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Full text of "The Holy Bible in the Original Hebrew and Greek: Old Testament"

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Boston— Hartford : 

e:l\?vood g. tewksbuky, 


Copyright, 1888, by 
Elwood G. Tewksbury 



This volume is a direct outcome of the interest in inde- 
pendent Biblical research inspired by Professor C. 8. 
Beardslee in his classes in Systematic Theology at Hartford 
Theological Seminary, and of the idea suggested by him 
of an edition of the Bible, which should contain in one 

%^ volume both Testaments in the original, as a text-book 
not only for use in the class-room but for permanent com- 

j^ panionship and study. 
» The present work consists of the Hebrew Bible of 

V) Letteris and the text of the Greek New Testament of West- 

v^ cott and Hort. It is not a reprint, but the original sheets 
of the two books as published respectively by Trowitzsch 
& Son of Berlin, and Macmillan & Co. of London, bound 
in one volume, and offered in convenient form for refer- 
ence and study. 

It is hoped that this little volume may find a place in 
the movement among students and ministers towards a 
more diligent and effective "Inductive" study of the 
Word of God in its original languages. 

HABTroRD, CoMN., December, 1868. 












Ail rig^his reserved 










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baias KCU iripav tov *Iopbavov, *lba>v de tovs z 

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rjXBav [avT^] oi p.aBrjTcu avTov* kcu dvoi^as to arofia 2 
avTov ibibaaKtv avTovs Xeyoji/ 

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