic^^i T^ ; ^tf^ ^im ^K5 f't^ 

atc^^ ^{^[i-^ ^f?5T, c^5i, c»ffci Tft^ ^f^- 

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vsjt^ ; ^vsii^ ^t^rfi:^ ^^ ■^ftc^ 'siRt?! -srtc*)! 

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<£|\f5 f??J, >il^§) c^^t^t^ ^'tc^ cwt^ «{f^!:^ Tl I 

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CI^%^ *tl|¥l ^h^S^t^ W^^ ^f^¥l ^#5f; 

'sit^ C5i^ jst:^t^ c«i'^pic^ ^f^. 'srtnfs? c^^ 
'sfl'Tfc^ 'STst^il ^lii:^^ ? "SftnR c^^si I ^t 

^t?t? 'srt^? c^'R ? cTf -^flcr, li]-^ SR f^ 

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f^C^R, ctI^^ 'Sftn^? 5;W ^Fftl^R; ^F5[^2 

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f?F t3ti5c^^ ^tsfi c*tmi[ win wt^ ^t( ? c^i 

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^st^ll^ f^tl¥l '5'it^1t¥l ffi« ; CJ1 C^l^l^ fi)^- 


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^tpr c«tTr<i c^t^ wi^ ^tit ^t, ^«rt5 ^ni^i- 

C^W, f^^ 'mf^ f^ ■^R^tfl ? 'SpfJ ^%^ 'I^ 

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<(\iM^ *i^^oR nfk^ ^ ^rara 5ftf c^ «tHs^ 

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C^R, 'Sltm Wtf^, W'-fC^fl ^C^^ ^t?l ^fsf ^^^ 

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fii^glW ^l^^l^l^ ^Icq1 ^I?y1 -£,^R ^r^-Q I 

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^r^ ^riiii ^t?il i%lrVi; ^t^^1 ^^i^« 

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8 ^^ ^55tCW I ^*R Wl^f « vSf?T<i ^.^°1 CsTIC^^l 

pfT|? ^f^"Ri ^t^^ ^tcqil, ^?«1 >2(c«)^SiL5{i 
^fe^i^f, U^^ "^f^, '^^[^'^ ^I'-i^ ^1^1 '^i^-^tf 

OO^V — -0^;8|] 

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'Srt^'; ^tlfC^ ^R5t^^ trtlCW^ 1W^l^ il^TtW 

f5r*5ij^ vst^tctfi ^'\'^\t^ ''ttt^^, 'S ^^^t'^ ^it^ 
f^c^ra cgU^ ^'iT^^ ^w ^vs^ c?it^'^ (Tt^rtcf 
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vfl^pf^ 1%^!.^ ^tr'¥i, 'ii^* ^t^ic^ ^'t! ff t^ c^T 

:>« ^H c^tsi^ fV Sj^i "it^ "^i^ ^tt I ''tc^ Tf t|^ff 

fwr^? c^ •^f^^, ^t'lR ^isrt^ ^ui ^'^c?^ 
^f ffRT ^^^ c^, ^t^tc^ ^«f ^fnw^ ^, ^ 

^1?1 ftn^ ^IR (7i? w:^ f^^^c^ ^t'Rlc^ 
ii^ '^fe^l ^t^t^Ji ^n?i I ^f-^ '5i'{ti^"#if.^^i c^ f^ 

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^» ^tFfC^H I ^t?? Wt|^ Tt?!^ Cl^-^rt^ 'S C?tl^1^ 

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CTfi Ttf^^ l^c^ 'S}|[?i^| ^t^tlW^ t'!*^ M^lTll 

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^tsilWl Jifl^ 51^^ -^iil iltt ; ^^-'l'^ 'Sit^^l 
f%^t f^ JII^ ^5f<!l Slt^K-^ c^^?5 ^\'>m ^t*iH 

^■s ft <3 ?i^^t^^'ii^ 5i|fl ^fm\ ■^^^■^ I ^'<i^ w1^ 

c^ fsrf^JT ''fi::?^ f^^c^ ««ltc^, c^i^ \s^<>t ^r-f 
^e -^dti:^ ; S^c^^ ii?IR w<'\ ^c^ I CJJt fw'^ 

^* «t<:<l ?t|5f ^«P? "pifi:^ ^«tf^« ?tc5i5?, ^'^ 

Jif t'Sf^^ »II??t«l ^Icxa '5tt^^^ gt^NO ^C^J? 1^5(1 
^v ^\u^\%, ^#T^, ^stc^tcn?, f"t^(:^t<^, ttt^t^. ?t^, 

^« ^f'9W^'<l ^tC^^tC^I ^23tt^C^^ 3^ ^ 



^ ^r^n^T — ^ »t\c^ I 

[O^i e— "i ; ^41 

-^fm^. C^t^t^ ^ t^, ^^1 ^t?1 ^tTt^ f^ 
^IR"^ R^ tT^TII 'sitsft? 'si^TR "^f^C^ I fV^ 

« ^tnf^ ^t?t^ ^^'^^ *i%:?iit I 'sitfT cnVr if^^ttf^ 

cwf^Ttl ^^^ ^2Tt^¥^ ^t^ ^!:??t^ ^'tc^ ^1^1 

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^1^^1 c^tt 5iT^ si^ 'K'g ^ ^f^c^ ^tf^ 1 

^l5f? ^^ cw^ ^r^5l Ji'^ '^wl fft^r, 'ii^^ 
aet^i^'f *ti:?itl!i!:?^ afc»f^ ^i^ig c^ra^i ^m i 

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^«t^ iw^T, Gf «r, cntc^ra ffTO ^tc^ ^^'^^l c^rt^ 

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^tf'l ^^t:5^ ■ptSTCTt^l *t^C^ ^nf^® ^^1- 

f^m, ^t^ cw«r, (?n>i w^t^ ^''f^ f^^ T%t- 
fe^, ^^'v c^«r, ^'^, '9 ^tc^tf^'ni FWt5tf^f 






■^f?i, 'srt^t^ f^r^ ftetl?il ^t^ic¥ ^5( ^^, 
^c^ cq ^^^ f^^, ^^ ^t^^\ 'Sit ^tc^ ^W^ 

<2j^ f^^ ^fji^tfi I Ns«i^ ^^^ '^^^ ^3 

^5fw^ l%ra ^r?f^ c«rt^ ^ f^^itn 'Si^i ^m\ 

?ti5 ^t^K^ "^f^tel^, ^i^t^.^^ ^r%Ri:c^ 
c^i\ #r^ ^|i:5i ^ ? -nc^ ?tT[jf ^■^w? >ii^ 

\ ; -i^—K; ^*»i] 

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csWi? ^^'Tti:^ ^t?t«( c^Ws 5l^c^ ^^^ ; 

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ftTj ! frail f^^f%^ ^^ I 

C*l\c^^ F15T ^C5f ^1%fw ^t^ ''I I 

c»ffc5ra «i?^« ^5i5if^ f^ra^ri 'sitf^^ ^1 1 

§t?t?1 •sil'l't^ prfe^W ^5R Tl ; 

^•ra ^-n^ ^^^1 c^iTt'f^ fe^^, 

fji'^ ^Cl"^! "^^Rl^^ fwCfR I 

^ft ^ ! ^°.^m^ TCSfl ft?9t<1 ni%« ^C5R ! 

■^^it'tCt^ ^t^tTl ^C't^t^ ^*(^ t^ I 
^l^ ^513 ^-^ f^l ^c? I 

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f^?t^ c^iK^^i ^\fm\ cJit Ttc^ ?r^-^ f^- 
?Rtcw^ nt^, c^R^ri CNst^ii ^■f^ «(^ firf^, 

'Sit? f^irra ^51 'sit^t?;?^ ^nm ^sjt^tc^ ^sf- 

C^C^IiT ; ^t^ f^f^^CW?, ^'^W^, f^ftc^C^ra. 

^f¥»f ^'^^^ ^?ic^ t^st^^c^'^ ^*tc^ ^t^ "^C^ 
«it^ ^c^^. vii^t ^t ^<^Ji^ «rf^^ -^ci^ I— f¥^ 

^t5i^ ^C?R I 

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^Wi"^ iRTi^ ^t^t?t n^'=n^ ^^i^"^ 5ti^K, 

!ff^?il cf^tr^ «w f^ -^^fis JT^^j "fi^^ nf^^ 
^^51 1 (£i| ^^ (j\^ ^mi ^\J{ f^yi.-^<i,^fm 
[ ffa^1-^'5i ] 5l^ ; ^t^ f^t^^fiR 'srti:^ I 'Sits 



C5R « V3^^ (^^H\ ?ti5^^ ^^c"ta ^'vm 

T'^'i C5i'tf5i?« mr^fc^ii?, 'Sitter ^Itc^ ^^t^jc^^ 
^j ^fl^i:^ 'tt^U'^ ■^r^tc^i^, ^R ^fww f^ ^CT 

w'iitc^T *ireTii csm^, CTt ?tc^^ if^ccR, >ii^? 

^R^ ^"^C^l 1%^, ^^^ ^ ^^ sd ^f5I[\5, ssW 

c^tc^ '2rfNs;"^K^t ef^iTil ^t«. ^*'R 'srt'W 
;^ir ^t«t^ ^f*^'^ ^f^'^ ^tt^ =n I ^^ c^^U ^ 

TiSiitC^R ; ^f^t?:^ *R^ C5Tt^ =|f^« ^tcT, 

'5^f fi f^5) cJTt 511^ ^tf^ ^f^iin ^Hi^ ^n 

Mi 'Si^st^ ^t^i I f^l ?t|^(.f^ fl^^Rt^ ^t^tc« f^sit- 

t^s,c«l^C^ ^t^t^ f^'^l^ "^^^"^ ^^^ Tf^l I 'l^ 


C^t^ « 'at^ C^Ttr^^l 5T1^ ?1fe VR -^f^l 

st^t^^icsf f?cg[i«i ^nfi® ?tc5R I 

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"ttcqtsf, C5J T^ ^^T!! <ilsft^ ^^1 ^^t?5 

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"^ ft^^ of^itcci^ I f%:§ ^init^ ^r^ f?iJj5tl Jilf! 

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^; :>«— 8 ; ^1] 

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t»tRr*t's c^i'^ nt^tt^l ^(^i5i ^r1^ ^''it^ 
«t»5t^ ciiw^ ^^^» ^1"^^ *itj^ ^t^t^ ic^ 

5IC^ ^r^Tci I *t!r^ ^C^^ 'Sf^tC^ ^f^c^^, ^1^, 

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'.• ^t^ ^ftCffl^ I \S*R ^?J^l Rf'tf^ S?5lC^ JiC^ 

«^|?i1 f^^^ii ?t|pf^ iR^ct ^'tf^s ^^i^ w\^ 
?i^r%?i^i ^fi:i «i^iRi ?f|jTC'^ '^Rf.^, ^liR 

"R^C? 7i;5f? ^ra ; (7R ^i5t?11 ^f'^RT(^ J^f^^s 

Ji^c;?!^ ^"({.^ ?i1^^ ^(ra^ I 'i':<i wi|^w ^^R^c^ 

C5R I ^*R ^JR^ R^M ?1|[.?? f^^C'S fsCsl^ 

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C^^, ^MR f^ ^R!lt!;i^ ? CWt5, "^i^^ '^'^- 

^1^ Sitf^^i^ iSf^, ^t^ ^|^(R ^(^1 ?t^ ^f^- 
^<> '1^3 WW^ Wlipt^ f^^^S itt^ ^M^ ^t^\ ^^- 

fj^^l ^C1^ f^^ itC^ ^t^tC^ f^Ht^t ^lf5??f; 

^1 f^ wr|w ^si^l srtiRc^^ ^\ I ^a^ ^r^ f^cgtci 
t^-ni^ «iir^c?i c^m ^Rt^ ^R^ Iw^ 'siMn 


c»rr«itc«^ (Rf f HR ti^t^ ^^'i^ ^t^t« ^r^^^, 

\s t^K^s 1%1r sift^ll CT^^^ I 
^1^ vs^'lt^ ^<!tJl Wt|Jf <R^ ^«|| -StRC^i^, V5?R 

fc^!^ ^n!;<f ^#^, >ii^°x c-^t^tc^^ fc^i -sfciilt 
f^i f §1 f^^iNit ^^?ifr -Rf^i ^c?n nfs^ 

C^tlt^ « ^l^t^ 5i1^ ^"'lU ^\R^C^ T< ^R- 
C^I^l. C^iRt f«R Pif^l^tR l^^^C^ ^t?tW^ 

^ftt^^i C^R^ «IF|5T ^FR ^3 f^RHl 5^ nt%- 
«(R ^^, 4^t C"*rf^ ^flCo ^Rt^ ^^RLl^ ^r5t 

^csr Bel I ^1^ tft^w ?isii« »t^r<itc<i^ ''i»&-i<s*p^i'^ 

^1^ ; NS«R ^tSfl ^^Ri:^^ "^^IM R^C? ^55^ 
=^1^ (.^|Vfi( ^'fUC^^, ^^^ C?li^-3 (R15R ^?f I 

03 ^1^1 «1^RC^^ fw.^ n^itn ^r^5i ^r?c?i^, 

C^^ \^ 5l«, C^liR f^ ini(.5R ^^^R<1 ? 

\s«R yR^ c^it^ ^l5t^ f^^ra 'SiNt^ (Rtff^ 

0(J :?|rtl[ei I s'lt^ r>g c^^n ^llf^Cvs T^^^ CsTl'^ 
W\^^ ^(^1^ ^^Itc^ W[R5I, f^>l (ft|Jt «i)? 
"•«t''l«{ ^RC^^, Sf*-)^ ^RtC'¥ 'Sl^^ « '«(.vo(f«(^ 

o>ij |%^1 3;^ c^t^ [^c^;^ ^t^t5f 5(51 ^ra 1 ^«I^ 
7i^^ C5iR 5st51 fi^I ^rli^I, ■« ^ll ^t^ ; ^tSil 

^1^1 f^i ^Rc^^, ^i^ic^f Ti^si c^n^ Ti^gi 

vsi ^^ I ^(^ cvic-3^ ^ «I^Ri'.<i<J ^5f ^Sfl 5|t\s 

m^ 'SlfR « 1?R '3^ ^ «'(f«« itt^R ? 'srt^ 
-is wrsi'liff ^[%ft«= ^fC^iS «l(Tl «ltR ^^^^T; >ilt 

?. C^i^H 'JCq^ ^t ^^ ^^"ifs fl^, *^^ ^<R^ 



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sftifr ^t^ti:^ f f^nil situ mm "^fn^m, 

«» 1Wyp{ I ^t? ^ft^l 'StC^^f ^^1 C^t^ e!t^^ 5C^ 

*|^^^ ^l^tC^ ^Sf "^Sf ; •nca ^1?t^ 1^^ C^^ 
■^f^!l1 ^^ft 5i|^ ^^t^l vs^l^f^^ nf srfl^l JT^ 

;ft|[.?^ f^^c^ ^tf^l i^Wli'^ ^ffsi.cwt^.^tn- 
«rtf^^ ^jfe^ ^t^t "^m 5ot^«ilt^ ^'^ 

C^TtW^ ^tUs vst?t^ ^t^? '2{f«!:»lt«( f^ ^t^"G 
f^tCl ^Jl^C?^ W^l^ ^<sm ^tf«m I 

^ T^^i^ 'S[■\f^T[\ -^f^^T, cif^^, '^iisn ^n^- 

^ Tt^ 'sif^ « Ifs^T I *tl^ ^«H C»ft5l ^IKf^ 





w^ t^lmmi swiimn] Ji^csi ffcgrci ?twt^ 
5ivrr£tv|^ 7[\^ius ^iiiuR ^ifl^ f^^it ^Ri^sr, 

^t^W R*t ^<^Jl^ ^WT ^tW^ ^f^ 'Slt^^ 

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^«'fC? C^«t ^^^^ ?ft^^ ^C^^ I 

^t^t^l wtiwi;^ ^f^, ^f^ ^t 'Stcif fi(c^»t 
■^f^c^ nitc^ 5(1, w.m\ « '^^igj^it (Tstiti;^ 

fsiral ^^p( fv^n "i^j^ Ftf^w^- [firtH^] 
'frflf:^^ I nc^ tft^w ®5q'.^i^^ 5{^[^^ ^i^ ^j^-. 

ll^tti:^^ ; ^tft^l Iftl^ff^ ^5) ^^ ^ifl f^^'l 
^1C^ ^t^nc? ^f^f^ig' ?|5K§JI, ^''Hf *tC5ilt^ 

^a — -J) ; ^^ I ] 

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jft !5itfji?ii wtf^i ^5ff r%^ ^it« ^t^ I ^^Rft^'f 

c^, ^f-Q, 'sitf^ ^^»fT cnsW^ ?c^ nc5iti!)r>'n:'^ 
^» lint ^f^ I 1^^ wtiiT Tt5i:n<it^'j ^tfJic^i^, 

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fwW ^%5i^, ^t^ f^r? ^Rc^R, ^f^ aril's 
^1. f^ ^^c5f <j ^-st*^ ^r^?l ^ifji^i ^1^1 ^'^- 

^t^1 "^IW^ f%^^ "SJl^r-nic^Tsl 'f^ ^^ <SRt?t 

^f^ ^c-^rt^f ^ra^ ; cw^^\ ^<mf JiTt^^ ^t^:*!- 
€wr^ ^>i^!r^ ^srNt^s "^iir^ ^?» m^n ^^i^ 

^tc^ fji^^, ^^^ ^nr^ oil m^,— Tff^^> 

■a ?t^1 ^f^i^^ I nc^ ^t^t^l 5f^r^ fJi^^ ^-^ 

=3^ "T^ u^t^ "rt^cvs f^« ^f ^f?!:^ Tfft 

•r^ ^f?^ "^^ ^ti%i ; (£1^; 'sife^n fjp^^- 
c ft^ ^vsr ^C5f 5#M I wt^ m^^f ^ tgtOT^T^ 

<£{'^t^ ^tWl-'W, ^^°s ffil, C^n^, vs^, ^?I*j^ v3 

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1 ^W^'SfSI f't5fff!!n •nf®!ltfe I ^«m ^W^ v£(fs 

■sf^i* ^"^ c^ %W{ ^st^c^ ^^rr© ^f^5H ; 

1Wt'2tf ^ fJI'iJ^'F T> '£l^tC^ ^t^t^ f^^C^ ^tf^C^? 
^tt5 ^RCv5 ^f^^-^ ^I^, f^ Vft^f t!;'!!'^ 

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sHft^tf ^sc^-tii'fti'.'ra ^iff « ^5^^ Ji^"^ 'sri^- 

i8 -Q ^^ ^ a(\^<i,7i ^fsffft*! ^f^csisT I ^srt? ?t^? 

C^f«nit 1^ 5(i;^ ^^ ^CcJJf I 

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«rt^ ^§j >e >£i-^ ^-^ «tt [ '^\°<^ ] ^Q >ii^ ^ii"^ «rt^ 

^"^tf^l^ f^^ ; ^K^ ^^5! C^t^ ^*1^ ^t^^ 

*tM Tallin ^TfcsR ; ^^ cWtii^r^ "^f^ ^m 
ft^'R 'Tfisp Trt^«^ ^f?i^ ^1%<? «itl^^ "^1%- 

C5R, 'SItfJ tglim^m ^t^1 C^l^ 5Rtf ^ %?i^ , 

«f^ sfsn^ ^n^, t^K^^^^ ^nt^ '5i«(j'^-*'tw 



^ '*\^.w\ I 

[ ^ i \^ — '^ ; ^^1 




^fR ^^ <^5T ^C^'l^l 'Slt^t^"^ 'It^t^'f^ Wf^'^- 
f5?c^^ flScNs ^rras ^5 ^f^ ; f^^ ^f^ c^ i^^- 

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^ ^Icvs t\t\^ n^rti fffc«i^, vs«i5f ?lwl sjtl^ 

?[5I. Jiff t5t\| ^t ^?t1 ^C^^, ^"SJ f^ ^t'll^ ^(CJlJl 
^CvS ^tff^ ^ftTIl «iiR^t^ ff?^ f ti.^ ^5fl ^i^J^ 

^tfl ^ CTt^ ^c^ ^t'l ^f^ ^t, c^^^ ^sifc^ 

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^t'lJl ^r^nt^, CTt in:^ c^IiT3 Jl?^^1 «fff^5l 

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^t^fj ^r% ^r% I ^Rf^ ^tcHU fjft^ C5J (£1^ 
mi'ttf] -^v^ I 'eftfi ^f^tf? Pr«l ?t^, >e cJi 

■•Ttf^ f^^ I t'V^ ^pi C^tTl <^ 51^^ ^ti^ ^f^tc^ 
'^ "^dml^, c^t c^il^ ^tc^ ^I^ C^I?R ^H^T 

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^'^i^ ?tf^ ^t^ 1%^c^ f^l fvfffii^ ^m 

|?l>s ^:5 f^?i ^5J ; ^R ^ri^iJ? tmi^^ ^c?!^ 

n^.ll'« ^f!< TR^? ^f.TiiC*t ^^Tl ^r?C51 ; Cf 

^R v5 ^t*R Wt^TC^ ^l« «rt¥ I ^R ^t^(^ 
sif-^^t^ Tit^ ^lH ^t'T^ ?(7ii:^ ^T^ TR?itl I 

3Ttt^ 5^ wtR I 'jf'j^ i^sfT c^R '^^i^ srrl% 

■2(^1 ^r^Tt^ SfS -^Tx ^t^ ^R -2tf^jl^ ^- 
^t^ 5i^ ^535 "^fm^ f^Titff C^^, ^PT 'STRtCTf^ 
*tC^ ^^ ^^'s ^ttf ■^ C^mt^ OfcHa *TW ^w^ 

^tc^ ^^ "^fiTrtfe^ I ^R ^n^t^ Big ^"R 
>jR ^i*t^ wivpin « ^t?t3 fc^ f^cTi c^ Tfn 

^f^i^, ^t^1 trg^Uel? 5iir f^-^ -^ ; CTSR 

^f^5t^, vsff^R'3 "^^ I C^Tt^ ^5f ft^Tl^ 

* (^ ) ^1 

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^Mmc'ra Jift^f . fgtra?:?!^ t'«fsi. ^Pit ^t^'t^ 

ftPT^ TtC? fii^K <pft5tf, ^f^<Jl5, '^ff?I 

c^Rfji srsF ^-^ f ?i* f^iii'\ -^f<i\ ' tilt ^^'i 
c^iTtij "^tc^ '^t '3t<^ ^i%« cs'mn ?tcri?i 

^^sf^ ^R^l ^t'R Tf^? f ^tC^ ^r^^tW ^^ ; 

^ fijjfl^ ^^^^^ ^1^ ^^1 ^rscq^ I ^t^ fsR 
c'lt^itfl^ifff^c^ 'sinqt^a ■^^<ri ?^'.9 'Jtnc^iST, 

^n^ ^ti%ra ®m Ti'^'l' >ii^ ti^ R?it 5i(i*r- 
^^i^i ^nfi^ f^^L^ ^t'l^ w^'^ ^B^m ll^'R 

^ISti^ ^itRF ^f%« ^!ft(.5I tf r|? (At ^i^lsfill- 

cfi 5i:«(j ^tf-n Ji^g ^5(c^ ^iRia ^f^cci^ I ^ 

io TTt^l^ «|il?U5iics^ ^tsfl ^f^ pfi^tf ^|Sf|<l ^--Ici 

^ ■^f^?!l sSt^fii'^ ^t^t^ "^rauR^ ^r?iin 
^l?f^ «f^Ttf "^'^^tsi ^5) ^t*R 'l,^ c^i^tfr^ 
^ifl^ ^fci cat^l ^R/is^^; c^f^i ^vft'T^^ 

^R "^cf^ ^m « f^i^c5i<i 'tt^ ^c^ ^tiri ^tPT- 

^i;i!vic-*t ''(R^ ^f^c^^f ; ^5}ssj vsnitJf, c^t^K, 

c^ ^?f^ 5iti%;-^ f^fjf ^%^^ ^Tl^tfe^R, 

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^^Rc^* ^^ts ^fliJl Pff^^l ^tmt^ ^'i^ 

is ^fva^m JJi^q^ ^.51^ I *ii:^ i^i^t t!:5i\i1 l^i^- 

^0 <f t|5f C^ C^R IK^T ■Jfttt^:?, CTlt 'ftl5{ Jlnt- 
5rf55f Wl^^ ^51^ £1^ CSTtr,^^ nc^ PI15ta 'Q Wt<I 

-■»• TTSW C51^^ fe?l^ ; ^tiJ f^Cf(TIitft<1 ^ Wt<T 
^C^ftl « *t(.^'ftlICVf^ [ ^'f!:^ R^^ f^Cq^l ] ; 

«il^'x iitiy.?^ *3,^^'1 ^t^^ t f^t^^l I 

^^f^ <£ff« ?^ ^rac\5 ntfW, 'ill^ C^5 1% 
^'•.5I?[ ^^ Vi\^ f^cT, ^tftC^ ?tlT.fTlT R^C'? vft^l 

;> ■^"■^^, ^t'R^tll ?t^ (Rt ^(.§ I IIWI ^i%5i^, 

itsil c^i-5f^R?r c^t^ C'2iii ^f<i¥l ^"aV-fCq^ 
tit|(.5f^ t^^i.^ ^ipi^l ^^4» ?t?r) ^fvti^l 'SiK'it^- 


(^a-) $5:1 

I * (Ti) tcfric^ I + (5I) TTFJi3ti 



'i n\<:^ I 

[ ;& ; 1 — ^ O ; ^b I 

^%, ^ff% C^tlt^ fl^St^ C»t\C?t^ JR^ 'f f^ 

cxsiTR^ ff^^^ frf^. ^t^ ^fi f^^T 'sit^rra 

» «"fC^ ^Sil C^tC^^ f ^ ^^IC^ v5l^t|^1 ^f?C5]^, 

5» fCcfg Ti^"? ftfcit^ I ^t^ ^ff, c^tTt^ *I^^t 
>8 i^7f?t1 'st^t^ 5fi; ^f^i ^^1 ^r?r^, 4^* 
c^tlt^ "^t^ «jj^^ ''ttCTfT? ^^ ^"n^ ^S^ 

<itsit!:^ <pf^. ^W^ '£tf i^t^lsF ^t^ ftic^ 
c^ cq ^sit^i ^f^CffR, \5W5>Ttt^ ^t*r^^^ vil^ 

i5^ C?R I 15flU^i»tC^^ fl«ti 5ttC5( >il^ f*t«71^t^ 

fk^ I ^f^ ^c^^ ^c^ ^t^^tft ^^ cwt^ 1#f- 

^f^t;?i^, c^^^ t%f^ f^^l f^l ^t^f^ C5ic^ 
c^t^i^ ^Ri:^5{ . fsf^ ^®?i ^^«i ^g? flt^i^ I 

?fl5 ^R!;^5j, ^1^c^ fi^ ^t5*f ^rWa «tfv5 
'mw^ (.'4\h ^^tt^i fffc«i^, ■« ^c3^ ^cw 

*rtittC5l, f^fJT v5t^tC?<I Tif^^ Tit^f^ -^J^CnS 
C^t^ Ittt^C^R ; C^JRl ^t^l "Slf^"!^ ^f^'S 









^^''i^ f^nmi ^tft« I 

I'f;:^ ^,^t< l^^ ^^'il ^fl^, ^i^°N CTiiTt? « 

^t ffc^t ^t^t^ '2tf^^c5r 1% ^^ afr«r?rl 
^Ic^ cc^t^ ^tflm ^t^Jl ^^^^c^ 3^w t^^ 

f^H "^^Isl^l, ^ifpf «I<I 1^1 rail ^tTl '5IC'='I^ ^^i- 
^|5f ?^, ^C^ ^f^ ^tltl ^\m '^f^^ ; 'Sttl ^rfW 

"Sltf^ f^1 C^i^t^ JJt^^ ^r^^ I ^11^^ W^ ; 

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^^:5t^ f^^;;^ ic^ Ji^<ll^ ?t^ ^st^l ^1?t^ 

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^t^tlt C^'^l ^tf^^ ; ?^(^^!:il 'fCftl C7[Jlinr« 

cti^^ ^?Rwi 'siif^ f^!;?i^ I nti ^ti^r^ 'ill 
Jt°v?t? cvf'G^I ^?:^ 1%R ^5J^ tgtc^^ii;^ ><i^^ 

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'SIlt^TlCVfl JTt^ "'i^ ?l«I1Cllft •Q 5ti»f Ji^g ^"Tt- 

^O J ^^— ^^ ; 5^) I ] 

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^t^ttCfR. ^^'s CJl ^5t^ firm's ^tf^T^^ 'ftl? 

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•^ ^f^ijc^ 'it^lti:^ I ^rau '^t^H fii^c? ^''ff?^ 

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J^ f^, 'Srtfsi 4^ ^"t "^f^^ 5(1 I ^1H^ Tff\^ 


^^ c^srti:^ f^tii Tff^ I 'Stilus ^f%^ en 

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i'^!' ^fc^ c¥t^, ^fi:^ f^5^n^ cfii^ ^(15, ^t^i 

cm^, WtlW^ ft^^^ 5IC5(J ^Ri^ SR, *tf^"s 

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^c^^, cvsfr^l ^^ -^f^i:^ 5T^i:<ra ^^ixs filet's c^^ 

f^5tff i^ ? NSt^t^l ■2llft^ ^^ Ttl itfti^. t^t 

ft^t^ ^il^^tf^ ^1^?? ^f? -sttft^ ?|C\9 ^t?t? 
^nc^ c^f^iul f?c5T C5i f^ ^t^tu«t ic^ 'fit ? 

^t^ ^t^ ^T^ ^c^, ^tn^^t^ wP\ jk'ii^ 

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^a ■s]i[^ ^?|1 ^n?;;^ (SI'S "^f^^f i ^ »tt|?C^ 

^f^, CJ^t C^\i-^1\\ ^tltlf^ ft'tC^ m^l ^t5< 

<£(^ ^^U^ C5^V'{ ^t^ '^■^ SRC^<3 5tfJT ■^C^ ; 
^f^ Sf-Jfc^ t%C^ ^t^"« l^'I^S^iiSf ^ ?f ^^ ^5fi^ 

^* 'Sit? ^\WM fr ^11^ ^lft ^RC?I? ^-T^^tW 

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^^t^t?i?f, ^t^t^^ en tt^t^ lit ^^, « §t?ii 


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^f^i:=ij[ I ^ri |%R §i?fi fq^ct ^rmi 

^t^ti:^ ^Ri:^^,— >il^ ^^tc? 5^ttt (s\\^ fl^ ; 
^f« t%g cftc^ ^t^i ^t?t, f^l CJif Tfi^i:;^?! 

vb (71 fV| W?!l ^ ^ra^n d) ^^ ^fl^^lt,^, 'fit ^Qi 
"^ ^«R ^t«I^ Wi|yt^ ¥feci5?, ^t^if^^ o\v 

■^rs^itfw. V91? c*iu?i<i ^^ ?t(;^ ^^i-^ ^f<i5trf ; 

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f^c^ 'siii^ ^<s*i3 ^rlR, ^1? c^UH ^mi.^ 

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^r^5t^, f^^ 'srtf?! JjSj^g fcilt^t.^^ It^lC* « 


[ • 3 Slfe^^ 5(1 I f¥^ 'ill ^ ^m ^tnf^ 3r|?f£i^^ 

' : ? 5f^ «[h'^^ri ^^Wf^ «J3g?f ^l^'gJ 5I(%^ I «tci 

■StCT't ^f<i¥| 3i?l^ ^tflfl ^flC^ nf^^l ^3fe^^ i 

if^Sf ; ^t^tC^ ^i=1^5t ^flflRW, >5t ^-^i! wi^wc^ 
^1%^^ ^t^tl ?t^^=l "B^ "^ni^T, C^FRiTl ^1^?i1 

<» ?t(c5 ? ^i^iii ^h^, 5tni<iic5 i ^''li^ ft|5f f\^ 
^lc« ^(351 ^H, 'e^«i5i'^^ ^e ^3 ^fa^^eii ^f^- 

■^ra^^^ ; ■5'tci ^i"^!^ 5fr.^ ^ifTi?!! '®it®i ^fm^ 

^stfral v^i^tl Ji'^L^ 'Slffil ®^ ^ipsicj : <5ltl f^fi^ 
^Wtl <2!r5 f^ll ^r^'.^I Tl^^^ tlf^C^ ttC^ ! 

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xe^ffgcsiiii ®ni f«R iii«i5? ^Riitfic^ C'Sii'i 

^V i ^^— ^O ; ^o I ] 

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^■i ^«m (?rW^ w\^v!fn Pi^c^ f^s-nti:^ c«2f^i tIiitiI 

■^f5^=l^, ^tfsj ^^^^ il^C^ ^-^ -^fS^I ^cR5fl 

f?^c^ ^^3! ^OTi ^^c^^ ^ti:^ f^f^^ Tf*'f^ 

^^^, ^t5l ?^^ ^^. ^^^1 f^ 8ftf^, ^tf^ 

•S" ^-^ ^i\^ -^f^m "^nu ^*tc^ 'srt'ft^t 'Tlf 
J^a ^#tll^ ^tc^T I ^'SlJf Vftl? ^11^ csi\w^ ^w^ 

T5^ 5tC^ ^5t^ 1^ cllc^ ; x®t^^ lil^ 
5j^r.^ ^r*f=3 f let ; ^-^i f^R ^ ^^ ^f C^ 

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^f*rc5R, <fl^t tc?^ 'lim^ ^s(T fwii ?f^ ^^- 

«il^^«t ^ftr^R I *f^ ?t^if « ^Jt^ CcJt^ fW- 

»rtc?[c^ f%ft?fi c^tm^ I 

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^ "Bicil^ <5i^ ^tf«i ?t^ c^r, '5rt*R ^f5t^ ^tic^ 

vfi^t ^Clft^ ^5t^ -2(f% f^i ^^ ^;3^t«(J c^t^f 

^rti^^l 'SR^K^ >ii-^ ^ ff^ ; CJ!? CTft^t^ ^Sff^- 

^ f»R f5R 41^ f^ ^txSI C^JT ? «lWl^ 

Pf ^^%^ ^1 ? «K^ ^tr^ -^RcT, ^rtf^ii 
f*l^l c^mtr? orf^c^ ^ertfj^c^i ^tc^ ^f^^, 

^i^5f^ ^ftit «it¥f^ ^Mt ^m<\v^ ^tim 

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vst^tt^s ^t^ ^^tC^ Gff«Ii:^ 'Sltf^ltST ^cwt^i 
-^tWt^ ^%T, f^ ^^, «It^N 'eft^'^ ^m^ 
'5rt^¥| ^sitif ^^^"3 ^-^ ^t fll^ -2!^ 

o. T. 18 J 273 

^f^ ^^ ^"^ c«tTt^ ^t^ m^tw^ ^^ Tm 
^ «f?tir^ fVf ^r?j «is^ ^f^^l cw^ 1 '®rs4'^ 

^[51^ ^in^ i^^l ^?t?:^^ ^ C^5I ; ^«m (?i 

5» Tt^tCN© P\lW '2W5 "^fllll ^tT ^fe ; "Slt^ 
^t^TTl ^^?ll f^nH ^t^t^ 5l^C<!r lJt#!1l1 f^5T, 

"^l"^ fw& ^tu^ 3i^cf ccTt^ ^ftc^ ■'rl^^ I 

^^\U5 7\-!^m «tTt^ fJT^t ^C^ ^tff C^ Ct^I I 

55 c^ I ''tc^ cJi «t?fc^ c«tw^ ^^rt^^ ^^ 

f^l^C^ ^st^ ^fjfCST <5I!:^t^ ^tCT sff^1 -^^9\, 

c? 'sitm^ ^f^, ^tt^, «rtTt^ ^rf^ »t^5i ^^ I 

Tt?^l ^>e sn. t^tCTICcra 1W ^'R ^^J ^R1 

^gti:ic^^ f w A'^ w^ ^^ Tsit^ ^c^ I 

J 8 1%;^ ^?:^t^ xstTt^ ^iifi ^]Rc^ Ftf^ ^ ; 'sifffif 

^5t^ ^cn^^i ^5^1^^ ^^^m m^TF ^]^^t 

5« ^^51, ^t5t^ Jif^^' »nR ^f^5T I <1C^ «fCit^ 

^tl ^i-^ 5rtf^ J ^<j sjc^rm ^r^ti:^ ^^, 

"sjC^fSFl 'SltTtt^ Tt% ^fwl C^^% ^t 5i^vft^ 

i** ^ I c^ ^*15T nf^5t^^ ^^^r^ 'Ftf^^ii -j^ffsr, 

t^tC^ ^t'lt^ fsfT^ ^ttvS ^tft^ ^fllll Of^] 

^t^t^ ^"^ ^^fl %1 *fC^ Wtr^ W^W\ cTf^- 
i* t^l f«f^ I N5«t^ ^clT^ "«rt*f^ ^f^C^ ^^ f^, 

^» ^ fvfJll :^^?R ^flca ^%^ ^t^^ c^^ I ^t^ 

C^t^ I^t^l ^r^^ f^ C«1f t^ Tff^ JJ=,;j5f :^. 
"Sf ^ '^'ra f^a ^1t^ «rt*R JR^f^ «]T*ftC5lt- 


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^i c^ 5fT:^ Itr^cf 1 j%i ?t^? it^1 .<it ^w^ ■^'{1 

\8 «n^ ^^tt^^.if ^isit^ R^c^ ^tf^Tii ^r^^f. 

^tl^l Ji^ipf 'itt^ ^1, '^tt? c^tit^ ^tl'^^^'f 
Ji^^ ^f cciJ( ^1, f^i ^t^tc"^ 'sir^^ifi ■^rac^R I 

^^i? f rsi'];5?[=l JiTici ^giil ^t'i^ ^''R ^5C? 

«• ^i^t^i '•RH 1^, S{•^■^ 7[mr[ nf^vin^ f^c^ 

^^^1 ^isi:^^. -si^x ^t^t^ wtiTi^l ^^c^i ^tl^ 
'srM^ ^f fsrli^t ^t^t^ f^^c^ ^\^\tM ?f??T I 

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«8 c^Tf ^c^t^ irlTit!:? I f^l ^^»lR^1f *t^l<;^ 
^f^, ^1^ ctt*r. *'t^i:^^ *tN ^t!;^ ^t^t^ ^t'^t'? 

«j;^ ^spira^ n^c^S C't^f, ^I? VfT^? >2(1^fff^ 

*itc5itf n^rtt^i ^t^ ft^ C51 ?rc^ f%^ ^«^jra 

■^It^ti «)tTt<g^l Tf^cci^ ; c^5Hi =5]!:^^ 5irl[T!l 
f^^ic^ ^tR^ ur^ «t^ f^^iif ii^^n «rtg 

^ ^?'t1c?rtc'ra f^^Tj ^5t Gff^^i, ^r^tc?) ^ 

^1 ^t? f^ ^f«TC5 ^tc^, c^irf^ '^t^cT 
^j^cs f^^l ^^^ ^1 ^%« ^fpl SfPt'tt^- 

CSfCS n^""^^ 1%:?t^ ^ra^T; ^«R vst^tfW^C^ 

5tv5t|^1 fWTl^ C^? ^ «iflTtU5 .<|^ 5R 'SIS 

1 SRC^ '5Il\t^ ■^ra^l Tira?l Opfst^t I 'Slta oft;^, 

Jl^?!? ai§t ^t'Rt^ W\-^ f^^C^ ^©m ^f5T- 

^f^t^ f^^ !5t^t? -2i'tin? 'tf^^i^ ^i5t^ «2rt«i 
&r¥\a ^r^tii ^'iTti 'Sf^pil ^sft^tif^ f^ti 

f[L^ "^fe^, ^^l^ ^c^ "^t-s, «itf5f c^tTfJi fr^ni 

C? ^^t^ e'^ I C? l^tltW 1 ^tTt^t >^f% 'Q 


^8 ', ^ o - «« I ] 

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^Ta ^fft^>^:^ ^^'! ^^w^, c^^^ ic^^ «f%!:*ii«(- 
^t^i ^i^ mt*f ^n ^c^; ^^<ri vsi5-t<n <siR(^ 

«f^^ ftf^, C^llf^ ^jjig^ ^-^^ff C^'f'Q f Rf.NS 

a« or ist ^ffsi, '©c^ ^"ifca^ ^w\<[ Uni"^ m^fti 

^tC^ l^t^tW -ij^ >s:i^(^ W-Nt ^Ifl nfei:^!^, 
C^C^^^ l?!?!^ ^t^l^H t%^tl^'« [I^Rft] 

»il^t ^1^1 ^-^^f^ <|PIC« ^tf^?I1 C^fcICcl •S'tl^ 
'(^^ f "^^S •2ft1 ^^1 ^«^ ^. f^^ tsTWtr^^ 

^tCWI ^tCf fsiC^tiST ^f^ ; ^tCNS 1t«, 1?f- 

i* ^rRt5 tl^fS^ 'siRfc^ ^^c^^ ^ft^t^ ^fc^ 
^tn^r^t^ ?t^c^" ^^t^ "^ftc^ i^tiJlsi 'si^SJ 

si'^ f^C^5^ -^f^C^ ^l^t^ fij^ l^l^tSf ^'^iT^^ 

i^ ^^ ^t®i1 ^^ ^r^Tl ft{:5it^5tc^ ^%?R. 

'Sftll ?tC« C^tt*i^ "f R^S 5{| I d at ^r^2T. 'Sllltsl 

'sil'R^? Wt-^^ -sfttn^ fff^, <5i1^t^ «i^ si^t^tSF 

^» tin fffiitc55{ I ^<i| f^<iiTi^ ^"51^ <5ii^tti ctf^tt^t^ 

«f^. 'R'l^tSf. «ltnJR «n'R^t^ ^[U^ f^C^lR 

^5f^ nit^iif. ^151 «i?j ^rt'R^ra ^t wt^ 
^«s ^t^ ^t^i I nc^ C5rt¥t^ tUsi ^'51^ f^?rl 'sr- 
^8 -ftcsiiic^ fT<fi»itc^c^ ^ifi{c?iit I *[c^ ^^1 -^f?- 
c^sT, cJi f^r^!ri ^itn^t ^ift:« Tfi^^, cJt «rRm 
^55 ^n ctft^ I 'si^cnj '51^'itcci'R ^t'^R ^i^c^ 
f^r^!ii cm. utm^ ^«r of i%^ ii^si ^rt i 

'l^c"^^ c^*f 'Kifr c?t«f ?tt5f CJT x»f?l c^fr^ 
^» ^\i^ «mtc?rR ?t^t^ f^i^c^ "ftil^Tf^ ^w 

^\MK^. \5«R'Q fsFt '«rtlRra JI'5t^ ^?CffR sft I 

t^ cf^ I ^t^rc« "5R»tti:5rU5ra ^^5f«i c^it 
^aj csfcaf ^€5( ^^|?ri ftfci I v5«R C5rl?it^ ^ft?il 

^r^c^5f, c^lit^ vrR^i 'sttit^ cmsf (?^ ^t^^f 

ff^iR ^51n5°o ^tSft^ Ttt^ 4^ ^'tl HC^fR ^r^- 
^i'^ ^tc^ C^ '5rtR?l11 ? C^it %\l^ ^ftf^C^T 

«a ^»C^ f^lR ^lltC'^F ^^ "^^ I ' *1i:^ (RtTtt^ ^t^t^ 

fsR?!:t f^il ^t^c^ wt ■^«it1 ^t^ ^r^i^ ^twt 



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■ft5t?tt< ^t^t^ f^^f.^ ^^tT ^*tf^^ ^f^C^ 
^® ^^. "smtCSIl^ ^tl^ ^tf^^l ^W^m 

^^^, ^fi c^H ^'H:'^ c^Tt^ r CJi ^f?!^, ^t*t^- 

Tt3 ffl ^f^ IgtCWI^ <5I^ ^tC»I^ CfitT 1 

cf^ <F?n ^5t5i 'Q ^'srt'^ ; f^i c^tf r? ^«n ^^t 

f^^c5 "sitfJics? ^fi ^t^ f^:^ ?Jl^ f^5t^ 

■^1%;^ ^li^t^ f^C^ ^ft^, (J\ ^^tC"^ ^ 

csrtT f^&t^tc'^f ^!^ f^^c^ ^tt^, i^cciii fiif^ 
'5R»rtwt^ -^^^^ ^^^ ^f^^ I >sit •2t^? 

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^f^, f^^ ^f^, '^\f^ mlsif"^ ^OTc«f ^^] 
N5<m tt^^ "^f^^ ^l^^ftff^tf. 'if? JiTr^^ 

^t^ ^'t^ ^tc^, ^!31 ^ti"^, v5tr^?ii nt^tt^ 1 

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^■f^C9R, «f(tJI, «ft^^ ^U^ '^^■^ -^H, 


wtfiti ^tstii^ ■^•R^. cw«r^, 'srt^M^ ^% ^^- 
Jtim ^\Vi t^i ^lt^. ^t?i? ^r^i^s ^i^T^r^t^ 

<£{^l ^t^ra ^1^ *tf^^^ ^t^TS 'I'BK n*&t*^ 
BfsFI ; ^t^ ^t^l ^^ ^^C< «Pt'^ ^1'iftC^ 

C^il^ ^t^tsl ^-Pt^ 'T'Ft*; ^r^^, ^t?t^1 t^"^- 

t^c^ "^r^^ ^t^^ 1 <^R? ^ti^t^ ^^51 T!fp\ 

^t?i? T*5k 1'^'^ 'tt'i ^c^ ^^ 55 *t® 
cfit^. ^1^^ I^C^ 'SISPll ?t5l I 

itC^ «!fir¥!^^, 'Srt'l^^t^ Wt'T'S CTt ^IC^ ^^SJ 

7ii^ ^t5i^tf5r¥i ^5f5i^ ?t^i cm I C5f*i«^ 

CcJt^ ^^S"??;^ CStf^ ^"^ST, « T^^ CcTt^ 'BfSf- 
'Slt^ Gf^, ^itCtt f^« ^if^^l^, '^^v §t5t? It^ 

?fr?^ ^ ^«^i *iti^ ^^^1 t'^c^^ f^i^^ ^ittiTt 

7\\uj\^i:^ -^f^c^i^, ^f^ t"^ra^ f'l'^,'^ ^d;'!^!^ 

fit? 11 1, ^^^ f^Pf ^lltC^ ^^^1^ ^IR^ll ^i^l 
« 'St^t^ f^^tl Ctf<!Itc^5T 1 f^^ ^R f^f^ 'fit 

lilt '^if'f, ^tcTs ^c^ ^1^ ^(5T, 'simr^ ■sif^ 

^I5lt ^^'^ I ^twi ^\W^ -^iw^c^ ^-^^s 
^fe=!^, ^f'T ctff«rt:^5 ? ^ff ^C^I 51^!:^ f^f|!ll 

^e ; ^b-— ^^ ; ^1^ 1] 



^ c^t^t«m, c«tTtw^ 4t ^^ *1^ c^tw^ 

3TtWt^ ^ ^f^^t'ira ^'^(M P\^ <l5^t^ Nl- 

^#C5R ; f^'JT ®lMt^ 7[f ra ^^^ ^fw.^ ^%^ 

>»i C^tf^ ^fsIC^ "^5^11^ ^51 I ^C^ C^^ ?t^fl'¥ 

^f^^l fwl wt^^ ^15^ Tt'^t'^ ^f^;:^ 'srtf^- 
Trf^ ^5pr^ ^^, vsT^ 'srWi:^ ^t^-sf^ "^fe^ i 

^fi^^r^ ?t^ ^^^, ^^ ?tc5? ^fij 'srt^ sj^ 
^t^. 'at^tt?^ ^twl ^t^rt^ f^c^ ^t^t? 'ITt- 

« ^ ^^ Ttl5 *t^^-ft<r3 t*5t<^ OFRTll fVf^^ 
l^tf^^ 5,^ ^^ ^^ ^f^^ ^t^ ^f^^ fsrf^ I 
«^ ^W^^l ^ ^^^ »t^ Ft'l 4t'?t^R?ra ^51 ^Q 

cff«r, iftc^t*tc^ 51^ cnoW^ I %? ■??%. 
^fe ««r! ^^ ^f^i ^^ "sitfj^;^ ^tf>ica 

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■^ Wxfii *t1^ fftNs ffc^ ^^ ^<iii -spf^, Td. -Jd, 

•stf i^t^t^cT »rt^ cw^ ? 'srtnpT ^i^^'rf^ ^%5i 
^ *if3 ?^ii f^ ^^t^ Till Ttl5^ c^f^ I 

iff^ ^^t^ f^^ fV ? >Q ^^ "ttl C^, '^^l 
CVf«, vs«R C^ ^%^, til'R ^"^ CWH ^fliUS^ ? 

5^ c^^ 5i?t^^ ^^t;:^ ^5r^i% 1%?it!:f'T i ?^ ^ 

f»tfif?i ^t^^ «it?^ttc^ *[^i^? ^K f^Td 5fsira 

^i^t^ Ji^t 'I'^c^T 'siraft;;^ [^^it^c?^ ^t^^] 
'sitftl^^. 'sit^ fsf^ (^^ 'tli'^ f%2f1f "^fe^^ I 
: 4 ^^ 'sr^^tR^ltf « t3t!:^ceii -^s^ c^H^ f^- 

^fs C^Tt^ win f '^f^ 'siW^ fstc^^ 5if35^ C^5{ 



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05^1 ^sf^C^ «, ^r^ Pts1"3 ^ni"^tT ^?U(?. ^*R 

^ 'ETtt ; ^^^ fSH 2it^ ^ f*lf»ifi?^ ^t«^. CJl^ 
Sl'f!;^ ^it<^ ^t^tC"^ ^t3f^t ^RUl 'S^ CTf«!tt^ ; 

^5li:^ ^t?t^ 5i^ ^1^ cci1^ *t«i1^ ^r^c^, 

C^« v5t^ ; f«R f^ ^C^R, ^I'l^l ^l5t'-3 ^U I 

* -^i:?! ^"ITI ^^"itcfitr.^^ Tilde's ^IR^:^ ^T*rtc^1^ 

f» c^ii^cff^ Jir^-9 ?if3 ^i^'R "^r^w^ ^ I dt^j?, 

iil<l5^ f«r^ C^t?l ^C^ f^^l ^ttl C^R ^|(.iT 

■^^K^ "^itifii ?pr^c«i c^ c^? \si?i «N«. CI] 

«]i'R^i^ f^'^a m^-^"^ ^^^, *R-a ^t*iR 
i^ "^n; ^c^ii 5(^11 ■^^^ I ^t^tc« c^ (T^R ^R^ 

li^cn ^-'if^-a ^im ^fsR^ f-lf't^ ^^C^^ ^Isl 

^t^i^ ^nc^ eif'i^i ''ire? ; ^i^tc^ ?t ^l^t^ 

i>3^t^ Tlftf f^R c'^R 11^1? >£.TR ^^^^, "s!.^ 

7\^^ t^ic^fi cit ^m? ^^ tinted, ^1? ^1^111 
cqt^ n^i^ ^1^1 tlfiim 5it^l ?lt?, c»iM WfR^ 

??H. ^^^ ^Cl(.«it¥c^^ ^1^1 5j3't1 ^«f "^^itcsj 

>£tt5l^'n'R^ ^^"^ ^«,^ Tall fffTftf^^T, f^^ 
J4 ^tR ^ij^'^ ^^"^ 1311 fm\f^ I 'Si^ii? C^515I?il 

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^r^c^T 5ij, c^R ^ici, *rt? ^iTIl litems? ; *ltCf 

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^f^^t ^t«Fl J ^t^t^ 'Jl^ C^ilT ?1^1? ^'^c^ 






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src«(i JR^ c^rt^ ^cT^ Tf^il ^fsic^ ^itf^si, ?t5rl 

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iJ' "Slf^m ^^^ ''(t^ ^^ I ^•SR C<r¥t^ C^)^1 ^tSi't^ 

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«f^ i^t^tcw^ 31;:^ cw^ ^Rc^ jftml ^srtfj^- 

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^51 f^at^ ^^^ *(1^ fl^. ^«rtf^ ^tlt^ ^t^'R- 

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C! 511^t ■51^1 ^^^, "^t^t <51tTt^ «<§ f ^fSf 

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<it?i c^t^ttntr^c^R, ■^^'i fsfsT >ii^ ^ t^ ^ 


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^cj ^:^? f^c»t^ ^RfCNS *ilfi ? 'sil^l c^l^ 

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fijS^ : 'silR ^t'R ^tc^ 'slt^R fl«11l^»t<I 

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Jil^^ ^itU 5^51 -f^llm ; CvSll!^ ^t^ ^t^ at«f 

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C^CSl^ ; ^^°x f^l^l ^l^t^ ^f?^ C^^, ^^°v Rf- 

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^iR^t ^Isftc^ '^r^'^, 'siisfiw"?! ;^t«1 f^ift^ 

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?tWl|?11 ^f?^, IftS^f "SUM^H CTR ^°x*t 5Jlf, 
C411<U -SIl^sJC^ «it^R 'SII'R \sl^C-5 ^t'S I 

^tra f^m\ HR^ «3;;q c»t«^ "i-sK c?iq[; 

f^l ^^ ^^R R^'llc^i^ ^-I^J^ Rpl^ C^IC"^ 

^I'i^tw"^ ^'t^x« ^i^i^ «jir<P5i I 

^t<l ^ISil ^1§) <i^tL'^ ^t'Rtil C^ 5f*l?t §'I'!W^C^ 

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fl^^ltr^CSI^, CTlt Rf^§ 71^11 ^tl^ fxsfjl ^R^ 

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b' Tt^ SpgJ f^%"tt!.cTl 5tc^ «?R ■^R^! I ^l^t^l 

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3lt^ 5l^J ^1 «ili^1c^ fsf^ ^¥1^1 ^UR ^^i!;^ 

C^^l ^1, f^f^ 1R^1 C?I(.q5? I ^m c-5fl51^ >Q *l5til 
;q1^»1 ^fl'lTI f^R^ ^ C*R^^ ^"^"^ *T*6n fH- 


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c^l"^ ttv5t?<ii ^r??! (:^r<?ii .9^1% ^simti:^ ^tw- 
'^^i^l ^mnf ^t^« 51^1^ ?t(.5i ^^f^ c^Tt"^ 

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*t^T^ ^1^ ^nsc^^, vsl^tc^ cfitt^'gl ^"^^ 551^1 
i« c*t!:^ T'^K '■i*5i«% 5Fi^ I *ic^ ^t?l^l 'sitw^i- 

IIR ^1^ ; ^f5 C^tllU^^ 5?^°\ Jill's C^t^ ■atBlvJ 

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i** "^f?^ I *tC? CTt^t"^ ^151^ f^t^C^ C^r.5! CTl al- 

^1'i^^l^ Wl^^ ^«»I1 ^^^ ; foR ^^^ ■^ra- 
CJl^Rcl CclU^ -^r^i^, ^t?t^1 ^tt^l^l 11'il 

®rir^c« 5ir?r.-^t ^tf?^^, 4t?icn ^t?t5i ^I'Tj 

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f^r5^ *I^ c'tc-^^ 31=3^ (.■^^^ -^Uv] c^mc^'^ 

fH<fC5 ^tr^C^ C^>i^l fvjc! I 55^^ f^fi^ i^ff 

<8)1fR ^t^(^ ^[gr.^ cm, ^1^; C^ISH t^^- 
^1151^ ^t^ra R^C^ Ppi<l!11 CJir.?,!! I 

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^Clft^ m\<i ^]Ttim[ ^tSi^* fe5^ J 

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« C^51TtWI 5f5J f¥ ¥ft^ ? ^f^RI ^tSiU^ -^ff, 

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orn 1WJ Tit^ sR «jf^ ^i^icff^ ^ic^ I'lfn^ 

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i>x ^1^ fti? ^tsrtiT ^t^ ^^1 ^ I ^*^ ^'f 

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t>8 5ftf^ c^^eiH csit^c^ ^r^^ I'st^ ^^1^ 1 *f^ 

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f^C^JR ^^1 ^t^ f^ ^^ ^^'^ I 

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i* n5«R f^^ '^^ [C*r^5ll if^fTS f^l'G^lT^ ^»tt- 

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^c «lt?{ ^-^ 5ft^ ^ti^ ^ ^t^ ; <5it^ ^«tt^ ^f^ 

'Sl^f^f, ^i^^^ ^'t «!^r?t %f, CTl'Q ?^t^ 



« sjTf t^m^'^ ^TsT, mt^ ^t^ *raTt^r« ; 
IT vm, im wii-"^, fT ^ ^'f, IT '5rt2f?i^, 
spT ;5t^, ^1:5^ ?ti:^ ^in? 35ttTrft I 

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^> jTtrtsr^ ^\^u «(tr^^«i 'si^tfr *!;^^r^ f^i, 

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^i&csra ^f^ ^^^ ^j^^ ^f^c^ I 

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48 fsT^ ^t^t^ F^l ^il^? F5l^<s ■^CIR ; 

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^t^l Jl^t^f ^ fffC^ Ftf^, f^^ f¥~i ^l^f 

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<5l1^ Zgt1-'&*t5l ttS ^^ ^^5{ I 

8J» ^'jt^ t:^^i ^t^s '5(Rtr^ ^t^ ■^t?'! ; 
^t^ ^frra fwi^ ^5:^. ^f^ ^t^tcff^ ^^^e 



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[ ^O; 8— ^8 ; :il 

"^m ^Ic^ jffl^ ^«i ^M^ ^ I 
« ^-^c^^ f^c^ 'S[p[[i\ f ?i f^ ^tf *t 'til ? 

ti. fsR ^tti^ 7if?« .ii^ ftsT^tfr ^{^1 ^rlTrft^'T ; 

*lcg vst^t^l "^^tc^i 'sii^rc^ 's"^^^ ^^c^ I 

wtspt^ <2r«rt5i i^r^t^ ffc<i<i ^tf^^i i 

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* fwc^ ^^ "^r^t^sfgcciJf 1 ^i5fii *rc^ 4^ ^^ 

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'ii^ fsR ^t?1 ''11^ -^HL^ ^'jr« ^t^cjii sfi I 

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"yf'Rl ^ft^i^ 57^ ^t^l^ Ji^^ ^tf.^ 'psR ^ra- 

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» *fr^ at?rt^ stPi* c^it^ctf^ 11^71 wt5it?i ^tif 

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^t^cfRi Ir^c^ ^tf^ni ^f^UT ^t^ '^m^'^, 

^sFt^ ''i^Ft"^ *r*5t<; ^1S1 "^US, ^t^<^ ^tR f^^ 
^n f^ fti^JT *i^^ 'sitn^^t^ cwc»f i^titfr 

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Cfit^Ctf^ ICSf] JIl^ 11^ C^"¥ lf^5T I 

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'SllRl^!:^ ; ^t^til^ ^■^'lil ^iftCI 'STtft^l 
?tSi(^ 5f^C^ f RC^ ^^S ^?I1 ?fr«r''tt^ -^f^?! I 

^fi^ ^r^^ ^tR c«Rt^ ^tci ^'.^ «ii5rt^ f^r^cxs 

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<£.^ 1^1^1C^ ^tc^ ■^^l ^151 C^«( ?5, \9t^t 
5I|ti1 ^^sJI'Jf ■^^; C?«JR, C^R^r^l? iRffC'Q 

^« pw^ y,^1 'sitc^ ; c^ ?1^, '5(i:?"lni ^^^^ 
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■^f^, '^^M "^ft^i 'ncciR5( ?t^iT ^g^i— 

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*f«Tt?R ^f?!ItC5^, ^Sltsl CPf^, f^R C^fff? TR'^ 

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^st^l fPl ^R; ^^^^ 3^Wt2^ C^l^ld ^1^ 

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tc?{^ ?r^ ^iwj ^f^^ ^t^r I 

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5o ^«H ffl^? ^HcnS t?l ^§^3 ?t5i eg, "tCcitSl^ 

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^1^1^ «II®1 5i^^ « ITsit^ f^f^ ^^^ Tt^I^ 

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NbK^^ vit c^ f5i«*tn§ Tt^f.ciSl, ^151 <!SR!U 
5!1<S tatr^ ?l^l ?t(.'5 ^^ ^tsi ; C<F5(;n 
^151^1 Ct»f«IC« Itt^l, n&l^ ^^'ItC'ii ^t^l^ ^^C^ 
^'%'^^^ ®R ^t^.W I 

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fi^, fa«i c^ra ^'h 'y^'^ « ^tf ^ cm^ infl ; 

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4i ^fsf^ ^IJj 5?5i I t^cs\ fsfjt :r^ci c^(^ ^^ 

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<5> ^vsii^ v£i?R ^tnR ^FRm csii'^rff'tr^ ^tTt^ 

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"1 "tC^RR^ ■^'fl ^iR?n ffl^l ^ "STRjifs 



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^f^T, ^t^ c^it ^t!:^! ^t?l t.f^5l T%. ^«H 

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t«5l fff C^^ ; ^t^C^ "tCSTlsR -^<K^ ^"sJi^ ff?1- 

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i<i 1^^ m^ f«^ "^^ '^(jfH ^i^jt5(j^ Tw^ I ^t?[ 

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is? ?ts?l JiwI'Sf^^ ^cvtcf c^ ^^ fjJ^ti ^iicsi^, 
^t^ frw ^iCS ^*3, >2((.? ffe, -Q ^c55 ra*t ^^ I 

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« Wt^R^ ^t^t?R '21^® ^[^C^ I ^t^ f«R ?{C^? 

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^I's ^«t^ »lt^ 5^t« ?^ '21^; C^JRl [^fe- 

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5'* c^isft^ nw J^^^i ^ra^ I "sit^ ^fi5i f3tc!i^- 

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^■^ ^ ffsf I ^c? i^R (Tit ^t ^f ^c^ f^^c^^ 

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o* ^r^C^R ; ^^l ^C^ C^RTIll T%3C^ ^lfe^ '^d 

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^t^ ^^^ <3 «r^i fc^^ ^nm ^cf^ *(i« ^<i^! 

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«« ^1^ f^H Nst^t^ ^nt^ ■^1"^, «I^;l ^"^ "S ftT- 

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'^'^[liVi^m Il^ttC't ^^^ f^^t'l TtSttg ^!l ; 

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caf^ ff^T, ^^t <t?'=n^ ^^n ^t^t?i(.^<i f^-^ 

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^rlcsi^. ^t?t^^^ ^^cir^ ^ ^tf t^ Ti'^c^i c^f^- 

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f'm ^i]^ r^w.i\ ^ ^tf?(^ ^r^« fif^c^^ nfl- 
^l?tf§?r. c7( Ji^^r <2(^-5 -^(s,^ vrt\ ^t^ >£,^i 

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^f^?:i «I?1? sfpi ?ii»n5? [fof^i ^m ^f^c^^] 

^Iftsi, ^^t ^t1 ^^ ^t^R ^fs^l ^1^t^ sitf 

5^^ C^I5^ It^Rvsl ^5Tl ^1r«I5l I <^ it ^^^? ©*TC? 

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f^r^vs c^t^R.^t ^"^^ C^ff?i1 ^^i^R ^tt^i^f I 

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w«r, 'sitR "icfiiTCTi ^ ^tc« ?-tsri wj^^ 

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o. T. 20 ] 305 

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^it:^ ^firatc^'? I M^ ^^t^^ ^f^i:5R,c^t5(t? 



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^tc^, ^^'v ^*if^ ^isiw^^cn? ^^I'ft ?5?rt- 

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^1^ 5« ; ^T^ ^t^ ^ftf ^^'Ja 55. «« ^?T^ 
«15^R°t ^ I f^l CcTfC^?1 ^T51C^ <:"^R ^^^ 

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c^^ 'ct^ti:^ ^5f ^fe^ ; c^ c^ c^p «i??i ^i&t- 

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fe?i^ ; ^1^ c^r;6i ^tf ^tct^ ^csf fi^, 'ii^t 
^\^U f^^^ ^t^]^ '^^^n ^m ^w^t^ »ft^ 

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C^t^^ "^f^^ I ^^ fsf^ ^t^^ ^if^VSii ''1*5 |W- 

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c^t'Tt^ f^r^c^ ^tlt^, ^t?l?1 c^mt^ ^^ « 

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>2t^ '^\^m ^r^, ^t^R '<!sf%r^ =rl, i'3J« 
'Sft^ ftc'i^ f^^ii^ ^t^ f^ ^f^l *nttt?rt- 

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^girac^i^ ■^tsFtc'^ ^f^c?t^, ^trf'Sf^ 4^ ^?ft 

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fm] -^■^ fe^«^ fifths «c^*t ^r^w3? I 
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"©f^^if^, t3n55i-ff:5i? <n5fRi 5f^[^ ^isfi. pi^ 

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•^^ f^®1 ?|lv5 "^mn f^m a 51^61 11^^ 5^1 

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•^fgm ^t^tC^F flfe^l fffCc15t I 

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"®i1^(^ R^5 ^tc^ -sitt^Rra ^"^ ft;^ cvstsitr^ 

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'srt^ji? j^^c^ i£i^?1 c^il^c^ 'sufiisl ^r^si. 4l 

■^IM, ^^ c®iin^ 'Si^ ^Fi« c^tnj ffi^ 

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n\^^'^ S^lt?i1 fife!, v5-|5tc^ tgtc^c^^ ^1^ 

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8-s v5«!R ^gtc^c^T^ ?iiwi f^a « f^g ^t^l ^c^ c^c^, 


f^TitJi ?isn ^t^tT^ ^Bf^ift^ ntc^f %i I 

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^^tc^ ■?pf^, c^l5it^ 5R 'iti^ f^^a c^5» c^, 

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sitin C5RT? B't^ti's^JS ^Hirc"^ af« ; f%'?1 

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f^f^ra^t?! srtlTtC^ ®WU'^3 C^TtJ.^ fw^ I 


<^ ; ^8 — ^^ ; \/l ] 



■^^11?^ OT« ; ^]^m ^t^f^ r^c^ >iit irf^i 

^■^"^ c^rt^-i1 ^f%ci, >ii^; cvTf^w^ fr^a ^rti^t*;- 
'sirf^?! 'si^n JT^c^ ^fjisi ; CTt ^t nt^^Q ^^ 

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SftCTK ifillitC^, «5t ■^«n 'SHTll <5Itft? fel^ 

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?m ^tf (C^? if^^ I^t^K ■^f^CvS ^t« ; Wl. 

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*ttt^1^ ? f«W ^f^i^^, C^'ltC'^ n1l¥tf5 : ^rai 

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=1* ^t^ ^^n" 'sita c^ ^«R« ^ irit I 'sit^ jRt- 

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f^^ 'ct^ «3;c;g? ^^^ti:?! vslft^ ^^ ^*Ui 

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'srtpr ^tftt^ iti ^f^. c^^^ ^tit^ ^c^vic»t cJi 

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f^lifl-^tw f^ft-it^S ^t^t^ ^1^ <[\w^ ^Tii- 

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•^^^, 1^ ^tsTl ^t'lH ^5r3ti"5f^ f^^rr»i TTt^R *ttr^ 

•si^t^ ^r^^r, ^f^. ^-f^R ^ti:it<^-M^i:it ^t^ 
^^JT, f ^^t% ^^^ ; c^^ ii^rt^^ ^t^ 

ft'«tt?ii:^ v5tfVc^ f^tlllf%5T, C^l tti^'IC^ "^f^, 

'S'tC'^ 5(^51 =^5^1 ^^ ; f^l -^1%, ^11^t? ^r^J 

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^tsfl f^c?1»tt^i:^ ^r^c^iJ?, ^tff ^^ c^ ft^l 

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«t '^\^\^ cifc*f 5l%¥i ^t^^ I >iit^^ ■3tsn 'if^^ 

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8 8 %^us ^tfH "^^ 'Q ^n ^t^t^ I ^g 1%^- 

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'Pf, ^iftt ftilR ■^1%^, ^n^ fivst? net « 
<5l1''R •sit^t? n?:«r, 4?°v ^(i^?? *3^ c^ '^U- 

«>» Ut^t^a^ I fsJR ?tC5i? C^r^ ^RC^^, ^t^? ^tl 

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CT ^15T^ ^C^ ^S?11 C?t^ ; 'Srf^, Of'l, .sIM 

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^rf^c^ « vsi^tcw^ ^^t"! *(?t*f ^^^ srt^ ^f?- 

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f^m ; t^ra ^i?i f^ <iit c^, tgtticsi^ T^i^ 

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'srr^, c^5j^ itft'S^ «ititc^ ^I!.«J5^ ^^^ ntiit- 

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f t/^ 5n I *rcii ^tfBi ^wci sTtfi^n c^icepr 1 

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H^ ; c^^ iwt-sf^ "^Pftc^ Mc^Tt^ *it^t- 

'srt^Rtsi ^<^ 'SitcT^ fff^, mrn ^iin^rti:^ ftfe^ 

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>iif?c"^ -efvfc^ f^^^ ^^, <^^x ^t^T^l 5t ^^ 

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^f^^ ? v»t^ Cv5t11?I Of^^ ^tC^ ^1^T^ ^ 
^Tt^ *I^ ^W1 ^^ I t^*{f^ ^flCcl^i^ f?R!I 

c^st^R t^^'S ^ti^ ^vs ^trf^ 511^5 «il5rR<F 
ii nc^ ^t^'t '^P\ i ^t^t^l ^^^ ■^'^^ ^«^1 


<} -i^—O; ^X I] 

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^im '^^'\ ^tf^ ^5t?tf(f'tc^ ^«r^ ■^51, 

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J* ^]?U 'I'^ci ^ficxs «if«r^iv© ^R5i I ^sita ^?fr^ 

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i-^ t^ ^ I ^Itfl ^ol^nt tt^C^ %51^f^ ^f^C^ 

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f^:5i^ ^11^1 ^f^, « '^^l^l, ®1^?I1 ^t5 ; c^ 

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* ^n^I "^r^C^^ I CJTt JR!I f^t?t1 ^TWI »m'T5ri 
•» CeR I *fC^ f^f^ "^^ Tf^^l f^Wl-?t^ f%C^- 

*rf^c5^ ^cw f^ ^ntflin ^f?c?i5i. cimt^ 

"SiVs^ 5ic^ c^t^itc^^ ft^^ ^"^t^ "^Rc^ ? 

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C^ ^^^ Jil'fl "^f^^^ Sf^ -ilt f^ ^tSffC^ 

^fe^ Jiwt^^ c^R ^f^tff f^ >ii^tR ^rtt 
SR ^^^ ^fl?i ^r^^, nt^ct^ ^m c^ t^*it5 

^jiiCl^ 5C^<1 ^TC'a 5f^ FlfilC^J?, |%R vfl^rfR 
i^ ^\iW^ I f^C^tfW? "^RC^lIl, 5ltf-(,2!;|^ ^I^J 

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O. T. 

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^ra^; ^t^ti:^ =^tft«^a ^t^jt^^itc^ c^t^t^i 

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w\^m\ ^f^c^sf^ ^t^t^t^ ^ ^^^\^-^^:l^ t'H- 

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f^^tftc^ f^^l ^f?c^ etf^c^i^i ^n, fsR ^ 

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^i^j "^R^R ; ^sl?irv*t "^^^K^ «inr>R ; ^^t 

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Tl^Cn Jl'tt'21^^ ^t?^ <2I^flTl^J ^f^^^ I Cx513Rl 



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Jb- ^;<1C515) I "^tC^ f.tfC'l? Jil'S C^ll'^ ?t{.q5 ^C? f^l 

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b- 5rl, f^i ^151 ^c^? ^ir '^icii?! s?r ftfQ I ^'<R 

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J» It^fl ?ir«ls I m^ ^«I^ ^ifl<l1 CWR(-\5 lllfi, 

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^ir^is, Olt Jl^C^^ WS ^\^\ ^I^ ^Ff^C^^ I 

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^fsrc^ ^t^fs "^?P^ ; ^tSfl f%^ ^ffl ^l^f® 

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"ttC^l '^^m WFI51 fff^ ; ^^ C^t T[f¥ 'SNI 

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f 1^1 C7I5I1 ?^^t« ^<i^i ^t^r^ m-si -^v^ ^tf«i- 

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'sitit^ «ic:g^ Tif^^ CNsIf t^ ^?r(^ f%^t? W^s ; 
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f?i^.^t?i*r 'e^'s-c'tic^r ^^mc^fi c^il^q pic^tTiW^ 

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ccR ; f^^ ^-^i[\ ^t5t^ '^r*^i<N n^\'i, ciisificxf 
ccrt^ *tl^t5l cJi^c^ ^t^tc^ ^5( ^^t?5i I 

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f^t^ ^|c5i *i^ rsR ^5i<^ ^^^ i\f^<jsw ^^'v 

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'sifi^ra^ -^tg c^Ri ^f^Ttft'3 ^t^1 a ^<i1 

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CTC^^ ^R ^l^(c*l^ ^r.5 ^tc^ c?iin ^rac^J? ; 

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^t^T, r^R iR3rW PPlc^ ^ ^f<i?:?i^, >ii^; 
H^Wl^ l^\^E^ ^I'V^t?] tfWi^ 'Q 5^1'^ *I5- 

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f\-=nrn^ ^t?t^ '■iw ^tsn ifccis? I 

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^1^9 ^racs ^ra^ ^raTii n^»it(.fi(.i ^t<5^tfr 

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^ifl^ ^#1 ^t¥i C5fc»ra c^Tf^w^ *[[^^ ^r^^ 

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b- f^|tf1-?t^ ^Jif?ra? ^t^rc?5*t ^"^^c^ ?t?f%t- 

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'Rf, vst^lf ■^rlc\s5f ; ^^fr.^^ <5;q ^[^R5R C?! 

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'5I^f*f§ ^sri;^:^ ^;§[^^ rtf«[^ t^tf-^e^-^T^f-nct^ 

■^9|1 ^I^^lf^Cfl^, 5^?f <5^^^ ^'RJig CaR[^ ^'x^f 
^gtrac?!^ Rt^fJiC^T ^m ; 3tf1 1^^ Slt^T I 

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mf, ^[f faR ^Rt^a ^f^t^R 'S ^11^0 ^€- 

lal«.=i^ ^^f<:^ ^|S!^ ^Rc^ ^B^ ?^c^iT, >ii^'v 



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^* : b- t 

^^o ^i?u^ vfl<p Ji?g ^t?i^ c^'lni f?c?i^ I '^ra 

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^RC5i5?, «t^)(.^? f^^^ ?tc« *j^t*t *r^T*f 

^ms ^1^^ ^c^^, *9^t ?t '^%7\n w\^ ?i©^ 

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^^kt^ 'X;g ^1^R?I1 C'l JI^^I *I1^ lal^l t3t- 

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«« -!^Lim I fsR 'tfB*! ^<^^^ ■^?t5i ^-fsr? ^Ri.^ 

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^C^H ; «1^|^ 5i|x5|^ Vfl?! R^f»n, f^f^ JlUft- 

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«1R« ^R^.1 R^»IR?I(.5l C^151 ^<;5|^ ■^•[5[ ^1Si^ 
■^RiJ ; fsR ^T"!^ f^l^'J^^^ trr|cw^ ^H ^t'-R 

f^. Jivft^;^ tgicT5i-Ji^R'5tf.*fa ^15 ^tc^ CI 

^ira^'R^ ^R^R^l^ ^R?ii'^. ^I?R5R 
8 ftf^l ^rsR ■^^Itc^^ I ^R f^ 5? ^Rl ®^^%^, 

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i£lcl<i JI^ ^l^JRl^ «I?tC1^ ^^^o ^R?11 f^^ft- 
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•^l^!jli¥, ^t^i vgf^^ ^tt!:^ 5n. ^^; 'si^ cw^- 

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"51^51^1 ^'^'^^^ ■'Ff^C^s?, ^"[^H ?t^C^ ^f3 












O. T. 22 ] 



\t^ I tr^ ^■^-^t^ lgt'P!i^r.^ ^?i wf 5ttf1 
f^5i 1^;:?, ^[c^c:?, c^t^ct^ ^^l^tf.ji ii^°x ilf t^- 
ctra ^(^1 5i^c^ ^I'R '^R'.m I t^-f^ -^t^i v£it, 

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mm\ e\^^ ^r^«, ^(?i «R«« ^, *lt^^ 

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c"^ J115^ ^iic«f. c^ c^5R j^tf J] ? vjf^ ^r^- 
f^^ OT^i c^^^ '«c§^ ^«iRra : ^51 c?f»r, ^R 

Tt5t^ ^^t? f^I^ "^r?^ «il'II? f<llStCt 5tC5J ? 
<il^ CW*f, ^R ^ (A'<^\ ^^^ ^C«, ^'ft'^ 

tst^fa ^^ici R^^ •^c?, cJi ^i^t^ ?!:'?? ^i5?i1 
'si^ n^ ^!:? ; T5 Cffii^ f^fi^ ^tw ¥C3ict^ 

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c^jR -^f^?]) vsit^t^ 21^^ ^;5\s5i trf^^cn^ it5(T 
<s\-^ sfj? c^i^ [''if ®c^ ^ I t^l f^c^, d\ii ^«i Ti^!;^ 
« ^^rcTtftc?^ 5iW fsjJlc^ ^nc? f^t^ ^%^ ? 

f?^fc^ ^?tft?i 'st^ti ^q;^, c-<R^i ^|5I^1 ^t?i 

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af5C^ ^l^tC?^ ^f^^ nift ^t^m ^«ll ^f^IC^Jf 

■^m\ ^tci, ^^tcw^f "^tcw f^ f^R *ft^t^ Silt ' 
K^ ^rc<? W'^tr'V ttvsitit ^^^^'^c^ f^gfr ^ni!] 

c^^TiHl ^'^^-^tsf ^t ^11 "^(^i^, c^t'ral ^tit^ 

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\§^^^ CB\W^ ^1, v5^°v ^tn^ ^t'tJ? ^Ct^ Sfcl 

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^t'l^ ^3 f^ft^l ftf^c^ n^c^ ^tf^^t ?^^»n- 

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^tc^ c<2tf^s w*ttr> c-51 Tj^^^ ^9(1 ^f^itiw, 
^^ij^ c^ ^^f»t|[r*f 'ii'«R« ^tif, ^t'='ff^ 3t5t? 

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* tflJi^'l R*^? f^^c? ^^(f^s ^tc^i^ I f^t 
t^ ^l^tfff^C'^ ^RC?1^, C3R!WW ^^tC"^ -^^ 

c-^ijf Ti^^tvf ^H!:^, '?SRirt ^*'R cfiv\ wm\ 
^c^, nc^ ^\]^ ^1^t^t f^i^'t Nct^ii:^ «i?5l ^t^i 

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f^^S ^S?t^ mc? 'ilt ^°^t? -^RC^R, C?'?^, 

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51^^ cvfrtt^ <2(f3 ^1^1 ^rt^l ^f^Titci^f^ ^1^1 

^rH ^R5ff ; vsC^ ^f^ fV ^^1i? "^ftc^ ? 




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i"» ^t?1 «^ I i^j ^c^, cf iwt^f, "^mi ?t^t?l 

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f^^cu ^5it?ft^ -^tt^ filt<^ ^ft?rtf , vsl^ ^rfi 

c^^. ^t^ i^t, ^^?1 f^rat^-T^ c^t'Jtc'^ ^W 
-^m-^i^ « c^t^Tc^ nf^^ ^f^cvscf ; R^- 

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^t^t^ f^l^ ^»t^ ^ftTll5 ^S ^^'ffC^ 5f 

Of^wt^ sT^^i ciw^ "^f^^ ; ^t^H -srt^^i^l 

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tI^r ? ^tR <^«R t'^ f^^ -^n^]^, C5PR1 

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c^T^rTa 1%^;;^ ^i^fl. ^s^^ ^Rt^ f^;:^ cvstft? 

^i' c:g^5f-^Tt*f. ^t '^'^^ '^itR srtf^ I 'siRtl f^^t^ 

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c\sRfil >£it ^%m[ ^^2 ^'^■''f^ »f^ « f^'ff^ ^'^71^ 

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fvf^tt ppnil ■^|c^, ^3 ^^^ ^if^t^ ^, t^i 

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^Rt« ^ft^ ; *(t^ ^i^tTl ^sraRt Of!:»f ^\^'^ 

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^tfR f^^c5 ^tRin ^r^c^i^, JlWta^ -5t ^^ 
■^c^.^'i ^''1^ ^i^^ ^i^^ ^rs^' "^'"^ "^"^^^ 

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<£1<I?T 'si^l ■^^, =sitf^ C5RR s^t^ra i!:^! ^ 



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'StSI, 'Stftt ^fwtff I 'Sitg ff1%? ^%*t5 C?t^vi 

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:5 'f\^y \ ^^ fEi*i1?i1^ ^wtfi 5ivfia^i:^ v5[f^- 

(fi\^, ^WU^ ^t^CTI^ CJltTf^ ^mi^l 'To «ft*l 

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:8 'll^ R*IBI^ ^TTt^*^ f^ff-U ?(5ii^ R?FC^ ^ItR^T) 

^t^tc^ fsi^Wi ^fic^^, 4 cfitc^^l f^ ^ffci ? 
^f^ %^\n\ c^m \^uo «it*R^i^ fsi?5c? ^tm ? 

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^i^tR^ic^ ^ri cTf«itf?itrw. ^iit^ ^w\n 7\\i^n 

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csiira f'-if 'l^^c?^ 7i[>« ^rg 51151 ^(fj ■s'RT^ 
^f?t^i c^sn ?lc^ ^(^^ra 5t!^^. c^Rt^ wt 

c^ m-^ -=^f^m^^ ^t^ ^^^ i fvsfj? ^t^'S ^f?- 

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«i;^; f^m^ «j;^-ra^ « •stm'l ^ft^i fsR ^^R? 

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^M R^t*i ^fii!:^^, ^T^ 'sii^icn^ 511^ ^irl^ii 

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fsfjj ^(-si^ <3;sc^ ^ftr^ 5i«fT fff^l 'si'R ^^tt- 
5iwRi« viit nrai*fic5ici ^t^^ ^fi ft'a^tc^^ 


<^; »— ^V; 591] 

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fw^ ^t^Ctf^ Ff^^t^^l RTTS ^i:« ^if?^ ?t!Il 

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f|c?R, t%RS (Tt^ JI?!^ tt^r Fi%l7a^. ^^^ ^t?t^ 

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^8 ^R5T I nsi cwc»r3 ccrfc"^^! «ri(.TfiT ^rsftii 

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crtf%?f ^twt^ f^^<j*i I «(^^tc»rr«R I 


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■^ C^tfif* •£i^^ 3^<t ^S'ltCSJ \5t51 ftf^^ I fV^ 

^t^iw^ ^c^ c^ §t^( Ji^m ?5cf, vsif^f? mci? 

» ^1^1 117 ^niCfl5( I ^n "tl'R C^?[^ <i(^r^ 
R^C^ f^m ^t?tC^ ^t 51Tt5i? f^C^JT, ^*R. 

^(5 Jrm^t CJJ^- ^c^ e[\n 'i5l^ ?t^l ^^^zg 



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[ ^< ; ^»— VO J ib J 

i: ?itf^i:?i5T I \s*iit ^sft cJit ^^^1*15?!:^^ ^I^J 

C^^ N^C!I ^15Jt^ >S '^(^ICcTt^Ctf^ ^^°s Jil^ f%^- 

:>« ^fi^c^fli:^^ 1 nt;? ^-t^t^i ^t^^ ^T^ ^i;«fH- 

^''f ^t^itt^tcw, >iitll^ ^ ^ 5C^? ^t% ^t^l 
is -^l^^ ^f^ C^ ;i^?f ^t^ 21^1 ^R?ltW, ^t 

^^^« ^^tt^iTt^ n?t%?i! f^'m ^tm c^ 

"S ^Itt't^ ^t'^^'T ^tc^. ^t^1 2(^t^t^ C^1f i^ 

^t^t^ 7i^c*r c^t^ "^h^i^, ^t ^^ mi^-f 
^. ^c^JT, ^(fsi^ c^w^ ^«n ^fW'I I ^^>ij-^ 

^^5fcl ^tfj^^, Cvsi^t^ 5^ (7i J1^^ CWf«IC^ Sfl I 

•nc? ^t^i^i 'srt^l^ ^t^tc^ ^t ^«I1^ 1115 tt! 

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c^!;=iJT, >£i^t pr^i^t^ ^a'l^ ccit^, Tiq^ f5i^*itc5i5(. 

Tif^^ vai^t^ ^^1, Jit^j^«il « Rr«f *it=i^ ^ra- 

f^^ ^ftc^i^, smi 7\^^ (fi\\^ C7\t f^^R m^ 

^t^ti*t? ^1^ ^tr§^'^ U\w.^ UH's ^^^^ 
Ttti^ Jitit>£i^ •^^^n ^f cns ^ff^ ^rac^s f?N;^ 

^t^^l ^1^ f^i^ c^i 'jj^tRC^^I f^gffl C!ii*\<\ 
TNt ^tR ^n ^mtt^, '^^N ^f^t^l ^t!:^!^, "^C^?! 

cgtc^^ "^t?:^ ^IRTI1 f^[;Ft^ cgti:^^ «(t!:^ c^^t- 

iff] Itf t?J C«1t^Ctt^ ^^C^ ^nc^ C"?p[%1 fPfCpf^ I 

b- ^K*t^t<T ^^ ^^ \M^ I ^tl f^H ft|tfl^ 5I^I<f 
7]^^ ^ti^ JR^ ^ISi^CT ^tRC^^. <£\^l C^^t 

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i • '^s ^'^ c^tsR ^B^ I 'srt^ c^^ c^'^ cTf^ic^?! 

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^1^1 cjft 71^5} c^f? ^tf^¥l c^fsic^i^, ^«n 5f ra 
5« cgtt^ "R?:^1 ^fe^^ I ^t^ H^\-*\-^-^>us^ 

ci^^ ^ni^i ^i^ti:wi ?H '(^c^T^ ^fwo ^ff^'l'f 
flc^iJf, m^ c^ ^^^^ f^^tl ^c^^, c^tl*i^ 

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i* PfC?!^ I ^ra C?tTO ^•^ f¥^tt!l1 <s«ft'^1^ n^^s^ 

7\-<^ -^<r^ ^fu5 ^f^ ^t^ttc^i^, 'ii^° f'^R? 
c^ Ccit^ *ir.^ 4t Ji^cj ^^ Sim "^mifWi^. 

Clf^C^fW ? ^^c^^ c^tt^^l ^t?tl^ ^f^^, t^C'^^ 

(71 c^it^ f^^tfl ^t^ ^Piiil ^(:?r?i^ ^^c^fw^ 

;rl ^^-^ I ^«^^ ^Bl §t^^ ^ Vila's »15l- 

xc5{i^ra ^^?5fi j}^^^ ?R^ ^tsf^"^ "Ji^t^fwcNs 

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'^t f^?i5i<t^!:T c^^ P\T^ "^i^, ^^^fc^ 

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f^gf l-^ls/^ct^ ^^^ ^m icni >ii^n iwt<i^t^ 
^tt^i^T ^^1 ^ Tfi^ . f^^ c^tf-ra ^twi^ ^Itf *f 

"ETfg ^^^l^ f^f<f« ^T^?t<J ^1^ TT^I ^^^ 

?ti%^ 'Tti:?^, \s^s f^R Hgtn cwH « fti- 

«2fr^ f^^^^ci^, >ii5i^ cw\^ <\n\ ^\^ii %'^ 
fkm^ ^, ^^x ^i^t^ ■ncii'Q ^i5f5 ^^i c^^ 

S;JT^ f^5l ^1 7]Pft£tx|C^ ^T|^| ^f^!Jlff C?iiT, 
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v5^ ^ ^^51^ I ^'gnii ^Tal ^tTt^ 'fgt^ c"5i«i^ -8 

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fr?i^i I ^?t^ ^^'l^ c^\% cumfimi fn^l 

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CTir ^IR 5n« ^"s^^ flJ it^ ^^^ ^c^, 'tc? 

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[O; *) — 8 ; ooi 

*»,*' t^cw^. c?rt^. C5f^^, ^f^, ^^»tT^. t^- 

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ib- ^t^ sicj^^til, n^ITI, W<^T3, R^Pl?!, CTttW 

c^f<[\m, f^ftni « i«R-c^w. vfit ^\5 ^^1 
?^rra^ *I^^ii, 'sifc^^ *l^^i, "«mc^ *i;5^(i, 
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fn^l I tc|fR5 «11J ^?<^^RP1 « mcTi?, ^^^ ^• 

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w\ii ?RPi^ <^;g ^'^^'^cwi '<3 3i^Ri, vfl-^; ^<;^ta- 
c?ra <iq ??i<^ I «n^ Ri^ifRi?!':?!? <3^ ^sr^ 

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f^^ c^?r.^, cmmn f^si c5^^c?F, « 7?tR u^ 

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c^\c\ ^'Q f?i ^511 fw^, r^^ «i5ia ^t«fcfra[ 

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f^CSt*!, C^n*R '9 "51 ("R. *fT5 ^1^ ; ^fS ^t^ 

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ftftc^ «im(« "^fm Uiv^^ f^l "^fs^ ; 

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ccit^ f^^ ^^^^ ^5it55, N^f^!!, wif?ni « 
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^t^tTfff ^1^1. 'Sl^X ^1^1 ?tC^ 51i?l^ ^Wl 

C^cl, ^*R ^fl^ ^t''!^ C^till ^^TiK^ ^151^ 4 1 
Viqi^tn [^raN« ^^51]; «i51R f^^lW^l >G 









i«rr%. wt<i c^c^rc?!^ Ji^t^ c*w^ ^^r 'srt'i- 

'^I'qfi^ ^R ^r^^ I ^[?I 'J^^.fff':^ 0\ ^^;S sift 

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'sm '5n?-7i^H^i ^t^tctf^ ^^c«r ^i^i^ri *t^^ 

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I^H ^(.?lsl Ti^R R%»tC5^ Ti^R ^^R^iisrsi 

^i^t^i f^f5T5c?^ Ti^R ?R^-Rf^ Ti'^R ^ra^ 7\^\^ 
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^l5fW^ 5i^ 11^ CWt^ ^t?TW^ ^JJ^ Ti^f'f^ 

cf^^ vst^t^i ^t5tc^ R'^i'i "^fm I «it^ ^ifl^l 
S^iw^ *f«5f^. ^«{i<s ^^i»f j^^g ^1, "^mt 
5i^ ci^, ^t 5i?g ^^« 4^° '5^ ^^ 1R^- 

■^■^fo ^f^-5 ; ^^1^1 ^f^ n^t^^\ ^»R ^^ff 
•^i5i-5c^t«t. J^^^ « 5c^ti *{^3 ^^i^ ^tnirl 

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M^ ^t? ^^R^'5 ^^t^ ^5li, n\^^, f^c^ti « 

c^imn WK ^st^t^ c^J^ ^ [ c^K'm ] « f^^ 
«• ^\^\n "^ f*ij^1ii, ^it? 't);^ ^^?, ^t^t^ *3^ 

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^?t^m^<j Ti^t^^'t^ ^sfj— c^^ •n]^w, t%f^ 

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ccin^ ^, Ir t^trara^ <3^;q i 
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<3a. tR c'5t!:'^IC5t^ ^, tR c^^ *i^ i 

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m^ ttvStl^^^ ; ^«R ^m 'la. tR ^f^^ 

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f^fl 'la, tf^ \r»ra ^, tfJT f ^tft^ '2,^, tR 

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^c?ti « ^t^t^ 'i^'t'i c^fiu -sji^c^ni^ « ^n- 

**q ^f^, ^t?t^ 'Iq ^R, ^l?t^ 'la Tltft?. 
4'- ^t^t? la 5I^t(.?rt<^, ^tft^ 'la ^^f^^, ^t^^ ^a 
ao ^Cl^^, ^1?t? 'la Tt!:^^^, ^[^"S «la ^^t^Pi i 



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v8 sri^ 7J^^??J pif f^ ^;g "^fl^^ Gf^m C^ I 

'Slf^'n Mt«i ^^'jf*t^ ^c^^ ^t^, '©f^^f? 

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5,|c^ ^t^PsT ^t^R ^fsf^tlN 51^ "^ttt^ t 

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^^c^? vsntc^. 'sisft'^ ^^r.^^ 'J^R^fc^ ^^«t^°.*f 
^u^ '^fm.'^<[ 5if%5 -2(t^?^ c^<!.7Ti, nfw?? 

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« f ^ »rs SR ffcT I ^ft? 5^5gR f^^fi^^^ ; ^'"^ 

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^fe:^ ^pf^ ^t^t^T? c?it^ ^t s1% 3i?g f^^f I 

f^K^i:^^ « fit, 'ft^ si5T ; t^t^l f^f^f i:?i? TTs 
t' ^tftctf? Jl'^Jtn ^t^»f ^g C5\ra«f iSi^ I 'sit^ 

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i. ^^ ?5T?t^^ ft? ff?t 1 'srt? R#twc^? Ji^R 

f?^T^ ; f?^J!:^ Tl^t^— PI|*f, fWlfl^, ^t?. 

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Rftrai:^ 31^1^^ ^^^ ^t^'R f^^i:^? '^fT% 

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^^fl'T ^ l^T, 'SfC^R? ^^R 1% I 

i« ^9tf^ J!^t^— ^?Rra^. "^jiR, C^^^ <3 
»tf 5, t^1 f?^,^t? Jf® R I 

i 8 ^5{'„?'ra ^^t^ — ^^i^^ ; [ ^t^ St ] ^?te^ 
i« ^c?f? fn^ itft?c^ m'^ "^fe ; ^? Tt'lt? 


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i* ItfR^^ 'ft 1W1 *3:5 'Sl'l^ "^fs^l ^t^l^ 111 

5* C^^ *I>q ^'*]l^\^, "^flUl^H 'Q 1?^1 I 'Sin 

c^iii:"^?! vst^tfvflt^ ^^ ^f^5T, C^=i^1 ^llBt 

^f^C^^, *S^t ^'l^t^ ^1^^f1 ^t^tC^ ^t^^l 
^« ^RC^ 'SltRC^^ ) ^Lli f^R '511^'R a^? ^tCW 

■^INC?!^, C^^^t ^^ ^W^ ^itlC^ ^I'J^el 

^gtWCci"^ 'l^^ C?in(.^ 5T^1^^1 ^R ^1%5 I 

«^ f^r.f f.a^ P(^1 ^^C^^l I C^'^t?? Jl^R ■f'fC«l'&, 
«« ^.cicf>"a Jl^l^ *tR^. f'l'IJ^ « ^"SCs, ^t 1^^^ 

e>!. c-'tl^?, f^^, (.•«151»t 'S ^11?! I Wf^f.^^ 51^R '??, 
«■» ^if^?, '^^t^. «fJ « f^5 ; «<^^^, C^ttf, »fTl, 

OS f't''^ ^ ^^1 I ^-t^ ^im ^^R "511^, 35flC?151 


'Sit'R f*i^fC«1^ '•if^, TRIE'S « ^^|^_^ i;]% 

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1 ^t^\ ^t^l) ^t^T 1 mn f^R 5l1lR, ^f^5 « 

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^t^R C5l^«t ^IRTI SV^ -si^SjI* *I^;q at^^T, 

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^IR ^^^ « Rr*f5'j/^^t «R1, CSitf « ^15R 

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i'' c^t5 I ^t^ tf i!:?i? >i^t^ ^m, ^i^a^i, f^r^p, 

>b',:s. c^^^^ m?5, f^pi!! « C^R^ I ^II'^ f%R- 

:;«,?* ^l^Wcl I 'SIR RC^t^'-ia 5t^R T'l^'fa?!, »[?- 

^l,?*" f5?l, ^'?ir5l?. mf^r*!?, •^mn « Rf^ I ttRl 

f*t^ffi*iro ^r=^^l 'Slt'l^ '^1*1^ ^t^tf^mCNS 

eis^i^ fe^i^, tti^l f^^*ftc?i!:i ^R "^Ri:^^ i 

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«. ?fRra5J, vSl^t^ ^^ ^TR :ji^i I \it?R CBil^ «jg 
■Si ^C^R, ^n^ '??, ^*f. ^t^. ^I'f^. ^tfR, 
«^ 'S\\kl^\ <3 Tj^iT? I =5IR fsic^tc*^ *3,g flR?l I 

■38 c'5TR!l^, ^^'l'^^, ^ft^l^i^ >S f »t^ci I «ira 


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?fC^^ ^^PviC^ ^tf^ ^I'l^ ^R« ; C^^^l ^t^- 

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Ji^Rc?^ ics(i "^ci!^ sf^ ^-n^^ ^c^i^ filta' 

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^^1"5l?ICff^ Jl^R-Jt^l^ IC^ ^^■^ CSlI'^ fitf^- 

O. T. 



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«1^ c^Wi^f^ i^'^^, ^fl'jftfR « t*t^ I 

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^ifsttt^r ^tt^ ; C7\t ^%^^i^^ ?tc^ C»ff51 t^t^I- 

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cvfpral ^1?t^ ^a^t^^'Q ^1*1^ ^c?5i? ^nt^ 

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^rm\ ^'^U5 'sjlRTrt f^^:^5 "t^t^ *rf^ 

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i^ ^c^^ 5T°N?r? itt^f, «^^ 11^ f^^^*tt^ c^rt^ 

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^t'^-'nctf «tf%c^^ ^rljici^ I 
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fvf^t;;^ ^1^1^ "^ra^.^, C^ '£(5)R >8 CT^ri^f^ 

^It^ ; ^l^tl^ ^ITltS «3,^ C-5f|?lR mCI ^lllll 

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So Tftf:i;r3 fl^ftct^ l^ffT 'fit ^t ^li% 'St'^t^ ; 
fti^c^t^ m^^i >iit ; >ii^ ^^ ?^!:Tt5ft!:!r^ t^g 

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fe?R ; ^^^ ^tc^ti^cff^ -st^fr ^^W^ ^^^ 

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ftl^^ 'fit Ti^fi :^t^T ^f^¥tf^C51^ 1 

^CT^ icd ^^gj ^t ^^ ^t<^^ f^f^ ''IH^ l^jift- 

't^ fe^R, ^t^ ^tc?? cjRt^rf^ ^^j^R, ^5rt5 
cTi^Ti .ii?F frr^ cn\:g 1%^^t?t^ 'l^ c^ ^^m 

f^Tf^ JilC^ Pt^ll ^C^^ fC«(T 'flT^^I Pi?^^ 
«L® Tff^i:^^ I ^ta 1%JR '^tF ^^ ft'^ ^<s^t^ •f5^ 

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^c^ ^f^^ ^t^t^ "^t^^ f^TTl CTit -R^ffra^ ^^ 

^tC« ^^v5*fltt "^If^^l el^IJl ^t?t^t W^1 ^f^1 

^8 ^t^tr^ ^sf ^j^!;?i5{ I •niift^twt^ «J5 ^^t^ 'fit 

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'»'> 5IC^1«l^ C^^^, •ni^t^^ 'Slf^I, ^fwl?I ftg1, 

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e\ %t^ 'J^ ^ft^, T%fR WC^^^aw? 'fi?? ^^ -£(«fN 

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8"^ C^Mft?, C^tTlt^?! Pl'^11, t^C?15T, «i:^f « ^c^t- 

fe^^ ; ^t^t^l c»fti:^^ ^rT% il?!l^^!^ <sWw 



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[ ^ ^ J M) - V5S I 

5i:.«(i vii^ ^5? ft^ ^8 fsn^ra ^i!:^ fsi^ r^^ ; 
* #tp »f^t6^ I t^t^. f^r»[!i, ^Jici^i, c^ii^^'^ 

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»,>. a^R ^'i?, f^^^ «^i^?i, ^a"!?! ?^''?It^, ^^'J 

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i8flC5]5ll «'!R It'-Ji C^ ^^Ca W.^5 ©^ ^1^ 

i"! f^^ \ 'Sin «ft|? «t^tCW? ^f5^9 ^t^I<s <Fr?Co 

«il5iia Jit^Rj ^r^c« "flfg «tc^ ^Rt^ ??t(.f 
^HfJigi «J1^, \sC^ ^R[^ f&^ (.^ITtW^ JIL^ 'i,^ 

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sitif^i.^^ ^fff ^R[c^ ^^t|;¥i rVi^itf^ ^ts?!! 
■^R^ta sfg ^tR?!i it^, ^sc^ «it^f'.f^ pi^- 

^■^'^'.ff^ 5f^^ ^(^ CTt,^ <3 'Sl^C^t't ^^^ I 

C®R(^5. C^ mc5? *ig, 'Sll'ial CsRl^l ^[^ ; 

■^l^lCtfiJ 1^51 1?^, C'^^^ (.^Rt^ ^"Jf^ C^t^R 

■^R¥l t^^JffCffi^ CJi^f^ira ^f^'.^R I 
>s ^R tft^ff ^«R cnlC^R Uj'm ^^ ^■^IfC'il 

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•i^^'s ^f?R ^I.^ f^^ ^?i3 ^1^ *Io C^^; 

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^J^-^^t^W^ IC^I fs^ 7i?g Cfil^ ; "s^W 

«• f C^^ ^*tj^l ^i^t^ ^Rs I 'SIR ?5^i?15l->1^RCVf^ 

vs^ ^I^R ^ti:5{ TR:^| 5|cl I ^t^ t^t'T^-Tl^RC?^ 
1C5JJ ^,t »ta '£15fR Cfll^. vst^Rt ^tfl® C^t"^, 
^gtCllCci^ f^ ^^^ ^1^1 ^IRs, ^R ^1?tW^ 

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58 ^t^Ri Jitsrt'.i f^i^i fl^ ^ I ^sira^ ic^i 

>si ^fgc^ R'J.I 5ra»t ^^2? Ccil^ 1 ^t^ ^C^t? 


i^ ; 80 — -^8 0<5* I ] 

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^r53^ >« 'ifiw^ 'jc^ ^r^j :5^j, '?^':« '£i^s 

f.«5I vfl^t ^5f « C^^ ^^^It^ ^IRfl, C^^l 
^ ^ ?11T ^^S t^tCM-TIIISFC^ ^s-f^C?!^, ^r? 

^c\5 i) "^itf ^t?tl Iti"^, ^^ ^(5^, '®r|5i5il 
t^tc^ic?!^ TIKI'S^ ^Rtc^ni ^-^irtl ^^t^- 
^itii ^tci c^it^ 'ti^il, vsi^tw^ f^^c? ^tsf^- 

^tCf r^^im ^fR, C-^^1 C-«f^E.?(l Ji'lC?! ^I^?l1 
8 ^\^\H «li.^1 ^r^ ^\^ I ^?R Ti^i^ Ji;j(S; -^f^si, 

« -ill ■^11 ?)t^j c?t«f ^fff I nt? r'Vr^?i<s-R?iifi5i 
CM[ ^i§l ^tc« ^tft^ tr:^^, Vila's ^^; v8 

ff'l1, R^5I, ^^5f, ■^?«t?l 'Q ^ft ?15il|(.?I^ I 

s ^\un ^1^I^1 ^cwu^n Ti'it^ ''f^i^ i^m mi ^ 

f7\^7p n\i[<ix?i ^w ^ f^^f^ ^rli^f, c"^iRi 

i. ^w^^^ f^ifm^t ''ireTit'^^ I v5«ri? ^f.'^g fiifs 

^1^3 ^^ f^^t^ ■^^l ■21^^ ftH ^f^K"^ 

^1^1^ "^f^CSi^ ; ^1^[C\S CJI ^«lt^ ^'^'■.H'^ Ji^C'?! 
-> lf^^ I Jift^f^ ^^c^ ^t3r^l ^?iti wt|? 

5», ^tc5 I 'sira Tft^tf c^il m ^'^s? ?fcs ^Ivs 

is^l^ W'^c^n f^J^^ ^r^it-twl(.^^ ^iftcs ^i^t^ 

^t^Kff^ ITi^ ; *1^?I. erm'T, ll|9R, "RcIR^. 
«,>!» f^«<!, tql^?I, ?(.^?!?, cHI^?, C^t^lf, ^HfTpTI, 

^'tCU <lt®i'ff.ff ^f^Ris' ^5?J1^5^^ \o»ti{ flUolflf 
s ^s1l1 ^fjj^tl ^I^IW^ T%(.^ ^if??! ?|C515T I ^H 

«'R^ftra?l ^tR^l ?1^I#5J ^S^f 'SICS ^]|-g ??cT I 
Ccl^T, vflt 5!5f CTlt ?[C^^ 5?R ^1cJ-'5'|^|jT1'J [^5f- 

^1^1 ?it«ri ?55i I wt "^m ^t^f^i ^i-'i^iw^ 

CW^^CIC^ c^r^^il f^t^flf^^ ; vainer 'Tf|f.?^ 

?tt^ Rf??i1 ^ifJiTil ^t^l f^<iifsi3 Ji-ac^ ^ft- 
«it^t^ ^ra^t^ sf?j c^i?ii^ 7i^c«r ^5}^^ ^|?rt- 

\5«R ^t^t^ C«itC^^| hf^C?!!?? ^1p< C5R^ *t^J^ 




, ^\f'5n 'm^j ^]^\ ^tc^ «?i ^nf^^s ^fl^^R I 

c^jt^ t'^ci^ fj]^'^ ^r?^^ 'S i%^^t«i ^t?f^ 

if^^^jl "^rac^ ^?t^^ vsiftR^tc-^t ^li^Ht^ 

b- ^t? ^t^^ ^tf ^^ -^^ *tS f^f ^^ ; t^l^t- 

a vst?t^ ^t^^l ^^ »r5 5R ; f^c^Rt^ ^^l^9ff:n<i 
^t^ ^l^f'^ ^l^^-l «5^ *t\5 ^t^ SR I 

(Tifra^!:-^, "jsifii^i:^, ^c!T?i!;^ ^ ^^"l^rff^c^ 

C^1f^1 [^t^l ^^^ ^^] ^tl", ^1 ^5» ^tSftW^ 

"^Tm] ^"^C^^ fj}^^ ^5^ ^f^5!. C^5R J]5ft21'|^ 

C^tC^Cci?! «5^ c^-st^c^, "Sill's ^\^UjH w.^ 


'.• f'f^!:^^ ^^st^ ^B5!^fjT ^fill's, vfi^'v yi^%, 

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f^c^^t^t, 5i5|c^ff, ^Tim^ Ji^f^ir, ^t^ « 

t=ftW^^, ^t Ji^rf ^t5i^ ^tC^ f5l5fC¥^ JJ^C^ 

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ry ^7^ cfic^i^ ffsf I ^^ ■siw{u?i m^T^ ^5Tti:<f 
'^'^° 1^, ^"tt, ?F^^1^, c^^^r 's fltl^j^R ^- 

5«T -Q ^SltH^lf ^r^C^ Cttf«rai 5fi.5T 5lC^ ^ 

^cif c^ik^^l ^"^c^^ f^^^ i%3c^ ^%i, 
tf tl^ ^t^^ sj^ c^ Ns tf ^rR ^n^rfff C5R, 

ftC-^ ^-^ ^^^1^ ^f\ ^ ^-^ 'HW ^tt [^?J 


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•i ^srm CTt f?^ fT|if Tffi^i^^ ^c'vtc'f ^^^\^ 

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^tff^ '^^ 51^^ j^i^ «5'f«iffc^ fw^t^ I 
dt Tt^i V97^ Ji^g *i;^^n^'=^^R '2{f« ^vf»f 

>>!» (Tit f^^ f^R ^sflt^tC^^ Jift^ ^Tlcst^f, 
ia ^i^^tCcl C^flll Ji;«(JtC^ ^ifsf^ feffl 5(1, 

















f^fij j{5i^^^i ^^n^ ^irtf I 

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t^^i^Ttf J iK^ ?it^i ^t^t^ ^im ^tt^, 

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7\^ «Q ^^5(J^ Jl^CsT ?t#^ ^^^, 

^8^5T ^n^^ %w "^w^ m'\^%n 5n^tr« ^t5R55f 
mm ^^\ ^sR^^t^^tft I 

c^^ ^m<n C^flt^ •^RI^ sStl'R ^^ ^R, 
C^ C^llt^ 'St-t'vJ^t^ ^?t5^R ^ I 

tr^ Ji^cT c?It"^ ^f^^, ^TtC'R, ^t^ ITtSi^ 

^t? f?^ R^ C-5R5T <£trat^ cs^f^ pp^m 

mm ^r^itc^ ^^vft^^^ f^i-fji^i-^ ^^ic'^f 



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[ ^Cj ; 8^ — ^<) ; Xi I 

^^f^ ^c^^, c^^t ^tri^ ^^ 'SR^^t^^tfr I 

8ns ^f cci^ I *((:^ Ji5i^ ccil^ «i['R 'sifl^ ?[;;? a^l^ 
^1(c< f^-ra?n ^tRc?iii 1 

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f^l ^fivj;^!^ 7{m ^K^, ^l^tt ^^^, C^^^ 

8 fif-^ct ^*ir^"« ^t^!, ^R ^t-G, ^if ra ^\^ 
^tft ^ c^i't ^C5 ^1^1 ^r^ 5Jtt, f'^ 'S^ 

\sl^ ^tc^ ^^ vslY-^ « >a^ ^t^t^i ^tc^ [^^ 

t' C5IC^^ 'l"«5t<N ^ti;« 5f^1 ^mtff 1 ^(? ^R c^ 
C^l^ %\l^ -SR^ "^rail|¥. CTt ItCil C^RI^ 31^- 

Sft, C^l^ %^ ^r?^, >il^* « ^^f«f «11R ^"t'f 
?Ff?Tlfr^5il1, CJit <5I^f«( «15J ^1^ I 'Sll^ «i1R 

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^r^ ^Ic^ c^'R ^t-^R tnri ^9f;it?«) ^r^?t- 

i* ^«R ?t\f ltSi1 f^C^ f^Hl 31?ta^'5 3T^l<*r 

^%5R, ^t? ^^ftc^iJf, c^ m\s\^ ^'^^j ^tf^ 

f^^5 ^ ; ^fsf 'SII'R fftf.^^ lCei<l mClfS 
t'^^, ^t^[C^ ^^'ttjl l^'l^J? C«^5^ ^f5!?I1 

1?'^ ^1^ ^m ^r^si [uit] 'R'3 ^?<^ ^^ 

Ttt, "Q '^R ^«ta C^R §'<f5 srit ; 'Sitl^l 

^i ^I'Mfin ic^Jj c^l^i^ ^i^5t ^tf^ c^Ri^ £1^1 

^3tC^C^^ ^I ? ^R W'^^ ^l^tC^ ^CR mw\ 

^c^ ^'S' C5p[\n <2(5i[^c^^ 5i'a«r ^tt^ ^f%- 

«5F1 ^f^Tlt^ ; ^1^ C^ 7\w\&^, ^R= ^l^tW^ 

^>a ^'^^ ^?lt^ I ^^r^l C^ Tlfr IS f , ^R ^1*1^ 

Vrtl5I<l « ^t^f^ ^ra^ f^^fiTI C^ ^I^J ^f^¥l^, 

V91^1 iT^^tC^i^ Si® f?slf "5 ^^^ ; C^5l^ ^l%r- 

f^ftf « ^ f r^ttr^« ^^^ ; t^r.'^ ^^^, 

^« Jrfs^trs ^fl^ I ^^R^, c^ "SIRI^ P'^H, ^R 
'slRt^ ?^?I »i|"^ %^ ^«.15 ^ftc^. 'i.? ^«J1 

CStlt^ ^IC5 <£lt <£ll«iJlt ^f^t^ c^llt^ WK5i^ 


^*) i ^^— ^:5 ; b I ] 

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t'??, «fl^? ^R 'Slt^'R ^ttTsl "^tCf >£lf ISfcJ 

^•^ atf%isi ^f^gi? I >ii«R ^fsi ^^5j^ ^fri^l 'sn^pj 

?tt^ ^^c^ ^l%^i? ^ra?!?. c^ CJit ^^ 

f^r^r.? 'Sfl'^R ^^^ TIT^ ^RC^ ^t^, C^it Jiira 

^i^r^ ■^rlcs ^(%ci vfi^cf cnf 'si^i^'tiicff^ 

* IW ^11"'^ ^?a SRC^ ^l^la ^flll^iJ? I «1R 

C5i^ ; vst5tc3 ^^(^ tft'^cvf^ (fm ^rsi ^ncu'^j? 

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f^R ^tfCil^.?^ J?r?"5 ^^ ■^r^lll ^f^tC^ ^l^ls 
•^r^^llW^ ^Rlll 'fil^t^ «(^^W -^fil^t? 559 
^1'!^ "^ ?Wl^t^C^ ^tft^ "^tC^ Cfif^l ?Fr^- 

?t^i Jii's sfif^ ^tc^, tcffi^i, mm^, m'i[\^- 

f«JR 'srt'^ti Ji?(^ fit^t^^rt'-^? ®fSJ f^5l^ « 

?Pf;^9n?i « ^C5i<1^CTf? ^nc^ f^^e* r^cfi^ ; <£\-^\ 
Wtl^f ^ *I>g^*i mm^ ^«fR Ji»i>itf f^i:^? I 

-sifs 3itf!i ^^?ra ^f^^, c^^Ri ^i?i^ fn^ 

'SIsfT^^I ^t^^c^ ^r^Cc]!?. 'srinR fV 1R 
^CsCW^ C-51, Vftl? ^in^-?ft^ f*(\sR 5l'3rR 

t^l fffcq^. ^e ^ra^ ^(.1;^ ^«tf<^ f^*"^ wf 
c^R c?it"^ f^^i CTf ^f^ma 5^1-g trt^wi^ 
■^Rca '■.fii^ nt^iti^R ; c^^^ ^[^1^1 ^f^9»ra 

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if"¥. ^<^'='f!;^ r^f^?ii ^fw I 

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fil^tt ■^^, C5R 515ft 2f^^ f?T?5|-pi55;^ vQ ^'^C^-^ 

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f^i^li ^ra^, ^t^i ^1^1 5lf^ i^a C5it^ itftsf? 

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c%^, ^¥J!ii[ 7i°v«rn'.^ §9f(^«^ Ti^'R-'i'i ^c'l-spi 

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ib- ^i»?c^^, ^tftr'f •ni^''.^^, Jsc?iin°-«t vf5il!:^?i, 

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«j:g 5(5%, >inf^ .8 pii.^C5ii^ I t^l^l ^I'i^ ^n"vR 

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C^^ ri^t^ - ^%?I, TSf^lI, ©ftC^^, *fff.^ « 

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CTRt^cJi^ sfgi ^5^t^, c?R5i « fill ^t?1 ^tft- 

'i ^ft^T fic^i^? I i^tttsi^i ^i.'itV'^ ^^^R^i r*ff^« 
st^t^i -8 ^t^tcw^ qi^§'5tt ^°«iyt?i ^^«^' ^t *i« 

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^e CTl?t«a^ ffC^^ I 'Sit? tt^? ^t^^l ; t^CTf- 

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■^R^IfffCfR, C^ 31^51 ?^ "tlflfC^ltC^? ^s '«lft? 
« 'St^t? *lq^t »!1J1'^ « f?5t<l?5^^C«t? 5f^ 

^tc?ic5i? ^'tt? Ttf^t?? ^^c^ T^w ^^^^^ I 
7\\^ »(^ ?l?«t?^^ ?itft«^ 7i?Jci <Ft!.tF ^ ?tsrt? 

tit?5?? ?twcT3 5ra»t ?<s^c? ^s^Ji^Ji -^11 cnc^f 

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?tWl ^'^ft? -8 ?|Si^? Ji?l^ ?J|^ -^f?!^ ?iC?- 
^1 ?1Wt? lf?b%1 ?J[?l^ ; ^t^t?i ^1^ wc^ 

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^ Ti^g c?ii^ f^ci I s\m nfm^i ^^'fr;? £f?j?f ?f n:^? 


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tfC^l 'SltiriCt^ C?tlf?, « ^tf 1? PI ; ^fj'^ fSCs^J? 

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ff J^^, *^?'x ^l^t? Vfici ^f^t? «l^:q ^'fl^t?!? 
fW^ I ^'f 5itt7i? ;sfW 5^< CJRf'lfs C5rt?ltC^ 
^l^sl «5IJffC?^, 'Q ^t?t? ''ICsl §t?t? «3^ T^?? ; 

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^c^tft? tc^c^l? ''Xg ^?1 ; ^l?t? wcci n^n 

fc^i ^T^-*\ Ji^g c5it?5- ff^i I ^t^ mm-^ ^w 

'oi^t? vriivi 5%*l 5ifg c^TtT m^ ! ^?^ 5ttcJi? 
'sjftc^-^? ; ^t?t? ffC^ ^f^*f ^?3 c^ri^ ff^ I 
^^"St^t^l^ 1^? ; ^?t? ?!:cj ^\^-*\ JT^g c^t^ 

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f^ ; ^t^t? ffCsl ^f^^ Tl^g C5Tf?^ f§==[ I 

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?tC?tCt? fm ItCTt^; PT^Wt? f(.^ W\^W^ 

'Ijq ^ra ; ^^'^i[ ^m «?rwcTi? '^.^ mt^^ ; 
T^t^w? ^m ^^\m{n '^ c^c*f? ; 'Roofs'? 

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^C^l f^C^i^C^? ^I^q 'Sl^iq?! I ttt?l t^tC^CS}? 

?°S»tt^I^ fgC^ 1 

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^c?^ iltt ; "5(1? ^t^ll «1W t^K^^^^ ^'1^^ 



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^•^ Ir I 3f(^iC^:g 7[?^C?i^ «I!fI'^ ^llf^lll Hfsif?! ; 

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n^R-'^^ f^^h ^fllCs ^i1f?I 5jvi^ ^flJtrl^ ; 

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<2ti^ ft^ti^ I ^w^ JTWt^^ ^tit!;'^ ^i:5i^ 
'sii^ f«R ^titc^ ^r^5tc5^, c^tit^ ^q *fccrf- 

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^t^ c^ ^t^i<i «i^g *fc^R^, ^R ^t^-R rf^tij 

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«j|C5r?r ^^ .£1^ ?j^ H^h ^rlics ^iff i-^i^ c«R[c^ 

IC^ll^a -^r^^tC^^ ; ^R ^^ITl^ ^t^l ^i% ¥^ 1 

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vil^N tt"R ^'^^ CISi Jl^CcI^ 1C<(J <2iC\5J^ C^USiH 

^t'; il— ^:a; ^«» I] 

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'£!^«' ^tf^ ^t*t^ W^C^ ^C^iJ 5i?J ^^^ f^tT ; 

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^t?i T^ Tttc^, ^t?t^ ^¥^ fw^rti I ^K ^WT 
c^ Jitft^^ ^i^u*\ ^I'^miK ?^*j_^n ^?j i^t- 

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et^tc^iic-^^l t^t*!^^"^ wt^ ^^1 c?'^ 'sit'p'f 
■^fsfr. c^^^ ^t^t^l 'ii'^t^tf^c^ Ti'ft'Si^^ ^wc'i 

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«f^H5lt^r5ftC"^<3 'SItJPl ^i^TtC^ C^t^t^ ^C^»f 

io. T. 24 ] 



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[ V;i; :t^ — ^ ; bM 

fff^U] 1?t^£f^ ^iWf ^%ft^ ■^Ff^^T, vS 5l?t^^? 

^i?vc»f c^i^f^ ^'^'I'f ^f^^r, ^^% ^T Ji?g 
5i^c^^ <ttff5 t^ic^tfT « fitf^ ^fii 5R^ tgtnii^ra 

5(^ ^^^ fn^ ?r^^?^ nctf ^twt ^51 5ttrt«^? 
Pi°v^c^ ^"fi:^^ ■^m^-^, ^ f ^Tt% ^t!yi5{, 

fJ^lqvQ *tC5lt^^ ^tSlt? ^ftVJ^ ^^t^ ?FraCs1^ I 

^\n ^ lit ! 

^1 ^rlntfs!:^ I f^f^ sft'n ■^%m[ w\^ ^%^mn 

^"v^tt^f^^ f|ft<r ^^ I 


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srt? "^^ -21^^ -^RCo '«'s^? I <5t2?tC¥ ^''Rt? 

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Ctf^^l "^l^?5' I 'Sl^^? 'Slt^t? '2f^ C? C^ft^l, ^, 

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wtnw? t^t^ 'it^t^^ fff^H I 'srt? ^fRi? 

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■^f?:«i5T, ^t^i? nT5?l trf's^ti « *ti6^ ^Ri ?if^- 

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fl^a ?tl%fi':T I 'Sit? f^f^ ^5^ »f^ "^fsiTI ?lt« 

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^t^i"^ P'l Hc^it'R ?lwt? ^?; Sf-^,?^ ?ji:?? 

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^C^? ^^f?^ Itl^? ^t 01l51t?^t? '5;t55tti'Il<^ 
iU^ ^-^ ?it=i^1c^? Si?l ^f C2l«il (flf^^t^t? 

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'?tc^ ^irg ^^ f^f^ ^f^m ?r5?i, 'srt^ ^c^ 

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^fe^ Wt^ ^nf^S f|?I ; <il^? Iim vsl^t^ ^ft 

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<5rt*t^ ^1 ^n^ WW ^tR N?i»Itr.?lf 'fRt^^ 

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c^Rra ^15 ?ti:\5 ^"^'tl «3:^l ^IITa TRsrs 

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^« 'i'^ c^il ffj^j ^Ln, ^m ^Pi '^i \ii^ <i\>^) 







<Sf^^, 4^'s r^^r^ Tf^l 'Sim Wt^tf?? f^5t^ 
^fl^ ; C^tfrc^ r;vfK\ ^f?i?n ^\^ ^C*^^ ^PI 
<«t^f^ I^C"^ ^^tt^S, ^^; Sftf^^C^ »(lf^^ 

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fit^i; "*tig^^ 51^1:^ ^t?^ ^tt'T 1^ ^r? <l5^t^ 

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C^t^ f^Cff% 515I5T C^t'n^ 15H11, C^Rt^ ^c]^ 

CSl^t^ f^^l7I-^t^ ?|t^ ^t51 <2R« , vi)^? (Ul? 

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C3it tt?c»t ir> ic^t 5ic^ -ftc^s^l "^c^ « f^c?, 

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CNSIIt^ 'It^t^^ 5i^C^ ^f^^C^ <3 C^tTt^ ^IC?!^ 

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8^ c^tira ^1^^^ 1WC5T ^H^ ^^<F I c? m\^f 

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<£i«m ^c^ ^^c^ [N^t^lR] ^^?f, ^<I^ t5t- 

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^f3Titfltfi5T, ^<s>2ii^ ^t^t^t ^t'^r^^ « life's 

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liRWfl ^lltfe^, C51 Ji?!^ f^H ^*tCfI Jit«(5? 

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^5f«J^5t ^"t ^^, '^Tx 'Sltlt^ f^f«f « *!l>l5i JT^fl 

c«t^ [^tH] c^c^^ 'si^t^ ?t:^ 5^i; «ii^ 

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1^51 *fR^]N T^. 'Slt^ 1%^ ^^ Cf^tCt^ iJ 

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<nt ^'^ ^5i^«i ^nn?^ ^f^c?R I 




"tcfiiiJi "Eft'i^t^ ^^ift^i ffm ^r^^ 5i's5t5 

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c^^. ^Wn ^^^ c^^[^, ^■^'s ^mn ?1Ji^!:T5 

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^ftC^ ^Jftf Cell? ; ^1^1 fvSR -^RCcJ^, ^W3 

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^^i ^[mi^mi fsr^cT^ 'sitft^l fiic^^ ^m ?t?l 

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^t^t^ 11^ -^IKR ^^^ ■^RC5R ; '^CSitlCSl? 

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C5R, ^tm ^t^^l C5fC»f «lffV^l ^fW^t? ^1^ 'Q 

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'Sft^RTt^ t"^^ JT^t'SI^^ furl's Tt^t ^ItC'^i 
^t^ Pi°?tJ1^ 'srt^RK^ TfTtt^t^ ^?J 'Slt^R- 
Tt^ "211% Ji^l ^?ltcf5i I tgtt^ c^^nt^c^ 
ft^^tft ^nti:< ^I'W^t^ f^ ^I^tre^tc^ c«5i 

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f?5t I "Sit^ f%tR fl^-R '^f ^^ f«^ «I« Ft^ 

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^^tl^ ^t?lCv5 (R^f^l ?lf^C5i^ I 

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c^t^ ^«t^ f^!:^ ^5f^?itc:^^ f^i^c^ ^nfTs 

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fec=l^, ^^ 'Sl?^ ^tf^l^t^ ^?J ^"St^ ^3|C^ 'iit 

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^?l^ 'ft^ ^tc^. '^Wi's m^\i\ w\^ R'Q^ fV. 

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(^fl^ftt^c^ f5 ^^ Tit ? '^1^ ^5C'i^?i Sitf^ 














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^l — Itft^I^? *ff?5«I1 "^fiil^XS. lA^t. (Mf\l'^, 
^t*R 'Sll^ ^Wt f5(^;^ ^r^TlR? I <5!T^ \5RT*8 

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l^g ; t^tsTl ^wm ^^\■^^ fm Tm I 

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CT^l 'Sitsi^t C^W(W S^R^ fW^ ^j%, <£1^? 

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^'^^ ^^ni^^ ^t^t^ ^R^, c^^ Titf l'2r|^ «!i 

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"SliCf J? ; ^"3 ^f? C^ll^l ^t^t^ ^CT^I ?F?. \s:^ 
f«R C^JltRfCT ^f^t^ ^C«Jf»f *tttc^ T%^5T - 
f^^ TSff? ^t?R^ vSrt^ ^^, ^C^ f^fiT C^tTt- 
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^tffjJ ^t^^t^ ^%5R, ^^ f^R Jit^JI ^ftt?1 

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^r^Titfw!:^^. c^t 51^51 5?^ ^tc^ 5ti? ^ 

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i b c^tc-^?1 f^?s*itc5Ki "^^ig ^t^ I '3it5? c^t Rc^r 

Jits ^i^ C^^ If t^j^^ ^CiiiC*! ^fcitit^ ^f^?f I 



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■l^u^ 11^ f^^fl ^1^^ ^f^^, c<niii ^t^t^ 

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vitrei <2if%5ii fi^^ti ^r^^itffcsiJt ^finii ^t^i 

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<» 'H:^ ^mi ^tsfi 7i^« f^i^ft!;^ TiL^ ^t^m, iitit^ 

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<2(^^ ■^f5 ^t^c^i^ '5i^:^^t iii'^tsr, ^t^t^tf^ -^t^ 

■^f^TltCI^T, C^np{i t^t^ ^X3[ '^l «I5'o "Sft^^t^ 

"£|f^ ^Jl^l ^|3I1 tt^tC^ ^tiit^^ ^tRc^II ; 
C^m >5 ^st|1 2f^^ fafJt ^W^ ^nC^ C-^tTtf^ 

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C^t^ 5|cl ; ^tf t^ C^t^ ^fvS R^5l ^|5f . voSftf^r 

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f^5T, ^^t ^w#tc"^^ <2lf;g^iiti:^ <2t^^ ^it^t vsf^f^ 

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^ f^c^R. ^t^^l f©f^ '^t^li l^t^^ ^IfW? 

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^*i ; «J~*iV; ^^1 ] 

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■2{«ft^ CSrt^ ^^t^; f^^^-?f?I5T, *S^RlI, l^if^TT, 
^«ff^^, l^fWl, ^5TtC?5I, '^^^t^Tt«i, f^C^t^t'I'T, 

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f^^l^ n^-^tt^, ^t^ 1^3 J^t^ *}\5 Cl? « 5Tl^ 

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?t^^ ft? tf%?lttTl, ^t? tf^ ^t 51^ «(^f? ^ 

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l,ftC5i 7l5f;^ ^:^ 51^ ^t% ^^ Ccit^ f^Sl 1 

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•attftC^f •StC^tS^l '^fum'^A ^n t3tC^?l-<ltSf 








vs ^tn^t? c^t?r, Ti^csit >ii^, ^15^1 ^% «irn- 

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®t?Ttrft^tc^, utf? '^ ^cT, ^■w^ ^r?fl 
J%^t5n ^rlcs^sT, ^?i?i ?ttTt<;-fnr5ractr ^^;^im 

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7Itft5Ix|^ iflTR c^t^ «t??i^ T> ^ '?tR =Ut c^, 

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'^T% C?R^1 'SIW? Scwcf CJi ^'^ 'l^CJl? 51^, 

?ltsil .£1?? SR "^^stlli:"^ v5tfV?i1 «it^1 ftfCffi^, 
1^!:5i? ^ ^mi^ ^g ?tt5l 'sitlJi 1 CJTt 

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'jw^'t^ f^^ti ?^r?^ ■^ff^T, 5i?t«t^ ^1 ?^9fi 
^^2^^, '1^1 ^?i 'sft'if^ ^?tci? f?^H ^r<^ 

'StC^tfl' -2(51? ^ff^^, ^r^, ^''tlR ?tC5lt^- 

-21^ ^1 t^t^tc^? ^cs Jii^t ^fsc?^ I ^t? c?r 

f^a ft«It5t^ v5tf^Cv5 f^I^tll^, C7I vst^tC^ ?^f^5T, 
Ctfl5. ^t?TtfW^cn? ?t^J 51^51 v£i?^ 5Jl«l ?l5n? 
'^R^ l^^l'^Rl -^l^ ; ^a-9? n^l? ?^r?, ^tn- 

^t? ?1??i ^5t^tf? c^\^ (£1^ wt^T^ ?tc?Fr? Ti^rt- 

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^fe^^, ^^?^ TtWtS,^? fff^f. ^tlt^ ^-^^ ^t?1 
^m^, ^fPI ^t?1t ?f51? I ^C? fsfsT ?tsi1? 
R^i:'^ wtRc^i ?tsfi ^t^tc^ fsf;str^c?i^, ^«;t5, 
^t5l?1 ^tcif^-f^fsi^ictf ^^ ^rac^ ^tl?. 5lt ^tR 
^t^ ?t? ? f%lR ?^r^C5!iI, ^t't^t?! ^(^ "^f 5(. 
f a'^t^I t^^ ; ^«f t'<f t? C5ltt^?1 ^tlillCff?? 5t^ 
il^r^fa ^ti^? I ?t^t *t?tC^ ^Rr,^iT, ^R 
7JVft£f§? ^tc^ ^tltCT Jt^T ?jf^C?C^ ^t? f^lt 

?reic? Tt, ^tfi ??^ ?t? atitc^ ^t '*\^\^ "^'^t- 



51 ^'s*rt^f^ I 

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c?f«r5rrT, ^^t 5itft<2f^ ^f^c^R, ^^mm '^tft 
Ttt ; ^^1 ^m^ ^C5I ^t^^ 'sitn^ ^i§tc^ 

^f^ ff^CI 'Q ^tC'J '^•^ JPI^ ^lR^°t ?^t?l- 

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c^t^ Tiisf ^9i\ ^f^^n ^-^ mm\<[ f^^? ^|c^ 

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■^^ '^fi[^\ ^H ^^'x c^ ^i^ ^tr^r ^*t!:5i f^f^jji 
'Sftft^ ^1 ^tl ^c^^ 'lit I ^t^ M^ ^fk- 
^Wl f^c^Wt^^c^ ^f^c^^, 'sitf?! 'SIS) c^»t ^m 

^51 ^c^ '2i!^»t ^r^^, ^t^r^ ^w^3 ^tra^ft^ 

^<i{t«a-^ni f^"tt^^cT c(if«i?ii ^fsrt «i^»[j 





tgtr^ii^ra ?tsii, ^t ^f%?ii ^tft^ ir^« 1^ ^f^- 
««l^; mn §t^t^ A^§ !^tc« vst^tftf^ic^ ?ntra 

5f5R f f C^ f^r^m C^C^i?! I fV^ vfl-^l^l Cclt^ 

^tsfra ^^^-jstcr^ « ^^nt^t^ 5Tf^?tcj? ^t-tt^t^ 

^t«, ^tR ?t^1 ^l^t^ ^tt?Iir§ I CTt flRTf 
^r^C^ f9f?l1 ftc^HI^? ^lWtC^ ^r?C5lST, %WC^<! 

^t^ ic^a c^(5i c^fi 511^ ^t^ nt«?it ftStCf ; 
^f^? ^il!it!:5^, >il^t ttc^^ ^.^^1 ?Ff^tsl 

wt^ '2rift^c^1l« 5(?f^ Ji^c^i^ mm ^'s\in 7{^Ln 
of^ "^c^^ ^^f^ f^i^ ^r^csi^ I ^H ^st^l^t 

^t ^^ f^CSR, C^5l^ 1?tǤ^ 'oC^ r^"f^ 



^:i : ^^ — ^O ; ^^ ij 

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fm^ C^ CTt^ R&n ^fl'T "STt*!^ -^'HlH ?f5nrtfl 

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5j;ft^^ ^Sfc^ 51^^^ 5^71 1 






c^t^ c^l^ ccit^ ^tpiTTl %?t*n?^!:^ >?,t ^« 

8 Whtl ^^tt?! f^CcR I <5ltl f^ffrra CclK^^I 
^t^ ; PT^Wt^ ^t^ ^^^ ^C^ C^itC^^ Jif t- 

«t;|? ^c^^i ■^r^cs ^Rci 1 

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» «f^«ft1 f^^t«» "^f^Tll "^filHtCf, •sr^, f^ H5t?- 

3i^u& ^11^ cstit^ "^tc^ tff'?^ "^r^^, ^t5ic3 

:• ^^ ^t^ ^r^?^l f^^t^ '^m^ I "5(t^ 4^ c?«i. 
o. T. 25 ] 385 



"SltllCff^ f^ili't ^'["^t? ■^f^'.^'-l ; ^f^ ^t^l 
^tllR^C^ C^t^f ^f^C\5 fff^tW, C^ilR CTt 

^tPic^c5, ^^\uti ■ft^c^ ^t5jfWfi v5 pirar^ 

C^t^ ^t1<J 'lit ; fV ■^f^C^ ^tC'T. ^t^t« 
'Sltll^l W\f^ ^\; 'Srtl^l C^^^ C^t5(t^ f^ 

Ftr??ii ^tff I 

f^ftfl ift'Si'^iJ Tt^ti:^ if^l^^l^ 5t^ I '^t? 

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^t^^ ^rli:^ ^1^^ "^c^^, ^^; f^l'Itc^ic'i sjt^ 

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tglrac?i^ fn^^sT^ff^nt^c^ '^■^^ ^R^=T ^t?t- 

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f%?l1<[ «ig?ti ^'^C^^ ^^ ^Tf ^R?l[i%^, v<i^; 

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■^FR^I ^r^l^t ^^f*[| Gtm ^fS)!^ >8 PIC?t?lt?t^ 

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^f^^l "SIlRC^^, ^t^'l^t^ ClT^st ^f515] ^M- 

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^t?!? ^''lU^l ^S ?|?ItC5 ; «*R v5t?1^1 val^tC^ 

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Jll^ ^l^It^J^U^ ^W\^^^ ^tc« ^1^1 ^1^ ^t5l 

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n^-^-^-^ ■sfwrtii ^w ii!.^ '^'>\n 4^x 5iW ^c^ 

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CW^^Ii.'[<l ^CvtC*! ttCE; Fl^l '2tf^'l1 Pl'Stl ^tlt^- 

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^t^tC^ n^tSf?! ^RcT, ^V^ vst^U 'SIC^^ C^t^C^ 

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i?tJi°x?ti:^ ^(^tc^ ^t^tsf!? "^Rc^i^t I ^l^«i ?^- 

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^t?t^ ^^j"^ ^ql^tic^ <3 ^tsfU ^^U ^it^J 

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f^5lC^ Slt^l C^ I f¥^ ^«I1^ 'SCWtf 5lt^1 

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'sitr^^ltW, ^t^lfff^c^ f^r^^l ^\]i\t^\ cw« ; 

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Ji'itcs!?! Ji^c'^ ^if'tsi I "^l!:^ ^^tf^ ^w ^R nf»il 

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twt^ra^l «i^^t^ ^tPiil f^^?t!:^ ^t^t^ 

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^t«^ n^iftc^ 'I* ■?FniC5I^, "^t^l f^R f^^- 

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^1^1^ ^ff.TftrfST, f^R ^f^tctra ^ci;vt(.»f -^fiitf t^ 

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C(f?lt ^Ci^vtC*! ^mwl^ ^r^^, v8t?K.^ ^I^l^t 

'sit?^ ^'^c?^ ^^ ''llT^ r[Tci ii^cg ■^rli!:'?!^, 

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8 ^f5i[?tF, ^^°x C^?R'^ ■^niLfiJf I ^1^ fsR TTl^^ 

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[ V^ } ^^ — Oo J b| 




■^r<j?ii Jifft^^^ ^c^^ >2tm«i «nPiTn c^f^^ ; nra 
C5ific?i<i1 mf^c^ r^ciitl c^lt« ^tsl ^It^t^ 

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'Sill T^m m\^^ Ttnt^rc^ 'sitfj!^ ; "STt^ ^t^ 

jvr s^im^ (.^w'\ v^^m ^t^ ^rtsr ^f^=i i ^tc^ ^i^l 
?i^^ific« fkm ^t^t^ Ttt^ f'f^i ^f?^, «I11^1 

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c^ 3^^^ «it;i^1 ^^s ^f^Til ^ftig ^f^^lff ; 

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Ti^C^ ^1^^ ^tCfi ^t^t^l ^t5!W? ^^C^ ^^1- 

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c^^^l ?1^t^ ^sit^t^ 11^ fgtCJiccisi 53 r.Jit 

C^ll «ll^¥ 5^'fT,^»rsi Jltjt 2:1^3 ^\^<i ^U^ ^i'^I, 

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**>■ ^(5^1 r ^,5 c^iq y,l3f ^1 ^nS<i1 ''RIS ^^''S ^^ilST 




®i^t^ ^?ft Jiig mw ci^ ?l5i •£ifn''it« ^ra- 
f^m ^^^ ^f^^n ^f^cfiii, <ii«R Ti^fig^i ^c'jtc'n 

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C5itt^^ SfClI tF51 ^t^I. ^St^t^l C^tl'lf^ 'Sllf^ I 
'St ; 5RS3 %^, ^^ »t« C?R « ^t --[a C?l^*rt^^, 

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<'lf^:g ^1 ^c^, vst^"; ^st^tctf^ ccift5 ^fv|Mi ^t^f- 

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^Nc^ r^^ ^fa^I, C^JRl «l5t51 [»ttC2] f^r^3 
f^fsj ^^TitC'^ ^?7i;^it?i ^^^ 5?5l ^t^l ^m^ 


0> j o 1 ] 

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ct^s, 'Sim f%R r5<i^fifi<i 5fg c^ %\^ *ir^;5 
s cw\'< CvaRtc?^ ?tc^ P?p ^tc^ I C^siJfl C\5i1^1 

t%rl?il 'sitPTc* ntf^c^ ; ^t<ii c^l^rtc?^ sF'^ii 
«{f« f?^, ^c^ f^R c^t^it^?^ ^|c^ ^«i pp^r- 

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ftt^tts^ 5['^c^^ ?^ n^Htf ??^, ¥5i«? f^R 

^^trtf^c^ ^'^ f5^ ftf^i 5ifft«f^ ^t^it?,^ic?i 
^tsit^ « ^^i^ctj^ ^i®i ^tffj'i ^r^c« «2ii« 

f^^^ Csit^. ^fs-'fii 5151^151 [Sf, f^^'Itccicii 'S\-^:^ 

:«f3 '^m\ T'VciM cgtc^ RC^^ ^f<l?I I tin 
f^«1^ ItCJl^ B^^^»I fTC^I vst^t^l ■R^tn*1W<l 

■srt^t^i ^I'l^ifff 'tc^ IR^ ^c^ ft?, 'iii^ "51 w^ 

^CVitC-t *tR^ ■^<l'ltC'f Cciftc?I?l ^^fs ^^ct 

CcitC^n Si5J R^l^nc-^^ ^ra^t^f-^R^ ff ^^ 

Sb' ^%?[ I Tjifi^s', n^^ c^t^. t^r?I5f, qJJipf^ ^^^'^ 

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^r^TltCf, 1^1!1 Jitft^t^ ^t^C^ ^^\ ^^ I 

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\st#i'^ ^ft^ ®'I,71^ *ri5R ^fl^T, v£l^' CciflCtr^ 
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^f^ ^<^7t?f ^"iiiTrl c^lsjf ^r^ci, j\m mn-i{ f^t^- 

^^ISf «it^ :?it« ffff nt^f ^RC^ *t<ll5l'«l ^racl ; 

^8 si^x c^t 5it« ffff ^Rcsff ''ttfif ^r?;^ I ^^«s 

^t^^C?<l ^C'<J «IRC^ ^t'ff ffff^R^ tRig ^Rf[ I 

Clf*! 5fC^ ^t^a ^3 PIgitt!! ^l^^lfr RCff% 

^'Sj ^^l^ ^R'Tf ^R^l I 'SitW.^i R^TiCviCI ^5 

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*l!:5it5icf ^ Tmmvi R'S-Ttc^!.^ ^t >^^R ^^ 
?.') ftt I 'R.<J c^^^ ^ISi^^ti ?©?i| Cpfi^'if'nc"^ 

^t^'Rti^ «it<;il vll^t^ "iRS ^I'llR ^c?l ^nfl^ 
"^ ^i'l^ t^\l^^ ft^?!^ f ?rc<I f ?R<) ^?lf ^R?Il 

?ti 'S.c^]!:^ ^ttf ^fR ^R^[c^ « f^tc^ 

ff r?<it ONI I 

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tni5^ii. ^'i^*s ^wm^'^ ptRc^i^ ^i^j]^c? ^^?ftf 

«tR^S' ^;<1C^f I ^T5? ?tji2(«^ ^J^^i?l C^Rf 



^ ^i*rt^f% 

[ O^ ; 8 — OV ; V I 

^t3, ^'ItTS'l « ^«,7I^ TlWi^ C^(r.5i<j W^, "^tsit?! 

5it^^ « c^ifl^^t c^i^ Jitft^;^^ ^H^t5 ^^t^^ 

^\i-^, ^t 5;?J f^R ^t^tCtf^ '2it''tJ 'Sirt ^1?t- 

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*» ?!tN wtr*t ^ni^ I ^€tTi 5IIC71 vst^l^l c^i^ ^tf*t 

■^HUS ^1^^ "^fTl^l Ji^i srtcJi Tllt^ "^Rel I 

» c^^ I ^ra ff f^^ c^ ^^^ ^tf*ra n^ra ?t^^- 

C^^ ^?[Sit« ^rif^TI STtCI -£|s<R ■^t^^ ^t?1c^ 
N^tCf ; C^5(J(i s\w\^^ ^1^1^ ^l^lft^tC^ «It% 

f iff a^^ ^f^?« ^l^ fffc^^, vst^ti^ v»tft?l 

i^ ^^T sf^a -^f?!^ I ^t<l ^\^U\ ^n5l<(, T*iT[°N*I 
^^R?l, ^^% ^^tC^^, f^CtC1t«^, C-^t^t^5f, t^- 

cm, R"?tR?f, 'ii^^N « ^^(^. t^t^i f^?r^<i ^1Wt^ 

^3 ^Cfti? ^C^?l «I«n^ ^Jlf?!^^^ ^t^^lC^ ^Rlf^l^ 

^'^C?!?! ^CvfC't =^tBf t?l W^ ^^ Ji^CST^ ^^1 ^|ft I 
'^^Wi « »!^RTI, t5l<l1 ^(Si^CWil ^^IC?! ^^c^ 

ltSl fs^ ^"^^^ « ^C^IH^ ^Tl'!? C5lt^ *3,^^- 

Tltft'^f^ ^? StC^'t ^flC^. [xst^ fT3 ^5f] J 

^f fi?i I ^t^ vii'^ ^^ ^c^^ I'l^ f*i-«, at <3 *j^;q- 
71^1^ c^ ^tsi^^tl ^t't^ ^fR 5i^c^^ ''tf^^^- 

t'a ^iwi'St^^ ^i§c^ ^1^1 ^1^, ?Ji^ « Ti^j, 


ftfc^ Hr^ ^tn^ ^Rui cJi ^m^ mmi\ 

TRC^ft^ ^tlRTlti:?^, ^t^ f^R m»f[cfii^^ 

f«R ^1*R '^fi^'ncn^ « fi^j^t^ ccit^cvf^ Jif^^ 

^3tl ^RCfl^, ^^° ^t^t^l ^t^tl Jit^t^ -^R- 
8 C5i5? I <51^i|^ «|C^"<F Celt^ '^^^ ?tl1 'i^^ ^t 

« Sfcl ntlC^ ? "Stt^ t^lR ^CRIC^ ^?ITR^ ^R?I1 
^t^R ^t^t^ ^tf^Cfl 'SIR vfi^F -£l1&t^ ^r«fC?i5( ^8 

Wt^j ^^I^? ficpl ^F ^f<iCff]J?, ^^? a^i ^a *ta 

^nR C7iJltnf«ril^ICT R^«* ^RC^^, >il^s ^'>\l[- 
WtR<l 5C^ ^tn^t^ f^^c"? ^l^lf^^R"^ «3"^3 

?l^ ^1 ; ■^t^l '^t^l^ 1?t5 '3!!W^1 ^RtC?^ 

b- JiCR I^R^ I 1ttJ11?J ^lR ^1^1^ 'i^tu, f%^ 


O^ ; »-«^ I] 

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c^ft^ ^t ^f I ^!:?^. c^ti^i t'Vcji? ®^r^ fj^€^ 
^mi[\ ^t^n 'si^t^ cT'l'? ^1^ cfif^^^tcsjfi 

>2f^tC^ ^fSft^ ^^ ^ICa ^1''f^ ^(''t^ cw*t ^^tfl 

5« ^^ ^rac^ ntc^, tfl PF 1^^ ? «i«4^ f?f^?f 

CvsiltrfftC^ ^1 ^?il^^. <3 ^l^liC'-t 555 III ?J^^; 

^M^ ^sFtf^^c^ ©^t^ ^rac3 c^t^ 5iir«^ 
i* ^t? ^t^t^ ft^i^l 5j?l5t^ §'^!:<i? ^ 'It^^ 

ctf^-ni c^^ ^tTt? ^^ ^t!:^ ^t'l^ ^tn^ 
csrt^iw'tc^ ^t? "^c? ^tt. vsgi^'f R'"'?.?!? W'<f^^ 
'srt^ ■sisitntsff.^ ^tfi? ?^ ^?c^ ^^(<i ^m-^ 

^^ ^l?rai 'srf^ ^t^'.^n? pifft ^(^i?i xsi^t- 








5 1 




^t^Tlfft C^t ^1^1 £t^«= '2fl<^ ^rlr.^i^, «8 

"^C^? ^tCf :3^5I ■^f?Ci?i5( I ^«r^ TlWt^.^ 'il^ 
ICfJ 7i5f^ ^5I<It^/'ft?C^, ■£(5(1^ CcTl^t-^ ^ CJiSlt- 

^Ttl wf'fj? cffC'f wrliTii c?tc5ii? I *[;:? f^f^ 
^t'l^ c?!^t^n:ii stc^*! ^r?i!:?i ^t5t? n^ ^'^^t- 
w\i^i\ cit ^ti:^ ^r??! ^t?l ^i^f:^ h^tI^ 

■^R^ I 'Tit ■Sf^tC? '^tft'S^ f^t%?]!:^ « f?i^- 

-5^; Ji^r?;:^ vsf?tr>'5|f:^ ^-^l ^f^m^ 1 ^tflc^ 

15^ mf^ ; ^t^(c3 CJit ^^'^ ^tc^ fsR ^^ff 
^tf3? ^jtc-9 ^^3 ^f C?i^ I 
«^ Jl'icu f^r^ra? JH^^If^"^ ^1 ^51, 'srfft 

1^ 9tf^3 ^lutf^^ ; '^^ii^ ^t?1? 'S^■^^ PT^ift? 
f^ll^TJ ^|«'R ^!;^^ 9fJ5?f ^r^?I| «l|*f^fc^ ^^5f3 

cfl^ I CJ^I Sf?; Jiff t^'f <5 c;g5t«f vsl^R?^ ^^K.k 

f^r^C?? ^fs •sip «l^ -Q S(^t*t ff^, f^f^T 
^t'tift? 5f^ C<l~tC9|J?, '^tfl, sifcf?, §5f(% ;5c^j^, 

^ftc?!^ I 'Slt^ f«R ^t'Rl? Sf^ RW 5{^? ^ 

c^riLi^tf? ^R^ ^\m^ -2t^« ^rli':^^' c^c?^^ 
^'^^ ^tf ic^ «if^ '2'l? «(5{ fffjnffc^vf I ^^ 

"^f^i:^ ^tftl^l? ^8f]"5f^«l p^fT^tc"^ ^iMlcsi tTi? 
•at^t? ^^1-^1 -^f^^t? f^f^l'.^. ^t?f?f IR f^ 

^\l^, (.^ Ji^si ^lf^^t^ M^^% ^t?tc^ ^it^ 


^ ^'s*tt^f% I 

[OK; "OX—OO- x\\ 

^K^<i t^^i^ ''let ^t^tcT ^^^ m^, ^^^ ^i5B 

^t^i^ Ji'st^i ^ii^i I -sTi^ 


'Hift Tt^ ^<s7i?i ■^^w ^tsf^ "^Turt 

•sfd? 7i'g;«i ^iu5 c^ ^tf^fti^ic^ ^n^t^^i^ 
« ^1% ^r^:^^ I ^«? ^I?t5i f'fa1 f^Pf-^ c^ 

^t^ fc?!^l^ «i(fl>W, Jltli>2!^^ CJil ^jl^ f^R 
« ^«^©r'cT ^33l^rW f^^tl ^f^'.^l^ I 'SIB f«R 

'^'t^ T<] fff^l ^1^ ■^^i?t:si^ ; ^1^ ^'W^l, 

•=) «1>1^| ^rlic^i^ I "511^ f^R ^f"!^!^ Rra^ ^^ 
OTtftf* -afs'il ^'^c^^ c^t ^!:? '?t*'R ^ft:?!^. 

^1^ ^\^m ^^lf*\l ^i^^Fi ftfTii tt^tc^ '5^cfi 

i^^^ ^R51 Ttf^Cct ElfTIl C^ I ^n^ 7\WS\'^^ 
^t^ f^r^ ^t^'I^T §'?^ 5itft«2t«^ ^tr.5 f^f^ 
^r^C^l^I, ^8 ^t*R f^l^^^^^W^ ^'^C^^ 5im^ 

io ^MiTic-^ ^%*fii 'si^^* ^fscqi? I ^a^^c^f 
^t?t^ "^f!:^ si\^\ ^f^cfi t%R §1^1? -si'H^l 
5lt^ ^f?!!:?!^, ^t?t^ n^r% «f^^1 ^t^tc"^ 

i8 ss'i.'nili f\sR V;t|tfR^Cl? ^tr^t^ %ltRl 
if^L^l ^^(^I¥15II!(] 5I<!,^-^tC?^ '2Jr.^»t-'^R ^1^1^ 
«21t5l^ 1^^11 ^RC5R, 'Q^^l (■'^Tm\ ^fs ^55 

i« ^t^ f^R ^tftfit^^ ^^ 5tc^ f^Sit^TI Ctf^^tlt^ 

fi?Cfl^, ^^'x ^?t^ ^It^ ^tf^^ ^f^5l C"5pf?lCS15{ I 

it'' 5i7(^j''»t^ ^^f*I^ ^c^^ ^^t'S, ^f'R t'^c^i 

<3l^ fcR C-q C^ ^IR ^^?^ f^^t*l v^^v 

^1^'.^ ^ifi!.^ ^^^ fif^, ^^'x ^i5t^ «i,^ ^icTR 

^> '51111R ^lt»t ^"^^1^ ^^R ^t^ ■^r<\i'^ ^i\W 


OOj ^0—0 8 J ^^ i] 

^ ^'s*rt^f^ 1 


^^ ^m■^^ I f^^ ^t?t^ fn^l t^sf*! cJii^ 'sift- 

^t?t^ tft^T'n'i ^t^f^ n^c^ ^wt^ '^^, ^t? 
5^8 ^i^t^ ^i^c« ^t^tc^ ^«( ■^r^?i I f^i w*ra 


c^f*t^ ^tsit^ f^^^^ I 

c^tf»f^ 'sjfg ^<;ti^ ^?ICJI ^fiTf ^^t:^ 
^W, foR ^f?tt "^^c*^, « ^^i^ r^*i^^ 

^'miii ^c^«i ^r^c^ ^1^^ ^r^c^H, 'i\^^x ^itf*( 

WtC5 Ct^l 2lf^?lt ^|C« Fgtfl -Q f^ttc^iic^ 
>2frla5ji Ti^cj ^U>?l1 ^fclJ^K "^R¥l, ^5f?l 

V §t5ta ^t^C^^ ^|fff*t ^'^^^ Ctf^ ^S■ '5|^ -jsfs 

^f^^is ''i^ r^R «ii^R f^i ^fft^;^^ -5^ csi^t- 

^t^c^^ f^^c^ ^n(^^ ^t^^\ >^^'n t'<ic^^ ^c? 













^t^'S Jl^^ C^lm, ■'Tt^l ^^ttfl C^ftCTT^t 5R?fif, 

'l^'Sf? ■^R^tfl^, CTlt i^-^cf c^VtT ^1^1 ^f^^.^R I 

'Ifrt'Sl^^ '^i^ ^^ ^r^«, ^t^m (Tit ^ Tl'lf^Tm 
« Cl^l'l'^ ^ilTt^ ^^ \5t^1 R51, ^'ifl'^ N^fft^ 

^C«<I (.?P^ C^^ (.51^ ^1l5|ft « ^^^flel r^ I 

^tf?^ ^n^f, 'a^ f?r^5 ^f^^ aif't ^1 ^^ 
'srrR^tl^ vfRCPf^ '£tf^ ^Itftfl ^^^ ^^ ^^ 

■?ri|!:«c5 : ^?t^t ift-a^ ^c^ ■^rt^ ^i^i^ ?!Tt 
m\-s ■^ii'i^R, f5f^?i ^tBt¥ «i|5rtc^ ^^«iiR 

f^r^sc^, «[lf c^^ ^ ^ifl^Rc^. ^^rtc?!^ ^ 

^^f*ll C^1¥C?^ RRC^ HPfl>2!^!:-^ fsi®(711 ^W ; 

^1^R ^c^^l srtf, ^t 5jg ^tltctf^ ^'ic^ Ji?t- 
>2f^^ ^f««t^ Cg=t«<inr ^fK« ?t5K5 I N»'«R 

8 o o 

^ ^'sHt^f^ I 

[08 ; ^o — Off ; ^^I 

^fj"^ ^^Z^H C'tt5, CSl^"^ ^ "^V^H f[ 
GfH ^-^^ "SIW^^ ^Ifsj^, f^^^i-^rcsii JilWlC^ 

^r^i^Titc^, .fif-^c'f =? ^ ^c^^ 51^^ "^t^j ^1 

^*fl^ ^W^ C2Fts(tftr ^f^S ^t^. f=T^h ^tl^ 
^^ -^511 ^, t.gtCTICsl? ^^^ 7iPft5:|^ >ilt ^*J1 

^C^, ^fsi a 7I^?I ^t^ 351^1 ^rllTl'l?, ^St^tfl 

'eih'^ ^3 f&f?^1 'srtft^ Ji^c^r cjm ^f^iHw, 

^1 ^^ JlWt^l^ ■^f.^^. <5I!f5I« C^Rf^ "^«ll 
'Q ^^ 7[:i=g £|:srt 'n^ ^1l5T ; <£[1X f^R J?5ft- 

^itR tt^5-tt^i Jiwt^f^^ ^?ri^ ?l?i^, '^^"v 

7\^^ ^i?^iM^ 'Q Ji^^ 'Sitc't? ^r^^ ^ift^ 

<iit ^i^ f^N3 f%iti;^<i -^FTi^Titc^ ^t^i ^ra- 

7\-^c\ ar^ ^|cv5 5T5|^ ^11^ ^ ^1 "^rai?!^, ><i^t 
^st^t^ 5IW c^m] *tRjg f^i^^ ^t«r ; ^^t^ 

8 CJ1?1 7|r^ I wt? ^t^t^ ^'ti? f^l^f ^it^JItl? 

'^mmm'^ f^^^Jic^ fep^f^ n\n^ ^^R *fi=Tf- 
'■tc^^ ?f^ ?ii^ ^^^ ^Q ^^wtfff^i:^ "^r^ ■^, 

'il^'x (Rtf*I Wt^1 [^f«B] Jitft^^"^ Tt^^C^ "^1^1 

^?g (R^^<sJi ^ ft^*^^, '^^i fsH ^^g ^ 

fffCclTT ; ^ 7\7^^ ^t^ ^"^[^ ifC^ -21W^ 

fff^cT, "^lisj^rff^tc^ « cfifrufw^c^ fR "^f^- 

^Fi? 5i?j 'ftp Ji^g [ c^^ifff^ ^(^Ji ] « 'It^ »r3 1^ 
mmn ^t^t^^tc^ ^tsfc^^ ^h^f ^tn^ =|tR « 


OC ; ^^0 — O^ ; 


X ^'s^tt^f^ 



§'tf^^ •^<]«tir:«( vfii^ii) c^n^c?^ f^l^^i^f^ 

f^^'t ^Sp^JitC^ 51"^!:^ f?^t^ 5!5J c^tl^f^ 

cw^ >8 ^tc«?ti-'i's1^ ■^rtsi^ctt'i ^^ ^tcit^ 

i« -^H^ I ^(^ Vftf^W?, ^1J1^??, C^fR? 'S ^tSf- 

*l^, ^ix Jl1« ftf^ vstsl'^^ wi^^ ^«.^^ "^tN^ 

>b- ^f^?i 1 »l^ci!?l 'el^Tlft"^ J11¥t^f«( t^tWl^f 
*f^. ft^l^-^tSF ^C'?!! ^^t<^ 5lf|^ f^^^? ^^5q^C-«f<l 

?ii c^tf*ra ^1^1^ v^'wm ^tsil -^fiim^ I ^^ f^r^i 
c^1tt? nwc^ ^tPi ^t, t'V^ c^ ^'i^^ ^if^^ 

4^ ^R ^t^t^ 1?^^ ?^C^^ f^^^t5?1 ^t^^ 

^^ ^Ttf^r atTO ^t^ ^t*^^ 1i^«r ^^ ^tt, ^^t 

Itra^ ; ^«<R ?t^ ^t't'l 5ft7ifVf?t^^ ^ff C517f, 
^Wl^ ^tv.\ ^1-8, C^^^ 'SitR '5i'5M ^l^« 

0. T. 26 ] 401 

Jl^cf ^rf?!"^ « ^tf^^1 'SlfR ^l*iJl f^Wt''f-%^ 
■^f?^ : 'Slt^ C^«I, M5t^l f^=1t'f-Jfxf?^t5 f^f«I^ 

'srtcf I 


Tt^^c^ ^1^1 tr?i^ f^^t^ '^im im-*\t^u[ 
^ ^tltc^ ?t5[i ^r^cT I C5it5t?^ c^st-i ^'^7^^ ??;i:3i 

?tSi^ -^rliC© ^[^^ "^LIR, ^^^ f^^^ltC^ICf fs^ 

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^c^n ^\^\n ^t^i «i!^t^^c^ «(f^5i fw^ ^t^\ 

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fl?r, cw'4, (.y\ 7\7^^ fgtM!:^? <3 pf|tft? iii^^cn^ 


^ ^'sHt^f^ — t^l I 

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«fi^s 'sit'R ^1 '^ ^ 25?^ "^f^ "^f^^Jl fgf- 

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cw\'< ^f^« ^^^, '5i^»n:^ ^t? <2fNst'^tc?^ ^^n 

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' c^ I c^titw? ic!(i. ^t?t? 3if ^ 'Si^t? fi^cr, 

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C^'lll, '^f, Iil5?1 ^^I v2 1« fvfUl ^t5t? ^\^\^ 

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t^iJi^ifJ ^if^t.^!:^ C^Vn^TI *tl3f, >?<, ^R1 15^ 

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^t^l f^i^itfe^i^T, ^stitc^^ i«fl 'Stiff c»ra ^t 

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^w^ 5if^^ ftpf^j]^ ^itfjici 1 c^it tzstni^ 

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5* Ftf?} '^^ C51H1? W^T I t^i^f^CTT^ ^v*}^^ 
5» »t^ ^t^ ^^ I ?«11?1 ^^1^ ^t *l^ C^t*f W^ I 

^•.'^s fi^c^^ 3i^R ^m^t ^^ I t^<sC5i^i5ra 




?>!» [%»( SR I ^Rt^ «8 c^^[^ yi^|j( ^Ji »t;5 ^^»f 

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^s,v9. jfc^^t^ jj^fj^ <rt^Tit^ sjiT I 'f?! fli*t? ^^■R ^"^ 

«« sfsf I c?if?, ^twt? « «i^"f5 mu 'I■t^s »t3 «f ftn 
■Si Tt^rtut^ ^^R i%^ Ji^g w? »t« f^«i ®R I 

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8>3 ^'H^TI^'f ; ^"^l^? 5I^R, ^^?i? Ti^H ^^t- 
8 8 aii^l[ 7\^K C^C^tCTi^ ^^|5T, ^ilTIl ^^5f, 
8«,8* 'ttCWR^^ 5i^K ^T^t^lt^ ^^m, ^?ftC^^ Jl^R, 

81 ^fi^? 3i^iR, ^nz^i[ m]^, "f^ficii? Ji^i^, 
sb- ^mm^ j?^R, f^tititiJi^ Tt^t^, '5T?i<i^ mp{, 

«> Ti^R, 'Sl?!^ ^^1^. fl^^^C?!^ 7[^U, ^^fima 
t\ I^R ; ^^^C"^^ Jl'gR, ^^^Pl^ Ji^ti?, ^^rc?^ 
4-9 'i^H ^R^ra^ Ji^t^f, iCltftg jj^H ^*ii^ Ji^R, 

«8 ^^tCTI^ ^^H ^^^1^ Ji^R Cx£1t^^ Ti^R 

e« ^^^C^^ 1^1^. ^tt?-t^ 7i^|^?i«i I -tcflRC^^ 

«4 Tl^H, ■ni^t? I^R ; ^t^il? I^R, tfc¥lR^ 
T515I, cntl^^'^-^^'^JI^I'rtci^ I^R. <5rt3rt^ JI^R 

^'^^ ^\'^^ f^^fs\ f^ ^u»t^ sj^itci ftjc^ 




[ < ; •«9»— 8 ; v» 

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^1%?! 'tttST 5f1^ lil^ ^5J vst^t?lt ^<Sf5 ^f%?!l 

^ts/^ ^?,<li ^rt ^tc^, \st<f's 0^151^1 "^fo '•ff^ 

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«s -^njc] 1 ^t^t^l 'sifR '^'^R »ffe ^^tc? .^ 
^C^^ ^t^tC^ ^■^^^ 7T?3 ^^L^fJT =?<, ^8 'tis 
31^ llfsT C^VfT. « TtSJ^tW^ ^51 -^^ "t^ 

[^^] r.<Fl^ c^lvf cfitT oq^t It?!!:^^, '^t^nic^l^l 
« 5i«Mi;ii^i ^t^t^ ^fR mni, 4Ts ^1^ ^gt- 

asi «I1'I^ ^t''!^ ^?tC^ ^|JT ^f^pi I 

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C^t^tW^'^^ ^i^ Cs^ ^ ^t^1? ?t5f^ ^l^^l ^'^'s 
't'f iraCcR «j;q Jl^^tf^ « ^t^tfl ^1^^^ t||!!l 
^"^C?^ C^lt^ G\]f'[H ?H^tC^ f^lf^ -Rfsf ^- 

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Tt'R ■'l^f^Cci;!, C?|f^ CTt 7?^^ C^l»\H Ccll^ 

§c^:»f m^U ^"It? c^t^i '5i<t<^ -2lt«;-^1i:fi >8 
vii^t >2av5i^ f?fR^ ^^1^^ I's^Ti^^tt:^ nftit^ 


vslfti:?? <£[C«J^ SFR^ ^^r^t"3 ^%'^'^ ^r^C^ 
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f^^?l ^<^T1C^^ f^vst<I 5[tC7I "ff RTItcl? <j^ Jl^'^t- 

P*t1 ^c^ f?l^»rtc«ic^ ^t't^ 3it^ CeTt^ Tt^I 
^fft? <1^^1 ^'^C^ ^c^ ^^^tftctf^ ^tdj^ 

^'R ^t'l^ "fll^f'^lftf^'S ^tsi^^t'l 'fft 
^f^^l ''[t^l^^trg .iit ^fR ^r^ci ; "f^jR 3;^?T- 

<3 f^i^f ^^fi%Cif^ TTJIF ^IRT C^lt^, ^<t<!, C^ 
^bss'^Cl! Catfr^ ■^r^t?!^, ^t^t^ ^C^^ ^t^C^ 
■^[M] f^*5!I ^fe^ 'lira?! ^\, CIC?^"^ C?l1C^Tl 


8 . ^ _ C ; vS I ] 

^51 1 


8 JTWt'St^if ^c«ii;.*f f^^tt ^ni^ I v5'«m c?£,»ra 
c^tt^^t N^tft^ ml'^mn ?^ ^^^I ■¥r<!C\5 «s 

» Flf«R ; "?lg'l 'rat <3 f»115?I Cfi^^ >8 vst^tW^ 
'5I¥^?l, ^#ft5, ■^tR^^. "^^^^I, C5f^5, v8 

ii ^^(fw I" ^t^t^l ^^%^ ^tsft^ f^^c^ c^^ a 
t^ nt^tl^T, ^t^t^ 'st^mf^f vat; "(wK] 

^tSi^lfl^ 5i^1 «It|^i Stf^, "si^ii^ l^t^icsi^ 

«ltr>c<f^l I" 
^°> ^\^\ ?|i i^c^, fi'T'm c^^^c-^ >Q »mr^?i- 

i» ^tlt^ ^t^t^ «l^J1^(^ ^^5=1 >S SiW c^, <fat- 

"ttcsic^ <^^t:g^^ i^\m'\^ m^^, ^t^t^i ^'fl-tt?^ 

f^ip itf^c^. *£i^t ^^ fim ^tsii ?tc^ c^tsf 
"Sim 5i^tf^« 511 ??, ^« f^^ ^ ^^<i wti 5rt 

''O *>!!;? ?|:i^, -pw/m CJl'slCT^ ^ ^f^tr.?? Ji^ 

f^^ls ^<;J1^ *'t^J^ ^t^l f^I^'a «(1T1f^ I 

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Jl^^lf^?! « C'^It^t?!:^^ *i.5 CT-^^^ ^&nl fw- 
■'ttCql^ §^t^? ^ f^^M ^%^ ^t?^ Trac^IST, 




[ffj 8 

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^''i'^5 ^^1 sn ^(5, >fi^*v ^t ^(.^^ f^^ra *l5<it?i 
t ^^ I ^t?t?i .fit ^*ii ^^f^^ ^-^ *i;3 'it^itc^R, 

•St •^5(1 ^r^fitf, 'fit ^? fit^ti « •2rtft^ '^t'H 

'sili^l ^f"!^^!^ ®tiiit!:'!l ^st^Ktf^ e^'<[^ c^\^- 

ji fsim^ '^fim^\^^ i ^t^mi ^tiif^^f!."^ .at ^^^ 

ftfsi, HR '^C'f^ « ^f^^fl^ §'?^, ^111^1 ^f^^? 

wP\ ; 'sira .fit C^ ^^ f%f ti ^f^c^fg. t?i ^^ 

^'!(C^^ ^? ^? R^ll "^r^C^ ^tSal ^r^C^JT I 

« c^l'ii^^i ''ira f^^»ti(.ci5i? ?ip?f^ ^tc^ ^t^i 

'•ttIS C^15^ ^tSfl ^tRq^ ^im ^tc^ ^ir?^ 
^1%1 ^(fl^ RW c*t»t^^^ ^R'-P "It^i^^^t^ 

i^j ^^^kq CTlf C»m31^ «1IR?1 R1'UC=15[^ ^'^IT^ 
%^H ^I'lR ^fC^Cf, \5«l1pr 51W ^^ ^It I 


^lmi W^lc^ ^7i¥R ^^1 ^^^; *r:^ 

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«^«J1 t^R« fe, "C^t^TI ^ISjl^ <^'«I'5 ■^<s7Il^ 

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vst^l^ ^o5«l ^It? ^^ ^S .21^^! ^1C5 ^^ ^^m I 

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5ilR ^^^T -^fe-sptc^ 'ff'IR ^^^. ^-^i ^iBiTl^ 

fi^»lti.fii^ 5ir>ii ?ti.^ 5i|?i1 ^'Ift!:^ ?[R?5T- 
t^t^i^, o\ 7i-^fi« fjpf^iit cw^m ^«^, >fl^^ 

<2tC^r^ *tt3f f?I^»ttC5I5I? if^C-^ ^ =? =3IR ^^ 
*1t?^ C^-fltCtf^ 3^^ ^I^Jr^C?!?!. chilli .fl«R 

i' ^^ ^'^Cl^ CTf ^ '^^tR fi;i^t1 ^^^ I 'Slf^ 

-2I16R^!.^^ T>f'^ iTt^t^J "^r^t^, 'SitR ^r^^lTl 
^t^l f?C^f^ ; ^t^UW^ C-5R ^15(1 ^1 f 5, .fit sisr 
<lfS?1? «(^, ^'^tS '^^H 'lU!!^ ^t5(^^ ^tC^ 

"^C^^ f ^C^^ ^Ciji't C^RtC'f ^^ ^^, a^ <3 CSl^- 
»ftC^1? ^rl^^W^ R?li*i*fl^^K'a ^^1U ffm f^JJ 

>i « ^1^1^ ^^L^H Sft^^ 'i^.K^I ^C^ I '5IT?,'e ^1R 

^t<33i ^fsi^is). c^ c^^" .fit ^«(1^ ^g«il ^fac^, 

C5Jt ^iC# ^t^tC^ ^I'ciTll tlWI^CN© ?fR, ^^t 
CTt Cttt^ ^W ^1^1^ ^ ^tt^^ fUR ^?1 

'^ Tjt|-^ I "©11^ (.51 c^R ?n^i f^^i ■s.^ [mmiii] 

f^J?t»f 1I«<R ^^C'^^f ^f^l?. ^'^^ RR cJlt 
-^tR ^t^R JIR ^1*R ^f^TIK^si, f«R «[?1C"^ 

t^t ^'jc^ JJ'^ra ^^^ I" 

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« ^t^ti:^^ 5ii>?ti TT*!,^^ wtf^^rt^^ ^isrt^ 
« tc^iti «l,g ^^r^w^ 'oi^^l^ Ji^^tcg f «?f Itr 

5ltC^ v8 *rra^T-^tSf C^I^CJT<J, 5ftr^?Ii^C7t^ « 

^f^*t1 ^^U5 ^N« c^w?^ ^^r*i| C^\l^l[\ 
c^ c^it ^[Cf^ -stfsai^ ^'fc^ ii^ -f » 1^, ^t n^ 

^^1 it^T : c^i^ atft^ *3;^i:^ f^r«i« «ircw i 

\> ^f^ i¥5i ^51 ^f^cj I ^rsi ^wft'ti ?|t^ m^m 
5Rt2(;|^ ^:^^tf4 ^t^cvf^ n^ ^t^ C5f»f-n^[^°1 

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tf^nifTi!;^ 5!^K tf^TTit^ -2t«fR ^tsi^ ?tc^- 

Iff t'SivB^ tf^ ^H^t?, ^"^n? ^«fnn^ f?i:'?iH, u^^'x 

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^^'^•^ ^ISft?! Jl^^f ^'sJIIfl tg(C!l^-7i^RCVfif, 

^tsi^cvf^, ■a c^ifi^cffi, 5it^^W5i, ^l^'H?i!:5r^ « 

'£|'«|5l fffW RR ^tm ^^C3 Tiiigl ^t^^ -^ilTIt- 
fecl^, ^^t ^tft^ ^^tc^ ^t?t^ ^^C^^ 1^1^ 
?^ '^It^t^ f^R Iff itC^^ ^«t5T T>R fW- 
*ttc5TC5i ^^tri* ^tCcT^ 1 C?F^^1 ^tffS^I^ ^'^ 

*rR^ f*t^i f^c^ t^i ^\n^ ^^2^^i ^m 

f«(lt5f ^^•^, 1^1 ^tw^ 'if'^icn, f^R ^c^^ 
^'^c^^ ^i^^t^ 'siW^t^ A^ t «JtR I ^Iff -ill 

Tf-g 5f3^ ^1^ CfilR^ ^tC^T. C^5l CvslSft^ 

cTi^ itR m^\ ^i« I ^^-^^ wt c^rtj ^(^1 

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C^Rlc^ It's ?f^, ^st^l f^^'i [Chilli ^'^c<i^ 

7\\m 'R*fi "^f^c^ I ^t^ ^1^1 1151 c^Ri? 

t'-lC^^ ^^.^ RR'.^ ^^^T ^IC55 Sjg ^Rl 


^31 1 

[ *) ; ^^ — V;^^l 

^i ^f?[i:^ I ^\i ^tf^. wiw^ ii^l ^\r^ '\^- 

^"^TM ^T^^t^ ^qtn^ t^f^tsi"^ csiltciT^ "^t^ 

?L^ ^^ ■*!« ^(=1^ *i^f^ c^Vtj, ^"^ *f^ cTi^^ ^\Am 

C^ttT, v£l<F »t« ^K ''i^^ 5l^t^, "8 4^ »t^ 

^« ^c^ 5^"^^ ^t^l «ttf:w*t ^c^^, ^t^t "^cJj?! ^'^fi^'a 

^8 *f;qi;if^ ?tcsij^ -Etf^ C^ cirt«f ^f^c^ ? ^t? 

C?^, C^ifr^W^. Tt^^CtR. ^t^^'tt^lW^, ^sft^i- 

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5it^ 5!^, Tit^tai c^m\n t'^c?? ^^?1 ^^. «£ii^ 

•^ft^^ "^ra^5 ^^^^, 5i^Cf ^t?1^ ftJR "^^ 

^b- ^iit^n SJ^f^ ^1^1^ <5I^°o^?i;l fffl^. 4^t 
?t^tl, ^t^t^ iftW? « ?1Sf1? 51"^^ l^tifft 

^«(ji:^^ j^f^tc* 'sititc^ vf^t'2it9 -^fm^ I 

"Blt^ ^tlt^ ^'tC^ '^tlt^ t"?^ ^IWtfit^^ 5^ 
5CJl^ Ji^l^CW^ 1«:^ C^r,"^!^, ^»ltic^^ Tl^t^CPf-g 

C?l 1C5a C^tRl'^C^^ ^, «8 ^sf^I^ ^£ff ^'i^ *f« 

i5i*j^^i ^^t^i:?^ i^t^cff^ ic«g ^tk^ra «3^ 
c"^t?t^^, -8 '«i^R Tisfr 'fi^ 1^ w*t ^^ *i;^^ I 

4^:5 ^f^Hir§cit?I ; C7l| Ittn ^151^1 f«lf^ 
^*l^ ^f?l^1 f^J? ffR ^r^fllT, 'Sit? C^I^C'R >8 

C5JH? l^t^IW? Tt^tC^^ C^fnUe ^-it^^rll ^1 I 

j«. S54I5T <5iir?f l^c^^?, ^flra?!, nsinra, t^**!^, 
?FtftT>5l ^ii"^ ^ti^ <2t5ft^ c?i!^ ^i^n r^-^i^ 

is SiiIC-?F, ^? f»fR5C^ « ^^f? 3Tf^3 3I?tR? 

?.«j;;g'5i1 f^°x*lf^ Si^t"^ «ltf^ ; ^t? vn|^ -e 
^«a^'^?l ^^tffftc"^ c^ift^w? CT^i^cli? 5jg 

'Si^^l 5ift? tR^c^ ^^f^fr c^Rfi ^R^lf I 

i\ "^f^t ''tc'f "laFcw? fw^^ ^titcfr? J^t^tTj ■^5- 

'tM ^tsil? ^tcf 4^ f^ ^12; f^ '51'iftc^tCt 


V; ^5 — •;;); JJl] 

^51 1 


^* ^t^ ci\^ -^m\ fff^ti ; 'STtfi 55 »t3 *"if w 
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fl^'lf^W^ t^ 5ti;ft£!:p ^C^H ^-t^t!l ITS 

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»Itc5ii:^ ^''tf^^ ^t^ c^ l.VJ\ ft5{ f^^ ^^i^r^ 

^tSfC^? 51:^ C^ "^f^j^t Cff'QTll C?t?I, 'Sit? Nst^t? 

•^f^^l CW-Q^t ^t^T. ^^'n C7I Ti'ICTl Jil^ C^\c5i? 
«e nnTtl f^f«i« 5?5I I f5(<RtfJi^ C^ C5itC<F?1 

cm«n? t'^c?? ^CJict c^'fi^r^f I'^^'f ^f^si ; 

of?, ^^t t'^c's? ^^^?« ^1^1^ ^r^c^ I 

*^ 'Sttft? f^"^::^ 'STtfii^l ■^r?c5R, tatrasi 

^ftf^'fiit? ^tcv5 "5ftn5itfff5it.T ^?i5^ ^m srtt : 
^^t^?, r€1?. •nf^ff^r, f^^fr?. «ic^i%, c^rt^rf- 
ftrr, fsi^?} <3 tiTtfr?! c^t^c^ ^ttt f^ut^JiTC? 

^t^i^i 'sim^ 9j;i3W? 5i?j ^t^tc?? ^^Ji^tnt^ 
5f^t ?Ff^?itc5 ; vst^^^t nf^s ^rt Sftsn C^ft- 

fjT?Wt ^tf^'filt? ^f?^ flfil* ^t?ltCW ; 'S\^l 

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Ji^t^tsfH ^r^wic^? ^^^ T^^ ^r«« ?t?ji 

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t"??, ^tR C«tTt? i%CT 555 ^fflC® c\m^ 'Q 

'sitiRtf? art^ ^f^ Tttiii ^'?R'=^'^ ^t?itc5 I 

«lt5l?l 1?tCVfR5}^; ^lltCff? ^n?tC«(? «f?J 

^c^ 'Q ^'-.^^ n?f«tii mf-^-3 ^t^Jiff, tfl 

<31^!:^ ?^1 ^j:^^, ^t^'tJ? ''if^ig itc^ «][ir- 
fw?tc^ <ii^^ c?f!^ C!i^. 'srtltc'T? ^"^^ a^ 



^31 1 





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'SUTrrtf^C^ ^^^ 'Sftot^ fst^R Rfl^l FsR 

«iiiii f^ TT^^ ? c^Ji^l 'siR^l c^tii^ «rt^1 

^tftctf^ ^'ti5 r>ii1 '2111' cvfi:»t^ ^^ ^\^ Kti'^ 

'sin^ •2.t^ 'i^r^ vst^icff^ sitmcsi nR*i4 ?l- 

i^^icii 'si-^ij^ c^i5j^i ^t^Rtf^ 'ijg'nc'U ^r?^ 

*i;;5^cn^ sf^ -^tf f^.f^ ^51 (^tt^ fit?"! "^r^^ ^1, 

: 8 -^f^^ ^fc^ f^^tf ; >iit 1¥t«1^ *tra« ^11^1 f^ 
«l5^t^ C^ttn ^t^t 51^^R "^r^^l ^'\\i f^5tC* 

^fsf f^ ^isiaw? '2ti% vfli^ c^t< ^f^i^ ^1 c?, 

^t^^^l H^g ?l^. 'Sit? ^t1lC?5 1t«fT ^H^ f% 
^^n, ^fsf «(1;t5, c^^^ ^R^l ^r^^ ?tii1 

a^, ^11^1 C5W1? JlWtC^ CWi^5t^, v©lt C^sRt? 

t^fftcfi^ nt^^t^J? I 


^T-im ^?? 7\'^in fi\<\ >st^*t -£tl<^, 

^f?5T, ^151^1 ^piJ^ ^-^.-^^ Ulfl% ^^l>]«v^^ 
O ^^■Si^ ^1<^i?, «ll5Jt? fit^^ 5J5'tl^^1C? « «illt- 

cmi §ti:<i? 'sit^f:-* ^Mtf^3 cqrt^w^ i^nt^- 

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CcH^^CW? ?tCa v3 ftSitft? €tW? ^^^ ^W^t- 

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^W^'^, ^c?, ^i^tw^ nc^ ^R f^^^ « tf^ ntfi^T 

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f^^Rt:^ C^Rt^ R^C§ ^\i-^\ ^RCTff, vfl^^ 

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'^W{ ^P\ Rtf*fC^ C^f li-^cl ^1^1, RR ^8 »117i^ 
^tCtf*f ^R^tf^C^r, ^1^1 «)R^1 «11ciS? ^R ^tl I 
Um ^R, ^R 'Slt'R tft^ Citm 'S^l'^ ^tfffl 
«ilt ^*(1 "S^l ^^, ^«fl, "C^R^ 51Slct^i( 
?fR:?l ^tfsi c^Rtm^-^ ^tf^^tc'i^ -him;] fflf«^ 



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«it^ ^^^ I ^t?R s ^Rtif ^*tr^ ^tit? t^r5^ 

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l?l if^^i ^rs'*(!i ^Tiil ^l^i I 

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f^i 'sitiR c^H %\i^ om% f^ ^ni^tsi, vs(?i 

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sif^ ^R« ^isit^ ^t^i ^t^tr^^c^ ^Rtl^iR I 

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f^^ C^rfi^l^TI ^^^^^, "Siralff?! tftJ! cStf^5 

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c^^ C5ili:^?1 ?ftl%r, ^m ^1?t? f^^i^ tf^^ 

^ff t^ ^Tt"? ^11^ ^r^^, =5lt^ fl^ « ^"jf^ fff^ I 

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c^^ti<^ ^r<i5i. f^^ ^l^tw? '2f5ft^^^ ^t't^tt?^ 

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csrt^^^l c'l^ti^; ^ra^i, l^t^l ^ft-'ff^^ ctf^r- 

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c^^li^ ^f^?i, ^t?t^i -21*1^ ■atft'^ nli^ ft<ii- 

fw\^ ^t^ ^':^^ ^^^^ ci?t^'^ ^f^ I ^t^t^ 

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^n ci^ti*; ^R5(; xstft^ ^t^ 'ttf«l?r. ^^; 

^iTt^ ^^1^ ^t^^ ^r^5i, ^t^ f^ « ^^fcf fpf?i . 

^t^l 'ttm, >il^*s ^1^1^ ^^t^ Tt^'t^ ^m, 

^f^^, >il^*N ^1^1^ ^^^ 'it'R ^1l^, ^f^ f«m 


>* ^im\-^ *l;^f^^^ •stifle [ci^ti'^ ^f^?i] I ^^-m 

f^^t ^^(^'^'^ fitCTf:*!^ «lt^|C9f? ^Sff^ — 'SITf- 

^c^?«'X;q — Tjf^r?!?! ^t^i;;f^ ^^';?-3 7i^^''t^M, 
f^ftcTl 'Sii^v^n ^1i«t!:^? ^Jfi"^ ^*tr^?i ^n^ 

^?-^f^ ili^ ^t^ >ii^ «ti c^m ^ft^.' 

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^^ivf<\ >2ti^:«t^ H^'g^ ^t^t^ ^55:5^ ^tut^ 

^'fr^'^c-5^1 ^w-^ wi-^ii'u ^^ *t^^ v2 

qv *ttF^ 'Sit? '^^ ^t1 C^?11<^ ^R^T I Tt^C^^t 

^» -si^^? ^Y-'f, c5(<ili<; ^R^r I vst^^l? tt<i tc'gi-a? 

^ ^^tH^ 'Q Tlt^lC^? ^^ *X^ ^1:55 'Sit? '5<P 
^tf C'l^l'l"^ "^R^T; ^t?t? 'iC? C?RT%?t^ 
^ si^^z^ ^t^^ ^^ft? Ji'ST*! C^|5I<^ 




[ 8 ; -i — d; (t I 

»r^c5f^ f^ziiU ^ "sHU ^ft^t^ I 



\5fa ftr^ ^tc^ ^t '2!^^ ^^^ ^r^t[ 1% Ji^? 

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^f® 5t5im; ^^t^tf? t5?^tr^ S^tW^t 

■51^:^ ^^f«, ^^; ^Hfff^c^ ^P^ ^t^l ^15^ 

^Ic* Jl^fUJl ^t|c« rff« 5=11 ; C^^^l ^?t«Jl ^W^- 
"SI^ *RI^ 51^^ <2tt?f^ JlvC^tfSi^ ^t?f, ^t^«l 

»ttc?i!;'i'5 n^t-f -^,wi\^} ?ff?^t^ 5i^ 'Q c^tt^tc^N 
v5t^ 'sim^l ^t'Rtcf^ ^'^c^^ ^Kt <£it<^l ^R- 

C^^l ^^51 ^f^tr.^, 'il^t #t«t5l ^R^ ^1^5, 

f^^'^sti ^r?5i. ^?tii ^tr^ii^ ^, cpff^c^ 11, 

^5ii^ ^11^1 ^^Rw^ icfj ^tfri^il ^5tf?ti:^ ^5( 

^5^ ^1!^« ^tCf C^It"^ fl^,3' ^ft^lf, '?'? 

cniSl ^'5^1;:^ ^H ■^^"11 'S ''^^ 1'^''^ <^^t'^ 
^e!i1 «t«(R c^it^Mi:^, ^«0^^tc^ -Q "si^r 


^ftfC't? ^ ^iv\ ^^ ^.^ ^^ I 

f^^jScT ^rll?ltr.W1. v»«R ^tl^l Ji^C?! <2(tftl^ 

i* ^t^ C^? m ^^ft ^il^t^ ^5^W? ^tW C5lt<F 

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^t^ 'ji^ttii ^t^ ^r^^, vst^t^i ^^ ^m^i f?3. 

JI^C^l v£l'^ ^C'S ^^ ■^Ff^'a, ^?J f C^ ^?3 5jf^^ . 

^Icvs «i5) ^7j ^c^ ^sjtff . c^|5i^i c^ cw)m %]m 

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W^t^ 'srt?^ •^r^^ii'i, <£ic^j^ *i;^^ ^''R ^M^i 

51^11, ■^^C^^l <3 ^tlt^ '51^'i^ ^"^f^ll c^^ 
^3 tf'^3^'' ^1. 'StC^JC^ f^l^ Ol^ <5l2ri? ^l^^ 


^twt-ncl^ « ^t^ora ^f?t^ i5^t:g^''R 

* »t^ 5il^ I ^t^ c^5 c^5 ^r?^, ^11^1 ^t^'R 

8 ^?IC?I "1^ ^t? I "Sit? C^5 C"^5 ■^f^5T,?1?;¥C^^ 

f^IV.NS 'Sltl^l 'Sll^fJ? 'Sil'^l ^f^ ^8 51"^ WS 

^i^tw^ i^Htti^ m^ ; ^'irtr^ cfft^, ^ti?i 

^llRW^ ^SJtlff^ ^IC*}! C^? C^5 « ft^^ ^??t^ 

C : <!» — »b ; ^o I ] 



*» ^fl <!SR^1 T?l:f ^ ^1^11 1 'srt^ 'sitf?! ?rr.^ 
etrvsj^ sf^i ^t1^ ^fts^ ^\^U •^1c? ^? ^1wt?l 

^ftutf? ; ^«r^ c^Ttws ^i^^t^c"^ c^mif f^ 
s fV| ^mi ■^rlra ttrl^ ^Tl I ^tf^ ^U-e ^f^- 

^11, Cvst^tW^ ^\t ^^ ^t^ T^ ; 'srtTRW? "t^ 

s» ^"^c^^ ^a 5f^c^ vri ? ^tf^. ^ifta ^t^-ni « 
5^ t!it c?^ I ^«I^ v5i^ti1 -^ftcr, ^tl?l ^«t^ 

f^^t^ll f^'I, ^t^tOf? ^ti^ f^l^ 5lf^ 5rt . 
am^ ^«\ ^tc^ vst^tC^ ^t!fi«t ^tfCTTl Crpg^T, 

5Wt^ ^51, 'sitc^. ^^t Jivf t«^? <rai^t? ^f^ I 
58 ^N^i ^fq d JTic^ f^^ffi cvfc»t ^Ttor? 

*t1i^ ^tf*t ^'^Ti? 'srtf^ « 'srjsrt^ i^t^^i cvf»rt- 

^« ?fll'^^ ^1% C5l^ ?F|% ^t^ I 'Slt^t^ *|X^ c^ 

^r^u5^, ^^'x ^^ti?? ^ra 5?9pf 5f^»t c»r^ 
fV, ^t?tw^ 5i^i^t^ c^it^cw? ^*fr^ ^f ^ 

•sFf^^ ; fv^ ^tni ^^^^^ fif^i* ^t^i ^r^^tf 

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'srfTtctf? fsTRS <5rtf5r5, ^stTtw^ ^ f^ffr ^ 

'©ffT ^^^ ^mi ^W «1W ^?1 '^It^ ; <£i^l 
W»t Vf»[ fff^I 'St^^ JT^'ST^I^ ;H1'^1^JI ; -51 5]1^ 

site's c?ti^c?^ ff [^''.^^ ^? ^^s^ f ^!ii!:s ^sftf^r 

^tf^ ^t c^TI^':?^ f^lPic^ a Jl^si ^t^I ■^f^- 
Tiif5, i^c^^ f^ffc^ ^fn^ ^i^ vst^i "smi 5^^ I 

yj^ ^rra 7R5?i^, c5tr^, "sit^fr^ c?m « 

<5itf^ 4^ 5r?<^ ^1^ ^r^c^fl, vftf^Tii ^ttc^ 

*ttf% in ; "5itf^ ^t^-; ^tti ^^ ^r^Tii c'sltti:?? 

Ttt^ ^\m\ 'ftt^. ^1^<; ^tti cTi? ^w ^rtr^c^ ? 

8 <iit ^-^n ^\^u] ^Rt^ ^ti? 5tr^ Tt? c5Tt^ 

* ^^ *n5 f^ ; ^t^t^ >5t ^fl C^^ T%I, ^f%- 

^fe^!^ G!I, ^1t[ >Q f^tft^l ?l5fC:5t^ ^R^t^ 

Cxjg ; ^srt^ ^t 5R2pr^<I 1^ ^t C^, ^ff ^^- 
<» CW^ ?twl ^|C^ ^ffj^ I ^W f^Ifl C?C»t ^^ 

^|c^ ; ^^s\-^ 'sii^Ji, ^tiil >ii^3i ^tTii sraTl 
c^i jf^ci -^^n ■^f^c^?, cm"^ c^i^ ^t^ 5^ 

^t^1 Tilf^ ^t^ Tl I f^^ <il^, [C^ ^^^. I ^fsf 

* ( ^ ) «s)«riT, 'srtfir ^ttt ^cg t^ f tT< » 




[ ^ J ^^ — «) J 80 1 

^%T, ^tt^, ^tl^l ^'^Ji^ ^?:f , ■sff^r.^^ f^xs^. 
5 J c^tTtc^ ^f ?ffe^ 'StiPIC^ I 'S*!? ^If^ "^R- 

■■fl^t c^im "Q JH^s^ ^t^ti"^ ^ fw?1i:w I 

i« vst^tr^ >iit sf§; ■^^ cw^il ^?i1ri5f, c^r ^lf^ 

€t^ f |?t c^it "^^ "i^f^ « It^t ^R, 4^t ^t?t^1 

:s T%i 1 ^m<3 ^t^til 'sitit^ Jif^t!:^ ^5t^ i<^- 
■^t;^^ ^«11 "^i^^, >^^' ^tTt^ "^'it^ ^"t^tii 

q «rt5t? f^f^« ^'^^ 't^ ^tff ^^ 1TC5R 

f^-VS C^\^ fe^, '^Vs ^R^ CrllT ^c^fl 
^fsiSH^f, ^t^<^ cii^ 'EIS^S ^1 ?^. ^t^'s f?I?ii*ttC5I- 

'5it*t'l fil^f^-^Ui?, "Sim '^It^'f ^^^ 1'5.^*I, 

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^tR?r, ci^?!, ^fkm. «i^t1jii, ^Tifsi^i. ^^'nrX 
ftf^r^i, -Rei'liT, fl'^^'^, f^^5. JJ^q ^Q ^t^i. 
Itiw^ ^R's ppf^m «rfr^«i I CTt tsi^^iq c«it^- 

i« ^tt'^ 5R I f^^ra^ ^^R WTi »[3 ^it5m»f ^ I 

^> »1^ *1^t^ SR I f^r?[>C!J^ ^°v»fStt3 "mV^iHH 
?,8,^« SR 1 ^lfrC^^ ^^t^ "^^ *I^ ^t^ 5R I f^IR- 

^« CI? ^^\^ ^^ ^^3 ^t »I« C5tTIt^ ^ I ^t?"T- 
■sir 71^1^ 7\\^ »(S ^fl^'n ^^T I JRW? 1^1^ fS^ 

<»» Ti^g ^t^ »tssf^ ^^i 1 'it^^^'f ; c^"^ W^^ ^^-'(J 


*J ; 8i— t-j b- l] 



Jf^H ^C^tC^^ J!^R si^!;^^ JT^I^, ^^5i^ 

S'h 5I«^^^^^ ; ^^^ 71^11?, ^Tp[^ ^^^, T^^t- 
s-l GTfC^? Ti^fif, C^C^tCJI^ Jf^t^T, ^ra? Tt^fST, 

8b- mwiL-irs ^^\^, ?iTt^r^ ^i^r, ^^r^i ^i^t^, 

c. effcii 3T^-R, ^W<i Ti^H ?'^^i;^? m\^, 

«? c^ j^^t^r, c<(^i:?i^ Ji^R, fsii^c'i^ ^^\^, ^^^^ 
<i-^fim<{ Ji^K ^^r.^^ 3i^H, fwt^ ^i^H 

C8 ^fl:^^ 71^ R, ^71^1^? JI^R. 5I^?tl fi^t^. 

«c ^»tr^ Ji^H ^c^R'I^ I'SH ^^t^ 5i^^, c^f- 

«^ C5iri:¥?(:^<! 31^'R, ■5'tfl?!i 7\^\^^ Tl\^■\l^ 7\^\7\^ 
(t^ ^i-^im^^ 51^ R, f^\L-^im\ ^'^\^^. *t^cTi^ Tf^t^^, 

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fc^fj t^t^i ^t'R 'stt'l^i ^r'tt^m^tig 'sic^i 

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--f^ ^ttra*f sji? ?R 5ft^ f^Ji, ^t^ 'st^R?^ 5,t 

0. T. 27 ] 417 

1 f^f^^'ffk?^ ^C!fJ C'^^ C^5 CJl^ ■^c^i w^ 
ri?g 511R C^VlI vs ^tSi^ClT^ ^W 7\-\^^^^ 

i« ^ci ?tlsf(:^<i1, c?ifli?ii1, ^{I'TKsi^l « ^1^- 

C^^1, vS^°x C"^!^ C^R ^W\ « ^^^C^<?1 mi 
^^^ tgtCH^ ^t^'i^ 'sifl^ ^^l^ ^1^ ^rac^s 

'Slt'^R ^t^^ ^'niH fW^ I ^(I JPI^ CcTi^ 
StVS Wi'^lf'^ ^if'fl Cltf*t^ ^J^?!--^^^ ^tlRC3 

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?itsf^ Ti^tcsi? Ji^c*r, at *j;^^ ^?°s ^f5t<il <sr?i 
^f^r.^ ntc^, ^i?(w^ 71WI cJit ^^?i-*x^^ 

^^^t 51^ CSft^ ^|%c^ ^ttC'^, vst^tCWil 1R^"C^ f»P 
<2rt^',^t^ ^tC« 5I5fjt? «'IW ^f5l '^1^ ?^flCcI^. 

8 fi?ft| ^1=1 I ^^^; ^s^Jf'f^ tj! >^ WiUi^^ Sfw 
^l?t^ ?f^«l *lt!:'^ if^fl?, c»t11, ^^(5, ^r<i!i, 

f fclCSR ; C^^I^I fsiR 71^^ C^it^ 'Slt^'Wl ^CW 
W^t5^t^ fWl^l^ I f^R *J5?T tf^^f^l^ ^^^ 

«» Cffft^ ^0Tit ^m^^ I ic^ f^i 5[^i^^ t'a 5I?t- 

.£f^? ^^^Hi ^tIcci^ I ^li* ^?i^ c?i|^ ^f^ 

5gT%1 fe^^ ^f^?I, ^tC^l??, «IR.5IiT, vfl^; 5J^^ 

1 "11^ ^ni=i r^r^ cT^?i, ^tf^, cKuf^v, -^{fm, 
^f^, "'f^t^, c5tR?i, mi^^, '^^1'&, ^^ft?, 

C^Rt^?. f R^, ''f^til "8 CclflCTf^l C^f^f^'tCT 
l^ =^ '^ '?1R tl^tl^l ^r^^ I ^t^cn ^t^t^l "^il 

feB5i<it'XT<^^ wt «5;^^, ^"^c?^ ^i^^i, ^t^ 


^kT^^ I 

[t- J ^ — ;& ; ^8 f 

C^t^t"^ ^t^T?^ W[JW\<i fvR C^t^fif^ ^*^^ 
^tSff ^ ^C^^ ^tf^^, C'StT^I Crt^ ^r^« II, 

i. j^c) T^^ C5ff^ c^tfJl '^f?I^^fl'?I I ^^ f^f^ 
f^l ^ *tt^ ^1, >5^° ^t^ ^^ f^l ^^^ 

f^ 'srt^tcvf^ <2rf ^ ^Ji'vti^n ^f^'^, c5Ut\ f^si 

i^ c^^i^l f^a ft« ^1 1 ^^^ ^1^ (■'^'^ c^tsi^ 
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^f^ft^ ^If 'sisat*!^ ^^H "^UW '^'^^ ^t^ I 
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vst^tcw? ^ff« ^^ ^f%c^, ^^it? ^«iii< «rf^, 51^ 

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f^, ^t^t^l ■5I'«R 'sitt^Rvf^ ^^ tt5:5 i?t^1 4^ 

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^t^ "^fel, >^^° ^fl CTil w*tR^^ ^11l!?[- 

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^^llf't ^t^t^l ^t!fj ?t<i1 c^tit^ ftf^l ni;:5t- 
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#tfff^. v5<f1 ^fsi ^^ ^tc^ x5l5l «1lC^, *£l^; 

c^tit^ -£tg^ ^W'tl >2{i«5 ^l^tw^c^fi^tg'^^'tt 
fi^t^ ^f^c^i I ^«itpf f^srtmr'fc^n^^t^l 

^t^t^ C^5Jt^ JTt^lt^ ^^t5^'l -^tI^, ^t^tC^ 
"I^gj^tl NSt^CWsi ^■'im ^1? ^f?l^ ; f%^ \st^til 

PrfilCST « C^l5rt? ^t:i SF'fR ^r%?i ^f^ '^•sf 
^ml-nci ^t^tf^^tC"^ Pp^tt^l ^tH^t^ flRC^ 

^5K?? f^^?:^ Jft^l fff!;^; ^«itf^ ^t^Hl 
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1^^ ^t^1 ^n^i ^f^i:^ 15^11 ^ti:&, csm\<\ C7\t 

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^«;i^ vst^ti:'??! "^^ft?! 5i5|i ^f^c^r >s c^t^ti 

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lit. Tt^l ^fl f ^t1^ ^ c^^%^ ^t^ I 

^^ii^, c? ^tit?:^^ ^^w, i5ti, fet^ « 
^m?, ^iTtR^ ^tctf^, ^'ijww^, ■^lisj^cpfi, 
^tc^ ^:5 c^t^ 11 ^^^ I 'sititi:?! -^if^ ^t 

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^\<\ ^tltt?^ ^t^ll, '5t«(I^'5t1, "^tSi^^l 'Q 

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[ :& ; v5« — '^ ^ ; i J 



>2tVf^ Si^H T5f?I JTC'^^ C^Tt^^<F ^t^tW^ ^l^ 

^c:? Htt. 'fi^s ^tn^ 'sit'l^ ^fj^l ^^m ^ti^ 
^* f^p ^ mt I c^*f. ^'tI ^t'f^l ^\^, ^i«\ ^f^ 

'nti'^ f^r^ ^f<i^t5, c^i?^t<^^^ ;5^Ht?^i ^t^t- 
jj-^ji ^i^r^^s ^t^i^l f%f«5^ f^^i ^ft^1 f^f*i- 

C^f^ ; 'S[Ts. ^itW^ ^5(1^^1, ^Wl'!tli C^ift- 
C?[^1 ^ ^t5ltW? ?t5f^^1 ^(5tl^ ^^t^ f^C^ilf I 

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1 Ctt^, ^t^^. 1«W5?, ^ft?f, fsiSi^liI, 5JtH?, 

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i-!* w[m, c^^5, ^cwif^^, f^^Hii, ^ifi^, mi^^, 

is^^o ^^it%|t<^, ^^IT, 5!^^%^"*r, ^^a1, C^fl^, ^c»t^- 
^■^ ft^JT, ^^R iq;^, ?tf!T, ^t^l I 

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wRi^ ^1^ ^tnifw^ ^nii[ ^t^U n«fti ^fi- 

Uftim >^^*s ^Wcw^ f '^c^? ^cf^ 7ii^ ^c^jt 
0^^ ■5i®c^R^ §*li:^ ^Ifill^t^ si5j «il^1wi 

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C?I^^ « '^(^i^fl ^f^Tt^ ■^r^^ilT ; ^t^ ^lltCtf^ 

>il^: ^R^t^ C^ll C5i«Il ^tC^, vsff^TTUl ^tftlff^ 

^tCl ^tfl^t^ ; 4^t ^WW? 1?itft^ ^r5tltt% 

l^f.^ ^t^^Ctf^ fl^C^ ^lfl^t?I ; ^^t ^I'TtW^ 
f RStis ^c^^ tr'-^Ttt^t c^ifrut-W^ ^tCf ^tfl^t^ 

^[f ^tfic^ I ^t^^ ^(H^ ^tci? ^fte ^^ffl '^^° 

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sii^"^ W4Itci ^1fi^1?i <3 1?I ^ic^ ^^f ^is l^K^ 

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prftft^ ^?tc^ ^^'^ t^ti;^, ^i^c^^l, C5iftj:^^i, 

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^t'R 'sit^fjf «iR^ic? ^t'f^ ^fW 5i^r3 ^t^i 

5l?2^'(^ <3^ JI^. C7|f 5i<>sg5i CTtim^f^ «J3f, 

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■••t^ c^<;tra»r sjj? rf^i^^i^trs f5=i, ^^° ^JT- 

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c^tc^ll ftpt^ 5i1^ 5l^<t ^t'f^I ^I^R ^'<- 

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c^it^c?^ 5151^ ft^ra itwl^ ^fU^ f^'s^ ff ?i I 

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b- fi?i I <5it^t^ c«ift?i^'5f ; c^'ii;;?!, Naff, ^w^wcf. 



[^^; SJ-8^1 

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CT^!I, '^^^ Nsl^ti'R 7\^% B\^%'=\ t*4li? C^W 

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>i|^'N C^t? <3 «I'5It^C«^ CW5 ^t^^s ^il'^^ ?t^, 

•oo^^ ^\^ 9\^ ^%tff^ I 'Sit? ?t®itT^1 « 
cmtiiT^^I ^W^tt^l ^r? ^|5T, 'ii^'v ^tft?1 c^¥- 

«it^?!i ^'x^^t^ 7^ii[j( 7\^u, ^4rtei? 31^1^, 
t?t^ ^'STira? c5rt^ ^\^m f^f^^ TW ^'tpn 
'sm ^tJ? f^^ %f^^ wii5?<i ^c^? ^*f^ r^^i 

"Sl^ 5i5T-ft? *tW ^^RC^ ?t^ ■^f^cl I <5tt? ^^- 
-sTt^Trrff f%^ ff5T '2}tftn? ^*1? f?¥l ^f t!:'^? 

-s:^ ^"jf ^^fsf «t»t^ 'Sffft? *ttl'g. >il?x tS^r^C'l? ^1?, 

8 3 ^ll^I, -Q T%r^1I ^t5'Rff<J ^^«ft^^ ff5I I C^ 
f?^ C5Ttci^1 'SJ!:^^ ?i^?t^ ^1%?! 'STR^jf 

88 ^t? C^it H^ C^^ C^f ^i:^f?iff?f ^'Iffe^, 
sfw 5i5f^ 5i?tc<i? c^i:« ^ti?5 sTflJ ^°v*f 51^^ 

7\^ ^?l t^C^? ^^^^ ^HVf\^ ^^ "S ^^^^ ^(H 


^^ ; S*^— ^O ; >(t I ] 

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81 t^if*^ fw\ I 'srf^ 3^f^tN^^ lira « if^- 
M^ ^r*t f?^, ^t^ c^rt^'^fi c^ftTTC?^ srs? 
ctR ;^^ 15^ nnra "^f^^ I 

*lt^ "^^1 ^t?i ; vs^w f^f^^ -st ^s(m\ 

^«I^-<3 ^C^^ J!5ItCSf filt^ -^ftUs ntt?:^ Tt ; 

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f^ 'srtftcpf^ tT5 cTit *ft''t ^'^wiw "tf^t^ 

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^^H 5iira 'sitPT f^*rn:^i f^5Tfl Tl, c^^l 
^tcw f^l f^i t%c^? 1^ ^tsrt^ f^^^ ^U9 

f^fr <£t^^ ^fi^ c^ ^^^^ ^ji?rtci, ^?i 
b' ^5^5 ^5iti I t?tc^ ^tit^ ^f%"*ni '©iTT!:^ 

» if^^ ^tffi ^RTrt cf f^i^it?? I ^t^ mf^ ^^1 
fw?rt f;jfr 5i^^ ^f& "^^tsiH '^^'n cJit ^^^ 
^'?ra'5 ^c^ •5'rt^ 5i^^3 ^^j-'s^KW ^ ^'^ 

J 6 ^t^ «rrf^ wrf^ic^ ^tl^f, cciff!w^ 'Sf!;*! 

c^ifrran « ^l^(r^?l ^f5it|?i1 ■siu^K^ ^*R 
ji ^f'R ^r^c^ f^^Uf I ^t^^ «rtf5i ^I'a^'fc^ 

:^ ^^"^ ^^flm\^ i ^t^ jii^ ft|wl *rc^?, :?w- 
•^^7?^ ^s tvsc^r^ w'tits*! ^t^i;:^ 'sitf^c^ ^itf^ i 

ft^ tfn^ f^^, «rt^ ^t^t:?^ ^^ttc^ ^'.»r 

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^t^t?5i « ^^^ rf5f fi^^ :fc^? c^i fW^nc^iR 

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■RSftT^t^ ^^^ Tl Rtm 4t ^t^ ^!e5 ^<3 Jfl ; 

vfl f?, v^t ^i; 'sttpi ^t^i^rt^ ^ra^ ^if ^^rc^ 
fif^t? ^c^l? f^c;^^t?i1 ^t ^^^ ?t^ f^^^ttc^o:^? 

^i ^fl^ wtf^ ^t*R ^fl?l I ^^^ ^tPf v^t^Ctf? 
c^R si\f\inii 7\-%i<ii ?tra ^^^ ^^ ? ^ffr ^trtfl 

^mti;T ^^1 ■^?, ^^°s ^t'l^tt^ 'fst^ if^t^Jitc? 





[ ^O ; ^^— -^ J ^iJ| 

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w^ m. <3 ^ft^ ^tn^ <i,^cifi 5ig f^^i 

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^t^t^ ^I C^t^ ^t^t ff^ ^1 ; '^tt^ f^r^ ^^it^lTi 

'silTtc?^ ^'^i:^^ f^wi^ 71^1^^^ "^f^^t?! Rfsic'g 

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-sfc^K^^ ^t^Jt^Titc-^ ^tSj^W^ « c^ifluc^ 

?f refill] I c? ^tit^ §'^?i, i^^itc'f 'sit'itc^ 


Ic^cll f^^^^ 

"^hm^ ; ^t^^ 'Q itR^i citi'*n? f^if^'t c^R^^L 
vs ^t'l^ ^^f I i^c^^ c-stl^^ '£if*t^ ^(ii!:?!^ I 

^^ ^Ui «^*tj'l^ Ti^tc^ l^^^ii^ H^^ f^^, 
^^"x ^\^. "^W, ^^ « ^t^ 1^^ ^t'J'^^ T*t^^» 

c^^ ^«i ^f^^ ?^l ; c^^^\ T\\i\n c^i^ l^i. 

^H ^1^^ ^5^^1*1^ <lt^^tulC^ if^^lt^ttt^ SfS 

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^«t^ fsf^ l^'l^, f^H. ?!.flt1, f^9t«i1, 'Si^^t?!, 

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■^"^^1, C*l«l^, ^W3t«I1 ^'ntt, CI^TI, IJRl « 
1^*R. It 1^1 ^t^t^ f^^C^ fS'l^l'l ; >flt Jll^ SR 
^t1^^ « 51tf5f?lt Ctfr/m ^^J"^ ^tsft^ ^<ItH^ 

ill [^tSfl ^RC?1^,] ^H ^1^ ^^^^^z^n ^t^t c^f^« 
'si^c'^^t ^1^1^ ^1^1 'Jtc^ 'lit, ^*^^ ^mt?{- 


^ ; i«i— ^ J ^'J I] 



^stfl^l 715!;'^ ^(9|j^ ^t'[Jl ^\^]i-<^ ^■^^\ ^rlc^ I 

7\-^ ^s(]^c^ ^?ii<^ ^f^c^T^, ^tfR^s ^r^*j^ 

?itcsji^ Ji^^ >£i5ff^« ?tc^, ^*H ^1^ 5°tc?rt^ 

^5 fV TH^U ^t'R ^W^ '^l^c.^ ?(^J[!!l ^rac^ I 

fCSR, ">2(C^I^ ^f^ «lMil <5It^R ^C^ W^-^ 
^^^. ^ ^Sit^?l ^R(?J t^t 'distil ^^^ I" 

c;g:t5( *tt^ ^tt^ f^f^i ^it!:^, ^t^tjf ^t% 

^t?tc^ ^f?^, i^tiitcsi^ ^^ ^^^ft ^€\ ^mf\- 

oit ^^^ ^'ff^T 15^°t fsitftrff^!:^ '^ <it^- 

^ttlT *tCtf 511% ?^^ I ^«t5? ^t ^11 ^t®lt^ 

PT^tft-^tw pi^fsira?! Jic^f c^ 7\-^ c^\<? ■^]ivf 

■i ^R?iiC't =fl^ ?^5tf^c?is{ I 5[ff''ra ^pi^ f^l^':^]<i 

^Ifll 'Sl^tW f^l^l fV 511^1 f5^ 7{] I c:?!? ^gi 

<(«l^ ■<^'«|JI <I|^!(l;flco C^?R^<} fiT<FC^ ^CJ^^ ■^^^l 

c^^tcn^ ^ilc^ ^%-^'i ^tcq^, « ^t?1^ TtC^ 

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^§J 5lf«t2? etr^fffJ^ 'si^s^j.til^ 'SW^L't^ 7['^n 

■R^;;'? ^t|cs ^ft5! '£(cn5i^ ^"^^^ ®^ >iif 
^c^ ^tsf^lf|c^ ^11^ Tiira Tic^ fi|?ii ?nt^f<} 

^fR^; ?1Sfl vst?t?l ^'t!:tl <2t^S ?t!Il ^l^t^ 

is ^tc^ 5ivf<r?j 'sif't^ f*l^ ^ft?1iii:=T5 c^ "^wf;:^ 
|c|«^ ^it^m "(t^ ^t^i, ^«R f^R f^it 

<lt®?C^^ 71^51 ^'^JiC^Jl ffni ItCJT "Sl^k C^l^% 
itCJI fllfl ^^C'^^'*! <lt5it^ R^C^ ^iBj^tftC^ 

ii ^1^1 ^ic^iTf I ^\n n\m ^^ 7\-<^^ trc^it^ 




[K; iV — 8 

T^ f lt^ ^^f^l 1%Rt ^^t^ ^iSi:^ ^s|^ 
^5f^^ f?5l ^tt? tw ^trtc^ ^t^ ^n^^^ 1 

mf^ *ffi5^ cw^ ^nt; wt^"] tit<\ if^tc^ra 

^^•^^ Cs^U ^t^t? 'Stt^sl 9ft?[^ -^f^l^^ I 
;i i C^lt 5I^cn ^'ift<> ^«R WI5 ?tSiftC^ ^f^t^, 
^«I^ ^^''tt^W^ TJ'IJ f^'5N^ >8 Cvc^^t ^tC'I ?tSf- 

mif tff^^ '^t* ^«Titc^ i%R t^t^ ?1^c^ 

■^slt TlSl'lt^ ^ff-^ >^ 5.1 ^^^^ ^[^5 #ff*f C^'SllI 
^t^T, ^^°s C^l ^«lt ^t^t^ ^ll^t^^ |f^?t^-^^C^ 

^ i;\-^m ^1^1^ c^ ^t^^l ^tsi^tCfi ^tf^^, ^st^'rat 
eTif^^I, WW "iltSil ^tft^ T'?C^ C^tW^\ ^'t^t 

^m^tc^ «*itr^^, ^M^i 'jw^riir^ ^Rcf, N^f^T 
^t^^i '2{f^fw^ ^l5tc^ ^f^«, ^^tl^r f%f^ 

c ^t^ ^11^ "^^^ C^fP^lS! a, WI^ \st?t^ "^5^ 

1^ f^lft'T^ 1?«tC^ ^t1% ^^1 ft^l ^C^ 

^i?*! ^^Jic^^ ei^ srtcJi 'sjsifK ^^1 TtcJj ^c^^ 
Tt^^ tg^fp© «2ic^¥ Iwi « <£fc^r^ 'TTcii 

i^ ^^W^ -2tf^ ^t?1 ^t^t ^, ^tltt ^^ I nc? 
^ ; (Tit FR ^tlC^ 511^ ^t^t^t^ ^I^Tfl 

■^tcf, -^ic^j^ -sfctfc*!^ «t^^ « 'Src^^ srtf%^ 
'3is^<i ^ff^ ^];^■^ ^twn itc^^ ^5rai^*t 1WT ^1 

58 ^C^ I CJit ^t^ C^ '2tC^^ <£|CTfC»t -StfTQ ??, 
<£lt ^^J <^t f^f^^ ^^ ^f^^t ^r^ Sitj%<i' 
fil^ «2t5lf^v5 ^|5I, ^t^ (Tit tWf^ ^SJ 

^tR?:^ c^m. vii^? CTit 'sit^ 'sr»t5? ^tsisft^^:^ 

^fj^t^, f^^ '^"K 1t^^ 31^^ Cclt^ ^f^lf 

c5i*'R "^tiil ^^t^^ f^«a ftil ^bs'.^t^ vst3 




8 ; ^—^ J n I] 



« fsf^ '5t^ sr^^ ^nic^ ^1 1 s^ lcl<i ^t''t'?lt? 

■» C9fcvi?{ I vstft;:^ iw^ ^'t^l^ '2if^ ^^ ^t?i 

^l^tcf, ^1^1^ 4^«rtfH ^5^rf*f 'at^lt^ f^Ilt 

4^'n fsi^ c^^ ?i^^ f^^c^s >£ic^»t ^fm ^ii\<\ 
» mw\ ^w^ ^f^c^iJ^ I m^ f5t^ ^tr^?i1 if- 

>i ^tcf ^tc^ ^t^ ^Riisi^, fftsrt^ wt5ini « 

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^rfe^ -£tr^ <itsn ^f^i^ <it^^ R^t<? ^c^?, 

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Wt^l^tl ^C^l^l C2lt ^m f«fltC5^, <ilt ^'I'^ 

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timiltt^ ^ftJtR C^CSl^l ; 'Slt^ fR^ tc^^ ^t% 

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■^i af^ ^rairt!:^, ^1 ?ltR^ ^l^fcvs '^tPf^ 

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^IC^^ t'l^'tl ^I^f^l^ C^ JI'^R ''t^ FiPI« 

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iS C^ I ^\a ^mi^ ^tS;^"^!! ^(^^tW 5ft^^^'l 
?tS;t^ ^t^lH ^RS "Q 'SS^Igs f=5ii -^^ 

^S^^ C^SCJT ^C3 ^3(f^^ ^tm ?1^fl Ti'^^sr 

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^5tc^ C^ C^Fi^I IC.^ ^iSit^ >^ ^t^J v8 ^ti^l 

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^^"W ^irlfl^r, CJit 1%^ 4^151 f^'[fl^ ^^511 
^ c-!i. f^if^tt ^'t?itcw^ lic^^w? ^lr^ 

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^tftc?^ i^':''! c^? f tetter ^ttf^ffi ifl, c^^^ 

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^ cnuni, ^Tfr%;, 'siftfNs, ■"t^, ^ff^ii, <5iftwfi 

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?t^c^ ^fe^^, f^gwi^i 'g^*!^ ?m«(t^:« nts 

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f^gfl?i ^?^ itc^i? 5^^ t%!:^<3 ^^^i:^ ?t^1 

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^|i:^ R«rt5I 11t^, NC^ffWif ^5t^? I^g 






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R^t^ f^^ft^l ^f? TtCTI? 5^^ f^siC^ 

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^tiiT? »i^?t«i ^^c^ n^ttf ^rt^Titf^, ^^^ c^ 

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^1^t?1 Cyi^^^t ^flXvS Ti^'S ^^cl ; ^t?^ ^^ 

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^t^^ ; *9^°v *tlUf ? C5i| ^^ f^^ Rf ^?? ^^ 

^US ^«t5I« g;^ ^tC^ 511, ^t? ^tftlf ? ^°vC*I<l 

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«ic? ^fl?f?ic^? ^?7l td? ?1^ ^Q nift 


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o5 «it*f^ ^^ ^»!:»t^ sf?j f^ ^f^?]tff?f I '^n 

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^t^t^ ji"5j5 n^^t f^ 5itf?f5i « ^t^!:^im 
f^lft ftf'<^ ^?!:^<i-«i ^^t^ m\^ ^it^i <ii^? 
f^?i*ft^ « '^wt^^ c^rt^cvf^ Rt^^°t >ii^? ^in^ 

:^!:^?r tw*i I 

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c^^ ^f^ffc^ c^it 'lit I *f^«t^ ^m ^f^^t 

cif« mt ? ^f^ «nt^ ^^^ Tf^j ^'^^t?ii= 

^]i¥t?, i£i^^ \si^t^ n^^ c?»i?i!f ^jtm^ici I 
f^^ ^f ifj-^i^ ^^ f^t^ ^rairl ^t^ 1^^ 
'^'^ ?f^, 'SC^ C5i ^^'gj c^i^iti! Ji^t'»rt cxclsfn:^ 

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ftra^l «rt:a^^<l ^ll^l c^i -^-^^ ^t'^\ cm, '£\^i 

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^. \5«t5? trat^ ^fS^rl «It''t^ ^3 ftf^Lfi;;?, 5l^<ir 

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^rlm "^r?^, 5c^^ ^?f 5% ^t^ ■siR't^ ^?j 
c c^it^ ^^^ HC^ I f^^ f ri ^"^ ^H ^^ ft^1<i 

^ft^i "Sim ^f^ « 11°^ '^'^ ^^. <^^ "^^"^ 

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t «"R^ --lilal^ ^'^t^'f ^ ^^^ ^1^:^ ^tfCS ^1^1 

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^ic^ ^f?c^^, ^fi ^^"61 \?i ^^ 1^ ■^'ll 
twt^ ^l"^!^ «^15{i:^ ''11^ ^fscsiJi ^1 1 

>^^''r^ti*f ^l^n ^t?t^ Tf^^ c»tt^ « ^?tc¥ 
Tit^l ^f^^t^ ^w ^t?t^ f^^c^ ^1^51. "^hu^ 

c?f«rc?iJT, f^i ^t^tc^ fBrsTc^ ''itf^:^^ ■^l 

i^pTtf^Cci^l *'fC^ Jfl^ ffR 'Q Tft^ ^tf^ ^t^^ 
if?^ ^fsiCs© ^fJi?i1 ^tr^C^I^, "ot? 1C^ C^5 Wgt 

ftr^ ^t?t^ ^"tc^ f^?tsi^t^ 5(t ^^^ ; 

^t?i f^i fff^ ^.^^i^ ^c?, ^t^ ^i^fc^ ^i^i- 

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i. c^ilJII Cf\ 5]5l SjSI^^ Wic^? ^^1^ ^^ ^C5 ^l| 

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^i ^t^1 ^^^ 31t"^f®^l ^C?. fV^ <5t^ ^I^C^l^l 

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<5rt^ti "sn^^ 5fi:?ra ^t^ irt^n ?tf c^c^ i 

^f^ ^t ^t^ =^^ ^Tiif I 
c^ v£ii^c«i [5S'?i] c^t^rt^ t^^ct ^tf^ ^f^ 

'TW^I 'sif^l-^m ^1^ ^c^, vstf t^l 'st^tt ^1t^ I 
» ^t^ ^■i^ii ^^^tt^ f^^l ??r, 

f 0. T.«^281 433 

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vs^*! c^»tf^5tc'i^ tr^ «ir ??i I 

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f^Ivft^ f»f«^«) ff^%^ ?^ I 

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^t^t^l fsuarsi f^-^'% ^?r. c^^ fg^i ^irg ^1 1 

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« ^fH^ Cel1^ ^I5f^ "(^ ^t^ C^pC^f, 

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^^t:a^^W^ 5^ 5f C5. f f^JJC^ f^t^ ^c^ I 

^«ii'^ ^ni Ji^*tr%'iR^^ Ts ■*itns ^^ "aril's 'tI i 

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pmr'f ^tfjic^i cstit^ »i^t ^t^^ 'fl I 

mi<i n^^i c^Rt^ ^r?* "ftr^c-5 «itf^c^ I 

^fsi 1^1 <S^, ^t^'Rt^ ^^ ^tf^i^l ^t«I I 

^f? ^Rt^ f^ntf ^t^ ^ifjIR 3 ^t^, 
8 M'^^ 7\^*\f^'!{\L^ ^1 IJ^5l ^lll^ f®«C?I 

^^°tTI Z?RtM ^tlt^ f^t^ CSf^Tf I 

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•> ^'Rt^ «fti ^t?t '=^*f ^r^c* ^-a^, 

^t^tt ^tlt^ ^ft^ ^^J-SiSI ??5I I 

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^tim ^r^tti f^ a, ^rf?^ ^|t« itf^ f 

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5t f^l ^19 ^I^Rl^ ^t^ g^ ??, 

^"si ^tc^i 'St?! ^^R ?tc« ^m\ ^H \ 

5S> C§-s[\H ^fl^^ ^Unt® ^f^^, 

f»fTt^ If^l^ff^ C^ll T^CSI^ ^t^f^l ^f^ ; 
^» ^l^t^l "SjAjt'It ^?tra Sif^S ^fcf, , 

CT'^ItC^ ^tftc?! ^t?tl1 ?®H ?|5l I 
C^tsitW? iiWr« ?tC5 ^t5it^ 5fg c'S? C(i«, 

^8 ^RK^ f«n^l W«, ^1R ^^^^ ^t^ ; 
^« ^t^I ^t^J C'^^^ ^^ I 


* ; ^«| — It'; ^« 1 ] 



cst^tcw^ ^^^ f^^^Ti ^rlc^ I 
^b 4«R ^5t^ ^[m\ ^Nt^ >2(r« ^i§ ^?i, 

f^^ ^tra fit ?tTl1 <1C5. 2t«t3 n^^ 'Sltfl 

c^^ ^?¥^ ^rac^o «iftf<F I 

^tira -211% CNstlt^ ^it *lf®C^. f^^ ^iFl ^?- 

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^8 ^^ ^R iiw "^c^f ^iifc^ f Rtr ^^, 

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5« ^l^tC^ 'Sltlt^ '2111 '^fJlC^fSf Etc?, 

Ftff m ; 
'Slt'ltC^ ft®, C-<Fil5Jl ^(Ift^ ^1^ pit|Jl^<^ I 
' :*» ^^ fV C^, ^R ^t?tC^ 5l^R ^[51 ^?, 
C^, ^t^f^ t^lC^ C^RI^ I^T ^C^S, 

«i|^? i^r^r^ fjff^ ^t^f^ ^t^l-s^l ^^ ? 

5J> ^R ^^ -eFt^i ^w 5tc5 ^[''R ^t mt^!:^??! ? 
^R c^^ m^^\l^^ c«mf^ »i^^ ?Ff^irtf ? 

^i ^fsf «]RI^ «I«(^ ^^1 ^^ 5(1 C^5l ? 

^f^ I^C^ ^RIl 'Sic^^t ^flc^^ f^^ X5]tpi 

^f^I ^S ^1 ^f 71<FfT ^f%^ ? 

C^t^It^ ^I^I^ ^t^J «I5^ ^i&^R<i ^fc^ ? 

srf? f%f5( vst^ifff^^ ^?tc?^ ^'jc'^^ ?c^ Jii^n 
« f fsi^ 'iftf ^"^vs ^'^ci^ ^t^^i ^?, 

^C^ f%r5T v£i«i5(,s c-sRt^ lRi^^5itf5tC^, 
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s> C^^^\ ^tl^l ^fj^l^ Cclt^, T'Vgt ^[R 5(1 ; 

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^r^ic^ 5n ? 

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^•!H "^^ ^^^ ^Ct^ IC^ 'S^ ^T1 I 

>« ■^t?i?i ^^^(.^ ^i^m '^[% C7\t ^^mi[ c^t ^f^ ; 

^^tRC^^ ^1*t1 f^5i| 5^ I 

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[ V ; ^^59— ;i ; Ofi-t 

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*^ mf^ h"^^ SftR, ^t?lt ^"^ ; 

^«c^ n^g ^<ii\<i Sim] §t?tc^ ii^tl^Q ^^ w's 

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5i af«r, f^R ^mt^ Jii,^ ffifl ^K ^tR ^t^tc^ 
c^r^u5 nit ^1 ; 

j^ w«r. f«f^ ^r^fi ^^, c^ ^t^tc^ f^^t^i ^rac^ ? 





















'siiTt^ stfsTlfl^ ^tc^ n^r^ ^f^cvs ^^ I 

^tR ^ff^C?! ^r^St"^ f^P^ ^^? C5f^, 

^«^tf^ f^R cq ^I5ft^ ^i:^ ^fnT« ^c^^, wWs 

f^tC^^ ^'^n ^t^. C^ 'SJW^ ^W ^^ R111 

^fW-Q 'SttR fri^ ^1, \5t^ ^Tt^ ^i5?i«'r3 

^ffsi 1^, ^t^t^ etti 5it^ ^r^ ^\, 
^f'Rt^ ^^c^ ^frn 111 ^tc^f I 

Ji^cif ^5 Ji^rt^^ vstt «IIR ^!%, 

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^R f^c^tc^^ nf\w\'^ ^\w ^ftc^sj I 
^f«lfi ^#Ri ^=3 Ji^r^« ^t^rRf, 

c^i?R t^5i ^'f^ ^tiiffj^ snt^ ^tPi?n nt\? I 
^r? ^r^, ^tR f^^it'i ^f^^i ?fiH 

^Sftf^t ^I5ft^ ^^^ ^«lt^ ^IR ^«, 

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'^Mi'^t Cfflft ?tca 5|c^, 

\»c^ c^5t ^«ii nf^sR -^m t 

^<nf*1 ^R ^Rc^ cy^t^t^ lir ^flli:^. 

C'l, "5t?l^ ^ft^ >i5^^ f^DNlTR ^[^C® *ttR ; 
'5lRtW^ IC'IJ >il^Jl C^1^ I^J? ^1, 

f^^^ ®ilit^ ^^^ ^Ics "^i-^^H ^ ^1 ^^^, 
c^?!^ ^tr^ ^^i:^ ^t^ ^f^ I 


^ <5Itf5l ^ti^ 5tr.«ra ^«n ^^^d •^^, 

« C5tft? 'srti f^ 'if^i^ 'Slip ^t?i ? 

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'siWa ^ttc't^ w^^'\ ^f^Ji^i ? 

'Slt'If^ ^^\^ ^'^'W ['^f^^\x.^]. ^ItfH ^f5l 

• 5C ^!R •^fff ^§ f ?, ^W^ Tf-^N ^i:^ ; 

i-i v^pt ^t^ri^ "RnficvB ^^^ jj^^jf 5it#1 ^''ff^^ 
^t^t^ >2tf^ ^t'[5Tt? i^^T% Ttsi^r^ ; 

^^^ ^\5^ t^l^sfSI ^W^ -^tf^ST I 

'sitfi ^115 '2(tn^rtt ^r^^t^, ^t^T^« ^5^9tt^ 


^^ CJit cw^ c^^ ^^^t?, I%fira5i?, 

5s :s 

* (Ti ) f%^ i^fsi ^w? f?«r c^tr 1 

'^^ T?tf^ f^ f^l? ^^ CXf^m ^(^C^ 5(1 ? 
fsf^ C^mf^ ft^C^ ^t^^ ■Q^ ^7^^ 

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^^5 f tc^^ ^r^t^ nf^jj^ ^f«(^ I 

io ^fsj ?ifff ^n^t^ f5^ f^^ ^^, 

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[ ^^; -iV— ^O; ^4 J 

val^ctfa ^tiii) ik^l 5tc^, 

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i8 CTf^. f^f^ ^if^^i c^f^ic^i ^t? ?ti5i ■srfTi ^, 
f^f^ T^^ic^ w^ ^rac^ ^^ ^^1 ^t?i ^ I 


^i f«fj{ ^^t<:W"3 ^"[C^ ^55^ l;tf?!?l1 C^Tf, 

^vs fsR ^if^?iic^ ^m^, m^u f^^'t'^ ^n^^. 

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vfit jj-^ci '^^c'f '^f^r[\ ^i%nif5 i 

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i8 ^ifsi c^^ «]Rt^ ^rt'vJj wc"^ sr^i ^f^^ ? 

^1^1^ ^cwi "^r^^, • 


^O : Vii—^a J 'J I ] 



f^% ^\i]n z\ii:^ ^t*t^ 'fr.*^^ ^M'^ ^f^^ I 
c^?R^ *fl^^ ^t^t^ ^^i:i ^itcJi III I 

"^r?C5f ^IR ^^^^ ^tfl >2(l*f SlW '^fli^ I 

^. ^pq c^^^ ^5^1 ^i^j 'sit'it^ 'Sff^ ^r<i's ^1, 

fV^ ^IR ^»n ^r?^, ^R ^1^ fff^ I 

c^j^ ^R[c^ c^Ri^ "*i:^ ^rm\ ^m^^ ? 

^R f¥ «^ ^1^'^ ^l\5^1 "^fWl ? 
^^tC^ C^~t^C5?3 ^'t^tC«l?l ^^C^l^ ■^ttc^5 ; 
511^ ItC-if ?i^T <i'tP^ICa^, 

^b- «rtR ^ii%?i ^ira« ^^^ ^1^, 

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'SIRICA C«R(^ ^C5f f^ fkBlLH ^rfiic^ ? 

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^t^til c^R^ *tt«ri^ ^«t^ ^tc^ ^ I 

Tift ^^ ?t^l if^^l ^t^ ; 

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c^ *ft^ ^111^ w^mn in 5?i I 

^R 'Sit^R 5^fC4^ '2tr^ 11 fit ^r%^ I 

i>5. f^:^ v£i^ ^R ^Rt^ "Ktf f^gt^ ^fnCsl ; 

^R ^W^ '^m[^ ^iftTTt ^(r«tc^5 1 
rjb- Ji^jf ^^^ «'(f^fi1 ng^^ ^, 

:s 5tsi nt^ttt^« "^^l "Win, 

^'t^ta ^511 ^R^ ^i% ^Jit^^n ?i^5t ^t^ ; 
^^5^ ^R IC^H 'sir'TI ^^ ■^f^c^i I 
^» %^^ fB^^i:^ 'si^tc^ *t^twii ^rat^^, ^t^li:^ 

^IR ^t?t^ ^Cl^ f^^t^ <Fni¥| ^^t!.^ f5 

^t1ic^5 I 
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o c7t f^ ^^i^ ^«iti f^^ttf ^nc^ ? 
c^W^t «st«(^ c^sW^ n^c^ ^iti ff c^ci \ 




[ \>C J b— "i* ; ^«l 

c^tTt^ Jif?^ c^t^^ '^tm^ f^ ^^ ? 

5^ ^f^ v5 ^"^c^? fw!:^ c«t^t^ ^tm t%^t|i?5f , 
is ^rsi fV a, CT ^f^ ?^:^ ''ftc^ ? 

^tf^ ^r?i wf^^tfl ^si^i '2t5t^ ^r^<r I 
^t^titr3 1WJ '^''t^ c^i^ ^1 ^f^^ ^ I ) 
"1t1%^ ^'jra f^^H^ vst^tc"^ ^I3F1-1 ^r^ I 
^« (71 '^twi^ c^lit^ ^'1 ■^^"3. ^^, ^f^l c^W^ ? 

■^^t< nn^ ItSrt^ ^t!I v»t5l^ f^C^ "21^51 S|?l I 
^* GT ^5!J^^ ^t^l ^t^t^ N^C^ Ctf^fec^t^ ; 

^b- CJI ^n "^f?!^ ^'^^^ ^^t^^, 

5s Ci^ t(^ ^tc^ HI, ^t^^t^ 3T=«ir^ «Jtr^C^ sfl ; 
^^. C7J ^^<pt^ ^|C"5 <£f^tH ^fflC^ 511 ; 

(^ ^sfRl ^M f^'^tc^ ^1%?1 ^t^C^ I 
C^H1 'Sleft^^stt ^t?t^ C^^s^ ^t^ ; 

«^ 'sr^t^ ^RcT^ ^c^t ^151 niii^Tt'f ^tc^, 

«« ^tft^l 'Sifill 5tu| Jft^l ^C^. 'SlSJtH fifl^ ^C?» 
^ 'Srifsf 'il^n 'StC^I^ ^?|1 v!sfil!irf€ ; 

f f^ ^if ra 311^ I's^ ^wii ^fl?ri^ I 

^Tt^ y*[^ ^i^t? f^^ ^itc'SCf , ^i^it^ ^51^^ 

^''tt^ '21111 fffCvJC^ I 

OT * 'sjliTs '2ff^» ^^ ^1 ^f^^rtc^, 

'Sll'lt^ f^^'^ 'SllTt^ fWC^ 5^ ^«^^<^C^ I 

io cfitc-^ '»i1it^ f^^^:^ '^< tf^^t ^1 ^ra, 

vst^t^i '^I'lt^ f^^t^ ^''I'l^ ^ I 
a ^'?5 'sitltc^ ^?j|fl^ ^ti? m^'\ "^c^Jf, 

i^ ^>tf^ »tim!:^ fell, f^fi? 'siliti:^ "stf^^iUtif, 

* ( Tl ) f«f=T...^fi|llrt5'T...^C^ I 


^^ ; ^8— ^V; 5^0 l] 

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:8 t%f^ ^c^^ *t^ ^5^ ^^1 ^ff tC^ ^tt ^t"^^, 
f^fjf fl^^<^ ^tsft? f^^C^ CvftlMl ^t|;CJR I 

^T^t^i ^rsjt^ 5^^ ^t^t^ ^'R^ ^ICf ; 

^srt? ^|5it^ s[\i^ H«^ I 

^o ^^1^ fsu^^i ^RtC^ f^^n TC^ ; 
^^c?^ ^c'vtcf ^^ra 5=^ ^ajpTt^ -^i^ ; 

^ 1 ^^^ ^tll^ f^R^ «^^ I 

>» m^ ^f^, ^fl ^^t^t^ ■¥^, 

C^Wt^ ^Cl ^ftf ^R1<1 '2!f%f ^« ; 

^^ c^ ^!:§ c-q, '©rlTt^ ^t;:^ ^\^ fmm ? 

<fe ^R ^RtC^ C^It^tff^ ^1^'=^? ■^f^ttW^, 
C^ItC^ "^f^R ^C'sr I'lC^Cfl, ^Ttf^ lil^Iil ^|5iR I 

^t^R ^^\w wma w\^ ^^\i^ I 
npiwi f^^c^ f^c^t^ ^c^f^3 ?t?rt ^il^^ I 

5 1%1 C^R^1 1^C=1 'il'SR 1%f?Hl ^tt^, 

5 i ^t^R ^t^ ^, ^RR ^f%^R ^^^^ "St, 

^RR 1C-5fl^«f ^'^^ ^t ^Tlt^I I 

^8 ?(fvf ^w.-^ ^m\ tif^, ^ff ^RRrnNSj, 

-^^l.-^ ^fsTTTl ?rtfV, ^f^ «ll5ft^ Tf«1 ^ ^R^l ; 
b« vsC^ ^RR ^Kt C^RR ? 

i* ^t^l ^tvstC^^ ^"SM 1^1^ J^lR^i "fitlc^, 

^ c^tiwt ^^ Tt^ ^t^j ^fw.o wm ^\^im^^ ? 
^ ^R^l f^ Hm ^t^^"^ ^f'T^ ?t^tff. 

C^RlW^ ^^U5 ^«f5 ^?llf^ ? 

C^Rt^ iRfsi^ T% 'Jf'fft ^Iin ^?t ^!tR ? 

'e»t?i!;T fV ^Ti^ ^ti"^ ^i^ ^tlc^ ? 

\3(^R ^r?r^ f*t«n irc^si ^^ i 

^tlt^ ^'ff^^ 'Sl^n iRR^I ^C^ I 

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CTJ t?t*f-^CcI^ ^^^ ffTTl ^^I ■^C^ I 
^5t^^ ^^ ^C?f ^^ ^Tt^l ^tC5 I 

f^nvf ^t?t^ 'itc^ ^^f^^ «jtfViR I 

^^R CWlS ^s^?I ^t?t^ Ti^t^ ^^l "^RC^ ; 
i8 cJi ^M^ ftttJT-l?l NStl^^lt^s ^Wll^^, 

^l?R ^t^tt^ ^^ W^\^ ^t|?R I 

ji ^[?{ff ^icn© ^r^? "^r^ ^^ ^^c^. 
'^c^r <R^5 ^t?R ^R ^r^c^ ^ I 

(R 1°^R ?tc^ f^^lfeva ^f C^ I 

^t?R -2fTtJi-iti:^ c^?t ^f*(l n\f^i^ 5fl. 




[ ^V; :i^— Vo J b«l 

^c^j^ ^rt^tc^ ^titc^ ^< ^rl;:^ ? 
^ <ii| ?»nt^ «itit!:^ fs^'^t^ ^f^^tf ; 

^W^ f^C^ 'Stt^t^ StR^ C^t^Ctl fffC^ ? 

«» '4^51 ^I^T, ^'^^ ^ttt^ 'Stf^ ^?rt^ ^r^nttl'?, 

1 Ctf«F, ^IPr ^^t^'^l^^ ^^"^ ^f^, ^^^ *[tt ^1 ; 

m^m^ ^r^. r^^ ft^i^ ^f c=«c5 511 1 
i»f^R Ftf^rifc^ ^mm ^ir ^Mc^^, ^tf^j 

f%f^ fli'^l stu ^1'tt^ ^t'^t^ ^^^ ^f^^tci^ I 

ii t%R ^Rt^ nfc^ cg^K smfci^ ^fetc^iT, 

i \ ^ t^t^ ^^^ J5^?i ^'^m'^ ^ti^c^cf , 
vst^t^i ^r^it^ f^^c^ ww^ iifmsiw, 

i« f^H 1^ isirsR'stc^ ^tii f Ic^ ^.i[ <\\m]r.^^, 

is ^t5[f?i ^^^1 ^i^iic^ ^ii9f ^r^5tc^, 
^tit^ fe^*i ^Ric^ f f^TJi Ntiic^ I 

'Si'tftf^C*^ ^t5 ^1^ ?FC^, 
i<l> Wt^^ tft^C"^ ^ffX C^I ^tltC"^ ^%n c??i ^, 

ii ^tit^ f^'^t^ "^i^t^ ^t%(? ^fni), 

^tft^ ^1^=?^ ^tlt^ J^C^ttf^^CH^ ^f«t^ I 

^tfi ^t^cci ^\^m otitis f^^c^ ^?{i ^c? I 

iS '51111? ^^? TfCcl ^5ltl[C^ ^11 ^«, 

^tt^lC^ ^r^^ ^llll "SR^ ^15T 'iltl^ ! 

^4 f^ ^f^ w\t^. ^^U ^%^1 #K<; ; 

f^f^ CfC^ ^[^H Sic? S@?I1 ?tv5ltC^5l I 
^4. ^t? ^tll? ^^ Si^W-'^ f?^l ^tcSI *f?, 

^j' c^m\ ^r^ ^, ^151^1 c^si^i ^r^?[i s^tiiT 

^tit? ic«a 511 f^ \?i'5'^ '■rt^Tii ^p, 

c^5?5{i «jc95i^ ti\Q c;sFl5(5i5j . 

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'sil^t? ^f% 5tc^ ^tm ^11tc^ Si? C^f^ft^ I 
8 i^R f^ t^i ^t^T ^1 c?, TR51? 'srt^^Nf'f. 
^[^^(.■^ l^c^I? it1^1?f«f, 

*iiic?? ?^ r^ic^i^it^^tfr ? 
* 'sl^t? 1^1 ^r^f ^l^t*f n%^ Sd, 

Nct^t? 1^^ ^r«r <-1^ '=^1'^ ?^^-?. 

1 ^sftfl cjj ^1151 f?^1? ^U f5?^i:? f?;?! ^c? ; 
^t5t?1 ^^U?? ctff^'^. ^t^t?l ?Ric?, c^ c^t?rf!i ? 

CTi ?1fcs^l^1^ 5i'^'-^? 5Jt? ^f]f-^ ^tc? I 

» C^ ^^ 'St^tCT Ctif^it^, CI 'Sit? ClfT%? Tl, 

^i5i? ?tii?i'^ ^1? ^i^tc"?? c?r«fc? 5ji I 
^t?t? 5^ ^1^1? 'i'^r^ r^?tt5i ff c^ I 

ii ^t5t? 'sif^ c^'t?;:^!? c^.Bf ir?'i<, 
f^ ^t?t? Jif?^ ^t^t^ ^?it?i »t?^ ^c^ I 

-?, ^^iiH ^1^ ^^t? ^c-»t f?!! ?ilC9f, 
«it? OT ^151 fsi^t? ^°tc5 ^?Jtt?l ?tc<r, 

f^^ ^C'^ta 1«J ?ir«I?11 dfU ; 

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^o J ^8 — ^^ ; ^Vl] 

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>8 ^?itf^ ^t^r^ ^^ ^ftr^ f9t?i1 nf ^ ^, 
^'^ ^\IH ^5f^ ^tc^ ^^ ^f^^ ^RC^I I 

CT HW 5Rf ^"^[^ ^*prtr3 ^Rittf ^ftc^ ^1 1 

^«i;^« 7^unn 5^ ^t^tiT^ ^f^g^i ^Rji?i I 
r-3 G\ ^m f^sf t??^ «i5 '^r^'^^ ^^' » ^^. 

^5t?t^ fl^ ^|C3 5^^C^ ^ttl5t H# V, 
5'i ^f^r? SR^'l't Ti^ffll ^Tf^R Tifi^^ ^u^ 

^t^t^ ^ti^:^ ^^f*tl ri"^5it ^"Ji ■^Rc^ I 

^!»' ^f?t^ ^1^5 T^'^f^ ^rs5i TTtic?^ 

'Sltll'^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^-^ ^ C^l{ ? 
e C5t1<11 'siRt^ Sff^ f^ff^l ^^, ^^ ^^, 
C3t1tC5f^ ^i:^ ^ta C5f<3 I 





















8 80 

^t^ttw^ ^t^ "I friges', ^5^f^«, 

^t^f^ ^\'^ ^l*t^ f'l^fffnc^ c'si^'llceTa wH 

^otft^l ^^?l 'Q ^t'tl ^t?T ^C?, 

'aTtfn ^f?(^1 t'^^C^ ^C^, " ^R ^tltCtf^ f^^"^: 

■^t^i ^tt^i c^Ri^ ^9i ^\r^u5 Ftfl =n I 
^t?t^ ^tcw «2rt<^ ^r>.?i ^R[w?i f^ cii^ ?" 

^^ Tt^ ^IW? qtftn R^tt ^?{ ? 

^^ ^t^ ^t^t^:?^ <2if« N'iff ^c^, 

^Tx [^^] C^tC^C ^?IJT Cf»I ^^^ ^C^^ 
\s(?l ^t^s ^ft^, 

^st^? f^csf^ 5^ ^\m f^n C?^^, 

v5^ fjjsr ^t^ ^c^i \st5t^ f^ m^t^ «rtf%t^ ? 
c?R f^ t-^^c-^ ^R f*t^i f^c^ ? 

CT5 7i'^< ^5i^R ^^%n m\ 

^^t^ ^t^ ^"^^ ^c^ *tfij«2^'f, 

^\H C^^ ■^ -Sf tCl f%^ ?|?I1 5ICW, 

t?1<5l ^^ra TISJ^K^ ^^it^ *t!l^ ^?, 

^^CIJ "<FtL^ ^lE^S 5TI I 

CVtI. ^tR CvaRfCW^ f5^ TI^cj ^ffiT, 

'SItira n^C^ C^|5ltW5 ^^f?l ^^^ 7i^5T Sitpf 


«. f^tc»i^ f^5f ^l^]^ w^ ^r^^ ^5, 
«i ^r^rg ^\^^ ^t^ra ^-i*^ c^ ^^ ^rli:^ ? 

^t^t^ *!i^'« ^Rt«iT cfii^ vs;^^ fl^ I 

^i^U I 

[ V^ ; ^»— <0 J -bl 


^?? nc^D^ '5tt''Rt?il ^''i^tfr ^g I 

8 fsR T> CvStlt^ "^WA^ Cvstllf^ 'Sl^C^t'Jl ^t^^, 
CTlt ^?J !> CxsRI^ JiR© n^tC^ ^%^ ?^ ? 

i^c^r^ it^t vsf^tra ^R ^r^^ I 
i J ^si^i^t^ ^t¥tc5. fR corn's *rttc^5 Tl, 
^^¥ic^ «ittf^T]1 fsfn f^ *rRsi ?Fi:^^ ? 

i"! ^tft^t tT^'^ ^ffl^, ^IlKW f^^^ ^CvS f^ 

^. "Ji^t ^-Wc!!^ ftn^^i f^^i ^t^tcw, 

^r^ ^Ccl ^^5T C^Rt? TICW ^IRC^ I 
^8 i^tii ll^t ^T^^ ^t«r. 

^1 ^^t^ ^tc5 f^iif^ •^f^:^, f^r^ cstTt^ ^11 

f f^ ^MVJ 5lt^;5 51^5} «l;<^^ « 
C^Tt^ ^tC**! ^"^f^ ^C5Tt^ -£t?R -fPim I 

^ -V ^^ Iwt^ ^(S^ ^R^ ^fe^I^T, 
^ <5itrsi« «f|;it^ f^cft't vita ; 

« ^rt^ I ^fff ^151^ ^cvi 'ittc® ^tf^, 
?jf? ^tf R '^wmi fR^c^ ^itc^ *tt^, 

8 "Sm <B)lf?l ^T?H ^"^C^ ^msi f^5\<i R^fl ^R^, 

* (ti) ^r^u?:^ I 


\>0; *\ — K(i ; \\] 

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'> ^««rt^ JR^F c^rf^ ^t^ if^ f^5t^ "^uus ^ttr?, 

Ittc^ tt1% I 
*^ cw«r, ^srtfii ^s^ ^t, f%^ f^f^i ^?it^ ^\t, 

» ?t^^T^ ^1, -^"^ t%m Ttir ^c^^, f^i ^ft^ 
f^ wf^i f?c^ 'sit^WcT c^rft^ ^^'f, 'srtf'i 
i. v5«rt5 1%R ^^ «i^fV^ 'fr srk^. 

n ^t^ 'S^r^^^ 'srt'Ssi ^^ ^tfi ^^t^'^ ^ ^rt^, 
f%H ^t^ tB5l, Nsi^t ^c?^ I 

i« i£i| -^t^i ^tfjj ^t?f^ JTi^tc^ fi^^ ?t i 

s Q 'W'tfeit'? ^c^ c^^ 5115 f^Tf f^i^ 55 ^rl ? 
^ c^ cw^ ^ysR 'srtf^r Ji^t^Trl cw^, 

^t^t^ f^«(^n c^t^ ^^T ^tc^ I 

cw^ ft^frc^?1 >5c^Tt!:^ g;^tt?i «lti^ i 
« cw«f. ^mi. ^^^^ Ji^c^? ^t^ 

^t^t^ P{^ ■'Ftir f'RI 5ttC7l? ^C^l ^C^ ; 

1 ^^t^tc^ ^5i5f ^t!i1 ?tr:5 ^1?? "^1% 

^r^ ^1 •fc'gr^ '5ili5 ^?Ji -^c? I 

5 5 ^\K\ ^'^\UR "SrtftC^? i%NSC^ t^S\ 2t^^ TC?, 

¥t^1 ^l^ "^f^^ll v^t^ ^ I 
i^ CSTtrrfK ^9t^5{C5fI C5TtC^^1 cfW^, 

5^3 v5l^^ ^^rt^-f^c^tCtcw? vff[|^, 

cJi ^c^r, w[^\<\Q ^^ ^t^rc^ c?Nc^ ntt^;^ ^1 ; 
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cfc»f v5-t^|!:tf^ ^'V^^ "fff'St^ ??, 

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[ VC } o— Vl^; 'Of 


« ^t^^ tfj^tf^r fJF f f^l ^^ ^ t 

^U ftf^ ^t?t^ ^"fc^ ^\ ^^ ? 
8 vsi^ t'^c^^ ^tcw i^j c^i^ ^Ii5l ff\H^ ^c-^ ? 

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'sil^R c^^ ^t^l ^t?1 ^(^"« ^C^^T I 

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^t^R ^'^C^ '5i^K<F «it^t^ ^c^^ I 

^ ^^^ ^'^c^^ f^^j— f^f^i '«rtlt^ f^Ft^ ^5ti? 

«iiit^ f^^i fii^i^ni ^?5i^«i -^u^-^ ^\ I 

«iti <rtr^« «iifi ^tn^ f^^^ ^rti ^fH^ ^\ I 
«itri ^r^^ «*rtf^c^ ^tit^ 5R ^iwtc^ fwt^ 

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i« ^1 C^f^ t'?^ 5|C^ vflt ^1^ *ltll, 

5 4 ^t^t? «i^f*li:|?11 5itf| ^t^l ■!^^^% ^%m ; 
56 cJi ■^r>« ^R^ ^tu C^VlJ T^^ ^c^, 

f^c^r^ c^l c^Vtj U'^i'n ^f^m ^itc^ 1 

5 a CJ1 «(^ 5t5l *t^5[ ^t^.Y^l Jlt^Cl^ ^C^ Tl ; 
^» SjcltlPI^ ^1^ ^t^l vst^K^ ^1:5^511 ^f^; 

^51 "^^t^ ^^l^ 'Sl^tC^ ^C^ RC^n ^C^ I 
5^=^ [^'^^] ^t5t^ ^'tC^ ^11 '«Jt^ ^fWC^, Ifilt 

^fcl* £1^^ ^tC3 niq i-ltNSTII TT[?I I 
^^^tf^ « g^T55tTltC^5 C^ IT^I ^-tN^ «ltC^, 



Kh^l 8 — 5.:); ^o I] 



8 ^?t?l TtJiiH ^rreii 'sii^^ «R5T <Fc?, 
^t^'t^ ^c^ft^t^ c^ «irlr ^1^1 ^^«« ^ I 

ir Tf«?t 'l^^l ^t^ f f%« "^C? ^\% 

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fvi-jci ^^<^ sst^r^ Jii^j 511 ^ I 

^« «l«-il^ «i^ C^fll ^^iS ^ffCJI ? 

^i ^t^ Jll^ 31^°1^ «1^^ 6^ ^C^ 'e% 

^11^1 '^^c^ ^t^t^ ^"lli smtfl I 

^8 C^-^^\ fvsR ^r«i{fl^ >2ft^ '^^ Gft^R, 

^« fsR "^l^R ^1^?I ^^^ n^n«1 "^^CciST, 
^«R 'irsilt'i ^t^l Si's! ''if^fl* ^f^Ccl^T, 

^* T{«!^ f^R ^ita f^^^ f^mi ^r^c^i^f. 

^f^i ^fni "^r^c^^. ^t?t^ mi^'Q "^HWi i 
ctf^l, >£f^^ ^-^5 sim\, 

^fel ^tC^ J^r^Ul ^f'£^l^ ^jlt^5^ I 

c^Ri *l^Tt^ fff^^i^tc^ ff^rtf, ■^«R ^^ 
'srfircT C5~ir> fifcsi I 
« ^«m 'sttit^ ifri^ ^^fc^ ^i^r^ «tiffn ^[%5, 

^^«^ ^? i^m ^R(^ ^ft,^ ^^? «ru>^ ; 

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«IRt^ JI^R^fl Wtlt^ Flf^lTfC^ fk^ I 

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51^ ^Wa ^[^ 'St^ ^r^sif, 

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^R!C^ afr%51 5"^ IT ^tC^ JIT^ ftf^ I 

i« ^l^tl^ ^t%^t? ^[It? ^^fC^ ^Mffl ; 

^Rra ?!rt5^^i •^irl^if 'S S^^^n i%t i 

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^f^sR ; 

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11^ ^tra ^iit? tRtu r»if»i? «rtc^, 

^» 'SlRt^ C'fl\^^ ^RfCo 5iC4^ »i[l-^, 
^Rt^ «(^^ ^RR ^^ ^^^If « ?5 I 



tnN 1 

f ^:i ; ^^ — O^ ; «il 

^i c^itc^ 'sifltit "^t^l «f^, fit^fl ^f^^, 
5ra ?rt^ vst^tcw? ^nm c^\^\ c^lti *ffe^ i 

^« 'St^Tal C^^ itiJ, Cv55ff5J ^t^t<l Slt['^\ ^fW5 ; 

c^ c^ ^^ sfiJ ^"il f^^tii ^f^^ I 
tJj^r?^ ic«g c^PR «it5i1, c^f^ ^^tlfV^, 

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8 vst^rsi c^t:^ f^^c^ mt^ »rt^ ^c^r, 

CWl CFK^. C^f^ (3tC^ vst^tC^ *r*6t^ *i«5t«. 
^f^^ "Q "^W^^ ^C^ ^t^l ^C? I 
f ^t^l ^«fw^ Jl^R, '5l''tWt<bT? 51^1?, 

i» vTt^l ^Wc^ ^m "^ci, "siNt ?lcv» T^ «Jtf:¥, 

5i f^U ^ ^t*"!^ ^^ If^^l '^if tc^ ^^ ^raiifti^, 
vst^t^ «itit^ Jil^tc^ ^5ini c^f^^l WJlt!:^ I 

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^oi?ra it«o 'sjt'ii? ^^tc^ ^tf^Tii -stislf ^1 'Ira I 

^%rMl\ fff5^^^? ^tltC^ ^14=1'1 ^f^C^^ I 

it ^tr3<Fli:^ ^Rr^ ^f^ i^cr ^rfji^i -^it^, 
^tlf<5 vfr*!^ Ji^^i ^«I^ f^:il ^^ ^ I 

ib- [C?tC?t^] ^^51 »tr^i:v5 ^tltl nf^B^tf Tlf \5 ??, 

is [f?^ ] «iRtc^ ^c^ itr ^ft^tc^s?, 

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\to ^sitfsi stSfCcii ^c^'^ "^nili^i ^5!5f?i ^cT, 

fir>9^ 'Si^^ ^Rcfi «i^^t^ ^ffjici I 

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s f^r^i f^ ^151 ra n«f Ji^ci ctfc^ III ? 


O^ ; V — O^ J 

>!» I ] 



^lir? ?WTl ^fff 5^^ 'Sl^^^f fl^l ^t^, 
ii C^^l ^(^1 ^'^W '^\^, 

5 3 ^(511? tftJT f^ tf(^ 'SIR rs ^tc^ ^i%i:^N "^1^151, 
^R vsi^fctf? f^5K? ^i5ffij ■!^m\ ^itr'V, 

^r^« ^R?ii mf^, 

^fff m^iii ^^^ Rc^sf ^r?Tii ?itlT, 
5-^ Tir> HR(^ <!rttfT -'1^ «fi|?ii 9itr>, 

C^IR «IRt^ ^tC^ 11^? ^t«, 

^t^sf^^t^ ^ift m^i^ ^n^ra ^r^?itff ; ) 
^(511^ c^ic^^ csrr.i «t?t^ •ntis ^^ ^\ ?t^i «^tt^ ; 

^5 5t^^^1C? f^5i T^^WC^ C^ff^C^ *It«UlCN5, 
'SlITt^ ^(? ^f^ ^fCs ''ifeTll ?tSV I 

^e ^ftf "sitiHf ^f^?il ^(r>, 5T^f ^f^T^tc^ ^r^^l, 
^* ^^ c«tsFP)5 ^rsi^^c^ ctff«iiitf^ 

^rl^li I t 

o. T. 29 J 449 

C^tl ^1% ^51^ vf^ sittCT ^^g ^ lit ? 
-^^ fkcti% 'fCif ^lf^ WR ^f<l^ It, 

«« ^fsi f^ ^tWCI? *^\^ ^fR ^Jl^ JtfVstff ? 

•ilt Oft, ^tlt^ ^t^^; Ji^«ll%?lt^ ^tltl^ 
^^ fff ^1, 

«>!» 'si^-^ ^fsf ^t5i m% ^^7{ ^rl^^ 

'oTlSlt^ ^^1^ ^m^Il \5t^ TtR^ I 

vst^i^ 5^1 ^1 ii^fi ^r> «ifR ^c?, 

8o v5C^ c^iC^rS 'ftR ^«5^ ^'sT^ ^S^, 


'tl? >^ 1%1 ^ t^^t^t^ ^ f^^ '^t^ 

^5;^ 'SrC^l^l 'st^tCtf^ JiTC^I^ ^5',3F5l ^IH^ 

ff 51, 'Sit f^ri twtc^ ^icf ^«ifi "^ik^H ^^ 
<5rr3 ^^3^ lit cvfr«r?il t^?^ c3rt«( s(^f^« ^l^i 1 

( ^ ) T?^ irr<rt?T:iT 1 




OO; ^i»l 

^i^Tic^-^ ^[??iif -sm] f»t^ f«f^^ I 
V fri ^r^c^^ icfj 'sitii^ ^sit^^, 

artflc^tf C5i f^5t?^ ^r.^^, ^^t'a i^ i 

i^ ^R 'STt^'l^f ? 'F'lt^ f^r^l'Hl fell. 

^ftJJ ^'IB ^^53 CTR Jilt I 
38 ¥i^. f«fil 'SlRtil fWC^ T>ff ^'I?!^ ^It, 

^tC?^ ^fsiTt^ ^t^ ^*I1 Htt I 

"srW^ «i^^? ^tUl «lt5l(c^ fif^'I'H ^f^RJC^ I 
IS C5f«!R. ^Ilt^ ^'f^ ^^ ^Sfsft^W^ 15. 

xat^i ^jvs^ ^nt^ 9tii ?ti5?ii ^(5 ^t?i itiiUw I 
^. ^f^ ^sn ^f??. ^n?c5i ©<i»i5i *it|^, 

CVR 1?«I^ 5t|^1f ^f^? Tl I 

^fUlst «IRI? f^-^t^ %| ^tTt^ 1'x^ 

* c?^^. ^■V:^'^ ?Ftr.w 'silR^ ^t'-RH 1« : 
"sitfl^ ^f^^l ^t^:^ 1lS« 5t?tr5 I 

«Ertf?r U^^w, ^11TC^ ^T^t'f Ttl ; 

'Slt'RtC^^^^ rI — 
5>9 'Sitnfi C^^ ^T^U 5lf?^ f^'S^I ^ftl^l51 ? 

5« v5«R f^R I^^KTa ^< t/^^ C^tl, 

>1 C^ fsfs? SJ^^IC^ ^^^ ^|t^ fj{|l ^R31, 

iiai^t« ^tc^ ^t^ ^^ u^ ^c?5T I 
i» cJi ^m •I'ljt^ ^r«ij3 ^ui »rtr« *it9, 
^W^ ir^!:^ fi^«^ ^t5ti5i ^9, 

^. m^\a^ ^1^1^ ^^R^ iFf5 ?5 511, 

^"^t^ <irt5fi« ^iTt^ «ttci ^?i ^^ 511, 

"f en 5itri?ii ^t«^i 5fc^ t^^K^ ^ ^?, 
^-j* CJi ^"^c^^ w\(.w '2il<^l ^c^, 'Sft^ r^f^ ^l^t^ 

"sii^ f«ri i^jc^ ^i^t^ «(irii^^i pf^R5i ct}5i I 


«0O; ^1 — 08 i >©« I ] 



K^ fsR ^Cn '2ft^»t ^ ^%V5 mmn '2ftt^'^ ^^ 

^» Ctft5. ^"^ -^t 1^51 Tt% ^C^^l, 
^l^^ 5iff s5 ^t ^t^, f^^ ^t^ '^'^'^, 

«> tt^lt?, ^^«ft^ ^^^, ^iTt^ ^«I1 ^^^ ; 
^t*fR ^^^ «ft^5T. ^fsi ^f% I 

^^^ ^^^, «ltfl ^t^'RU^ «1^1 fi'Pl f^^ I 

^^p f^#t?l ^^^1 1 
C5 ®tif^ti::^^l, 'sititi ^t^i ^f^t^ ^^5! I 

f^i ^fit? ^^ ?Jt^j, ^"sr^ vst^ 5^1 -^Hi^itcf IT ; 

f^t wt;:^ ^fi wt^i ^t?« f^!rtf5 1 
1 tc^c^? ^if^f c^U ^if^ ^ttf ? 

^«R CJI t'SfC^l Jif^vS >2i«rii ^tc«f I 
i^ ^T^ ^ ^«IJ?^ St«(5<lt "^C^Jf 5^1, 

3« '^f'J^^ ^^wf^ ^t^ti:^ c^ fffsi ? 

( "<i ) vot5tc« ^Ttf f^^ 5?t^ ^11 m^ I 

itsis^'fc^ fV ^^1 Ti?. c^t5i^l ^1 ? 

C^'f^l ^t5t^1 7l?FC5lt ^t?1? ^Qf ^5 ^^ I 

^« ^^?r f^R ^t^tctf^ fzF^l J^^rsi ®i^ ^;t, 
^tf;5C^ ^t^tftf^T ^•^it?!! i^m^, ^t^tc« 

^4 f^ 'Jt^tf^^C^ 55#JT ?fgI5t <£i^^ "^C^^, 
^■i ^W «l?t^1 551^^ ^I-J'm^ ^t^^ f^f^. 

^i^ vii|^c*t fff^c:!^ ^^^ ^\^\<i file's 'srt^tt^l; 
?L» 1%f^ »rtf^ ffc^T c^ c!ft^ f^t^ *itc<j ? 

^r? '5i3it5 ^r^?ii «tif^, 'sit^ ^r^^ ^i ? 

'513^1^ 'Slt^ff'i ^(51 5ftRJT, ^^5 I 
«8 \W[\^ C?itC^<I1 ^IIIC^ ^r?iniT, 

^« tc^i^ ^R^« ?tlI1 ^11 ^r^c^c^iT, 

tt^t^ Til 'ir^mf^^ i 





J >3b — O -b J 


-^l ^^t f^R llC^'f ^'^^ '•''11^ ^'^^'^. 

'sini f^r^i ^^cg^ f^?Fc^ '^'^^^ ^«fi ^^'^ I 

^l*tR f'F ^racoci^, ^^C^^ «(^ ^tc^ ^iTt^ 

*tt*t ^f^^ ^t?i ^^, ®t^t ^ici^t «itll^ f% 
^(''Rt^ ^^tc^« ^c3f ^c^ ^^'5 f^n I 

'si'fc^^ "^W-m wf-tR §151^ :> ^fgc^^ ? 

?^^i^ct!^ ^ti «i^i= ^i[? 3ir? ^c'^ I 

•- o f^^ C^? ^C5l JJl, «IR15 R^[ si ^'iJ^ CTKt^ ? 

fxoR ^ ^if^^K^I ^R 'Sltft^ ^C^^ I 
: i f^R ^slfi\H ^[^IMH 'Sicn^l ^Rt^tf^ ^fs}^ 

^ItM^ 't^W? ^C^f^l "5lf«(^ ^l%^(^ ^C^Jf I 

CcltC^ g^W^ ^C^. f^^ r^R §^':S "^CiR ^i I 
5 3 -^t^R^ ^"^H ^m^]^ ^11 ^RS? Kl, 

. f^5t^ ^l^R ^"^c^r, ^trt^ ^t^l-^l ^^ I 
J 4 f^^ ^«R f»R fnsf c^icn »iR^ -^c^^ ?rt|, 

qt^f^ £lf^ j^C'R ^^Sft^ ^Cil^ 3flt, 
i* ^tt tC^I^ 'SlJn^ -spsiilTJ ^■^I Sj^fclTItC?^, 

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^H^iC^ ft'^'l f?R. 

351R fJl^ il^ ^1T% ^*'Rt^ 5^^^ I 

fSR ^'^ifl ''f^llf^ I 
* f«R SilCW^ <£rt1 ^"^1 ^Cljsi ?Tl, 

t fSR ItM^Ctf^ ?tC« 6^ f^^R 511 ; 

\5f?tr>sf!:-^ f5^"^^?i«c? ^JiR, vsi^l^l ^^ ^ I 

^C^ ^ '^ ^V\J 7\^^ ?I1<'R ^rac^ I 

mimn ^«tc^ <£iH«ii^ "^f^R I 
i« miafBc^al cglsf 7t^5 -^c?^ 

i%R ^l^tfff^C^ ^tRC?I ^lf^ ;5tn? ^C^ 5fl I 
5« f^R ^r<tc^ ^l^^f ^t^l ®^I^ ^C?5I. 

fNSR ^'-niR vSl^tCtf^ ^<t,'"c1^1 Ctf5l I 
>* fSR '5irRtC'^« ^^."5^ \«l 5tC^5 ^(f^^ ^n!lt 
Bl^IttCNS W\l^^ ; 

^TT^ff ^i*!^ ^IR ^f 51 ^t?!:« Ft':55(^ 

51 f^^ ^I'fH ^#R^ H5[C^ 1^4 ^t^ltC^ ; 

jb- ^«iii c;g^l«< «iti:f. il^stR c^ 'sira-sft^^ ^t^l 
^W5it^ ^51^ ^t^cfij i> ^^t^R r 

^o CTlt ?tf5i^ ^t^lWl ^RR5i if)^ 

i«r5i ^ifs^i ^'^R ^Ic^ 'SiTiii ^c^ I 

^5 71H1R, ^S(C^^ «[% PpfsRS? 511. 

■^r%iC55i I 
^l^R ?ira C^ f*!-^! RCo *iii:i ? 


O'b ; ^8— Ob^; '\ I] 


8 CO 

i^j9ii ^[^ ^m ^t?i ^'Qjf ^r^Titc^ I 

^« JI^cT 5i«f^I Nst^l R^l"^*! ^r^^IlCf, 
^■^ f^H 5fC5i^ f^^ sj^sT ^t^4l ^j:^^, 

C^'^fsT ^f5t^ ^I'ST 5tra ^Hf C*t *[rS ; 

•»^ f^R ^*R '^i^fir f^^K^ *j;< ^FqJi, 
«« ^t^t^ f^? ^trt^ 'filsu c^ii, 

^fsil^^ ^^ n^« ^tn^ N^I<; 5tclR I 
f^R 'Slt^R I^CT^ ^C? ^^1? "^C^ ; 

ttf tfi ^^ ^^\ mv, f^r^ ^ ^'^^ cm ^q^ ^1 1 
^1^ "sjt^^ ^^^.^ 911!:^ I 

i o ^C"^^ fJHTT^ ^C^ ^^\7i Sfc^, 
i^ ^t^t^ nf^5RR ^t^1 ^c^. 

i« f%R ^'il^IG tfCQ^. ^^il<3 iRSf WC^ r^TRCs, 

^«R^ ^ vf^t^ RR(.^ ^1? 'I^^ ^?l^ I 
is c? ic^t^^ 'Sltnf^ t^tc« ^<''ri« ^^JT, 

f?^ 9(i^5f ,w"^^.?^ «i i«5ti ^itj 1^^ r^c'isirl "^^ I 
^l'^ «it'R c^ctr^ ^f^ f^tsRR -^c^^ ? 

51 q^ PfW Tt^C^ ^i^nt ^^ ^U, 
^s«R Cvsl^t? ^3 C¥1^ ^^ 5TI ? 

^^ ttc& Ft^fj tffct? ?;tTr ^ 7 

c^Ji^n ^11^1 ^^^(^ c^^Tt^ R^'tpics »rtf^^i I 

^5 .£1^1? ^^] w^r^ ctfr%^ 1K^ 5it. 

^^ 'iWf^lR I fsR ^lltW^ C^tW^ 'Si^TTT; f%R 

«ltR CctltC^ fSi^lTn ^r^, ^R ^t^tC^ ^t- 
t5I1 WQ 1 
8 ^^ ^tfl *J'«(ftl |%f%^ ^t^^R ^r^, ^«t^ ^R 

■^i^ c^R(^ ^r^ m^. ^c^ ^, 
« ^"sj r> sfR, c^ '•jr'ifCf^ 'ff^Tti f^wf^m ? 

^'^t^H 'I^^n Jl¥i.5i ^nij^R ^r^«i I 




[Olr'; ^—0:5 ; ^«J 

i«iJT ^1^1 f^^^ ^t^, ^t\*i^ ^tc^ ^tr^ Rt^ ? 

5 -a GI^ vSt^l 'Jf^tfl^ fift« ^^51 fC?. 

'Sit?'t!:^ ^t^1 ^Ic^ ^tfenl cTF^ii ?rt!i ? 

i8 ^SI^Qcl TJ^^^lf^f^so ^f^^t^"^ '«ll^t^t«^ '£lt^ 25?I, 

is frf^^ f^^tcn ^it^U ^9i cwl^H r 

^. 5|pj f^ ^t^t? ^Ilira v»l3^C^ cl^!|| ^C^ ^rt^ ? 
C^i^m vs 'SICil^ ^li:3f1 ^t?ItC5 ! 

^ s c^i^^ 'ti m\ fif^j f^«^ ^t^i Tits, 

^S %^^ ^l^f ^I11?( ^Il« ^ ? 

^■^ c^ii Wf ^1 ^ «^ "^R ^^ ^ 

^^ ^^n f'm c^5 f^ ^tcw ? 

Sf^lNil ^«I ^il^ ^^51 ^t?l I 

"^tf^ « ^'^'jag^l'tc^ *i«l w«lt?c^ *TI^ f 
'e^ ^tc^ ^fjiTii g'i'jii ^f'f^t^ ««rK^ ? 

^^ ^1^1^ »ttT^^1 ^^C^^ f^^C^ «llf^^ -^(.K, 

^ ^\\H\ ^^ ItJT ^ «(1^1 ^«, ^t^l f^ f^if^ 

« c^ ^^ ?t^i^ '^i^'l'f ^r^m 5tf®^i fff^ttf ? 

b- *|^«t2|^ v5t?t^ F^tr*t?t5f ; 

5 . ^r?! f^ c^tt^ 'Rnc¥ 3Vt^1?i tu'V!:« *(t^ ? 
W f^ c^lit^ ^f^K *t"5K N»=^^Rc^ irli fwc^ ? 

«t^t ^ll'Jtii^ 'ii^^ ^r?!:^ ? 
i« ^i^if^^^ ^\^\ ^h1j| ^c^, 


o:^ ; ^8— 8^ i « I] 



>8 CJ1 vs ^ric^ ^t't^ f®^ ^]it ^c^, 

5* c^ "ew^^ 'nt^^'tct^ <£ll^ ^irsra ^t^ f^^ ^?, 
fipR-c^^t f^^ ^c5i« UH^ «rtr^ ; 

i» ^fT( f^ "BTtc^ f^^'H fn^^ r 
^"1C3^ »if^^ It"^^ ^jlic« ^t^ I 

^C?5l^ ^'^ ^^l^ f%C^ Tl I 

ntft^ ^®*n « '^^ *t^ ^cij I 

f ft^fl «f^C5I Wt^lt^Jl «ttt^ ^\ I 

^e ^^t^ ^^^ T\f^ C^ f^ f^ »t^ ^Rl, 
^f^l f^C^ ^fT^ *f^ f^^il ^? r 

^1 c^t^t^t "Ttsitc^ f^ tt^i fec^ ^ci, 

^^G\ 'i'lm ^J^f^ TC^, ^«|t!l ^^n ^, 

^'f ^^ if?^ f^«f Ttfl ^i^t^ ^^ f^^ I 

8 CTf^. 'Sitfsi ^f^^sj ; C'St'lK^ f^ ^^ R^ r 
^^ f^ \C«f ^t^ f^ I 

b- ^fij fV Ti^lt "^tTt^ f^5T? «15tl9 ^"^C^ f 

i« ^t^tfTtc^ \^*\^ ^p\^ «rf^^ ^?, 
t??^ cn^c^ ^t?t^ Tti^i I 

'St^t^ ^?P^C5JI f»t?1 J^^cl C^Vl ' 

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«t^^ t^^t^ «t?ti^ «tv?5t ftnitc^ I 

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^1^51 c^ ^s\^\n sftf^^i ^^c^ *ltt^ r 

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* ( Tt) ■*t=H,<?IC^ I t (^ ) ^ ' B^'IC^ » 



[8^ ; 8 — 8V ) i<» I 

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c^tTta i^vsicw^ ^g f^ ^t^tc^ ^'tf^nn ^r«n:^ ? 

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\% "si^n ^^, "sivn c^wi 'Ff^^Q ^ I 

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'atft? ^^t^Pi^ 5tf^ ftf!.-^ J5l>i «tti:^ I 

iS ^l^t^ -^ ?tC^ ^^"« 1*lt^ R^^ ^, 

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c^m ^^^ ^u^ c^i'ii^ 'sirihi ^!i I 
Tj^T, ^tf5f ^t^ti ^r^i^tf^, ^t^ ^i% ^tt, 

?rt?1 ^tlt^ "fC^ '5i;|^, «I|;it^ ^351^ I 

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loiK^^ ^^ m'sin] 'mm f^^i■^ ^I'lt^f ^f i ^^i 


8^ J :>^ — O ; noi ] 

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'ii'^^ *|;^tf^f5« c^itc^^ 7i^r.?i vst^t? f^^^-'^ 
^imi ^t^t^ ^iftc^ 'St^f^ Jif^s c^iw^ ^f^5I 

^f^ ^$^ Jll^ f^tc^^ f^C?) ^t^tCT Tit^l 
■^fW, ^t? £[i;^^ 5fi? >*i-?F .ii^ «(^ ^^^1 -^^1 

ItftSt^ tCftC^^ >2t»ri ^il^i ^|c^ C»f^t^^ 

^i^g CI?, 5? 7if3 ^1, vi)^ Ti^g c^tel ^^w <3 
i^s >il^ jj^g 5f^ ^f?! I ^[-g ;5r?(^ JIT3 ^ O 

>8 f3J{ -^^1 ^r^?r I fsfiT c^i^i ^?ri^ ^t^ pifrsd, 
i* nc^ trat^ ^1? ^^ -'IS 5fa"f ^"^^-^ ^R^ 

ft^7[«v,ff5l I 

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^t^ c^ irt^i f^f ^Ri, 'st^^t f ^^l^j ^!i 


5itf%?M c^ T?I^ TC^ ? 

c^rl^^^ c-^51 ^?(^ f^^ m\i\ ^c^ f 

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* ^tfi^ ^tTt^ ?1^fcT it'f^ ^rlT;tr§ 

■l ^f^ CJlt f^r«(^ fst"5 ■stst^ ^fl? ; 

JiPftfif^ ^tit!:^ ^Rt^i^T, ^R ^i5it^ *i^q, 

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^f:5f n^t ?^s, 
Tt^l "^11 tug ^t?l!l (^«f a^fsfa ^c^ I 
«(s ^RUt ^^c^. 'ii^t^i ^t^^ »ranin^ I 

-V vlyc4<T wV^ I ^v ^ 'sr^'ti cmzm firm's 

"siwc^ ^(qi^ n^c^ ©Sc^c^ I 
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^■^^^ "^tc^ ^?i^ sfg ;5h ^tt I c^nn i 


^^^•vf^'Sl I 

[O; 8—*; XI 

^5It^ f^R 'slf'R ''if^ *i^^ ^^C« ^tJf [C^ ^^^ 

6 «]tf5f ^1^ ^^^^ C^lt^ ^|C^« '«t^ ^^^ 11, 

1t?till ^lltl f^CSi ^if^ftiC^ 5171^ ?t?ltlf I 


■5 c^'ral 5!if^«, i?t4t^ Tt^^* "511*111^ f^if^ce 

8 CS-\m[\ ^H ^^, *tt*f ^fn^ 511, 

C^RICff^ ■"l^Jt^ fe^t?| 5R7I ?IC5I ^«I1 T?, « %^ 

C^ JlWl-£lf , ^IfltlfsJ «fr« Oi^ ^C«I^ Wtf^ ^f^« 

f 'SitPl "ttf^il^ »t^ ^f^^, f^^l^ ^\t'^ ; 

filter «llf5l C^tlt^ ^'Jil'n lfilt«!l^] It^l^^ 
C«tlt^ *lf^3} if^t^JI ^ffe^<4 C«tft?l ^C^ «f^- 

^I'Jt? Ji'?;c«i c^t^ ^«f yi?cj ^^ I 

VWcvfH '^«^ 58^11?I, 

«t^t?1 «]t*RtC?? fw^l 171 ^c? • 

^t^l^l 'Sil^RtW^ 1in(5 *lf^^ ^^^, 

c^5Ri ^t^r^i c^tit? r^c^tlt ?^?in^ I 


c^tc*t "sHitcT "till ^r^^ i1 1 

*; « — V'; b-l] 

^^1°n1^^ I 


«ltn, 'gt^, cf JiJft^, «it^ ^^ ^m ? 

8 GC Jlft^f . fVf^Tll ^ttT. "Slflt^ «2tt1 ^%\1{ ^% 
« CT^I f^C\8 C^lltC^ 'SI?'! T5l ^t^ 'rt, 

^tTt? T^^l t^ft C^'^ ^t^l ^< ^C^t5 I 

cT^^il iTt'Sf 'sit^l? c^tw'fi-?^ ^R?;ttl'i I 

ft 3^Tft«^ "5lt5l1^ f^f^ ^R!1t!;^lT ; 

^t^tut Rf^^ ^tc^, ?iK 5]f^^ ^^c^ I 

•?lf? ^tlt? T?«15I "ZlSit^ 5ll%1 '(ttC'F ; 

8 -^f? 'sitf^i ^rnti? «in^^H ^f^^i '^^f^, 

^itU ^"1^^ f nra tffcisS ^^^^ 

4^'x ^w? c^it^^ ^f^Tit^ ^^^ I ci^n I 
'sil^i? ^^cif? c^tcn? -£(r«^c5i fe^. 

5^ it^^ ^f? 511 f^c?, ^c^ fsf^ 'srt^ '?ii9n 11^ 

fSp\ fsiSF «(«[i:^ 6ti5l ftfTlt^^Jl, ^^1 «i^® 

i%f5{ f?T^ ^c| Jl^cl 'Slftt^tCl ''IRt^ ^C?5( I 
58 C^f^t, OT «l««^ 9J!:^ «rt?i ^C^, 

i« d ^*r «I515T ^ni!n m^ts ^raTtti:^, 
i* ^t?i? ^^5^ ^t^t^t i^c^ T^h^, 

« l^f^], 1^1 f^ (.\ ^f^ ^Wl'^^ 'SI?«1 ^? ? 
^fl l^fit ^t^'a ^tf*^.^ ^ra^t^ ;— 


{T\) ^n-^ti I 


^^^'vf^^ I 

[ ^ J a— -^o J ^-bi 

C^sjt^ JI^^ ^■'^^J f^pTll ^fiTl ^f?^ I 

-^t*^^^, ^fi Cfit^Tf^ Htci^ m\^\ Itl^ I 
-« ^<^^ ^Rt^ ■'t3F^ei f^fl^l ?;t5, 

ft -ni^-^l C*^ elites, f5?N»C^ ^"^^^ ^t^tC5 ; 
^fsf ^^^ 5l^ci ?«»7l ^[llUtf ; 

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^tf^^cn^ ic«(i ^t^t^ fsp^i ^^¥5f ^^ ^^ I 

i« C^ 5lWt«^, ^11t^ '2ff^ f ^ ^ ; 

f^c^wi ^Ics ^1511^ a ^°,«r ^t'?, vst^ cw<^, 

58 viltSfg ^tfsf C^llf^ Jl^t^ fipn'xJrt «15t^ ^f^^ ; 

^•1 5!:l?1 nt^t':?! f¥f^?l ^^c^, 

CI Sfir^ssTt f''?^^.^ ^f?i?n ^t?, 1^^^ ^t^c^ I 
i^ ^fai ffs® f^?i^ n^fs^'itia «[tr^w 5(1, 

C^Rt? Til'^tC^ Srtmi fwtRs ?^^ I 

^15 Ttt, t^tt ^t?t^ fs^^ Tit^^IJ I 
« ^l^ra *f«f 1^W1 ^ : 

* Cf\ T^m 3IC^ ?:$!, 'BTtR f^5f5Tv5 ?t^ ^1, 

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5 > C7\ 5(C^ IC^I ^C?l. t"!!^ ^r^TTll f^lTTfC^. 
IC^T m^ ^C^l, ^R ^5'i^R ^RC^ 5d 7 


^© J ^«l — ^e J ^ I] 



cmmi\ PF 'sif^in ^t^^ «ftc^ ^, 

8 jm-2r| 'sn^'R nftsj sjf^cjj ^tc^ . 
f^^ ^1 « c^mf^m c^n^ ^\^[n ^m^ 

1 C^^Rl 5lfft«^ 't'SI?!, «f'^<F^^ ^t^ TtC^lSI ; 


Wt<5 I 

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8 ^^m ^C5T. ^R^l fsr^l ^rai fi(^?l ^t?, 

< ^s'ftcw^ 7i^irt»f, fRftc^i^ ^t^c^tr^ -£(^3», 
'sitrsr 4^c«i ^it^. t^ jjtf i«!| ^c^^, 

* 5I?t^^^ ?t^ Jl^?l 1^^ ^t^ ; 

^^ ^[51 ^tii ?tc^ c^siTf? ^^ g^tfs^ ^f^^ ? 
^ ^« ^Fm 'siif^ <£rtc*t^ ic«a ^r^ ^f^^, 

^« ^ci »ng? ^ttt^ ©nt?i ^ «irtfVc^ ? 

8 *ttcw *raF ?EcT, <5rtf5i st^tc^ «rR ^Rmif^ ; 

« f^ ^ini c^wn w^m f^f(\^ ^fimTw -, 
'eilil^ fc^ c«tlT?J nr?3irci ^mf^is 3^c^ I 

5t<;^^ ^c?, 41^ c^^t ^it I 

aHus ^tr?c?R, ^f^*j^^ CT? Fc«i fV ^, 

3l«;^'5 ^C?, ^15? c^^t 5llt, '^'^ ^« 'Ttt I 

^i^^i «rt(n 5}iJi ^f^^ gjt? «rRT^ -si^ntc? 

c^jRi ^'^ «(tftiT ^i^n ^^]^4l I 

c^^^] 5it(f«^ ^1^^ ^tafg I 

Jl!ft'£l^ ^«R ^fR •Sf^fW^ ^j%^ f^^ttc^i. 


Tt^jrTT 5j^S5 I 



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[^<r J ^ -"^b-j ^1 

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4 ^T3 ^^ ^t^ ft? C?^ 5(1, 


▼t^ipnr ftrtt^ I 

*t5rai "s^m^x 'srtirg 'I'ns «tf^ ^ti^i i 

Wi!i*t 'St^Pt? C^5 l^^WS «ltri S^^J^^ ^f^'T 11, 

«rt*ti ^^m-^ ^t^f 5j im 9it^ 11 1 

■e «IRT? ^^ Ttl^^ ICIt^Jl ^K1 nJ^^ltCf , 
"Simn ^ftTt? ^11 til »tC^ C*ft»t^ I 

■^ «itfi 'Prt'21^ f^J^tf Tf^^. f«fit 'rt'rtc^ 
i3*n f^ntcfi, 

fsfi « ^111? ^f^i, «nfi f^f5i« ^ n I 
■* <sit ^^ lift? f&^ ^Hf^«, « '«rtii? c^ftjR 

«rtit? itt^« fi«t? Ill Tf?^ I 

Tt?i ^fi ^Tm '2ft«i *ft^5tc5! nfrrsrtt ^f^ n, 

^fji R^ it^ 'B c?f«rc^ f^C? 11 I 

csiira i^w ^r«T? '*iRff, 

C^W? 'rf'PI ^'^'S fl^ ?^«K^t«t I 
> C?5l?t4<^,«('$?t?<S1.^l1iJTt^f%^^«ttl^, 

«rlitjj «it<it5 ^fni^ T? ; ^ifl ^it? «^t«<? 
^c^ fi^« 1?I I 
^ cstita Tf^tc^ ^tir? f?^ fi'nf^ ^^^ ; 
'H^ ^t'jj ^1^? «lf^ c^W? ^^ *'l:5T I 



'S ^fsf ^tif? fs^? *rft^i ^r?^. 
nfi^'^cpi «rt^t? ^s^t^f ti ^Tl¥t5, 

'jfl ^I'ltC'F ^r^Utf, f^S *tt« 11^ ; 

^tfi fr^ ?ff?5iti, itTt? 15 ^t*f ^fir:? 11 1 
8 i^c^i? ^1^ Ji'^r^. c^t?it? «^s(c?? ^tcTj, 

^tit? 5?1 fwfs^^ ?? itt I 

'sftift? «rf% ^fnt^ T?, ^srtit? Tt^q «i I 
*» CNstH? '^it'^ ??1 -st^^M TH ; ^fsf »r?nt't^- 
fwft^f fi^t? ?fft^ «*t?f. 

f^^C^'tl 5tc^ C^3t1(? 5f T>«1 ^ ^iVtt ^f?^l «I1<F I 
fr- 11IC1? vst^i? 9t^ ^tf tt?r ^"^ ^?. 

c^tit? ^c^? ftirtt^ 'ititir^ n^rf'fi T?, 
» ^Iti ^tc« T?. ^t?l?i «rtitc?f il ^t?, 

«ll TC? I 

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ii ^^ ^(^?i Ttitcf? *nfii»tc? 'witr^'K'F 

'SWill iWf^tCT ^fllt<^ ^s|«rH 6^ f^? TC? I 

>^ CI f^irt?i Tj?!:^ ^'^^^ cT»rltsi ^ejj, 
"awntcsi S^f^l ^?f5j'xC5? ^tn I 

c©tii? ^m Tt?i '^i c5rr¥ ^c^ ^w? «tti ?t?t« I 
}« nri«^. cstit? 3?^ ^t?i t i^iiiT? ^tc5. 

^fi fiBf ««i ^?tpni ^T? *t< ▼f^i^^ ; 

'i'^r^ ?tr«r?)i ?t? I 

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«rtrt^t c^tit? \^c« <|^ ?t^ I 


fefir »msfTf ^c t ^c n 4^ *?lOT?r ^ti fHcrr^ 

> Jivrt^'^ I 11 ?5Tl 'e^tfl cstltos ^^'s- 1 

• Cvi ) «tvrf»n i t ( ^) ^^^^'t I 


^\^ ; ^5-80 I] 

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^Iw^n ^tit^ »niFii ^1^5 f5ti ♦nt^ I 
8 «rtfi ^^ ?^cn5 «ir^c^^^ fl«Tt1, 

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* Ji^^ ^fi Jitf t<2if c-^ ^f^^rti, 

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t%f^ fl^ lf*?^ 5tc<5 ^1T3 ^^ "?3f^TC5R, 

tr^^ ^\L^ «niR ^t^it? ^T^^ ■«Ft< nf*t»i 1 
*> ^^m ^f^fr ^f9i5i. ^H^ f|cT, 

^Q tf?i5T, W\H'\ f^fi qfamt ^HccR I 

^5i?tni ^sn^ ^w^ s\^f?m ^t^ I 

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^CSI^ 1%fl^ "Q ^?K1^ 1^ Cl^lt^fl I 
5^ ^1^ 'i^«I^'§^ CS^ ^^"S ^^ ClTTt^ 5faT?l1 

i« ^itji ^fta^ ^lTp?i ^s^f ■^ftcsi'i, 

«t?t<^*ni 'Sftl^ ^^ «11t!3R ; 

CvStltll ^C1. C? Ji?t«l^, 

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:>'* f9p{ ^11 1^"^ ^^ ^f^csi^ "smtiJ ^^1^5? »t^ 
'srlita f^t^^^«i ^|c^, c^RH ^t^t^i «(tii 

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«itit!;^ ^t^ ^fic5i^, c^^^ fsf^i stilus 

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51^1^^ 'srtit^ ^w:^ 5lf? HI I 

«rtfi ^1^? f^f!( ^w ^tc^ ^ ^f^ 5itt I 
^« ^tu ^fi ^^^ ^iw^ ft^ f|?l11. 

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^CtI^ Jlf?^ ^V^H ^?ft^ ^1lC? I 

^(r ^f;(f ^i^t^ 4(;?f»f §5^ ^^ «iff^ J 

1?t^^, ^tH^ ^TJJ. «lt11^ ^^^^ ^STtt^It^lU 

«« f%fjT "Sftit? 5?n ^f^% ^t^^ ^t?i, 

«8 f^ ^llt^ ^^C5p \^ ^l^ ft^l CIR, 

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cstitsi vrf^i ^ ^rtiti:^ ft^«i Tf^iitcf. 
c^t? c^tisi^ '^rtUC'F i?R "^f^^tc? I 

^51^ «I11t^ *t?^C5T *tf^ ^tc^ I 
«» Tt^«l ^fl ^^tt'I ^ f?5l ^tlt^ -^^^m ^j^!lt5 ; 
^till «II1t^ f^lFt^ SSutM 'St^f^lC^ ^f^ 



^^llf^^l I 

[ 'ih^i 8^ — V^ } ^t 

• J ^t?1 "Slff^tW ^ni^I, f^^ 31*1^1 O^ mt ; 
jjvrtfiTjr^ [\5lf^fll, fV^ fl5R ®^a f^lSR 5(1 I 

^rtTi^ ^i:TP §Ta ^a's ?®i i 
81 c>i| t"?^ ^ifta *rw <2fr«c»tt«f c^, 

8f f®f5^ ^rW? »I3FM1 ?tC^ '^HIW ©^t? ^C^T ; 

^^^1 ^llTa ft??;:^ ^c^. ^fl vSt^lctjil ^nc^'Q 
^f^ ^,^^ c^R 5tc« ^tlic^ ^^ ^%^^ I 

CSW^ ^\V^H ^C^C»I C^lS^ft^T ^fll^ I 

f^«r^ ^t?t? ^^f3 ^ srtn'f "^FC? I 
?tRg ^lfe^ ^icf ^^ -siBlsj ^3 I 

iii-^n 9)t5 ^5 ♦a^j w^f^^t^ ^s ^ricittf ^c^ I 
^*ni at^ *i^« ^f^iil «ittc^ ; 

m^^ ^^m f^^^\ ^if^^ ssmtii'^f I 

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»JWt«l^ 'nt^i'f T^5I JTST, JT^rW ^^ I 

i i csmr? ?!?!« ^s^rai =?f»wi nni ; 

>^ «\fm^ ^F1^ i^F^ c^ ^1%^ ntt? r 
^ 'Q^g c?t^ ^P5 «iRK^ nf?^? ^f^ I 

Cit T^?! «rtTra ©'tCJl ^^ ?n ^f^*^ ; 

'B'R ^f^ fjTSi «s^; 15t*n^^ ^'S «f^ 5l^ I 

^t^ art? ^s^, 

c^i^r^ ^1^ 13^1 f^i^ ^^ I 

jjtft^f c^iit^ iT^^ ^rr^ f^^ ^^iR I 
«» >ii«H «itf^ ^tf^i, iwtfii^ fill ^r^lw;:^ fsi^l? 

1 t^rt^i ^t^ « ^5t^ «ir5 f^i^ ^c?. 


^t^ -ec^^ «iH^l 'I'CpPt^ 'F^ ^it^ I c*nii » 


V> . >o--l,V ; 5><b|] 

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8 fsf% c^mn ^Rf #^Ji fi(i<^ ^f^frtfe^, 

C5Rt^ il^t^ ^R(C^ "SIHC^ «Iflf^^ "^fl^t^ I 
b* CSt^ra 5^ Califs 5R^ "HIFC"^ «(%^ ; 

5»^ ^'^5? CW\^^^ J115 ^Rtf^lt^ -SI^Rn© 

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>i c^sfin ^fT3i c^srni^ fwv^ ^f\w^ ^f^^I ; 
^st^^i frani ^f?5T. ^t5i ft^ ^ra:^ ^in ^\ I 

i« C^ JiWl>2(f . R^ ^C5t ^^ ^^ ; 


c-^ fc^ «tl^ ? 
^ c? ^W^ ^'sf^. 'srtf?! ftf^i?! ^t^^l ^, f^^ 

^fl ®\5? CVf^S 5{1 ; 

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* f%^ ^f^ #i^, tPJ^ ^fk, 

i^^jwa ffp?!'^?, csii^itf? ^^^^ I 

O. T. 30 J 


^(Tt^ 5ft^®ii? ^tc^ ^Rt ^15JI^ Wt^ I 
^WmH ^^R ^cicw^l «ltltC^ CtJJlTlttf I 

'SIW^ fsf^l ^^c« ^tf?I?l1 ^rttcacf, 

i* C^^n ^^C^^l «rR(C^ C^RTIf!^, 

5?t5t^!.5f ^ ?rQ^ 'SIRICA C^|5? <Fi%?itci ; 

^^^1 "SfW? ^^nf f^^ -^^mw I 
ii ^tfi ^tn^ ^ii Ji^si '('Ri ^Rc^ *rtf^ ; 

C? «lRt5l 5I?ni, 'SIRR J\W^ 'FRC^ 5T^^ ^« I 

^^ 'srtf'I ^RR ^ttn? Tttw CvsRtl irR «t5-|f^; 
iitcw^ ic«n c^tTt^ «i»i°v5ii ^j%^ I 

M 5i^R5)Kw c^i^n 5tt« ^tit^ >2i*f;jn ^t=jr. 

^t^Rl ^I^K^" ^5 ^ra, ^^Kf^ Tt'^Ii'S ^5|tlR 
'SlfR 5iR^ Ji-!Fcl *j«f ^f^^ I 
^•b 5ig^1 C^SR ^f^TJl ^^g 15|C^, 

^ft^<^^ ^C^l^l 'S^KR fi|»I°sJl1 ^RC^ ; 


^^n>f^^ I 

[ V^ ; \'\ — K(i J ^o I 

^TtOR '5l^',T?1 f^T3I^ft ^^ I 

^ra;:^ I 

^W^l ^f^C^ Jltff C^ ^ffl^, 'St^t^ I^Ccl <5t^^ 

«s<. ^^ ^'"f ^t^t^ c^ ^r^c^, 

'Si^^l^ ccif^r>'ic^ ^fe^, f^PT ^t^J ^]^ 

J 7itft2f;g ^l5ft-^ ^'tt^IT, 'srtit? 'STSl^ ^^ ^ I 

'sjt^r^ Tc^ Jicsf 'srt?, 

C^W? *? t6^ « C^tTt^ ^ ^tf f^^ Tt^ TI^ I 
^f^l ^tltl 1^^ t^C^T fl^ "^f^^ltl; 'srW^ 

■"[mnt^ ^«t%i ^fiK«r5 1 
^\mii ^^? ^tc^, 

6 "^n^i^ ^&[^ f^c^ « ^^j^^i f^?!?!. 

• (T1) tnfr^S ^raflCTT I + ( ^ ) 'TriT I 

w^^tc^ "tn«j ^c^ ^if I 

^^t^i c^i^i^ ^m "5(c^^\ c^ ^tc^Fti:^ 

•» C^ ^^ T^^I, 1^^ ^ ; 
C? ftl^^ ^^t^ 71^^, ^f^« ^« ; 

» c^ *:f,^^i^ ^^^, 'ns^ ^ ; 

CI fo^^^ ^^1^5 51^?I, 51^^ ^<«t|^ ^ • 

J. (Tit 'Sf^IC^f^ ^t^t C<F ? 

^3 1 
^ c? 'srt^f^ ^T3, 'srtfsi c^lit^t »t^l 5l|^, 

^t5it"a "tiF^i m^u ^nz<i ^Ptn 5fi ^^^ I 

« CN©|5It^ JIC*! ^Ttt.^ 5l5!t^, «ltllC¥ f»f^ C?>Q, 
C^VHl '^flt 'SltTt^ ^ttl'^^ ; 

C^RJfl ^«^t ^^tftf I 

1 ^tl1^ C^^l^C^^ *'ttt ^ 'SftSlt^ ^5f^ J^-^ ^c^ 

i ^^\^n\ 'stit? f^iTii « Timi m^^i ^rc?. 



KC ; ii — ^*i ; ^'i I ] 

^^^•sf^^ f 


C^^l f^Rt ^l5fT^ 5^1 Sitcl ^f C^ S^t^ "^f^C^ 1 

«rmra Ji'i^ ntn ^sn ^^ i 

iS "SllSJi^ -ISF^'tC'^ a^, C^SJUI ^fft?1 'SlPl^ ; 
5t m\^^. ^Rt^ n^l"^ -^f^frt -£|5lt1 ^% 

"^un 1^ « fFs ^iSt ^u I 

^i^tfiisg, ^tm*i c«Rt^ ^^c^r? -2t?r^«i ^f^^ ; 

•^ C^ «11R ^C^^ i^\^ Si^c, :^-t|^ 
■G CSfft^ W*^ fw^ Jl^cT 5(5t^ ^ I 

^ ^m'S^, 'sitpi ^t^ ^■\f7\ c^tTt^ f^^t^-'^i'?, 
c^rsn^ csfi^c^? ^t^iTt^ I 

^^^Tr«r ^^jc^f^ Jir?^ ^tTt^ ^^ ^1^ ?T1 1 


> :itftfit^ ^Nt^ csfitf^',, 'srt^t^ tfirsti. ^tf^i 

jpTf'St^ ^ITt<I ^^-^?f, ^tR ^t^ ^^ ^\^- 
^^ ^t^ ? 
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« ^ffJFt 'm^^^ ^151 R fW!^ f»tf^ ^tn^ ^«J, 

^vf]f*f '51111^ Ul?m "^ 71°v^t« ^^, 

^'itM vs«m^ ^ifsi jn^Ji ^f^ I 

8 ^m^f^ ^tC5 ^IR ^^-^ R^^ ^t^ ^fw^ft, 

^i^T^t «ic^i ^r^^, 

« C^^ ftnCff^ f^R f^fii ^9^ ^\<HUi ^t^tCT 

^['R ^ii;<i ^^^tc^i ^isttc^ g;^tt?ii ■^f'tc^ ; 

«It5lB 1^^ ^^« ^fC^. 

^tfsT ^?t^ ^tt.'^^ SfSS^R^ ^f% ^<;TI5f ^^^ 
'> JJWtfit^, 2R1 ■^, ^fl "^il^ ^t^f^T ^rl ; 

QfKf C^lSlt^ W\7\l^ 55 -^r^Q 511 ; 

50 ^[5jt^ fH^w^ ^Rlc^ vsjtf ^r^Tiic^^, 
f^^ 'iTf'^f^ ^litc^ ^m?i1 5itc^5{ I 

>i Jlfft^'^. C\sRt^ *l?f 'SIl^lc^ f-l^-Q, 

7iTt5? ii:<if ^Rlr^ ?Pi5f ^^t'S, 

^srt^t^ »r3F9t«l -£|^!§: t^i ^^ I 


^^3^*vff^1 I 



vOo : to I 

v5tJ?f^i f^s^^i ^"^^ra ^c^ I 

''ftif, ^f? ^f^ 'sft^T? af^ ^^^ ^«, 
^tf^ ^^^frcw^ ^1 ^1^1 if© I 

^ ^4p;{ ^fsj (Tat^t^ fs^^ct ^I^Jltf ^t%, 
■«l<^ Cfit^H lf^ ^«^c^ fffi:^ '^f??^ ^it^, 

^^c^ «in^t^ ^i?ti:Tat sif^ ^'«i'Q I 

«fW^ 'Sl^S^^I ^t?1^ %^^ fsTo^ ^fsl^Uf, 

^tt ^Pf TRf^ ntt5t(% ; 
»a5r^ <5it"5n^ «i«°o^^i tatf^ ^t^rtc^, 

^f^ RS f^ ^^ §t5t? -2f»f'vJlt ^f^ I 

» c^sl^i? «£Jwtfvf^c^ tuti ^?i, f^ ^n^^m^ 


Tt^TTTa' W^« I 

» - ■■ ■ I ..I- ■ .1. -_■ III I ^ 

^ J!?t«rp %ry^ ^f^ s^U^i^ c^^ ^I'Q^ ^^ J 

8 5I(ft«J^a ^^ *tfer^f»t| ; 

b- 3T'»('£f^5 ^^ «1^^i:^ ^"^51151 ^f^Cxg^^ ; 

Itris*^ ?FtWi:»i^ >2(1^t^ ?F'*PrR ^r^CvsCfiii 
«ll^ ^?lsl IRC^ 'i^eit ^r^T^C^, C?tl^'! ! 

> lft«lf . 'srtf^ c^lit^ '2fl°x'n ^ra^, c<p5(ii1 ^fsi 
«flit^ '^nFttc^ '51111^ X^^m ^rl'i^ ■^flf'Js cf^ 

« 'I'tt^i^. ^fi *ii«t^ ^tc5 «ii5rt^ «ttt ^^t^ 

^ 'sitsiic^f ^151^51 jitf^ft?, CTR ^c^ srtf^irt 
5n"5rtt I 

8 C? JlWt'21^^ '^(I'fl, ^trf? ^CHfTl Ji^plsg T?, 

^T5i5 *irlaf ^Ki? sfs'iitf "^^ I 

( ^ ) t(«,TT ^?;'5ns; ^^j^Tji'Tr » 


Oo ; 1 — O^ ; ^ I ] 

^^^tf^^ I 


^r%^ ? 
5? (.^^^ ^1t^ C^?^ Cal5ft^ ^m STR ^?, 5^^^ 

'S[Wl'^ "^^^^Q e^lf^S ^tC« fcfS 5(1 ; 

c^t^t^ 5(^^=1 Sill ^mfw <[^\ ^^ I 

^ C^I^SII ^Rt ^1511^ 1*1^ 'S ^Rt? ^-5^ ; 

^^^■^ cvsifi^ Jiicvi^ ^^c^R«( ^isjic^ <i?f w«it- 

(.W!{^ ^fsit ^fsil^ fB 'SJiat^f I 

4 ^ipq c^ift^ ^i^ ^Ri^ ^iin ii'ft "^f^; 

•4 ^t^l^l ^^^ R°.31i^ ^^ Itci, ^tilf^^K^ ^U^ 
I'D ^ra ; 

<! ^R c«w^ tniu^ ^Mi^i ^8 ^m^ ^fn\ 

■21*1^ ^RC^ ^11(^ 5^1 ^l^'R ^fa^'tf I 

« «I11R l1lf5«!:Vf? ^(Cf ^?^^ ^|?(f^ ; 

^i'^ 'Sfi'ift;^ cwf«rai c^iU^^t 'i^i^^ ^B^ti^ I 
«](f5i 5fi^^ *rtc^ Jiff ^t^iisi I 

xstci^l ^i5rt^ ft^^ •ii'^;^^!?! ^11 ^l^titi:^ i 

'sttf^ c^isjti:-^ ^Stf^^tf? ; 
^l^ti w^-^ ^^^, nt^i?:^ ^^^ ?^^ I 
ib- CTlt f^i'iiTHt^'^ «^t5f^ ^^^ c^l^l ?^^, 

i» ^t^t J c^i^H (i^ w?i c^^i^i sj?";, ^ti ^fi 
il^cr^ ^^^tcfi j^iTt'i^ ^Hc^, 

f^^ (TsRI^ ^i?S(t*f ^H^Jflff ^Hjc^I ^fjf ^tlt^ 

llfJl ^^, CvsWRif^ «1^S^^1 ^^pF5^¥ I 
i 5(« C^t. ^t^t? 'si'f^ "^11 ^Ift^, ^\^H I'rtt 



^^S'InR^ I 


08 : 8 J 

« ^rt^^ 'stmt^ -st^^^l ^tt I 

« 'Sftf^ ^^ 5^^ "^f^^l f^^ll, ^tlt^ 'Slf^ Ti^el 

T^c\ «]tpj Jl?}^ fff^ ^t^^f "^f^C^fl^ill I 

8 -^1 ftf^tira ^1^!^ ^nc^ Cvst'lt^ ^^ «t^ ff^, 

^tftt3 ff^ ^tit^ "ttc't^ ^^t^t*^ <^Ttu^ 

■^ci £it<^1 •^^, 
^r^ 5^^tf«t^ ?(t^ ^l^:^ ^t^ ^t^^ f^^^ 

•) ^f^ ^W^ ^^^^, ^1 W5 ^^^ ^tltc^ 

^^1 ^t5t^1 C^t^t^ f^'^C^ ^tPl^^ Tt I 
i ^ll^ ^C^^ ■^I^^l ?^ ; 

C^ Jl^^ift^ 51^C^, c^i'l^l ^t^'f J^H "^^ I 
•j^ '(tf^^'tl, T^'Stfra ^t^^Sj^H ^^ ; 

w»r«i^ c^^!:^! 4t5i^ ?wc*i ^^ ^t^ I 

f%R SjcIl'V II-^5I ^I^K^ ^fl«m I 

sf^ffs^f^ ^^m ^i?l 3^tc^ ^^ ?^^ I 

l%R C^lt^f !:^^ ^^^ 5T^fI f^Wt ^C^^T I 

i« f^fn <i3i:T ^r^ ^t?ti:f^ ?W5 ^^ "^Fta^, 

i4» C^t^T ?t^1 l^ltT-i^ ^ra imi ntH 511 ; 

i<^ c^«i, 'iTt'Sif ^ ^it ^\i\mn ^''liii, ^tit^t ^t5tc^ 

i*. ^5^ ^Ic's vstftcff^ stm^'^l ^n^t5 ^^, 
^o ^mtuf^ >2(ti Jivrtsi^^ ^ic'^'^tTi ^r??itc5 ; 

c^R;n ^?f^i ^t?t^ ^f^ sncr f^tm ^f^fifg > 
c^^'^\ '5)11^1 c^Ri^ «icn^-i ^f^^Kfi I 

^^M •si^i'vTii fji?!^^ ^1511^ -^m ?r(r>c^ I 

^t?JT, ^R^l vil^J^Ci? \5I51?I SHC^I^ ■Slf®^ ^f^ I 


OS J « — OCT; ^S I ] 

?[fN5Ti»f^N5l I 


t?tC^ J^^5J JIT5 5fC^ f^l^t^ ^f^tl^H I 

Ft^nnr^ f»tf^^ Tt*H ^c^^f^ 

5 5 ^5T, ■^^Jl'tl, 'SllTt? ?t^ «5T, 
J^ C^ ^% ^^C^l -^3 ?^, 

:8 ?Pf ^C^ fC? ^«, ■?lt^1 ^tq ^t^tl ^? ; 

fSR ^^ ^^C\s vst^t^itf? 'JI?'! ^CB5W ^f^C^ I 
51 [«<tf"^C^?1] ^^''R ^f^«1. '1ft'2|f ^RCfl^l, 

^t^Ctf? ^^^ ^^^ ^tC'S vat^f^nt^ ^^IS 

?.. f^f^ vst^? ^f% jf^^r ^'^l "^m^ ; 

^^^ f C«(J il^«rtfj['Q ^% 5!I ill I 

Jiff's ft^? ^^, 

^tft? -sntc^ ^, 'znf'it c^tir? *if^^i i 
8 ^?t^ 'siiit? "srtcn? "^c^i ^c?, v©-t^t^i srf^s 

« ^5t^t?1 ^1^5 tf?!^ ^C^^ 5Jt?I ^^^, 

1 c"^5Ri ^i^t^t ^TTaci <5rtit? ^3f 'sitm^j '6^ 

5« f^^ ^t?tC5f? nt^t? TIT!:?) ^tfsf 5^ *tf%«tT, 
"sri^ta «l'tRi 'srpit? "^c^ f^f^iii ^tPic? i 

5« 's^rff'f ^?ni ^i5(t? ^ifsf^n;^ ^5if%^ ^|ci, 's 

51 C? <£.^, ^R ^v5 ^|5[ CtrW^ ? 

«nit^ v£i"^5iisi [^t^i] PTt^^i ^t!;^ 1 
5 a 'srtirs *f3F9tn^"^ ^^mn f^?;^ ^si^jt^f 'srti^ 



^«^°sl^^ I 

[oe J ^o — o*) J ^4 I 

^. c^^^i Nsiit^i »iir§^ ^<il ^c? 5(1, 

^3 vSt^t ^i^t^ f^W^li ^15 ^tft^I ^-fl^ ; 
^^ 7i?t«g, ^r?I C5ff»ITIlf , ^^^ «(tr>« It ; 

^8 THit^^, 'Sll'It^ ^'^^. C^lf 1^ 1^*11^1 ^^ntt^ 
^f1?1 ^t5lf? ^*fC^ ^PW 511 ^?F^ I 

^« ^l^H\ 1C51 51C^ ^1 ^^, ' 'SIC?! I f^tt 'sitsitt^f^ 

?.« ^t^rai ^Wt5 f^nw ^t^Ra ^5, ^t^^t 4^^t^ 
'Tf^t ^111^ ft^C^ St^l ^C^, 'Stlt^l fl^t^ 'S 

•plaT f5l«I ^^^, i^Wt^f^ ir^5ftf^« ^^^, 
^bK ^I^ ^|3It^ fsi^l C^ITI^ «(^%^f?. 


i 5^1^ ^ws'jc'a ^«f^ ^t^t^ ^tc5 ^«n ^t5j, 

« 'St^ta ^!:^5 Tt^i ^sj^ « f ci'rra ; 

8 CI 'sii^'R •iTnic's ^Hii -^^^n ?Fc^^ 

C^tllfl f^'^^^sl ^'5I5l'°^*?f I 

^ C^SRI ^t^t^1 mw^ SJI5 ^g fci ^^. 

^Tn% ^c«t^ ^1^ gi5? 5tt^ I 

^H^]^l 5Jt?i c^RR f^^iJ «^t»f ^f^r^5( I 

C^ ^f^ f1^ ^^. 'St^^ n^CU H ^I'S 5T1 I 

«»' cwi^ ^tc^ f^i?^ 5«, cTf*f ^m ^3, 

5=1 ?t« 511, ^tC5l C^^ ^^ ^f^C^ I 

^t?t^ fwt^ tf^^^l ^C^ I 
>« -2f;^ '^\^\i'^ ^"t^j^ ^r^c^5». 

* ( ^1 ) c?cn TtT ^ftxT, fsT^csr c«t«n ^ftcr i 


O') ; ^'b — Olr'j ^« l] 

^^^tl^ jRwir-f ^cn"^! ^t^i I 
^r^tw^ 'sif^^t^ ft^^t^i iff^c^ » 

f¥^ 'st^ra "tt^^tij ^\u$i[\ ^n^ ^^ I 
c^^^\ iwt'2f^ ^t?T^ 5^ «fra^1 ^tc^ I 

f¥g '(tr^^c^ *tf^ sTis! ctff^j int, 

«i ^t^ra t"?C^^ ^^?1 ^151? «I^C^ 'SitCf ; 

«?, ^§ ccii^ «rtf^c^3 afs ^i"^! ?tc«r, 


Tt^pm w^ I •sTfit'T^ I 

c^im^ c^w fare's «imtc^ »rt% rtf« ^n i 

^t5lt?J ^*1Ca C«lTt3 5^ 5?lf5l?IfCW I 

» c^ «i^, «itit3 iji^ ^miii c^i^rfa Ji'51:^, 
ii ^llt^ -£('(ft?1 >8 ^ITl^ ^^^ti m^\i[ ^jtfn 

i^ n[m\ ^tit^ 'snci^ 'sic^^i ^c^, vst^ ^f 

"5ll^ 511^ ffr'I 5c^5 fu^l "^t^ I 

i3 r^^ ^w^^ ?/t^ ^(\^ «i^i ^f^ ?ii. 



^^^•sft^l 1 

[OIt* J ^8—8 O ; 'i\ 

54 ^^1. 7\^■\3i^, 'Sftf^ C^RI^t 'SlCl'^t ^^f^^fS ; 

c? fif^. ^iTt^ ^"5^, ^ftt ^m fffC^ I 
5* C^R^l «Itf5I ^f^fl'm, *lti^ ^?t^l 'SftTt^ fW^ 

«iw? ^«n 11^5^ ^w^ c^5in nTvit.^ » 
ib- 'srtfsi ^H^f "sin^tsf 'Ct^ts -^m. 

•srw^ *rtcn^ f^f^c^ c^^r? ^f^^ i 
5s f^i ^ttrg *i:g^'5(i jicnsw 'S ^fi^t'T, 

<5jcJic^f 'si^t^Jii 'sit'iti:^ ^m "¥c? I 

^^tirt 'sit^t^ f^'i'sp, ^^n ^t^i ®t^, «rtR 

^> JITt^t^, 'SlWC^ nn«ltn ^fl« 511 ; 

^w^ ^rsi, 'srtTi ^c^ ^^ ?itr^« ^\ I 

^f^ 'Slllt^ Tt^l^ "^r^C* 5i^ ^-Q I 


^fsi ^^^ 5rt^f% ttNfl ^tf«R I' 
^ '^T^ ^^c^ c^t^i ^t^i ^r%tT, i=^T«n ^^8 

8 JHfl'2ff . «It5I|^ 'Sl^^-m ^5JtC^ 5rtii|«, 
^R Sftf^ic* 5lf5, ^tR C-^51^ "^f't^ I 

I^J, fitC^I^ I^J f^^fvS ^X'-'^Q f^iot^ 
C^ ^^^\f*\ JlfTl ^C^, f^^ C¥ «|^ 'Tl'St? ^r^C^, 






^lTi? JR^ ^^^ ^C'S ^sitipf fii^l^ ^^^ 
C<5W^ ^C^^ >£15t^ 'Sitf?! "^1 ^€^11 I 

««m T^^i[ ^u '^i^ oFfisjf^ f^^ ^^th ?ri^ ; 

C^Tt? ^?tl C^? ^If ; 

^fcltttCiT >« ^JIC^CWJ ^R -^« 515^ 
^r^f "SUTI^ ?Ff^^fl fwra® ^rl^t5 ; 
^R C^tl « nt^Rfl^^ ^r«1tf R 5f? srt^ ; 
^'<»f ^tR ^r^^lR. Cft^. ^tfsi «rir?l5trf ; 

8© J b— 8^ ; 8 l] 

^^if^^l I 


* ci 's{Wn ^'st^, cs\T[n ^1 Titfi:^ ^1f^ «Tf3, 

^t^ Cvstft*! ^^^t 'sitsifa «j^r,<i ^tc^ I 
^"3ftf^ W^ltcsf ^c^^fi^t^ 1^?I^i^ «tPt^ 

C5 Titft^Tj, '^fl t^l ®i^ ^t5 I 
35 C? 1?t«lf . ^W ^W ^^C^ ^t^'t^ ^^tl ^^ 

^f t«t^. ^tit^ Jit^l^i ^fl^^ 31^ ?« I 

i8 vst^t^l Il^C^lt clf^^S « ?^t*t ?^^, 

it^i^i 7!s^r5 ^fe^ ^t'lt^ sjtiit^ ^i^^i ^c^, 
^t^^ TmM] ^t^^. ^"iiiRs ^S^, 
^?t^i ^litsi R'tc? iTtvs 5^ I 

i* ^t^t^t c^lim ^!:^^i ^c?, vrt^t^l ^^i?i c^lsifc^ 

^t^t^1 C^tlt^ 'tf^^tl 'St^ ^tCT, ^t^ill ^^^ 
-2ff t ^WI^ 'IC^ f5^1 ^C?l^ ; 

C^ ^mi^ ^'-1^, f^^^ ^R'« ^1 I 

i «(g CTt SR, C^ Vf>lffW^ ^':'5? fs^l^^T ; 
f^'fctf^ fffc^ 5i?ffif^ ^tftc^ f^^l?! 'frlic^ii I 

^t^t^ '?f^t^ lira ^fsi 551^1^ 71^^ »t^1 ^\U- 

« 'sitlt^ *t3F^l ^Rt^ n^c^ f?"'!!^ ^^1 ^5,— 
* '5(1^ ^W c-^5 ^llti:^ ctff^icvs ^ttc?!, vst^ c^i 

^t5t^ ^f ^ ^t^t^ W?J ^^^ ^^^ ■^t'3, 

1 ^tit^ nc^f^^i ^"^m "fi^i? ^|!?i ^tTt^ f^^^ 
s1^?i ^wt^ H'tc'^ ^rI ^w^i ^c? I 

cr\ ^tTt^ n^c^ 'tttf^^ ^^ttutt^ I 
c^5f ^IR s^tfff^tc^ •2irs'f5T ffft I 

j^ ^R ^Rt^ V\%^\^ 'SIRICA «(R^1 ^[f^stf, 
»£l^°x fs^^C^ ^ft^t^ ril^tC« ^CR ^f'^Ul^ I 

i^^^ '^^ 


i 5(^^ f.'isi^ sifiti?!^^?! 'sit^ Wl -^1% 

^rtm T*m ^(r^i ^"-f'.?!?! jii^ic-© ^nf%9 ^%^ r 

"» ^l')!^ C^^^^ f^^liira "511115 ^^J ^1^, 
C^^^n C^ilC^F 7.1^ fvf-il 'SJRIC^ m^, 'Chilli 

8 'srtfi 1^1 "51^1 ^nf?il ^^^ ^11^ fiiti iri^. 



€t^^°ff ^ I 

[ 8^ ; <t~88 J ^«l 

t'fc^ ■£i^]T»n iit^ ; c^^^ 'sitf^ «rt?t^ ^t^ 
* ^tif? 'Stti ^5)1? ^'^^ ^r^^^ 5 tc^«?:w ; 

*- Jitftst^ ftf^^ 'sit't^ ?t5lx^ ^f!:tf*t "^f^^, 

ilfcgC^ ^t?tif C^ttS 'SltTf^ 1^ 5tt^, 

^» H^U nn^^wi wiTtc"^ f^^^t^ ^c?!, C-5R ^r? 

^^(T^^ ^C'i^l "^ ; Cf ^5(1 ^tfsf =5lt^t^ ^t^f^ 
f^fsi ^TWn ■^■^[li *tfet1 "S "SltTt^ ^t^ I 

o -^ c^ ^t?, 'srw? f^^t^ ■^, ^t^ ^tf%5 
11^ « «111t^ f^Tttf f^'»t^ ^^ ; 

^ C^l^ll ^rsil ^tTt? ^'f^'t ^'^ ; C^^ ^ilfC^ 

csltt^ «'lf^ fnf?!:^ « c^ilt^ '5it^t!:i '5ii5f|c^ 
^t^ c^ ^'in. 'srtit^ ^^^, <5|tr5i fi«f Rci c^lil^ 

^^C^? ^Cn'Sf! ^^ ; C^^SRl ^tfsi ^t^t^ '3it^t5 


> c? ^^, ^5rm?1 ^^i:< «f5i5tfl, 'srlsrti?^ f*'tf - 
-0 c^^^ ^t^i^i ^t^Rtcf^ ^m ^t^ C5f»i ^H¥t^ 

8 C? t'?^, ^flf 'Slllt? ^I5i1 ; 
^1?1 ^RI^ P\^l% ^li. '5t5tr^^^ C^sitW 

* c^n:?^^ ^ilR 'sit^ n^i-^ f^^<i T^Y^ ^, 
^W3 «r?n ^iiic^ H^i^ ?FR!:^ ^\ I 

^iRtctf^ f^c^r^ii ^Tn^itctf^ sfs 5^ ^r%^cf r 

i«^R «lR(Cff^ fiff^^lRrn'ra ^Ul ^itlifff'tC^ 


88 ; ^8—8^ ; 8 I ] 

^t^^'sf^^l I 


3< jppg ftfi^ ^Rf^ ^nsiR 'Slisjf^ JI^C'?! «I|C^, 

^nii? jjc^ ^m ^R(c^ <5ri5ftft^ ^r^nu?, 
c^Ttc^ f r?i¥i 5rtt srff, 

^f? ^^ dic^H «ti% ^gjfsi «^t^l ^r^51 Kif^, 
^ : fFa'^tC?!^ fi^Rl vsTtt ^f?« ^ 1 

3 'silTt^ ^ni ^^^11 ^^fRUt ^ftr.;©i5 ; 
"srtf^ ^tsrt^ f^^c5 'sitn^ ^55^1 ftf ^ "^Fnnr • 

C5151I? 'Q^mii ^^^r? cJifB^ ^?i ; 

CvSlll^ ?(5itf<3 Jlt^C^lI^ ?-« I 

cvstit? Ti^-ni ^c'l"^ 'sifsRf ^tf^Ttii 'siRs^^coi 1 
csiTtc^ «n5?f%^ ^ft!ric5 I 

3» ^';^. aRi -^R. c?f»r. ^ftt^ -^^i ; 

ii volutes ?isn c^\^]n <M{^^] ^w^ii ^Ff^c^ ; 

C^^^n f«Rt C^IIIiJ 'Slf, ^f^ ^T^^ TtCf 

:8 fx5R ^&°1f»ima ^ ni^Hl ^t^l^ f^C^ ^t^'St 
i« ^t?t?1 «1W? « ^PtCJT ^^^ ^C^, 

i* c^swsi f*(v|iicti *tfa^c^ (.^nn <j:c5j?i srtf^c^ . 
5 ^^? 'sriTtif? *n:^ ^f^t^ ^s ^^ •, 

^ ^«il^ 'SIR?! '3U ^r?? ^ — W/*f 'Jf't^ ^f^ 
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^tf'i ^tf^-ncn^ ic«(] ©ai^s ^1"^, 'sitR «2(f«if!r« 

ii ^tf^tCt^ Ji5ft'2f§ 'SrtTtCTf^ ^■^^ ; 


^t^lW^C^ ^tC^? ^C'vfC"'^ Sf5]'<i^f5T "^H I 
f^R Jil^ ^f«{fl^ ^ni<[ 1?K ?tSf1 1 

e fsR '^rllRff? 5i?J ^fltwa ^R^t^ ICTt^vs 
7\w\si^ ^f[5i^R «3;^ii^, %^^^ ^f^^l I 

'3jtit!:f ^ ^t^'a ^C^W ^^ ^TS, ^^ ^ I 
b- 5f^^ Sftf^^Ct^ ^"^IH H\W^ ^C?^ ; 

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C^tim IRfC^^ '5l«T^C^ I 

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8:>j *) — Co ; ^^ I] 



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CT sf-?^ n^nfc^r^ Jiff I 

5l^ci9t1 5t«K^ ^t^lC?^ ^'tC? "^^ Ti^C^ ; 

^t?K«t^ ^n *tt^[[?i Jil ^tc^, vst^t? c^t^ 

54 ^pj €\-5 ^t-e Ifl, ■5l«R c^? «(^^t^ ^, 
vst^^ >^TO ^f^ 'si^?!^^ -^f^C^ vfl I 

^t^ ^f^ '^\'^^\^ 1^ ^f^c5i ccttc^ c^^it^ ^^ 


TiTC^PT W^o 1 

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^t?tTf ^rar ^fTT art^r Tfer, 

^t?r^i ••^m^ft^f ^iqt^ Jif^^s p(Ji?[ <Ff^¥ti^ t 
«» "srt^ '?'5f ^t^«j sea ^51-51 ^t^ ^^c^, 

i^«itf5i c^sRi? ?f%ift^ Jj^^ni f^^cn c^tTtr^ 
c^tsrf^ cTii^f^ ^^^ i^« «itit? Ji^tl I 

C^JRI Sj?t^ <3 ^\^\1[ J]?!^ ^5rt^ I 

:8 ^pq ^-ifc^^ ^c^C»t ^^^t% ^^^^ ^ 
^^t^^'tC?? f^l^C^ 'Slt'H It^^ ^I^f ^^ ; 

5 4 ^?i JTfi:^^ ftn;^ «ilTtcT vstf^^a : 

spn:^^ r^sTtT ^r^^ I 
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55 Vo ^^^tfl^sll 

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[eo J ^o— CO; ir 


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catil^ ^f'tt^ ^t^l 'si^JiK^ TITI^ ^«(^ 5^^^ 

« C^H^ «ltfsi r^C© ^IITI^ ^^^ 1^^ ^P\ ; 

'armra «Tft Ji'S^ ^^\n ^^j.^ «it!:5 I 

'^^^^^\^ fm^ fw.^ ^f^vn i 

^fsi ^? Tt!^ 'sn'Tti:?? «2fiS3i H"^ fvfc^ I 

<Sr5 ^^ ; 

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'sitit? «i^ca ^r^^ ^i^c^ ^^ ^r^?ii cvf« I 

(^3 ^mri 

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sir ^ ^t*m ^^5t!:? fJii^lcsra 1^ ^^, 
^^^ c^t^ c^Rt^ c^f^^ ^^ pRi?tc^ ^<in'f 

" "N Tt^Df? T^ I XI«-^c?f tc^t^^ C?tCTt 

> fr?, ^f^ c^5T ^f5j|Ttt%^ ?rt^ ^fe^5 1 

« ^m jj<^r>5i ^t't^i sf^^i, 
sf^^^j ^^^1 ft^ji V«(i «t^ T(^ I cjfsn » 

f 1r 5f^tf^ f^t*f^ ^«ri ^m ?tJi I 

c^mtc^ «(f^¥i ^ri ^ft^ ^if^nii 5[tc^5T, 


"5lt? ^1^1? f^^c^ ©'T?T>i ^fa^l ^f%i?, 

^tfsi 'SR^^t^l^C? ^\J[<i ff?ItC« f^^R ^f^ I 

<5|tpi c^tiT^ m^'nci^ Ji?c«r c«t^[^ sftti^ ^c^f"^ 


yi«sT^ ^c?, 41^ c^? Ttt I 



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3T<;^^ ^fT^, 'il'R C^ Ttt, ■fl'^ ^'Q Ttt I 


c^W^ t^t^c^i ^?ri^ f^5t<i fjp^ -^5 ! 

^WtC^^I 'Srt^ fittCt^ 'Stil^cl ^%tci ; 
«S» ^'51 c^t^ ^cwc»t ^-t^t^ ^1% ^^'I'f ^^1%^ ; 

^^ 1 

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'^W^ f^^ ^c^ ^¥tl^ ^t I 

cpRl ^st^ ^«rWc^ '5i«r$ ^t^^ "^t^, 
^?i 3it^ =5it5rti^ «itg^t Tfl!ft^ I 

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<2fF9 ^^« ^ft^ ^:« *t^itlR ^FffStsi I 
» ^Jf T^, fit^, ^tW^ f^ f%^ TH ; 

i' ^t^ f^t^ -sitB^^^ ^*t^ fm ^n^ ^^fw' 

i"» f¥^, ^iTsrt^ jpi^^ 1?^ cq ^, 
58 !5it^ «fi^3F ^^ 51^ ^«n ^R^H 

Tt^«i vsi^?^ ^^iw^t^Uvtv? «i^c^ ^1^ "®rtc§ I 
^t^t^ wtfit^ 'STt^r;:^ ^rflrati ^flc^ 1 

Tt^*l ^W!:<i» 'sjt^^t^ Fi^ ft^ I 

O. T. 31 ] 



^mifk^ I 

[aa i ^!> — cf; ^1 

^^U ?t^ ^^^ ^^^ ^t^l-^l fNl, 

f¥l ^tf^ C^t^f^ ^1C^ fii#^ ^f^ I 

C^^1 ^c^ic^ Jiwc'f ^5rt?rt^ f^c^ ^ ^fe^ii i 

8 t'^C^ ^lf51 ^tft? TtC^? fitttTTl ^^ ; 

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>£it^':'^' ^t?t^1 ^t^it^ >2rn:'^ 'SKl'^ ^f^c^c^ i 

«it^t^ c^^^sf c^tir^ ^^fC^ ?W ; 
«fTl f^ csoi^t^ ^i"^ raf^is 5rtt ? 

!» cj^t fff^ ^I'Tt^ *raF^i f^r^^ ^t^\ <^ f^^ 

i. ^'u? 'Sfif'i [^\m] ^tc^i^ •2f*ityn ^^f^ ; 

sivft^t^':^ [^i?I^] ^tt'^^ '2f»ttJJl ^ra^ I 
: i ^tf^ ^^(.^ f^«^ ^f?I^tf?. ^ ^f^^ ^ ; 

i "srtTf^ fiff^ f *ti ^f?, C5| ^^,^tit^ '£rt% f*n ^^, 

cciTt^ nt"^ ^f^t^ «itf^ "1^1 ^\ 

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'srtit^ Si's ^i<jJit«(^ ^'Jf^c^ v?tfV^ I 

^ft-f^TNifinc?^ ^c«fj "stttsi «r?R ^, 

« C? ^"5^, ^l"^"^ t^liT^ ^^^ ^«, 

* ^©t^ 'srw^ ^t«t^ w^ w\^ ntf^^rt^, 
^ct^ «it5it^ jT^c^i ^^ «rJH ^?rtc5, 

»^C5 ^\^ C'^\ ^^% ^«; C5l^ « ^«1, 
5 i C^ ^'?^, "^C^^ ^1^3 ^3^ ^«, 

5i?i« ^5i^c5j^ ^<ic^ cvst^it^ cnt^ ^^ I 


?. C5if ^1 ??ra ^1^1 JTt«R ^fsc^. 

• (Tl) C«tW?T^^^ trt'^fe t^ cTfn ? 


'CV' J o— 'Sjo ; « i] 



^ot^i ^^t^r'V fi«(ji ■^flcx© •?Ff^ ^i^fi:«f 

b- ^ft^» *fi:cT^ wt5 \st?t?i ^Tii ?i^^, 
j> ^tftc« sj^^-ni ^Rc^, «ftr^^ ^i^Jt ^?i ^\\^, 

5 c? ^Rt^ ^'^?, 'srW^ »n^?t1 ?tc^ 'STt^tC"^ 
^^^t?:^?1 «iRra H^c^ ^^^ ^tcsif. 

*«'t^t^ Ji^f^t?:?! Mwl 'sittcTT, ^^;c^ ?rtii 
^ w«i, ^t^i^l ^cf ^^ ^^ ^%^o^. 

^hf\^ -£tt^ *(^j^ ^c^^ I c^r^n ! 

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i1 C^ 'SlRt? ^, ^f^ C^t5}r5 ^C'vfC*t 71^ -^f^. 

%r^rT -^ ?:¥, ^jtr otm^ noftin sr^citfw- 



^NST^^f^vSt I 

[ ^O ; -59 — 'bO ; S i 

«rrf^ fff^ f^^n ^^, ^3 ^i^n^ !5^^f?f 

*» f^t^m 'Sft^t?, 'Rsf^t^ ^tTt^ ; 
^m t^ ^rW^ f«f^1 ; 

» c^ "STt^ftr^ ^ p ^^t!:^ ^it^rt ^ttc^ ? 
i i f^*n^^ -£rf%^ ^rWiifni ^rt^t^ ^^ ; 


'srt^t^ «rt«^^ ^51^^^ ^^ I 
^ fp^ si^jjg ^tc^i 'sttf^ «3r«rft? -sri"^ ^^ 

« (TR^ ^ ^irti ^t^ 'sitst??, 
^r?i ^^JR <3^ *j:^i^ «irrf¥c^ > 

1 f^f^ 1W^1^ ttC^ 3Tt^tC^ ^Jrf% ^r^l^ ; 

thU 'S I^K^ ^1^ <?'^fi:<C f^T^^ "^ I 
f ^t^ti^ ^tf^ fBT^t^l c^'lt^ ^rM ^H°s.^\ ^f^% 

5 "STtTt^ ■srti ;^Vgr^ ^v^^n 'sic^t'^ ^rli':^w, 
^^ ^c^ «rmt!i nf%2rti i 

* ( ?i ) cftTtvrcs^ I 

« cvst^t^ ■^Fs "^t^ 'S,'^ 5R f^c^ ^t^n ^r^^^, 

8 ^5t^ CT^ ^t^t^ ^^^ ^tc^ ^tc^ fsj^^ 

feft?t f^'tn ^«rf^ ^tcitw ^^cg ; 

^?t^ ^'^ ^^tt^l^? "^c^, f^ 'si^^ *ri*r 

c^^ ^t^ ^c^ ^l5rt^ «2r«jMi I 

"Sftmn W\H 1"^ 'Q ^I5rt^ 'Sitat?! t'^C^ ■RflTt^ t 
b' C^ CcTt^ 3^?FcI, 7(^s^ ^l^tC^ f^va^ ^^, 

^t^^c^ cs]^ ww.'^ ^til ^i:c^ ^d ; 
^ ^tw.^ 'srtf^ nt^ ^cTf c^t^fm ^ Flf?5) 

'STflt^ <3^t'<^ C^W^ •£i*t°x3TJ ?3-iiiirq I 
8 ^'^M'^ ^f^ 5jt^Wf^5? C^lli^ «13IT[? ^f?^, 

* (Tl) fit^gltq t 



6. — ^^ } ^ 


^^T^o.f^^t I 


^sfmt^ -^ ^\^{^^ ^^'{^m csm^ mvf\\ ^ni^^ i 

* ^R »mt^ ^'tC^ ^^ C^StSftC^ ^«1 Tf^, 
v5«R fit^C^ £(^C^ C^tlt^ f^ MTt^ ^ I 

^ ^TtH -2rtt nC? ^fCtf C^l^f^ ^7?^ ; 

J»t^ ^ft^l f^^Ktc< ^Tt^ «l1t*t^ ^5i:^«l 
Si f^ ^1 ^^ ^rN^ ^f^c^ ; 


*|zg?«Ti ^^1^ 'Sftsit^ ^^ ^ ^ I 

« ^t^i m^ ?rm ^^ 'srt^ ^^ »rrr*t^ 

8 c^ c^ncn Pm c?rtc^ <£tf% vst^i filial 
^t^ ^np?rt^ v!>i^1t'<' ^t*i Tlt^, ^ -^c^ sfl I 

[?(yi,] ^rtsRi jj^ftc^T^ f¥t^ ^f^irtfl, 
'^ 4t^!:*t ^5t^^ fec^t^ «rt|c^; ^t^tt?^ f^^ 

« ^'^'fjpj^ ^m ^c^ m^ ; 

«rt^ nf^^^ ^^, cst^ti ^^ ^'Sf iff:^, 

=1 ^R Ji^C;^ 't^, vst^ vi>'<lC5f«1 5nS^, 

» ^f^ ^f«ifft^ vs^«rt^ ^f^5, ^ftC3 Sf5f C^IR 

«ttct^ ^tf^i iT^i T^rt^ ^^%i ?rr^, 
> Tjst^ «jf«rf^ I ^c^? ^!^c»t 'it'i'f ^R ^ I 

^ ^1^ itc^ C^^^ ^1^ ^^, 




[ *>^ ;,«p— *lr , VI 

C^W^ <'I^t3rU^ 1^!!^ C^llt^ "''l^^l C«ift^ 

>Q c5ti(^ ^ufii^i ^^"^ -^m^ ; 
i^^i-^^t^w^ R^ra f^f^ '?"^!:^ ^^? I 
cm itc^ ^ti^i 'si^tc^ ^t^^f ^f^^iii I 

5 » (T^^^l, C5 WT^, ^f^ ^If tCW^ *tft^1 ^n^t?, 
«\^II CltvB ftl^l^ ?i1?I 'Sllllfff^C^ cnt® f^ft^ ; 

'olI'lRvf^ ^t&CVf'l ^t^Sf^ "^fn^it? I 

C5WH ^W*t ^1^ cut '(t'T* 1^51 *t5 
i8 Tft^ ^tit^ ^M«f^ ^Wt^l ^f^TTtr^, 

n51?{? ^f^^ CH^W\ l^ttft? ^Il^ ; 
i* C^ ^"SI^^lvs n^m, C»-R^t ^tRTII 2R1 ^^ ; 

^1^f3 «tf^31 ^Rl^ fsi^tt5( fe I 
tiv TSjftf fscvg '©I^C'^^ '2)1% ^(^ll^tl. 

« ^i^^ sfirs^ tt^j c^Ri^ ''ifeh f^fff« ^ I • 

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*rr«l^1(.^ Ce11^|r^? »1R^ ^llC^ I OT^ I 

«> 'jNft R^ ^?l fti?ltC5 ; 

"5lt^ ^r^fl^ 'il'S -211^ ^t^tC^ m -Wfim I 


: $!^^ ^^, ^t?1^ »t3Ft1 ff^i%5 ?^, 

c^^R «int^ Ji^c<»r cTtf tf^nrt 'iH c^s^ ^"5K^ ' 
7\^m ^l?ti f^^l ^^^ I 

8 cvsll^l ^'^i:'^^ ^csii,*} ^^ 9rt«, ^^^ 5rfW5 
ftfJl 1?F^R f'i^l ^i:t ^f^K^tl^, '©t^tn ^S 

f'l^CRW^ f*t^1 ^ R«<^1W^ f^Ft^^ I 
fcfJl ^Rf^tl^ ^ ■^R51 t^tc^i ?U^ ; 

'' (^ ^'^W, ^f^ ^^ t^^ >2|^^t^ ^5t ^C5f 
^tt^ <!S^ ^fsj T>5l t^R ^RC^fe^r, ''T^ I 

^tC?^ Jlt'^tt'S ^^t»t^ Sjclf^^l^ ^^ ; 



^i ft — '&;&, 8 1] 

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Tfm^r I 

C^ ^. '^R 'Tt^'R If 5i^C^ 5J^JI fsfte 

i^ ^rflfi^ic'rg ^isii?i ^cTi55f ^l^^, ■ns^t^^c?^, 
^^■r^ ^rm^ ^f^*^ ^^f^r«« r 

^^ T\c[T,T[m *t^U5 [Ct(!{] ^^ ^^i^ I 

54 ■^'^\^ *i^o ttc^^ n^^ ; 

^f"*R n^^ ^^^ '^^^ I 
?i^W4^ ^!:«a «fR •5f?1 ^f^^ltf ; 

i» 5(^ ^;^, piR fvfsi fw^ ^it^tctra ^^ ^^ ■^c^; 

^i ^^ W^ ^Knif »t^^r.«rg 5j^^ 

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^8 C? tTsf, CSTK^ CaRI^ ^51^ CWf^^tC^ ; 

^tt^ TtR ^llll^ t^C^^. ^151!^ ^tWt^, m^ 

^flltntMl llt^lttf^ 1^J=?fR I 

( Tl ) sfKrt ifTO Xm ^tC5 I 

espial af^ «(?j^[vf -^^ I 
il^^R^ ^<(j'^9f<i, Ti^[f5\n ^^]^■^'\ I 

?tsf^^ c^t^ra ®C^!?*f ®^lf (^ ^tRC^ I 
«. ^f5j ;ivi^R^ ^^^I'sc^ 'S'^'ji^ti ^^, 

^t^t^i •^tc^ic-^ c^'tcrR «rR ^it^ii *i?^ci^ ^^^; 

f«^ ^r^cfR I 

«i f^^t^ f ?Ca '2(!rR ««fR C^tt'^ ^sitRC^ ; 

of^r, f5f5? ^\^^ ??, ■n?t3rt^ ^ ctc^ I 

«8 ^?^ nm^R ¥1^^ ^? ; 

«« 0? tT5, '^'si C«R(^ Sf^TfC^ ^?If^f ; 

tgtc^!^^ t^^. f«Rt ^t^'R -£t^ir^5fc^ n^t 

^^ « »tj% c^ I 


sr«rR TTO^FC^ ^SRT ! ¥3", CTf*!^ I 


^Tt^ t^r^^ ^cn^i ^f%r5 ^U5 'sjt^t^ ;{?i;(. 

8 ^t^t^l 'si^f^CI ^15}!^ RC^fr, ^t^t^ '5(tTf? 


?rtid «i*t^i "^ Tit. '^'Q ^srWcT 

« c^ ^, ^ «rW3 w^ ^^ ^ ; 
sit^t^ cfl^ T^^ c^fl ^|t^ ^^ 'ra I 
o c? «t^. ?tfMt^*r^ iwlfiTg, c^'Wa 'sj^l^- 

i^ ^t^ »I^^tc?j wi, «t^ '3iWa tW5 ^"«tt- 

>»»■ fir^ "STtf^ 'SlWU «ft1 \1= ^^ ; *) o 

i!» ^ «rtTt^ ^^1. 'srW^ ^m « 'srWii <5i^Wt 


?.i «rt^ Cf!\C^ ^itTtil ^tTiTR Bra f^ f^, 

«W^t ^11 ^"f^ri ^c^, 'rt^tf^^tc^ ^ 'Sft^ 

^a f?F^ «ltf5l ^J^ « ^if^rs, 

C? t"^. C^W^ tfMtl -^Wc* S^ ^^^^ I 

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Oi ^t^ 1?t'2f^ ^^ ^^ 5tC^, 

«^ 'W'tt ^sm caf^ ^rt^^ 'Tf^ : 

«8 ^iltTtn « *^TfJ ^t^ -SH'xIl ^f?P^, 

«« C^f5Rl ^T3 t^C5tCTa *ffMt1 ^Hlt'^t, « R^Htil 

(T^ jpft«J^. ^srw^ Jit^r^n ^%^ 'f^ t? 
'Tt^ 'srtTt^ "StU*!? ^c^i ^^t?t, 

^\^m ^'srm f^c? ^ ^, 
^t^ M^l ^^, ^I'WfPi^ ?^^ I 

«)0 ; vO— K; ^ I] 

^'S^'tl^ I 


« ^W?l1 ^I5T^ ^5ir^, <5i:^, 

8 ^t^l csWji 'src^i t:^, ^trt n^c^ c^i^rti:^ 

■^t^ eSWS *tf^*t «t^ ^1W, ^^ 31^5^ 
* fw% ^tf^ ^:^ « ^f^ ; 

^ csM^ «(^%5r^ ^-^\^ ^^ ^?, ^^1 ^s» ; 

^ 'sjt^Tfa fj%artl Tf?ir^ '^IsH "«f fnilte ; 
c^^rt ^t^ ^sitvrt? t*m « 'Sft^rt^ ^^ i 

«H^ ^ ^C^ ^t ''TW^ f^^^oft ; 
'SltTt^ "^ 'JR *ttt^ "STtlti:^ ^lf^'8 ^ i 

i« TTai 'siw^ »ti2F9t'j ^;rtg f^5 ^«n ^c?, 
^it^ 'srtc't^ ^''tc^ ^^tora 5^, ^^t^ 4^^ 

c?tff^^^rc^ ^,cw^ ^^U<»t ^ c^^rtt I 

i^ c^ ^, 'srW ^^ f^€^ ^t'S Tl ; 

s'S'st^t^ ^^^ « ^f^ ^^, ^t^t^ "srW^ 
»8 f%i 'sittsi f^^^ «2r3it*n ^f^. 

«9^; fe^ ^^ c^firta ^rt^'S sM'xil Tfi;^ t 

C^WU *tfet«l JR^ f?il ^^ ^f^, 

c^^ «iTf^ ^t^ it«ni ^tR =n I 

i* '^tf'l fil^ ^iftfifl^ *t^t^^ f2F¥l T^ oi|^ « 
^f^ SR^ SRS Tt^ 5lt«R ^m^ ; 

ft*ttc« c^W^ ^cvni^ Ji#t^ ^m I 
^« C5t^ ^iw?n 5?^^ ^t^^ JRc^ «rtTt^ «^«R 

^rt^rt^ fitt*t« ^fm^, ^1 ^f^ ^ "^l^tf I 
?it<:i, ^t^t^ ^t^rra ^f^l c^zl ^c^ i 


•IWliJC'lsl I 

+ (Tl ) ^rvTC? f^Tr^l 



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[ ^^ J vs— <)0; 'i'bi 

* fw^^i Tid ^il^ 51(5 T%R 5{if^^i ^(fJii;^^, 

1 ^f^ra ^^^15 sj-ffil^ C^lf^ ■Slf^ ^fl^, 
V i%fji ^^ 71^5 ^^fsf ^*1^ ^51 *1^I^, 

^ s?fr ^^ft 'jpift^ '2(1^ i?[i^ ^|i ^i%^^ i 

ft^ « Ji^ra ?l5?'5f1 ^''l^t^ RC^^ I 

Ti^tf^ sr(i% '^\^<\ wt^ 5tc^ I 

CSltC^ ^151? Mw.^ R<1^^ ■Stt'N ^Nl^, 

=^5f^ f?R §t5f^ jJD^w ^r^^ I 

I^C^I^l ^l^tC^ ^l^^t? 'flfC^ ; 

C^^cl f^fijt ^f»6tl fs^TII "^a^ I 


45 av ^5ItTC^7 Wt« I 

^f?t^l "S^ft^ Nsi?ic5r3 *ic^ I 
^t^R ''(wf^c^t ■Sin 'siRi^ ^^tff^i I 

8 C^-^t ^T?T31 f^l^tC^ "^fwS ^5 511, 
* ^5Sf^ =519^^ v^^tCtf^ ^C^<! ^1^^% 


tfi^ f5^"^t^ Rf^rg" «ftfV5i «R ff^ "^f^tJ^J 

^t^ cw«r, Cv5Rf^ Ji^Hc^r^ ^•si:»ra '^ff^ f^t;i- 
J* «rtR ^51 ^'^^t^ si?j f5^1 ^i%i1^. 


«jO; ^«i — *)8 ; ^^1 ] 

^^^I'fl^l I 


f^ 'stfl ^^ ^c® tI^ ^, 
J") ^^^ ^tf^i §'!fc^^ «n«fti^ «tc^ sd Tf^iT, 

vst^f:^ f^^rtr^ c^fsrai m^ i 
5fHi sftJi c^¥^ r^tsc^fc^ ^°x?t? *r(5 ! 

c^t^t^ wm n^^-^ fpTt^ I 

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^1 cjp^] di^ ?rt^r^ c^l^n ^C® ^ ?ffi;^, vsl^t^l 
C^ T^R C^l^ Cstll f^C^ '5i<>tJl<iel ^tsll ^f%5t^ 

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c?(5(irit ^ifis ?tc^c5 f 

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^51 c^tira ^r«r¥tc^^ ^i»t ^t^ ^^ ^Pi ^ 
c^Wa m^?i5i fj^t^ *t^^i:^ "srai ^ I 
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"lap f^ m'^\^ cvsiit^ ^1^ ^5f ^Rc^ ? 

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['iC , 'i — 'i') i-iS i 

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* "^Itfsi "^^ f^Wf^tS JOT ^ifl^ tI^, 
^«l5f 'srtf'lt ?fNi 1%t^ Tf?R I 

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c^t^ % ^'t^ ^ nt^ ^ I 

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•^^c^ ^'^c^ Tti5 WW^ "^f^, f«t^ 'srW^ eft^ 

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^feTtc^ ^srw^ ^ fwrf?r» ^tf^, »J#^ 

«t^ "^fev© ^1W ^^flt^ ^^1 ^f5|55 

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'srtt^ sR^ 5fR «ai^ ^f^ ; 

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>i ^rtf^ 3lWt'£l1^ ^ ^'^^ ^C^^ ^f^ ; 

csW^ ^^ft^"^ ^t*5^ felt 5r^?f "si^i ^f^ I 
cs■\^^\n fed T^5T 'sttwt^^ -^fj^ I 


«i«) ; ^4—*)^ , ^Sl l] 

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^riTtw^ f*l^»t:^c^l ^5fWf??[i^ ^t^nrti^, 

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^t^lR^fc^ c^^ ^oTfsf 5tu5 erp Wi ^ 

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<5rt^^'^:^^ ^ 51^^ ^l%?rl fvfc^ I 

f%f^ 55tCtW^ ^^ *tlT^ "5^ ntM^e^ ! 

'l^ftft t^^c^ 1^^ Ttf^ra wt^ ^t^c^R i 
^a ^«R \5nrt-5i c5T5fs? -^f^^ *t1l^^ ^ ; 



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«i '^^^ ^t^tcw? r^w^c^ t^c?i^ c"^tl ^l5«i, 

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« ^?r? 'sit'B^ fsp^fK^s fHR ^f^oj Ti I 

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f^f^^l 5I^C^ t'^^^ ^IIT^I ^l%31 ; 

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«•» wti\'\ ^o1^f^:?? ?^^ ^t^l^ '2fr^ f%^ f|cl 511, 
^t^t^l ^T^^ Riii1« f^^^ f^pl sn I 

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^i^^w^ ^^^t? ^t^tt^ l^l'ilvSl R5l I 
8i N5t5(?n f^r?i<ri ^"^mn *tfl^i ^R5f, 

8^ ^^m '5Wt^ ^^ Tl^t ^f<l»J 511, 

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f^^c^ Hn^ ^c^ ^1* ■^W'l'i 1 
8o fs1^ w\in «rt*t^ f5^ ^1^=1, 

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88 f^fj? m^ *tr^«t« ^flC^^ ^t?tCtf^ ^ft t?F5l, 

^^mti^ ^t^tctrg ^^ ^1^ 5nr^?il cpf^iSH I 

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mn fsR ^i^ifsf^i.^ ^f5ic5i5f, ^[n^ nnsT 

^t*t5i ;ff^«i ^^ ^t?l 5ii?f >ilt ^t^C^ I 

^'^tf^t ^I^tiil *t?t<;n^ ^'^c^ ^ffpl ^f^. 
'^\^\i[ Tt^i =^"^51 *ti^5j ■^f■^^ 511 1 

'SI Jill -^fm, 

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f^t515l I 

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v»f^w?j ^?ji^cn^ *iR«t^-Ji#r^ ^^e\ 5ri 1 

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:5l'^l"aai ^t^t^^i^ fizjn St? I 

^t^lftft!:^ f5?^t^l5i f5^'?(c?i^ m^ ^f^c5R I 
^f^ fsf^ c^tw^^ ^i'3,«i'Sfi? "^im^^. 

^V- J ^V — V'O ; ^^ I] 

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*>• f^R ^rR trm ?t|wc^ 5[c^r1« ^%5r, 
^^tc^ c^c^ wmt® ftc^ af?l ^rai:?!^ ; 


i c^ ^t?. ^tf%^l c^t'ft? ^r«(Ttc? -£tr^ ^f^tcf , 
^^\J\ C^ITt^ ■^f^^ 11%^ ^«i% ■^ft^iKf, 

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«iltr'V!:^ ? 

cut ^t^ 5I^Cf(^ ^nc^. ^5t^ C^MH SftCSf 

c^^^i ^t5Ri «if«»ra ^«i ^^tff I 

C3Rt^ ft^^rttil C^ ^S* *ttf^ ft^C^ 

«t^ «if^^ ^Rtc5f^ ^cnt^c^ Bftf%nn 

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c^Rfc^ f^^^i^ ^Rirtcf, 

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^^^^C?f ^iJfR (R ^R, ^|R C^fTinPTR ?« I 
^ t^pra^, NSt^t^ ^ 31^'om I^C^ «I[»R ^I^t^pJ 

C^Rt^ ^'^f ^^51 ^^, ^tftl^ ^t'ral *ffet*l 

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*> c? Tif^^intt^ ^"^^, ^Rir^5fc^ j^nn, 

CSmH ^ §^5l ^, ^t?tc^ 'SfR^ *tf^i5l«l 

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» sjfii ;st?R sfsj ^R nrl^R ^ra?itr?c^, 

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3^ ^f^ C¥^ N51?t^ (R^1 ^1^51 C^f^CSf ? 



^^Tj^t^NSl I 

[ Vo J ^« — t^O J «l 

i8 f^ ^. f^. c^ ^r^^tcn^ ^^. 

■^fett^ I* 

CS\^ ^l^ ^a^ C5Tt^ f^l ^^t^tf I 

C^W^ f¥^ ^W!f ^5 si^T'jTSj^ ^*tC5 ^^^ I 
SV ^l^t^ ^15111 C^Pi] ^t« Pfll^II ^t|^ 'fl ; 

Cv5W3 ^'^ ^^^ ^^, vct^^ ^1^1 'Tf^tl 


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^ftc^c^ tti:^ ^v!py\ ^^mf^ ^51 1 

^^t^vs «3f<f5rf5, 'siWcvf^ ^<^Ji^ f^ I 

€ i%fvi atc^ctp^ 5ii;5(i «<it ^^ f l"!^ "4 NIMH, 
^<R f«Pi pro cTo^ f^wm Tt% ^ ; 

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'«itf^ csj^Rttvra ^^ti^ c^t^tw ^^ frK 

sifKt^ ^^W%n C®1:^ tfhFl ^^ I OTTl 1 
C^ ^W\. ^R ^fff ^ Ws! ^?t1 'Q^ ! 
^C^ III I 

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i« 'sit^, if? ^iTi^ ef^9J1 'siW^ ^"fl '«W, 

i8 vitll ^tc5I ^tl^ ^5t^^ *t3F?tnt^ '^^tll «t^ 

i8 ^?t«2!^ f^^ft^l ^U ^f^ 'ftTTa ^r^ ; 

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« ^^^ W\^ ^, "^ ^\, 

^t^*i ^it i'?^ ^r^c^ ^U^U ^^^ ! 

C51^1^ ^^iTll^tC'ni t^^t^ *t5"n^ *f^t^ 


VO; 8 — Vff J J» I] 

^^'T'Nfl^ I 


8 ^1^1 ^fsratci, 'srttT. 'Tt^ ^Ttff f!:^ ^f^W 

^r^, 'sjt^ ^tr^ "ifir^c^ ^ f^t. 

'st^m csm^ f^^^% f^^i ^t'liT ^c^ I 

J> ^^f? "£tf^ 'fi^'l ^il, C^^'l flff^tij^ -sirs 
•f^C^ sifter c^^'l ^^t^ « ^c^l? -stf^ 

^c^ ^Nnf^ Ji^^c^ cJi^? "Q ^^^^n ^^[^ 

'5r|*Rti?R sig sf^c^^ f^^\^!\ ^^m i 

Ttl^ T?.*!? ^sra ?Jt?I ^^ I 
2 3 C9[^ vfi^pt^ ^^ 5f^ ^ca, 

OR, c^ m\^f, 5^t^i c^Ri^ 5jfc^^ ^c^«i ^c^i 

C5W^ «lKtn C^^^ f'2(^ I 

^artTliJ ?^ « ^iit^ lt°x^ ^W ^'f!:^^ ^c^*t 

«rt^tij ?t^t '^ititJi ^^^ I 

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^^U\ Ji«^ crrsit^ 2i»t°.Jii ^ft:^ I c^rni i 

«t«I^ ^1& 'st^l ftftf sw!:?! ffH« ^rc^ I 
t' c? 5itft«^, ^tf^^'ltcTa ^^51, «ii5r(^ sris^i ^^; 

i» C^^lt C^t^ll^ «115fCCl ^^ pjiJ.Q ^^g ^qT^f ^^1 

W^ ^l«t^ ^tt^C« ^m ^R1 ?tf ^5 SR I 

mXs^^ ^51^ « «(«n <£(ffH ^C^'T ; 


« f R C^Rf^ 7^31?? c^fsf ;i^^«i ^f^Titf, 

^Jiiw^ ■an© CNoi^r^ ^i^ic^t^ fj?^^ ^ § 
^f^ 1% «];?pw <i^c^ c^T'i ?Tr«rc? ? 

'^ t^ W\^^ ^51 ^I^C^Jf, 'Sltf^ «t^ '?SR^ ; 
C^5{?il fssf>T «It'R >2f5i(W^, ^\^m ^'i^l:^ 

f^^ ^t^^l ^l^n \^o\H ^1 fw^ I 

O. T. 3^ j 



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[KT ; ^o — t'lr'j ei 

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C^sj^n, C? -STj, ^R Cv5tTt^ fecwt't ^t^t^ <2rii 
^t^tal c^iit^ ^Ki-^ c^)n^ ^Tm^ I 

csiTf^ 5(11 «5 ^r^t^ 'stistra iwc^ ^^t5f -^iii 

-srlf^ ffe^'^R c^iita ^tc5i? c'frg^ -^f^^ I 

^^•, ^f^l 5l!(;=3f *n«l5i ^tC« ^Tt^ -Sttl ^^t^ 

^^i^ctf^ i«.^i «ii5it?i •srtcn^ «ic^^<i ^j%cm?. 

(^ij [c^j)t?] fo^ ttis I 

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C«W^ frt^^ «3^C^ gtl "^^ I 

c^^^i, c? Jitft«^. ^fil sfiTi^ it^m ^f?iit^ 

^tC^TC^^ Jl^tf^ ^IRI^I 'Sin'^l ®t«I ^fW^ I 

c®iTR n^cTi f^n«( c^^^^ ^11 ^^ 

«iit ^1% ^'«(t^ m^^ I 

>5t ^jf% ^^* >^ ^f^ ^^t3 5ic«<i ^fhs^, 

if)^ ^it% ^it5 wt^ I csfsn 1 

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^rr^iftf^^"^ ^fsj 'sit^ "si^i ^R ^ ; 

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Cxsltra RC^ 'STgjf^T >2f^I1 ^r^Htf^^ I 

c^^^i f^ 16^1 c^i^ti ^i^R ^rlc^ ? c^i^ ' 

5i ^1:11 ^C!(I f^ Cvsl^KI If 111, 

i« f^l, C^ TlWt^^, ^lf^ c^lsftl ^c'nc-t ^ivs^tw 
eilre ^tlil 'Sll'i^l c^l^l?! 5Ti;«m€t ^i^ 1 

■^flCs5 ? 
^1l1 i^C^ c^^ C^tltl 'J't ^^t»c^^ ? 

iC ^t^J^t^I ^5-Cs ^ifT ^',?I « ^®^^ ; 

C7T ^"^^ ^^JIC^ '511'ltC'^ C^l^ ^fl^tCW I 
X^K^ ^t^ <alC5ra" sr^n 1 

^fii ^t'R n^^^ sK^ ^c^l itTl^'R ^r^i,^ I 

8 'SHR c^i'Jii Tx»fc^ reiaci 31'^tn^ ^r^^, 

*j;j^i:^ n^c^ c^i'Jii fiit^iri^ ^\m r CTT^n 1 
« C? 51t:t^f . ^'f c^iiti ^r*5^j f^Htf, 

«ir^ 1 

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Ji^l ^8 JI^T C«15Ji^ ^15IWI ^5t?fl5fr I 

5 4 5(ir c5i? -stSftal, ■511? Ill c^t "sii^^sj^r ^fR, 
it) '5l?t?l Jll^ ttr5{ C^lTfl '{tCI ^al^l ^C^, 
^tl chilli ^55fc? "srlltctfi ^5^ S^a ^C^l 

^fl?tf§ I 
"SI II II '^if^^ tsc^f ^t^ic^ ^r%R^ ^f^aif^ 1 

^5 ^111 ?^ vsif (<I p ^?ra ?|CI, 

^llil Tt5 ^(^t!:^ i^llR ^fkci I 

5^^ »i3p ^t^i '2tf^ ^*r^i ^rlc^ *ftfic^ sn. 



^^Tf.f^^t : 

[h^^; ^8 — 'S>o ; efe 

^« «rra ^ifsj ?i*i^ ^r^^ ^i^f^ ^^ ^^^ ^^Ic^, 
^* cJi "s^mi^ i&ifV^i ^f^ic^. ^fi "sitTtu f«t^, 

♦fWt^ ^rw-sti 5?cv5 JTt^tw ^r^?n f^w "^f^ I 

«lW3 fsf^^i ^fft? *ti?^ fi^ ^f^ I 
^s <Brff5i v5T?i? -^x*iu^ R sill ft ^Pg^, 

«> ^ «n5iT^ f%f«j ^^?^ ^^^ '^t?, 
»ttr^ m, 

^^1^ ■e^R'jf^ ^^i 'si^^fi <Fr^^ sil I 
vft^ctrg f^^c^ ^^« R«in ^f^^ 'n 1 
^1^^ fjit^>i5i 'sttit^ jn^tc^ '^c^ ^t?i ^c^i 
'sft^ ^^^1 Jii"^l f^^« I cTsn 1 

«» ^f^ 'SH'ii ficJi^ r^?is< ^'n "^mi^. 

'Jt^t^ ^jf^ ^ffsicvs cspf^iijl "si^fh "^Tn^W I 

5i?5ii(.5i ^^ic^ <Tt^t?c^ cvfe 5i1f I 
^i5B fJit^tJR ^fic^ f^c=^i ^r%tl I 

8*!) c5 Ji5n>2t^. ■^^ ^T^ Rvsi g¥ir?r5 «iiij%c^ ? 

81 •a?') ^^, "SltR C?J51JT "^ft^ ; 

'^csi ^5^ ^r^ I 

«5 C? 5TWl-2(^. C^lll? »l^''f'=l f^^'^i? "^f^Tlt^, 

^<^^ J 

*I^C^ 15»C^ 2?t?Jl «]ir^'.^5 I 

« 'gm ^tll"^ if^US PRttTll iilt^. 


:;5o ; ^ — :aV J *i I ] 

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cst^r^ c^*f ^ti^ f^^ 5t I 

''^f^ ^f^UtW ^tltC^ ^l"!^*! 1^5} CSt^t^ 

» c^^l c^W^ cg^tc't <5ititcff^ 1^51 f^ ^fcul 
'^iti'^l 'sjt'R ^tn^T ^<;^ "^JR"; (?^ ^f^ I 

^91^^ ^Ccl «I1^ ^<^Tl? ^tC« nttil J 


C^ «IPJ^1 aSora f5^ 5Tf« ^R I 

frs ^%!]ii «ii5iai f^'w cffwtrs, 
31 ^t^ «itiic5Tii ^n ^^\^s^f^^ fiiJi^^t^ ''it'JK^^ 
'^rt^tc'f^ ^(.^^ -^"^ ^5? Itft ^^ I 

^ ^tfl Itft-a^? f^w ^fel^, 'f^f^T ^Iit5 ^t^ts, 

'Q J^^i^^n*!^ lift ^Ic^ ^'^l ^f^C^iT I 

« i%R «rt*i^ *iteic«i c^isrtc^ 'sit^a ^1%^, 
^fta Tsj urn « vs«(3ii«t^^t I 

< ^r^ '©i^ ^c^ sn— ^tf^^ 3iti 5^. 

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fV^ ^?i cvsi^rt^ f^^c^ ^ffTTc^ sri I 

^W'\H <£lfv5^ CWW^ I 
» 'f1. Wt>2ff , ^f^ ^W3 'Sttat!!' I 

^f^ ^^it^'i^c^ "sw-^mn J\^%\;^ ^f^irtf ; 
i. c^iTt^ c??R r^-'-ttf ^p.-^ ^\, 
c^t^ ®<;'itv5 c^Rt^ ^t^a fir^c^ 'sitfjic^ ^1 1 

ii ^(^«l f^R "Sll^fl ^«5t«(C^ c^R(^ f^^cu ^t^^ 

5^ si?i^i cvsRic^ ^c^ ^rl?ii ^ffi^l 5it!:^5f, 
^R ^^'s? « sinc^ nti^c?! tf%^ I 

58 'CT ^rRrc« 'StfJI^, ^5^^ ^tR ^^^ f[5"ft^; 
"SllR JT^C^ ^I?n JiC^ «(ti^^ ; 

<5rTJR ^i^Tc^ f ira ^r^^, csfiwTtfl^^ ^i^^ I 

s* ^iR i\^ ^if fffDi «t?fc^ ^g ^r^?, 

'sjRt^ ''if^i^tl ^[^ic^ C^«l(t^ I' 

C5 n^f<^'f?. c^ilt^ ^t^n ^cam l^s ^iis 

8 C-^Jtl. C5 Jiff fcEf^, ^fsj «itnif ^^ ft^ ^Ift^ 

« 5itft2i^. c^oisjt? ^I^J Ji<F^ c^siJf sj^<; J 
C5t1!^ ^W^ Ji^si =51f% ^^^^ I 

f^C^1«C t?l ^.^ Jfl I 

t ^1^1 ^«t^ ^cf? gnu ^f?^ ^, 



^^^^f^^sl I 

[:i^ ; b-— ";^C; 8» 

f^P^ ^tl'l^ >{^, 4^1 'alflC* «l^l^ 5ltt \ 
'^ C^llt^ f^i'x^tTI^ *R^Rr«f ^^ ; 

^ft j^^^i ^('i5? ^if^ «i^r^ ^ii95tc5. 

^?f Tt^cl ^ItfJl 's;!^^ <©<5?r ®^t|C^Cf I 
« C^llt^ Til^I 51^^ ^r^S A'^^'fl^ 

^l|^ RR^ ^H'^ -^ IRs 5n ^^ I 

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"SJtl^l C^ ^f^TPS, t^l ^l^t^ "Sl^Cl ^tCf I 


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Czp^H ?W^tC? Smi C?C9f ®?R ^r^5l I 

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^jR 3'm ^u\ CT Jii^ 1r^i«i "^mi^ -. 

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C?R ^R ^?(tri5lCTI ^WVfH 'S'^'I C?>Q | 

^R ^'s '!,'§' ^r^c^i ^\^m i^cci ^^ ?ii I 

^S vjR fuSj ^Sl ^1E5tIR ^f?C?i ^l^t^l r^^^T 55 ; 

^ri ^i5i^w^ Oi^'Pi ^1 ^nsc^ «t5t^t ^f^?* 



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"Situ ^f^i ^firsci ^im ^r^5i «rt^ i 

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« ^t^t? 1^3 5(lc^^ «lt^l ^^ ; 

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^t5l? »{t^^ ^4?1 ^^^ "^h^i^ fltlTTt^ I 

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cjjl ^^ fsR Ji^g *i;f ^n^"^?!!^ ^f^ ^tcr^f 

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'Slt'Rt^ JITS 5i»sirS^ ^#1 ^rst.^liT, 

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f«R 'tt^llCc]:? ^t*1^ ?tn CTIPlC^, 

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f3R ^^^t^ ^t^ttC^R, «it^ «l^^ta ^^51 ; 

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f^R ®?ic5f^ ^5T ??;^ ^ff^na ^rlc^R, 

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f^m'\ ^?tCW^ 711=3 ^?Cq[ ^tR5I I 

f3R ^^tftf^fc^ lit 3 if^^ct f*m\ fesii, 

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f3R ^fi^c?iJT, ^(^ ^t^ni^i ^tl^. 


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«■> It^ f«l^ c^f^rtf^t!:^ c^tnj -8 ^tf^ 'if^^ ^if?^ 

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^t^ ^Wt ^t<fl «^f W^ ^f^e\ I 

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«<t c^ ^t^tiil ^i^t^ f^R Ji^^ ^l^si spc^, 

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*'^«*nrn fsR «ii*R 5iic5i^ «i^c^ic«( ^i^ij'^iic^" 

c^ f«pi 'il^'R f^^i ®n •^t^'l I 










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^t^1?1 ^^f^ ^t^? ^ttl ^^51 i|f^^1 c^, 

sf^'^r^ics ^'^Ra 'i^^i ^r^^i I 

«lft^lci^ si^sftc'^ ^(551;?^ ^n\c[ I 

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'fitft^l c^ic^c^ ^^ c^R<;7i f^-ai^i ??f^, 

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f^ ^t?n siRt^« CTtf*! ^t^t^ Tit^iivo w^- 

^t?t^ ^tc^ f^m "^m ^n ; 

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«I^il^ f®R ^t^W^ R^C^ ?^ ^^C5R, 

^f^icci^, «nl^ ^^ifftic^ ■ai^c^ f^'ii^s ^f^^. 

^Orb ; ^S — ^ O*^ J ^O l] 

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«^ c^^RI «[5l^i ^t9t^ ^lirt^ R^t:^ f^!::itft^5T, 

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88 \8«nB fofJl ^'I^I ^l^IW^ ^l^-f^ <SRC^5f, 

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Jil^ C51W ^^1^, ^It-J]^ I 

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1& jr?c^ ^it^i Jiff (£(^?i ^tt^ ;f ^^ ^f^. 




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^[^1 ^I^^l 5f'qc?? ^ir?R? N^^S^t ^f^^, 

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i» yf^c^ ^51^1 5itft«^^ ^KW 5^^^^ "^t?, 

^o t%f% 'sitn^ ^t^i *itti^¥i ^l^tf^^t^ ^? ^c^^i, 

^8 vsl^t^l ?iWt^l^^ ^t^ ^"^^ W^, 

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s^c f%1% '^W\ ^m "SIS'® ^t^^^l^l^ "^C?^, 

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xb- mt^ ^5t?t^i 'i(ir>2tf ^ ^ttw ^g^'JR wc^, 

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^^C^ Sfcl^tff^ ^^ ^^SI fl?^^ ^U I 
«^ vsl^t^t -£I®i1-Jl1tt^ ^t^t^ <£IT%§1 ^?^, 

«ltft^cif^ 31^1!:^ ^I^t^ s\*\\7\\ ^^^ I 

^R^^ ^5t ^i^t^ ^^ fflt^ ^f^t^ TtU?, 




l^f fir?F ^ii^l^ ^^t ^(i^ *tf^t^ ^C^ ; 

f^fs? ^FtfW^ ^"fC^ ^^«1 UtfiTTlt (HR, 
^^ C'R^'IIC^^ ?;tlJ nf^^l^ CW5T I 

'Sit? 511^ ^l«l ^t^'R ^«l ^^ ^C? I 


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'srtff ^R "^m, ^tii5i c^il?^ 51? '3'T ^f?« I 

^^^^ ^fVfl^ ^''fc? c^tit? c<i?^ tw« 5^^ I 
c^l5it? fcqcJi^t om ^^1? *it!i, 

'siif?! f»tR5i f^^tn ^r?^, « ^c^rc's^ «5i^f^ 

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^t? tSFHll ^111? f*f?3t1 ; 

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"Sftf^ tWftl^ ^^iC? f^Sf *it^Tl Hl'^n TfiW ; 

'■Rciltgi? S^TC? ^ll!?fR ^f^^ I 

C^ "5I11tC^ ^ ^p Sim? SilHl ^1?C^ ? 

^Olr'; !>^ — ^^O J O I] 



5^ f^'fC'^^ «lf^^ '8I1^tCTf? Ttf t^ T5 ; 
C^RTI 5l«fC^l^ Tft^t^I ^^-^ I 


^ c^^^ cTitc^ ^iit^ n^c^ ^l^t^ ^■ii « ^^ 
8 ^tsft^ c«tc5i^ nra^^ ^\\U] ^it^ f^''!'^ 

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'srt^t^ c«tc^^ *fra^cf cg^i ^t prates i 

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^t^ at n«Ri ^s^ I 

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«l1^^tf ""^f^cs ^t?t? ^°lj% ^1^ ;f|^ vSt^l ^t^l 

^t^ ^l^'a ^^I^ ®C5T^ ^f?l 'ff»t5T, 

«t?ra ^r^ra ^^cci^ i;i5 <£tfil 5^51 1 

^o Jltrtfi(;j ^Ic^s vflf ipci *rt?i ^Tt? f^^'tc^^l, 
'sit'n^ eWinn f^t^ ^t?t^1 5^t^ ^Ccj,:5tf1?1 1 

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^8 SiTtJ? ?rai ^t5lt<i f tt 5^51 ?^^!:^, 
^* c^ iwta^, ^W^ ^"9^, ^iTt^ Jiiff^ ^?, 

C^Ii^t^'.tl^ 5lC!fJ ^t5(^ fif»[»J}l ■^f^<l I 

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c^lsri^ ^^c^^i c3Ri^ wm f'if»t?'^ 1 1 



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^^8 ; <t\ 

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«ra CT5 ^^, CI Ji^t«:^t.?f ^? ■^t^. 

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^1f1^ fs^s fT^, ^^ 3Wl<£!^Cvs f^ToU TC^ I 
yr «t^B re's ^f^^ ; c^ ^?i ^c^ 11. 

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^I^c'i^ '^'i\% f^l ^i;^ I 

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IWI^^I^ 1|5J ■#1^11?) I 

^Unn fen 5?c^ Vffasc^ ^3ti ; 

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^1 ^®i[R ^ftcl I 

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^ ^ 8 ; ^— ^ ^ 'i) ; i» I ] 

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^in^«^i, c^R^t c^^ ^^ f^!:^ ci^lt^c^^ 
w(^ ? 

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o. T. 33 j 

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^ f^R 'siRtii ^m "^«fni« "^f??iU5^, 

n]smi[ ^g ^isftC^ ntt?t1 ^R5F, 
^fR ^^Ct ^ 5',i:^ *I1%?IR I 

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f^^^ ^fi, Tifft^f , ^t?ri^ srt'i ?i^i ^^ I 

'sitR ft^i^^i? ^tc^ r^R «it5it<j ^\(m\'\ ^i%^5i 1 

''PoJf ^tc^ ^Rt^ 5^1. ^irt^ ^ra^iti I 
5> ^fR juii^^fi nt^ft^ ^t^t^t« ^ra^, 

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5« «itR *tft^un^ ^it5?''tt^ 5t^n ^H^, 

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^^1^ Til's <2fSit^ Jif^tc^t ^r^ I 

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* ('H) <5rtttT f^^t^t fS'sf, ^«K ( tat^n ) ^TlspTtJT I 



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[^•i** ; ^ — ^^;> J ^* I 


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C^Tf^ ^I^Jt^^ilC^ 7lH«f|iI ^t?itt ^f^ I 


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C5ITR ^^^ nci^ '2(fN5 ^H ? tf'R I 

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sf ^i^ra ^^^^ tfm\ c^'Q, c^ ^ij^ fr"f^ ^f?, 
cvsiTR ^n^[?i ^■'5TF «imj f^^?i c?ff'^ I 

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c^Tira -iit ^ c^Ri? f^fsf sjTR "^i;^ i 

cjj^f^ '«itit^ srattf t?i^ ^^"s I 

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CW^^\ ^IR C^Tf^ ^tC"^! JR«^ ^'^^C^fl I 
8« ^^ ^Tt^ -^ ^Ic^ 5ic^^ ^m Pl2r*IC^ ^t 

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c^fsira ^^^1 ^tc^ ^tR f^\^ ?t ^il 1 
c 3 ^|cf^ mc^ «itiH c^g^l'f ^f^ral ^1^, 

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^tfsf cxst^i^ ^j^^ ^^ ^ft srt? I 

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«»'' ^°.^t€ ^ITI^ *l_c^ ^fji ;^t^ ff^itl. 


f^^ ^IR c^Rr^ ^j^^(?i ^iRiPf -^n I 

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^?ti1 c^t'Ttf:"^ 's^ ^c^, vsl^t^l ^5(ti^ oif«l^ 
-^im ^ifsi i^Rf^ ^!:^i 'St^rMi -^m\m i 

^oJt^ ^R R'JI^^t^ ^RtC'^ ^°o«l fff<I(§ I 

^I^t<) -Sff^ CvsW^ ^Wtl ^#^, C^ ^TR ttf& ; 
C^^^1 C^1^1<1 ^J^^1 ^t'll^ i^SjVf^ I 
^^?tR^1 ^r^« ?^^. C^^^ ^1^1 fsiljt 

CvsRt^ moisten? >2|^^tll ^jsit^ 'Stti ^1 15, 
'oJtfsi C^1^1^ ^IC^I? ^C'l^l ^R I 

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^t^l ^IR ^^^ ^*'it^ 'If'^ l»5tr5 ; 

■^c^ ^RH voTs^t^lf^^cl? nst^ ^nirr ? 

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»• CNstil^ n^^«i tfW!^^ *1^'(-^ ^tfr ; 

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»« ^tf^ cvstit^ f5(Cff»t5tt^i ^^^^'Q ^fm] ^It^ ^1, 

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S8 ^tlR C^tiral, ^tltC'^ ^\U^\'\ "^^ ; 

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«^tpf '51 1 R c^mt^ ^i^^i "f f^m Tt^ 5rtt I 

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i5C 5?t5l?It«l, 'SrRt'^ R^^ S^^C^ ^^ ^<Q ; 

'SIIR 'slt^R ^"ifi:^^ «|1^ ^-^c] n\^7{ ^f^^ I 

i iir ^fjj ^t^^ Ti^^fic'^ c^?;i^R ■?Fr^?tt^, ^tlt^l 

i5s ^R ^r*lf1^ 7i^^ ilc^ 5i?i^<^ f? -^Ff^i;! Jiff?, 

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c^tit^ »itn^^^tn ^iR ^^ I 
^R(c^ ^9[;5ftw<i ^v^ Tm'^'i -^m ^ I 

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5^8 C^Rl^ fr^ll^^t!:^ C^Ri^ IftCfi^ if^^ ^ntt^ 




[ ^^:i ; ^^19- ^*« J 

[C^si^l] CcifC^ C^I11^ ^^^1 «I^^ ^r?!lt^ I 

i«5^ ^rW^ >2fr^ fV^, « 'srt^ti' "Sff^ ?*tl w^, 
c^pi ^j(^ ^5jf^ ^nc^ ■^g ^ -^^-^ I 

^t^n c5iiW C5W^ ^^11 'tt^ii ^c^ ^ I 

>S CatTt^ ^^ =^^5i grt^ I 

i«» ^t^t?l ^cwit't ^t'ltc^ sTN ^f^iit':^, 

•^t^«l 'siW^ ftn'^^1 c^tlt^ Tt^I ^^^ ^f^?I1 

^tt C^lHt^ tftJl ^t^l ^1^ ^tCJl I 

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"Sits C^lll^ ^^?1 ^«I I 

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[^«rtR] C'at'Il^ «IT^1 Ji^^ ^Rt^ ^^^5^^ I 

'SIRICA S^^ C?«, 

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^I5t^ c^iit^ ^n^t ^c"5 ^^5^ I 

•511^ Cn5R|^ Jll^ 'SlI^ 7]-5j I 

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C^R1^ ^^i«[rrtc^ 'siRrc"^ Tigfir^^ ■^^ I 

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^w ^i^i^i c^it? ^R *rt5^^ ^c? 5(1 1 

i«5» C?«l, «ItR C^t^t^ RCtf«f Jf^cl C^sji? <»T5I ?tf5l I 
C^lt^ <(1l!I -SICnoJ^ '^\^^ f^^^t^ I 

i*i 'SISJTC'^^ ^TtilCl ^5It!:^ ^^ ^f?¥tc^, 
CTRJl 51^1^5 nltCcl CelK^ ^.? I 

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^>;>j ^^8 — "i^Vj b-i] 

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5*;. 5pft«tf , ^tTtn ^t^ c^Wn f^^ S^-lf^^ 

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iii 'srtTtn 's^'f^ «(»fxii ^r^c^,* 

^U'\ ^pi ^titcT c^iTtn f^r«( 1^^ f*t'^i 

ji^ 'srt^t'^ fsf^l c^Tt? ^R ^^ "^f^c^,* 
'Sit? c^st^fa *ttJRT5rt*t 'Sftitjj i^^tfl ^^^ I 

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f^ m^ ^«tl ^f%. ^?t^ ^ 615 I 
« s « 'srtcmi-'?!^ I 

c^i«{i tK^"^ 'sititii 111^1^ ^incn r 
^ jRt'Sff ?lc« ^t^t^ Jii^'^ '^]nT\, 

t^R ijM^i nt^ 5n. f^Bi 'srN ^il i 

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tgtracic^ IT'S Jitc^fl? [f^iril],^ 

^1?ral c^i'itc^ ca^i ^a, ^titctf^ ^fijtl ^^^i 
*» c^i'ii^ >2ti^«^ iw »tir«( ?§^. 

"silfi ^f^^, c^iit? it'^i *ttr^ ^t^ I 

(^1) [^'ttc^Ji 


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[ ^^^; S— ^Kl^; ^1 

^iif? ^C^^ £|f^ C?R^ m^^ ^^. 

C^^^l ^tl^l «I^!St?l R^t^ ^4 ft^itfs I 

TJ«I^ ^RtCf^ '2tj% ^t^tClf^ C5^|s( .2i^f^!« ^|\S I 

cgt^°« ^titw^ 'Sitcf^ S^ra ftf^l ^f^« ; 

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#t? fifef few, ^1^ ^15I?1 ?^l *1lt^f5 I 

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St^till RC^R *I^CT.? ^^*t, ?il^1 ^"^fi « ffe^^tlt I 

4^ ^^fsf 'Sl^^-^t?! "^^^ ^tf.5^ I i 

>» c^^ 5,s«t^ ^isfff^ 'Ctf'^^ctt^ ^fjj^tc^^^'tra ' 

t^tCTIt?!^ ®^[C^ -"Itf^ ^t¥ I 

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o Timsi^ ^i^ircvf^ f^iRc^ 5i^<; is?"; ^^ ^f^irtc^st, 

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'sitCTf^i-'^o I "tr^i-fnT^ I 

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^c^^ ^-^ ^t^1^ 5i^ m^^^t^ I 

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5i^t?l ^1^ ?tc^. 

* (Ti) fauntiac^ «5t*c«T f^i cr^ i 



"iKh", 8 — ^OV ; i«! ] 



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^9rtpt 'siKR ^"(ti ^fr ^^ ifit I 

f^R ^Itcn^ ^^CS'R ■^^itCf'l 1 
c cJit 3T^cci ^r^s ^^, ^i^gt "^i-t^^, 

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j^tft^^^ ^t^^tf c^isifw^ 'Srfe ?f^, 

^tpi ^t?i^ ^t^-^i '£(^it*n ^r^c^fi I 

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mn ^i^t^ ^icf 'Sig^ -^^ mi^ I 

^1ira C^\U<<[ ^-sta ^["W 'Slt'B^I n^c^ I 

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'Ttc^lc^^ ^"^fi!:^^ H nil's «ii¥ ^^[^ I 

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fm ^ C^Rffl »tr%^ PP^^ ^(fJT I 

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chilli? ^r«Rc^?f ^5 pf fitf ^ ^1 1 

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f^r^i ^tfi ?tf;^ f¥ra^^^ Jfi, 

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J«S ^t<icl 7Hf t^fs^ f31t^RC<>- SfCift^-^ ^f^TltC^ST, 



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fV^ ^tTt^ 1^^^ ^t^t^ 'Sl^ c*tN ^^t^ I 
■511^ ftret^, ^tc-^tcn^ ?ifec^ '^r^l'fffesT, 

5rt?l f^C^t^ *t^C^ '^r^^l *tlA5 ; 

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c^ 7i5ft«fa tftJi^i, c^m^l ^*\'.7\\ -^ ; 

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o Tivft^l^il ^W^\ ^^, c^^^l J^fftq^ 1^=1515 . 
tt^tH =11CT^ ^L«itC»I 1^1^ ■^^, C^^iTl Nst^l 

"> f^R ^r?jft? £ft« fic^ ^I'n ^^t*'ti ^c^^, 

f«f^ if^ TORI'S f^T"; ^^^ ^R5f, 

<siM^ ^t^t^ ^ic^ Ti^ Ttr?? ^r^5i 'siic?^ I 

i. fsf^ 'Site's "^RTltrf C^^ ^\5 ^® ^tf^C^, 
fil^ 51^1 tgt!:5cIC-^ ^r«f^l? SIS' ftfC?!^ I 

»- > S(S 5^5? JlTt>2ff %5t1 ^|C^, 

— ^1?t^ W!I1 «l^^|51?lft — 
« fit^fffL^t^ «£1^^ ^^ "^H ; 


^O'b J 8— ^OVj « I] 

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« f¥^ ^f% Tt^ ^t^l'nJl'QS! fsi^M ^f^TltCI^ ; 
* PIR ^CST^ §nc^ ^'l^s! mt^ Tf^^^ ; 

— ^t^ fin '5i^^¥t5T?tft — 

1«<I TTf?l1 ^1^ ^^^tcci^ . 
^af^R "STisnc?^ ^^^^(?l ^[sUfff^C^ -Slill 

^^ fjicin^t^ 1R "(f^s I 
^ «rR^i ^Tt^i^ ^fl^ f^"!^ 
<5ft*R "sn^^ fftl ?(5fif 51 ^lf«r«R I 

^rtTtttf^ ^njffmn sircjr ^^ ^src^ w\f^, 
''sri^rw? ^cw r%¥fRa ^^1 fa nt« }* 

* ^5f(^ fsf^ m^US I'xSltt ^®?F, 
^f? ^TR C^tllt^ 51(^1 ^1 ^f^^ 

«(^ c^, c^ c^iTtc^ c^rt^f '2fi%?p5i fif(m^ 

i ^IR Ti^t^tT^i cstsrt? ^'i Tf^^, 
ctf^-ntTa Jii^ic^ c^ir^ ^*^€^ -5^^ I 

^ ^^ nf^ IW^^ ^if^^C'T ■SffnilNS -^R?. 

^ vnii vQ ^^ ^■^] ^^^ c^iit^ ^(R^ ^^ ^R^ J 

^R1^ ^W *tr^ fff^l ^RIC^ ®<>511^^^ ^RC5[ J 

8 c^ Jitf t^^. ^Rfra Jif ^ ^1^ cnsri? ^^ ^fwi^ 

■5Ft^1 ^1?[?1 C^RT^ ^W^ ^1^ <SR5(C5 ; 
« ^t^t^ 'Ifl'Sf^^ *11 JJ^CSI^ f^^F 9fR ^R£^, 



^«^'sf^^1 I 


«— ^80 J « I 

«i ^j%<3 «I[R 7[^C?^ 15fl f??l1 ^fR ^r^,^ ^R 
"SIRtC^ ^gflR^ "^fm^ ; 


i c^ Ji^f^^, ^R ^t'lf!:^ ^si^^i^rtii ^f^Trt^, 
f R ^^ ?|c^ m^\i[ 1^^ gf^c®5 1 

^Rt^ ^"fc^ CsRR ^5^?t 5[R?rt^ I 
* ^1 ;sR ^Rt^ R?FC^ ^r^ «It*5%, 

v©t^ ^65, ^t^t^ c^\mn ^i\m I 

b- "^rtf ^li f^l ^i^, (R^tC^ '^R ; 

•qf? Ji^cs^ n^srt!:^ ^R ^R 
i> ^i% ^M. • ^KtJi wRl?:^ FIf%?!l c^i^i^, 

i'. ^t^R^ ^^¥1^^ C-ORI ^tC^ ^-^ ?ltC-«I 511, 
^R ll^^C^ ^|5ItC^ ^iR^^lfsCf! I 

* ( Ti J oc^ tftra ^t=;t^ ^tnrr? c^ 'sirc^i^ ^s^c^ 1 

^f'l^'f^ '®i«(°.?frR f»fm3 5tc^r%ci(5r I 
c^tiT^ «33Si:<F ^^^t f^iprvs f^, 

■51^^ (R JT^C^^ 4^^« f5^ 511 I 
i 1 C^ t'?^, ^tff^ nU^ C^RR 51?^ 51^51 C^5R 
^^J^R ! 
^\^H Tifit C^5R "Sifter I 

iv ^cr^tt ^Ri:?i ^t?i ^g^^ <5ic<'f^i ^Ti'^n^ f?i ; 
■ mr^ ^*R ^tr^^i ©tt, >©«t5i« c^t^i^ f^i^ 

C5 ?^nt«l^i, ^^rt^ f5f¥t 5tC5 ^ ^« I 

^» ^I^RI 5^ «tC^ C^Rt^ ^R ^^^«1 '^Lli ; t 

f^^^' ?l 5{1 ? 

^!^ ^\f^ nt^ ''f^ 5nt CW-^ '«t?ff?^r.^ C^^ ^R ; 

^t5ifff^c^ ^Rtfit '*\w ^L^ -^R I 

'sflit^ ''itl^l ^^. ^!5f[^ Tm\ ^^^ ^f^ ?e ; 


^ ^i^H\ IR 5ic^ ^g ^^^ ^c^, 

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vst^lCff^ >e#iS(R^ fsi^oK-si W\^^l^l[ f^^ 

^,^ f tC« ^TITt!:^ 5^1 ^5 ; 

v5f?t?i =5iRra 5^1 dfqiri fff^R T^^ ^Rirtc? 1 
« 'st^fjf^^i amz^ ^\mn nfqc^ ?-t? >s «f/i 

J ( ^1 ) Cotn? ISp'T'l C^Tt^ uaJCTT ^'Tt^ ^ I 

§ ( ?i ) f s«rrt5f^ I 


^8o ; >53— =>80 ; e I ] 



^C^^ fffC^ ^f^ ^11^ f^^ ^t^tff^ ^f^slfl I 

^?j I c^nn I 

^t^tcff^ ^sst^fc^^ cw't^tcw WtS^IR^ ^^^ ; 
: • v5l5Kff^ ^'tc^ ^?i^ ^5ft? ^\^^ 

■Rf^-S ^^^ 91^^ ^Cno, ^t? ^1 ^^ I 

^1?f5T ^t^ic^ fsiTt^ ^ft^r^ 5i^ 5?tll1 ^f^C^ I 

5^ ^tpii ^IR, 5itft2i!| ^ri^ n^t?, 

^ ^|5tra -srci'^i c«i5rt^ ^i^c^r ^^f% 'i^iM''\, 

8 C^(^ 5pf f^m^ ^"Sft^ ft^C^ 'Sr^^ ^^C^fVfvQ ^, 

^fuf5 ^l^t^^c?? iwi>G* ^ifsr ■2i\i^\ -^m i 
cvsiR nt^tc^i^ \t^ ^tTtcwi 'Sir? 7\^^^ w^\t^] 

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W*^f\ C^^C?! C^t'lt^ 'SI't's'n 111^ I 

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"SltltC^jf ■!^5I1'5I1 C^ <2[Wt?? 'Tt»l^ ^^c^l 

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S8 ^WC?^ ■^m 51^5! C^ «1^ ^^^ ^^ ; 

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i ^R c^Wij 'Stf^^ ^r^, c? «rtit^ ^^^, c? 

■sitf^ ^^^VtST c^W^ 'Ttr^ «(^Tl? ^'^^ I 
^ ajf^ffR ^tR cj-W^ «<5i?t? ^f^^. 
^c^t ^5t fs^^t^i c^t^rt^ ^tci^ st^l'xJil ^^ I 

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^3 c^iit^ ^t-^i f^^\ ^"^^ ^tf^f «(rN ^f^^ I 

* ^t^ CffTft"^ C^sWiJ ^5t^ ^^ I^C?!^ f^3FC1^ 
C3ftt:'( ^i^ « fTltl^ I^R I 

^t^ ^^m ^i^tf! f ^ ^1^ *'fiTtc<^ ^f cij "Bitt^ I 


^8<?i ^• — ^8*1 ; ^^l] 

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5i ^t^t^ C^l^lt^ ^(C^I^ C?t\^ ^^1 ^^, 

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Ittl^ «(?)^W ^5p^ I 
'Sltf^ ^ ^t^I ^ifBTll «2ftr^, 'Srt^rl^ ^'^C^? 'SMtlJ 

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«t?l IWt?^ ; <2(*I°v11 ^^1^15 I 

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c? fic^it^. c^Mn ti(c^? '2p'nii ^? I 

i3 Cf^l f^R C^lt^ fti;^^ ^I'f'T 1^^ f? ^R!l1 


f^f^T C5W^ TC^J C^t^ ISt^tlt^ ^%^t? 

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f^R ^c^tt^csf c^tilc^ ^g ^c^i 

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if f^r^l ^n^ ^1^1 *IIJIt^l CTf 311^ ^flf^ <FC^^, 

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« Ift^l ^W t^^^ 5i[r.^^ 'SCf'xJll ■^^•■^, 

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C-^ilj^l c^^^ ^5 rat 5»R ®-fs. 

* ( ^ ) vstd SJO^ ^^^ ^ \ 

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«t^ '2t»ft^l ^"^I, ^t^tl 7i?f^ Til^^ filfsi^, 

t^StCil^-'I^Rcw^ Rf^^, "^l^M ^t5t^ HTS^ 

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\51^ « fHtC^tC^ 'sl^t^ ^^ttTI ^R "^^^ ; 

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f»lR ^:grw^(c^ ^tf^istci ^Rv5 ^f?ii^5i 1 

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» as? NSl?tW^ ft^C^ M'Ao fwt^ f^'^lS ^^ ; 

t^c^^ «lpi;5 =?[R ^t^t^ 'sr^fv^rl ^^ ; 

^iff^ "IM^^ f^«tC^ ^15t^ '£(*[nJ11 ^^ I 
8 ^^ vQ ^ sJC^lC^ ^f^t^ Si*\l7\\ ^? ; 

'at^li^ ■^iti « ^°s%c^ *t?ra '2f*f;Ji1 "^^ ; 


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le ^<^TT, vsf^tCii^ 7\l-^ CJlt nc«f Ul%^ ^1, 
^t^l ^«^nt^ "^n^^ C^C^ ft^'il^ ^U I 

i'"^ 'srtji ^5tsrt ^tn^itw^t ^^''it^ ^rac^ g^^it??! 

* ( T) ) srtrt^ ^w I 

(Tit «(^ ^V^tt^^Cffi?? '2ftt ^1 Vc^ I 

R^ 5!:^ fi?sr ^^ ^\5 ; 

cii% ^'51 c^iic^ ^nc^ sit?rt^ tsjt^ c7[5^ 

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^trvg^ ^'^i^ ^i^tc'^ ^ti%^, f^^ ^ff^ ^m 
^t^l ^i^t? ^t?t'^ w%^^ "^hm, f^i '^I'lTt^ 

*tttc^ 511 ; 
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0. T, 34 ] 



t^c^nuw'^ I 


i— O J ^^1 

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'v ^fif ;5f|5rf^ "sjti^ Ji^cj c^tit^ ^ir^ ^^^ 

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c^l 51-^ci ccjt^ ^'s, ^t?rat 1J5^ ?t^j 

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(Til ^t^Ttfff^ f^^fflTil ^ti^, 

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^^•n *ftf%, ^©'^ral ^f^ <£(t^ ^tC^ I 

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io vst^tc^ csmra c^ft^im Ji^^l ^ »ic® ^^1^, 
capita ^c^ ^s^ ^"^t^i ^^ffsifit nf^c^ I 

i\ c^^^n iwf^ ^(ffi^ cfif^ ^c^, «t^t^ 

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c^PR f*t^l f^Tf ^mn ^h ^C^ I 

CJit ^1% C^ ^f^ 5T1« ^C^ ; 

is c^Tj^ a)mn ^tf*t^ 'sic'c^t^ ^fta ^tf^j 

C^ C^f ^^1 •5t?1 ■^^, C^ «ra I 

^ra ^i^M (.^t^i c¥iti ftf^? ^15 1 

^r^ ^'s ^f^ « «if?Tii5fH«t 3"^ ^^ I 


>0 ; ^O— ^ ; ^ I 3 



^vs N5<tR ^f^i fi{^ nil fW^ ^^ Tf^, 

^1^ f^t»I ^PTt^l ^(^ ^tR5 'St^ ^« 5lj ; 

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'Tt^, 'srt^R 'srtpi^, 'mf^ ^sg f?^', 
cJi NO c^iTt^ f^c^ f^a ^jj -^i^ I 

«» 'Sl^t^W C^H ^f^^ Jifj^^ 1%^5f ^f^"S ^, 

Q ■^<^Ji^«i, ft®t? ^^t?»r ^?r, 
cstm ^-m ^^%] voTf^ ^f^-s ^ I 

Tf^t^ ^ftc^ C^n^cf « ^slf^^TI ff cTt^ I 

'srw? 'sitsi Ji^!R *ft5i^ ^?, ^h^ «ittt^ . 
^m'Q sn ; ^\^\ii ^«ra ^sn ^tc^ f^^^ ^ns t{\ i 

1 s\m\R '2f«rt^ ft^Ti, ^f5f fii;^ ®ni^ ^ ; 

5R^ ^rn^it f??l1 ^f^C^S^ ^'^t^^ ^ l' 

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^r?tc^ c^iits ^hRa ^";t3 ^i^t<U^ ^tc^ I 

'ir^Tlcsi cst^fg ^^ 5rtt%^ sn I 

i« ^ncw»f «ff^in ^tr«i«. wtfe^i f?« ^\, 

^51^ ^^ ^, C^JRl 'ST^ CvStTt^ ^^ I 

^factf^ *R«if &f5l« 5(1, 

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:«. c<R5n ^^.sn ^f^csi st^tcff^ f^Tffi ^ ;rt, 

^» ^<^1, «rW^ ^tC^FT 'Sl^'ffl ^w, 

^5t^ ^?tc?? t^^j:^ '?t^T?Jin I 
^o Ti?!^ ^^^5} 'cicn^l • C«t5)l^ ^f^ ?^ ^^., 

^1 wf'^w f^ ?t^ npf^'S 5(1, 
*w ^-^Jr, '^Wii >2i®itii '^^K\^ ^ 

• ( ^ ) n^'rt^ I 



f^C^t^CT-^ 1 

[ ff; vS— «!> ; U V 

OR c^Wn >e^t«f? ^tc^^ "^Tl *1t^^ ^t^ I 

« 'at^ &?i1 ^^R ^K.l 5riT%l ^t^, 

1 ^^v^^ ^<^Ji^i, ^t^t^ ^«n '%^, 

^tlt^ ^i:*J? ^t^ ^1^^ H^«I ?t^ ^1 1 
5 *ft^ ^^ c^itir^ csimn «fc^ v?^ ^^, 

i » 'SltP? f^Sf VSWCW^ "^^ll ^R ^It, 
fits? ^'t? cgtt^stsFf Tt^ ■^'^ I 

^ff ^m^i C^HC^^ 'St^rt!! 'SltCltW ^?I I 

f^fsf ^t^t^ ^'^^ *f«< 'l^t^ ^i^^^ I * 

* (Tl) Csl^ ^C^=t I 

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'sit'R ^!:«t^ ^«it^ ^'s ^t?it^ I 

o 4^, ^^JT. ^f^ 'iit ^^ ^^ i ^n^tt^ ^^m 

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b- va^CT ^"^I^ilfJ ^N^ '»rtvfl -sf^® TC?,, 
"(^ ^itS^m 'i'ilClI ^^ 1^^ ■^C? I 

s c^ ^ciTt, y^'M ^^ ^t^i «t?i1 «(tf^c^ r 
^^^^ Um ^^I's ^^i^ ? 

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^t3 '^"^1 ''Sl^ ^^ ^\5i15 ^r^^ ' ; 

ia CJJ 5^ ^\H\ tfW^ ^C^, «'t? ft5l ^«n ^i^, 

i»i v£lt WTI ^3 5]tft^^^ ff't^, 

vil^iT f^, ^^ ^^ ^t^H «ttm ^It"^? ; 

?.• ^<s31. ^R ^1"!^ f'l^t? ^t^ *tt515i ^^^ 

'SICI^T 5ft»t^ ^n^l ^I1t ^f^'Q 5(1 I 
^i ^^ ^^ff1 C^tTt^ ^^tW 'Trf'N^II ^^, 

c^t^i^ -^aOTi;"! ^H^rl ?t«f I 
■••l!l^^K5l C^Tt^ «l^ft ^^» 


^« — Ir"; ^ I ] 

^'fitnCTf^r I 


^^^t^ti:^ CoWn ^f?^ ^\^\^\ ^fiic^ I 

^v9 (p^r^l ^\^ s\f\^\ ^ ^]^%] ^tcfll^, 
^b- c^ ?(T> ^^ ^^tl^^ ^^<t f^^l ^^, 

o« c^ ^f^^ ^%r[\ fitt!:«t^ f f^^ ^?) ^f^ ^i^, 
^i i%i «r^ *ft^c5i ^t?tc^ 'i^si 'Hp^tt^l %^ 

^t^ ^^f ^ 5T^'?« ^^1 ■^t?i:^ ^tc^ I 

^1^t<? ^<m ^''H^ ^f^!:^ ^1 1 

^S^T, ^t'it^ ■^11 'T^=l ''ft^ ^Jl. 

^ ^-flt^ ^1351 ^'^'^ ''tlsl^ "^il, ^^^ *ittC^, 
Stl'Stft^ f^Sit «t!]1 55tc^ 5^1 ^ttt^ I 

' (J) ^tf^ ^''1^ ^^I'S ^t^flR ^^c^ 

*• CT ^fel!:^ C^5T. -^ fl^ c^U«f^ f^^c^ «ltRcI. 

» m^ Ji^i^fff, ftf^RTii^ ^l^tr^5i. 

i» ^«t^ C?«t, ^?? ^' ^^ W^^ ^1P15I. 

^t?i^ 5^1 ^i^ Sitter ^rl ; 
i^ CJI '^^^'Q w^. ■^'t^^ nr, 

58 '^Jitc^F si^citiij^ ^i^nri^ ^f^:^ ^t^tci, 

'Slt^ =511!^ 'Slt^t^ lt^^ 1< Tf^Utr^ ; 
iir 5?l, ^tl^l Sf^t* *t%^ ^t^l^^ 'TS ^^, 

^^5(:?ra ^t^^tt? ^t^!;^ ^^^i ^f^^ i 

R« o^ ^t^t^ "?rf "^ ^C1 f%^ ^1^ ; 
c^l^i "^f^ ^tctf ''11%':^ c^^:^ «(tr^« ^iT, 

^R ^|1^ It^:^ !^11 ^Hi'Q ^ I 
^«9C^^ C5T ^c^"¥<:^ ^M® ^R?fl Plaits "^f^- 


COS f^c^NcHi 

^l«i ^tit^ ^i^n ^nt"^? I 

b- ^5it^ ^c^^ 7i;i^ ^t^ sf^lU ; 

^t^ ^l^ ^1lt^ ^5|C^1 ^^C^, ^t^ ^t^tr^ 

S'sf I C^n] ??c^3 «ItlT^ ^''i^^ ^^ I 

5.. <5itf5i «(tr^^^^ ^rtc^ ^ij{ ^f^, 
f^etc^il *iw I'd Tm -spR ^r?. 

[t-j « — ";»; ej 

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^« "sitrsr ?tr»t^ ^?itfs ^sjtftf ^tsit^ff, 'sitf? ^f«f» 
^f«ifi^ ^icT3 '"i.^t^r^f I 

^8 W\f^ ^«R 55 ^tf, ^^ ^fsi Sif^^t%lt^, 
^« ^^ Jt^si W^ 5t^t^ 'IC^, 

^^C^*^ ^fsi? filf?! «i^« 5IC^^ ^t I 
^b- ^«t^ f^pf ^^^ ^t^»t p^i;*1 R^tl ^f^CcR, 

^«R Siqf<? £1^1? TI-^cl £(^?l 55el, 

^« S^^tc^T ^tfsi ^t?t^ ^tCf ^t^]¥t^°t f^^lf ; 

^f^ f?^ f^ ^•R'if'15 * hm\ 
^i ^tR ^t^t^ fi^c^i «it^? ^f^Nst^r, 

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^t^t^ ftc?^ csi^tci 9ttr^^ ^cn^i '^z^ \ 

c^ jf^ C5it^ ^it'iic^ c^^ Tc^, ^t^t^ f^rc'^ 

01 ^f^R^f, CT ^l^tC^ ^5T, 


:j ; 4— ^©j ^^ I ] 

f^c^t*fc?i»r I 


^f^RT^ *R«l 5^«l visit's I 

i. Jivft'St'g:'^ 's? ■^?tt -sf^t? ^ta^, 

S^ ^^ ^ ®H^R?«, OlC^^t 5l5f5ltC< aitlJTt^ 

f^ 'SjgiR Tt5t5T ^r%« ?tc^ I 
» CI f^T^Tat^ SCSI, d f^l^C!! ^C^! ; 

"Slt^ ^®R ^15151 ^f^^ ^tC^ I 

f?F^ C«J5l Jpi^ ^«(^ ^t^^ttt^ ^C^ I 

i8 53l^^tC^^t i^l^ 1^^ ^t?. 

vff^^^rec^ Wfil^^tl ^t^tctj^ 1#lH I 

i»^ a c^^ Fif^^i ?tc«r, ^t^^ ^M^n fiiJtTifr ; 

^ta C^ *t^°^^tW il^W, C5! filial 1 I 

iS TtC^^ ^t^I^^lJ 'SlSd^^ «l«t^ ^rtt ; 

^8 ^1 ^t^ ^^ T«, ^?t^ '2ff^ ^i^t^ ^|?C^ ; 

i^fH^ ^^-[^ ^fk^\ ^tTi, ^1 ^n Tit : 
?.• c:^^^ wcgij ^iw ''la^^ ^ k^^ ^tt'f ^, 


ff ^ ^tm ^m f^tt itt^^ I 

f^ ^I'tl CtfC^t Tt^ ^f^c^ ^\ I 
<>^ '(iHc^^ 'G^'f? ^t^ f^^^ SftC^l, 

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'I ^1 irlc^ ^i?t^ 'siKt^ ^1 ?^ ; 
^1^ mii^ii 2f®jt'«tl n^*t "(tu I 

f 5{tf^^ m^ ^c^ ^^^ *tt^, 
1^1 ^t^ ^^1 sjtf^^'li ^^t^ 'Tin I 

i» sflf^W^ 1!^ ^Icsi 5f^ ^Pt^T ^T[ ; 

^Iw^ f^^lM ^tm ^t^^^tt^ ^^ I 

f^ ^%^H ^^^^ ^t^1 ''t^^ ' 
i« ^C<^n '©^ ^11 ^^ '^!:^ ; 

i-i ^^St^^H^I 3fr Jl'JdiT 5JJ1TJ1 ^tW, 

t^?:^tn?:^*r i 

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i'\ vf^ 'sit'l^ <2ri!:t^ ^'l^t? ■^c^ ; 
f^^ f^^^ ^W 11°!:^^ ^'8^ I 

f^^ CEj ^|«t? f^5!:^ cvflc®, CTi U^ f^t ^^ I 

^8 C^5 C^5 n^^«l -^f^til ^f^^ ^f% «t|tf . 

<5|« tC? ^fCE I 
\<t f [51^55 ^JT% ^'tf^vf ^ f II. 

^>!> CXI *t^ ^?^ '^m\ ^tc^, csitt^ ^t^iiT »rw 

f<f^ c^ »t^ r:^ii -^1% ^t^^ ^^!:^ ^1%^? 

f^ c^ ^^w^i %r^ii c^®t!?, ^i^[^t 'Sif^ «t5t 

Vila's ^Wt^ [^n^c??] fitti frt^ "^c^ 1 

• V CT «tt^^ ^^ ^tW, C^ i^l^ ^t^ 1\U\ i 
^ ^t, C5rt^ JPft'2i^^ f^I^C^ ^5f5 9ft|c^ . 

« 15^1 ^i«i ^^1 ^r^^ ^ic^ =11, 

■« ttf^^w? 71^ T^^r w\^]. 
f^^ ^Icff^ sum ^5]it^ I 


* ^I^Ct^ ^ItTi^ ^^tt^ 5r^ s^^t'^ 'ilt^tftW; 

:<= 5ftf^^ ^*t^ *f^^ ^t.'t^ m^ f5^1 ^^n:? ; 
f%l ^Iw^ T^tl f^iN t 

f^ a ^JTf^cvf^ T^m fnicj? CWU^, CJJ ^Ri- 
:^ 'scl^ ^!(:^ 5#cJr3 ^5f tt?:'^, 

f^^ «ftf^^ Ji^^ ^CvS ®#< ?^ t 
18 5j^^ ^tn^ 'SX*!^ ^5i ^t^l 5l^C^ f g ^?, 

>e ^m\U{^ 1«t ^t^ f5l!:5f^ i|tc« '^^ ; 
f%^ ^«# C51t^ «I''l1t^ TTtC^ I 

f^^ ^t^i f^^^t?! 5m. ^sm ^^ ^^t^-'^ I 

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>»i C^ ^51^^ fiff^ ^^W^ Ttil, CT ^5t^ f%ft- 


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f^^ TJtrl'Sl^t "^m ^'^«\ C^]^ ^c^^ I 

v9t?iC« C^sRl^ ^^^ Ji"^ pil ^fc^ I 

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^t^t? «i^5t^ ^p^^ ^i\^ c???r I 

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i» ^Ts fHfHCW^ Jlf^a ^gim f«^1 ^K 

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TT^ n «3;^°o *|;^°. ^T T'sfl ^cci. C5T prac«tf 

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^■^ C^ ^t^T JT^^t ^t^, CJI ^RTt^ ; 

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s qt^c^^ ^(:«l^ ^«tt1 ^€\n sicfii 5Jl?i, 

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v5t^t<i >s^ ^t^^ fitrtt^ ^? I 

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f^l «(^^R ¥[J^ ^^^ WIT I 

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^ »2ttn ^t^inlt'i ^^c^ 1^^ lit. 




[ 'i'^i o — ^o - :)«| 

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* 'SIWC"^ ^?1C^^ ^ra^tw ^z^, 

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'«it^ om 5ir^i5i cvf«!ii ^ra^ c*n^ I 

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f^f^i 'ST^c^ ctI g^^n?? nf^c»it«f ^RC^ I 

5v c^rsit? «tc^ii TtJfsi ^?. -^t^i ^»n ^tc?, 

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* (11) CT tT ^vn^ I 

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"si^isrsi v»l5^tiJ f^i^i:^ ^1!I 511 I 

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» C^ ^l^U5 *(tC?, «iir;i f6^ f^<!S^ ^r^ntf5, 

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\0 ; 'iS—K'i; \^\] 



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f%^ ^«R pf^^l ini, ^«f5i st^l ^:^ I 

01 fwi^^i^f^ ^f'R 15, ^l^t^ ^Ic^ ^^ 

i^ ^J\^^^ ^U) JT^Sl J^^s f?^ 11 ; 

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■^rtit^ ^ 'sii^jti, ^ifl^ 'ifivs ^^it^ ^m ^ I 

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^li c^ "sifsf^t-g -2f«(t5f ^"at^r *lt«!i1 ■^, 

^v9 -n-^ ^7f^ ^i?«rt^i 7!?f5r|^ itt"^, 
^^ ^n^ c^^^ ^R5i «]im n«j ^f^c^ ? 

f^R ?^15 ^''R fJi'x?1^5i f^^ 5ftC«R I 

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f^l Ji?!^^ fi^ ^^?i C^^^I ^!,?1 1 

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f^^ C5 C??? ^^ift, ^It? C^^^ ^^(^ ^ I 

^n^tfff^ I3t^ ffl^ -Sf*!^ 51^'.« ?iJl -^1 

^t5i5 5l§c^ ^111^ -sff^^R^^ tnrinti ^ I 

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i^ ftR «m5, f^f^ ^Iw^ ^C5i^ ti^5 f^r^5^ 

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^o m\-^ f^^\u[ w^^ «Rr^i5 « 1^^ ^\(S. ; 

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^5 C5 Jftra'^^t^ <3 ff515 ^5^11^ 3?5, 

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'SiVs ^(1(5 n#^ '^tC5I5 ""tf%' Ml^ ^C^ I 
l« C5 C^5 ^FR ^*l ^ f^^l ^^1 ^C5, 

CJJ 7i^ l^c^ ^111 'Srtl ^^1 ^c^ I 


^e ^w.'^ ^t%=TR ®t?tC?F ^^Rt^ ^^, 
^* C^^ 'PT^ fffH ^f^Ttig C5lt^ ^^ ; 

^■j ^Ic^? -^r^iwti ^'rt"nw, 

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^i*- f'f^it^l^ nil ^ti'^ ; 

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3!^t'2ff ^illC^^ ^«CvI^ fl'^t^l I 

o 71^5^ c?it^ f^^t? c?f«rai ^t^fif.'^ ^■^t^, 

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s sjl^ti wf^s^C't^ ^^[j;^ ^1^5 ^cw, 

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5« PR^C^ ^t^5tt^1 Cff«. U^m ^\f%ili ^llc^. 

cet^l^tTi c^csf 'sitR Tf^i nre^ I 
5 8 *f^^^i f\mn :j5 ^#ra «ri^ ; 

^t^ C^ «11^f1C^ ffll ^c^, @«C?I^t ^«(^ ^C^ I 

lb- C^5ll?ll CI 1^^ CvsRI^ ^^C^ ?tr«R5I, 
^tltt^lR I 

^o -sttf?! c^tTt^ ^ti:^ f^ ^%ft ^«II f^iR itt 
^5 ^i^ic^ ^fsj 5[ra]^ ^tt^j? T^'^Jim ^ffic^ "ff^, 

^« c^m i^R^f si^riff^ *i^ ^^<i ^%^i, 

^8 c^t^'t'-l? Jiff's ^f si ^ll'G s?1, 

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vsl^ra? It^J s^f^ ^9^ SF1 ^t^ 11 I 

"sm 9iU<j^ %5 ifc^ c^©l'^(^ »i^i it« 3||!:^ 

K^ i^it? <l?t«i f&? "?t11^^ ^n^ n, 

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en 1^5 c^ii^c^^ Jit^tc^ ttelti:^ 11 1 

IS «v ^1*11 ^fl *t|7i^"^€t3 Jif?^ C«l5Ft1 ?flR, 
511 ^f^« ; 


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^f^l t^t^T CT'R ^l^tC^f '^re!!! ^'?f, 

^I^t^ ^"^t^ "Bl^-l 2Ttq^1 ^r5<3 ^n . 
■i C^^ CJI -^-gC^ asj^ ^tC^, nc^« C^5fR ; 

C^^^n CJ^ CstsJI^ TtC^J^ ni^»1 ^6f ^%^ I 

f>tv^f[JTc?^ c^:;? '£fc^ ^ra^ 11 I 
i> C^^^ ^t^lTa ^T%^1 ^^ITt^; 

1%R C^sl^ ikWi^ ^t^ttf ^ ^^ ^si'fJT ^C^l I 

^c^ ^t^l^<3 re's ^Rfi^^ ^tc^ ; 
T>1 ^R 7.1^ f^ Jifft^^^ <»C^ ^t^ ! 

csRi^ ^t*n % ^!:^ in I 

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^Ts (F=x ^^ ^t^ 1^^]!:^ ci^si «l<!t?i I 

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C^tlt^ 1t«1 pi ^IC^I ^t^tC^ ^55 ^r^<3 11 I 

o. T. 35 J 545 

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^8 sftf'Si:^^ fn^i 3f5i-^atfJT^ ?i, 

S3l1"5l(C1^ ^^fft^l ^t^tc^ ^11^ ■^c^i I 

CSITtH sj^ii^ ©atR«1 ^^1 1 

^"» c^^n c^»<!n ^^^ ^t^^ 

^b- CI tf^I^ 915 fit ^^K 

^» c^ f t^ ^t?i ^C5! ? c^ ^t^t^t^ ^ci ? c^ n^t? 

C^ N5l1^f ^^^ ? CT ^•?Ft^1 ^^t« «tt<J ? "^tlt^ 
^O" ^t?t?1 Sf^f^C?!^ tl^r^ W^t^ «^tC^, 

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^fl ^^"^w^ ^It^ t^l ^fl-Q il, 
^t^U't^ <jtl«(^ ^f^cl^ ^9^1 ^c? { 

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^1^ ^f^ ^1^1 ^151 f^ftf « ?ll ; 




[KS J ^ — K<? ; 'Ji 

*> ^'^H Sfg -Sl^ ^r^ ^^ ; 
vst^ C«lTt^ »tfe Jiffs a I 

^t?t^ firsts ftf^c^ ^^-itc^ ^t'|c^!:^,^t^1 1 

i^ "^nf ^5f, c^^, ^t^^i t^l Sitf^^t'I ^1, 

NSt^ f^R ^'f?? C^tsl "^IVf, f«i^ f^ vst^l 

5(^^ 5t^ 'Tl^, ^t^l CvsiSIi^ ^T^m^i f^'% SitC?t ; 
is 5itR<3, C3W^ 'SfR't^ ^fC'^ 'Sli^ ^^'t i 

ii cstit^ "^^^n ^^m ^R^ "^f?^ 5ji, 

v£l^' ^t^t^ ^'t^ ?tC^ ^[^^ C^m f^^t^f I 

^l>tc'i^ ^cf^n f^f^^l ^tlC^ I 
*tra^^^-f^i]''.W^ ^i:^ c^t^( f'f^ ^1 : 

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^* cq ^jfe m\^ ^^3^ ^i^, 

^*» Ttnic^ c^iit^ ^fc%^ ^tt^itsi^ ^^, 

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00 '^-^ vii^l rj{;5i, ^t^ ^^^ -5^, 

e ?t5f t^ ^15 ^t^^ '^^'^^ ^tr?? ^il^l Cf^, 

■^ C^^S^t ^^°x t?1 ^t?t a. CSlltC^ ^511 litc^. 


Kd } f— V"!*; ^'^ l] 

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t' ^-tetsti^ N^t? ^f^t^ ^tt^ ^1 ; 

i» >2(f^^tjfr^ ^f^■^ CNstit^ n^t? ^'frl'^f^ ^^, 

ii ^m^ Ti^f!:?! -^fsi^ ^t^j 

io »t^ ^-\$J\H 7\mji (.r^Tf f'^c?!^ fi?^^1, 

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^tc5 TT^i' ?l^i cj? c^^c^ ^ni ^i^ I 

■^^tS ; 
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«rt^ 7\ii\^ c^^tRt '3i»'?t^ f?c^^ I 

^8 ^m W\l^l[ CW\^'\ ^t^ T^1 ^tff ; 


^« f^^M^ SiMH ^\l^ CI'R %5! SfoT, 
^«» CtltcTl BiCcT^ ^t"^^ >Q 5rf?lil ^t c^9f, 

<»tfr ^tfT m^ ^^Ji^R 5F^i «tt! ^«il I 

^ C^5R B'g^ ^^511 ^C?, ^^iW\B ^fvStxs ?rtc^, 

^tC5 ^fSf^Q vst^^ 7[f^ ^^8 I 

en fmm( ni ^it?ii crp!:?! >8 ^fvssfs ^ i 
b' «i^ >2i^<i^if«i^ mm 5ir«fa ?jf%, 

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cs5iR fl^^r^ic^f^ :3^c'r ^lrs^?fi i 
5i am ffi ^it^tif ^f^■<^ .^f^ f^c^^ 
^(^ I 
c^5{pi ^?iJi «jti^ «itra ^C^ I 
'sifiJi fjjc®^ ^^f.^ ^rsj"^ ®t^^F[ I 


Rc^t^rcH I 

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^ta ^c^i, ^tfl fV «?ii ^r^c^fiTI ? 

f^^ SJC^^ 5tCtfj ^cl ^tC«t ; 

^« ^t^f^ ^"^ 1^1? ^t(;^ ^t^tr^p f^tti Til's ^, 

^t^H ^llfl 3^1fC^ '2fTtf*l^ ^ft^ I 

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«i?j c^rtc^ T^T, csW^ 1^^ 'Q^ ^1 T^T I 

f^^ »R5^ g^H ^fs^llig I 

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Gl U^.\-i\Ti^ W1R^ ?^, ^t5t? ^(C5 WT 5I« I 

>c ^tlt ^? fffl'? ^f^^T f^^nf«, 
^g^f 1^ ^tn^ f^c^^ ^35 w.^"^ T^^ I 

C^ ^t^'R «^^ C^^ ^^, C^ l'JltH'5 ^^ I 
C51R 1«^C^^ 'Sffvo^n T5[^J-?trTr I 

^^ mTn ^^if^v^ c^ftisR 'Ksa gj^ wt^ ^sit^cT 

^ dfl^H "^^^-^ ^151^ ^CJ?^ T^l 5TI ; 



d «£i'i?i ?rt^^ ^^ ^^, ^ft^ *lc^ «'^J 

« T^°s c^l ^f^^ (s\f^ ®m, c^ f^ f^%^u ^i'^. 
^?l I 

cJi fi^Ci^ctf^ ■stf^ vf?rt^tft^ mi ^^^ ^c^ i 
» c^ ^^11 2f^t ^^c^ ^t*R ^"^ f^^tfiH 51^, 

CT RC®i? <JIC^ ^r^S ?tC^ ; 

T>1 ^Ictf^ ^^1% ^i^ c^rt^c?^ sJ^rsjTii ^'t^ui 
5« cq tsit^^t^ ;5ii(»^ 5^-^51 ^[c"^^ (71 fa^tlj ^^c"^ ^rt ; 

C^IH WI^CH «£|^1^ ^nc^ ^1 "TfTi^^^l I 
SI' C"?l Pi^ ^fr.-^ K?I, C^l ^^1 *tl^C^ ; 

5s c^ ^t*t^ ^R et^T ^i:^, CJi ^c«t| ^t^t^ ^\^ ; 
f¥^ c"q[ ^^t^cff?? fn^c^ f^i^c^l cff)c;5, «t^N 

^.o A'?^ ccit^ ^;r^ ^^tf *tttc^ ; 
^i it^c^^ ^^ ten's? 1 ^^1 ^t^i 5T?i. 

^^ ^ 5^ 5{s?f, CJI «fCJI^ C5t\^ ^rS^^ ; 

cq f^^rc^s 5t^^t? ^c^, en 5Rr i 
en ^j% f^ni»tc^^ n^ I 

T>^ a nTt'St^c^ ft^m ^c^, en ^ ^fe^ i 

^* c^ t%^ ^ffTic^ f^^n ^ra, en fi^f^ ; 
T>^ c^ «iisi-*(c?j 5!;5i, en ^^t ^dtc^ i 

f^^ c^ 6^ ^w, en "sien^ «if%'nin "it^e^ i 
^^ ^|:5f? ^5f^ ^tcfi e^iR-^ii ^Tti ; 

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^^ en 5^K ^tr^m ^ifvf!:^, ^^^ '£(«t^l^ 

T>1 ^1 C?it^ ^^1 *ittC51 «(^1^1 ^l^'??l "^l^ I 

« (m sim\ ^m ^ten, en fH^t? '^nsi'fsi^"^ ^^ ; 

en ^t^t^ ntei^ ^^5 «iM *itc« i 
* ^^i^i ^^^'^ ^t? «tteT, 

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en ^^ ^^^ f^ 5t^ ^^^. f^it »itr% ??i it i 


cs «> 

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f^m m^ ^f^i ^^^'i ^f"^^i ^'"i'''^ "^^ ' 
i^ a «rt^T^ will ^ira ^"f'tt^ ^c<iif, 

ib- ;t»(c^5 ^^tc^ 'Stsit^l ^55^51 ^g ; 
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c:Ft?t Tlf^ n^^ 'si'^^ ^^^ I 
^o 5f^c^j^ ^^1ii ^tftr^p %5 ^littc^, 

f^^ 5{gf5!Q ^if^ 31^15? -sitter I 

^8 C5\^n y\\^\^ ^\'^ «tnc^ ^ni ^C? ; 
CT f«i^ ^^tt^t^ ^«n ^^, T'Vi T^g ^^ ^ t 

^J%^ ^j^ I* 

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C^ ^r«fft^ Jlt^ ■£(•1^ 'Tl^ ^RUtC^ ? 

f%R 'sit^'Rt? t^ti^i^w? urn I 
f^i ^C5 wf?^ ^fcfi lu ^m\ ^fJT. 

^otftC?^ 6*^^ *t1«1 ^S^ I 

6tf^§1 ^^l^l-G ^C5f 5n. ^«J| ?|5I ; 
^fi, ■^1^1 «fC^ ^« 5^ ^\ 

^nr. ^151 ^c5i 511. ^ciig ?t5i I 

fifSf ?ll^1^ 'SitWl 5(tRC« ^^C^5]1 '^C?, 

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Oo ; ib— O^ M^ I ] 

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ib' fxs^'gi ^tit^ ^\r:m\ ^9f5ij, 
^t^ ^c^i, ^rifi «is(^ ^f^ Jitl I 

^»r l^^f f% ^ 1%^1 5C5T, 

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4^t ^1^1, i\^U R^c^ c^5 ^ti Jfl I * 

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\5c^ c^i^ra ^c«i ^t^ c5f^ 1 
>e c^t«( i^c^ f^c^t«( ^tf?^ ^?i I 

c^ «I111^ ^c^ 5if |i?, f? 

<ii'^; cwt^ ^i^<\ f?^t^ n^tft^ ^c^^ I 

fS^'Sttl C^it^C"^ ^l"^!?!^ C?^ ; 

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^ift? fit(:^<i 'si^R ?^ m I 

^t^t? ^*(¥t^ "^C^^, '5]''f^t^ "^Cflll Jft I 
1« f^R C^^Ccll^I 'S 51^^ ^C^^l -^il^i?, 

f^SF Wl^f^^C^F PTf f'l^ -^il C?^ I * 

1* 1%H c^i^?] f^^t^ 7\^^ -^n]?!! vst^i :g^ ^c^^, 

i** 1%R ^Cfl ^ ^Vf :^c^^^ 

i» f^fil C^^^1 clfC^ 'Slt't^?^ -2f^t^1 ^C^^, 

^i f^R R5F ^il^tC^^ f^l-^ ^^tl ^1^ ^^ 

( Tl ) 1«m ^t5tT bfsiJTm 'ent? tt^ «ItC^ I 

* ( Ti ) ^tn I 



f^C^tlC^*t-^^^^^*t^ I 

[ o ^ J ^^ — ^ J e I 

^8 t%fi{ ^=5E[ ^^ ■a^s ^ll^l f^5 ^^^^, 

^« ^ >8 Tllftf^ ^1^1^ ''tf^^ff ; 

^* ]%R ^m<\ ^h's \^ ^.^'^, 
^{?t^ R^tcsr w^t^ ^i^?i iR"^ I 

^[^[H '^[fl<i ^C51^,<5lt^ ^]^H 'HKWl S\-*\'J[\ 

«* sit^'ti ft«in. c^^ii ^Tit?, [ ^^1 1 

f^l C-q a^ Ifft'SIf C^ ^^ "^IVi, f^f^l "Zf-^N^- 

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^<^tl, 'i'^^t ^^t^ I 

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« f^l '^f'ifl f^®Il!^ I '^^I^ ^^^. "^t^t^ "^ 

Kc^ ^1^ ; Oi^^^ ^r^^i i^r^^i ^I'i^ ''f^f ^t^. 

^^51 7\-^.-;s ^\^'*\ ^c^, ^tte 51^:? *l5 ?TI ^ ; 
^^^.^ i^^i ^c^, C5f*r, t^l ^«^ ? '^i^i *i'^, 

ii ^RtlJf? *15^^^ ^^'t^lC5 f§=7; <I5^^I^1?I 

-^[i^ ^\m\ sif^c^, '^t^iw? UnQ ''t^^^l 

i^ ^tR ^''tCW't^, f^^'ttC^CI ^gtC5C?|<1 ^*tt? 
i» ?t^l f^^ltf I 'Stifl ^iT^ ^331 ^|<lt ^f^K*!^ ^C5 


^C5 f ^ J55{^ ^t<I ^ff^ Ctff't^Iir? ; CW«I, C7I 
i4 71^?i| ^^[^ ^s ^tf*"^*! Tl5 I * ^t?1 T^. ^t?l 

cTitsji ^^1 Til ^1 ; ^T^ ^t^i Til, ^t^i ^n^il 

»ttc?1^5f r.-?j Ji^ci ^!}j^ ff c«l^, (Tit ^'^^ W^\W\ 
Jll^fi ■siTi^ >£i^r^ ^ f^fiJtTi *(I^5i»^ lt!itc5l 
^tl%^ IC^tCTtt ^ra^tf, ^ifT ^IH^IR CT, 

ib' ^i^t« ?ti^^i it5 I cT^Tt <^mii Ti^i^ij 

s ^[f5f «i|i^i^i? ^g 1^'^ 1^<> ^14j "^fs^iK '^H- 
^t^ s;?) vfiiii iti;^ ^tfl fii^Tt ■^m^^, ^f'iTt^ 

5I1?I ^® '^C^'^ ^ffli^ 'S ^''l^'f ^'^'''l '®^^''^ 

f (T1) Tt^^ '5i^tft^=?'rl5 I fl^^iT "Si^ =?C5I3 t 



O ; i8 I ] 



* W.m l^^^t^ ^fffi^^ CTlfh ^f^^m ; Cf^ 
'^IWl'i^nW^ TC^ Wi CJi^sni'.'f ^\f^ '^tl'l 'ftC'T 

^?! ^r^5il5i, v£|^; 'srtsir^ ?j!;^Q i;ftyi9tt ^fw\ ; 

'w:^'^ ^t^¥ ^tra¥l « i^^j-Ji^l^cvf^ ^ilstf^-^ 

n*^\'i, ^tf>1C^, W f^ ^nC^ ? ^r.?l^ JTt^ ^?1 

^^^t^ ^cn-^i frfg ^^i, c^ir ^sii^t^i^i 
i e ^tR^ii c^. 5i^i^it ^"^ w*ii mi I ^■^^ ^tff 

'il^ 'iC^ ^f^^'?, ClT^f^^ 'Sif^ ^t^1 ^c^. ^f^t^ 

vs 'sit'it^ 'Sff^ ^c^, ^c^ ^tfi f^ f5{f^ ^r«(^ 

f^^« c^ic^ f5?^i?i III? ?if«(c^5n. sf^^j^^ci 

m-^n cf *t5f t^^ c^«< ^t^ ; "^t^i ^"^t ^^t^ 
^b- ^t^^ %5 ^\f^ c^ '>\fl[^i■^ 'tiiift^ ?^^t5i, 

'sit'lt^ *r^^l! ^f^?l ^^ 'at?! ^tH^ ^tt<;^ 
^!^1 C^ SFti:^ ? f^^ 'Sjtfsj ^c^^ ^tcs C^ SfC^l 

?t^li, T^fm <5ititi cTit ^I'S 'fra^c^? mc^ 

^if^'^ '•ini21|5I <£f^l, fulfil *Q C^W^T 71^^^. 

^« ^% <ot^rc« \»t?t^ f^ ^ jfc^ ? c^Ji5?i ^t^r^ 

^8 C«t^^ ^t^ -^^1 ^^» fvjSf ''(f^SftSl^ ^U<]- 
^e^tC^^Tii <5ff^ ;5{(5ii ^|C\5 C^ «IH¥ C^(SjJ{ 

b- C21'! "^ra^t^ ^t^I « C^^ "^f^^t^ ¥M ; ^.^'^ 

i » ^tf t^ f^ ^R ifc'n ? t^^ i^^j-Ti^tsirffni:^ 
^1^3= "^^ttc^ c-q -^1 cff^, vst^i ^1R cfff^- 

"SlKIl ^f?rCW?I ^«I?I'(WI f&^^l^* ^fN?ltC55f; 

^?Jtrn ^^?( ^IR ^^f^ C*R *f^M C-5J Tj^sT 
i8 c«l^ ^C^, t^f'G t'^C?!^ WH I ^tfl ^TR, ^^ 

(Tt; ^t«" 1 



^n^H^ I 

[O ; ^4 — C ;b'r 

Tt?! ^5 511, -^SlttC^^ *H^ 'SItn ?f1 ; '5|t^ ^^ 
i« ?^ I ^51 ^fKW, ^5tl f^. ^"^l "^ ^C^, 

i«» ^-Rve "sitfJi "^c^^ ^c^, ftptra^ ^tTR cwf«l- 
sb' ^ra^ f^fVi^ f^c*l^ Ttsi ^cf I "sitf^ it^i ic^ 

iS CWRC^ *tt^ C^, '^t^l^l Umt «t«^<; I C^J|5tl 
5I^^-J1^1I?CPJ? -SlfvS ?lt5l ^C^, ^Stfl ''t^Sil -2lf«« 

^« C^TRt 5l^?tt 'SIJiT^ I 51^c]| v£l^ "^tC^ 9pi;? 

Sltt; C^^1 |?t| ^t^t^ 'Slf'l^^l 5!?C^J^ 

" 5? ^?r, ^^1 f5jfl^«| ^fk^ 5l1f^tl I 'srt^ 
C5f*f, §'i^« c^it^iiT^ 'siapltN© ?tc^i:^, f^^ 

^ ^^^^ ^?1^1 ^'ipl'Q ^f^^ ^t^f , ^t^ft^ 

^c*f^1, ^t^1^1 If^i;:^ iflfl f^I?i1C5, ^tf^ 

6 SivB'^vS ^r^TI1 ^I'l^ 1t*^ C^m^ ^C^ I if^il^ 

<Q ^1^^^'R^ «j^4 ^t ^t 'siL'i^) "Hf^Ji? *i^^ 

^^ ^jlt ^1?! I 

b- ^f^J^ll^ I CTt^ ^f^ ^^1 ^C^, ^t^t^ f^€t^ 

c^5 ^nl, ^35« snt, ^^« 5(11. 's^rtp ^^t^ 
[CT ^c^j ^c^ 'srtl^ ^i^ni f^fii:^ «tf^2i5i 

^iiit^r^, « 'sit*!^ stitch iw^ ft!;^ ^r^« 

i. ^51 ^^ I ^pfiNj: ^i^t^i <>f^i:5i ^T si^ 'srt*^ 

^■^1^, c^^^i c^ ^f®c?f ^15U^ ^%« *llc^, 
i J liivi^ c^m^ c^?| 5llt I <5it^i^ ^t ^ij 4^ig 

n^t^ ^^, ^«iif«i 5,t sR ®t^i^ <2fr^t^5( ^f^c^, 

«<i^'v fis'Qt ^^ ^5 m® 5(1 1 
:« c^ ^ fisrif^ <ii5n ^1^ c^p{ ^i^]^ £t^i 

■^c^ 11!;^ ^1, ^t^ra ^c^"^ Tat wr^;5 ^R- 
j8 ^t^ ^^^ ^^ I c^^5?1 CI ?mi ^t^t^ si5j 

CJ1I ^^c^?, c^ U'^-^ ?ir> ^^t^ "ilR ^1^. 

CT 'sisg^ fe.^i5ti?? ^'^mn ^511 5{i| ; v5?nf<t 
^^^1^ ceitc^5l (71^ ^ife;;^ ^Rf ■^f^c^ 

^ I ^«; t5l^ "51^1^ ^ ^1f»^1 Tt^ I 

^ ^"^mm ?1«I ; ^1^1 fl^^f^w^ ^15 ^fcT- 

Vft^ ^51 ^C^f^l ^^t 2f^11C«i| ^''if^^ ^^Q^n ^sr ; 

c^iil ^^ral cq si'tf -^1% ^j^c^t5, vsf^i ^c^ 

^ ^n I ^R ^t^R ^«tc^ c^c?f ■^«I1 ^5c^ f?« 5?1, 

^£i^'v t'^c^^ ^\^\U5 -^fii ^wi^i ^nt^ C^lt^ 

« ^r«iffc^. 'si^ii^ c^t'it^ ^^1 ^1 ?^^ I ^^t 

V51?1 «tf^l»f1«f "^f^C^ Hcl^ ^ra^Q J{1, ^t^l ftif- 
^f% C5iR%'4C^ ^HU ^m'^ ^1|; ^151 IHS 

« ^rsicq, ^51 *tr^c»ti!f ■^f^'s I Tt^i^ ^f^Tii ^ 
«) c^iit^ itt^ic'^ *rt*t ^^itcvs c^isit^ ^i^ f^vs 

^1 ; 'il^t "^51 ^1." "ill^ "^11 ^t^? JIWIC® 
■^r^« 5T1 ; t^^ C^^ C^ll^ ^K^J Cg^l!( ^(^?)1 

T^t^ «i^^ C!if«ic5i cT^l ^inic^ f i<;f s ^t^e 'H, 


C J J>— «) i ^8 l] 



C^5R1 ^C5*fWlf^^ <s\[^ ^C*f^1 ^W5H *f;Tti%^ 
i^ ^T%f^ fV ^F^ ^d ? 2(1#fff ^R^ ^1 ^^ 

^'^^^ni ciit m-^ ^-^ ^^, 'S(^x «3i;g? si^ RCf[ 

^tCJT; C-515151 ^[IttJT C^IR ^Pl^t *15^H 

i* sit^l '^t!;^ ^t?:^. -^f^ f^lt ^tt I t^l-e n^si 

^t!I ; ^^-9^ ^p forte's *f1^2tf ^■railSl *(^ 

*r^iti_^ R^ j^^^ ^« "s^i ^ftc^ 5(1, c^^i 

^^ ^t^t^ ^C!l^ «lt5?C^ ^tf tC^ S^^ CtfS{ I 
^ cwftTilft.^t^l l^ww^ n:^ ^Ift; ^"^ 
«i«tl ^^ J1^£5J^ 1C*(] ^1^11 2t1Ct^ Sf^ f^ft 

^^t?5( «rtc^ 511^ vs«(t5 ^'^^ \»t^i c^n ^f^- 
^t^ ^^151 vst^ic^ cvR sfl, f^i ^n^ c^rt"^ 
vstft c^t^ ^c^ ; t?i ^siTifs <3 ^rI^^ ^rtf«f I 

<> C^H ^lf%= ■?[[> 4^ «t^ ^Xc^ 5i^ R151 ^R^ 

^^C^ ^^ ^1 ?TI, ^^t ^5t5t^ ^^^^ ^Pt 5f1 ^, 
^C^ ^ifl ^f^I, ^^1 ffC« ^^° 'ilql^^ ^»T51 I 

8 c^^-^s ^\^ ^w^-^ "5iifi:;i, <Q ^^^]i<\ 5 feral 

«t5l ?% C^^ ^t^ « f^ 5itl5( 7(tt ; ^ ^^^I 

^<;J1^ ^Rn9 fK^, 4^°x f^l 51^51 C^N ^\ ^C^, 
[v5C^ f^ ? ] I1^?lt f^ *£1^ ^CT ^f^ 5{1 ? 

:» srtR, ^iJ? ^°,^ c?iti^?it ^1 f^ ^<^^ ? ^t^«r 

^Ts ^^, ■Si\l'[<\ m^n\ ^^ «t«1 W.I; 5^1^ 

i« «rt5i 555 ic^. ^R^ m 5^51 ^i5t^ 'rti'^^i 
f^^ f%^ #tf^ ^11 1 

' Sj^rtr^ 'SlC't^l l^tfff^l ^t^ I cvtmn ^^ 
^ ?rt^^l ^i:*!^ f^sit'i-^c? ^t^m ^[5T, c^^^ 

\5T51 31^^ I^C^ C^^^f%, >S^°v €ir^« Cqt^ 

« ^t5tC^ IC^nRC^^t "^fim I 51^ 5tC^ 'H^M 

8 <»m, "^i^^i ^c«t^ f^ti'»t5 ^n «^w 55 1 53K- 

^Rl5f^ ^ff5 f^5ltn-'5C5 ?|(C^. f^l Ct^l-lf^CW^ 

« ^fi5 <5r(i;5iW-'5|i:5 ?(tc^ I fR^r^w^ ta 2f^«) 

*» 51^ ; t51« ^t^ I ^^5^ ^51^ Rc^ f^g ^C^, 
tr v£|^t ^^{.^15 ^f^ ill ^IH I "^(WS 'Slt^^ 5tC^ 

^t5i^ 's;^ ^m, '^^^ ^r^i'wi ^^''t'^i Ct^i^ 

'©t^ ff«i ? c^-^^\ -^ f^^ra C«1511^ T^^t^i "^^1 
J J -21®! 5tC'« ^<s^f3 55 511 I t'l^^ SJR^ "glt5 

f^^ ^R^ ^"^fi«1 -^t c^. -a^ ^\n^ 
io «iH?pifr^ #1^ ^"SFi ^c? I ^"^rs^ ■^ttr Rti'^1 

■?n , ^^^°. f^R "^51 ^4= ^f^5i;;^5(, vst5l ^^^ 
> 8 T^hus w\^v^ ^m ? ^i^ Um ^«n 5«. 'ii'^s 

* (t^) ^sTtf^ I '5iti'V^;js^ < i s c?»r I 



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[ 1 J ^(t — Vj :><) I 

'Sirs*!?! ©t^Pf c^Tft'Q ^1; c^^ '5;t^Rt!:"¥ 

t^ «fr^^t ^t«t, "ii^t ^^ ?^c^^ ^^ f^^^ 5(1 

^^. ^i:^ 'stsf ; c^^^ cm ^nt^ ®n ^cjj, <?} 

?.^ 'jf^ftc^ 'It?, cq 51^^^ ^c^, *ttn ^c^ 511 1 ^\5 
^^ c^^iil %w ^mi! ^i ^i »ftl f^^K ^t^l 

?.•» ^pi '21^1 ^t^l ^ ^^mn ''ftl'^1 ^f^^t^ ; 
^tR ^r^R, ^t^^tR ^t^. f^l ^R ^111 

f^R^iif . « ic^tRc^^t ^R5iR c^ ^rf%c^ « 

Cril Ji^^fi^ 1C5<J v£|-^§t sU?It^C^ ''lit Rit I 

^t^t^i ^c^i^ ^^5(1^ ^c^l ^f^^i ^t?fi!;5 1 

^ 4^? ^tft^ ^!:«t^ ■^llt^ nra'l^Jj ^r[ I ^[jjt^ 
'i'atM >il?, ^IR ?t5il^ ^liSel *(1?|il ^^ ; ^"^LHH 









3T^«l 5^C^ FfsllH ^t^C^ ^^tf%'5 ^^^ 5(1 . 5IJff 
<Fi:r15f^ ^t^l| ^CfiJ? I ^t^«l ?t5ff^ ^t^ ''l^l^'l- 

^t^tc^ c^ ^ffi!;^ '(trg ? c^ ^ifg! "srissi n\^^ 

^C^, CJJ C^t5{ 5]^ f^?I «!t%^ 11 ; ^t^ BstR- 
Tk^l^ 515T Ti^5 -e f^5t^ ^tCSl I ^^? 'i'J'S 

^t^ (R ^t':5| 11 ; f^ s\w\int ^1 ^l^c^, ^t^l 
^srt^t^* ^"fc^ cTR ^^m'^ ?ff ^ Jitt. >ii^; 51^1- 

fffR^ ^nc^ ^1^ "^l^t^^ 5f|t, ^*i^l [(Tit] ^r.^ 

1^ Ji^iT^ 511, ^tu 5,1 si ^l';'^ tlBtti:^ 5(1 1 
'silfsj ><it J^^cit cvff^i^tff , « '^c^r^ ^C5 c^ 

■^lliitf? ; c"^R c^R 511CTI »ii^ ^^ "sii:^^ 
fiic^»r -^jisi ; f^^ ^^rai Jj?f5^*t "^raiitfs^i, 

vst^f^l *tft^ '^R ?IC^ 51^111 C?f5f, v£|^: 5{5t^<( 

csrt?:^ ^[^ifff^!:^ ^f^^l c^ ; t?t<3 ^i^im 1 

^^c^? tf^ii^ ^^iTi H^ ?ii 5(1, ^t "^rfii i^j- 

«IR^, ^«ttnl «]|f^ fvp^^i ;^lrX t'??! vilvsCW^, 

^l?t^1 ^"^c^^ ^wic^ 'Si^ ^% ^t^tcff^ isr^ 

^tc^ ; f^^ ^1 (^il'^li 5)^5! ?tc^ 5{1^ vs (71 
f\^W\S] «ltfVi^ 5ft . ^t?t^ ^tf 5tllt'?^'1 ; 

^f^lftC^ >ilt ^Jit^^l RtN^ ^5; >il15{ «Jtl^^ 

qt'T, c^5(7(i CNgjsiJf *tt5l « ^I?:itff "^^l ^«i^ 

=^r^J^ 3^C5 If^C^^ 'Slt^ ^t^l f^f 5f|| . ^c^j^ 
%5 W'^'IW^ ^15 1^ ^^5(^|C^ ^t ^t^ta 'IR- 

C^ "^1 ^f.^, ^t^l Ctff^Cvs 1RtlRC^»t ^fwR.— 

fvi^1^l5i ^ 5I^C^J^ 5^ f5?:ffl CtfW 5J1 — Ng^ 

^C5 c^ ■^t^j ^115? ^^1 ^w, ^-m ^wn ^^ 

^\f^U5 ^\1l<i 5(1 ; W\H'\ ^ftlfn I^^J ^1^1^ ^^^ 

7[%\^ ^^ "tf^^lJl ^c^, vs9jtr''t ^i^t^ ^ *ltt^^ 

* (^1 ) ^tg;^^^ ^f^CoTf^iTI 


;& ; ^— "io ; ^8 I] 



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c^Rif, ■5'rt^i^« c^sif^T, ^^'^ »tn«inFtfr c^R5T, *tnc«r 

^?, ^Ifsc^ CSU\H 5t^t^^ ^tt^T ■^?, C^^l 

»^ C^^ I C^tlt^ ^3 51^ ^lf^< «ift^^, C^\^U 
» ^^gC^ t^C^^ ^^t^ ^ ^^^ I "fWIl ^CS ^"^TI 


* ( Tl j ^tW f^ «I'«r I 

^fl. "Sit? ^tfl ^tTt^ ^tc^ i^"; c^r!( ^t^i I 
*tr^ i?t^^ c^l?T ?1^ 'srttTiTrl vst^ (^|iT ^RTii 

■^f^sT, f^l (Tit vtf?;? c^t^tt^:'^ c^^t ^^1 

i'b -^f^SJ ?n I ^^17{ ^tfsj -^1^5} l5f, ■^f^t4^5f ^|C^ 

-2t®1 ^is?!, ^«Hfn Tfr?c;5^ -StSsIC^ ^55 ^?1 ^?f, 

« ^cti ^«n c^^ «c5i ^ri I 

^C^f^« >2t®l ^^, f^^ v£l-^ 5R ^t^'it ^ ^:i^ 

« ^tc^ «iffc^ I 'srtTi^ 'fci ^f^^t^ 'i^icuvs ^j^fj;^ 
^fu ^?j, '^\n cJT <2fc^i^ sf^c^ ^j?r c^, w 

C^^l "it^'St^ ^ ^® «lt*f ^t^ ^c^ I 

^t^ *tt5=i^^^t^ Jl^X^ ^<^'r^ ^^1? Wt^ CT<\^ ; 

^ c^ Tr« «PR ^r?r, (7f ^t^t^ ^tw *t1%c?r; 

» ^ll^ilc^ I C^ ^J% ^^^ Ji^t?r, G] ^t^tli^t 
i i <2|^(f f a^t^ ft^t^ ^«1^^ ^''itU I 515^^ 






8 I 

^^1 T^ ; f^^ 1% 5^, ^5t?l 51^ ^t^ ^1 ; 
5e ^t^tf C^ nn^ ? Il^r^ C^IC^^ «rf^2(5l vsRR^F 

^, ^8 c^t^i^ ^5(f^5ici Tifif sis^c^ c5\^^ ■^l■f^^ \ 

Sb ^fili^ fiirsil^, ^vQst^ f^Ri:^ ^^ I '5I-[5i^ 

« « ^R m^ ^''Kn ^\^ ^Wi ws\t'^\ c?«, 
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« w\^ ^\ I ci^ 1^51 ^«t^ ^Itc^ *!< ^% ^t^ 
f^^t ^ic^ nro, ^«t5T c^t ^^ <^ tw^ *'f'^^. 

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C^^ t^t f%^ ^^, c^H^I ^i^^ ?^':^, f^ 

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-s JTfiit, ^sitt^l f^l, 'ii"^' ^'^^ ^w "^m"^ ^\^ 1 

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« =5(1^(51 C^tC"^ ^65?R ^tCs €t^ ^tC^, « '^im 

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^■CH R«jit^ fjRttTi 5^51 ^it^ ^Q mtn- 
^t? tj^in ^1tr^, ^^i:f^ nR*-!!^ ^ir>i^, ^-^i 

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f^^5^ ^f^c^^, ^!:^r^ 'sniw Pi®R "^Tlira^ 1 
M^ \^im, ^<t^ JK^ra ^■^, ^\^ ^t^t^ 

^t^PF ^t^l 'rs ^TTic^ I ^-R c*|^ ^«tl ^t, c? 
^-^ "^5^^ C*t^ ^^ ^y^'^'s "^^W-^H ^IRC^I 

t'jf^i:'^ ^p ^^, ^ ^tf til 'sil^l 5T^^ ^(1^^ ^!f. 


»R:51t'fC^ ^TJT'ffr^ I 

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8 ^wi-^ ^rt^1«i ^^ I 

^T31 C^Ttt^ ^PtfJI'SI ^^?, ^l^s?f ^[^^, 

srt^t^ ^tc^^ c5iTt^ C'Stci^ 'siR^ ^C3«i 

^titc^ ^c^R^ig jjTtcra ^f^?Pi ■^ra^t, 
^tft^ R^ ;s'i^tc'^aj ^tf^ ^^ ^f^ ^tt » 

c«lit^ ^i^ini ^Rfi^ fji^i;^ ? 

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c^iH ^^^!:t^ 5ic«g ^511^ f2i?ii I 
^srw^ Snc^ cst'ft ^?i? 9r«i^ ^^^ i 

c^ ^^ ^t^ ^t^^ 'rt ^^ I 




[ V ; ^o — 8 ; ^\ 

i» ^W^ f^ ^«I1 ^f^C^I^l, "Sillier ^f?tc^'?, 

CSl^t^Tl 1^5i ^^f^is ^|5tt5, 
ci^f^i cjfii^ f^^tn "^FllCStW I 
"5(ra 11 f2ira I ^^; ^f?I 11 ^"ff^ I •il'! I 
is ^fii n -^FCItf^ ! ^fi t»R^^ ^t^^t^^, f sjt^iJ 

^tilc^ c^tif^ ^1 c^Tf5tc^ c^'Q, c^tit^ '^n 

c-^m c^tit^ "^^ fil « C5tit^ ^^ iRt^ I' 

■^t^^l ^l^t^ ^?jt5T 1^5T ll ^i:?( ; 

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c^ ^tit^ fsfTi ! ^«; ^fi f¥fHl ^it^, 

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f«5:5!:i^ 'sic^l ^r^t^f^^iti, 

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•n^c^ ^c^ « R^ 5c^ i^ii ^f^^, 

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^s n^c^ i^it^tfr >2t5fr^i ^tirc^ cwf^rc^ iil?r. 

l^lfi ^j^^i], c^l^ f^ ^lt^ 'Siti-f^s^ic^ 
8 ^Ifl ^t^R? ^ f^T5 ^^ ^^ ^si^fJi^ ^^citl, 
^tfl ^5tC^ J^fflSlll. ^^11 ^, 

■^■^'i, ^fR it^t^ ^5 n ^iR?iti, 


CnSIiiI csiii:-^ ^l^llt^ 11, ^c^siH "^m H, 
CI n^s ^1^t^ ^t111 11 ^^ I 

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?fnc^^ 1^«"^(^ ^C^I ^^1R^ ^5l, 

•> CJf^, ^^1 *tr.ci1ici^ hR^I, 
^51? ^f^fff!:^ ^H 5j1 ft^ ^51, 


ifl^; fl^»ltC5ll1^ ^g»1^^ ^'f ^ 
CS(1 f^!11 ^t?t^ 15(^51^ ^ft^ ?^ I 

^t?t^ n^ti:?^ f^ci, tr^t? T%i^^ ^tic»tf ^ mi i 

8^fli 11 r^i^ I cif«t. ^fi ^^fr, cpf^, ^fi 

c^litw c^»l'rt»f 'Sil ^Wlc?i^ ?rt?, 
1t^t?1 f^fsi^^-'^t^ra^ 1M ^tiii ?{tc^ I 
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it?t?1 ?li ^<151 ®l5?rl ^pi^cf, 
11^ 1^1 i^t^r iisf-»tH^Rr»ill, 

c^tiT^ 555 ^^^ itit^^. 
cslira ci-|i^t^ n^ 

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^c^^ fifici flf^®, 

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c^W^ ■^?:^^ vii"^ ^t^ ftal I 

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Cstlt^ C'Sfl ^l^(?1 ^^C^ ?F5 ^<;f I ! 
c^lt^ ^C5i^ cJi)^^ 511^ ^^f% ;5^j ^ic*!^ ^^ 

§<^f I ! 
5i ^R^ I C5t1I^ ■^W'R ^?r« CTt'51 C^f^l l^'^C?, 
Catit? f«i^m 'Sf.ST 1^ « 5l^ ■sitC^ ; 

5^ n ^f^^°i, 11 ^1^1 ^-n^^^ ^n^, 

^■sfci^ sjsit^?, ^¥(r>s ®<^i I 
i« csm\n 5t?t^f^ f tf®c^ ^'t^, vs^'d «rl^ 

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^1^1, ^^?F <3 5(!(t1 -2fft1 ^11^ ^^lf^5 v5^ I 
5« ^ ^*t?1 JI^C?!^ ^<^JT, 
^fl #f?^ Silci^ ^^f^ 

^sriit^ 1^5^^ 1^1 gr^^tff. 


T. 3b ] 

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f2fC!J I 151 ^i;<>rtr% ! 11 <i5Wil^ I 

Tt?i ^rtit? 1^^ fafsi?! m\i^ r»if*ra, 
« '^fi «iiit^ ^?r^r^^ '^i^iitTfl, c^n Tf^i 
^tfi ^ ^«iif^ ^t^itft, t^i^ ^r?!;1 i#ii 

« ^ifl 'Sft^l f«C3^ 5i^ 5?t^ %[^U5 ^ilcltl ; 

v5«{i ^^ci ^rira ^^ f«rsf?r, 
IS, vsjtri 'sit^ fsfc?? ^^ ^?it? «j;%?ii f?crti ; 

'srtri ^t^^ 'sic^q ^mii, f^^ "tttcTi^i 11, 

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caii^l ir? ^11^ feu^'.i^ c?^i *rtQ, 

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[*j ^>5— ^Jj \/^ 

i>5 ^t^ ^«r?»t ^5tf% c^f't^ c^'t^l « 'fU^tf^tft 

^^ «M«f5 C»lt*l>T ^IJ^^ ^t?, 3?^ t^^l 

^t^^1 c^W^ jp:?f ^1^ mw\ ^f^^ I 

R^tsrt^ f2tn«^ ^i^ ^*t^iJi ^9tf^ >Q^rs{^ 

^t^^t f^f^liiciii^ ^"^ «t?ri «tK^ I 
fr ^H am >s ^%r^ ^n*t^ ^t^ 

^t^ ^^?«U ^T5t '5ItC5 I 

:» m^n ^cit^r, "sit^f^ «^r^ ^[wi\^ -, 

en ^^5f 5lf^t^ ^^Tt5 ^f^^l. 

^?fC^ C?f«t?l1 TDtf 1 KW\ ^f^, 
^t^^l « ^nift^l ^^ 'St-f^^l ^ff^ I 

^t^il^tC^? ^^T^CSJ JTiflirl C9t^ I 

^lit? ic^mi 5Ft1%^ ^^tf%^ [ 5i:«a] I 
lo f^T^ fjp^^ <5ifji ^'frc^ . 


( ^1 ; ^t^t^ ^«n I 

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?f^^^ ^'isi ^|ft ^<^OT? sin I 

c^lt^ sfUJT^.'n^ R»pi:^ ^V^#^ <X^ft^-'i^*t? 

1 C^tsif^ 41 ft"^^! «l^ F^^ St^, 

b- <^\f^ ^f^?it^, «itf5i ^^ fc^ ^U\ 

^f^ ^t^t^ ^1^Wl '(f^^ ; 

* ( Tl ) ^ ^^■n^ HCvsJfJ I 


^ ; > — \r", ^8 I] 

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^1 Ti^rei 'siW^ ffiR?!^ ^tri 5ltf^^1 ^tn, 

^sftcJi -^m ^*R ^R I 

io ^5p5r cJi\?^ f^^t^ -^f^c^c^ ; 

«lt1tW^ ^tc^ ^^ti:^ 5ift=? <3 *t^^t^^ ^i^ct^t? 

c^ *i^l^ ^t^^ ^Ti^tl ^ ^ ? 

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^f^ ^Tt^rsI^ ^^voc^ C^l^IfC-^ SFt^ti^K 


^t^^ ft«ii ^ftr^ f»t^, 

C5JtC^ ^t^c^ ^1? *t^ ^tl ^ ^^c^ I 

(^ T^m ^t5t^ f^^Cil 2{^K ^|C^ ? 
^t?t? ^*t!^ C?lU'"tI^ ^C^^ Mtl ^f^^. 

i. ^tf^ f%r^^^i. ^Ts ^w^ ^^n ^t^ ^55- 

^t *t^ ^1 f ^^mc^t^ '(ir'Vc^ I 

5« ^f^ §*f^??-^rjif5{ I 


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w\t^, t^'s ^t'l'i >2f^^ ^R'rra sitcsT, f^^ 

t^tc^si ^tcs? ^n, wtlti -g^I^i f^C^S^I ^C<) 
5i;fts,;g(.'^ ^jt^ •^r^5fC§, JZStWC^i^ ''[R^^sic^ 

^^^1 ^r^<itcf, U^m f^inc5, ''f^t^^ ^l?it!:? I 

f^C^lftB'j'n ^f^C^ ; 5^:5511 1^^ ^ir«f3 ^ TI^tfTI 

«» ^^!i ^^=1 ?|^tcw I '(fcTi^ ^f^ ^^K 1^^ *ftn§ 

•« ^£1?°N 2351 ^t?1 C^t5I?I<3 ^?1 ^t?l SItl I CSIICT^ 

C^llfCff^ f [31 — f^C!fr'%^1 C311tW^ 71t^t^.3 
3f5l C«l^ ^R!:3'f, 3t^1 HCVff*I9t1 ^1"^ n^'l 

^mmn -£(^1^1, ^Rictf^ t'^w^ ?i^^t?i ^f^(3 

^tfCcii 'sit^i^ 'SfeiSR f^ ? cqc^^ c^l^i^f?!':* 
>8 <3,l *i<55 cic? ^i3rr3 ^rra ^f5 Jit? ; ^C^^ f<F 

5^ C3l^^ a 'SlRt^ fiWCo ^iflS ^|?11 ^t^lf^ 

sfl ; ^n?i? ^mn ^ri3 ; ^it^^i. narisi^t^, 













f*t3 ^<;JR 3!TcT 5«t1 ■^C^ ; d 1T^ 'SrtSrt^ 9tc^ 
C^Rfll ^g?fll fiiTTf^l ^f^JicI ^R f.3CIf!:?? tKU5 

'sitTi^ 5"^ wiwf?^ ^rl^ ; wif^ ^!:^^ <2rt?fsn 
i;< I C3t5i^i ^(n^ftrff ^ic^ c!(t« ^?, n^^ ^"3, 

^|5It? i??5li:9tf5? 5ft3 C3t5lW^ fSpTIT? 5,l«1 

^^ T^ ; ^W15?1 3II9f ^^ ; 5I?t5^«l f»I^t ?R. 

fl^ClCJl^ f^6t^ tRMf% ^?, -RStTt^ *i'^ .5i5}s{v{ 

^r^; C3RKtf^ ^tn ^"^^ fJl^^-^< l|ccl« 
f^C^ig St?I ^f^4 ^Ic^; ?it^t^ ?Jt^ ?l^t 
^fC^I'G C5l^r.?i|(.:i5 ^t?I ftC^ I C3(^51 ^ ^"Jl^ 

^f?]?.^ I f^^ ■5lf% ^Ji^3 « n^'filFI^ 5«, 31? 
'^^n?^ ^t^^; C^J^^ ttjf^^ ^«f lilt ^«it 

f3"T 5l?tft C"^5ivi c^igrt ft^tCl J C^3 •3lt^l%tC5 
'i:'!! f»«1 1 flf'^^^l 3I?|C3 TR ■^fa^j'Vi ^'R 

ca'rara «i5fi^^i f^c;:?il1 ii^°s c^t^cira ^^\ -, 3t5t- 

C^^ <SC3T^ S?^ ^V.^t^ ^1^ Ttr.3=i « 1tr?C3t- 

fsi^C? ^t'JiC3 ^rt?! ^ I 

.H^ff^ ^R^, ^1^, 'SItR ^FR R^'5FR'5a^ 
[if^ fff5l] »t(f^ Ttt?, « ^Rt^ '^ffT'ir^ >2ff3- 
C'llsf ftj^ I 'Sit? CSUB af3 ^t*1^ 5^ t%^t^, 
"^t? ^t?l C3Rt3 Tt? ^Stflll fff^, « C^tlt? 

C35lfi? ^^U C^mV^ f^tt^^^-Stl r?^ ; ^'>i^'^ 
C^5iq f|5T, C31R ira^ll fff^ ; 3";''!?:? ^ff 

•ftf'f^sra %f\, i3t ^^1^' Hill ^i«nt3 ^ti^ I 

fji^^t^ ?n?nBt? ^11, « ^t^? C^ C^itl^^l f'pfs?]! 
^ttCTT, 3t?t51 «Jtf1l^^1 ^t^l, ^% ^Itt^ I f^^ 
^«1^15lff ^ *l1*?t I^C^il f^Hlt 4^^i^^ ^^, 

•Q ?rt5l^1 ifit'fif^!:'^ ^K't ^fa,3t5t?i f^^t ?tc?[ » 

^3: ceitl"^ c3RtCt?? "^^ I "S^l 1"^ ^'^IWi 
f^LTl ?i«^t Tt^c^, »^^* <;^1^ '«l1*Rttf ^ t^^^r- 

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-«. ^^ ^trjt^ 51^t5R PR?:^ ^'J'H ?|C^ I C^l^l 
^|C5 §Bftf a ?f C^^ ; <<1^; 111^ 5ilf» ^ffl^ ffC?? 

c^if^ ^i|w, ■^f^;;^, 551, ^ii'j^l iffta^j? "^w^, 

'sit^R *ic«i^ f^^ra f»i^ r^c^.^t? ^(1^1 ^t5ta 

fq^'ltc^ii ?tc^ 3=iwt4^^ ^t?Fj Oi^^ ?tc?fi 

'siw^ c?c»R cpii^ ^^m f^'^fi ^rlc^ ; ^t^ 
^t^t^l ^t't^ 'sii'R 'snstf ^tf^!ii ^■\m's\n m^ 

^[&.\ « '5I1''R ^tn^ ^»n ^tlif51 ^1^11 
« ItC^U^ ^^, E5T, ^iiq^l Jl?(<2rf 5 i?lf^5 

ofcn^ <2f«ii^ *ini%"^ « *iratt?ic?^ wt^ 'cc^ 

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^? "^Cl -Sffnm^ -^ra, 'at^ va ^t^tCtf^t 

^15 w^ N^ c^^^r 5itft«f f ^5^ ^tt^ I 
i^ ^^a; 5it5t f^i 5tf^v5 "S ^f "5 'ii-^^ ^f^ f^f 

5« dt f^l f^^C5lt!.5l^ ^^ <3 ^a ^^^ 4^n ^c-s?:? 

Its cm^CfTS ^l^ «I^ ftC^ : 
ib' ^t^ CTf Hi^ c^^?l JTiit*^? ^?a ?^C^ I 

"Sin cciK^^l t'tc^i^ ^^ica « ^fs-i^ ?ic,^ *tf»fi:^, 

15 <2[fa^1 « ^f5l5 filf^sTl 1^51 I'lCil^ « Bfl- 
^^ cali^l 3^50^^ <5itai?j gt^?ii ?i'{>Q^ ^[^^^ 

«n?t»i'^nr^, 5i3"[^ c5Ti^. ^t\, T^"^ f^\f\ « 
« ^i^icw^ ^'ic^ ^^^ ^r^c^ I ■^W\J\ ^'lapa 

«» 1^ 'Sll'isj f*t^f clSFfa q|\s(C^ s(R5l ^fcIC^, 

«i)t f^^tc"*t? ^^?1 c^Rt^ 5?;^^ ^^5( ^^^ ; 
?t^ sn. "^t^i ^\m ^l^ca «if[TT t'V ^ r^t 

5llt; ^tTR"^ CciRCffa "lll^l^^l ^f^^S ^1 I 

^t^l^ If^ ?tc^ ; C^sjin ^l^lal ^t'R ^t'R 




[O; ^^— «• ; ^» I 

* '«ltc^; C^'Rl ^t^ ^^f« "^t^^r^ *l%»It«( 
i^ ^t^ ■2(1% T^l ^Itt^ I ^tlt^ <2{^t5t1 I Tt^i- 

c^ ^t^tcf? ■2rT% §1;^^ ^c?, ^ ^c^itr^^i 

^f^^l, ^t^tal f^ ^tv?tt?I1 •^^['^ ^r^Ttl C^*E1?I, 
ci^ ^ttPfJf^tC^ EtcT, v8 5^!:1 ?P^ ^1^ *t^ ^C^ I 

iV- -^R!;-^ I (Tit fvf^ 'El^ ^I?IW? ^<\, ^tfsi^^, 

^» c^fm], ^insc^^ c'^^'Si, m^. ^^fr?i^, si«r, ft^- 
^vo ^^^ vQ ^t^<i^ ^^"^ c^^l -iim] 5ltC^^ I 

<i 'Sim c^^ Pf^ ^It^ SR ^csit^ ^"^ *3^F^r'P 
^tsrtf5f^r¥ c«rsit^ ^tc3i «n^ii^ ^l^t^ ^^if^ 

c^c-^^ ^t^ 'fir'Vc^— •piwtRsiii ^f^smtu 

« ^^ ■^r^Tii ffft^ I ^t^ 'iffi-sf^ fiicTit^ *i^^^ 

^iTt? ^^ .il^ ^If^ Ttf^C^ I 

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f^^ !jf^5! ^C^ ^^ I 
51^51, f^ "^f^, C^t^l?!! ^(sri^ « Wt^II? :5W- 

fiff^ ^:r ^t^ n? -^fim *t1^i "^t^, -^rt^ 'Sitfsj 

« v£|^ ^^, ^tR ^in^ Cfi^l(.^C^? -af^ 'Tt^l 

«!, >£ft#t^ ^if^ui c^f^^, ^t^l ^f?i^ ?lc^ I ^inr 

^1^ ^<^7i^ ■3Ff^?, m^\H fi^l '■in^'t^ f^ f R 
^l^ ^3fc! 55C?, ^^t ^tf^ Cl^Sjfcitc^ ^t^ 

f^^, c^ CT ^^?f ^t^ra ^nc^ Bjci ^^1 sn -^m i 
f^f^ ?)tc^^ '5i!:*'W ■^f^c^ffcfi^r, f%^ ctf^, 

fV^ CW^. 3=^^ I 

ftcsi ^^ >5¥1 1t^ *f^ ^^'^^ ?t^ '• 

* fvf^^^:^^ 8« } i> cff 1 


C ; 'i'i — ^i II] 







^t?t^ ^^^ fm\ ctfRfi ^n I 

^% ^t^c| ^^5jt^ £{5j^i ^^i^t^ £t^^ ■^^. 

tpi^l ^1 ^r^?ltCf ; 'Sit? ^^tW^ ^ff^^^H ^^t- 

^^t^i ^?, ^r^cci (yittc^ ^tfsi^i ^ittcvsci I 

^rfa c^ »f^i:^? wf^ f^^ *tt*f ^tc^. 

^C5I, 'f«f^ ^^1 ^^JT, RSf ^t^j Ji^? ■^^, 

ctR ^t'l^i ^t?i ^1RC« ntt !' 

1^ ?c5r, 
fsilc^ fs^, ^t? i%<8^!:^ f^l -nm ^m i 

f!(^ ^t^tRm^, ^t^t^l ^tn^ ^t'R 51^ 

^l*t^ ^r^ ^tc^ ^f^lt^T ! 

^8 ^■^^<\^ ^r?t? 1%^l C^IJ ^(©1 5ftJl ^c?, ^^ 

^11^ Tt^ ^^i^i ^ra^Ui I ' 










f^^^ ^f^Ttl 'SrtC^JT, 4^? 'St^tff'tCT 'sit^ts 

^f^?tt f*f^t? «(f^i:^, ^^tc!^ fit^i ^ttc^, c^ 

a ^'^Jl'a ^r% ^Sit? ^^T ?5.^tf^ ^^l"^ 

fii^c^ Ji^l^^i w^t5i(^ fe^^ ; ^i^icffji s^mj 
^u^T^ W^ii W^ 5^ *i^, ^u^K^ ^t ^^ ^?1 

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'nH3, -nn^, *ff^5, ^tf^^'tct?! Jiwt^^ ; 
511^ «^f«{^°t 'st^t^ '2(^t«:^ 'ira^'i I ' 

8 v5«R C^Rtt^ttt'? ni"^ f*\^Pi^ ^^^ ^tf'tt^ 

ffsi, f^R ^rsc^ifvi^ ^-^n t^u5 f&5i?i ^rsi \5t^i 

1 clt?ltr^C5i5? I ^1^ f%f^ ^llt^ ^C^I vst^l "^5 




[^ i\r-''\ ; \(t\ 

^f%C^ ^el, Cat^l^l (gfiKo ?llf^'Q. f^ ^•Q 

^^ -f^^ ? f«R ■^ff cc]^, ?H<s ^-n^ I^^^I 
^^ftii^ c^m^, f^ ^ci ^t?i m ■^Rc^ 

^ *rtr<lC51^ ^ I ^^ VftSW^ ^5!!:^ 351^ ^?1 C^c! 

■^wa ^^ ^i"^^ ^i^si ^^1 ^tcwif^T ?? I 
■^ilit'it ^nf?^ *i^rs^? ««n«ff^ ^'^^ fij^c? 

* ^tcw, 'siifJT. «ili^1 H4?i^ f^^c^ ^i3ii ^ra, 

7\\im ^r^lll ^t?t^ WA] ^T 5i^C^, ^tC?Ccj?i 

•^ ^■qc^, ^tsil ^r^ I >5t ^^ a^ fitft^ig '^t ^11 

^r?c?i^, 'sftfi ^iwi ^f^^ 5fl, ^?t£i^^ tftfl'S 
>« -^r^^ III I f®f^ ^r?!;?!^!. c5 iri^ctf^ ^cT, c«t5i^ 

tS"^ ^t^ «if. Sfsj^JC^ ^(-g ^^1 f^ C^IItCTf? 

51151 ^t^T ^t^ sf^iiTi® ^r?^i^ ^m *tit^t^ 

i«» JIICTI ^l5T^?t tfft *S 1^ ^ffC^ I ^(^R^ ^t^l 
I*? ^1^1 «i5tl^ ^RII^ >8 ^I?1 ^tcl 'Sl^l 

sb- <5rt^ c^if Pi^ ii?isr^ f5iJ!c^^ ^ifr T^c^i^ 

5» f*R fffC^^ I ^t2^IC^ vst^Rl I^C^I ^IR^1 t<^7i5 

^o 5ftC^ ltd ^W^ I C^lt ftf^ fit^ [^?iK] ^fl^ 

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^O ^t^ Clif fff^. C^l C^ "^l!.^ 71^3 (.^"fll-^l ^Ccg^ 

^8 ^«g^5I5 ^n^ ; C^itt^ ^"^^ «(^^ 5lf ?I1 CJT ^W 
Titles, C^^^ 11^ C5f»t 'SFI^ « ^-^C^? ^^sT 

<p{^ ^^1 ?n^, cit 3i^?i fa^ 'gji^c^i^ >8 #itt^ 

^SCTI 'jR ^1^ ^f^C^ ^1 ; 'Sl^ ^^Ctf? FJltftll^ 

(Tl) tfl'P '^JJt^ I 


^ — ;>; *Jl] 



• , *R^ l^t-^l^ 'Slt'lft^ ^f^^. ^f?? 4^- 

-snttifi ^?i ^im ^rl^ ^(Sj-^ « nic^f^R':?!^ 
^«i^ Jiit(«<5 ^i5i(c^ ^f?^?i^. ^$t? qt^i m^i[- 

'^'^-HK^H ^C5f ^t5t ^^ -^1 ^I|C^ I 

c^]v^<{] « %5i(!;^^ ^^.^I'ff cgtfi «i5tt? '^ni^l 
ftgfft^ af»f r?5l c^c^f ^m-^, m[m\ ^Qi\ 

^i:?!cl, CvslTf^ tWC"!^ '2[1 ^t^l^ ^1^ ^I?t5 f^^R 

^Ul ^it-« ^c^ I 

«tS7| tfsf, f^^ C^I^l^l ^?r ^%U[, 

<im i\f, f%^ c^i^^i ^tr ?f R I 

i» ifl^JlC^ 1It1 ^?, i%^ ^1^ R'?r^ ?|l^ ; 

■^«J1 "^f, f^^ ^St?1 f^<5 'iftl'VC^ Jfl, 

5^ c^ri^w^ "^m '^^^ ^?1 ^i^ii? "sj"^^^ ; fsR 

5'S ^C? €1^ ^t'Q ^\, r^m'W ^t<3 5tl I ^tR^^Ctil 

®!I^t^ ^^^, f^Rt CvsllICtt? I51^^R ^®ST I 
58^1^ ^^m fsfij *tr^;g ^12f?J ??t^; f^^ 

^t?lRn^^ Jift?!^ ^Iltt:^ fff^itc^^. fJii:¥tJT- 
[^^j{ ai^ii] ^fsi?;^,] '2(^t5tl 1% «iFHtf:'i^ 

^'?c^^ ^(ci ^c^^t ^rac^ ill ? ^1^1 ^R^- 

ni"^ ^^ctt^n Hit I 

51i^C^, ^^t W^, Jl^^ <3 ^^¥1?. ^[®iira f%TO; 
w f%^ C5I [ Cff»f ] «3;r.^ ^I«ill5trg ff cj, ^st^t^ 

^t^t?¥t5; ^i^t^i Cfitit^ jn^tc« ■■'im^ttH- 

8 ^t^ Ji^icg c^tc^^l ^gtR« ?5 I ^•Rl ^f^ 
^^iiS'^Tlft^ vf^ ^f>5l C-^pfsiTlTW, c^rsH fsifff- 

* ^t^l ^^ft ^1^"^ 'Slt^lW^ ^S ^ftl5tC5^, 

«» vril5w? f^i^^i'iH « ^t^rs ^Ksii^ @nc^ 




[^; V— ^O; ^e» 

t%^ ^11^1 ^r>^ 'S^!:^ ^f«f^ ; 

^^^f.'if^ ^1^ 5I^?t ^1^1 Ui,\l^ ^, 
f¥^ ^tT3t ^lTt5 ^f^^c€ iS?^ "^t^ f?^ I 

i1 ^151^1 'itflTll^ ^fC^C^ I <iltsig Si^ i\^]l^H 

c^R^l ^t^1^1 5i^c?i *lli^ « ^^1^t^, ^'m -SfC^J^ 

Si^n cwW'i cw*\ 'f^. »ii^; C5itr^?i a^ ^f?f^ 

^^5 ^t^t!:§ ; c^? ^l*t^ ^t^ra ^[% iivsi ^r^ 

^« sil i c^^ ff^i ^c^^ fwt^ "eiR^il 515, v©5iif''f 

^ ?J^ ^t*'R ^C5, « c^t cci«t^N5t!:^, ?rt?t^i 
^?«) ^c?, c^^ H«(^1?1 vsi?tcff? ^^:5^ ^5, ^n 

«^tn c^tttn ?tf«I!:^ ? vot^^l ?f^?Kt^ ^^ 
mf Jl^!;5li:^>S ^t^t? cgJtsf fii^ ^ ^ftt^ 

« f*[? 'si'S;^!;-^ ! m 'sitf t? c^tcsj^ ^ ! or (7i| 

^t^t^ ^ff5 ^111 ^ic^ ^1 ; ^?; Ji^siH -^i 
•^ ■^t?«l cii^csT, '^.t5it<) «i!fj's^^«t fV ^'^m nM 

^f^^ ^1 ?' 

*ttcf!i:i 'Sf^ ^fl^'^ Jii^ ^WJ ^Tt^ ^fjic^i «t^ 

^I7it^ ^15 sytf^-Jtct^ ^^ mmn ?^9|^ ^iTitcf ; 

C^itC^ C"^^ «tf^«I«' f^^ ^^tU, C^lfJT ^tfsi 


io ; 'ih— \%; 'iX\} 

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e«i V 

c^ Tts ^, "^ c^ vst^t;:^ ^Mtt^tl I 

t^Jtr.^;:^^ c^rtfss ^ftt"?^^ ^^^, « f^*i 
f?c^ ti^t? ^tf^ ^ ^"^^ f ^ ^t1tii «^ '^fii'^ I 

■^^t'5{t^ C^tC^^I ^t^t^tW^ "St^t^^tH^ ^^^^ 

f^R^n ^tfili:^, ^rc^f:^^ ^^f»tlti'n n:g:5i*n^T 

C^rsit^ CcltC^^ 7i^.m ^tf%^ ^^I 5?C51<3 ^5t?t- 

>e c«t5it5 nnflc^ "^it ^Mti, c^i5f fsR^ ^r<i?it- 

^4 fgcl I -^t^t ^t^ ^f® ^^ ^t^ ^€1^ 5|C5I cg^!} 

^mPR ^f^t^^. c^i^ «i:^^ ^^55! f^ffiiw^ 

^c^ ^l^n 'sH « c^ttt^ '^t^-l 5tc^ ^5t5 
c^^ti^ ^tfwTii ■^ttc^ I 

*l«t\trs?n ^iRirRw, c^^K^ ^tR ^M^i ^R- 

"^t^; Hm\ ^(f^rc^CW, C»ft^^ f^fl^ll 't^tTI'J 


•ss ^fsfJTK ^t^ I f^H C^it^ ^1^1 ^W? ^tS 5J^5f 


^\VHH ^3 5iWt«i^-«C1I^ ^tUl— ^l^do ^ft^R 

8 ill, -^cf^ 21^'tt^^t!;^ f^'nl% ^f<i!:^Ji 5ji ; f^^ 
^ ^t?t^ ^c^:^ <i|^i ^fir^i 'sit^ c^^it^i 

■J vst^tfW^^ Bt^tlC^ I C?(^ v3 ^^ ^m\ vot^t- 

c^r^ ^<;ji i^ci ^^31 --njisj ^f?ic^, ^^? P\°sR 

c^|5<ii Jic^ -nc^^ ^ni^ c<j5ti •^ftc^, ^le^^^j 

51T5I ^iit^ *'in;g ^i^c^s^ c^r 'fttir f?°Jii 
f^^1 n'^l't '^Twi 11 ; ^t^«l 5}^:5 cq^R sf;;^ 
"sitB^?, c^R ^f'^ft IWt^^-ft^Tl^ m^^ ''ifl- 

^t^ CTjt fff^I ^t ^l\ fH^? \^, f^R 
^t^ C^t fffl 'ill ^i5c^. 'Sj^ ^t^'il >2i'^[5fJ«f^ 

^tc«, 'IC?}]^ ^fCvs, f*\ itc^s, 4fi1 ?tt^, 
^1%^cn?l RPICI n^t^l '|%^5T, t^iC?!t^^ 



( ta ) ^^t? «)-t3ti ^tc^ « 



Btf^* C^t ^Cvs fll^f^ flaf^S CSil^piiiltC^ 
58 ^r?I5{i:^ C^*f RC^ sn I 'Sit?! ^t^t^l ir*^1 fffC^ 

58 Ji^tc^i^l ^t^tw? 'srlss!^? ^tc^ I ^t^ 5i^t«^ 

f^iri-^ cvf»f ?lc^ tgtr.Ti':?!? ^[f^^ ^t?t1 'sitR^t^ 
si^iTf c^PR vsl^fa f'lfic^ 'I"! ^t?iir1^, c^ii"^ 

Celtic?? f^fl.^ v£l^ ^WI««I ^It^ I 

^1? cJit f^^ ^Hii ^i^c'^, 
« ii5SFg c«li<ji ^i^ltf i^^tc^ ''tr^gtc't? ^^5 

8 7]:qr?i ^fc^ ^^ ^r^C^ I ^1^ CJit fvm C^tl?ll 

«» ^f?I fjJWR-Wlf^R! ^E155RR ^il, 'Sjt^'f- 
^t^ ^^ : 
C^q^i f^R f^tCTICSl^ «tf^;5^1, f«fR C^lTt^ 

^ C^tl^l ^"^-^^ *[^c^? ^<1i;^ «'f"5t^1 ^^T, 
^I'W^ *tN;^;f «l5t'KT ^HCtf-t ^r^illtfl, ^1f5l 

^t^Tc?; ^r«(41c"^' s^'v^i^tii ^mm, '5?n¥t^ 

^['"f ^V^ fffC^ lit ; "^^J ®tf?I 5I5fC?f filC^Sf 

?tc^, « 55 ^hR cwjK^i '2f^r'*f ^rli.^ '^\ I 
^fs}^ I «ilR t^^ ^^< ?tc^ 5J«j:^, ^^IH1[ 

7I?t^|? r.g:tC5( « $151^ ei^rfi* C^tCI^ fffR 

^r^^ifi ^fcisi ^Rqi ^f c^ I soi^m ^tfes ^i%- 
^fR ^t^R i^ir«<i -£if« f^r^c^, -2ic«K^ 

^f-^R «it'R cvfC'«i? ftft^ *i5il?iir ^r^c^ I a 
^t?R^ ^'.'s-'f ^itcTii ^ifc?. m ^aR^ ^tc-^ ; 

^S CJ C^? 5<^1 *I^EC% CJJ «lC?n *ir«a ^5C^ I 

<5Itf ^R ^If C?, vsl^lCW^ •^^ g,r^« ^fC^, <3 ®M- 
Cii^ ^'t^l ^fil<sf a 55C^ I C?*r, ^IR ^l^tCW^ 

C^lnj ^55 ^RC^, ^8 ^^C< >£?f;5 ^fC^Sil I vslft- 





^O; :i» — >8 J ^«i] 

f^*rf^^ I 


\' v5t^? ?ii:«a ^t^ ^'R'S ^f^ ?^ 5(1, ^w^- 

^C5! ^ n^^«l »JT15I ^r^^ ; ^5f v»t^tW3 5[5 

« Q ^t^t Ji?t5f^ ^tc^tc^^ qfs ^^m ^f^- 
^ c^. fgrra^c^- ''i'^mm i(.5i(5ftvo "^f^c^, 

«il^? ^I^IW^ cm*\ xst^trff^ir.^ ^1??I1 RC^ ; 
^ ^t5f?l ?lc^tc^a f!:^^ nfk-^ ^i^ ?tc^ I ^^ 

ift'i fl^? ^ra '^^^'^\<^ "^rc^ ; ^msft^i ^i?t- 

^t^5{(!:?^ ^<>i5^=Ptsrw^ ^"^lii ^'|w ^rac^ i 

*«l'^^ c"5i ?-c^l^ wT^ic^ ^r^ "^^ ff c5i, ^1^1 ??cs 
8 f^2fi^ ffic^, c^^ fff^ ^R ^r^-'^ttsi^ f^c^ 

5l^r.5i ^^55;"!il^ ^(^'tf'rR ^Rrac^i 
C5W^ ^I^IR C^RI^ 5T?C«t ^nfl® ^^ ; 

^ir^^cn^ ?(^ Ji^^c^ '^\^ ^*t5i fi'N^tisi 

5o ^t\^\ ^^!M ^m ^r%1 c«t5rkT ^C5T, 














« C^WS C5f^?l mi^ 31^^ ^ttfj ; 

^^ c^iJit^ ^\Z5 ^ si ?r^!(tcf, 

c^ -srstf^ sr^ I ^^t-5i'?5f ! ^ ^ "^^fei 
csW^ f^c^ r^c^F^ ^r^?:^, 

^^tCNS^ 5|;5[^ ^^c^ S'^'H^JJ ^ft«, 

^R c^it R^^cff^ ^t^i ^5crr?^, ?rt^t^i 

^f^ ntftffil's »tR^ '^^I ?tTll5 I 
^R ^fCff? Jif^^ ^^Sl ^H^ ^\ • 

5?t5t^i:tf^ -^M^ 51(51 c^t^l Ttc^r 5i^s!n ^tc^ 

5»1 I 

C^-R?1 ^ft? ^^t^IW? ^57 ^!f-f t5f -Sfg-s ^W, 

>©t^t^1 ^(S?1 ^Plft SJpJ^t^ 511 ^^^, 

f^^c^ f ©^ ; ^iR ^tr^'.s^^ 5rt5j vs ^^r*iit?»r, 

*j;^ •Q ClW^ ^fe?^ ^f^^, t?1 Jlfft^^ ^C|5l I 

1^1 ^(^^I'tcn^ Jifi^^ ^c^i? I 




[ V8; ^8 — ^^; io f 

^"^^^l If ^^ 'si^^t^fT^I I 

^?®t, ^tfsi (T^'t Jl^ ^f^^tf^, ^^*f ^tc^ ; 
'srtlt^ *f^^t^t^ vst^tC^ 't^Wf^a Tra^; 

<tc^^1 f^^W ^t^^t^ I 

^v Ctl -^Vil ^t^T ^t^^ g^I ?^. C^t ^'s'nWl 
C^C^, ^t^ ©?t^ C^i^ ^tC^ C^? ^f^TTl ^5 ifl I 

nwt^^ pic^tc^ m^^ iW^ ^rlstcwsf ; <£i^i 
• j^ c^tt^it^ f^u^ ^l^^t^ I 

H^^ ii:«a ^1^ c^it^ ^t^t^t^ ^f^c^tf. 

^t^f^ ; ^t^f^1 c?1;r ^ffi:^ -^f^v^ ^ftc^ 

\\V *^^'f^^^ <^^^' ^^^ "^'f^^ ^^1 f^c^it^- 

vff^^ ^fil^, vst^t^l cw^ ^t^ ^fei^ 5t^ I 
Jic^j^ ^^tc^ vft^cff^ ^tli:^ (-^t ^W'^ ^ir^ ; 

1 ^i^^ c^JiTitc^^ Rf^ c'lt^t^ ^W^ "^f^:^, 

^Ul^Ulli 5WtPl|c^^ filfsiIvS ^\fW ■^f%i^, 

C5l^1% ^^^ 'I^J^ *f^^^^, « -stt^cti ^t^, 
ft jj^gj 7\-i^ *tt^ ^t^itf?^ i *5t^^ ■R^t^ :5l'^t- 

C^stftC^ fn^ ^f^^ ; C^JJ^I C^stlt^ ^ICSI^ ffff 
*ti^ C^5 ^tt^ ^t^*? -Q ^wm ^f ^ ^t?I ; 

* ( ^ ) C'Jt^^^ ^f^^ I 


^*,- ^^— ^^; ^ I] 

f^*ttR?f I 


^^ ^ ; C^5 ntf ^t^l Ftn ffi¥l fTQ 'Slt^ I5W- 

sf^jftcsf £[c^«t ^c^, ^«irFH CI f ^t<f 5t^ ^1 1 
^^-^ c5ri^t?i*tT «^ c^imtc^^ c^M ^^if^ 

- jjv ift'Ji-'W r^^nT ^n^^ I 

^1:^; vst^t^l OT? iti^ »r?i^ ^m?. C^f 

^^, « ^t^ srtsCTi^ l^si f»f ^1^ ^fe^ I 

tTi1 ^? ^tt^P, cs^f^ ^tc^ ; CTi^T c^5 <(W^\€]^ 
* ^^f fsicv© tfs^ %^ f ©■ra, c^^ifi} ^|t^ I v5«i[rf?t 

5p5l ^(re^1 5lt^t^ *tr^« C^i^jil ^t?!'^ tB5^5i =|t:5? 

c?ri?i s,t f^^ ^^, f¥^ ^^^t^, f.^^ "-nMic^ 
^\9\^ ^^f^ ^i^^r? ^c^^ -stns ft ?itRc^ 5n, 

wr?i, f¥^1 ^ra^ i^c^ ^fiMR ^^^fm 5rt?i 
« ^ff^tft ^t^l fw^, ^i^t^ PT^i:^ ^spt ^^ I c? 

^(Ct^ ©^^ ''(^t^l ®l5c^, ft^ft^ ^f?I«, >fl^°x 
8 ■SI'm ffr TtfSfC^, SRI ■^fl^ I C^^^\ ^?(£f5 

C5{C^^ ?jt?r, ^IR ^t^ ^^, ^t^t^T ^\^%\ui 
« «itr^^ fii^i^i Tf^^ I ^t^i s^t^i i^n ^rl^i<5 

^i^fJRT s!f^?n ^^ ft^^, cJil ^^^R^ i%i^ ^fsii 

^Rt^ 7i5ft'2t^^ ^tt'ra ^t^, Tn^U n^t^, 
[Sn?t^ ^Wt^ ^^] I 

f^'-tftc^ ^i^f^'9 ^f^^ ; ^t^t^l <£fc^(r^ ^rt'isT 




[ ^:5; «— V^ ;^l 

^ "^fw:^ I ^ra fsp\uK ^til ^t^ '51^':^ ^ 
^5» ^|r^, 'H^'s ^tfsi ^Ri^ sunt 5rm ?Ff^^ ; 

8 fsi^^ «icT^n ^r?CT I ^t^ m^ t-^^nmi^ 

* ^fr ^®i '■irs^ri ^^ ^tc^ I vsra? cit^ ?i^5i 
^'Ni ^t^'^, f^^un «r(^ 1^51 c^t"? ?tii 5\51 

fi?^C^ ©^ ftW ^^51 <5^ ^^^, ^f^?I1 ^C^, 

cq ^?F5j ccii"^ ^^ ^iTfc^ ^^% c^i^, vsl^t^l 
» vst?(?l ^^^a ^|c^ I 'sji^ ^1^^ ^>Ti^1^ ^^'S^ 

J. ^c^ I S)t^ ^f^T^ ^^ Jl-^cl «»r 5fi:^ ; ^t?lJl1 

^tf5^^!^1^ Ji5r1^^ fl'lt^^ -afvs^C^l C?l sj^cft 

C?13l^ «11<1^ ^RC^ «1^ ^|?1 ''R®, ^Iti*1 ^?ral 
ic f^jTl?!.-^ ^t^t^ 3=.'!^ ^C^ !^l^ ?ff^?|f.5 I r^W.^^ 

c^t^ w\^j ^tc^ ^ I 
i\r ait fff^ f^^ <^'''^'^^ 'f''-''^ '^f^ '^^^ ^^t^?I 

( ^ ) ^^'J? I 

^9?^ TTS!!^ ^tn, v£|^? ^^t^ ^Tt^ i^i^ 

^i ^NC^ 1 ^t^ ?ittl'21f fl?!"^^ ^"l^rt? ^f?5^ 
firC^ I 4^'v (Tit f?^ felC^^ 5i?t«^C^ iSt« 

^W'fJll ■^f^C'^, « 5i?fai|? -^t^ 1t^3 "^^TTl 

c^, •s^ta ^i%i ^? ^^c^Ji ; 'Sit? vst^-gi Jivrf- 
-a^? ^5 f^f?5i ^tf^c^, ^1^1^^ f^ ^l^tcTS 

^^ CTt f*l^ fsj^^ ^fC^ Wll^ TtiTt? >il^ "atW- 
^^t^t^ ^nc^, ^^°x 1%q°1C^?1 ^'^^^Ctf^ 511W 

^« ^C^, ^-n-^H Sim] ®l1%^tr9|t;g ^f^ . -^cf^i 

^^{H Sis ^t^t^fl fljTt?! ^J% <3 ^%5 HW- 

^g ^t^?1 ^^•fa ^ttS Ji1^1^J fll^tC^ t^ltTPT 

^ • ll^^^^'^*!? ®t^^ f^?5^ ^ot^% I 

«£|i^3 5?(.«, ®5?i1 Cfr»f ^5C«, l(<5*'ilf ] ^IPT- 

^ C^C5 1 <il^ Pltil^') n^i^i 'silltc^ ^5 T^l ^t^r ^ 



V^ ; ^0— ^^; ^1 I] 

'srtR <<ii^ ^1^1 ire^if^c^, ^:"^cs <nt sil, 
^iifsr ■ij'F? n^5i ^fiitrs c^, ffi w^ ^lt ^ I 

•> ^i^f? 5it^iw ftf®^ I ?i«m cJi W5T cfc«r, ^,^5,t 

W-f, ^•'JJ? C^ ^llJlCfl m^^VJ^ ^f^it^s ^RC^ I 
s lt^ ^r^TIlft I ^f3 CVf*!, vST 'm C?Ii^ ^tr^5! ; 

i« ^un ?trlg ?rM^ "^bc^ i cvsr^i <|'^c«^ ■^tci 

^%^ 'G v»llt 1,^.^^ 7i^«t ^tC^ 'tclBJl ^r^^T I 

^<^7IC^^ ^W 'Slt^ <i|'^ ^<s7I^"^t^ 'IC'd C"¥5fC^<l 


o. T. 37 ] 

8 v»t^t?l ^C? ^m-^i^ "^H^ I lilt HflL^ <51tR 

b- 11 *t,^^K^<I W\L^ m^ ^^^ I ^1^ f«R f^^^trl 
«Q -21151? p ■^F^ttC'il ^^ 71^51 ®tr>?l1 C^T^CcI I 

Si 'Sit? c^R^l <I?|:5^ <35;r<i^?? 5iC?I«T ^^ \t 

H ^f^Tii!:?^, ^t^tc^ mUm sfl I <5ii^ c',^ T>5T 
-21^, mf^^^H? >ifit>2t^ atiiST, f^^it^r. 5i^T 

c^«r, ^Rittf -siL^t?, ^^ ^n^ « c?i^ ^^iT, 

i8 C5|S;H *t1^ ^r\ C^J^^I <FfII ^jf^T ' ^t? 
'SiRt? ^fc^ttsc? ^t'5^°^i^tt? ^W\^^ ^t*RtC^ 

ie fit^, ?ir^^?t^t? Jltf f'2!^, ist ^s|1 ■^r.^?f, ^f:^ 
.^ C'^RRT!.'^? R<F(.^^ ^sj^jl-^ ^lf}^ ^!(]^ H^i}^ 

i'b iR^C? m1 ^(^tC^ ^, >il«r(R C®!?!!? T> ? 
.il^tR C-«RI? C-^f ^1 'Site? a, ^R ^t'Rl? 

^'il^m ^^? «t^^ ^r^^Kf, ^f'i'lt^ RRC^ 




t^^; ^b-— V8 J ^1 

t?l1 <2t»t^ CtfC'f fiTt^^'f "^RC^JI ; CTlt 1t^^ '^''I 
SffsC^, <il^'s C^t '^CT CvSlSft^ •2I^rf-^?( 5i^?f 

C^ITt^ ^flf ??C^ CxstsiK"^ dfm] f?^. Chills} 
«'lR«fR ^^It^, C^tir?! n|^1 fff?I1 ^t5lC^ ^51- 

?f«1 ^^ ^C?. C^JlfiT ^!5tC^ ^^ ^f^^ ; CJ} 
OI ffl^l f? V^^ ^^ f?^, ^ttl CT^I fff^ ^f^5l 

vst^t^ fenc^ f^^r, ^\^ ^fei^ ^l^^^. ^t^i ^ft- 

C^JRl Ti^-^W ft^f, ■^^ f^^1 'SfC^C'f^ *N5ft5 

(TJi^l ^t^^, Ji^OT^ ^ 5^, ^i| ^11 ^r^;:*!^. 
■a7i^^¥*li ^f^ ^1. •£tJ^^ ^R ^ft, ^^^r?c?t? 

■^\m^ si\m\ f^, ^?»s t^t^ 15^1 ^n f^^wn 

^mRl?? ; fssf^ 7[m f^UiJ '^'^WU ^'sfo 

^^ Jl^F^T ^fef^ Whu^ ^^M[ f^^CTI 'Slli^l 

?|?it f^ftcf 5ii<3 ; G\ %\m^ c^PiX^ T^Si\-n 

CTfl Ji^S^ ^"^71^ n^I^ ^nS^r^^S 5llf<FC^ ; 511^ 
5i?fC^ ^«1 ^H; 51^^ VSIC^I ^mt^. f^^^ ^R 

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f®?tc^, « ^t«, g1?« ^^C^, C^^^l 'Itrl'Sff 

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c^ic^^i c^lii^ c?ira^ ^1%^, ?,^t^ siir^'tc't^ 

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ii cTim^ ^=ia^ ^^^e ^Ic^ I «it^ Tj^^tTi'^ 

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?ltff ; tl, ^^C^ ^11t^ ^^?^ ^1^1 ^ni Cvstll^ 

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c^^^=) ^ni ^iSc^ 511 ; .nt 5fg ^f^ ^pawi fffii 
^?tfw^c^ ^'^1^ ^niTilf, ^^]mn 5111 *t^j^ g_9 

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:* c^ ^^mf, 5i^t§^ Tiic? c?itc-5p^1 c®i5it^ 

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ib- ^t^j^i ^f^^ ^l^tff , ^t^?l ^111 ttl^lf?, c^ 

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c^^5tv(^ c^iJii^ f'lfif^ #lf^^ f«tf»f^ s^clj, vn^; 

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^f«ift «iii5ii^ [^nc^ *itf«^] <i^ ^^f'l ^ffi!;^, 

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*» f«fjT tatWC^^ >2(51^^C^ CtJSJ^ a^i^ ^f<i-5t- 

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^li^fsi 5?^^f^« «Q ''Ifa^i's' ?|5fci— ar^c^^ 
>i %u^n ^35 71^^?^ ^1^1^ "^fim I ^^fi^ra ^ici'it^ii 

vst^t^ f5^^1«1 ^t^t^ ®f« ■=^<F11 ^nC^ 5}1^ 

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fspi:^? cgl^ mj^ 'per "itf^c^s? ; viit^c'f, c^ 

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vt- ; «— ^:i ; « I ] 



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« ■^fijc'^ I t<ffk5i? 'K^t^w^ ^'f-^.'j? m^i^ 

^l^tCff^ CxsC^R?! C*\\^U ^H\^•Si'i^ c^ l'^. ^[^1 
«> Sfg CnnSl^ ^^"^ vS C^C^^ T>f!? ?|C^^ ; 'STR 

f^or^ti'?} ^*(f?[| ^r%^ r^5(c^^ ^t^1. <3 -^i^ts! 

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f^r«( : 'ttf*^ ^nt^ '^irX 'ffn©? ^nc^ 'ftr'^ ; 

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^t^ ^t "2(11 ^^tl^t^ ^R;' ^«(trn ^i?t?i 

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filC^tC^ f^r^^C^l^ f^l^C^ ^-^ -21^? ^[''R ^R- 

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^?L €i?) ^rinH ^'^a ^f^c^^ I ^ivsii^ c^R^i Rwtu 

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^l -SJ^Jt^i f"!"^! Ctl5? ; fsH ^l5tC^ !^R CVf5{ | Tf^^l 

^qft 5l^'5t1v^°1 ^Hl 1^ "^^1 ^1^ 5(1^ ^^» ^^tsl 

fe'lC^ '5Ilv&l^ F^ ^C^ 5(1 J^;^ 5I^fr W^ f^5l "S 

^b- ^\^] -n^ fff^l 1151 ^[5 I 5-?l^ »ra f4 ^[lc« 

^U ; Wm 0\ ^<I5(x3 \st^1 1^5( -^fg;:?! ^1 ; 

^1^ ^\\U ^tfl^ 54= « ^15t^ 'Sl'^^l \st^1 ^^t5 
^C1^ Jitfl'21^ ?tC^ 511 ; fsfj? litter ^1*5^1 

f^flCW^ ^<5.^t^^ ^^15(1^1 ^ 

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CUC?!^ qr® ^';«I ^"Sll"^. ^1?R® c»tl^ -Q N^ltf 

^ = C"^ ; ^t^ C^i «ltlt^ *'li-^ «]flC5tfi^ ?J1?I ^t-^ < 

>5 ^ipi c^5it<i Firafti.'^ f»tR^ ^i*R ^rl'^. « 




[ v;^ ; 8 — oo 

'b I 







^3 ^C?, ^'^"^1 ^^"5 <F«f| ^r^C^, "Q ''^\ ^C^ 
« ^s|t^ ^7[ ^ »t^ ^^i-^ I f%^ L«f5lt^ -'I^Ctf?! i 

c^ Ji^F^t c?ii"^ v»t?t?i « vofiu ^d^ Tm^i^ ^s\ 
c^5(S{ ^r^a ^]% ^?t ctTC*r, C5]^ cJi c«tsj^ ^fi- 

'SI'I^I C^5!^ Pt*ltR« ^Jf% ^^ C5f!;% C^ CJl^tR 
TJtm^l RiltC^^T. >Q C«RtW^ ^t^^lftf^^n 6^ 

*f©1 sit:^, ^t^tc^ c?p? c^^t «X^^ f^?i1 'qf^ ^cfi, 

^^5t^ ^r?55i t?i ''ltd ^?, ^c^ cri ®i^ ^r^'.^, 

^^, 'si^sf^ ^rliii t?i *'it^ ^^, ^sc^ cJi ^^1] 
«fc^ ^Rt^ ^'Jit^ ^i:?, f^^ ^t'R ^M^ 

^s-L^ ^t^tC'f^ C^ ^5, nSI^IQ 11^.^^ ^tWt, ^•^I^ 
'3^t^ ^t'B^I ^J^^tiJ, 'iil^ R?, ^t'B^J <3 &5i<^- 

^R n^l, 'Q nc^5^ c^it^cff^ nc^B^n ^^ii^ 
:« f*!^ ^r?trtf^^.T, ^t^t^i 1^^ i5*ti ^^^2 

'iWt^l ?tC« 3t^ ^g ^tWo C5ll ^C^, ^^- 


-^fm] 't'tr? Rr4« ^<3 f^ R-fltst^ mC!I 

^r^i?, •^ ^ife «it^tc^ Rf h ^c^ snt ? ^ D 

^t^I <SRC-^, ^^^ foR^ <B ^^^f.l<l ^^T ^tto 

wf?i:5^(i t^trac?!^ 'iR^s^!:?! ^wm ^rat^ i 
c^^m ^^(^ c?it^ ^ti ^itf, R'w^ g^?r ^f^r, 
C^ Tt^cl c«il^ ^fca ^«,^^, sst^tsi ©llf^ 

^«I^ ^t?f^ 115(1 ^Rt5 ^^fs ^^ C?I%^. 
v5*R ^Rt^ ^t'f ^'if^ig ^f^^l ItRr.'T, -^ItCTR^^ 


^'tt^, "^t^t^l 5i3tl 7it?(^ ^c?, f^l ^-Ri 

^tc-5 ^?, ^il'I^ 7TR< ^C^, f¥l ^Rt^ ^tUt^ 

^hu5 'itc^ I ^t^t^i w\(.-^ ^\^,^\<\ ^w ^rt^ 

^csTic^t^ ^t^tiFR "^i^t^^^t ^^^.3 ■Q fumnn 
listen ^iaf?i fifc^ ^tc^ I 'it ^^ ^?1c*t^ 

^1^1? ^s^l ^tRR ^IR?|C1 I ^^?i ^'i^(i:i 

«i3i5i?i- siifo^ n^cu fir^3 ^t',^; (Rt ^tns 

Wf^-C'R *(«^1 R^^^ ^l^^t^ I 

O O ; 1 - vSO I ] 



<R, « ^C|^ ^tc^ ^r^5l1 ^t^'f^tCfil ^^Vq 

V ^f'f 4«R ^t<3, ^^tf-ff^ Tlf^tC^ »ilt "^ll ??If^ 

5» ^^<t^tC^ 51(^1!;^ f5?l^|5T «JtC^ I C"^^^1 

i. 5l«ft2f^^ ^H^l -^Sf^ra '5IJl'5i:5 7?^R I ^l^l^l 

CW.m[ ''tf^iS s^C<F ^RtCtf^ fit'[«f ?f Cvs ^ ^^ I 
5^ ^^il^ f qtracci^ ^n^^l 'ilt'^11 "^^5^, cxstl^l 

it^i^C^ ^ni7[ f^<\ ffjTl\^^ VQ V5151 -5] 5!^^ 

i« ^RTlt5 ; 'ill C^^ CJlt ^t?(5( C^W-tf <1 Sj^ ^^ 

f^^^ti:^^ *lt^ ^t^1 ^K c^5]f^ f%f^ ^■\i\ 
^^ ^f^c!* 'f!^*!!^ c«it^[^ *1ts^1 ^ft!:i ^1 1 

5«» C^IJI^I ^RC^. ^t^l ^^, ^tlll C^tSt?I sreTii 

t^lt?!^ "^m^ ^ftC6^ ^^R C^t^^t 'f?it<I^ 

wm^; ^t?lc^ c^t5Jt''.'T<j 'st^'tlPx^r "i^c-s^ 

■^f^C^?, ^t^ 03^5 5iW C-sW-fftl '2(f« ^^«t1 

f^R ^^« c^Rtc^ fit ^f^t:^?? ; ^R-^i5it;5t 

*l«5t<^ ^|C« 'fit ^^ '^sf^C^ *tttC^, <5t '^% 

C^W^ ffCSi^ Si^ ^t fffl^i?, vst^tC^ ^R f r:^ 

^8 'f^^lt^J ^-'t^ zi\i^ 5f^i^ I 5tJT^r<t C?f!^ ^2 

fffi:^ ^^ Jf^rf ''ff^^ ?|C^, CJit fvR •2tC^J^ ^^ 

^>!» cgt3 ^tu[ I ^t^ a fffs? J^vftfitj ^t^-R '2iwtct/i 

^1t ^^^^ C^\^\ nc^JT. « 'Sl^t^l^ts ^3 ^1 

^f^c^^, oil fff^ oc^^ f\T^ ^wj^ ;flf^^ ^cij 

-> ^^n I ^5t^ f^^t^T ?(t^^ ^si^ 51^, vsi^i ^^ 

f^ItC'* ^tf^C^ ^frJvs; 'sit^ ^tPs^ct^ vr.n 

^> "^t^l 5ltTt>21^^ ■^L^ ^511^:3 ^5f 5f C^^ fs[l^ ^i^C^ 

Ttvs ^(gt« v5t5f^ §1!:^ «i^^t5il ^f^c^^. c>f 

-5 3 ^tf^^ ^f^o ^^Ift 1^ "^f-lt^J? I C"'^^^! C^1^<^ 

[^ftt^] «i^^tfit^f^ Jitsft^ ^rl^itcf. ^i?tl 

ItStl? Si^ ^^S ^tCl ; r«R ^t^l ^«"tsl « 



Ml^?f I 

[O^; ^ — OO; ^1 

•^rl"^l^ ^f^«Il vst^t':^!^ ^''M f^^^ "^C?, f^l 

f^m ^1^^ ^5 i^c^^, ^t^'R ^t^ ^,^«(i ^r^c^^i 

^5 : ^^v 1fft^5 ^1'R 5E^ f^^t^ ^Hic^ J^I^I^I- 
fji!;'?lt^ ''I^C«^ <8 ^t^1l f^r^^ ©*!!:? 'URTIl 

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^.ti^ ^iRc^^, ^ri^ ?tRnt ®ii^ ^t1c^5i, 4^•^ 

'sicsf fm\ ^"^ ^r^c^^i J 

ft c? tgtc?i5i-'i^t^tt, cst'rai ^l^tc^ ftfe^l 
c^i? f^ni'i ^r^^i f^^itf, ^t^t^ ^ti5 f^nml 

^'^^ '^IC^n *tr^^ ?|C?, f^^ <I_^C^? 'JC'gn ^5 ; 
PI^'tF-^CSI 5qt^t^ ^'^^ ^tCS, C7i^ 51tfl'£|^ v£lf 

• (Tt) ai^c^^ c^i «]tn=i ^'.^ ^ti\Fai ^f?i?i jjt^c? I 

* ^tu^ SJl I c^7{-i\\ SI'S ^u ti^ ^S(i ^rfL-<i^ VS 
N5l^t^ 11 ^l^t^ 1^111 ^ra;.^ : CI ^'itl^at^ 

^?J. 1'tl IfflS ^]f^ 5)15 ^^1 ^tcl, '5^1'Q 

i« c? fir*iTt<il, ^<s7ic<i^ *>[t^ f^f fffi ^® ?l:5! 
CTti^i tf^^ ^tc'i, c^m st'^-t^':^^ ^°^^ 

<"trl55? ^i^m^i f^^al 5'G. i^t^w^'f Et ^tfi 

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^^iH "Sl]^] Clft^ 11 ^11, 'Sit^^ ^cI^C^^ stfjtci 

^ifan^ 11 ^^. « ?fi»i1=!t c^as ^?*IJ ^f^iil ttJ 

s-i cit ^pci-ncft c^cg s(tr^^^i ^51 r« ^f^c^ I 'Situ 

»Iir^t «JtW«til ^1^1 ?tc^, ^Vs f^H'^\ls\H 

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:b'«ir^ ^llt^ -sjwt^l *I1f%^ «il2f:5l, firi^tu 

^t^tCTJ >« fJir*5-§^? f^2fR-'?V.1 ^1 ^f?C^ I 
JJ» f^l "sjstl ff^?11<^ ?t^t^ 5iira f»Icit^lt ftl^, 

^« ^t^ 1^^ li'^f^c^t fi^'iif^Ns^tc^ I ^^ c^m), 

^\^H\ 11^ ©fi'2l^t'.?^ K\iH ^^ ^^11 ^^, 
^t^t^l C^t^ ^8 ?1^^C^ &r^C^ Cff« I 

^«^C^<1 ^^^C«[? \% ^8 5J5f5I 

C^iltC^ ; J^^tl-'^ri'^? 15;1^>g ^j^rcl i-f^ ^fl 

^'R^ ?tc^, '£(«t5t1 ^f<!5l C«t^ ^f^Cfl <TS 

5^ cfiic^ c«l5itc^ £*^m\ ^r<jc"^i C5 =^?fa^, 

^RtCit^ -£([« ffl ■^5, 'Slt't^l C^llf^ ^C'l'^l!! 

ctj^ ^R'-^^n ^«, « ri^^^u^i 'Faiii'i^ jgin^^^^ 


OO ; v» — 08 } i^ I ] 



« 5« \ c^^itf C5r^ nu\ sfif^^i ^i5Tt?:i ??f^. ^f?i 

^^l C^^l?? Slt^l?!. CvSlfi? C«^iTC^ -itfl^ ©*1^$l 

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^t| ; G\ f^^l <55f "^f^l-tC^, 5J^^ 5i^^ ^5f 

io vs i^f^'?i vigi^g 5t5tC5 I 'ifflSl^ ^C^^. '5I1R 
«il^5l ^lt^, vH-Jiij ^5^ ^f ^^ ijij^ ^^,f « 5t^ I 

i-* C? ^^^^"^ C?lt^ 51^^, <5ltPI ^t5l ^fMff. 

5« ^rtr»i^ 'i^c^ti f^-?Fi.^ 5itf¥c« *Tt!:^ ? a ^ 

CTJ g^^J^^t^ 5it^ ^«tt ^C^, C^ ^"^^.■^tC5? "s-i*! 
S 1 vo'^r CMm\ ^itc^, C^ f^*5Tlt ^^ "im? I C^slin 

js ^f?i ^n wt ;5-a srtrvst^ ctff«ic^ '■ittc^ 11, wt 
^if^'.'^, ^I5f^ 't^t^ ^\^\ ^f^ m^ ^, Tt?t5 

^^ri ^t^'s^^n, ^t?i? c^tw ^«f^-<3 ^'^^itf « 
5^i ^^Tj (M\m ^^t«^ 'i'Si'stf.n ^iiicff? 1^^^'t 

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cvt^ ^mi'i^. ^«ti^^ «iiiiw^ ^isn ; f«f*it 

r'iff.xO *11« 511 ; ^'R f^^'a ^C?^ 7115)^ f^«l^ 

*8 ^"31 '-.'5151 : *l^^i ^^ S^] «jf<l?( I «ITI 51^?^^ 
c^f -<r^'.^ 511, ^111 *rif^«; v5m^t^°t <£l^tt^^ 

^tc<i^ st^r^Ft^ ^8 ^t^?i 

^ Tt^C^, B!^<^ « ^^'^''(5 Ji^Sl *|It1<^ I C^il^ll 
^W.^ii R^'."^ ^1^1? 'SIB^ C"^r( "St^i'^^S ^t^l ; 

« fff^c-^ ^m Ji'i^i ^Refill I «iR ^I5tw^ fi^^- 

8 ^t^ ®ll¥lC»t? 11« ^if?^ ^? ^Ifi^^, 'Sil^*!- 
dim ST^FlsTa ^4 ^3f « ^^^ ^^^5 #i'T 

'■ra^, ^:Sin «i^l^ ^1^ ?tr?^°^ i^4 51^1 nj%!:^ I 

ft&t^ it'RTC^ ^t?l t!:f 11 C?tC«I? ^''IC?, ^11t^ 

'5^ ^t^tc5 "ac^ ^ '511111 HI'S ^^iicf cicvf, 
« ^mn ^ft^ 1,^^^ ll'l^i ^IRc^, '^^' ^l^tc't^ 

j> f^^if ^^'5 '2fr«^?ifiti? ^'s^? I ^s^iTR 

'•(Rf^ ctC^. ^«1T^R ^fl <£(^rll^ '^(I'l^lNS^l 

i.^lC^I v51^ fvf^Rra ^tfl5 11^1^ ^^ H, 

f5i^?I ^15R 11 ^1^!:^; ^1^1 *l^^l^c5j 

^<s^? ^1^1 «Jtr%c?, ^1^1^ i*fi ft^i ^i^^(Cff[<B 

ss c"^? ^i5^c^ili f^^ mvavs^] « *i5ii^ ^1^1 

n it^ii^^ '5;'9i^ran 'Q':^^'?:? m ^tc'T i ««!it- 




[08 ; ^o— O^j ft I 

'^f^ f^i^^l ^tsiW c^t^'fl ^f^'^'^ <^^^t 

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CTt cif"'«t '5'5ttcci^ ^tiiR, ©I't^^ m^ ^It^ I 

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■^^ <pr^c^l ; f^^ c^i c^? ^t^!^ ^^^i:^ Pl^^ 
•^c^, CJ1 vst^t^ ?c« ^t5?ii ^1^ n^ ^C^ ; ^ 
c^it^ fiJi^-^t^ ^c<i\cn^ ^n;:^ f^^^^ ^c^. c^it 

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(Tl) ^« ?t^^ I 

* (Tl) f^f^a «t5tCT3- "^^ CTt 'TCT ^t^C^, 



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ji ^R >^ ctfr.*t firai ^?i ''^x^ ^"^ i" ^<i^ tf^- 

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3TC^ 7\r^ ^^, ^tf"^^ ^t^l ^I5it^ w\r.^ ^tt^i ; 

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« RRC^ «2lt<^1 ^'^JI^ ^^^ I ^s^r^ T?f5f^ ?t5fi^ 
* ?t^9f1 f^t5^?I^ R¥!:§ g^lf^S l^'iq^ I PI»rtf 51 

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'sitrsi xstit^ ^mj ^"^ ^tifi m, ^^ij (.7] c^R 
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f?f%nC^ 4t ^«f) ^fsIC^, Cvsl^lt^ f^^t^l-f R t'^^ 

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^tS/t^1 Ji^^ C?(.»t^ ■2tf3 ^r^l ^t^\ ^f^ntC^^, 
^t^ ^R ^R5t5 ; ^C^ ^R f^ ^^t^ '^Ut^.'^ ? 

^flnt^l^— C^R'I, ?t^1. C<1<!,71^ ^^t «^25t^- 

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T^Mt^ I 

[O ; ^'b — Olr' ; « f 

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■?F[?t^ f^=^1 ^rSm? ? ^tft^ f^^l^ ^55*1^ 

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^r^^ltf^, 'SItR ^rt5{ <1tf^^ ^t^l R^C^^ Jll^ 

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^1, 'ii^ttcJi ^11 ^tfe'-.^ 511, urn 5i^tii f ^^ Ji'5^c'^ 
08 m^i^ sjl, t?i^ f^^i.'f wi^i^ ^(r«(c^ ^1 1 t^ 

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^ifti ^fa?iir? I "^H f^r^^i «if3*i?i raitf^i 


Oh' ; ^ — 07i ; It- I ] 



mtlTii fff^ I 'tc^ "^If ^^ 'ft'n iiR?ii vn^ik^, 

^t^l "^^ ^*5l ^tcs 'SltC^t^ 5il^ "^C^^, ^*H- 
io «}fR ^"Rl^lt^, ^Wl ^tp ^^T\l^ ^tf^ *it^t- 

:;^ CTH^^W^ ^stfl ^t^ ^til^ ^t^t^ ^^tt^l 

'at^ ^^Ca «JiftL-^ "^ifsl C¥[^C^ ; 
■^f^Cs "^HiCs ^tlti? 5^ ^tl ?l^ ; 

^tm ftc^ frc<i ^^ ^% I 

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f%^ ^f'f c-sn^i^ ^tit^ 'sritc^ pRt*f-'^*f ^tc^ 

^t^^ttft^l Cal^t^ ^'•.^T^ ^'1^1 ^Ca ^1 I 
>» ^f?la, ^'^3 C^lt^t C^t^t^ 'Sl^it^ ^I^'TT, 

's<» ^Wt'SIf 'sKlta nrl^H ^f^^.3 (^'5^] ; 

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'srir^il t\^m f^m\^\ '^^m.^^, •^ c?itc^?i t'V 
^f^ ? ^t^ §51^ c^t'il ^^ra ^f't^^l^ 

?t^5, -^tf^ ^t?^^ '^Wi! ^ti:^ ^tr^TTfCf I 
'il ctf«tl^^tr\ ^lit^ «(^t^t^ JiTjc^^ 5(C5Jj 'i;^^ 

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1 £i^ ^c?^ I ^t^ "^t^t^i c^i^n ^^c^ s^'ig ^|c^, 

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C7l ^[^j ^rfr?]^_ ^(^^ ^,g?i I fsin «]t<j^ -^f^. 

C5i^, wm «]Rt^ ^ICTf •''Itr^ « I^J fff^c^ I 


(^'fl?r ^^ \ 

^st^^ fw^l [^fl] CJf Jltft^^^ i^^ ^tc« 

^g= %\^ 71^^ j^tc^. 

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^1^ ^^^ f€j vfl"^^!^^ ^tfl CtjNC?, 

^t?i^ ^1^ "^r^ c^^? *X'^'n^ ^^] I 
* -f 1 ^^ ^t?ii ^m, *n K^ ?t?ii ''m, 
w\<['\ ^\^n ^nt^ Jitrf^^n f^'^t'i ^c^ ; 

tr ^-=1 <!s^ ^|?rl ^t^, '^'n a-f^ ?t?ri ^fc^. 












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=51(^1^ *lf^5l(<l •^<J1ltCf • ? f^^l ^t^t^ 13t 
^C^ C^tl^l "^l^t?! Jlf?« ^"^ra? ^cRl f^C^ ? 

cites, « vstfl^ f'ifsici c^'^c'iR 'j^ «^^ ^r^ I 
cwm ^t^ ic^ri^^ "^c? ; ^t'l^ra si5) vii^f sjJi 

Jitt ? C^l^lll f^ «^ 5Itt ? '^f^ '^^f^f f^ CvsRN 
f^^c^ sit^ttf CW^^l ^?I 5T|^ ? ^ft^ ^Ce^lTJ^ 
-.vsR^I f^ ^ J?lt ? f^Plt 'jNff^ ^sitsca^ 

f sfii ^t^tc?^ ^nc^ ^STt5 cfji?, ^(?t?il ^^it?;i 
^^<ii^ cvsli<il ^I5t^ ^f?® ^tit^ ^''fil f^c^ c^. 

* (^1) cii^tc^ 'siriPff ^f^^rcs ? 


So ; ^«)--8^ ; ^8 1] 

Ttf^^ ^fS5l ^tC^^I . 7\■^^^■^ 7(151 !(f^?Il ^1^- 
f^^rc^ ^l^t^t ^C^^ ; ^15 1^ 7it5lC<I^ 'SIlf^^T 'Q 

*i1%=«T "Sft^^U «£f^^^ ^t^tW^ 'il^^t^ ^^''ifl^ 

^fttli3, ^R[^ R5t? 'sit'it^ ^^ ?t<^« Jifaiil 

G<t c? ^n^^ Ji^^r, ^mu TTt^ic^s ^^^ 
fi{wi^ ^tl^^. ^c^ ^«Ji ^g;^; ^t^^1 ^^^ 

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'^ic^jt^ 1'sjw m^iT, Ftf5i« m^u "sn ^l?t? 

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* ^st^^l -SlC^alC^ ^m?? ^tn^f -Sffs^t:^ Tit^t^ 

'¥f<[^, ^\^m 'mn^ ^vstc^ "^f^^T, Jit?JT ^5 1 

^ifsf C^RtC^ tC5{|^« ^f^!]|f|, ^^ ^f^ ^tt I 









^fn^, ^t^t^i ^^^ pifevs ^8 f^^a ^IC^; 

^t^r^l CnSI^IR Tlf^^ f^^[pf :^i;-^^ ^t^fjj^ ,5j^^' 

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ctfRcvs nttc^ 5ti ; ^\m\ c^fsit^ Jif^^ ^^ ^i-^, 

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^f^C^ ^C^^ 'Stg^'t ^f^^ I 'Sttfsf >2tt^C^ *£1?JT, 

SlI'Kf ^ ; C^J? ^t^t^l dffm. W\h% f^C^DJll 

■^{^^1 liii^^t!:^ fk^^ ^%^ ntc^ C5f, Jiff t'Sl^ 

f ^ ^t Tt^J ^f^HtCl, t^tClI^era ''tfti^^'I t^l 

f?« ^^ ; ^tc^c^^ ^isn ^c^Ji, c^t^i^l ^t^i^rt- 

^8 ^|?11 ^^Zg ^t^ f^lfl^l ?Fft^ I CVff, CvS|5f^1 






tit^ Ji'v^if mM. ^]^[Uo ^ti^i ^1 w« ''tirl ? 
c^ ^;:5t ^fci^tcw, -^iti^ira '51151^1 ^mc9 Tif^, C71 

^b- ^JiTqlBl^-aot?!^ fff^ I ^tfl Blf??1 C^R. C?F5t 
Slit; ^5lC5f^ ICSJJ St^lttft^l vfll^l C^3? JItl C^, 

^» '"tfC^ I C5t*I, ^51^1 T^Csl, ^?tC?^ "^^ 5i^el 


^r<l; f«R ^tlt^ 1f.^H^^. 'Stilts «11 

^tfics ^-^ ; ^tfi ^i^t^ ^^tt? ^cr^i ^i^tc^ 

8 C^^ I T%lR tRC^Sf ^fC^si 1^1^ f^^<^Jni5 ^tC<l5l 

'» ^H^ ; ^R 'Sl^fff^tC^ ^"^^ W^, ^R ^l"5l^n 

«^ ^tR'n'tc^ ^tf?{| ^f^lll ^lRt^ I 'SitR 7iTft2t;g, 
^^tt ^tlt^ ^11 ; ^If^l 'Slt^R C^n^^ 'SI^C^. 

f^^ '^l^R -2t*i'x;^1 c^lftf^ ■sirsiNt':^ f«f^ 
^R ^^^ ^?5f ^"e^ll i^ta "^f?, «1^R^ ^t^t^ 

i^ ^M^l If !'2f|<l C^l^^ "ll^til ^^^, 

®*if 5! J^^c^"^ m^ ^i^t^ "Sf-n'^Jii «£(5t^ ^^^ I 

f^R W1I5<^R ^f?!:^, tl. f 5RtW ^ni!:';^ ; 
fsfR »i:^cw^ f^^iftra ^[fit^i w«r[|w^ i 
i8 ^tR ^rR^ f?^ ^^ ^RiTil ^tfl, ^^^ 'Silff, 

1^1 ^H^ ; ^R ^"^^-R^J R^17I =gifsi?l1 ^"^^t^ 
i«"?Fmi 'Sitfsj vi^vS « ^n'l<^N59fnc^ 5j^fR^ 

1^51 Tt^ 'St^t^l ^ti:J» 511, C^it T^^ 1t^ fff5l 

Jil^ ^1R ^ft^. ^t?tfw^ic^ nf^«iln ^f^^ sfl I 

CWT«1, ^l^tffl^!.^ r^^lt^l tW-STt! ^tC^, ^t^t^t 
C'Sjf^^ fC^^ ?It!I ^I'V'^ C^ ? [«)Rt^] fifmH 

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^t5l?1 ^«5(5i ^t5;tCf, ^^t^^^l c^? 5?T| : 

^^115? ■SFf^Ul ^In^lCfi^ fs^fsiC^ «t?t '®R5l 
^8 ?1p»tc^ ? C?r ^IC^RC^ 5jt5^ 5lC^ ff5t^5. 


SK ; 5« — 88 ; ^ I] 



•a^ f^ 5r9. %?t^ f^m ^t^i^l *tt'f ^f^^tfw, 
^« ^?t^ ^<i^ 5rt''sr5 ^ ? *^^ ftf^i -^ff t^ ©'ic^ 

^*15T C?V.«f^ !«t*( « ^'."qi<l <2f5'^s1 Ut'^l^l fffW^J ; 
Q^ f^^ 'i'H, C? ^R^t?, C^tft? ^jl^^1, 

C5TTI^ Sj^f^^ ^rij ^fil^l f51?i?, C^|5l|^ '•tT%ct 
8 ^ vS 5(^1 ffrilir% I ^f^I 'SllSit?) IjltCs ^S^Sil nS 

c lf^^(.# Silf'S^l'K^ IW^ I ^?J ^•fil'« 511, C^5RI 
'SItf'J C«,1i^ Jits? JiL^ 'snff ; ^ifs; 9^ f^^ 

^c^ c«(5ii5 ^;^!:?5 «itR^, «'tr*B5ifff^ ffc^ 

I' ^f^^ "^^ (715 ^^ Silf^sc^, ^\^\1\ 6"^ «ItCW ; 

i£i"^3i ^^^, c5ii^^ ^Jic^'® ^^^ ; ^t5[f.ff^ mm 

C^ ^^\H W'^[^ NC^ nK^, <Q <J^^1^ R^? 

^flt fs[5{ ; «ll5lt^ 91'.-^ C"^R Sr'q^ fi^[^« 

ii ^ Tit, -^^^ ^111^ *l-^<3 ^tt^ 511 I ^irX^if'sit 

i^ Jl?{-«^ ; ^(,'1 f»W 'Slt^ ^in'^^l 5fl| I ^[f5|9 

Ji?mtf f«t5ife. nfii3in ^f^rif^, c^i^'ii ^ramf^ 

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f«fiT. ^^; ^tlf^ ?^ ?tc^ ^'f l<i^(ft c^^ 5Ti| . 

:i8 5Hft«if, CSRKVf^ ^%irt^1, tZTlCTILci^ »tf^. 

C5it^ ^t^llTitfw, N8i5(w? ^'^^u^ ^i^ii^i:^?! 

J2m5r^ C5it^t?j ^r%l 'sitfsi^i «itr5it ifta^. 
csRtc?^ 'iA^«i, tgt^iiL^r^ '?ll^€l, c«l5iiw<i 

i* ^I5f1 I f^R ri^^L;^ *i«f -Q SIS'® Si^l^ir'IC^S TI'T 

l"! ^j%ir| Ctf5l^ n 51 :g?f^ ^'^^ l7\^ ,3 ^^?t1!.-^ 

^tr?C? ^15{TJ^ ^c^;i^ — ^151^1 ^-^^tCcJ f5i;5(^I^ 

f'ltR'S ^f<ic« ^f^c^ f5?nnii ^(?,— c^it Jitfi'Sf 

iV ^t ^?(1 ^C^5r^ CSI'f^l *1^^^(^ TRI 51^51 5fC5f 
^ra^ 5{1^ <3;ti^ f^Tll TI^cJ ^|C5ilB5{l ■^^^^8 ^ I 

iS> CW«r, ^ifsi vflT ^v55l ^1^ ^r^<I^ ^5(^ v£)«l^|- 
^f f^a ^fC^ ; C015R1 f^ ^t51 SJtR!:^ 5(1 7 ^^ 

fV, «llf5l Sl^^sir.JfJ *l«|, « 5l3^^ir.v5 5(ti^ff 
^tll^ C^)J^ ^r^C^ ; C^5<5C| ^tR <S\^H IW 

Sf5| « T^^fsif,^ ^^^^^ C^t'llt, '^tillsl >I^^t- 
^i HR15- C^rl^rtt ; CJjt C^ >2(5i||55fC^ ^R Sft^f- 

itji fjirsic^ fsi^ii "^r^^itf^, ^\m\ ^iit^ '211;^ 

l^ f^^ C^ ^t^W ^iTtC^ ^fsi V51^ 5ft|; 

^vs ^R ^Rl^ -^tCl CnSRI^ Cf WN^ C5<^lf> ^5{ 
5J(5, Cat5J[^ ^f^WtJl ^(^1 ^Rf?l ?i1-fif^ ^^ 5rtt I 

^8 5n?, ^^^ f^c?i c^Rtc^j w\^ ^f^ 5rtt . ^R 

^ra^ C5IC5f ^RtC^ ^g ^^ 5l|f . f^^ C^Rt^ 

Tin ^^1 ^iit;:^ trra^^ ^^i^tii^, c^ri^ 

^c ^'t^IM Ji^^J ^t^l ^RR^ ^1^ "^fs^l5 I 'SflR. 
^tf^t 'SlRt^ f*iC5f^ '^^^Ksf c^Rt^ ^51^ Jl^^i 

11^5(1 ^j%^ c^mn *iti 'i^si 5i(.5i ?(m 5(1 1 
^* «iiitc^ "si^i ^^tt^ c?e ; ^tt^T, ^15151 ^in'^ii 

^•i ^('15)1^ ^5(1 ^ci I c\slil? ^ir>n si nn ^ii^r, 

CvsRT^ 'JS^n^l ^R1^ mfiCs ^5(1r ^R5R5 1 
^.b- <S\9 5fg ^ifR *ff^;g ^RR^ ^'fl'^'t'R'^ ^*(ftJ5 

"** i!:5n^'l« tg'R??f. ^fsf ^^ «t^«i ^sii 
^ (-^f^ c^iiU^ li^i ^ni^R%5(, ^^t<iT'V c^rtR^ 

o. T. 38 ] 





3prl«f^ .ill 'P'iri ^t^, C? ^tltiJ f tl ^tC^t^, C^ 

^f^ ^r^« ^fsra ^*tc^ 5i5j, ^ii^'v ^^ %\i^i( 

^'fig 'sifi^ ^tm, c^it^ i^t^rtf^ ^ic^ ^w^ 

8 ^t%^t^, ^f^^ I ^^'IJTtC^^ «ftC^ C^^R Ttl^ 

a d)^ ^^ ^51C^, ^tf^ ^f ffil^^ ; 'sit^ ^fl"^ ^ 
jftii^l!:'^^ Tfc^ ^f%f^ ^Ic^ ; ^^? ^t^ 4T 

^f^t '81^, 'Sllfsj T%^ ^t^ C^t=T ^"9^ 5rtt I 

•«n^ TT^ ^fjic^cf, v£i^», irt^i titfi ^p.^, 

t ^^tal ^15^1 '^f® '^i?'^ I CvotTal ^'Mlf^S 5t« 
'(S^tf lilt « ^t^tt ^1 ? ^"^ C^t^t ^111^ 

5> 1*1^ ^\^, m^ wt^lr.-^^ m\f^ ^ I c^tftT® 
Tf^t;^ 4^^:g ?^^, ^I3?I1 tt>5l^^ ; «t^t^1 "fltr- 

^1 ^1^1 ^v5, f^TSf ^?t^^ ^t^ Ti^l «(^ 'Sl^^ 

■^•^t^ fff^i ^t^t^ ^rW? fii^^ft ^?i, ^^t *np- 
c^ '«itff« ^ i^c^? c^r}^ 'si^jjtra ^?1 

'SlCSlt^ 5^ 51^1 ^C<I, ^Jl^sf 5tC«t^ ICfl C^H 5? 

^t^i i^c<j?i ^^5tc5j «it|w ; m ^\m f^I 




*rt^ -^i^. 'ssrt^t^ >s^ cffiol f^^tt ^ffiRft 
^ftirl vst^t^ "^t!:? tfNQ^'^ ^ I cJi ^ftij ^■^ 

^•n^ 'Slt^??! C*rf5t?l. 'St?? ^i;"! ft^l 5lfJT {*ft^ 

■^f^ijil c^m^ TFin, '^517 it'N^i sr^^raTii ^<9 

^% ^Nt^ <5rl^^ C^l?tl?Il ^C^J. 'Slt^, 'BltPf 

^^^ cnt^tt^iTi, ^t^:^^ ^m 5if fill I "sita c^ 
«t?t^ ^^f^l «i;»t ^t?i vs^ cTf^^i, «im^rg «??r 
•ii'^ <£ri%'ii, Fi^ti ^c?. c^ ^i?!'^ ^nw w&^% 

^ >8 -Sffn^ll^ ^^^ -il^* ^t^T^ "^t^-? fift^STl 

^f^^n ^^. ^mtc^ ^^^ ^^. c^5Ri f f^ 'srw^ 

^t^t^l CVffVrS -m^ Tl ; v5fft!:tf^ f^ ^^ ^r^- 
511, ^?t^« vil'R ®R f% 'i^f% ^tt C^ ^rac^, ^tf^ 

<£t^« ^rliTil c^fsf^ ^ramff , <aR t?t^ ^^tl 

Iff^l ^^ f^ f'l'itll ^9(1 5ftt » 

C5 ^c^t?. c? fgtc^^i, ^f^ 'fit T^^J "si^i 
^rat^ "si^i ?t!:^ ^1 ftc^ sn I '511151 c^t'it^ 

C? ^f^^-ni, ^552"^^^ ^t^TW^t^I ■^^. 
^C^ I 

m^ ^■^i't'> '5)i^i»ii«5i R^^ ■^rs5if^. ^itfH 







3 8 ; ^^—8^ ; ^^\] 

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fw:^ "SFc^^, cJT^m *!;5Fff^ ^^, '^H ^R 
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c^, ^t?1 ^t^i^ ?5fiTjt?:^;t^ ,Q ^■^i^ ^^ sfl 
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is ^sifl -^c^Tj^ ^Ifvjt TiWt'Sl^, ^1? c^^ in? I 'sltR 
C9!f*it^ «i^^1?i!i aryn c^m ■^tc^ -^^ -^f^ 

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f^ll ^TR 5l1, ^^rm^l ^*RtcW^ <2iT%irtl ^t^ 

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^tc« R^l? "^FfilC^ lit? ^1 I 

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c^5 ^^ ; 's^\f^ f-^^, ^iqi? ^^j c^5 Tit i 

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Jllf«(^ ?5 Tit, ^151 If.^ SflTl?, Wt^ ^f^, 

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sn.^^tT-r^?f ^t^ ?t^ ^1 I f^^ Jl^R-:Taf « 
t^«<^T, lilt ®^5t ^^"JIK v£|^ fffCT C511tff 

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f^*t«ttlf51T> ^f^?ltCI ; ^51 sicsf Sfc^l ?r515tf, 
'Sjlf'tt ^tff, ^111 f«a ^T^ C^5 Ttt I *9t^5/ 
^^*t1 C^tll^ S^'tC^ ^RC?, ^R vSt^l fS^C^I 


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c^W^ ^na ^t"^ f^5[h ^'t'?^ fs^c-^, ;j'~?i 

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c^lll? SiV^ ■^tl?! ^t^l ^i5c^, «l?1 ^fCs C^ IIC^ 
:8 f^^t? '^^^ I din, ^lft?l «IC^? 9)t5 ^f^ ; 

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fl°.'?« . C^tl^l 71^t?l^? Ill ^?^1 »i^i«f ^fs^i 

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'tf<i^ i-nc^? c^ri^ ^r^iii ^m"^ cwii, vS"^; tgi- 

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©*i'l« 5|^t? ^C5f vst^l C^RIC^ <S1i|Hfrf ; 
^itCf ^iW ^, ^tlt^ "^^ 1^1 ^fS^tCf, ^I5il^ 

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®i4« 5« It?, 'S^'s *I,^ ??i^^ C^tll? ^< 
C«|[5it« 55 Itl ; C^lll '^(fsi SitR?ir55lt5r, ^fsj 
fl«l« Rlfl^i^t®^ ^3 '1^ 5tC« «l<i^t6t^'l "^[m] 

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c^Rtc^ ^rlt-® ^itr ^nintr^, f-^^ c?Vii ^ranl 
15 ; 5.°o«i^'f ?t¥c?? ic«g c^Ric^ *(f^ri^ 

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C^l ^^IH^lfvs 5tt^ ? ®llf5l v5 «1|9R C?tt^^ 

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7mm ^i?t? ici(^?i fjii ^f^c?, ^I5t? ^11 

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^11 ^Rfitl, tt, 'snR ^t5U?F 'Sjt^tl ^f?Illf^. 
^It'l ^I^tC^ ^Sltfl^iR. ^1^ CI ^I'^ll •s'CT 

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<F?fl «^, «11R ^tfff ^^ff C^t^'ICl ^r^ 1lt ; C^ 

«I^Pf C^lf ^§11 \^Utl^, C^t ^^fsf ^tR ^?ft?l 
^f 5II1 I ^1^ ^?t1 Si^ 5Itft«(^ 'SIRICA ^S ^l^t^ 

^mic^ C'21^1 ^r^utcii I 

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cm^\<[ ^''i^i^sii^ f't^l (ill ^fn, >e c^tsim 

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C^5f ^i5jt^ ^t^lla ^^«lt1 ^5 Itt ? ^f^Cff 
cvstit^ "HI'S itft^ ?Jt5, ciU\<\ «}tPs^^ 51^:5- 

\S^CW? ^15 ^t^; ^t? C^tll? ^°x»f ^ig^^t? 
U15 ?t^, C^RtJt Ji^ll ^llt^ ^nt^^C?^ ^15 

c^« 11 1 

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2Idi? ^?, -st Jit^t? ctf«, ^r«iift^ ^5n nm 

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f^fl ^t^lW? ^?J t*|5! \%(.^ CgtS ^5t|- 


fsfl t'l^l C«ff ^r^C^ll, Sfct «t^tf^^ ^^5! I 

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rj«,^ C? ^«t^ Jl^ST, ^1lt^ '^t^J '«S^; C^ 

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"^^U « ^J^t^^t^ Si?) ^ft^ *!% ^15 ^f^? iff ; 

fw^!:'^ *i5^t^ 'sitf^^t^ ^3 ^11 1? w\^ ?«, 
=^^'1 ^11^, c^^ ^Tm ^['<^h ^11 *t^j^ ^sit^t^ 

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"^fm, 1%R ^ c^slitc'^ 5fwt^^5 "^rantc^ I 

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-£(t6^^ ^m\ ^111^ ^^c«f «rt!:5 1 os\^U 'jcqfii 

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^"^ci 'gfsi fsi^t^ctf^ *rc^ Ti^K 5tc^, >fl^'. 

^rtf^C^I CSISft^ n^C^^ ^^R^l t?[^ *1C<I 
v5<R ^fs? 1C^ 1C^ ^C^, ^srt^ 'iJt ST^^C^ 

f»tli fetsf. t^r^i c^w^ %i ? 

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^iJ5l ^n1^5l 1%^ I ^5ft^ ^t^tl C^I'llil ^-SFtl- 
^^; ^t^^t^l ^f^co ^«r f^^l C^Sft^ ^g 

■^it^ ^ ^tf^ic^ *rti%?, ^tf^t Jitft-^f : ^5t^i 
^^ ^|c^ f^ ^:^ 'i^ siiH ^1 ^jii ^15 ? 






8^ ; ^« — e^ 




'Srtf^^ ^^tf ^Sl^, 'Sjtsj C^stt^ JJ^t^ftf^C^ 

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^f^t 1?t'2l^ CvslJlt^ i3ftn^'tl, CStlt^ 'jf^- 

csWc?^ ^*mt«( m^ cs\m[\ n^t^ ?t^, 
c^^ r ^ilR isir^^ c^? ^^^ fffsi sd C¥^ ? 
^rt ? cff«r, ^tf'i «(ic'^ 'i'l,^ ^^ ^^. sitf^ff 

'^ItgC^ *ff^t^ ^R, ^«tt^t^ 1^=3^1 ^cit^tc^ 

■^t^ ^^1 =?f?^ ^fm^ ^ ; f^f^ <£l!5tC^ «i^tC^ 

•stf^ ^1*1^1 ^^, ^t^i fife ^^-nBitT^ttf ,^tc?^ 

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t^f^l t^Ve^'e^ ; c"^ '^\^{]^ 5ift^ f^^tw -^t^ ? 

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> CT «lW3 fspRS "^Itt^ I Cf^, ^f 3TTt2|§ 

'^%^:n 5^, ^^ ftfg Htt, C5I Jiwtfit^^ 5iic?i 

^T%^5 C^ C^l^l, CS'R^I T^CSI "Slt^^to^ 
11^1 ^fliit^W^, 'S^t ^tft? ai^^c^ 'Si^m'^ 

8 Cf ^W^ '2tSi1St1, ^tTt^ ^tC^ 'SI^srtJT ^^ ; 

Cf 'Slllt^ ^^''f, ^Wl ^5R ^f nt^ ^^ : 

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a^'W^ «(^^51^1 f^T&^ll, ^llt^ ^\f^^'\ fk^ 

^f^c^ ; ^'t^ H^^si «ltlt^ ^cn-^t^ «Jtf^!:?, 
* >« ^W^ ^t^ '2t^»n ^tf«R:^ I cs\mi] ^t^H- 

^^c? ^Tt? ^^^1 "5itt5, c^m^i 'SiW^ ^C^J 
^l^tfw^t^ ^C3^ ®1^ '^twl csffii!:?. 'Q f r^l 

» ^11. Sft't. ^^l *lf^«(t5l ^H, Cf Jpfl'Si'^? ^15 : 
^^, CT15? «I5^^1C5T, (31^tC5l^ ^l^^c^ 'isp!:^ 



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ji^Il;?^ ^^ '?Hi:^ f^ ''I'T ^^ Itl, C^ 

5i 5l5ft^^^ R^lffl® C^ItC^^l fjfffl^l 'SitFIC^, 

'si-R^tf^i^i ^<imn P\mui{ ^fpic?. 
j-i 5|ti1 ''free? ; ^ii c^mu fii^t^i ^itrt-^ci!;^ 

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i s cwmv ? ^iw ^1% ^it TJ^y ^|c? ; CJl ifa?i 

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^ifst ^(^^ ?|-^ c^tii^ T3j^ <itr^5!ti, ^*i^ 
^rai ft^H c^iiic^ ^I65lff^ ^fflfii'f I 'sim^ 

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^1C5 ; ^f^t^t Ji'tt^^^ c;g:ic«(, CS151I?? t-^c^^ 

^'^^, ftA ^l^l^t '2(5itCif ^ 'I'S^^ltfl, i%R ■^t ^'^l 
5. s '■-It ^IR'IK;? ^fsj ^1^ *ft^ ^r^i.? ^1 I ^1^ «JTf5i 


^151^1 c^iit^ «iit(.^ ?f^?ic5, 'cte ?«, ^ii^i 

C^Rt^ ^"1^ ftfTII 115» ^1^,' ^^ ^fl ^1? 
IRS 5I^h f^^«lt;.«i1, C^RI^ Sill ^ 1^51 

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8 c^^^i -21^ Jititfif^ -iit "^11 ^i^"^. «;ri? 2i^^t 

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T> 'SItCW ? C"^^1 "SlRtl aSif^n ftJIl^C^iJ 5ft« 
5l<ItCl I 5i^l«^ ^C^il, ^ntW^ "^^t^l fl<s^t? 
■^r?c\s:^, «£l?^ 'S[\^\H 5111 511? ffr^l 'SIR^^ 

C?, ^(R5 ^«tl "^r^Cvsri ; 01% -^t ^(R I 

c? ??7Rt5T^ >2i^(^ ^c?, »!tr^ ctri^tl ^c?, 
sl^Ccl^ ^JRI5R £i5R "^C^, «irli^[i c^i^«tl ^c?. 
fj1«1s(C^ ■^'.^, C^RIU ^"^^ ?l5r^ ^l■^^ I 
b" C^RR '2i5R^C«t55'^^ ! ^l^f<li^565|^R^f^C«C^, 
vsRI^I 'il'^JlCSf ^t^^^R ^niC^.5, 
C^^^l JlTf(2)« ^?Iil PICTIICSI rffm ^t|CJi5T, 

^«i5i ^i^t^i •2(^1^ mm^ I 

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^kU 1«<J ^tC^ ^if^^ ?« ; 

C.5 Jitti«)^3 «ii;5?i?^'ii, c^i?j n«^ I'S I 

it C^JRl C^tl"^! ^^!R^ ^t^l ^tR« ^Itt^ 'it. 


«<; :»o— C8 ;« 1] f^»tt^?fi 

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•Sftg 'IR?! C5I51JI ^CSf.^ §t51^ f^^ra ^s^'^ 
54 ^t^, Cv551R fl)fi{ 'SI^^^ SrifsC^ Bf?^ ^ff^C^JI, 

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^t5C^; ^l^Rl ^51 ^CSi 5ilt, vsltl %f%C^ 

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^tTtt?^ ^r?|l 71^51 f^fvi ^^ "^r^TltClJ? ; 

^l^tl.W^ "flf^SfW *I|f3 ^!5tS ®m?| ^^51, 
>2fC^]C^ 'SirnsT 'Sll^iiT n.«ir3 f?C?F nFfs)5tf% ; 

^t^ i«ftst§ «ii5irw5 li^q^t^ ^n^tM ^Iftil 

c^f'fc^ ^t^^i CT ^^ «t?l Tti'T, >a!iil ^$fi5 

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'siisir^srtrs^ ^^^ q^^^ eii^t^ ®nc?i eit^t^ 

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i> f^^ ^^R •atc'i^ 2i';5f5t c^ff'icTJT, ^g t^i^^ -, 

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^1^1 fsfil ^'^^ ^^ ^\'^^ 31«1 l)lf^5l fffCci;{, 

^1^ f«A? ^R(.^^ 'it*i«[5 ^fcisi cit?rlciJf, 

^H, ^ ^t^l'tf ^^ ; C-^Jt*f1 5I«{^|^ Ti^R SlC^C^i 

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c c^i^ cst^t^ fsi'tt^i c^frt? *tf«, 

* Tt^i 'iTt*^ c^iTR^ *tf?^5j«n « ^r^rtTi 

a ^f^tft'51 IWt'S^ ^c^ I ^«: '5It1(^ f^i^c^ 

t^l C'ltC^ ®i^>i^C5^ 31^»t ; ^?1 ^ifsf C^5l^ 
CT, C5-R1? -£lf% ^1^ 1^ ^1^ It, C^lltc^ 'Sltil 

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•^C? ff^l *tttC^, "511? C^tlt^ 51^t1C?? *1?1 

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^cl ^tC«J. ^1^ ^W ^|C^ ^?I 11; C^ C^^ 
CStH^ f^'IC'^ W51 %.^, CI C^t^rt c^ *(1%5 

'5ft? ^'R ^WT? Si?; ^3 ^1 ^?, <5i1f5t| 

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ii ^^^ isiiftf ^fsulj^ I c^ cTtI "513 c^tH? 

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«l^C^ ^fl Ofl^ ^f^l^l 5J?l4i^^ ?t1Ctf? 

*st <5lf«f^t?, <a^? 'St til ^^C>5 ^I^Uti"^ «fi^ 

<(tf^^«1 fit's ^9, t^ Tiffl'St^ ^^ I 

/f /y ^i^, ^f^^ c^^ 1T5I, c^fral wc^i? ^? 

^?t^ Qt*fl lit. "STtt^?^ ; CSpm "SH^T, ««W 

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^1?1c^ ^r9 lit, ^t^t? ^§j "? 'f 2fi^5i fffi^ ? 

'SI, 'SJlTtiJ T<in ^1, ^^1 55^ c^5^^ ^^^ 

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8 cw«r, ^pi ^1^^ ^1f%^i:«t5i i1#^^*^, ^t^ 

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^1 C^ Wtf^l-^ W11 H, 'Sl^l^ ^t^tl ^j%^ ; 
C^ i^fS C«lTtCf Wlfl^ H, CI CvstTf? ^15 
d)]^^ ^PiC^'; t?1 Cairn? §■!(? Wt^f^ 

fi fit's, ^slc^tct? n1%;5^5C5i? cf^ ti|5c^^ c^Tj^'i 

t^fl C^R1C^ C^'l^^lf^ ^f^UtC^I I 

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C;& ; 8 — NSO ; "^ I ] 


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7it5 ^{ci ?[(.Ji ; c^ ^{^v.mi re^j sffg, CJT 3n^i 

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f^tC^?! ^C*nT-l -^{H, f^^ ^l?1 ^1? ; JSt'.n? 
^C''!^! ^f^, f^"? ^(^1 ^lltCtT^ ^tCS f;^^^"^ I 

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^t?IlCW. 'Sll^IiCtf-a '(1151^5 ^RRff? Hf f.^ liW) 

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'St^l? ^S ''IR^tl ^\'<^ "^f^ci. val^t^t sC^^^lsl 

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Sl^tC^tC^il (.1'^tl C^tTt^ *lf^5%1 'FfliT ; 



{i»0 ; b' *^; <\ I 


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C^t^ t^^f C^5t^ ^1 ^tC^ I 
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c$t ?t^ c^W^ R^c^ ^srfpic^ ; 

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C^tlt^ 1«(J fff5l CT? ?rt^st5t\5 ^f^ Tl, 

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"^it? 'sitR "tinges cvstit^ ^'H'^ ^ni?, 


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^1^1 "arm^ c^tf^ ^^^ «it^i, ^\^^in ^c^^ 

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«2ft1 'SIRI^ ^'^ ^atJT ^f^C^ ; C^SRl ^ C^f ^l 
^tW^ «1^t^ ^tri PlC^lf^l <1C?, ^?n C^I?R 

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^tt^tc^ ^^ ftw «if ii^ ■^t'^, c^ij% «5g 

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3ift>a^c^ "a?*! ^^(tai 'n?r, c^fi^i -sf t« ?itf^« 

n, <«?- ^tc^« ^i« «{if^c« r?-« ii, c? n?j^ 

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CSt^l? C^f 'ait? f?? 11, *9?? f?5ftf^-1^tC1?1 

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^t^t?tt t^'^1 ^f?c?. "Sit? ift'Si^? '£f»t?'rl 

^f?l?; 4?-x ^t?1 t5l 1*51^ ^f?^?. ^t^t?tt 

^sitsit? ^r?3r aft^rci ^ti '^f?^? I 

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\Q ^tlt? ^^ C^II^W? ?<^^? «ltr>151 I 

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^1f '51111?= ?1? 'Slt'll? ^9r *tr?5l1 Itll <Ff?«T, 
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[*0 } 1 — hd ; ^ I 

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^r^C^l^r, ^51^1 «I^«J ^Rl^ >2|Sfl, ^^|?1 S[^^ 
mP{, '^\^U\ f^lll ^t5?1 ^f^C^ ^n ; vil5^C*( 

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^t^tw^ ^3c^ ^i'^^ 'trl^ ^t^l ^Ipt5ir1c?i^, 

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i'9f^R ^(^trtf^li:^ -2ft^C?I [sfl^Tt^] W.'^H Si^ 

fe?i5f ; ^I'Rt^ Sf^ >2.^l''lt;^9 111 itn'itc'it 
prat ; ^fflf't ^3(511 ^Illfff^C^ SitR^ 5(1, ^8 

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^if, ^«i^ ^f5i vi-ffsi?!! 'snfJinficci, c^5it<j 

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51 it. 5^C^ C5fC«f 5i|| c^^ CsRl f»^ ^I"^ C^1R 

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^^ ^"^ ?t?ii5, «1R ^t5i?i ^\''\ ^fsi?iif?, ^^ 

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■?C3^ ^RR ; ^T^ ^151^1 ^^m ^U^<\ ?Jt^ i^«f 
ft. ^t5ltW? ^'t?t«f l"^^! ^1^^ giTl ^R|f^5fC^ 

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ft'S 5n, fo^-^tfi 'Si^'l^R 3ICII <ttf?I^8 ill 1 fA^f5 

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^lUc^ ffrgif^ ; c-q ^f^ ^R1^ 5iic5i ^r-ijis ? ^ 



'ae ; ^— ^^i «i ] 



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^st^n\ ^ii5f ^tn^ ^w^t^ '='t»5t'^ *f*6T<^ f tt«f 

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co\7(\ m^'^\ 'sitfsi ^f^tg I t^t^i «tt5ft^ 5it1?i. 

* ^t^ ^, ^^^ fw^ <2|^1ii^ ^Hr I OT^, 'SI tit? 

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^tf? fff^, ^^^ ^if^i "^^^ ^t^tcff? f^^t? 

C^^^ll ^^K^ ^t^^ttf 'SitCl ; ^gn 'Sltfl ^tl^ 

?t^W? f'^fstc^ ^f?^, Ji'^WC^? f^5it»t ^f^^ JTl I 

^f^c^, « '©iisii^ ^\i7[7^\ cJi^itcs? ^Jif« ^f?;:^ I 

i. 'Sit? ^5(1? c"5j fitsit^^ ^\mn «iC^^1 ^f?^1cf, 

^t^lOT? f^r'J'Q »t1c?ii c^R^tii:?!? c^t?l? ^tc?, 

^I'lt? *if^i5 n^^s ^f^i^i "^riti:^^, sttr [cw^:??] 
j^ ^Wii^f fi«f ^?i t*^ ^f?^i «fr^, cstitf^'tt^ 

^R ''tC^n? WW m'TI ^f?5]R, ^t? C^clJRl 
ST^CcJ -^ISd-^tCS? ^?5l^ ?tC? ; "^m «lt[5l 

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'sit^t? wt^Ji^t c^i5i5? -^r?;:?, f^ C5ti?l ^5(1^ 

vrtf^C? ; CVf«t, ^flt? ftW?1 *lt^ ^f?C?, T>^ 

cst^l ^^t# 'Ttr'Vc? ; cw«^, «rt^f? ^■\im\ 
'^im wit'i^i fee?? ^^ «rt^i^ ^m, T>^ 

c^ti?l fk'5? 5?^^ sF'if^ ■^nc?, <ii?? ^f^rlii 
>e c^tc^ ^t^t? ^f^c? I ^? c^|5Rt ^it? sjc^it- 

?tRfl ^t|t?, .ii^'s -sf^ 5i«rt'£ff c^tftcT ^«( 
^i?c?^, 'Sit? f^f^ 'sii^pt vfwctf? ^w ^rfsf 

>* ?tf«lC?^ I C^ ^]W 'Jflftc^ ^Ifl^tC^ ^t^^t? 

^f^c?, cjj Jjcvsj? ^^c?? 5)ttf ^t^Ri;;^ ^1^^ 

^f?C? ; 'Sim (Jf ^fW ^fil^lt^ »tn«f ^f?C?, (3! 
51^^? t"?C?? 5?tCt »t't«r ^r?l? ; C^^SJt *t^^ 

^1^^ ^^^^ m"^ c^itc^ ^fei^! ^itc?, *s ^tit? 

«it^t*f5i^t5T? ^ ^ ^r«j?t? '?^ ^r? ; 4?; 

«3X<R ^^ ft^, 'St^t "51?!;^ ^ftf^C? 5^1, 'Sit? 1^ 
ib- nreC? ^ I f^^ 'SitiR Tlt^l '2il ?fl?, C^15I?1 

'St^tC^ f5?Tt5I 'Slt^ltf ^ ^Sl^ ■^? ; ?^t?«l 

Of^r, ^rtfsi n?i'*ltC?R(.?? ^at^-^T'si « ^t?t3 
is. efSilRIt^ ^R^-^f'I ^r??ll '?lt ^r? I 'sitfif 

Pi?i»iic5i!:5i feat^ ^n?, "^Wn -stsft^ti ^tRt? 

^f?? ; 'AVs. ^t^t? 1CS(J C?itfl^? '^^ f^ ^^l^H 

?.• •*m 'Sit? ^^1 IttC? 511 I CJT ^t^T ^tCs 'Sf^ 

fffl^j^ C^t^f f'[« f?J^ 'SlJI'^ft^ C?5-R ^^ 

[^tlC?] 5?1 ; ??; ?t5I?Jt 'il'^ "C* ?<!,^? ?!I°o^C1 

lf?i:? ; 'ii?°s ^t^ >^^ "t^ ?<^^? ?^'^ ^tc^ 
^i »It^t?^ ^t^ I 'Sit? C5ltC?J?1 ^ f^i^ti ?jf??j 

'St^t? ICSfJ ?Jir^ ?Ff?C?, irl'^IC^^g "St^a ^f??i1 
^^^1? W\ C«tt ^f^C?! ^t5t?1 ^5 Pl'itl 

^rlc^r '511^ ?tJi ^f?i:? ^\, ^t?t?l c?tnt ^f?c5j 
^ra c^tt '^f?;:? 5(1 . :^^° ^]m^ -sisjiw? ^1^ 
51^? ^ig? ^?ii ^c?, >ii?'x ^im? ic^it^^^i 
^^^]s\ ^tn^i 'sitn'i ^c^? «i5iiF^ c^ti ?^r?!:? » 
^« ^l^t?l 111 nr?aR ^f^c^ ^1, n^^^t? t^lRCl 
'i'^ic^i? w^ fffc? 511, ^1?*i ^\m\ Jiwt^l? 
<5n^^t?>2tt^ ?°s*r. « '®i^tw? ^^R9it ^^ttPf? 

^8 ^■^■^'qI 5|C? I 'Slt^ vSt^tCff? ^tr>?i? *ic^ ^tR 

^1? fii?, ^l?t?1 ^«!n ?f5i!:^ 5ji ^f%c^ «itfii 

^4 <Sf5T? I C-^5(^Jfl « C5I^*tt?T ^"^lii 5f?C?, 
fjltf ??iCW? git? f^BtR «IltC? ; ^t? ^fclt JIC»f5 

^5tJ ^tc? I ^t^t?l 's;tsit? *|f^ *t^cvs? c■^\^ 

^\o{ f^Kf\\ f^t f^5n»t ?ff?c? 511, t?i ^wtsf^ 
Ji^ftfif^ >«i^ ^«ri Tc^, '^^ ^tit? fi's^- 

Ji5T, ^r«lfr ^511? m^^^ ; t^11?1 'SJllt? 
WS f^f?!"! ^^ t^^ti ^f?c? 1 'sit^n^ f?af15l^t5T 

^ c^\^^ ^R ? ^ Ji?ffi? « ^Rt? ^^ ^(?i f5ir^^, 

^tt >^t JiT^l ^"^^t^ ^t^J, 1*^1 ^fft'2(^ "^iVi I 

'siiit? ^tw ^•^115?. 'st^t? >2(f5 'sitfjf ^^nt« 


O. T. 





[ 'b* ; 8-^8 I 

8 ^fW ^t^ ^*ti? ^^C* -2fr^ 5^ i ^Ifsf^ ^t^- 
C?^ ^rt^ It?l1 •siC^I^'t^ "^f^^, ^Ts vst^tW^ filSf 

ig-tf^c^ c^ ^^ fff^S ^, ^tf^ ^'!(1 "^ffca 

5«tftf ^t«f^ ^r^^, <ii?°v ^t^tc^ ^tit^ <^r^ 

^tC?t ff51^ ^IC'I ? '!PC5! ^t^^tl 5t^t51t^ 

3i^c5i ^t5l^ Jif?^ 'siRstf ^^, \st?t^ f^^c^r 

^m^T ^^ ; C^t'I^I ^t?t^1 ^t?t^ ^S C'lt^tR^, 
C^fl^t ^^C5T ^t?1^ ^R^ ^f«»t!I '2ff W ?^ ; 

C-5R ^I^tC^ C5ft5^ ^I^TII ^t^t^ -Sl^fl-^t^CcJJ 
^3)t^ 'a't?! 5Silf^9tC«t5 '2f^tn ^5lt?, ^t5tC^ 

C^1^^1 ^^ ^R ^f^c^, ^mvfc»f -^r^^ii c^tit- 
wc^ ^^ii -^^1 mtt?, tt^^ ®nc^ ^t5t^ ^ttc? I 

54 Srt^l C"5I5I^ ^11^ *i55C^ 511^1 ^C^, CvS^IR 

C^? ^?^ ^^ ^tc^, CSRtCW^ ^fl 51^51 ^ifl'I 

Tivffsri ^nr^? ^i-n^iJ? ?jf?c^JT, ^t?ta ^i i^^^r 

<£i^r^^ ^ftr ^1^1 ^t^^ ^<^^ ?fR^r nf^t^ 

^t^l if^ i!:^j^ 31RS 'siti^t^ f^^tf f^i^^ 
^f^c^ ; '®iR Jifft-s^i ?Jvp? '^m-^ c^-f^ fj?^s 

5IW ^-^ ft? ^t^si ^ll^ : ^^'v ^l^tCff^ I'd 

^^1 ^'"l^cT ^^ ^«t^« ^I51t^ «ntf^ «!R itt 

^. ;^t« '^m'^ I ^t^ JlWt'Sf^ ^C^i?, vslft^l Ji^- 

v55 "Q ^C| '^fM\ ^tTt^ 'IR^ ^^« R^tC?it1 


%f^ ^»t^ft^ <t^ 1 




^?1^ ^t^C^? t5Cnttf*f ^^^C^, 'i?t«f ^ ^"^J 

*IJq PTp1-ltSf r^C^t^tTlCI^ lit?, C^lfira^ «3^ 
f^g?l-^lS? f7]RI>C5^ *S^1ff»t ^W^? Ittf^ 

^^ 5!|^ '^\m\ ^^]^ [^t^] ^nf^s ft^ I 

I 7[^\s^i[ ^t ^t^ "s^tnin f^■^ ^nf^^ 
' ^f^^l f^^i= "^f^^lf^ I ^«t^ ^tf^ "^ff ^fr, 

' '^\m\ -^n^, ^t^t^ ^fsic^ 1 ^^%^n 5i'gi:«r #ivs 
^tl^ ^^ f^^i^ ^R?1 ^tit^ ^^ "n^f ^r^cci^f. 

■s^t 5=i5ft>2f^ ^tTtt^ ^r^c^iST, cvf^r, ^rfsj mmii 
mM « f^*ti^ ^f^^t? -Rfiss. ■^i^ « c^M^ 

^\H m\^f^ 'ill ^^ ^tit^ f^^cl: ^^ff^^ 

ss^H TlWi^^ '^]mi'^ "^f^i^Ji, <5t^ CVff«l?ltW, 
^tfl I til? f^^^? -^n 'IWt^^ ^^I ^t'lt? 

S8 ^tc5 1 ] ^?i;{ Jiwi^f '5i(5rtc^ ^fe^^, ^^^ r«f¥ 

>e Wt <2fTtf^^ ^tc^ I Tt^l, CTf«r, ^tf5{ ^1^ R^^ 
^C^; ^t^t^l ^fJI^I fsi^tlCclCSl^ <j[^-^!r^^ 

Ji^i:<i, ^ii^'v pi^wt^ ^^^^ ^%LHJ ^i^t^ ^1^ 

311^ ^ft?lt^ si^ t^li^H f^fc^ ^111^ »I(^ 
5i^q[ Sim ^f^^ J c^j^jfi i^t^ ^mti'w *if^- 

«s ^t'l^ ^t^^ 5^f ^ ^^^ ^tci >2(H^ft« ^ra- 
i'l^t;;!! 'si®^^ ^fsj ■^$^^^ ^^, ^^. 'sitfi 

f^^ti:^ ^^ ; ^tctt?^ J]^!;*! ^f^?r ^t^ ^, *rtc? 

jir ^tR ^st^tCff^ TIl^Rs Cvst^Jti:^ ^r^t ?5f^ I 'Sl'N 
en, ^IR ^ffl ^5l5t CtfCt? Hf C^, Pl^Wtl ^IW- 

C«Rt^ 3lf|s ^ ^1lC^, f%^ C-»l5rtCT *t?T5i?l 

^-^]% -2(t^C^, C^^CT ^'H ^1 ^t?f ^tt, '^'l^ 

« cwt»t ^1^ ^f^?tff c«i I Igtc^ci j]tft'2(<|^ ^twil 

''tf^^, ^t^t^ '^tra'^ 'slfsRrv^f f^^ ; (^ 5i^«l 




[V ; «i-«^ I 

«» Slllll ^tf^mftCelT ? ^1R C^tSJtf^^C^ 'ill 
'211^'^ ^f^^l ^tll^ C?»t 'Sl^fS "^hl^, ^W<\ 

^ ^r«f^t? ^Tt''^^ ^f^csi I "sitsii:^?! ^^r ^tt, 
^^cat^^i ^ra^t!:^, ^^fff^Ii ^ [ cwc^^ ] ^1^ 

CNSt^tCW^ ^fko '^l[<2 ti^tW ■^r^^, t^l ^Wt'^l^ 
OR^I « f^^^ III I f%^ ^P\\H ^WW «fl1T 

ort^ ■?Fr^5Kf, ^-^^ sitci^ ^^t c^ ^if^, ^tTt;;^ 

Sb- f|C5TT, ^-^m ^fsj ^St^i^ *tf^^rt^ ^j^¥t5 I 'il'R 

^Ic^^r ^<[^1 ^<it"^ T^ 5f9i '^t? ^r^;:^ 
c^t^tcT «i5t^^ ^f^ii^; ^^>ii^ ^r^^ '^n 
'art'Jt^ ^t;;:^ '^m a^ ^tt, 1^1 ^f , ^tfl^^ct? 















■^Titf|?rt'r, cs\^\n m^ T^5i c^fT TJ^Tit- 
7[-\^^ m'iW^, v©?rtf*t c^it^ =511^ t«( ^mn ^^■^ 

C^IJI ^f^Til ^fii;;^ ^t^. 'sitR ^«f5 ^tf?, Tt^I 

*t«f C5f«r ; ?rt5i ■^R^t^. ^1f 1 ®(^o ^^ : ff^ 

-^\IU\ ^t^t^ ^C^l ^C?, ^1^1^1 ^t'Rtf^^^ 

Tit. Tl. 0^51^1 ^tfl f^cw^R^c^ c^l ^RTJt 

^f^c^ c'^fjf ^l^^ ^?i, c^lH tgtra^i-f^i, 
^W5If<i1 'S ^^tW? ?1si?t1, ^«(I^H ^tsf^^'l 

^llt^ ^^^; ^t^t?1 ^tHt^ >2lf% "^^ PflllmCf, 

^i.^tilRt?:^ f^^t^ ^V I f^^ ^r^i ^t'l^t^ 
Jifft^^ ^!:?T. c=«t'i?i c^T '^t^t^ 'W f^t? 

^f^Htf^ ; ^1^t^1 *ltJ1T 511? ^ft^ Tl ; C^tlt- 

Ttrffsl^!:^ ^^ ^f^ut^w I c5 ^^f 1^1 "^tiisra 
c^mn "^i^ ^ih f^ st^? ^^mf^ ? t'V^ ^tfr 

* (^) <5fir...^f?^f^^...^fT?rtfgc^ I 

X J v8« — o ; :>:> I ] 



fV 'sit't^ c^^ ^T^^ 'srtt^^ *ltn? f^ 

t^lC^R ft^Ct^I <2lt^W^ ?^ nt^Ul ^itC^CW; 

A9C 55!(rtr'H ^fiiTiti, "siipf fjfc^t^, 'sf^'SJ ^t^t? cg!-(j( 

«1 ^^t^ f^^t 5|tc^Q 5rt«iifll ^t^ fW?l1 '2(Tt^ 

^m?, c^^^ ^^t'Si'g (TsW^ f^tt^^'dtsff^^ 
^ ccTi^ ^C5i, c^^ ^t*'f^ ^r^ ^^ ^c?i 

51^51 oi^, c^\^ ^\m c«i^(^ Ti^l^^^j? ^] 
« f^i ^t^i cvf*f ^^fl ^fl?ilw I "«t f^r^i^ ^1^- 

« ^tc^ 'siJi'sr^ ^t^t^ 1 ^ <ii«R 'si^fi f% 
^Wc^ v5tr^^ ^ffic^t fl ? 'c?«rtit^ f^^t, 

C^tsf ^tT%?5T^ c»t^ *l^^ 'St?! ^^ ^flc^ ? ' 
« -sfi^^ ?ii<sn«i' f:^^ ^t^i f^^l CJi| Jj^st 

+ ( ?1 ) ^f«iC\s6 1 










f^'^^^f^^ ^^ f?I^?l ^t?1 CWf^ I 'Sit? 

■^f^¥ti%?f, vii^ ^t?i -2t^'«'| ^tfim 'sitfsf ^t?ti^ 
^t-tn^ f^Tii ^1^ ^ji^nff^nf, ^«itr*f ^t?t? 

^ti:S5 ^f?^ ^if^Uf? ■^tI'5 I v£l5)JT ?IC5i« ^t5t5[ 
ItC^, t?1 'Ttft'SI'f ^!:?i? I 'Sft^ Jiff I «^ ^ItC"^ 

^1 j}^^ ^sifl 1^^ f?f!:^ -si^t? ^5, ^, Ji?t«l'^ 

f^CW%C(f? Jlf?^ ^f'l^ ^t5t^ ^1 ■^11515. 'Sit? 

'^i^ I c? nni^t^^ ^^R^i, f¥ R?ii ^tti,t?l 

C5it^'^ "^H "^f^^ % ^t^l ItlJ ^tRiC^ 5^1,^t5l^1 

'sl^ "zi^M ^tf^ir^ ^1, "^i^U f^it? ^°of^« ?tc^ 

5(1. 4T. ^St^l ^t? f*l^t1 '^<{\ ^ttC^ ^1 I CJit 
^|C^, 'il'^'s ^1^ 5itf^ vst^t^ fs(^t§, 5ltft'2P5? 

5ii:^ it^ Vl^ ^fac?, ^^x ^^^1 ^^^iisf ^vg? 
5itf%'5t:T3 n^t^^'^^n ^]^'^H c^\^t^ ?r 




[O; :i» — 8 ; \Oi 

Nst^ 'Sir?} c^ti^t^ ^tit^ ^t^if f^'fm^t^^^i 
'ctf^Ji, mm[\ i^tmn ^tc? 'srtfjMtT, c^jri 

%'\\i ^ 1^51 ^ ^^, ^!:^ 'sif^ fwfsi^ ^tc^ 

^R 5ti ^?, ^'S"^^ 5ic^ fr^ ^^1 "^R^ 11 1 

8 c^ f^f 5fl^ c^t^, c^ f^<!i»rtc5i5r-fi^ir^^i, c^l5i^1 

Tiwtsf^^ ^miz^ t1^9^ ^"Q, ^t*ti ^ffi ^ffCTi? 

fii^^ ^ti(^ cgs(8f 'sift^"^ ^R?ii ^c^, ui^t 'iiii 
*t^t^1 ^?r, ■^'^ti:^ *t5it5i ■^^, n^^ ^j^« 11 ; 

C^lll ^Ilfsi iig^ fff^ ^|c^ ^?I^si'Q 5i^i!<^»;^ 
*> "^Itf^^ I f>I's? «If11 •5\^H 2^tC^ gll?Jl ^tflC^Cf, 

^?tl ^C^ ^tfl^ ^^5tCW, C^lTl? CTf»l s^^tJl^tl 
?F?, f^^Itn « ?t?lTt^ ^?, CT111 5J?t2|^ 

^c5i, cJit fffi ?isrt^ ^5f?i « ^s<j^^c*t5 ^tT?i 

^fsi v£i| Cclt^fff^C^ 'Q n^'ltCellC^ fl«t^ ^'S 

^«il ^H ^\^l\ <2(t^<ll ^^^ f^f^llfil ^^ 
§^ ^1^ 'Slt^l^ ^(f^^ ^Sf^ fffC^ ^tRtt«CW, 

^t^ »i'® m'^'^Vn T> ^If^^t^ ^ft^t^ tlf^ue 
*t^°t ^tc^^ ^«?lt11 1 ^t?? ft?. ^11^1 1I ?l- 
5rt^1 ^t^^ f^? ^^?lt^ ^«il c^R'TI ■^ftf:^i:w J 

iW 5iW['£(f ^Cfl ( Csi^U *t«f « C^t5|t^ f^?l1 -^^ 

c^tit^ n^c^ t^l ^?tt5tc^ ; -41 csmn "iijt^U 

^5T, tl, tf 1 f^S^, tl, t^t C^W? I^t^tft I 

^tn l1^^ «I1T>C^ Tfft It ; C-^1l1, C? ^I5lt3 
fitM, f fl f ft?l ^^ ^ IC^iJ ^t^ltf 'Sfl^tl I 

flUI^ ^t^ mH] ^tf t^ ^^A^ Ji^5T ^f^^ 

^i ^|ct I ^tf^ -^^ ftfl 9(^1^1 cwf't^ -s ^^ ^^ 

^^ «fl^ ?' m^% ^tlt^ '2t5itai ^iSlI, ^tfl^t 

^tltC^ ®itC1 11 ; ^t^t^l flC^«( ^t^^. ^^tCtf <J 

nn511 Itt ; 1>-\^\K\ ^?t5tC^ 'It. r^^'^ft^t^ 

Trac^ SitCI 11 I 


8 ; ^8— (t; ^^ I] 

<Q ^^T^ ^si^ cg^tcst^ Jil3;«r ^tfjl^ f^^R ^ui 
^t^ ^c^, ^ftf'^ ^t[^ f^sc*t!^ ^i^n ^r^^ 
l?i ^^ f^w ^rl?itff , <ii R^!:n ^^*tt5^ ^f^ 

^^tff CJi'isffc^^ c^ll ^^"^ ^t^i ^K^l 

cotsfti:^ 'sisrt^ ^c^, c^t^it^ 'Sit'mtt't^t cell 

«5 ^^^ I ^«s ifl^ -sfji^-^ti^^ ^[z^n ^\% sm^i 

^^ ^t^Htf^ ; en ft^ H'^tn W\fm] ^g?f^ n^t^ 

j^ cs\^<[\ f^w\t^i'^ JiSt^ 'J?'!^ c?l\5t- 

^ Ctflf® ^^, CW«I, ^^5 ^'Q, ^^t ^5|1^t^ 5T^5t 

v5t5t5l «it^^ ^tn^ ^«r 'It^tl ?tC^<3 ^l|jj 
"^Tim i ^UH] f^jm ^ifm's ^f\win ^f^^t i 


^C^ mf^ ?tt^, CJi f^ft< 5tC^ ; ?Pt^1 ^t^t- 

^§lc^ f^ vfi^^ig ^^ I ^^tsi «rt?j«il «ic^^ 

511, t^l nwt^^ ^C?5T^ ^tlt^ 'Sltl t% «ilt '^'^ 
Ttfff^l ^ll^*? ^C^, ^t^Kff^ 1W ^1^1 5?tt. 

«t« ^^IC^ N'^t^l ^f^C^5, C^ ^W^ ^t?t^1 ^?5t 













[e ; ^^— <b ; ^^ I 

^% C^t^ 4t ^^1 ^^ I ^^f Tt^^, C^1?l f^ 
^8 ^5t5t^l fC^ 1C51 ^C5l sfl, 'Sltt^, ^if ^ It'l^ ^"^^ 

^* w^ i3f5i fir^t^«i ^R^tt? I ^t^t ^Tf^ ^srt- 
cvfi It'll ^1 c5it^ ^m\ ^i\ ^t?t^i ^jtc!(^ 

^» Jitftsj^ ^c^^, 'stifsf f^ .ill ^■^:.^i\ fiif^jp^i 
f^^ 511 ? ^ W^ «£it1 f^ -^1 '2i^t^ 5itr^^ '2tr%- 

^t^^-Sfl ^t^tCVf"^ ^*f^^'1 ^11 ^1^ "^C^ ; '«It^ 

^tit^ -sisrt^l ^t ftf^ ^tfi mm ; T>^ l^t^ 

=^^c«tf5f^ nc^it^-^sjtc^ 'sitfsi ^t^t^ w^<r I 

■^t^ ^tRc^ ; ^t5l^i ^t^i? Nspc-f ^r^fffc^ 

« ^t^^ ^tcii *(1^ e^ttc?r I ^1^^ Rwc^ l^ci? 

crtc^ ^t^l ^f^, ^Wi ^Itf^^l 51^51 ^1 ^fl I 

1 Jl^cit ^^3^ I c^spi ^s^f ^f^t^ 5fcl f;^^^ 
"^IH. C^sifjf CJl «it^^ ^g^t H^^ ^c^ ; «t?t^ 










5i:«(T ctft^t'^rr « ^^ "^^ <s^l ^ii ; %5i « 
»ftc9ii, »rfJi5T 5r^i -^, itc? ^111? 'srfi c^i 

%T^U5 ^'o ^i ^1^ cw« I 'sitfsi ^t?tt^ ^fiiccr, 
^t^tiT^ Jit^i f^cr, g^t^l "^l^c^ ? ctf^, ^^tcvf^ 

®f?t^ i^c^t «(^j nfsc^ I 'Sit? ^ ^ at«^ 

^1l^, t^ IWt'St^ ^^, C^^l^l ^t^T^I ^5 ^ 

Ti^c^t ^"i^iBt? ^c? I ^i<j \st5t?i ^Rra wt1%? 
srft, ^^ »ttf^ "irf^ "^mt^ i ^^ni ^tt^ 

v5^?J \s(^t?1 «^f«^^Ct? 1C«0 *tfvs« ?|C^; 
^51 Cf^I ; 'Si^X C^U C^R,^1 ft^^ll 5rt^, ^t^ 

*n:«i 55T, ^t?tc^ c5t^^l '^P\^ ^tn^ >2fti«r? ^sj 
t^artsi 'Itlc^ I fVl ^^t^l ¥f?5f, 'sitsf^l 5^^ 

^? ;' T>^ ^!?t?1 ^ffifl, ^f^'dvs ^f^^ ^ I 

'SI 11 1? Ttc^T ^?«ftJ? ^t? ^tf ; ^? ^mtw 
?i^=ll. ^i?t?1 ^t?1 c^imm ^"^^iti^i f»W 
^Ic^ «i1it? "^ti^ c^^ It "siitcJTr c^5{ 

5? Ctf»t ?f ra fsil ^5 ^\^ ? Cv5t3rfCW5 C5fl?i% 

^j ^^ — *J J ^M ] 



^^ jftfta^ ><it ^«n Tt^, c?«f, ^^ c?»t ^c^ 

C3i:i I ^f!i f^c?it^-^c?r. CVS (11?^ f^^flc^ \^ 
^mfw? ^rg ^^»t 5|5i; Tijcji, fifTiT^tr^^^ 

C¥5R1 n^rt*!^ ^^"JTf"; ^srt^iiciT^ Sics ^fn^ i 

^a « csft?'?^^ ; ^t?t<11 I^CcTt ^listfr I tt«l ff^ 

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v5«rt^ ^t ^11 >2(5t^ ^^, ■^, C^ Rgtft^ 3151^ 

^'flU, '^t ^«fl ^C^^, t^tl^ ^fm ^fl^ ^51^ 

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^t'R ^t5t^ ^i^^t^ Ji'^fscn <5'?i -^n ; ^ff 

* ?tfr 'Sff^^tft^ net? ^«ii'«I<sc*t f5i»^f% ^^ ;' ^f^ 

f^cff%, fnvffrj? ^8 f^sf^cvf^ -fitf^ SniF^ III ^, 

( 'si^ft*. ) oictj?- «rt^ I 

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ft^ ^f^^, is^'v ?it^tr?^^ w\^ ^tt. >si^ ^51^ 

*£it a ^<.i? ^'•fc^ «ii^t^ ^rfsi #ifi« ?^tc^, 

'srt^l ^^it^ Itt^tf . c^ v^ ^ws ^'[\t ^t% 

>> ^T%« *tt^ ? 4t c^ 5j^^ ^trg ^t^t^ 5itsr 

?Flf^« ?t¥t:f , ^t ^ f^ c^Wctrs ijlti^ ^f^- 

Tt^ v»«lt?l -sil^ ■^^, ^^t ^I'lt^ ■si^ fgtWcra 

^1^1 '2f^^ 'Sitf'l CTt ^tC^ '2tr« ^?1 "^R- 

S 8 ^^<\ C^'Q Jltt ; C^it ^5; ^t C^ ^?^ ^'IC^ ^tTt^ 
511^ ^^5 ?t?ltC5, ?rt?tC^ C^R^ f^'^ ^ft- 
C5^, ^^; v£l| C^ '^■R «]tf?r C^Wf^5IC^ v3 cvst^lt- 

cw? fn^'=3^^1%^t^ fmnw. t^i^ ars^ 'siti^ 

Jif ^ ^°x»fc^, c^'R ^If?^ "^rl^l fff^itrf , c^R 
csRiw^t-^o '^\^\n T^n^ ^tvs ^ff^ ^f^?ii 

i* 'Sf^-il^ ^f?I (ill ^tf^ f^^ -Sftf^t ■^'S 
511. ^t^tCW^ 5i?J ^W^ TRl -^t^G |1% € >2rt<iTt 
^•s^'f ^f^-Q 5J1, ^?C^t^« ^jl«3 5(1 ; (r¥^ 

i-i 'srff^ (r«lTi^ ^«n «R^ Jfi I v»t5i^i f^i^tft^ 

^?R, «it^t*r-?t^^ ©C'iFCn f*ll^ '■It^ « ^^ 

t?l ^t3, CT5{ 'Slic^'f vst^i^ ^u\^ ^m:^ 




['i ; X-i — h-z 'i\\ 

^ic?; 'Sft^ ^t?i ?1^ ^!^?,fjif^^i ^tc^ sn I 

^^ C^I^M C^^ ^?, 1t°v1 'Ttt^l C^F5f I ^^;5. C5I 
^^^ ^r?^ ^f^!l1 ^tRlltfet1,^<^^t^^ C^ttSR 

^n^itcvf^ ?«fi?i^ ^0c^ 'SftRi ■^f^5i, ^t5t^i 

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cw^ r'(^'=3;f!:^?l f^^ c^t^t ?^c^ ^f^^ ^t?i1 

^ifji^irl^, c^t f^'t ^|!^^ ^TF *f^i^ ^tPi 2tf^- 

Ttt, ^'f'it®^ ^C^ ^tf , f^^ ^ri^ ^1^51 5ft^1 
*t\^^ 5t?1 ^C^ ^ ; ^^J f^l ^8 t?tCf(^ ^ 

f^H ■^?, c-^^^1 ^ft^f^ ^15( cgftc«f^ -nt^ 

>3. Tt^l 'SlIlU ^HC^ ^t^l 'Pf, f^pt^ l^t^ltl 

^i Ji^^i ?1f^m!:f I '511^ ^t^t^l ^fl^ ^'i^ «3;^- 

>s^ SICE'S l^j §1^11 55 ^t5 I 'ilt Si^ '1?t'2f^ ^C^^, 

cvf'sr, ^5)^ Jisi?) ^tMc«t^, m^ ^ ?t^ ^t^ c^t^<^ 

«8 c«t(f(|5l f^c^ ^ I vs^Ji 'Sftf^ nrif t^ 1^^ ^^ 

fs?^t^ C«lt'^W^ ^^if^ ^t?tC5f^ ■^^^ ^^9 ^if^^ 

^tni ^t^tf^^t^ ^t®tt?!l f^5tf5, CTt 11^ '^ti'i 
8 ^fsf vst^lfw^c^ 'sit^NS ^f^i^, ^itfta^ ^1 

■^11 ^C^l, 3J^^J *tf^-5 5tC5| fV «lt? ^C? 511 ? 

ni*nc^?:5i^ .fit ^if^ c^j? f^i^i^ttt f^*'t'ii^'R 
•jf^Til ?f^?itc5, ^tit^l f^r^Tii ^fJiiNS 'siJi'si'* I 

^r^ni ^C5T 511, '^n, "sitri.f^ ^r^mir 'si'^ 

1 Si5( ^1*|5T ^1^51 srt^5i^ii;!(( f?fc^ I ^t^tC*I 5t®- 

^•^ «lt15l ^t^ ^'5t1C5T^ ^1^1 ?^ ■^C^, f%^ 
'Sitit? '2{®F1^1 1«ft«^^ f^«ft5i ^C5{ 511 I 
b- C^tl^l C^5R ^f^^l ^f^t^ nt^, ^1?1 ®3t^, 
«fl^° ^RtC?^ "^tCl Ji?t21^^ ^R?1 «ltl5 ? CVf«I, 
^sOtn^W^ Pl«iTl-Cci«I^ ^1^1 fsi^fll -^fm C^M- 

T^C^lt C^iU'S ^^, ^5T^?tft « ^1^^«^ ^^^ 

5 i c^it^ 'St^^Jit!! ?^ I ^ra ^t^t^l ^tlt? ^lf^<1 

U *ttf« ^\%, ^^1 ^f^?ItC5, "Ilf^, »llf« I ^t^tal 


Vj i« — ":>; 'i'i I ] 



^ttT, 'Sltl^ 'fl^^ ^1^1 >2ft5t^C'lll'5 ^sft?! ^^tC^ 

'5ltOt'5tI^K«1^ ^C^-^l ■^f^^ltf. R^ CtfiT, ^^^ 
^W<]% J^l^ ^^J «^^° H^ « !5f^^tf5i^9fc^ fittJI 

Tt^^ C'St^t ^r^^, ^t^i^i c^H 1^ iif*ic^ 11, 

^tf%^ -^"SiH '^\4^\^ '«Hl ^ttC^C^; 51?f- 

^» ^5i^i ^ra?t?:^ ? ■•^^ "^ttS^ts TiTa c^, '^- 

55i?i^ ^t^ c*t^ ^t^, f^l ^|5i(r.?f^ 'tf^ajtl ^ 

^i Htt I ^tR 'sit^ra ^1t%^ "^^Jt? ^?t^1 iSfW 

«i:^ ^11 1^ S!if%^ ^sl c^H ^tii 5it« ^c^ 5(tt ? 

•^ 5t1 ! ^l^t? 5^ C"^H ^2f^ ^^t ^t^ ^ ! 
vot^l ^ICcI ^if5( 'Slt^t^ Wtf«? ^^(^ f^^?^ 










-2t^t»t ?TI qtt ; ^? ^t?t?1 ^1^ ^C^ ^ts\H 
^^ ^C^ ^ ; ^t?t^1 '^[^ ^1''R fSl'^fi:^ ■Rill 

■^f?!!;^ f^^\ fmi^, ^\^H\ ^^i^t^f ^fl^tn 

^f^? ; "Sl'Rt^ Sf tfs^ -^511 C5^ ^t^ f% "^f^? ? 

•^c? ; c^itc^ ^w ?^ 51 R^ c«2f?it?itn ^^i:?, 

f?? 11 ? ^tlt^ "Siti f^ *ilt "21^^ ^tf^^ >£if^- 

^ra?. sit^^^ ^^tf'iiRi^ f^^cTi f^jftt ^iii?, 
^tc^? ?? ^ita <sil ^t!i Tl, 'srf^tc»t? ^f^?ti ^ 

f?^*I|^ f^R >Q '5'5|tciw? ^t^ltl ^1%; 

■^f?? I >iif 1^51 ^f%c« *tlra, -iiii «Kti?ti 
c^ ? Jiwt'Sl^? ^c«r ?f¥j ^R?i1 ®t^ ■^r??:^ 

'lie?, 411 ?]f¥ C^ ? CW»t f^ Sf?y f?ll <3 If - 
^fl? ^tTl 'f^ « *lf«I^R?1l ^t^l ? 

?I^^1 ^It^ ^f?TltC5, ?151 ^tfl ^tltltf? J^^C^ 
?lf«t^lf551l1 ; ^^t?1 ^tlt? ?!:? ?^<^1^ "^i? 

lit. CI *fc«ii ^m 11f ; T>^ ^t'll ^111 ^15? 
■^I@cg? ^ ?l5f Ctf?9ttt^ ^«1111 ?ff3?ltCf,^^t- 
CW? f*l^'l?'t??l ^t^tfff^C?^ ^t f*!"^! PfTItfeST I 

>iit 5f?; ?ii>it9f!:*(? >iwi«^, |zytc5C5i? t'^?, ^^it 
?F«ri "^c^i, cw«i, 'srtR vfit c^it^rfftc'^ it^?fil 

C^tBil ^?tt?, f?^^C'^? ^'T *fl1 "^^it?! 

vSt^t^l ^e^t^f.?? fi^'X^i:??! ^^ifff^c^ SFtn 
11?, >£|5I1 Silf^'StCl? 1C«(I ^151R9!C"^ T%r«^ 

•^f??. 'ii^'N ^l?*; ^t^lf?^!:^ it^l^ 11 ^f?,^f?<i 

«11R ^l5lC5f? *I«51<^ ^l"'*5t<^ «I9n C'2t?1 ?ff?? I 

f?i?5ii ^?, f^^in^tf^^f'i^^^ v5i^, ^i^i^t 


f^?lf5f?f I 

[ ;& ; ^b- ^O ; ilr I 

lb- 3lt|^ I vst^t^t T?t5 ^lPi?l1 ^tltCVf^ fJlRC^ 
■^. 'Slt^fW^ ^^ 'It^l m\ 5rciSft?1 H'i^ ^?I I 

^t^^l ^fvS^tTI ?lf«^^ ?|5ltT ; 

^i:<l? ^'hq ^c4 fiti^i ■^?, lii^^ ^t^R m'^^ 
cw« 1 

1»5t<^ Oi »ra5-55 ^f^!l1 SiltC^, ^t?t^ ^^I ^t^\ 
?rt^l 511 ^^^. n^:^! ^I^R n^^C?!^ S't^l S?1 

^8 ^^^, «(J?^I;{ 'siWJi s{!;5i? ?iitii Tfi ^^^ I f^^ 
c^ ■^r% "St^i ■^^?, CT <iit u^i^i sl^ ^^^ c^, 

vst^ ^^^R ^r\ ^1^1 <3' ^l^C^I ^tfsi "^Txs. 
^^5f ^r^TJtCf, \5t5tW^ 1^^C<F [«£(f\S^cl W^ ] ; 

^ c^ ^«Ji -^iv\, ^H\ '«^ I 1?t«^ v^? ^^ill 

^^tC»t^ 5lt5lt f5^ ^|c^ !»f« ?t« 511 ; Tt^R^ 
^ Wtf^^Itt ^t5l ^IC^ ^^ ?^ I C^JJ^fl iSf tfs»?tc*t^ 
Hfs( J^^^i 'SiJif^ ; CcftC"^ -^m C^ -^1^ C5?5f J1 
■^C^, ^t^lt ^l^1f^ T^'^tCU ^1?p^C^? ^^f^ ib- 








f^ TC^ ; <^^t C^ 11 5?t;&, ^^^ ^t^fe f^?n 

'^^^ ; ^«fl ■^ff C^ ntt^ 5{1 ; vot^tfff^C^ ^^ 

C^t^^l ^5t?tCtf^ ^^Cvs €t« ^t« Tl ; ^^t^l 
«t^t^1 ^R'S ^r^LN© ^rtt^ 5r|, f^^ ^f|c^« 
^1?1CW^ ^it^d 5{tf I 
C? ^5f t^^, Cvstlt^ ^ C^?^ 5it^ . ^^fsi :i^^^ 

C-^5{5J1 ^tf^5lCt^5i'5l^®1^C5ltC^^ ICSa, vst^t- 

cw^ l^fU ^tcsij^ ?ics(T, c^stlt^ ^J c-^k 5n^ ( 

f^l ^t^ral f5ir^C»f!:^ *im'^ « ^^'if^ ; ^TR- 
JlftC^ ntl^ 5fl I 

cvsti^i ^^tfff^c^ ^t ^«I1 ^, '<^ cw^tn 

^t^1*R^?I ^ f 51^51 '1^51 ^(.^ ^tl, x5t^?1 

5tC^' I 

f^R f5(Sf »tr^C^ ^f«ffl '5I^5( ^f^5tC15T, 

fsiS; ^|;;5f S;'5t<^ 'IMI? ?5f<,5i|c5JJ, 

f^R '^Rft^ filt^ ^|C^ ^I'n S^tl5J ^C^5J ; 

f^fif ^511^5^ ^t^t^ ^tC^ ^t^ ^ir?^ ^^?I1 
^1C515I I 

v21i^J^ ^f ?Ft^ «il15l «fo511 ^t?1 5il^« ^5 ; 

CT Jl^^ ^Tit^. 51151^ ^^5lt;5 ; 

^1^1Ctf5 ■Slf^^^I WR^ICcI ^»1?1?1 T^^t flc^ I 

ftR ^R^tC^^ ^Pi^I^, f^I5f f.51^^ SIC^JI ; 

■^W\ UT^ ^51^ ^^^ ^i5i^ift, 

^t*t5? Til5i^ ^(^it^l fi'S I C'^iiJil 7Uft«^ ^t 
^«ll TC^5?^ Cff«l, ^tfl >ilt IIW Ctf^Tl C^t^» 

^o ; ^i— ^^ ; ilrl] 



fw^c^ T>^1^ >2t'sr3^ w\^ Rc^n ^r^^, 4^? 

Tl^t^^l ^It^ R^^ itCsS >2t^t^ ^f^5T, vstft^l 

^f^?itcf, ^t^t^i ^t^t^ ^t^i^tJi l;5r ^[^ntC5 1 

'^ ^ f%s ^t^T, c^t^i^l ^t T^^oin ■^«I1 ^5^, >ii^» 
^ ^tc^ ^ I ^R ^t^lf^'nc^ ^^, ^fft^f , fgt- 

^f?i c^titf^^c^ c^ ^'^^ ^t^t fft, ^tfl *lt^^ J* 
■^r?^, ^t^tc^ c^?t ^l^lt^ "Stsfi ^tc^, ^^; 

^tPf ^?i ^f^?it^. ^fsi^iti, ^tci^T, jprt-sTf I 
« ^t? Jifft<2f^ ^i^rtc^ ^f^cc]^, ^r^ f^^?t^ 






^1^ Ji?t2(^ ^tlt!:^ "^ftcsi^, prpt^ c^t^- 
w? ^^i^tcsf^ fiff^ f¥rl?itcf, ^\^u\ ^■\^\'^ ^?n 

f 5f « Rt^1-f ^ ^t^lt^ C^t f^^l ^^ "^RfltC?. 

f^«ltl I ^vs^il^ 5iWt2!^ '^t "^ll ^C5^, CTf«r, 
^tR ^1?tW^ -2if^ ^l^^l ^?t|?, vsS^t^l vst5l 

^R? ^1 1 ^t^ f^g?t^ 51^^ ^^^ « R^»ttt5l?I- 
^?tW^ "^Rl ^tl^ ^ft^l ^^^ "^RC^, f%l 

^t?t^1 A*l!:'f ^ ^ira ^^tfff^ti:^ c^R sjc^ R^t^ 

y^fs[ >£l| SFlfs^ R^5l^Q fitt<^1 ^f^^ 5?1, t^tltf^ 

si5J clwtr^ f^ '2|t<^1 ^'^^^ ^R« ^1, c^^RI 
^tR t^tCf ^ ^«(1 '^R^ ^rt I 

^?, vs^t ^^t^ "^R^l 11^ I ^W\Si^ Cvstlt^ 
^1^ '•5p5Il»lt«t^ 5lRt5^ ?f^^n< fsi^l^' 

f^fi? C^RtC^C^Hl ^mtfesi^J, 1%iR c^Rt^ 

« RgWl-fl^^ ^l«l t^t^ ^t^l : ^t^t^l ^^^ 
tR§ I'fft^ ^f^^l ^tltc^ "^^^l ^tc^ ^fRt- 

^t^ Jift^^ ^l^tc^ ^t^ttc^i 'siti^ ^t%5ilT i 


f^?lf5I^ I 

[ %^ •, ^;j — ^Oj^t 

cjj^ ^:^ ^f^ 'sititc^ ^t55ti:(T^ fsFTit^t^ 
5» wm\^i^ I f^^ <5itf5i ^?(K< ^511^ ^^mf%« 

A« 5Tt5i ^^ '?i^?:i 5?1 ttc^ I fV^ c? ^1f?^mt^ 
5j?t-2(^, ^r^ «f^«°. f^5t^ ^f^Tii Tt^, ^fsi ^I'i'H 

csUH^ ^tC5 ^PI ^t'l^ f^^tc'i^ ^«fl f^c^?^ 

7jwt'2(^ lilt ^tl ^^^^, ^t?t?1 c^tit^ -atct^ 
^c^^l ^c?, ^i;c7, '^fsj 5itf t>2f^^ sflCT ^r^^l^ 

^^ <ilt ^?I ^ift^lftCl^ J^TfStf '^t ^'itl ^C^, C?^, 

*^ ■^, ^R^ ^^^n■, ^«itf^ cstit^ ^r^ 

*rt|5t WISH'S 5tCN*C5; ^fj^ ^st5tC?^ ^C«m 
C^5l^, ^t^t^ nH'^i ^t^l «!ft^; ^?tl%?f!:^ 

8 1%R^ sfsj v^w "^i^^^l ^^ ' "^^ i^^^ <^^ c»tf^ 

^■nC^til lf?^ f^ '2i<FtC? '^if^Tll t|§C^ ? ^^ 

* C'«tt«titci! f^ ■^r^c^ ? ^^^'o cvstit^ ^t^-ni vS 
c^tii^ f'^^f^i, ^t^t^tt c^iTf^ -sif^s f^-sim- 

^1^^^ ^f^TItC^, ^tft^tf C^fsit^ *1»5K «(^ «ra 
■^«ll ^fsc^i^s ^t?lW? "^vfra f^l'^lTI -^ra^ s?1 1 

Tt^ ftf^Tii f^TTtrf. ^t*f^ srtci^ f^ra'-tt^^^ 

C^ Jf^^t f^ra ^fCf, ^ftti^^ ^n^ R^l f^t'«t^- 

jvs c-^m st\^^ »ttj% ft! I ^\^U\ C5rt5f ^pnrKw. 
cg^t^f "Sties' c^titcf ^ w^'n f^m'^ ^^^ ^ I 

58 <5[|5ft^ JI5I^ ^1 '£fr'%^tjfl^ nfC^ 5I?t'2f^ lilt 

^«n ^c?iJT,— «itR ^t*R -sfwt tgK^isn:^ ^t^ 
■^r^, c?^, ^tfsi «t^:w? ^R ^c^ ^fftf??rr^ 

^^tc?^ -21!:^^ ^C"^ «j»l^ ^5t^ «lf*f^tc^ 
i* ^ ^t^t^ f Rc^ 'sitR?!! f?^ I 'srr^ ^1^1 ^ 

f?«, C^51R ^f? ^^^ JRt2f§^ f?^ ^T%1 
^5i(^ ^tCI '^^f ^t?, ^C^ ^t^tWl ^Rt? '2f5ft- 

511 «!^, ^C^ 'STtf'T CJ^t ^tf^C^ ^(^''^t^sf ^ra^. 

• »v Jivft'2:t§ ^wc^ ^i ■^'^n ■^r?c?i^. ^R 

^ ^1 ^IgCtrC^f ^f^, ^51 ^l^ f(f« 11 I ^t?tc« 
^tR Wta^^ ^t^Jt^^tc'^ ^^ ^1^1 3^5 "^1%- 

^ cftSf, <3 ^-Rl^ -^tcwcn ?ir«f5TR I *t« R^?I ^^ 
Jflft^^^ ^t^ ^t'ft^ fl^C? ^'If^* ^fST, ^«f1, 

^t^ 5l|?5l ^^t<^ ift? fl^C? fl^ sjiiflTf^ 

jftft^f^^ ^t^f^^H^ f'fsl ^?t'? fff^ Tfcf v5t^ 


^O; «» — ^8 ; •» I] 



5F^c«^ fii^^ c^iq, vD^? ^^^ ^f?^ c^ itcsj 

» v5<i^ 5i?t'2(^^ ^^ "srW^ fT^t^ ©<lf^^ 

'sifr^t? ^ra, ^tn^ <5it<lsT 35^i;ii^ ^ti^SJ ^- 

ItC^ 5C5r, >il^? 'SJ^ C«f<I^tCl^ CJI^I 'Q ^t^tcw^ 

3> c^t^ 5ra I C^JRI, 5IWt^f ^c^^, l??:?!^ ^t- 
cvfc»t c^sT *t|^ 5fi5t^ siiti;^, ^:5'l ^tm 51^^ 

^t?ltfei-t^, C^ \st^t?l ^tTt^ ScSC^f «Si1^^, 

vst^t^ c^Wc^ ^r%^, >2(:;^J^ ^^T't c^ ;5i^t5':Jf 
CtfT, 'Sltff ^t C^'IR^ll^ JR^ c^t^c^, mi'^ 

^^, ^^ t%f^ ^^^t^ ^''if^^ ^RC^JT, 'Sit?! 
5i1%^, '^'^X C^1^?1 'SltCJit^ 'Sicn^l ^r^C^ fsR 

C5t11Ctf^ W^ Sll^ ^\m<[ ^t^ fit^t^l?! C5tf J? 

■^fi[V^, -ii^'s ^tit^ 5^ «iaf''l|v5 "^rac^, ^ap!Jt^1 
S^ ^f^C?, C^sj^ 5ifft>2t^^ «"it^ ^fsfr ^t^ I ^fsT 

?^5I ; ^»t^ t^?I1 Ctf ?, '^I'r CT^ Tl^ ; 51?l^ 

f^i'fl ^f^?:n ^^5 ?^lltCf , vSf^t^ 1^5f!l C5Jt^ 

^> c^W3 cii^ ^^ c^"^ c^t«rt?i ? ^R ^t?t- 

^^ 5t^ ^tc'I srI ? ^t^ ^fpf ^R 5(:if sicif ^f[, 'STR't^ 
C«tlt^ ^B55CVf^ ^^ ^fcl!Il c^-QTil ^f ci, C^tlt^ 

«lf^^«5{ ■^ra!;« ^tc^ ? ^t?l ^^c^ ^^^ ^wt^i 

C^5i:j <S^^li^ mi<i Tl'spii ^tv5l ^fpl ■^^\ 
C^t5(t^ <5tt»t, i9t ^«f1 Ji?t2(^ ^C^JJ ; C^C^^^ 

^c<!i^ ^^ 'nAm '^fmi fff^, «it^ c^-f^it^ ci^ 

^Ic^ 5t5 ^1 ; ^t^ "^^ f?^ "illJ? Sirir^t^ ? 

^1 ^C^iif, C5I Jl^^T sifci^ c^i^ ^filCvS ^fjTTrt 
'Site? ; ^t^ R^ltC^iCI^ ^1€?^ ^C^ ^flC^Cl I 

SrCcI^ 5FU 9t1^l!I ; \5t5t^1 ?|^ Jl^Cfl^ R^l^ 
"SltR^I f^flt^ ^5f 9|t?l 511, "^ 'rt5 fC^ 

R^H1 it^tcf ^r^tfii f ^c^^i ^^1 "(ttm ^tn^ 
c ^i^m ^^^ iJt[>Tii ^t!:^ I <^^^ f^, ^1 ^rtt 

6 ^It!! I ^5551^ Tt^rJ ^^^?J pif^;:© tt\5lt!!l 

^^]mK gt?i Tt^^ i^^ tiiiTi ; ^ntf? 5n «iri^tc^ 



fk^T^^ I 

[ ^8 ; V— ^tf ; VI 

V-^r^Tinf I C5 tgtC^IC^fsl ^I'lt'lff, l^^til^l 

^^^f^^^i vst^tf^'nc^ Tfsiracw, cxsti^i <r95t 

3pft>21^ ^WC^ ^ftm^. C5Tt ^t^tfr^l 'Slt'lt^ 
^t^fW? ^1^ ^«I1 ^f? Sftt ; ^t?f?1 C^tltCVf^ 

U^i^ fitil ?*i^ « 13", =51^^ ^ ^\''m '^\^^ 
'ot^ifvf^i ^tifa mm «t^^i^ ^c^r, ^ifs} vstft- 

^5l«(t^ ^f^, ^t?1 fs[^^ ^ ?^^, C^SRI ^t^lt? 

sb- ^cj I ^tfst ^r^ ^f?^ ^|5i c^caj ^f. ^c^ 

W^, 19^?^ C^ll^ ; ^ftf ^fra -2IC^»f ^fW, ^C^ 

^^Ni ??i sn ? ^ti^ 'iif^?^ 'sict^i TR^im, 

ft^l^ ^f^t^fl; ^R«l ^11^1 CStlta R^C^ 

^nt^ c^f^w^ ic«ff 1^ fffc^ ntc?, <S\tf^ c^ 

f^ ^tC? ? f^^ ^t^1*t fV ©51 ^«1 T^fw^ 
[1%?1^1] 515? >5tSFU ^tl^l C^I^Tf^ ^C^i^m 

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^111? ^«? ^C*!'^ ^r^!)1 <«lt ^«|1 ^Ccf, '!> 

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w^^, ^r> ^t^tfw^i^ «2if«5.»tt«c c?>«, "sitf^i c?fV, 

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Sf^"^ C^tltW? ^15^^^"^ 5.1^1 "StfS' 'SlCrt^ C3rt«f 

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fJlt^lJ^l^ ®*IRS ?lSi9t1 '5It*R ^WtCT3 « <£i^t- 
^Cn^ Jif?^ ■gL«iJ >« 'SJC'? 5\^^\ 'Sit ^1^^ ^t^ f??Il 

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*» m'll 5i^5511C^ ^^U "^f?^ I ^t^ C5t5lt^ 

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Titfts^ f^ ^^ «iit i^t^^c?^ <£jrv5 ^iJi ^n^"t? 

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■^«n ^c^, CI lilt "^ici ^t^ f^f^^i mfm^ H ; 
f^^ c^ %\l^^ ^R^cn ^t^ ^t^itcw, cit ttti 

f«(^ vst^tc^, c^ "5i«f^ ^(?1 '5rt*ti ■^, « 

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'sit^it^ f^nic^Q ^"^ 5?<^ ^iSt "9 «"!« ^^ f ttr 

fiiiti ■^Rv ^^° t^i ^Mit^ rifle's ^t^iiR- 

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'S^^' f^i^^'l^ 1^ cfi^l ^^1 ^5 I lii^n ^tt^^ 
f^c^ cats ?tTt^ sj§j cbIi ^^t!:^ c^tTt^ ^fW'f 

f% «iItf^C^ ? C^iTfa f*1^t f^ C^tSil Itl ^f^v5 

H, f^5i^ ^^ ^itra^^t^ "si^Sii i> ■^r^^ 11 ? 
'Sit ^i?t^ ^^ei ^fci 1 CI ^°,<il fiiCtci^ n^i^ 

^ra^, ^tt 1^5i ^t^ I I'fl^l ^^'^, 'SllftC^ 
^1^ ?^?1 T> v5[?lt ^^ ? f^^ C^IK? 5^ >8 

C^C"^ ^1^ f^ft ^"5^ ^C^ 11 I ^S-il^ C^lf'ICTl'^ 

"^ Pilffl-^tsi NCi^l^t^lci^ f^^C!i 5jtfta5| >iit 

^9(1 -^C^l, 'St^t^ WCP C^ltC^^I 'ftH 'Sltlt^ 

^t^i; f^-^i '?t?i ^f^il' ^f^iiii f^5iin ^fic^ 
11, ^^? '^tn 'Sf; f^^i '?t5 ^t^t^ c^i^^' 

^fci^l^ f^H ■^f^c^ 11 1 ^^c«^ ^^«^ ?it^ 

^I5t^ ^^^ ?tC^ ; C5lir^ ^t?tt^ ^tflin f^^- 
»ttC?iC1^ ^IC?^ ^if^C^ C^pf^^l WC^ I 

^fi f^^icitci ^i, w^'H ^^ ; ^Mci Ih^s- 
^^ "^^ ; <H^x ^^\f\^ ?t«;^ ^"f^ ^^ ; <^^111 
c^iit^ c-stfic^^i i^c^ nil ?t^ I CNStlta 
»tir§^ 11C5 ^iifi csiii? ^1C5 ^sjii ^mTiir^^isf, 

f^ ^ri ^f^l^lfecl, ^lf5f ^m 11 ; CSISJt^ 

^cij^i5ii^r«( .fit ftr« tiipit^K^, ^R ^1^11^ 

?C^ «1^«111 ^^ Itt I ^t^ 0^111^ IKS *ft^^C^ 
^-^l -^m^ ; C^tlt^ CfilflC^^l ^f^^^KI '111 
^C^ ; ^^°, V9«I1 ^11 ^nit^ 11^ ^^^ «^^ 

5if«§«l ^ n^al ?tc^ I 

c? fsi^tcni-^tfjiri I iii^i ^ci ^tit^if^ft I 



<V J ^8 — VO; "iVl ] 



\a m\^^ "^c^. 'sitirs #t^c^ f?^. f^^t- 
•^c^^ «i3f R^wv^i^ ^f^^ 'siisn^ ^r^i ^^f^^ 

i^c c^ra^ f^^ I ^srra ^t^t^l Cvsi^iR '2(tcT3 'sii^i 

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w*f f^m\ ^tfJTc^ vst^tc?? 'STfi ^(■^t«^ ^c?i, 
^«rni ^t^^i f¥f^i?i 'snfyic^ itf^c? ^n i 

^b- »ii^ -^fitJi f^ ^^ 55?t nl3f ? «il f^ ^«^1^- 

^» c^ Gi*t, af*t, ctf»r, ift'sr^^ Tt^ '«5?i 
511; ^rai t^t^ ^^i:»t^ c^t^ ^jf^ fs^itr 

'^ Tt^t^l ^111? ^\^H C5Rf^?tC?? 5l| -3 ffl- 

*£lt ^^1 ^C^^, CSm\ ^tlt^ Cl'^rfftC^ ff 51%^ 

o «f^ ^c?^ I "sit^ 'sitfl c^ n^ei w*I «lt*(5f n|5l 

€t^ f^ f^?t*t ^tc^ Tl, 4^? c^ f^f cvt 
« 5i!ft«^ ^c^^, c?^, .fii^ i^ni '5itf5ic^':i, CI 

^f^^ ; r^R ^t^i ?t5i ?t^^ ^r?c^. iff- 

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•I «(tf'a^«l I" ^a^^. Jitftsj^ ^c^if, C5f«r, >a3i^ 

(^t?1?l ^fsic^], cJif ^>^ Jiftaf^ fff^. f^f^ 
C^ 51^51 cwc»i 'sufs) ^tllff tt^ ff 5f%3 ^f^^t- 

^C^C5, ^151111 7\^^ ^r^ HBc! ^tC^t5 ; Ift- 
«£lf ^ C5^ >8 ^t?1^ ^f^e? ^IC^J? C^^ ^([5J ?1!§ 

i« 5lf5 I C^^511 CVf»l ^ir®5-tr59tC1 ^ft*l4 ; t\, ^- 

%[^ 1^51 ^^ ^tTl(C§ ; «il^^ C5i1??CVf^ '(R^-'^l'if 
1*? ?t?Kf, « 'at^lCif? *l^l3f?l IJBJiSr^ si5 I 

ii c^^^ ^^^tft >Q -^it^-^ ®^i:ii 'ii'ra ^t5t?:f ; 
7K\si^ -^i^, 'sitil'a jell's ^f^t ^i^tcw^ ^mi 

^^^1^515 f^te ^R51^ ^J ^tC^; vst^t^l 
^if®^ 5^t5l vSI^I^ -mm *ff^^ ^tC^; C^JRl 

<£fr5 ^5151^51 ®*tf^^ ^f^^, t?i J]ffia^ "^c^^ I 

i8 ^Q ^i-nn fijsil fgK!I«1CT^^ ^r^a I ^1^ Hf^- 
Htcstc?!^ ®1^^ir?^C'i^ 5ic«o cal5ii^5i5i^ ^li'tl^ 

C^ ^Pl^ ^m ^tC^ %^ sn ; ^l^l^l ^^Ccf 

'srt'ir^ ^c? Tiwicl^ ^^], '£\^\ C7i«il5i^i^ f^i^- 

^^1 ^Wi?i^ ^tH ^t?l1C§ I 

^^tfl^l C^tSi^ ^?1H f'^^L^H H7\ ^H ^^1- 

sn, ^t?m c^iiifwic^ ^^^ ; ^1^1^ "sd^i^ 

>ml I "^^fal 'stl^tc^ ^^^ ^f^^. ^i^tctf? "^C^ 

»nf« -5?;;^ ; 'ii^t m?rai 'sn*^ 'siinH ^trc5^ 
titles ^iicT. vst^iw^ 'Sic'^i'^ 5fiic5p ^c5i, '^^^^^ 




[ VO; i^ — V8 ; *l 

CS^M, ft, ^f [STM ^|S^ f^'t^ ^tc^cw ; ^1f1 
^» ^Icim si^c^ srif^t^ I c^ ^'trs 'Jft*!^ ^*ii 

fmn ^.1^1 ^c^ ^i^trtfnc^ f^^il^ I 

^8 $11^ siff ? 5ltft>2f2 ^!^^, '^'l^ 'Q^ Tft^T fV 

^t^^^ ^^, «i«n. ^itfsi ^?f ctff^riitr?. ^?f 
^^-^ cw^ ^^:^^ti t?i ^^ ^t^i ^\T^u\ ? ^t?t- 

'SJtn^? '5II«'i5T •Sifs^l^^ ^Ci ^511^51 ^^ 

"^ctf^ ?^« ^«11 ^1^1 «I15I1^ st^tftf^ic^ m^n 
Titc?, w '??:?f^ ^^i« "^^ ; >ii^; c^ «rt^1^ 

^t?i f'F ^t^r\5^ ^j ^^, '^i\ ni^tn '«i«r^^ 

^0. 'Si^^^ 5!«rta!g ^C^, C!f«r, Cq JIT5I ^t^?t?t 

^t*H ^'(5{ -2tr«^t^ ?|C^ 'siRt^ ^I^ 5?1 

'5itR CTf 71^51 ®H^i^^ f^*!"^, ii?m 'srhsi 

•«? c?ii^c?a f^l'itas $i^t^ ^^cs *itcu 511, 
^ ^(^^ c^tiK^ T^mm\ -^fn^, ^^\si^n ^m- 

^t^ 5|C^ ; C^5R1 C^tlill #1^^ f^-^c^^. 'simtcf 3 

vSir f^^ '5i?t5t^^ ^t?Ti^.' >ilt ^«n "^fff ^51, W.^ 

Jivft^iv^ 4t ^«(i ^i:5]5f,c^t5i^i ^fcic^f, '^tfiaf ^ 

<5|^^t«J* ; f^^ ^tfl C«i5ltW? ^tCf C5?lt^ C«^«J 

8» ^i5it^ fW^ ^tcv5 f^ ^fs5i fif^ I "^u -srtfsi 
Cj^ Snc^ ^tf«R, ^tll c^tc^ ^r^iTil 'nlc^ 11 1 

«51?I!Tr ^t«*l^ 5^^^C5i? SI5 ^llls t^'r 'FcT 
clll. ^^^^ ; ^^1 'F5I ^r^ ©^1. >5^; Itf '^ 

8 ^[^ 1^, v£ii5i 3iJif c^ ?rt«iii 11^ 5n I *fc<) jnft- 
ei^^ >iit Tt^I ^\^\H fi^c^ ^'If^^ ^t^T, 

* JI5»t 'Fjilll ISfcHCii ci-^j -^m I ^1^1 «)tR 


A8 ; *i — <« ; ^^1) 




^X<>W'^^ ^f?R 511 ; C?W*I ^fi^. ^^ ^f^^ 
« ^tfl ^t?K?^ «'9? 5t^; C^Jl^l ^^l^l^l 

"aiiar^ii!:^ ^i^tific^ 'jfifN Ji^f^ wm ^\m\ 
^ni. «f^i^, f^is^f >9 ^f%»iR*f^ *(t;g ^f?^ i 

fii^i^ Ji^c5i? n^c§ ^t?i act^ ^r?!n ^r^c?!??, 

5i?ISI^^ Tt^I ^tsit"^ fil^C^ ®''lf^« 5t?I[Cf, 

T>^ c^ii^i «^ 5^1?, '^m'^u ^9 ^fnt^^ ^^ 
=5i?j cw'i^cn^ cJi^i « ^5i?i(.?^ 'PTC? <£ff*t*n« 

CfS 3^^f^ ^^ ^1^1 'Sillier "Sl'i^l ^ft« Sll ; 

jntisi^ ^c^j?, c'sii^i =5ii5n^ ^«n ^^ ^\?, 

^it5 ^t^ ^^ Tit. 4^ ^^ cw«r, 'sitf^ «)tw«t 

«iir^^ f^^C^ «1IR^; ^^'s ^^IfW^C^ T>.i.»!C^ 

i • fe^^tft ^<^7i5 ^R ^r^^ I 'SIR t^K?^ ^^a 
j^ J^Tft^2f^ 'sn^^ ^C5T, 51^3 ^^Ji?i 'i'^^' ^^c^i 

[f?^I. 4^t ^ml ft^ll^ «R-^^R ■^f^^l 
>£|t *I58C^ Tt^l ^1^1 f^r'V* ^(C5, Pisfsi?! 7131^ 

I'l^ ^I'^i 'sitfi «5 arc-*ra ara ^i^^i ^n^i 
>8 ^^;5: ^w^ ^rf^ « f^i^i ?i5it5l ^tfimc^ 

>« ^T^n^ ^'fi'21^, tgKTic^i^ sf??, ^I5itc^ vflt 
:s^'^^w\'s *il^*ii3 5f^«i ^?, 4^; c^ >ii^ ^if«^ 

»rtt^i ^ UM,^^'^ ^^"^ ^"^^ '^'^' ^1^'^ ^I'S'ti "9 

i» ^tC^C^— flJl^-^l5f 5pC<lt«l. ^1^1^ ffR^t, 'St^t^ 

^^ ^^P'lllt'f ; tWR, CltTTl^ <3 ^CaiJ? I^R^t ; 

^« 7):R:?»irs^ ^'•l^C^i^ ^T^Mt, f ?R, C^sn, ^^, ^ 
5 8 fe^"?? Jll^ CelW, vS^t "Slt^C^^ 11^ iltSfl, « 



U^^^ I 

[Kd ; ^'i—K^; ^o| 

ctiMoan fcsfi ^iit^ cfiif^^ «iv?5t ■^w ^fvs^ 

;^S (.■:^^^\ cJf^. 'Stilts ^1f ^t?t^ ^^^'^ ^fl© 

c^ti^i '5i5ffv2^ «iti>c^ 5(1 ; ^t^t "srtfsi ^r«ifr- 
fii?t3i Ttcts^ f^wi% «n9?t ^t^t^ ^r^^, t^i 

5pl^ ^«n 'SBt^ ■^, ^st^lf^tC^ ^?l, 'i'Tl'Sf^ ^- 

ccit^ ^tc^ ^^fa ^t1:^, ^1*11 *tr^ ^w?i^ 

•S'd^^^U^ Ji?ta^^ f^?^ ce^l^ Jf^^i ^r«lfl^ 

^ttc? ; c^^ ^tftcw^ fiiRf.^ H5jt*t ^f^;:^ 511, 
^^^ ^i?tr?^f."^ ^tat^ ^^1 fV ^^^ c?«?ii tn|c^ 

ci^Tst^tifsi'ni, c^(i^1 ^"fi!:^ ^^a ?«, c^^^ 
■^f^^itcg ; 'srf^ c^ti^l ii^t^^ ''!tci3^ ^t?i lf%^ 

3p^W^ »I^ « Cl^tSf^I'lT!:?^ 5t5t^t^ «^1 ^11- 
*i "^r?!:^!:?^ I 'sit'^ itf ta^^ ^^^ c;g:T«( -sil,^ 


• «t» 5ir. 'cnn*' tc^ nn^ ^t^ i 

n^ ^fR 1^^ ^1f®5l ^tfJintc? ; ^^^: ^^- 
^®^ ( ^c?5t^ ] Qt^ vs If t^ ^^ c^l'( -a^ 

^ f^^ ^tcf, 519{1, 51? ta^ >ilt ^Sill ^c?^, ^f^ 

<£ifi*ti^ ^^ntc< ^t^^ f^i^fft^ It's ^^^^m> 

^nsj ^W^ ^1«f ^C« f^r^C^ ; ^tll ?tC5I 
^t^R?? ^t5?C*ra ^|«1 >2t^3' ^ifsf ^1?tCtf^ c^ 

«• Ctf? Tt^I ^\ ^? ; ^C^ ^(fl 'ill ^ ^!:^1<T 

1 "f^ ft?PlTl 51?fa7!l ^l'^ lilt T^ "^tl 
«»• CcTtT v5l^ ^Rcl I "51 ra N^fl?} fil^ C^itC^^ 

» f fl C^^ JlWt'21^^ Iltl ^r^"?n -ill ^t^- 

^i^ ^ffiTit? C5I, «iit ^5 ^(.^n 7\^^\:^ ^|c?, 

«iJ^t *ilt ^^^ ®<^JII, H^lft-f^Cl^ ?tt^ ? "Sit?. 
«^^ ^i^n i^^^ ^\(.li■?^ ^i'^-^\m '^m:«\m 

C^^qi vfl >flt ^9tC^^ A^flC^ <5R^t^ ^fciTin?, 
i^ C^11?1 ^ '^■^C'l' ^1^1 ^fj^TIIf I ^<R RSR^ ^1^ 


^6 J ^8 — V*» ; ^«i 3 

f^% I 


^r^ T^]Si^H W.^ 'Sl^fR ^^ ; ^fl 5tC5J Jift- 

'STIR C^-fftCtf^ ^^^^; CvSl^ftCf^ ^Hcs ^i?i 
i« ^cl >« SM, ^t?tt «nira «lf^ ^^1 C?Rcl 

^f^^f^ ^^ Itft^^ ^TtC^ C'SRtCti^ f^l^Ct 

5«. ^<i^ ^5(i'^'5fi ^ Ji'i^ afsil c^rl"^ ^si^f^^c-^ 

t<lt ^«jn ^C5^^ -pfC^K^ C-^f.^^ 'Srtll ^f^3 5tW, 

•^?rc3 Ji?t'2t^ ^(?fcf ^ f^^Fc? c^ ^si^cci^ ^?ri 

•^pl?ltl|CcR, ^51^1 ^|C« ^« ^tCSlJl I «il1^1 n5 
■^Itn? ^I»R «ltcni f^fC^ ^ff ^5^51 ^f^- 

^H >a= ^fc'^^ "« "^t cwc»T? f^ipc^ ®n^i^ 

C5|t ^f^t?I^. f^^ ^r^g ^1?1 ^RC^ *npi 

?t^ ^I5K^ «r?5t ^t^l ^sf ^[^TIl llllir (fiWL'^H 
T^Wa Jin^ «lt^(Tl r^n f5{?^ ^tTl^ ^91 C5I1^- j 


^tf^^lfCW^ ^C^ ^tf^^t^ ^t^^^^l I 


'FflccR, ^R ^f%*(^ ■^'^^ yj cqi^tfsi «^ 

^^f^^i "5lt*|5f '?!:^ ^N; ^^ a ^11 f'HS- 

ICJIR-Ji^R^!:'!? ^W1^, CJilC^^ ?t^t^ 'S jftC^t- 
8 CSl^ ?t5it^ f^^Ct ^1^1 *it^t^ I 'Sjr^ ^1*R «rt*t?T 

■^C?5T,C^R^1 ^■\*\^ «]t'R fil^CT >ilt ^«fl ^r?iC?, 

* m^^^ ^t^i f^^i *itr^ I JcsEif^ «iif;i 4t Ji^cj 

^ lt*r'« ^l^tCT fW^lfl I 5511?, 5i5l^ ^([15 5l5t?, 
^t5t^ C5tC»I^ J15l!5<3 ^nf^s ?tC?, ^«H ^^T 

1^v\ii{^ will =n ?tc^, >e ^in^i-^csj^ (AW5\i[ 

5^C5 ^t*f5T 41?1 m IWV^I-^. 7\^'Sif ^55T, ^tf^ 

^sr, c^H C^11^1 ■?t?»f itc^ ^Clf «, >ii^* 

Silf^ ^tR5J-^U^ C^t5tf^^ H^C5 'sitni •^^l 

fyifffr>5!:^ ^t ■^«n ^f^^ii, ^m^t^i ^t*R 
«ii*tH 5(1^1 ^tn^-^K5f^ wi^itf^ii H^c? ^tf^rai 

^1^1? -Q ^15!^ Ceil'^Ctf^ ifR 5tH, v5t5K5 
«151^ f^^C^ 1Wt«^ ^(?1 ^f^5tC?H, ^ff^JIK^ 

'iin'^i^i 's{i\'^ ^i*iiH « 'sitn'it^ «r^i'n ^m. 



[<*> ; V8 — Vlr'; ^1 I 


.5« ^Ccl I ^T^l sift's^ ^CSJ^T, ^ifsi ^l^lA'lt."^ 

nt2i? lit, f^ ^11^1^1 ri^Jn ^f^5i 'sji'n^ jtici 

C9it^c-^ ■^f^sii?i, Jitfta^ vflt ^«n ^c^i, c^l'it- 
'^c^, ctf«i, ifia^^ tl'^?^ ^ra 1^51 ^nci ^tc^ 

^t^ lira c^ 1^51 *tra ^t^\ 'Efti itt— wt u 

•*i JilC^^ f^^-'?l ^Tl>2f^ oQt ^«il ^51, tl, Ifl- 

f»i| ij\t nra Ji^csi^ f^^ra ^tf^ittc'r^ Tivffa^, 

1^ 5tC^, vil^t c^ ''i^« 'siif^ ^1^1 w^ ^'^5- 

55^11 11 ^f^^, cf\ m^ C5it ^tci 5iir^c^, t5l 
fi^t^ 'si'^c^^ *^g ^itfiTi ^^^wi J|tft*^^ 

'|C? ^^^1C«t^ « 11^ '21^1 C511C^^ Jlf^K^ 

^glwisi^ ^'%ii, -iit ^«11 ^C51, «itri TtR^i. 
a i>ti^^ cqtirtrej '5tr ^f^THfg I ^tHel "al5F i^«t^- 







^P^, ■«It?m 'rti^Ccl f^?ItC5, ^mftffC^ *£lt 

7IC1 T>^1?Ti1 ^tfi^, t?» Jif i-^i^ ^csii i c^fiH 

'S^R ft^fl?! ^^^ift ^l^^CVf^ ^iWC^, *£l^t 
Jilt 1 21^^ ^C^ Vf^(!15ll1 fifSlR^'.^^ Tw^m 5it- 

fl?l ®l^^lfl^ Jif^^ ^«H ^r^ccii, f?i5fsi5 <»n- 

Ift^f ^ ^^H 1t^ 1^51 « ^f% cert^^i^C^ 
TtRsl ^tC« ^1 ^tCI f??lt5l 'Silil^t^ t^^C5 

^ft « c^ 'st^^t^ ^r^icsi, Titftfi)^ c^wra cit 
Ji^cl ^1^1 fji^ ^f;i I f^^ ^tri c'Slll^ ^f- 

C^[dC^ 'Q Jil^ <£lSll CcltC^^ ^fc?rt5C^ 4^^ 
^«n ^fs!, at^«1 ^H I 'SIlTt^ 'Q ai1ti1 ^^ 
CITlC^i^ Cq ^t^^tftf^l fl?!, ^Iltsll ^C1^ C<Pt 

f^^^^ ®i^^i% ^fsi5t'5^ I a ^R^ifr »itr^^ 

^tl1 ^[Tl a, Itfl^^ ^^It Wt ^oR^tifft^ 
Cfil^l ■^•fsStCfl I ^«R ^tfl^ ^l^^tft 

f^^fsjU ^R^lfl^ ^% ^VS Cit Ctt5ti% ^t^\ 

^l^ic^ ^r^^, ivft^^ -^t ^«n ^C5l, ^f ^^- 
m^n it«<j ^tR ^(R5i-^tw i^«i?fi<s^i:^ 
(.AniT^ ^lic*t ^trsfni i^ff?j ^11^^ ^^ 


51??I1 ®1f>Ccj *1^ f^^fsit^^ -^tCS IWt^'l^ 'ill 

J11f[fi(:| 4f ^Vfl ^t?1, ^f^ ^tC^^ C%tf5I 

^\m^ ^ct, f^^ ^?f3 *iR^c^ (M\i'^n cAWm 
£1^^ ^Rc^ I c^in ^tf^iltct^ ifft^^, tgt- 

^tr^5i--^t5f i^«iWR<;Jic^^ w\n 55, ^^?» 'sitfi 
^151W^ %m c^Yin cqi^nf^i f^^iti ; ^l^t^l 

*t«^t^ fw^itl I ^^1 fl^R5 '«t^^lfl ^t- 
f^^ ^R^lWK^ ■^%^1, C? ?1lfl5. '«1; 
JiVfl^f:^ C^isitc^ C-£f^1 -^IV{ Itt. f^^ ^fl >5t 

^11 ^r^tut^ I <ic^ infill ^i^^tift cit 

^<;iw jj i«i itci -sitn^jli ^nw I 

V^i >-^8 I] 



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«j'^''*ii atstsT^CJr? Pi^c^.-ii^; ^^«ni[fj»<^Jl? ^f ^ 

9[? fi^^i*! wfnv] ^^ -^n. ^*t^ atn«i ^f^?il 
6 ?f5i c^i^ ^^ ; U^\^ '^m\ «13^?;t5 si'jr ace, 

^^w ^f^ "^Tm ^\f^T^\\k, <««!ii^t^ *ttrs ciili 

^t^t^l C^IIIW^ ^tC§ WH ^f^¥l ^tlt^ Wl 

til yitfi<2(^ ^C5?J? I 

CJl yi^?I ISfCcI^ H^, «i13fC51^ 5J5, C5l1ir>'lC^ 

«rWc^ ^t^R ^f?t?, <£(^r. f^5l <5Jllt3 ^tc^ 

>«^f3^ I ^? C«15R1 ^lllt? 'IC^I ^r?5l ^RtC¥ 

»r^5i ^R ifCvSCallirif^t'.'^ itst^ ^m, ^ 
5« 0-511^1 ^ ?f^?t?, 5t?t«f t\f^vs\ ^:rU?? 

Til's C^ltC^^ f^^C^.CaRIW^ C^ flf'fsici c^tltW^ 
lf^« ^RTC^? ^K^ «I1|JJ ^C? J^t?, CJit Ti^Ccl? 

a^ ^t ^<H\ ^f^, Ctrl, 'silfsf «t?tw? ^*tc?; 
i» c?!?, ^Ti *fc^? « 15?^trl? Its ^fs^ I ^t^i, 

^tRCST C-af^* ^^1?, C^tl^l »J^C5l SJ^tSf^^ 

^\^u\ fiiil ^r??t ^tit^ sUci c^mcff? tR^ 

f^^C^ ^tA^-^1^ ^^«f?;^<!,71(.?^ ^C^ 7i5]^«l 

^fS^ ; CJ1 CvSIKC?? ^^c'nioc^ «l^lfff^C^ ^<f 

^^ ^rac^ I "srf? ^tf^csi f^^tfi^ ^3 R<^im» ccrf^ 

^^^i^iw? ^\^ 5iwt4f| csliic^ ^wm' c^^Jit 
^r^TiUf, ^^; fi<tii ^f^^n «ii5f[^ 5itc5r, ^\fn 

^IR, 'Sllflt '^I'Ft, til J1?I^'^ ^C^JJ I 




[ V^ ; \t—Oo ; \» I 




«jig nrcftTinfl ^m'^n ^Xn^i.'Q c^tsiic^ ^1^5?- 

^«(T^ ?« ; C^ C^ll ^if^ T>^ ^^51 ^ICl^lC^ 

^br ^^ ^fl f Srt ^^tCfil C^ ^lNC5i 3It1tC5f 5| f^^l^ 

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'St^^tft^ ^fcillSt^ cit *|X5 'Hi ■^llC5l?I I 

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MW^ St?l -ntf^ f?¥tr5; C^FR1 GSlsitg ^»t^t«( 

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vstt 'l^t^^ ^f^f^ t^^tl^, « ^1?1^ ^I'Jl^ 
JJ-^C^? <£tp5 ^S'tl ^r^^ ; v?t^1C« 1^ 'Slim 

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p^ ^^(^ Jl^r.^ ^111 «t5t? ^3 ; ^t?l ^^, Vlfk 

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c?rtR?. ;gt^t?wii, t^i^n, ci^^<;jictf? « cnt^vj- 

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« ^J:^?t 4^3 ^t^l 'BiRif ^RC^; ^tj|«l ^f^ 

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:e w\Si^ »at ^«tl ^l^^. ?15It?l --W '®5ll ^tt- 

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St^t? 5f?f 'SIR!? «I«? ^jtf 5T ^U ; ^^-^ ^tR 
vSt^t? «f^ ^^tt ^fS^, til ntft^f ^CfR I 
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fpf^nt '^\%n; c^tTt? <^t ^i^^ 1'R? hfum 




[O^ ; ^^ — OV; \rV 

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If^l lift t^tc'iiei-^si «e fl^fl-^^^i'f C^!:3i 

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Jiff's c? f^^i r?^ ^^!iiri5iii,cJit f^mit^JitR 

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^C?I ^1^1 fkv^ ; .a^t ^Jtfl '5t?tCVf?J §'9^ 

i5t«tC^ 'Sim f*l^l ffW 511 ; ^1^1 ^?t?l ^ 
OR, M^^ 5153SC^ ^]^ ^t<IC5l 3151^ «^^ 


♦tf^lfl ^^ ^15, fsiCI ^^fl? ^ ^^ 'SI?- 

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vs*" ^t«^ ^c?5?, cjf«r, »a5Pt 5R5 'siltoi?, c^ 

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ji^^iJi'^rt ?t5i vst^i? Jjf^^ ^«n ^fC^, « 

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^51 Jitfta^ Its^Jl; C^I'lill ^fTiflW? ^f?«. 

Jitarii ^fg?t« f^vi^ 5tc^ Ti' r 
«& f^^f^iTi 'Ff^csisj, Jivfi^^i .iit ^tn 'BTW^ 

•t^CI? n.9 ^J»t.5l5l C^Rl^ R^C^ «l!R5l «ilt 

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^flif^ «ii8rci «itit^ fij^c? ^iifi^i «irttc^ 


▼f^, f^ "^f^. f^^t^ «tnpl^ '5l55tr.5ili:a 
«rKra a c^aj ^tcw, ^t^l ^R 3F^ ^^ : c^^^l 

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WtC^ f?^ C^l c^3 3F11 ^r?5I|5l, « ^f?I^ ^=11 
5l>9?»f C*(^5l C^VlI ^t^tC^ C^"!^ ^fasl ftfcllsi I 

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io *j;^g ^^C^^ ?t.^ 515)«fl "^ refill I 'Slf^ ^t^tCif? 

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5b' ^]% ; c^t^t^ ^nt^a T>it ^tt I f R 1^5 

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fel5 "iff^sit^T; 'Sft.^sl"^ Wm'^ «lt'l^ ^rR 

f^^t^ ^w isj^i-Ji^t^cw^ Jii^ *(c«*l^ "Sirs c$\^u 
^« 5^ S=«lf^« ^A^itcii I ^fq fsfJi? c?c*t ^M fo? 

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Jj-^cl ?J(.^^ 5t(,5f C5lt(."^^1 ^tC5T^ fC'Vtlf ^''[ 

c'itsit?it fffc^ I c^^J^l tgt«ci-7ii-R^i "Q 
fl^ffl-Jl^R^I ^t^J^I?! ^^r'V, ^Rra ^tc» ^t^i 

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«5i-Jl^-Rni ^I'-RtCtf^ 5^f « ^^ ^1^1 ^R1C^ 

vS^'Sli^ t^ ^R1^ 5=il'I ?tCa ^f,f « ?l^t^ 

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fffcci, fiTjic^ ^@5i f»wi Um^, Ns-t^(5t ^nttf«f 

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^1?!^ icfj ^i^Rtf^ ^nt$ ^3 51^51 ^t^'i'i ^r^- 

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*j^g^gtr«f^C^ "SifSH 5l««J r^W 11^ ^^ll^l^ SiW 

VH^in ^R5tC?, «I|R «t5l ^t®l ^f^ Jilt. 

^11$ ^1^ ^c?j, dJ^ ni^ttir.^ "(11 ^^{ir I 

«4 «i«ii^ ijjH t^ii^^ t^ I'j^^^ r'^^'^ ^r^^^ 







O. T. 41 J 




[O^ ; >S«i— OO ; ^V I 

««>1 ^gK^t?i^ ^'^H, ^t ^«n ^tf ^ ; W«r, 'sUfsi fil^ 

^IR ^t?tW^ « ^t?tW^ *fl? ^515 tew? Ti^t^W? 
f(f^. C^ ^t?l?1 f&?^[5l ^tllC^ ^^ ^C? I 

•5\^^\i^ ^t^U?? n^c^ ^I'l'tf ^fi^, 4^? 1^1- 
wcn Ji^i^°,^^c«t? ^ ^ii^ <2it!:n? 'if?'* ^i?t- 

,<l| Ji?j^ 3|5<; ^si^ffl ^tra?lir5,C«f R ^l^tW? a 

=l?^U « ■n'S^^ ^tTi'^R ^t^tcw, ^tTlTll^r? 
88 ^^1 lilies I f^wt^J? -acvfc^t, f^^»rR^ci? 6if^- 

3l^Cl ^^i\l<[^ fil^f fsl? Jl'^^ 515IC^ V8 W W«t? 1^51 

^•\ c^ ^"Hi^ f^?r% *!;<^?<; ?^cif^ <^\wi'\ 

3P^ f^C^^, vs'^^tC^I 315ft^^? Tl^ f^«t!I 

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f^f^ «ilt ^t^ 1f«(^ ^^5?. f^R tfl ^f?^ 

^ra^l? 5i?) fii^^fi ^c?^, tt^t? 5?ti ifft'Sf^, 

5^? ^\^\ U^^ CStllC^ SiT^tl^, ^t^l ^R 

8 Sim ^1 1 ^1^1 'St i^c?? a 51^51 ^1^ ^ nig- 

'Ft^^ir?. >s^'s ^^icif^ j^i^ ^1^1 ^^ 01^ ^?i? 

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en Ji^cl '5l9|?t«« ^f^^l 'Stsii^ ft^c?! *lt*"( "^f^- 
5tCf, ^1^1 ftC^ ^t.l v8l?tr>9Il^ <?sf5 "^f?^; 

«ii^t vsi^t^i a i^^i ^n^t^f '^r^^i ^111? f^wm 

« *itf« f^^t^i ^m, ^'^'Si^ vsi^t^t ^?«*r5 

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>5 5la'^?J, f^i^tf^-'^ ^\5 « l^sn^il ?tTlK5, ^t 

^m^n ^■'IK? 'SimTJJJ ^C? I C^^SJJ^l ^^^ILcJ? 
^ITl ^tfsi 'St C5fC»l? ?[»lf^ mit^, t?l ^W\'2if 

m^-^ ^ ^^'^s; Jj^tJi^iw .ii^t til? ^51^ 5j?ft<i 
^Ri? ?l«ri5i(.ti? ?t«ii5? 5^tt^, ^iii?1 =5itn^t- 

5«CW? *tl51 »lFt ?J?ltC?l '■t1?R\5I ^^Ccl? 5J^5l 
«S?t T^|i?t? Jl'^51 Si^t?, C5|^?l«t^T^llt CqlC"^? 

»8 m\^^ ^ci'f. ar«r, -sist Jii? 'srtRp©:?, v^ 

|23TC55I-f 151? « f^^?|-fC5I? 1^1^ ?fci?nj% I 
5* Sl?RBt^ 'Q «<lf'i?5«1? ^5^1?? ^f?^^ I a\t 

Ji^ci fwc^i ffi^vfi *(f^gii*ntw,fn^»ni5i5i f^in 

^3^ ^f?C?, ^1? C^ 4? JTtCI ^It^IJI^ 5tC^, 

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i»^ ?I|l^? 'i'^^lTl *Ji^c^? 'SJ'SH ift^ =fl ; «it? 
f^«J 'sitlt? 1'S!i:«l c^il ^"^'i'if. 'S^j ^c^WI ft? « 


OO ; ^U 

08 ; ^^1 ] 

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c^ pnii ^uw, ^t^r^ ®?? "^^1 ^]^i^, ^tf^l^ 

f «C513 ^if^jff C^spi ^1511 ^^1 ^t5 511. « yi^^.5^ 
^f^l C^H *Jt<3 Ttf ? ^1Ct^1 ^r^l^lHW, lift^^ C^ 

^5tt? ^fa^itcfi ; ^t^cn ^tlt^l ^111^ ^^\- 

•^ftf f?^Ji -Q ^tra ^i^^^^ 'Sifif^ fiui 11 «it!:^, 

•\i> 11 "^r^^l ^(f^, ^st^i ^tc^tt ^ifsi ^<Fl!:^'a ^ 
'simi ?fl ?t|c?^ ^t»l!:^ ^5tt^ ^r?T)1 'sigt- 
^!:13. 5l5tc^i « ^U^tc^ ^'vCt^ »It^i^^ 

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c^ -sjf^ ^wm ^r^^ I 

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■^cfi, c?^. ^fi ^if^?i--atc5i^ ^c^ viit It? 

«f5f« I ^fsjQ ^l^m f^ ^tC!5 Sfi'1' ^tC^ II, 

T^^^ s(5i *tfec^, « ^t?t? 5c^ Turn's ^c^ ; 

sra^R'aN ?f ?i1 c^tll? Jic5f ^sii ^f^c?, «it^ 
« ^fl ^tf^C^l ^111 ^f^C^ I ^«ilPt, CI f^4?l-?|s? 






C^llt^ f^CW vilt ^t1 ^51, ^fl «I?5l ^?1 

n^frt^cif? ^9, c^iii? *i^<R9i^ ?l^c^5 ^^, 
c^ii ?t^ ^tsifs^. c^fi csrtc^ C5\^\n ^^Q 
Wt? ^fsc^, 4^? '51^ -2f^' ^fci?r1 cstif? Si5f 

f^t'f ^f^C^ ; C^RH Tl?|«^ ^C^l. ^tfl v£lf 
1 ^sifl ^r?51t3l I *|C? f^^fsi?! ^l^lTlft mitC5It5l 

f^I?l-?i^ t^nff^^c^ v^Ji^ci w>(\ ^r^c^i; 
^"^^ic^i ^tR^i.-atcw? ^Jig f^*rtc5iLi? f^wi% 
« R^¥t? 'si^r'tl JR^ i^ic?? n^ci, en^"*!^ 

f^^ n^vfi cif,^ i?ic^^ icsg fiiiBls-c^^« C5it 
^l^tc'T? ^tc5 li% c^n'Wn ^w fi'Eii f^^ 

^f^CST t? 5ilft«f ftc^s C^ ^^J T%f5IC^^ 
fl^Cg ^^if^^ ?t5T, ^t?1? p1« I [11? ?t?)t- 
ffST C^.l >2fC«l-^ 5i1 'Sim ^1''t1 till!! iflJIC^ 

T> t^^l ^jf!c^ ^ ^f?5l f??t!i ^rlc^, 

?t1^ ^?1tC^ 11 I 'Sit?, 511^ 'Si'll'^ « >15R? 
C^t^ 5i'3i'^ ^|?lt'"55I ; ^t?f?1 ^t flUCI ?^ 

^l^iR^T c^, -sic^jT ^1 'srtni ^i^R ifti 

^t^TC'^ ^ ^f??I1 f^?t? "^HiC^, ^t? TR^ 
^^1tc? 11 ; ^t?t?1 JI'Jl^ l|5l !at^T'WtC?F ^3^^ 

^Rii f^?t? ^f?5i%! I f^i ^'^'^c? Nsif rai 
^f?^tff 5T, cit ?ti ?t^°^nt^^ 'Sit?!? ^tiit^l 

"SlftHCW? ?t1 H\^ ^f??t? ^?J ^^t^ ^f?5I I 

^t Sfg 5i?t'£t^ H^^ ^f ^t^I f^?flC5? fi^c^ 
^C^l, flJI? c?*t ^?c«, ?tl^ ^tc^, c^tltc?? 
'sitfsif ^t^tc?? iR^ »st T151 ^f^¥if|5i|5r, 

'C^lll? C^tl ItlU iqt«1 ^f? CvsRl? ^fC5 
^^ ^f?C^ ; CJi ?9 ^"^1? C^Rt? ?1^^ ■^f^Cel 

n? ^fi ^(^"^F 'i^ ^r^Tii 'siinit^ ri^§ ?tc^ 
^ttc^ f?c^ r f^^ c^isitcit? fn^*!?^!:^! 'sitlt^ 

^ti"^ 'si^'fti "^r^^ It. ^?* ^'f*'ii« ^f?5i 11 1 

?rRl. ^?lt "^f?5lf5C5I. ^^t'^ SiV^]'^ 511 'Sll^tl 
^t^l «n5?W? ^^ C^R'TI ^f??lfe5I. *£]?? 

c?i ?[cf ? ^ic? ^mt? Ill ^^re^ ?liifC5, «t^t? 
•tc«n ^tit? i^c^i fi?ii fi? ^fsiilf^csi I f^^ 

^■^ii mm f^m\ m^\% ^m'^ m mt^'^ 



[OS ; ^«J — «<f ; ^J9» 



^n^ 'stt'isj i^iv5i^ vs <2(f^=it^i^ ^% c^t^ni 

^r?ra "Sltlt^ ^C^ ^^5<H ^^ ^Ilf; ^«i|"^ 

^^^ '^mm. ■^I^t^l "Sltlt^ ^it^lt^ f^?1 

HMcsi^ ^«(j^^i, ^<j;;Ji^^'=i, ^i^^^ti « cwc'i^ 
11^ 'Sfsii, ^?t?l c^l^viHa 5it ^i^^^ 15*1 w?il 

ofiftC^ nRlC< Sl^t^JI Cff-SI vs^^ <5I1I^ ^^v 
RRC<I^ Cma ni5RC?l^ «l^g ^tRR5C^. ^t^t^ 


cil^ffs f^l^t^ CT[^!:tf^ 'i'5i:«l ?lf^{5l ^Kt- 
^t^t^l "^h^, "sili^l yi-^l^Ji ^IR ^r^^ sn, 

cw? isRti c?? ^«R« ;ffi'^i?7i "I'R ^rlic^ 

511. fV^ 'sif^^^J? ^i^cvs ^m -^rac^; c^^, 

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^tf«l viil ^^tC^ f^^R^ ^^Cffl fittfW 

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c ^^51 lit, c^<55i ^?i?r^ c6l» ^c^ 1 f^r>r>?i ?t5i1 

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^t^^1^ ^nC^I ^^ %5 f^|5{ I p(^R?l ^t^i 

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?fi^, ^Rt^ "^tci t'Vi? i^\'^[^ ^r^?ri^ Jji I 

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'siflR 7(51 f^s ^fc^^ 5^1 . f^?i ^f^^ ^tf^ 









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Tti 511^ «i^i « ^TR^t^ i^l^^nc^ ^tf?c^ 

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*- *tt? ^55^*^0^^ ?|5i^l^ 'Q 111151 C5ilTC?? 

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^t^itr^si, ^i^if^tc^ ^^i 'SIS <5i^f»il csrt^- 

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sfC^pn *tf5'5 ^|C^ 511^ f^^ g1g;5 m^? 9tl( 
C^tll^ «£ltt5il® ^tt^; f!Pils?i ^fj( «it^N5 
fWl ^fnnt?, t?1 l^il^^ '^^V{ I 





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'Ttftl^^ "TtlCS |651 -^H, ^m ^\t^, "Sllfsi CsRt^ 

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5^5 ^?{vi |»i[tf:^(.?i^ 1!:^ c^ ^"^^ cfit^ f^^, v5t^<i1 

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Sfl, C^Rtfsf 1C^ C^tll ^f?^, t^cR ^rl^ 511 ; 

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^(^1 ^tc^ 'o'^^ ^l-e ^ ; C'^^l C^tllCtf^ R^ra 


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^iif -^'m^ c^tiicff^ ^''(c^ c^sif^ iSitTn^ c^[n 

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NSlf^JiH^ >jf5I ^15Jir>51t^ ^l^lltC^, ^151^1 ^t^l 

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CTII5R51 <£iV^ CJi^rt^ra^l lJTC5lR^5fl^ Ti^Rg ^51^. 

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'gtC^T C^ tC^^ ^?ir^ 'Site?, ^15(5 ^^^^^ tW 

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§'^?, *iif ^5(1 ^5 J?, cw«f, "51 1 R ^1i:tr»t cfit^i 

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t^U ^'ic^ ^t^^i^ ?tsf#1?i 65t^n f^^t^ 

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^^1^ n\^l-^ g^IC«, ^WC^5 1tI5C^ ^RfC^ « 

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c■^^^ ^i<t^ ^itcig ?f ^©-f?, ^is't c?? .£it fsiJ^^ 
5« %m ^tc® "iif^c^ '211R ^f^c^ I ^-ra CT RJii 
fi^sil ctf^i^?) Ji'^5! ^(^c^ citsilui m^ I 

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^^\m ^^ C5f^?tc«t^ fec^ct ^^ffi? ^rl^l c^5i 

■^f^Ca^? C^11?1 ^fs^^ ?tc^, 4^t ^r«(fti 

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■^T%i[\, ^t^l^tf^ s^^ct^ ^f'Ail, c^t^tw? fmm^n 
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of«r, 41^ Tii^ ^ilPTc^s?:?, c^ Ji5jc5 ^ifsj sic'sr- 

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8^ ; ^5>— <?o ; 8 I ] 

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o. T. 42 ] 667 









^1^1 g^'^^ j^t^:^, ^titc??i f^«i?i *t^»R ^« 
•^^ ^flTitc^, ^^tf?^!:^ ^tR ^^^ ^f^^ m'W 

fvf^ ^tC^ FtR ^1^ ^5fR? ^''IC^ ^llt^. ^^'x -^ 

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«tft^ f^'^ ^r^^ *tf«N5, v5t5t^ <2rt5ts| ITel 

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^tn5l-?t^ « ^151^ C?*|IT C5lf^ -Sff^^R 

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f^c^ ^13^1 5it^, ^t^lciR *W; '^i'5t<^ ^51 

^tr«tc't^ ic«o ^tr^5i c^5R §<;7ig ^tci ! 

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ee ; >»o — e^ ; •> •] 



f^m f»tR^ ^t^'? ^ ^5K^« itw\ nitus 
f^« 511 ; «t5t^ fg^i^^t^ ^ ^t?tc^ ewe ; 

C^tlH U^^. C^-^SII C^W^ C5lt flR ^^f^3, 

^cit^ «rtt5i n^c^, c^5 ^t^tc^ fe^ttc^ sfl ; 
*i)^*v ^tR ^1^1? Ji^^i Ji^i:^ 'sit^^j cit^tTtni m, 

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ot ftf'51!;^ 'Sir?^ ^^Fra^l I J^Vtt'SI^ ■^Cl^l, "¥o!jt?lC?? 
«>■ ^r^TlKl, C5l J]^5! ^15^ ^tC^ I ^1^ SfcTt^^ 

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^9 ^infffc^ ^i^t^ f^^^ ^t*^"^ I 'J^^^ 'it^c-^ ^(?l 

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n^tn^i ^, 'Sfc^T^ ^5{ ^itn^i 'BiT'iJT -srti ^^i 

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t*- 51CW, ^^?j sitf^^i ^^Ts ?t?iic5 1 ^f^ '^^- 

* 'si^t*-, 'TmT srfeutfTtci? 's^^s^n' t 




i. \^f« I Jitfm^ «iRfcif"5 flf'a^«1 -2f¥H 

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3^ 'Sff^C'tl'f 5[?1 I C^tl^l ^tRCci^ -2J15lc?^ HS^Cf 

^tC^ H^S= ^R, C^t't^ %1l^ trig ^t«r ; C^^l 

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^^ ^< ^r^^ ; Cs5Rl ^^1 *J;f ^ ^ ftc^ ^< ^t%^ ; 







51 «i 



CvstsilC^ ^^l|5l C^f^l^l f??, 'Q C^RIC"^ ^^^ 
*t^^ ■^r<I^ I Cci1c^ c^tTl ^tc^ C^KT3 5f^ 

C^R^l CtfC*t 5^^1 ^5f, ®ilf®^r.«t3 SlCSff ^It 

^■^t^^. fsif^ vS ^H'^7\ ^tSFTC^ ^15R R'fC^ 
'Slt^R ^?, Nst^t^ R^tC^ ^"^ ^ c^ivit^irsc^ 

^f^l^^ ^^^ CWC^I^ C511^l^ a^a ^^ I 

f^^IICf ; vst^t^l ^^cTH%9(^ 511R ?t?iKW ; 

vsf^t^ ^Rt51 ^¥=1 if^. vsfft^ 5\5^t 71^51 ®!r 

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^« ^t^itt?, ^t?t^l ^51^^ ^t'^jc^r wtstl^tc^ "Q 
c^\%\ I'^^i R^5i 5t5tc5 I ^151 ^tr^^^^c'f^ 

'^t^tC^ ^ ^R^tCfi? I ''SitlR "2irs '"Q «I|5lt<r 

*^RR W ?RfR cifiR^-i^vt^ ^1C? ^€¥.' 

Cvstlt^ R^ff R"^^ ^f^"^ ; C«W^ ^S «J%- 
C»tf«( 51^^, 4^t ^t^t^ ^^l"^ ^^^9 « ^t^tl 









C^ ; ^It—^S I ] 



^f^C^, Pit5»tR^W^ ^(Tl C^\H ^W ^f^'.^ I 

8 5 C«|«t^ * C^5l^ ^Ta^^^f^J 51^^ ^fsilft? 

CJi Nst^[^ \s?C^^ ^Lwm ^t^tf^^ ! 
c^t w»t c-^? ^t^ -^c? 5f1. 
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f^^fsf^ I 

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5151^ ^^ f^^»itc5ic5i? f^j^c^ ^tfJT^i f»rf^ 

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Nl^'IC'? ?f^ ?5f5i?;1 5i|5l ^ I t5T?l 'J^^^ 

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f^ ^tft^ ^t/ii^t^ ^f^ *I^1C^ It'll 

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53 «!t35l^ c^:§^9t?T 'sjastsoftT?© '^ci flutes, 'srt^t? 

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c^R5i1 ^1^151 i^sn:^^ Er^ k^ ^??tf^ii ccji^pcif^ 

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cvsif f^ rVfsf CTf^ 'j^ t^ ^R5icf St I 

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i5re f^ Tt5; "^i fV^H I 

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is ^5Jtf5l ^5tfl ^^l^lir 51^le!5| ^^t^JliI f^^. 

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^« ^ api? ^ipnl «ir^ «J^t^ I C^lTI^ f^'f^^ 

tilt ^9 «itf'« ^i^ic^ srsjHi ^ra^ I 

^r^ 'sic^ «ti«tii ^i'^ I 
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«> CT5R1 ^tf fe^^sc^ *if^^i ^fsit^ ^ I 

«* ^1^13« f^^itf^ '^^'<^i U^h ^c^, «t^1 -21^ 
«i fit^ 'srtsit sn ^r^ci Tt^t^ ?t^ f5i^ 5ttv5 *ttc^ r 


O; 80 — 8 ; Irl] 



8. ^JT, 'srt^rai ^*i^ ^'TR ♦tt«r^ jraiR « *tf f 1 

"^mK ^t ^f?ral5, ?^ ^11 sitt I 
88 ^ oic^ ^*Rtt^ 'snB^tf'i ^?t?. «tt<Ji1 

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5ii^, ^tf^ §r659 ^5iff I 

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41 c^ f?R 'srtfsr c^itc^ ^tf^ire, C3# i%5T ^ 

«*' c^ ^, ^ 'srwu «rtc'ra f^^t? 1^^ f'j'nf^ 
^T511^ t%t^ U'^f^ -^n I 

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I'ra fw5! ^sRtctrg 'st^tH^i ^fsrsl^ 1 

*« jj^ ^t^tfwtt^ ftc^u ^vf^t %^, c^tftji ^ri%- 

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^'N ^ ?5tc^ 5fB^ ^f?ic^ J 

1^2^^^ f^fkW^ %l^ 


sin, tft^ ^tsici I 
*tt5f ^^ra ; 

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^nrt ^i^«, ^?t3l Ttc^^ fBl% ^itt^sR 

^nc^ it?c^^ ^rs «iG5 snf 1 

*tC«lf ^l^tfW'IC^ C55n ?R1 511 ; 

( J^ ) 'StlTtC'fT ▼Q.-.ttru T« I 



U^l^ I [ 8 ; 15— (T ; ^<t I 

» ^«(tc^ fJr^3 c^rlT ^'t'^l ^^* ^n:?5l n^^ c^if^ 
C^^ Iti^I c^ush "trgr^ ^^ti^ c^ '^ f^^ 

tvs l^t^ ^t^" ^tfH 'et^^tf^tt'f^ tt^'t ^3 ^[ft? 
C^^^ \s(5t?1 ^l^t^ IC^ff 5ftf^^^t<! WttvS 

58 ^t?1^i ^fi-jfct^T sm 'rt'r ^:«i ^r?i5l c^stt?i'lc5, 

'^iCT ^? STiJi "^TnuB tifc^ fl I 
^1i?ii ^^'5=1 "^r?c3 ^f<ic^ >fii^ ^tf%^ ^c^- 

^|fl^ ^, ^l^lRVf^ CR^I^I ©'■if^^ I 
^» ftR 'STRIlf ^ ^tR^l^ ^l^^^-JI, Jitfia-j^ ^r«- 

^t^ fW^ ?f5Ititf5cit5l, ^It^l ^ft? ^¥t^ 

^slf^'Ki^ 5re*u ^^^ ^*i5i "^m I 
c©tit^ f^^z^-Q c^ nt^Ttig ^tf^n, ^f^ii^ 

*ft*fc^ *ftf% ^ ^^tsfsr <2rt<5rl 

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'«!t'ttOT^ ^ts 1^1 m) V^f^ls ?U I 

^f^^tt '51?IC?? <5l'f^t«f ^?^ ■^f^Htfl I 

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^l^iW^ ?S 5?C3 'Sllltf^l^C^ ^^t^ wc^, ^iit 

>211^C5 fls «!r?5t •21^3' I 
Sf^C^^ ^«1^ 3l*f "S^^' I 

i^ ^sg-^.^C'l^ ^■fS "stf«(?Il #I'>J C(f«51 c^. 

( T» ) «J»nflCf ^ ¥S 1 


C i ^b — ^ ; ^^ l] 

f^^tl — t^f^C^^ I 


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5& 'sitTtw? 1^^ ^|c« ^^? "iHTii nfptcw, 

ab c^^^\ fj!c^t^ l^« Si65s ?t^ ^|5tc^, 

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f^wf ^t^^fr^ «i^j^ I 

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f|« ^5ci. ^^' (Tit %\m Ji5fi'2(^ ^Rt^ ^nc^ 

€ 1«(I^€t '2f«^ «<t§^ ?rt?I <Si^ ffcj I ^t^ NSt^t? 





fffC^ ^^^ ^r^-5 ; Gf fm'^ ^f?C\s 'Slt^tl tE^t 
f 5x5, vst^RI CT^ f?C^ '5t5R ^r^\s ; ?15R^tt5l 

'Slftr C^CSJtSJ^, « C^l ^ftf ^tCNS R^I<^ Pl^fe 
^IR ^lif ^ '2(t^r^9R^ «I^C?lt^^ ^f^STt^, 

c?«r, <g«c5i >^ •st^ilcff^ *tic^ ^r^ ^c'^^ ^"^ >ii^- 

ft5 5ig t£l^ v£l^ ^Sr fl«1 1 ^\f^ 5U^H ^«1 « 

?it?i r^^ I I5)^^(c?i ^ 5tr^ u:g= Ftf^ 'iic'^ Vi^ 

?t« ; ^1? ^?l^1 "^^^ ^xs?i ^tC^ S-SflHxs ^t^, 

pspism'S ^«R nH ^itc-q ^^in^ ^^i«, cf 5ptt 


Hif^c*^ I 

[% ; ^^ — 'O; ii t 

5t, « ^^ 5^ ^^ f^^. ^^''^'^^ ^W^ tng 

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^« ^j^^ I ^t^?? si^c^ ^*tr^^ f^^ti^^ ^i% 

•^<> «lt^ ^t^ttf^ 5l^C^? ^^'frl^ f5l"5t^5lil ^1% 

i^c^i^ ^if r^-^ ^■^ ^n f^^, vst?i ^t?t^ §c^ 

^tfsi "STs^ Tl^^ 5ltlJ ^1«1 C^fl^t^ ; 'SlftsJ 

«i?t^ ^f ^ ^tf f% ^^f«< ^°tcu^ ftfCT «ifir^'> 

S f^r^T 'Sillier ^mcqvf, C? T^I-5I^t^, 

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C^fl; ^^t?1 ^lTt^ f^CBlfr ^t?ltCf, 'St^t^l 

f^;?tft ^51 — 'a'llfl ^^C^ *1t^C^, ^t^tc?^ 
Jl^R, ^R ^1^tW^ 5tC^ €1^ ^^S ^1, ^t^tC?? 

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'sitit^ Tt^i iiT^ ^fsi^. ^ifi^ «^^ ^ ^n 

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<iit <X^^«rtR c«t^5j ^^, ^-^i t^tni^-^^ 

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« ■?F?ttC51iT ; 'Sit? f%R ^lltC^ ^f^C?!^, c^ ^^^J- 
T^t^, 'SltlR C^tttC-^ CTl <J^g^ f?fciR, ^^1 Sf^c? 
fif^l ^f5^1 ^tf? ^r?*(4 ^? I ^'<^ ^ifsi vst^ 
c^t^ -^h^m : ^t? ^1 'Sitit? ^i:«l 51^? sgitTl 

ft WRt? ^1^J Jf^^^ ^ I ^1^1 ^R 9I#|^-Tf^ ^ 

fT^ tglc!i5i-f c^i^ fiiTc'? csivm ^tv^ I 

^!» ^t^lCtf? ^11 C«Rt? C^tC^C? ^'tTT, ^1?? ^K- 

cfitf^NS ^^; 'snfi vsl^Kw? fsi^i;^ c^Rtc^ 

•> ^It^tC^l v5t^t?1 C^llt^ ■^11 ^^'9 ^Sf^'S I f^ 
t51ClI5i-f 51 C^lt? ^«n ^lRl« 'I'SvS ?^C^ 311, 

b' f5^ I CW^, 'sJtR ^t^W? ^'t? <£|fN»^ C5RT^ 

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?pf)ft ^\m\ f^c:?lCl ^51, ^^rffi ^at^tfifnc^ 

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m\^, ^tf^ C^Rtt^ ^t?1 ^13^ ^, CJft JR^ 


Oj i^— 8 ; ^-l 



sv&fif^t'i «rt? ^ «rt^c5ra n^"nc^^ n^Jiit- 
^r^rai cii^i c^m ^fsi i^i^tcn 5?f«t^ ^1^1 ^pr 

■'Ff^sni ; "STt? ^^t-EI^ ^^ «rf1t? ©tCJI ?5i^s 

51 'srt^t^ f5(^cl ^'tf^^ ^t^i, C5 1^^1-^^H ^tf^ 

CSfrtC^ tZJtCl^-fCcI? 5i5) -£l5^°t fifl^s* ^f?- 

fT^-a f^§ 511 ^51, ^^ cJif ^1 csfT^ Pi5? ^nuKti 

'oltf'l ^Ct? ^^l^ UH K\f^, \5C^ CJl 5if?c^ ; 

511 ^nc^ C5^5{i fvfi^ cJi ^r? *tH 5?i ^t?, 

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girr, 'siTg cw«t, CT Ti!;5{ 5i;fi«^? CTt <2;^l*f 

^8 vS'R 'Si^fsj ^^ 5t5l -sireciisf I -s^c^ «]|^ 

'siwt^ ^^ ^f?5i snin^ nm ^ cw^^tt^ 


"srWi:^ ^%cR, Jit's, ^ <5jt*t5T ^(C5?i ^ ipf 

C^rtC^I 5^ r?¥| C^SIIC^ '^ftW, ^51U5 ^1^ 

'srifsi^ cstsrra fsf^l ^^ ^s\^.^ ^n^it Tfli^, 

^1 ?|C^ 511, c^FllJil xst^l^i Uvs^i\ ^ I f^ -^^ 

's^\f^ c^t^iii 5]c^ ^«il ^fci, ^^ C5i5n? ^«t 
'Q^. a 5n ^c^ cjj 5n ^«j^ ; ci55i^i st^t^ 

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^t^ ^Jiraf C^lt« ^^, vst^TsI ft^C^ ^5 "srtf, 
'St^T^ fttfrcis Sitsft^i tl«(. '3tC5( '5TC5I «15H 
f^S'C^ f»fR3 ?t15i ^^, «Q ^T-j'ra f^jpc^ Flfl- 

C2ir5t^ ^51«TI1 5)1^ C^ITI? « 5i?tC?^ ^KiW\ 
C5[\^-£ii^lHl[ ITH \51^ ?t^5T ^^, 4^o C^isrt^ 

s *ft? ^r^l ^f^ nTC< »I^5i ^f^ri\ ^gtC!l5I-fC5Il 

^Sl^t^f ^t^t^ §*tC^ ^N ; ?l^ ftf5? ^fsj ^151C® 

»ni5i ^f^c^, N©^ fff^ \sifiw^ 'si'iintf ^^ 

C^11R ^^ f5fC5l? 5]t?Ij1, ^?fK fs5i *i^ • ;r^ 

fff5l ^lf^1^; «ilt?iCn ^r^l tStCH^l-^Ccra 'Sl^t- 
§fl ^1^5? Vff^c| «l-ft.| »t55t «Ff^C^, v*l^? 
f^5I, ^-^ ^7^ ^';il«^ fsifsi^ ,<1^ ^-^ ftflf, 

'51511^^ ^f^C^. ^8 ^I^R f^C^ ®R^t^ ^r^iC^ I 

b- 'sit^ ctf«r, ^ipi ?^ ftfin cstsn!:^ ^^ ^ra^, 

PpR:^ 511 I 

■^m\ ^^ vim, ^^\<!, fvssj »t^ * 5i^t ftf5j,^i 


f^^C^^ I 

[8 ; ^i— ^; ^1 

f^ T^ f^t»ff3 c^^j ^f^^l c^t'^ -^Tim 

i\ f^c»R Tilt? ^r?i «'iH ^r?c^ I 'Slt^ ^ «ri?T 
:?^i ?c^ f^^c^F^ gi!i ^?i c«t^^ ^f^i^, 

^Q'^'v ^T^tW^ ^Hcss l^t^I^ f^^ f^?1 ^5151 «1t"^ 
^t?(W^ sjcsrj vat?t^1 ctI <£(?Jlc^ ^t15? 'sn^^ 

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O. I. 


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IC^ 71^(21^^ -ilt ^1^1 ^11 1^ f^^l^ ^*ffl« 

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fB^t? ift^ ^I'R '511''!^ iP^ C^SjSi -^fgr,^, 

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^8 ^(c? <£|^^ 71^^ ff"lc^^ ?t^I 5ii^^^ I ^t?1 

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■^^xjj 7\7e^ ^|c^, f^ci^ 3itg ^tc^ ^\ ; m^X 

■5p»{1 ; w p^i^ ^tcci^ mi^ ^^^\^ ^f^ic^c^ I 

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f^^^ ^fc^ ^ ; <5;tf5j c^ ^t^j ^r^i^, ^t^ 1^ 


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C5it W<Rt5C ^I^Ttfff^l'TC^, "^t^t^l ^^R ^Ifi^ 

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vj^Ji tt^ ^rtt ? fitii^^tt^i 13 r> «i5 5itt ? 

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flin 13 *1Cv5; Sl5t?l ^riJji^ -sisitr.?^ I'sts 

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fitti ^f^C^I, CW^, ^151^1 ^f5T fW!n ^t^ C5i*f^ 

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^c^. ^^ifw^^ ^5f, v5i5i np5^ ?tc^. srt^- 
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^fec^. «si^t fit&« ^^»Ti ^51 f^ftun ^nc^ « 

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♦tffec^, 'Slli ^1^1^ 1C5(J C^tltttf^ N1t»I ^tC^ ; 
^f?1t^ C^ll^l ©IRC^ C^, 'Sllfit T^^f I 

'I'^'g ^f^^ : 'SPfS ^tfl Cv»l1tr>9R^ ^fi)^, (Tit 
f«r^ ^1^ 1t», <£l^; 'Sift? C^*R^lf^^*f<3 lit ; 

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^«li ^cfi, f«f^ cJi? jficfu^ftf^ii;^, ■'lift?! 

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^st^tc® C3ii?i snr^i^ c^, "sitrsit Ji?t«^ i 

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