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^ AND 

Hfe Old Englifli Tranlktors 



C O M t A t N I N 6, 

t Dire^ictas ^f the niof e I^evdiit V(t dt the 
Pfalnts, and a fiiort Hiite^ical A^cotiiit of 
the Tranilatioii and Tranflatotrs. 

IL The Pf4$kd' or P/aks ofVdviJ, ^f the 
l^iSiiilation of the Great Bible ^ Pointect 
as they are to be Sudg at Slaicl hi Qiuteh^ i 
With large Explanatory Notes. 

in. A General Defence o^ this Old Trarifla^ 
tion, in anfwer to all the C^bjedions M 
Cavils that have been rais'd agitini^ it^ 

■■"•■•^- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■-..■... .- f .. ..^Mmrti/ 

i v>lU fray with the ^irit^ ani I wiU Pray with the 
underfianJingalfo : I ^illjing with tbeMriti and I 
wtifing 'ttflth the underfiaming alfo^ x Cor.xhr.i^, 

Ncc T^mm vcrbo wrab:» rrfdcre^ -•*— . 

jiwAti di Art* Vo^t. 


Prihte4 hf m Vt foi' It KKAf tocK, at dfe? 
Antel vaA O'ffivn in St PatO^i Chat<M[tmit 

* Ut>cc\t 

.. i i..; ■ viid'l 

■liU .t 5 

-M 1 1 

'J.J I -1.1 

■V ri •^.-V, 1 111 Ai; 

I .L:y; : i 

■'■< I. lil ' ! 

.a s \ 



r ■ > 

g^MrVo^wmrt.^ \ni \»\A tit \ miL 



> ,', « 

endeavour to exphiacdicife >^C(^ikad{^SeniUiA^f^ 
isdiichiimay^ mtfio^rikdiljr hyiiH^ty 

K^cajta^wvdtEomfi^ And;, furtlferpi 

^toi:a!&iwb]^da>dBJ)Kef rC^^)^^ fto- >^vhkA >(dbb 
^ifluiflAdoa habifadDkMK>u^ni(^^ £bhie; indth 

dt&omth0CATiJfe*0£ oujiA^ laic.tol/nafiUfe 

ai&dfviichlfo inuc}i: jteal jki3diBNS7)Q|:km.a^ it . otight^ 
ciMiAeuliaiiy >ka^e« cmdrtain'd tob^ in^an i^ O^i0n 
«bf Jtfaa iTraiiftitfiih.rii What L. Mw) feid by ^mf ^4)f 
:3defenae bput'alltdgetfaerat^thceiid of chcfiookj to 
^^^did' OTirfufibinvi'fl}!bU a^ prtfeht 6rii\ie myrtbOL^ 
^3^if]^€tic6 t^ &y fcmidbthtog.df \ >^ 

." t 

^ * '", 

* • KW 

f %E F J C S, 

- - I. Tie Pf4ms ib m mft l wu 
II. This Tratifflatim of tbtm. 
lit Wbat^hercofflerdbjfWMjifEx^ni 

K Hie Book ditfalmsyis a CoUo^aoti off 
of Prayer, and Praife, and Holy Meditations, i 
pofed byD^/^\jai\4 o^tfaerJDivike Writep,.^ 
E^jeirqfe' of the Devption of GoA'S I^eople, e^x^. 
hr ih publickv . li'lk^fr^ <^ ^^^ looni; tQ dQubt. 
that thdy wef^ lb ^ifed1>y the ^€wi^ Churpju a^ 
p4^^ who CoiapbfiAitiskigks^ did 

himfelf defign them for tlm purpbie, as appears noc 
only from the Titles, and the very Words of many 
ofiliem; but frdmtfce care heitowdiat feyendof 
the Families df the* luHAits flionld wfe»3Uy, or cl]^f)y 
apply .themfelves to thisi part of £|urine Vfom^g 
1 3 iy%t. ihf which lie wasafjierwards follow- 
Jtd by lus Son S^hmof^ "xCbMh w i^i;, tt. as likewiie by 
IS^ti^Mfmhen helufidertook ^ f^mate diie Wodhitf 
of God, after the return of the ttoj^ from the Ba* 
fyl^^ Captivity i^Exjti$T&.io,^^.^^ ^^ ^ - - 

Oiif Sa)riour,vWho;iievtr mewM ^^ly inclinat^ 

itq iatter^ . whete the rdaibn^waiiiot very . aj^sarem^ 

wias &hr from imimatingany d^kedf ttm^a^o^ 

^at ke^ with his Apoftles, cc^dudfed die Sol^nnity 

^^he^Paflbver^ and the Sacrament of his Body, zaA 

tBlood, widh a Hymn, -Mttti xkvL 30. that is, with 

the cxiii, ^cxtr^^ cxvp cxvi, fcwii, cxviii^ P&ln% 

'.^hich weie call©d-by theJews.H2i4f/, or, Hynm, and 

u^datall thei(|^eat:Fea(ts./ liJayy -dio' he had the 

Spirit without HB&afiire^ yet he choib to perform lri& 

1 laft Devotions on the Crofs in.die W6ras oiDawdg 

rgther than his own : For he arie4 out in his utmoft 

.€3Ctremity, C -A^ (W, My God, ipby^dfi ibw.forfalkm 

me^ Mat. xxviu 46. which are the firft wor& <^ the 
, xxii Tfalm. Dr. Hammond luppofes, wirfi great proba- 
l)il]ty,that he did opt ilop here, but reliearied a good 


fttt bf tte P&kn^ if not die v^Hofe. As he^ tmohg 
us^ wlki ihoald fav^^ fti^h 4aid fiibh Pofom fung Te- 
n^e^Mtkimmy ot^Oica^eletmJifig^'] would be uti- 
dettttod dtoreW to mean thp whole )ccy Pfalm ^ ib 
^nhcn oar Savknir is^ t^ St. Mattitwj recorded to 

this may reaibnably be lappofed to be the mesu)ii)g of 
the Evangdift^ that he rdbearfed die Pfalm^ u4ikh 
b^^ With th^e words. It ' \$ certain^ that the Aj¥- * 
dents, and even our Forefathers, ^ce the Refor- 
matioii, did^us diftiiiguifii; or name every Pialixi 
by the firft words of if, ('as appt^h frota the Table 
at the endof dieVii]garfin|^ 
im^ probable, diat tlusp^addce firft came from the' 
fevfs. v^ <iwed die fi^veral Se^om of dieir kw 
by Titles, ot Muitt^ coi^ifttng of the Words with 
wfafch the SpB&xki begsm; 'SBud fot the fame reaioA 
may juffl^ befubpoled tobavJe'giTenNames to their 
PfiitnB after the ianie manner. But further, we ara 
affured, that ^ ver^ laft wori^ wUch our 8ftviottr 
utter'd with his dying fireathi were a part x>f the 
JXxX. Pialm, wr.K. \ht^ thy baUs Jcmmend v^Sfirit^ 
Uike xxiiL 46. ^Am fitrely, nothing fi> j^eatouvbe 
fiMof anyoeher wayof Worflii{^aimiifl m jufticebe 
&id of the ufe of Forms, and particularly thole-con^ 
tain'd in the Pfalter, namel3r, that ourSavioorrlttmi^ 
did thus perform lus Devonon, when ne was^ &U(h-* 
ix^ the great Work of our Redehiption, and did in 
this'maiinar^our out his Soul upon the Crds* 

The Apoitles did in dus, as wdl as other para- 
cnlars, keep dole to dieir Mafter^s Example. And 
die Church in' all fucceeding Ages has made the 
P&lter a great part of iu Devodonj and therefic»r9 
diey, among us^ who have laid afide the ufe of the 
Fialms, as Forim of Prayer and Praife. have, in this 
TfifpcAy departed, sioit omy from th? Church of Eng*^ 
land, but from ^1 Churches^ not only of the. pre* 
&nt, but pail Ages; and even &om Cbrifi Jifm Imh 

that ['irisunla|wMt«(Woi:lbip>^Qd ^.aKottn;}* 
aivl t^ only tfafon th^:1»»l for ^i(&s^^^Btub 
as I'c^ feei was» that i^ jQh^citjolvSi^^W, iartor 
iX'btdi they had ];eiSbdv'd (0 (l«pl;t, \)^\aiYl^y|-^utf 
Woi^ped Go4 ! Thiey wJaiQ^ftfft iMt^ftiiibo-I^afiei^ 
Imeao the PrtskptrMtt ha^e^mtt^viiiTsfl^tosfSamiiba^ 
<did tK)i; -in reality tbkik)Font)SJUilsk9fo1r^<foc(tt^ 
have, j%nd do yetv^ryjo^tetuufQiiAoiiORly the |;>ardi9 

tlie:Ferms of tKe pijurehy t«ic ^tatfa ^almi/t'S^f»r 

fnUo Praife; Jtto^ncftritt) Pt9ff.iotGSo^hya Bonb; 
or^ ?s if t««r& afton^Ue. to )Ufe'thor|ar»ist3f i)^i/^ 
tbo' not . m«' QisQhrijk ^efm ciQmearfihare ittfedd 
pi»:fti^'ihi3 g^pbtvilesNati^^ not (bi^ico^ 

re jfe£|. th^ Foif m jiiuit ptnr:LQr(l;pr^]ibfed;. hut 4 " 

they lid ^il fw^otteagiite.iii CD^T^^ 

] l4Jft^ o^ difp^g the KoiotM^i^ d^iel^ Xtoi. 0f 
new N&KiDfia^ i flialjLxiefire thcfe whoxipay \&&nrfkip: 
God: ^y fingijagj,iai!7rcbeai3mgiliBpfelttis, tacbm- 
f(|i;t/ and'enoDura^xiitofelviBs .inj^ Exeiv 

c^iby,£Dnfideiic^> ^pat they peitform their Devo-' 
tioa^ in tthofc Y^-!dFi»ms: that-wq'e;iis'd by ftliei 
^^y FdlcwrtW^lQ6tii6Pro|)hdt^ thc:|ioly Comi? 
j^aay JTO Apcriftle's^.thjb MQble/Arin§r> e£ Martyrs,} and^ 
b)^;!diet(|>an:o£ JBqA himfeUy \ wMfce, lie: was here ptf 
Earth::jla tfaoftiycryt Jk)rmsify>\*ilMch [ the- Ho 

C^D(urtW\lJt^>^#<^^^ the W0id4^}has tod does of- 
^?fi ' J /. , fer* 

f9.BB AC b: 

fer dieir Prayers, and Pr^es to God £ and in whidr 
we arelare wehave the Company of all Cbriftkns, 
of[dl diat do any- where call on the Name of^he 
JjotAj J exceptiog fome nufled People on thk £de 
of the World j and that we ufe that very Tranflaoon, 
which was fo much valu'd, and ms'd mch a flaaie of 
Devotion, and Spirit of Afertydom, in the Brea^U of 
our Forefethers In Q. Maryi Days ; That we fuig or 
fay the Pfclms in thofe very Ef^Ufh wordSj,yith 
which many of thofe Holy Men foent their Uft dy- 
ing Breath ; and with which we ihall not willingly 
part for the fake of a Hthrew Criticifm. ; - - 
- In a word, the Pfilter is one of the moft Valuable 
parts of the beft Book in the World, the Holy Bfble, 
and contains great rariety of Forms of Devwion, 
fitted for fllmofi every Occafion, both Pnblick and 
Private, and thofe above all exceptioh, as bein^ in- 
flited-by Men divinfly Infjnred : and as it is in itfelf 
mtfft excellent, fo it has accordingly been- dleem'd 
by aU competent Judges ; for it may juftly be affert- 
' M, that the Pfalter has been either tranflated, 
written over, and printed, thaa any . other Bpok in 
the whole World, not only as often as the reft 6f Ho- 
ly Scripture, but frequently in Volumes by itfelf, or , 
■yfith th^Liturgies of the'feveral Churches,. l?pfhjanr 
cient apd modern. ., . ' / , 

■ The pious Reader' is forihe^toiobfen 
Pfelms are to be read, Jiotonly as the rei 
ble, in order to believe and p^^ipe the F 
.contained in them, but, fo .%i,^ ipay h 
.&me affedion, and temper or M^d witf 
.Holy, Penmen Corapofed thfra:. which 
better expreffed the .^jffQrds, of _ ^^ ■ "i»i 
ix.J^liin>iLt{ the Heart do'iiftxit the, ^S^-^j 
M-w^ij^wj^!] (That Imay alittleex- . , i .,, ., 
■plaib my lelf onrhis fubjefS, rihall confi^"^ 
yar,ious Matter of which the.P^ter confiftsj 'u^o^r 
thde following Heads, viz^ 

5*^ g'l'rf.^BS' 

4l£, They wer?'M:»;jiis:b>(»n^J**«»iMiW^ 
morerciir 1?% ^'h^lifty^ ftHiWn J^^Uwsft Qttnebrv 
chat r;TisnnlflVi'fiUtftWodlwp>W ^-*Etwn:J# 
a»} tit^ only t^oa ih^-^ for «^y€qH«^tvMiab 
as lean fee^ was, thu i^ !Qh^ctt«l-£^g/Mh^, iortnr 
which' they had fetolv'd m d^pfttt, J^alW^ytsluitf 
tvor^pedGod. TheywhiqtAsftTMtdetflKOwaiieicij 
Itnfiao the Prtsijteriant hav<^nurilQtt[3|ylllii:$|ttxatJthfl^ 
•did. not; in reatity ttuiik} iFonl»:UKlatofolFi;<£br{t^»d 
have, and do y&t vQry.oi&eiuttferinoiiflnly the («ardf9 
I*rayer, hut theFomuof. i3bi^:tti{) iarfpftii6mflxfiiceii 
Th& ii^endatiii thp' c^y-hav;^ ADtlxK^ ilaid:.dfi^ 
tbejrorms of tWe; piUrchy fefCui *hBtjotCi»ti/?r5!«/«- 
t«(>:jyej; do Uke^ife rolg>feawi|Bntrtf t^&SvKnteiif 
th&i..PJaIter,r fo-often. ^they^^sn&blbior.llehgioiv 
Wovfliip: ThefvM^a&a^ asifihcijcj^oughOitlknfJ 
fultoPrfufe; jthc^iicjt.ieoftsjy.ioifibdt.'^hya Itoiib; 
Of:, as if 'twere alloWaUe. to lUfeJ^r^ilrms of '^atutii 

. piurfti^^this grobhdleiSNQciilnl&iiary^ ndti ^sdyJax 
rej^.the form that ptGF:Ii,ar4;piB&iafabd,.bat >tho|0 
<ff'A^(^»aiid t^otheccP^nuflsi- j^inean tlle:.^d&' - 
^r/,im^ manji <rf,dieft4i»ii*«?»«^i^i thusj^didt 
rhfy do aU fw«etig!^i*e.iacwpdBrtiiiiliigfarinsni 
gaseraly .yecth^y;are:efsljaa^r^>^!laKia»:e-with)6h£ 
^Q.G9^M,i:with-Bfia&n..'^nd:Seriptsre|^ias. theiy Qr» 

WJlJJi4ie;ChlUJdl:.Q6£i;^iaiii/. i ^i ■': -I >•, '.:;■ 

I Iik-ifte&d o( difpisdng the Poiac Witt^ thefp Mtti of 
new I«i(KiDJi9j I fluilf <deAre Eho&whod^ily Wooflnp: 
God' ^y ftngingji orrreheadingtKB Pfalins, ta com- 
{6a/ and'encouia^iiiiihiJelves injiusHolv Bxeiv 

pious Ks 
ir-*^ are to be rsa- 


*.■ { 

]U» Aimniiums to Hclmefsy and Cdiitim^ ^ffiinfiiin*. 
lEL Trifeffonsifiiur difpoMtms to VcrtM^ml rtjclutm^ 
of leading ^ po00 Lm. .; , 

IVf Cfmfejjti^^if and htigtii^^ Tardon^for iK » 
. ^. l^iyer )4r hrace^ apd whatever ^ P^c^llf^ f^ ^ 
^oms and Bodtif, i-' 

W, -i^^^x ^ Fiiiri^ find reliance ot$ GaJ^s Vrovld^m* . 
. Vllf ytfiim^kdpnents ofGhJCs fjfectalfr^ence with 

PC* Qimnaints of tho Atatiee of wicked M<n ajtamS 

\ • theci^d. . r:^:j- ' ^'^•\;. 

X Iwfrocations agamfi f$^ Men. , V 

y^^ Traifes, and Tianiygivings^ 
' I. Fok the mris of Creation. 
^r Fftke Works ofTrovidence^ effedaUy in deUvt^- 
tng buVeopie from the rage, and fury rf}^tir 
EnMei, dnd dl( the miracnlms Favoifirs, 'wbicp 
Ujhewatbem. V ^ / .' 

t: Forfif Be^jii iff hi Word^ and the knowledge of 
Ji^fTrgtii; '^- / 

tlfij^ motion dieHappinefi of a pioiislif^ ai^d 
tr. r . . , ' , . becanfc tliefb 

. ,- tms parpofe^'and 

— Jwc^ons agaiirflthfelDoarine are paiticuUrhr 
anfwe/a; (PA/.xxxvll. aftd IxxUi.) and the ve- 
pr firfl Pfelra is wholt^ron this Subjeft j but bicaufe 
I, think that one of the gjeateift AdVantgges, that is 
to be gained by the conftant and .hearty ule oT'^the 
?ialFV, is the fettling iii ' obr Klind^ this ^eat and 
Weighty Tnith^ that there Is no real and lamng Hapr 
pine^*,>^ut What pfOtteds'frdm the Praftice of Reli^ 
"ppitr ajid tijtfrefoie tfifeft paAs bf the pfalter ffiduld 
I?erf ^d^or ito^ withJtfferiOtts, and wcmive Thought- 

If* < . • . ^ 

f «L E f / C E. 

rt freed from thoib Prejodir 
rid'wicked Men have rah'd 

oUneG, and cautions againft 

upt with in rehearfirig the 

w? all Hand in need oi, and 

Exerdfe wt^h a fuit^ble di£- 

ill prepare us for (iie receivr 

irluch we find nungled with 

/ou do yourfelf join in with 

1^ Congr^gatioa in fmging, or reading, thi; good 

^ijoujilely wmch ch^ Ffafiis afford, it will be, 95 i^ 

were, a Sennon preached to you by God from your 

own- lips, and lb in all Ijkelyhood make the greater 

imprimoiu Many a good Sermon is loft upon t|ie 

Hear»s, Vyreafbn of the Prejudice they have againft 

tu(h t^c preaches it: but one would tnink, that if a- 

ny Adi^(^ ^ye its efFeA upon us, if there be any Ad' 

snonitiom dgait^ which there can no Obje^ions be 

inad^ they moft be ^ch as God gives us by our 

ownMouuu: and'this I fuppofe is what thcApofilp 

means, tfhen he bids us ^eak to our fth/es h Tfalms 

(mi Hymms, Eph^ V. 19. and fiJmo»ijhing pttr frJvti m 

^fatmjiiftd Hymnsi Col. ijl, 16. for 'tis in the Gntk 

Ca!\it \jourftlvesy or, oMrfehet] in both Texts. 

nt There are in the Pfalms frequent profeffl- 
ons of our own virtuous Dif^olitiotis, and Refoli^- 
lions, as,, [^LorJ^ what love have I unto th law'. I 
have dme afttr tly Commaftdmtntu I will v)ap my 
btiHds in IntuKencyA and ft great deal more to the 
feme purpofe. "Inwe are iome indeed, wpuld per- 
fwade PS to rej>oun?e our own Righteoumeft, but 
Z)«t;i</ knew better: and St.?aul never renoun- 
ced any Ri^teoufnefs, but [that pf the law] of 
Mofes, PAi/.'ni. 9. which confifted in mere external 
things, as going to the Temple at J/mfulem, oiFer- 
ing Sacrifice, wafhing, pqrifying, &c. He wasfo far 
from renouilcing, [that JLighteoufnefs which is of 

(.- ■,! ■;...■ ■■■' _ ''i ■■> ■ God 


was his rejoycingj or boafHng, the Tellimony w his 
C6i^cience,that m (impUcity, and godly fincenty bs 
had hadhfeconverfationiii theWorldJ ^is indeed 
impoffible for a Man that is fincerely good, not to 
know that he is fo : and. if he do« and muft' knoW 

do it not, niajce an appearance of Humil|Cy k prcr 
tence for their Ingratitude; and how gooa.fpever 
they may be in other relpeds, yet in this pafticul^r 
they are very defe<Stive. Further, it may (bmetim^s 
be abfolutely neceflTary for the moft modeft.Man to 
profefs his own Innocency, and Integrity^ and even 
commemora|:e his Vertues, as when one \s falfeiy aC- 
cufed of any Grime^ or whi^n ones Credit and Re- 
. putation is alperfed by envipus, or hialicioiis Spirits, 
which was the Cafe ofDawd and St. FatH. For (ure, 
no confidering Man will blame another fot telling 

* the Truth in his ow^ defence, and appealing to God, 
the Searcher of Hearts, and the Patron of opprefled 
Iniiccency, and injur'd Vertue. 

But here it may be objeded, that it cannot rea- 
Jfonably be fuppofed, that all the Members of mixt 
Congregations can be fit to ufe fome Expreffibnsin 
fhe Pfalms, fo as to maHe them their own Words : 
becaufe very few have attained to Rich a degree of 
^Piety and Goodnefs,- as Da'uld and the other Plal- 
rnifts make profeffion of. For with what face can a 
carelefs^ or indifferent Chriftian fay, Xhy tejtimonies 
are the very jcy of my heart. I was uncorrnp before 
Cod. I h'VeJet God always^hefore me^ &C. 

• To whicli I anf\ver. That fo long as Men continue 
in a wicked ^courfe of Life, they are not only unfit 
/or the ufe of the Devotions contained in the Pfalter, 
- A but 


(P^£V A eg, 

. »|9tjrinS ui^iPafli^es^the J^lins txi their owW 
Beite^^biit'th^ ciuiAot fomuch'SsreMaea Pe^ 
apw^i P&lev or eventhe-<QofifefflonorfiiiSj iath^ 
linrgyin » jirOptr ' ^nd'fi^rdeable matiAer ;' for htj 
that tooffthlslj'aslie oiight; muft do kwitlirdblutioh 
^-Aiatea^mait-3 >^ dO' I ktiow how gfry.gbbd Prifyd 
an qaa^i^ttaA for th0 Tdeiiths of ynik&iMsnj ait 
lp|iff&iflW\i!i<tfol(!,e tao&h^ucfo. ''■■■■'■'■' 
< ■ ^&-ibritA»fej ' w^ hbv« fliuJerely repentedy and iti 
eameft begun a verraous courfe of Ufit, I fea n6 r^- 
foay ^>ttfl^:«h6y may not Unite theb Hfiarts- ahd . 
l^oldM; WltS^tk^ Church; lh>ehearfiAg thefe Pialins. 
Fopwi liflay^Vf&W aptiy take'a great part of the PAl* 
M^lfr't^Baa^dfiof thewhtfleChurdi'tb Ahnighty 
^>d J ' afld tften, no dobbty b6t every hwieft Member 
of'ttiii fiodly^&y pfirftrfiti his- part in this pious Con* 

the-firu^'i^iirehp whertof ha proffeffes hiniielf 3 

MegnhbtyiPiimi. 'glarioui vrithin^ Chat n, adorned vnrti 

^ ife^he* i*f ihward Gr^cesj and Excellencies ; amj 

y«', «1»W6'is'th&t humbW, hearty Ghriftian that wflf 

[iFeiRHfie «) fay fo of hftnfelf? Perhaps the very be^ 

Mefl -ckS'ffer^ think fuch elevated Expreffions fit 

t4» bo ai^Ply^i to their fingU fe!ves, or to their per- 

ftnd PtifOTMsnces ; biic any fmcere Christian may , 

, vofy: weB-jiaiiiLlft' the publiefc ufe of thefe parts of th^ 

PMt^/M^ii he confiders that what Keiay?, or fit^,' 

is'ehe'Vdi&e of the Church Univerftl, and t^iat as 

Ws Toiigttt is but one^ among" thofe'inriume/able' 

Ghoteef CArif^kns tHrdughout the'^orid, fohfe^ 

of thofe Vertue^, and Pcrfciftu 

Dirhainent of the 'Church,, the 

there is no reafori to doubt; a? 

^'d, but that David did infome 

spreienrative qf the Church; a^ 

himlelf in the Perfon oichrlfi-^ 

'edi' And the Magnifictt, or 

- * ■ - long- 

* ^^IF ji C R 

by way pf I>evo4ont mtui In the mai^ 
fpealdng <^, itbac is^ as A» addre£ of the Ctmdi 
UfiiFcml (tb? Spoiue^ the Hand--maid^ the Vii;g^ 
to Almig^j^ Goa : But I wotld not have aoy ono 
from hence ponchide^ that a devout Mm may. not 
pfe this litynui^or theie Ffalms^ in his Cloiet^ as. well* 
^$ix^ the Church : for he may in his own thoughts 
confider himfelf as one of that large and. vaft Body^ 
v^o finrve and worfliip according to laefe Forms. 
KikhtandDay. » r . 

IV. SomePi#hn$ cpntamCpnfeiSpnof Jn^ Mid ^^ 
neft prayer for Pardon; ^d^hefe miift be rehfarled 
with a ^ear^ a;s M of gAtfJ^td cqnc^n^ and he^ty: 
deiireoffor^veneis^aspoffible; ifwefaaveno^ttfliy 

^ofi fms to repent on yet wp may <^U^ mind our 
paft Errors^ th? fjtos of pur ywth, or (he lo$^ pare 
of our lives. If we have by ? vertuous l^upation^ 
and an extraordinary degre<^ of Qod's Gi^ce^ heeob 
preferv'd from inch nns as DawJ wasjguilof of^ or if 
our ibrrow for our own (ins don't fwellfo hi|^ a$ 
the words of jfbme of the Pialms ieem to iippprt, we 
may.lympathize widi them^ who are in the ^te of 
Penitence^ who are ready to fidl into Deipair by rea^* 
^n of the exquifice^ and jnercing fence they have of 
their iinsi |^or true Charity wfli teach us^ [to bear 
thdr burdens^ and to remember them who are in the 
boods of )tniqu|ty^ as bound together w||li them.] 

V. There is a vein of very atifeaioi^te Devotion, 
and Prayer^ which fpreads itfelf througjk yerv many 
of the Pialms : we fhall fyid \n (hem Petitions for 
moft of our Wants*, whefther of Soul or Body^ tnit Or 
(pedally for Divine Grace^ to enable us to perform 
our i)uty. Now as thefe PaiTages Ifaould teach us to 
raiie our Defires^ and Endeavours after th<^ Graces 
and Bleflings^ which we ftand in need of ; fo they 
jpotild be a warning to us torehearie tfaePialiBs ftand* 
ing, that fo, whenever we meet with thefe Prayer^^ 

f ^E P A C E. 

wetddiy beiatf fKifhimficioofl^ diemupto AImi|(hty 
God. For we have no warrant to lit at Prayfer; 
howerco iio€ in the NewTeftament 
: VI« lit die Pfkbns m fllill frequently meet with 
Ads of Trait and Relyance in the JDinne Good- 
ods; askl efOT^ Chdftian^ that fiiicei^ly endeavoiirs 
CO perform his part^ may certainly leave the i^ to 
God^ and need nor doubt but he will'&pf^ly all our 
necdBary Wants, and preferve us in all the Dangers 
we are exnoied to^ orbowever make all corn t6 hi)f 
Glory> ana our eternal eood. It may fee indeed^ that 

we in cor own Perfim^have no great reafon tabe fo 
appiehenfive of any fuch Danger. <k Catamity at^' 
tending m, no fiich oocalion for the exercfie or our. 
Confidence^ and Reliance on God^ as Dam J ttettis w 
have had^ when he peh'd ieveral of Ms P&bm ; bat 
dien we may apply die(e words to the Cluirch^ the 
whole body oimod Chrtftiam %rtiich ttalways more 
or lelsy in whole or in part, tfareacned with ^auk^ 
and fnares from tt^ IwomEnendes of Religion; the . 
Devil and his An^^ and wicked Men j andyetfhe 
may iafefy^truft m him for deliveranoe^ who hatb 

proodied, [-tbap the OmUs tf Hdl fii^U i$€^z>ir frtvail a^ 

VIL T&reareinthBp£()msfreq)^ntaduiowle^^ 
ments of God's eQmisd preience with his Vwplt^ of 
which the Aik was the QrmboL ThisArk ftood for 
die moft part in a Tent, or Tabemade^ till the Reign 
€£sdwHimy vdio placed it in the innermofl^ and mc^ 
honoarable part of the Temple^ which he had bnflt 
for this purjpofe^ x Kingi viii; ^^6. God had promirdd 
that be would befiivourably prefent with his People^ 
and Itt^dieir Pravto^andDe ready at hand toreliera 
them in aUthdrDiflkakies^ between fheChmibims 
on the hx\i^Exod. xxv.zcLai^aa. and :xxix.4;. and to 
:^ure them of the trudi ot it. a brig^ Cloud of Glory 
did fometimes fpread icfeU not only over ^e Ark> 
but from thence ov^ ^ wholeTabemadc hs the 



^ (1(^E V A C E. 

Jews didr^ljyays look oo*W(4*lo bfe thfti^hifcf l?riTf* 
ledge, axid tliJ5 . ereat^.Orcwpienti aad Honoito^f 
their Nation; ^ the Pjfjlm^ do vdiy > fr^uwtlyl 
inentio|i,-aii4 acfaiowle(i^eiWsfarOTr>..i^ Qod 
had vpuchiafeii tfesni} %oa/5|Wny PfalUHiWereindife. 
edy on purpofe CQ t^qh \ii9t m^le ta fxiy jdirir Da 
votions to, G^jl confider'd 9» pr^^<^ ^^^ ^ Arfa 
Now when ^d fChriftian. Wonhif^r idie&ries any 
of thefe Pfaf nis> he is to x^inemher, that ^e iUk was 
a Type ^f gi^/iiC^y and! that the Godhsad. didj 
^ does nipr^ ^ffe^iaUy^v^ild roaUy id\fcdl ^ faini 
liian ever ifidid »n the Arkij it^iat CMjf gfi^isftiTily 
prpfept with, hi$ Church; or wliereverrw?i^jfo-*r^r% 
gather d tsj^hrJn hisJSkimeitti}o'rmitih2in^ 
ajjy.majtmer. c\Aad it iBay:;fiaiiletibetobler\r?ai, that 
we don't ,mnt^ Vlfible Symbols ^f .Cbrifii^^fusi Bret 
ience anuHagft rtei > I ibeat^ tii^Saoif^ment c^ his Bbcfy 
^d ^^Q<^; HM4ijteh( : we« i»lg^; th^eforft i tcLaiiptosdoh 
^ith^as grcsat terereiK^^.attlfail, as thfiij^mir ^ tfas 
Ark: Mdlfi>kee;:n;^(W:dtcuQL>hdld ourK^ 
£bmblie^ withmUfa^eTokbmof hift Prdehbct^heS^ 
crament €f, hh Body and Sloud^ attrit- 
buted to the Iniquity of the.Times^ and to dukrCbh^ 
nefs in Matters of Religion. 'Tis allowfdj; that tfag 
Briflutiv^ Chriilms maa^Khki&acrmiiet^ finfeicton- 
fiijt parr 0f?rtieit piAlick DpTotibM* : GodJgrant that 
vfre may^byid^ees (njrfe>iAisifle&A kiibwii^^cdt 
Wjpyftipjt aatp be fiirc!Mi& ih^ftd6^ wtten^dkeooytr 
iim holy j$i^,wMch ahimajfefcitbe^ikftPro^^ 
«Mr Boly R&Hgibn^ at^ccrCleio li\re.0^ tlt^jdid^j^ 
t%: to he' alWaijl^ t>eady ; to Commtntpatje^M/Thfe 
Church bf! J^vsv^^j^iiifte^-itficoiiiiant Comm^ 
&as order'ftrthiHoft to ociefa;v'diwhich they believe 
to bi5j nOt>oillyi«. SynlbdftME':Cfifij?.'s prdfence^ but 
Qhtifi him£bt£;zatndthis thcykee|» peipetusQiy in theii^ 
Chttrches^jtf a^rbhftant ODJofl: to Drtdne Worfhip. 
i^hfe is a Pxaftkein ttfdf niperftidous^ s^nd a3 ma^ 
oag'^by tS)€m^idolattod9> afiictx^dy woife. than the 


«>■ 4t E FaC B, 

he ftould meet with fo much 0^fitlpii^ wheii HA 
his intentions were to do Hohour to his'M^tr,and[ \ 
be a Benefadbr to his Qxur^h and Pecpfe: & thstt^ 
indeed all that he (ays on tms Suhjed, n not fb j>ro« 
perty to be underftood ih'aity^ fence^ 9s[ that i am 
How mentioning j namely, as ipoken ift tlW Ppfoti 
of the whole Church of God, which cvdr ha^ifcwf 
fliall have manv bitter, arid implacable Bnenlies.' And 
the meekeft Chriftian, that can pttt up 9II pri^d 
Wrongs, yet may be moted ^th i juiOndimi^^ion 
agdnft thofe that are Encftdd5*to die Ghur(?ffi^ Pcr^ 
haps there is no eftablifli'd Churchin the WttrM widr- 
out fiich Bnemies, 'tis (iure the Chtu*ch oi:^0and hkk 
her fhare of diem, both arhome and abroSdrN^, tp 
ihew diat Dmnd did Prophecy of the fiitatfe i&t^^bf 
die Church in his own Petlph, We toVe lidthltfleW 
tvanted dide toward whom we have behaved imf 
fclves as Brethren, hi^mMed ottr fiwls with Faffing 
when they were perfecutedy d^'oufed their Caule^ 
andfought dieir Battels, wbert thcJ^vi^rediJ5*reffed:by 
dieir own Princes, recdted thefti widi atnie Chn- 
itianFriend£(iip,^d Hofpitali^, when driVen but 6^ 
rfieir own Country; fon^e of whoip have, hotwJdi-i 
ftanding afl this, )<5irfd^thejijfehrti w:oiaf EhetC^ 
When we have been in Advi^flty, artcf Ipk Vbiom: 
againft that Church, with whofe Chari^ diey 
werewarm'dand cheriffl'd:' ^'^ ^ ' '^ ; '- 

. X. Again,. Sometimes th^ bhffinate ^aiid ^ecfei- 
riiabte Enemies of God an* XeB^on: hkVfeXtafe^, 
and Imprecations denouiic^ agauUift^ d^^ the 
Pialms^ Thexh^ft obfervablfc^diefca^^^ 
and cix. Aiid^ate tile fBRtnB had a tdjMh otr 
Saviour's SuifTcffi^s in b6dt tHdfe Pfelftl^l^ 'tis evt-' 
dent, that dieimprecat^^^ |W^ cottpWiK ^n- 

Jof^ andthoft who jotnedwitfi Wttj in ^t execrable 
TreafonagainftdieLifeofCin^lfe/Jir, APzSkzc 
out of each of theft Piahns is tf dibSy appjy'd to ju-^ 
iasy ASts 1 10. by Str P^rer, smd diat (hews tOMdiorDr^ 

(P (R B P ACU. 

ajrf what foatbf Men the reft t^^^ namely, tcy. 
iK>rie but ikeh as are^ of the Temper of Jisdof^ tod if 
CAn/J were a^in upon Earth,, would again betray 
3»a crucify him. The cxxxvtf Pfklm,i;er. thd laft, 
wasiixtended agdiiift the Babyl<mlansy the gr6ateft E- 
necftiesi which the Church then hsid^ afld frdrrf 
d&^nc^ Ahtichrift and his Adherents are cillfed *<4>- 
A>^ : III ttie New' -l^eftament. Ttiere are. no donbc,' .* 
many Antik:hriftiiri Sjrfrits in the World^ aild- 1 can 
fee ndt reafon, why we may not with St?. V^^^to-^^ 
nounce^»/ifi&(?;»^ againft therii, i C(?fi xvi,22; G^M**'- 
^fpecially when we have this S^nt^nce put iiito oiif ' 
Mouths by the Holy Spirit. Ih k w^rd, I take -all 
thef^ Paffages in thePfalms to Wthe V^iCe ofiGod's 
Chjjrcb, declaring all fturdy infkids^na Apoftutes' 
for ever exclkded from Gbd'^ Fkv^, AnA delivering* 
them uf) to his jud: jfiidgment^ to which the n3?pft ten- 
derhearted Chriftians]may andoughho give Iji^ Vofc ♦ 
as at thelaft day all the Saints fiiall joJit with C^r//? 
in pafling S^nteh^e On the wicked Worlds t ^Qori 

5CI. But tliat which chiefly emj>ioy^d tfiiD^votidd 
of the l^falmiftsi, and ought in reafon to have as great 
a fliare in ours^ is Praife and Thanksgiving to God,^ 
for all his Mercies. ' The' JewstdXX tHe whole Book 
ofPfalms [r^iJxffi^s^thatis, liudsiOrPr^ifei'y'b^^thb 
(ame Figure that We call otir Litiif gy thf Coiii'mofl^ 
Prayer j tecaufe Praji^r makfei la great part of it^ tho* 
there be other DftvotiOn of all forfe miligled with it; 
And Certainly r'ti^verjr reafonable, arid what the 
light of Natute ^ireds, fh^t vTe (hOftfld rfi^e ^me 
return toall] frcfm whom We have V^ceiv'd diiy Be- 
nefits, and therefore kbove all to Godjifrbm Whom ^'6 
receive the greSteft, and eVen^jiur t try fd^<iS : -And 
fure we aire guilty of the greateft bafeHdrs, if ow^dcr. 
not makfe himfdealy and cHeap areijtfital, ajAat ot 
Praife andT^^fiwA/jWWch puti us to n© farther 4snpeft(i^ 
thaii tha^ bt a grateful Heart, and a chc^rfitl'Jy obsi 

•': k Tte# 


The Subjeas^ oa which the ThM^givIng: Pfe|tt« 
wefe ^chiefly compofed are thoie^ widen are of all o- 
therthegreateft} namely, 

i.^ The works of Greadon, in whidi as all Mea 
are Concerned, fo all fhould unanimoufly join to 
Praife the Author of them. This gopdnefe of Gpd in 
Creating us^ and all things, is the foundation of all 
the. xeft of tus Mercies, and the deareft demonfira* 
tion of the Being of God^ without whom nothing 
elfe could have been : And what, can be morie juft 
and agpreeable, than that we Ihould often own and 
{^raife that Power and Wildom in which W€i live, 
and move, and have that Being on which all our 
other Enjoyments depend ; and who hath fo made 
us, ridat we are capable of 'Praifing Him, as no 
other Creature in this vifible World can do, l>ut 
Man ? Other Creatures may and do afford ijs Mat- 
ter, or ^ve us Occafion to Praife God, but.none^ 
of them can oiFer thk Sacrifice but we alone. None 
of die Creatures we have to do with can have any 
knowledge or apprehenfion of God, but our felves : 
They want both Speech and Reafon, without whidi 
this Service cannot be performed. This is the chief 
Privilege by which we are dlftinguifli'd from them, 
that tve can, with Mind and Voice, Worihip and 
Pmi(e cnir Creator : * And they who make no ufe of 
this Privilege, do wilfully degrade themfclves, and, 
is it wfere, become Brutes by choice. 

z. We ought alfo frequently to commemorate 
thofe Works of Divine Providence, whereby we^ 
and what belongs to us, have been preferv'd, where- 
by we have the Comforts and Conveniences of this 
Xife, at leaft irt Ibme meafure continued to us : 
For the fettled courfe of Nature, the conftant re- 
turns of Night and Day, Seed-time and Harveff^ 
Summer and Winter: And the PfaUns will put in-^ 
to our Mouths* fit words to exprefs our fence of 
thefe Bleffings. . ' 


1> (fi^Bt J C M. 

tis SSi oflfeiflg up' our.SElwnksto .God for Ms peca* 
Uar Clre orthe'iQiui^ t^rovi- 

d^ixfies^^^whereb^ihe this protected ^ and £ived it 
^igainft all tile tecret 'Pra&ices^ and open AH^uItjl 
<fft2)malidcms^nd|)6UtickEne^^ ThePfalmifts 
^are'notindre i^mcularin amy dnng^ than in re- 
faearfing aJl die mighty Works which Q^d did for 
fcis J Faople, \ from tne tihto tof Abrabittn till dns f c- 
turn sof di* ^lii'x. from ' the Bal>yl6nifli Captivity^ 
afteriVhidi time none of the Pfidms, or other Bookst 
of the^Qld Teftament were written jW they do in 
im efp^ial manner^ and very 6ften rrcount thd 
^^lliracles i;«^di^Gdd did in behia^f of the Jew^ 
P^Q^ in ^gyfty the Red-^ea zxA the Wildemefej 
to thf time >of their iettlement in the prontifed 
Land. 'And die :C£ri/?i^jif:ChiH?eh is more interefi'd 
and cJoncern'd in thefe ihlraculoiis > Providerices^ 
than mtfjr at firfffightbe apprehended r For 'tiscJertairi 
that Ahrabain was the FflWier of the Faithful^ and his 
Poftcriryr ly his&on* j^^r^aild Grandfon Jatohy were 
th© tiui5^<3nurch, as ^all fihcfere Ciiriftfctris now are* 
and thofe^di^x who piiffed through the Red^Sest were 
the AnoBftfcMcs «6f ais X^brijfiahsy i Cor; x. li the Rem-? 
iiant ofdicirPofterity, who own'd "^efns to be the 
Jkfc^y ^nrf weirc^ ii9 1 may fo fay , the Mi^ther-Church 
of Cfm0. . - "IhU Ghureh of '^^ektijb Converts ( to tife 
SLTaiiFi iimiiitu^e >i5(?;»;) xi. ) were [ihe foot, of 
true- GHve^Stock j into whidi we ^ w^fiofe Fore- 
father^ w^re Gtntiles^ dt titatbens [ V^ef^ irigrafred J 
And dieCoficltrfionfromftieiice is^ that the Wofider? 
. 'which God perfbritfd in behalf pf the Chftdferi of' 
IffaeliAodE^ft^ and elfewhere^ Wera performed to 
ctu* ' Ancdftors^ to the fame Church In fubftafice/ . 
that wenoWfare- And ^s there istiothSing more 
Wciideiiftilin M^ii^ th^tn hisOnc^ption, hts growth 
in th^Womb^ his bfcklAng forth frorti thencfe^' and 
gtadttal fnafeale Ha llttlk^ Stf ength and S$nie j. S^ 

^ %nv acb: 

IhiTt is nothihg more admirable ift the Chiirch 
than that Series of Miracles, whereby he raifed, 
fettkd andeftablifli'd it in the midft bi thit Htatben 
World, and in defpite of all theiPower and. Malice 
ciTbaraehy 2itLA othd: Idolatrous Tyrants. But 
further, die extraordinary Works which he did by 
Mofesy JofiHSy^LTid other Leaders of his People -down 
to Dawdy ftould remirtd us of the greater Power, 
which he afterwards Ihew^d in enlarging his Church 
upon t!>e coming of tht Meffiof , by the^ Tongues, 
Pens, Divine Works; and Sufferings of the Apoftles, 
and others who firft planted Cbrifiianity j and the won- 
derful Succefi which he gave to Cwi/^»f«w theGreaty 
and other of ^he firfl CAr/)?^W Emperors, againft 
thofe Heathen Generals,' arid Forces, which ojppofed 
them J and tathe many Kings and Queens^ whonv 
he hath fince raifed up to be Nurfifig^Fakheriy and 
Nuiiing-Moth^s to his Chiirch. 
: " ;. Above all we ought never to forget the great- 
eft of his Mercies, which is the knowledge* of 
his Will, or that Revelation of Divine Truthy 
which he has vouchfefed tons, without whidi our 
Condition would be little better, if it were not 
worfe, than that of the Beafts which Perifli : By 
this we are informed how we may certainly pleafe 
him, by what means we may obcstin the pardon of 
our Sins, and the afliftance of his Grace, .and what- 
ever is necqflary to' make us either Good here, or 
Happy hereafter j and the Pfelms wiH fiirtiifii with 
great Variety of expreflion, whereby we may re- 
turn our thinks to God for thi^ eminent, unvaluable 
Mercy. In this particular we oudit, if poffible, 
to raife our Devotions above that of Di«t/ii and the 
other Pfalmifts ; foy when they thank God for the 
Benefit of his Word^ they chiefly meant the Law of 
Mofesi and as much as the G3fpel eicels the Law, (b 
much fhouW our Praife and Gratitude exceed theirs. 

. And ^ 

^ ^E P AC Er 

And tet it be oMervcd that the Pfalmlfts did not 
think it (ufllcient^ barely to recite all the Mercies 
they kd received from God, but they do moil fre- 
quently, and amply acknowledge his Wifdom and 
Power, Veracity, or Faithfulneis, and efpecially 
Us Goodnefi, which are the Caufe, and Spring-head 
of all oyr Bleflings'. And this is not only a very 
confiderable part of that Honour which we owe 
him J but is ukewifc very neceffary to quicken, and 
inflame u$ in all other parts of our DevotioA 2 for' 
he muft needs perform the Duty of Prayer with 
great coldnefi, and indifference, who does not 
both heartily believe and duly confider, that the 
God, to whom he offers his Prayers, is All-know- 
ing, Almighty, the Author of all the Good, that 
we can have,^ or hope for, [ who is alone able to 
&ve, or to deftroy,] 

But here it may be objecS^d, that feveral forts of 
Piilms ma)r, and do occur in the very fame Service, 
ana that it can fcarce be fuppofed that Men 
are fo much Mailers of their own Affeftions, as 
to turn , and alter them every minute as they 
pleafe. How can a Man be dejeded with Sorrow 
while he is recitipg a Penitential Pfalm, and be ele?* 
vated with Joy, and Praife, when he has turned 
the Leaf, and is beginning another, and immedi- 
ately be fire* with a zeal, and due concern for 
God's Church in rehfcarfing a third,? for it may,. at 
firft %ht, feem a matter very difficult, if not impoA 
fible, fo often, and all of a fudden to change otur 
.frame of Mind. 

In Anfwer to which Lneedonly give an Inftance, 
to prove that this is fo far from being hard to be 
praftifed, that 'tis really natural to us* ^ In rea3inff 
a Hiftocy, when in one page we ohferve ; ^ gooa 
Caufe, or a vertuotis Perlon opprefs'd or injur'dy^we 
are. infenfibly wrought into pity, gnd cpmmifeMtJ- 
^oiu, we condole the undeferycd fufFeriqgs of the 
' ' ' a 3 Inno- 

(l> %EF AC £. 

Innocent, and hav^a Jjift iiidig^«lonc&pk^ 
who ^re the caufes of.theitti Ihtb^ nexttagp, ^hfin - 
VH5 fee yprtue brpakiufi ithrpugh a Glotta^ andijy.a 
fudden turn growa mci^fsful!^ wd: t^uajphs^^ 
jind its adverfiiry depreft, and momfifcdj, in 
pur minds exiilt^ andcongratulam the PjeiUver^mca^ 
^ni we find as great an alteration in pur. Minds 
fmA Affoftions^ a$ there is in the afiairs which the 
Hiftory treats p£ Much more may oyir, Afie<5tiQi» 
hp rai^d, or lay'd in)a moment of time] wtex we 
bend our Minds to the doing of it^ and m^H^^ ^ c^ 
puf Reafon to that puq)olfl^ for which God gave: 
it us, namely^ to rejpilatp, command, and mrnjour 
Thoughts,and Pajifions, as the prefcnt; occafion Ihall 
require. Indeed, the gr^atcft difficulty i? tdk^p- 
pur thoughts clojfe to one Subjofh for a confiderable 
time together, and not to turn ^hem to a new, qne ; 
for this ratiier refceflics, and relipvjes them. And 
theri^fore that great variety p6 Matt^, and divert 
fity of Affedion, which is fo obfervable in tl|e 
JPlalms, does rc^ly reqdert^cni mor^e, agreeiUft 
foF the Devotions of Cueatures, whofe thoughts 
are fo quick, and qhangeabk a^ ours are. If there 
were any thing in this Objecftion, it would lie as 
much againft all manner pf true D^yotioa, a? 
againft the Pfalter* For wjujever prnys as he ought, 
muft confefc his Sins, and in doing*' fo IhoUld he 
heartify grieved, and a^amed: Ami* in the fam§ 
Prayisxshemufk proc^d to Praifcand Tbanklgiying, 
tod dien ought to have a heart fiH^d . with joy , and 
love, towards him who is the Author of all our 
^erciesj he miuft intercedelfor all that are in waiit^ 
and then flipiild bp tpuch'd with a feeling pity of 
^fe h? Prays for : So that in truth this leemingOh- 
jei^on againft the ufing the Pfaicer by way of De- 
votion, pndj w^hichi has like'C^rife been urged againft 
the Coramoii-^Ptaryer, does aa much afl^<%i t|ie I>e- 

^ V9tio4^ 

^ ^B F ji C B, 

vbtiioii cf thofe who made it^ if they "have 3hy, as 
it does either the Pfalms, or Liturgy. 

The Reader may fiirther conMerj that where' 
it can be, the Pfahns fhould be (ung with kiftru- 
mental Mufick. There can be no doubt, but that 
the Gompofers did intend thw ihotild be lo lifed, il 
we may believe not only the Hebrew Titles, as tjhej^ 
are commonly • undeiilood, but the very w6^ds-of 
fonie of the Plalms. TheGL f to mention no mord 
at prefent ) invites People to praife God With no 
lels than Eight Ibrts of Mufical Inftruments. Som& 
indeed would havfc it. that this was a part of tWi 
Cereriionial Law, anci therefore aboHlhed by Ciir^^ 
but I never faw any tMng ttet looVd like ah Ar- 
gument for this Ojrimon : On the other fide we are 
lure that Inftrumental Mufick was lifed in the Wor- 
fliip of God by Miriam, juft after th6 GhildrcW of 
I/rael were come out of the Red-Sea, Exod. xVizd 
before one word of the iCeremomal Law.haSd yet 
been mentioned; and the ftoly Apbftte James' ad- 
viles, (James v. ij.j thofe thatar^ iferfy [to Slifgl 
as we Tranflate it, but, as the wprd properly 4igt ' 
nifies, [to Sing to the Harp, ot by touching fomi 
Inftrument of Mufick.] That this ii the meaning of 
the word elfewhere, no one cm rfeafbnably ddubtl 
and why it muft bthfcr\yire be underftodd in thil 
pMce I lee hot. Further, in the xiy of the J6W^^ 
tions we have a great multitude of them who "^t 
redeemed from among Men, who followed^ ^ the 
Lamln and were the Firft-frUits iinto God^V. ^. 
repreftnted a§ Cp^^Y^g ^P^^ ^^^ Haip, ver. i. o'$ 
Mount Stony ver. i. By thefe, no queftion, is meaift 
great numbers of Chriftian Priipitivc' Saints, W6rl 
Slipping God eithgr in the Churph hert o^ Eartlf, 
or elfe m Heaven above : And \ls all one whether 
we take it for the Church Triumphant, pr Militant, 
for we may be Ijire, Aat neither the ohe nor the 
t^ther^ would be ^defcribdd- by the Hohr Ghoffi as 

'' ^ a 4 • . Worr 

I • 

f (f^E F AC n 

Worfhipping God in an unlawful manner. :.\lifot^- 
any of our Diflenters defcribe cither Heayeii, oif 
the Apoftolical Churdi^ by faying, that the. Paftors 
\vpre J^itresSLiid Rochets^ and the People Wprliiip'ci* 
towards the Eafi. and bow'd their Bodies at: the 
IjJame of Jefys? ,pp furely j and the reafon is plain, 
^mely, becaufe they think that Habit, and thelQ 
ippremonies unlawful. And for the feme cai4e we 
piay be fore the Scripture would n^ver. haye depy- 
phejred to us the Church of God^ either hi Heayei;ij 
or Earth,: as Worihippipg God with Mufical Inftru- 
men<?s, if there had been any Sin, or Fault in tb^ 
ufc of tljem : So fai; from ;;h^t, that I fuppofeal| 
t)ev9ut, and ri^tly-inforfn'q Chriftians ihould 
<;;b9oie t^ Sing |:ne Pfalms wi^ Jnftruiftemal Mu- 

fipic..' • r^' ' ' '-'' ' .^^^ ^ ' ^- ■• ■'' ' 

^ , l^VLt if a fmcerely good Man \mf not $kill, or, 
opportunity to ufe the Pfalter in this manner, when 
he meets with the mention of Mufi<?^l Inilrum^nts, 
in Singing, or Readin]g the Pfalms, let iufu fay in 
his pWn mind, [Let thpfe that can, ufe tWle In- 
ftrubienf $ to enliven their own , and other MPns 
pevptiojjis^ 1 am :fb far from being averfe from any 
thing, that may J5^ a means of raifing Mens AJQFe6H- 
onsin the Service ojE God^ that I would advifethen^ 
t9, ufe their ibeft skill to this purpofe : Nor fan M^-: 
fick_ be fo well ^q^ploy'd to any other ufe, asi to fhe 
^jg:iting Mens Zeft) and Pleamre in »Worlhippin^ 
tljeir Crefftc>r./. Put as for qae, and others, who 
wantthefe means, let us qffer up our Devotion^ 
mth a fincereHeart, and a pure Mind ; and tWs^ 
)i:^pubtnot, ftij^UHe more acceptable to God. than 
J<;^ding Brafsj 'or- this ippdell and h^^-tjme^ 

^ . HoM^ever, it i$ certain that the Pftlms were ori- 
ginally dcfign^d to Ip^p fung publickly In the Churcfi, 
,jv|iereaIlthatGould, were allowed to join w^th Voice 
.^ wdii^s ^ijEi^id. In ^he pdttutiye Cliurch the Pegplp 
.; ' *^ ' *' / mad? 

f ^ E F J C & 

mad^ their Refponfes by repeating th^ ^cro^cbi^, 
or latter part of every Verfe, or Jargei; PpriodL 
And there can be no reafon why the Peofde ihouUJ 
lofe their fliare , or be debarred of this Privilege in 
our Parilh-Churches, where the Pfalter is only Read; , 
for why Ihould the i?eople be filent , when th^ 
Pfalins are read, firice ^hey may, and ought^ i£ 
they are able, to perform their parts, whendiey 
are Sung ? and itis the more reafonable. diat they 
ftiould joyn with their Tongues, as well( as Heai:ts, 
when 'tis confider'd that ^ great par^; of" the PfaltQr 
is the Speech, or Voice ofthe Church Universal 
addrefling herfelf to God. 'Tis true^ the alter-* 
iiate Reading the Pi&lms one Verfe by the MinHlpr, 
the other by the Congregation^ foun^ harih ifx 
fbme 4ice Ears, and has on this account bee^ oomr 

})laijied of by fome of our Diffenters j and for thd 
ame reafon they might have condemned that pri- 
mitive, or heavenly way pf Worlhip which St. 3^oi6» 
lieard, Re^^ x\y, 2. for that was {^like tU noije af 
many Waters^ and therefore not very harmonious, 
and agreeable; but yet does fo nearly refemble the 
Ibu^d which a numerous Qongregation makes with 
their Relppnfes, efpecially in the Pfalms, that one 
>vould be tempted to think, thjit 'tis thp very thing 
which St. John mean§^ 

l5atfomfcIhave^niet with, who could by no means 
judge a Pf ofe-Tranflation, as this is, fit to be Sung ; 
for no ptner reafon, that I could find, but only this, 
that they had been ufed to fing no Pfalms , but 
iuch as were Tranflated in Verfe^, pr Rhyme : But 
th^y w):)0 are of this, Opinion ought to coiiider, that 
the,;]p4il^tive Cih^^ no Tranflation of th^. 

iPfalmsy but only fucn as tf^is, I mean, not in Metre, 
brVprfe, but mP'rofe^ and that the. ffcir^a^ icfel^ 
jiioughit be in a Poetick Style, yet cannot be iiiea- 
jTure^ ty, Feet, or Syllables ; iand confequently, tho* 
thefe Khymipg Tranflations ar? very ufeful, yet 
* ' ^ ' ' • ' they 

^ 'l^E'P AC E. 

^y onght npt to exclude die more Primitive, way 
of oinging^ or Chanting the Plalm$, as ufed now 
ift^Hir GhoirSj in a Prole, or plain Tranflation. 

IL as to the Tranflation which is here explained, 
and Vindicated, and which is commonly uled in 
cur Churches, it ought to be valued by all EnrUjh 
iProtelfents, tf for no other reafon, yet bccaufe it 
is part of mat Bible, with which die Eyes of our 
Anceftors in King Hettry theEighth'sTime were firft 
cnlightnedwith Divine Truth : And they who were 
chiefly concerned in the Tranflating and Publifh- 
5ng of it, were three Men that were very ulefiil 
Inftniments in the Reformation of Religion, by 
Writing, Preaching, and Suffering fol: it j I mean j 

WiUlam TtniaU^ John Rogers , ana Miles Cover d^U ; 

fome account of vdiofe lives and Deaths hereafter 

Though I would not be thought aFriend to the 
Superftition of the Papifts, who pay fo mudi ho- 
nour to the Reliques of their Saints and Martyrs; 
yet, as the Gifts of Dying Friends are to be pnzea 
dbove their real intrinfick Value; fo I think a 
:lgreater regard fliould be paid to the Writings of 
Martyrs and Confeflfors, than tothofe of other Men:: 
Becaufe none can delerve more of the Church, 
Vitii all that love Religion, than they who have 
Ihed their Blood in defence of it. They l^ave eflPe- 
^ally proy'd rfiemfelves to be in earneft j and, there* 
fore what good they have done, or faid, diallenges 
a peculiar honour, from ^ that are themfelves 
Friends to Religion. An4 as I value the Wirings 
of the New Teftanient the more, becaufe they wm> 
Penn'd them/ did all, or moft oi them. Die to 
teftify the Truth of what t^ey had Written^ 
So I cannot h\k haVe the greater ttfytd: for this 
Pfalter, and the Litiirgy^ wheredf 'tis a p^rt/ wjien 
J cottfider how many or thofe, who Tragflated th6 

P flt E F ^ c a 

OOB) EUidiCompofed tl^.odier, did aApaUy Die.In 
theiC^iie of God, and his Truth, a^d ther^&y 
g^vjt the eceatelt ^monfiration, diat th^ adw 
aU abfigiothis matter with the>.gre!;teu inte^ 

- fhkiBt^lip, PJalter was iirit Fubliih'd, together 

w(^ the rdl of the Bible, in ths Year of C4r</j 

I JJ5, aid D^ieaied to ^b»:r VOL by Dr. Cowrr 

<^r, and was called [TmdaUy and CtreWt^Ze's Kible] 

beci^lifeit wap well-known .^t the former ^d a 

flare imbat Performance as wellas! the Utters But 

Mr: jBsi^ai!- lyas Imprifosed before the Work waj 

ni^Dwt^ and ther^e Or. Cgi«r.U> was obliged to 

«wii*5o,.,and pnbliihit. In the Year 1599 *=« 

was soother Edition of it, with many eoniiderabis 

at ?«■«, aiconrasaiby the 


rimittr, araJ the Lord ennmiSt 

dinL»iiA)>,i theJuilousPapifts 

' I know not what Arts, not 

Wool, but burnt mafjf of the 

Y were Printed, ,tho! It is iki4 

had exweily given leave foj; 

T.Co^<,r/«/t hadijie ear? anjl 

[ition coranjitted tfthim: This 
ed [the Great Bible J and th? 
)ur Liturgy is according to this 
liS)»o% withaut any obfoyable Variations, eiscepc 
in theSpeiBJng, Mr.S»f«-< in the Yearif;7. put 
out WiEditiop, of this Bible, usdM th,e borrow'd 
}iaai&.i^ijh"itmM»f^i»'A^ with .an^fodex, and 
f^?fi¥6, and anoiiher in ijyj, wbiehl havefeea 
Thefs foretai '(Editions .da fo agree irt the mamj 
that one cannot iuftly caB them cUftin^,Tranaati- 
ons, and yet in many particulars they.fliSer froKt 
oneawotberi I may have occafion accidentally to 
jneiKJon 1^8 few in theft Pupers.; ■ ' 

It ^ould ittdeed have bfeen ftrangi; if <mr K.^fi!>i> 
ihers, in King EttwarJ^s Time had not kept to *that 
I'ranflatiori, which Was fo much valu'd ih the for- 
mer Reign^ by all that had a Zeal for Reformation; 
irndbythe Reading of whicA the minds of Mcii 
had been prepared^ and difpofed to this great and 
happy Work In Qjaeen J2//wfct^^^ Rcigntherc 
was another Tranflation of the Hdy Sit^ptui^s^ 
performed by Authority, and in IGmg jF/85>»f i the 
Firft'sj a Third j but the Epiftlei^ Gofpels and Pfal- 
ter, were ftill according to [the Great Bible; 3 -At 
King CW/f/ the Seconifs Rdftauratioini, theEpMties 
and Gofpels were infertedfrcnn the laft Tranflatidn; 
but the oldPfelterwas ftill continued: The^Gcmvo- 
tktiohof our Bifliops and Clergy/ did, it (eems/ 
prefer t^ TrartOation of the nalms before any 
other ikkheMn^ifii Tongue; aid I cannot fciitf think 
them more competent Judges in fuch mattei^^ ^rt 
any private Pertbnb, how^ eminent foeref. - 

in. As to what I have done by ww of, Ex- 
planation by the Notes in the Margin, (obe '^r- 
naps may think they are too many, and largej 
others^ that th6y are too fliort, and few t; I can 
only fay, that I have ufed the beftjudjgment I could. 
And as I thought nothing too little to be oblerved, 
which might be helpfal to th^n, who dott*t make 
Divinity or the Languages their Study, who often 
ftumblc at luch things as Teem extremely 6afy to 

Men verfed in the Hebrew ^ Greeky Latiny^2lM om 

6w|i ancient Tongue j fo I have not faid any^ftiore 
than what I thought neceflary, to give a ccrnipe* 
rent kteaning of the Text to a midling Englifi^ 
Reader : For the Senfe is as often obfcur'd by lay- 
ing too miichi ^s too little. 

I write not thefe Notes for Men of Learning, 
they had much better helps before, very many in 
the Latin ^ a^d the moll acute Dr. Hammond ^ and 


BShop Tatrkk in the Enzlijh. I have made great: 
nfe ofbodi, and often mea their very words j but 
not fo as always ferviiely to follow them: I oftejj 
leave fcoth, that I may keep clofe to the Englifi 
Text , whereas neither of thofe two great Men 
thought fit to t2Lkp this Trsuiflatioft fot their Guid^ 
nor mdeed any other; for tho' diey put the hdft 
Tranflation in the pl^ce pt their ;i;ext^ yet they 
oft^t, Md(i9 their I^ra^af^ puffce a 
fence which is not to be found in either of our 
£isg/i/bPfalters. Their de%nwasto fhew, what they 
thought the moft apt Sence of the Hebrew j mine to 
^Sft. Qur 'S^Ufij^ %s9AeT% in tl^e underfta|i(Ung^ of 

r, \M*dto our Ghwrcn iAanle^peaill 

manner recommends to us, which was what they 
neither of them propofed, or defigned j and if they 
had^ theu* Worte areifi^t ib cafflyipttrdisEied, brio 
focaa rdad, as thisiinay bd; ' • :^ J ^ ' 

IhaveTr&iifcribedlb^fflUchbf^thei&ferc^ Titlc^s 
Tranfiated into EvgU^^ as might jgirc any. Hght to 
the Text, and have ^ followed , Bilhop ?atrick(ztry 
often in (his Conjedures, or Oi»nion concerning 
^e/occaiion of 'Compdlmg the feverai Pfalms, in 
which he is for thfe moft part veiy? happy: But I 
havB hot trbubled myfelf. or Rtadeiis, by giving 
itfiertPmy ov^^n^^ or other Mens <Juefles at tte mean- 
ing of many hard W^rds,. which are found in the 
Bebreu> Titles; tmi only bedaufe they are of no 
manner of ufe to my prefent defign, but becaufo 
ftU.that are Modcft^ as Wdl as Learned, acknow- 
ledge, that there is a great desd^ofuncertaihty in the 
moft probable Conjotores, thatrliaVe been made on 
thofe nice, and unnecef&ry matters. 

There are Ibme Eii^i^ wbrds in the Trafiflatiop, 
that are now, in 170 Years time, worn out of com- 
mon ufe: Thefe I have endeavoured to explain in a. 
ihort Vocabulary J one half of which are found in 

tte laft Tranflation, as well as' this. 



t^ B P A C E* 

*» t • - i 

r •- 

- r I » . ^ 4 

fall. I ^'<i I ^ li 


SdmeAccbuntiof'the i' ''? 

* • ■ ^ ' ' '-.It * . . 

anci ."l)^Sl A f^'M 


• i 





s - r f ' 1 

W0am TmM ^^ ?Bbm oii the fiofd^ri^ of 
J^fo/, but brought up from a-ChaAa<Ji<?^ 
fctd^ dttd «tta m laft ar^iidCTfti ifl Mf^dden^Uall i 
where even in 'thofe dark tifties^ hjs bbmKbadlhe 
Scriptures l^m^lf^ and !utftru(5tea others Ih the 
; jknowtedro ot JtKefti: lie waiSi JwftoUy a^ca©! to^ the 
/ iftu^ of Dlvme^i^nfth, which pr^ to him ftie 

imoft nofele cffbfls of a Holy life, ai»i -Gohrerfa- 
ticm, by which hfe was admhably well-qualifedfor 

Holy €hiiersy int6 i^ch he entered eitlwAefbre 
.His: remove to €tf»a4riiB^, or ibton after. . ; ; ; 

From C^)wir/\§e;.heiw^MiYtted to the Hotrfe of^ 
one S&r . ■ ? ■ ■• pikb , jKt* - in ^ Gimcefier-fiife. to ho 
Tntor toliisCMdreri: TfeeKnfght, and dfpecfeUy 
the Lady, were -very firm to the: prevailing Errors 
of^Ptipeiy, ind fct'were many o&ers of Title and 
Quality, who fe^ptently retorted to their Hotife^ 
Mt.Tla^M, iras wSeil^^acquMntedwidi the Writings^ 
Q^Lutb^Ty fxnAEnafmmy and could iiot bear to Hear 
tKeni run down, and treated with Contempt an^ 
Jhfolehce , and' wocdd* often iSand up in defence of' 
them ; and when fats Company would not t^ isttiiP 

^ <^B F A C E. 


coavince them by*Scripmre: All this made "^ him 
look'd upoa with aA evil Eye, not only fi)r bearing 


caiaey by tms means, ne aucovera tus Thoughts 
concerning the Errors of the Church ofKme; and 
made himielf Aifpeded for a Htretickyfot being well^ 
^^^^A in ithijrfe good Books, eipedally theHolv 

f «^ 

The Knight and his Lady, •and many Olhto, werd 
indeed by degrees brou^ into a better .C>rnnion of 
Mr. T'indaU, and his Opmionsj and IbYcrai Perions 
of Note, and Quality began to afFeft his Convtr^ 
iation, and to exprels a great valuer for his Perfoxi, 
and Learning: But this did the more provoke the 
fpightof the fiuio^?. bigotted Paiafts; infomuch, 
that forefeeing a ftorm jceady to fall on himfelf, and 
his Friends, and efpecially ms kind Patron, upon his 
account, he thought it moil adviiable to retire out 
of the v^y for their fakes, as well as his own. 

Some time longer he. ftay'd in Et^landy and 
Preached botU at Lmdm^ and Brifiol He was ia^ 
hopes, by means of Sir Henry Gildfcri, Comptroler ' 
to King Henry the £igh>:h, to , h^ve b^en accepted 
as a Chaplain, by To^aH theft Bifhop oi Lmdmy'^ihQ 
was a Perfon of great Learning, Prudence and 
Temper, as any that thefe Times afforded. In order 
to recommend himfelf the better to this great Man, 
he had tranflatedpart of J/2>^^rf/s Works into EngUfh, 
out of the Gr^ei, a Language little underftood, or 
Studied in England at ^ttmt time ; but he was dilap« 
pointed in this' attempt : Providence had intended 
him for a Work, that was more for the Glory of 
God, and the Benefit of the Englijh Church. 

However, it pleafed God toiaile himi up a Friend 
ill London, one of great Note, Henry Mawmutb^ Al- 
derman of that City, who entertained him at his 
Houfe for Half a Year, and promifed him Ten 


Pounds ia Mohy : Afterwards^ when Stoke&y came t<S 
hc'Biihbp^ AldaTmin'Monmuth^^SiS Perfecuted ort 
pretence of Hferefy, and Ms Liberality to Mrl 77»- 
JaU was made one Artitle agairift him. The Alder- 
man gav^ this Charader of his Gueft to the Bifliop, 
tint [ while ^ he was in his Houfe he lived like a 
good Prieft, Studying Night and Day, &c^2 He 
was^not.deny-d theexercife of his Fundion, while 
he ^iy\(i in London j for the Alderman teftified that? 
he - heard; Mm Preach •Two or Three Ser Aions at 
St. Ihinfifisiaithtmfi^ . 

.3ut he had. a great defign in his view, which 
was the Trknflating the Scriptures into the E^nglijh 
T6ngue> and'he could not hope for any Conveni- 
ence, or Liherty to do this here in £»^/W: For both 
the Kingy ajid' the Ruling part both of the Ghifrcfe 
and S^tate, were as yet very zealous Papifts; German) 
lie thou^ themoft proper Country for liich a 
Work,^ T\itx^ Martin Luther^ and otner great Mea 
had made a^ confiderable progreft Jn the Reforma- 
fcionS of Religion,* there were feveral Men well- 
vcrfed in the Onginal Tongues, and who wer^ 
themfelves^ engaged in the lame pious labotir of 
Tratnflating the Holy Scriptures. To Germany therer 
fore he goes,* ^nd Having received the Ten Pounds 
proinifed him by Alderman ifc&«A^w#M,- at Hambur^By 
ne Travels up into the Coondy, and makesr himfelf 
acquainted with Marfd Luther^ and other Men of 
Beaming^, among whom we may dare confidently 
(ay \Sehaftian Munfier was Ona, a« Perfon that wa^ 
tKe beft Hebraician in all probability of any CbnJiUn 
in the whole World j and who was,* about this ve^y 
time, en^^ed in turning the Hebrew Bible into L^- 
tin. Having ftay'd to U>ng among thefe JLearned 
Perfons, as he? thought rieceffary in order-' to qualify 
hknielf for ^^his great undertaking^ he fits dbwjiit 
Antwerfm the i(?a^-C<?ir»rfie/,thenIubje<ft to Charks Vi 
Emperbi" oi Germ^inj, afl4 Kin J of S^aim Here 


e him ;i|l 
c 'From 
■dience of * 

!.] which 

er to £»j- 
nore w^- 
a nwia to 
jm'd their 
n'd all ]a 

and CTCn 
ng Boojcs> 
iK, and he 

he hoped 
on of Per- 
lading riie 
ioQksj and 
her ehofe 
and \ifms 
e for, thefe 
ly coming 
:hey Were^ 
New Edi- 
5 than the' 
lis to Pack" 
the Stamps 
; Jeft, and 

avjh^ one 

.findali iri 



f ii'EF AC E. 

among otherttuQgsask'd him, wholiad encou^rtif 
Mr.TotAiS toPubUiHit. C(w/«if«ie anfwer d, T^t 
he kne\v none but the Biftiop of LmJai, who, a's 
is before hinced, inideflgnedly ertcouraged him tti 
put out a iecond Edition, by buying up fo gre^ si 
part of thefifft. *- 

Next, he maices an eflay on the CMd TeftafflCHC 
by Tranflating DeWfrmow)', but was Wreck'd' oft' 
the CoaA of HeUand, v^hile he was Sailing to JfoW^ 
hurgh to Print it KtHamhitrgb he meets MiUi Oueri 
«/<z& by mutual agreement, and they two fet heardly 
to this great Work : But before they l»d finiilied id 
they both went to Antwerp where Mr; R»gtrs^ Chapi 
lain to the Engli(i> Fa^ry^ joined with them, attl 
the rep(»t of this their dengti foon pafled the SesB 
into Ef^lanJ. ■ 

Sai'niomat'^Mort aad others being jrtefolved, ■if 
they could not fup[»'ds the BiblOr to Sipprefi hibi 
that was the'chief Traaflator of it, havmg fome 
I'erfons, who lately came from beyOnd Sea, undet 
Examination, upon futpidon of H^rcfy , enqqiifd 
of them; where TinJaU was, in what :Hamfe he 
lodged, what Cloaths he wore, and i^ like ; and 
having found by enquiry, that he was. at Ant%ffirf, 
loc^e'd with one Thomas Points^ who k^pC ^ Hoolb 
. of Acomunodacionfor the Englijh Mencitahts,, ^^, 
it . fhculd feem, difcover it to fach Me|i as iucre 
moi!^ like to make an ill 'ufe -of . it.' fat hotliaig 
. after, one Hmr^ vhbfo Father was a' Cu- 

. ,{to!XJ-hcaifd Offio f, cooies onwa! to Jntrntf, 

j^.t^iiy liods out chant^sHoui^ dntliaitos 

v/hh Mr.Ttndall, who was a plain Afah,. e^ Of 
y.(X\;is, and ready to pacform. idl-' Offices of ,}ia> 
rr.anity, efpecially to a Sdiolar, ■and <»nd thae.prt- 
uiidLd himlelf inclih'd to his dvte.'Suntitnuies in 
ji^iigion. PAj% did not think 6c; CO apply,hiinfelf 
to ihe MagUlrates Oi-.Aaiv/B'fy iwdtk wfiobv peihaps 
he thought oiir Merchants iiughchatoicbncIntBMtt, 
i \- ^ wluch 

which' (befure). they ^ouI$l ufe^ fi^vomf: pf 2lfi»* 
4mIIi But fae^oes^to BruJJtby a^d g^s the £inperoi;'< 
pj^ocsitetor^Geiierillrto c(»iie pv^ to AMtwerp^ at na 
imall e]|)e0q^ £)0eMoj:0iRg^^F^j/i^i comes tx^P^ii^^^^ 
ti^)«iie, ftnd ^eo^uires for . his; Friend Mr. TinJaB, 
findtng that'^he vfos there^ and that he was to go 
0IH CQ. Dinner^ h^ goes out of d^ Houie again to 
^ce the ©ffioorsi which. h^, h»d broug^ at the 
jOiooTj thiatidiey imght beiii ^.Te^inefsto Seize 
ImiL Abovt }io0tiFMilifi goes ($|^ ^^^ndall^^ asking 
^lilR £o lenji/ihin^FortyShUlingi^. pretending that 
he fa94 1(^ Wd Burfe. that Mocpii^ between Meclh- 
^.md j/imwttP.i MriTmdoMf^^^^ylQndsit him; 
iq»n.whkhPAi%;iaM TM^^^^ fliall be 

«yr ^ [No^^] feys TiWirif^ [I go 
forth to Dinner to Day, whei^/yon itaU be wei- 
iQQpttL 3^ Th^, :wer€^ both gojbn^ out together^ bvt 
^htfreswasakwigEntry, thro^ whidk they could 
HQtifeftiodraTbreaft. . 7i»AUB wouW have put Philips 
4amAQ&^hm BbMhi (^out of triKs JGLeipe(^^an^ Friena- 
Iftiprno dotthetjJ^torces.Mr.TWi?// to lead t^'way; 
adad^ithisoiitan&he^daivoi^riyni^gir^^ be-* 
ikg muik Jtritentftm Mr> Ttndaii^ to point over his 
^^tesi4<j0 tfaes^^sers^ :wh<HPj M IW before .{daced 
iiircilfc Jp6or^.4to likjth^ this was the 

i^^idiiy^mifss^^ mS^Xip ; They take him, 

5«ttdii3arry hbmfiOi tfce Procufswrj^./whofent him to 

^iC3He ifiOK^iiitei an .Oi^ody i f her^ a Year and a 
^^alf^^incwttkb tfAe^lae ^onvierted ips Keeper^ . gnd 
exi^beispf hl^But^fy; rDiipueed yi^tb the Ri>nujh Di-^ 
l<yi0es? of vJ^i/biiM^ and cx)ntinued to the very jaft 
iffl^gent in Sds Studies^ and confiant to his Devo^ 
tiqns.. Etfi«fii»ias hk True Friend, who, had all 
fitlopg iypftftodv^^/r/ to be Falfe. He was a very 
1 iaftifY^, V '^d earxieft Solicitor for Mr. Tind/slh He 
^rprtKMfedoleustm^in his behalf to the Pfocunuor 
,f&on|.rihrriibDdk C»tfiS!«tf«//j others iix EpgUnJ, 

A^iiX'H ^ ^ ^ b a who 

Xvlio i&vbiH^d^: TfhJlaJI kia Ms Caufe; &iiA . h&Mai 

oiice ^tbtmfkdihAv Mr. TindaJl^eaaii ht idefliviSrti 

ta }rim. And Pi;^^7l>egair ro^tteiifcii^ 

tentipiis^ would V deHtated^ unlefs Jie. o^dlfend 

'Piw^f jT out of the^ y/^y : Whereupon he aconfes him tbb 

Hfor being a tleretick ; fb that at laft thisiioftdlMali 

liad enough to d6*o'feve himfqlfy aiid. was glad ;to 

^fcajk^tvith'his dWii Mfe^ When he XAisM no ford^r 

'Terve his I¥ieiid7Mr. (T/W^// : i/Haotelas i^ 

brought to his '^t^ifil^ jmd found <3iiilty of 'liairiii|g 

oppoled the Doai^ifte of ?he Churihm kme^^UBii 

' lb: had^SemeflccfiS^^eathpaffe^iOtt htei/ by^drtiie 

of dhe Imperiat^fiditt siiade at jit^bttrt m tie* Y<ar 

I y 50. ' He w&s^ecuted, by havuig his Uandrt^ 

-t6 S'Stake, an^^^f^ttet poflufe- lumt; aftir the 

-Executioiier haa^iii?a?6traJ3jgkMi hitm : 4fii tefbPrW^ 

: er wsLiy{;Tli^t'G(^^iitU:^Hr fbe'Kif$gi t^f ^nglaiia's 

Thtt^ Li^r'd '^iidDied Mr.25«J»iF,.;to Mftu^eJaa- 

bouf we<^kfl^;bW6f^s IVftOfl^imm of t;He i^&^. 

'' S\»th§M^ti^wb^\m^h^^^ faysiinieilbe 

'^hfe Lfetter^tcy<^5F^fFr7^ie,-[I <:»lh iSbd/tto'&s- 

; edr<T/ ag^iftft the ^day -^ fliall 3Wtor befcw^ofar 

- tferd 5^<?/«*^5 t(yg4v%f:^a^risakoning4»^ctar^doing^ 

L my^ohfdence3 -DC)!* woulddo i^Day^ if ^H^t 

^4^- ih^artb/ whe^K^^i ho^Mmcmy fhafiijmor 

Richei might be^givaen mer^J: ./J^ie Bmperoc's'.lPxo- 

- feumtor hirtfetf,- thcf he wore Jtheii3neani';df Hs 
Death, yet gave this Chaiiafter. rf ihim, rt|iiifc he 
was {^ Ltam&d^ iHcms, aad -GoodiMaou] ...^i , 

. ';.' 

.^ -. - A 

» ( — • •• 

I f t 


m E PACE. 

;: Spme AccQiinc df the .'■\ 


• ;. o-p 



he was brought before the. Council; but, at firft,' 
difmifs'd : Upon a Second A[m.earance he wa$ made 
a Prifoner to his own Houfe, and afterwards by' 
Bemter, to t^ewgatCj where for fome time he lay 
' among the Felons. January 22. ijff. he Kad at 
Hearing before the Lord-Chancellor, and Council^ 
He was ctarged with Preaching againft the Queen^ 
and lor Reading his LeAures conjrary to C9m- 
, mandt^Coundl: Both which he denied, nordo*^ 
it appear that they proved him Guilty of either, 
They examiij'd him concerning the Sacrament, and 
Real-Prefonce. He anfwer'd [ that he was no 
meddler in that matter, that he -was fufpedsd of 
his Brethren to difFerfrbm them, that it by [really 
and fubftantially "] they meant [ corporally ] they 

red a 
p the 


jf Ae 
1 die 

& far 







: a 



Some Account of the 


.- -.^.I /..■:..- , OF- 


an Bom, and had fonts 
;he Order of St Ameufiin : 
Errors, and Supcmition 
»rnity, he eoss-to the 
trmtmy. In which Nation 
;, and chief Strength of 
It Age. He kept a Cor- 
litffl, and by Affignation 
cder to Affift faim in the 
From heoce he- went 
:he feme deiign. Before 
rk Mr:7taitftf: Was takflj 
b 4 ' up. 


being taken up^ and to Print itw It may feeffl 
ftrange at firft-fight, that fo plain and humtble dE 
Man as Dr. Cowrdahy Ihould make no exprefi men- 
tion of Ttndajf^ being concein'd in that Tranflati- 
Oflj either in his Epifile Dedicatory, Of Preface. That 
which feems moft probable is, tl^t he apprehended 
ic imgHt Ififlariie Mr. pUalfe &aen£&, aen| hdften' 
his Death, if tiie ]*bfe had le£h ftHited nKiJr his 
Kame to it, during his , ppfihnement on &i[^cioi^ 

i» Word, and rive them the ProceSion which he 
bad Pnxnifed, lo that they were forced to come to 
limJtmin ordcir to Finifii this Edition. This was 
cailed [ du Bible in the largefl Volume^ J and in 
pur Qomihon Prayer fiookj [the great fiible.] 

Ho^iroceeded Dr. of IHvinity at Tubingaiy and 
was admitted to the fame Degree in Cambridge. 
He Mfas Confeqrated Biftiop of Exeter in the Month. 
of Aftgtfi, I Jp> andpreferr'd to this Dignity £for 
his fingular Skill in Divinity, and his moftappVov^d 
Jl.if« and Goiiverlktion :] But' within lefs than Two 
Years Queen Marj came to the Crown, and then 
no one that «(as fo Zealous, and eminent a Pro^ 
feilant as BiQiop Cover JaUj could be fafe. He was 
faken into Guftody, and there remain'd a confide^ 
n^e time: But at lad he procured the King of 
Demftark's letter to Queen Aftay In his behalf| by 
foeansof Dr.A/*(<ri7^ie«», an Eminent D<r " "^ 
v^ofe Wife's Sifter Bifliop CovtrdaU h. 
ThisDo^r did fo eifeftually Solicit his 
Law's Cauf(j witly the King of Denm r. 
wrote ye^ ejffneftly to the Queen, tha 
^e fet at Libertyj as hf was according 

T (^EF A C E. 

jjff^ baton condidoii^thathefhouMIeavetheKi!^ 
doni: Jlll4 this"^ was cotintect a Privilege in thdo 
day$. Indeed this was ah excels of Tavoiir, and a; 
great ftrain of that Queen's Mercy, if I niay (b call 
It } for he had been a Regu^^ and yet had Married^ 
and 'twas her Rule to make Examples of all that did 
ibk^ whereas a Secular Prieft who had done lb, 
, might wbpe for a inore/avouraMe Tre^rweni ftosA 
Her. Ko doubt but Bimop Cweriak^ rt^fhe rcdk- 
oned amongft the njoft Learned E»f /ijl>-tnen of 
tdiat' Age. In Queen Elizabeth's Reign he returnfA 
home to England, but chofe to live a Private life, 
H^ Died ^ Lcw^v^ Aged, and lies Buried in 
the Pai^4^hurch of St. £^r^)&d/0iiyeu^, 


^ y 

' » 


.-. I ■ 

■• ^'f 

i '■. 

r, \ ' V 

■' ^/ 

t ' ' , 

J . 


. tf^- ■ ' _ • * 

t t 

'f , 

X ' 


-->ii '"^ . . /uCC .t V i 

_ s 

'1 1 ' ■ ■ I ■■ . ,1 ... .,..., ■ ■ ■ I .il 

A Short 


Civii^ the Signification of fome Old B^KJb 
Wcmk ufed in this Tranflation , but not 
obroiBonfy S^ke, or Written in this Age, 
at leaft not in that Sedce in whiqh our 
Tranilators took them. 

BEAST. Ai^ IMug Creg^ufe^ except Mm ; fo die ZMm 
word Befiia^ from irtiich this is derived : Wicnefs that of 
Ckercr Tofc* $• Narnqm aUat Befttm Santes aquarHtn incolm 
effe volmt fvl^ vk natwrdj allot Vcimes^ Ccthjrui llbero j 
Sirpentet fHa/iam effk gradienPes i Where he exprelly gires 
the Name of BeaSs^ to Fi/h^ Bifds^ and Serpents. Itot otAj 
onrTranflacony bttt Mr.Ahi/wortb^ aiB% Serpents and Ft/k^ 
BeaSsf Gen. iii. i. Ffal. civ. 2$. And indeed our laft Xran« 
flators do the fame, which (hews that the word was taken 
sa this iiHice for abbve 60 Years after this Tranflation was 

6L A$PH EME, To ^ak Reproacbfulfy either of God or Mom : 
From the Greek^otd BXAtf-^n/btii), which is ufed in Sc.jHde*% 
£p. V. 8. Rom. ill. 9. 77Mii.2. in thefe and other places 
Itfen are faid to be Blaf^benCi in the Greek. If we rofpeft 
the Etymology only, 'tis more properly applicable to 'Men^ 
than to God'^ for it properly (igntfies, to hurt the Pame^ or 
,Credit of another, Pfalm W. 2. 

BLASPHEMY. Reproach^ or SUmder^ either Miomft God^ or 
Man. See Blafpheme. Pf. LXXIIh 8. 

XO M M U NE. To Difcourfe fmtlmlf, to Confer Sotes. 
COUNSEL. Defiffi; Devict^*t>eeree, or Rejhlution^ k% Confifi- 

1'. urn in the Latin -, and ito only Adviee, or Dir^ion; as it b 

^ now conunonly taken, ^^.'xxxiii. lo. ' 

•.ESCHEW. Avddy Shiuit Deeline. 

$^All^l^: Gladf, fiferry/'ifm *}^^ old BniliflhShson F«5eil, 

i of the fiune fignificationf ;. M%- pow nft !t a^v^bially, w^. 



I wo»l4 Pdine, thai is, GUdiy : but wc don't canmonfy ufe 
itas.anAdjefti?c, as out Anccflorsdid, Sec P/al.t^.ai. 

FLITTING, A baflj Remove, ar night. Tis ufcd in this 
fence in tome jorts of Engtimd, Ffat. Ivi. 8. 

FLOOD, A RhXT, «r Stream. So ):lo6-W«cep among the 
SaxtHt ligttiikd Rhier, rf- IffiHOiifWater. See Ffat. IkkH. I.' 
Ixxxix- 35. It fliould feem this Word rccaio'd this figniS- 
' cation, cemnifinly in our Tongue at the beginoiog of the lift 
Ceotut)f } fdi: our laA Ttaaqitdb. nfe tt in this fence; Jofi^ 
xxirt'97^ Pfal. xcvin. 9, •■ V . . ^ ■ 

HEALTH, SMfetj, Pnteaim, Ptwer of Saving^ Salvation bttb 

■: ;^»ituat,m Tei^ahlcaiicxt^Qonti from OitOLi- 

Bngli^hziy whicliTiai^e^ertfime'^Sficitibn;- T1b»' 

at StVi "t Wfc vtiorlBi, 'j^pop Uf liaoiAurtt T EW W^ 

' b3Cf^ 1*^' fir.Mf Mee,'ipid-^$ii oir Sahftip'- -^o oucAn- 

ceftors called cArifl )jiElen&,jft»KWr,_in.,^lprfJiai[tan- 

Ciaccan, Ffd. cxxiv, 3. xxij. 30. ' 

KBBI/kE, Not'cmlf /rvtrV Rxffehnfim, hat-^M^ nkmer vfharA 
«r njirMcl^l Ltaipuiiey Plal. Ixix. 3t4 And tfae Itynologjr 
will veiysrell bear ^tneaniiie; for it fteniKrcome fioA 
the Friweh, Bmtbe^ or die UmSm, Bate*, t AUNfil, -add die 
CompofidTeParddeXe} nid chonbre im; «tU denote^ 41^ 
Jfitrpy atflxrt Sfteeb, or Anfi^tr. 

REPKOOF, Is ttfed ia imich the fiune. fence with the fmner 

- TIM UieJ^iter. See Smut't I^knary, SCCr jdtfimth iifri 

the irords iti the fame fence, PfdI. xxni, i«. Jnzir, 7. 
WHOLSalH, £^. . Wc fljll fayi (CW/ant !$»/, A'r. 4«r, C«mf 
I,' fill, t»i nein the &me cbing by it» which the L^Hu-do by 

WJLINKSS. CmAit* GHJlt. We flJU ufe the wittd ir»», 

-itt fion irheiKe this muki, Ffyl. x. 3. 

WOBLD, ^e. Time, not only the Vmvirfif Ot^^trtb: Thus 
-it figDifies IB the Doxolt^. Wtrli, that is, i4{f, or Tm$, 

■*- -wHImtSmL Jo the Saxoa Fopl6, «• Feopul6, from 
wbeflce tf»t Phnfe, Feopulfta Feopul6, the fame with 
the lAtin, S*chIs Sta^am. So in die Slcaie Creed, b^m 
atWarldsjXbnikfbeftte ^lAeit,6t befvteTtmtH[tlfwMi 


Jb, ike. Preface. 
7. Jiact^, iiff.fidfSfi^dif£ read .^^/ffftvfi* 

In theM^inal NMtes.iOott tke FfaitV, 


x:i^ett.ffaL 60.7. SCt^.^. &>t.6.t^t9. Pf.j75. $,6. foC wtfvM'- 

be, A brief and 
'€. 1. 44;for fV^ 
i;A^nvj Generitl 
otesof Defence^ 
!.l. i.aftcr/w- 
KimA; *pKd AfUki 
IfCMtiT, ifffc. after 

( I ) 


■i 11 ■■ 



T H P 

Pfalms of David 


^ ^ \ ^ , — 

The Firft Day. Morning Pjrayen 

Tins Tfalm if a proper Preface to th^ rest^ jhennng thai 
Happinefs is the End of gogd Men^ but th/tt Mlftrj 
attends the Wicked. 

Beatttt vhr^ qui n(m ahlit. 

BLefled is the Man that 
hath not [walked in 
the counfel of the un- 
godly, nor flood in 
the way of finners : and hath 
not (at in the feat of the fcom- 

2. But his delight is in the 
law of the Lord : and [in his 
law will he exercife himfelf 
day and night.] 

J. And he Ihall be like a tree 
planted by the water-fide : [that 
win bring fonh his fhiic in due 
feafon.] , 

Pfil. !. 

r Followed the Advice 
of wicked Men-, much 
lefs concinued in an 
evil courfe of^ ttfe : 
nor proceeded la far ai 
CO become a Compani- 
on to thofe who feoff 
and jed at Keligion.]] 

2 [He will continual- 
ly employ himfelf In 
the ftudy and practice 
df this Law. j . ^ . 

3 [For as fuch a Trcj! 
always anfwers the 
hopes of the l^lanter in 
bringing forth fuch 
Fruic, and ae fuch times 
as are proper \ fo the 
good Man (hall bring all his pious defigns to perfe^ion.] 

4, [His leaf alfo fliall not wi- ^ 4 [a» the Leaf of 
ther: and look whatfoever he. w.^„/rnlnrr^^^^^^^ 

J 1 • /!_ 11 y T warm Countries is ever 

doth. It Ihall profper.J green -, fo the Aftions 

of fnch a Man flull never die : Gpd fhali remcfflber aod~ Reward 
tbem, if Mao do noc^ 

B ^ Scat- 

2 ' The <Bfalms Explain' d. ifl Day. 

5 ^ Scatter t$h away^ t As for the ungodlv . it is 
(^.3 this Phrafc in the ^- -- • P -J^ 

Scrtpture fignifies utter 
deftruftion, Hof. xiii. 3. 
y^r.lcxviwr id. 

not lb with them ; but they are 
like the chaff which the wind 
* fcattereth away from the fece 
of the earth, 

6 Therefore the ungodly 
fliall not be able to *ftand in 
the judgment : neither the fin- 
ners in [the congregation of 
the righteousJl 

mint'y'] that is,' Be ac- 
quitted at the great 
Day of final Judgment,} 

. fo the vifOtd[^ ft antQUgr 
nifies again, JLw.xxi.j^. 
Prhc great Affembly of 
God and his Aagek, and Saints, w|icii they ionae td Judge the 
World,] I Cor. vi. 2. Jude 14, 15. 

7 ["Takes notice of, j But the Lord [knowethj 

the way of tha ri^teous : and 
the way of the ungodly ftaU 
* perifii. 

and approves,] liofea 


* Pcriflji'] that is, 
£ad in difappointment. 

ji Tfalm of David^ the firB vccafan 'whereof feems to ba'vt 
been the ajfault that was made ufon his Peffon and Go* 
'uernmentj by the ne^hbouring Heathen Trinces and 
States y 2 Sam. V. and vm. after he was fettled in the 
, Kingdom both of Ifrael ^»^ Judah, and had taken the 
Hill of Sion^ 2 Sam. v. 7. But further under thelRfforjr 
tf David^ it contains a mo ft illufirious VjrojhecyofCMfi. 

Qjiare frtmerunt gente^ f Pfil. II. 
[ Contrive, Dcvifc..] T 1C 7 Hv do the heathen fb fu- 

y\ noufly rage together : 
, and why do the peopje [ima- 
' gme] a vain thing .^ 
^ 2 The kings of the earth 
•:ftand up^ and the rulers take 
counfel together : againft the 
Lord^ and againft his Anointed.. 
3 Let us break their * bonds 
afunder; and caft away their. 
* cords from us. 

See l^ocabuUrp 

^* "^ Bonds. \ni Cords'] 
fignify that Tyranny 
and Slavery wich which 
the neighboviring Prin- 

ces thf earned Davfd and his Subje^s : Ow Tranflators fuppcrfcd 
riut chfc Vcrfe ii the Speech of D^vid and lus People, rod there- 

• ' tore 

ift Day. The Tfalms Explain J. 3 

Safe they A) aot- Tupphr C/i^ng 3 a$ the other Trandators have me lend of the former Ycrfe.. Dr. Ham. apf>rovcs of this. 

4 [Shall dcfpifc them-, 
and oar Lord (hall ex- 
pofe them to the con- 
tempt of others.} 

6 [I hrre eftablifli'd 
Yhe Rmgdom to DavU^ 
f(faysGod) by putting 

7 * JwW preach tht 
Law^ that is, I David 
will publini the Divine 
Law or Decree. See 
the word \f reach'] in 

4 He that dwelleth in hea-- 
Vfen^ phaH laugh them to fcorn : 
the lord feall^^ave them in de- 

f Then fliall he fpeak unto 
tfiem in his wrath : and Vex 
them in Ks fore fflfplealure. 

6 [Yet have I^et my kin^-: 
i^n my holy hiH of Sion^] 

him iaco pofleifion ofSion^ which is a Type of thkt Throne 6i 
Glory «c the rigfac*hatid t)f ilbc Ma)diy on high, to which Chrift 
Ofll tereafter be exalted.] 

7 '*' I will preach the law,' 
(I whereof the Lord hath faid un- 
to me: Thou art my Son,* thi§ 
day have I begotten thee. 

Vnab* H Wkerevftbe L^i hath faU un$9 me ;1 that iSj'Concerning 
which the Lord hath fpofeen to me, faying. Thou art my Son. All 
Kines are called the ChUdreik of Cod, Pfal. Ixxxii. 6. David was 
ip in an efpecial manner, Ixxxix. 284 Chrift is the Son of God 
in the moft eminent and ftrift feafe. ^Thii Daj^.l If underftood of 
Davidy muft fignify the time ^hen he took Sion from the febkfites^ 
)^en he was effWtually confirmM in his Kingdom ; for the Day ot 
firinces acceffion to the Throne, or their Coronation, was by the 
Ancients call'd die Birth-day of the £mpire« When apply'd to 
Chrift, we are thereby to underftand the Day of his Rinng from 
the dead, Alfs xiii. 93* Rm* u 4. 

8 Defu-e of me, and I fliall 
give thee the heathen for thine 
irfieritance, and the utmoft 

S farts of the earth for tfcy pof- 
effion* / , 

9 Thou fhalt bruife them 
with a [rod] of iron : and break 
them injpiece$ like a potters 

B and > Vcrfcs are 
the fpeech of God to 
David, and ill htm to 
Chrift^ to, whom they 
may more properly be 
applied than to David : 
for David never enlar- 
ged his Dominions be- 
yond Euphrates if where- 
as Chrift*s Kingdom ex- 
tends itfelf over* all 
parts of the World, 

9 [Scepter.] 

B a 

10 Judges] 

4 77;e ^falms Explain I ifl 1>Ay^ 

lo^ judics'] the He- ^ lo Ec wife now therefore, 

O ye kings r te learned, ye 
that are * judges of the eartfi. 

It Serve the Lord in fear: 
and rejoyce unto him with re- 

iz * Kifs the Son, left he be 
angry, and fo ye "^ perifli froia 
the right way : if his wrath be 
kindled (yea, but a littlej blelt 
fed are all they that put the;!? 
truft in him. 

all fupremc Magiftraces 
and Generals, Judgtu 
See Grtftms preface cO 
the Book of Judies. 

Homage t;o nim by kif- 
fing him, i Sam. x. I. 
"f- Vertfh from the right 
W0f] is a *6r^irPhrafe 
which fccms to be of 
the lame figtiificttion 
with that DeK/-. xxxii. 

28. viz, to perjjh fr^m CmfeU which is there rendred juftly by 
our Tranflators to be [wi of C^mfel^'] And by parity of Rdifim 
t;his fignifics the fame thing here, to be void of good Cwnfel^ or 
to kntiw not vFhaP to do, , 


A Pfalm of David when he fled from AWalom his Son, 

2 Sam. XV. 14, &c. ' ' 

Domlne, quid mHltiplicati ^ Pfaf.IIi. 

LOrd^ how are they increafed 
that trouble me : many 
• are they that rife againft me. ♦ 
2 Many one there be that 
fay of my foul : There is ho 
help for him in his God. 

5 But thou, O Lord, art my 
defender : thou art my *worfhip, 
and the lifteir up of my head. 

and Succcfs, and to whom I afcribc aH the Honour of it. Sec 
[ mrfk'ffl^ in Vocabulary. 

4 I did call upon the Lord 
with my vqice : and he heard 
me out of his holy hill t ^ 

5' I laid mc down and flept, 
and rofe up again , for the 
Lord fuftained me. 
.61 will not be afraid for tea 


5 ^ WorffAp .'] that IS, 
my Honour, and Glory, 
the God from whom I 
receive all my Power 

•}• ViTi, Slon^vf here God 
did in a ftckliar manner 
jefide, andvphich was a 
Type, of Btdi'en* 


iftDay.' Tl^e ff alms Explain d. 5 

thoufands of the people : that 
haxcfet themfelves againft me 
roundabout/ * r^ . . * 

7 Up, Lord, and help me,: ^.^ i^n"*^'^^^ u 

O^^ J i • t_^ /*^ • n Check T figmfics the 
^ my God : for thou fmiteft grcatdf comcmpc ^nd 

^^ mm^Qti^cmi^ upon the cheek rtpjroach, i kw^/ xxiu 

bone : thou haft broken th% 24. /o^ xvi. 19. i^^w^ 

teeth of the ungodly. 'L&^S'lKj^J 

as to be put to flight and difcomfitcd \ therefore David here 
prays, that God yfoM defeat and rout his Enemies , 

8 Salvatioij t)elongeth tiato 
tbc Lord : and thy bleiSng is 
upon thy people.. 

ATfalm ofDzvid 4m the famcy or t{>e like oct^^n ^ 

' the tblrJj or Dr. Hammond fujfofes. * - 
* / . I ; X ; , ,:(luntinvocainm. WjiUiV* 

HEar nje , when . I call. [O C ^ ^^ou that art the 
^eodofrnyrighteoufhers:] J^lft^^ ""^ "^ '^^ 
tbpiL haflrfet me k Tijjerty when ' '-^ . ; 
Ij^waj inr trouble ; have mercy, 

vlff^on me^ ai^d hc^rkien unto my ' 

prayer. ; ; : ,, : ; ^' , 

2 O ye fbns of meii, how 2 [Reproach and de- 
i?^ will ye fblafpheme] mine , fime.'3,&crBV;4^wJ 

Jure m * vamty, and feek after ^LeafingT^hzt is,Lying, 

* leafmg ? a . « .. . F^lhood. Sec Vocab. 

J Know thi? a%. tfear the 
Lord hath ahoferi to : himfelf -. ... 

the njan that ts g<}dly : ; when I 
call upon the Lprd^ \^ wjU heaj* 

4 Stand in awe, and fin not : .4 C ^ "f"^*'^ of *« 
commune with your own heart, ^'*'"f '^T''S'» 1^^°" ^^ 

; wifhyourfclresipyoor 


d TJ7i ^fahns ExplturiL ^ftP^i 

Retirements, when your Minds arc compofcd, and ceafc for the 
future from your violent prbcceditogs againft ma .• . » 

5 rScriflly obferve y [Offer the facxificc ofcrig^ri 

'^V?"'^^''! ?«^^"S teoufnefs : and put your mxffc 

ntfs; tvhich iSithe moft . ^ * jt 
acceptable Sacrifice to mt*ieLord.J 
Uod^ and then yon will }iave )uftgrou&ds co trnft and rely on hmCJ 

6 [There are too - g [There He many thdt fev^ * 
many famous People, Who will fiiew US anv^ood >j 
who are daily asking,, . : 
what' good tney have received^ or expeft from me an4 my 
Government.^ " ". * 1 \: ,; - - 

7 [l-or<i,^ thou pica- j \U)X^y lift, thbu up ':"tJie 

Succefs, fome publick ^-j 

Benefit, and this will be an cfTeftual Anfwer to tholSs Ifed^tions 


^ DAvVi might re- 8 Thou haft 'ptit^gladnefs iir 
Son nf ffif £!5S?r % ^^^ • fince the thne that 

crop 01 nis mutinous^ »«'i . » • , • 

Subjeas 5 as for other their c«om ^d> wme and pyl 

Reifow, fo cf|)edaI1y increafed. ' .. . . - *^. y 

bibcaufeke hoped thry. ^ouH look uik>n,u>sGpdVjBIf{]p^ 6^ ia$ 
Reign, and fo difpofethcm to Loyalty^aaii Peace. ' . ;; ,-'- 

9 1 will; lay me d5W:jrt^ 
peace, and take my reftr f6r itr 
is^thou, Ldfdi only that 'maI66%' 
me dwell in JTafety^ •;' - ^'^T " 

• -r Enemies he. had, i^e0aUy;h}i&Xom. . Hai^; . ' ' 

\.:.. 1 Vithaimea aurihus* Pfal. V, ^ r,-^-. .\ 

[ Silent, inward, or TJOhder-iliy words/ 0*Eord : 
mental Frayer.] JJ^; -ifonfidfer^iny [meditatibn; j 

2 (i) hearken theu unto* the 
voice of my c^lKng, riiy Kirig^ 
and my God : for unto thee 
will I make 'my prayer, 

2 My voice flialt thou hear 

betimesfi QlJot&i early fli,.tSe 


}Ji Dayp The ^falms Explain (C 

jnoming will I dir^ my prayer 
unto thcCy and will look up, 

4 For thou art the God that 
haft no pleasure in wi^kednefs : 
neither fliall any evil dwell 
with thee. 

5 Such as be [fopliih] Aall 
not fbmd in thy fi^ : for thou 
hateft all them that work * va- 


R^ain-glorious Fools] 
:, Vanity'] feems here 
and verl 2. of the fore- 
goiag Pfalm, CO (ignify 
all creafonable Ddigns 

agaiiift la wfixl Princes andCpvemours; the Men who are guilty of 
fuch Pra^liees are well defcribed in the next Verfe : and fo the 
Ifebrenf word [^j-vfnjfignifiesragaip, iy.xxviii. 3; xxxvL^x 

6 Thou fhalt deftroy them 
that ^ak * leafing : the Lord 
will abhor both the blbodthirfty 
and deceitful man- ' 

: 7 But ^ for me^ I witt oom^ 
i^m thine houfe^ enmn upon 
th^ multitude of tiiy mercy : 
aiid in thy fear will I worfhip 
irowaj?d thy holy *|emple^ 

8 rL^ad me, OLord, in thy 
t^tomfiaeis, becaufe of mine 
enemies : make thy way plain 
before my fece. 

^ 9 For there is ho flithftilnefs 
in his mpudi : [their inward 
parts fere very wickednefs.] 

IQ. Thdr throat is an open 
fepulchre t * f hey flatter with 
their fongue. 

II peftroy thou them, O 
God, let them perifli through 
tims own Oma^nations] : csdft 
tb^n : out in the multitude of 
{t^ ui^odlineft 5 for they 
|iavQ rebelled againft thee. 

S * Leafing ? } that is^ 
FaHhpod, Deceit, fyc;- 
SceV^ab. ' 

, 7 * Temple] here, and 
in fereral otfter PfalmsL 
Signifies the Holy of 
Hoh'eSy or place where 
the Ark flood, toward^ 
whidi the Jewf uftd 
to Worfhip. See F/<rf^ 
ictx. $. 

9 QTheir hearts atf 
wickednefs itfeltj 

f Gafmg for tl^e de^ 
JhtiKim of the mhoeeht. 

11 [Projefts dt D^t 
iigns.l See Imagm '^ 


i / 

8 ,;. Tl^ef faints Explain I ifiDay. 

^ : ti And let all them that put 

their truft In thee reioyce : 
they fliall ever be giving of 
thanks, becatife thou defend eft 
them ; they that love thy 
Name, flhall be joyful in thee. 
13 For thou. Lord, wilt give 
thy bleffiiig unto the righte- 
ous: and with thy favourable 
kindnefs wilt thou defend hini 
as witha £bleld, . ^ 

Evening Prayer. Firft Penitential Pfalm. 

^ Pfflm of David^ pennJ on fome. occajion of e^^aot^ 

Jinafy Humiliation* 'Hsjji^ 

' ... 

T>omm^ne. Pfal. VI, 

O' lord, rebuke me not in 
thine indi|3tiiation : nei- 
ther chaften m© m thy difplfea- 

2. Have mercy upon mZy O 
Lord, for I am weak : O Lord 
heal me, for . my * bones are 
vexed. : . 

;. My foul alfo is fore trou- 
bled : but. Lord, how long 
wilt thou punifli me ? 

4 Turn thee, O Lord, and 
deliver my foul : O fave me 
for thy metcies lake. 

5: [For in death no man re- 
meiT^reth thee : and who will 
give th^ thanks in the pit ?] 

6 I am weary of my groan* 
ing, every night wafh * I; my 
l>ed; and Wfttcr my couch with 

« ^ BoMs^ Reins, In- 
ward part, do often in 
iSciipture fignifie the 
lame, as. Hearty Soul, 
Thought. See Pfalm 
xxxv. 10. and fo pro- 
bably it fignifics h<?re, 
w. tny Thoughts or 

$ yo die Grare 1 

can haVe no opportu- 
ivity to ^p titee ^rvice : 
As long as I live I vnW 
fnew forth jhy Praife ; 
but who c^h celebrate 
thy Name, arid inftru^ft 
ihy People in the 
QUn}^ Bf,Fatrhk. 

7 M^ 

iftDay. TJpe ff alms Explain I 9 

7 My beauty is gone for ve- 
ry trouble : and worn away 
becaufe of all mine enemies. 

8 Away from me, all ye that 
work vamty : for the Lord hath 
heard the voice of my weeping. 

9 The Lord hath heard my 
petition : the Lord will receive 
my prayer. 

xo All mine enemies fliall be 

[confounded,] and fore vexed : »<^ [ Aflam^d and dif- 

they Ihall be turned back, and ^^^^^J 

put tp fliame fuddenly. * 

Shiggaion ; that isy a Tfalm or S(mg (fays Dr. Ham.J 
of David, wlicb he fang to the Lord^ coneeming the 
words afCxSk the Benjamite, one of%2Ly33LsComtkts^ 
^0 bad falpy otcafedDzYid. Ham. Tatr. 
Dormne^ Vktu mem. Plal. VIL 

OLord my God, in thee 
have 1 put my truft : lave 
me from all them that perfeciite 
me, and deliver me i ' - 

2 Left he devour my foul like / ^V •*« ^!l^^* 
a Uon, and^tear it in^ meces : saul, A^Nakc he 
while there is none to help. conceals, as St. Paul 

docs l^eriiy 2 J7w.iv. 17. See Pfil. xix. la. 

; O Lord my God^ if 1 have 3 t As CuOi faijiy 
done aay fuch thing t : or if '*f f i-'^* '^'^^i ^ i 

iL^ ^ 1. "^ • I J r • ' [Anions or BcbzrU 

there be any wickednefs m my ourO So/frW/fignify, 
[hands;] ' - 7<w.uu8. 

4 If J have rewarded evil un- 
to him that dealt friendly with 
me ; vea,'i have [delivered] 4 [Bctriycd.] 
him that .Without any caufe is 
mine eiiemy ; . 

y Then 4et mine enemy per- • 

fecute my foul, and take me; 

J- *' i • 


6 [Do thou, O God, 
^xcrc thy fdf in execu- 
ting that Tudgnaent a- 
gainft Cujh^ which he 
bas deferved, and thou 
ordained in thy law, 
DeuP.xxKl i^,i7>i8,ip 

7 t -4/ tboH haft done 
f(frmerly to vindicate the 


S fOttiny^Wci] 

The ^f^dms Bxplaml tftl>a^. 

yeja> let him tread my life down 
upon the earthy and lay mine 
honour ii> the (dufl:. 

6 Stanij up, O Lord, in thy 
wrath^^d lift up thy felf^ he- 
caufe of the indignation oiF mine 
cnemi^ : [arife up for me . in 
the judgment that thou hail 

vi^. That he who bears falfe Wicncfs (hall nave it fo done to htm, 
^ he had thought to have done to Ms-Brother.] 

^- . ■ 7^And.fofliaIl the congre- 

gation' of the people come about 
thee : for- their lakes therefore 
lift up thy felf again f. 

8 The Lord mil jodep the 
people J give fentence l with 

me^J ^ ^^^^ • according to my 
righteoufhefs, ^nd according to 
the innpcehcy that is in me^. - 

9 O let the wickedniefi of the 
ungodly come to an end : but 
guide iiiou the juft. 

I o For the righteous God': tri- 
eth the very hearts and [reins.} 

I I My help cometii of God ; 
whQ prefervcith them that are 
trueofheart* - - , 

12 Godis a righteous I'udge^ 
ftronj; VLtid patient : and God is 
provoked every day. 

1 1 [If a Man wiUnot turn, he 
will whet his fword ; ] h^ hiatK 
bent his bow^ and made it ready. 

14 He hath prepared fpr him 
the inftruments of death : he or- 
daineth his arrows ggainft the 

10 [Secret tjiougjxts,] 
fb f AehffT figttifics^ 

i^ [If the wii^eiMaa 
will not return and re- 
jpent, God will (harpen 
nis lofhrumeotsofdeath 
and dcftruftion.] 

\Ji pay, Ihefjalmi Explain d, 1 1 

1 c Behpld, [ he travaaeth » 5 [cufli u bjg» a$ it 
with milchief: he hath eon- 7^^Z.'J^&A 

% r - J i_ 1-^ ionic great Miicnici; nc 

ceived fprK)W and brought i^ta|ittgfwPiii«i in 
forth ungooiiaels. J hacdriRg le, and is ar 

i6 He hath graven and dig- l«ft ddhw'd of an ugj 

d up a pit : and is felfen^- lyiiK)nlteou8 mji^ 
[elf into the d«ftru<ftioa that he / , 

made for other. 

17 For his travail fliaU come : ^ 
upon his own head t arid tlis • 

wickedncis fhaH feU oii his own, 

i 8 1 will g^Vc thanks luito the. 
Lord, according to his righte-i 
oufiiefe : and I will praiie the 
Name 0f the Lord moft Higih. W-- /^ 

A Tfalm ifpsmi, on b0 killing GoUah if Gatby 

t Sain, vii {at is geftemUy thmght) in wi^ck he wm 

minthffy aTyft ofChriJt'y who vamito%fiyoy or owr-^^ 

come the Devtf^ ti^maf^emfofo$ir%mis^^ ' '. .- 1 

Domin^f Domtnks^ofter. yPOi^'^^ : -r I 

•^- ' Lord' our Gpverriour ^ 

v./ how. ^xcelteAt is thy 

NaiiA in all^the y^<>m : thou - ;- :. 

tjhat had tec rfiy glory above 

thi h^ffvens !'' 

%. foot of the mouth oF very '^'^ '[ Thod «ircfl( 
babes and fuckUngs Tiaft thou K"f „^?S°'!« 
ordainejJ ,$r^gth, bccAufe of -com^fon oT that lof- 
thine enenues : that thou mi^t- tvr Glaiit, to difi^omfic 

eft ftill the enemy and the a- tW wholcArmy prxHc 
IL^!^^ ^ -^ '"^ FhUifttncfi, which I 

vengerj did not do by virti* oi 

my Sword or Sling, fo nmch as by chat declaration of Faith and 
Confidence in God, which then proceeded out of my Mouth, 
t Sam. xvii. 45> 4^, 47* And fo on other occafions, thou wile 
mal^eiife of 'ftrions of ^n Infent-likc .Temper, Mat* i8. 5, 4. tp 
coaftund the mkhtieft Powers -upon Earth by their Preaching, 
I Cpr* !• 97* m by the ftefiuuM's which the Children fliall fmg 
\ ■ ' ■ . • ^^ \ " " to 

4 '* 

ij The^falms Explain'J. id Day. 

to the MeffiaS, (halt filcnce and dafh the arrogaice and infojencc 
of the Priefb and ruling /«»>; towards him.3 - 

4 CThyTpecM fio- 4 Whatis man, that thou art 
a^.tS^tSS mindfalofhim: and.hejbnof 
over him.] SQi^i^/A^l ""^n, that [thpu vifireft l^w ?] 
Agniiies, Gra. XXI. I. Ptal.cvL 4. 

s t little- Set Gt' f [Thou madeft him f ipwer 

gertimti.2. t;han tbe angels : to crown hira 

■n^et'«t£"n5'ff^ with glpry .nfl worftip.] 

what lower than the * , Thou makeft him to haTe . 

Angels, (and that but aominion of the works of thy 

veiy little, as appats hands : and thou haft pnt aU 

XXjSirAS ft^ rnfuhjeaion ,uX lu. 

is the proper bufiacJs '^^^ i ■ 

of Angels, to chaftife 7 All flieep and oxeh: yea, 

and lubdue ihy Ene- and the beaftsof the field ; 

S.£ll'h^«f&S? 8 The (pwls,of the air! and. 

•tpwi Mm humane Ni^ ^"6 nines or the lea : and what- 

turc i and in this re- ' ioe h througil the 

fpefl, for a whifc, be pat as 

lower than the- Angt^ , ,,'_/-* 

tiut tlK)u haft.ipl*^, . \ 3ur Governour : 

Men in a ftatc bdow n0\ is thy Name in 

Angels, that by beha- all 

ving chcmfclves wdl in this C may be preferr'd to 

a degree of Happinefs and Di| at of Angefe m ano- 

ther World : And thy Son Ihail'Qiiu for a lime bumuc hinHelf 
that by fnffering Death he thay be trowii'd with Glory and Hp- 
nonr 1 and even in his Humane Nature be pwltcd above Anttls 
£/iEi. i. jq, jj. ■ ■ ■ ; ' . , ■ »_ 

The Second Day. Morning Prayer. 
ATfalm ef Davidi" whtrein he thanks God fur the great 
Succefs he had againfi' the PhiliftineSj and other Ene~ 
meti and begs G^^sJffifiancem his prefmt Dikcult'm. 
ConjUebar tibi. Pfil. iX. ' ■" . 

I Will ^ve thinks mito thee, 
O Lord, with my, whole 
heart; I will ipcak of. all. tlty 
,: JnijirTeUoB3 works. 

id pay. T^he ffabns Exflaind. 

a I will be glad and* rejpyco 
in thee : yea^ my fong? will I 
make of thy Name, O thou 

3 While mine enemies are 
driven back: they fliall faU and 
perifli at thy pretence. 

4 For thou haft maint^ed 
my ri^t and my caule : th6u 
jart fct in the throne that judgeit 

y Thou haft rebuked the hea- 
tiien, and deftroyed the ungod- 
ly : [thou haft put out their 
Name for ever and ever.] 

6 [O thou enemy, deftrudi- 
ons are come to a perpetual 
end : even as the cities which 
thou haft deftroyed ; their me- 
morial is periflied with them J 


$ [Thou haft by this 
Defeac call fuch a blot 
upon their Cilorv, that 
tney (ball never oe able * 
to wipe it ofF.] 

there is a final end put 
to all that Mifchief a^d 
Havock, which you for- 
merly made in Ifrael ^ 
the great Feats whicb 
you have done againft 
us fliall be foi^oi^ten, even as thofeCteies wjiich ye have formerly 
taken from us, and rafed : The Memory of one as well as the other 
is vaniflf d and gone.] 

, 7 But the Lord fliall endure 
for ever : he Hath %lib prepared 
his [leat] for judgment. 

8 For he fliall judge the world 
in righteoufiicfs : and minifter 
true judgment unto the people. 

9 The Lord alio will be a dfe- 
fence for the oppreffed : even a 
refuge in due time of trouble. 

10 And they that know thy . 
Name, will put their truft in 
thee : for thou. Lord, haft ne^ 
ver fiuled them that feek thee. . 

11 O praife the Lord which 


7 [Throne.] 

I a [The poor, op- 
prefTcd, wr. $. clue 
know God's Naine,3 

tl^e ffdim Bxplainl i d Vaj. 

dweUeth in Sion : fhew the 
pec^Ie c£ his doings. 

12 VoT when he maketh in- 
quiiition for bloud, he remem- 
breth [diem] : and fiargetteth 
not die comfdaint of the poor. 

1 5 Have mercy npon me, 
O Lord, confider the troubie 
which I fufler of them that 
hate me : thon that lifteft me 
up from the gates of deadL 

14 That I may fliew all thy 
prailes within the [pom] of tfe 
* daughter of Sion : I will ra- 
joyce in thy falvation. 

I J The heathen are iunk 
down in the pit thai tbeymade: 
in the iaine net which they hid 
pTiTily, is dieir fijoc taken. 

s6 The Lord k known to 
r«aofrheDa«ght«of «ectttc judgmfflt : the ungod- 
Babjton, Pf. raxxvii. 8. ty-w trapped m die work of his 
, tlie Daughter of Tyre^ owp hands. 

^/.xiF.i^.theDaMgh- ryThewickedftailtetum- 

^JJZtfr'^Zl. f ^ hell: andaU diepeople 

lyftiledaCk^, iKiV that forget God. 

Tiii.i,;/,6-c. i9 ¥01 the poor fliall not 
alway be forgotten : die pati- 
ent abiding of the meek fhall 
not perifli for ever. 

19 Up, Lord, and let not 
man hare the upper hand : let 

^ . ■ the heathen be judged in thy 


20 Put them in fearjO Lord: 
that the heathen m^ty know 
themfeh'cs to be but men. 



%d Day. The ^faims Bx^inJ. 15 

7B*r Tt^ici is tie Ttnth^ ficccrding to the Hebrew, y 
JMnd ^ tbt Ninth ijf pb/s Greeks, mi -made a fart tf 
it^ and has no Title in the Heljrew. 

Vt quid^ pmine ? Pial. X. 

WHy ftandeft thoii fo far 
ofF^OLord: andhideft 
thy face in the needful time of 
trouble ? 

z Tbe ungodly [for his own 2 QOnt of a greedy 
luft2 doth periecute the poor : «^c/irc of enriching him- 
Ict them be taken in the crafty ^^^^^^^^"^ 
* wiUncfs that they haw ima- ^mimef/h Policy. See 

&ncd. die VocabtiUtiy. 

3 [The ungodly hath made ,.? TThc widcod prides 
boaft of his own hearts defire : ™^;,tn?.''j:n^^^^ 

^^ji r jr J ri ^^^3 wicnout controul, 

and fpeakcth good of the co- do what he lifti nay' 
vetipus whom God abhorreth.] he is not fatisfied to do 

4 The ungodly is fo proud, mifchirf himfcif, but 

that he careth ^t for G^ : J,US"u;;ftS 
neitnens (jodan all hisdioughts* ings and Opprcffions o£ 
thofc who are Ws Compamoos in Iniquity, whom he accounts hap- 
py, though the Lord abhor them.] 

y His ways are^ alway grie- 
vous t : thy judgments are far t To hu Neighbours^ 

above out of his fight,andthere^ ^J!LSSil\^i£ 
fore defieth he all Ms enemies. "^*' ''' "^'' '^^ ^ "^^^ 

6 For he hath (kid in his 
heart, Ti^, I ihall never be 
caft down : There fhall no harm 
happen unto me. 

7 Hismouthisfullofcmrfing, 
deceit, and fraud : under his 
tongue isungodlinefiand vanity. 

8 He fitteth lurki&g in the 
thievifh corners of tte ftreets : 
and privily in his lurking dens 
doth he murther the iimocent ; 
his eyes are fet againft the poor. 

* JO 

commonly write, and 
pronounce ckis word a 
Uttle othcrwife , vh^. 
Ravage \ which exa^ly 
anfwers the Hebrew, 
ffatapb; the Greek, 
'A^wc^»\ the Latin, 

II [He can crouch, 
and fawn, and put on 
humble and demure 
Looks, thereby t6 en- 
fnare great numbers of 
innocent^ hdpleis Peo- 
ple, and betray them 
into the hands of his 

1 6 The ffalms Explain I id Dajf. 

9 Far he licth waiting fe* 
cretly^ even as a Uon lurketh he 
inhis den: that he may*ravilh 
the poor. 

10 He doth *rarifli the poor: 
when he ^tteth him into his 

11 [He falleth down and 
humbleth himfelf : that the con- 
gregation of the poor may fall 
into the hands of his captains J 

12 He hath faid in lus heart, 
Tiifli, God hath forgotten : he 
hideth away his face^ and he 
will never lee it. 

I J Arife, O Lord God, and 
lift up thine hand : forget not 
die poor. 

; x^ Wherefore fliould the 
wicked blafpheme God : while 
he doth fay in his heart, Tufh, 
thou God caf eft not for it. 
' I y Surely thou haft feeri it : 
for thou beholdeft ung(>dlinc(i . 
and wrong. 

1 6 That thou mayft take the 
matter into thy hand : the poor 
committeth himfelf imto thee ; 
for thou art the helper of the 

17 Break thou the power of 
the ungodly and malicious: 
[take away his ungodlinels, 
and thou Ihalt find none.] 

for Vice ^ as may appear by the tbregoing words, vb^, Breai tboic 
the Peiver or Arm 5 for it may be obferved, that this Hebrew 
word, when it fignifies Power, as here no doubt it does, imports 
a very great and extraordinary degree of it, fuch as is in Princes 
and Genei als. See Dan. xu 6, aat fob xxxy. 9. whew chc.^ame 
word [Zero^li is ufed. [Do 

iy^Jhc ungodly and 
ntalkms'] berefignifies 
fome Perfon in great 
Awchorityj who was a 
Patron and Advocate 

2d Day, TJ?e ff alms Explain d 17 

[po thou deal with this overgrown Sinner, as he has defcn(cd, 
remove out of the way him that is the example and fupport of 
Vice ; then wickednefs will want encouragement, whi^h will be 
aa^#eftual means wholly to fuppre& it.] 

18 TheLord is King f6r ever 
and ever : and the heathen are 
periflied out of the land. 

19 Lord, thou haft beard the 

£defire] of the poor : thou pre- '^ [Prayer.] 
pareft their heart, arid thine ear 
hearkeneth thereto. 

20 To help the fatberlefs and 20 [The Athciftical 
poor unto their right : that [the Tyrannizing Oppref- 

man of the earth] be no more ^^^'^ 
exalted againft them. 

ji Tfalm of David, compofed hy him^ when Saul began 
to have evil Dejigns againfi him j and when he ivas 
advifed hy fome to feek for fafety in the Mountainous 
farts of jfudasa. 

In Domino confido, Pfal. XL 

IN the Lord put I my truft : , [And therefore why 
Oiow fay ve then to my ii^^Zc^lti 
^ J, that Ihe mould flee as a n]^^ Bird betore the 
bird unto the hill ?2 Fowler to the tops of 

2 For lo the ungodly' bend tTic Woumains ?] 
their b6w, and make ready 

their arroWis within the quiver : ^ 

that they may privily flioot at 
them wnich are tnie of heart. 

3 [For * the foundations will 9 * T*e Foundations'] 
be caft down : and what hath ^^^^ may properly be 
*^0^ ,.;*»u**.A,,^ Ar^^^ > 1 taken m the fame lenfe 
the righteous done? J astheyare,P/.lxxxii.5. 

where they fignify Juftice, Ord^, the keeping Oaths and Pro- 
mifes, which are the Bonds of humane Society; all which 54/// 
had broken : So the fenfe of the whole Vcrfe is this, i/i;^.^ [My 
Enemies break through all the ftand/ng Rules of Juftice^ and 
common Hooefty \ And what hav6 I, who have pundually cb- 
fery'd thcfc Hules, done to defcrvc fo ill Treatment Q 

C 4 The 


J S The Tfalms Explain d. i d Day. 

4 The Lord is in his holy 
* tfemple : the Lord's feat is in 

f His eyes confider the poor : 
and his eye-lids try the. children 
of men* 

6 The Lord alloweth the 
righteous : but the ungodly, 
and him that delighteth in wick- 
ednefs doth his foul abhor. 

7 * Sfidres may fig- 7 Upon the ungodly he fliall 
ftify all manfter of fud- ^^^ * f^^^^j f^^^ ^^ brimilone; 

Tj:fS^^P. ftorm and tem^eft : [this fball 
xxiv. 17, 18. be their portion to drink]. 

[This is the porcion which the wife Pifpofer of all things fhaU 
meafure out to them.] 

8 For the righteous Lord 
loveth righteoufhefs : hiscoun- 

8 t W^^* Appnbatioh tenance will behold t the thing 

Jnd Favour. that is juft. 

Evening Prayer. 

j4 ffalm of Davidi complaining of the Malke and W^ck- 
ednefs of Mtn*^ ^nd of the Relief which is to be ex- 
pHed from God 0nlj. 

S^hum me fac. Pfal/XIL 

Elp me^ Lord, for thea^e is 

not one godly vMn left : 

for the faithful are imni£hed 

from 5,mong the childrenof men* 

2 They talk of vai^cy pvery 
one with his neigWxmr: they 
do but flatter with their Ups> and 
diffemble in their double, heart. 

3 The Lord Ihall root out all 
deceitful lips : and the tongue 
that fpeaketh proud thin|;s. 

4 Which have fiid. With our 



ift Day, The ^falms Ex^irfl ,ip 

tongue wUl \fre prevail : we are 
they that ought to fpeak, who • 
is Lord over us ? 

5 Now for the comfortlefs 
troubles fake of the needy : an4 
bccaufe of the deep fighing of 
the poor^ " 

6 I will up, faith the Lord : 
and will help every one from 
him that fwelleth againft hiiBl 

and will fet hiin at reft, ' 

7 [The words of the Lord 7 [The Promifcs of 
su'e pure words] : even as the ''^^ ^*""'* "' ^^ fr°™ 
filver, which t from the earth '%iZVl^''f''i 
is tried, and purified feven times ^ * '-^'^ »r Jr«^. 
in the fire. 

8 Thou flialt keep [them,! ^ TThy Pr(Mprr<^.2 
O Lord: thou fhalt preferve *'«''»• that is, th* 
* him fmm this gen^aSon for ■ ifil" £' .ffi? 

9 [The ungodly walk on '^ ^ [There are «««>rld 
every fide : when they are ex- • of ii™en always ready 
alied> the children of men are '°/''P'^' **= 2oo<f, 

nut to rehiilr*. 1 *^'= and promote one ano- 

put to reouKCJ . thers Imereft.] 

A Ff4m of David ii/^bm he was in fome great Dlfir^t 

firetelUng bis D^pverance. ^ - ' 

< . ■'■■•'■»> 

* • Vfque qHp, pomne f Pfal.XIII. :: ^, 

HOw long wik thou [forr ' ' C5ecm td nt^^hh ' 
get] me, O Lord, for e- > , ■ 

ver : how long wik thou hide 
thy face from m^!? ' 

2 How loiig ihall J feek 
counfel in my foul, gnd be fo 
vexed in my heart : how long 
wall mine enemies, triumph 
over me ? ~ 

. ... 

, ^ * . 3 Con- 



3tb ^^ f faints Bxplaml id t>dy. 

3 Confider and hear me, O 

Lord my God : lighten mine 

CLeftiaccpmylaftO eyes, [that I deep not in death.] 

' 4 Left mine enemy fay, I 
have prevailed againft him ; for^ 
if I be caft down, they that 
trouble me, will rejoyce at iti 

5 But my truft is in thy 
mercy : and my heart is joyful 
in thy falvation. 

6 I will fmg of the Lorti^ 
tecaufe he hath dealt fo loving- 
ly with me : yea, I will praue 
the Name ot the Lord moft 
Higheft- , , ' 

^A Pfattn o/David, coififlalmng efan mit/erfalCorruftim 

■ tf Mens Mamer^s j , and feems to refer to that gener^ 

.4efeBion under Ablalom, and Mthe grtat a-uerfim 

to God and the truth, which reign damongB the }^W% 

in the time of Chrift andthe AfoJthsipV^o.)^ iOy&c. 

Dixit infitieiu. Pfal. XIV. ^ 

THe fool hadi faid in hk 
heart : There is no God. 
« .r » -. * They are corrupt, and be- 
Jo^lSctr^K! cQine abiiinable in their^d^ 
kcnintooftriftafeafe,. ings : there is none that doth 

as jf every jfew in D<i- wood, * no not one. 

M^sTime wcrego^e » ^j^g Lord looked down 

^fe^f if «^oVbe:^ from heaven upon the clrildren 
plkd to thofe who ad- of men : to fee if there Wef e 
hcrcd to God and Da- jjjjy j^at would underftaad^ and 

*W, who «re called the ^^^ ^ q ^ 

Srrr.r nKo 4 But they are all gcnxeout 

thofe who became Con- of the way^ they are altogethet 

verts to the Gofpel, in i^ecome abominable : there- is 

iis^lpTnief f^fbfthS none that doth good, *no not 

alfo there was A Rem- one* 


id Day. Tl^e ffdms Explain d. 21 

nant, Aom: xi. $. fo tlwt this Pfaira is principally to be undcrftbod 
©f tfaofc who joined with Abfalom againft Davldj and thofe who 
rcjcftcd the preaching ofCbrtft, and thofe whom he fent. 

f Their throat is an open fer, 
pulehre^ with their tongues have 
they deceived : the poifon of 
afps is under their lips. - '^ 

6 Their mouth is full of cur^ - - 
fing and bitternefs : their feet 
aire fwift to fhed blood. 

7 Deftrudion and unhappinefs 
is in their ways,, and the way 
of peace have, they not known : . 
there is no fear of God before 
their eyes. , * 

8 Have they no knowledge, 

that they are all fi^ch wprkers — . 

of mifchief: eating up my peo- 
ple as it were bread, and call 
not upon the Lord ? 

9 There were they brought 
in grea^; fear ^ even where no 
fear was : for God is in the ge-, 
neration of the righteous. , 

with^but this was a groundlefs/ei«r.: For God will not defer t thofe, 
though never fo few, that; are true to him.] So alfo at the nrft 
preaching of the Golbel many who were wiell-affeftcd to it, yet 
durft not openly protefs it for fear of the great numbers of the 
unbelieving j^ews v but their /er^r was ppreaibnable too, and thai 
for the fame caule. 

9 [MySubjefts were 
afFrigntedwith the greats 
numoers which followed 
Abfalom^^nd theSuccefs, 
which he at firft met 

10 As for you ^ ye f have 
made a mock at the ^ counfel of 
the poor': becaufe he putteth 
his truft in the Lord. 

1 1 [ Who fliall give falvati^; 
on unto Ilrael out of Sion ? 3 
When the Lord turneth the capH« 
tir|ty of his people: then fliall 
Jacob rejpyce. and Ifrael fliall 

lof AfhetflkdlTooUf 
"^CoHnfef] that is, rer 
fdutbtu See VocttbHlf 

n [ W»tf fhaU bf thf! 
happy inftruipent of 
Graining a BlefTtng 
from God, who dwel^ 
leth in Sion^ whereby 
onr breacha may Ijc 

12 Tl^e Tfalms Explain d. ; d Day. 

healed ? Here "he abrupdy, and ekgandy breaks off his Speech, as 
if he defpair'd of fuch a Mercy.]. After he had made a (hort ^aufe, 
he ukes- courage again, and goes on, "^When the Lord!, &c. as if 
he had faid, I will not lay afide all hopes, of feeing this happy 
time^ and when this comes to pafs, ^ Then /hall Jacob r^oyce^ &c, 
"^ When the Lord iurneth the captivity of hii people : that is, when 
God reftores thof<j to Jerujdem^ whom this Rebellion has drove 

The Tfiird Day. ' Morning Prayer. 

A Vfalm sf David on occafion of his return to the Taber- 
nacle of Sion y from which be bad been driven by 
Abfaloms Rebellion. Ham. Patr. 

Dominey quk hahit^tt} Pfal. xv. 

y Ord^ who fliall dwell in 

I J thy tabernacle: or who 

Ihall reft upon thy holy hill ? 

a [Blamelcfs, inof- 2 Even he that leadeth [an 

fcnfivc. J xmcorrupt ] life : and doeth the 

thing which is right^ andfpeak- 
eth the truth from his heart. 

3 He that hath ufed no de- 
ceit in his tongue, nor done 
evil to his tieighbour : and hath 
' " not flandered his neighbour. 

"4/ He that fetteth not ty 
J himfelf, but is lowly in his own 

eyes : and maketh much of them 
^ ^- ' that fear the Lord. ^ 

^ y. He that fweareth unto his 

neighbour, ,and difappointeth 
; ' - \ him not : though it were to his 

-<r r ti^ . V t .u own hindrance. t 

^[He who maketh ^ ttt ^ ^ i_ l 

no^ainoftheMonyhc ^ [He that hath not given 

kftdi fo' Ws poor Bro- his money upon ufury :] ■ nor 

Ihcrii Of Neighbour. ^J taken [reward] againlt th€^ ia- 

^•icj}^2 5. D^«/.xKiiu ^^cent^ . ■ 

. f Bribe 3 . '7 Whofa do«:h thefe thip^ : 

- 7 iJinmQ^dsfivm^ flmli never fall f* 


^dVay. The ^faints Explain d. i ; 

Michtam^, that is^ a Jewel y or Golden Tfalm of David^ 
containing a mofi memorable Vrophecy of Chrift. 

Conferva me^ Dom'me. PfaL XVI, 

PReferve me, O Go4 : for / . 
in thee have I put my truft. 

2 O my foul, thou haft faid 2 [If I (honld offer 

unto the Lord: Thou art my ^f.™ all the good 

^ J r J !_• "^ things I have, and rea- 

God, [my goods ar^ nothmg der thee all tiic Service 
unto thee.] ' I am able, yet this 

would be n& fufiicient requital for the Prote(lion, and other 
Mercies I have received from thee. 

5 All my delight is upon the ' 
faints that are in the earth : and 
upon luch as excel in yertue. 

4 But they that run after a- 4 [Shan do vioicnce 
nother god : [ihaU have great S ^^STi^ 

trouble.] and even thek own 

Children, and mull expeft to be treated as Enemies by tlie true 
God.j * . 

c * Their drink-offerings of "^ ^-^^^'^ Drink-Offer* 

bloud wiU I not offer : neither What is. The Drink- 
, . r i_ • .Otterings made to the 

make mention of their names Heathen-idoI , whofc 

within my lips. Name he declares he 

will not mention, out of a juftdeteftation and abhorrence of them* 

6 [The Lord himfelf is the ^ [The Lord is my 
portion of mine inheritance, ^^fj^l ^-J on^^c 
and of my * cup : ,thou Ihalt (hip of liin^ to be the 
maintain my^lot.] moft valuably Treafurc 
which I have received by Inheritance from my Father^ : This is 
the bed part of all my Royal Enjoyments.; and thou, O bod| wilt^ 
I doubt not, fecurc me in the polfeffion of it.j »/ 

* Cup 6y 7, and Lot^ fignify the fame thing, 1//^. That (hare or 
part which God the Mafter q( the Fcad deals out to every (ingl^ 
Perfon. So Cup figniftes Pfal xi.<5. Mat* lex-. 22. 

7 [The lot is fallen tinto me 7 [For there is no 

in ft ^ir p-round • vca T have a Country comparable to 

m a tair. grouna - yea, i nave a ^,^^^ ^^^.^^ God hath 
goodly hentage.J . appointed co be th<^ 

place of my Abode and Government ; there i n</ Land fii Jilea^ 
fant as this of Jfu^ea^ if only for this cau^<^ .that here wc Wor*- 
ftip the true God, ^ccordipg to his owppifcftion andComniand.^ 

C^ 4 S fdit 

24 The ^f alms E^^lamd, '^d'Day* 

8 [for the Advice 8 1 will thank the Lord for 
and Dircam he gim (^giyW mg warning] : my 

iBc in all Dangers and hP . ^ ^r \ n. • i.*' 

Difficulties., and for the ^rems alfo phaften me in the 

Reproofs and Checks I night-feafon. J 

have every Night froni my own Heart, whenever I do amifs.3 

"^ Reins here zg2LinTigmfiesThoMihPS J Confctence, Hearty &c. as 
PfaL vii. ro. 3»vi. 2, ^c, 

9 [ I have always o [J have fet God always be- 

on, that God is nigh at hand, therefore I (hall not fall.] 
hand to relieve and fupport me y and that therefore I ihall not 
finally be overthrown.^ > 

10 ^ iwy (r/or;',] that jo Wherefore my heart was 
\ ^L ^T^/t"^' . p;lad. and * my glory rejoyced : 

"^ My Fie f}^^ every part 5 ^n n i> -^/tT n a • u 

of me. ifam. ^Y ^^^ ^^^^ "^^^ reft m hope. 

11 "^ Hett "here fig- X i [For why ? thou ftialt not 
nifies theftate of the leave my foulin :*" hell : neither 

S- th^Sfore'^S «^^]5 thou fuffer thy. holy bne 
wordscannotinartrift to lee corruption.] 
and proper fenfe be undcrftood of Davtdy (as St. Peter obferves, 
AHs il. 29.) but oicHrift^ in whofe Pcrfon D^^ here fpciks. 

[For tho' I be killed, and my Soul go to the place where the 
Souls of other dead Men are, yet I (hall not long remain there : 
And tho' nay Body be laid in the Grave, yet it (hall be railed 
from thence, before it be in the Icaft corrupted.]] 

17. Thou ftialt fliew me the 
path of life ; in thy prefence is 
the fulnefs of joy : and at thy 
right hand there is pleafure for 

A Trayer of David yir deliverance from his Terfecutors 

and Slander'ers. 
Exaudi, Domine. Plal XVIL 

Ear the right/ O Lord^ 

confider my complaint : 

and hearken unto my prayer, 

> Feigned, l>c<w»itftt!. that goeth jiot otit of * feigi^ed 


2 [Let 


^d Day. The T faints Explain d. 25 

■2 [Let my fentence come 2 [Do thou (i)cedily 
forth from thy prefence : and ^J^^ ^!!f"?.''^ V 

1 ^t.- ^ 1 I ^1. fide t and let it be 

let thme eyes look upon the done in fuch a manocr. 

thine that is equal.] that it may appear that 

it is thy AA and Deed, ^nd that thou haft regard to Iinocence 
and Integrity.] 

} Thou haft proved, and 
vifited mine heart in the night- 
feafon ^ thou haft tried me, and 
flialt find no wickednefs in me : 
for I am utterly purpofed that 
my mouth fliall not ofiend. ^ 

4 [Becaufe of mens works 
that are done againft the words 
of thy lips : I have kept me 
from the ways of the deftroy er.] 

5- O hold thou up my goings 
in thy paths ; that my footfteps 
flip not. 

6 I have called upon thee, 
O God, for thou flialt hear me: 
incline thine ear to me, and 
hearken unto my words. 

7 Shew thy marvellous lo- 
ving-kindnels, thou that art the 
Saviour of them which put their 
truft in thee : from fuch as re- 
fift thy [right hand.] 

8 Keep me as the apple of 
an eye : hide me under the 
ffiadow of thy wings, 

9 From the ungodly that 
trouble me : mine enemies com- 

pals me round about to take . 

away my foul. 

10 [They are inclofed in .\f ^They arc ftu^ 

< iwn'ftt] ! ^ chdr K^TSfl^ 
mouth fpeaketh proud things. theii' ungodly courfes.] 

II Thr 

4 [Becaufe of the 
bloody practices of 
fome Men, fuch as Doeg^ 
I Sam.XKiu 17, i8.di« 
reftly contrary to thy 
Law , I have with- 
drawn my felf, or kept 
my fdf out of the way 
oi violent bloodchirfty , 

7 [Thy Power and 


It [^They arc always 
plckcitig and contriving 
our ruinc, tho' their 
Looks Are grave and 


ih /P/itlms Explain d. ^d Day. 
II [They lie waiting in our 

way on every fide : turninj^ 
their eyes down to thfe ground. 

12 Like as a li'on that is 
greedy of his prey : ' and as* it 
were a lions whelp^ lurking in 
fecret places. 

1 3 Up^ Lord^ dilappoint 
him^ and caff him down : deli- 
ver my foul from the ungodly, 
which is a fword of jthine f. 

14 From the men of thy 
hand^ O Lord_, from the men f, 
I lay, and from the evil world : 
which have their portion in 
this life, whole bellies thou fil- 
left with thy hid treafure, 

I y They have children [at! 
their defire : and leave [the reft 
of their lubftance] for their 

16 But as for me, [I will be- 
hold* thy prefence in rig^teouf^ 
nels : and yvhen I awake tip af- 
ter thy likenefs, I Ihall be fa- 

tisfied with it.] 
iVmbblically reprcfcnted by a Cloud of Glory, which flood over 
the Ark : This is frequently called God*s FacCy and Prefence •, as 
Svhen mention is nude of feeking his Face^ coming before his 
Face, and here beholding his Face or Prefence ('tis the lame He^ 
prew word reiidred fometimes Face^ fometimes Prefence.) So the 
Pfalmtfl\ meaning is, 

[I will come to worfhip before thy,Ark, with an honefl and 
upright Heart \ and then I truft that my appearing in this trtanncr - 
before Thee, in this Life, fhallbean earneftof .my more perfeft 
enjoyment of Thee in the other Life, when I fhall awake out of 
the ,Grave, and be made like Thee •, and Ihall by this means be fo 
iiappy^ that I (hailliavc nothing furchipr to defire.] 

15 fWheremtb thou 
punijbeji others. 

14 i Wham thoHMfeft 
0s Rods in thy band^ to 
correlk the Faults of thy 
^n People. 

I $ [According to] 
rn^ remnants of their 
Eftates, which their 
own Luxury, and other 
Vices have confumed.j 

16^ Thy Prefence^'] or 
f^ace. God was in a 
peculiar manner graci- 
bufly prefent in his 
Sanftuary to his People, 
and his Prefence was 



;dDay, . the (P/dms Bxplainl 


Evening Prayer. 

A Tfalm of David, the Servant of tbt Lard, who ffake 
tmto the Lord the words of this Song, in the Day thai 
thejjord delivered him from the hand of all bis Ene- 
mies,andfrom the hand o/'Saul, 2 Sa. XxiL And he f aid 

Diliem tey Domtne. PfaL XVni. 

I Will love thee, O Lord, my J. X J^* /o^er by^ 

ftci""^.'^' th^ Lord ism]; "^oSK^. 

itony rock, and my defence : rive feafe always dc 

my Saviour, my God, and my notes Power and Ho* 

might, in whom I will truft^ nour.ibecaufcjyowarc 

2 buckler, [the * horn alfo of fcernsihSLvc 
my lalvanon,] and my refuge, them. 

2 I will call upon die Lord, 
' which is worthy to be praifed : 
io Ihall I be fafe from mine 

H The forrows of * death com- 
pared me : and [the overflow- 
ings of ungodlihefs] made me 

4 The pains of * liell came 
about me : the fiiares of death 
overtook me. 

f In my trouble I will call 
upon the Lord : and complain 
unto my God. 

6 So Ihall he hear my voice 
out of his [holy temple j : and 
my compkint mall come before 
him, it fhall enter even into his 

7 The earth trembled, and 
quaked : the very foundHtions 
>lfo of the hills ihook,, atid were 
removed^ becaufe he wias wroth* 

3 [My wicked Ene- 
mies violently raging 
like a Torrent of Wa- 

here fignify the fame 
thing. So Ham. and 
Patr. miderftand thefe 
Vcrfes, See ffeU in the 


6 [Holy of Holies, or 
the innermoft part of 
the Temple a Type of 
Heaven. jSee Pf.v.venj, 


la thefe Verfes, from 
the 7ch to the i5th, is 
reprefepted the fevcri- 
ty of the Divine Judg- 
inentson^xhjEi Enemies 

1? The ff alms' Bxplaind. -^d Day. 

6f God , and David^ in a very lofty and figurative Style, which 
therefore cannot be meant in a literal fcnfc : But the brief and 
plain dciign of thefe Verfes is to exprefs the fencje that David had 
of (fod's l^ing the Author of all hisSuccefs and Viftorics, which 
he did as fineerely believe, as if he had feen the Divine M^jcfty 
interpofing and manifefliag itfelf , as formerly it did at Mount 
Sinai^ when the Law was given, Ex$d. xix. i&, S^c. from whetice 
the Pfalmifl fterns chiefly to have taken i;his Defcription. There, 
as well as here, is mention of an Earthquake ^Smoke^ Fire, Thunder^ 
Lightning, &c. and fu^h Defcriptions are Hot unufual in Holy 
Scripture. Sec Pfal. xcvii. , - 

8 *co/«/j]iB thisirfacc 8 Thejre went a ^ ftnokfc out 
S: asmJwifil^i in his prefence: and a confu. 
iii.5. ^^.x. 2. * Smoke "^i^g * fire ottt of hjs mouthy fo 

that ^ coals were kindled at it. 

9 Hq bowed the heavens alfo 
and came down : and it was 
dark under his feet. 

and fire denote the ve- 
hemence of the Divine 
Wrath. Dr. /fim.and 
fome others, by the 
% C(?tf//,underftand Thun- 

lo "^Cheruhims or An- 
gels are called God's 
Chariots, i C/;r. xxviii. 
1 8. F/<t/.lxviii» 1 8. im- 
plying tliatGod is in an 

i<? He rode upon the * Che- 

rubims^ and did fly : He came 

flying upon the wings of the 

efpecial manner prefent among the Angels, and in all things ufes 
their Service and Miniftry. 

1 1 The '^^^w/j here n He made * darknefi his 

%:ii "fUdc recret place: his*payiUonrpun4 
Prefence, his Royal ^hout him With dark w^ter^ and 
Tent, or ^ Pavilion fig,- thick clouds to covcr him. ' • 
nifies the Invifiy^^ne^ of his l^Iature, the unfearchablehefs of his 
Counfels, and terriblenefs of his difpleafure. > - ' 

12 [But the fecret 12 [At the brightnefs of his 

5S SeS' 5S Feff " his clouds removed : 

* hail-ftones, and coals of fire. j 

1 3 The Lord alfo thtmdred 
out of heaven, and theHigheft 
gave his thunder : '*' hail-ftones 
and coals of fire. - 

14 He fent out his arrows, 
and fcattered them : he caft 
forth lightning?^ *tid deftrpyed 

them. where* 

ma^e the Clouds to 
moye and be diffolved, 
from vfhkh' ffail-Jlones 
dnd Coals of Fire imme- 
diately dropt for the 
deflru^tion of his Ene- 

* Hat Ift ones and Coals 
of F^rf^Mingdown in 
ifnowers from Heavert, 
We the Inftruments 

1 5 "^ Springs of Wa- 
ters were feen (] tarthr 
quakes do frequently 
open greac Spouts and 
Streams of Water , 
where none appeared 
before. A^d as the 
Pfalmifl V^fin che tra* 

whereby God eKecuted his Wrath on the Sodomites^ Gen* xix« and 
on the five Kings^ Jof, x. ii. and hence, probably, by thefe two, 
God's Judgments of all forts, how contrary focver they may be 
to one aiibther, are reprefented not only here, but Zuch. xii. 6. 
Rev. xvi, 21. 

It may be obfenred, that to make the fenfe entire it may be 
{proper in your MiKl, to fnpply fome word after the mention of 
/faji-fiones and Coals 0/ Fhe^ yiz^ fell down, were difp'erfed^ feat' 
teredy or the like. 

I y The * fprings of waters 
were feen, and the foundations 
of the round world were dif- 
covered at thy chiding^ O Lord : 
at the blaftipg of the breath of 
thy difpleafure. 

gical Defcription of God's punifliing his Enemies witH ^n Earth- 
quake, fa he ends it with the cffeft of the Earthquakf^ viTi. the 
cleaving of the Ground to fiich a degree, as if npt only great 
dreams of Water gufhed out, bu> fliat it had been rent and torn 
to the very center, which is in a Poetick fenfe cailed its Bafis or 

16 Helhallfend down from 
oii high to fetch me : and fliall 
take me out of many waters. 

17 He fliall deliver jne from » 
my ftron«ft enemy, and from 
them whith hate me: for they 
arc too migh'ty for me. 

17 [They prevented me} in 
the day of my trouble : bit the 
Lord was my upholder. 

19 [He brought .m6 forth 
alfo into a .place of liberty] : 
kit brou^t me forth, even be- 
caufe he had a favour unto me. 

20 Th$ Lord ihall reward 
me after my ^righteous dealing: 
according to the cleannefs of 
my [hands] fliall he reQom- 
penfe me. 

18 (^They were too 
quick tor^ me,] Sec 

19 [He fet me free 
from all mv, Straies 
and DifficukCcs, and 
made my Condition 

20 [Aftioas.] 

21 Be- 


The ffalms Explain I - ^d Day. 

21 Becaufe I have kept the 
ways of the Lord : and have 
not forfakcjji my Q6d, as the 
wicked doth. 

22 For I have an eye unto 
all his laws: and will not caft 
out his commandments from 

' 25 [Avoided the Sin 
towhich I was moll in- 


' 24 [Aftions.J Hepro- 
bably means his keep« 
ing himfdf ^cc from 
tke Blood tjf ^tf«/,when 
he might have flain 
him, I Sam. xxiv. 

25 [To thofe;who 
arc good beyond the 
common rate thouihalt 

23 I was alfo uncorrupt be- 
fore him: and fefchewed mine 
own wickednefs. ] 

24 Therefore ffiaUri;ieLord 
reward me after my righteous 
dealing: and acicordih^ unto 
the cleannefs of my^lnands] 
in his eye-fight , / 

a f [ With tl\e hd.y thou flialt 
be holy: and with a perfe<9: 
fhew thy felf a true Lo^ man thou fhalt be perftft. ] 

yer of Goodnefs, and wilt do Jnftice to them againft their &ic- 
mies, who preferve their own Integrity.] 

26 [With the clean thou flialt 
be clean: and wiih the fro- 
ward thou flialt lefiini froward- 
nefi.] ^ 

27 For thou flialt lave the 
people that are in ad^erfity : 
and: ihak. bring, down the high 
looks of the proud. 

28 [Thou alfo fliak%ht my 
candiej : iche Lord my God 
fliall make my darkl^e^ td be 
lig^t. \ 

29 For in thee I ffiall diiC- 
comfit an hoft of men: and 
with the help of my God I 
flail Ics^ over the waH f. 

30 [The 

25 [Thou (halt fparc 
the Lives of thole who 
have fpared the Lives 
of others. (5ee ver,2^.) 
but if any take crooked 
ways to obtain their 
ends, thou (halt enfnare 
them in their own De- 
vices.] See Vint/tkation. 

28 [Thou fhalt make 
me prdfperous.] J 9b 
2cxi. ly.Frov. xxm 2q» 

t In order to take a. 
Cifji, Secver. 3j.* 

3^ I>ay. The Tfalms Explain d. 

50 [ The way of God is an 
undefiled way: th^ word of 
the Lbrdalfp is tried in ; ] 
he is the defender of all them 
that put their tnift in him. 

31 For who is God^ but the 
Lord: orwhohathanyftrength, 
except our God ? 

32 It is God that girdeth me 
with ftrength of War: [and 
maketh my way perfed, ] 

33 He maketh my feet like 
harts feet : and fetteth me up 
on high f. 

34 He teaches mine hands 
to %ht : and mine arins (hall 

' break even a bow of fteel. 

1 y Thou haft given me the 
defence of thy [ falvation : ] 
thy right hand alio ihall hold 
me up_, and [thy loving cor- 
redion fliaU make me great,] 

30 []God never de- 
filed himielf with any 
breach of Word ; his 
Promifes are like Metal 
try'd in the Fire.] 

52 [And removes 3l!1 
obftaclesand difficulties 
out of my way.3 

f Above the reach of 
my Enemies. 

, ^I have found by ex- 

^rnencc, that thenwp 
{roubles and Crofles I 
meet with, I (hall OiJl 
grow wifer and bett^ 

16 Thou flialt make room . under thera^thou wilt,?>s 

enough und^r me for to go: 
thatmy foot-fteps Ihall not Aide. 

37 1 will follow upon mine 
eneimes, and overtake them : 
neither will I tuni again till I 
have deflxoyed tKem. . 
^ 38 I win finitii them^ that 
fliey fhall^not bc'able to ttand : 
but fall under my. feet. 

39. Thou haft girded me with 
'ftrength unto the battle : thou 
flialt throw down mine ene- 
mies under mi. 

40 Thou hafflnademine ene- 
mies alfo' to turn' their backs 

,ihou haft hitherto,(hcw 
thy Love in all thy Coi;- 
reftions The attempts 
of my Foreign Enemies, 
and the ftrugglcs of my 
own Rebellious Sub)e^s 
being defeated, fliall 
add to my Strength, 
and incrfcafe my Power, 
thou wilt ftill continue 
10 make even my Af- 
fliftions turn to my pre- 
fent and future Glory.^ 



43 [Scdirions.]^ 

The ffalms Explain d^ \ d Vaj. 

upon me: and I (hall deftroy 
them that hate me. 

41 They-lhall cry, but there 
Ihall be none to help them: 
yea, even unto the Lord (hall 
they cry, but ye fliall not hear 

42 I will beat them as fmall 
as the duft before the wind : I 
will caft them out as the day in 
the ftreets. 

45 Thou flialt deliver me 
from the [flxivings] of the peo- 
ple: and thou malt make me 
the head of the heathen. 

44 A people whom I have 
not known : mall ferve me. 

45: As foon as they hear of 
me, they fliall obey me : but 
[the ftrange children fhall dif- 
lemble with me.] 

of Abraham^ but are not true to God and their King^ (hall be 
worfe than the Heathen ; only aft a part, and pretend themfclTCs 
my Subjefts and Serrancs, titf they hare an opportunity of ma- 
king h^d againft me.]] 

46 The ftrange children flial! 
fail : and be afraid out c^ their 

47 The Lord liveth, and 
blefled be my ftrong helper : 
and praifed be the God of my 
falvation. , • 

48 Even die God that feetfa 
that I be avenged : and fubdu-*- 
eth the people unto me. 

49 It is he that delivereth 
me from my cruiel enemies^ and 
fetteth me up above mine adver- 

faries ; 

4$ ([The adulterous 
Generation that is a- 
mong my own People, 
who call themfelves 
Jtws^ and the Children 

45 [Strong Hoidsj 
which VitvuL made 
their Prifons by bc- 
fieging them. 

4th Vay. The ffahm E^^laind 33 

iarieii thoa ftalt n&l me from 
thenvicked man; j. <u; i; 

yo For thiscaufe wililghe 
thanks linto' thee^ 0-|l.ord, a- 
mong^ the GentUes : and ling 
praite imt© thy Name* 

f I Great profperky gJ^reth 
he onto his King ;4md iheweth 
loving kindnefs unto David his 
Anomred^ and unto his $eed * 
£!>r ^wrmoi^ 

' . » 

H t 

lie Foiiith t>(ay. Morning Prayer. 

I •- ' A Pfaim of Dayii: ' 

•■■''.' Ccelintaant. PfiUXlX. 

htt^"^ Heavens deblaxe the » . 2» The * iftdi^t 

X glciry of God i -and the ^"i/.frS; "Ji^ 

rFirn^amemfhewa^h)ijwjhahdy. We rcprcfeStcd as 

Wbrkr : Pcrfans in the Poetick 

wan as tMc £<iifA dfo is, Job xii. 8, and the Hitts and rr*f/j 

2 [DnedayteJIethanodiep: aQ^afrxandM^A/i-, 
and o^' night certified! ano-'d as it were 

jA^I ^ in <^rcs one agaiaft a* 

~**J nother, do by tiiras 

thtmt forth the Praife and <jIory of the gtca t Creator.^ 

3 [There is neither fpeech jt'l^hereisnotaPeo. 
Bor language :4.ut^^^ fc^^^^^ 
areheard among th^.3^ .feehtvSicesoftheHea. 

Ten andi^rmament) Night and Day, are heard and underftood by 
them : They convince all People, in fome meafure, of the Power 
and WijRom of Him 'who made and governs tbem«3 

4 Their found fe gone out 

into all lands : and theii: words 4 f As the Vohe and 
into the ends of thfc world t. T>onme of the ApoftUi^ 

5 In them hath he fet a ta- fd other AfmiflersjhAa 

-L^ ^ \ £ ^v. c J-' 1. hereafter do in d more 

bernacle for the Sun: which ,/^^„^ ^ intelikibie' 
Cometh forth as a Bridegroom manner ,Kom.7i.iS. ' 

D CHt 

7 [Free from any 
■ Oiixture of Evi!.^ 
t From Sin and Error, 

'34 ^Th^ ffdms ExpUMd. 4th 'T>ty\ 
tout of. his chamber, and tft- 
joyceth as a Giant to run his 
conrfc- ■ '.'■ 

6 It gbeth forth from die 
;nttermoft larc, of the heaven, 

and runneth about umo dw 
end of it again : and thece Is 
nothing Jhid from the : neat. 
diereotL . .■ .- - : ;-iv:': 

7 Thclawof theLocdisidn 
rundefiledl law, convertb^the 
ibulf '• the teftimony of the 

[A (afc way for Men to ixi[d is £fiire,3 and g^veth wit 
y^^ '"^O dom unto die funple. 

8 [Juftandreafonf g The ftatutes of the Lord 
^%ti^prmiM4nir^^ [nght,].^^ «i.oy« the 
meed to thm. heart t : the comraandroent. Of 

rckariikcGla6,cafy the Lord |is [pure,] and gi^eth 
to be underftood.] Urfit unto the eyes. 

C'^^^r'tJ"'?^*^ 9 [The fear of the Lord is 
,K?AmoSjS cl^,/nd enduxedifor-eycr; 
them to avoid all Fraud the judgments of the Lord are 
and Hypocrify j 'tis a tnie, and righteoils aUogeiiier. 
Prmciplc tliat never j^^j.^ ^^ ^e dfefired are 

.ceaf« to work upon iU ^^^^ ^^ ^^j^^ yea;tha., teUth 
hne gold,: fweeter alfo t^ga 
hony, and -the hony-comb. . 

1 1 Mpreoyer,by them.^s rthy 
fervantfavigjit: and in^ Jce^Ri^ 
of them ther? is great, reward, 
apd fiacerely. honed in. all their Dealii^ 

, thatliv-cunderthepow- 
er ofit, and will make 
Men good, nc 
"Fits, but a' 


teache Men ic 
^and juft, 
with each other.j 

12 't- Secret Fault t;} n Whfl Can tell how oft he 
(hat is. Sirs of ipo- ..offendeth : O "cleanfe thoume 
ranee, fuch as" I have ^ « /- c i 

conmiittcd unaware* i from my "fecret faults. 
Sins which have efcaped my Obfcrvaiion or Memory. 

' 13 Keeip thy fervant - alfo 

ii*p,efmptMmSmti} from * ptefumptuous fm^ left 


j^th Day. The ^falms Explain d. 

that is, all wilful, Hu- 
4iedy habitual, fcanda- 
lous Sios. 

they get the dbniinion over me t 
fo mill I be undefiled, and in- 
nocent from the great offence. 

14 Let the words of my 
mouth, and the meditation of 
my heart : be alway acceptable 
in thy fight. 

If O Ldrd: my ftrength 
and my redeemer. 


A Pfalm of David, 'wherein the Peofle are taught to pay 
for bis good Succefs. The occafion of compojing it was 
frobably the Invafion mentioned ^ z Sam. \. 6yi. 


Exaudiat te Dmkks, Pfal. XX. 

THe 'Lord hear thee in the 
day of trouble : the Name 
of the God of Jacob defend 

2 Send thee help from the 
Sanc^xiary f : and ftrengthen 
thee outof Sion f. 

J Remember all thy offer- 
ings : and accept thy Burnt-Sa- 

4 Grant thee thy hearts de- 
lire : and fulfil all thy mind. 

f We will rejoyce in thy 
lalvation, and triumph in the 
Name of the Lord our God : 
the Lord perform all thy peti- 

6 Now know I that the Lord 
helpeth his Anointed, and will 
*hear him from his holy Heaveij: 
pven with the [ wholfom ] 
ftrength of his right-hand. 

7 Some put their truft in 

I D 2 

2 f The place of God's 
efpeclal Prejence. 

t fi^here the Ark and 
Taberfiacle flood. 

6 ^ Near %^ chac is, 
hear eifetlually, fo a^ to 

[Safe, Secure.] 'S>^z 

^ CI a- 

^6 The ffalms Explain d^ ^h l)af. 

7 * chdrkfsy in an- ^ehariots, and fbme inHpries: 

cicntnme^wcrcof great |j^^ ^^ ^^11 rcmembCT the 

'•^^•"^^^•^^^^•^•'- Name of the Lord our God. 

8 They ^ brou^t down^ 
and fallen : but wc are riien^ 
and ftand ufni^t. 

9 Save, Lord, and heai* us, 
. P King of Heaven : when we 

call upon thee. 

A Ffalm 'of David, in ivhlcb the People are taiggbt to 
thank God for the greaf ViStory and Succefs wkicb God 
h^d gi'ven to David : And let it be remembredy that 
thefe Conquefis. of David were Types of that greater 
Viilory of Chrifi over the Devily &C. Our Tranflators 
took it principally to bfe underfiood ^Chrift, and tb$re* 
. fore turn ity ver. 3, y, 6. [Thou fhalt] as if it -mere 
•hereafter to be compkauH in Ghlift, and were not fitl-- 

I filled i» David, when this Vfalm '>^as corhpofed^ otM 
in thus Tranjlating ihey exaSHy follow the Hdbrew. 

Dom'we, in vtrtuie tutu PfaL XXI. 

THe King fliall rejoyce itl 
thy ftrength, O Lord : 
exceeding glad fliall he be df 
thy falvation, 

2 Thou haft given him hfe 
hearts defire : and haft not de- 
nied him the requeft of his lips. 
; ^ [For thoii flfialt be . [For thou fhalt prevent 

Ltg^^^^^^^^^^ him with thebleffingso^^^ 

fte asks, and more than .^Is: and flialt let R crown of 
lie could defire J and pure gold Upon his head. 

fiwlt daily make his Crown ihine inore bright on his Head*! 
See Prevent in VocgMary. 

" ' * 4 He asked life of thee, and 
thou gaveft him a long life : 
eten for ever, and ever. 

J [His 

4(*Z)«y. TheffdmsExfUml 57 

f [His * Honour is greit in s [<"««< 's the •»- 
thyfal.ation]:gloo',andgrea. Z^X^^T:^^ 
^worflup ihalt ttiou lay upon thou hift given himO 
tura. *mr/Uf; Dignity, 

<S For thou ftalt pre him ^ct'ocaJ, 
crerlafting felicity : and [make ^. * C.Greatly rejoice 
him glad with the joy of thy *"" "'* '^^ ^*'°"^-) 

7 And why i becauie the 
King putteth his traft in the 
Lord : and in die mercy of the 
moft Highefi he ihall not mif^ 

8 All itdne enemies ihall feel 
rfiy hand : thy right hand Ihall 
find out them that hate thee. 

9 Thou Ihalt make him like, 
a fiery oven in time of thy 
WratS ■ rhf.TnrA fhull il^jftroy 

td the 


ij For they intended mif- 
chief againit thee : and [imagi- 
ned] luch a device as they are 
not able to perform. 

12 Therefore ftialt thou put 
them to flight : and the ftring? 
of thy bow fiialt thou make 
ready againft the face of them. 

rj- [Be thou exalted^Lord^ in 
thine own ftrength:] Co wiH 
'yve fmgj and prajfe thy power. 

It [C«Cfi»ed, plot- 
ted,] Sce/Vift. 

■ 3 [ Shew.OLord^ 
tlie greatnels of chy 
powcr,and mignify thy 

D J 


1 8 Tf)e ffalmi Explain d. ^thVay. 

.Evening Prayen , 

A Tf^lm (?/ David, whereiny as the generality of Diwnts 
^ffrwy in his own Perfon he gives a large account of 
the Sufferings of Chrift, of his Exaltation, and tie 
enUrging his Kingdom : Bnt others fuffofe that he had 
no regard to his own Perfon in P^^i^g ^^^^ Pfatin j 
but that js meerly a Prophecy of the Mejjias : And it is 
certain there are fome Pajfages in itj which can fcarce 
h afffied to David j however , not in a proper and 
fritt ftfife, as particularly the jyth'yjZthy& zjth-Ferfes. 
Dr. Hammond fuppofes^ upon good - pounds , that our 
Saviour rehearsed not only the firfi Verfcy but the whole 
Pf^lnjy or fit leafi good part of it upon the €rofsy and 
thereby applied it to his own Perfon and Circumfiances^ 
Mat, xxvii. 46.. 

Veusy Deus meus. Pfal. XXII. 

MY God, my God, look 
^pon me, why haft 
thou forfaKen me : and art (b 
far from my health, and frotri 
the word$ of my complaint^? 

2 O my God, I 07 In thQ 

day-time, but thou heareft not: 

and in the night-feafon alfo I 

take no reft. 

^ r Faithful:] 3 Andthou continueft[holy]; 

* thoti Worfliip a/ * O thou wotfliip of Ifracl. 

Ifrael '^l that is, O thou who art the Objed of our Worihip, or 
' whom ffrael worfhippetb, or Praiftth, Veut x. 2.1. Jer. xvii. 14. 
So Chrifl IS called the Glory of Ifraei^ Luke ii. 32; Sec iVorJblf 
• in the vocabulary, 

3 Our fathers hoped in thee ; 

they trufted in thee, and thou 

did ft deliver them. 

. f They cMIed upon thee^ 

and were holpen : they put 

\ their truft in tliee, and were not 

cgnfouhded. 6 But 

Matt, xxrii. 391 

4tk t>dy.\ The ffalms Explain d. 

6 Bat as for me, I am a 
worm^ and no man : a vtwy 
(corn of trlen^ and the out-caft: 
of the people. 

7 All they that fee mfe, laugh 
me to fborn: they Ihoot out 
their lips^ and ihake their heads^ 

8 He truftedinGpd, that he 
would deliver him : let him 
deliver him^f he will have him. 

9 But thotf art he that took 
me 6ut of my mothers womb r 
thou waft my hoptf when I 
han^ yet upoii my mothers 

10 I have been left unto thee 
ever flhce I was boriji : thou 
art niy« God evin from my mo^ 
thers womb. 

11 O go not from me, for 
trouble is hard at hand : and 
there is none to help me. 

12 Many* oxen are cornea- 
bout fne : Kit ^ bulls of Bafer^ 
clofe me in oiji every fidfe. 
- i; Theygape upon me with 
their mouths: as it were a ramr 
ping and a roring lion. 

14 I am poured out like wa* 
tcr, and all my bones are out of 
joint : niy heart alfo in the 

body is even like 


Mat& xxr'v. 43, ■> ! 

T f 

. 12, 13 By ^BuiKf and 
'^xen in the tirophctick 
Style, is otcen meanr 
cnicl and bloody Prii^ 
ccs^ E^rd xxxix. 18. 
Amos i/. I. and by Ur 
ons ana Vnkorns^vcr. 21. 
we may juftly ui^Icr* 
ftaodche fame. 

midft of m 
melting wa 
. If My 
like a po 

ength is dried up 
dy and my tongue 
cleaVeth to my gums : and 
t^hou Ihalt bring; me into fthe 
^uft of d^a^h.;] ' * p ^ 

15 [Th^Qrivc,]) 

4© The f films Exfiain% 4th 'Day* 

itfBy»Djtiwemay ^ 16 F<5r mafiv *dogsarecome 

T^:Sf£r^X about me ra,ife"^ca^- 
domeftic Tra) tors. the Wicked kjreth fiegfi againft 


, 17 TheyjJicrced riwltends, 

and my f^t, I may teu tdl my 

bones: thdy ftand ftarii^^ ^nd 

^ ^ looking upon me, 

John «fe. a ji 14J - 18 They J)tit lAy gaiWiebts 

amtong i^em: slnd cafl: lofcs up- 
on niy Teftm-e. . i 
> 151 Btttbe not thou&r'from 
md^ .0 Lord : thou art my foe- 
<3bur> hafteriiiee to hfe]b mc, 
^ : ad'BeUvcrmyfoQltromthe 
to [Dear Lifcg f^^^.^ . j^y [darling] frort the 

' po^inerofthfekteg. ■ 

ai 'f-Vnkorn.'] Ti$ 2k Save fee froAi thc liMte 

S?^ "ff ""^'l^^^^^^ J^o^th : 3 thou Jiaft hekf^ die 

mal IS meant by the tr r ' ^ % t » 

^e^r. ii(fe/i7, whether alfo from among the horns of 

the Rhinoceros (which the * unicorni. : 

has indeed but one Horn, ^d that on its$Qoitt) as tUe Aft^ieotSi 

thought, or the Vrus^ or Afwus Jndjcus, as fome have conjefture^yi 

or the Arabian Goat^ ' as the Learned nochart aflertcd. 

*\ Cf« *y i»»f«'' 21 I will declare thy Name 
tJ^X^-^&. unto nw {bmhrenj: ifl the 

midlt of the -congregation wiu 
1 praife thee. , 

23 O prfeife the Lord, yc 
that feftr hmi: magnifie hflii, 
all y^of the feed of Jacobs and 
f<^ar him aliye feed of Ifrael. 

.24 Ftoc he hath not ddpftfed^, 
nor abhorred the low^eftate of 
the po'oi :. lie; hath iioti hid his 
face from-hifli, but when W 
ctalled untot fetttn> he heaid Wm. 
ij 16^ praife is -of thee In 

: * 

j^th Dd> The Tfalms Explain d. 41 

the gieat c(mgrteation: my 

vows will I penorm in the ' ' 
fight of them that fe» him. 

. 26 [The po^ fhtU eat^ and a^'^TiMf jfeot/MP 

*e latisficd : ihty that feek after *»* f» «^; ] *« K 

AeU-rdM^ife him; your SJffifeS 

heart Ihall hve for ever.] Hgj^tes, i n^ Ui. C 

So /iWo^V 5fir/V reviveJ^ at livfi ogMn^ that is, was M of Ck)m* 
fiMt, Crew. xlv. 27. 

p will cdl thcf P^ to eat their fill of tbofe Sacrifices, which 
I five vomd, and will ofo to God^ and all that are well-af* 
fc({cd to him (hall jdA with se ia Us Pru^t^ a^d flvyi eojoy a 
cooftant, nevtr^iling comfoprt is fenriag hinu] Thefe words 
arc more trdjr applicable toCMft Jfrfm^ who fi^Kb the Poor with 
his Word, with his Flefh and Blood, which is a perpctoal fiream 
of Comfort to his &ith&l People. 

27 All the ends of t;he world 
finii ronember themieHves^ and 
be turned unto the Lord : and 
all the kindreds of the nations 
fhall worfliip before Mm. 

28 For the kingdom is the • 
1m4% : hid he is thi (jover- 
notiriattoflg the people. 

29 [All fuch as be fat upon . f^ C^" l^f- '^^'^ 

^^^jL^^y'^ ^A. ^ J - had Cattle of their own, 

asthrifflvfc eaten^ and wor- or wheiewithal to buy 

fiupped.J them, and to travel to 

yertfdUmL have aD along, at proper times offered Sacrifice, and 
eat \htit mare of them, and worflupped God according to the 
Rites of i^o/<r/$ kw.j . . 

20 TAII they that go down 30 To * quicken fig- 
ihto the duffi, ftall kneel before Jg« «^ give or rcftore 
him : and no man hath Vick- ' rB« i will take care, 

ened his own foul. J , fo Tar as in me lies, that 

whatever Ifibrtal M6n are my Subje^s, (hall not want wherewithal 
to i*ror(hip-<jWj nor tithe and bpporttinity ,to attend, his Service. 
Abd'when I'fpcak of mortal Mdn, I mean all without Exception ; 
for who-^a k^ aJivcblmftl^ ^ raife himfelf when he is once 

dead. ^ T^is is more truly applicable to Chriji fefHs, wha 

hath. To, alt relpefts,Yet the Poor on equal Terms with the Rich, 
as to their Rdlgious Concerns ^ olr if either have the advantage, 
'tis the P6crj for unto thew thi: (jofpel was in an efpecia! manner 

4^ The Tf alms EdcpUind, 4th Day, 

ti I* Mj Seed /haB i iPMy feed ftflllferve him: 
t"» .** TS^, ^ '•>« they fliaU be counted unto the 

Service of God : many ▼ •' j r ^ . t - 

Kings dcfi^ndcd from Lord fot a generaponj 

mclhatl (hew a .great Zeal for his Honour t And at bit the Great 
King^ the MeffiM^ (hall be bora df a Virion lineally defcendedii 
»rom me^ fo chat my Family (h^Il be accounted Sacred to the^ 
one God-] * • 

32 T* they jhaU rife 5 2[They fliall cdme, and the 
np in their fcveral Ages, heavens ihall declare hisjigh^ 
and at laft he who is to teoufiiefs : unto a people that 

be the Saviour of the /l , Tv / i |/wt^xv v.»a.v 

World : And what I ftall be born, whom the Lord 
now fay fhall hilereafter * hath made.] 
be confirmed by the greatefl Mirades, add by an Atigel, and a 
Scar from Heaven. God*s Truth and Faithfotneis v> me and mr 
Family, I fay, (ball beconfirm'd to a People whom he fhattrail^^ 
up (the Chriftian Church,) whofe Minds God (hall form for the 
receiving and praftifing Divine Truth, Epb. iii lo,] . 

^ Hath made:'] He fpeaks in tl^e Prophetick Style $ as agais^ 
ver. ij. thejf pierced. 

A Pfalm of David in time of Vrofferity. 
DomtHMs regit me* Pfal. XXIIL 

THe Lord is rtiy fiiepherd : 
therefore can Ilacknor; 

:2^ He fhali feed me in agreen 
pafture : and lead me fonh be-- 
fide the waters of comfort. 
t From the wrang '; He fliall convert my foul f; 
i»a:i of /ice and Error. aiid bring rne forth In the paths 

, of righteouihefs for his Names , 
4 [A ftaie of the 4 Yea though I walk through 
graiteftMiftryandAf. [the valley of the fliddow of 

a^S'thJ -^&/S ^'^^^^ ^ ^i» f^ ^.^^il ' f^^- 
thy Scepter, and thy thou art with me, thy * rod. 

Crook : The firft figni- and thy * ftaffcomfort me. 

fics his Power, as a King -, the other his Care, as 4 Shepherd. ' 

$ [Thou haifl pro- J [Thou flialt prepare a table 
vidcdforme, p^cn in berore me, ^againil them tha? 


^th Day, 7 he 'P/alms Explain d^ 45 

trouble me : thou haft anoint- the fight of mine ene- 
cd my head with oyl, and my •"'«»; "ot on'y 'Com- 

c«p4ni«fuiit.] KSi^^iSSS; 

for this U{e.y-''*A^iimfi, or. ner-aeakfi. . Seethe Vmlititthn. 
+ Mfugtt tbf Malice tfmitie Enemies. 

6 But . thy loving kindnefs * m return to thy 

and mercy ftall foUow me all f*^'* ».*>" «l"ay$ 

the days o^myUfe: and [I will £?-' fCfj] 

dwell m the houie or the Lord don't doubt bur from 

fpr ever J thence I ihall be rc» 

moved, for ever to d;well in thy heavenly Temple.] 

The Fifth Day, Morning Prayer. 

A Tfalm of David, on occafion of bringing the Ark to 

Mount Sion, an^ placing it, in the Tent, which ht 

had prepared for it^ i Chn XV, xvi. which was a 

Type of Chri&'s Acceffion into Heaven, the true Holy 

of Holies. 

Domini eft terra. Wal. XXIV. ; 

THe earth is the Lords, and 
, all that therein is : the 
compafs of the world^ and they 
that dwell therein. ,.. . . 

2 [For he hath founded it ^^,1^ "^^^^^ ^^i 
upon the leas : and prepared it p^^^er, hath made fuch 

upon the flpuds*] Arches and Channels 

in the Earth, that the Waters, which were at firft above it, are 
now, aa to the main raafi of them, beneath it, Exad. xx. 4. ^n4 
yet the Earth ftands firm upon that fl«ld body, as upon tlie moft 
lolid Foundation. 

2 [Who fhall afcend into the ^ 3 fw^o is fit to aj. 
ha? of the Lord: or who ihall f^^foZit^^^^^ 

nfe up in ms holy place ? J there and worfhipGod? J 

4 [Even he that hath clean 4 [He whofe Anions 
hands J and a pure heart : and are free from Peceic 
that hath not *lift up his mind "f^^^s mrJ. 
unto vamty, nor fworn to de- <,, Soul, »» Vanitj, and 
ceiye his neighbour. to take up Gcd's Name 

iliTain, are two Phrafes iignifying the ftme thing-, that is, to 
take 4 falfe Oath, cr fwear to a Lye. Ham. Pntr, Ainfw. 

■ $ W 


that is, flierty ; fo Rfib" 
tf'mfmfs oftcB iignmcs. 

xii;7, Jui^f^ 11. 

6 * Tofeeky or /<rf 
/ie F4C<] $gpiOes in 
^cripwfr-l^ngu^ to 
4enre the F^vpuir pr 
Friexidfhip of a^cber* 
See I iciiyj X. a4. 

The Tfalms BxpImJ. 


f H^ fliall re<if iye the Hef- 
fing fjrpfn theLord : and^righ- 
teoufnefi fron^ the Gpd of ids 

6 [Thisi$ the generation of 
diem that feek Rim : even of 
them that * feck thy fece^ Q 

^ facqh h^f |6 often idfewhere, figni- 
fie^the ciii^fCf^ Of Ptople of Jacob. 

QSiich Ibould tl^c People be tim exfM^ft acceptance with God, 
or to be in Communion with hlis Church, to be reckon'd among 
the number of the true IfrlullttsA , 


7 "jLift up your heads, O 
ye gates, %nd be ye Kft i^p* ye 

* everlafting *doors i * arid me 
King of glory fliall come in. 

8 Who IS the King of jglory ? 
it is the Lord ftrong andmigh- 
ty, even the Lord ifx&fjaty in 
battel , 

9 * lift up your hqad$, O 
ye gates, and be ye lift up ye 

* everlaftiijg doors : and * me 
King of glory ihall con^e jua. 

10 Who is theKlii^ of ^ry? 
even the Juord of hoft$, he is 
tlie King of glory; 

enter m : And thiTis the more probable, Jf it be confidered, 
that 5'/wi was a Strong-ffold, zSajn^y.^. for in fuch places,, to this 
©ay, we ufe Portcuflifcs. ', ' ' 

7, 9* Everlafiini Doors ;] that is. Doors m^it of exceeding 
durable Materials : tho' when apply'd to our Saviojir's.entring 
ticaren-Gates, the word is to be taken in its moft proper fcnfe. 

7, 9 And the King of Glory fkdl I come in,'] By \yhich is ineanr. 
That God, who had promifed in a pctuliar minoei' pirefent 
btcween the Chcruhims over tJie Ark, Ihould now enter into the 
SaiTftuary. See Exjd. xxv. 20, 21, ?2. but the Godhead ^welc,in 
a more perfeil manner in Chrlll Jefus^ than crer it hadrdone in 
the Ark*, and theCe words are therefore more truly applfcable to 
his Entrance ii^to H?aven, thitt to the Arks being carried incothe 
Sin!^iury. , ' ' . ; » 

7» 9 "^Ijjt up fmr 
heads, ye Odtes.^ Dr. 
Ham. very . rationally 
fuppofts, that die<e 
Gates did not turn lip- 
on Hmges, as common- 
ly now with us i but 
that they were Port- 
cuHifes, which are (hue 
by being let down, and 
opened oy being lifted 
up: And fo when DA' 
v\d^ and they that are 
^ich him, do in a Po- 
etic manner fpeak to 
the Gate% to lift up their 
heads, 'tis a]! one as to 
bid them be oj[)ened, 
that fo the Ark might 

a pR^bel, or Behave 
themfelves perfidioufly 
toward me.j 

^lh Day, the ^films Ex^ainl 45 

ATfalm of David* Tba ^ me of thofe that are called 
Aivhiheticd Pfadmi (iW it be not ferfeBly fo. ) By 
which is mea'nP^ Tbmt thgf are tomfosa after 'tbe^ier 
cftbe Hebrew Lettert ; tbefitfi Verfs beginning with 
Aleph, the feconS wkb Bet% andfo on. 

Aiie^ D*kinieiie^M. Pfil.XXV. ■ 
r% TNtothce> O Lord, Mb 1 i [My Dcfirc, and' 
I Li Uft up my foilO my God^ Affcaions,aiid Hopear^ 

I!SSimtmy4ufti5t4e:0 ^^^'^*^»OL^«^0 
let iTO hot %e cdirfottiidedj, iioi- 
ther let ifiiiife eneiiMes fcriuittph 
over me. 

2 F6r .iM My *!hat fto^ in 
^ee ihall §f!ot be iribam6d ; i>^ 
liich as [tranforelsj wiftibirt i 
xaul^ flttdl ht {Hit to coftftfion. 

3 • Shew itee %hy ways, O 
lord : *ftd teacfe toe ihy ^ths. 

A Lead me forth in tKytttith, 
«ia leaite ifle : for thcta alt tl^e 
God of |iy filiation j fe iftiCe 
hath l^edft niy -hope aH the day 

f Gsfll td •remexribrancc, O 
i;.ord^ thy tender mercitts : tod 
thy lo^Mg l«ndndles//vi/hich 
Wvebeen^verof old. - 

6 Oh reftiember not ^ fln$ 
'tod <>iBnces of my youth : but 
adcordlt^ to thy* mer<iy think 
thou upon me, O Lord, for 
thy goodnfels. 

7 Gradeus, and rigtefebus is 
the Lord : therefore' Will he 

teach finntfrs in the way. • ^ mr-.- t 

8 Them^hat are me^k, fliall J^^l^l2 ^, 
he guide in^ [judgment] ; and right and wrongO 


46 / Tl)effalms Explain I ph DayZ 

fuch as are gentle, jthem fliall 
he learn his way. 

9 All the paths of the Lord 
\ ^ are mercy, and truth : unto 

iuch as keep his covenant, and 
his teftimonies. 

10 For thy Names fake, O 
Lord : be merciful unto my fin, 
for it is gr^at 

11 Wnat man i? he that fear- 
n [God-] cth the Lord: hin^ ihall [he] the way that [he] thaU 

12 His ibul Ih^ d>Arell at 
^. , - . eafe : and his feed ihaU iiUierit 

the land. ' „ . 

i 3 The (ecret of the Lord i$ 
\hiom. t among them that f^r him : 

and he will fhew them }4s co- 
venant.* , 

14, Mine eyes arp ever look- 
ing unto the Lord : lor^ljefhall 
pluck myfeet out of tKe net. 

ly Turn thfee unto me, and 
have mercy upon, joje: for I 
am delblate, and in n^fejy . 

1 6 The forrows of my heart 
are enlarged: O bring thou me 
out jof my troubles; ^ ^ , 

, 17 Look upon nw adverfity 
and mifery : and torgive me 
all mjf fin., 

* 18 Confider mine enemies 
how maay they are j and they 
bear ^a tyrannous , hate againft 
me. . - ' . 

' ^ ,19 ,Okeepmy |bul, and de- 

liver me: let me not be con- 

f As the Guard doth 
en d Frfnce. 

.^th Day. The Tfalms Explain d^ 

founded;^ for I havfe piitMny 
tn^ in thee. n .- . 

2a Let perfe<anels 4Uid' righ- 
teous dealing wait upon me f : 
for my hn^e hath been in thee. 
■ 21 Deliver Ifiaei,-0 God: '. * 

out of; aH has troubles. ^ 

' A Pfalmrf DsLvid^ whn he was falfly accufed of 

fame Crime. 

fnfica wf , Bmhe. Pftl. XXVI. 

BE thou my Judge, O Lord, 
for X haw walked inno- 
caltly4 niytrufthithbdenalfo , 
in the Lord, therdfore fliall I - 

not fall. . :. 

[Examine me, Lord, 


and prove hie ^ try out my 
* reins and my heart.] 

I^or thy loving kindnefi is 

2 [Oothoo,OLord, 

make the ftridteft fearch 
into my Anions and 
Thoughts, an4 ufe what 
tne^nTthou pleafeft n> 
clear the Innocence of 
my Dcfignsand lacen- 

^ Here * Reins and 
HeM fignity tl>e fame 
thing, as in many other 
places , vIt^. Secret 

ever before mine eyes : and I 
wiU walk in thy truth. 
' 4 I have not dwelt with vain 
peiibds, : neither will I have 
.fellowftiip with the deceitful. 

5: I have hated the congre- 
gationof lixe wicked : and will 
not fit among the ungodly. 

6 [I will ^walh my hands in 
innocency, 0,Lbrd : and fo 
will I go to thine altar j] 

but i iviU at the fame time protefl mine Innocence, as to the 
Crimes charged upon mCi-and folemnly declare my Refolutions of 
keeping my fclf free froiU fuch Crimes for the future,] 

7 . rXhat I may ffiew the 7 [That by publick- 
voice.of thankfgivihg]:- and XfTmiv^fM^^^ 

,*/.,,, o D-i . ciej, 1 may ma KC Others 

tell of all thy wondrous works. fcnr,bie of them, and 

^; at the fame time teftify my o;vn Thankfulnefs. * 

^ . 8 Lord 

6 [I will not only, 
according to Cu1\om, 
* wafh my handsy before 
I perform my Devotion, 

4^ Tk . ffdmt Explain d. 5 th Daf. 

8 Jjoriy 1 have lorfid die 

habitadon of thy houfe : and 

the jdace where thine honour 


9 ro let me. not be 9 [o Ihut not up. my fiml 

partaW,^itherinGijilt ^j^ the.fimiers: nor my life 

'^cT^^i^j:^^ with the *bk>od^5r,i;^ 
ft^ Men.] 10 In whole hands is wick- 

_ v^ ednefi : and their rig^t-hand is 
full of gifts. 

II But as for me, I will walk 

innocently : O deliverme, and 
be tneirciml unto rtijl 
12 [And in this rm . rj^y footftandc^h rig^}: 

SeiriSc 'ii;\ I wifl'prk the Lord iJSie 

(thtt is Innocence) and congregations., • 
Praver to God^iaentioned in the farmer Verfe.] ' 

y » 

■ ■If » 

Evening Prayer. 

:^Pfaim of T)^yid in grap, '4^^ Sifkaf Smick 

fuffpjes fheoo^afim of it fnight ke the l£fi^jlm09tjh»d 

^'Sam. xxL 16, 17. % 

Ibmims llluminafio: Pfal. XXVH. 

1 [ ijoy, Comforci fTpHe Lord is my Qi^l and 
Ff4l. %lv)L 19. ^ J[^ myj^yationj whom then 

jQiall I fear : the Lord is the 

ftrength io£ my life; lof «rhoni 

then Aalll be.afraid ? 

' ' X When tlie wicked, even 

mine enemies, and>my>focs 

t As if like Savoie cafhe upon me f to es^t up my 

Beafts^ or Cannibds flefli : they ftumWed, and fdl. 

th^ intencled ^ Though an haft of men 

were laid againft me, yet fliall 
^ not hiy heart he afraid : and 
though there rofe up war a- 
gainft me, yet will 1 put my 

4 One 

4 One mnghw^ I Aofkei- 
of the Lotd, wl^clv I ^iflffe^ 
quire : even that I ma)r d>Krell 
5ft the houfe ctf" the Lor^^ the 
cbfs of my life, to b^dldlthd 
feir beauty of die- LiJraiahdtd ^^ „ , „ 

y Forinthe«ftierftri)itbte '^'^' '"'•''' 
he Ihall Itide oSe'ln hk taber- 
rtacle 1 y^,!ift tike fefcrfet jJlacd 
of as^ dWeflittg;-lHaa he hid« 
nw, and fctrntVLpiM^tva rocift 
of ftofae. i ' ' .;. O 

£ AaAtKmihat tfe-ltft'wp 
nune ^ead : ^oV^ ihiiie eine* 
mies round abtJttt me. i i 

7 Therefore will I oflFer in 

his dwelling an obktion witk- c'' ■ ' 
«eat ^dn^fi : I wiU fuigj and 
Ipiak praifej uiie6 the Lord. 

8 ^e»fkett;tnit6 myv<ric;ej ' 
O L«j^, when I cry unto thee : 
tove merfy upon roie, iad hear '" 

$ My heah hith tilked of 
thee t; [Seek ye my face! : thr . i^^Methmhtifkn 
face^ Xa-diwiU I feek, f&J? m Favo 1 

.10 O hide not tfiou thy fece Sef Pfal. nuv. IT -' 
from me : nor caft riiy ^rvlittt "^ 

^'ay in difpleaftu'e. 

It Thou haft beeh Ay fuc- 
«mrt leai^e me riot, ixeither r 

fcrlake me, O God of iny fal* 

• 12 '\^hen my father'and my ' , 

mpther forlakeme: the Lord 
takethmeup^.^d 5\c 

«| Teach me thy way, O 

* Lord, 

50 ThcffdmE^fkind, pht>0, 

Xofjd?, laftd lead me Ja the 

«Rewe^:iii • . - • '-i' . 

C.14 JM^er me ttot o!tr$jriiii- 

tptnp.A'of nwae HdverfaiiesJ 

fer . tbe{&. .arQ ^9 witaieffe* 

' ; rifen up againjS; mfi, ^ttifiic^ 

Elicited ^l%tth^;I b^eyelyfiit 
c|ly;to,fettH? ^>o<}neto o£!thd 
|.o?d i4 A W$ of th0iiyi^g». .. 
16 O tarry thou the JLOjr^'^ 
I^Kurcf : dliie ftrOfig, aod he ihall 
pcwrofQjRiftJune >^, aftd .pfuc 
thou thy troll in the Loed. . . .; 

p/<i/>» of David, v^iffm» mitn&hfn »# ,«^«w ««* 

cafim cf ftnning it wai ^^e^J^^t^r v^k ^ef^bk 
Hftine»4 mmtimed a ^f^ ■»». *9i l^j »Q< : ' 



Ad U, Domini. \ m: %XVtlt. "" ^: ■ 

Ntb'tliee wUl I cry^ O 

no.fcprnj of me, lelt it^tji 
malce^aLt^ thou 4%^ 
fBymt pantkt ?R ti^h t;!ife9Rf ^^li^e thpyi '^lat 

2 HedrtheTOicf^ofmjhiiiPi: 
ble: prions,' wheii 1 p|y tipto 
**L .^ r^n thee: wlUnlholdupmybaiji^ 

f alccn arc the fime : holy temple. 
Xwas from the Slercy^teij d|jiit; Qpd^ye his Aniwcrs. Bxotf. xxr. 
21,22. Numb. vilZ9. BjitTometimes tht^Oraclt (fgriifics the 
whole place, where the A^k wWi-thc Merey-^at (lood, ijcin^s 
vi. 19. This place is htte called thq r</wi»fr by, our/TranllatorSt 
as Ffat. v. 7, ^c* " ' :^ r , " j ^m T , '- , - ^ 

3 O 

yhi>i^, rheffalmsExplainl 51 

3 O, pluck me not away, 

rielffier deftroy nie with the ' ' 

ungodly and wicked doers : 
«rhich ipeak friendly to tlieir 
neighbours, but imagine mif. 
chief in their hearts. 

4 Reward them according 
to their deeds : and according 

to the wickednefs of their own 

y ' Recwnpisnfe rfiiifti • af&r 
M» worit df their hUAdi: pay 
:«&eMtha«f they have' dofe-ved* 

6 ¥Git they regjatd hot in 
■'riSBit ifiiiidf the vfoflf^i'^f the 
!<«*, nor the operation of His 
haads: therefore Ihalli ke break 
*efti downi ahd' liol' Itoild 
^emtt|S ' -^ • 

7 Pi^^d^'bd die LoM- : for 
he hath heard the voicft of my 

humble' petitions. - 

8J Hid Lord iis fhyiftrength 
and' my fliicld, my tesaiitf hath 
m^^ifl him, and I«M httlped : 
therefore my heart danceth for 
joy; ^ in my fori^ Ml I , 

9^ -Tfeei'Lofd is my Iteeiagth : 
and he is the [wholfoint] d«- 9 CS«fe.] See t»^ 

feii<MofM*Aitl0int»d.' VneuMary, 

' Id ^re Ay pfeb^lft, and 

|^Wth5wlJl0(fiite unt6 thine in- , \, „. . ^ ^ ' 

heiitiiice:/eedthetot,andfet bU £tk. ^*-^''- 
diein up for ever. 





f Emblems of pwr 
^n Fowety iCii. Ix. *;. 
* Worpp 5 that is, 
tfkijcfty. SccVocdb. 

ji Tl)e f /alms Explain I ^thtaf. 

'A Tfalm of Darid, ^kch feems to have heen comfofed 
(fays Dr. Ham.) after bis fubJuln^ the Heathen Kings, 
and People mentioned ^ Sam. viU. BiJhopVUtnck 
fuppofes that God had interpofed and aJfifiedliVfid. in 
thefe VtBoriesy by caufing vloUht St(frmi of Thunder 
and Lightnings by which the Enefny was diforderd and 
touted J ivhich^ tffo^ may be the reafon of the Vfalmijtg 
fo often mentioning the great efficacy of this M^eor, 

Afferte Dmlno. PfaLXXIX. 

BRing unto the Lord, O ye 
mi^ityjbrihg young rairot 
unto theLord : alcriSe unto the 
Lord '^ wojrfhip and ftrength. 

2 Give the I^ord the honour 
due tmto his Name ^ worfkip 
the Lord .with holy vf orfnip. 

J, 1$ is t^ Lord that com- 
mandeth the waters : it is the 
.j^ous God that mak&th^the 


4 It is the Lord that ^uleth 
thefeai the* voice of the Lord 
is mighty in operation ^ * the 
toicfe oi ^e Lord is a glorious 
voice. ^ 

,f [The voice of* the t^rd 
breaketh the Cedar-trees : yea^ 
the Lord breaketh the Cwars 

6 He msketh thejt^Uoto^ktp^ 
Uke a ealf ^ * LibanUs alfo, and 

4 '^ rtf Vofce of the 
tord,^ that is, The 

$, tf ^ Uhantis h z 

Mountain of SyrUy and 

as the Thunder rends 

. fbe Cedars of' JJhgnus^ 

' io did^ the Divine Pov- 

er by the ha'nd of D<i- 

vti and his Army, fub- ^ ^ 

due the great Princes * Sirion Me a youngrumcorii. J 
Ctof Ihat Country^ and flew 22000 of their Men, 2 Sam. viiL 5.- 
6 * 5/>/oii/ whickis cilfed alte Hefmon and Shentr^ 6'ekt. iii. 9. 
tVfiirrcry near to Lib anus ^ and nAy be fuppofed to refer tb ttte' 
fame Vidory. 

5, 6 [The Thunder makes the talieft Trees that arc in ^JJbariier 
^^'^'Sir/M, and even the^Motintains theniTelTes to skip lilce the^ 

6th T>4y. The ffalms Explain d. 5^ 

mang Creaepres tjiac feed upon tBem : nay, it breaks and tear^ . 
iapkca tfaoft Trees, as iht Power of God has enabled me to de- ; 
ftroy the Ptinccs of that Country to wfeich thefc Mountains bc*^ 

7 [The voi^e of tjie Lord 7 [The Thunder cuts 
divideOi the flames of fire J the J^i^y m J^ ^^^^^^ 
Tpiceof/theLord fliaketh the* %ti:f\Tl^ln^^ 
wildernefs : yea, the Lord.ftia- demefs fometimcs cal- 
kcth the wijdernefi of * Cades* led Z'm^ in the Borders 

of the Edmttes and koablPes^ Numb, xxvii* r. 14. Numh y,^xnu 
36. As thcThundcr (^kes the Wildernefs, to did David thofe 
People, 2 SMm* Tiii. ii, 14. ' 

8 The voice of the Lojfd 3 f Zy affrlghtini 
maketh the Hinds to bring thm : For fear haftens 

forth young,t and *difcovereth ^^^,^!.^*^'^»i!? *!: ! t 
*eHi.*tl(h«:mhfa«mple ..^JfTJ^'gitt 

doth every man IpeaH of his wherein the kinds ex- 
honour. * pedtfhelter. Todtfco" 

vtr is hcrfc taken in a yery particular fenfe, jyift as 'tis by our 
New T/anflacofs, Jer. xuu 22. vit^. tp make any thing ceafc to 
be a coye^inc, fThe thickeft Bufties (hafl not cover or protcft thf 
ffinds from the violqicc of the fhunden] 

9 The Lord fitteth above the ., 9 ^ Kf t^ 

*^ a J .j<.u»T r^^A The Clouds, the Trea- 

* water-floud : and the Lord ^^^ ^,f ^ji„^ ^^^ 
remaineth a King for ever. hereby are figuratively 

10 The Lord Ihall give meant the great number 

rength to hispeople : the Lord ®f ^^'^'<^t . f"?™«^' 
5l|ve hispeople th? bleffing Sec/A.«y«,.2.hx..p, 

Qf Peacje. 

The Sixtii Day. Morning Prayer. 

ATfalm ^/ David at tU Dedication of David'j H^ufe^ 
^fr it £ad been polluted hy Abfalpm, 2 Sam. ^fvi, 
21, szy. Ham. Patr, 

ExaltOo ti^ Diodne. Pfid.X3Pt^ ' 

IWiU magnifie thee, O Lordy 
for thou haft fet me up : - 

ajcid not made my foej to vir 

54 TK>e ffalms Explain d, 6t,hT>4y* 

*Tbi>Hh4fibe4l<dme.-} ^ Q Lord my God, I cried 

fiestobcdcliver'dfrom ed me. 
any Evil, 2 Chrorif viii. 14, Jer.%vr. ip. 

3 Thou, ?Lord^ haft brought 

5 [The ftate of the 
dead/J See Vocabklarj. 

4 [That his Mercy 
and fiiithfulnefimaybe 
duly rcmcmbrcd.3 

5 [The eifeft oi 
his Favour, and good 
^ pleafure, i$ life and 

f lion, wrWcft was 4 

9 [What Service can 
I do trie<? when I am 
dead ?1 

10 [ShaM my Allies 
be aWc to declare thy 
dopdnefs ? nay, will - 
not thy l^romifcs rather 
leem to fail, and lofe 
their Credit, if I ftopld 
be defeated by niy Ene- 
mies, and fall by their 
hands, contrary to thy 
own ^xprefs word ? j 
PfaL Ixxxix. 21,22,23, 

myfouloutofrhell]: thouh*lt 
kept my life fromthem thatgo; 
down to the pit. 
4 Si|ig praifes unto theLordj, 

ye mnts of his : and give 
thanks unto him [for a remem^ 
bn^noe pf his hoUnoA.] 

f Foi< his wrath endur^ but 
the twinkling of an eye, a^d [in 
his ^ple^iure is life] : he^vincfs 
may endvire for a xu§]^t, but joy 
Cometh in the morning. 

6 And in my prd^^erity 

1 faid, I ftall never be remo- 
ved : thou. Lord, of thy good- 
nefs hadft made my hilT t ft> 

7 Thou didft turn thy facet 
froip me : and I was troubled. 

8 Then cried I unto thee^ 
O lord: and gat me to my 
Lord right humbly. 

9 [What profit is there in my 
blood ; when I go dowij to the 

10 [Shall the dttfcgivethanksw 
unto thee : or Ihall it decbre 
thy truth?] 

11 Hea^, O Loiid, and.hav<j 
m^cyojpQnflBe: Lord, bf: t^oi; 
myhelper> ~ ^ ^ * 

:x,2. Thm haft ^urngd my 
heavinefs into joy > thou haft 

pttt off my iackcl^di^-^afld |;ird* 
ed me wim |;ladne& i ^ 

I J Therefoite fliJ^ CTcry 
godd man fmg of ihy'^ntift 
withotit ceafiiffi : O rtiy God, 1 


will give thanks unto diee for 

. \ • 

Affahm of David^ ec^fofJm oceajm ef Us tfeatefrom 
Keilah, and flight tbti^b thmiiemef$ pfmon, 
t Sam. xxiii. as Bijhcp r^txkk. 

In te^ DiffAn^ fjferavl Flal. XXXL 

IN thee, O Lord, hiyt I put 
my truft : let me never ht 
puft to confufion, delirer me in 
Ay [rightcoufocas.} i [Mcocy.] ijce 

2, Bow down thine ear to me : ^M ^^^' *• 
make hafte to defiver me. 

3 And be thou my ftrong - ^ 

roqk^ and hdnfe of dc^fencct 
that thou maydi iaveme. 

4-For thou art liiy ftrong 
rocfc and my caftle : be thou 
alfo my guide, and lead me 
ibr thy ^fomes iake^ ' ' 

f Draw me out of the net! 
that they have laid ^ivity fot 
ffle : for thou arf my ftf cngth. 

6 Into thy hand$ I commend 
my ^irit : for thou haft re- 
deemed me, O Lord,i3iou Qoi 
of truth. 

7 I have hated thebi, [thai- 7 f who hare any 

and my tmft hath beto lO' th© |ers,S«ithi&yers, ^.3 
I-prd. ^m, F4tr. Miifiit, 

9 1 will be glady tod rejdyce 
^ rfjy mercy ; for ^u^ hal|^ 


tht.9falms Bj^ON. ithD^: 

9 [Taken notice of, 
ot own*a, J See Pf. 1 7. 

9 t Vit. In fhtsfta- 
• cwk/ WHderneff, $c^ 
the T/^/e* 

•f. . 

, 1 

19 FA Tcft, and By- 
wdrd. J See Reproof m 

the Ftpc^^. 

14 tW^A^<^^''f ^^''^wi 
<^nt' of Doors as nothing 

15 [Slander and Re- 
proach.] See Blaffbefhc 
in Voct^bHlary, 

. «7 [The time of my. 
Life rtnd Dewfi, my 
pdiverance or Deftru- 
ft|pn, is in thy power.] 

cottiidved my trbuble><ahd haft 
[ known] my foul in ad»erfeic5. 

9 Thou haft not (but me up 
into the hand of the icnemy : 
I>ut haft fet my fwt ip^a Urge 

rciom.ti»' ' ' > 

10 Have mercy upon nie^ O 
Lord, for I am in trouble : and 
moie eye is confimteed for very 
h^^inelsj yea^iAyfoulai^my 
tody: ': 

' II For my life is waxen old 
with h^avin&ft : and my y^ars 
with mourning, 

12 My ftrength faikth mp. 
becaufe of mine iniquity : aiaa 
my bones 5^re confumed. 

13 I became [a reproof] at 
mong mine enemies^ but eijpe- 
cigjly aijiopg nqf neighbours ; 
and they of mine acquaintance 
were afraid of ipe, * and they 

that djd fep m^ without, ^On- 
vpyed tjiemfelves from me. 

14 I am clean forgptten, as 
a dead man out of mind : I^m 
^ecofne like a broken veffelf- 

ly For I have heard :the 
[tlafohejpy] o£ the niultitude : * 
and feai; is:on every fid^ while 
t^^ confpir^ tpgpthfr againft 
me^ and take their coumel tq 
t^ke away my life. 
i" 16 6i|t my hope hfithb^en 
In tlj?e, PJLprd; I l»ve faid, 
Thou art my God. 

17 [My time is in thy hand J 
^liyej mp Um *« bafid of 

/ ; ^ * 'minq 



6th Di^. Thi Tfulms Explm%: 

snine enemies: and fipomJ&em 
that psrfecnte me. it « 

i^ Shew thy (bvant the 
lig^t of thy countenance : and 
lave me for thy metbies lake. 

J9 Letmenotrbeconfoon- '■' ' 
ded^ . O Lord^ for I hare caUe4 
upon thee : let the ungodly be 
put to confofion^ and be potto 
filence in the grare. 

' 20 Let the lying lips be piyt 
to filence : which cruelly, dit 
dainfuUy^and defpitefeUy ^ak 
againfl: the righteous. 
* 21 O hoW plentiitd k thy 
goodnefs, which thou 'hkftllaid 
up for diem that fe^r theb^ and 
thatthouhjaft prejpared for them 
that put dieir truu imttee^even* 
before the fons of menf 

22 [Thou flialt hid6 them 
priTay i>y thine own prefencey 
from the provoking or all men : 
thou.flialt keep them Secretly 
in thy tabernacle from the ftrife 
of tongueB.iJ 

23 Thanks be to the Lord; 
for he hath fliewed me marveU 
lous great kindnefi [in a firong 
city.] ' \ 

24 And when I made haftef, 
I faid : lam cad put of the light 
of thine eyes. 

25" Neverthelefs thou heard- 
eft the voice of my prayer : 
When I cried unto thee; 

26 P'loye the Lprd. all ye 


a^ [thyFavburaaA. 
Proyidcflce oyer thcm» 
reprefcmed by the 
Wiags of thc'Chertt- 
bims "which c^rerflia-v 
dow the MercY<!&at ai^ 
Ark, flnV defend thenr 

23 [In aflUUog my 
efcape oat of a l&ong 
weU -fortified Oty.j 
5ecTi^fc. . 



^8 1%0^^/ti^ 'Ei^nl^ 6th Day. 

fak fimtrl Ifot tlusfrLord .pre* 

ferveth them dttt are £»ddal^ 

tdd plmteftiifly rewatfdeth the 

Inroad docaii . ^ . ^ ^ 

ar [Be Tigorous^nd X7! fTBftfbcmg*} ami lie fliall 

SoSl ^ "^ efbblMhyodrte*r:allyethat 

'-^ ^f ijQQor mfoft ill the Ikxd. 

Evening Prayer. ,$^n4 P?flit?miaiWa^ 

'^ Pyi6» 0/ Darid ; fame think it '^ds intmied fir fuh-^ 
lick ufe on the fi&m i>dji (f E^^ 

lefledii;he Whofd lubrigh-* 
itdv&ktk is fio^v^ : and 
whtffiiifihjjs»tx>Ttired^ , 

a;ffleffi:4ii the mwijy unto 
whoht dis^Lord imputeHi no 
fin : and iin? whole '^irit r there 
is no guiki. 

ft^t^^S^ toogofc} /my bones qonfonS 
fifr^tW^S^i^W awagr wroi^ my doily com- 

S28* ?f ^ • 4 Fi)r thy hand is heavy up^ 
*r^ ^'f . . on me day and night : and my 

laticiftttfe itelike tm bought ii| 

5 I willackiKwrtedge my fio 
mito thee :• and miiie unrighte-' 
•^ \ oufhefs have I not hid. 

- / 61 fittd, I will cdnfefs my 

*' - fins unto the Lord : andfothou 

forgavcft the wickednels of my 

i(in, • 

^ X- -ri. .^A tr ^ 7 For tWs fliall every one 

are both meant of Gok! that IS godly make his prayer 

Ti^c change of Pcrfon iwto "^ thce^ [ in a time when 

M.I < / »t 


6th Day, 7h f/^lms Exph^nJ. yi^^ 

*^|iomnayeft be /pjind^; hat in «> fi** «<"« » n« nn. 
«he great water-fltoods they 5f^„5»„^, ** **** 

Evil, and puWick Calamity 1)c come r for itt flic time of God's 

8 Them art a pbcb to hide: . ~-f ETpw '<^t <f«Hle,' 
me in, thott fiialt. preferre me ^^'^F^^'Lf^iS'j 
fiomtroable: [thoUalt^^ SS&jSiS^fcSg!f 
pals me about with fohgi oi 

9 I wUl lAfoim thee, and 9 This Vcrfc feems 

teach thee in tha way ^hertitt "J^t ^^rJ^^ ^^. 
thouihaltgo: and[lWlguideC SSit'SS^'nt^^^ 
thee with mine eye.] wife the loth. 

; [^Thoit fttk alwa^rs.'be nndcr my panacular Care and Dureftioo, 
I wiy abipys be ready tp Connfel and Advife thee.] Thus our 
Saviour fi^ded St. feter with his Eye, J^uh Kxii. di . 

10 Be ye not Kkfc' t6 horfe lo C Left, if once 
and mule, which hav^ no unr *^y S«*«^^^? ?^y^" 
derftandiig.: whofe mouths SiilS'^^ 
muft be held with bit and bii- ehM Xeenb ^4 m^ 
dle^ peft they fall upon thee.] ^nd^wiu jKi^iea \Kk% 

11 Great plagues rei^ain foir '^^"^^O 
the ungodly : but whofo put- 
tethhi^ truu intheXord, mercy 
embr^peth him on every fide. 

H Be glad, O ye rigl^eous^ 
^X>^ rejoyce ia th& Lord : and^ 
"be jpyxul all ye that ai:e true of 
heajrt. ' 

ui General ^an^f^Mkg for tht Works of Nature and 


1^ lEjoyce la the Lord, " . 
)^^ righoeouf ; for it becdmrr, 

!PtH weU the juil p bethank&li 

. «-Praife 



* -. 


■^i - 


3 t^ich a Sb^dif or 
Mann; like that ol Sol- 
diers, when they Tri- 
umph or Engage.1 So 
i!he iiebrew Wora fig- 

i|ifie>i Jf^n Ti. a6, tjr^f 

' 7 t $9 th€^ io the 
tn they i^ear Ugher 

1 1 [Porpofe^ or De 
iC|rcje.3 Sec Vofob. * 

7)!^« P/4/mj Explain d. 6th T>ayl 

2 PraifctheLord with harp; 
r : fing praifes unto him wi^ the 

lute, and inftrument pf ten 

3 Sing unto the Lord a ngw^ 
long : iing {n*aUes hiftily unto 
him f with a good courage.} 

4 For the word of die loxA 
is true ; and all his works are 

y He loveth righteoufiiefs<^ 
land judgmeixb: ana the earth 
is fiiU oTthe gpodneis of tha 

6 By the word of the Lord 
were the heavens maae : and 
all the hofts of them bjr the 
breath of his moiith. ' V 

7 Hegatherethtl^ew^^rsof 
theiea together, a? jt were upT 
on ap tieap f : and layeth up 
tlie 4<^Gp> as in a treafure-houfe. 

8 Let all the earth fear the 
Lord: ftand in awe of him, all 
ye that dwell in the world j 

9 For hp fpake, arid it was 
done : he commanded, and it 
flood faft. 

10 The Lord bringeth the 
counfel oifthe heathen to nought; 
and maketh the devices of the 
popple to be of none cflf^, and 
cafleth o^t the couiilels or 

li The [counfel] of thqf 
Lord fhallendure for ev^r: and 
t|ie thoughts of his heart from 
generation to generation. 

6th Dof. Tbe^fdnsExflamd. 6t 

12 Bl^ed, aro the people^ ; 
whole God is the.Lora Jdio* 

lirah : and blcfled arc the folk ^ /, 

ihzt he hath <;hofea to Wm, to 

he his ixihcritance. . , ' 

13 ^e Lord looked down 
from heaven, and hrfield all th« 
chilckein of ni^ : from db^ 
Ibitadoa o]^ his d^^ii^g he c^ 
iidereth all theink that dwell on 
the earth. 

14 He Miioneih.all thp 
he^ls of them ; ^nd under* 
ftandeth all their^ works, . 

xj Inhere is iuild^gtlmtcaa 
be fared by the muhitttde of a« 
hoft.: neither is anvmig^ man 
delitw-^d hy much ftrength, / 

16 A iierfe is counted but fi 
vain thing to lave a ina©: pa- . 

ther ftall he deliver any m^ii ;ix:r 

by his gpreat flrengtlL ' 

J7 Behold, the eye of the '^ ^ 

lord h mpon them that fear 
)um : and upon them ^t put 
their truft in hkinerey. , ; . - 

jftio deliver their (bul from ' ;>' J ^:t 

aeath, aixd to feed them in the . • « i'*^ ( 

time of dearth. ^ 

jf 9 r Oiir foul hath patiently 
tarrie^ for .the Lord : he is our 
he^p apd pur ffiield. 
, , ao, tot our heart fhall rejoyce 
in hirri:becaufe we have hoped 
in his holy Name. 

i fXet thy merciful kindnefi, ^ ^^ 

O Xpjd, be upon us : likea^ : 

we do put our truft m) thee. 
• ATfalm 

A TfaJm if David wheH he iban^etl'l^b Sthd'^kLtr^rfke 

1 Sam-xxi-'ii,, 14, T<;.-}fffiiry-thif'bi ^"^'^r^^d 
hy this Artipee, ytt^ht pou^y afcrihes yhe^XelfO^atKe io 
God's Mercy i andinmtwm tba-nffe^ei'thuffaim. 
nisisan Alfbabemi p/^r.' '$?« Vfil ^ ■ , ' . , 
BttioBtamlit/nlm. ■ i^ftt'XXJCrVt ' "" 

5 * Tlej-.J that js, 
the humble, -w; a. 

* Were ligbtened^ } 
that is, comforccd. 

the fingular for the 
plural^ which is very 
ttfual in the Hebrew. 

-_ Lim\ denote 

ra«QOHi anf fpitefiil ftffer hanger : but liiey ']*irhp 

"~ feek the Lord, fliatl Affait ho 

manner of tliing'that isgood: 

II Come, 


IX Come, ye [chUdrenJ ii TAfl that hare 

teach you the Tear of the Lord. StJ?^^ n**" ^ 

nufl^3$o,Uye: an4«D\]^iifln{.\ l^^Pf^t^.^Sec 
Tee gbod days >. ..-^ u-.c ^xw, UUSm^&kif' 

H .EEiahciJK}t^iV/wia ~<fe 14 r Avoid. 3 5cc 

oyetit^eitii^qoa&iiiaiic^iiis ears 
^ine opeHxiuitQf^icir pU^oci.! fM^ 

16 The countexiancomfiitil* 
J>M:d,is a^auiil^'tl^ ;:do 

17 The ri^eoiiik^c^ /and 
oeUye^ohdli^iOiilt of allc^Hoif 

wil 5iiHL J Sure £icU aa^tie:;a& 9x1 

19 Grcflt:.4J3e;idbfitcos3!blbs<oi 
(Il9^i^te^s : rlmt Bife Eodd de- 

fotMaKrca»o£;diB^^ t Thefe words were 

Knc%^s-in ) c7-^:.n •::-.: miacndy fulfilled in 

ZX^fiut'm&fortjuiq^fildLjfla}^ our BldTed Saviour, 

the righteous^ ihall be diiia^ts^ 
IXLllidLotdd^lisei^ech the 
£>iais .c^ Jus: £e^rvalits.^^8r^ 
di^ li^lpiltt thobikiidiijlkliiiii^ 
fl»U not be deflittttc a Tfalrr 

^4' The ^fdmsBxfldinl ^Wva^ 


; The Sev^^i^ pay. • Mbrliing Pwytr; 

^ Pfalm fikim^ ^Im U WM$ fttftciaed iy Saul^ 
mifam-acemti hfH^k^&c. As to tht hnfrtca-- 
timt 4^ilirthiilalm^ S€CTreface4 

|Lead thou my ciuie^ O^ 
With ae : an4 fight thoir ajgdinfl 
them thit %ht ag^ift Aie; 
\ 2 X.^yiiaxid upon the ftield 
tod hftddcr: and ftfiUidup to' 

.; Bring&ith the $5eaEP, aiid 
ftopthc way againitthem-diat 
PQa^utt:m&: ;&y imto'iii^^ 
Imri tl^ fsdvation. J^ . ^^ 
[DifiippoiiiiedL j , \ 4 LetitUm be [confeimded /f 

9lu!{4l& to £xsmCyA9^ &ek at^ 
termyfoul: let them be turned 
l>tck^ aJEidbrcu^ht &> ^iiiitfion^ 
tfaatimadiiemsrchiefforime. ^ 

• "^ 

, S Let tnem be sisidie duft^^>fe 
the wind: •and the An^ of the 
Lord: fcatttring; them. -^ ^ 

6 : LetL cfadr way be 4ark aiK^ 
flippeiy r.Iacid let the: Angel of 
tM Lcurd ^erfecot^^d^^ ' 
- 7! For tiaey hwe^ p^ik laid 
their net to deitroy me withoM 
a cSiufe i yca^ eien; widiout a 
caule have tiv^y made a pk for 

8^den deffini&ion 
comeiijpon him unawiares^ ind 
Itti iiefi ithat he hatb laid pn viiyy 

^th D<«y. 7ht ffatms Bxplmd, 6j 

catch Juqifelf: that J19 may fell 
into w own mUchief. 
. 91 And, my fpul^ be joyful 
in tht Lcrd : k ihall rejcycej 
ixx hi§ iaivation. ~ 

. 10 [All my bones (hall fay J: ^ '^^ C Wy Heart, or 

Lord,, who is like unto th4 S?t^ ^'" '^"'' "" ^' 

who delivereft the poor from: 

him that is too ftroncjflpr him : 

yea, the poor and him thn is in 

nufcry^ irom hin^ that fpoilethi ^ ;; ^ ~ , 


11 talfe witn^ffes didxife tip;^ ' 
th^y laid to my charge things 
tIjyIknewnQt. , 

12 They rewarded me evilj 
for good : to the great difcqm-. 
fort of my foul. , , 

j% Neverthdefs, when they 
w^r^ fick, I put on lackcloth, 
and h];^mbled my ibul ^y ith faftr 
ing : and my prayer Ihall jturri 
into mine own bofonu 

,:J4p J behaved my. felf^ as 
tkoug^ it had been rtiy frien4 -^ v 

or my brotfier:* I went heavily j . 

as ojne^ that mouraeth for his 

If But in miA^ adverfity 
they rejoyced, and gathered 
themfelves together : yea, the 
Very rabje<9:sj wnie together ^'i [vifeff of Mai.J 
againft n^e unkwares^ making 
mows at me, and ceafed not. 

x6 With the flatterers were 
bulie mockers: who gnaflied , 

upon me with their teeni. 

17 lord, how long wilt theai 

F ' look 

I Zi 

■J '1, 


17 [Dea^tifc.] 

IP rill their wicked 
and imulting manner.] 

t Making Signs to 
0te another^ as if they 
had dm tbtir bufinefs. 

21 * Its'] ^^^ isj 
fbmc foul Faft of 
which they feiay accu- 
fed Dofuidy for they 
were ftlfe Witneffes, 
^r. 1 1 . of whom David 
here fpeaks. 

T:he ffalms Explains, ft^paj^^^ 

look upon this : 6 deliver my 
foiU from the calamities Which 
^ey bring on me> and ttiy 
[darling] from the Uons. . ' 

1 8 So will I give thee thanks 
in die great congregation i I 
wiU pr^e thee among pmtSi 


19 O let not them that are 
mine enemies, triumph olrerma 
[imgodly] : neither let theixt 
wink with their eyes t> that 
hate me without a caufe. 

20 And why ? th^ c^om- 
muning i$ not for peaCfc I ^^Sbt 
they imagine deceitful -wb/dsj^ 
againft them that are qui^ iii 
the land. 

' 2j They gaped upon me 
with their mouths, and l&id: 
Fie on tlieej, fieon thee, we fevir 
^'it with our eyes. .^ • '. 

2z THs thou haft feen, O 
lord : hold not thy ton™ 
thtn, go not far from ri^e, O 

Lord. ' [[' . 

'- 2:j Awake and ftand ttp to 
judge my quarrel : avenge thou 
my caufe>^ niy Qod^ and my 

Lord. \ 

24 Judjge me,-. O Lord, my 
God, according to thy righte- 
^ufiiefs : and let them not tri- 
umph over me. \ 
ly Let them not fay in their 

hearts. There, there, fo would 
we have it : neither let them 
*^y^ We hav? devoured him. 
^ 26 Let 


rth thy, . th ffalms Explain I 67 

• %€ Let them Be ptit to con- 
fiifibh and fhame together, that 
rejoy'ce at rty trouble : let 
diem be clothed with rebuke 
and diflionour, that boaft them- 
fcfves againft me. 
^ 37 Let them be glad and re 
Joyce that fovour n^ righteous 

dealing: yea, let them fay al- " 
way, BfelTcd be the Lord who 
hath plcafurC in the prolperity 
of his iervant. , " 

^'^ And as for n^y tongue, it 
ihalTbe talking of thy righte- 
oufiiefi : and of thy praife all 
the dlay long. >i; 

^ Pfalm of pivid, a Servant of the Lord, during tU 
tthte of bu being ferfecuted by ^\x\. . 
Bixif iii^fim. Pfii XXXVr, 

Y heart flieweth me the 

_ _ wickednefs of the un- ■ 

^odly : that there is no fear of 

aod before his eyes. 
^ 2 For he flattereth himfelf 
ur his own fight : until his abo- 
minable fin be found out. 

3 The words of his mouth 
are unrighteous, and full of 
deceit : he hath left oiF to be- 
have himfelf wifely, and to da 

4 He [imagineth] mifcWef 4 CcontrimLI ict 
upon his bed, and hath fet him- VocaSiUarf, 

felf in no good way : neither 
doth he abhor any thing that 
IS evil, 

^ * $ Thy 



6 fThywaysofpro- 
ceedms wiA Men, and 
governing the World, 
are as unnchomable as 
«hc dcepcft part of the 


9 rspring or Foun- 
tain. J Set Vocabulary. 

't-OfUfe','] that is, 
of Comfort, See Pfal. 

xxii. 26. . 

* Lt^kn alfo figni- 
fics the lame thing, 
yo^Kxix.^. P/.xxYii.i. 
PTis only in thee and 
thy Service, that we 
can hope to enjoy any 
true and laftibg Com- 
fort.3 • 


The ffalthi ^:icplaml : y^t^t^j^ 

y Thy mercy, O Lord, reach- 
eth unto the heavens : and thy 
faithfulnefe unto the clouds. 

6 Thy righteoulhefs ftand- 
eth like the ftrong mountains : 
[thy judgments are like the 

great deep.] , ^ , ^ 

7 Thou, Lord, fiialt fave 
both man and beaft. Howeic- 
ceilent is thy mercy, O God : 
and the children of men Ihall 
put their truft under the fliadow 

of thy wings. V, . ^ , ., 

8 They Ihall be fatisfiedwijH 
the plemeoufnefs of thy houle : 
and thou (halt give them drink 
of thy pleafures, as out of the 

river. ^ 

9 For with thee k the [wellj 
*of life: and [in thy* light Ihail 

we fee light.'] * . , 1 

10 O continue forth thy lo- 
ving kindnefs unto them that 

• know thee : and thy righteouf- 
nefs Unto them that are true of 


11 O let not the foot of pride 

come againft me ; and' let nc^ 
the hand of the ungodly call 

me down. , - „ „ 

12 There are they fallen, all 
that work wickednefs: they are 
caft down, and Ihall not be able 

to ftand. 


yth Day^ The Tfalms EocpUM 


Evening Prayer. 

ji Vfdlm of Davidj which contains afuH Anfwer to that 
common ObjeStion againfi ProvidencCy the Profferitjt pf 
the Wicked. 

mi mularU Pfil. XXXVIL 

FRet not thy felf becaufe of 
the ungodly : neither hp 
thou envipiis ^againft- the evil 
doers. • 

2 For they fliall foon be cut 
down like the gra0 : and be 
withered evenasthegreenherb. 

3 Put thou thy truft in the 
Lord, and be doing good : 
{dwell in the land, and verily 
thou flialt be fed.] 

4 Delight thou in the Lord : 
and he fliall give thee thy hearts 

5 Commit thy way umo the 
Lord, and put thy truft iqt him: 
and he fliaU bring it to pais. 

6 He fliall make thy right&- 
puCiclsas clear as the light: and 
t;hyjuft dealing as the noon-day. 

7 [Hold thee ftill] in the 
Lc^d^ and abide patiently up- 
on him: but grieve not thy 
lelf at him whofe way doth 
prpfper, againft the man that 
doeth after evil counfels. 

8 Leave off from wratlj^ and 
Jet go difpleafure t : frpt not 
thy felf, elfe (halt thou be mo- 
ved [to do evil.] ■ 

preffion. by vv'hich thou fccft the vyfcked 

9 [Be content with 
your Native Country, 
and your prdent Con- 
dition, take heed that 
you don't rebel againft 
God*s Law, who has 
forbid you to return tQ 
Egypt^ or to conform 
with Foreign Nations^ 
and God's Providence 
will fo watch over you, 
that ye (hall not wane 
a Snbfiflence.3 

7 [Reft 6tisfied.;j 

t M^tnjl the proffe* 
rous Sirater. 

d^ {[To commit thofe 
Sins of Fraud and Op- 
Man to grow Rich and 


70 The ffalms Ex^ind. yth Va^, 

9 Wicked doers fliall be root- 
ed out : and they that parientr 
ly abide the Lord, thofe fliall 
inherit the land. 

ID Yet a little while^ and the 
ungodly fliall be clean gone : 
thou flialt look after his place, 
and he fliall be away. 

11 But the meek4pirit6d 
fliall polleis did earth : and 
fliall be refreflied in the muki*- 
fade of peace. 

12 The lingodly feekerh 
counfel againfl the jufl: : and 
gnaflieth upon him with his 

1 5 The Lord fliall laugh him 
to fcorn : for he hath feen 

I) rthc itoy of hi$ that [his day] is comn^. 
1^*0 14 The ungodly have drawn 

out the fword, and have bent 
their bow ; to caft down the 
poor and needy^ and to flay 
Jiich as are of a right converfe-^ 

If Their fword fliall ^o 
through their own heart : and 
their bow fliall be brokeni V 

16 A finall thing that^cho 
\ righteous hath : is better than 

gr^at riches of the ungodly. 

17 [Power.] 17 For the [artns] of the un- 

godly fljall be broken: and the 
Lord upholdeth the righteous. 

1 8 [Takes a particu- j 1 8 The Lord [knoweth the 

SecPfal. 1. 7. and vir. inheritance fliall endure for even 
ij.oftWsPfalm. 19 They fliall not be con- 


yrthDay. The Tf4ms Explak% 7» 

fbunded in the perilous time : 
and in thp days of dearth they 
have enough. 

io As for the ungodly, they 
fiiall periflu and the enemies of 
the Lord mail cpnfume as the 
fat of lambs f : yiea, even as the ^^ t B»w* ''* ^^^r 
Imoke fhall they coniume away. ^^^^ 

21 The pngpdly borrowed! 
and payeth not again : but tlje 
righteous is merciml and liberal 

22 Such as are blefled of God 
fliall poflefe the land : and they 
that are curfed of him, Ihall be 
rooted out. 

23 The Lord ordercth a good 
inans going : and maketh hi$ 
w^y acceptable to himfelf. 

24 ThougW he fall, he fliaU 

not be Tcaft away] : for the a4C^ft;dittpicccj, 

Lord uphojdeth 4n with his ""^'^ "^^^ 
hand. : , 

if I have been young, and 
now aip old : apd yet faw I ne- 
ver the righteous lorfaken, nor 
his ieed begging their bread. , 

26 The righteous is ever mer- 
ciful, and lendeth : and his feed 
is bleiTed. 

27 Flee from evil, and do. 
the thing that is gppd : and 
dwell for evern^or?, 

28 For the Lord loveth the 
thing that 15 right; heforlaketh 
|iot his that be godly^ but they 
gre prefefved for ever. 

Z9 The unrighteous fliall be 
pur^fh^d : ^ for tbefeedx)f th§ 

F4 m 


$t £Ju(Kcc an4 


> . 

^ 57 [ I look'd about 
nic, to fee what was . 
become of him, and 
whether he might not 
be removed, as a Tree ' 
fometimes is, to ano- 
ther place ^ but there 
was no iLch Man, nor 
any remainder of him 
to be found.] Fatu 

fU ffalms BicpWnX yth Ddy. 

ymgodlfy it (ball be rooted outl 

;o The righteoys Ihall inhe- 
rit the land : and dwell therein 

;i The mouth of the righ- 
teous is exercifed in wifdom : 
and his tongue will be talking 
of [judgment.] 

32 The law of his God is in 
his heart': and his goings fliall 
riot Aide. 

13 The ungodly (eeth the 
righteous: and feeketh occall- 
on to fl'iy him. 

;4 Tne JLord will not leave 
hi!n in his hand : nor condemn 
him when he is judged. 

gy Hope thou in tlie; Lord, 
^nd keep Ws' way/ and he fliafl 
promote thee^ that thbii flialt 
poffeis the land : when the un- 
godly fliall perifli, thou -flialt 
lee it. 

36 I my felf have feen the 
ungodly in great power : and 
flourifliing like agreen bay-crep» 

37 I went by, and lo^ he 
was gone : [I fought Bim, but 
Jus place could no-where be 

;8 ICeep innocency, and 
take heed unto the thing that is 
right : for that fliall bring a 
man peace at*the laft. 

59 As for the tranfgreflbrs, 
they fliall perifli together ; and 
the end pf the ungodiy is. They 
fliall be rooted out at the lafl:, 
-. " . ' 40 But 

Zth Vdi\ The ffalmt Explained. 7j . 

40 But the falvation of the 
righteous cometh of the I ord : 
vrho is alfo their ftrength in 
the time of trouble. 

41 And the Lord fliall ftand 
%y them, .and fave then» : he 
fhail deliver them from the un- 
godly, and fhall fave them, be- 
caufe they put their truft in him. 

The Eighth Day. Morning Prayer. 


"^ Tfalm of David, wherein be feems to deplore the fad 
conaitiony htB of his Bodjy Souly and Efiafe^ 

Third Penitential Pfalm. 

Domme^nt hi furore. Pfal. XXXVlIIt 

rtUt me not to rebuke, O 
Lord, in thine anger: nei- 
ther chaften me in thy heavy 
dtfpleafure. ^ : 

2 For thine arrows flick faft 
in me: and thy hand preffeth 

me fore. 

3 There is ho health in my 
fl.fli, becaufe of thy difpieafiirc: 
neither is there any rdl in my 
bones, by reafon of my fm, 

4 For my wickedneifes are ; 

gone over my head t : and are -^UdtfiE."** 
like a lore burthen too heavy 
for nie to bear. 

y My wounds ilink, and are 
. corrupt ; through my fooliflmefi. 

6 I am brought into fo great 
/trouble and milery : that I go 
jtiiQurning all the day long. ^ 

7 For my loyns; are fill^ 

with a fore Difeafe ; and there • 



74 TIkT/dms ]^pmnl ' ^thDay. 

is n^ v^olf part in mjr body. 
. : 9, 1 am f^ble^ and fore fnutr 
tpn ; I rhavc rpaiied fpr the Vjery 
dilquietnefs of my heart.^ * 
' fpL^d, thou kno weft all my 
d^fir^, : , and . my groaning is not 
hid frpm th^. 

I a My hearf panteth, my 
fti^ngth hath failed me : and 
the fight of mine eyes is ^one 
.'•. ';/■'• ;.:.'^- <&om me.' -■. ' ' ■ '. *' 
* \ II My lovers, apd my neigh- 

bours didf ftand looking upon 
my trouble: and my kinfmen 
^oodaf^ off. 
1 r. / 12 They alfo that fought af- 
^ter ffly life, laid fnares for me : 
and . they jhat went about to do 
.me evil, jtalked of wi9k^dnefs<^ 
1 2 [Contrived.] and [imagined] deceit all the 


. ir Ai ifor\me, I w?s like;a 

deaf man, and heard not : and 

as one that is duttib^ who doih 

: not open his mouth. i ' 

14 n took no notice ^ ^4 P became eyen as a mftn 
of it, laid nothing to that.heareth not: and inwhc*e 
™vi^mvk2^.«''i mouth ^ifc no reproofs.] 

^have - 1 jput my truft : thou 
flialt anfwer for me, (^ Loi^d 
jny God. 

16 I have required that theyj^ 

tpven mine enemies^ fliould not 

triumph oytx me : for when 

my foot flipt, they r^joyq^ 

. greatly ^gainft me. 

Beh Day, Jhe <Pfalms Ex^Uinl 


17 "^Plague QthsLtls, 
Stroke or Blow. See 

[And I truly am 

S laced under the very 
roke of God's Scourge,' 
and my Grie^ and Mi* 
fery is without any in- 
termiffion, never leaves 

17 [And I truly am fet in 
the "^ plague: andmyheavinefe 
h ever in my fight.J 

18 For I will, confefi my 
wickednefii and be lorry for 
my fin. 

19 But mine enemies Kve, 
and are mighty : and they that 
hate me wrongfully, are many 
in number. 

2,0 They alfo that reward 
evil for good, are againft me: 
becaufe 1 follow the thing tlat 
good is. 

2 1 Forfake me not, O Lord 
my God : be not thou far from 

22 Hafte thee to help me: 
O Lord God of my falvation^ , 

A Tfalm of David, trohahly on the occajkn if J62ih*s 
rtfrovlng him for lamenting his Son hhialotOiS Death, 
2, Sam. xix. y. 

I Said, I will take heed to my 
ways : that I offend not 
in my tongue. 

a I will keep my mouth as it 
were with a bridle : while the 
ungodly is in my fight. 

3 I held my tongue, and 
Ipake nothing : I kept filence, 
yea, even from good words; 
but it was pain and grief to me* 

4 My heart was hotwithifi 
me, and while I wks thus mu- 
fmg the fire kindled : and atthp 

■ laft I fpake with my tongue. \ . 
' , t , J Lord, 


7 [[ForMan lives and 
afis m appearance ra- 
ther than in realicy, his 
pleafures and enjoy- 
ments are but mere 
imaginary things.] 

t Ukt him who la- 
b&wrs in the Harveft'- 
fields and hinds the Corn^ 
and lays it in Cocks or 
lieaps^ but knows not 
.whether he /haH live to 
carry it kito If is Barn* 

to [I refrained my 
fdfy and did not fo 
much as open my mouth 
fey way of murmuring 

The Tfalms Explain I "^th t)ay. 

5" Lor'd, let me know my 
lend, and the number of my 
iiays: that I may be certified 
how long I have to live. 

6 Behold, thou haflt made my 
days as it were a Ipan long : 
and mine age is evenas nothing 
in re(pe<9: of thee, and verily 
every man living is altogether 

7 [For man walketh in a 
Vain fliadow, and difquieteth 
himfelf in vain] : he heapethizp 
riches, and cannot teu who 
fliall gather them f. 

8 And now. Lord, what is 
my hope : truly, my hope is 
even in thee. 

9 Deliver me from all mine 
ofFenccf : and make me not a 
rgbuke unto the fodlifh. 

10 [I became dumb, an4o- 
pened not my mouth : for it 
was thy doing.] 

or repining, becaufe I knew the affliftion was from thee/] 

II ([Stroke or 
Scourge. 3 Sec PfaL 
xxxyni. 17, 

1 1 Take thy [plague] away 
from me : I am even conlumed 
by the means of thy heavy hand. 
'12 When thou with rebukes 
doft chafteii man for fin, thou 
makeft his beauty to cohfume 
away, like as it were a moth 
fretting a garment : every man 
therefore is but vanity. 

I ; Hear my prayer, O Lord, 
and with thine ears confider my 
calling : hold not tl^y peace at 
my tears. *! ^ ^ •• 

hh Day. "The ffalms Explain d. 77 

14 For I am a ftranger with 
thee, and a fojourner: as all 
my fathers were. 

1 5: O fpare me a little, that 

I may recover my ftrength t i t '^^^ /^ ^ ^^^ ^ 
before I go hence, and be no , ^^Pfje fd^^^^ 

more leen. 

A Tfalm of David, affer deliverance pom fome great 
jAffiiStiony wherein he frays for Go£s froteSlion for the 
future ; and in his &wn Verjon refrefents the Sacrifice of 
Chrift on the Ctofs in a Prophetical manner. 
rf ixpeOans expdttavu Pfal. XL^ O 

I Waited patiently for the 
Lord: and he inclined imto 
me, and heard my calling. 

2 He brought me alfo out of 
the horrible pit, out of the mire 
and clay : and fet nty feet upon 
a rock, and ordered my goings. 

3 And he hath put a new 
long in my mouth : even a 
thankfgiving to our God. 

4 Many Siall fee it, and fear : 
and fliall put their truft in the 

. y Bleffed is the man that 
hath fet his hope in the Lord : 
and turned not unto the proud, 
and to fuch as go about with lies. 

6 O Lord my God, great 
are thy wondrous works which 
thou haft done, like as be alfo 
thy thoughts, which are to us- 

ward : ^ yet thereisno man ^ (-Recounts them in 

that [ordereth them J unto thee, order, by way ot thank- 

7 If I Ihould declare them, fulnefs.] 
and fpeak of them ; theyfliould 

7? . The ffalms Exptainl ith Day. 

be moe than I am able to es> 
i I'f' Sacrifice and g [*Sacrifice,andmeat-offcr- 

Oblanons are BO fit re. ^ ^^O wouldeft not]: but 
turns fpr to great M«r- P 1.11.^1. j j. 

cics 5 nor lidft thoa inine ears haft thou opened f^ 

cxprefs any great defire of them.] r Sam, xj. 22* PfaL lu i6m 
Hof. vi. 6. 
t To bear^ and readily they thy Cmmanis. 

r« T ^^m-. m^ Mf ^nA 9 Bumt-ofFeTings, and facii-* 

IP I come my lelt, ana n e r \. n. ^\. 
offer mySoul an4 Body ^ce for fin haft thou not requi- 

a Sacrihce to thce^ as red : then laid I, Lo^ [Icome.] 
the Me^as hereafter (haQ in a more perfed maqper. j 

lo ''• The Volume ^ lain the* volume of the book 
the Book^ fignlfies the jt is written of me, that I fhould 
l^w of Wex,in which fulfil thy wm,0 my God; lam 

there was an exprefs __^^ /^ j -^ "^ i. i • 

charge that the King content to do it, yea, thy law n 
(as David now wasj Within niy heart, 
ihould have a Copy ox the Law by him, that he might fludy and 
pradtife it. Deut. xvii. i8, 19, ' 

And thefe words are properly apply'd to ChriSi He^ k. 5« 
forafmuch as all the Sacrifices under the taw^ were but Tvpcs 
and PrediAions of that one Sacrifice to be offi^red by nim. 
Dr. Ham, underftands the words in their firff fignification to re- 
late to David'j but by [the Volume of the Book^'] when underftood 
ofChriSy he fays is meant that Biil^ or Roll of Contraft betwiKt 
God the Father and Son, wherein is fuppofed to be written the 
Agreement concerning Man's Redemption: by which CM^ under- 
takes perfeftlv to fulfil the Will of God, even to Death ; and the 
Father, on the other fide, promifeth, that CkriH fhould become 
the Author of Eternal Sa&ation t6 aU them that believe. Mem 
[^Sepber^] fignifie both Book, Indenture or Writing : And the 7«p# 
rolled up all their Writings, fo that all of them might be called 
Volumes^ that is, RoBs. 

Ill have declared thy righ- 
teoulhels in the great congre- 
gation : lo, I Will not refrain 
my lips, O Lord, and that thou 

1 2 I have not hid thy righ- 
teoufhefs within my heart : my 
talk hath been of thy truth, and 
of thy lalvation. 

^hVay. the ffalmt Explaui^^ ^ 

i; I have not k«|>t baidfc thy ^ 
loving mercy and truth : ^ from i r . , j 
the jgreat congregation,! 

14 ^Withdraw not thou thy 
mercy from me, OXoxd :^ let 
thy loving-kindncfs' and truth 
dway prdterve me. 

ly For innumerable troubles 
are come about me, my fins 
have taken fiich hol4 upon me, 
diat I am not aWe to look up r 
yea, they are moe in numbct 
than the hairs of my head;, and 
my heart hath failed me/; • 

16 O Lord, let it be thy 
plealurt to deHver nie r m^ke 
hafte/ O tord, tb help me, 

17 Let them be aflismedand 

r confounded J together' tiiat 17 [Kfcppointed.] 

leek after my foul to deftrcJy it? 

let them be driven bacl^vard^ 

and put to rebuke, ttot wifhtoe 


1 8 JLet theth be defol^te and 
rewarded with ihamer that lay ^ " 
imto me. He upon thee, lie up^ 

on thee. ' - - 

r9 Let all thofe that feel ; t 

thee, be joyful and ^ad in thee: 
and let liich as love thy falva- 
tion fey alway. The Lord be 

^o As for me, I am ptoor and 
tieedy : but the Lord careth 
for me. 

a I Thoii art my helper and 
redeemer : make no long tar- 
rying, O my God, • / . 




The Tfaltns E^kM. $th Dof^ 

Evening -Pray w. 

A Tfalm rf David, comfcfed on occfim af its Sictnefs^ 

and munj Enemies, 

BeatMs ^ intelB:^. PfiLXLI. 

Le^ed i$ he that coniideretb 
the poor and needy ; the 
Lord fhall deliver him in the 
dme of trouble. 

2 The Lord prefeiye him^ 
and keep him alive, that he may 
be blefled upon earth : and de-^ 
Ever not diou him into the will 
of his enemies. 

3 The Lord comfort him 
when he lieth fick upon his bed ; 
make thou all his bed im his Tick-* 
nefi* ' 

4 I laid. Lord, be mef cifiil 
unto me : heal my foul^ for I 
have finned againft rhee. 

f Mine enemies fpeak evil 
of me : When fliall he die and 
his name perifh ? . 

6 And if he come to fee me, 
£he Ipeaketh vanity : and his 
heart conceiveth falfhood Vfitk- 
in hiqifeif, and when he cometh 

^ ^ forth he telleth it] - . 

boorsrhe relate* his own Fidioios for ceirtain,Truths.1 

7 AU niihe enemies whifper 
together againft me : even a- 
gainft me., do they fin^aginel 
this eviL 

8 [Let the fentence of guilr- 
tinefe proceed, againft him : and 
now that he liem let him rife up 

tf [He flatters and 
pretends tocondolcme, 
all the time he is with 
me he is inventing lies 
of me-, and asfoonas 
he is gone out of my 

7 rContrive,] Sec 
the vocabulary. 

8 [Let him be found 
guilty of the Crimes 
with which he is fallly 
charged ; and when he 
is once caft, let him nc- nO more.] 
rec recover his Credit agaiii«3 



tth t>ay. , The ^fatms Bx^ainl 

9 'Yea, eVeh mine t)Wn fo- 
tniliar fritndy whoirt 1 trailed : 
who did alfo eat bf my bread^ 
hath laid gre^t wait for me. 

to But be thou metcifoluft- 
te me, O Lord : rajfe thou me 
tip again, and [I Ihall reward 

Mem. Dmnd dectara againft oil perfoAal 
Cm of Injuries, ¥faL vif. 4, 5. 

11 By this I know thou fa,- / 
voureft me : that mine enemy 
doth not triumph iagainft me, 

12 And when I am in my 
*heakh, thou Upholdeft me : >nd 
Ihalt fet me before thy face for 

1% Bleffed be the Lord God 
of Krael : world without end. 


ro [And T (hall n^ 
quite their In)uries with 
good turns^ repay them 
auice ocherwile than 
tncy have dcfctved;! 

- ^ > , - 

word in the Hebrew^ a> 
well as Efigllfi?y may 
iif^oify foondjiefs of 
Mind or Body : But 
here it Icems proper co 
tak^ it in the latter 
feafe. In the firft Ver* 
fes he fpeaks of God'^ 
Mercy in time of Slckn^fi •, here, in time of bodily Health. 

T^u Vfalm is gemraOf tetie'Vfl to lavi ieen finntdhy 
David, wbtn ht wot drivek from the Houie of God 

^f Ablalonu 

Like « the hart f defireth . \Whenhmei9tttrti 
the water-brooks: folong- 
cth my foul after thee, O God* 
2 My foul is athirft for God, 
yea, even for the living God : 
When ftall I come to appear 
before the prefence of God t ? 

if the Do^x* 

3 FMy tear^ have been my 
meatj day and rught: while 
they daily fay unto me, Where^ 
Know thy God? 


f h tii TafermttteJ^ 

g'Qrflead of eating 
and' drinking, I only 

,4 [Now 

82 ' ' The ffahns Exphutt'l _ ^hDof. 

4 To* tt^^ff" 4 [Now wh^ I dunk tbere- 
tearf] is to be gre«dy 4ipon. I * pour out mv heart by 

i^ 15. mumtude^ and brought picjip 

[Now wbcn I rcfleft forth into the houfe of God j] 
on the impioui taoacs of chefe Men, and my .own de|^orabIe,CCffi* 
•dkion^ I am even overcopie with Grief and Concern, efp^ally 
when I confider bow mudh better it was^once with me : Fdrl 
tifed iioniierly not only to go with tbe/nuldcudt to thejHoafeidf 
Cod^ bnt to w the Perft* who cbi^ ^Bcquraged, and put Sm** 
ward the reft, and carried them along W}ch me^] r.o 

5 [And they accom- y [In the voice of praife iind 
IS!^^* KSp'Sd j^l^giving^i ^^^^ fuch ^ 

Solemnity, with Praifes keep holy-dayj 

aiid AcdmacioBs.} 6 Wmr art thou fp fijll of 

iieavinels, O iny foul f.aiid^wl^ 

artthou fodifqiijeted witKrim?^? 

rrFoftheAmflance '^ 7 Put thy trttff in God : for 

; J2i- ^rJ!!i* ^^ :l wiU yet give him thanks [for 

'Dnrine Prclcncc gives ] . ^tT/' . #r. ^ ^^ ^1 

me.T See w. 1 5. -^h^ h^lp of ^^^ countenance. J ^ 

SXJMy Mind. O God, ' 8 [My God, my (bul i? v^^j^d 

% extremely dejcfted, withm me : Aerefore willl 

and therefore I am for- remember thee concerning the 

ced to comfort my fclf J "^"triT', ^ wvr*«.w*^q •.*aw 
with the remembbnce ^M pf * Jordan, and the httjle 
of thefe great things, hiil pf *Herm6h.j 
Which, thou formerly didft for thy People at Ac ^iver J^dm^ 
Jofli. Wu 1$, i^« and at Mount Hernmiy Dent, iiu f ^ ifyrcJ/wklch, 
Botwithflanding its he^ht, feems a poor defpicable Hill, m com- 
parifon of ^ioii, .where I «lc to worfhtpQody and enfoy his fpe- 
icial. Prcfence) not doubting but thou wilt 40 as much in;my be- 
half, if there be a jttftocdSion.} ' ^^' ' 

Probably he mentions ^ fwid4m and ^Jitrman; becaafe %«as &e- 
cween thofetwo places, chiefly^ that h^Wjis $>rce4 to rei|MiiP^d»- 
ring the time of his Abfence from Zm^ 2 Sam^Tfxu^i 5* ; 

9 The A^ejreir word ' 9 [One^e^ax c^Heth aootibier, 

Ouwel .whciceby Wa- \ water^pjpes^ .all jthy waxfis^li^ 
terjs convey 'd ; Here itorms are gq|ie over njcl : 
5t is moft proper to upderftand by it, thofc fecret Pipes or fPaflagcs 
ttndcr the Earth, whereby one Ski commlinicates with imdther, 
and whereby the circulation of Watch !n the Body of this Globe 
is performed. Now the Pfaknift reprcfents thc:fcveral Seas; or 
% ;/^ » great 

Sth Diy;' The-lffibif.Exftain'A. 


Sicit WateM, tMt oQiiig cr imvfeTnig Intell^enbe to one awxherv 
by menu of thefc iVtaer-Pipei.--JRpxha tbe:P&ki]iil4nKDdcd ta 
defcribc the wrnchedncrs of his prc&nt Coadidon in a figurative 
and poecick manqer, tEbciQg ufual in cbe Scripture, and particu- 
larly in thePfihtis. by Waters W denote great Affliflions, and by 
the Waters or pfepthftcaUi^' to ooeanoti^;wa are' to under- 
ftand fereral fores of Calamities provoking ai^ joining. wi()ieacli 
other, inordcr to nuktiiB6od.9r<iniw4auflh]afMifery : Sothe 
-plain meaning of this Verfc is as follows^ vi^. 
: '{ Oateig^tiCaiamvfiotijbf fccl^ and unfeen means, as ic 
ivcre, iantc pother to p%qlt tar- /U nunoer of Tryalt and 
AffliAion^ have fallen »boa mc with their united Forces, thdr 
pcatcfl Weight': Yet at; (afi-S iiW^i*.] 

-^ lo'tThd'LorcI hMi'^ahtitd 

hin IovtH(r"Itm(lnpft'onTHTi'-il4vi. 

19 [^My Time has 
been divided between 
receiving Mercies and 
giving Thanks, and 
what frdh Blcmngs I 
have received in the 

las lovidg-^feiiidriefs'Qtfftb- any- 
time* i^'^ the- iMfeht-feaffon 
dia IfiBg of him, a^Aa^^ m^ . 
J)rayei'.ttnto the Goa ogfl^ Weil ' 
■' il'-I wHl-fty iuitb'iiBtc'God 
of mjr.ftrengthj WHyWllibA' 
tergotten me : vfrhy goHl Biys 
beavilyj' while die" e^ftrt op- 
preffeth rrie ? ;" >'' ■ ^^- :■■-■' 

12 'My bones-ai^"fimrtin a"- 
liuieler as witH a fwc^r \whije 
nane eheniies thar irti^yWI^ iw 
■caftmeindietfeetfi'Y^'' f' -^ 
' i^j Namely, '■whae-"<!fl^ 'fty 
dally liiiitHne; Wher*' iS'^How 
thyQod? ■ ... ■''='■■ 

14 WHyi^rt thdq "fd vexed, 
O my foiil'r; fiiitJ why;krf|^oa 
fo diiquict^a within h^'?' ■ ' 

If, O Ipnit thy truft'ih G6d: 
for twin yetthank &imifw|^ch 
U * the Hdp of my coiihteriaricej^ 
and my God- "• • '--■" ' 

btlf ej hit CettnttuMct, his loeaning is, that God gave ^xfcty and 
Succe(s where- ever he was prefcnt. And it does not appear that 
1>avid had ever been defeated in Battel when he pcnn'd this 
Mdm : So the fenfe of this Thrafc is this; ' 

£God is he who always afibrds me hi* Afliftance, and aowns " 
G 2 ■ me 

4$ The'Jx!f if mj 
CmntfuatKe,'] or of my 
Treftnttftxlo the word 
is often tnrn'd : And 
when he calls God the 

me nith Succefi, & that yifioij leant to uctod i^y BerfiM, and- 
xever to depirc firanuny Frelcacc.|] -. 

7S« Tfatmfeet^iia have ie^'copjiioftd en tie'fammamii-^ 

■ : fill Snbft&f -^tnd.^fhl^oth tit famt attajm with the 

■ -^mer^ --'^'^- ■■'■■' ■:•'■' '■ ■ 

GIvie feintence widi ffi6, O 
'God, and defend ihy 

' , caiife againft (kc ungpdly pep- 

T -i-r' ' "pl§ :p deliver me from the de- 

■ L.. ..V. .i; J (pejtjnl ^i»l wicked- pnanv' ■ 

':'-', V"": , , a JFpr thpu arc the God of 

- , ',,'^\' my ftrength, why haft thpu ppt' 

i.; s": V. ; mo,froni;t(ige ; and why go t 

^ 1 :i / i: jfq^ heajtiljv while th^ .^enemy 

; ^ tfji^fend out thy light and 
.tliy trutK^'that they may iea^ 
me : ancT bring mc unto ^y ho- 
\y biU:i}„7ind to thy di«('iclling. 
14' AM^that I may go .U11C9 
th^ak^jjiGod, even unto ih« 
God of niy joy and gladneft-: 
JWd -iq>9^..the harp will I give 
-Ihan^ u^tQ thee, O Godiy my 

: f Why art dipu Co heavy, 
,0 my ibi^t : and why art thoit 
fo diiqm^ted withm me ? 
. 6 Sot pfat-tB. iS. •6Qmz thy truft in God: 
for i win yet give turn thank*, 
-which is the help of my covn- 
tenance, and my God, 


^hUy. The ffalmsExplaittl' Hf. 

The Ninth Day,. jMofjiing Prayer. 

irixf Tfalm was c^rtainlj cwffpofed after David*/ Tlmf, 
and when the Jewiih J^airs began to be in a declin- 
ing Condition ; as may afpear from what is here [aid 
from the loth Verfe Jorwffd. Bijhop Patrick aferibes 
it to the times ^fHezekiah, . when the Aflyrians, af- 
ter halving made feveral Xnrocis^ at lafi invaded Ju* 
ttSLwith a great Armjy 2 Kings xviii: 13, 17* 

Deuf auribus. Pfa|. XLIV. . . . , ^ ,,^^ 

WE have heard with our 
ears, O God, our fethers 
have told us : what thou haft 
done in their time of old. 

z How thou haft driven out 
the heathen with thy hand,' and 
planted them in: how thou haft 
deftroyed the nations, and caft - . 
them out. • 

3 for thdjrgat not the land 

in pofteffion through their owii „ \ /* 

fword : neithei? was it their own ) . . 
arm that helped them. 

4 But thy right hand, and 

thine Arm; and [the light of thy 4 [ Thy farottrabk 
countemnce] : becaufe tho* ^fcftnce.j 
hadft a fevour unto them. 

f Thou art my King, d 
-God: fend help unto Jacob. . 

6 Through * thee will we oC 
verthrow our enemies : and \h 
-thy^Name will we tread them 
ttndc^ that rife up agairift^as. ^ 

7 For 1 4vlll not truft in niy 

bowr it is not my fword that v ! / .. • 
ftall help me. .0 : ... . 

JJ But it is ithott'ttot faveft - v 

G 5 H$ 


The/Tfalnis ^ Explain d. s^AVdy. 



i.'f? - 

» ^ y , 1 

•• T •t ' 

I f QRob us of. or,PIun- 
derTI that is the mean- 
ing of the word again. 
Mat. xii. 28. fo the 
Latin SpUh^ and the 
Hcbxtvp word here ufcd, 
do fignify, not to marry 
or d^roy* 

13 [Thcfe Heathen 
Affyrtdns do not piir- 
chafe us, bufc take vs 
for nothing: Thoudif- 
pofeft of us, as Maftcrs 
6f their slaves that are 
unferviccable, Without 
demanding any price.] 

us from our enemies^ and put- 
i 'fell ftiemxTXi confofiqn that hate 

us. ^ 

, 5r We make our boaft of God 
all day lotijg : and wil! praife 
thy',Name for ever. 

ID But n<>w thou art far ofi^ 
and-'piitteft us to cpnfufion : 
and goeft not forth V^th oiir 
Srmies. ' 

t\ Thoi^makeft us to tiirn 
oxnty b^ks npon our etiemtes : 
fo !^t ihey which hate us 
[IpOU] <nir:' goods: 

1 2 Tbofi; letteft us be eaytcji 
upliteftfe^: and baft fgat- 

Icifed usaftiottg the heatberi. 
i: 13 [Thou felleft thy pe<^le 
fosTjnOwght^ dnd taJceK^no mo^ 
ney for them.] 

' 14 Thou makeft ns to be re- 
bukedof our neighbours : to be 
laughed to fcorn, and had 14 
derifion of them that are touiul 

If Th0u makeft u$ to be a 
by*woM jamong the ; heathen : 
and thfit the people ih^kc fthoir 
^ads.aftus. .. 

16 My ^eonfufion i$ daily W- 
-Jfore nte : and the ihame of my 
ffacerhath ctovered me J 

J7 For the vdice of the flaj^ 
d^rerairf blafjJiemer : for the 
^memy! an^^ avienger. 

18 What :s ftid in 

j8 And though all this be 
this and the fbHowing come Upon us, yet do We not 

Verfe, does very well fit ^^t^tu^i^jae^Ub^ who reformed the 

../wi/ft Church. ^ p * ' for- 

^h Dajf. The ^falms ExpUM 87; 

forget thee : nor. behave our 
felves frowardly in thy covenant: 
1 9? Our heart is not turned 
back ; neicher our fteps gone 
out pf thy way; 

20 No, not when thou haft «o * **» tf^ tf 
finitten us inta *the place of 5!i!K^^ ^^Sf^fS 
dragcMis : and cpvered us with couni^, Ef. wxiv. 17- 
*the fliadow of death. xxxr. 7. fer. ix. ii. 

21 If we have forgotten the *• *^* '*• 37. into ftdi 
Name of our^od, and hoiden S^^SSSaS?^ 
up our hands to ^y ftrangei ^jtefiMdmrfJuMr 
god : fh;ill not God fearch. it^ figoifies the mod d^ 
out ? for he kiioweth the vwy' nSl, forlorn CoodidonL 
fecretsoftheheirt dSiSS""*^ 

iz For thy fake alfo are we 
killed all the day ^ong i and are 
counted as Ibeep apppinted to. 
beflaki. ' ii - 

2; Up, Lord, why ileepeft 
thou : awake, and be 'not ab-* 
fent from us tor ever. 

24* Wherefore ludeft thou" 
th^ fa<;e : and forgettedi our^ 
mifery and trouble r 

2f [For our foul is brou^t ^ ^^Si^m^^'^' 
Ipw, even unta the duft : our^ ocaa wa ouncd. j 

belly cleavethuntotliegrbund.1 
26 Ariie, and help us : and 
(fteU^er us tor thy merdes (ake. 

Q 4 ^SoDg 

88 The ff Alms. Expimd, ^th^a^^ 

A Song of Loves. Scm^ fi^PP^f^ that this Tfaln$ war 

firfi Indited upon Solomon* s marrying Pharaoh'x 

Dti$^hter^ which was a Type of the Ejpoufals hetu^ixt 

Chvitt ^^nd bu Church. Others ^ferty That theVfal- 

; fnifi- had regard, to no other Perfm hm Chrift, and his 

' Chmch only^ hi cmfojitig it. However ^ 'tis certain^ 
iiiat no one can atffy if ay 'ivayof Pervcstian to any hut 

' Ctoift and his Church; and therefore in my Notes Ijhali 

; i^h notice (fno other. fenfe* 

- ^O triiOavIt cat memn^ tfiLXLV. ' 

- ' • 

t [My Thoughts arc TA /f Y heart is indidnc; of a 

th*if ^r^ftU df^SS ki^' g^^^ ^^^^^^- ^ ^P^^ 

Matte?; »nd I wiK ^^^ ^^ngs whiqh I havQmade. 

6ftk my fcFf to the unto the King.] 

great Ring, the MeKof^ an4 i^e^rfe to Uxq^ what I have com* 

|K)fed.] ' ' 

2 \fMyTimgue(ia\ihc ^^ [* My ^9^2^^ ^ *^ P^n :. 
like the Pen of one that of a ready writerj 

takes Minutes or writes Short hand : tor I (hall ipleak irery briefly,, 
^aiid not in words at length, op fo as tfa be underftood in a literal 
fence, but in Figures and Eipbleip^.]' 

3 fThySjjeech moil \ Thou art fairer th^n tiie 

SXil bitA <iiuWnofmen: » of grace 

thee, Kevtr Mm fpaif Ve % UpS,] becaufc Go^ hath 

Hie tbit Afan.'] bleiTed thee for ever. 

4 [Appear wi^h: *e 4 [Gircl thee with thv fword 

^^$^ S: "P^? *y ^high, O thou moft 
with Majefty and Spicn- f^ghty : accordmg to thy wor- 

dor, like chy felfj flup ai^d r«JOWn.J 

$ [May thine Ho- f [Gppdlvckhay^tho^wJth 

nour profper with thee, thine honour : ride on becau(e 

«oon triumphantly for of theword of truth, of meek- 

tht fti«l.crante and nefs and richteoufnefs3 and thy 

Humility, Jufticc : And Hght hand fliall teach thee ter-. 

thy divine Power (hall rible things.] 

enable thee to do miraculous and amaung things, iJti. 'rr.$6.v.i6.^ 

'"■ i{ [Tfty words (hall ."^ [Thy arrows are very Iharp^ ., 
pierce like Arrow»,thou and the people fhall be fubdued 


^th V^. "the Tfalms Explain d. 8^ 

XEfito thee : even in th« midft (hajt ^nzkc Con?crt8, 
Skxnong the kings enemies.] where one would leaft . 

of all h<^ for ic, from amongfl thy greaceft and moil inveterate 
Encniics, from amongft the chief Rulers of the /f^r/, 7obn xii42« 
^the Court of the Roman Emperor, and thtArc(fpaiitSf AMs x?ii.34.3 

7 [Thy * feat, OGod, endu- 7 * s^at,-} that is, 
reth for ever : the fcepter of r tw-. ih^n k-. « 

^. I . J . • i_ r "1 L Tocrc inall be no 

thy kingdom is a nght fcepter.] enJ of thy Kingdom,o 

tbou Meffias^ who ait God as well asiMan : Thy Qovernmenc (lull 
be adminiftred by Laws mod juft and reafooable.] See Neb A. S» 

8 Thou haft loved righte- s^iUOylofGlad^ 
oulhefs and hated iniqimy : i<iv]th«i$,thcHoly 

wherefore Qod, even thy God, ^'^'^^t^^''^^' 
hathanointed thee with the *oy 1 * Above tfy FeSms *] 
of gladnefs"** above thy fellows. AH Kings, Priefls, or 
Prophets, 4II that are called Gods, or Sons of God. 

9 [A^ thy garments finell of 9 * "9 *^ ^/^ 
Myrr^, Aloes, and Caffia: out fj,&^J,X^^ 
of the ivory palaces, whereby thou art made glad, or 
*they have made thee glad.] rcjoyced 5 as, [they 

fiall receive yok^'] Luke xvi. 9. iigaifies na more than ^pu (hat 
be received.'] Ham. • 

QAll thpfe DiTiue Graces wherewith thou art clothed and adorn* 
ed, and which thou broughteft with th^e from Heaven, the place 
with which thou art fo much delighted, and of which th^ moft 
noble Palaoe? of Kings, lined with Ivory, i Kinisn. 28. are but 
fiuot refemblances, f^U be more grateful thaj^che mod deliciou$ 
Perfumes of Afyrrh^ £ aj, UgnHmAloes^ Numb.xxiv.6^ 
lAd Cafiay Exod. xxx. 24, 

10 * Kings daughters were 10 By* Kings DoMib^ 
, among thy honourable women : jJJ^ ro^3 cftks!"&e 

upon thy ri^ht hand did ftand p/4/.ix.i4.orelfePer. 
"^^theQueenmavefturcofgold, fons of the greateft 
wrought about with divers co- ^o'^Wly Rank fas Dr. 

« ^ ^<tm. fuppofes.) Both 

lO^lfS- thefe Senfes fit the 

words ; and they have in both fenfes been verified oijefus Cbrtfl^ 
who has hcd "great Numbers oi the moft confiderable Cities and 
Perfons in the World a^ually devoted po his Service, and devout- 
ly attending his Worlhjp. 

By "^tbe ^een h iVeftire of Gold} is meant the Church his Spoufc, 
moft royafly adorned. 

Here Sr is tp b^ noted, thai phe Chwrcb called [the Qiteenl is 

po Tht ffalms Explain d. ^th Day^ 

iliflipgni<I^*d/fom the Convm^ {the Kingi Dmt^ers \\ for €ta^ 
feemnafit of the /emJr which owrd Chrift Jefus^ arc rtprcfented. 
^^y St. vaH% Rom.yil to be the Tree or Root, ver. 17, it. the 
ricathen-CkMiverts are but Ciensy or Branches grafted into the 
juruc Olive-Tree y or Church, Rom. 1 1. 17, 18, 19. 

II [And nov^, o II [Hearken, O daughter^ 
Royal gride, confider ^^^ qonfider, incline thine ear : 

SrS^S'l^^^^ forRct alfo ihine own people, 
thoo nraft'layafiaiaJI and thy fathers houfe. J 
fMidhefi to ihe 7«nw/» fj So fliall the king have 

Nof>vaia«.thy fdf tlo' » thv Lord God, and worflup 
nnocb for t% nanral thou nim. 
Defcent froin^xhy Fadier Abraham; but renounce every thing 
that H dejlreft to thee in this World, out of Lo?^ to thy Lwd and 
BridegvocfM. ^ 

i?Cr/rM«j,anaffla- tj [And the daughter of 
ny other rich and po- Tyre fliaU be there with a gift: 
tent W6pJt, (hkU own yj^g ^j (^e rich alfo among the 

ttiSISJ\??h?etS people ftaU make their fuppU. 
Prefetjc^, the Prefents cation before thee. J 
or Sacrifice 6f their whole Sdycs, Souls, and Bodies, and pay their 
]>evocion to thee, O Meffiof.'} 
Meh. There were many and earlyConverts in Tfit^ Matk vlim. 

vii. 24. A8s xxi. 5, 4> 5- ... 

14 [the chief Orna- 14 [The Kings daughter \s^ 
ments of the chjirih allrionous within : her clothing 

are the mWard EndoW- T ^ „. ' ,nrU.. \*r^A 1 

inents of the Mind, but is of wrought gold,] 

there ftiall be nothing w^ting as to heir external Magnificence 

and Accomplifhmencs.j . 

i<,^TbeV'trgins{]rht ly She Ihall be brot^ht un- 

Heathen Cities and Pco- to the King in raiment of 

be her fellows fliall bear her 

company, ^nd fliall be hroug^ 

unto thee. 

. 1^ * the^Kittff^ j6 With joy and gladnefi 

i^f 3 denotes ^f P^cc g^^ ^hev be brought : and flialt 

of pubhck WorftiiR. "*^ • / #*u^ ir\^^ ..^i/.^^ « 

The Wttb wordt«. enter into f the Kings palace. 

ctf/l is ^centurn'd TV^n^/^ in other places, and by fome m 
this Texti The ancient Cbrifti^ms caUed their Churches or Tcm- 
jks Effiltu^ that i$, Bciyal Palaces. • '* 17 [lo 

^th Pay. the ^falm EoifiMl 


17 [In lieu of thy 
Fathers^ the^Paoriarchs, 
of whom thou nfeft to 
boaA, thou flialc have 
Converts from amons 

17 rinftead of thy fathers 
tnou malt have chiWren: whom 
thou mayefl make prmces in all 

the Gfnrl/exy called ^ons and Daughters, IfaL lx.4.)many of whicn 
fluii be Kings and Princes in all parts of the World.] 

mt^ That this Verfe was never fulfilled in any fenfe by 
die Sons of Pbar^oh't Dauflhcer. RebiAoam could fcarceretaia 
two of the Tribes of /jfr^e/infubjeAion *, and even he w4s not^ 
the Son of Pharaoh's Daughter. See i Kinis idv. at. So like- 
wife the 7th and i2(h Verfes cannot be apj^Ued to any bujf 
Cbriff^ in a phfn and obvious fenfe. They who underiland than 
of S^omon are oUi^ toufe fome Art, and to depart iSihm the 
natunl meaning dt the words. ; 

18 I . will reinember. thy 
Name from one generation to' 
another : therefore ihall the^ 
peqfle give thank? ui^to thee^j 
*world without end* , . 

18 This Verfe can- 
not be better under- 
ftood, than by taking 
it is the Voice of the 
ChiiM^td Chrift. 

* Wurli', J that is^ 
Age or Time. Sec Voegb. 

This Tfatm is thought to have been compofeJ by David^ 

afier thofe great P}£fmes ipent^ioned 2 Sam. viii. 
I>e$s Mjler tefugmm. PfaL XLVI. 

GOD is oiir hope and : :, 

iJ:rength : a very prefent ' 
help }h trouble. 

2 Tfherefore will we not fear 
though the earth be moved : anct 
though the hills be carried into 
tht' niidft of the fea. 

3 Thoud> the waters there- 
of rage and fwell : and thou^^ 
the rnountains ihake at the tem« 
peftofthelame. ^ ^ 

4 [The rivers of the flood 
thereof fhall make glad the%ity 
of God J tl»e holy plaoe of the 
^bernacle of the moft Higheft.] 

ing any damage to Zm^ the City, and Dwelling-place of God, 
thit t^ (halL on the contrary ^^ only gWe the Inhabitants thereof 
in'Dccanoa •£ Joy and ThanUgiring^ fbr their PeliTer^nce.3 

.:? "^^ ■ ■ ~ ■ •■' '■■'■ -^ yGo4 

2 By Storms and 
Earthqnakes, here we 
are to underhand thae 
Rnine and Confuiioa 
which is caufedby the 
Invafion of Foreiga 
Enemies. See ver. 6. 

4 f The fireams of 
Water that piroceed 
from fuch an Earth- 
cinake and Tempeil, 
(hall be fo far from do< 

•> '.^.•^. 



The ^jfalms Explain d. 




^ [The Infaabiiiuits 
of Foreign CouQcries 
Ihall^iflplve, and^melc 
like Vf^x hcfytt the 

«.tTHcHcathea Na- 
tions chat threacncd ns 
wkb mine] 

pth t>af. 

f God is in the midft of her, 
therefore fliall flie not be re- 
moved: God Ihall help her, 
and that right early. / 

6 The heathen make much 
ado, and the kingdoms are mo- 
ved : but God hath ihewed his 
voice, and [the earth Ihalt melt 

7 The Lord of hofts is with 
us: the God of Jacob is our 
refuge. ^ 

8' O come hither, and be- 
hold the works of the Lord : 
what deftru(5tion he hath 
brought upon [the earth.] 

9 He maketh wars to ceafe 
in all the world : he breaketl^ 
the bow, and knappeth the 
fpear in fundef, and burneth 
the^chariots in the fire. 

xo Be ftill then, and know 
that I am God : I will be ex-- 
alted ampng the heathen, and 
I will be exalted in the earth. 

1 1 The Lord of hofts is witt\ 
us : the Gpd of Jacob is our 

Evening Prayer. 

Tlis Pfalm feems to have heen ufed at the carrying the 
Ark up toSiotiy z Sam. vi. whkb was a Tyfe gf onr 
Saviour f Afcenfiqn into Heaven. 

Omnes lentes^ flau£te. Pfal.XLVH. * 

OClap your hands together, 
all ye people : O fmg un- 
j to God with the voice of mdody* 

■ z For 

9 ^Cbart&ti]x9cxtoi 
oM much ufed in War, 

^th Dof^ The f faints Eicplalnd. p 3, 

. ^. For the Lord is hi^ and t6 
be feared: he is the great King 
upon all the earth. ^ 

5 He fliall fiibdne the people 
under us : and the nations un-^ 
der our feet. 

4 [He ilidl choofe out zt^^ ^^nemr/hiftffa^ 
heritage fof us : even the *wor- ^^-y that ii, The Glo- 
ftip of Jfteob whom he loved.] ry and Honour of the 
t^coplc of faeob'^ "by which was meant the Ark,'- or the Sanftuary, 
whgeintne Ark was pbced : So it is caHed, Ams ti. 2. viii. 7* 
See ch^ Word [l^orjhtpj in the Vocabulary. So then this will be 
the fciift bf Ihe Vcffe , i4r. 

'^ QThii is the Bleffin^ whkh Cod fhall entail on ns and our Po- 
fterity ; and, indeed, (he 9iofl valuable Inheritance tiiat he can 
choourfiMms, that we (hould enjoy the Ark, the token of his 
Frefence, and the emblem of Heaven ; which is the greateft Pri* 
▼iledge and J| Glory of the People of Ifrael^ his beloved People, 
the diing whtdi they tfhiefly value, and in which they excel alt 
otheir Nations^ 

H Akm* The Ark is calkd the Gkry^ \ Sam. iv. 21, 22. RamAx.4. 

c [God is gone up with a ;, 5 [God is gone up 
fflemrnoife : and the Lord Si^fSS^cSfr^ 
with the * found of the tramp. J into the HUf of iri«f, 

wkh Shouts of Joy and Ptaifc} the Lord is gone up *- vith the' 
fitmd if the Trump^ itf a folemn and pompous nunBcr,^ 3 Sam» vt. 
S, I <'. See Pfal. xxiv. 7, 9. 

,6 O fing praifes, fing praifes 
unto our God : O fkig pndfes, 
fmg pr&ifes unto our King. 

7 For God is the King of aH 
the earth: fing ye praifes with 
underftanding. • 

8 God reignetli over the 
heathen : God fitteth upon his 
holy feat. 

9 [The princes of the people 9 [The Princ<^orthe 

are joined unto the people of Y^.^m^Z\TZ 

i_ ^ •» p ik\ .^1 r ^ /-• J mouiiy met- witn ttic 

Ae God of Abnaham : for God ^eft of that People that 
which is very high exalted^ doth worlhip^ the God of a- 


94 ' ^ 5y«*»^ ExpUin'l ^h Day, 
«r*6«M.- nor BMd they 'defiaid A&carthj as it Were with 

fnr an InnfttHi, tho' a (hield.]- '-' -- 

they have left their Houfes uQgiiardcd ; (brlGodt who iitbe S^ 
vereign of the. world , has pronuftd to oeJEiid.' j^d pnfeft jhco)!} 
£«rf.itxxiv. 33, aj. ..,'." , ', ', 

vi ^cwfj Of "Pfalmi fifter the Jefeat of fopte' great' Jfrmft 
. ^hr that flf Senacherib, 1 Kin^XTiil' 17.' br t^oft 
'ce«^tratei>Foreesj '2. CSxcOTL X&. '. 

GReat is *e XjotA. and 
highly to (je prajleij,: in 
the ciw of oiv'God, ereo aipon 
his hofy hill. 

." \2 Sion is a fait 

jilacff, and the joy pf ite WlipU 

earth: i^n the-norchnfide 11- 

t JeriiPUtm. ' eth f the cirjr of the ^«at Kiijg ; 

God is weir known in her pa- 

Ig^es as » fiire, refage. , 

&£ 3 ForHnhe&gs-tjfthe 

^n4 flp earth : are^ ^t^ered^ and gpnc 

r tchc by tQgetherJ 

Ammw,'wi Mount SeirT i Chnn. xx. %■, !»(&■(. 

: Earth fignify Heathen Kings appean d'om Pfai. 

. , a, 7. xl i8. Therefore thofe wards [*^aftbe 

Emb'^ arc fupply'd. ) 

;4 Theyi>narwUed,t9J[^ 

t -^f e»i ./W/JT M. fuch thiflgs t : Jihey w^jp. aftij^ 

iniflied ftf^ frfldcnly, e^ft 4own. 

if .:^ear ^rae there upfto 

theiHj and forrpw : ^s U^,9|iji 

J. < r « „ :Womaii,inJfc^ti^vail > , 

t At ft»r IhtU e»me ^ ^ rj-^^^ ^al^. break-, the- 

KBwi the Mariners, and n- /■ 1! r l ' ; 1 

Mircba^tfifbti, ""ps of the fea : through tifc 


7 Like ss.ive Wve he^dj ilp 
;have we:feen in the city of fhp 
Lord of hgftsi in the (;ity..9f ■ 
- - our 

^hDaj. 7he T faints Bxplam% py 

oBfGod: God tqJhddeth the 

fame forever. 

■ 8 PWewait for tl** Idvfae- 8 nvhenfoeTa- we 

kindnefe, O God : in the ihldft Srffir„"ir,"'^;J!?'"llL« 

r» t 1 .4± -% . Pitticiunr , wc always 

Ct thy temt)ie.J rcfoit to thy Tcmpk, 

and patieiicly ftay till thy time of helinng us be dome] 

9 [O God. iaccording to thy 9 £And wc have al- 
Name, fo is thy praife miathe ways^fewrf by^expcri- 

. ^^^ t: J "V r**"^ ^•'^ YT cncc, that as thy Name 

worWs^end : thy right hand is fcth^ Lord of Hofts, fo 

full of" righteoufiidrs.] thoi arc acknowledjed 

to be/fo hy .the •moftdtft^flt People, who have heard or &ea 
what thou haft done for us •' thy Power is fiiUof-tlcrcy towaod 
thy Peoplc.3 ', ., . _ 

* * • -Mem. * Rl^ht£oi^efsJ bftci fignifics Mercy, TfaL xjtiv, 5. 

, j& JLct ^the momit ; Siqti 1 re- ^ * ^^ . \Tbp.j>4tfibt9ri 

Joyce. , and'; the d^^t«v ,f .g^^};Jt*'t 
Judabe glad: [becau|e,o£,tlgr ,pf7i;il(i,: . 
-judgment?.] fftjqnjfe thoa luft 

u Walk about Sion, and foT»aM>Uy;.wft Jodg- 

go roiuid about her : and teU K.ff:'4^ *&Vi^m 
. i_ ^^ r r .jwcmtes.j 

the towers thereof. . 1. w -n 

12 Mark well her Ijulwarks, 12 [Extol, or praifc 
Tlet up her lioufes] : that ye thcknagiiificcaccof her 

may t5l. them that comi after. ^J^"^^"^^^""^^ 

li' For this God is our (God 
for ever^ arid ever : he ihaU be 
our guide unto death. 

Tbu Tfalm^ concerning t^e time and ComPpfer whereof 

all are'JilinP^^feems intended as a Song dftgmforf to tfje 

JeWi, wBeii u^der fome great Tyratfny.and.Qppr^^* 

fTle Mtf Cmfideration which he fropojii^'ta chear them 

withy isy the Bad End (f Evil *Meii^< and 'the Haffy 

*'End of Good Men. ^ ^ 

. , O ,AtdUe hACyomnes. ' Pfal. XLIX. ^ 

.f/^ Hear; ye this/ all ye peo- i t^ct ill Mankind 
xKJ pkVponder it with your '^^en to mc with the 

^2^ il '^'il J iV • - L greateil diligence and 

ears, all ye that dwell in .the Ippikation f for ivhac 

World.3 I am £oing to fay, will 

: not 

^6 He f [alms Explain d. pthDap 

Boc readily be wiidcrflood by a carclefe Hearer j and yet ic nmcb 
foaceras every Man whatever.] 

2 Highj and low, rich and 
poor : one with another. 

5 My mouth ihall ipeak of 
wiidom: and my hean fhaU 

miife of onderftandijti^. 

4 £;t wiBgiyefpecial - . rj ^m incline mine ear ro 

Srw^VSiS^^^^ i^.>^S^^ and ftew^my 
ingtb others : a»d lo daf k Ipeetfh Upon the harp.] 

inftilitinto theff Minds with tbe greater advantage^ I wiU fee 
my Compare to the Harp.] 

5 ^ThewkMntfsff $ [Wherefore fhould I fear 
npf Neeh^l that is. The in the days of wickednefi : and 
wickedncrs of thofc ^j^^j^ ^j^ wickednefi of my 

JareTlvJeryS: heels <x>mpaffeth me round i 

So Patr. VaPM. and bout r J 

others. So then the fenfe of the whole Verfe will be this r 

rwhy (ht>u!d I be overcome with Grief and Fear, in an Age 
wt^rein Shi and Tyranny trian^ over Vertue and iDnoceoce^ 
and when the wiclcednefs of thoie who, like the old Serpent^ Uif' 
in wait for my Heels^ has fur/onoded roe on all (ides ^] 

4 Here he fpeaki of 6 There be fome that ptit 
puWickOpiMTfforSjTy- their truft in their goods: and 
rants/rommoaEncmies; to^ft themfelves in thq multi- 
tude of their riches^ 
7 But no Man may deEver 
7 f Ptm Death. his brother f : nor make agree- 
ment unto God for him; 
a [For •tis ^ thing g [For it coft more to re- 

Sa'^VMcSSlSISJ- deem their foulsl : fo thac he 
chafe perpetual Ltfe. muft let that alone for evte,- 

for Mm&lf or any otherr] 

9 To ^feetbeGtitve,'] 9 [Yea, though he Bvo longs 
or Corruption is a He- and * fee not the grave.} 
hem Phraffi figiiiiRring to dye, Pfal, xvi. ft. 

The fenfe of tne whole pth Verfe is: fTho'thewicteil 
OpprefTor do Kve a long whife, yet he quinot Q?c always, or be 
wliolly delivefd from neath*]. 

j^_ lo For 

the Grave, ytt 

t J i:\\ 

^^fhPay^ The ffatms ^fiainJ. 97 

lb For t h& feeth that wife ^o t 7to\ie fie mi 
ineii.alfodie,:.^d:perifli toge^ 
.tbe^: aa wdl*^ the ignorajhi: 
and foolifh, and leave dieir 
riches for otit©. 
, II And yejtjfhey think that 
tjieir houfea jhall Continue for 
ever : and that their dwelling*- 
|4ac^ (hall ^ftdure frpm one 
generation to mwhtt^ and caU 
thelands after their own hamesj 
i; II Nev^rthel^fs, man will 
not abide in honour : feeing he 
may;/be' comf^ared unto the 
hems tjftt tieHfti : this is the 
way of them. ^ 

1 2 This IS thdr ifboliihnefs : 

0ncl [their pofterity praife theix* 


their Aoccftors Ifaid and did, at leaft^bv foUoWin^ thdirEitimpIe;1 

' \ ^^4 [T'hey'lie ihihe hell likp ., i4j:Thcy' ^6^^ , 

them, and thd righ^OUS fliall j^d there aredifpofipd 

have domination over them in of like Flocks of filly 
the morning; their beauty fhaU. ?heep, and^rc no more 

of Oieir dwelling. J j^ji O^tures^ V^tk 

i^xercifes h& TyraEwy .oyer them ^ aiw^. in the morning of <the 
ftefiirreftidn the RigWpus (hall be their Lords aikf Jurfgesl. .fl[fv. 
iii it, iCqK^\. 2. afia4ong before chfs/thfir Beauty and the ir 
Wy.Body (halite rot^d in rheir» Qfawes^ to which they ^re 
.carried from their dcU^fuI places o{hid)iucion here oft Earrfi^ 

* In the Sepidclixe puf of their drnWrng^ ] is a very dark and im- 
l)erfea Paflage in thtJimews and none of our Tranffators have 
thought fit to fupply the ftnfe. Thir Faiialphrafe does it in the 
npofl obriQus and ,rccpiyed -manner. , , 

. I c [But God ' iiath deUvered 1 5 [But tho* i dte 
my foul from tl>ep^^^^^^^ Sl^'^^ SSJ ^"'1! 

tpr he Ihall receive me.J ; f ndc only caU me back 

a^ain from the pl;u:^ ai^ (Ute of r the Dead^ but receive me to 
hiyfelf inarfioft'grorrottsmaBnct.j ' H i^B^ 

Ttj C^et tiei; CJiit 
ffren cannot fee theif 
Folly^uc apj^roy'e whai 


9 8 The ffahm Exptam% "ioth 1>a^, 

i6f0r€m»mi. {■:' t6 Be l«» ffejoii afraid f 5 

thotighotiebcmadtrich: ([tf# 
ithc Sory of his hotife be lii- 
cfcaled J » ' • 

17 For he fliall cafry Mfi^ 
thing away Mriih him #hiil he 
-dieth : neither ih^ his^ p«tfij^ 

18 [For indeed he 18 [For iwMe he liv«a te 
onghc to think it foffi. Jdouhted hiihfelf ail ha|>py l^m&i 

Sr^oJL'c^ncc^^^^^^^^^ ttiwo thy fif, men wifl fjfcak 

fed himfcif, and had g^DOd of th^ ' : : 

Ids own go(^ word : But/ on the other fide. If Toa woUd /be ti 
true Friend to your Telf, and^ have the commcodationcof <^ 
efpecially of competent Jiiages^ confult your owb real and c<^ 
fiai Good, make Vcrtuc your bufinefe and enjoymint.! 

; ^* i* fl?» «V^^ • . 'i^ rtl(^ fliall Follow th^ ,ge- 
r^L^K^ffffe^tS «cwtidn of Ms tatihers v M 

sone oetOre mm, ^mhi /t n /• f i t 

V^thcy^faave dojje. ; ftaU never fee light.] 

_;^^;^evc'r partalfej 61 \ 20 Man being in hondiir 

gy* ?«c Joy or Com^ jjath ho uiiderftandihg r biit i^ 

^^ - pompared untipr the beafh; that 

' peiilh. ' , • 

IThe tenth I>ay. Momio^Piayei'. , ; ''I '] 

A Vfiilm^f Mkf% probably him whtiii c^ed dr'ieW* 

"'- 7. CXiron. xxu. ^o. ^u/hreln God is nj^efehted '^ i 

^^S ^o^^^S in State out of his t^aladCry to call ^» fpcf 

: Wf t0 dfiriS: AcqcuM^ effeciaUy tbofk ^0 fUt^diM 

Keiigim in Soeri^sa^d'CenmtfHksyMdtbof^^^^'^ 

frtttnded to teach Religion before thy ha^ learn' Jf p^ , 

npHe tord, feVen the moft 
' t ttrightyGdd^hath^okfen: 
ftfld <:alled the ww-W, from thei 
rifmg lip ^ the fun^ unto A6 
gfting ddWft thereof. 

^ a <>afc 


a pa the mod fo- 
lemn and fplendidnua^ 

4 0th fkty. 71[* ffalths BjtpUlnd. 

2. Out of Sioh Mth God ip:- 
f^eared : [in peiffetf^^beauty.J \ 

; 2 Our Go4 ftaH ciome^ and 
AMI not kce|) mpi(tc ; there 
ftall go before Wm a confini- 
>ng ftre, and a nii^^ temjieft 
iftiall be ftirred up rbrad about 
fttm. ' 

. 4* He fliali c^l t^\k^ heaven 
^iji abore : ari4^ the earth J 
^hat hp miy JBdge.hfs peopU! 
'.'•^ f Gather^ 
timbme: ^hofe,that have piade 
-Ar coiieiianjt with itte wldi ft- 
trificeO' / .^..,..., ^..,„_. 

i8, ip. as their WtWt iAtt^am fertncrly did, GM.xy- 9, i^ 
amd ace ttiercbjr faebsme j( hdy add peculiar People.1 

6 [And the hegv?ns fhatt de- 
.clare his right^urncfs] : for 
. ©oa is Judge hiHifdf/ • 
■ -7 Hfeit^ O my p^d^le,, arid 
^A^^fpeak : Lifty^reif wjllte- 
ftifie araMtbee. O^li^l ^ fBr 
|*ite' 'jOOd, evcti thy God. 
, « I.tWlI not ret/rote thee be- ^ * CS««»|A*A9 
«rtire'-blf*£fa<5fificeL or&r 'Jj^l'^^^^ 
.thy buynt-otferii^ : £>becaufe 
: di^ wife hot^hl^y b^ftw^e me.] 
• y f ^ill take iito bullock put 
<X- thine faonfe : nor b^-gpat 
out of tjiy folds. ; '■'' 

io Fof aU lb? ^eafts of tjie 
• fere^ iare piine : land fo, are die 
catteFupon ^ rfioitfRiid bills. 

ir Ikhowall th;e'fowijSUji0n 
die mountains : and' the wild 
fefeafts of ^0 fid4 are in niy 
Wght.' V > 

4 [Both Angels and 

5 [Bring thofe Mea 
before me, who have 
enter'd into Covedanc 
with me, bv offering 
'^Sacrifice J /ifr-xxxir* 

6 [And all the Inba« 
bitanrs of Heaven,Sainta 
and A ngelSjfhall declare 
the Jolfice of his pro- 
ceeaings, Aev^ v. iif 

Travels in theApMir- 
nefs, or in any mch 
like exigence^prefenced 
before me in die San^« 
ary : So far from thii^ 

.100 The ^ faints ExplaMd. i ath Ddy^ 

12 If I be hungry^ I will not 
tell thee : for the whole world 
is mine, and all that is therein. 
; II Thinkeft thou that Iwill 
cat ouUs flefh : and 4rink^ die 
Slood of goats? 

14 Otter unto Qod ^ankf- 
giving : and pay thy vows unj- 
to the moft Higheft. • 

If And call upon me in the 
time of trouble : (b will I hear 
. . thee, and thou Ihalt pjraife ^e. 

16 But unto the ungodly jGiid 
Cod: Why doft thpu. preach 
my laws, and talceft n^y^^f^yci- 
nant in thy mouth j;^ 

17 Wtereas thou hateft to 
.. be reformed ; and haft caft my 

words behind thee ? 

18 When thou faw^ a thief, 
" ' thou confentedft unto him : 

* * [ and haft been partaker;^h the 

.adulterers. . 

19 Thou haft let thy niouth 
Ipeak wickednefs : land with 

\ . 19 I Drefi'd up- a thy tongue thou haft ffet forth 
;^^-3 deceit.!. 

20 Thou (ateft, and fp^ilk;^ 
againft thy brother ; y^^ >and 

,i-^^'^ haft flandered thine own 159- 

thcrsfon. , . ^ 

a I Thefe things haft thou 

. done, and I held my tongije, 

' and thou thoughteft wickedly, 

,,that I am even fuch a one as 

thy fcifi^but I will reprove 

!thce^and j£;t .before ^^hec the 

things that thou haft ^one, 

ai O 

n ex 

M ^A. 


1 0th Day, The ffcAns ExpLdnd, loi 

22 O Gonfidcr this, ye that 
forget God : left I pluck you 
away, and there be none to de- 
liver you. , 

22 Whofo ofFereth me thanks , , 

and praile, he honoureth me ; , : ^ 

and to him that ordereth his ' 

converiation right, will I fliew 
thf falvation of God, . . 

Fourth Penitential Pfalm. 

A ffalm ff David, v;hen Nathan the frofbet came um^ 
him, after he bad gone in to Bathflieba^ 2 Sam. xU. . 

O Afiferere mei^ Deus. Pfal. U. 

HAve mercy u^n me, O 
God, after thy great 
goodnefs : according , to the 
multitude of thy mercies, do 
away mine offences, 

2 Wafli me throughly from 
my wickednel^ ; and ciganfc ' , 

me from my fin. S'. 

% For I knowledge my faults : / 

and my fin is ever before me. ' 

4 Againft thee only have I .4 [""[I^t thommtf ft* 

fumrt and done .te>U in \:^it^^ 

thy fight : [that thou mighteft juft in aU ^hat fh^^l^ft 

be juftified in tl)y iaying, and faid tome b> the mouth 

dear when thou art judged.] ^/ ^^*^»> ^^^ ^"jr 

' c> J cicar'd when Men (hall 
call in queftioti th^ reafonablenf^f^ and lequitjr q( {jiy proceeding 
with mc.3 

y Behold^ I was fliapen ift 
wickednefi: and in fin hath my^ 
mother goi^ceived me. . x 

6 But jo, thou ^required ^ rg^^^^ ^ t\m 
[truth ii| tl^e inward parts] ifcarM -^ 

Hi w4 


^Secretly,:] that is, and flialt make^ «i€ to under- 
by the private checks ftand wifdom *fecredy. 
of my own Cbnfcicnce, and of thy Grace. . 

7 In this ycrfc the j 'thoii ftiatt purge m^e with 

Pfalmift alhidcs to the hyf^Qn^ and I ifiaUl^e cfean : 
ling the Leper with a ^^ou Ifcalt wafli me, and I fi»U; 

Ceremonies of fpr ink- 

bunch o£HySfop^ Lev. b3 whiter than^ fiiow, 

sdx* 6. and waihing unclean Peribas. 

• [Mind, Heart, or 

Confciencf » See Pfal. 

yu 5.1 - ' 



I a [^With thy Spirit, 
which frees us from 
Bondage to Sin^ Rev, 

Tiii. I5» i^.]^^^^^""^ 
may alfo fignify a Ge- 

IIKCOU^ Princely spirit. 


t In compdrifon of Mo* 
iuid Obedience^ . . . « 

$ Thou fltak cnake me hev 
of joy and gladnefs : that [the 
bonesj which ;thou haft bro- 
ken t, may rejoyce. 

$ Turn thf hct from ftiy. 
fins I and put oUt ati my itiit 

10 Make me a clean hearty 
O God f arid renew 4 ri^ 

^11 Caft me not away from 
thy prefente : ^ttd tike rtot thy 
holy Spirit from me. 

11 .0 give me the comfort of 
thy hel^ again: and ftablifii rite 
[with thy free Spirit.] 

15 Then fhall I tfeadi Ay 
ways xttitu the wicked : and 
flnners fhiU be converted uitto 
thte. . 

. ti|. I>eliver me from, blood- 
guijtmels; O'God^ thou that' 
art the God of my health : and 
fiiy ton^^ Afalt fmg 0f thy 
righteoufiiefs. < 

; -if^Tbpu^^altopen^ylii)^ 
O ^'Otdi r^and; my rmyuk %iU 
fhew thy praife. 

' 1 6 JpCjT ^hou defireft no Sa- 
crifice ,t, !elfe would I give it 
* ^ thee: 

i oth Daju The ^/alms Ex flam L to\ 

: bttt thou delighteft not 

ij Th^ACfificeofGodis a 
troubted: f^t : a brpkcn and 
coxvmte heait^ "O God^ ihate 
thou not d^foifei ' ^ .^u -n. 

cious unto Sionr: bmld thou this great Sin, a Sm. 
Ae waib of Jerufidcm. , ▼• p. but they wcr^ 

iiot fioiftied till 5a/om«i'&Tiine» i KiN(Sx iii* i« 

X 9 Then fiiak thou be plea-^ 
fed wiA [the ficrificc of righ^ >9 [ThcpublkkDe. 

teoufoefi J with^ the burn^^^ 3S^iiS^'pftr 
femigs jud oblations : then i^^ obcdieof Hw-I 
Siail they ofibr youn^ bjiiUoglc; 
upon thine aldar. 

/i Pfalm of David, when Poeg the Edortilte came and 
t$U Sau^ /md fki4 mto bim^ David is co9pe tif th§ 
iifoi^^Ahiin^tech, |Sgm.s:xil9. 

rT5l7Hy koafteft thou thy » [what a brutTfli 

• VV lelf, thou tyrant : that out)dVD? ""^^^^ 
ehoti caijft do Hiifohief i ] 3^^ ^hoa hM^inhii. 

manity enough to kiH thofe ipnocent ?ric(h, with their Wives 
find Children, when all befides thee had niorf Confcience than (9 
Jay violent hands upon th|Mi,] 1 4'*« xxiL 1 7, 1 9. 

2 pWhereas the gopdnefi of 2 [To bex)f ib cruel 

GodendurethyetdaUy?] a temper is an argument 

;^ TUkr ^Ai^^ ii^^^^^^x ^^ y^^^ ^^H come to 

.'. T**^ tohgue imagin^th ^c hlgheft pitch of 

wiokednefi: and with iies thou wickednefs ^ for this i$ 
cutteft like a Iharp rafour.'> * diripaiy contrary to the 

, 4 Thou haft loved unr^h- »„^i Sn^fo 

tcoo&els more tfom gDodne6>. mud as in aJ waysV 

ms& p9 talk aili^^ 4tt0|re than ing good, an4 mw'vm 

righfeoufnefs. ^"^ Mercy g 

oy ' '^faou hift toved to- i^ak 
tdl .woi^ th« jjiay do tWIt^ 

O lisiPi;^ M t9np?i H 4 ^ There* 

i6 Therefore ^ffiall Cbd de^ 
ftroy thee for ever : iie fliaftl 
take' thee, and pltick thee out 
of thy dwelling, and root thee 
out of the land of: the living:.- ^ 
7 The rightebiis alfo fltall 
'■ . fee this, aid 'feai? s kid fliall 

. lough him to fcorii. ■ '» 

^ 8 Lo, this is the man that 

took not God for his fbength: 

but trufted unto the multitude 

• ' ' ■'"' of his riches^ and: ftrtogtSiened 

* ' " '^ ' ^ himfelf in his wickedncfi. ^ 

P^Tli^t there wrc ^ ^s for mey I am Uke a 

J^tsffTIa^^^^^^^^^ green oUv^reeinrfiehoufe^of 
Cle before the Sanftua- . God f .* my tmft is in the ten* 
ry, ^ee pfai. xcii. 12, der mercy of God for evef and 

So Biftjop Fatrkk un- ' ™^j.^ ;: 

derftj»nds this place. * t -n 1 * . t_ 1 

•Th tVue^ the Law for- lo I Will always give thanks 

bad Groves 10 be plan- wfitb thee for that thou haft 

ted near the Alear^ (fone : and I will hope in thy 

D^;,^pu.p,. bw this jj^ for thy feints like ir 

was notuRderfteod to „ ^ • -^ x^a-xv^ **«w *^ 

forbid : Tingle Trees, iWeiU; . . 

(\ajni,di^0|icr^ aii(l there in that part of thc.TempIC^ itUch had |io 

I ■>■• 

f' " • 

; . ]gy$iwig Prayen - 

J o^tPP^lm of Davids much like the, Fdurtufith^ . 
:niJM. >^ p^^/^ hfipiens, PfaL LHL O ' 

^ rpHe fooUfh body hath feid 
. i^JL- i^ihi^heart; Th?rei$ho 

■ ' i> God,- : '. ; q-.:--; :• . • 

' - ,: i "Corrupc are Aey, arid be^ 

J 3pSme abominable in their 

^^ ^ V ; j wtJkednefe <4bere is nOne thai; 

: ^pth gopd, / - ;: 

;! ;:| i' God ., looked down fippm 

hm^TK pppft- th* ^children ; pf 

; > » 

.- 1 ' . J ■ 

'9.0th Day, The ^falms Explain d. loj 

tneri : to fee if tbere were any 
that would underftand, ana ^ 
feek after God. 

4 But they are all gone out 
of the way, they are iltoge-' 
ther become abominable : there 
U alfo none that doth good^ no 
not one. * 

f Are noie they without im- 
d^anding, that work wick* 
edneis: eating up my people 
as if they would eat bread ? 
they have not called upon God, 

6 They were afraid where 
no fear was : for God hath bro- 
ken the bone^ of him that be- 
fiegedthee; thou haft put them 
to confufion, bec^ufc God hath 
defpifed them. 

7 Oh that the falvation were 
given unto Ifrael out of Sion ; 
Oh that the Lord would deliver 
his people out of captivity ! . 

8 Then fliould Jacob rejoy ce : 
and Ifrael fhould be right glad. 

^ Tfalm of t)2Yid when the Ziphites eamt and fiUd V$ 

Smli does not I)2Yid. bide bimfelfmtb us} 

DeHSyinlhrntni. naI.LIV, 

SAve me, O God, - for •- thy 
Names fake ; and avenge 
tne ill thy ftrength." 

1 Hear my pray er, O God : 
smd hearken unto the word$ of 
jny^ mouth. 

; Fojf.ftrang^s are rifen^up 
againft me ; and tyrants, whicn 
hav^^ndtGpd^ before' thStf^;^, | [lofcO 

ftek gft^r my [ibul.] • ^ 4 Be- 

10^ the f/abtts Bxplmnd/ loth V4jk 

4 Bel>pl4,.p.o4 is my helper 
•he Lor4 is with ^hem that up* 
hold myipul. 

J JHC^wall rewwd eyil unto 
mui^ eii&mies : de%Qy th<») 
di|ei;B in thy truth. ,' 

6 An ottering, of {i&^heaai 
, will I give thee, and prwfc thy 

Nsune, Q I-ord ;, ^ecayfe it U 
fo cptnfoitable. . ' ; , 

7 For he hafh 4?)ilyQre«l mc 
oi^; pti ay , my trou^te ; und 
isinb «y« hath fefSQ h» ^^fiitg 
upon min« enemies . 

^ Tfalm vf David, tbmgbp to havf hen f^i ^n ocr 
cafim ofAhxtophtYsfijnngo^ffvm David, ^ San), 
XY. ^l. and raifing aRfMlm. 

O &4Jri/, De«x. PiCal. LV, Q 

Ear my prtiyw?; O Ged ; 
and hide jnot «hy fe^ 
rrpm my petkion? 

2 T?tk« beed VMQ me, ^d 
hear in# ; how I mouro ift my 

Ksh 2 5ifm. XY, 2, . i Pe enemy [cneth foj 
T J ftliA the ^ngodly Cometh on fo 

faft : Sot they are mibded to dp 
. r t ; ine Jfom<e mjfcWef, fo malici- 
QWfly are th^ fct a^gamft mc 

4, My heart is^ifq^ieted 
within me : ai>d the foiT pf 
^eath fefajlen iipo»i txy^. 

f, F^arfolneft wd^vna^Ung 
are come upon niei:. ftftd ftn 
h«rrtt*sdi:e»d hath^fiernrtiplm-? 


t oth Vayp TAe ffalms Exj^ini. 

ynn& like a dove: for then 
would I flee away and be at 

7 Lo, then would I get me 
away far off: and remain in 
the wildernefs. 

8 I would make hafte to 
efcape : Fbecaufe of the ftormy 
wind and tempeft.] 

9 Deflroy their [tongues,] 

Lord, and divide them : for 

1 have fpied uiuighteou&efs^ 
and ftrife in the city. 

ID Day and night they go 
about within the walls thereof: 
milchief alio, and ibrrow are in 
the midft of it. 

11 Wickednds is therdn: 
deceit and guile go not out of 
t^eir ftreets. 

12 For it is not an open e-? 
nemy that hath done me this 
diihonour: for then I could 
have bom it. 

I ; Neither was it mine ad» 
verfary that did magnifie Mm* 
felf againft me : fc^ then per- 
adventure I would have hi4 
my felf from him. . 

14 But it was even thou,my 
companion : my guide, and 
mine own familiar mend. 

xif [We took fweet counfel 
cogeth^ ; and walked in the 
houfe ofjGod as friends; 

i^ Xet death come h^ily 


8 [Byrcafonofthat 
great diftorbance which 
this Rebellion htfs 00^ 

9 [GoHfifeb.] 

14,15* He means i4» 
bitophetf 2 Sam. xvLaj. 

1$ [Wc conltalted 
together with che great* 
eft freedom and plea* 

't5 ftake fheni/a-^ 

Upon them, [and let them jp way Boav andSoui/a? 

down gjldck into hell;] fojT/ thou didftthofe Rebels^ 

• * ^ ^ wicked- 

* • %- 

1 o8 Tl)e ^falms Explain d. ioth f>ayS 

Num.y^u into the fbite 
or plac^ of the dead.] 
Sec [i^wcit] Jo ^ocab. 

: 18 [With the great- 
eft Iful and Importu- 
^lity.] See VocakttLary. 

t £t;fii Goaand hk 
Holy Angels^ aU the 
Pmptrs <f Heaven , 
3 Kings Tu id. H2UIU 
Patr. Ainfw. 

a I [He committed 
violcnce.3 ' 

8g [Support-] 


25 fButiftberliVi 

ne'er filonft 

wickednels is in their dwellings^ 
and among them. 

17 As fcr me^ I will call up^ 
on God : and the Lord fliall 
fave me. 

1 8 , In the evening, ahd 
momiiig^ and at noon-day will 
I pray^ and that [inftantly] : 
and he fhall hear my voice. 

19 It is he that hath deli^ 
vered my foul in [peace] from 
the battel that was againft me : 
for there were many with me t • 

20 Yea;^ even God that en- 
dureth for ever, ftiall hear me, 
^nd bring them down : for they 
will not turn, nor fear God. * 

21 [He laid hishanis] up^ 
on fuch as be at peace with 
him : and he brake his cove- 

22 The words of his mouth 
were fofter than butter, h^yiiig 
war in his heart : his woi-ds 
were fmoother than oyl, and 
yet be they very fwords, 

23 O caft thy burden upon 
the tord, and he fliall [nourifh^ 
thee ; and fliall not fufFer thei 
rig^tfeous to fall for ever. 

24 And is for them : thou^ 
O God, flialt bring them into 
th^ pit of deftruftion. 

2 J' The blood-thirfty and 
deceitful men fliall not live 
out halif their days t • heverthe- 
ielL my truft fhall be in thee, 
OJLord. • 

llrf>D4> The ff alms Explain J. 109 

i'he Eleventh Day. Morning Prayer. 

Michcam : that if, A Jtwel^ or Golden Vtrfe ofY>TfvAi 

when the PhiUilines took him at Gath. Dr. Ham* 

rathir cheofes to trattflate thtfe Ufi -itiordi thm i fWhen, 

the Philiftines had h^ in their power at Gath.] 

O MfiTcrt mei, pent. P&l. LVL O 

BE. merciful unto me^ O 
God, for man goeth about 
to derour me : he is daily f^ht- ' 

ing, and troubling m«. 

2 Mine enemies are daily in 
hand to- fwallow me lip ; for 
tf»ey be maay that figla aeainft 
me^ Q thou moft .H^!c£ 

3 ,Neverthekfs, thoughlam 
fometipje afraid : yet put I my 
truft in thee. 

tj will praife God, becaufe 
is [word]: I have put my 

4 tProniifefc;! 

truft m God, and wiH not fear 
what fleih can do unto me. 

f They daily [miftafce] my 
words : all that they * imagine, 
is co'domic eriL 

6 [Ti>ey hold all together, 
I ke«) thi " 

J (|ft« a falfe con- 
liruAioQ uponj 

*/flii«<miT thatij, 

C6iHrf»e. SeeVici*.- 

„ .,„„ „„ .„.„„_, dfThey lay their 

imd keep tiemfdves^lo^ : and Sf4 SSfeS' 

' L 1 CMllilc with the great- 

1. they lay eftSccrecy, they have 

J. have 
an ill eye on everything 
I do, and fain would 
find occaliontodcprivc 
me of my Lifc.3 

5 for thdf 

J God, in 

caft them 

aown. ' ■ , 

8 Thou teUeftmy [fljttings,! - 3 [^Flights, or hafty 

*put niy tears into thy bottle : removes, firft to Nahrb, 

I S«OT. XIX. i3. then batk to the Court, 1 Sam. xx. 1. then to. 

]lbi^, xxi. I. nowtoCj»A.l See yacdbuUry, Flitting!. 

* Fat mj ttars thti tbibottle-,'} thw is, Let not my Tears fjll to 


1 1 A The ^fakis Exphmi f i th Pay. 

the Gromd , without * »« not thcfe thlogs ^Qted in 
thynotice,prefi*Tttht *ny book r ■ ' 

rancmbrtncc of then, » «c do any precions Liqwr.^; . 

*- Ate nat tbefe tbi»gf Batedin tbf bvit .'"] Arctlnru DOtUJnind- 
fil of my SnfTcrh]^, and takclt as parucuiar accounc o£ ^hem, a> 
veMcn do Vl what wc record, or rcgiftcr in i Book ? 

^ Wheirfbever'l Call upon 
thee, then ihall mine enemies 
be pot to flight : tbi£ I kiiow ; 
for God ii on my^de. ' 
lo [Promifti.] xa In Gods [wwfdjwittt re- 

joy ce : in the LoPds [wotd^ 
will { ooxnfort me.- '' •- 

iz Yea, in God have t'^ 
toy tmft : 1 will ndc be afnld 
what, nam can do tfnto me^ - 
; £2. yirto thee, O^od, M'ill 
I pay my vovn : unto dlee wiB 
I give thanks. 

'-i xj-Fpi-Jthott haft detiv«Ted 

■■- r ^j fiMjl.fooni death, and my 

feet from: felling I'tMtt may 

walk befoueGod iipthe B^ of 

- ' '' '.' r ^ Bvingi--! ■ ' '^ '• 

idScbtam o/ fiavW, (SeeTaU of?f4. LVl-), »•*»» iS* 

.jM/ri*>Sauli»,r6tc«/<r, iSaniXrivi : 
': [ Jftlfirtre niri, DeHt: -Hkl; LTH. ; ' '' '' '■, " " 

and ■ 


this I 


Whicn i. bgve in nana. 


; . 

J Heftallfendfromheaven: . ^ 

Md'fa^ hie from the (^reproof] ' "iis^o^H^ wfiHe 

of him that would eat me up. A«uwaoii8.J SecV*- 

4 God fliall ftnd forth Tiii '**''*^- 

tinerpy and -trvthcm];; foal is >o , 

among lions; ■ ' . ' 

f : Aod f liie ::«ven amb^g.the 
childrea of. ngfcn, that are: &i " 

on fire f: whofe teedi areipeafs 5 + **** ^jp»^* -<«' 

and arrows^ and their toi^e ^'^': - . 

a Iharp f\?5Wd. :■= ,, . . > 

6 [Set up, thy felf, OlQod, f CMa|iufythypow- 

above the heavens: and.:thv » "» "r«»g °w J Shew 

glory ^orejOl ri,.««It],"^ & ^«JS?SJ 
, 7 They-JMnre laiiaiiet-for tKe?i^3 ' 

my. feet> aodfpr^fTed down fliy ' 

Toul : dicy'haviei dipped a p(t 
ibefore tncj and are-fellen ii«to • 

the midftof it themfelvfes. 

• « My heart is fixed, O God, ' '■ - , 

imy hfcSi* is-fiied : I Drill fmg, V ,' 

■<(wl' gitfe pmfe. ■ -'■• :.:'.-,.' 

9* Awake up, my Cg^oiyl • 9 fTwg«e.3 
«wakej hitie and tarp: I my 
fctf #iH *#ike fight early. ' " ; , 

lo I will give thanks untt) 
thee, O Lord, among the peo- 

pfle : Md I Will fing uiito thee 
^afftongH^s nations. 

i t fPOr the greamefs of thy > » f Por fcao nomotre 

%ercy *i!aehefeh unto the \ga- ?'ft"l» . <» '^™^r 

.^ens: W thy truth tlii^O the . S^SSf&^SiSJ 

CloudsJ /- thcopperanaiowcfRfc. 

IX Stt Tip thy fclf^ OoGod, feWns of eheHcarcns.} 

'^botre the heavens : and thy ' 
^l6ry above all the eartriu . 

■.i J 



The ffa^ns BxpUind, . i tthtia^. 

1 1 -ii ' J 


Michtaw,^ David, <5ee^/;/e;^P/^^^ again^ 

1 QOyenGrcat Men yi Re your minds fet iipoli 
met together inCoua* J-^ righteoufnefs, [Oyecon- 

*^^^*J gregadon:] and do ye judge 

the thing thatis rigm, G ye 
• ^ ' •' ' / \ fons of men ? 
a rcontrive;' t^lot-^ \ 2 Yea, ye [ift^gine] mill 
Sc^ VQC4bHlary. chief in your heart upon the 

, caffib r and your; hands; deal 
,j, ^ with wickednefs. ' 

[!;. : } t hrfclvirpr^s, (fiys j j The ungodly afe f roward, 

^r^''!^'^^^^J^{!!t '.eten from their mdthers womb: 
SmeUdS^e^^^^^^ aafoon as they are born; they 

as foon as they arc by g|0:altray and Ipeak lies. 

Age and UnderAanding, Qualify 'd, they do cominit Sia, whidl 

is not very many Months after they arc born. \ 

4, 5 This which is >, ^xhey areia? veiiomow ad 

Wintfmatedcon^^^^^^ ^j^e:Rqifpn of a fe'rpeQt : even 

?J>f b^'^^^^^^^^ like the dkradd^^^^ 

orient Wri«qr5, ,and^ .pethher ears j r. 

was a thing much fpo- y ; Which refufeth to hear ttef 
ken of in thole Coun-. ^^^^ ^f ^^^ charmer : charm 

^^^ -he.neveffo widely;:! > 

^ rr.v f^r^^ ^ f Bf eajk teeth,. O Go*!, 

6 iDuarm. O Godi • - ^i ^ * i \r- • i_ • 
my fierce Enemies, de- jn chqfi W)uthB, fmite the j*Wi- 

prive tliem of all their bones of th& ]|ionSj Q Lord,: 

Inftrumeim , of .Mif- • let them fall aw^y Ul^e water 
. chief; ler »:heir Perfons ^^^ runneth apace, and when 

. K.!:»TSrote ihey fl^t theirWf let them 

>nc another, and all be rooted out.] • 

their Defignsvaftilli,tndbe,ur\fncccfsful3 JLettb^fnlie in al| re- 
fpefts like Water poured oat^o£ a lafgeycffel, Which (ho" ft fkft 
it make a great Stream^ yet by degrees k Aides away, one part 
falls off from the other, till at kit: it all fmks-and difappear^: 
and when they are juft going to execute their wicked Plots, in 
that moment cut them off.^ 

7 Let 

■.fljfat awmrnnnfiime awdy 7fmkb,ifihtre-nar 

Hl2rifoailt,ai«i bcKkethB J ««'..»*'" K** 

|jaiaitneiy fniit[}'Of a wDmanr: ^ 
and let them not fee the fan: ' 

tf fOr efrer ypar fwts be * 

imdeilioc ^ithitorns: foW ^ 

jn^i^ettiozi: vex Um^ eydt as a , 

diiiHethzt^ raw.lHj a 
yfttm oiGdi Saw Am: Avt fet itim f 

Gait, flMlbeuf«i(iliIe:j^tI>eni,,» if bei 
fore, being but one tatat Wound.}- 

9 'The qg^eoiv &aU fejoy ce . 9 f Hit a great C«R- 

when he fteth the yeheeance ; « 

be IhaU waflila? footfteps ia " 

the biood of tl» ungotUy t- ) 

.,; w St> difit xnian fliall uy^ d 

^i^y tltsieis.arewardfof the * 
righteous : iiovkt\g& tbcT): is a ' 
6od due jndgieth -die eardu 

ferenlng Prayei*- 
MidHtantyDaWdi (S«7Wf*/PA/«tVI.) «*#». 

&ul /me, a»d tbef WMcbtd tie Houfe « kiU him, 
&^ ma rfe Mnrfrir. PlaLLIX. 

TAEUver me^from mine ene- 
1/ rides, OGbd: defsndme 
from rfiein that' rife up againft 

2 . deliver me from the 
^cked doers : and fave me 
from the blood-thlrfty men. 

J Foi' Idi i^6j; lie n^dng 
for my' ftraVr riife'iri^hty men 
are gathered againiff me witb^- 
cftii: ariv <ifffciit^orfanlt-<if ^e, 
Cl(»ai- ^ ■-■■■■'■■■■' ■ 

1 . 4^C^ 

114 The f /alms Bxplamt iuh1>i^i 

4 They run and fttpaxe 
thonfelyes i Mrkhout my feolc: 

.. aiifethouther^forttohdlpiney 
and ^hdd.. 

i rthofe Mctt who J Standup, O Lord God of 
olitfemifdvotiivPeo- hofts, thou God of HraeV to 
^^^*Z/\^' vifit aU [the heathen] : and be 

"f- nm thap ofpnd of oifena of maliaoxis wickednd^ 

fttaiicfims wlckedr^ ^ J u e* Obftifiace, wilful, impcAicaic Sinners. 
Sec [iWirf/ciWtf] v^^Sxt Vocabulary. 

6 They go to and fro in the 
6 t In order to fei^e evening : they grin like a xlog^ 

me: See the Tide. ^^ j.^^ ^^^^ throtigh thecity f* 

^i. I W^ *iy 7 [Behold, they fpeafc iirith 
Sra^d^US; their mou*, -ana fi^oksai^ in 
what t% thrcatdi : their lips: For who dotfe heir ?J 
for they who are in Authority will take no notice of what they 
iay, fo as to prevent their doiii^ whgc they, threaten ^ do Uioirtt 
than if they had never tieard of their Intentions.] 

8 But, thqi, O Lord, flialt 
have them in derifion : and 

r S Secw,^ thoii fliSlt l^ugh all the, [hca^ 

\(|ien] to fcorn^ :. 

9 My ftrength wHl I afcribe 
' iintp tftee: for thou art the 

God of my refuge. 

io God fheweth me 
hefs plenteoufly : and God ihaU 
let me fee my delire upon nune 

XI Slay them hot, left my 
people forget it : bit fcattec 
them abroad amoiig the people^ 
and put them down^ O Lord 
bur defence. 
.' i2JForthelinofdxeirmoutfa, 
axid for the words of their Up% 


I ith ^ayl ithe fpfdlms ExptainJ*^ 1 1 5 

they fliall be taken in their . * Freaebini^'} talk- 
pri4e:[^d^hy?tijirW^^ }a¥^ ^i orS'Sr^ 
ingisofcurfingandhes.] w<Sdo»ik)roi^ly(ig. 

nifie to Ipcakyirac to rehearfe, or reckon up: So does the Eagjm 
[^Pread)bi£.'} Set Vocabulary. '^ 

TAnd i^ere is §ood redbn for what I now fay \ tot all chfir 
DHconife in Pabhck, as Well as Private, is in order to encoiarage, 
and jMfj thenifi9yes in Perjury and FsiUhoodt]], . i 

13 Confume them in thy 
wrath^ confume them^ tihat 
they may perifh f : and know 
di^t it is God that ruleth in Ja-^ 
cob^ anduntd thetnds of the 
world. : > : 

14 And in the evening they 
will return: grin like a dog^ 
and will go about the city. 

ic They will run here and 
there for meat f: [and grudge 
i^ they be not latisfied,! 

16 As for me^ I wm (ing of 
diy power, and will praife thj^ 
mercy betimes ill the moniihg : 
for thou haft been my defence 
and refuge in the day of my 

17 Unto thee, Omy ftrength, 
will I iing : for thou, O my 
God^ art my refuge,; and my 
merciful God« . 

i^ f As to tMr F(i1i^ 
er, DefiffUy ant, Fartiesi 
whkb they have formed 
agdnft me. For 'tis e- 
▼ident) that he does 
not ^ray for the de- 
ftruffion <^f their Per-, 
fons, from what goes; 
before, ver. ii. and 
what {oUows»«€r.i4|i $* 


1$ fUhDoiS. 

[ And grievoufly 
Complain and Murmuri 
if they be diikppoincea 



1X6 The ffalrtis BxpidM* UthDetf. 

Midttam ^Davia, ro teati vhm htftrwe witk Ara» 
NehBialni) tBat is, Syria of the Rk/m, itnd w&b 
Aram Sobah, that is, witb Sobah in Syria: And 
|oat rttwntd andfmott if Edom, »» fA« 3^% tff 
Salt, Tmhrn TbiiiaiUf xSam^ viii.. ;, f . zCitfon. 
xviH. y, 6, n> I** ^3- Ttifufpofii tBM David mm^ 

. |i^ tbii Ffalm. brfore hit Engagwg. with tb^e Amries, 
tmd finteh bit SitcceJ} /«ainfi thtfM. 

TUmtTtfulmmt. P&1..LX. 

f^ God, thou ha& caft ti$ 

. . _^ out, and Tcattered us a- 

J.'^S^Jt^^Z broad : thou haft alfo been dif. 
&f«5r *^' Pleafed t, O turn fhee unto us 

a+^ferfc«PxD*^ft, 2 Thou hatt moted the land 

aS«m.ii,iii,i«. thereof, for [it lhaketh.J 

[Ir is yet fcarce oatte to t <late o^ per&ft ^ fectled Peace.^ 

3 r We hare beea j Thou haft fiiewed thy 
S^f k^°^**^ people heaTv things : [thou 
SK^rTnd ESVenu/adriJofi-eadly 

we are fcarce come to Wine^ . 
our fenfes again.] 

4 [But now thou 4 [Thotl Haft ^ITCIl a toKCIl 

ilUcSj Men ?lSbre ^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ • ^^^ ^"^ 

tome, aad be ofcmy ^^ triumph becaufe of the 

fide, becaufe of thy ftllth.} 

Faichfulnefs in fo eminent a manner (hewed towaid me, iii uaf* 

king me King of all Ifrael^ according to thy Profliifc.] a Sam.v^ 

5 [Tis for this pur- c [Therefore were thy be- 
JTvlSsSfstS loved deUvered]:hetemewitb 
Selivcrance to me^and thy nght hatnd^ and hear me. 
thofe that were with me, whom he has own'd by this means for 
.jiiibeloTeJ People.3 

6 [God hath folcmn- g [God hath Ipoken in his 

ly fworn it, vi^. that holincfs, I will rejoyce and di- 
ne wovdd make aieKmg . ., c- u ^ yj^^^^^.^^^um 

omifrael,2SamAu.9. videSichem: and mete out the 
aad has, in effed, oLresih^ valley of Succoth. J 


nithVay. The f/akif Explain I 1x7 

dy performed it ;. for he has given me the Country round abonc 
Samaria^ which I will meafure, in order ^o diftripute it among 
my Officers and Servants.] 

7 [Gilead is mine, and Ma- 7 1* ^'^ ^^ ^^* 
. imfles is mine : Ephraim alfo is !^t'of'feSS? 

the ftrength of my head j Juda g^e now quitted tf^ 
as my law-giver J bo/hetb^s Caufe, and are 

become fl^SubjciftSk i^4f«i is to me what the Horns arc to the 
SuUock, my njain Streqj^ and Security, D^. xxxtii. 17* J^da 
k that Tribe which was always crue to me, ^od vrhich I fhaHal* 
, ways make ufe of for the moft honourable Employments in wom 
Governmenc. From tbonoe I fliali have a conAaat fupply of alpK 
Scattfineo, ro Mf mfi i^ niakii^ aiid adminiftriiig Ifaws. j 
JP/i/. Ixviii* 27. 

8 C-MoaT) is my waftpot, over ' C^ic^wHjfx ai?e 
EdomWmi(5Aout£ylhoe; SfSSI^Sffl^^ 
Kiiliftia be thou g\id of me,] tticy fl^il i»fcrm the 
moft bafe and flavifli Offices fer me, and «y People ^ they fluJI 
^Mt^ur Feet. I nm ttisad £dom under nqT'^hoef, or let my 
Feet on tl^ Necks of diat People. Md you, o Co«mtry of thie 
J^bilifi^s^ ought to be jceady to CQngrat^4t9 my Vsftocies, and 
isic^ mc as your Conquerorg 

9 [Whowill lead meintpthe » , >iP»« If'*^ ?5*** 
ftrong Ciy; whp Mrill brin^ T^^^f^^^. 
me into Edom ?] \ < ing; partknlarly the 

• (tirongCity of £ibm? 

ID [Haft not thoti catt us out, J^'S^J^y 'J^" u* ^ 

Carpd, go out With our hofts r tinic of my Predeccflor 
Sakl^' gi^cii thy People great IXfcouragemfc«m and permitted us 
to *e routed by our Enemies hj ' Here tic Reader u to obfcrye 
a full Stop, as if David almpft defpaiited of Sncc^ : But th^n ii| 
the iiext wcrds he begins to mke Coueage tgitin, aftrr fpme cqn^ 
fideiacioQ. * WUt notfbou, OGod^ 40 ¥^ wt^k mfMifis f tbatis^ 
I have icalbn to hope choii «ile» 

11 O be thou our help in 
trouble: for vain is the help of 

12 Tlirough God will we do 
great aAs : for it is he that fha|| 
tr^ dowi} 9^ cnofftics. - 

I I 4Pfifm 

ti% The ffalms Exblaind. iith tfay. 

, ■ ■ ■ • • ' 

'^Pf^iff of I^avid, frobahly when be war forced to flee 
as far as Mahanaim^ 2 ^ani' xvii. wbifb W0t fbf 
rentgteft fart cf jfudea, for fear of Abialom. 

HEar my.^ying, O God? 
^ve ear unto my prayer, 
, ^rflow'tefdeyeri 2 [From the ends of the earth] 
•Siotfhy*X4! wiUlP^Iuponthee: whenmy 
ikad my own home.] heart ism beavinefs. 
13' [That can fecure 2 O fei me up upon therock 
"' ^^ l^Ll *?" [that is higher than I :] for thoa 
^^Z^^ 1^ been^ my hop^ .and a 
of zion .• So I €611. wrong tovn^Qx for me ag^itft the 
jdSiirc from what fol- eiiemyy 

lows in the next Vcrfe. • v» .*\ « « . t « 
4^ [Ilicartily dtfkt 4 P Will dwell ill thy tabcN 

arid rcfdve, fo far as nacle for ever: and my traft 

.fliip, and wUl alwiyj ^y wiflgs. j 
-dcpcw) QQ (by I^p «id AfTiffaMic^l 

y For thou, O Lord, ha(k 

heard my dfifves : ana hail 

given an heritage unto thofe 

'- ^t fear thy Name. . 

' ' 6 *That hit Ximmay, 6 Thou fljak grwjtthe Kjug 

^&£;^&^ ^^m ^:tlgt his':j^ars may 

cannot be nttSttKooii endure thro\ighout all gCfl^ra- 

0fD/n;/^^ilivibg1nthi$ tions; f ' ' ' 

World; for 'qs^ certain, he did not live beyond the ufual Age 
» of Mm ; Vh^refore they mud be meant, either of Jiis futinre tm^ 
or eife of the Mtffiasy to whom fome Divines apply then)« 

7' He Ihall dwell before God 
for ever : O prepare thy loving 
mercy and faithfulnels^ that 
they may preferve him. < 

8 So will I always fmg prai^ 
fes unto thy Narfie : that J may 

1 1 th iDayl The ffalms ExpUind, li 9: 

• t 
/ ■ > • ' • 

The Twelfth I^ay* Morning Prayer. 

A V[dm (f TiviMiy whtn be wof in great Difirefs, bt^ 
■ ndi ^^ifbofU jtrmg boftsof Deliverance. 
Ntnme Dpe. P(kl*LXIL' 

MY foul truly wajtcth ftffl 
: upon God: for of him 
fometh tny iaivatioh. 

1 He yerily is my flrength 
^d my falvadon : he is my 
defence^ fb that I ihaU not 
gready fall ,• - ^ a 

3Howlon^wfllye[imagihe3 ^'^SK^^ ^ 
mifchief agS^ evoy man: "^'^^^^•^ 

ye flmU be flgiii'djl the jTort of 
you J yea, a? a tottering w$ifl 
ihall ye 1>e, and like a broke^ 

4 Their device is only how 
to put him out whom God will 
exalt : their delight is in lies^ 
diey rive good words widi their 
mouth, but cuife with their 

f Neverthelefi, myfoul,wait 
thou ftai upon God : f9r my 
hojpe is'in him. 

6 He truly is my ftrengdi . 
and my falvatidn: he is my 
defence, fb that I fhall not fall 

7 InGodismyChealthland ^^Cjf^^-3 ^ 
my glory : the rock of my ^^^^^r. 
might, and in God is my truft. \ 

8 O put your truft in him ^ ^^ , „ 
^way ye people : bK)ur 6m wJni^aff^fSs^S 
your hearts befor§ hun,J fo<: fore God in Prtycr; J 
God is our hop^. ^ 

9 r when trjf'd, es- 
flouv'd, c[ p^ 1^0 ^tbe 

II [God hath nnghc 
DC more than once in 
his Law, and by hit 

ftf'ff^lms EocpiaM iiffffJu^Z 
9 As for the children of men, 
■fkifiy afi^ but vanity : tbe chil- 
dren of men are deceitful [upon 
the weig^} they are alcoge- 
'^er tig^er fihan tanity it felf. 
i ' jp Qiftsiftjpot in wrong and 
K*^e^,:;give not ^0^ ielves 
u^pT^n^: ifiifchesinaeafe, 
fct not youp Jiea;ct jipw <ham. 
, jx £Gi(4 fp^z caic^i and 
hiiic$3 ji:havfr,a^o n^ :the 
b^e ■; , ^^4 jso^ix bdopge^H 
unto God J 
r j».And t^tthQU jJoiidart 

*ye|y njiui ac?pfding tj?! b» 

ji Vfelm of David, •^htn he- was h the Wslderp^^ ef 

Juda, titber dttrlnl 
I Sam. xxii, f . or 
Abfalom'j RthtUio 
^ifaufe be gtvet k 
which he wouUfea; 

-> PfW, Pew nwiw., Plal. LXIIL :;;> 

GGod, tlwn art my Qod; 
early will I feek thee, 
a My foul thirfteth fpr jJiep, 
|ny flefli alfo lpn'gc|h afeftljee: 
jii'a barrefi:ajid dry Jana where 
iip water is; 


["jhos have I looked for 
In l^h^knels : that I might 

a */ftfi«/lherefig- 
nifics the Sanfhnry, as 
ie does likewifc, Ffal, , , — , — — - ,- -, -«i,- 

jtcvi. 9. in tfie laft behold thy power and glory.J 


3 Qwith fiich ionpne dcfires have I looked lor thee, at Men 
life CO do for chcir lojt mendgi or Treifores' \ that I might once 
If ain beliold chat pJacc, Kherf ihj BoiHr ind {Aijefty are fo ef< 
ftdmUy prcfene.3 

, • , 4 For 

JXthPay, the ffalms Expl^m'4, Hif 

4 For thy loving-jkiiidn^ is v * 
better than the Lite it felf : my 
lips (hall praife thee. 

y As Jong as I live wUl I 
magnffic thee on this manner: 
and lifi: jap my hanjds i^ ^y 

Naflnef. ^ ^ fTo hnphre ihy 

6 Jyfy foul IhaU i?e teM, ^^^h^^i^h^^^^ 
even a? it wwe with xf^^xtov^ 

and fatneil: when nn^ mcmth 
Vm^ fhee \yith jpyh^l Jips. 

7 Jtfeve: I not remefnhred 
thee in^ my 1;n^ : and though 
^pdfx thee! when I jvas waking ? 

^ , Becapofe thd^ ,1^ hp^tay 
heljpeF:5 icbetefor^ w^dar'tfe^ 
Ihadow of thy wings W||| ^ rft- 

9 My fotd |>angpA , upon P Creeps clofe to, 

nolfl^rme. . g! rcocj 

ID Inefe alfo'djfif %lf 
hurt of ipy foul : they ^all go 
iiniier the earfh. 

\ii Let them fell ujpgn fhe 
edge of ithe fword : tn^t fhey 
m^y he a portion for foxes. 

i:f Bpt the king fhaU rejoype la By [swe^rw^g] 
in God I all they alfo that Iwcar ^^^ 's meant the whole 
by hinu fhaU be commended : "^^^'l ?^ ^ ^^ 

for the mouth of thepi that vcrcnt Swearing is a 

fpeak lies fliall be flopped. f«» oeutM. 12.. 7/4 

*^ l^v, itf. and xIt. 23. /er, iy. a. Abfimtb; 

A ?fa^^ 

• * > 

"itt the ffalms Explain d. . ilih f>ayl 

A Tfalm (^ David, whtrein he cotnflains of his lEnemies^ 

and fr^s for deliverance. *? ' 

• ftc4ift/i, J>eus.. Pfal. LXIV. 

T TEar my voice, O Gody in 

- M v. 


' f 

niypi^yer: pn _. 

life froni fear of the enemy. 

2 Hide me from the gather- 
ilig together of the froward : 

and from the infurrecaibn of 
wicked dbfers. ' • . - 

; Whohavewhetthdf tongue 
Kfce a f^brd : and Ihoot out 
their aiToitrs, evchKttier'Wbrds. 
'4 Th?t ^tft^ n?a/'pj^ily 
fhoot gt him that is licHfea: : 
fudderfy do they hit feand 
fear not. . ' ' 

5: They encourage themfdvtt 
Jn mifcW^f : and commune a- 
inong thraifelves, how they 
may lay fnares, and fay that no 
manfliall'feethehj. -^ '■' 

6 Th6/ iAiagine wickednels, 
a|id pradafe it : tKat they keep 
fecret among themfelves, every 
man in the deep of Ws heart. 

7 But God fliall iuddenly 
fliootatthem with a f\yift ar- 
row: that they fliall be woun- 

8 Yea^ their own tongues 
flxall make them fall : infomucSi 
that whofo^ feeth them fliall 
laugh them to fcorn. 

9 And gU m^n that fee it, 
^all lay, Tliis hath God done: 
for they fliall perceive that jt i^ 

•tith 1>af. "the ^fdlms E^lainl "iii 

XD The rig^tcoijs IhaU re- 
Joyce in the Lord^ and put his 
tnift in him : apd all they that 
are true of heart fliall be glad. 

Evening PraycrJ 

Jl ffalm of D^ndy v^erewy a^ be Ptaifes God for other, 
Merciesjfo effedaUyforJ^lmtifid Shewers^ which there-^ 

f(nrefrobMy v^as cmrfofid after tbcThreeTcmsFamme^ 
mentiatted 2 Sam. 3DdL 

i> Tercet bj/mm. PftipCV, 

IpHou, D God, ajrt praifed 
inSion : and unto thee 
fiiallthe vow be performed in 

2 Thou that hear^ft the 
prayer; utito thee IhaU all fl^lli 
come. ' ' ' . 

1 My mifdepds prevail ^- 
gainjftine: O be thou merciful •, 

^^^£'^\ , . _ 4 CThy moft Holy 

4 Bleffed is the man whom m^Jc, ' wBcrc the Ark 

them choofeft, and recdveft ihn4$,] ?/4/.?.7f '^ 
unto thee : he Ihall dwell iii 
thy co^, and fliall be fadsfi^a 
w«*rth6 pleafures of tlhy lioirfe, 
even of [thy holy temple:] 

y ' Thou Ihalt fiiew us won- 
derful things in thy righteouf- 
nefi^ O God of our falvatton : 
rfiou that art Ae hope of all tho 
ends of the earth, and of theiii 
that reihain in the broad fea. 

6 Whoinhisltrengthfetteth 

foil the mountains : and is gird- 
ed about with power. 
' 7 Who ftiUeth the ragbg of 



9"^ Tokens:^ Tis 
the very fame word in 
the Helnrevf which is 
cranflaccd Siins, Gen. i. 
i4« and is meant of 

f hip £u9e chiog^s 4^ H^ 
the SttO, MooD^ ^ 
Stars, to whi^}) we a^y 

The ^fdm$ Ex^Uind^ 1 2ih Pay. 

this ^a ; and the noHe of his 
waves^ and the n!adne& of the 

8 [They alfb that dwell in 
the uttermoft parts of the earth, 
fliaU be afcwi at thy * tokens : 
tibou that makeft * the out-jgoings 
of the morning and ^eninc to 
iiraiife thee.] 

4^pemps) add the Meteors, cfpeci^Ily the ThoBder^ ilkwUch 
are maniftft Tokens and Proofs t)f the Divine fower. 
^ the out'goingsjif $kt .*fir«/ii^l ajrc the Wgbt and Sun, 
^ The pMt'iott^tof the ^vcningj arc theMppn ^nd Stars. 
^The r^motelt People of the CS(nli, wbeti diey feeiafid conf der 
the Motions of the Sun, Mem, Skknu UfiliniQgt #44 3*huiider, 
fhall hare fome apprehenQqof and ie# orthy jPowov who iMfi fe 
nude and order'd the returns of Day and Night, as ^ jpf pyplie 
Men thereby to praife thee ^e Author 9f them.]] * ' - 

a ThwTifteft the jea^|iJV#«d 
bleffeft it : thou makeft ){,ffe«y 

lo ^TberiFerof Go4:if&JI 
of water : thou preparelj: their 
com, for fo^hou prpvid^ft for 

r I Thou watered her. ^o 
rpws, fhpUf fefldeft rain »(o<he 
little vaflm thereof: ;|;h9miia- 
Iceft it iott with the i^ygs pf 
fain, .an4 Weffeft th? increafe 

x?^ Thpu crowneft the year 
with ^y goodnefs : jyjid thy 
f loud$ d!rop fatnefi. 

J2 They Ihall drop upon the 
4wc3lin« of the wildernefi: 
wd the little hills fliall reioyoe 
on every fide. 

14 The folds fliall be full of 

lo ^The River of 
Qod\^ thatis^ th^Rain, 

m.Qmi% ftoifi whence 

# Bam wo^¥jedf. 
. mm. P^tmk'MM, 
Sep Ffalm yxik. 9. 

^3,14. Inwhatfenfe 
the Hitls, TaSeys, eJrc 
bay be faid to rcjoyce. 
Set PfalmTiPfuiu 12. 

^ i' 

.-, T 

%^th:Day. The ffalms Ex^my^L uj 

fiieep: the ralfey^ fSSb fliall 
ftand fo thick wiA cbtfr, thsif 
^ey ihall laugh aftd fbg. 

Jl Song at Tfatm, m occafian of fom r^markaUc 

O fubUaUneo. PfaLLXVr. o 

V;^ lands : iing prai^s unto 
the lioi3^ur of his Name^ make 
his praiie to be glorious. 

a Say imto <3od^ O ho\v 
xffrcm^erlul art thou inthy worksc ^_. 

^oudj^the peameis of thy poie^^hcSj^S 
ppw^ ihajl thine enemies be conqu^aJl that op 
found liars unto thee.! pofe thee, fliall caufe 

man y that are Enemies in their Heart to thee, and thy People, to 
yMcxA Friendlhip atid Scrt>mtfrioto, as if they hoped to deceive 
tbee, bar ki vaia s fer c^<Ai flttdefl'mit all their Hypocrify, and 
ibomft their. cravcfaerotislnteBtioni.^. 

3 Fdt all the wwia (hftU WOT- 
ihi^ thee: ling of thee^ ^ 
praife thy Name. 
' 4 Ocome hither, diiid bditold 
die worki of God : how Woh-^ 
derful he is in hU*doing !X)Wttjpd 
the children of men* , 

y He turned riiefea intd dry 
land: fo that they weht through ' rr. r. ^ n. -x 
Ae water on ^t : ther^ did , ^eSoa";^?^^ 
[we} rejoyce thereof, fpeaking amongft aU 

Wfiicrt^ H<f.iA\^^ Jirfl«»if «n EngliflMzn (hould fay,^ We re- 
cchftd tlie^iftian Faith above 'Oitrta hundred Years ago. 

6 He rule^fh with his power 
for ever, his eyes behold the I 

people : and {imh as will not ^ [ Unbelicvinjg A- 
beUeve J fliall not be aWe- tto P^^^^^O 
exalt themfel^res. 


^ ^ m6 ftine mi 

10 QThon haft per- 
tiiitted our £iiemies to 
cnfnare 11S.3 

11 [To iofnlc and 
trample upon us in the 
ihoft tyrannical wkn- 

The ffahns Bxplainl iiihl>a^. 

7 O praife otir God, ye peo-^ 
pie : aaa make the voice of his 
praife to t)e heard J 

8 Who holdeth our foul in 
life : and iiiffereth not our feet 

to flip t. 
,9 For thou, O God, haSt 

proved us : thou alfo haft tried 

usj Uke as iilver is tried. 

10 [Thou broughteft us into 
die (nare] : and laidft trt)uHe 
upon pur loyns. 

11 Thou fuffetedft men [to 
ride over our heads]: we went 
through fire and water, and 
thou Droughteft us out into a 
wealthy place. 

12 I will go into thine houfe 
with Bumt-<^erings: and will 
pay thee mjr vows, which I 
prpmifed with my lips, and 
Ipake with my mouth, when I 
was in trouble^ 

I i I. will offer unto thee fiic 
bumt-facrificQs, with the in- 
cei^ of ram»: I will offer bul^ 
locks and goats. 

14. O come hither, and 
hearken, all ve that ^ear God .* 
and I will tell ye what he hath 
done for my foul. 

If I called unto him with 
my mouth : . and gave him 
praifes widi my tongue. 

16 if I incline unto wick^ 
edneis with mine heart: the 
jLord will not hear me. 

17 But God hath heard me : 


liti Pdi, Ihe f/ahnt Bxphm% t xy^ 

and confidered the voice of my 

1 8 Praifed be God^who hath 
not tift out my prayer: nor, 
turned his mercy from me. 

'A ?Jatm or Scng^ BiJhcpVzttick conjiSlmres^ that H is 
that form of words which David ufed in Bleffing the 
Tiopei^ Sam. vi. ijy i8w ivberein be imitates that 
form if Blejpng ufej by the Triefis on folemn Oecafionsy 

Ntuju). vl 23, 24, 2 jr. 

Ol>^ns mifer^atitri Pfal. LXVIl. >:^ 

GOD be mercifuj tmtQ us^ 
and blefs us ; and fhe^ 
us thje li^t of his countenance^ 
and be merciful unto us; 

i That [thy way] m^y be a [TbyprucReligi*' 
known upon earth : thy laving ^"0 
health among all imtions^ . 

} Let the people praife thee, 
OGod : yea^ let aU the people 

* A .0 l^t the nations rejoyce, 

%m be glad : for thou Jnalt 

judge the folk righteoufly^ and 

goVern the nations up(m earths 

5 Let the people praife thee^ 
OGod : let all the people praifir 

6 Then (hall the earth bring 
ferth her increafe. : and .God, 
even our own God, fliall give 
ushisbleffing. ^ 

7 God Mil blefc us : afadall 
the ends of the world fhall feir 

11^. the ffalms BxpTaM ijf^i)^^ 

. J I 

The Thirteenth tky. Morning Vvayau 

ft • • '' 

A Tfalm or Song o/Davld. It ferns mamfefil/ to ha^ 

been cowfofcdy and ufed at the foUmn tarrntigtb^ Jrk 

out of Zion into the Camf^ in hofes of obtaining Sue* 

^efsy m a War again fi fme ^/formiJabje Enemas hf 

Hi nuans. It is certain^ that the Ark ^oi in tbi 

Ami in, the War ^againfi Rabbah^ t Sam. xL Xl# 

jMit wof carried out if Zion again in the War a^ 

gainfi Abfalom, but was fens iati^ heptr^ it camd to 

the Camp, 2 Saiff. xv. 24* No7i> that this VfaUn was 

endited on fomfuch occafion, appears from thefirf Vetfe, 

^hicb are the very words tifed by Mofes, NdlWXX. ; f. 

when the Ark and Army began tbidr Mdrcb. .And as 

the former part of the Vfatm H a RtcHal (fih^ef^rm^ 

Mercies and Victories which were oii/ing to G^ts ^f^ 

^ial Trifme among thenar So from tbi idi^fcrfi to 

the end;, it cot^ains FokioHsfor S$Mfs in ttHf frefsf^ 

Expedition, and pious prefixes* (f it- : Butkdoisnot 

appear what Nation or friHce it w^, OgdHf -whom 

this War was ^ageJ, whether tbatr againfi l^Msah, 

orfome other. Further, This Tfalm contains ajh^opbj^ 

cy of Chrift Jefus, ^wbom tUCkmd ^-Oldry, and 

the Ark, were hut faint R^tmblances ^ hcskfem Him 

dwelt all the fulnefs ^ the(5odhfad bodily I ifhkt *> in 

a more perfect manneir than thy did either m the Cloud 

cr the Ark : And the PtfhHes obtained b^ ibofe Ti^uns 

of God*s Prefence^ artjodreiu be comp^edvfH^ tinfi 

Conquefis of Chrift over Hell and Death. 

Rxurgat Dttts". PfiW; LXVHTi 

LEt God arife, and let his 
enemies be leattered : let 
them alfp that hate hitn^ flee 
before hiihi 
► 2 Like as the Iniokfe Vaiiiili- 

eth, fo (halt thou drive them 
away ; and like as wax melteth 




i 5 th Day. The ffalms Ex^M 

at the fitp^ 'fo let the ungodly 
perifli at the prefence of jGod. 
- 5 But let the righteous be. 
glad, and rejoyce before God : 
let them alfo be merry and joy- . 
fill. J / 

4,0 fing unto God/and fmg 
praifes unto his Name; magr 
nifie Jnip that [rideth'uppri] 
the heavens, as it were upon 
an horfe ; praife , l^im in his 
Namef, yea, and rejoyce be- 
fore him. 

J He is a father ;t)f the fa- 
therlefs, and defendeth the 
cayle of the widows' : even 
' God in his holy habitation f. 

6 [He is the God that ma- 
keth men to be of one mind in 
an houfe,] and bringeth the 
prilbners t out of captivity : 
but letteth the * runagates con- 
tinue in fcarcenefs. 

the fffatb^ns^ yet keep true to God^ and their Keligion. 

* Runagates^'] ApnoflateSj fuch as to ingratiace with thofe that 
have takeathei^Prif oners,, worihip their falfeGods, and- fo in 
cffeft renounce the true One. The Hebrew wofd. fignifics thofif 
who go afidc. 

7 O God, when thou went- 

eft fortfe before the people ; 

.when thpu wcnteft through the 


', 8 The earth fliook, and the 

heavens dropped at the pr^fe^ice 
of God r even as Sinai alfo was 
moved at the prefehce of God, 
i^ho is the God oi Ifrael. 

' 9 Thou, Q G(*J^ifentefr a p jhe * Rain here 

gracious '•^ rain upon. (Hitteiuhe- .pijeD^cioned^ plight ^ 
' " * ^ ' ' Ifi 'ntanc9 ^ 

i 4 ["Sits upori, and 


$ t the Ark here bei^ 
l(Wy and the Heaven 

6 PTis he that has 
brought all the Tribes 
cohisHoufe, united a^ 
if they were but one 
FamiIy,to join and fight 
againfl the common £r 
nemy. See ver. 27, 28.3 

t IVhoMin^ taken bj 

7 t -^« a Pitar of 
Cloud and Fire^ Exod^ 
xiii. 2 1. 

£xod. xiH* i^- • 

150 1rhe¥falms Explain d. i^thDiy. ] 

that Shower which ntance : and refrefliedft it 
dropt from the Cloud, when it was weary. 

(as Gaudier and other Learned Men fiippofe) when the Cloud re- 
moved over the Peoples^ Heads from the Van to the Rear, Bxod^ 
yiv. 19. by which St. Fauifky^^ the People were walhed, or bap^ 
tned, I C9r. x ^. or we may n^eby underiland the Manna which 
is faid to be rained down ^om Heaven. 

10* Tfyctmiregaf ton] 10 *T1iy congregation Ihall 
Zt'rb ^f ""^ t?; <Jwell therein : for thou3 O 

gels : The /re5reip word ^ j «^/i. r 1. j r ^ -. 

Signifies either Living God, haft of thy gcodnefe pre. 

Creatures , or great pared fof the poor. 
Companies. Angclsare frecjucntly called Livl^ig Creatures (Beafts 
in our Englr/h Transition) in the Bock cS Jtevelatwif.^ And God's 
Congregacions, Anhies, or Hofts, are his Angels in an efpccial 
manner ; fo that however the Word be tum'd, hereby is meant 
God's Angels, who are laid to dwell in his Inheritance, or andoog 
his People ^ for God nied the Miniftry of Angeb, in giving the 
Law, Deut. icxxiii. 3. A&s vii. i^^ in conduftin^ uie Pei^e, 
Exod.xiv^ If, and in all bis Prorvi^nees towards, thiem; and he 
flill ufes the^Service of Angeb for thcf benefit of his Church. 
/felf. i. 14. I Cor. si. 10. and the Cherubims or Refemblahces ot 
Angds which over-ihadowed ch^ Ark, were an Emblem of this« 
See ver. 17. 

V ,'/ t ^t ^^^ P^^ ^ I The Lord gBve *theword : 
!?d2^fS/'t^'.S great was the company of th» 

where it is mnflated preachers. 

rVfiUrdneey] that is, a Gift or faculty of Speakilig, eic]^f|iQg 
Difficultiei, refohring Doubts, or the lilce. This was the Gift be> 
Aowed on die Seventy EMers, iViir)9|^.iti. i^, 2i. and on the Apo« 
ftles, and other pifciples in die Ne w-Teftment. See the word 
freaebers ip the VocMbularj. 

12 [ManyKipgMnd n [Kings with thw armies 

their fople were qon. ^j^ g^ ^^1 were difcomflted : 

r;'SJfc^!%"d and they of the houfhold di.^ 

they who attended the vided the ipoU-j 
Taperhacle, and employ'd tbemfelves in Divine Service tnd Pir». 
er for the Succefs of the War, w|k) were the Houfliold, or f^mj 
of God, had Qot only their Ijiare in the Booty, but the priviliqiQ 
of dividing the whole^j Nmnb. xxxi. 8, 12, 2d, z^. 

H P y^^^^^H^^^ 1 2 [ Tboudi ye have *lkft 
■dd'fS^'afeSJ among thepots, yet (haUvebe 
fion of lik, like th«i 9i thc Wings of a iove : that is 

ilth Day. Vje <Pfalms Explain d. 1 1 1 

covered with filver-wjngs, and of Stem or ScuUions. 
Jxer fe^jhers like gold.] * The Wings •/ ^ 

Dove] denotes a mofTgay and iplcndid State* fiitm. Patr. Amfm. 
fTho' you of the Hoofhold of God, «fpccwlly they of the 
^nefUiood^ haire fuSered mneh during ^he Reiga of Ring Stud^ 
I Sam. xxii. 17, |8« who was la Priaec that had no regard for 
Religion, I CkrMf %n\. 3. yet pow under a King, who is a ftcrofi 
of the Priefthood, and has a Zeal for the Sdrvice of God, you 
niiy bope^fbr more bright and Qiining Jtoy^O 

14 rwhen the AUi^ighnr 14 TobcJ^nrKf^de- 
foaeri Wop for 4* 4e = .-S-ta'p^fSS 
tt>cawerefhey as* whi^asfnow i^ %^.m,. iii. \. 
in Salmon.] [ when God dc- 

^^cated fo many Kings for the fake of hi;s Fanoily, that is, the 
?rieft$ and their Adherents, (See ver. i2, ij.) When the Al- 
mighty ipve us fuch Succeft in War, in anjTwer co the Devotions 
iind Sacrifices of thofe who attended the. Altar, ?nd the Taber- 
nacle, then th^y, for whoft fiike God had done fo mnch, were 
loved and honoured by all, they were look*d upon with admira- 
tion, like the Snow on i^ lofty Mount|io of silmon.1^ 

If [As the hill of Bafan, fo «« CA?4 %^ F«wly 

is Gods Mil i even an high WIL of G^u no«r as ho- 

ItT^L-fj^r-iT r -I ^ V noumbk as ever; an4 

as the hxU pf Bafan.] the Hill of Zitn, wher^ 

this Family dwells, or to which they ffcfost to Worftuf Him« is, 
upon this account, fo coniiderable, that it does not only outvy 
Salnm^ bjit exceeds even the Mountain qSBaftat^ tbo* in bulk ic 
be inferior to both.] 

i6 Why hop ye fo, ye high , '^ ^' tfyehped fy 
liillst? this is GodshULinife '*'' ^J Vfl^' 

• , . I . t ^ rT^ ****», -^ w*w bfii^f dnd outdo 

Which 1^ pleafes him to dwell : xion. A Poetic Profo- 
ryea^ theXord will abide in if poiMtia. 
forever.] CtI« A*i ^^h^^okcii 

of hisFrefence, fliall never have any other fat place of abode.] 

17 *The chariot? of God are 17 in what fenfe 
twemy thoufand, even thou- A»gcls ajre^riec*^- 
lands of Angels: [and the Lord J^jf^" StcPfdm 
is ampng them, a? i|i the holy ^-^nd the Lord isas 
place pf Sina^.] effcftually F^fcnt a- 

mong the Aog^s* which attend our Worfliip in Z'm^ and whq 
are reprelentM by the GoMen Ch^mbims over-fliadQwing the Ark^ 
as ever he was ip SUu^^ when he gave the Lawlrom tlience.1 

i;2 the fPfalms Explain I i^thDay* 

i8. * lid captivity ' ' ig [Thou art gone Up on 

«ShJ?e„£S - ^ish, thou haft -led captivity 

-this place,, is turtfd^ captive, and received, gifts for 

Numb. xxi. I. .to <aHe-, men : yea, even for. thine ene- 

PrifonersjaBd De«f.xxi. mies, that the Lord God might 

• :chT«thf,:i5?r' d^^» ahiong them.] ' ; ^' 

ing of it here. The whole Verfe, ii apply *d to, the ^rk^ may 
thu^ be i^iderftoqd, w:^. 

; £Thou, O Symbol of the Divine Prefehce, waft folemnly brought 
up into theHin of Z'ton^ 2 Sam* vi. thotf haft often, by- virtue of 
the Divine Prcfence, brought home great numbers of £qemies, as 
Captives, (o attend thy Triumphs : The grcateft Gift that ever was 
given to the Sons of Men^ the Moral Law, writ on two Tables, is 
depofited in thee, DeAf. x,2,5. which Was defigncd for the di^ 
re^tion, not only of us, but all Men, even thofc who hate and 
dread the^, i Sam. iv, 7. and by obferving which, they may be 
fure of the Divine Favour, and that God will dwell among them.] 

But the words may, in a more ftrffl afid proper fenfe, be un- 
derftood of Cir/ff, and fo, withoiit'dbujjt, were intended by the 
Divine Spirit. See Eph. iv, 8. 1/7;^. 

[]Thou, O Son of God and Man, art afccnded into the highefl 
Heavens; thou haft vanquifti'd and triumphed over the Kingdom 
6f Darknefs, aiid haft receiv'd the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, In 
order to confer them on Men, even the Heathens, andfuchas 
were formerly Enemies to Thee by their wicked Works ; fo that 
the Lord docs as really dwell in Nations that were formerly Ido- 
latrous, as ever he had done amongft his own People the Jeivs.'} 

^ 19 Praifed be the Lord daily : 

^ even the God who lielpeth . us, 

and poiireth his benefits upon us. 

*. : 20 He is our God^ even the 

God of whom Cometh falyation : 

. . ^ i 'God is the Lord,: by wham we 

' , _ efcape -death. . 

. r- 21 > Sealpi^ that k, 21 Qodfliall wound the head 

htc ; fQ the Time Ne- ^f his enemies : : and; the hairy 

S Z^'^ ^' ^^'"^ ' ^ ^'calp^of fuch a one. a3 goeth 

. „ on Itill m his wickedneli 

;. i2 [God hath given .^2.' |-The Lord ,hath faid, I 

lis. anurance ' tlwt he . ,.„ ..S -n • 1 • 

• wilj now bririgi^b^d* v Will btmg my People^ again, as 

as viaorious/arhe did I ' did from Bafen : minQ own 

•' ■ J ' ' ^ will 

whco wc fought ^vjth 
Og^ King oiBafan'i or, . 
when he deliver d us ♦ 
from Pbaraoti^ . and\ 
brought us through, die • 
Red-Sea ] 

24 [Tis a glorious 
fight! to fee how thpfu, 
O .our King and .God, 
(by the token of thy 
Frcfence, the Ark) 
makeft thy foIcranPro- 
ceffion through the 
San^uary, in crjjer to 
march out with, duf; 

i^th Day.. The ^fahns Explain H. 

will I bring again, as I didfome- 
time from the deep of the fea.]- 

23 That thy foot may be 
dipped in the blood of thine 
enemies; and tliat the tongue 
of thy dogs may be red through 
the lame. 

24 [It is well feeh, O God, , 
how thou goeft' : how tbou, my 
God and King, goeft in the 
fanftuary.] • ' : > 

2^ The fiUgfers -go before^- 
.the minftrels mllow after : in 
the midft are the dariifels play- 
ing with the timbrels. '^ * 

26 Give thanks,' O Ifrael,- 
unto God the Lord in the con- 
gregations : from the ground 
of the heart. • . .... 

27 [There is little Benjamin 
their riiler, and thfe pririces'^df 
Juda their counfei : the princes 
of Zabulon, and the pri^ce^ of 
Nepththali.] F/.Ix.?. 

Befijamifiy has got the; name of: Aw/er, becaufe the firft King, 
(Saul) was of that Tribe :. The o.ther ^7«i^/^) the Title of Coun- 
fei^ by r^^fon of :4:he* many able Stateimen which that Tribe af- 
fords : But there-are Ilkewife the two remoteft Tribes, Zabulon 
w^ iJepbthaltj^tittidin^ diisSoleq[mity, and ready to engage^ for 
the Seryicqo^ (Jrod and their Gountry/againft this potent Enemy.] 

-Ii8 [ThyJGod hath fent forth 28 [Tis th^ tvai of 
ftrength for thee : ftablifh the fiL&PJ^'i^^^^^^^ 

r. ^* ^^ ^ J 1 1 L /I. na^tnusJtrjcngthnedus, 
thmg, O God, that thou haft by uniting om: Tribes: 

brought in USi^: Be rhou, O God, plea- 

.... . : * / . fed to confirm and increafe this Uqion.] 

±Q [For thy >" temples fake at 29 * Te?npie,'] that is, 
Jerufalemt fofhallkings bring Jt'^'^eJ'obSir, 
prelents unto thee.] that Jferufalem and Zm 

fignify one and the fame City,bpth here, ^d in divers.otherptaces« 

K 3 29 [Con- 

27 [See and ob- 
ferve,here are not only 
the two neighbouring 
Tribes following the 
Ark in ProcefTion , 
whereof the* firft, little 

1 J 4 "^^ ffalms Explain d. 1 1 ih Day, 

29 [Coiigrm it, OGod, for cbe Ikke of Uiy S^oanj^) iAA^it 
flow iehled at Jernfalm^ zxA on the account of tnc Services 
ctore pertbrm'd to thee : Aad then Ihall other neighboMring RiBgs 
4edicate their Treafures, and Perfons t6 thy Service, when they 
fee hoNV great a God thou art.] See 2 Sam. viiL 9, 10, 1 1. 

36 When the coinpaiiy of 
the fpear-men,and multitude of 
themighdyr^arefcattered abroad 
ramong the beafts 6i the people} 
lb that they humbly brifitg pieces 
of fiiver t : and when he hath 
fcatteredtfae peopte that deHght 
in war,, 

;i Then Ihall the princes, 
come out of Egypt f iV'm&yb^ 
riaasrland Ihall fo^n wateh oiit 
heir hands unto Gqd] 

}o [[Together with 
the hrtttilh Cbmxnon'- 

\ Jn ordtf totm T^afc 

ji fBj/ way of Em- 
taffy t9 treat (f ?ea%9* 

* The Mmans Land} 
Iiere fignifies Mthiofla^ 
fn^anins a Conntry 

whofe People are Blacks. " By the fame Figure, or ^r the Cum 
ifeafon, we commonly call afi filch People B/^rf-more/. We wfe 
likewife the faiiit liberty, when we call the Sowthem parts of 
Anwrha^ thtWtJl-lndttt. 

[The Mfht^piani fliatt fbon flreteh out their hands ei> God. in 
cffSring their Prayers and ObBitions.] Th& Vcrfc has been nore 
fully verified in Cbr'tftjefits, than ever }c had been before, to 
whom mkny Princes^ in all parti of tie WoHd, have fubmtaedl 

- ^ 

32 Sing unto God^ O ye 
kinp;dom$ of thfc earth : Q fing 
praifes unto the Lorf, 

^1 Wha fnteth ia the hea<>* 
vens over all from tile b^ih- 
ning : k>, he doifihfei^ out *\n!i 
voice, yea, and that a mi^uy 

54 [Afcribeye^the power to 
God over Ifrael : his ^worfhip 
and ftrength is m the clouds-J 

[Ackiio^\redge'that Jfrael is God*s peculiar r)ominion, that tfe 
{governs and prefides Over it in an efpecial manner ; dio' his Power 
IS Bot confined to any one Nation on Earth ^ nay^ he reigns above 
in l^xmty as WeH as h«re below.] 

^ * iff/ rofee,] that 
is^ the Tlnmd^r, See 
PfM. xxiK. 3, fyc* and 
xviii. 137 

34 * W^rffj^;] that 
is, Honour, Majefty. 
See the VnaMary 

\ph Day. The Tfalms ExfamJ* 1^5 
If O Qod, [wonderful ait -35CThott<!oftwon- 

tfeou in thy holy plaees] : eren J?EiiS"5"««? 

the Qod ^ ICrael ; h^. wilt give w diy Power from thy 

fbeqgth and power tinto his Tmoae in Bearen a* 

people i blelfed be God. Sllilhll* ^ "^ 

Evening Prayer. 

ji Ppfi^ of Dayid ivl^en in gr^t Difirefs : And as -what 
U2LYi^\fays 9f hif ov/n Stmerims^ wm wore truly and 
IkeraUj fidfikd in "Chrilt j /^ by faritj of Reafon^ 
^bat is here wljhd to tbi^EnemiesofuZYldy maymort 
ftohahly be affUed to the Enemies of Chrift, and bis 
GofpeL And accordingly St. Peter affiles tbe z6tb 
Ferfe to Judas^ Ads i. 20. And St. Paul the 24/^6 to 
tbi wsbelievinT JcvfS, RontxilO. and therefore *tis 
anfy a^^nfi jucb wife w(^4 ^iHingly^ in tbe literal 
fcnfiy crucify the Lard of Ufe^ tba$ tbefe Anathema / 
catijufily be ufed. See Preface. 

*>^ Sahummefae* PCil-LXIXi / 

SAve nie, O God : for the 
waters are come in^ even 

luito my (puL 

2 I Mok firft in fhf cipep 
mlre^ where no groupyl is : I 
am come into deisp waters, fo 
diat the floods run over n^e. • 

i I am weary of crying, my 
Aroat is dr3f : my fi^t Sleth 
me for waiting w long upop 
my GodL 

4 TbeV that hate me witb- 
' ottt a caule, are more than the 
hairs of my bead : they that are 
mine dnemies, and would de- mm^^^^.^,^^ 
fboy me [guUtlefsJ are mighty ^^g^JSSSSI^ 

f I paid them die thm» that cttfemcO 
t nsrer took : God, thou Enow- 

K4 ^ft 


$ * My Simlenefs\2 
ttat is^ ray Foltjjr. ;Mi- 
rtakes, Sins'of Igrib- 

Greater, wilful Sins,' - 

7 * Refroof^'] that is, 
Skndcr, or Reproach. 
See Vocabulary. 

Bccaufc of the averjlon I 
have to their Evil Pra- 

"the ffaims Eicffaind^ 1 5 th i)ay. 

e3l * niy . fihipleneSffP and ^my 
^ feuhsr ajfe not hid frorii tfee. ' - 
6;'.Let not them dhk tfuft iti^ 
thee^^I.ord Gdd df hoifts, be 
afhamed for my caufe : let not 
thofe that feek thee^ be con- 
founded throng me^ O Lord 
God of Ifrael. 

7 And why ? fdr thy fike 
have I liifFered^reprpbf r ffiame 
hath covered my face. \ 

8 1' am become^ a ftranger 
xtntomytjrethren: ereifi^h alien 

^tinto my mothers x^hildf en t. 
9 [Thie great, teal ' '^ 9£FQrthe zeal of Aline honfe 
I have for the "plate hatii even eaten me : 'arid the 
and purify of thvwor. rebukes 6f them that rebuked 
ffip^&hVsaT thee,^re fallen u^n me.} - 

£tuary, is like an inward Flkme that preys upon my Heart and 
Spirits. And I srm nor l^ft concern'd to hear thy Name blaC- 
phemed, than to have the fereatfft Wrong done tonjiy^fclf.} 
How this was fulfilled in Chr^ft. Sec John ii, 17. [ILom^ xv. jv 

10 I wept^ and chaft^ned my 
V felf with failing : and that was 

4:uf ned' to -mjj^reprodf. - 

If I put on fackcloih alfo: 
and they jefted upon me.^ ' j 

12 They that fit in dii gate, 
fpeafc againft me: and the drun- 
kards 'make Ibngs-i^n me. 

13 But^ Lprd^ I make my 
prayer unto (thee: [in >ant ac- 
ceptable time.] ^ 

14 Hear me^ O God, in the 
multitude of thy mercy: even 
[in the truth of -thy falvation. J 

Jtf T^ke me out of the mire, 
that 1^ fink not : O let me be 


)[ 3 [fn a time when, 
as I hope and trufl, it 
v\ill pleafc thee to hear 

14 [j^Accbrtliiig to 
thy. ufual faiAfuInefs 
in faving tibofe "who 
fcrve and fear thee.] 


.1 -1. : 

deliYercd frdm them that hate^ 
me, 4nd out of the deep waters, i 
- 16 Let not the water^flood 
drown me, neither let. the deep 
fwallow me up : and let not 
the pit ftiut her mouth upon me-^ 
17 Hear me, O Lord, for 
thy loving-kindnefs is comfort-*, 
able : turn thee unto me accord 
ding to the multitude of ; thy 

merci^. - ^'^ ' 

i8\And hide not t^y fece 

from «hy ftrvant,! for. I am .in 

trouble 2 O hafte thee and J>ear 

i^ Draw ni^ uhtamy iouJ 
and fave it : O deliver me be-r 
Cauie oi mine enemies^ v - 

20 Thou haft known [niy 
reproof,] my ifhamey and mj{ 
diftionour : mine adverfariej 
^e all in. thy fight. ; 
" 21. [Thy rebuke hath broken 

'j Jv • ■ ' . 

S.J -- • » 

- I ... . 


• V -^ 

-;, 11 -J . 

-. ;^ I. 



. - .» . 

J ii^i*.: F Thc'>;SIairfc«t 
anthrwfech.'Che]|L have 
immdcdiny llq[H|l3itll 
on;] I : f / i.. '1 

ar [TheBlafpliemJb 

my h<fW I aiw'full qf heayi. ^JJ?^^^^^^^^ 

nets:' I looked for fome to hay.e, S^^^t^ift 

pity; on me, but there was no 
man, neither fpund.1 any to 
comfort me. . . , i : 

^o .2.2: They gave ma pflto eat: 
.'^nd when 1 . was ;thirfty, they 
gave me vinegar to drink., 
' 25 ^ [Let their table be made 
a fnare to take themfelves with- 
al] : and let the things that 
fhouid have been for their 
wealth, be unto them an occa- 
fion of falling. ^ ^ 

24 [Letthei^f eyes be blind- 

"gion, ralfc in ihe the 
greacefl Agonies o£ 
Grief.3 Sec ver. 9. 

Mac. xxviL 94* 
Mark sw^t^. 
John xix. 28, 29. 

23 [Lee thofe Plea- 
fures and cnjoymcncf 
which they {ffc fo.fond 
of, be theT ruiiic.Q 
Prov. i. 32. RomAi.9. 



I ; ^ The ^f4hns Exjtlasnl 1 3 th Pay. 

ftuding and Jndgment ed diat litev' foe not : aild.evet 
£if«&3LbS bow tto« ddwn Acir b^k*.] 
yy Burdens.] R0.11.10. ay Poar otit chme anfligiia- 

don upon them; and Wt thy 
wrathml difpleafure take hokL 
of diem. 
i6 [Let all Men re* 26 [Let their habitation be 
nonnce their Society^ y^i^ . and no man to dwell lA 
let them have neither <j--j_ »__«. n 
Friend norSerwnt to "**^ *??"*• J, ' y. V. 

dweU under the fime a? For they perWCttte htm 
Koof, and let all Men whom thou haft imitten i and 
am dieir neighboiir- ^y ^^ j^,^ they may Vex 

hood.] ^. I. ao. jj^g^ ^jj^ j^^ haft wounded. 

a8 CP"™« «h«n » a8 Let them £$il from Qi« 

I3erTfo«2JS» wickednefstoanodier: aadnot 

return to amendment of COme mtO tny ng^teoauieiK. 
life, or procure thy pardon.]^ . 

29 Gpd^efpedal ^ jo Let diem be wktedout 
2S iS^lSrl?^ <?f *e book of the Uring : and 
iMftmi fcptdfawd not be written among the nghj 

bj his keepii^ a Book teoiis. ^ 

or Regifter otcheir Concepdoo, Pfal. CXipcpC. i). ^leir l^irdL 

fji^. ipqSXVU. ^. their 3yffqri«gs» iV^i. tVL This fe c^Ucd the 
nciogof the HquIc oiiJfratl^ Es^ek. xiii. 9. To be blotted ow 
i)f chi& Book iisai&s the Being put one of the Bumher of hi6 P^ 
jk, t^ Wv^% Bis ^^TOur, &^. xiodi* 92. See alfo ijjGfL ir. }• 

;o As for me, when I am 
poor and inheavinefi : thy hdp^ 
O God, fhalt lift me up. 

5 1 I will praife the Name of 

God with a long : and magni-^ 

fie it with thankmving. 

32 This alfo (hall pleafethe 

f 2 t r<; Saer'ffice to Lord : better than t a buUpck 

P^^* that hath horns and hoofs. 

53 The humble ffiallconfider 
this and be glad : fgek ye after 
God, ^nd your foul fhall live. 
34 For the Lord heareth the 


tjfiDay. 7he<Pfalms ExfUndt i^ij 
poor : and d^pfeth not [Ms ^.tngC'**" "" 

^ifebim: the fea ai^ ^1 diat 
moveth thcfein. 

;6 For C5q4 will lave Sipn, 
and build t^e cities of Juda.: • "^ 

that men may dwell tJiert, and 
have it in ppfTeffign. 

37 The pofterity aKb of his 
fervants feall inherit it : and 
rfiey that love his Name, flidl 
dwell therein. •' 

<5 A Tfalur if David. " 

2^r fa d^tr'iMm. if&i. pCX. 

HAfte diee, O God, to de>T 
liver me : make jkfte to 
he^ me, OLord. 

2 Let them be aiham^^l^ 
6cuifonnded^ diat feek after gi^ 

.^ht CO ue ^ Itovi- 
<]«ice intenOKlor the 

in miTecy : haAe thee unfo me, 

6 Thou art my helper and 
my Redeemer : O Lord^ make 
no loog tarrying. 

"i^o^ T^t^fdm ExpUind, \j^h.t>a^. 

f^V.HwiSoMteeath-Day. Morning Prayer.", 

This Tfalm 'ceriteins Pr^aj^rr, ^oi Prtfages.^ Dtliverance 
fromfomtVifirefj^ -i^hich htpl the Ffaimifi in htsoU' 
^e, tward tie Utter end of his Life. SeCfer.8.i6. 
In re, Dmine, fpetayi.. Pfil. Liyf.' 

INtheej O Lord, have I put 
niy truft, let me ijcver be 
put to cpnfuC<^n<; but 'rid me, 
arid deliver, me 'in thy righte-^ 
ou;(hcfs. ;. incline thine £ar unto' 
rnejarirffaveme.",.:. , , ]i 
2 Be thou my ftrong-hold, 
i ; .whctfunto I may alway refort: 
y , . ,, thojj haft promised to help me, 
for thou art i^y houlb' of-de^ 
fence apd my caftle.. - - 

■ ' ;' Deliver me, O X^y Godj, 
md o|,thp ungodly :' 
m^ .pFth'e'unrig^ 
[^eVipaj?* ■ .■ '■ ;, 
lou^ O Lord God, 
g that I long for : 
(hou ^ my hop^^ even^from 
wy.youfh.' ■;''■", '.",/„ '' ■, .; 
. " f Through t^ee have I been 
hplderi up ever' iiniie Iwas born; 
thdu art- he that took me <but of 
, fi^j -vjT "my mothers wpinb, h^y praife 

1 tJ lA Tljall bp always of thee. "" 

'HI '6 I,itwere a 

6 '\Mj ttaftn. tf the Jnonfter untq many;t: but my 
ffeatnefs ami firdtigeneft fure truft is in thee. 
i>fm,sufferms,f,dtie . 7" Q let my mouth be filled 
€^fi4e.cclbave.ntb«. ^^ ^^^ ^/^^^^ , that I m^V 

flng of thy glory' and honour all 
the day loiig; 

■■■-'■'■■■ -8-Caft 

t4t^ Ditf. The ffalms ExpUi/l 

8 Caft ifae not away in the . ot 
time of a^er forftke me not 
when my ftrength faileth me, 

9 For mine eneiiiies fpeak 
againft me^ and they that lay 
wait for my fouL tak6. their >r . 
counfel together, faying : ' God 
hath forfaken ' him, perfecute 
him and take him, . for there is 
none to deliver him, , 

to Go not far from me, O 
God : my God, hafte thee to 
help me. . r, . 

1 1 Let them be confounded 
and perifti, that are againft my 
foul : let them bdS covered with 
Ihame and difliojciour, that feek 
to do me evil. 

12 As for me, I will patient- 
ly abide alway : and wilVpraile 
tnee more and more. ' ' ^ 

1} My mouth fliall daily 
Ipeak of thy righteoxilhels and 
lalvation : for I knpw no end 

14 [I will *go forth in the 
ilrerigth of the Lotd God :, and 
wilji make mention of thy righ- 
teou^efe only.] 

' >». 


■•' It 

■ .. St 

: i 

■'. v.t 

. . \ 



J- A 


14 To^ ioftrtby or 
oiic, in Scripture, fig- 
nifies to tmdemke an^ 
great Afhir^Numxiyiu 
16,17. Pent* xxviii* 6. 

[J. will bot confide in my own fbrength, bif t Coos, when ( m^ 
dcrtake any buiinefsof mbmetir. I wfll not talk of any fecurity, 
btic what' I have from thy Mercy and Favour.] 

I y Thou, O God, haft taught 
me from my youth up until 
now : therefore will I tell of 
thy wondrous works. 

^ 16 Forfake me not, O God, ,^ Tin I have pub- 
m mme old age, when I am Uckly declared the great 

, gray- 


fbdigtii dicm baft uled 
in ikyiog me to the 
Men of this Age, and 
cffeftaally recorded it 
sfi Writing, for the in- 
fi^rmation of Poflerity/] 
I7r Mercy and Good- 
«efs. J See vn. 14. 

Jl^ ffabns ExpkM 

18 rrbe moll de* 
piorabie and difcoflfo* 
latt Gondition.3 

31 [^id, joyfid.3 

22 T*«fcy tttd 

I4ffc Day. 

gray-headed : funtil Ihave&^w- 
eid thy ftrejiigm unto this gene- 
radon^ and thy power to all 
thfim that are yet for to come.] 

17 Thy tng^eoufiieisj C> 
God, Is vejry high : and ffesLt 
Aliigs are tftey that thou haft 
done J O Goa, who is like vm-r 

18 O what fffikt trouble^ 
and adyerfJties hw thou Ihewed 
me! and yet didil thou turn 
and r6freui me : yea, ^indL 
brong^teftme fromttte<k^p 
Of the earth] 4gain. 

t$ Thou^aH brought me 
to |;reat honottr ; and comforts 
ed me on every fide. 

20 Therefore wiD I praife 
Aee and thy faithfulne^ O 
God, playing upon an iidlru- 
ment of muTick : imto thee will 
I ting upon the harp, O itbo^ 
holy One of UraeL 

ii TSAy tips will be [fein, 
when I img unto thee : and Jo 
will my f(^j whom them ha& 

%z My^ongue aUb fliall talk 
^^ thy ini^teoulhds] all the 
day 1^^ : for they are con- 
^founded and brroght unto 
ihame^ that feek to do me eviL 


14^^ D^y. ^ The Tfdlms Ex^Uind. 143 

A Vfdmfor SoiomCBi. This Tfalm is generally helieved 
to have been eompefid by David, on SolomonV Caro^ 
nation, ^i Kings i. Some Vajfages in it arc nme affli^ 

cable to Chrifi Jefos^ than to Solomon. 

Vens Judtewn. VtA. LXXII. 

Give the King thy * ju4g- _] /. gy J^ip^s^ 
ments, O God: and thy 
* rigteeonfhcls tinto the Kings 

2 Then (hall he judge thy 
people according unto rig^: 
and defend the poon 

I The * mountains aMb ftall 
bring peace: and tte Uttlt "^hiUs 
righteoufncfi unto the people 

4 He fliall keep the [fimple] 
folk by their right : defend the 
children of the poor jand|»uiidSl 
the wrong-doer. 

y They fliall fear thwasUwig 
as the fun and moon endureth : 
from cme generation toanothen 

6 [He fliali come down Hke 
the rain into a fleece of wool: 
even as the drops that iiuater die 

7 in has time fliall the rigfa« 
!ieoii$ floorifli : yea, afnd abun** 
dance of peace^ fb long as the 
moon endureth; ; , 

8 His dominion Ihallbe alio 
from fthe one fea to the other ;} 
and from *the flood unco the 
worlds end. 

9 They that dwell in the 
wildernefs fliaUkneelbefbrehim: 

l»5 eoemies fl»?lllick the dUft. 

and Ri^bte$9ifne/s^ 1 wc 
arc CO underfland Abi« 
lity and Indioaeion to 
determine Caufes a- 

i Bythc'^Mmtaiiis 
and Bitf hcreweaie 
to underiland the 
greater and lenerMi* 

. 4 fMeek. bne op<- 
preiTed and hc)plc&3 

5 This Verfe cannoe 
be applied in a drift 
and proper fontp to 
Solemm^ jnic may m^ 

6 [He fm^tjn, 
readily recet?ed 1>y bis 
Be^lc, as theJQtew was 
by Gii&ofi's fleece, and 
flkll be as welcome to 
them IS Rain to xi^ 
parched Eartb.^ 

d [yhitmJiUfrmie- 
an to the Kei^Sea^ if 
tmderfioodoi S^lomnr\ 

"^ TV iVaMn that is; 
the ll^Yer Evpbratis^ 

IP The 

10 The kings of Tharfis^ 9nd 
of the Ifles fliall give prefeiits : 

' ^ the kings of Arabia and Saba 

' . - fliall' bring g^fts. 

1 1 AH kirtgs {hull fall down 
before him : ^all nations fhall 

., ^ do him fervice. 
' ;\ .\ - 12 For he fliall deliver the 

} • poor when he crieth: the needy 

> ^ alio, and him that hath no helper; 

13 He fliafl be favourable to 
the fimple ^nd needy : and fliall 
preferye the fpuls or the poor. 

14 He fliall deliver their fouls 
from falfliood and wrong : and 

^ * •> dear fliall their blood be in his 


If He fliall live, and xmto 

him fliall be given of the gold 

of Arabia': prayer fliall be made 

ever unto him, and daily fliall 

^ he be praifed.* 

_itf *c^andJJJ|j^^^ J 6 j-Xhere fliall be an heap 

xK) freqneady denote r* • 1. 1. *u« 1. ^ 

Converts or Proiclitcs. of* com m the earth,* high up- 

«cc Ifai. xivii 6. John on the hills : his * fruit flialffliaJfe 

ir. 3$^ 3^1 XV. i5. like *Libanus, and fliall begreea 

^i^^S^Hu^k in the city, like grafs upon the 

the more probable that earth. J 

lOavfd fpeaks of Profelytes in this Vcrfc, bccaufc 'tis certain that 

he does fo in tKe foregoing and following* 

* Lf banks'] here iignifies the Cedars which grow on that Moim- 
takiy as is agreed by all : And Profelites are elfewhere compared 
to Trees, Ifau Ix. 13. and particularly to Cedars, which are there 
called [the Glory (fljbamsr\ 

* "tft^h upon the hltts^'] or on the top of the Mountains, is. the 
very exprefllon, whereby the Church, when in a flour ifhing Eftate, 
is reprefenced, tfauii. "2. fo that I think there is no reafon to doubt, 

' but that Dai4d 4id here intend tcf "diefcribe the great nXimbers of Pro- 
felytes which (hould be in his Son Soimm's Days. We accordingly 
read o£ 153600, 2 Chron. ii. 17,1-8. of which 80000 were appoinc- 
H bvjjim to be Hewers of Wood in theMbuntailiSj for the buiTa- 

ing at^f tiie Itrt^e : They are called f Strangers/] but thc^ibrm 
wSrd'^f Oerl is the v^ry ftrac that is ufed, iiii. xiu 4B, 49. 
and appIyUto thofe who, were Circu!l!cifed, and might eat the 

[ThcStraftgefs which iSd/o/iwn by his Wifdom and Zeal flwU 
Coilvert to die Church) Aiall be very numerous and full of Vigour, 
they (hall Ibake themfd)^ like ChampioHS, Jud. xvi. 20. nay^ 
they (hall be a maceh for the Cedars of Libanns, which threacea 
all near them with their idfty tops ^ for thev (hall cue them down 
for th^ building of theTempIe, and thete inall be as large a fup^ 
ply of thcfe fto&ly tes^ as there is of Grafs in other places : And 
yet this is but a nicer Type and Shadow ^^ftlie Profclytes, which 
fliaU come into the Ghprch in the t>ays of the Meffias, who fhall 
much outdo the othei^ii bbth ii^ Nurtibie^i^nd in Zeal, and Courage 
fofbiiWittg the Church of. iSod-] 

17 His name^fiiafl endti^e^ 17 Our Trai^ators, 

uoder the fun aiApng the pofte-, „hom, we tBt Uvc 
rides: 'which fifall be 'bleifed 1.799 Yciqrs.iifter him' 
thrQugb him, and ajl the hea-' "« «iled chrifliant, 

th^.ffialliraifc him. , ^^^JS^**"- 

'.y^;.JJlerfedbetheLordGod/ ^"« "-^y "«««>• . 
eVcfn the God of ifrael: which^ 
ojoly4pth wondrous things j ; , ■' ^ , ^ 

16 Arid bleffed be the Name 
<tf his Mkjefty for^Ver : and all 
die ekrth Ihall be filietJwitht t$ f i^ dptrekenft-' 

4^en^i.Amen. (^itatU feat of •• 

' . . Evening Prayer. 

j^,Ff4mof Afaffe^i tbjif:9s^ Afaph rAe Ster^ 2 Chroiv' 
/I ^xix^^P. Tvh UiaU in the Jays of^ Hezekiah, nd 
* Aiaph, Mentioned iChron. vL 39* If ould feem that 
, ^ i^it/^p'ofpfrotis 7>^M were Foreignef^s ; for the Pfal^ 
; Jffifi^y^rj, iplfiamly d$Jting$^es' between tbem^^ 
the People^ or; Qois V^ofle^ that isy the Jews. 
'.QHamhoimtlfrael. VQiylXXLlli 

'Sttly God is loving unto 
Ifi^el 2 even unto fitch as 
*:;e of a dean heart . 

• - - . I, J Never- 

'B [And yetmy Faith -.^^[Neyef'thelQfs^myleetdwerQ^. 
began to be ftagger'4» ateioft cctac:- iwy tiretfdiiigs 

l<»wtoG<»d Men.3 ". 3, And why.? I was-ajferpd: 

at the.wicked : . l do allaieisjuie. ^ 
' .' tillgodly iiiittchf WofteriQTii ■ 

4eaih: biittafeTjaftyandf^pi^g, i 

5? They come iu no mis^^^ 

ttine liRe- CftKfef folk: neither.; 

, jaiethey olalfcuedlj^e other men?' 

6 ttheir cfcapinr ■ " 6 An^fSt^Jis'th&cauie^baJt: 

P"ilift>nicn?/<>'" "!"» th^y are fo * bolden withx)ride : " 

• * mdtn^^ bounds ofj '7 Their eyes fWett Wi;h. M-' 
wrapt tip, ^ ■ ^ ' neis : an^I .they ,do evisn' ^hat' 

•j» ^ftMftA^iwj-O f J»f. ' "8 fTheV corrupt othfer; afn^l 
is, a»»4cf,.;l:4;iS2|% fpeak.of vifict^d *hlafph^Diy :' 

cnfation ot innocent T; '• i -t,-~.I -T .-^. « .V4 <iirt 
Men , for the Hebre^ m^f^^^ '\^^}^}xM% 
word docs not pfually HlghJ .. , . , ' .. ^ ,'.^u ^.i.u> 
fignify any thing faid ordoneagjaihffOW^ 5jrc ifj(jf)J^^ 

^They are always endeiVp^isg toidtbavob otbcrK^^iii^ 

bifcoorfe againft God himfclf.l 

j> [For the Tongues ' 9 PFof they ftretch fordi 

'*l^''r«^"n'?r&n!^ "^^^ n»<^ i4W?!>:tha hdw^x* 
,I^<rGo4norM4^X v<Jnd^eh«frto«i^goe«h."thwi»h 

' ..V : -v .^>j tife.woriaj vTu-;.-. .. ^fic-'iiT • 

oftheirfide; ' • ' - thcy irtiihiall advantage* ^ . • 

Obfcrvc an^aiftififcll.TH E. ^\ v • 

[By their boldnefs and arrogance T as it ofceA JiappenO thcjc 
bring many over to their Rfriyf an« ^iStd^c^Khc'fH^^thm^ 
fcivcs, who are miferably bsd atmy^Oidipaiate whh dtt wicfted 
in their finful Pleafurcs and Profits.3 - i \j. ]<: 

^ " II tuShy 

12 rif it fare better 
with the bad, than wich 
(he good, 'tis to no pur- 
pofe chat I have en- 
deavoured to keep my 
Heart from all evol 
Thoughts^and my Hands 
£rom all fioful A^ioas.3 

13 ^Momin£] in the 
Scripture fignines often 
all the lightforae part 
of the four and twenty 

l^h Pay. The Tfaltns Explain J. 147 

yod perceive ;t : isxhereknov/t 
ledge in the mq^ ?\%^ • ; ; 

iz to, thei;^ 4f ^S^ ungod- 
ly^ thjefe proj^ ia the woi^kL 
and thefe have ricfxes in,po^ 
feffiop : . and I fei4,^'^TWn have 
I cleinfed my Wrtrin vaip^ 
and wafted^ i^in^haivls in in^ 
liocency-J ;,,.,: 

I J |jVu th? (lay {lone have 
I been paniihe^ •< 4nd chaftenr 
cd evefy ^^jrior^ipg.1 

. \^ , ^9^ ^Q (fen. i. 5. J^ob 7. 18. //^r. xxiii. 2. 
nfcr'ilotmrfaf^i^iqg my Integrity, yet have I Iiad a larg^ 

^4 Yea, and: 1 had. almoft 
£i^ even a$ they:: hut b, then 
( iiio^Id ^ve {condemned the 
generation of thy children.] 

, 15 Then tbdmght I to un- 
i^immd this : ^fiiot it was too 

16 jUatil'I went into the 
^oAuaiyi of God f: tten un- 
(^terft»ilt;he end ()f thefe men; 
.. «7 ;lhamely>- how thou doft 
fyt them in fli^^ery places "f 4 

Sn^::i^i&f^ theni dowsr^ and 
eftroyeft "them. 

18 O how fuddenly do they 
confume : perifh^ and come to 
a fearful end ! 

1 9 Yea^ even like as a dream 
when one awaketh: lb ihalt 
thou make their [image] to va- 
29^ out of the city. 

14 (^In efTeftacoifed 
all them of Folly, who 
are true 10 thee and 
their ownConfciences] 

1 6 1 Ta b^ar thjfwwd 
read and expounded^ and 
to fray for^ and obtain M 
right underftanding of it* 

17 t Inhere they can 
have m fare 0; fisatfy 
footing* . .'_: 

ip rPompf Ad ont-^ 
ward Glory, which wat 
at beft but a meer Iha- 
dow, and appearance 

zo [Thus] 

23 [Near, or with 
thee under the care of 
tliy good Providence. 3 

t Tafupp^Tt an4 di' 

70 mt. 

1 48 The Tfalms Exptaml i/^h Da^. 

2o[SounreafonabIy, ^0 [iThus]' my tcatt >^as 

and without ground*.] grfeved : and it went even 

through my reins, 

21 So fo0lilh was li and ig- 
norant : even as it were abeaft 
before thee. 

22 Neverthclbfs^ lam alway 
[bythte]: for thoji haft Hplden 

me by my right hand f. 
2} Thou flialt guide me with 

thy counfel : and after that re- 
ceive me with glory. 

24 Whom have I in heaven 
btt^thee: and there i^. nqne 
upon earth that I defire in Qom?: 
pariibn of thee, 

2y My flefli and mV heart 
fiaileth: but God is f he ftrerigth 
of my heart, and my portion 
for ever. ' \ 

26 For lo, they that foffake 
thee fliali paifii : thou haft de- 
ftroyed all them that [commit 
fornication againft thee/] ' 
- 27 But is IS good for mc to 
bold me faft by God, to put my 
truft in the Lord God: and 
to fpeak of all thy works in 
' 27 [Gfcy.] SecF/4). the gates of the [daughter] 
ix. 14. of Sion. 

. 25 £ Depart from 
thee, and worfliip falfe 
Ocds.3 ffi'' i*"^* '4« 

*i "^ ^ 

f • ■ 1 1 1 . ; 

* * I' " -, 

■^^ iT:. '. ;.: 

ti- < f - 1 - /"« 

. / .' 


• t r » 

\ . . 


iJU-^ I 

jj^hDay. TheffdmBx^Umd, 149 

A Tfalm pf A^p)^^ whertin ffe iqi^ails th^ Mi^ruSt,kn <f 

Jerjifaiem, and the TtmfU, by JJebuchidnczzar and 

his Army. 'Tts uncirtain who thu Aiaph v/afy wb^ 

com f oft a it : But this f terns tvidtht enough j that he 

. was one of thofe who wtri fermifted to ft ay in their 

Native Country^ and was a SftBator ofaU thofe Tra^ 

ftdies that weU aBed by the Babylonians* both ip 
erufalemj and other parts of the Land. Seejtt. liir 
Vt quid, Deus ? PfaL LXXiy* 

OGod, wherefore art thoij 
abfent from us fo long : 
why is thy wrath fo'hot againft 
the flicep of thy pafture ? 

2 O think upon thy [con- , ^ [Church.^ 
gregation] : whom thou haft 
purchafed^and redeemed of old. 

3 . [Think upon ?he tribe of ^ The Tribe whick 

^e inherimce : and^^^^^^ SSoc^KK 

Sion^ wherem thou halt dwelt. J pbce of publick Wor« 

lliip, and the Royal Seat was fudoy Pfat. IxxvUi. d. For ic is cer<» 
tain^ that fome j^rt of theCky Jerufalem ftood widim the 
Sounds of this Tribe. Jojh. xv. 6^. and if any, then of conTe** 
qucnce Zm^ wbieh flood on the Souchriide ot Jerufalem^ which 
yfzi that part of the City which {ook*d towaid juda^ F/.ithrti& }• 
{[Confider, in an efpecial m^nner^ tjiat Tribe which thoahaft^ 
/ingled out from all the rell; and as it were appropriated to thy 
felt : Think on the whole Tribe, for the fake ofthat which is tlie 
chief glory of it MmiM-Zhnj where thOu thoughteft fit to fix the( 
Token of thy Pc^ppce, the Ark. 

4 [Lift lip thy feet,3 that 4 [Come, or mafcr 
thou mayeft ueterhr deftroy ^^^-^JSj^lJ^^ 
icvery eixemy : which hathdone .(jj ^gf^ tranOated in 

evil in thy UaSanxy. oar prefcnc Ei^m Bi. 

bles \vM on bk fmnej^ bnt the Mttkrtw fanU is ^t 19 td^ 

j: Thine adver^es roar ii) 
the midft of thy congregations; 
ptd fet up ^heir banners for to, , x ^y ^ ,y;«^ 

I* ^ •* 

150 the ^falinsExfimndy v^thf>aj, 

6 £He whp at the 6 [ He • that hewed, timber 
bmldjng of the Temple, ^fore out of the thick trees i 

newd and, carved the , v ^ n * 

Timber and other Ma- ^^S known t6 bring It to an 

terials for that purpofc, excellent work.] 

was a Matt famoufly j But now they break down 

iL^rui^^^^ ^ii ^^^ carved work thereof: 

witn Honour^ lor iii$ , . • j i. 

admirable Pcrformaar . With axes and hammers. 
ccr of this kind.] 8 They have let. fire upon 
a cirm. 5L 1 5 , 1 4; thy holy places : and have de- 

^ 12, 15. . ;^^^ ^^^ dwelling-place oiF thy 

Name, even imto the ^oulid. 

9 [Synagogues, places $1 x ea^ they faid in their 

fer praying and hear- hearts, Let US make havock' of 

ing thcuw.] themakocetheirr thus have they 

^ • * biirxitupall{]dtehoulesoFGod] 

in the land. * 

10 [Miracles, as in lo We fee hot our [tbkehs J 

^r^ri^^ diereisndtbneprophetmoret: 

Cmntry:-, fir. there were «<> not onc IS there among US 

Pre^tkMmi tbecap^ that underfti^fideth any more. 

trues iffiBabylon, as Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, ^c. btr there were 
mm ^ home after the death of Jeremiah 3 when this V&lra muil 
therefore have been coimpo&d. ^^^ 

. *.Nojmtone among us that under ft^tnd^h Im fMe,"] that ?s, inur 
Scaaefmen and Generals, and all that ^-erc' skilfifl in any Skn^nce, 
trtnovr.vanilh'd and gone. See Tfal Hi. ±^ j. 

; ' ;/:' . n O God, how long fiiall 

'. . ^ /i the adverlary do this difhonour : 

how long ftall the enemy blaf- 

V - * . pheme thy NaAiey for ever ?^ 

t . - J ; ;s,t Why. withdraweft thou 

• -'-' : thy hand : why pluckeft dxou 

'' ] \ ^;, not thy right land out of thy 

. : :. ; .£ i .... bofom^tb CQjilume thexne|ity ? 

13 For .God is my king of 

old-: the help that istipiie ujion 

earth, he doth it jhimfelf. 

., .. , v^ .£x0d. xir^ 14 Thou 'didft divide the Tea 

. . /' . ^ through thy power : thou 

tH^J i : ' brakelt 


14 [ Sca-Monftcrs.] 
So i|c calls the Com-^ 
manders of the E^ypH* 
an Army. 

^5 [PbATaob,'^ £^e- 
ktel alludes to thefe 
Vfords^Chap. xxix.^^&c. 

By "^ the Peoph in the 

brakeft the-heidi *f the '[dra- 
gons] in the waters. 'i' • 
- I'y Thou fmoteft the heads 
df jxeviachah] Tii^iSces : and 
garlitt him to be meat i6i * {he 
people in the wildernefi. 

mldernefs] is Here nicant^he Beafls and Birds : Thefe may be 
iilled^Jfcople in the fanie fenfc that ' the Ants and Conies are, 
jVM;^xx..a4^,i^w^Mitf!^fta(ldrhi&iAl^ drowned in the 

Red-Se|,iM|d rlbro|7q^P'^*€hcSh<^e, were there left as a Prey 
to the Birds and Beafts, the proper Inhabitants of the DcCurr, 

i6 Thoi^brQUg^t^-outfouii- 

tains, and waters oiit of thehaf A 

rockst:: thou dii^?4ft ^ mighty 
waters. io- : 

17 The day is^t^oiie, and the 
night is thine : thbu haft pre- 
pwcd' the light audi the llin. 
•> hlS Thou; ttuftiliit ail [the bcxr- 
ders] of the earth : thou h^ 
made (ummer and winter. ■. 
-19 Remember this, O Lprd, 
how the enemy hath [rebuked;] 
and how the foolilh people hath 
Wafphemed thy Nftme; ; ^. 

no O deliver not the. foul of 
thy [turtle-dove] unto the mul- 
fitude of the enenrti^s': a^d for- 
get not the congrcg?ition of the 
poor for ever. : 

, li [Look upon the cove^ 
nant : for all the earth is full of 
-d^rkiiefs and cruel hobitatidns.] 

ilidft promife this Larid w him and his PoOjerity, C? cw.xv. 7I whcrir 
as 'tis now invndedjby.ighbri^ic Idolaters, and inhabited l^y ((ip 
Imoft crueli^neni^^ J ./ 

• f2i 0>let 'not'the [fin)ple] ' 22 .'rHumWe, opi 

Ko 11W9Y a|[)5in^4 1 bw 4et the ^^'^^^^^ pc^yoc4t. 

Mxfxl, xvii. 6f 
^umb. XX. II. 
/if. iii. 15,17. 

18 [The feveral Cli- 
mates, and the bounds 
of all Kjogdoott and 
Em^irds.] i4/?xxvii.a6, 

i^ [Reproached.] 

20 [Thy Church , 
which is as true to thee, 
as the Turtle to her 
Mite, and, like thae 
Bird, makes her moani 
an^ fi]eat Complaints 

21 [Rcmtmber thy 
Covenant with Abra- 
ham ^ whdreby thou 

1 5 z The ffaim Explain d: i^th 3p4> 

. poor and nesdy ^ve praife uxi^ 
to thy Name* 
2; Arife^ O Gpd, mainuin 
* thine own .caiife : remember 

how the fopiiih man blaij^e- 
* meth thee daily, 

24 Forget not the voice of 
thine enemies : the prefumption 
cf them that hate mee^ enccea^ 
feth ever more and more. 

^ The Fifteenth Pay. Morning Prayer. 

A ?fdm Of Seng of AH^ph^ pre^kfy the Seer mintimtd 

2 Chron. xxix. .;^o. 

ConfitehimuT ttbU P&I.tXXy. 

Nto thee, O God^ do we 
give d^hks : yca^ '<unto 
thee do we give thanks. 
2 {[thy Power is al- ^ [ Thv 14ame alfo is if^ 

iS {''^^'''' '"* " ^gy ^ '^^ ^^^^^o thy won- 

■-'. drous work^ tJeiclare;^ 

^The5dand4tbVcr- ^ When I* receive the con- 

les are the words ot ^ . t /i. n • j 

Qod Himfeif . H^m. gf^gation : i fliall judge accor- 

c 3 To * receive'the dlrig tUUO right. 
€op£rezatlon]is a Phrafe fignifyiite co.ttQdcrtake.theGoyerQmctK 
bt* a People, to interpofc or &acc-AftembIics : Some- 
times Ood is reprefented as difcarding a People to fuch a degree, 
•as ro^take no nocice of their puWick Tranftftions, Jiof. viii.' 4. but 
whert ]ie receives them again into Favour, then he takes their 
pu^lick ConAtitationS' into b^s. Care, and does bj bis Providence 
direA ind moderate their Counfels. - . 

. 5:C15''! ?nd pubiick ; 4. jhe earth is weak, and ?U 
'f^^^cf]:y^hKh^^^ Oieinhabiters thereof: I bear 

where cglJed Foundati- ^ *****«i/avw ^ vnw* wx . * »/n^m. 

bns,^,iii.3.hcx€ PiUars. np the TpiUarsJ of it 
* A r i>^i,^„^ «r» S I ^id untp the fools. Deal 

5» ^•1 Behave no? ^ ,^ /*. ^ j^i 

wur felves lik^ info- ««^ «> ^^^ ^ and to the : un- 

km, A^fvaing, ^ngo- ^dly, [Set iiot up yourhorn, 
. . . ' , ^ ^ Set 


. 6 Set not up your homon ^«»!*>«^ %P«*. 
high : and fpeak ^not with> ^^"'•J 
ftiffneck.] ' 

7 For promotion confetti 
neither from the eaft, nor from 
the weft: norVctfromthefouth. 

8 And why? God is the 
Judge : he putteth tlown: one, 
and fetteth up another. . . 

9 ForinthehandofdheLord 

there is a cup, and the wine is 
red : it is full mbct, and he 
poureth out of the lame. 

10 As for the dr^ thereof : 
all the ungodly of the eardi 
ihall dfink them, and fuel; them 

11 But I will talk of the God 
of Jacob: and praiie him for 

1 2 All the [horns] of the un- 
godly alfo will I break; and 
tM horns of the righteous fliall 
be exalted; 

9 God's JvOgfoam 
are fteqiieQdy tepre*^ 
feoced by, ,a Oafi o£ 
Wiiic ( ^. B, 22. /rr.' 
XXV. |$)6r^.) of it« 
felf ycTf fiupiffing^ 
but filled here with p: 
mixture of oOmtt In- 

^edientSp i 


• t 

'•i I. ■•'.{' ■ (» 

12 '^Screi^ Of 

Powcr.T ' ' 


€0 contaio GodV An* 

fwef to the fercgoing 

bo the Pfidmifi fpwa. 

A Vfalm or Song ^ Afaph. Sei TitU of the fore^ 

ffahn J it fetfHs to barue been eomjuBfeZ iw 

God's JudgTmnt on SenacheribV Arn^^ 

xix.!?. Bam.Tatr. 

NotusmJuiMa. PfaLlXXYI. 

IN Jury is God known: his 
NaJtne is great in IftaeL 
2 A^CSalem] is his tabema* 
cle : and his dwelling in Sioa. 
' % Therebrake he the arrows 
of the bow': tjie fliield, the 
fword. and the battel 

% [/nrftfkfemlcallcd 

* X 

.1 •■ \' 

r^ i^^Pfahm n:^pUtnl 'iphl>dy. 

Prefencc, were more «»d'rftl|;ht : than^tl^e hiHs of 
able to defend us, than the robbers. J 
thole Hills,^ where oar Rav^tibus'fii^mie^^d tlteii'Caiip, were to 
ftcure them.3 >■ • I'i .' 

5 [Thefeinfolentii/. . ^iPSTheipfOttdJa^robbedythey 
Sl^^htL'^.f^'n^ lu*tre il^t theif iftoep : and sS 

4u witn rumc, are now « ._„5 1 ^r 1 j 1 

become a Bowy to n$^ *e - mm whofe hands weri 
they lay down to fleep, mighty, have found nothing.! 
2!£*^H5?*J?^- «JA»% rebiike, O God of 

^TSSawiiyfiiitiJlun- horfettrerfalloft, ^- ^ ^: 
(to^ifch^iBkijf^p!!^^ 7 Thou, cVJenihoiiarttob^ 
cd;2$te^k^ix^^ fttti»ad^:^ and ^h& may ftand in 
^ j^io^ ■ '/ diyfirfwiAvhen thou art ang^y? 
H^^?V ^'^«f^4'4U)udiaft«aufothyjudg- 
dcfccnt S tfeSgcl t6 ???^^ ^P, be heard from heaven : 
dcftroy Senacberib% Ar- tfe^ba»«h<a:embiad an^Jv^a^ftill, 
my was accompanied wich/thimder 'wiiicl^ he takesita be the 
fncanihg of that Expreflton. ^ 

liW5ft«l^rrti?j¥*^centbrthc Aiig^^^^ was at- 

i(||d^ mht^.^thqii^^ of'tHisiXhundtr and 

£jtrthimk^^|i4 ^eftruftion of thQ A ffyrian htmyyXbcxc was a 
tj^l^^ilrtpr riW ¥?»!* wa^ ftifl,;th^UDd bad rf ft, the Country 
was in qitiet. 

9 Wl^qa God.arofe to judg- 

from that nine w^fhhrfi^ mmftousjiii^^.my migbfhavt efeSed. 

10 [Thus thou fltalt rcnpflift fieriieiie^ jdf man 
ihl^Si?2?-Si%L'^ Ihall nltn:toi thy praife 1 and 
^I'trofe^Sihe -ttefiofteheficJfchfaiiijftuatthou 

funouis wrath bfinfo- rdbviruV. ^ '• I'.i :,.. ■ 
lent Mcn> as thou now haft, kjftdinmi^g lh}» Jpt^^i Myrtan .• 
And thou (Mt deal with hm for rfujifuture^as^houbaftiUuadx j 
thou (halt curb and fupprcfs the violehce'of his pagc.3 ; / 

IforiT .> ,'r prp. 

jfthDa^. The ^f alms ExplM^ 155 

II iPromife unto die Lord 
your God, iand keep it, all ye 
that are round about him : bring 
preients unto him that ought 
to be feared. 

iz [He fliall refrain the fpi- 12 [He ftell humble 
rit pf princes : and is wonder- *^ P^^"^ Sconwch of 

W afng the kl*g, of *. ^Jl'^1^ 

earth. J more cruly exerrife his 

Prerc^dvc, than when by cxtraordiiwry Worto of Pitmdcncci 
he /beWs^himfelf to be Ring of Kmgs, ana Lord of Lords.] 

J Tfalm of Afaph, dt$ring the taftivity (f the Jews 
under the Babylonians : So that *tis wboUj uncertain 
Ti^ho this Afaph wof. , , 

VocemaadDomifiHrn. l^^tXX^ 

1 Will cry unto God with my 
vdce : even unto God win . 
I cry with my voice, and he ^ - 

ihdl hearken unto me/ 

2, In the time of my trouble 
I iba^t the Lord : tniy iore s [The grief of my 
ran] and ceafed not in the Mind rotted itfdfi] 
ni^t-ieafon^ my foul refiifed 

1 When I amin heavinefi, I 
will think upon God: When 
my heart is vexed^ I Will com- 


. 4 Thou holdeft mine eyes . . 
waging: I am ^ feeble that I 

cammt%akt._ ^ ^ ^ ^rt^rlT^Lrfi^ 
y I have confidered the days ^fmy md, 

of old : and the years that arip . - 

isaft. *, . - ' 

6 I call to remembrance my 

fong : <a3tt3 ijb the ix^lu^ 1 comt 

* yiun^ 

• 71 "! '5"! i'.i 

\f6 The ^fdms Explain d, i^th^oji. 

^ XAb* fearch'd my ^une with mine own heart, 

rdicvc me in my prcfenc Aagiiifll, or ask*d thcfe following Que- 
/lions in my owij Thoughts.] 

7 Will the Lord abfent Ijim- 
_ felf for ever : and will he be no 

,;\ more intrcated ? 

8 Is his mercy clean gofte for 
ever : and is his promiTe cpme 
utterly to an end for evermore? 

9 Hath God forgotten to be 
racious : and will he (hut up 
is loving^kiftdhefs in difplea- 

. . ^v ■.^',. lure r ■ 

i^^iFlf"*"^"^'?* lo [Ana I faid, It is mine 
?Cv£iSS& ^^«: i«firm"y • but I will re- 
own making, to' fancy tnember the years of the- right 
thai God will never hand of the moft Higheft.] 
fhcw lis bis favour again -. I will therefore, to rcfreib myfclf; re- 
member the time when God did great things for iu, with his 
right hand.l 

^ Mem. [ Wnw>3 figriifies AfBiftion^ not only here, but t Cor. 
xu 50. xxfc 5> &c^ and probably in the iaft Collcft of the Litany. 

i ; II I will remember the works 

'■'■' " ' of the Lord : and call to mind 
thy Menders of old time. 

1 2 I will think alfo of all thy 

works : and my talking Aall 

r- .\^^ . be of thy doings. 

.h^fJ^!t^l^^^r}^ ^ Thy way, Q God, is 

g^^Sr'"'' [hofy] : w\o isto great a God 

as pur God? 

14 Thou art the God that 
doeth wonders .: and haft de^r 
clafed thy power ^mong the 

15* Thou haft mightily de- 
liveced thy people : . even th? 

fansx)f Jacob and Jofeph. 
^.r:ui .' 16 The 

. .J'. 

i^thDaf. the'P/alms BxptatnJJ Jj7 

i6 The waters flaw thee, O }.i^ oftbeRed-seg, 
C3od, the water, faw thee, and ,i5S4Si,S 
were afraid: [the depths aifo Very lAtcom, which fcr 
were troubled. J difturbcd them , d»c 

they retreated, as if they had been affrighted ac.thy.Prefence^ 
and left a plain way &r thy People to marichtlf ovgh opoa dry 


17 The clouds poured out 17 [Lightnmgt] 

water, the air thundred : and i?, i8» whereas it 
thine [arrows] went abroad- 'L^'^t^'^fL ES* *??^ 

o ^t^lJ ^ r u -.u j« edimtotheHoitofthc 

18 The voice of thy thunder &;^p#i4Wt through ihc 
was heard round about : the Pillar of the Fire, and 
lightmngs flione upon the of *5 i^^SSJ'^*"^ 
grcfund, the earth was moved J^JirpfJ:/,^ 
and Ihook witbal the Walmift teHs ^S 
wluK themeaaing of thofe words is, namely, 'that God fent a 
^readftil Scorm of Thunder, Lightning, and Vioient Rain, toge« 
dier with a difmal Eanhquake ; infomuch that xht^Sijipthmt were 
foon convinced, that the Lord fought for JT/ncr/^ againft the 
^[^^/tffix, Exod.xiv. 15. 

19 [Thy way is in the fea, 19 C^s for thy fcif, 
ters : and thy footfteps are not ^^ i^^d : but here we 

knoWltj Men cannot toUovr 

thee,' nor trace thy faotfteps.3 

ao [Thou leddeft thy people ^.ao f Therefore t|ioa 

Bke fteef -. by thehand of Mo- ^^'^^^^ 

les ana Aaron. people to march upon, 

and gaveil them ftich Guides as they were capable of folio wing, 
vh(. thy Servants Mofes and Aarorii who le^l thy People throngH 
the Sea, as the Shepherd does his Sheep over the Plain.3 

^ * - r ■ \ 

"* 4 < 

• Even- 

TTEar n^ypawj 

15 f Tie T/abns BxpLml 151J f)ay. 

Evetiing Prayer. 

mtdinrnj tmi TPomderfid Works which GU di4 fat bis 
r 1^9^, Jrm$ ius hrh^Bg tbmt m rf^Egypt, dmmto 
* tfc fimei^fDsmd; therefore Bijhf Patricfe cmfduJes^ 

that it was cemfefed by that Aiaph^ which is (ften 
, mentimi-as one tf tie frinciPal Singers in the Dafs of 

DaTld. One defign which the Comfofer feems to' haye 

bod in bis Eye, was to infitult the Fu^arJ^w^ in the 

natstTje if Pbrir FeaJ^f. 


f]fi0 the HdNTCir word . . ,^ .- ,. - 

Zorab^ the iacui Le^ X X ple : inclme ^^ 

the Sacda Lab^ La^ ^uito the words pf loy i^tJl^ 

iefimm)ikkdieit0^Lmo: Thcmr^lUy^pnmtAj iumSm 
IcAflL iljroardfecft the Etymology of them: AMI- l^fc 
that HffmuMk beft fits this phce, b6th: in the Hebew aid 

a I will gpea jpoiy woptk in 
a.*paj:aWle: Iw^dedaurepwxd 
fentences] o^old i 

3 Which we have hfar^ 3»^ 
known: and luch as oifr rathers 
have told us; 

4 TThflt we ihoul4, hjat hide 
them from the children of tie 
cenerajdons to, come : .. buje to 
Inew the honour pf die 4-oi^^ 
his migh^andiirondef^l^jcks 
that he hath done. 

5 He made a covenant with 
Jacob, and gave Ifrael a law : 
which he commanded our fore- 
fathers to teach their children; 

6 That their pofterity might 
know it : and the children which 
were yet unborn j 

7 To 

2 '^FardUe'^m Scrip- 
ture &nifies aoy n^ 
viftruftive Shying. 

.rRiddles, or tilings 
lb itbuige and cxcTfior* 
^inaryi^ diat to People 
trho Have not heard 
tHem Before, they may 
ietni i^crediUe.! *' 

7- ,;rowt^lsj«m, , ^^ y^a .> .fiv, . v.. f 

diem^e l^meiJiF, r, ^ 

8 T|»t;tI»eyImg^p^)tjtll8k:: 
ttpfl, i|j Qpd : gnd npt jtp %- ..; .x ..oj t 

ges i the. wp^s of. QQ<il« tlH« tp ^ 
keep his coij[^D[]^dmph^< rr, ,.. 
^ - 9 ■ A)p4i m to, bp :§y Af ir' 
f(W5?^fheEs, a pmims afj^rftufe-i 
bpm g«?n?Fatipn;; a.genfu^ikr 
chat let not their he;9iti^fi|gh$i; 
auid wbold^jync cle^^r^ i>ot .iv .!>..:]: 

ftedf^,;ttntdQ9gli,:,: ,i> u 

I o Like as the chiMp«}ft,0£ §-;^ ,„ - . ^ 
pih^:whob^j^lfa] J,-^ 

th^mfely^s J>a<* i/^i|)ip::d50[,.<^|; 

battel. ! 11 'L .ii/-: Jjr.^a 

II They; kept; not fheHs^Wrf 
tm^tf-^ fm4'' an4 wpHld -lafif, 

la. j|uc forgat what hp 1^ 

done : and the won^^^ 

«9fif« tl^Jie.J^d:fliewred5:.i^r . , .,> .-m /.^ 

iat&:fight-ofpnrfpr,5feth^^. S^'iSlSTu^.t 
in the land of Egy^pt,:; :pvf» icj, S die ConntAr lyiij 

«t9 ^Id of T Z<^fl^ " : ^ iieardinCity(itnKm]I 

lcecairo«qthUnbc^).fl>aay;<>r'i)K^^ theft Divine Minclct 
teri'pe^rmed % tlie ^iiiUl,of We^.. 

5J.^ei<&tide^ ^fe a^^ Exod.xin4a. .,» 

te^ them §59 thtouaif he;jnade( . i .. 

the wacerstofta|idoiiaDhei4>. •" •^' ;» 

I f In thft day-tii^^ iUfo ho ftxoi» ^iS. «»? ' \' 

led them with a cloud: aol all. . ,,, 
the ni^ t^ipugh with a£ght 
^fix9, ■ •'■ ■ •,-•■.■.■■ ,. .> 

Xxod* itvIL 6» 



^ ' •• 

' V .*• 



ii$ He claVe the hard rocks 
in die wildemefs : m^ gave 
them drink thereof^ as |t had 
been out of the great depth. 

17 He brou^t waters out of 
the ftbny rock : fd that it gufh*^ 
cd out hke the rivers. 

18 Yet for all "this thfey fin- 
ned more agairift/him : and 
proVdked the^mbft Higheft in 
the wildernelL 

. 19 They tempted G9d in 
their hearts ; and required meat 
for their luft. 

20 They: ^ake agairiflf God 
alfd- 0ying : Shan Gttd pre- 
pare a taWe in the "^adernefi ? 

zi H^ finote the ftonyrock 
indeed^ that the water guflied 
out, and the ftreams flowed 
withal : but can he ^t^ bread 
alfo^ >}• ^provide flefli for his 
people? ' , ' 

22 When die Lord hear^' 
this, he was wroth : fo the fire- 
was fciiidled in Jacob, and there, 
came lip heavy difpleafuriia-^ 

22 Becaufe they belJeVed not- 
in God ; and put hot their 
truft in his help. . ' 

24 Sp he commanded the^ 

Mem. in ^^Jfj^ dou^ above : and opened the 
ta]& of the Hiftory of _ ^ o^ 41 i ; . « - 
the Rcdcmpdoa ^om aOOrs <» lie.aven. 
Egfpt^ arid the Travel t>f the People through the Vvildernels, the 
order of time is not always pr^sciTety'obJm^' by the PfiUnifts; 
Sec FfaLcy* 28, 29. cvi. ij^\%go^,i^i Th\x% h&f j}Ke,ri^iniag 
of Manna is rchearled after the fmiting the Rock, which"yf^ w^^ 
^forc idin <xaft order of time, ^c. See vcr. 47, 48. of cWS ralm; 

^''•'' 2y (He 

Numb* xL 1/ 

.0 i ) 

1 ;; ' 

J3. J.- 


Sec W. a8f.' 

Jfew. In thefe feci- 

.'±j '(Hi rained down Manna 
alfa'upoii them for to eatf: ^i \ sme Months be 
and rg^ve them food From hea- '"^^ 
ren.'- '• " •' 

• 46 So ;man did eat [Angels ^ "^CPood prepared 
food]r fdr he fent them mVt ^/^^^^l It^i.^/ 
enough.) .: ,_ . 

ij He caufeS' thtx eaft-wind Numb. xi. 31. 
to 'bl6w under heaven : and 
fhrbUgh his power he brouglit 
ia the fouth-weft-wind. ' 

' .2*8 He rained flefh upon them 
as thick ' as duft : and feathered 
fowls, like as the fand of the 

29 He let it fall among theif 
tents : even round about their 

20 . So they did e^t/ and were 
well filled, for he' gave them 
their own dpfire : they were 
not dilappointed of their luft. ^ 

J I But while the meat was 
yet in their mouths, the heavy^ 
wrkth of God came upon them,* 
and flew the wealthieft of thern: Namb. x. 53. "y\ 

yea, and finote down the chb- ,. . ^ 

fen men that were in IfraeL 

32 But for all this they fui-j . , ^ 

aed, yet more : and believed^ 
not his wondrous wolrks. ' r 

• 35 Therefore their days did; Namb. xiv. 33. 
he comume in vanity : and 
their years in trouble. ^ 

"Jj; V^hen he flew them, they Numb, xiv, 3^. 40. 
foughi; Jiirrt : and turned them - ' 

«arly,iand enqaired" after God.. ^ ' ' . 

Jj 'And they remembred that '* 

M God 

I «»» the f/abns ExfUirti: i ^th S>ay. 

God was their ftrengthr.and 
that the high God was thsir 
. Redeemer. " 

3 6 Neverthelcfi, they did t^j 
flatter him witt( their mo«th : 
anddiffembled'with himintfaeir 
tongue. ■ , 

37 For their heart was not 
whole with him : neither con-, 
tinued they ftedfaft in his co- 
venant. ., ' 

38 But he wais fo merciful, 
(hat he forgave dieir mifflee'ds; 
and deftroyed them not 

"39 Yea, many a time turned 
he his wrath away : and would 
riot fuffcr his whole dilpleafure 
to arife. 

40 For ,he confidered that 
tKcy were but 0efli : and (il^ 
^hey were even a win^ that 
palfeth aWay, and Cometh n^t 
again. ... 

41 Many a time did they. 
ffrovoke him in' the wilder- 
ftefs : and grieved him in the 

■ defert, ' " " . 

'42 They turned back f and 
tempted God : and move4 the 
f>{)Iy One in' Ifrael. - ■.. .j 

43 The.y thought not of his. 
J>aigd; and of .the day when he 
(^^yered them fcom the. hand; 

wrought his 
>t : and his 
Id oi*tom. 
their waiters 

4: t fa Egvpr, in 
tb''-- neCrer ani Incli- 
rjithns, Mumb. xiv. •(• 

Exad. vjij viii, ix,K,xi. 


I ph Day. The ffalms Explain cf. 

into blood : fo that they might 
not drink of the rivers. 

t6 He fent lice among them, 
devoured them up : and 
frogs to deftroy them. 

47 He gave their fruit unto 
the caterpiller : and their la-^ 
bottf unto the graihopper. 

48^ He deftroyed their vines 
with hail-fton^s : and their mul- 
berry-trees with the frori. 

49 He fmote their cattel alfo 
with hail-ftones : and their 
flocks v^ith hot thunder-boks. 

f o He caft upon them the 
fiirioufhels of his wrath, anger, 
dilpleafure and trouble : and 
fent evil angels t among them. 

J- 1 [He made a way to his 
indignation,] and (pared not 
their foul from death : but gave 
their life over to the peftilence. 

5*2 And fmote all the firft- 
born in Egypt : the moft prin- 
cipal and mightieft in the dwel- 
lings of *Ham. 

53 But as for his own people, 
he led them forth like Iheep : 
and carried them in the wilder- 
nefs like a flock., 

^ 5*4 He brought them out Exod. xiv.; 
fafely, that they mould not fean 
and overwhelmed their enemies 
with the fea. 

$f And brought them [with- 
in the borders or hisianduary :] 
even to his mountain which he 
purchafed with his right-hand. 


$0 t Oae^ or the chief 
(jf T»hkb k called, the 
Defhoyer^ Exod.xii.43. 

51 [He proceeded a- 
gainft them in his Aft- 
ger, yet in a wife man- 
ner, m a mechod which 
hifr infinite Wildom di* 

52 ♦ ffam] was the 
Father of the igyptian^. 

55 [kt\i(t to Mount 
SSkiiy on which his Ta* 
benude, and afterward 
his Temple was to 
ftaiid.^ 2 Sam. t. 6. 


1 64 The ffalms Explml 1 5 thT>dy^ 

45, 44- 

iii, xiv* xxf. 

$8 r Like a Bow, 
which being broke of 
a fudden, difappoints 
the aim of the Archer.] 

Jhc(. vi. 2$. 
X. 6. 

%6 He caft out the heathen 

* alio before them : caufed their 

land to be divided among them 

for an heritage^ and made tte 

'^ tribes of Ifraei to dwell in their 


5*7 So :they .tempted and dit- 
pleafed the nioft high God : 
and kept not his teftimonies j 

fS But turned their backs^ 
and fell away like their fore- 
fathers : [ftarting afide like a 
broken bow J 

f9 For they grieved him 
with their hill-altars : and pro- 
voked him to diipleafure with 
their images. 

^ 60 When God heard this^ he 
was wroth : and took fore diC- 
pleafure at Ifraei ^ 

61 So that he forfook the 
tabernacle in Silo : even the tent 
th^t he had pitched amongmen. 

6 2 He delivered [their po werj 
into captivity : and their beau- 
* ty into the enemies hand. 

fence, and the great Ornament of their Country, thcdefirc of their 

63 He gave his people over 
alfo unto the fword : and was 
wroth with his inheritance. 
■ ^4 The fire confumed their 
'ypurigmen : arid their maidens 
^were not given to marriage. 

^ 6^ Their priefts were flain 
•With the fword : [and there 
:w^re no widows to make la- 

'.*-*' 66 So 

I 5<fw. iv. 3,4. > 
Jeu viL 12. 

, ^2 ([The Ark which 
was ,the main ftrength 
of IfratU becaufett was 
the token of God's Frc- 

I Sam. iv. lo. 

tfj [And their Wives 
dkr li^L ibng.lxirviye to 
Tvivrhem their Funetdl 


i6thnay: Tie T/alms Ex^kml 

66 So the Lord awaked as 
one out of flecp : and like a 
giant reiPrefliedv with wine. \ 

6 J He fmote [his enemies] 
in the hinder p^rts : and put 
them to a perpetugl fhame. 

68 [He refufed the taberna- 
cle or Jofeph : and chofe not 
the tribe of EphraiimljJ 

69 But chofe the tribe of 
Juda : even die hill of Sion 
which he loved. 

70 [And there he built his 
temple on high : and laid the 
fourfdatipn of it like the ground 
which he hath made continu-. 

7.1 He chofe David alfo his 
fervant : and took him away 
from the iheep-folds. 

72 As he was following the 
eWs great with young ones he 
took him : that he might feed 
Jacob his people^, and Ifrael hi? 

73 So he fed them with a 
faithful and true heart : and 
ruled them prudently with all 
his power. 

The Sixteenth "pay. Morning Prayer. 

A Pfalnj of Aiaph on occafion of. the Outrages committed 

hj Nebuchadnezzar. Se^ Jer. x. 2 j*. 

Veus^ venerimt. Pfal. LXXIX. 

O God, the heathen are coriie . 
into thine inheritance : ' 
thy holy temple have they de- 

M 5 filed. 

67 [The Idolatrous 
Pb'Uiftines. '] 1 Sam. v- 

fit that the Ark (hould 
be reftorcd to the Ta- 
bernacle in Shiloh , 
which flood in the 
Tribe of Ephra'm, one 
of Jofeph's Sons.] 

70 [And there he 
has cauled a mod Mag- 
nificent Temple j:o be 
eredled, which is not 
moveable as theT^ber*' 
naicle was, but whofe 
Foundations are fixe* 
and firm like the ground 
on which it (lands, 
made for a long conti- 
nuance of timej 

i66 The ^falms Eocplmi. 1 6th Day^ 

filed, and made Jeruf^em an 
heap oJFftones. 

7, The dead bodies of thy 

fejrv^nts have they given to be 

\ meat imto the fowls of the air : 

and the flefli of thy faints unto 

the beafts of the land, 

3 Their blood have they flied 
like water on every fide of Je- 
r4i<alem: and there was no man 
to bury them. 

4 We are become an open 
fliame to our enemies : ^ very 
fcorn and derifion ,upttf, tnCin 
that are round aboijt us- 

i ^ ^^a ^°J?;S? S Lord, how long wilt thou 

thounafl conceived a- •r^^^^^ a \\ r^uF ' i > n 

gainft thy People for b^ angry : fiiall [thy jealoufie] 
thcif Idolatry.] Exfid. tfurn Uke ike for ever ? 
XX. 5. 6 Pour out thine indignation 

Upon the heathen that have nof 
known thee : and upon the king- 
doms that have not caljed upon 

7 For they have devoured 
Jacob : and laid wafte his dwel- 

8 O remember not our old 
fins, but have mercy upon us^ 
and that foon : for we are come 
to great mifery. ^ 

9 Help us, O God of our 
falvation, for the glory of thy 
Name :. O deliver us, and be 
merciful unco our fins for thy 
Namies fake. 

,^. * . lo Wherefore do the heathen 
ty:^^S$ ^r- WherewnowthdrGod?t 

to Jitnuiifeji thy Pmer in om behalf i^ 

'■■■. • ■■ ■• . -■■ ■ -^"^"- ••• ■ jiQ 

i6th pay. The Tfalms ExplaM 1 67 

"^ir^ O let the vengeance of 
Chy feiranrs blood that is flied ; 
be Cfpenljr fliew^d upon the 
hcadhen in our light, ' 
\ 12 O let the TOrrowful figh- ^ 
ixig^of the pril?)n?rs come be- . ^ ' 
fore' thee : according to the . 

jreatnefs of thy power preferve 

lion thdfe that are appointee^ 
to die. ,. . . 

. .^.k. ■•■J*" 


fclafphemed tiiee : reward thou " 
I. Q^ Lgrdj^ fe vei;i-fold into 

*)'•: ^ 

;i4^^$tO Vi^ethk are thy people 
iaAdAeep of tHy pafture, fliaU 
give thee thank^.for ever : and 
^SL ^alway be fliewing forth 
^y praife from* generation to , — . 

j^crption. : :: ^; ^ ^ 

''Al Pfelm of AfajA on the fame lubjtB with the former. 

Huirtffs Jfrael. PfiLtXiC??. 

H^r, O thoii ffiepherd. of ,, sometimes ^ofeph, 
Ifrael, thou that kadeft that is, the two Tribes 
Jofeph like a flieep : fliew thy of Ephraim and Mahaf- 

felf alfo, [thou that fitteft upon M "Jc""" the iwhole 

.he Chembims.] ; '^fK.f5^.^. 

QThou who doft in a peculiar manner refide over the Chcrti- 
bimf which cover the. Ark.] fxj^. xxv. 2a; - • 

2 [Before Ephraim^ Benj^- 2 Thou, wha ufeft, 
min, ind Manaffes] : ftir up by the token of thy 
thy ftrength, /and come and Prefence^to march out 

which were the three Tribes which iifed to follow immediately 
after the Ark.} Num. ii. i8, 30, 22. 

M 4 3 Turn 

< ( 

Mm. The Fcaft of i fj^j^WB^JOpi tfi* efttrapet 

//jfe Months ^erc^^ih^f , 

., See. 

• 6 (^1^ tooiclx)fB tiic 

pe ftrft Day ot the le- . n- . . . t^njn.r -nrlrt-T ^a^ m 
venth Month, on which • ^T^ :appOIilceay ftfla^ill{)©fl otir 

Day the New Moon aj- lokmn feaft-day. \ ' 

r4 pDr tbkf WW iwatie a fta- 
tttterfor fl&ad : ah<J a^ law of 
thf^Qdd 6f Jiacdk • ^ V 

i '^tiaiit opdakfedThi ndfepH 
for a teftimony : when'J^-eam^ 
out ©f :t)i6'land of Egypt^ and 
h^4:hfi^d a ftrmge ian^a^. 
i i 6 j| iJi^fttd MiftiouW^t friMa 
tib?r^)m}epl: and his handsWere 
delivered from making tHe|>6t9.3 
tte.J?g|pJtoirv^ailbfiipon yo^ deKv^rtt yoijr frbm 

thofe fl^vifti, diifyfEipkq«i(fatri4j:tftfch*fcy fi^ fabonr.j 

, :: iBa:(««i3i.T8. ;: 7^/]?hbtt cgfled^ii^ ifae in 

:::2\tW..^^'Xi tmaJdesi aftdldeftVefed-thee; 

Jf^S^SS! C.-* B»»d- fhe,/wte«me as 

irtgs ?ml m!)<r%^ i*< ffaB Itbrm fell u^rf th*.} 

^^it/!; JStdk?xil.-'y»i t^. and look'd for norhi^g but iirincdiate 

« r x'^^y* JT"- , ^' [1 P^^^ved thbeallb : at th6 

9, [At Rephidm I wdtei&jif ftnfe 1 ^ 
tried your Faith, and wareiE4)riinre.J 

Difpofitions, by fuffering you ^r ^ While to want Water, and 
found you then tobe what yoti liav^ been'ever'^ncc, a mutinous 
Jiud 4jftruftful People.] '-^^ '^:r -, ' 

9 Mfear^ O my people, znd 
I will affur? thee, O Ifrael : if 
thou wilt, hearken unto me, 

10 [There Ihail no ftrange 
god bc?^ih thee: neither flialt 
thoii Worftiip any other god.} 

and their falfe Gods, and keep them ^t a diftance fronj you ; to 
that you (hill be under no. tcmptatikiji 'to wojrftrip an Idol, j See 
ASs vii. 41,42. DCHP. xxyii^ 3^i]^A' 

IX I axn the Lord diy God^ 

who brought thee out of the 
■: . ^ land 

lo [I wiR prdte^ 
yoti from your Hea.rfien 
idolatrous Enemies, I 
will drive away thfem 

1 6th Day, %e ffalms E)cph^n% 

land of Egypt : [ open thy 
jnouth wide, and I Mil fill it.] 
12 Butmypeople would not 
hear my voice : aj^d Ifrgel 
would not obey me. 

^l \}>^\ gave them up unto 
their own hearts lufts i and let 
them follow their own imagi- 

14 O that my people would 
have hearkened unto me: for 
if i&ael had walked in my ways. 

If I fluHild foon have put 
down their enemies : and turn- 
ed my hand againft their ad- 
yerfaries. ' 

x6 The haters of the Lord 
fliould haye been found liarsf : 
but^Htheiir time fhould have en- 
dured for ever, 

17 He fhould have fed them 
alfo with the fineft wheat-flow- 
er : and wirh hony out of the 
ftony rock fttould I have fatit 
fied thee. 

1 1 [Whatever your 
Cravings arid Defires 

,13 [So I left thep 
to their own loclinati- 
ODs, and to woffBip 
thofe faJfe Gods, for 
which they had ftch a 

the time of God's Peo^ 
pJc.' > 

17 InJuieathtBte^ 
ufed the Rocks, and 
cvep the Ground, as 
Hives to lay up their 
Hony, Deia. xxxii» i4, 
I Sam,x\r\ 25, a& 

* 1 

Evening Prayer. 

A Pfdm of Afaph^ th Seer^ mentioned z Chron. xxix. 
50. being a Complaint (fthe Corruption of the Courts vf 
yudicature ^ and that there ivas occafioH fir this Com-^ 
flaiHt in that Age^ fee I(ai. i. lo. 

r>^us ft^. PlalUCXXIL 

GODftandethRnthecon- i [ Aifcmblies of Ma; 
gregation Of princes]; he ^'""St^^^.,^ 
is judge among gods. • • ^ 

2 How long wift ye give 
wrong judgment : and accept 

thp pwfons of the ungodly I ' ^ Pe- 


$f Being blinded with 
Bribes and Ignorance, 

* The foundations of 
the earth'] are Laws and 
Juftice. See PfaLyil 3. 

6 God. calls Magi- 
ftraces by his own Name 
QodSy £ac.xxii.28. com- 
pared with Afis xxiii.5. 

7 [Infuchamanner, 
by fome fuch exempla- 
ry I^eath , as widccd 
Tyrpts ufe to do.] 

8 ^ ffeathen'] thd^t is 
all Nations. r 

Theffalms Explain l i6ih Day. 

3 Defend the poor and fa- 
therlefs : fee that luch as are in 
need and rieceffity have right. 

4 Deliver the out-caft and 
poor : fave them from the hand 
of the ungodly. 

f They will not be learned 
nor underftand^ but walk on 
ftill indarknefsf. all *the foun- 
dations of the earth are out of 

6 I have laid^ Ye are gods : 
and ye are all the children of 
the moft Higheft. 

7 But ye fliall die like men: 
and fall X^i^e one of the 

8 Arife, O God,and jiidge 
thou the earth : for thou flialt 
take all * heathen to thine inhe- 

A'Pfalqi or S^ong of Afaph^ '^Jf'^S ^JJifi^ftce from 
^ God^ ag^infi ^ftveral Princes and - Natims^ then in 
Confederacy agairiM the Jews. Bijhop Patrick Jiems 
inclined to think, ^t'iva<s the Confederacy mention d 
2 Chron. xx. hut which A&ph ^this wasy or whether 
^VJ rf them pie^tionedjn Scripture y is altogether [kn^ 


Deus.fuis fimilts ? Pftl. LXXXIU. 

Hold nof thy tongue, O 
GofJ, k^ep not ftill fi- 
lence : jrefrain pot thy (elf, Q 
God. ' *'^ 

a For lo, thine enemies make 
a murmuring: and they that 
hate tl)ee ^ jiave lift iip their 
head. '1 

5 they 

1 6th 7)0, The ffalms Explain I 

3 They have imagined craf- 
tily againft thy people: and 
taken counfel againft thy [Se- 
cret ones.] 

4 They have faid. Come, and 
let us root them out, that they 
be no more a people : and that 
the name of Ifrael may be no 
more in remembrance. 

y For they have caft their 
heads together with one con- 
ient : and are confederate a- 
gainft thee J 

6 The * tabernacles of the E- 
domites and the Ifmaelttes ; the 
Moabites and Hagarens : . 

7 * Gebal, and Ammon, and 
Amalcch : the Philiftines, with 
them that dwell at Tyre, 

8 * Aflur alfo is joyned with 
them : , and have holpen '*' the 
children of Lot. 


5 r Peculiar People 
the T^^Sf whom thou 
loveA, as we Men do 
hidden Treafure. 3 
Exod. xix. 5. 

6 ^ The Tabernacles^ 
or r<?«/x,3 that is, the 
Armies, or Camps. So 
Caftra among the La^ 

7 * Gebal is menti- 
oned again, £:^e>f.xxvii. 
9. the People are called 
GlbelitesiJof, xiii. $. 

8 * AffuY, ] that is, 
the Affyrlan. 

♦ The children of Lot'] 
were the Moabites and the Ammonites^ Gen* xix. 31. 

9 But do thou to them as 
unto the * Midianites : tmto 
* Sifera^ and unto * Jabin at 
the brook of Kifon : 

I o Who periflied at * Endor : 
and became as the dung of the 

II Make them and their 
princes like '^ Oreb and Zeb : 
yea, make all their prince's like 
as * Zeba and Salmaha ; 

12 Who fay. Let us take to 
our felves : the houfes of God 
in^polTeffion. -^ . - - 

9 TheHiftorjrofthe 
^' Midianites being de- 
feated is Judges vii. 
oCf- Si/era znd'f'y abiny 
Jud.\y. ;i I, 22, 23,24. 
See alfo Jud. v. 2 1 . 

10* Endor'^ was near 
Tanaacb zna Megiddo^ 
J of, xvii. II. about 
which place this Battle 
was fought, Jud. V. 1 9. 

II * Of the fatal end 
of "*- Oreb and Zeb^ read 
Jud. y lit. 2$. oi"^ Zeba 
and Salmana, He 
Jnd. yili. 12, 21. 


lU ^he (Pfattns Explain I 1 6th Day, 

♦fcitrJ^J^/!^?* •'" ^5 ^ my God, make them 

raeWhcd of a Chariot rtitf <,-*4.^ . t. n ja- 

in its Career, or make P^ce unto a wheel] : and as 

them as fwift to run the ftltbble before the wind ; 
•way as a Wheel down Hill.] 

14 [The burning 14 Like as the fire that burm 

Mountains 1 fuch as ^ju \. ^ ^u^ j j 1 

^iw and Ke/«i;f«,. f^ ^P }^^ wood : and as the 

flame that confumeth [the 

I J- Perfecute them even lb 
with thy tempeft : and make 
them afraid with thy ftorm. 

1 6 Make their faces alhamed, 
O Lord : that they may feek 
thy Name. 

17 Let them be confounded 
and v^xed ever more and more : 
let them be put to fhame and 

^ perifli. 

18 And they fiiall know that 
thou whofe Name is Jehovah : 
art only the moft Higheft over 
all the earth. 

Bijhop Patrick fuppofes this Tfalm, to h^'ue h^n indited by 
fome poHs Le^it^y when the way to Jerufalem was 
hlockU t4p by Scnacherib'^ Army. 

JlHomdile^a/ Pial.LXXXIV. 

How amiable are thy 
dwellings : thou Lord of 
hofts! ^ "' 

; / 2 My foul hath a defire and 

longing to enter into the courts 
" of the Lord : my heart and my 

flefh rejoyce in the living God. 
r.;L\f'V^^^iH' 3 Yea, the fparrow hath 
^Z&'S^ f--?d her an hofc, and the 
So the word Altar fig^ Iwallow a neft, where flie may 
nifies again. Rev. xi. 1. lay hcr young : even thy *altars^ 



my icroa. ^ ;,r ,.j : ih^arnfLi Soigoafm 

dcfcribes the Gatkolic Chriftjws, ^. ai Epbefi, Dyikying^ They 
are within the Altar, that is, the Quire \(fir Chtmre^i as we na^ 
fpica]^. SotJicipeaiiti^'ofthis<;!af>reis, that Birds built not in 
litt Rotf of ^hifc ^irt of tfie Y empjc vhere the Altar of Incenfe 
fteod, vf^. )t|ft Wfer^ tht Veil, usiw^. xxk. vi. but in the Trees 
which grew in the innermoft' Qdia» *^here the Altar of Burnti* 
5fflering i^od^ ^ -2) Ajpfci 3(vL r4*. T S^ Pfal. xfeH. it,' 1 2. 

4BlBffedarethey(:diaf^dV«r6ll . / W Frieft^ and 
in tny nouiej • raey wro «e ai- ^^^ . ^ ^ - ^^ ^ 
way ^r^ifing thoc 'Z!'^' , piefj "^ * 

S t¥k^9^ ifiithfi man Whofe 5 By*jr^x]herewc 

heart are thv * wflv«.1 • w ^°^ TraveUmg, raifed 

neart^etjiy WgySwJ f or paved by Man's La- 

bour ^ fi»rth^ /firfcnr waitl mfig^ fignifies. Our Tranflators 
turn the word^ C^M"^^3 ^ ^ ifty^ leading to thy Houfe^ and 
fo mod Divuies unaerUand it, • $e^ f^ffl, cxxxviii. 5. 

[Happy is .the (dan who relies on thy Promife of protecting 
him andiutf BRMK, EKod. xx5cSi.^A. while he is going to pay his 
Devotbi^ thee at fentfatan^^Wlf^ leaves all his worldlv Cares 
at^omi;, a^d go<^ with t^e ^^<ft PlealiMt ajid Sad^eliort to 
thy Houfe ; <ir if h? be deT>arr*^.io/ th^t Privilege, and ferced t6 > 
ftty at home,r^et iiis Mini runs' of the way that leads to the 
Temple, t^ithcp his Dcfires ^ftd RteHnations carry him. 3 

6 r WhQ going throiigh the ^^ [They who go to 

valeSf ttiftiy;uie it fo'r^a v?^li : ^}l T^Zt.^e^^. 

, -. ^ V ititL « * 1' and Good- wiIL are not 

and tlfc'^Is are ftll^ with at all difcouraged at 

water.] - • • ■ ^ ^j^^^ Yj^jj^y l„ ^g^ ^^y 

thither, which i§ fo incommodious, and hard to bie paffed by 
other '^frwncjlers^ 'Tis to them* a' place of pefrelhment, whcrd 
^y ^ueiK^^lhnr Tiiitii, daii batjie their Bodies ; for there they 
never w^ t the tonvc^e4ct ,xrf pIciAy of Wat»^ than which' no - 
thfiig is n^ope welcome to tr^yeftei^ in hot Cojwtriies.} Sec WeU 
inthe^J^i^^w£Jrr> ^ . \ . ' ' '\ * : , 

. 1 [Tlicy <^\\\ g6;'* from, '^t'^j;^'"^^^^^^ ^.^ 

ftrengthto togth.^ndunto .-SSS^^^^ 

the God of gods ap^arct>i . eve- paith to Faith, Tvo.i.i 7. 

ry one xA fhem in s>i6il J^ from Glory to Glory, 

a Qiir. ill. i§. imports a growth anrf increafe in Evil, Faith, Glory ; 
foby:^ty5£:-rdafi)h, t6^'/rim ^n^f/> to ftrengtb^ imports 

growing ftronger, as they prficeed-ip tfccir Journey. 

^ [^Thcfe 

17^ The Tf alms Explain d. t6thDaj^ 

SThcfc Holy PUgrims (hall go on tfceir Jonniey ywii a firenfih 
vigour, ivhich, in ftead of abating, (hall grow more |ire(h the 
nearer they cdme to their Journeys-end, till eyery o;ie oiE them 
at lad, to the Joy of his Heart, prefents himfelf befbre God in 
the Temple on ^ttn^ -Zifln.] 

8 O Lord God of hofts, hear 
... my prayer: hearken^ OGod 

9 [Of our good 5^ Behold, • O God our de- 
^^hl^^^.^l £ fender : . and look upon the fece 

able to drive away the ^ « ; ; ^ . mK 
Encmy^ yvho keeps us L<>* «^^ ^^^^^ted. J 
from the place of Pnblick Worlkip, and proteft usinthyService.] 

10 For one datih thy courts,: 
is: better than athdAfahd. 

11 I had rather i>e a door- 
. keeper in the houfe^ my God : 

than to dwell in tlfe tents of 
' ungodlinefs. . 

.i2,I?qr theJ[;s<?^iG^^ is^a 

: light i^nd defence :" the Lord 

12 CHon<?iirO See ^aj g^ye grace and rworfliip,] 

the Koc^nun. , and^?t) |ood thiiag^ IhaU he 

. ; withhpld from them that live 

a godly life. 

' • * 4 



12 O Lord God ofhofts: 
bleffed is the mafa that' putteth 
' ' '^ his truft in thee. 

Some thifiti that jhisTf aim was c^^ ,^j 

Ahfaiop^' s^^hellion heing ^juieted : othirr4n^theiifaf- 
fointmmtofS&nSichtinb : AHd'tiraltogether^asprobabley 
that ^twa^ ntiade and ufid on the return ^ the People 

, /r(?w.rAg Babylonifh Capivity^ who were fiiH^moUfitl 
WitJ^ many pfien^ies. ' „ 

B^enedtaafiiy Domwe. PfiL LXXXV, 

-* I I 

LOfd^ thou art become. gra- 
r clous .unto thyJa^d; thou 

halliuraed away ths jcaptivigr 
of Jacob. • r> ' • 

2 Thoa 

't6th Day. The ^faints Uxfiami. • 1 77 

\ z Thou haft foiiivca the pf- /\ ^ 

f^ni^ bf thy jpeople r and c<h- 
vtrtd all their' fins. 

3 Thou haft taken a wav all ^ 
thy dilplea|ure : and turned thy^^ 

ieiffroiwfhyAVrathfol indigna- 
tion. • 

4 Turn us then t, O God , J 4 t T^ m fi^er 
<mr SaTidttr : and let thihe an- ^^^\ ' . 
ger <:eafe from us. . . ^ ♦ / ' 

. y Wilt thou be cBfpleafed at ' f 
usL for ever ^ and wik th6u: 
ftretch out thy wrath from one 
generation to another ? 

6 Wilt th(Su not tur»agaiii^ '_ . " 1 ^ 
and [quicken] us: tl^tthypeo, ^^^^^^2 ""' 
pie may rejoyce in thee ? - * • . 

7 Shew us thy mercy^: O "^ 
Lord : and grant us. thy falv^ ^ . 
tion. ^ 

8 [I will hearken what the g [i ^in wait pati- 
Lord God will fay concerning ently on the Lord, for 
me : for he fhall. fpeak peace «^ anfwcr to chcfc my 
unto Ws neople, and to hU ESS S'^iSTS 
laints;,that theyturnnotagaintj jyrcconciledcohisPeor 

pie, who arc devoted to his Worfliip'j that they may be out pif 
tU danger, and temptation of fiiUing to the Worlnip of Idols ar 
gain, which has brought all tim Cakmicy upon chem.J 
BfToFolfy.. Set. Gen. ^oP. I. 

9 For his falvarion is nigh 

thpm that fear him : that tglbry] 9 f "The fi vour»tle 

may dwell in our land. ■ Prefence ^f God.3 , 

*'xo [Mercy and truth are met 10 [Fot methiiiks i 

together : ri^hteoufnefs and «*Goodncfs md^Ho- 

|etce have ki&d each othe^.] . Jo'^,' ^^^tC^ft 

principal Glory arid Safety, of any Kingdom, meeting together, 
anil like ancient "Friertds, which have *bccn long ablcnc, embra- 
cing each other.]] ■ "_;;.'■ 

N II Truth 

i7« TkJ^fsimsBx^ainl yythVo^* 

II PAnd as Troth , n [Truth ilnU floqnfii ottt 
and JnRJce fliaU «ow ^£ ^^ ^g^ . jm^j. i;j«;hte6i;iaefe 

lufefcJL'Ste hathlookeddpWafromhea^en^ 

in the Spring, after t tedi<H)$ Winter ; So Ogd (hall pour his 
BIcflBngs and Mercy ftonfi Heaven/) 

12,12. That * A/|*- la Yea, the l-oj-d fliaU ihew 
f ew/ne// J often fignifies loViiK-kindncis : and our land 

his guide, and he wUl 13 [* Rlghteoufe^s flwil gO 

foUow t^e way which before him : and he IhaU dired 
J?o^^s'a?dSdv^ ]^s.€0i«gM*the,>vay.3 

Adminiftrations.] lus tp be renobmbredv that tins ffalm ha$ aa 
^fpeft to the Meffias. 

The Seventeenth: Day. . Morning Pmy^. 

\4 Tr4ytr if DavMj Vfhen ferfecuted either by Saul (nr 
Abwlom. Tie Jews fay^ that Hezekiah ^/yi a^ it 
when bis Kingdofn was invadid by Senaeherib. 
Su I Kings xix. i^. 

Incline. Vmina. Pfal- LXXXVI. 

Ow dow|i thine ear, O 

f JLord, and hear me : for I 

am poor ajid in mifery. 

: :2 Pfeferye thou my foul, for 

• % t fievdtcd td thy I iim [noly] ; my God, fave thy 

SJJi?d Mh^^^^^^ ^^^^^ that-putteth his trull ih 

J Be merciful unto me, O 
tord : fof I will call daily up- 

-.; • .. , ^ . ' ' . on thee..'. 

I ro T^. A 4 Comfort die foul of thy 
toAbfy^^ «rnS? ^^^yant : Tfor. unto thee, 

rc4tt mv SottI intothy tord^^do lUft up my fprik] 

<!«no4y-4 ^ ' 5: For tl^ou. Lord, art good 

^ ■ . aha* gracious : and of great 

'; ;' / , mercy unto all theni that call 

.-.,,• ^ - $ Give 

I yifh 3ay4 The ffdms ^ofplamd. ' 1 79. 

prayer t and ppQder the vpice 
of imy hpmbte 4efire$/ 

7 In fhe time of my trouble 
I will call upoi^ thee ; for thou 
l^eare^t me, 

8 Among the [gods]^ there 8 [Angels, Kings, or 
is noije like unto thee, O Lord: Hcathca Wois.] 
there is not one that can do as 

thou doeft 

9 All nations whom thou 
haft made, fhall come and wor^ 
ikip thee, O Lcnrd; and Iball 
glorifie thy Name. 

10 For thou art great, and 
doeft wondrcms tbJAgs : thou 

11 Teach me Ajy way, O 
Lord, and I will walk iq thy; 
truth : O knit my hearjt unto 
thee, that I may fear thy Name. 

1 2 I will thank thee, O Lof 4 
my Qod^ with all my heart : - 
and will praife thy Name for 

1 3 For great is thy mercy 

toward me ; and thou h^ de- . 

livered my foul from the nc- 
thermoft hell. 

14 O God, the p^oud are 
rifenapcainil me; and the con- 
gregations of naughty men have 
ibttght aficer my foul, and have 

not fet thee before their eyes. \ '^ 

ic J^t thou, O Lord<jod, i 

art rail of compafllon and raer- ^ 

cy: Ipijg-foffering, plenteous 
in gocidnefs and truths 


N2 16 o 

1 So The ffalms Explalnl lyth Hd^ 

16 O turn thee then unto 

mc^ and hate mercy upon me : 

give thy ftrength unto tliy fer- 

vant, and help the Ion of thine 


17 rsomc manifcft 17 Shew [|fome token upon 

tokca of thy Favour to- me for goodJ that they who 

ward mc] j^^^^ ^^ may fee it and be afha- 

med : becaufe thou^ Ldrd, haft 

holpen me^ and comforted me. 

■t . 

This Vfalm ivas comfofed hj an uncertain Handy in cofn^ 

mendation of the City ^ Zion^ or Jerufalem. He 

begins with an elegant abruftnefs. . 

Fundament a ^. Pial. LXXXVII. 

• *.^^f foundations,'] *T- jEr foundations are upon 

Sf'"£?',^'S: , rl *e holy hUls: the LoM 

in Vindication, ire. loTCth the gates of Sion more 

t For there he hat than all the dwellings ofJac<)bt. 

■chofe t» be wor/hifd, and 2. Very excellent things =are 

U be frefent in an ejpe- f ^^j^ f ^^^ jj^ j f 

cial manner. c' A ' , 

? r I will not forget ■ . - - 'n ^111 think upon Rahab 
?.tf£a''?n'''n'y and Bftbylon:- with thenr th^t 

Converfation among Know me. J ' v •* 

my Friends and Ac(^aaintance.3 

4,$,tf. Ar£]mthcfe 4 [Behold ve the Philiftincs 
J!!i" vT^v .vrJI!!i5f alfo : and they of Tyre, with the 

lome very cKtraordi- ^x • i ii ^ ttt^ «_ ' t 

nary Peribn : So the Monans,.lotherewasJlEbom.J 

j^ytkigoreans called their Maftcr N^ ^ • 

4 [Confider and admire, as-much as yo^ pleafe, thtPbflifiineSf 
the Tyrianf^ the Mthiopians. (Sec Pfalm LXVIIL^i.) do not only 
admire them in general, but $\Iqvi; tl^at there is not one ot; thefc 
People, but that fome one eminent Perfon lias been bocA i^mojigft 
them.] , . 

5 [And as to Zm, ^ TAhd df'Si'on it ffiall be 

' orfed T us MortaTs' reported^ that H' E ' was , i^ohi 

fhat fuchl very exc^ra' i^ hcrV and 'the moft high Hial! 
ordinary Perfon was ftablifh her.]" • *; - * 

i ' '- . born 

xyth'Dty. Thi ffihu Explaiii'l 18.1 

b(»-n in her; t>QCGod hintfrlf fkalLdo her the Honour, to confirm 

• - ' " ■■ ■ '-d'otWO. 

aDcT ratify whac is faid of. bcir/j' 

e ("The Lord fljailr^hearfe •< The p«ailiarcaK 

it when he wrisethittD,the oeo- which God took of dw: 

pie ; tl^t^E.was.b noted 'in 

ScrwcuEC try a Book ufy d c? keep 

of them, aii,d all that be ■' This is 

■called in E^eiie! xiii. p. Houli; of 

ip-aelJ -Nowthe differen between 'a 

umods^Min of any oth» thel'eople 

oSlfraelf tbtbis, that ijia poken of 

by Men -, but the lew l>y [his is the 
full meaning of the fith, ui<. 

^The UmS himfelf (hi! tike notice in <{ci,(fAi^ tp the L-?ft of 
the Pcople-ot^frdf/, that rtifi<IrcacMaD was botn amongft them.! 

7 rTHeWersalftJandtram- 7 [>ij>y,he ihaiixicc 

peters-^llherehearfe; ?llniy ^"'^''S'hlS '»^ 

frefti fpnngS fliall be Iti thee.] ^,4 their Birth in zm, 
but he fhtll dcfcend even to us,'who hiimbly chant forth hji 
?rzilei wfeh our Voices and -Wind-Mulic. All my- bed Strains 
-will I rcftf^K for thee, O 2*011, I ftullnererfpe^of thee wiili- 

out a Holy Raptarc.]] r 

A. Son: «, Otti 

cfth ii. 6. 

of a 51.*- 

5yBi 1 hii've 

been ltd. A- 

■ if n 'ms m 

thii f , 8^ 



prayer enter into thy ■. prelence, 

incline thine ear uato jny cal- 


2 For my foul is full of tro«- a * f^^a, 3 , that it, 
ble : and my life draweth nigh ^^ 1^'^ «f "=« l»"^- 
unto^hell. ■ N 5 See *'«^/;u-,. _ ^^ 

1 8 1 the f faints Uxfi^tiL iythDd^. 

• J t kni counted ias one of 
them tiiat go down mto^ the 
pit : and I have b^n^eivent, 
9s * fRiti «hat teth ho ftrength. 

4tFi%cf attiofag fhe^dead, fe 
t»to them that ai^wemikled, 

and lie in the rf-ave*t^\*tho are 
put of r^menrorancQ^ and arc 
cut away from drjr hand.} 
• J Thou haft laid me in the 
lo W9ft pit : ill a pljce of daric- 
nefi'^d in the deep.\/. 

6.-TMne indignation ^lieth 
hard upon xnp: and^tlp^ haft 
vexed nie^ with all t% I^Qrm& 

7. ttll^^hatt put away mine 
atqu^int^ce far from me: and 
madetnetb be abhorredof them} 

8 -I affi fb faft^in prffoil .^ that 
I cannot get forth. 

. V V - '- - • 9 U^ fight faSeth jfojT vejy 
wicbVeepiDg^itnd;Mi- trouBlQl: ^lofd, I havp^called 

^*^-^' ' '\\:.,;\ '\ dailyui^onthee^IT^i^'^^ 
. ■' 'V ' ed forth iTiy hands. tmtp thee. 
,;,;^t^^'i*^^*'J * ^^ lo CDoft thoit Ww' won- 
iTOctead, again liibf^ . ders 5mong tlie dead^ orihall 
portal Life ? Doft thou the dead rife ,up a^aiti, , and 

ufc to give Men fire* '^raife thee ? } , — . 

i,j Sha^i thy lovirig-k&dhels 
be ihewed 6i the grave ; or thy 
* faithftilfidrs in dcftruStenf 
; 12 SKallthy^Gildfdifc^orks 
'Ibe krioMi in the datk : and thy 
^rightcoUfiiefs in the land where 
'all things are fbrgotteri .^ • * 

i-;.^ Unto thee have I cried^ 
■^ 'L<)?d : *and early ftiall my 
sprayer come befote thee. 
i ** i4HLord 

• ^ t For fome time. 

r . ,• - » * 

p, 4 "[Like ode of ttepi 
that are' already eiitrcd 
Freemen araongrt' th6 
Inhabitants of the o- 
tner World •, lifce^thpfe 

. who are tiead pf! their 
Wounds, and hurfed all 

, in one common Gr^YC, 
wiio arc no more fc- 

-garjdcd^ and oui jpo 
longer receive tncBref-, 
iings of thy gracious 

^ ** 'J? [.Wy Acquaintance 
tire* afmd to'owii or 

c6me n'eal* ■ m^ :' Tftdy 
'^^^'athtfr-fhun'^the^s a 
- plague; ai!d^y'*att^or^ 

faken by thee.] 

9 fl am alippArblind 
ithV* ' 

ufe to give Men fre^ 
^j'tlenl occation to prirfif 
thee for fuch nxirawSr-i 
diuary Works ? j 

* .-.V 

rrthDay] The ffalms Ex^Uin'l i l8) 

1 4 Lord J *^ abhorreft thou 
my fool : and nid^ thou thy 
face from me?' 

If I am iniTnileryj andifts 
uflto hnn tl^' is at- the p^nf f 
to die: even from niy 7°*° ■ 
up, thy terrors have I fuflered 
with a troubled mind. ■ * • ,, 

i6 Thy wrathful dilpleafure f Vht' a «henfiom 
goethoTCrmef: and[thefear of ihySevCT^y'iu"h re- 
ef thee hath uhdon? me;.J duced mc lo the great* 

17 TThey came round about eft cxoremity.] 

n»_My Uk= water : .nd com, ,„'iE,'";L'""?a'!! 

•paned me together on every ^^yj furroonding mc, 

"fide.J ' and arc as welcome to 

me as Water to one that ii ready to be diown'd.^ 

i8 [My lover? and fri^ .'8 P" y <*« "*> 
haft'th^,uU;«.ay.f^^ pie: SX^^1^^^r= 
and md mine acqt^mtoccoii.t ,N9«,*henim(^wanc 

of my fight J 1. ' ^^^a„^ they.kcep at a 

dtftancc fireiB me : Tfae-Affliftio^ wbicb thou haft laid u{>oii ate, 
Bnka then afraid to tame otar metj]' 

A' Pfelm ttf-fetft ho.tfap S^ 

. Patrick) wot b fi«' wrote toe 

former, andliir, with hitttj *iZ. 

tiboitt the time h nivitjr. In this 

be forely Umm r ; e^eciaSy the 

faU of the GeVi in the Line 4 

jDavid: A*ti't , hat is faid of the 
perpetuity of D^vid'i Kingdom^ cannot rationaUy be iOi' 

'- Atffiosd of any bia Chnft, -^bo wot of the Seed tf 

Mifericar^ai paminj. FfiO. LXXXD& 

MY fong fhallbe alway rf 
the lovuoig-kindnefe «f f 

' the Ixwrd ; wirfi my immith will 

N 4. Jev*- 

i84 The f/simsBxfiimX i7tbS>^ 

1, 2. [PanhCa\a€Ci in I ever be fewi^ thy-, ^truth] 
fciiSUing of Proraifes.] Jj-qjh ^^e generation to another. 

a [For I hare al- 2 [For I have faid, Mercy 
ways faid, and been ^j^ ^g fet up fi?r ever : thy 
SfcttLSLbVc "uth fhalt.^u-ftibUlh in tli 
Building, wh'ofc FouQ- heavens.j - . ;■ 
darions cannot cafily be (ubrerted; and thft thou vHt keep thy 
Faithfulnefs ficm and unftlakcn, libe tht OrduUnces of the Sun, 
Moon, and Stirs in the Heaven.] See ver. 55," 5^. 

,} I have made a covenant 
whh my chofen : Ihavefworn 

'".. unto David my fervanr, 

: 4 ThyfeedwiUIftabliflifor 
?ver: and.iet up thy throne 

":. iFrom one generation to ano- 

., ,: ..J"-© Lord,, the very heavens 

!fliaJlpraUe thy wqhdrous work*: 

aud.thy truth in the congrega- 

5 1 fi' '*"« ^fi^- tion of the fairitsf. . - 

TujmrJlJ'fJr. - , 6 JForwhokheamong the 

Secw. s,35,j5. clflHOS : that mail be compared 

unto the Lord ? 

id what is he among the 

■ -7 [Earthly Princei that fliaJl be like unto 

■ iV«/.ls)C5tvi. 8. ijP 

- .; ., ', •' 'd isvery greatly'to be 

' .\' "\ ,: in the counfel of the 

. -.. : ,' - " and to be had in reve- 

■- „- "all them that are round 

. ■■;, ": - iin. 

. ' . 9 uj.crdGodofhofts,whois 

' V'i^*' ■, ■ • -hf-s unto, thee : thy truth, moft 

■ ■-■'■-• ' mighty Lordj is on every fide. 

r':. -■ :.,. 10 Thou ruleft, the raging 

'^of the fta : thou ftilleft the 

_ vaTts thereof when they arife. 

:;. J J T^ou haft fub4ne4 Egypt 

:.?■.% i ^d ■ 

ty^ Vity. The ffalms Mocfaindl 

aiKl 4€AsDy«4 i^: thdu.haft 
icaccered tfaiiie enemies abroad 
with thy mighty arm. . 
. 12 The heavens are thine, 
the e^th al£b i$ thine : thou haft 
laid the foundation of the round 
world, and'aH that therein^ is, 

I g: [Thouhafl lAade thenoith 
and th« fouth : * Tahor and 
*Hennon fliall rejoyce in thy 
:Namej] ;^' - 

14 Th^u haft a mi^ty^aiim: 
flrcn^ is thy hand, aad high is 
thy nght tend.' 

If Ri£h(2$6uihefs and eqUiqr 
[are the tebitation 6f thy icatj: 
mercy a&d icroth ihaH go bfefore 



16 Bleffqd is the peopfcy O 
^Lord> that leant rejoyce ih thee: 
[they fliall walk in the light of 

^hy counteriance.] 
• 17 Their delight fliall the 
daily in fhy Name : and in thy 
[ri^hteoulndrs]. fliall di6y make 
their boiaft. ; • \. 

1 8 For thou art the ^gxy 
of thexri ftrength : and in thy 
-loving-fcindncft thou flialt [Btt 
wpourhdrnsj ' 
' 19 For the Lord is our de- 
fence ; the holy One of Ifrael 
is pur King. 

20 Thou Ipakeft fometime 

,in Yifioiss :unto thy faints t^ 

and faidffi : [l have laid he^ 

iipon one that is mighty, I have 

fcxaked one chdin cut of the 

: people.] 

13 * Tabor 1 (lands 
toward the wcftcrn 
part of yudea. 

* NermonytowMxd the 
Eaft: fo the meaning 
of the whole Verfe is, 

[All the four Quar- 
ters of the Land fliall 
rejoyce in thec.3 

i« [Dwell on thy 

' fndkmtice fn aa 
fhy ProceeMg^^ 

16 I They ftull al- 
ways be inthyfavour.J 

17 [Mercyand Good- 
^efs. J Sec Pfiit. X3ciy.5, 

18 [ Refbre our 
Power and Dignity.]} 

20 \ Samuel^ iSa^ryu 
znd'N4thany2 5'/r.vii.4,$. 
[1 have provided my 
felt a valiant Champion 
I Sa. xvi. 1 8. to lie your 
clelivercr,2 SamMuiS.'] 

1 8^ The f Johns Explain I i yth Day. 

ti J l&LVtioxmd I)avM my 
fenrant : widi my hol^r i^yl hare 
I anointed him. 

22 My hand* ihall hold him 

faft:: and my arm ftctU ^eng^ 

thfinuhim. ' - , . j 

2}^^ rn» enemy IMI^ not ht 

" ':^^' * aWo tado him ^i(Aetkcc : the 

^ ^ ^ ibnof wkjcedne&lhalinothmt 

*'./''. hinu^^ .' ' ^ . - ^^' ■- ^■ 

. f: 24 I will finite down his foes 

faefim ftb feceri and phgue 
, ^ , ; liutoithatiiatel^f/^ / 

2 f My troth atiband my tner^ 

eyflndltewithhim: ahdin^my 

liameibaU hisliocd be exaSted. 

^ ^pp^^ooc fide ^^. [I wiH fec^hfa dortinion 

live on iphcCdaft of the "3™ » t^e^flOOOSi J ' - , 
MeiBterfantraii S» ; oa the {)chcr £ii€ the Sfnmi^JStsi fit' a$ T^xr, 

27 He fhall fOil me, TKoti 
r ^1. /- ^ »t my Father : my God, and 

l&(^cy^p^/} 2S AMI will hiake^him my 

firft-born : higher than thfc 
|d]%^ o£ thexardi 
\\ "z^i Nfy^ mercy wilt Ikeep for 
-hiqi for ewnttorer/and my co- 
,^ venant fhall ft^ feft wiilChlm. 
* joJife feed alfo will I make 
:to : jtodure- for erer : and his 
throne as the days ofheaven^ 

^ I But if his children forfake 

my:law : , and walk ^rnot in my 

judgments. : • 

; :j2 If they break my ftatute^^ 

and keep not my xx)mmafld- 


w ^ 


1 .. 

"«7ffc%: The ^f alms E^ld^^l '-187 

nients : I will Vt& theil- bfl^ces 
widi theiicd^ and their fin wi^ 
fcourges. - 

: jy Nfcverthelds^ my loving- ^. ■ '. 

ki^dndTs mil I ndc utterly ta^ : " 
&ofoilum t noc Ifttfiev inly truth 
to Fail. i '' 

U My coveu^r^HH rnde^^ .' 

■b?e9K> hor alter; tjii^thii^g that ''!v ' 

i$ gcWP ow of injy Uf^: I jb»re r - ^. „ . . ; 7, ..: 

Mnomoxmce bj-iny bdliJHC%^ '-^ - ' - 

■ chttcl'Wifl-nbt MiDavid. ■ ' . ■' ' ' I'"" ' " ." i 'r .' 

jy His feed Ml fendiire^ for'' ' ^'"' ^- " '"• ■ ^'''' 
W^i-? aftd las fiMis!likfe as sf CTftn»<0 
tfeefMfeeforei;ne.' I .' 
' 3^ 4fe fliall'^*ma fall for 
evetrti6#e as th^tti6brix' ahd as 
-did: itdi&l witdelg in heaiem^ 

37 Befe thbu^ B^' abhorted '"• ''3'<^*ffiis; liA.^hat 
iaria forialceii tftirte-ahointed : foUom, feems- t6^'be 
aM-ai;^dif^Ieafed^t1ti^^^^^ T^flSl^^ft^^ 
'•' >i» Thoti haft%oKen did cp- 5<,ira, a-Kinp^jtiWie. 
venant of ' thy^ feirtjint fi and i^iTbej havkffit^ 

-.-WTh^hyi overthrown all ^fSSlS;?^^ 

"Ws [Ifedgefe]': «n(f BBk]end6wh :fr(intmol hjs«tng- 

his llrong-fiolds, • ' -a6tti;3 

•-^4a"MtheytMtgoby,.fp6'^f^^^^^^ . ' 

him: and he is become a re- 

ifiiioacfe-tbliisMghbours. - , -'/.'^ 
:-4^2riTiyu' h&ft letup the ■-■-■'■ > 

right-hand' bfiiis enemies : and • : 

■iia.&6'A\i hk adyerfaries to re- • • 

Joyce. - . ■ ^ ,. 

Az Thou haft taken away . ' 

the edge cf his fword : . and 

*giveft-him not vi(51:ory in the ' 

•batteU : 

. - 4 

43 Thr 

1 88 The ffalmr Explain d. i^ihJ>^. 

43 Thou haft put out his 

glory : and; caft^^ his throne 

down to the ground. 

44 [ThoH haft (hort- . 44 [Jhe days of his drouth 

fled his youthful Reign, ^^ ^j^ fliortned: and co- 

by a diftionourablc *^*»' V. -lu j-n: tin^^ 

aptivity, and aU the vered huu With diflionoiirO -^ 

Miferies chat attend it.]] 

Jehoiachtn began to Reign .at eigbt^n Years old, mi reisned 
but three Months, before he was c^xmi Captive ro Bm/ltOh 
2 Krn^.xxiv. 8,8cc, and the Line of Daidi Was nev^t reftordd to the 
Kingdom of Judeg after his and :^edeJHa1Ps Ca^Witf, tiBctrift 
came to fit on the Throve 0(f D^^i^, of wfaofe Kingdom tchoe 
flail be no end ) and to whom all the Prom^es ouid^ top^ii^ 
Seed have been^ and Ihall be eminently fulH)Ied. . ^ ^ . 

: t,. 4f Lord^ hpw kmgwilt thott 

\ \ , hide thy felif,^ for even: . md 

. Ihall thy ^^?9^ turn like &c ? 
^ c 46 p rien^iB^^ hpW: ftort 
my time is:: ^^li^refo^ 
: 4^ #:?«f ^^, 'Old made all men for nought f? 
f)i4^. ' ' . 4^7 Whatuman is\hfi ffhkt 

-^'^^ ■ " - Uveth,. and;4i2^notfeefJeath: 

47 fDe^th.! S€fi .andfhaiyiedeKverWsfouK 
^y^^,: ' the hand.of fte^J,? ; ;:r j 

^48 [Lord, fince o^ 4^ [JLor<j[fc Wjiere J^,f hy oW 
Sf lJ^S fS^^ 'l« tPvingJ^ind^gflfes : wftich, thou 
-theft .Q>nfideratto9s fwareft^ unto David 10 j thy 

prevail with thee to 9- truth? J ': il 

bate the S^erity of our $HfFcrings, an4 tp.tliiok pf the Pwmues 
which thou haft made to David and his- Pbrtetity.] 

49 * ^^^''^^J that 49 Reraemt^^ Loxd^ ■ tfe«e 
IS Scoffs and Taunts. ,*rebukethat thy f^ants have : 

[^ lay deeply to '^^^ "<^w [I 4o be^r m my bo- 
Heart.] ibmj the rebirfres of many peo- 

50 * Footfleps,'] that yo Wherewith thine enemies 

, Ji™^^^ have bi^fphemed thee, and flan- 

Improbable that the dered the *footfteps of thine A- 
Courtiers of Nebuchad- nointeJ : praifcd be tliQ Lord 


%%thf>af. The f /alms Explain d, 189 

for evermore. Amen, and «^<f : n^fehj cxafpe- 

A i^f^rt ; ^^^ him agamft Jebol^ 

^^^^^: , 4cbm, byfilfcandma. 

licioiis Suggeilions, thereby to bsiften his mnc : But however,' 
we arc fure, that thefc words were cminendv verified in ChriB' 
7efltfi who was a Sign that was fpoken againfu And it has be- 
fore been obferv*d, Ffal. acxii, xlv, ^c. that there are feveral 
Psftages in thefe Projptedcal Pfilms, iwhich were never fo exatt- 
ly fulfilled in the Type as in the Antitype. 

Tte Eighteenth' Day . Morning Prayer^ 
A Prayer of Mofes, the Man of <5od, occafioned by a 

great Mortality^ and the Jhortening Mens Uves from 
v^bat they w^e before^ to jo or So Tears ^ ail which was 
the effeit of that Sentence fafsd on fheWy NumK xiW 
16^ &c. that none of themjhould come to the Vromifed 
Land 3 but Caleb and Jdfliua^ by reafon of their Mwr^ 
muring. ^ 

DomtnCj rrfn$ium. PfaLXC. 

LOrd, thou haft been our 
refuge : from . one gene- 
ration to another* 

2 Before the mcHjntains were 
brought forth^ or ever the earth ' 
and the world were made: thou 

art God from everlafting, and 
world without end, 

3 [Thou turneft man to de- 3 Mem. Tis not un- 
ftruiftion : again thou iayeft^ ufual to fpea^ of things 
Gome, again, ye children of P*<^/^« *^ JP"^^^^^^ 

1 - - Tenfe, as our Tranfla- 

"^™-J tors,bqth Old and New, 

do in this place : Our Tranflators, I fay, for>'in the Hebrew the 
fame Tenfe is both prcieftt and pretcrperftfll \- ^^ 

[ThQ»_pj|ffeft Sentence of immediate Ddth cki Aiam^An cafe 
he c^t the forbidden Fruit: But then'^gain tliaii reprieveft him 
and his Portericy from that SeritencCj thoif^cJafleifljpn them, and 
bidftihenirfpentf and' live.} - .- • ^ 

i J 

4 [For 


u'' a^' J^^ -' thy fight gre but as veftep&f ^ 
diemou wc now gene- . ): •'. * o , ^7 \r J *'*''^'"^^v: '^ 

TiUyhopc for.btttW P^Wgi te W.J?^ a?^,^ ^^tfh' 

ajd^wfaod: And ife 40 tUe.lHefc^^ ^ ■ : 

is t finall nuuer widi Thee, aoc : ^^^^ as it W«ch in th^ 

Night to m.'] Af^. Jhc Jews toi*«*i:hc Night infiQ^wdtve* 

Hours, Jo. XL p.. th^q^jcwelve lffiimifi!Mf4^tWztchc$^M4t.^. 

2 5. fo that a 1lVai;ch was but ,t}v^ Hqiirs Jong. 

5 C^t thou IWccR- y [Affoon as thou fcattereft 
thc& Children with the and fede away fuddenly hke the 

Flood, which l?y$tl^>. |?rals,] . • 
aflccp fuddenly, aM in ^eat Ijiultitudcs t They were all cnt 6tt 
like Grafs gro^ng in a Meadow. J Af^. The ^eftrem^d 
here tran&ated f^^^ fignifies to &aiter Kke z fiidden Flood, 
which carries ^11 b^q It : Md I bav« tbcrcfcrc paraphras'd it 
tjccordingly. _. _ 

.\/ 4 fa itbe mj^rxuflg it is gpeen, 
and growcth up : but w the 
_ evening Jt is cut down^ dried 
upj iand withered. 

7 [For we ccnfume away in 
tfiy difpleafure : and are afraid 
at thy wrathful indignation.] 
by reafon of thy difpfeafure, and are always under fad apj^rehen- 
iionsof Pain, Difeafe^ and Deltb, becaufebf thy exceeding Wrath.] 
Nunib.xvii. 12, 19. ^ i. 7 , ' . 

V ^ Thou.hdft fet our mifteeds 

before thefi:: , and our fefcr^t fins 

in the light of thy countenance^ 

9 Foe when tibou art ia|ag^y, 

e ... attoujf days are. gone: we Mng 

• plir years to an end, as it were 

a tale that is tpld. 

' 10 Tjie days of our age are 
threefcofe years and ten, (and 
though men be fb ftrpng diat 
they coiuie to fourfcore years : 
[yet is their ftrength then but 
labour and forrowj]) fo fbon 


*\, j^ 

7 [I may wdl compare 
our cafe with theirs, for 
we likewife ftrangely 
pine and drop away. 

%o Mfts might wril 
wonder, and comjpllini 
thtc fo many dicdo^^sfi 
jacAot al>ovc 70^01380 
JYours of Age ^ for be- 
fore this period of time 
flen generally Ky'd Ion- 

II [Bttt, alaSy who 
fo efiediMBy Jays to 
Heirt the fad difefts of 
thy Wrilh, as to grow 
better by it ? and rins 

eafleth it away, and we are %^* Sec Exoi. vL i^l 

S^"®- i«/(Jrtf7lliittrd{Hv*di2a 

Year^, Bekf.Y^y* 7- Arwi Io9ger, i^i^w*. xitxiii. 39* Now ic 
was that the Age of Mao began generally to be (hortea'd to, 70 
Or 805 and here it has flood ever fiuce. 

TYec their itrength fenres them to Ktde oth^r parpbfe, but 
only to enable |hcm to bcir the inore Pain and Grief, and DiflS- 
ciilties of all forcl 

? I {Rit who regjirdeth the 
power of. thy wrath ; for even 
thereafter as a man fcareth, ib 
IS thy difpleafure.] _ „ „ 

ia a very;great ^oUy % fer certain it is, that the Wradi of God is 
what Mcn*fear an4 ap|irehcnd it to be : God docs: not fright Men 
with vain Fears, bnti^ally inlKftswhat SinnmAatarenothaff 
den'd, ' fufppft he will.] 

12 So teach us to immber 
our days : that we may apply 
our hearts unto wifHom. 

1 3 Turn thee again, OLord, ' 
at the laft : and be gracious un^ 

to thy fervants. . 

14 O fatisfie us with thy 
mercy, and that foon : fo fl^U 
we repycQ and be glad all the 
days of iQur life. 

I J Comfort us a^in now 
[after] the time that thou haft 
plagued us,; and for ^ the y^ars 
wherein we, have fuffered ad- 

16 Shew thy fervant? thy 
[work :J and thw children thy 


17 And [the glorious Ma* 
jefty of the lord our God] be 
iipon u§ : profper thou the 
work of our hands upon us, O 
prolper thou 9^ handy-wprfe ^ 

15 [In proportion 
to> or equally to.] 

i6 \^ Qracious and 
3vonder&l Care and 
Providence over us.] . 

* Cr/^r/j ] ttat i5, 
favourable Frefcnce^ 

1 7 rrhcvary .bri|bt' 
ncfsc^ God's ^Cious 

I o t The ffdnuBxpWd. t Zth Day, 


Tis mt certain ly whom^ or on what ueafim this Vfalm 
was compofed : Wkat ferns mdB frohabk isy that it 
Was made on occafion of the fiopping of the TefiiUnce^ 

. « Sam. XXXV* jufi as feiung ew JertjfUem^'v.itf. 

Qui hcmati' Pfal. XGL 

T7CJHj?fo [dwelleth undei: 

tne * defence of the moft 
High: fliall abide under the 
ftiadow of tiie AlmightyJ 

I * Defence^ 3 ^^^^ 
iignifics a place, or 
Houfe of Defence: So 
the tHehrew word im- 
ports, and by it is 
meant the Tabernacle. 

fDcIighis to fpcnd his time at Jerufdlem in worflupping God 
with a fincere and devout Heart, miay be fore that God wiU pro* 
teft and watch over him by his. <fpccia! Providence.] 

X I will (ay unto the Lord^ 
Thou art my hope, and my 
ftrong-hold : my God, in him 

^ For he fliall deliver thee 
from the Ihare of [the hunter]: 
and from the noifom peftilence. 

4 He fliall defend thee un- 
der his wings, and thou fliak 
be (afe under his feathers t^ 
his faithfulnefs and truth ihall 
be thy {hi6ld and buckler. : 

f Thou (halt riot be afraid 
[for any terror by night] : lior 
for the * arrow that flieth by 

6 For the peftilence that 
walketh in darknels : nor foi; 
the licknefs that deftroyeth ia 
the noion-day. 

7 A thomand fliall fell be- 
fide thfee, t and ten thoulahd 
at thy right-hand :- but it- fliull 
not comi? nigh thee. • 

8 Yea, 

3 [Both Men and 
Devils that intend thee 

4 t As the Chicken 
under the Herts 

5 [Of any of thoft 
things that ufe to ter- 
rify us in the Night.] 

*^nH)»] Peftilence 
fo calIed,Deir^xxxii.23. 
which fpreads itfelf by 
Day, as well as Night, 
as )t foUowsio the next 

7 fU^takeft Sdft- 
^uary at Temfalem, and 
dpplieStly ftlf to Qod 
hjf Faith y and Pf0& in 
the Tabernacle* 


I %th Day. The Tfalms Explain I 

3 Yea, with thine eyes ftalt 
thou behold : and fee the re-^ 
ward of the ungodly, 

9 ( For thou. Lord, art my 
hope: thop hail fet thine houfe 
of defence very high f.) 

10 There Inall no evil hap- 
pen unto thee: neither fhall 
any plague cpnj? nigh thy 

11 For he fliall ijlve his y an^ 
geU charge over thee : to keep 
thee in all thy ways. 

12 They majl bear thee in 
their hands : that thoi; hurt not 
thy foot againft a ftone, 

^ 1 5 Thou (halt go upon the 
lion and adder : the young lion 
and the drag;on fhalt thpu tread 
und^r thy feet. * 

14 Becaufe he hath fet his 
love upon me, therefore vs^ill 
I deliver him : I will fet him 
up, becaufe he hath kQQwnmy 

If He fliall call upon me, 

and I will hear him : yea, I am , ,,_, .^ _. ^_ 

with him in trouble ; t will 4e-* bability chiefly iptcn- 

liver him, and bring him to f^^ tthwcil"''^' 
honour. ^ i>«i, ijtnverfar, 

j6 With long life will I fa^ 

tisfie him : and (hew him my '^ 


7 t On the JBi of 

Zion here on Eartl^ and 
in jffeaven above. 

10, 1 r, 12, ij.Thefe 
Expreffions are noc cq 
be under Aoody as if no 
good M^n ever died of 
any J^pidemicalDiilein- 
per, or fufTer'd by any ill 
Accident or Vencxnous 
Beail: Buc chat Prayer. 
Bepentance, Faith, and 
Obedience, are the bed 
Antidotes againfl ihcip 
and all other £vil$t 

II ilf^/. iv. d, 

Luke yi, 19^ 

14, 15, i6t\i Verfei 
are the Speech of God 
Himfelf, and as they ii| 
fonie degree belong to 
Jill truly good Men, fo 
they are in gn efpeci4 
manner to be applied to 
Chrift Jefus^ to whom 
they were, iq all pro- 



i 04 '^'^ ^falms Ex f lain d, 1 %th 'Daf, 

A Plalrtl or Song for the Sabbath-Day y ^not okljf to com- 

mmorate the Works of the Creation^ but that Reft from 

their Enemies^ which God had fromifed to gi've hit 

sTeofky ^nd which he Has in a more amfle manner given 

\Um under the Gofpel^ Luke i 74^ 7f • 

Bonum eft confiteri. Pfal. XCH. 

IT is a good thing to give 
thanks unto die £ord : and 
to fing praifes unto thy Name, 
OmoftHigheft; ' '/ 

a To *ell of thy loving- 

kindnefs early in the morning : 

and of thy truth in the night- 

feafon J , 

* ; Upon an Inftjument of 

ten ftrlrigs, and upon the lute: 
upon k loud inftrument, and 
upon the harp. 

4 For thou. Lord, haft made 
me glad through thy works: 
and I ' will rejoy ce in , giving 
praife for the operations of thy 
hands. ^ . 

^ y O Lord, how glorious are 

: . ,. thy works-: thy thoughts are 

very deep, 

. 6 An un wife man *doth not 

well confider this: and a fool 

doth not underftand it. 

. 7 When the ungodly are 

' 7 [I? i growing and [green as the grafs,] and when 

flourishing condition.] ^ ^^^^ ^^^^^f^ of wickednefs 

do flourifh : then fliall they be 
deftroyed for ever; but thou. 
Lord, art the moft Higheft for 
8 For lo, thine enemies, O 


tMDay, the ^/ahns Exptml 195 

Xb^^dj l^j -tMjie enemies. fliaU 

jserifti: andaUtbewrorkerisof , ' 

%YicJiednefs ftallbie deftroyed. 

■ 9 But mine thorn Ihall be ex- ^ * ^"''"^ fignifies 

altedlikethe.hornafa„*um- %;'"&„ 

corn ; tor I am anointed with and Refreftiment, pui. 

frem*oyl,. . , xxiii. 5. 

-10 Mine_6yp;atfp:fl>aJlfesii)K ' *.'^'"i^Tn.']Sa pfal. 
l|;ift of mine enpcpies: gnd rpine ^"' "' 
ear fliall hear his defire of the -' ■■ 

wicked that arife up aeainft me. 

.11 The rightpous.Oiall flou- ■ . 

rifii like a palm-veei ^ fhaU - 
fpread abroad like a cedar in 
liib^ims. ,..:■_ • 

. .12 *;Such as. bq planted in la SeeP/rf/.lii. p. 
t^ie houfe^f the Lord : ftaU ^sucbMbetlMted,'^ 
'floiirifhin the.goarts of the l''" «, Palms, and Ce- . 
hqufe of, our.God. 

Number in the Hebrtw j but [ri, 
■ 1 5 [They alfo fliill bring forth 
more frmt in their age : and : 
fhall be' fat and welUiking.J 

14 That they may fhew how 
true the Lord my ftrength is : 
and that there is no unrighte- ''"^ P'o^"", ai-i the 
. ouihefs in him. ^^^ Se^b.^' *'"°" ^'^ . 

Evening Prayer. 
A Pfalm 'ivbiSwat ufed hy the 'Jews o» the Day brfoye 
the Sahbdtb', and u aUojvtd hy fame of the Jews « 
have reUtimtejbt Tims of the Meffias, atid pieivi 
the /ability of bu Kingdom. 

DomitoH refftavit. Pfal. XCIII, 
pIT^He Lord is King, and .» [Thetord iiour 
L X hath put on glorious King, and has often 

apparel: the Lord hathV on iS^'Ip^cT? ^"i'- 
O *, his 

J 9 5 T/?s ffalms Explain d, \ %th "Day, 

dcntly on our behalf, as ^ ?PP^^*' ^ ^^ ^omifiM 

it wehadfKiihimwiih With nren^OLj 

our bodily Eyes, in his Roytl Robes, girring hintfelf to Bardc.^ 

2 He hath made the round 

3 PUnfmled, or put world fo fiire : thsa it cannot 

out pi io courfc] be [moved.] 
3 rrhronc on which J Ever fince the world be^ 

thou firrcft tq judge gan hath thy [feat] been pre- . 

Mankind , and give pared : thou art from everlaft- 

Laws to the UniTcrfc.J j^g. 

4, s. The » vltods 4 The *fioudsarerifen, O 
and'*!^^!";*] denote Lord, the flouds have Uft up 
the Seditions and In- their voicc : the flouds lift up 

furrertions of wicked r . „._-, 
MenagainfttheChurch. ^neir wavw. j, . - 

J- The 'waves of the lea are 
I . . *"ightyj ^'^ rage horribly : but 

',.';, yet the Lord who dwelleth on 

high is migjitier 

6 [Thy teiUmonies, O Lord, 
are very luPe : holinefs be- 
dometh thine houfe for ever.] 
Iitrefoce becomes all ibac frequent thy 
thv Laws, and the Vows and Fromife» 

X : 

Tiiis Tfalm Is fin jippe'at tp Cfoi/ agawH the unjufi and 
iinpicHs 'Proteedtng's-tSf Men'in Aiahorttji, 
Dent iiltmm. Pfal. XCIV. ■ ' 

k JjDrd God, to whom ven- 
' geance'belongeth: thou 
iGod, to whom vengeance be- 
longeth, Ihaw tl^y lelf. 

z ,Arife, thou Judge of the 
world : and. /eward the proud 
. afc-r their deferving. 

5 Lord, how long ihall the 
uiigodly : how -long fliall the 
-Ungodly triumph ? 

4 How long fiiall all wicked 


1 %th Day. the ffalms Exfiaml i p 7 

4oers {peak fp difdainfully : and ^ 

make inich proud boafting ? !. 

y They imite do\<rnthy peo- 
ple^ O Lord : and trouble tliine 

6 They murder the widow, 

and the ftranger : and put the i. 

fetherlefs to death. 

7 And yet they fay, Tufii, 
the Lord Inall not fee : neith'er 
fliall the God of Jacob regard it. 

8 Take heed, ye uiiwife a- 
mong the people : O ye foqls, 
when will ye underftand i 

9 He that planted the ear, 
fliall he not hear ? or he thaf 
made the eye, fliall he not fee ? 

10 Or he that nurtureth the 
heathen : it fe he that teachcth 
man knowledge, fliall not he 
punifli ? ; 

11 The Lord knoweth the - 
thoughts of man : that they are 
but vain. . 

12 Bleffed is the man whom 
thou chaftenefl:, O Lord : and 
teacheft him in thy law. 

1 3 That thou mayeft g^ve o 
him patience in time of adver- 

fity : until the pit be digged up 
for the ungodly. 

14 [For the Lord will not H [For God wm 
fail his people : neither will he ^^f M ^^ ^'""^P^J} 

^ V • 1 • • 1 • -I and plead the Caufe ot 

forlake his mhent^nce J Yii^ inheritance againft 

iinjufl Judges.3 M^m. The fenfe pf this Verle is not perfett 
till you have read to the middle of the next. 

If [Until ri^teoufnefs turn , 5 rxm juftice.whicl, 
again unto judgment : J [all has Wn long banirh'd 

O 5 fuch 


r ■* 

j^t The ffalmsExptaml 'i8t^2)a> 

from our Courts of Ju- f^^h ^s are tni^; lit Heart IhaH 

dicature, return thither follow it], • . 

again {] Here is a paufe or flop, then the Pf^lR begins ^In. 

QAll true-hearted Men will, by.alLhoneft^nieank^ purfiie this 
good end, namely, that Juftice may return to^ the (Couts of Ju- 

dicature.^ • ^ 

Id [I am ready to : ^i^ Who wUl rife^up with nje 

^^Znifi^Z '^gj^mft^thewi^^^^ 

fogood acaufe, as to wju take my part againft the 

bring all Offenders to evil-doers ?- . . ? , . 

Juft Punifhment •, but where al'moflt is .tKe Mah, who would join 

with me in fo glorious an Ondortiikidg? 3 

xj Jith^ Lord had not help- 
ed liie :. it had not failed but 
my Ibul had been pit to filpnce. 
, 1 8 But -when I faid^^ My 
foot hath flipped : thy mercy, 
O Lord, held' me up. = 

19 In the mukitiide of the 
;fprrbws thatThaid in my heart : 
thy comforts have refreflied 
my^oul. . 

'20 ^jlt thou h^ve any thing 
to do with the [flool] of Wick- 
ednels : which imagineth mif- 
;c?hief as a Law ? 
' ' ii They gather them tor 
g^ether againft the Soul of the 
righteous : and f ondemn the 
'innocent blood.* \ 
' 22 But the Lord is my re- 
fuge: andmyGbdistheftrength 
"6f my confidence. 

23 Heftallrecompenfethem 
their Wickednefs, and deftroy 
them in their own. malice: yea, 
the Lord our God fliall deftroy 

20 r Throne or Tri- 

* Imagineth 1 pevi- 
feth, contrivetn, refol- 
veth. Sec Vocabulary. 


. i-i 



i^th Vay, The Tfalms Bx^ldM i pp 

The Nineteenth Day. Morning Prayei;. 

thisTfalm is attributed to David, Heb. iv. 7, tho it 
have no Title in the Hebrew j but relates to the Times 
of the Meffias. It looks y fays Bijhop Patrick, ( in his 
Argument to this Tfalm) as if it were intended to be a 
folemn Invitation to the TeofUy when they were all Afr 
, fembled together to fraife God, and bear hjlruSHons out 
of bis Law. 

Vemte^ exultemus; V(x\. XCV.' 

OCome, let us fing unto 
the Lord : let us heartily . „. . ^ 

• r 1 A _^t- r "^ I r Him on whoK 

rejoyce in [the ftrength of our ftrcogth our ftfcty de. 
felvation.] pcnds.] 

2 Let us come before his 
prefence with thanldgiving : 
and fhew our felves glad in him 
with pfalms. 

3 For the Lord is a great 
God : and a great King above 
all gods. 

4 In his hand are all the 

[corners] of the earth: and 4 Cl>Jirk, remote; 
theftrengthofthehillsishisalfo, »nknown parts.] 

y The fea is his, and he made 
it : and his hands prepared the 
dryland/ :\ 

6 Ocome, let us worlhip and - . 
fall down: and kneel before the 

Lord our Maker. .. 

7 For he isthe Lord our God:. ^ TfTlieNatioflwhom 
and we are [the peoj^le of his Sf.^fJl'!;!^,^!'^^^ 

rt 1*" f *n *^ ^ , . nis own peculiar CouQo 

pafture, and the fheep of his try, and with his imr 

hand.] ^ mediate ca^re.] 

8 To day, if ye will hear hi$ Exod. xvii. 2,7. 
voice, harden nor your hearts : 

as in the provocation, and as^ . 

P 4 ^ i^ 

% 06 The f faints Bxplaind. i ^th Dayl 

in the day of teinptation in the 
£xo(L xi^, XV, xvi. 9 [When your fathers tempted 

ceL^SS^bcanc" me: proved me, and faw my 

Ptoofe of my Pirefcnce worRs.J 

amongft them , tho' they had fccn the wonderful deliverance 
which I wrought for them at the Red-fea, had tafted of the Wa- 
ters which I had made fwect, when it was bitter before, and eat 
of Manna from the Clouds.3 

Dei«^xxix.4, 5. 10 Forty years long was I 

^^P^^^\^^^^<^^<>f^ grieved with this generation.and 
or oblerved.] ^^^^ . j^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^j^^^ ^^ ^^^ 

in their hearts, for they hav6 
not [ known ] my ways ; 
mmh.%iv.2d. II Unto whom I fware in 

JlSdtP ^an: ^X ^^5* V^« '^^J A^^uld not 

Recalled aifo Dm. xii.9. enter mto * my reft. 

nTypeof that eternal Reft which God has promiTed his People, 
§feb. it. 8. 

This Vfalm alfo^ tho it ivants a Title in the Hebrew, 
ap2^ars to have been Comfofed by David at the bring- 
ing the Ark from the Houfe of Obed-Edom to Sion, 
I Chron. XVl. It is in the Prof hetic fence applicable to 
Chrift, in v^hom the Deity did moB perfeSfly dwell, 
and who has raifed to bimfelf a Kingdom in the Gen-- 
tilt World. \ 

Cantate Domino/ Pfal.XCVI. 

Sing xinto the Lord a new 
fong : fmg unto the Lord, 
all the whole earth. 

2 Sing unto the Lord^ and 
' pfaife his Name : be telling of 
nis falvation from day to day. 

; Declare his honour unto 
the heathen: and his wonders 
unto all people. 
^For the Lord is great, and 




6^ 7. * IVor/hip, that 
is,^ Ma jcfty w Sec Vocab. 

1 ^th Day: . 7he T/alms Explain d. 

cannot wortliily be praiied : he 
is more to be feared than aU 

f As for all the gods of the 
heathen, they are but idols : but 
it is the Lord that made the 

6 Glory and *worihip are 
before him: power and honour 
axe in his fanlftuary. 

7 Afcribe unto the Lord, O 
yc kindreds of the people : a- 
fcribe unto the Lord * worfhip 
and power. 

8 Afcribe unto the Lord the 
honour due unto his Name : 
bring prefents, and come into 
his courts. 

9 O worfhip the Lord [in 
the beauty of holinefi : ] let the 
whole earth ftand in awe of 

10 Tell it out among the 
heathen, that the Lord is King: 
and that it is he who hath made 
the round world fo faft that it 
cannot be [moved,] and how 
that he fiiall judge the people 

1 1 Let the heavens rejoy ce, 
and let the earth be glad : let 
the iea make a noife, and all 
that therein is. 

12 Let the field be joyful^and 
all that is in it : then fliall all the 
trees of the wood rejoyce be- 
fore the Lord. ^ 

ken to, as if they were real and rational Perfons. Sec FfaL xix 

13 For 

<? [In hisSanftuary, 
which is beautified and 
adorned, as becomes fo 
Holy a Place.J 

10 [Unfettled, 
putoutof courfe,] 



1 1,- 12. when 
Walmifl invites the Seas, 
the Fields, and Woods, 
to praifcGod, he either 
means thofc People that 
remain in the Seas, 
Woods, and Fields, of 
elfe he docs it by a 
<?9etic Figure, whereby 
fcnfeiefe things are fpo- 

J 01 The ff alms Explain d. i^ihDay. 

13 Fdr he cometh, for hP 

Cometh to judge the earth : and 

13 [According to his with rigbteQulhefs to judge the 

Declaration! and Pro- world, 9nd the. people [with 

mifcj.]" " his truth.] 

'Tts generally believd^ and on good grounds ^ that David 
penned this Tfalm after his hamng overcome feveral 
Heathen Nations^ 1 Chron. xviii. r. and that it is a 
Tredillion of Chrift'i Reign over the Heathen World. 

Domwus regnavit. Pfal. XCVII. 

cSitincnwrJ but aU re \ J^ , ^^^^ ^^Y be glad 
mote and heatfienifli thereof : yea, the multitude of 

Countries. Compare * the ifles may be glad thereof.! 

Jfttt. xlii. 4. and Matt. xii. 21. J 

[God now has (hewed, that He is King of the Gentiles^ as well 

as of the Jen^s \ and the Gentiles ought to rejoice at it, if thev 

know their own true Intereft.] / 

ption of God's interpo- ^0""° ??0"t ^^m : nghteout 
fmg for the fms, a- nels and judgment are the habi- 

gainft their Heathen tationofhisleat.l 
Enemies. See Pfal. xviii. 7, ^e. 

2 [His Majcfty is very terrible indeed, Juftice and Vengeance 
dwciron h» Throne.] s •- 

• ^P'^ " n u-^S""' * 3 iThere ftall go a fire be- 
ingFnre to all his Ene- fo.ehi^: and bur^ up his ene- 

-^ mies on every fide.! 

tcrri4"';f ^ W** lightnings gave fliine 
SeFpeSlly S^& ^'^ *« ^^rf^ • ^e earth faw 

mies, with the feverity . it, and was afraid.] 

of his Judgments, which, like Lightning, flalh in their Faces, 

and will be fcen and felt.] 

«« ^h/it>^' ft'iJi,*^' 4- * The hills melted like wax 

pU.nttnfGTnerat"'"' ^^ f « V^fncc of the. Lord : 

at the prefence of the Lord of 
the whole earth. 

> , 6 [Th? 

7 * Gods^'] thit is; 
Angels. Sctllebfi.6. 


,8 f Thcfc glorious 

Cities, F/4/. ix. 14. 

f pf ?^ Daj. The ffalms Explained. 1 0; 

' 6 [Tlie heavfens have deck- ^ [Heaven has been 

fed his riehteoufiiefi:] arid air Sd?G<!dv'Tum^e^' 
the peopte have feeri his glory, gainft his ^mi<?moft 

" illuftrious and apparent, j 

7 Confounded be all they 
that worfhip carved image$^ 
and that delight in vain gods : 
worfliip Mm, ajl yQ * gods. , 

8 Sion heard of [itj and 
rejoyced: ^nd the /^ daughtefs 
of Juda were glad, becaufc , q\ 
thy judgments, O Lord. 

9 For thou. Lord, art higher 
than all that are in the earthi. 
thou art exalted far above all 

10 O ye that tove^he Lord, 
fee that ye hate the thing which 
is evil : the Lord preferveth 
riie fouls of his faints j he fiiall 
deliver them from the hand of 
the ungodly. 

11 There is fprung up [a 
light] for the righteous: and 
j-oyful gladnefs for fuch as are 

12 Rejoyce in the Lord, ye 
rijghteous : and give thanks [for 
a remembrance of his holinefs.] 

IT A' Cf?<>«fo«> Joy,] 

12 That his Faith- 
fulnefs to his People 
may never be forgot.] 

Evening Prayer. 

A Pfalm whkb is believed to have keen m^de hy David, 

/iS weU'as the former^ and upon a like occafion* 

Cantafe Domino. PfaLXCVIfl. 

O' Sing unto the /Lord a 
new fong : for he hath 
^one marvellous things. 

' ^ * a With 


j,4* [Sariii^Powcr.] 

4 QFaichfidnels. J 

8, J. Sec Ffd. xcvi. 
' [Rivers.} See Vacdb. 

T^heTfdms Explain I i^thPt^^ 

2 With his own right hand, 
and with his holy. arm: haA 
he gotten himfeif the viftory. 

J The Lord declared his 
rfalvation:] his righteoufiielfs 
hath he openly fliewed in the 
fight of the heathen. 

4 He hath remembred his 
mercy and [truth] toward the 
houfe of Ilrael: and all the 
ends of the world have feen the 
falvation of our God. 

f Shew your felves joyfiil 
mito the Lord^ all ye lands: 
fing, rejoyce a^d give thanks. 

6 Praiie the Lord upon the 
harp : fing to the harp with a 
pfalm of thankfgiving. 

7 With trumpets alfo and 
fliawms: O fliew; your (elves 
joyful before the Lord the 

8 Let the fea make a noife, 
and all that therein is : the round 
worlds and they that dwell 

9 Let the [flouds] clap 
their hanfJs, and let the hills be 
Joyful together before the Lord : 
for he is come to judge the 

10 With righteoufiiefs fliall 
he judge the world : and the 
peq>le with equity. 

I ■ 


iptfc Day, TV* Tfalms Expla'm'd, 205 

. 77>is Ffalm is alfo thouzbt to have hem femtedVjy Da^d, 

en much the jamt fithjeB with thofe which go^h^ore. 

Dtmiiats reptavit. PIJL XCIX. 

The Lord is King, be the 
people never io unpati- 
ent : he iitteth * between the * ^ttwem the cberK- 
Chembims, be the earth never """O S« Pfal^xxx,t. 
fo unquiet. j. ,«.,,, . 

onf: and high above all peo- parted. 

3 They fliall give thanks un^ 
to thy Name: which is great, ■ ■ > 

wonderful, and holy. 

4' [ The kings power loveth 4 C ^te ftwer of 
radgment, thou haft prepared our Heavenly King, de- 
equity : thou haft executed i'Shts "> exercife Wcif 
.^, ■' , ■ 1 r r • in doing lufticc : Thou, 

judgment, and nghteoufnefs ip o Gcd, "haft provided 
Jacob. 3 , ibr us mofl eijuitabic 

uws, thou haft always govcrn'd the People of Ifratl in a moft 
reaTonable and righteous manner.'] 



The Mei 
his Fooi 

6 N 

his; [p 


tlie c 

law that he gave them. 
8 Thou heardeft them, O 

10(5 The ffalm ExplaiiiJ. ijrtSay. 
8 * jiirf^l that is, Lord our God : £thott forgaveft 

5f;,f ptTm'ESi.l™ Th^uWr. inventions 

choa didft it in I«!|ci;cy, thou didfl abate of that, which thon 
mightell have in rigour inflifled oa them ; fo that thou mighteft 
at the fame time be faid to psrdotl, and yCt to inmfli-] 

' 9 O magnifie tlie lord our 

■ -\ , Godj and worfliip Mm uponhis 
^fOj Siok. TTOfly-hiUt: for the Lord our 
,, ._.. ,^^ . God is holy. ■ 

A Pialm of Ptaife, whiehufeJ to he fung at the Sacrl- 
jidhg Ftace-dfferings ivbieb were for a Tbankfgivmg, 
Lev. vii. 12, ij. /w^Grotius, Hammondj anaBi^o^ 
Patrick obfervt from the Chaldee Farafhrafe. Ac- 
cordingljr ive Chr'tfiians ufe it, aperuba'ving read a 
■: ■ 'Cbdftervittiofthe Gi^s^ in achiowledgment <fGo£^s 

yli'' ■ JitbHdteJiet. PfalC. 
' ;i i'"''' '/^ Be joyful in the Lord, ali 

■' '■ ''}';-'' V^ ye lands: ferve t'he Lord 

■ " ' ' ' ' with gladnefsj and come before 

his prefence with a fong. 
- ' 2 Be ye fure, that the Lord 
he is God ; it is He rfiat hath 
made m9,\ and not we our 
felves : we are his^ people, 
£and the ftiecp of his pafture. j 
5 P go your way into 'his 
gates with thankfgiving, and 
into *his courts with praife: be 
thankful unto him, and Ipeafc 
good of his Name. 
, 4 For the Lord is gracious, 
his mercy is everlafting: and his 
perfol^ming'what'iichas [truth] endureth from genera- 
promifcd-J rion to generation. 


9 » His Gatei, * hit 
Courts^ that is, the 
Gaic,^ and the fpacious 
parts of his Temple. 

4 [) Faichfulncfs in 

rrhc Mercy thou 

halt fhcw*d to me, aiid 

the Judgments with 

which thou haft con- 

founded mine Enc- 
mies.l ' 

^ [when wilt thou 
vouch&fe me thy gra- 
cious Prefence, by ena- 
bling me to bring, thy 
Ark to Ziott^ tlie place 
of my own Abode?] 

ipthT>ay, the l^f alms Explain d. ' 207 

A Pfalm of David after SaulV Death, but before he v^as 
fuUy fettled in the Kingdom, or had removed the Ark 
to Zion J and 'tis a lively Emblem of the Kingdom of 
Chrift and his Church, Rev. xix. ii, to the 19th. 
JUtferkordtam (fyt iudkium. Pfal. CI* 

My fong Ihall be of [mer- 
cy and judgmeat •] un- 
to, tbee, OLord, wiU I fing. 

a ,0 let me have uri4eiiftand- 
ing: , in, the way.<)f godlinefs* 

3e [.When wilt thou come 
unto me] : I will walk in my 
lioufe with aperfea heart. 

4 I will tak? no wicked 
thing in hand j I hate the fms 
of unfaithfolnefs : there Ihallno 
iiieh Cleave unto me. 
- f A froward heart fliall de- 
part from me : I will not 
[know] a wicked perfon. 

6 Whofo privily flandereth \ 
his neighbour : him will I de-^ 

ftroy. ' . ; 

7 Whofo hath alfo a proud 
look and hi|;h ftomach : T will 
not-lufFer him. 

8 JMine eyes look upon fuch 
as are faithful in the land : 
that they may dwelf with me. 

9 Whofo leadeth a godly 
life: he Ihall be my iervant. 

' 10 There ihall no deceitful 
perfon dwell in my houfe : he 
that telleth lies, fhall not tarry - 
in my fight. 

1 1 I Ihall foon deflroy all ^ ^ 

the ungodly that are in the 


$ [Own, or Favour.] 

io8 The ffalms Explain d. loth Day. 

land : that I may root out all 
wicked doers from the city of 
the Lord. 

The Twentieth Day. Morning Prayer. 

A Prayer of the Afflided, when he is overwhelmed, 
and poureth out his Gon^)laint before the Lord. 

Comfofed v/beH tb$ Seventy Tears of the Capiwt^ were 
almoffy or dbogetber expired. The Tious Ferfon who 
Indited it was aBmUy return d ra Jerulklem, and bad 
Jeen its Raines y in aU frohahility. See ver. 14. tio by 
reafoh ofSicknefs^ or fome ill accident in bis 'way tbi^ 
fber^ be gives bimfelf ovir for a dead Man ^ ver.25,11, 

Fifth Penitential Pfalm. 

Vomihey exauiu Pfal. CII. 

• TMTJEar my prayer, O Lord : 
XjL and, let my crying come 
unto thee. ' 

'2 Hide xiQt thy face from 
me in the tipie of niy trouble ; 
incline thine ears unto me when 
I call J O hear me, jmd'thgt 
^ right loon. 

3 For my Days are con- 
ftimed away like fmoke: and 
my bones j^re burnt ^p as it 
v/ere a fire-brand. 

4 My heart is fmitten down, 
and withered like grafs : fo that 
I forget tp eat my bread. 

5 For the voice of my groan- 
ing : my bones will fcarce 

.., , n. cleave to my flefli. 
6 [ramlikcthc moft ^ rj become like a peU- 

Birds/whicli avoid the can m the wildernels : and hk§ 
focicty cvcq pf Ui^if 9n pwl tjiat is in the def?rt.3 

cwa Wad. J 

7 ItHK 

ioi/^iaji. 'the ffdlms ExpUmd, is^ 

; '7 I;bavc watcheilii^Hi am 
eveii is it were a fpsrrow : tljac 
iitteth. alone wpoh.,'^ iiQidfe- 

.; ^Miflfe eiieniies 'rivile i^e 
aU the dky lohg ; and thiey tme 

"tehich I liff, mingi^ 
themfclv« with iriy 
_ Meatj ai my Tears^ - 

y do ffith lily Drink.] 

- . 10 ABarflatbkftttfofifthlrie , '» [Theu hart tJrllf 
Mgnarion and wra.rfirlr,for ^^S^to^S^w^Vowrt 
[<hOn*aa taken- Kiamisi'a^d Jmi JStBtjiMifr 

caft m&dcwrf.] ■) .;_;!ii.i.' ! :,v)qicn«g,^ -,.;;;, 
II 'Myaays aie' gsiwilikS'a - -■■- . .»: . j ) . . * 

'grafe , , .^-.; I.- vataflxtb: " 

1 2- But tHmi, C> Litf'^y flI3lt: 
endure for ever : and' ^h^-'^e- . 
-'membfance throughout alt §;e^ 
;netations. - .\ " ^ • ' ' 

13 T-hodftftlttfHiS.Sha"hite ii {pie loiiitt, 
'^ mercy- updri "Sion : ffoif it is w^i,^^-^ .^^i^}"^ 
:<>meth„.,h»uha^,«,r=yuV SSjtf^StS 

onher: yea,.t-henftieiscoirie.J now on thtf point o? 
iVh^cSeiptr^i /ei-.nxfc.^iOfii. we begin to cKpeft that il«n* 
' flniddft:cXQnt£yfelf, and t^ picy^on our derolacionsi} 


14 .^ilyhy? thy ferVartfs 
'■" iijion- her ftojies : and it 

f- vi ttie 

iajl feif 

m in 

thy Ma-/- 

«4 wte» 

. 2 .1 o The Tfalms Eafflam'd. i oth Da)f* 

16 When die Lord fliall. 
' thiiM up Siofi : and wh^ Jos 
'^'otf ffiall Appear j 

if l^eii he tumeth him un- 
to the prayer of die poor de- 
flitnte i aftd: deMedi not thdr 

defike'. ' . 

18 i Wonder fnt deli- xS Hiis^f fhall be Written 
veranu, for dipie tKat come aft^ : and 

: V the"pfec^eiirhich fliall be bom 

fliaffgtafe'theLord. • 

. , ilcj^l'iir'^ha^Jbokeddown 

' • ' ftom hkS^fiftuary : 6xit of die 
■■■'■ .he»yeji;di4j*e Lord lb«h<dd the 

''m i° X^^ teS^ ' •^<' That Ije nwgbt hearse 
country, whofc lives mournmgs of fuch a$ -Me jn 

and Libert j» were in capnY»ty;i L^ftd deUverthechil- 

thi moft ddi«fcr«e drenapjp^Hnt^d unto deadij] 
'Condirion.3 . ■ '■ ^, That they may di^dare 

jiha Na«»«! «f die Lord In Sion : 
^indrWsjworfhi^ at Jerufelem J 
. w, Wim thei people <ftrfr; ga- 
thered to«;ether: aaiith^ias^' 

ziiet tifeic. *3 We : kought down my 

^\ » ftrength;in my Jourjn0y : and 
(hortened ta^ days. . : 

24, But I laid, Q my GodL 
take me not, away^ in the nddft 
of mine age ; as for thy yean>, 
they^fehdifethrouighbtit fflj ge- 
neratibnsi' ' ' • ' 

aj, »6, 27 Verfes ' 2f ^hoU/ Lor^, itt die bc- 
conrain a Prophecy of ginnina haft laid the'&uii«tad- 

the duratiM of CAri/l's - ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ . ^hd dxt hest- 

Kmgdom. See»*.uo. ■ .^^ ^j.^ ^^^^ ^^ thy hands. 

26 They ihall perifli, but 
■ - -thou 


\ 1 

iQthpay. ThffdmM0M ^^ig 

;^ov;iliaIt,eiidmn/: -^ey, all 
JMnax odd a$i^th %^;>xtm$» 
27 And as a v^f^e iSwit 
JHW/ch^iige, thfiaa>l wd.they 
^i^'be cbangfad .: Iflit i^haUilMFC 
theiaine, and j^hy, yieaw .1^ 

ftedf %ll ftan4M io i% fig^ 

tf/ ,aie4 all ^hat Js; .wittua lafe, 

praife his holy Nae«ei ; ^ . ; 
2 PrAiifcthe3U>e^O«iyfoul: 

mid forget -npt aU iW$. beneft&j 
J Wh(>f(«:m3rctbAllthy:fiia: 

9ffA |?^j|l9^air4wie«lirn^idesj 
4;Wh<>iay(eth tb^Jifsifrooi 

deftru«aioii ;;jw4 crfeWjoertirajBe 

Wi* -fl^eKyiSo^iiwiilgrfcind- 
y Who fetisfitthltby aoitth « Theftdh aad vi^ 

--• • tto^ : ma.ii^,thee SSrlX^ 

,^«,, J'**»?y^'*^^^S'^- among the Andewfc ' 

^liJAj^Xpitl «39ee«.i3eth idgh- 
.tf9u£b$^aQd)jndgm$iU!t forall 
(A$m ; (bar are tppreficd. with 

.;:.7 HQiihewe4{hi&wftysunco 

iMpfes t his WArks ttnto me jcbil- 


. 8 Th&iLord^ foU of com-* ' 

-Wffiftn aod xofixvf % kiog-&f^ i 

nering ,^d of gisdt gocdm 

H ft ^1[yf films Bxpldin% 1 oth Day, 

n- 9 He 5will fidt alway bfe 
ishiding:, neither keepeth he 
-Ms anger for ever. 
* lo He hath not dealt with us 
^fter our flits :: nor rewarded tis 
ia€G6rding to our wickedneffes^ 
n For look how high die 
heaven is in comparilbn of the 
^earth : fo great is his mercy al- 
io toward them that fe^r lum. 
^ ^ ^ . 12 Look Jiow wide alfo the 

Ui :;.% :. ^nx -eaft is ftom the weft: fo far 

hath he fet our fm5 from us. 
:uo J; V. i ^ Ye^, like as a father pitj- 
eth his owda children : even f^ 
^ is the Lojfd merciful unto them 
diat fear him. . ^ ; 

:l 14 For hekAoWeth whereof 
3wre ate made i he remembreth 
: ttea< we are but'duft. 
:, t$ The days of man are but 

-^As grafs : fot he flouriflieth as a 
-flow^ of thfe fieldv 

1 6 Fbiy ias ifoftri as the >yirid 

goeth over it, it is gone': and 

^'^ ^^' •■ ' /the t3iace thereof A3llkno?w it 

Kdi- - . .1 nomore^- • " 

"^ .i:c?-;;c.i ..:. }\.r 17 But the merciforgood- 

nefi of the Lord endurfeth for 

icvcr and fever, upon thein tMt 

ifear him^ : JO^d his ri|;hteoufiTtels 

upon childrens children ; ' 

<^ 18 Evendpon'fiieh as^keep 

4iis coveiaiaist : 1 and diixik upon 

his commandments to dd fli^ni. 

V 19 Tfc^ Lord hath prepared 

4p [Throflc.3 ' -his [feat] i^ ^heaven : ftitd Ms 

\. . , king<tomjtttetliQveraJL,- - ' 

toth1>af. Th Tfalths Exprnrid^^ 5^5- 

/zo O praife theLord, yi an- * ^^ 

mIs .of. his, ye^ that excel in: "> ■ ^ ' -J ' 
ftrengdi : ye.that fulfil his com^l 
mai^menr^ and hearken unto, 
the voice of his words, 

^ 2r p praife the Lord, all ye 
Ws hofts: ye, fervants of his .^- . ,, T,,;.a .., 
^hat do his plearare. 

22 O (peak good- of the 

Ldrdy all ye works of hi$, m aUP 

places of his dominion : praife -"^ - ^ H^ 

thou the Lord, O my fpijl " ""'^ 


".-•t bt^^rur 

E venlng Pf aven - • / ; '^"a^^orl 

7*/i P/^/w is generally thought to fe DavidV, V}hintmW>^ 
fei forth the Wtfdom andTbwer'^'tf-Godin creating tl^^ 

Beaedtc^ ftnintft meat, Pfal#ElV. .' ] r 

PRaifetheLordyOmyfoul: ..ji:? 

O Lopdmy-God> thou art; ' *?' ^ ^'*"J 

become exceeding glorious, ' * \ / ri/^^ 

thou art clothed with majefty 
and honour. ■ ' ^ - ^' • "1?, 

' 2 [Thoudeckeft thy felf with! ' 2 [The lighj: is thyi' 
light as it were with a garment: ^ ^'^^^? *^ Hc^ycnTfcl^:; 
and fpreadeft out the heavens ^"'^PPyJ 
like a curtain.] . ^ * ' ; 

3 [Who layeth the beams of i'^Watetiyhbtaf^^ 
his chambers in the ^waters: ?J?^^5^^^ 
and maketh the clouds his cha- in the upj^feegio^i olt 
not, and walketh upon the - the Air. p - 
wings of die wind.] ^ [He hath laid ts 

- "* , 'twere the Floors of 

^« Palace Chambm in thofe middle Regions, which ccm^f)^ 
Air and Water j and when he vifit Maaki6# ijerr 
mes a Cloud for his Carriage, iExotf. xfii. 21,, 22. Lnke icxt.jjiV^ 
Md makes the Wind to ferve as Wings tb convey this, his Chairidi:-. 
Wercwr he picafes, ■-, • 'K 


mn^s; 'cfsHethatiifothdbA8gds^aihfeAmtt8aati|^MMi^' 
ilers^ wIk) are like a flame of Fire, whiitbiBiothiQg^feadi wttMsmd ;^^ 
ud who execnce his Comnu^ida rwich therucnic^ vigour and. ex* 
pedirioD, whether it be forDWproltcdihg, and doing Honour to 
Us FriefidH or for the deflr^^Ms filemtesQ 2 K/j^ili i.vt.i /• 

i (^ uBfcttlcd. put . 5. I|& Ig|4 th^: foundations 
which God at ftft %md |nw>yej^ any tune. 

iplaeedit.3 See ^/^A xciii. 2. ,\/] .f '> ,' 

^ r^u ^^T'lk^' n^ 6 [Thou coveredft it with 

eoJer^l^^allom. ^^^m^^^Y^}^^^ 
with a deep Water, fo the waters nana in the mlls.j 

d«qitthi£\tfaole :i|nmiff liie JE^^ mal^ our higheft 

Itowtpiii, were tfaca lad^. Water.^ 

- r^ ^'Jl ^ 7 [At thy rebuke they flee : 
W^ceSeft^S' i^ *^ voite of thy thunder 
Hart, and ftirink away, they ate afraid*] 
they retjratjkc aSlave wh^ he hears Ac Thunder of his MBiflcr's 
Tongue. J Mem. Thunder is not here uken in its moft proper 
and natural fenfe» but as in'tt:^ P^rairfurafe. 

t [Thefe Waters, by 8 They go up as hig^ as the 
tracksand means hfOs^ and down to the vaUeys 
^ ,MS^^£Sn! beneath : even unto the place 
Irom whence *ey del wWch thou haft appointed fOr 
tcend hi Streams and then), ' 

Rivars inta^hc Valieys, and from, thence into that vaft Channel 
tM Ocesn, which tftopifiidft mate for this very purpofe.3 

,JE¥^^^'^'^''^ .9 thou haft fet [them] 
tneaea-j ^^ bounds which they fhaU 

' • not pais : neither turn again to 

cover the earth, 

verilloS^he land: ht ^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ • ^^^^ ™^ *- 
ponwjp^tt Waters, by niQpg (the hills.] 

^COPCt Paffage?, into fcycral pjrt? of tihc £arth, where they break 



ztab1>ajf. The f /alms Expiami.' tjy 

ou'ihcb firtrtt Springs j and'tlicfe nppw themfelres ioio riic Ri- 
vets, ffhlcl^ Twa conutiotiljr bn#ci!& ait U^I^ luid-.fro^n them 
receive coofbnt Supidiet, wlien^ Apir Streams are iala^ed.3 

1 1 AH beafts of the fidd 
drink therasf : and tht witd* 
afles quesEjch their tHrft. ^ 

12 Befidethemlhallthefowls 
ctf'the air have their haMiation: 
and fing among the braiiches f. 
ij He watereth the lalis 
from alrove: the earth is iihed 
with<he fruit of thy wof-ks. 

14 Hebringeth forth vrafi 
for the cattle : and green neib 
for the fcrvice of men. 

If That he may bri^ food 
out of the earth, and wine tlrat 
tnakethj^adthe heart of man: 
attd oyl [tb make him a^eofiil 
countenance,^ and bri^ to 
ftrengthen mans heart. 

1 6 The trees of the Lord al- 
fo are-fullof fap : even the ce- 
dars of Libanus which l^s hath 
planted.- . ' 

17- wherein the Mrds make 
their Ae(ts : and' thd 'fir-trees 
are a dweUing for the ftdr^. 

18 The high hills are a re- 
fuge for the wild goats : and fo 
are the ftony rocks for the c6- 

19 He appointed the moon 
for [certain feafons]: arid the 
fim knoweth his gping down. 

20 Thou maketh darkneis 
that it may benight: whereiri 
all die be^s of the foreft do ' 
niove. , V a. 

(2 1 Of the Treei that 
ptm m the Bants «/ 
theft ItiviiV' 

amtu .Has Race or'' 

lt6 .Vj^ffaljntEHfimi^.' lOtb-Vayl 

Tit t -^^ tf^t^ hy 

^} Ther Jon? fpjing ^ ;^^^ 
., T .. .nj^^^ f^"^}: ^^ reek their mc^t 

fheii trfiiig tU'^lfe'Mf- from God f. ' 

f^prs Breaft, even befortf ' f,z Xhe ftin ariyCbtll, fltld they 

f^j^ ^nmJer, g^ ^j^em ^way toge^^er '; and 

fay them, down in their dens, 

( . v2} Man goeth forth to his 

wor|:^. ^4 po his labour ; \y;ipl 

.' the evieiiing. , ^ 

/ ,24 OLord, how manifold 

a^ th^ ^qxki : i|i wifdom hail 

^ thou made them al^ the e^^ 

is^foUx)f, thy; riches. 

v^f75ft?^ the great and widq 
fea alio : wherein^ are things 
c]?eeping, ; . ^inumerable^ both 

fmafl ^nd grelt t h^^^ J^ 

. a6 Th^^ go thp ^ips, and 
there is that f, Leviathan; whom 
thpu l\ztt{ made] to take* Ju§ 
paftime th^j^ein. 

^5 f Animals or li- 
fiog Creatures.3 See 

26 *Leviatban]hcrc 
fofoe other &a-moa- 
ftcr: iiot thr Cfoco* 
liilc, for tl^at is* an A- 
BiBWl belonging to Riy^r?. 

^7 CP^pcnjl.J 

.»7^Thffe [w^f] all upor^ 
thee ;. th?t. thou mayeft give 
them meat in due feafon. 

2? When thou glveft it 

thegi^ th^ gather it ; and 

when thpij openeftthy handji 

they are filled with good. 

^ _ ?9 [Wh^O tho]i hideft thy 

inmti ' thy Bounty; fg^^ ^ w are trcJubled : ] when 

♦^ Pjnp away and ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^j^ ^^^^^y^^ 

they jiie, gnd ar^ turned again 
to their duft; 

5 p. [When, thou letteft. thy 
bfeath , go forth, they . ihall be 
made : and- thou Ihalt repew. 

89 rwiien thou with' 


' mQlf* ^y ^Hvj^ning 
rawer, ;ittcnd<fd - vyitn 
hV'C^ptfc 'ih^ Varm 

Iff^^cs l^r^l'^c %if»g3 

. , r 

2i^;%: Tthe ff4lms Explain if- 217 

new AtUmals surcprodnced in great FlenQT} awl the Sanb has % 
newana&eftFace. " ' ' 

"jir The glorious MaJ^fty cif ; 
the Lord jDiaU endure for eirer : " 
tlie Lord fliall rejqyce in Jbs 
Works* - ^ ' ' 

iz [The earth fliall tremble ^ 3'vCIf ?«*»«««« 
at \hc look of him : if Iie^do S2fS"^S%:. 
but' tough the hills, they. fliall nii^ ibrhisarig^firc:^ ' 

fmokej fcfic^ ^'^^ ^odo tt»*B^ • 

the Eatth crcmble, and break into Ihivcrs, and ftt on fin d» 
flrorigeft Mountains, and thereby conftuie^d«w>»3 

1 5 I will fmg unto the JLord , ^-^ 

as long as I live:. I will jpiaife 
myGbd while I have my being. . v 

5k Aiidfo fiiall my words | 

pleafe him : my joy ifiall be in .. , . ;p.^ ' 

the Lord. . \ 

5 J As for finners, they fliall ^ 

be confumed out of the eafth, ; 

and the ungodly fliall come to . . . .^ 

an end : praife thou the Lord, ^ /: ]:' //'^ ]:J^^, 
O liiy'fouVpralfe the Lord* , •; > . V >Ht 

^ The Twenty Firft Day. Mornkig Prayer.'; \ - 

' 'TJ; cer/*^« ^'^e firmer part of this Pfalm is David's^ 
See I Chron^ xvi. 8. and thetefire it is frobable^ that 
the latter part ovas done hy th^jame Hand. It contains 
a rehearjal of God's Mercies te\ the Jewifi -Nation^ 
from the time of Abtph»n), to their Ssttlem^t in the 
promif^d Land. 

CM^temnVJi^nHno. :PfaI. CV. »- 

OGive thanks unto the - 

Lord, and call upon his . 
Name^ tell the. people what \\ 

things he hath done, ' 
'*5L O Igp your fpngs be Qf 

lit: TikffMfHS mptain% . rifii)af. 

him, afid^pwae jm i\^smqn^¥i-. 

' «w »Vi ■-/!>• -i^-* ■*tr ♦*■ ^+^»-^ ^ 

I . Kfjoyc? iubsftsiIyDlaBie: 
let me heait of them rejoice 

l^^mAimm^y a R^:^e Ldra ana- * Ks 
tlM»^tlin^ir ft>o£r' ftrehgiiiV feek his fece exerr 

[Cone tberefotfednioiidgr b«ferQ4i^ loM^ who dwdU ^ h^ 
jSaiftiary, thare oideavonr to pi9^in;f; his Favow . , 

S ♦ ThefuJgjnaits jf V j^memljier the marveUons 
did OB PIM0A and the w<md^s„^(^ - * the jodgmcius 

dw Senttncc which he had Miore pancd on th6m, Ex. iu.2. V114. 

£ . O ,ye;fe^ of Abraham his 

ferrant^ ye childi:en of J^cob 

fais chofen. 

^ Crhc Jadgments 7 He is the Lord our God : 

i^h he excicnt^ wi [his mdgnients are in all the 

he, ipokf pi Omv^ 8 Hehadi been alway mind- 
out thdwbifliy^ fill of his covenant and pro- 
i: :; ; mife^. that he made to atbou- 

land gtoerations ; ^ 

9 Even the covenant that 

he made with Abraham: and 

" \ •' ' , the oath' th^ he fware unto 

^^^o'^Tejiament.^vv't xo And appointed the lame 

.w'SS w^H^^^^^ ^^^o Jacob for a law ; and to 

tnat v;erc written be- */« .•^/. t «• • * n 

fore cwj? came, [The I^ael for ?0 everlaftmg * tefta- 

Old Teftament :'] The ment. v ^ 

fum and fubftance whereof is, that which is here callcjd fo, a^^i^: 
thjC Promifes made to Abraham^ whereby, as Dr^ NammoiHd ex- 
pi^effes it, they ha4 a quiet ana Tecute cn;oymeat of the Pro- 
miW l.and, bequeathed to them by God himfelfc ^ 

^. .• ''' 

lot of your iiiheiittoce. 

IX >K^^ there were yet but 
arfeuf of thenit: ancf they " t W<. Abraham 
ftrangers in the land; * ' ^?^ *^^ ^^^'^'^ Afts 

13 What time as they v/eht (?S.1jii;xitJ^x«,3cxhc. 
from one nation to another; . 

from one Kingdom to another 
people; . ' 

14 He fiiiFered no man to do Cf«i. xU, 1 6. xx, 3. 
&em wrong : but reproved e* ^ 
ven kings for their fakes. 

If Touch not mine ^aniDint- i$'^^oM^d.yrh\% 
cd : and do tty ^prophets no r^if "fd!^/*!!?'" 

nann. j^ ^^n*^ ^^ j^ ^ mighty 

Prince by the CMAw of »#*,(?(!»- xxiiL <^ 
* iVo|*e>/.] God dechres AbrabM to be a Prophet, Gen. xXij. 

16 Moreover^ he called for .Oen.x\u 
a dearth upon the land : and 
deftroyed all the proyifion of 
bread, ' 

17 But he had fenta man ^«»*xlv. 
bcfitMre them : even Joleph, . 

who was fdd to be a bond-ieiv* 

18 Whofe feet they hiirt in tipr^itn that K 

the ffocte': [the * iron entred 5^?lVwll^^*^ 
int^ k;e l>>«i ; 1 of fpcaking ufual m all 

mto his foul;] Languages: Here, by 

a forthcr Figure, it is put fer the fl^dering Tongue of fo/pplfy 

Miftrefe : As likcwifc /yi/. Iv. 22/ 

[The falfe Accufationof hisMiftrdi cot him to the veiy Heart.] 

19 Until the time came that Oen.ylyXlu 

his caufe was known: T the . '^ JI^^^l^'P^: 
word of the Lord tried him. ] '^^ ^i^S'Z' '^^^ 

Dream, purged him from all Suspicion of the Crime which be was 
charged with ^ foif this Revelation from God, or Word of GdH^ 
was a demonftration to Pharaoh^ that he who had it was a chafte 
^d Ycrtuous Per&n.l ^ 

ao The 

%lo The ff aim. Explain d. nfifyay. 


vcrad him : thpp^ihipfcfof tft^ ' 
people let him go free;' . 

^i He made him l<jr d alfo of 
his hpiife : and rulet of all his ^ 

:22 That he might:[ inform 3 
his princes after his will: and 

teach his fenators wifdom; 
2; Jfraei alfo came into 
23 > ifam\ wasjhc £„^ and Jacob was a ftran- 
crcac Anccftor of 3fi^- car * j^r^ir^^ 
%im, orthcJtoj^/A g^^ m the land ^f "^Ham. 

24 An^ he increaled. his peo- 
ple ^xceedjuigly : and > hiside 
thepiftrpager thati their ene- 

Oen. xlu 40, 4t! 

Ceru 3dL 44. 
Gen. xlv. 

Exod.ii 10 ^fy^^ 

^7 {[Miracles.]) 

£xoi« X« 22. 

28 [FiSr4rf«6andthe 

J^xoiviii- 2,y6. 

f.xod, ym, 17^ 5i4« 

$x9d» ix; 23, ^f. 

mies J 

2j: Whpfe' heart turned foy 
that they hated his people : and 
dealt untruly with his fervants. 

26 Then fent he Mofes his 
fervent : ^nd Aiiroo whom he 
had chofen. 

27 And thefe fliewed his 
[tokens 3 among them: and 
wonders in the land of Ham. 

28 He fent darknefs^ and it 
wa$ dark : and [they] were 
not obedient unto his word. 

29 He turned : their : waters 
into blood : and flew their fiih. 

- 30 Their land brought forth 
frogs : yea even in their kings 

3 1 'He fpake the word^ and 
there came all manner of flies : 
and lice in all their quarters. 

32 He gave them hailftones. 
for rain: and flames of fire In 
their land. ' " 3?I^g 

i I ft f>dy, Ihe <P/alms Explain I 1 1 1 

-' 3 J Hefiftbte their vines alio 
ana fig-trees : and deftroyed . , 

-the ttQ05 ^at-were in their 

! 54 He fpalte the wbrdj and ^**'' t- 14- 
^le grafboppers came^ and ca- 
terpillcrs innumerable : and djd 
eat up all the graG in their land, 
and devoured the fruit of their 
ground. ; . . ^ ...■ 

iS Hefinoteallthefirft-born ^-«*'- >">■ »sf- 
.in, their land :. even the durf 
. of all theif firengEh,,\ ■ r . 
;, 156 He brought them forth 
alfo with fiiver and gold :■. there n 
was not [one feebU peribh a- ^ tl 
mong their .tribeSv]' ." 

57 Egypt was^ glad at their * 
tlcparting: forthey were afraid \ 
of them. : ' , 

;8 He fpread out k cloud £W.xiii. 21,92. 
to be a covering : and fire to 
rfve H|^it in the nj^t-feafon. 

39 At their defirehe;br(?ught ^w^-'ifvi. ",(^4 
quails: and he filled theniSvith 
fhe-bread'of heaven. ■ 

4b- He opened the rock of Sxid. nvii. 2,4. 
^ftone, and the wafjsrs , flowed 
oOTt 10 that rivers ran'iir the '■ ,'' _' ' ' . 

dry places. " -'■ " 

41 For 'Why ? he remembred 
his. holy ipromife : and Abra- 
ham hfe fervant. ' , . ■ ' ' 

42 Arid he- brpught forth " ' 
his people' with joy: and Ws 
chofen-W^th gladnd^i 

43 AjvI gave them the Unds 4, [And ifwy «8- 
c» tht heathen : [and they took Wi Ciiie*, Tpwm, 

" thr- 

3-12 The ^fAlms Bxflamd, zf^.tiay. 

Fields, and Woeyard^ ^e, laMtft . of tfae «Ople in 
which the Labours of nr^fi^ffion.i 

ocher Inhabitants of the PfomiE'diasd bad buu^iaiil.pliaae(tfi)r 
than,} ^f*' ^- *°- "* /"-/^ ^^"' '3' 

' . ^44 XbattheyrmighticeBphis 

ftaoUBs : and ^f^e^ uws. 

Evea^g Prayer, 

HaUehjebf.Dry Praife ye rfie Lord, which flwtt thft 

the Ffabh is a Tfalm^fPmife. TUrtisihefmiHrea- 

fon to believe, that tm Tfakn mm ctmpifed ly Ii>a^, 

" vfer -u/of foy y\z. th^t the jirit ^miiw 

ntPfahn-arfatmhutedtobtTKyX C^OH. 

'■ In tbit P/klmj hef mfy God"* Mtrats 


See Notes in D«ence. ■ 

"' 'fmjitemia-p^ndm. Pfil.CVL 

D Give thanks iiiito the 
Lord, for hois gy^acious: 
, tpi tiis jnsr.cyenditteth for ever. 
al'Whoean expfiefitheno^ie 
. ■• ' ■ ■■ •'■■■■' : aas-jofrthftord ;,or;ftew forth 

3 BJefled are they that al- 
■. ■ . i way keep judgment: and do 


< r Watch oTcr me .4 JUmember me, O Lord, 

withthyfii?iDgpowcr.3 according to the &?qur t^ 

(hpu. . bereft unto thy ^people : 


.xJ ^^l f ^? J" ^ That Imayfeethefelicity 

tb^W«.joyofchy ,Qfthy,c^fen:Ld[;^J^yS 

give thanks with thijja Inhjri- 
taAce. . J,, , 
* We haveiioiiej ^ith «yr 
' fathers : 

'^O'^- . ii} 

^ 8 "Nsiverdieiijfs '^ helped 
themf(5f lvisSn&"'fll[e: &t 







■ I 



Wm6. xri. ' rs Thcv ahgTed Mofes ' am: 


: and Co- 
lli of Abi- 

idt And tji^ %e w^ kin^ad 
iii 0eir*cdnipdhy : the .&me 
" |3umt'5p,^eiuigodl3^." ■,. 
__iewrf. xxxii. _ ^ 19 They made a _?alf in 

among the riatioiM : ' ^fiflf'to r> u'^r''* > 

fcitter them ih'^ieiahai.'] - foSlftl'f bl 

ftbducd and aifi)rt'ftd among (th^Hcathcn, and become Inlu- 
bicancs of their CouiitrfcsO -^ /.t. v 

18 [They joindfi theirifclves ^«'w^' xxv. 
unto Baal-peor J- arid * a¥^' f He f^^ CThey afterwards 

^«r^.;4^^. ^r ^ki: *5IkJ i ^ pr^r liitedthemfelves among 
Offenngs oiihb d^ekd.} j; • theWorfhippersofchac 

Idol Baal'peoty and partook vl^ith tljc Heathens in the Sacrifices 
which thdy bifer'd to dead M^tii whom they rainly fancied to be 
Gods.] , ^ 

*- j4^f,] did Eat* j < 

2L9 Thus they provoked: him 
to anger with theii^ own inven- ' ^ 
tions : and the plague was great 
among them. 

30 Then ftood* up Phirices 3^ [Earneftly inter- 
and •[ prayed] : and fo 4ie ^^^^^Jt' '^^'^fj''^ 

nlaeiie ce^fed -^ toncment , as hkewife 

piague ceaiea. ^^y^.^ in nj^^h the fame 

cafe had done before. . Compare 3rirw3.x3«r.ij. iSx(wiikitldl.^i, {Jen 

31 [Aftd that was couriifed 31 C^ni ihii '^as 
unto him for tighteoufnefs: accounted fo good, and 

Q*^^^^ oi! ^^a^^z'' c glohous an Action, iihat 

among all poftenties for ever- gis Memory ever was, 

more.] — and flull be precious 

' amongf! all good Men.] 

%z They, angred him atfo ^^^^^ ^^' 12. 
at'the waters of Ilrife : fo that ,t,|J t^or aSin which 

he punifhed ^Klofds [for their SnfiQ 
lake^ J J ' ' . '' 

52 , Bccaufe ' tjiey ^roVbl^ed 
his ipirit ; fo that he fpake iih- 
Udvifedly with his lips. " . 

34 Neither deftroyed they fudges i. iuti^ 2^, 
the heathen ; as the Lord com- 
manded thetn { 

3 y But were mingled among Jftdg^f jj. 11,^2. 
the heathen : aftd learned th^ ^^^* ^^ ^- 


%t6 The ff alms Bxpl^ttJ. tift^J)^^. 

>36 Ii[^oir^c|^<t^ tbey wor- 

Dctt^. idi* 90; 9f • ed to their jownydecay: y$^, 

they offered their ions and tl^ 
daughters dnto devils^ 

37 And flied innocentblood, 
even the blood of their fbns 
and of their datighters : whom 
Aey offered uijto the idols of 
Canaan^ and the bnd was de- 
fUed with blood. 

}8 Thus were they ftained 
witfi dieir own works : and 
it t ^^ Jfr^tf went a whoring t with thdr 
^^* own inventions. 

39 Therefore was the wrath 
of the Lord kindled againil his 
people : infomuch that he ab- 
horred his own inheritance. 

' ff^i^.f *"• 9* yfl3* 40 And he gave them over 
* $; xui. I. j^^ ^^ j^^^ ^ ^^ heathen : 

and they that hated them, were 
lords ovjer them. 

41 Their enemies oppreffed 
them : and had them in fub- 
|c(ftion; 4 

42 Many a time did he de- 
liver them: but they rebelled 
againft him with their own in- 
ventions, and were brought 
down in their wickednefs. j 

43 Neverthelels, when ]ie ! 
, faw their adverfity : he heard 

their complaint. . . 

44 He thought upon his co- 
venant, ai^d pitied them, ac- 

^ cpr ding unto ^the multitude jof 
* nis mercies ; yea, he made.;^ll 

' "thofe 

iid^ay. The ffalms ^Explain J. ny 

4M)feth3tc led them away cap- ' 
dve.tq. pity them. 

If Dqiiver us, O Lord, our 4y:*W*^r «P a« ^s 

Goi aiid feather us from a- f^,^*^ -f^''^ ^^"^"' 

mong the heathen: J that wt and d6 wn in Heathenifh 
may give thanks imto thy holy Nations, and bring us 
Name, and * make our boaft 6i ^"^^ to ourownCoun- 

thv nAife ^""y-^ f^^ probable 

who, during 'the Reign of Satd^ had been taken Prifoners. or 
drove out of their own Country, i Sam. xxxi. by the Phllfjtmes 
and others. * ' 

* MaJ^c OHT boaft of thy praifeJ^ that is, (hew the beft Skill and 
Devotion wc arc able in praiiing thee, and value our felves for 
being fo honourably cmployM. 

46 Bleffed be the Lord God 
of Ifrael from everlaftiijg, and 
world without end : ahd l6t all 
the people fay, Ameil 

The Twenty Second Day. Morning Prayer. 

The Anther y and occajim of this V [aim is unknown ^"^ but 
it is a Thankfgi'vhg to Gody for deli'ver ^n'cc from Clj^ 
ti'vityy Imfrifonmcnty Sicknejsy Storms at Sea^ &C. 

Contitemim Domwo, Pfal. CVII. 

OGive thanks unto the , 

Lcrd, for he is gracious : 
and his mercy endurcth for 

2 Let them give thanks 
whom the Lord hath redeem- 
ed : and delivered from the 
hand of the enemy ; 

; And gathered them out of 3 See pfal. cvi. 45. 
the lands, from the e;aft, and 
from the weft : from the north, 
and from the fouth* 

.Q2 ^ 4 {They 

Xi8 Tl7e <P [alms Explain d. lid Day. 

4 [thty loft their 
way io Travelling thro* 
Tail Wilderncfles, and 
umnhabited Deferts, in 
order to return into 
their own Country.] 

r 16 TThe moft dcfpe- 
rate Condition.] 

4 [They went aftray in the 
wildemefs out of the Way : and 
found no city to dwell in jl 

y Hungry and thirfty : tneir 
foul fainted in them. 

6 So they cried unto the 
Lord in their trouble : and he 
delivered them from their di- 


7 He led them forth by the 
right way : that they might 
go to the city where they dwelt. 

8 O that men would there- 
fore praifc the Lord for his 
goodnefs : and declare the 
wonders that he doth for the 
children of men ! 

9 For he fatisfieth the fempty 
foul : and filleth the hungr>' 
foul with goodnefs j 

10 Such as fit in darknefs, 
and in [the fhadow of death : ] 
being faft bound in mifery and 


X I Becaufe they rebelled a- 
gainft the words of the Lord : 
and lightly regarded the coun- 
fel of the moft Hijgheft j 

12 He alfo brought down 
their heart through heavinefs : 
they fell down, and there was 
none to help them. 
• , i; So when they cried unto 
the Lord in their trouble : he 
delivered them out of their di- 


14 For He brought them out 
of darknefs, and out of the 


zid "Day. Tlye T/alms Exflami 

ihadow of death! and brake 
their bonds in (under. 

I y O that men would there- 
fore pl-aife the Lord for his 
^oodnefs: and declare the 
wonders that he doeth for the . 
children of men! 

.16 For he hath broken the 
gates of brafs : and fmitten the 

bars of iron in funderf. 

17 Foolifh men are plagued 
t for their offence : and becaufe 
of their wickednefe. 

18 Their foul abhorred all 
manner of meat : and they 
were even hard at deaths doon 

i^ So when they cried unto 
the Lord in their trouble : he 
deKvered them out of their di- 

ao He fent his word, and 
healed them : and they were 
laved from their deftrudipn. 

21 O that men would there* 
fore praife the Lord for his 
goodnefs: and declare the 
wonders that he doeth for the 
children of men! 

a2 That they would offer 
unto him thefacrifice of thanks- 
giving: and tell out his works 
with gladnefs ! 

23 *They that go dovvn to 
the fea in mips : and occupy 
their bufinefs in great waters, 

24 Thefe men fee the works 
of the Lord ; »nd his wonders^ 
in the deep. 


16 1 T9 make wajf^ 
his People to e(hape ohP 

17 f With SMnefs^ 
Job xxxiiL 1^5 ao. ^ 


aj ^ They that gh 
down to the Sea in Ships.'] 
So the Ancients ufe to 
exprefsthemfclves. See 
Jon* u g. 

^$ For 

2 ; o T^d ffalms Explain d. %ii D^. 

z^ For at hfe word the iScw- 
my wind arifeth: whi^ tifodt^ 
up the ivaves thereof* ' 

:26 They are carried, up to 
the heav^en, and down a^iti ca 
dhe deep t their Ibul melteth a- 
way becaufe of the trouble. ^ 

zry i They reel tb and fro, 

i , and; flagger like a drunken 

man: and are at their wits^ end. 

23^ So when they cry unto 
the Lord in their troublb: he 
delivereth them o«t of dieir 

29 For he maketh the ftorm 
to ceafe: fo that the waves 
titeredf are ftilL < 

30 Thcn^ aiic they ^d, be- 
caufe. they are at reft : tod fo he 
bringeth them unto the haven 

. *here rfiey would be. 

3 1 O that men would there^ 
fore praife. the Eord for his 
goodneli :. and declar)c the 
wanders 'tiiat he doeth for the 
children -of men! 

32 1 he * pcoj^ie and j^^ That- they would exalt 

'^u \^K''J V"^ ?^ him alfo in the congregaia<>i;i of 

whole Anembly ; for i_ * » m j •?- u- 

among the Jews, the ^he ^pbople : and pratfe. hun in 
Dehors, Bulers, and the feat of the f elders. 
Elders had a diftina: Ajtortoient /rdm tfiePcopIe*^ and the Sen- 
vice being much in Antiphone or Refponfe, pare, wfas fppkcn by 
them that oflficiated in the Seat of- the Elders, and ^e reft by 
^he Multitude, or common Men. Ifa^tmnd* .1 i. . • • 
*• ■ . , . .■ 

3 ; Who turneth the floods 
into a wildernefe: . $nd drieth 
up the water-fprings. 

34^ A fukful land maketh he 


barren: for the wickednefi of 
them that dwell therein. 

3 y Again, he maketh the wil- 
4f ^neft a> ftanding-water : a|id 
W4ter-fpring? of a dry grounB^ 
,, 36 And there he fetteth tte 
hungry : that they may buila^ . 
them a city t(^ d weU in. 

37 That they may low tj^if^ J. 
land, and pl^nt .vineyards r jto, 
yield them fruits of increafe. 

38 He bleffeth them, fo that ^ 

i? %} m^ wh^ tl^eyi 
are, miniflied and brought low ; 
thrx>ugh oppreflpoh, throii^ 
any plague or trouble j ... 

40 Though he fufFer them to 
Ibi evil: inqrjea^ed'^* through t^ 
rants : and; let them wancftg 
out of the way in, the wilde?! 

nefs i V 

41 Yet helgeili he the ppDi; 

ojit of miiery : and maJceth 
him houiholds like a flock of 


42 The righteous will confi- 
der this and,:rejoyce: and the 
mouth of all wickednefs IJiaU 

be flopped- n - 

43 Whofo is wife will pon? 

der thefe things: and they (hgll 
underftand the loving kindnejfs 
of the Lord* '^ 

Q 4 Evening 

i^ir 'The9f4kns ExpUmd, 2 1 <l Dayl 

t • 

Evening Prayer. 

- , I ■/ V . « » 

. I 

A Song or Pfelm o^[B>avid; hin$ cimfofeJof'iBe 
five lafi Verfes of the^P^'fi^M^ Tfalnty and eight 
of the laH Verfes ofmS^ieth. '-''Sde Title of Pfalm 
Sixty. This Alter aitm^Jiisms tohdfOe ^eeH made when 
David had made greater fr.'otufs^ in fubduing thcfe 
Enemies mentioned T^ii^^ imlJ''!' And\ farticularlj^^ 
fays Dr. Ham. in taBh^ Kabbajii* i ^ain- xiL 29, ; 

Paratm eorim^, V^^9y^L 

^^\dod^ irt^^^ is reidy-^ 

C>r''n^-Hcaitiir ready: Ivnn 
fing and give praife. with the 
Beft^nreiAber .that I'have. 
•:^4^^A>Vafc6^ .thou-liite aria- 
hSit)^^ I mf' letf - will awake 
right early. : 

"^-y I will give diankt( untq 
dice, O Lord^ among the peo^ 
^fe-; ' t will fing piaife unto thee 
iihbtig the nations, 

^ For thy piercy is greater 
tKaji'tliq heavens t and thy 
j[nit^; ieachHth hiVito the clouds. 
'^ ^' S Set up thy felF, O God, a^ 
bpve the heavens : «ind thy ^o-' 
fy.Sbbve alf thb^eaftk 

wV^;?^f;'^^^^'?"*- "^^'thaf -thy 'beloved majr 
^e P/4I. Ix, 5. be dehvered r - let thy right 

hand fave them, and hear moo: 

me. .- L ^ , 

7 God hath i|K)ken in his 
hdinefe: IwiH ifejoyce there- 
fore and divide* Sichcm, and 
piete but the yaUey pf Sucgpth. 
r ' .5 pilead is fnine, and Ala- 


11 4 D^» Ihe ^falms Explain 4* 2^i 

nafles is mine : Ephraim alfo is 
the ftrengch of my head. 

9 Juda is my law-giVor, 
Moab is my wam-pot : over 
Edom will I caft out my (hoe ; 
upon Philiftia will I triumph. 

10 Who will lead me into 
the ftrong city : and who will 
bring me into Edom? 

11 Haft not thou forfakenus^ 
O God : and wilt not thou^ O 
God^ go forth with our hofts ? 

12 Ohelp usagainft the e- 
nemy : for vain is the help of 

- 1 5 Through God we flail do 
greaf ads : arid it is he that fliali • 
tread down oui; enemies. 

A Pfalm of David, Tvhen he wof perfecuted by Saul, at 
the Infiigation of Doeg j and as David was a refre- ^ 
fentatiw cf Chrift, fo was Doeg 0/ Judas, andthof^ 
other Men who Were the Jnfiruments ofot^r Saviours 

Deus lauium. • Pfal. CIX» 

HOld not thy tongue, O 
God of my praife: for 
the mouth of the ungodly, yea, 
the mouth of the deceitful is ©• 

2 And they have fpoken a- 
gainft me with falfe tongues : 
they compaffed me about alfp 
with words of hatred, and 
fought againft me without a . 

1 For the love that I had un- 

^ to 

2^4 ^ ^faims Bxpkind: 2 2,d 2)«w. 

^ -^ my contrary parct]/ bat 1 giro 

my ielf unto prayer^ 

4, Thus havb di^, revirarded 
me ©Til for good: ftnd hatred' 
for nuT' good- will. , 

.J ^* r/^f ''i^ ^'^ f fSet thaufan ungodly man 

ones rtibtbandl is a *a1» „,ia- -v,.— u* o^ -^ r*7*" 
Hebrew Pbnre, fjgnify. *® "^ "L*"^ o^^r him t and let 
ing to proteft and de- ^atan itand at ms a^xt hmid.J 

fend : So P/<i/. xvi. 8. cxxi. j. cxiii. 4. thhTfalm.ver. 20. 

l.Sce the worft Man that can be to be his Judge or RiOer, aiid> 
let his greateft Enany pretend to be his Patr^j; andfo bctny 
hun.] JHem. Saun fignifies" an Enemy at large, J^ai^. 'kvu 23, ^/. 

be condemned to fuch "P^^ ^^^ let him be condemn^ 
a Punifhment, as his ^' ^^d let his prayer be tum- 

Criracs have deferved ; editftofin.] 
S^^'doKhisljlJjf '"^ ^'''°"' '« '^'^ ^^ *-Sht an 

^^'^.L'°- . ^ 7 Let his days be few : and 

let another take his office. 

8 Let his children be father- 
. . . ; K Jels : and his,,wife a widow. 

9 Let jiis children be vaga- 
^P^s:, and beg their bread: let 
thein feek it alfp out of defolate 
places. ■ .^ 

10 Let the eKtortibner con- 
fume all that he hath: and let 
the ftranger fpoil his labour. . 

1 1 Let there be ,no man to 
pity- him : nor , to , have '' tom- 
pai5qn upon hi& fatherltfs chil- 

^ ij2 .Let his pofterity be de- 
itroyed : and in the next gene- 
ration let his name be clean 
put out. 

15 Let 

2. 1 ^i ^/ty. The Tf4ms Bxpldind. 

It 3 3Lat the wicfcednefe of his '^ 
fatf^ers be had ii\ remembraiice 
in' tke fight of the Lord : and 
let: not the fin of his mother be 
d^ne away. 

X4. them alway be [be- 
fore] the tord : that he may 
root out thi memorial of them 
from off the earth j 

xs; And that, becaufe his 
mind was not to do good : but 
pcrlecuted the poor helplefe 
man^ that he might flay him 
tliat was vexed at the heart. 

16 IBs dvfigiitwas in cur-r 
ling, and it Ihall happen uiito 
him : he loved not bleffing, 
therefore fhall it be f?ir fix)m 

T7 He clothed himfclf with 
curfing, like as with a raiment: 
and it ihall come into his bow- 
els like water, and like cyl in-r 
to his bones. 

18 Let it [be- unto him] as 
the cloak that he hath upon 
him : and as the girdle that he 
is aJwdy girded withaL 

19 Let it thus happen from 
the Lord unto mine enemies : 
and to thofe [that fpeak evil 
againfl; my fouL J 

20 But deal thou with me, 
O Lord God, according unto 
thy Name: for fweet is thy 

21 O deliver me, for^ I am 
helplefs and poor : and my heart 
is wounded within me. 


14 [Refemed by.3 

18 [Stick as cloft CO 

19 r Who endeavour 
by hut AccufacioDs, to 

22 [I 

23<S Tk ffabiu Exflainl iiJPay. 

fooncr than I from the aow that departeth :] and am 

place of my prefent a- driven away as the grafliopperf, 

d.^OrL' i. r , ^3 ^y knees are weak 

dned up for want of fatnefc. 

24 I became alio a reproach 
nnto.them: they that looked 
upon mc^ fliaked their heads. 

2f Help me^ O Lord my 
God : O fave me according to 
thy mercy. 

26 And they fliail know, 
how that this is thy hand: 
and that thou. Lord, haft done 

27 Though they curfe, yet 
blels thou : and let them be 
confounded that rife up againft 
me; butletthyfervantrejoyce. 

28 Let mine kdveifaries be 
clothed with fhame: and let 
them cover themfelves with 
their own confufion, as with a 

. 29 As for me, I will give 
great thanbsunto the Lord with 
my mouth : and praife him a^ 
mong thcrjRultitude. 

^30 For he jfhall ftand at die 
right-hand of the poor: ta 
fave his foul from unrighteous 

■ LI 

Jl ii ■" .._ ;>: . " The 


% id Day. The ^falms ExpUinl ■ 137 

' -. 

The Twenty Third Day, Mortiing Prayer. 

A Pfalm of David^ wherein he^eaks 4>f a Terfon much 
fuperior to himfelfy whom he calls [My Lord] and di-^ 
fiinguijhes from God the Father j which Terfon can bt 
no other than the Meffias, of 7Vbom he here Trofhejtes, 
not as in other V f alms ^ by making himfelf the Type and 
Figure ^ Chrift, but in fuch words ad can be applied 
tcl none but our Saviour. 

DhitDomim. PfaLCX« 

prTpHeLord faid unto my i To fit a«: the right- 
LX Lord : Sit thou on my handof.God, fignifies 

right-hand, until I make thine ^^.r^ilhf" 

enemies thy footftooLj Honour, i Kings ii. ip, 

("The great eternal God hath decreed, that my Lord thtMeffias 
fhall, even in his Humane Nature, be advanced to the higheft 
Dignity, till he have fubdued all his moft potent Enemies, and 
even Death itfelf, i Cor. xv. 2$, 25.] 

2, [The Lord (hall fend the 2 lesion, orjerw 
rod of thy power out of Sion : ffdem. Aasl 4. li. 4^. 

i_ 1. "^i . ^ • ^u^ ^:Aa « the place from 

be thou ruler, even m the midft ^j^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^d 
among thine enemies,] (hall fend forth thy 

chief Minifters with the Power of working Miracles (which is, as 
^wcre the Scepter and Enfign of thy Royal Authority) to convert 
the World 5 and I wifli thou mav'ft, and foi-etel thou ftwie ereft 
a Kingdom to thy felf, amidft thy inveterate Enemies, both the 
Jews and Gentiles.'] 

1 [In the day of thy power - J I^J^^il *f ^^^^4: 
WU the people'ofFer thee free^ l^ott ^t^^^^^^^^ 

will-offerings with an holy and Miniflers, tofub- 
worfhip]:*the dew of thy birth due, or convert the 

is of the womb of the morning. E/;„2- "^^J^jJ 

ready, freely to offer themfelves, and all they have to thee, to at- 
tend thee in thy Church with holy and devout Minds/J 

* The dew, of thy birth ^ is of the Womb of the Morning.'] By the 
Dew, in this very obfcure Text, is moft probably to be under- 
ftood the Divine Grace, which defceods fromCAr/iiF, and is here 
called the dew of his Birth •, that is, whereby he caufes Men to 
be new-born, or regenerated. The Sentence is thus to be fup- 

2^8 The ^fdlms ExpUinl t ; d f>^. 

ply'd, lif The Dew of thy Birtli, is as the Dew of (or from) the 
Won^ ckf die Ijli^^ciiiiig, or which the Morning brings fbrt!i(. 

Akm. The Morning is elfewhere in Scripture reprefentcd as an 
Animal with Eye-lids, fob iii. 9. with Wings, Pfal. cxxkik. 8. 
So thcii thefe words contain die reafon of the tbrmer, W^. , 

fFor the Divine Bleffing which (ha!l accompany the Pireaching 
e^Sxy Apoftles, fliaU, like the Dew which the Morning produces, 
&II every- where, in all Conntrics more or lefs, and (hall be very 
fruitfiil, bringing forth Faith and Obedience in abundance, and 
bcgetdng great numbers of Converts.3 

t Who wM tia only 4 The Lord fware, and will 

f^llfui'^./^Jh.'i^i ^^^ r^P^^^ • Thou art a Prieft 
m receive hts Frieflhood for ever after the order of Mel- 
fy Succeffm or Entail^ chiiedeck f. 
m tbofe pf the Line of Aaron, Heb. vii. in both which re^eSs te 
TPOi a fit Tyfeoftheey Meffias ! 

$, 6 By the * Ktngx, y The Lord upon thy right 

be means, the Heathen »» ^f.^^X ^^ ^^ ^^**- 
XoffbtR Emperors, And- 6 He mail judge among the 
chrift and his Adhe- * heathen j helhall fill the places 

?^"^JU''S^«K«i'!? wi* *e dead bodies : and fmite 
rowers, wno ooittnate- •_/• j 1*1 j -•. 

\y and malicioufly op- ^ lunder the * heads over divers 

pofe the Authority of countreys. 

Chrifi', for they rtuU all at laft be made his Foo^tflool. 

. JvG[!!%^'^' **'' 7 [He Ihall drink of the 
a thurfty Traveller- or i^^/^i • ^1^ % r 

a couragious Soldier in X^^^?^ ^>^"^ ^^3'- therefore 
purfuit of his Enemies, Jnall he lift up his head.] 
fudg' vii. 4. $, 6. ftiall negleft himfclt; aod take what is next to 
hand, fatisfy his Thirft out of the Brook which he meets in his 
way, therefore (hall God exalt him to the higheft pitch of Ho- 
nour and Dignity,] PhlU il 9. 


^HaJJlei^i|ah, iv:, Praife 5^e the Lord, that is^ A F&rm 

ji^Vr^iCu See Notps. in Vindication. T%u if ano^ 
iher of tieiAlfhaUtkal Pjitbns : E'very Half-Verfe of 
the prfi e^hty h^ginningwith a. new Letter ^ hut tie 
two laB Verfes confiB of fix fmall Claufesy every one tf 
which begins with a difiiti^ Hebrew Letter. 

€ovfitehw tm.j P^. CXI. 

I Will give thanks iinto; the 
Lord with my whole heart : 
fecretly among the^ithfulj, and 
in the congregation. 

^ The works of the Lord are 
great: [fought ont of] all 
them that have pleaflire therein. 

1^ IBs work is worthy to be 
praifed' and had in honour: 
and his righteoufiiefs Qndureth 
for ever. 

4 The merciful and gracious 
Lprd hath fo done his marvel- 
lous works : that they ought to 
be had in remembrance. 

f [4le hath given meat unto 
them that fear him : he fliall 
ever be mindful of his cove- 

6 He hath (Jiewed his people 
the power of his works : [ that 
he may give them the heritage 
of the heathen.] 

before inherit.] Sec Dent, ii, iii. Joflj. x^ 

7 The works of his hands are 7 [Promifes or Co- 
verity and judgment': all his I'"ff':l ^'l^^' 
[commandments] are true. to Promife. See alfo 

8 They ftand faft for ever -Ffd. cxix. Teth ix. 2. 
an4 ever : and arc done in truth ^^ ^^f * ^^i* ^• 

and equity. 

9 He 

$ [Rather than they 
who fear him fliould 
wane, he 4id of old give 
them Bread from Hea- 
Exod. xvi. 

To put them in 
Ion of thofe 
Countries, which the 
Amoritesj and other 
Heathen Nations did 



140 :The ffahni Explain d. tid Da/. 

>. 9 Hefent redemption tiiito 

his people: he hath commanded 

'- his covenant for everj holy 

and reverend is his Name. 

10 The fear of the Lord is 

. ^ the beginning of wifdom: a 

good underftanding have all 
they that do thereafter j the 
praifeofit eftdureth for ever, 

, ' • * 

Hallelujah^ ir, Praife ye the Lord, ant^ber Alfha- 

hetical Tfalm juft as the former. 
BeatHs vhr. Vfkl CXII. 

Leiled is the man that fear- 
eth the Lord: he hath 
great delight in his command- 
. ments. 

2, His feed fhall be mighty 

upon earth : the generation of 

the faithful (hall be bleffed. 

^,9. "^ Ri^teoufnefs^ 5 Riches and plenteoufheJs 

(ignifics Mercy, Pfai. ftall be in his houfe: and [his 

""fihi reward of his * nghteoufnefs endureth for e- 

Charity (hall attend Ver. J 

him, not only for a little while here in this World, but for ever 


4 [Comfort in Af- 4 Unto the godly there ari- 
fliftio"'] feth up [light in the darknefs :] 

he is merciful, loving, and 

1^ ^ ^.^i ^} ^"^ S^ good man is merciful. 

Moderation and Tem- ^_ii^ P 1. r j -u -j t_* 

per in his Words as well ^^^ lendeth : [and wxU guide his 
as Anions.] words with difcretion. J 

6 [It (hall not be in 6 [For he fliall never be. 

firruSS;: sTif \^/^' a. righteous 

either as to iiis Eftatc inalLbe had in everlalting re- 
or Reputation.] membrance. 

7 He 

i j^ tdyl . 'H^fpfalms ExpJaml. 141 

ahf «fH dffii^fe? fiir his heart 

i^ht^etW M, ana teUcveth in ''^ ' 

theEord. ' ' '^ -''■■:■': ^ "' -■ 

. jB Hisi heart ts-ftabfilhed, and 
#H1 riot Ihrin'fc'V lihtH he fee 
his' defii-e u^ori^ii j enemies. 

9 He hath di^erJTed abroad, 
aild given to the poor : and his 
righteoufnefs reniaineth fo^ ^ r An^ »,» rtv,it i. 
ev^S- [his horn (hall be exalted raifeito i cdSera! 

With honour.] We degree of Power 

10 The ungodly ftall fee iti *d Authority^ 
and it fliall griey,e him : he . 

ihall griafli with HiV teeth, and 
confiime away J . the defire of ' ^ 
the ungodly fliall berifh, 

HaUelujah, ^, Praife ye the lof d. this Tfalm, with 
the Ftve next, tifti U^iit recited at Tabky m the. faf- 
• i>hai-Nighti^Hd Another Fefiivals, '. \ , -, 

'• ■ tkuiiaejfneri. Pfaf. CXUf;' .' ' , , 

ERkJfe the Lord; ye [fer- • ■»" F Mlnirtera, jai 
Ivants. .:},;<) praife the ^hde^t clfe W d<i 
ne dF the r nrr! wcated yonrfefves ti 

. ^^Urft^Z XT r ^ Service «f God.!' 

!!«''Bleffed»bt the Name of - ' ;. *> '•^J , 

thatqii^: frqi^ t|iis t?me ftwth , .; . 
foE evermore. ..' . 

. 4 . The Lord's Name is prai- . ■; , " , 

fed : from the rirmg up of the ' - 

fan, unto the going down of 
^He^feme. ,, , ,^ • , ' 

;f4 The Lord is high above a^ 
neathen : and his glory above 
the heavens. 

J Who is lik? )mto the Lord 
pur God, that hath his dwel- 
hng fo high : arid yfet hUmbleth 

* h 


The ffalms Explain d. i ; 4 Day 

^r;p<ior, humble, cJp- 
prefled Pcrfon.3 

Crf». xviii. 10, fi. 

XXV. 21, 

XXX. as, 2g. 

t Sdm. I 20. iL 2:1. 

that are in hpaven and earth ? 

6 He taketh up the ffunplej 
out of theduft :, and lifteth thq 
poor out of the. mire^ 

7 That he may fet him witb 

the princes ; even with the 
princes of his people. 

8 He maketh the barren wo- 
man to keep houfe : and to be 
a joyful modier of children. 

Evening Prayer. 

See Tttlt of Pfalm CXIIL 
In eMpHjfrael. Pfkl. CXIV 

2 ^fuda was the 
Tribe chat march'd 
foremoft. Numb, vu 2. 

Exod. xiu. 1 7. •» TfTHen Ifiael came out of 

^ VV Egypt : and the houfe 
: of Jacob from, amopg. the 

ilrange jpe<^te, 

z [ Juda was Us fanauary : 
and ^ael his dominion.} 

xiv» 14* Exod. xii. 51. and therefore had the btfeht tSotid^ m 
Gl^ry^ the tQkfO of God's Prcfcnce ftanding juft over them, a^ 
(a w^ the Tribe that God did peculiarly dwell with, as he now 
alfo^4pthX^/« Ucscriii. 69.) tho' all the whole People rfJT/rW 
thtn were, and ihall continue to betmder his Oure#ndfftoctdk>n.] 

Exod. xiv. 21, 24. ; [ The fea fkw th^t and 

ff The l&.fea, as A^^ " lordzti was driven back;] ' 

if it had been fcnfibic of the Divine Prefence, forfook its Cf?au- 

iicl, and left a dry Path for the People to march throogh 5 as 

Jordan alfo afterward ftopfcitsxoutfe for.thc People topafeover.J 

4 [All the greater ^ [The mountains skipped, 

and leffer HiUs about ^jj^^ rams : knd the little hiUs 

Smai tremblea , and ,., ^ , . ,^ n.^L^ t 

l«pt, hke Lambs, as if .^i^^ ydihg. fheep.] ^ 

they would run away from the place where they had been fixed.J 

^. y ^hatiiUth thee, b thou 
fea, thai ,Wqu .fleddeft : and 


'f * 

v> ♦ 

4m J , < ^ 


*J*^r ^,^ £*/^'4 . 2^4^ j 

drfjenbacft^,,,,.jj.,ly,ljjl^,„,,.;. , . 

A ftreant Of Wi^ 
P/al. Ixxviii. itf. 

tl&iiills like viMiiii«lh«finT;> • ' "**'** ""/'* '** C*« 
WbUJi rli M>"t iP.u ?y . Sec the word [M^eQ ia 

S«>>«iiftUi,i6»4mxv»d^^ tf the former i 

hffi /»;tafolHefci»^ HATd^napfalm, tho by wbm] 
>9i'rMfi)rib4ft\ota4fio^',mabii'ibi^d is uncertain, 

i>| unto usj but iiRtfrth)t> 

mn^r&t^ IJh^^t^ 5.^rr*y 
rojWigfllft-tq'iygnd foe *y(tlt«)b» 

} As for our Qod^.bfo ^ i^ 

4 Their idols are fdvetiiif^ 
gold & €tv^en . tho WfHrk I ttf ipfni 

iiTJlfty;.li6ter;;W0ll , ._^„ 

ikdiijccf eyesrhaiiei tfi^yr^nd 

handle not, feet have they and . . -'t 

».-'.- , . 



»* * • 

\ I'i 

,1 I -■: • 

^ : J : 

^4i • - • d 

'-.■ '»''' l\ 

The ^faints Bkftari^. 2 f d f)a> 

Wilk not : nether fp^l they, 
through their throat. * 
"\ ^' 8 They 4iat ihake^thein are 
!, r UK6 unto them : and fo are aU" 

iuch as ^ttt their truftih them. 
^ 9 But thbtt h<Stife of Ifrael^ 
^ ^ trutt ^hou in the Lotd: he is 
their iuccofur and defences 

ID; YcS hotife of Aarcm,' put 
yothr trtift in the Lord i he is 
their hdper and defender . 

II Ye diat fear the Lord^ 
put your truft in the Lord : he 
h thtir helper and defender. > 
ii^The Lord hath^ been 
mindful of us^ dpd he ihall blefs 
4ii: erai he (hall blefs the houfe 
ctf Hhiely he fiiall blefsthft houfe 
dfAaroiu -^'-^' . f^ •-'''■ ;' 
Kt^VLc ihall bldls them chat 
fear thift Lord : bothfi^U and 

^: 2i|^ The Lord fliaH Increafe 
yoi^c^oreand more: you tod 
yow dulijSreiw ^ ^ ' ? 

. ^f lYe-ard the bleffed of the 
Lord : who made heaven* aiid 

<v)^ All' the whole heavens 
are the Lords : the earth hath 
%!^ givebto4[^ children ^f men* 
hu^ij. [itrha: -dead prtaife not 
ID WiF, or la any other ^j^ q l^j.j . neither aU they 

foScilfSS ffiat^ownintoffl^^^^ 

to praifc thee for their ^ i^ Wft \ We* Will pk-aife the 
dehverance. Death T ord : from this time forth for 
f?'?!u*'2? ^""^1 5^^"'* evernKk^i i Praifc the Lord; ^ 

17 [They who die 

as to thy Mercies.3 

./ * 

> _ 


i^t^Day, The f films Explain 4. %^f 


. ' I . I 

A Jianifgivini forfomigr^at Jelivitaficifiom mmirnnt 

Death and DefirtMian. >.. T 

Dilexli qimiam. PfatCXVL \^ 

I Am well pleafe^: that the ' /J^ ^ 

Lord hath heard the voice 
of my prayer. 

2. That he hath inclined his 
ear unto me : therefore will I - ^ 
cUlupon him as long as I live. 

i The Clares of * death com- \ J ! ^'"^^ ?* *?'' 

the pauis of * hell git hold upon^ :. ^ T 

m€f. . - 

4 I lliall find trouble ^d : 

heavinels, and I will call upon 
the Nameof the Lord: O Lord, 
1 befeech thee, deliver my foul. 

f Gracious is the the Lord 
and rightepus : yea, our Gqd is 
mercitul. . . . 

6 The Lord prefcrveth f the ^ ^ P'^ P<»«^ «»4 Af- 
{to»le:Tlw«ia.niftry,,»d gSS^^b^S^ 

hehdpedme. . -. Strength or Policy.] 

7 Turn again then unto fhy 

reft, O my Toul : for the jLord 7 [Made thee ample 

hath [rewarded thee.l , S2f£*v ""^^ "*^' 

8 And why: tiiov Vft deU- ^ ^ ■■ 
vered my foijil from death: 

mine eyes from tears, and my , 

feet from falling. 

• 9 I will walk before the 

Lord t: in 'the lacld oif the liv- 9 t fix im bm the 

^0g^ .7- befi Sffvicf i am able. 

R 3 10 [I 

10 (;i was always lo [I believed, and therefore 
ways wai profefe, that troubled : I laid in my hafte, 

Tcr me^ \m in the gre^t agody ^ diforder .of my mod, I could 
Icarce perfwade my&lf, that, t&ovwotaklft^ (hew thy Power and 
Mercy in faving me^^and I, was ready to cal| all Men Liars, chat 
went about togi?e me-anylibpes'bf Vlbil^ danger I was in.*! 

11 [What return . jn ijiWhab tpWfcrd fiaik}!: I 
ftall Imakc?] ^give} [jubto ithfc^ Ldrd^ \ for 

all the benefits ibat tl^e. rhach 

11 The Jews ufed a x iCi^'Z JiWlH-itecetW; diecup of 
Cup of »efling, Peli. .fglvitij|li>riitol .call ruppn *he 

^s^ and Solemn ^eajk. ijSc^GrjEo^ki^bniri^riiuAKVi/ay. which our 
Javiour ranftificd aiifl mafic t^ U^f^^d^i^ jjC his l^opd'i * 

19 [Not cafily tobc j -% t ^JH pay njy vovjrs now 

ftvMcii.1 ^'tote':'ffighr dear' J m the, fight 

'^'^'"^^ /oeth?El^|sthe''deat!H^A 

- 1^4 ^eIto!M;ptbrd, how^that 
■I ahi' thy ftrvant : I aip thjr fer- 
va^it. and the fon of ihine 
; ftaiamaM; thtiu haft broken my 
•Bonds'^ in ^der. . ! 
Vic I will pflfer to thee the 
fffCrte^of tMnlHgiVlik: and 
' wlfl call tipori the Name ot the 
J^prd. "' ' ^ •^' '*-•' 

' 1 6 I Will p^ my v<!>Ws linto 
• the Lota; in thefjght of all hii 
' people t in the coum of thci 
JLords lioufe, even in thp midft 
^ of ihec, O jenxfalem. \Fraae 
iheLord* ' 


• ■ / ' t J. 

* . 



2 4fh Day. *Ihe Tfalms ExplaM 247 

This Tfalm fmnmms aU Nattms to Traife the iMiJhr 
^e Bm^s they were to receive by the Memas^^ 

Rom. XV. II. 

LaudatVmhim. P&I.CXVIL 

OPraifc th6 Lord, all ye 
heathen : praife him^ all 
ye nations. 

2 For his merciful kindnefs 
IS ever more and more towards 
us: and the [truthl of the 2 [Fakhfiilncfs.] 

Lord cndureth for ever. Praife 
the Lord. 

Tits Tfabn ferns to iave hem comfofed hy David, after 
aU the Twelve Trites were reduced to his Obedience : 
The latter fart of it. is a PropSecy of Chrift Jefus> in 
the Terfon ^ David, tt may be divided into feveral 
farts : as for h^aHce ; from the ifl Verfe to the 22d 
was HvnX s farP^ and fung by him^ as he went to 
Worjhif at the TatemaileM Tie four following Verfe s 
fnaj frobably have b%en tbePeofles fart: thePfiefis 
meeting David at the Doors of the inner fart df the 
Tabernacle which belonged 'to them^ fronounce their 
Blejpng on David in the former fart of the 26th Verfe. 
Then David and the Peofh return the Priefis Blejpng 
4n them again^ in the latter fart of the 16th Verje^ 
The reHfeems to belong to David, and was^ If^pp^fi^ 
fkf^ orfaid by him- 

Cmfitemmi DomtM.' Pial. CXVIII. 

OGive thanks unto the 
Lord, for he is gracious : 
fc^caufe his nlercy endureth 

2 Let Ifrael now confefs, 
that he is gracious : and that 
his mercy endureth for ever. 
1 J,et the hoiifc of Aaron 


$ [WhUft I partial^ 
larly, and in words at 
length , rehcarfcd to 
him all my Wants and 
Difficulties, an<l earqeft- 
ly prayed for relief.] 

lo irhc Fhilfftwes, 
^nd all the neighbour- 
ing Kings andocates.] 
* ^ Sa^. v^ vii. 

It X^iit all tl^ir 
IRage and Fury was but 
like a fuddeQ' blaze 
made of Thortfs,which 
i$ foon quenched.J'- 


i^t Ountry of the 
Philiftices, .} 


the ff alms Explain d. 1 4th Day. 

now confefs: that his mercy 
endureth for ever. " 

4 Yea, let tlicm now diat 
fear the Lord,, confeft :'tha3t; his 
merey enduwth for ever. 

y I caXlpi upon the^ Lord -in 
trouble : j an4 the Lord heard 
me [at large.] 

6 The Lord is on my fide : 
I will not fear what m^a dptih 
ixntome. , f 1, 

7 The I^ofd taketh my pant 
with them that help m^ • there- 
fore Ihall I fee my defire upon 
mine enemies^; 

8 It is better to truft in the 
Lord : than :to put any confi- 
dence in man. * 

9 It is bett«a: to truft in the 
Lord : than tq piit any confi- 
dence in princes. 

It) [All Nations] compaffed 
me round ^bout : but in, the 
Name of the 'Lord will I dc- 
ftroy them. ^' - . 
• • II They kept me in on eve- 
ry fide, they kept me in, I fay, 
bn every fide: but in tne 
Name of the Lord will I deftroy 

12 They came about me Uke 
bees, [and* v^ extijid eveji as 
the fire among the thorns:] 
for in the Name of the Lpijd I 
will deftroy-fh^. ( . - *^ 
,13 Thput haft thruft fore at 
m& that I, «ight fell :. bijt ti^ 

rLor4 wgs my^Mi). { - 

> s J4 The 


%AthDay. 7he Tf alms Explain d. ' 

X4 The Lord is my ftrength 
and T^y fong : and is become 
my i^vation. 

*^^^i^^^ l^^T «? ^^""^J^^ «» Safety orDcUye. 
*healthismthedwelhngsofthe rancc. Sec VocabuUry. 

righteous 1: the right hand of LThc Houfes of 

the Lord bringeth mighty 

things to pafs. 

. ij6 The right hand of the 

Lord hath the preeminence: 

the right' hand of the. Lord 

bringeth mighty things to pa(s. 

17 I ftiall not die, but Uve : 

and declare the works of the 


1$ "^Heditk,^ th^t 

good Men found with 
Songs and Rejoycing^ 
for Ood*s Mercies to- 
ward me*3 

> > i 

I > ' -I 

^ i^ tttret)avU be- 
Irig cdme to th^ D6or& 
of the Tabernacle , 
feems to- call to them 
who were within, to 

18 The Lord hath chaflened 
and correded me: but he hath 
not given me over unto (feath. 

19 Open me the gates of 
righteQulhefs : that I niay go in- 
to them, arid give thanks unto 
the Lord.. 

open to him. He ealls the Doors of the Tabernacle, the Gates of 
HighteoufnefS) becaufe they are frequented by good and righteoigi 
Wen, .ver. ao. 

^p This is the gate of the 
Lord : the righteous fliali enter 
into it. ' ' 

zt I will thank thee^ for 
thou haft heard me : and art 
become my falvation. 

22 [The fame ftone which 
the builders refufed : is become 
the hfe^-ftone in the corner. ] 

thcHonfe of Saul^ would not admit of for their King, 2 Sam Ail 
is now become Sovereign of all the Twelve Tribes ; and he is in 
this rcfpeft a Figure of the Mejfias ; who, altho' he be fct at 
nought by the Politic Builders, the Chief Priefls, and Rulers ci 
the People, ASs iv. 11. yet (hall, by God, be exalted to be the 
Frince of the V^orId| and the foundation «f all Mens Happinefs.^ 

2 J This 

The Peoples part. 

22 fThis David^ 
whom the great Men of 
Ifrael^ who adhered to 


the Tfdlms Bxplainl % 41^ Dii^ 

±1 TMsistheXbrds^ofttg: 
and it is thartellousiQ ottar'eyes. 

2^ This is the dayr ^^(^hich tte 
Lord hath made : we will re- 
Joyce and be g^d in it. 

ay help me now, O Lord: 
OLord, fend us now prdperity, 

26 Blefled be he that com^ 

[in the Name of the Ldrd] : 

[we have wifhed you good 

udc, ye that are of the hbtue of 

the Lord.] 
pie return the Priefts Blefiiiig upon them. 

[We hare always been wdl-affeded co diofe who tend at tbe 
Altar, a^d heartily; pray, that God would multiply his Bieffiogs 
toward yon. j 

27 God is the 3Lord, who 
hatfi fliew€d us [light]: bind 
the iacrifice with cord^ yea^ e- 
yen unm the horns of the sdtar. 

28 Thou art my God^ and I 
will thank thee : thou art my 
God, and I will praife thee. 

29 O give thanks unto the 
Lord, for he is gracious i and 
his mercy endur^ for ever. 

The Priltfls Bldffiif 

to DiMa* 

26 [By the IMvsne 
Authontyand appoint- 
ment to be our King.] 

Damd and the Peo- 

27 r joy and Com- 
fcrt.1 In this Verfe (it 
AonM feem) Davidams 
en the Pnefts to do 
their Dntf . in offerius 
the Sacrinees. 

, 1 4* %f. The Tfiittns Ex^ahti 15% 

Evening l^rayer. 

P^viji ii)generalfy thimgbt to have hem the Campofer of 
fkfs Tj^,,U^hpi^ mheiuma Terfm that met with 
gnat Changes, and 'variety ^ Conditions ^ fo he feems 
t(^ refrtfent tvtry 'Bttiod^tf his Life in this Pfalm. It 
oonfi^sofasymat^StanxAs as there are Hebrew Let^ 

, tersy,tv/mty*two in aU^ Xhe firH begins 'with the fir H 
Hebrew iefrer, tht fecond with the fecond, and jo on 
to tkejend : And every Verfe of tie Sumn^y in -the 
Hebrew* hgins tk^ith the fame Letter that the Stan^ 
doth J therefore^ tbej^ws call it the great Alphabet. 

. Alcph i BeM immaculatL Pfil. CXIX. 

Lefled are diofe tJiat are 

imdefiled in the way ; and 

w^lk ill the tew of die- Bard, 
3t Pleffed «re thiiy that; keep - 

histeffi^dnies: and ftdK'hiat 
wWifh^^hble heart. ' 


n T 


1 Ftir^ey who do nty iWdk- 
emJifs: Wilk in his waV^. 
":% Thou' haft changed : tbdt 
*we fhall diligently fcdi^p ^^tlry 
coinlnaiidmtots. ^ 

f • O' that niy ' -ways wefe 
made fo dired ; that I might 
keep thy ftamtes ! 

6 So ih^n I not be confound* 

#d : while I have wlj^ea unto 
•allJtlttr cori^ ' 

7 I \Vill thank thee' with an 
tinfeijg«edtheart^ ^hQn lihall 
hftvoilcarncd [ the * judgments 
of thy rightebijfiii^fk J ' * 

' 8 I vi/rill te&ep tthyMfjcremo- 

^nie$^3 • Ofoffal^me net utterly. 

7^ 8. By ^ludgrhints 
rf thy Rigbteokfnefs'} 
feems to be meant the 
Moral laWy as diftiA- 
guifh*d from the Cere- 
monial, which is men* 
tion'd, ver. 8. 

8 prhofeStattttesof 

. thine, for wbich J fee no otHct tcafon bttt thy W ill.l Bp Fitrhk: 




i«t yU^fahns Bixplmi, tj^^Pay. 


Bctbii* In qu9 cmiitt ^ 

WHerewithal (hallayoung 
man cleatife his way z 
even by ruling himfelf after diy 

a With my whole heart have 

Ifoug^tthee: O let me not go 

wrong out of thy command'^ 


3 tUid up as the j Thy words have I [hid] 

,grcatdl Trca&rc ] ^^^y^ ^y hearj: thatlfhould 

not (in againft thee. 

4 defied art thou, O Lord : 
O teach me tl^y ftatutes. 
< PAll the Uws f With my lips have J been 
whkh our Forefathers telUng : . of [^l the judgments 

received from thy ofthy mouth.] , ; . 

Mouthat«iwi.]^-«. ; 6 1 We had as great delight 

in the way of thy teftimoiiies : 
as in alt manner of riches. ^ 

7 I wiUtalk of thy command- 
/ ^ments : and have refped unto 

thy^^s. , 

8 \Wy delight (hall be in thy 
ftatutes : and I will not forget 
thy, wqrd. . 

Gimd iii. Rjstrtbue fejrvo tU9. ' 

CVDp well unto thy fervant: 
J that I may Uve aiid keep 
"^ /thyword ^ 

i aiOpen' thou mine eyes: 
J I ; tbatrl may fee the wondrous 
things or mv lavr. 

2 I^mann^igerupooearth: 
O hide not thy conwiandments 

' 4CMy 


ij^h Dayl The ^Jkhns Explain Ji: ^ ^5^ 

^ 4^ t^y f<^ breaketh out for 4^ [^ «« & Wg with 

Ac very fervcntdefire : that it in^n^\if'vnm 

hathalway untpthy iudgmehts.] fing, and teaching thy 

f Thou . han rebuked the Commaadments, that I 

proud 2 and curfed are^hey that «» r«*dy ^o Iw^ft* 3 
do err from thy coimhandmehts. 

6 Oturn&ommefliameahd 

rebuke: for I have kept thy te- ^^ 

itimonies. . ^ 

7 Princes alfo did fit and' -^ v' • ^ ^' 
fpeak againft me : but diy ler- ^^ 

vaiu is Ojccupiqd inthy iCNtutes. 
is l^or^yteftiippni^areniy 
dblight : and iT)y cauiifeUcrs. i 

Dalcthif. , Aitftdfit Uwnient9. 

[Ti yf Y foul cleavethl to die ^ l\ «» in the low- 

JVl/duft: Oqmckenthou ^1^,^^^'^?^: 

tne according to t%! word. ] ii« on the Groond, 

ftnieliiigfiirXife}''Odaehi>n tadve ttd comfort me, according 
to thy Fromifcl 

*j t ' ' ' f "/ i i I 

2 fi have knoudedged my ^X^ •"▼e always 

ways, and thot* hcardeft me : > SH;?^L^»fcSS 

O teach me thy Itatutes. thee, and thou haft 

'^er beetfrtifdy to forgive, and rdlev« nie.i 

:^ '.. "^ - V .ii 

J Make rae'tpVU^^^^ , - . . ;. >; 
thewayVf'thycohimandments: . /. ' ^ ^ ['•^' 
and fo Mill talk of diy won- 

4' [My fotol' meketh away 4Cf«n »;wcak^as 

for^:4elyjhf«i«6:q comfort St^'Sl'o"^ 

thqu-in«!^accordi|ig, untfy thy . ; ^^ 
Word:- « ' •• ;"* ' -''•'•-■' 

c Take fronr me [the way. 5 [All iMudidttw' 

of lyingl: and caufe thou me a'<dhypo«it««f Arts-J 

tdiitMc^^uch:x)fthylaw. ,,.*?• 

6 f liire chofen^thcrway of : 

;:J " truth; 


25 4^ Th^fidmsEx^Uind. i^d^f3(0. 

truth: and dby juimeatB have 
* IJaiabetoxfitme. - 

, ilimonies :, O Lordv contpund 

' ' , r me not. 

)..<• ■■! V :. .; 

(^, I wUTrim di^ way of, thyr 

9 f trm Grief and cpom^^^ml whcn thou 

Trcuble. h^ ^etipy fceart^t uberty f,. 

■ ' . . ' ' ■ 


The Twenty Fifthi Pa)^ f Mpridpig Pr ayc^r^ 

npitofeh^ ihfcj O Lotd,^ the 

Jt way <tf^ttiy ftitirtesr an4 

llMttkc^ittottdtheeMJ - 

2 Give me underftanding, 

and Ifhall Keep thy law : yea, 

- ''; \ Lihallikfaqpitwiith hu^ wh^e: 

r i V tff . of d^ ;c6mtnandmems53:i £e^ 
therein is my defire. * ' 

vv' M^ 4 laelbb my he^rt titt<> diy 

; ■ tieflftDfH)Aie6 :r and not* to; cowe^ 

5t<5raRt;thaMJsay ' c [Q.twm, away mine eyes, 
Bcvcr> overmuch tt. \^^ ^hey behpM vanitj^ ; and 

ken with empty Pomps, ^uxwC^'^^liiL^'^^'-^^ -It.l'^* I t 
and fiding Bauty,buc ^^^^^^^ W^^^? »A t^jf, way.] 

ma^e me aftive, and livdy in petfofn|ip|jny iputy to the^^^ f- 
6 ro let thy Divine ^ [Oftablilh thy.Word'i»<hy 

TS?* Proceedings I"*® af«i«l 0* ^ [^0^ «% Ja^S' 

gcnl« «a4 iii«»<}>A}{^ „ ,8 .Behold, my.defighti? ia 

8 CMakcmciircly and thy cwSn^ai^jents : "pT fli^ck' 

aftive m dome what r ' ••■''iL;- • l r IF^\^ 

is JHft and righieo«s.1 ^n^^ Wif »6l?fl«<?tW#. J 

2,5 th Day, The f films My^m'4» 1 1 f 

( » .' • 

Vtli yi. Etvaia$ fufir mt. 

L£t thy loving mercy, CQ^Cf 
aUb im!to me^ OEord^ 
even tijy ialvation> according 
untp thy wor4t 

2 So Ihairi make anfwer ui;- « rThofc who le- 

to W l^lafpbepiersO fof my ^''S/'lSi^ 

trull i^in thy word. bdihvloupwiw^ theel 

- 3 .LQ tgU not tber,Word,of 3 C li« me^ncvcr 

thy trptl^ littery oi». of, ijy . 5S%rt,^S£ 

mouth : for my hope is mtby n^n pcrfonning thy 

jy%mQltt($v] ftomifts J for my.hope 
IS ia, the mercy aqd equity df thy Pcoceedings with thole* who 

'» ^ ■ • 

4 S|q ^hall Ulway ke?j thy 
law : ytat^ fcjr ever . ana. ev^ir, 
, c And/Iwill walKfat Ul^er^ 5 ([With eafe and 

«y :] for I fcek thy command- ^'^^^•diieiva, 
ments. .\ - /_ ' -' -• "' 

6 I will fpeak of thy tefti- 
monies alio, even before kings: 

and will not be alhamed. ^ * 

7 And ipy delight fljiaU be in 
thy conynandments : : w^ch I 
have loved, 

S [^My han4^allbwil\Ilift a [l wiU folemnlv 
UP unto thy commandmQixts, 1 cneagemyfelfbyOath 

ftudy Ihall be m thy ftajm^es, jstoirf was a Cftcmony 
ns'd in Swearing, and 4e|M|iKs^ wh(de Afiion, Qtn, idr. 22. 

tain yii. ' Mentor efio fervi tut» 

O Think ,upon thy^iefvant, 
as.copccrniflg tny Twordr] : [ftomifa.] 
wherein cEou* hail qqa^ 
putmy truft. 

2 The 


156 The ffalms Explml i^thDdj^ 

2 The fame 1$ my comfort in 
' ^ . ^ my trouble : for thy wprd hath 

"^ 3, The proud haVe had me 

eitt^dtiigly in dferiifion i ye^ 
have I not ihrinked from tRy 

■'■' ••■■ .~v ' ■ ■ bw ■■ ■' ■•■'■■ . -^ 

4 tThf ttcriwL MB- 4 For I remembred . tihirie 
l!±S„1^*'S jveriafling ; jud«nents,S O 
Scaoza k4 ver. 3. Lofdt and received comfort. 

f lam horribly afraid: for 
the' uhgodly that'foi&ke thy 

( • • -...,* .-I 7->"i -u) ,' 

law.f'i - - .: ■- i ■• 

- .J I. V ' I . ■ i J. J ' / • I 


': . ; .. 6 Thyftatuteshavieibeenmy 

' '^ ' •" ' fongs: Iti the hoiife'ofttiy pil- 

grimage. . .; 

7 I hsfve thought upon thy 
Name, O lord, ' in ' the night^ 
,. , . feafoht and have kebt thy law. 
9f jt^f^ehfdrfHt 8- This t I had^: beciufe I 
fia^^M^n^na. kept eh^ commandments;: 

ChethviiL P$rti$m^^ TiomineJ . 

..LJ^ny ^^"^"^ nnljbu art my [portion J 
Poffcffion.] 'X Otord: I have promifed 

to keep thy law. 

\ : : ;';,,J..l.' , -a^ I-kaae my humble petiti- 

i -ij q^^j^^ on 5h^^tliy prefence with my 

i f . r r;j. : whbfe^ ^'heatt : O be merciful 

• ■ ^ "5 ^ ^^ unto riie at cording to thy wordi 

* ' '' "' ' ' ; t Called mine own ways to 

• .^ , r^memlwance: and turned my 

feet unto thy teftimonies^, 
,.- '4 'I^made hafte and^tolong* 
' ^^ - ed ftotihe time ;. to keep thy 


- ' y The 


iphi>^: T^efPfalms ExpIaM 15/ 

i V ^Fhe *cd^r^^Mdis of the 5 "^tbfCwgtegathni 

I have not forgotfceti thy X^vf. ' ^ ^i,kcd Coonierf. 

' 6 '^t' toiaWght T wiH rife to 
gi^fe Widhte nht<y thtii'i becaufe 
of thy righteousf jUdgmfehtj. 

7 I am a companion- of all 
them that fear thee^ % aiid kwji ' ' 
thy commandments. 

8 The earth; Otb^a, is fuft '• 
of thy mercy: . O teath me thy 

. . = ; *• 

< .i '. 

* t _ 

Tef))ix« imtMemfeciftii 

|t(>fd] thqii haft xltelt g^a- 
' ^ioufly vfrith thy ferVaht I 
according mito thy Word. ^ 
, 2 O learn rtie title under- 
ftahiliitg and knowl^^e,: fbl: 
1 have believfed., thy 1^^ conli^ 
tiianditlent^. ' ' . ' • ^ ^ 

3 'Before I wak? ti-duMed, I 
.^ent Wrong' -r^bui- now j^ve I 
kept thy Vortiv *^b? / 
-^4 Thou alrt gocM^aiid gfaci- 
otri : :0 teach rae thy^^ftatute*. 
f The prottd ha ve^ imagined 
ate ^Hiiift me: tmt I will keep 
thy feorfimandments' with my 
whda heart. '- ■ 

Kere flgnif^cs ProihiftC 
orCommatidmencs witlL 
Froioife, as PfaL cxi. 7^ 

i [their Mi'n^i i<r£ 
as fenielefsi ^nd their 
Cpt^fciences as hanjea-'' 
cd, as Che Fac of thtf 

,-'6 '[Thcit heart is:as fat ^s 
brawn]: but my delight hath 
been in thy law. '^ 

iflon pamper'd add Hi^dy Ahfin^s.l Mem! Tharthefc iVlitdc 
or 50 fcnfe in the fat Farts of any Creature :' ficfTcC tTitf AncTeatir 
faid of any very dull Fallow, that he lud [a iat Wit :■] And M- 
eher, D^wW intended by thcMebr^ Phrale to ej^refs the hJrdi-- 
iiefs^ as tvell as foUy of Sianersi Sd^ N6M in Vlftdkamru 



The ffdms Bxplmd. % 5 th ^af. 

7 It is good for me ;d\at I 
have been in troutle : that I 
m^y ieam thy ftatutes- 

8 The law dF thy mouth is 
dearer unto me: than thou- 
fands of gold and filven 

Evening Prayer. 


•mc^j^ Sec Scaaza ?ii« 

8 £Sincere.] 

Manns tus feeermt me. 

THy hands have made me 
and fafhioned me : O givb 
me underftanding, that I may 
iearn thy comitiandments. 

X They that fear thee v^iil he 
jdad wt^a they fee me ; beeaule 
Ihavepujtmy truft in thy word* 

i I fctw, O Lord, that thy 
{judgments] arerfe^ : and ch«t 
4k>u of very faithfolnefs haft 
caufed me to he troubled, 
i ± O let: thy merciftd:kind. 
nds be my comfoct : accordii^ 
to thy word unto thy fervant* 

y O let diy loving-mercies 
come tmtQ me, that I may Uv^: 
:for thy kw is my delight. 
, 6 Let the proud be con- 
founded, for they go wickedly 
about to deftroy me: but I will 
be occupied in thy command-^ 


7 Let fuch as fear thee, and 
have known thy teftimonies: 
[be turned unto me.] 

8 Olet ray heart be [found] 

in thy ftatutes : that I be not 


'Af' wlvatioh : and 1 
fiaVe^ goddhopfe becaofe of 
thy word 

■' r 'MSfle ^iij* -Idiig fore for 
Phy*onini''fiji5n^j:0 wheh s phefoifflliiigot 
wilt, thcjif i(Jh< ? . , ' ihyPionlftO 
■''5 rPpr littiibetomelUK a .,3 [F™ 1 »m rtca 
Rfctle in thc-fiilfcl: yet Ml f''^" iSf^f 

r Jii^-rtiL.'^'iui' ■ '^1 a raw Skin, which be- 

"R|MOrg^*y,*!^''PP- -, - inghnnginiheSmbW 

'•'' ' j/. I - '«f(v« narrli'il and flirWH'H.1 

7 ■ They had almoll made an 

end of me^iifKJiheaifth: but 1 '' " 

fbrtbplutoc [hycomnuuidme^s. 

. ,, ■ 8 O [quici^fl] ae after *y . » i;R"i«, «* Cobu 

iovihg-JdjitJp^fi'^'iaid ip.%11 *''"-J 

iJwep tbo ,i^ftip|Ktfues of thy -■' ■ 

.^inoVth. ■ ;■ . ., '"' 

timeA xiL in dtertium, t>tmitk'. 

Olorfi [tUy wordO'.en- ., * fThy Wvlncte 
. . toetHWWinbea*.^. "S. ^I'Sf "|„S; 

rfhich the 5uri, Mo6d^ 
I SBirs move or Aiad ftill;] 

5 « / ■ i.Thy 

' ■'■'•irh 

f $ [Comforted. J 

a<$o the ^ f dims Explain L t^thlUy. 

% [ FaithfUncfe in .-.% Thy [truth] alfo remain- 
pcrfonning Promifcs.] eVjh from one generation to a* 

jHother ; thou haft laid the foun-- 
dation of the? earth, and it 

; They continue this d^y ac- 
cording to thine ordinance^ 
for all things^ fenre thee. 
,4 Ifhiyddidit had not been 
;in thy law : I mould have pe- 
rifhed in my trouble. 

y I will never forget thy 
commandments : for with them 
thou haft fquickehecl] me. 

6 I am thine, O favemfe: 
for I have fought thy coin- 
.mandments. . ; 
' ' ' 7^ The ungodly laid wait for 

nib, to deftroy me : but I will 
• . confid^r thy teftimonies. 
: g rnie^wifdomand \ ^ I fee that all things come 

SSSiiteS^ ^^^^ bi^Ithy command, 
and ^weHfc it, aw fo nxent is exceedmg broad.] 

hrge, chat Icannoc Jnd the bounds of them; but rather, the 
further I proceed, the greater eocourageinenc I fee before me io 
go ftill fiirther.J 

Mem.xhL i^^miHlo iiUxi i 

IOt^y whit l6ve h^ave I uh- 
j to thy' law : alf the day 
, ^ ^ IcMig is my fttidy in it: 

2 [For thy ^«- : i Thou thiwigh thy com- 
mandments aire ever w_t .i./i.^j ^ -r 

mt Thoughts to guide mandments haft made me wifer 
add dirett me.] ; ;^han mine enemies: [for they 

are ever with me.] 

3 [Thofc who taught j I have more underftand- 
mc Ae Principles. and -yi^g (hg^ [my teachers]*, for 

liS^fb^^^^^^^ th? teftiminics are my ftudy. 

* themfelves Icarn'd tp praftifc it.] 4 I 

^ 6th Day. The f/alms Explain J. z 6 1 

4 1 am wifer'than [the aged :] 4 [The Sinners, Ice 
becaufe I keep thy command- }^ be ncrcr fo oM 
ments. ^''^^"•^ 

y I have refhdned my feet' 
from every evil way: that I 
may keep thy word. 

6 1 have not ihnmk from 
ijhy judgments : for thou teadi- 

7 O how fweet are thy words 
unto my throat : yea, fweeter 
Chan honey unto my mouth. 

8 Through diy command-^ 
ments I get underflanding : 
therefore I hate all evil ways. 

The Twenty Sixth Day, Morning Prayer. 

Nun xnr. Lucema pedlbiu meii. 

THy word is a lantern unto 
my feet: and a light un* 
to my paths. 

2 I have fworn and am fted- 
faftly purpofed : to keep thy 
i-ighteous [judgments.] 

3 I am troubled above mea- 
fure : [quicken] me, O Lord, 
according to thy word. 

4 Let [the free-will-offerinj 
of my mouth J pleafc thee. 
Lord : and teach me thy judg- 

5 [My foul is al way in my 
hand:] yet do I not forget thy 

6 The ungodly have laid a 
(hare for me : but yet I fwer*- 
ved not from thy command* 


2 [Preccpti,Dccrccs#3 

3 [ComforL^ ' 

4 [My prayers, and 
Praifes, and Vows ol 

' $ £My Life is always 
.in the greaceft danger.] 
Nam* Fair* Ainfw. So 
this Phrare iignines, 
fkd.idui* I Sam.x\Ti.K. 
beoaufe what we have 
in oor hands is eafily 
dropt or fnatchc away. 

7 Thy 



claimed as imne^ nentag^ Jo^, 
ever : and why ? .they ar^ i&e' 

(to ftilfil thy, tt^ftttes alyyiy: 
gveh unto the enfl. . . , , ,, 

ftunech 3pr« /mtfuox o<fio haiuh 

Hate thjsm that imagkie 

evil thk)^ : but thy law do 

I love. .1 

• a Thofi jsj^ my 4^fotice ao^. 

ih|e)d: a^ii^^^ipfi! isila thjr 


' J Aw»fr firommcy ye wicRed: 
I will Jc^ep tbe aommandments 

4 O %bWh me axjoordfeg 
fo thy word, that I may B^e; 
and let me not be di&ppointpd 
of my hope, . 

y Hold thou la^ u{), and I 
ihsulbeikfe.: yea*^ my d)el^|it 
: j(haH ibe ever hi thy ftatutes, 

6 Thou haft trodden ^oym 
all ihem that depart froni fl^^ 

^V(K0^.. but deceit. 

7 Thou putteft away all: $he 
iifigodly of i*e dar^ Kke dwfs^ 
therefore I Ipve thy teftimoifiei. 

^ 8 Myfleflitremblethforfear 

' pf thee ; aiid I am^afraidiof thy 


%6ADa^» The f /alms ExpUM t6l 


Asa-xn, Rci iwBcim, 

Deal widi the thing that is 
^__ lawful and right : O give 
mQ npt over unto mine oppref- 

; MaJce Aouthy fervant to p^e^^^yV/laSj 
delight m that wluch is good: ^^^^ ^^ rcaph of 
[that the proud do me no wicked and ihfolcht 

• J fceyesarewjltea away sjl^C^TSS ""S 

with looking for [thy health : ^^ jh^ performance of 

and for the word of thy righte- thy Promifcs to me.1 

4 O deal with thy^ fervant 
according unto thy loving mer- 
cy ; and teach me thy ftatute§. 

y 1 am thy fervant, O grant 
nap underftanding : that Tmay 
know thy teftimonie?. 

■ 6 lit is time for thee. Lord, , l,CWe have now^o 
tolayto thine hand: for they J^f^ho^^^^^ 

jiavc deflxoyed thy law. J -m extraotdinarv man- 

W, <xercife thy Power and Juftice in puniOiing wicked Men i 
for nbthing elfc can put a flop |o that detaw of Vice and Pro- 
faneacfs which is brok? in upon us ; which is rifen to luch^ 
bright, that thy Law is oT no Authority with too many Men, 
who do hot only difobey, but contcnm and defpUe it. J 

. ,, [Fori lovethy command. jg^j'S'^^. 
ments : above gold and prea- ^^at 'tis time for thee 

otisftone. 3 to lay to thine hand is, 

the great Love and Zeal I have for thy Commandments j which 
I value above the greateft earthly Treafure.]) 

8 [Therefore hold I ftraight '^'^^Tm, 
aWthy cotnmandmentsj : and approve every one of 
all faUe ways I litteriy abhon thy Commandnieltts^fo 
I have always vindicated them againft die Exceptions of wifk^d 
^nd P^oftne Mfti* 3 • 

?4 ?Thy 

' ft xvii. Mir Mis (^ ; 

y IP J?y teftimpnies a^-e woa* 
X -derful : Ch6reforedo(fh my 
foul jceep them. 
2 [When thv truth ^ i wKeri ihy word gbeth 
bceaks forth a^d ftimcs r^^^uS . •. -„^X u^u- ««^ „•, 
ipbn thcfiiindiofMcii, • ^^4 ,y^ ?^^^?^ light and un- 
Jikc the Sun coming derilai^duig Unto fhe fimple, 
from the other WorW.] 
5 [Therefore I have, . [ j opened my mouth, an4 

fteir fSSS ?£ arl,rSn W. brJd, : for' ny 

Jcnowledge of thy Will, delight was u) ttjy commandr 

like one that is run- ments. 1 

ning, or fwiinmihg for a prize, whd holds hi§ Wind, ^vi\ he may 

make the greater fpced.1 ^ 

^ O lo0k thbu Upon me, and 

l)e merciful unto me : as thou 

iifeft'tp dci unto thofe that love 

thy Name," 

$ [I (hall not be a f Order ; my fteps in thy 

$l4yc p any §in wjiat- word : and fo [fhall np wicK- 

PV?r-^ ^djfiefshavpdoniihionoverme.] 

6 P deliver. me from thp 
wrpncfui disaHngs of men : 
and fo Ihall I keep thy com-r 
J^ With the Ufs dU mandmentst- 

countenance upon thy fervant : 
and teach nie fhy ftatutes. 

8 Mine eyes gufh out witji 
water : becaufe men keep npt 
thy law. 

Jfaddi xviijp Jujius fx, Domine* 

;TjThy Proceedings T) IghteousarcthQu,OLor4; 

withT4cn are fakhfill, K ^ro^l «^,*» ;c Xxr '^aZ 
and agreeable to what AV L ^m mP ^S %hy JUdg- 

jthou haft promUcd and We^tg 

1 6th Day, Ihe'P/almi Explain el> 1^5 

arThy*teftimoniesthatthou n * TeJUmtiif] here 
Jiaft commanded; are exceed. Sf^ifhfSTife 
ang righteous and true.] anncxt; %^ as ch« 

Fifth Comniandment. 
['.Tb}( CotaHiiaadnients an |aft and rcafoioable, and the PromUes 
ovide to thfcm viho keep them, are always exaflly fulfilled.]. 

2 r My ieal hath even con- 3 fThat which very 
fcmed mer becaufe mine ene- ""^^Zf*^ Vta'Z' 
mies have fotgotten thy words. J dignktion againft my 
Enemies ; not fo much for any wit)ng done to me, as becau& 
they hay4 90 &9fc of Rejigion^ pr of the Authority of thy Law.]| 

4 fThy word is tried to the , 4 [For I look upon 
uttermoft :] and thy fovant ^^ "n^ 'SS 

lovetillt; Drofs,;n^adeupofper- 

fcft Wifdont and Jnfticc.J 

j: I am fmall, and of no re- 
putatioh t : yet do I not forget %\ ^n my mn pghi^ 
thy commandments. ^ $avi. vl. n* 

6 Thy righteoufnels is an e* 
verlafling rightep^fnpfs : and 
tby law ^ the truth, 

7 Trouble and heavinefs 
have taken hold upon me : 
yet is my delight in thy cpm- 

8 [Therighteoufnefsofthy 8 [I am felly coa^ 
tpftii^oniQs is evprl^iing : 6 ^^nf.<^ of ^^c eternal 
grantine^und^rftanding, and I J^f^f, ^^ ^ 

Ihall ^ live. J nic fo to know thcm^ 

asthfit I may hot ceafe to praftiie them ; and then I doubt noc* 
but fl^rough thy Merdy ! (hall live, notwithftanding the Malice of 
my Eriemies, nor only live, but comfbrtably enjoy myfelfc] 

To T /^vej often ugnifies to live comfortably, i nejfvLU 9i 
and fo to ^utcken otten iij this Pfi^ln^ (ignifies tp (^mfoYt\ a$ ^ rc; 
Vfv^ Of bring to Life again does in common fpeakingt 



i66 The ffaltm Explain I i6thf)ay^ 

' ' '• ' ■■' '. ■ 

Evening Prayer. 

^Qph xn|[* Clamavi in Mo ccatie meo. 

I Call widi my whole heart: 
heat .me, O Lord, I wUl 
keep thy ftatutes: 

2 Yea, even unto diee do I 
call : help me, and I {bsm keep 
thy teftimonies. 
' 3 Early in the mwrnng dol 
cry unto thee : for in tny word 
ismy truft. 

4 pfiy Eyes arc more 4 [Mine eyes present the 
ipic&lthanthofc^ night-watehes: that I might 
k^ Watch in the be occupied m thy wordsj 

Nignc* I am more quick^ and early, and intent on my Duty in 
ftudying thy law* than the Priefts m the Tabernacle, who rife 
in uit Night, that th^ may obfervejhe firft dawns of the Morii« 
ing* Sec Ffal. CX3» 0. See [^prevent '] in the Vocabulary. 

y Hear my voiqe, O Lord, 
according unto thy loving- 

5 [Comfort, revive.] kindnefs: [quieten] me accor- 

ding as thpu art wont. 

6 They draw nigh (hat of 
malice perfecute tne : and are * 

j^ fer from thy law. 

7 Be thou nigh at hand, O 
f»r Lord: for all thy command- 
t[ • ' ments are true. 

^y 8 As concerning thy teffi- 

momes, i h^ve known long 

^t iince: that thou haft grounded 

them for ever. 

Refll XK* Vide humilitatem. 

^Cohfider mine adverfity, 
and deliver me : for \ <io 
ppt forget thy law, 


i6t1^'i>ay. The <Pf alms Exphin'i, i6f 

' f Many tjiere axe that trou- 
ble riiej and perfecute ;n,e : yet 
dp I riot Ifweryp: fron> ijiy fcfc- 

^ It grie^eth me v/hen I lee 
tfee trg^^r^jllprs : becauf^ t^jey ' . , . . 
fceipp not Ay lauw. . 

, 7' Coiijfi^er, QXprdj howl ■ . . - 

love thy commandmenis : O 
quicken me aocording to thy , "■ ' 

Ipving-kindnefi. ' 

8 frhy "W*"^ *s ttue from ■« rThy Protiufn 
eT#rlnilmg- -^ the jfldgoaents h«cJwaysbeenfiith- 
(,fthyaepvlh^.euaarefor ^^S^hy^^M^ 
everraow.] , , uw confifh of Pic- 

ceptt that iiave an eternal r^on, and are theiefiire umlterablcl 
Srfiinxxi. Frhxipesferfttutifimt. 

l^Rlnses i^i^e ppdreeuted-me 
X wishfivt A caufe : but n^ 
heart mtideth in 9fiif9 pf thy 
word. ■' 

ajftniift? gUdof tjiy w^,: 
as one. f Ij^t ifind^th grjest; :^Is. 
■ 3, Ai.^r ]^ I lMte,9iid-flb- 
hor t^9m :(, but thy.^lwffjdo J 
JoTe. ■'■ 

: A Seven times 9 day do I 
- ^ ' ' ^ " ■ praifc 

1^$. The Tf alms ExpUM i6thDity. 

pnufe thee: becaufe, of thy 

rig^tjeouif judgments. 

$ [None do eajby j [Great is the peace that 

** :T5L5*"'si°*,fw7 they have wjio love thy taw : 

^SfS 4 'J5.0 and they arenotoffendeiatit.3 

ire tnuy delighted with the knowledge and piaftice of thy Law ; 
and there are no difficulcies in Scripture, no objeftions againft lie- 
ligion, tliat can imfettle or ftaggei^ foch Men,' as comply wkhRe- 
ligion out of a tme loye to VorcQC and Goodncfs* 

5. ,. . ■• '' 

6 Lord I have looked for thy 
faving health : and Jone after 

^ * thy commandmente, 

7 My foul hath kept thy 
tefiimonies : and loved them 

« [Beeanfe I firmly g Ihave kept thy Command- 
^^f'^'^^.^^T^l ments and teftitaionies : [for 
T?^hi'Sdfai^^ an mv ways are before thee.3 

jure nued and open before thee.j 


Tfu xxii. Apprcfflnquet dffriC4$i^ 

* ' • 

LEt my complaint come be- 
fore thee, O Lord : give 
me underftanding according to 
thy word, 

2 Let my fupplication come 
before thte: deliver me accor* 
ding to thy word, 

; My iips fhaU fpeak of thy 
praife: when thou hail taught 
me thy ftamtes. 

4 Yea, my tongue fhall (ing 
of thy word : for all thy com- 
ma^ndments arerightecyus. 

J* Let thine hand help me : 
for I have chofen thy com- 

6 I 

%7i^ P^. The ^falmiUxfUM, 16^ 

.6 i »iave%ttgcd foKCfhy tf [DdiT^Mncp ftom 

£iving hcafeli,} O Xord : afld ^'^'J 
in thy law is my delighjt. ' 

7 ,0 let; my foul li\r^, irid it 7 C^nd thy equia« 

ffiall pWife tHee: [and 'thy «« Proceedings afainlt 

Judgments ftaU help me.] • ^^SSitSS 

five me flrom all their Atcempcs.] 
8 [I have gone aftray like a J y •»▼« been like 
flice^that is loft: O leek thV l?l?Pu^J^ fe*^ 
fervant, for I do not.ft%etdijr ^ S?f *? JS^^^ 

&lf ^or fiftty; b6c do thoifjrnkt acarefol Sgepheird; iobk af^ 
me, and take me out ol theid^oger to which I ;jtp exp^^n ^' 

'*.'',,',/ • • ^ t ^ '~ "' . 


J » i> > * ^ 

A Song of Afcents, ri^ljy^ which ufiim^$ fiii^ h 

T^ir ir generally helkiv^, po tfavehtin Go^^f^ ]^ 

j^ DotfSf^^ : P(j|Ic CXX. 

< » 

■ -■ ■ 1, 

TTITHen I was in trouble,:! 
V \ ^ «Ued upon the Lord : 
and he h^ 

2 Deliter my foul, G Lord, 
from lying lip$:. and from a de- 
ceitful tbjigue* * 

3 What reward fliall be 3 CEyeniHlsfliaflbc 
eivw or done unto the^, thpu *L !?^*^*— „^'- 
|lfe tongue, [even mighVand "eSce^'^^^^^^^^ 
Inatp arrows. With hot burning Ay very Soul, like hot 
coals.] burning Coal$.i See 

, 4 Wo is me, that I am con- ''^f^^l'K «. . 

drained to dwell with *Mefech: J ^IZ^lf"^, 

and to have ^ my habitation a- cular Countries. Stc 

?mx>og the tents of *Kedar. fi^f^.xKvii, 13. 21.bat 

. . - , fiiretheyfcem to Af 

nwany inhumane, barbarous People-, as we in Englifh call 5r 
Woody and har4-hcarted PeopIc,r«rii and fw$. ' 


i • 

^>o 'the ff^hHs. E:^ai^l %7!^P<9f> 

-!., , .' -^ : a^ t,^i!L%!H>Tjr for ,,neaQe> int 

ans.] 2 My Help cometh everi 

, heaven and eaith. 

fd»t td be nioire»5": 4^3 Ke 
,^ th8ftkepeththe6Wil*6lil|eep. 

«»^ 55* ■ ifitfcl : -flnil iidfeer (lumber nor 

. ^ Bee^. •••■. ' ■. : ^i'!^ 

. ipIT^e i^rti lii^^lf is diy 
keeper: the Lcif d.^^ ^&<iei5 
$ tSeePfai.cix.j. .iapcJiOiy right handif-j ' 

<S CSo that flcJthcr ;.^ fr^oithat ^ifttpiflian wbt 

Sdiffi ttS]i?y! 5?^^ \^ by dav,.^hei- tfe 

- I \ " ; '. thee from all evil : yea^ it is ^- 

-V;;'-! r^ vefihethatihairfcfeepthy.*:)uL 

;/8.ri^jieevija,allbAy ' -gt-lThe I.ord (hall ^rcferve 

honcft A^mj •^ywfcstf r thy^ fcbing out and thy com-» 

Smtebufineftj^liea rl^riOVfifmore. . 

ttij Ubours.]} A Soa^ 

lytbDAj, The ^Jahtts Exfkindi i^i 


ASongof Afcentsofpavid. SeeTlhiU^fPj}tlmC%l^ 

^Tis Cofi^jojei in the Vtrfen of me who Tveni tb J^CrUh 

, ' IMaPm funu PCd. CXXIl.; ; 

I Was glad when they faid utt^ 
to mfe: We wiU go into . 

thehoufepftheJtord. , 

2, QurfeetfliaUfbodiftthy 
gates: pje;iua|em. ^ 

3 Jferufalemisbii^tasacity: i Thefe troids do 

that is at unity in itfelf." ; ^ only impl;^^ dhat 

'' ^ * ^, the City wbimfcHri^ 

. ftttilt^ Ibocchatiiie i^r Ging^'^lNly was joinifd (c^ehe l< ^ 


naeven the tribes i^ikib LottJ ! xJL*-^* «««4«mWk 
Itaiteftifie'imtblfifad^JttoBivt STi'&SS 

thanks , _^ ^ 

LoijA '! i r together.] 

t For dier e fe fthe ieatof ^?. CT1« Throne or 

judgment : eveh the few] of SS^ If.. ''^ 

theWeoFI^id.'. ■.-' J."SrV£^£r^ 

6 O pi^ fo^ the *pcaceiof Je* ^, 7. * Pe^c^] in the 
rirfalem : tiki ftallbrdfper itet Scriptwc ;^ Language ^ 

love thee. ""^ ^r J^ rf^g^rfs °^^ 

7 *Peac.e be within tjiy walls : . . 
and pientfebufnils Withfii ^hy .' * ' 

palaces. ''^V' ^ - r''-" •' "'"' 

8 For my brethren and coniT . ^ 4^^Awi» /We 
panions fakes : t I, will wifli T5^''*'f*'Sff'»/V» 
thee projpenty. ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^4^,^ 

tfi^ijx #i rfforf thither y and with United Hearts and AffeSims there 
ioWorflrtpGod. • ' 

' 9 Yea, becaufe bf tlie houfe , r i uhii -i^ «ih.. i 

of the Lbrd our God ; EI will can' t? 'j!!)J^'ih J 

feek to do theegdod.J welfare, 9 Holy city.] 


A Song 

i^i The ffalm BxplaM iph tay, 

kio^$ of Afcentt^ which' Bsjhop PsitAtk -fumfes t(f 
' ia^e been iff adeon:^^r^chttxVi fencing Rabfliakeh, 
and other infohm CayUins td bejk^e Jferufelenij, 
a Kings xViii, six. tii^ fuHh& cmjeifures^ that it 
was Comfofed by Ifkiah/ ii^he^HeithAih dejtred to 
lift uf his Trayer on tblVomfioifj 2 Kinfe;s^}^x» 4/ 
Ad te levavl ocuhi meos. - '^Pfili CXXftf. ■ 

•"l^lte'tlhe^ lift i tp mine 
^ eye?y thoif'thati^we^ 

' VitMfcwaits; w^cii 2 [ BcMH; fev^^ iis the eyes' 

g¥#i!>l^^^: ^^- of Xerv3jK$ ioofc uhco the hand . 

SEySto^fi of their Aj^ftetsy and. St^^ 

chat linices them, and Qt^ arj^lmaenixintb :the halid of 


^^rth*ia<^rj ''^' ^' ttftjtilMhir!^ n»rcy upon us; j 

.Tvho^/i 3 Have mercy upon- us, Q 

li :- 1 ? Ijordifhay^fnercyu^iius: for 

We ^jee jjtterly defi)ifed. 

4 pur fom is filled mth th^. 
fcoi»6^{«|>roof of Hthc. wealthy :' 
isixii i Wf itte ^(f de%itefuln^fs of 
the proud. 


T'A, ' -. 4V m; 

A Song of Afcents ojl payi^yjel^^ 

for deliverance from fome fotent lE^nmiy* See Title of 

1]^ the Lord hinifelf hia^^ 
be?n. on^our fide, iiovtr may 
ael lay: if the Lordhmifelf 
had apt been on our fide,/when 
. , men! rbifc up^2[gainft tis j ' 

' - • « ' 2 Thqy had (Wallowed us up 
atAlivc. j ^ Vocdh. [ quick ] V When f hey vC^ere to 

wrathCiilly difpleafed at us. 

i;^t^l^ i>ay. % 1>falms Explain I if^ 

1^ ^^^ t^c Y^tcj^ liad droWii- 
cq lis : and the uream had Igdhe 
over our foul. - . . 

4 The deep watere of Oife 
proud : had cone even orer 

our lOUl. f r |. r. . r ' 

who hath ripteiy-en us bver W 
a prey unto their teeth. 

6 pur foul is efcapcdj ereij 

^5 a bird olit of thp liisro ofthe . ; 

fowkr : the fnare is broken, 

and we are delivered. ' ;^. •, • 

7 OuB help ftandeth in tjie^/;, j . \ 
Name of the Lord : who hath' 
made heaven a|id earth. 

•f; 'I , ,• 

\ A % 

A Song of Afcents^ , Blfhof Patrick emjelfufeii ihaf 
it was Compofedto encourage 'the Tedple when Senft^ 
€herib'j jdrpjy c^me^ ^^^mif JeruialenL . ^ . > . ^ 

J^t m^d$nt. Pfjii.CXXV-, b;r ';., ' 

*''T?Hey ttet put their truftiiji y - 

X theLord,lhaHbeeven,a? ,( . 

the mount ^o^ : which maV ; , . . 

npt be remov^j but ftandeth 
faftfor ever. 

, 2 The hilb ft^d about Je- 
T^iem; even: lb ftandeth the 
Lord round ab^ut his people^ % 

from this time forth ^ for ever- 

3 [For the rod of theungodly 3 [For the Scefere^ 
;Opm^ not into the lot of the -^^--^of^ :^ 

nghtepus: left the nghteous is not pdtoiccc^d ta W- 
put their hand unto wickednelL] vade ot ftiMte tlte 
La^d where God*s People dwell, fo long as they contmue ttfte iiM 
obedient do him, left by the Threats or Profhtfes of f^s^ v^ldtrtl 
Princes, any of God's People flioald be t>retail*d upon to ^IviA 
them in their evil and idolatrous Praftiec$^3 "^^ ' 

T 4 t^ 

174 ' The^fatmsExpUirfd. 17th Pofy 

;4 po WcsH, Lord: iimo 
dibfe that are good and are tnte 


f A^ for (uch as turn back 

unto their own wickednelst 

ifTobepta/bed. th^ Lord fiiaU lead them forth t 

with &e evil doers, but peiice 
fi^U he upon firaeL 

Evemng Prtiyer. 

A Song of Af cents, 7i;i$cb is generaVj tonewvd to bam 
been fenndjky Ezra, ufoH tbe irett&n ofOe Jews firm 
tbe Babylonilh CapnAtiy expeBsf^JaUy to befitomed 
ivbb greater numbers of Peopk ritkrmng to tbehr fnvn 

home* ♦ 

Jnmvertende. ttal.CJCKVL 

I ([Sojjrcat wiis owr TXTHcn the Lord turned a- 

happinc^ttotwecodit yy gsuhthecaptivity of Si- 
S^^^is^^ thiU'^t ^wi • [then Were welike unto 

were ready to tninK it *'r ' j t 

aDresim,rathcrthaiia tftem that dream. J 

• :2 Then wosoor mouth fiUed 
with laughter; and our tongue 
with joy. 

'i Then faid they among the 
heathen : The Lord teth done 
great things for them. 

4 Yea, the Lord hath done 
g;reat things for us alrfeady: 
wherectf we ifejoy ee. 

$ [Turn our captivity, O 
^_.^ . Lord:. as the rivers in the 

:Uh\B4 Inifiafylorty my fonth.! 

.fl^wjQjtbeir own Conn- '-' 

:tr^ift as-fifeit abundaoce, and be attended with as great a Bfef- 
iitog^.J^^WCrWvers with which tliou overflowed Egyftf and other 
• Southern Countries. 

6 [They 

5 (Xirait that thy 
People who are yet left 

i^thtfdy, fhe f/aitris Explain I 175 

« flHiey that ftr* infers: ^u^^'^^^u^^H 
a.»uh^:^iL:^r'} haveloog been fowine 

Ffdl. cxxxVil r. (hall, u we do, ,rcip, a i^entifHl H«»eft of Joy 
and Gladnefs.1 

^ 'f £As doe nholiTH 

forth iro in hi* Fidd, 

lds<:( f(Jw> hi» Seed, 

brimr d.i»of|Mtytl« 

'^ hin,' and Dimes a 

|reatp and mtai it wiib 

nis ow hit Seed agaiD, bir 

reifon [ taavlf^ bmi afteN 

w«rdo es»Kq>hisConi, 

he nnd liarjr SuavcE, and 

rejoice ypeftnioa: SooW 

firethn liU ate -wec^Bg 'm 

Bai;lm in Triumpb.] 

A Song pf , Afcents 'of Solomon, ^ant. Pat/. Sen 

Nifi DaftftW. ' Pfal. CXJCVir. 

Except the Lord ^^M the < * »"'" * *«!ft-l 
1 ft ,ho«fe: .heirlabouMsbut .SI ^^L^c^^ 
loft that build it. ■ thefc two things, vil 

■Gettiiig.Wealc!i,'and ChlMreo-tdiiiheritit, and exa^ly aniwen 
our £!(%%: PhnUe of laifitigaf amity, Cen. xvL 3, in tbeMargent^ 
£Mi.i, at. Dflff.xicv. 9. AW;&iv..ii. iCinn. xvii. lo, li, s^^ 
34, as- and hence; conies, ihat Vbr^£e, fo often ufed in the New 
Ttftamcnt in a tignrative fefl/e, vit. of Edifying, tint is, in plaia 
eatUjb, biuldirig tbe Churdi ar'Pedpl& 
■ 2 Except the Lord keep'the 
<xyi .the watchman wafceth 
but an Vila. ■ 

Lit is but loft labour thdt ye j .♦ ^^-^ ttut i^ bv 
to fife up early, ^lidJ*fo jipofperii^ tbeir F^mi- 
late take reft, and tat the bread '•", a"*^ g«i*«»g tAe 
ofcarefuInefs:Cfor'fobegiv. S, J.^«. **«y 
eth his beiovq^ Beep. ] rFor,witho«aIIthi! 

.labour and carktng, <5c(d gives Wealthy and Children vS inherit 
i^toljii beloved People; andbytliisincutgivotihcmcotiteotcd 
Minds, and quiet Skcp".] ■ "■ ' 

T * 4 Lo, 

ty6 The ffalms Explain d. 2 yth Daf\ 

.4 Lo,. chiidreo and the frmt 

of the womb : are an heritage 

and gift that cometh of the 


5 tike as the arrows in the 

5 1 To defend tMf hand of the giant : eyen lb arc 

rare^frmWrm^d the young Children f. ,, ^ 6^ [Happy is the man that 

who ham bis hath his quiver full of them: 

loll of them as the they Ihall not b? afliamed when 

ChampioBs QirivCT is of ^^ n^^ ^.^j^ ^^jj. enemies 

Arrows: Such as he . V * ^ t 

Oiall not be reproached m the gate.] 

by their demies for being Cbildlefs, his Children will be always 
ready to back imd defend hm agunfl; any Challenge or Accn- 
lation before the Judges that fit in the Gates of the City,3 

A SongjDf Afceiits. Sei Tttk cfffalm CXX. fro- 
* bdblj Comfofed bythefam^ Hand with tht former. 

BeaPiotnnes^ WatCXXVIII. 

LefleH^e all they that fear 
the Lord: and walk in 

a For thou flialt eat the la- 

. hours of thine hai^s : O well 

is thee, and happy Ihalt thou be. 

^ Thy wife fliall be as the 

fruitful vine: upon the walls of 

thine houfe. 

4 Mem. The Anci- 4. Thy children like the 

cws often made their olive-branches round about thy 
Ehtercamments in Gar* ^^vi^. -^ 

icns. and uiWcr Ar- woi^ar \^ 

hours, Gen. xviiL 4., Nefl. I 5* and no Trees were more fit fcr 
Arbours than Olives, which are i&vqr-grecns. 

f Lo, thus fliall the man be 
bleffed : that fearefli the Lord. 

6 The Lord from out of 
Slon fltall fo blefs thee: that 


lyth i)ay» The ^{aljfis BxtiamJ. , 177 

thou fhalt fee Jeruialem in pro- \ 

Iperity all thy life long j 

7 Yea, that diou ihalt ftf 
thy childr&ns children : and 
peace upon liiriaeL ' ^ 

S^ expHgnaifcm». P(aL CXXIX. 

M Any a time have they 
fought againft me from 
my youth up : may Ifrael now 


2. Yea> many a time have 
they vexed me from my youth 
up : but they have not prevails 2 t ^0 far ai utter fy 
cd aMinft met- ^ ^^ extirpate m. 

1 The plowers plowed upon ? "^^r ^^^»] ^^^l^i 
*my back: and made long Sr- ^^^^^ >-> ^ 

rows. jfrad here fpcaks as 

one Ferfon, ver. i. and what can fo properly be called the Back 
of Ifraeli as Zion / wherein their ftrength cl^i^fly confifted^ not 
only as *twas a place fortify'd, both by Art and Nature ^ but be- 
cainb it was the place where God efpecially refided. Fnrther, ft 
IS certain, that the Hebrew word [Gobi iignifies any thing mgh 
and elevated ; and hence, the pliice where the lofty Tribunal of 

Jbttt Zitm was plow'd in a liter^ lenfe by the Babylomns. Scei 
7er. xxvi. 18. JWc. iii. 12. 

A But the righteous Lord : 
hztk ^ewen the fhareis of the 
ungodly in pieces. 

y Let them be confounded 
and turned backward : as ma- 
ny as have evil will at Sion. 

6 Let them be even as the 
grafs growing upon the houle- 
tops : which withereth afore it 
.be plucked up. 

T 5 7Vh9re^ 


• / 

178 Thi ffaltns Exfiami. 2 7th Day. 

7 To HV ^he hfom] 7 ^M^ ^hp mo wer fiUedi 
tnd die Arms, is really not nis hand : heithci: he that 
the fame ^thing 5 and Hndeth tip the Ih^aves, * ids bo- 

the very fame Hebrew /• ^ j^ 

word IS, by our laft *^^' . 

Tranflator$ torn'd ^Bofom^ here \^4rms^ Ifaf. tM. 22% He dat 

fias feen a Harvefl>Man bind $ large Sheaf ot Corn, eannoc bar 

know that an Arn^ful and Bpfonifuj, in thl^ cafe, is the fimc. 

8 [ Infomuch that 8 [ Sp that they who go by 

this Grafs has no Rea- fey ^ot lb itiuch &s. The Lord 

pcrs,towhomthePaf- profpgf you : we wiftl you good 

(as was the JemJJ) Cuftom) Ruth ii. 4. fo Ipt thefe Plotters hare 
none to wifli them well.3 

Sixth Penitential Pfaliii. 
A Soiig p{ Afcents. See Title of Kalm CXX. the 

Autbm and OccaJfoH are unkns/wH^ 
Deprrfuniik. P&J.CXXX. 

^.» CT})c depjji pf y^Utof [the deep] have J 
Ff^y-J yj called iintothcp,0 Lord: 

Lord^ Jjear my voice. 

2 O let thine ears confider 
well : the voice of my com- 

^ If thou^ Lord^ wilt be ex- 
treme to mark what is done a- 
mifs : O Lprd, who may abide 

It? . 

4 Thpy who belipvc a fox there is mercy with 
^JSt,^t^SZ .bee: *e«fo« ftalt ihou hi 

jrcverence God as their *earea. 

♦endcr Father, but they who defpatir of Forgivcncfs will fin on. 

jr I look for the Lord, my 
foul doth wait for hira: inhw 
^prd is my timft. 

i^th t>ay. The f /alms Explain I iT^ 

6 My foul fleeth unto the e By "^the nimh^ 
Lord;^ before *the morning »4^c&] he iof?ns^thoie 
wMch, I fey. before <he mom^ ^".^S^ 

Ifig watch. , ^^iced* far tte m 

4«wii of the ftiy* Aat they might pv)e notice of the tiflic wh^n 
th^ Mornii^ Sacnfice was to be oSered. 

7 OICael,truftinthcLord> 
for with die Lord diere is mer- 
cy : and widi him is plenteous 


8 AndhefhallroleemKrad: 

from all his fins* 

A Song of Afcents of David. S/se Ttth ofPfalmCXK. 

Dwnm^wmeft. Ffid.CXXXI. 

LOrd, I am nqt high-mindr 
pd: IbavenoOTOudlogJks. 

X Idonotexercifemyfelfir^ 
exeat matters : which are too 

; But I refrain my foul^ and 
ke^ it low^ like as a child that is 
weaned from his mothei: : yea^ 
my (bul is even as a weaned 

4 O IC^l, truft in the Lord : 
from jdus time forth for ever-f 

T4 The 

2$o The^falms BxpUind: iMt>ayl 

The Twenty Eighth Pay. Morrjin'g |^rayer.' 

A Song of Aicents. See Pfalm CXX. Compofed' 6H 
the removing the Ark into Solomon* sTef^kj and he 
(frchahly) was the Tetfo^ who indited it. *Tis certain 
Ike ufed the Sthj ^th^ and loth Verfes^ pf;hen b^ Cm- 
fecrated the TemfUy 7i CJifOp. Vf. 

Memento, Demine. PfaLjCXXX|I., 

ifSoa^foMefshls T Ord rememb^ David; 
FsmUy, upm mfJetatU J-J and all his trouble f. 
#fi fxfwhat he underwent Jar the fate tftbee, and thy holy Rett fftm. 

2, How he fware unto the 
I^ord : and votveA a vow unto 
^the Almighty God of Jacob ; 

; I winnot come within rf;e 
tabernacle of mine houfe : nor 
climb up into my bed ,• 

/{.I will not fuffer mine eyes 
to fleep, nor niine eye-lids to 
Jflumber : neither the t:emples of 
my head to take any r^ft, 

y Until I find out ^ place 
for the temple of the Lord : an 
habitation for the mighty God 

of Jacob. , 
« * TAe famei\ that ' j^ Hq we heard of * the fame 

?^4lc'orthl"4! atf'EphrataVandfounditin 
mentioned, ver. $. the wood.j 

^ Epbratal iignifics the Country of Mphraim ; one of this Tribe 
is caird in tUe Hebrew^ Ephrathi^ Judg. xii. by the fame reafon, 
Ihe Country irfelf is here in the Hebrew callW Epbrata. Shiloh 
flood within the borders of this Tribe, and thetf the Tabernacle 
vras fet up by Jofkuah ; and this fof feveral Ages continued the 
place of publick Worlhip, i Sam. i. 9. and feem'd to pjead a fort 
of Prcfcription to have it there continued, if QoS had np^ other- 
Wift determined, P/4/m IxxvJii. 68. 

* The wootT] here denotes, titat place in Mount Zion where the 

Angel direOed P^/V to build an Altar, i Cbron. xxi. 18, &c. 

^Qm whence D^i/y concluded, that this wa§ th^ ?ery (pot wh^re 

iM Day, 7 he f/alrns Explain dl 2 gV 

the Tcniple was to be builc, i Chron. JOiiu f • Mouncaios-^sre fbr 
the moft pare woody. Olivet^ which was the very next to Zion^ 
had its Name from the abundance of Olive-Trees which it pro-^ 
duc^. Both Ham, and Patr^ by the Wood or Foreft, nndernand 
the place where the Temple mod.' So- then the fenfe of thi$ 
difficult Verfe is this : -i 

[ We heard, indeed, that SMlob, in the Tribe of Ephraim, was 
the place at which, by ancient Cuflpm, the Ark wa^ to remain^ # 
^nd conleauently the Temple to be built: But now we have fcmnd 
by demonf^raticni, even by th^ direction oi an Angel, that Moi^tifc 
Zion was the Pl^ce, in the Woods, or Forefly parts whbreof tBe 
Temple is now erefted.] 

7 [We will go into his ta- , 7 fLet us go there- 
bemaclc : and Tall low on our ^^ ' vV n *^^'£f; 

, ***X • t^ r ii ^-i c^^ which Davtd had 

knees betore his rootltool. J provided, and made ule 

of for the reception of God*s Aric, iC^o. xvi, i. Let us with hum- 
ble reverence fill down before that Fiiotftool of his, Pfal* xcix. $• 
(et us take it up,>nd bring it into the Temple, 2 Cbro* f. 2^3,4^5.3 

8 [Arlfe, O Lord, into thy ^ ? [And he plcafed, 
r, : thou, and the Se "rC'l?'S^^^ 
^rk of thy ftrengthj thy Prefence, to tran^ 
flate thy Divine Glory thither, (2 Cbrm* v. 13. vii. 1^2, 3.) there 
always to remain.] 

9 [Let thy priefts be clothe* " 9 [Let thy Pricft, O 
with rightfoufe^^^ l^^^Xt^^,^^^ 
feints fmg with joyfulnefs.j which theii Garmcncs 
arc an Emblem, that they may be fit to perform their HolyOflices, 
I Chron. xv. ii, f2, 13* that they nuy procure thy BleAing for 
others^ and make all thy pious Worfliippers, who are dear to 
jhee, triumph in thy Favour.] 

10 For thy fervant* Davids „ 1° C^^^y^not the 
fake : [turn not away th. pre, SSinf oK 
fence of thine Anointed.J ^nto thee:] So this 

11 The Lord hath mad? a Phrafe fignifies, 1 /cwijg. 
faithful oath unto David : and "• ^^• 

Kefliall not flirink from it^* 

' 12 Of the fruit of thy body : ' 

fhall I fet upon thy feat. 

I J If thy children will fce,ep 
my ijoyenant, and my teftimo- 

• ' pics 

i4.rFor the Lc^d 

hath lueh a Love to 

^ira, the Seat of D^ 

^ tifafs Family, cl)at he 

luith cbofen to place 

28* Ihe ffalm Explain d. 2 Ztb Day. 

lues tl^t I fhaiX learortheni: 
thdr children alio ihall fit iq^ioii 
thy feat for evennore. 

• 14 [For the Lord hath cho- 
ftn Sion to t)e an habitation for 
himfelf : he hath tonged for 

own Dwelling Very near it, and fo will be at hand always to 

guard and proceft the Pcrfiericy of ^ing David.^ 

ly This flull be my reft for 
ever : here will I dwells for I 
have a delight thereiiL 
* 16 I wm bleii her viduals 
with increafe: and will fiuisfie 
her poor with bread. 

17 I will deck her pri^fis 
with [health}: and her i&ints 
fiiall rejoyce and fing. 

18 There fliaU I make [the 
horn of David to flpiirifii:] I 
have brdained ^alan^m for 
mine Anointed. 

19 As for his enemies^ I (hall 
clothe them with fliame: but 
upon himfelf (hall his crown 


18 £The Power of 
Daviits Pdtariw to 
grow and inereale.! 

* A lataern^'] that 
fe, a Light or Glory 
thatihali always (hine 
bright, and not c^fily 

A Song of AfcentS of David, ovben the Hearts ef the 
Fecfle were united as tik Heart of 0ne Man, to bring 
bim badi to Jerufalem, after AbialomV Rebellion i 
m Bifff^ Patrick conjeBures. See 2 Sam. xix. 14. 

Efce^ ipm hmm Pfak CXXXIIL 

BEhiold, how good and joy- 
ful a diing^it is : brethren 
SlS^hiSTZSTw^ .to dwell together in -unity. 
confecratcd,£iwi/.x!tx. ^ It i? like the precious oint- 
^i. i^ Foritspieafiint f^ent upon the hcad^ that ran 


down unto the beard: evenun- ^^^ *n^ Pcriiunc, 
to AsroAS beard, ind wtm. ^T'^t^itihttsit vt 
down to the $kim of bis clotH- .^nm^^^u xxxil^. 

ing/ ^* Bewftfe k^tdid 

not reft on the H^ad» \>m ^ei^t down to the lower patts^.dw 
B6dy, to the Skirt^. So l^ijfty. is pleafant and profitable, is a 
Bletfing toT the Sbbjeft, as w^ll as to [the Governour 5 it confe- 
crates a Fraternity to God, anc^ is ^ ft Token that they belong to 

^ Like as the d^ of Har- 
mon: t which ^ fell upon thfc 
hillof Sion. 

4 For there f the Lotd pr6- 
jteifed his bteffirig : and life for 

J Vmty IS compared 
to Dew, becaufe 'tis 
comforuble and re- 
frefhing, fruitful, and 
comes from Heaven. 

4 t Vrhere Vnlty k 


. ; 

A Song of Afcents. See Pfalm CXX. The three 

'fitH vetfts of this Tfalm feem to be the Voice of the 

.Peopicy ttvf foMe Je^out Pirfon exciting the Priefis to 

ffe intent on their Ojpce' of ffaifing God, and frajing 

for the People. . 

Eccemnc PfaL CXXXIV. 

BiEhbld now_, praife the 
Lord : [all ye {ervanu of 
the Lord j , ' 

a Ye that by nig^ht f:and in 
jthe houfe of the. Lord ; even in 
the coi^fK of the houfe. of our 

% Ijift upyourhaadsirinthe 
fanftuary: and prailc the Lord. 

4 The Lord that made hea- 
ven and earth : give thee blef- 

fipgoutof Sionf* 

Pcrftn, who had ufcd the foregoing Hymn. 

•)• \fhere be in € fecullar maimff dweU^. 

of God, who keep 
Watch in the Temple 
by Ni^bt^Iet;. viii.}$. 
and who, in %}x\% it' 
fpeft, iepreftni ^c 
A ngcis, whp arc called 
Watchers, T^aiu iv. 7. 
Kev* iv. 8. J 

? t JnPMyefJorA 
GoiTs FeopUy i Tim. ii.8, 

to be the Keffing of 
the Prfeft to the People, 
or to fome one dcvoat 

^ S^^^^! 

184 The Tfalms Explain J, iSth'Day, 

/ ' 

A general ThanJkJgivmg to he f$mg m the Fefiivals. 

Ij^daie Nomen. P£d. CXXXV. 
1^, Sec Pfalm AXPraife the Lord, laud y^ 
eaaam. i, a- \^ ^^e Name of the Lord : 

Eraife it, O ye fervants of the 
.ord J 

2 Ye that ftand in the houie 
of theLordi < in the courts of the 
houfb ofourGod. 

; O praife the Lord, for the 
Lord is gracious: Oiing praiies 
unto his Name, for it is lovely. 

4 For why : the Lord hath 
chofen Jacob unt6 himfelf ; 
and lirael for his own pofleffi* 

jr For I know that the Lord 
IS great: and that our Lord b a- 
bove all gods. 

6 Whatfoever the Lord pleat 

ed, that did he in heaven, and 

in earth: and in thefea, and in 

all deep places. 

_^ . . 7 He bringeth forth the 

pfthcunivcrfc.] world J: and fendeth forth 

lightnings with the fain, bring- 
ing the winds out of his trea? 

■" Exai.yai. zf. 8 He fmote the firft-born of 

Egypt : both of man and beafi 

fx$d. vii, viii, ix, 45rc. 9 He hath fent [ tokens ] and 
9 ^Miracles, proofs wonders into the midft of thee, 

^f l}is Power.] o thou land of Egypt : upon 

Pharaoh and all his fervants. 

16 He fmote divers nations: 
a|id flew mighty kings ; 

■ • ^ '. • IX Se- 

%i [ Tlie remem* 
biance of thee and dw 

11 Sehon king of th6 Amo- ivivmt. »d. 21^ 24, ||. 
rites^andQgtheki|igofBaiaA: , 7V*-*>»- 

and all the kingdoms of Cana- 
an* '* _ . -J,. ■ 

12 And gave their land to be 

am heritage : even, an heritage ) / 

unto Ifrael his people. ,1 

13 Thy Name, O Lord, en- » 
dureth for ever: [fo dpth thy 
memorial,] O hotdy&om one 
generation to another. 

^ 14 For the Lord will avenge 
tus, people: andbei^'aciousun* 
to Ihs iervants. , « ^ 

If As for the Im^^ of the 
heathen, they are h\it filver and 
gold: the work of m?n? hands, 

16 They have mouid^/ai^ 
fpeak ijot : eyes have, they, but 
they fee not. , , . 

17 They have ears, and yet 
tjiey hear not : neither is there 
any breath in their; ipouths, . 

^ 18 They that maketheip ai» 
like unto them : and So are ^ 
they that put their tndft in then* 

19 Praife the Lord, ye hoi4e 
of Ifrael : jpfaifc the Lord, yc 
houfe of Aaron. 

20 Praife the Lord, ye houft 
of Levi: ye that £ear the Lord, 

praife the Lord. 

21 [Praifed be the Lord out 
of Sion : who dwelleth at Je- 

be the Owner of all the World, yet is he plesUbd in ^ peculiar 
manner to refide ac 7erkfalemA Smms the upper City, where 
the Temple flood 5 Jernfalem tht lower, but they were joined to- 
getber, and fomftcimes one of thcfe Names fign&t both. 
« • * Evening 

ai flee the Piraifes 
of God be fcimdcd 
forth, from his.TempIe 
on Z'm J for tho* he 

' \ 

iftf TU^fiims ExplttiM i^tt Van. 

,^f.J^m ..-»»»> X. »G i/t 

.H • •.: ''" / ! ---^ 

'iJC.'v'*, t^^'tM^^.^r ' ' ^ V 

Eveateg t>i«5» 

,. > - :• 

ye the Lord* ( See Tfalm CXI. and Kote$ in 
Flndication.) A Tfahfi. mucA Me ^te firmer j the ciief 
, difference is, that [bi$ ni^rlc$t eoflhireth fw ever J 
is related (ifter every halfVerfe. 

Cwfitemkk P&].4XX3fVI: 

-:To;;r/i ..: . ; ;/ -.rt^^^jj^ 


'^Lwd/fbr^he is gradous : 
and his mercy c^duredi for e- 
VftTr -' ' '' :\ ' : - • ■ . 
"f^4<^O^v*-t}iaitks tuito the 
God of all g9ds : for his ttiercy 
eiiaWethifift fever. 

' Jf p^th^k Ac Lord of all 
tords : Ifer'^iis'mcjrcy ?i;xdureth 

^ 4'Wlio dnfely docth great 
wonders : for his mercy endu- 
l?ethf€fr ev^. . 

^ ^ ^ 5 ^Who ty his excellent wiT- 

dom tnftde the heavens: for his 
«iei«y ^dtireth for ever. 

See Pfd. wir. 2. I > 6 Whb kid out the earth a- 

^^o?*^the'wat^: forhismferciy 
dftdtoeth for ever. 
QenA.i6. - 7 Wha hath made gre^ 

Kghts : fcyr his mercy endtireA 

< ' 8 *The fon to nde the day : 

for his mercy endureth for ever^ 

* ; ^"1. "'^ The^oonandthe4larsto 

. 3-c : "gw^ern the night: forjhismercy 

> 10 endure th for ever. 

'.^EtotM.'t^^ ■:' '^ :to Who fmote Egypt with 

" :. - " ' v: .their firftibpm : for his mercy" 

II And 

itth T>dy. The9j^ ExpUind. 287 

11 Ajid brdudit but ifi'ael 
from ainohg tfacm: for his 
mercy endufedi for ev6r j 

12 With Ji mighty "kmd iMid 
ftretched^otit arm : for l»s mer- 
cy eiidureth for ever. , ^ 

13 Who divided the R^ed-iea -5««rf.xiy. 
in two parts: for his mercy 

eadureth for ever; . . * ^ 

^4 And made lirael* to go 
through the midft of it : for ms 
mercy eiidureth for eveff. 

If But as for Pteuaoh and 
his ho|l, he p verthrew them in 
the Red-fea : for his mercy en- . 

dureth f6r ever. v 

16 Who led hi^ people fisorf.xtr.ft2. 
through the wildernefs : for Ms 

mercy endureth for €vbr. 

17 Who>fiaote great Ur^i 
for his meifcy endurethfor ever J 

i& Yw^ Jaiftd flew mighty 
kings : for hismercy enditfotn 

19 Sehoi^ king of the Amo- [ Nmb.laA.^. 
rites : for ms mercy endureth 

for etrer ; 

20 And Og i!he king of Ba- ibid. 24/ 
fan: for Ws mercy mduredi 

for ever j 

7.1 And ^«e away th^ land . . 

for an^ herrage : for^^lus mercy -^ 

endureth for ever j 

22 fiven'for an heritage un-' 
to IfracI his ferVant: for his 
mercy ettdtti^th for evijr. 

2; Whoxememlireduswhen 
we .were in trouble: for his 
mercy endureth for ever j ^4 And 

288 rhe f/abns Ex^nt MD^. 

24, And hath delivered us 
(rpik pur enemies : for his mer- 
(ty^eridureth for ever. 

SI - Who aveth, food to all 
I : ibr his mercy endureth 

26 O give thanks unto the 
Gtfd of heaven : 'tpr his mercy 
enaureth for ever. 

27 O give thanks unto the 
tora of lords ; for his' mercy 
endureth for ever. ^ 

This mmmful Pfdlm feffpi tfi hape httn fern a hy fom$ 
fious Ltvite^ toward fh, tjid of thc\ Bafeylonim Caf^ 
tivity : And it is to Be reniemheJy that fial^ylon was 
aTjJi^of4^tichrift^An4; isdffcriFd f^y] tfiat verjf 
Name in the New-tfi^a^ty}Lw. xviL j^ y^ 

Super fiuminoj C&1.'(XXX¥IL / 

, I Theaptivc 7^x r^il^^ «he watCTS-bf Babylon 

were obliged to dwell j^^ ^ |-^^ j^^ ^^ ^^p ^ , 

5ar2"or;i;C' wHeii^^e remcmbred thee/ O 

t Where we iept our publkk AffembUes with joji md trhmph. 
Jj^^ich were now ^^^,:i^.^ OUr haips t ^e 

^^'^j'* hanged them up : upon the 

^r i^i^p^ *ey ;^f H « away 

captive, required of us then a 

nets ^ §^g t^ one pf the fongs 

4 C Bat alas, how 4 THow fiiall.we fuig the 
'^ S.« Sfe a: U>Mox^-- in a firaiig. landJ] 

in honour to Almighty God, to mdce Sport and l^ftime for our 
Enemies^ in a Country where they Worfhip'd Idols, SoDcks and 
Stones ? J 

%itl1>dfj: The Wf alms Bxplai»^l 1S9 

; !f- tUl fbrgit thee,' O Jeru- i [if i <!<> no<r?J?5» 
felem;;-tecm?rkht:handfor- gj ,£"?' ^J^^SJ 
get .bercttflning. } - the city of the Living 

God, imd tbe Ktiife ^fVie^s which are there to be perform'd j 
if;t. £^gef j^ip per^fpriit my pm in diofe folemn Devotions, kt 
my Hand qiiite lofe its sliill in touching the Harp<] 

,6[JfIdanot«eineinberthee, . ^ C*-" mebeftrnck 
Ig .my tongue cleave tj the rcxrf Sr'No^e"'.?^ iff 
otmy mouth: yea, rfl prefer jon't make tlic Bfef- 
not Jerufalem in my mirth. ] •' , lings we eif joy'a at 7*^ 

r«/«/*/», the chief fubjeft of ply Song.] 

7 Remember the children of obad. from wr.B. to ti* 

MfisnyO Lord, in the day t of sdv^x^^tn"^' 

Jerufaletn : how they faid, ' 
Down With hj down widi it> 
«ven CO the grounds 

8 O * daug;hter of Babylort, i 4. Ddtiihiet,Jtfiik iSj 
L wafted] with miiery: yea, city. 5« pfai. ix. 14^ 
happy Ihill he be: cha«H«ward- ^ C which iluit in i 
eth thee as thou haft ferved «, ^J%, "^J^ 

Che Prophttick Stfk to fpeak of what (hall be done, as afready 
ddne. ^ So Jfai, ix. ^» aiKl die deftmftion of Bdh;^!on Was now a|M 
proachuig* Sec/jT^i. xiii, Ip, §:c4 , 

9 Bleffed fliall be be tfee , .., , , 
tafceththy children : and throw. , ^f ti^;;*;; ,^2 
eth them ag^nft the ftones t^ and tis People. 

A Piklm of Datid, oi^tfo was a Ty^e dfthe Meftia^, 

Conjfitehor tibi. Pfal. 6cXXvm. 

I Will give thanks unto thee^ ' i [tj?^ Angcis whcr 
O Lord, with my whole f,^, pr^fent in our Bcv 

heart : even before [the gods] l^f;<>^^* Affembhev,^^^^ 

will I fmg praife unto thee* ^ * fempief'] fhzt 1$, 

2 I will worfhip toward thV the place where the 

holy * temple; and lir^ife thy ^rkaooA. Set Pf^^.y, 
Name^ beqaufe of thy loving^ 
kindneii and truth 5 f©r thoil 


4» *They bdve heari.'^ 
Nc fpeaks in the Pro- 
phctickStyle. SecPfaL 
cxxxviLS. thclldtm 

haft inagmiutd thy NaiAt^; and 
thy worfaboy^ all things. 

; When I called upon chee^ 
thou heardeft me: andicndu* 
ed'ft my foul with mudh 

± All thekihgs of the earth 
Ihail praifetheej OLoMi for 
* they have heard [the words df 

[What thou didft prbmife by thy ^o]^hets, and Jiow chon haft 

5 r While tW ire y Yea, they Ihall fkrg fia 

Cwhich isaTypcof ihc great is the glory of the Lorflk 

Church of Cnrifl:) in order to devote thetnfelv^L to the WoMH^ 
of the/mc God. Sec JfaUX^ aj* ^x^ j,] ; 

!• 6 For though the Lotd be 

high, yet hath he refptift^ ttiito 

r ^^ ; the lowly t as for die proudy 

\ .» he beholdedi thtm afer €^4 . 

-. * '' ^ 7 Though I walk ih the 

midft of trouble, yet fiialt thou 
rtfrefh me: thou flialt ftretch 

V _ ^ , forth thy hand upon the fiui- 

V oufneis of niine enemies^ and 

thy right hand fliall fave me. 

JB The Lord fhall make gotod 
his loving kindnefs toward me : 
yea, ithy m^rcy, OLord, endu- 
r eth for ever ; [ de^lfe not 
then the works of thine own 

E [Do^not a^Iefl,*^ 
or' lay aii^e^that Work 
which thou nafl beg^i^^ 
a .Work of Mercy , 
which is peculiarly 
thine, wherein thoa 
cfhitfly dclighteftQ • - 

•V ' 


( <> . 

:.■■ '■■■ -;,:>. ;;il;-;li;] ill] f -■ <■ y". ; ■; ■ 

A Pfittft of O^*;^?*: »i>;ferrf» *c- xjljinri'* W Goj'i fit' 
■ /eirxdtr if HttntJ-^ lie hiegrity'tf ba Irh'-i'-' 
-. msj.Aatwithfiandwg tbt Miriiie and Re^roatbii of i/' 
Enemies' . - i ■ ■■'■ , ■ ..^ ■" !■■ T 

• OvkAeyfribiftL -ftU CXXX[±; 

. Lord, tho^iijjiirt taroWd » fwhatiitfuiiu 

* - - -- on, vvhtn I fit ftin, a. 

. what t rcfoJTc upbif 

#h«i I rife up, iu cr 

,-^,^ .^_„ ^„ der loproceeofoAfU' 

d?rGandeft' iny;:tKip^ghts Jong «™0 

OLord, tho^i;|iiirt ^h«d » fwhat iijfuii u^- 
jae, out, aaj kpoWi^ me > ''"' ^r^*" V'^l """' ^' ' 

and ihkie upTrllJoig^] 5?qb «h- 

and a ft . ■ ' ■ 

but a . ' ■ ■ 

J 5 ■ i ' ;. } rwhicS i a* g^ 

fin n ) ' jagtofpeak, orthJt-f 

Xprd, *" % toftguc'i enclO 

, 4 j 6 4 [thonbafiftlipff 

behii] i andeoniriyerfmyuJ;.J.T 


', and moidd^ii n 
ihi'hyHaffd, astfte \y 

■ feftdoifi tIieCl*y, 7er. xViii. 6.' 

■ j [Such ftnotftleclge ir to* ' ^ f™**' '^'^'i---^- 
wiiincleffnIaRdexceMemTonild: ?»*% ^"f*^ -,"': 
I cannot at.^i« unto itj ■ {Sli^TL^^TK^! 
»tt cvery-ivhercy rfnd dofl iJT tKiOgs, Is what I cannet iiil&iei.ti/ 
jidmire, much fcfi. corojirehend.] . 

; 6 Whithei- fii«l! I go thcri ■ 
fl'om thy Spirit : or whither 
ftall I go (hen from thy prc- 
fenee ? 

7 If I climb tifj fntft heaten,- 
thou aft there i if 1 go down 
to hellj thou art thera tilfo.. 

%j 1 ■■ $ii 


1 5^1 The ffalms Bx^laM. 2 ^th Day. 

8 [If I cottld|move 8 [If I take die winjg^ of the 
as fwiftiy as the light morning : a|id remain in the 

hence, and t^k^np my abode m thercmoteftptrtof the World. j, 

9 Even there alfo (hall thy 
hand lead me : and thy. right 
hand Ihali hold me. 

ID If I lay^ Peradventure the 

darknefi ftall cover me : then 

fhall my night be turned to day. 

, , II Yea, the darknefe is no 

♦darknefiMvith thee, but the 

. night is as clear as the day : the 

*- darknefe and light to thee art 

both alike. 

, I a [My Thoughts 12 [For my reins are thine: 

and my very Soul arc -^j^^^ (^^fl. covered me in my 
S^S^E^^erTliutdl mothers womb,] 

covet my Heart ^d Vitals with Flefti and Bone in the Mothef> 
* Womb, when I i^^s ftcn hy no fcody but Thee.] 

i^ 1 will give thaiife^ unto 
/ thee, for I am fearfully and 
/^ -wonderfully made t ma^llous 
are thy ^ works, and that my 
' foul knoweth right well. 
14 ^Tho' lam made ^a My bones are not hid 
in a molUmfiml man- from thee : [though I be made 
"S^^^^IS] fecretly^ and fafhioned beneath. 
^/tam.Patr-^Aitfir^ . ■■ in die eartmj. 

i5,itf.[Thonfawcft jy [Thine eyes did fee my 
my Body, while it jws fubftance, yet being unperfed : 
TnUSl'SfmJ AX and hx th/ book were aU my 
as exaaiy as if they members written; J 
had been all writ down j g (Which day by day were 
in a Book or Pattern, f^fljioned ) : when as yet there 

fuch as Workmen ulc ^ r ^u^^ 1 

to keep for their di- was none ot them. J, . ,. " 
reftion ^ (and everv part had a gradual. and conftant, tho fmall 
increafc> thou had'ft, 1 fay, every pai't of hlinetcgiltred m thy 
^MiwJ, before any one of cheraliad a^ being.] j [^how 

i^h.Xky. Tbe Tfidms Ex/iami: ip^ 

I? CHow dear are thy coon- 17 [Hmiighljilo 
^umome OGod: Ohow. ^^-.SiSS,' 
greatBihefiunofthenil] SlSds .mc, .ui » 

what a wrt number do they amo«iit!ys«[CoHn;*f] inKaMj. 

18 If I tell them, ihey are • ■? [Every Mornina 
mo in miBberriian thefand:' *'^°,7."fi'Si ,™°rf 

r«.k.:_ I _i I ^; ' ^*L ' on It as an ImUnce oi 

[rwhenlwiltcapfam-prefent ^hy Carc and Provi- 

wjM^ thee.} . : dence over me, that I 

iiudejiway wttli 



but by 

[ Wilt xhoft not 
i, be plcafed to 
c of my Fcar*^ 
or all, by talcing 
ie» ? I firmly'be- 
yon, all ye Men 

[For 'til not fo 
upon my own ac- 
that I expeft 
thy hands, thac 
lies, but out of X 
lot ftick to blaf. 
ever do fecm fe- 
1 order to dothe 

riTe «p flgatnft thee ? . 

^irXea,,I hate^hem right 
fwe : '■ ev^nwf thougli they were 
mweenftni^. ■■ . - 

Ja-iXiy me, O God, and 
feek the ground of my: heart ; 
prove. ||K!j and e^^mine my 
thoughts. . 

. a4. Look weH if there be any 
w^y ofwickednefsinme: and 
lead me in the way everlafting. 

A'Pfaiin;«f;Dl»itlJ en mM'\k'a!%^%ri^Mm. 

.,■■ ;. '■■;■■'' ;ji, -;ai nni!l Ti-'rn[m nt ■>! 

Thou art '.it^:iaBd'i;Ji«»(i jW 

; ron wlioft Power , ■ jjf.-(j .:!B^A,I' <SedJ''3'[*ti»ti 
ay,y depends.] ftrcngth of my .[imMHI 'IIMW 

f!'C««"'3 ■•''•"«• krf Wca) my het* mt«hi 
day of fsntlto !-..-•.■:;■'.•-> 

his defire, 6 I.ord : 'lee'ifltrt 

I rpK or Ddiin.] his.nlir*teW«i:f*l!lSMa(i«n] 

??•'*«'• ■ j.rof[S».-)-in(dVj thiy-'Wyioa 

protti-.-f. -v. ■•■ - i'' " 

tpth l>4y. The Tfalms Explain^ ;tjjv. 

9 Lee the mifchief of dieir 

own lips fall upon the head ' , " ' - 

of . them : that ccMnpafi me. 

10 Let rhot.burmng coals] ^ »» [""« fevered 

can into Che Ar^ and mt9 the ,-,;. 

^^ that rfiey never rife up a- -.- .,.\ 

gain. • ..--. 

tr f A man full of wi 
fiiall not pro&er upon 
eanh: evil iluillliunt the w 
ed perfon to «vuthrow hi 
gunfi ioioceiK Men,' ihdl thereb] 
niine : vidcic* ud Malice I1h|I | 
them CO cheir own niine.j 

, 12 Sure I am that die Lord 
wilt ^enge the poor : i^d 
maintain the caufe' of the helpr* 
left. - 

- 1 3 The righteous alio fhaH 
give' thanks unto-"thy Name : ' j....: ■,', ' .-.^ 
Ind the juft [ihall continoe in ^ 'JEfl!,^!]?*^ 
thy fight.] gwpt<>«PrcfeiH3f,37T 

Vr4. ;■■ Ai^ltw 

1^6 Theffiflms Bxfim^ ^^th D^. 

trefintly after he 'was come <ntt afthe Ca^e^ *fie trer. 8; 

Tis truf.y the next Pfalm 'was made upon his hetng k^ 

thiHave'^ ani it may at fhH fi^htfekm fi^r^ngtj that 

tiisjliould be f laced before the other y when tbisfap^fis 

iim come out of the Cavcy and the nnxt as yet in lit j 

Bftt the Reader may o^ftrWy once fir aiy that the Vf alms 

are not placed in> that order in 'which they overe Com.^ 

fofcdy of which I might gpvc a great many Tr oafs. 

\ ff ^fiaU fujpce at prefenr 07i^ r(f:talU^Uicey that thefei 

\ cfnd ffalip wai Compofid long aft&tihisy and the foU 

.. loming ifor thefe tlpo Pfalmj *^i^ire^' made during bis 

' Ififfig perfecuPed hy Saul j < theifecmdj' after, he had bem, 

fome time King^ and won Zion. • 5fe Pfal. ii. 6. 

Domine. cfamavh PCil. CXLL 

pfxl, Ic?ll upon, thee, haft^ 

; tbee unjto me :' and confi^ 

der my vpi^e wh^ii I cry unto 

fkcc. ' ' ' 

jL [Lef my prayer' be f^^ . 
forth in thy- Tiffht as the in- 
cenfe : and^ Tet tne lifting up of 
iT\y hands be an eveningr^cri- 
fice.] ' 

pvening Sacrifice, do thou ;|cc?pt of the lifting up my Heart and 
Hands in f raycr, in (lead of thofe mote folcrmn Pcvotions.] 

3 Set a watch, O Lord, be- 
fore my mouth : and Iceep the 
door P* my lips. ' 

4 O let not mine h^art be 
inclined to any evil thmg : let 
me not be occupied inljiigodly 
works, with the men thit work 
wickednefs, [feft I eat of fuch 
things as pleaTe them. ] ' ' 

2 £ NpW tfiat I am 
TdT^vffftom the place of 
ifAihli* Worfhip, and 
canordc be ^erfbnalLy 
prcfcnt at the offering 
up the Incenfe , and 

. 4 To eat 9f $be bread 
of TH^ekednefs^ Prbv, iv. 
17. 1 fignifies to take 
" "" fu in Sin, to come 

*> ^tli* ^igheft pitch 

o! Vice, and make 

\t ones daily enterrain- 

incntj As on the con - 

p^aryy Obedience was ^he Meat pf Chrlfi Jefutj John Jv. 14- his 

t:.i',i, 1/ . i ' > , / ^reatci^ 

^^thDtff. JheTfatinsBxplam% 297 

gvcaceft plofte *ai, tiatfiSdt^- Ad4 then the fenfe of chefe 
irords are : [Left at Uft I cchuc to fuch t habit of So, at to 
make it,, as it were, mv .conftant ^t>63' ind enjoyment aithefe 
Mtndo.] ■^" f I' 

f- Let jl)8 righteoM rathei: 
iimte me fiiendly : ziid teprove 

6 [ But let not dieir {h^oos ■ 6 * TSeirJ dut ii, 
balms break my head: yea,: I, Thewieked, HK^ioa'd 

wrckednels..j . , [Bw Jet not the Flat- 

teries aod d^pure PrAences of my ijickca Enemies, which may 
lecm like the moft precious Oil ^rcj on the Head, very foft ana 
fijothim, {irore ai £ital to me' at a^atde^x, af they certainly 
wiU« iiTi yield ^tbein,,J^iiJ.J«. aa. j>at inftead of doing thai^ 
1 win add another Fnyer ag^infl all^ iljcir vricked Plots.] 

7 £Let thdr *jadges be iover- 7 ♦ y*^«,] that h, 
diroSvftinftdiiy places rrthat Generili or great Up- 




8 [Oqf bdnes lie fcattered S [A^4^t¥Ecjsetei(t 

before the pit: like as when rrafon .wU i ifonid 

o«fc«ak«haAdh8v,«Hwood ^l Zif^JlS-J. 

Updnm0eai«fh.J- comi»ny me, are like 

tffCd dAd andiborted, and dog ui^ again, whofe Bones lie fcac- 
twed hefatc: ihf fitavCs Mtwdi, like, dry Chips, expefting thy 
Almig^y^ jCjiqypUfd JO .have -Ufie and 'Breath reftored 10 us, 
E^ei. xxxv'ii. 1, 8, p.j 

- . p Bv* wiop eye? Ippij unto 
theeaQL^jr^t^oQ: intjiee^sray 
tpi&o O caift not out my foul. 
,' lo; )v^p:nie from thejhare 
that they haye Jaid fof-mj^: 

' anil 

1^^ the^ftlim Explain JL n^tht^ay, 

1 1 Let the ungodly ^ info 
iSxox owQ nets togsther : and 
let inc eyer efcapedwro. 

■ ■■ Evenifig'^ycr. ■ 

■A Pf^iyci! pi-T^vAAf when Be wm in the Cavt, 
.. - • TS«n.xxii;i. xxiv. 1,3. 
'■'-' '_'''-' 'ytte-m0 4dD«iif>iKm. P(al. CXUI. 

1<;>ied unto dw Lord wah 
my Toice : yea^ eycai unco 
'"■ ' ■■'i'.i^': f" ' ' i*he Lord' did i make my fop- 

"' plicatioft. ' ' - - 

.- - .« .. ; a I tended' "^ottt'iny ' com- 

• ',,;;■ |Aiiiu««efl!if e Wift : -and fiiew- 

, oihini ofmyitrouUe, >. 

t^ 3 When my ^Ack W9$ in 

I hoarinejsj'fthou Joieweft my 

f, ^pah:'3 in the wjiy «^ja«inl 

' walked. ^v'e they pAvMy laid'a 

fn»6 forme. m 

. f^ looked ilib 'UpQfi my 

_ K' terid t : -and faw there 

'was 'fl«!na»t that wwid know 

L ,i t ^'J^J'^}"^. ^S^' *^^^ f :^and faW there 

. f . libad tho |!lMsto>iS6«ji»to : 
and no man fi»ii. 
, ^. Icriod micodiesjOLffrd^ 
afld Xaid ; Thoft att >ny hcne, 

and my portioirSff^e fei^ot 
the living. 

■-^Confider my- fccmtlaittt: 
■f=f'I,aftiT&feught ?c*y Idw. 

^-t)''aeKver me'iMm tny 

penectrtoi^ f foi* they^TtfC too 

nr6ngforine,' - " . 

9 Bring 

i'ptf^m^:^ The ffalms 'Eie^lairfdl i^ 

^ that is. 
See Titlt.. 

i , • ,t 

;Tri^. i Sevcasfth' Feoifi^nrial Pfalm, 

Ead^ttT^ prayer- O Lord. v^'K* vIj lai ] :i 
toyilttmo^mfe^thyftrifWJ ^^t paofcfrliieA^] r fit 

mcilfurkh-thy* fervam ^]) 'fdrin ;* ^^|4v r^^^ 

thy fight fliail no man living be mifs •, for then odMaS 

fecnrfdi^iJiy fl»>fii^nhanb nictohid<:myfelfun. 
fmicten irijrrlife di^flnrdvo^ the derGr9utid,9nd buried 
gpHiiiAla'^tee; ;h«tth '4^ /mc J in mc alive in Holes an4 

4 Therefore is wy'^^iljtilfe^ 
ed within me : and my he^rt 
within me is defolate. 

f Yet do I remember thf 
time paft^ I mufe {ipon all thy 
works: yea^ I e^cejrcife my felf 
in the work? of thv hands. 
' A' I ftretch form my hands 
unto thee: my^ foul gafpeth 
unto thee as a ;hirfty landf. ^ t i^^r ^nfre^fing 

7 Hear me, O Lord, and ^*^^^^? 
f hat foon, for my fpirit waxeth 
faint ; hide not thy face firom 

3 OP The ffalms Explain i. 29^ Day, 

\Mf left I be like nmo dietn 
tliat. gQ di^n iptp the pit. 

8 .0 let lae hear ^y loving 
• nriiBdy and fpw- lufi<)nefi j^bedmei in the .mpm- 

™y'J ingi J fijr in thpe i$ my trj^ : 

HofctKcntirelyvbi^ woald walk in, for[rhft up 
poTl^ec^ my foul uiltp thee] 

9 Deliver me; Q Xord, from 
.:. I i mine enemies: for I flee unto 

diee to iude .me. 

■o [let thy Hdy ■ '^ Tea<^ meto do the thing 

Mm eondnft me in that pleafeth thee, for diou arc 

^ pWn path 6f Ju- my God;: [let thy loving Spi- 

SrS'to^Seti: ritkadmefoiidiivtotheland 

i|y where tftc ftopl? Of;«|pteQUtaels. J 
toveHoncftjraii^Im^jrity, iwirt^w^ iwt betray me ta my Enc* 

"J*^^^ ^'f I J [Quicken] me, O Lord, 
T™^J ^ for tl^ Names lake t and for 

, jtfiy right^oufiiefe fake bring 
r myifouLoatof txcubfe.' 

. IX . And of thy goodnefs fl^ 
miiK i^nemk^ : and d^^troy aU 
them that vex .my fonl;^ for i 

\* f 

* '^ .- ^ * « •» * 



' ./.; v;;.i ::.:..;..-:.■:;; ii> i. The 

• '-- *'• r* *.^- • ... -i,^ w - • 

^thVi^, the Tfatms Eocphutd, 301 

t 1 1 

Hie Thirtieth Day. Mondi^ Prayear. 

A Pfklm of David^ when he bad overcome feme Hea^ 

then Enemies^ and was ajjauked hy more* 

Benediam Dtamm* Pfal. CXLIV. 

B Leafed be the Lof d my 
ftrength: nvho teacheth 
my hands to war^ and my fin- 
gers to hdit; . ^ 

a My liope and my ^xtx^%, 
my caftle and detivererj my de^ 
fender in whom I truft : who 
fnbdueth my people dm is un- . . 


; Lord^ what is man^ that 
thou haft fuch reQ)e& unto 
him : or the foh of man, that 
thou fo regardeft hun f? \J^ V^* aSIS 

4 Man is like a thix^ of fuceefii V'^^^ 
nought: his time ftiireth away 
like a fliadow. 

f [Bow thy heavensj. O 5 {[f^eed^OLord, 
Lord, and comedown: touch **^ J^** my Con- 
the 'mountains, and they ftaU ^^ j" ^ ^, 

lmoKe.J ancc «id Deffcncc 5 tnd 

as Ibon as m]r moft fbnnidaUe OpTOfcrs feel chat thou arc pre- 
sent, chey will vanifli incb Smoke?] 
"^ MmitMns] denotes Princes ind GreacMen. See PfoAxm. j. 

6 Caft forth thy lightning 

and tearthem: fhoot out thine ^ ^ PMxvui. 14. 
arrows and conlume them. 

7 Send down thine hand Jyl^.^^^J^y': 

t ' -i J I* *^ « J ^"" Armies, which 

from above: dehver me, and are ready, like a Rood, 

take me [put of the great wa- 10 invade and ovef- 
ters,] from the hand of *ftrange whelm us.] 

children • « * spf^^ chtUren,^ 

cmiaren , . that is, Heathen. 


8 [ Who hire not g [ Whofe mouth talketh t)f 

SS"&t^' y^Mtv,:^ their Tigte 
their Words and Oaths : a right hand of wickednefs. ] ; 
And wfata^thcy Ihtkt hands with athers^ id If tbey vrett Fiietul^ 
intend tbcr^y to ^ccdire and betray them.] 

» ' 9 f -wilJ feig anew fongtinta 

th^e;,0 God a and ilnj^ priiifts 
U5tt>.»tbee upem a: ten^ftringed 

i6 Thou haft gitcft victory 
tmto^iJcii^: ^ind haft delivered 
Daytd (fay: fervant from the pe- 
riljof thofwdrd. 

ti fccf^. TjJii :ix jSaftreme, and.djsKycrmb 

from the hand of ftrangc chil^ 
dren: whofe mDttth.ta&eth of' 
vsoity^aiulthdr right iland is a 
light faand jof iniquity* ; 

i<^r|jiM^i»A« 12 T^hatdurfoas may grow 

lies, or the place where that oiir daiighters may be as 
the Ark flood. See tlie * polifhed comdrs of the 

f/^^« ^-7;^'. iL* J? * temple ; 
By the ^poathk/cor.' ^ 

ners^ he jmeans^.4 fupp<f«', Hibft tijian' Whicfr IbppOrt^d t?!e 
yoil menticp'i^ ^od.jixyu ^i; jiJMrhiHt^ were carted^ and pb- 
^iXhedy or ovqrliid Virich Gold. 

tj'XSrore^Hbtffes.] ti That ourtgariiers] mavr 

^ J be luUimd pkmeous with all 

manner of ftore : that our fteep 

* strem^'i V^rH^PS ^^^i^^'J Forth thoufands and 

Yeaning . places. See ^^^ thoulands iri .our *ftreets. 
y^cabidarj.^-:-, - 14 That our oxen may be 

/ ftrong to labour^, that there be 

' ' no decay ; no leading into cap- 

" . ' tivify, .and no ccipplaining in 

f ourjltrcets.' 
i ..';,-: 15: Happy arc the people 

;ptft2><9« The ffalms Explain dk IQI 

that ore infuCh ft cafe t.y«a^ 
Uefllkd are the |)tople5/rii0hiTe^ 
the Lord fortheir God^ ! 

X^yldVPfalm of Praife. tlHif i the rnU in tie Ku 
brew^ and Mr. l£iWljf,6tiky at well as BifinfVz^ 
ttxtk^ helievis that tb^ ^i/^k Book had its Namofiom 
thu T faith. *Ta iifiab^fy a'mofl admirable Ifymn: 
Every Verfe beginning Tintb a partic$dar Letter ef the 
Hthttn Alfbabftt^ mljliwx is wanting. 

' Mxalt4hte^DeMe.^.CXVf. 

I Will magmfie thee, O Cwod^ 
myKii^: and I Witt praife 
thy Name for ever and ever. 

a EverydaywiUIgivethaftfcs 
unto thee: and praiie thy 
Name for ever and ereti 

2 <ibreatistheXottijaodiiiar« 
vellous^ worthy to be ftalfedi 
there is txo end of lus c^tnefs. 

4 Onegefttratio(ilh^(Hai(e 
thy works unto anothbrliatld 
declare thy power. ; . / 

f AsfOCflte^IwiUbeeWng ^ ntoiellv Honair T 

ofthy[w^ip]:thy|ttetr,»hy sec*KSSfe!"^'-^ 
praiie^ and wondrdtti Woeki: 

6 So that men ,&M feeak 
of the might of thy intnrim<ttis 
ads : and I will aUo tell of ^ 

7 The memorial of thine flt^ 
bui^nt Itiiidnefs IhaU bt ilteUi^ 
ed : and men ihall fu^ of thy 

8 The Jjxd is gracious and 
merdful: long-fi3feraQg> iahd, 
of great goodne% 

9 The 

V t 


y^^ 7h f/abns Explain I loth^Pi^. 

9 /The Lord is Idvingump e^ 
very inati : and his mercy is o^ 
y^ all his works. , 

10 All tfiy works praife thee, 
^. 1 O Lord: and Uiy faints give 

n . dianks unta thee. 

11 IrKey fliew theglory of 
thy kingdom : and talk of thy 

, poweti 

X z That thy power, thy glo- 
'V ly > ^^d mightinels of thy^ 
lungdom^ might be known ua- 
to s^hi 

' i^; *rhy kingfdom is ail ever- 
laftiiig kingdom : and thy do- 
minion enduretb throughout 
all agesl ; 
f. jL^Mm^^ ±h0 Am. H The Lord upholdeth all 

\*i^tSfAm^' foffr a/ ^11 1 : and lifteth up 
' all thofe that are down f. 

If Th& eyes of all wait up^ 
oh thee, O Lord ; and thou 
«veft them their meat in due^ 
.- ;, I i$ Thou oponeft thine haAd: 

and fiUeft all tfaiiigs living with 

1/ The Lord is righteous inf 
all ms ways : and l^ly in all 
his works: . 

1 8 The Lord is mgh unto all 
them that call upon him : yea, 
all fiidt as call upon him faith-^ 

19 He will fulfil the defire 
of them that fear him : he alfo 
will hpar their cry, znd wiM 
help them*^ . 

k ao The 

* ■• 

jbth ©»>. .The 9pdms Explainl 
• -±0 '^ito LMd prdfeiveth all 
ilti^itiidiart ilbvehkbi: but fcatr 
tereth abroadf all thsrungodly. 
-ajt M^ribdutbifliill^eakthe 
dnife w «Ue Ijord : BlidkcaU 
nefligive thaidn unCfi ihis hcdy 
' tiuneToremran^ever. 


ao t I'ie the Ruhtt 
of a. icmalifh'd BttlUing. 
Id this' fenfc ihe He- 
brm word \^Sbamitd^ is 
ufed, irr.xxvi. 30, 

See fbe Tttlt f^ 
commomiy -thoi^ht 
e return from the 

^hett Haggai unJ 



die Lord : yea, as long as I 
have any beings I vv^ fing 
pr^es unto my Gbd^. 

* O put i|ot ywr tmft-in 
I^inces, nor in :4iKy. child of 
man ; ^ thew iS'.FfiQihslp io 
them. I . 

3 For when tlie breath of 
man goeth forihj he'fiiallturn 
BpaSntfthUeaith: and then sill 
IUE:[thoi^htt] petiA. 

4 Bldled is he that hath the 
God of Jacob for his help : and 
whofe hope is in the Lord his 
God; ■ 

J- Who made heaven and 
earchj the feaand all that there- 
in is : who keepeth his protnife 
for ever, 

6 Who helpeth them to right 
that fufFer wrong : who fefid- 
«th che hungry. 

? [Politick defigni,] 

Matxir. 15/ 
Joh. yi. 5. 
X 7'rhe 

3 o 6 \ The Tfalms Exflamd^ ; <ith "Day. 

John ix. 32. J The Lord loofeth menout 

of prifon : : the Lord giveith figjit 
- to the blind. im! /:. 

, 8 The Lord helpeth them 

that are fallen: the Lord careth 

for the righteous. i.r 

9 i As for the Pro- 9 The Loird carbth for the 

jcas, and Defigns of ftrangers, he defendeth the fa- 

wicked Men, he con- therlefs and widow: rasfoif:^e 

^^S """^ way of&ng#fe'£#i6 

. It tipfide do wn. J 
^ 10 Tis with good 16 The Lord thy Cpd^; O 
reafon thought by the Sipn, fliall be King jor e^er- 

beft Kvjnes, that by . ^^^ thr0Ujgh6ut all jge- 

the Lord God, who is ^ .< _ ^ ^ 

faid to feed the hun- nerations. . 

gryand give fight to the blind, t/^r. 5. ^ 7. is fteant C*ri/f Je- 
(us J how he likewife loofcd Men out bf Prifon, iyc. See Dr. Horn* 

"V. ■. r\ 

• i 


Evening Pfayef. 

Hallelujah, or^ Prai^ ye the Lord. 'T$s e^denrthis 

' Tfalm was Comfofeim th return from tbt Babyli^fffi 

Caftivtty^ and rebuilding of^tiixMem. See ver. 2 . 

iMHiAtt Dmmm. Pfal. CXLVII. 

^Praife the Lordj^for it i$ a 
good thing to firig tkaifes 
i. ' unto pur. God : ye%i.^. joyfiil 

and plea%Jit thing itisj to. be 
thankful. :: . v ^ : 

2 [The Jews, who ^ The Lord.^otfe buildup 
had for a long time jerufalem : and gather toge- 

been carried Captive, •', ^^ i_ . ^riP rxh 1 t 

and baniiht into a fo^ ther [ the Qiit-caltsof Ifrael. J 

reign Country. 3 ' : - 

^ All manner of 2 He hcaleth thofe that are 
Affiiaion is fometimes y^^^^^^ \^ heart : and giveth 

fee forth in Scripture, ,. . ^, ii-/-! r 

by bodtJy pain and Hicdicine to heal their ncknek 

difcafe. .. ,..,•; , •. 

3 otft %. The fP/aims Explain JJ j 07 

'■'4' m telleth die immber of 4 [He does as exaft- 
the flairs : and calleth them all 'y ^^^ ^«T Star in 
by their names.] S"»t.''h*'°*''''^1 

. -^ , . J things which wre call 

67 their wopcr Nartic 5 fo that let the number of the Jewifh 

c^ vf ^^ "^'' ^^ 8^^^ » ^°^ ^9' ^«y ^ difperfed as the 
5tais,iikewife are in the feveral quarters of the World 5 yet God 
knMvs and obferves every one of them, and can, when he picafes, 
draw^ themaU up in a Body, and bring them to their own home.1 

f Great is our Eord^ and 
p'Ciat is his power : yea, and ' 

lis ^yifdom is infinite. 

6 The Lord fetteth up the 
meek : and brjngeth the un- . 
godl)r dpwflLjto the ground. ^ 

7 O fing unto the Lord with 
thanksgiving : fing praifes up- 
on the harp unto our God. 

8 Who covereth tjie heaven . . - 
with clojids, and prepareth . 

rain for the earth : and maketh 
the grafs to grow upoij the 

mountains, and herb for the ufe 
of men. 

9 Who giveth fodder unto 
the cattle : and feedeth the 
young ravens [that cajl upon 

10 [He hath no pleajfiir^ in ^ 
the ftrpngth of an horfe : nei- 
ther delighteth Jbe in any mans 

ficant. tho' not articu- 
late Voice, complain 
for want of food.] 

10 [God do's not 
always favour thofe 
that are ftrongeil, or 
have the greateft For- 
ces of Horfe and Foot : 


good Horfe are indeed of great ufc in the day of Batde, and 
, Soldiers that are nimble of feet are very ferv'ceable in making 
long Marches, fcaling Walls, or making a good Retreat ; but God 
can deliver his People from their Enemies, as he has now deliver- 
ed us from the Babylomans^ without any fuch warlike force.] 

ij.^ut the Lords deKght ij' 
in tliem that fear him: and put 
their truft in his mercy. 

X 2 12 Praife 


15 * CdmffMndtrfent^ 
1$, i8. *ji?()r4,']thati$, 
his Orders or Decree for 
any alteration in the 
Weather, or coarfe of 
Mature. t . 

17 r Sometimes he 
congeals the. Rain into 
in Ice ora ftorm of Hail, 
vrhich he can caufe to 

The ffalms BxpUmil i ictfl 1^ 

i; Forhehafh£aafik$9iiftith0{ 
Baris <^ tby g^es;,a<)4-i;bQ^ 

14 He ittoketlj peat^ \fi1^f 
borders : art<f fiUeth tlx&Q.witft 
the flour of wheat. - 

xy tte ferideth fortii Ids 
* commandment upon fearthi 
and his '^ wOfd runneth r^if 

16 lie ghreth fhOW like 
wooll: and fcattercth the hoar- 
froft like ilhes. 

17 [He cafteth forth his ice 
like itiorfel^]; : who fe able t6 
abide his frrift ? 

fall with greac violence, and in large Morfels, or Balls for the 
deftruaion of his Enemies, T^/fe 3C- 1 1.3 

18 FHe makes a 
Thaw by the warm 
breath of fofe and gen- 
tle Winds.3 . . 

1 8 He iend^th out his *wDrd^ 
and melt etf)i them: [he blow- 
eth with his wind, and the wa- 
ters flow.J 

1 9 He ftleweth his Word un- 
to Jacob : his ftatutes and ordi- 
nances unto Ifrael. 

20 He hath not dealt lb 
with any nation : neither hav^ 
the. heathen knowledge of his 


^Qth D(f]^. The ^fdm Exptmni^ ^cs^ 

< I » 

Halel^ah^ er Praifstv tfi^lxurd ; it Ftrm ef Traife 
v/btrnH ib&e tfn^ip 'u^bu. that alt Cteatitres would 
jmn httbf fivitt kmmtmy cf fingmg Hymns to Go^L 
and that meri me 4)f fl^coiM tei m, hew fftub wifi 
dom and 'gooJui4> Qoi imi-foiWfd in making rftbaa* 
Liitd4t^ pMuMi. ' PfaLCXLVIU. 

OPt3^ titef Lord (A ftea- „ '.CTI?P.n«f>ft lofty 
veni praife him in fthe, ^^ ^f ^ "«: 

^ height.3 

1 :^taife him^ dtt y^ ingets 
' of his : praife him, all big iiolt. , 

; Praife him, fun and moon j^ » 

p-aifehiitLanyeftarsaiidlightl^ \ 

4 Ptaife him, all ye [tiea- 4["ppetfccgioasof 
yfens:lyd ye waters, tthat^^^ fesfiySlaSI 
above the heavens. Ham. v 

* t In the Clouds^ which are^ibove thtfeRtgms tf the Jjt^ whet tL 
the Bitds da t^tmdjffy^ tmd "Mkhkatt^tl Beauens in Hkfst^n^ 
higv^dsk \ ' 

jr Let them pf aife the Ni^me 
of the Lord : tor he fpalce^he 
word, and tl>ey were made, he 
commanded^ and they were 
created, ; 

■ (g He hath made them faft ^ f which ^e caS the 
for ever and ever : he hath given ^^^^^ ^f ^^*^^' 
. them a law f whieh Ihall not 
be broken. 

7 Praifc the Lord upon the 7 * EaftV] here fig- 
?^h: ye [dragons] and all ;?S,faJ?Sl^!Sr 

dieeps; ^Wch we ifthaftft, as it 

^Whales, Sea-monfters. J frequently dow in all Wlritcf 1. 

8 Fire and hail, fnow an4 
vapours : wind and ilornij ful^ 
iilung his wocdj ^ ' 

9 Mountains and l3X hiUs ; 

< J i^ fruit- 

fio %e^^falms B^0M T^<^i>af. 

fruitful trees and all cedars : 
.\ : ' io.?Beafts : 'arid ali^^ ^^ttU : 

wonhlsand^ fbatliered fowls j 

\ II Kings of the earth and 

all peoble : princes and all 

judges of the world J 

.J I 12 Yo;mg men and maidens^ 

y:,.: , old men and childreipL^ praKe 

; theNafne of the Lord,: for his 

' Name only is exceUejqtt, and 

his praife ^bove heaven and 

^eartL' , 

I J f Power and Ho- 1 1^ tfe (Hall exalt the [horn] 

"^"'•T of Ws people, all his faints fhall 

. . praife him Z; even the children 

of Hrael, even the people th»t 

: fervethhim. 

Halelujah, or, praife ye the Lord. See Title of 

jPfaL Cyi, CXL on occajim of fame ^eat ViBorjy 

and contains the eminent F^'vour of God to his Chmcb^ 

and the Conquefi of the Cbrifiian Faith oifer the Hea-r 

then Fewer s* 

CdntateDomm. PfaLCXLIX. 

|Sing unto the Lord a new 
' fong : let the ppngrega- 
tion of faints p^-aife him. 

2 Let Ifrael rejoyce in him 
that made him : and let (he 
children of Sion bejoyfol in 
their King.- 

3 Let them Praife his Name 
3 fivhkbwst ufital in the dance t: let them fing 

With the Ancients. ^See p^aifes unto him wifh tabret 

Vi. 14, i^. a™ harp. 

tFor the Lord hath pleafure 
is people : an4 helpeth the" 

S [Let 


-^oth D/r^. The ffalms Exptum^ ji^ 

. *>f Lee tfce faijits be 'foyful . s Cjtn dme of peace 

,witbr^ry:-let.theirti:i^joyce Si^i^TS'S'SSS: 
in their bed&3 i i.i vv .1 i-jj/ . -. - ,,„, g^ „y^h t% 

miy.At&tten duiiibg'tHe-dmki^ilf (epofe, as being fecureof chc! 
6 r Let the braiiTfife'iif Bbk Bt' « fin dme of war, 

in their hind/biiivkK^Qi0iid«^ in their Mouths; and 
chefe /lattbr tatfipitm dMi^4fiicc|fsfid Weapons than the for« 

chains: and their nobles with 

links of iron t* 

9 [That they maybeaveng- 9 [That fowc may 

cd of them^ as it is written : ^JF ^y}f^* ^^ 

fuch honour have all hisfauits.] 2£%f^'ii^S; 

Truth, as onr Forefathers did in ancient dmes, cf which we read 
in Holy Scripture. This privilege God has given his Peqple of all 
AgcSj-if they keep clofe to him, and their duty.J 

Praife ye the Lord. See PfaL GVI- CXI. To be ufed 

on any gnat occafim of jojy wherein thofe , words 
[Praife God, cr^ the Lord J are repeated eleven times ^ 
and eight f(^t cfliffiruments are cmed f^ to excite the 

Devotion of the Teofle.' .. v . • 

Lauiate Domimm. PlaLCL. 

[/^ Praife God in his holi- i [Set forth the Rrai- 

V^ nefs: praife him in the fcscfGod in an humble 

firnjament of his power.] £T«rlll'ir« 

of his Nature, whereby he is preferved from-all mixture of Evil: 
Set forth his Praifcs in admiring the Heavenly Firmament, where- 
in his Power has in an extraordinary manner difplay'd itfelf, and 
whereof his Tabernacle in Slon is out a faint refemblance, Hebr, 
ix.23, HO 

2 Praife 

V - , •■ . . > 

1 1 i jIBe ^/di/fliu Sxplaind. ^^th "Day, 

:X fraHTe ilttm ia liki fiokle 

^: pniife him ^ccardSsfi^ t» 

his excellent gresltiiefi. 

« Peaifeiumtn the found of 

; > - liil thunimt {^^ »m upoii 

and daj^,.;|Pr^i(e hjm llpQ0 

tuoed c^mbok } ytas^ htja. up^ 
6 I^ exw AingtoJ^ 

', tj ■>» 

' . 1 

• 4' 

' -.. 

■ f • ' 

* ' ' li .'j 'j *'' ' ' •' C 1 ^ • ' 

the End of Wf/idnif* 

• » J III It 

' . ii '.. M 

- ] 

'Mi'j //Tiii . ■ . . J • ;< , , ,;, -I ■ , t 

,1''-i i '>■ • . - jt' ',.! :.'''..'-: • 1- " ■ ;' 

' I I I ' I '( I ' I i 1 *^ I ' ^ » II ' — ^ " ■>■ - - f- 

A Bmfe and Ga^cral 

E F^ Ni€-.E 

k J.I 4 ' • • ' .i 


/ 1 


^' t 

Hofe TMy'snd LciiMdMeit^ by wtefe itieafts ch<f 

Ctairch f^tRndmi was haf^ily SVeformed from thtf 
'- :inoi'« Piety smd Ji^giiienc thim 'thk, Th^ t6ey •^^ 

Comipii)Mis>(tt Popery^ .did j«m: in any 4hing (>iev^ 

fpdnftd no Do(^inc,buc what fnight be proved frdttf 
asy Edkioii^ or Tranilatsoh of the^ble,aiid'cven firom the Vut^i^ 
gar Latin itfelf.] They did not take the courfe of Schifmatield^ 
aQd llCRkfek^ 'who Jcamitioflly eddeavoQr to tkfeffd their Er^ 
rors^rbyr fomeparrical«rJ Texts of Scri]ytiire, Ivtefted by artifi^iaf 
glofles^totl^ir Mtra ihilMen (enee -, but made good their CitfA 
by a great cloud of Teftimotfies from thofe Holy Books, aod 4^ 
ther AnJient-Monuitiefirsr ofChriftianhy, of rather from the 
mi^Afoope. and tenorof boifh s So that if they had h^ none tt^ 
pleaJf^ btt« niemfeives, and tbofe pious Souls who had a hbly thirft 
after ditiife Truth, tfteTrariflatingofSGriptifise^had been a wod^ 
©f-n^verjr great difficulty -, for the Aim and^fubflance of *W 
Religion* vtas to be found in trtay Bibk, and every ttztiOztxM 
of h,naD4 did not depend on any Conje^ured or Svtbtilci^ ^ 
Unguifts; ' • f ' : _ 

• Bu6th«nv on anotltet a<^count, fhejr had reafofl tdf^make ufeMrf 
the greateA Caution and Prudenee in this rhatftetv/I meah^Becaufi! 
the Eyes of thftir Enemies, the fiet<fc Papifts ^er^ apon thdni 
who, they ihight be fure, would make uli ot all t-helr skilfaftd 
tiHgehCc tt> difcrcdit an Kii^/if/l^ Bible^ h<iw feithfidly l<>cve^ 

AM ft] th(s fefpc^ 't^ma "f^try difficuft for our Tranflatgrs to 
avoid the gi/mg offence •, for as" well th^ Who 'CraHflatcd rbi 
BibJ^, as thcy:who lofertcd the^Pfalter ottt ol it into the Lifu^^y, 
^tc DO doubt fully pcffwaded^ that ti^lfcl>r«^fil' cbo Old T^» 

fiotes in Defence 

lament was the vtty Original Text, and that therefore ail Trail- 
nations ought to be made from that -, but on the contrary^ the 
Romanifts look'd on the Vulgar-Latin as the mofl authentic Tcxt^ 
and* worfdnot-adrntt-of arty V a r ia ti on fr o m it : And further, cliey 
were f e nfibig| that this-V«lgar^lLa«B Tr^nflacion, was done firom 
the LXX, which had had a great refpeft paid to it by the Church 
in all Ages, for which r^afoqs it feep*d dangerous, wholly to 
depart from it Jt^^Ae^PQ diey took a< mid^e w^y by complyii^ 
with the Vulgar-Latin, and LXX^ fo far y they could^ wknoiic 
contouliftingjheir own Jj^gment. which was for the Hebrew. 

Biit^ ^1 theSfee and^mper in iic \^grji canndt fectfre Ihings 
of t,[lls!Natl:^^e jpom oft Cenf^i/ef of Wi^, when thd(( ajse rc- 
folved to find fault. Tis no \f onaer that thePapifts (houTdCon* 
demn, and Burn this Tranflation, this was expefted before hand ^ 
but the hard Treatmebtt viWcIithis fpififter has met with from 
the Tongues and Pens of Proteftants, is w^at could fcarce have 
%t«a b^ieir'df ii i^K^ been toU tostlif M^n of th^ j&ge^i^ia 
^hloftthf mifiatiJi waflnadef mW tg6redi>Ie mi^Iit Mve 
ftelfi'dkoVit^us-Wr. -#tn^^, %nd-Bifflofl cifverda^y if iJiy^nc Bad 
told them, when they were engaged in this excellent Worlc, 
t^ ,'!?wat^to:jfKv/p\(r|^o;fcforf.ftlwiUdi^v<)«%wb that 

^^nh^ inmecikt V^iWtt^, :fyr !ilwt^i£the jScrifsarcfs wepc Iccpt 
$C^'d updi the U^»ltabl!o^gtM;p^thtS)(^iln(>fll^ caufe a^epar- 
t^^iJTprnichat^^CauiiKitWtbaOrfljSj^ ^JUohoBarbaroAulagc 

«ft«^d JcIit:Pc(^4s:\4w!i2:il)iaiuti\oir!Wrea^ oneJUy be 

anr/)Qfitripft; iHi^i'miWog ,^r^ipii«t&(^ (bdoiJ^itroceQaius wlliQ^ 

f^^^ !• v'. io >Vii'on }:.: zin ion h:b ^-^A ' ft'o.ii n :.j < . : 

-idri^rejsfrcifoli 69 li6UeYeiitocyMihii»^ah^[9»b;»;difeMrag^ 
^r*Mling':pirf.«)£'FpFeigp fituHschocsa Q^mnHiiii^aiWidi^ha?:. of 
A(M8e^-ii!0m:Traii8l«UQ^:thlb ^iM^lint&;lril]crVt4@» T^glMSv (iMi| 
tbefi»p?rieQC^ iJwyflijrfchid {<rf>itIiefiHliifr itiadc-tf^ id 

^hni \ ai>d: h^ w. jiiych' .lumMftUfll cJtejR jbc;t»o6rmcd)ft». tfeciip 
^yerfiwifjw. d^4 Wi^rk^ >yh$u.*y ittofflogidiciBtJoks oifcpiirHPut* 
:fejfftr^; jrtieyf w&yl!«»cnv tJwoyjeJh^tf !«ipy ^Wwig^ iiM wftole 
^^omachfi i:ycnutitbftrjl)(vl)te^feyjiYrh&li£W' Retorrofli^iWIftifif <! 
VHjpughti to f4ch't:4iegrfer, tfirfnrlie)^ t^jinkitterufo^of ilwiparc 

were not to blame for burning T/Wrf/ri;iBiWe^ 

ftW- Fr. Wfof-T' jwnb:Mis-rraiillWflaiti8j-^finPhifphC0iy!;:foi'jbat 
fii^rand^phe r%hc ^^r<;c4i P^ptferfto^dittOtmorc ifcy^rely Coo- 
IJa^fr.f^JHrpi .dK^mttit,|:h(5ft^:<cli4o^d4o^ trho wOifld. be ijioughc 
ftji^s .S^yiij^^^^ie ^Q4€ftfft-pt^0intft: lvt3Fe.A<«jie<^n6erj But 
mon* ' this i> but one particular of a great mauy^. where- 

- r.w: • . ' M PapiAs.ind Piflbni^jrs tare Umtcd a^iuft the 
$^>:ph pi tAghnd\ v<b^ .feeni^jto vfeel <)ff front jeacfe pther, 
5i^„t;)be^t^rf^jgt©aicft diflanc^rfrvitlica in. realii;y cheymecD 
a^ia at ihc cjRpofifc part of. the Cirefe. . ... ... , .If 

df this Tran/Utim. 

4 N&tes in Defenct 

church: So thai, if this ttanfladon of the PCiltcr were wherfly 
from the LXX, yet I believe no competcac Judge would have 
been of Opinion that tn ought to diride on thit account. But it 
IhouM (eem our Dincrniers would^ and by paiicy of rcafon, if they 
had lived in the Age of Chrifl and his Apoftlcs, and had been a» 
wife as they are now,, they niufl have departed from them too } 
for they, upon fome orcifioas, ufed the Greek Tranflation, or one 
that agreed with it, and thai is, the mofi that could have been 
faid of the Church, if what Mr'. Catarny pretends Were true. Bui 

i; This is a very great miRake.and any o'nfcthat would have beea 
at the pains to compare the Ten firft Pfalms of this Tranflatioa 
with the Greek, might eaflly have convinced himfelf of this Ef« 
roif -, for in thele Ten Pfalms, there arc not Id's than TW^my Ka- 
tcria! differences between the Greek Traoflation and ourS) tvnere- 
»i they do not agree with the Greek in more than five particular! 
throughout thele Teh Pfalms, excepting fuch places where all 
Tranflations agree, as God be thanked, they do in the main : 
Nay, further I hope to make it appear w a" impartial Readns,. 
that our Tranflators never do render any oncVerlei~foas to make 
it coi)trary to, or Inconriflent with the Hcbre^v^ but they differ 
from the Greek, and give us a fence quite' diAinft from uiem ia 
at Icatl sjo places, and do not fomuch as fcem to follow the 
Creek in much above d'oplacei. 

I- fay fecm to follow tnem, for 'tTs ow (>ptniDit that they ^id 
not in ihefe 60 places propose to nulte 'Oie Creek their Pattern, 
except in rendring here and there fomf particular Words : ( See 
Gfif. Miae ^tb. ) It is certain there arc many Supplemental Words 
in thb trannatbn, which are In the GfCA too -, hut. then the 

of this Tran/latwu . 5 

tended that they Copy'd from them in much above Sixty. 
And the fame Colkfiionbf Texts does as effeftualfy ^ove, that 
thejr did no^ Tranflate from the Vulgar Latin for the mofl part, 
as that diey did not Tranflate from the Greek, beraufc, n^ has 
been &id, the former is but a Tranfcript of the latter. What 
f eafon they had to uke thefe Supplements from the Vulgar 
latin, it will .be more feafooable to (hew under the next Head/ 
But they Were fo £ir from folk>wing the Vulgar throughout, that 
CourdaU^ in his EpifUe Dedicatory to the iirfl Edition, aflures 
us. That he had before him no leisthan [Five Imerpreters ^* 
of which he tells us in his Piefiice, f fomc were Latin, fomc 
Dutch.3 54ii#r/F^itMf had publiih*dJiis Latin Tranflatroa fix 
or fcvcn years at leaft, before ours. Our Tranflators were, with* 
out queflion well acquainted with the great M, tuther^ and his 
H'tgh'DuUb Tranflation : Mitnfter and Xea Juds were Cotcmpo- 
raries with our Tranflators*, and tho' they did not Print their 
Latin Bibles before ours, yet 'tis nocimprobaUe,that thefe Learn- 
'^ed Men might have O^nmunkrated their Papers to our Tindall 
and Cwerddle. Any one by perufiog the following f^otesj may 
convince himfelf, tliat they agree with Munfier^ more than 'tis 
credibly that they could have done, if thefe Learned Men had 
not conferred Notes. And in the Edition begun 1S39, our 
Engltfh Tranflation follows Munfler in fomc places, wbere they 
did not do fo in" the Edition of 1595, After Afunfter*$Tfan'r 
Uuion had had his fiaifhing hand, and had been publifh'd { as i( 
was in the fame Year with our firft Edition, v/^. 1535 ) 'tis pro- 
bable 'that Pr. Coi/eri<f/r in the review which he made 1599, 
t;hought fit to Copy after him in fome plac^ where before he 
had not fo clear a hght: Tho' after all, our Tranflation does not 
fervilcly follow that of Munftcr^ or any pth'crr And what Co* 
verdtde fays of the firft Edition, may as well be apply'4 to the 
other; namely, that it follows other Interpreters or Tranflators 
9nly [ for the moft part, FufaceJ] In thip fame Freface he re- 
proves thofe {] who alledge Scripture fo far out of Seafon, and 
f^ wide from the purpole, that a Man may perceive that they 
9eycr law the Original H much left therefore is it to, be bclicv'd, 
that he, and his Friend Tind4K would iiiidercake to Tranflate 
it, r without feeing the Original 3 which makes Mr. Baxter^ 
cenfure in his [] JEngliJh Non-conformity 3 appear to be rafli and 
grouncjlefs, wheo he charges our Traimators with [ want of slfilt 
in the Hebrew.] Some body was^ even with Mr. A. by prpvipg 
that this grave Cenfor of other Mens Abilities, did qof hJmfclC 
underftand Latin. ( See Preface to Dr.AfanrUe'^ Book againft. 
Baxter. J And fince the chief reafon that Mr. Baxter, and fome 
others had for this Sufpicion, was, that they fuppoftd, that 
fince they took thefe Supplements ftom the Vulgar and LXX, 
that th<?refofe they followed them in every thing elfe, let me 
djpfirethe ^^ader to dbfcrvc, th;ft io tl^e firft Ed'jioji of the 

.A3 Kn7. 

Notes in defence 

uked^the greater pare of-t&efr 
cptarV'^ofc Pfalm* ToAinl t, 
K in the xiTth rfattri S !*• 
beliitve chic Dr, Ctverdale, ttto 
rftEdii3Dii,.rec<ired thmima 
[ebrcw,efpccittlly when "cis coftfi» 
i$)9,' whidi hach all thMe Suf^ 
urgy-tPfilUr, th^ are ^riAMd in 
pim'd from die rdl of- tbdTcsc; 

Tnnflacon, whether OMer or 
nd the Hebrew u rficy dMi io 

wich our prefenc Bibie-Vfatter, 
, For' I fujjpofe that aoy-llca- 
■Iv conceited of hts owil skiH in 
they Tranflate accotdiBg to the 

the fameTcafe thttthofc great 
! tone fince; and by chi^meansl 
ider a great deaf of pains in puf 
[ebrew W«rds and Phrafts,- but 
)C defpifcrtMs Trantlation, b« 
: pa& a ftighc upon rhofi; Men, 
heir E*i!! in che Hebrew Toagne; 
mnimef r produce the Authority 
iJ, whofe )iul|mcnc wilt weigh 
id wlio was far enougli frbm aoy 
upon occafioa I appea) to Mr, 

Confeliioa of one of the moft 
rgy and Pfklrcr, i& a g6od l»oof 
; right; when ihey undoiTland 
Hows of tntbac very TcanfhtTOD, 
Qppolltion co tliac which I am 
: the ogipion oi'ilic Right Rfvc- 

p IB? pitrpofe, and let fio' Man 
s favour of this Traiination; fo 
ukc this l?lalter ^he TtKC to hJi 
le he Dedicates, and Commeadi 
ily Praters of tlic Church.] 

well i^grced in every thing tbii 
Itaftice: Iri other leffer tjiatters,' 
"ociic and Prophetical Books, is 
nit of various connrii(t)<M)t, iho' 
be f*mcii and this is the chief 
betwixt thelaflTrandators/'and 
i by no means conclude, that this 

Hebrew fdr this reafdn, that it 
with tlac, in our fing/ilj Bibles,' 
'tis from hence that fome haw 

prejudicrto this -Pfai^er^ - 

1- 1 

of thisTmJlatm^^ ^ . ,7 

d» .1 proceed to coofider the' fecotid ObjeOt^ti, >ttame^,^ That 
aie W^s and Verfes 4nre aitikd, ivhidi arb not irithelf(^6i:tV^* 
Tmxp. No^ I fliall endcatoarifo ftiew, ' !/.--: : 

li. That thefcSuppkindiis toe ttnoe^niu ' (^^: ' - 

. • IT* -They wcrePruficiit.:^ - ^'^ f- *'r;-xi ij ,■ . .., -^ r- 
I. That they are ifiiiocbic;i andidd na ic^i^y ekhferta the 
Bible or Reader. And this vriH app^r from thlslCon^di^rafcion. 
Tha^{be& Suppiementrarefor chcinbft^partth&'vrry w<>fS!9 df 
the Hebrew Scripture^ tho* tmt 'in tlioib wry ^V^iffes oOtBePfiHi^ 
torv where the Vulgar and LXX, and 4)dr SVanOaiiir^ pltcc'th^^^ 
The .mcrfl obfenrable Supplement ' iff Uil^ Pfrit^^if ^hal of ti^^€ 

Verfes, in F/k/w' xir, -wt' St^^'l* ivhidi^irartsarc not only ill 
extant together. Rom. iti.'^ i^^ 14, ^(f. bttt^aM ybe ro' be lo^nd 
ia the Hebrew Bible, tho* Jit fevcral jflaces t fSte tKfc aircburit 6£ 
the Supplements at the end of this Preface.] So that if they • 
were not all the Words- of :iXtti^ vet -they iat> 'the Words of 
Meir divinely infpired^ andlfuppoie dKve <ian^o^obd reafoti ^ 
be given, why vrt may not reheariethefe Words alltogedier,^ 
fince, St. Faul^ as is juft now faid, Imthi done fo before tis. - 
Further^ the Header may pbferve^' thsKihe'Addifioii' 1^ le^ the - 
words, itot to the fences to the bnfic, not to the wleight^ lor' he: ' 
that ddes but coafidcr tfae4neaniog of the wordtf contained in ' 
thJB 5, 6, 7th Verfes, whichfai'efupply'd in thisfTAmflation, -will ' 
find that ^y are only a Rei^tition of tHe fame fence, which is 
coiitaiaed in the 4th Verfe, aiid is exaggerate' mthe Hebrewi 

'The other Snpplements ale eithe# of the fanie imturewith this^' 
or h<ywtter contain no feocd bnt whaet is in^plytt* in thofe Verfes 
or Sentences, where they a^e placed, and doTK&?r exaggeidte, 
or etKphin) or give an agreeable clofe, than} add to the ^nce of ' 
the Text, aS the Reader any fee, by taking nodce of all thefe ' 
Supplements drawn up together in the tollowing Papers. If ' 
there be any words ' that ar^-^ not . to. fae^fovadexprefly in aiiy 
other p4rt of &riptiire^ nor thdr, fence consas^d; in ^the u^ord^ 
immediately go^ before bf) after iu tftisiPfaiter.sehey are^thofb^ ' 
Pfdtm masnu ^^9. [.The fuqt'ighteoiis ^fhaHibcpahiOied: } but 
it Is to;: br. confider**, that if theft very^iwonte are not elfewhere 
in the.Bdbte, yet there is no truth more freqaendy iticuteated in 
tl^ ttolyT^dpk, tlianthac which is impo;tcd'l5y.them', and tis ' 
no lefs than fix rinurs.iepeated in this ycry Ffalm^ tho* in oth^r ' 
words, w>> Vcr. 5^ 9, i5>liT, 20, 22 5* fa diar eren this cmnoc 
properly be called an Addition t^ the Wbrd'X>£God, uhlefi yoa 
hai^c nwc regard to 'the tfittGc than tlic Sentc j Sortie- very 
Learned Men have been tof opinion that theft word^ Xv^te once 
in the Hebrew Bible, *as you may fee in ^iny- Notes on that 

Verfe. - : . " ' ' :j;... . .» .. •!.. ;t'' • :f - " : * ' 

'B^^t fince 'tis evidence tha; our Tranflators and Reforfntrs hid 
a much' greater. regard to the Hebrew thanr the Gredk, and fincc 
thej have ipfcrted no Supplement at Icaft inru ?Jie Pfaltcr, but. 

A 4 ' \vh% 

8 Hotfs inDef^nce 

what is cotieained as to Its Sence !» the one, as^ well as tlte o- 
tbq-i therefore I h^c leaved all difputei coocernihg the Auho- 
ijty of the Hebrew Code. Leslnied Men wii! always tere/dMe- 
r^pt Sentiments of this matter, but tfaereis^ God be thanked^ no 
diflerence between the Greek and ikbrew in any thin^tkat con- 
cerns our Faith, or Devotion, or PraiSace, but only m Chrono- 
logies and Qenealojgics, and inatters<of neceSpecolacion* ' - ' 

Further, thofe iMmi are moft uitreaibn^ly Cenforious, who 
Wtuld condemn every .word that H inferted into a Traa%cioiif 
thnt is not in the Hebrew, as a Trtnfgreflion againfl that Riiic» 
Daft* iy, 2. xii. $2; tn .Englifli Raider mi^ht ahnoft as iboii 
underhand the Hebrew Bible, as a Tranflation made from * ic 
without any Suppleinitnts. at t\L . Mr. Ainffitortb bimfUf, who Co 
cteiely puriuesthe Hdmw Wor^s^ that he often lofes the Sence, 
. yet owns that he .wis forced [ to, add felae liecefiary words of 
feipUnJuion. 3 

Nor are we to think tct a Crime in Tninflatocs, that they fome** 
times iuppfy a Word, more than is abfohitely necefTary* Wheo 
a certain l^awyi^r came to our Saviour, Lu, xl 25, to oe relolv'd 
hovf he miehc enter into Life, our Saviour £rft bids him give 
his own Ju^ment in this matter, by asking him how it was 
w«j(t^n in the La w ?, He anfwcf s, \jrboujkalt bvt the Lord thy Xr^d 
v>iph 4ff tbyM^t^ and vnthaU thy^foni, »ith aU thy flrtn^b^ and 
with ali thy.mlml, 3 ^^ ^ '^^ Anfwer, there are fesr Englifli 
w^r^s. more than are to be found -th that Text which he^ quoted. 
The Text IS, DeiHt.m. $. where no fuch Words as (] mtk aU tfy 
mini] are to ^e. read; yet our Blefied.Lord docs not reprehend 
htm as guiley of adding to the Word of God, but on the eon* 
trary^ lays, (^ Tbm haft anfwcred rightly y] naj, further, our Sa- 
viour himself, in repeating this Coraroandment, <A/4r. xii; g^. 
ufes ^he very fame Wprds.^ If then our Saviour cited Scripture 
f^^^ifuUy, when he uied tuore Words than are in the Hebrew 
T^xt^ or arc necd&ry to exFcfs the Sence of itj by confequence 
th^y ought not td be charged with doing what is unlawfiil, who 
do the lanje thiti^thatour bleiled Lord him&lf did. It may in- 
deed be pretendM, diatour Saviour had a. Divine Authority,* by 
which' he ; might alter, the Scriptures, and add to them as he 
pleafed^ which no toere Tranflators mud pretend to. Tn anfwer 
to which^ I need obly f;;y, That tho' our Saviour had theinoft 
unliipj^^d, Authority. itt this, and all other refpe^s, yet be was 
not. now eyercifing it, not making new Laws, but rehearfing the 
old,-nof Wrjitittg, or J>ifbting new 'Scriptures of his own, 
but citing thofc ^^Mofcsi But fur^er, tho* Chvift had fuch an 
Authority, ye< the lawyer had not, ^tii yet our Saviour ap- 

{►rovc&of jii^Quijfavioficoo. Theority nfe I would make of this, 
5 to (hew, that if Tranflators iq enumerating feverar particulars, 
^o fQmenmcs**»nfeftra wocdnortwo, thariare not in the Original, 
jjftiQ^lii not fronrthctjoe \k inferr'd'^ that they are guilty of 
' « « j' * . making * 

J ' 

of this Tranflatit^. p 

makilil Crimifial additions ta the Scripture^ the Lawyer to tthe 
*emh mdfottf] addM f tb^ mimty 3 our Tranflacotfs from the Yuix 
gor^tiid tixj from theUCX, to Com ofidWkiey PfaLvtJjl 
mid{&ik:'^ The cafe is^ I (oppofe, the fame^ and 'cwas no more a 
fauitindia one than ^ the other; in the iirft Text vfef have k 
definiptioii of doing a thing with the greatefl earneOnefs, in the 

* other of a plencififi crop; and in chofe Countries [^OHe^ wac dg 
ibecefltry air Ingredient, to plenty, as f the MhW] to reprefenc 
the greatcft application and diligence. 

2« And if thefe Supplements were lawful, no doubt but they 
were expedient alfo, becaufe by this means they remov'd one 
occalion of^offence, which the Papifls might have had againft the 
P(kher; for they, in all probability, would have made loud out* 
cries againil ic, ts having [ Saerilegioufly taken away part 
of the Scriptures Q And they had had as good presence for it» 

t as our Piitenters have for aocufing this Pialter of the fame 
Crime, for omitting the words fub)oin*d to the Ixxii Pfulm j 
najr, they had had ^ more ptaufible appearance of reafon, for 

^ fiJEing the former, than ourDiflcnters for the latter, becaufe' 
thefe Suj^Iements have by many, and indeed mdl Churchesr 
been received as the very Wbriis of thofe Pialms, in which thev 
are infortedv but what is called the 20th vecfe of thelxxfi 
Ffalm, was never thought a part of it till now of very 
fate. . 

And if the Papifts had raifod this ObjeAion, it might not only 
lopklikea ireal oneto thofeof^heir own Party,' but -raifefafpi^ 

- cions in^ the Minds of thofe honed and well-meaning Peoi^fv* 
who winrc well^flficfted to the Reformation ; for it was very hard^ 
if norimpodible, to convince thefe Men, that thefe Words were 
not in the Hebrew, thatbid>ltYg a Language, ^^^fe C^aratters were 
fcarce known to any that lived hitre in Eniland\ix thofe DaysS 
But the Vu^r Latin, efpecially the Pfalder, was underftood by 
many ; and 'twas eafy for anyone, with a very indiferent degree^ 
of knowledge in the Latin Tongue, to difcover that thofe Verfe^ 
a/id words were extant in the Latiii Pfalters, or if they couk^. 
not read Latin, yet they might fee the main Supplenient, 'that in 
tfcexivr/rf/w, f^artdlng all togethci^ in the Engtifl> Tranflation 
of St. Pdur% Epiftle to the Romans: And this miiftat firft fight. 
Jiavc ilagger*d an unlearned R^faiier, and made hiitr believe that 
onr Tnmlktors' had given them the Scriptures 'but by halves. 

That they« did not make thefe additions for "WsAft -of skill, op 
better information^ will appear from what has been already faid^ 
that they had other Tranuations done from the Hebrew, and inr 
all probability the Hebrew Bible it felf before them, throng hour 
the wliole Work 5 as I fuppofe will appear to any, who (half; 
plcafe to compare this Tronriaiion with others of that Age, and« 
efpecially with that of Munitr^ who reJeOed all. thefe Suppte-' 
picnrF. but to whom in other refoef^?, our Tfariflators had a par.' 

' - ;tic|i!ar 

to Notes inpefence 

/) I < 1 1 ' 

Eye; irfiicb wts fo well kndlmiii <^oete Eti^jAM^tm6» 
tbatt Mo|/f rr 5 TVanfltcioii was ufcA ki btrLarin Coimioii^flrstyiar* 
Boob, with chic great Suppkmefit^ FMn m^ inftftea: it 
diftiift Charaftcn^ and all the reft ontictdt I hire tctn^tn&ot 
thefe Editions, onebv VmtrdMt^^^ in pretty large :Qaa^, 
and the other by IfW/v 1571, in a mnch l^s Volttnew" . > 

There is indeed another particidary wherein they: ocHff|ily'd 
with the Vulgar Latin, or rather lirldi ' the Citftomof tHacAg^ 
I mean in placinc the firft Mtin Words, as the Tide or IteMrof 
thePdUm. There Names or Ttcles^they did indeed ta|ce fmm 
the Vnl^ latin, aAd they were not pv£ there hy the CompSert 
cfottr Liturgy, but by the Tranflators tliemfelvesvbuclfC tcM 
oblerved too, that th6* they retain the very fame initial Words 
chat are in the Vulgar latin, yec they don't Tranflate eren diofe 
words according to the Vulgar Latin, as may be feen Efabn kr, 
Ixxiii, Ix3cxiii, xcv, ^A . . 

I hope it evidendy enough appears,, that nbthine of this kind 
was done throiu;h Cardeifnefs or Ignorance, but w good and 
¥dfe Reafons ^ for by this means,, our Tranflators and Reformers 
Iiaye made it appear, that they did not afficA needlefi Innora- 
tioiB ^ and took the beft courfe to convince all foreign Chorches, 
that we reje^ed nothing, meeriy .becaufe ufed, or receiv'd by 
them: Efpecially iince by doing io^ we do no wrong toScripture,' 
Qttke no real addition to the Sence o€the BiUe^ and eteiy one 
that can but read Englifti by comparing this Pfalter with the otlxr, 
siay know which Words are in the Hebrew and which are not.* 

9* Bttt the greateft Objeffion of all is yet behind, and diat is, 
that we do diminifli, or take away fome part of the Scriptures, 
or to ufe the decent Language of oar Oiflenters f Sacrtl^ioufly 
Ileal 3 ( See the Idolatry ot C6mmoa»Prayer Worftiip, ) from 
die People, part of the Pialms; and this is indeed a heavy charge, 
if theft were any truth to fupport it. 

But fujppofe we had not the: Pfalms entirely in our Liturgy, 
wottM this amount to the grievous Sin of Sacrilege I Surel]^ not, 
except they were left out of our &ib}es too. For the Title is, 
f the Pfalter or Pfalms of Ditvid^ as they are appointed to be 
lung or faid in Churches ; 3 ^^d if the Reformers of our Church 
had thought fit to omit the ufe of iQxat Pfahns or Verfei, as lefs 
edifying, vriiat Crime had there been in fo doing^ Do pur DifTen- 
ters^ in their Meetings, iing tl^ whole Pfalter thorow, from the 
begmning to thip.end? do tbeyinpt rather chufe fome fcleft 
Verfesor Pord<ms ? and if we fhould do fo in Chancing or Reading 
them, why/WouM the fault b^.grwer in us, than in them .^ 
Sttppofeaoy ^ their w^y fhould m^e a 'Cpile^on of thofe 
Kfalm;, or pact .of Pfalms, which were Judged more fit to ht 
Sung in Publick.iVirMMies, and (hould priot the Colle^ion^ with 
this Title f The Pfalpis as they, are fung in the Congregations 
of, ^c. 3 would dicy think it fair to have the Putlifhers ftigma- 


of this JranpAtm* 

rized for fturiledge I And here let it be 
that the Tranfl»tors of f the great Bible " 
of tliis pretended Sacrilege, but infert al 
complain of, as nantioe in our Uturgy; t 
were pleafcd to make tRefe Omlflions, wl 
out upon. Butktuscoaflder panicuUn. 

r. They tanit the Tides, which are in the Hebrew : So do our; 
Difienters in Siiging the Pfalms. Vit^Ati^wmb Mmlelf has iiot' 
thought fit CO turn them into Metre, iho' V would have the. 
Reader belie\'C, that the Titles arc part of the &ft Verfe of every 
FHiIm in the Profe-Traqllation ; but it may a& rationally tc, 
atferted, that the Name is a part of the Man, or the Sign a pare' 
of the Houfe, as chat the Titles arc any EfTeniia] Members of the 
Pfalms. . 

2. Another omilTion complain'd of, is, That oi thofe hard. 
Words ^Ncgmthy AUmoth, Mebalathi iSre. 1 together with 

(' Stldh 3 whicb is often met with in tlie middle of a Pfalm^ buc 
et it be confider'd, that thofe who are fuppofed to guefs beft at 
the meaning of thefe Words, do fuppofe that they relate to the. 
Muflcal I nflrumencs, which they of oM ufed in Singing thefe PJalnu, 
or however, to the Tunes then \n ufe, utterly loft. Onc^ 
would chink &ut DilTencers have no manner of reafon to complain 
of this macier, fince they now think all InHriimcntal Mitfirk un- 
lawful in the Service of God, and never fing the Pfalms at alJ.ia a.. 
F/ofb^Trannacion as this is ; nor, if they did, would chcy be at 
at allaHided by having thefe Words fix'd in the ftont'ofthe". 
PCtlnit, much Icfs do they give any light to the meaning of the . 
Pfalm, or any ways concern the Piety or Devotion of thofe who 
ufe thePfaitef; and what necetTicy tlierc caabe of having fiich! 
Words in thePfalcer, as do make us neither more MuHcai, nor 
more devout, F cannot fee. Mt. Amftoerth, thit in fomechiBg, 
or other he might mend our Tranflation, never omits P Sel«b 1 
either in hi* Vcric or Profe, and yet lie himfelf, (See Ainfiverth ^ ■ 
Note on f/, iii. 3._) as well as ociiers, feems inclm'd to 
that it was but [a Marjc of draining or elevating the. Voice jrj. 
and if fo, then 'tis a down-right blunder in him to infert it, as 
he does, among the Words of the Pfalnv to be fung.or faid: .'Tii-. 
juft as if unskilful Readers or Tranfcribcrs, ftiould.make [_EUh ] . 
a part of any Song or Anthem, or Ibould fuppofe that [_Baff,. 
TeiiiTf t^c 3 were to be Pronounced or Sung. , .... 

5. As to the Hallelujah's, or [_ Praife j'e th^ord '] pretended . 
to be, omitted at the beginning of feveral Pfdlms,. the Reader will 
find, by cbnrultiog the Notes on thofe particulars, that the feult , 
is not m our TranH^tOrs, who do not make them jipatt of thoft: 
Pfalms, but in thofe ilwt do ;, and i£ the Hallelujah be fometimcs 
wanting at the end of a Pfalm, this feeming dcfeft is abundantly, 
made up by the DoSoIogy, or. f Glory be to the father, i^e. j ., 
which iibuc an Orthodox Cbriflian^ Paraplirafe on the Hallelujah, 
' ~ and 


Notef in f>efence 

and wbich no one can reafonably obj^ft againft, who knows in 
whofe Name^ he was baptized. It fhould be the bufineA of our 
whole Lires, to glorify thofe dirine Pcrfons, tp whofe Ser- 
vice we have beeh fo folemnly devoted*, and therefore no good 
Chriftian can think, that he honours them too much; or coo of- 
ten; and th^ who difpute againft it^ do but gire occafion to 
make Men fufpe^, that th^y are creeping down to Soclnianifin 
by the back-5uirs. 

4. But the raoft ftrange Objeftion of thi^ fort, is not yet men- 
tion'd, and indeed I comd not have thought it worth anfweriog^ 
if fo eoniiderable a Man as Mr. Baxter had not made it. He 
charges our TYanflation for omitting whole Verfes^in his rEngliflr 
Nonconformity, ] which I fuppofc can be flo other than the 
Title of the Pfalms, which have been already accounted for, or 
thofe Words at tlie end of the Ixxii Pfal'm^ [ the Prayers of 
lyAvti the fon oijeffc are ended. ] The Reader may well think 
' that Mr. ^tfx^^r had goodreafon not to es^plain himfelf, for the 
very rehc&rfing the Words, is, I fuppoAr an effeftdal confuution 
of the Obje^on ^ any Man that is not unreafonably prejudiced^ 
Will rather bdievc, that the Pfalm has its full Period at thofe 
Words, ilmf a, i4mffn; and. that what follows, is no more than 
TPhiH^ at the end of a 6ook: And if this exception be of any 
tbrce, every Printer muft be Tndited and found guilty of Theft^ 
who neglefts to put that Word at the foot of the laft Page of 
every Book he Pnblifhes. David's Pfalms were not CoUe^led all 
at once, and the foregoing Pfalms wf re all that the Colleftor had 
yet found, and this is what he feems to acouaipt the Reader with; 
or dfe the Ixxii Pfalm y being that whicn was made by Djttdd 
oh 5e/owon's Coronation, juft before his own Death, there was 
this intimatiori pur at the foot of the Pfalm, to let us know, that 
Da:vjd never compofcd any other after this. For it is needlefs 
to inform the oblerving Reader, that the Pfalnis are not placed 
in the fame order that they vvere made. But thcfe Words are fo 
iar from being part of the Ixxii Pfalm^ that in all appearance 
they were never Written by the hand of David. However, Mr. 
Aiff^orth himielf did not tnink that this Verfe ( if I may fo call 
if ) belonged to the Pfalm, [fo as that it was to be fung, or fiid,] 
for he does not pretend to Tranflate it into Metre, nor any other 
that I have met with. I am fully perfwadcd that if the Infcrip- 
tions following after St. Paulas Epiftlcs, efpecially thofe to Ti" 
mothy and Titus^ h44 been wholly omitted in our EnitUh Tefla- 
m€nts, we had never Jieard a Word from our DiflienterS on ttet 
fubjef^, by Way of Obieftion ; now why (hould this after the 
Ixxii Pfai/tty be thought fo facred, thofe othrrs fo needlefs or 
falfcj as thefe Men would have them thought ? 

II. As to thofe Obje^bns v^hk}i have been made agaiofl other 
particular paffiges not mentioned in this Preface, the Reader will 
J[n(^ them accovmted for in their proper place* I have endeayqur'd 

of this Tranflatm* i 3 

to make a CoUcftioa, not only of choC places, agjkiaft which oaf* 
Diflencen have aOually and openly declar'd, but, of aJI thofc; 
fircmiag difficuldes which may ftop a Reader, when he is com* 
puing this old Tranflacion with chat in our preftnc Et^lifk Bible ^ 
aind if I make it appear, by the Authority of thofe Men, wlio 
have bdl underftood the Hebrew, or by any other means, that 
our. Traiyllators only conftmed jche Qrigmai Wbrih ia a hidl|nee 
fomewhat difFcring from the others, and that vhey- Hid'it for the 
010ft part altoget&V as ^i;o|i!criy, and fometimcswore^fo, than 
our lad TranPacors, then I hope it will be'attowYt that I have 
made a juft fiiefencc of this Pwtcr* - - ' • ? 

It nmft be^own'd that our laftTranflacorsthain! iK^moreiclofe 
to the. B^ew Words-, i^therthisbe aYeclex«etlen(^r,vr^ill 
fubmit to \mxtv JuiigmentS': But thefe Tranflaforsf whoml am 
sow Vindictting^ did;jiot zS^ to torn Word fbr^Wori, buttt^ 
give M^f^Iilh fence and phraie, for iletarew fence and phrafe. 
The Latin Tr^nflatibns df Leo JUfld^ (fyr'C^ellio.izra muen Cele- 
brated by Learned Mefv for having uTcd t^isUl^rty-, a»4 tho* 
verbal Tranllations archery ufeful^ yet I cannot but thin):, that 
the other more free way of Tranflatmg Aocietic ^Anchors,* feA 
middling Headers more eafily jntotfae feac» and^mcming df the 
Original -, and for this^ reafoo: L.ixlieve^ ^ttt^Zttf ttieii^ Rn^Jh 
Man may better nndeifland this Pfalcer,' thM iny. di^er that has 
yet appeared, tho* it be ndw i7oyears^e hi)(rasfiril'C0tiip6frdl| 
^fkd be confidenUy thetnoil ancient of anyiotbetv^ And F can*- 
not but have a very gre«t opinion oT thbfeMen irhWfirft pe&i'd 
it, whep I confidtr tbatthere is fcarce any filing itf ottr Tongue' 
Written io the fame Age, which» fo far as I am able tO/ jud^e, 
comes near it for Style and ExpreHion. The Antiquity of fome 
^ words and phrafet will r:^har'piD6voke chen^erhTee tHiii'^V 
' tempt of all fober Perfolis-, and as forDroll^'^aiMl'Bi^R>oa^, nei* 
ther ne^v Tranflation^of Sclripcure nor old, neither the words 
aor A^lions oi the beft Men^ or even of God Inltilelf^ can efd^^ 
their ungoKern'd bold^&, which they fallly call Wir. - ' 

But X do by na meaui comparitig twt^ "gbdd P^- 
fornuii4esi;'becau& 'tis hard to fpeak freely in-CdtoulAekv&tidk 
of one, hut that ooe jnoftfeemto leflenctve ^iter v^ hot l/hali 
take the liberty of defiring my Reader, «»hc«h'e^ Churdmian 
or Diifenter, to compart our Tranflation with that of Mr. Ainf- 
T»6)fhy whkh was publilhed afitcr.ail three TraAflaciolis, n6t otAf 
thh of the Qreat Bible,fant that of the Biflioos in ifocchEii^kheth^s 
J^eign^.Rnd.thc laft made InlCing Jamf^ time; as he himfelf 
acknowledges in his Preftce. I?e tells lis, 'th<ic he-|^ub!i(}kd it 
fforthe iiiln.of the&iintsj whp it fcems t^ei<c lidf fttfiriefttf)^ 
provide^TfoB bv any off thc(e Tranflacions whiiah theiGhtr^h had 
put into dxft r.hands-. "Left my Reader JhdttW not have ^.Ahtf- 
w/A'sTranllationathand, I will here give hiriia Specimen of 
it, 0B« can't chule amifs, but the Pfalm that offers it fclf is a; 
fpilovvs. ' rSAl. 

I A I^tes iu Defence 

KpSAX4:IiX. Metre. PSAL. LIX. Brofc. * 

TO the Mafter of the 
Mufick. Cdrmpc not 
MkUam oiDof^i Vfhoi 
SdklfmtyMdthef kept 
• the hoiife ibr to kin hiin. 
f It y|YOoddeIiyeriiie£roiii€hem a Deliver me from mine 
*. 1^(1; ths art wine enemies, esen^es, OmyGod: from 

/ Set.tboQ meiip on highftom tfacvi, them that rile \ip agaiirfl 
. that up ^^isft nie rife. me, fet thou me'on high. 

} peliver me Irom them that work 9 Pelhrer me from the 

V; paiiriU«<mtilgOBffioii» wedcers of painfiil iniqui- 

i :AiidfirofliftkemaiWbIoodsvoaclifafc«ty: and fare ine from the 
cr toneCihatibm. Mc#of bloodi. . 

4 For lot dwy Jay-Wiit for my So«l, ' 4 For loe they Ity-waic 
.ii.if^ftnDngtogcthtt^^lrawi c for my Ibnl; the ilrong do 
IvAiainft me:, notfc^ my trefpM^ draw-together againil me: 
s } «orfor mgr Siftf .0 /«/;« not for my titelpafs, not 

, li :^ :.'-:.!. . ^my fin, Jehdi^ah. 

0b iyithooCAniqn&jraB aic[. . » i >> . ^^ without ihiqnity in 
: .thcpr jcuft.imdiietdy mtke. j : me they run^ and make 

^:9i&^j!^vna:tia^ andbehddv ready t raife fliee up to 
J ABii^mlek^^ 1 1 misctme, and fet. 

fl^tWdtc] .<iltto£ Holtat iGod pt ;Ifi:'«t \ ^ And thou JehovahGdd 
. ^ jXfyy'm hfltdwi?all.i-) ^ <li ofiio(tB,tSod df Ifrael, i- 

jSegwctaMltorooneQSdah]'. t .' 1 > -wake ro irifiraH the hea- 
; . tj^tirpidfi^^.AifiQyai. / ithens, bit not gracions to 

- : ' * '..t ; J I ' '^ ' , •> ' ' any chat Unfificraully work 
'-.; ■ J /:vp:::.A .a' * iniquity. Sclah^ 

7rJLJ|CK.I«rhat!ex^^«ake»^noifciikrdog5, 7 They remrnac Evening, 
. . r. at4 CtijiftrMKi^^bdbiy.. . i '\ ; they make-noife ^s a do§^ 
■,,j^-, ' A i.^ii I 'I / •> * " '"J' /i' ' andcoinpafttld'Citic. 
|ijPj!^fhllMrir^4^ -^ JLolheyikdr with their 

fword^jl^ their Ml&brvd tiiiey.: ^moudi t fw&rdMr^ in their 
. il^pr^^b^ ^yic^ isifae ouithdursi^'> li^ ^for who heai^th^ 
^^, 8M|t,|i9iD)yQrnal ow? .\ic: ■ > \ 9 Bbt thou, Jehovah, 
. ,1jVi)t;la|igh;^nj|befBi|:iRiJc heaths laugh i^ them, thou 

i\. vii^.^viki^^YXnt , , ! 1 >.i -. -wile mock ac all tte Hea- 

i<>-^Pr!hptt^})if^(.^4u^&tdc«ifeL .' Vio Ht& ftrength, unto 

. ; . tpxha ^^^fljiflfpl^v : : > ^ : . ^kic Will I wkc hecA : for 

' I Will^ I {^k$ jie^4 ^ beoiuft that God <kA is mine high de* 

; .ispiy 9iuQ)tionhigh^ fence. 

u Godof 9iyib$»MfttwHner€iey li TheGotf ofmercic 

he orft piF^fS^t will me ^ill prevent me j Ood 

.Onmme.^pyi^^fcnefii^ie^ will let me fee on mine 

^ God, ^ 'yr&.J^t me fce. j catnues. 

of this Tran/iation, i j 

j[s Slay them noclcftfliy folk forget " Slay theiAivH, kll 

.lBlkeihmib«<a-ay;. («heii^IIV pMpk &rga; nuke 
' tathfJpttyfti and dotmhmg'duta wmwandcckbrotdiatky 
Uni^idd, O'LordJiyftay.:. povcr, ' itiid bri^ . than 
,; 'A-',-,r ■ ^ ■ 'down, oirfticid LOT**, 

■ifiiBiofthtirmaiithi'Wardctf'tt^ilipis ^sTtteAniaftlidrinradt, 
.''vdmliatheir-hat^tiaefs^ .-' :. tbt ^ their lipl: 
. n^ nk'b are, and let theai'tclH whwtheyllMlIbcnkmiB ' 
)'«t'«nrfiBgaiid41feadL;j!r^ . . llwir.lutuJiDiDcfi, ud.«f 
tKeir cumag y and of ftlft 
. - ..-...: .;,:.-]■.- ■..„■,".;■. - denial k» Aeoi-eelL . 
»4Qaa]laaM>an Mrat^ictiBfainca^dJetr ' .:fi:CM6'nt.ia wntk, 
itlunW Btf moK;: tfadtttey . . . ' coiifwRCi«ttd:kttdianite 

1 6 , Notes m t>e fence 

fbr tfait indeed vmi Ht. .4h^mrtJf\ Stiik, and b^thismiusk 
concb to pile, thathiiMkliui^.ii^cr aCoiifiruins'Bo(>ki,tbi 
rzTRldlnioa'; but let no Man chinlg diat Kr.Aii^.litfidk 
IpMt, whuwir it wat, for wane of Wit : No, it is certain Mr.A/i». 
•vm as. Learned a' Mdr, aBidi^itbatercr diflenicd' fim'tk 
Church of Engtaiid; his dcfign fccnu ' only -to have bewdo, 
utmely, to' ma kc' Non-fence oTthe Pfalms, rather thaanofan 
' to agree with our TrMlIiuon, unlelsit were now aod-dieiuiii- 
•.'warei. . - . m;.',' -.;, 

2; Myotbef de^owu to Qiew, the Reader what a Rci^iiit< 
,Aioii yrtmt6hke^x<t<have.bia}iil!!tbtnde{igatoioiia:KMVai- 
^iSuwafcthrUeicrend^bfQucen E»c<de**S, or the bigiMingof 
ifiiiigJKMifV^Rdin'hdd-taketi'etfeAc.s: Wemaybefiuctbuall 
nf>id^Trinf)atk>»'mutH«avc giveiiifliceita-tliii'of Mr/iU^iNrf^ 
-.OTfoiioihinfelitteit^ and air their Alccrationi wouM Iwrelwa • 
intich of thc-&fn» pittc, nmiely^ under a pretence of bringii^ 
fialiiihiiBtseBWMflidie WrittcB'Woni.'TO draw ui^froin-tlK nfc 
fcnee'ind'nwiurisitof'k. Oar prelme Diflentcribojft; [that 
.they-actheOfftfertHl of tfiefe Men ; 1 and I cjnnoi but earotjl- 
-ly 4^y. eoiSdtfi^that %e woald-aiwayFddiVer- our ChnrcR'ffW* 
"fiieh Rtfi»inefs i inSWBeli Tranflators. ■ '■ " ' , 

;.' But Jdr.'CjrfAfr.^r(!4>'*o obicftion againft all the Confbnniiig having giteStHeir affent to a contradiftkw ; for ivhntr 
■as W*.iV'a*."'^rtirft'i[i rliisold T;ahflatioH [ they 'wft «« 
obediclit,;] iir-flieaawrthcyrebcHcdVot] he asks thii.ftrew 
(^Kffiony [ liOW'CotiM they gi?c thtfir'alftnt, that thfeVitWWt 
and thajr rctWftff'ivW-? 1 whcreai in Rca&n anrf^taoritr,." 
a«gfatfirft«>il^«nrdi'hisQuenioD,v^. have the ConfonBiOE 
Clergy by aliyiiitfclffitt IVfl, given tJicir affenc totheTnnflW^ 
of the Pftlftitf c<41t*fc&l in the prtteU EngljJt Bible f ?««.*? 
atfcnt to tim md'TfriJnflition is ^idcnt,l«3th fron??liWr.?i('^ 
fcriptionE,an(ri!K;VjttMicIc nfe of it j tiflt it docs i^:s^^'^ 

of this 'trahflatim i^ 

rejnroach to, a whole body of Men^ than chat of contradiftins 
tlhemfeives^ and that ill fo publick a manner \ and when an accu- 
fation of this nature appears to be falfe in fad^ it only provetf 
chat they who made it are a contradiction to tbemfelyes, and to 
their own Profeflton^ and that whatever they pretend, they do 
not really believe [^Moderation to be a Vertue.j 

Let me deHre Mu Calamyy and his admirers^ to hear an Admo« 
nition from one of their own Brotherhood, who was concerned in 
the publilhing of the Supplement to Mr. Poeles Annotations, and 
wrote the Prisfecej Where having obfcrved that this Pfalter is ac- 
cording to Undal and Cwerdtde\ Bible/ he adds thefe obfervable 
Words, ^^^ fliould make us more wary ia our Cenfures of that 
liYanflation. ] And after having a while wonder'd how it (hould 
come to pafs, that *tis Ai|l ufed by us, he thus at lait ceali^s hi» 
wondern^eit^ fpoffibly <Jod for the honour of hisv Martyr 
( /• ,e. tindal ) Qins ordered ici We are doubly obliged to this 
GentlemaA, firft for his bare fuppoficioa that 'ck ptMthX^^ God 
mi^ht have the ordering the Liturgy; Secondly^ thac/tisan honor 
to the Martyr that his Tranlktion of the Pfakns makes a part of 
our liturgy : The conlequence from this is evident, namely, tha«f 
for ought they yet know, ^ ^Si ^^y believe this Gentleman, thcf 
ufe ot the Litnrgy, and this rfaltcr, may be by God's appoint-^ 

A particular accmt rf tie Supttem^nts^ wKcb m Tran/lators ta^e 
from tbi Vulgar tat'm^ and tie Vulgar Latin chUfly from tht 
Greek Tranfiation of tlfe Seventy j whereby it appears^ that ttefd 
Suppkmekts do mt add tS the fence of the Ji^rew Bible. 

I "T^Htfe Supplementiare fach Words as nntuft be undefftood ift 
X thofe Tranflariom* in which they are not exprefs^'d. Seef 
. . Qe»^ Note 6tb. 
PfaUU. If. unto him 

. I a* ri^ht. Mr.^^M/lwr^Shimfelf allows, that by why 
in. a. his here is meant, the: true way. 

XIX. 12. my 

XX. 9» upon tbee. 
Xxill. 6. tfiy 
XXX III, 3. unto him 
XXXVlII. Id. even mi'necnemiet 

^XLVIL tf. our \ 

XlVIIL g. of' the earth; [to (hew that heathen ^i'ngs ii^e 

t. 21. Wickedly there meant. See the Marginal 

LV. a<. O Lord Notes on tbk Verfe, 

CXIX. Mem. 1. Lowi ^ 

CXX. tf. unto tTicni 
gXLV. i$.OLgrdv 

I • 

B 4. m 

* « 

1 8 Notes inlkfence 

2. The next are proper, and prudential, if not ntcdbry 9apple- 
medts, fuch as all Tranllacori make tub of^ more or lefs. See 
Gen. Vtte 6. ^ 

P(al. I. 5* from che&ce of the earth. 
XL $• poor. 

XV. $. to his Neighbour 
XVIIL tf. holy 

4^. cruel 
XIX.' 14. always * 

XXIL i^« many 

92. Heavens 
XXIVi 4. his neighbour 

XXXVI. I a. all ^ 

XXXVII. 37» his place 

XLIL 12. God t Thefeare the greater part 

" LI. I. great 1 of the Supplements from the 

LV. I J. peradrenture I Vnlgxr^ and Seventy^ and they 

• LXXIIL i8. I faid | ar^fomconfiderable^thatfome 

LXXVIL I), our • may think that it was needlefs 

LXXXV. 0. concerning me 
XCII. ia. of the houfe 
XCV. 7. the Lord 
CXV. 9. houfe of 
CXVIIL 25. me 
CXXXIV. I. now. 

to take anynodceof them^and 
fo ihottld I, but that I would 
not give occaiion to any to fay, 
that I have omitted any thing, 
that has but the appearance of 
an Objefiion. 

3. The remaining Supplements are mere Repetitions^ and they 
are of four forts. 

L Sometimes the very words going before, in the £une Verfe 

or P&Im, are repeated. 

PfaL LX VIL J . God be merciful unto us fand be merciful unco us] 
CVIIL I.. My heart is ready,. [ my neart is ready ] 
CXVIII. a. [ he is gracious ] is repeated from the fore« 

going veffe. 

CXXXVL 27. This Verfe is a Repetition of the fctbnd Verfe 

of the fame ?falm. 

IL At other places the words are repeated from another Pfalm. 
Pfal. Xni. 6. [Yea I will praife the name of the Lord moft high] 
from Pfalm y'li. 18. 
Xrv. 2. [No not one, 3 from P/4/.liii. 4. you have alfo 
thefe words, Fp/. xiV.'3(. in the Hebrew. 

5. [Their throat is an open Sepulchre, with their 

tongues have they deceived,! from Ffal. v. 10. 
[The poifon of afps is under their lips,] from PfaL 
cxl. 3. 

6. [ Their mouth is full of curfing and bitternefs, j 

from PfaL X. 7. 

7. [There is no fear of God before their eyes,] from 

P/^/.xxxvi. I. Pfa'. 

0/ this Tranflatm. i p 

Pfal. XtV. 9. [ Even where tio fear wasj from Pfal. liii. 5. 
^ LXXIIL 27. [ 81 the gates of the daughter of Sion^ j from 
Pfal. ix. 14* 
CXLVII. 8. [And Kerb iForthc ufe of man^ from Pfal. civ. 14. 
CXLVIII. $. [Hcfpake the word and they were made, 3 
Pfal. xxxiii. 6. and the fence of them is contained in the 
very next words. The commanded, and they were created* 1 
HI. Thefewords whfcn thcSrvfji^^andVn/^^ Iutc inferred 
into the xiv Pfalnty vcr, 6. . X their feet are fwift to (hied, blood. 
7. Deftr^ftion and unhappitjefs are in their ways, and the\vay of 
peace have they not known, "] are found, Prov. i. i5. and tfaiah 
lix. 7, 8. . ' * 

IV. taftly, Some Supplements are only a repeating the lame 
fence in other words. 

Pfaf. Vlf. ^2. [ftrongj and Patient] is a Repetition or Explana- 
tion of the foregoing words [God is a righteous Judge.] 
[ ftrong] is the Engli/h of the tfebrerp Name [El] by 
which God is there called 5 and Patience is the property of a 
-;uft judge, 
pfel. XXII. [Look upoik me.] This Ti.nomore than what is ne- 
ccflarily imply*d in th< foregoing words, [My God, My God; ] 
for when we call after 6nc that is lea^ving us, what do we mean 
thereby, but that he ihbttid look back, and caft his eye^once 
more upon us? 
' Pfal. XXVIIl, 9. [ Neither deftroy me. ] This fignifics the fame 
thing with the foregoing words, or explains the meaning b£ 
them, v/^. [ O pluck nie not away. ] 
Pfiil. XXXIII. Id. [Atid caftcth out the Counfcls of Princes, ] 
meaning Heathen Princes, fuch as diihirbed the people of It* 
tae]*s Peace, and therefore this is no more than was faid at the 
beginning of the vcrfc,i;i;^. [The Lord bringeth the Counfel 
of the Heathen to nought. ] 
Pfal. XLI. [And needy, J the fame with [poor] the foregoing 

Pfah LXV. I. [In Jerufalem,] the fame City with [ Sioriy^ mcn-^ 

tion'd in the foregoing claufe of the verfe. 
Pfali CXXXII. 4. [Nor the temples of my head tO take any reft/J 
They exprefs the very fame thing that wasi faid before, v/:^. (J 
- "will not fuffer mine Eyes to fleep, nor mine Eye-lids to flumber. 
Pfal. CXXXIV. a. [Even in the Courts of the houfe of our Gcd.* 
He had juft before mention'd the whole Temple, or [houfe of 
the Lord ] of which [the courts J were only a part or ap- 
. Mem. [Oyle] fupply'd, Pfal. iv. 2. is accounted for in the Preface, 
Pag. 6. 7. and fo is that Supplement, Pfal. xxxvii. 29. 
There remains but two, vi^. [young rams] rfal.yiyiXT. 1. 
[ wrought about, ^c. ] xlv. 10. for which fee the Notes on 
tbofe placet. • ' 

B a . Art 


Notes in Defence 

An Account of thofe f laces in the Tfalmsy wbert this Old 
Englifh Tranflation differs from the Seventy^ and the 
Vulgar Latin, 

LXX Tranflatm* 

P(al. IL J. Yoke 
6. I wasmade King by him 
1 2. Take hold of ducipline 

IIL 7. all chac hate me wlchouc 

IV. 2. dull of heart. 
)• made wonderfnl 
4* Be ye angry^ and fin not 

OH Englijh tranffatiom. 

Cords. Scetk.Nam.mloemir 
yet have I fet my King* 
Ki(s the fon. 
all mine enemies on the cheeks 

blafpheme mine honor, 
chofen co himfelf* 
fiaad in awe^ and fin not. 

7. they are mulciply'd by rea« 8. fince the time chat cheir cortt 
fon of the friiic of their and wine, ^. 
corn, fyc. 
B. for choH, O Lord, haft made f. for thou^ O LorcL only makeft 
roe dwell in hope by my &lf* me dwell in fatety* 
V. lu and thou (halt dwell a« 12! becaufe thon defendeft 

mongthem. them. 

VL ^ and thou. Lord, how but. Lord, how long wile thou 

long ? 

VIL 4, If I have retaliated thofe, 
who have requited me evil, 
let me Hideaway empty from 
mine enemy. 

6. in the borders of mine ene- 

11. bringeth not forth anger. 

12. Except ye be converted. 
VIIL 2. thou haft pcrfcfted praife. 

IX. 6, their memorial is periftied 

with a crack. 
20. Set tho« a Lawgiver over 
them. ' 

X. 14. to deliver them^ or him, i5 Th^t thou nuyft take the mat* 

into thy hands. ter into thy hand. 

17. Lend thine ear []to J the 19. thou prepaireft their heart^nd 

preparation of their hearts. thine ear hearkneth thereto. 

XL g. They have taken away For the foundations will be caft 
/ what thou hadft perfeded. 


If I have rewarded evil unto 
him that dealt friendly with 
me: yea I have delivered 
him that without any ctufe 
is mine enemy. 

becaufe of the Indignation of 
mine enemies. 

12. is provoked* 

13. If a man will not turn, 
thou haft ordained ftrength*' 
cheir memorkl i^perifiied with 

Put them in fear. 

5. The Lord trieth the righte- 
ous, and the wicked, and he 
that k>vcs unrighteottfnefs, 

■ haces his own Soul. 


6. The Lord allowed! the righ- 
teous, but the ungodly, and 
him thatddighteth in wick- 

. ednefs doth his foul abhor. 


t^f this Tr an flat ion. 


LXJt TtdnfiaHaiL OURviltfi Tranfiation. 

PfaI«XD. 7. according^ to thy 9. when they are exalted, the 

highnefs, i£oii takdl fpccial 
care of the Sons of Men. 

XV. 4. A wicked Man*is fee at 
nought before him.* 

XVL- 2. I have faid. 
3. as to die Saints, that are 10 
his Land^ in them hath he 
wonderfnlly delighted, or 
made wonderful his Will 
and Pleafure. 

XVIJ. 3. fo tfisit my mouth Ihall 

not mention. 

4« The works of men, becaufe 

of the word? of thy lips, I 

have taken heed of roi^h 


14. from the enemies of thy 

XVni. 29. I (han be delivcr'd 

from Temptation. 
J$. thycorreffion ordifcipline 

Oall inftruft me. 

children of men are are put 
to rebuke. 
He that Ictteth not by himfplf, 
but is lowly in his pwn eyes* 

my foul thou haft faid. 

All my delight is in the Saints 
that are m the Earth, and 
upon fuch as excel in ver^r 

for I am utterly purpofed that 
my mouthlhall not offend. 

Becaufe of mens works that are 
done againft the words oi 
thy lips, I have kept me from 
the ways of the Peftroycr. 

from the men of thy hand. 

1 fhall difcomfit an hoft oi 

thy loving correftion fliall 
make me great. 

4$. The ftrange children are 4< The ilrange children fhall 

grown old and lame,becaufe 
of their ways. 
XIXz A. In the Sun he hath pla* 
ced his Tabernacle. 
If. Sparc thy Spnranr from 

XX. 9. O Lord, lave the King, 
and mercifully hear us, when 
we call upon thee. 

XXI. 12. in the remainder. 

XXII. I. the voice of my fins is 
far firom my help. 

90. and let my foul live to 
i him, 

XXIII. 5. thy cup inebriated, me, 
as being very fhong. 

XXIV. 6. the face of the God of 

7. O ye Princes lifis up your 
gates. ^ . 

XXV. 21, The Innocent and up* 20 Let pcrfeftnefs and upright 
• fight men ftuck ;o me. dealing wait upon me. 

£iil, and be afraid .out of 

their prifons. 
5 In them hath he fet a Ta* 

bernacle for the Sun. 
Keep thy fervant from pre- 

fumptuous fins. 
Save, Lord, and hear us,0 King 

of Heaven .* when we cau 

upon thee, 
the firings of thy bow* 
and art fo far from my help, 

and from the words of my 

and no man hathquicken'^ his 

own fouL 
My cup fhall be full. 

thy face, O Jacob. 

Lift up your heads^ O ye 

Kotes in Defence 


LXX Tranjlation. OliEngltfkTr^^^m. 

P&I. XXVI. 3. I have taken de- I will walk in thy truth* 
light in thv truth. 

XXYIL 8. my heart hath faidun- 9. My heart hath talked of thee, 
to thee, I will feck thp Lord. Seek ye my face : thy face. 
My face hath £bu|ht thee, Lord, will I feck, 
thy fece. Lord, will I feek. 

XXVIIL7.myflc(hthri?esagain, 8. therefore my heart dahceth 
and I will mod willingly for joy, and in my fong will 
praife him. I praife him. 

XXIX. 2. in his holy Court. with holy Worfhip. 

XXX. 12. I will not repine, or 13. without ceafing. 

XXXI. 15. My Lots. 17. My time.' 
12. Ill my extafy, or difbrder.- 24. when I made hade. 
XXIL 4. I was turn'd unto mi- and my moifture is like the 

drought in Summer. 


fery^ when the thorn was 
faUen d in me. 

XXXIII. 7. a^ it were a bottle. 

XXXIV. 5. Come ye tohin;,and 
be enlightened* 

10. The rich. 

XXXV. 7, they have reproached. 
15; The fcourges were glad, 

they met together, they met 
together againft me, and I 
knew it not ^ theytorp me, 
and relented not. 

%o. For they fpake peaceably 
to me, but contrived plots a- 
gainfl me in [their] anger, 
or in fmy 3 trouble, for fo 
l^yY^ feemsfometimestoiig- 
nify with thefe Tranflators. 
X?i:XVL I. He thattranfgreffeth, 
fo as to fm within himfelf^, 
faith that, ^c. 
XXXVII. 5. Difclofe thy .way. 

7. Submit thy felf toGod, and 
fupplicate him. 

2c. And the enemies of the 
Lord, when they are glori- 
fied and exalted; (hall wholly 
vanifti as fmoke. ' 

57; for there is a remainder to 

^ the peaceable man. . 

as it were upon an heap. 

*they had an eye uncohim,and 
were enlightened. , 

The lions. 

have they made a pit. 

But in mine adverfity they re- 
joiiced and gather*d them- 
felves together, yea the ve- 
ry abje^s came t<^ether 4- 
gainft me unawares, making 
mows at me, andceafed not. 

And why their communing i$ 

not for peace, but theyima- 

, gine ideceitful words againft 

uiem that are quiet in the 


My hegrt fheweth me thf 
wickednefs of the ungodly 
that, fyc. 

Commit thy way. 

Hold^thee ftill in the Lord, and 
abide patiently upon him. 

and the enemies of the Lord 
fhall confume as the fat of 
Lambs,yea even as the fmoke 
fliall they confume away. 

^hat fhall bring a man peace ac 
thc'lafl. ! " ' ' ' 

of this Tranflation. 


LXX TrdnfidiM Old EfigUJh Tranflation. 

VM. XXXVU;. i%. die remain* the end of cne nngodly is, they 

'den of the wicked flttU be (hall be roote^ out at the 

deftroy'd. laft. 

XXXIX. 4. In what I am wanting. $• how long I hare to live. 
XL/ 5* and as to thy thoughts, 5« like as ht alfo thy thoughts. 

who Ihall be compared to 



t. a body haft thoa prepare^ 

XLI. 8. they have made a 

wicked fpeech jigainft me. 
9« hath }ift up his hcd againft 

12. becaufe of mine innocence* 

which are to ns-ward \ and 
yet there is no man. that or- 
dereth them unto thee. 
mine cars haft thou open'd* 

Let the i^ntence of guiltinefs 
proceed againft him. » 

hath laid great wait for 

when I am in my health. 

XLII.5. from the land of Jordan. 8. concerning the land of Jordan. 
. . . m «!.«._ into the place of dragons. 

a very prefent help in trouble; 


XLVI. I. a help in troubles^which 
very eafily find'us out. 
9. Shields. 

XLVIIpp. For the ftrong ones of 
the Land, who belong to 
God hav^ been much exalted. 

mrd IU7*. SST 
cTf &Af^€. XUX. 2. Sons of 
the Earth, or Giants, and 
Sons of Men. 
II. Ai|d their graves fliall be 
their dwellings, for a very 
long time, and their Taber- 
nacle fromgeneration toge- 
14. and their help ftiall decay 
in hell, they are driven from 
their glory. 
1 8. he will make his acknow- 
ledgments to thee, wlulft 
thou doft good to him. 
L. 23. The facrifice of praife 
fliall glorify me,~ and there 
is the way, in which I 
will fhew turn my f^lva- 
. tion. 
fjn. 6. of M^n-ple?ifcrs. 


For God which is very high icx- 
alted,doth defend the eardi, 
as it were with a Ihield. 

fet up her houfes. 

High and lowJ 

And yet they think that their 
homes fluU continue for ever^i 
and that their dWeUing 
places (hall endure, ^e» 

and their beauty Ihall confume 
in their fepuichre, out of 
their dwellings 

and fo long as thou doft wel^ 
unto thy felf, men will fpeak 
good of thee. 

He that oifereth me thanks and 

praife,he honoureth me^and 

to him thatordereth htscon- 

verfation aright, will I fticv« 

^ the falvatk>n of God. 

of them that befteged thee. 

^ B4 ' ' P&1.LIY* 


PftLLiy.7. mine eye hath look'd 

on mine enemies. 
LV. 2, in my difcourfe. 
8. from impatience, and the 

11* ufury an^ deceit 

Notes in Defenct 

oik EM^lflh Tr^fltafi(ni. 
Mine m niath feeci i^^. ck(i^ 

op,^c* ; ^ 

in my prayer. ., 

becaufe of the ftorn^y wind 

deceit, and guilCf 

90. He nath hretched out his 21. He laid his hands upon fuch 
hand to revenge : [for] they as be at peace with him, and 
have profaned his Covenant* he br^ke his Cq^en^nt. 

tr. They were divided by tKc 22. The iiTordsof his mouth vi[ere 
anger of his prefence. ^ft(a^ than butter, ^ , 

tVI, 2,«9. Here are fcv(^ral renjafkahle diiFerences between : the 
t\vo Tranflatich$; \mt the Copies of the S^enPy differ fo mucfi, 
that I have not Tranflated them : bccaufc 'tis fo very uncer- 
tain, which is the true Reading 

4. my wo^ds. 

7* Wile thou fave them for 

nought ? 
I.VIIL8. Before the thorns iin- 

derffaind the bramble, he 

fliall devour you ,|S alive, as 

in hi^ wrath. 
9. his hand^. 
LIX. 10. (hall (hew it: me amidit 

mine enemies. 
II. in, thy power. 
LX. 4. to fly from the face of the 

8. pot of my hope, 
p. the Philiftines are fubje^ to 

|o« Art not thou the God that 

hadfl cail us off: and wilt 

not thou, O God, go out in 

our hofls ? 
LXn. ;. ye all commit mur- 
^, t;hp children of men are dc* 

ceicful in doing wrong with 

the fcales. 
LJCIV. 6. they have failed in 

their diligent fearching. 
8. and all that Uvt it were 

LXV. 3. The wcjr^s of fvij mcQ 

.yrevfiil. •■ ; 


his word. 

ihall they efcape for their 

wickednefs ? 
or ever your pots be made hot 

with thorns, To le^ iodigsa- 

tipn vex him a$ a thing that 

his footfteps. 
(ha^ let me fee my defirc wp" 

amonc the people. 

^hat they may triumph beoftofc 

of th^ wutji. 
Philiftia be thou glad of 

Had thou not ca(l us oiit, O 

God : and wilt not thou, O 

God, go out with our hofts^ 

ye fhall be (Iain all the ibrt of 

the children of men are deceit- 

t«l upon th^ wcigh|;s. 

^nd praftife it. 

whofb feeth them ()iall li^ugh 

them to fcorm 
lyijr mifd(rcds prevail, 

I It 


of this Tranflatm. 

LXX Tranfiatfon. 
p&l. LXV. 4, 5. thy hol^ temple 
is wonderful in righteoul- 

% who troubleth the chtntiel 
"of the Sea. 

.8. who makeft the outgoings 
of the mornifig and evening 
LXVIII. 4. upon the Weft. 

4« Here is a Supplement of fome 
words intheLXXjWhkharc 
pot in the Hebrew, nor in odt 
Tranflation, Q Let them be 
jdriven in dilbrder, from be«? 
fore him. ] 

6» leading out in power chofe 
chat are bound, and likewife 

' chofe that are in bittemeis, 
dwelling among the Sepul- 

11. The Lord (hall give the 
word to fuch as may pub- 
lilh ic with much power, 

1 2, The King of the Armies of 
his beloved [people,] fhall 
give the dividing of the fpoil 
to the beauty of thchoufe. 

I $• The mount of God is a £it 
fliount, a compared mount, 
a fat mount. 

SU the Princes go Wore. 

26* from tlie fountains of 

^7. inanextafy, 

28. O God, cdmmaad chine 
own Army. 

30. Rebuke the beafts of the 
Reed, there is a company of 
Bulls among the Heifers of 
the people. [So far 'tis a ver- 
balTranflation from the He^ 
brew, in the other part of. 
the verfe, the reading of thp 
Greek is uncertain.! 


of thy holy templei Th^ii' 
(halt (hew OS won^erfu) 
things in thy rightechifniefs. 

which ftilleth the raging of 
the Sea. 

who makeft, fl^c. to praifc 

upon the Heavens, 

thatbringcth thePrifonersouc 
of Captivity, but letteth the 
RunagatesccMitinue \n fcar(5e«« 

The Lord gave the word, great 

was the company of the 

Kings with their Armies did 

flee,; and vvere difcomfioed, 

and they of rhe Houlhold di- 

yided thefpoiL 
As the.hillof Ba&n,fo is Gods 

hill, even an high hill as the 

hill ofBafan. ' 
the fingers go before. 
O Ifrael from the ground of 

the heart, 
their Ruler. 
Thy God hath fent forth 

Urength for thee, 
when the Company of the 

fpear-men, and multitude 

of the mighty are fcatcer'd 

abroad among the beafls of 

the pepple. - 

^om the beginning. 

93. toward the Eaft. 
^XIX. 20. my foul hath expeft" 21. Thy rebuke iiatlTt^roken my 
' Cd reproach and i^ifcrv, * ' {:carc; larafi^Ilof hcavinels. 


P&L LXXL !$• the writing, or 

account therco£ 
LXXn. 14. from Ufury* 

16. a fupport, or Qitnament. 
LXXIIB 4* For there is no deni- 
al, or laying nay, to their 
death, nor &mnefs in their 
7. Unrighteoufncfi will pro* 
ceed from their iatnefi, or 
io« Therefore my peoide re- 
turn thither, and full days 
are found amongfl them. 

Kotes in Defence 

end thereof. 


an heap, of corn. 

For they are in no peril 6i 

death, but are Mtj and 


Their eyes 

fwell with fiit- 

Therefore £dl the people unto 
theoi, and thereout fuck 
they no finall advantage. 

LXXIV. g; Lift up thy hands a- 4. Lift up thy feec^ that thoo 
gainft their pride for ever. niayft utterly deOroy. 

5. And they imew it not. 6. was known. 
io» and he will know, or own no not one is there that under- 

ftandeth any more. 
O deliver not the foul of thy 
turtle-dov^, unt^ the muln- 
tude of the enemies. . 
when I receive the Congreg^* 
#• For in the hand of the Lord 9. For in the hand of the Lord 
there isa cup ftdl of mixture there is a cup, and the Wine 
of mere Wine, and he hath is red : it is full mix^aod he 
ftoop*d or rack'nl it from one poureth out of the fame, 
rveflell to another, but the lai* As for the dregs thereof.* aU 

us no more. 
20. O deliver not the fbul that 
confefleth thee to beaik. 

LXXV. 2. When I take an occa- 

Lees are not empcy*d : all the 
iinners of the earth Ihall 
drink rthcm. 1 

LXXYL 4. Thou (hmefl marvel- 
louflv from [among 3 the 
everiafting Mountains. 
lo. and the remainder of wrath 
Aulloccafiona Feftival to 

LXXVIL 2. In the day of my 
affliftion I fought the Lord, 
with my hands toward him 
in the nighc-feafon ; and was 
not difappointed. 
3. 1 remembred God, and was 
* cheer'd: I ulked much, and 
my fpirit was impatient. 

the ungodly of the earth fhdl 

drink them, and fiick (hem 

Thou art of more honour and 

might: than the Hills of the 

and the fierceneft of them 

(halt thou refrain. 

In the time of my trouble I 
fought the Lord, iny fore 
ran in the night-feafon and 
ceafed not. 

When I am in heavinefs, I will 
think upon God : when my 
heart is vexed, ( will com- 
' Pfal. 

of this Tranflation. 27 

LXXTrdnJtatiom QU Etiglifh Tftrnflathn. 

Pfil. LXXVIL 10. And I &id I And I faid, it is mine own in- 
have now began : this is the firmicy : but I will remember 
change of the right hand of the years of, (s^c* 
tlie higheft. 
r8« in a circle or wheel. . • round about. 
LXXVIIL i|. as a bottle. 14. on an heap! 

45« Dog-ny. 4^« Lice, or Flies. SocKotes on 

the place. 
4^. the blafl. 4. the Caterpillar. 

^3. their maidens were not la- -. their maidens were not g^yen 

mented. to marriage. 

^9. as of Unicorns. 70. on high. *« 

LXXIX. 2. a ftorc-houfe for, fruit, i . an heap of ftones. 
LXXX. 4. at the prayer of thy with thy people diat pray- 

people. eth. 

ILXXXI. 6. his hands were fervile- his hands were deliver'd from 
iy employed in the basket. . making the pots. 
7* I heard thee in the fecret 7. and heard thee, what time a$ 

[ place 3 of Aorm. the ftorm fell upon thee. 

14. I had humbled their ene- 15. 1 (hould foon have put down 

mies by nothing. their eif emies. 

I $• had lied unto him. itf. had been found liars. 

LXXXIII. I. who (hall be com- Hold not thy tongue, O God/ 

pared unto thee, O Lord ? 
LXXXIV. <• he hath made fteps in whofe heari are thy ways, 
in his heart. 
$. for the? Lawgiver will be- the pools arc filled with W4r 

(low This] Bleffings. ter. 

7. the God of Gods will ap* unto the God of Gods appear* 
pearinSion. eth every on^, ^c. " 

LXXXV.8. to thofe who turn that they turn not again. 

their hearts to him. 
LXXXVL 1 1, p let my heart re- O knit my hean unto thee. 

LXXXVIL I. His foundations. Her foundations. 
4* there were they born. there was he born. 

5. The Mother Sion ftuU fay ^. And of Sion it fhall be repor- 
that a Man, and ;i Man was ^ ted, that he was born in 
born in her. her. 

6. Princes. 7. Singers. 

7. Dwelling in thee is as [the AH my frefli fprings fhall be 
dwelling^ qf thofe who re- in thee. 

LXXXVIII. $. are driven away. 4. are cut away. 

6. They laid me. i. Thou haft laid me. 

10. fliaU the Phyficians rife up, '' fliall the dead rife Mp, ^f.' 
and praife thee. ; ' .* • - , 

tS Notes in Defence " 

JLXX Trm^Mthtu Old EBilHb TriaAttum. 

PfiL tXXXVnL 15* I hsrrebcoi thy ccfrofs kiTel fnftr'd wKh 
cxtlced, and laid km, and a orcMMed nundl 
it. From my Mifcry • one of my fight. 

LXXXDC. lo. Thott haft laid n. ThoH haft ftbdned iEgypc, 
low the Ptoad as a woond- and ddlroyed it. > 

I $• That know the joyful i6. diat can tcjojcc in tnce. 

Somid^ or Alarm. 
$1. Hie recompence, or fii^i. the fbotfteps of, ^e. 
ds&aioa of thy Oirift. 
XC. 3. Torn not Manto defirur Thoa iwncftman to deftmfii- 
ftion. on. 

{.Their Years Oall be as Asfoonasthoafcattereftthem, 

tMpgs of nought. thcyHure^eren as a fleep. 

8. Cur Age. our fccret ^ns. 

lo, ir, 12, I J. Our years ex- 9, We bring our years to an end, 
crcife, or employ f them- as it werea tale that is told, 
ielves 3 like a Spider: as 10. The days of our Aet are 
for the days of our years, threefcore years and ten, 
there are Seventy in thenu and though men be fb ftrong 
and if on account of Strength that they come to fi)urfcore 
* eighty Years, the over^us years, yet is their ftrength 
of them alfo is labour, and then hut labour and fbrrow: 
pain: for humiliation is fo foon paileth it away, and 
come upon us, and we (hall we are gone. 
lit chaftifcd. Who know- 1 1. But who re^rdeth the pow- 
eth the power of thy wrath, er of thy wrath : for even 
^nd from the fear T he hath thereafter as a man feareth 
conceived ] of thee • to fo is thy difpleafurei 
make an eftimate ot thy is. So teach, us to number our 
difpleafure ? Thus teach me days, that wemay apply our 
to know thy right hand, hearts to wifdom. 
and convert by [thy] wif- 13, Turn thee, OLord,^t the laft, 
dom, thofe who are chafK- and be gracious unto thy ler- 
fcd in [ their T heart. vants. 

1 6. Look on thy Servants, and Ihew thy fcrvants thy work, 
XCL 6. From mifchance, and the fickqefi that deftroyeth in 
the noon-day Devil. the noon«day. 

9. Thou haf^mslde the higheft thou' haft fet thine houfeof 
thy refuge. defence very high. 

XCIV. I. G^ — — has fpoken O Cod -^- Ihew thy felf 

with authority. 
XCVI. 5. Demons. Idols. 

XCVIII. I , Hp hath lavf d him- 2,^ he hath gotten himfelf the 
fell. «ftory. ' 

of this Tranjlationl 


Cfal, XCIX. 8* thou wait pmpi- 

douS| or placable co thein^ 
Cli. 5. my bone fticks co my 
. tf • ruinous hpole* 
B. they chat praife me. 
^3. He anfwer'd him in the 
way of his power. The 
. finall niimber of my days. 
24! Declare, thou CO me. 
CIV. 5. He hath founded the 
Eisrth on icsown fleadineft ; 
it iinU never decline, or 
torn aiide. 
8. The mountains afcend, the 
valleys d^fcend* 

12. ifrom amidft the rocks. 
26. there is that Dragon whom 

thou haft made tq^Qxurt with 

him. t 
CV. 4. ana be ftrensthned 
i8. hisSottl went through iroik 
2$. and he turned theifhciarts. 
atf and they provdced 9r 


did Mntl^ TraiifigHi 
tbou forgav(Hl them. 

my bwes will fcarce cleave tor 

my flelh. 

they that are mad upon mew 
He brought down my ftrengh 

in my journey, and ihortned 

my days. 
Andifaid. ., 
He hath laid the fbundation^of 

the Earth 9 that it never 

(hould move at any time. . 

They go upas high as the hills, 
«ind down to the valleys be- 

among the branches. 

there IS that leviathan, whom 
thou haft ma^de to uke his 
paftime therein. 

and his ftrength^ 

the iron entred into hft SouL 

whofe hearttiirned fo. 

embitter'd.Imwords. 6- 

ther copies both now, and L and. they w%re not obedient unco 

of old, read ^uite contra 
rily (] they provok'd, or 

embitteii'd not,3 d*^* 
CVI. 7. while they were, gping 
up in the Red Sea. . 
^1$. Satiety, or loathing* 
33« fpake dqiibtfttlly. * 

CVU. 17. He help'd them out of 
the way of their wickednefs : 
for they were humbled for 
their tranfgreffion. 
40 Contempt was poured on 
their Ptinccs. 

his word. 

at the Red Sea. 

Leannefs; , 
Spake unadvifedly. 

Foolifh men are .plagued for 
their offence, and becaufe of 
their wickednefs. , 

Though he fiiffer them to be 
evilentrcated through Ty«^ 

t So Job XLL 53. accoriini to the LXX^ the Leviathan is fM 
to be made for 'the Angels to flof witn^ 

^ CX 

^o Notes m Defence 

ZJt^ Ttanftatm. OU SMgnj^trAnflativiu 

ex. k. Wirfi thee is domMon, W tlie day of thy power (hall 

In the day of thy Power, in «^ people offer thee free- 

thc fplcndor of thy faints, wiU-ofifarings with an holy 

or Holy places. I begat thee ' worihip. The dew of tl^' 

out of my Bofonr, before the birth is of the womb of the 

morning«Qar. morning. 

CXVni. 5. He hearkcn'd unto me the Lord heard rte at large, 

for my enlargement. • ' 

26. We have Wcffed you out we have wifticd you good luck, 
of the boufe of the Lord. ye that are of the houfc of 

the Lord. 

27. Make a feffival affembly, bind the fecrifice with cords, 
with thick f boughs, or- 
crouds. of men.] 

€XIX. Alefh }. Fbr they who ^ For they who d6 no wicked* 
work iniquity, walk not in nefs, widk in his ways, 
his ways. 
8. Judgments. Cet^monies. 

Beth 2. Drive mbW^ from, fye. O let me not go wrong from 
Hetb i. The cctfds of the ungod- The congregations of the un- 

ly have hampei^'d ffle. godly nave robbed me. 

Tetb 6. Their heart is curdled Tteir heart is as fkt as brawn. 

lifce milk.^' • • • 

Joi 7. convert nie. • - be turnW unto mt. 

Caph 5. have told me long tales. ( have digged pits for me. 
Lamed 3 . The day continues. \ /They continue this day. 
Mem.^. Th6u • haft; taught me/ Hiou through thy conunand- 
thy law, better than mine . ments haft ttiaae me wifcr 
enemies j for it is ever mine. ' ' than mine enemies, ITor they 

*^ are ever with* iiSe. ' 
4 becaufe I have ftudied out - becauib I keep thy command- 
thy commandments* ^ ments. ' > ^ 

Nun $. thy hands. » m^hands. ' : 

8. for a rec6m^ce» uniotheend# 

Samech 7. I have reckoned all the Thou puttefttiway all the un- 
' fintieys'<if the earth tranf-'^ '^ godly of the earth likedrofs. 
greflbrt; -dif^ltten out of the ' ' 
way.' '• ' -'■"■•■ ' - ' 

8. Nail my flcfh by the fear of my flefh tremWeth for fear of 

thee. V ' ' ^hee. 

Am a. UhdeVtake for thy fcr* Make thou thy fervant to dc* 

vant for good. light, ^c. 

Pe 8. becaufe I have not kept becaufe they keep not thy 

thy law. law. 

Tfaddi $. I, am young. , I am fmall. 

Kejh 8. Truth is the beginning ' Thy word is true from cvtr- 

of thy word. - lafting. 


of this IranfUtioru 


LXX Tranftdtkn. (Hd Enflijb Ttm^Owu 

P£d« CXX. 4i Wafting coals, or } hoc buromg coals. 
c6als of the wilderneis, or 
hcith. . 
5 My dweUing is afar off. 

CXXIV. 5. Our foul is paffcd 
through tht botcomku wa- 

CXX VI. I. to them that are 
lately recovered f. 

CXXVII. 2. Ye rife up after ye 
have iit down. 
4 the children of them that 
have been Ihaken. 

CXXIX. 2. Sinners have beat my 
back as Souths do [their ^n- 
yil3 and lengchen'd their 
A xiy^ necks. 

CXXX. 4. for thy Name fiike. 
d. from the morni^ watch 
until night, 

CXXXI. 2. If I have not been 
humble of mind, but ex- 
alted my foul, 
fo (halt thou requite my foul. 

I am conftrained to dweH with 

the deep waters of the proud 

are gone even over our fouL 

to them that dream. 

and uke late reft. 

young children. 

The ptowers plow'd upoa my 
my backy and made long 

the fnares. 

therefore fliak thou be feared. 

I lay, before the morning 

watch. . k 

I have refrained my foul, and 

kept it low. 

my foul is even as a weaned 

child. • 
all his trouble. 
For diey that led us ' away 

captive, requir'd of us then 

a Song^ and melody in^iour 


CXXXU. I. aU his humUity. 
CXXXVIL 3. For there they that 

took us captive, required of 

us the w;ords of [our] fbngs : 

and they that led us away, 

a hymn. 
CXXXVIIL I. Before theaneels before the gods will I fing 

I will fing unto thee : oe- unto thee. £The other words 

caufe thou haft heard the are not in the Hebrem^ noir 

words of my mouth. in our old Tranflatioli. j 

CXXXIX. 9. mjr Line. - 2 my bed. 
4. For there is not an unjuft | For lo there is not a word im 

word in my tongue. Be- my tongue, but diou^ O 

hold, O Lord, thou knoweft Lord, knoweft it altogether. 

all things 
5* Both thofe that are laft, and 4 --«• both behind and before. 

thofe that are firft. 

*% ■ 

i* 5*0 Dr. Ham. underflands the word 'X'A^AKtK^nfJiiuh S9 the 
^wd TAiAiM^eii fiinifies being recovered, Ifai. xxxviii. 16. 

II the 

^ 1 ls[otes in Defence . 

LXX Trknflatkn. oU Engfi/h Trgtifl^m.^ 

(liI.CXXXIX. II. Che night ib mv nighc (hall be cmned tk 

(hall be light at my luxury* ' a^y. 
13. Thou didft receive me ti Thoudidfl cover me in uqr 

fix)m my mothers womb. mothers womb. 

15 all men (hall be wHtcen in 15 in thy book were all my mem- 
. thy book. : ^ bers written* 

f7 thy friends^ O God, have 16 tfoirdear are thy cbtmfels 

been very much honout^ unto me, OGod! 

py me* 
20 Tnott (halt declare agaiofl i^ For they, fpeak unrighttoufly 

their miSJiieitous deiigns : ' ^ a^inft thto, and thine encf- 

they (hall take cities in vain. mies take thy n^me in vain. 
CXL. 8. Ddiyeriae not Over to let n&t the ungodly have his 

the finner, through mine de(ire^ O Lord, let not his 

own luft: they have plotted itfif^hievous imagiiiatioll 

apinft mc: Icawe me not, pwifp^r, left tWey be too 

Idl they be exalted^ 'p^oud. 

9. The principal of their (Irata- Let the mifchief of their 

gems, »he labour of their own lim, £ill on the head of 
::. r. own lips.(hflleovei< them. them that compafs me aboiitL 

10 f Thou (halt i^oiw thei» down " Left them be call iilto the fire 

inmifery: let tbdm not fub* and into the pit, that they 

(iff. ■ .. 1 ' fteteifTife itp^gain. 

CXLI. 4* Incline not my heart to O let aoc mine heaft be in* 

iin&l words (or things) to clined to ^y evil things let 
; mak^ exatfes for:(in, with - me 'not beoecuj^ied in un- 

the men that Work evil ^ godly works, with the men 

and with their choice ones • thae work wickednefs, left 
I .1 will nctt couple.^ J leatof ftch things as pleaft 

theiH.^ I 

^ffl Let not the oile of the finner • Bu^ let not their preciousbalm^ 
anoint my head>; for I will {'break my head : yea, I will 
even yet pray when they are pray yet agamft rfieir wick- 
3( |)lealMtiiftir4l9'^rmypray* ; ednefs. ' 

f/:;;cr their ptoalSfe.] --; 

^ .Thdr (tltong onts tut devour* 7 Let >fhdr^dges be overthrowii 
ed near the rocksw^^- -^ in iksy pbees. ^ 

7 As the cruft of thcearth,^ oft 8 Like as when one breaketh, and 

a *>. the earth. ^ 'J > H'-heweti) wood npcm the earth. 

lo I am alone, until I efcape ^Andkt mc ever efcape them. 

Kchem.l>" •o'.,i '; : 
. 7. The righteous will 9 Which thing if. thouwiltgraDt 
.wait for mej till thOtt re- 1 'i rhd, then (hall the righteous 
wardeft me. refort unco my company. 

CXLiy« 12. Whofe fons [mean- Thatour fons may grow up as 
. - ing the fons of (Irange chil- the young pltntl^ 
dreftl are as^ youn^ plants 
well Taften'd in their youth. ijt ii> 

(fthiiTriSttll'itktt: yj 

ffitCXUV. 13; ill dicir'walks. ■ in oiir nreets.' t^/'"! v 

CXLV. 5. they ftiaU alfo tell of I wUl jlfc tell of , "/; , 

- 13. theLbidis-fiiithfal ioall pKr trJi^^sfs pafi'^'ibu 

fait words; andholy in all 'SUiplemfat. - - ,^, n 

bis'works.' ..''.,. 

X^XLVIf. I. Praift it fweet unto yca,ajoyfbl4Ddp]caGi'ni'tIung 

oarGod. - it is to be thankful. :'," 


[^jTY ince 
B^ Grea 
■ (MdTnnftii 
near 260 In 
tlutof the 
■cr. that d 
but the Htl 
CncBas esl 

I have re 

would appe 


r$u4d and 

luTC^ beet) 

th)>, fluuld 

in more thi 

dUprov'd w 

any nice ei 

Were oblige 
but that I ; 
OTHi Pfalti 

Rctdcr, wl _ 

' As,toihc Verfiooof thifcplacefe wMcVI here offer,! will on- 
ly fty, that 'tis done withat grtat iiftpirtiality, as ifrfils.Con- 
votaiy had not beca in my Thoughn. ' Others may give a more 
nice and correft Trannation \ but no one can'turn thefe Paf^es 
froRixheCret4,'fo<atio'hlive any regard ttftruth, an< yet mike 
a:Cndible, thu'.'buE'-Trahllation in thcfe'i^aces was dofte'fronf 
Fhac, And I need not tell my obf(rving Reader, thatthe CfaelK' 
'■- V -..- ■ C ' Off 

6B U UcK, whttfttr I Iwrft ^n'l 
whether there be 3 Rioter, af 
our Tnnfliition, thW/li Ack k 
^ AifAlA Reader i^f^rcTy < 
lions do differ (toOi einiiither 
ters can fo turn theft; (frjtji Jf. 
cM Kntliflt- , 

I han all iildng trandaud from the Greel, rather than the Li- 
fin, not only bcciufe the former i$ allowed to hare been the C^if 
to the latter ; hue because the fenfe of the Latim ofteniiracs caR- 
Oot be fo much as guefs'd ai, but by co^ltiig the Greei : And 
-the differences becfi^ flyrre tM>>ie.l3JUlM and iacoobderabl^ 
chat I did not ihiak them wonh taking nodce ofl 

(Wicwkc My QefiBDce of dM 
xhf^tldiyaf this MUieA; Yba 

noMdid^ iffbflK VfaUMwa^ 
x^iflditfcd, that iriuc we wxf 
Hi Miibcm. FMervr threc^^ 

m BQ qiDK b^^bioiMfiwr 

^s, tluihatkr Bddt^ nioltci- . 

i^pnutg^mitied, vi^. 

iviii. MTtSt 

iii, «r> 4* 

OT!. 8. foiYif in ttcBtiii. of; 1 );$, 

n P/«fc lixtii. «f. t7. 

Ti)lD(lilt«r3 du&.vt dff^-tjie 
fiE, as,tfae^p&endo.~ See JMi 

i. «i. but - ■ 

cfe errata, if .1 n^ fa call 

n, «)«Id. noc proceed front the 

; V : r. un^tilfnliKls either of. the TtiRfk- 

tois or Reviewers i fpr from whaK»ef BibJe they tranfla- 

ted, whether HtbTtw, Gmi, ot Lalm, 01 with whMcrcir 

Bibles (he RevienerB con^red t&is:Tniilhtion, they ccT' 

tainty liad thefc words in them. 

9. ThacthereOm,il%ins,aff rofaaUi that .the :fitiicc is foarce 

". .affefled Uy'th??!,-. ■' 

Farther. .f/4/.qx^vi.Mr. 13, vrehavc Un;t<i^ MtOead'of 

UiUp^-K I have feen it pr'Qccd io a BiUtTof 'iAwf the Eighth^ 

ReigB. ,Sifc,a]fo>/W.Jxxwiij4«. ■ ,.'■ .^^" . 

- ' ' -■ y. Nor 

ofthhtranflumn* ;y 

] NOr need xbt excufe be made for our Tranflators, whea they 
Joa'c rarn Verbs in the £mK Mood or Tcnle chat others do ; for 
inffaiice, Wbeb they tttrn that impcrativdy, bt thai, or ye, let 
Km 01 thQht\\ or opadvely, r let me,tbem, himy &c. be^ 
idrieh flchers tsm in the ftmre Tenfr, ("/, thou, 8cc. jhall, or via 
ie; J or when fomc Tnudhtors mm that in the perfcft palt 
Tenus, which otbers turn in the {H'efeni or future Tenfe, or 
Vieevtrfi: Foe the /ftirwjiifc the Future Tenfe for the Oputivc 
and menttil Hood, which they want j and for the Imperative 
Mood, which, wkh them, has only the fecond Pcrfoa fuigular 
and plural i and tho' they h«TC two Tcnfes, the Prctcrperfeft and 
Future, yet 'tis allow'd, that one is often put for the ocho: \ and 
therefore it nuft, in a great mcafhrc, be left to the difcrftion o£ 
Tranflaiort, when to turn chefc Tenfes [properly,} aod nfacn 

4 Nordol. 
fonnuncs cog 
which are ver; 
that for an En 
tliakeB a difib 
EaiallaKS, tho 
odns nave dc 
ooevafe, Pn 
And ctey coi 
Ej^irr ix. £, s 
t/BK/.l the ^ 
). Norisih 
time n»leftin{ 
ton, when they think fit, do the fame. 

6. Nor is it any lault, that they, when they thought it necef- 

. liuv, Gipply'd aay part of Speech ; for this is no more tlian what 

is 4foat by thofe, that are commonly called our bcft Tranflacors, 

I mean they who were the bft, and to whom we owe our piefenc 

£Bj/i(i Bible i for they 

Supply two Subftantives in one Verfe, J»h xix. aS. {Wiims\ 

and[Bo<^0 ^ . 

Verbs, Jab xxxis. 13. ^thDHgavefi.'y nxx. 29-[}niiffthS} 

rsxv.^. [titf^ burt^ and [^majpnfit.^ 
AAjt&ives, JUfcah vii. 4. {J'^^P"*! ff"'- Isil* 9- 

tligbter.'} . . 

Oblique Cafts withl'repofition*, Pfal. xviL 7. lataiii/t 

■' (ten,] Prow.xvi. 8. \_itgainfi mt.'] And u) fomc 

places, a Subftanttve, IVonoun, and Prepcfidon all 

together, ^niMT. 13. [/rW (/;«(■ ri^/j*.] 

Upon occasion they fupply an Adverb, Jo* xii. tf- 

tibMitdantly^ ") and ver. 24, of the fame Qhaptcr, 
where.-] Q^ ' ' 

1 6 Notes in Defmce 

At other places a Parcfciple,' as Hah. i. 1 1. Vjmputhng.'^ 
\ ehin)^ chqr have ]ip^h,ere:tn Jthcf £tlilis cak^ greater 
liberty^ than in the xx^viii«^ 19. where they fop- 
ply, xytearme^ othem^^f thmfelves^ all in one 
Vcrft;, 'And Ivfii. 7.. ^yteff again Acy fnpply, 
\^whkh^ when^ hk bowi^fimP^'} all in th^ compaU 
of one Verfe. For ^I] ^,mtel(igent Readers cannot 
but know, that none of th^ words are in the 
Hebrtw. _. ^ 

7. Nor is it to be rcckon'd a mlfHttanflnrion, if, when' two 
Verbs in the fanic Mood come pge^hc^ pnc is. turned adverbially ^ 
for thus again oj^r laft Tranfjators, for \jn4kehafte^ b^ar we,3 ^'' 
der, [hear me l^eediij,'] Ixix. 17.' ^: . . 

8. Nor can it be tho^ghta faulty QmiiTiop, by competent Judges, 
if a. Pronoun or Particle be fomecimc^ Jefti untranflaced. The 
Hebrew Toti^ue docs cfften abound in Pronouns •, and Mr. Aitifw. 
does but trifle, when he fo pundiltoufly it^inflates them -, as for 
Inrftancc, Pf^, i; 4. whjch he thus rehders {Mfo the vpkkei\ 
put ds the Chaff wbhh the Wind driveth i> ipru?;.] Tis true, [r^l 
is in the Hebrev^^ but our Tongue will nqt b^ar the Tranflation of 
ir, when [wbkb'\ «)es before: but even ikuAsnfvmtb himfdf is 
forced to leave a Pronoun untranflaced,, G^ir.^tt.v aiidxxil. $• 
itt the former af which Texts, after £ ^^ 1 Qr« £^l^ ym ^e] there 
is iii the Hebrej» T71 [toyoiiy^ and ii^ the Jactef, after {JiPy^uberf^ 
03^ to your [elves \ and yet I don't knoyr but that fie m^ght have, 
in as gqfod f^pnc^' trahflated thefe Pronoims as thar before'^ but 
the H^adefk* i| to1r^|^m\>er, that he i;raoflated his Pfaltec in op* 
poilition toours; or elfe probably he would never havetranflated 
fo niimy Pronouns, ih.cpntradiaion to plain Englifhy i^')xc has 
done throughout the Pfalms. 'Thp fame may be (aid of the He* 
brew 1*>n% which fignifies no more than th[e former 6f two'fue^s 
in Vna ewrufque notufquey ^nd fja:e he cpnftrues it as fully to 
its fence,, who fays, ^S-hcEaft-wwd.and South-windy'] as he that 
is liiore nice, sind fays, [Bof^ theE^Jl-w'mditndSoutff^indyScc.'} 
The fame" may be fjjid o| fevcri^ other words, and par^icrfariy 

• *73 ftf/?-, Tfor, I fuppofe, if infleadof [4// his bed] our Tranfla- 
tors had thought fit co fay {^hU bed^ only y no wife and good Maq 

, eould have been offended at it, Ffal. xli. ^* 

* 9. Tho*^ Divines do not commonly think it juftifiable to follow 
the Seventy when. they differ from the Hebfevf(\ yW moft do al- 
low, that ^ regard is to be paid to them on account of their An- 
tiquity. Mr. Ainfmrth himfelf declares, [That he did much re- 
fperf them; and often. follow them':] And furely, if they may 
reafonably be followed iji any thing, ftis in turning fomq 
Words, afthey have done, whfn there is no cogent reafon to the 
contrary. This is what our tranflators l^ave fbmetimes done; 
And, in fuch cafes, I thirik Ita fufficieht pe&nce of ourTranfla- 
fors, to fay, that they t»|rn fon^e ft^w-wprds,^ as the Seventy did 

oftbisTranjlatiott, \-; 

ttany Agea igo. An*.I .fopfofe. no BapreJBdf^d Reader will 
qucQioQlwt tbat this it enovgh, when there b nothing to weigh 
ogajsAjit ^t the Auahof iiy of here and there a modern Tran[n> * 
tor : Ent there gn very &wliiftanccs of this nanite in this Pfahcr. 

Notes in Defence of this Tran^ 
ftatiofidfthe Pf alter. 

PIkhn.4."P\rt?//«Ji,1 ^o^T. Hammond mends ourkft'rian- 

IV. 8. Since the time that tbeir arA and ieine. Sic. increafed,'} 
Jufl thntf Jtfunfter cr^nflates, £ i tempore, quo frumentum ewHm,: 
(5r vinKm mnltipllcafa Ti"*'^. J And both' Pignine and Cajfetlia 
much to the fairie piii^fe. Ai fot the addiiion of [|0yle,3 
■fee the Otn. Def. p. 8,9. 

VI^J. mit tloH fttnifli me.y Munfler ^ei here tht farfie Sup^- 
iDCOt, w^. a^ifft rtre. Mr. Aitifwortb, ill his Anaocatlotis, 
-allows this to be the meaning of thePfalmift. 

6. Wi^ I mj bed,'] ioora TrinOjtWS foften ihe « 
£inakingthe'be{ftofwim,3 as they often do; fee ; 
Xcrii.ii.cxiK. Fe. 8. cxxi. ^.cxxv^j. Mmtfler^h 
iKaietafvim, has only hkmeSo, I moiften. Tat 
tho' they tranflace iq Vcrfe, where Hyperbole 

tifaal,. yet drop thisj by taming the words thus: , ''" 

Otite tir'd »itbpdi», mtb gnaniiti faitit, rii hnpfs af/afe tfiif\ 
The nijA* that qukis common iri^s^ is fhent iii tears by mi, 
VII. J. V\ T may fignify t» iOtrj, or ddPver up m a frej : And to 
' 4/fPKtf'takes it iii this place : And thtis ihe fence goes on 
clearly, and there is no occafioa fjt a Parenth^lis, only re- 
-peat [ifT ex eomnttm, yra, if I have ddlvh'd up ai afrtj, 
'at betrtf'd binit ix.' 

7. Ijft up thf felfaga'tH.'l This ExprerfiOn,- and thai'lp trie 
Jaft Tranflation [^returij tfun on high'] iignify 'che vtrv firfie 
thiog ; only this u plain Englifiii the other a literal rciirtUiciii 

. «f a Hebrew V)Kiia. ■ ■ 

7. Give fentnue with r^."^ fudiiamihi, Ar. Moatanus.' Sfi;i*- 
idum me, VacabhiSi 

9. Guide tlm,'] Viii^t,' JMimlifr. Sec Ceii.Niitir^d.^ - 
la. God is arightioHs judgeC] So Dr. iffam/wnrf artiChds-'olir 
' laft TratiHatioQ jWnn/Jw tarns ih« Verla ttmsj Dw^'^^jftt/ 
^ judex, Deui co'iimjvCtHt quitiJic, As for the Supplemenr^ 
* [_ftrKig and patient,] fee the particular account ol tbii, ana 
93 tU 

38 Notei in defence 

all the tefi, pag. i$> And let the Reader obferve, tint when 
our Tqid(Lhoi» choHght fit to dc tfati SippIeiiMM tniin tlUi 

y^arioA Seaei^, ^et thcydid nocfUlow them in^tr^alUK' 
ting ciie whcdc Verfe ; for toe Sevntf turn the latter ptn'of 
thisVcrfc, [Qodbringetfaiiocforthxi^eTtitydayl]- ''■ 
tS. VuiodUnejV) Nefai, Csfiellh. ^ 

VIII. $. Tt Cram, tye-'\ Ctraiavia, JStattfitr. 

IX. 4.- Eva ai;\ fitxt &, JWmfter. , , 

X. 3. ImS,'} coticK^eeiaia, M^tr. fif^tyo^ AnBoati(»u. 
II. Cant^tiMioK. tf the fiWil C«tM f^f^erm, Mta^rr. 

-JbmeTrannatonukcEiliNSTn, to.txfalloae frord, figm- 
^ins ptoT', but AfHnJkrt and our Tnnflatocstook ^t fiir two 
wraras^ and fo did Mr. ^fw. vAiotmuitt a frt^ ^ ftor. 
I J. Bla^htme,^ bta^bmat. Ma^tr. 

16. That thou majB ttke the matttr inh Ih btq^t"] fo Fife^tir 
has turo'd it, llnce our Tranfliton, Vt affumai ntfaf/nm 
in maiam tUMm. Mr. jiiifwwtb^ ia his AtaatntiaMfy imwi.oi: 

17. Tah df'^,'] To require, pimini, or dcllroy, do 'mffebrm 
fomecimes Jignify the &ine diing. So ft remire, or fet^ gat, 

.('til the fame fkbro* wordOI^H) fignihes, Cn.ix. j. ft 
fUi^fb fir Murder, bj dejhfjvig the M»ierer ; and. .again, 
<rn. xlii. 23. So that A^n* Phraf^ I}«tf. xviii. 19,'IwIJ/ 
re^K/rf it tf Mm, is by St, Pettr, A9f it). 19. exprcfa'd, Afi; 

fi the fence ot this hetitw Wotd in the meft 
b. ■-,-■■- 

JHiifci^iii, hfolefceri. Ham. Tyrmai^e. Ainfw. 

v XL... _, So Dr. /TtfffmiM^catreftsoirlaftTranllaion. 

[TW^ often redounds in the Emliflt, n well as hebrem-, ai. 
when we Tay, Twi funfiGtld, joHrfirtngffiRMarbi^mtii'- 
doCs not lb wcU agree witli the Englifi) IdMtn to htvi it ex-' 
prdTcd in this place, tho' it be in the Hebrew. See Gefurat 
me 9. 
i. suiyer.'] The //'rfrni'Tn^fignifies.aS'Wnti anditmay de- 
note either the Arin'g of the Bow, or the ilrii^ with whieh 
. the,. Arrows were ty'd up in a tmndle, called a (^Hjaver.y 
And !tis fo craaflited by the Seveatjr, and other andent la- 
terpretcts. Sec Gea, Kate 9. 
^rwnibe caft dmn,'] or, »iU be demiU^'d. SoDe.ffym, 

correfls our lall TranOators : dirtunliir, Mmfier. 

4. 'Allmtth-l \r\l in the Hebrew, as J'atufd^^ in the Greek 

I . (ig.mfieiikniia3 trj,±ad ^^fmve, Ot kllm af. Tis molltm>- 

' tnible, chat here 'tis t« be taken in the latter fence, as being 

,VfpoitiKbat'ui (x.*hhfrrin£, in the other part of the Verfe. 

• ■' ■ 8. The 


4p, lia^jnl>^ence[ 


■ '■■ilk 

ofthtiTfanfUtlonl 41; 

thiStintluted'.Qur Tnitfbtion, w. [mtk^iie'fTiltMrdtlM 
»m fbtw tbf fetf wTf.^ And which of ill chefe VetfioDS 
would chefc Men We to fuccccd in fteid of oii^s ? Thij ecu- 
ifnre/jiulecd, does not oiriyrefchiiiUTniBlladoi), bnt^e^- 
Iiln,^alMl'the'▼e■y Scriinrc^liftlf 3 And cbey wtw charge 
the Traoflatton witb Btzfphemy, fun diHiV eonlider, that 
thaydo io cflfcft flrike at the Original. Fordiey are'Rit- 
nakcn, if there be any fuch, who think that God caff more 
properly be faift toQiewhimlelf frbward, than-to learn fro- 
waidi)cl^^:fle Caanot ^O^Uhfr of theln-hut in a figuratne 
feu^.. Tis a Poetical. C^^MtAre^/ by whichGod {otPMJd, 
as JUKnJiar thought) ii^fspcefeoud, behaving litinfdf toward 
his Enemies, as they h^^behaved thcndclvei toward him. 
So Ltv. xxvii 39, 34. If,^ fays God, je rrelli tontraffito Mi^ 
tbtn wUl/ailt walkatipatj taym. Agd, (o thf fanu pur- 
pore. He 'is uid CO. li^ ^ mi^k v. lhinp,>rhanslkc a 
Jefl of '^im and Religi^ftj, jnA as if Qoi.took^Saaux^ hf 
Sinner^f -and learnt fi^ t^^vpr nude,as if He wen^-ffihat 
they T^lly.arc : But, f^rfi-iio one need, be itoH, that fiich 
filtprefliposTcan i^yflffiriieawrte taken,^ .a.fb-jQ orlitCfal 
fence; ^c plain n)ca(UBg is^-.thor thc^: Puflithment^ nstt'*; 
bear fome sefemblancc lo their Crime : Tis )afl as jf a'gpod 
and wiie.Father, wlwn hc-^yas going taC0fi.«d his_$(ni tor 
not hearkning to his Cpquoands, fhould aat^^no other AOtX 
fwcr to his Son's Prater feajPardoa^ hqt this, ■Iif>tStli,fiktve 


41; Notts wtkf&Ke 

finH!&(rfU1)H*HdvaiidrodeeiSb^«4fiU*^ See 

;■ her*. ■'-.:.'. 

Gi«« u ae^ 4efari6edi as npnte, 0^ mdtiBgJ at much 

.: fl«i«W* 

. . lhGiMtJtttJi*etiittTtjiii»^ti>.nmtlitil»Mitmi 

13. mmiftbe tSiaietbq TmMUvht^mki^^ tr^lfiti nee 

. oilji todr,'oiofic«d, ^B to'49 aching'(Mt!al, if «k may 


C-^. — 
M. lie .^HNS* if*IS"toPi] Nrt'** Irdis mJv i«u(ff^ 
XKII. «v ioftt'lgS***.}' Sec an artoufle of this among theother 
fluppteftUittSf 6**' the CffW or yvljsar latin. fili( our 
Tranflatgn don't follow them, iifturni^^ i^c rcAaSidCi' of 
ict&Va^SeeM!.i9. ■■■■ ' ^'- 

of tJa^Trifnflatim^ 4^ 

/«tf, in clie trtw,' aodiw^cIji^^gffWR WJ.*! mU lot Of- 
prcB'd as cxprefrd. m/. hlh-i i- ■ i - 

XXIII. S. ^wiflO fc rcgipne, JtimOer. 

the mird 3^ here di^'doe; not alwa]^^g(uiy /a con^ 
Tli evident, that Jtjk. xv. 3. the H^j^J^^ El)e Cune 


$. My firnstb,'] VH is indeed commonly thoudit to be pinral, 

and is cherefore lurn'd [thair^ Jiy our laft TranfUtorvv bur 

they chemrdires conceal the Eaollage of Number in this rery 


44 Nixei inVefenCt 

tfofdii^|B^'St>7> tti'ifiei^ls'-thc^ereatoiifcc doing te 
. !««,}'&» dwi'Avflyft Reader timfl be Arangeiy anufea, in 

th« tofd,verv often in SCri^tOrtf, figniiics'thc 

of this Tranflation. 45 

ment jof the Lord^ ev<^ as often as memioii is made p£ 
f obey jng ot difobcying th^ Voice of the Lord y\ and there- 
fere whisen 'tis here faid iii the Hebrew^ Th? voice. of the Lord 
Hon the waters y what lltoiild the meaning be, but that God 
commandeth the mtters : and I hope, \\s no ftult that we ex- 
prels tbe^me fence in more familiar Englffh. 

4. It U the Lord that ruletb the Sea.! Heb. The Lord U on the 
great, maters. Here again the Hebrew way of Exprelfiou is 
v^ied by plainer £n^/i/)&i ' ^ 

8. Thick hufljes.'] Such as wild Beads of all fort do ufually make 

their covgrt. 

'XXX. 15. Therefore jhall every good man fing of thy praifeJ] 

Propterea decantabit tibi £qui(que bonus] gloriam, &c» 

Afunfter. , ' 

XXXL 7. Superflltms vanities.'] Superftitiofas vanitatcs, Munfim 

iQp Body-'] Heb. Belly^ by a Synecdocht of the part for the 
whole. ■■..'■ I 

22. From the provoi'mg of all men.] Ab hriutionibus cujuC* 
cunque, Munfter. , 

XXXII. 10. Lefi theyfalllipon thee.] Nc irtuaRtin te, Afunjier. 
Jnvadant. CaftelU This BngHfif Cxpreflioii is indeed capable 
of two Meanings, eidier, That the Horft, not held with the 
J^ridle, .will not be euided with the Eve, but goes out of his 
way, throws, or falls, or tumbles on nis Rider *, (but this can 
fcarce^be the meaning of the Hebrew lyi^ i ) or elfe it may 

figoyy* That the Horfe being pafmper'd and reftif, will nof 
be led, except wkh the Bridle held with a ftrong hand, b|ic 
aflails, or falls upon thofe who have the care of hkn, wfth 
Teeth and Hoof*, as is not unufual : and this fits the fence 
o[ the Hebreip word, which fig'nifies to come upon^ or fwirade^ 
(or, which is the fame thing in Engli/h, fall ufonj ) and i$ 
' 10 rendrcd by both Tranflators, Pfal. xxvii. 2, 

XXXIIL 3. Sipg praifes luflily unto him with a good courage.'] 

i'P^n is a Verb, yet cannot commodioufly be rendrcd in 

J^ngljjh^ but by an Adverb. Qur laft Tranflators turn it 

^ fkUfillu we, liiftily^ but it' gives the foUoyving Infinitive, 

(which is here ]i} ) its own Number and P^rfon : But let it 

Ibe obferved, that it frequently denotes the doing a thing 
with vehemence 5 and therefore it is tiirn'd [^ diligently^ j^ 
De«^. xvii. 4. [yery^'^Deut. XK^ 21. cho* it does in the ^e* 
brew affeft the Verb grinds not the hd)Q,Awc fmall^ q. d» 
1 ground it vehemently till it was fmall. And in the Margent 
, ot Jonah iv. ^. 'tis juftly turn'd, greatly^ by our laf| Tran<* 
flators. Art thou greatly arigry ,^ Our Tranflators very aptly 
took it here in the fame fence, and turn it accordingly^ 
Sing with vehemence, ftrenuoufly, or luftily : Apd they the ra^ 
ther took it ip thi? gbvipus fence, tecaufe of the follpwing 


46 Notes in Deface 

wort, TlJfilPn i. e. ifrith in Atarin^ or io«4 Hia^A^ 6r 
Mi«^ fuch a> $bl4icrs make when they Eii^sge, or Td- 
umph % and which is therefore very weft exprefi'd by our 
IVamhtors. Vfith a^ood cmage^ vx^ like die Soldiers or Ar- 
mies of God. Mwfitr taxti% \il Pfalh^ PiV^^Cmm. We 
fiipply Praifes. 

!KXXIV. f a. Here our Tranflators conceal an Enalhge of Num. 
ber, as St. Peter does likewife, i Pet. uu 10. in citing this 
tery Text* S^ GeiuNae 4. 

7. Tmr net to iefirey «f •! Hebrew, The cdrrnptm df their net^ 
that iS| faith Snffmihy Their fermmm eefrt^tin^ mt^ or. 
Their enjharing tmrnftion : If he could have permitted biml^ 
to fpeax plain En^ltfb^ a& our Tranflators did, he would have 
laid as they do, TbHr wet to dcfttvf. the nvord tranllaccd 
to dejhojf^ may signify a PiP or Gruve ; bat that is only in a 
fecondary and remoteTence, becaufe (he Grave is the ph^e 
oi Corruption, ^c. 

i$« Makini mm4 ^ ff^O Dipenderune os fanm, Mimfter. 
Aperaertmtj fi^. Vatm. 

\6. With the fittftrers tpete bi^y Mkters.^ Cnm aifentatoribiif 
erant garmli firirfitnnatores. Mmfier. 
XXXVIL 8. Elfeflmlt thou hi moved to do ewt.'] Alioqni ad male 
agendum inq^Ueris. Mkifier. 

16. Than ffet^ rkhtu'] Here again b an Eaailage of Number 
conceal'd \ but VaUiblm tranuates as wedp. %e!tQtiuJikU\. 

24. Ca^am^j.'^ So /£itm. correfts our lad TranfhticHL The 
» lame Hebrew word is ufed, Joiu i. 5* for cafting the Goods 

2p The linnet eous jtfoU he pumflted.1 It has been obiarved ill 
the beginning of the Gen. Notesy that if our Tranlktors have 
, inferted any SeQcence into this Engli/h Pfalter, which is not 
in tthe prefene Hebrew Bible, this is it : And befide what 
has been ahready faid on this occafion, it may fitly here be 
added, That if it could be fuppofed,- that ever any words 
were dropt out of che Heb^ew^ here i^ the greateft room for 
fuipicion ) for it has been aheady x)brervea, that this is an 
Alphabetical Hakn, that iS', th^ every other Verle begins 
with a feveral Letter of the Alphabet, only at prefent there 
is none beginning with y ^and dierefbre federal Learned Men 
have been of Opinion, that thefe words \vere formerly in 

the Hehffw^ and that Q^^^U in that Tongue fignifying 

the nnrighteonsy began the Vcric, and fapp1y*d that defeft« 
In all probability our Tranflators were aware of this very 
jjilatifible pretence ; and whatever their real Judgment was 
of this Matter, yet, to prevent all Cavils/ on this account, 
they ventured to infer t this Claufe info the Pfalter^ thoughit 

^K not txprefiy in fe many words in the hcbtcwM And if 

. • ' ' " ' " ' ^ ' our 

our Tnuffaton wen rMlIy of Ofit&x, Hat thcfe wordc 

wat of old ia tfac Text, our U&Oten oudit to anfwer all 

the ArgHDHRts of Mrnwf , G«(<Atf, and yi|$Hf on ibu fnb* 

ieft, b^re chcy find fiivlD »tth our Traoihdoii on tbis ac> 


4r«!tf/m«.h.3 Utfimiifi.l'dcv. SoCa>Hib. 

XX]|;yi(. }?. /MAtl«.T HflFcaaiii our Tnnflators conceal an 
Enallage of the third Perfoa for the firft : So our luftTranfla- 
lors oQDceal oa EMflige of ibe dM Reribo for the fe«Hida 
I kixsmuaB. fytJMtkaA^aUtfjm, 'as ia the J»brai>, 
tUl tftiem. See alfo yti vni. lo, ^. 
3<. Ke^ imuctn^y tmt tick heed M the thing that U right.'} 
Tint mo AdfediTCi hve tani'd, Sammcf, ini tbe-thhig that 
# rigbt, aflfwer the LMtki, JKtipmii and reSuiii % and lb may 
be nm'd eiAcr at they are ia uib, or tbe other Tmnfbtion t 
k^t with cFiB diflcrence, that aO the ancfcot Inerprners 
Wa » we do. la the oihar ttefe we fu^y, that Jlwj? 
briae. See Otn. Hote i. 

XXXVm. IS. 7Xw/hi/««i^on'^r.w.] JartffaadtbiiyMmJL 
Our tttHflitoti Tcry aptly fcppljl, Jftr me. 

■ .iS, 1 fcfwr rcfirirV.^ Here onr TranOann do rdlrate cite 
nteaoiflg of the word ~iO)|'>. (which comiwtdy, fignifies to 
Ipeak ai hurfic ). to fpe;^i|ig oy way of Pmyer or Bcqueft, 
tod Ip bav^ no occafion to fufifdy, iair met or the like, a» 
other Tnf^ktors »e obliged to do. A«d it » fcatce wqrth 
obletrii^ tbac <he Htm» Particle. J3 like the L4tiii, n^ 
lif^ScG not only Itfi,xi \\ it tunt'd by onr laft Tranflatws, 
' ,. but, that tat, as it is iier« tura^ by oun. Sce/iH(e.XT. 13. 
17. ItrHlj am fet in the plagMe.2 Ego in pbgi conAitncn fnm. 

XXXXK-i. Jifmiant'llt^etalive.'} <^nci xvi fmi, JUnnJler. 
what timt / bave here, at our laft Tractors iathdr Mai* 
6. Uviag.'] Cn»adhuc exiftit, Mm^tr. Cooftftens «I cx- 

iiieo^i Vatdi. 
y. in.a-vainjhvl*^'} luai unibi:% Munfitr. 

He Jifquieteth hiritfelf.'] Fapt. and £e« ynJa conceal this 
. Eoajlagt; oi Nwnber, as well as onr Tranflacots. SeeOfiu 

5t(- n Kitfo thee.'} Ncroo eft 

XLf. ;i againfi Mm.'] Hebrew,^ 

liw, or, JikkfaS to him. 
li KH^erllood fwne hei- 
> charged. Sec i Kingt , 
r. and Miifm. agiee with 
hat can be meant by its 
■ Jiiciing faSt or, ieh^ pm'd 'm 1^ «»f,jMiC hi* being 
'. - 1 '■■,...■■■■...' fcntid 

48 - • Notes in^finte 

fomi <giiikj,,afid deKver'd oirer cp be puti'ifliVl f<^ it, wbkh 
Jboch chofe Learned Men inthmte to bb their Opinioti ini this 
Natter. Thus our Trinflators rather cbofe to give ns the 
fence in plain Engli/h^ than m Hehrew Phrafe. "Vm dots 
indeed fomedmes flgnify a Plague or Peftilence, hnt there is 
no reafon ( fays Dr. Ham.) for the rendcing it fo here. 
9* Hafb l(tti ptat wait f<xr me.^ Magnas mihi fecit infidiaa^ 

XLU. 4* And brwfjbtthem forth.'] Deducens, Mknftefy that is, 
cmpng^ or, gotn^ along with, is we now commonly expirefs iu 
5. SHeb Oi Hep holy^.] in ftead of/ thi mHitltuie tha» keep 
bofy'dof. The reafon why they do not ufe the tirord mdti^ 
tadCf leems to be^ that they had ufed it iuft before in the 
fame Verfe ^ for thefe Tranflators do induftriouOy, for the 
fooftpart, aroidthe fudden repetition of this lame word ; 
therefore they turn the fame /fe^rem word, Gati^Pfal. ix.!). 
Fort^ 14. V. $• hitimes^ and early in the morning, xxviii. 9* 
ftrength^ defence* Other Inflances of this may be feen, 
¥fal. Ivi. 5| 10. Ixv. 7. IxxiiL 5, ^. ^ ^ 
8* Cmeerning the land of Jordan.^ De terra JordaiiiS. Ainfm^ 
^s well as Mmfter^ turn ISI^^ ^ little mown$aM\ Hamnlioiid, 
the little bill : And ^tis mbft probable, thit; diat HftTiar is 
put in apportion with fkrmon \ becaufe there is ph copula- 
tive and betwixt thefe words in the Hehrtw^ as^there is be- 
ewixt Jordan and Hermon. Juft fo, Dens of Uoniy and i^fynth 
tains ^ Leopards^ with the prefix O, as here, is jjtot ipp^ 
fitively with Hermon, Cantic. vr. 8. ihen the Cbufbodioa 
will be. Concerning Hermon, €oncerningtbaPliHleh\U\ory in 
more eafy and familiar £»^/f/)!^, concerning '^i!re//>f/e hti<4 
Hermon. Some indeed fuppofe, that Hermonim iignifies the 
People about Mount ffermon^ but AfHnfler and Leo Judx, take 
it for the Mountain itfelf, ' which had feveral Tops and fe- 
▼eral Names, Dent, iii. 9. and therefore may yery propqrly 
be put into the {Aural Number. Mr. Ainfwortb nimfelf al- 
lows, that it may fignify the Mount itfelt *, and it would be 
flrange indeed, if a People, and a litrle Hill muft be put ii^ 
apportion, one with the orhcr* 
T^Uy. 11. Spoil otir goods.'] Herif tC 7 is ^^ft untranflated* lam 

not convinced that they who have retain'd it do tl^eby. 
m^e the fence naore fid! or clear *, as for Infhnce, Jl^tifier 
whofe Tranflation is, dirifiunt fibi noftra. We followed him 
in fiipplyins, our goods ^ but we left him^ wbcr than tran- 
flate a word that could not any ways better br explain the 
fence. Nor did we leave Mmfter only, but the Oreek and 
Vulgar Latin. See Gen. Note 9. 
"^IV. 2. Vnto the Kit^. So Dr. ffam. and Mr. J&fw. Sq Ajtmfi^ 
%ni faffmntf Kegi. '• ' 

, I 

of this Trmflathif, Ah 

yiVt^^. iiec4ufe7^ So ptiUammond opircfts otir lad Traauacbrs 
. ih his Margeilt/ v. a: n ^ 

& jfvenin the m/i5.3 The tiehrem ytofi. ^7 fommonly iifpi- 

fics aihf4r^, but fprnecimes fi^iin(ci?dy, ri^ ml^&tfff of^of^M'mi ) 
lb our laft Xranlbcors cake u^ Deic^. iv, ii. /oq^Ajl.^. fo 
we cook ic here ; and by chac means render the word^ ,wich- 
cue any cranipofing, or Pareiiche(iS| as Qr^</ri^pl;fcrves. . , 
io. //I a vj^ure 0f ^J^^ wrought abou$ with dti^£icf (flours.'] lif 
any chihK ic a blemifh, chac our Trahdacors n^kc no xtifitk- 
cion of Qpbir^ I chink ic may be JMJlly anfwer'd, chac ijiis 
was noc riecefikf y, I perfwadeipyfelf,- that if chebeft Scho- 
lar were cranflacing an ttigtlflx ^ook inco. L^tin^ and had oc- 
cafion CO express a ckouladd Guineas, he would chink k fuf- 
ficienc co fay, mlllc auret^ wichouc inciniacing chac che Mecaf 
came from Guinea !i*znd he who fuppof^ chac all che Cold 
with which Pharaoh's DAughttr was adorn*d, or chac is called 
Gold of Ofhir elfewhere, did cercainly camfc out of any par- 
cicular place, or places bearing chac UsLtUcy niighc for cHe 
fame reafon conclude, chac all che Q6td coin'd here chis lad . 
Age, did really cortie ffom Guthea. Ihdced (^phir fefcnu by 
^ Cuftoill, td have been i common Name for all Gold, as 
' Guineas is with us for all Gold coiu*d;in che laft Reigns. Sec 
Hebrew Texc of Job xxii.,24. But che niain ditficiuty is lo 
fhew from whence the Seventy had chofc words, which we , 
here render. Wrought about with difuers colours / I anfwer, 
from the word CfflJ • Dr. Hammond j in Tielcf co Pfalm 
xvi. obferves, as Grotiui had done fefore, chat the flehrew 
Verb DHD , from whence chts NoUn is derived, fignifift, 

fignare^ mtfare^ fculpere. And *cis che paffive form of chis 
very word which is turn'd by our laft Tranflatori, /er. ii.22^ 
Mark'd J by others, variouny and lively jotted :' And indeed,' 
any one by looking into tnaj Texc will fee,, chat thereby is 
ineant, the being Uained ojr fpocted wichlb deep a <!(ye, that 
ho Soap could wa(b ic ouc : So' c^c ODD does not only 

^nify Gold, but Gold Wroughc in Scripes^ or in en^raveni 
BofTes ; or Cloch of Gold^ interwoven with oth^r Materials^ 
, yairioufly figuf'd and colour'd : And who ca^ wonder if che 

.^rcek Tranllacors^ and ours, in defcribing the Arcire of 'thcf 
Pivine Spoufe,^ cook che word in the moft ample itgniffcutf- 
On ? I dare not be pofitive« whether they fupply Vefiure^ 
or whether the Seventy^ and out Trinflafcors, tljoiight ihaij 
to bt alfo imply'd in this word DH? J Thii is fure, chac 

the Coats which Gg^J i^ude fpr ourfirfi Parents,* Oen iii. 2g« 
that which Jacob made for Jo/e^A, that which God order'd 
CO be made for Aaron^ called. The broider'd Coat^ Eitid. xxvii ^ 
fhofe which were to be made for h's $ba6 the Priefts, for 
JfiMify and ^ory, Excd. xxviii. 40. an^ that which TAmar 

• 1^ . ' w;*?^ 

5 o Noligi in t>e fence 

vfofti 2 Softt^ %\\l i9. being fuch robes as Kings JUaqJtttrs 
wtfre tbin iifuaif appuSreted-Wy are all called by a name wUch 
evidently corner from the fiune Theme, ooly turQUig a Q into 
a J, (wnich'is ufii^ttih this Tongue, and feverid others:) 

than what M; iW& Ainfvhrthlmdidf^ allow to be here un- 
derftood. / ' • . ' 

. 18". twit femembstrjl Xfwr/«fcr, Munftcr, 
XlMh^..Vntothej>eople.'] Adjungnntur popolo, ^c. Mit^ir. 
tkSHam approves of this Rendition in his Annoutions. 
For Oofwhkh hifery biib exalted^' doth defind the earthy as H 
were with d /hiela.'] E6 qiod Dei fit veRiti fcuto protegere 
terram qui vaMe cxaltatlus eft, Aftmfter* 
XLVIIf. ^. Of the sea. 2 Maris, Mmft. Occani, fiaaus and 

8. WaHhdforr\ Awaited^ Hammond; ExpeSuvlmus^ Munfter* 

j4/7^r/#s' Annotations to the lame fence. 
12* Set up*']" Exaltate Palatia, Mknfier* So JOB does pro. 

perly fignify. Ham^ 
XUX. 9. Tfjough^ 1 is often tranflatcd though. Our laft Tran- 
(lators do the fame th^pg in many places, particularly Pfubn 
xcix. 8. 
i$. From the place of hells'] Dc loco inferni, Afunfier. So our 
laft Tranflators . turn V in feveral places , particularly^ 

,Dekt. ii.%7. 
L. 2. Cut of Sion bath God appeared in perfeB beoMty.] Ex Sion 
perfedle decoratus Deus emicuit. Vatablus., 
8. Because they were mt,"] ifot is here repeated from the be-« 
ginning of the Verfe, by our Tranflators and Pagn* Our laft 
Tranfla:tors do this fometimcs, particularly in the next Verfe. 
Lt. 4. Whenthou art judged,] ffammondy in. his Margin, Wbentbon 
contended. And he proves this to be the true meaning of the 
words i FtrSy Becaufe the Ancients, and even St. Paul him- 
felf fo took it, Rom. iii. 4. Secondly^ Becaufe the fence re- 
quires it : Not the Judge, but he that is judged, or try'd, 
can properly be faid ft) be juftified, or acquitted. God is 
/ foinetimcs rcprcfc6ted in Scripture as having a Controvcrff 
with his People, Mic, vi, 2. and he is faid to refer himfefr 
to the Judgment of his own Creatures, //<^*. v. g. Thus he 
.becomes, as it were, Party in a Suit, and when his Creatures 
own his Juftice and Goodnefs, then he is clear'd or juftified. 
LII. 3. With lies tboH cuttefi as a /harp rafiurA I fuppofc they 
conftrued iht^ Hebrew thus. Making lies^ot deceit^ liked /harp 
. rafotfr^ viz. To cut the Tliroats of the Innocent. The full 
fence of Which is exccllenfly exprcifed by our Tranflators, 
tho' they do. nd cumber the words/ And our t(wo Learned 
Paraphrafts purfue the. fence. 


of this Tran/tation.] j | 

" ,i^i}itaum, A^/^tf. UMnaiitiifnnciir. 

1 3 Ofn is fupply'd, frunt a^^er, apettnt. 

' LVI. btt' i tvafinetime ^r»i4.'} Licei ptt dieiii 

4i fiecifitfe^bgivorJ.'\ ACOffier cnrtls thl» 

» )« our laft TranfUtOR do ; buc ii his 

ihis as the fence of them, LMddba Deuni 

pruftar verlfk^ fioffti Ow trapfU^qn chole to gWe. the 

fence, rather t^n, the bai e wordt. 

7. them. "J In Qead of. rcpeaiing' the Pnfh. See Ihtef tH 

P^aXr xlii. 5. , 

Ic famfirt 

at the^ 

on, and 


) itlake 

Mie thic 

.bt oh- 


three times otei, the JEn^/i/ft Reader has all that caii be the 

fence of ihcm in three fercral turns of Speech; vit,. ref. 4. 

I wis praife God itfMfe tf his word, twite in tjiis Verfe, Iii 

Cids ward wilt I reyiiet. In the Lords ward will I fttmfort me. 

lo. WiU I pay my wtejii Vows ate njun mf, and I will pdf 

my M»j, are two Pfir^fcs fignifying' the laiiic thing, as any 

one may obfcrve, PrA.vii, 14. Penctsgtrii^i are npa>i met 

(I feaa as 'lis in the M^fgln) or, as moll render it, were 

MMil nrei today^ave Ifaidmwws, Oor Tfannatori chofe 

that Phrafif whichmakes molt agrceaWc Englip>. 

13. AndmyfeetfrnmfdU'in's.'] Tis interrogative 10 the //eHrewf 

but 'both CafitUii and i^ittabht turn it affirnutively. Sec 

ffalaicv. 28. ' . 

tVri, s, the cuKfe wbicP 1 htvt in handr\ This dai TranOatOfS 

fttp^ly from Mnnjisr. whofe iMin words are, Usem mihi 

impeiideBte.Ti. OucfaftTranllators (u'pp]y, all thin'is, 

iVIU. I. Are your mindt fet upon riihtewjne[i, (J ye c^gregdiiin.'^ 

The fame llebrew word (igaifies both" Dumb artd Cans'eittiiitii 

Our Trantlaidh cbofe the latter fence,' rather thin pcrpIcK 

the Reader with fuch t Eenditiori as Mr. Ahfrvarth gives of 

thefc words in his Annotations, Do y: indeed Ifeni^ duM jj- 

ftice f But then thou|h£ it proper fo to render tiie CJaiife, • 

as not 10 contradift this mcioing o'£^ the \vord,- as they muft 

havedonefj if theytufn'd TiT in its ufipf figniffcation fcf 

fpeikln^ externally with the Mouth j and therefpre ilicy 

iook it for fpcaking inwardly, or in the Mind, as the word 

uftcn fignitie;, particularly,' EcU. i. iS. and they the rathc^ 

5 1 Notes in Defence 

did this, becaufe the Adverb Csi^H, in tru^b^ and tmA, 
or, from the hearty being Jda'd ^ ^ Verb, fevour'a dm 
fence : So then they conftrued the Sentence, th ye hiieei 
n^inyeu^mnmhidsfifbiak iiAf which they vary in very 
good and plain Enillflf^ Are jm mhdsfeP upm rkhtemfiiefi/ 
And this 15 the more likely to be the true fence, bccaufc 
that wMeh in the next verfe is nicfttion'd as the Charaftcr 
direfUy contrary to tMs, is. To hnagjine wUkednefi m tie 

heart. ' * . * 

2. Deal with.'] Oto new Trattflators render the word weiit. 
Dr. Hammni^ pripMre, fit^ ftame^ all which is excellendy 
- well cbmprifed by thefe TranOators, by the word, deai w^h. 
And let It be obfenred,- that Dr. Hammond reftores thde 
' words, upon the earthy to the place they have in this Tran- 
, flation, and turns the laft Claufe, your bands frame vMeuee. 
6. And when they /hoot ouf their arroms^ let them he rooted «a^.] 
Dr. Hammond underfhnds the word X^ » ^ ^^ Tranflattxs 
do, and turns it, to direS arroms. Wt' turn 1*7*7617^. , as 
J^u^fter had done befdre us. Bxterminetttur^ let them be 
rooted out^ or, exterminated. Here again we conceal an £- 
natlage of Number. See Greii. iVbre 4. 
8. Of ever your pots be made bot with thorns jfo let buUffuOm 
ijet hirrf^ even at a thing that k raw.'] Priiiiquam percipiant 
olhf vcntx Rhamhum accenfum, ikfttt cmdum quid fie fnror 
exagitct eum. Thus Munfkr^ who vouches our Tranfiators 
here in all particulars, fave only that he retains the Hebrew 
Catacbrefis of, the pots feeling the thorns f All allow that no 
more is meant by it, than what we have expreffcd ^ and 
'twas a Rule which thefe good Men let to themfelves, and 
for the mod part, if not always obferv*d, to avoid thefe very 
%urattve Expreflions, which rather ifaurde than edify die 
Engli/h Reader, but were £inuliar to the Baftern People. 
See Note on Pfal. vi. ver. 6. Further, it is to be obferved, 
that the word ^n figniiiesl^yi^ nKonly^r4fii',orici/oi(fe«, 

but alive ^ or what we call f<at£. Thus it is ufed Lev. xiii. 
14, 1$, 1 5. (7/ leprous fores. Let thofe who fpeak fo con- 
temptibly oi this TranClation, compare it here with Mr. .4h|f- 
ii^f;^ib*s, £Ve that they fhatl perceive your thorns of bramble : 
evenalive^ even in wrathy he will tempefluMjly whhrle it away. 

UX. 6. They go to anifror.]'] So Minfter explains the wwd 

nW^ in the Margin, and funiut alfo. Afiiis fays, this 

word fignifies^ to come^ as well as, to, go ; and inftances in 
a Chriin* xix. S, the laft words of which Verfe he would 
have turn'd, vcho came to Jerufalem, , \i fo, then our Tran- 
fiators do but give us a verbal Rendition* 


of this Tr inflation. j j 

FTaL LIX. 7* •SiK^O ^ Mmfier^ hoHimtur. So Dr. U^nmrnd^ 
wlio is pofidvely f^ft the ouicr IVaiiflajcioo^ Utkbmi* 
Amfmrtk ofes tnc word m^ct*. . . 

f. Mjfftrenith will Jafcrlbe ufttotbee.'] Tibi i^ires me^s^accepcas 
ferp, fays the elegant TigHtlm TranOatioo. There is in dbe 
Heirm aji EnaHage of Pdrfon» which our Tranflators con- 
ceal. ^ General NifPe 4. Both Hammtmi ajnd Awfmtjrth fay 
the &nce is the uiiie, whether it be tranflaced ^e one way 
or tne other. 

10.' Sbemih me bis gdodnefi plefaeoufly.'] Tq prti^ mth good- 
neft, figiufies, to bellow favours i|i ^ayiery generous ando- 
b%inc manner^ to give more than was askM, or fooner 
thm tney were esnpemd x fo' the fence of both Tranflations 
is here the very (ame. But the new Tranflators followed 
the Kere^ or,Marginal reading, m mercy ; thefe others, the 
Cbetiby or Text, bk goodnefty negfefting the Regimen. See 
Gen. Note $. and D^. Ham. on pjal. xxi. 3. Note 6. 

' II. Amtmg tbe people.'] In plebe xxii^ Munfier. ^)n (ig^ifies 

Jwtth PoffHT and Peoplel 
LX. 2.J>mdeditA Scidifti earn, Pagyi. diiTecuidi earn, Mm^er. 
S# Peadh wlntA Vino lethali, I^fymfler. 

ID. HaU no0 tboH caS m out^ 
And wilt not tbou^ God^ 

Nonne tu Deus abjecifti nos? 

Munfier. • 
Et ttt, Deiis, non egredieris» 

tyit i^'Defire.'] or, Pfs^. So the Greet 'jr^o^ivySv. Awfw. 
approves of tms. libus VfrgUy 

Turn pint Mneofftritto fie enfe precatnf* Lib. xii. 175. 
meaning, that he vow'd. 

So OvidMetam. ri\u makes it the Cime thing xopray and vow^ 

Voviftk^ Acbivfy 

Et vpflra vaMre preces* 

So Or. Hammond Paraphrafes thefe words, My offering^ bavc 
always been accepted^ and my prayers beard by me, 
Tbou ban given an beritage unto tbofe who fear fbji Name. J So 
both Hammond and Ainfworth^ 

LXn. 4. Tb^ device k only bow to put him out whom God wiU etcaltS] 
Munfier fupplies, Dem^ as we do, and turns the whole to 
the fame fence, ytique ne ipfe Vent qxenquam exaltet confui- 
iant^ moliunturque impellere, 
$. Tbe children of men^ -^- tbe children of men.] Dr. ffammi^nd 
makes no real difference between thefe two Cxprefl}ocis, no 
inore than we. In his Margin* he turns the $r(l. Sons of 
^ ^ D 2 ' Adam-, 

^4 Notes in Defence 

Adt^^ the ether. Svtii 9f Th%itkl httn : ktid in his. P^- 
phnife comprifes odth, l>y, Afl the fneh in the pwld. 
f&L LXII. 10. TrkS not in wr^ng^d rhhhen^ pvc not ydwrfelve^ 

untB vamfy.'] £o both koJhmotCd and Ainjworth 

VXSn. 2, Looktd f^ thde.l $p Ge^hf Underflarids this |dacc, 

' 'and fays, th;f t Verbs denoting Afttob^ Ibmedtnes ii^ni^ no 

more than an endeavour to aft, as, %/ 4jd A ifiaphes only 

^fJm, they tmteafoaur^i to A h^ £ac^. viii. |§* an^ indeed 

rmi may fignify not only ra /e^, but /wil out foty as £xa/> 

Xyiii* 21* TboHjhalt provide^ or loci out fir able men* 
p In holineft.'] 14 f^nftitate, Munfier. Our new TranQatocs 

turn this word fo, when ufed in the fame fence, Ffaln^ . 

^cvi. p. . 

7* Jy^rve / not refpemBred ^ Annpn r^cofdatus fum ? Munfier. 
p. Hangetb upon thee.'] Adherer tibi, Mmfier^ Cleaveth after 

thee, Mnfp^th. A4bered, Hammond. All which wprds do 

Signify fuch an inclination it) the Soul toward God, as is ia 

Iroii toward the Loadftone. 
I2« Sfyttth commended.'] So the Seventy^ fo Artat Momtanus. 

All allow that ^yT\ in flet, fignifies to Pmife^ or Com- 
mend \ and the Conjugation Httbpael is often paifnre. . 
|.XJV. 5. that no w^n /i^// /ire them.'] Hebri^, Wbot Jhaa fie^ 
yidiPfal. cv. 2S. 

^« 7%e^ imagine wiciednefi^ and pra^ife it.l Comminifamtor 
ini()ua qux excogitata perfici^nt, C4^V/f /a. fexquirunt ii^« 
' * licias, & exequuntur quod fcrfitaAiip e:^c6gitatum ef^, Mtmfl^ . 
Hammond^ in his Faraphrafe, lays. That they did not only 
contrive, but put their Contrivance in execution* BiQiop 
Patrick^ that they did not only "dcvife, but produce a moft 
cxquifite Yillany.- 

^. That they keep jecret among th^mftlves^ every man in the deep 

' of his heartr] ^co Jud. Ahfconderunt quifque in intimOy cor- 
deque prof undo. 

3, Teay their <wn tongues jhall make them fall^ Here is a re- 
dundance of Hebrew Prottounsj therefore our Igf^ Tranflatorj 

negleft the iri> we thelQ^'?^' Sec General Note B. Wp 
iikewife conceal the Enallage of Nunfiber. SccGeneral Note 4* 
p Dr. Hammond difo does in another conftruftion -j but^ aste 
bbferves, in either rendring the fence is the lame. So Fifr 
cator explaips the very fame Hebrew word, in the fameCon* 
jdgation, Jer* xlviii. 27. vi^. Commovere caput ut irridentes 
folent. ' > 

^h:tU laugh them to fcornr] Munfter, 4f<we^«nf /f. Vatablus, 

f. And allm^n that fee it jhaU fay^ this tdtb God dbne.] Vide- 
bunc id oii;nes homines, & annuntiabunt opus. Dei* (^0 
Yifo, fyc. Caflellio. 
• ■ ' IXV. 4/ 

of this Tranflation. '^ ij 

I^VD, ana tniiy Et^iUfli. ■ 

£kS about ; 

A\\ nhich 
f9 tbt ' little 

erflaiK] the 

■ aU-;(lHngs ' 

l-XV ne 

. /fcSVftK words wp fo Et^lifit'd by (jtir laft "tranfiators, 
Dent, xxxii. ^,. the Verb there. j» indeed ia a different 
Form } but civp -nudces do difference in the meaniog of it. 
I cannot fini' ' ~ Sj biB ourlafl, take it othcr- 

wifc there, 09 noti'Srt Aiafworth him- 

felf. Tit i ocm, 2 SUm. xxii. 4«> and 

., yet they ror ill is tbejl do in this. The 

' ground cm rjs ttiat ^anllatcd is, th^t 

ni^hy Verbs ;hetameflRnification of two 

Verbs in 01 lusior ibriance, OSJN in 

the 'Hehrnf u be inUlj, as 'tis cranflated, 

■if.ti. iv. 13. lifmver'fiM, or ac*nowMse 

twrfelftobefuiityyiA H^-. v. M'. So {£)n3 may (ignify 
not only, to feign, -lyt, Oc iijfemlk, biir, /» be fiHni out, or 
difctver'd Sn J>aHg fi. And this is- certainly ad iiillanceof the 
Prndeocc and Pi«y of our tranflacors, that they cliote ro 
f-ender the wards \a this manner, rather than to rurii tUem 
■ ■ D 4 literjll), 

5 6 . T^ous in Pefen^e 

licertlly, tkine enemies fl)ctll lye^ or d'tJfemHe whb tbte ; for 
by this means they removed, fo far as in them fiivi^sdl 'oc- 
t^xon from thofe, who arc always difpofcd to xm Sorip- 
tare in the Worft ftftce. They wwdd npc nic^ntion the Sia of 
Xying to GodV hut ttey would Intimaw, at the fame time, 
that It Was impoHtble for fuch- Ch&ts' to take ^fi^, but 
thattheyfhould W/*^o<£iyars,as wcilisbefo. Mdfince 

. thcNtbrcw Idibnrdoes allow of tHisTjranQarion; andimee 

jjie words arc a^ually fo turn'd by oufiafl: TranflatOR, when 

apply'd to Men in Deut. xxxHuW. 20. certai^ they 

ought to be fo tranfliKed wherc-fcll^- are fpoken qf God, as 

' they are in* this place. '^'|' ,^'. ' 

6* They fbaf mil not believe.'] Qui iiki^uli funt^^Aoi/Ier. 
LXVIIL. 6. That makethmen of one Mm In an Aon^e. J ijcarfee 

- nl^rea(bnt<>doubt^ bat on^rt'. ''5g«'fi«> Men ^f me mnd^ 
The Verb ^n^^ ^om whence it ddmes, fignifies, to tmite, or 

comply ; arid h fo pirnM by 6ur lart tranflators, Gemydix. 6* 
^ And tnis veijy^ word in the j^emittine' Gender, is tomVI, 
darling twice, ^tleaft, by Our'liift Tranflators, wx, PfaL 
• KXii. 21. xKxv. 17. And thcii tjic fence of tbe ^e3roi> will 
"be, he *maieth ^eri to dweily ot\ remiin^^ 6nly, clofe friends 
inanlhufe\ which our Tranflatpt^ Ijav^ thus rendredinaii 
eafy and familiar manner.' The Styejifyitsty be ^.ken cithef 
in phe fence of this T^nflatioi^, oirthcl^rt, for ^ovokoifQ^ 
n^y fi^ify tkhct foHtarj\ or, if tbffdrf^ _ 

Runagates.l Qui ab eo dilcedunt, JlWnJJet. 
; 9* Kefrijhel^.^ R^treabas, CafleLVatabliH. 

12. They of the houmld^ Famifia doittAs, Munffer. Habitat^ 
dom(is, At. Mbntdn. VoriA refidtt; Cafi^ttm. They all nieaii 
the fame thing, i/tr. they who fbiy-d at home, and attended 
God*s Worftlp. in the Tawrniafele, as bidng either, bj rcaM 
of Sex, or Age, or Infirmity, unfit for- War. It may, perhaps, 
be thought, by fome, that 'tis a feuk that they who arc here 
faid to Itay at home, and in the form^ Verfc, to be Preachers, 
are note^jpfvis^ or intimated » be Women, becahfe in 
both places; tbe^^fHrew wordi^ have a Pcminine Termina- 
tion i but VSt. ^Amfyortk gite§ 'a 'vciry' good Anfw^r as \o the 
word turned Ph^obers^ viz. 1. That Solomon calleth himfelf 
iJCobelethy' or^ Prekchtr^ in the Feminine Gender, does it fd? 
low thai he was a Woman ? s . The Gree^ maketh it Mafcu- 
line. ^. TIic CaUet Paraphrafe aj^liesit to Afofes aqd Aaron^ 
I thin V tlicr^ i^ very good reafbii \vhy not only the Women, 
but fome of the Men (hould tarry at Imne, namelv, by rea- 
Ion of Age, Qr Sickncfs, or OSc^ ^ as finr infhmcd, fbmcof 
the Priefts, to perforns the copflaQt jublick Oevotioa* And 
indeed, the M^hrem is fo far^frqm beitig nice imGenders, 
fhat Afofes fpeaks of, and to Qod^ in tte Feminine, R^ , 

of this Jroftllatwu 5 7 

Jfmb. xi. 1$. So that I think, no oqe ca9|^d||nk it ncctihty 
to liavc the Preachers^ an4 thofe who Ifeid 4t liQme,*to V 
mcntiott'd as Females, except he be partial, in . order to 
ferve a turn by it, and be willing, for the fake of that, to 
inojr thc.greateft Abfurdities^ 
i-XVIlT. 14* Tor their fakes.'] Propter earn, -w'^^ familiam, 
Jktunfler. Pamiiia being a Noun of Multitude, therefore the 
£ng/i/]b Pronoun is juOIy turn'd plurall^ their, V 
? ^6. Ifraely'from the ground of the beart/] Ex origirie cordis, 
/ Ifrael, Mnnfter.' ' ' .'\ ? ' 

, 27: Tbere\k little Benjamin their Kuler^ arid tHe'^Phtkts of Ju- 
JM their cotinfeL] Mr. Ainfw^th^ and others;' turn W])"* 

piurally, f Aeir Kulersy and fupply, with, pu Hammond af- 
. ferts, that therp is no occafion for fithcr/ *. . . ' - j 

"< 30. Whe^ the comany of the ff ear-men, andmultitMiejftbimigb" 
ty are fcatftred abroad.'] Diflupato cxi:u epruxn^t <qui.utuntnr 
ianceis, & caeta validoruai, Jmnfter. 

• 34« Afqr'^je the fmet to God ovet Ifmel't ^ '^orflnp ami 
.1 fi^^H^h ^ if ^bf clouds.'] Pat^ fortitudinem Deo fuper If- 

: > rai^l ^/oiagniiicentia, $c forticodo ejus in, xhibsbns, Murder. 

.. 35ri«%Ao(y f/<^5f-fO.ThcytWtntheprefeQt, m^-, fodoour 

'/. ia(l Tranflators, £xpA.3cx,v. i8. :. \'^ ' - - V 

.iXIX. 2,^. And, ever bom tb^ domn their packs. '^ -Saint Paul^ 
KomiiiA^XQ. ajs well as the 5'^T/en^;', underOood *the words 
.in. the Ciipie mStnner. loines in the Hebrew *is> pItt for the 
/(^Ci^, ^hy.| an ufiial 5>i2f (uA^rif , and (faysi OrofiM) n^OH 
.ivtiidi fignUies fht^e;, iignifies alfo, tire. Atfmla turns it^ 

I : ' iilnSUit^fr$wwear/yi^\]f^n\{y the fame Aiing, namely, 
to be overlived with hard burdens, and lead a (It^vijh life. 
' 2j, .ttpfrHbemfdlf, fisc:] Hammwd proves, that the Hebrew 
Mford fi^nifics, bare permiffion. So the fame word is turo'd, 
^ Ff4i. xvu to. Tboufbalt not fnffler, ice. 

LXXL 2. TThoU hafl fromifed."] The Hebrew word commonly fig- 
^ nifies. Command', but does undoubtedly here import, i'ro- 

m^f , as GejerHf has obf^rved. 
LXXK.. a. And defend the poor.] The Hebrew Phrafe is, fo jird^e 
» tke^poor with judgment. A Phrrfe of the ve|[y fame import, 
^j(. f^ ife judgment, is twice varied by oqr laft Tranflators 
to*the very fame fenfe, i Kings viii. ^i, 49. for, fo maintain 
ihe eaufe, and, #0 (/f/dii/, (I fuppofe) do dot at all differ ia 
3. Righteoufnefi,] without by before it. So Dr. Hammond cor- 
' refts our laft Tranflation, as taking 3 to be a mere exple- 
tive. See General Note 8. 
6. A fleece of wool.] U fignifies either a fleece of wool, or, 
' ^ut grafs. The ancien; Tranflators ren4er it as we do. 

' -^ y^ ■ ' •; .•' •■ ■';■ ■ ••■ 

15. Pra^itr 

5 8 Notes in Defoice 

|I5. Prt^ir fiat he made -— mt^o him.'} Gejerm underRands 
thefe words in the fame matmer, and turns theaa, Horabi^ 
t6. Jin heap of emu} The Syrlac turns it^ jblentjf of com. See 
Hmrnmnd. So J^6ui and Ge]erm undmland it, fuppofidg 
chat riDS comes from tt;^ to multtpl}^ or from t2^S ^imh 

Hk frvit^^ fhall he creeiu\ Here they conftnie fruity being in 

tne Hekrem of the finsttiar Number, mthfjfoUhecreen^ymA 

is'in the^f^TM^ pkurd, either fuppofingit to be an EnaUage. 

See Oen. Note 4. or becanfe fruit is a Nmm of mnltitttdCy & 

fo may bear a Verb plural. And they turn O in* See 

1 7« Shall remm among the pojierities.'} Thus have they mcdy 

rendred the Uekrew \13] in the Language of wt Age* 

Hammond, ShaB difcendon his children* 

XXXm. 4. tb^ me tn no fetil of death.} Both AhftPortb and 
our laft Tianflacors turn thefe words accordin|to the Letter, 
There are m hands jn their death. Our Tranuators give the 
meaning of thofe dark words, vii^. mched Men are not nn- 
der any bonds of Confcience^ do not think tbemfehes honnd to 
die for Keligjion^ $r thek Conntty f CotMracks (^m^^iiiO ^<^ 
feldom made agakfi their tives^ hut by them i^iifi the laves 
of others. Few that are in Authority have Courage enoi^ 
to bind over thefe great Sinnefs, to anfwer fi>r theif Crimes; 
thev burft the Yoke, and breab the band ciiU hUni^Laws; 
and fo they are not in peril of death, fo mndr as better Men 

7* lley do even what, they Infi. } Exeqnuiinir imaf^nadones 
cordis, Munfier. 

t. They corrupt other ^ and (peak of wicked blafphen^ : their tali 
it againft the mofi high.} Corrumpuiit alios, loqnunturde 
pefGml calumnid, contra exc^fum loquuntur, Mmjier. See 
Blal^me in Vocab. 

10 Therrfore fall the people unto them^ and thereout fuck they no 
fmall advantage.} I fuppofe pur Tranflators conftrued thefe 
words as (he others did, ^rtK. therefore bk, otythe people j viz. 
the Jews, turn ^ther^ chatjs, fays G^hs^ they are much 
inclined to die nd|>le Forcunes, (fortunam feqintnr^ Juven.) 
and Favours, which they hope to receive fn>m profperous 
Heathen Princes; whom therefore Men, that are ptherwife 
good, too often follow^ and efpoufe their Caufe. This is 
what is mofl probably meant by their falling amay, or, twnt- 
ing hither y or, to them. ' As for the i»al^ers of a fuU cup, by 
it, our Tranflators, and fomp others, underflood plenty, a^ 
^^fi.*x2qt!y. iZ. and plcafnre^^ rr(fv'. ix. 17; and by this they 

^ meant 


o/ this Tranflation' 5 ^ 

Hiunt the adTawage wliich fome of the Jews got ,by fiding 
with the wofpaom wicked- 
14. tttUMd I bad almojl faid.'] Here wefupply, tUmft^ and 
turn ut3 alTiriiuuycly, as-out laft TranQaiors do, iVav. iii, 

Camn^f'} Reprobwi. JWtotff. V^abhfulfy wrwi^'rf, Ainfw. 
^.IJCSCni. 19. ^» /Wt HaitmdJh their image tt vanijb wt of 
(tir ci//.] Here our Tnnfliiwrs twa 1^ Cfly, afe Munfler^ 
IM Jfd. and others do. Tlfc prcfct .3 they render, wif of, 
44 b Very ufiial;. and the Verb Hpll they underflood 
inndl te Cafiell'MiiH, who tarns it, aSo/ilj, or, u the i'etjenr)'.- 

JiiJ^r«!m;- See Oth.'ll(iie 9. 
. I. (f- -■ - - 

ptjciv. i.Wbfdrt tfliiS:, afr^ .' T Quare abes ? Miiiijt. 

3. 7^ IHieof *iKMinftmr«in«ri Tribiis HarcdWtU, Mknifer, 
JO. that' ttndtrfiandetb dnj jnireT^ They took HO 10 fignify, 
''diAt^|i(g; asitdae^,-fvi) i|. where it isfkid ofthccla- 
RWroos Wonun, tba Jhe iiuaiett not *nj thing. They Enelijh 
IS is nip , for wliich 'tis 6fEcn put, vi^,- mwe, adbuc am- 
ftitB, ahd tranflate both in fliort, fully to the fence, aiy 
mbre. There can be no aecdliiy of turning thefe two words, 
hcjp htiff it is not certain that they ever fo fignify, and if 
the Granunar do not require it, the fence, for certain, does 
trot ; for they did kiioW how long the Captivity thould lali, 
yenmiab had foretold that, fer. xxv. 9, 12. a chroa. xxxvi. 
. at-^^e. 
19. Wt^ ftueiefl ibsk 1 
fiOne the enemj .' de; 
cSRn, St hoftem Coi 
feAte as ours, diily 
tMre agrctiablcio ( 
SiJ^feiScnt by an Ii 
16. TbiU iTOMgfiteJt Of 
cleave the /oinrfiun/ < 
havfc nirn'd into ie 
■ Htn%lD, alters our 
J.XKVI. i^ And aS the men, iAhafe hdndt iftTe mighty^ h^fc found 
tiitiliig.^ Et liihil inVerietunt ciinfti Viri, quorum ijianuj 
ipOtiilies fucruiit. 
10. r~i»'l&ll£; here Items to be li^ft diitraupat'ed : ho\ycvcr, 
without v6y dainage to th& fence ; ffar'tfiis Expreffio'n, The 
remi&skr of wrath, Signifies, dther, 
I. TJiat elwM Was Wrath yet remaining In'SenMherib.aod 
that is efffeftually intihiatcd by ourTnnflators-, for if 
there had been no'V/rach remiiihing, there had been 
no occafion ibr God's reflraining it. Where is the 
fliiffarencc between faying. Believe me four friend, and 

^0 Notes in V^fenct . 

Believe mc to remmnyowr Ftiaid ; or, /// fpfnd m Ufe^ 
rn/jfend tbi rmmnder 6f n^ life. 
^. Of chat the Anger oiSengcherib was now moire excdRve, 
chat the very dre^ of his Fury were yet behhkt : SoCf- 
fiellh uaderAood it, who turns the words, exuberantibus 
furmbm : And if this be the meaning, we do better ex* 
prefs it to the Capacity of an Enittmian^ by calling it 
fimenefs^ than they who retain tne doubtfid Hthrtm 
Phra(<^ remaimler ^wrafk 
1 2* fie fhaU refriunJ] Cohtbet, MimHer. , Brini ^<'"^ Hath. 
LXXVIU }• WhenJ} n for the moft part iignifies md^ but fome- 
times, when^ as the Gteek jg does^ Af^ir^ xv. 25, and by thns 
turning it the fence is made very clear* 
6. And fearcbed out m;fpmts;\ Here there is an Enallage of 
Pcribn conceaFd ; and fo Tbo. Wakefield^ one of the 6rft 
Maftars of Hebrew in EngUmd^ underftood thefe words ^ fibr 
in a Bible, with his Mamnal Notev th2[i^ wriatn, as ic 
feems, with his own han^ ^h!lU7na trarwi : Over thefe 
words, in the Hebrew Text, ^HTI ^f^TX^j _ See Gen. iMe 4. 

I). Hoiy.^ In fanfto, Mwnfter. In fanSity^ Ainfw. meaniHfc 

(ays he, that it is moft holy. And Harnmond is to the fame 

18. Round about.'] Hebrew, Tn m roHndj or a circle* . 
IXXVIIL 27. SouilhweS wind.'] Aifia^ Seventy. Sec den. Note 9. 

Africum, Munfter and Ltojud. ' 

42. Mffwd^ or provoked \ ft) the Seventy turn the Hebrew word 

T\IT\ who were the fafeft Guides that could be folfow'd in 

this particular. This Verb is ufed again, tfitntb. xxxiv, 7, 9. 
There 'tis tum*d, point out^ by our laft Tranflators^ meafitre^ 
by the Seventy^ i Sam. xxi. xj. where *tis turn'd, Jcrai^ed^ 
by our lail Tranflacors ; drunCd by the Seventy^ in £jC%tx. 4. 
'tis tiirnM, mark*df by all. But what could our Tr^htors 
do better, un^er fuch unceruintics^ than rcain the tM 
Tranflation ? 
45- Lice.] Tranflators do not ufe greater liberty, nor more 
differ uon^ one another in any parcicular, th^n ip reiidring 
into the Latin and Vulgar Tongues, the Names of thole fe- 
veral unwelcome Animals or Infers, with which the S0ti* 
* ant were plagued. Twere no difficult thing to iiialce it ak 
together as probable, th^t by !il||) here^ and Exodprni.21^ 

fyp. ts^eant Lice ^ and by Q'^il fKiex, as ^hac thofe words 

do fignify thofe very Animals by whole Names they are 
commonly called : But *tis not my biifif|e^ to advance Para- 
doxes, .or nf w Notions ; I therefore '^ihtt chufe frankly to 
own, that here is a Miftake of the. Pen or the Prels. That 
bor Tranflators turned 21]^ Kiu here, I think moft evi- 
I. • / 4cnt 

of this franflatiott. 6t 

iini^ becanfe they earn it fo, Exod. viii. at, t(yc* as appears 
by all the printed Books chat r haVe feen. And to put the 
matter beyond all doubt, they tranflate, YVSf Piles^ and 

O^J3 Hcf, Pfal. cv. 51. TheMiftakc of Lyfe (fothcy 

fomccimes print iO for ^/i^^> might eafily be committed by 
a Tranfcriber or frinteTy tho* he were not carelefs. I think 
it a Mifhke, if I may fo call it, of little or no confequence, 
becaule of the very great uncertainty of the true Animal^ 
thereby meant *, perhaps tliey might be fuch at we are not; 
acquainted with in thefe cdd remote Countries* 
48. Mulberrjhtreis.'] The Nehrev^ rDQpt? are a fort o£ 

Trees unknown to us. We are fure that they bore Fruit, 

Jbnos vii. 14. and therefore were not what we all Sycamores. 

If thefe Trees be of the lame fort with the Greek Svjci/t^of ©-, 

or, St/Kouof U» then they did refemble both the Fig^Tree 

and the MHthmy-Tree. Our Tranflators chofe to call it by 

the latter Name, becaufe, with us, this Trte is more valu* 

able, efpecially on account of its Fruit, than the other ; 

ibr we may reafonably fuppofo, that a Plague would not be ^ 

defcribed by the deilruftkn of iruitlefi or iniignificant Trees : 

But 'tis no jjsreat matter, as to the fence, what Trees arei 

expreffed, fo they be but of fome ufe or account. For I 

fuppofe every ccmfidering Reader muft be fenfible, that tho* 

the Pfalmift mention but one fort, yet he means all Trees 

that were of value : And the mention of any one kind of 

Tree, that is ufefiil for Profit or Pleafure, will, in fuch cafes, 

ferve the pufpole of the Compdfer or Tranflator, as well as 


58* Lkke d broken b(mr\ Hebrew^ 4 hm of deceit^ that isj Ciys 

Jummy K hm unexpeSedfy broken^ which dif appoints the aim of 

tbi Archer. 

LXXIX. II. let the vengeance of thy fervants blood.'] Both 

Hammond and Mnfmrtb follow the lame Synux, in this 

friace, with our Tranflators. 

LXJCX. I. Who JkteSupmthe Cbembims.'] Qui infides Cheru* 

bim, Mknfier. 

4* With thy feofle that fr^g/eth. 3 Orante populo tuo, Mutfier. 

Orantibus ttois, Ci(^e/. 
6. Laugh Hi tofu/m,} Hebrew, Langff at ihem : at them^ fays 
Amfmorth^ tfat n^thy pesple^ that is, mt) for the Hebrew 
fometimes changeth the Perfon. / 

LXXXL 5» Out of the land of E0t. ] From 'the land 0/ Efypt^ 
fays Ainfmrtb^ which is the fame thing. 
He — had heard a ftrange laniuage.'] Here again there is an 
Enallage of Perfon concealo. See General Note 4. and fJote 
on Pfalm Ixxx. ver. 6. 
7^ What time a$ the Jlorm feB i(pon thee.'] Our Tranflator?, I pre- 


6t Kotes in t^ifertce 

underflamiing diis Expremoa, as if ic had beqi fiud^ Wkn 
ibe ftorm cover' i thee : But becanfe this was no Sng^ifi Fhnde, 
they changed ic for one that was, vixr wben^ or, v49at^ time 
the ftorm fell upon thee. And ic is to be obferved, that the 
Seventh turn oyn Vidfltuyhf ^ ftorm. See Gen* Note fi 
And the Apoftle ufes OJeA?^^ a word of the Umc ftffdBaL" 
tion, when he is fpeaking of tht very fanie (thing, Hetrevti 
xii. 1 8. 
x5. 7%e A^erj of the Lord flfould have been found liars,'^ Set 
Note on Pfalm Ixvi. 2. 
tXXXlVi 2. Rejoice.'] The Seventy ^ fays Dr. Hammond, by 
jfV«txxi«(rcfcv7»5 importing exceeding jar, hare fitly rendred 
tffis word, tfii^* f 47 ' 
^. Mifery.'} rO^ Bachab fignifies ro weep, coiif^iiendy) mf- 

LXXXVU; 4,$,tf. -^£.3 that HJ fignifies here fomd gfdi^ 

famous Perfon, the fence and coherence do evideiitly fNef^. 
The Tranflatom. with gr^t probalnlity, fuppofed thae 
n)'H} TE;'S in Che 5th Verie, figniBed the lame widi Ht 

in the 6th. And *tis no unufi^ thing in the Nebrem and 
HelUtiftic Greek to exprefs the greatnefs of any dung by re- 
peating the Subftantive : So^ in the Song of Deborah, Jud. ▼« 
30. a prey^ a prey, fignifies a p€at prey. Thus tht way, the 
way, Deut.'xL 27. denotes the largeft, or, as 'tis rendred, 
the high-way : And juftice, jujtict, Deut. xvL ao. great^ or 
eminent juftice. So ranks, rmks, or, companies, tompames, as 
it is in che Gree/f, fignifies /re^f compames, Mark vi. 40* 
that is, as the Texc exprdies it, by fifties and hkndredjti 
which was a ^rcac number co fie, or he down together to? 
eac : for the fame reafon chey fuppofed^ chat a matk. and a 
man^ inchis place^ denoted a very great or extraordinary 
Man : And, by this means, they have made the fence plain 
and agreeable. 

7. Shall he rehear fh.] We repeat thefc words from the fore, 
going Verfe -, the ocher Tranflacors fupply, fl)all be there. 
LXXXVIII. 9. Faileth.'] Emarcuic, VaiablHf. 

1 6. the fear of thee bath undone me. J Terrores tui perdide- 
runt mc, Munfter. 
LXXXIX,' 1 1. Jim hai fubduU Egypt, and Aifttnyed ».] Con- 
trivifti Egypcum ufque ad internecionem, Mmfler. 

i6. That can repke in thee.^ Qui te, Jova, iantare norunty 

20. Thy faints.'] Ad pios tuos, Atunfter. Botit Ainfwertb and 
our iau Trantlators cum this very word,^ 'l"''Pn thy faint Sf 

plurally, P/ii/. Ixxi^.a* , 
47i HelUy Iniexxki^Munflir. Wllj Ainf^^h^ mic^ Hants 


of this Tranflaikn^ 6i 

P£i]. XC. I. Refuge A So ffamtfiond corrtfts our iaft tnmflators* 

Rabitaculum ^efugii, Mtmfter. 
J. ThoufcattereS.'] Spargb, Cafiellio. 
They fade away fkddmy like the §jrafi^ 6^ In thi m6r^ni it is 

green, and grome$b up.'] Here wc turn the lame word ^*7n 

fade amayyUi the 5ch Verfe, grometb up^ in the 5th; but lb 
does Mmfter to6» in t)^ firft place, mutatur ^ in the other, 
crefciP. So does Hammond, in the firft place, chaifed^ in the 
other, ffroweih up ^ and he proves, that the wora is capable 
of both fenfes, and that both belong to it in this place : So 

they took np23 to fignify not properly in the firft place^ 

iur it does in the fecond, but /oon, or, fuddenfy -j as it does 
again, i)er. 14. and in ftead of repi^fenting the iiaiiUtnde in' 
tbt IMrew way, that is, without an Apimfis, viz. As the 
grafi fadetb awt^ fuddenfy^ they do it in the manner that is 
moft agreeable to Englijh Ears, they fade ama^ fnddenlj like 
the gjtajik 

ii» Be iracioui.^ Placabilis efto, Afimjlfr* 

i-j. GUxrioug Ma0j.'] Dccor^ Munfter. hoLyLittirnu Seventy. 
Sec General Note 9. 

XCI. I. DweUeth under the^efence*'^ Remains in the prtteSieni 
4. Ftatbfulnejl and truth J\ Faith fulnefi here is^ no addition tp 
the fence : But becauie Truth may be uken in (everal fences j 
Faithfulnefi joined with it, ftiews, that here it fignifics, ftea- 
dinejs fn performing Fromifes. 

8. TeaJ\ Ucique, Munjler, 

9. For thou. Lord, art my hope, thou haft fet thine houfe of de* 
fence very highA Quoniam tu^ Domine, es fpes mea, exce^ 
fum pofuifti haoitacttlum refugii tui, Munfter. ' The 77^. Vcr- 
fion oi Leojud. is much to the lame purpofe, only it has, 
in e^/>9, in ftead of^ excelfum* Xkm Hammond conftrues the 

Verfe in the fome manner, fave that he renders Jl^*?^? fhe 

moSi high* 

XCII* g« Vpon a loud injlrument, and upon theharp.'^ Super in* 
ftrumento fonoip cum Cythara, Munfter. The Hebrew word 
is very varioufly tranflated^, which we tranflate afc^r Munjter, 
loud inftrument. Some turn it. Melody* Hammond, Song, or, 
loud voice. Ainfworth, Meaitatiw. Our Iaft Tranflators, ^ 
folemn found. Others retain the Hebrew Avord, Higgaton* 

XCIV, 10. He that nwrtureth the heathen, it k he that tedthetb 
man knowledge, (hall not he puhifh ^ j <^ui gentes corrigit, 
Quique homines fciendam docet, nonne is vos arguet ? fig. 
He that injlruSs the Nations^ he that teachetb man knowledge, 
fljall not he rebuke^ or pumfh ? Ham. Our Iaft Tranflators give 
another conftruftion of thefe words, and fu|^]y, Shall not 
'• - ' he' 

^4 tiotes iri "Defend ^ 

Be knisw P But 0r. Hammni fays there is no iie^ of clus^' 
and that the fence is more perfpicupus without it. 
1$, Vntll righUwfneR turn again unto judgment.'^ Ufque dam 

rcd^t jttftitia a4 Judicium. 
io. As a /4».] Pro ikcuto, Munfler. For a law^ Ainfw. 

XCV. 4. Cariifr J, Penetralia, Mnnfter. Secret parts^ Ham. 

XCVII. 1 1 . There k ^ung up Ujgbt.l • Seventy^ *v41«ixe. Mmft* 
Sparfa eft. All three do a little abate the Hebrew Cafa* 
chrefis of lights being fhwn. See FfaL vi. 6^ 

XCIX. I. Let the people be never foimpafieAt.'] jtmfivortVs An- 
noutions are to the fame fence. 
4* Thou baS prepared eqitjtjf.l Paraftt a^uitatem, Munftef^ 

CI. 2. let me have underfiantang.'] Tis in the Hebrew put in the 
future Tenfe^ but then it is to be xemembred, that the He- 
brews have no Potential, or Optative Mood, and therefore 
uSc their fuiure Tenfe in ftead of it. See Pfat. cxix. ^oi, 4t 
5, ^, 7, 9. TaUy I, 2, &c. Our Tranflators thpngjit it more 
agreeable to exprefs it by way of wifh, tlian in a pofitive 
manner^ and more befitting the huiAblc Temper of David^ 
and all good Men. The Hebrew Verb here ufed, properly 
iignifies, to under Kandj Deut^ xxxii. 2.9. ifpf^^' ^^^ ^^ 
may be obferved, that Verbs iignifying Aftion, when the 
future Tenfe is thus put in a Potential or Optative fence, 
though they are e^cprefs'd in Hebrew in the firft Pcrfon ish 
ture, yet cannot be fully rendred, as co their fence, but by 
the EHgliJh words, may J, or, let me : Therefore the He^ 
brew r\l^yK literally, / will pafi^ is juftly rendred in 

^fig^'^fit Lttme'pdft^ Deut. iL 27. And for the fame reafen 
our Tranflators, in ftead of faying, Qj will have under ftand- 
ing in the way of godlinefty exprefi die fence in this manner, 
let wf , &c. 

4. / will take no wicked thing in band.'] This is the EngliJB 
Phrafe, fignifying the lame with that Hebrew onc^ I willfet 
no wicked thing bejore mine eyes* So both our Learned Pa- 
raphrafts undcrftand it, 

ClI. 3. A firebrand^ TOrris, Caftellio. 

5. AjK bones will fcarce cleave to my fiejh.'] If it be graiiM, 
that our Tranflators did here fupply, fcarce y yet 'fls no 
greater liberty than others have taken in other places. . See 
General Note '6. Ic feenls to me, that our laft TranUatots 
have fupply'd this very Particle, fcarce^ Gen. xxvii, ^4. 1\H 

. there may be a meet expletive, as quidem in the Ldtin'y (zip 
in the Greek ^ but it does not appear, that either tliat, or 
any other Hebrew Adverb has the fame iigmfication with 
our Englifhy fcarce. And yet, perhaps, 'tis n6t necelTary to 
fuppofe, that ic is fupply a here, for it rttay be imported in 
the Verb p^t : Tis true^ fometimes this word (rgniSes to 


of this Tranflationl 6^ 

. '. Bkt clpfe^ as wheia \\s ufcd of the Leprofy., &fc. a kft^s v.27^ 
but ac othejp places ic only fignifics, tofollorp cltfe after ^ as 
p. Sam. vi. 6. or, wj^irh is the lime things fcarce to ckavei 
or, be joind h: Aqd the Noun CTp^l, i /C/n^x xxii. 34, 
turn'dy jflf/tf jj aijd which does vifibly come from this Vcrb^ 
. .evidently fignifies that place in Ahaby Armour, where the 
itcveral parts did not fo perfcftly meet, but tl^it they left 
jfoom ibr the ,|sm;^ Arrow to enter ; fo that this Verb may 
' /rfoinctimes iigniify to hang loofely together^ or, be fcarce joined 5 
and therefore cannot, perhaps, more exaftly be rendred 
here, than is done by our Tranflators, 1;/^. fcarce cleavei 
' , And, I fuppofe,, if the words will bear this rendition, the 
r . fepce will require it. For ^'tis evident, that the Pfalmifl's 
leanneA, proceeded from the pining of his Fle(h| by reafon 
of Grief or Sicknefs, ji/er. 4,6, 7, 23, 24. in which cafe, the 
$kin and remaining Flelh hangs Jopfe about the Bones, or, 
will fcarce cleave to the Bones: Which feem^ to be the 
true meaning of thefe words. For the oT>fei;ving Reader 
'■, cannot tut be fenfible of tht HypdUge. Further, let it be 
cbnfidef'd, that there is no inconfiftence between our twd 
Trijnflatlons. ^'c^^'ce, does not always detiy i? our Tongue^ 
» but fometimes; more, uintiy affirms, as when i.t.Setef faySj| 
ihAi the righteous are fcarce faved\ he does not deny, but 
fuppofes that they are faved. Perhaps the words ^cannot bet- 
ter be tijirn'd, than by. putting bothTranflations together ,thus; 
My bones cleaife, and Jcarce cleave tomy flefh. 
Cr/.^^n S/^fljoJI^T^y words pleafe bim.2, Et gratum erit ei elo- 
. . jquium meu^, Munfier. 
. Cy* 18. The irmenSired into bU foul,'] Ferrum inrravit ufque iri 
anhnam ejas,-}>/iiw^er. And; to both Dr. Hammond zvA 
. '■mx;,Ainfw(xrtl^k : " , . ; . . 

1^. VnitU the time came that hite^e, wot inown.^. Ufque duni 
. . . venit tcmpus quo in^otefcebat caufa ejus, Munfier. 

•32. To inform-'] Mr. Ainfvoorth tranflatcs,- to bind, • which he 
. r ;, thjBS explains^ vi^^m to inform^ and gofuern asfubjefis. So chat, 
V ' according to him, toinform^ in the Language 'of that Age, 
'-: '. viTi* th^ beginning of thfc laft Century, fignVfy'd to direft 

'- with Authority- . v v .; . . 

'. &$.;iVhoJe heart turned fo.] dur Tranflators take the Verb TjSii 

to (ignifie as an abfolute^ when it is corhmonly zOi)irt znd 
, /' tranficive^ (is turn is iikewife in the ^/3fg/i/7;) than which, no- 
thing is more common in all Languages^ A pious Tranflacr- 
on this; 1n which I think it pity that none havjeJ followed 
them^ to my knowledge* ► 

p^. And they were not i^hedient unto his rPordJ^ , No Paffage in this 
>6ki Plalter isjchought fo liable to Objciftion as; this, therefore 
, I ftiall morepwicuiariy confider itr 

66 ^otes in Defence 

i. I think it very evident, that the words ought to tie ccmk 
ftrued as a <^eftioB ask'd, Did they vat rebel agaivSt hk 
tmdf There is no certain way to know when any Sen- 
tence in the He\/few is to be uderftood thus, cmt otiMr« 
wife, but by what goes before, and what folbws : And 
If we may judge by the coherence^ I doubt not but this 
will appear to be the mod probable meaning of the 
words. To £iy, that the Egjfptlans did mt rebels is fidfe* 
and therefore cannot be the meaning of the words. To 
fay, that Mofts and Aar^ did w$ reoel feems to be £>• 
reign to die purpofe of the Pfilmift : For the darknels 
W^s not fent to reduce Mcfes and Aaron ^to obedience, 
but Pbaraob and the Egyptians \ and therefore it is more 
itafonable to fuppofe, uiat thefe woids were defigncd 
to exprefs the obfUnacy and rebellion of them, noc- 
withflanding this Miracle, than the obedience or com- 
pliance of Afofes and Aaron* It follows in the next 
Verfe, Be tnrned tbehr Heaters into blood -y which furdv 
was not done to convert Mofes and Aaron^ but Pharaoh ■ 
and his Snbjeds : So that if we do not read the words 
itttcrrpgacively, they will have no apparent connexion 
with what goes before, and what follows : For what 
occafion had the Plklmift to fay, that Mofes and Aaron 
rebelled mt / All which confider*d, I cannot but think, 
that if we have any-whcre jM reafon to take a Sentence 
by way of a Queflion ask'd, 'tis here. Some would have 
it thought, that a Queftion by ^^ cannot be ask^d, 
without the prefix H', or, with the prefx 1 ^ but this 
Fancy is efFeftually confuted by that Text, Exod.vnL26. 
where there is a Qucflion ask'd, HTili they ito# ftmie m i 
by 1 , and h^ without n . 

2. Queflions ask*d do not always imply doubt, bnc adier 

more flrongly affirm or deny. The Tex^ laft mention'd 
is an evident proof of this, vi^. Will they mt ftone m i 
that is, they will mod certainly ftone us. Thus, 
2 Kings {xx. 20. Are they mt written / iignifies, that 
they were moft afloredly written. So again. Gen* br. y. 
If fboH doSl welly (halt thtnt mt be aeeepted f that is, 
you (hall moft infallibly be accepted. This Text is, I 
liippofe, another Inftanceofwhat I am now (hewing: For 
when the Pfalmift asks the Que(tion, Did they not rebel 
againS his word? his meaning is. They did rebels or, 
were not obedient unto hit word. 

3. Queftions thus aslc'd in the Hebrew^ ittay fitly be tufn'd, 

either affirmatively or negatively, as the ftnce and oc<* 
ca(ion require. Our laft Tranuators have done this, 
Ecelefiafticm vi. 94. for the Greek Text there rU cofU% 
nrio<rn,ohhify\f\% d-JJS^ who is wife i OTfisanyone wtfe / 


of this Tranflationk 6f 

Aeove to him ^ Buc our Tranflators drop the Queflion^ 
«nd turn k, Cleave to him that Is wife, y and yet I think 
^ that no impartial Man will accufc them of tranflathig 
•' "thefc words unfaithfully. But we need not infift on 
this, we have a liiofl unqueflionable Authority for do* 
ing this, even that 6f the Holy Sicriptute itfelf, which 
expreffes the very lartic thing, and upoii th6 very £amcf 
6cca(ion, at one place by a <;|tteftion ask'd, at another^ 
affirmatively or negadvely : So the words faid before to 
be in i tOng^ xx. 26. Art they mt mitten / are varied 
2 Chrofi, xxxii. 92. thiy are Unitttn^ And what is puti 
as a Queftion by St. Marit^ ^haj). xi. ver. 17. is it mt 
ivritten / and chap. xii. ver. 24. Do )e hot err / is re- 
prefented afl&rmatively by St Matthew^ chap. xii. i^i 
It IS written ^ and xxii* ig. te do err : And, on the 
other fide, what Gdd faid to the Prophet Ifaiab^ by 
way of affirmation. All tbofe things hath mine hand made^ 
chap. Ixvi. 2. St* Stephen quotes interrogatively, Hath 
not mine hands made all thefe things / Arts vil. $0. And 
iince thefe two ways of Expreflion afe perfeftly the 
famcj as to fence, and that the Mofy Penmen ufe theni 
indifferently, there can, I think, no good reafon be' 
given, why Tranflatofs (honld ^not be left to their li- 
berty in this particular. And it is efpecially dc, thai 
fnch Queflions as are fudden and (hort^ and placed be^* 
tween Sentences^ that are negative of affifmative'^ 
fhould thus be varied by Englifl) Tranflators; for to» 
People: not ufcd to fuch fhort Apoftrophes^ ^fuch Q|ae4 
llions may feem abrupt^ 
4. And that it may appear, th^t 5ur Tranflators did notdd 
/ this by chancCj let it be coniider'd, that they do .this 

/at other places, as well as here, ij>H. Ffai. lyr. rg* 
Ixivi 5. xxi. ii 10 that thtfy fefem to have fettled it as 
a fixt Rule of Tranflatiiig. And I fubmit it to bcttel* 
Judgments, wfiethcr it be not a very reafonable one^ 

pfaKCVI. titli?, mltelii'jab. Of, Praife ye the Lord.^ Which, a^ 
Dr. Hammond iiytimates^ was intended to fignify, that the 
following Pfalm is a Form of Praife* He gives two very 
godd Keafonsi why it ought not to be aecotmtcd part ^ 
the Pfalffl, -WjC- 

f • " That ildiic of ih6 Atitient f ntcf pfetcrS, GteeL Spiad^ 
«* dhaldee^ Arab/ck, dec. do own thefe Words, as be* 
«* longing to the Pfalrtf otherwife than by way of 

^8 . , Notes in Defence 

2« <* BecauTe cbe beginning of this Pfalm is, rehearfed^ 

. :' ^ « I C/jron. xvi. 94. without any mention of thefe 
« woMs; for whereas our I4II Tranflation^ in the 7th 
«^, Verfc of this Chapter, fi^plies, this Pfalm ; Dr. Hawu 
« obieryes. . They (hovUd ^ther have fupply*d, theft 
•' thret PfalftiSi. {or there follows a good j«rc of the 
*Vcv, thqn. the xcvi, an4,after that the beginning and 
•* endifl'g of tills cvi* in lieu of the whole ; And this, 
^^fa^she, is in, r.eafon applicable to all thofc FCdns, 
*f vvllich have /fdllelu-jah in thefron): c)f t^iem. 

Pfal. CVl, 27. To caff out their feeiC} Vt abjiceret femen corum, 
Munjler. ' ' ' ' , . . , 

30. And prayeclQ Oravit, Mnnfter. And ; fq likewife Caftellk 
and Gejerw^ and gll die Ancients, do either turn, prayed, 
or which is mych the .Tame thing, made an. atonement. 
There can be no reafpn to doubt, but tliat t|ie HebreiP woid 
may iignify, praying : It is very often fo renc^er'd in the 
Fordi Hlthpaely an4 the word TephilUy Prayers^ is allow'd 
to come from the Verb Pillel here ufed. If therefore there 
were no other evidence for Fib/wc'^'s Praying, but this Tcxt^ 
Jet I (hould think that fufficicnt, , But there is other proof 
enough i for he was one among them who wept at the door 
of the Tabernacle, tfunib* kxv. 6y % and 'tis not reafcmabk 
to fuppofe, that they came to tjie place of Publick Wor- 
(hip meerly to weep .* And we may be fure, that Pbloem^ 
beini a Prieft, had fome (hare, if not the principal, in their 
. Publick Devotion. Further, ;c;s ^exprefly faid, that F£^/ae4r 
made an atonement ^ Numb. xxv. fg. No\v, weJcnow what 
was meant by iW^<?/s. making an atonenient in the like cafe, 
namely, his praying^ that God would forgive the peopfe*s fm^ 
Ex^i/»xxxi!. B09 91, 32, The vcrjr (Hmcword isufed in the 
,/fc^-witf both places, vi:^. "'^ i\ aim therefore; no doubt, 

Phineas\ Atpqemeht chiefly confifle4 in the z^Ious Intcr- 
celfion he^ made, as we are fure |fiat pf Mofes did. I mil 
not deny,' but the execution which "Phineas did on Zimri 
and Cosbl^ may be included in the atonement fWhich lie 
made: But I chink it may fafc^y.^be aflierted, th^ Prayer 
was at teafl one principal part of his Atonement,; and 
that therefore .our Tranflators, and thefe Gres^Men, who 
go along with them, are not to be' blamed pn. this account. 
*Tis evident that Bifhop Coverdale thus' tranflatcd the 
Hebrew word with mature deliberatiqii : JFpr, in ^bis firft 
Edicida he/tnrn'd it', executed juflkey wharcin he is fd- 
, towQd h)[,'^^MattherPs*s Bible : But upon his fecond and 
better Tlioughcs, he changed it for pr^ed^ as it flill rc- 


of this Tr (inflation. 6f 

JMkh CVn. 40. nokgh hefuffer them tdhe e%M intr^HUd through 
fp'mitsi\i The Tranflajcors, I fuppofe, conftrued the words 
thus. Pouring ill treatment upon them^ from Princes or Tyrants^ 

*- tiii(pplymg, on tbem^ and turning '7y from^ as is not undfual : 

. And the words being thus conftrued, they turn'd into this 

Ycurfeat £;^/y^. By M3 rendred by others contempt^ they 

imdefftood, whatever can render men contemptible in the Eyes 

. *cf the mirldy as Bdnijhmenty Imprifonment^ tic. or, as Ainf-- 

worth cxprefles it, a contempttblteftate. tTIl a Verb nearly. 

a!iy*d to this Subftantive, commonly fignifies toroh^ or ffoily 

or ufe ill r And the very Verb lO may properly be turned^ 

"rob or wrongs prom. xiv. ii. Jfai. xlix. 7. Nor did our Tran- 

flacors take too great liberty, wheninftead of fayi;ig,^e 

-pours ill treatment upon them^ they fay, hefujfers them to be 

' jtvil tntreated. For in the fame manner moft ^ranflators, 

' for thofe Hebrernf words, Vrov. x. 3. Qod will not famifl), Or, 

ffdrve.tbe foul of the righteow^ give ns the fame fence thap 

out- laft Tranflators have done, v /\. 6od rpill not fuffer the 

' Jbkt of the rigbteom to famifh. And to Ainfworth himfelf ta- 

1 ties that Text, Exod. xxii. 18. Thou /halt not fuffer a witch to 

'. ifvCy which is exprefly in the Hebrew^ Thon fhalt not make a. 

witch to live. By tranflating the words thus, we have raide the 

connexion more clear and clofe than in the eomnlbni way 6f 

rendring thefe words 5 and on this account have as much 

the advantage of other Tranflators, as they \here have <>fusj- 

if the words be confidered apart, and bythemfelves. * 

ex. 3. The dew of thy birth if rf the womb. of the morning."^ Ah 
utcra aurorx eft tibi rps nativitatis tuae, Mutifter. 

CXI, Title. HallelU'jahf or^ Praife ye the Lord. This is one of 

, the Alphabetical Pfalms which muft . therefore begin wfth 

the Letter Kj therefore Praife ye the Lord cannoc be t|i{r 

beginning, but the Title of the Pfalm -, but H"!!^ / wiH 

praife^ or give thanks^ which does begin with that Letter. 
So Hammond and Bp. Patrick. 
CY\l. Title. HallelU'jah.'] Thisisg Pfalm of the fame fort wi-"!} 
•the CXL and therefore, for the famcreafon, mufl bei-t; 
withni^K Bleffed. .'. • , ' 

CXVIIL $. At large.^ In latitudine, iW«/f/?irr.' The Iiehrc> 
word ^niQ comes from Z^TV) which fignifies to fpz.^: 

* a.t largCy i Sam. il i. The word HJJ^ fignifies both r. 

' ^ hear and anfv^r ^ arid *by turning the words in this plain r:2- 
tural manner, we have nooccafion to make any Supplemcii : 
in this Verfe. 

fi5* We have wiflgd you good lucky ye that are of the houfe of 1 1 , 
Lord.2 Fanfta vobis ominamur, Jovae Domeftici, CaftellU^ 


E I t-i 

70 Notes in Defence 

|»(al. CXIX. Alepb 9. Thy CeremmesJ] Ceremoidas tus, Mw4lm 

pn is faid to fignify z Law^ for which there is no rcafim 

bat the Will of the Lawgiver. 
teth I. By ruling h'mfelf Sjter thy word.'] Exequendis Terbii 

tuis, Caftellh. 
Glmel 5* Thu haU rebuked the prmd^ and fwrfed ar^ they wbtch^ 
' &c/] Dr. Hammond prefers this conftruftion of the word^ 

before that of the odier Tranfladon, as being agreeable ip 

all the ancienc Interpreters. 
Vdetb $. And C4ufe thou me to rnak^ much of thy /^fc?.^ Et gra* 

ta fir milii Lex tua, Munfter* 
fie 6. That I may fear thee.'] Dr. fiammond takes the word$ 

in the lame fence. ^ 

Chetb $. The congregations,'] 73n (ignifies not only a Troop 

or Band of Armed Men, but a Company. So *tis tranflacedf 
I Sam.JCf 5, lo. fpfaking of h-ophecs or Students. Here ho 
probably means ^auPs CounfeUprs. 

Jeth 6. As fat of bram. The Hebrew t!^Sl9 i? allow'd to im- 
port bardnefly 4s well as fainefi ; and denotes the obftinacy 
as well as folly of D4t;/Vs Enemies. No Tranflation, that I 
have feen, doe^ fo expr^fly render the fence of this word^ 
and that by giving us an Englijb Fhrafe for a Hebrew one^ 
which is the molt elegant way of tranfl^ting, when the 
Languages will allow of it. 

futmed 2. I fee that all things come to an end.] Onmis rd (inem 
vidi, Ptfcator. Omnium rerum interiturarum iinem Tidi« 

^un 2. And am ftedf^ly purpofedf] Et meaim conftitm^ Mafi. 

Samech i. Them that imagine evil things^ Ham. Tbife tbaP 
think eviL Ainfworth^ in his Annotations, thus explains the 
Hebrew word, Vain thinkers^ Ferfons diftraSed with their awn 
Cogitations^ uncertain^ wavering likelifhe tops of Trees^ which 
is indeed ^he full] import of the word. C^it^ntes mala^ 

5. My delight JhaU be,'] Peleftabor, Munft. I Jhall deBgb$ 
my felf^Hzm. 
Ain 2. Make thou tJ^ fervant to delight in that which k good.] 
Dulce £ic fervo tuo id quod bo^um efl^ Munfler^ Vatablus. 
Obleft4 fervum tnum bono, Fagn. 

7. Frecioks Jfone.] Ge'mmam^ Munfter. Topai^^ Ham. 

Ft 2. Goethforthy] or, appearetb\ fo the Verb from whence 
nry^ comes is rendred by our laft Tranflators, CanP. vii. 12, 

Oflium eloquiorum fuorum lumen prxbet, Muhfi. 
J. Drew in my breath.] Attraiti fpiritum, Munft.^ 

8. Mine eyes gufh out with water.] Here the Hebrew Hyper<« 
\iQl^ is fpm^vvha^ l<ffi?ii*4. Sec Ff4.y\. 6. Iriiv 8, (jtc. 


cfthisTran/Utm. y\ 

KfA }• £4rl/ 1« tU mwiinir\ This is the whole fence of that 
rhme^ IpreveiOtdthi ddSmng of the mwmng^ if Dr. Hamm. 
were a competent Judge \ for ne, in his Paraphrafe, only 
fiySy toflf \% tbe mcmdng. They avoid the repetition of the 
word prevent. See Note en FfaLhaamn.i^. And tho' the Verb 
^ on]? be repeated in the Hebr^^ for the fake of the Poe- 
try, yet there is no neceflity for it in the Englifi. 

tiefk $• As thou art vmt. 3 t9SU/p3 iignifies, according to 

tufiomy or, jtueorJhig to judgment. ' Our laft Tranflacors turn 
the word, at thou ufeS to do^ Pfal. cxix. Ff, ver. 4. Our 
Tranflators took ic there, and here, and in the next preceding 
San^ta^ vgr. 4. in the fame fencie. 
$,cbtn 5. And they gre not offended at it.'} I fuppofe they con^ 
ftrued the whole Vcrfe thus, Great peace k to the lovers of 
thy la»j and it h not an offence to tbem^ only fupplying, it ^ 
Which they varied into this plain and good Engl'^ fence. 

CXX. 3. Witb hot burning coats. 1 I fuppofe the full force of 
this Metaphior is as effeftinlly exprefs'd by this Verfion^ as 
• if they had kept to the Letter of the Hebrew ^ and faid. 
Coals of Jumf^f ^ but with this dificrence, that nqt one in 
a thou^ud had known, why Gods of Juniper^ rather than 
of any other Wood ^ wlkreas every one underftands the 
meaning of hot burmng coals. Who ever blamed our laft 
Tranflators, or any other, for not tranflating literally thofe 
words, Pfai. Ixviii. 30. The beafts of the Cane^ or, Keed, See > 
and why (hould ^t lie a fault to ftrip the Text of its Figure 
and Veil in one place, and not in another ? 

CXXI» 6. So that the Sun fiall not burn thee by day^ nor the moon 
by mgkt.'] Her6 we have an inftance how unagreeable €a^ 
taehrefes^ or whatever looks Figurative^ and out of the com- 
mon way of fpeaking, is to the Engliflt Gemm : For whilft 
thisPfalm was in the Oflfice for Churching Women, there 
was not any objeftion againft the Liturgy, that took more 
(efpecially with that Sex that was chiefly concern'd in this 
Office) tlian this expreffion of the Moont burning •, and yec 
this was really a greater argument of want of Learning or 
Sincerity in thofe who made the Objcftion, than of any 
£iult in the Trantlation : For at the mod 'tis only changing 
a Hebrtp Catacbrefis for a Greek and Latin one ^ fbr there 
is no doubt but the Moon ^oes burny as properly as (he 
,fmiteA\ fhe (perhaps) does heifher in a literal fence, but in 
a figurative fence (lie may be faid to ^o ejtheh fuppofe 
the worft, that the lyfliicnccs of the Moon are cbld, yec the 
moft polite humane Authors fay, that the cold burns : Thus 

pftHi 4b affiduo frigore Pontm habety vi^. me. 

Trift. lib. 3. EL 2. 

E 4 rir^if 

^i Kotes in i)efence 

Virnl lays, the cold Nojrthwind burnsi. 

-■!. "-.^.?- 

Thcfc were Poets: But JTencfifr^n, writing-in CreeJ^Vrcfe, 

5no»» burns the Ifoftrils of the Dogs. And why not the 
Moon, even in December or January^ burn, as well as the 
Northwind or SnOw ? And even the Vulggr amongll us iay, 
when they undefigntdly tread in cold Water, that they have 
fpalde^ their Feet. Whether this be a Catdcbrefisy or Afh- 
ttphrafiSy it is by the fame Figure that the .Moon is laid to 
J)urrj, even upon the fuppofifion that the nwlignity. of her 
Influences proceed from Cold. And indeed the Liitlns cx- 
prefs'd any kind of Hurt, by this word:-— C^/cew/ ur% fays 
' f{)race of a pinching Shoe. 

prit enim campum Lint feges^ uHt aven£* 

\^ Virg. Gep-I.' 

Somng $f Oats or FUx burns or hi^rts the Ground. 

So that all Grecians and Latini^s ought to be Advocates fot 
this TraQflation, efpcclally fince th^ Greeks turn the Hebrew 
n33t^ by cvyKtLvffW" And this was the received fence of 
it amopgfl the main Bod^ of Chriftiani throughout the 
World, when this Tranflation was made; It wjis a^ainft 
their fettled Rule of making every thing more plain^ and 
Icfs Figurative, to uft the word fmke;, which cannot be ufird 
either of the Sun or Moon, but only in a metaphorical fence, 
whereas the Sun does burn, according to the mt>ik proper 

, and aatural fignification of that word. And after all that 
fome unphilofophical Men have fancied to thecbjitrary, I 
am pervaded, that thofe i^ho are competent Judges will 
alloWj that whatever Influence the Moon has upot) our Bo- 

* dies muft be the effeft of Heat, that feeble Heat which is 
convey'd to us by her Rays, or rafther by the Rays of the 
Sun reflefted from her Body: For I fuppofc *tAviIl be no. 
Paradox to fay, that the Moon has'Heat,.in the fame fence, 

' and to the fame degree that ihe has Lif^t. And he was ii 
Philofopher, as ^# 45 Poet, who called the Moofl, as well 
g$ Jpars, Fires: '^: - 

Vclut intet fgnes Luna mhvre^ . . 


» • ■ 

Tho', after all, 'tis fufficicnt, by the |lul^s qf Rhetorick, 
that a Verb or Participle fit one of the fcveral Sabftantivcs 


"i \ 


of thh "Tr^mfiation. 7,5 

joipcd 11 thp fame Sentence wifh,ic^ thrf.itfijve no/agre^* 
iient with the others. VirgU ufes this Syllepfis, ^^4:^. Uj. 

•■( ■ ■ f • . ,.-T • ■ , 

Jpfe QuhtndU lituoy farvaque fedebaU : ' / 
SucctnSm trdbeu — — — - \ 

He faU girt with an Augurs Staffs dni a fmall JUbel 

M$fes fpeaks by the fiune Figure, when he fays, ^xo/xx.iM 
Ajl the People fam the thundery and lightning, and the [notft ^ 
CXXrv. 4,, The deep wkters of the pr^ud.'] We conftrued. Tie 
' 'ieipwdtefs^ the proud men body &c. putting proud in appo- 
fition with Water Sy and then varied it, the deep wafers if the 
fnud. So we tranllate Vrhs Komdy the City of /lo«!/i?] 
C^CXV. 3. Thi rod of the ungodly cometh not into the lot of the 
•' rtghteota^ It ought to be obfcrved, that the word HIJ ^ 

Jiere turned re^ by our laft Tranfla tors, fignifies, ta take 
comfortable rei?, or, refrejhment^ or, to be at tafe after lon^ 
foil and labour ^ Gen. V. 29. Job m. ig. T/tf/. x^y. 3. Our 
Tranllators thought that this Would feem fomewhifc i^rfll 
to Engltfl) Readers, who are unaccuftomed to fuch ways of 
fpeaking, therefore, in ftead of faying. The rod of the un^ 
-godly fl)aU not take eafe, refty comfort^ or, refre/hmenty they 
lay only, it jhall not eome^ gr, invadCy &c, Munfter turns 
the word much to the fame purpofe, dim'ittitur -, and the 
Seventy^ ipitru* The Vulgar coifles neareft to thofe who 
underftand here a lafting refty viz. the Lord Jhall not leavCy 8ft:. 
And ^ for thofe who are fa unreafonably hard upon our 
Tranllators, bccarfe they ufe a word which does not necef- 
firily imply a long abode or continuance, let them confider, 
|chac. neither the ^^w word HO, nor. the Englijhy reft^ 
Bor any word of equal force with tliat, does neceflarily im- 
port a long duration : And even if you take reft for remain^ 
ittgy neither will this much mend the matter y for there is a 
reft, a ftay, or remaining at a place for a Day, an Hour, a 
Minute. Sometimes indeed it muft be acknowledged, tiiac 
the word reft does imply a long ftay, namely, by reafon of 
fome words going before or after, or from the nature of the 
thing, fpoken of : And fo does, ccmey too •, for when we pray 
that God's Kingdom may cd/we, we do not mean, thdt it may 
appear, and presently vanifh ; but may continue 
for ever* And when it is faid of Abraham and his Family, 
thai 'they xame into the land. of Canaany Gen, xii. d. we do 
not thereby underftand, that they came to make 9 Vifir, 
and a^ay ^ain, but to take poffeffion of ic fbr thcmfelves 
and their PQfJerity. And the Latin^ Advena^ does not fignify 
a Guefty 1)U(. one that comes into aaot^cr Coiiniry^ there to 
■5 . •• . . ■ ^ abide : 

74 Notes in Defence 

Mitt 9b due if the Netrem word fTD cm be prbred in 

dm pboe to import a Imk rf)f» or gMe^ then the EngjTtfi^ 

tmemo^ my import the ume. 
CXXVIL ^. ttmni dnUretu 3 Pueri, Jtm. fy Tremd. ^J:^ is 

often redundant. 
CXXIX* 6. Pbteied 1^] So Hamnmi correfts our laft Tnmfla* 

tors. Mmfier^ Extrahuur. Atnfmrtb^ One pullcth it cC 
CXXX. 6. fleetb.J Ham. Hdftenetb. Mimfter, Coi^^^. 

CXXXII. Intbewo$d.ll Our TranflatorsTeem to hare locA'd 
upon nt£^) which is tum*d Relds by others, to be redun* 

danty for'which there is good reafon y for the fame word« 
I Samuel xiv. 25. iiehi&s the Ground on which Wood 
gre% if it do not rauier fignify the Trees growing in the 
Wood, from wiiich the Honey might more properly be faid 
to drop (at opr hft Tranflators exprefs it) than if it be fup- 
pofed to oare lain on the Ground. So the fame word may 
with the greateft probability be turn'd, Exod* xxii. 6. If a 
fire break wt^ aadcatcb rn tbwns^ fo fbat tbe ftacks of com, 
OTf tbeftaadmi axrn^ or. Wood be eotifumed : This fcems more 
l&dy to be the meaning of the word there, than Fields. 
And indeed there can be little doubt, but r\yu iignifies 

Wood by itfd^ particularly Gen. ii. 5. iii. i. and whore-erer 
mention is made of the Trees^ and Beafk of the Reld, as we 
tranflate it t which does at laft contain, if not principd* 
ly mean, the Beafts and Trees of the Wood : For nnlefi 
wc fuppofe, that by fnfDf} PIT} be meant, tbe Beafts pf 
tbe IVoodj it will notapp^ that iliiim gave them any Names, 
Getuii. 19. 20. fb that nCJ redonndsfln the Hefvew in diis 
place. "^y)"njp might have been tum*d. Wood-land^ hut 

Wood^ with us, often fignifies both the Ground, and wint 
grows on it : So that this had been a needleis nicety. 

CXXXV. Title, ffallelu^jdh. See Tttie of Pfal. cvi. 
14. And will be ffrackm.'] Placabilis erit, Munfter. 
CXXXVII. 3. And melody tn our heavinejl.'] That rMVM here 

fignifies, /o; expreJTd by Mufick^ or, JHelody^ the Context 

fhews. U^/^in IS by Vatablus derived from ffTH $• 

toHi^ ufed in the foregoing Verfe, and he turns it, ni fu^en/h- 
mbftij C^upplying in as we alfo do : ) By which may be 
meant, either, Woile we bad bung up our barfs^ at not b^ ht 
M eonditioof or, temper to ufe tbem \ or dfe. During tbe time 
of our fufpence, danger^ or, doubt^ wbetber wrflmld live or 
die. Jtfontanmf and others, fuppofe that this word comes 

from ^^\ to maie mourrful complaints* Our Tranflators, as 
being aware of both thefe fences of the word, turned it in 
fttcb a manner as- is confident with either of them, vir. in 



of this Tranflation. y^ 

met baninefi* Others derive it fiom *7^l^« whkh they 
render, to l0f wafie^ but wichouc Example, if we may be- 
lieve Ik.Himmoid \ therefore fome will have the 71 chang'd 
imo a V, and ^7^ does indeed iignify, ta plunder^ or^ 
lojf wafie. 
9» Wafiei with miferj.'] Devaftata, Munfier. Wafted, Ainfiv. 
The Mifqry with wnich the deftrudHon of Eahylm was at* 
tended is defcribed at large, Ifau xiii. Jer. L. it is in both 
places likened to that of Soiom^ and Ifai. xiii. 6. 'tis em- 
phatically called, a deftruSm from the Lord : '^W there, 
and nnntti here, are words of the fame Theme: Our 

Tranflacors fpeak the full fence of the word , by rendring it. 

Wafted with Mferj. 
CXXXVUI, 2. Tb9H baft ma^fiei thy name^ &c.] Magnificafti 

fuper omnia Nomen tuum,'eIoquium tuum, Munfter. 
8. Lovbig'itndnejl^ Fiecacem, Munfter. Abifworth allows of 

this Supplement. 
CXXXIX. 4» Jhm baft fafltimd.'] Formafti, Mmfter. Finxifti, 

7^. Pagn. 
II. The darknefi is m darkneft with thee.'\ Ipfa? etiam Tene- 

bra? tibi non contenebranc, Caftell, 
ip. Wilt thjH not / ] They take QH interrogatively, and 

fupply ^ as the laft Tranflators do, Job xx« 4» The Af- 

fcmblv-Annotators on Ifai. xxix. \6. allow of this. 
CXL. i\/ A man full mf words."] Hebrew, A man of tongue. 

Ainfw. Annot, A Pratler. See Gen. Note 3. 
0XLi. $. friendly. ] In pietate, Munftfr. In benignicate, Leo 


6. Let not their.] Our laft Tranflators fupply, which 5 we, 
their. See alio Qen, Vote 34 

Againft their wtckednefi.] Contra mala eotum, Munfter. 

7. Let their Judges be overthrown.] Prsecipitentur Judices 
eorum, Munfter. 

10. Let me ever efcape them.] E^o in fxcula progrediar^' 

Munft. See Note on Pfal. a. 2. 
(pXLII. 6. My hope.] Spesmea, Munfter. My hope for fafcty, 

p. Which thing if thou wilt grant me.] Here we fupply, which 

thingy turn ^p //, as often ic (ignifies, and take 70i in the 

Notion of granting or beftowingy as Ifai. Ixiii. 7. 
18. Let thy loving ffirit lead me forth.] Spiricus tuus bonus 
deducat me, ^c* Munfter,' Dr. Hammond prefers this con* 
ftruftion : And Ainfworth is much to the fame purpofe. 

CXLIV. 2. My hope.] Hope often fignifies the thing hoped foTf 
and fo it docs here. But further, TIOH fignifies Cove* 

nanted mer^f^ Exod. xxxiv. 7. cfpecially when apply'd to 


76 Notes in Defence 

pifvi/j as 'tis in this pUcc. See P)k/.Jxxxut. ow 2drMi 

vi. 42. 7/4/. Iv* ^. u4^j xiii. 94. God had promifcd fiO.DiC- 
vW, I Ci&rtf«. xvii. 8. I mil be with thee wherefie^)er tbm 
goeft^ (fo'tis in the Hebrew^) fo that God himfclf was 
DaM<t% Covenanted Mercy, or Hope; for what fs Hope, 
but Covenanted Mercy ? And if this word were tranflated 
hcipe^ JJai* Iv. 3. and i4^/xiii. ^4. it does not appear that it 
would be any Injury to the ftncc, and wo^d make the 
£ii^/f/B very ^reeable. 

PCil. CXLIV. 12. That our daughters may be as the foliJFd corners 
$f the temple.'] Fili« noflra? ficut anguli fculpti nmilitudine 
templi, Munfter. Vatablus has politi in ftead of fculpti. 
14* Leading into captivity.'] Emigratio in Captivitatem, Afunfi • 

CXLV. 14. Them that are dmn.] The Verb from which this Par- 
ticiple conies ^93 does undoubtedly fignify. to bow, or, 

cafij or, make to fall down to the ground. If at, Iviii. $. for it 
UQmediately follows, 471^ to ^read fackcloth and afhes under 
htm. I will not determine, whether it fignifie to //>, or, 
fall flat, or, on all four, as we conmionly cxprefs it : But 
the Subftantivc Rl iignifying both Hands and Feet, feems 

to incline us to this laft (cnce, which probably might be ^he 
pofture of devout Suppliants. - 

CXLVI. Title. ffalUlu-jab. Set Note on Tttle of. Pfalm en. 
9* Them th^t are fallen.] See Ffalm cxlv. 14. 
The Lord careth for the righteoiit.] Hebrew, loveth the 7igbte-» 
cut. ST^M iignifies fuch a fort of Love as the Father has 

for his Child, full of Care and Concern, Gen. xxii. 2.^ Cura 
in Latin is often ufed for Amor. 
CLXVIL Title. HattelU')ah. See Note on Title of Pfalm cvi. 
g. Andgiveth medicine to heal their ficknefs,] £t medelam ad« 
hibet doloribus eorum, Munfler. 
CXLVIIL Title. Jfaffelu-jab., See Note on Tttle of Pfalm cvi. 
J. Th^ Lord of heaven.} That thcHebrew words may be fo 
turn'd there can be no doubt. The laft Tranflators them- 
lelves do often turn fD as if it were only a fign of the Ge* 

nitive Cafe : And the greatefl part of the Moderns turn it fo 
here too ^ but then they undcrftand it not of God; but of 
all manner of Heavenly Creatures, as if we.fhouldfay, AB 
ye Inhabitants of heaven, praife tbelLord : Not that there is 
' any word fignifying Inhabitant in the Hebrew ; no, that is 
fupply'd by them, and that oftentimes very propeHy, and, 
without queftion, according to the juft Rules of Tranflation: 
But in this place there feems tabe no occafion for any Sup- 
plement; the word that goes ^mfttediatelybdfot'eii: in the 
Hebrew is, the Lord, and therefore here 'cis beft. tranflate4 
literally. And if there be any fence in the other tranflati- 
gn, from heaven, which is not in this, '^is certain our two 


y». j-i 

of this Trmflatml 77 

- \ t 

, J^earned Paraphraflsdid hoc think k worth obferviog^ And ^ 
I may fay the 6mc of the 7th Vcrfe, for whatever corrc- 
fpondence feme may imagine, betwixt from the ieavetif ver.i J 
and from tbe earthy ver. 7. yet I can't obferve one tyllable 
, Qf meaning, or fence, but what^ is to be fiuhd in our Tran- 
sition as well as others. 

I]. Ai bkfftints fhaU fratft^himJ] This is the plain Engltfb 
of the other TranQation, vt:^. Ne^-the fratfe of all bis 

nc p0opU tba fervetb hiiH.'] Hebrew, Tbat k near to html 

The Priefts are defer il>ed in this manner. Lev. x. ;• becaufe 

I . it wa$ their Office peculiarly to attend on God \ and the 

J^ews were a Kingdom of Priefls, ExQi^ xix. 6. and fo are 

, Cttfiflia^ns, i PeUrt. p. thatis^ they are peculiarly dedica*. 

,t^:to» his Service, are invited and boi^nd to Worihip and 

Serve him above all others. Here our Tranflators keep to 

their old Kule of giving us on Engllp) Pfarafe for an Hebrew^ 

• one.. .■ . . ^ ■ > / 

CXLIX. I. Inbk bolmefs:'] In fanfticate ejus, Munfter. 

- 4. And belpetbthe meek^arttd.^ The word help was of a very 
large and grand iigriiftcatic^ among our Anceflors^ inibinucn 
that we find they did migtitily aSeft Names compounded 
of this word, with the addition of fome other. See Camb* 
detCs Remains^ pa^. $2. And thefe Names were originally 
£iven to fuch Men as had heen tht Authors or Inftruments of 
fome remarkable Deliverance, or other benefit to the pii&- 
lick : As no Names among the Grecians were more honour- 
abk than thofe compounded of AAf|«r, a word of the&me 
iignification as Alexander ^ Alexius^ ac; We have one 6b- 
fervablc Inftancc of the great fignification of this word ftill 
remaining, I mean in the effential words of 6urfolemnOach, 
So help me God : By which words the Deponent prays. That 
. God would profper and fucceed hini in all his AfEurs, deli- 
ver, and relieve him in all Wanes and Difficulties, £ive and 

; jproted him, Body and Soul, in this World and the next, as 
wteit he now fays is true. Our lad Tranflators^ and even 
Mr* Ainfmrtb^ ufe indifferently the Nouns, help and falva-- 
tlon^ and particularly the former sender the Hebretp i\^0\ 

• help^ PfaU iii. 5. And if We confidcr that this word docs'of 
itfelf import all manner of Divine Favours and Graces, and 
an thofe wife and effectual Methods which God ufes in blef- 
fing and faving his People, we will the lefs wonder that they 
turn that ffebrerpVhmc^' ^ beautifying with falvation^ by the 
finglc word help. There are many Latin Phra&s that arc of 
the fame fort with this Hebreyp one, vii^. Ornare verbky Te- 
ftimoniky Beneficik^ Praftdik. Now let us fuppofe that 
€icfroj >ho often ufcs thefe Phrafcs, were to be done into 
' ' " -'■[/—■ Englifb 

7S Kotes in Defence 

Bngtijb by two feireral Hands, tvA one of chem (hcmld trall- 
flace chdn literally^ A adorn mPh Wtfds, w Teftimomes^ f9 
bciUitify with Favwrs^ w Guards y the other Ihotid turn 
them plainly thus, To p^difs^ to recommend, to prefer^ to 
ffiardwitt. I will rmr it to any compecdic Judge to deter* 
mine, which qi thefe two did beft (Dew hU Skill in Latm 
and Englifh^ and which had done molt Juftice to Ckero. 
Thefe, and fuch-Jike Phrafes are very elegant in the^e^rem 
and LaJtin^ but don't (hew fo well in the JEngtifh. Our 
Trandators were fett(ible what a very odd and ill tsfe had^ 
and might be made of Metairiiors, (lrain*d out of the He^ 
krop into other Tongues. The Vulvar Lathi's literal Ttan- 
dadpn of that Text, Bxod. xkjAv. 29, %o. ifl^. Canmia erat 
tjut fades^ (hould be a warning to all Chat undertake this 
great affidr of tranflating Scripture, 00c to purfue erery Fi-> 

Sre, and overdoe under pretence of diligence and nith- 
nels. It mult be acknowledged, that *til hard to obfcrvcf 
a iuft Medium : But if fome, who are very fond of i ffeirew 
Metaphor* will blame our Trandators for drbpping this and 
. feveral others, ](et I do not quelUon but thofe whd are bet^ 
cer Judges in tms matter, will, on the contrary, ht of Opi« 
nion, that they rather deferve to be valued and imitated, 
than run down and defpifed on this account. 

I (hall conclude, by pHTefenting the Reader with a uile of 
fome Hebrew Phra(es reuined by the laft Trandators, but cum'd 
into current EngUp} by thefe. There are many chat have beett 
already taken notice of in the foregoing Notes ; and the diligent 
Reader wiH obferve more in abundance, if he pleafe to comparer 
the two Trandations* 

Kiv^ Tranjtation. Old Tranjlatm. 

Pfalm XVII. II. They have They lie waiting in our way 
compaiTed us in our fieps. on every (ide. 

2CYIIL «. Fire out of his And a confuming (ire ([went] 

mouth devoured. out of his mouth. 

1 5. The breach of thy No- The breath of thy difplea-* 

ftrils. . fure. 

XIX. 2. Day unto day ut- One day tcUeth another/ 

tercth fpecch. 

XXII. I. The words of my The words of my complaints 

10. I was cad upon thee I havebeea left unto thee evef 
from the womb. . "" (ince 1 was born. 

XXIV« I. The fuhiefs there-. All that therein is. 

of. L. 12. xcvi. II, ^c* 

XXXn. II. I was a fear CO ij. They of mine slcquam^ 
mine acquainunce. tance were afraid of me« 

of this Tranflatioth 7^ 

Niw TranJIatiw. Oldjitmigatloiu 

PfidmXXXIX. 2. I wit dumb I held my tongue and fpokv 
with fifencc* noddog. ^^ 

XUX. d. And ic cctfixH. He muft kt thar alone. 

Halm LIL 9. It is good before Thy £unts like it welL 
thy faints. 

LV. ip. T^ey hare no 20. They will not turn/ 


LXXIV. 1$. Thou didft itf« Thon brooghteft out fbnn* 

cleare die founcsdn cains, and waters one of 

and the flood* the hard rocks. 

LXXVI. 104 The wrath oE The iierccttefi of men Adl turn 

Man fliall praife thee. to thy praife. 

LXXVII. 17. The skies fdik The air diundred. 

out a found* 1 

LXXXIX. 21. With whom My hand IhallhoU him fait 
my hand OiaU be e- 

XCVI. 9- Fear before him. Stand in awe of lam. 

' CXIX. I2J. Mine eyes £iil Jim %• Mine eyes are walled 
for thy falvation; away with looking for 


CXXX. 3. If thou. Lord, If thou, lord, (houldft be ex« 
(hoiildft mark iniqui- treme to mark what is 

tics, O Lord, who done amifi,0 lord, who 

Ihould (hnd? may abide it. 

CXLIIr 4. Refuge failed me. I had no place to flee naco» « 


V I n I s. 

* ' • ^ 


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and Crown in St, Paul> Churcb-Tard, 

• 1 . . • .... 1 . ... • 

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A brief Difquifition of the LaW of Nature, ac- 
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Meiicina Gymnafiica I Of, A Treatife concerning 
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