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s ^Sfe 

The Old Way 


N the early 50's John Harding, 
then ekeing out a bare existence 
on a stony hillside farm in Ver- 
mont, began to feel dissatisfied 
with his present condition and 
surroundings and conceived a strong desire 
to join the ever increasing stream of settlers 
turning their faces toward the West. 

After weighing carefully the advantages 
and disadvantages of such a step, he and his 
wife finally decided to cast their lot in that 
land of promise, whose beauty and fertility 
was then the subject of many wonderful tales, 
and loading their few personal belongings 
into a heavy covered wagon drawn by a team 
of slow plodding oxen, John Harding turned 
his back on the old familiar scenes and started 
for that distant country, determined to win 
a home and competence from the wilderness. 
On a beautiful afternoon in hazy Indian 
Summer, we find them stopping on the shore 
of a small lake in the heart of what is now 
the most fertile section of Michigan, and next 
morning the sun. rising over the tops of ma- 
jestic trees, displaved to John Harding and 
his wife a scene of such wonderful beauty 
and bountiful vegetation that they decided this 
should be the end of their journey, and on 
the shore of this lake should stand their future 

Before the first snow fall, they had man- 
aged to erect a small cabin with a lean-to at 
the back to shelter the oxen, and with a plen- 
tiful supply of logs at the door, an abundance 
of game in the surrounding forest, they were 
prepared for the long, cold months to come. 
By laboring incessantly during the winter 
and following spring John was able to clear a 
small patch of ground, thereby gaining a foot- 
hold to insure a food supply for the next year 
and the entering wedge to future affluence. 
The following summer a son, John Hard- 
jr., came to brighten the little cabin, 
and in a few short years he was able to assume 
his share of the work in the fields. 

During the time that had elapsed 
since the Hardings blazed the first 
trail into this section, many other 
families had followed until in John's 
twentieth year it had attained the 
dignity of a "settlement." and the men 
had united in building a new school 
which, of course, must be dedicated 
by an evening's social entertainment. 

Tke Modern Way 

HEN young John Harding set out 
for the social that night, little 
did he dream that this would be 
the turning point of his life, 
and never again would his little 
world seem just the same. 

Dancing with Molly Kent, a laughing 
black-eyed maid of eighteen summers, he sud- 
denly realized that something had changed, 
although he knew not what and from that 
moment he became a man, with a man's hopes 
and ambitions. 

In due course of time, Molly Kent became 
Mrs. John Harding, Jr., and the young couple 
settled on an adjoining section of undeveloped 
land, their hearts full of undaunted courage 
and determined to win a home of their own. 

At the beginning, John Jr., was, of course, 
content with the same methods of farming 
used by his father, and others of the com- 
munity, but gradually new and more efficient 
machinery and equipment was coming into 
use. The horse had gradually replaced the 
slow plodding ox team, and the reaper had 
made its appearance. 

As the years rolled by, Fortune smiled on 
John Harding, Jr., and in time his model 
farm became the pride as well as the envy 
of the entire community. 

The big red barns flanked by huge silos 
could be seen for miles around and in the 
implement shed stood an up-to-date binder, 
mowing machines, farm tractor and gang- 
plow, and every other practical and efficient 
machine tending to reduce the labor or ex- 
pense of farm management. The barns were 
equipped in every way to reduce labor to a 
minimum, and in the garage stood a high- 
powered touring car, from which John Jr., 
and his family had derived many enjoyable 
evenings after their hard day's work. 

Meantime a son, John Harding, 3rd, had 
been born to John and Molly and had grown 
up among these surroundings, a 
typical, straightforward young 
American farmer. Cards were 
now out, announcing his approach- 
ing marriage to the daughter of 
his father's closest friend, and 
after many conferences between 
John 3rd. his father and mother, 
it was finally decided that the old 

Modern Tract 

John Harding Jr. takes a bath 

people should purchase a home in the nearby 
city and leave the farm to the young couple, 
for while the father was still a comparatively 
young man. they could well afford to retire, 
and the hard work had left its mark on the 
once beautiful Molly Harding, so that she was 
aged beyond her years. 

The change was made, John having pur- 
chased a cozy little cottage in the city, situated 
on a quiet street and with a small plot of 
ground, while John 3rd and his bride were 
settled on the home farm. 

Now the young Mrs. Harding had received 
a different education and had absorbed new- 
ideas giving her a broader outlook than was 
possible for women of the previous genera- 
tion, and she quickly learned that something 
was radically wrong with the management of 
this so-called model farm. 

Looking after the house, laundry and dairy 
was an arduous task, in fact almost a physical 
impossibility, in place of pleasure as it should 
have been, and she saw for the first time the 
real reason for the tired droop to Molly 
Harding's shoulders, the deep care-worn 
wrinkles in her face. Mrs. John 3rd neg- 
lected her work that afternoon and spent the 
time in deep study, for she knew this situation 
was due to lack of thought on John's part, 
and determined on a complete transformation. 

Looking back to the time when John Jr., 
and Molly Harding had first started to win 
these broad acres from the wilderness, she 
could see that in striving for an end and the 
means to attain that end. they had lost sight 
of the real goal for which they had been 

To make a home or the means to provide 
a home is the underlying motive behind prac- 
tically every human endeavor, and by this is 
meant not merely a house in which to live, 
but a "home" in every sense of the word. 

The old house they had built a few years 
after their marriage still stood without any 
change, except an occasional coat of paint 
and while labor-saving machinery and devices 
of all kinds had been in use on the farm 
for a number of years, no improvement of any 
consequence had been made in the method of 

When John came in from the fields, her 

John Harding III, takes a bath 

plan of action was mapped out, and when he >TT 
was settled for his evening smoke dreaming 
of the future and evolving wonderful visions 
from the fragrant smoke clouds floating lazily 
ahove his head, he was brought suddenly back 
to earth by: "John, don't you think we ought 
to have a new house?" 

"Why, dear, I can't say that I had ever 
thought of it very seriously, but perhaps in 
another year or two we can if you want it." 

"I do want it very much, but not in another 
year or two. We should start it right now." 

"But Helen, you know we have no money 
to build a house. It is true father gave us 
this farm and all the equipment, but when it 
comes to ready cash we are mighty shy." 

"John, this is not extravagance, I am asking 
for. It is merely to have my end of the farm 
put on an equal basis with yours, to have 
our home equipped with modern conven- 
iences and labor-saving devices the same as 
your barns, granary and workshop." 

Seeing that this argument had made an 
impression and taking advantage of his silence, 
she hurried on : 

"You say we have no ready cash, but surely 
you could raise a loan on the farm large 
enough for that." 

"Mortgage the farm! Helen, you don't 
realize what you are saying." 

"Indeed I do, and if you will consider it 
from my standpoint, you will see it is not 
only reasonable, but just and right. If your 
father with the poor equipment he had to 
begin with has been able to pay for this mag- 
nificent farm, keep it under perfect cultiva- 
tion, stock it, purchase a complete line of high- 
priced machinery, and at the same time accu- 
mulate sufficient surplus capital to support 
himself and your mother in comfort feu- the 
rest of their natural lives, why should we fear 
to face a comparatively small debt to secure 
a new home?" 

"You certainly are a convincing talker, little 
girl, but we will think it over for awhile "~ 
before doing anything rash." 

Being a wise little woman, she did not press 
her advantage, dropping the subject at once, 

Old Wash Stand 

Grandmother's Kitchen 

ut neither did she intend giving it up and 
started next day writing fur catalogs, showing 
house plans, modern home equipment, etc. 

When these arrived, she spent many happy 
hours poring over their pages, selecting, plan- 
ning, rejecting, until she finally decided that 
the "Shadow Lawn" in the Aladdin catalog 
should be their future home. 

It was a trifle larger than she had origi- 
nally planned, but now the campaign was 
really launched, she decided no half-way 
measures would do, and what a beautiful 
picture it would make nestling in that grove 
of maple trees, making a gradual sloping lawn 
down to the very shore of their little lake. 

Having decided on the house, the balance 
was easy, for she merely wrote Aladdin stat- 
ing the design she had chosen, asking for 
more complete information in regard to ma- 
terial, time required for building, etc., and 
upon applying this to local prices, taking 
into consideration the fact that the lumber 
being cut-to-fit, John and the hired men could 
do a large part of the work, she found the 
entire cost would be considerably lower than 
she had imagined. 

Her delight was then unbounded, for she 
turned to Aladdin's Home-Craft Market 
Place Catalog with the feeling that she could 
allow her taste free rein in choosing and 
planning the modern equipment. 

Finally her list was complete : 

Material for "Shadow Lawn" 

Labor for Erecting, Painting, Etc. 


Kitchen Range 


Kitchen Cabinet 

Electrical Fixtures 

Bathroom Outfit 

Kitchen Sink 

Laundry Tubs 

Air-Pressure Water System 

Range Boiler 

Complete Material for Installing 

Complete Warm Air Heating System 

Total, $2,350.00 

Armed with this and the knowledge that 
she still had her trump card to play, she fol- 
lowed her husband out onto the porch the 
next morning as Ik- was starting for the field. 

"John, have you thought any more about 
the building of a new house this summer?" 

Modern Sanitary Kitche 

"Yes Helen, I have, but in the first place 
we haven't time now to finish it before har- 
vest, and furthermore I cannot reconcile my- 
self to placing a mortgage on the farm." 

"Look this list over, and then look at this 
photograph of the house and all the articles 
I have chosen to go with it. You see it is 
an Aladdin, so that we can easily have it com- 
pleted before harvest, and it seems to have 
been planned purposely for that Maple Grove 
over there fronting the lake, on the very spot 
where your grandfather erected his first log 

"Look at the matter from my side, John, 
and try to feel that I am not urging you to 
do anything but what is right and for our best 
interests. Look at your mother, John, a 
woman who should now be in the prime of 
life, but with bent shoulders, her face 
wrinkled and careworn, her health broken, 
all because she and your father did not see 
what 1 am now trying to show you. Don't 
let me follow in her footsteps, John; give me 
at least the same consideration you do your 
hired men in providing them with modern 
machinery for tilling your fields or in caring 
for your stock." 

Over John Harding's mental vision flashed 
a picture of the mother he had known as a 
boy, beautiful, laughing, black-eyed Molly 
Harding, the life of every country gathering, 
the pride of her husband and an object of 
worship to her only child. 

Dazed, he turned to Helen and then swept 
her into his arms, murmuring unconsciously 
"Poor Dad! he never knew, and now it's too 

After a few moments of tense silence he 
held his wife at arm's length and said with 
a smile breaking over his face — "You win. 
little girl, and now skip in the house and get 
ready for we are going to have that order on 
its way to Bay City before night." 

In due time the new home was ready for 
occupancy, and it seemed even prettier than 
the picture Helen had formed in her own 
mind. However, her chief pride and the part 
which meant more to her was the modern 
and efficient arrangement for plumbing, heat- 
ing and lighting. 

The Old Wa>) 

The Aladdin Waj) 

Unsanitary Pantry 

FTER everything had been moved 
from the old house and all was 
arranged to her satisfaction, she 
took her husband on a tour of 
inspection of her end of their 
"model farm." 

In the light, airy kitchen, a white enameled 
sink, refrigerator, range and completely 
equipped Kitchen Cabinet replaced the old 
rickety table, inconvenient and unsanitary 
cupboard and cook stove, while in one corner 
stood the range boiler ready to provide an 
ample supply of warm water at all times. 

The bathroom was spotlessly clean, with 
its rich, snowy-white fixtures and through- 
out the whole house, the lighting fixtures 
added the finishing touch and were so arranged 
as to give the best possible results. 

However, the basement was the pride of 
Helen's heart, for in this and the kitchen she 
expected to spend a large portion of her 
time, doing with ease and pleasure the tasks 
which had heretofore been a burden. 

The corner underneath the kitchen was 
given over entirely to her laundry and here 
was placed the handsome set tub equipped 
with both hot and cold water faucets with a 
trap underneath leading to a drain under the 
floor. Another corner was partitioned off for 
a fruit and vegetable cellar while on the op- 
posite side stood her cream separator, churn, 
etc., which together with the Air-pressure 
water system and lighting plant were driven 
by a small gasoline engine. 

In the center of the basement stood the fur- 
nace, with the fuel bin at one side and this 
they knew would prove a great comfort in the 
cold winter months to come. 

Returning to the living room, John settled 
back into the deep upholstered rocker that 
had been one of her purchases, and a look of 
deep contentment came over his face. 

Looking up into his wife's eyes, he smil- 
ingly said, "Mrs. John Harding, 3rd, you are 
a wonder. How did you ever plan this so 

Bending over, she whispered softlv, "It is 
easv enough, Dear, if you let Aladdin help 

Sanitary Refrigerator 

Running Water, Hot or Cold — Entire Home Evenly Heated 

Suburban and farm homes can now have every advantage and convenience to be found in the city home. The 
complete Aladdin plumbing, heating and waterpower system shown here gives you every convenience that could be 
desired-warm and cold running water in the bathroom lavatory, bath tub and kitchen sink; indoor closet combination 
- complete bathroom fully connected; warm air heating system that will heat your entire home — every room warm and 
comfortable. This outfit— positively the lowest priced on the market — should be in every home which is unable to get 
big city service. Think of it! Running water in the kitchen, a complete bathroom of three pieces connected by 
running water, hot or cold at the turn of the tap! Could it be more complete? At the price quoted, we furnish 
complete roughing-in material for all fixtures. Roughing-in material consists of pipes for running water, soil pipes, 
traps, elbows, unions, etc., for connecting fixtures, all pipes threaded for connections. The three bathroom fixtures 
and kitchen sink are of the highest grade porcelain enameled ware fitted with nickel plated faucets marked "Hot" 
and "Cold." Write todav, sending sketch of vour home and we will send you full information on this wonderful 


'I'lir Out lit ie composed of the following: 
One Bathroom Outfit (3 pieces). 

nr piece kitchen Sink. 

One Itange Boiler with Stand and 

• '.in], lings. 
One Air Pressure Water Supply 

oni' Aladdin Pipeless Furnace, 
One Water Coil for same and All 

Roughing-in Material fur same. 

Crystal 3 piece outfit fully described 
in this book. 

3M-374 completely described in this 
1 k. 

3B-1122 30-gal. standard. 

31) 4. r >(). 

THE FURNACE is our No. 3M 52i> 
as described in this book. 

THE WATER COIL is (Inscribed on 
the last index page of our genera] 
catalog, being No. 3E-779. anil 

complete as described in this cut for a 
one stock job. For farther description 
kindly write us enclosing a sketch of 

3M-20 Complete Plumbing, Heating and Water Power System $272.50 





y \ 

In, our Porcelain enameled Cast Iron 
bath tubs, we have carried out our prin- 
ciple of highest quality and best values. 
We offer here a 3 in. roll rim tub, 
which is worth fully twice what we ask 
for it, and would cost practically that 
if purchased in the regular way. 

Each tub before enameling is in- 
spected for Haws in the castings. Then 
after each coat Of enamel, each tub 
is inspected again and we absolutely 
guarantee that every tub is strictly 
"A" grade and is free from (laws or 
chips in the enamel. This tub Is nicely 
painted on the outside. 

The dimensions of the tub are as fol- 
lows: Height over all (on legs) li.'i iu. 
Depth inside 17 in. Width over all .'10 
in. ('rated in a substantial manner 
which eliminates danger of breaking in 
tjanStA/^ U| 

No. 3M-150 TUBS 

rice for tub only without fittings: 
3M-150 — iy 2 ft. long. Weight, 

L'75 lbs.. Price. $19.95 

3M-152-5 ft. long. Weight. 

3110 lbs.. Price 20.95 

3M-154— r.'.j ft. long. Weight. 

350 lbs., Price 23.90 

3M-156— ft. long. Weight, 

400 lbs., Price 31.50 

Price for tub complete, with Nickel 

Plated trimmings to the floov. 
3M-160— 4% ft. long. Weigbi. 

3oo lbs., price $27.95 

3M-162— 5 ft. long. Weight. 

SIT) lbs., Price 28.95 

3M-164— 5'i ft. long. Weight, 

375 lbs.. Price 31.90 

3M-166— ft. long. Weight, 

•425 lbs., Price 39.50 

All of our tubs arc strictly "A" Grade 
and guaranteed. 

No. 3M-170 TLES 
Price t i i Jtlt ■/•.... - itlioq fixtures: 
3M-170— lV a i. i n . V\ , ; -hi, 

285 lbs . V >t $19.95 

3M-172— 5 ft. Tub. Weight, 

310 lbs., Price 20,95 

3M-174— :>i:, ft. Tub. Weight, 

3G.~> lbs., Price 23.90 

3M-176— ft. Tub. Weight. 

■415 lbs./p'rici; / [ 31,50 

Price for tub complete with Xickel PI 

to the floor. 
3M-178— 4Lj ft. Tub. Weight. 2S5 lbs. 
3M-180— 5 ft. Tub. Weight, 310 lbs, 
3M-182— ."I., ft. Tub. Weight. 360 lbs. 
3M-184— C ft. Tub. Weight. 415 lbs. 


Porcelain Enameled 


ited Trimmings 

. 33.45 
. 36.40 
. 44.00 

No. 3M-186 TUBS 
For tub with standing waste and overflow and all 
fittings as shewn. 

3M-186— 4>.. ft. Tub. Weight. 3(H) lbs. Price $37.30 

3M-188 -5 ft. Tub. Weight. 350 lbs. Price 38.30 

3M-190— 5 Vi ft. Tub. Weight, 400 lbs. Price 42.15 




^ ) White 

!P®rr<5(gIlsi5m Bimsmdkdl 




An inexpensive whit 
porcelain eujimeled 
lavatory lO 1 ^ in. on the 
side, with 6 in. back, "D' 
pattern bowl. 11x15 in. 
Furnished either with trim- 
mings as shown or without 
trimmings. When furnished with- 
out trimmings, we send the lavatory 
with sanitary soap tray, cast into the 
top, waste plus and couplings, rubber 
stopi*r, chain stay, nickel plated strainer 
ami wall hanger. 

THE TRIMMINGS consist of two low down 
compression China indexed faucets, one marked 
Hot, the other marked Cold, two nickel plated 
supply pipes and one nickel plated trap. 
We can furnish the trimmings to the wall or to 
Moor, hut always furnish them to wall, unless < 
wise requested. Weight. 8<> pounds. 

No. 3M-1404 — Lavatory less trimmings 

No. 3M-1406— Lavatory with trimmings to wall.. 
No. 3M-1406V& — Lavatory with trimmings to flooi 


>ne piece ""half- 
circle full Apron lava- 
tory. White porcelain 
enamel lined, with nickel 
plated model waste. The 
lavatory is 18x21 in. Has an 8 
in. hack and 4 in. apron. Can be 
supplied either with trimmings as 
shown or without trimmings. When 
furnished without trimmings we send 
the lavatory, nickel plated model waste, 
and wall hanger. 
THE TRIMMINGS consist of two nickel 
plated china indexed faucets, one marked 
Hot, the other marked Cold, two offset air 
chambered supply pipes and one trap. These 
trimmings unless otherwise requested are furnished 
to the wall, but can be furnished to the floor. 
Weight. SO pounds. 

No. 3M-1408 — Lavatory less trimmings $7.35 

No. 3M-1410 — Lavatory with trimmings to wall .... 19.50 

No. 3M-1410y 2 — Lavatory with trimmings to floor. .20.20 

Trimmings threaded for iron pipe, 25 cents extra. 


Porcelain enameled one piece Apron lavatory, fur- 
nished with or without trimmings as desired, with a 
l>" pattern howl guaranteed "A" grade. The dimen- 
sions tire 1Sx24 in. over all. Iiowl, 11x15 in. Height, 
of hack. 12 in.. 4 in. apron as shown. Fittings consist 
• f two No. '.I Compression China Index Faucets, one 

marked not, the other marked Cold, a 1% in. trap and 
two nickel plated supply pipes. 

No. 3M-255 — Lavatory less trimmings $9.85 

No. 3M-257— Lavatory with trimmings to wall 22.85 

No. 3M-257VS — Lavatory with trimmings to floor. . .23.45 


our Meteor lavatory is very similar in every way 
to the '-'La Belle" shown on the opposite side of this 
page. The slab is 18x21 in. that is, the back is 21 in. 
wide and the lavatory extends 18 in. from the wall. 
lias s in. back. 10x14 in. bowl, with or without trim- 
min gs. _/ \ T 

THE TRIMMINGS consist of the following: Two low 

down china indexed npression faucets, one marked 

Hot, the other marked Cold, two supply pipes and one 

Trimmings can be furnished to the wall or to the 
floor, but are always furnished to the wall, unless other- 
wise specified. Weight. 80 pounds. 

No. 3M-1412 — Lavatory less trimmings $7.35 

No. 3M-1414 — Lavatory with trimmings to wall. .. .14.90 
No. 3M-1414V 2 — Lavatory with trimmings to floor.. 15. 60 



Trimmings threaded for iron pipe, 


25 cents extra. 


D D 

Porcelain Enameled 




Our "Merrimack" Lavatory 


.•h sidt 

a in enameled lei-'. 
has a back 8 in. 

A corner lavatory 
The top i.s 20 in. on cacti 
high and a 5 in. apron. The bowl is 'D' shaped 
and i.s 11x15 in. All supported on wall bangers 
and a porcelain enameled leg as shown. The 
appearance is like an expensive solid porcelain 
lavatory. Furnished with or without trimmings. 

THE* TRIMMINGS consist of two nickel plated 
china indexed compression faucets, one marked 
"Hot," the other marked "Cold." Two air cham- 
bered supply pipes, nickel plated, and one trap. 
Trimming's are always furnished to wall unless 
otherwise specified, but can be furnished to the 

No. 3M-3103— Lavatory, without trimmings. .$16.20 
No. 3M-S105— Lavatory, with trim, to wall.. 28.60 
No. 3M-3105H: — Lavatory, with trim, to II '. 19.50 


Our " Monitor " Lavatory 

This Lavatory has a top 1Sx21 in., the width 
being -1 in. The extension from wall is 18 in. 
The back is 8 in. high. The apron 5 in. wide. 
The bowl is "D" shaped and 10x14 in. Supported 
on wall brackets and on a porcelain enameled leg. 
The general appearance of this lavatory is very 
similar in every way to a solid porcelain lava- 
tory, very rich in design. Furnished with or 
without trimmings. 

THE TRIMMINGS consist of 2 low down china 
indexed compression faucets, one marked "Hot," 
the other marked "Cold." Two plain nickel plated 
supply pipes and one H4 in. plain trap. Trim- 
mings' are always furnished to wall unless other- 
wise specified, but can lie furnished to the floor. 
No. 3M-S101- Lavatory, without trimmings. .$14-65 
No. 3 M -3102- Lavatory, with trim, to wall.. 21.00 
No. 3M-3102 Mr-Lavatory, with trim, to floor. 21.90 


Our "Arizona" Lavatory 

A large, plain Lavut< 

leg. The top or slab 
in. high. The apron 
"I i" shaped, llxlo in. 

, r on porcelain enameled 
18^24 in. The back K) 
in. wide. The bowl is 
All supported on wall 

brackets and a p' 
tifullv designed I 


?lnin enameled leg. A beau- 
well proportioned lavatory, 
in appearance very similar to a solid porcelain 
lavatory. Furnished with or without trimmings. 
THE TRIMMINGS consist of two nickel plated 
compression china indexed faucets, one marked 
"Hot," the other marked 'Told." two offset air 
chamber supply pipes, and one trap. The trim- 
mings are always furnished to wall, unless other- 
wise specified, but can be furnished to the floor. 
No. 3M-3107 — Lavatory, without trimmings. $17.50 
No. 3M-310!) — Lavatory, with trim, to wall.. 27.30 
No. 3M-3109M; Lavatory, with trim to floor. .28.20 


D) D 


Wood or Porcelain Tanks 




THE TANK is made of Vitreous 
earthenware and is guaranteed to be 
perfect In every way. It lias a don 
hie wave front as shown in Hit-' i-uf. 
Fitted with a < ltina push Lever which 
operates with a flight tain, causing 
■i positive ihish. 

THE BOWL has either a Syphon 
Wash Down or a Syphon Jet action, 
■a* per prices quoted below. 

THE SEAT is finished in Golden 
oak or Mahogany with nickel plated 
offset hinges. All fittings are heavy 

,• i- ni.-Ki 1 jdatcd. The lank l^inu 

made in piece is positive insnr 

ai ; i — : i i 1 1 - 1 leaks. Shipping weight. 

[30 i oende. 

No, 3M-202 T.avarili Closet Coin 
I, inalioi, w i til Syphon Wash Dvw n 
['.owl as described $24.50 

No. 3M-904— Bavaria Clonal Com- 
bination Willi Syphon .let Bowl as 

described $29.75 

Roughs in 13% inches. 




THE TANK Is made of quarter 
sawed <>ak or Birch finished in 
Mahogany. Is dove-tailed and 
holds' 7 gallons. Has a full cop- 
per lining. Fitted with a high 
ball I'ni'k and with a ball Valve. 

THE BOWL is high grade Vit- 
reous earthenware. highly pol- 
ished and glazed. Is a Syphon 
Action Wash Down Bowl. 

THE SEAT is made of Oak or 
Birch, finished the same as the 
tank. Fitted with east brass off 
set hinges. Is guaranteed fully to 
be perfect in every way. Finished 
in Golden Oak or Mahogany. 
Weight, 100 pounds. 

No. 3M-200— Closet Combination 
as described. In either finish, with 
Syphon Wash Down Bow 1 . .$21.50 
All closet combinations fur- 
nished wilh all nickel plate trim 
inings to the door. 

Roughs in 13 indies. 




THE BOWL is made of clear Vitre- 
ous china, the coloring perfect, the 
finish a clear glaze and is of the 
Syphon Jet action, assuring a perfect 

THE TANK is square vitreous 
china, massive in appearance, holds 
8 gallons of water and is equipped 
with an elevated ball cock and a 
reversible Hush lever. 

THE SEAT and cover are always 
furnished in Mahogany finish unless 
otherwise specified. The trimmings 
are all heavily nickel plated and 
highly polished. 

We offer this combination with the 
lull assurance that the most fastid- 
ious customers will be more than 
satistieil with same. Shipping weight. 
1411 pounds. 

No. 3M-203— Vitreous China Closet 
Combination as described above, with 
all nickel plated trimmings to floor. 
each $28.95 


0) D 

Porcelain Enameled 


White Enam 
eled Sinks are 
made of one piece, 
cast iron, pure white 
porcelain enamel lined, 
absolutely sanitary, no joints, 
cracks or crevices in which dirt 
can collect, all have heavy roll 
rims, making a massive appearance 

pi ec e of 
Aladdin por- 
celain enameled 
ware is guaranteed 
for five years, this be- 
ing the longest period 
that any enamel ware man- 
ufacturer will put on this 
class of merchandise. Our Mer- 
chandise Catalogs show many dis- 
tinctive lines. None more complete 
than our Plumbing department. 

The trimmings consist of two nickel plated Fuller Irthbs, with rtangei 
trap. Complete ready to put up. Furnished with or without trimmings. 

and one 1 '•• in. "1'" 

Catalog No 



3M -1434 





Weight, His 


Price, less trim. . . . 

SI 4.70 


SI 7.25 

Price with trim, t" 





Price with trim, to 






Catalog No. 





Size of sink 

. 20x26 



Weight, lbs 

. . . 210 



With trim, to wall. 




With trim, to floor 




Catalog No. 3M-301 3M-366 8M-30H 3M-370 3M-372 

Size, in 1Sx24 18x30 20x24 20x30 20v3G 

Ship, weight, lbs. l(u 115 115 125 135 

Price, no trim. .$8.35 $10.25 $10. SO SlO.tlj $14.30 
Price, with trim. 

to wall 13.75 15.(15 lG.'-'O 16.35 lit. 70 

I 'rice, with trim. 

tc floor 14.25 16.15 16.70 16.85 20.20 

With all connections threaded for Iron pipe for 
25 cents additional. 

Catalog No. 3M-374 

Kntire length, in 44 

Size of sink 20x20 

Weight, lbs 160 

Without trimmings.. $21.10 
With trimmings to 

wall . . .1 . . TT^TxV^ 26.35 
With trimmings to 

floor 26.75 


















p^fif. /v:r/; pirrr ! 
aGara.nteed to he "A 

The Tub ;^ ( 

ed casi iron bath tub. porcelain lined lavatory with five- 
phon wash down closel combination, constitutes this 
>tg fitted with nickel plated trimmings to the wall, and every article is 
trade and perfect in every respect. 

casi iron, made on roomy, graceful lines with a 3-in. roll rim. It is white 
n enamel lined, ts fitted with a nickel plated connected waste and over- 
No. i;j Fuller Hath Cocks for hot and cold water and a pair of nickel plated supply pipes. 
ct, all fitting* to the floor. The tub is guaranteed to be "A" Grade, and all fittings are 
ly ni.kel plated and highly polished. 

TU T nvafArv is 1,Sx2t in " '■ ast iron ' wkit * Porcelain enamel lined. lla=> an 8-in. back 
I fie L^avaiOiy w , tn double -wave top and a 5-in. apron. The bowl proper i- "D" pattern. 
10*14 in. 1 he fittings are all heavily nickel plated and- are tin very best obtainable. Thej con- 
sist of two brass, nickel plated compression basin cocks, with china topi, one marked "hot" and 
II. c othej marked "cold;*' one nickel plated trap with wast,- to the wall and two brass nickel 
plated supply pipes to the wall, a very attractive appearing lavatory. 

■T*"L r^l^o^f has a bighlv polished oak tank and seat, tank beine fitted with push lever 
1 lie V^lO&ei valve and has a rubber ball valve. The bowl is vitreout porcelain ware 
of the Syphon action wash down style. All trimmings, including nickel plated supply pipe^ and 
nickel plated elbow and screws, are furnished. The outfit, in all. is one which would sell regularly 
■it about $os. We furnish everything complete to the wail as described. If you wish pipe, fittings, 





i it 

■ : : , i ^- 

* ^Vv 

ft J 


-*■ <*>. > •■'■'-*^ " , 

etc., with which to in->t-j II this, 5end u^ :i ■ i : .» :-.- i-.i :i ■ M ;,..;;! j. . .-.. -. • -: . ■■ v .:!; ".:•■ 

we «iii be pleased to quote you. ■ *"% - 

It would be in i possible for us to get a photograph of a bathroom in which the arV^j 
would be just right to she™ each fixture in this outfit in such a way as to convey to you ho 
good an outfit we are offering. 

For your information, we call your attention to the fact that this outfit consists of our 
SM-loi, with fittings as described on the following pages. Closet No. 1M-200 finished 
Golden Oak or Mahogany. Golden Oak is alwavs sent, unless otherwise specified. Lava 

You will find all of this material desi ribed on the following pages .»f this catalog, and with this 
information at band you will readily understand how reallv good an outfit we are offering at this 
low price. 

We consider that in this outfit, which is true "Aladdin" Quality, that we arc offering you more 
for your money than it would be possible for >ou to get elsewhere. 

No, 3M-30&- Our Crystal Bathroom Outfit, as described, weight about 475 
pounds '„ 

Same Outfit with waste and supph pipes to 
Above outfit with nil connections threaded for iron pipe, $1.00 additional. 





oWade in "Three Sizes 


LECTRIC LIGHTS are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. Just as much as an 

E\ education, or up to date machinery, or an automobile. 
) Last year over a quarter of a million automobiles, with self-contained electric lighting 

/ system, were bought by farmers and business and professional men. This year it is estimated 
( that one half million will be bought by farmers alone. The half million farmers must learn 
to operate these lighting plants, and require about a half an hour's instruction. 
You will want electric lights in your house as they are just as much a necessity as 
modern plumbing. They are safe, clean and cheerful and will give you a pride in your 
home and the same distinction that you feel in owning a good automobile. 

The Aladdin Electric Lighting Plants are of just the same high quality as the most expensive plants made, 
hut we have simplified the design to the last degree and by manufacturing them in large quantities are able 
to sell them at very reasonable prices. 

The size of Plant that you will need depends upon the number of lamps to be supplied with current 
and how often vou are willing to recharge the battery. 

Mnst people like to have a plant that does not require recharging oftener than about once a week. 
Generally speaking the No. 3 riant has plenty of capacity for any average home of from eight to ten rooms, 
including also the barn, garage, pump-house, etc. Users of this plant recharge their batteries about once every 
10 days on the average. The No. 2 is suitable for a smaller home or a large house where not so many lamps 
are burned at one time. The No. 1 plant is for a small cottage. 

Here is a convenient way to determine the size plant to use. Take the 3-hour capacity of the bat- 
tery and divide it by the average number of lamps you expect to burn and the result will be the approxi- 
mate number of days you can run without recharging. This is of course only approximate but ordinarily 
is a safe way of figuring. To get this more accurately, you must know just exactly how many lamp 
hours you will use per night (lamp-hours is the number of lamps multiplied by t he number of hours 
they .ue used) and divide this into the lamp-hour capacitv of the plant (u*e the eight-hour capacity in 
sixteen candle-power lamps and multiply it by eight.) SPECIFICATIONS AND PRICES ON NEXT PAGE 



Complete Outfit 

for Individual House Lighting 



Specifications and Prices 


The plants are shipped com- 
plete as shown above, securely 
crated with heavy material, the 
crates being so designed that it . 
can only be handled right side 
up. The batteries are fully 
charged before shipment and 
the plants are all ready to give 
light as soon as the house wiring 
is connected to the two terminals 
on the back of switchboard. 
The cost of Electric Current is 
Just What It Costs to run your 
Gasoline Engine, this will in all cases 
be less than one-half the usual charge 
made by cities or individuals selling 
this current. 





On Battery alone, 12, 16 candle power lamp for 3 


or 9, 16 candle power lamps for 5 hours, 
or 7, 16 candle power lamps for 8 hours, 
or 3, 16 candle power lamps for 24 hours 

or when Engine and Generator running, you can burn 

18 additional lamps continuously. 


Generator: 9% ampere, 40 volt. 1.800 revolutions per 

Switchboard: Black marine finish, with Ammeter, Au- 
tomatic Cutout. Rheostat and Fuses. 
Storage Battery: 32 ampere hour, 15 cell Faure type 
in sealed rubber jars. 





16. 16 candle power lamps for 3 

On Battery alone 

or 12, 16 candle power lamps for 5 hours, 
or 10. 16 candle power lamps for 8 hours, 
or 3. 16 candle power lamps for 24 hours 
or when Engine and Generator running, it has an 
additional capacity of 25. 16 candle power lamps, or, 
will furnish plenty of current for a flat iron or wash- 
ing machine. 


40 volts, 1,800 revolutions 

Generator: 12i£ ampere, 
per minute. 

Switchboard: Black marine finish with Ammeter, Volt- 
meter. Automatic Cutout, Rheostat, Starting Swith 
and Fuses. 

Storage Battery: 40 Ampere hour, 15 cell Faure type 
in sealed glass jars. 


3A580 60 LIGHT PLANT $150.00 

On Battery alone 33, 16 caudle power lamps for 3 

or 24, 16 candle power lamps for 5 hours, 
or 20. 16 candle power lamps for 8 hours, 
or 7, 16 candle power lamps for 24 hours 
or when operating the Engine and Generator, it has 
a reserve capacity of 40. 16 candle power lamps and 
ample surplus for your flat iron, vacuum cleaner, 
washing machine, etc. 


Generator: 20 ampere cell, 40 volts, 1.800 revolutions 
per minute. 

Switchboard: Black marine finish with Ammeter, Volt- 
meter. Automatic Cutout. Rheostat, Starting Switch 
and Fuses. 

Storage Battery: 80 Ampere hour, 15 cell Faure type 
sealed glass jars L 



House Wiring No. 12 Wire. 

6 and 10 (IB Watt) Lamps, 100 feet No. 12 Wire. 

6 and 10 (15 Watt) Lamps, 200 feet No. 10 Wire. 

6 and 10 (15 Watt) Lamps, 300 feet No. 8 Wire. 

15 and 2(1 (15 Watt) Lamps. 100 feet No. 10 Wire. 

15 and 20 (15 Watt) Lamps. 200 feet No. 8 Wire. 

15 and 20 (15 Watt) Lamps, 300 feet . . . . No. 7 Wire. 
At 30 cents net each, ordered in cartons of 5, we 
furnish our special Aladdin lamps. Tungsten type, and 
we guarantee the capacity of each plant as here listed, 
using these lamps. Trices on lamps of other capacities 
furnished on application. 

The Aladdin Plant can be installed in any convenient 
place in the pump house basement or in the garage. 
The location is purely a matter of convenience, as it 
is not subject to temperature changes and there is no 
danger of freezing at temperatures above zero. 

There is no wiring to he done on the Plant, as 
this is all attended to before the plant is shipped, 
all the connections between the generator, switch- 
board and batteries having been already made. We 
have taken care of all of these things for you and 

you are not put to any expense whatever in installing 
your plant. 

An instruction book is sent out with every plant 
which tells you in detail, how to unerate it. how t<> 
set it up, how to charge 
the batteries, and how to 
take care of it. Everything 

is told you In plain, simple 
language and if you let your 
boy read it, you can make 
him Chief Engineer of your 
power plant and he can take 
care of it for you, and you 
will always have good light 
and plenty of it. , 

Plant 3A-576 
with Sealed 

Rubber J a r 
Storage Bat- 



Aladdin Atars Nine Piecef Q Qgg 
Electric Hxture Set jl jL 


Nq. 30-1508— Hall 
Fixture, $0,80 

Furnished with 

Selinite satin hall, 7 
inches diameter. 

No. 3C46I0-— Chamber 

Fixtures, $1.40 
(Three of these fur- 
nished with each setj 
A very satisfactory 
fixture for bedroom 
use. Furnished with 
Selinite satin shade. 


No, 3C-1 500— Dining- Boom Fixture, $8.00 
Length, 34 inches. Spread, 16 inches. 
A heautiful fixture with lights suspended 
on 3 s inch tubing- drops with ornamental 
breaks. The shades are of beautiful 
Selinite satin glass, 

No. 3C-1504 
Kitchen Fixture, 
Length, 34 
indies. furnished 
with 7 inch flat 
No. 3C-1512 — Bathroom opal glass re- 

Bracket. $0.90 Hector. 

Extends 7 inches. Fin- 
ished in polished nickel 
and furnished with white 

c ' e a r ■ - bH 


No. 3C45W3 — Porch Fixture, 
Furnished with 3 l ^x7 inch 
roughed inside glass ball. 

^ SP.l til »*„..„ 1 

3C-1514 Mars Nine Piece Set, $22.00 

Our Mars set is created to meet the demand for neat 
appearing fixtures at a reasonable price. If fixtures are 
desired for both gas and electric, add '/ 3 to the price of 
eaeli piece. Pull chain sockets will be furnished at an 
additional charge of £5 cents per light. 

No. 3C-1502— Living Room Fixture, $7.25 
Length. 20 inches. Spread. 16 inches. 
The ceiling plate on this fixture is of 
very beautiful lines and would add 
beauty to any living room. Shades of 
white glass with clear stripe. 




IndirectElectric Fixture Set vJU 

No. 3C-1608 
Upper Hall 
fixture, $2.75 
This hall fixture 
is very attractive. 
The glass ball fur- 
nishes a soft, white 
light and is orna- 
mented with a 
beautiful raised 

No. 3C-1602 — Dining Boom Fixture, 

This dining- room fixture drops 34 inches 
from the ceiling. The bowl is 14 inches 
in diameter. Extreme width of fixture, 
16 inches. The bow) is decorated in 
natural colored vine, the body being white 
Mosserine glass. 

No, 30-1606— Porch Bracket, 
A very- ornamental porch 
light made of Cast Iron, ex- 
tends 8 inches and finished in 

No. 3C-1612— Bath- 
room Fixture, $1.75 
This fixture is fur- 
nished nickel plated, 
extends 7 inches. 
Fitted with shade to 
match Chamber fix- 

No. 3C-1604 
Kitchen Fixture, 
A practical 
Kitchen fixture 
which gives a very 
good light. 

No, 3C-1614 
Beam Light. 
We furnish 
only one JM 
these beam 
lights w i tTJK 
each set. 
More can be 
ordered if sq 

No. 3C-1600 — Living Room Fixture, $6.75 
Semi Indirect Living Room fixture 
drops 34 inches from ceiling. Extreme 
width, 14 inches. Beautiful white Fros- 
tilla bowl. 

No. 3C-1610— Chamber Fixture, $1.95 
(Three of these furnished with each 
A Semi Indirect fixture with beau- 
tiful white shade. Length, 16 inches. 

Aladdin Mercury Ten Piece Semi Indirect Electric Fixture Set. $30.50 





Aladdin Furnaces 

Pipeless /» If* vCT'ET *PipelQss^ 


Showing the "Aladdin" installed in our house, the "Portland." 

Costs Less than a Base Burner 

IN our "Aladdin" pipeless furnace, we arc offering the very latest departure in warm air heating. The principle 
is positive. Cold air is taken through three 8x10 inch registers, placed in the base of the jacket which goes around 
the furnace proper. The heat is forced upward through a large 14xl!0 inch register placed directly over the fur- 
nace. Through this register, the hot air passes with great force to the ceiling and circulates from there to all 
rooms of which doors have been left open to be heated. The warm air will be so evenly distributed that you will 
And a variation of less than three degrees between the room where the register is placed and the room farthest 
away from same, providing of course, that doors connecting these rooms are left open to give a free circulation. 

Simple and Easy to Install 

To give an idea of how simple an operation it is 
istall one of the "Aladdins," we show a cross secti 

install one 

view of our house, "The Portland." with the furnace 
installed. We call your attention to the fact that there 
are no large warm air pipes to destroy the usefulness 
of the basement, no wall pipes or liftings to be installed. 
In fact, any man who is so inclined, can install this 

furnace, do all of the work himself, and the whole 
operation should not take more than four or five hours. 
The register must be placed directly over the furnace, 
and the furnace shoujil be placed, as nearly as possible 
in the center of the basement. You take no chance 
when you order an "Aladdin." We guarantee it for 
3G"> days, one full year. 

So Simple that Any Man Can Install It 

VANIZED JACKET. In the large cut at the top of the 
page we show the furnace with a brick jacket. We 
furnish the furnace complete with all registers, and 
on.' extra length of 7-inch pipe, with check damper and 
galvanized iron register box. furnace chain and wall 
plate, and in Lot everything necessary for Installing 
the furnace with the exception of the brick and mortar. 
For setting the furnace, you will require about 350 
common brick, one sack of cement and a bushel of 


recommend the furn 

as a por.:' • Puma 

with a galvanized jacket for use 
that is. in rented homes or for 


temporary use in any home or store building. The 
price is somewhat higher, but as you will note, the 
price at which we sell this furnace is no more than a 

g 1 heating stove would cost, and with the use of a 

furnace, you gain the space ordinarily taken up hy a 
stove, and at the same time, have the heat in such a 
way as to be entirely utilized and easily controlled. 
This furnace will use but very little, if any more fuel, 
than an ordinary heating stove, and the prices which 
we quote are for the furnace complete. No extra pipe, 
registers or additional material required with the ex- 
ception of the brick and cement which must be pur- 
chased for the brick set furnace. 


IrickSet or Calvanized 

Showing tlir 

Aladdin" with galvanized jacket. 


We guarantee our "Aladdin" Pipeless Furnace without restriction, to heat any house contain- 
ing' 151,000 cuhic feet or less of air space, to an Average Temperature of 70 Degrees Fahrenheit, in 
the coldest weather, providing connecting doors are left open to give free circulation. 

The Fire Pot is L!(l inches in diameter and the walls Water Coil. A water coil can be furnished for this 

are practically one inch thick, making this section only furnace for $4.00. 
weigh 1-0 lbs. The Doors are amply large for all ordinary purposes. 

The Grates are of the draw center shaker type, easily g»- S^^h^cLn^heXn^e tfSltjS w?th 

^tS^^c&^^m^f^^ *& : SS2 %^X2%£$^<£Z£P in such 

coal or coke but many of our customers are burning ' l £ "dlition to his? we" w allow 'you' The' privilege 

hard coal only, ami ethers are burning nothing but f returni the furnace at any time during the first 

wood, in every case the results seem to be satisfactory. yeflr after s purchase , if found otherwise than as de- 

The Radiator is so made that it can be opened and scribed by us, and should you return the furnace, we 

allow ;i direct draft or closed to take advantage of ail will refund full purchase price, together with freight 

the licit generated by the furnace, charges which you have paid. 

We furthermore guarantee that there Will lie a variation of less than three degrees between the room 
whore the register is placed and the room farthest from it. If the furnace is found otherwise than 
described, you may return it, and we will refund full purchase price. 

No. 3M-52& — "Aladdin" Pipeless Furnace for brick set, complete (less galvanized jacket.) Shipping 
weight, 800 pounds. (For homes containing 15.000 cubic feet or less air space.) tfl>X i TX 

Price Wd-±. i «> 

No. 331-537 — "Aladdin' - Pipeless Furnace, as described above, but with galvanized €{£JQ > K(\ 
jacket. Weight, 025 pounds. Price •P\9*J.*9\J 

No. 3M-629 — ''Aladdin" Pipeless Furnace for brick set complete (less galvanized jacket). Weight, 
1.17(1 pounds. For store buildings or churches containing 30,000 cubic feet or less air <fi*QO \fi 
space. Price WOtJ.*)\t 

No. 3M-531 — "Aladdin" Pipeless Furnace, same as above, but with galvanized jacket, (gfti) OK 
Price qjV/^.^J 


AlADDIN Homecraft Quality 

1U StTSauce Pan 2 Qt. Sauce Pan 1 Qt. Sauce Pan 

ON this unci following pages we show tour sets of Aladdin Quality "Homecraft" Alumi- 
num Ware. The average housewife will he surprised to ham that standard alumi- 
num kitchen utensils can he purchased at so low a price as those which we show. 
Every piece of this ware is guar tint red for twenty years, so there need lie no question in 
your mind as to the high standard of quality. When we say guaranteed for twenty years we 
"mean thai and that only: An unqualified twenty year guarantee-. 

Jt upon receipt of a set of this ware you are not satisfied that what you have purchased is a genuine 
bargain at the price paid, you are at liberty to ivturn same to us and we will refund full piircha#e priei 
together with transportation charges: Otherwise each piece is guaranteed to wcai twenty years. Should 
it fail to do this we will replace any pun. Fm pi nil Chfirgn to you. • 

Food will not burn when looked in an Ale muni utensil. 11m I'tcnsil cannot rust, and Aluminum 
utensils are cheapest in the end. 
Set number four consists of the following: 

One l-(|t. Lipped Sauce Pan. One J-qt. Lipped Sauie Pan. Two Bread Tans. Ski '"• wide. 
One i;:--qt. Lipped Sauce Pan. One o-'|t. Preserving Kettle. 9! ;• in. long. 2-H in. deep. 
4M-665 — Six-piece Aluminum Set. weight 6 Ihs. $3.37 





AlADDIN Homecraft Quality 

Pudding Pan 

2 Qt. Coffee Percolator 

2 Qt Sauce Pan 

IN tin's, our No. 3 Set, we believe that we have combined as bis a quantity of Aluminum 
Warr — all practical, useful, needed-every-day articles — as it would he possible to furnish 
at so low a price, and we believe that it would be impossible to buy as good and well 
assorted an outfit anywhere in the world at anywhere near oXir price. And every, piece is 
guaranteed for twenty years. 

The bin points iii favor of Aluminum Ware for kitchen use are: The long life, will not ru-t. ami 
economy in fuel. We know of no argument against it. 

This "set is composed of eleven pieces, each of which is in practically hourly use in every kitchen. We 
know this when we guarantee it for twenty years and we know further, that each picfe of Homecraft 
Aluminum Ware will outlive our guarantee. Set number three is composed of the following pieces: 
One S-qt. Preserving Kettle. One. Km it Funnel. 

One 2-qt. -lipped Sauce Pan. One Measuring Cup, 'A pint. 

One- Pierced Ladle. Two 10-in. Pie Tins. 

on,- Ladle. One 2-qt. Coffee Percolator 

4M-666 — Eleven-piece Aluminum Set. weight 7 lbs. S4.95 




AlADDIN Homecraft Quality 

Tea Strainer 6 &t Preserving Kettle 

ALl'MINl'M cooking utensils have become very popular in the last few years. Xo other 
distinctive line of utensils have ever gained the prominence even after many years of 
general sale. Within this year one company has sold a tremendous quantity of this 
material all over the country; and in comparing their prices we find that their price on the 
set shown below was $36.45 and is not covered by a guarantee. While this outfit is guaran- 
teed unconditionally fur twenty years. 

Every piece in this outfit is a regular needed every-day article. Four large pieces in this set any of 
which if bought in the regular way would cost SI. 25 to $3.50 and we sel" 

the complete outfit for $7.50. 


long. 2-V 4 in. 

Two Bread Pans. 5 ', 4 in. 

One Measuring (up. l /2 pint. 

One Table Set. (Salt and Peppei Shaker in castor.) 
One 6-qt. Preserving Kettle 
One ,2-(|t. Double Boiler. 
4M-669 — Thirteen-piece Aluminum Set. weight 12 lbs. 

One IJl'-qt. Lipped Sauce Pan. 

One Pierced Ladle. 

One Tea Strainer. 

Two 10-in. Pie Plates. 

One <-qt. Berlin Sauce Pan. 

One I'/^-qt. Coffee Percolator. 






ALADDIN Homecraft Quality 

8 Qt. Preserving Kettle 

2 10-Inch Pie Plates 

IN this, our Aluminum Kitchen Set No. 1. we show twenty-one pieces of high grade, 
needed-every-day-kitchenware. Tea kettle, two sauce pans, coffee percolator, two 
bread pans, two pie plates, a cutlery set. and a nine-piece combination which can be 
used for the following: a self-basting roaster, milk or pudding pan. bread or cake pan, 
muffin pan (5 cups), bean baker, Sherbet or custard cup. steamer combination, double 
boiler, jelly moulds, egg poacher, steamed pudding moulds, handled bake pan or serving dish; in Cut 
there arc many other uses to which this ran be put. 

Each piece of this ware is unconditionally guaranteed for twenty years, and if not found satisfactory 
in every way. may be returned to us and full purchase price will be refunded to you. 

The set will be shipped complete in a corrugated paper carton, and safe arrival is guaranteed. 

Each piece of Aladdin "Homecraft" Aluminum Ware is made just a little bit better than is necessary. 
We invite special attention to the beautiful silver-like finish, the care used in trimmings and details, the 
beautiful shapes. Aluminum ware cannot rust and will not clip or peel like granite ware: it lasts 
a lifetime. 

Composed of' the following pines: 
One 8-qt. Preserving Kettle One .'-qt. Lipped Sauce Pan. 

One Pi-fit. Coffee Percolator. One 1-qt. Pipped Sauce Pan. 

Two 10-in. Pie Plates. Two Bread Pans. 

One 5-qt. Tea Kettle. One Four-piece Cutlery Set. (Butcher Knife. Carv- 

One Nine-piece Combination Set. ing Knife. Kitchen Fork and Paring Knife, i 

4M-670 — ■Twenty-one piece Aluminum Kitchen Set. weight 16 lbs. $11.95 




A beautiful set of Domestic dinner ware, consisting of 50 pieces with gold decoration 
your own initial in gold letters on each piece. A very attractive set in every sense, the shapes? 
are quaint, being 12 sided and not round or oval as is usual with dinner ware. The set? 
consists of : 
6 Dinner Plates 6 Saucers I Large Meat Platter 

6 Pie Plates 6 Soup Plates 1 Oblong Potato Dish 

6 Fruit Plates I Cream Pitcher 1 Pickle Dish 

6 Individual Butters I Sugar Bowl (two pieces) 

6 Cups I Covered Vegetable Dish (two pieces) rxrx* 

4M-661 — 50 piece Initial Set as described ^pD.yU. 






N our Sovereign Vacuum Sweeper we offer th< 
very best bargain in high class sweepers on 
the market. A most practical machine at an 
extremely low price. When we started buying 
vacuum sweepers and reduced the price on a 
standard made machine from $12.00 (the orig- 
inal price) to $6.75, we considered that we 
were doing a pioneer work in lessening the 
cost of an article which was to become a 
universal household necessity. Then with 
placing larger contracts, we found it pos- 
sible to reduce the price to $5.40, then to 
$4.50; and now we offer the same high- 
grade standard made sweeper, which 
less than two years ago sold for $12.00, 
for only $3.75. 

This machine carries our 
binding guarantee of " 'Satis- 
faction or your money 
back." We assume all of 

the risk. You must be satisfied with your 

purchase. Send your orders early, advise 

when and where you wish the Sweeper 

sent, and we will make shipment 


The case is finished in mahog- 
any, equipped with a 
double bellows and heavy 
brush. Price is F.O.B. 
our shipping 

3M-92 Sovereign <j> n -j r 
Vacuum Sweeper <P-?./ J 




q^/&?~ this 


gerator, the type of which has become very popular. The same general construe 
i as is used in our higher priced refrigerators is carried oul i" this, that i«, the 
Die high grade finish, the same hardware and the same care iu insulating. The however, of which they are made is Ash. 

THE PROVISION CHAMBERS in each of these refrigerators are built along 
one side and beneath the lee Compartment, thus insuring the highest amount 
Of good derived from every pound of ice consumed. 

THE ICE COMPARTMENT is lined with heavy galvanized iron, is well 
insulated and the cushion frame on which this lining is supported In- 
sures a long life, The ice capacity is based on the weight of a piece Of 
ice of the same general dimensions as the ice compartment. Prom this 
•2X-,'/, is deducted to allow for difference in shape of pieces you get. 
REAR ICING ARRANGEMENT can be furnished for this refrigerator 
at an extra cost of $3.50, Bear in mind that when you have a rear icing 
arrangement opening outdoors, that for practically 6 months of the year 
you can leave that door open and thus save buying any ice. 

Catalog Enamel Galvanized 

No. Width Depth Height Lined Lined 

4M-2190 20 in. 17 in. 41 in. $14.65 $13.50 

4M-2192 30 in. 19 In. 44 in. 16.50 15.15 

Catalog Ice Provision Ice 

No. Compartment Compartment Capacity Weight 

4M-2190 12x12x15 in. f l'Jxl-'x !» in. ) 60 lbs. 160 lbs. 

I 1L'xl:_'xJ7 in. f 

4M-2192 12x14x19 in. f J2xl3xl0 in. ( 80 lbs, 175 lbs. 

I 12x13x30 in. f