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Full text of "Homes and haunts of the most eminent British poets"

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Boston , UftBa, 




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ZlH&T- ^5"' iT 


n. CliAT, ROS, AND TATLOft, riirNTi:RI4, 



TsE present edition of thta wcork has been delayed by 
the atitbor*-3 absence abroad for Home years, and hy other 
causes which need not be detailed here. It has aovr been 
carefoUy revised, and enriched with much new matter. 
Indeed, nothing ia bo striking a3 the alterationa which this 
interraL has necessitated — the ravages which death has 
made in the ranks of oar great poets since the last edition 
was issued. Southey, Wordsworth, Moore, Wilson, Mont- 
gomery, Elliott, Joanna BaiUie, Caroline Bowles Sonthcy, 
«nd Rogers, have since then disappeared from the scene. 
In Rogers, was snapped the link which bonnd living authors 
to a long-past period. He tells ns himseK that he coizld 
remember seeing one of the beads of the rebels of 1745 
still remfuning on Temple Bar. He had seen Garrick act ; 
he was cotemporaiy with Johnson and Boswell, Gibbon, 
Cowper, Horace Walpole, Howard the philanthropist ; and 
saw General Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia, who 
uid he had shot snipes in Conduit Street He had 
associated with Mrs, Piozzi ; heard Sir Joshua Reynolds 



deliver ft IcctiLTt; ut tlic Ruyal AcoilcaijTr ttiiil Btuke 
iwd Sheridan's speeches oo tbo triat of Warren Hul- 
iDga; seDt liia [xrcme Ut Mii^n; km-Mv people who had 
bcuD fMmiliar Trith Popc &iid Ony ; had dlu^ at La 
Fftyctt«'8 n-ith Itochejbvcauld aad Ondorcct; been in- 
troduced to RobertBOD, Adaiu Smith, old Henry Mao- 
kcarao; ww Lwd Nortli In the Houses irae, he aaySf 
within thirty mile* of Domfrics when Burns vtbb Living 
iherd] wajf acquainted with Forscn, Dr. Pan, Helen Maiia 
WiUtanutj KoD^cinsko, Alndamo do G«nli»j Lotd Enkinc, 
Lord Uonhoddo, Fox, to whom he introdncod Wordawoith, 
Pitt, Wintlhani, Madame il'Arhlay, Wilkes, Home Tooke, 
Slc.i und «aw the body of JcKd ^V^^loy Uid iu tull 
canonicohi ou a tabic in hii» ch^ipd, in (lio City Bead ; and 
yet waa but th« other day, aa it were, living in tliu nud^t 
of tfaia genO[rition, as if he belonged to it The imnoval 
of diia <ine tnao so^uis to have pushed the peoplu cf hta 
early daya now far from u». No aucli change cau occur 
again in oar tiiue, rapid and atiange aa are the shifting 
seenGa of human life. Mar the few UWng men of genius 
who are yet included in this volume long remain amonget 
ufi, Und-marka of tlio paAt, watching tiae dawnuif; gl 
«f the futojo I 


The aubject of tlie present 7ork is reiy extensive, and 
it waa soon foond neceaaaiy to leave out the Dramatic 
Poeta for separate treatment To them may pebbly be 
added Bucb otber of oor eminent poets aa could not be 
included in tbe present work. It will be recollected that 
it is professedly on the Hotaes and Haunts of the Poeta, 
and is not strictly biographicaL For this reason there are 
some poeta of considerable eminence, who will find com- 
paratively small mention ; and others none, not becanse 
they are not entitled to much notice, bat because there 
is little or Dothing of deep interest or novelty connected 
with their homes and abodes. 

8ince the publtcation of the former edition of this 
work, many freah. incidents in the lives of the poets in- 
cluded in it have taken place, and a considerable number 
of those then living ore now deceased. In order to notice 
accurately these changes, the whole work has been care- 
fully revised. 

toBDoSt iai7. 


CEAUCEK Tahard JtM, SoMAwark t 

aPETiSER Kikolmat* Otuae tm Fire 10 

SKAKSPBARE .... Skai:9peart readii\^ to ^ueen SUsAetk . . Sft 

COWLEY Btnm ol UKetUey 40 

MILTON CrOtage ai ChalfoyU 46 

BUTLER iMdlfnB Caatl 00 

DRYDEN BurUigK Rouge 7* 

ADDISON SoltandSoure 83 

POPE Villa at TirncJcenham 94 

SWIFT Laracor Church M6 

StrUa:»ffoute 132 

Ritina of Sinft'i Houms ....... 140 

THOMSOX Cottage in Kea Lane 341 

9HENST0XE . . . . Ltanwa 155 

CHATTEltTON . . . Munimmt Room 158 

GRAY 180 

GOLDSMITH .... Jioom at Watl-er't ffotel 195 

BURNS Ifvmt and Mury partiv^ 229 

lAnelvdm Ahbey 26d 

COWPER Houk at Wetto^ 269 


KEATS Tfmbs of Keait and SheU^ ta R<me . .292 

SHELLEY ShtUr^e Body found 301 

BYRON AnnaleyHall 323 

CRABBE Beltoit CattU B50 

HOGG 309 

▼iii CONTENra 

TOWTM. ILLUtTmiTlOm, Pltl 

COLERIDQE . . > . CoUridge EftluUng SOS 

HB3, HEHA173 . . . RaideMe at JthyOMi 410 

L. R L. Capt Coaat CastU IBS 

SCOTT Ahbottford 440 

Tomb, BrybuFffh Ahbcy 700 

CAMPBELL GaUaay qf Ola^ov ColUge 497 

BOUTHET Raidfnce at KavtdB 508 

Sirthplact at Brut^ 5S5 


W0KD3W0RTH • » , Gratmm 631 

MOHTGO&I&RT . . , Fvlntck Moravian SdtkmfiU 556 

LANDOE RetidenctnearPietoU 578 

LEIGH HUKT . , . , Birthplact at StMh^ait 096 

BOGERS BoToe in Sl Jame^t Place 009 

HOORE Cottage at Slopcrtou 626 

ELLIOTT Tkt^'Rmter" PnacJunff Ut 



TSNNYSOK Birthplaci at Sameh^ 09t 

Antique Crou 70S 




^Tst flnt thing wbich btdUj itarikos our att«Qtio& in truing tbe 
"~ tt tad HauqIb of the Pi>afc«, m iho <\cvtuA^iiott vbicb Tim* Ias 
UBOagit tbooL Aa if bo voiild indemoirr hiroMlf for th^ 
a «r eaceni|)tk»D Aran bit iofluwc* \a tli«ir vorka* lu bi^a vftiU 
hofMB aoid ^nnibfUtai Iho trft«o» of Ihotr tuwuto wilU ui 
iT9 tixl a nbniifM buui If thtN Ia AtorttinKly tpparoat \n tho 
k of tboM Otsii vbo bftT« beou our ootcDi|wmioi^ how muob 
I imuk it b« *D u tbo CBOM of tlio*^ wbo lun* ffaoo baa« oett- 
\ a^ Vo 1>oet:t with th« &ihor of our tmjVKciitl'sb p^tTj, 
I gtfiud old Ovomm Ohadccr ^ utiL apiU of Ui« I]t» vbiob 
vn \mn wrilUa of him, tywhitt telk ua that jurt nothiftft I* 
UjhxvvD ofluBi. TbftwholaofbU««count<#«tiafcb6axiudns 
' uUfamJcttUd fjicUi fffpwduig hiio u&duntfl to but tw#JvQ pilM 
iiD^ doUb bdJ oomoMEit*. Tho Ikota tbcaiHlviM dpo lUA Sll 
mont than fmif p^tm Ho U fuppottcd to htva bmm bnrn iii 1338^ 
tnl (irUiftbl/ of an old KontiHb familj. Of his btrth-tJaois fMlwr 
" tta ikttt It w«ft tn Lickdoti, oa ho lolb im bifa«olf in iw TontuiMcit 
' LoTD, U. 3ilt tiothiniir in kDown. Tlio pUoo of bin education u 
' no namg dMr. It Im bcca foi'l that b* ««> odiicatod firai at 
» Piui tboD at <Hfcfd. Ho biiDMU Ioatd* it jgni^ owloiv 

ft cnArcKiL 

thtkl he WM ftt Cfrxubrld^ stjUn^ hinaelfi inTb* GoitA of Lvnv 

<■ Philogonet of C^Tubrid^, CUrHc." LeUad bft« anMt4«J tkat bojQ| 

at Oif"rd : and Wood, in hu Aonfllai jnr«8 a tndiUoQ tli4t, ** 
WickJiflit v»s ouAnllAu or warden of QviUt^ur; CoUa^ bo tu. 
hui pupil tbo ruaf^Mfl pool oUkd Joffrp^ Ctuuccr* fbtb«r of Thi 
CtiJiiiiX'r, Esq., of Elwelm^. in Oifor^ahirov wko, foLowing Ibf * 
of fai4 moMUr, r«1Iect«d muo^ upon the Dorruptiaw of Uk ckr^J 

Ho b tb«a Mid to hnvo «ni«Tad hinuolf of tb* UiHtr Tump U^| 
Speght jitatee that & Mr, BocJ^lej had swa ft r^oord in tfa« Itioer, 
'l^mplis of ■■ Qt^ny Cluuioor b»iog fiaod tuo aIuIHusi ^^ betiting 
a Fnuoinoofi Frlor in FLwt Stfwt** Thiar IVm^U bajv, «m ft 
yonti/Hi H&Ur, ftiid pOLute ovft the Fact that Ohaacer fttadiftd in tin] 
uuerToiDpLefnilcaviugotiUegOsftiiii bafo» bla tmvala abrooU, wl ' ' 
ia oontniFj to tlao *ocounl of lAlruid, who mako# lilm tf/tcr Ua iw. 
reald« in tbe lunar ToinploL TheM trftv^ts «ven inrnuioo reoti 
Boleij on Uio Authority of Lekud, Tynrtiitt <)Bpiit«», but ct tbdi 
roaUty tbon uaa bo LittJc iloabt 

ChauMr, haviDi; Aoiahod ^ wlucatlon, b«carae ja oourtior Tlia 
first Mithccitio momorial. >a\-i Tmrbitu that wo Iiure vf him, ia tiia 
pfttCDt ia RjiQEr, 41 E. ltl,f>/ wnich tbo king 2:rftDt» bim no aooiuty 
of iv&uty ULta-hh Vy the utk vf f'aUititt nuaier : at wbicb tiino bo it 
al40 eaid to have beOQ Icni^btodf oa or about ttia ticue of bin fuarriikgt. 
lltt W4JI Iban in tU4 thirty-ciliith j«ar of bti ofo. But prorioiuly ta 
thm ve have it on hi> own ovidi^ioo that he nerved uudur Edwnrd 
III. in hia groat ouDpiUfpu in Fnmoo ; woa maiie prijionor, aod ob< 
iMaod h'm mlvM at Ao ywKtt vT RrvLij^ni, wbioU took jiluoo ia 130(y 
Gotuequontly in the 34. h. HI, aevca yu^rt before. Sjn^t nuatlona 
'ft ttieDBodin^ grant by tho tltlo of FiMIm lofpitii By tboae title* 
It apjK^jn Lliikt Lo wan a ruyMl |»^u vr gt^n^iii. lu thiH ntluiitioiu bo 

eiijoyod varoua gnnta &om tho king^ In Uie -ts £. IIL hd haiti 

' ftooordin; to Rymor, a gracit for Jifc of a jiitdur of wioe daily ; in 

' iho ■Dino year a gnuit, tturiu^ plew^urv, of th« oiAoo of CouaiAivIIier 

^Of ih/f Quftom 5r WooK mac*, flta in the port of U»niIo:L Thfti 

, Dcstyoar the king^nintodbim tbeWardihii>of Sir&lrniuiiiSti^1fr< 

L gnto'o boir, foe wliicb hu iwMaFut 104/ ; oiid iii the fuUoniuj; yoM,^ 

t»oai« forfcilfld wool to tho value of Tl/. 4i- Oif. Uiii annuity <A 

< t««Dty narkd vam cor^mcd to him on tho aoccMiioa of Uichara 11^ 

, aad another 01] n Lilly oflTf^iity lujirtj^ ttci^ grantod bltafnluiuof tha 

, daily pitoUer of witio. it in piroLkaMf^ too. thht h'* w«4 oonfirm«id bk 

hiaomoeof comptrolkr. tlioagh tha inntrijm>^tit liai not W«d l>n>* 

^UCotL In tho 13th of Itichard LI. ho lipptuvn* to have boon dork of 

thfl wijA* ftt ^\'^?li^^itl^i'^r. pIa, itxid in the folhwBigyrmr ht \Vi[»d»T- 

Id tbs i7tb of Uiibrini U, tho kin^ graoLcd him a new AJiiLULty of. 

)wao9 p'X^niU ; in iho sted, a pif>* ot wliml Oa tho aooeuiou of 

Henry iV, bin iuro gniiH of tr"» nnnitity of to'CTitv iHiuit-U acvl 

of tlifi pipv «f innc^ vent cotiBnacd to bimj vitb an atUlitionai giaul 
of forty mATkB. 

TTiiui it app««n Ih&t Oiatio^t dM net nii>i« tho profitAN^ pert i>f 
oouTt palronagpL Ho alt*^ rnttmd «osio cf iu Loaaonrftble omhley' 
neata. E^Jward 111, io th* Awk fnr of ttiv TUtgo, apfoint^ nim^ 

C1U1KU. Z 

L Ive eth^r^i tiis mw(ty lo 0«qo«, vftl Ibft tiilo of &irfuV«M^, 
r 3i|uin. This gnttt toil «blo kki^ it ifl i^vjdcnt, mi^ardod CbAoo^r 
k)[OM| ttUQ of tii»Ui««s; «ad Uiftt ^ |>rfTV^ himMlf bo, inprotty 
J denoM b; Um ctuef snaU of hid lifo lmtDedi«Uly folIoviDg 
nAuro Ou Uu» Iweb of th««ie sr«titi% caiua nlno ADOthrr «iii- 
■jr> ia oomMnv with Sir Tbomi(4 PHv«t> t4) FLiDtltfra, ill 1377, nnd 
V U*t to rreiKo, «iUi Sir QuidioH d' Angle and RioWd St4a, 
•QCvrUius tf> FruissArt, to tn^L cf & marrfMgc botwvcti tlio Prlnco of 
^Walca. oJUrwib lUnhjird II. uxt InabHIf^ <Ijua£lLl4r of tho Fr«n«h 
^ OUier kistoriMM UMrt Uiat the Dnginol cttj«ct of tun muMioti 
I to ouDi^lua of MUiae Infkingctnotit of the trunx concluded wit^ 
□c».ukd which widiiio w«dLpiiahcHibyCh&iioeruMlh]aonlt«a^iw, 
^ it Lnl to aonw overlora rapoetin; Uw nkarriaga Howdvur ihtit 
rbc, il is vTviilQiii tb«t ourpr>ct*fl mrt tn tlio tmuACtiotimutvrith 
f ro,™! tpprohcit:nn ; for tb** oUl iiag drinjt ftnft of tKo firet ilcL« 
tiie (vioM, oo bu 4co(«Bloti, «v io conflnu hU fitlier'n grautA to 
-1, wt(h ftu adfUiiotial on*, la w« bavd obnrvnL lUeUarU, muro- 
ir, in Um nrr firat yoir of his raiso. mdL him on a mcoixI omhaesy 
>Fbodor^aDd,bth0rollovin£ye«r,<rauiolbeTtotombu4r. Bight 
I bttfrlio va»oh!<4ed al4tigut cf the Hbire fur Keut to l^fiimneu t- 
; CSuupDCT httd nlfto hw nbAre ff lift/s rsTftnu'A. In I :it^\ hn wnA 
i from faia offloM. [□ Lh««l«Tenth j^f^rof Rkhiiuxl Il,tli;it 
I only tvu *nn lutcr. lid httd U10 king's lJLvtii:i^ W surrffudar kin 
t ipAutH of twuntT mu-ki Moh. In fiivtiar nf John Scolbj. It iA 
rwJlylukovQ wGy b« durnndflred tLoAo gruit*, but it h sup- 
«tl thai it wiu oiriiig to 1im coauoxioD viUi thu LuUanI oiiw^ 
E cffpbdiUj to hill a]liiuic« with John of HALint^ Iho Duk(t of liJi' 
Ater» tod Joho of Xortb&iuptoii. U« wt not c^tkl; ntudwd to Um 
'i9 on accouut vf Ibcir comtuou iuivrvrt in th« rvAjimiwl opiuKMi?^ 
ho mi turriiMl to ft ssUar of C«th»riEi» Swynfbnl, tho diiki^ji 
, sad kllcmtvtk wif». ChMoer>itB«emB,hadoxor1odfaJuuK]/ 
^ tf>Becun) th«r»«1e0tioa<tf j<»ui of Nottlittuaptoutts major 
3Q. Ho^ i<( mndi mjmtery fttlachod to the cjlibio of tbo 
: whkb took f>lft<v ; but u thia (^ombortoo, or John tf yorth* 
apiui^ rai s vi«lu«a Wickliffltc^ th« aoppccdtiuu t^nt the dibttul^ 
~~~ 1 from th« vit^ffii oppo«itiraQ ot thn clnrg; to him. u very 
Oaaibeaioa «aa flmlly committed to ^inson, ami Chaticcr 

,llnt ttf ti^iii.ti]t> tbtn tuFtmuw, mtd lattlj t^ Zuiliuid. " WhlUt 
»3£cKkiui"HiyviUr.Chft]in^rK,"b'*miJKlflLinfpd »oini; of bin co'if itiy- 
,vho Iwd fl«d tldthi>r on tUa Mme ftcoouut^ bj pJiinug tbo 
e^ htt luul br<ju£bt fitb btnif— -«ii Mt of Ubenlitjr wbich poou 
ibftOtfkd hill Jitook. Jd tho m/Antiioo ihtt partiunn of hU cous^ 
\ ho hod left a! booMv oootriveJ to laiiko Iht^ii poaf , not oidy 
rilboai «vijMVo«rui|f to pnxuro tt purt^^u fur Liiui Lrut witlioul 
'liiog ktn m hit mlft, mham ho bncan>o ^nxtly dbtrnnod for nnat 
r pacuohvjr mtp^k^ 9ach, wo i»*t jiuppov, gAto Ujih 

n UOoaaUMtA ib&U Um rvaanjiuruccw of JL ; but jI diil uot Iumw i i 

t CAonffiai, ■■ h* hooo muturcd to nlnrti to E^it^tuid. On tbitf ho 

tliMVTonid. u)d cvimni t(..! to tbo Tnvi?r, wbew^ aft*! Ma\s 

riUi gmal rj^urj hi' ■!«« prumuKU bU irftnlui* jf he Moukt 


discl4(»« »11 ha kiMnr, ^uti put it in tbo poworof gorenttuiit Id 
rafttora the pcBOe <4 tlit city. Uia Toravr rwululloii wfipcaa now to 
lum ftitod aim ; or, t»iHiA|a, imiiffnAtion *t tH« iiTifntafbl oniKlixtJ 
of hU i»0odat« bilucoU hioi la tbiok diadouw a laitKr of iudil' 
roroi}^- It Ih ocETtBUi tb^t Iw uuiu|)ti0d wtUi Uw UmiB ottavBd : bot 
we Aru not ii>l(t whAt wajt tb4 ar^fiiinl of hw (MnflwsiOD, or wh^t liu 
oonMqtMuoeo «rer« to otJit*r^ or vbo thev van tb^t h« inlbnied 
«Cftln»t. Wo know ouly (luit lio obUiiwJ liia Uhvtty, tuA ttut «■ 
4>]iprpuiivi^ ftfiAnn nf liUnikn And obl(%quy f:)IliM7^. T<> «]kTf*i4i kla 
ngret for tLis tr«it[i^*ut, vid i>nrtl7 lo midicAte his own <niKl«d« 
b« Dcw wrote Tbu TfflUiiKnii urLuT«;ujd aUbou^UUildpitMW^ trem. 
viknt of {latiw, utid oftA^iirity of ttjh, U not KnfHrii^ird to fomn a t«i^. 
BiCidAiotorY baographical iloouin«nt, it ab LmaI famisEiM Ibe prcoetkng^ 
Mocruut d bia oxife amd tTtunL" 

Tbs* ooeonEit in attended with its difRcultSDa. Cb«1mvni itAtM tlik 
eiiJo to haw oorarrod about tho 3d or 4Ui of Rklwd I£ ; Tynrhitt 
iu tb« «l«Tvnth <if that T^lga Od« tblo^ la c«naiu; tb»l U it 
oocSQffttd ID tho oUvontb, thi» whAlu period of hunxilA umI tn»aUM' 
losUd oblx two yoaji^ &r la the 13tb of ]Uohuil II. bo wm ia graat 
brouT al couitt and mado clerk of tho new vorha bt WcMDuasAer, 
and id otb«r outltt and piiJjic«a which th« king warn comiag oa. 
A^D, the two Tmni diinnti vbicb bo cUumcd nrotccCaon Jrau tlui 
kni8;.aro ftUtcHl by Chiituiun to be ttom tbo Sdof RiobaH, mA hj] 
Trnvhitc, quoting K^nkor, aro dnttd £rota the tw^aty-fint of ihA 
rd^ It uiixara, bowflror, pretty oortaia that bo ma raduwd toj 
gTuat pecuJUUT dietnas, aiid obu^ to Bcreeo btEoMT ftwn thai 
r4L-aoautiou> Of bia oT«diton uudor the m«l gnuni of probsctioo- 
Tiiur* c«a bo UtU» doiibt that Rvmor u the oorrM authority^ >nd 
tbat it o<;ourred Id the Xlst of Kioh&rd. About th«tlmo of the tar- 
nunation of thi» grant of protoctioa:k, ho wnUd ■*<) ba |Trot4«tor abo 
Todtiwd to tho nied of pn>t«otioD bitn*e]f : vbiob ho did not find, 
bat «u d«po«iid| and aucoeoded by Uoory iT, who oooAnued to <mt 
poot tbo grmta of tbo ttcfortuuihto moDaroh kiohard. j 

Stidh BTO tbt few prominccit Joota of Cboucor'n pnbJio lifoi WbcfVy 
durias hw abodo ia LfOndoD, ho took up hia rfwdeooa, we haro no 
kaowMaa During tho Inwbloa of tbo court, and duniu bi> owUi 
be it Mid to bare ratrcuittid to biafftrooritoTTooditock. Tbiaboue 
bo bid engAg«d origiDaUy, bcCAUHo tbo oonirt wm then much al 
Woodatockt and hn voh ob1ico<d to ho in oooatoat aLtabdanco oo ttia 
kinjE- It becamo hia ftirounio nbodo. It was a aquare atooo ho«M 
Dear tha paii jpto, and }ot^ rotainrd tho aoido of Cha»oe>'a Bowei 
Uany of tho naral daaoriyUona Jo hia work* faivo bocu tmoixl to tUa 

'i Itroiuite bocao of hia wuka ind atcdioi- lHvenr tnoo of it baa bem 
loog astfit away. IVi othar roaidcnco which haa a^ujnd ftaio 

I inm oOBOoxiou wftb Ohauoir, i« iKixuiioi^toa OMttlot in UoiUiirvh 
TvTwhilt doobta wboth« it evur tvallj bobtij:«d to hita. If it did, 
be oajv, it omM not bavo bean till aTkr the IGth of Richard II, for 
at tbU Uvw it wao in tbo poanvwion 1/ Sir Richard Abburbufy. Uo 
ohaHT«a that wo baTt no i-nxf of aacb ]Hir>:bue, and ba dotibta 
wboihor tbo aituatioQ of hia a&n Admitted of a^cb a forcfaaso. tl 

CtlACCBX :i 

w 11x9 j«u^ tiv>r«r«r. aA^r tlUs time nhno Hum tdMn ooKpAllMl 
him t4>fte«k tbflltiog'B proUotkin. Thcrv uro tmditiom of his wvioir 
a^tU fell Lb iuid« oo bis BOD Thomu, f>r vhom he lud procoM 
m nch wite. Affcio, it iA dciJU«d Uiat TJiomu Cbflucor wwi bta too, 
Of- tluft it u knovD th«t ha h«d mij s>q btit L«iH«, nud to ba bom 
t««Dt; jevi aA^r bis mura^ So dubiotui ii cTcry it^ Id this 
hiMorj. V«t UvlJUoa iasvrU Thomu Ch«jjo4r to bava DfVn bla 
Mm% BOft It ia known that Dotnun^on CoctU wiw for otAiiv vMn 
mtbftbudsof thisThotnMCb4kUC«r, who vnn RpiMlccr oTtho Vtm- 
tDOtM IB tlw araood f«v ^ Uoir; V, anil wtio lo }ionrT IV/a time 
waa U^ to fiivour at Qourt^ for Joodaa of KaTiLm, tb« qu«oti uf 
HtorflT, oocircTmd ca liitn, ia Ulo twelfth yt%T <i tlialrei|n. tho 
'<mafion of VTottoD and titanCosflold Tor bT'}. Hu oaly <m^ler, 

de 1b PoI«, DuIlc of SiffiuL vho «u attainted and bohaadoi tu 14A0. 
May It u&t bava buOD ttiB tbct, Uut tbo purcbam of Doonngtoa 
jPuk, Mid th0 BattlrdMnt of it oiu htB aon. muat, togntlior with 
& dimiiiuhod ioocma from th« dianjo of iwm of bia abim* bxvc 
baaa ttia aoupoa of Ihtt yoeVu ambamaaaiacta t It la cortala thAt 
al cfitf tim« hiB MooJumtetB wt* groat ; bo «poakB of hicn^elf a* 
" oooc ^anfM in VEorUly wUfUlooaMs and haTing nicbe ffoada in 
V4itbv«a matin InQ&rtc^40.'' Ue waa ii> a lUr vay to maka a IWtniiah 

^ ttDd fUl.\ B bmily of nttb Bad buIwUikio^ Do wu muTted Ii:j thfi 

vvtor of tbo brourito raistrvfii and auhaeqwQt wife of thv pcmrerful 
' mad l(b*nl John of Uauot: bai tb« faronr of tha UuA Edv^rd III^ 

and hli wifio Ibnt of tho oobJc* qticvn Phnipf*, od« of vhoiW noaid* 
[of horfiouf ato bad baoo. ErerTthin^ promm^d promrity; tbo 
^ promiaa «aa cottlraxd on tba acoeaai^u of Kiclinril il; nut f«<^n, aji 

wbByr «bm1, th« Bonke ohuigoJ^ H« wu iuvolr4>J in th« tt\>iiUw 

vt tbo Uison ; ccmpellnd to Mkcri^oo btH i/fllcMt >ui^ obliged t<i Qj Lo^ 

ftirthv Dou&t'loa. Ua thvo com|iiaLtJ«<1, In hi» Tealanicnt i>f Lovo, 
r^af vauig hvrmilo Mit of dagnitio of offic«, in which ha matt* 4 
' pAfaarimt* of vorldljr fod^a." 

Not«lth«t«t>d«ig all this doud or meertaiDtf, tho belief wtU 

alsvyq prvvBd iMt Dconuig-oa waa tho tocidonco nf ChBuctfr. 

Erttfn idh 1UL, tbtt thnra wa« as oak b tba ;>ark vhicb trtdilioD 
' Mttartad to bito booa piaated by Chaucer, and «hi<b was ntill calkd 

f^tattOvr'B Oak. Ab hu ho«BB at WiKKtito^k U gonc» bo hiB outTo 
ra ia a mo* min. it i* goMsllj aup|kOa«d to bo At WoodMock 

thai b« vroU hi« Caotjrrba^ Taloa, vb^^m ho a^ ia «ald to bavo 

^ritUD hm Troatka on tho Aatrolabt^ for tho mo of hia mm L»vtt« ; 
^ fvt if, aa aaai.'rti.J, bo waa opwanb of jiixty vhta h< oamRLcnoed tho 
f Cantorb<tf7 TbIoi. br tiujr ham bcoii in privatsioQ ^ao of Dcamtngtofti, 
^ durhndp |«rt nf tlu^ ttmB th«t ho vvi writing hia ^poat p««rfL But 
.KTomhrng ooQccmiag thcao particulan b wmpt in tho miitd of Svo 
kbtnorad jaLra. H« oolj branch of bU TaXDi]^ that bo mtDtionia b; 
Fnaina ia hia aon Ijttrit Tfi'> i-i.rj notoo <<f htn vif^r in unor-rtajn. but 
|lwiiffTDd to hvrt bven rhUiptd Kooi/t, tho oUlc^t dnugbtor of Sir 

lUpo UoueL. king of anmi oi Gujonno, hut a daUtc of HaUMoJt. 

* HMUnaiMs ■■J* Tyntbi'.lj ■ tbaugh tboy vwa tboavolTOB totaUj 


I^EkonDt of t£iB cibruftuD laxnc of hU vtCe, ore nil agraofi 
AAramo* wu JhyH, tl^o ttuiw with that of bur btiiftr asii 
iuUffp Ctthuriiia SwjurorrL*' Utrv /^fAf^/ aod StrnJhrd oui 

amd ffurnuuiu, Tynrbitt dotA uot ;cJJ u^i; bul Uio act in, CUi 

Svjiifdnl likd niuk bat^ miuiiim naxntt jtj tbut of Imr firtt htattod.faP 

bbo wiia a widow when Juhn of Uuuut tiickrrini bcT- Sj>iC« of tioi^ 
tbd OEiiDniOf^taton hftto pored lulo tbc iiid of iiiuo Dm^ncMr, of tbo 
qti««n PbLlip|i4,towl3[tiii tUii kiiitf hiul i^rLkiit^J auuuiUan, a(i<1 fltKl^ 

uj J6uG^tb«r«blift*^b«oi3rtaolvciI tu lu*stli«fuliLrovifeorCli«uo«rp 
<tac riiilippApfkftrd whom tlieydid liiuL llicMooroAllruab pwhf^ 

into thu Uftrk. All iifl f!atiiM] ol' thv naino of ttMi«i wm fouiiilj tCa 

uAtunLl couclufrioii ii, that slto wna Rlmtdy momod to Chaucer. 

Uf UouniDgCou Oa3.t]i? in tU prevotit nutc & few more woff\lci tSi^y 
ha ftOMptalilo, ui-i thih j;> th« ^ux^iuut v« Hiid givca 1>j llr, Bt^tloo, 

ui Uie Bt?ftutiu« uf EngkikU imd ^Vakv- ^^DouiJus^ou Outl« rtttrt 
itv loftj head nbovo Ibr rcimunfi of tho venerable oolui tbjtt ooa 
aiLiT<nuiJed it^ on ati (<iuijicnoo unrlli-oatof Pojiiiingtou Otot<^ muI 
Hourly <|>|>wiit« to tbo villu^ of SpcoD, now N^iwburj- It wtA 
r^nuurly a iiboo of much nDportonoo, utd, by ojumvuUajs 
wntcrti roiii^ ^vo to tU pOJiMDM*orit a considBraliU 'degm of outhodtji 
^b«a It wf« ^riffiniUlir DuiH b uncertain, but frDUi * tusciiucn 
prvtfcrvat in thi: Cottouiui Libmn, it upiicors UimI it bdonftnl 
\?dl<rr Abb;<rbur^, whupoJdO. »lulliij£H fvrjt t4>tlMkiig. ... Hitli 
About 1;&1>7, ia tbi) 70th_y«Ar of hi« il£Ci Gvotfrry Choiioor, who I 
paroh^^d ii, retiriML Alico, hw ^nind4LtBbtvr,coiivcv«d it br n ~ ~~ 
U) William ilv la Polv, Uuk« of :5ij£'o1i.'^ 1 u IhU huv, ftiiJ U. 
in the dfinoendtntA of ChAUOcr. it <ontiiiui?d till ihc rciyn of 
VI I. wh«D. bj tbo tmAonablo iiraclicoA of the o-mivTt it «tt« 
to tfw cruwu. Ill th« CivQ Whn» it uoa a |haI uf ^rvalcomvcxmuui 
babig fortiiiod hh a gammon for tho king, During tbtt&e liDcblcB 
wu twi«o bo«i«god ; tho seoood timo ito fti«^ boidg raiwd bj tli« 
»rHTaIof tliekili);biiiu»«lf. lu C¥mdeu'» ticw thitCBsU* wMvadnL 
IJo dttwribw it (u " fl nDuUl biit vnrj nitai p1«m. arfttcd o<i the biM 
of a woodj hill, having ft flun proopeot, b^^Llvd ty «rtndo«« ou oi«f]F 
■Uo-" Tli^ ivnittiiifl DOW ix^iaiHt of the eaat eutnat^ with ttA twi| 
round tflwnrs *nd ft »imoU part of tho i-aaI wall 'Hio gotewnj in it 
good ptewiTfttioD, 4nd the plA«a br the porUulHa rnajr »ttU bo m<& 
A stAlrcaao wtodB up th« oouth towor to the Huumlt of ibv o»ili 
vbioh fomraiUMhi ft boftDtiful tiow of tb« Hftinpahhv hiUi, and tlu 
intormodjftta cotudrr. 

It hu bflea the fate of tli« pboos co]ebmt4d b;r Cbftucor In hU 
ciqninitc GmtArbory TaTcit to nitAJu ftomfttbing of tUdr idimli^ 
Lcj'OTuJ all tbftt taight h&v« bo«u oi|>«ct«d Crom th» fipid cbftajVcL 
M^iodftU^ of lflt« yettnw jq Kuglsul 'Jb« Inburd inft, Soutbwl^ 

From which hi* p^lnrima wil out, hUI! cuAt^ or ftt IcMit, p«Tt^ «CU 

under thu Diune of The Talbot. ThU ^Id iiia U within vivw ol 
London J^ridgi}. oc the J«A baud going tbeucL- donu Higb btrwt in 
IA« Borcu^, It b «Tkdfffit]y tlic i&o uhloh Dicbuw tuki in viva 
whan he d«K>iboi the ooo whore I'i^^widc an^tiMj «uoouut«rH 
Sun W«Uer Tbii oqoo Guxloua old hoetd hu iiuked wn-ived, btil 

lufl fUku tnlo dec^, lod vuak In nuiL LoDdoR hta npntl, tttiil 
cliui|t«d th« impontnoe <J iU LxaihUn. In Uw dtj, bikI at thu 
«««4-«Ekf,ioultitiidei of siilQudil hAv^ lave tipmu^ ut---tfac iticicnt 

1UMir4 in gTEDfl doTb to a v<tj onUnorj Iromo of cnt«rtaiiJiuvnL 

Odcc a txxxt^Mt DO tkruUt. Uiu fToiitaff« on bolb lidoi of iu |^te^ 
wv^, DOW it » cocLftDwl U> Uio rigbt land ; snd aMoufh tbo aucicDt 
jvd 01^ ondcot g«lk7io» prcKUt tborraelToe to tout tiow u» you 
voter yim fiikd the pramiscB occui3t«d by at leut balf a Uobeu dif- 
faivt)tlacAiit« Aikdtndaa, BcruiA tfcie iuaontbo i-icht bjuid; ou 
tfa* loft UD offio» of wino iDcrchAAta ofid otboni Uodtfr tli* old 
fiflccwft ift the vnnWu* of « Londoo cwimd, and buse laUa of 
good* 1>« hvtara i%, to co off bj wi^a or bf f&Llroftd Wagoua 
woufiDf to this otftdbli^iDcr.t ara gouyt in and outi miiI ffiga and 
efaauwi are drawn up on tho fuith^r «i3c of thfi inn. Tbexv ^ life 
and ti«dc here atill, bat tbo antiijuity and dimity of thu auuj«^l 
Tabitfd vr* brokcdi «ix The frcaita^, and ftboui btJf tbv triviuiaoftr 
vcro ouco deatiojeJ b^ firo ; tho ranaindcr, ooootiyiiig the lo»i>r 
cod of tho ocnrt, «iifttt m Ul It* ratiquitj, Tha oldwoodcu galterj, 
aupi>ort«d oo stout wo^oo plUtv, end with fe h«ttvj- wocdoiL bslu*^ 
itiatj ia roofed <rvor : above tre ttcop rcd-tjloi roori^ with dormor 
vindowa, boaring every mark of beh^ very old. In frcoit of Ibis 
. jaUjry li«nn k ^^ pajnticg, lon^ siud to be s pjcturf> of the 
t^E^iBB cDMiinK Cuitcrbooy, A bontttoon in duupixAriug thrcK^gb 
tbc flkjr pit«im, and oth«m am foIWici^; hut tho "nbolo is M 
^^thaT'l^alop Eb«t tt le diffioult to muko out. lliu paiiittDg Mozoa 
to bavv pooBSwad comtdenbJc tntrit, and it in to be regroltod that 
it iv not tvaior«L 

Tjmh&tt fttaym, "They wbo ojo diJipoBrd to l«li«ro the jidlgrioiAM ^ 

to have been raal, and to bare hajipcfied in 1363, tnnj support thm 
ofiintOD In: tho foUoviitf jnsctipiion, which in %U]\ to bo read iqjOD 
tbo Ian. nrw «iJ|(^ Thv Tall>ot, in fionthwarlL : " Thia itt the inn wlie n 
Ifir Jcffarj Chaucer otxl the twuitj-iibo pilffruua lodged in thcdr 
loom^ to CuiterbctT-, AoiiO ISiiX'* Thotigh tie preavot inadriptiou 
I M »vU«citiv vT ft vorj roont chit«> vr« cui^ht stippoBO it to bavobocn 
ivopigatau to na bj a micooASciD of Ihiibfal tranacnpta from 1L« 
TVfj Uiae; but ntiloclihr there ia too&Dod nokiOD to boaMuiud tlutt 
the fir«t ^niKtipUoii of this sort w4a iM «*rlier tfaan tb* k«t ocoiluf;. 

Wo kvii froDi Spofiht— «fao appoam to baTo been inquiaitiTO about h 
thia Inn in 1507— tbnt '' thU -via thpo bofttalrr where C^d^vr md tbe < 
other fwlgjiBM met togoUiei, unil, with /Avrj jtnjfy ll^eir lio*!, 
ftoBovdod about thenuAMr of th«ir jounie^r to t^tcrbury.*' Wuliici 
tbe jfBltery waaa li»a tables aaid to bo tht^ one itThich the pilgritue 
*vra vot^rtftjued. Iw gUlvfy i« now dWidod iato ftjnr b^dr^eUL 
wheru tbe {[aeata of tbe inn ntiU tderp, in the Ttrj floor oocuplca 
bj tbe tidkriina uiivorda of ^00 yean ago. Acd, uadpeed. how tuuch 
Ioiig»>r r 'Dko bvuil-nf cxUtc^l probftbly Wif bufurfr Cbouei^r'B dftye, 
who faaa h«eQ dead 4M jeam. It is one of the gitatttt anliqnitiea 
tad cvrioaitiea of London, ao few of tbe like kind ban^ t^>aiW by 
the flw^ Wid atiO firffor by nxdem ebui^ aud jirmrovcmf^ia. 

[a Ouilcrbiiiy, abov tbe pUgha'a inn ta aud to have oontbucd to 


t&» iniimi iira^ no Tnng^r, in<f««d, existing wm nti iofi, bat 
istoA nttmbcr of pdvnlfi tcneueoU in IIigh-strocL Th« 
l&MtloDtd by CbMoor vstut ^llorl ih^ di^iwn. lb ttaiKtx in 

bntow the piTiul«, OD tbe Irft-liaod vldo going into OuiUirtwtT. Ita 
HitiiA^ion ^v jiut thAt nhich nru mo«t convenient for the pugriiK 

for tho cDormoLitt rofort of Totariea to iho ifariiM of ttik [mrnariiii 
Mint, li iji now diTidcd into vcronl homm, aad htuk bc«a nuMctoiMd 
4>it«TtMiUy, iHtariog no longar Unam of Lftvtng b«fln *ia Ean. TIm vit 
to tho oourt-yard i» through ft lUrroT doorvay yewieft, mkd roond 
tho conTt joa hm the onJv eridonoas of ltd antiquitj^reoMiD* 
OATvtfd «ooid-wo^, novr irbltftw>j|h*d ov«r. 

Tb& oU o^ i^f Olifluoer. tike tliat of too maoy neo of geninzv 
asid to htLvo bton Btoncy, iiad not unvidLtod bv necovaitr. Wo 
iofbrnkoil tlmt, on iXto dopo«itioD of &to1uud 11, no voctt rveu W' 
atook to DoQniQgti>n OuiIk aod ibeaw to LonOon, to eolidt a 
ttautiDiJe of iUH uiuult>ti» bomHennlV, ui fibicb ho found 
dJffioaltiM u probobly hwtouod his doAtb. It hu btoo uuJ, bow 
eould this bo 7 How coukl n nun vith bnda nnd h citatiie be iu suoh 
noceaitj 1 Aud it b«B b«eu attribuUd to ibo dMire of hbt biogni|diar« 
to oxoitc nn unduo nvmpath; for tboir miljoci, that thoy h^vo ropr»- 
Milted him in Ms lud w ta &Taiiciou& ProbaLh, if vc 1a«« all' 
tbo circumttanoM, the Whole would 1>c clear cnou^ We know wa 
littLo of C;ti»i;«r'* tvsl, Aud «»]io{:idiy oT liiftdomMUA Lirto>7, tb«« 
w« limy pra^ioimotv cm foUd; fto prctnuEiphiooelr* in iftjing ho OOMid] 
not bo ill need. Who shiil] nj th&t bootim ChfluoH' eoMullj meo- 
tiooaoolj ono MiOf tbitt ho mt^ht not tiAT« half a<toaeot Wtto ohdll 
aajr vbnt min^^rtunoe nnj bftT« vmiwd hii old n^ 1 Thcve iMraj 
CbftUgUble ind troablwomo timesi. Jfu bioniuihor»h*TeMttlodlud 
oanile and ottato oo hU *uei Tlium^A i mh\ If no bod otbur ooo« to 

{irovld«A)r,iindhii vmuitjoe wurv uc>i. piud, tlcto ttrocftueuooingfaj 
or pocuoiUT di^oltr. Sir Burrii NicoJv hu» bunt«d out vanomi 
inoiideoia rautluu to iiu Ufa oud tii Llh Jtwmiidubt^ whi<Jj t^ijn bn 
mfomd to in hia Moooir of tha poeti prffooed to Kukv^xiug's 
edlti^in of bid poetical workn 

The general opLiJoa h^ that bo died Oolob^ £5, b U» j«ar 1400^ 

bfling Mivonty-two ye^n of ojco. Aooordin]^ to Wood, lui utrtft 

npenM of bitt nrdoctiom od tbo clei^ of hm tjni<B, but upbraided 

bimvdf biltorlr with the licvotioun i^ortkimt of bU nritioA oltoo 

^ Qijinf out nt tLo aiiiinmch ofiltntb. 'MVoa, woai^ txio, thai 1 oaauot 

' ncttU and afi&ul doai things but, ahn ! thoy ore now oontumed 

froca naoa to nun, and I unnot do whAt I irould deoiroL" Ho vm 

' burM In Voitininator Ahhey, iu tho (reot eoiitb ti8l^ liut no 

r uomimnb via nbad to hia momoij UU a ountury ftod a half ofUr 

' Um daccoac^ when Nioobu Biigbuu, n gantlcman of Oxfbnl, a pocc 

ftcd groat adakJrvr of Cti^ttovr, ^roftml tba i^nin altar now ao vafl 

faitvwn, haruig tbiw quaLro-lbUt, aod tho meho number of hhieldo, 

*t Ibr north oud uf a iiiogiiidi-oui recvan r^niLf>l by fovr oljtoM 

andkoJ ongloi. Ho iiiMrt]iLb<tfi and 6gntus &re nov &bu(at obhlAtai 

likt lifaiMoir, bin ^tAt v«Tk, ttio Coetorbury lUot, ky luri*d for 
vpvftrdf of BOTcuty ;«iua iu lutuiuscripL C^xtin, tha find EogliMli 
printer, vdeotod tbcao Ttkn lu ixie of uw tftrlitai productioEu of lii« 

raa, KCkd tbw nT« to Um worJil whit it «iU D«v«r ft^u «ODiiuat 
lott«. SpiU of tbe milk irtau of the lauguaue wh«D L» wri>t«> f h« 
ipJcDdcur of bia ^diub beunn ukL bunia i^urxiuHly throuifh iU 
lDBd«qiiAto r«Ue&». Tlnu^ wbkh hM doetrojad hli Houso «t Wood- 
ttm^ tod beit<n tkpvn bia owtle at DoDniugtoD, baa oot be«D abb 
to «fbel Uia auM rvin om hk poctfna. Ttw lacgiu^ basgono oa 
paHootlng sfid polkbuHc : a but of g1onou> aiUDo* aod gLonou* 
wuttkM hm atmedad Cbauoor and tbo Catit^ibuiy T^e^ iiiakbg 
Aogbuid afflt*nt in ita liUrary Euua aa any oatton on aanli; bui 
froo hw dUloot poaitioD, tbA Fatbor of KngUab poatry b«a» bko 
a atar of tb* ftnt taasiiitude ia tbo «t«roal homispboro of gvaiua. 
Uk« }$baki))aaf«^ ba Sua, ft^r tbc moal part, a«t£«l cq namtivaa 
altv4dy m QKiManoa to eicipby bi« «/t upon, but tZut art u ■□ cxcnii- 
■It^ tbat it hatt alanpad lousortal vaiw on tbu nnrniti?*^ Tba lih 
ud tbo cturactcn ha baa reprcattitad to ua aro * [H^rtioa of tbo ikr 
pttvt, w a twiid Urr aa from tbo oblirioD that bw ovurvbeltDed ftQ tb»t 
«f» bottdai. W* 0aaa on tbo tiviti^ and movtiig acvnoa vritb uti 
iDl«««l which Iba prognaft of timo can coty deepea. To tbo Ulwt 

JH, nicii will r«id oM lay. — Tbiu in tfa« d^y* cf WiokU0v, ol Jolui 
Qiamt, &nd Rjctkard 1), did moo aad iroioon look, fxid tot, and 
tbinh, Mkd fc«J I Ibua did a irnat pool iii« amodigvt th«m, anO oeod 
IbMa down to m, *ad to kU poatcrity, tea thouH&d ticooa tnoro 
ftutkriLU5 prowrtvd Uiaa by all tbo art« of Egjr\^ and tbo Emi. 
ChiaiDt AS tboy u^ tb«r are tbo very ^uliitaeMiicD cf bumau nature. 
TiMy liva j«t. frub ai»d vividj, |«uiotiato And Btrong^ a> tb*y did on 
tbvtr way to tbu Uimb of 9t Tboinu, itpVArdi ol fho bucidr«d youa 
■fla l^you) never dio; thftvcaik uartrgrovoJil; aad oioid IbCQif 
tba po«4, CDglbhrnttii otory in^'h, livt«, Ukd laugh*, and <^uafl» hia 
ccip of wiac^ and t^ida bia atorr. and cbucLlca ovrr bia jokos »r 
l>*t«na u> tbe nanaftiTea of aU tboM aicood btm witb a rvbab of 
liivy tbftt b* only Go«Jd fod, or ooiUd flommnriicAtA. Tboro U ait 
tkalio geiuality in b» oprnt, a buojant muuc in biA numbera, a 
aool of cujoTxiou m hm vtbolo nature, ibAt mark bLia at onoe aa 
a toan of a tnotuazid ) arul w« fovl in tbo cbwni that beaie ue alo«ig, 
a attvdj^ that vUl cutkat a tbowaxui yiftra. It » like ibat of Uko 
»tn«a thot mv, of tbo wmd tlwt bUiwa, of tbo aim that cocnca up, 
mddy M wHh yiMtb, from tb« bright «u»t on an oarly ■unrmer* 
BaOnun^ it i* tbo ■treogtb of noUxrv bring in ibi own jc»yfut lifo, 
■od mipgLng witi the bfo of al) around iti glmklflntiif cawkj'Uiion* 
■liib For a Mi>drod bvAuttful piotura* of gonuino Eocliab txutoucv 
taa En^iah charaotor, £or a vorld of porM>n» lujd tbup that have 
■n aiohcd ua from tbe prwat to thair Mxacty, for a boat of vi*c and 
ai|i<rieocaHA«agbl baxbo*, for nanjr h t««r ahod, uid etnotiui 
ftrivnL and langb of taanitnuti, for aiaujr a happy hxtur and bright 
lymwnbraaoi^ we Utuik tbce* Dan C'bau«or, aoa juat thoakji ahalt 
tboa raiMiva a thauMJi^t yowa bonoa^ 


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Solitllo inlinowii of tbato^llfo «if SpftiiMit, ttftt ouniolioAof Mv 
haunta itill be coijfiae^ i^liQ^t \vLollj, t> Ba C>atl« cf Kilootidttii.^ 
n« jj> Mtd to bo d«so(^ided fr^ui tUo AJicienl fftoiUy of SiwuMr ;, 
ii)dc<«d lie it bitii«Air — 

" AiTpnttli iTiDTitll tatatty Ldndoi Mae: 
To iitfT7 l«ndaO, inf mfltl Itrnaif Hull*, 
TliU toin«cfttf lltU 1lf«» am nativ* KrUtH^ 
ThflUttTi mwi mmlKT pJifS I i^lf Qrir timatt 
AnbDOii* iifAllClaii1fiunh"-^fr«M/r*>rM, 

This wns tiie houM of AJtboqwL u]d now aim of M^HbcrcjQ^ i 

bcwo^rr thld may txi, hJA pfenaitago wu oUcuro enoogh. He In ^ 

bf FrnUm to br4 bom in Ehal Smithfiolit, n««rUmTow«9ori«M]il6iv 
in 15&3 ; btit tbo porUi rtgivU-rv of that tbao nro irftntin^ Hui m 
hav«no«ltio to tmwEionofrtiTaidjrtho localitj. He vfta odiuiUod 
aw HiMr, th» InvOflt cirtW nf fitmTi'TitM, nl Pi>nibmk«hliftl), CBmbrictgOf 
{& thr T«ar lfi^9 ; be took tbb ddt-ri^ cf IkduJor oTAr^ in Jtnxury 
%:n^'\ and tb«t of Uwrl«r vf ArU Ui June ldT0,in «bidi yv^r h« 
van an anflaecAwfiil cuirlfilfttA far fi fr]lowh}ii|\ Hrn^rtnliui:; in lumiv c-l 

liUbbogn|ibenrUtotiffbothe»>d^QjrtUu. Ou^jUitiiiLEtbc L'lutvrvitT, 
1m wu to totidfl trltb hu reUuouii in tbe norih of Engknd, 1)uC 


. bow he vw mippOrt«d doo> ncrt «0>aw, TbMO roUdoiv, It would 

I G«iit1fiiiiui^ Uiguciuo of Augiut \M% qjadttd bj CniL, iu hid 
oiwer ukI bU Fovirj, wora ibo Spcucrn, or ho S|}enfl*ns ^' Huat* 

4, rv«r Runil;jAtif«j4iini, pAH of ttliioh HljUflabutliNlnn « IM 

_icirtj aUU oiled Spouon, *i the foot of l^ndlo^hUL Tuji 
iVcp confinnstim from tbc ftkCi or Si>oi»or hftving a Mm ulkd 
^VEXt^lutdnf tliAiwrnMofRdttiiuiil aud LAVTvnn- iJ>iuiiii4iTi]f in 
ivpiiiTi«tt of Uiu LmaBhire fiunil^, ak vhW iu of ttiAt IxiuitEy 
''lug tbo tMi£« vlthon"*." Uen boicU in lofcwitb 4 Iwly. 
< -M)nd«A niMli>r iho mae of llmaKiid, nnd vho dmi>irl«d 
iL.i^ , iiij is Mud to bo tbe cmua of bi« wrHifig tho tShe^onTa 
tCftlifDiUr. in vhkb ho oomfliupi of tLi* lutUoH mlaiitnEi. Otfacn^ 
'tK thiiik th^ WMH ji roftid'fl of Ktiit, a Row l*yiula, ih* I-Th-l'** 

lUi Sir Pliilip :f^<li«3\ vlulc in tbo noutb ; but tliiv CBimot at all 

viUj 1I^ liltitr of hU rni.-nif 0«bm1 Hajyuit '^ liJin- 1^i> '^f 

„^ !>o «^aa iiitrod^ood br tbis old oolkgo fritod Qalmd Harvey, 
L JodrcBtvU tu hin Uw Shoplwfd** Gilundar. If it bo true tbat 

I diTiiiratuin wiai tJio cfili«0 of intmdtitftioT}, thin fntutt hKr« IwMi 

dtcd Hid dcoiod uiMvu vlitlo tlio poem wwi quIj iu prognm, Cur 
Piioftn prcUr dearly that he wroto j«ri of tLe Cakodur at 
uiiv«t ; Pt^t^MftUy tilt «<1iiTftit)i ociogw^^ in wl^lcU Iu IbUMRtJi tMt 

destli <tf « " roidOD ^ gnat blood," FUppoited t<i httvu Iwea a d«ugbt«r 
of tbo Eiiri of Ldicc«c«r. la tlio ti-nib colocuo bo tbuda tbe ££ri of 
LriovUM-u "thr v«rtKy whmii the qi]t<Ki TovM bent; "no itiat ho 
WH nov in Uio bi^ rood to prcfcnnoiit, and doc* not miehat to have 
becobiickwud to walk dlH^otitly m \u LdccvUrnniV&dnofpnw- 

fcinitiMtft U IhoT WMw, trrcrv juMt tlio two iricn of tb» vholo kiDgdom 
fIo pQMh Uio lortutrd uf n poot. Whh tbU curly Aud roguliLr 
liulnAlootion to Uioc two povorful mui^, (i^oimfiil in pcJUb* tnd 
Tibit«fmtAn, uid iti fvToor witti tbo qutviij it in difficult if n-vnvt in 
W boUef of th« &De atofy of Spaacr^ pUKhin^ Uw onti wot with tbo 
LnioUi outto of ti>o Umt bc^ of tbe Fwno CJueoao. Jt ts a {it^y this 
Eihould tut kflt tni<sy<^t ]>ow oui it I Tbe ttory goM thiu : One 
FsDoming SpcMMr, ikt«nnmod to try Iua fortucio «iih Sir Philip 
[tfjdncjf tbo oouruertQoat tolobntod of thr timfi, fcr hti lutoUccttial 
I ieoocnpbabinMil^ anil for baa pn«tn>u> divpotiUon, went tc LvioMt«>r 
|Bou30^ an entire ntnnger, cBityiog with biia thia canto of hii great 
is whiob ia oontaiacd tbo too aUogonr of Deanair. Bo 
Mid a-lmiMloo i^ Rdiwy, %ud |ireaont«d hia Mft fnr Ida 
. obatioQ : tlut great lover and juJge of poctrr bad not Ttttd lar 
, jfonr bo tn» bo mucli atmck with tbo boanly of a atAnoii that bo 
ppjapod lUty poiaifiH tn be ipv«» to tbo author ; pmtdMtfUntf to tbo 
Eit atanxa bo niaod bu» girl to a hnndrod, whacb tnun bo uouhlod 
I radtng a thM. oftd ocmiDuudod bla «t«watd to pay iiuiantly, lo«t 

t ■hcalJ h* ita1i>n>d hy a fiirOiitr dvlay to gfivn away hta vholo 
__Utc^ Hty no tuiv a ntorj wm uot inm ! aome itaagiiifttivo poiaMi 
ttttft boT« plM»d blmaoti wtth Outcyii^ how awli a tbiog uiigbt 
Lara bccu. 


Bi<mtfWtQp$BBtr was qov a regukr Eam^to of L«kM«r 
md of ftofthDfwt : mf> thvt thai lattw inv^t pko« h*ft tAio ^ 
bduff ui wi»U the haunt of olit grettX roouttbG pool as of tkfr 

btuiid £ldn«7. Bj LdoaoUr and &klnojr dpnuer was l»tfodO( 

: Qiwan Eluabotb, vbo, it >■ mjJ, on hiq piv«ctitiiig aoAo pcvma to 
bor, <OD0>rrttd on hiro a gratuity of a huiLdr«d pouad& Ir tbb ba 
tnio> It Is BO unlike KLzabetb'a f>iu«fiiioQy, ttut we lauat set h doira 
a« a urobdvr- Vot it u to thin iWt tbai tord Durtei{|it*a dblik« lo 
the r^nirr, as ba csJled Spvoavr^ is attributod. Ha draaed tbs 
ao «»raTaguit oa to nt^act tia |iayiaeot tUl be nortved a 
titiob of i£o ordor from Jub nuatna^ with t. reproof for lua ' 
Then ivara, do doubt, rlonty of MTuaa for ifutM^^a dWike ef 
SpeM<T. ifl tlM timt plau«, lu hid not a ipafk tf poetrj i& kif 
oGtutitutioQi. To him it vmn nhcor noDi^naef idla uid «litldiah 
nouMitM. But, beftidos Ibis, Sjwntiir was bn»]|fat fbtwaid by iba 
Ttr3r party at wbcm Burlui^h wu ceost jcaloua — Leiocatcr He 
appounHl at oourt u the ^nHioolat- fmtul of Lciocatcir aod Sidney ; 
and tba isoutJous pnet ta anid to hftvo afcgnvatad tli» diaUn of 
Barlaigh by aome sauriod rhymoa, wUoh w«Ta aaaidooiuij canied 
U> th« okvor but oold-Vlooded miniBtor. Thpn> bu ooi been motfaig 
aottv* rmdication «f Borleiifh, «a>d tha diAoovcry of aimtaat jcnDtke 
hioa a petiAieo of fifty potmda a y«ar, d&teii lAdO-l, wbicb ha ciMojad 
till bia death Id IfiOtf-d, baa boeu aud to bo onffioiflnt rafWtauoa <if 
all tJ»t baa been alleged titaiiiftt Bwlei&b in dpfoaer^ eiae. But ! 
liow dooA thia at all noiaTe the alaUnncoita or Burletgh'a dUIike of] 
fi|>«iifur null r«ltictaaco to hla proiuolicia t Not In tho WaL H(| 
tnerely abows tbat Speueor had friends, axtd an interest In tbe 

Soeen^ cood-wiLI, powerful enougb to ovcmilo tbe miDiatei'a opp»- 
lliou. It DiH/ bo, and matt liktljr la, JuaI on truc^ that oo tbo ipraiit 
o( this ptfomouBurleisb declared "the pcnaicD uraa a good aiamphy 
too great to be rareo to a baUad-makeT ;" tuiJ that wbcn (be queco 
ovJcrcd hUn a aoudred ficniEidji, bo leiJitd-*" Wb^t ! all this far^ 
a song f ** Tbtue beta an eo id kefl^iuff with Burhii^'a clia:r«cler. 
tbat we cannot nueation thom. Indcea, Spenanr biuBDlf bia 
the tiutb past a uoubL WLjht uicoikv^ 

Wliat Ibuse lia«is at the oluoe of tbo uxth buvk 

"Ki iD«y Uiit banidj T«rv. i>f luciy ouinvf^ 
KiifvtbCDinr/arwf imi«.ktl m^lhtr c\m\ 
Wflh »Mfb HID* alrlBf^ innfiiH did II UckUlc« 

TTkAt n^w tB a«MrtW la mditt." 

Aptn, in tbo Rfunes of Time, wntXen subaoquontly to 
adit4uu «f the Taccie fjoeeun ; — 



IdA nbnh ona tfamo U deftr. UiAt Burlc^^ wu 1m bitter u>a 
itiichMfliithlf UMoaj. That ^euwr bjul du^red at court U ftHj 
«lio«ii la hia t4t<tto<l vunca id kbi '■ Mother HubbanTji lU:v*' ^^^ 
tnnft liVdIy ]nclur« d wmK tUendauoe uul iu coaMque&l oLkfiEiUA 
that «Tvr «ru pointed, 

•* PWl Unii kawtM fhDu thai Tiul not rr)4. 
mil krG II ti in xrivf i*«iir b> iiy^* ■ 
TcibinefvM Aas* ihil iiil«hlbt Htleilpni: 

T4>y««4 |vujr» (abi put T>v1; lom^-rrnv, 

T» ten Ihj phM*** (IK*. TTl T»^ 1>" pvT«' : 

T^ffft O^ loKJ wit>ft»«** w<T«Jik turn} 

T* r«i ibv it«n v>ii- finraniH* dnpikv ; 

Tv iTtfJi, It giT'. to VIM, la b9 ^ntattr 

vfaam b« becuiK aoco itoquaioted Uo 10 aaid to bavo b««D 
L VDPloTei bjr tfao Earl of Lvtoosi^r on a ibiBuou to FruKv io lATd 1 
' HM UkTOgb tUa hu bMu qtittvtionod, jvt bU own oiwriioo, in a 

IviUr to Q&brivl Hftrvey, coudrtuH tt^ In 165(1 ho aooompamcd 

Arttinrr Lord Orcj^ of ^VilUjD, who ituul kb Lurd-UoutouADt to 

ImWihI* u hw iiriru^ waaciAvy. la this po>tt ha i» Mid t4> luive 

^ ilbpbi^ad (ETMt talrata for ttuaokocA. Ho wr&te a " Dmooueiw on tbe 

[ Sum of IrvU&d,* omUinug taatay decided pbuu for tb« improro- 

f In 15&I, tbe bnX year c/ bfs b»iif in Ir«lai3d, bo vu abo mado 
^ cUrk to tbe triaL Onirt of CtuDCvryp «Dd Ur. Craik boa iiuiiiteJ out 
tL« AiH yivaa b (/^UjnA'a FiMnm^^ ^ tbo nctyicnt of tbfl EarU ol 
I IWt«ivoQih, that in tiii* aaiae ^ev. t4>o, bo rocoivic^ from tbe qiMco 
I » grsut of A luiev of Ulq Abbe^ «f loucigvtby, ur i£iiiJHwrtbjr, and 
hlhtf at1««bod cei«lo aiui maztor. in tba coiuitjr of WoxTcrd, at «D 
k Muwa] root of 300/. 6^ 6d/. ; and Ib&t ho conrmd tbii pioportj on 
[.Ife tttk of DootHibcr *fX Ibo muso }«vu to iliohud gyoot lUa 
IteMbdd bjuiotbvi aale cam* into tbaha&<Uor Ibe huilt of tba 
I fiuU of RartiBKVtb, and Ib rat«d by O. Wake&dld, in bia '■Aocouut 

vf Dxlaad," at QfiWiL o^ynt. 

Lofltl Gro7 wtti ro»U«d id 1A8S» uid Spanacr rotiinwd «Kb binL 
' Bat bia btv VM bound up vitiA Inland. Aft«r bsxupng about eoort 
' Ibr fvor jcttni dtuiu^ vbicb tiuw Uuro oau bo little nout>t tbut be 
ciporicuccd oiudi of the bstt^jraew •spnwoi in tbr Uoaa juat 
qtioCed, ba obtained, throticb the iot^reai of bin fnendi, Lonia Qror 
miA Leicwt^r, tio<l &r lliilip Siduc<y, d ^-nuit of 3,026 acrve of lutd 
in tbo ooant)' of Cork, port of t|i4 forfeited OHtato of tbo fCM»^ £ar1 
of Demond. &arc«W ma bia pat<Qt Tnado out> «bcn bn boat 
friand wa ^aUrtu, QtAavj, Jnm kjljod at ibc bulUc of ZstpUo. 
lliia «utbatlo«tborbiiibopMiD£aidacd.andboMtoottortaida 
on aad oultirato Lia novlr acqaind oalato in lr«JAnd ; haTing 
lauoul<d3irPbaip'>dc«ibu>tbo|iwt«««lo^orA«tn>]>h*L lUu 
' HinlWI. liitbnworfotirjc«i«,iaODorl^L,SpaiaeTmufiked 


in ^>g]niMl with Rolv^b, pubU^ed hi» firvt tfarao IxxiU o( Ui* 
Fiu^rl? Qiii:«ii.% uid was pmniitiyl by BoJuigli U> EliiaboUi, hUo ftt j 
thin iuutt nonfonvvl on Mm hiA poiMion. Sp«sier. it Mcrnuipi 
rciuruo^l to Iral&tiJ, wrote Ills aecoDd tbroti cmtt<% tnd, bniu 
Dtvta cvvr m Id^ pxiblieJied Uvm i and al»o prioM uod po^lil 
hm Diflccmi-^ on Ida SUto of Iralutd, « ft aobnoa of hi< pv^ 
Lord Qnfa policj then. From the oomdition of frvUi^l ift ; 

caiti« nf Kitcnlman, it k not to ba vondarod mt that bii plsil 
aboundn with earn««t rooomTD«odfttioti« of ft ooeravo utun^ sod 
rt(|woiaUy for !Ji« statluiihii; of «T.riMiff pirrisoas nunuroualf. tnl 
Ui07, ha T^tumt^ii tA IrolaD'f, vhofo umoad immodistdj tlw gnail 
nboUioD of lyroue bmddng ont* ho was ohAied from hu cutk^ ud I 
rotlrlDg to LoadoD, diftd thero hout-brokw In lAOa. I 

Such in A briftf outlina of th* life of Spi>ni»or. Lei un noir bko 
ft QMr«r vittv of his Iruh Uomo. Ono of the bc«t vxountoi ctf it ifl 
contolned In ttw DubUd Uaiverelt^ Ua^tno af November 1M3.J 
Tha writor, aridontl^ Qct only q genuine ^owr of tJi« poetij ofj 
Sponcor, but woU ocqoJilntcd vith tha hmjdq ho doocriboi^ 6^>«* •&! 
nsuoh leogth luto the ch&ract^n and alhuioim of tho pono of the I 
Fmtio QucodA Jltt «ho«a lu tbut SpoQvcr dmv* a nnbfe pnrlnut of J 
hin bnnfifoctor, Loid Groy, io tho Moond boolc of that poem, ft it j 
the ^tnrnor mcq by BrJtoiDttrt iu tbe raitror of Merlin, u her falur«| 

"A «■«»*]} knlicbf, all «nnc4 In domjilMt «iVk 

Rlttunl7 fan. tlikl did hJ» r«i icrtir. 

And rrivnpli t« irrift«« nf tf^irllB Ini** «pli*t. 

Bflvtfi vin>alt4rij ntniiMarnH ili'ih ■fkw."lr#, 

11)0 fwrtmii ia oortoinly ii noUo one, nod limned witb tl» oolovra 
of diritie poetry, Th? aiioDjnaoitt but able uitbor loidfl tu jittUj' 
t£ notice thAt, in tbo liCMd of ArUtpH^ tho ibirt4a« MUoaa 
openin|t the firat cwate of the fifth boek ^ relate bo the bapUv ixiD* 
lUtion of the l^dye Irene — her t«uii tod her trouble* ; tAen ihitr 
abM ! hATo act yet ntwNd to flow down, and troubloi that U> tho 
preee»t bcitr en> eQDTuhiing bor bonom. For Imui ia Lrelft&d ; uwl 
»1>e aendu her imppUofttioria ecroM tho ocean to OtoriAiui. the Quwn^ 
of Fitom, the frcit and gooJ Etunbetb of fiogUDdt bcMNchmg her 

to ooiDO over uid hrlii her. A.rU-gnH ti the jKmtotuBcftliou of equitr 

end juAtico ; and thii in tlie bo4>n which pt^gr Ijtoda loolci for» um 
hopoa to remro ftt h«r Aieter*a bend." 

ArtepU, or, iu uthr.<r vrovdn, Lord Orey. ri ■ ijimii over to Irolaadi 
and encotuiten INiIlcnt^, or Otimld, Eu-l nf DeMnond^ " wbo wju in 
rib*tlJionaAinetElixftb<>th at tbo time of Ix^rd GrD;^ aDpoiDtii>f ol 
to tho chief eutboritv in Irvhmd, thud purialjed minrably la couutfn 
quenoe. Ilin prodigieun w«eltb And power vonld eaply biwr eat' 
ttucb An apt»]Uiion. IltnleiuU eit«oded one bnndrcdtfid Ally mileai 
IxL tbii#0ut)i uf tbu Viuxibnu, BlmitiChiag frvia B«a to' tee, end covu- 
iking tJie ^rmtir portion of tbs ooiuitiM of WKtArfbrd, Corie, 
ertj, Ktd Limorkk, Wo rml of hie being abfo to bring togothSi^ 

MVBmmtL It 

hf hi* w iMin p tt^ BIX hiu>litd cavalij> tad two tboaMod EmUagol r 

LttkiJ of Uimeb oearir fiv« buodnd wvr* ■QoUeaeo or bin ovxi 

^fctnirei osd mmuaix Rb cuUm v«n nomermu, tod sct-tUir^ 

cpm ibl* luge tiMTt of oouutrj ui 1^^Jl-cbonoQ pUam, tor iU defbud^ 

mhI pvntotUoo : uul it is cnanous tbut 4tt4cbi«d to oqo of thom in 

I bk of loood uo( urdiko wtttb joa vtU find Spmior dasoribLng. A 

nlta kbovo tbe mo* oa a bold cUd' ovi?rhaii^iDj( ono oi Ihe 

poit pniA of tbo b««itifiil tiv6v Bl4ck«tteT, AUnd tbo LAtt^ircd 

uiu of tb« ttftrfa coatlu of Strvicallj. Attocbed tQ thii j^trong- 

I te « uurderoua doriot^ which wo had often Liiwioualj' hvtrO of, 

I ikot«r till tbua bebdd. The aolirl nxik bal baeu pkrooi witb 

vcQ^likD ftperttm, oommttaicstiiig nith tb« nvor ; oud tbn 

Ebotthtig ptTinanla will UAX vou, Uuit the uuwuy, when doco/i]Hl 

tb« ouiUet wore tied hmid tnd fuot, uad duns dovQ tbo 

ho nicid riror haoiod by, and 4cou curriod awny tteir 

liog ohriulw, Hid tbo dfwl told ao t^iiva- W« liaro orory rox^icc^ 

' \mm load tfiditiooi ; notwitbitftQdi;ig, we place no foitb in tho 

at borriUo lrg«flbd, vhit^ u wholly aI vonft&co vrith thif roccircd 

crter of th« f£r\ of DouaouO. It may bu that «uch IhliigH iwra 

i ttT him. even in 3ponaof'» dftji : tudtt >■ ocrtom tbAtjLbiiUttbo 

le of tbn j««r tAPJ, hi* tsuilc of StniicAlly tca Ukau hj iho 

j] of OrtiModi, tlw iStntduut of Miitutcr ; o copturo which ooiild 

t wmtdtj truudcmd tA iho poot'o han, Arto^l" 

Lord Gray wu n>all«d, in cootrquMioo of roproHmbAtiooA of 

OmoHy u>d opppnobo ia im admloiWaUoiL " Wiib this orvat tbo 

ifih Fwok of tbo F*nrio Qneono ooncdadoi : u)d tho poot there 

aotom ftt km lalo tbe ftid* of tfaotfOM. Aitagall » wsfiuaonod 

tw«y to Pwrifl Oevirtt osd uu li&a v«y tUtUur mooto witb two 111- 

^bwuivd hAg)i,^^MipKr«nouatfid vipamj wt Lord Brou^um would 

m tbem^— wbom ho knows to bo £nrf tod Detraction. Th«eo 

t pftintod lo lovguigo Uiat mukui tho grl&ly croolurM liro bofbro 

Rutty hiio ond fadoro of their viln cauotenAacw a prourred— 

"okfvring lip's ^bdr tirokm toofiKv, thdr foul «nd clAw-liko 

ts. Wo ivaiwniber uothtiij lii Miltua <jrl}&uto that our|Hyiiwo 

tblfl powofAil pitanbi&nitioD.'* 

S^MtMor, ai» wo hAv» idrvfriy ftAt«d, accompa&i^d Lord Gro^ bocae, 
ud bore oaiu« iu for a hIuliti iu tLojArtitioa of tho vtab mtatoo of 
tTArquW^hAl Kui of I>fdkmD4Ld^ Ttin plan tkow dev)»d for tooro 
orvlv altuihlof IroUnd to tbo British Crown wai o^lod the 
niAbou of Hoiuit«r. Tbe Kbomv^ wfuch wis fLntpiilloojiucttliaa 
LhU rait omnacAltfd taniiary of tbo Rarl of DoamoiifJ, ii tbtm 
. Bcril'^d in 5^niUh>Hiat0^ofOork:— 

- .'. ; UuIb to bo dirklod Snto maoon ond solgiuorin^ 

Kmu^. ' >i\ fl^OOO, IIOOO, snd 4JDO0 iutm ouhj ROOOrdiDg to 

, - lAid du^jj. Tho QDiLsttJikon (thOM who £ot tbfMo gr«ttt«> to 

«T«i ■& ntAtu ]=t fit^^mx ykildiug futf nch mA^imj t4 U,00O 

iTi*ii, fnr Ihit iir^', ihn^' \,'Arv :i;U IU Arf- liUHing, Til, from 1«M) to 

, nod frotn MicJu^Itjjuh. \:.)2, GOf 13f. >W. Btcrling, aud nteably 

biferior nvigJiiorj\ vitMing tjpon thu dnLb of tho vodor- 

UU bMt bnut M «i» h'^ii'A. To be di^dttneod of «U t«iefl 

vh«tmeTOT,6xoepimil»i(li«0 levied bjpariiamcnt Bog% tnoniitakii^ 
^C ctot to D« included, till ifaiHwoi, Mid thu> to pay a ' 
fbr«uh Bngli^ftoT^ Lioeuov to the uoiertdE^m to 

' commciditi«iL duty trtt, into Gnglvid for five yctnt. Tlut 
ftdraiU«(l to turn mon than 13,400 o/tm^ NouigUfth r^^*nf*T 
j>ermitt«d to o<nivay to kuv mero Irioti. Tbo liwd of focti 
tion to bo Bojilbh ; uid tnv faoani fcoulo to narrf zioim 
EriglUk t/irtb i >Dil DOiM of thu men IHaIi to b« Bkftiut«la«d In 

, ftmUr there. 

"EAeh fVc*hddor, iVotn tbo ycAr IC90, to furmnb one bone end 

rboTMinwi^ wmKl i tMch priiicical uuOvrUkor for 12,000 *oi«*, to 

l.ttipplir thneborBomoG ttod tax. leotiooia. umcd ; ADdnonUeablj fbr 

, the other avignioriM ; and oftcb copyliolder one ioaiam^ matd, 

^ TlMlf ^"-"^ MSveu jwu to cxjiuoi Ibey «.biiil tiuL L« ubJi^vd U> Uvi«l otii 

rOfJdunaterr upon oj^eonrioQ: and efler th&t time, do more thui ~ 

^bortnooa and tvojqr footmea out of ono wGiipaory of ld,CO0 

ecu! Av ndMbly ; and tuich su serro out of Muiivlur to bo |iftid b^ 


'■ That tbo qxi^oti vilj protect and defend tho aaid seigiuone*, at 

kJbcr ov» uliAixe, for hovcu j'fNini to wine. AH ooaiiitKKiltJuft t)fou|;bt 

IfrooiHnglam for thA uba of the aaine nd^iorioa to be doty &oe for 

I aer^a yous." 

Th^ ins to be Q complete Eiiglidh popttlatioa osUbliflb«d on 

I tiii^^a Unrlfl In thin Timmwr: "P>ir anv nnigrnfury oontumng iVjTtfl 

I ftena, tb« f^oatlruiun vu to bave fur Aia own docaaiii i,lou ictva ; 

I tfi fAmicrH, 4UU MTsa oaoh ; ni tnoboldera, lOO «ior«e each ; cod 

^ UntU to hn approMrklod tor nwut tonuna of fiO^ flfi, and 10 acroa, 

I to the aoiomat of 1,60D aorce ; Thereon tUrty-ali bmlUeit at Imfi^ 

fmwi be eotabliftbed. Tba other acigmonea to be Ml out (a Ifta 

, proportifii^ Ench undortakAr wm to jmoola hia aDtgni<»T to M-rott 

I Toua." These artidoa rvoeired the royal s^goatare on tlio ^thof 

JuTkOilOdS* The bliorij:tg list of tuHlortalfcefa uneeots some ooHcos 

partaculafA bitb«Aratplfto*,SirVCrflltorBAl<ugfieudArtUnT&ebb«tt* 

bf aoDw means nuoaged at oaoe to orerIea» the gnud prorkioi^ 

tbat DO untterUtlter ahotild b; permitt«d to Ei&ve mora iliac ll^QOO 

acMa : Sir Walttr f|«it]Ug 4^1KKV A&d poor Spctvor, poot^Skoy oalj 

9yCA91 BaieJuAttaokedooat thooDdUkeaaaftertliought 

mWtlnw^Ulth . . ...... <],00d 

Anhiir RvbUfik 1>4 lieo* 

Ttl» llM«bv. V^, ... ...... If jODI^ 

autt: ""-'- ^'T H'»' 

£r' J U-!<* 
'J L AM 

Slr«»fi»Eiat. UMT aOM 

»*]iiicvir. ^jjj sjDea 

Tri«nu Jtr, 1^ *jn 

%H AXtliQ' Ur^t ..■••■ ^^'4 

KanuEid ApcDHfi Siq MV 

TIm difI«f«^cio did not con^ivl m>rrelT in the qoaatity dtfaar- 
Soma of Oieir Utidi. Iik« Sir Wiilt«r'e at \ oughal ou the Bkckwator, 
I aplendid lands i those of %>oaaer were wild moorUnda, fodo( 


tbo «iU«r nwontuDi^ when the IHth, 7«t natrtkig Doder dobftt 
' agEpoUoa, tbo Mtractioo of th»r ^roftt duet tfid UiJs pko, 

cb W lu o^ijuu* XhmX ciliuUiuu fur wur, sud piutl oa tbrir 

I acftl the bUad duoD, vr^re locking down roody to deaoftiki, uid 

tab nasobtrr TMn^euico. Scch «u the lot which SpenMr cfao** 

ticn W tiM tj«nfltii{ akvwy of oauri dcpcaikDoa. !tv 

I be pLeued hxBKB TiUi the idn of ft new EngBih fltalc^ e«t^ 

td ia thii attwh<«oafluerei ngioD ; where, oim of the lordi of 

< Builf wnvumlva by ^f'^** nutiemm, he thouM tivo a lib of 
AcBt cod hftppukOH^ ADd uod dbvD to hh childrto a iUr <6t«to. 
iBut to thiv (one celicf bow noch of tht* poet*« ae4f-<klusivc pnmity 
1 Wm itiU«dT ilotf w^At tbe uitborttjr I Lavc oJmkdj madfl augq ooo 
if MT»^ **It vBfts vild >&d loDeaoow buiiahnirat at be^t for cod 
rhe httd tivfO m mu^ io ooujt«» And in oomMDiock^^ wHb the 
'i mod k^flb-bom, Mouateuu oe r11 eideo >but iotbfl nireeti wi 
I aldil of the kotf tod tevtl pbia betvMiL them Ntood e *trcc^ 
ioe of tbe Eeil of Dmiqocm], vfaldi «r«i to be th< pcot*H r<«- 
P^BDOe, KibotoMrti OuA|i». Heni bj the cutis wu e bbuJI Uka, wiij 
mile or tvo feUoit, on titbor sidt, e rifcr dceoeii6ed frooi the 
~k In poa&UoD, bkimwe, it wu iiMociiro ; forming, u it did. the 
_ . diior of tbfl Ferliih Ium in the aouth, ad4 tho ontijcuotu hfllj 
effxdiiijf lurkoiie-NUBe for ihe Irvh kmw, wbenco thf y o>uM potir 
4ov« io muhiluda* to pluDdtr. In tho invurreotioiiKrj wkdiro 
oborttr sacoeeilfd, tbcoe iiioruaU^-i««« bMomo thpe eoouo of 
ft abnuflb ; awi tbo ftnt object of the eocmui>d«r of tbo 
_ib Cnin^vboD be be«rd of enj partial ovitbrvdc, w to Mod 
fm ikU<bincoi of li^t-oimel troope to ooenpf them la tbo homo 

Bot overiovloDg eO tboM heanb^ Spmev «uae hilbfr ^ of 
bright Tiftvs of tbo fiztvnb "Th« eniaelilne of tbo j«4ni to OMaei** 
«^ the eatbor we here bovD quotios, "were to fttoM forth* diA- 
OMH and tfa* ^OOCD of bfe*« morning, Uie po«iU7, wUob bud bem 
pnrio«al]rof ft putocft] cea^ beeoiDo tow cmotted with tbo wikLii«e 
of the lylnn eolitnde vouad him : wood-Djmphe axid birie* worn 
I JBdiebll«fit4 h4 oooU nrwvtffc up et wiU, Rnd with tbem tht hlli-to[>H 
f ftbooi Um wvre poo^M. Su<6 hobmh of pbkoo* e^ tbitigv m hi* 
~ ftl oir pnxiouDoed inbennonioua. wwc etttiao^ m otbcr* 
I fiuiDt &IKJ luoo**^ «i<l wbMih ned mtm vw««t^ io hit 

r reiao. Ba eeog ntrcot •tnuiieof ihc briiU or «epftimtjooof 

I Hi riTm ; tobl bow their atom aine, Uiu iuoimuin«, ofttitnoe forced 
their unwilling tuctiaetionet end brought etout e anioD which tbo 
Wkler-evnaph deteetod ; and bow HmoUceoe abo, in bor ^tbhl 
■^^tT^frTrTit to tbo ooe alio lored, ed«ctod bvr wi«h by e drtitiiloos 
eovio, or «no eou^t benettb tbe «Vtb*e niHeeo th« wt^ten dnr 
to lor bewxiL Before eo ieie^eattoci eo vivid tbo iroo doAoUtoooM 
of KikiK^iiMii Tftaiuhcd ; &u3 in ^U stoftd ft Aurj- work! eroee to gliddoD 
the eye* <f tbe droUDer uitb lie bowen of btie^ ftod tocheDted 
fmUxm, ftiul iMpiflocbia cDorv gcv^ooue tbeii tbo luxuri« of Ind. 

" Tbe BftQjbowrtk biUe, wbkb Jdroked tbe portbem bouiidaz; of 
iU puvi'i Mrcftt, eppoered tn tbM uow worU under U>6 lalgbed 


utio of ihm Mountaim of Uol« ; wbllc Uw falgbnt or tbcco, ^^'^l 

' P«tW.* Romrtinioji S^itfimtr teca^f* to have oitenM tlit nUQt of 
McU to tlio tmtiro nuj^o of lidb whicli ni» tJoTi^ tlw aovlb«m uQd 
Oftfltora Umlta of ibo ooiuity of Cork* (U3<1 ditii}« it from Lduoriok 
ftnd TipiMTrnrf, In oDit plac« ho opMO of ti Hr«r milig from tbo 
Mul^ vj'\ IhMioo )ilj|c'^ l>y IiiQi MnUna ; wli^cb uodovbUiUj tal4« 

ltd ori^ from tlw Tij>pDnr7' LiUik Tho pluu i& vhkli fa>B onilt 

«tood was n^baptirod in HcEooo bv ttio imnto of AumilU IMt, Of 
htB tvostrotmlra^onft was nifl«ri*'l, f>r a spociaJ purpoo^ to retuit 
lb ori^jxdl nutid of Brq^^sOf kt. fabo^ or cl«KttM- 

«Dd tlua other. ih<t Aivbif(;, vm ^pvcioUy apptropinHtcd to biouelf brj- 1 

•And HntUmhi*, vhM* ««r« I vhltan bufte <•« 

* Tbo nnem bero meutiotwd flowod ai soia^ 'tiat&uue on ovh eide I 
of Sponiur't <BstI«, The Brcgogo on tbc oat, at Ibe <li>Uiioo of I 
m nulc ; tbo MliUa gii llu.^ *tM., at about tw<> uiilc*. Bolb rii«^ ba | 
the iNJot BJQ^, in the Mcilu JVloiaifaiiL Thry upriu^ lh>m *«Jl»* u" j 
glcu ftbout a nilo iLnd n boLf Skflitntlcr^ on the opposite »dot of Crr* , 
nsjr^i tlio hi]{Wt ujouijtafo b the raugt*, Tlio BngOM prwowdis 
1o R vmidioff oonnKt, to the Kiuth-woei, and fiilk into uw Mnlh « | 
istlo ftboTo tlio toTu of t>?ncrail«. It b a tov? inoonndeiibb 
stnuuu, f^nuif; iUolT wiUi JIlEivuJty aiuuu^l tbo ivvkH wrili vtliU 
itn cbuiAcI in OMiiimherod ; and. like muij moturtaan rit-iilct!!, is diy 
duric^ tba mimtiior hoalM. Wb«n vrn «•«? ik in tho course of [' 

" Tbo Uttlla riacA on ^n rocnoto nido of tbo biD froin ffao 
of ^ectnuD, but hjv > mors tioftborly bead in Aunagb bog* flro 
Oodln from AiuUrr'a bLrtL-plK^vdiiHovLlle, which iwrtiepa in strtct- 
1UM ebould be deemed ite aourm. Sjwciwr, it tbo Rn^ixng pwan 
d«cnbea it •■ »priti^ng out of Uolo. It proopoda to MtUtwit, tia, 
Tvnaiyts s hnncli a IltUo &bove thnt lova, at Altfaka^fa j It ' 
wjodj ntfajtowojdai Kilralroin, and meetii thoBns^ogo nesr* 
nilo. Dlrvctitig its oounie thetMS, it tortm to tbo «outh, aod 
throng ft deep rozuaatto j^m to CASXlutown Bocbo, aflor whicfa 
cfLbmi tbo lUaakvfitcr at Bridgotowii AbbAj. Tt in rictw mllpri t 
All-be^ ia oontivdiatiQctiDn to the Awmore or ATODfiaorv^ ono of tfaa 
baiMs of the Blackwator/' 

r boTB bftrti the more partimilar ht quoting froin on* wpII »e- 

SidnUd viih tbo Hoo&cs tbo i^oojniphy ofSpffOMr** doniun, bvoaofio 
oao vbo bave not been od tbo a|iot <xa rcAlly form nr> Idea nf tbe 
Eroportioa of inbtc'iT dnvn h«riofv and trom Ireleivl gv^rH^mllif, iu 
m pOMDS. Ho Faerie Qciiunr. Ccliii Olout, snd bia tvo oantos oa 
" Hiit^>W£e,*' aboond with &U<^^naU or »ct\vd doecriptKna of bta 

Jtinh life, uid of the Kcoiaty^ md p«prcratl)' the rirecH, eboiit hia 

aaUto horo. 1 miut i>ow trsoo ^y own Ti«it to ct. 
SlarU^ lirOEii Jfarooy vtth a car, i asoeodoil ths vall^jr of tbv 

BlidivftX«rr— ft rifw vbkb fca- tatutT of wMntr? b vrartlij of g|] 1*^ 
fcioa Abovi oU mtJetf up, I wm tJjJ that Pponmr bod Uved ais 
pUo« c«lM R«niklo. I found it a geoUcnuu/^ bmsv, Ending Ai 
ft ficiJ'fl dtatftiKv from thrj bigbvnj ; tad dntfo up to it. It i% tie 

[Ovpertj of Mr. SmJUt, • rocrvbuit wid laagiiilrml? uf Frriutiv. 1[« 

vftt tlwrv vTtk hw liidj, «iocne ont to noe th«<ir »T>I^ti<h(l <Uiry of 
<nm9 whie^ UMfj keep tbvi«^ fbrtj in nutnbrr. Thay wvto tt 

lUEicbeon, uid ionticd qc Bxj )eiu)Jtj^ iLriu ; ift^ vrhioU lh«j liol^i 

Mi <]t;l, mvut bosptftl'lj, Co >bov toij tbo plucc. Thci hoij» ^tantiii 

oa ft lofty rocfa, oivrlookiug Ui« volkj of Uio rircr, but ftt ft MA'a 

di^LiOoQ fnwa Itv It ift odd of tbo pkeoa of oiuWrant T«g«tBtioii, 

wWft T#fttatinii in EiVft ftod Xnm aeatjia perfectly cxiuinvtUsi. 

Ibo rklMl pftftluna, tfuft most ftbutKluil ftml (n-?rahftdowing inm, 

y^MHluffii^ In the titU* gvdco oUwc to Uu h^uac^ and Ijnip oa 

^^^■bn of Uft fff<Dc«pM, til ^cmhac with dftUifti. fttiJl rvmnitiR 

^^MD cf Ibfl cftftU* «tiKfa Vftft uncloubtodl/iulMbitod by Spffiwr. 

nrr« ift- a& old oak <ci ^o riror bftftJL fti mobo dIaiUnoB alcove tlw 

\aadsrtl)aFrftdg)icfttVfaiGLiacftll»dSpeiu0i^ trve; ftodwbora 

ftftid t^ hftTtt wmen pft.-t of tbis Fa^rio Qumu^ Thta property 

riihcrit*^ b^r SpctBor'a oUo**' boo, SytvuHU^ vbo mamcd a Mim 

" V ot Utmmamj, in Cork, ftxid liTod ftt RMikie. 

ft ttfs* of Spnwer the foUowm^ fttftDl^ tufuraifttioi\ vbidi hii 

a coOaetod n1alir« to bia ii«ooUfiacrtA. m gircn, wi4 may hdp iia 

to a clcartr oowapUon of the ni«£t<ir, firl^viiu bid, t^ tbo mftrnagQ 

mUiUijiNftglcv tvosoDi^Rdmu&duid WKlUftm. FaroghiM SpfCiMr, 

tha tbard aoA of tlM pootk — the ooeood bvifig XjnrTCftOc^'— k dcacitbod, 

» A I1& dopoaition TOUt4To to ibft r>t«llioii la tUI, u s tYot^vtani 

midMit ftboui tb* barooy of Fomort ftDd bo ipapovrrialird bj tlio 

tfDvtiJ^aato be onaUo to pay hi* oobta i ftAdftport of tbocntata 

faftd baett tingiked to bim by bb Met bgrvtbar, wltftnus : Ihift nut 

of t&a MiftEft k diAttootJy stftt^d to bartt bocn Ranaie. HugalbM, 

tba aoo of Peregriibe, o|i|oooi tbo dcAiumi of cbfl I'ruicc of OraQigi^ 

ftod, ftfUr Iha r«T<»lutioD, wu cmiUwnd for troawoi ftQd rvbcQion; 

hB coti>iii, WtJlikiu }4|>eufter, tbt »ou of Ejylvutu^ bectJD« ft ftuitor 

f«« like iarfcitcd tiroprrtyt atul obtaiiMKi it. Dr. Jkroh ha* daaorlliod 

bin aa a ican fttnamui ftdvan»;d in ynni ftad ftt unibla to siTft 

ftsj ftocxiQtit of tbo worbft of bk ancvfrtor which wt misaiM* llU 

Ww aa bfl ptvaootod it to Pu-liaoiont. hu bcoD printed by l&,Todd 

ift bm LUc of Smwt, IVom tbo ccpj in tbft ttt-itiAli MiiMuoi« pro- 

■Mriad by Mr.Ooom Chftluorv. lu thi» di^cuuiimt Hop^liiio k 

duwijbi'f ai ^'tenr ijd and unmjurbdL" Dr^ Uinb InfonDo itv tJiali 

h ITSl, MOW of th« dMCondftntft of Smmflrr wcr« living in Uia 

OMcfy of Gorfc : uid Ur, Todd, couiog Jttor <ti>ik», obacrrea, Uut 

»a ilaittlitar of a Ur- J&lmaDd f^poiuar of MaU»w, tbo U»4 Unaal 

dpamiMtt of tbc kktI, in po^r RiarrJih) Ut a Mr, Ikmc, of tb«£ugliiA 

bnokor A Ur, h^ot.ina M^^u Ufc llritiAhUiiacTun,Mtftl«ft 

loU bj Lord CAHikrvt, that *ihcn hi> wut Ij-M^-LifutflnaAjt 

ID 17£4. a tnio Uoic«rdjL£t of £imiu^d SiwikMr, vho bore 

^ bad ft tnft] bduro Horou EUll, asd ho kocv w tittk cf tbo 

t«»fu« UtAt ba VIM fiorvoJ lu bava aa btt«TpTait«r, 


Now, Mr, Smith infonnQd mc Uut nal only vu It the fiiod ItmU- 
Ijou tliul t]iiH livuM) aI ItfTiiuiu ifiiA bubftUlol Vy SpvnscT ibo po«C,j 
but that it waft aIbo an }>aiiliv<^ Batt«rt«<l tbat one of 1ii> dwexiii| 

uttfl T.liaTi <if two litijtUm ; unv, utujuhod iar Eigb trcaMXi, and tbe 
otlMYT. who MLccc«dcil biTn, rotirdared ty biA ootia«l««»^ oul of 
jfoJoii^j, Tlmt thtH ^'onmn had booi; Ud to bopo tint bcr mnsUr 
tfuuld Euuxrj Lvfi but HiiJiT^x HulI I10 won golTig to oiarry duotbcr 
Indv. [impoud. eatc morning ai ha vns nhtifia^. ti> do il for hitn, 
sna boiug ppniLitt«4J> ciU lii» throat with the nuur. llitire MftiMd, 
bijvruvLT, (KiiuvHUM|itdoii tbftl tbo ooiuku at Uie luunUpcd iiuui,vbo 
Wiut nr-it hojr, — the eUhr inathor bans ouUftved^-^biul itistigBtMl 
or wffid upon tho woioau to «ocnmit thin tct; but, racb icw the 
stat« of the tlm«a^ tlu% ootwttlimDdlDg this wiHiitdonj Us oomde 
€ftmn in fiiT the pTormijr, 

WiliJ [Uid tfirriliro as thiA tnLfUUoD is* it is tbar>; ami vbAt is 
curiooitf wu iMa is tho uburrj iJi^i iradug of lbs dMotnt of the 
fi^i«iu«», that I(agfllinr-|ft non of Pbro^tio, ntf outbwed for IrAMOO 
■fid velwllioQ, Mid that VnUiam, % oottiia, and the sou of SylTMiM^ 
beeamiT a tiiiitor fur the rurfi^iivd pp^jM-rty^ and obtaJuod VL In 
(yFlAnogcLn'a Outdo to thd Block vpatur, iHU la tlaicd to h^vo hftppoood 
to the loat d«aoenilaDt of 3|»u«»r at F^eiiukv^ud that 'Matbeivmall 
antJQi^ dwalltng at ficnnio u pointed nut the ro^m in which vho did 
tKi> dpt>d" Tbi« u T«i^di0«rKit to th* soKiuut I rf^cufrlvod from tlw 
[rrenrnt j>roprictoT, which is that j^ven aboTo : nor dcca the hoose 
al Ucntiio provD to bo *^ a tnnaXl KrxUqxttt <tuc." h is a ^Dod nodoro 
ttiMiKioa The pr<i|iMt/ €-f Hctinio continued in Hm Ebhmilv long ftfUtr 
it had lod Kilcokoun , in fnct, till tboat 1734, when on toe death of 
Katbiaicl SpoaMF, tho th(^ powsM)ri it wu aold ; the faiuOy 
hvoaae l»ndhw*, ond noon rtt^^T oKtrnd 1 

Ur.aod MnLScailh act out with me t^ ciplniv the pwopo. Thai 
hoxiat b modem ; tho lafid on the Icvvl of tLo Ijuuko of tiio ri<:baat] 

f|UaJity, and l^corililicjd with fine tma ; tbo viowi up and down thoj 
rirrr, aniL ovrr it into tho wood^i of Lord ListovoU. with iJie ' 
of bii ca«tlo f>oq>iD^ over ih^m^ atv rich and boauriful We ^e 

into tho nicodowo inio* (he houoet atteDdod b^ four Tv^lll:^^v| 

gnvbouadfls one of them as while as snow, and throe or four t«Tr 
acd the dog9 wcro sooQ in full cliase of tahbitSf ua> amongtft the J 
«tjd txvrm, Wv wore bocu bdow tbc bmwo, and ml tli*? fui>t of < 
precipice tin which it idands. The place was fit for S^tiMt'd 1^, 
Will) all liis Fauns and 8>h-aQa. lu the laeadow, which eil^utbd to : 
tho XmikM %>t tba riTcT, grazed m Ojie honl of oattlo, and i^iaidat 
them the Htimlj' bull : and hU tn^iml tu, above iis aq tlie rooko. in 
the mi^odow it^^ilf, and od lhi5 bankn nud glten alopea on the otnor I 
■iiJe vf ibc ritvr, ^tvw tho (Qo«t pnn^gnl trc«A The wlii>1c iKvne J 
told of ancient powtnakm and a miiM «fUnenl natnnr. At the foot , 
of tho prscir-ico under the hoiue, hiurcb and iUbjirti, which 1 
Imw bwMi plaulod loo^ ago, and prulublv br Spciu^r blitiaolt 
ittaJDed tho mcot pnefftnetto du ; tJic loureln vor« as \iirge %m i 

ikmj had, «oine ot them, atcna, 1 suppoae, half a jaid Ixt^ 

iCUr. BDd hftd OMumcd i nbtjie <if Bplrkn miuvimiMa and vooii- 
radttfic*^ such a« before I had do cosoeption oT in UunU. 
flona tfta] b««a Uowu 4k;iru bv tbo wiodv aiiil grow Ijolf jiroaat^lt ; 
ol^cfslwlbMDWwcolCftiid^ud ]efthi]ff^8tiiiii]i«.kiut, tuitwora* 
JDto ono iDMi witb the fbot of the rodu. AIT «w» one mvdo of 
AtomUvi pf isw, wnl viuma of growth. 

BooMtb Uw roek v^* i vert of dimp cave vbero vaUt atond ■■ if 
oo«sig tfarcQ^ fhiiii tbo nm, and tlurplmUftbove UuKLg down thoir 
lofig am*, uiil uxaJo « llitti^ nU««l for ^^timi'B ntj-rs. Arouitd, 
BMO from thi< Hbailuv of Ibm *pot> Ia; the dMTp^gr«un ni^ow, tho 
nriftt broad rivor, the rich moiaHu of troen, clonug in a littlo world 
of aolitade: vid ^ if lo tiiiu\ il for > »|)0l in wliiuh Ibo {ruot of 

Tkb^laod had aojoumod, aud Left tbo imprcvi of bia spirit, in hia 

PUMf4 vlib Di)n|<-UTc« iMl ]«ui^f r^tEd, 
I* ■Ilk') ihvMfJ* ■iir|- itiihtf a UrvT^ lay 
OCIiiHl't hull prijkr. loO iifihrli kwriloni 

IPerhapa SpcoaFT iingtit reside hiire tllJ hrs CMllo vaa fltW up hr 
I raofption : p«rfaaM ii miffht be a mtmt tt licnea from the more 
«a |i«rib of tb* uc«o]at« i^UcdIiuau ; uid n awwt cbwiKe fhxmi 
ttoorlaDd wikhuai^ to a aort of Italiao ndinowi aod nofUien <3f 

1^ «aj «M aUU fvuIiouUjiK' Now d^iwu iuio tlia T«Uvy cJ tho 
Bl8ckvii«r, aDMD^Bt miDa aDd rocbi. anil nsoundlng vnttni • now 
aloft agun. OT«r]ookiiig Ihx nbiW hoii*o of Rjnciio en lt« prudpicv, 

and owha»^ to it •pci;»r)iiig uiit tlitf wixkLs &fjd i:uijtjnl«jiEa uf Bulljr- 

ia^aoIn\ Nov arose « hare dwtnct of hcvlgorowi without trom, 

aid titUa brovD baU, with ^eeve, arid ^oftt« imd jiwmo. Now again 

paaiiaj aeon* |;unlJvaui'a [«rk, with ita outf«n of trvMi and uudar 

4 aort «f tomtel rntbtr thaa aronuo of beoohi^ which ara planUd 

oa bank*, ao tbat thejr oMrt do«o aborc, ftometiTaom for half a mi]e» 

Aud which Hi at^lit uti lut darkwa « dunifwvxi, TUpu B^uhi I pnamd 

bcdg«> of CTdarappic^ all zrowa into trcoa, and giving tha 

-for the flalda right and lorc vans andostd with thi7 sama — 

tid lovk ; and t wam out <u t«nj tiuighu, nud with viuw oF 

blcel: and brown mouoUina^ Near l>oDenulo, L isv tbo fJOc«n 

«w)d* bckiogiBg to Lord Dontrailo'ii park aad domua lying 

m« la tb« rolhry, lUid iauvhtiI through ii fur a ittiLn or rtwnj In 
Ugbaet adminlioa of th« Hptcndii (Ero^'ti aud ricliutna i>f folkge of 
tea beedwfl^ita asporb wttj-eide kabcft, %td other treo«. Sar«l^, 
wbtfe h ia ftlloved tv frioduco UtxH, Ir«^d dovi cjiLibit Ilium xa 
a beaii^ a^ prtKlieahtj of Kr'>'"tti whkh a ulEuoat uoriTAllcd by 
tboaa ef fiiglaod- To thin ooninttiitoa, not marvly tUa fiut4Utyof 
tbe aoU. bni tbo tDoioturo of tbo oUitoaphnreh 

AlKKit tvo mflce bi^oud Doncraile 1 foiiad, on a vide plain, tbo 
folaa of Kiloolmaa. Tbeae niina bar» ftoqowitly baao dnwn and 

cvgn^vcd, and Uio Ttc«4 wu baw of ih«in aro vvry c<rmc^ IndocJ, 
<o vividly war* the r«atur«9) of tlwi rcmo :inpn:««d ou my muid br 
tbi viev% and hy re«liiig uf it, that I aavtood to kntm it qoilo wdL 


Ite <Ad black man of voJE ^ntrbfv rour pvn «« noi wv jvni ^ 
jl—Kd tbo vocctv Dcigliboiirhood of DonfruU^ HtAoding up on 
mldnaoorUndpaaiDfftKOliurf oliijMiaiiud ju nAkodnov. A toler-* 
abl* highwiy, iMwJy ooiii»tivi7t«il, Itfoilit up acar to it, hkofl vbkjt 
jip» ndv«nco umid •cattorcd Iriith c&biiut, and their omiupoUto 
pEotA To ronch the outlo, ycni hftTe to tum to the Ivfl im ooo of 
thoa« ttMiv Lmc* thiki thrcttUu tojoK fe rar tr>pi«o«tt,i»iKl tlion hkT« 
to laJe ft gftto bebnising to the turn oa vhicK tb« niin jitnudii, und 
ftdvwica <iii foot, UirougE » brm-ynn], anil olnn^ tUo Jako .tbdo^ Tho 
munitiH of th« OMt]«, wbj^h oonnixt <»jHy of nvl iif tlwi t-iivvr* ikt Ui« 
AOuthcFikmoiit ixknrLor,]itandnn aicrrvti mouno oroo^JcimMvextout^ 
OiTcriookioff thA lako. or reihor n vindin^ Mrt of potid, ovorgrowo 

witb pO'tatDOgotoik On ou» sd^ BBiwiu of liatwatoDa-i^ick, oo wluofa 

tho awllo, loo, atiodA, iirotruiU fttjm tho bftak*, juvl on tb« othor 
cit«nuUlufigr#«nniAi^h,iutd tho Mack p«at-bog)^unlh thdr piioaol 

Ct«lAckA To tbc north, ni ii^otti a milr (ImUnrtt vAnrtob tboao 
m moorlaiul iDountaina, <uUi^d by tbc Dativmi thd BaUrlMWim 
HiZb^ but digiuficii bf ^poiuwr vith the aaoui ol llolc^ Of «Jtbivr 

of tlMMi auTica tbo fniiuttnta mouch] to knoir noUiinjf, bat nmunMl 
ttc the ooo Doarfut to the caailo coatward vis »12od I^Jicro (tturt 
SouthvanUat ti <:ou^iln of iniW duUnc4, atatid* uiotbnr aiMnbro- 
kokiaic towor, Uie rcmaiiia nf ko sndriib caiftJc^ wbioti th«j i;«I3od 
QuUd ]'ooL On n hill, rionrvr Doocrailo wcatword, are iv^ the 
rolofl of aci abbcj; so tlml, jH-obabty, in Sp^osof'B tioM, lUis »caf>r 
luigbt be trell woodoi i tb«^» jplown inliabittHl b^ fiunUion of Um 
EaiE^Bh aKtIcro niifbt furnUn aoruo H^wU'ty for bim ; but at 
prieaott, notbing cau bo iu«r^ nil), drvjir^;, And toLrd tban tlua 
nmnci mad Ibe vbolu tic-v kzutiiiJ, Turn whicb wt/ jbu will, jvu 

•BO nottiiikfl; but ti&kod ruoorjUhK bar* ai^l l<>jioIy, «t aooitUrml with 
tbo cabtOH uid |M<Uit^ |>k>U uf tbo pea>t^ To th« DOftb-ea^t 

■bUKia, dL p^rbapB balf u Uilli? diitwit, a lunv of pUiiUtiuna, cuoki»- 
iof tha hoiuo or a llr. lUrr/ H&rolil ; and Uitt in Uic odlj rv^io^ss 
ot^ectf except tbo durtuiii uiun fjf tho wooJn of Downailo Puk, aod 
tbo bare nngn of mouiitaiiu that vicao ia tliin uitp»ctiira*i|ue |iiaia J 

Aal almJuu tU U]>i>f tiko iiumolilke«p. vbow vnklharetbrooj 
^txU th^ck^uu tta wii^diii]^ stoiracS^iUpporvgivjrsiiubb?,! Bv^oedl 
to tht mrb'ir in ^ drimm t\f S|a>iiv*fr'4 i^ixtli*, U411 Ai-ctiull^ ai it T^al 
vuu vaa baaluinug to twt. >ujd threw a ulmr abiiiiiig ligfai Oicr tb^l 
whi>l« ^vui jiJoin, aud thoniAatUof |H-wiia aad roukit froir I<ord 
iKkQArallri'H wfjctdi, H(ir^4d th^niiu-Uwi ovi^r Ihft ifrunn U><Mh rkf«r the 1 
wwity vtMtor, and aMUif d to ei^r tlie odm droamv ligbt uul aliU- 
DMi of ibo accoo. The kour and the usBnn uaiitnuy broii^t to mj 

thin ■olitarj cnetncnak of the biAtory both of Injuud aud lla troubtoa* J 
aud the E!ii|fliAh jK<et of Fairybuid and bin HUe ;-^ 

■*1wa4i7, r* ***■ *l"l*< Ehni^ tac iHHd; at|«, 
Ani Fuiff, 14 111) fiiiT t»*R WUir : 

f.t^f* B-^, **"!( wl'fij •■•TTtiiM* l-*«rf#« ihr tfidek 

f)(i*tch (M fAi' -Ul«v« l^i»Li^ vW|«v« ■*te. 


fm Dhsom^ vouMYitif tuinrtt ilvwlr tliAlv 
Aat **tr 4n4 uiDii itnl MnilV* plAtni 

LwokiiME TOttod OTcr this itrippcd ukI bndv laDdscapo, over " tb« 

, Jpouiiq( ShUh" over ilia tlvk xhootLuiJ bias tbni cduuibpr to Ui« 

PlKvih And Mrth and Ui«d ftr awftv to more dtttont bnt oqiullj Htodio 

riaovDtoiii ms^D^ a atruigo InUng «r«pt oivr ma of tli4 forcv of 

«*vtiU itliJcL) ojulJ ixKDprV iiAv, uvk^ it ilwaumlrle for Lbi^ tniwt 

iiiu(::isitive Bpint uf tlie age ntxt lo Sh«bcpejire, to quit t'lu* BrjtUh 

tnt Piyd inttltigcDor of KiinthctVn court, in Mt i]o^a jn 

L <:iiws nmi lit tlic &ut xif tvti-Ayc- iiriil iixju<|)vrDt'Hl fLn^ tJio 

pQctiuJ oramte, the citlp of ncoflnsty^ But, pp«hatB, tli« plona tlrfin 

viv i»ot BO thfini tjf til omMWuhtactiX a* ik>v. Tixv wriUir I li«m 

il«d svfViM to imapiw iWt du«UOT r, hy Utr iiliTtr fum of fitnt^^ 

onlj poofileil tliM mrte wUh fiuinii uad njiophik bub dnthrcl 

iriili tr«<4, wid otivr cbtmA of naturo. But w« muit rt- 

! Uwinbtr, iLhl voiiM flwa u^mr of 4leTwil«li<riit of Uiweriiou, unl 

'' ui oiiiAustinf; ifytiem, haro gono ovar thin counti-jr, Thm, tht* 

Ut lAood fkir AM oomplet*^ aod d« doubt bnd-ita due mtili^lliflh- 

li whI ipuitftorv ufmixxOttttJ tneo. TliegRVO &Kkr» ^v^y \ikv\j, 

onlr ovirrhtaig iha Utillft, bat tkU htkt^ ; faiid a |>k«Aiirv huk 
^ tbcti wld itA gnkw ui(i ita lih to 1bc> ^-irw frcni tbo emtio 

tii>*i«ir& *l\-ild ml]» it "tfafi VM^ Kilouhiimi,^ uu wimt tiut]iurH<F 

I knoT Doi, utd iLcppdfvft tbit SpoiweT c^lcd hn fmt^bfkm lackb 

|LBjlraQ«a on that aocouat, u Jte b^ir. H«fO bo a|i«at iw^Kf j^vv^ 

t>d, U wo mar jodgr fniEU bis Pwlrj, bo hb o^^ii grcut wLti-rhcUju. 

Tc cann'jt in]|]p«», Ui«r«rGr^ UiaI ho fo&iid tbt^ jiMcif v^llioiit m«do 

Lluitivo cbarviA, Aw Ins tbat be ltd it ^vilboct l)ic«e >rfiioh I'lurUog 

Laud cnllimiJoci couli ^tt iL A> Sir M'^lUr lUeJgb phtitod and 

ttmbaJ M icJ biA»rUiti>A£ r(ii«shn1viiti iMun^U stmd othtrarMfmiu, 

than i» Itlle iMibl Uutt tiptnncr vouU ^ Hvt ASie ban. Ba 

nlftb*^ vhi^ WAN lo '!« fbu fiiitiily maI of bds diiLlreiu U> Oft 

I tt dqp«a of baiity and atnoutf a^ i>o«iible. Tboimh buaUy 

ged on bb groat jwcin, tbe Fbcrie Qisocricv then Is rvMcnee tbi»i 

I wa« ajm 4n adIjv* amI rli-v-r Tiiftj> of buKiiK^w ; m* mtyh ti> thnt 

Eliali«tlx it> pf>;tcTvtn* to «JI Ihow loans tuv^ot^ni'tc utd 

mtr lam^ kiid-ciiHiu^rod gcfttlcoica^ Mho vrro mtled tritb liim 

tm tba plutattniM uT Uniwtvr, b«/1 tbu vt^nr ^y^tr of Iiih «<v|Aibukn 

betkoa bf llw Irvib rcbcU, nnuud bim to fill tin odico of alioHtl of 

Elbe oooatj vi O^rk^ Hiut bo vwtAJ bi* rigbta^ apmni from 

1m docira»*nl pnlilubHi T^ ^r^ H«nlaiMa, in lus Irinh AlinAtroiAf, 

[dUMrin; th^i bv bAd a dii)iit*o witb hia txicbboar. Load Bochf', 

^liUjQi M^mMT bnib, in v-M-V ' - ^ . .i^.-^^ to the Lord Cbuit»Uutf of 

jiralawlH«pptar«v|Lb>LL •- hAd mada fordbU claim 

. IbttH Blo«(h-lat>iH &t ■•'>«»rviMd tt)0 mid Lm4 

■clii^had nudD gnat tji. projviatad tbe oom 

ring on iLe aalAle. Au ^ ^ivan acAinatSpniiaar. 

ir»^ tbunfor^t tfTidentg> ijtuu abn w Uio «ftmf of preiiortj. 


If we look now ftt what DctnvnJlo U^apcrfaot p4ndi9e«f ^orioiaa 
wood«r va iQftj fiuAKiji« vhab Ki Ic^iIdiaci »oii1d b^vo Imod, U^ uw4«ftd 
of b«{ag bid wwto with lire luid amrri bv the IrtaL kt^ni8. kod letfl 

groundi, it bod boon cuvrull/ ^iliuittrilr oiiltii^iUoil, and oinbolliohoA 
AS tho MteM of U)U diMcozuUtjta uC uu« of tbe protidMt nuuoi of 

Aa it ia^ it oUadii ono more londj wid notthod tootiEooo/ to ilu 
«Til fiirtaQn of pcotH:— 

" rhe putii vtD CHI narth h>vt at4t ut bolr* 
Of tiuiiiind v^QfieiiClit, tif >MB*taJj la^r* 

jot who, tlwmHlvsfl, of «U ulcu uv otill phowQ bjr » wiao [VoTid«no» 
tobo"pilffnii» «m] Aojoumtra od the ««rih.liAi'Uisuoftbiiiin|E dtj" 
in it Tlu^r muU hAvu a lKAtva><B|)ifijw t«ud«nc7i Th»j cumot 
Ifrnaji thv «a.rUi--tt tw;«pvi from tbeir hold, and tbvjr IwkTO bobind 
thorn. Dot cwitlofl vid domfti lis* but KJiLm footpnnli^ wliicb whoorvr 
foUovji, l^nds thorn oror and ever retdinj hicu upwiu<dB to ' 

*'Fnr t i^cti (ivfinn wa;i» 4ir» Pith lit itM i^n* 
If tuglil 1)4^ ip ITimn of imiTkorEkj hr^ri, 
Ani) r<4>ijn fi^r^ri'* t^AI AUj^jirlnLi* njirht 
WLich hPinrn-ABnl Hit; dirrct-"— <*'*r4»w^ 

Let us Uieiu at ttin inum«ut, mther ondoftTour to knk al tho 

hjtpjiin>HL4 w>iioh SpnnHitr mij^ijAd h^rv finr tv^lvn brjglit ytuv, tban 
at the ui<:\mchiAy jinaU^ Hr^ro b« w^.ikeJ bt.tti]y ;itid UisafulW at bia 

Cit poem, Foniu of gloryj of higb valour aud virtao, of feicale 
ul^B£ldgOAdncRi^fluEMI rtdiJj through bi« imtiil- TtiA ttnporCal 
OloTU&a, tbo boaVBulj Uda, 

At CbaKn«l*TT<irhMit<i, ihlntil Iprljf^l. 

JbDdBHdl ■ fBP>MluLlk llltf ihodj |pI||«I,''^ 

tbo ffWMb Mpbcsbo^ the gilUot Etritij^riArt, u^ tbo Ijrare troop of 
kQighta, Arthur tJu» nagmuiiineua, tht Hj^u-CnMs Kui^bt, tbo holy 
and bardlX'tried, the juat Artcaall, mtd all thuir tnumpba over 
ArohloMipjA, AdNo Dikaiwi, nfid ibi- tnii^bl uf dn^n nftturvaL lliia 
ma a life, a bibovr which olot^iod tbo {ground wUb ucldea flowm, 
made hearoa look forth from btrtwoeu tb« olottda and tbo moaiitatn 
tep% and aomgn of glory wako on the wJDdi that ancjiC poat hla 
towm Hun h« Aouoiiiiili>«h^l and mw lirvo t> tbc^ world htlf hia 
Ipvatworkf—awhoJe.aiul an immurtjdwbde,aa it r«gArdi?d hjl famo 
and mat munioa b the Koitd,— tu brvathe kiftj «Dd uoBQlttah 
thoQzbte into the eoula of mtw, — to make tmlh, puritj, and high 
principb tha objeota i>f ili>air«. 

H<rc, loo, to imuriod tbo woman of his hoarl. cbaofii od the 
jtrtiKiiiilri i>f hu pofrtry. not for hrr Undii,Siit for her boatity aod hmr 
goodiMvi* Notour i« kftowa «f Jwr, not evea htt namcv oxecft that 
H waa QUahvUi, that abe wtia uniiuentlv btauUfUl. aud of lov 
dufreo. Some cDr^cctiin> her to bo of fUak, and » la^TT^juot'a 
diU^^Lter, bat SpaiuMr hinuvlf laja ahe wia a coimir^ Um. Thua 
th* Tamto Quwoo ; — 


^■flnek mrt th«H |Dddan«iwhkli jondldHt : 

Bat thml JomriA maid, wlilcb ibcn inildit (lupi taeet, 

WbD ua >Md wlul emtiitB nuj ibi be*; 

VhatliD ft cnttuR. ot a «dd«» inced 

With hHTsalj flfti ftom DciT« fliil onnad I 

Bmt wiuiH tuTfl »h« WM, lb* wunhr vu 

To be the foDJlh villi tbnfl Um« oUft plHvd - 

Tct wftA ilia carta but ■ cciidItt Iuh; 
T«t aba mH other couotij Jhhb EU ul pHU. 

>o fkr, u dotb the duigbtef of Um diijr 

All other iHier Ufhte In ligbt exciU l 

Bo tax doth «be In beftntlfDl vnj 

AbanailMherUiHi bur tha tell: 

He kee In virtue thai bcHeinei hei well 

DDChiheeiceede theitetof aJLhtrivt} 

r« whldh Ibe Oi>c«t thtt Ibere worn to dvsLl 

Hive Ar mots honoiir hnught hn lo Ihli piece, 
And fneM her u mveh to be enothaT Orece. 

Another Grtee aba well deterrv Co be, 

In vhom to mmnj gneei ^ibered mre, 

KteclUaB macb the nieea of bcr d»ne ; 

DItIh reiambUncep bauilj eoiemrn nn> 

Fbin cbuHLri ^^ ■F^lbt Ho hlemlflh due ! 

All vhlcb the with inch oourUiie dotb gnn 

Tfaftt eU ber pern cen tun wllh her compve, 

Bill quhe an dhnmW whaa ihe It Ln plecei 
She nude lae often pipe, and now to pipe epecei 

VQDtie of the wdtM, ifTvel jflory of the ttj, 

The! mil the earth doih MB^leij wLth LhjnrUi 

Oteet OlDiimna, gmleit mijeerf, 

Pudoo thy ihepherd, 'icDDgii K minj llji 

Ae he hub ianH of Ihee [n nil hit dejre 

ToQuJuoite mencLneof thjpooT-huidmAld, 

And DBdemetth thy feet to place her praiKp 

Thel whan ihj gloiT kbAkI be far diipli^ed 
In Alton a^, of her (hit mcntloD roAj be made." 

Fatrit Qwttnt, b. f\. t. 10, 

ThcBo were known in Sperisef'a daj^ to be an ftffectionato loonument 
of jminortftl rerae to hia wifa, atitl mora nobly erected in bia 
EpithAlamion ; and to ideutifj it more^ in hia Amoretti be telle ua 
that his qtteen, hia mother, and hie wife, were all of the aame name 

"The which three thnei tbtlee hippj hath me mede 
With ^n« of bod;, fojlune, ADd of UEode, 
Ye tkrrt ElttatttkM, for ever liTe^ 
That tbua iiieh gncea oDto me did girt." 

Here, too, be enjoyed the memorable visit of Sir Walter Haleigb^ 
which ho commemomtea in Colin Clout. He had now ready for tne 
preee the three first booka of hia Faerie Queene ; and theae he read 
to Baleigh during hia visit, probably aa he has described it in pastoral 
rtjle, as they sat together under the green aiders ou the It^nka of 

the Hull*. "lute, aJ wai mT Irtde, 

Under the foot af Uole, that moucitrtjii hoit, 
Keeping my ihttp Amonff Ibe coqIIt' atiade 
Of the greea aJdeit br ibe UuLlm'i iborc. 
TbciT ■ ftronge lEirpherd chanced lo find me ant; 
Whefher e]lDred w|ih mj' pipe'p d^liihT, 
Whoie pteeilng toun^J yibriLled tm about. 
Or thlthPT led by chance, [ inow nui right. 
Whom wben 1 aahid from wLU plAfc he cUDe, 
And he « he hlghi. hlcnielf he did ycteep 
The Stxphf rd ol the Oc«aTi h/ munet 
And rtld be cuav tu rrom the ni&in an deep. 
He, tittln^ me bciida In that utdc flbAda. 
Pmoked DH 10 pUy loiae pleatittit at- tic. 


ileigh ws oDtliuitod with iba po«ro^ H« wm vtui rotui . _ 
from A njjnito to Portn^, and wu bov boual for Engbod. H«1 
v^ it App«tn, hixQMAr veur of hia <iwd U>catioii, fur b» aooa ifter 
w<]>,1 it to ihtf Sari of Ooric- Hq p»ucd SjiohMr to oecoduiuij htm, 
pat Lu poom to pran, and br idmu oiT its fume to vjn'the nwraj 
Mnicft pfttxcdU^ of (Juut'u Elii&beth. 

*' '•nin till]* 4iir plw V* botli bad VHsted «<lli 

Uv'^BQla C4rt frfM LiVIhn <b nj' Ian, 

Aid cfW dltnitlftt Umr^dkkH (AL 

TUKl EdnUh^ had myH-UL lilu vUhilc* IhtAp 

Inw ihtf tut*, vhB« I »*■ vait* forRDi- 

Tti« vhkri to M«, mtnucffirlTi lu c«Um|1c4 O*. 

UniDiM be mim In nbimi vu mitl nnid^l. 

±D4WBiid vllb biBL but.>qthUl0Wv: 

t4«b*i Hith hop* otf fwdh juid nuvorui. 
n< bir |H:r*iarlcd fotlfi •rllbkiEu 'Jtfvu 

9*i <U III* HI* «■ «Mird~ 

H«r» it onratA out that, bow«Ter niitc4i mon olotbcd vitb tit«CL 

Uid h^wovor taoch bottor tliiA ajiot wwi in SpMiMtf'* dnjif, H ma rtili 

■'a wufU «h«» ho WW fur^U" ft |>bxc« into vhicb fhld^h caxuidand 
hh friecd ■« boiuabod, ind lu unfit for onr '^nuin in vhcca irv 
ou^l rvgu^ful" Ho loft it, published bi* |ioMxi, Inod court 
ctpccUtion ui4 (ttUEuliuic« onco tttorr^ but found thorn utiU tnofi 
bitliir ai>l atuf ilo tbao hi» Iri»h wilifri'Qf^^ aitd camo b«ck, 

Whea VTC bear KUoobvui doBchbcd bjr Sptfcvct^A biojgnpbcrv ■• 
"rouMUktlo ku6 <l«Ugbtfdl" it i» irndotit tkftt tb«y jwIrhI of it 
froaa wxwUticj; «ad «huD writers Hbout him talk of Ui^ Mulbi 
" flottiug bbioupi bk gnjtindis'' a»^i " just hit obUc)" ihtjj gtvc the 
rcAilur a ruoit vitoimkiuh idoi. T^iv cAnUtv ^^ Ri^ttt be ruiBC-iLbvrvd. 
b oa a wide plain ;tht»hJUa are eta couptff of tiii1o«or more diaUat ; 
and the Mulk i* tTunukaoS'- W« oec iiathuwat ^ratBKllohutth* 
wfd« bficey ph^i thu di«tnDt nokiul hills* «iid th» wt^Aj pand Ofldtr 
tho cvtlTwiUla, Suub £» Kibobiu. 

Ilere the port mtm ntartlod at ttidnisbt Jhxo hbi draatoa by ibo 
Mninil ol homitf' bMGi beotlnff in fiiTI eitllrrjt the stony tnain of tbn 
<Uie;uidby awtooMdngbumcf ^^ild)-ti]la&pmotv«HtiDgthollliud• 
of JnAitlatod Irish, Flra wna pjt U> tbo audio, Aod h wm mom iia 
BofDW. flnfinikfir. cmry^wl hv thn ^unmnf rnw «d« of tlw Wldn^ 
oantriTod to c<MAp« with bii wife, nd moat prababtf hb throo ho^H 
and s^rl, an thoy watv anvr<l, and hwd aflrr btm, but llie jtvxngo^ 
^hUtTin ihu f'.rvilA pPriifbHt m tiiQ flAmf^ with aJI liii |irn|ii<rtr Uxl 

un|iub|iflhiHl poamt. On & acoond Tisitto EcL^laod he bid puT ■ 
itirifO looro liookn of hU FmitIo Qocenc ; mid thtre la a Mcrx 

rvmaitu^ hj: bt-mg I'^t by bin Mrrantt br vbom thiir wmv mi 

I E^[biiwl. Thia could not do the C&tft> na bo bul himoou b«it reocnUj 
rolumod from Uia piiblic&tiAa of tbo lanxiDd throe. ProbaUv iba 
rumour aroaa from aomo othar M^ lu«t in that ivao&ar. FliMitig 
to EDilaitdv distiiMtod at the ftto of bia chili and hia propcTi' 
IM Quat, bevt-brolraa and m poiMfnv, gt an iiia vr txlgua^l 
m Kij)g SlFiot, ffaalMJnatoff^atti waaburiHl in WedUaiiutar Al 


at Uie expense of the Eorl of Esaei ; " bin heftrse fttUndedf** says 
Ounden, ** by poetA, uid mournful elenea and poenus with tbe peiu 
that wrote thsm, thrown into hia tomh." 

There is much that we naturally are aniioua to know oonneet«d 
with the final bte and bmJly of Spender. How hlfi childron actuaJly 
«3capod 7 What became of them, and their claim on the property ? 
When the property of Kilcolman was lost to the poet^s descendants 1 
Of all this nelt to nothing ia known. The hterati of that age do 
not seem to have given themselTea any trouble to preserve the &cts 
of the history of their illufltrioua cotemporaries. Shakspeare and 
Speoser were left to the cold keeping of careless tradition. The 
particulara, beyond what we have a&eady given, are very few. 

Spenaer*a widow returned to Ireland, and there brought up her 
children. Of theee Sylvanus, as eldest son, inherited Bennie and 
Kilcoluian. It appears that he found aome difficulty with hia 
mother, Spenaer's widow, who married again, to a Roger Seckeratone, 
and was ooKged to petition the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, to obtain 
from hia mother and her new husband documente belonging to hia 
estate, which they withheld. He married, ae already stated, Ellen 
N^le, of Monanimy, south of Kilcolman, of a Catholic family^ a 
circuEoatance which had a great effect on the fortunes of their 
descendanl^, as connecting them with the unsuccessful party in the 
troubles of Ireland. His eldest son died without issue, and his 
second son, William^ succeeded to Kilootman. The property of 
William, being seized on by tbe Commonwealth pSTty, was ordered 
to be restored to him by Cromwell, but ia supposed to have only 
1-een regained at the Restoration. He had three other grants of land 
in the counties of Galway and Roscommon ; in the latter, tbe estate 
of Ballinasloe. At the Revolution be joined King William, nho for 
bin serrioea gmnled him the estate of his couein Hugoline, of 
Ketinie. Tlds Hugoline was the son of Porcgrioe, the poet's youngest 
ion, who had Rennie made over to him by his eldest brother, 
Sylvanus. Hugoline took part with his Catholic relatives, and 
aiding with King James at the Revolution, was outlawed, and hia 

Sroperty at Rennie made over to his cousin William, Thus the 
E^ccndanta of Sylvanus, or the eldest son of the poet, became the 
oqIv known posterity of tbe poet. The deecendants of William, 
iiA therefore of Sylvsnus Spenser, the elder male line, pos^^OF^fied 
Rennie till 1734, soon after i^bich this tine became extinct. There 
sre atiU in Ireland persons claiming to be descendants, by the 
mother's side, from Spenser ; and the Ttavera, of Clifton, near Cork, 
aie lineal descendants of Spenser's sister Samh and John Travers, th 
friend of the poet's, who accompanied him to Ireland, and had the 
townlands of Ardenbone and Knocknocaplo given to him bjy Spenser 
as his sister's marriage dowry. The descendants of tbis sister 
Dumber amongst many distinguished families of Ireland, those of the 
Earis of Cork and Orrery, Eirl Shannon, Lord Doneraile, Earl of 
Clanwilliam, etc. 

The fame of Spenser is not quite rooted out of the minds of the 
noij^Uniriiig peaaiuitij. I inquired of an old man and his familj, 


vbo llf« d«e W tho dmUcl to wluaa tbftt ctaUt ibmerl/ Woo^od, 
and tboj repbcd, " To oiio St>effla«r." 

« Who viH ii« r 

" Tlicij oiuld nut tvU : Ulc^ oaXj kuc^ tbfti tnouj offlom tnxa 
Fenooy. uid oih«iTfi, camo tc *(«« Uif rlaw," 

^ Jtye. I hftTA h«iird uf liim," I adiMJ. " Ha was &q EDglbbtrao, 
ftud tbu Ivuli boriit bim out vf Ibc caatlo. luid be flixL to Giiglwid/' 

" Oh no '. noLlkinff rif t>it> tiind. Iln ItTed flrd dini) Ihon. Uid ««i 
tutri^d joat bi>]ow ibe cft«tK\ wbkh iiMd to b« a chnrcbjard. Buiaa 
wo often dug u|\ uuU o» tbo woalvru ftitlu ur tliio muuiul Uicro fa»I 
b«en ft nti&nerj." 

In bet, tbof kne« nnihmg accunitoh'^ ItuI, lik» the iM>inilo fti 
Luntuv, wlUi ngAfd to Quldnuiili, would itintat utx lua iCmUIi uxl 
huHcil on tbn apot 

Hilt tho rJofloJfttvd Kprjt 1UMWH4 an Intorofft sboDgor tbiui Uw 
ponnwiun of Uiv pouW diwL It waA Uia acvo* of tila tai>pIaB( 
LouTft— hoiim of bvo ajid of iiuquration- Here tlie Fiwrio Qumim 
grwixt hoavotilyEttd^ond here it via middcnly uroatcd bythoWwt 
of savage voanoapoc^ end tlio SiMum wbicU wmpt tbo pw)> bfort 
ID niin. 

" All I villi ■ warnlntf tttt ft rhnuffhllHa man, 
Could Held ot j|ioir«» trntaj i^or nfrjirUi, 
Hhnir 1» hia #T* Ah InuLiir fttt-f vf^t* 
Ofhicb II hub vmvcirtl -. Tvnii'^f Ijifk thi atho 
Of cbvuil tifpabr wblrbll btLb tMDtiDtf''— ]r«r*Hfi» 



■' t, 


ire tTo r«unw wtir 1 ptop«Md t4> omit the bomn iDd 

DS> cf SbAksiKHtv frtui tlio |imteut rolQEie ; Uie &&!> becAUM I 

fettud it iiii|raMi1)lo to iDclotk ibo drumtio po«U in tbe 

M of it, tod EODAt rOjOTTo tlivxi far a i^tura one ; tail the 

, bcowwe I IwTo olrvftJj^, in loir Viaita tc* BcduvJEubfo Pkcc* 

,4eT«Ud A owuicUnbb trtido to Alinoflt tbo otilj- pbc* vhera 

uhI buinto fiiO r«immiii, StntfW^upon-A^'on. A Ter; 

xAJooi, liioifBVQr. oUDviiMHl ii» IbU ui tiiitire omudoD of tbe 

. . ! Utn fTwt nftuonsl povt Arum tbis irorfc. would bo rvofivMl 

m 4 iBM|inifitmnn1 lif ft ntnnerouB €liM of r««den. SbAbip«ui» i» 
BE* BMtw J » tlflumUv pcvt« Qrv&t uid pwrlan m b liia ilnmuUo 
^mm^ tK- vtf<r7 olenMnU iwit of itnoMtic mri and fftme aJoim^ bat «f 
limn«3 pottn', ABd thfltof tLo U^weft o>4er,uii ao dtlTiised throtigb- 
ViCttlt hi* worbit Ih&t Uit duiwrtcr of poct vottiv Above tliv chAfBctcs 

dmnL Ertftj line. klioo«t everf vonl, » b living mtM of povby : 
raiinvd tfaroQ^b 1h« vorkH of all ttctbom la ncU«x{KiiMCit« 

p^ii.-j [iiiui:i£ 2 uiofiuacQct vbide, tud ricb and b«&uUnil m 



a&turu iteir, down to lU ini»itt«ii |iorif<iiM. T<i leave oat Sbtk- 
opevo were indeed tc phy HAuUot with tbo pait of Hunkt hinuuU 
aixiht*d ; it w«r« lo iTkviU ittKiAt^t, tui} idl>w thtt li<i»t to aliMnt lum- 
selt Ii; tbu W&lhalla of Briti^ |h>vtry. the AtAtuo of Hb*Ujx«rt 
tnotti he ilmt AdiuitUK] and pUoed in tb? a-iUrcv before grwLUicos lod 
okfwiicHtioDH 4ro th^tighi of. Ha in th^ imiwnml opiuiu^ wlu*a 
| i PC Otn o» and aplrit luu&b ftad will p^nkilf tbi.^ vht^e jmoe. 

And TVU wWo arv thv hcoufu uid huuutA uf Sb&Up<*'V ii> 
LoodobF lAo tluwo of • thouumd oihov rvmu^abU moo. in Ui* 
■oddcotB iad tba ^wth of this gmt dtj, tbertro swept AWftj. 
fir«*«lHl rvQoratlon h^vt carried evrryttiiii^ beioa* tbam. If liw 
&aip at man drpcodcd od bricka uid tuorliLr^ vbU vcput^knu would 
liATo bwn «xtingnw1x»d withiu tlio la^t two otatunoii in Idcqidon! 
In no plM>t< in tbo woi-M bave tbo violent iiece«alti«a of a n^ «&d 
umoflD»tdiT%'oi«>pij»ntpMdjolAtlttroapoottotbo''lpodb»btti ' 
of grvAt naiutfL 

Wd toaf nuf^pOfo thftt ShjtJuf>cnro, on bu ootniiij! iin to 
would raad* nsar tlw tboalroH vb«r« hm louBht b in tirdibood ^ol 
limt uppeon to bftn bvirn th&t of Blu^frim. 2t bu loof bocQ ' 
cleaa g<ffiC| ^nd iti loc^tity ia ncrv 0CGii|d(xJ bj Pbjrbouao<yw3t near 
ApothoomM* Ball, sud tJid doswo buOdragb an>iuid. Pl»bdM»-yttjd 
dnrivoi iU oudd fram tho old playboikia. In Kiiiglit'» Londoo, it ittJ 
miggwted tbftt this Ibv^tro might be pi\M down toon after tbo) 
pntuftDeoi olo«o of tho tho&tr«a durinc tbv ComEOouwoftltb, by ib« ' 
nintuM ; but th« real old thcotro of ^abppotra moM^ b^d tb^ not 
bMO tbo ctM^bftTo porisboA e& 1:11015 in ^* ^^ of Loodoo, wbich I 
■dcorcd oU tb-'B {fn>uncl, from Towcr-ntrcvt to tbo 1ViD|Jf. If] 
St^UpcAfo cTtr Iwld botMo «i x thoBtrA^eor on bis fimt oomiikg to j 
town, It would be beie, fbr bero bo omcdo to bitvo beoD ftnti ongsfftd. j 
Tbo tdc* oF bin toldiag bonn ot a Uiottr«-door> bold >ad <iic&v«i 
Mlov «« bo bad ibowD hinuelf io bbi deer^Attliss toploitA and witb 
^iendoi uid umoftiotuico* in toTn,bttS booo scoiit«4 OiqMX>«Uj-fti ho ] 
4IM ih'-ii « fulf^rowu naui of twanij-tfarMi. tho thni^ bowrra, la 
by DO iQcoiu improboblfv Sbokflpom wu loeot Gkoly ■« indopi 
M bo WA« gWvdt ind ictive> On oni^og in town, bnd facing i 
VK|uunt«ac«, IIiobiu <7r«ea, ait tbis IboAtrv, bo miiEbtt 1iL« 
rrtMilnblo nun wbo biro modo tbdr vm to coDinouoo \m l^_ 
bo ready to turn bb band to wnytbing till mmctbing hotlttr tij 
up, Mrcvci, who wan a plajDr, niiriit bo i|uiUi nilHiiq^ to Intro 
Sbn^KpOitro into tlut cAunoler iddtbe thmtvo ; but it had yd to b«J 
proved tbat SiiLbtpcarD oouid mtke an notor of binkadfi 

ypporttiuitj vtfc^ni, wbnt «o kbolj U> KtM ibc uttcntk«i of ■ 
BiKiiit Uxo tfatjotrc; oa tbo wont of a oreful borvo^oldor tof 
who csBte tbcTo in mtoh ctjie, whkb it ftti{Kon wm tbcu occ _ 
vDourii. VTo bow tliu ftUteimiit frutu Sit WdUaui Daiwiiuit, ^ 
tberUbrtf from a ootflnipc>rnr7, tdimreri aud twwimed relaUvo. ir«1 
ftTO told that tbo *pe«uuitJon w«i oot abadcmo. ShiLk>poArr,bjbiaJ 

ailjH>ri<w OK* aud oarvfuliiawif itivu ccignaaiod all ibi» bwiiiicnv^ ftiull 
blkdla cmploj^ tbeao l«>p wbo bod b^otv brap acting on thrir own | 
ooooonty oa bit aabordmatOB ; whcnco tbey noquiied, and rctolaod { 

kng after he had mounted into an actor himjwlf within the theatre, 
the nuDS of Shakspeare^s boya. That he bocame " an actor at oDe of 
the playhouaefl, and did act exceedind^ well^" Aubrey tella ua. He 
ia supposed to have acted Old Knoweil io Ben Jonaon's " Every Uan 
m hie Humour ;" and Oldya telb oe that a relative of ShakBpeare, 
then in advanced age, but who in his youth bad boen in the habit of 
Tisiting London for the porpoae of seeing him act in some of his 
ownpliiya, told Mr, Jooea of Tarbeck, that ^ he had a faint recollection 
of havinff once seen him act a part in one of his own oomediea, 
Khereiii, being to peraoBsate adecrepit old mao, be wore along beard, 
and appear^ ho weak and drooping, and unable to walkj that he watt 
fon»d to be supported, and carried by another peraon to a table, At 
which he waa aeated amongat eoma company who were eating, and 
one of them aang a aong " This is supposed to have been in the 
cbancter of Adajo^ in ^Ax you like it;" and henoe it hae been 
inferred, in connexion with his acting the Qhost in Hamlet, and Old 
Knowell, that he took chiefly old or elderly choracters- 

Every glimpae of this extraordinary man, who> however much he 
mi^t have heen acknowledged and eetimated in his own day, 
certainly lived long before his time, is deeply interesting. That he 
waa estimated highly we know from Jonaon himaelf : — 

*< Si*«t iw*D or Afon, wbiL ■ flghl It mn 
Xa Aflfl ihee In our witeri jd tppflftT. 
And nuke thoK fl^Jiti upfln tbx banhi of ThunH 
TbHt » did take filiiB ud onr JftmcA." 

When the two monarcke under whom Shakspeare lived admired 
and patronized him* we may be sure that Shakspeare^s great merits 
were perceivedt aud that vividly, though the age had not that 
intellectiial eipaoHion which could enable It to rise above its 
prejudices againat a player, and comprehend that Shakapeare's 
divnaa were not merely the most wonderful dramas, but the moat 
wgndtrfol eipoeitiona of human life and nature that had ever 
ippeared' Feoiile were too busy enjoying the splendid scenes 
pTCsented to them by this great geniiis^ to note down for the 
gratification of posterity the daily aoinga, coonexioDS, and where- 
aboute of the man with whom they were so familiar. He grew rich, 
however, by their Hocking to his theatre, and disappeared from 
amongst them. 

In thie theatre of Blackfriars he rose to great popularity both as 
u actor and dramatic author, and became a proprietor. It wss 
nndcr the management of Richard Burbage, who waa also a share- 
ht^der in the Globe Theatre at Bankside, To the theatre at 
BgdaE^ude, Shakspearc also transferred himself, and there he became, 
in 1603, the lessee. There he seems to have continued about ten 
ytATv, or tiU 1613 ; having, however, so early as 1597, purchased one 
(tf the best bousea in hia native town of Stratford, repaired and 
improved it, and that so much, that he named it New Place. To 
Uiia, as hia proper home, he yearly retired when the theatrical 
Kaaon doaeo ; and having made a comfortable fortune, when the 
theatre wafl burnt down in 1613 retired from public life altogether. 

Binkfttde 1« • i^pot of inU^mtt bfcaine J^&kaptu* lived thttn, 
BMOV y^n diinng ih« tiiDC hv wna in Loudoo. tt ta thtt povdoob 
of Sonlhwirk Ijrinjf on tho rivor-mdo botwMo ^^ bdd^ of £bck^ 

fiublio uniiM4nont«, titoU a» Uinj wrv, ft wm a |Jfe«« of puUi^ 
RArdonis pUjhcnum, and wArac pltiMw FaHi gnnkn vim oo« of Ui^ 
iDOJit bnioiu fttMrta of ttia iDotropoll*. Thoro won3tbcbo4r-pi 
vhcr* ElifAbotbt WrnoblovMid Udio<.ii*vd toffovid «ok0t 
H^VM with tliat olegKDt vpprt) bcAT-twUiix. There ■!» ir«ji 
Globa TbCAtra, of vHiob Slubi|M*n Ijocuutt h^ooMd j>n>prjei 
hftd ni«r wbich lio lirvd. H^ th««tr« «r«« ft;i ooUgna voodm buijil 
in^ wliich ho* been mide fitnulkr t>j mnnj cngmvtsgn or tt. 
Hecij tbo Fifth, Shaluipoftre oJIudos to ita iUi>pa uul nut^nil ; 

Ttii Tuiv l^fM* nf FiUiM I ■>! nu; tit vnm 
Vfihkn ihit *vjdn O Ci* vtrj oii|in* 
"nul did AlMfhi 11^0 >U IF A|ln«aotL r** 

It mi ELOt mnclt to bo wo&dcrad ftt thiit tkii woodcD ^ob* i 
m oootHKivd Kith Arvt which tt dJd. u 1 han CtmSj MA 

T6IS. 3liaktfp«an'a plif of Hcniy VliL w« uUn^, A otowiU 

brilJiiuib oampunr wov pre«itnt, itud unongvt th« rest Bon Jouoa, aj 
W9 lOAfn ftvm hill OoMOCmUon of Vdciut, when in tho vary flrvt u1| 
whoro, oooording to tbo atage dirvdionn, "drunn aud trumpvti^ 
obmbvn dbciuiied," cuinom varc tirod, tho ignited nmddmg fl«4 
Into Uw tUUh of tiio building, uid tho vholo pUc« wh «oc« H 
flanoco. S^ n«nry IVottOQ tbiua daambM tho aooiM ici a lottv U 
bin ncjibniT, " Now to lot ouhtt<]ra of atate alecfs 1 will ccUrt^O 

iou at pr«K)ot with wbbt h4pp«Eiod thU wo«k at t£o IteDltnido. Ibi 
iiig> ployora hod > now pWr, uallod AU U Tru»t rapraMftUng adDM 
princijxJ piccoa from thu rotgci of Hcnrj Vlll, which wn act GirUj 
with Qiany 4\itt«ordi&afy droaiovtaaoM of pooap and majoi^, trc-r 
ti> iho itKkltiog of tho ala^ i tho koigbtft of tho ordor with thrii 
GcoTvu and ^uri^m, the i^uardji nith ibcir ombradenxl ooato, aai 
tho hEC 1 riimL^ioEit, m tnjth, uilhiu a wliilf% to xnako snataoii TOn 
fluntUiuv if not ridiuulourf. Nu«, Kiog Houn- txialnng a maal « 
Oardinftl Wolc^y'ii hoiiAC« and oortdn ouinona boing ihot off at hil 
ontrj, aom^ of tho jiapc^r or othrf vtufl^ whfirewfth oae of thom waj 
*tnt'i>fiJ, di4 light i>^ t.Lr llmlcK, wh'rro, boJng thotia^t at fimtbo 
CkU iJio aiuoko, ftnl thdr oym moiv attcnlivo to th« aEow, ft kiodlei 
ipwardlf uid nn round liko a tnun, ooDauming within an hotir, thi 
itfbolo boitto to tho vary icrouud. TliU «mji tho A^ul period of tlift 
rirtuouii Abrio. wherein jet nothing did pcnah bnt wood uid Stan 
and a frw foraucea olooJtB : onljr ono roan hod bia breeobee aet w 
fire, iliMt would porhapa have broLlol him, if ho hod CloI^ bj Ih 
bonofit of a prorident m. put it out with bottle M^ 

Fawn ttxm to havo nwiuuwd SbakitpooM on all aides, nd h« h» 
oartow C4c»pca> Aa thoro i* no nitsntiou of hia nau^c in the neooiant 
d" the Globe Tfacfttit in 1613, nor An j in hi««i]],it is pret^dea 
thftt bo bad retired from tho |>ci>pheton«hip of tbo Olube before, ta 
sK^icd that Ion* ; tut iu the my jear after it «Na Lamed fkvt 

there wu a dreadfdl fire in Stratford, which consumed a good port 
of the towD, tuid put his own house into oitremo danger, 

Theao vere the acanea where Shakspeare acted, fbrwTddi he mote 
hia dmnaa, and where, like a careful aud thriving nian u he vaa, 
ho made a fortune before bo waa fortv, calculated to bo equal to 
IfiOOL a-jear at present. He had a brother, also, on the ati^ at the 
ame time with himeelf, who died in 1607, and waa buried in St. 
Savionr'a Chnrch, South wark, where his name is entered in the pariah 
raster as '^ Edmund Shakapeare, a placer." 

The place where he was accustomed particularly to reaoit for 
Mdal recreation was the Mermaid TavBTn, Fndaj-streeti Cheapside, 
Ilia waa the wita^ house for a long period. There a club for bfamd^ 
ctfriU waa eetablishod by Sir Walter Weigh, and here came, in their 
A^reral days and times, Spenser, Shakspearej Philip Sidney, Jodbod, 
Beuimont and Fletcher, Maasingorj Manowe, Selden, Cotton, Carew, 
Uutiu, Doime, Wottoii, and aU the brave spirits of those ages. 
Here Jonaon and Shakapeare used to shine out by the brilliancy of 
thdr powers, and in their " witnximbats,*' in which Fuller deacnbea 
Jonsou aa a Spanish great galUcm, and Shakspeare aa the EnalUh ma/t' 
^par. **Uaster Jonson, tike the former, was built Irt ni^her in 
kaniing ; aolid, but alow in bia performances. 8hakGj>eare, with the 
^ttlw)' man-of-war, lesser in bulk but lighter in sailing, could turn 
witti all tides, tack about, and take advantage of all winds, by the 
qtdcfcnna of his wit and hie jnventioa*^ Enough has been said of 
vns <«1ebTated club by a variety of writers. There can be no doubt 
that there wit and merriment abounded to that degree, that, ae 
Beamnont has said in his epietie to Jonson, one of their meetings 
WI0 epongh to make up for all the stupidity of the city for three 
days paat, and supply it for long to come ; to make the worst com- 
puioos right witty, and " downright fools more wise." There is aa 
nttU doubt, however, that with Jouson in the chair, drinking ,would 
be as pre-eminent as the wit. The verses which be had inscribed 
over tzie door of the Apollo room, at the Devil Tavern, another of 
th«ir TGBorta, are, spite of all vindications bj ingenious pens, too 
icidicatjve of that. 

* "WclHnne, ■!] vho lead or foHow, 
To the oncle ol Apollo ; 
Heic he ipeoli ant of hli potllfi, 
Or tbs tripH. hii lower boltla ; 
AJi Ml tniTen btb divide: 
Tnith liitflf doTh flow iTi wine. 
HuiR np All tht poor hop-lrlnkei». 
CriM aid Sim, ths^lng ofrtlnken. 
Hfl Lhe hMlt of Ufa abuaei 
Tbftt lilt ivAUrinft vilh the Mmn. 
Thote duU goda no Rood cwi mnn iu. 
WUit-lt Id the milk cf Venui, 
And ihe poei't tiaciB Jiceauntdt: * 
Fly it, uid 70U ■]■ ar« mounted. 
Til iht true PhctbUn llqiioTH 
* Cheeri the brKini, makei vii the qiiietaTi 

PAr> KlLdetta, curei All dlicEsei, 
And ■! Odcc thnt leniei pleaiei. 
Welcome. aII who lead or taliaw. 
To lai undfl of A^Uo." 



Tbttt U not My nojacm to boUovo %\uA SlaUpcAr^ lover of w\% 
vid jollitj on h« wwv vw 4 prujiical upholder of ikin ptimiaioqi 
dootrmo* Ho Daay i^ftoo miko hit ohofuton •peoJc io this muumji 
but Mwniltj ho retlr«l u kood an bo conid fk^jin tbb harfhiowi 
Ijla to bia ovD quici hearth at Stmtford : and if vo uv to bebnrp 
hifl BOQfi«U oddivHted to hi* Tii&ey— OJid they pMM» tho tone oF • 
deep «Di3 nal seattmontr-ho wnouAlf ruod tht oigiai in whkti ho _ 

hftd pftTtidpated. 

"Oh, foT nr hU^o ihuvUIi Fomnt diiilt, 

TiiHi iFiti>iiE CTKvna irtilcu pvliui iBntuior* tmtdt: 
ThmH9 UfQt II tbM fb> n»ma i«rLr#i t lirud, 
And SlnClM Um» ID}' ^uluri: It lulrdurd 
Ta vfaM U vmA» Id, like lIec d^t^i'i likul;— 
Flif ma ibcn, bdhI *iih I *<iv Rfvcnl. 
WaaH. LiLf 4vilHrii; tkni.|r(itH 1 vflldAik 
fBdon> gf FTivl],* '|(*mii iikf vimw infirtlrifi- 
He> UilcnKt) that I rill bltbcr Ifaiu, 
K<>r kr«iIi>U T*Q*ACit It *1*W< WiflMltofci 

ntr mr. ibro, dnr fitfOdH wd I mton fv 
B*4i Di't f*ur ftjf 1* *i«afli 1« furfltit* ^ 

Wo cannot i«ttd f1iMt« ftnd rri4ny rit}iftr pniHfi^iui nT bis •oimela.wtt 
cannot *cc Shokvpcero nrtirms cwrv juor^ iLnd^ u rooq u AIc^ 
vliogother ^la tbo baoduuUilinn oM dijwLpaicd h&biU of tUo Utomr? 
taoti of tho day, Ia tho pMcvful pboe of bk birth, uid tho fnaiij of 
his woddod homVi withmat raipootiEig hit mond cAunctsr «a duA 
vwoodmirohlvjQimu. Tbo pruMi and tho prftcuco of dioiiksa- 
MMm bj IHfnvy BuOf and pom o«iiiaia]l^, hivo vntaiUd infioito 
miMhicT on thamjutreo oca on tho^r foUowoiiL What wom ad 
dcgmdationa ara oooaooWd with tbo burtory of brilhoot maa fthout 
tottD, vhkh httvf> t»ad«d io itaxnp tbo gVQonl litMuy olBrmoUr 
with tho bmnd of impnmdeace And dkn^MOt ;— jail^ ocatbi^ jiA- 

UiiMy do au tlxaa rij*« ou our viaw as ira loc^ bock throi^^ tW 
biato^ of n>en of goniui^ tbo dinot nmit of tbo nbatird raDt abooi 
driokui; and dobaiiob 1 With what a beautifril tiaritj do tbo Etanoa 
of tho £raat«at ^[uiuuikaa of all rfaa aboro tLfUi.. iirUib, liko tho > 
OEilna a chtinhea through tb« fb^ and Bmc>kea oX London I 
cDoeriDg io it bo toa tbo number of tbeoe grow with tbo gra 
Toan 1 Shakapaoro, SpooMT, Sldnoy, Uilto% Cowpor. Soott, U 
vorth, Southej, 8bell«yi— bara all l>«on sober and dnncptk 
and tbaaaixatiou wbioh tho^havo dvMi bj thoir prmctkn to T' 
priotioa of Uf^ will «onlv on all futura •« blcaaijiip aa ai 
tho pubUo trutba of tbttr toadtinfr. Tba alonoatd ftTen^ I 
other hauiitoorisbakvpaaKL baa diBaEippored Uwiaawaptui 
tiio first H anj tnoco of hia havuu remain, ihoy moat bo : 
ho<asM of tha grt^t, wbcra ho waa oociutomed to riali, aa tJi 
tbo Lorda SouthAmptoa, Laicoalor, Pombrokcr Hootgomcrj^ 
o4b«i«. Thoao aiA bowovor, d^w all oitbor gone «r ao cut up i 
motamotphosed, that it vt7>i \min to look lor them la abodes 1 
lowod 'by tho fooM^ of Shakapoare. If it be true that bo 




,^ to Nftd bii pbj 0* FtUaff lo lor^— th« Merry Wivm 

of Wiftdvor — Bo QuMD EliMbodi, H ^^ould pwUbly bo at Whit»- 
Ml cr 8t JuzMfl^ I6r 8onur«0t-Hoiwo iru compuatircly littlo 

MDlui Imto t«Q mudi feUotftd tb« fito «f thoM id which he uvod 

. Kf* tnM» the Tov«r,We«tiitlail«fPilfle«,udaoBi« other or tboM! 

" t buildififls Aod dd IcK^litka whoro th« iMviica of liui DftUoaa] 

_^_auebiid,HtU|iTmun,*pit«ortioaoandch«nxo; mid theBH«ft 

t£ Qthtn^ thowb sow oovirtd with wikLoriMnc* cf Jtmh houBea, 

lo^ba idAtaOetL Sot tbo Bmi'd RmJ inEMtC9iMf) a wuuIj- 

Istad ; itf tix^ foU in tht ffm^ fin; aod tiie modern iaprovofiunts 

tbambootf tho ervoboB ei N«« UiodoD Bridge, uid tbo onttlog of 

KIh WilhAfu-atrrotv hftro 0iv«|it ovnj naftr)y all iMmainui|r Bmlca 

ofSe naitfhb«xiih<>od. It i* Mipfosed thai tba pnmcat irtatuo of 

William I\.iitsi¥bi not voir brlrom the ofot »£«» UmI KwUod 

KidBbr Joknooroaarvduiddnnk took. 

Ofor Lcttdoob, ttd nuaj a »pot nt and a1>otai it, ii» vrtU bm ovot ft 

vttwuanid kt^r town, fora«t«, and mouDtoios, of thia and otbor 

mujtrica, ^homrmr dviliMd nuua hua plojvd biepftrt, will tkugvciia« 

rffiiiliipwro <Mt on andjiug glorr ;l>ut to sco the ootuol tracco of 

y^ miilTrr*L ** nxurt mort to tbo place of hu luiUntj acd tiifl 

, AmUl There atiD otoDd tha hau«« ood iLe rot^m io vht<di bo «dii 

ibon : thtn Moada tha homo in which hewotwdhitf AnnUntliavay, 

lad Um oM nnka a wliicb ho wolkod wtlh her. Then Mtomlo bu 

toaib, lo w&oh tho graaii uiJ tb* wU*, and Lb« ^iUod frioD all 

tigtooo of tKi wcrid haro mndo pOgiiiiian, foUowod hf cailbona of 

tfcaa ivbo woqU bo thought oo, the frivoloai and tiio cmotj r hat 

al mnc hoooan hy th« Jbroa cf TMwo n , or tbo bm of fodikn, 

' fgty *pS jPBJtaSoQ, to tho mitroool intttpgr^tor of hoMomty, ItU 

tinfluatlboalowdttiigoofaoNiDUytowTi ban pcniittfdtb« spirit 

|«f faniitaoo to oligbt tlivr*, oad out \U pralwtior trln^ <riror ih« 

l-Hihty tneca of that cxidtcDoe which dilToBcd itoeJi oa a ecoood life 

1 ttnogh aU ti» rMliu of tnleUeoL 

I 7hcn» b Dothltip miMing of Bha^iapmn^ ihun hut ibo bouw 
fvUeh b« boikt oad the indbenT^treo which ho pbmtoil Tho tiio 
[ 'VH bowD down, tbo house wv pulled down and djapom«d pitoKDfiJL 
I by Iho ioluDoiM ponoo (ibBlMill ; -mkttt tliua **daKD«d Citoaolf to 
■ImMl fiuQ^ mora thoroxuhl; ttaa Ibe fool wbo trc6 tho TorD[^ 
■Bf Illuft. Tbm, oolj Jt few mile* di«Unt in tlw 0l4to!y boU of 
I CbodeeotiV w^iUior iba joathftd pooehar of I'oraftyRu wu corriod 
tht tudocky kiugbt> Uhoiv too^ antL oh nbomo' #1^*^^^ to 
~, ihiiao to tholoTen of Shokmuv, sbnina to those irriio 
_- tarn Stntlbrd and iWr duh iat^* ncukr " EBtauwiU," 
[ ea pratcnoc of bockitiring fftakeMons ; thcc^ too, Utd tbo dc*ceDdni]U 
[if iba Doirai ntpbve of ShAopeftro-'-of im liater JoKO^n on- 
f >otio-| mud VTiiDitlpri«d pDvertj I 8«r«r«J jMra «g(v oD Enj rioit 
[ lo thti place, I potntcd «Qt this bet ; aod the dissrueful fiiot otiQ 

Tlianhftlipiannili hnmn n> ilnan In "lialfiii), m iirmiiliiil T 




^iLul«d m Armour of Skoiapettre, Aiid Qm njirc«r«dWn« «f 
m Ui« pkco liJLTo bftOD loft ii " ' 

ntoo ^xltl u9ociAtt()Q or Idooa £o tbo nkb^ ^f Efij^li*hcMQ co th*' 
£ub|oot of ilL»u>g Lciuour to iwujuib T^ r^wftnl mnwn^ ici J liiiTem 
■nd poiitiduw,— pliuwi^ tiile«, uid catotoi mn rarca To mvtfq 
poot# and pbilcMVophon), tUd proportjr irhii^h Uxor Sonortljr, urd villi 
rA0ft^^/]l0i>v4a^# jfrevcnatd^b Ukvo fhvia tboic, and uiat wUch 
nbould form in wtato for tfa<^ir dcBomdurtA to iJl poaterit^. tnd 
bocomo a monumoot of tamo to tho natioQ. it coQfvrred on book* 
Mllcm. T\ia conyrlffhl of autlinrn, or, in other wnnlj^ tbo t\\ 
tbo propertjr fihiih toPT mwJe. wu Ukcn ftw&jr in tho nsica of 
Ani]i\ *' ^r /iff Aa^t oftiitif9iMrt"~-<fii ujv ibo Act. Lei tb« 
priDcipfa ba coiriod out Into lUl other pmSMuioca^ and we «btU 
come to on tmdaTvtftnding on the miSjiKt. Tftke * lord'o or * mqM 
kod from }uni Aiid Ilia Ikniily for cvur»^t«r a gir«Q number oTjMn^ 
Ar li# Aatffit vf ^ritt^erwyr-^*^^ ^^^ iUciQcr'v vlou^ and Usua, his 
bftrrowt wjd nid com^jir tU bttrnfit aT t^^niitvr/Miv, — Uko tho mill- 
owners' mtLH with aU iWt e[tLiuUii^j«fiai«^ and lh«ir oottoo, ux) 
thoJr irool, ud their ailk, ooil ttieir ovm aev iuvuuUoiui, for the 
bnn*lli nf rnAnitlke^tiHn^— tftkn tKfi membftnl'* M^ ftnJ tli«ir 
oargoes, the ihopk^eperft ihop and hia stonM. tbo Uwjor^s p&rdi- 
ment end bio fee^ tfao phjviciui'* and BUrcoon'o pljalo Md vei^ fbr 

11i» l>HnHil of r>ninxn«rcM, l.nirl'v Iftv, and pliTfllfi : Jind Iirt tbo wrgf 

■uOor DO rnjuT/ of rwgltct in tliib mpert ;' kt thnr chnnto^ aod 

tboir gTobtt^ and tithoi^ bo taken fur tfao boi^t of nti| ' 

\\\*M\ iill go flWw with tb« ftiitbont m thin flxtraordinurr 

juhticu Ana encowigcfaent, aud then tbo whole jicno «iJl 

lli^r hrad« UqftfUier, vid gire beck to tJae &uUkor hta right*, 

thoT toka WTO of ibmr onn. 

Bit till thia b« douv~^ '™S ^ ^^ ebildnn and d< 

and n«er«at suooeaocm cf tbo «utbor u« robbed bj ibo Sute, 

th* po«t osd philoeo^or crown tboir ooiontry with glorj, «m 

with bapplnoM, and tb<(r oountiy Ln return brande tboir d 

with dimKce,eniil fUle theon w^tb em^tiaon— while thrj fp 1: 

and th« bookvditr in brooiolotby--iti IcDnnMB, atid tbo 

andowtd by tho SUte with tbo nchea of tboir anooetov^ in 

and fftt,^— «o loDg Jot thofi» who are anxiou* to <lo honour to 

(lorioua ntkmefl St our Htoreturo. boeonr thom with mdm % 

common aoniu and oommon fooUn^ BoDonr Sbak^kcttie^ i 

Ham ho not honoured bitnMlf eolUcientljl Wbat »yi John ' 

aaotbvr gloriou* weak of the tf uao 1 

* W^t »edi mi ahatvpMn fff hb bo&our'd ^KatA^ 
Tltf laUiiuf of ui ^« Iti |j4lcd ilOarar 

WlAt hrtd-U Ortki *Bjb t««.k irllflt** af 4|r MBftT 

Tlltq ID s^T woifdrr uid t4ioil>TimeDl 
Itwt bulU iilTbU * l|«r-Wnf v*«ai>mr.'* 

Bnt if thii honour be not ncodcd, wh&t noeda there for 
ShakspoarEv tbo liill wt4k<r witnosa of hia namo, of nuolin^ 
gofiaMirpH I la then an/ the rtonottat oonaftiion wtwi— ) 



kU«fe»ifitA «f pure biteUrct utd sirrMk-^oa-lwnl itoiDa<^ of 
■mi rc M ff t«pere f ilclwveu Uie 4Ull laltouiv of a diviiM inugio^ 
ttco. and uo u|>ft»riC'iia riot of a MibLc feed vihva Lolf-AOM ovort 

L«l » ntppen^i for & mocueot, uitt tbe Bpiiit of Shak«]>oat« i?ouJd 
bnr tlu hjocopuia «r l^ cnyi ut^mbM in hk mmcs to Jhodout 
Un feivoMli f If bo w<r4 ponaittod to dMCOfid froom tbn mmiio 
^ory of hia mt«iUi bMT«tt, juul tppetf at thv ^mt of theb diaii^ 
Eocu vritb tbe mcagtc ikeoccKftutu of tho !51iftkqM» fuailr csowd- 
bc Hidlj bcbisd Lun, wbat aro tbo bidigDout wonl* that Ao iprould 
noma to the fliiibad Uirocg of bia m-^jtunf womliimjeni 1 Ttiejr 
brvfl bMD fttrcidf addrWMd W liio oam br the gnM^t SUbt«r of lore 
■odol tbft pbik^ophj of tjukboiurar. "I wu ru btraoyrod, uhI 70 
pTV Qk* no moat; J wu tbirvty, and je gave cMnotlriiLk ^ I vraa 
a iU»ager. aoil j« took mu uot lu ; mkt^ >°*^ r« dotbod rno not ; 
dele, aiM in prvoD, and j« TJiitvcl no no4. • • o /tiVMuvnl ■«■ w 
MU n^l UUa tea^isftimj^M %i ittfii&m^r^ No, th» ajoo|>baQQo 
buaofaciea naver dii A to ^h«l:ap(An. ^Vhut arai bv, to bia vorontb 
Wttivaaaf fttoii7«Dd of pootr^r^rtbcdr gujuLnifvf W^at b^ro tfcoy io 
da «4tb hm or bia Ikttiour t la jt Qot^ jincLoualnipoaUire,tomaka 
a test toABDaa'aboaour, and Dot toinnte toit tuaoMrotreiatirca, 
f iniaTTj when tboj U^ at tbo next door 1 In the &ai&« of tho 
' nal nqnlatkOr lei thb wn}t«h«4 and agotiatio faroe b« put 
J bj tbe ra)Od aauae of tbo BcitiohpuUiol If tbwc people wtU 
bo&oitf Shalupotf* br bopouricig bio fiuailjT lot tbMu st IomI 
' I ftom iaaulting tbau porurtj ujd tbtrir cugtvot bj tbia pablio 
, 4ad tbis devcraiintt M >oibtft. 
Hmt wb^ Bobtrt Sootboj aan :— "Tbo |a*idoo«OQdutU of Idntm 
ia poverty. Tba Momcianta of Sbakrooarat an liriflg m 
aod ia the lovest condition of hfo. la tbia jiwt to thoao 
iLit Ia M gnl^Aal to tbovo ivboftfo Uio prido LCid boaflt cxf 
oaootrj \ la it bonoimble or boconiag to tt» is t Datioo^ 
Uing'— iho better pafi of ua a«nirodW, and tea miyonty aSeoting 
Ud — tbo MuoM of Sh«ia|Moro and MlHeo to Tooorati^u t To 
pkocd tbo deaoaodaeU of Shaljnaro and Uiltoa io reapeot*- 
L7 and oooCort, ID that ajibera of ti& vbero. vitb a f oU proTiAon 
our natvnd w&uli and ao^iU oi\)ojca«DUi, &«o ooopo io 0v<^ to 
ppwtbofo<irintellooUiJtiidixottortaltttftaiioplf juAc^ 
ibat ttvi ft!()tjroil— oolj that tbej ahoold have pooaened tbo 
ioIimI oopfright of tbfiir uKnoior*' work»— oqIT Uut tlu^ ahodd 
bATo b«Mi d^irived of tb^ proper bibariUaoa.'^ 1 
Ilia time la evidooUj Dot yet ooma for aetting tbia ^roit Euatt^r 
\ ktt do[&fi ibi* groat oct of juaiioe tovarda tbo toaobcnt <A tbo 
' mA glodfiara of our natiooal namo \ for exocuting tbi^ du0 

L Wo bore TDt much to lean from tboaediTinofuuida^irhom, 

fionthaj'o woroo, wo probao to vuiorBlo* But otill tbo pub£o 
' h 0ot daatitute of jld dimmemipi of Uu tmtb, and iu rwpotv- 
Jm- Sbxio 1 vrtdo tno fagoa coolodj nmaeroufl uiliriLfuaSa 
vifttm to iiK]uiro if notbiAg eon do dooo to nioaoTu tbo o^pro- 

* ii««a«« lit. t^-^ 

f kith ««■ toiU«T^ ifOita. 



bdnm 4f our trcfttTa«Qt to tha S^ukspaftre fiu&U/. Uanj 
hATt dound to ttw Uie boy whoa I pointed ontt aad imT« Eiudo lua^ 
pntfoolt^ but bo rtin romoiiM iuiprond«d fbr.* A dorgTiBAu vivU 
to mo from tJie vevt of EugUnd, «ipro«aiikg thb iutomit be felt » 
thin jouth, wbovn bo liad bcou &t i^tnl[6rd,»tldhinlkilli(HJl dcvnto 
hflv« A «iib«cnption rfti«od to mluoatv tuna, oo-l put Lisa iQt« aoow 
lioaoimb3c my oT life. He bfOvd mo U edUu ft d>ot^ b wiioh bv 
would E^jftloiutflj ooopemto, to iaSareBtft BafficicainiUDb«raf litoiiy 
oml uiC icELtiul itadiFidoalfl to agiUto tho t^WMtJoa, abd oobomicdoo iba 
■uluicni>i)aQ. I mftde tho »lt«mpt» biit !a miiL Som PMiie* ^vo 
prafeomuDA vhiob oud«(l iu ooUiiugi otb«r« Thioh be^v^ in uotbmg ; 
ftomo doubted lliD «hu>» of onwxmm, und tfocno auoooHallj cTioftnoJ 
to doubt Tho Gountaea of U)T«laoek tbe wortbj reproocototirB oT 
inotluf great bord, oipreawd tho r«idi«ot ftod mMi mnIoub doom 
to moTo oU Ibode wilbrn tbo rooab of hve iaflueiioo ia tbo moitar. 
But, >Q o vol^i, it did not 3uoi;Mfd, Tbo booour of Siafatpttj« \mj 
too mutih on tbc nuttouul tongue bfttovl of od tbo hmrt, ^vt 
procutv Jiutiot to thv living membcini of h» btnihr. 

Let uft Btill tniHt that tbitt tiioa will come. 1 will iMt beUeia ) 
this grsftt tmd iutellcotueJ notion, wbioh hta glreo m eoUCo j 
title* to tbu fiuiidv of UariboTDiiglL jui^ tbo iheoo to tba f ~ 
WaflJogtoei, win muio all mob in«na of HonotLr to tbe : 
hmiij, SKaJI tho horoM of tbo sword alono bo rcwudod ? 
tbo bcaotttoTtbe peti. Ibiwo fitr ijotTin iuv\ divuivr bcrvo<|,bol 
wJtb A poe^ilem tfmtcmpt I Id tbu tuljon, ths veovbip of in 
boaoiin in ^t mibddki^ tho ittrccntirm oftiugncbiMi lod I 
omo* 6r iotoUeot lo Cut ercwioi^ TVo ue ocuEROg to om tT 
f^ut of «iir mimnttd miudj^ andiiot ont iWF onr inwonk and i 
thit oiir highest, purost, uid tnoat impcoridiBblo glory ba» i 
will ^rotf . The yeo^9 ivery dajr are more and mora a> 
kDOvlodge, and maJcing it ftit by Gc^vomriMnt uid tba ' 
mtmoT wbich in qieDt in riutinK tho tnunpoi? «cd]oot«d M ! 
Stratnwd, would S&T« tmrohiujuJ a Urge «ottl« for the dnc 
□T tko Sb4bpc«rv tucilj, Tbat bu not boto donov and no 
bo doDfi ; but a iwiinj a-pleoe tnm «vory porson in this F 
who baa durired dayii and tnootho or ddlfchi from tbc 
t^okipWLrOf vould pfuvhoAo kd «t<kto «qml to tbat ct Siratb 
or of J^mbouiL What a glorious triouto would thia be freoa 
poo;^loof £pgla&d to tUoir mot dnuwtio ^utt — Ibu grMU»t i. 
DUitio poet ID tbt world! How br would tt riw «b«nv tbo tribot 
to violtfQtio ftod bloodabed I Hie tribute of a LatioD> Ioto to i 
■Dd codltke Ictolicot i Tbia astitio should not be apfiropnatvS 

tbo feudal priadplc of prino ffnoituro ; okould not bo tbo catat* _, 

ono» but of tho £unii7 : abould be vu»ted in tniatow^ c^oacm bj thfl 
Mopio, to *duoato and homodnblj aetUo Ui tha trof Id ertit Bon i ' 
daugbter of tbo SbateMuia& fiuoilji aiid to stpport uid oi 
tho aJd sg« of fch* lafortttnato and decrepit of il Ibat tt i 
DOi aDooiua^ idlODiaa and a miadUOToxifl ilspeodenoev all 
penoaa, vben cdooatod ood endowed with a euficdcnt maa to i 
- TMlit*BfQvUUcFWM,ValJ,p.«B,{Uvdlll(n].) 

thent tomoko their way in the world, should be left so to m^^ thoiF 
wmy. The lUktion would then have discharged its parental datiea 
towwdfl ihero, and they could expect no more. *!niey ihoold be 
educated to expect no more, and uiore ahould not be extended to 
them, except in cae« of ntter miafortune or deetitution, and then 
oafy on w, acale that ahould be in itaelf no temptation. 

So^ an estate, founded by the peopJe, would be the noblest 
momonent erer yet erected to any man, or on any occasion. Shak- 
qieare baa a decant monument at Stiatford, end an indifferent one 
in WeatmuiBter Abbey ; tbia would be one worthy of him &nd of the 
naticA which ^roduoDd him. It would take away &om ua a melan- 
cfaoly in^rolmumT *^^ oonfer on him and the Britiah people an 
auual ^ciTjr. 

fiat though moh a magnificent event, we fear, ia very for distant, 
it la « ploaanre to be able to state, that the house in wuich the poet 
was bcm has been purchasecLae well aa the a4j^ir)ing houses, ao as to 
be able to iaolat« the birthplaoe, and make it more eecure from fire^ 
Four tenements, adjoining the birthplace on the western side> were 
pnTohaaed by the 8tratford Committee, some yeare ago, for 8S(>/., and 
nre been paid for by degreee- The portion of tho property known 
as tho birthplano, iuoludjng the Swan and Maidenhead Inn, was 
nmhased at public auction in 1847, by the Stratford and London 
Oommhtoofi, for 3,000i, and conveTed in trust to Lord Carlisle, Mr. 
Ihomaa Amyott, Mr. Payne Collierj Dr. Thomas Thomson, of 
Leamington ; tmd Mr. Flower of Stratford and other gentlemen are 
trostoea for the former purchaaee. 

Since then, Mr. John Shakapeare^ the Orientalist, who claims to be 
descended &om an ancestor of the poet, has munificently paid into 
the Stratford Bank, in the name of nine local trueteea, the sum of 
IfiOOl^ for the purpose of purchaaing and taking down tho buildings 
immodiately adjoining the house, so as to cairy out the plan of ita 
■ecmre isolation, and to put it into thorough repair. I understand 
that Mr. Shakspeare is desirous to have the whole house enclosed iu 
s miniature CrysieJ Palace, to defend it ^m the destroying infiueDcea 
of the weather. The houae is now shown to the public free of 
chttgi^but anyone is at liberty to give a trifle towards the necessary 
ftxpense of keeping it open to inspection. 


Thv ohifrf iiiliicfla ooDDMrtoJ with tha cuno ot Cow\ej mn Bftrn-JQau 
«ad Cbortwyr l>o^ ^ Sturoj - CoatIp; ia oaa of tboae pooU vbo had J 
ftgmt reTWtftUoii In hii owe time, but «bo at tfao Mfqpl dav V«J 
oaaj roftd by tL<i«« wbo aro oniimu to kiiow tbo raJ hiKtmrj of thtfl 
poetr]r fjf wh oouiLtQv tie U jmj orerlovliKt with Uu luort <m1^1 
iwwAU) (»nocit& Aitd hta wbalo ■y«t«iii oJ Tend£<Atloa it xt tatot «o j 
ftaoetatl,ftrt.EllciaL »nd j*t ni^«d Afii) oft«n tvAAii, t1«i l>« Is^ Id Um j 
BbJdflb of eooiDoh more giecmm« ittfpinUoiv fAUnt i&to iliaoat utter 
mgleoU JobmoQ, ofu.-i] tuijcut to our p^ti^ au banlhr b* mLd _ _ 
hftro btwn <u> to Cowlity, ivlkcn ho wLyn of hbn uia lliih ntbar 
netMfajuQd pooti^ tlutt " ttiej wct« raen of l«»miDft sod t« afaow 
thoir leimijig vu tMr wboto codMTiiur ; but ualiiwQy n»olTiDg tO' 
Ahow it in ^bJT□l^ uuitAAd of writing pootr^, th«7 wroi* ofil; vvmm^ 
^<1 Tory oCUo niob vonM m ttood tbo VnaX of tho 6diMr bstt«r 
tbAD of ttkO «ar ; for the niodaUtlon vu so £aip«rfwt> that Uisj 
vure onlj fimnd to bo venMs hy cnustinff tba lyUibW.". . . .Ftdoi 
thifl acoonnfc of their oompoutioiu it vill bo radiljr infcmd, that 
xUaj wero DOit ROfccaiAiL la rcproaenijng or isoTtiig tbo tfllcctlocia. 
" Por tlioao rMaom,^ Joknwni 4ijil^ ^'(Iml thmijch in bm own iknm 
QOtmidand of vjmv&lli^ cioelbBO»i loi aa bariog tak«ni a fligbt 
bejond al! that wvut brforo bfm, C>wley> rc^nilatJoD oxiU not laat. 
IIiii «bftnitfTb*r of writing wwk iriHuul ni:it hiA awn : ]i« iinkaiifiilj 
ailogiM Ibat vbicb ma prfdominattt. Ho skw a oortoia waj to 
proaQi praise ^ aod, uot mfUclcntJ; iDqaiiing by vrbat mcaiM Uu 


Knciertta hrnvt oontmued to delight throtigh all the changea of htunan 
mumers, he contented himaelf with a deciduoua laurel, of whiah the 
Terdupo in ita Hpring was bright and gay, but which time has been 
oontinuallT stealing Irom hia brows." 

In Cowley, in £ct, jon will find manv beautjiul sentiments, and 
modi leaituDg ; but be seems olwaja plaTing with hia matter, not 
dealing eamMtly with it; conatnicting tojB and gewgaws, net 
«TGrlaimng ntruotures. You have artifioe instead <? feeling, and 
oonoeitfl and often downright ftiatian instead of heart, soul, and 
humsD puaion. Who would now willingly wade through pages of 
•odi doggral as this f— 

80ipeiiU Id Errpf i monitniaa Und 

Van ntaj BtUl mt hud. 
And aU M tbt old aatKat't lint commind, 

Aikd ihay too ffiped. And iti«r coo hin, 

And Ihajr Ihmii Umtning uiLi did Iwlit, 
Bat aoalt on both Ihi Hebnw lerpfnii flew, 
BtoX« botb tbeli ■etive bacLi, uilI boih EL lie*/' 

As a Specimen of hia GctioOf Johnson haa quoted hia deeoriptioii 
of tlio archangel Qabriel : 

" Hi took for Uls ■ cloud mott vttt and W^l, 
That a'cT lb* rnld-d^T *m> plerc«d ttanugb with Uffat ; 
Upon bii cheeki k Urclj bfaah hv ■prcad, 
Wuti'd ftom the maTuhig buadei^ dcepeit »d; 
An lumiieH, flboEs^ mtttot ihoue for bftlr. 
And fCU Adom till ibODlden witb looiocaie; 
Hfl cuu put fc >llh muitle rrom t1i« ihici, 
Wliere ibe mowt ipii^btlj uure pltiaed Ibe eyvi ; 
Thii he with itKrr7 TApoun ipuiglei ill. 
Took in IbetT prime eie ihej pan cipe ud ftll; 
Of « nen rmlcbow, eiv IL Eret oi fide, 
- Tbs Ghokut p>«a out ddi, * luif ii ludt." 

Thia comes but indifferently after a passage of Byron or Sbelley- 
But, in laot, Cowley eeema to have been a man who could not be 
permanently and decidedly anything. He could not rise out of 
affectation^ and dubious, l^way sort of positions, either in poetry 
(V in life. He would £fun pass for an ardent lover and general 
admirer of the fair sex, and published a poem called " The Miatresa," 
on the ground stated in the preface to one of ita editions, " That 
poets are scarcely thought freemen of their company, without 
pAyiog Bome duties, or obliging tbemaelvea to be true to love." Thia 
IS genuine Cowley : he did not write a poem on a love eubject 
bec»iae he woa full of the aubject, but because it seemed to bo 
eipectdd of a poet- It was not passion and admiration that fired 
hifa, bat it was neceasaiT to appearances that he should do It- He 
waa unluckily always spying about ou the outside of his subject, and 
never pluncine boldly into li. He was like a man who, instead of 
enjoying his house, should always bo standing in the &ont, and 
asking paasengers what they thought of it, and if it did not look very 
fine 1 or, if not, where he could lay on some plaster, or put up 
a Teranda T This sentiment is strikingly expressed by the very 
opening Una of hia poems : — - 

" Wbit iluU 1 do Co b« At «*« knovnr * 



ThAt como« npon rou m i ci^nd bimt of itnbit.ji>ri, bnt it taraa out 
MQibjUou ooljr. If hiis boM^ mxI >«uJ bvd boou cngofod, tlxn would 
h&vo bo«D loM opportuuitx for hu ctoratl aelT-oonMWMMwaf ; h# 
vcmlcL luvo doDo nb work for Uio lors of it, uad booniav be could 

aot bolp it) Vid ii0t bcCKum bo fbtirid it bncoEniiif lodo vocmt sort of 
work. Of ioTo, therofbn; fl^9 bis bicgrftijber, he acTar kncir U17- 
tbing but oaoivuid tben dand not to tell Lia pauJon. 

H« WM « vtnjuc lo^Ut i «<«t crer bo FWic34 afW tbo quiioti of 
Cbftrlai I. ntired tbitbor^ aod beoftme McrvUry to Lord Jrrmjn, 
•ftcrv&rli Earl of St. Albaiuv and waa omplored ia audi ooiEMiitiMii 
MUb»n>raltiftUM rvqaired,imd|jArUcuLu^lvliacopjiacai>d4kd|ifa^ 
iLg tbo letton vhicm paaAod boiv-Ma too king tod <|ueeD. Be 
ofurmnLi come tack, uid oooupied the equiTOal cfaanMier of iipj 
ou tlw rupubliciuj govcxmuotLt, and dotoilcr a/t iU pmcnxUags to Uie 
rojal pvtj abnwd " Uuder pretoooe of prtvftcj ujd rBUmiMcit, ba 
vtiM to Uko ocoutiort of giving notice of tbo posture of tbingn Id Ihia 
naLJoo." l^U loou ltd Ui bu ftmtit ftod luoixoemtioD ; uid bo wba 
Qot Aet ftt lu^ Titbout a niftmntM of & tbowMid powdft. As it 
WW anppocKd. bo now puUI^bed hi* poeoDa. with tbo ol^^Mi of 
writlDff *oiuuUilDg iu bui pwAku whJcb •bouid gin ggTetnmcDt ma. 
idoa of tho abat^raent of Ida loya1tj< Tbi» t&ve mii offieaoo to Ibtt 
n>}^ party, and woa io aubocqiUQt aditioi» witbdrawa. Cbntinuing 
to liio ia ETi^lftnd ON if ooaUutd vitAk tbo aum.inQ gcffamnioiit, 00 
tbo dfiath of Cromwell bo wn>t^ tchmBp u is mid, m pnuM of bitn, 
aad vbicb vorsu bo vupprocNxi; and then wvnt orer ogam to 
^aDOC^ » anon aa tbo CommoDvealth 9»v9 oignj^ cf dlNralutlon ; and 
cuae Doak Sri tlie crowd of n^iiluriAi ouot for Ihe npoLl at th« nation, 
like many otbera. howoror, who had mod noro ooddcd aod cod- 
sMeattbiui himaci^ he did Dot gpt wbat be oJipoclcd— 'tbo Uaateiahtp 
of ^ Savoir. 

Tlbi, uid the iH ncccm of bia play, " Cuttirr of OdImiud Stnct,' 
whicb abo waa aoetiacd of bctnj a eatiro ciQ tbo k\n^ fiUod Oowli^ 
with a d««p«i«t« lifviir^ of rL-tnaiing into tbo eoiictrj, Wbffiovitf 
ho vaa in iroub!« at Court, tbia paanon for •oiitudo cance npddlj 
upon hiio. UodorthcConoiODwailth, whpn]mpr^oinoda«a^r,bo 
introduce into tbo prafttoo to hia poems, that * bis dsnra had b*«n 
for iomB daja paat, and lUd atiU very ToJ>f cncotl/ oootiaiMv to rotin 
bimaolf to aomo of tho Afnoricaa pUDtAtion^ and to foraal:o tb» 
world for cv^Ti Hn oouHlyambttion b«iDgoow>Aimd)»«] 
hi WtjM binudf the melamJiolr Cowloy, and rcMJ^ed to n 
otrriMt. Ho bad fonoorlj «tudiod phjwc, ^nd obtainad « dii 
but 00 v«r |Hm<Tltafld ; baviog noW| bowovur, oooTJaofd banaolf i 
waa a lovor of tbo ooimtrr, ho ootorminnl to practino tliat, 1 
botook hiinaclf to BAnvEUnii, " lio vim now, naja Spo^t, ' weary 
of tbo roxationa And S^jftaaMHtHt of %it activo oaudition. H« had boadi 
patploxcd with B kiog compbaooo to Ibrergn muinon. Be WM 
^twted witb the uta of a Court, which aort of lifb, thou^ his 
TiHue esado it bteoovni to him, jot xuHbicig oouU omv it cjiaiai. 
TheiQ were tbo mBo» ibat mor«d him to follow tho violent 
utdiaationa of his owiL imod, wkici^ in the greatoBt hutry of bis own 





bwtinee^ had bUQ adkd upco luin, uid Topiwcntod to him tbe 
iliij^hta o# Mli1ar;f studio^ of UBi|>*f«U |>]ottuj««, «ii a Di<Mbmto 
IneoBM bolov tbo lulke «ud dftll«rjm (^ fortune." 

U wu noc fh30i a miad like CWWa ibftt wo ttboold expect ft dcop 
cootoDtrnttit ■» tbo rvault of tbii c£oLc«u aatd it U M&id not to hfti-o 
beto Uw OM. At first hb povertj doWred bim tb« nnrr—ij 
donnUo oonfott, but Unrtrngb ttw fcoBuenoo of bi* old patran^ 
tbo &iri of &1. Alt«&a uid tbo Duko of Budd&vbAai. k* moxltmI 
a Imm of Aomo of Um QuDeD** UikIb, vbioh «SbTa«<l Urn au ample 

Bm^Htora Mm ftboot hnlf-a-milo from SBimoa^ tjfj tb> road toadina 
flrao SismwrSBtitb nupraakn-bridgo W WimUedoii. It ia an old 
Wat% and Id OovLaj'a lima muai b&va bwD lol«ral^ aoLltaty. 
fibfiotbca Ue toad joiit OKintJcttiad ba«bceAnudoaoroaatboa«Uto, 
aadaamnUuhdoia toitaantr»ii»gat0. It tUltbo^rgTOTi p ia m f 
tbaai^ivctor ofiUqnttj. Tb^Iand itrit^Bodflat; andtbeprawM 
puk » thickly Mcaltcrod vitlj thu 4ro«ii fr^^m wUcb it donvea iU 
Damcb StOBm <f th««t aro r«due«d to u»ro loanj fn^^onti of 
traolub vtiM prt a vmcftlila upvct K» Ua pl^^c^ ll^c boiwo at 
tbetja3dWftTtart»ditwuioeo u |>Wrb]rtlioUto Sirljuiwlot SbodvoU, 
llw noe-dttiKaOor of EnglaDi Th« mot ia iMiuricablo for cnjuiy 
oUmt wioriatiopa tban tboa« wHli CbwW, 

Til* oU tuokft Ivre vn« caU*d Quocat HluttbotV* Thirj^ Aod from 
tJie rirtiririr of tbo meadoir ha^ aoetua admirablf caJculottd Eor a 
flbtuj oo a mod acaki The proiierty tMloc^ to tbo canooi of St. 
RkiTl haTtag baan gnntcd to tbam hj klog AtbelrtAii, but it vmm 
lanedtoQum£Uw>etb,aiidabegnu)Wbor tutoreatia it to Sir 
Fnatim ffahinghm aiMl bie bdnt Uvre, in IdO^ tbat vubUt 
vcwrticr Mit«rt«^kad UuK^iioanRbd ba^vbolo oouT^ivb«t« Ifuppoav 
tb«r«ouki dmik nuik and be vur? rural TTio Bari of Fwm mamod 
arTnudi^H dougbtcr, tJw widov of Sir Fhiiip Stdner, ead v«»Ulod 
b«« frwiMntly. No olbor ta%a tbiui Jacob Toaun afE«rwfttda bvod 
la Ibk fcouM, 10 vhJdi be built a gallAr, wherefn ha placed tba 
MTtnita of tbo iwtfDbon <jt the Kib-fcat Club, which bad been paibtod 
lor blm bj KiM^r. iLo mvfaboTtt <ii Om club wcra aUo tutAvtaitml 
berofreqotfutljb^ tbomuDific«fkt bookdellur, tbdreeorel^^ Gftrth 
wiM« tbe rerAW for the toaflUiigglasea of tbe dub^ wbu^ ao iJi«y 
m pworrod in bia woriti^ bare immnirtnTiTarl wnui of tho principiu 
beaaiiea of ilw comiMDocineut of tbo laat oeotw7 ; IMy Carbalc^ 
' rfin&K,Ladj Hyde, and Udjr WbartosL Tonaou'a gaUoiY waa 
\j paUod dd>WD ^Sp^ DutQj yean aea, nod pattly oiutfd to a 
, 00 ta to form a rioiiiK acbooL Utio pictum ware nmorol to 
OkfTof^tcnj, tbe a«at of n'OUam Bifeotv £i^. m«J Uertford. 

In Uecrgo tbo Sooooif a ticno^ IIvydoggDr. bb Buntav of tb« rareb^ f 
«!■ tbo Icmmti aod tba foUovmg whitxk of bia wu pUyod offou bia , 
vtTil iBA0tor> Tha btDg wo bim cotici^ that he woqU aap witb 

bmt too ffWKUD^ and that u» would corao from Itiohnooid hj wnt«r. 
It wu HijdMpf^ firofcwoiL to iDveut tictiU (unuccmcnta, and be 
Via fMlrad to nnpnae bJa Ad4)ee^ with a tpoctmea of bia utv Tbo 
k&^e ^lofidaoia, who w««a m tbo Hwntf contrived tbot h« ibould 


rat ftnirv tt ltam-i£La» befom odghtt Md It wm with diffiool^ tbtt 
ho found hu vftjr up tlio ar«tm« to th* hou». Wbou ho ciudo to th« 
door All vaadftilE; udbo bcgsuilolMUigrj thatlUydDggor Ao«dd 

^ be HO ill-propared for Ub rac^tion. BA^cuMar sullmd Uia kiitt to 
vest liiii BH^er, «ad ftffooUd to Da>k« aonw a ^ w i r d ftpolcwia*, v&d, 
ill tn iDflUnt^ ih$ boon ftnd 6T0&tajM mro m a bkzo of tight, *gmt 
Dumber of kmps haviji^ boeo so (Uflponod *« to comtDunkat* with 
. MU^ other, oAd to bo lit fet tbr> nmr inntaut Tbu kio^ hcutil j 

; bugh«d ftt tho duTio^ »nd wont awa/ much t^ooaed iritli lis 

k wUMrl&Uun^iDt, 

A47oiiU''g th« pork, and not &r from tho bouM, ia tbo fafvk sad 
bnn-r&rd of Wiuiaia Cobbott. Hero that extraofdinur mfto^ m 
inudi attacbjod to a^cnikut^ m t<i pditits, hi^ 4k «ort oF donucilo 
bod aJcofUQ^plooo i^mIo for bim m tho ferm-biuldiapy *nd used to 
oitrvoy hi* puuitinx uid plonchins m uudiiouilj wa tf tbcrv wrro no 
«QfTUptiOT» to rom up^ ftod no rank weed% to oitirptt^, in tho gn«t 

r OBt4Lt« of tb« ll*UofL> 

Oobhott'n fiirm-jiird utiU »tniLd« to remind you of bim, but th« 

hoUM irbidi Oowiej iohiitaaud luu long b««ii pullod dowD. From 

, wbat £ o«uld Idatd on tlic upot, »tul £t ir>« littk, it mmno to 

f itood OMF tho preumt stubb yirJ. 1'bu wolb of tbc old g&n 

itOl vatDfiOrVui old mulborry and othnr ^lit-tiwft bcsr tntll 

to th« oooumUod by w«altb/ £uaiUce foi tim. Tbo ^toeid^ tra 

now dispoMd is tbo ^bion of a cottfidomblo p&rk, with Ihcwt dd 

gferdoAB uid extoiuivo ebrubb^iios t/Ajoitdag. A ca^rrin^^nve of 

I ooattidcmblo cxtcut Ic*djt from tbo Bkruw road down to Uk« hviuo, 

I on 009 huid civittg EL Icrvol proflpoot ovor tbc tnoftdovmttjwtUltiuD- 

' iQarsEQitL, and on tho otbor bonudod vith tbo ttO bode1^ nnd IhicEk 

I ir«OB Dodeeiog thtf {ivlc, Tbo vholfv with ite ri<^ tDCAiduw luid, iW 

L^ld «bin And old gArdcniL and nhrtibbenaH of fin» vrioTgrDinu^ tx 

] dttoat too goodly fc>r our idoM of tbo fortmioa of ft poot, An^ 

.ipcuv truly vlUi U19 uiwUnof ABuvoMafid Imw^ut. 

' Tb« houji« of Cowlo^ at CborUoy vot retnaliiiL tbmiflih it hMl 

[ eoaudcTsblj' oJt«r^ : It u 4tin oiJIod tho Poi^h-boii^, b^tt tbo p 

, bw bc«u o^t uHiij' btxuutfo il pr^jtcUd into tbo vlreei. Orrr^ 

front ionr u* ttbUitrpf 0tone« bit into t^Mivid], on which UiniMribod 
' ft lino ttom ro[rt» slightly varied, — 

Hu gftfd«u ftod srotmdfl w«ro on tho level of tbi moftdo*a> w I 

fta tb« mcMlmii of Bnm-EluiM, IbiHie mcadowfi tio aJong tbo i 

\ yoD so from Weybridfa to 3L Amt'a-hiU, And ft plnuwnt h 

' rtuiii through thorn, Girting tbo Ardon. Ibo oonntry ftround n very 

' ftgropttikv mud tho ucvnioaa of dt. Aan^t^falU, with its hoftlbj;' Bida, 

[ mail uoblo xlovn Ht And vido^ 10 & greot ndvuitdgo. For ft buort tbit 

loT«d itoUtudo, then ncod biiVQ been no p1«aMuiter epot^ oApec^Uy 

«i Ibv littlv Utvtn uf CUvrtfloy coLild aflbrd idl cratura ovtoXoTte^ %ad 

tbo oocoiiotnd ch^i of tlie denuinan. tb« ^oetar, nad a madini 

&failj or two. But in CowhT'? time, bi^v couob deeper must bftvo 

bom thtt rvtirccneiit cJ uacb & jxrif^t hero i bow modi firlhor il 


wi« frcon London [ Now it ia only a few hoora' diatance b^ the 
South Western Bailirar ; thon^ it was ft journey — thej iook & nigbf B 
reat on the way I Hia letter to Sprat from this place giTM ua an odd 
idoft of bia er^oymeot of the place : — 

^ ib Db. Thoius Sf&at. 

" Ch*TtxT> M%y II, 1000. 
^Hu fint night that I canie hither, I caught bo groat a cold, with 
a deihixion of rlieum, as mode me keep my djamher ten daya ; and, 
two after, had such a bniiae on my ribfi with a fall, that 1 am yet 
nnabJe to more or turn myself in mv bed. This ia my personal for- 
tune here t« begin with. And besidesr I can ^t no money from my 
tenanta, and have my meadows eaten up every night by cattle put 
in by inj neighboura- What this signifies, or may come to in time, 
God knows ; if it be ominous, it can end in nothing leas than hanging. 
Another mufoituue hoa been, and atrangcr than all the resh, tjiat 
you have broke your word witn me, and &iled to come, even though 

ru told Mr, Boia you would This ia what thejr call Monstri timSe. 
do bope to recover my late hurt so far withm five or aiz days, 
though it be uncertain yet whether I shall ever recover it, aa to walk 
about again. And then, methinka, you and I, and the Ikan, mi^^t 
be reiT Tosrrj upon St^ Ann's-hilL You ml^t very conveniently 
come hither the way of Hampton Town, lying there one ni^t. 
I wnt« this in pain, and can say no more. Vcrbum tapUntV 

Foot Cowley did not long enjoy his rotreat here, if he did enjoy it 
at aU. Within two years he died at the Porch-house (In 1667), in 
the fbrty-ninth year of his age. He was buHed with great pomp in 
Wcstminater Abbey, near Chaucer and Bpeneer, 


pE&itAPB DO fDftn «iTrr FnhAbitAd more hiooaoi thaa oof etmI «fdo ^ 
pyel, jct Bowcoly OD* of thAV HOW nmuDft. Tl» greater Jiiut o* 
QUI rtoideuocB w«r* in Loodcn ; ujd fn Uu biuulred and miToiitj-tro 
jMn b£iio» his dMB&M, th6 vhiolft of tUs gjett motrnpMlfl hv oovo, 
•» it tmm, in ft fermnt of grovtli tad ejEt«»ion. Tu« gnat fl» of j 
Loudoa Bwqii wm%j wn fmuoiuo idub of the oM bDviaoi : inJ if v« 
look vonnilus,««Mfi biWTftf^f^wof thftunftinnt fnmnd toe 
vbioti th«upr«vai[od:io7 rcmuin. Again. Milton gea^rkUjcbo 
htfivKB, iTvaii in tb» city, with « vicv lo qujol mid iviinmont, H 
wnm, »av hill Ungraphmn, gon^nJly gMnlnn hmuiM, whnro ha mja_ 
tho adTHuUgva of ft oetiuii nvuoteoaaa from noiM^ nod of > Ap>j 
opcnnffW of spooo. Tbcoo Apacea tba pru^vw ot popubUoa^ 
flilod with diiM biiildlngn, iii thit mnmc of tha nmdion of • 
the dd ioliUf^ bouAiA liar« bueti piiUed doin- 

KUltOD, fti Ja v«U kiiovn^ ttum Ijoru in Bratd-ffirat« Obo*]Miltl^ at 
UkA AJgn of tbft Spjud Ekgli). Tha vjiRtd ca^ln wom the vraorul 
boftring of tbo fM^ily. His (aXhw vm an «tainctit scrivener, bviiif 
ftDd pnctiiiog tbfira at tha time of MUtoa'a births vbJoh tookj * 
on tha 9th Bfiemnber, IflOa Thia houM vwi dorinml in tba fi_ 
LoDdoo- During bia bojbood, vhich wan pwnd hen, Uiltco ^ 
«4it>e«t«d «i boma. in the fljvl liwtaiiiM, by a private tutot^ TliocUft' 
TottDg. This mwi Auhn^ nUi * a parit&n in Kasei, who cnita .' 



I Son." Toniw tvl BiflnmH f>firwri3fi<tn Tor hb rdigioiu fUth, 
ft M ittnMMd tw firoiD Itiin Miltoo itnbibod a ptrong tboUog for 
ij, aocf ft great predilectioQ tor tho doctrinosi wbKih m bahL He 
««■ urack attuiiwi to luni. ■« ha t«i»ti6ii>d hy hk ibujtik cl«^ ioid 
tvoliUiA opuUe& It WbecD nottrkcid, Uut howorcr mudoiEiltoD 
^^ brtvmvcd hr Uu priDctplM of lu* tutor, he DVTtr va» bj lOe 
cet of bur ; for, tuoogh ell tli* nlgn of t)t« Ro^icdhMdi^ b» p*^ 
emiod hU fiemw locbt After the pnTnle tutor wie fdimiiiMDd, ho 
to St. TkoTs Sdiooi l^ui eppcATB to lure boon in bift 
j<o*r. 1Ih«, too, b» Vttft ikvocuiU AohoUj^ Tbo tl»a 
iHAkmil^OU\u)d bla Mn wu the uAher, omI mcccoded 
Ufaer b tie flbhool With him MiHodi wt» oa tomitt of met 
jtad b<e loft ft iDOEaoriftl of hiu roffud in tkroe ta kie 
rroea thernlttioa of ktf oHgiDAJ bicp^pber, Aubrej, w« our wo 
tb« bojf MUloa goieif to uui fro bot^oon Bro»d-«tree4 uid ham uAioo^ 
ftiA or acAlDoe tUrvt of kaowMgo. tnd the novt extnoriimn 
oyloflliy. Ue rtudied viU) eioevtve vrldtt;, itgiaRUuft of hM 
ImiIiIi. tootmuiiig hM rcodiiw tin nudAJgbt, oo tbftt the KiiB«e of 
iM tutHTQ blind&cM ifl ofaTtoufl In bis biHj pmiofi to hl4<n. 
lobn^ BftTv, tbftt ** i^m Uiltoa vent to sobooC aul vhen b» v«> 
1«7 TMsngd^ be etodmi lovj bud, M»d eoto op vov; lelo> toatm^mfy 
I3I tveheoreoeo'olMk; m bie bthir oidend tbe m&id (o wit ap 
Jif him** HiateHj reeding vM in poaUodbooki. Ue oomfinns tbia 
-oii in hb 7ip^w» »vit*d!a on J^yufiis 4v. ^ em 
t<dtiacd bim to Ubcml eliiaf«i^ midn be eo eeceny 

I apuu, Uai from hb twelftb foer be Mulom ever retired max 
bk hpttk* Ut twL bvfora nsidnigbt ; uid tbit bSe ejee-ov^akllf week, 
Hm needed the finb teiieea «f their fkitiue miacbief TsM por- 
omn Um dttgei of Uii^ it oooU col arrcvt bi» ndonr of stwjr. 
tttfVpi bi* ftooluriiel Tbdt^ ftiUowci b/ bift daily oxat cM te ntider bie 
.Ima^toaiU&vTSBlotkUdpaiMiauebaed HlIll^>bnT 

UrviM% « printer, livkg tn Bned^rureei, aappUed bin, eougsl 
«lb«r book*, with Spoucr iod 8jrkeeAot^oI>a Dvtia, Bdeneef vm 
diRnfof inu tlM mteDBMt eDtbufliBsm^ lad k^ 
bi« be miater, 

T^dd. tbv foeenllf jadidoae biogm^bc^ of MiHoc, PptiBce hie 
ftAbar HT bie TUiotnxnicst in tbe edoeelion of ble boil Ibe fnU«r. 
vbv VM A wry npoior nmi, ud oepeoiiUj^ fond cf eud afcllM in 
■nwd-- «n)o«roti>b*T9Btono« aoea id bv eom Uio erldcooM 

flf fDi. ' netesiioo toiternjopnoriitiLtjof detdopaModl 

brt A E* -' r-« rx^reUed Uet bie &thedjr etx>otme«D«<)^ ^** ^^ 
eUended iHlb muev pnuUoco, ud tJial bo hod not, ineUed of oa> 
eeuvpuf the bettt of tkOiHiiniMj iitiidy,— tt4» dio«c piimicione tbAl 
ftiWoat on M mt^^reeLreiDod it Had bo doQ* tbu. tl» poet 
■rffitt bavn rvtiuiwl lite mjj^ md wb;i obeU oof nitb wbat fujiber 
edtealefe Vi Ih* vnrid ! 

At •ersntcao, Uiltoo eniered m a pendiMer •! Qiriflt Coll«^, 
t. _ 1. _■ I . ^^ ,^ tiKJid tv bo ft dwtto^cuEBbed oleeiffe) eobohri 

rvtiBijt k) ■■v<««l Uagmgoi. 

Bi. Hie 



MtacM fTMt fttUotloD, u well w bit vttrMs, boUi b Ea^u i 
l«t«a, Hh LfttiD elfgim, in hm oightAonili toot, lavo alwajft b 

with wond^ ; ood, indeod, in hU LAtinitT, both ui tomp 
lproML]forlup«notnodarQ writer ba«surpuaedUDi. Hampton, 

vrhoy ttiaoo tb« nriral of lctten^ wrote Ijttiii tctw* w^tEclli^ 
<dMAOO«. His extmonUntfy raertl uid ooqnlsltlODi IboDd, OreOB tte 
Autooriiioa of bui CoUcg«t ctAvnl AppUiiu*, apiW ol & dupomijoiii t^ 
aetveriij^ iadxtoed by hw «luidj oppoution to ^ccn in opiaiocit <aki 
a pbui of AcadirmunJ >ttidi«ii thou iuid«r dincnwoD- J 

Milton hM9t it ftppMfi« "n thit t«*t£tiioDr of Aubnft mxffkrocl •ii' 
indtgDtty from hu tutor, «high it v/aa not m his higli and iad«p«i»- 
dont zutuTO to o&dtira wtth UDpimitjr. Kc refen to Uw TatA Id bia 
fimt ologj. Uo nuution* thr«ata uid othor thb^ whi«b hk diapo- 
aitioa oould Dob tidenite ; that he wv abaeot lo a vttte of nutioatioD, 
and feJt do dcuro to rcTiitit tho rttctiy banka of tho Citm. Anbroy 

■tr\ Jrcrn tb« tnfE^rTiuLlictii of our mithorV brolbsr Chnittoplin-, that 
Milton'a Emt tut^r at CunbrLdgt wud Mr. Cliupi^ll, from wbom 

though li MMnocd aAititrt t1i4 rulou of tlio Coltc^ tj*n«fctrcd to tlio 
tuition of ono Mr, Tovell Thia iftfonaatioii Btiuidd in tbe MS. JFmil 
MhvtL Oirm- Ko. x. p^ iiL Wuton, remarking on t^ 6uA^ 
tJnat Milloa 'bAt«d tbo plioo. Ho wtn not onbr ofloodid 
Cotl«£0 disciplini^ bnt bod oTtn oodccitkI a diaiute fo Um 
tho eouDtrr— the ficlin about Cacohridn. Ho poeriaUf oon| 
tJuhl the fiddji bmiQ DO Hofl ahftdoa to aUnot tho Alvaoi, and Um 
aomtthiajT poiatod in hiN excJanaatioiL that Ckmbodgo ma a plaoal 
qaito iQoompatiblo with tiio TctariM or Phabu&'* 

It «M n<i vor^ Itle^lr th«t » jOuUi f^f pcrhau olghtMO, < 

writing tho obexes nod o|x*t1ctt in LaUn vbicn drew npoa 
maoh nottco, would aiibioit quiotlj to ao degrading a tn 

Thia trcatnoEtt, it aupurv froiu Wart^Q, who ooia^Ma ,^^ 

DaTerthei«as, at both Cambridgo luid Oilbrd, amongst the tutors^ 
that UoDO* But Milton Kpumcd it, na bccnmo hia greai apiiit 
noblo rifttqra, and wa« in oaQ»oqiiBaoe^ probftUj, nuCicalod Tor a 1 * 

Bui thia oooidnotharo been lon^DOt oouldit hAve boeof 

to tho wishaa of tbo JcPowa of hia Collon. The olfenoa wi ^ 
tlio tiiUir^ not itfaU^b Um bi^adi of tho Ci>11c^ in Ibe pocVa i 
In hs ApcHogjiM &neotjiDnui^ b* thanka an enomr for tfao * 
tiiniiyoiexpiwuDff huiffratefuJaoiiaeof tbokindncwiof tho f 
tu thntowonla: "l thftui liioi ; fovit hoUi givvn uu ftu opt o... 
to aoknowlodga poblioUjr, with all mlMx cibd. that mora 
ordioarj &Tour and roapeot which Ifannd abovo itaj of tnj tc 
a^ tIio haiMU of tbo»o courteous uid tcjuiied mon, tbo bfttovn uf 
Caliege wbcrein I apt^t somo ysan ; who at mj parting after t bad 11 
Ukch two dtmn, an the manner Ea, aigoified mkay waya how modij 
hoitur it vowd contcnit tliom if I would nUji aa bj mvtjkttoavf 
full of kindneas and briof reepoot both het^n thai Uma and \ 
afUr, [ waaaafured of thnrgMd^cdioo to ma." 
LiiaTtDg Ounbridgs^ UiHoa wvot to reside acme time at Oor 



■ Oolobrook* in BiKkiagbunahire. Uii h,thcr had ffitircd from 

cf lk£i lifo wia^ pnibafclj, Do« of tbo i&avt deUglitful poaricds of it* 
H* hid ftoriiiirDd creftt nfAitatioa ibr tftlout oocrieflLrQinf at OoUci^ i 

^ had Ulcva hut dorroe of MjL ; Ukd io tlii» ogrevablo ntirrtneot bo 

»flt o&lj indulffed biniselt «i hij teUa tm, in a dcco nnd Uicroujrh 
riliof of Uu Ontk md Latm uiUora, but^ probftbljr tboa ooot^tn- 
-teteg tu* visit io liilj. moiio kiocueU mutar of itA Uanuigie mid 
nil ■oitnintcd with its tjt«nturcb 1V> suiob perbotion did bo cfiiry 
ihtf acoompUiakOot, Uiai in tUly ho noit onlj ipoJio tho lAOgua^> 
■Lib p«r4>et flnviTiG;, but wrote la it k> m to ■vtf>nub Uw DKiab 
favnudd uttiTefl^ Fire 7«n be dvvutvU h> thteo obwcol cod modtni 
'i'rfiir. bat Dot to tbtao okuiet. Ue vi* beve actively at work in 
hjuig tha fouudAliMi ol thai groat |ioeliGAl tuaa ubiuti bv >Xl<«r- 
wdsaoUovcd. Bon in the ca^, be ooir made bioMolf tborougUy 
taiUir «]tb natonw Id Uu vooda aod pirb^ and on the plouonb 
Uhi «f tUa pliawint em&ly, he cn^ojol tb« purcvL dwU|bU uj v<ii»- 
loipfatioa «d of pr^Tj. Hero no J* mppoaed to mrt imbued 
UoMJlf with tbt ftUegoric rofunoo cf hb broorito SpmMor, and oko 
to bftfv vritUiQ bLd own ddijiiti^ Arcadt^ Ooniii^ b'AlUi^grOi 11 
f^nvpoac^ uul Lyciiu, U it & fact whioh bin biogn[ibQr« haro not 
wmmI Ia perairc, bot wbioh U tmUj ugnifiouit, tbet tbo TOry 
T*rfin titlm. L'AUegro hnd U F)uukto0o> of tbomMlrM ahnoot 
tlMdifr tb« prodorrtint* of thia^pmod uid pliion, whnf« ho wm biDix 
vitb tha |«^apftntksi for b» visit to lUly. Ttw couoty of Buoking- 
tei ij^werul ihraji to 1m from Ihb timo e jiutioikr (bvourne 
<tsb hnn ; 4nd na wocderj for zt is full of poAUod bAaiitj-^ obAandB 
1^ ifcoi* eokBiui ai»d tioodJAnd oboxoift which at bo wolcome to 
■ ttlDd fastmUng oter pocUcol nbiects, and flhunoio; aJl ttiin^ «od 
,&ftt dimtb. It aboundu, hmng ao lunr thn niatra|iolii^ rIki, 
MMocMiona of doop int«mi. 
fklMMut rotn3«t»' «a^ Todd, " exotl«d hia moat pootioal 
Mid h* bfci provod buBMl( tn bia pwturas of rani hU^ to 

_ irotfcvof aatuTOirhicti h« ooet«mp«4«d vHb deli|bt b 

te ttffigjibottffcood oT Hoif)!!, tJM Couiit«tti Dovagor of Deoty 
r^iJii ; and Ua Jbcado* wu porfonaod by h«r gruidchUdmi at 
thia aant. ciUad Ilar«6aM-plao& It BMBoe to me Ibat UUtMi in- 
uadodaoocnpUmeHtoh«fairoai£bbotird--fi)tfiiirahowi^--cn bis 

■Tmvinri ttfjnto^U llwn 
■^^^^ ttaaamti bih Id mn«4 umbp 

iraod]r«eaiiM7of IUr«ftild,&nd tho penoiul aoooaaplMimocLta 
tirt Oountada, are Qoi im&ir<niriibl6 to tbia cappoaitLoci ; wfaiob, U 
itUad, tmda to eoaHns the opinL^m tbat VMosXO and 11 Vcdoo- 
vm coaipoaad at H<'itoa. Vbt BJaMuo cf Cbnnu^ wd L^ddu, 
Atfiainl^ jffodaoed under tho roof of hia C^Umt." 
Tbft lifacUii of^iliaia poaiaa braatba the ap£rit of joulh, and of acacM 
ttalboMiawbidibanowdaiLframUea Tbtthor UAHoiE'o and 



II INumrow vcrti wrStton, an Sir TVilUam Jodm twnUpA^ li Poi 
him, bi Oxfordshire or h«[v, nwhl uijt b» mnch ocoUated. If 1 
vren writteo there, it muM hhve Wn muiy jreftn ftftvrwvds, j 
tu9 reiara fimn abrootL ^nd UUjt lua f;rDt (narriigo; for i^ n** i 
Fon«t-hlU thjkt b« found hia vifo. But fr>T the nuos Hriowt i 
for thai of their gMunl ^lit^ 1 iudloe to tUo bdiof tb»t Uwj « 
vritton *tHortoiii, oi there fa plect j of cndoDoo th«tOoa&iM< ~ * 
Aradce won. Thmu luttur poflnu omfloir with the in 
the leehiig of the old woodsd wwneij of Buokjagbanwli \t^ 

" Oomm. I knov 4Mb Um and tnn lOvr P>*K 
DlulB. Ar featEiT deU of ih>i vlld va«d. 

How fUU ol th« old p»Uir4l oounir; ue tiitfe lion !-^ 

Tha ri>]i1*4 IlAflkB p*an*d In IhtU *tfEL*it mU<, 
Oiuuiiif 4jf |tuiDnl »>d viih Ulan iiopc 

Cvual 111* nijtkl WAMtaaa l« bin r«^itb<rjr 4inin. 

laltib eiDH diufcon «f umuniDruui buuiilti." 

Ibon ifl no othor poot who haa Immtq ah]o to trami^ th« ' 
tpirit nt luluTA iatrt irord«, en it tJt <iorw In Ihi* foJloiring ]_ 
exoapt Shalupeere^ on vhoao tfoul imigett of rui4] boaat/eiui rtpoMt 
(oil with equal f^Iioilj of e£bot : — 

•■ TIlLi eWnLhi; Ul«| bf UWB tbc ohcvtni; flOObl 

Ufeil ii'an ibdir nipiHU Hit ■4*uu(7 b<r1i 

Of kbOl Ef*« 4*W H«pHBlk iDi] ^Cra Ln Md| 

1 ubt V* dvwD u vOcb upon * Uak 

Tlih ffiimilnit TionmuDkle. tad b(f th. 
Wfff»i tn k r1*blTia •■ «r makriebAlji 
To ovlLUit m)r runi mliumiir. 
Till Pinrr >4j hrvBl^ b»l **« ft«l«f. 

Eow extitiiiite le ever^ image of thin pMSoge >* 
'^ a4ti», auouii Vut, 

AnA «tn lb« ^tH, «« lU Ihm (dllut MM 
TU'tr t«ri4, viil Hn^rtwli *f > ITifHuuid buf*- 

<K i]ii(]'44 «n>] ■niniiiii wInAi, anil (iKhliu bn0k\ 
Oji«tioi« fiHh L4(i 111' I win auf iHrtlF-ltokli 

I7i«l 411 lh« crran luif lU^k Itta N}iil«il »Iut«i. 
AndpurpltAlJ Ut «rtmii4 vnbnnu] Aa/rwn^ 
Vtbu Uw enbo prlun^ UiM lgn«in dk>, 

Tlif wtiU« ptBlL ud IbA p*air IHtk'd with Jr^ 
Tb* flowlof tIoM. 

Ki iBiuft'nH^ «ad tbt nu^iiijnd voe«bln^ 
Lli «nn|1hB vua Ui«l toii ibe MMt*B iHod, 
AaA «rpfy ivitcr f bat Hi vntirAidfn vhti * 
BU AnuvOnt tflUt iMury «iv4. 
Afli danaluiM «ji itkrir «Dpi wift tfVK 
Toi«ro« tht Imuhi li«uM vhivtLriid UH'" 

A poirtf of poetic laiidMap^-puntiflg lil» thii, is ocilj tbe teenU 4 
gsdnudofplxmatniotod iu the school o( tkJtluro. Hut theUiuewe 
now oetam lot the eurraj of oUudt ukd nuro etrikuig i 



>tif ttwv««rllf>Aili toA^ paatorBl nplaadAcif Bnckin^hBoi, Th« 
^ • cf liUtiM ki lUly ta a lurM pottion of Uu Uk, uid uo doiiH 
%^pniKl inde ftddit «f poello Ltiia^iaMi«ci nod of utittjij aipsrioce* 
m hi* mukd- Uo Tmt«d KJeoy LaglKini, Km, Florvao«; kt th« 
tioolif oT wkicb Unt dty, fti Ibo rOlwe of B«iJogii&rdo, cv ^t Arootri, 
il H mf)t>Q<wd \hnX be pud hia visit Co Uttliko- Tbctuoo ho vtat oo 
I* Sioona oul lton« ; bo sAvvwaida prooMHkd to Mft|itM, mad wm 
JNiiytinc to vUit Sicilv aod AU)«d4 vbaa tbo news of Uw mrola^ 
luMiy toabJai in Ka^lftiud rotcbed htnk, cod Cttuood bim to roUfc* 
tii>al«p« lli^ugb Borne aodFtoi«no«s wbeooo bv rmtod Ii<i«<% Mid 
irMwnx: U>e ApenftlaM to Bolga^ Fsrrin. nad Tumoo, h« tben 
%r*^Tf' boci«vird« hf VerooA, UiUa^ A&d tiouj^ iht l&ico Locuq to 
OvoTB, and mo on Uin^o^ Fmoov. 

In oT«rr olt7 of IUIt he vtt oonLiallj uid honounbW rocoived bj 
& B>OAt dJtftiugiiiBbod pm»» or the tge, u>d sUidiod tho works of 
lb* ara^t ttuuiUi*, in both pdctios *^ ooulptar^ vHh mn offtci 
«Uob ii b«b«ved lo 1>e tfppuvnt ia fau cnat «otk, l^ndioQ Lcat 
lbs Mcrifiot vbi«b lio m^ to tho sp£it of patHotfsoi hj tbio 
ntenu b cJoqiusotlj •dv«rt«d to by WArtott " lie govc up*" bo 
iwuibi, " tbon ooanlrio& ooonootod vitb h» fiaor fodiugB, iDbtr- 
vorao witit bift poftk»l ioeoi^ uid impraaed upoo bis inu^o&tiDD 
br bi«liobilaof reodinidWid bjkiiuaod wtuiMto ccoTtraowith tb* 
MdiD lltMiitutv. ButaopnviUfilwtMbi)iMlnoiicttt«cl;tn«QlA, 
fSak, kowiiig In IXaly oftbo oomtDODcOODont of tbo cfttimil qu&rrel, 
iaaU«4 of furoooedite fbrward to fout Ua bscj inth tbo oootoo^il^ 
lk« of ioeoMa ftinillftr to Thcooiitiu aod Hom«T. the flrtt of Btnii 
nd tW portioce of PericieB, he i^TupUj obtnged bfa co1Ira^ sad 
fartilj rrtaroBd bimicv to plsftd the gbom of idea] libcrlj> Ttrl ita 
KbAo OQM3B of oQotTOTvny, uaidA cikdliBfl diapulM cooocratof rtU- 
pool vd poUtiAl rafomaUoii, iodepoDdntcy, pnlo^^ Uthee^ toler- 
MkOf kmI tTnoar, ho mudoUhub Met^a tolATo IiMTod a aigb fur 
iba pw BOO hi I «4c9tMnte of WtUted oolitud^ Utr Mo oodqmiU 
pmuHiL and tbo »or« ouU «ad laooouoos oienuttt of tho Mooo." 
Bafc tfaon^ bo nu^t tA^ fbr tboocv ho nenn' miflbred them to 
dimw Ub iNldo fnm tho p«1h of vhat h« deemed the moot eoored 
d«Lj, boAb towudo Ood ^od toaa ; be eaoriCoed Doi oo!^ bin 
ihwii 0^ Twllu deewpy rt|pcoA> uid of beUorvd moo* but Iw ««0 
irilffnf tA rkk lb* ubUmnMit of vhit hn «dniiSd#ra<d — end vbiob 
w^UmaDr vroted lo bt^— the crowmng mtI of hb elor^jd rame, tlie 
wvRte of Kie ffnaht tfio^ lie hul oopcotTod, oo be XdU ue lijunlf, 
!!■ MffEw of blA l^mulihi Ixut : an tbjd kit pbUML bin bopo of 
tasMrtftlitj ; lut orei tiut hci herokeUj rtooKed to pootpono till 
la bod o"<vi htk orniotij lOMoed frun iker op o rc wi o n ^ oud fueoed ob 
e 6rai pvcmd flf friwdaciL Tha tKMiuiltUN or lifn mltbt bATA robbod 
biuk SM UiiO world fvr over of tko prtipjecUd vorL ; but ho vofttumd 
efl (wT lb* mM ouw of bio oomtTj oad of roftii, ijid vw nverdod, 
A j4ii«7 (m bwn rvfiMiMUv tobl tf tbo eoowioc nf Ualtori'A lUdiea 
)oo»er, end tiuj gtfienkllf Mkvod, wfak^ Todd Iua abowo to bo 
an Ao in the nrvikcc in «■ Po^Uca de U4rguJrUe Eiwoon; CloUM«. 
lUjJobOtU Sanrilb,ftki»t« PmnfftiMdoxv.8i*o]«v" cf aooUitf 

poot & ho'i^^ <[«) tbrl«ii4r0t ou4!Ur njrooiiu in ^ tfa« (wtioobn. 
«£O0pt tlmt Iho Upcbm w«ro oo foot. Tbift Uil^iL iModod do oKb I 
ranuntic inoo^v« to hii Italko tour b •etf^rsdcGt^ ImriiiK 4 nft- 
Gii>nt one la ha cUMrical uui poetic tuUn; but «■ it ftjiMtnd to 1 
a iicwBHpcr, and obtftiiied ^nonl cimloaca, i% euaj &« wc«tlij 
ttKiuoribiof. ] 

*' It is iroll known thitt in th« blooia cr youtii, ftfid wlieci hml 

eucnl lib iitudii9 &t Cbutbrkl^o, lliis pctft wfts tttlnans^ V -->^*-i J 
il«nns on(^ dn^, ciiiriag the aumtner, hr boyood tha pn 
tbo Uui^vr^ity. ioW tho c^nntrv, bi> beCAm« »o Wtod a£d _, 
thAlh rwjliiiuiK biumjlf kb tLu fvub <ir a trvo to rMt, b« Ul j 
Bafon bo wolcQ. tvD ladim, vbo w«ro faroignen, pwcd lo > « 
Dgx«eab]^utonii^»dattholovoUnonofhijiiqTpaumno^tb^i ^ 
Slid huTiii); tuli&iivd hiiu, an Uiu^ lliiJu)|;Ut, uuf^nninl, furi 
time, tbfi TOTiDfcit, who wur very banibM^o, drew « p«ncd] fro 
p^frt, hid bnvinjf writton notno llnofl upon ft Jpiooc of |ttp«r. w 
witbbur tiYmbliiij; bujii xuU> Umvivii; imuicdMLeljr aAumiuiU^ 
procMded od i^oir jounusy. Soma of hji aoquftiotKiioea vbo wera'^ 
Uk March of bim bod obionrod tbu lilent odwotun^ but at i<iu 
gnst A rLE»Unoc to dlsooror that tbo Jiighly-f^voiiivd piitjr Lu tt ««a j 
Otir iihiitrioiTK poet Approftobin^ DMnr, tbor (olw Uuir 
to vbota, beanic Hwakrncdt tbor menticcied mat bad 
MUtoa aliened tb« j-iapvf, and with auipruo road thoat 
Oiuuini, Mfidrigid xir nd, IfiSA : 

' Oocht ilclle dqtUIL 
Hijilitn da mM aulf 
B« cUui B'ueeUrtB^ 

** ' Yv uT'^fs J'V buumu hUivI yo Hutljure ut my liveUuni 
li thuH, wnon ibut, ya wound ni(!> what muirt h«vo provud V 
•Kitioboa bod TO U^ open I ' Ea^r from this ttomoot to ; 
lUr ffcwnUff, killon trarersixl, hu% i\\ vi»iii, Uifou^b oftty 
July, nia poetio ferrotir bcciUD<£ irtooieaxiUy mom and mora 
by tho iiu which bo bad fonood of Uu onniowa »diaifvr ; 
U in «u(u« dagm to i^ tbat bka owu tlmaai tb* ofasccil tin 
the Ut<at poatflrity, rouat GseL thamaelrai indabtea for Mvand 
mofit imtiAMoaod and chftroiiiif onapositiona of tho Pu«diat 

N^w, to My iMtbii^ of ibo iDcoharonoe of tbia aioryr-^ 
t^iiMitiDciB that DatanOy auggnt themadTe^ of hov thciw 
men, too Inr oS* to n»ogQuo their oompmuan aa tbo ohjvet 
flattonng attention, could know Ui4t tho ladln worv tOnf\^i 
thjit tha ODn who wrote th« P^P^'' wan the yovuMvi, uid waa 
budiome,— it ia evidoitp that had a young Qmiab found bi 
ftwaJdng, Dow-a-daya, undar a tn>«, with a paper of ItalUn rvam bl 
hfa hudb ojxkI liiA conirjui«a rwdy vith a vtrtry of % oonpb of bWiUtiful 
yOUDg ladio^ Ganignom, tnTcUiag in n mrnanv and tboyOM^evrt *bO 
Haa Tory band«oim«^ putting th» pAjJo-7 into hu litanil, ho would v«i7 

luUtnilLj hHVf>r]Mm«H himnAlf the Hi]h>ct of amoai polp^ik ~~~~ 

Vot tbu world, in a uiiDpUr age, oot only gtavdy rooiittd 
aamUv^ a« a ibct, but Anna SowArd did it mto nna. 



B«tan>ed froip Itolj, not from tb« tuki quest afUf ati imo^inuj 
uid ronnaui*! lur <mt% bot villi hia Euiid atorvd with knoivlodg« mud 
poctk iaittgcrr, vbicb h« hftd jnrf puracud in Tain, Mittoti took up hk 
MtidwM la LotidoD, m order to bo rwdyt u cc^L^ioEi prcseiitod 
ilaal^ to mrTu Kin oottntnr. H* bad no Luigvr tho mdacononC to 
ramra to Ilortoo. lie had awn lau motbar Uid in the RnvB Wete 
bv wtot : lui £ftlbor hod probably quitud Uorton when the dril urar 
bruko oat, &cril b*t«k«o tucM^If t<> tbv iwc^tjof Roodib^ a fortified 
tomi ; far <m tlie Niurofidor of that towa to the FmtI of Bwei, la 
1643^ U» old lUD CACM) up to London tc h» m<ti, with whom he 
ooDrtinuoil to r««iilv till hii dmtli^ n^ut f<>nr ^rnam iv/t<in>aitl«. 

Dnriiig tlie fire jecn sputt bv Milton ftt llorton, botwocn tearing 
Qmtmn and Mrntng oot oa ow trftvebi, ho did not o&tirftl^ huir 
UcrMfttf tbttm 14 hicoEvkiaiJ book* *t»<l jwotio miMLiiga in Uuwooib 
■od fieldjL Uo bad oooMilonnl lodging in London, In order to oiilti- 
mo amna for whidh bo had Bmj< a gTMt pMnoa, to prooeouto 
Ui ioatb*ix»li«f^ to pro«Qr« book*, to «moj tho Hooiotj of bia 
fricEkdi^ UDOttgaL whooi were manj of hm old o>l1o» iriondi^ wad, no 
donbt^ to i«rrcct binuclf to tp(«kiiu{ tho FnncD and It^Jiaa bin- 

|pi i|^—, vhjch It ia not to ho turipoMj ho criuU do ot Hotton. Now, 

oowQTOrj dMiy tut well m inabcation fixed him alniuAt whoUy Co 
Laoikn. Orr*t emiti won tmatfAnioL artd he fait a. jtcntunon 

tfaoi bo xnuxt boor bi« iiori in thiwi. liitm *-»« i^rid cifL-tiuBtuico 

which drew him for 4imilc from the EDotrop'>Iid, and il wm this. Ha 
beouao AttMbod to & Toong Udj in OxIoTdAbiTc, and m tuppOMd to 
boTw rnado tuRio oboJo in tfao rihtcn of bo« rMidonoo. *Tbo tfftdl- 
tko.** B»^ Todd, "tlut he did revide ftl tbU boftutlfhl village of 
Forat-lul, M«f tttiotoror, u gsnend, tbougb none of bis bio^[ibota 
— jrt. tho elrBomitano<L M&doiBo da Boongo, in h*r cntortftitUfig 
'Letter* coaeorning EagUod,* ^ rebteti tliat, 'vtailing in Juno, 
17AQ, BlfOiilkdlUti and Udj.ftt their houMnnu-Sbotovcr-hiUftbej 
■fcoWvd ii>ef from b onuU omli^DcOr Jf -V'^'' //w, to vhich 1 bowed 
widi oU the retecMOs witli which thu |Toet'H tueiuor^ tnfptne luo^' " 
A«d tb* aaiM writer ^uot^i tUia iatvr««A.u3g ftooauntl of the Jilao* 
oKil qrenfrtoneo froin a loturr of Sir WiUiMn Jmioo \ "The noooo* 
^r; trouble of oorrecting the first priotod di««ta of m; hiMorj^ 
pnFmt«d mo to-4kj from V^P'^ ^ proper r«Bp«ot to the memorj of 
Bhftkvpowo, b7 ftttODdin^ bi« jubUo*. Itut 1 n^olvod to do eUI th« 
hoDoar in my pawer to m ^mlft poet, end net out in thn nomin^;, 
Ui oocBpuiy wfth m rri«iMl, to TxAt ft puoe where Uilton «pont nome 
wt o# oio Ulo, ^ad wbero, in oU probobilttf, be OMopooed iMV«tol of 
hji »rH'iT. r>-,T-r»uIitnn«. It lA A wM^ villftflO OR A plepatat hiU, 
>! ' Uford. cftU^I Kvnv^t-hJll, booaueo It fonoerl/ 

U . , - . . .nno% tt-hicb too ninoo booG cvi down. The 

poet oiuwv tiin pleoe of rrtiTir*mimt after hi* finit muri*^, >rid bo 
dMOdbM the bcAuUee of ttiis ret»at In tfaet tiat^ p(UH*eB of hk 

% hjjf > rB» ■^Mi Oft itQlick* fivoji,-* 
trUt uia pWubwn^ mm ■< hud. 



And Ibt BiUtiEiaH vlb|^h liEltbCi 
Ai>lTv«*;rr fliCfliirall IcUk bta IaIh 

UhdBt iLi bftvtkvrn is Uv 4«W- 
Wbtfn tLv HilibUit llHkt do icrar; 

UuuhULpw, 4n wttVH tfr m htti 

Elbiillbw biExiki. tn4 nrtn latM : 

tttii by. ft omacp ctumii'T tnnAx 
Vnm bdvUi iw jucd o«k*,' etc 

* It TBS DoCtJior i^ proper aiouoii of the y^^^i V/or iica« of I 
dl^, to bear all the niwi tvouuda* aud aed «U too ocuecrU UMat 
in tko dcocriptioii ; but, by n plvikalug ccncurrestoe of cir 
VD won fi«]uUil OD our nppi-ouch to thd viQA^ «iUi Ui« eqv 
tho mowuruiii bia dojtbo ; we kbit th« obvghcuAn ict^ot i 
Iftbour, tad tbo imilmtAid rvtunun^ frotn Qor ooontiy cmjp' 

" A« wo oACdukd tlio LiU, tbu v&tivtj oj beuiufkil ob, 
acrec«ble ^fUlkeHs and uattual Kimplicitj of ibo wboie mMOo^t 
uo higheutt pluiuicrn, ^V'c a; IiTTigth mcLicd tbo >poi vh«aoo J _ 
uoJoiXtodly UukuKTft uflua iuiu^v*; iLiaou Uic lop of • liiQ. I 
vJiioh then u a mo«t dtewuvQ proApeot on qH Mt^ Ibo diM 
EaouatuuBi th^t laumed to sapport tho oloiuU; Uko nlls^ 
turruts^ pu(U/ nbrouiied in li^v uf Ihu Guwl i-cnlunh uJil p« 
nuAoi obon thn £^rovp.A timt aurrounded th^im ; tha dwc plAinn i 
TnftKlowMr of ft grti/iehcotouT, vboro tho AhMp voro foodlng ^%]argai 
iu «Lcjrl, th<T vifiw of the fttmuiiH niid rivera, ocu^viaovJ ub ibal 1 ' 
mtk not « hingln imrloMi of idlii irord in iha UHnr^-tMintioa 
■oriptioa, but Uuit it wta a luoat txact aod hr^j ropmcnt 
utturo^ Thua will this fliio patt^, «hich bu (Iwaya boto 
for ibi fib^UKo, rflcciT« iw AdditioDAl boAUty from ita m 
After w» fa«d w^U(«d, with » luad of poeticU oqUuibuw, owl 
«aduui£od ground, wo retunwd to tho vl]Jag& 

** Th« po«t*> hoiuw w« ehw« tA th* cbuidi ; tbft groftUMt 
HbubAonpiiUoddown; ftftid vhat rsiBAms beloitfa to u i , 
fhrm. 1 UQ iofbnnod that «ev«nl ptpcira, in Uilloii'o om biodt] 
■i*ro fouDd bj tbu 0uitl*iiuui wbo wiu hut in poaiHMUfXi of tboj 
cAt«t<L Tbe tradition of bia bavitgj hv«d then tH cuirapt _ .. 
tha TUb|;«r« ; ooo of tbtrm shovrod dm «t niinautf wkU Uut 
vart of hi« ohatDbar, uul 1 wui touch plsftsed with aootbor, «vho L 
rorgcittea tho mmo of Miltou, but rMiollwtod turn hj tho tUb 
17iD ^oaU 

** It iuu*t not bo otoitt*!, Uwt tho btovob n«ar Ibis tQIaa i 
ivmooA for ntihtiEii'aleo, which on) so ehfg&Dtly deooited in ' 
I'biuoraMi. Moutof tho oottngo wiD<I<rWAan!over]^wu «iLh«« 
brtottt, viDD*, ind hoao7attokl«« ; ukd llul Uillou'i babiUituu 
tho «uao rustic oniaiuutit, no mftj coucludo from bia doiKnptioQ< 
tho luk bidding bim good tconow : — 

or (bs tiiU£4< ef lAndn -.' 



' it in vrUpttii tiiai bo mcaai a j»ori of honmucUo br Uw criau' 

tki6 ; tbotxfji tbftt word h ccmntoflilf uved for tLo twecUamr, wiudi 
he oootd not aentiofi twice id Uie una ccuplnt, 

" If vTcr 1 jm&m » iDocitb or «> wvcLn «t OxfV>n] m th^ uu&oicr, 
I flbiU be LtkCUDed to Mro luid ivpur tbia Ti;:tcnibl« oaraion, ud to 
oftkA m fitftiiAl for ft cirdo of fiiioidi i& boaour of Mittoti, tho tooot 
p«riEect MlMkrafl iroU u Uu fiubliiiftoab pi>«t tlul our oouiiU^ evmr 
IwodooedL Bmh tax liooourwil] be Icmn iploiulid, but more unooc^ 
tad wpertflil, Uua all tho pomp uid cvtmoQif on Uio tuika of 
tiia Avon.'* 

niA Sir WBUun idj^ b^ awL probftl^Lr ima* miAtokcn m mp- 
M&n^tlMi tbe Jkllegtv WW wnitcQ at Fonst-hill, t thutk ix ikppt^ 
mtD Uw cbuQiatcr of thbi poem nod of tbo PotMOiooOj irbJ&h bo*r. 
to 8», widtol marks of a m«» ];outhfQl laom ibu the Cotniu «nd 
the LjodaA. Tlitj' dettl more to mer^ dtaaiptioc, oad, «h&t i» 
tnon^ Ibe poofc bitoaelf pkood thom in hia on^m^} rDhimo, prioT to 
thoMt poonu, u if vriitAQ pnor. Tba ioiwft quoted bj SirWilliuo 
wiU iPP^f to ft tbonaud other loeiuB in Kigbod, and vbere MiJUo 
hJiMdf naTCT vftB. lliej uo mcb *■ ft thoiaoDd LiQ-top* ic our 
bwd t tftal piiloml kod cftQ sd>oir ua. Iliej mey be fbuud equillj in 
Us flUtHT kftooU tn DackinghmiMhin. Korertiioleu^ Shotover is 
not tba faaft tiktereatUADor do the McdiM Ibo leoo applj to ii Tbcrn 
MilUa uDdMbUdlj aid «alk sod muac^ 

■nd hmr tho ploufduBao'ft vlll■^^ the miUEmftUTi ftODKi "id tbe 
mowvr'ft Eiogici^ "^ihe, md reet hia eje on i1« budscftpe^ tintod toA 
Tvied m ho dbacnbee i^ ThcTQ ho mw the dtotftsb momtoixui of 
WftlM* iDd the ehapbtfdt u^or the bftvUionw down in tiw dabft 
boliyv bias «ftch *t<£bg hb lalft:* that j^ not Idling & stonr to 
■oeoe oiuv cr aukiDS ^t«, but "toUiiif the t4do," or DUinbor of ha 
Oftdt bfTofn pniDlDfc thfiCQ to the iU]At> or loUiDje thaia loow in 

ThfttUUfoQ Irvod ftitForoai-USBOmo tuno^tbcTDia nodonfaii but 
vbn, lad horn kauE. »d bov ofteci, an podnta that dow caoDDt bo 
vaty ««11 (Am^ vpi* £«t ViUiam Jcoea ropreoests faim to ha^o 
CMOoD (hi* rctireiaent ofter hi* Orot marriBgo. Kow Uiltoii vna 
not aianiad btfora IM3, at vhicU time ho vaa iu hi8 thirt^-fiflh 
JMT Bui Ooeitw ftDd I^vckUa rren WTTtU<a loti^ before, a&d oo 
tto doubt «cro L'AUcf^TD nod 11 PonMrooo. Uoeclj, in his Addreaa 
to the fittder, io Uie volume of UHtom'a pooioa '■™**™i*'g all thoM 
MMB% publiahcd iu IH6, tdb us Ihftt theae poema w«n nMmn to 
(o wdttoo, «od tlttt bo wlkitcd thctn W acootapaAjr tj«tdM o&d 
OoaoM ; ft^ Uiltoo, la pr a m ctJog tbia volume to h» (Kcnd Bottae, 
MLjftpkinljUultiiftjKwetiiiapQrodootioaflc^ hia oariy joutb }-* 

ft hmtM 

iad mm 

Tliui »cti1cA iha quoitloa of tbc IooaUuq of Uw jmma ; bui Utf 

Jucfition of nli^ij, luid kav Loof. ftud how Cifl«0 SiUdm mndad ^ 
'onuit-Hill, BtiU ranainn, Tkit ae did not rotido Uiero loo^ mm- 
dicie/y after bin iQnrrlftifcs In Tuy dotTj Ooiq tho nUMtcvnt of li&i 
nophov aiijl biotrrap^jur, Philliwu "About Whitminlidtf, or 
§tUt, bft tcok a iouraoj/ into llie oouiitry ; oobodr about him * 
Ululy kfioviuf ttio rciiM>ii, or that It wu moro Uuui a Joujnej 
racraatioD^ Aftor a montU'i Htay, homo he retnrrit a rnafrjad mi 
thftt went oat a bhohDior ; hta wif« 'btang SIftrj, th« nHrirf daqriii . 
of Mr liiobftrd Powell, than a Jiisttov of poasc at /WMfi/, near &ai- 
ovnr, irj Oifonkhira." This aooount is oonfirm*! br Atithonv Wood^,, 
who J^tot that Uilton oourtod, raarriod, and brougat hia wito to li^ 
boiisa Is htmdao, In ouo uiontba tima. 

Sbo va> v«r}' youaft and kad bLvri Ai7iou«toiDid to a g>y 
According to Anbmj, *^Aha ma brought up and brvd vhfire 
was a emt doal of oom]>aiiy ood mintocnt, a« dautto^ A«. 
whoa flDQ caia« to Ure wiUi h«r htinband, aha found it aoUf 
oompiDj ooming to bor ; and aha often heard her uefibttva ' 
b* bMtiiL Tbu hSo VM irkaotQC to hor» tad no she vmt 
parantiL* PhQItM awra that ah* waa avwaa to th* philoao^ 
of iflltCD, Uid aijp«d for the tnaih and jomlncaa to vhicb 
baau aocLUitom«d id Oxfordahir«. It vaa a graat Dontaka ait 
UiltCQ waa now a mui of a aobor of^ t bo waa jot but a 
EDaotor, though ha bfld ft Ivgoaad faandtoma houMiQ 
atnct ID a ganlea* This wm aeoeesirj Tor the acoom 
kh pupila, w vet) na for hli own qoiot ttfcodj. But It mui 
bean immeLLauly dull to a younj; ^rl who, from all tlio g^'^l 
otD get of har, was. tkough perhapti haodHoma aad fwlKkaUi3ig> 
ordlmuj Dflturv, aod ooc who had been odocolad to frirohty tad 
meto eqjofiaeat of tho l^hionablagmutJea of lifioi. What vait morc^ 
the renr work on whiob MUton waa avdovalr oii^ftg«d,-'ibu defuoa 
of the AirlJAiueQtary cauoa aiul the defcai of the looglT^viaa |h 
poiacD to U«r and berfamilj.— alLhixh Itcja]tst& "H^r rotate 
Bqra PhiUipo, "being ^Lorally addut^d to Lho Cavatiar porlj, 
aouo of tbem pomoUy engigod ia the kin^a aornoo, who ai 
Udh had bis bead-quart«ra at OxCard. ftnd was b «oin« pnM| 
tuooem, tbof bmu to repeat tbem of baTiog matched tfa« 
daughter of thelkAiljr to a person ao oodtrajy to then In o| 
ftcd thought it would be a idot in tbelr eecutcheoti. wheoever 
efenta would come to flonriab acabL* 

Tbaaa oiratuaatanooa, cwmtitig t ogether, indtiood hl« jouug wifb 
to dceert MHtoo. Sh« aaked leaTOk mr a week, to p> hocoe wd aee 
herpare&ta; hCib the mr^ntinietitaacfthuJxaQdnkuifdly laboorids 
at hi« Jfnp^itic^ or dpoevb for the Liberty of Unlioooacid Priathi^ 
oiie of the nobleat wortta \a our la&fua^ Hia wife had gone honMb 
at the innt4Uon of her fnenda. to Bp«nd the reouumn; part of the 
aumiaer with thedn ; and her buaWud gavo ber tcavo to sUy UU 
**'^^)ntf*'mf^ Uicbaedmu camo, but no wifo^ He eent fo* ber, aod 
t eiie nhiMd to ooma. He wot JelUir afUr letter ; tbcoe reniaiiwd 
uimm wered. Ho despatched a iQcoseagor Uj bdng hor hotne ; the 



jn WNO g ar wta diBtstSMd from bor fother** houM with cootorupt. 
> ndB nbOv«d b«a spirit, Mid ha raoolrcd to rcpudiato L«r. To jwftifjr 
klhtt bold tUi^lMiMiUaiibsd four tMttJiflMOQdiroruQ: TlitDoctHoo 
' ifid DiMf pUM of JXtoto* ; Tho Judgment of Martin Buocr con- 
[ omnJiiff Divoteo t hi* fbmtna THiveAoni^ or Etpoaltlouii tibon tho 
r Srar cli«*r pSioeA of Seriptcjo vblob ti«&t of Murriage. or NuUitiu 
of U&rriBpe ; uid Q^iMUntm. It ia probftble tbi^t tli« lanix and ho- 
f lH«iiidEi vouM bfeTo thfttikcd liim for ibo divorce, had tbo vorlJ gotio 
LmU with iboED ; but tb« poUiloal *ceBd was qovt fast ohftoj^nz. The 
[ti^ powor vu vuitn^; tbo Fcivr«Utt mno getUojf into troublo^or 
(Lw itapproiiobiAg, from tLoIr Active ptftUipcbtioQ id tbe rojnkl 
t vu tlw rttf van thai thoj froro Ukelj to need ia wo oomJng etorm ; 
Ttad with lriMw«ridlf polu^tlwj forgot ontboirpHdoabdifiauhsj 
J wevQ wiltixig to fomt ui« oflmidcd hutbukd'^ pubbc oipoaon of hU 
tmW» ooududt tiulhii ftCtivo meuuroa tor itpudjfttion ; and & plan 
Twaa laid ^r totddn; hint- Tho tdot «•■ tluik UUtoa vna ucoim- 
[jkoaaod to visit • ralaUTio in &L MartioVle-Graad ; Aod bor^ as it 
I bocn ccocertffd oa hor part, Lv vaa aatjn&fiheu to 006 b» wife 
w fhuD aootliiar QpartiDcutT aud falUof on htr knee* boCoro bun, 
[ fbrpvtfikMi for bar cooduct. Af^r aoma natural afltodtiahnkoott 
I ftoine nlaotuioe ou tin part to a reooccUifttioD, ha »t loogth gatv 
*mj to b«r team ; aoi forgnvo uid cmbvftood hor. 

TnnHiNr. taJilUhiolaLt.nJioledeUfTil, 
Nov u bit £kI tuhmU^e hi ^Uni,'* 

It lua beco mppotfed that tha iupriMioik zoada upoo hiif iBugiiia- 
tlm tod bU ImOig^ 00 thia ooeanon, oontribotad do UttU to his 
. dMcrlptkon of tli« aoMi* m Pbiadiio Loati in wliioh Rvo iJchf— Pa 
' to Adim for pardoQ aad poao& 

I ovruint^ UiltoD, on thia oocmIoo, dispU^d no llttla magn^ 
ilnitj abd nobilitj of <Jurutor. Ui« d<mi«irti( pcot^o uid rvputa- 
IMS had boon most lofnonnleaKl^ attAckoni, jret, wji Ftutf^n, " aflar 
' imiBtoa, ao ftr ma he from ratolning an aokiud moTuor7 (>f tho 
vooatioaA vhkfa ho h^d racoivMl &om hor iU oonduct. that vbon 
' kiflg'a cauM wan antiraljr oppr«Ba«d, a&d hor father, nho had 
' actira ttt bla hv^tj, was npoaecl to aeguostreUoUt MiltoD 
vad lK4h him afid hia funily to pro>1««tjon tavi frao Mit«rtiun- 
, in bia cva hooae, till b«i a&iia wore aoootooMdatMl bj bia 
m vhb tbo rIcurioQs bctioQ." Hio old ^tbor-tn-law bud to 
hr for hU Bttaohjoeut to tbo rojal oouaei. Ho vaa piitiliolj mi- 
aa a dclirtqiiont. and finod 676/. 1 ii. 3d ; baaidoa tlial bia 
41 »oi«id by tht Ptrlianiovtuy partjr. 
mvM ba agn«abla if frtnn thk Ilitio m could find dat* for 
batiariDS tiat tfao ntonind wife aiul her Maoda ahowod a soceroua 
MOM of tho klDdnoaa of tha poot But V9 ctxmoU Ailor th« roj^l 
ponar vaa raa ft o r a d , and Milton wac in dAogar and din^rnofs w* hear 
at 00 pnTtaotioa aSbrdod by thctn to him 1 no protaotiof roof ex- 
tnibdl DO oopotaoanco tvmt to tho daiiKb^rn, ihcir oiothar pow 
hatag mmL Of thoM dvight^m, odc die<1 oariy. hAviog soaniMl 

ft miwtvr lynitrUr ; on* (3U4 AiOfila ; and tbo lh(id Biftivf*d ft i 
ID SfiiUlfiuMav It abouU ba r«ou)oeted that all three daogjbUnil 
Tivoa their Iktbcr a»weU m mother, jot it dooa not appearj 
thcgr nw«iv«fl ttia alightci^t DotUo <ir MmitJMXtM fn>tn thoir wmj 
relattoQv of Shotover. Yet hia thinl iku^leTp Debonlif had 
luodof itfUidftDiaiiajr re0p«cta,vdLdef£rvedit, lahebiiedf 
vgtft <]f MT«mty-*ix. Thifl ifl thu daughtar Ihftt unftd to md i 
Uihfr, taid WW veil knowu to BicWdi«ak and Frofei 
K voaMJi of A verj culUvaUd TiTnT*ritiin^infc Kod ooi 
tiMDiu»& Sha wttA neaoroiijdj pktavnlvod by AiU£md, uad hj I 
CLroliue, *arbo eeut h«r & preecot of flflj inUneaa, £bo h»d 
Bonannd three <kughten^ of vhomC&lubuid EUnbethU9 
bored. CoLub <;iaiyTtit<d to F<<rt Soiut Qt^ini^, nbcrc, porhA|ii^ ba | 
BLlMb^. tfao ymoifcefrt d^ujibtcr, marriod ThomaA Foater, & « ^ 
ifl BpiUlfield^ 15 her mothisr ba^ douo before hor, &tid b*d 
obtb&en, who all died young. 6hoiawdd toharobccn ApUJii,*e 
wooQftn, und kept & p«ttr itrooeys or duuidl«/ft flhop^ hnst ftt ] 
Holtowky, aod afterwanU «t Cock-kue^ nmt Sbor«diicAt c^ — * 
April, ITCO, Oomwi WM utcd Cor hc» benefit : Dootor- Jo 
wrote tbo proloKUA, nra, " 8ho ha^l so Uttl« ioquaiDtttaeo wltb 4 
a>oa or guet^tbat ubo did not koo^r vbU was f&t«odMI 
beuottt waa ofihrod hor." The profita of tbo pcrforzmUKio ^ 
67i, the exottam bedng dednctw, altbou^^h Dr. Mi>irtoEi coat 
hrgidjr uia Jwioh TonMa gvre SQ£ On this trifling &ugiDe 
Iv tbvir muall atook, alio uud her bu»b&uJ teiaorcd to labjQgftMii^ 
where they bath soon di«d. 

SncH ui the hurtory of Uittooi*! poMtority. 

FroiQ tbii mdancboly rtvlttw of hi* dpm«sUc bI«torY| lot as 1 
rMurn to bin homoa in txmdaa aflisr bis ratitm from lUly. lie 1 
back with great totentiorw, but to the humblo oof Ufftboa of a 1 
uuuiter : and bora we cjicotu>t«r one of tbo tooat dlagrftoHbl j 
of c>iiiokliiig orer hut lowly ihtA to bo found m that most diMgn 
lifo ofouT met poet and patriot, by Dr. Jobnaon. Tlialiifvii 
Pooti, by /ohosoDv in tb» A^grccate, do hJm do credit Id 1 
tiM«aiTLC«^ni.tboyareextrimc^daEdecit: but the warped 1 
jndionl Biiirit ki which tbey an vrittan dottfoy* tbflin m n 
On HUtofi'H taeedt hovertr, Johnson pound alL the toJubm 
reil«Hed bii& Snob a picMi of writb^ upon tba matMi ep>e , . 
as well as one of tbo most lULi^trioua [4itriots 1^ tbo Din<ni, ia 
natfobol ioHult of the groteott lied. Take tbia ods paanga 
a vpMTimoD of tlw whole. " Lot not out reaomlion for lUlten ft 
UavM to look with somo docroa of mommODt on great . 
aJ^ atuall perfortaaDcea i od tSanan who hut«Qaho£te becMiaeJ 
ooaotrymen are contending for tboJr Hbtrt^, and, when bo 
the aoeiko of action^ vaftours awa^ bia patnottAm id a prrrate I 
■ebooL** lltB \ivn(pt is as blae aa it ia Diabajoua. JliltOD i 
procDiae to Qome hooia and put bkuaolf &t the bead of : 
waste<L Hif know when bta atitngth hty, aod he oauM to 1 
aod dtd MM It, iDoM oUiictuaUy. He dSd iwt any, «1 will be 1 
Cromw*]J,**b«ithobMaBDetbo&ottwell6f thopoD. Iti 

Ipocnv— Oat helud do iaicrTBt or cvtmciiccw to phe* 

bEsi Ic Ui« freot rutxs of Mtion,— th&t b« showed xhe ^rcaitiem of hk 
ivsglrr, iik hiflting to tliu eotne of uuDtoalt uul EtttAiliug rvtdy to 

Vrieo fludi opp-^rtuiitT ao ahould otTr^, to »trjka fcr hia t^^Ufitrj Add 

for liberty- lie ^Jcnn-ii Xa do hi# dut^ in U;o jr>j«t atriftv whataTcr 
mf^ht bo the port to ciMtld giiu to jilaj ; »ad hitd be only »jjtc«rDly 

dlP>d to do ihmit bod luud nob yirt dD<iic it for »&ut of opi^ortuuitjrp 

b« would siitl ha*re bc<n wortbj of nrWM for hu Uiukblo dotiro. 

Of ill th* TBiioius r««id«noM of UQtou m LodJod, u I b&T9 r»- 
iBtfkod, 9mKtij oco btt« «9capod tho ntTocni of t1i« firv, ud Uw 
ptpgrtw of Ua|ii<oT«aaaQt wd popnktion- Th« habit whi«h ho b»d ' 
of MiKtiDg kotiM* tftindiiw in gudeuB, on account of tboir qniot- 
DMO, hM mors tbui uurtbi'iig obo toodcd W oworp them mwa^. 
TboM plftM «« pcpULtBtfoQ uicTiwvd, woi« Dtturall^ cTowdodi ftod 
the dflt«duo howco piiUed down to oiako wnv for rvgnlftr atract^ 

Uin Hibi lodruig w» m 8t. Bride's CUuruhykrJ, Flwt-slivott ou his 
nttin} frocn luh'. Here Ilo bofsn «ditcatinf bin t^o ncphciw:^, John 
Ukd Edvvd t^lipi. Of this lod^g notoing nr>w rvnti^inK Tbc 
lMiuft<y »s £ Loara fnva «o old titd mat immctablu iuhabibuil of SL 
Btidoo mriidi, wbo livM in tbo Chj^ircbyvd. and vfir7 utmr tho ipot, 
WM on Iho kn hnnd^ w jou proceed towards Flcet^trcet through 
iIm Bvmu^ It waa ft raj vmoO ivDetncbt, ver^ dd, Biitl was Vmnil 
down oa the 24th of NorambvTt 1824, at which time it wim oixupied 
bs ft hididronar* It was—* proof of lis ag«^-wi^hout party naUo^ 
and moch didognoil Tbo baok put of tbo f^c^ OlEov dcjw (Jccuis^Da 

IluM lod|iiip were too smaU, aud bo took a gardcD-hoiiao in 
AUvrw&t^Hfliwt, BituAtod at tbo «ud of an cotn-^ that h4 imghi 
avoid Utc ixasa aiid dtfttnrbax>oa in tka etreetv To Lia nirphcwf, ha 
h«ra addad a law mon> pupd^^ Um ouqa of bis meet intim&te friand& 
TUa ho<uM i*«a kT^« aud ottmuwdiouiL aObrdiag nioin Ibr biv UbraJj 
and fuaituta. lloro be ootomenicod bia earecr of pure authonhi^^ 
—all ko did faanng miblic roJbna and iniprotetauot fot its object. 
E«ro be wrote, u & fiUuig oouiuicnoenioat, a ttmUie Of Bcfommuoi^ 
to la^t tbo rurttans agMnat the BiBhoiia, aa b* deamed the IHiritana ' 
difickiii u» baming for th» ddenoo cS iLia ^mi pvitaciplBi they ver9 ' 
ftnotandiag Jbr. 'Aat Milton woold turn out a atom lefurtucr <£ \ 
Cfcurcii ontten^ niifbt be d^arl j aeon from n pasMffo in Lia I^clda^ 
writtcQ before ho waa tviTutj^utcje vcan old. In tuft bft fa aud oven 
to BUtJcigiate ths cjccutioo of Lmmmi. 'The paaiago ia outiouA i — 

'■ A»v viU «uU t hvtB tHrvd lior tbc*. fooDf ivtla, 
CMh «aa laiAittr, Abi (41111 tp kpio HkcibJdt 

liaa tttwiVHJUiiDir U tM' '- -" -i i<t» 

t^kd ii<**ilIh I iliii tiuiT- . < 'W how 1o boid 

WMl fwkB n avD I WbM DHd Qtfj I Tbrf Wt tpc4 ; 
44id *ti*ii tWr lf*i. A«lr l#a*B*dnB4lir Hiu» 

00 UTLTiiar. 

Hut. r«>n:ii vhh ylnA mttint^ nnk mbt t%iif4nr*t 

iltA •iMttmii. nhd foil! cdotaiion otmAi 
UvvkdffB ahiL fltfl ||r^"> Ti-Lf IFh pri*r(«* 

Utt^ be next wrote hia trvftlbe. Of Pruvtlod i 
of Uu SoioctT&UkMLTuir Affuiut Xrclkl]E&br>]> Uthdr ; towi, B 
dumb QornrDOMat, urffw igalotit PraUoy. In thin wodc liA i 

to hift reul«fm bia pu£» for a ffreat poom, — the l^radiso Loitt- ^ 

oaly wftS dofoma till tho ajrocacy wLldi tbi« tJiB^fl dvcModwl i 
bim abould b« cLompltiUd. 

It Toa ia tbia Uoluo, ou tbv iLpprotkCb of the tmcpa or Priate ', 
Ruport Uk tUe oapUftJ, in IG4i; AooTk aftor th« bkttU ol Bdi|^iLiIL ttai 
HUtoQ ploixJ iu inm^iutiou, if not iu tMHufd ink, hi^ proodJjrcUypt- j 
ootory Bonnet ;-- 

IMckI of boi^9Uf Jill F)ifv f*rf ^Lmh. 

IU fan niiiiltv (lirr. fur li^ Itnu^r* Ifitcbuiaa 
TlL*1iuIl tttne otianrli fi'MEo wli» (tn«i. 

ll^ftlvrvTeLliqDi th« ■■](■'■ Jirlfitil (Lrtt* Htmt, 
Lift nnl il,j ■?•«» miritliitl rh« Uovt' Uttrvrt 

Tliff tml J^ituiUlUb ?rpnc|iKt-[ii b|i] iptn 

Th* lutaio of ^IndiTiii, vticn (finiiJ* ami ttf*M 

Wvnr la uia iin>miit i imi 'ha ir^Mvd ui 
Of wl ICWein't pHi ]ii4 (Iw powtr 

Tq bn Ui' Athenian wAilt tnm lum ban.* 

Ilu ncKt r«moir« w» to « houie in thtt Bftrbiovit now aIm, vLtbooi 
r cUnibt^ rfin<n-oJ : tUta WM a Iuvpt bouJHv lor it vn* Tirmriirjr to 
Mocmitiodato lint oqIt hu wifl^ but hor family. 

Vrocu lb» Barbioui iamittd tho firat ToLumo of lii« pOiOMv inclnifinc 
Comu*, LycHltf, L' Allegro^ [1 Pnueraao, &a: & ■tnuwo Pudmhu^ v 
it Dov aooiiu to ua. In 1<547, bin aamvroiin iiuunt«s Enriojt ^f^ b>i>^ 
bt otMo mni^i tiilUtil, to uoo tbn koolI olil 3«do<i Ivrta, mto a <m«lbr 
boiuM iu Holbarnr opening badtvard* into Linco^'a Inn Ki«Ui; 
ibis hoii«o irill nov bo sought in vim. llirro hfl pnblubod, in ItVK 

hl« b^lcl Toiiiirn of Kiop sod U^iftntfls to irhidi ho Tindicotod 

wtut th« PiLrliiLoi^nt hu dono in 164S,in tbo ojEtculiou of tbe king; 
tbb wtu roZlottod hy w)mo oUior politic&I ptcnahlrU. Am bo had 
iQAido hifooolf ft rnvKfld ouq b«for<\ \)iim »pan tirfccvoa ol tht rail 
deoquUlioQ boand htm up ot oooo with tbu mouuro4 of tbo mkng 
govornmant. fiooh a ohanifoon ivu n^t to bo ovorkfofcod; Mid §t^ 
oordingly, Lsuo^dbtoly nftonf^Tdis ko vdm ioTiUd by tho (%>isiot] of 
Sbito, without any oxpocULiou or aoUdttttion on his part, lo boooiM 
LtUn Sasrotarj ; m tboy had reaolroi coithcr to whto to o< ' 
ahroAd^ DOT to ruoeWe un^irDnt fmtu any, Gic«pt ia tbal ~ 
which wu oinnmon to tbom d!^ Thus, without sarauLxiooa 
tjoll,AllylUtto^iM^oroonlpm^li•c of bit dignity «niimtogTitT,hi 
•t«iidily adrftuovd to Ihab pout in which bo oould oflbotuuly i 
bi* country. Uo wait boro not moroly tho AooroUry, be 

diunpioo of tbo government ; uid icoordingly tba Aau 

AUrihiitod to Kiug ClwrlcB Liio«olft w«a or^lervO 1^ htm to ha* 



, -wliioh Misirer vu hu XtcM^tMtt, or ibe Imag^bnato. 
ITben cuno b«m grtat DoCeooa of tbt Pttot^a of KagEaDd^ AffDlost 
'" 'mMJiii. ^nikwioric vui«<«iT«dr bothathoiiii.AftndftbT^4fwiUi 
» gntUifc eiait«iiMtitt ftbuBOf md appjaoi^ w t&o diffi»T«ai partial 
• >JtetiJ i tX Bftdd uMt TbxiJotuo, It mn bTirnt ; ftt homo, Hilton 
h ooioplimcDtfld 00 Uh perforfDftiioi^ of bh iuk, bj tha vUttj* or 
rbfibitioiM of aU tho foivini inuiitfton m LoaAm ; his ovq fDvcm* 
Ibiot muDtod him with m tboujMuid poimda, u & twcjmonv 
lof tiiav i^ifWDlMtipua of Iho lOftnnor in vhioli b« bail ao^ttad 
If; tad er^n fjuMO CbriBtinA of Sivedon, tho |«ttoix of 
bIqi^ coutd Doi Afoki bppliutiUt^ it> and Aoon «l^ dKfl(Inl»c^d 
luu from her miiri Ico wor£ iUeir, ftivl tho oA^tsit it pro- 
, vo md to hftTe «hort«Q«il tbe bib of ScUn^oaaiu^ who diod 
Dt'tWo jcor* KllcrwdtL without bnvipg fliiiahcd hLi rcplji upon 
rhiob bo w» labouTin)^ 
On huo^ noftdo Lalin Socr^tary, Uiltou quitted Uolboro, and took 
UodfiDgi In dpotkod-ynnl, ticttr WUtvbaU. Hons ho lo«tbia mfAnL 
iwom; vkd hia own fanltfa bains imrurvd, bu tvmrtiyd tn & m»ro 
|lii7 ifbnttoa ; thftt k, into ono of bis favountv ^fLrdvu houEMw, situ- 

mPtrk, in wkkli he oooti nuod till witbin ft Ibw wMkfl of th« R«it«ro< 
ptioiL InlhtabouBoaoiiioof thugroa1«<tdoffnofltio woDtBpf biaVfe 
od. Ucn bo toot the outiro ubo of his ova ; lib haft tye 
J bocnnM ipdto dulc In 1661,— tbo ^ar io which be puUishod 
\ Ztafliyrfj P^ipdii;— tbo MOODd Ln 1603. HU eoomioA tHui»pb«d in 
I biniilnioi u a judnouat ftoru Hoftvea upon im wiiUi^ ugidnet 
kiha fciiss : ho miIt r«fui«d bjr ufeins tbtfro, if it wok o jndfiiiant 
tjDMfi him to boo ait mo, what aon of judgmotit wia that upon tba 
f-klog; whk^ oc«t hJm m bead 1 utd bj adding thnt b« bad dumty 
I «&oiich to foT^tw tliam. W« bava itoin that bo Taiil tho ftoiin^lAtion 
|of tbndopnrai<a b bUTOUth^byunramitt^dand Ducturuftl htud; ; 
Ivu^ wbcD wiitiw Ibo Dvfuooa of tho Poople, tho ptijiniduuB ilii- 
raoiuood to hkn that he iniifft daiiMi ^r looo hi« Aiglit : ho believed 
^bia dtuiU teqoirad him to go 01^ and ho wont 01^ knowing iho Bflcriico 

In ibis boiMO faa hwt, too, bin drat wifi^ titry PowiIL ; thdr 
itet moa WM dead, bat sbo left him thioo dftUB^tvrSr ^^^ ^°^T 
Iddldnn tfami auxvirod hun. Ha aTltirwarda iiiarriii?d dLberiua, 
Uhodaia^torof Oapluo VVoodoodk, of Hodcney, vho diod inohild* 
Ubed wiuln 4 jcar of th«ir luamago. Of the bo»\tttfkil cbAmotor 
[of tfai* pxiwlkut wtinm, he baa kft ua Uua twUuivt^, bia twoutj- 
ad tooDot: — 

- ilfia«i«ai I M* «y ifttc «ip0i]iri mint 
knafM 10 D*i Kkfl llcHllt tn>m [bt n«*v« 

t Jt^Vk itml fqfi Id aa cl*d huttunA f 4f«, 

. M vtoOL THhhl Crom ipal tfeoUabtA Mini, 

L«tfloa in It* Aid Uv dhi ■AT*. 
Aai ibA M jM »H mon ImctUhtt* 
rasi ilfbi or b« >■ bMv«a «lrbm raitmnl, 
C^Vta Tfat«l Ol In TUU, *ir« t* Kctf mmd r 
Hu »M n fkoaa, fvt. u by fuB«*a ftlK^I. 

C«t^ awBrlnH*. nfidMit, la tin ftnen tftbH 
to f^$^^r. b LtL iiH? htM *|lb uiTTt drlUtit. 

I vifctfd, tlid 0<4. sad dAj bmxffai bKk mr oA^iL'' 

B«r» Wli&n WToi« hia Soootfd Dvfuooa of ihtt PoopJo 
■Ibtitik IwiU fn » boo^ cdlled /i«<i So^iomu dioaor «Ja>4a 
pamtidM Jajr/MMor ; writtca bv ono Peter du Af ouUo^ 
IMMudiuj of CkiitfTrbtirv ; witL otlwr tJiiii^ iJi IIm Buao 

TN17. Aa bo w&K iiotv bfiniL he had the exocllcnt Ai^drev 

aA wntda^ ** if tio Iia4 fiiU iiM of kb ojo*. IJo |iuUi»bMl 
OtU Pbwer in ExlmioBiical Dnss^ uid Tlie Umu of R._ 
HireUnga oat of Unt Church ; coUcctod th« OiifltDAl L«tM« ^^ 
lW>cra addreuvd to Olivor OrtiiuweU ooacvming the Alfiiin of Qml 
firiteiiwfrciia 1649 to 16fi6kvith other thb^ 

TbU mcmor&Uo diroUiDg ui jmt lUjadiDg. It no bngor opou ii 
Sc. Jiuiies** Park, Tko ODcdtait fraat in now lt« boek, kod otorf 

tiie liDO old but hoiu«-aurroiiaded sw^dwi of Jenmr Bi 

tiio top of thitt uid«Dt troDt b » stono, bokriDE ufs huori;.. 
" Saojiid to Miwo:<, tuk riu?Eciii ur Pvrm-* TUh n v cil*ood 
by Jerenij Benthftm. ftnd WiUiftzu HttUit rentod the iiouao 
joftn, purely beoauao it wu« Mitbon'a Jl«othAifi, ivh«ci bt 
ducttDg pfioplfl rniuid tiin ^pinJcii, luwd to miJto thorn 
c1i3«Ti on tlufir kiif>o9 to toil holUt^. Tha homn is IaC acd 
ftad hu nothing stnldng ftbout it. No doubt, rvheu it 
fic, Juoctfl'H Fu-k. tt vu plomnnt ; now it fronU Jnto Avt> 
which rann in a <liriw7ti tlnf^ frOTn tha w««t «n(1 of W««tmiiint4ir 
h IN numW 19, ouJ iA occupied bj a ouUor. Tbs bftc^ iU 
front, 1* cJcocd iD bv A vml^ Ictiviiw tmt m wj borrair « 
Abo^w this wftlL M alr«ad7 mEiV ft look* into the plMMnt 
the kto vecer^b philoctc^er. 

But tbe time of the tUBtomtioo wu iqiprofechini;, uid 
bf^gtto til n>lnuw bin nlnp* (A«itnl« Oi« dty^ br BOTLdi tK« nmiio 
mgtt •« he had left it, AfUr Meoretii^ hnuolf b &itbo 
oloM tin tba Btorm had blown ovvr, um hb rardco waa idgno^ 
QOOO Morw b^nLr ft >i'>itw in Hi^lhi^ni, riwur UAd-l^n-PiiiUb ; ■ 
tbesM Tomoved to Jowia-^lTeetT Mta Aldon^ftte. All tbcBW , 
luvo bwD rebuilt, mkI no bouio of llOton m now to b» foiibd 
Ibo** Iblchly-popiilnlrtd partn, PaopU hnvo oSlMt woixbrtd nhf' 
Milton kl«>j-A ahowed auch ft prelStf«Doe for tho city, Tbcve mn 
tnanj^ rcftMrjs- In the first plabci he wn* bom and ^rouchc aptOl 
hid Mi'Kittf^nlli jmtr So it : tha iMinclfttioru of youth term •inog 
tUnoUocu. In Iho mcodiI oa Dr, JohnBou ooiuddiAteLy telb o^ 
AUingito-tftreet and th« fik« wore oot theo bo mucb out of ttat 
«otM m ikow, BMtidM) thiit ftft«r tb» BntM^lion, it wooJd b« &« 
non ■fpwtbLc to Uiltoti to be «t locne dbUnoe Jrcva the Wast^aod 
vhm cftVBljtn and couruon wen now flBuntdcg with nevij-Terirc^ 
iBiHibnoo t oad wHhing but (ftuntn, Lrtftilt^i, ukd tbo bouii^ d 
stnngo Ami inoi4 odioua dois^ could bftvo tw«it«d hioD. Ber* 
Hiltoo maffk^ hb third and laat wjfa^ Bimteth Mrnwhnll, of ft good 



lim^vo mtuh40r l^ab bo wUbed to )o«to b«rftU tbAt vu kflhita 
of hit propertj- 

¥nm Jairi&'«treeL ho mode his Iiwt rtmorvL u to htfl Lotidon 
raaidciKiii^ into Aftilkrj-vBlk, Bufthilt-AddB, BaxilLiU-fi«tda -wm, 
pfobablj, iu thoM ibn, open, uui ftiry, ^uad quiet ; mi proMnt^ vitii 
thv eioe|iiioia of th» Aftilkrjr-graaiul iUelf, uid th« thicklr-popiLUtod 
bodat-fnvDdi vbi«li oaoluD* ib* boi>«i of Bunjui aod Do Fo<v tbq 
«liol« of tiiat nn^bourbood » ooTcred with » doDM mftM of modora 
booMt. AitUkcnr-wftli, Buih£U-fidd^ £■ no loogor to bo fouiid. Tba 

P»iw*r approM tL*i jou Mt, oroti fco tbo eimuo, >» ArtiUnr^-plain, 

BonbiU-rov, wbicb is mmiy o row of iww bousus btijuinuig tbo 
ArtiUnj-fTMi&d, ftod a new choioh wfaicb b&!< bcflu crcctod in tiuil 
bttf^^oraoAV^rftaddifigf olrco^vtUl coUod ButibiU-raw, Btaidcoaa 
Alt of Lopcv hit l^vabMO oT Trcu UdlgioD, Ueruur, nod Sohunn, 
lUcfmtkD^ ukd vbit best mcAiu may A# bm A^inif IJa jF*vwfA qt 
P^p^ffi Km Fuaitar Lntt^n in IaIiij ; *nil » Iraitnbtti^n of • I^Ua 
Dtdmtioii of tbd Poks tn farour of Jobn III., their hordo lov^- 
napi thr two lut publiibod in Uio lovt rcAr of bin lifo ; hui rot- 
dcnoa ia BaubiU<fi»Id* tnm vtmAt rcoisrkablo bj Lbo piibb««taon «! 
hadlao l^ot, hndita Begu>e4 «id Soidmiii AgomiEitM. Uo left, 
tBoraoTer, is "*n"r*fr*. a Brief M'wUity of BCtusory. and of ctber 

loM ICDOVn O0ig B tck«^TOg «ftlt«vd M Riud* A* BkT •• Ofttfaoj, 

vbkb «M poUiBhod in iSai, sod bia Sntcm of Tboologj, vbidi 
WI0 long Biippoaod to bftTO porinhad, but bu btcQ recorerod uiJ 
pwblhhrd of bto jcoAt cDUch to tbo «ewid«l of lbo ortliodoi. 

Hutf to the kct did thin vonderiul num lira Mid Ubour, There 
ia Kuuthiog nngilorlj iDterMtiug and icapraMTo in our idc« of 
Um. ttft bo cabalr wtftd bio kltof d*^ in hio r^inH babitfttion in 
BsPUiUl-liAlda. Heoftd ouUiTod tbo srcnt btUlc cf kitig and pcoplo, 
la vUoh extnioxdiniirj men and m utfttorditiUT cvoiita bad uiMTii, 
oftd Ahakea tbo vbftlc eiTiliBo] worid, GbulooIq1Ut)d,mt)clbinkftbrd, 
had UlCD ia Ibeir blood -. the monorohx nod lbo cburcb bod fUlflO. 
Ffm, Hasntdcn, Uut«U» Vuac^ and tb« dictator Cromwdl, bad not 

QMJ poUod dovB tbo grwtast tbrooo in Europo, bot bid uftdo all 

ottMS »eni to reel bj tbo torrific prtcodent* All tbeve sUra 
■pM^ vith the gcDermli Inrton, nomjun, Lonbcrt, Fleetwood, mad 
ihtar fXimp«eri^ who had ria« from tho |waplB io A>bb for tbo 
peopl^ wura 0>cm like tbo icton in «n awful trujodj who bwl 
pliV<» t^vfr rUB. SoiDehMlpariibediii tbDirUoodyOthonliadbiNa 
lorn freda tbe£r fl7»T<a< ; lbo taovutrchj and tbo cboreb. tbo p0M«^ 
SDd tU lbo old pncUoett uid mntDCLV, wen a^n in tbo «aoODdanL 
ud bad taken bloodr TeMianoo: jot tlua cno man, be who bod 
OMiiicd aud oppUododL who bid deJ«ndod *od nado gloriooa tbiOT^ 
hia afequatioe aod hiaWmin;, tt^e vbolo lepuUicau cujm, waa left 
Krtoacbad. Ai if aocae eoFvdai ipjiudhmabfp of ProTidonoe had 
iUoldad biaa, or aa U tho tor? fo<« who puUod tbo drc*dod Croiswoll 
from bia grave, firared itio improcatioo* of po«l«nty« awl abnntk 
frem tbo touch of that n^r^ hr«d,r-tbDn nt the nbJiina old man 
at bia dooTt foalt&g whh fnwf ul «q^07xaabt iho eenul annahia* £Ui 



00 Urn. Tbcrc ha sat, croot botvoio, cnlin, and tnuUiiK ta 
Pathor <f miLntmil. Ho hilfl lirvid «vffn 1^ ft061 ih«t Ti ^ 

tAstk of pocilo glorj ; the rmton of Panuliv Lost puacd heTmv InQ 
and liAil bo«ai wag forth in tho loc^t majratio itniu* Uul had «*w 
EOoJv okwtJroLl fcho Rnglivh tonfnu. Hit tnuct in Prorideiic* haA 
bocu juatitbd ; he hod nrved hu co^intty, »ad bad jot not latinal 
hu ImmortolitT. Tiio grvat and tha vim oahu frooa avcrf jpuMV 
to ooDvenM vjih tim; and tho rondorfiil pMM^M Uttwogb wulolbi 
uid lim nation had lived, wcra food for the mutuigi of uo kofiil 
<1M or tba moat sohUrr mrimf^ntii* 

liany hivo th^u^ht iLut llioaa iiivImicIioIt Jinoi in SaaoNV 
AgO£tiatc«i, commcQaicg-* 

*'0 lat* of tl^l I of ibcc 1 mul «En|it&1u.* 

won bia ovn vr^tohed oo^LUtttiiuiv But Milton* uuUka iwmvoo, in^ 
no wook BodTJcUoDB trota tho path of bin grukt duty io muVact 
himaalf with ; and far Ukulitr ir«r« it tliat tna irfao1« apoatrocdit t< 
Usht, apok^Q i£L Im ovQ chomctvr la Iha ^aicg of tba tbtrd book 
of Pbrodioo Loat, vmt tbo luoro uauiJ czpreauoD of bis £»uliii:|ii *- 

And r«l [lir •or'nn, tiui limp l but tbov 
af rlilf tl iiDl theH tfttt (hat nil In taJii 

To and mr pititf inf m. khi3 On' Tift^tmi: 

r»M I la vinder «ht*iv Ihc M ii»n h^ant 
Hrtir i;iiinf> flr ihul; tvtTi-, or ianftj hilJ. 

T^t. Mqd. at\i fh* nnwiy bFftrifca tetlfWh. 
Thki W4tli fiiy hMtrma iVtr. aod v«litlri| flov, 

Thni^ ^^l^^r iwo (qtiAlTil with lo" In flilVk 
Bawiin t B^EiftiiHi mm Eh«m larvnowa, 
Itt'-nH T1tAn>)-rU«ndMlnd MvontdM, 
AikI TmatH md fblitviut, prvphiLA cT4: 
TTifn UtH CB ihouftkU, th«c rdiurirv^ irmrt 
lUiButhnta oumttriB -. u inw vjL'£l;1 Wni 
Sfnr^dirlL^nff^iiDd, in abudjirt farm bid, 

duuU in tbo YiiTV UiAfc HicbArduQ bia« E^^^^ ^''^ of him _ 

dncUninjE dtjv :— ** An uicieot olarrniAA of DorscUhir*, Dr. Wri^ti 
found John Milton in a small ctiaaibor bunff with ni«tj Kfv<*ii 
ailUng in au ulbow ohur, uud drvniKl noatly ta uUck ; pale, but not 
(ada\Yrr'^nfl : hiii hiindii and Hngi^ra goutj, tbd «itb <balk ^Umm, Uj 
iiaed aluo t<t flit in > gray, coimw doth ooat, it tla door of hia ~ 
in BunhiU'OeldA, in warm vvany wofttbtrr, to enjoj tho frtv^ air: 
BOrBnwellaeinbtaroom.raceiTvd tho vJaiFa of people of diiitJngiiUM 
puta aa well aa Quality. 

nera i> in epiaodo in thi^ tikttfr life of Uilioa wbicb wo arc maili 
aoqtiuiit«d irrth hy Thfuniu F^lvrhul t.hrt QiiAk'rr, and which 
■ooaothingTOT plwiug t&d pioturaaquo about it* U ia that of hii 
abod* at ChalRi&t St. GUfM> m Buckiaghanuihlr& Qwood, who 

ihfi tan of k rr>Tirilty jtmtSon nf p**^-*. "** ^^a amougut tha 

ccQvvrrta to f^UAkerism, and haa len ua a taoot coiinu and amuann 
autolaograplij. In thta ho tcHa ua that^ whiLo UUtoo lirod 



Jqwi a > rtr tflt bi «ui ititroduoeil to faim m • nuAer, \ho r«eot&praf« 
!• QiTooil bcJDS th&l of dcrtTiiitf Uie BdmiU^ o^ ft liHUr lu]r>v* 
lodge <ft th» dMus, u>d of the K>nAfn prominoUtion cf Litin. A 
gzM r<0Uil ■ptrang «n brtvMo IfUlon and hu nailer, who wu 
A uMb not «(iljr of sreat into^tj of tnuud, but of m i^iuiul bautour 
and a potikal nyrtc. On thr tir.iAkiiv out of the pla^iM in LondoOt 
Milto&j vbo VM tbra Lnng in BuQhUI>1I«ldft, wrat« Ui Elwood, wbo 
bod fottod Ki wjluiD in tho httuae of Ac ofQuont Oaokor at Cbotroiit, 
t4> croom bita & bdgicji tboro. Rt did eo ; but bfrfotr 91ilt<m 
eooM t*k« foiwoo of hifl oomitiy retreat, E]w«h1, witli iiuubvra 
of oib«i QqA&on^ vw barriod off U> A^Wnborr gnoL The pon»»- 
cotkn ct that «cct RbMidin^ for ftvbUo. KIitcchI, on bi« libmtion, 
Mid MUtoai a mit^A&d rccuTttd th« MS. of P&redi«o I^oot tn t«ki> 
booka wmI r«*d- WHb tbiit, Bt-irood bad tba miiso to ba gT*ot]f 
Afi^hU noil, iQ ixituniing tt, nid, " Thou bast MJd m griMt doU 
npoo PandiM IavJ.- wIiaI hurt Ihon to «7 upon i'ora^lwr htmdf^ 
llQlati uma nilnit a motiicnt, lu poad^riac on wbai ho bad hoanJ, 
and then bvfnm to ootivcnc on other B^oota^ Wbou, bovorer, 
Elwood vU:t'<<) htm a(lonitnafd« m LonJoo, Hiltoa ahowod him the 

P^rvdis^ /l#^u^/, itAjrinft *lbia U owfqf to^Mi, for jou pot ft into 

mj bead W the quoatioD voo put to tDe at CEalfooL ; whi^ before 1 
hid oot thought c£'* 

Tfiua, In tbU Ab<Hle at ChjJToot, wo bear the flrat montJciii of 
Panaba Loat, and U> it vo owe P&nuUse Hegtfaiod. It ia supposed 
IhMt &niton vMc thu «bole of the J&tter poen) tborfk and tbat ha 
ami bare doo^ er Om greater part of It, tnta hie being ahJo v» 
aeon after bie return to uiow ft to Ehwod, 

tt *»ji wach for the proprtot^n of the eotlAf^ tt Ohalfont Hid 
for ibo fbding of (ho oountrv ui {jonofal, that ihia umpla dwelling 
bae beca aacrvdij pn«*fv«id to tboe tima. You >oe that oU the 
othffB near K on much ntoro tnociom, Thu in nf the old nrsmcd 
tlBabap kuulf uwi ui knova, oot only to tba irh«]o Tillage, but tb» 
ttbcje comtto' nviiul, a» UUtoD'a bouae^ Hr Dumter, iu the 
adiWACs to hU v(iitK«i of Puvdiae EegaiDod, aaTii tiut the cotto^ 
ei CUfoot " i« not plriaMotlv *iluat*d s that tb« uljaovnt oomitry la 
attnoelj f4fMnDt ; but the uniaudBate ^ot u w fittlu pictorcaque 
or pIcMnx *** ^^'i ^ ^<^l iDaaginod." Ho E&ight hAve reoolket«d« 
that it ooulil tigiirfy t««7 bma to Miltc^n vbathor the «pot wu 
ptcbocemiA or uo% if it Tcre qulct^ and li^ i good air ; f<ir hlihoa 
mu, lUkif had bt*n long qtiito bliod- Uat, in Ibot^ tbo eituation, 
IhoiWb fwl wtoai4iaMy ftrikiTijt ia bj im moaru miploaabig. Tt la 
tba uid cottage tn the right Land v ^ou dcaoBod iho raid fron 
llawraialbilil, te ChaUWit ^t. Gilov 

^MrHJTTt a btlU alxyra tbo <»tt40i^ tho riew before foa ia verj 
iatenstii;^ The quJfC old af^ricuUonl Tillage of ChaUoDt U^^iju 
Iha raUey, nmiil ?r'">tT nplandA, «likh m wKtx all rouiuL Tl« 
eotlMT" ■^' '^Ih ita nbb ttim««l tA tb^ nwiood 

fh»tii>2lJ.r ., uaodMf Aroa-of otiliiurj oottagM 

u built it lU Lb.:., .iiui fjxo the rotd below. To th* rkhi aapenda 
lb* paM Aidil Eu*iitj:iit)ed ; but Ihii^ with (MtAmdio ofil mbntm 




aboTolb«^ono,iiptNHDs toUio ijiLjiinirttiM ill Ji 
rati rtpoM^ %ad ofmti^wm wafa to tiw mb wt' _- . 

with biH UntbDr reared uocngvt eld itctw^ oad Abore it ft ck^ 
grown thoat with biii^hi^. Tbifl is » mm u joii cos dcoin. 
old buuMi ifl cvrored in ttva% with o viuo ; bowe &U Um 
antiquity: and U wu<L by itii inhftbitottt* a lAilor, to k«r« 
litU« altered. There wvs hn cftj^ ui old porch at %ttt dooTp 
aioul liil it fall vrilL d^u, livru wv luvj* wvU iuia^inv Miltwi 
ia the punny wcatbor, ut at Butili)U-&d<b, and cojojiiig tiv i 
and tho cAJm, nvoTt oar. Could ho haw ooen tbo now wfalA 

Srrawuttfd ilAulf, il wviiU Law \m^i\ Agrvwabloi fur tiKHigh io 
tiraotioQ U)c Kflcrndin^ aroiiiid »Uuta out dioljuit ]iroapttrt« iU ^ ..^ 
oad woody u^kloDd would bo itnclf « plDa«ant object of oootcuDapklMk] 
ihutUiig out all alM,aixd fibvournblu to thou^t. Tbo boiusa oo '" 
ground iloor, ooaamui oTtvo nxuuH ; the one on tUo Uft, Mixt to 
rood, a ipoaoua Mio, tbou^ low, and vitU iU mull diocaond 
meuU «ug|o*tliafl to jou tlukt Jt U much on wbou MlttOD lubi 
it. Iforo no ni> doubt tivod prtDoipnllj : un\, i\\ nW probAbOitj^ has 
woA ParadJiio Rogoicod didfttcd to lua uojuiucusiis moni bUf i 
that tfmo hJa vri% Ellnboib Uimbnll. I found tbo wortl^ uSk 
■nd hifl iqiprantioo mountiMl oti ■ toSId iu it, buiulj pTmaing thd 

OuUide, over tbo doer, b ftn ftnnarlal («cut«boon, at tbo foot c 
vhiob ia pomt^d in bolri btt«n, Hwtov. Th» old mocv *^ ** 
wty cavil and communlontJT^, md tbst it woa i^ tMj th 
««oatcbaoa of Milton, but of OhiktvI Flortwood, who puictaoMd ' 
bourn fbr Milton, »nd who at that Hvm livnl at tli9 Mo&ONbo 
ODd liei buriod in tbo cbiitvb bcra Of tbi«, Hlwood tdU va 

but on tho ooDtrtfT, that ho procurod tbo boose for . 

Wh«ih4r tiua oo^tcliMD be rvailj FI«*twood'B or oot^ I bod 
meooa of oooarUiuisg, ui it vaa uot only very ij^dirtdoct, bat 
bigh to oiflfomo without ft Iftddor ; but oi Uiltco'a onuonoi bet 
eootoiiittd ipraod oa^««t ood oa tbor* van biida i& tb« abiold, tt 
doubt bod Doon mtondcd for Mihou by tboao who ploopd it tiin 
ir Flootwood wOTt llrio^ at ChoJfout, cJ^t migbt bo on ^IditioM 
fOaoMi for U[|i«D\t obooauia it for bia tb«n ntr«at i but filwood, oa 
cot Fleetwood, took the boiuo, and it ie doubtfol even wbeUH 
Heotwood wot a'JU living, boiog oue of tbo rogidiks ooodflnnai 
but DcTor •lOotitfd- IndvpoDdoDtt howwrvr, of any otbor ooftAlda 
tion^ Mtiton bed many old aisodatiooH with Budcin^hfttiMt^nt whu 
would roooinmand it %t> him ; oiul in minrauMr tbo a^amid tbe befttb 
and jwrlu of thu ]tart of tbi» country is poculi&rly »oft^ 'l^lti^iy 
■ud infrarit. 

Wo come Q'^w (o Miltou'e latt houw, tJ^ narrow hoiiBs oppoiita 
hr oU UriDf^ in wbiolk trvro bvd hiii bonni bcmdo tbcee of 1^ 
fttber. This woaitj tbocbaroh of St.Gi!es,Crii>pl««aU Be^tkl 
on Stmday. tbo 8Ui KoTombor, 1074, and woa buned OD tbo 
Hia foanrnt m etotod to havo bo« very apluHlJdly and 



»tt«>d>d Bjr ibm paridi rv^rtij m find that 1w wu buH^ id the 
etatOil: **Jofai] UUtocH gwUfifua. OoosumptJQTt. CbunooU. is. 
K«r: 1074^" Dr JofaDoon Kapi loaed that (to had no iuvriptioD, bxit 
Anbf^ dbtmcUj tttftlcfl ttut 'wbcQ th« two etoppfls to the cosw 
annfalQ UbU vera n^md in lOOCI, hU atone wu T^moTed." HUtoo** 
jrnn« rvinuiuil a wbolo wotiuy without a mnrk tn i>oirtt niit -nh^m 
ibi fTMt port kj» till in 1793 Mr, Wliitbniftd oroctcd a buat ^J tn 
faioriptioo to hie owvovy. Wbel to moro, then te evn^ rvoflon la 
faaiiMV that hu pemakin ven, on this MVason of raudoff tho e^An<M>| 
tod maoring the atooe^ di^turted. Tho coffin wai dljaot«TTed and 
opeaed, and numbara of fuUo-hiiators wore okfor to aelte and codtoit 
oCT fragnwiiita of hia bo«ca. The nutter uT th^ time ocoauonod 
« ahup coatiroTcny, and the public were ti. length peivaadod to 
bllkve that thor were not the rciQAina of Milton, but of A ftroalcw 
that bj miMake had t'-irn thitk tji<*tr<L But ttbmtho workni«ti h&d 
tiM ioMribod itoQO hcrforo tbcm, u>d dug down diroctiv below il 
wb«t doobt can there be that the remain* wdto tbon or tho poci f 
^ an altnatiaa kt the ohuroh when It wan repaired in 108^^ tfait 
wMch waa the old ohanoel oeaaed to be the prceont one, and the 
rtmalu of Uilioo thu ounc to lie tn the grwt central alilo^ The 
■ooRiaiiMit ancUid by Wbilbraad merke an nmr «a powtble the 
efao^ Ibe buat ia hy Baoon. It ia attaohed to a pLIler, ud beneath 
It ia thle inacrlpUoti :— 

Hw ictttov, 

avlhfv of rmill'r !«'.* 


Due Xn*. KM. 

nuT «!■ koOi kslcnal b iUb dnnk 

aMn«4 Wkiittt>i p«>ali> ITOL 

nia tknreh m roisAHtahlo Irr baring hMin the neano ef OHvAr 
(>Qiaw<tra matTiDgD, and for bdng the buHal-place of manv emi- 
nnDt neo. In tbo ebaccol, in cloae Deigfabouihood with ifilt^n, 
Ugr eld Jolm SweJ, Um ohronkitfT, end Foi, iha martmbf^nt, wbote 
]iMQ«oaota atdl renuin on the wall Thst of Speed ia hi* bust, in 
doobMand ruff, with hi« right haiid reaUng on n book, aud hia Ufl 
40 aelulL It ia in a nich«. r«iiri^#>'iittng orb of tho folding ahiinea 
rtaO aoon in dUiolic dinrcW ^ Ih^ oontinont, Thoft ia a cionu* 
i ftbo aeen tbeeo to a hdj vt the bmily of 8ir Tboinao Lucjr, of 
an MitofwtLjr; and aivAhdr of iionifi nobla pervoe, having 

the annorial ««fcutcbeoii. an opening raproMnting AoUa, 
hao«^ and flama^ within a bamd sratiu^t "'iPP^^ ^ ^ miboUo 
c/ pujgiborT. Tha burid-ground of Dunliilt'lichK wlen Jhinjia 
afidDoFo«iM,beloe^al»otothieperi^aiid their btermeotfl «« 

i ia tho ngiau? of Uui ehiAToh. 


■ iMt^'vlUi A lllUc I ea Uir inicflpUDaa 




Thus tho Priace of Poetfl, aa H&zditt atyled him, bImtmi in good 
company. The times in which ha lived, and the part he Uml ia 
them, were certain to load hia name with ohloquy and misrapr^ 
mentation ; but the solemn dignity of hia life, and the loftj tooe wd 

Erinciple of bia writing, more and more suffioe not aolj to riu&ata 
Lm, but to commend liim to poaterity. No man ever loined hber^ 
and virtue with a purer admion ; no man ever laboofad m ^at 
«auae with a more diatinguiahed Eaal ; no man enr brought to the 
task a more gloriona geniua, accompli^ed with a mora oooBiunniala 
learning. Milton was the ooblcet model of a deroted paianot ind 
true fSglishman ; and the atudy of hia wo^ is the most OHtain 
means of perpotuating to hia country afurita worthj of her 


** Ix tbo nucUi of obAcvri^ p««Md tbe Itfb of Duller, « mm «hOM 
I uma ooljr p*nab with iiiv Unstmst. Th* modo and pkoo of biB 
ktico ara iiiilciii>«ii ; t1i« wenu «^ hiM hta lure nricnul; r«liUd ; 
1 til tbftt eui be toid ^th ofttUintv is, tbat h« mw poor." 
S&oki u« tb« Mpnnivv vordH wiui which Dr, JijbtiMoci vjod* up 
bb aeipe Kxnont of tlu witty autbof of Ifadibrv. A moraiigiu- 
fiouA uub to a poct'd biomphj could Kcarc^^lf ^ic givtm. A mora 
Mrikiiw Invlftikev cf i»tjor>BJG«gt»ct, ukI i)m ickgrttitadeofpoAtoriiT*, 
k noraere to be buod. 

Strenriiam, lo Viirvi<^btra, clai^iui ttio honotir of his bsrth. His 
frlbivr )■ m14 to haw boon vi licci«*t &nnar tboroy vith ft ainftn 
«itele, vho cna<i« h «!uft to cducBt« hi« wn ftt tbe gTvnmiu^«cbooi %i 
VofCEM«r, whcDcv ht is AnppcaikL to bftvo fone to tbe univaraitr; 

bit wbat^«r of OxfDrd or Uunbriitoo, U lOfttUr vf diimiito. f&a 

hmharaawrtM ttut it ima Onmbrkko, bat aomU oot teu at wliioh 
JmB or «o()egt> i>r, >'aiib iliioai'^nd that hu &tUer m ovuer of it 
booM ami a little UumL worlli »boui ai^lit pounih m-jcar, whicb, in 


Vrttm wo oonsiider tbc hntnblo ponitlt^ti of the fliUicT, W9 
«i>niW thkt h* OMLtrii^Kl t^ gire liiiTi fen filTii^Lafiri kt » 

■chod at aJl. uid tuj To:ry vcu doubt, with tbe m^t L^xicogmpbcr, 
wturtlwr bo iti mUitv over did ntudy kt Cambriii^D, Uavuif, Ekit- 
0Tor^gfv«Q Mr una Wi-riMl«duoatioiiphbnMmroMW«r6 ^ih&ostAi 
he tud no Mtrouwe, and tho touqs nui beomo, tad n&igbt fro' 
bikUj tfaihk ntnuutrfortiuuto m dom([ tf*j n d«rk to a JujcJoe of 
pMiO^ Ur J«(r«r7it oS Kaj L^ Oroomb, in VVi^rvutAnktrA, B*c« b« 
mwan to faftve pwod on nay uid uTu^xibto lifo, '*Ue 1w4"<>P 
Joluuos), ** DCt iHilj luNura for eA,udy, lut for rocraOiOD j hk imii 
DMDii wm mu*lc ttnd minting ; nnd tho iwward of hlA pondl vto 
Um fidaDdfthip of Uiu c<.-l<<brutvd Cooper. Sooae ptoUma, i&id to b* 
tds, wore shown tL> Dr. Kiuih. at foria Croomb} bat wbeo he bh 
qmrvd for tboca «om« you* ut^rwtrdi. bo found tbMD dostrojod to 
Btop windoira, and oitu» thai tti^ bard]/ deeerred * better fiu * 

nom thi£caatlcai3aD*N mtvioo oe paue^ into tbAt of tho Oomtm 
of E«il TEo colobratoi Jobn Sotdoi vna tboo otovord ol the 
oonotctf^ O&d it wta prohablj throtigh liicn, or for hu pcii|n«i^ tbit 
BttUcr wta iatrodoood into tbv familj'. Utf wna miMb xtotkod b; 
S^IdfO, And omplo^od bvbim m im uxuxAUon«uL Wlkvtbor tbb 
tUe aoUuJ capacil; Id wlticfa ho stood In tbo ramOy of tbs 
iBt liko olmoKt every otbw event of hla life, hcwprer, qqlto 
CVko thing Ai^nniit oi^rtoiii, that^ hath at Bfr. JoSjryn' nad bcovL b 
been tutucd loooo iutogruai hbr«H«^ the sort ^^ }>aftLuio tb«t ha 
othen liked and hod doTQUji^ tbeir ooatcitta to Miao purpoob 
fiauii&atod in Lio writinA. Thtmo won iho rool ooUcn at whli 
studieij^ and wh«v« be laid up ooormoiu moaws of iahnMtkn. 

Ui» oeii nmon was Into tbo fftmtlj of Or Samuel Luke, ooe 
Crouwoll^i offl«onL Thla wm tbo docuivo oifmnuionoo of hia 1i 
Ba Sainual was the b»ro of his future po»[at— tbo actual B' 
Bat ho waa b«t« iu the \cty oeutro of repubUovi totion, and 
run opinion mxd dutcnAuoc- In Sir Bunnol, ho hod a now 
obidjT of cboraoter ; in tboeo about him a oew world, aJ 
with aU sotto of porBOtu, poaaagea, and docirincA, vUcti uodo hha 
fbel that ho bad oldo a wcrld luJcnowii vttll in hiMdf^ that ol 
Mtirical fbn infioita Into tbia world be abaoTt»d aU tb* new vttva 
gS things i the atmnge ahapea tbot oome to atid fh> : tbe atnuiga. 
l^iMOoIogy and ooanibi of convootloJo hnuDrt that uuilod bin 
ho kiatoma and |>oet of tho ne« Iada of Guehou. vhoro all 
llgb^whiUthoneiBbbowiDgEgTptoffoTaltywaAaUin ~ 
bom Into it; and Oudlbnw, and bia Sqaito Bolpb. 8i' 
and Trulbit ih& Bear &Dd Piddk^ oil Mininjc Into iiaiQi .... 

Tbu Ktorj of th« iiii4-r iK^^oct of Butler bv tho kinc and eoa 
tho tiiuci Uut not only ihvy. but nil n>yaUsU in tbc kingdoaa, 
bonitju^ with Uusbt«r tsvor Iludibraa, ia too wdl bkOWa. Oi. 
woa bopod that bo wih ou tbo rorso of gool forteMh and Ur. ^ 
ohodej wa« to t^itrxluco him to tbo ■U-poWcrfu! Dokv oTBuctut^bom. 
Vko aloiy of thia iut^irvbw la too obaraotonctic to be paated over. 

"Ur.wjeh«rlo7,''imhoko,°bBda3i«m laid hold of oo oppoc^ 
tualty wtiKbolAndoritpnseDiic^ to the Dukoof B«MiJaghaiabow 

or I 

' audi 



ableHmlibn^AiiiItbMit WHft nuroodito tho court, tnat ft ponoa 
of U« l0}«ltjft]vl wit iitmld mflWln oh^oizrit;, ml naiUr tho want 
b« didL ThA diiie •lij* Ba«ci]«d to h«ftrkeii to him witii AttentioD 
eonigh ; todrnfttfaonuumeiiiidcETtooktorcoommoiidbu 
to kk traJMt^, Uf. Wjchor1«y, in hopM to b«»p him «t«»d^ to hii 
w«fd, olMbMl of lU pmo» to name a day wb«n liu might iotroducA 
Uiit Botat and n&fbnumte poet to bii new patron. At loM ui ap- 
pdntiitfiat VM ickftdo, uad th«» pifto* of tiMotihg wnn B^rmd U b« th« 
Bodtock* Ur- Bullar md his fnood &tt«iided scoordisglj ; tlio duko 

)aiiMd Uiem ; bat ia tbe d 1 iiouH bavo fu the door of tho roam 

who** ihay Bit m* orwn, Mid bin gnvA, wrio b*d aoatAd hbiMvlf 
&«ar iL obMmng a r^P ^^ ^^ aequainlaikoe^'— tbe crMituro, to& 
«i» * Kldghlv— trip bj wlUi « bn.ce of ladic«v Lnim«Iiat«1v cjuitKd 
bii am g p yi tttnt Ia fbltov or^othor kind of bLUiinw^ at trhicb h« wm 
mon rMdy than at doing ([ood dficea to m&ii of doant^ th^ugli no 
ctia«iabeUar«iMU1M uiaa he, both In regard of hia rortuii^ juid 
Madantaading^ to protoct tbom ; imd fpom Biftt licaa to th* day td 
hkdaatfupcorBalkraoTerbuud thalQcataAactof hiapromitar" 

Tba brjcMoit gfeam of bis lifo itruold •aem to bd betwaeD hi» 
g l utt ing Sr Stuan«l LuJu/a and tb* mhUcatiati of hia Hndibfia; 
mwMQ thia czMUrtook |ilao«taiid howlcckg thJs laatod,wo art 
oot inlbrmod. Itanintbovovor.havtt takeupUoebotwaaEi thekiiig'a 
rotoTi^ wbieb vnm tn IfiA^^ iJid I6(S4. nomir t^vo y<^f^ ot" "°^ l>uriiie 
tfaia poriad ba via tnada eMrvtarr to tbe £&H of Carbon^, pwti-Jent 
Of tfia |«1ikclpalitT of Walea, who naada him ac«vard of IaiiUov 
Owtlw. vriian tba Court of IkrarehH wwi mvivcd. 

Thk «aa a poaC in liliicb & poet might fcol himafrlf ircD plocod. 
lUi aiKteDt caM1« of tho Laoya and MortJmaTv atAuds at th« >rMit 
cod of tbo towD nf Lodktw, on a Wd Tork, ortrrloi^cing the riniF 
CWrii aid aaar Iha o«ofltuffioo vt that rlt^r and th? Tome. Many 
■trilEkg ertota had oocurrod hen) uiu» ilit^ Uine tint William th« 
Oanpianir fcaittowttd It da Rew da ^EcutgDinetyt tram whrnHt dna- 
napdinta H paeaad mtioeMtm bto the hands of tho croni, tJu 
VartDO^ Iha I^m and tho MoAinwra. On tho bord^n of WaJoa, 
it vaa a itrand^told of Xh» crown of Btif^nd, and, aftor it ftU ngaJn 
bto Iba has(U of tlio Idag, Waiaa the polaco ra tho Proaidci^t of 
tte JlardMo, atd otttm the nMildenoe cf prinow. llcro th« young 
Idfig EdwardVJiTwL tnd Mi it aidy tA nrcfood to Loodor^, int/i tho 
mazderotta l«iida«f bU usda, Bich^ ill, wbo, vitbdn two raoothii 
of hiaQ|aitUog tUa qtu«t aaylnm, had him uud hia brolharamothofod 
in llwTow«'. Hirro Princu Arthm'. 4>llftit noti of Honuy VII, wa* 
taarriiHl to Catkanno ft Am^a. who, afW bin doath, vaa morned 
to fa&i brother, Hoott VIU; ber divoroe finally Uad^ng to tho R«» 
feraaatftoa to Engluid. lUrt fiir PhHrn &do>y*fl fmthor, Sir Hmuy 
ftdw, had lived, aa Praddrnt of tb« bUrchaa ; and many a U)f4ia «f 
■ftanoor aid Ceatlvitj tvd lit up tho vaneratdo towcn, on tho vooa- 
aHiiof mal viKta^uidotlwiTiiawuinB AftoJMci^ Abora al^ it was 
fer oni ofthoao oocaaiona that the youthful Milton bo^i «ompoe«d hi* 
CmBMfaDd oc«riBit of Char)wl,Lul63l, totboEari of Bfklff- 



««tcr, tbon PronJtfit of tht ^Lftrchw. K wm pQrfomied bofer* Itn^ 
tbo vroik bfliag ^juodcd 041 b rc«l bdd«ut oaxurnu^ in Utc Icfd 
ftandMtfi ovQ ttuuly> whicb is thuft rebUd bj httWanlt — 
"Wton hb hftd «Dtor«d 00 bis ofBdal rondoocp, he wv vsriM by • 

Ut^ amoEublj of tbv tirii;hbouruig ti?>biljtj uiil ff«otiy. Ilia jhckv 

tbe Lord BnukLof ojid ^ir ThpntA* £cDrton, ftnd bis tUnjcb to, tfcs 
IaJj Alice, boiag oa tlkcir joumej, 

' Td JLU«nt] (lifflr fUJun'i itilt, 
And ntir Ininutid utptn.' 

t^re bcikight4Kl in IlayvuoJ Fc]r«flt> ia Hortforiihin. an^ tho lidrl 
Tiff- tt sburt timu wha loaU Tbo adreDtuni betiw rttbt4?il to Uiv&J 
father on thi^ir arrival At IIia cnstlfti Milton, At Uw n^iirott of 1 
fooDd, H«&i7 Lawo^ who tatwht musio in llio fuuilv. VTot« ~ 
maflquOL lAwea set it to mu^ ftiul H «ra» ao^-^ ofi MiobMl 
Xight ; the twa brothATB, ^0 jonna lad/, snd [a««u liitnMl^j 
baodog ft part in tbo nrpTWuiUtion. ' 

This sLnelo clrcomvtuioo, of twine Uio scene of tke fimt rep 
UHoii ort^o Mut of Oomus, oac ofMiltoa's mont boauiUfa] eompo^l 
sitioQs, boA ^von ft porpvtu^ bUrwt to LudloT OuAkt. 1 

Tbo ^onios of Butier w&a of & diE^rent atAma Jt wmntod Uk^l 
sablimity, tho iwth4)9v and tfodfrr aoiuIbnitiiM of tluti of Miltoo < l^i^l 
OD tlio oth«r undt for porcoptiou of tlis liilionknui,— foir a div 
into tbu closest E>ld» 01 oaat and (knatjca! prtteao^— Tor a roo 
bold, and LuEnoMOS povor of akotchiog ordiiury lin, — it ««s 1 
hvaUed. A Utwtt b stiU shown ilb tlio placu whw« b« wrats a | 
of hia HudibrfiA. ATbotEi^r it be iht ptucuAO bet or not. it Is I 
to iiHjidre. There om- anther biu ruidud : tbopo bo is Mud to ^ 
wrStton HomethLDg or oth«r, aiid tbe vurv room sod vivtt oi it* i 
jxicutLOL &rs pointod out. It Is boat not to b« too cntioal; t " 
tbo otbur liui^ if v<> bc]iov« iti gv(i«rRl that vbcro s Tnaa of j 
bat liTSd bo bos aUq wnttco, «o shall eoldom b« fir wrot]|t a 
ie Uttls doubt tliat hor» ISutlor, poasossed of m«To I«i«are and'] 
peiidonoo tlu& at 007 other poriod of hii lif^ did rcollj rov~'-^ 
■tfOpm bis work for prons ; of nhic^h tho flret put vu pufat 
10t6, and tho seccod Ln tho foar foIloviii^< 

Hora bo mamed Mm. liotbcni, a Wjr of g«od foa^iJjr, vHtb wfa 
IksLirod inG04afon,if QotiDoOlumos. Of tbonlAco «bt<«r ~ 
KM firrt aotfid by tbo real poreouages of itft and wfaero Dutkf t 
f«rtb bis Uudibnu, toata idc« oiat be grntifyioir to Um rewlor. 
was dttHirrtod ia tlitr fint ycu- of willioiD and Majry, in oottMqm 
of \h» disttclution of tbo Conrt of tho Uarcb«8* From tm invent 
of tbo goods found m LtiiUow Castle, boannx dtt« ]7<^ in 
slors&th yoor d Qiioeu Audo, fitaa appeared tobo lb«a totijr 
eaUi«, Uan; of tbo ror*! ^rtroonts wne in that cmdltioa] 
the «oucb of sfcAts ftud tbo volrot boiicin^ voro praasvr*!. T 
cbftpfd tlMra worontiU to bOAocci on tlo poaek las&y oc*ta of 1 
sod b Ihio hAll manv of tho soitic kind of oraamonts, togftbsr vrit_^ 

IftDOSi, spew, ftrolocks^ OJid old ^rmrittr. On tb« si:oomoci of Oforgo Tj 

aa order oaixis down to tuiro«f tbo btiildiog^i, aud stri^ them 
their kod. Dccey ooasoqucDtJj- c&suei. SovcnaJ puicb linttRug i' 



■raifl of Ibe Lords ProiidCDtt irvm owrorUd iaU> wainMOtintf Ibr 
* piUiifrJMUM it> Um tonrn, k fannor ovnor uf which «artclicdljm- 
wlf k^ tiw «afo of otfUiHals oLmdoitindy Cdnriod ftvij. Tlifr^ 
rvmaiiM atoo % Hob oml>roiiSePDd oanwt, hiifi|> itp iia tli« ohftucvl i>f 
QL Lawp m o u' a cfeiircliL «Jd to b# pMof ihaoovtfut^ oftho eouooil- 
botJiL IV Eftri of Po«i^ vbo pr«rioujiIjr bold the cutJo b rJrlua 
of ft loo^ bMfi^ Bn]uirod tbo revcnioa in to bv purcliaao Arum tbo 
erows ill IHIL 

'HwwboluiinawftMeDeofrAiicniblontiii. The; cwtUo riMci fn>m 
tbepouit of 4beikdiitiid,iDd its founciatioaA are citi^ft«d iatoubm 
fr«7 rode Tbo ooetlt front ooiiivU ^f x^tiw iav«ra vith ht^ 
cotmortiny vnU^ vfhkb aiv viobfttUed vitb deep intamtioes : and 
4ho oU mM^ Wl |Art of Ibo roek, bAvo bom tonavi into vaIIcis, 
wfalob in 1721 wvro plfla1«d wilb boodir ^ita, and Liufi Ln«M bj tho 
Oo«oUb8 4^ Pdvriff, uj>d tbom tre«a, now groim tc maturitv, mid ex- 
otodn^ty to tbo di^nitr Aod boaiuty of tb» vtsantt. I^hr^rndk & ubwim 
oa lb* wt runs tbu bro«i3 und uihHaw nvirr Tuao. It wofu loo 
toa|E to ckeevibe aU thit mass of miiitt, vith itA wiooa ooarb^ rv- 
Buan of bfttrndEA, Mid mculobooned woUfL. Tbe flnt riew af tbo 
koltmior of tbo eiHo i> doa Tb« ooiart [a an invguLu iioiiar« ona^ 
ttot tot; iptck)«u ; bQt ^0 htij embottbd btruc-turM witb wttcb it 
h nrroiiiiilodt tbtwgb ia nia, BtiU prceervu tbvir ongiuiil oulUneH. 
Tb« flpKAoDJi IiaI] is of lixtj fact bj tbirly, tt« bolgbt ibout tbirty- 
ftro mt, «kd ia om&raoQM with a 4oor with & uMtiid pointed 
«rob- Tb« once «Jcigiiit adoop, vhoro tbo >]il«ctdid kcdo of Ooroos 
«■# Arwt oxhibit4d ; wb«VQ oluvBtnr txhAiuiod bor diouMot fltotv, 
both of tDT«tit«o« Mid v«alUi« mid vhen bosfHtttliiy and raagDifir 
oenoo blweed (or DMDt agn la ^uooeaakoii. wltbout dimliiutioD or 
JdAiT — M now totftJlv mhpinUtvd, «od nodther roof oor floor r«m4miL 

mm Ibo tttoD of wrUor^s qi^tting thin ooeno of bia ouu and hfijp- 

, t b* owiDB to bava oacpHrifiDODd «d1t povertf and ae^Iect UW 

wtfs'a G>«t«aie ia mid to b^vo bvoo lort Uin^ugU bad Mouritiaa ; bio 
«zpMalioaa frocD tbo rojml pomoc, on th4 Top)} puty vbom h« bad 
a» bnoMoaely Mrrvd, wore wboUy dlaappotat^ ; w^ !d £660 li« died, 
whar% oo Ibo anthofily of tbo mon of bi« truoat fnood uul bvaofautor^ 
)& LoafiMrOto, bo bod livod aomo yoaii^ m Rooc-atnot. Orcnt- 
srdOEL Ur LoD^prtlk oi«rtod btmaeJf to n\mt a oubscriptaoD tot 
tit satflTtooot in WMrtmitiit«r Abbc^k but ia rtaai b« ih«r«iroM 
bujod bim at hb own cost in tin charcbyard of Covimt-ffuden. 
Absoi iAxijr joata alUn^arda, &fr Hu-bor, a piiaUr, Lord Uayor of 
Loodock, ud • fn«ndi t^ Bvtbn'ii priodpl**, beatovod on faJia tliftt 
tDonacDOttt in W«itnJnat«r Abbcjvbich In woU Icnowa 

llEidi wvra th« MSp', fortuDv, tnd dcatb of tbo uitbor of H^tlibma, 
«b«aa OAfAO, n» J<thn«o(i jiiatlv obMrrm, vna orilj- jHtriiih with bia 
kagaagOi It vaa bio muforUino to lock Ear protootitw to a moDairb 
wbo QDtv prolMlod courtoauu^ «ad tbo uMot diigiiatJiiK of liborUi^ 
BaUer would bar^ fc^ib ft ptoaf^ wid not a riooL ahlI & wnuld aoon 
haoo fbimd oooplojiaeDt mot^b. UU t>vg1cci is but oim opprobrium 
»Ubl to tbo metLonr of a mn^roh vboao wbolo jifo waa a 
k aod « diicrvii to tbi* ooiuitTj wbicb toloFatod bin. 





UD i: ,1 1. FT 


iRU'tftn bioa tnodsniid to tlw Yolmiio of thtt di^ 

tthdrqtuuiCitjjOr to thflqaoH^of fauiptwbj; but it ui tliA Uttar ' 
tthicli (pvos hiio hifl ffPMt lad liitttug dintiDotJon. 71i#r are U» I 
, Saiirn, and Fiib]««, and TmuabtlloDs; hlflAbnlcoi aodAnilopbil; 
, hi* nind and Pihthcr ; biai PaJecantt and ArcHo ; tbo FToirar ana tikt 
' hmdi aadt in thort, all l^oo* twiy ttod beoutiftil olorifls vfalbli b* 
^ ttraw iab) modem poBtrr from Chftuoer avd Boo»cdo» vtth Ui , 
* "Vlijil and lynettl oompautiona, aod. at Uie hwid of tbuM^ hit I ' 
ou St. OkUu^i Dd^, tbAt atoo^p hie oianoUr vrilh th(> EnffUBh 1 
u oii« of th« caoet vigorous barmookiafl, and Irulj Briluh wi 
Dijdan <lui|ilarad na grvat povm r>f ouoHon ; pampi tbo lit 
burrj of htJi uU ptoraoUd Hm ; but h# ccotcmpktod for j^_ 
uatiofjol ^ic oo l^ooe Arthur ; aod probablfi bodTb* po oo w w d j 

f«ct l*Uur« for ou-ryin^ 4-ut ttua dnitfn, bo vould hAV» 

I lu aa much with tbo dwla; of tbtl Uaaky aa ho dolkbte ut ' 
th» nutftedy rigour of fau nasoDlns pv^g^n ; with bts f 
n«rraof fltj^; and witb tbo attlotto giaba of hii amribiiaHnfl 
But ftatfi UT D9oenity of eriUdiOQ on bb gpni^ tb* Imbij 
qoolnUDoe of cTei^ true lOTw of pottfj «itb tbo ucvlti Mid bCMiUsft 1 



_'^r« ftiod lui inuDOTiAlhj, forlvuutc^ f«ar mj spice, fiiUj 

ipta IU4L £i«ci oTtr tho bms wwowdoo of Utwsfj ct«cita in hb 

K£|i WW tDrmt pMflir uiil fix our aEbrntioa oil bu bomoM M&d liuiDt*. 

for netri? forty you^frcm IGOO to ]70O,howM btfoM tbe poUio 

w lA ictlTo lutbor : avd OD tfao dlnppvMiMQ of UUt«a jyom iho 

i«4d of li^s br bcflftm«h tad tsoaiknawL to be^ tli« movb mvkvd mAn 

^ bis tlm* : jvt it i» «»t«aiubiiig bow littJo u kiMwo of bis town 

WaQt0«ndbftoitA, Of !ii«jiuUlc«uoiu.thoippc«nuio»ofhifldniiui, 

lb* eofitroT«rda# iirlo vhi^h bv fell vttii bm litonir^ cot««DpOTwiML 

ln0 4iviC> of n&fi<nii*cdbb clinging tothodaipobcgorcmmtntof 

IbB Btiarta, vt Imoir «QOUf{b ; but of hi> hc^mo llfb, tLoxt toDoCbln^ 

Tbat b* UwJ in GomniMrMi) anJ ««tA a oaiulADt frnjuootor of 

WiffV cof«#-bauio, Oorcot'fDrdcD, mcjiu to be ibncvt all tlwt is 

teovo of bin u^wn noov^^ like Addison, uid moat lltvnry mm 

vbd bttvo iiiiim«d tilled kiti«<, b« did not find li oontribtito mDob 

to Ua CMDikrt. II» vilb vab l^r £Iiniboth Iloirnrd, tbo cldMt 

ilius^'^'^'^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^ fiorbiliiric odd nit^ of h» fnund sir Robort 

tlo^M J_ U« ««■ iDuriod tit Bt Svitl^ut** Chunh, I^udoa 8toD0, 

nmnfttfrnrl end tbo fbJloning oopr oF tho cntrj in tho nfiKt«r 

bwbiMi liiiiTiir rnniafiti>(l1ii nintij nil Ttm TT IT TTiininn nnii of 

IbtrootoTof toat chunh. It bin aoKtMaiAg hftnd : *' J»bn DiydM 

md EUa^batk Uovtrd nuirifil l«i of Dooouber, 1663, bj liooiBfi." 

ILi wiflo'* toe^NTT m mid to bftvo booc Tonr poculiu', aad that abo 

ktttod cL>ink on DvjdA) a« of in£»rior ruil:, though hfl wivi dMio«o<M 

tfim A TVTf oJil fftailjr. railed vitb Ibo moat dutinguieibod tocn of 

Un DobUltr. Mid MJ tbo /ra/ arji of hU titn« ; Iiut oaaooit or tbo 

IhifaMSB M uiftoonUM prido did ciai >lt<f tbo naJ naturv or priv 

eOD of things oiccpt m tbo rkiom of tbe pervoQ Affliotod vitb 
. Drjd«o vu tbc grcAt penoDigcv ■'i^ ^ ^^^ *if° ^ 1^^^^ 
«^ «&d on binif tbenjA^ bj tbo ooQBhkat prawuro of Ibo umoqiul 

Vbst DO dooU »Ddcnd Um ooDduct of liM wifo wonw, «m tho 
■Uc of b«r tatiify oa the ono b*ud| uid tbo uoluclj a;>iiitoxioci of 
Oqdc^s bntbsn "vitb ordinirT tndoa. Hi« bmily, axid that of bis 
ttMlMT, tba PtdWidgiv bid Uloo & dtcidod pttH doriag tb« citU 
im fcr Ibo f^ilioiDociti whilt that of hi« wif? bod bntt « Beolooa 
« tbe mjftltft fidai fiiwdc* Ibi*, Bnuaaiui, bis niunodiat4 jooDgtr 
bnAbtf^ «iu In tndo m Kifi9<«tr«ot, WvtminsUr ; Judu, the fourth 
h«iUi«v Mnm » tobKoooavt ta Loodou ; ouo of bia aiatoni wv ounitd 
!> « bocitiiftf in Litilo Bntaio, md imotb«r to k tolDi«ooi^ id 
ti>gitf< tfmt : tbiMwoaldb«dnAdftdoUia&otH toft Cumilypvoiid 
^d pooff. "Ko acooudL," j»j« Mitltrd, iti Lta life of tliv pwft, '^bi* 
loM trmMtnittai of tbo ponton of Drrdcc's wife, nor biw ui^ portnit 
rf barbMU di*<Dr«Ttd. 1 uo >6mid b«r penocftl »ttr«ctvc«i* mn 
latanpcfiiar to LurtuvtiUd ondi>wuiituU ; tnsl Uvr t4tu|;ur wm» w^r- 
VMid ( ob4 tlat the pnritT of bor oharH£<ff wtt Millied D^ MiDO otn^ 
•looit A lecW Iran Lkdr Eluibetb to ber »oa tA, Rodso » 
, ■* nnuATi»b1o fcir Ibu Avg^^ ^^ ^^ "^J^ ■* ^^ corrocl- 
^M nf lliA Ttbognphy. Sbo Uj^ro— ' Your f^lher U oiuidi ftt voom 
diffl Mfl 19 voflOff but much ui bo vm wh^ 



bo vu licflrv : jiv« m» t tra* AooounI bov mj denro von Chtflc« b 
bmd da>>* Oui Uun be Um Ud/ vrho b«d fbrixivly bold captivo in 
ber chikiiis tho pilUnt Enrl of CacntcrfloM 1 " 

" Udf £liu£i>tL t>;;^>liiQ," sOTfi &x4t, " bvl kiH dMiu-b*d bor 
bu«bantr*domoiU<iliiLppin«««. * uiaiiiv«otiT««/ttftjvUft3aM^ '«0iiii«% 
t1u» nuuriod stato wcro iroquont and bitter, ood were oooUoaeii to 
thekitcM ptftiod nT hifllfPi' nod b* ftdida frota uKAt r«mc«ablo 
ttutborilj, (hftt ibo fiudilj^ of tho po«t luld no intinkuj ^tb bk M^ 
ocmfi&iDg their iotencoune to men rist* of xntaonj. Bow oooid 
tbty 1 how ooiild tbo tobiiCC<tfu«t, and tbt other tobaooomirt** vifs, 
uia Uto littJo hootsoUcT> wifo of LiiUo firiuin, ronturo imdor tbo 
roof of tbo proud lidy of Ibo proud houM) of llowutlr with *b«rw«iik 
iDL^ioota oud hoFTi(>I«at toFDpfErf"* 

A iitiuikr AU«o«iion ml^o, it i» mid, tcn^lc plMO twtvooa bar Ukd 
ber rftlativoii Sir Jtobart il onward porhopi lioin^ exopt^ed; for ber 
brothei^ tb« Uonouniblo ErlwAfd ilovvd, taJkx of Drjdan'a being 
cng ig wt Jd b Uwuktion of Virgil mt a tbiu ti« haid lMni«d merdj 
bf comiQOii report Ucr w»ward ^spontioo, Mabiw im, m» 
bow«m', Uw edect of a diaoraorod imuniatiaD, which, aboruf alUr 
DrTdoii'a dcatb, donmratad Into iibAi?hit4 iiii*nity, io whkth alal* 
fthe ramaiiwd tiiitti Iwr own death m 1714, probebfy in tlK MrcDt^ 
ninth jeor of bor iigo. 

poor DrydoD f wh&t wjtb bia wils — ooaaoti 000 caD&et call bar, 
and hdprotct idia w«i nct-^ond with a triho of tobooooniai brotban 
OQ oDo Iiaod, and proud lIowArda on tho ether ; and a boat of titlMl 
UMM>dikLc«, Hud bin bund lu di^ with bis iwnt vtut |Htiea bin ftum 
(uo'a heart- Well mi^t be^ wbcn hia ^fo onco mid it would ba 
iimch bottor for h^ to Iw a book than n wonun, fov th«o ilia tbould 
bare paoiv of hia ojinpauy, iv|4;p " I wLtU you vvn* my doau an 
olmuuiauid thou leould obiDga jou oqoa a jw.** Itia notwd) to 
look muiik into such a homo, oxoopt for a wanitDg. V<i tbo ottt^do 
of that aCa, liko matij oUiera, would havo dauvircd an ordiuaty 
HeotatOF. Them oil vnn brilliar^t and imEmniij^ ^ Wbrtbcr,** ina 
ar Valt«r 6oott> " vo judp of tlia rank n-bich Oi^dco hoM Uk 
aocltttj \iy the apteodiMir ue hSs tilled aud [luwuifiil friundtf. or bj 
bw oonnoxiana atnoiig ntnn of ^niui, ve mtiat oonndaf him an 
occupjtng at ooo tima as b^ a aUtion, ia tb«» vctt foniDDOst drolo, 
B« literary i^paUtkm oould caln for lie owner. iDoepcoteit of iha 
notjoft W1U1 which h« waa honfjurad hj ChArlm hifOMlf. tb* jmi 
numbered Among bia fHeoda moat of the diflUnguiJibed Dohtfa^. 
Th« fnot, Dok« StOrmofiJl had alrcadj h^gun that coimeHoo whiw 
Bubauiod botwaan BrrdAn and throa goftantiocka of tlitt bfniaa ofi 
Butler. Tfaomaa Lord Giflbrd, coo of the Cabil minister, witt< 
uctform In patTooliiDs the coet, and ^£;eara to haTn been aoUv« tl|i 
intiWticing him to the kincri bvoor. The Duto of yoweoUlo Imadi 
him aufflcbODtljr to pr«i*ci him with a i>Ur r<r the irta^ ; the 
ibriof Doratt, ibon Lord Backhunt, and &irClurle8S<dle7,ad; 
In tb>i looao aga f«r the pe«^riUar otogaocQ of bii 1oo<»po«li 
fall Entinate oawxiitQi, a« la oviJent &om the turn of The J 
Drtmatio Pra^, wharo tboy tfo t&o ^eakeva. Wilmoi^ 






er. wonn t<i uft ft vtry AiG^r^t f«rt, wm tlua mtahnt to 
mili<mt« Urvdfiij'A wriUugB; to utTdiftte for him with tbcw nbo 
iJlirtnbntrO tiu rojaJ IbTMir^. and vw thiu cftnohil, ndt only of htt 

aaUtt^n. bnt hm fortxuM^ In ftb^H, lit* autbcr of nhjit ww thoo 
ltiHifimLvtf]«orpovU7„ina«ou^i (br t>r 4II unoDg th« i(mi 
«)d 91J vbo vuhcd to EaftiaUin tome dancter for littfm7 fiui^i* 
U wm tb«n DrrdM) M^yi&i t^ont gmkl ui^bU diMCrlbwl hi Uw 
MkUJOQ of ihit AAig&tUofi, vben 'di»couna w«s neithor U>0 
■MKniM nor too li^t* but •Iws;* i4oittiitt ud foir tli« nKwt put 
fautnwtivv I tb*nilkrv neither too Rbup upoit tfaoprcaoot, Dor loo 
«nw)cioa> npou tbo 4tMut; Mid th^ cupi aucfa on^ aa nuod Ibo 
eccrvnaCiooi of Uw nighty vilbotit di«twbxrig Ihe EHuinws oif Um 
nwvrow/ H* WJ jKii jtrt Dxpcriooood tb* ^mdwi/i^^am sttavdoai 
« meb looiotf, or Itmoi how •00a Jltvru? f^cnioooco bocomefl the 
«ii»ei Af dcbikctioD, of onv;, of iiyiirT, trtm from thOM wbo can 
Mt UmI iU morit, if thc^ u« dJ*C(Kuii£cd bj diadpiktcd babib ftW 
<mil«tuiir it> Hfsht, or b.irdaa«d bj pefT«it«d totUng k^iwt loriofc 
fti msMon.* B4t 4II this ovue ; and In Uio dmaq Inno tbo poH 
bid to vDcfc like PrpuRu ia tbo peaMUit*4 osrt, for tbo mcoiw to 
wiU>*i*. thM uiuroow^ with neb \ofiy locMtv. And wlut did Ul 
ttiMgmt Iriniilldo forhbn? Tbey proourod klmi>ogood po^t in 
<iliuii fiar good BMTkoo rendered to tbtir ponji bu-. tbo poet'a 
nan dSo^ of Ih^ Unn«L«ihip, ivhicli, vUM to thni of hii(ton> 
npfacr to rordtr, brought hint 3D0/. u ji«r, ami bb butt of cuattf, 
niirI>T7d*Q! inUitbo«twaairU'e,ud tbo b«rreobiA»of *nat«ct^^ " 
fid uRk tbo pMftMt o)ol-b«avsr Dcod Dot haiio «&viid bits, 

Erdkl^^otfoDB John ** eocipo bis «bftr« of tnnojiuico frcm 
nponvia of tbe ho, not froiD Uie pabUnbera^ He bad 
«T^vitb bin fHcod iD(lbrotb«r-iD-lAw,Sr Boteii Qontd 
m tbo trrut nftUirv of dratnttb poetrj. wHcb spoedilr d^ofntcd 
oip IBWMvJ biitvriMB bimL a ]otm fvifac^atncDL Tdau ouno tbo 
Atatfitti, tboi vUly Cucc in whk£b« ow Kdkalod 10 tho dMmctor 
^ I^fB^ «tHl b^ Uberi^ pffodtiolloiie, 10 veil 00 penODftl <iisnct«r^ 
Mm. bdd up to iho nioliainia nwnmoiit or tbo trorld hj m 
flMMBBtUm of UiH viU Mid Whionabin potikion of thu ttoui; 
■■tifii Uwni tbo nolodoue VlUlere, Duke of Backingbam, tbo 
mkw ot noifibrvi tbo Bi^ofi *^4 Bodbwtvr, nxnX cUivra. Tliu 
■faaiBbrt EEkaAab ^lUn vM lui up ui a rival of bim ; ind afbtir 
floBB nMo ta tnccantoin tbo hoatdo IaIq </ tb^ Ucmtlous Lord 
fcoliMlT. Uird db^Ocabury* UHboorue, BUckmjra, anJ uUiunf, by 
vWvtt ««M7 a|imt« nf npif*, m^rp^rr^i^UUfii), and ridK7lU^ Wcn 

4r jiAa buon] : v , ; ^ iL^ioa rostrun tbomtolvM 

I Ufi UM cf Ui- I Idai. Ono of tlio iDoat 

, EinMiiA ' J jpr^tT'Tik Lj[> LI TFxki ot~ a raSUnl^ aUaak upon 
tb* nUmned frocn kis <bd< at WUTs ooA^bi^UM^ oo o yhaUifit 
^'-Omrt bad pobUa^od ft nUr^ cdlod u &«; on 
: RoebaMar and otbor iHU uid praflljAtco of tbo 
..doosd. Ha po^Di v«s a wTt{<i«d al&lr; but 
DijtteiT if! ^^il[;tt JliUgnT*^ had ait'Lcrukea to revise It. Mocb 
~^ r ^ iMfiLjJ uot havo bootowod upcci it, it wa4 *» flat and poor ; 



but Koclt«Nil«r ibuugLl fit V> «LLributo il tu Dr^Uru hiiuaelf; tad 
n not of ruf^rm, wipiKuuMt to b« bimd b; btm mj<J Lho Duokw ^f 
Portamontli, trho hH been dso rejected on, foil oa tlio poot, m b« 
ptgnoJ Uuouf b KoBtt-«tn«tt CDv«ut-gardeu, oti hid v^ from WQJ** 
ceflfaoJuntM u> hi« nvm houw in Ofimrd<«tr<Doi A ravrard of 5QL 
WM Ja TUB offcTod in tho London Q&<«tU mod «tlMrr iwwfpmn for 
the lUacovny or the r«rp«intora <if tho oiilnigv. The b««uog vb% 
in thoM iociiD tinuM, tliought m ^^od jjoko. Tho RihwaUbj aQbidWidf 
becuDOfthnoatprovortiiftl-, and even Ha1gMT«>tbe ratluithoroftlM 
■aU»t aod upon wboaa HbouUen th* UoWs ought in JqvUob to ban 
dnoendDil, in hU Art of Pootiy, Uina nontiooi tho drctucffteiott 
irith K pitiful 8a«er : — 

" TliDiLfti pmti^ Ad psRtihrd tat iftoUm** ttnrtnM, 

Huu attackod irith pons and ^udcobbytluciivlottt writerv 
day, Uryil^Mi wu nMr^ fltuT«d bj tbe booksaUert, On oa« 

prDvokl^cl bj tbfi rvfti«u of timely mpplio* bf Jaoob Tontap, 

not do u Jobnxon did by Osbome, luaaok hua down vith a quarto^ 
but ran biia through wLtb <h tripkt, d«ftoribuig tbQ bSbUop ohffc 
ptanotii — 

- WJITl korinr luokh bun.fkftd. and rrVi41ed ffelr. 
And fhntfy pufH ihai itiai ihi vuBLeai ur-" 

^ ^'TeU tbo dog," nid the poot to tbo mwseogor bj wUmh be 
tb«ae oompUmentUT liara, "tbaft bo wbo wm« theae oao wnt^l 
inor*.* But b« needed not ta irrito met* ; tbojr «<«r* « odTiMtiv* •« 
b« could duJro, Jftoob,liowOTvr, onhiaput,coddauk«bifl'-oa|uo 
«• pvwADt u Dmltin oouli bia vurvc. Jobnaoo, m the " Lifo of 
Dr^dao^ robutvi uut Lord BaUagbrok* odo day m>kiug a o«U on 
Di^dan, ba hmtd anothar persoa entar tiic houMi "That," m^ 
D^daOf *■ ia Touaon. Vou will take cnre Dot to de^iart 
goaa away; for I have not oompJoted th* ohoct whiob I 
biiD; aadiryou]aavamoiiDprotact«d.I«ballaijffaralltbe' 
tc wUoh hlfl roaAQtment eao prompt bia tonsa&*' 

Porhapa tbo happjoct boun of Dfydoa'A ulb, noai to Iboao MpMtJ 
evor bis Oaaat coDapoaltions in bia atudy, ««ro paiaed at WdTaJ 
oolfot-bouaoi Anardiunarpattwoo'dook^bemredtonrpaffj 
wboro aw ambled aU tbo moot fammm hkb of tb« tioui. 
ndgnod «um«ma. He bad & cbitr plaoad for bia b^ tbo < 
vrloter, audMarthobaloODjlnnimiDeri wbtt«^nyah1al . , 
bs priKiouncod, ^ e>§ihdNt,lim opbdona mwo now HbHeMlo 
Ja Mnanl upoo all mattan of doubtiVd critldaDo, Wt«fty, i 
bad oooeaion to ridicule and attack bim, ropteaant him ta ] 
in tUa btUo Bcoaio. Wb opinioiu, bowerer, were no^ nu 
with dogxaatiaiD, but ho liatoDod ta orltioiBn. prorided it ^ 

ttrna vbatartf unaipeoted and o&digDifted quavt^r it bap; 

ooneL In MiiMnI, bowoTor, it nuj So mpttoMd tb&t few v««lurad ] 
to dispuU Ola oploioa <^ to pl^ce tbeoauvas ia tha gap botw 
Idm and tba otjeot of faiacaowra. 

Dv/dea'a faowc) whJcb b« appean to bars reaidol Ux frucu tLa 



fMTwd of hii BUtfriAM ml hk dtetb, taji, ta I hftve eiid, in Ocvr&ni- 

now Na 43. The back vinJoTs loo^ upon tho ramloiu of L«- 
CMUrBome, of vhidi cifcunut4DC< ths pietATflUad UJDOsalf tepijr 
ftliUHlauae oocnpluncDt to the noble owner. UU ejwtuuoui to the 
ccmniry Mtm bo oxn been froqaimt ; porliftpfi th« tnorc jvo, ah Lodv 
ESiftboUi ilwi^ nottiiMd is town, la hbt hiur di^s. tli4 fnoiM- 
jiSi|> or Lb relatic«B, Jobit Dr^den, «f ObetAertoo, And Uni- fitowArdt 
of Cottcnitock, raodortd tbar housM iccr«mli1o pbciw of tbodo to 
Uieigal poet. Tbe/ippMrKlnotoUavoluul t. kiurl ailidtu^ tboiit 
ld« fiuio comforto, <2 Y&hio ialiiiitclj bvjrond tho oqctHbuliofUi thej 
oi»d« tovuda udinff bm 

Tie pri&dpti tmt« of bis domevtio Ufo hAT<* boea ooUmM 
U^tberbrUalo&D. From ili«»e,uad from ibe pen «f Coap^vo, vo 
lem tbat be vu^ in jouUi, of btbd*ofno foro) ud iffPMible oonnto- 
laood ; modoat in his iD«DD«r, nlooUot to tntrudo himsdf on tlm 
UAioo nod oonipftnj^ of olWv, eSMtjr cbillcd &iid robiiS» 
1ik» m distAUt oebftTianr; Ifo b dcnorilied u nooet unidbi* juid 
•tfcoUosMo In his ftciilj% nwcroui tsojond htn mtana, nod most 
fiM^Titig of injuneaj ell noble inita of cbancter. UaIoim related, 
ou the Butbority of I^dy Drrdca, thiitAt tba timt thnjioot^slittlo 
«aUle at ElaJ[«doy wvt occupied \ty nno lUn-iots, gruvuoa of tbo 
tmaot who h«Id it in DrTdon'e t<m<v who etaUd iliat hie eracidfethor 
«aed to Uko srcot pltmniro in Ulkinff of him. He wm, no nuiI. tbo 
tMfaflt and tn« kiadeet landbrd in tne w(>Hd ; and n^rtr r&twil tha 
KMt during the whole time ^o poeMwu^d ibu «rtAto> Tbo two moet 
VOlBrtuaaU circonuttaDo* in h» life, next to hia marriaeo. were hla 
$ainf OTvr JVom PantBni«in to Popair, and from tba Ulmu opiaiona 
cf Ua Ikniilj to iho ■'Ihcrcnce to ins wo«vt of kinge. For tbcao 
<iunce8 K would bo di£icu3i to align any bcrttct motive than that 
^ nkandini; hit fortunco. But If this wen tlw cue, be wna Livterljr 
~ ihed lor it in both iDatnooMk Tbo monuobn that bo flattered 
dtnitta* and tbo kat of tbov bdng dnvaa oit, b>ft him to 
BStarall tfaa ftc<»t],tho aucaanu^aQd aacriOcaa that wtra aun to 
i«piaetbiinwilhUioIlul4^niOinert&of lOGO. lie wm, bwteid 
' ninuit n>o'« f^°^ ro^altj by fait ohnnso, dopritvd of that which 
I ^ad tha biun«toihip and offioo of blatoriwapbdr ; and aaw 
1 ovJtffTod, with dOiV> » 7Y*r, oo bin unworthy riv J, ShodwcO. 
dian0» of hia mii^on y^i^ cqmlly uni>m»i\ioua. Hia aoaa 
oora cottMotod with Homo tbnn Enciand. Cbarlaa, tbo 
no CliuDberlein of Uio houeehold t>t l^po InntMJCQt XII ; 
; \mmm9ndknd bj a M frem a borae> he racumed to EDjtUnd, 
' waa drowned in aUcmptitig to awim acnaa tho Hiaonis at 
oUelt, ncex Wiud«or, iu Ai)|furt) 1704. tlio aeoond aon, John, 
t vnai to Some, and acted at thedapotjofCbarlaaiiD the Pop«*a 
laahohl ; ho died at Becne. Both of thM hOoM «m poolicaJ, and 
ablUhfd. Awnuuit- Henry, the third eon, vent a)«o to Bome, uid 
oe a <aptam in the Pouo'a giurda. Ho aftoraatda rotumud to 
'.and Rooceodfld to the GtniilT titlo of QaioCMrt, but not to tbo 
OaDofift^djJibjj whore heyhowencTi oootiAuad to Live wilh 



ih^ pivf>riotor, &lwirU DiyiWu, hia cuimIji, UH his doUb iu t7l4 
Tbuii UrrmniLtcd the tiLfo or Uwt grrot nliHo ]noL 

In the eatmtj of Northrnnptoa ther* >m vAnnu plMM < 
^lli Drjrdau. Bo vitm r>r iLo oUl RkuZljr c^f tlio Dr^dena Of 1 
ttf Quioim-Aahbjr vriiidi Gimilx «till recuunod them at Uia tiiaA i 
my vinL The poet wns bom at tlu TiiinM»iAgo-hoii»<> of AVIv ^ 
All-S>Liat«. Hi« &lher wu) Bnumiu DiTOttit, ood bis motbvr j 
Pickering tha <Uitf^ht«r of tfao reotnr oF AJdvtnkl^ a 
irvlMmowii Sir Gilbert FiofceriiWr ft scalotui puhtaiL It Ap, 

nnd^r kia gnndEntlier^R roof. At T^dimnnb, uronlin^^ 
Drydcu reodLviiig bia first edtuut^ou, ivbcnoe lu procoedea to ^ 
nU[»tor, and itudiod uodor Dn Bu4b;r, a4)d ttitfaoo to Ckmbrtdf 

Scot,!, luvA^" Tf va «ftii holJAVA An Anoifrnfc tt«diti^vi, iho 
«f 'Tbo Jlind &cul F^lh^' waa chiefly wapomd m a 
roUremoDt, at Bitabtoo ui .'iurtluniptoaflbirv. Tbcro w 
bi^^rial vruk at thin pUna, which, frf^m Ihit plntiiT* vhl^ ' 
took m it, r«tAtEieJ tli^ Dftm« of Dr/doa'i WilU; lad 
eroctcO, ubouL tha zuiddle of tbo lut cuntur^i vi iin\ 
foUowing mHcriptLDti ? * In mnoiorf of Drjr'daD, vho fraqn«at«4j 
■hadea, anJ i« Wn) aaid to ban oompOM hb pMm of " 
md railher/ '* 

Thl8«pot WH,tio doubL tbo old hotmo and paA of Iho' 
thftt old, noloui OatboUo omilj, of vhich ono nMmb«r, Sir J 
lV«bftmijpIimdn«ofiffpiouotun piLrt in tboGonpovilornol. 
Sir Pmneu Imhun had booD ^ccivolj an^pigvd in th« aESlLt i 
finrlorfisBoXf&iul hid head bad only beon noCQod fruto the r 
fiu fiitlicr bribing aatMi tatfyt aad aomo pooplfi About tba 

with BCTwnl tbonuiuiff pauuda. Tbu biuiocaa vnw ao clOdMlT ral 

that for aoDw timo tht« dtroct proob of TrabaEO^ oooiiojuoa i 
tho biuiotas cooapod the hands of th« hlstorfant Xht Ut« fiu: 
UoCA iato tb« tNoauroa of tbo SUto Papor Offioa^ hav*, bov 
made tbifl fad, LiIeo so maoy othon, cloar. Long ua^ m\< 
dooam«Dt«, TuLy provlcff It* fall into the Iiando of Ur. r ' 

oxotUont yalorUo of Korthomptonfthiro, icoludibg an 

low-leitor by this &r Pnmcis; vho, notvtthataAfftg bit i 
eocflpfli agtln nuh«d mto the Utiupo^nr ttoaaoo, botag » hn 
tiocL of Qitovby. tho prinoo aotor io li Tho movonooto of Tra 
ilk tho matter luvo oil th« chanaUr of thoM of ko actor ia , 
etraoga romaMe^ From tho looxneat that bo waa admiltod ' 
pooTotf CUcvby voa atrudt with invird torror a»d 
Trii^iacD aamcDtcd tbb alarm, by bcgiiuung aooo to ptsad ■ 
Jbr varati^ ibo Lord» Stourton and UoiUktoflglo, who had loari 
KiMUfv^ A tow dm ofWr, hu «iipdd««itj camv a^n OaUvhy, Wm 
aad FavkcoL in hn£oId Cbubo, and roitoratod hi* ontroaty^ '' 
raibsod ; aikd thou, op tho ±6th of October, aji Lord MoufttOi^ 
aittiag ai sopfwr, at «a old »mt of hia ni J I [ixu>n, whiob bo i 
Tuiitodf and to which ho had now oomv ffiddouty, a letter waa 1 
iahj hia pag<sf«pii|L he bid n>octvcd it from a tail man,wH 
bo ooold not diaconTia tb* dark, and wh^ -vaat bAotiiy anr^. 




1c*v *Im f<^ 1^ afcnil. Lt vraa Iho vecj mmlti^ whicb TriAtMm 
bod *ft *«miwUy tA cOTiTOy Ia him. M<nmlc«^o« in lurtoeUbrnAOt. 
fiuried th4 loUo- 1) Cc^il tlo c^it morauig; ftDil thru tho wcr«i of 
ttw iiD|«ndliig otUstrophe vosnuU Onct<nmrDCiU-j)bj and Winter 
up^intt^ > nntf«Hng viih TMsshnm in EnficUl Chkm 'fhrif purpcm 
mM to charge him «ith the wnrninft of MoimtcAK^'N ^^"'^ i' '^^ ^^re 

tc4d hm whftl hiki t«t-c d«np, th«}ir liitd thf^ir ^jrov VMirchingly on 
hi* cou&teQflikCi« ; aII «dw ol^br ukT firm ^ not a tnuncU moved, not 

Btono UUTPd ; bo sworo nnlcQiD <KthH tiiat li« WM JgDOfVit of tb« 
1«tt«r, «rxl thry Itt htm ffi>- Thfs niftn, when p^rt of Lho oomplntoni 
wo Arrentfd, romuneir At ItiTge ; vhile otbom fled, ho hMtec«d to 
dMCoinicll UiolTer Mc inrvLccA in «|>pr«hnndlDj[ tho robolM. PlcuUlv, 
■rrfttted ftnd cnriTrjri] t<> tho Tnwrr bJniarif. thm, under tortiinT, n« 
implicated tho Jmiita, Oamot luid OrMiiw^t in tonia tivftson in 
Quocdi SUDLboth's time, then r?tnu:tc<l tho oonrcuijon, nnd ilird in 
1^007. i« th«t CiUiotim b^lioved of jtoiti^iK Suoli vu ttio career and 
cod of this BtnD|e roan. The ^mUj estate posMd avaj mto ih* 
basda of thv Osckajnoi, aud U nov the property of Ur. ITopa. 
Ormid 1h«m faoamoro inspiring Rolttii(l« for the compoaRion of a 
Mm, tho tAi^t of «fa)d3 WW to emooth tlie v&^ for Ui« return of 
GMhoUe ■oomdancj', and tbat hy o p(wt wann with the Ant flrm of 
a proMtyte seal T 

Anoogat other pUon of Dryden'a oo^uionAl aojoum, naj b« 
BCctloBnl OiarltOQ, in Wlltobirc^ thtf wikt uf bis wiA>'» ftktber, tha 
&vl of BttfaLhtre, vhenoo ho c!at«o tLe intndnc^tion Ut hie Annua 
Uimbilia e uid CbcMcrtoai, in Bi>atiiigdoDihir% tho aeat of bU 
tiitfrattn, John Dridca, wboro bo traiubitcd part of Virgil In tbe 
«oafltT7 ba dellebt^ in the paatime of £a)iio^ and lued, am 
Halasic, to «pma aomo Utm intb Me, Jonea, of Rafnaden, in Wift- 
Mr^ Di.rf<r; waa aametJmaa of thi* party: ^^ Dryden appears 
(0 hare iiTiderT«t«d hia ekill in fi]>biik{; an loticb an hia atten^pt at 
poetr7. Uenee F«utoo, in but £pitUe to Lambttid :^ 

*n*^t ''.^.hmintt (h0 irt^n VMTn^fti ta will*.* 

And fitMlly, Can'na'Aftliby iionneotA ilwilf iDevitablj wi^h bin nftToe. 
lb «aa the ondtfot pat^imofir of the famiJy. It vaa not hia father^ 
ft wan not bin, or hU vochs tbough tho tttl» jnaiondly counr^liKl wtlh 
it fdl t« h'n Mm, anrt thfrro hia vna lirrd and dlf^d ; yet, oa tho placo 
ahicli p^^ name and alit^tt to tb* lici>, it wdl alwaye muntoin an 
MBOciatkin with tho tarmtrry of the ywl. Thwn* an tJiv p«rtwubva 
ti«pe«tki]^ It ool1ect«il by ITr, Kkkor. Tho ifiumion of the Dryden^ 
MMad iuaanuHdeerpark. iaaiii>pilwbaildiDgofdiErcf«Qtparioda. 
Tba oldNtt part, aa eu|y as tbe bc^oiiaa of ilw Hitcv^tb uentury, 
riW, ia tniilt round a amadl qtiadruxlb. There ia a 

EB the houae thirty fort Icng by twenty fe*t wide, which 
anUrdy Ibwred au<1 wniujiculcd witL tho tuubc of 

a DKTDElf. 

00* nnglo oak, which rrew in thui lonlsTupL In this room an> wwoi 
portiuta of pftiwoi c^and ooooeotcd with thn httkHj, Tb* drnria^ 
roc4Q u truilioiMlly tuppovvd to bkr* b««n 6tt«<l up ibr tbv rtovf^ 
tioo of Anne of DoDuuuk, qucim of Jjudca L Hm ecUtt u bm4 
bat Dot BO lanio u fornirrlj, ovinff t> thn iitrtngv ooodactof tb* 
late J^dj DryJim, «hi> cut ou \wr own obildrDo, tErttvaonfl aad tvo 
dMghtefl^ leaving th« vbolo nndont rftti Tinaiiifcl p p% p^r^j frota tfam 
to tbB «on of her ^^"^^^t ^^ Jowjcr hitoMlf ntlraog lo havo sL or 
malM atioli a vrilL lav •«tftt« h«r« wwtt it appv^ftni, nniD«d, Wt 
onJj bj tho ncnBoo of one id LUiooliutbiro. Sdcb ftro Uto rtiuM 
«T«ntH in tho uiulfl of funiLicA vhich Ureal hiftonanii rwif x«oor3. 
Hov litU* oouiJ this laJ^ «oiiiprohmd tb« hoDOor L^^g in (ka ntmrn 
of ]>i7d«D ; bow rauoh lou the nnturc and dutiet oJa motborf 

Tbo mcnutncut of tho poet in Wf«tmhutor Abfarf i« famifiir to 
thv pnbUop pUovd th«ro by Sheffield, Duk« cf BuokingluUPt bouv^ 
ootjr ft cingLe von), tha iUuatriouB nuno of-^DsinBV. 


DBOV WW ft tortniuUt iDui ; tb« hoUM* In whieh bo tivod tmUSj 
iL Hitt hoM w » poct^ thongb oanudenble in liui tvwn timor liu 
noir ihriodled to a joint which woulri not Tamnt lu to include him 
to tlili irark^ vrcnr xjoe hl« rvpiitdUou ftlto^th^r tir that kind wUtcti 
liiMptAblj binila bim tip vtth the poetical biatory of bin couttrj- 
tle WW tot DfU]r a popuUr pool in hii own daj, but ho vw tb« 
frioDd u>l Mlvocttto of truo iKwtry whvrvvtr U coiild bo IbiiniL It 
«M K« wb<^ m tbo SpocTtator, 6nt aounds<l boldly uut Mftlocudj 
ftfatiMd tW chny of John Uilton. In our tiin» tho nvin] of Una 
jusBirj^ tl:>o return to uaturv laiiil L^ tnitlj, hftT* bttOD tfrontly Judobtcd 
lot}i«uldbftkftdp(wtryofthenati<^ W<irdjsworib,0oieri(!<«^8oulhiey, . 
ScottfUid otheT^aUrilatctbfifonoatioiiof thtlrttsU in tbtf highest 
dcfnw to tbo nadiag of Fcrvj'A Bclif|tu« of Anoleat £figli»b pDvtf^Ti 
But it vu AddHon who long before luid pouitoil out thoM ioutm^ 
and thottv cAxrtA. It vu he who brousbt fomnl a^in tb« bnv« 
old baOnd of Cbwy Cbnco; wbo rominXiJ iu tbatSir l^hilipSidji^ 
badMid tbttl it alwiya stirred hi* bt^rt lik« th^ wnnHof a tntmpet 
llwm h« friio ihovwl utf th« ixamiUble toiuohoa of oaturo and of * 



triM pftUiM In it, tud h^v dliT« via the oU bird •nhi> o om poed l£ 
to all Ibo i&duooow of notiin mad of HmTmaJMi'mr 

Bqulbr did he liodlcAte snd comnaeod to our horto tbs i 
balkd DJ the Babes In tbo Wood* ftnd otbera of th« trae sobool of , 
natiim aod focUnit Wbo Bb*!! mij tbftft it iib# not oviiw t^ thsa* 
critlcuois thatB^op INrcj hlmMlf vu lod to tb» •Uu^md " 
ooilootioD of the pmtoiu fdUcs of former IM, tbai lay K»tr 
ftbout amoDgat tho people t Tbfr •«rvioe« of Addiooo to tbo p 
of EnglftTid OTo ^ sNRte tluoujch what h« raoamm«nd«d thna • 
Jio ooii)|i<>Md ; And tlie mui vho, Dion tbftD nil othwv, cODtrit 
to iQnbo p«nodio<J Utcrftiofo wboit it baa booomo, and «t« u&i 
ovnr, Sir iloflor d% Oorerlor, ftnd tbo vptrit of trno om En^vl 
tcbidi AUTtouEulA hioD, with lU thou ooble p*pon in whK& 
(ion and pbihavo^Aij ao beautifulljr hinl in tiao Spectator, ; 
em reoDUD omihrinod in t^o mon untofiil remombraQoe ~ 

A<1JI»uti, I bairo •*)<!, w«a a forttitbat« vcafi. It U wfAl for 14a tbt 
he iriui ta ihttt ijao cus^ so fortuiuito. It mat tbo aoTTtoe thai his 
WD couli rviutor to the govomiQont of tho timo, that n£a«d him 
from th^ <^j>(i<ljtupri of a poor dorgjoaau'ii aon, to a miiiiatcr of * 
8tatf\ Ana thus igstt him sftonrarda leisure to pureoe IbMsJ 
bcftiitifu] Mitbctio ^wonlfttiona vhidi haro liad ao dooidcd i 
portauiont ta iafluano* 00 our Ut^raturo aud moioft of 1 
XddisoD hod bU faulta. and vui not without theso thora* 
aido vhich Adw eacnpt; iti their progren through the viM_, 

of tlir v(»rM ; but n^t fitr hh v« «rv cunopruda, wo 0«ia to] 

iiof,hiQj£ but lore and aciiEiimtian. Thua much aiud« wo : 

tiaia bripf orticZo, Icavo nil tho dcUila of hit life and _ 

hU tTnvoilas Aud his litoi«ry oooloata aud ftoliiovedocDti^ aa tDatten , 

well ieuown, aud conEna ounwivea to a mirrej of ua tbodM h 

whieh he lived. 

He WIN bonk at tho panaiM|n of Mlbton. in WilCohiii^ a bumblv 
d^reUiniL of wbnob a Tiew m^j be aetftn in Matt Aikfci'a ufe of lUBa ; 
bii IKtUfif heiiig thcrei incumbent of tho periah. He wu aeot to 
oichoulii at SKrdwnliiirv luiil riii:bAolil, and then to tbe Quftorbow, 
where fac fontK^d ihikt a<)iuiLi(itiLnod with RidiAid SUolo* wfaicAi n- 
oidted in su<rh lutitig conuationorci to !itcr«tuti>. TheiKO b« went to 
Oxford, yrhctv be oontinncd till tbo ripe of fivu-iind-tHeutj, whicc^ 
findiEis thjit, ootvitbHlADiliiig hU rdJownhip Mtd th« rcvouroo of J ~ 

MontA^iir-, aftorw&rda Lord Holifiu, with wboee ftiendthip ho wia 
alj^iHfljr bttuoMTMl, aa voU tm with that of Lord Bcimoni aud prooimd 
from ^nvemmrnt a iwiDAiAn of ^OfH a.^'W, ic\ onahia bim to maka 
the oirclo of Earopoan travel, oud aocuaint himself witb Um tbiI 
coudlUofi of thove ouuutHea witb whidi ovvrrEnglUh elotatnan 
must oomo into oentinttal pnvrtinal conUu^ He mi went oror to 
France^, bow Pane, aiid thon aettled down at Blob, to mak« himoelf 
Qifuster of the kaguaga* Ue owitlnufid ocvi^ a jear and a half at 



Bloii; ftodltVMtohttmt«iiMvttidjdurii]flthiitun«thitbecr«ed 
[ Jdji mut kuovMro of Fnitiuli IjlmuLisvL Q* tlion Bsfl«d from Hit* 
lUMlorltAl/. '■itwMUiDcciTnaber.l7<NX"aaysUiMAikeo.''tb»i 
i«aibuk«d fct BfAiMdllM fgr Gcqm, wb«ao« bo procmdtil throuffh 
in, VaEiiiM% BaTouiia, irad Lurvtks Ui Buujv ; Ui«uo9 to Nuilon b>- 
., Mtd |«t)okrdod, b? Flcrcnoo, Bologna^ uid IWii^ to QiDATm : 
bero k« arrivod ex*Hly oua jcur from hi« quittm| mmrillw, and 
\fw> And » half ifcAvr h'at JvpArlurv fmtu rii^luid." At Oouvvu he vim 
lA iiy th* ncwn (if thr death of Kios Wlllitim. ThkwAii folloiiod 
■ Um divDbMl or tho WhiftH froEQ offio^ tba «aoftcqu«at loiB of Jjja 
'odf ftud tbu btuiLIu]{ uX sll bit liu^waof furtbvr adrviU^e from 
for tho pFMOct. InitouL tbereforor of Attcrtding on IVinco 
_jcv «■ Boomirj from tho Eugluh Id&f^ m wm appoiotoii Tor 

MAJ- After rnddtLg « pk-iuxrit toar through thn Snim 
HB| lio dovoondod i:ito tbo ^laitm of Qornwi;, but foaud iho 
itenla iu uvu^ aud fuJl of »py r«Lou«Lou ot UivBftVttrlui truopv, 
I wnt ftdviood iKrt to truat hinomlf in tho torritoricn of tho Duko 
Ftf 8»nH>^ fl# thon&ffo lott til opportunity of m^mg Munich, 
fAogiibiinr «hud Ritjabou, sud wm oUiuvd to uivkv bia w^j tLrou|^ 
mo lyroTlo Viotin*. In Vlcnika ho f^t himujf in grt*t ooziotj oo 
riDOOOAi of moovy, vid to^o hU wnjr hook through UoOBOd homo. 
BoCbcO r«iuhui){ li, hit rauoivwd « piv^>wdil Ui jio uu » Bououd loui of 
Sutopo for tfarco ycuvt, witii tho *on of tho Duko of Somemtt, bat 
1 tho Dftko^ odbn. dooci oiict hb return to Eo^Aod, ho WM 
^.d to writo s vuwu uu lh« vivt^irjr vf BlrubuttUy to tsurvo iLv 
[ CBUOD, ftnd produced Tho Compugn : ot tbc tiicA o otovt huo- 

j] pottQ» but notr diiofl^ moombcrtid br th« poango in vhidi 

llho roptOMatfl Uitrlburoiud^ hl« tho ou^ cif uivjti« vviij^vftocv, Hditig 
hO& tlM "vhiihrind and oimting tho ttorm. Ftom tfaio poriod bu 
•dnnoo woo TO|Md, tod vo hoio Icftvs him to tbo bJogropberi and 
rootriot oonHjliiM to ouJT propor tttik. 

Ihe choDflo of oJieumotaDOH^ froiD tbo humblo *othor to tho 
Dunwttr, ood tha fricod of [aliiijft4ri ; from tho oltnple dorgjnun'o 
om to il>» buobukd of a couuttwr >ui^ thu et^p-r^Uivr vf »a oftrl> 
iiBoaot be moro ntrDdughr thvplimd Uum bj tho oingulu* contrwt of 
^ bio obodoo nikder tboM diflfereot chomotom. D'lonoti, in hb CSiii- 
oriUi of UtariLlur^ nhv« tluvt rtj|>«, wh«u tokli^ hiis lufiiul waDc 
«Hb Borto in tbo mjiuartcTt, dceirc^d Ibtta to octor a littlo »hoEy 
i^iOD, ffoiig up Ihrto pair of otoim into ■ Knitll room, Fopv oiid, 

" In tbU pjnrC AdiiAuu WfOtO b!« CuiufHi^iL." Thul wafl cvrtiuutjr 

1 0ome«^L difforoDt to fiUton tad UoUnnd-hQUJk^ But botwcon Ibo 
» ui tho Hvnurkdf and thooo prinool/ hooMi. thero vort utao 

^OzioiB to got to ft Qoiet rotnil, aoikUt titco uid gnonncoi^ whcro fko 
'ooold vrlto. Sach mu oAoiwdB hk obodo ftt Sud;r'4nd, o buidot 
I'Of Fulbou. Ucru bv Dt>pfKn to )ja«o ucxupied Bptrltuvutfl iu » 
I'lodgiii^^hiouiioootobtiidxeuat thispUco; vboooo nreraJ of tho pub>- 
['Ibood lettoniof Stoelooro dotoJ, written at iimoH vhca bo Aotmsto 
Ltwo booa tbo picwt of AddiMiiL Frora Sftjul^'eud, too, uv dAt«d 



«itd Tcr? Auiioiui U> «i Dcva About bard* 4Dd b£rdji''DCBt«L vbii 
Aidisoii Bxwt coriiiuiy ftivM him. Uc Uioa veot to Iniuid a* 
oLlcf ■ccrr-Ufj to tbo Karl of IHuHoo, </a kift ft|ipa(DtiAat)t to tb* 
liOni-IioutaDAccr, and rtnaded for ttocne tiina in UiaL c«|«cifcj in 
DabUn, Aft«r Utin, bo rarDored to « lod^ng ftt Kc(u^gti>a, oviiw 
t« hta i&orcanb^ iDtlmwr ti HoUaad-bouMh oud wui al>ovi Ihu* 
time a frequont gocat At NorthwioL-pork, vitn the Hrvt Lcrd Xovtli* 
wick, and thorc one of tho beat portmitA of him, bj KueUov vtill 

lix L7t6, bv momcd tbo IX^wtnr Oountou of Winhck ; but fira 
j«Ara bofora thii^ that iL in 171 l^io bAd ittAdo tbo purclMAe of Biltou, 

»ft A ouitabb roei(UnDfl for * pcmoD of hii boutioQ In Iho ACatch ftai 

of tbftt high oDDnexJoEi tow«rd« wbioh ho «aa ftlreAdf lootioC' 
BaibTOi however, vo indolgu oiundTCA with a tmit of Addkoci At 
Billou. lot UA a*o Iho eaodo <9f bis Ufo in town, on ih4 auUktUi of 
IMptf, BpeuoQ, And Jo^Jiuion >^'0f the ooim« of Addbaa*^ Guoiittr 
dfty, boCora bjn mnnitgCL Popo bAB gJrcQ a detail He bad ia ths 
bouvo with hhu BudgeJl, oikd pernio Philiin. lU* cUcf oeiu- 

Ciomt were 8t«o]«. Bud^reli, niiuiM, Ouey, DArenont, And Cokott 
tt. With ontt «r <>ttii?r of IhnM bo olvajs Wo«k&»t«d. He 
Atudwd all luuruiiLg , tL«ii dinod at a tATom ^ and wmt oftorwAtilA 
to Button V 

** Button hod bovn a Mrrmnt in tho Couotcn of Warvick'» 
whvi, underr tbv gjaUvn^o of Addiboo, kD|ii * codTeo-bvuM <m 
nitrth jtiia of TtiiveU-tttreet abont two doon from Cbneit^ 
iJoro it wu that thn wits of that time lued to ■wemMo, 
Aoid, wbon Addffujii bid ■tiffisrod mtj vexaUou tma the 
withdroir tho componir from Button's hotide- 

** Prom tho oo&bo-boLuo bo wont to a tdvcom, whcro ho ofWn nt 
Ut« uiJ dimnk too muoli wine In tho bottle^ (tiACOUUnat nootii 
c«TDft>Ht covainIicw for couragvsand baaliAihiAoa for nrmfidonoA. 
u not uulikoljr that Addioon wu first voduood to oxoma bf tbt 
nuuiBiniuiui vliJoh ho obtained tram tho wrrilo tintditj of Ui 
sober boure. Ho tbnt f««lji f>p;iivwiioii from tiio pxtMccioo of 
to whom bo know* birasclf viipcrtor, wiU do«re to jwt loo 

powera of coavccitttdon ', and vbo, tbat oi^r Ankod auoomua 

HwKhtifl, «M able to prewrvo hixnaolf froon being oniUvod b^idi' 
Auxiliary t 

" Among thoM fHen^ It waa that Addleon djsplAjrod tb* 
nf bin enlloqiilol a««aalpliA1lfnvntf^ whioh may ooMly tw NUpj 
Aiioh OA Pope reproAontA them. The remark of UAAdonT 
when he hod pAottod An OTenln^ lo hb coropoay, de^uod 
WW a ponMin in a tio-wig, can dtftrect tittle tmta hu ebom 
WAA Alwm reserved U> vimiLgcni, And wan not indtod to nm 
freedom >y a obATAotor Like tLat of MM^A^ilU'—JtUn^M 

The atAt^^m«Dt luaio In- Dr. JohiiAon, in bio Um of tbe B 
And by SpcDot^ that Adduon'* morhage, like that of Dryden, 
not A faoL^j ooo, b*i bto^ b«en Attooetj orguod ogoawt by 




One wcold gUdlj l« aUc to iioctoiwio in it, ftuil if w« oo«td 

tfco wistrr U.1 iTf IJ Ht Uuv Ailoa, w« iJuwld b« u>iiliD«d to 

lira tlu» CoQut<bk« tf Wnnrick ponBcvtoJ boUi '*Tyv«Tf^ Wdso kuI 

rrmrtrifar of tecaper. The comnt of trudiUom^ hovoverf num 

ttnasb tb* iMhtf mj : ud I bur w* lur* do( now •aflcicui 

•favm^th of cTJi5ai»o to iUv«tt it A« liUUi do I ontidp«U that Mub 

Aikm vill ^rore A3dboo a vtry iolTer man ; the aUietataii^ of lug 

ostttDHponmeS unl t1i« vcioo of tmiilioct, ire a£Aiiu4 hor. Wc timet 

bt cost«iil 1.0 Ukc the man with Lia fjiiL»gi anJ hie tocrol srieJa, 

the foik to a graat tvpataUoD and a creal pvweiity. 

, Ad4iMu fwtfaaeod the oMtat« of Mton hr Iu,OOD/. and the 1Q01107 

■MBBpHikci(«Uj odTUKcad bj hia brother, GuUtoD Addiacn, p>Tcmor 

^^m Port Si. Oiom, ml Ua^raft. Thither he woteycd lila p«dntiiin, 

^^p lihrvy, anil hU eeO^ciioo of ru«<Ula. which, aa c<mDMt«t with 

^B^end that, dunngE the fira y««n prerioua to bia oaamaife. he paau»d 
umIl of bla kbot^ iiiQe> It wu ab<4utiftilr«iLram«D% vcUcttlou- 
klcd to diepoac to tfafxj^t, aad vtetij gf the author of the 8pco- 
Itfor, If we are to beuoTa tnditiou> Uiat tie pknted moat of the 
tM DOW atandio|{ around it, be loiiat baT« takm gr««t ulMaure Id 
ka i-»»**t»»K^> >*«■*_ Od htf death, he bfl U tu hie oolv oiiUd. Chor- 
hUe Adducn, who nyibl not have been much idotc thaD two ^Mra 
9SL Hera ebefl[iceil her loD^bfe,fioncL the death of bcrmiAhi^r, the 
mnntli. iljirfliri 17> inoiil ni^>j jmn J^ttQ UiwAddbon 
-*^abe waa never tnamLHl^ia aaiif to h&vQ be«D ofvsakmtaUeci; 
t IhtI traced hj wany to the want i>f ml ocd a|>iritual oaion b»- 
l«cai> tvr |Kmtj^-«auppadtioii whicb the reaeonhoi of our own 
thnea itiU> the nalun of nan teod greatlj to eouAmL With the 
ml <0boi gf ariitoarati? pn^ndioe en a fev'VIe tnind, die ia c^ to 
Ian bvea leiifnialli ceoud of bear isotl^r, but to bkvt nuvlj tnob- 
lldnad bar fitlwr, Beui^kft to the car«andeducji11iin cHwr mother, 
QiU duet tvA y^ vtroi^^ ccsroboAte the caa« vkicb Mira AiUn 
kbonra to CitaUUb. U oooa not ipeak ray cloqucuUy for Uull true 
i|lH-t{^D whkji ah« t*i]U na the oount^vin bora to»juda Addliton, and 
eikh the oQdAvoura to firore hy hie tShHicn for W. ae ^vidoioed 
W bie Buikiiii; her hia aok executrix aud ^uardiaa c^ bia child. By 
we fhiitjt wtt cjiiat jiidgn of i)m woi^uui, jw> wdl nn iUi* tnMt : and thtt 
Mt of Lttdy WanAck'a fdoeaiioo of her child waa, bj all aeooucla, 
Ikbv— tbiit abe kn bar aihuneflof ber blhnr the oonuoooer, tboti^ 
■tt imonrtal nun, and immd of bar motbor, a oocntewi and noihmg 
Atfc There are many atotfea of the ecootitridtJca and increeeiDg 
itmty nf poor Visa Addieon, floftlli^ In the rlUa^ and iietehhccir- 
Wittl of Outon, whidi may ae wall die out with tii»&. Tbo duipOMi 
pfb«trrr«>tfHymai'kathetandoiK7ofh«rfodii)«& Her crandfatbar, 
Vs. Lancirfot AddiUD, wae a iMivt of CunitivrJ/md, iVre, at the 
Umm af Uu Addiaon making bor w£U, sttll n-miuiicd isuiy near uid 

rr lelatibo^ whom aba aatiraly paieod OT«r, ma abe had datie in 
tifetlaiihead beqiMathed BUtoo to the Hocouiftbla J<^ Bndgxoan 
fat&pvK. bfTdh«t- to I.ord Bridgnai^ whoaa reprceentatiTe h now 
JEiilii Ik^diMtL TbiegBntloEBftnalMdwiie tooouidnr htrm^rmi 



rohtko, beettiaw 1)«r mother'n rDlotkm, tSou^ vciy Mar bj* 
not bf. Hot Dwthor, tbo coimUtf, wu tbo diugLt*^ of Sir 
UhMMOh << Oiirk Cmlt^ Duibiybituiv, br ft w^l^ 
BridflnuD I W9 UiBt tku lir. BndgBwa Biinpcop, & rolatiro 
gnnamoth«r, could Dot bcArctriuttrniUtiTaofharowiiptrf 
miut luTo bad lint Mtuiiu of tbc |itt«ro4l liuo in pkditj. 
r«ifttiT^*a of liitf ovn namv. mwI wtio would bmr« **tT^^ 

pi^)GTtjf Ixiund up vitb tlu nftau oJ /M'^'tct^ m & 

ihnu family &mc^ abputcd her will but iotfikiuiUjf, Sbe u 
iu tbv obanovl of tli» church. 

8oou iftcr Mifls Addiwu^ dcuth, the lihnET vu rDUorod to 
Lendon^ and in Maj, 170B, wtia «r>ld bj «ictiui tor WS. £<- M^ ittt 
Aiditon^ ooUiftoticBi of xDOiLLlfl for 9^ &. Srf. 11m puot*B ■iiiikb, 
driukiofi oup, Unpgt^ i>U. ano now in the pottoanion of WiUiiui 
Fcrdinosd WT&tialiW, K^j. of Kughj, tho dmctt&d&At of coo of tht 
fiioat WMioub fiuaihuft in EutvpOi^&o otbor Una tbc rojrihl liuailj oj 
Bohetnii, of wLioh our "gooi Quou3 Add," the -wih of Rkb«d IL, 
' vu A pnncau ; nai of vuoh — thftt id, of Mr. Wmtukr, of fi<i^7i 

th« prvctict \itad of thg houao — tho youn( Goiuit Adua WrmtidiVi 

ftilicd to (ju«e(i Victodft by his aunt tho Pruioaia of LdDugoo^ ii a 
lUAr nUottvc. They gouM not he in hotter biudx 

6jqoo lliM Ailduoo'* doftth, the hoiuo at QHoa Lm Ihko eucow 
KJrdj oooapioJ bv Mtk Srootea flui Mibh Moore ; by Mr- ApjivHrr^ 
Itmi. -, hy tho Vomon £M&ily ; bj th« TbTfnf— « Boddin^ton ; and hiHj 
br Mr. Smp^on hiuwolf. Mr. oimpiioa hu coniidenhlv inprovM 
tbo boiuo. nboildin^ tho bȣk wn focinjr tbo nrdou ; but, on 
other bftud, ho oatdonBD a cos«iac«mUo j«ii vf »Ijic*VQattaof ~ 
ktretdiirig along one tide of Uio gnrdeu down to a vomi below, 
Addison's Walk. This sTeeue ui said to havo l>von phuitcd b^ AddiMi^ 
and tanuiuAtod tu s ulampof ercrcrDCiiayvibaro yia* au sio^/roip usIM 
AddisoD** Softt. It v«» not till ebout half Uiis avuuio «n« BiUidi, 
' tlist Mr. Sioipsou hoard that it woi Addison's Walk, and c«u*sd thi 
doslruuliuu to ittuix lie uah «t> lUc iUao vT our vUit a vmry dd 
EDUi, lad hod nat rjoliIcU at Biltoo since the dostb of hui wifsi The 
bouse is, howOTor, fai-nJsbcd ; and sflcr rooding Mint AikiVs eiu»^ 

' UWnt, Utitl ^ s BUJu) iiuuilir^r uf ]rJi,'Vuns ooUoctoii \n AddiMMi, oUl, 

it is h«Uored, tomiuD in tbo hutwv vMoh iro mosUj poriradtA of bk 
contomporsnov snl ictriiutciUT of small tulue,' hov great wss mr 
dvligbt tuid HuqiHjfUt o bod nhut iiuil hvv/ uiAiiy tboHi pvintli^ 
wto 1 But lot tu iDftlLQ a morv rv^itor apprco*:b to iUi> f^m uf mi 
old bdUtv, to tho Ckctusl country scat of our ''dcAr shc^t-lscc^" the 

Eutung from Riiphy^ BtCton adutm you from tho hil) on Iha 'TP'^ 
site Bido of tho vnuey orhicti you hsre to croca in order to roica rL 
A loAv ujoM of trees *"■ ^ ^^ *^^ etcratlun ; astosU ^nf diurdi^ 
with nuJy tsperinf Miro in front of thrni. »lio« you vbwe Biltoo 
I liosi butbo<Uttor vilutfo jon do not disooni till you ai« oIom vpon 
, tiiua. it VII i^t UII r bad «p|iroadiod within a r«« bnndnd ywOto 
of Ad(HBMi*s bouse, or Um Usl^ u it is osUad^ that I Hsw tbo ooti 



(UiOTiBigBi tj ytd hi ogttTty tomyrfAlliftnLi: ^nii n mTrii^ n3<d 
""PfSloc IQ tBJ Mi (owftfdb Ibe cbutoh, brvntght m« witbiu ncv ol 
hoQMi Ultra k Kocd in the mktot ol tbe Gim old Insci. A 
vilhffir nfenxMrl me thai no ona Itvod tlwro but Um gartUxiurj nov 
hBd3aD«lbr7«ara. 'Hio utoamhaddjediUtbvtreeo viUiiUricb 
ftDd jettnBbncbot^bim; le«T«a fttrtwod tha groand lu AbnoduiM ; 
tfid Uivw WM i fueling of aolitiuU tmd ikkartioa about tba pltM 
vvluGh WW bj DO iDMCH oqt of koofio^ frtiMi I nfttcUd thai t w«i 

9M to ibfl fraDt of tbo houao. It » ft trutt ElitBbctluii mjuiiioa, not 
toQ iug9 fbr • tm«c> th lup^ anoiub for ajit oountrr £c«ttlGiafta 
vba u iKitOT«rdou« witL hia Mt&UuuDfqi^ TIh* rrt^i^toftho tiuua 
Mtiun m loftjf huilMow^ tod in oJioolLcnt rcpiur^ A projecting 
mar nm i^ mm tliA porch to tbo mot o^or the doar tn cnt> in 
6«wbDoe^ tnt mMOCiio «igi^— th^ tdrolo Mioluatii^ twu intorlooad 
iHiDgle*^ iodiotting the dome of tbe Tojtl eroh; aod ooftr tho top 
tt tbe w« of IS3!;i On Cm tight ktand, o wing of Iowot biiikUnn 

r^oa forvv^ frona Ui« mua •r*atkou, fomsiug, M it w^m. ijn<i Hido 
at ft Doart. Time Imildrng* tara tboir fiblui towftniv ji>u. ftiul an 
oMvad vith itr. On tbo loft tond, bat fttmndiiig bibck in o otftble- 
t<ri^ tfo tL« oiii-btiilcidips Ovoimq^ bov^roTr to bftkuco tlio whdo 
MKb and gi'^ it on ur of oonoidomblb oituiit. All tvund, 
■ynt^ tb» boildiogi aod ftloog the ftToDue^ grow cvcrgromt in 

(to tiM otfcttT «nb of tb« botuo lo» tUo old ^iLrdcti. reteiomg tU 
bdumct4^ncifft jtasiept. Tho o»tr« oonauta :^r a nno lawn : tho 
^ f r Wirt of vfaicA, i-.oftr tb« ho«u*t Ikui wovntlj bo<<a luid ott in 
MiDy iovor-beik, in tho ton of ft «t*rj fto^l cotiivr bedfl to mako up 
^«aiaf«. *nio fwt ftppetta « it m^t bo when Addiaon kft it. 
Cb Km rigbt, a ■ooan'^at faoUjr bedgv dirtilw it from tho AcUm^ 
lUcbawaaticreJvitb lofLfinMrftniotigst which are fbretgn oaka, 
«i to bi laiaed front acovm brouzht bocoo hy tb« poot To tbo 
ViL I'm garlaa is bo«idtd bj & ^all more taattuy ««]uan-elim>«d 
W^ G^ nw, opening baifvajr dova into a Luge kitehea-^fden, 
ifltneai tbeaaaetimjeat Iboupporoitd ftaoldDut<ii tlow-g|uden- 
ii tta far ftUc of thl> gwd«D, oppoaito to tbo o&wvooo tbjou^ tho 
?^ Mm, b an aJoavc. aiu) down tltt ikk oxtonda tho lim« ateaoe 
oiled Addiaoti'a While At tbo bottom of thii nnlen are fiaJipood^ 
^ vq tba liald bduw, ati oa^k wood, Tiiii^ ouiIdAt lofL;^ Iroca, aoniio 
if Ihia •ttnog^ dU, ond erooked, omvotiiiiE ft locM WOirthj of a 
JKlqn bf Qioiit T : . rou Aao« dovjt wrer tlio garden to rkib 
■idt faajcfflnjt ' Lisitr/ btlonr. At the botUua righl^haAd 

^aariauialtfnc.Ty.i.. i^ ^x<^^up of otovpr««tBhmba aadpiao- 
^m &oca lb* boaac^ bet ovcjioohog the fioldoi ftod woodlaods^ 
^■M A4:Jboo'< Sc»t i aud a vary iJovvut a«at it u* AUl of quM 
pL ftiidi ia iha nitcrior of Biltou. He iati>rior of tbo tuam 
. L 1^ tba hrxDc ocmiHttt priadptlij- of two Ut^ roooia, a diniiw 
^ diftwkig n*vu. llicM eitcoif t^mt* throunb. a<o Hghtod at oacb 
W, ai^ tho prDjacU^n i(i fruit i^trios a aort of lilUie oabfiwt in Ofteh 



rooo, TboMtvofiiieliiferoonBarftfauni: round with thaiMdttE 
pkced hen bj Addi*on; wh^Qicr tbij m fev, uikI of oo ;' ' 
nJiM^ vUl M0« be aem. 

In tbe dintng-room w^ flr«t, ftiQ-Unctlii of Jums I, br Ibrt 
0«mnl ; LonI Ciofto, TiOienk Dal:^ of SuddDgbuiL br BdUmt 
GofUor ; tbc Duko of HiduIIoh, Uaur Bkb, &» 1 of Wuiri^ 
PriDo* Buperi, ud PHae* Uuitioi^ aU by VaodjK^ : Sir Thc^ 
Miadktou, Uw CouDten of VirwhOra fkUier, by Sir IVlv Ut; 
nd JQ tbe woall iliTivioa ia froot of tb« rooiu, QUtf Jvwtioe tbe 

QodTiT^ KttfrQ«r, ft aftn of Ur oottpknica^ »fid h>iid>ogw^ ■mUlii 
ooast«Dnucl^ in a li£bl bright bUa <]r«M 1 19lr Jotm Vuibur^ bj 
TttMbft; 43d Ijord Hiltbz, b7 KdoUot. Them m ofcueflj dm^ 

Ob thft 8lalrc«m ta odd of tbo four woll-knovo «^ii«Mrka Cbtriw 
tbo FbvijL bj Vuiilfclc, ilM lu>no b^ SIjkii\ one of trhiob h 9X 
HuupUoi Coortf lad uwUMf tA Warmck Uutlo. Oppowte to it b 
a (UMoogUi tpin oS Atmo oif AuMrlA^ Quocn of Fraibo^ bv Migtatd 

In tha dnwiDff-roocn, a ful]*bivtb fipirff of & tlid)^, IamUmI sm La^f 
bftbcl ThjiuM. ^ught«r of the Eul <aHoUu3d, b«bmd whidi mom 
crtist hud i^Uccd 4 pij)ar,sUtlxgthfttaiKiio«l« tbcrela aprocttdf 
nmikr iiictcn* iTArt«d «« I^ihdjp TirwacM Gtvifinlil, (Luiult^r of Uu 
Dir) of Middlotoc, and ifth Coimt««B of DoTMt ; m iteU aa a cm 
cf i1, iikowue, at Kddw](l Kait to tbia i« a JUuouUr }>iotar«, vhicfl 
night bo oQo of Lrljr'it, bat bfltn no ttexttv vf tlie ajIjkU Ibor* m 
on ffiact &c-«imilA m it at Pianilitnt. It coDtaini two half-laurtk 
figijuroa of Ladf Uicy Far^i Cotmtoaa of Cariiale, and t^dj Dorcunr 
JW07, OouAtatt of Luo««t«r, two of tb« iiiavt flsttvvvil asd nrnarinU* 
vonirn of tbo daj, and tbo latlor tbo motbor of AlgjaraoD Sdaoy ; 
ooxt la tbo DiJie of Novtbuinborland. their kthcr^ 1^ Lolj ; and fuU 
IsugtliM of Ibo u&fbrtniiAte AnMia BtoaH, a vwvr T'^ty ui 
intereating-tookiDg Komaii, and RicL Bvl of HoUauit Lt VAmljnek. 
On tbo o[90tttto aide of tbo rconi is tbo Coimtw uf Wmnrtdt 
Adduu>u*i> utfiv bj ICfttU*!^ U a bd^t Uua <b«<i«. Sbm ■* b«n 
RTprFavnt«4 a* doddoJlf buid*caiu^ baTiug r high« broad fcrobfiad, 
dark hair fiiJliitg io Datural rhi^kLa^ urid witb a a^tcvt uxprcMiioa of 

COunioftuic«. To Imp rSgbt in Lwr ton. Lor^ Wbtia ick, u ■ boj «f 

twehe or fOurtooD roan oH ^bo ia a lijfbt-blue dreaa, and red acw( 
bjIMd. (to ber VA i» a head of Ixird Kcntiiigtoii, br Lehr. A 
motborand daugbtor in two topumto pioturco^ mppoftM to m ^ 
Lelv ; aod tbo EatI of Wanrick again aa a bo/. 

nitlUik tbo ouall deparUaont of tbo room, ir« find a half-loivtE 
of Addiaoa fcanuolf. aUo in ligbt blu*> wlkicb msobb* Ui« sI^mI 
uniwnal coLoar of KnoUctr^ dramry. He appea» hen abovt fortt 

Cxa of ago, bia Itgpa folltr, and tbo couut«tiauco mora flohj and 
I apiHtvd tbo^a ut citbor of tbo portnutA at Hofl«od-boui»o a&i 
Nortbiriok. Bo«Jd«a thia, tboT« u aaotbor portrait «f tbo Kari of 
Wmnikf bv KiMllor, as a ycrung man ; a SooJ ol Guatai-ui AdoIphii% 
hy Ucirvolat 1 and k^tl; of the hoirc« of the houac^Uiao JUkbtoo 
bcnaUl 8b«ia baroadul^tior b there ajajroMof her of a kUr 

agiL If Ue» poftrttH w done daring Addiaon^a tife^ it mciAt 
hftro bccB Topn*«Qtcd u <ild^ ttask ib« tmUj ««i ; sho ooiJd not 
ti0 mocb toofv tbaa two^ oad Uan shs app««rs frt lea«t flr« j««n of 
MBh It &a a CuU-tMigUk TLo ohild A^tttDOs bj (t tibl«t ou wbicb » 
BHtkot of flcwDn, ADd ato bold» ft ;unk 6owor in bor hajid aieaiuat 
bar boBOO. Qb» ba« tbo dtir of an mtdligont obJld. and, u ubuuL 
wMi« OD* of RDoUor'a bgbt'blui> dnkponost vith • lAO>-bordqrc«l 
aptiMi, wsd ftlomckcbor of the nunc 

Sadi A» tbo poitjtuign at Itiltoo. Tboy icclule a mo«t iotcratii^ 
era«ip of tbpo frModa wkI ooat«mporuioe gf Addixia. bcaidon <]ibQm, 
It u « ruo droumsU&oo fhaX thtf bftva boon porauttvd to nmiair 
tbfttt, wbco h» libmr uid bb nwd*b bftvo been di^msd. Ali^ 
gotbar Bilt«D i» ooo of tb« m«t ofttia&oborj c^io^jnoiu of tbc home* 
ud hMiDtB of our domrtdd litmry moiL 

Of Qolluid-boujw, th« luit TMidoDoo of Addisoa it would roquire 
• k>ag artiolo io kivo q tittiiw ido«k This Hqu old Daumion ii full of 
butofio uttocutioiu. U tAkc« ixa muno from n^nrj Hiob, Enrl of 
BolliAdr «ba»o pottfait in in Ibltrai. It vu built bj hi« fatbor-io- 
laV) Sir WtthvT Cctpo* m 1&07, mod affbrdis & vraj good Dpcciraon of 
the BTchitoclun ot tbit tjcri«d. Tbo ^ponenJ fona u thtt of m bolf 
Ei Tbo pnjectioD m tbo c«fitr», famning tt onco pcrcb ftnd tovrcr, 
mod ilw tvo wiqgv vujwortod od pUIWi ^vo gnikt diMuaoD «f o9«ct 
to it. Tbo itoDo quouM workec with k *ort of onbovqiu figorcv 
rocauKl ono of the stjlo of tcaai^ potUoiu of HeidolbDi^ CmUil 

wbiob bi wlut iji cdlod Od the Continoot rvaco^a^ H*ru it im doooaod 

£E^b<tbau : but the plain buiUtitigB vttacFicd on taah ddo to the 
nam body oT the haiu«j wiUi tbcir shingled arA vtc«proofod towen^ 
b%To A irvrr |>iDturaMuo ftud BobauiMi look, Altcnibar it &M a 
cbuning old pilo, uuitb« mtorior ooirMpond* bcAU^ull/ witb tbo 
oitfvior. Tbcr« is a fine eDtronoo hall, t libr&rjr boKi&d it, and 
ftKilbn- UbrUT vsUttAiDi^ ih^ wholo Ivo^b of ono of Uio winp uid 
tbo bouwunvunL,o«iohujidred lad firo foot mlcEijfth. Ttwdnwing- 
nom oTvr tAo cntruioe boll, c&Qod tbo Qilt-room, vxtaidH ftxnn front 
to btttk of tbo bouMi, «ud Dotom«nd« viowm of tbo giirdoua both vnyn i 
tioM to Uie bofflk ore rery bMufjfiil. 

In tbo faouM are, of ooiuve, many inttfMtiiig «od vaJiwblo work* 
of »rt i t mat |iOTiioii of tlK&i laomoriaW of tbo dio^nfoiibod nvu 
wbo bar« TNiei] icoEutomcd to raort tbitber. In odo room is « por- 
tnut of ChorU* J^mcd Fox, ah a child, ia ft ]itfht-b1uo dmmt, uid 
wilb a elooo, rcidd^Mh vdoIIitii uup on hb iimd, undor irbicH nhow keo 
adgei, Tbo Artoi U uuknowiu but m nipposed to be Fremck. The 
GouDtODaaioe isfitUof lifnoud intoUigoiioo^ ond tbo **ctutd"ui tl iflf 
niovft runuriublv, *■ ilio ^tbcr <t tbo mAs." Tbo likooou Ia vod- 
dtffuL You cAji ifMgiDO bov, bj tiiae ftod dnunmtftoocvUiit obiU^ 
ODuutcnaDoe oxptuided iotn wax it bocsoio in outurltf- Tbere IB 

O^ » |Xfrtr^L of AtldiMvn, wbich briODgod to luH ^ughtor. It 

TtprotfOiiU bim u utt:^ touiuer thou wj other tbftt J bftve mmol 
Ib tbu (JUt-rooa %tj> mftrblo ErufU of Goor|[a IV. and WOJiun IV. 
Od Ibo ^Auoftw IJI a bnttt of l^^ HoQudt latboT of iKo Moood oftrl 
«k1 «f Chftiloe Fott b; Xoikkeua. Thia biut, wLkJi ia matAj. Add 



full dt power uid oxpmoion, in void to haro bnnigbt NoIUdrm 
into bU gmt npute. Th« lile^nran to lliAt nf Ohftrfcv Fbx in rvrj 
ntriking. Br ^^ mqio artist thoro a» alno th« bnvtit of CHavIm 
Fo3c*tbo lato l/itd Ilqllaa<1, and Uio pr«a«ot corL Thit cf FhBf^^ 

by Ghnnlro}', (« vory sj^iril'Hl. TViwv ori' iCinn, IktAy jwirtrmit* <>f Lora 

LoatfiiownA, Lord Joitn BiubcQ, ftcd lamil/ portniu. Tbon in v1k> 
4 IttT^ Aod TWjr cariom pttiotliig of % lUr, b^^ ChUot, axid u luhui 
print of it. 

In the Ubnuy, down fftaira, ore pc>rtntt« of Cbtrlon JuDtt Fnv— • 
a tvry flfio ono ; of tlio Uto liord Hollond ; ^ lUltrTRud, by Aiy 

SolM'flrr, iJorbFijfl tho b^irt in pTi«fJ*«<vi, hiuI the Oflil^ on© triuok 
lio Mid tluL^ ho «^r fnt for; of Sir Samuel RomUy; Sir Jtmoi 
Miickint«ah; Lord Knklnn, hy Sir ThdcriM lAwrvaoo; lUsm^i 
F^mn^ift Hom*T. b^ lLiebuTn,v> liV^ i^ir Wnlt^r &y>tt bj the moft 
nitint, ttftt I li fimi *D|moaed it to bo tijm ; Lord Uoouiim, bj 
FtuUtp* ; Fmro, b/ Sbv^ ; MODcs L^^rd TboDirt ; Aichlbald BftmUtoO; 
Ui« Lord iKrnloy ; Info IsMd Kinf^ wb^R T^ung, bjr Homin«r : and 
a Tcry xwci^ fnrt7Egtt fiuicj portnit of tk« present L«dj HoJluid. 
Wc [qIm^ bowcrer, ftr>ni thin hnunt of f^niuns tbc porltiuu or BTron, 

Bpou^un, Oral>b«, Bluton WKttf. [lALi^m« Kr^fjiim, T^ra^l ivf^tvy, uid 

othen. Id tho left wing ui pJaocd tho coIobku model of the «tfttu» 
of CbvlM T^Xt vhloh «t«Daii in Bloomibuij-flqnm^ 

In tbo gHdras ar« v^rimtn loAmnrial* of diBtiju;tjJsb«d imul 
Amonoirt Mrenl verj fijia ocdon, Krixapa the fisnt la Mid to hftvo 
b«cn piAotod fc? Cbirlwi Fox. In tto qtuint old gu'deci i« u ftlcor^ 
i& vhiob ar* Ui» foltoviog linNs plftRiwl tliM-^ bj Ibo l&to ««ri — 

Bec»e&tb tbcee u« ftuned and gl&zod a copy of vetvea id bonoor 
of tbA Mime poet^ I7 Mr LittlrulL Tbero U tuso in Uw budo guden, 
Hikil A|i]iiiii4itji IhtA ttJo»viL fl ^irniiTA biuit of Nftiwil^An, nu a gnoitii 
pilliir, with & Oraok InscnpUon from tba Odrawy, admlrabi/ np^v- 
iLg tho ntofttJoa of Uljnea to tbat of Napoloou nt 5L HoloBa— " In 
n Ar^nUnt fnln h<t roinkliM unditr the luirMh nun^iUwioo of baa« 

Hic fine KTtntjo leading down ftom the bouse to tlio EendDKtoi><- 
TVttd, Ir r«iixtirk«l>U fnr bftvrii^ rfb>n brrn ih* wdking anrl l4Jtin|^ 
pkov of Crocov«U *&d G«uijnl Louiberi. I^mUrt tbea oocu- 
poed BoOaDd-fctouM ; and Cromwell, vlio Urcd at tJie next bmive, 
vhfrii b* comfl to oaBTitnHk vlth hina An »tnl4 ftffiLtnt, hiid tA f<pi>nk 
vary lotid to him* beouiau bo w«ft deaf. To avoid bemg owrhoard, 
tbnr mied to walk Id Uuh areone. 

Tha tiaditionfi rmrdiii]; Addtion bore arfi wrr idif^bt Tb^iy arp^ 
aiinpity, that bo UMd io walk, wboD conwooti^ lua ^lecUtc^ 
locig libmiT, tli0D a pidurv-f^Unj^ wiui a bottle of wino at each 
t^rCf whtab h« riidtMi oji bo Altorrabthr i^tHtM at th^m ; knd Ihat 
tbe Tooia in vbktt be died, th<n^ Dot poeJiivclj knoim, in 8U)» 
pooed to be tbo praawat^ diDUD-room, bcsDg Ibco tbo ttiite bed-room. 
Iba jwaus KaH of Wvwfcf, to whom bo tbcfo «MlnMed the 






emph&tic vordii— '^ what peace a Chrurtuik can die!'* died 
Alto, hizu8el( in 1721, bat two years afterwarda. The estate then 
derolTed to Lord Keneingtou, deecended from Robert Rich, Earl of 
Warwick, who aold it, about 176% to the Right Honourable Henry 
Fox, afterwards Lord Holland. Here the early days of the great 
sUtfBinaii, Charlee James, were passed ; and here lived the late 
patriotic tAnalator of Lope de V^a, amid the Aodety of the first 
qnrits of the age^ It has been rumoured that the present amiable 
iftd intelligent possessor, his son, contemplated polling down this 
TonoAble and remarkahb manmon. Such a thought never did, and 
never could, for a moment enter his mind, which feels too proudlv 
the honouA of intellect and taste, far above all mere rank, wUcn 
there mrroiuid hie nazne and funily. 

^ ^ 


-- T^ -V.'^ 

^^^^H ALEXANDEIl ^^^| 

^^^H PoPEf wlio im bdrn in LoqcLoq, npont Dcorly tbe vWe of hia tiJ^| 
^^^^V bot«94D BlDftil^iti Winidnor Forcnt, and IVicUoil^AnL They wnH 
^^m ih endx tvo cmwUnt rMtkUnoM i lb« Ilai* wbloh b* fnwd to 
^H LondoD, he pawed but u & ▼imtor, cr lodgvi^ Toirn poA, car poet 
^^1 of Mtctctft oji Uo forioji, he WM invefAnbQr 4tt4ohed to tfae eoo&tijf 
^^1 Uioutfh it wiu th« ootjittrr of fttt •«ft;l7-«ooan>i]>U ncbit^ io town, 
^H ADd Sedf prcttjr thickly inlukbited by people of t&ni uni intelUgenOib 
^^M Fnm ibo time thftt ha father purchwed the ETOMirtj it Bmfieldr 
^^H with ih« «iceptioa of ^ ithort limo *i Aabool ftt Twyforil, Dear Wia- 
^H cbeaUT, fend at another Achoo) in Maijlebone^ vhxli wm rmiynd 
^^1 vbilo h« VIM thero to Hjde Hirk Corner, Pope never quitted BinfieU 
^^H M ft reeSdev)*, till ho bo^ht Trick^ciljud. Ho vent sooa ftfter hit 
^^^^ twelfth vwr from twhool uikI he oobLioueil to r«ftido 4t ^sflold till 
^^^^B ITlt^whon bctrui iwcutvcigbt jeenof nce^ ftad atagulady«doi]gK 
^^^^^r be hrod at T«icli<ifit>a(ii t^cutj-fdgtLt joAis men^ dying bi Uaj, 
^V 1744, at the ace of fiAjr-mx. 

^^M Aa ia tbo cue of muijr oth«r people, vrho, iritb aU their ptolo- 
^^H "^phyf «ro not cioritcat lo ro>t thMr cJoima to dutinotioa on their 
^^M own vittnes iul<1 Mhicreakenta, thern wu ou ftttotnpt on the put of 
^^M Pope to haflg his Sumly OD en tri^tocntio peg; aAd,as wu to faeifl 



; to ibe cue c4 a idvi who djd not irpprcr biA «noin!«fl> and 

I wtvie Ihmritebi, tbtrrv «■■ ui «toct au aurmpt Ui puQ Uxin peg 

1^ Iti hbi EpifttJe to Dr. Arbuthnot, tie mflbn tKia cUim for bla 

*' (If c**Ut uvn4. fvt tittc in iKficiiii'f t*m*i 
Vhtln !«■ In 7tT»iAln baiuaia had j»Uiim^ 

Asd la « Aoio to Ui«t EpioUo w Arc fdrtbcr infoniwd, *ttut Sir. 
hscv^* fittber vw n fEcnlltnan of btoitT ^ Oifopdflliirc, tt>0 beiul of 
vtech ««■ tbn fiirt of IV^mie^ vboc9 lolo btfin»u marrioci ilw ^1 
■jr- tUs Biolh<rr tn^ th^ dm^t*t of WiUkiu Tunio^ of 
c Inruj^j tothK WitrtooMlfauitbftivfaonPopapubtiAb^ 
^ « rvUtioo of liis 0V&, ft Mr. Mtfogcp, obsorvcd that hk 
» pQrpo, hail mAtU hiinbf tf out ih ^o pedigree, liot ho wondcnNl 
a Im Kit It ; tlwt ho had nevor h«trd ut^lhinie kiiBMlf of their 
[idhttM lotlMBftHBof Dovnoi aod, vh>t was Eaore, be bod 4n 
dsDttUiljOgaftlljnilaiot^ogrevbgvooiJogiaipitbowM ■lwny» 
, <rf her bnuly* but Mntc Koootiotiod Uim drcmnffUQcv, on 
\ tfao cvrtalrtljr woold not b«v« bMti lOent, bad dio knovru any' 
~ IL Ttul ihv £«ti cf OtiildfQid tad «iJiaaiAv4 the |>cji5rv<! 
oaots cf the Doirtto foxnilT. f<^ vay foch rvUtiorfilup : inil 
tta at tho HonW Offlo^ tUa podlgtM, Which Pope bad mUa out 
flor bin—If. ma oonndond to b< «a mudi bbdcfttcd a« Mr. Inbuid'H 
teeoBi Croa Shakapcuio. 

Dtii «aa «ne of Pom'« vMkseaaea. No tnui diil motv than h« 
4U,laUaiiij,tofreeuteimtimfrom tholoiigdegraiilaUoikaf pervil& 
Uaano dffpeciilecicfl on |ktircB& Ho crealoaairroiiertr far himself 
If Uft«wQ St«(m7»imioci^uul»taiple<tiMeucn|ae toUtarujT 
nm of IftdopetKknoe. Ho iboived tboa th^t thej tnlffht bo bDo, 
fc***Tri^, umI (nen w«altbjr, bj th«lr owa meaju. H« b«d Iha 
•tUilBplaDahuiBelf oci eqini ternM with lord*, when the; wen 
nOMvlf hot be acoratd to flAttor them. It won a pride worthj 
«f t W«mfy rau), kixI it viw vi^l IJi:ii w1i«n bo rl'<|iartAl fmm thiH 
MMxw and wociLl &i& Mi tip a olaim U> nuik vith themoD 
ihqron tertm of fAAiilj arid dcA»Dl — a procoedin^ vbleh Ttodor- 
^boi U* tra» A)id itiaMwUable |irm<:it]>li> rtf lhf> rlivnitj <if gvmlrM'— 
IfaH ba abrtdd noeiro a duo rqiriDumd froco Ulo han£ of hlv 
VBhA. Ttw moBiact that be abaodcaied in any d^grte the potent 
'iOoit tha Jsog and Inninoue doaovit of gooiaft from KmlvotIi — 
« pilifli Ikr aboTs al other patoiti^ ft dcsoeol ftr hl^ier than all 
<WdMooMi^— 4t vftM a flUing rotributwn that tlie p^ndea of the 
Btewd ahfTiM fi>DfE ^ ^'^ bb fa^ tJiftt bta futhnr waa a iMcfaanlo^ 
iWllar v ft «obt>lDr,^u tl apMUD that they diid, frocQ hia rrptv to 
Wd Horra^ aiMl Uvij Mary WortJey MoDiagOf who IhemMm 
U that ariiiT—H bisn ui prmt :^ 

i— — y aa* tby riatWJ emiib«f«e*B«fiJitr«. 
||iMHihTbKart.Aaem*T toria ccrnvr*." 

fart wa^ Uiat Pop<^n pv)ilkUior, tho htriioat thoy 

family, WM ft derfcymaa i" HanrMbire, Tina leoood 

\ tbo &tbor of the poet Tbka A>iaii)d«- WM 




inUndtd for iMTcantllA oficAMuvd vaa udL out U raJde in i 
Ln LkAboo, mfmm ho «mlrac«l CBlhc-lioiaai, wad truwDtUed Uutt 
Ckuthto hi* H3II1- HdiLfW-vriudft ■cttkdIaL>[Db4rd4t>Qot inLfOn<l<m> 
lu « &ii(Ea-tQOTcliftnt> vhorc Pope ww bom ; 4Tid, nequlrrng kn ;iid« 
pfodtDoe, rvtirvd lii«t to Kmaiti^toii. uid oAenmrda to iiukfi«U| 
irhATtt 1m purcbii»d q boiuni, and About tv^ot/ apfT«« of kod. Tliiii 
vu podigrtB wougU for ft poet, who ueedn notw, lu « tmer tODiv 
hn pronounoei U)« geuuiiie D(>iionr8<ir boUi his p«]^iit« ti>d bimaelf 
in tbcni word* 3 — 'jL moUiMr on whom I ocv^r wmi oUlgiid 9t^ far 
to rvflMl, u to aaj, f^ MpaUtd mr; &od ft fftth«ri wbo noTvr ^mA 
blmMlf obliged to My. tbit it dimfpnrtd «f rou/«f/. la a word, I 
tliink it Di>OMgh tbat mj pamiU, moh •« tboy worv^ ttovor coat too 
ft bliuh ; ftcd tint tbuir flffu, mob u bo ll^ oerer oovt thcto ft tvftr." 
Iroprovii;^ on tbia, in fain prolwM to hw Sfttireft, bo dboJftiruft ftftjf 
ft<Iv«cititioqa dUlinotif'tiA trttra biA pftroitts wkftlflTftr, and dnm ft 
bttutiful cLumcUr of hin tiXhcr >* 

Thm fnoil m^n* ih ThivnfKhli a$»t 

)Gb»url>h' n-r, no mii* xnuld onr ti^, 
iCnf d"ril 4n naiTi, ni>r h^nril'-il h Up, 
Vti\^'mr^ tin trif^ ni? irlioDCmiti't lublto irii 

li- .' *l. ty fifiPtlcnM vtfi, 

II. . .|.r-nfif«Bni11iTr<'^r><ai 

IIM dMlb *M tnaftrpin and wilhotK t fnnn,' 

Prom Ibew nTente^ bovevcr, Pui>e bbfritvd ft fceUo ind crookod 
f^ftUUL Tbk circumtUnce^ added tc hi« Iwhig tb« oulj child of hfa 
Cilb«iT, lid tA bi« domMtUft edflCftl^n ±nA bnbiU- Whm dj^t jftun 
old, bo waft plftOfd under the toition of ibe fatnily priest rrom hia 
bv pftiiaod lo tho lEchoclft mcDtioD^ ond ftt Uie OiriT ftge of tvftlTH 
tvturnncl bomtv Thin, b« fujiL vm kll tliA fralnvrtinn a* msoived. 
Hfl c3tittoti«<l, bovc^'tr, to eduoftte bimftflf ; and. as Ulhon faftd 
lUftw in 3iidcEn£bamid]UY\ no be ftt BuifldtL ind in tfao shftdtt of 
Wkiuluir Fi-iTH-if, iiriniiiod wttadil/ hU ntiidlM^ botb of bouka and 
nfttuiw Olio of bii cftrlicftt fnixittnto books via Hoowr ; ftod ftt 
Twyfoffd Bchool he wroto ft ftstlro on tho iDUt^r, for wbich bo wm 
ftnvi^rtly /^fintj^tMl Both tliHte flirts tn'limfj-Ll hU fhLtiim rdtanurbrr 
fttid punriilH. At EinGdd, b« not only wmt on Htrurmooidj *ilh 
Ihevludycpf I^tin, OirdCifttid FroDcb, btit Im c^ommeu^cd vitbor. 
At twnlri*, bf> wn>t« bw Odo lo Solitude, t imbj^cl with whlcb hit 

aituftUoQ Qiftdo biin vrU ftfiqtuint«d. Pof>o «m oro of thft tery rmro 
futftnocftof ft gonloft «blch vu at onoo pnoodotn ftod OHturinf. 
Bui ibo fttfcrtt of thift vm, that hv^ dll no4 «ibauat bta yontig pnvM« 
out oS uaro paorilo rani^, but wmt on tvndifig all tlw beat atithcoit 
Ibi^Ua, l^ncii, ICftlUn, Gfnvk, ftiid \Mia, and wrote ratber to 

kibda of ft^lvK, fts tbofto of ^xouier, Waller, Cowky* It'jchcrtcr, 
DoimC, but eapftdftl^j Chxiccr tnd Dryil^« nikj 1« attributed that 
gMt ifuvtofY <if Ungnagi^ ond tliat PjqtiiBito bvtuooy of rnnifi- 
calion, b wUdibobftiserwyetboeoexccUod 


fnvL ^ItMlftgo to him in ihmo purM^t* wm tke fric«Ifthjp 

- WAbUD Tniinbdl, vbo «u not onlr u oioellecil dchoUr, but 

of gnat tAftv, Olid hid amo the vorH Sir WiJUu h»d 

aWitfttdAr in X'u*y ^Jiiomun TutXc, ui<J aRmT»nii ouo of Ota 

■icrvUhM of ^TiUiuu 111 ; be had oorr it<tind to l^t HftfoHtOftrf, 
U* wUtv plKfV ttaa- BduScld^ when fao *oon found out tfa^ prooam 
■f Pd|i«V ^'mI boCkun4 HU yuitto aqJ firictiil no loiuf n be IrnxL Sir 
W^ltfQ iDtrodufiod bim t> SYjckerlej, tbtn in ou dud ; VfjoWlej 
Itttrodaoid him to Wobh; and Uie btcroij caraioxicna of tbe roucig 

piVt yiMiil bu rn^'Eiilj, tbai b1 ^vriAlwu bo nan h(i atuvtij poit. 
a^ ftv^iacn^ '^ y* i 1'-^ odFeo-houiCk wliidi tnw oJi the nncnh idd«t of 
BoMaD-fltri nt-i^ardon, whct^ th« witfl of tlio iiiu« uMidbo 

aneotblB; -^ Jr^ccliikl, w1i«q bv li*n], Invu HimuMoaHMl 

t» OMbdA. but «nu irLilo ^tuw bii er^niji^ in nodAiy of Iho 
|i) ^)*fi kmJ bcre, bo w^ dinog tbo day, pumuing bia «txidiuH in 
Utwtif9DA partkokrlr poowvotlliw, luuUr ^qo>X toMUsn, hht knoET- 
iMlgit oi ¥t*9th aol muaD. NeitiifLr, frtclj* u be bnd writUit, hjid 
bernibMl tonirf |iroD»ttirdjr iutopriat ; it wiuitiot till 1701', wb«a 
bt vu tTttilj-«iar ttUkt to fiiUifiicd tiU PiMonUh, jiKiudiu^ noma 
Ttoi fif UflOMV Bad CbniiiCcr, in Juvib Toeuioi]*ii Mivcfltlianj. iTkJH 

Mliriclaiij Msood to bo tbo gn«t ponodioal of the time ^ b4it tlie 
ftiat JMT la Thkli Poi>i'a oontrtt^itJoiu appwrod in it, brought 
ivih iL« Thitttr, whftou waa aoiooocdDd by tbe GuordioQ ood 

la 171 It Fmw publiabed bis Saaa^ on CHtioIfliu: UiiAvcui mod 
faStowtd bj lb« R*p« of tb* Lock ; ADd Popc^ sti]] out/ tw«iitT- 
tte^ WM atoace oo the pioaacla of popuknt y. In )T1^, c^'U t&o 
tpof tw«QlT-«rvcv^beluMlalr«ad7)>ric«oaledboldljifitb hugnnd 
iWiui|iiii. lu Inuflhtkii: uf tho Ibod of llbtoar. nod fawl u«i*d 
Ifta fii«t ToldDi^ 'llu« grvat work, bonvver, had b««a preoedvd W 
lb* Wtttibor Korittd, t£ 17)^ttJidoltierd<tacfe«d pt^rnitvad bU Odo 
«■ 8t,CvUi*** Dftj, ui 1713; ood bu Tomplo of Kuao, in 1714- 
Wff^ Hoawr w«a out, bo Mimberod amoogit faia acqiminb- 

«m a '^**7 fi*^*^ '"^ di«Ut]^ut£b«l DuDt 9f ibo tini»^ 

SvUI^ c>>.jii^T THikd, (iftv, AcUtooa, Stoala. CovupovcL Ur. £ocn>UnF 
QMHi lord iUifiu, ^or, >lid]a, Arbalboot, ParDcU, Lord OxfbrJL 
MSrSt^ ^^5 ^'^ WortlcT MouUgu, ftc &U t^ t^ bui 
tMiaflhifeBd bj t&« ifco of twc|itr-AeT«ir Mid vhOo at Buiftold* 
%iiA vtU, tbcrdbr^ al-njn Rnuua a pbxoo of linlv lutoraat t« 
lb 1fivw« <tf our naUooal litentiu^ aud tspLvuIly to Uio admims 
•flh»palUWd,Bcui<s lofcical, Aod luonJ intcUcot of Pom, 

fbsilMd Pot v«jr IVtAii^hnmt aud about two milta aortb of 
CiM/i «am|^ a ploivaut vdla^, nimnadcd vHb baadaomo booaa^ 
ttA in Ibv toidftt of lL* tj^i OAlicd tbo Itoyal Ouot, Tho kouae ia 
vteA hipv'a blbtf. and Fopv too. r«ftjiltid, tUl b^ woot lo Twidcan- 
W b a «nuLl iicat bHck bouiM, on tbo auIo of tbe Loodim roai. 
Vit^ia ftloQt bnlf 4 ijhilo cf tbin botMC| uad wicUi& a rvtimd |wrb of 

Ik fr<fl^ ra the c^ of a oonuotti, is ttio ipot wWv^ it i» su^ 
f^^ »M to taopcm many of bu rcraoa ; ou a larc* tcoo vava 
iyailwabica4«uflct(cvsibo»«'da,//rr*iVfVM«y. UaaMotoixia 


intd to t« •onoillf tilMMd ftt Uic oi^raiM of ft Ud; of VoUifbiaJ 

tho fa^ ia^ ho««v«r, tb«t trftditkn Jikcs tc ftx<iQ conat putieulir 
•pot, luid eqiwUlj tODoo troe. u * pwticokr otyvoi of m pM*ft 
citMiBtDt; it im A pAlpftbl« ftOur, ftca Mtudoa tli« omliDtfjBiiidi 
bat F^pe, DO doubt, «BpecU]}f w\ura t^BUfiing ud walking Mt Ul 
mm of WUuUor Tomli UMd to nrabto tbrfugh tbmm 90mm, ud 
fluTDM/ all b»ooo«idiirodMQ*iooktoJ with tomwMfy and goniafc. 
A tbetovn Ufrotf Pm w« fi&d bat fiw tnc«i^ coMMUvng tbo 
v^knovti tiniM ind tbo penonagci icaoopt wboo te wm^ 
Vbff« Ua MiMJtfd lodginga w«ro I fiad no cnot mantkift ; ba ««■ 
mBtttimce tt ttieDda' faouvM^ or at that of JotTM, iho fwiotar, wUch 
w fvobftblj Dear tH> Janun^a Fark j an wbtn Ur. UlDuni writaa lo 
Papcs in ITlfl^ endoaTMiiiog to pomiiulfl hia to mijca a joomej to 
the continual vitb bka, bo aibort* him to Uon ** lavboB ttftd tbt 
ohoB of St. JaiDoa'a P^k." Nov, tiita aoEaDior Jar¥ia via OQ n tUI 
to Sirift in IrcUnd, >Qd duriog bin ahntokoo Fop« mado uao of Ua 
bouM o» tua town aoiouroi it «w faao% at tbo crbto of Po^a'i 
Roioval trem BkoMa to Twlok«iibaDi, ud no doubt wta a gmt 
oonvooietioa to bim tilJ hia <jwn boiaao ««« tvHj rvmdj for blu. HIa 
dwiriptloD of tbu hoii»c, ID a lottor to Jorru, will tm w«ll nuMtt- 
borad by tho readan of hia lattfra >-*' As to ^otir ItUjitU^ alioal 
your boiiAo, whca 1 cuue withio tlio *«U<, tbej put ua la mitid if 
tbocM of CarthAgOy wheru you Hud, tiku tha waadadog l^Jaik^ 

for the apiiciotui TnuDuotL, like a IWbi^ caraTuwini, cntortaioi 

H^boDOa with \tw iodjftngB. I rulo Iho faaalf vt^ULkovp ! 

bouni AAd Icod oiit jMUT |iipcturaa ftUout tlw town. Yyot wut iV ivto 
bare a poet ia vour bouaa PfKuk. iiuJeod^ doca oU bo cui to avoh 
otrcmnatanow ; for. oaaiaukriog ba eua a vdd b«iat in d, lio eoo- 
ataoiljr kcQp« tbd door «hoiood : ovcr7 ilmo it ia opoaa^ tbo Uiika 
niUa. iho niatj bidpQi roar- Thu Loiu»b aHooa ao acduibU tlMit yen 
annul its vipport, that it a to dr^^p m jovr abMnco ; b«t I 
aitiU tnut ELijrntir tuitW-r itjt miif, 4bt Jcjx-tidiiijr that iVovidoaov wifl 

prwrTo MO man; }Cd.phu.*K T:tium], aud Giudo* is aro lodfod in 
/our iBbdoot. Simlv tho alds of ouo poot caa bardJj be m oeavy 
aa to briuf aa old boua« oT«r tUa hoada «l ai> uuuijr piintorm In a 
vordr TatirbouMtafiJJiiig; but what of that 1 I am only a lodffirt* 
TUa vift BUM pkftumt badina^f . During Jflrtu'a abacuovTnM* 
cnailv a JounM7 od buntvbaok to Oifvrd, « |Jm» tw voa ftind of vim* 
ing ; ftcid tbe u^oouot of bk jouno^ and mode ot ptHtig bia tima 
tfam givcQ iu n lottar to Martha Blooat, la ft pLmmdI omt raop 
into hia Ute* " KoLhlog oould h^va mora of ihht mcIiiuTibofj vDicb 
AIM naed to ploaw me thao mj but daj*« jaimnj- ; Tor, aAaf b*viiia 
pm>d through mj fimoriU vonda ia tlaa fona^ with 4 ^J™f*ff^ 
toveriaa of paat pbaeuzw, 1 rodu oTur haogiuff biOd, wboae to|« wan 
tdfled vith noraw tod vbMn foot vatcmd with wjmtfog rivwv^ 
Mwenhig to tba Jalla of cataracto below, ttid the aiuiiniirii]^ of iba 
wiDda Sb^r% llw ^Umoi/ Terduo of Stooor aucccodcd to ' 


ton. M 

ith€ttUi«ilud««or Ihaoraatiig overtook mot tte mooa rmo ia 

viUiont cmapuj, or taj inUrrvptuo to th« non of m; thoii)^t«. 
Abotit * mfli bmo I rcidiod Oi^r<l, 4U Ui« ImUa nag out in dif> 
■wooi 04M9 1 t^a <loofc« cf evoi7 coUogo anawot«d o&o uictlieT, asd 
■onndrf fortfL boddo in deeper, mao in softer toiM tlut it «ia 
oliMD al o%bt All tfaiM Hu Qi> iU mpumtioa to tlw life I Impo 
iinoo M wwng Umm old mUib nonovmUo gftU«ri«M, Atocio posUoM, 
ftadtatf wAij and aoIiUjy looDOf of tli* U&jvocvtr. i ««iiM 
■oIUbs Iml ft buck gi>«n AM t MUry to bo M iDMi> ft bookwenn fta 
oof tfcer«> I ooaCbrmod mrMlf to ooUm lumr^ w» roU«d up is 
boefci^ Iqr ID tho mort dimkj p^rU of ibo t7aiTerntj, ftud ihtu u 
4md to Uio World «s uj bortnit of tho d«ttTt If ■ovtbin^ «m 
aIi^ or oiwabo in mo it vm o titUo rmitj, nuoh ■■ otvq tfaooo good 
AMD i»od to oitortfthi, wbon (be XDonlo of their owd ordor oitoIM 
tfailr pbtY sad tbotr^ctioa ; for £ found n^roclf loooiTfd wiUi « Bcti 
of fip>J vlucli tbo idJo part of mMikiad, tbo Imncdt pojr to tboir 
nn ipodo* ; wbo tro on oonudcnUo bcro «■ tho bmj, tbo gftj, and 
Ibo isibhietM «tfo in vour wortd ]ii>d«od, 1 vu tr«fttvd in soob ft 
MttNMT, thoi I ooidd n'>l btit »uiiMtliaoB onk mjffelf in 107 mhid, 
vliat ocAdfFO I«ft*£6oadrTof,orwbftt Lbnrjl bfldbitiH. Uotbinbir 
I da ywry !U to roiom to tho world afpn : to loftTO Ibo onljr pltov 
«%oi* I Bike ft flg^ ; and &vto Beain^ myMlT oio t ed witb dignity 
m 4io Moot oomncucrtio obolvM of h limir. pat umolf inio tbo 
Aft portwo of 0^ ftt ft kdy'ft frot In St iimoFa ^pum" 

nor* b ft good dcftl of 1^ po«tkal And pioturwqTie Id tb» ftcocniutk 
» 01 onttibv, of a rido to Oiford ftbont tiro ynui bcforo, tbon 11 of 
Ite ptanom ud ^ldlaraui. Pope sod bio ooDtotupoivrie^ SwM. 
AMi^indSCoei^boTQ ouhIo iniuori4d tlio trM of great pobliMb*^ 
rf Ifcoir dny— Tofiooo* Lifttot, and CurlL OM famiod to tbo ligfat 
titolon Tohuni of Fopo'o Ulton, to tbo poot's totoniabioitat; tsd, 
« Pcji^o v«7 nalunJoAKor,wiaiTi?fTW6liopolloftl coDle««» replied 
fioi Mr. Popo ougbt to EM rrry intirb obligod to bitn for mftking 
tttfo katfwn. far tW d^ biin h mttth crodJt Jaaob Tooaon ««■ 
Ik John lUmif of bin day ; bo tumed out tbo mnt opAniUd 
■tfrfroio of rtMimrd woricOf and 9em, hiotmvof, tbo socrotftrj of tbo 
pMft poktiod Wbij^ or Kit-ca dub, of vhloh th« dokoo of dornvrnt. 
"**"*''"^, Qjftftoni DovoDohlre^ uhI Morlboroagb ; tbo oris of 
nwaalr flundvkodf ^Awhrnikfr, WhTOtttrt. and Kingston ; kmdft 
Bliite ftod Hockon ; Sir Bkfaftrd Stoete, Add)«on, OonlmTe, Oftitbp 
Uflvidm, Pftll«n«j, and manj otiier diMincnlafcoJ man, wbto 
aMsbofk. Ihm^ wnik ««« tbn miinififwnso oF Uio ffi««t UbuOpolOi 
WaiMiJIr^jrailffli QiBinij Ifnifliu tn loml fur bin, nro linn tnadml* 
4 la^mMttogtbo boa&v a&d vbkfi had linco been caUod tbo k)t- 
Uoufloont* bovorcf, ■■ bo vwi, liotot oooo oot-bid hita 
DciBor, ukJ Budo bia fortune b^ it 
i'fe active ocbomea lo tura a pansy, tbo ride jwd sonLiooiod 
oA^edk A curious «toiopla Pop* bad born)tt«d & hnnw ol 
&Btiactoa,awlaeioQtftkako. HoWl moat bkel; noulioood 
ptas la liDboi'a efaop, for bo bad tut just oat«red WiudKic 

bat B^aH t/.ntot- Ptfto luul ui incAftnt iwUiis of liotot^it ilesi^i 
«iU<i ID aL«itl4>r 10 hard Bctiii^co g^T^a btamoroiui and dutmctorutie 
wicoiiUtof Um niii|iUar couvimUoa wUck took plftco boivmn tboA 
Fop« hftd obiicfTpd Ihftt Lioto^ «bo wfti mora MxtwUiiacd to eat 
uMlo of Mthon than <4 borm, ml uoourilir in hin Mddio, for 
which bo »i|in«Md OMM ooltcUadw, wbim Uxitot fvopoood Uul* n 
Umt hod tho iloj boTom Qmau it woitld bo ^Muuot to tat A«^ik 
Qfioir the wooih. Wbtfr tlwj had sJifblMt, *S^ hen^" nud Ldoto^ 
*" what » mtsfaiv frvU^v Hunoe 1 barolODp^poiAMf Wh^t if ytjQ 
omiMod yotirwf m turning an odo till w* moQot agtun t Lar^ I if 
you plMod, what o ckT«r miwolUny you might nuko ot leoon 
boan." « fWtio]« I mo;,* aold P^po, *^ir wo rido od ; tbo moUoo 
uon ud tomjr fiiKTy; a round trot rfvy mtbfh awakpoo* njipihtK: 
thoQJof ODopAcOt and I'll thibk aa bard aa I can." SiUooa omwd 
fi>r a full hour, aflor vtiJch lialol okjpped otMrty ODd brol:o out-" 
** VVoU, Sir, hov far ImTO jou (poiso t*^> Savttfk uuloi^*' aDav«rod Popa. 
''Zounds ! Atr/' uiiclalmod Lintot, " I thought jou bad dooa aorn 
Btotnaa. uiiUworlb in m nuub]« muud Wimbledoo UUl would 
tmiudat* A whole odo iu tJik timo 111 aajr that for Oldawortb, 
thougb Uool b^ bU TimoLhja, ho tnoikUo an odo cf fionoe tba 
quJoKeat of anj man m iuiglaoiL I t«moaib«r Dr. )Ud£ woiUd witu 
vMwa b toToro. tbvoa boon aAor b* oould oot HMok I aod thoio fi 
Sir fcohard, in that rombting old chariot of hia^ beJyocQ Flcot^ilftOt 
ood St, GUoA'a Pbaud, ahall maU you balf a Job.** i^^po JQgg*d m 
to OiJbrd, and dropped Liutoi «a tooo ao bo oould^ 

Wo tony itoAjEiiiO Fopo, during hia oooaaiona] Tisita to LocidcQ, 
looking ia at lintof o to soo what vaa oomiog oat ocv, oc a|)oi>d^ 

Gavyat^o Diikcof Qiicoijsbiijy'fl; with Lord Buimvtoo, or Lord 
£Mifiu;aadm tboereiiliig&MotiiigiafuUcoDdaToalltha wttaaod 
plulo(iu|j£iei« of tbo timo. «t Will'* co9«o-boua», or si Buttou^ tv 
wfaioh aono of tbo ootopany wbich mod to meet at WiD'a bad booa 
tnmatorrod by tbo influoocu of Addi«oii. Thla was oko nllod Ibe 
Haoovor dub, btwauac tbo ocniboiB iijitu:ied Uj Uw Wbig prindptoa 
aad tbo bouaa of Haooror. But Pojio w^ oqually viol«gfD04t tbt 
ToiT clok whicib bad btieo oooutitutod b? hja eraal friouAa^ Bolkip 
broce aou HaHov, oa tbo dowubll of tbo WLnigii at tbo maoa of 
their znot oteupioo Swlit, Sir WilUana WyndLAux WO Batbun^ 
I}r. ArDvtbnol^ and other iDiin of note of that port/ aawetuUcd. Ibia 
waa callHij tbo Octob««r dub, ttom tho mootb is whkh tho fnat 
altonticQ m tbo foiouiby t«ok pbco. Lator, when tba ^iaocaiioM 
arooo tMtvofsD ILirtcr and Donngbroko, a more oxdonvo htta^rj 
club waa fcinnad, tA whiisb Bw\% Uay, E^radl, >»<) Arbutbnot i 
momban. ^uanwtboSoribleruiolubvanuElatwboMOOdmTi 
ortelaotoijl tbo hioton of Uartloua Scriblvnui, tbo Duooimo t 
B»lbaa. und Gullit or\ TVovi^Ta. 

At aU th«oo placosy Popo, wbo bxvbtg fricoida of all partico ■ 
jotA oommlt bmuolf to any poUtiod puty^ w«a Uv^ - 



tboo^ Iba iWital iikflueucv uf ^lirij did oot Cul to tab) ila effect, 
ud do tbo work nf wtmascmenb ninnnjpLt m>nv of tho lading 
■pEritfl or tiie tioML Pope olwa^ > ptnfMsoa to bold Whig pHncipln, 
bat in ttct linen wia Ettio duitiuutiou cf poUtiuul priDolplo «t that 
piHoJ ; iba chkrf dilfiiranoo tt^a tha diffitfmo* of mera pArty- To 
tht DftUon lod Ha mUs^Ate it v£8 of Uttle oooMqueDce Vbat l«iuLcr 
m iu powcr- 

Andd alt th« ofinHrialttffi*, tho fadUnwnU of mrtit, vE^ tnd «oti* 
rerattioii^ ithi<:!i bo mAuy u««tiug* of <4l«^Tikt«d toon opcucil to 
PwCfbo bt^i tu Qjid lumH^fgrovh^ dbuiputcd, and bjA hAnHh 
sitsWinf. HUviAe old friend, SirWilJnm TniiDliuU, WAraed hitn 
of tui ouumr vUb sn a7«ction&to evnoAneaft, tod it ia sapiioaed 
vtth due cAxrk "I dovohic^" nldUo,"ta what Uorvn^tmotocicit, 
I nma tba prmai m tloo of jour hfwlth. And b»|E nf you ^iLnjCdtly to 
At out of aE l&Torfi coxqimjiv, and fl; ftwa/ tuifiw ^ mi^wk/^o. 
Wlui a miicry U i< for jva to bo dcvtroyod by tho fooliih UndnoHi 
— it » ftO one^ r«*l or prwieiidod— of ibc«e who u« sbJe to iMar tfao 
pouonoT bftd vluc^OAd tocogigoTOu in M> tmequal & oombal As 
to tUnavr, tr «J1 1 chd knro, jour bupdnnv la dono ; tberrlhro oomo 
t«r«j, ftud u\« ft IHtle timu to brvfttho £n tbe outit.ry. 1 br*g now 

for mj own «ake, and muub mora for jovm. Hethinkn Mr. hu 

Btjd to fou moro than on^o — 

*nnif nj|r<v nnLlittl* fpaqoo ht*. til* oHpr ftfnuntn.* " 

ISp» lUt tho jostioe of thk call, and oh«j-«d. It wu Dot^ bowsTer^ 
vUbiMit « tingtrUii And r«tirtod JooJe, aa % l«tt<r of hia to Jemta 
tOTtUffo. " I eaaooE «ip««M kow I loEig to roDow oar old int«Toouna 
iftd oooTcnf^ioEi ; otir morning eonfercnoe in b«d in the Bvue room, 
our oroDTDg vmilu ld tlio fArh* otir amutiui^ vojt^ on Uie wator, our 
pkUo*opbt««l inipporv, our looturan, our dUMkrtatioou, our gravitioi, 
oar fcxikna, or wtat not" 

Itappoan tbot not TO«rclyJorvWLPiun«U,G«itfc,Row,and otboA 
of ltb# r*«p4ot&b]o dianoCdr, vor* bu oompuiiona In tbo amonanoiiU 
n&md toibut Uvt unfoftuuAtelr fdr lum he bad Men into tbo 
€mvuaj of tbe diwokite £ar] of WBrwidk, Addiaon'a vtepnoix and 
of CMQkj Qbbtr; wlio, LtAtling thvAtolm «f htn vlvftcntr, Uld ft 
dellbenlo puui to cngago Kim in bn affair dero^tory to bin n-jiutatiou. 
Bat bo rut wiwlj theso oonncxioiu^ and Loudott, witli a TalodJotiOQ 
td b« found in ha van«« writton In tli« c^nutar of a pUloM^ibical 

*D*if. AhiimI. ^tTHiliit torn, fuvwtUl 
thy KHC«|]4lbC«r I'lj IrMr.- «e^ 
• 4 • < 

'*T«4r1iA «iid HmU b* none iillif*«d 

tf*l J«r*u ftiUf ^Al^ v>d rr^Dte 

"liAMplmntin ihTtwdnulffv: 

LaU ^tt»» mnd fkr Jahnwa. 
■■Wl»*1l«U)dl lUrf both wik> nr« i 

t^ wlu In «it lovt feud* cDjtur, 
Afld lliiiitff — lUuut b(iB— «uft.^ 

H«n>| tiMOl uidft Poiw'ii tonn Ufc, or Uut pRrt of liu lib vbnW 
g^\o bimiwLf moit up to iL Wc uow ucvuuipuiy him to bu tfv 
aud Ml Wt rmidcgocy hb bvlo^-vOTwickcnlji^orTwit«Dhuii,tibt ' 
UMkI ti> wriiv It. 

It iiHim tlut Pbpo did niot put^aao tha freebolid of tbo tuuii* ni 
irouada at Tvricktahom. but onW n long Laao. Ud t^pok hu ^tfbtf j 
uut nxithoT lloog with itim. Ulm fklhor died thoro cho rar ; 
bothtJi coothoT fyxitujunl tn liv<> till 1733>whtD nhc died M tho. | 
Mf^ of ninoty-threo. For tAroutj ftttn «ho hui tho «Dgixkr f 
fcction of soalDtf har im^q tho ilr»t Do«t of hU sgo ; cvoGMd V 

Ktoat mco of tlu» Liritr^, ooTtrtud by prinon^ uu) Grornd hj i 
. No par«ut4 o*ur fotutd a more tondor uid dutUUL Kia 
bim tbuy aCftrvd in hctoour tho oam iad di«tlnotioa bo hail > 
Thoy W4TO tho oboriibod objMta of hu hoxno^ Svift pud l_ 

iIcAth,— '^You v« the most dutiful Aon I bave ov«^ koovn or j 
of^ «rhicb ID ft fotidty not hfliipeDiTi^ to <mo m a mUlioii.'* 

Tbo property at IVlokenbauj i* j>rop«rly doMrib^d by Ronot, i 
IjtEi^ on both sidfls of the hjgliiFu;r, r.^uJeriug it Deoeawry for ' ' 

t>> onMii tho road to atHvo ot tbo Ligtior a.iid tu-itr^t omamitMi 
of bin ^nto&a. In order to obvjato thia iciMirefiieaoo, 
roocHinft to the «JEpedieut ct eianrmtiog ft pftm^ uDdor 
from ono port of faU grounds to tho othor,— ^ fikd to wbioh bo i 
in ihvae hum >— 

" Knoir »U tbv tnU tlit hvvvy wfinM «ii hMp 

The ]o««r port of tb«a« iinxmdA, fa vhich bis boane rtood, i. 
•iitutud, in fiiott only tho sloping hnok of tho rivAT, by naDch 
•Okftllcr poiiloD of hti tvrrltorj. The umuijjo, ilx«rcforot v« 
QOoeasBfy to that &r gra&tcr furt. vhioh wu hia vildrroirivs i 
beix foTDflt, aad oroTTthiog. v,hen he cbiofly plkctod ii^d w 
Tbui puHge bo fomiod laiZ a jrc»tUi| bATioi; * hrfOt of rod* 
vovlc oppo^t^ to the river &nd dooamtod within with *pu%11 
mad chelk. Of this pUco ho bu hinuiclf Ichft tliiji dnflcrJi>tion. 

" I liHvo put tbo lofit boiiil ti> ruy n'LtrkA of Xhla kiti'l, In tuiii 
flninhing the BUbtofTUie«ti w«y uid grotto, [ ^iind thont a 
of tho cleonst mtor, which taUt in a pcrpotc&l hn. thftt 
tbroDgh tho oiTtini night AOd ilay. From the rivet ThtiinM j&a i 
through my uvh, up n walk of tho wilHornoiii^ to u kiml nf . 
temple wboHy onoipotod of «htlU in Ibo nulic uuuiiur ; uul 
that dlstMup, unUor tbo tifiQ[»k» yon look down Ihroogb m tdc, 
aroaile of (jvol and aeo thr? mliU oa tba rivtr pisniin «iuliloidy'i 
Ttnuhingp m thiDUgh tt ponpedive gUn Whcd yo«i abut tho T 

c€ tbte gKiUo. it bfcomw m th» ImUatt fram n lumtmuB mov 

» eamtrm «AMtf^ on tb« waJk «f wbwh til tbo object* of tLc rtvci^ 

lii]li^voo4ii«ndbo«li, H^foniiiQf fttnoriii}; t'i'^uiv, in ibt<ir vudbla 
trndiationa; acid vhtDjrcni tut«« mind to light It Imii, R >Ki>nlA ; ou 
A nvj di0«ir«fii aomv. It ia finiihni with *h«UA, tDtetsparHd viUi 
lookin^-^UB Id nynUr Ibrtn^ and in tho cciJing in « aUt of tho 
iHm« inAlOTiAl, at v^itdi whan k kmp or ui orblcuJiLr flgur* or thin 
■l^aufcor 14 bttOQ in tbe noiildK a thouMnd pointod rm gUttftr, utd 
m r«tfeotod ot«7 tlv fd&oc llicro tn coxmeet«d to thb grotto^ by 
» muTow puaaff^ tvo ponshis: on* towards tbc Hv<or» oT unootn 
atone*. fbE of ligkt and open; tho oUmt towarda Uio^ardorvaludovod 
with trr>ra, rr>i](rh trith nholl^ ftiEito, and iron ore. Hia bottom i* 
pared witb itin|>]ft polibUi, vi li «!ao the a^oltdDg ««lk U)> th* 
wildanic«« to tb« toraplft, in the natural tjiat^ ■gmiiDg not ill vitb 
tho Uttlo driti|iing munatir, and the oquotio iaaa of tho vbol« p1ao& 
it ftvit9 atming ta complota it but a f^ood statue with an liucrip- 

tiod. tik« QmX he«utifiil enUquA nn^ whif'K ynu knr>w 1 am a> fflnd 

of You win think I haro been Turj pwtJad in this dceonption ; 
hot K m [ffrttr hoar tbo trith " 
To thie iir<(*i* (LvKinpttnn PnpA tddiyl th\ft nn« In roveo :^ 

"TVa *bD ■hiU flov, vhnt Tboma' inmlucvnT itntp 
UlMi ft lm£ mtiTOT Ibrouf a (&« ttkWlMry nvc ; 
Wbm JU)i«cdJW drop! ftvm uiBCtsl fwi^ dkiUlf 
Ann Hinictf ffr*'!^ brHtiAfl ipfeitttn^ nlii 
ITnalldbcd gtmt iboni on pA^vbetldfi, 

Affpnafbl ri*4l KiloTf MJtin*)* brholil, 
Aiiil*^* tfi* ruLn* wLlTioal * %*bb nr a«iM. 
Anntfb; tiot avrni r Ml fh« KfrUn ^fut. 

Wtaip*! wb^r iv^MiD, lit. Jcl.n 'At Jtnd iftCLtihli 
Vb«r« DriiUh ■1|;b» Iti\m 4ytnf V'Tridhvii ilnl', 

Lac iDCb, HMtk «nlt. »>Ad Ehu BJKfrd flHf. 

But It «>■ not mar«b in (armixtc tbiA f rotto that Pope etnptojed 
buoHL-lf ; it wne Id buiBing oxul «xt«ndiug hie buuM, which wo* Id 
a Tyumen etjick with oolumuav aroadca, aud portlc<ML Tho doeigne 
and eltraiiom of thMe Wldiiigd tuAT be etwn by bia owu band Ln 
the Biitieh MuketuUf dnwu in bb uauaI woj on book* of letten. 
The foUovrui^ pwwge, iu a letter to Ur, Digby, wUl bo nfQdont to 
pvo Q» his idea both of bia ThomoMnud ffkTdm and bU bouM in 
a nuttiur vi»w ;— *" Ko tdeaa you could form in iht viator could 
make ^vu iiEetfiae vhaL Twickeuhacn b in Uiia wano auioanor- Our 
river glttt«m Saooitb tlw uudomlod sun, at the ouae tlnw Uiat it* 
ban^ retain the Toiduro of obowera; our ff&rden« oro <i0«riDg their 
fint noecigajai our ttrcB, lik^ now acquniateooe brouf(;lit bapjfllj 
tosolber. NTS atrvLcliina thifir knm U ma«t eoob other, oad groToig 
oATor and ac^rpr vvvry hyur. Tlio birdu bre Paying their ihaiil»- 

I^tIm »OD|p» Bur Uioiwv habiUtioua I hevv laeue thvoi' My htiiidiiig 

riaM high ououj^ to aUn<t the •to and curic^^lty of the pauuninr 
from the rirvr, when, opon b«hoIdifig a iuUIum of beuity a^id raiBi 
he in^ulAo, Wfa^t houoe ia fAUiii^, or what chiiruli in nung? 8a 
UtUo toale hav^o our ooicmDa Trltoue for Tittimna ; nhatflrariklig^ 



th« poulicol goJs of Uitt river m&jr toko ia rvfloctia^; on Umit clitABOi 
my TtincAn urtionn, or Icmlc piljurUm* 

Popo'M ardjitccturo, Uko lua pooti^, ban b«fin tho nfcjoct of nuA 
And voheuitT[it diijiulo. Ou tbu oue b^iid, libi grtittoa Mdd U* 
biiildlnen bavn Wfin viti>poE«tad ok mart timtdnu «fii1 ehildUh : as 
the othvr, a{rphu^led u bMutiful md romvitic. Into QciUi«r cf , 
ttt««« Ulftput«B tiued «if «atflr. Ju both poetry uiJ Ardiiwctvt | 
a bolder Bpiriluul A birttor tftitA tu^T* pranulod iiiivie PopcTit tuM^J 
^itb ftU hla foLbloa And dfifecU, Popo «ii> a gnat iKwt of Uw 4 
uid didiictlo ItEudi oud hh liotuio and ijroiuidfl bwl their 
baiutl«« Tto vma UlniuZf hiilf inflinod Ia Btupb^t tbo oome 
hJ8 f^c7 in suob mftRotn, and ort4Mi ral^oa luiuDlf on kiA i 
ud crotdietd in both vona uid pro6«. Tbiu^ )& hk tnt < 
his firtft bock af UoroiSo, iLddpeiuod to BoliDgbroko :— > 

la l>iif «Li lniTiikfciqi ti liLT iriipd » 

An vbli aheI flair ^f follt't 4II my IL>— ^ 

I (jljmi, itmi upL I T^ultil. ilid Ebon oAnfnohd 1 

Vou Uilni thl4 nihliattt liut A eummDii fa*«,~ 

Po^^ building tnodiKuiL Uowcvcr, bfld method izi it UiUiko Itej 
gnat romoncor uad bui|d«r of out- tLmt, ho tv^vor oJlowd iw^ I 
thiop to briotf him into debt. He kirpt bin mind at cane by nek ' 
praatD0«;4adaocth«dudafliiDAt^ it tiftdgr dr CTi m rt antoa of «ao- 
tJamil arilp b^ working auioc^t bin tn>f« ujd gmtto* and tuim, tod 
At ba Uboun af poetry And tnuudatinn. At the period KtcoeaSu 
tha robcUkin of lil^ntj^jn Lhat event hnd iiaplioAtcd uidKaltaM 

«0 numj' uf hm kigliuvt nud laont powerful fri«udA, ban k^ «A« 
kbourjng awAy at 1^18 Ilomcr with a proftrcwt wbtch ortooiMbed 
flToiy oQO. ficmoTOd at onco from tho ^luapattMui and duttacUeoi 
of uondtnif and from the agrvcabJfi iiit«iTup<tion» of «u«fa aocacdj, ba 
found Icimirc and hmltJi oDoiigh hiro to pro turn rigour for oier- 
Uoi» utoniithiDg fur no w«^ & (^m«. The taatca ha ladiil^ htn% 
if tb<^ vorv not Amltlcoa aooordit^ to <iair notloini^ v«n> IwalU^. 
and ihey ondured. To tha end of liiji bfo bopraiiflrvnl bia ftiwig 
attMbmtnt to hi> hovu« and tp^umde. In LTH writing to Swift, 
bi B^rn :— '^ I in^iah jou hod anjr moUvo to sec tbi» kin^oco* I oooiil 
koop you, for I am nch : that i^ I bnrv miiro room tbnn 1 waot. 
1 oau afford roam for mysirlTiLEid tno aer vaut*. I hMxn indood roofu 
MLou^b I Qothii^Uit mjvcif at homo. Tbe kind kail h«wi^ bo 
wtfi) la doad I lie fiKra^^^ &n^ inatmctivo udgbbour la ■-' 
Vet Rij Imus* b colat^il, and the garJeas axtono and floun 
koowiag Qotbiug of the gucota tbpjr have }<bL 1 bav* itror« i 
trooa and kitcb«u sardeu fbau yon baTi> any Ibou^ht of: uty^ I \a.n I 
melons and pino-appin of n^ own grovrth. 1 am n much a brittf* 
. BardioueTj aa I am a vonw poot, tL&a vhcn you uw &» ; but gar- ( 
aening la mon akin to philoaopby, for Tidtj aayn, ' J^r^&rmj 
pnuitMtapiejt/iJp.'^ And tovarda the tod of tb« tamo year be i 
ID « UiUr to Batpk Alku, — " I ua noir ua busy pbcting fOr i 


r««*UA«lT la i^^Uatlng fbrvtioUiuri mitt t Uuuik Ood^ir^rorj 

i lUf tad for ovFiy fog Uuit gifi^t nv Uia 1i*ad-*chii, but |ir«Ap(vm 

V7 vofkiL Hiot wuI indttd ootlivB one, bnt I am pletaed to tbiAk 
oij tmvi vH] ftR>rd frAli uid sbftil* to oiben, urheo I HbttU wnzit 
tlkcm CO EtoTt*- Anrl it it no Nort of pioS Ut tna thkt thoM otlk*r« 
nQ no: be tliingi of mj om pocr byl; ; hit it b MHMsgh tli^t tbfj 
m cnttlon^ of tbo noM ^«ci«i^ «Bd onde I7 tba Awne luDd tlut 

la 1T43f tli#lMtTcaToriuftlif««ho««aftiUiEiflpiTedbT tbettmo 
N ^m i, a&i oe0BpEfd Id tli« nme pnnuita. * 1 hnv* Utm," mj9 h^ 
llAMb24th,17A"n»i>i^b/Tnyi^<^f li*«.pftrtl/UiKmgh i3 bcfthb, 
ttd mrllj toamitto lOTselr with litUo inkprorctn^iitfi i& m; wd«a0 
led bcQM, to «hkbr poMibljr> I «bftl], if I Ure^ bo lutuE naodc 

C>f t±i« mod« of Pope's IJib b«Tf w« tukViOi fr<4n tho 1iTt1«rfl of hiin- 
mH mad Ui EHoiwU, ft F<^3tij ti^eimble notloo. Uo vu n«ar oDctigb 
l«vK lo inftk» occMumaJ riijU to it, «nd bis IrtMuU th«rv t>c<u- 
a«q|h to vi^ bim. His ftienda u>3 acqoMDtfttH^ft vnsn <trotj dts- 
ltagmi£iad bud ttDd wDenui of tbe time, vletber titanrr ctftraotcra 
n MbteubDfi^ Tbo g»»t<^ put of ihvta tDar ho act ^wa ■* hk 
^fomU hcrv, it ono period or B&ottor. Be deligbted Xo hftvo h» 
iMil Ifttioftto rneada uo>r biiOi Ofiil soiDe c4ieor moreof tbpmvrllh 
UttL ItUhoF* JLtt«tbiD7 tnd Warburtcm, tbo Ditko &xiil Ducbna «f 
QuoAboTy, Oa/e ctwt PfttTODA ; Sbeffiuli, Duke of BueUodiaAir 
Ltff Ei«U^ htv^ iDd Lidj Hcrrvf, Lorch iktiiunrt, HsJifaj, Ox- 
b^ ItaOagbrokcy Buri^|tiOi^ Iftil^ Scuduaor^ tbo Couutcia «f 
TwcbiTjei, Lon3 CbtooeUor Hftrcoiut, uid bia son 8ir Simon Bar- 
fidii. the Dufce of Cbudoik lords 0»r)toci, Petevboroagb, sikI Luw- 
. Lulj Maiy Wor1]«>' Monto^En, A^dloon, Steele, SviA, PttnicL 
r :>■*«, scd ^ tlio lilovy iwtii of tbe i^m, Wbat ao amj of 
UiM «tto wrutc, and of (hoee wbo ftdiuind lottirnt, wrro tlic fre- 
jMltfra of Twkkeubkm, In hcif in ■ letter to ^*ift, m ITUU, 
np^ mrm, " I tna tbe ot^wr dajr recoUocUoG tvuDljr*»CTCD gre^t 
ttnUUw t3rr rocQ of «ii mil JcAmi»g, who ftre all dioil, adiI kll of 
«r eafaaiotAooo vrilbic iwiil/ yran pt«t." 

Bnt nip»lcrtrlluuu]uoetbe4tflb«<o(M(tdo]i>:hU^d to covivufbo vith, 
bnafaifl Mftr bint. B'>l)iiGbr«ko aottlcii at JJnw]^, taid LaAy Mnry 
iTariliiT ]Co<iUt;vj st Tu »:ki<::itmm ttjictf. Hio latter ixtuiuUblo 
VsauD v«» Q titilo loo n<*ar- All tbo vorld if famii-ir with lA>pi-> 
mma wJxuimtkrn of her, bin bantig bcr picture dnmu L7 S:r 

Uftan- KitcUor, In }CU« *^i vwrj tUj, lie* votib<|j uf bcr, Mid Ujcj 

fWT«[ vki£^ kiiRW DO recoodUattoEL. 
[kit ivpti'a attAchoiont* wcn% for tb« moHt part; idrcng Aii(i en- 

WlD^ fclC«pt iu IbiT iap«fi of tbo flAttvnxl) f^jrrlW^l, nnd stitiricil 
Wrlbn^ tbcTP i> KC&Toc}^ a frirnid of Popo's vibn van aut a frjeiad 
Lrblk WKb tbo Bkiuat*, tbo AUecus 

mU wl>t> cm^l oQfiSor do diKtiDctkin, but bad qualitW vortb 
Vf&f— bt DUMuidcd Xliv motttat^ad; ftietubbip bo tbu UhU Ou 


Mirth* Sbiiirtt the womu v1i» ft1>oT» sQ <»iliar« I10 looot b>ve4 ^ 
lies eonlonied «a iuaortallty m «iKkiriofi m hi* ova 

BaibisUura moat iotiiQ»t« frtodfl^ aror all, ivar^ 81^ Boliof' 
broke^ tmd O^. Tbooe conffonU soula ynn bm uocfa, oAoi, Md 
ftir long tioMi Ugotbor, With F*^ ih^j not only ttiland bU 
Ut«Tuy plans, rm together, wrota to^oUuv, and joM and foMlid 
tog«Ui«r, bjt wiib him tbc; worked at LIh grulUi ond iia bu gvika 
Tli«7 hoJprd hiiD to conntnict litn quiTiounx ; to pluit t^ noft ^«t 
and vtOQM, adJ (o fli Ibem Ld th4 w&lL Lori F^torbonn^b, vb« 
Ldid ruu Hu viotorigiu b uiui7i?r m Sputi, did ouL duMlMii W uj v 


Kvea tbo quaruloii* (ioa&, cv«i3 the proiid Boliogbroko, m veil a* th« 
mmy uid good-cuktunxl Uftf, «o«IouiJjratUiok of ttuj rural m wtU v 
th0 plulottophioa] lubouTv of Pi>po at Tiriclc«obiLiiu Svjft uMiU t«v 
cxtrv>rdiiur% loug u^Dunu »m, (ulo of fire mootb* ; aod Ihr^ 
I1U took aa aUupt l«*ve at Itingtb, It was uot^ && Jolmaon ^nvA 

abfttad thoir raatvol ngird, bub becAuvo thoy vrere bcth oompkUl; 
otit of hoolth, aiid th« doiia tupcclallj, aAlcted vith tlio xwrroitf 
irntabUity whidi proved tfia frirvninririr of iii>«vii(j. It vi 
mrf for Ikini to g«t bacao, vh«r^ in thftt mcrbid oooiditioiE^ ] 
lA ijttio tH^ir axi7 eociet;r. 0«v dMd* BoUogbroko obUfivd 
nbroBhl, Svift raok mto ■ bfprMnondriaiOy th« 1alt«T end oF PiM 
Tofl nMiUnoho^, and Twicuanhaiii a oompnntm Mtitodtti E 
bowovor, tb« cordiall/ chocrtDg Mtontloiw of Uaftba Blonat; 1 _ 
ITai^briTton. wbrvt* B(U^Anc«mort iti ih» «hur«h vaA tb« woH: oif bb 
friondAbip, c4iao in to supply tbopluros of tho old oompamoD* gooai 
6uoh WW thit home of Popo ; ttero i« aUU ajigther portiou o] tdi 
iLfo of wliiob wi:i ^ut xnoxt pioium'ju^ glitifi*^^^! moan into bi* 

faamtba. Uc«udoiulIjr wo find him at Bath he hx» baUtb, bat mon 
froqnoDtljr tnalclog a aiuainor aojoum of a Sesr vmIu or locffiiha a( 
Uw houNoa of aom* of bU fnooda in lb* oountrr. At atut ikram hm ia 
at Diwloj, with Bolingbroke^ vbare thoy ara If int; arid rciAduifl b^ 
tvocD two bajoooka ; at another, at Prior Birk, uear Batb, a£ tho 
AJImh', wbara on od4 kitid of vtifniaa* ftvw up bMwoaii ttu AlUn 

31ariba ami Tcmm Blouut, — tluit was iu Kb yi.>uas and Uonerio 
day% — ** I atn with Lac^ ILithunil lit iny bonder, in «liOAv grove* m 
bad j«id«r<lAy a Jrr mdk of tbrao h<pm^ It ui tli4 plaoo that of al 
otben I Ctticy, nod X am not yet out of biunDur vUb it, tUoo^ 
f haw bold It •nmo moutbii ; it do«« i;ot ooive to b« iireeobb to to* 
HO Jatii iQ tb« w ow op (Ocilobor) ; tbii very dying of Um loaTem adAl 
a nripty of cclotirs tbat ia not ncplomiit. £ loc^ npoa it ta Kpoo 
a bttauly I oiioa loved, whoia 1 abotiid pwocrvo n rMpMt foir tu oa 
dooay ; ait J oa wq nbould look ujiou a frkad, with rameuibnai 



I pTo iw J n> ocw»h thooit nor dedjn^ £rT>m h^ gV ukI flotuiahn^ 
-* I vriU to hoar or two erorr momhi^ Uken lidft out a Titmlin^p 
upou tb« (lown\ «&t b«ajlilj, ulk t«od«T MDttaMoU witb Lord K, 
nrdfwir pUoAfor baoMe and gftrdecu^ opoa BTUkina,ouielad««,piini 
fln* O0Dtnr« w&tor-w«rk^^ — ul Torj fiae uul bcantUVilln our own 

I oBi^iutioiL At Aigbt w« plaj at coountroe. ulJ jiU; t^tHI^ h%h. 
1 4J0 oonw I bet too i foif I ofn roftllj Tich^ biiJ muAt t£rov avfej o^ 

: DMi^if no ii««rTiiu friend wUl qmiL I like UUa courw 01 lift 

I t» wall, thftt 1 ua twolved u> iti^ hen till I hfu- of eaiD«lx<d7^ boi&g 
la lovB tbftt b worth ooninf Bft«r.* 

In uiotW WtUr to UcM airt^fs, be ^t«b us a curious pMp at 
tOQft life. " Fjist, tbeci, 1 wcmi bj wU«r to HMmpton Court, uut- 
teiuJoJ hj nH brjt bj aaj own virtue*, wliich woro not of ao modeot 
awianu lokeepUtfmselTiMorBMooDOMled: for I m^ the prince 
with aU bia laditiA 00 hionebw^ Mnuog from bvnUog, Uttk B^^ 
■fkl Mis. L '" (Mat; Deneodea aail Uvj L^^LI^ cuoida oT hoaour 
tDtJwqQ6eD)"t4MkniobtoproUcUQn,coDtrv7totb« UvsipJDal 

I Wbooruig papbU^ Aitd ^re mo a di&nrr, with iomethiair I liked 
\/fXi!r,ma optx>irttiijLtj of Morcnii^g wilii Mn. IT' — — " ^Mri. llowftnl 
Aftervmnln AmnleaA of &tiffL>lk.) -* Wa all ftgraMl Uut Uic lif« of 
a ma^ of bODOUj WAA of aU Uiian tbo movt aiisoniblo ; iu»d vihbed 
tec fTvt7 inafiMa UmI «dtM U nad a apodmen of it. To nt WmU 
nUk kun tn a rooroio^, rido <retT hndg«vi and ditchoa on borrowied 
mt^ oonov bocoo ts Iba boH of tlie da}- with a IWver, and— what la 
wana a tmnitrud ttoM^wlUt a rtd mark in iba forabaad fh>m an 
aiif hat : all Uua foav qualify tii«ia to mnka oKcalbfit wins for 
fnt-bimUn^ and b«ar abuodanoo of fuddv-compUi-foiwd oLildian. 
Jb iOMk aa U)^ oiD wjpaoffUi«aveatofUicda7,tlie^inualedn)f>er 
m board and catch ooJd in tbo F^'nAHo^* apartment ; nam ihattctt, aa 
fttfafauw baa it> ■ to dinner, witk nLut &pp«Uta thvj naj? ;' and 
ite- that^ ttlt midQi^t, walk, wcrk, or Uuok, which they pkaae. 

4 rtfAan, u more oootoniplitiTe than thia oourt ; aixL ^a a poof of 

■" I oAcd oqIj tcU jcm, Mrt. L (Uuj Lepcll) walked with mt 

■ V* fo^ir UoujB bv iiK>onli|;ht, arid wu mot no cr«Atitrv of anj 

ij but th« kb& woo are aodfioiica to tho irice-cbai&bcrWii, all 

I, n&dc- tbo ffM^len waJL 

* in m^orU I b<vl i^f no bat), ainomblT, basac^taUc, or aii^ pUoo 

«ft«n> two or t[jrtfl ntn< jpkthcnd tcfeuor, eioepi Uadam bitnmn- 

X to which 1 bod Uio hoDonr to be invitod, and tbo pace to 

■» awB J, 

^twm haartiljr tirad, ttid poatf d to ■ P*rk ; fff. Buabj T) tbfta 

v"had aoi'icfllADt diaoonTseof<lB^ckor7;t>r-S vaji mcatiooed 

•rth hfliiwir, Ijulj walkod m whtilo hour abroad witboat djrinj 

4ter it.aL liant in ihn iitxm I alAyed tbotij-b nbc loopod to be biotiDg, 
a^ WI o^t^Tik'^;r'' ruj>tf<)ii8 »et«ral timos in h«r haad. 1 arrived Sa 
^ fiwwrt > ^0iiu" 

I It flautl J him at Orobard Wmdham, tbo aeat ef 

pr WOUu W>boIu4ajr ^ Soroeractabim *'T£a reoe^tioD we mat 



[ ■vrith," floj» h^ " tiad the ttUb eK<mrfii<Q8 we raftd^ »«M er«j mj 

•ftrucftbla I thiuk tbo ooiiuUj obuuiul^ with boMttfd |iirijq»oU. 

8ir William WyudhtOQ is tt praMQt tfOUslDs hhtmit with aooie nd 

uoprovemeatA. 4nd a grett idaqj Tidonrr ourtles. Wa are oAm 

caCorUlited wlUk ve^vum acd M«*Snfa { Bod trao fti vocoo plion b 

tiifl nvighboutiood. amoi^ wUob I wot mJjchUIr pl o wed witk 

I DuDoler Cutle^ hmt MirunoML It aUDflA upon ft ^rttt^ «iiiiiMoasj 

tnd hftth a proapoct of tb&t Uiwo, wilb tQ extooaivo twt of tbo 

GnaUit CbLuueL iu irUlc^h ^rv hopq two uiuU UukU CilM Um SU«p 

n«lmi and Flat llflnu, ami on Uic oUicr lath m omU pkinlr ^ 

lliLgiiUti tUn iliftM\vu» of tbo 0c3(U on tbo 17eUi oowt. All tUi 

' Wmtj I iM-rfocmcd on hon«bac^." To bow toanj r«ftd«n frill Uiis 

[ Sue Mciio iicro mcQtioQod be familiar \ 

Bill Another vUU of Popo*^ to Staxit^ri HArcoartr OxTortlilLlre, aa 
aU nunwoD of Lonl Haroourt H. vho }ait it t> him for Uie BtitnnKr; 
baa fbnuahod ua irith a deacription which, thou^ «anMJwb«t lon^ 
wo iDiUt tAko ktL AilL 80 cauoh ildl|^ted wov Pope with It, Qai be 
Iva doMiril^ it tviM ; oncie to Imt Uan; Wartlef Uonliya, tful 
OQco to tho Duke of BuckingbouL The faUoviiig aooouat ia male 
i>amp]ato by a car«fuL ooapanaon of botb tfaoao lottara ; but taaj be 
[ puppcaed to be Mtdreviod (o 1^7 Vuj. 

"I am IbunioOiPft milca fiom LoEidon ; anid tbo pboo u audi aa 
I tfOuU not qxUI fbr th& town, if 1 did uot value y<iu more than, nij, 
«VBii7bodj sbft thora ; and you will ba coowieKl how litlle tha towa 
haa engaged my tifTccLioiia m your abeence fmia it vboii yoa ksov 
what a pSkw thja U whioh 1 prefer to it. 1 ah&ll twefore 
U to yov at loj^ m tbo truo pioturo of b geuiiae aiMMiit 

" Voti must expoct noUiiog lYgular iu my ddsoriptSm of » bowa 
vbich wkMEU to bo built bofbra ruloa w«r« in iWlioxL Tbo wbi ' 
|iBo<U^oist«iudti3eparl4 ao deta«h«d &om each oth«r, and , 
a^&in, one camot taH how, that, in a poetioaJ Gt^ you 
_ o tt hod bom A TiUi^ in Aiopbioo'e tiiiM, when twenty 
l^otUgea bad IaLcu a daooa tcgether, wvre aU out, a&d etood bUU in 
1 Amaxemeat ever atDoe. 

I ** Yoti mwA exciuM mo If 1 aay Qothio^ of the froat ; tndeod I da 
r not know wbiob it ttt. A atnWKr'r v<Juld he ETievouAly dittppeJDted 
[ who ahould think t) gt^ into tlus bouao tlio rij^ way. Ooe woild 
LteaaoijAUy eipn^t, »ftet the cnti^ throuj(b tUe ]>orch, ie b« Iri isle 
fjthe hall : but aim t Dotbiag loaal you find youmtf id a bnwbowa. 
[fVona tho nrlour you think to atep into tbo dmwiiig-rooca, bolt 
^U|>oTi opoEuug tbo iivu-oafled door, you on ocmviDvcil, ^ e fiiglil or 
l^bnda aliout your ean^ and a oloud of dust in yoor eyea. tbftt jt ia 
Ttbo pigooD-boiua^ On oadi aide of onr povefa ar# two chiiAmey^ 
pthtti iHTmjlhmrfnNiiauu Lbovtii^ido, which wuuJd do wivitLl v^tbA; 
i§or whooever we make a fire^ wo lot the aokohD out of the windoTiL 
. ^Tor tliio parlour winilow bau^ a eloping balooay, which tine hat 
turned to » leiy wuivaiiiiit pvuthoueu. Tttn top ie cniwDod wUh 
ft Tery Toaorahle tem, no like that of tbe chunti jtud by, that tiw 
L Jackdaws hoM in i:, ai if it veie the true BtespU* 



'Tko pt«t ItfJ] lA ht^ Bod Npwdoiu^ &adced tm onto aJcU witli 

ifi bv«r onunuated vUb iikDe«troui homfl of tniiDftb, about twenty 
broksii pduK^ lev vi- » doaoo blgndcrljiitwiv kimI k maty injitvhlodt 
niwqtwt or two, whii^ wo vr«tv LnfoniM<l hul serffd iu the ciril 
vsn. T1)c<TC b ouo r»t ardwd Twdov, boaijtifultjr iUtIuimhI vitli 
<UTVr» ovoatdieav vf paluUd glbb. Th«r« Bojiaa t<> bo a p<vAt pii>^ 
prirtj Ln Ui bold nkflont r «l blo^nmg upoQ ]^BM ; flDd«nt fftn Jlitfi, uk^ 
KDooni vindMn^ Id ih« ccurev of ^ontJon«> beii^; wMom tnc tnm 
OKbb Otwiliuuiif pui«friQ )>MlJoi4Ur,biAnd*U llM^vhklikloao 
i J t iBLHw ilia Enemory tit i Imifltt «bcM iron vrnour hu lonir ainm 
pobitrd viibniBl,uidwti^MklabuUrDo«ebaAinouldet^fi^ bi* 
viooinacnt. Tbd jtmihM &cu of Thmv ELiuor, in usntlwr f^oco, 
«««9 nuin« to that itlncU pofift tlmn t/t nil tho gliuvwn nho •wr con* 
■dtcd tn lierlifc Who cui uj. sfter tbie, thai glaM b &iU, when 
n k not hklf M pcrinlinUo la liuiniui Iwiutj or gloij t Anil ycrt 
I <uuMi bnt iiJsh lf> think that tlio moot withmiiMt ntonnl rif «o 
Mdmt ft fiunil/ aboold be ftt 1h<? m^rc^ of ov<rj boy who Hiiijpi 
A iMM 1 la thte laJf, in fbruie; dnya, have diuol girtcrcd kni^fat« 
mA iscvrity i%TMm, vtib nahdm, bovot^ and mou^^aIi^ and jH it 
vw but the olber ta^l th«t &a onl wm ill hither, aud tnintook it 
liTA tartL 

* Thitt hfeU IoCm you, up usd down tyvtr a v«i7 hisfa thr««bold} into 
lb ■LOitjMTlnnir It U famiahod with hijitorical tApttttiv, whoM 
HftMl Ira^ do «obr«fli tte moftiturv of tho air. 1%* oiKtr coo- 
tttAt of titloroMu VA& brok«i]-U»Uii>d riiptuJ, a ooopU of cnppliHl 
nfavt cftttlnt with tv^ or tkrvc mouklorod picture of tnnuMV an* 
mliLiii.wTin Vint nn tiimnTlj m iTthrj 'nmn frmh frmn boil witb tU 
l^iii hritnitnnn abotti thfcn. Thoo* arv oarvfuUy A(^i nt tho further 
amor, lor ihm «tbdov» bnag orcrrvhore bnknn, maka U so coD- 
tKMOtftpbooto drjpcfpm «Ad mintord scod u^ that tho rooca 
ktpMpnalcd to that purpooO' 

^eii tuthit ptrkrarhoi^Ml AMdhofoi^,tbo]»JB»OD-boiiM; b; 
(« ttjo c/ which rtiiw ui votiy thit lotdi^ on oda und uid cq the 
«h0-, iirto a bed^baoW, a butt«r7v and a amaU holo odlod tho 
telua^ ttadr* Tbeafo^v the tTowbmi«e.alitd(>craec vidffilt 
f£m, wid tho CTttt ifta£t«i under vb£<h ia the dun*. A liuU 
MW oq the riffatj the nertonU' haU ^ nod, br tho tudo of it, up 
bvtei^tlMoli jAdyb <uMet for Lor prii^atoaerotioiBt ^rbicb hm 
bhttka lalo tho Mid bill, thtftp whi3e di< said bur pttt5«ni Bho 
_lit^ c^it an cTD oa tLo mcci uid (W^. Thoo^ arcv upon tho 
pa«il floor, is ftO, twentr-«iz a|«nm«Qt«. buil to ho dladupuiflbcd 
h iMitidobr mxam i t&DOtuptt whlcli I lOMtti aol for^ & ohunbor 
Qat hm in tt A lutgo autloultj of timber, which aooma to Lave bora 
idagr a bothtofct or & cydei^pma. 

I kitobofi i* built in tona of the Rotunda, bving one rast vault 

)oa of the honn^ vi^fo ooi: i^vrtaro ottrroa t<i lot out tho 

.i^bln lithi By tho bhobwAof the valKtho cJKaikr 

, tMt oNildroov jhiruing oouilia of OT«ia aad funiaoot, you 

I tUafc li dtbcr Uio foign of Tukan, the covo of Potjphitiiw^ 



or Iho bonpld «f Uolooh, TIm borror or Uiis pboe bas ivde >wli| 
an itnortflMlop m tbo oovdU;^ P*^pH ^^^ t^>T b«ll«v« t^ wttc^Mfli 
keep th«ireabbatiihen^ and t£at odos a rar A« dfffl tnita tben 
irith iolemil reniaoDr a roMtod tf«r vtuffbd wltb UopeOQjr »!]■. 

'JUk>t# vUItv v« hftT* A i&ttDbn-of rwtdw: joti oavorpaaiMil 
of obo into taotli^r but bj tho aooeitt and d««c«nt of tvo or UMe 
■C&in. Our but ioqdi iarery loiig ftcd low, of tbo anct ppoportiaai 
of a bandbox. Id biofft oT IboM raoua tWa ava haii(pM of tfia 
flaostwoti U tba world; that ia to ear. thooa wblcb Aitdbaa fltibi* 
ftom her ovfi boweta. Were it not Tor Ibis ocilj Ikinitbirai tba vlnla 
would ba a nuaonblo aocno of oftkod waUa, flaw«d oeiliiiy^ brobs 
window^ aiul ruatf looka lU roof naodKared, that aA4r«fllV0Q^ 
able «bower ve msfp wttb Uod*a bleasiu^ axpoet a ctvp of muabrooM 
betwoco tb« ebibka of the floors. 

■^ All Iha door* ara aa littlaaad low ai tbaaa to fbo oibina of nacM- 
boftta : aad tho tooma bave, for many yoan, bad no otW JnhaMlnM 
tbao oortatQ t*ta, wboao rcry age r&udm tbain wortbj of ttui 
TQHioTabla msnuoD, fcr tho tot? nta cf this andeol Mit ara 9U* 
Sioo» thiaa bare cot yti quitted it> w« hopa it leut that tbto htnm 
oay •taod ilumtg tbo mdoU ranAaot of itaja tbma poor in I mall to livift, vho aiv too iikflnQ to rtmova to anothat. Hmj ban 
■AlU t amall Bubsifltaaoe bft tbeui, in tho few raxDauuof bopka of tbo 

■we b«d iMvar aaen balf what I Htq d«act{bodi tallt>r an «U 
atardaod, giej^boadad at«wird, who ia aa nauA so MOttoilty w uj 
in tbo place, utd li>oka Uke aii oU fknulf piotoio waftto out of lU 
&1UU?. Ho f^od not. as wo pamd trtita room to rooox to vitartibl 
lu with movtuni rvlatioiu of tho fimUy ; but hla o b ian a Uona «m 
pijrtioukrlj uurloua wboD bo eafne to tho oolW, Ha idiowod wbera 
atood Iba tHpla towa of butta of sack, aod wbera now nmgod tb« 
bottles of tni for toa^ta in a morniD^ Ho pcdntkl to the sUads 
that auppoitod tLu ir^iu-boopod hngiriirarbi OT atrong boat- : tha^ 
fltappbg to a oor&er, be higged out ih« tattend fkiftitaQta of aft 
wuranaM pIotuc«L *Tfa]i/aiTaho,wUb t«ai3 Uihii aM^'wi* pocr 
8k IboaaB, gooe Okiuter of kU Ihin drmk 1 Ho bad two aaci>^ mat 
Toung maatanl who iiCT«r arrived to tho afoof tblabow; th^ both 
M iU fa thia very oolUr. mul rnivcr weut out upon tbfir ow& kpu 
Ho o^uld nut pwB hT a heap of broken bottlon wiUiout taUng vp 
a pii-OM, to ahov ua Ula amu t>t Lh« fUnilT u|»od it Ho tbao Im aa 
op t\i9 lowar bj dark, wiodlng, atooe aUp^ wUdt laodad att lalo 
acn-vtal Iiltl»roocni,ocu9abovaaaother. One uf theeo wia ■aOodmpj 
utd our ifixido whictiarad to na a aaorat oecaidoo of it- U aaaaw tb* 
oouiwoithlaiiobkbtoodwMabttloiiitortupUdtOboititwootwtwMa . 
a^ hy » instk of the lady Pnmcca with a ueigbbowiitg oriflat; i 
airuAwhioh th* room hwt itmux nikiW iiparn) brnndod aa tba Aciiltdfjj 
Gbanbar. The gboat of Lady FriDoai b saiwaood to wUk tbcn,] 
aad aoine prying m^ia of tbo fbtnilr nport that IbDj hare i 
lady in 4 ^riningiJA thmtigh tha IcMhAlin; htit thia mattarnbi 
ti[iy aiid ll>« wn-auCa u« futLid U? tilk of it, 

" I muat ueeda have tired jou bj Una long tkonriptuo ; bnt ^ 



KBio kilt m^ fteeoorouapniidpld toprawm tho &icia>or7 
nthiek RUMt Jmf Mxn bll into diHA : n«j, |>erb«p«, wt of 
% b«far» ths biUt rendM* yaw haattat indeed I owo thw old 
MUM tbaMiM|n^U]iiflthfttwodoto>Dold fricddvhobvboun lu 
hi Ua il«oIuu&g oooditlv^— n«y, «Tra in hk 1ft«t Attrauilii^ 1 )iat« 
RJoDd tto <o qacllgpt phce (orretirNiioDtuditadr,ThcT«iH>oo* 
•fcQptcm ty cui 4lr«ua there U 000 ItLbttbitant^uadcvua ftnvbodj 
IkM coald vitft me do<« oot wnUirv voAvr nv n>o€ Ton mil nH 
Uwt I luvo traoditcd a. great dcAl of Uoowr to tbi* rotroit; 
no t&Aft MM it wiU cvQ th^t I ooold noi tuTo oIiomii a tLtt«r or 
Ukclip iil»D» to CQQTccvo with tb« dosd.^ 
Ko <M^ aiUr lottfiDg thiL on doobi tbftt Pope poMMMd thftt iiM 
uim% of pointing la «ord> wblch Tbomun cftlM to tml^r "tte 
Mrtimlft tftibilniE of NftUm ;* MJiA vrtiioli, m k ]ott«r to DoddiniftaDf 
Ivai IW^r ^ jwtlj lua«ntfl u to nn & lacu]^, 'Tb«n «r« 
MjmIj «^ to Im nMt *iUi wbo baT« ^vm i kodccm cf tba 
molvy IhTTiirii irfiiob t^^ tni'oUwit— ott^a thua vrith tna miod'a 

r; tbo<vb tM u th« &rvt thiiu w£uck «trilMB, Kid whU u]l TMdera 
mvvfa deBkHid" * Wo mw luuoct^'* nj« Wartoo, * tbal «« 
!■>« &o DBor* leftin* of Bnliop BerhoUjj wko, w «m bjr tbi» b«f(»o 
»(ftx«n WaplM), pftMMwdthftiMicotoiPOot^toitofdMcribnafjp^^ 
11 Ui« nMOitfM^aadprwUM/ numMt-, % til«at Id «Uoh ht bu 
odjr bMM adMlM or exodled I7 <?ni^r ^ nmj of tboM Uvd; tod 
ittMMiiQB kit«« publiabed bj Umco ; tbow MfiodaJly vritUn 
Mfif bl« tfsv«bh* Tho vuit ooviUdum to the prttODt boor 3 the 
vMt of 1L« «ft of bringing tlto thb^ ^*oq vpeoi ol Kvliigly bufora 
fee niilM- It m ihm wmak vfaich olu oiUj bu aupplicd bj the Mine 
■te of atwlv in tbo writer u in the mtcti^, whkb &nt *ug- 
[loine tbviwooHU^of -"VkiU t4»fUaiimitftblo VUmmT Ko 
W pmM Iuhv made wath vkhe more vfleotual than Pope. Ihia ■ 
»»arilforwh>diba jathaaraciiwd little oroopniMiaod jvi no 
biMl t9 rarfTt uid frv nor* doU^tfaL Id hj» lottvn, MMclaBj 
ftaa widnMvd to hii tvo kirely. cbanoiti^. tad lifo-long nwHUt 
1hrt]ia«»dT«rBMB]annt.Meh Uving portnulurraof ]flACMftboiu>d. 
to tealptioo of Sir Wul«r lUleith^ft oM uniiJuot) luid nnhtie a& 
bvbMDn» be mMtmdMoof theBniL Yoxi am new j^t JH<>tAinb4s 
laDnUdn^ mhSTOt^bwetbeuithorof Gnllirer uMd to no 
^ihffiim/moiTUQgbcifbfottaakfiM; oow at BctIi Uotu^ dcm 
^hamptoo, vHb bit fHood Lovd PetMborongh, tha oonqnaroor of 
B| ttdioUaJoonMjvtoBfttbor toL0TdO>bbaiD'a U Stowt^ 
. |K<p in at a snmber oT ceuntij hooMt^ and rich pccpe the? 
oi. Baib and Loodoa aod-tj » ake4cfa#d vHh gv«at vEvkqI/ aad 
fMti> ; but pvch ak«t4bM an idot« oommoo thoia ihcM pMpa ioto 
ttMMntto oovotfj lilc. Iliue joq htra htra rolltag tlong dowtv 
k« fVtibaim iowvdji Balb,dfa«ii bj thv wvy hon* on *liio1i Lotd 
C^^mteeter mde ta the BebelUoOj btit then cniplOT«d b>- Lurd 
OUoM in roUa^ the pmkn. tie lock* in at Lord Dckmuno'a od 
^ Dvvva. H* b«< osio tught *t Kowboia, th« w«t of Ovloael 
Oilwnd],iMM Oifi>rd;"theptvtticat (iaoe for wmtet&lk, j«tiv poula 
liritbiMiitifid MCtiM of graoD and haopog vood, cvarMoa* 

113 MR. 

Tfaoa MlUr.H»ir<^ k^ OloiiooiUnhiro, "m fioOB thing of ftoiolte] 
kiiidb wben NAttire lum dom ererTtlitnff. and Inokilj. for th« tniiti 
hiu Usn cbildr^.'' Then ho cftlh At Sir WtlUAic CodriiMtott'i^ i 
Durlutui«i Di^ltt iii;to« ftotii Ikiitif wliov ha thtu dcvcribw mi <nlfl^] 
t&iimisiit : — " }ly roocptioTi thcro will bo nuttor for k Littfr to Mr.l 
BothcL It tnw porfecti; in hin fipirit -Ul 1ll« UXtm% ia Uw faiJ 
ploof. iDaiflUKl lluhl I BliQi(l<i tokv phjrna propiuator/ to Uie K«1oi^ I 
and truly I miuU ujio of tho Umo, |ilAoe, nnd ptfvocii td th«t rod,] 
Hj Lady Oox, tb« fir^ iii^t I Idjr th«r«i muod my «l«c4ii&nr ; lid|i 
Cudriuoiuu pouudml ouIpUur ; Miv> Bridgvt Brtliel grdeivd brcUi m 
Tiftdy Cox uicmntod fimt up Btwm vitli tfa» phjido m & fdlipoljl 
Luil,r Cok1rtnj:ton next, vitb th(-^ viftl of oil ; Mr%. Bndret tlurd vilb 
jjUU ; bhu fuurtb BiHtvi' witU trjnjuQd »[]ii Utt-caun, It would bm 
n^joinud thn ghoat of Dr.WMdwud to hATttbAliud tJtbi proeMii&n.*] 
But two ycdira bofore hLsHmth|he tfu Main At Stovo^wbm hockj^l 
"All Iho ujurLiiuri WLi br(M^;urt aud disptitv ; ftn«T itiun^r Hid Jl 
ni^ht, muflin arul Fturmony - in the gudcn fwhing ; nn polito^ tfid j 
Dr> cult^ Qor Dovfll reodiD^ TliiJk «^t««s «iacl1y vitli m«; tor T' 
wuiJi of cvib Beads iw «arlj lo bML" 

Tbi« wwi tb6 vrty bo doaanb«ji f^pcudiuA the Uttir put of hit UfrJ 
^^ Lord B^unt la still my coaat&nt ^Jeiid, but lu« oouutry i ' 
ta aov alwiys in Olouoestorshiiv, not La this &elghU)urh<KxL 
Pultfiuey bk* no oouutry Bat ; mad \a t>vitt I «cc hits «tUoca. 
the iumnaor, I genonUj nuubk for & Drouth to Lord Cobbun^ or I 
Batfc, or tiwwhcro.* 

StioH wM<o tb« boniM SAil hfuint* of Pop«. Ic bl« Ufo oao 1 
very tinkiog. How much Ibe liUirvy muu of tho tuno 
Dobility oMooktodi^iow litiJo tbo^ do now. An our laobihty i 

Im> lit^imry, or oiir auth^r^ Io«a ar;iiiKTratto 7 It m^y bo Mid 

KLttboiv nov are mora mdepecKl«utf and oaniiot ii»titr vuU 
But no man wu moro iudopendcat, and (itoud of bia vtdApQO 
than Pop«* 

Vopo WM Oiuioiui that aomiO of hui fricudfl shotiU have tb> j 
or lut houio And groEiud*, to prevont thnr being dvtnoliihid| 
Jt WM tiovor dc>D«. Siiioa b£a day tbor Lbto goiM tLrough n 
lukndiL Hii kouM bos Icoig boou pulled down ; bii willow h*3 | 
in tttt«T docny : bu quincunx hu bcAn doAtrofod Tvro new 1 
nontoL hAriiix tbo &ppc«ruioo <if oxw houavt with « portioo « ~ 
into thfl btgaviLyf nave for ftomo y«uv bocn built at tbe 
extremity Of Pop«'a flrouodi next to this Thamo*. Thft houao - 
WAQ dtripp^d. immMoiatoly ofUr bio dcatb, of »I] mooMinloa idi 
by tho opvTttion of tua own wtIL To Lord IkJiiJibrroko bo leA 1 
own oo^y of bia Tromdatioa or Homer, o&d bia otbor worfaL 
LordHorcbraouli (^Ui«t bovb^ vitU tbv portnut of BoAm^brolEO byl 
TtichitfdftotL To Lord Batfaumt, tho tbroo atotiacs of tho Ihrcnletl 
of F&mctto, th« Venu* da Modid, and tba Apollo ui cbioro ««carOt| 
b/ KiicUor. IbUr.MuiT^y, tlio icuublo boadoCI[oixiQr,bTBcralaiiJ 
and Sir Imoo Novton, hy QoaU. To tho ood of Dr. Aj 
onotbtfr piaur* of BoUngbroln. Oo Uft lo Lord liiUotoo tb« 1 
Ixj, toarbfo of Shnlupeans SpttuftN> and MiltoOk proo«iit«d to fakiQ ' 



I Priaov of Wt^f. Wm bbnrj vent uoanpt Us (tieoda i tbo 

at %iM taothtr, ItOliv, uid auntji, to bi« sutorui Uw, Mr& 
ekclt Of Uut of Ucly M^rj- A'orttev Jlotitngu, by KncUer, Uk«n 
to Ui* tmrtiioii ; bdt td\ l£e hmiitim of bb ipvtu^p witb the unw for 
kiftgHnlan, gina bv t]b« Frindtf fif VilIm, ho lott to ^UrtfiA ]3(ouiil. 
Taa^ flow hbroiuJ tbocio predous rclioa, tben ; uid nbnt duuuea 
AiDQ«£at^'f]ilacoiUntfr A noff liotutt bi« FOOOiUj aHwo OD A ]«tior 
tk# Tbusoii Uuik : ixi tluti tbttv ATO ftclitfUl^ ibivo t4fl)«mocits on tJl3 
wt, «Jiii it b iiat lip «1]e1 divided a4XordinEly. With all thin havoo 
Vvm km fltill. liovcviT, iLioro Uvem of Pope left thna mi^l Iiav« 
Wb «L|i«ot-«4. IIhi 'ItiooiM itt thttt^ — iMlhinc «mi rcmoro or oat 
op Uol Tb« scoiK «oroa« the rivor b vocdj, nch, and RgroeftliU ka 
«nr Tbo ilopitig bonk from tb« nud to tbo rinr, otMO Popa'a 
priuci, u A pn'ttj i^u^i'^i litiQ, Tlur^ Iji ct«ii Afc tbe ccd D««rc«l to 
LwItuiAooctfeTVfttory>itiUstMuiing.whiobbv ■Iftb^chuutorittica 
9t ftadbtr age, hhiI riobablr wu Popyn^ It bu Tiumui oolumtui, 

■^ I'^IP' P*Ac« oC jclMfi fit ior sub wiudonflnt. Uut n Hwj ImiUbUo 
«i«t of SriiA rilia boat apruug up tliere^ coliod hy tbo nd^ibouiliood 
QiMLtihAiL. It hdid«0D,dc}«tidtfij;«AT0i, FutlofwoMlpctioriiftrDeiit, 

attd m toCtj lower. It im Utd pr<rji«trij i>f Mn VimTtg, s vbol«uli» 
!■■! dfbir When I vguUhI it. imp^ 4jf Mtix und otlior buildiiv 
Btarkls wm lying arotUMJ, tnd troatu of wetrk-i>ccp1o wcra h\aiiy 
fJojoJ wbcn lb* lord^ bdiw, luid iiUralt of G^i^t^e iL's nigQ 

Th« lubUma^fta paMi^ or emtto, Mill ranft imdor tbo roaii 
^pU« of Bowln klUog ok Ui*t ^ th^ lluuj^ «vr« p^Ultnl dovn 
«d dOH HWkT vitL U i« MCnrod b^ iron £Atra at lucb «fi^ and 
ir mntQ of tbo url^iul Apif and abtlL-vrork remuDs Uiau you oould 
hii« Mierel. Kmr tbo vosnmg ^uing vUo H«aiBs, uiuW soma 
in»d iwb-warfc cUoili tbf< tpm of a non lU Atonfl, whjcli do doubt 
tai bam plaM tb«f« bjr »oin» oonipaui subsf^uDl to Pwp«. 

OuUMORJontondeof tboroadvtWviHa mdof oonw fulf-do^m 
KM, kliU iM«rintt trkOM «r lU fnrnriAr 4?faflniotAr. Thin wtn Popo*K 
W^tr ^tdflv aad wkbl«r«eai, wucte ba uwd to plaat and ropjant, 
^tdr« and rrcofitr-irv, pull doira and build up, to his hmrt'Ji coi>- 
^■at AmuttJ it hSdl «jv fcTttfm nf Ahnihhfiniv, and i^vi^ all 4ra 
wl^orad tnnr cf tbcatt ti^iw vtuob, upvarda of a huudnxl ytmr% 
i^Popoaaid Mww bnsf ^hMing Ice pustoniy. Tlxy arc dow 
i^jTiocra Iti iifaa B|*<mh diMlnatA, olnui, Miid oAtlnrh. No doubt 
Mfij (jT thvQ bare Wai feUed. tnt wlmt mtAiu w bf^r and 
ay inrinf trcna. Hid iciDn ntid abrubbvrieci are U a grc*t extent 
**wlijiw«*.l J tK» cvulru nf tbo li»ld wu pknlvd vitb |Hitato««. In 
^ in^dat "^ K ^luTNii fif old latircb, bear ih*9 ruad. tbvrv ii the 
■«aic»of Ik ^ hovannt into Uw iJiaw of a ■eat, not unliJca 

■ vtUhoMik ^ -b b«i»d ioh*v« bnn Po]hi'b.Wt UdotibUkL 

Ittbfi tc& 'if litu |{r>ruiid« i» aootbcr grotu, t£iAi i«Kich waaereet«d 
'[^Jfuiam Stabbopc, wbo purchwieil tbo <»t4tv. uribe Iraae of 
«'• daaib. Ti^U crotto MnmA to bav« ft:inDi>d tUa [i^Aii^ 
Jarr crouudd ; fur w arc infonoed that Bir wjlliaoi 
Doi otSf built two viei|^ to Fopeli bouae^ but citeudod 


lUa gronndiL TWre w»» pUcnl vrcr tbe ontisiioe of Iha KPrtl«1 
> bust aF Pnp« in whtto »iu1>1<«. uxl eax ft whit« ntrfab lUb thftj 
foUovmg inacriptioc >- 

- TU boBUi nor. Iftt BP««-« •avn It"^ 
III 4«ftt IM fMhu «fft ttfd di¥tic [ 
Vol fkBeT Da V flvplap « fUnr •«*•. 
And MAopt^ Vl«M «M4 tb* «BVl ef r^p*"— CT«rh 

ThcM twictbg tkke^ «bkb npreaut the additioa of iJiotl 
mito umI ukothcr 5ud m imfoCdlnff tlie MUl of F(^, ao^ 
willinn StuilKiM m ftOBi^bodv mitthl* of &r nwftbfr thinj ~ 
tbfl poet hioiMl^ otUl itaMib, tUe nKummect of the vnter'a < 
CTMtoc')! iaUy, tliv bunt, of cotirvOf it goue. Hie grotui j 

Ouuevaj MDt to Pope by 8ir Uaxm 8k»n« in 1743, odI^ twd 
befaro ?0|w'» detth ; oomo hn^ j^Mwa of gluscd uid Rtnpedj 

of tho wfttez«i cndcotW bT0U||lit from aome oftvomous uore, f 
of ft torrmit, pcrhftM mm a great divtanod^ aimI no doubt j ' 
exp<*iiM^ JU tbu, bowffvfir, n«» tb« worfc of Sir WiUjain Si 
ftDd itot of Pope, tbfr whole poftM«M« little mtereet. Eveij I 
tlio t«mplo or which IVrpc ipfiAbs » bcinff m fall ti»« ft 
grottOi » ftnnthilfttvd ; ftM tl)« nmftU ol^liBk, b^uia^ thv i 
tion in ia«tnoE7 of his ctotbcr, — 

Ah I EitllftA, 
MttllRttd InviTiiiiiiu. 

hubeoi romored. &nd k au<l to be iq tbe yoaw M km of Lofd ] 
«d ae4 up ia hU grounJe, jut by. 

Lard Meodip, wlw niftrricd Sir WUliom Stftub<^V 
nid to hftTe bMD particubuly ajmow t9 reUk ev^ 
ITet in bie ctre to tDointAiD, ho ntui bftie toij mach ftlten 
fttaeoocd tbo bouw^ aad adomod It, vtfft o vrit«r iu t^ Ocoll 
UeflasiQOk in to elc^t eAy\e. ITn eadoBed tbe hwiv tad 
wk QaeommoQ oue the ffti^fiiurd woefnog vUlov. nt 
tho fittrDDtftUjok or 11i« «vllJi>wft iij TwIckoDbuu Ftrk. V««, J 
•aid to bavB b««ii tbv inUoduoDr of tbo vMpai^ wiUow into 3 
— *tbAi leeiog aorao twin ftrouod the wnppinjt of in ftrticte i 
■ott to lAdy ±}flTlU0 trom abitttdt he ploou^l t&<«e, mjti 

might b^co^ to •01DB land of trco yet unknrurn in EngloDcL 
ODOof theMiipvviigPopa'ft willoWrOnd frain Popr> willow ttM 
of othorv. Sllmi ov hla Iroo were anxkoufi^ cou^t afber ; the 
•Ten tniumittod to diatAfit cUnua : end, m IjBSl tbo ^ — 
Riuftia hftd ftoto* pUoted :xi her gftrdeii ftt Pwcraburgh. 
iLt&ndiiiK everr oare, old aff« overcaoM thi« wlUew, and in spttd tf Ji 
proiw, ii periri)c<3, ^nd fblf to tb« ground in ) SOI . 

On the deocuoof Lord Mi.><iidi(^ iu 1503, thepropeitj wvmUI 
Str JohQ Bdflooev l^^^ ; ^^^^ vrlitnu dealh, it was acna aold to 1 
fiMv«««« Uowo. Thia hdy, mzai hT hunbacid, Sir J. Wftllvr Wmfa 
witb ft tft«to1oM VftndalitfQ, leveUe4 Uie hciuse of Pvipe to Uie ^k 
«zt>rp»tod ru^iikwJj alnient every ponible traeo d hun in 



; i&d VMtod tba homo $irtadj iMstiocMd at Ui4 «ttr«tiiltj 

wV nroHiHv, noir o««upb«l «a two Utt^sMote, Tlu« Iumbo it 

Viii>poetic«llAaj Howe wan %bo cEt^ctod oo the mU of ui nlofuo^ 

v& belotifi&g to BndMKi, tbn E«iDt«r, ibo BkUter oTtiir 

B&d& WbM« b« ud ftuch oolcbmUd g&td«Dora v Swift, 

'broluF, «Did Gaf kbrnrod, 1 foai^d mtatcxn, bbok wiUi Xh* 

of 184^ j[ro«iQg- Uov loiig the giant tpec* pluitod bjr fail 

ttad whicb ■till lift *b)fl thcrr oohlo heanU^ ihajt impo mow 

■ vUdiu^Siyff, bcstii fivpdonooft of neglect. L^rek gnnr tiM 
ndor th» 1oft;r^^*^^- IbestooMofSUaha^'jimtto li««ati«f«d 
•IbHit I 4DJ Tui qujmtitiM of tb« dcttidljr iii|;btAMl«h u if tiadia- 
leit«d for JBOTS d^'plijt^ to mj DoUoe ita (lark puT|Jtt tad bonii)^^ 

Ua itEUuiaa of Popo kkI, wHh tboM of Iiia |MrttEit«, ip TwUkeo- 
laa rii^rck In tfao middle titit, tbo ffcitoc iliowtt you a P in 
BM «f lit* vtodOi^ whioh Dur^A tfao pluM of their wtttrment- To ae< 
ftr B»Dcunii'Ul4 Lo Umr ia«i>OTT, jou nuiflt a^cviid into tlirf^ nortti 
fiOn ; irborc, at th« cut ood, oo the v&Il. yew find n Ubkt with 
iLaIu tcnerfiitio*, which WM lOiwed tbera by l^ipo tn botujiir 0^ 
pnola ; aad eo um aido wall of ilia galUr^ naaraaV tba want im 
itflUat of grvTOsubla, ist a prruDida] form, with a rohlallion pro&l« 
«f tkamet. llib vu ftaood faorobjBikhopn'arbnrtoD, andbton 
4a IcUowing iQ«cri|itwa ; — 


Mft ABi ai4 «OTt« vn u ■raiw i> wimiiAtm ab*v» 

In fuft 1*1 uTit pflur Htl feltdg. 

QM of tboao aoU whutb tiaithcr Adeno* &oi- tfuiioAHr oan 
voM^tlMBktdl of h)f>6k8 [>ow iiitli« tirjrat<< (X^Ut^tiuu of a p£rcfii>- 
^pL T^ tiMfin«r in '«bkh it wu obtuD^ ia »ud to liaio bvao 
tkm Oa aooM oeoanon of Rlton^iJon in the ohurtb, os burial of 
a«i one in (ha aavs spot, tbo coffin of Popo waa diiint^rrtdt 
«4 ap^J to mo tfao A«t« of the rcnidliui ; h/ a brklo to Uio 
- Mko of tbo Ma^ poiiawion of tlw tthuU vaa ofatidii«d for a nicbt 
*1 aaotfcr 4uU rmtmod imt^ftl of h< I hare beanl Uut ftfty 

Kmro pud t^ oiaaap and carrr tbrough tfaja ttmiuaotlmi. Ito 
H mmj, ihm taoJotihtol >3cull of pAp* now fifl^rea in Uia 
iiml noUdctioa of tho Ia3« &lr. Bolfn^ of Highgalo, aod «m 
^^_,y Aihibited by lum in bin lirciuruEi, la ilt^tiuifiMnitiD^ bj ita 
IUvmlvii wvU-baluiood propoaiiotu, ita aHluity u> tho lat^Uodtnl 


TftA priDdpd eoDDCM of raddnaca of Dnui Swilt Ik ta trckiML J 
Jotimont tn b!« M of tn* Bran. ni»l;«A it doitUnil wiMtber ho « 
tMllv an Bttgfcahman cr io IriiitittLui bv lirth, Qu nvs: *^J«Mtfaui 
dvUi mtti, lOoordfug to ui wwomii noJa ttr bo wiitteD i>jr htuwot^ the 
Mb of JonUtiftii 8«ift, (in ftttftmry, t^ad vm Tjom At DuhUn, OA 
BLAziifrew'fldft/r 1667; iKCunLing to Lim ovn rv^rluileUr^ndby 
PopQ t9 SI>*?uo^ lie WHS bum At Lck-ivicr, tbu wu of a dorgraua. 
wfin WM Tnintiti>r i4 a piriah tn H>in^fitnL4hin\ Durinv Lb lib, tha 
]>!a<q of ha birth wai tiiHlirlfTEuiiitiL Ht wm oontout^ to b« oaUcd 
U) trifihniaa by tJ)i» Iriali, l-ni wuuM ocovdooUly i»U hiniMsLf ui 
Gnyl twill It jui- 1m qiwition roAy, wiihout m^iiih n>ST^^t» ^ kit ia lb# 
ohftjunlj Lu trhidL lio d«li^ht«tl to invoUtf it"* 

IImmv 1i«b long o«0k1 to bo Niiy utucuntj &boat tbe mAttcr. Hts 
r«laioM» j''^7 pnwd of tho oonMiion, Lav^ Mt tlial fuUy \n Urn 
briiit wtn 8inft bimsplf cfaftractohHticalhr vrmjired in tnnU&cttioo. 
lie wn« of au Cu^fUBb Autul.v, oii^-ijiMUv uf Vorbitira ; hai his gniul' 
taJthnv, ThndOM Sirift, vwi vic4r or iSmxlrJi'tk. tn BfWonUbVfl. 
tUnng UI aotiv* put with CbarlM X. igftiuvt the IWUuaent, be via 



«>peS«d ftom hia llnDc: ytl ha diod at Qoodrwh, and wa« IxirUd 
wadar ibo alur tbM^ ^ho ftoooUDt of ttao pluiul^rin^ of bts piir- 
mcaoifft bf tb« Pftrliuncfii armj, ^voq ia tha bppfltidii to Sa>ttV fifo 
of uif Cmii, to BO tivtlj ft dMcnption of luch u oiTair, Ituit I wUI 

"Whrti th» Barf ftf Stfcmfijfd wia in UcrttordMtc^ in Oeioher 
104it &ud plilftgod all that k«pt lUth «od allvgianctt 1o tiio kin^. 
^onn&tioo wm glveo to Ur& bwUt) wife of ITiomaA 8wift, f ^rw^u uf 
OoodHi^fa, that bar boitfa trw darigoad lo b«p1iindCT«<t To provnat 
M fnat a ilug«r, iba baUDtly r«pairad to llBrofanJ, irh^rv tlio «iu-l 
UiSD va^ aooM M mlh* flrom wr owq hoio^ to peiUir^u Lim tLl&^ 
no ri^bma nt^i bo «rf&a«d to her houw dr gondiL Hn (ncMit tii^hl^ 
and ftcoordtng to tha gDodaoM of hii* dLAjH«JtJoii, thraw ibo petiUon 
swaj, aad «worfl bo aniati oatha that ebo aboiilil he |iluader«l 
to-mormtr^ Tto good guntUwomAn, hoitig fntt d bnpo to pravail, 
a&d laviaif that tSer* waa no cood lo bo dono hj potitioning hiioi, 
a|iacda boma aa Butt aa aba oould, and tbat oJght rvmoraa aa muieb of 
bargDodiaatha ahdirtfiOBof Ihotim*? vini!d [«rmtt_ Neitmomb^ 
to mako good Uia EaH of EitamfoH'n word. Captain Kirl«'a troops 
ccnalitlng of affpontj bona and Iblrty foot* which ware baugera cm ^ 
binis of p T f - y — caiBo tj Ur.Swifl'a homo. There tbny took ftw*y all 
b» provwoQ of victiula, ooro, botuahold stuffn which «-aa not con- 

SchI amr, Thaj nup^y tita t>od^ aud ftU Ibe ticks with imlt; fJi«r 
htm <a bia o^rt onl nix hanca, and iDoka thin paJt of their theft 
tbo tnoana to oodwv avmr tbe rost. Mm. Swift, much affrlgbt^d to 
aea ancb a aiptl aa tbb, tbou^bt it beet to aavo h»ne4f tboi«gb aba 

loci bar gi(ko£i: thcrpfcim^ ^kin{[iiE> fey-iuiiff oliiM in hur arnra, bo^i 

to aaeora boraelf b/ di^t ; vhuti oni of the trot^poni iMn^riving, ha 
cunuaaQdad bfv U auv, or. holdloc his piatol to har braaai, tbnaw 
■cad to ahocit ber d«ad- Sto^ good womuir fbiLting doith wlMUi«r 
aba want or mtitmad, at Inst, ■hunutng that doath which waa naxt 
QBio bar. Aa rvtiraa back lo lacr boiMo^ wtiare aha aaw barMlf 
uttdoDo, uid yoi duni not oppfvo, or nA why thry did bo. Uanng 
tboa liflod tbe booaa and gou^ DMt uoming cArl,r, *lio go« af;ftin to 
Haraford, aad ttatfo again potltlona tbo oail to ab^^w aomo oon- 

piaaaoQ to bar and hrr ten frtdldmi, and that be vould b* ploMud to 

canaa bar banes aad voinc j^iu^t of hot goodjt U> bo roatoiyd to bcr. 
Tha good 9ni waa k> far fi^ni gnuiitnff hor pottLioii that hu wuukL 

not VMufca^o m» much aa ti) reou it« whon ahn oanld ikot p»vakl 

iMiwlj; iha make* uao of th« tucdimtioa of fmadA. Thwo laavo tbo 
Tvpubo alftos hk lordahlp romiuning InaiotmbU, without aay l]>ciina- 
tioQ to mcnj. At Wat. hopang that all nk.-n'B hmrta wcun n*t 
Mlamant rdf ntiMa ali? ioavea tbo <arl, axKl makaa hor addramva lo 
CkptainXlrksvbn^tiponh^rfctrncaCcnfToatytgnnta b^raprotaction 
for witat waa Itfi i biTt for rpHlitution thero woa no hopo of ihtiL 

ThiM prctocttoc ouit hor t>o Icvi than thirty obPHnca. It tc^txtn 
paper and lok ar« daar in thciui i«rt« And' now, ihJDklna bareeif 
aoEom m h'^ pr^^t'^-trnn, nhe mtnrru honnL-, in hope that vnat waa 
JA aba SIB/ pcnoo axid qtiiotiir4«. Sb^ hoi not lirwn long 

atbonialait' virka«Kbb«r «vord, Uiat If It plcaaedbcr, abo 



night biiy four of bar oira All boni« wb, UPiiricqi htr 
Eton's aerruit «ad toDaDt> Hint >hd atioulu boi bar boiiif ptu 
any moro hy tb» Earl of StAio&vd^ fbroM^ vbil« tluy vera is 
p^rta. Hoooar^vd b/ lhctt» ftforDiten, il)o wm oomtAOt to buy W 
ovUt fcod tUpcaitcd foftht pouDcla ton sHiUisgi for fiHir <{ bar bonoiL 
AoJ^ novr coDoeivinff ^o «tcffm to bo blowu orer, and nil dimgeT pw^ 
and pUciiv mudi oottMvtoa to her purcbao^ protection, ahv tftUMi 
■IJ bcT gwKlfl aecunKl In bor uoigbboun* boiwM to b* brvHifbt hoi&o; 
tod sinoo ic could not bo bettor, rojolcod that »be hid not lost alL 
Sho hftii c»l tugojrad th««6 t^uj^U loog, bat Gaptein RirU iwnt 
VDto hv Bw «oni0 voMHil* of ojrdor. itboroof bAriov t*>tc«^ b^ii not 
likinji itt diiC4» he oouid not bavo onak for bima^ be would havo 

C Tender for b» honea, and thDnforo, tnrtaad of <nrder, ho dcnacds 
buiboln of oata. Mnt^^wift, nec^hic thftt tba Jttilii iititcbl icrrc 

aocoo fTound for a quarroL »ut bim nml that hor husband IW not 
two bi»hiela of Oita in i yuor for tjrtboi, nor did tbey mvf anj oo 
tbj(dr ^bob bolb of wbiob vren moat tnuft V^t, to ebow^ow wdtiny 
ahe vai^ to ber power, to oomplj with bim, VM. the vactmaigfint 
might not ntum eniptj, ahe aont him forty aliillingpi to hnj oata. 
Stiddeidy aftpfv, tho oA]>Um of Ooodrid^ emvtlo *oi>ia to Mr. thrift's 
boiuo w vietual and oom. Mn^ Sivift uurtantlj ahow« him h*r pn^ 
tootioD* H<^ to anaw&r ahow with ihow, riiova her hia wamnt ; iod 
so without anj rvgard to bor proteoiion, aatnetb uimd tbat pnynaioQ 
which woa in tbe hotuo, together witb the ojder which Oaptain 
Kiria bad rofuacd. Ele/oupon Mn, Swift writce to 0*^tain &irio, 
eomplaiDuig of t\\itt injuty, and tbo oflroat do&a to him in aliijbtinf 
bis iimtociioG : but before the mevnuer ooukL retuni with ao 
atuwcr to bar lattor, aome from tiie oaatle oonie a aeoond ttmia to 
]iUiaOor Hm boiaat, and they did what they camo for. Proacntlr afWr 
aosnoa a letter from CaptfliDKirleiuaovwer to Mrs. Swia'a, that the 
£ar{ of Stamford did bj no natana approiw of the ugiirica dooe to 
beta and withali by word of moutl^ aooda to kor for nkota oala, Shor 
peredting tiat aa loug >a abo gate thi^ would never knra aJ^iiiiL 
reaoivod to bo drilled no more. The reUini not anawertng expects 
Uoii, on tha Uiird of Docccaber, Captain Kirle'a boulonaaL att«adi»d 
by a otnaideribile aianibcr of dncoono. cctaca to Ur. SwitVa hooao. 
and damaoda cntianoD : but tha doom being kept abut Maiurttliena, 
aod oot bdiag abia tc foroo tlicm, they b«4g do«ci two Iron bara ict 
a atone window, and oo^ witb avorda dmvu and pistobi cocked, they 
toter the bonae. Being ontorvd. tbcy take all Jtoter Swift*a and 
Kw wiJo'e nppirvl, Idi books and tiia ebildrcn'a cbtbtt^ iLov bciuj- io 
bod; and tbeae p(>orobildre^ that huo^by th^^rolotbetLnnwilliotf to 
{■art with thccn, they awung them about imtit, their hoki*Cut fulAfi, 
tbey dubed Ibeca a^nai tbo waUt*. Tbor took awmy all hca a«r- 
TuTw dot^MS, and made ao cltfm work witn oo« that Ihoy left him 
ttot a ahirt to oov«r hka cakcdmaa. I'bera via ono of tlie obihlreQ 
ao inJint, tvLitjc ia tbo oradk i tboy robbed 



aw«y I 

iron, pnrter, and bnas ; And a rm fur wpboftKl of niamw, whi 
Uiay «oiaLd f^t carry Bway, tboy b«la to |]koda } and iGa firar ' 



UdvndeeDMdftt^witliihecQ Uwfal priu imId, tnd nothing left of 
all ta» pXMb Uti » ftnr tfivol^ fur Mb wUi5, duldmi. utid Hvmutv tv 
itedovn And bttcoiMn ttMirdi^tnsvdoooditian. HAvingtitlG^nflw^ 
■Of ind belag cooflT Ur^ SwilV ^ compaaioD to bcr poor inbnt in 
tha cf«db\ tScc tt tnv BliaaBt btvTvd with ouUIt o^ wrajii^cd II ht 
a petUmai. wLidi ^h* took oiT rn>ni hemolf -, and now hopec^ that 
tering DOibmg to )uoe w^puM be m bvKUr protMCjoa for thcfr pencna 
^lat) tW vhim tiii^ purobased of Cnptaio Kirle fur tbirtr nhUUti^ 
ulaa if Jel>'a ODraaetiipir wouM Devarnuka in vni), faer InrMinaid' 
tt%M, wliott tbey in Uw ouitle b^ ooaip«lk<l to corrir tho poultrj 
tba oaMku ntttra aod tdl thdr mlvtroHL, tbit they la tbc ouUo 
I Ui«T had a warrant to sviixo tij>on Ifni Sivifl and Dt-in^ hpr into 
J omU^ and tliat thr^j wc>uld ncuko bar Ihrw oiaid-aerwita wut 
bet- tbcTftf U)d mllcd Uilikffii not fit tar thom to apeak &ot ua to 
riUi HfTftijiort Mm. Swift fl«d to tha jilaco wLcira her huAhaad, 
''br totar of Uu rcboU had witbdnwn hiTowIt She bvl not been 
no* two hMua, bat they come from the owtb, lU^ci brliifj viih thorn, 
Bma tfama to carr/ away wluit wiu b«foR dHtigaod fur plunder^ Uit 
vaDtodmaaDBof «oriTojai>o& M*hoa thej mmo, then waaabstclicf 
, Inad bot in tbo orti^ Thia ihay Bcdao tm ', her chlldron oo tbalr 
I eiitrmt but for oma huf, and at laaiL with much importimitj^^ 
iinod it ; but b«fora tfao cbildnm baa catcoi it, thoj look won 
at ooa loaf v^ray, and left tham dasthnto of ft momeJ of bnwd 
onogat bai ohUdrea Ihuuaoking vwrj oomer of tha houaa, thai 
libing might bo loft bohitid, tb«y find ft amall pcwtor diab io which 
^ hm dr7-Ditfa« had put ]«p to fajd the poor kniaDt, tJia mothar who 
"gira tt nick bcAi^ fled t« aava her HIb- THia thc;^ adBo on toa tho 
Braraa «Dlr<ftts for 0«d'a «ftk» that thoj would sparo thjit, pUading 
Ibat In Uie nothec^a abaetioe ii waa ftU the adwiaiioe which waa or 
oooU ba pravidad tA «u«taio tb« IiId olthaohQiijthat 'kiuwnot tbo 
right hand fhxa (ho kft,' a motlvo which preroiletl with <Jod hicQ- 
MC Uiou^h Jimlf bMcattod ag^nat NmoTtfU, 

*Uaatnr&prift^ aldtal aoc, a fouth, aoaiog thu birbaroi]!! omnlt^, 
dnnaikded of Umou « reaaon for thia ao hard toag^ Tbty tvnliod 
tbal hia hshvt waa a tiaitor to tha king and iiarliaiDctit, and liddedf 
Ihat th*j would kofrp thaan ao abort, that th<iy vtaliIi) Mt tha vary 
daah fram Uuk ftmia ; and to mnko good tb^ir word, thef tbroatea 
tbo luiUcr, ihnl, if ha ground aar com for thcoo ohlldmo, tnoy would 
.ffHtirl h^o in hia own ia£ll ; and not aoQt«iit*d wjtli UiM, tbojgoto 
Mr. Svilt'fl neit adghbotu', whoae daughter «ta bia nrvant, aod 
tak« hi=i fridoiMET: tbaj oiamma hira on oath vhat jpodfi of Mr. 
Swilt'a It* Wl in bla ^Htodr, Ha profDawag that b« bad tion*^ thay 
charge him to Uko hia daughter awij frMu Mr. Swift'a «ervic«, or 
dae tbtjr thrvaton to plunonr htm ; and to mftfco luro woric, tiMV 
taaka bin vtva tfaetD aaoarity to ob#7 all th«v oommaada, Tamfiad 
with thi^ the neigbbonni atAnd afar cff^ aod pity the diaUtned oco- 
ditko of thoM penccutod chLUrcE), but date not oono or acod U> 
tiiav nlh^ Hy tliia nuaju tho childno nod acrvanla had »a Huaui- 
iMnoa, bsffdiy anything to oovor th<Tin, from Friday, aix o'dook at 
ai|^ mtit SoxmiiMjt twdu at uigbtr until M li8l» tbo D«Lght>out^ 

moT«d viU; tiio luDcoitibSft cries uid pooiplMiit* of tlio ciluldnM nl ' 
•fTvuib, coo of tbft ooi^boiuik ororloolcmg oil ^''ffl'^Vtff. lal J 
«bowinff that ha diint W chftHUlilo, ia dQ«{iiU of tbeas 
YDulurod iti. jkud U^uiight llwtA accno |frovbiQn. And if Uw i 
would kaov what it vmx that M ciuiptiufoaJ ihoio nbdft ipiaii 
gintloouQ, th« Earl of 8t«iDfb<rd, ft mm thai in noi bovod to pn i 
■oooaab of ill Lui Aolioiu^ ^ti> ^wq ro » M wi> for >U Fif«U toimowi haJ 
hftd bought anai, Aud couwyod Uipmn bto MoomoutlubBro. wbldwl 
QDdar hia lordibip's good Ikvour, vm not na -. Mod, *ocoikd^, mmm 
luit hnig bflfum, Iff pnMHshvd li iiBni>0Q iu Kchsc, ujwti tittt laalal 
' QiT* unto Quuur tho thiDfl^ th^t uvt OsvKrX' in whidt hi* larddm 
«uclhohad«pokoatrwtsoDm<iDJearouring togivgCtasvmo»tkaj 
hin dutiu Tbcw tvii arifoun cuvl Air. Swift iiu l«» thui aOi>/." * 

^Vlth tbfl memory of Bucb thingn «« tboao in th* fkinil;^ Uen 
noeid W no wonder At the DcAik'a d&cid«il toodeoo; to lorxiam. Hib 
bUicr ftiid Uirve uiidtw^that is four out of Urn MoiLBcid timK or 
four daughlon oT the pemimti^d nlnrxjinan fl«l to Iriaiuid. wknf 
tho oldM 9on, Crodwin ^wift, « biM'n8t4»r, muriod A raklivo of ibk] 
UArdiioQUM or Oriucnitl, auJ vna m^k't by iIm Marqufo of OnoMi4 
his att^rndif-gtnfTml in tho pohttinat* of I'rppfrwry^ Huk OoMa 
nLAiriod thaeo-ho^Tcwof AdiairslDMM;th«M;aoudsQtHft 
of 8ir M'LIUaru DAraooknt ADotticr waa Mr. Dryiloa Sirlf% bo ciM 
mflof bii icotlior, who was a Drjrdea« Aod a nw rehiUuci of lA» 
pM's. Thus Svnft was of good famUy and AlliftDce^ He «aa lb 
only wA of JmuitbiUL Swift, the «igbUi son of Hjocdu StA tb* 
viocrof <3oodhob, who voa iu> Dlaiidcrad. Ui« uaotlMr wda ^bipil 
Brick, of lAio«irt«nhir«^ d«aoaDdoil firou th» most ftOCtMil Juul5*f 
th4 Brides, wtio dcrir« Uidtr Uq»9» &om EridE the Fornrter, n jc^ 
comfnaador, who muwl An Arvof to <V|W** tbo intVAiQu < f 
iho OonqtwTnr, br whom h« vm tuquMiMd, but AfUnvAnl^ -. 
to oomiuAud thftl pHDce't foroeflL In lili <M Agtt ho reCirvU lol» 
hoixH in Laio«tvt«hiro, vh^ro hu JhAJk biH ooati&u*d qwr «itf^ 
hill iiroduced mMT «ainieDt men, and & ttlU ropwMOte*! bjr ^ 
llevTiolu of LtUomUr U>vd, and thu ticmok* of JitniuuADor. 

Swift*! fflthor was 4 BoUoitoir. Aod 4t«wd to ibo Sooi«Ljr o| ll» 
Kii^e'a Inn, l>iil:ikJn ; but ho dlod h*t6n Swift wn bom, aiid ieA ti* 
tnotfiur in aAcL pursrtj, thAt nho WAA not aUa to ikfnjr tho tipeai* 
of b«r liaabondW fouitml Uo waa bom on tho SOtli of Xotqaibtfi 
1097, Si Andrvw^D-d^y, in a iruAU houA« now caUacI SJo. 7. in UociV 
eoiiTt Uiibhii, whioh m fAiil [^mtcd oa( bjr tb« inhAbjAnU oif oA 

ricr, luid hf tho uitii^uity of iia ftpp«viiuic« b>«uu toyri ' 
truth of tho tiAditino. Hen a cm:iim«tAUCO oo^iirnd to 
vnguUr uA Lh« c»Ae of hb father, wbu, as a dull iu tho audi . 

hU clothes dtrip|icd from him by t^ truopon of Captiuu KiHd. 

niirsv wiA & woihau of WLitakAi^ou, Aud btfioi^ oUijCMl Lv to ti 

iJi order to loe a dpn^ nlative from wboiii ahe 

4Hil of dhoer AflboboQ for the i^iild, abo Atolo oo ihipl 

tc hU luothff And uuol«s And CArritfd him with her to W! 

when be ooutuiuoi fur dinoAt thtw ynAnt. For vhoa the 

• MtwnriM MmMtitm. Lvaoaa, IN*. 



wu diM)oror«d» IlU mCQm mtni ordera by oU satuin not to homnl 
»B«ouiid rovft^ till tiu cuuld bvLtvr bear It. 'Hiv uijj^u wwi bu 
ffftnfu] of bid, tJiAt boforo h* rotunud ha btd ktuiicd to upAU* iotJ 
bj tho ijiao that lio wu flf» j«ft» old, ho could rood uay cbAptui ui 

Aftor fain mtunn to Indftod, ht waa ncnt, At nx jroan old, to 
Kilkonuy whool, aikd tlwnoe, st roarteoii, he wai tmntforwl to Ibo 

uiiivvmty at liublJiL At Kilktfiiujr, it ijt tmiJ lluit liu umno w «1ilL 
*hown to Unin^cni at tho itchool, cut. bc>T hthioa, upon bia dcvk or 
form. At tbe unii^reity, likn Ooldbmith, be vrtm more addidod to 

EiMfral f^iodiiiK kud pLVtTjr lluui to tb« cUaeica iwd luwihemiitiua^ 
I wu pcor, o&d tho flCfluo of bia pornrly oa hi* proud vpirit mode 
;lua r«eUM>,BQdftliuOildoqwmto Hogot intodUupatioiaodrown 
-bin inurti&oitiuii, B«twiMMi tbe 14tb uT Nuv*iiibi;r 1060^ tuid tbv 
^ Btli of OcAob«r 16AT, h^ incumxl no Iom thAU MVOotypeoaltiiM for 
D0S-ailcud4UKc At cla|>«l. Tor mrgUctiug loctitroi^ for boiog ftbtsot U 
, ftbe enuuig ruU-vallt hiid for tvttu-bttuuiiuj^ Ibe acwJniuuftI pbnMW 
I farabtatkco from collogo without licence. Thcvb brought ooiunir**, 
I inmwMioQ of bis dogroo ; >nd on hvt |art,mliHoiJ idJMaagftinsltfae 
l-euutfu ftatboriUa* H« ibmlly rvovivixl bJ» d«|tr«> uf Inohelur uf 
]vt» DjHwnu/jrriAv; UiAt i^ aat by hitt owu liiir K:(iijinitio&, Hm 
Dtidw, Godwin and^ tfUr bu death, Drjrden, bad home thv or«t i^f 
bi« i^duc;«tioui hn» uioUier ImidgiUHi uvur to bur luiLivu fniiiri-^lvr nud 
fricudjv ood on obtAiainz hia degree^ ho pav^ed ovft to Kjigloacl io 
btfr QJA tDOtiivf WW mat«d to tbo wifo of ^ir William Tcm]>Jc^ and 
Utrougli btr dwifl uvea reoiirtKl iitiu Sit ^VJLijiuu'j ttuti^u m* bi? |rjivat« 
^ ■MsnrUtfy. Tbu bnogii uu to tho lint Aoma which Jou&ttuu Swift 

SdiiuM bo Hid to hftTo bftd. 
r Williau^ ecwiUki^ to euuiu ft4jtht^iLi(w, wrw nnidiiiK At thtat 
^ lime at Sheeny dcat Rleboioml: oosording to otbon, he had retired 
> to liia lk\xnihto Twidonco of UoorpArk, near FKrnhais, in Sumry. 
I Wbicti«vu7 jibu;o it VMS oriiEiiullT, it ^juti licxauuc MuvrpurL. Hctv 
I inSUun llL lUted to vunt Temple, uid here, as at iShecu. it wu that 

tbe l>atcfa Uk^QAToh, it ia n^Atod Ai a mont importwil Iwt, tiuij-ht 
' Sirifk iu cut aMiienuttfl the Dut«U «i^j. l^bv fact in i>utuh md 
I MoiMmMa^ Aud worthy to be IcnoBrD to aII gArdorierVf Aod ail othi^r 

pooplo wbo uudortoko thia UHiful oporAtiou. It coiuifU »i cutting 

ibti lint cujie joa cut off only tbe hcAd of aaparn^UA Toii vcAnt^ m 

thv other yon nxat pnibablj out off hnlf-o-iloivu ekaiu tlut fakvo 

out yet ftj>|H&icd iibotv Lb* ^1- titUl^ ibin wu* (i»]i balf tbu 

advAuiAee dorivod fzt>m iktc rdjwl gordfiiMr \ he tAUjfbt Swift hov to 

I'MI ibtt MpAngm wboo cut; onJ tiwift uuhI alwivn to U'll biit guiHtA 

[UntKiof inrilbam Ate Uie hUlU m hvU lu^ Ui? \i\-^^ If liu Uwbt 

ban hcwtunuiko tbom «tttabb, it bogrc^t jku that tliooecmift 

lori^ Wilitfn M Aiftd vino to bare offorvii Swiit a truop of bowt^ 

vhocb m]j;bt rjatanilly viMiiml vfLhoii v,iittm|{ i^nrfTituJJAli furdiiJkor 

At Ui4 umo time, tboi^ti cf tbU tho biotn'iLphtini do not iufuna VtK 

Crjtiuu K ta. that ^wiit loxut have twuntoo Agttst Javcunto vitb 

jVTubiUu, i)c tave llwu^it bu, fi^ tbou|[b bu muficet/tiUy itedjiiff^l 


boooraiiQ A troofwr. ko ^to tb* lung to uadtnUnd ihtA W bid t» 
objeetJOQ toboooiiM&<v*««; aad tb* kJ&it u Swift wrote fc^ mck 
dMiivd hla an lo take otA^n tall he nvo him « pnbcod. M 
vM tboofNiuon catcKaiacd br bolUSir WUUact Te«n|:ja 0td SiA 
of bii Atanding in tho moiwrch'a wtloafttion. tbat ba wu csakmt 
far Sir WUliam, who wM hiawdf Uxl up wilU tb6 goui^ la Ujwim 
th9 kui£ r«ftBct)B wbjr bk idmjov^ «ni^t to aiwent to ibo bill Iw 
truEiiu«]l[3«rJiuii«it& Swift <«uld strMfthMi Sir WiULMQ^^bliA 
bf aOTCfa] ftreameata dnvn from EcuUvb UMorr, but all !« 
w^unoat* biul iif> eflbot on WUHi&m 111^ who knew ho-w Ui vfi 
tnoBniAl Tku1iuD«nt4 ta o]«TerlT 10 «mni|iUL Thii wm &ttjtCt 
fifst di|>iijt«>ualitiics,and tboii^ bo Hfti4 it bdped to om UiiflC 
Ttmly, it liici not or bddJotitig biouclf to tlio amo wnmtliJMtwtf 
iRiran^l LEI iiffvr li^. 

Swift's miilcuco At M<iorf«rI i« oiAtiLed by all tbc cbomotorulki 
of hit aftor lifo, uid by two cf tliOM artnia whieb an miiod 
with itftgrnliiiyHl«r7,Aii<l wbfcb brought «1W tbem Ha Ast 
ontitn^ U0 mut to moroHo, bitter, and ttUricaL that Ur, 
nepbew to Sir WiiUatn, jitat«d, thai Sir WilUani for a long 
tfiuob diUlktd Uim ^ for hW illquaUlMk, dot vodd allow- biv 
down at tablo vitb biin." I^ttgfa reUtod to ladj Ti 
ATiUlam had «D0hgod bim 01J7 iti tb< outad^ of t 
4inai)U«iL«u^ at a aaluj of 90/^ a voar and bis b«ar^ and 
upon liim aa ■■# yoixus follow tutea into & low offlo* ~ 
iiieliBed to forgot hjnncll.'' Wtf tmx well bvh&vt that the |^ 
imbetaJiTiK vpHt wbi«b throiub life ouvor dMart«d SwtA) 
fajm Pwl that be waa tbua reguwl. and «dled lua mort boa 
dlB&grwable qualities He vaAAbo vvi:]rdefoctiTe in UiscdL. 
nod the comeiotuDdMi of thin in a iowenng opirit Uko Swifl% 
it moriilied hiin, oould not mabo him bumble^ Tet hia ht/Um. 
<lu:Uiticfl at iMtgth prDvaJled. Ho took to study; 
br bjr Wil^Am • And thin an bU pArt ioduood a luoro 
dfportnuoit towank Sir WiUeild), whoeM fine mind and nobk cl 
no oco o»ild hotter catinxato tban Swift, and it otulod, notvi' 
log au vocamond jht, and a ]iarLiD)f «t 000 lioio, with Swtft'ii b 
tba moot jMalona^ nttontivo, and A&ctaoiuUo &ieud of Sir W 
who idiDitt«d him to hia iDoet «Dtire aod ooidial ooofidoDco. 

TUo wboltf fMTiud of tiwilt'v nmidrac* al )luoruAtk waa two yewA 
TXirin^ thin tirai^ htt went for awhilo to Oxford to take bk dogreih 
Olid ho uraq iitytdiit twiofl in IrolaDii ; ooco A law nuntb^ «ai at 
ot his booitb, ai^d Ibo moond biiotf, wbau dwiTl, auajoua tot 
nAAiM of ind«p«ndon«o. aod Tempio nnl^ oSrring lutn an 
trurnt worth a htindrMi a-rar ia tho office of Uie r^ In Irdn 
partod with muttuj duquMu^iTLV Switl thi?u wrut U> In-lAud, 1 

ib« h»«t of 1ti<*>ir djffMrd'ii«v liAvinff klvhtAi ttn bnth mdrs, tbro«_^, 

TVilliaia'« in^uonco, he obtained the pnb^ihd of Kilroot, in' 
dJooMfl <i^ Connor, worth about a hundrvd poujida a^ye«r. To tbkal 
amnll living h« roiinvl, uid Aantiinod thn diAMctAr at a miujnl 
olcvginiao. But thi* tifo of obaoiuity and aedisa>Qa waa bo-, tikdy j 
: long to auit tbe n^]««b tapinng n«tuit of Swift Ho i^gbod ^' 



retin-D U> tha intdlectuAl plNunire« «nd perMUi «ho i«aort0d t« 
Uoor[iirk, ftnd GUrWiUlRca Uod not Uia inui peiuiblj felt tbo ftbMOOf 
cif Swift. (liAA &w\fi th« aihamMtt of Moorrurk. H« rai^imed wHhui 
th« jou; Bsd woa woIoodimI b»ck vitli wumth And mmot, and 
tbeDCclbrwATd Mood in a nnw pnAttlon. With hU nbntpt diiparturv 
frnm Kilroot two rpry fiifi'i>rcnt >torim hnrv bi*"-ti ixmrjiyrtwl : one 
which, if true, woulil nink hiv ohBntc^tcT fiT cti;r i Xhv nthur, ^hich 
luu ucvcf bctn ciicMlODodf oT^dencin^ the noblcMt qiialtuiw m that 
ohinui^r Tli« WnA ttS thi-se nturim in, that hn »ttrf]i|^t«'f \-Eo1vn<K 
iMi the dwightor of a fnrtn^r, one of hiN punBhb[)(.-rit- Of thin it ii 
enough to quote the vt^it of 8Lr ^Vatt^r ^oH, nfa^ch, after >^Ting 
tb« j«rti(Rimni of tlie T^rtittttiaii oT thin oalTiDiQy, bru :— ^It iK niiffi- 
eiect for Sfrifl*« viniicAtion to obeerrv^ that he rettuniHl to Kilroot 
k/ter hi« nwi^Adan, aiuI IndiiKeaJ hiR ftucccuor In face of the chiircb 
eniL of th» jKiblii* ; that h« rvtumod to ^r Willmm Ttniplv with na 
Cttr • eliAMCter u «lie& he left hiia ; thit duriog all hiv miblio life 
In Bufilaod and Inlusdi when be vu the biiK of a whole f^tion, 
\ tlria chnne van neirar hfatvj of ; that whcm luldiuvd >o many yfon 
ftfter hill death* it wu uiiAupporlcd by aught but >iutdj and gmienl 
■Tvmtait: aod that the chlof pr^ipnfiRlor of the ccJuauij Am 
retraeUvl hia aaurtioiu^ and finaTl>' <]l(m1 itmin^.* 

'flut thvr^mf;\Ah^MmfiAifffon wtiich thjaehftrjpwae founded ia 
by no niwi* Iroprc^hat-lo, ^d thftt Svtrt> u lik^od, wm brcniBbt 
bafi>re a magkttito uf the naind of Dobbs, for it is ronfj««ae<1 that 
ID hU yoQth be wm of » d^i«ted babjt, aod it ia hr mote lik«ljr 
that tbembaUu Induced that oomUtiitionale(fo;£kii, vxtb ^ddlneei^ 
deaJhtm. ar>d uHitnate itteanttjr, whicsh roitdc hia fubim life wtvt^bcd, 
than that it was ovin; to efttiDg an om qiuatitj of stouo-fniit. In 
tbl* point of view the lUe of Swift preMotn a d»^ naoraJ le«eoDi for 
ooaiaA.if thai wetv tba c^n» «■«■ drew down upcoi hinaelf a Mrverar 
nhwtifnneDt But u reprda Uiia pftrtlooJar aeU tt ceuhl bj ponsi- 
I lilh^ W uothiof ao fla^r^at u wi emJeATourvd to be pr<q>a^t«d 
^ lij tbo roport. The ncond jitatf riMot otia ia onwilltotf to «vai«m« 
booiUM in iteelf it is no beautiful , j^ in tb« D««n'a lif* there are 
I ma vamy ptooCa of hto maiuog profewlona of p&triotUm aod g«n^- 
mnty to conr aikd eCTven hia prrvata uurpoan, that one i/t itqiudly 
lemptMi to Kup«ct a oenaU abare or policy. Th« £ut in tbua 
■tated: — 

* In an oiemiooa from hw habiUtiotfi, bo mat with a doTgyinan, 
vttb wboca he formed on nrauajntaDoe^ vhioh proved him tn ba 
* iMTDad, nwfoett well-principled, the Uibet of eight bbildren, nudm 
t etml* at the wta of furty poiinda a-y>ar WilHorit «xplAinirkg hia 
nporpoM^ Swift torrowcil thin canlloinan'o black niare— having no 
[bone of bia owd— r>Mle to Dubui^ nxigcvd thu pnbtmd of Kilroot, 
(and obtainod a g^iwt of it tor thU now fHond- WhAik ho ^t^va tbo 
f pcaaoaiatfop to the poor ckrEymaUr ^B kopt hia «>jum atvedily fiie<J 
i«n the qU inan'a uoo, wUS at firat ouJy ujpr«u«d plca^un at 
bfioding KmiBilf prvfanvd to a living; hut whan be found chat it 
i«M that of hia bnicfjictor, who had migned in hia frrour, kia joy 
lawimiJ 00 bnuUng an enprMnOD of auiprise and paXHau^ tbsX 

, UttBCOr dBOfilj afRoM, deobred be bid neiOT e^xpnienefed M 
I plouuM tt iA that tDOnoont. Tha poor clanrjioaot •t SviiVa 
I ideparture, f>n«««d upon Kiim tho Uiok tovt^ vSicfa he ^ sol 
OhooM Uj hurt liim Uy r^fiuiug ; vid thus aKHintcd lor Ibc fint tii 
on a liomo «f Itia owEif vitli fonraoor* poundo in bia [Htr* '~ " 
AAia rode to DubliD, and thero wabtritM Ibr E&fitoid. and i 
bu oitittiiun ftt Moorptfk, as tiir WilUun TempJc^ - 


Tbo iboideiit La a ohftrtolrLg one, uid vb iw adnit U» hcU s 

' npnis tbe clc:vyn3U to bo ruJIjr Lmo, ubJ that tbe plcwora «tf 

Bvrift miut Imtq ho*a gmtt in bAHoj Uw uft^i^iiDitj «f uwa uAkbf 

a good m&n happy ; but in order to plaoo w trauaacUoQ on itn pnK 

babijr oorreot m£b, we Eouat not mnt thai i^til wa« cooEMKdlj 

, alrvad^ lupovt thoroughW vrouy of tM ctiM«ritj of Kilrool, ad 

L lOQgli^ fcir reinni to Moorparfe, Thaa tekea a good di«l of Ite 

[ fosaasoe out of it Without, thenfim Mtooiahinc otuaelTM at Ibt 

nnwofldly gcQorofliiy ^ ayoongmon abandooing buovn obaneeiD 

life toaorro a poorajid ia»ritonoiunwa,7oiQaj«iup|M>fe to thefaO 

tlut iswift wia glad to do tbu food wan auoh a acrvice while it oat^ 

atdod with hia ova with^B. So pofv^a yrna uoro «lc«r^%!iUd "^ 

I Swift aa to tlid con«ectu«iicm of auch tbio£i ; and aona could ' 

[ cadvuto ttiovida liiffiarooce Id iko moda c? dolnf tbe thing, ' 

I aayin^ * Wol), 1 nm lirod of Ihu atupid plaocL I unuit tarty 

I Kigiaad»1rat VQ tr>' to cot Uia lirbjc fl>r jou^^'aad Leatiugtbe ji^* 

I nuHlof eucb Api-rsotioJ ocriiioe V> hf Ailriciut^d to hiiu. In laf 

Vftv, It vtiB rich ^u ixriuMrHioQCDi. Uv lift bebidd ■ iWiiai]^ cmdc 

1mp|>>' : gmtfful bt^arte, Uid tofyEUW that vouJd Mnnd hu praw 

thr^xigh tbo ooimtry^ and vhat a prvtti^ wilb irhiob to tvtani t« 

Uour|ifti'k T He cocao ba^ liko a Mo of rooianoo, TLaI, judcLBf 

bv tlia all^r life of the Deao> la proVabljr tiio true viev of tbo aitut 

tie did a rwnl dmi ud bo t^olc cara that it preaented to the pubbn 

It* bo*t Bide. 

Iluae ton yeara of life at MoorjaTic, vlildi anded ooXy vitb tia 
daatb of 8ir William TuuDp^ woro eveiy w» a uMMt tmpoitut 

CitJEi of Svift'n life, iltfro bo laid at oooo tLn fomtdatiuD of bi* 
IT uid hia wrol«h«dijeM^ Her^ with b&oALiw It'i'^itA anil tui mach 
aolituJo <a ho pleaavd ; mtb tbo ooovenattoa of Sir Wiilium Tonu-lt 
and tbo moat dhititigaiabod UUrati *jS the d^ vhv vinhed bba: 
Svift in fo niMpiclous an atmoaplini) not oo)y tboii^ht ai>d abidwd 
tuiioU, but wrcrte a vaat deaL aa it wciv to prtictiw bta pen for gftaA 
fbture ot!brti^ «bca be IVlt bia mind uLd lua knuvrli:<t;gD b»d roBahnL 
a mffioioni uiaturitr. H*^ lofinrni^ hU fri>riil, Mr. K'^ndalL tbat be 
bad ^vritteo, and Diini«d, aiid writt«<i o^in itpoa all mauiMr of 
I aut^aote. nkore than perbaju any man tn CndaixL" He wrote PiiH- 

dano Odea; tranaUtad fWiin \\ui elju«i<ic« ; niiil (tiamvHl |^ powwa. 

of Mfro till h« ooidd confideul 1^ to himMlf pn^ict Ibe tarot ^ ikH 
" hat« to fooLe " which be anorwarda awumoil m bb prinei|ial efa** 
rqrt4'HitK B«idr« Mh, bft wjm d(u»jt]j nnfi^vd in aMitiUng Sir 
WiLItMo 111 tlio oou'^rorenr on Iho HDjxrnoritT of anoioat or taoikfs 
laaniiBg, m wbwh Tctopte, lioyle, Wott«fli» and benttej wart all 



iaxcixvd. ThiM ooouuonod Swift'i *' ilaUlo nf \ho Bnoka,* though it 
woi ni^t rrrint«d Ull HOOiO jouv aAonrftrJA. Uei^atM^ h* wrote 1il« 
Immou* ''TbI* oif & 7\iK" whioh mor* thftn U17 oMicr oauM stoppod 
eAotiuljr tb« path of hU wi^liitictn tavards a biRbopria, Tliougb 
not known flvowdly m an aiiihor, 6wia wm now well kiiowi» ts A 
nun nf f^rcat abititj to nonf lil^r&ry hidti^ and woi 00 tttrmt of 
[«rUcakr frieitdihip with Conj^ivvcL 

but hin Ut«niry pnniiiltA hare had not 10 cooipletely 6nffnM»o<L 
htm m to |irvtvnt hr« engaging in what, in nnj otb«r m&n. vonld 
haro brer, tormixl mure ttrDdcf onon ; in Swift tbor mcut take *r>in« 
other iuuno« bo that what tt ma^. Tfan htsloiy of bin contluctt ton^ 
with nigBn] to rvnry wnnian to wbnni he paid purtimiliLr omiH» ik th« 
tOMt SAnOfdinary thing m all Litcmrj reiiMirab. Thoro bafo been 
■ttVoral vnff of aowunUng for it. Into which it in not mv Intention 
io <\t n o m :\ ; l«i t}ie ouivtt havv* K^^i whtit thpj mnr, th^ utamp hia 
chamcterfoT inioniBe a«]liahnov bejoiul all pcMibility of pdlUtton, 
ir Swift fbi% himaolf di>qua1iflod for entering \tna inntrliuoninl ro- 
UXLout fnxa «batflT«r causv or motivcv oh it u f?vjd«nt be ilid. Ii* 
ohould h«v« ooodnoled luaiMlf tewaida women of tiurte and feoLing 
■ooordinglj; tnit, on tbo contrMry, hft n«rer, lu ai^ Instanca aoetna 
ii> bft?e put the ali^EhtMl cbecit ou himwtf iti Uuh ratnect. H« jiaid 
thuD the moot aurJwd Dttantiona ; in aomoiDAtAiioailicwoocfl vitb 
k11 tb« appetrancaa of pftvion, and propoMid tnarrtagc witli tbo moiit 
MMrimportnnily; battwonn aflvr another respond lobitf wnnTitb, 
■ad th«i be oooUy beaked eut^ or viit«rod into Bwh a tantaliaqg , 
and njvtonoiu pcettio:!-— wtwro tbc womou bod to ittcriaoo ertry 
Ihini^ peew of fnjn4 brinic d4«tr>^^^«tii, and j^benwl/r Mnjt put into 
titoioet jei>penl7*'«ewDrc tbetrvcryhouteuidlivce out, Uepkred 
vUb vocDon «a a cat doa with mboa So that they wi^rc ki'pt nwt 
bmind wiUiin bia lofli^ cut off friMn all th(^ bett(*r pruHprota of lifu, 
mvMood wa vwUma to hb need of their eoci«tv, lie eared Dotbing. 
lie wataknaedandigitatedalmoattonuidncwi bj the frar or looing 
them, yet thin vaa a ]iiinfly avlfiith foflliiifE : he toi>k no mnunirM io 
«el their hoarta at mt\ he plaoed thcoi in auch oiTonmntaiice* that 
he eonld not do it ; to utijily ono ho luuxt Immolaie anothfrr, t^izav 
of thv fiaMt aikil ni'wt cbbrmiTi^ wfimi-ii of tbo a^ trrrr^ thim kopt^ 
aa it wenv with a ninug roand thoir hctirU, b; tvhicb he ocmld pluuk 
aal tertiwe them at pleacaro; and keep them walking fi>r evor or«T 
thf IntmiTig ploDtihiliaroe of agOniKing iiiioc<KAintiw. and the world'i 
obili«|un ulofkoee. IbecD i* ui^tbi»s vrbioh am ev«r ftclruni Swiften 
iTirauory, In thb rcaiieet, from tbe race^t iboroogll cOQlotnpt and 
■ttiJisimUen of eter^ man It Toiiid. 

Ctorj inataixe of what an^ cnllod love aSair^ in which Swift wat 
Aoaoonwd, pvoaeota tbo mcio leatnm, eivn under tbo aoftened eflbct 
of the cotuunug of hiH mut kudatmy btpographer, Sir W>lt4jr Soott. 
While Hwiit waa at l^iceoter, bin inetb*r wna afriid of hie foraing 
an Impnidant attaichmcnt 10 a youn^ v^iman there ; at whiob Swift 
knowing hnaaelf pmtij w^ll, onlr |jiu;:kvd. Ilitt llirlali«iiH| lu ro* 
rwaaNilfli^ were oily *^ opportunitio* of amueeioccil ;" a 'aori a 
tariglliflcaolptUuit^ whiob he uw^ tovcnla the gtri in qnanJOaj 



ft'lubit to be kid Mide wbeecror fa» took Mber rmletioMiMl 
idiloh, akouU li* •nt«r tk« dnxreh, IwahwU not find it kftffd lo \tf 
down at thif ponlL" Utis u bwe b&goii^ ii>d tlut of Seolt ii 
h^nllr bt;tt«f. 1I« ■m^^a-'* it » pnUbtf to ft iMbtt^ftt ftrvl iodiilpd 
oitily rroro T«&fty <t for tho uk« of 40iaftnc[MDtt Uwt wo an lo tnv 
thti well -known drcuuistaoocB whkk emlMttGrod hu Uf^aod iupiM 
hu ntnitaUoiL* 

Aim 19 thffs all 1 Aro h&bits of inda]^^ ruatj, and of BBDHif 
onaicif with th« tflfootiocu ind tb« h iOTiD «ii of ccben, lo bo tki 
eooll;r t4lk<il oft '* (SrciuiMUaoM wfaddi emb;tc«r«d lii li5>, ad 
impinf^ iu rcpuUttoii,* indeed I Svift bftd tho greitoai ngu !• j 
ombittAT hit own llfo* and impcir kU ovn moMon, If be pn«4 L 
but that la iiot tlM <)i;mt]on ; iTttiii brrwuMlit mnor] 
U>« indnlgonoe d tus Tojiit^ and bin atUAon, embittored iha UmJ 
of tliOMi who Iktmied to hitn, and iniptirvd tluir repuUAko " 
bo wu cu]p»bl« b jiroportioQ to his brOltmt powera, iiid 
hiDOMlf tbcrobr in the oatcgofjr of hovtloio nUaini. Th 
wven wonb ; but t bav* alimy* UHy tad itiQ cannot attiid 
tbftt thtiir appUo&tiou to Swift u most juat «qU oeovoary. 
no iiuiUnffs of m?ro tDcMiij,e«i wa» ow motv atrtkin^ ihtn\ 
^own tn hia seoood oourtdil|L Tbe lady in ihia oaao wn 
■implo Donutry girl, bul tna Jane Vftr^a^ tUo eiatcr of an 
coUogo companJoD ; to tbiii Touag hdj, in^ia aflbetod paatonlt, 
bn fand dvDd tho namo of Varina. htt. It be noenbcRd tlmt \ 
vnn m IroUnd, whilo bo waa bMnaftbe raioe and poffcnnrnfrUift 
funcliouA of a clei^TniAn. Uia aulb tor tbia ladr wm coniin«od iw 
fiinir or 3vo yean with all ibo anpoanfMMi asd proilfBtatUow of IImJ 
<Uop«8t attaSimoQt i ho propoocd mftrriago in tb t»o«t ita« 
umu. Tho joong lodjr dooa not aocoa to bsfo rospowM * 
dklly to bia adranooa tar a long timiv in fkoLtill tbAi vvy i 
put t apeo^Jj and to tbo diamooCiil farcA Whw ibo <t[il 
accept Eim and bla oflin, "bo aotOMd,' Mja tkotti ''to bai* ' 
alitt)aartArUodb;r^^<'"'''^*°^'^^<^^P>tn]at)oii.* Uotb^Daaat. 
qii£t« another tono ;— l«t 6oott*« own laofnafo rabko wbM bol 
"^Bwift ohA:^«d Varioa wltti want of BJfectloc, aud indiflbri 
atat«it Ilia own inoMno in n moot diumJ point of ticw, j^ intia 
tiat bo might v«ll prettud to a botUr fortuoo than aho w 
Mm^ of I Uo wa» oo tnr from Ntatntn^ bia fbvtaer opiaJoa 4 
tbo cflbeto of a happy anions that b* ini^uirod whether tbo pbjaNL . 
hid tEOl ovor aoroo «orj^aa thoy appearod to exit<rtain DD tbo f ul^pct ] 
of bet haaJth. (Ho bad mado this dcUotto faoalUi belbro a plM Ibr J 
tfitMatao^ bur to put honolf undvr bk caro.) Lartlj, bo domaji^idl 
p«reB)pt>rilr to bnow whether ^e would iuKlort«ke to luanaco tb^l 
dMDoatic aUAim with an income of ntiicr leva than throe hmHJbtdJ 
pon&Ja a-j«aT ; wbotbor aho would on^igv bo fofeow tbs i 
ibould point oat for the inipromiiiwt of her nbd t wbot_ 
could bead all her affnitiom to tho aamo direction wbk^ he . 

givo hio own, and ao govern Kor piMloDa, hnwe<-<^ ]*^*^J pi* 

aa at all Ujdm to ronuno hor good bumour at liia aftiwoaeb ;i 
fiaally, wbuthor sho oould ao»iiDt tbe pkoo vbere bo reaided I ' 



vtJemae tbtn ocnfto lad eitiva viiUout turn I Hicm prcmiuM 

MpLy nttd in tlw world,* bo iiittiDftU« b» mUmgDoaN to wed hor, 
IhoQgh teiihtri penoul UmuIj or ]ftrg» fortuoe." 

Hiia lanroigo roqulra* ih> coBunoat; it ia tho rj]^ abui&» of * 
ooDtotaptibl^ Ml('V,wbo« tokon ftt hiA word, tboo buUicw uul JosuHa 

Iu» noit vioUm vh Esther Jobniii?!]. tbe Stella of thii alraojin 
UBtoi7> This yoiutf ^f ^^M ^hf> lUuj^tcr of ths fttovanl of Sr 
iTilUui T«m|)l« kt Mooirark ; rIm was fatli«rlina vhou 8wift ooin- 
■aiiKiBd 111* tkeigiia wpoja acr j ber fi&tbor diod amq after her birth, 
iAd W mother utd suUr rtndod b tho houso at lloorimrk, and 
ven UtftM vith nrtioaJar ragmrd and Oftt««iii b; tho family. Mim 
SUbcr Jobcwoa, woo waa nuob jrcungor tbAa SwifV, wab beaatiftl, 
fivcly, Mid uoMbleh Sirift d«votod bnnmlf to bor w her tcacb«r, 
ndiuder adTtata^ of his dttljr officM> tad poaitioo, co^ed lier 

Vf hir thst thev woro to be muried nhon Sirift » iooomo vanuilod 
il, Uwt OQ the anth of Temple, Aud Swifl'a pn^fermctot to the living 
of I^roioor in IrcUatUnW w»a induced bj bun to como <iT*r oiid fix 
k«r iwdanoo id TViid xttmr him, undor tbo protectloin of • Itdj oif 
■ikkQioi^Mn.1Jiiiglo7, Ilia atory is too mil kitDwa tobomitiutd^ 
lolkvtd » Swift ooquim) auoh coDiplct« I3a«vi«r7 cnroc hor, tbat bo 
k«p( hsr iMar bbc^ aLd at ha command, tho cr«at«r pait of hk lifo, 
but wouJd oelUioc man; b«r, Eor oliotr her to in&rry aAjo]i« elw^ 
Ihowh «h« hid caodlcpt i>irDr*- It ww it<rt till maaj j^o4ra ftfUr* 
wda. whan thia fllal« of depeIldtfIko^ imo&rtaiiitj, and aibitrarj 
mUuxmoi had iMtrlj worn ber to death; ujd wbea thuM vara Rggra- 
^bf Aanlbr her tvpirUUoa, utd tbcn bj the ui|)eonnoo of % 
I tita aenut that aba eitoriod firom him a mairutfa i«hic^ waa 
^ a pdTofiouadaMvatruaoknowladgQd, and which loft hurjuat 
I Iba posittoo aha wis ia befor^ IhAl of ft ukor« comp^ikiuu iu pi^ 
ca 01 a third parly, whea h^ <boas. Tho nral joat DioutionDd 
*wa WaaVaahi^Dfiuh, tbvddu^toTofa «riiow buTjr^ nhoao bouao 
ba froqaaotod dunng ma life iii LLiudojL Thi« ^ouxig lady, to whom 
be, OD hia unifonn dUo, wluoh toodod to pr«t«Ql un|»IeaaaQl claims 
bf tiia aTidafkOa of lotlava^ gavo the ium« of VaMaHi aa he t«nDad 
huaadf Cadcooa, wma hiah-4|iint«d ftnd ftccoupUihcd. Whm Swift, 
ia hia muaJ maonor, bad for a loo; time uaid avary usarkad atlaa* 
tioo to Uias Vanhomrigb, aud waa regardea both by beniblf and tba 
vhc4o fiuiuly as vx Bckoowkdgod lorer, jet oeTer cwno to ^tleln 
trnaa, tbn ycunt lady camo boldlr to tbwa harsalt Tba ny 
daeaivar wu thuadaratrack : h« bad f*>T yem bacD livi&g in tha 
tncot inUoMto etatc cf ooulUouo? vilb StcUa, aa hca Rffiftoood loveri 
ilia bad alJ tbo claimi of bonotir aixl affoctkin upon him Ibut a wifo 
floold bftT«; for, thoi^li majtitaiiiicg Ibe stnot^t proprii-ty of life 

bar UufUchMk the very flower of Lor lifW uid the ha^i^ of ber grxxl 
Bamp, tohb aociul liappiuecia. Thia i^lrun doiUu^ thi^KfoRv od t^ 
' TftbOBoat VIM ftD caabftfiftHlug btuw. '* Vmi oMiDot doubt," 



Bnrfirbttw "wuchmmI in bb ooIebnlMi poem, tboojpi bo h«d not tbs 
oourago to Uke tho opnn and iiu&l3r<»iinH3 oftTornqg Uumc loigui- 

|DOfil4 utUi SUrltA, or ulbcr lUi|)itrUtaOllL«, wliicti prDTtQUMl uU 
ftOOAptiub: Ul<t b&ntt ttmJ fortiuit* ^ her rirj_" 

Taa fox in f«ct wjtf Ukcn in h]» iriin. IJc hjnd moro oa faU 
lubdH than with nl\ b)« ominJii)( Uv Lifiiw b(iw t<i louui^ Hi* 
Bttlfiflb tyiuox bod Uctm ibl« to oontrnt ftud ri^it f>ff pour SbeUt, b«t 
VaqcAm vtta II difTci^nt klnil of Aiihjf'ct, ind oociuicncd him t[fvftt 
vlnrra uid luixi^t/. He r«Ur«<1 Ui IivUiitl; but tbi« tlij aai. ttUMd 
the muttL^r. it tenilAt] mtluir to make it watnc ; Tat Uua Vuiboo)* 
ligh bad {iraportr thonc, uid upcodiljr hdhouhociJ to tbo piilty Dchd 
ber pTOMUQO \a fiablluL Ho wam now in u jwwttv a lU m ouo woiij 
»M«i«h Qdouble-dAlMtobc. *'Tbcclaiiiiiii>fSt«ih,'' M>-«±koU, 
■*irfrn> prnjtimblc Jii point of date, lukd to a man of boiiDUT ukd gooQ 
f&ith, ill ev«ry rapvot tDlmiUililf^ 8bo bftd r«BtgDod bor ooaaby, 
her fnnndjk And cvcci hoMrd^^d hi>r chAnu?tar^ in hofio of one «1^ 
b(dn^ nnitol tc Swift But if ^Urlla hid made tho grcfltor Mcrifioi^ 
TwuM* ^>tta tbu monk li£k|iortAitt victim. !She bivJ yoizth, fott4ifM^ 
lMhi<)n : oil thft ftoqnired toooTOplinbinarktAftad infonaAtian in wbkh 
SmHa «m doficinni ; po»oflMd ^ k^t m niucb wit» ood ootiaiiilj 
tiighvr poi»ra of laaa^inat&oD. She hudf bMiilw, oi^oj^ tbe ftiwA" 
ii0B of bftving in 4 mannar compelled Svift U bmr and rvjilj lo tho 
Ittgqjw* of pemion, Tboro wm in hor com i»i> Mm. Ditjfslc^, do 
oonvemeat tnlTd p&rty, irliow probouoo lu suoiuty f^iul couiiuiULiij 
in (vjcriunondnnra tiofcwnril^ imjuAnd on bcth ■ rutnuntt ooofo^ 
Dionl |3tfriiapt to Swifr-, but bigblj uafarounUe to Sulio,*' 

Tho cociioqueDOaa were ouch u mkht bo «ipoi7t«d. SwiA cado^ 
vonrvd to t«mpori«o urn] imttut Miivi Vuihomngl^ and to indueo bar 
to retuTQ to Erjglflud, but ia Tutu. Sbu tierer oMMd to proM Um* to 
hsr, impoTtftut quealiucL, luid tg keep biin in whftt htt tiMl to call 
■*ft qnlrlvit hnd^." Stirt lru;mrluniHL hhh with ooDOpkint* «f 
cruelty- uid uoglcct, aod it vus obtjoiu tb»t o&j decdnVB ia«Miu» 
to brink this ocqatirttonoD would be mtteodod wltb vacuo vudi tJitffc 
OAiuwir|Li«n^ M, though lat^ kt Ic^ngtb cotioludoil thoiir '^t'Vir, no 
wawtbuaoompcibHl toniGsumo n doinoanouT of kjndna— oiid Mwotka 
to VincBMt whidi, of ootmror mmo ww reportod to &M*, nkd bcpB 
to prodiiiTo in bor Uii^ xnn^t titnl tijmptonM, H#r hMrt ww mung 
bf fo&nt ond jodou^ctf ; hor bcEltri gnvo wplJ- ; uid ^wA vsa coUf 
pdlol tt) o pnTnto BiArriig4% in onlcr uLit to cjng his ootudttioawfUi 
W miirlf^r. Tho ootiditLom of thin msL»Ti«0» wi^r^, thkt it fdiooU 
eoDt^uc A Ktmt Morti fmui tho public, ma that t^j abculd ^on- 
tiniM to Un Mpttimtol/r (uwl in tbo huw souded nuDncr m befofo, 
Hio grnod havioMo ii hi* lift ntw wm to moIIo hwI wht«dbi 
Vaium^ tnil to plftj tho bvjiocHtc lorer to bor whib be waa tbo 
' bmibtnd oS luaotbnr vooaii ; ft l&no Mtnouou for q oleqgyn>^ vad 
odoan ! Thi*. wo tna^ beltova^ vitb a woonon of UiH Vudiom rich's 
tcoipenuDont, «m no OMy tvik. Ri« next pUn wu to irr to gfft 
rid of bor by tnduclng bor to mwrj oonio ono otn, Oftd lor tbu pur- 
pooo bo pMoeotod to hor Dooa Vintor, » ^tatknMD *i ohonotar §ai 





flKtniWLiS^ Dr. FHo», ftlUrvmrdfl ArciblrfHip of Ouli^l It vaa io 
i^D J m» f^jept«d oucb oflk* peremiitodlj, uid »t Jeiwth, ie if to 
lildo htf v«iAtwa «ad «eck repoao in imtiLrp, ahe tvtirti to Uiirk^r 
Ablwf, bcr jicmM ttui piVMiyi iwv OslbridJEV. Bat Uio dniftma of 
]i>T« aad ie«lotU7 putmca hor thither with only tho more fdrca. 
She board whivpon <f Stalk \mttg acbMUj tfao wiib of &ynBy «sd 
ah« M^rtDinod to know the (iqUl For this purpcM iho wr<it4) 4t 
<oco to 9I«L1^ i>bd pill the pttin quMtioD to li»r. The nsnlt of this 
««0 npid aoci BtartJui^ In a ^w tUjs aho o&w the Doon dmctnd 
f/on hu hoiM kt horje&to, iod >dnao to h«r door, dark and to«» 
MS thmdcr-olDiiui Ho mxUftd, thr^w down b Uittct upon tbotabW 
bcfcro h«r, and with a look blook tm aigbttstolkod out soUA without 
A word, mounted, tmd rodo my. Aji looo a« HuvvM^omngh 
nttcvrtnd m «oin« degree frcm hor torror and otBOttmcat, jbo took 
up tho btUFt «p«fted it, and foiiDd it bar ovu to St^^Ila ! 

dtedlft hcnelf ooufinned the btal tratb fay a eutdid avowfl], and 
111m Tanticningh trnnt aoitor the ihook. For oi^bt yt%n, trusting 
fnoboblj to tbo pionaiaM of Svift, «ad tb« apporoolly bikiog h«al£ 
ef StaUii ^e k«d msbttoiiMd the uneqnal coat«ot with hn docp- 
root«d PVMOA and SMR'o n^itohou oonduo^ but thm nrelatSon 
of bl* ^l**y vaa hot doith- Hofl«v«ri aba hvii only to rfrvoko bi 
faisU bcr vfl], whkli had boea moda in mvcnu of SwifL uk\ to Wve 
bar fortune to Mr. MorehaU, oflenrardi ot^o of the Judgva of tb^ 
Oooit of Ocouooa PUaa in Mood, and Dr. B^^rkcleyT tho cdobmtod 
pbi]iMopher, ofid ofUrworda binhop of Clorrm l and to ooumaud tho 
puUiesiioa of oil Uio lotton vbicb bod pavod betwe«fi tSwUI aod 
boTMlt aa voll oa tbo oobbroiod powa of Qadonua and VaiMMO. 

Stella died in L 7^-^ bavicu borne the secret and oorroding iufl^ 
iig of the pofliLioci im po wd by tbo solfiahnesa of Swift for upvorda 
of Cblrtj ycon. HriLWbiloTaj, « Indj wbo ^roa on t«Rna of mat 
ifitiaocj with Swift, and spent maub time at tbo deonesy of Si, 
HtrTOk «» si&ti^ t^t wbea tkeUt ww oo her <feaUi*b«d dba expo«tu- 
latcd wUb Swift •■) Lij haTiQg kept their laorriaga UJUiOMMiiJy 
Hcnrtf Bod oiprened bcr fear that It might leavo a alaln oft bcr 
npuCAtion; to which Swift replied, ** VTuli my dear, if you wlah it. 
it ohcD b« owMi" ^MMnj£od,"nu/o^i^r 

Sooit caja " ba roccived Utia report of Jlr& Whit«waT with plac- 
aon^UTinikatin^ tLe Di'Ah frum the cbaist of ooLd-Uooded and 
bvMoarUd ctnohv ia tho nnfoHuikikt* StaflCi «4um oo tbo ircm<of 
aiiat«&c«w'* ITnw doec It rtnJiu4tc him from nnj mxt^ choi^t 11)0 
atowal vaa Dover mad* by hiiu ; oud »o dubioiut w tbe vety fitct of 
tha aaainaB» Uft, m C^ da aey oH of Swift'a woe oobcqnicd, that i1« 
twj ojdat ott ca haa doc* bc«o ctienuouclT denlad, avpocklly by Mr. 
^Dck MwKk Id Itta Kutory of St. t^trlota Cathedral Tb* eimpie 
Initb ia^ that tho vdio^ ol ^^if^i ooDducI to St«1k for thirtr*thM 
yvan wca^pioco of "oo1d-bbod«d and bard-heart<Mlcnio!tr. whidi 
%haMm of ua d«r«CfCO. Such waa the troatmeut vbtch aiJ ]a4l<-j nrho 
tngalfait^l an attaohacDt to Svifi recdrcd at he* bnti^ -. i* it aoy 
wQCkdor thai vucfa a nan vmt mtd t 

Thoaa cneuaAauoca barv giron a ilogiilar Gliira.'t«r to tbe bio- 

pufaUuAcI, oaQt«rt it hy tkair piHUO and ! 
iuQdt«orroatAiio0: tu ttliich.hove?er. Swift Umftdfpbjv Uiepni 
Qi 4 ronr clervr, wilt;, Aud 4loauiEi««Hfig, but oertuolj not AttnMtn, 
Lwo. UootwIe viU aiwAjv pqf im an inUraal oo»a««Ud«jlb 0ti«UL 
It va4 unid Ita pLeua&l |T07«a tbftt, j^ung, bevitiftil mai amS^^ 
abti indulgisl niili iSwift in tboM dreuni of alle^lifo wtidi br vi« 
•4 1>ittU']j to fAl^jfy. Thoro \a & cATam about thnM qiiarton of • 
iiii)» from tbe m&uHioQ, calktl M>jthrr Lu^lkiu'd Holcy iriikh tlie 
oauntry tridttion rtpnMnta u tiArin^ bron p frequent rMori of 
Swift 0(1 SuUft in thoir vaOuL It liMlAlfm; dowa th« sLdo «f Ib^ 
km coTaned vith vood. tomrds tiio nntbera extnmihr «f tlie part. 
It aMtui to liavo been li«VD out of tha imid«Uu>e roc£, andtohafa 
inofoaaod oouaidoTttblY ia its diiaauNOiu Kxae it wai dcftoriboA hj 
Qroee. Tbo^T«atMt height of this erantJoDTW lie about lv«he 
fMt, ftod Ita iTi^th twout^, but at th« diatan«« oFaboul thtr^ iect 
(Vom tho cntmtiioo ii booomc« 90 U>w Ofid narrow aa to bo paaiabfa 
onl/bj^penoQcnvUnffoD hla hacda and knMS. Ftom the boUov 
of tlio c«vo laaotf a bequI, do&r atream, aod two «toM bctictai bft«« 
been plaood for Uio ftoooraraorUtion of TiEutoro. llic gloom and n^ 
Mftom depth of tbe ^tto, tbo aoutnl of ibo iv-aUir, and Ibe bcttoto 
of Iho wrroimditig fioUtuy aowe, Burvejed thioiigb Um dart mhei 
nntmic<^ nhiuaod with vraoda and therootvof trooi^flvoUioaM&BO 
impnsiiva cBG«l. Hnuff baa introduoed tJiis mcni into a draiBi 

Groao ^ivcfl a jociJuMi aooouul of the oi'igin of tbo oomo of lite caTc 
OM Uotb«r LodUm, ho telb us, tmt ft m/« witfti ; ooe who wxiha 
kiUod bogi^ rodo on brooiiuiida, dot niadc cbildnn TOout oaili i 
crooked ploiy but, oa tbo ooiitraty^ did all the gcxkd aho oouU. ' 
tho couEitvy p«op1e, wh»D ia want of any uikIo,-^«ft3' & ftjiii. 
orai|iftde^— TO^dcomo to tbecsvo at midutght, uid tnnuiig 
timea round, would tlireo tlntoa aaj^ " l^v, jfood Mother Lui 
Itfkd UQ eucb a thiDi^ and I will rotum It wiihic two dav^i* 1 
a«st tnornljig, on going then aguo, tbo arltelo would b« nond 1 
at the DOtnwoe of tbo oavo^ At Itm^h tbo bnrrover of a k 
cauJdroti was not ptinctiial iii rttuminf iu vhioli a« irritated * 
p?od nQOther^ that wheo tt did fiooio abe refuted to tak« It In 4 
uid in ooarse of tirno it wae ooarcjed avaj to W«vdik^ j' 
and. at tba dinardution of Uw mooaitariM^ waa dapnitod u . 
hamdnudL Flrom the hoar of tbo non-ftppaanooa of tfaa c 
bowvrer, at ita proper timik Uotber Luduun wevtr would L._ 
itiflktait tbin^ Uoorpuk b oow a wator wtabJiabiMnt, cnod 
hy l>r. iMne, 

Tbfi naotta and miJcncOH of Swift in Loodou, durioft bia 
tboro, hvm no tv^tj pAnnhftr int^n^tA, Ho fntqTinntjul friNd^ ' 
bouaia of tba graat pofitioal charaotan with whom bo waa oon&od 
Hia iouaadiate fHeoda wan Ucrlef , Boliagbioke, and Oodotphin. 
waa a freqod^tt attATKlarit &t T>ioHi^Mi<viM\ tbo oeuri of tbe T ' 
of Vakij iftaraarda Qto^ II. He wiu tm lb» moat (kmilkr I 
wttb all tbo titer^ii Qay, Pope^ Addi^o, aod, fOr a 



8t4Mte, Ac Hi; vw oflco «t Tvkkccihiiu Tar fwmUw 

«TtB of tbv UuMv 11 is R»t JD 1h«iv |iUoc«, liOTDTdT, thftt thc (Ufip 
Otefvt uf Swifl'a Ufe liu HulUcd» aDd, thorefora, wa criMft Ibv 
GhautMl t4J Irxluiii, «nd h*^ bu bomc« Lhore. TTv hAv« ^IrQftdj 
luiiked hia bnef ab)!]!! at KiJroot ; bis iicxt raa'kncc nv at Wofi^ 
ill UnAiii. 

Sirift viui «bout Uurij^'iwo jou* of a^} wbon b« alUsided Lcmt 
inkel^t ofifi of the Lords Jtutiocs of Inilud, to Uiat ocuntjy u 
Ui«bii^pMti fri»d joit^ktA >ecnt4i7. Jtotckrr b^l prummod Litu tbo 
Int g«aJ ekurafa tiviDg tlk^ M vac^ui, out thtf rich (Immi^ of 
Dcn7K>oci &fWrbJlii^o«t,h««ooJdcioly«^/it toSviftfoTftihcvi- 
Mfid poviaitM. tiwift nHcM tttm i& sucb a BJUkDor, Uut to prevent 
mairlr^ at frnr'tf'*-TT lit tttttitj, P^"Ttct"1 liim Inr Mst TiMan^p 
—lbs reolovT of A^eW* a^d m Ticartgo of lamoor «id RsthbqEgUh. 
TlieMQ Ihic^ ujitf •!, uDomftod to alX'Ut £3fV. j«arlv ; and the pro- 
bead </ CKukUviu boiu^ mAdtd in tL« j«or 1700, rukod Swift* boono 
lo batwitt SOOL snd 4C0L lib isonDer of UkAx^ potowop of 
LtfWKtv wbtf« be n^olTod to live, vm cbaraelfrMKl He irae a 
p<at pf drtith*^ >nd umftd to bavownlkod d^vD t i>cmW« io Luacor 
na IhiUnit mikins dototrd rhjmra on tbo pUcce vLtch bo |«s»d 
>tpii^^ Mas J anmoto* an nlatod «f tttb jouraoy. Airivms; bv 
vltfvJ tiiv tfunttc^tt licoMf doiDKulcd boa ■-*"^*s and Uktiounood htm- 
Wf blimtij **Be hia muter.'' AD was bortla to reoeive a penoa of 
«di ontiofrqiuAo^ wbOk tppareuUv, «a« determinod to mak» kis 
liamiuMti ■! r«JL Tbo corato^ w>^ ttoa ordorod to Ut uido Ui« 
IMn-'k d«a& fldrt and fftoddocs. vfakkk he carried ioUb pocket; 
ft<t Ad W relax lija atfa of dnunalion uatil bo bad cxcitod much 
dtttk, vLicb htti ftutidcquHDt fnoadlj conduct to th« worthy wujilc 
^md tnto rvapcclfy aitiiclinieni. 

IbM Am^fMandt of iba Dean^ v«Tt, un doulf^ kct; annuiiig to 
ttttMl^ iDi] am a^rocflUilc «iuwU Lo ro»d Oi( bal ibcjr ehioI Lato 
teft mptdtig but atfTMaUa to Utoie iqion whom Uiej lAWfii pbiyud 
iC TtM^ I'vt^ a vant of rve^ni to the faelio^ of oibor^ aikd 
^a« rfauncw t^ioA tliu b<9A U«n of tociuty, vbiicdj oniiij octc who 
Afwda the klDJlj qAnuie cf the fUiliuifs of Ibe tumble uihl Uie 
Mfli ought to ooiiiiMika, Bowtfvtir respociM might bo tbc aher 
■MiqbpMit df this wortbj' ccrato and bat wUb, vq mar wcU bolicTe 
ibl ih# fln^ mancv mitfouaa and mntritv of the dfv«dc*d Dutfi 
^«ld Wto a wotiad a&d a tonor buhmd tut vw« nat dewrvcd. 
■oA tkai^ uo (JtM mvlil twiUiitflj- iv iulltut^ llicn; vron^ ciw*i-/t nhi-ro 
M; ia«nt#d tfk4> o«x^tric otiaitiMiodit vluch i\vii'. >u 

Pi* *ir;"' '//i w!..^ Lp.iUil him to diD^iur^ aiid thill -ao 

''Tiiug tlal it TrcHj vrw t^o jvur £u; liim 

L JitcffrnftiiAi vitit good thiit^ dciurvHl, 

•.m fiWtt, — "TWnwhydkl you Dot g«t i bttlort 

L4 oJUUDjf j I havD a p>od tuiiid ti^ p^ avdkj aad 

A j\\i r^rrnag,' VpI ov*ti lh«fn, tho ^nctl-mlunMl cotiutiy 

Ibv wacaau mu •csuoirbdt too Aom^Jy puQiabtsL &• 




Svin cnmnl to Mttle down at t^noar In good «MTW*t Qe feot 
Um oburoh uid ^«nii>iiftg« muoh OAgUctAd kod dll*|nd«l«d, Md vl 
about tboit rcpun at oqoo> U« vna ludire aod ragolor m ^ ^ 
tfau^ of bta ckriod dutim. fio rakl pnjera tw>06 »-«nk, oJ 

mA rt vw om ona of tbeoe occadioa* that Lord timry n\ 
hiua u addrOMULg tho clerk, Uogor Goto, ui ' Mj dMttjr 
lLog«r.** Tho tiuth <^f t}i<i ojiocdoto Im* boon d^utod, ud k i 
to aUt is ui old josi-booL |irlat«d balf-a-ccoiiaiy befort. 
do«s nott hovrtvuv romlor it at oU itnfirobftble toot Svift 
i;m of tb« j«rt, «apft<riaU; wbMi ira knoir that Rofcr *>« bii 
A bumourut and a jofcor i oa^ for bstaoiM, whoa &mt uked ! 
vbj bo woro a red wuidoofttt and 1m replwd, boouno ho T 
Ihc ohurcb tnilitMiL 

Sirift Unit GQticih pk«iiuTo in kk ^rdMi ftt Idtacor i 
% TiTukt that nm thiou^ 

ifc into ft rcgulAT cHnal, -^^"^v 

iad ploctod oa its bmiku 
ivcmva of mllova. Aa 
«oon •• ho «A« MttloJ, 
StoUi, tod ber oompuiion 
Mnk UiofflDT. cuao over 
uiiil Mtti«d doiro tco< 
lliQf had ft hoxiao dmt 
tho ^to of KnighUht^ok, 
Uio old nsudoit^ tit tho 
PerdvAl^ almofft half'O- 
miU from Swifts hotuo^ 
wburv U147 lived wbaa 
Swift VM st LariLCOT, or 
von tbo gacMitii of ibo 
hoaptUblo Yitjnr of Trim^ 

Swift left tjOTkCOT for « 

Uoov, fta oa hia kllduaI Joiunm to Eivl&od, Uio lodion than 1 
uvoMion of the TiouvigebUia mnuiMM thim dnHba fate ab 
TbA «ito of St«lU'« hoitto m looritd on th« Oid&anoe Surrcf 1 
oomi^ of Bf OMlL 

Tho rnMdonm of Swill at Ijkntfo- mtthidn atnod unji 
tion of bii Ufo> U wu, ftt tbo kost, twdw J«M% •« ho 
•«Brion of bis liTine La 1700| lod quiCUd it for tho denorj of 
Patrick in 1713, iTam ho viw Itillj oc^^npipnl irttb ib* AxdJm of hj« ' 
puriih. uui tbo united labour* of audionbip and poUtita. Htrd^ 
wu b^ sottUd whcG bo wr<ito U» pmiAJot on tbd Dumpuoda 
botvcoa tbo NoUcH uid CoinmoDO of B<^a, which fti>pU*d to tb» 
impoMhiiiont b^ tb» CciiiiiDon« of Lord Bomtm, Oiiord, Hifiio. 
a&Q FbrtUad, on Boo^uit of tb«lr ahoto ia tbo |iOTtitt<u trcfttj. Vm 
hnyap^ bcm nt otio« into tho iotiioncf of docaon* Sundoriaod, *iid 
Hali&x, ilvnt he »ooci after pobbahedbis Tale of « INib. wbiob bid 
becttwnttmatMoovpart. TtaavnB)M^vmtKimti<Uk,wodtbt^ 

nrXL*\ HBTt*. 




UMnrmoQi, liL« moot of QwitVn mtb, vti sooa IcDOtm to b» hin, 
[ ftod bii MoicW «u Mgtrlj notight hy mtu of th« bigb««t diatioctioD 
' boUi Ibr rwok uid gcoiua. Anumpt the loHoTf Addiaao, Sioelri 
[Tiakefl. PkUiia, und otii«nk At omoe bemoo lib fHeotia, tl> now 
^ made t3ie of bis kifitcooft Ti^gi>Torcm«ai to obt^n the gift of the 

Dwrfilw thia booD to tb« Church At Ur|Ei\ bu iDonased tho elohe of 
Laneor fimo ow acre to tneatj ; vad, purcha^g tbo lithm oT 
BObmodk, whuD bo wm aot oTorburdeuod with (uddoj^, i»ctUed tbvtn 
j Ibr «r«r on hit ucoattom. Ham ha amuMd himioU with boa quuoa 
I BMi PatWdg<* the Aflrologor^ undar the Utla of laaao BkurstShf^ 
|< wnkb alauMi drwro that nolodova iiDpMtor uud. Ecre ho wrote 
I ttia eaUnted vorace oa BatKus and ThiJemou, and othor of hia 
I gyoa- B<Ti\ iu 171<), he iuu<b Illb mmiJ poLticoJ ita&ait frcm th« 
f VThtp to ibr Tma, uiul bccuiw tho groot fricud, nmirtant, nnd 
tpoliliea] cooDMrUor of H&rlvy and BoUEobvoka; hvintu duriiift hia 
LlMif •ojowika in Loudoo, on the moei HidUar tanm with thoao 
rpoWopwn, a&d «1k> vith Pope, Goy, «Qd mil tho more odoUrabod 

drift's poUlfoal aohievaraoubi ait this ttm« ara • aingular «^«ct 

of oontoiuplsUon, and abow wJut momuuloui ioJluoncc a mere 

prirata maB laa; aOQuh« in Zaghn^ bj hu t4Jeiita. H«ni was a 

rematry darmiMa of an obaeure pftiiah in U«ath, with a ooogmga- 

[tioa, «B bo^iuHolf Md, of 'oomo hAir>«coro porBovit* who yvl 

I TMddad tho dMtiikiM of all £uto[io. It w&h hktu bj the poircr of 

I hia poD ia " Ibo Eiammor," and br ks cc^uiimU nod iufliivace, than 

llnr aoj other mo&iui, thai tbc Tonos woro tuabjod to turn oul of 

ocSoa tba lou^ tmiuphaat Whig^ and, hj the P'^'^e of UttvcLt, put 

a slop lo die irjmuplui of Mariboruu^ oa tho Oootineiit^ Hia vcn- 

gottaoe which ihc Tori« took on Lhelr adTorMiias tho WhJffi om 

rcigiiuiii2 poir«i for ft time; ui Atuu^i r«i^, ia. pcrbam tba moat 

l.vtartUDK tbixig in tho histooy of partj. xh« wWa Dad ataadily 

l«aiTOodtLon»r«0UiMtlx>ub tboFoiiitowU), Ea wy<diWUllam 

Foaaii ancaced all hii bfo. For nearij h«lf-«-ODatiify, that i», frODi 

f 10S7 to ITlSy the French Eoonareh had <orrJad on a dwpenuo ooflitcot 

iibc- the dcBtructku) of the Uhartlea of BurD|KL In 8|Ah^ In Iho 

1 HfOwrtudii, iu Holland, in Italf.anil Oonoacy. hia gtoienUi^ Oitinat. 

[Xuiambur^ Oond^ Turenina, Vcodomo^ VtUirtt Uohu^ Yillaroir 

FlUkn^ &0., &o^ had led oo the Ftvucii an&laa t» tho moat maona- 

llaM dvnataliacvL To thi> daj-^ the auocaudTa damoo deedi of 

TV^mme^ Uelac^ Cr^qni, mnd thoar Boldiona^ ara vividly aliva ia Ilia 

Ffaaarta aaJ tiio lueowrioa of Ibo |<onJMitrT of tha FaUtbiato^ when 

I tbajr diatroyed otaLTljr OTenr rnij, <hjuod tho iDhabitAnta awAj. Jeav* 

^ [ all that^ieaotifnl acd Jertila ngioQ o bUdi dmtstU and tbrowtDg 

9 boBCv of the ancient Uonjuuiic «!ai|r«ron out of lieirmvaa in 

|lfaooalhedraJ of 8p«ar. played &t bowU with their akulla. ToOKtio* 

ProtcoUabun, and to oitvod tho Fronoh ampho. apuond 

' i two fgnMt oljoola ; ia vhiob ha waa cttpported uj all Ibc 

■Ipowarof UwkJDgofcipanrtitioai^tlwPm. Kovokingtbe 

Qet of flaotoar he cocnButtod tlM moat borribia eutfagai and 



ilcstmoUoD 00 hn Q«n Protwtstii'mbjocU. Ho hoped, ooi tha mb- 
jpigntion of Uolk&i and tha rcf cpmxed jtUba of Gomum, toaakn70ut 
tb«ro iha «Aiii4 hcrniMv at r«LgIoii» uamhilAtiou. Eicofft ia th^ 
l^erVQ of Buoxiapirtv, novor hu ttio nirit of eoaiquMt, and of poti- 

4 foriti ftA lu thU <Mt«iiUtfOu» muodLTcU. WillJuu JJI, bofoto Ida 
ooooBuoti to iha BnHtk throac^ bad been tbo moot ft-nnidflUo oppo- 
itcot to hu progTML But be had contrived to wi but fraDaNCi« 
PbUi^ V, gu ILo throiio of S|i«io, ia oppuAiMua to tb» cUin of 
Aiutrin. onJ^ by tbo four of tho ultinuto muoa of tboao two srwi 
niUJQQft under oui «ccptr^ abnaacd oil EuroML In tud vm tJb« 
i)ct(t«d miatUnoo of AiuUm vxt £IolUu4» till Eo^kuI srat uat jta 
ercttt gtiumt, Utrlborough. Tho uinoii of UontKitkash, aod tbo 
SftTOTEkid, ?T\-aea ^^i^^ booomo M thom of tb« d<mi-«od« in tte 

lnUi|iU vfirjv; mid SJoahotta, RunilUoii Qudwuudo, and SiriphqmC 

oiMM ftom tbcir ft^oi of ubtHniri^ into ContiiwQUl pynauu of ■ 
Eiiglikiid'a militajy renovD- 1 

Dub of vlmt ftt'ul WW all Him rvuovu T WIuil wim itoq b^ U^J 
«toopt tbo cm^ttf ^loTj itAoLT? At tho cnmainff tnotucDt— lA tbvl 
hoof of othcrvi«o inaTitAblo r?tri^iitiL>n io tbo Mocdjr and impriD-l 

djdiHl moujirvb tjf Kitjii^t, miJ uf n:i:'Jujp<TUOu to Ui«aa UAUooa vbomu 
ilA>od bv bud a»UvifttLljKlieri,&nd wbow «iitfacobcbnd«i>vcrcd irtth^ 
ae\M, miDA, ftod borron^ lofetead of ntice% pwcoftiL TiQa^e^ adJ foir 
Qold^^tbo Wbi^ itctro aiinllod ftom vHov bj tho T<inv^ u>d «U 
tho fhuts of tbu \otig Mai bitter war wero WK^rtioi owaj (hna w 
•Dd our tl^lefl^ To d^v# ihe Whip of the gtcvr of & Miooeasla] 
viiT, to dftoh down ao kiwrtivc &U tbc triumpbo of tho Whig geoend, 
IflnilboroosK thoai ec«ii nultpcl into [>c80ii, vitbout cocMUltuig tke 
■UioL nadlell no re«uLt« to tho ct«at Boropeaa a:mgglo bol the 
blood «iiJoh h4id been nhod, aod i£o miooj'y tb»t bod b««u ooduruL 
Louif^ thcQ ei^fity-ftvi^ vciuv of ige^ asd totl«rioir towdt tho ip^n. 
AW btmsirlf Mt on-^i i«)eaaad fiom tbc* moBt terfol oooditioo iota 
vhkb hi:* ' jUtiou h«d plungod bim-^hnnthvoKBttombJo 

itpovpect << <D ead dugraot which oou]dThDjE«achft miod 

HahodtrtkiLOi iua kii:igdoflu to the hflt Ala^go of «xhwanoivbjr btlf- 
A-Ooatu^;'* iDoawuit ooatust with Euro» -, by hnbiog 6iv m^rh 
in'Twrr'^'^ Cbtfho 11. end Jamw IT, And many £E>t:1uh tttbli^ to 
ntvm hdp to the sufiiuing Oct&tiu^nt : tad by biiNu^ and |«jji9 
tho ftnolw of GcfftiHD princm whom bo otteild Induco to tMCOUU 
Lrmilontto thoimeiioa. His peopt* vtm Sanely fiobHtored apiDii 
him; no taxirti could bo rakod; bia b«et geoenb v«n defoaM ao 
tftU baiidjt ; Hit'} a «hcrt ti[ii« wvuH i»ci«t probaUy. bavo avoa Uazl- 
boroiitfh Olid Eiiffcoe aDtici[iato the fiUio* of our dty, by matchJag 
ilirDctJjr tipon oca taking lio«BeuioD of raii& Sotemibie of thisifv 
Lnuin, that Lda btfUgtif touo ww totally goue i ha ordorwd hi* ud- 
baautUm to ffivA up Auucei aiid ewn to aa»»t in drvJii^ PhiU& Ua 
owQ gimodaoiiy out of Spain, by prirat/Jy pa;r^g th< albea a muUoa 
of livrea moiitfalr for tbv putpono* The TuiW caii» iiJ at tlm on- 

tknl jitnet^ire. loid eU was dutmd- Ttioy ofRrr^d Loiu* n tnut 
unoipocUd peaoa At oooe be UAod ^^ oia bnd oud hia Leart 



t imiAiiM, to \hj» di^. % port of Fimooo ; B^n boi d«c«(idod 
to tha Bourban > uid «bo ^^<*7 of Aloxtburough u witWut ft aiagle 
nmh« ttCdot BScnbeiat Uoiu«y tho tluktdom ta bin f^mUj, oiul 
ji£nyjltf«MAn»M«jirfai«^y^din/i'<fis^vltich thai«v oo«t tbo En^ 
Ibli pooplp. Tho pettoe of Utrecbi roufloJ thi» iudii^nation of tba 
wfaolo driibod world. Yoliua6> havn bocn written iu reprolicaiHOti 
of it «nd CTRD ctLlj«Htuwd comorrbtivn^ of oiir titaoj oa Ilalkm, in 
hU CoiuiLtbtioiud Hiaboij, joia in tbo coodomnAlioa. 

Vot ibk niobtj clumgp^ witb til itM coiutkis ooiuKqiUfiOtt^ oouU 
b« cJbotod, «uio<t whoQ^, bv tbo aiiDplo tkat of ft Kiuplo Iriih 
parislu H v«» Swift vho bilpcJ to plan ami cwrj out wb gtnud 
wrbgnio of dcfcftt uxl mortifcation to tha Wbigi^ who had oxozUd 
hh vroitb bj vftbholiiitij from hlu prdbraont. It wn« li«^ mom 
iboa ftll mcA to|CoUk«r| wbo, in tbe £xaiiuQ«r, ptuutod th« *ch«tDO it> 
ftU hift affliiuico of <LcbuBTO coloun to the iintifn, ojid nKivod tbo 
fiigliih |>ooi>K br tbo oiy of Etiglub blood mud E&^iili mtttm 
iwftatod oa ilw Occitiuotit, to donuuid iminvdUto pcooo>. Whilo 
vtt lunent tbe deed, ve luurt cocToai tho atupcQiWEU poven of 

Bot bU iBa Dould ooi «ln Inm Ibo koon)jr-o»vctod bUboprio^ Uo 
oould rcTcoQ the biatorj of toUl Europe, bo oouJd UTcn tbe vi^ 
toriocui tnni of Adftrlbonnigh uui Eupnc^ bo oould put forth bia 

haad ftXhl ^vo Frttooo and itit nruurl rnuiinxvb from juvt bomillAiloQ j 

but he oDuJd Dot atort from tbo rcluctiutt quooD, cvoq Liy the oom* 
bined huidi of Oxford A£id Bolinjfbr>kc. tho objoot of bii ovn 
ooabitioqi^^ mit^v, Tho TkIo of ft Tub ntood in hi^ wtj : It ini# only 
just iu Uoml that kis Jnoodv, tbcduclToi ft***'"^^ aootirvd for fain tbo 
ilfliiior; of 8L Pfttrkft ; to «biab hio rotindlo act tbo oaUcaibla 
potrkit hj kadidglcc hU own priirat« r«f«titmoai «Qftfa«b bU eoca&ioft 

Ltfacor is abcal tvo £Iuglub milm from Triin. It lica in « 
drearjiih aort of fiinniiw oouitln', ilu-I t<' Swift, ftilj <£ aruhiiiiittf 
ftod iocut««iiei to toirti lifb, aud tbo niirhD^ pulitia» of tijo Uni?, 
witb wbiob ho vna ao mudi miiod up^ one would bftve thought 
noai pravo a perfoot deaort. TUvro hi no lillfl^ tbera^ aor do« 
tlieraftpp«artohftTeb«eooELe. It waa » mare cburob and pftrMoage, 
and buca vero rtey hhel^ acslterad about hero and tbom ni th*j 
aro aow- ITio obardi attU Ataod*; one of tbo <^ phuD. bacs'liko 
atnictures of Uiii put of tba oouatry, witb ft low bomr. The 
mv0jran] b pratt^ w«U filled witb beadatotioa ajul toroU, nd iocuo 
ttaiftoem tobalong tonodluailloi. Tho ohurob^ard la «ufroundc<i 
by^wftU afid tiwa,ftKid in a tbat<b«d«ottaff» attbagato Urea thr 
anion- Ha aUd be bad built tbo honaa luiiudfi that ho waa 
w«oui7-6v» or bqi aad hla wifo, who bod boon oo tho not My 
vMf*. aaoldi but tbat tbo tTicuiubtiit.&Mr. lrviDa,maalg;atr-f6wi 
aad that b« WM but tho third tront SwJU Swta betd it Of^-fiio 
^TDUB, tba ooxt incumboot iMftrly a* lotfie. uid thu clartfjroan taiHr^ 
0Ut «r tbenaboutft. H must, thnvfortk do ft hcahhy pboo. Tba cU 




4ia^. uia wila tMod to got dUC, at Chriatmaa for Qiriainii»boft«i 




" uiil DOW tho doas not g«i cmm 4 oup o' Uj. Poor otMtrmr f 
•bd 10 feflid of Uto Uj ! " 

LQm kia lioutt» ftt Dublin, Sviffa bouiw Ii«ii» ia gpoa Tlum 
rmuiuoii^cao toll, thick niio of avail. ^-Wtiot iiitUt" 1 talwd 
«f Anuinat Acott^io-dtx^tiowb^. "Ifabom thcro f^Dmtbetim« 
ef ibe Dnnif," ■aLd Lvl For n mornvnt I inawnod bo mMLot Uio 
Dia«B ; bill soon rocoUooted mpwU Clon to tt» at tho ud^ of tbe 
bt^ ro«d, i> A cloikr iphng, under toma baBb«i^ iLiid mtr^Mcl with 
^Nttl vtoncH, vUiab Uv/ caII <■ ibft Duko*« ovUmt," nd " tbo DwM** 
woU.** Swill bu not 1c«t bb populAi-ily yet with tlic pcoplci. '■ Ho t 
yna a rorv ^ooi idaq to tho P^<^t «aj tboT. " Uo wo* « JUio brwlit 
niAO" Tbi«, hov«v«rt 14 nU tho romiitu of bi« plftoo h^r*. Tbo 
rraent ticot fau built bimnelf t jiochI hotivo m tbo ielik, tMmmr to 
Tiicn ; Aikd not oiiJy tho Daan'H hofuo u ftll gooia cxo«pt thW pUo« of 
vaiJ, tiul bi* hoUj bodgu, Ivit iril)i>vi^ nnd chAXTj^rvM haf* T«QkhodL 
A ooaunoQ liuh hut dow Atnctk m what mm hu gBrieu. Tb^ coail 
mvr aciU b« tntccHl but tiio rircr w^tk u tiow a raunh- 

IVioap whoTo fitolU \ivtd «h«n dwift waa at Linoor, tbougb tb« 
count; town of UoAth, U oov littJo tdotd thui a luge riHi^e. It 
bcuv, 1u)TttT«r, aU th« dutIoi of it« anctoot naportecoo. Hio iuids 

< ««Btt«r«d on th« basks of tba B07110 ora moat actUoair*^ Tbvy arv 
tliOM of B groAt MlftM^ ft coiiUe^ a cathodnl, ud otbcr bulifingx. It 
is a fR«t lAimt tbr antiqniuiana ; ind not m fll«tjmt froca it ia 'Un^ 
witb ita hill, tb* arat of aodont kingw. Aa ; ou Unr^ thu town to go 
to lAnoor, jou come at tbn tovD'^nd to & loftf ool«iiia in hooour 
of W«)Lviffton, who wu born at Dnn^^ CuUo, a f«v mOea bojrond 
l^rmoor. Tb« w^ to Lanooi tL«n htm along a flfltltJib ooniitry. wilb 

' • few huta hem and there bjr tha> wayside. On rpur left, aa ;ou 
ftpproMb l^ncor, rant an old rulnou* wal^ with tall tre«a vithm it, 

' «A haTiDg onoe fortnvd a ^k. Tbo fimt obj4wt donn^ctAd with Svtft 
vrhicb arrart^ jrour Attention, in the rub of hia hou«ab witb ita 

, mni^vhicAi bee on thori^tbtndo^theroftd; ondontUeLeR aide 
of the p>adt parfaepa 4 huDdrnd y«ntii fnHh»r, etaadA lb* tAurch In 
its onelofUTDL 
Ftem lAnkeor, Swift's rcnaero wu to Dubiio, wberu be epeot the 

j nmaindM' ctf bia liie. Hon tbw cUaJiatT bM bMrn qitito rwn^vod. luvl 
« modom boueo occopee iU pUce- Tne dd oeibMre] of St Polndi 
Ia ft gtMt Oitrioct oonnoct^ with hia nttmaarr hero, llioie^ wearuig 
•i v«ry oneitnt look. Si l^trick'a wm n«l»ii|t aftar Itfl daatmcAifin in 
13^ ukd iu piceont irporo wfts ftilrlnl ouly in 17^0. In sue end 
proporiioii, tho Oftlbedrft) in tne. It in tbrw hundrvd fuet hnig, and 
vi^b^ broad. U ca&not boeet miMh of ibt Kj^it^elQro, but oofiUina 
mroni n>0Dttnieiit« of diatinguiiboA roon ; ft&ioittsi tliom, theea of 
l)WiA and Como. llkoao two tro boMo. Akifl in tbu na^o hsog 

^iho bukDon of the kaigbU 1^ St pHtnck; and tgaln ht tbo Aear 

\ Dewty-fsnbluoued buuiun of Ibif knigbta ; and ont tho ft4U» 

'k b^mg to the knighu tra txoA gilt hcbae4e, end b;r oecb atatl 

I the knigbi'a aitord Tbo whola lU)ri<^ whdn I viivUd it, vtti 

I i>^ before it waa needtftl. Of oounte, " 

mtertet ben are tboee ud 6vin u 



feOMUp7 hMxtomUjeuouA pfllAa oq the south «u3e of the fmro, 
dudvt of ivo pl&iQ slaw of marble, in DacmcrT of tbe Dean 
n^JottiwciD, — 8lon^ Tbo |ikiorI|*ti«a do tbo Dc*n1a altb b 
I «xprMBiTc " oi Uiat lubtt of mM irbiob b» own diaAppoiotmvntv 
jua Uu (KipTQttdocB of hid oountry !i^ produoui." It wta wiitteD 

^^^^H C«r Umm a^tih. 

^^^^M Abi viilor 

^^^^B 61 Imlur*. «i pAbff*. 

^^ Over J 

0U» I0« diCTBCBill OHaMi, 

Over tliitiBoaiiOisn^baft Imou pbced bi» buM in umrbKBcolptur^ 
br OittiiuMjluuDi uid ovtwiMd ft good likctiHB. It wm Uw sift of 
T. T F»uinMr, Bnq^ DophAW and suooonor to AJdomuut Gccrve 
FfeuUner, Shifts bookMiler, tnd tho origicial puUiiiher of cdcaI of 
hw voris. Thf uucviptioQ orcr bu ainiAblo md muob-uyured wife 
la M follow* ;— " Uod«rD«»tb 1i« th« raortAl rsfitiuiLB of Un- HMt«r 
JohDsofi, bMter krH>int to tbo world bj tL» dmu» of STCUa, under 

whtc^ dLc u ocJobratol to tbc wrjtings of Dr. Jonftbhao Bviilla dMll 

of tbU «aU>odnI Sho «u^ a fMiwrn of extrsoTduMTj codownunto 
aad ucoiDiilisli&Joata of body, miadr and bebimour, juatlf fedXDtred 
a»d KflfiMtd bjroU wbo koovr bur, on »aooiuit ofbcc hmqj oouDMit 
virtitt% M wall «A for bcr j^tmi tuiund ami ncciurod p«rfoctioi». 
ahft dJad Jwittfy JTtb, lTl£7-t^ ia Iho foitj-«aitb jiw of hor a^ 

■mI bjr IxT will bcqugathod oua ^vutu&d poondA tpcnrudA tbo Mip' 

tiort of a ohapbuii to tboboApital fbundod in thiA citj hj t^.Stoovoos!!' 
In an otiaJun comeri mar tbo ooutb^ii cDtrsoof, n a uudl tabkt 
or vrliit* ai«rb1o vritb tb« fcUowing iiuHinplioD i— '' Hen liHb th* 
bodj; of AlDxaodor &l^«o, ■orruit to Dootor Swiit, Doim of St. 
Fttmk^ Hm grutoN cdasUt caiuwd tbi* moDiuncol to bo ortctod 
in mgfPOJT of bin diMretioa, fidelity, and diluooto ia that fatunfc^ 
atatMa. uUitUar. ^, 17ai-2. ^tata 80.'* 

Thoro ar» oibor tBcatiiuentft, Aciciaat and modorOt ia tbo catbidnl 
wovtbr of ncUof, b<it thus ia all that oeautnM our TrvavDt aubjool. 
Uow filtln, iiiJcvd, arcoii to Tcoiaiti in ovidoDoe of Swift wbon bo 
lirfdao okJiayyo^aiMl nlojKdvooaiwncaotia&part. Thoboqittal 
for tko iiiMiiPt ivbi;b li« (Uiudoiltai pvrbop bid moat fimuiaa ttOdu* 
CDOot It tfill doonahco- Ibo atim wbicb wui bumU ovet bj tba 
Dean** esetnitora for tbia pucpa*3 vui 7,T20£. Thit bu baau 
4u^DM>at«d bj parliasnonUrx gvaota and v^UuiUrj dowktJtiou^ aad ia 
opftbhi af aooMumodatiiig nmuds of a buolred pauper pAtiODtii 
iMtidM MuLy AH <«Iim1 nnmbcr of p^jing otioi. 



At the dcMouTX bamo tboro i« oji Gao>tlent |KiTlrul of Bwltl hj 
Bmdoa ApothftrbyBiiidooitadwud tobpoiwofthfllMatlaJpaiiwai i 
of lum, ta b tb« poeaeHmQD of Dr. niH, of Dublin ; vtd tii«r« i* ft ' 
tlurd at Howtb CWsUo. But uaituaA oaq to ILo visiUir flfl up Uw 
vMTUum nuJe by the dactmotion of the Ikhmo iti vhkh ho Gt^I. 
We v'&ut to M4 wh«ra the author of tho Draj^fr'A Lotwn adiI U 
OiUUvcr^fi TVuiela Uvrd i wbcru bv comronwd vith SUitta kiJ Ujv. 
Whitow^, tnd iokod irith Shmd&n uid Dolnay ; uid ^herv ho Oiudljr 
f ttok Into Euoooy mekncholy, and <1icd. 

I Of «ll tbo litv0 of Sttift Kbicb havD bmro whtUKi, ib wmald b« 

[ difficult to uy irtuth»r Dr. Johnson'a or Sir W^ltirr Soott'i u tbd 

tnoet <ui«-Aded, Jobcaoo's ii Uka that of a mui vbo JUAid a pcnonil 

pd^tu^«id8ooU^ktliAt ()f «nvubtr idvtt^. lo Un aHUuimiko of 

LtA Aiithor he AMfos uaoocksdoiu^ to coke all tbAtcuci(M4*«xoctlocil 

I and li^bt, and slvira over ftoU vid pnodpki« in Swifi, vbidi iq 

ftiioihcT ho WDuJd dcuouQco u most ducnuvful. ^Vtitm no rocUloct 

that Svifi wu bitUrij diiappointod in bb» ambition of « mlirw kni 

thftt bo Mtired to IreUnd to hrood not onh over thi^ bat «%-or the 

ottor wnvk of WsM political potroBt and partjt iho iu}4rtiAl TMdor 

Aadfl it diffiault to ootiocdei w him so maoh tho prmior ta rod pfttHot* 

Iko^ u a( persoDAl reMOtauinL fie ^ros ready t^ Iat hatd tm any* 

ihiax thnl could al ouoe aaaoT coffoniBiaut aod cEdioxfCO hi* on^ 

iHipwority. In aU rnktiom t^liw, an intonve MJfiihortts ww his 

nX chunActcnGtio, if wo eiccpt tb» in bis ehtrootor of juilhor : 

era be oviteiLlf dUfhijvd b gn»l ifidiffotoQco to ix^uEiiary jiooSi j 

[ PAd VM oot omy ft irtAuacb Triciid to bi« litoreqr nj^txwiei^ hot 

^ aJIowod thooD t> rMp that prdflt by biji wntinfn vbkb ho voold not 

pronuiMnL Ho did not hcMitato to«iurifi«o mftnor tnAa^n for tho 

promoU(>n at his cotiifort or bis ambitiOD. Wo haro np^kca of hit 

trc«tmout t^t VU411DQ ^ tre mar Uko ft cpeciiuvu nf h'jt IfVttboant of 

men. InthaorUbmt^dcfiJioof Wood,th« loUnUvwftndthuDnfMr'ft 

' LotUTM, nothing could b« moro rcaVkvdy onioat than hk oomimi, 

or xnoTO hoUov tUnii biB tinit«iioi& llo irautoa a oouto of ouddjouop 

to Wolpolc, and BgiUiKt tLo govommeDt fioaonUy. Govoniuwiil ha) 

giveiL ft ooQtrttct to Wi>od to ootn a Cftrtun quantity cf liaj^^oot fbr 

^Irdaodp oiui tbia bo wmd hvld ou. 11* rfprowDUd Wvjd oa » lov 

I iioiuQoneiir, an adrvnturer ; bia hilfpenoe m vilo tii onoftVr uid 

do&olMit in tttoghl ; and the vhoJo aa a lminac^ vUioh iruuld rob 

Irolowl of iUi |{oliJ> ittiii eojich £nslaod &i ite oxpvuMi- Kvw Sovti 

f himictf ia obUficd to admit that t£e whole of thb wiut fnlau. Wood. 

binatcftdof theinon iroomoRgcron whom bobcapi>lnU Ibocbawa 

^ ftud tpiUuAo of tUIoot and baaenoM tbU bo could, oiiru to th*t of a 

|*'wOM*Iotiaa,' woi a biehlj rcapectobio inx>-nia«ter of Wolvi^ 

^ bampton. Hia ocrine^ en Ukia outcnr bang raiacd bt Siriffc, via 

t f«bi&lU«l by Q»Tonuu«Dt U> Sir latac Xavtvo» tv bv HMni^riKi ; iib«t 

it waft roportoJ by 8ir EaHo to be bettor than barain ; aad la 

admitted uj Scott to bavo boen better than Ireland had bom in the 

habit of hariu^ ; ntid in ftct, bo aaja, a rory houdaomo coinago. 3o 

I br from tUi ovii to Inhod, 8o3it aduit^ aa m very olfvioin^ thai 




of tbe InM (faings vtUch Irelftad oeuld bora wmm a mtflUieitl 
sk of ooon. But tho igDorvii popolUioOf odcc (mwvmod witli tlu» 
I of impotitioEL crew outn^eom^ utl fluo; tlie ooix«so into tho 
Uffey, uvd Swifl <hucU«d to huoMlf over thd muoocmi oi Iu« scheme^ 
■ad tbe Mqauit»>£i of tU« repuUtioD of « paU'ioL In tbct uMUk 
til&0 lio ha3 iirfbct«d ft rtol tnjurv on hla ioJ^tuMed fe^Kotr^otrntiy- 
flMU^ ud ft ]c«H of eofiOOl. on ki« iDD0C«cit liotitn. Mood. Soott 
oftji thai Wood vav io^otxiiiified bjr « graul ol 3>00O^. j<ill'];, &r 
twalrojrMta 7li»«tmp]ofoot Ibdlioro tobe, tbattbougbgninud^ 
tt VM i)0T«r pdd. Vood, vtho hod nioe aODtf, lost by thin tnutsAo- 
Uoa tbe loiUaso ihtkt ifaouJd hftvo ^tforidod tot tbcm. Oclo ol* Uiuw 
KiQi wfts ftltorwards aBnt-mwUr Uk Jamaicft, fttid tho intmliiocr of 

ElfttJQft into Ecslftnd. Hlo nal ftot^ rofpectbg WooJ'a ooiia^ mftj 
& footkd io * Eoilkig'* Annala of Ccdiu^* 

TlkON ifl anothor point tt wbich Smft^A tdogru^iorft tnd critici 
katQ baco fu- too leuiMit tovmnift him. WooderM la u hia Ulpol^ 
«cii] ftdmirftbfe ntt bin «rH. Uiom aro dnftdfuQ; defiled hj hSm vomne- 
nsn tod UlbJMM of idomi. Wit bfts no Dooeessinr connejjoa THb 
di^gvlizir tinftget7 ; ftnd in MUimjiiUitg W exciuo SwiJl, Ida adiainvi 
bftTc Iftia tbo oboige upoo tho time& But Swiit cmt-Ueroili Ui« 
tiaus and his cotit4Tinporvir«. lo tbna naay be fiMud oooouootJ 
amutUDSM, bet tlw fillhy taint Momed to pcrndo tho vbtile of 
S»iA*to nund, ood bis vikit p»rta ir* inutrKuU/ wotoo wiUi tlio 
tftrtOTO of tus compovition. m in ^ttWivcr'a Trart^K Thvrv w DolbJxtl 
00 liondftr fta tbftt ^moat aU writora spoftk of th« vit of Swifl ftod 
of mfaU^ without^ u it n^arda tbo kttor, wumbc tbo reftdcr 
ftCftittt Uio mm of movt roroItiDK obecimitr which Wb ftliooct 
flrtrrj j^t^o ^ ^e ?rf DchmAiL Fopo, tbou|^ dxifes«big fo bo ft gmt 
montiat> tolkft of 'Iwighiog withfUbolftioin Jiiaoaflj-dift£r,'' but to 
mrnr «sam« to rot1««t that 6r t3io cmtor portion of mdon would 
hftTo to Uiuh and quit bia oompnj In dii^oai It ia fittiiu thftt, b 
aa ft^ of tDoml re&iiciDoiit, ;routfi(uI roadora ohouJd at Icwt bo nuds 
ftwo thftt the wit thftt w praUcd is cooabiDed with obaoetitty or 
gre8KM«tluUeftni>atbotoocmpbfttioftllf o&ndttiuwd. YH CoSeridge, 
probftbtjr wbon fai« iut^Oocta worv mucfdlod bj cuixun, bu pnk«d 
Bftbtlftis ftft ft DiOflt moml ftud dccmit writor ; ftod this pralao bfts boco 
qnotod b/ Ur. Boho, La juati^tim of bia eiiMp ttprbl ^ the ftltfay 

AnoonA tba vdaoM comiootod vith tbo hlsUnrj of Swift's Ufo, 
tho radotooe u Uias V»nhcimrigb— ^TftQnn — i» ol9 tif the mc«t 
iatemrtJag. "Dio ftceount -vf tt procitrod W Bc«U ifiiii thia^* 
'"Uariey Abboj, near OoSbritlgo, wboro MJii 'VaobnatrJffi ttaidod, ia 
bcuU mtxih ui Uio fonu of % rail dowi**-, cflpedalh h> its axt^rnftl 
wnpotfacvocb An ogod mia, op«nnU of himJj hj tm ovq ftcoottirt, 
Q0«*d tho flroODdi to tnj comspondent^ lie wia the losi of Uiaa 
TtDhonvf^l^^ Esniener, txtd ua«l to votk with hb Ihtbor to the 
pnka vbciD aWx' Ho r«m«nbond ilic uTirnrtiin*l« VaxieiiHi ««U« 
ft&d bia socctint of bor comspoodod wiUi the ofual daacriptjon cf 
bar pnnon. aapodnlly VI to bor Mif (u/^om/. lie aaid aho wniatldoiD 
fttaoM^ ftud saw littb eompaftj i ber couaUot amosemeot wfts nail- 



iDHf or walki&g ia tiko gprdoD. Y«t^ MNordiM to thisMilhttin.W 
tc^«tvwuDn]rt«d by loTiiral IhKubM in w ^t^^ahaaAoeL^ 
TkiUd ber. ootivithetaDdhig her valdom reteniikg thtl ittnto; 
Kid bo tdikcl, Uul bar iDNnion iiit«fo«t«d orcif oiw irbo kww ha 
Bat h\u Qvoiileii coiapM>v, mod wm dvm TniliDrhfltT-wn rtw 
Deui SrUl ww tb«r«, ua 1li«s aht BMOivd bam. Iha ^dnw 
lo ma unoococooD dverw crowded wiUi LftonliL IIid old asD ■■! 
thAt wh«o Mlw Vanbooanih oipeolod tfat Ooit^ ite •Ivm pliiM 
viUi btnr own hftod ■ laurel or t«o a^UMt his urtnL Bo *bc^ 
bar fcvouriU Mat, ntil) called V«iu«u'a bwer. Tim of Ibvt Onp 
ttd «)»• lwin>lM in(licat4> Uio cpot Tbcjr bbd tanturlw, ooeonfiBK 
to thd old nun's inforcQfttion, boeo tnuiwd itiio s dooe «mw: Thn 
verv two «eata ojjd & rudu lablu wiUua tlio bowvTf tbd iipwiiM 4f 
vhlrh oaunuuidod m viow nf tbo Lifley, vbkb hkd a nauBntioif&tt. 
■cd tborowuasmallcMcadotbslDittnintfalstMcaBdHUfioe, IHj 
tfalA M<(ii««torDd spotr ftooordJtf totbe old pfduovr'* aooouttlil 
thma and Vaiihwi UMd ofton lo«t^viUi boobi ted writbif v 
oatbotaMaboforvt^ODB. YiiMtu,1>ondc«nnuiDgonrb^i 
•ttoahmoKit, luJ, duriuHf faer mMeuoe ta IU» loUtudi), lba« 
Burnng tlu declioiiu baoltb of bor toup^iv autor. who «i L 
di«dftboutl7ia Tb»OTODt,aattl«Kbflr«loMmlh« wgrUi 
to fuToinon^oMd th«oiu>ra?of borfUttl pmloo for Swift; <^ 
cmlhooontnuj, uLwr^om forsttD f^roator roMrro^ wfaao horolttuClocI 
boouoo tb«t of a ftolIUry r^mitle, vttbout tb« «odMf or oocmtoEMM* , 
of a taDolo rolation." 

Hu4flf Abb«y, VouMti*'* Ik^uinv w im« tbo rorfdcaoe of Mr Um** 

aooonnt of ihe prMoet ■tali' of DalrllL, tbo t— weoeo of DT' Mb; 


-*' - . ^T 



|io frMa E«b0Lon tbft Uth nf SoFtnmlnr. KtXt Hu fikthcr wai 

iBUOlltir of titt puiib, uiil it wi^ iEt<'nd«] to Inng bin up ti^ 

■ moM jMUfcaniuM- Tbo tu); cliDlbood only of TL<40Mid wm 

l«t W«, Eec bb lather rvniortd to SootbikBn, near Jedlmrgh, 

faxf etiUUifd tbo Krag of that pUce. 

Abm bM Divtiiiw Htttinl olwut It It IIm In 4 rich bnolnf 

^Uf7 ef 0irdtiur7 UAtnrM. Tli« acmutry w flat, and the vUlngo bj 

*itKiM hjcidiftntiih It oodudjtU of ft Tot &nD4io«f<«^ bikI toog 

^* i*f UEkW eokUftm, U&Tld MMfasth Uolr, tlw ItelU of Bkck- 

U^iini>L dtoorib^d tho pke* k^oo joi» «igo i& tliMw 

-A hfAlfhifnhj «iiiK»f!anrrtd «ltifvrotfk 
rtvK *w<w «f ilbdfcd htvtlA iha dklv talDt uO* 
W«Uf «n«A^ Onvi^ Or bnntlr^ ili^ 
Aimpiwj »<1hi wllk :!» ■■■ iVt: 
A rvdtwVgti Mwr w« «f4ibtr4iiJiifi| [ 
A ti^ Ill—Ill. itofMr M lutKi 

tn MMMlittarr,— vtfik*M«lcfHnti, 


ITot grtii lUx liaNsriptJcm b too bmuablei U vooU Lbdoct uildl 

iLoUuD5<if it lbu«tTc«iaMaiiigBlitfJv«TeiiWilaeirt^r«^lU| 
dAtdiBtriol^tlie maauy briiko bla i^voa wKjto ft good vuMmMI 
bill DiTpf^tiOftl utonn ona Tlie IaiuIhiuw ii br no moam 4~ 
ouichcd by fiiu tre«o. Th«ro tire some fimeoi. I 'bdierv tkef i 
Id tho churchyard. Thv old churoh haa beca palled 4o«Q i 

TbAtnMcui'M iiiiii-, and tha ucir oinu now iiEaiiiJinfl M a |Kior T 

a^in vith a bcl^ ihftt woukl do for a pdgaoixv^te. Tba iih^ 
wbioh the pofit WW born hafl slao diaappewoi-Kid a iiow,«qMr«bi 

Clctoroiiqiio ona born built upon thn vito. Poriiapa bq ola^ of pi 
%vu leu of tke poeUcU or tbo pictnrofiqiu in tb«m thaa tka J 
l>yt«riiu dorgjr of SixOland. Tba hud, dfr, Htani OalTiBian I 
ported bj John Knoi bu cQbctually cfrulloi all that. Th« cDoa-. _ 
p«o]i|« oT SootUuJ aiv gi>a«r«IIy mt^lriecnt, aad bavo a ttfto vl 
poouy aod lit^intnrv ; but to a curtaiiitj tb^r d» not dann f ' 
from tbair«lorgy, In do ootuitTy ham I found Uw paritb i ^ 

SiKT^ut of goaem) Htcntafe* or no ui»o|iiAint«d with 
aC U gving om in the vortd. «xcti|>t the polecDMa of tJ 
ahnrch, Tim oar^ of /Tcqi^^tf wLich Kn<tx importod ba« opoaUil 
ou the rehgLouJd freeing of £>cotUrjd worM than aaygtn orvhkl?! 
ou iU taoral or nhj-aical oooditiou. It la a tmrU oa u&likc Chfi^l 
Uaiuljaa powibV One b all Jona and t«DdaraaiB; tb» odbcrill 
bjttomosit indhordnew:— Ihoooe ia gentb and tokrnoi ; thadtel 
Uorco aad iutolnrwt :— tho one oanlMa of fbm^ ao that (ho Ule MU 
Aouiof obaritjacd niotr aro proforred; tho other ia all fbfVflrfl 
dootrino^-dootnne, Juuu, metiqjhTsio&lp Hci<L ftwl damnatojx^ OiJ 
the borlor* too^ >a cumjr plocoi, IM rect ptoiilo »e«fa to me \ 

fcnntaod8hlFid than I'l the wont of Scotland ; tbo^woolJ r 
Sunvy diopaticku or li^^ ualvoa of EnjJanX 

1 mllcod ovor from fColao to Ediuim on a Simd&j morniw 7^ 
poofito T<aa o^Ueotod abou^ thn ohuroh door, wami^ £ar Ubo tiP* ( 
cf Hurvioo, 1 thought it a good opp'^rtunity to beaj- aomalhinfflf I 
tbo U-uJitiona of tha coantrr ivbDut I1}a<iu«an. Nobodj ooiUllf I 
mo Aikjthic^ tio titthi idoa bad tlipej of a poet, that lUoj Utiatmm 
DO that aoother poet hod boon bom there Widoe lliocQMit I 
aaked whom that mi^t bo 1 IIiot Mid, " Om Wbitc^ a dMnpit w | 
uiiuJr v^bu tiJwi] to vrit* oudor tLo Iroea of the churdiyanl ,^ tm 
tJiia thoy thoo^bt harms uMtlwr poetJ Siioh^-«a we an oA* j 
obliged to aidwrn— im laine I 

Ju oUI voiuaa, iuto wboae eotlafle I atcMed, oo 

oToid a ahover, waa more isti^liseoU Sho tttlJ nt>; tlui bcr t 
had livvd at tho old iiuin*o. and IrniunU/ he^rJ wiLaL had L..-^ 
to iiaquiren. Tba mamo ia which Thomooa W4a bonif alio mh^^ 
at mud I aad he inn bom in tbe parkur, whtob had AbidBl| 
mosm oonoeolod by a owiaiu. 

1 alAjod tbr acrvko, er at toast naart; three houra of iL 
the odd outdoes of many <ountT7 plaocA in Scotkod, wfaons Ibai 
have too &r to oomo to bo able to tlo it twiec in tbo djijr to ] 
' two aontoa |Nsrfbnntnil aU At ooc aitUn^ WHhrati 



I which t«ach« that tlod^a wnkth vill bo uous^ 
if fhtf do not go thnnvti a osrUtn cumbur of pnyer^ n^^nooiu, 
wd ofomonioa tn tb« day, thoj hAiro tbo m«niing and afUnoon 
Will II L< ftU «t once. Tboro wvro, thereforo, ttn cuonootuJj loo; 
MmoDA, three prmjen^ Uiree alngtogs, And, to mole vcvm of It, the 
MTiDOui ooiwUUid of »uch & DiflM of d&ccitoal stuhklo M fiUod mc 
vith aato&iehmt^Dt that siicii octod mhbieh, and worao than nihhUh, 
mild ftt the prteeot d«7 be htillctcd oo anj paUfott nod ODOfeQiteig 
pvofila. Whftt a gion porromoii and n)iACOEioi|>UoD cf OhTiMiaDd^ 
u thia ! How mj heart bled at tbo t9tj id« that the state pud 
atpd upheld thia aptanif by which tbe people wero cot blMWd vith 
the pmVr aimplOp and bcolfp ltnowl«dga of tb&t AunpLeet, meet 
beautUVd, ai>d tor»4&fpiiiDg of all itj^Umr — ChratiaDitj, but w«r» 
ftOtmlljr Gucaed wtth the anwlog of tbo borrfd fiijr«-biiahea of 
■chool diTUUly ajid (Mvioi^o dumuitioEi aofoaa their nakod con- 

Imftae a oompas; of bard-worUng lad care-woni peenpta, 
oeimiig for fiT« or t«n duW on a Bundajr ti> U^toc to Biuh i&ofiped- 
rtrav pfeoduM m thu. The aencona woro to pofo that tb» 
tcmjitatkiD of OhHet Id tbo wilderticvv ytn a 6omd0A and actual 
faktory- Ai>d. fintt^ tho pnoactt^r told thmi what pKfound mbUotf 
the teraptatknu of Satan ahowed, aiich la odTwiif Chriat aftvr fottr 
daja' fw to caoae thg atooca to bo made bread ; aa H Ohrtit conUi 
tiA bavp daiT« that> if h« Diedvd, without tiie dovifa ausBBetioa. 
>U>d thco bo told them that ChrUt wva Qod himatlf, lo that the 
denl, kAown; that, inattad of ahowlng auch profound tubUotTp 
ncrrut ham b«on a verv dafl deril indeed to tir ti> tanupt huo at all. 
Poor people! of all tee beautiful njinga ana doio^ in thelilacf 
<RU- SariQur ; of all the dlvUie preoepta wbicb he peouUarljr brooght 
<lown froin boavfin for the eitpadal cottaelattnn aoA iQinKiratiOQ of 
the poor ; of aU the deeds ead the oxpreeaioiis of ao itjuniCe love ; 
of all thoao toaehinn that *' the Sabbath !■ rrtodo t-tt miui, jiud not 
maa for th^ Sahfaath ;* of aU th» granjrtcjH dicUntif^^K, iktJi it iraa 
not bfdoctdnoRod ouDiun^ derlscd Etblte, but br the great apirit 
of bro— lore tn Oed and to ooe another, and bj Keeping hie cai»* 
maadtiMnlA t)ut wa nro ia bn HRvoH^-waa thiiFA iir>t,liti^ that could 
be ^alt out t^ jou T Coold }-oui dir aod thirstj apirite metre 
Dothiug but tliii dry aud muaty foddtr of eectohaa diaqvkitiont 
fHi 1 bow much hfittpr wttm en* alniidA word of g««iuiii4t fMlIcB 
' ora tb« m'Mt imlMttfPMj pnacher on a bare bill-eidc ! 

Hf ocJj vDiiikr VM to uji'I auj body in the cdiurcb, for I thcngbt 

fUf diilarcfit secti^ the voel ualoua tX all being tbe Five nittoh. 
It ia OQlf bf i( pMaga throxigb ScoUacd that tou ^x. a Uitnsfdca 
of what a tnavfiinmt the Toavenwmt of thia PWa (^iirr^ LaffluMk. 
la ererj tovn, from the extrecneet Bouth to th« oxitemoct north, 
70a see froD cbunitiefl riaipg of ad»«fL Ervn In UtUo UdrcM) there 
la a hfp onn i and 1 obeprrod that tbev built theoi aa near, on nil 
oemiooi^ aa [oaeible to the ofiUUiahta od«, aodt it eompeaabfe, 

ini I 



«aMo4]j oppoiho. lodMd, I hmn bo«ii l^U thai bad hi^ Ib| 
lavUaMr PMD <:tttat6 EnJUaitoattj (o bidU ft trut> dhttrrit i 
faubMo rvfuBcd becftUM il vm not <>ppo«ita to tbo ' 
Sndi h Ujo Tmic ^ ilo EvUbli^uncnt in Sooilno Jufto J midiwcRl 
arUeooett of iu teMhmgi iit Eioun. Haw fliTimnt to ih* I 
t^rakl, wod 9«iiiue &lth of JjvMi Tboa«» ! 

Oni hUl m iliv ngbl faoud of tbo rotd, ptvcoodiDg frrxoEdnl 
Gitnun, sod tboai « tjpmtUr of a niU ft^im tjiat rU^«^ a j " 
obeUiA littB le«n ?roct«d to tbo numorr of the poot, be ^ 
insariptiMi ^*-'' Em-Unl m Ukruiorj of JutMv Hiaauran, . 
thggwawn B.3ru*t&ltuin, ]lthorSDpit«ab«rr,A.a !?«».« 

IIm BvI of Bncban, wb*) oroctod a t^mpLa of tfae Ut«« t. 
biu^b, ID Um o«<ulni uf irhiuli h« pboed Tbomaon, uul wbftl 
thn hnim tAblet to bia meacor? in tbo diTiTC^ ^t Hij ' 
iiifltitittttd nn vmiMl ccmuneoaoratraii of his Eune si T 
hift long ftUan iato <leWMtad«b For Uio itnt mcoting of i 
DiiRu wrote bia wklm» to Uw ■k^dii of IbaeaMn m 
Uutt At EdnoiD. 

Of TboBSCo'A tojourn al Soulbdoui oewl^ tU that Ut nov 1 
ia eanif««h0nd«d in tb« fbllovtng puam^ in Mi^. Bolwrt CIm 
'Pktttro of Scotland:"— ^ The fibber of Jvnoa TbofoMm .._ 
mofvd &«& EdDUi to thja |ttiiih whflo t^ poet vu aobiMl 
bar* Moording^ thtf AUtlior of tho Seioni ^Mnt tb» dare of 1 
bojtood. In t&e diurchj?ud mi? stiQ be aecD tbo hunhio i 
OcBt of the father of tbo ptmft though the loftcnptioo a 
ohlitor«t«cL Tha manM in iriiioh ibat iodmdiul tv«r<d bia ] 
EuDit^-, of vhom OEM WM dortiMd to bcoom* so iIla>triou% 
what would cow be dncvlbod u % aouU tbttotod ooTtA^ ftl 
traditlocuJlj rflOoUootod tiMt the poot wte tent to th« V . 
BdiobiVfib* sQfttol UhiAd hii« &tte^ mn on borwhaok. 
rahiotAuftoquit tb» aantrjfbr ft town hS6, thu he hij fct 
on ftM>4 bofom h» oMutnoter, dw kri ng thtti h« oould «codj ui 
oi> Iha bmn of Sotfckn— «o Southdcoo is ^enltf prvn 
in Bdinbmgh-" 

Soutbdcen l\m to a moch moro baa«iiiuJ cmmtrr Iban 1 
In hia rambJM be could rwh Um beakii of th« Tw«td utd I 
TbTi^ftad the ftu rain of JedbftrdLpPtybiusl^ iod MaItom; i 
ben lluMTdeoci wndovbtedlj ftoiiuvea ihai de«p lore for t i e tew^ l 
that iotUwte ftoonnmtftaoo wtth % whidi mbled him to pnh 
the po«m of the SceooiM, whidi, wHb coMbdenUo &ulM of stjia, I 
otioof the richoflt OMnpositioDa in the laagiugai in tlu T 
«ut9eotQi4ttor.i& tlMgnoHleiirofitflWHioiydAwn fromi 
of the Quiht iod in tlw brawl iod teftotifnl wpvnt of tU 
pbiloeophj. It hfte Ho<>d the toat of mor* than « crntirT, i 
whkh tuiK jOWt chaDgDe bav» tal:oii p£aoe in the theory of i 
ftaition Mbl ID pabUc tvt4L OoDpoeitioi>« of mtX Tui«tj. « 
the n>oM vpJottflid obaiector, beve BSooe nmlorvd £kaii<Uaa» ' 
puhUojujdgni«it»je4 theSoMDA an, nod will oootiniK to t>e, i 
with pleeeiira* 
Through the rrcouunenJktioD of Mr, Bknelloun, the minJtittf * 



bUciik, HHWMon «ta mdI to Jodbunfh ffhooV HJs uncle was 
"na^coeTtoSarOiUwrtBUiolt^Df Uiiitu, ia\d tbtt gmUeciaii uid Sir 
Wllliun BnrinDt, of Ch««itc!n^ fi^Uccd Mnaetfaing nroninihs i" ^^'^ ^^ 
•Bd aiiTiUd hiio to th«ir boiiMii, Though tho <Ad tnnn-eervsnt. wbo 
bid joisgfid tlon|( Ui fiiiluliui^ti villi liUlo J^^mtHj Tbouiooii behind 
bim, WM wtomiiud cm Iua return to find bim &t homo B&!t 
ftootbor tUtoapt nnut hnie boen more AiDoantfijlL for At tJio Uoi- 
wndtj i>f Buobunb ha finfaliwl hi> cducaUoo- The ^oath ttOklttr% 
buwvvoi, conviiioBuluiD b)* thftt time tbj&t jt inus not his rooLticin to 
preuih the vid noUona cf Kdoi, And palm thoia otF on tho grand 
btart^mtcihig IralLa vt CkrinMoMiitj. lti< father hud diod, tiro joan 
«ller hli) cumisi; to Edinburifh, in ft venr tnti^ordinuy maimer, 
bciog &1bUj KtruoL on iht^ hewi. it in hliiI, hv a IaII of 6rG> vrliilo 
Ujidg to oiOTnotf a ghost at * pUc<.' i.xmcd Wuuliv^ Ivuving bl* 
OkotlMr with tnnie fdu1drDD» wbo niitod imooi bar llttlo «blalu b^ 
BDoHgmwtutBhvoouldtftadojune t4> r«BiJ« b £dl&buT]fb. Jnmci 
modiTdd not to weigh opc«i her rnouiiMa longer tboa noedfuli but 
Mft out fbr liMidoa witb hJs pcom of Waiter iii his poeket B» 
lud introdactioDs to «OT«nU intltLenti&l penoD«, &nd oiio of t)i«in to 

Ur, AUJatv tl)«u tutor to the buiia of iho Duku of AloLitrcdc^ with 

vhoa, ■JUr redding Mtno tieno ncftr £wt Hvnet m n tutor to th& 
«ltot «Vfi of loird Binniof. h* w«dI to liue^ Hifl gre^t wuit, Dr 
J^hmoa Mja, on nnohiuf; Xotiduiu, wan k pur of Bbo(<& To tnako 
bin caUn thMo WOT* rtnooKATj, ftod liln Wiutrr uwt bu Aolo nooarc*. 
It WB4 A vmb7 otie, for ho couJd flad on prirchiLWr for it for a Um^ 
timot sfid ifhon purdiAHd it did a<jt f^^r n goi>d whito iv*JL At 
kofftb it feU under tho n^o of n 3Jr, WhtUc/, \rho iDCtantly pc^ 
odrcd i1« merit, and tcnloiiily »i>rf«d tho lufomuitioD. HomMa 
wv« ^uUUj A pvf mhix HoUior, uid fn^ua tliis tJmo resided ohivflj in 
tbe neiriifaoiiT&ood of London. Ucfnrc thuv period bo wai ftfipitsis 
uiber of u Madonj in LittU Tcwor Street On the mieoeoi ofliiB 
Wintor ho left tbo scbuul, «id imk ludgiu^ in lAucutor OMtri^ 
Slfmnd. He mde ono tour on the Ocmttjient >« compotuoa to Ur. 
Tilbot, thu eldeet noo of tho eKuiobller. The dc«pet]8m vhidh b» 
«AV tbroftd iikdoocd hito to writo Lm |>ocTa of Litwiji ooe of bis 
Terr wo«tt ipvtxiactunML, «nd which loat him muoh |[0TCfnmiint pre- 
frnnent ; nod wbeo ihtt puhlio complained of thtfr a minirimal 
wriUr nanerkod that *■ Tlium^ii hmi UVwi a /JSrrtj which ww not 
•CrcMblt to Briiaimia In %nr &0M1 * 

Ooreruaent pf^fvnneiitp bowovorf be did receive. The chflneollor 
ooolbrred oo Kim the pUoo tit SoervtAry of the BneA>v wbioh made 
him indcModaet. Ou tba d«*th of the ChanoeUor Talbot bo loot 
bte poot, ibroii^ heing too Indolvct to moke application to Lord 
Gardwideo for tl, tbo«^IIardwkko kept ii open for aomo timotbai 
h< mkht* Bo wva oaiq v«diio«d bj thia oirenmnt«ooe to po\^rtr 
and dMcaltj*. otit of wMcfa he wsa. after a vbUc^ peneuientlj 
raiaed throtKa tbo inftaccoo of Lord LittcltoD, a pcMoa of a bun- 
dr»d ft yev being ooofcn^ 00 htm. Thl« ramovod Ibo prwure of 
tOttr iK«e«utj, bet cotnjN-II^ him to worlr, without vbieh 00m- 
|>«linoo p-frhs^ no bub wovid b^va wectied Wa Abotit thiee jcan 


beforu bU dnHtlif L<>nl t.^'ttelUMk, Mag Xhoa in pover, to^da I 
Siirvn^r-Gctiorvl of ttQ ivuward IbliutU. Thoio rnUnil* ho i _ 
T«jed frouD tii> olcTiktioiii on Blduuoud'IuU, uiiJ xtry ftoonl Ui 
survey uf ooume ratui havo Imod. Tho poiticuUr auid «cUul Hnvj 
«tf loft to his deputy in the bbmda tWmaelre^ cuid Ibouwoo nUad 
& veaj'ljr btliwoc, the dopulj btfing paid, of throe hundred a jtv; 
wLkb, with kia paEuion, left htu tnoit <KiiiiibrUbt7 at aaaa Is l' 
Butlo of indoIoDu. BcMiIm bb twi>fiTiiudpiJ poavAhu vrot«i 
tMgodiai^ >a SophooiBba^ b wMoh t&a uuiortuiuUa lino, 

"0 SopUofiltb^ vvsbulkb*, o f - 
wu parodM I7 a tt»g vltti— 

&iid vfivi «Dho«d Uiroiiifih tiio town evoffwhor* and for a toog 1. 
AgikiudtDn^u was anotnor, Edward ood EUonora a third, aadl 
ond aad 5i];uiuiiada hb laab aud best ; axcopl a poatUumou i 

AmoDgat tho h»uat» of llaoiiuoti ivora Uio coimtiy hooaoa of 1 
of tba mora UUran or moro tafltofiil nobleiiKai of Uw tiiMi 

Ha^ojr, tho >cat of Lord L^ttlton - Bub Doddinfftoa'a 

Donatflhira ; Stcwo, then the mmii of Lord Cobtiom ; tbo aeat ol 1 
UouDUoa of Hanford, oUi« 'i'ho ia8t j>Ue«, bowarar. It wvriin, a , 
MOMvad ILoiDaoci oiwo. It waa tho pmctio^ aaja Jolia«OA, of tia 
Oounttta of Hertford, to whom Thomson dodicated Ua poav 1 
Spnn^', t4>iEivit«ioi[ie|>o«t rnvj aumiaor ist» tha oouiitT7 tol 
hor ToiHa ojid OBiBt her ntiuUoB. Tbia honour waa oood ooafai 
oca TbomaoD, who took looro dolii-ht in <»rou8iDg vrftfa Lord I 
and his frieiida than aaiistiii^ her ladjrahj|/a poetical opcrfttkoi^ I 

MTOr th«rofoi>3 rcooivcii oJiotbvr inuniiiciUL 

Thoniwon inu% In fnct. tho Wt p«mo& to hope for nmcL lit 
aDd vitidantra|ip<r aarrioa frora, though in the ahajpa of a «o<il 
iriwra, on tho 009 hand, bod vdivdo had to b^ infl>ot«d «t) hin, t 
on th# othar tharo waa a good tahio and jcaod talk. lodokckoe 1 
ictf4ndulgaDoa wore hia b^Mottiao aim. Evaif ob* ha* heaid of 1 
Ud^ who Bud oho hod dii»i>v«r«a throe thinpi ooneeniEig ihe avt] 
10 roading the SffOdKHui ; thit ho waa a graat lover, a frsai avittSMr, 
ubd li^diy ahatiaont ; at all which Savi^ who had hved oawfa with 
hia, teu^td hoftrtihr, »i>-u»{{ that hp* brlMVod TVotoaoo tm ft«r«r 
ID cold watAT io hi* ufo* uid that tfav other partmlan were jiart aa 
true. Tbo mrincdoio of Quln, rv^rdiag Thcmaon^a apleodid dcecdp' 

iloiE) of Hunriiic> bu bo<tn tft^unlljr difliuod, H^ UIeo SaT*^, uih< 
that he IkUuvihI Tbr>mAou never aaw tbo buu rive in hui life; 1 
robbed that, s^iog one dnjr to wo him at RifhmoDd, bD fouod hjn j 
bed at Ducn, Ami a»kiit± Litu vtbjke did act {el upCAtLjer, 1m i " 

liatleaely, U^t " he hod iiue motU^." 

That no man ever liired more co[r}detely in a <aat> of tndn 
there oui bo titUe qua^tion^ wid jierLi|A ait UtUo thiii >t cut his I 
abor^ He dh>d Awiat tho STtb. 1748, aI the eco of fbrtjr-difki, i 
ooU taliac om the iWnes be'.we^n Kuw and Kiic^meiid, JIo uaa 
It nociiuij be bo ia tho h«Ut uf wolktu^ frua Utwd lo hiv huiaw i 



lUefaRUXtdp mnd ctvMud ^t a boat-liniiw, mmMwlMM hoTiaboqt, 
irtuch bvingr also t pu1>lio-hou«e, lt« there todc » rat tad nfrctth- 
ttftoL The pb(;« b BtiiU aliPTii. Hcn% it would vmed. bo came whtui 
tna hb««Lk,And emivotig id Aitamp winil took cnM; WitliU eu*. 
c«frtibili^ to 0(dd wM tb« direct r««uJt of hi» ioddwt. Bfllf-indti^ 
vut «inamcttt« faabit« Hwl li« foUowod thoM praotloM of hcolUiy 
•otlTi^ «o llnalj 4f«crih*d in hut puTm. how much longer uiil mniw 
omAiI miffU bis life lum been ! Vet it must b« % fact unquottion- 
Mm, MaXJhtJtDiMi u ■ bor rtM BvJjr, »w both auoriMiv mad iU 
the gloricA of nftturvL fih3Ti0ftrl intoth*iiamiii«r fiond,«ii(l bnTPcl tho 
mrwmtj of winter. Ko nun couM so riTlcllr or so icctirataly detcribo 
vbol be bad fiiA «ip«iienc«d, uicJ tliejr who knov bocrt tbe ooonb^ 
know baw euot ift hb knoA-lndjn of it. Knr; omt 4Un Cnol bo«r 
siMteri; «• bU dMcHptlons of tb* psodest bh^DOmena of c&ture 
in «vei7 r«(:lo& of the worU, wheu vu<b dmcriptjoiui aru deducil^ 
Ihun hrajL In tboi^ biVMiTiir, wbi«K aunt imAar hi» nwo oyn^ 
tture » fe lilb snd Uwra iro bmutJee tbftt Attest that persoml knor- 
Mfk Tbe&ull^or hlflSvuoiie&iY tboHff uf trt^rb. HiaUauk rmo 
li peon^ar ; fou oui tiover miaUkn it for that ri unj athnr no«tr but 
H MA Dot tbo cbana 4>f tbst of Miitozi, of Woidaworth, er of TsrioQB 
utbor pooU H b ofleii tui^ld, 5ud still more olteu |>ruMuc Tbere 
are stnugo invenbotii uvd ; and with bU adverb* aod a^ctavua h« 
flaja the mo«t t«mU« hftvcnx Frequently the a^jactifo is to»«d 
Muad tfa« suksUativeyJost fbr Ihe aake of the metn, aod regardloM 
tf a]]oUure0bct,aj^ — 

jnatead of the doUgbtkaa diy. IIu «dvcjba ore coDtinooUy kppod 
4f their kat s^UaUev aod ataod tike vntcbed adjoctiTes out of pUoe ; 
a^— tha aowcf "UbcnU thiowe the ^rain," imrtead of hbmllj,— • 
emdi^ ^choevloM^ drowu tbe onidc, uDripcncd yutr." iontead el cboof- 
luatfi^-the herb ^i«e, thou^ with tital powvr -^ it b ooploua Uest," 
IdbIwI of copioii&l/. Thear bu-barimod, which matly dorac« thia 
pooM^ ebouna} but capecUllj io tbo Svnn^ sbicli wu oot put>' 
uahia Aniinitacaiivs poaitioD, bat third, thft rontuieofmppeanfioe 
bsbi^ Winter, SuiEmner, Spring and Antumn, 

Bal^ tboTo i\m ttui^ how £*r aAcciitl the bcaulioa and ojuxdlcoeaa 
of thia poom ! tht fuLf^ot of which Bpriri^ out of thst firm, jelowio^ 
■nd Doblo spirit ef ntriotiun uid raligion whkb aDiEsatdd Jausa 
TboEaaoci. Ui» patrieUam faunU forth on all oeeaiiocw, but uoto 
qpcciiHr ID ihmi ekbcnto deaoriiitlofi of fiigland, her deeds axd 
vorlbM^ in the StuDmcr^ oommonciiig-" 

0€ blU mA Oalm. of wvdt mni lfcVD>. tiiC ^v^tn 
T%* ilnWlll^t lAfilkUpT illOMrtluilHliJtl 

r, —iho ptcty of lore and woudcr, of tliat jjrorou»v) adcafn^ 

, tli>> n^nUfnflftla^ii t^f th'i wirlcA »f Uii» Ditiii* l?r«iit<ir 

till I .Lilbimwitb,aidofUistgrutcfu]lov«afrd trust which the 


iiiaiufvaUUoDK ot porooUJ vocduMv orerTvliere bfed hupi lawiil _ 
tin bojvt,— tbnw or*, aa li v«tv, tbe living moI of Iha poan^ 
tbo prinoiplo* of inporoliable vnolitf. Thecto H«plun««LU, diffinol 

u preainmiuuit over oM oiben, uid bunt forth In Uifll nifniflirar 
hvimi, wbidh hw oo rival iu Uie Un^^ua^ «i>ctf{|t th^ ijlonoui oas <rf 

That «Ariitrnu* fiilf : TTijwJf liow •"i"*f-«i> iTtrn.*«lA. 

Th« n^sicii, fx^ of Tbom*oa wiu tli« rclifioa not of cr««d« 
Oftbbed doc^riuoA i>f bunuwitv, l!o h»A itudivd ik«titro in tbf 

«f ilA Zh[<Lkcr, and ihc fruit of tiini ottidj vim on «ailBi|p»d uail 

BTrnpfttby for hiA fuUon<mbti. Tkui >catiintDt in cvBfTwbm oeo* 
iipicuou«(k«hi»piirty; sAil in tho pM^co follovio^ tba fine MMvai 

ti tbi? umti pFriqhin^ ia tbo »uOifr» ru«* (0 & bt^ ilq(rM of poMT 

"Ah! Uitlc ihlbh ftiA |if Unnrttovi pnyad. 

Wh*iii |iL**4«<rVk /**"'« *Bd ■AoviiM vartvond ( 
Th«f who ihfU i]D0Uchl1«H bmrt ir» lU^r >a]itk» 

Ah r finl* miiik [h«y. «hlln Oicy dinrt Alnq£. 
Uqv iikcny f*<l. Hill tkj mDmAiir, daaib. 
And ill ihB ihl vuiAfy af jwn : 
llfrit muT flrik In iHb 40^fiirin£ Ann), 
OtTnorBOvnuilnir Aiimai itov mjuif bl#«(f, 
Bj «h4Tnfifn] vA'lin^v irftwHt m«i^ »mi min r 
ICh]w m«iiT p'Tto lit vuiTf lEii] iLun^pDii ^tnomi i 
HhtiE rvH^ni ihr fitminnn atl, ^nd cnrnmnn i>^ 
or tArlr #wli UmLit : Ivf lunr dhak Uia n|» 
Of bauvTul tiitt, at *M Ua bltlvr hr*»d 
OtmUrrjr «n iiterml bf wbiry «la^ 
Rcii m»ii)< ihTlhl tnlq tTw lOTdid fattl 
Of 4^]ir«i1nf pnrvnrl Hnr RMr ihil* 
Wllh «1J Lbt flerccr iDrTufH of Lh* mkfltf. 
UnbHintM fiwtJim, tdii4ihm. cuiii, rrdaariti 
WbAirc lunVlH bmllmit tmn iM brUhi 9( \Ut, 
TEWf fonMk mutu for lb* trulc kfnto^ 
Kvta In Ib« T4L« vbti* Wladnm Im** I17 nlvf t). 
Wilt FflpnrlkMpH FWV. unci ('uitEari];rlKllun >Dljvd, 
llfliv mmj nBk*i] vlih liunc*! ptJ-ton^ drwp 
la OfTp nrllnn 4[bUw- Uv* mui; Atuid 
AniLDa Uit dHtttlwd of Ibatr dwcti fhtrnr)'. 
Ad4 piOat tM |i«iUb( auraUb. T)i«u|)tt fibd B4b 
or lima. tmA all Ihv iBwvttod ounclw lUi> 
TbM drw IpHHaU *lff4«l# nB4« ILfa, 
Out Kfflt of ff^r of tgQ^rlne, md Of liiCi 
VtnU ). .'' ^rt*^*'- 

Andt' ri (oihluki 

TTt*f>'i'-. . . .\'\ V4r^ 

And btr Wta* vljii ^Mnn hn no LiiL4ld: 
rhVUHll CHf mmMfli* tha ((tcrthl ilfh. 
AaAlaUxIcH rHififiiLiu, rnJu4l lil^u. 
nttflnlntf Hin, Uif aocul pv^tnu Doit."— nadir. 

Ta^ if U>e G^^ wntioieot of this PMM*go v«i% bat finalj tv 
pIntMloD tho hieartfl of ftU men nod ah womon, but emcL^ lh9| 
nob and potrofftiL bov sooa would Uh &m of oirtb boclukagaj,! 
tlki»Tiltof teuttecoPTerUdiivtoalattsirhttvai! U iatbaj 
delM of our mteBui <if educatM>c, for neb Bsd for poor, I 
MBanoDtij likr the fomor, that ih«)j «ro not Uu^bt that no ayui'i 


lire mnoeeoUv who Utcs oTtlf for liis own DQJojmcnt t that to Ljto 
iDBrDlj to cnjOT oanulvM ia tbi* liisbi^t tnsiuKiE A^Aiiui Qoi «ud 
ai4& ; tb&i Om docs not livtt mi'niy m biicMl^ hu eternal fliifttaoM 
is OD# ccnvtAoi work <S boDcHooaoo ; nod ihaX it Ia tho •odol dut^ 
of cvory ntiocul bting to Liv9 Uke 0£>d, bis Crettor, Tor tJii» good of 
othcM. Wen tlik law of liutj uuicbt GutbfaUj in Ul our itoliool«» 
witb all iU ra«f«Mlbnttio«, tbo iiondtica of it4 nf^bct, tlio ioeffitbla 
dkUght of it» d^e diMih&ig^ tben would be uo Iuqmt secot that 
loonl mouter, th« tnao or wcctta vho lirea nloue for tho mn« pur- 
pofto of Mllfaih «^o7mutt^ TliAt hoat of gay vkd idlo oroatuMa. who 
paos throiAsb lifs only lo gULter ta tho drcled of fiAhioD, to seoi ftd- 
ninatioo fotp«taoDU aitnkctiooa and acoompUAlmicriitfl— ^r tiiwsiiu; 
playiiiA d<u>ol>ic. or riding — wbgm tifo la but tlio lifo ol a Imttorfly 
wboo It alioold m tht Kfb of ft in&ii^ would speedilj dltpere& trA bo 
Domoro«o«a. TbMlif^ voxild baatruxJt IhoDaattthhigodfousaDd 
ovIiiAaaL booaaao uaolo«a ; wbua flwultica, woolUi, and ficno on put 
Into thUr liaod^ tnd a world is laid bcfora them La wfaich moa an 
U> bt sand and cxallod ; miserf , <rii]^ afaa&x«^ dttipair. and doAtb 
pravMktcd i mod all tho bopce and capaciti«a for good ia Uio hooMa 
soul aro to bo taoAi t^j to tbc ronltitudo. To hvt for tbew obioctt 
b to boa li«ro or a horoin^vasd ulj duui or womiw may be thatt 

to liro thMtigb tluB world of opportunitica givno but aaoct and to 

oe^bKt tbeta, i^ tbo taGtit fmriA hlc that cm befal a crantuni ^ 
QtmaJ rMpOBsibilitios* But poeta vid preftohdn baT#proclaitii«d 
Uila gfiMt trutb for uoa ^ tbo ohugo IMW Uoa at tUo ooor of Iha 
•docaton, and thc]f aJoDo can iJDproM off^tuall; on tbo world its 
hJ^Mflt aad ]&o«L ifiahooiLbla datj^ tUit of Lvu^ for tbo good of 

AmoDgiit thoao who Iuito uacd tbo TOioft of poeiiy ^tcd tb«m of 
Ood to rooM tbotr (oUow-mon to a life of beiuOocnoe, ikxw b4ve 
dooo it DOT* aaaloutily or iiii)r<« oloqvimUy iLui 'Hiouifion- For tbia 
wo lOM over h«ro Uio mora chonua c^ hin iKXtio iu^liioirirm(^Qt« ; 
OT«r tbou groat piotum whic^ bo hut|xunWof tbo world, and tifl 

olatttHkU of fhMitji, t«n|HRb^ iilnffiim, rarthqunLoo i of tbo viowa of 

Mtivoliieat hoBioaadalroad; too bcntoi'i pcriU and tbobuctor'a 

of man roamicf tbo forcaOt of the tropE<s. or cUmbmg Uio oIiHa of 
tbo loDoty Hobndra ; to ootico lu thia bhof aiticdo tboae buntaof 
aloqueni liro io wfaicb bo colli to godUko deodA. — tboaa of morof oad 
of goodacML la tbiji rcapcct, on well aa ia that of meropootioU 
bttutf . bi« poom of tho OuUo of Indoleooo ia pre-«mben£. litomMa 
au^rod from thv wduoLtopa of tbo vilo wiaanA of Icdotcoiov, and m 
bn fint oanto bo udDta mont rffi>ctJT0>]r tbo borrore of that rioa ; ID 
tbo BMOOid caoto bv Hbo«v that tbomgb bo hod fallou iuto tbo l»t of 
loth* it 1ja4 nft iniimly coinqu^r^il iknd it coulJ not cumipt bim. 
Ho calln witb thifl oncfgjr of a tnartp- on liin fo[Ji>w-inoa to oasuKLO 
tU prJMkjoo oud f lorutt of mnt. 7^e Ciutlu of Indolouco i« aa 
falMitooo in lU vmr^cntj^'n vt in fto HdtinwtiU : it is Adi of bar- 
Buny, and tbo apdrit of piotunoqiw boauty porvndca ertry hD€ ; 

1^ TU03O0V. 

tbm te A gmHpwi «f Mntimcat ibont it tb^t u irarib; «r^ 
miwU of tbouMitds : 

" ] «*tt not, FutTdHiI 1 »>i«l tw m <1*bt : 

Ydd ««nDo< thnt Ih* rteiinvi nf ih* t^r- 

You f innoi b4r n^r cinitluil five IB InM 

lAl Uttlth my iiirrrt ah tan Ohmi InM. 
And 1 Ufllr lar* to U» |»«< vbUtfini iQfi: 

Hm iriUiviA of tha btrdof wUrcvirh^ u worthjoll 

oil* ItWuf inc btfi (« 4inHii*t iI4m«i^ Hf , 
ThU llfTiii m iiakrr\ tnag* ta mr tut. 

What i> tTiMi1nr*4 S3|iiTi» IVtlf«(l««^ h|T 
WhM ViifE •c*n'4l, naivr. ruling wi*!, 
Ali>l]fhl7 ppTfr. and tli'tf ^mciJnf d«|r L 
llif wbcn «puli Jttitfn «E|n. Iha |ilHn*M tail ■ 
Wbfl illi^ >ur»ixiidi, Infonui, anil t|fi«i'« Ibt vhtfa^ 

iit>« fiDA II* f»uflfiB|q liiV I Tit A«H« ft;afrt 
VTv tio twL, L'p fmpi uninQnA mauld 
Ta HFaphi Tpimliid tvuupf <h« AihioHn'Btbr<iit*i 
UJb F»fn|al.1L1 DD Ufa, tn bf]<1it» lunt, 
IVibchvfl foim*. »ifJ *ti)i (Hr^rvfOiih blit*. 
Ill luiETintl ftfetwa ilii> cin' itio** 
NM iif«4rlh prwf; lopro** h wrrr^ I ▼&•. 
r* jntfl llie bcAuf void worlil exnit llw tntt ilbf «l. 

"It WH HDt h;r vLl* lDil4r1n|i lB cu*. 

Ttktl tQft )vi Lril<r>( xUaim l^aru'd to|ila4M. 
Tb k*#n lite vU. Bnil la ■Ulklimfl th* b'Vl. 

la all icifXBQiOt cvuiiflfii iacvtrr t«rtt 
It wu Bd thane* Da|f«liB It4in« vdml. 
And ote tht UHliCB ahulL brr voaquvrtiiff dui ; 
Vbt alunvd*! bnw ih# lauifl ntvtr pnnn i 
Eat <m Lt nut iba ehUd of IndaLent i rpMC. 

**Hid miiiQtimiTUt tnoiult mindrd iHDrbl. 
Bui \n LnM* jfj t>ip1' tim* ir^ vawr •■'■^: 
lUdOitTtlniLf 1li»U|< ofdAUbAnanoibl, 

iLuO'iumrt't BiBiB h*4 bOTh «r »ai«t»*dAri 

SB f Lnr« hm Ihf'i la*pnr nDntt hiil nlMd- 
o arb had Rtulc i]ji ot^ultnl *nit fx/i 
With bmibrr biuLt ttw humas moa )i»l fru*4L 
Nobl sVi lad BDHw4 t9 fuv, mm* lioaour'd bctn, m 

*- GtMi HoArr^i «<inf hud uwr ttnd ft* biml 

S*n4 MtroS Mutt. iDDk Id intiaMtt* twtt, 
HM alltDl 4lft>< •nEit rh* Utnrian twdai 
T^« yt^iM tf nintfrri rlmn ti»4 roll Chii4r ln>ti. 
And moiiV^ih loffTndt tern ifacir Hitr »in*n: 
Old UJIion'ft &1n hkd laiD vtipp'! In «*•«■ i 
Our ShaiaiwfiB aliollnl wd Iftub'l vlih Varvfat i. 
V« kud ay BUiatai Spcriacr, ekira'A bn MaSlili pMab 



"■Duvitp Toth haA Wffi ihr uirr hci'i-Hf mnaf. 
AnJ ti*^ihid All thf a/ti^ttif nrirltnl tunti 
TthDH ilUTT I^U rrt tirtuii llini dLFTuir 
TIUQUb Ibtdut <Jff1h>oriintc thilf vlrld 1ttM0*t 
UiA auMm lOBi vin luiJi ■■ U*r4 no nnni9- 

Wta tlun lud IMI'eI rtf^flout men ia Tatnef 

Ait« I 

■' lICKTtru i cm T^^ ^^"^ ^'^1' n^iit In ibuDcfU] «Ut 
Your ft« ImiMiiunl dftfi of trial lierv E 
Hdn of «l«rDti] T J tarn ti ii*r 
nno^ ■ndkfci lUici oJ bebif » iiilL nDra dc«} 
1Vli&Ha|ipM«cblvjr»cl^t(|Vciutn tJmn 
Cu foa rvsounn * fofnjiDr •« rotlliD^— 

And Kll vlih viTnt >niitt Ihrnciifb avd ■!»! ilnn^ t 
KcJ D*1— TDDf b*iitm-b>uc'iMlHiuud]*dAtaTb«HMU ertinvl'* 

It In ■ plcofUTfr to find thftt Ui« wpoi wb«r» tiiMd nobU Moutin;^!^ 
wra iittanAd u fltiU prowrrod ttcred U Uio mcsiaorj of the i^cet of 
tnlh wid Ttrtuo. As &r w tho ivMJfrwtbd repid changoAf promrly 
wouU pervbit va 1100 LocuJofit th« r«Mii<l«cae «f ThcmuoD nwi liwa 
k*pt from dMnictloo: obnnead it i», it U truo, but that obuigo hu 
b«ca DDWk wltb ft veDeratiOTJ fbr the lanm m tho Iwul of tbo now 
inbftUtaat. Tho houa* of ThoniaoG. in what i* otdW Ruw-rool-lvuo 
«t ItiehmoDd, m ftb^tna ia tbo voodciit %i iht bead of thu ftrtido, 
vaift«lmplB oottaee; belitiid tbis Iftv bu Mrdem end ia front ho 
loobvd down to tb«Tbftm««, ft&d oq tbo fin^londMnp* beyond. H* 
eott«go Dov ftpp««rft b> bo sono, aod in tbd pUct aumli tbo joodlj 
▼tOaof tbeKorlof UbftftMbory; the oirttfl^ hi>v«T«r, » not rnlLy 

ffMMvit !■ OoJjr awtUovod up in lh« lor^ hoiue of tbe prvoviat ttiiM. 

jAcr ThonMO'A dotth bin oott4^ won purvhuod by Qoorgo Kom, 
Eao^ wbo, out of Teii«ntLOD Tor bis roemoty, for1>ore to puJl it down, 
bvt ooJorgvd uid imptorvd it at ih^ oxpoEuo of ^^OOOA Xh« wtlb of 
tb* oottaw* wen 1»h, tboogh its roof wu t«iot of. had tbo waDo 
oootmon upwtnU to tb«4r preawit b^t 'ilius, tW «m Ibom* 
«oo*B oottA^o fortD4 now t£o ODttiu)o» bftU to Lord Shftfto«bur7^ 
boon. Tlo put of tbe ball OQ tbo Isft htcd wu tbo room whore 
^Imumoq mod to Blt^ oud h«ro is preaorrcd » pbiD nuhogaof P^m* 
fcro fa tabks with a •croU of wbJlo «ood Lot IdIo tU onilftoo, on whi«h 
M inkjil, ID bhok lotton, tbU pleco of fuTofnuticns— 

Errhmil tiThk t*iTtni, vhbtlaa gt-rm rfc>«H tirvt honka, on^tiirh Ma 
I Mi eaai vrrc liunc Ju Ub hit •litlDf ewrq. t. h.' 

Th«M ioitUla^ T. n-, liTD tbooo of tho Hod- Fniaoto Boikswcii, tbo 
widow tS AmitTm\ BottCavcn. who fmratt into poawMJon of tbo pTi> 
pcrtj ftftcf tbo dotth of Mr. Rom, wbove hadm^ hovorer, stUl 
attaohcs to ILbefog odM BowmMo, or moro oommonhrt BoMd«]Vr 
Homo. Urm, Boocoweo it wai who n?p&ir«d tJio j)OOV0 ^Toiirito 
'w in tbo gftrdoQ, ftbd placed tbcm the TobLo on wfaiob ho wrolo bift 
J ilia it wu toc^ no dotibt, vho fatmg Uu lnflorli>tiutw tbon% 
InitioU bobif agoin found Bfinoudrd to oqo of Iboco. tint aoQ, 
hard Pftlawutb, oold ibo pl^^. No bnun boobi an oow to bo oem, 
thai 1 ooold diMOTor or Invn ofytldxig of. 



l^ut gudon oT ThonuNm, trhidi kj bfihind tbo hooM^ IttN Wo 
pratefT«d, ID tho aaoM muuicr uid to tbo auao oi1«u4 u bis ho» 1 
tlie gudua adU it« tivM raouii^ but Uism now fbtm vnlj yui of 
tlw pniMiii gromiid^ w tho ootUg* fbrnw oqIj put rif Ui* pr»- 
••at hoiua Ur. Hem vhco he purefauwd tho coLUgo uid Bome 
■afi<^iiliia KTounds, mai camo to iTve l)«ro ftfWr TliuiuHou, not o^ 

tho ground* to tb«ir proiiont extent* A p3iBauktor Uvn nod ilmib- 
WiMmn nrtiiy toboAOva; tlio tiuf, old «diJ mow, •ptoik^of long 
dumtioQ tuid graat oare; the trwi^ diBpervod b«tutini1ljr upon H* atd 
of the flfiott grovth and of the greftteet beoutj. In no iwt of £Dg- 
lood urotbtroM coui^fortlgu trtcawi in tbo KroDDd* of gmlkmiA 
Tillw iie«r London : m miuur of liioni tbo OM«n of iobSnoci mn of 
ft growth and nugcfftT wbiou probsUy Lobuioa itavlf ouuut now 
■Uow, Id tkuo srouDta aro «omo ^o vpecdmonsi, aud oiw of wpvdol 
ftod flitrfUMiag bvcdinen; It b the «<«» diVm, or ftftrer omUt. Tbo 
KTowtbu bnwlf like that of tfaecvoiirol liebanoo, though ttaboui^ 
do not throw tltoioAvlvw out in that oiaot horisooto} uinctiou Ubat 
Ihoso of tbo cvdar of Lebuion do ; they Bw««p doim to Uio miund 
ia a flixl* of OMoJfiitv gnoo. Hoary, fuU of lUb, nob in btio u 
niMn« of obooca ailvor, tboir olfbot with tho Touag ooooa oitdng 
birdlUEO on them roftombleo that uf eofua t»e u hoavn^ or af mido 
gardea of poetic lomaooo* Bvsadua tbia superb tn<», HUudin^ on ita 
aat|)1o portivD of lavo, then aro bcro tho oTemoon ibu^ biokoiy^ 
wbto BUBabM, acaflet and Itifl;biDd oabj, tlio to^itHlru^ tho cfttalp^ 
tho tnpo^o, tho blaok Aimricau ufa, «io> Th^ ^Vvct cf tboir m^ 
gr>vtl], iUcIr TtLrii-nl hues u>d fotiD^e, thou film br«icb«B awovnou 
orrr tho noTl volvot tuTf, b obanniDE; fbr trooadupl^ the ol&ob or 
braoding and oulturo aoito aa much la horwo; dog^ or tnixu 

A Imjm obn not ^ urom the UoLtac U pointed out aa tb* ou4 uadc* 
totbaextremitirof thA^oiuidsiAiidataDdBDovundartlAtfoSpftusb 
ob««tftot-lrDO in tbo ahrubbfrtj. Il u a umplo voodea oooatcuotMn^ 
witb a pUin bock and two oatwuil alopins mdtm, ft bencb Tunmng 
luund it within, a roof Biid IxianUd dogr, ao aa to bo raadn jToioorablo 
alimibor. It U kept woU pokitcd of a dark grtvi^ ai'd in it AUindb 
AnotfJoEOflQ wakuttablo witbadrnvorTrhkbl^QToat^i tolliomuoa 
On tho frcdit of tbo alooTO OTCffhead ia paiiitcil, on a vh] to OTftl taUel^ 

T!ioia«Aii avot 

and Ibolt «Uiic>" 

^itliin tho alooTO hang Ihrao loooo boaa:ib, on vhidi ara jainUd tho 
MJowttig inaoriptioiD; — 

T» lUv At v»k» la Quvtati l^k* »< f*^- 
'»»< H cHo tfa^b tut vwuc* Ik i>i* A-K 
A«d«BftaB TliA\afn«1aVi<dkMtia«: 





r. s. 

AUuM taiWinaBtfl of ih* DifriTLnfmlfi, 

Abi ffvninl U0U«n lUmil* rtmiimiy 

Jms'* TTrimuni. 
iiwMt«1* an** I* ibt tvuiin of Xitair, 

Am paorei ibi vtelt iMfiiilan of ' 
iBia W» liitelfebit Stt0OT.t, 

Ta IW StvvnUn «f (h< I'WTmtp 
m bin* f (cwvd ihreufh tJI bu £«n' 
Hfllilfilt «rf(fc uabvi»idt4 ^vUtQlflH, 

una (M intMRM Hcw Moiibiutr. 
lit Dim •■*««■• nmirtBC'i ^m 

Khv h^ br U* dialb, iitilcfa TuppdMd 
Ai OiU |iWc im iiiv vtti lUr i>r Auguik 

n^ a a iiaia hvA, tioiinfO «iwt diop 

TMn cllalvfia aa 1^ i%«in ^ *•*!■ 1*4f turrtj^ 

naC AMfflu frvB Ut« ruiUnf foivia <iAk'<. 

liiidM^asUaa. Halun Id bin kuid 
AbwCL oH^d lB btr own CAlciira. pla«*i# 
CvBh fiUvn li iMpPrUfltt juAt-" 

kTbii tAblawiitbtpropDrtj of J*m«sllkMiiMi^uidahraj« stood 

k ii tbo >Uta oF tlio former it«i4j«i>o» of Jamn* ThocEtfon »; 

llcrv, IM doub;, ba m Tl8il«d br many of tii« Ut«my 

M, lliMieb it (kifit not umMT that Bntf, who vao bo ntar 

r^vEU of Utij noaabcr. twt*, vith umncdny ]re«iv grov 

Wonkwnrtb, la hU old agvt, mid tfaot h« Tvaid do new 

\,}mi IhA Ui*m t»UM*Jrool«iiipcrariA3MviD th«cofTe>pMiil«fiO* 

jtm flftd bo fiirUur sMntiaik of ThocoiMk, uui thtL 

o ud iOBut oUier joom dmci hATO piibliihod tfttoty ajaw 

J Uiifig«;" uid On^, writing t« oue of bm fripudit, ujn — 

*1hBnMe I1M jwi fmbUihod a pa«aD «Iled 'Tbu CtDtte of ImIo- 
boM^* wLkb ooDtAlcB MCMjEDod 4taunu^* 

JtW v>r« ilf>vnt to thi« flbfltnoi, M»d ovor tha comiiry b«yoiid. 

**' Ji b» miaj<tdf in OGW much nUtnute^t hy the vtXbi intruding 

of 4bi royal |iro(Mnj, on whiuU iho IJtiwn bw erootod bar 

^^^ u nEtrgf it MvTi>«. all tlio foyid liomi, from WiniUor, th« 
itk ijf IVi^bi. ai>l «U<*ThcrR, to bo vaahad wad pA op bett^ Miffl- 
a«aJj,H 0130 would thiBk, Dcwaiiougb to tbt mok# of Ixnvlaa 



The vidnity of the royal washhouse certainlj does not improve Lord 
8hiLftesbary*B resideDce hero, eapecUUy aa & tAll, Bquare, and most 
imaightly tower, most probably intended to cany the soot from the 
drying fires pretty high^ overlooks his grounds. But it will Dot 
distarb the remains of the poet ; &iid let us hope that the Quaon^s 
^oQ will eojoy the benefit of oU the Seatoiu, from thiA oloae 

Thomson is buried in Btcbmond church, st the wast end of the 
north aisle. There is & square brass tablet, well secured into the 
wall with ten large screws, bearing this insaription ■ — ■ . 

" Id tlw HTtb baloir thli TiUel 
An Out rvmaiiu of ' 


Aptlur or the buutiful FocTDi «iillll»d. Th« 3eaaaai, Cutli of Indolence, BtB. ttt 

who Aie4 ai Rlcbtaimi on The Z7tb dif of Auguat, kod wu buried licir 

□□the 19i1l,dLi1 U^K 174S- The KarlorSucbeii. iiDwUlEogtlul 

ID good* Ti^*° ■'I'' avHlipHt ■hould be wltbout ft 

memorial, hu denDlnl tbe pl^cc oTbia tqtei> 

meal for the ■■liifAclien of bit 

■dmlren. In Ihe ycmi of 


"Fatberoniglit u)d lUV, tboQ Good Supmdof 
O leacli TD* vhuiifood; tnch meThjraelfr 
BftTe me &om toUj. tbdIIj, bii<1 t1o« 
Ptoq CTcrj 1o* F^^'*^^' '^^ ''^^ ™T <*^ 
With koDw^edgs, Oonicloui peu»» And rlitiifl poTit 
BHnd, ■ubtttDllAl, Dersf-EHliDi; hlUi J"— fHnMr. 





No poot of tba ttimc prototuiam bu bMo bo tnudk Imowa Hiraogh 
tde naid«uc« wShaoaloDe. Without Uie Lovovoa bo vodd Imt^ 
btOD QothlAA tlia 6t«^;ea uid pMtonb would bftTo Iud oa tbe 
dufltiut of book-aholviM, tnd Kb SchooInlttrMM, liy Im- ih« bMt of 
biA productioiLB, Toald hudly luTe ititAiDifd ritalitj onougb 1o luJc^ 
benalf ooticdtbLe in Uid crowd of r>04ttinl cbonctvn. Tho Le«>onrM > 
w>a tho cttUf work of Slunotocc'i Lfo. and it ta tho ob1«f TuoBn» of J 
tbftt portion of LmmorUkliij vhich ha poBtKaaea. Into QT«ry qti«rtj«T ' 
of the kingdom tho fuaa of thift btfJe docuua bw p«Deintod. 
Kttun thorv formod tha Qwid mbntntum of hU ut, and lutaro ij 
olwap bfiAutifiiL Bnt I do ooofMs, llmt fti tiuo Lemncjs 1 ^<lvo 
aJwfty> Ibtind oo moch ado thout ntAhiog; such « porttd« of lulul*- 
Vnv cuotdoM, ]ttka^ vfcrouiu ooa»j«d hiUvcr uad ihithor : «DrpruM« ' 
in ihn duqtmtion nf woods «ixd Uio tum of wAiktt with 

wkkda blowlog ftw^ Uo cobwebs of »o imd^ ooncelU from mj 

llu renMrha of Dr. Johiksr-u »ppcw b> mi>, tfi th« cu* of 8b«i^ 
•toDO. who WM untftbtA hut tnlUng. Terr Jint t^* Whotbvr to fknt 
k wiJl in nftdoktikg <iarTea,UM] to piuo * booch kt ererj tim 



whort it will be h«ftnl And to MtognaU vhura it iwill bo scien ; to 
|}MToifit«mk whero th« 4fjre will Iw ulnaod, uid to thicken tht 
fpUnCftUon «hnni thort JA nctnAihing to bo hEdMi, dAmunct ttiii' gnml 
powers of mind, I will uoi Inqoir^; j>«rhapB » BuUeo ttoj virijr 
■poctttor iniy think such MrJlinDuici^ ralber tbo Eport tbnn tu 
hiuan^iui of hnimiQ mukar, 

Thtt aeema to m« the iiroci«o merit of Shetistoufl. He bitroduofid 
_, 1>ett«r tAsta iu UD(bca|)« |;anl«Eiuigi Uioi^t Ai* (iurt« wu ofUa 
^nmtconUkla, tmd lany bn nwkad with Rrowun aud Knnl, Ha via 
i mui of Uflte nttipr ihui of goniua, ftTid m&j cUim » luU ftUionce 
ritSi the lovifnt or uttrnure^ but i» as f&r (hna tho —oclaUwi vitb 
[HMtM'-vttb uich men wi Miltan nr SbMloquftrp^ Burmi nr 
liott, M Iho gbw-woTm » nitb tbv oooiet. Foelrj k uot uulr the 
bttt ortr but, u«it to raUglou itavlf, tbe most iliviiie pnuctplc ijQ 
th, K u ft rvligiiMn itjulf; or n^thrr, f>nn!t p^rt uid pweel iif tlut 
f Cbrist ; for its object le to ttimulato rirtui^ abuh vio> nioe the 
UQiUoi Hmuio Ui0 tiroiul, call forib tbv [uoal splcoidM ijctdUtka of 
1 nail), fti>d pair loTv likft n rimr avor t}ia rartli till it fiUii oTAr^ 
iMt iwd kaT«9 bftbiQd it « fvrtilJCy like tli^t wbicb follows tbo 
aiUUibUoiifl of tlio Nilih We du iiijujiltco to Sliewstoou whtfa we 
I him bomda thn gijuitA, i^td thuA provnkiTk^l^ diiipUy ^i* tme 

**The|deaMireDfSbtiiistoou,''oo«itUiiMaJoliiwD, ''wualliuUaejre: 
ho vnluwi whftt ha Tnloitd mravily for fti lonkjt ; nntliing nuacd UJe 
bdictalioii moro thaa to talk if tben were soj Misa iu Lis wiiten 

"■Uia houH? wttB ibtoa, Aud be did oot baproT« ii ; hi» <vt wai of 
bin crouraiiL ^Hiim ha c»inA bAino frnin kin w«llu^ bn txtif^t find 
bis fl<ion Hoodo'l bj ft ^Lhowor tbrovuh tbe brokvQ roc>f ; iMt could 

SLTO DO moQiOj- for ita rupftraUou. In timo Lis vijiviiBai brouj^t 
mourn about him ihiti ovrrjviwMvd tbo kmb^ bJe*t and thn 
tiuiet's soDtf ; ood his ^otm wer^ hfluotod hf b^a^i vof^ difihivnt 
to &I1I1S ui3 Ikin^fl, So Hjwut luH eoUto m atdurnLng il, uid liia 
dcAlh vu nroMdy hfljvtAniHl hy lifft niDxiiKin. Ha tr^ 4 Ump th&t 
MMuit its 0^ in bIsxTiig. * * * Be dlud nt tbo fiOuoviM, of « putrid 
Imr, iu 1760, uid yna buried bj tbe akl« oC his bioUier £ii lULao- 
oweo DhiirohjniTd 

" Ho wt novcr muried, tho-j^ he mi^t bivo obtained the lidv, 
wluwvor she «vu, to whoux bin raetonl ballad wm eddt ta ew d, lie 
is rsfVMtsited b^ hi« friotid Dod^l^ iw a man of fniti tondoraov 
and gtoorositj, und to aU that w«to within hi* inftieooe ; Uit tf 
ougo vObodud dot oaslty aupt^uepd; tUNttnilivu to tcodont/, and 
eaiialen of his UjwonL In hin (vnon bo waa UnpJV thau tbe 
mJddJo Jiiift, with frXiutliing clunuj in bis form ; rery ue^igeDi of 
bl> olethwp and rentArLsble for wearing hi^gnj h*ir m a pwticnlar 
mumar ; lor bo botd th&t the Huhion was na rule of dreoB, aad thai 
ovorj tnao was to suit bis a^pptftrvico to bis tuitural tann. Hin iciod 
wne ocit very oowrtbviisive, nor hia c«rloeilf sAtin; LehidcovUiM 
for tboae puts of knowledco vbieb he hod not biowrff ooiUntod.'* 

Gnt)- vudtod tbt LtOKmi^ ucl bis o^itja of S h w gt oa o wM 



ter^ BtmO&r to tliAt orJolinaOu lliQLatMHUA Stfiboiit^x cfrnevon 
m^kfli duiUnt front BJniLin^ham im lie road U> Ki<]donuiiiAUir, HJid 
4boQt fijurmik* front Hogirv, iti the pariih of ilalrsowon, ArriWog 
tx UaloBotrMi, you h«To to Jo«cond a Ioqk uuJ feUwp Lill, fmiii Ui« 
tM of wbieh jou havo a view of tlui Bromagroireh CTlcnt, nnd I^iulTay 
tiill«f wkic^L uv ]atho]mtsDdiftUiii;igUbour}MXKL--ti)g]('y'pfLrkboiiig 
■ituftt«U oa i>QO of the CIcQt MIU, and of uk> Clue lulb iu tUe 
diatuce ; tbwe form n Vouuduy li«tir««ii th« oountiovof Utnford 
■nd Mop. Abcitt 1iAlfir»jr dovru tlib dreoenL vhliA is a milft long; 
jDti toza to Lbo Icdt dovD a vbniJT Imao i tbia uwd« bo tho LMMOweB^ 
ftod in loEDo deow i»rUka« of tbo Gbmct«rof tlM» pUoe : winilmg 
eeaUnuall;, jm aliu pnatDting a beautiful arehvar of trcut, ^ 
Dwtjr ill dcvoriptioaa. Fmin tbin Uuo jou cuter Uw Loftmww ; 
'jiir a b^ldff^ p«M on td tbo kwn. Oq jDur left Urn a b«i]* 
I <»f still w&t4<r, overshadowed with eiunT^ena, and oca* 
\ ibo idoft of lufiiiilc ^L-^itb, Tliis u luvlj llio lownt giui vt 
oimdnt vhkb borv bcffra to Aftccod towarda thff bouM^ ooiq* 
iLd^ cot an extonnvcv out a boJUitiftiTJy coDdeoaed proapoot. 
Qoiag rouDd tbo bt^fiiw to Ui<^ rj^hti mill Btitl uccndiu^ you gniQ 
lf)C>Uior prodipict equally ogrrcablc* rot difTcront, oiul in Dotli oapBa 
■TO aujpnaed by tbo fikill wbtch prc^cntdi to tha eye tbo artificial 
deplb uT forol vbicb tb»r« ntrikoe iL A caoat whicb baa boon oat 
through ibo Talley bctwrati the houM and Balcaoveu, no tu troca 
i^joRDf the prcwpoot, aa many of tho#o things at^ ftp! to do, ratlior 
inprona 11^ giving a ravt to tbo vyis acKl sbutUng ouU by lU eia< 
baDkmtDt, MUtdtj forgca vhioh voi^l otbenruni 1>o ratbkb In 
«rd«r to diftooter, bovoror, tbo tnto apirit of tbo plac^ you must 
on^ tljo litwD at tbo back of tba bouM, wbcio you am rvuiludud of 
paaogca in Sbowrtooo'* ttoatorak 

iflt m i>}w nippow tbo grcpiir)d» lying in tbo abapo of ft Y ; tbo 
bouM not ataudiiig at tbo toii, but ij^u* Uic conUo vf tbo fork, and 
Iba lowwt part of iho aam^, iho ntcm, Tbo linea fbnoing the fork 
of tbo V aro bvautifiiny wooded mrincB, or dclK doWQ Wnidi 6ow 
MBuU) obvaodeta, m««lu)g at iIjc^ U>tlom of tbo billt and in thoir 
progrea a fonniug numonnia umall t>DaK wbiob may well wpwaapt 
"ma fountaim idl bordond nitb moaa** Tbo valka along tbo ojdna 

«f tbcac •Ircttiufl aio now n<f laotod^ but t1i«y ntilJ Doitdud yiju to 

tbo tiatunil bcwitiea of tbo aoeno. Tbe» ta on« apot wbicb com* 
amda tho view of tho wbob grounda, and aU tbo goetfj of tbein. 
FoOowing tbo courao of odo of tbo atreaioi^ yea amvo at tbat part 

llw roQUMOta of vororai &Ilea etatuen. Still advanouw aluni lbo 
hrodi aide, you corao to k poot Tbia tnayboodlod UtotaPorntdm 
cf tbo V : and at dua^ o& a November dij, It pf oa tou do bad idtft 
of Uio I^e of tbo Diunal S-Bramp ia mmiatafe. loueod, tbo foatiKf 
on ^tticig tlio plaoc u^ ibat you bcro been ^r«^ detwivod aa to 
oztont: a» aBuU a vpaoo Rally contoiniDiE groftt rario^of fooDerf. 
llo Lmoowos now belong to tbo Aitwood family ; "^ a Biin 
Attwood roiul« tbora ocoaaEooally. Bat tbo wboLo plaoo beam 1^ 
imprastof doacrtioti and neeleot. 


i5rARt Redcltff^ Bristol, is ft bMntUU cburah; vtmt ofl 
_. Igmphcr* of Cbutt«rti>u hftTo doc^u«d Uiat tti» tbofiocet nff^i 
oluitci] in EtagkaiJ. Ur-BriUoo wh ftlmoBi«i«aa>iiOQ/«dg}it^l 
wuChattertcn Limits V^ Re wroto a compIoU blrtofTolit,«idte1 
yuan ziAlouaJy ctcrU^lbiiiuwlf toraiiMlhdtiiltftljaUatttcirBHAUltef 
QAi-e itU4 onumciit of tLolr ciij pub into Ihoroogb roptir br n^ j 
loriiitictii, ui o1y«ct ill vliioh I ua giftd to find t&t he ftulqri 
oe<w<d, uul thttt tho retftor&tioo, «s]>«GUll)r oT the lioM-wioni exKl 
which cOBuiMtiocd under Uki ■uporioUodvoo* of himaelf 4Dd 
Bnylojk ifl >t'i^ tirv^greflsiDE uodor Mr. Godwin. 

"BMiittful«3M0c^igly^idSUUu7<irBMk)A;U]d i% i«l 
tnutDpb of this beauty tbot ii Kirok« Uw po«i iu Uw void of om* 
itii loTtT^ mail a poni m oitrkonlinn^ tfi tho ciKomiitanoM of f ' 
llEe^hithetiwro boyhood of hffl 101^ b tbotnigLo D&titf^of hmi^ 
aa«^ «bovD all, iti Xhc pjtmdvplDnaDurof hivgenhui UAlh»pi 
for th±M loTftj atniotun, ud ihff fbict« whult Law fining out of J 
luvo duog rou&d St Ikhry an oTcrLutiD^ i&toraot, ftod tUda it d 
of IIh oujvt brilJiiuit muutioKtita uT oalioui*! ^ofjr Hhiiii stud 1 
iho boMim of oil? mo&lior^UiuL 



ir it bftd turned out tUl tbo Rovley Poobu pT«duo«<l to (ho puUic 
bj C^4tt«rt<ifi had bom wouino, vtd that tbc funo of m> p^CAt & 
poei w Tbouua ttovlof t£* priofft had boen biirwd for ooar fcur 
faoDclrtEl yoftrv in tbo iroD chont of Wiilism Canjno, it would bovo 
boon « nwAt eitflkior^iiunr oir«um«Uiaoo th^t it AonlH hare l>«en 
A boj of fourteen who had diMcoverod tbom ; «bo bftd tud tb« ta«to 
and ituKOrnmeut l'> [>iclh thom out from uoidBt tbo ovdiiuuy dooa* 

mpottd »f 5Uob A tihort, cf litUo iaioratt oxocpt to pimabidiiOTB ; to 

IrBftaonba tbont, to rre^ thorn upon tho Attention cT his towoemcED. 
ud tbo tiUivy jniriiio, aad to hvfa Ritfbr*d insult, obloquy, atid 
pcroecntBoo ob tboir Motuiit. lliui ho oolj fWMd tliAt pwi jniLtio 
utootthaHOt, in^uirri qunrrol «iid comtrovervy, uuonrat tho leamod 
tnil uiliqwiou oT hu Udk^ukI borl boon mAmcUm^ proved to be 
a»/)p tb* diflOOTvrcT, intrcduMts fttul obunoioa of th« moril of thaoo 
produotioni^ it would bnve boeu onto of too most romnrkAblc occur- 
rSDCM to Uto whob biitory of litrntun, tad tbo boy Cbftttorton 
■rovld hun «tiU D«Ht*>l ilM hj4f>T»y n|utli«t of ■ lb* DMrroUous bof.*' 
Had bo booD tUoired, on juiAlr iJnutttfd groundi^ ^ 1>at^ takfn onJjr 
tlu> TKXition ubtob ho olktnuM^ that of tho diMxiTortr of tbo Rowlof 
USSh » BoJ tho irTit«r of hi* own Oioknowlodffod poosuLtbo ooourromoo 
would h>To stood iJooo iu tbo amiUAof Iottortt,uidCbAttertoDmuAt 
tnv^ otill renuiDed ono of tbo moot oitmordjiurj of prAOOcioua 
^oniiiMv. Tbo v\i wbicU apiu-UcBi tbrou^ib tbo wbolo oorlo* of bis 
vonoB, from Slj Dicb to bin JouraU sud bia Will ; tho bold Htiro, 
tbo djuiog indopcudeuoo of hi» tbougbtA, ootUn^ defiaooe to public 
opi&lo&r ovoQ OD tb« ino«t noloroa of nil aubwoto— nllgioo ; th« 
lodomitAblo wiAt^ attd boH ftdTODture of tbo M ; th«o« nro fiMrt«^ b 
oomMxiora with bia cretl ** dwcOTcry/' ntippuainx it to bATo boeo a 
Mftl dfaooToryr wbicb muat h^ro nUBod tbo wotidor of ororj ooo^ ood 
httT« giTOQ lum ft dutLUguIiihod nicbo in the W^fttb of hv oo^jstrr- 
The Ecr of alxtttn, who 09uM pco •uch ft deoaription m Uut of 
Wbitfiold ID bU JounuU, bo^EUiiDg — 

*-ia hi* «i»>><n i»]b» juTD^r. 

tbo ^SuniK doooriptioQ of r^gton b b[» Defeuoe ; or wbo oould ouko 
Hueli & n^Q M that ivbkb bo drov upy wbon ho for tba flr^t IJmo 
propoaoJ to btmoolf sulcido, must bo proDouoced » tUrtlbg but 
moot uoDommon bbd. Tbo Toutb, whi\ without friouda or potrouft 
in tbo iptottt Eaottopoli>« ooiUd »t out with o miuD fimd bofrowod ftt 
the rftt» <if 1 guinoi ftoioca from hi* acqwntoAec«» to taakm hk 
fortuQO and &nio ; wid imnt i& tho midst of tb« nttor wn<k of ftU 
bio juj^DJit viaioDo uid Boono^ bopea t to tbe doptb of nc^ool, oon* 
toBipti ind tho moot jcri^liD? i^if<fLe«^ oodkl isMo mtlro mcr *aiir% 
«Ddi»uiichJuniuft-liko lolt«n from m a*«spipen st tbobighost 
Bonoaifioo of tbo bod. not opartD^ ovoo tho orovnod hood^ out, 
Mwonr wo might cBtttntto >uoh prodoctiotui in on cxponoooid 
odolt» onlT bo ropsTdod with tho moot profound ud laotund vondftr. 
Vo luay Vmoot ov«r tLu njvud&oM of his flouiuo) but uro murt 



ttidniikltelllM^VMiirMlit?; and «hnn iU fsiwr I« <feaAd tj 
Tiolato^AAtt sMciUag to Heavaa tnm tli« tibjm ot \u n — 
flIiiiBA wdh u flu Mmf&g; wa know not wbatlMr inoat v> 
At til* MftlaMi <if til* pbanom^Aon, or tho dans* «tQ]>di^ of Ibl 
US irMch ^d not poroedTo it, but culfbr«l It fa •xpir* io bflcns^H 
t£o etenuU diognue of bumui Eiaiuro tod our cooatij. 

OtfOd, vtaat tbandtT JhAKx tUa atj, Itirn a)^, bt tnl, teK ibva ciVVt*^ 

WbW vfr t>iU HiDiii lEahi tuitv^t, V>>7. utvpBL Mk IW dart 

Tvi>»*i laj uiaij iwk. T rlfj flbi^ niT Ui> mii» tbili tbtim. 

Rill tfhfll IV FlrrnJ &^t I* rl^ht- 

O lf«cb mt ft r1i« ^Tnf tiour, 

Dm A1 mj totMt li fc^w^ ilttj 
Dnl nt, vIlK iMOllUd* 1<««Uw4. 

Vl^li Ool, icy tML Bjr Bm, 

But pride ud dcMidr triujnphod orer tbi* dc«p fc«liiiff of tnM 
DiTjbe AdodneBs. Ilieaa words w«r« the rcmdii^ ery or tli« djif 
gkat; too}- wctv tWmi^ty pMtrfof ferlonwMi nuonry ; u>i M^ 
p«Xidaattf of tho poocnA of TIiqcdm JLowUf, tbej MuDfk ktw 
ditfputo the hi^h povtical renown of TltoaLU ClttttoH<in. Ti^i 
»ho w, tluLt cotwitbKtAadiiig tho unworthy «ub^«c4B <m wLioh d«w4| 
hftd forced him to ftltotapt tbe vwita of bii Mibliia« eodowma^ 
asd bod forood him m \tan, for tbo mouJ of pomvithm bin tH 
nffiwd to oomtf fcrth at th« <a1] of bookMUora voa poUtical aqud*^ 
blen, tfaero t&j ttill in hJtt bo«om tho grtftt hout^um tlio grvtl aiii4/ 
of tbo tknt-r^to poot. 

But wb*t w«ro all tbeto ^mhM and iiii]io«tica>« <rfth*mmt MM ^ 
to tbe brood tod danltog duplaj oT it in th« Rowbj PoooM 
oelroi ; UuMe TKwmo vhioh would bnvo crowned may stowd ml • 
)cing ia tho rtolfoji of ifittlLMu&l rx<T>uUtion, whidi nt ih* lowmtf 
pricKoTtboboj— "tfa&t dvmio<d,iuUTv, aucooqiiovblopf^" wUm 
sw nid ^plUDsed him isto diJtTactioo,* thot '*iuiut«ea-twcatitfthi 
of hu oompoaitioDr" m ha hJmnilf aimartttl it to bo— filing d*4<tw- 
ii«dlj trma him 1 Tbooe poem^ now idmiUod on «11 biiid« to h* 
bin own bofivb compo«iUoAfl^ «od «J:ioh indeed wen Uinut tpoA 
himaa aiakoo bjr tbovo of hJJ ocFtottpormHM wbo ougjbt tobATOOCV 
i& th«m tho prom of * miM vbic& iliocid ban m^ GiinfUUytiiJ 
kindJ/ cborishod for tbo gi^od of hmunl^^ Hud the hoiiMar d 
Eiuc1ui(i— tboBD OM indovd n oUtdjr «nd bokutifuL aa tbo f«ir pil 
of 81 MiiT, vhiob liul finit awoke in hi« tpLilt tbo doalbkn lov* 
poetry ana mOcnift njmaiicc. Ab I whot & ead, bontifuj, bot * 
wrinnng roniitaoi» is lUirlf tbo tifcofy of Chottortoti J 

Ilio rail bi»t<>JX ia lUin. 



lltfrrtt WM ft litLlo boy, in BHjitcJ, vhnnc TAtb^ns Fi^ man; gvcMVV 
tivuft hid bfwn tho Mitoxu i>f St Uarj Rodclifib. Th« f«iwntMQ 
iff tbiH buButifu] Uirii^ Ihna tho hahii of qg«^ lal^t b« uUL U> b» 
voven bti> tba fruoM And iofuaod itita tho Uood of tlu* iiunil/. 
Ilia offiot VM gooo out <if tho fcmilj ; the Ikit'o Ui^tff hod bo«ooo 
o ocfcoolanoitw; oad diod tLiou ircoko prvvioim t> tlio ohiJd'a birUu 
Hu ODcIo b«d h«AD tho b>t to fill ttui pfurt. but bo toowMdiCMweiL 
Ibo Ikt"* notlior, honvinr, lived in n vnuU hotuo in o boA couiip 
nooi^ opposite to IbJa cljurvU j *ud liw lad^ vo^r (tt*lj 1*<1 ti7 nb&t 
h> bMm Dcr v^ of the fbrmnr long oooDeuoD of tiuar fiuulj vith 
ilfVio in tfco hobitofgoaog iuto it vhon opoo, oad nandoriu about 
H for hourB. At tiiM i\jt», uovly o cmtury §^ niitiuir cEurobM 
OPT chwohjords were oo rigidlj locked op ■• ftt pnnMt, ood omplo 
iod aA«!Q «» tho timo when » litUo hoj on tho mich might cntcr^ 
and whilo momftgo or b^iriol CL-romoaj w«ot oo, whUo tbu olcuiciv 
aad awespon wor«ftt vork, or «rhila the flTcnioff jukI tbJa momiue bull 
«Mnin|^ nJgbt Mtroll to ond fro, ondgEksOiOno wonder to Imhouis 
oontcDt^ TbMit thim vis bb doftroat oocupatlon w»a mtum if oU kuowu 
to bift bnUr* " Hia motber*o bouM." >o^ ogo of bio Uomphorx 
"vMdoooWtbo&iootriicturaof St-UttQ-Boddifi^aiid tiie7««U 
kiHV Uwt tbo bojr^ JkToivito LaiuiU wio tho miohB Oiid toirifffe vf 
tboi DoUo pUo. And th«n Iboy would flui tho tni&at* uotod gen^ 
nQr bj tbe tomb of Qu>fDg% or lodgvd ia ono of tho towon, road- 
iog. And wbftt eflbol thw ahonb^hwjiitijig hod upon hica tnmrvty 
mtlj tidUflh At ftv« taots of >ge ha wnnt to tbt doj-Bobool id 
I^o«tr««L vbidi hod fonnorif btwn Uugbt hv Lis btbev-, but hem 
bo WftB dull vkd Atupid ; ttid iiU ho naa oixoDdobAtf youa oliL bio 
luotor ooold tnoo no n\fpi of iultiUvutuol pracreco in oim, mod bio 
poor moU»r begon to thmk him tm a^hml-ulo £:»l But tliv objvoto 
of tbo oilooi oburcb bod not fWUvu lo tiuii ou hl» ijoCiuut two/. 
Tliooo ^[Qoint ind eoraooao poiotinu vxd lbo«o «atiqu» ht Ua a 
oomvMOB ioorbnoMM^bod ooijiund otrocg boM apea faiaitaiidv 
wiUMnii doubl, lod blm to ooioo ■■ bo did, wttb ma sridltr new to 
faiia, on tbo old mnoiGd loonoootiDt in Fnnob. odoTDod wltii illuml- 
nttodc^tol^vlkicfa bo found othame. 'Ho fell in lon^vit^iV' 
aud bio iDotbor i ood tbo ohnwd womon ottoUng ot thi* diioorond 
obano, hrou|^ lum uk oncioot Ukdc-lotbor KBo» wfakh iho poo- 
■iwiJ,tomd,aBd Ihebc^ofaukeraotunouao to li^t»— ^ha vu 
no knicer « doucs.* At viriifc h« wao o voi%doaa dovoutoc of boofaw 
Be nmd taomlnn. noon, vid night, ^n> the liour thot ho owoko to 
thai in vbicb ho "tnt to bod. Bui oiiotbtrr eouffi now oootribatod 
to Mrcugtbdn lijo iatrmaioai* of ooUqiutjr wbiob bo had nKnv<<d ib 
SL Mar^ church, lla ww bacotoo an inmtto of tha blii»«oa* oehool 
of BrintolL OD 3L Atigixiinc^a Book, foottdod by Oi>l«tosi» o loofcilOll^ 
io 1T0& Q«rtv in ma UwtituUon whioU ibou|^ not of onoioot dote, 
waa jet oonduetod in tho oooicnt buioOt ba wto anajod in hmg 
bhao eoot ond boK oiuj aeoriot atockifigPt and toooaio eopi Hon 
o»j eotuo of his ■chodMlowit bo took im put in tho pooticol mod 
Ulvwy omolaliooa wM<4 oroo& An nober vroto poelrr, and bio 
— Hfytr stimulated otbero to o ^ikc ambitioD; but CbattortGo 



*■ powMwd BjpportnUjr ntiUisr tLa indiiuUoa oor ibilitx fbr lit_ 
punmitAi" be coat«nt«d ktms«lf vtth tlie ordiiury vportt 
puticaM of hio ag«h But, lo tmUi, he wm *cGr«UT cL«ai«f ol 
Iaiow]«d» v^oTOT^r b« could k^ h&nd« od it. Lone omrt, b« U 
begged ^ s MJDt«r " k> DUDl him ftn adxd, vith wtD^ ukd a trao^ct 

liMTCi>dJea0Uii,oT«aiu thfl boeomofftobiLii Uo had oqhU&q^I 
io bb Le&rt tb&t oy «hicb bauatod Cowley^ 

•■ VThil thill 1 dma te tat f nr kMvn I ■ 

From Uie time ho b&d begtia to nt^ a great cbaage lad jmIJ 
eiT«r him, " Ho grew tboirghtfkil and roB«rr*d. H* «•• aUtot mJ | 
jlooinj for lone InternJa t^^ether, apaklsg Io do odo, atul appeaittv | 
angry vhen noUoed or diaturb^d. Be wcttid braek out into niidta | 
flta of woepiii^ for whioh no t^ca^oa aoold bo e—^piDil } would ■ 
Umaelf ia some cbanibor, and miAr ao one t4> asproaob 
ftllow lUuaelf to be «&Uced from hia eeduokiiL ufUo be i_ . 
to tlio bbgth of abaeoituiig himaolf from bomo altogether, . 
Apftoe Bometieoee ol mBny hour* ; tod bis MUt va 
beiiigmoBtaeveRlychaAUsed forakmgabaeuoctati^^_^ 
bo did aoi abod otto tw, but motely oaSd, 'It wna faar^l 
hd wbipped for raidiiw/ This w&a be^ hie cDl«rin^ 
Bcboo], but than he kept up the xoUaus readiog. Ha ia tv^ 
liA>«abood alod from iha aooicty ot bb «cJv>aImat«ei, tp hafi] 
IvwaoqiahatonoctMLnd orJyamciibdibcaevhoBadiifMidtktib 
tlioca to tttfTcotioD, JJia monej, oil tb&t ho could ivocare^ wei 
tLeptnwalofUHjLa; aiidontiundaj^ end bolides, and twlf-holL- 
be via esthor vaadenog aoUtarily lO tbo lUldl, aitttiig boiiJel.^ 
tomb of Cbnjngo in tbe oburot^ or wna abat up In a^Ua roottit ^ 
hia D;oihQI'l^ aVLondiog to do meal'tlioM^ aiid otUr hmainB oat, i ' 
be did appMT. begrimed witb ocbtt^ obanoal, a&d blad:-1ieML 
, "Frooa twelve to eeren, caub Saturday, be waa ^er^ at ImOIIJ 
nluraiojf |juiii.tuulh' a tow niiouU* aflor tbv aUkk bad etnid^l^ 
get to lus litUe nata, and to ehut bimadf uui In tbia t ''^^'^ 
alwaja hod by bim a greai picroe of <xhro in a bromi pan ; 
lAgB ftili o( ubanoal du*i, wbicb be bad fnaa a IIbi Si 
naigbbour t e^ & bottl« of black-lead powdar, -mhuik tboj oon 1 
to clcao tbo atoTo wilb, uid nndo bin rary isgry. Every I " 

■ftmoetk be paneed at hociv^ uid often, barmg beco denied ' . 

vben havaDted it, booauae they tbtmgbfc be bort hin b«tt]Ui,j 
mado bimaelf dirty, ho TOuld oome to lint Edbiae^ and kua 1 
cLcvk, will} eooi ber Io get It faim, oibig tbo laoel uenrmaive njt^ 
aiona ia otfeot liia ond ; ao that thie ffagmnma or bin to bo ia lUi | 
ttjom ao mueb alovic, tbo B|ipantiie» the perchiiKnt^ (for be mulA 
Ibou likdentorvd %o Mr. lojobcort), both pkSa aa veU ait whtUa m 1 
and tbo bammed llgure ha alwaja pnaantcd wbon ho came dmi« I 
tai-time^ bia £toe exbn>itiDg muiy fttum of t^ftck and yeUoK^-^l 
ibem drvutscta&cai bogoa to alanxi tham ; aad wtaoQ aba ooold tt|l 
bito \ti* rocrn, nbo vmuld W vptj iit%_vunitrv^ and poop aUatil ftH 
aveiytbuig. Unci) be put hia ibot oo a parduuent cei tbc floor, lej 



pnnmt htjt from taking It Mp, W^tig — ' You an too ftirlmin ta^ 
cktttt^a^ttil'—l wuOi yvni worild WId out of tho rrxjcn^^it JA miy 
TOODL* Tothid il](f MiirvDrtKt bxt«lliiighini thflt iliTAs onlrftvoucnj 
lombMNroom, and that nbo vijit«d aomo wchment to nmlco tbrvnd* 
ps|)eni «if : but h« wvA ofl«ni]»d, i-iiit would lint p«rtntt Ijvr bo i'lncil 
mty of thcuD, doI cvun thono that were not vrtttcn on ; but at hsc, 
wlthAToJc»of tsitnfttjr, Mid— 'Pnj dcn't toucb anytting hcrv/ iml 
BFoni'yl Trrj ftDtiouB to gst her avay ; aiid thm iTicnwH^T tior f^'ion, 
hat he ■lumtd be doong aomethma impoDpor, knowing bin vout of 
moiujr, and hJ« ■mbdUon to appear like othcra,* At last, thny gut a 
«tnnc« idea iliat thMO eoLoun wen to mWir himself villi, nud th«t 
perfaajw he vrould ioixi »oine s^paict^ cme duj or otb(?r, u b? a^tmed 
m> di>oocit«iit«d wnh his itatioii In Uf«>, and unbAppy.'^ f 

lUit the trno wctret vw one fer tw^ocd l)i«< ooTioqition of bU 
Bifnpic Rlativet. Coiainz and forging, iinli^tx). bu wha twnt QpoD> 
ojid moaul to joiu faiinvvl^ naiw doj* or otlicr, to o iximpiuiT wbiub^ 
it\ Xbw ejM, wmild h*r<t ftiipfived *tratjg«»r tban a troo|j or ifipitlM. 
H(< Tu olmdj, c^ld u b^ wu, foi^gw the nuno and iHma of 
TbomuM Buvluj, >ud faUivriag upou bim Um clodoiu ot^nagv of bla 
own bnun. A grmt m^d iiumirUu guant ww tnr-ir^ »iicl th«; did not 
know it. Ono of thuiiiHolvM wiks riiiii«d b^the poMing ild^I of 
liraUuv, a« Xhv uuv of all his gctiFniii<.m dur>]uwl ti> tbv fmrful aori- 
ficeof and but rtrmol fanift. Tbi> jEnirit irh>r1i bad ricrlm upon 
bim ai>dtalxupMKflMOii(>f hint aj«b« bad ro&niMtbo dun oifilrac^ 
lbt> old <;biiix;Ii, aud i^acnl oti tbtf |:irtiL aaicml H:«iie of tho AMMmaioa 
of Cbriot, and on tho hgbt nvcniirA of Inftj coUtmnji. mm! mr, b; tha 
twnb of Matter Otnj^gi^ vn^ now htisy with him. It vm thn 
which had madv biuij^vouiy and rtrttriiigr wluch htui uauavd liini to 
bunl into njwoiM ortoant for irhicb no TMoon could ha •aaijOMd. 
A rK*w vorfd hod dawned bnToir bu inner Tision ! th« MnriMnlM 

n( Itm p'}wt Hrrv vun ipjlvurii^K ^^ vv^ry ci^rvtf; lUjHUjrioUB vhavw 

roorvd arvuod him, which ono day bn mtuit report of to tho worn-* 
jrfspM, tbe oStprnig of that old church, aitd iU Unnb* and iiK>iiii< 
SdcuIj*. aud tra<vri«a aiid ttiabhuuiiuiL'iJta, tuitigM with tba apirit of 
fab aobUi7 roadiofa in \djtUitj, divinity. antiqiiitJoa ; and that m»- 
loDohclr foreboding, that AAmtma of tho futarv, m tb« OonaifU t<na 
It, whtdi, like a pntMsit au^el nf [trv\iheay, aumeii but folti hon^ no 
tho hoort of yooUifut ffoiiua with an OTorpoweniis Mdnooa, wu aprond 
cter him like a heavenly doud^ whicb tnodo tlio phymcol &cc of lib 
dftarr and luolpid to biui. 

Tbia w thu boy of oleven or twdro yean old, who hod alrwdy 
eocameocod oatiritit, and launched bin arrowa of naicaara ol o6eodor«, 
in FdiJE Parley^ Brivtol Juunul : wbvn "Sly T>kl,"arul "-Ap™^*^ 
Will,* w«r» pillorMd he&iro tho whole csty by mi jowue a hoodi 
This waa tho boy ot, perbapa, fourUen, wbo afit4Uiiab«d tbo vorthjr 
prvtcTor, Durgifm, by bim^^ ^> l""i "'i bMuf^ OiCcouiit of bi* 

pfdii^roe, villi ooaU of anu^i all «hbocit<;ly ii^ntod on purtdimaot. 

or ft ■— ■«»*■■« ifH >ff^^ te ihifl itKbfT-ivcfn. a taaullAil iH^MlBi i fwwi^ 

A. l^.alvTUB«,l:*t In nu-« Uk - ' 


tncLbK h^ d»«D^ wiUi miaiit9 deUll of |hm ■■!■>■ froa lu Wt 
ditfUDM Uiut tli« BaKiu fHrrio^ And froco bo Icbi b pcnNn tlttn Uy 
fMAt WftliUioof, E«rl gf Nortbunibcrlanii KortlLAmptocH wjd Hoi- , 

fngdonl OrMtboflboKi tbolauftbWrttipoorDuiSQBtiiiiMWir 
m phmwit d*o«it ; bill l^t auj vie famgiiM to himMlf a i 
Mhi>i>Ibo7, in old-fbaUo4i«d oooiuoMt ukd his iaaBcmt bqj'i ' 
■ppMrinff boforo bim^ laid prmiitiiig bo xnBUBT-of-fcci ftdooa 
w foLuifi to » ab«ftt ia tho nauotmeiitfociB of Si K^bj/b chiirdh,!^ j 
vbioli tbis hoj yrta kaomti to poffB Bod bunt Bbout. CahaU ao^ wm' I 

<iu]J u)/ fMin^ but QioM of wooikr BUd Ottrimt^ bo eidlt^if , 
BurguDi wiw ouuplctcl/ tokcii ui« uhI » tboq^yul «thftn *fci^ toi* 
aiiKM Uughed at him vould bar* Wo t«ken in toCk Afid now bMl j 
to b« Bounded Bbmui tb>t bmoua atoij oT tb« ^nm^booDd dbMiitf | 
UMtor CkuinwB, la thg tnaromBpVTogaB twrcrUiP iwrtb porcliaf 9L 
Ub[7 lUdcUSS cburcb, from wblcb ChiitorUm^ btkn- ha bM 
■]low9d lo cftTf? httmt vhoJe b«ip» of p«i«l»RMiitoi md bom wM 
luapB ObBttcrtou prafawed to hare drBim tbid Vftagme of tbc Ot 
Bwv^i'^'n fAitiilr. Tliin wt the |W«lifto WUTOb «f ihm V 
tnenls vbkob froni time to time lb bib iniiniiiB fnith. In Iho 
truiBOjipUi by ilio hoj ChaXUrUm, Bk Wtosath jw, 
•Bw him. la ODB di^, meUniLorpboacd freca b Cbtototi^ d 
flito B lawjci'B Bppnratioo^ He «b0 boand to ooa LanUMrt^ b 
IttUe prtctiflo, uia wbo, bcaidco, m tonaed "b ntl^r, imek 
pfrioav mmn : whA, hM&iuko the boy wnttA pnafay^ wba nf b 
crbuly &nd oonloroplBitivd diapoftitioii, and Qi i| >o»«d to atm}^ 
nntlrn^, thoEigbl hmi 4 fit object of imult ud cootemptttiuB taftT 

Nrtftil w^ aalr why hiA mc^hnr hoiinii him Ut mcfa b edaii? fAVMi 

ran tbe poor btad thf?;r obildreu \ IW Lanbcrt bo«a « pfamrf 
IbUow, Bad ia GTOftt practice, be would hBTc bad rtoh hmd"* mv 
olfl>rad, Mid womd h^va dMrumd«d b ba Cb«L would «flbctuBl|f ■Jilldl 
the poor. H«roCbattorton'«lifoiraBtb«U6»ofiiwiili»iidde(rBditMb 
which might prottj adelr bt OBleiilatod vmoa «ritli mch^tiiBaw 
mnoh • pmetico. TwbItb DOum h* wan dkMuiad to tho offlc^ i.< ' 
vi^hi ill tbc monuag ti& ei^t si ^^it dioaw boor only bxi 
Bud ill tbe houND ho mi cDofiBed to tbe kic^bao, Atept witb ib< 
boy. Biid wBii auhjootod to iDdigBlti«B of b IDcb »turv. ^t wbkfa 
pnoe rab^hd, simI br vblc6 bU tooip^r vna ocnbittoKd. Yet I 
it WB*, dufiaff tbia lilu of h^<j huDitbatiofi. thBl ThanukB ChBtl 

[^■worlud out uw Bpluulid <.'n»tioiui of hi* iioA^nBtioD. lo Imb 
jABttt of IhB lir« of B poor aiu^nnffn BpppaatioiL M V' 
011, wd lodgtd witb th« f<«tbi>y, did hB turo ftobi»i« 

'mettdlity mwb M tbowhcJo ^fo of not one >a nullucu im 

In Uto long ftoblBrj bmn of thMBmply o^ftco,— for, aoi 
Bay buikuioikt, enn tbo mutoP wu nry oftuo «b«int.— lU hBid 
leiMir* «nd Mcure opportunity to ]^vd aoope to tbo ibott&ii 

I SJiacdo* wht>eJ> hid iprung up m the iJKka of SL Uftry« ; but «l 

jp^bBTod froca FuHqt, OtmdcOf VtMiwff, u:^ tho old cbroo i dtecL 



Tma Ub* fa> time, u 1 have woid, oune fljing fotlh Moift jirccioo* 
oidpivoooriijca] Li»u>i'v, vUurhaMoiiuihnlthoffOodpMpleofDrutol^ 
ood «M ilwon tnoeJ tc tMn Mine vomdeml Wit 4q4 hi* tn^x* 
tiaiutibto parchoMnU fcon tlio old chest A nev brid^ b biilL 
ttud ia P^lu Farioj^ JotutMl ftppokm on aooouiit oS Uio opmao^ of 
Ua old bridfev •get bcfisr^ with nil tbo oenmoiii«s atiil protiowoDi , 
of cdnl offioAfVp™*^ frim, uA nuDitrab, wjtfc mil tli'iLr bAniwn 
ttiul c^LiMAa. luan Mr, Burctt, a fturyoon, ui writiog bjA hiotofT of 
the iilKse^ani] boka infonnftUon reapeotins the uideot cbumto«; 
wad lol Um pnlifio HS3. or MojbAot Ouijnige niipj>ly iiot oulj bi^ 
toriM <;f all CDikrolioif but of c*;iUu«i aud fistaoev^ viiu tbe diit^oiu 
t>F Uie *Dci«iit «tn?etB, aiul ull tlic* pirticukni of iha city waUs. and 
all t^r g^Ua. KM-ur won aa hi^torijm no mulilv and at ftlHii«ntlj 
nuppUvilr Wlioovrr liiow an4 tUo |H>iiilc?roiui <)iiarto <if Bvrrtts 

tliHtorx of Bristol with all iho wondftr* paJmed upciD tb« author bjr 
UutUirtoai, must b» ^quallj smOMid tX the dohnff of the W iixl tli4 
croaluUtj^ of tho nuo- Uc rtntored iu a Adu urawlug Iho anckol ' 
castld^ (D ft itvlo of ari;hit«ctiir« such ui surely tierer was mm In 
ft&j <«lUo bdorei Tbure vrv<ru tovtfm tf ■ movt loftj vid nniqus 
dovcfipiioal. jd oxtreaiolj LeauUful; Iboo wcro battkcueuU «a 
QAhttOk M if tb« siidfBt hni|riit« wlw defeod«d tiiom liail left Ibeir 
ahl«lda Ijing apoQ tlwaL Th^ra w«ro tien of arohoi, drcles and 
atanoao above aoother, m f^ittf of the most fmicifiU fciad- There , 
won otfaftr paiU where pilaster* ran from irnrund to battlement I 
onAmentod with altemaUn^' ciMfA^ki'T^), Lu&lilu lis^irtt^ Jexragtt^- 
o^«l%xipac linea. and other oiuBiocatd, nuoh aa ncTer oould hare ' 
origimtod but m « pooticaj and darinje btatn; rH wafl the wboto' 
worUjof th« fondsooe of soom knight or king of oldroniazvoe. It^ 
««« MBNitifbl, aiul might rta^gemi to ardutcctai iu tb«Bo threadbare 
dajBf kloaii of a vtrle juqiiantly ori^iud and TofreshJoiE- This wa« 
tiia now of Brintcl Civile ia 113$: Bowlio Omeokuik deUtMator, 
1440, to bo leoa in Barrett's Hintory. Bot dcopcg* and deeper doee . 
thie fortonato jrouth divo ittU tho treaeorco of the chael* end fnovv^ 
and more amaiiiig tre the wondprs thit he briofs np. Never wai I 
ao ridi a oheiA et^od awaj m cloistcra of the rioD old nudtllo b^Cifc 
How craio up poetek painlem, oenrere. haralda, uxibitoctjL oJid I 
itaiomi of gtaia, bcaidea warnora of proudeat nnowii, all ffouriahinf ■) 

m ifaioe ahjat wo am wont to dr^rm barren of euoh rioTM; and a 
more thau dvitrdrie mga of Arthitr — a moro Ihon Eluftbothan oon* 
aUUation <if geniua in arta and amus Antoniah^* the aonaea of Ihoai 
deeply kaftiod, who fancied that th?/ b*d ninlored all powibre taiM«i] 
oftbapaatkttowled^ Tho dark ^« graw bngbtcrandbrf^terail 
tbe neoroPkaDtk stnjding rula hie tamp ivi Ibo offioo of the attornc^ j 
Lacobeit, tall the living a«o almoii blind«d hj the blaic of li^ht from j 
the rsgMM of tho ftmottou doid- 6o leas than denn poeta ' 
graal Euw did be brfv^ t<» light, of whom Abbot John, who fiouriahi 
in ll84)y be aajre, wv one of ibo grtntvnt that over Uvcd j a4id] 
Maiatcr John h lacam not tubcb lata, itrjug in tbv lime of the pis 
Jlaiater Can^neev htintMlf also a Adc pool \ But of all mm, mo 
^aiwUleaDd rieb iuloroaaid intcUoilwaaThotuaaltowki'.tbeftie 

J'l^ajii^ mA r«*Mt ^ t^Jofca in Brisfcal; m»A 

vhkfc ha pal ferth io Btfvkj't ma* h^ Um 
voaldbMV b— n^hmiwif part hidwd lo nr J 

Lw ■vraooa^ to*Tii<^ a4 othir vntiafL 

Tpifn nf tht wTirffhriW^ of Ui^ ika«vtic pttutttD [it ItfttWl^ 
boMtfau mil bBT« bMtt tbi lnff^«^ mUom of ClaltaM)! 
lila. HkbridgiafoQl thm trtaaont ta IW ds/ haj ^t«b Un g 
«ai»dfl«tMa^ —"^ ttoi obI^ vooie of the mooA btilitif tt«a, 
■f"^*"!^ ths jonib of fitiiteL WiUi ha «xdUbla t«CB|ianBMcit 

to eottrtaia dntaw o(b km nboiiiciii. H« had cmUii « w 
worid frr haBMl^ IB shkli beared. Qehadnuda BAvUjitsjp^i' 
baniehttii. H« hftd nkad Uilal«r Cknpifl* wia freia Ua mH^ 
te»t ID th» souib trumpi of Sk Uu7'fl> Abd pkcnl him in Ui 
MGunt ^orym brisbji Bebmlh b^ fawidaSt 3iAf7**rai«libs« 
&iiy Una oul of th« Mrth, and w cOQwcntod ftbMl ih« tooift ^ 
riop>hyiM»uattd wUh theMQatgMyoqipcoowwio i auf prioMnnl 
mifiotnli. UteMttd iMeaifiecot«MU»M» in hi« vcalthtfl 
Ue noftihi— <no» uoftt in ak aefcivo eitj; hm in Um bmrv !»■ 4f 
BoiAigrtiMnUnt JBIlftlbi^L.fttid the iom HuoU Ml Wlliai 
theHoattaiBid«lb»UIlor B»ttellUi««teRal mocMnmiafite 
|i)^fiiy| niK df 1fr>|r*md 

"He was ahrim* mm Ur. Stajjib, one of hie btibata pm- 
pftoiocnc '^dxtreme^ lEood of vilkiiig in the fibkb, pertiotikri/ ih 
BokUtfo tneBdom, uid of telkiii^ abo«ii thceo suuitucHpH ^ 
ioBietiiiiee reedifis them ibcfv. 'Cobm^' he wouLd i«y, '^aiaJi 
vin Uio a wAlk ia U» nufldow. 1 hftregot thecletcRodlmf ^ 
jou tmtginfcbJc ;— U M vorth belf^^-cfo va manlj to harcee^*' 
It, end to beer me tvod it to jou.* When «e arrired et th* pitf* 
proineolhe«<MiUpruiLio!Uspenibaieiil,dv>T fitMvUkd ntf d 
to inc. Tbcro wm odc i»fot ia pirUcvkr, fbD lA VMir of the cbsd^ 
in vhkibhe wooJd tAiea particalv del^t He wouU ftvqwti^ 
Uy lumielf doira, fix hie «we i^mi the chords *xkd Bee«i m vm 
woroitiekiudof tnnoc 1ike% oa « middcc^ ftbrasUj bo noolJ <** 
me, ' That eUcpla wa burnt torn by litfitiMBg; UAtmithoiM 

" Qie SoDdoTD wore oomiDOoly ■pent ia -miking okne oto "* 
o>uidfTftlMatBtW«t«BfereiBtheditfetioaior<U;')tiht wDoUtU^t 
mhI from tboa» eiotnkw b« ii«*«r Ubd to bring }wm$ «tt<^ 
dtvviiiMofdiardiCBtorootnootbcrDbjootawhidi bid iio f ra— I "* 

This WW ono of thoM Ivief eveeom in the poefe lilb aUn v* 
bcnTTQ of hk ^irit bee ceet ite ^rj oa tbe ocibor wocid ; vl^ 
the light and iipJpn<!oiir of hiii omi heuitifol aroetkme iuitel w 
ootuinon eartb, ai»l bo w»lk« m tho mnDOor of hk beert*! joy, Ettif 
iDMipuetioii BtciUB iu L«ro beaMiM a raaliW; vren bo|ia to oi^HBd 
bvfore him into hvn^ and foUciiy: tod the Doven berwetb bii tM 
the ekyfcbovBhim.tbodr tho,tbrttathcauponhi>cbeA^->al] SaUrt, 

i:i nLurl, IB roll uT tltf t&tujiii»Ucn <jJ |fiAU« tiiurn|>h. Brirfoi n« 
tvconoqulta too tuirowfbrhicD and RoTb*j; bvHtuft«dUie6idl«l 




Ida aiiititUim to Looilott, tad the wbolo 0QGlunlod rmlm of bin uitU 
ftifaitionii puMMl tilut A FftU Morsuuk uid wba j^oef ThpTo cnmn 
lUAtCful, oiuel coot«DDpt| KuJ-vitturifif ncgleot, hu&jfer, ik^pftir, md 

Sach «iA tba bbitAry ct tha life of oQo of Ku^EloDd*! gmUot poota^ 
vtw pvdfiW by bi« otrn himd. ttmig to tha isoitU bjr tbo utUr t]OgI«Qt 
Of w ooualrj, and U>o proud to riMli^ tlut bread froiu oompi^ 
noA wUch tbo rc»f}iiiie pubbo oT Gn-at Brit4m rafiued to bia pootki 
lAbooTiL Of thif, of Wupdo, iod Gnj, uid JobQMm, ind tbi li^ 
n wiU ft{>fftk moru «ion. Hen lo\ un jmum, nod Hkct a iijw speoi^ 
BOHi of tlmt poetrj whiob the people of Cn^rliuul, ftt tbo UtUr t^ud 
nf the figbtecath c«otiu7t vouTd rain bmvo iiuSured to perub vith 
lt# tulbor. TtiAt tbvj nuj bo bolter uiidoi»tood^ wo wilt uodemiMi 

Tbo ohicf of bia Bovley Votna an?,— Elbs a Tra^»l Interlude, or 
DUoounuij Tnigody; Gbdwio, tbo fro^uicat of u^oUior Tragnty ; 
the Battle of Uaalin^ the frtpQent of ati Eii:c ; uid tho PorlumeiDl 
' f^rTto^ «t uoet mnrx Interlude ; witt aojoUcr oa«» 

t«i>v»Hi»r. ■!•« kt TBB iiiv«n«K4 nr ttb^ 

Hy lar* I* d«^. 

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C«Jd hvU^lu ;i0A4tt U1v<T. 

(ftul'k In dwia* u iriwujriLi e** ■■«, 
O I Via B«q Vy thfl ■rlUn-iiHv 


MiA I lb* «aMl.4vl Itfod dotb ting 

To EM nliriniBint* «* ibor m- 

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WiilUf It my trui lDv«^ abiovdf 
whitfT ibAA ihf Atomlnt tkr* 

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" Hera. Upot mjr trud lorr'amin, 
HOMH Lb* bUnru flOwCb MlUdi 

Vdi va« bdlt Hint i» un 
AJl th* HlOov* or» mM. 

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ft.-'tartfl hia h«l; <4-nr M in .* 
llOfi fAirtta, Uibl )OUi Afrt ^ 
Var* mr to4j tiEll th*ll to. 

■' CbtM «llb BMnHiip and tbini, 
Dt«I0 mr hatful blaod tU avty i 
LifiF iDil All It* foed 1 K«m. 
l»«ii« In Bivhi. OE J*ul br c^- 

Mjr lor* ■■ dnd. 

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t^!* rotuhlcUy hu olvitj*. uid most justljr, boon gnmtlj admbod 
IT it* trtii patliJoi^ «)d tiul fine tunoaii; vrnicb chonDs os bo much 
L tb« fre^oute ofiiftiiibur top^ preeorvod by Sb«lupeare< Not Ins 
Boutiful u tbv Cbort* fn Oodviiv There » iwi 

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mM wfth kU ma Mtt u>« Huada le w « 
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N« Mto. Md Uft» MmE ik«vud> 4>«K 

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■b iflf to«Mf KMtor to Il.« Or, 


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AM t4i iipH tht Bi«dt did cut Mt nr : 

Avd lb* nft B*B dU ton! av Iwiy itrir ; 
TMptof c«IUi>ch cont to* Uv«t»c tfij : 
■TwH Bc* fkt pifito, lh« aiHiliMd of Ibv Mr, 

AM «ki lb* nwM VH «iffat to m ii«c dvll lummj 
•' n» ma *«■ ■Vanlnt to ih« vtUil ctf lu. 
Dh4 Htm <b« All. Hdck* too MltB Uu«t 
WbB ft** lb* Mb an** to dnaf iflnp 
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"1^1 1 bw ih« Avrivi^ n£il(i;« dlnalnf t«nd 

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n*«Mian 1(11 IM Icff t i-Jm-^r** mulEif 

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Thf ir*«itiiHi« afih- p4iriV7 f»iN>«i M* •Eirhi. 
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thjrt^is BooDi to nw to haro ooauDWUCttW tbcir pociUur ; " 
«a9 «f til* vvflaMt of oar 1iTU« poott :^ 

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Kuw, uxfuUl it tT«r hftTc |j*cQ bolki^ had iwt tUo ihinf 1 
UkuD ikktio ill its unmtU^tfiii Mtrap^jon^ui, Uwt wioh |>oMiT7 il 
-^pooUr, uitte^d, of whiob Uufle ftre but mora firagoua^l 
Kbll* t£oT ijlipbjr tJio power, pootlc trt^om, kiid lubNlootuu 1 
oTthv vnl«', do uot olkotf Uio bmJt^ thd i:niud««r of hk |ll 
bft Mco onlf m the works theBudiV09y-4bat th^^ oo«ld havt'l 

ar e w oUd to th« public^ and pnavd over vith cioat^mpL not a o«a- 
tujjr Ago t Would it hATo boam credited, tlub tho loftdiiig roen of 
tW Ktonry worl^l at that fnitnc, ipstead of tliiidiig bu-k vncb {uovnu 
«( tb« Ih^x who prM^nUKl tLoia u a diacore^ uittqiifly, vera not 
■triuk vith tbff iLtmuiQg fa«i, that if tHe bc^ yttrc on tuipovtor, t« 
Uwy avowed, if h» indood W ttniint iAm iim^Sf, ho mo^ at tbo 
aama tiua b« a ffitrwia paei f Yot Horaoa Walpola, Gray, Moaodr Dr. 
Jofaatfoin, and tba irho1» Briiiih Ibroog ol tthi^i wore gkiilty of Uda 
biindticwi f 

Tbal ttoa a dark titao fn vMi^h Cluitt«Ttoa hod the oibfottiDO M 
appear. 8iiit« of tbo uai^bty jt^^'^IIoltU. the nit or iMvnEdf of aiioh 
mcD ■■ JoluuKiD, Ofij, GoldiUQitb, ''JliomiLa and Joaq^li WirtoD, 
Bdfko, uid Wnlpolo, tOBtiT, and the apiiit of povtr^, ware, aN a 
0q>m] fkot,. at a [09 #bh It wah ttia tnidnit^ht Buocfiedlnff tbo bog 
aedmiDgdajof thobnlUtonof i^)pQ. Tbe gnat crowd of ronifitfrv 
had waDdortd avaj fbxo ya;urv^ and bor «t^nal fountaiu of liwpitv 
tioE^ and th« Ifiiig arnjr fif SpnitA, HWktn'^ivd, TrJ^TiJi, nnrlftH, and 
tii0 lik«. bad w«ari«4 the «ar and tXo h«aH to df^th witb th«ir 
poliihcd oomntooDtaooa. The awwt umae of (juldstaitb wui aliuost 
Via oidr ffonnifia onam Af nuliiuit light, hdfora tha mat clnuii of a 
meat glonoufl dft^vbldiniM abuut to brv^ki andOoidfttiulb biruMlf 
wma haatlog to bin iriid. B»tli« wwi but jtist appoariii):. ].>abIialiiQff 
tha ^Tst part *S bia MiiutfvJ the \cry jroar Uiit CbnttnTton pDrJh1i*d 
by bia own band, Tbo grosit noToliata, &cbaniM>n, Fiolthng, and 
B(«nw, bad diAupwLnd from tb«acaucsuiiltbvir Alt mg<vtrui|wnu7, 
SnaoUatt, wm abhwd on hia tnvob, whom he diod tba joor aflar 
Ch^ttortOD^ auidda, Ak«iurid« divd lb* aame year ; FaJconor vas 
droTtwd at aw Ui« jtta b«rur« ; ^b<;ddaa'a lit«mT aoa a|>pwircd 
tuAjf abara tbo boritjQn Bta yinm htor, with tbo publkatkoi of bin 
BjnxU. Wbo tbon wi^ro in tbe aMcDdaat, acd tharaoro tbo infiuential 
arbqtora of pubUo opltL!<rn ; Uicrjr who mufli put Jbrth tfae aaTing 
band, if aror put furth^and gi\c tbo tb«cHsg "oQbi^" >f it worn 
girea f Ttaj wcro (^rav, who, bowortr, himiialf djod th« foUovbig 
nar AnoatroDg^ Asaivj of Ibo Batb OitUlo, Uaaoik Loid LyttcttoOi 
Oibbotif tbo Sootcb bmoriaua and philoaopbaro, KnnMt Babertao^ 
Adam Smitb, lud tbe liko. Thoro wera, too, auch iiMta about tba 
■la|;o a* Fcotc^ Mackllai Colisaa, and CumburUad ; aud ttoro wora 
tba lady wriUte, or patrooa of litonture,Mr&. Carter lliiLUa<cau]fl7, 
Itn. UontogXL IJoi^beiHoo waa jcmarUn;; mtder tbc flardhtioaig 
]«ooiT«d on «O0D«uit 4>f LU OMiao, — and tliat wna atKiut <uL Splto 
cC flToat nomcft b tbal a Htanry tribunal frouQ wbah much ;rooJ thia 
to bo bopod t Ko, we repeat It, ao &r u ^^)D' ii^""">^ poc=^r7f ^^^ 
oODceniM, it waa a duk and wiiitnr tiOMh Tuo Wartona tfePe of a 
iDorr bnpeful cbanu?t»i', ^d Mm. MoDtagu. tha fmiiidM- of tbo Huo- 
Stodiinjc Oob, tiod thou rooiuUT pubbthod her Ebmj od tho Qcruiuv 
af»d Writiiiga of ShakB|Kiafo> Imm^ a patron aad an BiIvDcatu of 
6hALai>cam might, ofl» troiild hnvo thought, bavo atartod froca tho 
Laid, ofid doD« Qcawelf imioortol bonoor oj aanertUig tho true rauk 

of tbo new g^ulv*, uid nvjog hioi fr«ii ■ fevlU d««ibi But tt U 

one thing to aaacort tbo biuo ii a Sbakt^varOi egUbUihod on the 


ihrmwof tlift woridriliiMiugc^uid ouoiLcr Ui if* < ->pn y 
hjt&lltUi»«dTi«it olftDOWfeoiuL The iiictvj ^nxM, 
tcmiimf <MU g t t to vhioG U«cp1i«nMD bjul iipiIwmw far ni» 

rabM ii of oao, ifaraok buk from um Uiik^ of > 

portor ^ap t J^ ttmm oocoo to forsQ for tlio ptiUie inoiW «^ 

mtf/ ItvaBftDowldiidof iffiaM^uuacadoTiaeiAof tbanfttkltrf 

UUnbfeni wriih OQArmanm iOOenlons of vaaKh ; ui4* »fa>ft ««■ ipo* 

0xtrwMdiii«i7, th» onnloweis wero not oik)j 4ei»uDood m thkn M 

iS ^bwTDi ft«cD UHwolreol Uk^Im«hmi ukI ChftiUvioa 4M Ml 

UMTt tliAt iijr bfti writUn n«w Kod ifncat pn«>crM, vkklt tk« mI» 

oritioA pmvi l» b« Btoho from tba ftud«Dttiy OtyHui tad Q— lrt( 

tiimt awl itrtir rirtucnu uidigmhtiuii vro inljlit Iwvo nnmnnltfMl 

liiit^ on Ilia oonlnn, vUlo th* critioi protAlAl ihttt CfcA^rVio M 

Itoriwrion Ofw rnw gtf> tb» igtuU poeU, and badoolr poiemttr 

I of onohetflt thoj tnot«i ttion^ wot «a dercr maifvf^ >>iiM 

I iUo wtOv ooooriit wid Uiighing dtbt It la good-natumrf bianujC 

' tlk^y domwaotd t^om la strtgt toniu, u baso tiUoTv^ fite 

Mn» ilwMiahto iiii|igftlon I 

And of what too tbay impoatnn 1 Won not tKa poos* fva// 

thoy ooi fomilni, tad af Um truo 'Htado otosip t Of «M 

oniUojtfataTOil WfionottboCrouuraowblobikajciaiodtigM 

tfcio tho titoian bank of Enahnd fonuiD* fcn«unirva t ukI uU^ 

IwoMfouxhlnotto Uwi&dooaddc thorn out of Uio rubbkhif te 

llQlnod toniple ormuUi|iiity, wwo tiioj oot /inV utf« / Dkl tbo aWm 

Iptotvit that Umjt won £b^«<ni/ What.lhoi}, waa UioEf MHip 

ao t Tliot t^ woold i«b tJiomaohoo of ibeir own intollMbnl 

. ud 4«poflIt Ihon on tin altar of th*lr oouotn'a gtm* 

fooilrou efimo ! vondtoua Ago I Lot na rojOQOo iliat a MUf tui 

io arrtved. Hot ihua wm oiooiotod ond idiaood out of Uh ngutf 

f DTpoiRitortlj.tQd or«b Into nwlf-dug gi^ina, "Tb« Great UnfenooftT 

P* Th« AntlMU- of Wavoria^." Ho vof* bu maak in al iMiUM oJ 

Snoiar far tbirUon yoom^ ood oot a ooul dreomod of doaovnaiv 5[ 
liter 8oott| wbon bo wao coiDpcllod U> own bitnadl ii lb* iv 
[muUmv, WoauaB bo bad and—TOiuod to palm off liia ppadoetkMll 
[ifaoM of Pot4r Pattiion, or Jododiab CkuhbothanL 
I llio worid J^ grown wioor, and ttiot thraogh a now md iV^ 
l|«a«rciiuk bocouM o mora gift*d,goo*w i icai whtkli hia anoio H* 
Ei^whioD wiiin \U wuiowboDCnattortoaappoorodupoo tboriift 
WM lying bonoatb tbo inombui ol ioboiAaUo Tonuditf. DrJobti^ 
rolni It M » grOwLinff diotatoTr and tLo Eoadlocta tiord of oopi^ 
pihnukk oi|iuIlx fromt&o booi-f Mowof liis critical cxid^^, and tU 

• t\U fM «f t« VAiU m iIk woo 9rrkd fiB4adM tiali Mi a f r e^w^awa 
wMth urr pioiha*d «w hat iIhM own.M^ TV^natr^awtftf iWglKTf ttaa 

KttH&ilT Mt«dlB>toff Oitiiu «aM <»» unliwU rrfiaf ■ a — nH j m bHMM. 
iaoliht«MlUiiTlHmftt»o(»iulnlAf tiaiai7«f MNmni*, Ttol^rtiaiiM 
EMM htlniM vkalttvJM'^wlktivwmutlODftiimllaaM, Jiiitt* mrtMMr isMfb 

, bitobifH af fMurptbJp. Hka tTu»-lfto ■ »pW J »ni* Lo iltt lUrifUA ■nh^i, b 

f vtwiy M D*t« tvMek flrvnlv dti^ncton; bi* «v>ia*rrul tt n t t mt um «rt te 

bJMitwir ■rhlttwttTp •AfV*bnwMi jf^n. M te" wf tloir mrpiiWlMi, MmA ^Ittal 



iImtp |moetUT« of IIotilcu Wdpolc'A wit But th« Jaito wju tt Imnrl 
EMop FttT^ b«id tlrc^dy, in 1765, publ»b«4 bn lUliQuai, uiul thvy 
were b«KfQ&l&g to o|i«nii«. Mm rra^l tlmru, wtoit bode t^dn At 
anea t<v lAtiini, osd, ftt twr JnBpimtioD, U]> sprung thn nobl* tfarAng 
of dmU, hwtoriAiim tmia,yi%U, uul roEiWDC* viiten, vhiolt have 
cloUied tbo EliiMtccutb coatiif^ with one vklo Aploudeur vf tho glory 

of ffPOittM. 

The red mm% bovertr, vbich CbatUrton comQiltt«cl wait, not 
tbM'ba hftil ttlUiDEjM io |m1ui ufT upuu tbo ^rorU bid own prodoo 
tloctf M BovleVn, Mt tbat bo bad aiuxwmIaiI in Ukinv th* ItnAwii^ 
oneo in. He lud c«u^i in bis trej> tho<w to vfaom It vaa ptAmai 
nd 6tMi not to epir^r taorv nga4;ioiu Uuq all tbo worid bnrtdfli^ 
Hi» hul bIuivikI up tlio inUibilit^r of th» rnUca, — ah unpanlnnabU 
aimrT TlMni>iniekBofn)ev«bo7B,b5wbiob tbooreft, ttdOieairi- 
rnvitv nf tW gnybevde of Utmr^ dieUtion, mi^t raj cb^ be eo 
faiiMfiteiUj ilieoaaoHtod, and «x|iMd to vulgar rJiicuU, mm a Hah- 
MTOM pnotioe, and tbcrefort it n» to bo put dovn witb e ifeimine 
llohawk ODdauj^bt WaJpvJv, vho LhJ b<rtn HlUo hy Mlo^ionOEip 
and «aa writbing wut^r tho Dxpomirc no o^oiuuDg U* biji ariatoenrtJc 
prirl«, WH moat oomploUil; cntrtpped tgain by ChAtterton. Spite 
Qif bii cool dnJal or tbJe, ajty eae hae onlv to rend bia latter to 
Obatlottoci, despfttcbod truUnUy on tbo receipt of Chatt<rrtonV first 
pBokcir to be qtiito aatixticd on tbiA point He '*tbink« bitaiwlf 
dD^ulvlf obUit«]|'' lio "fflvc* him a Uhiu«(uiJ Uianke for Lie ym 
«nn«u and kuwl Intler "What jou have Kut," liodeotimi,''u 
nhiabk^and fiiD of iufb^raation ; M iMtiead i^c^rwtMjnm^iirtin 
mrr fir wtert i>4ir /*> atirrrt me,'' TitUik of Ibe Oniel obe^n of tba 
pvDud diLeitante, ^^alpol^ wbeo be dinoorored Uut be had boon 
tnakiiifl thie confeaaion to a boy of elitcca t Wbftt «u vorae, be 
had oObryd, in tbb I«iicrr of Uanb S«, 17O0, to print tbapoema ot 
Rowley, if tbey had MVer bewn j)riQtMi ! uul a>dd«dp "The Abbot 
Jobn's rvnws vbich jou bare gircn mo oro wonderful fcir tbedr 
beraionj uid a|iril I " 

tf erer waa a ely old fox ao porfeotlr oebapped faj * roera IvL But 
hmr vitb wtut ozocaci of poUtcucAi bo oonoludctt >— 

^ E will not tronUe you with mora quratiOM noir, idr ; but lUtt^-r 
mjvolf, ftom tho nrtttoitj and potitoneea you bare alrady abowii 
BMk that jrou viQ grre me leevo to conmilt j^va^ 1 bopn, tor\ ^i will 
forEivo tho auu[ibcity of my dircctioin, aa yoa bavo favoured me vitb 
no other. * I am, $lr, 

** Yoor tnucb obtignl and ob«diDnt arrmat* 

Hm «m boforr Gray ind Mmaa, wbo bed Been tbo M& amt. 
dodanid it t^ I-* a ff'i^'vnr ; aoJ buforo Uoiww bad iiiaoovor«d Lliat 
bo bed bovo tbu» oocanumenliDg a poor bnrycr'a dlark. and bi> 
menu ! lie thought tbat he via addrenung Mnne gefltleooan of 
fortttiiOi (HtfakUof antiqueHao lore in bia ovrn ooblo liWu?, no 
doubt ; hul be vmiUuc by two U CT y e ta a lA onoo^tbe writer wm a 
poor Ud, and the tcRMa wen bia own 1 



Tfcive Iku booD « gnftl w of wcvdt TtnrAittg Um ooodwt tfj 
Viipola U> ClutUf-tou, tiuinv L«i« dacluM him faJH^ «£ Ibo t 
nf tlko poor jouth ; others Iimto gom u br tbo Mhvr wu^ j 
oxompUd luoi fr«cn ftU blnmcs. In bb/ opiiuoo, nolblBK i 
tlu» ooiiduol of Wi]|>olo. If »oi to ^irvvt^ii tbt ftlv •TC 
vw^ fib bk OHO, to oeoolenito tt^ tlun WilpoSo mnii W p 
BliUj <»f thtf oAlutfopfae vhioh enuacd ; iimI whftb g^rotUj i 
too otfToaco ifl, Uiai h« muJo ilut k crluii; lo Chnlcvrum uf 
hhnaolf had ort tho utjunplo. CbKttorton gKv^cirt that hU , 
««n written faj Itovtcy : Wilpole bod given ocit that hii CtMJk i 
OLmriio wu tba work of Mi oM Italitai, uid Ui^t ii h^ beefi f 
luiC irt OBarnge'a chart, but *■ ia the lilmtr; of bti AAdnfit * 
fftuiJjr ill w nortb of Sngtuui*' Notbiog U mcro ootlaia. 
that, broTuht into c1aa« oimimuiilaati<n3 with thU oxtnordi 
fotith K/id liiw Ijnllia/il jirodiKftfoiM, fas either did not or woold i 
jH<V Ibiit if Honluj vnro Dobodf, Cbfttbortoo wi a gnit pod, ipd i 
abo/, ftjid«poar boy. ww ui eztnordunrj pJicoottcnon : iMf~ 
tnth fiKtriotina And Dmauritr dein«iid«d thut ho afaivald In ai a . 
bnmgnt uuder the notioe of tnft good tod wIao^ mod oTor^rthbg ffr I 
Mfblo dono to devolop hi» raro i>owa«r ^^ sociirs tbftn to htol 
muiitf^, Vidpolo oooltr ftdvifMl him to Atiri: 1^ liin d«^ «nd liftfl 
hita! Sir ValWaooUhMioid that WAl|>otfttf not Alone to Uiaij 
tbu whole oonuAtjr part«l:tf the oenimro vith him, And thotkf ffV^f 

tha bojp good aitviM). Tlii« w not quit« Irie. Th« irboboMmlijlUl 

Bot Iebow ci CbftttertoD, of his woodorTul UJont«, And hi> poMV 
CitOrtiOii ; but til thc«o woro thnut unou th« Attcntinti of WaIhI^ 
ud ho pkT« him adrioe. Tmo, th* njivic* m ittvif via P>^ ^^^ 
Qobu^l^, it WA3I i^i-cn vbcQ ^Alpolo by UiH oooduct faAtfilHliiaiyH 
^ it* vaIuo wnli i;tuiLt<ir(oiL — yrwpa the proud bov, oirnTijj tit ott- ' 
t«TO|iiiblo way in vhicb tip kriidAcm^ wi>iLfid«d in tim nuxity, iMtA ' 
round upon him, had tura hi» letUra to fttototf, And aUmiieii litf 
under hra frot 

Ilikd WalpnU, nbon ho di»eoTon>d tSa rod JiitiuitioD tad | 
CbotCorton, kindly IaIcod him by the hAod,— had bc^ in 
dasorttng hiiD on goooust of bio poterty, &ud of bis b«ria#l 
on bicn %hm pARlonAUo tHclE of xvprOMatii» hu ovu f>|4fCkd)a J 
duotJoos wi khoM of g nooentHy.ThoioAA Kowley, then and 
tdvlaod him to odhoro to hi« pror«tAiouf aa a o^rtAiu \ 
lbrtaD<V *^^ ^ oolUvato hf* poatio powom m hi* kttnro i 
nrouinag to ooouro for him, u ho so mt^T oould. g full < 
loclgniibt of ha tAlontA frtnn tbd pabUo.— it b ontoin tint bo I 
1iAT»mAda «f Obattoricn. nbo wod full of AffA«tioo, whAt bi*« 
Ho night bgro roprowntod to him ttbat g btr and lofcitinwltj 
of pooUy ho faMl cbooen, tbno eeUbrtLing tho historic gkity r* 
n*t>on. And what an uyoitico h« woa doing to biaoKir by gr-^ 
famo of hia ow« goiius to Itewloy. Had bo dono tbn, bo vo 
OMUrodly nrcd ft groat tcind t« Ins oountiy, and would 
dcwirYrd of it all honour And graiitxidK l^t to bAVO ospootod I 
biMu Wajpolo voa to oxpoot wAnaib from on icklo. , 

e^pUOttbcroforojOrthe gd?u» of WAlpolo, *pTtB wiib gs tomb I 


^ l«tiilffniaui Mi if tw bftd hem hifl Ruudkrit* qo u^- 
qomco COS tihMld lum from the bume of ponton^. 

i 1m Mbood b«lnn bin) bUiing like « ffUr of the fiint magnitutlo, 
Mflfttsd bim to ponsb, lie did mon. Vfhtsn tbftt poet J^d 
d« miltHa grwti Mul of Ua eountr^ bbd ftwo1e« to itA »Tmr 
lou^ ud Boknoivbd^ that " a praoo h«d &13«n in Nnk^l" 
, «n tbo poblioitioai of Cbvtt«rtoa'i Ictteni to him in }7»il, did 
nvn-wnJwl mfto, in a cttotiDg lait«r Ia HinnnTi MoiVy abAolutolj 
* tbftt bo bad ever nccircd tbtto ]eU«r« !*^ /e/lrn ffnfejuU /o 

I wf fir a^t and which ji^^ teert ^tttt" * 

«r tiii^ M tboM dabn'l VaJ|>oU wbo lik«: voald tint «• 

a dw that coitthi dogmatic, but noble fellow, Simuel Joboaoot 

I a cnmioal mdiDenDoe to tho oJainia and Me oT Cbatterton ; 

, viUi UiAt oamfteolingu'hitTuuraaa of will, which ofUn tod hfatt 

I cvTor, we kam firom Boawell, irUo often arg«d kim to read the 

I of Itowkf, that be long refused, aiyijig. *" ^htK cdiiU I don't 

»neof the poweimof avutfor, UD0duoat4il rtrip^ff T Koiiutfi 

a goineaa but f» prapottioa ai be bee Bold." Whm ei Length 

fodnoed t« read tbem. he oonlbeied— '^Itiia Is the most 

r Tonag dqui that um «!D0Oimt«Ted my hoowtedgo* It la 

rw the wbcJp baa written euoh thb^" It Md tb«n 

\ too late to begin to admire ; and the gmnt prf^udioea of 

md drtreii pt^t CbhitctUfti e^i coia[tUt<Jy from hiia, A> tho 

r vanitjr or Walpote repubed Idm in tbai fitfArter* 
I Seward, a wonoan wti0| with all ber ftulta aa a writeTf had 
llje the toct to dieoem troe gcnii*. vould har* dorod to ftduMiv^ 
t Ibe raai powcn of CliaUcvtoa. bid it been In her oem daj of 
■ ; bu at ibe death of Cbitterton, 160 waa a oountrj jpr} 
ihiML What oh* mti,jn of Jotuiftoo'ii conduct Is terry Joel >^ 
\ CAatitftOK had long been d««d wbcn Jobnaon bepn bia 
.. ibe Pdel^-^tbod^ Cbatterton'a poinita had toug been 
I tbo world,— tboagb thctr coalente bed cm^iged tho tittrmii of 
lUon in costforany,— Tci would not Jobnaoa allov Chattertai 
I ^m im ttniea roluiDce bto which Pomfrat and Yaldfu won 
«Mu«d, 00 iaviaciblo we«o bu gradging uid ourlj (irvjuiUco^ 
Curiae long-daonatd geniua but Lit aad eontemporaty gsutUB 

Th%» wfl bero tnowj the oootbd of Tb<miu Chftttorton to th*t 
**tttAil cibui or hie fal^ wbeo bo foaud bimaelf niJaot«d> ae it vera, 

5lba litenry mnsto of Ue nat^u, and thmn down the few rte|ia 
ibe t<ntdp of GvcDc, whkb ho bad dared to arccad, mm a IWger acd 
^wfaw. fjv «aa thnrt awft^ . in a Bfeanner, fbwi lb« heart, acd 
mt ««a mofih fhxa tho inteUcci of hit ootuit^ ; Tot his prooil 
•fCrit vmnwii ibs Ijpioimiidtnis titMuMutt and be dared tu inuLe ouo 
0iAd Art, otue grcni ud fiiul nppMl ijpixnat Iho Aat, la the hm of 
tWwb«lftwerid,«!cidi& the heart of the BritJehDiolropob*, AhnI it 
««< a ihiwmto viitcrpriM, uid our hcvtfl bleed na we fbOoir him ill 
I ouimr. Hum b ootltiR^^ in vaj a|V4uoi^ ho utterlj Uiflandioly 
- Hdon Vtf^c't UUcn, nd, 1, Wr. 



ID aII tb« history of the caUEutio* of 4nthon^ m iba four lAl 

tan^ ^a tba luMT oT hii bortJi til thai noEHiit, tW &» DATtf U j 
ocM niitoblo Mend one wke. ffiWiniui^ and ^unpalhiaiog tkoA, I 
wbo MHV at occo lik Bcloiidld widvwBUutc^ «iid Um fattlu cf hii I 
diat«ct<r. Bad vbo oodd tbua Boquin a aoobj, nd >t thft MiM tMB ' 
ao impiiiag ia H oaftoo OT*r hjin. Mm of poor |i9^j«^ vbo, bcnrM 
thojr uigbi km Lim, did not and oonM bot oocapreludd hlB^ 
Imu in m town dftroied to InMl^^ and nailod to tho d«lc nf t petti' j 
feggiag tttiorao7.-*lio went cm bia wtkj abcHL Mosdotia of hia o<«J 
poMTBs uulof theiiiforkirit^of tboaaarouiM himt tUlhia[irifleM^ 
L» IHadou kmil paoa vftii bia gvcuu% and bo voold haw bml 
aEofiade bad ho not had grsat and Doaiaj buha* tf ■tt,thinfti%| 
vigU vror hw R^igiooa ooepUdBDit and rcmt tbo occartoBil ; 
toDM of a ooffieioDt vant of truth and hisU principla in bio It 
hookM, <ip«cdilhr JD foioUag fiotitiow matter into gnro hutaj. ni 
an Bjgaui o«iii|wD«iJ U> aokuovrhidflo that it v ai bocwua ho bad M 
adaqaatofHcmilandcniiiiAolbr. Ht waa hko a jonng pant naalw i 
icg solitArU/ OT^ a wii<knw«o without ^(W orguid^poat; audif I 
ha dJd uEit ^o wrong iu i^roporticm to hia ununuu ardotir, atnogll^ I 
and npiud, it ycvra a votkW, Hut frriio tha »io«iM«it tbat ha «ia f 
fbot ID London, vrbat ia tbavs la aU Uo^phj ao hcajt-broaiinglv ; 
ODDtvmpUt* T With a fbv borrovHl goincaa m mU cut« Arav<d 
in diJA ipoAt ixwan of htimmi Itft^, vhvn) nn» living ware mhea fitfl J 
mtoth<T aa ii&reoo0iluot u the wavea of the ordinafy wm^ tdi Mdl 
utordoviDg vith domeotio ofEcctioas, h^ expends tho hw bormaal [ 
guiiuafl in pruumto ia hin motbor »nd civtar, and aenda than vUh 
Suaia; aooounta of his pioapeot of hoooura for hiomtf. ud tt 
voaLlh for thoHL If nay ooo vouJd tnnka himaalf ooquBljitoil vtt 
thoinupathatu^lot him An1yrMulth«fevhttfin vritton bowtf { 
Obotlortoi^ from Sbormlitcli and Hclboni. Ho vaa to |?ct IV 
ffuioeaa a month br one tovunno ; wm to nritc a lliitofj of A^ 
bad, and ooeaaionHJ ov^jv for tha d^ilr up* r«. " WL«i a e jui ioa g 
pro^oot r Uo wia aoauaintfd with all Uto gouioaca at tha &ap4ir 
oo fl b e houae. * No autnor can bo poor who undenitaxida tlio tfsfif 
boofc:>eU«ni tUalmovUdgal hawpnttjwvUdippadintor i^l 
poor Cluttortocu ODO ^b more jtoto to piit himaelT under tfaa fli^ 
ttiotiou cf King dtork I Ur. Wilktv knew )um hj hia wHt£0«i ; lid 
ha waa jcoioji to vbit hin, and um hui mt^rvtC to o«ooco th^TnniEf 
Hooas R^raUEa.Billanaa. Ho vrote to all hia younff oMm aoqnilll* 
osoai: tboj vera to send him txp oomposttieai^anil he woalahin I 
ibom iD»eri4il in lUl Borts of ponodioak. Soaga ho waa to vrtle ftvl 
a Doctor in Mujdc ; and aiaoh via tho good fortuno poviug ia, tW| 
bo oould not holp oiolaJTaing— "Jtoate^ ^f #m ap m ^Z" Oaa 
ponou vou]d ffivo him a ivcomnuindattoQ m traTolhca oompaoiett 
to the Toung I/uki; of Nurthunborland, onlj he apoko noUuDg but 
Engliflh ; aikotber to Sir Goono O)l«broo^ an Seat India tHivetor, 
for a plooo of no dawicoble doecription, ooljr ho voold noifo to 
He waa about to mt on tho Duko of Bedford: and had had an 
polite istornev vith Beokfordf tho Lord Usjor, In tboet. 

I but 

aujTtanox. 177 

' bv to bU BuUir. ** moMy flowd •« bat upon dm «a husMMM, I 
L |pT» ywa » nortictt of W^W*'-" 

i «lua yna Uw »t«m reality 1 Amid ftB Iht fluah of inugiAkiT 

kiMira baU uw«o«Bh or what bo w<oiil(i 1i4t« bU fiuoil^ to (hlnk 

>idl to UVMun^ tbdr miivlak ho irvt iu Uuthr ftlnoAt ^m Um 

flrrt, in • bttlo Of itAmtioQ. Uu jountoj, mtd tbo piMcoU 00 

psivri^uaJT Wi K> iu|i*(Jie^iiAly jjiutcIumiiJ f<r bU notb«r uid nirtfa', 

— Om liuU fnad of b(vrow«d gaias^Jt, wiu g««ie. Of AiondA kc ^oflo 

tKi apfror to bftvt b^I ocku in tbu huge ^lunan vibieracai. Bo^oa 

1^ bMAsoUcn for wb^m bo did tA^v^wark. t^fit a ftiaci* jofitiontivl 

bQTt«l vMiiui to bftvc pat out a fiu^tfr <( frUowsliiu toirajdi hun- 

S* &r M tbo taea of bUrarv fiuoo wcro ootKunicd, it vu oii« md^ 

imA And diMcrt dJtwce. Fron tbs urotcbod regi<u of Shonxliioh, 

Wfbttod Ut thv eood-o4tiirrrl ■irofeHjiMkor'lB of Broak-Atre«t, Holboni. 

ftdnUfTtttk^t) punufii binw^udstond bimvverjihiTniorafcaffiillv 

i^iSl*: fwh H« mjf, vftb 111) liit ^4xioua Uliut* Ami oi* Ind^mitAblo 

i'.utdy ttkioa hi tbv world WdpoJ^, who hiiJ pvcD bint 
" V Eitvdly aj if b« hod bocc his giukniiiut,** wiu in smt 

- - i^c AutiKtfS," tt Straw b«fTyh ill i wEUo the QobleM 

rauQi U^iu na otAlkitg oo fttoralf ibrou^ tbe siretta of pftilvM 
WioiL to tttuiotf a::^ ti^^wLr. £ei£0 Jobuaoa, aII kU itrugdca now 
0>v, ioil At th« kuhiaI pr>M of 30Q/. b«ooEaev Mwonlii^ toW own 
*4aliloa if £^uii»D(T iu hi* l>iotioDAry,->-* A >bive orBtote, hired 
IfkalipiBJ to vbur hui iuAAtcr,''^v*3i oomhforlAblj lolling <iiu tbo 
«A tolm «f Um iWle, or octuiff tli^ Urm in the Lit«mj 0tibb Ot 
.1 'ti, »Tj.ii. r,f Mcse wAltbjr lujlilo. Oolibmitb wwi huUsnic^ to 

'A, ifciid CbAticrtoD bo blA At lOTTIlteOQ I 

tk^vulwA ftbotil tZko bocdu«ilon, ^»ae uta be 
Utovi bawdf that bf uu(t«mtood, th« fblloviug oitmct frooi bia 
rboMk, focuKl AAcr hu fkAtb, wiU abow Ibo wrvUbod remit ;>— 

"■^■tTrtTgHirirfirrriHlrTri ...... i?l H « 

„ ff& , . 1 B I 

ri tf llf,ltiBinHn»toC«o4Ka»>oi9 

PvrMcA J««iul • * . . , D S 

^ .. frur r<n vio b 

„ » >4 VIOIlf Ml loom*) , . . . Ota 

I iDolber put oT tbU UttJi book," HnyH bis bio^rmphor, " Bhortlj 
I Ua deaUi, be had Uissctvd a meioonLnduni. iciUiDatiag tbKl 
m vT tfilaTvn poiiixla icaa dau to bim Iron tlie LoiHloa |>ub- 
. _.. L ll «iff ACTTitf! ffttutoba eompcBcd to turn Ijlonirf dmdgCL 
m Srar-wl'twDtv #bitliaj^ a month for wi^m^— and more cruol 
ri^teb^dootiwd t^- aidScr «1] Uw imlmt of buagvr bocsoM Uiooo 

aidiVM Uwlifeof Chitttortom. Hm Aito U too woSI knomi ; ood 
»£ttli wavUAKi did tb« BvC\d J4«th »t Hm 

T^ ibtf|MH4Dttliili»|«nb«c Ja tupOlc,~ 



ooottOD, Uut it w«H Idd; bcfbra hit fiieDda bcftrl Aajtlua| of 
He vu bumd witbout wnmxtjavmat p^^tptn m A4«e-LnM; hi* 
id«iiiUtj oould witit dil&cultj b« attUbtklUd wb«a thio boi w 

In «JJ tho ftiuub of Etontuni thero ■ oothiog nswablmg tho 
hirtoTjr oT Uua bay-pu«l; hv irtanfltt ilon*. Noi-or did «ujr otlur 
jootb cf tho iuno J04ns orra UDdi^r tbo moit JanxmbU eircnai* 
«eg,i>oas]iMdiioft«oriaotthoHmobi^c>nlof ; ftDd lurvcr y« ohild 
of MCU4* IrMttnl 1)jr bb cotuitt^r with tuoh uaflMUca oomUinpl, 
vith sEich ftn ir^at anJ ttorekmbDg butthnoM of luglm. Tb* ftio 
of Ftwicjx Hilary Qilbort, % Fnnub writer, hoa bc«D oompaml to 
tbftt of CbttUrtoD I biit, iMttiaAit that Oab«rl vu * mui of fartf- 
threo, ud liftd no olftZEoa to tlie gcDiuA of ChattortoOf boina a vhter 
«Ei natcrinftry mcdioioo nod rumi eeonomj, ho ikaUoTM hiuMtf 
booauM tbft porpnim#ot> vhiub bftd lunt Mm to Spoio, fufllootod lo 
iGDil bim hii renkitUooafl^ — nob frooi otgloct or « vriioJo luiUoci. 
Bvoopt in Iho mcro hoto of Uostitutioa oad«i>ndc, tboro is litUo 
naombkou ia tbo cbuaotori^ diiEoi^ or &tm of tbo two Toon. 
Ohotioton'i dc&tb boo fitmiAb«d « U^gedj to tbe Freocb Btogo from 
tbopco of Alfmd do Vig^j* 

TW luunU of Oh4UvHoft Mf within x lurrMr iporo. Ho vio 
lot on* of tliooe whoia fiOo or Gortune albim to tnreivo moay 
lukih ; Briitol ood Loodon wcro hiii oalj pkoM od rcsidcQcc. In 
London, btUo ooa ckow bo koowa of hU Ituiato: U»t U« froqncatod 
TowchiJI Mod Uvjlcboiw sirdnu ; iVMMtod to tbe OhepUr ooAd* 
houM) : tbAt hi tiTod ntao weeks tt 3£r. WmlmeWi, e pWtOfvr, id 
Bhoroditch ; oud tboa nroovod to Mm. jLiiQtPa, dneetnitor, Vob 4* 
Brook-«broot, Uolbora, oocipriaae ooevW tbo totoJity <€ hie boDtee 
And beaaU in London. Whore Mr. TVebniky'e boueo vm cuaot 
bOw bo muorUinod ; Ibv CKaiitor ooflho bnnio itiD roAeioo it« old 
fliUutioa,but ben Long oeiwod to be tbereeort'of iJitbe Ittenrr 
i^notcre" of London ; Vetuholl is id ito dcetftod old ng«^ esd 
Mer/lobooo gftrdwu are^ Itko tmqj oUmv nnltot of Cbotlorloo** 
time, oaw ovottud, not wjlh woede, but oouoee. No. 4. Brook- 
itrect, Holbora, vooJd be on intorcstiDS noiuber If it romaiEcd— 
bol^oM if oronOuag oonnocUd w^th Ihtf Ulitoiy cf thlo fll^t«d 
Youth, exoept hk flfcow, ihouM be coniltfcnDed to tb« moot singokc 
nUhty, thora ie no Kol 4— it lo eireUowod up bj vt oiionj»ous fkir- 
Aitum vArvlioaei^ ClLArloA Uaokin^tt, rtaw fmrit£n0 into Holbom, 
tDd ooaupjiDg what ueed to be niaaben one, twOk t£ree, VtA four of 
Brook-efiroot. Tbosi, tho wbolo of cho int«rior ctf tk««e tioueea bee 
boon cl«ui*d Any, uh thny bov* boon cionvorLH! into on* LoTt0 ibow- 
ebop belovt, eiid ee Uttg uuuufMrturin^' aiopi abore. In this fom 
Ihcj bero been for the mt uigh'^-ecd-tveotj jmn ; aad prtvjoua to 
thet tiico, t AB told, woTo ooeopiod bj- vi otimdljr oitOD«vo iroD- 
mongorj ccDoem. Tfaiu^ eU ro«uQof7 of the poitlccUr epot vbkfa 
vox tho roun of Cbjkiwrtoii, Ukl whore he oomnutlod thtf tttidder 
b rootoi out- What in tttU cnore utruk^, thn votj ooitao fkt> bin 
aiteudodUi pleoo of Mpaltura. llewju bt^riod tun* 
in Sboe-huiD ; eo littte w«e hnova or cored eboiA 



tiwt H im wotut iitat^ tm ^Ubadf b«Jbro hit ftriond> levued ih« awl 
•torji ED Uw tpeftuiunOt iho exact aiU: of hib gnro vu w^nigh 
bcouM uokooinL It appcaiv, boirever, brom ioqtiiriw wliiek I bare 
BQjkikv ^1^** ^^ ipot *A* rooc^moMl ; and wbca, the pnbUc bcaiu^ 
tt le^db ftT«n of lb* gtoin tiut hoi b«<(i miiTuKKl to pivlnti k 
dcafniir, ft bMd«toa« «w erocUd b^ aubionptkai nocm^ noma 

pttiy wUeh now ulu pbo^ MpaoflUr In t^e metnfMUa uid other 
loi^ cttMBi; with 1WW |ilm lAd ImpToreowDt*! vhidi ia tltnir 
jaoyraiM socca to ppm oothinig of too ptfty ImWotot aocrod^ wc 
WTio ftlMMJly Ntci, ki th4 coune of tbeto vohuus, bow maay tnoea 
of Um roMrtfi and dveUioga oT oar PP**^ ^^ TBaivhed froiEL 
MttOttfiiitfk Tho TQffj roati&g-pkco of Cbftttcrtoo oouUnot «a««ipo 
t^ qn^ooiaJ diM«ct«r of bwfAU. Londoi^ wkfok MHuad to rofliw 
io koow hti> «h«n olir^L relViiM] a qolM ropOM to bU «ah«e, TV) lie 
•uonob the pHipvra of SUoe-Uao trma, «w would h^vo tiMnohi, 
a auiflGUatlf abwct lot for m |«tnd and aoariQir a utiaroi out 
iDrtoM had ettU uiothw af^to la metr* for Ilia nmauaal like 
bnxU'groaBd in Gboe^LuLi^ mic of tihama ondnonia of tk« 4m4 
whiob a digmttfj of the Ciiurch hu Mooilod to In guardod aad 
guaiaatovd igatoat all nolaoo^ and diaoga bf tho centoony of con- 
acomUoaL wmji boU to Eoina pHTtatfdoD'iaiukot ; lUid looabb aad 
mcEQoriauof the dccooitoddiHppQatcd toioakovaf fbrUioahacoblaa 
and oablMo-stoIIa of tbo hying. Waa tfa<n no lovor of litaraltin^ | 
iw TtiMimlor of conniflr U> IaLo iho alwm 3 to vUp id mail boo tLaaJ 
tbo boDca and tho hoodAtoao of Ctaltoton vera r«tiiorcd to tba I 
^TomitthicLatiU Ualtadwd toSt Amircwuchun^hT ItAppcaial 
not. ficg1«ct«l in do^th at iu life, tLo hottdstoiio wtm |>uQod up, ib« ] 
banM of tbs pool won left to nhoro th« &ta of thoao of hia paapor-j 
oamndm, and :i U now nio«t prolvbb tUt thcjr ota McatkM — 1 
Hoawn knew wbrrv I for I ua Mvurvd, on got>d Mitfaoriljr, tha% J 
WuMa aje dow btiit on tho ipot wbore tbiB tinlortiaiiftto joiHb kj. ] 
If hooaoft *S9 huitt, moat MtfSy ocUora van dug to thou bo«aoa;J 
and than ilw Vodm of Cbattortou — wlwrD «ro UmjI Edto aiaj-J 
asanti vhan I J 

Ur. I'^yoe, tn hi» '^ Memorial of tho CknToga^ Ftmihr," giTca V] 
)«lt.jr, datod JaauM7,1S63, frou Joat|)h Cotilo to ahollo Voro Bta^i 
b wbobhoBtata«Ukat,fortjyoanbc6m, Mr.Geov^CuiBboiku^J 
a deaotDdaat of Biibop Gtunberiuid, and a hjgldjr rtspectablo man I 
of UtovaiT ^ ao^o^^ iafortuod li£i» that Iktra, Edkmflj bo Croquon4l;ri 
njeotioMd ia Ch«4lortodi'B liSsi aaaurod him, that ao aoon aa Un^-i 
CbatUrtoo haard of her aovi bavUig dortroyiU duosc^ aha vro4o t* I 
1 Chatlortoo** oock^ a OBrpoitor in LomJoo, ■* orfius bim to ocod 1 
1 down hie bodj In a o>f&A or Wi- Ihit box wu« aoooodin^j, aouft 1 
I down to Knatd ; uid wlvn,* aaiU Mn.Cdkiuat *1 calkd on m 
linaaid Hra. Cbottovton to oondolo with bor, »h^ m « gf«at aoor*^ 
hook mo upatoira uiil abcfwcd nv iho box ; mid, rcfaoving tbc UdL 1 
H law tlia pooiT hoj, wtiiJo hu moiher aobbvd in uiono*; l^ha toJaJ 
Ina «fc* ahouU bkvo hua takxo cat in tbo middle of tbo uifbt, and 
Bttfy him in BedoUSe dmrdbjanl AfUrwudi^ when I aw her, she 



mU ibe lud nuMgvd il t«t7 well, w UaL [ubb» bat ibo 9*akin i 
hb ladiilwt In** uijthins ftbaut it TbU sbov^ wu aia iuiy ,-] 
«r be oouM DOt lave b««n biiried in ooowcnteiifrMaki"— Jfa 

liiouuii it iH u'>t 40 ua*rt««] in Uim paasig*. Cu Uiii yrtj ttr«an-J 
■tacOflJ Htorjr be true, uid >'Vt Itav* ouuuiiueil uakuowa «> soa^^ 
jaunT CbaUcrtoD hju btvn i>o« droJ e)^l>--»i jai4«. It n a] 
qiMvUoo of carious inUrat to the public ; Kkd a ^ptek-vu adii 
ft vp»d«" would il*cide, la t ciaglo hour, wtietber Iw mllf ctCTMil 
Ininad in lut father*! gnni. f 

Let u» now qaii tto doiworatod aocM of tho po«Va mt««nu9at« lO^^ 
TMiinilug ;o Krtoxol, ftonk t^t of hbblHli— iiaafaillMek It «quillf J 

in mo f The hoiiiv of hi* bJrtb, ftnd tlw Uvt nurow Immim oC ImJ 

nmAEDs '''■^ ^J^" #W(Tpt avuj frcica ibo oirtb ! Chatttrtoa «m tanj 
on h«doU1lo-tLlIf lu a book-couri befaind the row of houMft fadicthij 
noT^- vest liiJo of SL M^rj V ckiinhyutl : t^Towof hapmaiSilt] 
bnck-court* havQ oil boM puliod dovn uuJ rabuiH. Tb* baii*>£ 
vbUh Chait<^iton mw bom irw bcbbud a Mbop luart^ oppoittcl 
noHh-wiwt onmvr of ib» ohur«h ; uul th« AoruitooDt to Um T***''! 

Siod, crccUd by vubaoriptioQ ia 1840^ m» vboxt lu ■ Snc lut— | 
bi« tiouM vid tbc Qorttk porob of iUc obordi in tUcA he ^nuriMT 
t4i have fouu4 ih« KowUj USS. 

TfaiftmonuinoEitwui AgotlucenctSaD,xiuch mirmbBnfl id ipriMl 
CTO0, and on Che lop itood Chnttcrtoo, in the dr«M of Utkl4A*i 
•ehooU uid vith 4ei un£cJiJ«d n^U «f jarcb«a«ikL uk b£a IivhL It ^ 
«rMt«d fhsm the dtnigu of ?dr. Fripp, iiHticb vuponodod tii»nl 

JklAtuitd b/ John Uhttou, tho antiquitT,who,«o much to ki« bmii^ 
^4ig Bnlounlv ox«riv) himw^f to r«Bi0iM ObatUrtoa'a aifmooy b^ 
apjiArcnt tiflglcci iu biM luttivo oitr* Hio mac who eouU fM o* lUi 
tnojiiuuont ; cauJd oontemplote Iha bojriab Bpira and noe «f lli 
juT«Ljilg |>oot; owJdglouoA from tho qutrtor ahorv be «a» Wni^ 
Dorcrty, t^s that old pordi, vbttrv ho ploiuied the aehemc of b* 
Bue« ; aad oould call to mind what ho waa, and what be did, vitbrfU 
tiko profoundut ntmMtioua of vooJn- and ragrat, tatght adTi^y p* 
thrcAuh lilb vitbuul Ib&r of &a udoaiAbmeaii Hot mii£t,a* 
would that feeling of ajmpatbj end n^t hue becQ I'lfiwtf'H 
had tlio moLiucneal dniplv bomo tbo verj worda vritWci bf ihe 
fiiapir«cl boy Liuu^ for hia mtppoeed toab^ tod ioMrtod in W 

lUiarr, lui^r tut ; tJ ihdu m a Cbni(LVi->tJffEm« ihit bt «a4l 
W jQ^ifm br * Hop#Hor PD«Tr: — io Out Poivw «l«nt It faa ^>r 

T1;a lato of ChectertOD etin seeme to piunu fait mcoiot^. TMi 1 
lAODunvot, Hoati aTLrr tbo pubUcation <tf Ibo flnit ••lilJon of tUft] 
work, va» pulled dowo, it la ttid, becsuao it impeded, or wm " 
lUiwr IKvni the opentlcua of tho reatomio«i of the chimin It i 
taidit the thse that it vaa to bo i^^raoted id aiMlbtf |«rt of i 

rfiar^bjtpd, but iVia has nrrrr yel Iwrtj iloni>. Thft Ktonoii of tho 
montinicnt lie in the crvr^t of t}to cfjiirc^h, ruid tho sUtue ia csrcfuUj 

CQClOhCul 111 A bjKp tooted *ll(l IMIM tUiWtl. 

Frnm the mqmKefl of h fH«nd na iho upot, nuuin nt my lyiquAAt, 
sad who Mv both iha trdiitcot far tlie ivAtontioiit the cUnrcfc- 
m&rtkEii, OBiJ the punont* who Jiavo Ujo k«q>fi]^ or tLe crypt^ )t 
aiipcan that aothtng «hatflv«r i« detenuiued on u to tho rD-ervetiotu 
Okie party lolkved that it would bft r»-er»Gt«il if thciro wrro fundiv 
WhiGQ hu stated UbcTu wenj not; aiioIJuit thought tlie iiicuuiuenl 
ora KuJoid« would not bo pennittcd to stand on oonaeoniUKt groiuHL 
the ocihr thtc; oertain appeared tlut it wia spparentljr M nr A'fim 
iV'cnouoiii u ou the daj whiiif it wui pulled Ja^wu. 

What an the 9ulMoriber!i about f Thef who purctuoed this 
moMMttqit flbovjid (M« tbat it » cMvcttnt »oiDCwhcre, la thcro ni> 
other publk anat in Bristol vrhiric could eituul tbi^ monumirnt of lh& 

grcaloflt mnn it evtr proJucnl f Wh.v not thd court uf ColatomS 
fldboolt llid atatiie of Lord Bvn^i. n;{Mllud from the portal of 
W«atintivter Abbcv, tu fouad i Q'^ttuj^ |[>aib in bia uaii^mllj at 
Cbmbridgch — y/hy >noii!d n^t th^t of tbo Colaton hoy ataiid iu frotit 
4}f Cbtston's school } If allnwtMl to ttluiid tbi<K till it {iroduooft 
aaother aucb hay, we maj promJw it n term of oaTa|iaUnii |]n>tiabljr 
without Ktnit. At oil cvrnti^ Uri/Acl owaa a duty to tho tuomarr A 
Clutt«rtoii, Kid to itt«lf, which rt on^t XMl tfl no^ccU 

Oat of t^ apota in Bristol nhioh wo ahould viwt vnth thrr m- 

t«na«Ht intofwtt ooiUDV^t^ witii tho histofj of C9)aU«rtonr votili bo 

thia 0000 of I^atb«Tt tba attoni«jr. "wticro bo wrote tho fincat of bia 
miDa attributed to Rowley. 1'bv tnd o4Hoo of tbia poi«oii wna on 
SkJohD^ ateps, but ho lufl thtw iliiring CbaUOTton'u abod* with 
h^ ; arid, oeonoff to bo an oftocit dova not niovMwm to beoioctlr 
)c3own in which noQjio H vckn, l^rom thiN plnco ho roTDovcd to tho 
hp»cn« ooQupUd, at tho timo of mr vwit, by Mr.SboTt, nilvammtth, 
in dmbjll, OfniOBitc to tho ExobaDgo ; and bore Cbftttortoai \it^ 
bablj wrote \ke ervat«r portion -^ Kowle/a pooma. Another 
favcorilo haont of kJbatt«irtoioX R^dcliHij tooa^ow, U now no J<>e>^<^ 
ft meadow, lut ia built all onvr ; ao rapid!/ baa about vi^j yean 
andioated the f6oii(U|ra of the po«t in bin nativa plaoo, ^len are 
two olijooti^ howoTor, which fn>m tbdr public obaeactor ncnala, and 
eie \ikv\j to rnnnln nadiauftdr and nrouiid which the rvcollootions 
of Cbattort^iu and bla aiogidar hlatory will 0or «ver vividly cling— 
tbo«o aiv^ Colaton^ acbool and tbo oburoh of St^ Uory- 

Tba B^od in Frift-etrvvt, whara be ^na aont at tiv« yfar« of ap^ 
and vhldii his hOwr bad taught, 1 bi^i«ve do longer «ii»t& Tbt 
acbool on SL Au(uatia«'a Bauk exists, "^d ia llkply ti> do mtK It i« 
000 of tboae eodovnunla foiitulcd by the ffrcat tDorcluuite of Eng* 
buid, wbich^ If ihoy bad boon prowrred Irofn tbo haqiy and ymr- 
Tortiag fingon of lruid«v^ voiud uow enffioo to odiicoAo tlio wnok 
natJoci, nia achnol^ f^mndcd at a ounpantirciy motni date^ and in 
" t of a& acltrc ct^ bko firiitoX «eomi t^ be wdl admiDift- 

MIbIjiIiiiI oMtii, «kd J, 

' tfam dwDuriofl incb 4 
liaf OmBiui 
■•«9^ 0^ ft i Ji ii l M- 1^^ let biai 1 

tanoB &■ GWUtfrtoB bmod what 

l9 tb pEnenl 0Tiian^ ha* 

f I •* ?!• '^^ S**^' ^** piircijurtf 

, i<iA4 ift tbi litVB pMt of lb* « 

OWtartos^ tf'm^ Uad df bnW «j«^ tad thon 
•n U» aod tkm^ It.'' ila vilfc Bftou. " ^fun cv* wMi 

IkM abooi Uii« MMiMtwill* mhL* Tifco mum ftiM|4 
boUpf lif itai,froBtKa m<^Md jmw^^ fad sueh^i 

vtU fad tfe HtM^M 

it m ioB^uuDg imdi 

WtUftDftM^nnAftcrwHda^Mciai v lUrtniE uid vvi so" 
ft pvt ImI<» the vtnb mtU. 

Tbtibtidxiunn(/nBiM,HfedUu^ia|«Uiivn w^Ui Umi 
|rt» oi ClHtunai, A Ait to Ihta acltonl nilA alvavs l>e & p 
gf^ti&attiniL I founi al aa ft«t7. frssh. bmI cfaoBrfhl ; tbcra < 
ft viiint of order rvitiovJ etta in the ouvftU rolling «n i 
aiiiMUj«mu,irith thdrbc^Mdnlnir'pklBd btttclv^i^Midii 
m tte |i rof*er l*^"^ ^^ limlvA* in Uio nlrnihf* Tnonn, 
Vi^ own Dumbdr, ftod ytt villKrat Unt order ikfvn 
srnritf , but Ibo ooatnrr, — Uiai I coaU i^t hrtp forjing tbt] 

m^ Umv ridies ^ ttisir ^cnarovs «riU for «rer ; kIio i 
tbrnbr Um actoftl bihen of tlicir nativv cttjcs to all ^ 
vho roDt ^ *>f^rT T'^ ^ ^* varli!%i progrvs^ moid* hug* i 
ftDXMtj frim the hOftriA of poor widnira ; who ckiT tli« 1 
ibi tuafri«Qdod but ftoUro and vorlhj lad; wfao fut 
invaribU kfci>Jbft Frooa tbp b«*vwi of thrtr liwl, ftnil I 
fvQuioft guftrdiMi moeala of tb« orpbaa r*ao ffir eror ftn4 ' 
nUog mm XixiMo vAo wouU utbtrwite bftTC bocft octt ' 
jgiHf«iit Ubovrvn, wpinnf and luiofbl oMta tndMataa «f i .._, 
msfcbftntiLtbo t;xi« cnuicbafe of Ibeir oouniry, ftnd btborv of 1 
fluillioft. Rov fftonoufl It 0u<b « lot ! b>nr ooblo m caafc ta ftp_ 

prJAtioo of WfoUb \ bov tnvtabb U bU^ ft fftOHi ! An-I 4in<«ij 

ludh fDOD Umv>9 v«r« Eow tnoro tniv sdruirable tbsM EiwKrdi>>Me 
B« WM wortbj t^ ittre been lUUtt bj Uuxltertcfli to Uw «ide ol ' 

nunUicfnt Cujn^ nd ono c«ijiot liotp woDdtrfah^ AiA life iftyt 
«> lit Ik alHtiit Xmn \^tnX, buDofhclvr of tl^ dty. 

Rdnxd CoUi^oi vu not mcntj itft foumW of tliin nr->>nfvl for t1» 
doihliig, maJntdDin^, And ftppronticing of one hundred bovBrai 4 
ctuuge of aboui 4^i?onf.. but liu ulno fuuuilird aootbcr Moool In 
TsiDrAo-fftrMt, to dnthn nnd mftintAin fertyho3«,aE ftOOsLof S/NXUL; 
and Be leA 8JS0(V. for »n sJinehoano fbr twHre men &nd tifdv* 
womta, with Cf jM-r vrtr-k Ur tliB clucf bn.rtlior, nntl 3*. pur week to 
the TMtf with aoaIh, Vtcv ; &)0L far thn rnftinti^riAnrfi of mx naflon tn 
tiie UerobAnU* AJiiAbouw ; 1,OOQA to olotli^, rottiijUui, iuAtniiM, ind 
M>proottoii mi burn ; fOO/, to Iho Hint WotklioiuH ; AOO/, to robndld 
m KW H<MTiU] : £00/. to put <n)t poor chiHzvn ; 1,S00/,to be sStM 
b lOV. ft-^MT, for tw«lve T^va. to appmtioe bojs &om Us aoboolv 
ftt tbo reio of iOA «Bob ; 1,vdOf. to b«autiiy lijffimiit oburolus In tha 
dtj i 9,fi00/. to &U ttftrUidomow'9 HMttd In Lmdoa ; suid 9,0001: 
to Ohrirtelitirob Scboot in Londoii ; fiOO/. to SL Ttuoua'a Hoapital; 
OOIV. to Bdthlobcan HoHpiUI ; lOOL to New WorkhoiKO tn^abopi^to J 
TntlHHit; 3DQ^b>lheSooiAtjr->rPrf>pfigat^nffUi«Oflap«l: 900/. far 
«diKirtto| ttd doltdnt tv«JTO pocv bo^ aod twektt cSrla, «t iU 
jwtfr at IfortUe, bi Suirv^; to build uuil <aiduw ui aWibouw at 
Shoen^ in Sunvy, mim not itt&tcd ; t^^OOnZ. to nugmffnt poor tivinca; 
be^dea varieua other tuuiB for chvitftblo purpcMiia, AJl thia pr> 

a did tbld uobltf luau Uiu^ bwslow t^u tbe uwda of bit pcomr I 
rvfi, witboiii forvrtttng^ oa ii oftoc the cam on swit «>ncn4Kin% ' 
tboa« of bin own blood rv)sktivi>fi, to whoia hn t)r>qufntL«d tbe priooi^ ] 
suiD of lOO/XfOt. Buti like ui able aud wjih- mvrcluujl^ bv dM^ 
not MirvJj b«qi]«Atho tbcM munifioeot fuidi^ — ho " poH!Drme<l aJO 
tbaaa oboxltabU «orta in bin lifottru^ ; info«t«d roTcniiea for their , 
support to truvtow bataht ; lived to vm tbo ttuicto jwtjjr oiooutod, ' 
oa tiUT areat tUadaji and mw witb Lis own ejM tba food aflMa \ 
ofaHiifiaMnbbahniaatiL*' f^rnat, too^ m wvr« tfattw boqtiMtn, ibttj 

wnv uot tba mult ol lK«nliir;,4 d(jnrj|< « liti^' priiuhoiu tifri, «b b 

oHoQ tbo caMt. to leave % bocwtful nomo at hla death ; bU whole life 
wta fika tbo kttor and of it. IWio, ho did not marry ; and whoa 
uigvd to lit ^>J^\ t4i nip'^ with » mirt uf jiImuuuIjmssb, ^ Evwy livt^ 
kaawtdowiantrwifo^umborditftreaMdorphana mjrchildnin/' "lie 
Will a iDoai fluooeHtrul nwrc^aDt," akjs fiamdt> in h» HJirtor^ c^ 
Bri«t«i 'and nuvor iit^tir^l » vbip, mii1 tutivr lost onif- He Jivni 
fint in SmaH-aiiieet, Briatd, bnt harinfc to taucb bnirinoM tn London. 
nixl hcJDi ohoaco to rcpTMvnt the oitr, ho racnorvd thitbsr : and 
nfWwwJo Itvad, «a In adiaauol iu juan, a venr roLtrrd Lifi% «t 
Mortlako, in SajTOf. Hia duly ojdrtcoioewi* ono of ihonobbai acta 
of Chriatian bonoraknoa ; anjil bia ^vnto doEAtiMU mro aoI Um 
tbui bta piibLJc. Ho nwit at ooe Uum %00(M. lit Rliovo and Croa 
doblocn ID Xiudfato. bj k pHrato boad ; firred ymrlv tboae confined ' 
l^nnuU debca in WhiUcb»po] priton fti>d the ManbauMa : aont l/iOO£ 
to ndloTv dJuLRMi to Wh:UH::Uiiii^-l ^ itfiuo ^weak di«iributod boafl 
and broth to all the poor urotnid him : uidvtn any Wlor auflbrinc i 
or onit awaT, in hia cinptojr, hit £i£nily aftcrvarda fvund a aun 
a^f liim in bun." 


yfhs dfid wi CSiaUcctoa vHio hy th^ «|ioDdid , 

«r £imrd OolAlau «• kiudtf wi Iw 4id Umbo ufWUIianiOff 

',T1iei« k no doubt Uut Hvu bscaiDtt imie had not uffii 

f^dotiwd with ha poetk hiMi tbt ktbtr aoi^ut, m il hi 

efcnicr. ChDy^fni, too, «« (ba liviUir vf Rnldiflv Gburdk x 

[iLiiB an oh^Mi <^ profoml ■^miration. Tbk efcitn^ » ikl 

laTti^ DOoaxDcDt of tbo nMuofy of OitiUArtoii, IJU mothar 

lobATY Urodon IUdcUllb-kCD.iM*r^<iti[kwiji4j to Um <i|^i*r i 

tbifl iibnrdi, «t Uie oontor of Od1«Uid^ pmde ; tbk mud hM? 

vliai ho wu ipproDtke kl t^Mbtft^ uid alto nro])ftbl7 bcCbaq 

. hain« •tOobtoQ'v odxioi Tlia boosoi ftuwlu^ tborv pov* 

, vrer, m too lai^e ond co«d kr % vcmwii ict her cmtuiuBUc 

han oonpdod ; umI it u. thorefon^ probablo tZui tMt ahoA$ '■ 

k too^ tDDJtt laro boon jNukd dpvix Wo Uim, thim, to the J 

piladt tt Ihe aok bnifdiiv of hra raoort. noit to Ockton'o i 

rrTtdoB nuuiu H bo uwdlo oce iL A nobk oad >mcioiu cb 

^iowehBTO«tHtad,of tlMUgbtoit and moot btftoufkd andiltl 

Tm gnofial ktHy oolttmm uid poinUd arclm uf itit alflhl 

ticUj groiDod roof; ood the fine eitcoft of the Tiev IVom l| 

veot, being iw Urn than 1!>7 Scot, %t^ ihs lidgtit of the taiddl 

aUJ^ &1 Ifvl^ with a nropoftinaaf* lifvwllli fn«ii ivirih b) >ont 

1^ Ob cDlocinft wiut Um hi^uat aimvaUoo and phaaura. , 

a* noi ft litUa aurprtw j<h^ u to And la tho cbnrcli, whfl 

I pvit paifitod alta^pi«oo tuwd to banj:. fidw ai luv* a paiatj&t. 

^ Aaeanaioai, with two aido-picoea ; ooe tvjpfuHiiiiitij wo itOH 

Kdlcd mif froQ) the M|nilchrD of cor Saviotir, itd tbo olh 

thr«a ICvja come to vmt tli* oi&fA^ tomb; and thooo hj M 

artist thaA— iloyuth 1 Tbo oniioaiij or such a fact tnakei 

~ panitiGifpi a nattt«r of iotaoao iiit«reat ; uid tf wc canBoi plaH 

' oo a |3ar with aoch thingi from th« baixU ol tha old n 

I murt ellDw that they tre fiiU of talent, and woodeifiiL I 

whoao ordiDary walk wm otirvmtlj djflerotit. 

Another obj««t of in toport ia iha tooib of Adalrtil Ptoi^jj 
of the founder of FebDajlvaioa, which in m ibo paiv 
wnth ftiak, with thia iiuoriptioo 9-^^ EU-re Utth the 
WilUaa PniD, who dep«rt«d tbia lifc tkn Ifith of Si.pUu _ 
Dum davum Utmm^ On a jiillar new hang two or thr»^ 
bannerv, a bla^ caurva and aclnioi, gwmtieto nod ervortL «i 
•Bontchooii and mottoL KotboiogawmrothatAdistndPofmlaf 
here, X caimot doecnlw the eiiigular leetiK which the eight ol 
roiDiiaiita of ariatocntic paKoantiTr euapcDued nbotp tba lonA 
hlLor of the groat qudcer cl IVm'mlfuiui. gave loft ; anepocid^ 
ID ona of the proiidnt teiDpl«a of that pnud Datiooa] duv 
dovmita) of which thia Tevj inaa prediotcd ou tia death-b«d > 
WiUiarai" eai^i hr, " if you ^nd voctr CrUada oontioijo Ikith^ 
whtoh haa been made kno^i to jroiu vou will make au uud^ 
end pn'oatenait to tho «iid of the world/* S| 

In thoaoufchtnuwrpt frtaod ooitfipinkoiudf the toeahaialS 
Wiliiaiia CB&lts^ei Tbuc are itri^ff ohjcctA lu 


1»ilor7 of diAtUrtoo. 1I«t« joq bobdd t]j4 vory fomn «bich« f^m 
Uw mHjt Ohvtu ^f lim ISfvs EUlvd tho luind uf Uio puM(H;bi]4l *iLli Uie 
deepoct «Kuw o^ Bdauration. It vu b«TC, bcfoM thcM recumbctit 
fifforci, thftt bo a«od to bo foimd intU&g iii profoiiDd thought ; ajid 
wb«u Uia i^«<tiTn^ erf lliu it««ltli, Uiv pruiuujr uiervbuit wii^ lujil 
liio nunuioant doock of WiUiamCannis^liftdarnrodthoiiivuEDat^ 
vtoDo vith tbo bQCB of Innf-pojit lilb loid tbu hnio cf salomii and 
bcftuUful dvolzti^Uw nbuntf uf tlibi fiuir «burcb tlw iiicnl Iw^uliful uf 
oil, — then tt£A it tbcao whtoL bocttnH the germ of tho grnit Rovl^v 
Ikblo. CtDjngi^thc uicioiii and uitt^ifiocdit, fum tbe zoojohuit «od 
now tho «^mi uriwl aud diMii, vtcmh ooiw luorv At the touch of Llitf 
lOflLpirod hoY, uid plavod bis put, not u q dtluD of firitdol, bnt nd 
ft oitiiiui of Uw world. ThoM oSgiDA trt ttn^lor b thontMOvn, 
Pimtf jrua baviv WiUuuu Cauijiig* Hud Jwui hm yiUv, Ij'iJi^ <ju &ii 
ftltar-tomt^ in full proportlciD, trndcr * ouiopy faondKOiui^I; c^jurrd itt 
fri«fttono ; tbco, oot mr off, ^ou havo Cimyf^ t^n c^u^o^l in ala- 
butvTt Ijlutf tthxig iu bitt ^ncvl'H rubiw n^h tuua ufWntliur/i with 
bwuU lifted nn m i& devotion, &nd s l&r^ book nodor biji bnd. It 
ii nroy and uicovt tuiiquo, t^ h^VQ two nouamtoiU of Uw Btm« 

gvriKin unhi by •iilut lUiJ i-lukt iu Iwo dil&ntit vhttmotoni ; y^i HliUp 
tUe would tbcBo have altntictvU Dotio«t mon tb«D * tlouMod other 
goodly tomb* in our churobcHr bod Uioy not chanood to ottnct tho 

nllcrjtkrrrt of IbU Ulllo cliuiit^boj^ tbo dcACCOiduit of tbo MoiUfUv of 
tho obun^b. 

lAit, but hr laoflt atriking cf «II tho huuite of CSutlerton, k thftt 
nmninvnnt-fixiiu ^irvr thu north porch. Whou jou anooi^ tbo d»rk 
aod wiadips vUir vid ectUr Ibb tUni and Mtodjr bcu|:ou tLputmoit^ 
ttDd«ooHtilTuuKfiti/on iU Roortbo uTvaTaijohoKlBof tacHoi^r 

Atorj^ old ftiid luiHlidotiiigr tbvEr lidK nonoe of thcin cirvubir m if 

bem out of loM treoi^ brc^en oIL uu a11 d:rtj^ oud mnn-eatoiip th« 
tMlit; of tbo jitnuig^ focU ooDiicot«d irith thoia oomo* thriliitiglj 
iipoQ yo^ Vi»<i iH^iii tUiiU Aud UiPi^ onJj fjr*t lu^d full; ur frul 1h>w 
Mdud mud hoir Md is ibo sto^ of Tbotnw Chatty rtou : thai bem. 
iadood. Ixgui his wondroia vobciue of bmo : beooo H iprOMl uad 
idcod fivtli «M o bnUJout ntjifitcry for a naoiocot ; hoi>oo Ui« |jroud 
bi^ gloried in iU midcka b3au\ aa iQ ibat ofa rooofiaisaag gb)iT froiQ 
hotToo ; ukd thcQ 

Til* AkAw nl « Maflau nfyhr, *» ihrwn 


Tbm li& ^ ThosuA Grft7, th>A imtfcor c^ Ui* El<ig;r 
, CbutAjvd, «a« pused Id London, la Chmbriilgc^ ukl aI t 
Poeiflf to BnclffftghMOthire, Mwpl wlial he mrtttX in tnYvUin^ < 
WW) coruidvrftbWh Gra^ ^ma bon bi Cbm&Ill, Korceabn- 98^ 
Bii p«raiit8 wap> npuUUe dtiMiiB of Vrndwi. Ilin gnuutUlM 
■ t oonriJeniblg aurduntt but hk btbor, ?klr. rbilip Gnj, Uam< 
iboQ^ ho bbo fell^rvod buiac*^ vbb of *n irtdolotii ftod M 
Umpvr; and tlierefi:vio ntlierdimiiiiHhtfii tbaa inerwaed bbp« 
fbrhuio. He hod mnri^ obildnm, of vhoot llioiiiik* wgM tbo ift 
»xo9pt ttim dfod in thoir tafiuiQ)'. Thu biMinonof Orn-'a fiAhd 
ljk« uut cf Miltou'diamoCQy-rtonvciior- But^oaltkoBltlloii^l 
Philip Gnu msBOOording to Moaou, not ottlj^rv^rrrod tt»d iod 
but vt a, ukOTOML unnoQiol, uid ob^titjatv tanijicr. 11m ifidcJtQ 

him touoclect tuebuHiuveiof Uia prvlcHnoii; hiiobvdDacftlQ 
a cmmtry liouao &t Wvuitoad, vitbout oeqiuinting lii* wifi «r i 
Uw dcwffn, to wl^Eoti 1i« knew ihcy wouli bo rpny mtttwet til ) 
eiWUUd ThiA tvLniDd out & Ion of tvn> UuoiMod pomdt 1 
fiimUj ; sod Ibn obar^ctcr of the fath«T, which » mxmoi%d U 
tiowi MlMupcd br bodilf olliocutds wvi tbc oocwvloo w Onn'T ll 
VI only obiLd. balae li^ft with ft vtjj mirrow pAtrimoar. Em m 
to prOTidc for ber bmil/i entered into buHLiaetM indepoDteit i 
tixiabMhl, idtb hor aUtcr, Iklua Anlrobud. llw t«o UdM* k«p% i 
of ludiftwtreliouso ioCorahtlL Aicl«v«ff hdiaaia btLiineM pt 
dOftbDXBuooeed«dMWdU,tb&t,ODUr.On/ado«tii, which M|i 
uboui ih« time of iha Toung |ioa(r» rrtum fhjm bin flivt trip 
CcjLtUi{iut> tbitj roliroo, «zid vent ta Join houselcetpbiz with 
^ third B»Urp Mra. Ro^ra. Um vidoir ^ a mnlleruo of that 
vho bftd formerly b«u in the U«, «id hod rvUred l» Cmh 
BuokitighflOtHhira ; ^vharo iro find Ch«y, on ODD oooi^njiUMi 
in a Lottar to WAlpole^ the ondd uid Uw phoe Ibo*. ■'ibod^ 
tion of » rcBul that your cundiw^nftc bare mo ofWo hcvMUnd 
OOellan to fivo to you : nuflko it tluit 1 urinal mIa tX nj a 
ttho ia n gnat hunter in ima^imtion. His dofs tika up ora^ 
in Ui« bouBit, ao I «m ftiroKl t<i vtaad up at ihh pnvBOt wf 
■od thoQ^ tho fout fcrbiin bim pUo|dn| aflar l 



jvi bo ctmtinuafl atlll U^ rv^n bli civ« aitd dok with thinr eouibrU 
I ftbb aoIm vml AtiolL Ho hclils me mightv ch«a|x 1 prrceirc^ tor 
wiUdfig «hcti I ahould TJdo, wad roftlbg wbcD I jlhoaJd hunL Uj 
«ODkrort amid •!! thla iA, thai 1 liftro At tbti dutoooe of hidf^-nuLe^ 
Uu^ngb » grroi 1«o& A forwt— the vulgar caU it nttnnmoD— «U my 
ovb^ lit iMot oa food oa no, foe I pj»^ no btunftn thing la it Imi nijr- 
setr It is ftUttlo ch&oBof moimUint and pm^nloes; nounliuiiik it 
iA Inicv ^^^ ^^ ^<^ uoeud luu^ &bove tbo dIouiu, oot ore the dccli- 
Titled cjuiW BO amjudng aa Dover cliff i but jvf^ BU«b KiQa vpoopjja 
wboltjTotbdriiKfaaaWfllai I do Toarvoaturo to cJiniKana cnga 
tJutt glvo tbe ej« «a mi;^h pleeflure a« ff thoj v«r« mi>r« dMiomnuL 
Botii Hale and uH an ooverad irilb most voncnblo boccbca^ and oLh«« 
voi^ vvnreiid vofE9t4Ui^ tlut, liho mcmt olhor (Uidont p«opte, aro 
aJ^n^ dnaEtiug otit th&v old st4>de8 to th« wioda :— > 

* And u tlief tov. ilitlr Iiovj lofit lolifch 
In muminnnx >ubD(tiH flifl lUik dnmH of Ate i 

Glue uew:^ Jr«r«ad i^tnunnerfryboa^* 

At tlie foot of ODO (ff thocM irqiiftU tiu I, tV ^AWMTOM, and (hom gTOfr 
to tbe trunk foranbole pioniiiig. Ihn tiitaoiroiit un 4ixlapOR4V* 

Evt) ; but 1 thick be did uot ufl« to r«»d TirgU, as I ooamuoij do 
th«ra f D tbia ajtuatjoot 1 oft«tkCiniY«newitb mjr If onoe^ alottd too, 
tLat ill, t«ik to you, but I do oo4 rwanoiabor tb^ I nor hootd fon 
nmwtfT me. 1 1^ piinloii f^r Ukm^ all tbo couvarvalion to cnj^wlf, 
but it is tiuliro!f jutir oira fkiiilt. We hai'c M Mr. Sctitbcrn at 
a goultoicuui'h hoiiM a lilUo wuj' u^, vbo oodom ofton to Aeo u* Bo w 
nor acveDtj-tArvci jcvs olL iLud Lui almost wlioUj lottt bii mcniorj ; 
trot U ru Am?nbl0 u lu old iiuui oan b^^ at but I ponuado mjadf 
«a whfi: I Wk mi bliB, ond tbbk of iMbulk uid Oronoko.'' 

^ tbia figtvcAbltf ffj^trac^, liowtrrcr ire bare oolalcppcd tke pro- 
ttrov of <jnj'H life. Ho vrm ^u<:at^d at ICtoa, under tiko gato of 
Mr. A&UtjbuA, biB ruolbot'* brottrtkr, Uioa aaabAAiit to Dr Qvovgo j 
sad-wbcm be IfifV actiool, in lT34.«otcnlftMBaiop«r«t t^aterhcoao 
in Cambridge. It wvi inteEodol tent be abooid follow tfae prolenion 
«f th*» bkv, for trliidi bio uncla'o pr*cl4co and oodooxIoim aooRM^d to 
' mta a l)rflilaat vaj. He liienfotv Lived on at college ao long na hb 
«tteQdanoo oo Ui« lodoroa wsa required, but took no deom. Uia 
mwlo'a doxlb put an cod tc bio proapccl' of thfit klml, utd h« aban- 
doned the td«A of Iha Iteal proniMlon. Wlieu he bod btHsn at Gam- 
bridge about five jrearajlie ui«ed to make a Uurua tbeCocltnout 
vltb Bontoo Wolpolo ; bod iSoj praoecdud togdlbor tbrougjh Fimooo 
to lUfyt vl^**^ "M17 <ittaiTOlkid and parto^ takio^ diflWnt n^s. 
Oa bia rvtum, b« a^EaUi vent t^ Cambrtdge> took tbo decnea of 
^Baffador or Civil Law, uidco&ttPQod tborobWitbotit bkiog tb* phoo 
[ or Ita inbabltuiU, nwv an tiiform^d b;v botb JolwkoD and Hiaon, 
or profieablDg to bko tbem. Hia plvasure ^j tn vniJing thmu{|h bu^ 
Ebmrico, oQt of wbidi, on a vokt iiiimbfrr of mbjsgta, bo oitncted % 
Tw4 anount of infonnatian ^udi wvn Onj'9 oavdootm eUidy aod 
tosnrdk, tiiat tbe EOlloiflDg diancter of him bj B ooDtomposiry, Um 



IUt. 3[r Temple, nctor of SL Gluffu, tu Cfimmi wnUm ij 
monilii oflor hi» duth, o&a mcvmI^ bo t«tm«l owntnwmfr 
liB|M T^o vtt4 tbo nio)^ Ittmod Ufln in Zanpt, He ma 
Roqualatoil TitH th< ologaat aod profouiKl puta of bcmcum^ i 
Dot ■tipe^oittlly, but iboMughly. Ho Iumw ov«ry br«noik of t_ . 
both nMtctrnl and civi] ', hat) rcM oU tb* OTigiial hUtoiici of J 
land, Pnisoo, Util ItiOr ; «Dd VM A giMt onUqi^niU]. Crttkk^l 
moUpli^vioi^ mortb^ politiMj riii/I« • pHndpttl pftrt of tin pJiB) «l 
ottiiy. VojngM uid travel* of aU novU ven hiB fsrourito acov- 
imot; ui4!b« h>d ft fiao tA«t4 in patutin^prmt^ Araiut«ciarOiUil 

i£o wjki^ in Gut, ooe of Uu find to opm op tha Soukiuuiitt 
mjtholojn*. ftAti<|iiitiMi, and begeadunr litfiTUMr*, fttUl to litti* vn. 

Wtoo*l if! tli» ^imtryt ^**l ^a whJdl 9Uf bwt lJtMW7 hLrorkiM i— 
ph^ » mz^vdloiua jui imonnCd; Hft1luD,&iaoii£iito4ber^dao1bM 
tLo " Nwbelungea Liod a» on ori^Qil GonnaD pofoi. ii<>t ABiirvt^ 
tl«« iviA^iAcMit origtoal of that pooa «it«U m Ui« Iccliuiclic^ 
mb oldo oQ« <rf the THr/ finrt, if uat ibe virrj find ptnofi, wbo I 
to trace out aud UiHinguiati tho didmnt ord«ti of / ~ ** 
arohiUctQn^ bj atl«DtiL>n lo <-ho ilato of ii« onmtMD. 
tiio Btudici^ 0061)^ to occupj a lifo, wLioh k^t Him doe* a I 
btldtfc it) bis tooms for Jton, aad once indoood mm to tak« I 
for about tlirco Toar< new tbo Britiab Mumujix irhon be i 
co^eJ ^m tb» H«rieba «^d otW lauiiucnpbL The de«U < 
DDo«t intimoU &iendr Mr.Wetrt, tbo »D of tha ChuiooHorof Lta 
■oon aftork&i ntiira firvmtbo OomUnsBL (^^wlcd oiJj tbe iiKnl 
tbifl li&bit of rotimtient ami study. U^ U^d on at Potoriiowl 
n&^ «hco a ounoufl incident drovo bim forth. Tvo or tluw jt 

mon ^ foriutM, wbo Itrod is tbo aocoo Atoircwtp, had to* aomo I 

iaurjtiooalif dutorbed blm with tbetr riol», and i^rded t^iiri 
b«havloar ao far u frequflaUj to Awoico kim at inidiiigfat Atol 
bavnig bomo tb«ir iiisuU* biwor Qua ul^t ttwociably baT« li«a T 
cx|HKTt«i], ovrrn from ft tnao of IfiM wamitb of Umper* Ur,GnT< 
pbiinod to Tbo gownlog part of tbe socivtj; and act thj&l:^ 
roiun«iEtnm«o auffid«ntlv aitondod to, <[iu(t«d tbo oolln^pi, " 
up bid reaidetic* at Fambrolco-IiaU, when h« coatinacd to i^ 
tbo da; of tiia doatb, vbioh ooourrod ber« in Ibo fiftjH^AU 1 
bla 0^ Jul7 3(\1771, boiiuaaixod witJigout in tbo sloa 
at dinutir in tbo ooLl»o-balL 

lie bad for tbo laat tbroo ytxn bson appooEvt^d Profa 
BiJiUir^ ill tbja o>1Ioco ; but aaoh wa» bio iaddondo, fiuiUJki 
or avcnjon to no public « duty, that, to tiM tbo «onl) of J^ 

" ho WHi alwoja dongoiog bcturoit but D»v«r nadiog tbvni 1 1 

ftt y* iiAftl«ct of dutj, nud HpiinuinK bxa unoasaiaw with iM|pu l 
rofomutiou, mad iritb a i^Bolutioo iraich bo belimd biiiudtf to ha« 
uuule^ af r«aimiiic tbo offlco it he fovuid him^cTf UQable to cUidkil 
it" Ho oontliKiod tbiw to vacilUur, uxl ticM <4i till hia doaib* 
drcoDutaooo vlui^ attaobed bim imirv to iVmbrnko ocdlcoo 
that Uaauu wm olaclod a F«Uow of it in 1747 ; tbc; p^ 
frioodi^ aoJ 3£a9Cti altemrdji L>coua>? bia tjiogiapbor. 



8uo1i w«A th«geM«louUineofGni^>lif& lu rmelingft vo Sod 
tW munt mUi«c»Lliigftatun«Uk«tioirlucti he deacdboa bo veil id hia 
IbliviH* bin tnvvlN a&d hia oct^ooal nti'Mtfl at Stolc-FofiiA^ Ho 
nuule a toiir into tU« north of Eagjaiui. to tho Like*, ftiid lutu &ot- 
luul ; at wiotLcr tinio throLi^ WorvaBtor, Uflreford, Moniooatli, «i4 
partA of th« ntfishboQiiDif coantien; vid tU bu daUil« of micb 
nmbltti id lh«y vv giren with &n ovMcut mtf an ftdl of bfo 4iid 

'' InUiCAt, Id bia proae^ Qjvr l^rU out of tliu etiff And stilted formiLUtj 
of mudi i>f Ilia pootr>. lU frav^tn hin [i^bmirk^ and bj« cluwLcaJ 

- aoiiooi, aad U at ocic« ewj, oiaiablo, iritt;, aQd joooaUi ThciY< was 
,' ft degree of efi«taiiucj ab^i him, nvbidi ^u mo m bia portnuU^ 
I ftnd whicb jm do not the 1c« detect ui hu pooir; ; htit hi» proio 
• ftinfl joti a ur more &itiuctiro idva of him, aucb aa Iw Eaust ha\« bacn 

u tUo Ckiuitjar cirolo of ht» fripfida. On tumiog to Oraj's A£>a>uiiL 
of tho«oplBMii«rhic!h 1 harcvisitod in variaua purta of tho kinifdoni, 
I IttVaaliMLj* found hhn wajdnj;4ui thoir red f«tuiw,aDd improssvd 
wilb thoii tnio apuil 

H iaatSttduyPogia that we seek tbe most attnctjvo rcjitipvdi of 
Orvr. Hera be uwd to upend hn Taoation9^ not onlv wbnD a ^ outh 
ai Eton, but duHag Ibo vbolo of bin fUtim hCe, irbilo bin taotber 
and biiL auiita Hx'hI iJ«ro it wsa that hU Ode oa a Difttont IVospaot 
of EtoEi Collego, bin colebntad JUogy wntteu in a Country Ctiurcb- 
j&rdl, wjd IkU Long fitoiy, woro not on^ whtton. but woro miDdlod 
with the carcumaUitciea aod all thft tvaast^ ImLiodi of hj« ownlifo. 
HiM tnoUior and atuita hrtd at tut old-laahJaDod bouae In a vnr^ 
l«Un>d upot at Stoke, tttllodWcat End. iLiabouao atood )u ahoUow, 
■Dooh fofr«ii«d bv tree^ A atnaU atraaiu raa throng tho gnrdoit, 
ond it is aud that Gmj, wboD bero, luad to emplojr bunaalf isuoh id 
Uu« unluk, and ttiJit many of tbo troea atill reoiaiuing sro «>f bia 

' pbmtmg. Ob out* &iili< '>f t£o houat* «xt«adod an upknd &i^ wUcb 

watt pluttrtd roiutd Huaa to gir« a chanumfe retired walk; and at the 

mimniit of tke UM waa ralaod an artifioinT mound, ui>ot) irbJoli vaa 

)t a tfOTt of arcade oi aitoimeisbotiio. wUch ^to M pnoapcct of 

Windaor and Etou. U«ro On5 detiabW to Kit. Hon ho waa aceuo- 

, tomed to read &Dd write mueh ; ana it ia Juat thi^ pLooo to injipiro 
iht Ode oa Eton OoUeffh *bicb laj in the midat of ita fine Uudacape^ 

- bfeuti&iUy ta view, The old houao inhabited by Graj and fain 
nioiber, at tiie tima cl my viaitj bad jtut bocD puUed down, aiid 
r^pUcod by aa filiAb«th«o hudmod hj the Draaect propiMor, Mr< 
iwD) of lAoba Farlc, jiut by. The jgardKi, or ooun«^ had aharad in 
Ifca ofaaDge, and now otood gay with Ha Joootue and ila auidem 
49aohoiui^ and. exoepti^ for aoioe fina traoa. no Iobot reminded 

^12^ of Gray. The woodland walk atiL rttx»inodroiiDdtb«a4]otnJiig 
aid, and tho BuraEnor-boiuo on ita aoinioit, tlboiwb mndh ctaekin 
_ J time, nnd only bdd together by iron crampa, Tbo tron wore ao 
lofly u coraploWly to obatroct tbo rieVj aod ahut out both Etoa 
onil Windaor 

It waa at thin betuo, now disitroyad, that the iwn Udie* from (he 
Vvk BMdo tbtir tnoaionhlo viiit, wlu<^ uve oocuicok to tba Long 
8iei7. Tbo CwtA waro tlioio. Giay bad fiaiabed hk Elegy, and had 

W OlUT, 

Hol II hi miwinrrljit to Horaoo VfoXf^t, bj vlioiii K wu Aim 
about wjtii gnnt iqvpliuuML Amin^t tbo nst of tlia fbibkcuUa 
worrlii to whom ft wm tfaiu comnuDmtotV Lady Gohhun, «hi> lirfd 
«t the UAnidi«ii-1)CiiUa» &t Stoke-Fosb, bad read atkd odniKd it 
WlaUng to mako thu ooquaiatauuv <n Uio autliiDirf and hoadng Uiat 
ho wan fld aoar her, bM- ralattvMt Uiaa Sp<«d and Latly SohauK tiim 
ttt iMr bouBC^ undertook to bring lUa abotit br mkuig bim the fint 
viatt Ua bappeiud la bu fhiui homo irhea tno lodJcn arrirad at bla 
aunb^ aotitary manalon ; And vhi^n hi> nrtiiiiwai wia niffrSasd to 
fioiL vrittaa oa ono of hia papera in tli« pariour wheM ha naoaUjr 
TOM, tlio CbQovtDg note >^XLady 8ctha^b*ii oonptSmmta to Hr. Qtw. 
Shp ifi aonj iv&t to 1i«Tf» fritind Mid at hoiuo^ t» IaII )iim tbat Laily 
Brown ia veij w«lL" Tliu iiotweunlj obliged liiiu to rvtuni tLa 
vialt, nod aacm after induced hioi to oxupoov a l^uUcroiai account of 
this litllo (ulv«rrtura for tbn AmmcEmont at Iha ladioa in QuaalioEL 
Thia voa a mere^ (fn^rr^ and, extravagant aa Aomo parta of it ar^ 
li oortaJnly dervr- Gra; reganLtKl it hnl ub a Uiio^ lof Uio oocsiiOE^ 
and nevw moluded It tn hia publlxihod potnuL Biit Mflaon t«1k as 
tboi vhaD it appaarad, Ibough onlj- in iiiaQUflcri|>t, It va£ hondad 
aboutk and the moA wicua opiniooB urutJoiuicvd on it^ Bj wxeid It 
waa lhoQfl|fat a uiaaloqfilooe of oriffinaf bumour, by othan a wild and 
baUaUanTtuo. It la truth uuoh mo» raaoniblaa Ua proa«v and 

CVBB that, Ir he bod do^ alvajra had ilic faur oT the oduoa Mbco 
CTiMv be would liaro vrittan with i^r mon fneadotn and life than 
bo «Ace dkL We may uiu a few atanai^ aa ooiweoled vitb msr 
ftirther ■ntject 

■■ |p nc4l>lb'« lalfi, IB mlFlf wa Vfh 
AD ■uctenl Liile of bullillDC tllffld* r 
Tti* klUBilBg4nb« ihd H4ITM14 ihm 
finftlgfvJ cJtt |»*tr«r birr kudi 




Ihe «aihr« fwntd lialihi. 
E«b patl I* KhivmDViiU ewhtaf , 

FnBirfl vauft (bccfiwlaa* vjJLj^ 
WlflO tfl Iu4 any vlDtna </ti hlifi> 

Urf>«*« t^od Kvrpvr M ibv tnvU ; 
Td« hoJ uia ram* ^jutectf Pcfotv um. 

II U tlUO^CTDVIlDj L«l. ATIII »*IIU ill}!*!*)*!* 

* • • • 

SuL njAliDtf tn iJji 1' iHk^ vliS lltv 

Tb« rint MB* I - rrxnrv^ 

llc*0d>Mrnc«. .iiilEirkfc. 

And tiU>lr T :lU]f. 

IIaI trora * ' ' • ^ 

am r«l%^un lad m ^lii^ tlm. 

To nltbi*u kcr «*vt. tffr >li-^ 
Com raocir'lb iH»tdt*i antehai 

flitea !• h*r **•> «lr M«frr < 
«*■! vao«<uUw4VliAt«rlH"M>l 




AHfeav fa U* tkflf* f« kir. P- 1^ 

Br Ikli Ud« «II Ilk pMbh know |i^ 
■Ad MU lk*| tWMtkfVh U*>« hur«*A 

A »Uc4 1^ IbiT «ftU ■ l«M; 
Vk4 rf0<ito4 tW #4vn(«7, dr Hd ihv. 

Mvttiicto4 ih* ^l^Atm ofilw it— imi, 
IIV&B4 «pA« ■«■. uMl tav44 tib tfpw. 

mi lacfevd om tfo. nri ktiM iim |>tv«*nu. 

ivsvB. bi btr nniKi uA tnblnc» 
A*M Una Ml Itrr Itfb namlMliuu 

Ta lU 44* D^uT of ibc^ v«niiia^ 
Tha beviDH ndtftfiok iht luk. 

TWoick ittm iuUii*vn. tfo not* Qm icahuM, 

n bnnn M»^ pvloni «nmc4 
n» Wmt^t Ounn^ thrf dtuot. 

Ttay IIM, U9 Mil, utr luiih, <Iht ukK 
HUBUHf* Ut dmIm. plae« hit nmi. 

, Hdch «u Umu in tbf poaMSskn of Vbooontcwi CoWuaa. 

>fh»TM>ii Ue «MU>oir had bocci ta »»tao roioaAabfa Laiipdi, Thu 

nr *M ao odled fhiia tho Po|^«a, tb« ancl«ai lordi <tt tlut cmiiiio. 

vbdpBM cf tbit&mily, tn tEiereijni of £dwnrdlho Third, cumcd 

1 MoUMia, vbo ■LorUjr aflcrw&tib j?TXKnirie«l ft liutDOO frvw Uw 

to cwmrt the Kaaar-bouM iaia ft OttUo. Fr^ni bim it 

I to Ui« Loeds HmigeHbiTd, utd from tbcm to tbo Hj»tiDg3i. 

fC nubUncdcitir ftod wm «ftcrw&nb llto rvftldooou of Lotd 

ttlkv BUt<io. Sir Ohrutopher HaMuu hod won hia prarootioQ 

> l^uea Buabeth throogh his gnkc«fii] pcnon fti>d fioft JuidDg, 

lb •wY piaturaftoud/ described 1^ Gruj, witb "liift ilio*-«trifiUB 

biOt Ugk-^irowaed hfti, and mUti d^^ublefcj** loiding off th« fanwuc 

Iwl vf figiuv-^hiooe UwD in vogue^ bofbro tb* nucon. %r Edwtrcl 

p l^rbig mftfriod dft holit« cf Uw QniitlMiloo ftaMly, becuoo 

i^avit pOMflMor ; 'u>d h«^ in this yttu 1601, ho vr« honoured 

"^i ft Twt fraia EtiAbelb, vbom bo ont«riftiiMd in a rary cump- 

' f li« After th« dc«th of tbo TlMeuntcv* CobluUD, the e«tft» 

d hj Mr WiUiuii Pri'Tin, nliEaif niro|in(Tl<iT of Pfcin^lrutift^ 

I of Uw oelobrutci WiUaco Pcim, tba founder of that 

I pU mftiwip-hoiiMA hM Ainofi b#«n ftv*pt ***7p »* Qrej** rMi- 

r ftbo, uid ft lugo modem cumion ncnr ootnipkft ita pboft, 

I wiB tulll fn«u a rtakigD bf ^J^^ ^ l'(^< ^ad ^ftmltaco tMftO 

IftftfJ utWgmL It U tvoUt rliiMIj of bdclc. tnd oov^vod inth 

I oOQfistA of fc Iftr^O fti^iukr« ctintr&i vith tvtti vringR. 1^ 

, «r vntnncd frmt. lA urauocntCTl ^tb « colonnido, cooftultnj 

I Datitf culictiiiii, lAil approftfhad h^ a Blg^it nf AC<'f# leading t^ 

I KaH '> n^iii Tbo ftoGth frioot^ l»G 6sol ioti& iB ftUo »4Woied 

. Miua^ting of ivc^ve flntod oouuanas of the old 

.< :■ MinviUKUd bj ft pn^tiag p^iriioo cf fina 



aii£tFWk,t]iMi&l<Mtti^Waiqa«ooountoftlimold(r l 
nd of f^Ettn tnril w^f, in ibocii % <ounfa ^ laUv ' 
TWoaBBCn b fiiA^ bat iln nbdftAlim j in %n)k*ii B^tH. 
wad foyo an oB cl its ««odi. K««r the bo^ 

flov ennN gf mta', «cnM vUcta tbe qto Ula oo floovutn,ptf^- 
tiddufr_b> ^^ ■°°'^ ''^ WiaAnr CMK Co^mi^ HiO, ni Ovl 
PoralvroodiL AbauttkMlwMtodTtfcbfraalbtf&ortkfrarttfl 

a«l^ MBldAorairBkmlC^br Bom Th« i?<oJU oT £1 

toe», but tbi ^M* to flfw* fiois Um AaivOoD urosft tb« F«it M « 
to Uk» in tbs iriw boUi of th* tAnrA mtd of « raooEunMit Bmlif J 
bj Om bto Mr. I^na to Gnj. Ali|htiog frtim Ibe ctrr^e il«| 
IW^l«BUr*dUwMrtjM«ttli»BBooonwDt Tbia w conp ' 
M faw fr^wtw»s «M nfwiaiwN of a 1ii^ nrao[iikftgiu. i 
• MW* iiiJii<>1, vitli tnflcriptkas on mA iida Tltretti 
m mImM from iU Ote to Sioo Oakft ftcd ibe Qi^T- 

OvMHtf vlAa«»i -- ^ - - 

ns Mond b ton tbt Ode :-^ 

* RSS^Cj ■ C "ft? ***** ' 





Aftdr*. lb Ikaa Ibff «Midj Iew 

Of p*inb «f brWh sf rmA aifw. 

VktH lart vk** rtwK «iHH BvwtB vwif 

WniM ikt ktffT fluBH a^mf 

A «iiwniii r^ I* rau I 

I ttd a« M>n tut ftga n y*T 

Tbo third i« igun Ehiin the CUgf:^ 

Zftt o«t BnUta 4r ih* toolrt iIm^ 

TWbmvr a" " ln««i*«n«M« ««ra. 

Til* B^^Jaw !■ wm ti^ ft— tw lira T*am rti^ 

1(4 AAH kiMl nw IklH fRM UHtt Im If tad. ' 



Tha leniTth bwn thii iDA<enption 3 

" Thfi Hi^iMJinitni. In bcAODr it 

Aepddc lb* fwry 
CtlibniBd Vj thai itn*l lytit ud BtBrl*f F«C 

R*<i I VI. 

Aii4 U<i qnnuicd Ui I'm idjolnliiBCbiinib^udt 

LTndvf ia< TaAb-tdm* in vbm h* piouly 

Afiil Eitfn«1ir«tlT rrCDrdBd tbi inttnnnt 

or 111! Aval u4 iKarnUid HMbn^** 

This motiimirnit iji cei4oah1 in a unAtlr kq>t pH^-liko mctofurc^ 

lirowL To tbo tight, ftor^M tho park at totaa LitU<t diatADco, b&okird 

I bv flno trM. vUitdv tho runt] titUo oburoh iuid ctiurchjrird, when 

Qnj wrote ml Klegj, and where ho lies. Aa jou walk oq to thi*, 

'- tba numsieii do«M Iho dutaui tibw betwefloi the wood* with Gso 

I'lffoet. Tlie «ihunb bAt often Imd •agntod, ud it theraforo toler- 

tbI; ftauliAT to the gdii»d r«ader. It couslaU of two b*rti-li)io 

etruotuTMW with tail roofl^ evfc vide bj ndo, uid thu towor uad finely 

tftperad Kpiro ruiiig a))ot« tbam at tho nortb-woet oonaor. Hu 

church in tbicUj hus^ with ivj, «bcr» 

' TN« uiEivlnK awl ni>r (Afbtmonn remlpliiii 
UciLrtl ()Ct ACLOEflL. >4iiUiT fffcxL" 

Tbo itmcton le u «u&clo uvl old-bahicmd, both without uid 
wjlbifltee «oy riUo^ obtuoU ooxi weU be. No villap>t howorvr, in lo 
be ieoD. Stoko oooABte chMv of sc«tfcor*d houa^ and thU ie now 
in tbo EDidA of tho |iork. lo the oburcbjard, 

VbtnhtHvi Lh< imf incDtETTAiPOiiLdadaf liHf« 
£uh to Ui Uffvw Htl Tor c'cc Uid. 
tba ndv fonfUhan «f Lho Umloi tlvtp.' 

All thia )• quite Uterd ; ittd tba tomb of ib« poot hiiuHlf, near 
Ibe eoolb-east window, ooi&plotea the injpros8t<in of tbo *oono. It 
*io^ pUin bnck 4lUr totul\ oownnJ witli a bluo hIsIo al&h, aoA, 
betdw hii own ubo, coniuju tbou of him motbcr er^d HU&t Un 
lekb AM ijucribed tho following linea b; Gnr bimeelf >-" Id tbo 
nt boD«eUi ar« dopoittod, la hop« of » jojml r«eutT«otk)0, tho 
-^-'-i of MsryJit/n^M. She died uniDarried. Nov : fl, 1741^ aged 
f-wx. In tbo MBio pioui ooofidoneo^ boiJdo nur fhoad Kod nftor. 
I sleep tbo rtDQaJna of J>ont*y Onyr, widow ; the Undor, «anAil 
bev M menv ciuldreit, on of wboto olotio hed the mufariBD* to 
vivo ber. Sm diod Mtjob 1 1, 1763; Agod eJiW-oorvn " 
Ko tofitiiaooj of tbo int^niteiit of Ctray la Ibo Mao tomb von 
' Inecribod eavwbMO till Mr. P«ui, in ITW, erevted tb* iiKiDuto*ut 
llrad/ ineiiuciuedt Bod piaoed o raull aUb in tho wall, under the 
wiodow, oppoeito to the tomb luel^ roeorduig tbe iftot of Onj^ 




burial there. Tlie vhole Boene is vvll woctt^ of « — w>™* dq^ 
Btrollr eapeddlj for voch a& pent in tho mo&cmltii^ know bovlo 
enjo7 the quiet freelmeaB <a Eho oountiy, «ad &ft ■nyinJttioDl tff 
poetry and tb6 post. The Great Wofttcm BftUmr Dcnr will Mt ndh 
down in about one hour at Slough, a pleaaant walk from Btoki. 
The kte Mr. Femt, a gantlemaa of refined taifc^ and « . 
reverenoer of the memory of Qray, poaaaand hia aol 

h&TQ been Bold at great prices. It ia to be ncrattod 

too, Ib nowgone;but the ohurab and the tomb wfli rooiadB 1 



1$ w 



poiU, th«n i« DoiM wbo inor» eom|iletcly vori&xi tba 
' Cfftbtw tluui Olivor Ooldemith : — 

■■ Atta iw^vf inDRd left lU* vnid of »is 
Han ak* il« inrun llui h* tolHid II" 

Bft wrtM A geooiae Iruibmui, mU heart tutd impalic. ImjioMid wotif 
ill-U«wt«l, 4>ft«a EDhLo Uio Initl </ «ritli]if% M>d ooAptlUd to Jofiour 
•D#brtt «ii «itfa thftt ouioer of Uw lmftrt,oraBt4iituuietjU>jjrocura 
tbt ordiDon mcmi ol oxutencv — iiooe of Ubcao thiagi could couveft 
» tibraUlk of bonas fc L n da ww vilhui liim into fkU^ «oatd to^rh bun 
OM leMcn of oftlevolcDO^ or ilim Ow gr>dlike smM of ImUi and 
bpnuo^ in lu* «oul- Throoch a long espcriepce of mtat ukI Uiiugi^ 
IMiif hy iibtfUi, ftod writing for inoir^ bw^d, L* «lill remained (£• 
ame tiEDpIo, mm-heortcd, scueroio, 4ud luMopbiMkittcd €r«flbira 
tiut be mu at the bcgiimiDg. iinini>viileDl bo m$t <n% vf tin over- 
flovfaQ|[ goodcMOft of bjft ndiUiro } ruuly, M tho finit 07 ol dlitroM, to 
gfT« MS? that vfakh he h»d Lictterir tod«d for, aixl «hidi bid btoa 
gradgift^ pnid; hut he lumr nuMle othoa Iba Tietidoa of tii* Ua- 




pivTid«iDc«. n« reia&in«d aiiigli?, noA Eoado aD ttut «ero £d mAtMl 
liis fomily, an<i h^lpwL thao) cvvn «b^ bo domM Mp hiEW^ l| 
know Qot «b»tlwr more toAdoiiroth^exquHiubMut^of bni ^ 
tbi] lito oud TirtutfB uf tb« Vicftr of Vr«^«floId, vr tba ^rWudr ^ 
worMly t<vituri> of hi» hou^ ThouMfitU cf 1>nlUBiit »piHu dMI 
rWo, u:UUcrod, 4ii)i vliod Ui tho i^d of otir jit«r%turei br 
aBCouu|i«d bJid ■Dundtd Ummf neiglibour*, ^ tltor hmrv gnds i 
in their pHflii, ditMioitig of «i OTorLwtJpff rvfuitttooi, irko ws I 
hj«ily fot^ott^n, or m rraMmbetod viUiout t«ffpcct or amt- 
Tlivr hod uiteUtwl uudliud Ui liu&rt> cud Ut/o ctUi tucUmr d«aiBd 1 
itA Jf ncotit to ottrtb, ftcd Ldt do Uomiis bcfaitid tt. But thn p ^ 
spirit of Qoldsmith, mil love mod pjtj m H^ttT, M And irjil b« br« 
rduvmbvrad wiUi IutdvuJ rvi^vnijof,— ttie bni Urn vrr7 qoaliUt 
to TTcnivf^d kofll of is hii lifciimA. Ono of iha atcM, uakbb i 
AtmciiTv poiAlM of viow id whiob «« coCLt^mpUto Dr JoliwN^i 
Uial of Ilia titF««]iiii«ut lo OoldMatUi ftnd cf lii» nrlrnrnTmlfmiil i' 
bin ffoniuK 

Tho life of Olivor Goldsmith bwi bo«n wnl] wntteu bj Hfi\ 
It b thuuit ihv uEiiy OU0 tluil 1 Iihtv fjuud, duriU); tUt 
t^oooMAfy for Uiijt vork, wbtcb might lavo raiiknd i 
viat (0 tLo actual * bcoM* ftnci bautU*" of tine p09( 
It U ft mo>t nrt drciuoatnQco that * btopafftor pnaiaaai ihej 
of laodsoftpe-pcunting, uid boudc* dtUtlin^ the &d» of « p 
lift, cut mako jou •«« the pkce» vbers thai life ra ptMe 
Frior poiROMH tbia fnoUtj in & Ligh degree. Ho iros at Um | 
vthit tr^Und, And *ih>, widi hi* owa oyua, tb# mod** «b«<« ' 
uujtbwitA bom* and vhcn he Urod; uul tb« different totooMll 
Qtiidatiiiith in tbat oomitrv ^rc vo ftooanttdjr akotchcd, tuL tt^ 

luigbt havB liiri^n tnaiM&md lit^rftUj to tboM p^n* witb mAr 
bad not I mjaelf also t;oQe over tbo mxte seouikL 

Uoldraiitb wu of a rery rcapocUbLo ntoiif m ImU^ I 
whom bad bom d«rgjiitwH rc«iduie pnndnOf «a tbv oov 
BcAcommuu, Wottnoatb, uid Longfom iVo of tbma voiv j 
of Ulpbii^T Another dean or C]ojn«. Ooldunftb uvd to 1 
by the TuajAlii sidoi bo w>» nmotoly doaootidod fr&m OUw I 
woll, from whom bia CluivtiaD nano mu domnuL It aoanka, ] 
mon likely, that bo o««d bia nacao to bia motli«r*a Uihi 
OllT«r Joibo*^ iDMboi of tho diooman acbool a4 I^lou. 
own lotber, Chorloa Ooldaonith. iraa % poor curtto at tlw Um* 
pMt'it birth, II0 bud morriod Ackii Jonas at a titiic whnt 
witliQtit i>ocupftLioi), «nd tb«r«forv to tb« groftt diaoktiafHAioaj 
frii^d«i Mnt OokUiuith*ii tJELolo, bnwoTor, wia ractor of 1 ' 
West, near Limoy^ aftorwoHa to booonDC t1» nMmot of f 
LiuiA«lf, uid to rocvivQ froui )xUti tho ioimurtAl iis&w cod * 
of Aubuni- Tbu» uoole provided tho yoantf ooupto witfa & I 
about six tuileo froa Kilkdmy W««t, At » «it»U hamlrt called J 
more. Asd «iib a aalacy fvr oRJcjAtiug si tJiv tlunli cf thej 

Kilkauoj \Vo*t. It Kc3iu43<Ad3iiaith'ApatvuU ootibiatiOil to4. 
twalT«yettn*t Fallwii u«d bore tho pcwl w» bom, OD tb* It 



VoTfnkber, ns&. He wha otie cTdght obildpaD, ftro boji idc) thrm 
l^rifi H» WM the wcnnil mo, Ixi* elder brothor bttiig Hoarv, vLo 
^ftorwvda bucwaa ommto of RitboiLiif Vfo«V "^^ livo<J »t Linwy, 
vbm OliTir tfddjMVttl lo btm bb poem, " llu Tmvdler,** Tlut 
QoUkdiUi wm como of t good otoch, m a&jr infer hj the chanict«i- 

of vnpla pifft/wticli bf>1U bid |iMilry and lottl Irmliiiuu k^vv tu hm 

ftthcr, tho good puinb printy — *'piuBiEiE riob witb forty pcuiida 
tywr;" OAa not ih« Um from tbo apirtl and decuuos vitich his 
|nadnioUi«T, Un. Joum, di«pWod» in oirdvr to impror* thu vMnljr 
tooome of OliTors pftrecU. Tae buabiujd of this Ud7, (ho Bov. 
Olmr Jomeas van uov dead; Aho w^a a viduw, bor duuuhtor uid 
•o-n-io-Uw trvn lUl&g *t Pftlka, on thpo poor atjpuid doHvod fxvm ht* 
etinoj. Hur bu^b^ hftd revtM ft oouafdenblo tnut of lud «ii 
vtffj tdTRHtegcaua tomui, which uow fdl out of leoso, tiho dcicr* 
wmt^) tf poMibla, to »oc\ir« tbis for bar «ou-io-Iav and dnu^tor. 
She VM nfbsed: but, riotbiug dtuiiUdn »h« luuuittvd bcEiiod her 
Dim 000 OD B plllioti, tnd »t out ott the loiif* m&d anluoiu }o\xnmy to 
IhibUAt to try Lor ponwnol wduoDoo wixh tbo hkiidloriL Jlor* th« 
ttuu nftinl utet bor; but^ fti A kat argumaot, ahe to(^ out A btindrvd 
piineia, which sbo had iiroTidod hOFMJf irith. Mid bold tbom i^>eii 
ui h*r Iiaed wkiJo oho pMd*d. Tliift httd tbo ofibot that oboproourod 
id/ the knd on tbo nmft ««iij tcrnu m before; uid idio used joc«i- 
Iatjj to regret that aho had not tuktru tuo huudrud guinea, ftod thu^ 
got Uio vulo. TbiA Dobl> not ^f raatcrDoL biroiHin i» the mon to 
U ftduired. u it cost h«v th« life of hur wn, who r«ceivcd ui ii^urjr 
of aoiQC kind ou the joumej. 

FUlikKaor*^ whora Olivor O^ildttuith wu bom, io a hmto diwt^r 

6f two or tbreo ccvtt^is, nllcd in XreUod brm-boiiAec. but vbioht 

~ I an £jigli*li eye, voud prtavnt ool/ tbo ftppeuiuiou of hutw, 'l^e 

frhioo Um ottttA ot^t of too track nf bijth'ivodA, oboot t milo uid a 

i&onUiUytnahovi b a direct Mui^ but ^M^Hiap* threo> taking io dl 

I wiDdiDp of the wn^ to it. It ia low the proportj of tholSdgb* 

rth» 'IiMr* U ootmog rvoau-kAblo iu tbo ajipwt m tlu oouutiy. 

i U ntber fl«^ nakod of tiM^ aikd cultured by «iiiall tonftoU. It 

with Hmo difficulty Umt i icacbod il Jly oardhTcr from 

hMown know notbiog mon of It than ItooAoic; and wi^bwt 

L iotDOwhftt beyond Uw proper iumiu^ aa it lay qtiito olf 

t highway, and won obUgod lo obtfluu permimoa to pw ibrougb 

' park of N«wawil*r in order to roavb it witbtmt Eaaxiog a gn^t 

rcuit iUving tppioaohod to vitidn half-a-iuiK a pt*amil pontod 

out, aa a group of wlulo cottagea ataudiug m a duuip of tRNo. 

'tt tinr» wvr« e««w boociiut ao oarrow aod vtoDv that 1 VAa oh&gi*d 

i^iiit my car, b« Mr. Prior d«acrilM8 bimMlf to liaiv douiL and 

' pnmod aoraw the tMb on foot. 1 ptteed atoog tbo d««pv Many, 

uid narrow laaoa ; hero a^d tbara a rogular Imh cabio otic^iog at 

I th« back, the amoko ccoain^ out of tbo door, or ivuing from tbo 

tcbed roof about ou a leval witb tbe ftaJda abor& A boy wLo 

I toachiag a^boot in 000 of tboK eaino out witb bii book m hia 

haftd, tad directod me Jiit<> a footjtath acruB» tb« Mda. £ adtinOKl 

Ouoii^ tho MandJng voin, and at k^gth ttadMd tbia ont-ofiltt< 



vorid apoV disoifiod with tfad mmding tiUo of FAlli«B>orc 
About tbrae vbitewaahed oottww, ol a nuporior d«ecripUn W I 
«ftbiM t hod pviied m th« DUTiyv luKat «tood auid A iuiiab«f <f I 
trM* IvoUu <nH vtr ah oHinvr ttort of countfy. A iumw ^ 
inUbiUQi M <«ie of tbeox, adtiQcM to dwv &# tbo vpcn wbof* I 
poctwbonL Hoplu&c9dlDtoft|>oUI^Md,u>dfttAfrwfaiD4v 
^raoi* from t^ «oi&gca, tt tiie bfttik of Uw oext fivid, flbAwtd i 
ft lev stooA, liie tba IbuDdatJoQ of ft inlL wbieh lum Ikr rvjN' 
tion 0^ beiog the ftob ronftina «f Um hew wbtre tb« |M>t i 
boro. Foots arsb ODFtfti&ljr« often bora id odd pboei^ boi ct mi 
tbeltfft fttnidc me vtraac^, Unt tU UMa «bo ms il«ai£Md 

rnd Lbe grat«r portion of Via life in tlw d«Q«Q oro«U of T 
111! h*T« »pnui0 out of tbw obttcur^ nkd «laiost i&fto 
looftliott. Tlaro bi nothiai; ic the ricv ftrotud to iimiat to 1 
mini Um moHi fftiDt drara of pc«trj. Oliver Qol£uii\ f 
trror, wu a mere Jubut vhoD flrvi roCDowd from tJios (■AuAtj 
fiUiariCvcoytsUMftfttf hiB birth, Aiicc^Mltd. CO tbo deftUi«fl' 
nnclTf to tli« rectory of KUkenoj Wert, «im1 raftored to T ' 
Olivor w«i aooxutouicd to ooino hitJwr, ft&d aakv e 
M^fouTDB with hh hffDtb«r Hi.'nr7. vbo KTftd bm whftQ 
rrovo np. Tho boUM u nUi to baro bocoi %R0«1 coina. 
looUng tovarda Fomev cburab, at vrUob Obro^ btfacimd 1 ^ 
mwd tc prvfticb, arid «niob tUXl Htea to ri«v betv««ft It aod-^ 
dt»U&t wi>Qd% oiw of tbo moat pfcft«higobj(«U of tbo kcvoa 
HM>ular trwUtson Mcrlbn tb« attar dowlniccion of tb# I 
tb« uirioi^ vboy otk itM hecitmiog uiit«iiBat«d, uwd to talc* ' 

8turt«n thfiiR^ and puivoo tbtiir bckriiinial upoeift m gitttt i 
<ut ft toDft&t b«iDg fouodt ftad rvfain oJ th« bouM boUf^ 
u<>i)oed,ft tiu^ IDAD in huga JBokbooUCBEDttsmy ni^t^ftndl' 
ft bono of it by bo«triding uld root piubsd hift kf^ tbrar 
iQes, ftnd, Imitating gftUojiUig, flho(>k tbo ro«f to p4<io«ft. 
lh*r«for* oblignl to romuo amptyitill, ftUii^ into ruin, it ' 
lei^b cloarod ftwftj, with tbo oiovDiioo of thcae fev rtooM. 
Tho Tory ordb^ Qbfti«ct«r of tbia ftosrto, ftnd of tbft i 
roviad, nUnort oxtioguuhvJ toy dfahv fi>r protvodiu tmm 
mUcft fbrthcr to UaK»^r tbo reputed Auburn^ cftpedft^r m 1 
wortba hod told me it wo* not vorth tny wbil<u I laqolr 
•v«r, of a ^nu«r tbat 1 m«i on my return b> tbo <w iWi vn 
C3i> OQ tbo rood, vbftt ftort of ft plftoo Littoy waa. '^Ob. 
l>Pftutiflil pinoo I Mid be, * ft tvtt bcontilhl pbo*. Ti 
it^Uiot n4 «b4r« OUvor GolbucUb Jivnd and di*d." 
aoi died," I replied: * be died in Loodonr '*Obfto!To«rJ 
ropliod tho maa ; " t fttture you bo died tbere, and lio 
RJUaaifiy fff-L" 

Tbo ftccunf y of tbo man'^ ftoccQDt wftft about oquftl in ftU iti ] 
LiftBoy wfti Jutit aa tmly boftubiful as Goblmith iffftt burM I 
£lul Otltt m olvAy* tbo way ^tb tbo Iriah peoauiliy. Cotike < 
Sootob, wioM local koowlodga b gutMntly very comet, tber i 
lo look up3i] ftU recnart*t)k iDfo aft tbey do OQ tbvir aaintik ftnd IQ 
on tbeir rcualu being peoeorrod ftUMogal tbcu At 



euUd I wu anund^ «iUk Miial poaiUtfltieB^ that Sp«macv «u bu^ 

^tt Mofw ttie taMbt nod tbo ipot iKimtvd out to me. Them wtm, 
vcvcTi Viffldaat durm Id the Caniier^ uNUrmuoo ttul Lbuioy vra* 
t va^ b«aulifol cboe to turn the ftoftla for f^ins 041. In buoJi cmm 
ODo 18 wiDlDg to M dcc«lT«d, Bod foUow ^ di^twt Tor^r tlioii^ 
vilh sjj iawd ooitwaioUttncM tbct to duili not Aud what wo u« 
promiMd. W« drvra oa tbanfon^ &U or vsrai inile« rurthur. over 
• vigry uoootoBOU^ naked oovntTf^ odI^ marked bf ft fov banks for 
feuoQW, md ■ few little DiookT cnbiui vitb b poor popukU^Mi. It U 
« ootinti7 that to tioldsnitn bojriah bney Eught ba Gbftrmiud*, but 
b o«rt4t£tlj to aa BogUili ojro bf o t»«itB romautio. A part of an 
Old HMuid tower, kio«iov«r,Blu»u Dnu- Auburu. Thoro ato tlio mkv 
tf aa oIdca«UoDot &rov»aDdcdd p^rka tbat aw oWmiu^ Ona I 
I puwd, old, grey, cncgy, and full of feni, but haviiw not a aJn^ 
i m« ia it eiccpt old tburu-lJoea, loj^c uul of WDcniblfl ogOi Hmto 
Fwaa a daaolata aatl^tuty about it tbjht was atlraoliTfl to th* hiuvlna- 
'tiovt Frou the luglicr p&rt of the rood too, ^proacliing J^Boy, 
yw nvc Uio SbaUMti faacMUiig on towftrda tho weaL PtcbouUj-, at 
a t^m of thit Tvadt ire pused tha nnabUo-houaa aaJd to b« that 
■Uudedtobi Ilia Deaertea VilUgefandirpreiD tb^^verybeautiftd 
r plao0^* IJimaj. It ouiMBb^ufAotof a fcwooiamou cottaKosb/tiie 
f ]Ofed-«ide^ on a flat aad by no aieoaa partkndarjj iutonauiiff acttlia. 
[ A Uw buodrail jvda boyoud tbea« ooHagea atacd. tt aomo di»ta&c« 
Iptaa (bo rtwli tbo ruin* of tbo hooao wbore Qoldomitb^ Iktber 
{imdj and vki<di ooulinued in the bndlf lUL 16CJS, vhen it vaa aold 
hy aetay, tba aou of HeoQ-, Olrer QoJaamitb'a brotber, tba mpherw 
ofthc portk who hui uguo to Amcikia. This faocoo wbb doooribodiji 
1TU1) by the Het. Mr. Hanootik, of Athlone, who waa latiiaat^ 
■aoq^iaiulnl with the GoIdHiuith fjiiuil}^ vid iodwd ntauBf^ their 
ipcopertv fi^ thriu, lu " • fiun^ tmu-bcuac, iu vlow of (bo bigb road^ 
[4owbicbaattal]^t avemie luada, with double rowaol aah-treaa, aiz 
Pniilaa iuttb-<«0i<f ttda towrt-*Athlooa. TbefiuTaiastiUheldaDder 
t'ibc KaMe[r fiuuiJy, by a nephov of Ooldacaith at preocut lu AiDctioL 
[ In tbe front Tiew or tbe houaii ia the ■ deof ut ihoreb ' of Kilkencij 
[Vaat) tbatUt«faUT'topi thit Ticigkbocmiie hill ;' ai^d iuacinuHd 
I not oun than bnlr-* luiId UiimmUa' around thu U,uar, tm * the noTcr* 
l^lDff^rook/'tbabuAy uiiU; ' the hawthorn bush ta^lhauaUbCDeath 
l4ba mA^ ' the brook with mantling atmua aprcad/ ' tho^fttn^liau 
iftoco tbai akirto tbe wmj, with bJooBoaucd ftuu impro&tHbJj i^^ 
['tba thorn that lifta lla bead od U^ «b«n oooe tba «i|pi-p«at 
icaa|;bt tha paa^g eyt^' 'the bouaa wbero ctit-teowD dnngbta 
I JD>|dred I'luaboti, evorxaUiki&got^Mtof tiiopiotura. Tboraar«, 
Ibottdaa Boady ruiiwd bouaaa ia Iba nslcbbooniood, baapealitig ■ 
tbetter ttaU of pcpulOion tbanai t««aeDt«^* 

I diKih it VM. niot'o deooriptioa of it> at hta doit a fow yean aacs 
[ WDcdd vorr D rally do for it now. " Tha houae oaoe oocuMd b]r the 
bactor <if KlikaiDy W«vt. pleaMiiUj aitualed and of good oimaoi^^ 
' b now a rdti, Tod^yiug tbotruxb of tho pftthctioUooaof bi« i 



Tbo front, ioclQdSog a *^itig> csteadv, la dmtIj m eooid b* j 

bv pAO^ it| AUtj-oight Im4 bjA iUpth of tvrdat^oar i il <U 

<if bvoptorim with &v« windAw* in ««ctL Thereof b«a b«cQctff 
a paiod of tw«5tj jc^n : th« gib1o-«nd» nrmfltn, but th* fnmt i 
Iwak walla of tli* a|>pw atory ban (;ruml>!»d ^^Wt ui<i| if th'* bi 
(if the deatroj^r bo oot stflijM, will toou wholl/ diM|»po«r. T«d 4 
Uuw wTvtch<^l mtlsgM for ktoiTCnt virroonifed bj tBOd. ft^toto 1 
4m tlw UiV Bcfiindtba bouaa la tit orcfaiu^ ofaooiM «xt4CiifeaDdt~ 
nmaioi ol a nntai^ both otterlj n«^M>t«l. In liu^ th« i 
ftTttUia of Jotauo rows of ttb-tt^ML trbi-oL tarmed the aj>prr«c^ 
Uw hi^iWI, abotit aixty jtri* diatuit, and at uao ttmo pw 
Au <^bjF>ot of iQt«n«t to tratcUtn, luu, liko «refT other IfMO of 
or mpormleodeoo^ dtMpp«u«dr-«ut dovm bjibo rDthk«i bt 
•cuBo doatfOfcr. No ]HOtiire ef ^oaolatioa oaa bo mor* can] 
As if aa imoge of tlie impesidliig ruin had bt«n prc«cut« tbo 
hm pAiuted wttb r«ufUl ncotixtiej vh^t hU faLbtir'a hooao «u to ' 

* Kur rwdir cnfAip vfiee* oti« ih« vvdov nnUcd, 
And feim vhtiv imnr ■ RVil'Ti flavvr (TDWtwiUt 
T^tfr. •Itctv ft )tw torn ihrubt i|i< piK« ftiFtati, 
Tbi *Ulir* ppBfecbn't mwlH^ (iwiBie4 mm^' " 

I^ttlt ou bo tuli<fd to thjii ftcoouni There otUI vtsode (h« I 
whito min of Ui« bouM whioh abolt«rad Qddtzoith *■ * I , 
ri^bUbutd ond com tftll guble auid cfaiuiMr mniliifnf ftloft, i 
hikTinc vino* Kr. Priori vlflii&Uan in. Xt the loft ^oj, : 
houio. ctill FsmiuaA o«f of Ibtt wretched ooltagM hfl nkoo) 
wout isto iL Tho ftoor of tnud woa wtHu luto hijUi>w«| b ' 
gMo vera itittinf: 1q Uttlu pooh. 1^619 w«a o <ln0er 00 4 
with A fow phrteolftid ou il ; » r«w chain, of « nidoMiM ot i 
tLou Mtuh ■« 110 En^JAbioao who hwi uoi vUited ac Iriali o 
tiHy ooDooplioa of ; and tho int«rior of the root for odlliif 1 
noDc, woo vuniohed iuto ft Mty brilljftiicj bj the amolu). 

B<ihlnij tho rrdna cf tho houao thcca mm atlU iho owhajd 1 
ronuiEiA of a f,-ftnf^ii,»QdoMd with a hicb old Bloat wall, Oae< 
unodno thut t^tr^at a pkjr pla«e tor Hoe erabrro poet, whoiv * 
wQiild loQ^ hugt-T ill bia ineiiiorj : aad iu tmtlSf wVcn Uie bo* 
oowpbte, wiUx ittarvnuo of aAh-tretv. along which jroit Indeed tot 
hii^war, and tbenoe acroA a vmller to tho churi:ii of Kilkrooj Wa 
on a hill at about ■ cule dirtatLt, the abode of Ooldamith'e bojboi 
mti^ have be«ti a Tor^ pleatant oine. It b now hmo «a atnpfMd i 
all iu fomor attnotioiu,— ita Life, its oompleteiMna as a bouaii t 
tiDna,— and atandt a white, boie, and aolitAij rain. 

Ua&j ptnpltf tliiuk, that u Goidttnith'a fath«r was the < 
thia WD» the pttnooagc- It waa not ao^ The parsooaM wta I 
KiULOn&y Weat, where the preeeoit ivcrtor reaidett. HiiahoiMaw 
fttteoho'r to the itm whl(!h ^hn paalj^r htA brira^ uid «»• |irab^dy^ 
miipd) better and mor« oommodioiui dv^Uin^ thau the imaoii 

Boturcing to the TOtage, — if three or four poor oottiM I 
toa^ido em d^narTa that nami^ — the prihlifvbruMn la Um 
whieb ttlraoU y<nT atteuUou. This la aaid to be the ver^ bowB* 
wbiob Goldaooith apcakft lu th& Deserted Vilb^ GoAdazaith, bo 




In &i^ it vu nbuilt bj Ur.Hogux a B«nUonua litjdff oat, wbo, 
b»ing fto anient admirer of GoJikmith^ pos^» did >U U^t lie«ould 
rcfltoic to Lifoor tbo ohRrttotciioifoa m Audutti. Ho rohuih tho 
,hlJ4>4i/)Uiw, na Xht ipot whore tndltloo plAC«<] the old ooe, witb 
tradJtionnrT tfaorrt m front He gave it the iiini of " The JoIJy 
i" bA InipplSei U wiUi t>cv oc^piu of "Ttio TvelTo Good 
tnd ""The ^jtX Qacae of Oooee;" he weut even b> the 
of the ludicrous in hla s«il tot tn ^omnlt /ae-mmUt of the 
pn^'JTT* hpou»o — uid 

Aflhtvl o'«t lb« sliiiaiKj, rUiL«w4 m * rim." 

ThMe, to pwpdtiiAto tbon, wore Cifft ombi>ddod in tho morUr, but 
in Vita i reUo-hnntin kiKickitiil them eat, Aotitious aa tbejr wvn, 
and ouried tlwm off v genuine. The reiy tim did oot campe Uib 
rvlJo numia, — H ia ao boHOf to be aoon ; n°vt nuppooo, wore n now 
oue to be cot ii[^ would it Iodz remein. The new * Iveke good 
rulcA." tod new ^ro^ nms of gooe«t* havA gone the isune «» l 
Afld thoTo ii DO qiuetion tbftt a bmve tmde in tmck thingi might bo 
curiad od with wbftt GoldsixLith oalle "tiie lerge familv of fw>)»^" if 
ft Hubplj vere k^ here. Tbo vnr thorn httm the door h>a been 
cut down pJeeeokoal, vid ^^ricd off to all qiautere of tbo vorld. In 
ld3a Mr, Prior, wheo mitio; the pLooct makbg inquiHee for Qold- 
smitb'e biom|ibj| oheerred that **% tender ahoot bid igaia forred 
ifee WRT to 9ko eitmoe, wbioh h«v it^ emtiUtJoxL of eo many other w- 
cDMAdente idl«nik Iblt diipoaed U> «tts* upoo mi a memorial of hie 
Tttit; but wbiob, if permitted to reniala, thoueb tbis ie unhkelf, 
MDoy renew Ihc haM-um of rt« prcdoocoBor." Vua hopo ! there » 
not en etom of it k-ft ! He hiujvnlf tflla ue, that " evory travidlf r 
tbitbrr for forty yootit bod Cfirriod aw\v a portion of the Iree^ eo ft 
rttio cithf^r of the potiD or of his pilgriiBoM | vhea the breziohee 
hid been dcRtrojed, tbo tnxnk vu ettacbd ; and when tbia duip- 
ptind, even tbo root« won dej; up : to that In 16£0 eceroe]f e ircetlge 
rtooijiodt cjtlNr above or below groajkd, ni>twiibBtatid)iig a njaJdfint 
genUin&in hod built e wall totin<l it, to tndtaToiLr to prruort ittt 
^ttrtniatkiim.'" Tbero ii now nintb«r veetigoof tiw, roi^t, nor w«JI 

I BQppov^ lii« rm^a of mlictHm bA« oorricd off tho ver^ atonee tbot 

hod ttood oaoobiUovedaepoL Ibere ie etill eellght mouid IcA^ 

Of rHthor loidc, to mark the opot wbete tbe tboiti utood 

Tb* ^ublifrbouM p r ieint* oot m reeemWiiioe to QDtdsmith'e 

~tizro m bis poem- I^e ro^d frocD Billjnuihno rtnui H^^t townrda 

I tiouee, Ob ATTmug at it, the houoo etends on tho futtbor ei^e 

* the nwl, Buaita jou ooi tho Bollrtnalion hifhwaj. Auotber fwul 

Ena at ri^bt anjJecw t^t ^N pvoUei witii the botw^ eo tb&t xi etnuU 
^ wbot it UHUollj ooJfed, " wbcv^ throe rovle meet-* The rood on 
mr right buid runm down to tho *iUa^ i end ootoa apa«o is kft bi 
oat «lltieboiie«^ the Btonevtl Oft your right) which CrDoes i& the 



oo Abrvpt oonnetr. On iht ouaoo Icn iff tbm wainBiiiMil, w i" 
niio of the n»d, and diroctlj cppocriU to tb» bmai^ MOOd . 
Bui hov difflfront b tbo Iioum tuclf; to Uui wboooddi^itM mI«« | 
jour iuaifbfttioD hiu i^an-ioJ uvior Crom the PH^ of tb poalW I 

" X«« rmApt (hfim tlut UAi fto Inl M Ulh, 
Wbtr* one* ttJD ilcv^Ml CMiJikI «• twvitf «n 

one* ttJD ilcv^ovl CMifkl «• tVMW «flb 
Lnr ILvi thai b«t* vten BDl-to*n In a p ililiilliit 

AM »*■ otMb outer Otfiifeitr M* «««t mM- 

Tmpariouf tii,hBiiduiirB*f ibfliBMilTBfftaa^ 
TlM •'bUMTHtHd vm. ibt ifctlv m»a^ f«or. 
Tilt T«f uMiM «Uii<k CkKl al^B^td Whlad tW AMU - 

A 1*0 l-t ii^iUT, ■•h'*! iif 4irt»*» I17 iMj. 

Tltt lv«lM |inh4iiki]i., Ilia ray! fpi* *fia M * t 
Tht hairtit MirfnL vix^i vlnurtUlMlu^r- 

VbUt br«M>i i«»<ii;k «>-«^ ^^ '^ •^«*- 

VdiMd ^if ilf Dhtniay, C^^iUiwt Intttt*- 

Vd*. tnnkitDi7 *|dnid«ir r ««uU &M 40 
lt«fV(*T* ill* tflii«c|n^ inuiflLon ft^im il* Ih^ P 
Ob*nrr LI ■inki* ma aliAll it man Ufrlait 
An f^niir'a imDnnvnfii la rh* pour ijitn'* hOTT : 
Tl«nwrni> brvjvtbvmMM >bkllrt|ialr 
To iB^I ohlltlaiBrfabteUx«f«: 
^nmor* 111' niniwi'tHVfj C^• hiAtft Itfit 

B«alorv ihff «rAnJibin'4 wild ihkU pivrali 
niH* th« tmlih riu iIitfAr btov lUU rMf . 

lit hPiL blmiall HD Laitf ■* ibAll be Ahb^ 

CanfiLl ba MB ibi niDUW bHM «» rooatf ; 


TboM UVftU th«attiu<^iroclunu:tcTijdki<iratiiocQldTiUige|dtt^| 
ltr>tiM in Kiiglukd VlfVif quMt, WMt, tnd braUbing of Un tilAf 

Lin nu^ mublea in Enj^Aodi -nliett ho nod lived nt kaal U 
yvtun vhoD ba wntt^ tlie poemK Ju hu prcrMso bo bUbi of i 
' 001U1W7 txcuniooB for Jbur cur 6Td jcm p^^" ^o which bff J 
* toksa aU poaiible pai^" to b« oonreci ia b» detaik. .An T 
vUlaijv dotoUM 1 wlittt i0 ill A poor *nd filthy oilitn, thft < 
«l rou|h otoom, Ibe tool oftcD iHlL DoUihig brtv««u rt «iul 1 
^OQff. I7i« iloor niceb Moded T— a bf^il of mud, full «f bol«^ iii 
vbioli BDtMi «dil iluokif, uid pl^r KM diibbling mud v^Uovitig 1 
DimrO Bi All, i^Tod with pcbbloe, which »Uiid up ia hMfw 1^7 pb 
uid bj p1aoe» an roiw. iMvicifl tbo ttiar««ud duck*|iooU md 1 
bought ApftrevlofraiK^ ptopla spnorUog od th« hurth tn 
tliv pcut Oto ; the cc; luoid, « w«-)a^gvd, BhoA-h cadA d body, I 
at work ill tvodtntr tho poUto kot^ or contoiutiug with the DO^I 
<t>w, Lb« pi^ xha*. niak« rut of tho f&milr. The [larlottr RpSand 
UdU tholi»uM Bf pnmtol br a counlvtr Maad wkicL tb* *~~ 
■Ucidi^ ftmid • stock of CMiaUs and brmd fer mIh. and dad 
not UM g»etiM8 Dut-brovn aH but tbo do»dl5 liq«d fin 
vUak;. fldch m the i1iiim4 xmiTomd nUhbuMM of % h"— 

OOLDttMTTfl. S03 

. b Irtboil- AoUivmilh tiMw bHMj>r thim to 4nv on h» 
J ibr IhoiB ', hjb tumod to the mere poetical toono of tbto 
I Tillnn AldutuJM)^ which, t\mxk m banda could milw It, iw«at, 
, aU thftt iiA d«Acrib«iv bud ohwmed Mta lo hk muavroiui runl 
etoundona tn Uiift oountjy. 
TbeThr«o JoUjPigtocu Is 4 rvgiilBr lrt«h ftlehouM, or nUi«r wMak^ 
' Of, On going iii, jwu look la vjiin for th* pirtunj GfilcUmitti lu* ■& 
"ilydrftCTQ^ 1'boDii)iiiBoor,th<>dirtviTatig,theBm«Ucirwtiiskj-, 
» ftn vb&t n»rt JDU. Vou look fur " tbu parloar ■ptoodoum*'* ud 
t four lolt luDd win i^ for 01 «vuiii?r, a BvpAimU room, Wl It Ea, 
\ uiua^ M*d with th« ot^ndlosb th« berriiig8t the br«&d, of the IrUh 
» ; ud tilt wtiliikj b doled out orer tba 8U3p1ciou« counttfr, 

, of Uio nut-lNrowo al« buAg brought in tlta Bon«roui fbuning 

r«up^ to tlM brfgbt, olraa Oraside. ^ t^ ne&t and blooming itudd. 
[ Im ftU Ooldsmtth^ dotottpUon of hi« Auburn, h« bu dcsrij 

i tlio I>>rk clunti of uio EfigUib vilUga indEn^Uh Rcasa^ 

itJi tho feud bo^h coomorioe of us adtul itttive pisoo. Ho bw 
iMdODtlx iot«ud«d t« rvpTttODt the lootw Oi in EucUnd, or ot oU 
FovMta to Baak* hb poom of goiMMl npplicntlon, though bo Lui drawn 
|fii Ue 1000017 ^ »ati]i-«H coimeotM with hifl imtiv» plnctfy luid im- 
ooul ind oeoiuuent to it bj indulging th« levlingn of eld 
aont* ngril. Hua th« fJahouAo, th* puioiuiffo, th« mil), tho 
k. tho TiUag« gTMD, the «oboo]mut«r, the piotts detgyiu&u* w«r« 
IaU portiooi of tus natiTo dIaco, and ftctttal lohabjiottto of it, rel 
^ttlXMl with touoboa froca tha lat«r oba ar v a tiona of hJa bigKih Jifo. 
I TQT7 cinmmsUuoe of dopopuktUWf whioh iiododbt bfld ooouired 
fit UiiDy, and bad waak. dcop into hm mdiguut hMzt^ he toUa tu, in 
[Kia dodieation to 3ir Joalina tttfjnoldji, was getng on £n Saflland, and 
' at l&la dnenptioD mcsmt to api>l/ to En^Lmd. '' But I know you 
viU obfeoL-^^^nd indeed Bflvoral uf our b(«t and wiuat fyiecds 
Looticur in th* optnion,^that th« depopulation it daplom la oowh«ra 
llo be eten, and the diaofdon it knieota ere only to be found in the 
IpDM'e own inuiginatioii. To Ihie L can acsiroclj mafco anj otbi?T 

tiav«r, than Ihml I nnotrtfly baUera what 1 hava written % tbiU I 

eve taken aU poariblo paina m ray oouitvy eicurvtoua, for th««o four 
I or Ore jeu^ poat, to be certain of ysh^ \ ollvgv, aiid that all mv 
[viawaand laq^uiita have lad u« to baliov« Uvmo mi*«ti«a raalwhkfa 
1 1an attetnpt to diqdaf * 

Tho ^ot te onl; too much a fact Fiotn Goldamith'i timo to cur 

lows tha prooaaa of runl iJ«popnla(i«n haa bean goi&f on, hj th« 

ptioD of atuaUer propertjtu irjto larger onei. 

--J whai 11 mora itnngotbBii tbo doiuil of tho progren of rural 

^ dvpopulatAMi £a ^^afr**^ Ta that Ur. Prior, tha blo^nphor of Oold- 

euUh, doubts evea Uie JuaUoe of hia eiricturen M ej^ilM to Inknd. 

He admita that ttere appcwtd to har« beeri loine vucii cdnumnasco 

bftt Lwaoy in GoJdtmilh ■ yoiith, aji be baji d»cribod in tbo Dvertod 

[Tillice; but be ia inclined to fKlliate it tiU it bcoomoa ik nuro triSe. 

'^ Id rfovemUr, ITSEC 4 put cf the town bkud^ of Liasoy, tiA tbo 

idioioiiu landa «f Chuui>nitow% to tbo auntbor of OOU arm, w«re 

[•old by JHTery F^mid» E>q^ of tlw Middle TMipU, to tb« HoDooraUo 

ll«1wti Kaper, LteulMiAnt-^QDenl oT Us JMeo^* Ibceea in bdM^I 
fof th« wan of 3.30iV^ but Um Gobcml diod Mfore the |mt«>mw vmI 
completed. Upon this propwtr, onniod BtlWbeinE, Jrttix InUnd r 
houw ef Mr. Ooltkinith, tboiii balf-ft-i&Ua diaUDCUr. wSUun K^ 
«oo of tho GoDoraJ, ftorcnl jean mfiomtAB bnitl the iataQf n ' " 
Dunod Littleton. In the prolimiDairy ftmagMomt^ aooe * 
ttukOM, probablj nc^ber bu«h oor ni^uxt i& thtSMUTM oa 
with the removnl of p&rt of the tsnuitiy, ^re ria* te the anil i 
OoliiffinHhtmorbtil1jncuteiahi«b«aiorokatfec£njp^uid pw ' 
tovAnf>' 1)11} nooii*r cloMum of iocwtfi to tb* iM of tL# 
VilWo/'— Vol L p. Id, Thi^ howrrv, doM i>ot «^rea iHth i 
Prior H own account nf tha *ppcu«Do» of tho nkee «q hit ova i ' 

EiTon et pogv 2A7 of Vol U. "Hioro 4r«^ WidM. mui/ 
ouBM ill tLo Dnghbourboodt bcgpanking » better rtat w of pop 
tlum at prreeirt." It as little agrena with Gddimith^ a—trtiei^ I 
th« TUT aJehoua» of th« nWaap waa palled down. Nay, at tJua f 
nart of MrPriorlsapOoount (vol. ILp.fiAO), he fivoe a mon «U 
iiialaTy of Mr. Naper or Napoer'a Umuaaotioiia ; and wbtlo be i 
Toma to p«Tiniado tu that the trnditroo of tbft neighhoartu>Dd i 
not to be trusted, ho ebovA thiLt Ur. Keper hail \Jt5o mcnm «f h 
a great part of which had been converted iiito dtcmaiML The abx^l 
tha Dftubbourhocd, m (pvoii by faiouelf, la that licotanuA 
Bobvrt Ni^or, retunuDg &nm Yigo in 8[nb witb a laija 
pitrdttaed, aa baa b«ao stated, the a4joiiuE4( laiK^ In •* 
midenee and forming ademwne ai'oiuid it, the babttatioM oCl 
as ia ^cged, mbootable tenants aud aervnl of the peaawitff j 
in tho v^y, and nnin^ unwilling to romore for hia eoDvaniene^ 
at Uucth, after muob TMislano^ ill. eiofpt the QoMainhh r^ 
igeuled fur nuu-uyment uf reui. Tbelr liouwea mn pulM i 
and the |huk ffnhifi|n«d to a elreamformce of Dtne nd W ; but ao| 
was tho isdifioatJoD of the ptople at the proOMdiog, that i 
Qootral's deM. vhiob oooarred eoou aft«rwNid. tbejr iub«(qI 
a tunnltiioua mannot, daiib«yad moHt of thn prApntty in ifid i 
it, and, ataong other thisga, planUtitxia to the value of &/XOL 

The faeU howurer, lit, tliat the trw«dy of The X>tbarl«d VfDip| 
htw henn ofUn nniic<#d in Iivland- Tbo Komn wbicb n<nAdnaitb i 
paihetkall; deeonbea, of the poor viUagare vheeo booaea bad ha 
deatn^wl. vUoM ciative haunta had been madi- to«aat ttan J^A] 
^inff fn towajdti tho ahopA naking tor an ai^Jum hoyend tha i 
la not a aoitUiy aoeoe. It haa heen repeated fhau that boor t 
and ovary jw, wid aUuoet every daj, «a» aad thouM&de " 
adien Ut tbair birlhpki^aa. 

I tm i[i« run] i^ilu<i lfi«>: U>f Uiil' 

Kvn ivhan TL>niitcli{FriiL£ Tfi.>4 rpttatt ^bt mtl 
■t uiy H'liutfl. aipk aiiii «rcn a*!*^ 

Donwv4 <ti4T u»T<. * BDl«<halj built, 

pA^i MO tk> thofe, anil uttf u feif tL* •mad. 
Con»alciA tcO. bbO bot^UbM cvf» 
jUi4 UH MuutMl imdHDHi «n tbnf | 

Aai tiev, «IA *vart Blind laoTVL 
aM MMif i>i«nr> ■« Mueu ta^ 


tTndar ill IboM drconwUDoa^ iubum «r Ltuoj, wKlch yai vill* 
vUi Almjft b» TUitcd wjtb tfuthoAUMia by the gemitue iortn of 
purest Li4>fti7«nd of klndlv bunumitf . Tbv niilor wili not ^d jlU 
thorn that ho lULturallr l^wu for H« viU not £]id Ui« AAiintry vnrj 
beautiful, or tbn mill, the biMok, tfa* alobon*^aft nnl und pictiiresquo 
u lu wiild vwii ; l>rLt he vtU And Ibo Torv ground oti wfaioh OUT«r 
Gcildmmith mti in tbo humy davv of his bojbixxl, UiM ruSna of tbo 
bou#o in vbich that moid of i villo^D pro(u£er>— dntple, Edoue* and 
^rgrm-bwrWd, juj^U/, indcod, d*a.r to oil tbo «outitrj,-^1iT«d, Khtt 
fiktW of tbo pot-t : tho niios of tbo bmin« id whinh LhH iKAt biiruolf 
vpcnt ft bnppj childhood, oheruluiiff under niob & poml one of tbe 
pobtc»t Amnti which over ^ved tor truth and htunuiit/ ; fm&riog 

Ttit ridtmtV, oont rooting tvo wnrMtcfu^n^ n^^rw ftliftifng, i^Ia of bwa 

cxporicEioD juul npoatod unpcuiti^rn, one throb c<rpJL)rororgencro^u 
ijiD{)eUiy for tho vrotobvL Tha ground whcro aucb s uiiu wm 
nttfvd 10, iodood^ hol^. Ooldtmitb biioMlf, not 1«hi thjui bin fiiUior 
ud bnibor, tm one of tbo mDob Bcauiiio GbiistiBD preacborv that 
ever liTod. Tbo Mnuonii of the fkthor and tho brother )»tiHhcd 
iHth thoJT hi<oromr hiit tHnmof th» fun^t Eivo foTfiT«ir in bui writings. 
And bow nuuy of the poraoiuU dmncteru^cH of " tho riUi^ 
pftftcbcr," which in Uu fiitoer ho oolobrmtctt, lived in hiinvelf 1 

" OiLpi»u»«4 be to nimor iHk nr oovtr. 

Bj 4«(irfnB IWUqbtA Io Iks ^9rjvi$ bfiur: 
m Mhvr 4lni« lilt tirtrl te4 ktmsil lu priH. 
MonkUIM MfBlM lilt anicbcd ctua lan**.* 

How <dt*ii did ho preaont this tnit Jn bis ovti hfo ! How moIoun 
he wii to help ftoy onethftt ha oould; howcftrelov to k«lp himMdf t 
^uo, when i«quMtHi hy tho mjnivtor of «tate to my if he coulu bo 
of ODj Mmco to hitn, bo wd. *■ Yes^ he hod a brother, o worthy 
cLctv^idui, «tiota ta would gladly bm momotcd." At tbU litnt be 
vii» iQ scr<«t diilrMa hiEiuolL At ouotliur tiEae Lord North Boot to 
him A Dr. Soott, a btee mini8t«n&l h^k, vith it ^vrCr J^oArA^ to iuduco 
httn to write for tho ministry ; but Uolduuith woa aot to t>e bought. 
■* I fiMuul hitn/' Bftid tb« Doetor, " in « luuMjnbla Mt of ohuubor« in 
UkO Tomplo ; I told bim oky AulLonly ; I told him IhAl I wiift eu- 
powend to pij most iibaraliy for his eivrtioiu ; aiid, would you behevo 

It 1 he WM 00 ftbeurd a* to My, ' / earn Afn at mn-i nt n// t^pf^f* vv 
VA/tf in/^/ ifrttiny/sr oj^ party ; /it attiti^nty t^ref&rv ?w apr u 
<NMnwi*in^ U wu;' ud «o 1 left bim," added Ur. Soott, "in hie 

How G<tnf^«t4ly wm this Dr. Primroot ! How thoroughly w» ho 
tho mice OMQ Id ertrythifir How o&uld a denial mamro bko thti 
Sootb, binwetf eruKimod with two ft&t Iivii]|ps ib« prioe oroubovrrUnoo 
ondonrtood matAi bjgh principle ? Wfaon bo aid wu oeedod by hii 
foUow-tafeo — 

nil pur t*** w cbtiiir Wfu-^ 

U b becUM bo raibodiod himAolf in oJI bo wrote^ that bio wriiingi 
oommaod Mieh nDdooaying intdr«*t ; for ia imprnwiiifl bjft owu hewt 
o&biapof^koimprtand then ttkUm itedf in ita Aoot unooUhdi 


mad jenenMB cbanelaK Sncj tfraDBMt>M*b tltrndbn^ 

inlcnatbig to Uw vMUr of t^ tpoif and ve myst Ibr tlut 
d0tio»<Hie<vt«ofcettof tiioUBBl)CECof«qaity]iglJtf<i7, Ur 

Stol«ikMjl-^l>wnwacf lbe«diooliiB»lfirwu FlidiJjBnni. I 
rcnaDberbimwcn. HcwulDdMdftBiiiMtOTtofUTv. A«^<^:: 
cdM Valw CnMs k«iit th« «l«b««Mw I Ut« ofUu b««i n 
boon. Tlw inwtbonibuifa«iftreinftrbbljFlBj:|«,uidci£wiopp'^ 
Uie boDsa. 1 ww ooioft hdiDff with Bndyt tmUv Bnhop «f jUufH 
wluA b« obBMTivd to DM — ' Ma foj. Bm^ Um Kh^^ oTVffrgva Wk 
ii njghttljm Uu w^j; I wiB ^mor ii tobeont down!' 'VM 
iir/ Mtd £ -oat down OoUamith^ btwtbon bmb, U^ maatm m 
hmM^iMnimmaikoI>maUdXiBa^r 'Ik ft^r «s^ia-l 
llubbhofv'iit£aUMb««tbonbijihf Tluft ^ror lei is U Mori 
froo tbtranof tbeu«.ud»Tllto hna tb^twooM om frecna* 

la oUmit pJiCMi tbe SohtfttdniMtar b cd]«d, not PHl4r Bvn^ 
llMnui Bjrne, oiidtoUj ihe hdh pinoB. B« bad bMo tdwi 
(br MhrtoitfTftitn^ bol had p>i>» tnto tbe aimjr ; ttmt, •anrbi( 
&>#!& dttriac tlie r*i|En of Qma Amw, b«<»mo (|turt«r^a 
tnengiiaeaL Oti tb^ntUTu of p«aoe betook up luacihgini) 
l!fl ift repMMotcd ii> bb v«ll qui&fied to itmth ; U14I0 ■ 
vHUt^ retdiie, uul RriUuiwUo vere wiiital liut b« coiiU 
cxtAnponaeooalT Virgil'i EekgiMi iatolrim vent, IneQCi. . . 
ttogvxa. DaV lb gniad ttcoQCOLptijduneDi «■■ the nuntwa of 
*lh«olan^ whkh irm ooidnaoQly excrdiod in tb* t kh ow ; «t . 
MUM time tbaL wb«ci mC lu a mrtkmlir buuour Jbr toAfn^ 
inmldcdUy bbtojrMlQ Uioackool witb cooof bia«tad«at AaM 
hi< noit «ag«r lioteaer* «u Oliter, «bo «u >o loiKli «uHid 
vbii be beud, that bie frtAnda used to Mctibe bi» own bo 
wuabMng t« tbfa auao. tlia eeboaliuuitw- «v«, id hktAi tbe nr/ Mfl-, 
t'>«icil0 tJMloDifra«Uoa«f the jotoai poet Uewuaocmlrvinttf 
babito, of • ramutio toni, wrote poelnr, WM ««[! vened b too &I1T 
eupcnrtJUotui uf Ibc ci>uDtr>,«iLd vhat laQgtk^ooouiKiDialnlM^, 
belUnd ii&p1ktU7 iu tbeir XnVth. 

A poor wocDUk, DUDod Citberine Qeregb^, wu nippoeed to 

T^M tovWr b«vla hwU* 1M p\*43r iprtM T 
Bbt, wTtitfuO nuRna. snucd Ii ««* ftc fcrwj. 
I TtaBHf iteWiiakWUhmMllftcrfoMiiprMl* 

Tlw brook Bsd iit^««, oou- wIi«ro bar eMn etood, jriiD 
CF cm w . md aerenl of ber dMoetukata tvbde la the ndgkbc 
The icbootJMiiM ie ttiU pointed out, but it te uatotoi»i« for 
Ideniitj tbiki iu> Mfaool-hfTOtt wm Im^I thee, ft^ool b*Jiiff Um^htj 
t}M moeUr"! cotlago. Tbtm; Umoneridence Id oatuTcor tb« 
rocaaUing tbe plaoo of hin bajho^ u he wrote bm po^m- Tbe 
aod manfaj (mda, in mora t^iv) on* clir««lkoa, 9Br« bus aoqiud 
wftb tb* «in|nikr bird wtuck be hm iatrodnoad wllh Mob ofM^ 
an joage or dtaolatioiL 


"Aim cht (Udtt. ft iBlliirT rnwft. 


Um» ebium M Liwoj bM oi Ibo preaoat noaoott iiidftMiiibiit of 
I tnodtttioai with Oliver QoUomith. irith him aanA geniui it poMdm* 
me Uui grcnra upoD jna the a>orc joii tKu tho soocoa cuidtt prg- 
nfakODt Id hia pocdit >di1 w Imto it with ngroL 

Tbn^ in vuiouft oltwr pbo«« ta ibo flune p«it of Inluid which 

an oomiedwl wiUi the mtIv hutory of Ooldnbith, At thg toh^ol 

of Pftdd^ DfiDo ho m^lo bttlo pmfntM, «i vae to bo oiptctoil, 

•soBpt lo ft srowit^ fttlAchiDflQt to i-bo futrvoUoua. Be deVourad 

liot 011^ Uie roiDKcitic elorin of the echcolnmster, but th<«o of the 

powttDtrr. Ho hstooed onthueuetioftlljr to Umu IhJWU, their Ctitj 

ulee aa\ sopeRttttou^ of which thej bAv« In InUnd u ptontifi^ 

'itiock- Hv got hold of, lod tvad with equ&l iTiditr, what hive been 

^ealled the oott«gD eliMtOQ of Irol^ud — tboao bcKilu wbiob tt^y b# 

Ibaad in tboir cabina ttMTwhen^ ; Hibtcrr ofWttcbtn ui'i Ghoeta; 

tbn Devil tni Dr. Fwauia; IWiiiuiwi aaQ f^inuuiMius ; Mojit«li:«, 

k-Snight of Uie Ot^do : S<tvdd Champiooii tt Cbrifftcodom ^ Mccidoii»'e 

^Art ef BoxiDit ; OrJd'A Art of Love ; Line of ori«bnt«d Pir4t4a ; 

f ButoiT of Uw Irieh BogucA wd B^pvMe; of UoU FUoden; of 

r Jftck the BecfeoUf, * DOionoui >miim«r i of Fair Boeuoood tad 

: Juo Shon; of Domn* Boeena; the Ufo utsd Advtntunnof Juacs 

^fktn7, t fomoua Iriifti robber, &tc A proctiiis Iitcratare for- a l&d, 

! it muet be oonfoMedt Luckilj. if it vxaitml bin imofiiMtioini it failed 

Lin eormptiiic bia hetrt ; ^mi, thAnkn to th« nTiroedof knowIfiW a 

I iMttttT cIm of bc<ib hu DOW founil it« va; er«n iDto Iriib obfos^ 

iTo pat OLtTcr unior mofo nituAblo ttuUon, be wee eoot to tho Bov, 

i Ur.Orxffloof Elphiik, nuaier of tbo echool coco taodit bj bie eniid- 

\ Jbther. Bore he boc&me an iiimat^i of bia uode, Mr- Jolm Golduuilh, 

, of BalljooghtflTr ixt tbc ticinity. Diapdying now muoh talcat, which 

.ma it OHM 8MD and cordtallj uckn'^'WlniKiNl br bm TincJc--, he waa 

rdtatised for the vniTenlty ; ani preparatory to that be vv^ at>nt to 

J A aahool of rtpute «i AUUono^ At this eohool ho oca^tiauod two 

I foan i vban bo waa ramoicd to EdgowcirthatowD, tutdor tba ecro 

[of thoRoT. PttrickHug^ wboro he coatitmed tni he waat Ut the 

I wuTontitj. 

I That we maj take a oonneoUd riow of \m hoituo and haoata in 

Fihii part of tho coUDtrr, vr muAt indod'^ at onro his ii^ hereabout 

bafora b» wont to the ii&ir«rTUj|^ ncid htit tiqiW hiih«r dtmns an 

interral of two ycwL, between liii qtiitUiig the uDivend^ aad baa 

qrutUos Ireland^ to ntudf pbync in Kdinbui^ht and, m net, Doror 

IPUB to Tvlum to InUiuL 

Ibera are aovcral faola coDcectod with hie aoho[>l ^ji at Edge- 
I'lrotthatcnro that are ncy iotoraatuig. Ho ia wd to have b«coM 
jampabtteii osthor bore or an BaUjao^fcoo, «itb Turlorik O'OvoUo, 
Lflw laatof theaiMtent Iiiab banla. lUa popular nraaioan aad poet, 
F'Vbaeo toop bare boon tnuulatod inio Eijghidi and pubHahed, main- 
''-'--llbeatTleaad hfoof Ibo tebatcaL fla diadaiood to pkj Car 
jt bm WfOt aa aa adroUoil and bonooiod goaot frooi boaae to 
I amiTTiffii the isoat aociont acd opiiieDit ft*"i^*** of Osonao^tk 


Ta ooaplM Ui obmct^r u (I harper, fa« was Ultul ; itul hftf] b«a I 

with«Mhiwuii&ft. m nunonnu, uxL oakbruU Uift pmon»«ail I 
of UipftlnDi. Iflhnjrtunnt In ihn mfnri nf an TnjfiiitiiniQt, 
lo poMWi AH omuiftUtr equal to tbtu- htm m Iro&odL It k i 
rwwBib«Td thfcf ilwy Wr^ Ujctp tjS tha chang of wioclniw ; * 
WT IhiM bobii tbe nmm of lords aaci IkUm of old Imd 
CTOmumt I^ ; I)«axui O'Ooonor ; Huiitv SUflbvd ; Ktfily niiftbl| 
HAkF^mIi; AjaBM&TBonaottBoOfOtA 

Tb* if^Ti'*? wfaich Uw oUwr bcal pe«C, LMr«ae» W^brb^ M i 
Uw nutid WMi 9HUW of Ooldimhb i> TV17 atrikiDs- Wbjio n 
•a wtofftkmrpoon^Hw PutuigCuri, firtholioiii>our»afl 
«ti uomH in mr cwum, b u k htily pktar* of ft Woai 
hiitawtiliAkAkKMi therou' ITId^vidalioviiKitoaljhQvital 
bttd sank into Ui» tti&J oT QoUvaith «• ft bay vhoi thfj n 
Ifl tli» DvMTted TiUi^ bet alfto bow old iftd bow &uNt « i 
MAi W tw i^m j «♦ th» ini w i r iflB wid o u twy u of prioboo i tbeeitvw* 
POiift*Qi>Mtf wugrttMn: and tba oona of fttMotcewic. Wli,ftf 
poon li TMy «l«tWf UM JiaMTiB to b« b«tUr knavn. iSpnkxif 4 
ibe beU^r oiHiditioa of &niun in U« WToaUoutli oeobujf b*| 

l^kn »vr« HMparhb kw ■■*■ 
Tbiir tads av iipce i« ti^T IT 
TUi ««* bhJv.4 aH ua ill 
DrfApLMlac «ttn villain 

Pal teem, Mil^. Md tk^ IbA 
Bf *bt^ U« IMH ««■ U^ «■& 

TlW«> DOftlM M* Mil ItJH 

lb» Im4i vvtv «bM4 lkM» At* •» Mai 

tWa *VT ^« •■«>' ^«** ** t^n*^ ; 

WktaftXn a«s teM Imm *^mti 

A1 la^vh ^<ru eMUl «■ ■ wui, 

Mm hH«k« vMiK •■ IIM4 « tr. 

Iter tell tMi tteiN i» fVA «*v< 
othiteBtfttamtf AOur^ 

^rf4BW^I*MrH<r«w%M^ Tbt^ifa w lU Dk»OlttllMA 

■ ■ • * • rb»lrw4tt«*f«MaUMi.faM4Hfl' 

If ft pofi ftl Uw prosmi bear vote dncrilNikC t^ ftoU ftn4 -. 
ftf Ub* Indk aiUraatiuilan, oooU he hftn dim« it moro lilor^ 1 

To tvu to ft uorv afroBftbla mbjod. Hio «^uf iuckUut in I ' 
StM^M to Oocqnor* n said to biva ixissiuUed in ao "^h^wpg 1 ' 
ttir* of QoUKoithX f*!! hi* brt ffxne from bonM to tli* aA. 
fiJ^wotrtWowu; And i> ibita raia«d 1>j Pdoc :^* lUriw bi4 i 
bovvtfbaokt thare botDtf tbm, aud iHiWt cow, do rvipiSr «!._ 
aonrajanov frwu Ballxnuhoo, ba loitanod m tbo nad, "*'"**Hg !_ 
aalf tij ritfWlAf Ibc Doigbbouriiic nallcsaoa'a aoaU. A ftiand 1 
wMauladhua with a ic«ii>«ikl a«d Uiedoair«»pealian oC^ 
t^-to t«cboolboj'-4ii aKDoat uMbpaftdcdi BaDoerat an i&ii, („ 
10 ilackea bis JJigmnc* oft tbc rwL Ni|bi ovEWi«k turn Id ' 

_. t*«(i ot Armagh, ftWit tinlf'wnj rti johttct- TnqTiTrinjp 
' tlie bc«it bcKue in t^ pkc«, mmniug the b«it ids, hr; cbonocd to 
tddtMiS >* )* *^<^ * poiMD iiainrd (.^om^rthui Kolly, wbo boBirtcd Of 
i*Tvi|{ t«u^t f««KdDs to Um) Mtirc|itm erf Orwilij, tad urw tUon 
donmitint^ id tbe Iwxuie of Iklr. F«btbiirvtoti^ n g«a]ttcii:ui of 
Ibfto&o in tbo tovn : h« wr» known as b cotoriou* trng ; and, vriliing 
io fiUj off ft UMi ^^P*° ''■^ w1i<4ii bo hod iKi doubt <Im«ovotwI to bo 
a sp«ggeria^ inboolboy, diraetod him to tbo bouse of bin mtroiu 

■ ^wprctuif t>y d^coptioii, OUvor nroooedod m diramd ; pn 
autltorii*Uvo onUn»boat tho«o>«of bu homo; kihI, boing Uwoioo 
ooDCttTod by lb« Nmuita to bo m expootod giuvt, vaa uvb^ccl into 
ilw pnwDM of tkcdr lOANtcr, tvbo imiiicdialvly diMorend thn iiin»< 
Ulco. B«tng, howovnrr, a taui of hiimotir, and v^Uiqg to mj<^j 4n 
vrmiD^A imUKiDoat witK a b<^ uudrr Uia infloonoft cf «o uniunial 
B bdtukan', bo cnoouragod it, particularly wbrD.bjthocontEniiiiiaitiro 

dUpd«ltio«i of th* IfitAj it wui fr>uiid tii whh tli« wm nf an old 

ioqiukiiit«D» on bw way to Acbool IfothtDg oocuTTcd to luidtfCfriTo 
Ibo tttflTimporUnce of tbo joutb, forti£ed bj the poMCJvtOD of a mun 

bo djd not oll«n poRMM ; tirioo «im tli«r*li^r* ordorod, fo nddttian to 

• good ttopper. and tho HuppoB»d Inodlocd, tin vtTo cuid dau^bl^ns 
vere uvitod to nrtoko of it. On rottnng Ui tbo uigbt* o hot colco 

va« ordorod for Pradtfiut tbo fnJlowii^fE nkorolng ; nor van it uiitU 

pn|«iiagtoqiuttb«fbouA«uoiLdiij' LUt bo diMOTcrH ho bad been 
enUrUined in a pnv«to kraily.'* 

Bdl/naboa, tb* UtUo font^n-locbiof; t^vn noiu- bb naiivo nbiOi^ 
Agojien o3n«|)kwHialv in GolJsimtb'A e&rfj bfe. AfUfl* hia ISKUi«y« 
dwb^ vhiicb took pun while bo wtm at coUe^, hn motber renoved 
tbitbor ; and thiibor dtirJiifi vncfttioaM Olina- botook bimatU J^^un, 
vboi he quitt«d coII«^ bo 0|Hiut Ivo jcm amongvt Ma reUtiOM, 
vlth DO fu«d aim ; oomotinLoa bo v«« vlih hw anolo Contariuo in 
Boa«€>cimiou : ■ornotlOua at LiMov, vboni now bbi brotbcr-Jn^Uw, 
Mr Hodoon, HT«d io the old holier '; at <^vr Umen ho vaa wjlb bia 
bvoCber Utfirv, vbo^ officiaUng u cmto» bred at PtUwnioro in tan 
booac wbcfB uilTtr ma Lorn, and, to oka «!ttt bU HnutD Aabu^, kopt a 
"^thool, in Tbttih Otirvr aMiaUnl buuu Na plaoo va^ bo d«ar tc bim, 
Dwtver. aa Lteaoy, wliem ho ontorod into all tho nml sports and 
vupatiofu of bii farothptr-indaw vtUiftUloAt oojovnionL Thia^ la 
I doobft tbatrhad h« had auffidcnt uiraiit, h^ would have oontlniwl 
I Uv« hfA ft oountr; Ufe, aod the iKirid vould nost probablr baro 
kat a luot. JU it u, bo bM inado tba bf* and dioraeUm of Liuoj 
' "' ^ toall tbe world, in botb tba Dfwrtod Vilbiga and tha Vkar 
d^, No nuQ iKw more from ml, and n^tMly ttim 
pavt lifi^ tboo Goldmiitb, Tb* Ivt nan b* iposi in tba 
r ho voa a tutor in the fifcoiily of a ^tlman in Um «oiiatr <if 
anoa,ortiunameocnioni>nd ibe nature of hlftimprt«aloaB 
voflanlbig ituoh a ailuji|ioa bo ia aupnoaad to bav^ rooMdod In tb« 
UMoryof ThcMan in Bhc^ 
^ nia notbcr'a boua^ at BdJjmabon, wbora abe brod aa a iridoir 
ut tvordj joar^ ii *ti11 poQotoJ out to tbo curious : it forms one 
- of the rood to Kdgowor^stown, SoiM ibop aocoonta bavp 



been tir«crT«i Ja vhk^ Ohvei, under tho teiiliar UUo of tUiirr 
NoO, ta toamd imtnttg *a bli ntothBt^a ttii^j^ur for t« kbJ lupr { 
it WM ontj to m iMit cbor. OpfwdM to his moUwr'B bom M«oi ] 
Gtoqp Coow^a too, wiMn b« w(d to tpoDd Diui^ A w Ki4 j#«l 
•raiUQ^ii: tlMM(iD|i«ui3rof thiO«AvtiorMert«iJ UiHte ; ofti idiib^I i 
tbeni wHbfcsWryorftMii^lud HM iMtunllv » ^'wt Mtliariljr 
mmttera of kuDtu^ rren aoHMi «nd clArwMra ooourtnf T 
i« b«UoTod bo 4t^m 1^ Ant idoft of TWv Lumpkin ; At ■Q i 
ill jiuch t cirdfl bo nw tniU of buDW U» Mid tctkm ttuU i 
0Cuod M oM gr^ U tlw Qeo«Bau7 Umv^ At IkU^ulvof ] 
Uro ndgbbourliood, b* ama% nunjr bftppj boon wttb hi* Mmd i 

dao TiUi Un DHida oamloaB UiIa Uto wrTMiwliDg ^anHr?. vomf- 
tjDM* afaootiDA BOoaolUiMe fiiiuag in the Iiwjf wluf^ nua liuvcfk 
tbe town. InuoMnmUMbomadahiEBMtfAifunibuiiiihiuiiD* 
and b«r wiU <UJdn<n u he did «iih nun i» t4>inu s b« tntod tib ^ 
humta W tbo wUd fowl, and bunted the oHcr m tbo wfttov, 4bri ' 
ttoe oomaioincftU with tho Shumon Tbcra 4ro maov objcdi b 
tho D«4gbboui^ood of BtUrnuhoQ atUl omdh poUit^ om ti br 

longbg to tbo bvjnte ti Go\Anxti%'h ; tCo bids is tbo r 

nmi o( a mttl, iu hU time iq fall octmtj ; tbo pibc«tt oci ' 
aldo whcra he o^d to sit nnd pSn/ a«i UU fluta ; •» ««& u it^^ i 
or 9, Hr. Qumoo, wbotv, *i be binuelf toUd n> in bio AmU 
KatuPQ, be AM mir n ae«L Uua ceutlvmna bftTiog tiro Cor ta i 
in bu houn. 

Iu tUia |>ort!oEi of ltl« li£o th«r« ftro miuij rldi InvUixito. i 
ii to be r«9r>»tl«d wo ovutot b«ro int^oduoo; purticuliu'lj tlat J 
nmujiiiig aoeount of bin vuit to no old ooUe^o ftkabJ, wbobtdd 
proMoJ hiat to cotatt and " u>iiiuiiuid lu» ftUUo liiid l&ia p*m^ 
nbo turned out aa sucb friendu ofUrj do. Itot vo bavo ore 
bin Hojoum at ooIL^, «id tnuert turn hnck 1o it. 

TrmitjCdUcg^DubliiL bni^^jLrluFtmgturr ; and, vttb ita 0]4 
oourta and «it«n>nve ^cordcns; mora fittingly doMrviu^ tlw iHi 
pftrin^ 000 would thiak a ]tkoc vhcru il.i jc$tm oT atooMildi^i I 
— oapedall; ia iho boari of audi a city — W vorjr agra«iblj 
Bub QoUamitb eot«r«d thor« under etRninuEtan«e> tbftt wera 1 
tn biin, and, to vil to tha n^Attor, bo moi whh « bnito in bU 1 
Tho flunitjr iucomo dJd not allnw btm to ocoopj a blgbor nek tM | 
Uiid of a aizer, or ^or acdioWf aod thia waa iDoriifying tn hit Md^ ] 
tivo mind- Tho aucr vsan a black gown of oooxM stufT witbitlj 
aloom a plain bkdk blotb oap vltboat a taiMl> ami dtni4 i 
f«Ilov» tanlo afUr tbof haVA roUreil^ It waa at thai peria 
nana ; thtff woro rod cm to diatcngviab them, and woro ootnj 
to perform dcrosxtorj omooa : to Jiwoep tbo coiiKh Id tbo uoi 
oamr n|i tbo duTiiH IVoin 1K« kitobvn to th« fbLtoiAV tuble^ and 
bi tbe )iaU till ihoy had diucvl No woodor tlut a mind bu T 
GoUlnititb'a writhtd under tho dagradatiora ' )fo htm 

own f-NkliMgd *nd fipiriiiiaA on tbbi cuatocn : "!*«rr i 1l 

d)(Ttble<l to tlK UWoits of oitr ooUama tbo abmird f 
attaodod at mal% anl on ocbor iHJblk ooduioot, li^ ti | 



It liDpliM n ooatndiGiiov), for nxm to b« st oQo» ImmlD^ tbe Ulwral 
tfta ukcl at thm mdm tinui treated aa alarm ^ 4it oixce vtudrnig &utitoni 
and pnotifltnff MTfHiid*." A Hi>Mt*cl fvUaw At Ifigtb cauA^J thtf 
Abolition of too practke of tbo nizDni actiu;; ott vut«<n, aud that, 
too,oR puod ocoaiioiu twforo IImi puUcc, ly mi^g m^ the tlifih bev>a 
ovtTiiM, OQ tVinitj Sundny, al tho bmd oT a cliiswn i& iha cnywd 
itoiafaM to vJUiccui the socae, vlio made eoiue jc«riug ranarka en 
tbo ^op h* hod Lt3 pfrfnmi. 

Uin tvtnr^ A ICTAtt hru1j> — Ut bin nanu b* biiovii ; It waa lb* Hw- 

Tbcakcr WiJdcr — prooocdKl iwniottTiieH to ootuftl oomonil oaatigotioc ; 
wad witb OIiTvr's natuml t«mloiioT to poeliy, laUior than to 6tj 
cdiMiaftlatDcl matbivTiuiticiJ «1udi««, UW muiy tiihirr fofia, iDoliuUeg 
Sratt and Bjtqd, be cut do groat Ggun at rollcga : aud, like thxt 
litter, d0to«t«d it. Amongvt bia o^temponiniui al tbo coUc^ waa 

RdiBiind 1Ii:rk^ btit th«7 B|^>*ftr to bav« cnoitu btllt) of tmeh dthnr* 

To odd to Goldean^lb'fi unoomfortaUe poaHioii, thr»ru ot'^mrrDd t riot 
ortheatudcnt^wbOfbcoHDff UiatonoOT tbeirboiJv Imd boeii azrcAtcd 
ia FlaA^irtrtot, ru*b«d to tba TMOU«^ Mitt*d tba IxuliltU, JraiQ^ofJ '.hMm 

to tbe coU«i£«s uid pump«d them nouofUj' in tiio old cbt^ini. Thcj 
next attccapt«d to breaJt open New|^t«v and maJfco a ficncmJ ^aI 

dabvcry, btil fiul«d for wkot of «Konon, Id tb* jmbMqaont Inciiiirf^ 

lioldamitb camo in, pot for any iwT«rQ puuisbiDODtt but for a coUcfgi? 
oniatire^ recUng bi» Mlf-roapeot deeply wounded bj bia bruUl 
tutor sntcviDg bia cluuttb«rk on on* octuuoo vb«D bo buJ a jiftjty of 
laarT^ commdce Utm^ and tu tbdr pnaeooe ioflictuiK pononal 
chartwetncpt tipoD bini, be quitted ooUt^ adlinti bin bookie and a<t 
off to OMk to unbark far aoma foraign coitntij. Bat bl* lAooaj 
^^ ; ba woa <fotu|>el]«d t<f mU bia dotbc« ftoin biabadc ; lud^broui^t 
to the utuiMil DOiulttLOD of nuacry tad atarvation, be thua naobod 
Ua brotbor'a beua*^ who agaia dotbod bim, uid broi^j^bt bJiD bode 
to voUa^e^ endeaTOOEiiLS to propitiate (bo brutal tutor. Hia father 
drlnq^ he waa mlvoed lo the deepeet diatreaa. 1IJ» generoua miob, 
Coataraei, belpvd to the utniort of bia powtr, but, vilb OLvoi^a 
caralaai babite, bo waa BtiD oftoo rtdxiwd to the utmued Ettnila. He 
waa lometlnuB oompelM to pavn bis book4> aiul borrow oUien to 
atifedi' froDL Uia oondituii beamae thai of aqualid pororty, uid, at 
hngtbf bo wna driToii to the citr«Qulj of writing trtrvet balladi^ 
vblcb ha round a ready aale for at firo ftbiliiuf;a « oopy, at a ahop 
fcoovn aa the aJgu cf tbo Rcindwr, in MuuQtivtbHdrcot. EvoDtual^ 
- aaitog tho degree of E A. bo q^^jtud ih« unmraitT, and, ax vo 
re aeeo, retrcaud to bU ovn native uei^lil)OUThoo<] &i)d thouda. 

During tbia jiitor^ of biv life Gojdjmilb ^vogtcat eott>nmi to 
hia frtet^ fie apprmrod boforo the bitiiop of idphiu tn a pair of 
MMirlot brrvcboa to to oiantivd for orders, acd im^ of ooiine^ 

n|fifirted. He then npftit whit money Iw bad in bujinig e Ixmw, oo 
vfaictt be dinapiieiUTd tto <tM- knew wbith^r, mxl JLfl«r a tbne re^ 
puuvd on a Ji^rrf hai-k whlcti ho<nIlocl '* Fiddlebeck/ 

All olu&of of trnotvoJfn^ u a rderg^niAii, to whiob offiee be iMirv-^ 
uTcr bod ui areiiioi], df pcerinj: nut of tho qnatioa, and bavhig 




tiXhtr no JDclinatiioii or DOl iuffldcat qnrft of ploddtas ^'^ ^ 
punuti of la*i trhj«& LaiI l)*«n r<eomn«ud>J to kia, bj amtirt^ni ! 
of hb frioiula lt« ciuaM-d owr to Ei^btfiir^h,uidoctiiEDOiKiod,biW 
u&iTCfaity, tba Bttulr «if {ibyiio, Wo £avct qo Dine to Ibi «arf ' 
lodoingi of G<il<Lccaiui ikuug hw t^Mj ha Edlabur^a vhl^h vm» ivp j 
wii9«tB. Mou ill Uie poTfTty of OolteaH\ wi b stod 

fecord verj trmtbl}- their irnoviUMtiL Ibe traditkio _, , 

thftb tha lodglQa lio oliud^. ooeupied wcro fa Um .CoU«g« V)mlc 
Bud Uiis 'm vifijh'ktfly, boUi b«<Aiue llio bKoaUod W ooowoknt ftc 
ttift oolle0^ ud bocaiuw Uk« cbtaoter of tin pboe igrr** P^f 
laudh iritri Uio nort of mtcrtiuntiKiDt fao doKrlboa ''-frrlf to f ~' 
fciuiul ui tlit^m, Tbv (MJtff-o Wynd n & kiattow tUej of ■ 
Luiuoas iiov tnbikbiU'd oiily br tTi* lovot gnd« of pop^ktMA 1 
[a mofcii.bU^ bowuvor, thfit ut iiviu tb* b«tt«r ctuui oTlodsfxgK i * ' 
Goldaimtli ocuii]>^i*il in Uiii dU, Tba boiiM iii vhicb bc! to 
bimK^lf ttt &rbt WM aUoft bottRiIIlf-hMl9^ bat of mch n iWvmirtia ' 
Ui»t be uucd, iQ ftftor OoT'* ^ f^iitutfe bia ttiatiU in Looiletfi iritk « 
■ccuuut of the occinoiayaf tbo tftbia Ah^of Dialton. » be toMj 
tbo »tcn-, ilidhwl up in \urioua *V ^ tbeingfuuJt/ of hi* bodi^ 
oorrcd Ibr the boHcr put of di&iur dunoftfrwck; ^ditb nf liMk-l 
bcdiw CDad« 00 tha Mvcoilb dnjr ft<m\ Ib^ l^oiDe. He «ooo ted bm 
tiiahuariouiiftbodfirAn<Ijoin<d MVonl otbar MudeotA, bi*riW>iii| 
and GOuntT7m«i, itbo were bQtter ftoooiRELHMktod. tDoat UkctrlAiUll 
OollAffo VTyniL Be but tlie lulva&Utf* of aludjioi uader Ite eUr ] 
Ucmro; bo bocune a iu<.'[ubri t<( tho Uetlioftl 8ocanj ; but w^t koq 
iDt^rr ut/tcti for liin cvuvivjol Ukleola uiil bftbita tbau fiii- lu* iitJa* i 
tnous Jitudy. Hi» Dttid^ ft tjip iatotbeiHi^Uttd^ on « pon^, be M j 
of tbu mxo of * nuDj and W[ut« a bumomH icoouiii of 3coUm4 m I 
tliv |<ifu]jJu, toUiA fhcad Uobcrt JtcjAutoo, of BuEl/vMliotk TliMi^ j 
i9MUfl Iriah coQtiexioci bo vaa iuiitod to Ibe Duke «f EudkoAi 
irboH duobeoi al thai timo wu oau of lh« oa]obnU«d Quiuiiqps | 
but ba Aid bo POOD fou^id buoaulf liked TAtber »mtt inter thaam^ | 
eompa&loD, aud bo ftt oqcq diaduuod lb« eompuj of dubi* on «r 
fluciitvniitt. ArooHgft bJaocJltj^a fritted* wii»Uiat LutohJm Midi— 
vbom oomo wfltcm bnro cuioAvourod to proio to bo the nmX J iintol 
thoiub Uis cUimi iier« loug ago aiftoJ. and rqjcct<!d b; pdbfee 

Having witb biA nmuil iui^auUiAi ui Huob nutUon, booo&e i 

f>r a foUAif-Ktndentk QoldsiaiU) VAuld not hav^ been aMp to ^ 
£diuhiu^h, bad it aot bacn for 31ad«aa« aod Dr Joaepb tcnn SIo^ 1 
a Qunkor, «Jid aft cr w anii m pvpidac p^QTHkiati at CorlL S5et\i^l U^j 
arrant by their kindnoap bo eDiharitod for Bordcanj, bit vao drin 
into Kowoaaib^u-Tjua : wWo tlia tUp prning to be ti^md i 
cnliBtiiJC Aolilicra tor tliA Fituc^ axur, ha waa aebcd and caM ttP 
|)ri!Vkn fur a frirtrii^bt UiTi^rv bo cci%\a pmvn hit (amoarnnk In ' 

maaotiiao tbo chip had <»Qt|)Mi out of tbe barboar. lU htd 
blfl pHaam and bb pavs^o^Doiusy and big^i^; bttt muxl bU 
fur Uin uhlp v«A vrmAd. And uvvry iviilI ri«n4bf<i1 , Hq tbe«i i 
OTor to R^U'rdani, etujini at lMy<ku m o tear, but» ' 
app«ata, took so deigna ^ aud Uioum «et ai^ oa ioa\ t» thai 1 



fel » mtidi liu ■Jwiys b««n laU &n ooimnclon «ritb Ma oftiae. 
bifl nuia) tfood-oftturod tlmughUcwcn wbMi ftboot to v«t for* 
from LoTdva, provided «rUi4«D4ll fuodbT-biatuidoOontorfaet 

I MfiK strudr, in tlu j^&nlon of a flodsl with tome battoiiful bulboua 
ftmrA. ami ncoBecUog ia bis gn^tuiie Ua undo Ct>utiiriiLo'A odioi- 
ntioQ of ihoa? Sovroro, bo apo&i moai of th« tnoQay^ in imrctuuing 
I ftifttADtity of tbcui to nhip to Ircknd for hun. as tlie tiio«t vdoonio 
{ireHBt b^ooulJ tbiok of ; sad thAasrt oat^AlnKst poDiiUna, on his 
jovDt^. Hia tour «;iicndcd thro^gb Fluidcorv md FttMtao, ol Poria 

VoUair» i a imilJ portJoo of OartoADy; tbeoed iJniongti Swjtz«iiuid^ 

▼uritiilg AOno of itn tsocrt cv^cbiutoil DOottcis MtA thaihiat soEDcof Ito 

I faich««t iDOimtunn, u tho Jiira ; Aod tbenoe into luTy, wbrm h« 
«x{«lld«d Lis jounwi; U> mo«t of ibe fiortiicrra cili««; Xflvittitt, Uikn^ 

, PaJua, FWonoo, VeroiaA, Venioo. u>d the wilda of CbrinUuB i but 
nmr TC«cb«d Room or KapIoa. Bia DOoesaiUM bootno too leroAt to 
POTfoit Idm to go ftirtbor. In FraaoA LiB bttd mA, omoD^t tbo 
pouftDtryr aa npfTBontod in )ub invvllc^r, n uarvrHlbUrQg revouroc^^ 
DotAo in ItftlT. Thora tho bjjdhor tiv«t« for mittdo dbuo bin nido 
akilL QseliPA i mi befouad many oTbisoouDtrTinoiirMideDtA \q tho 
mooAateriair o"*^ tboso voro aIvaja rvftdj' to frllc%-o biit W4ijt4. IJo 
fbn&d al«o A&otbcir n:M>tirto> wlueb b« rvUU* ia lib Philosophic 
Va^Abcud: — 'My Afall in miwic comld av^ mo noihinf; in Juily, 
wbcro «vorT peoumt waa d Wttcr mueicuiii Iban I ; but by this ttmo 
I bad AcqinrM AHOtlt^r talent, vhit-h Arinwcrcd loy pjorpoM «a wuIL ; 
And tbk VAS A AktU ki dieputAtioi^ la dl tbe foreign aQiTcndtJofl 
^Attd oociTectd tbcro AfO| upon ocrtain duya, pbiloMphittl t}i«««0 
fMiniainnil ai^uft pvciy AdveatiliouH dkpiituit ; for wbicb, if tha 
<*ytr^ <W0*** *^ ^^7 duUnt^, bo cut cUrm a irratiiity io 
moMfji A dipDcri Asd a beJ for on* ni^bt. In tbm nuhtinir, then. Z 
fboi^i m; WHY ti>vArdii Eei^!'"^^ ; wiilcod oloiv from city to city, 
UAminod ounkind mom cloatily.iuid, if I lomjm^xft^m Ltj«Air botii 

lUiM of tbo pCOtUTA." 

TlufA ■ DO qnoAtiooi Unt thjji bArdy cttterpriAA of makir^f tho 
totir <if EaT«|« ott fool. And pUAhiog bis mty m h* ennid, hj bin 

bim A dcMor in AlnxiAt oTory kingdom in Europe, jti immdixly 
«KiiDd«d him koovrlodgiaof buown uatun- Ho wm tbo ftrrt mu), 
tbro«ub hm olooo oboorvatkci of iho Prvnob poopUs to predict thsjr 
bccuB^ up tbe donKitinni of tbc old monAicby. 'Aa thu Swedtt 
«n DMkinff ocoocnJod ApproAcbu to donpotJUQ, tbo ynmok an tho 
otb«r bondp oro iiDptrevpbbiy vimJiciitiEix U»ttbiaHMi Into modcoL 
When [ omUer ttwt tbew parliniDCfila, tbo ronnberA of vbidi Ara 
AH ovAtod by tbe oaurt^ tbo pRBidoita of wluob oaq otily act by 
iBDBi«ibfttodirBotum, ptwumoovoti loRknntioftpnvilcgOAUkdfrtodctn, 
vbo^ tiU ef bLo, reonTvd dirociioaA Iron tho ibPNiA vAb laplktt 
btuility ; wbem Um n oaiMidero4 I onftot belp fAo^dg tbil Ibo 
Mnitw of l^otdou Uw •Dt«r*d thai Uiwdovi in duqiniM). If tb<^ 
hare but Um^ v«Ak mociAnht im«DM9iv3y od tho lbr«ne^ tb« mmk 

Will b(! Uid AAhii^ nad tbo oMintij vill 

ividy OD tJ 

ODM aon b« fro*." 



lUfl wflfl ft r#Tiukri:«blA profili*? j - the aunwttf of OolteoiU f<B^ I 
tfmt«rl tlt««vc«AAilf(UurtlvctvttTnnbMon Uio niodof fiotebil 
tn«£iTg tbf «aciM cnmod, utjim U the iame ODudoouiD. I 

111 I7se Oliwr U«l(bniHh rotehtd RnglAad, iio«lJn«l ftmr t« IWl 
)atl «f hii li£0 lo iMWonM 11m som* of hk t«n«d «lruffil«i^ bft fonrt^ I 
And bk biMk ti WHO a Iods vtAr; to Mow him uloutdr ilffD<vy 
•11 U« wiUpit'OiTiN pttnmita m ta oxkUooe^ bb Tariootf UimgM < 
nakl«Dc«^ tor ■ loag tioD» viUiouC mudi vt^wko* tomu^ fral i 
npntetioo. Tbe <w^ port of his ou^tr ii lost lo obioafitji 
OMgMtnrtt. Ho al^ppea upon tbo nboro of Btigtod a 
■ilvMhuw. dsitituta of eaih, and untyrtiain u to vlul 
Urolibood w aboald onbreoe. Tbe Btntg^ vbtdi now ^ad ; 
MOW tinM> vcmt ott wn for lifo it«>l£ Ho voo rodoo«d to t^ i 
diMMrftW dregn«toncic*> D^ applidd for inuiUnof to hla 
in mktd ; but vhMhor lh«y cobU na kn^ bclp him, or vhcd 
llHJf ooir r^inrd^ hio coqudooI wandonn^ mod oontaraal diwil 
upon tb«ov K* tbo oooHniMd liiPV^ ^ ^ Ibriftlav wf^bood, invl 
nnM^ U i» Mxl thai ia thit vitiation bfttriftd tfaoriiy inn oju a h jl 
town 1 md bin iniiiuftt* MKtuoixitoiiocabip with iho lotocior of 11* j 
wrolchttJ oountfj pUrbouM^ m diapkjed ia The Adrcmtana cf 41 
Sbronii^ Fl^vtr and m oocdmott of tbe utory of Ooorf^o Primrai j 
rvodMo tl TM/jproboblo. Ho nofldtiTOD hj ulW noocL oo^^~'^'^ 
tho Viyovrofd or tho IriibauD. to bo ilmosd " anjbod/* i 
Tho uost nWMTO* iw Iraitliig to Im Kheht^c KXfiiiD 
|iriiMvro Mk oajWMint na aa ttthor in « ovunUj ochocl. Bui 1 
ippoAnueo moituTO b(«Q iQiiBit biia ; ixfortnoa he hj^ bom ^J 
tbA eoiiaUj to gttt ; aod tho<igfa hoiy>plM to his oM k[nd ^^ 
I>ubHi^Dr.Ibiddiffci,ootUiabruUWildn-tbonquntcd Wft t*9m 
nundfeiion to bo glvwi to hhn undtr a UfiMd luuiu^ h«ji^ «ih«*Bl 
of hmofWf faAviitf bifl pra««at coitdittoo nmtutad n i;b h>i o<& 
Dr BwUilJ^wuioldJ^iobo nlcttt. QoldoBiiUi held thiauluoltf^i 
U ma^ bo Mnuaod. uuiWr th<«o eirooinvtaiioM* for no leaf P<M£j 
hut tbe vor^ locttioo of tho school ifl unkoown ; it has b««i mi ' 
Lo ID TofMilnswidftlooui Kout^ dou Aahfunl dt Toniordau. 1 
vrt of 1 Ufo Im bad of it id tbu ■< Do-lho<hoj» R^" vbofO* 
wtm^ vr* miy loam froCB ths ciinont Gttocbism bo jnxU iato ' 
laiimtli (if tho oowdn of ood of bin torociL '* A^, Uiia Iv it»k<d •! 
vary nrrttjr oamor that bM hoock diaJbid ont for jraa. 1 hai« ' 
iaisaWatalKiaidinMdkool tiysdf; and mi^r 1 d*o bjr «ti i 
nokbOA, bat I had mhrr bo iiud«i^t«ruk«)r lo Kov^alv. I was < 
turly and IaIa. ! «iu brovt>c<d by tho foastAr : hatM for my \ 
Ufi^ bv Um ttiBttraM ; vorHod by tho bo^m within, and notvr , 
tniUM^ to alir out to roovivo oiTUltf abrotd. But u^t you vuro ; 
mt9 At for a ■ebool I t^ mo AiamTtM tou a 1kttl«. flavo 3P00 h 
Ind appntntic* t« tho bonnoii* 1" " Sto^ " Then you vPOQ*t do 1 
aaohoot Saw YOQ bad tho a^l'poi P "Ka" "Thoo tihi wonl 
dofloraadkooL Cui jroa ]]« tkrwi iaabtd 1" «Kol- *'Th«n yo 
vont do to a school. Haro jou fnt a good vtoinMh T** ** Y«a.1 
^Tlitti foti win by no looaiM dofor aa^hML!'' 

tlhv<u Ibxa auidi • puiifktorj ovob Ear wiDt of a ofaaractorf 1 



hMd, mi otHW EuoK vmdEimig tli« strooU of l^oDdou amid ft 
tWi»d otiicrequAUTde»titiiiowr»to1)(». Hvapplj?-! tc^apgibecsiy 
ftft«ripcitlkOCU7, tnuonf to hii modicftl tduciUon for rmploymoct 
vftfa wm ; but with tU tli« tritci* of Titj^Iwnd ii)iiigi)D<» upou hitn, 
■ltd witloul ntiy rrcotarnvtidftlion to )ibQW,1iif» rrpulaoaWBre ccrt»ia. 
Aobnabe<^tbor<kmoof J«<«bt rMJJi^Kt ihQC9Fn«rofHomun4ct 
DT B^ll-^iml, on Plftb-itTMt-lill, ukm^ ootDpasuon on bk d«ttlltute 

cuDdilion, ai Irngtli Rsrri him ani|iJoji&i?ut. lb miij bo suppowd to 

be about thi% time that hiiilodfi]u?<w«^of ihtt rnofntlkttntdMcrip- 
lioti vilh vhicb beonoo inaftcrlifttitAHtedAcircloof goodoomjMnj, 
^•bfvakiiie out «uddoiilr in soroo fit of forgct/ul mttiiuilaBiii with*— 
*■ WboD I lirnd nmnnfcA the be^snni in Aie-lanoJ* His fint jiIoaA 
of Wt«r forhi&o wtw flndiag hm old Edinbnrffb cotloim fr«mrt. Dr. 
9tpigh| m L<iDit>n, wbo rawiroil liim iu ilU his ^ui^<>r yiiih tho 
wurath of truo f^MndidiipL and riiablt^ hicn to OATmn^niv M TihyMciw 
Ik Banluidifv Soi)ibw»rk. U did not anwrr^ nnd tho ouit gu[n|i*e 
of him i% ncUiig m a forroctor of the pnun ja tb« pdnling oCGoo of 
KicbiJitftOQ thfl Kov«ti«L Tbo Dcxt fortumto cmnunnUoco wiA 
metiQE with Kr MHiivr, ono of h» dd Edinburgh f#l]ow-«tiid«iitS| 

at Pedthftni^ In Sarrej. By bint ho was noonmmdcd to bia fttber, 
to Midat him in hi* achonl <lntiRi^ ]>r lliliioF vita mffmns undor 
rvrre illiiMe, uid Ool^biuiitb'ii iwiriooi w<fv aoceplcd. Hot* db cim- 
Tied Ibf aomo thmy— it ha» bcoi aai4 bj port of the bmil^, tbrt« 
~ and thb ecmnexion lad to the ono whioh brought bun into 
fivU of authombip. Mr^ an^vrardu Dr. GriiHtlL-s a book- 
Fatenoater^row, had aUrt«d the Mootblj Buriow, and wm 
m for contribriLon. QoMsmith, vbona ho had boooma 

aeqoatDloJ wiOi nt Dr, Uilunr'n, tran ono invited, 'Hio oD^gagaoMmt 
b oakmkted to make botb projiricton ncd mithora of the preaODt 
day amilaL (joldimlth ww rrifiikrly bmnl^d uid ]odg;ed JK the 

UbUopotoS bow»»— tbo Lir<4 aerriu^t ot htormtorv, Iloir BattftTao- 

torj'tiit* oddarnuffientent of keeptiig atjune tiuthor turned out, maj 
te gneesed br the bet that the eogpigvmeni hr t vcar «Qd«d m lire 
eaoctluL Tlfo great ftut at which OoUacaitb kicVfsl -mm^ tbul itot 
oqIj OrlffithL bot iftt ■>(/>, w«a ia the teeolar bol^it of acting as tbe 
Mfiaor, uid albraiiig tba artides written for the Beriew. 

F^om thift tirufl to tho daj of bJa deitb Ooldnulth wm rejukHjr 
tauDchod Iota Ibe druifj>:i.>-ry '^f li^^raturo ; th^ mocft wioriEts^ futi;niib, 
meortalo, aud worat ri'muu><raFiu^ 1if« iiudt?r tbe sun. To live tn 
oike loof aaxicty, ^ad to dio foor, w«a bis lot, oa 1% haa booa that of 
*i^04MU)ds of etlw.lL Tbero are innocent mindM, irbo aie fillud vrith 
Sladuaft at the eicbt of a goodlj Ubrarj ; who fiioat oa a w«II-buiuid 
ivw of bMikft, oa thi} lorer of TiaUiT* dov on a iHwtkal laodaeUM) or 
na a bulk of Tiotota. For my pari lavnt aoe raoh a eolbat&i of 
bonhn wlthtjiQt an fowd paa^ Tfaej rcmJod mo of a artaooiob ; 
Tcliinie «» in mj cjn buta bono in tbo s^rcnt nth«riag of ibo 
of tjlerafjaur^n. When I nlltoanii^j tte ploaaurewith 
} nun; ol tLow houU wen vrittou, followed by the aval's of 


twmnipiiiiiii Uidri 

; «U<h ttaafcd thfir poibto- 1 

» ftdr tdtns vara wntlc* ^J 

r fcnrt% In iW onoM c^««m] 

I vri&a* wIm wvic taknl^l 

ifaift I i>u»iubM,appM ' 

, ttaw vira rvaiai l«] 

MB dariaf tW 

L fh JwMy >iw fr awJog it in Uktv-f 

L I ^ l« ttitti ^ Ihtt tMH 1 

t A> iSBvtal if^tt which cmted 1 
r b tea* BO neb i^wadiiJy lyttedt M-j 

~ k ; hMU of hU 
fcqi GMb bm- Ik TO 
■ iHm ^ tW llMt^r ^vixr, i>i 1- ^. Mi ti w i>ot 
tiiSb 1^ w Im Hivid to U« Sm poatn-TU <" 
TIhh W awvd • »«Mi fWiT vvnnlkwbip to •aoof »■«» i 
AlpWbn^b^totO* Ittn^ ia E^uih Ittonuw i 
wi^ dflltoed fBitio^ ; tiirtjy to Wn /<« mon be wit j 
a«vik tertoff to w bmi Mm* nrtn to pnWrit j hv n^ 
DmM ^^: ^ tttoiltaU*TkvofVBki£aU; hb 
nlnnd Hn, nd &h» StoofM to 03W)«r i bMdm bMft of I 
vrtttB tooJto Itoi pc4 boQ«— fiiatortv of AahiutnJ Vata 
ftifha^ Oemem, Hmm^ tfsd «f«£ net. D<m:« Uw< wVob 
«uf«r \\\% riwiiikij miaiHtinii nf flnhfintlh th mn nf tUMH 
HtatmthAlfahinBMW^fniMvtklealilitai^Uuo adolAtef 
to* MM^ thft BM* tod W wvtt ton tittttA tke ■am 1m iCa ; 
wni»l Mn MMwitof Ilw wimi rinriTnl bTlda for hUvriU 
■Mii^WiiI«in5liMiniifir TThir Tliiii rnTTiTun tn itin hml 
ard«S h nwi^iliral T« 6ad bh l>& Atoiuulins wHh kU 
nvtenra«aittowsuton»of hio bw^oo&w : tad rtvacdvingJ 
MauMMtkb^ TbpTtonllvr brocKto btn rAnaMypu'ww/l 



^■^01^ iu ^Jky liDgOB^ U «ouu be a curious hat to Rsc«rtefi^ wtfn 

Bui It QoIildDolth vw not wall remunenUd f^^r th/t mHu wllti 
wlkicb b* onHc^Ad IhA Emdinh lAngi^ag?, ho vask rich in fnat^ti. 
JobnwDp Borke,^ Jottku&nejTDol'lJsiiirtho gront luea of tb^Me^ 
w«r« bis fciUiuM anodaUejUtd Know bow to vtlut buih Lw ^^tiuud 
ftttd hk OAMJAub rtAtiiftt. T^a fHcntbhip oJ Johnion for him wflft 
liMDttfu). All the vorld knovs tho vtory of JohmoD MrlliDt; "Uie 
juauuw-npt of tlio ViOAr of Wakdield" to sare the muUior from aii 
ftnwK of fuM loDiUjulj far iim«r« of nrtt. It hu bocai nuido tlw 
■u1>(ffciof EDoto thfta ooe ezooUant pamtinit; but it U not aofftoe- 
i^lVkDOVD, that HO uuc«itaiuwero both Johiiaon and UM|wltBtb0r 
<J itA mcrrtii, Utot it rvnumnd novljr two jdats in tbs pTtbli^bci^ 
^Oilt bcifbra ^ Twturod vo publish it It wa« the fuo« of TLo 
Tnr«n«r vfaScb cmboldiswd th» Libli<:>j>olo to briog It out, uid tbo 
public it onco r«OBiT«l it irith atto innlMa tvnd goD«ni] pliMr- 

Bat it Tft8 tbo public iiliicb welcctned it tSiu vftmily, not Iho 
«ritJCB, Soino of Quae nuter eroa noticed it, oUi»9B ^re t buo 
■eoount ot Um Jttorr, but not 0110 of thota H Vttd U> prelio i1 bse^ti^, 
if bo enr fvn^Ttd lu morit. It Tf<^uir«e ganiud todlsoovir feo^M^ 
OTj wbftt )H bvtur. hunt, ^ud U "hsie tbo tui«ophiBtkat«d bftrt in 
t)kB~ riding |iubltc At larga whi<h wwi at cBicotoofih^d b^tlio pfttlio% 
tbo humour, ood tbo genuine pioturei of lift ia tfaie monmnnnble 
etory. BcforolhoTeorwiooutHbadpnewdtbtou^tbnooditkiiis; 
end tbcQ Ui* dirveton of tint liiTur^ vorld br^n t/> And that lh«ro 
«u eomettung in it, Coldianitti UvimI to eoo it» ^xtb odttiou : tod 
i>M« bis tinu H bu puuhhI throu^ eome boodred^ ; b» been 
tim«ei>tfid into altnoit ^v^ry Ungnft^n, jnduding tbo Cfainnn, ind 
hi* recoiticd the bigfacvt ju>uliiui>o from tho gf«atoflt geniUBee of «U 
natkwia Ooeibc,iDli«''Wahr}idtandl>iobtimg,*e«;»uitttbdiKiii- 
troduotti to bift notio* bj HGnibr, it oprrtiAd vp a d«« world in hiu ; 
■nd 0VM7 on« fe«U bow mnoh lie hoe oBtkorouiod to giro to coo 
oT tW moBt intcroiiug opinoda of blA Htudeiii Ufi*, tlut <tf tho 
danj^tAf* af UiA Pfikm^r itf SoMDb*i»i thr ocloiiriagof OoldnnnltlL 

Wo mitft now couliiir? uur»elT«e to » brief iTi<,ijcntiou of uKCCMivo 
Te«ddui>:«tt ftud bftuutA of GoUtKujtib during bt« liKmry lifo in Lnidna ; 
toi ofcocrring OQ^, that HomiprviiiitMQR W & long limowwitbo fliM 
of AuU:o^sbi|^ Ui^t Lc nou^lit svretml uni«n to qut it In ITAB, ho 
procured Ui« potfi ol pLyiuciiLn auid auraeon to otit of tb« IWlorius 
ou tbo iKAft of 0>Ti>3iHii<l»L Ixil «ui rnntiirid bii f^ rtiA<-4tii at Siir- 
gUcniT EloU, u not dulj' (jualifiixL lift tri«^, in 1760^ to jtfomre tbo 
utnalioci of 9ccrtiurv to the docMtjr of Arts, m n mcacu of jwriDft- 
oeni «v|jpMt ; aiid biltn& bo rociirrod to a wild i^ect, whiA bo 
bid euMftined ymm before, of coing out to tho em! to dM-jp^er 
tbo inectipUuis on tbe Wnt4<n Blouutat&Bt tUon^ he w*s iotal^ 
ignorant c7 Arubic or tlio iantfiiAga In whuli tbn tiwerrptiMUi tnigbt 
be ntjifONfJ to b« writUu. 0ia Ukduconioitt w» the sunr^r of SWOJL 
'id been feft for that purpoee. Ho pcc^osed fa tU« 

But^ liiid ialrodu» UinQ inU> llriUin. W1i«'n Jc^aon beuxl irtbi 
ho Aaid,--"Whr, Sjr, ha would brin^ hoin«»ffri*ding-bArTDirf«1aeb 
yoxi wo ta cTvrv itrcot of London, oad ibJA bo tud fivnbM a 
woindorful unprovomonl" Tb/9 scbccio appoutd vi riaiomi; la 
r41ker quArt^ra, aad to M throogb, Tfaeta wimu phiu, honn^ 
n31 allow wHt a Uiarojr pttU vroa thftt of AQtbonliip to huo. 

Wo Unci OoldmuUi Hint rwidinib ftfte h* b«d qoittod Orffflllu^ 
roof, ftbout IT&Tr la the vJonity of SKUebiuT-iqtwt^ FlaetaiteB: 
vhiore o^actlj. ia not knowik &fc this time d^wb io tbft h*bit« 
fr»quoattajr tba TVmpltt Eiduzuo ooS^o-boiMO, rnv T«mpl*-ter: 
wh«r« ho bad lua Mt«rs addnnsM, uid vh«ro bo eraa b4v, 4ccociAlf 
tc tha 6iiluoQ of tho iuQoc^ h» ftttionte, vhffo bo bad knj* TbcM 
4ov9 not ApiMv tJ) b4 uy iMch flr)iroD-houw ADV. Gre«n-tf1)Q^ 
court. b«twe«u the Old TEfliloy onti what tu Utd; Flott Mitlft 
ms bis noit »boii«<, Jihrm ho U>catvid himself tow»rdH tbe tmdJt 
1708. " Htm," 60^9 bi« biompbor, *'h« boouM v^kaown ta hli 
titorai? hrethrec, vim viattod by th«iB, and hk lothkigs wvii 
bcv«d. Tbii house, a few ymra woi fomed tho nbodvb tiB • 
to haro ^ona In hJi enm titnfir of ubonoiv tndi^noi^ Tins mij 
ii')USMlifaovLaeprt«eitt«i«iVw7apf>«amiod of squalid porttly.ii 
floor beiD^' ocoapjrd b^v Ui« pounwl cksi. Two of tbo nnnW 
down from tgn and f^tUpdi^timi ; nod tho rotojiindiv; OQ th* aoi 
sid« of tba oourtf inokding tbat iti whioh tb« pwt rH^ded obudhf 
cm tbe rjght^uod oom^rvacuUKutff^'U^Farnnfd^m-iilrctt brvtal 
U oaUiwt^ from Ihoir alAApnMM wtii nnmhAr. 7trwcTiMrk^l«pH,^-iMt 
btken dowD nrne tlae tft^rwudo to ftvoid s liiiiQkr oiMrPptiL 
'Hicj' were four KtoriA Id bdgbU tbo ctUoA hod csKoieEnfr wtnwok 
and At (^OA tim« thay w«Tn pmbahlr inSiabitMl bj A viporiAr WiAll 
toaonU. Tbe >ito la aow oocapioii by a Isr^ taiUdisg, «iic1(Md tf 
o waH ruimiog thniugh the court or oq^^^^ iat«Ddud ibr Iho otafcfei| 
and lofU i>f a waggon offLeo.* 

lu the beffLtmiii^ of March, ITfifl, he vu Msa here br tho ftor. Xr 
Percy, ofterwATdK Biehop Ptf<7, the oolkotor cf tt« Belkinf*, mA 
author «f tlw> H^rrmit nf ^orlewortlv oo* of bin «uUMt hiitrwj 
^iond*. ^'The docUir," obtorvod the pnl«l% "waa otDDfcreA to 
wrftlTig bi» Enquiry into Polity Leanto^ KaawrHobodJrdirtv ro«a> 
In whlob th«ro wo* but ooo «baif ; and when» lipom drilllj, tbia nft 
oflTorcd to his riaitAQt, he hinunlf «aa obliged to dt b the wiarW^ 
White thoY were wnrening^ aome ooie gent^ rapped al tho ^oet, 
nud o» halcLg dooirod to eomo ii:^ a poor ra^QBd little sM of vf 
dooedt b»banou'r eat«red, who, dropfHiig a ourtay, vald— ■ jiy muna 
■ends bor oompiinumtii, aod bap the Jhvonr of your Uidlu btf 
apotfalflf «*&." 

Mr. Pnor, in 16Sn, Going into % fKoall ibop tn tho CbpbHtft-raedIa 

IiimbaoetheHmtodiboaofiJolJatnitfa'e&HaTg^iyln^ tn tbewin-lw, 
iNtiid tho weoaaxi i& tiio ahop nn *M ooogbbMir of tbo bo#t'«, 9b« 
mid ahe wais a noer ndativo of the womn vho k^l the bona* in 
UfMA-arboiir^court, asd at tbo igo or eoved dc otflit v«Qt Arvqumth 
Ihithw ; Olio of tho iaihuomenta to whteh was tho oahee «>d bum 




me&t^ riren to Ij*r and clWdtildren ©f the Chmily by Iho f m-lriniui 
who lodged there, Tbcctc thpfjdiiljrAliu^d At thotnomcut ; biitwh^n 

^ «fUr«inlA oouuilifroJ w Xht> gift of oii« itu vaiini^nt, Uko rvoulluclioai 
boouaa tbo »<mKie or pHd«5 &nd bout Another of hu uniumtwrita 
ooQaiafod bx averabliiig tbe«o ohitdrcrj in hi* mom. and inddctDg 

, Ui«ai to «kDa> to tho miuio of Lin tlutj;. Or thU icntnuiMOt, us 
i nlu&tiori fnvo Atudj, bfi wa2 ToikI. Ue waa inwnllj nbut up io 

I tiu> room diiJtnff^tbe day, Vest out m the ennixiA md ptiXNirrvd 
irogaloj houn, OlHh«bitaothervriiicwaro iMMrUibla^uia LobaiiieTvnJ 
Tuiton. OiitJ of th« oompuiona whose socieLy garo bitn putkokr 

- pbMtire wa» ^ n^cct«blo WAtchcuJEer, reudioc id tho nmo court, 
'Cokbnt«d for tiro potneBrioa of much irit aad liumour; <juiillUo« 

' wbidb,>ft th«7 ilnihguish tifa ovn writiofh he proftastt to bire 
iouffht uid coliinboJ wh^rrever Ihov wm to be fbund . 

Hvrc tho iroDum relnUid that Qdldoaubh'a Undlord, bavhifi AOSoft 
into diffioilliM^ vrss at l«EUj^h urotfd ; &nd Uoldfinilh^ "ho ofihI 
a BUiUl Biioi of money fcr rvut, beii^ >i)plied to b^ hia vrtfv to i^Ut 

ho did not vaat roeourceft. A now mitt of dothae wta oon&iiJiQed to 
the [wrabrokor, aud tbo amuuiit T&iAod |nwiug mtjoh mart than 
BitAcicat to diackArva Eiu own drbt, ma li«iidod vwr for Uiu rotcwe 
L of tlie nriaOD4r What ia moat arn^u^ ia. that thJa eObrt of aotire 
rlMuevoIeaoo to reacue a dobtor mnt gaok ptf^ in aU ptohabUity, 
^naeioacihatso t^Miuib hico of duboncnt^. Aa we baTo oMd, Oolo- 
C araitb ^tapoatost to go out to India, took bianaiuinatioD at Stireoci&Ji* 
IBal. To aiak« a creditaUe appoaruico then* ho had bomitiad 

^BWnvy of OrlflJtLBi tho bai>lE»ollc<r, for a new suit uf dotltcs. Tbcoo 

[Clotli«a nri8)t|i« 9oi?n nfWirardA dixoovvr^ han£iog at a ticiwii- 

fliroker'a door. Aa Ooldankith had UmI the aituatioa he liad boaaled 

I of «boa he borrovrnl Uiin ojoiwy, uid kept hlo own not wry lUtter- 

bv aecrat of tbo ouuo of tbo low— hta rojectlon at Sufgaoo^ BMt 

— ThrWUii^ a loan of ooana mind, at odo* jumped to the oOfltdoafoo 

ifaub JL iru *U a pjcoi of tnokcry. IXo deuumuod ui o;t|)tviatK)a of 

UoklHnjtth ; Coldamith refuMxl to ^vt it. He doniUKUa the rotcxn 

of hia moaoy; Goldunitb, of comvo, hid it not. They came to 

Tm fieroe and riulNitt and, aa it provtrl, irre^oodlnblo i|uarfDLj tod 

\ Ooldanitli, diadaiiung to oiplatn the rc^ oirciiuirtanooa, k>DC bom 

'he dia^raea of dnpUsity an the roaah of lua ^orooa aot 

Ihcn ia ODO moro aooodota ociui^ctoJ mth hia naldtnico htwv, 

and it b charaoterittJa A gmilevDan inquiring vhi^ltct' hv «aa 

within, vaa above up to bia room without fiulbcr corciuooy, vbtit, 

I •MID aJlvr liAting «utor«d it, a i»oi*e of Toiora, u if in altfircattou, 

Lwaa heard bj tlw people bdov, tbo key of tho door at tbo aaiuo 

f JDomctst being ttirnod vrthin tho rooen. Dcnbtfol of tbo Datura of 

) the iiitornovr, tb» atWut^n of Ibo UEidUd]- mtf ctcilod* but b<rib 

^cea hefnjE tnWrnk hvr ao^vKuma of peniaoal 

vkdoDce wen IuUkL aod do further iiotioe takca, lAte in toe otcd* 

lag the doer waa unlocked, e good auiwr oinkred hy the rii^tpr fkvn 

lhetul^laiariEiiEtArero,aod the nDUMoan who tnetaounmiioi^ 

at intf apent the reaiaaoder of the ereniug in j[reat good hooioUT. 


llie oxpUcalioo {trcti </ UiW ac«fii» «H, tbaL Uw poet Wi^ I 
Wnl Witb onUb wHtco^ Ibr Ue prc^ and tht vUtad p 
pubtioiAloD Hrrit-e<l, tbo inUuiler, vko voa k pnntcr or pob 
prolittbtx fUaUtau DT WilUo, fbr boib of whuii Ijv wrou atl 
Uittft, viiitld HDt QuH ths nom tiH the? in-r« fiuUbed ; «ml livl 
speciea of dimxioo ittfiicUnl oa the vit^r, the mpficr toaod A* 1 

I& tlkose aTkftrtauot% liUlo iiui«1>40il u we m«j beUfre to * 
kliQun of Uic boovecna^ be it aaid lo hareobscrrcd Uw pndih 
biUu of iho npidor, uid dnwa wi Uutt Vf*r oa ilw sabtet «h 
Appntred ia tbo fi>urtlt nutuber m the Soe^ rApnntod in 1^ ft« 
■nd gireo in nbatwicQ ui tfae HUtorr of A^toal^d Katei«^ 
thvo loi^tDCt be vrpta n Uvmolr of die UIb of VolUlTK i 
TnuwIeUun of tliA H>Vlnad^ ; ui Rnniiirj into tlM SUU of ' 
Lgoroing in Europe ; be«ifl«» « multihido of reriewa tad 

utidoeloi tbo Bee, the Baarbodj, ftDd oUier "'ipHf" of ' 

Ho vmLt 4lto liU ChlnMHi lj«ilt«n^ uid no^sTi^ier jirtiak* •C] 
two fr'voek. ai the nto of • suiim p«r irtwK In tTQ) bo ^ 
OrovU'Orbour-oourtv uid Uok revpoctaUo lodging in Wii 
OOUH, FUot«lr«M« vfaor* h* conlMiu«J about two yosn b Uia I 
of Ki aoqtMdnUoouv & KitU«« of tbo fiiMiiflj bookacJlor, He 
mdooeKior of BixDter, ooroor of Si. Fialo Cburahyu^ % 
UAtno, ft»(l DOW Gnat ood GrifTiUi^ htm bo b»d o Uigo I 
ocquftinUnoo uaoagrt looii of aU gndoi of rcptitation uid ' 
A&MbM thom Dr. Porcj vu m A-oquoct viaitorj nod boo J 
tbot DTi Jo1iu*on WftA mtcwbuod Co hiiu bj Dn Poro^g ol tt i 
porty irtuch GoldBnuth govo to p«noQ» duefty litoraiy. Jr 
woM dfiMBOd UI liu bluest stvlo. Odd od Por^ roniwtiDC Ui 
wont Aluift « IThf, Sir," Mid JoluMoii, '' I b«u- thot GoldiuH 
U o tvrv great tloron, juitifies hii dkregud of okotofit 
doom^ Dy (inotjog uj^ practioo ; oad 1 &m dotarooo tbb : 
obow him ft DoltOT owDpIo.*' Ftmo tbo fint tnoount of j 
thoM two froftt tncia took rutly to oadi otbn; aoI cootimidl 
ftiouh tiQOolduiiih'ji dcAtb. 

Dwrbe OoUaittUiV nsidanoo Ut Wuw-o4lioo-oowtt lie wa» 
cmplojtd OD % laiBpfafet OQ tbe O»k-Joua Ghool ; a Untorj i 
HoefcloDburg ; tbt A/t of Footry on a Kon PIte> ; ad Abriito 
of Pliit4rob i Additjou* W BofUib BMatj ; • Lift uf Bmq J 
umI oontribcitioiw to the Clirmoii 1doiE«aui^ : mo«t of tb^ 
wriitou for Nnwbcry. To kIiovd Htm todium of bb dndfHT,] 
WM lu tho Imiii 4f frociaoQtii^ tbo Uondftj- ovculoj tx}ooUnsi i '^' 
bobin Hoed Doloiiu^ Soctely. bdd oi a botise of tbot i 
Bute hoi^ row, whilhox il hod domi nmuaind tmn tbo box I 
EoMXHtlrool, ia tbo Simtd. Tbo |Miyioa^t of AiiooDco f 
oolj rcquiidtv for odoiuvkiD ; Ibree holTpeo'v ■'f wulrb ^ 
btf Mit by fbr tbo pujp<Bco of ebuntr- The uii < 

vijittoni ar<M;ed ftbout 5,000. A gilt cLur todiotf- 

MtborJty, UM «U iivndiotuwiiot oxcopting ndisiDQ ui'i p>^ul:%j 
<q>OQ to dbouwdoo. In iUmo disoosioD* Ooul^miib uoyi ov 
uke imx%, buL bin i^riMit doU^bt won u> lioteu to iho 



HrjnecA Meat, nt Uio coAdua^^n of ono of wbich OoliliftiHb 
3od to lib o&icfiAiiioct, DarrkrV. "Thht rniu wm nxttnl bj 
vBHin tor t lord cbuiceUor ; " to «!iidi tJcrrick rtpU^^lt " tie, n% 
TO* nn high I h9 wu only inUruUd for m^iltr of /i^- rdJyf " Th* rutta 
MtauUj Socftmo A uiflpAtrftto in Miildlesoi, antl, u «u nid, » firal- 

In 1 7^ O/ildatDith quitted WmO'Onoft-otftiH, Add t*)!)!: Irtd^oga ia 
the boii3i> of a M m. Elji;nl>^h Fleming in Iilitffibxj. Thin Wks to be 
m&r bin r^iciul aiKl piibhJ«hor, Mr- No«bor7, v£h> rosid^d »t Uanoo- 

Itary-hmu^, HMr to Mn. F^lrtaiapV Eton h« Af^tifiueii till i"04, 

cikufly «DipIciyed iipoc joi^vork for his frJMsd Nawb«iT ; ttncuB^ 
tka moflt txmkortAni, tbo Lvtlen of a Koblctnu to hit bcm, and uw 

[ fDvtAiT^nf KngiAnd. H« u«od to roUcvo tho moDotOKn' of Iih lifb bp 

vDcklj tuHn to th« Literary Club, of which Johmum, Bmke, And SSr 
I JTtMfau n«jfioldji, iron prlodpal moiDtM*, Mid vbidi «u bold at 

I Here tberc :■ pwry muiflQ to bcliovie, ocGitrrod the eteul abvady 
I aSudod ti^ tfac thrrat of fain amAt> nnd tho nlc of tbc tnanuscrij^ 
of Otf TtniP nf \Viik*fipM, Vj- .Inhiiimn, ia li^M»n^l^ him. C)f thim 

kbory there biTebe«DiwouBTcruocH;MiuPiouif Sir JobnHAwkicM, 
CumberUDd, and &o«weU, aU rvUto It, all profbev to bare hcnrd it 
frotn JokAAon, an^ y«t MLfih li^IU ft i'mt^ f1ifllrni»nlly' Tn &1I thMw 
fftoriffl, boTeT«r, tkm b a Iwuilady dcmondici^ arrvva of rerit> and 
faiUiffii viaitkiff to arrvflt if the moiicjrwctv not fortbcomiDg, All 
agMit iliat CMrUtuttli wiu^ Jrtnkm^ nmmt of IhAm mt MwlMni, to 
drown hia vexation ; aiui CuuberUnd aikli^ that tb« Wdlndy pr^ 
peaed tlie altoraatiro cf pajneot or nuTrlace. Wbctbnr ttw Uitvr 
twjnt ««ni r«&1ly hicJndnd fn tha ^Mnuid ia m^ liknlr frvrr 1a Im 
kBown : butthAl'Mnr, Fkminv'. who went bribe tamo of tioUbunlUA 
lKateNa,ai>d b tbu-t iKiinuU hy Qj:^irtbT wna the womao ioqucatkiD. 
I l>iink t.Ki>ni mn )i« litUo doiil^ ; tbrnigb Prior, thtt Htngraphor, woitla 

£ua ciompt liM frciii iht obai^, and aappooo lh« scpue to octmf la 
Mouio tcmpOTttJj Lodging, There dors not appear tbo onallctit grciuid 
fie vkcAi a iiinpcMfuocL All farU p>tnt to thia plaoA and pitninn. 
Qoblniiitb bad boeu bero for at lout a ye«r and a half; f>r Prior 
bimMlf kItoi tho paftlotthuH of thfa laudlad/a bill reoditm; to 
Jaatf MaT Aa it nytirrad In tbb y>af> and abont thia tim^vi^ it 
ia esprvwly stated tbat tiw Vicai of Wakofleld waa kapt 4boDt two 
veant by tbe bookaeller unpuhtbhnl, and li *na iwt ptiblirhed tUI 
ihn 4£»t of tfaich, ITRO.-^Jt could not pnaaihly ha^Mtn naymtiaro 
ciw. He could not haT« kfi A[ra. Fl«intLA or it ba bad, ho ctoU 
not liare bMU ava/ lon^ eaoU|ch Ui aciMinidat'T aaj uLanninc nooro. 
Hor^ on til* 4»ntiary» vttrythuig indic^tAs th«t ho vu in Mil and 
diffieiU^. Hohadb««iat']«fltayearand a haiir baT«v«^ ''"^^ 
akod pnmb^ bad, nui a good w into bu Undlidy^ booka, Thu 
biompber atata oiptvaaly thai OoUamHb irvi in fnat difietiiitiAl, 
and lin- acoD* montlM waa inwisihley— naid to Lave tnado a trip into 
YariBhire. Tbobliomijlivralwaliov* 11ialIi«wb«i7,tbobo'>kMUen 
1^ paid th« lanalady far (Mdamith : fant it ivimai tmt Lhad 
aitfa vaa now alio wrj lar btluikt with Nowbery, owins him 

no Ifta tlum IU/h; md ucxt comM in oM^ui d^ttloofttioa vHb 
N^wlnirv biniitolt It is ft fs^t ffbicfa (toctt Dot MoDDto hftVo abtLcL 
tho biogiiLphcr, that when JohMOD sold tbo tiu&UKnp4 cf th« Ykv 
gr AVokciiHd, ho did not flril it to NevbCTj, though Nflirb«rY «u 
not (inly GoldsQjth'a ptibli«hoF| but hiii own. Ho wcot wa aoU 
it to n ncphow of Novbvrr**, U-. Fnncis XoirlMry, of 1^U«rQ<«t«^ 
rov. Now thoiv must bBvo in*n a nuoQ f<ir thia ; »Dd what »o likolr 
M that UotJsmitli hmring nm too doQblj into ^nht luul alMncd 
Ncwlerj— publuiben tro awtfb) moa^that k« bad not oih rofived 
to ftdruioo moro, but bad intbdravrn htn piiannt«a lo tLo Uiicllaiihr. 
Tbis bub^ tb» oMo, OoldamJUi wordd bo kt lod vit*ii cod Witb 
long irrvttbi of rent and bcpord, for Mr*. PJominjt fouod tbnt tocy tbo 
veoiinty withdnnn by Nowbo^, Kbo vould bo alana«d Bnd iaaiit 
un Ui^Ulmiiiti'ji paying To IvtwbfTj ho oould cot dv,KDd in Ua 
dupair he sent lov Jonnwn. JobDtan aold tho aox^ but not lo 
Jobu Ni^wbcTj. With him it wouJd onl^ hftTo gono to rcduoe tb* 
«t*iMlliur«lftLtB, with v»»tbur it o^d briDgvb4tm« vuilAd, iiutftAt 
Oili, wb&t confinsfl tbia Tiow of tbo cam isL monorer. tbo &ct 
tbftt tEatDcdiatrJy oittrr thu GoJdimiih did quit his old laaalKt^, lAd 
rotum to Lcndfdi. 

Ouioobury-tinrer, or (^orbujj-bouM, u it in indifRsrtcitlycilUdft 
uoEl«ri ttidto have bcenarMidDiiooDf Gt^dAinitb; nod tbo room ii 
idiowii vbjob h« UMd to oeinjp7^ and whop* it to «id 1m vrat« tbo 
Dsoertod ViUoffeL Hie moon given for Qoldvmith'a foing to livo 4t 
labD^OD ij, tnut it wuji & plcoMuit, nirol sitaktion, uxTtbAt tbon 
ha voiiltl bi> nniLr N'ovbo^r, bU ]>ul>rifili«rp irbo flngftf"' witii Ooid- 
■oitFo londkdjr to pftr tbe rant. KowWy bad ipMrtnLMitn in 
Cknonbury-hoiuo, and bora Qoldntnith vivilcd bun. Anon, u bii 
diffioultia* iaot«u*o<j^ bo uaod to Lido from Ho «t«Utocit in tbo towor, 
wb«ffo bo 1^ ooaooftiod for dqw and wooIul Yen- pnoUbJj bo wu 
tboto bH tho timd be vna Mid to bo gon* into Vonjiura. 

Art to hio bftiKna writton lb* Doowtod VJlwo tborv, tLftt U quHo 
likclv. UisoqualIjnn>b«bloUiftlh«nught«ntetb«reTboTr«TeU«!r, 
vhich vu publkhoa nt the ond of the verj jenr he ioll UUnrton. 
'i%9 Dtoirtod Yfllue wtM xiol ptiblfjibiid for fivo veorfl ftftomiuruo, or 
tnnfi9;nnd wwi,if writttiiut CihrioiburA', tb»friiit or&aubAvquont 
raidvnco tJii;ro in 1767. Hni tixcd kboio «as tbdu in tlio Toia|ilo; 
but bo bod a|iartiii4nth for port of tho flamonor in OoDOoborj-boua^ 
ud wu vivitcd tbm bj meet of bb bturvrj M«ada On louiy « 
Ibow octfttxiuQA tho7 t^ouTDcd to ft >odat dinner %% tbo Croim 
toTora in tbo Lowor-Tou, wb*ro trodition Uatoo th«m to Umto boon 
T«nr joviaL Itb not im|itobab1« tbnt be note put of th* VUmr of 
WakdWM'Ot lihngtoia too. boviD^u ve moi oooppletod il at tbc 
tiow of hU lhr«otouod aJTCAt, tlut u,attbecloM of bi> rokidcuoo ol 

OftAoiiburv^tovrcr, at \hb iimo QolAunitb uaed to f>oquimt It^ via 
b fiuo oirj liiaot^ in ><v««t rund ueiubUxirhiood. GtoUtv;^ Cnyvn 
myv : '^ It u an ttndiritt brick tovvur, bard bv ' locrry IiduigUfH,' tbu 
rewuQfi of a hLJitin^'ewi of l^tiden UhubctK whcr* ebo U»u4l ifao 
|i(ia»iuu of Uio oountf? when tbo neogbboiitbood wo* idi wovdklkd. 


Wliikt eare it {Mrticular interest ia mj ojem w the cucumatAutw 

thai it batl b^ the i-midMicQ of ^_y09t^ It was hero Goltlwnitb 

rc»iLM vboti ho wM« ba I>«wrt«d VilUjnJ. X wu hUowh the nrj 

tpvtmenL U wia » relio of the ori^iM otjle of the oeitley witn 

|i)iikelJ«il wainscot uiil Gothic vindowi. 1 w pletsed wtth it« «ir 

of antiquity, aud its harine )>6eD tLe r»ideDC« of poor Goldr." 

Irv^ locBtcJ hii " Poor l>evil Author^ ia tbiA room of Oold»inltb'«, 

hut remasiita him as soon drivfii away by the troopa of LojiiJou«tH> 

■fiuiiiuy«am«,aud i^ith it th'? vbolu city wodd, awarroiug ab«ut 

'Dti]Qobw7-<wtlc ] Dould dot opsD CDj vludow but I vub atuunod 

frith ahouls and noises bom the criclcrt-nround ; the Iste qnkt road 

b«a«ath my vindowa was ihjt with the irttd of fret aud t)ie dutk 

I -of iongooa ^ and. to oompleto tnj foiaciyv I fouod thftl toy quiet 

flttveatwaa absoiuUlja *ahow-hoaM,' b^of fibomi to stcaneers at 

[fltocttcc a haadl 'mm was a perDetual trempbg up stum of 

laHueaft and tbeir thmiliva, to lock oubout the country ttom the top 

of tho tower, and to ta^ a jpef>p tt tho city through the tdoscope* 

to try if they could diaoetB their own chimneys." 

Thf rcdMmwbylmtiglooatod bin "Pocr Devil Author "ioOuiOD* 
bui^tov«r, DO (fotiht, was bee&uBo it had hmu Uw resort of s«venJ 
0000. aa v«U as uea of graater uot«^ — Smart : ChambtrSk autiioff of 
the Cyclopicdia ; £lun)phiici% out^or of Outoxia^a poooi, Ulyvoofaa 

And CbuDbcn fijuad hi* mifhif Ubaut* tn±." 

Bet « thq dlkluil ttvpv, mijvllc ihawi 
Ola Cuntaintsym itfvir. ad ADctcnt pU* 

UfHiiHi Ana fnrdfw hiT* UirrDitt rrif ua. 

Thitbtr Id Uiut dij* luih cvnAu (M 

ViWD rvBdvi rliT ID iT>ta* vi4 Alt- 

Tltfn Iht innl Dkfil uf Auburn MM, Ul lufird 

Thr [jlfhJnE^** iiiiiwiU^K* uf M» vlltAf* dkfi*. 

AmA K*«Uf7 Uhf* li^* A D C far l4»«." 

Ona of Umbo cttianw who took a porticuUr pleanw in & viail to 

Cuoob«ir7<towcr wim William Homo. Tho view of the townr in his 

^Braj-Dftj Book is vory oorrvct, uoopt that then is otx* m iron 

'bahutrado mnd tbo tofi^ IbrgrMtor accuniy <<f tboM who asoribd 

^ it for the pnMpGcl. His aoeount of it is as follows : — 

'OttUOiiDUij^owor is aiitr fiwi high, and aorcuty foct squarcL It 

hiafutof V) eiM oiaesion mktb Apjfoara tohaTobo«ti crootc.l. or. if 

'fiMtod bdbrVr madtt alterod* about the ntgn of Elinbotb^ Tbo 

^ BOTt aucient edidoo woa enoted by tho prion of tho Obuoim of SL 

pBattholoincir^ Senithfidd, and henco was «atlfrd Oanonbory, to vbooi 


tnd wbtfs thereligioua bouses wFrodiuoLvod, UnLryaTB the ntanaiou 

to J'hfrijuM t/wd CronDwcll. It aftes'watda pMod tiiM^b other 

h&ud?^ till it iras pcMBOasff] by Sir Jdu» Bp«DOcr, aD JUdcrnoin end 

Lord Mayorof L<ffid'>n,ki}uvuby th«ikai&«of 'ridtB^nDtrn' Whllo 

bo Ai^liixlitt Cuiocilury, a DuuhiT^ plfalo CKIDO over i& a ibbilopt^ 

^fiaiitng ctwk, aud bid IUpqmU with »Miio anticd lasii ui laliuetoo- 

fialJe, netr Uio paUi f?ir John umiflll^r took from lila beoM En O^osbj^ 

ubw to U^A luAJiHioii, a illi lliit tiiTpo (^ tijiikiij^ Lijji pHiHi>«r ; bui 

AM he ronMLMid in town that nighty Uity wvrc ghul to oAko oS^ for 
foor «f datcctioD, tuid raturncd to Fnuico dii«|»>odtiUil of tiuir pnTi 
iud gf tiio likm twiMm tliiff oJouUtoJ v» for tbo r«loM* *jt Im 
penioD. His aob <kn^t«T and h^rcs*, EUnImUi,* wis ttnied offm 
a btlM«^ boikot from Cknoiibiiry'hotuw. by WilLiom, tiio mocod Lord 
CoinptpOiiT lord niv^iil'.ijt of \7ik]i-^ IL^ iti1icr;t«d Oiunnburji with 
Ute Ta»t of Sir Join Spcunr'tt wcnltb* ftt lui doi|th, ukd wu olter- 
wd* created Enrl of Northuuptoi: ; in tfait (ucilj Uio manor Mill 

In UoDo^e time t Mr. Srmesi^ tbo bnniff of the toidot iizid«r Lord 
NorUiu&ptoD, Tu raiding in tho tovror. Uo hnd Iiv«d Uirr* for 
IjJH^-iiiiic 7t«ni^ niii iriother>Iii']aw,Mnt.EvMui,wiro to Xhv Ibmotf 
Iniliff. t^ld Mr. SyiD«i that her •unt* Mm. 'Hipiis, * B^r^nijjmr 

iwiLth Mut hia ftparlmonth It wm as old oak ivom on tlio flrai fluHT^ 
Ma TttppB afiftrraed tbftb lie ihifrt vrot^ Us DeaarUd VOUjftL uid 
ilcpt tn 4 kigfi fireitt bedptRid ploci^d in tbo cottsm oonier. aimm 
Oold»mllb*« time tbo room ho-i been amcb altedrcd and autiditidoi, 
Ttte faoiuti U still thu rvndcnco of tbo baOiff of tHa ma&or. 

Poor Hone lamonttd tonXy orer the obangca going on Id thU com 
awu^l ii(iialibourb<ic>d. " I noged the old rooEna, and took |>crfaa|ia 
a W- liMk from the roor. TIh ej€ ahruok Arom the vide havoo 
hclow. Wbero neir bmldinra bad not txn^nd the sw^rd, it vm 
ruklii>4vUiikg for Isriuljs uid kilua ooutt^rd flick«Hii2 flro awl wxl* 
l^uroiui at«fKdL SuTvlr Iho dominion of the bridc-and-niOTtar kiof 
wiU haTO 00 end ; uid a^joa £br oooiiDeroial apirita viU bo t&or^ 
IrvUod of oTcr^ green thing." 

Tti lUl 41 Ivt Aftu toiMli for %hr rkb «ii4«l 
Ii lui 'liB[iff«vl&f :'«t| tfar ftttitDi dflliJB 
1IIV4 llfd. an^ brk^^UDkbripUhUdbnun em 
Alhit wnaaamd-. the ftiraolohfn rWAi 
A 'hicnDW^tnnel* ^rJtn i \hr nwy t\]H 
Om AID U0 Uvn-likt : i fota crffpfnf ^oqrm 
aiMlt WD Ebt*. ud uililfu aTrTr nviD ; 
Ati4 m ntltlM aomf aula id«. 
CtmAlnir III* fbafibHi 01 iiij' cnLnil. knd nuktlnf nr-'^tUs Uun' 

Ooo-and'tirtst J jenn litre piu«od nincv Honotook ihUi 

viowof thoebacgoi gnmj; on round Canonburjr-towir. Tbervr 

bm DO pauaa b tho jitooph oS lioiuifioatioa sinoe Uhu. Tbo wlioF 
na^bourkcod ia hA aonlfing in fvia ovorflowing London. Wbal 
a muiflo nneo Queen fiUnWk lUKd to oome t^uiaaoljtairr tora^ 
to t»mt in tho £r*«pnadiQg woodlanda arouod ; ar to lake a view 
frnm ita aunmut n bur dUtaal oviatal, arvd of Iha fiv-off windlw 
Ttiiunciit Whit a di&ngo ei-vn mac« Qoldaraith pac«d Ibin old 
t4iwrr, and bolod on» gtveti fidda, and Uuok wnooda. and oviir Uw 
«1boU airy aorao, foil oF «>litucU and boauhr I Tharo aro lUU oU 
gardens witZi their stately cedarn, aad Uoee that abow that thtfj mnv 

ftaiwartlawj ««aim» m* '*Tbt vblu ib 


onoc in <l rural dJaUict, Mid that Canotiiimr wm a ri^t plcwant 
piMM But tbo govdty bouM of Sir WaIUit RaJ^tcb. whn i£e«w uda* 
mound of tbu mt flroaoi Bltondibg liu rovU luutrcnk tliitlier. u 
(landed to tbe ned fiuD,uid long tcTTftucB of ucv twuBc* citiiigi^h 
000 i^vAo fl«l4l rapidly ftfW (Qoibiir* EvoiTtbiQg iw«ia» id & ftUU 
vf »}TMiUoig w)d iM:me Advmofi, eioupt tbo m&t tAr«m near ibd 
tovcr, vfaow oric^DWn and tvfvllcni lucd to <li£i Wualutigtou Irving 
HO iimcha ttiil thftt now *ilAikclii ^m^ty axtd niiii<Hi»; tbw v«iy 
Hiindiy roifltorera from tlio cttj b&vfl aougbt taunt mere grooiily 
BuhufUui nsofl. 

Thft Wt RMiiiMkOM af QolHitmith in London were within the i>r*- 
ofikctc» of tho T«inpl«. He fint tixik apartnuraU on Xhv libmnr 
oluinaitfv, Nv. S, O&nJouKvurL TLJa in uuw puUnl duvn, aud I 
ffilipe«n on tbc idtu Htfrnda tho naw library, for on goiiis mto tho 
court joa oow ^d do Ni;r, £, but onlj ^'04. 3 uid 4| luoltin^ <M wid 
uiixalio^E wiuiub U> ib« iui^u^n-r. Hmjvb li« I'vuiorod tu tlio KJd^^ 
bfocb^'Wilk : but tho particular hooie dotf« not appear to b« knovn. 
ItfAt^. bo rtmovkid to N'o, ^ Brick-court lib lodgiitg> w«r» on tbo 

wCniM diXir, (in ilw rlt^hl liutid HMwiidiug Ibu fitiunauu ; utt} tuti Miid 

to oiMifUtft of tlrvu ruotikK, iiiidiciratl}r ^117 uiJ plfioaAut IVitb uu 
imprudcooo which brought ui>oTt bim doeii tttxtotiv lUiil |)r<ibjiljl; 
hnlifiTTil h^nfrml, ht iKurnvri^l uf tbn IfOukiwllvis *Lid of tt j« vc<u tijcr uf 

tbo opi>ceit« rooou, Ur. Eilmmid Bolt — a litonuy buirtHUr. <rliv wuh 
muoh ohtmcdbybim, atdbrouai^bUi'riDciuaieireditoru bixiculh, 

■ndtfao fOBcriumf of bU [lajmnt—^fom liuudrcJ pounibi wUL which ha 

fkinu*b«d Ibofte aptftmeutH iu un «iiwDBiv« rnAnmr. U«re, itko, b« 
ooouiocuJIjr gATO oxp«iuurv puupun to hia Utetvv friouda. BeJov 
QoklMititfa, on the hnt Auor, livod Sir WUliuu BliKiksWiMv oiui b 
laid Ibttv to h&n written hla CoauuoutuiM^ There w«ru otbtr 
btfri*t«n )tvUi| fn Ul« Tecnplc^ <«p«<i&ltx o Mr. Witliun Oooikt^ 
ouihvr of a woik <m DnuiuitJO Oeiuua, oii<i called CouwiMtiuu 
Ci>oko, with vhom GoUL^mith wu on t«iriu« of Uituujurj, lo tLm 
pOrtioQ of liifl liJB, tbo ooctiuuta of him ftboond viiU tJi4 Mifr/dJ of 
nio ulk And ohatKC^r. for wbiuh hv is moro &moiiA with losue j>coplo 
tban for bm SfAiiu. Ilin blot^u-^olODrod coot, with Aky-hluo Itmnsii 
is Mtill coiuaioDt*^ oi( bv writoni, who vill DcVfr bosbb^tooom- 

proheod tho gtnnd Qi>bi^tjr (if bin nnturo- Ho vmn ii<jw rjntc^ bv 
4bDo«t oTeT7 mui of noto of tho time ; Johnum with Lih Dooft'oEla 
Barki^ Eojnokb, Gvnok, Parov, Sir Pbilip Frucix, &c^ Ahnoa 

tiruolj yvmn ^ttor lib dvmib tbiMM room* Of cocao tbo oocoo of Ik 

tmfiiail odvcuturc, bj a UiA Brodcrick fthootins in thcta a Mr- 
SlOPigtou, with Wbom nbo hod fonno;ljr lived, and wbo tool tl«ia 

d<Oj»OlmtO infiUifl i>f fMiaiMbing Um diUartioiK 

ThoM rouuu &ro al tLu U^wvt cud of Brick-oowt^ at tho ooroer of 
th« n^niv of buildiu'' tni your li^hl bjind jm you dwoemJ the court 

PHoc'aaoo^nutofthoA. KoaHj&ll thai ho Avnapp«w to apply 
awch inonf naUroAy to hk rxnam \a Uudcn tbau m Brick court. 
1ft GoinieO'Ouur^ ihoy moot likoly woold bo urr oad fikiv«ul^ oikl 
thet« tlw axjoeiloU 01 bu wat<hng Ifao Tooka tu:)Ebt tA« pko& li 

A tbtt Tmpk, tlMt 

\ U «*v twi^ «L tka Uitn Uvtfti, 
» ift Ik* DrvS tevtB^ iNttr TbflDpl*-bar, not I 
Lttcnr gDfte too; i 

aiMOtt «r ' 

im^tMbnlktfGiUMitliraifiaaadMl Iha t 
wtf ite tf^Md Mid Aopla Jolros. 11u;r1 

n nnM «• pnttv liok lUnn, bat tktr nqain m i 
mMVa^- -.Antat/ludOoUaaHb^-'faoVl 

I liar Ita «iM^ jrar cileaUM.'' -Net u iH, Sii;'' 
irrllMiiti'Ilhiitl rifillii" *I^UtfolHatfh<«r.' <^f 
a^tffftWiMbHMMiA." J«iHBM0VVilidattliktvt>ly hri 
IMK b« il WrMlMte Iteirft « Vail, Sir, 1 k;%^ .' 
it; I A h bH mat hmwrn n gwfced •» IMlU tt uttw«r by » 1 

ni » DOT poWifr tt» oUmL BIr. Walker, tb« kodknl ig 
«VM 1 tmM h, Whft bfti brvO in it fiftj jouh, tnd ^d j 
f«Mk>l tb* I luatlu mn of tunel^, m primd of tb« 1 
bioo««» of tfai booM. On bji <xrd no thdv inTomicid Lii 1 
tba fcl «v«* b««t^l "JofaoMQ, Guric^ tioUMniOi. «Dd 
bftyy Bhwrtaii ol aniDKkoSt* VMdtortMfl^ Tlio houM Ia< 
■pndo^i, «id 4iti«tt ukd v«U nd^ited flbr tbo nqjoum of 
frvDi tk« «0Qnti7, vbfl ttv Ad to aMkro Um uoih at 10 

SWttt«4 fsrtn of ike ett^. E^ pcmu«GD of Ur- W^lkor, 1 1 
L tbi Mvi «f tbii crude a vkw of tbo room oooo bonoi 

It U plMuit lo fiod tbo Mtbor of Tbtf T^vidlef U)4 1 
YiUm nau4 tU hu kbouiv, orcr uid uiod edicaiiiw to tlio j. 
.vbiiA BO mmn muiv vrofcHudt; oujujred. It ia daU^tfuL to j 
witb vhvt inloMO jMUMuri no nuutt b&vo t i nvo ria J tht p 
IkUk Bftd tbo tovi^ «o«n«n of Doto-Dal^ Ho uuido qmhj i 
naAUtv into IWujwbin^ 8unv^ 8ufulk| TurlubirOt LniMstc. 
And LiiiodU&liLrfl, Wbon b* wintcd at OPO0 to urjoy ^y^uhu^ i 
nwtit and luv\l work, bo would ^nbooDod" from his towo r—* 



[il ft wovd— divfi into aocpo qdMr otucviv r^trval, otoi du th» 

vr or Ed^m*u% rowla, 4xul not be Titiblc toi two or tUroft 

'tttOBth* tot^'otlier. OiM of thaae rHroMe is iftid to bft ft spxall woodon 

ir>.iAL-o, oa the iwHh «Ue of lh« Bdgewin-toid, tboutt t inile from 

i<jb, [i^i>r tttut b cnilod Ktlbura IMi^ry^ At au<:h |j>Uc«a it 

. ^mt lu-iiirT, wlwD tmd of vritia^ to slroLi aJonK tlie i^^df 

adfii, vMling him^r tfi tbe iDO«t igrec^Je BpoU, knd oc^- 

r •stting dowD tbougbta ivkkt <ua«o for ^tur<9 ti&«. ^Ybca 

~ ift men tocutiU mood, ]i^|p>^ up pu'ti«« for ts^nioas iQt> 

aurikood of Loodon, b vliioh ho wd bis oompution* 

iuog nidbk «Doiigvt tbo villMmi. dmed at tbv rilli^ 

*d hoEfU aniD iB tb* «r«nin2. iWo ho <«U«d " tndoi- 

iTi bobdfep," uid thns wcr« BlaoLbMtb, WnndflKorlli. Fitlhaa, 

r BuopBtcnd, Uigb^'uUv H^lllur), ic^ viplond auil ei^oyod. 

I van ft Tory gnml '>rdinArj»'* «ats CoQVOnBtioa Cookr, who 

tloDAll; i>f ibo parlj, ■■ ftt ili^bury fitin a1>out tii8 titii«, 

moo pvr boiJ, mdiMiiw; > imtuijr W tbe wniti-r; uid tba 

l<ftlui«tt who Wl Loft off trtde. Tho wboloMpvamof tht* iLlv'b 
PDtftn (<iceedMt a (;ri>wu, uid wen tjftvuer iVvin tbr«e uid nu- 
» to four jdiitting*-'' 

I tkom oCQMiom Uol<l«&itb gif* himMlf up to «]1 hl^ }m\i ^ 

' ~ iwhip sod or {VfMrously M«big otben htkV]*}-. Ho uiadtf 

tiifli thft putj' iihould inmt luid laki^ a ififcmlii brmifiuiL 

DA. Thv yutj gntenHy conaisUsd of four or 1i\< penKoitt i 

iBlmnat auro to mcfodo Mine bumbl« pomD, to «b<aD luc^ 

k vovld iwvtr fnmo from any other qntaUr^ Orm cf th* mo«t 

Bt«f Umbo wu bii poor uuaDutoa^ Pet«r Bulow. IVter bU 

I pddittn ; boi wiUi them a aplril of high iudei^ndvoioe. Ho 

^ VMS Out. mstt^ draw, And iwvAf ««ttd pflj' tnor* tliUi aonriAin 

, mi^i that a trilU, lor hu diiturr, but that be would iiukt on 

till] ibrjivr alitajft coetiD^ a (roat dMl moro^ OoidnmUi 

I didorcDoo, ami o>iiaid«f<Dd bim««lf woU rdmliurMd bj th« 

: «f MEouwnMot tVUr funiiahed to tho pRrt/. Oao of their 

ai nItvUA was iLe weU kiK/vn OheL»oa mu-houao. Aootbor 

r MmptfiioiH vnA a Dr. GiovM-, k tbixiicid tuui uid auUior 

ffval DoUif wbo cdico took Ooldkioitb utto a oott^o in oiie 

ti- lau-JulM UWmil l^d, ll«mMtmd,ftikd took t«« with the 

■ •■ HI oU aoqnainUfm. wbrii b» actuaUjkxiffw noTOOtv of tii« 

Ihaa GoUimith die, to bi* n«t chigria oa daojToring the 

mfmtirj ntraat of Oolduiutb'* tm a coUa^ iKiar£dgavaj<^ 

t^iHir fT claooctt. Tboro he Uvtd^ m co«]jiinoti»ti viUi bie 

\. ho vwkfd bud at liis ItouiAi; IfjJib^irT. ]t had 

Ui <:' Ik wivltby •Lovuu^ih of I'uxKlilJv ; Ltid, having 

LjaanWii, Ui^j chM4fiKd tbe [ilacv "Thn- ShoeinakerV 

TW |aat wufttfj: lodging i^buh ho hod wna at Bjdc, oa 

. roed. It In dw^rlMcl bj Pnor ** " of tb* mumHop 

Cfkm-liouvriii aud atands mpou ft gvntio vimiKiiiOtf U wlut b 

ar^^hBi^ bftdtug tu Knton, about throe buodivd jonb trom 

tiko TOW vi Hvilc o«i tb« E4x*wo>fo»d, u>i iwtaEiMadt • tirt i 
■tt mJnkrtng ouunlrr JIneUj ajapngiti. dirwiufi«d vJlL vocd, i 
llw din«tko of Hcodoo.* n^BMr,Sdb3r,Uw oMnpftor o/thei 
pM;-, Ml. Prior «btaitMd tUi iaioRdfttion. He «m Unwelf ft W i 
•utooo at Ukc tiutt QoUamtth Mfoil tborv, *Dd roitt « >twc*l ba ' 
pflrtMhr, H« hid oal J oxw mom tncrvi, up one purof itun, totii 
riglit or Uw kodin^ Ibera be vtoCa Sbo 9tooii« to Cittqiwf. B* 
boardflJ with the tuaHj, but cocnmoiilj LmJ hi* fn—h MOft ii|> to t«i 
om cyartiMni. When b« bad viaiton to l«tt,--fcr hk friendi « 
to CDno oat frora Loradon, take t«% tod then ilrin iMifiM^^h* I 
Qifr ttop <rf tlia pafVntr immciiiiaiiilT tipdor hi*^* ^ OkM^i^u 

ho voold vsodcr iato tho bt«h«a tnl «Unl ^' ^dk 1 

tlio fire, oppnotlj Absorbed va tboo^L &<uii-ijiiK.-ii h« Mb. 

«bout the AeUa^ «r w** •oeu 1uit«riu| aod mailing tuvJer thm hadn 
or pUQiiDc ft bodL lu tho boo** b onwdlr ^"^ro hii ^^-^a* 
opH, la Uo laifUKT RflmMOted in tbe portrait hjr ttr Jwtai 
tfooawkmaUy he nad mocb In bedt^od hk iMode ctf eiUueualibv lit 
oaodlo^ irtuD ««il of iii»iiediAt« rwK wis to flinc hJa JipfMr «t >l 
vhidi in the isoniiag wh fbund near Ibe OTi*rUiniAl nutUadA, 
bodaabod vjth srcwe. 

IVn^ Umk Uoldaniith apenL the lui dajv oT bia life, eK»f>Li 
he •peat on his riek-bcd, m Uio ^tU ouojuMot of thoM tve t 
abmnm of hi4 «ii«C«Do<^ iMlun and booka. Ihva be foiwn U I 
bitter atcnggka, lua iU^MiJ, ondkae work for the rabJiAw^ i 
«f VA the omp^ boooun of !»• Utter jean, irhicb le espiM 
MjM'flTl&gUmTuftl^^.irhfnboTeir^aahtrt.'' Therite« 
mffst thai gnat ditraw of hiin^r, vhkih ha oatd kfUnl ~~ 
vbo v«re aa^d to dW ijf iroiken b«ajl>, aooe of wboea bo ijfi 
ho t;*ii kiMVQ. Ue w«aeim pMtr, but£kaM>ua,atidintbGMi 
tut|rpij'. OcMNiooally ho would indui(0 in ft fwUi^e dii 
have A danoe got ti|i axDooipd hia Tuitor^ ; end oo od* < 
tho JOB09 P<opk of tba Eoiao in a oaniaro to Windaor, taj 
eom|iaaj tt etnoUine |>liqnMet ac»d neiU buitwif Md hii M 
party Tory merry by Bia roiowka oa tbe ptffonM&oe. 
i^Qjot cajojmtaU ai>d Oeld mniaiitp^ dutb called him 
rotonwi Ui lcni>. uiil di«d ui lite kjHiginM ta tha T«cnple^ ofi 1 
of April, 1774, ody dvu muatha luore tbft& &rty-fir« jvam 1 
Hie oooNtitutioii in Mid to hare beea exhaorted W hie kboa 
hU ooHKuiniuf aaxi«ti«e' He di>d two Uvnutuid twiukja In^ 
&ud Ur. Johoaoii. ou hoving Ibk fkct, eiolaiiaeiV ** Waa «irer 1 
tmetod bedore I '' He waa privat«ty iuurred in tbfl Tompfel 
grooud, a»-J a taibular nnaiinMOt U> kU hoiio«v P^^^ '"^ ^ 
of W«UDiiuler Abbey. Tbtt $i«at and no^ila taiildlog dooa 1 
tberemaimiof anoblororbottarbArt. IMverUuM'iuiiiii wiait 
Jriaknvji, ^rtwrofM, jmpulairur aud imptwideat ; but lt« wt 1 
ho vraA a Uxia umu aad tro^ poei, Wiethur ve ]mi^ with bin 1 
vmp wiib hiui, we ere lUU the bilt«r far it. 


I^E coiTO DOW lo tbe EQftD uho is Ihe p'vtX reprmentalif^ of « cloiB 
hich u tlio tHMMUinr Blfrty "^ O'val Brtiun ; thnl h, <o Rnbart 
Bum. It it * brilliant f««Lur» oT Euduh Iitomtun>, thAC lli^ Mnjile, 
tte DMM, tb« DiiJUtude,— cftU Uwm wW jrou vUL--har«c<^tnbut«d 
to it tlicir nhbro, find that &hfcn 4 gbriouii miiCl wo maj look in vain 
into ttiQ lit«Tftiuro of tvvrj oth«r Daliou for th4 liks &cL It b tno 
thAi tUw«ia&7beli3iiuilidftIlooaBtiiMUieiiivho.boni ia tbo lowest 
uilILk oI lif&~>oqih]iiift, aaUtudm. ■Uvm cvmi — mftH Ubcumng utiil?ir 
not ootr all tbo «vigbt of M)oiiiil pr^tidiocM, Ijut tmder the c(U^ of 
peratcid difoniiity, h^vo, UiTi>ugli k4ii« fonunoiUs clrcxuavhuxix, 
geiMnvJlT Uui fftrour at ttarao gDiurcHu lu^^l nnjuiri'^r |>*non, riun 
Mt of tboii origin&l pottitioD, aud thi^OLtgli tliu udvjiuUgiw of w^tulO' 
tutcil or artistic «iJucAtUiD Jiaf « talG«a Uit^lrpkce wKuigai tlw kviwd 
and illoitmiui of tlwir noo. \Vc rA«d nnt tvro bAclt to tba Mtarpm 
«odTortiHWiof autiqaitjroraiuchcbtinkclAra; thvjaroMsjPto hImC 
froTD Uio Mnalft of Uie toiddlo a^p^ and juodera uxt iUJil lA^rniug ; 
bat thottt u ft dMi, lUxd Uim ckm U tcmnd in Gr<iBt Britarn U«k^ 
wU^ iMlotqeiDfi to the IhmN of iho ieo\^]», hM c4ugbt, as it w«^ 

itf tfct «atf Inraed or iMM •« 

vWw I 
. WK«I|IL. 

r >> fem» if iMirt tn ipt^] fcci^lf ty ; h< hM^ 
to IW Mwtg^ of ibi I ^ wl miId UiU: 

iB tt> «ip«Bd nnt ttf DM b« bw bap 

OB th»««l0r itti Uw maaWti 
Ifaa Jii J i iow of wtUfa aum^ 
I tfc> gi^gMty of tattr ootoBip<gM^ai. BkAI 

ikMiof li^HBBitaM b viAWjwIaUooniMiioa,— tiMfitrf] 
if a«t mmtsh^ fawvnr, bvooaiDV oolj palnUa tkroacb th*<7<*-| 

_ |tf iai Kl i A i» <if 'Aaem^ ^ wmttt t A ma^mt o{ cpriflt f 
Ml tlM7 lm« tW gnad fcel th« nm; ttd ihb fiwt h t 
wnlqf amnwiBl— a n «odo««d vltb mrj gift «di1 CbnJiyi 

MTMiribb «fa««MvtaA«M aA&«Mll tlpMi bun to iriffrt Tar tuA bt 

Jithti fa gMf t qf hblA. Il« b ftvikiabad for e\^ ^ 1 
■adTOt. tUbadvwecraitari* UiMTtien <toUbi^ otsf 
imf^T Ub 4hrb|tr, 1^04^^ isBdar ovdiaiffjr cireanMtuMM ba i 
MttlMt to ««& tWo^ Uib «ibt<a«« ni ui orAim^ pib&. 

Chi vrbJ iH foli iU fl^ tffttj gretl pcfultf Mctivoeat of tf 
ttorijr 4«iB0Min4*d IKi*. Tber* ikaTar vtm a nfttooiul < 
br bMM wd ttMi|7,froa Um MMbdpfttioD of the bnelil«tl 
tlw ^Qptbft jp«fc», or tbe ctetnctbo of tli« lltirty Tvnm 
Athcmi, 3v«a w iW fiss^bk or iSo Fnoob Bcrobtiai, »Uck]| 
iol ^rt. bo tfo HiaaufasMal of tfa* wbob wQtii wvth nte^ ft I 
«r caM%|vfli^mrtoi% ud aUta«Mv ap«ator> snd Mb 
itebrt mf coDMnMloi^ ia ciTCi7 «Im9* of n% wbdMkt ami I 



mruai oora|iUl«Jjr to «e«itf^ tlut tho riowvni which tdtimhtut m th« 
inn iKMom, ftn 0^ b^^rDtid Ibooo vhich af« caJU't into ftcUvi^, 
fcrtfllC^ c^ Ui0 Mil «f tbo f^nh U tbet« iu vriAt^^r, liut U U» 
lAtiettl Thn aim bniftkii i>iit,ftnd, like anout «kntiiiit thundering 
ftt the doom oT the world, bo awAkW a tikoiSNind hiddon pow«n. 
Lirvs muvetwl ui tlw* Mitb llwdJ; aurli fi^rtb in ib> th<>iuajiiJ shapeB, 
«id all ia movDm«Eiitf faeanljt ametnoHa* hi;tT7iti)« oc Uiroiisn « 
ohaitnad bang into an cxubowit fruit. 

Thoae luni, tbeii, who havo fiwn tbroii^ Lliv meJiufti ot a flulMbcd 
adocation ia liUrnrr^ artutk, or ai^ii^ntiBo eminence, bavo. I rtpoatj 
vioidicatod tho unjvcnalitj of intellectual andaviamt ; bat th«r« la 
cim MioUiar oU««, and Uukt. mi 1 h^ra hJ4 peculiar to ttiMO ialandev 
wbo hare ahovn that a ftuiHliLHlorbcaideim(^«diKiattonut Doiabao- 
hiUAy DocMiiy ta thodinpUj of the bighi-at order of grEnitUL Cir> 
ViuPflUDMit t^u, havo bceu at wvrk hvi*. Thv i^r«uinHlac<va of 
thitt oonntr^r are diffifreiit to tboM* of an^ dher We have prucrvDd 
our Ubcrtka mem entiro* Ihv Bntisb people bare diadaiLcd from 

So to atcD to ^iiCTer tto corb aud tl^o lit luat havo l^ccin |iut iipoii 
Deck, aiid into the Eiioutli. of the tnoro pliant nattooa of tho 
ContiDont, Vbfither theae oiroiLiDitaiio«a are to be looked far io the 
)<vo11ar mUture of non^ or in thia partioukr loixturo coexiatins 
aitJb penUiariiin of ctimate and Insular poaiiion. niidit alTom 
toofm io mach armament ; enough, lb««o circiutUftaiicoA Lav« existed, 
and tbcir rcauHa 3o oilat i» a race, pivud, bcUt«| froo* and iudoiol- 

*• FvUf ID ilmr port, dvaaim in fii»it at*. 

I irr 111* l'>Ml pf hlimAfl kLfld 1«li IrJ ; 
tnimt Eifi li^h ill 11(111, t ihAUcftiful ttflnij, 
lit lormi unlAih^oit'd- tH%h rmihralurv^liue, 
Pkrw tn iJiRt gMtn hvdlh»» uT xnjJ i 
Ttu* 14 ImiruiAl ruhL. tbov* caiilrvl ; 

Ana temtro ttorrit* Mmctr v uiur 

it U that thi-i f^p oonatitittJoD cf tbo Britub empire ; tbJa 
rH of armonl inilz-pundoDoa ; tLfa hnliit of th« p^attnt and ih^ 
inn ofTouvntins IbccnaelTea aa moo, baa M to m univorail 
ikcninc of mind In tlu people. In oUier oonnttioi few thiiiic ; it 
fnia VIM aro rr^ilarlt oihicaiAd^ atul arrogate ih« Hifht l*i think, 
aod in¥^ aud sotltu. If the poor tuau Iwcorac aa ackoowMgrd 
|effinf^ it b oaty through the jHuHtgc of tho lugb aohool Tbo cdam 
i% an inAri Tnn>H ; it in a labouring nr at t^vtt a Mtt^ttff and dancixtf 
mtittituie. Bat in Gitat Brilaia, tbcre xs not a nan wbo doea Qol 
fuel thai he in n member of the great thinlcin^ acting and goretiH 
iiig vholl^ Wilbmit hor^ ha nan oft#ci ninght Uii* apark if innpi. 

"~ iticD ti%}tM his f>eL(;bboGr. Iu tbo Sold, the workahop, tbe tlehouA!, 

he ohaitint gaLbenii^ ha bna 03«ne \e the di*cni»i<^ of bb ngbQ\ 

ad in that difvnaaion all 1h4> pi^vvm of hU Hfiirit. hti'i< fult ihM 

talliamoe of the sea of mind around, tliat bu twilnt aui 

bOiTOdTroci its lonvat depths lo biUora of ttty. Dador the opnv- 

tion of thin onl and, ba >t wmv^ fncKnuie tthit%tl<m, whkb haa iimtn 

goJDg on Air gidkeratiom in th« BrtUab aapiro, th« vbcia man wilb 


tiwfv hfti Woo • Eitc|ila«s 

met ^^p M mj,— yg w^«— » |T-ni-n^ »^ ujui 

manuDg i 


w i0d to 

•■Iff I 
. Bkiti 

f|UHti*o « u> its I 

pantakd boKm tlie puUie m 




«itJo«, becftUM the* wrrv ii&«lDfatod ; but n-bcD Bunu o&ia« ferib 
fkrim tb^ CTovd of hi» Mbw-iucn, it ivu m Djb poet of tLe people ; 
finiilQg llk« UoMs from Uie clowl of Ood'a prcetfuoe, wjtii > Ito ad 
imdiMDi wifcli divioo li^ht^ that the gr«t«at prophets of ibv Bcbooln 
«er»daide4«ttbeiriAriiioD. He onedvil no apolo^en T>f waot of 
ocedeEQJo discipline ; bt* vus a tafiii with nil the pfte and powtrn of 
a tomtt fraeh ord infltiuctivc in ihoir Dtr«iigth, u if direct from the 
Creatov'A haoiL l^umn viaft lUe rq:rr«eiit«tiv« of the comtnoa tven 
in rrriirwoistAUre perfrt-tl^rix Ue wu a ooiDbiiiation of ftU the 

pou'cra tnd Xht fiulin^ tho ittf«Ekgth tad tlie w««lij3€Mv of bumafi 

nature. He had the pvnt intellM of aocb t vpecitoen loan, Aw&keu«<l 
to Ita full consoiowDeWt but not pellahed to the Jom or tuxy of jia 
proniiMOoeiK. Uo wa» tDonly, bmaU doriiift Jode^odflDtr full of 
pMmon ettd the thint cf pWa«Ttrf<; vM eiill, teoaer sa a wcmaa^ 
AftuiUTeaaa child, and capablr of AUiki£k£toth9huskblnt|iei3it«iit 
«i ibo ooggoeUoiui of Lie cDapdcmee^ er riaing lo the dignity of e 
pn)ph«t or the eanctitj' of aa apoatie^ u tbe oppreeaionA of mui or 
Uio uibliinity ef God arouMd or exalted bit epfrit He biuf t!io 

IhnlUikK cicrvm Kjid ibo ohan^nE tuoodA of the po«t; qulak, Tcnulila* 

melancboly or humorDUa, ha ruDfcted all tho cbui^iM of the auolai 
skj. Hi» wDfationa wer« too acute to eb^ the aele diotfttce of mere 
v«aec<i,— th*y turicd bun to evcer exttcnie- Be ww nov biusting 
with merriment id the Doidat of hb conTivial oomradtet einKiitt 11^ 
Un lark or tbenigbtiugale in the Jc7 of bia hmrt; now tbnQtwrteg 
apdurt the ootre^w or tho etnxi^ vid artntruT. or veopiog in co&- 
raMre grittf orvr his folliea or be woundfd e%etlon8L Bat IT bla 
avncatione wfn loo eoulo to obey reaaoD at all timca. hia moial oiture 
maa loo noble not to ohoy the doar voioo of e toDaeienoc^ wbicb bo 
often ontragedt bot never atrove ajat^ntBllcally to dcatroy. There 
arenumber* w}]o hare wondered thet DavidahouidbeeallMfaniao 

ftlt^rCfOd'n own heart;* but to m< lh'^To i* uothirkg irou^rful m 

#«ch ao appetUtion. Qod knovs that «e are wtnk and iniperfed, 
tiat til pro]iortloi) to the atrert^h of oitr pattiona ire we hallo to 
go «Totw, and ba doctf oot cxpcot miracjea h*ai oa. Wb^t ho 
eipeebi is, that cvrora committvd in the hurnone of pa8s>0Q ahell 
be aUioired and m«Dt«d of, aa eocoi as thoy are ful|j dJantayed tc 
oei- oofiaetenooa. To «i»daav«tir to do ri^t^ ret, if overtaken with 
error, t<> abhor our cr^m«s and to repent in toe doit eod asbc^ of 
proalrate roinonv, marka a heart trail, yet noble, — uid eucb hi human 
aatnre at htfA. Ti>o eridoDc? of a o^rrupi npint, ot a traly crimiiMl 
Mtun^ M tliat loavea of loMiiEnity, vhioh goes dc^ndly wrong, aiih* 
vtltutio^ the buc purjtoeMontaselftahneaaforthenroBdooiDmAndn 
of Oftd« end firiding a ofetaoio pIcAimro in vorldng evil ag^hiiud iut 
Mlow-nwa &iirfi wia not Kobcrt lhimi>. He w.« no faultlow 
Dontt^tr, ncr yet n nionater vilb all hiH fn^ilta. Hia vivid Mniibih- 

tice, thucw fwatdbiHCi» vebiob gavo him th« Ap»«ity for ]io»try, 

thofie qiialitio^ which v^n* tho fieoMMiy roQiualtes fi^^r hie vooation, 
—otUiti ltd blca astre^a oflea atatnvtl llie purity of hin niind ; but 
tbey IftCVer ■ooeorded in dcbaaiuK hia luoral imtiiro- Tiiot. ka« t«o 

ganarou^ too noble, too true to tlw godlike gift of a greet hamau 

na to tMOiWi IW iiMlnr 

«r Uk wOdcrovA u mC « 

UlMfy in tb> «ifM of Ha! Hvb 


?kB*V^ Co «tl mi 1^ Ums 

UiMr «d b, toA. bov davB m4 

4» 0A. mU te ttpowd to Uh 
Is ft «aafatnd fl ivirasig, 
inl M tfc» fir«* «r M»^ ova 

thaA «*dB vMh OTTortt tn 1 -- 

Ifci Mil nl«<i lilt liitiin III ilii irtrl 

iM kw ai4 t««^ xalMt.^ 




*0 <lMal MeavM i^teih bte;B« anctt plr-. 
lor w MttAcBBel UmcIC isd Ilia ofi— ggTiitnw of hut kbetrtf 
ami iBi^lj Jill lij lili lilli III 111 III lliiii 1 I liil 
bb< tfttf« Mkil tejarfrettatt offt ncQotMMtt prauriiir.j 
«ni&r Um mbpb l iaL Jto on U» ooivtir ud oo k» Uoirfl 
n«9 «M ift tbft mHih of Bnn* & oMoliorvk a oootfopt «f ■ 
IUi««Uibttd MM,««oM«sMof AjldiJitioctkmsKwt bii 
■Om^ftblnil «CtvnDBf, ft vAbnii^ vwo of fanyicn^.i 
kid W ftot f BM—i JthebriPMnt fCMU Uut he diil tFouRia 
Ui oalMapmfMft, biFD iAied ttet ton* of IioimwI spHicltlnMM 
tfttmmniihUkititf vkkfa ftw ib*Uiu«l fttfaMrda vf ■ «-mpI| 
libOTtMiftDdboswwftDd TOttll bftfie <Ump«d hiiM ■• ft nmuHJ 
ttfta But fttt thoH qnililm mn bat tlkft MDorapoaiiDftaU 
gn^M Uw BMil briBkopi, Um wmUn Mtd dali^ta of whkfa 
■riili^ •« rt *vra» m tirfitehig tat ow. Hmmm Ibo in 
^OOt^iun r/ tus iMrrumvatt tfa« AmIms of hli vit^ tlie iu^\ 
hm vntuncnt. tl)« vlU iMghter of hu nAirio Korm uf 
priMltfiA ud MlM^teovmon. tho ftrdonr of hit potrii 
mMv of yaK«Waocin,th(cvb«to(wbfa£iKnf«r vHUn^i 
GnflUM ow lbs bavU of bb «oablnri]ka% and «f mH the wnli 
IkftI luab lad di0ul)i>iff boliiv vtiidi «v«r hidfevs Um httct < 


Witb Buniftr to b« ft msD b lb» gnual ibsthKUuik Aflothori 




tioolioa* uv Wt th« cIoUuMwbicb *Tap tho fipir^— th« G^ro Hwjf 
>• t^ roiJ thtiut. To bo b nun, in hU ctc, ms to ba tlifr lacHt 
^orktu Uiins tLftt n ban oriy conci>ptton <^ on tbti side of 

bc«Ti.m ^^tj to OQ b<ltint nua, «nA to be ''tbo noblowt wmk of 
tiod!" Thftt VM tbo fiiWikt )kf<ntioicat whkh i^nimntcd hmin And 
madp bim conio forth frvm between th« <ti]u cf hi« pl<ni}r^>i from 
hia bttna «r bin byrOi into tho pmcQcc of woUtb «Qd trt]<^ wjih 
ii cdm dixTtity ftnd » proiii^ beannc irhjch MtoniahMl tbo oHi&cial 
<rMlorcftof*ociMy, Titi««, caiTia^e»t ^f gunurDU^ gmt boiuic% 
.*b«l wcT« Ui«7 but tbo ibiDgB wbioh i^ ihvi fcftd gsuePKl »b<*ijtt 
Iiiiu for hia pride or bin comfbrt t It «na for fnlr fNin that tbry wore 
crc&tcd uid gntbor«d togvlber. Without Uf butji th^y ir<rrv uuihing, 
haii ttt> tvJu*^ cotJd Lava no cKiBtctiuc. HVith'^ut Ui4l eoUd «Dd 
fcirtnJ tod Mtiftiit iDortitrch. tilLc^ an biit Air, gny clothe* but tho 
fkraitinv of « Joa's ilion, gri«at hoiue* bxii emjity unJow tbojia, 
cwfkfM no bettor tbu wbwlbani>w&. I^m /X? mam tboj du'kvoil 
■11 they wcro or coantcd ^r ; and Bams felt tbat he and h» 
poomrt brotbor of the nr^do, and iiooncA «ist«r cf the Riliidb, irvre 
aa«aUrcty»id M^cnUiuly tb&t da tho kbjg npoo bia thtvucv Tho 
king upon bia throne! He wu not thofo uid armyod in aU tia 
pageantry, ^tid armid with all bU powr, solely f*^ /i« mm aud ly 

fir maK. la /iff irtf* and hja loiicr hfr^ tb? bfArt, tbo acuJ, aiid tbo 
aebtitncnt,— that wcvrflmii* m^ntery vbioh, priaoned in fioah and 
cbaiooil \^ mtlUft to one corner of the Uiiiitl««» uuivctrw, ;^t m 
andovcd wilb power to nuigo thiou^ ct«niitr^to pliuigo down 
amidat innuoimblo worlda and their airanniAfl lif*— 4o aoar np and 
vonliitp at tbe focCaCool of tbo F^amer aad Upbotdor of auiu und 
•jatmiM, tho Father of alt beiofi, la him tho ;K>et recoriiiMd Uio 
cnly Uoiarch of thie :iHh«« world, Fer Mi*, not for lor^s ^ md- 
lionaira, or mitr^ prima, but hr him wae this aagiut world ovnted 
For him were ita londB aod mUra opTMd abroad ^ for him tho 
NouMiui aet fborvard in th« bumony of their proffrew ; fbr bim wen 
onpirBi and dliea fnmed, and al\ tbo comfotta of lifo, and the pm- 
eioui Sowsra of love and iotcUixt bivatbed into tlio cotntoon air, and 
ahod into tho coniinOD beaHn Ihut was tbe tfvUitt <:S Robert Iiunui> 
vhicb &ade bim tread down ail otbvr chiitiiittionfl aa ha d>d the 
thbUco of bia own 6e)da, That waa ihc^ dodnHc wJuob be wm 
creatod and acht fortli to preach, ^obcti Buma wna tbe aportle of 
'b« dlg^t^ of roan,— inaii, to ha ovd vroptr oatore, atouding ctlmtj 
,pd iiiviocibtf abuvo ovcrr urtAd diatinetlon vhioh sought to thxwft 
Um from hta place m Qol*a beHta(e. and »et over Mm tbo wlfl^ 
aod ibo hate. When ooiit«(mi)ktit]g Mch doIiah« diMtinctkioa, tho 
i irorda 

*1 iubSan»fRiribii!* 


iko a lijEhtniiw llMh from the poot^ boaoio, tsd be<«iiM th* 
«at«4imord otael^napaciting humoDity, 

Tat IVk 14 ML kLc rvtdni tuimp, 



Bran ttordi 1 riorJoua truth ! Tlio luoal of PmIjt uid Ui» wfiAl* 
Ncitrnco oT MiabI pliUosophr comprennd i[it:> a MDfiA ftUni^ to scrrts 
AC* tiM «Uv uid ooiof^rt of aiiUioaH of iimrtA in uvorj wsuwat vbdti 

'Hio proomioont morit of RtirrUr indpMn^nt of hit b«ftntie« »# a 

Mtlf-ffCtiauttiaD inbi tho pcopK To ir^jch them to mgint tlwnijwlfwk 
M objoot* of worth from ttidr ovm hiimjin naUm and deaClnj, 
im«|>ocUro of Uio moiv utoilv l>;r 14 Wti tIk^ IJvn, 'ut io conii*' 00 U10 
miHii^^ tba Qoblait booefiKtinn. !t a to mvo th«ai at oooa ft jifaicJil. 
AgMuist " tbri proud maa'A oantumelj,*' kiid tha (iogmittkiiv of Ti<M. 
U l« io wC t£i04r f^t ou ttio flrra rock of tn otvnul tnith, and tif 
r^ndAT thorn aliku iDTulnorable to evv^ and doijpair, Tlio tnjvi wiio 
btiiatiia* tho noul of n ratinniU dignilj into tbo cnnltLludi' w Ibe 
maMitt i>f |M>4kib1o jwliicU, flo -nhu ro»|>ucU virntv aul puiitj in 
biauieir wtU nuqiflot tlioAo ciuditieA in i^tliom : aivX n [i&tioc portnnal^ 
vith tlie phtloAopby of Bumn nvuki be tbc noblest mitioci tbat Um 
null f^rur yi;t aliotio tictio, 

J)i)i it id cot in«r?J]r that Robert Burm toic^v hia TnUmr ira—iilii 
and citiitrna to Itlnj; out of thcar booaias the fi«iidfi of <airy iiMl mIF- 
fUpnicUCion ; Uuyiit by Ibwo «Tron for vh&cli h« tiaa boea iQ 
aevttrelj blaui^l. hi> hju iMaomts witlimit qiieatlaiv the mont edkaaut, 
viao, and tcndL^r couri-ifUor thikt tbo>' evetr bad Ho inon all thoir 
trooblon uiil tviiLirUiKniA, fv>r tio boa Di|)edtiU(ytl lh«TO ; and h« gir«t 
thffin tliie Boiuidi-4t uilvicir umdur all circiinuUmceK He weepa wrHh 
tliftm, ho rqjoicca with tbpio, b& wonibi^n with lh«oi, in auob a 
brotb(»rly, acd oocnaiouallj mich a Atthcrljr flympathjr, tbat hia pusn> 
bive boooiQA to the poor of Scotland, aa Xhtj hare told tn«w a mt of 
•eoond Bibk Uow bi-auljfully ure fjlvudod iu tbwa atumi tlm in* 
dlgnaat BODao of th«ac opprvunoEu vbjirh aorcr cruihod iDorvdlrvot^ 
tho lahourlnj poor tlian the^ do at thU day in vcaltby CnglaDiL and 
the o»Eiaoliiq; truth of a dit'ms retributioD : — 

■ ■■ifVfil «lLb VlLf ()iiu«. 
11ir»LitT^rtl4^ft1ta*V BiAkf ourvlitt 

llrff^, mrmTHb aAiI «baffi* f 
And Eun, trhsAf liM*«n'Vf«tH far* 

Th? wiolif at Icn mom. 
Muri'f Uibumtnitr (a m<n 

Mia** •oniit^ti tn^jiutad* inoun>, 

H'ho !)*(> t nmUf* Qf iTif mrTj 
An<i i^.i'i'-- ,u-'fihM4 mvtirn. 

" tf I'm (Tnfriid no laMlMi^rj *!••* 

IT'PT J . .kUf 

If TH^(. » Iry^l *• 

" Y*E in pat ibla tni ma^ mr h^ 
Phtiirh i]i;r rnjiMii krHi4i 
Tau fdnui ■ V* at >utmn kind 
I1 ALirvlf imi iftt Usi r 

Ifoil tivtcf, >urv« Ivro ^wh. 


Robari Bumi« ran off the rtilr^^ad tirm 4>r moralit* ; buL fiatan to 
tho advioa, vanied bj Ua own folly, whioli h« ^ia» to a J9u>v 




Luttiiaotly tndul^ tl ; 

Ru* r>T'T lompl iTtft LNIfll fdt*. 

Thtf liMtihrnt ihuild dlrulf* II : 
I Hi^T* Ilia autfiiuni o' ()v aiju 
Hi* Iran of gtiwllai ; 

TtoCV JVillltU b; bgnoort 
Km fV >■ likil* K In ft h'i1«iip 

Sm ta A tnUi uivndBni t 
llQr 1W Th* ilnrlmj* firtTlltiff 

'* T^ frv ft hvlW ft IkinpiiftD'a -whip 
To Uiid Ihfl TretEh in gulrr : 

L*l iliti tjt ^ yiiuf tr>rdfif 
Id >Lj(hi«ki lourliKf. InBlftUi pAiti^^ 
IVI^Bf ft' tult' iirtl4P»4 ; 

tftui lan Piig m t ili«c(c«titiii. 

Dvl *l^ll Ik* pmuhtba Elnt Idthflqr, 

And »*'D Iht ri|:1d iwura: 
V'L r»'W HLth vtUjirafuift la nfi^, 

Ik ^iruipLiUAnn oUnLM : 
An AUh»l>l Uuih'* ■ ^mrBuliusfl 

" WV« mllitir twid rn piftusiv'' riec, 
&<(i«jDn aiMX M Mlnilnl , 
Of If tio fftv ■ ruKl'kin illfitf, 

U <ntr he hlild Eulnilinl. 
Bui Hb«n •)•! '\tT< ^^'r^ i«rh[4*t'dT4i-*a, 
A tonic»cii» TiUE 1 (ftjih?r - 

J* >ura A Qublt ftDihif I ** 

m goldou vraitU. wc^rUiv to be coosmitltfd to mtnwry br 

■jUJij jicnhJij ; iho^ jvru full i-f ilia d^poit vindviu* B(it •ucn 

M, In ^B KpUlIu is i>iLTio, how GorcUallv does be coter iiito 
«U the iiiUfTi«« of tQ? pooij jvi iiow ctcquvotly Joo* ho AliiodwcIL on 
thode ble^^LiiiA whit:b Ooi Lu gircu lo «II. iu«d *Licb oo cbtMO- 
E ciui Ukb awtLj \ 

" Ta IW kn kiln* HHt bam ■* ''rh 
1* 4i>tital«ii« rn«i (Jitf i*at : " 

, pOUro out Ki/p] |lh9MmiO«> 

Vi WhiiJrf iiul Wfl knuo uui nh^rtv 
bul *lUi«< b^iijw fi IkkJJ f 

Ta AMurv't cb vid«. the halt ud wovAi. 
Tbia4»*Fl»f viIm. ud l*«ui<«« IthK 

IbdJja Vlifq i|jtalk>iJ4'0l( Ol' (*a[>n4, 

And blukbLnli wbuilf clo-ic. 
Wllb \BntmI)iit >UI ^#ani ir|U bcmnd 

7« tot IVh «nDlb« riv. 
On M*A vli*ft wc vWv. lliR< 
IT^ «« «Bi| totrlA ft lufiB : 

An4 un{ 'I vb#n ■* li«v iSmc^ 

' Itt mtt n Uiln not it ntnk ^ 
ir* n» in v*«itJi liKt U«'wi tank, 

T*pHH|kiiv^j«B Jinilml- 
ir* lis m «iBttB mutklv nttU i 
li'i ij» at T>»ik> . !■'> ao -n 141 1 

romtlr ah inLy tl#4i^ 

|rk*M>ki»4 bK niH 1,ti rem* 

Ana fCHln uj Ihc br*tifl. ' 

W' natr ^ 'IK i« n^litU (KHff 

Bal Mtci uu be WuL 

S39 DCft^c:^ 

Vic (n»*UHh ner |<]f«i«fffi^ 

So npraks thfl hntnUo ploutfhmttu or Aynlim Um tiil] htmiVTir 
MdanoAQof I>uiafhM,but tlwepcat«atpo«tot bu ooiuUi7»Mid ooo 
of tLo noblevt acid wiscat mou ol mit oouDbj or a^e^ "piW of kH kk 
pnctical orrom Wo mu«t now mako our pUgriinvi} to tbfi fpote 
vbidi won) hU bconoe on wrth. 

Tho oM tcwn of Ayr, eo tnittnntcljr oiMiDeot«4l with ibe tMNoory of 

Buitu, bf bJN birth nmr i% by hin poem df tho Tw& firiga^ by the 
Roe&o nr Tbjq o* Shiuiicr, by tba pAc« of bin monumeot aod tfae 
iWUtal i£i bm Lon^tir, ujd hj <ftb«rpuiiculsnif l» a ^oiut and pUi^ 
Milt i>lii town uf BOEuo tffcotj thonsuul popuJttJott It lioa on « 
level, lumdy ooiut, coi land wbicb, id fmct, ^^tcnn to bavo Iwen «ou 
fh>m tb<i MML lliotiifb Ijiu^ <lo*ia on Ui« MB, it biui no good borbour, 
ui(t thordbra tittle comiucroa, uid uo mocufucture creij^ ftcvouot 
'Himw oinnuavt«ioM leave tmioh of tho iv^ru aa it van id Uuntf^ 
tiu^ thou^ iLora 04V aUo «nd«aoM of modora cxtcnuon and km- 
pdvcuieD^ ia ii«w rtreeta and iniUbbuMiigaj^pKliltj ^ 
jaU Ijiiig btrtwen tbu tovD ud tb« fthore* Tbe luooMnt T<kU >t«P 
out of tho siUtiouofthoQLik^ftow nUnaj.wUch t«niiiEAt» bai«ijroa 
00Bi« tipoji lL« uioiitb of tb« river Ayr, aod behold tbo T«m fingh. 
TMt wlucb wnn tbe Ndw Brif; iii l^rrm'tf days, lA tbo ODO OVor wttMb 
you pwA iiii> tlia Uvm. Thi« btidge, wboao gunidlAti aprito u EMcb 

to •vwger ctver th« AuM BHg, if U bM Dot nd&Ucd tU« prophocj- <l 
tbo Ai03 Ifrig, «iid bvwiav^ptAir&ybj&Ilood, bMb«tii in danger «tf 
dituolitioti, h&Tiiig grown too natTow firr tbe incvvaM of tr«ffia H 
ba* bofui fiav»d, how^vi^, no doubt, by tho praivrviiig power of Duniri^ 
potftTy, which hM made It mcrwl. oaA it vm tindotgoiiu tb« tmion* 
of widouingat tho ticte I van thcTP, m July, IS45. Tm Auld &ig 
is komo bumlrcd yarda or iu> hij^licr up tbo itram, Mbd nfifrmt ■» 
tainel really for little caoro tbfui it« hntiijiiity and poetic clMMioJity, 
It itt iiov uHwd oii^ MM a foatjiath, and not iMiDg «oiittd«nd nS* for 
oamagto, boa poatu na up at th« aid to prevent «r«r7 idtenipl with 
moy mrrutffl to nam it One ia irraatitiblj renundBdj on going vpua 
iif of tb* baiiglity quojy of Ui« New Bri^ — 

*' WUI roDf poor narrow fMirvih oT ■ •»*& 

Ymr ralrml fDmtiha balli d' *uih wi' Hmv, 
Cpiupuc vT tmnlt brlff • 41' oiwlrTB tour I " 

&tr Cbfatabviv aayn tint the jLidd Brig ia reported Id bavo 
bdlt JD tho nigD of Aleiuider lU, by tvo iuftid«a) awtoci, wboao 
cOgiM iu« Mill ahowa in a Uod oooiditiott on & vtoM lu tbtf owiUra 
puBfWt^ iw«r lh« ■<iuth and of tb« bridgB*. There ovtAttily la Micfa 
a Mouvh audyou luar mthi^T fMicy thui disUDctJy trace two outUtm 
of buds. Ibo vhiflo bridgu ih, as dnctibed bj^ Btinu, veiy old t 

'^ AoW Prl( fppqrcd <^ vidchi PMIU nee 


^■W Ban» cmblod 70a U phoa joiir*olf in ttw ivry aoen« thftt ha 
r «ontcm|^fttwl at tlu -auomeax of ootiooiiiiig bii poem. 


CnknatfH and Mr, tlanUcttr^ tnfvrt. 
At nifbh ■iiftlii 1^ •B«k*at With vt Aft, 
Bf wk\tn intftbvd. «t hifilT prwH^ v/ ntfBw 
Mt Wn ht* wo. an^ *««1i hla vtr^uri rtui** 
And d«wn b( «1inpHtt'» irbf<M l1}c IpR ilttati 

And tt«JlA«» virvvt bad >vQn> lh« iWt «mt mit ; 

AD fJwkAiTiMh'Jti Vktu WftcTAAtd r'r : 

Tbe>tJ*ii( iii«.ri alLDUi hiiin ^<« lv*vtmdln«| 
T%« (hilLy liDiE. l>f ii'<4T]k th* iitTit Mul 

Froiu iti\a v>uwi *' Hm drwKy Jhxvnoa clock " u nmovod. tho old 
Jul having bocea puU<^ clmni t biit ''Riroptnn'ii " U Atlll 1^ ^u ikton,*— 
li (mbUo-home at tho f-nd of tbo bridge i^d th« tide mcAt 4iAt4nt froai 
tJie towa ; ftbd WaJlauo lovat, — I Mliotv^ bi>v«Tc<T, a^iaoai wboLj 
Inbuilt AUiOD thniH uiJ prftnting now ft v^irr tiiodnniiiwiit 4Ap*i7^ — 
nan iUdf in % dMAot port of tbo tovn. JJoofl tbt rivw lodo Uie 
"ftocfout bargh ol Ajr pruHmtn lit AotlquiUa bcusai^ Ti>o&i acd 
IpUtba. xaudEi M Uioj did to Lbe nye of Biutul 

Ajr, though it j^tuidii on t Oat, hiu atill gruit chjkrm of locatit^n ; 
■Oil UiU jou poroekTu tm you *ot out to ruat llui birtbLiljLot tUkd 
inanuioent of Bunu, wLk-b ije about three EaiicB south cf Ayr Veu 
mAj. if jou plewae^ t«kc tbxi wny Along the «hoi% : uid here you ha^ 
the >c^ vim ito Uviuff blUonit, dLiplAying at a mtHAnat oppoixiU] tbo 
enm motmUia h«^htaof Amrvukd tbe Mull of C^Lina- Kurth- 
ttttntTn^ou, with its otrw houttea, may be te«u ntanding on tte ttilnl 
proninuWrv ; uid MtuthwArd, tbo lovrcir of Danhcn Ta a bold but 
sombre ottI*ct on &n olorated kiK^ OD the muipa ol the ocittii. uil 
hr out toath-veHt Aibubvrdg U deecried, towenug unid tlie wttenL 
It u a lae Aiid Atiimatod bcoqo, It no* Sundtty ibruicoai at t od- 
tiDced ow tho Tocy krvvl Rouod near tb« ahon^ towA«dA AJWwAy. 
Pk>o|Je v«ra walliiig on the beodi ei^oybg tb* mmthio^ bneuv uid 
gUttwing world of vatcm ; itjvtn wore wted maong*! ttio brootajr 
piUw^ obUdrva vert gBth«nDf flowon «nud tho dinuon daro ox 
iJia faeathar ; all had an Air of bwuty aod elAdDottk To my leJt hf 
A ricUjr-wDoded tutiDtry, and before mcs beyond Alloi^vy Aud tLe 
}\v>:t, Jitratchod thr; Airy nnflo 0^ th« Oftrric^ hilla» It «m tho direo- 
boii whidi I waa pumiiug that Taa o' SbAnt«r took from the tovn 
tv AUovi^, fur tbt oJd road rmi; tluit war ; but there u a tvavt und 
Dfeora direct oim mnr fraca Ayr, And iato thtt^ hAving been Abowa tba 
ooataffe nhar^ Mm fUgg, Buroa"* aut^Vt Atill Ut^l, I iitruct Tlua 
AAieMblo r«sd I aoon saw diTvcg* InUt tvo, laid aaLitiI a (loor aun 
■aiuab of tho tvo led to Biinui*« moatuneiit. At the luuao of Bunitf 
baa faoo kindlad with an iiuiUnt animattoiL " I am giung part of tl» 
— ky,8ir,''l]n aAid,"Aod will b« proud to atbow it yfioT I bcnod 
to put hiDMeU' At ivli cmt of hi* way. " Oh, said b^ ^ 

Um uot to put biDMeU^ at lUi cmt of eu* way. 

I to looc at my potato jJot, which Ilea out han." 

Wo fcU tato 



convcnution alont Bums: tbi^ wa5 a^hi dhawod « frtnh tirvK'tiil 

tti^kt. vui the way tohu potato tiold— but the poor CcJlownr^ali^uj-' 

lAttnjE IfMiki ho «Mild out find in liU Uuort to ftr4 iip titlkin^ ftbo«t 

I Barm, aail begged that I wodd Jo bm th« h^oiir to lUlov blm tn 

I vUk ou with mo. '^ But piur poUtAoi^ my frieod 1" "Obi IbcjU 

J%ak no harm. Sir. Tho wobthor^ rwy growing w«^or— otio ktiU 

ft lutuml cnriodtj U> m* how they Umv», liai tbiii will do imiI 

iJUDiky, if Tou tffiM all^w me to go on with jou t** 

[ AMiUT«d hlta Ibat nothing vfoM giv* liM j^mftM- plAuttm^ 1 
u>TiJy fflftnid that I rai^hl kcrp luia mit tuo Ioli^. f<>r I miwi am 
^Bonui'^ birth-ploctt* Kirk AUcway, the Urigof Ddoq, th^ moDuracol, 

<wd CTorythiiig of tho kind It wbh tiot oL-hfui nuun, uid must bo 

hb dinner'hour Ilo tiud, " Xo ; ho oovor hod diuncr uti « Suiulfty ; 
T jcm he hAid occiurtomod himself to onJT tvo mcnU on that dAy, 
oniiMo ho oamwl tiotbiuy o'l ^t* u^d hhl t»a ohiUnal But 1^ 

fgencmUy took a walk out into tho country, luid got a good nouthfltl 

wit fresh air, and Uut did biro a deoJ of good." 

I look«d morv «toiM)ly ut my inrrr coaMiuon, Hit uim, apMrcQily, 

ttttty. vid lookod Like a roan aocurtomod ic dlutt cjh air. tie woa «/ 
r A «hght ud grauhoppoT build : bia fiico wvi tbin &ad pkl(» ; his hxir 

mludiul ; yot tivrv WM fta uitol1J|Miim ri hm Ur^ grirr Fyra. but ti 

f vu ft MM intoIKscDoe, one whiai bad long k<ipt fcllovfibip trith 

[jpoticQco And mtmnag. liU gny ouil, and hat irall wrm^ ami &« 

Ia3i«a but ooonK «)iirt colkr tamed dowu or«r * nArrov bukd *4 ft 

Ubluti oolton neckorchicf, with it« Ictidoodft doAgliag otot hin wabt- 

reoAt, ftU denoted a ^oar bat ft GArofctl «nd ftupcrior muL I oftoiiot 

t4>U vhftt a fovliiiR of vjTUMthy oomo orvr um: how my hcttrt 

wmed towordft ine poor icUow. Wo went on ; gftj groupft cj 

Lpcopio mot w, and noocnod to u(L»t boln of wonder at tlii» vLnn^er 

|ftnd hift poor awK»ittt«; btit 1 Mk«<l myv'^f wh^^thiTp if wc coulj 

■now. im Qcil knnwi, the hcirtrt and morit^t of every icdiritti^ ff 

tbo«e wcU-drcaond ottd ]a;ighing volkom, wo alioiikj tii^d amon^it 

lUiom ona fto huroio an to ronounoo hia 8(uidi«y dinner, ih • porpvftnuJ 

nmctjec, beoftiuo ho ^'Mrned sothing oa that day^ and hftJ tea 

febildrra.* Wa« tboro a m&n or a vomoa niooiijcKt tlwm who^ Lf th«y 

know thlt Wroio man, wi [ new knuv him, would Dot J>oui<o to gifft 

'^im. for thai one day ftl Icut, a good dinner, and as much phifntfa 

t thry could T 

" Uy fn-'fid," uid It ** 1 fear you hav« hod uoro thno your than 
of huAl»]iii> in thiji lifu f * 

'^ Nay/ bo rtpliod, hi; oou^d not tnv that. Ho hod tiod to wtrt 

hftrd, but wbit poor muj hjul n^^t t Bcil ho luJ hod miaty OMofarta ; 
ftfid the greoUfll comfcrt m life hoA bocn, that all bis ohihlrcti hJid 
ttftken gOM wuyv; "if I don't (^xo;pt,'^ ood tho old man ftightd. " Otx 
ud, wJw hoM gunv for ft i^l^iior; ftnd I tliii^k it a Httio utigntofnl 
thia hv Iku n^vfcT vrntt«n to ii> rdoa he wratt, three yuan ago. y«| 
I beor thjht he Ik ^iiv/i and woll, in Jimucft. I aurmt bat think 
Ihftt lulhwr un^nt'<rol." Iw itddvtT } *bui of a* Robin BuiWa p«BiJ^ 

" ore's noDft U> my thmkiug, that ooines up to that odo— ^ui wii 
' 1 bo iDoam." 



1 could ncjt hdp iLgftlo gUuviiiif »t Uju tliia, plleflgor*, vrblcli irwl 
ta BoAl^ tt mj sicle aa if it wen? u ^ontr nad ooaM not woaidcr that 
Bnnu wu tbo idol of the poor througoout Scotland, and that tbe 
Sunday wAnderar at liin mtvivu pkoo lisd ditug hu ftwd^y to Ho 
mmtbern runtor of tho POmo mctm apot. 

"■ Omi you ojtplftin to mt^** 1 uikod, ** vlut it j» that naalua Burai 

■bofi a frroiuitc «^Ui rou (kll in S:ijtlMjiiI i OtUiir tx>vU y<»t hftw^ 

■nd pvait ODOB ; out of the maxo cko, too, you biul llogg. but I do 
not perceife tbo mt» instant flafth, da it iroro, of ah electric fccjing; 
nhvn ftDj nuae i> iiuood but Ujkt iif Duiiin," 

" 1 cati tflB." Slid ho, " why it i«. It ia bocftumo ho hsA tho heart 
of a mftQ in Uiio. Ho wu nil heart, mid oU man ; nnd tbcn/a 
ludhing, at IcAMt io ft pocir mur^t mpiM^iRrictv cJIbcr hitler iir nvccL, 

vbioh o»D happen to him, but & htm of Burns Kpriupi iclo hm 
mouth, nnd rivro bioi ooursgv and oamibrt if ho noods it. It it hko 

1 wu atruck with the odmirablo onticina of tho poor ortitUL 
IVhat MateseMofnDiiuiiiikothotoutoiuBof asfaupesperienoa^ 
afWr oil I I IbuDd that, bad I pic^od thv whole otnmtj of Ayr, I 
cxiuJil not haTtt hit on « tD&n more oloorlr bwuo of tho real cviuii^ 
of Bums, nor a more cxceUoct guide bo eU that rekted to bm iierp- 
abouts. Ho now stopped tac. Wo wero oa the ray tnck of Tuja 

" Xirfc AllnvAT yrm Anoint n1^, 
Wbrw «Mi>(> unij h-ialit. nlnbOfCTT,— 
Bt Ihl* itfiio he »a* (Tfii rht fflfd, 

Wtin4 dMiiLlm CUuitj iitX '■ nick'taiL 
And ittnuftn chB*Tiini. Rod nrthtmm 
IHim tiQDltn f0undlh*nurdiiTfdhAlrBt 
au4 tHV ilw ihern ■bnni Ibm v*E] 
iTben Uupfv^i mlthrr nupid hoiMi,* 

Tbft whintu the 1>irks wero goce : oil wu now one ncme of rirlioAt 
oultiTotion ; out In the mi Jot of a oottagei^o gerden etUI prcyoctod Iho 
**fiwUo aUno* from tho ground in o potato bed. To thia, hy 
ptrmmtm of the cottager, w« odvaQcod, and frosn tha n>ot mr 
golde pcdnM out tlio tradtUocorj oooisa of Tun on thai ewfol 
njghl whon 

'^ BHiw him Doea paun ill Vu floAili : 
Aal nilitatv* 0Mb Irom rah lo paJ*/ 

Saa»ofth«eeflc«Be«t^7ot&3r before 08; te tho veil 
<* Vhu* thiBf«/i nUtbtr biDsc4 hcnti I * 

whklkiejuflton Uie bankeofth« J>oon ItMUl 

Aoao wa rrAflwd the oottaA in «hich Harta wan b4>m. Thin 
•tebde on tbe right-hend side a the rood, ebout a quarter of a mile 
bom KIrfc Allovaj end ibo BHg o' Doon^ )t la a genuine f^cotdi 
ooetago of two foome do tho ground fkwr, thatf-hcd and vhit^wa^i^d. 
It b pow, lod hM hetu hn& a littlo fnbllc-houio. It ntnulti chMo 
to the rood, ocd over tko ooor iA o portrait oi Burns, ad erident 
oaipj frrai the portrait hy NuunylK, end nndtf it, ki Urg« and 



unD V 

374 TXAxn. 
11 ii 

Burm'4 father, aod tbnt al>out a wvk aFlcr Kobor^ his fint ctiilo, 
mu bon, tho roof fcU in diu-iu^ n icmpoLt ^t tokniigbtr Aod tbtt 

tDoUvr ftnil fibikl hjul t4t b« AAi-Hri^l Irirth ir a hurry through tk» 

■toTiii and (krluiettw to ft ootlagci ^Eiich MtU ntDuno. Tict fiir ofT, on 
tbo oppo«it« »i(lo of the rond. Robert Bunu wv Umt Lo wbst U 
ftj^w thik kilrrfiMif \fi inn rf thfiu r w KM w btih Art j*«inEnivi In Seot el i 
oottoguA, Thb in stUl A^own to tiaitors bj tho ooHipccn of tbtt 
houM. llio brttor room, in vhiali tbo guMta are oEtcrttlnad, Uwl 
SMinMit In T.Tift towi> Af Ajrr, bmni fthnnikni mftr^ of tfa> im1 of 
thote vudtont The viJla ft» v«ll ivritt«a orei with namoa, bat 
not In tliat «xtraArdtQat7 uuuumr that tbo walk «f SkakBprnvfe 

hirih-jilju'^ ki. Sinit/nnI Ar«- Tlift miifA K»ra hflu t^Mi aaoU^vt Ibrri, 

that of cultiii^ tlif: i\amm iati> thu fiitraitoiv^ Tbtfro m tvo plso*- 
tr«a tabkv, irbi^ uv cnt and ctirvod in the moot jdugular oomplMo- 
HflHB. Hifim Aat^ nrti iMr>m t^ \m Inft ffpftoi^ nMtli«T «n tli* ton 
tbo ahkfl^ nor the 1?g8,eveu for Axkotbt-r iiiiiiAl. Therv wero fonoct^ 
^rot of Uteoc Uhblt^s, but ono of tbtrm wai void amu ycwFi tpx 
Tbor* ia a mjilv^nl atiiI i^bA^ra nil tnt avw, tho fihAfra bavtn^ boM) 
oMiged to bo rei^i^vred. but tbo froab onoa are Dov aa roocfc cat u 
OT«r. VTo won infonuod by Hn. GoudJe, tbo widow of tha okt 
niUer, J'>ba Ofiiidin, fit Drh^iutidA mill, whA bAil ltr«d la tb« hoQW 
DDflrlj fbrt^ reont, thai tbo Irase of the property bad boen bou^A 
of Banu^a l&tber, by the Sboomakon^ Comiumj ol Ajr, for ooa 
bvndi^rl imi\ itixt? (EnlnoBA ■ but that tha prnpfirt^ now l*t tar 
£lA a year ; and that tho tstiij Bboecoaken^ Oempany wBfaing t^m 
to raiao tbo rait, tho vjdow viu goiaic to quit at ^"^">?'!*"ji MOt^ 
Anil 1>iAt tuioLhnr pihriATi luul taVnn t{v\ hotlft>^ And a iinri«l1 piaco of 
ground ftdjoiuing, at a rental of £C0 a yoar. Mm Goudie aaid tbat 
abo bod be«ii onco bid XlO Tor ono of tho tablo^ but bod nfliMd 

it ; thatn, }invr*T*r^ Iwing nnir nliniit Ui qisit tb#i pn>mlA«A, WlO bid 

sold tho chum njid Ubtoa to a broto' at Gla^goWf who waa atinooB- 
cdog tbom -lA thu actual fiimitiaro of Bama; tbon^ it vaa wall 
bTinwn IhAt whi>ii RiinM'n fiith^r loA thia houae for Mi>nnt Olipbant^ 
a few rntlca odE wiwu Botort Bunis waa not aarim yean of tfi^ ba 
t<iok all hja fViFTuturo with him. Convpicooua amongat tha caired 
nftiniA in Mtt mora waa tliat of an aio^tioaa Pet«r Jotioi^ of Gtaat 
B«ftr Lako, Xortb Acaerica. 

Bunu^ lithvr, whc wah, when ho hrcd borei nrditicr to Ur. 
FitTguKOTir of nrvcinhnilm- waa ft roAn of An axolWbla tomparaiaaat 
batof a fooet upright diapoftitioa; andbiamctbo;, lifcotbe taotbtv 
of iDoat remarkabLe men, wna a womao of dear, dorer and auMaior 
nindr of a winning oddmH, artil full of ballAda and tTuttiooa. Ftou 
b&tb Mm tbe aon drew the okmoata of a poot ; nad we out waQ 
Imagfaia him aittlug bv tbe huiablc flnMado oT thb ootUf^a, aod 
faoMfinf inU> hia ohiMUh bnart, from til* pUily of Ui« fotJMr, aad 
ttoiMtajpiiitiTaUtorf UiepwtbcrjtbaaeimagpBofgepuinoSo^^ 



Ufbf which [xiurcd tbcmvlrva fUth, tm woU Ja Ttan cT SbanUr, aa In 
thu gnro aDi4 Ili« hfttuUfttl Got^tor'A .Sttimlaj NtghL 

umug lEUitted on mj wortbj ^do gcitECg iu>mo n^frc^biacdt, 
VB t^a Milled Pyrth to tnnkc a tnoro thorougb oxptonUon or tbfl 
TDulhftil faftunte of Lhp i^tnt An't rmv, ihiImc^ vb w«rc rarroutidul 
Bj mecDeDtoft of him. oud of bia fuuoy oa dU hondL Tita ooltoga 
fftuidfl on a plcamiit T>1da 7 (uid alKJUt a qoirt^r of a iqU« ohwU 
jou BOO, no th« WfUhuid of t1]« mrl, tho moniiniM^ ero«ted to hin 
nkcmofj— A dome, BunDoimliM vrith a lyrt and th^f nignificuit wico- 
Cdp, and Mpportcd on Codnthkn pllkr*. On ttio <r]>j>o«Jiij, that la, 
on the rigbi-DUkd aido of the roAd. in tho old Kirk of iUUivA^ ; 
bejond, Kwoj to the right, ia beard Uio Jxa ; irhik th^ ury nuige of 
thtt C^rrfok tiillH itrvtchca aceom^ cloning tbe laiid9cap« before TDtt 
At thvir fv«L & diam uf tress mArka the coiina of the Doon ; Dut, 
befOTD joQ reoeb anjr of thcve oMooU, joa pan oa tout loft the kigv 
nwft Jltfd In which wu hold the ihirnv iMivtl, on tb« <Ilh of Augiut, 
iMi. Tha platw yrh&m th« thU hwl bcon broken dnwn to admit tha 
prooaaaioD was ploiDlj di^oamibto bj ihi new mortar 1 and a fiaa 
cnKi of rom waa now ^ratlcg wbon auch tbounotbi hiul, btit a jear 
Wfore. mM in honour of tha immortA) Aidaotnan. 

Of tlib fnitival oopioua partkubut ara to ba found in aJl th« 
DowHpiipc73 of tho dty ; but ttj HiOUO ho complcto and aocuxnto a4 
""The Full FUport.'' piiVliahed bj Mr. Matwell Dick, tlie worthy 
publiaher of the Aymhiro Nowa Letter at Irrino, opo of tho mowt 
onthosUatla odmlrcrA of tho goniua of Burtu, and of genloa Jn 

rial. By tliift report it imn^Hjv tliat th« jtroMwalon, Satst^am on 
Low G:«ea of Ayr^ Ei«r the cormtj buildinga, tDet at ton o'doek 
in tho toomlD^ artd conaUtnlof thoiijagtiitratc»orihotowii,publ]a 
bodies, fanne>iL miEnarooa ftMaaaoiai^1od|9M,aiyEietlaft of tE^raMiera^ 
arohera, and odd-Mows, King Cnipin taluB most irapoaing Btjla^ 
with Souter Johnnj Id charbotoTf ■cocm^Ankd by attoodaata with 
haDoeffa floating, and bat)d« pUjins luualu of Baraa'a aonga, la Ihia 
proccwoa wen aeon gettwrnoii and nobbmcti, and litoruj moD of 
Qio hIghcM dlitlncptioo, iroux all parts of tho eanplTO. It reaobad a 
milo aJoDg the hlffh road, thno abrvaat Tlio wholo iiTimbar of 
pana»u prtaont— that b, in tho proooaakm ud on the ground— wm 
calculaiod at eight/ thouauid. A splondid triuiaphal ardi waa 
arwotcd at the oottaf a whero tho pooi was bom ; and. aa Iho pn>- 
ttaakn drew near ity iha hand pla^td " TTtero wa* a bd waa bom ia 
S;lt^" tb« vaat multhudu uiioorcrcd at onoe^ *^ the flags *vm 
lovRied as tbfl7 paviod the bnoible bnt miiGh ranpoctod apot. Flot- 
fonna wen cec<M in Tarioua piKm, ao that P^pl^ <wuld got a 
ffMiohd'aii of the procwion. Aa it approocbod Sine AUowaj, the 
old Ml, wh>o)i MtiU oo eo p to tho holAV. waa nf4 a-rin^g, and oon- 
tinuod 10 while the p ioe wa ion marcbed undtfr the tnumnbd arvh 
aloQg tbo new bridgeu Deplo^uig lound towanb Uw old oHdgo of 
Doon, ihn eirdfng hna, paHifdl/ ohicured hy tbo honaoa and &Ma, 
had a Indj picUireaqu^ efftiot ; the waring bannon, tbo mwo of tho 
banda. mottowod anil echoed bj "tho Eaoks aad bncs o^ hoonAo 
Doou," w«rtt doop^ iuprefifltTo. On nadung tho AoJd Brig, oysr 

hut ^ 

M4 BUBm 

vhidb WM ibrown n triumpliAl Bich, tin b«Dd itnck up " WclooiS^ 
BoTfll ClkihrliOt" whilo tha proottaioo, tnkoororaig 4&d tovenijg thttr 
fiipii pM>ti oviTT in front of tba pliiCbrsi, on woiob atood Cb* Uit«* 
ftuuof 3urUihi«dsterMra.B«^horBOD,imd tv(>dAu^tenL Thm 
mootmifm «ooi4>iod at Joott An hour id cominglhica tbo dov bri4|« to 
{h*fi*1<l,on«Qtoriiiawbi«b tliwbgkiLd pl«j«(l "UunotnOnj/'foUoVMl 

STbd Krloiof ilboribldj." A bigo drcle ma IboD f oraicd round 
D plftttorm fat tbc niu«iciftnj iu tbo flitbl ; uid the vhoto oomtttny, 
M bx prvfpitHiotiiJ vomlitU, ioLfHHL ^t nrt^Log ^ To buiko and brmaa 
c^ booziu Doon,'* and *Auia kog ^ik^'~ The bftfkfia ««ro thai 
fltaUonod io rariotn jurtu of th« &otd ; the BcglmmtAl vut QlMgoir 
8t Androw^ boudu^ m th« OMitro of th» fi»1d ; tba Kilvinniqg «ad 
OuniaodE b&ddi at the oottagev aud Uie bagpip«ra pbhved al e di^ 
tftnoo from tbo pArJlioa. Thero wore two «DciIo>urc« for dADdngi 
ODO i>«or th* b«Ba of tbo nikl, oml tho oLbor oa tlui braw, OTorlodkiiw 
Uie DoOQ. Immedutd/ ftfter the prooeaidon was ovur, Lha orovd 
VbrewrtoniBhedbj theauldeo mpeanuoe of Tun o* Sbanter, '^ veil 
IiioQDtAd OD bU gnu mon Utif,'' oiul a ftiffhl of wttohait in full jta^ 
mlt of bar, tlU he noohed aod puMd Uj« kfiystono of the arcb of the 
Auld Brig. At two, th» Eirl ef Sglintoa took tbe diAlr at the 
banqiidt ID ihtt (wrilion, vitb Profo«or WJIooti tm omupiir. To tbo 
h|fhl of t)io obairmao ut Robert Bonu, Bmi^ the eldest eon of iho 
poot ; ityor BunUr hia youugrat aon ; 0(i the Lefli Cdoiitfl Boteil 
HdooTiil uui fit t}ut pott ; Mrs, Buggn BumVa UBtcr ; uid ri^bt uka 
Jeft, ctli«r tn«mben of the Guoilv, uid Dian^ noble end dieUogoithed 
pHrvQiui : Ha Mn. TbooDsoa, of I)iuiifri«a, tbe Jeeale Levuv of the 
pfHit : ^ John M'fJftill, Uto phk^ftotontuuy to tbn OMirt of PonAa; 
the Lord Jiutiue^on^ro], tbo OoiuitsH of EsliatoD. Ahaoo, Um 
biBtoriut, Mr. and Un. & a UaS* Bi>)>eTt Ch«mber% of Ediobundt, 
Doiigkn JcrrmUl, WiUJun Tbom, tbA poat of InvonuT, ot«. otc T^io 
ohAir»ortb« cbjumtao and crwipiervorvEDade of OiLoo rafters fron 
KM AUowttj, Olid uiauy uemouioa of the poet deoontod tbe ubfa. 
The Aoaco b tbo pavilion U doncHbod an apUndid, and lil:a one <f 
Bttrvluid : and tbo moat entboaitttic apmohM w«ra audi Jn boaour 
of ttu poet, oepeciaUf by the ootde cbalrmvi aad tbe oloqoeut Joha 

It mH bo MOD b^ tboee ecquaintod with the grcuodt UiAt the 
proosuloa had tintui taken a courau t^ontrivud tj iociade erer/ ol^eot 
of intorovt ooaiiiaot«d wit), linma bore. It had pawd tboeottaa* 
of bi« birtb; penMl betireoa Kirk Allonj and hie aaotmnMoIt 
oioaavd hf the neir bridge over tbe Pood, to tUe aide of ibe lin^ 
end retumod over Uio old bpidg€^ao oa to ato ill ^tho bank* and 
bnca o' boniau Doon," and so e&to«od the field cf the CbetlnL 
baving eatiraly ^oelrded the mocmmiftatt Th^ tn fuU view of 
ell tboao olMoobs tbo oottaAo, tha aid nuna of the kiric, tti* caa- 
lumtfit, and tbe banks of Xbon, th»/ oelebnted,— eaghty thotiMod 
p«nooa^— die fVBttral of his Uoooor. %uM the awlo of bU otm 
eniAhaivting aonga, among«t which vnpa-^*' A ntan'a a man for a* 
that :* "Thin i4 m my aiik boiiw ;" "Qrrao (^row Uio nuboeO j* 
"Uj loTo ahe'e bui a iaeaie jvt ;* *' Wat ye wba'a in 700 tout." 



Ttb fttlirUif uiil lumtittuoui oipT*«idon of ft mliorfi riioanttton 

Vw gone bj ; uLeoce bud aguu uUeut aa it waro, iHUi it muiiitig 

unuae of tliepotft^ ^rj on tho KCfie; and with my worthjguidft 

1 «viit OTur th4 Wfu* grouivl Itlmirvly^ noilng ftll \U bMutU* 

and dianurtcnBtiw. Firvif wo turned into thu gravp-^^urj of Kirk 

[^AUovray. Ucn flood ttao roolkiu ohl Jurl^ jiMt vucb b [ilain, siufplo 

, ruim««70ia m« b a hntidrfitl pUo«« ia Ir^kud. Oan of lU ljr«t 

oUoote tint UTvfita your uttciitioQ ia tbo boll in ttfl litUu bolrty, 

Vnh ft ropo biniEUig t^Uido, only miffiidotitlj lov for Ihu •cxtcai, on 

iaj oooMtoti <>f CUnonl, to rv^ob it wiUi & boolvd [xila, a^iI tLu* to 

pnrest uij idlo pcraoD rinnn^ it at ot her times. This bel^ wlion 

tbe UTuliw of Allowny una Ayr wortr lojnod, vaa attempted to tio 

cam#«ln«Air bj th« ftuthonliM of Ayr, by naOMOUJiLoUMtt-boaourt 

but tbo o M Ufm of Aikjimy mftnfully rooe uut rausted miooCMfttUf 

Ihe nnuoTikl. Then; arc floiity of opou vtudovn, vhcve 'Fam o' 

I 6l>t(ii«r c>ould lako ft fill] Tiaw of tbt (lUMinno duKBDS p<uly ; 4nd 

I ^^ tbe winnook buoicr in tbo ooMt," » smitll window^ ** vboio nt Auld 

I If idc b m\Apa of b««iit" m bddJor, ia coii»pioaouA «aou|Bti,^ Tbo 

biWrior <if t1i« kirk io dividod by b wnlL Tb« ir«ct «nd diviiioc ia 

llho burid'pldco of the C&thcftrti^ which b kept voir ceol Tbo 

t oUior crul, vhoro tbo witoh-duK^ mot Taa'H wtoniihod «jrai, ii to^ 

iftdlof brtAm »Jtd nottUo, biNiriug OuffioiODt •rid4qioe of oo noobt 

Edmbyn pf th^j kind. Tiui kirk-yud UGn^wdodwitb tomfacond tbo 
t'fimmomorialortbedoad which nie«1« your oy«,tt tbo hMd«ton« of 
I tbo pocf^ bthor, just bcfora you aayou cDtarby tbo vliIo> with this 
ICvpetiptiot) i—^^Qiend ti> tho memoty of WiUiun Bum% laimor id 
[JLodtiioii vbo diod Vib, I'bA, in tho ^d yo^r of hio ftgo ; and of 

I Browmv hia DpoUfWi who difxl tho 1-ltb of Jftn. 1*^30, in tho 

|0Ah yrv of boT 0^ Sho wii» interred ia Boitoa Churcbyu^ Eut 

bnw iiHtvUb iiinoa rttmnc*. ■nil itHadl 
Uvn Its ih* ^0v^ liu*(>jiin4'« &*■! mnalnj^ 

l%v lmd«r tkthri. And da ||*nvfgiu frttnd. 
Thi i^tilpf^^m *htl «Bh fin haoDVi *ea» 

Tht diunilM* Ei««n thai fcaml no bLRur prMt; 
Tlti rUfBil afmaa. iBflntlaiu nib*; 

■ r«i flv-D hu CiUlntt laiwd U) v^u^t tLd«."' 

7^^t«pfa wuwrlttoneiprenlffGvtbistombbjBuTtu; tbelurt 
"ao boang quoted fMoi Qddkimtb. 

Admioiiig &OV to tho dow bri^o^ you stAod botwe«iit two rtnofk- 

F|blo mouomeDt* of tbo poot Va your rigbt bud,dooe on tbo 

bftois <ff tbo Dooor ftiMl oiljotuU^ tbe bhdpy stADdo % handtouo 

tUIi, i& boouiiftil proiuda wbteC oooupv ptrt of *■ tbo buUv ood 

' >»•." Thbi U t^ boiuAo of ^. Auld, the ontmriaiutf b&irdraMr 

AjT, wbo w«A the GnA to necotfojae the goiua <tf Tbom the 

^RilpiLor, then e poor vtockcmiuOE) c? JLyr. IamHj oo«ltig & fiiot'oro 

riom o' Sbutor iu Aukl'« window, nqtxeted the Icoa of it for a 

r dejr& Being Oftked by Auld wh&t ho wuud it fw, ho eiid he 

I ft uotioo Ih&l be ootdid uuJu e fiouro fr»m it. It w«e k^i^t, ond 

'l&AfDvdqvbeiotanaedinLhft moottl of Tarn itioby. Idr^ Avid 

p^«EthAi- Ui« ^THLip or th6 muon whj: 

aeanon of tho oorpanito tntliAntlcii of A^r. 

QvitUn^ lliiH AnlHTi, Tmi r^i^^^nntpr. at lii« fool of the now bvidj^ 

ft ii»w um, colled £unii'a Iim and Hotel, with a flu* pftbtciil Bj^tn, <i[ 
« btockbim tdngjiag upon a bouch, iriUi » ar<ook and a h^iiMv and an 
oftk ki tho <PtiU« rf ft «hi0U laid on btuohaa ot ^\ivt Acd «*k ; uid 
oner it th« ircinls--" BotUr a noall buah tbaa naa hkW Tht Auld 
JMgUAona* little ^^UtADoc uptLo Mroun; and tharWltom tt ia 
^ntrj bMiQltlViL Yt^ii an* niinrtEin'WI hv " Uio fcmnki and bnua o^ 
brauiic Dooo," Bt««pr buii^ with orohar^ and fiDO woodland troa^ 
At vicaa tittle dintanoe vtUl farther up Ui» utroora, fon dfscrj tb9 
6^ mill of Attnvnj. hftlf hifHcl fn umlnv^coua 0«<«, and t^ rovud 
riao nreet voodlaod Golds ut thofoct of thAhilla, liiabi^dga is well 
ouired oror with name*, ind OTorsmvi) vjth uaaiea (>f ivy, 

St4ndiTig oTi thi* n>mHrlchMr« n\d pvjr brldg^^ ray ootapomon exhU 
biUd a trait of ddicatc uid gi^nmno fbclinff, vhich no roaa of tho 
ttoat poUjtbod oducatioD io tlifl hcIiooI Qf poUtonaai conld ban 9U> 
puaad. Gcthoring n tpri^ of ivy, b«« wd, prAoatiiig itv-*" U^y to 
ft woxild tike to «cDd this to jnur leddr in Englnnd ; it'« ^ttiOTed 
Jnat fn^ Ibv ^i^yKtano.* ] Accc[it^ it with Ihfi Uvolic«t pleoMu^ aud 
it u now ouvfLilly pT*#cnpgd vhorv th« ffinod nun vjab^d itv Wo 
tTj«Q r(rt<iTticd Ut A vr, talking of BunuL ma hf^toir, hia foetrj, «nd 
hia fine <iuakUi3fl aU tho way ; and tmrr oao of tho nl«aflUit«iat 
nnibloa 1 orer made in anj cornpanT^ 1 bado mr old fri«nd good-bjo 
ai hia door, loaTing in hii hand a tnflo to mcoid hia Siu>daj anppar, 
"Buti^Mldh^sMl waa goltsg awa^, ■■ nalgbt I r^iMst tho &Tour of 
joar nam*, that I may know who it waa toat I hid tho honour of a 
nulk with to Biim*> monument, whan I am thinking of it t ** 1 told 
bim ; hia Dkoa pw>9d from tta niKial palvafvi to a iloop fluah ; and bo 
oTctainud,^'' Eh^ Sir 1 1 kon jer oanH^ aad that o j«r l«ddj too, 
ri^t wool!" Depradunon it, tho rtoouootioD of that waJkhaabMO 
ai ntauant U> mj old friend u to mrwlt 

The iwit day, with a drifnr wpll ftn^mlntod with the oountiy, 

I tsaaed fnrth m a gi^ to vioit all tho riinoui mid^Qoca of finrna 
bvtWaon Att und UaumilliMv B^mji in hm lifo iirrmcd liko a bud 
baTing it« nwti Ha took tvci or thrvo thoH riij^htJi, till hi* A^v quito 
awaj to DuEn&iea. At otctj mora bo got fiirtltisr from Ayr. He w» 
liki ID amigniat, atlD going on and on in ono djrcotion, anil bla 

oourv* wa« Ronlh-tftst fintlf h]> vnnt, that la, wUh hit fftthfrr, to 

Bfooat Dlti;dnAt, a turn about four n:iik« from Allcnra^i where ba 
UT«d frocn hia liith to hU twolfth jcar Thia fstrta hv aottiitiE par- 
timlLT nbnut ii^ It li'oi on a ham H<Ioa of h\\\ an ordmuy btlla 
Sootoh bnn^tcading, with bore And trddoi fiabb ThonbevmloQ 
to onothar lann— to Lochloa, Htill fkrtheF ont on tfaia kng* bigb, Bad 

bl«aJk tr^nt of cu^intry, iirar Tju-t>i>Ttnn, ThU farm minAima fUbcr, 

aad tliero lie died, l^chlcm a a u«M. &nn-houae, Ijing La a faoUow 
aam abeltored than Mount Oliphuit, but aUU poMowinff no pfe- 
tamaqtio IbobiivA^ Fn faol^ tbt flunilj waii aH>kmg not the pactinv«i|n<\ 
but a liTc^ood. AtLochiea. Buns lived tilT be waa twcDlj^ovr, 

IWn h*~bMM aoqwoua nth Kl 

^ IfaiM mika Ihsm " 
>MrfHfa«d| »oitiy> T1i0J 

nai# k & fliaty m^tjfWMJ in t^ livw of Btaiv^ of lU> i 
b«iB(Q«tWlu^of A|T,u>dCiCiDAxvpMd« h, ftddiot th^|j 
Ism* sMMl « «Mfc cidt ol « hmD pnrinff brtx^—tLej tend I 

BOnoidtiMirvovj W be finthftd W ttcfc othor." 
JUI ttta nj b« tne, for Omj took & d^y to thi« fiuJ . . __. 

BU^vuitebjtfae Atr>«Ki «ooii op to the Kulo. lad ill 
■uB rVnilrt «ii tW vtjjMortQ tfav Aapie ftod bAscuii^ 
MmX «m g9ta^ to tU lrcBi«n Hiffchfi-!*, to »m Imc frtesik 1 



A» muritd Robert Pumft, Imt «ho illnl on licr wn\ Imrlr. tnd Uiot 

«nd Ib iio|iooitcd lu Uw mooumoat at AUowaj. Wlwcwer tbla 
Doremofiy took plftoe^ Uie partlne usuredl; beck pUoft hare, Bunui 
ttj«, not only tWt " there I Utok ray bftt lorewd^" but tlso 

" How unvUx Mmnin! Thp ftij fTMii bllkr 
I «]■*( id hti ta iQjr boAwi ! " 

I atHl HUnilfl tlio tJuinjf taJlvd by all Iho country, ^ Hij^lil&ud 

r'B Thorn," 

_ ) Loiifio and park an sold or leased by tbo Eaii of Bgjinton to 

k KiUdtor in Ayr. Uy driver appeared afmid cd going luto Uie [m^ 

Mjing ** tbe mriUr!' that i*. iha Bolioitor^ «aa a queer fallow, and 

voold Dot M aoybodj go to the tbom, ami C4>rtaf&1y a Urge board 

at tKoh park gauu vaming all [mihoh-i to ardd tUoad aallowd 

.dncla,appMr«a to ooofinu tlie ioku ■ ojiiiuou ; biit» havinsooiQ* 

t br, 1 did not cauii to ua» without a glaDoe at tbu partiog aomt 

' Biniia aod HJghbuid Mary. 1 bada bl^ drlvo davu U> the hoiwsf 

here I waa apeediW aasurvd by the acrvaata about t.bat I van quitu 

L liberty to go to tbotreoL "^ iTov aholl I know it 1" "ObUcbild 

may know it — It la alL backed aud ibo tviga broken, by pvoplo who 

carvy av^y soma of it to ke«pL*' fi^ ihtuve eigm T readily rwogDiaed 

I U«e. U in Doi far froxa tbe houae, cloae to tbo carriagMriTe* 

1 oa the top of (ho alopt that dcwcoiuU to tJui Failo, which xDitrmuni 

_L bcffleath ita tiwf«t vtKNtland abnda * 

Ihtt Inat abodo of Bortui in Ayrahira waa at MoctaHiol T^ b 

DQU four- aiUav beyond Tarbolton^ and dos* to MaHcbLiie, which ia 

inwphly a lartta nUi^a Mo«<giul farm lua, aa it v«t«v b^ ^^ *^<^ <^f 

t long, kigb, barren ndffo of hxlla, whicdi oitoida aluaovt all tho 

'froEn Ayr thith«r. ana od wlilch Boroe'e father hafl aotagbt a 

Uviii^ and founu ruin. It alvida qcat tka lino of tho nJope 

h deaconda into ALuiohline, uid ovarlooki ft Iarg« vxteot of 

: and barv countiy, uul distant bare hlUt. Id tbo raloa of tbo 

etvy, howovcr, tio many uwncn of ctvaI b«utty lad daaaio fane. 

*^ are the bo^ of the Ayr, vhkch nioda out doop betveeii itft 

aod w<Hxl8, Ifko the Niti:i, Ihe XkHni,»iid the btfbor CMe. 

arc Stair, Lagan, CmkcitiD, CVtHna^ Ihignld Stmnrt'a plaoflk 

'tnd iDaoy otban- 

Th* &m of AloBsg&el, which oooalna of aboct I16teaf««^ Uca^aa 
obavTol, bigfa. and a« Oilbnrt, ihn brotlier of Bum^ daairibed U, 
*<iQ A oold, WDt botUtn." Tha farmii ckocaplad by tha Buma fuuUjr 
^ this part of tb« country wi:r« allot a tbacUi^a and urt^aQlal kind; 
I bctftbeylackcd the moaikatocomiiuuidboUAr. Tho two broth«ra, 

■ 1 as ttlU< b«vtfr> lAild 1^1 lll» >•« ima a«f the *ninin pt4p]« ut aot taavid 
to TWI » Uvr^ Ttnm." ihncb held tn toch hlK^ htmrmi ht iJKin. ITot iMr i>>* 

bMM to 0)« mv toDurM dl tba fWuAfi lu il« wIdOvt, wT*anr> •> «cJI u ffMlvVM. 
iMiM,u«(tiiidnar«Maoi)nriaaQniii9, «i tf muh utwdtHrr TWiftoiaw aid 



RafeaH «nl OiIb«vi, had \akfn thui tern «Am« Hmo halnr* th 
UlWff^ doilk, ion Uus hop* of minting the fkmd/ lu tlul |k^i« 
wUdi OMtt tBll after tbenif like ui armed uui, nkiU> gt Uw ma 
WleriB^ oartka, ■«! vtudt waa waiting tIbNi- EaUor to Uu gm 
At Ua teik tbey i«ttor«d altefivtho' from Li>oU«^ aod ihtb IK 
awihcr and oa te n baauoe hen «oe hinseboU. Hva Bunu ■* 
lawlrai of atwdinwi, indiaiUr, aod thririag i btf tl 
'- ^dMi him, ttd hft soco beouDo mixed up «Ub «U S 
MiBTiilmrL Tbna be ealabludi«d a cfub tfUr tl 
«£ tbht a TutkJtca. V^v^ w6oa, t^o, bo {JoechI & 
tliaMkMo<ob««bdiQHilei.iawhkb hu fiiood Gavin ^ucOhi 
It knar ot tba pkce^ ww pffivnanj tunbraiJod. ll«n be v* 

tVKiiftAte»3 IbotaatoingpociDfl^ip whicn bo Ian ban I 
lb*il»llboDaLhtMbi,bjpocn7t»*l ^^ MDctummiow uttew 
^Kljiai BMUMiBkcrf«wi1J(Jf«AAino«r,tbie^iigbhr 
m^tmmamm of liiarbKai. wfac^ after naoj traaUo^ mI as 
«Morilteaa tbapwiefOa luaQj^ btetm «n«nrsnbhbaE 
■m be m^le tba nwAv part «( bia po— a, and of bb vm Ih 
««■ t Mid W» ba tate lortb mon tbt ««rid like a iM«.ite» ii 
Ui vmma^ vbidi ««« tM nMbbed 41 Rihcanioo^ attnofii 
' aiT ettNAioa, Aal be WM oaDcd to Edklfu; ~ 
I wnplrte editkB tben pubMMd. while b* 
UrodbttBed aa ft aart cd mindi to tha nigheit cM« 

TW iMr 7«am ttUA be liivd bcnv tboagb tbej wara aiiykraiU 
b& a rmaieiT font «f tWv Mo «iidi a doufh of deaaair, t«t 
aSbwhadto - - - .. .— r— .... 

I linliliilhiTTiiil TiiitrTi. lilt iiilj tl 

n^ ttw^ ai m^fded bk Ckni^ gl«M 


tif tfelim^artbir^ibkA aaaaad to panao Mm^mi 
wtH md to moot maici onion ■, to ootefeat 
i-mH^'c^iuf vmn^ ba Ma laB g( liie vm) T%OTi^« 
•lka« M> la Iba mnAMmofe a£ bfa ifafil abora aB anaa of « 
aiaAtedM^BM i^tbi«Mamarof Uoeo4npo»kftk 
laftbe iv«,--««»«ia&faapfaic^btodWote 

a* Aoeaft<«IM tnlftbi^l,aDd vaaafoM 
ninub ntaMUnij Be a rt M Mandf ombe am uAt aiaa Jl 
EmwOwi be 4r»v, Ml Iha ^dl vtik vUeb be tbraw bk cnft 
Mfen QftaMOcanaataMBbmiffMoeoidodiAftbardotriii 
oaWJM^ n ^Mf Aacki to a cifn tisMh nliL'ttei^ leai 
fcoMM 1^ «^ i* tevbibb BefM nobed, " la «kB tUnftM 
aw M ^M WM; tMdo ft aQi« vbltl «ai atocbtqs^ll 
uiwMtan mm tM bia teiaii «ta via aiavanl lo WOr 
l^lh llihl I > »■»% ll 1 ^»t Haad imi o^nita to Ua 





I Ml 

doebrcd Ifani ■ he had tho kAiulaoiaanl ««l «f tbe httai i& 

eora tk^t ho «t«r aiw on a furroTed Sold.'^ 

j« ben^v Iten, &t Mwagiel, Uut» ^ung; vworouik uid fxtU of 

lo uItuic* in vorLQj motC*^ Lo vorl«4 •widuoudr with 

thcr GUUrl ia tte fielda, undivided in ia« aUCTtiona b; tbe 

. of Ihfr Ejuue Belt pcwtrj-, spito of all rcsoiioa to the ood* 

wao otcT bin like * Good. A* bl* huid wotIimL bk hovt 

of iiiMMntiou, lud aft Gilbert hM tb» plougb, BoWit woold 

4ti<t v&K bauda him, vxl rqiettfc wbst bo Iiad Junt oompoMd ; 

tb«f woat witb iho otft to catty out oom or bring hcaae ooabf 

idantoQiab bim with w)m« auch diapUy. *Tba v«THatoih« 

and th« UounUiD Daiij," aa^a Qilb«^ *v««« ccmpoavd on 

o«A<i<]t3a, oDd wbUo tbc Author was faotding tbo pLoia^. [ 

point oat ibo fpol nboro eaob wuh oompoacd. Holding tba 

m a fitvcairi^ aituatioD with &obert for poatic oompoblliotL^ 

Aom* oS his bc^t TprBrs vivrtt produced ^bdc bo «aB «£ that 

eW With whftt tnur««t» thtm, <lo w« look over tho ftclda at 
VoMfU^ acai9«ij aa inch of vhich baa not boon atroda ow hj 
SvQOt wULa vD^i^cd at imo> ld turuJD^ up Ibo boH, »oirtDg or 
pltiiiiiij^ it# crop*t and in tt^:lrk[1I2 out id tho depth of bui mind 
ucaa ootDpoatUocM whtrh wra to reiDAir) for ail ttmo, tho iratcfa- 
■ttda cf bucrtj' uid c»f iiublu Uiuux^i^ I Btnidn tbu |ioU'Uit«] ]>uums 
ikaaJj mkim of, hrra ho wrtrU^ HoJlowo'oil i AddrcMt to tlic Doil ; 
Utaih had Dr HocnlH>oL, a auUni on tlio poor (tchooluiubtat- aiid aclf- 
r^d ii|icUivG«r7, ffiison jf TWboltcn, which dravc hiui Imm 

made lo nKnmi; Tlio Vkdoii ; TV* Cutlvfa ^iimUij- Night, 
ba it>7r appr opria toly rvpcat^ i^ Giibcrt during a Sunday 
^ wait. 

iattfrevtiDff Boeoo of tho otatiooD of tbcM exqdflJte 
tm tbe kA band of tho road proctcding from TArboltoa 

\mm. Iha booaa rtamh at a fifJd'ft ciUUnt^-t from thi r<kftjl, 

_ a that^htd hcuae with but and bon, jwt an it ma, and tho 

Uklfm b«hH]d it fDnniug two winei eiaotly aa bo biult hia bouaa 

a|tt1a£a^ Tc» tbu ntiftli-'iml UialrAiuA b w«tltdi«4i«nd vithA&i^ 

tnca. A huidMDio jotius motbcr, tho iknnrr'a wifi% 

Lj tor har ccfndj and intelligent iook to have been cdobmiM 

told na« t»t iCfoat nuitib«m of p^«|>)n <ain« to *•« tfaa 

ibat H was tt ry much aa Burna Mt it "Hioro irera tbo 

Iha bype, ibn nidoo dot. m lU which tho poot had hbotred 

o<b«r too of MHh fE>r nj« diijl^ bria.j, and on ib« Jfarty 

for tnry ttae of vImt fainily had a niedSo allowuoa M 
isfkd ]M>cftvi-n»i>ncr — of HL-voapoiiiMl% wbteh.aaya luabroUMv; 
' amrr qxec«d«d f vcty tatnTaipot b« o«ild not bavo baaa. 
Fai aea tb« in^ wbcre ho aato and «ocnposod vocao of Ua most 
pi^Mio aOi) nmt biuDonyu piocoa. It ic mid to bo in tho ipctio«i 
a ftvUrr room, wbkli baa a boaidod Aoo*- and tiw n>ot«a boda uo 
■ fcti to in Gotland, tbat be chtedj wrnto. Wba out contemplate 
^ia hutbUfl nviu, uiO rocal tbe image fif the yoKWg poet VlLh a 
Elf tiMdai^chol;^ bcro ioditing^ — Uiui wvi nuuifl to n^Mirn, cr bu 


Thiom, viiboai the finilicrt emo4&0Q 1 Tbor^ ia no kkiat^dim 

- TlH nfl tai «Oft«i n« viDBtr 4A3r, 
" TM ttrxler'i war flttflH IM 

B« r 111* •»». mu pwiidr* 

TVM tlM via iMHi'iM- 


■ j|» fc till* ■B«li. mJ^ tltmt, 
1 badviH imnii on Tul>d ^mt, 
lint 1 haA a^rnt v/ ytnthJM (Oom 

Fcv Italia iPibift, 



Ot «ini»«4 lb fc «wk n4 <:AiUt 

QfUNVt, it tMttM, cootuniod on Uij» dm, «ft«r Robert leCl Icr 
luhLUillSOOi awl tlw Mit Uoaai had occ«|iii»i) it UU b«t 
or t«i> b«A^rv uj nflt) when the htubftod of tbe fcnog woiaitt 

UBMUio*^ al Uw 4iitsB0* ol a fair DumiUa' vbUe^ abwrnl* 
VMoUMUouoTIbtmA. There ia th« mn wbtfo Buret oaad to 
Ui ViMT^r duL Tliai^ ia tho chordmvd vhara the •««» «r 
Hol^ Fiur U laid, thoiuh tbo old cmu<cli wlii«li vtood in Bur;ti 
time hat diMMw«ml ana A IMW OM lAkoi it* iilfeoa. Oirpoailftui'.' 
duvokinrd ^m him tbg «tf«a4 ciUod " llio OowgiUv" op v^ 
W nafcaa OosMMtt^toa* mammt jiast bj ia ib* hoooo of T 
KiniK" wlwn fiurai Ml u vith tfao * JoUj B-wan ^' im4 !ii offa 

(b« puUio^ioiM* of Jolui Dov, tbtt Bun* aod bHoampuiiim* <»- 
waiM at ti* «p«Bii^«f tba O wjptM , PkMo KaaakC; or N- 
rattocft'^ vw Iho bow montiooM » tbc Ilolj Fftlr, whrr 

£btto CTDttdad in divhi£ tb« iatottak of Uio Mmoe, baviog a lu:->i' 
ar noat QOfimaaoni iolo tbo an^ 

Wf i<| fn a — m p imm j 

Aat tevQM ikMliv*^ tlMMiv'^ 
Brctylwdj cwi t«U of tba hauuta Mud placM of BtArttf and bia / ^ 
OMQpuuocu m MauilluML. Tb0 womcQ came oat ct thoir boi^^^ -' 
iiiojr ««« t&o ^itif aboolj ud v«t«isotlfofiBrc«iAlT»iuiouaU>)- r> 
va% •ywj iuMi wptA^ UMj of lb* Mn p^ufiW rawnilmd lu^ 



"A finn finiiiljiivinft ymmg frilov, wad hn i\nt V* T Aflknl ^r fto old ^ 
woman wlio vouLd Utovr me irhore Jr&u Armour LivisL " Ob ! Jiart ^ 
a bUuk-aviaiM cUeV »id »be^ hurrrmg up li narrow aUHt pv^raUd 
to thtf OoTmLA ; " btit h(tm ItvacI J«ui ArmmiKii frtth'^r- {}anui Iil 
oam^ added ah^ unoemuouimialy oponiag the dttoT, vboa an old 
dun* apMuvd vho occupied Uio boujei " I am ooly gofng to obow 

along;'* coQUdued ahei, bwivnirw tat mE^remoniouAl/ urataire, ")<o 
EaamiA»airh«rQlhebainuwDrvborD, Hafbaiho?" "Halhafba!" 
aoTMUUMl th« old HaniA of the boiiu>, uipftitiiiily fiTfUlj d«^ltrh)Mt. 
■■At. diOT tb6 gentldtnaa !— abov him ! he ! he f be I" So up iront 
id; fto-nating golden up mmt 1, aDd tip cnmo Uio old kdj of Um 
houMt. "Tlum T ihArar' Axi^Aftnhrl th" fiml <iM T<inwn, polnttog 
to (L rrwfla btd ia onij of tfio chatobcnw— Oierc were three o' Robin 
tiuriu'ii b&tnu boriL li'a Iruiv uft lu I Live ! " " Ay, gudc flutb la 
i^" roachoid th* fAi\ \aAy ttt Ih' hriup«itj ttui\ flir* tura jfi^rfMip* ftff&in 
If era Ttiy isevrj. "But yc maiui ace whort llob m' Jeiwi wore 
Bttrrkd ) ao out of tho boiiso the loui and nimble womnii a|;aia 
hurnedp aad a^ln at a nf»ul rnwut 1^ in« dawn Anr^.hpr nAirow 
Street JTiat to the back of what th«y c^ tho ca^Uv. Oavin Uiumlloti'4 
old boiue> It wdtA ia Buma^i thso Oarm Haimltctf a oScc, and in 
that oifflc* TtiirnA v-im Tnarri/wt. It in now a piiblitvhnithA. 

Hftving Ukeu a Hurvr^ of aU the wencA of Buttu'b youthful life 
ben^ I proceeded to tbat house whcra be vwi alwn^ bo wolcomo a 
^uaat^ Ui*hoiiiUk f>f OnT-m llarmltrin EIaaIT Ttii^iri^ti ^AtW thA en»t1i\ 

It is, in Ctct, a mero kciep, with ao ortlinar^ huuzto tiltaohed to it in a 
ntlred gardeo. Tho mdon b aniToiuidad 1^ loftj walla, whh a 
rotniufcablylarwtrMintbeMtitro, Th«boui«^aE)i«roooitaga,{Mhnd- 
dl^ down in the far right-baoi oonur, and oppoaite to it aiukda the 
old keep, « euturplcuoua object aa jou oouand tho hiU into the town. 
Tt Efl iiiikintAjn«d in good orHrr, and ii««d aa a Untidry. A Wo-I^Bed 
laanie vaa nnadiDg out her linm on iho graai-plot, who infonuoomo 
that not oofy woi Gnvin nomilton dead, but hin hou too, atid that hia 
ann'fl wklow &nil h^^ nKIUrTn w^rr* livtnf; ItiAn*. T wttA Ahrtwn tho 

room, va orduiar^ little poriour, where B(ini% one Sunday, on ccming 
in after kirk, wroto tho Mtiricol poetn of the CklC on the elorgyman. 
In travwaiTig the vtreeU of HaQohlino, it w«a inipOMlble to aTodil 
not only i«eaUing all the witty jollity of Bnraa her^ but hia troubtea 
that well-nigh drove him trota tbo laod. The oppcudtton of Jeoa 
Armoiir'a &mi1y,th«ii^K >ihe Kid thrre children hy ninj ; th* tiuiring 
tip of ber acoret tnorriago lines bj heratlf in her dfupoir ; Bunia'a 
duitj<action, hta |x)T«rtj, hia hidhifi tnm the niymiidoiia or tho law; 
and bit ilulj tbirt«rn ruilpA* walk to onrTMtth« pmnfx of hi«|>Offiria 
at Kilmafnocl^toMre poatage But noor the muiw which baa mado 
him poor* tvnUMd to poimit him to quit hia natiro ImtL Out 
btitvt tho «un nf hui glory, aud o«r K^eoe ehaiigua wjth thia ehango 
to Sdinbof^h,* 

• IniuiiB(«tkaoi>«rKlr>«tf'lnrrhvfirUfct>ovT(i{«AarATr' X**ff«. xifvly* ViIm 
>nlr*Kik«,ladadiii(itll«hLdi*«icvDc*a>uk*kTkvof llovtt ouphiai.<ad ^lu 



To dwenbd lU the hnaaU of Bum* in EiUubiirsb wtn « loug * 
^kir. Thej were tha Iiocmhi <tt dJ tlic great atid g<^f— of tbo 

TI10 oolobrtted l)udieeB of Q<Mo^ «i thftt line ittte 

dill of beauty osd fcahiTtn. wm ocm td Us wuximpI adnumr^ aad 

FioTiM him to tiur hrmt ptrtiM. Tbo muDg F*wid»nian ol hjnhbt 

pM hotKkobbinr in tJw Umpbes of nileiKhKir anl Ivxtur vitH tte 

dutiDguuhcd in orory waUc of tiTe ^ jot lui hacut* olno loj 

' r aiaougvt the hooiUe aai the oodiaiingu^ttd. Bunu VM 

h bifl own m&iiiB, ■* a nua'e a Eciflo for a* that if ' aud wben tbflm 

wdt^ ikoiive BOiiso, «i^ and good huzootir. there bo vna to ht Ufoai, 

)it0TOD in Aoell«r,^Uioalj*w«oacD8tooltositim, Mhii 

■nriT^l ia Ediabiu^ he look op hii qoartcn wSth ft mag 

■him •oqiuibt^jtoc, Ridiiiiofid, bwritot^ 

'ft Um. On'froe, Baxtot'A-GlaBe, lAwn-naiiet, vh«M ho bed ft ilMn 

' the joattk'a room u)d bed. Ytoai the Dooel a^oidld tatArtaCft* 

IvLQcit* of th« amtooroo/, he doaeribtd *'"****^ ■» po^nng bU waj «t 

Fnkht tbromgh tbe ding^ iUm of Ibe " go^a t0«n to bia obmte 

riodgingB, with biBshftnolftoeftltabtcvftavD^ Boor.wd ft cbftffbad 

I fti oi^tooa'poiiCQ A-wvck."' Tbu wan dutisg tbo «intar and a^ 

|ori76&-T»onhUfirat viftit toEcUnburgh^vherebAbccftaetboi 

' fubiooable lion, ftad while hie new £Uuou bv Oeech wu 90 

oat. In tbo Dprui^ fijidintf hii popukritj hftd orou^t bin bo ■>« 

niiihr tho piAOlic 070, that bib ohadMire lodgLDgi in tbs £Aw»-caftrh«t 

not qtiiu befitting hinu he v«st eod lodnd vitli hk oew 

linluioev WUIiom Kieoi obe of the meetore m the HABb-ft<bodl| 

llv«d in the Buooleuob-rtMi lo tfa» wisUr of lTd7> on hii 

[jiM»&d virit to Sdlaboxsh, be bed lodgTOga in ft houM ftt Lho DuUviiet 

ttff JoBOoa^e'eqtinro, 00 the loft bond. Am ymi go tip Cm! lUtfuA«r' 

Rvfa^ ftt the ond of tiie It«g|i«ter-beiiMt you mv Um end of fthouse 

«l tbe l«a-hftDd aide of tbe top of the eVceL Than b ft perpeft- 

dioulitf row of four wicdcwa; tho lop window bcioi:i9i to ibu rocfm . 

Bum* onoa^iod. Horo it was thftibewftaTviitod fcrviho kdj wtUti 

I vboEn ftl tbu time be oorreepo&ded idkder tbe nftine of S^tftOtliriJ 

. ftnd flho witk hira ui CWiado. Hia leg; had been butt by ah orerfatm ] 

L of ft cftRiiuo bj ft dfunkoD oOftdiowi, s&d ho VM IftHl op aome linMi 

Lsnd oompetled to use crutohea, Aiba Oonniubftm t^Ua ua that tbia 

Pladj " DOW and th<o viBitui tho evtpplod hftnf and divtrtnl b&m hj 

ntir wit. ftcid ftootb^l Mm bj ber preeaooe." Sh^ waa tho iUn. Mao. 

' bfa loMte— A bUth^ hutdiioine, ftiid wlttjr wjdow ; and ft mA 

t or fiiHat^oQ grow op hotvocn Duma ftod her. In oao « hi* 

. . te hii ttitxid IticU&id BrovOi D«oemhor 31^ LT^T, he w* : 

^Aimlgh^toraatillndgiiaftndivvflaiD niYboecmti&d 1 asi al Uiifl 

jpoonont reedy tohaoiginyBB]fibr 070110$ fidiaborgh widow." Ine 

I latter (>ftheir oonrwpoiideDC^ which bat raocffitiy been pobbahed^he 

filBi eul ff Ajr by an* nvl »d cvDilntf bi ^ CTi* eth*r> I >dd M bIm Wn. tt« cf ibM 
«Upa«t *wh, Al 114 OR* dtd \btf Br* jva « RrkH to AiuChftf' Sfv lj«» m*. bmo 
«««, hiMtifl ■'»«» eld 3r«u Ilk* rbv counrr" uU4 ot kutfleri MOtf iHom. 
'■on:" Hlf I. "ti L-kBUi tvAnttiMaoUT-' *'li«tiM^t|- "Tvn^-^Mwit 

" " ^ " ' >>Neta ot«w 

pftMaasc bbi h«. I Djtiti m4 Habmoi 10 no,' ^Ttw," mM W, ' 




bJda Olarmda look up nt bJ« vindmr «» elio occasional]/ 0O4> p«% 
Mii<t in ftootbor compbuDd that >ho doca Dofc lock high ecimi^ fbr 
ft Imrd'a lod^^ and m> h« pcoMfOi boron)/ gutTij; at in^c of tho 
luw«c winilcnra. If wo «» Ui b«laOTO the stuizB of licrs qt^oVd bj 
BuniBr vo EQUit jEUpfKBUt Ckriodft to fa&vo bncb tixihappily tnuTiod : 

•• TiBlli not of lot«> tt ffl*«* nt* ytSiti, 
Piti ID'* hai bent btt #» i 

Ami ftup|f*d n* dwp !■ ww/' 

If it ho tnie, u Allui Cunninuh&m aiirmiA«i; that tbosn iiiimitAhle 
vonw in Ulo aong of ''Ao fund ku^^ and then w« ftvrcr' vbich 
wiprtwoi tho pail) of a HhaI parting bolter Ihui anj oih^i void* 
vT«r did> bavo rtdtjntic^ to CJiLrindfi^ tbea Bimin ouuit haVA bota 
puBifMuitoljr 4tt*cbi>d to her ioidvod -. 

"Who ibill HTtlui fdrtDHcrifffnblv, 
Wtulv iMitMoT buiiv4hB irHnhlmr 
Utf . ■« f benTu' ivInU* Ll^ilkU mD : 
[tell dBpbb ■nana Wulctti cue. 
UM wv ivnr hn^ ih kmdlf . 

We hid Df '« hcA brolin hfwtcd.* 

Of tha gGDoraua and truo-hcorted dupoaitiori of ClaruuU wo Abill 
pe«B«8» a juetcr idea, when vo neaoct that Suma vm do4 at tfala 
tjnM aaj longor tha Umi of tho div. Hm &nt warm fltuh of ariat^K 
cntia flatUry waa over. Tho soula of tbo B^jti and GuldoJiablo had 
mbiodad into thoir &ativo icr cantomiit of iiaaauit iii«nU * What 
ba bad hch bikI t^idurcid in fidinburgbt uya hooast Allm Ctuming- 
tuna, ** diitia^ hln tKo>nd viait, admoiuihed him mgardiog tlia ratd 
on whioh he iGaitt» wh«o ho bofod for a plAc« of praht and bononr 
from th« a^n^toi^racf ca occount of bia cudlul On hu fitvi appc*r- 
Booa tba doon of tba tujbilitjr opodod spoDUoaoiuWi ' on goId«a 
bixVM turniii^' aod ho ftto ^Joed vMats, and drank rare wumsl 
Intviohan^Siig &od« and BToiloa 'with hi^ duJcoa and mightjr aatla, 
A ooldv rooaptioQ avjutvd bia aooood coming ; tho doon of lorda 
and ladia» op«Qad with a tardv oourte«j ; b4 waa reoctrwl with & 
oold aikd moMirvd atatoliaoa*, waa HidocD raqucatod to atop, addona 
to r«|wat hia visit ; and odo of bia compaoioDa uaod to mato with 
whftl iDdtaa&l J^elio^B tbe poet >v<ounted hla IHiiUeaa oallt^ And 
ha* tmoordial rvooptioaa ia tho good town of Edmbuigb,** 

liis rahited that, on ooo ooeeuoD hoiiig invited totune at a bohlo- 
naaD'a, ba wuut, aLid, (o bta astoaiahio«u% fomid ibAl h« wq» ciot to 
diufl with tia gucati^ but with tbo butlor! Aftor dinner, ht WW 
aoul for iuto tb« dming-room ; Ckod a tJiairbciugafrtfor bimncirthtt 
bottom of ifae table, he waa d«aii«<j to ning a aon^ Koatrami&g hia 
ladigDatioo withic tha bonnda of oatwtM ap|Miuanoa, Burm oo>a< 
pUa^ tod ho suig,— 

** ]i ibtiw, tn honvt (ertclt, 

Vba Timua hli htwA vti t,' (hat t 
Ttia fl«*in«lsvp, vo mii bisi bT, 
Ap4 avt to p«« for 4' UuL 
Wok t' IM, ad ■' Uul. 

[iiii LifjJiiifmiihfDMUnTniihii pfnirTloi tn hnrinlVm Injn Tttirlr 
koqtuJ&tADoe : ftod with vbloh bu Mot ibe Tvnm given in Mr. Nictiure 
nonttx biMutiful oditloa of tho " BrttUh PooU^** Ituriu'a WotIcm, vol, 
ii ]u ins, Qhj» broocht tU«sft wcrf d tvhtu out of the oupboon), and 
nuijc for tile «arvuit to bring iu wm«. Ad i^d vonuin &p|jo4rad. 
wLuy on iKftring that wo wcro to driEtk oat of ihtnuV glnaiow^ whiob 
ttood Kadv on tbo t«bli9, caro ft look « if Mcrikga w«r» ffoinig to be 
ooimmUt«KL took up tlia g&awft wtUioiit ft word, nplftcod iMca ui tbe 
capboud, locking tivm ti|v ^nd broijigtrt uc thnM oriia^r^ winu- 

e' iMOft to toko oar idiM out of. It vae in vnjc for Mrn. ItadrbnMf 
nmotiBliM ; tb* old ftod edf-wiUed adnract weat ewftjr mtbout 

Doriog tbff pniod of b» EdJabnr^ lifc^Danu divontifted it by tiro 
oECunjaiis.— one voinb, in vtiich b«» visited tboKdt, jgntu, putoc^ 
(uUi roLi[iiniiwi«krSeU:irk,CoIil4tf«a40,«nd tboiacobjKdbotoNcwr- 
outlo uid CaiIJiJo, Acothcr bo rDM]» into tbo HigbUnda, vitb hi« 
fHeod WjUlmii NicoL UEinii^lblseicareioiibeftMmstobftvo hixori- 
ftt«d on kU t^ g^hmiB aoonorjr ol tboM rogiooi^ and rov«ll«d urtli 
[ hi^ u)d law ; loll in lovo vith ObiHotto HornDtoci, tbc nnUtr of bitt 
IfrioadUftTui, ondAevoMl other Udi^^ did ftoil Mid dhoj wild* obd 
[blovoTi ftnd Bom* faob«h tbiBOL 

On bis tHuni, diibciftriotiaf ftnd chocritjcd, trctttod irhh the utmcut 
L.CODtetopt bj lbo«) who oncn fliinfffrd uid lionuod bim befo&d boundn, 
[Boto* now tumnl bin baok on Edinboi^, uid w«nt to «v*»L that 
[i^bveratv oonDtiy life whioh ho nv vol! acoiigh wfts bin de^tinj, Tbo 
t man to wbom Itut vory city wu to ruM ft >pkndid oiotiaiiKnt on 
I itbo CaltoQ Hin ; tb*^ man who ma to Imw monumcntA nfMd to hia 
rjumour ID VU1DU* apot* of bjft nfttire Incd ; tbo mui to wbou m- 
^ mortal mcmoTT jnbAc^^jt wttn to bo bdd, to vbwh pcoplo of nil nuhA 
I nvn tn duck tyy viaatv Uiotuaada ai a tiiiM ; tbo mft4i who via to 
tftkr tbo bigboal nuik of all tbo post* of SootLuid,^-* 

■ Wbnr IId* trt moilHa af liw !wl. 

In tbe ftloqaect vwdfl of Uazupbell \ ud wbo«o gooiua was to be the 

JBftrw* amaoiy of hi> oountiymop m all npooftof tbotarthwUtbor 

thftir Wvtstimiu spirit 1oftd« tboo, — pov» intfa n nd ftnd wnundid 

hetrt, jpunuod bu vav bomerods with an eiclb«iiiuu'A appointment 

ID bia »o«&ot, tbo hJgMt and only gift ol his ooantrj. Durt>a knew 

tad folt tbftt htH ip^mua had a jutt dtim to a good and ]u>ikoamb1o 

MM la hk DiitLvc luid ; and bit remaining Jetton aul&c^entJy toabl^jr 

^Hiat fWon thu hour tbo arrow of bti^btcd ambitioa ruLklod in hw 

J vbioh noTarceftMd tte irritatioD till it hod pulled dovn bin 

inlliBt atrvi>gtb, tod atfit Lim to an eaity mw. Ho ourried bia 

|3ma. and cuoaa hat funa on tho hooka or U»o yith* lu Altan Ciid* 

TDuignain'a ibther renariwd to bito at the Uqmv not with n fhrmof'ft, 

Ibut a poot'n choici^ But h«rev half &rmcr, boIT aicucmAn^ iiofoitj- 

^oame rnjiidlj upon hiv ocmm more ; in tbno 7^^' tiise %ntfy bo 

^Itcd It, ft nan mined in nibttanoe isd coutitutaon, and ireot to 
endoobiaaJCCttNaakiyonPAa-yeuinthetoni oirDum6ie& 




rnldfid wHh k naIIi hud ihoM pusioiw vhlcfa am given to IomS ind 
xiDlte Um gloHoutt imptikca of tlu ^riout rutuTD of the poo^ tbo 
friecd dud prophet niid couniftUor of tnaoUnd, wlmt • mtA ukd 
vbii A t^npfij tn»i miglit lio b&ro Hved uid died bera ) If b^ b>d 

itvloftd of tbo exdeotuan'i) hotve ov»r the bills imd through Iho 

haaiMA of Ui» 001111117 roimd, lo ^hjaX a vouentUo n^ uU^t htt 

[li«» Imd Afnon^ tdp chlldTwi uid liia Adtnlmig 000110711)00 \ Vx>t 

[tin tact brbiiBlZe«saDdUietuni for portidciici^DOV nx^j fwi tboj 

[txbl vftli Uw ffTYid toDpemnect nhich baa U) uvulvu tho livIi^E 

motconi of paatf7 1 Hia Tul^wjin r^/i hftro it* ertttcr juid iU doiuiUL- 

tioii% «Ld not froeo uid peacuful ridfioa of p««o«. Puticularlj in 

tbb OMt wbero tUe |>Mt had boen c^cd otit of tli« ruilu of tb<» 

L WMV, And bod bud fttnn<w Ia rwnlAQd AgAiimttho flattaniia of culto- 

jtJoD aaprtfwvd bj tho diMi^liikoof educatloo. Bunia and Hog; 

ID^ thorvfoTo be ricDsed, wbm Bjrtu could oot fttanJ ; E^coiOMT 

BUott in almritft the otAj iiudAnco of Dartrury fmoeow, 

I Quo Cttonot, bovoiBT, »oe thi» ATcadiui sc«m, this sort of Sibioe 

t^Rii, 80 wvQ oftlculalod fur tht> "»/riM nm tfwwYdftf" of tbo po^ 

I vJtbont Ifttling oWs faami wnmg bt th^ideaiEot it von AVMin^ft; 

[ftbtTftu of p«ftce oalf odAnd t* a stmggl^ ad^ doomed ffvinimer; 

vnd that tM fbul oadmua craft, acd^lbij degndiug dl|4tici, ood 

tlw vbiskj flridn, worn m tho rear. Ur. Cboinbcn in bm life of 

Bang mn h» doo« not^ue hov ho oi>iild h&vo dono ftnythinf; cbo 

nb ttat tUM but tooapt tb« po»i of »a eieiaaisu], aud iJiia opisJou 

I'baboflaoclioAdbyUr.Gilfluan. Ho could htni bcon a fkraaor wHb- 

oot 1)^Dg ui «Edioi&ui. ADd A much boppior uid cob«Tvr IDAD. 

Tb»Tei7ii«fftco|fibboar«Qf BuniA verv Ur.Uil]or,ofI>Ala«tiil<ai» 
And Mr, Biddell. nf Fnai^O'OuM. Thant bo vent to uuvt. Mid dtni^ 
ud rovol with diMingQiihed gueoti. HoAvons I -nhj nhcmJd he sot 
BllATt bcea Atfk toKo ihore aa the hDD»t Britiah GiTiuor, Aud not aa 
ithaikXfliAeiiuuil Could he 6vit ihtX bo van « tsoot And fit Aooi«tj 
[Jbr tht WAiJUir, tho roflood, Aod tho Icorood, and that bo vak oot 
kMT Ho van eloiiotiB — aud ah oiciAemaii. Ue» bo vroto 
10 HoAVMi— Ana moimtod bin JAdcd Atcod And trotted off to 
of ivlustr dbttHorHs and wliakjr draiD-AhopA. He wrote 
tltkooA cluTpTlUBO'SliADtor, til A fmrof lAoghtar ood oicdt^ 
_U-Aikd poraflw tho next dn^r wdqU rvpcob tbo Him* to tbv nido 
[ fiiddJod rabbto of a *fpabli&" vWo bo «m tn tbo my of iia 
ilnoM ADd hia mio. Tmto a MMnothins so ADoualoua lo U10 
\atm uid tb« gndo, in the magiufiaBnt onaowmoDtA ood tbo boro 
i^tko of BoUrt BoiDA, tbot o«o couoot now oonooivo bow thor 
I bATo boon porvoittvd to oonr bj Iiia fcUow-uoti, or bo tolmatva 
bv btm>oll To think of him bere^ io bja own wbito fuTn-booi& 
luEO A dow'fl a«ct, Amid iU giotfi ond oYmbodowiog koTc^ Aod 
; otor tbe pm lapaiDg watoio i ^od Iliac of him lo that littlo 
^hotttt in Dnmfhcii^ in thotAtivetof tnmniAndbai"'^^*^ 
l,dM[«iodr And ponvcntod, and djiog tlic poonfosciittDUi 


^TcoUvt poei tS hit cotmiry ! In tbe bonrof hU doMJ , 
BoaJ of hi* countiT twoke vntb one ^ront Uirob to tfao ooBio fa mMw 

of vrho wid vb«t ho wan ; vrlmt a prtr Uiftt tl>0 iwoUtiOD did oat 

corao ft little ffoonoT ! And iLim I nay not to t«mt lui ooontr^ witii 
H. Hio ftoiiao of tho DatJ<aial trcttmoot of Robert Bixnm bM be«ft 
wummwd with *uch mujj «JDqu<no« bv hi* oouiitvTvion, LtMUurt^ 
Wiifton, And AUftn Cuntdri^jim, that it noodn uoi tu ^ftg^4h to cut 
h nn^ ctonc, vho havo tiM tucmor; of CtuUtortov ftmot:^|vt ua. 
All ^mit Dstioiu hnT« nEaiJftr niiH tu aiuvcr for. Soottuid dioiTo not 
rtud «]oiM» ; but theroi* MometHiDgMopcauliutjstnDgDiD tb«lkto 
of fianuv «nd vhjcK oome« oror lu ft* «d Usod tho groiukd thftt bi 
ImJ ohoHm for ti0 hooW) bixI Ujc flotir of Ibo hoiuoo that Iw baOL 
tlttt rt hu forond eoo involkintArjl/ to follow my own fooling innTT^d 
of mj dcschptioQB. 

Thp fiu^ M» I luvo sftid, la « tot^ ploMmi oop. Bums in na^ 
pOMod to hHTo dMocti tho pvtioalftr nitmitioo of hin houio not OQQr 
for it< fino iitufttioit on tbo bftnk« of tho rrvf^r, aqiI oTorkioUnfE Uw 
▼olo and ooimtrj rouDd, but oa seoonnt of a bniutiftil Djfuij whloh 
XUi^WN &om tbe abpo Jiut behw tbo bon<c. l*ho uroi^nd iiUa of 
hi< b<ni8o ift tcit; mucb filEO th«t of most 8cot4^ brmi. Tbfr boihl* 
inn Fiina thrco lidoB of a ^tiiidnuigle. The boiino ftnd bi&ldki0i art 
omy coo «toiy hio^, whito, aoii dtofivtbor * ](ei)iiiD*8oot«h steiMfia^ 
tbo boiue ia on tho lower md^ next to the htot. Bofns't bed^room 
bw jct two boda in it, of th&t ocvt of cupbcftH faahioo, with diock 
cortkioat which vn » oftoo moa in Scotch fArm-botMOfl, ^o 
humble rooms no nudi as th«7 von in bistitne. Nvor Um booM^ 
ftnd runutDir ponUol with the nrvr, it o good lirgo gozdcn, which bt 
plftutod. Tb*ridoorth9ftmi-y&rdoppoatotothobouwiApleMaatlf 
planted o? with Lrvc«. Tb« famiiajuAtiA ^«»^«bovtoaiahandroa 
oon«. Dy pUoca it oxliibita that atony «oii which tatdo Surna oiB 
it " tbo riddling of oofttion,** tad mj thai i^en a ptouchod field 
wM rolled it looked like % pvrcd etreet ; bet »ttU it corrieo good 
croyo. Banui had it tca^ ACWL o-n*r, or bm nfullingi ac ocrci I au^ 
11CM Iho pffOftant toaool mp» unto Umea Ibo autR^ ud b firood of 
nil barguin. Ho obMsrod it wns on ill wind that blow Dobodj mj 
pToSLt. "Ur^Burna," Mud bn^ "bad tbo li>nu oa lotao for uiorij 
yo4f^ And had ho not tbrown it tip, 1 obodd not bare been ben 
now." Tho brmer «o«mod a vvrj Mfttiblo cum, and thon^ bo «m 
jiub mouotujg hio ffig to p> on bunoow lo Dumfriva, ha atoppcd, 
ood would ^ OTcr tho Cona and houa^ nud point out Dvcrrthinz to 
ID*, Ho aaid wbAt Lockbirt and Canninghiun pay, t^t HuiruhAd 
ao many acrranta ihot ibo^ at« Mid druik aH tbat ounv i^IT tho fun^ 
'Hio lamda baked now hraul, and tbe men ate it hot with ftle^" 
Bot it ia aaid, too, od tbn npot, thAt tnont of IbenD nfrnatVi wm 
TelaMT«s,aDd that pmnoolA <.<t nbisky Ai>d other good lijki^ vera 
M&t from £u- ood n<«r to fiumg« and that while he ww afaoent oa 
his oicise roundsh t^ s^^ in ^o hotwo tod dnnk, and ate to it^ 
iajteod of being at work* Buma oiioo obaervcd to hia uvigbbour, 
th* next fknaoTp that ho wondiirtd bow it wu lb*t U)0 &nD loA no 
PBtplDA Ibr ronti tndtbe iviatr oud/^ Why, Mr, Bantf^ ii weald 


^ « ivoader if H <U<!I. for TOUT «emmt« cuaiDt «t it uid leATD it 0br 
mii too," It u Mid, aLw, that bdiw oneo invited to diuior at 

fivttJEifl otL Mr, &[Ulur Aid he hop^ yoi; velL " fn;" added he, " I 
ihiok I hcLVo tat him up.** Thi* boiDg repc«tod to Bunw, is tild to 
laro hurt his jiroud CpAiiMa oxtnxriolj^ nnd to }uito indueod him to 
Tenark thftt ho dif^ not like to \m on tho cslAte of & oiiti vho 
thetig^t ho hftd >ci him up, bong h« did n'>t Uro t1iaro> monTd tbo 
pitr. Th» g»odvill of hiM hnugbtr Undlord hod gooo bi}fi>ttr. 

it mi hem, too, that tho nt^j la told of hin ht^itig foimd by two 
Eiigliahniaa flAhinft inth^ Kith. "On a r:>ck that projected iDto 
tb* atnujtt, Umjt bmw o mui fto^in^, H« hod a c»p of foukiii ooi 
fail hcttd, a loD«e tp^t-ooai fixod round him by a 1x<lt, ff«ai whidi 
hung AQ CDPrtDDuA Hia^laiKl broadsword; it wm Btira^" Thr* 
Btory lA Itkolj fvxKi^h, The bocka of ih« Nith bcffo uro atocpi tfid 
JUIl of wild Uiickpt4; KDd ona may nrr? Wl uugiiao Bumi mot 
boiDg over-particular ia hi« toilet whilo pumUng Ui vniwCDeBt itt 
ihu oolitudc 

It Kw Olio of hiji dolighte to miso alonfc thrao iteep rirvrlMnkH, 
and it wu tltjatg thovit b«tw«oD the hoiuM and the Gboce oi ttiO 
bottom of ihn field doim the Hror, tb*t ho paced io «ad fro «■ 
h«>oorap09odTimo'SbaiitcT. Mra. Qunio ndatoe, " that, obsfrMcut 
Bob«n wklkiDg with ho^ nio^Dg atridea, and apporcnUj nut- 
tcring «a bo w«ot. «bo M him fJone ibr mud^ time- At levtoUi 
^0 took tbo chtldnn with bi>r »i)d w^iit forth to mMt him. He 
setnoed Dot to ola«rre hur. bul cuiitu]u«>d hid walk. On t^** nid ' 
ehcv**Iatopto«do with Uio b«mv aroong tbo broom, utd poet ua be 
fluubbia brow fluah«d and bi»^«aihiiJiig; bo waa rDoiuDC ihtm , 

' apr Tin* r>Tmi ti*d cbavom qoniP* 

Acta f n*w4lil(t VTOilHB hnndcr linnm r 
TTiti MO* VTtc ijtttk^. a* ivar bin lulf> 
For H U JDE 0^ ttie Iioanit btudka* 

I wiiih yo hod hut pwd him ! Be wwt in mtcli ooatoay that tbe tean 
wrm happinc dnvn lu« chcr^" Ho had tal:en vnting material* ' 
with biiHi acid tmitifiy ott a lurf rravo vrhich commoudod a vapw ' 
down tl» rircr, be comuiTltcd the poem topapcr, waUtod home» and 
reed it io mot triumph a.\ tbo fircndc; Tke remaiD* of thu turf j 
fence ma^ D* snu to Ihie dey in ihv ahapo vT a i^rrou bocikt duae j 
oboTO the firvr, under tbo »b4do of a narrow plaatatiou of Uicbei ^ 
which boimdii the field. Tho finanr said tbat Profonor Wilnor^ 
wLtfD ho vinitvd Uw v]Jot| rolled IiiiuHtf ua thu bftol, eajui]< ib v m 
worth while tryinj[ to cnkh nay ronudnA of gcmue and haxuiMir thai 
Bnnie mi^t horo loft thurrv-. 

TIm frftuvr sud, vrhftt iiidi<4<d AUmi Cunningham ntatofy UoU wbon ! 
Buma eamo tbe ftm m* alj open, ** there were tto dTkc«,'»waUl ' 
MoS ttocce. That ho ifiUroduoad tbo fliat ditiy of Aynliir^ cov«, mil 


nlfindid cMltt, namo tif Uta/m iMliig |)ruaiuitji from mch friooili v 
tM Dunlops* ^ ?rei<«fita or no prmutA, poor Bunu lud oat oo 
the fttm in hn dm year ill thts proooetlo of tlie Ddinburgb ndjuga 
of hU pooDU ftcil now luv 1ii«tn agun. 

Ttm view tVoci the houM is rtrj cbftiming. The ht«r hid* dear 
■od floei bdow» brOBd w tho lliuMBftt HanptoQ C4mrt> or tto Trent 
■i NottiDffhun, uid Ita dvk tnmi hang &r flJong It cv«t iu w»Un. 
Beyond tSe «tc«am lEo Uiabrotd rioh meftdon uid Uobm of I>&bviD- 
loit • baadflotne mindoQ of rod totttoiM Uoft u&id iU vooib, uid 
AtiU bttTond, noil higbor itp tlia rhwr, ri*« otiU bbtdnr kin*. Hu* T«r7 
next ra8ld«no« vpranrdA oo thfl eame sld* of tbo rivor b Fri&r'fr<^rvc^ 
Uio wat of Bunitf^ Mwd 31r. Eidik^, Into wbow ^iukIa bo b«d & 
privftto kof, «o thftt bo cAuld enjojr ilt tUo bMnty utd nolitudo nf hu 
woods st plnufuro, or tako Uio umtmI out to tbo bou«B> U|i lUo 
vaUcy, About t«o milas or srx t» Ue Ikic-boiiae tMloogtng to hi« 
fnotid NJcol of tho Jlig^ SohooJ, wboro 

Ana Holt UHl AJua <ftm t4 1«.* 

Vm^^Ctato doMTTO * £w xDor« «vrd^ b«foro wo ibift to Lh* 
kit aid oooiM, Dtuoft'ia. Jt U & betutffUl wiato wUdi jou eatv 
from tbe Ulujgov road bj » CM^t lod^ aod edvatikoo ft quMter of a 
loilo, poriiap^ 4long a oaniog* lUvfL oco »d* of wbidi m ptuil«d 
vitii wmba Bod flowom, ud the otfaor ooDsuto of iho aUop kIU 
bttok of a Die wood. Tliu vay wiada on, and into &ad thero yos 
Iuf« an old vtone groy oro«« or <Jd««qiM Mint, or vu^b tlun^ 
which has a {;ood oAsot- At lut, you omonto m on opon ncodow 
BUTTOODded by Quo hilU ftud woo<t«, and at too houl of vtucti. on a 
BPOOQ and mo«Ail o«plftoad0b ataoda a good, Ukough not a voiy kiga 
mam. Ialhoiu«tdowa,«fak!han)ofKr«atr}it«nt«ri>TMatitiasotona 
bord of ae fine cattio »» wer named the tucodiof Anibodol, and 
nraoh 6:oar, I cuapaot, for thoy an* Ayrabir* %om of tha moat 
spUddid d^carj|itioa ; and aono ray fino traw rear tbrir bMd« to 
Mtutijr tbe ground. Aa you apprD«<oh tbo bouaa, it t» aJong tba 
fboi of a boauliful aflopo «oTiobod by i>Mtt M tiwM. Bohtnd 
tbo lioQM thoro ift a |;rooa aQd ury aort of taJjIe-laod, on wldoh 
flover«tand« of rostio woric flUod with raooa nod nrvuuma sUud, 
and dewv whioh monoy^ffort witb all ita aokbii bToovoiAi atrouBib 
and thon the ground ataka rapidly into a ooop dcll full of iJklL tno^ 
aod containiBg a gardou of the Old ploacbed nalk kind, and wbkb 
through the laHiood g|blo givoi you wioh a |fO«p at lla boautiai m 
enobont^ you. 

In Uiu noi]«e u»cd to lin) Mr. ItiddcJl and hid wifr^ the lioautiftil 
and oooompliabfd Maria Iti(TJ«itI i but who waa oi a oaprieioua 
tottpoT, ana to «hi>ni Bnflu^ aa tbcy vioJ:nt]y quarrellod or «<n 
Bgm reoonciUdr addiococd xotno of hia iekm flattonog and bia ntool 
aaroroTcmoa Hopi tlut WbinUs va* oarvoatd for, and h«n) tbe 
orijUul copy of Bonu^a poem on tbe jmbjcct ia kepi aiiU. Pity it 
was tkat the lady of tlio bouso, a youiu wjdov, Mn. Chohton, m 
just bowling out at h«r loflgo ipatM >a fwdkeil ti^ cv 1 wouM have 
tiaUad and roiiticatod tb« fkvovir of a u^t of tbm paper. But the 





IfulUr uouivd mo Uukt t^vro it vvm ; tku6 in the ^no wood on the 
kidn bj irhicfa you enter, tbo rcfnun^ of tho horfnttage wton Bunu 
wr<>t« iLv vctUkoowa Uncs on tb9 wmdovr. Th« nmo woAd 1m« 

Svrn t tboTO are iiilror Em thftt eoaj dum kitjilreu vith tboM of 
Bkek Forestt, but tho hcnmUfiC U gcDo. A <tnglo gabi^ a law 
BcaitonMl ttflAMf, An<l a qmu* of biuvG that taw grown high and 
biddm itt aro all that nou^ of tba heniiitaffOi, whiob I only fotiud 
bj (tint of loi^ travarnag the do^ vood. 

But BuTiia in ffatio i UiI]«t of DtWintOD b gooo : tb* RidiJ«IU of 
Frbr'aOuwi nro gone ; their cKtotoa an in othor bmilico ; and it U 
to ba bi^wd that the cxcinomon'a guagiDg-atii^ ia gcno toa I do ool 
M* it htiDg aJofl in «jiy hh]]. I dtr« Miy iho «oua of Buru* Imv* uoi 
preserved tt, oh tlic walkiog-atick of Sir Walter SooH now baagu 
aloft ia the «tudj ^t AbbotiitonL But the meniory of tlio poot and 
fak frj«nd« Uv«B4 ull fivrr thf«» iralkiSp «nd mtwlotrHit aoU wundM, loora 
liTiittly tbaa ever. It iithcquioki^ntof the pUuoe. Poct^bnot 
deadnm, Itiatlie«mJaQdbaiintmgahadowortbe»fiuraii^K>leiiui 
aonoo^ aoJ a tliouAftod ywum htVnc» ^U >1«rtU yoaii^ uul bMtinjE 
faoartaaa lUeirood^pigeondaabaa out through Uie magto hiuibof tb*) 
fonat,aad tbtf atreoimet leap* down tiio nio«jatono,andIau|;baiind 
^Htor> In thu JA^tu gUno* of t];A aliii, T^m uciaMiuui'n stick ia 
wnad into the mocic wuid of nature* and tbor« wiQ be biiteraabro. 
and iSe»p mdanchoIV, axiil wonder and Lore^ w h wnvoa a tliouflauu 
timea auf-nauttipliml in tho bough of t}Mjpi£ikiT*A, And tba bent of 
the graai^ while tho hcaH of naa can auOl-r or «qjo^. Voit aeo that 
alfvaaj in ei-enrthin^. Buma no lotuer w^^ka on one eide of th« 
B>aricivL>pUoii af Diimfrint, h^ttjtry uaa dd«p]*od, vbHa tho great and 
fkj crowd aud UulUr ou the oilier ; but aa tb« daily ooodi mlla on 
Ua wajTv tho coadimui pointing with hia vbip^ bkjv Hoflly — " That ie 
tbo win of EUi&lftixl P And avAry nuD and womnn. «Tiny tvadt^ 
ttmreUor and MiranVfnaid a^ft^" where T'' And all rise cp, and 

For tb«t nl<TD», And tli« tboti|{btA that Itvu vf it, vho wniiM not 
baTt liTod, aud suil^'rt^ tuid beeo iLvupidodf It in tbo tiiutupb of 
gendiu and ibo mul *ifenxXiKm OTcr the frcabt of fortTOio, ami even 
over ibt ovn itiu ari>l buIingiL It in •oroothing to hnr* wkUud omr 
tb* hrm of EUiaUud : it in ittiU tnvre to bare stood on tho spot in 
Ua Cano-nrd where tb« bMut of Bunu roee uj) iu a flaiao or hal- 
lovad afieetkn t> Mvy in boa^oD— a moro ^noon idinno tiian tbo 
moaoZcao] of Dmofrjoa 

Tbo nejgbbonrbixvl of IhunlHeSt to which the laat accne of <m 
nib^eot l»da lu. ia my fibiirmTng, Tho tovn in jitft d c^nirt coitntry 
town : Ijut tbo Nitb ia a lino river, and ruiu through it> and makes 
bcMb tovm and oounity r^ty acreeabK Tbe eceueiy ia not wild and 
rocfcy. but tl» Ttle of UuD Aitfi ii richr and bdautifnt in itd nrfanr«L 
Tbe river runs ia the ftoeat ewew« Imagiuablo ; it acema to diadam 
Ut igQ atrai^hi, Lut imUos a cdfub for amOer perbaitff at^ttaoe^a* 
clean and perfoct u if Btmol: u'ltb eotnpa*at, and than avu tn 
anolbcr dinction; while (in iu loftj baiika aldun a&d <«ka mtig 
ricUy over tbe waurj aud Jiue bcida of Atile aira srovpei in tbn* 



dcop n»«>lo«s> nad ralmcii fisbtra vprtod tbdr Dc4a taa^ aro litti^ 
m»ndJnit Uiom <xa Umi brood «tpttia* »f cnrri Uui C0T«m bofe nul 
then tlu« ImntU of the nrcr ; vlul»i hi^ fcboT« tho lamdng uraten, 
jour «j« Huadifn ovor 4 broad exWoi of frotb, Hob tocadf'W ooubtrj, 
inth NAttcnd nvuoM of bwv ftnd fwdty ftrau ; aixJ Ur uywimI sn 
hlgb ukI aiiy liill^ OTltivaUd to ibe to|k A mora tov^ putofiE 

««eQai7 to which Bumi, duritu lu» Abod« in DumfHet, bved U 
moqrt "^^iTiiUtiTcd lftDuroai«^"dmAUulCu&ulcsbuIl,'be 
liod tbroo fivvuuriU wUks,— oa Uio docl£-$r«cQ by llio riToi>aiiI% 
unonjc tho niim of LtDobidea 0)UafEts uxl tovftrds IXvb Umrtinmoi 
Ford oD tbo Dortb <ido of tho Tiv«r. Tbe iatt«r |ilaw vr«a acciuSed, 
ootamoadad u viow of tbo dintatit bHU &ad the roAAQtic t<rw«m «f 
Lindiid«&, 4IK1 affocdod noEt grooiurvnird builu to nut iii-^o, ukI tho 
^hl vidscni&dof thoffilrMnL Aa ■oon » bo w« bc&nJ to bum to 
iuiokdfr bks wilb haw Uufc ho hail iMai«thiag m b>* mic<d, oud wm 
quit* prop<u«d I0 aoo him uutch up lui h^t ud Mt off aiJODUj to 
his musiutf-groijnd.* 

About thnw laiJm up tho nvor w« conio opoa tho boawtifUl raliM 
of tb« abbc^ of linolodoD, tUkudiu^ on ftn clotlivd diootkL ortr* 
looking tiko janoUoQ of tbo CliJdt^ nnd tho NLtb, and or«r)ooked bj 
ft oori of liu^ taauduA i>ovofN>il with Ltrohwr ^bcuv the raoak> vo 
vald t> btvo Mto to contenipUto tbo ooiintfy, *ail vbwo th« oocinifj 
peopl* otOl roMH to bitor or rc»d on duiuuft. A prodoond mti< 

of aJI HMO, lawti hikVo felt For uijvdfl I knew not wh«« to Moik 
[ odvuiced ti|> tho Infi bostk of tbo river, o^posiU to ifao raiuft, ao« 
treadiuc ibe »oA tujf of tbo Ki1h*tt luftqfto, nowpont ir • tuurov 
tnck cbow on tho brink of tho vtnAm omofigirt tbt ildtos nom 
omorpDg into o lofU fir oUtai|:^ and aow iuto « ooIoiiki itoto oT 
boooh omrhangioff tbo f^tmsi, F*rihor oa lor the broad ^d ntm< 
down ogiun, Uio fioLor vatehing m hio voodcn nut thv oMttot of tiw 
ulmotL tho UtUo hordbojr totidiis^ his bJftck ontUn in tbo soLiuij 
fiidd, old wood* oitmg a doop Klooto 00 tho huirying wftlerf gw^ 
old biU* itAidtiig ou ODo AJOM Amvo Uio Kith, amul troo« of auK- 
luflceat cJ2ia uid nltitudoL Tnomood ofmixid vhichoocDOftOfttrjroa 
hero M tbat of unwrtttto ikktIij. 

Whoa tsoo Uunko of Barrw wAodoriDff omtd thM eoogotuAl iMtoro 
wh«ro tho jroung now vaiid>or uul 4utg bin aonai, oao u spi to forgot 
thot bo him iriUi hiro o «vl boart w:d a *£akmg fnno. When wo 
800 hia bouM id Diunirieot vo tat Tomiitdod pvottj fbf ciUj of tWt 
ttdngi- Wo bftTo tc dtvD «t ocioo into a booh sboot id tbo hntf 
p«ri of tho towE^ obl tiirti oud viibd fWi« ooo Moh U-ldvo aod poo* 
BtnH to ftDother, till, hoTing P*'^^ throogb a niffictent otonch of 
ton-7ari^ wbic^ Bocon Ut abound to that noShbotubDod, vo ooiua to 
a htt^E* nUwi wHb all tho ebajwHor of th* *bodu of th^ ]k>o4-, whiob 
in booovod with tbo Damo of Bcucs Sthset. The bouao 10 tho 
fint 70U onoM) to oa tho Left haad Ibcro wman old thatebcd opt on 
thooppott'ttondv, and lut k dona at oaoo to \xi tho »vt*o;butiioy 
ftt « rvfcularlj fonml poor moa'o hxfam, of ^ diagj- vhitomuAi, with 



^^^^^^^^^H^ window taraoi printed of a^ogj liliu,ii btre* 
■^^■^■^PdJii7i wia wihbg tbo Aoortt tnd went froen Uio 

I vtti tbe Utc^t, in vlucb tho firl jnformod mo that t^io wu 
nothing Ivft bekipgicg to tlio Bntn}>e«, riecpt two \>eUA ulik^ nho 

CiiLtiiu out, dud » ewi jripu vitucb &lr, Burtu) bud |rut m. Oti ih« 
% biLDd vu^ tlw fitUjn|^^ooal, JhirniiiUod voir wll for & ^loor num. 
vith fe orptft ou th« floor. Tbo girl s^d W father iffu «a nod^r- 
tftk<r; bub Kbaa i wkcd whcfrv w*9 bin abop, tbo aiud ho tran «iQ 
cikdaiiJbW of Jobs on nilroids «Ftd ^tcbuktaonU. Up sUIrs Uwr* 
wiw a good Um obunber lufunuslioA which fth« «$.\d wu th» ooft 
ocvupwd by Mr. And Utk Dam, And irbcrv boUi of t!tcm died. Out 
^if tbu other divaber a Uttio okistt wm iak«n, iiidading one IVont 
^nJovr, mid Iict^ (tb& tuudi Dtfpinf UTut«, or it yran tilvujj onid £0l 
icro wtipo tw<> garn?la; nud that v^a tbc pcet'a, or nklbiT fho 
tomnti'i lioUM. It vm iuat about Auit«d tc tbe inaome of nn 
limry cidaemin, «Eid b&d no altribuU of tl]« pofft homo about 
li, Mr^ TCobori Cbftuibflm, lu hm FJclui'o of Scotluid, cjdbi It a iimt 
Uttk boiue. UnfortufjftielT* at my visit it wu Buythiii^ but nofttor 
dMD, ftcid ltd titiutiou ui tbi0 niu«nib]e qnarior, uid aoud (be odour 
of teii'yu^t», m(L-<t KiTc Ui onj Jbrdgnee wbo TiWu It an odd Uca of 
tbo abodn of Britisb poet^. I vmulcr that in loqud imprortBWQt 
tbs Dum&ienuiti don't cnutrive to puS it down. 

Ftvia lUi> nbodo of tbc lirliig ncxit, 1 nrtjoumcd to that of t}io 
iledl o<ieh Tbu b aittiklo<L b St Michvil'tt oburirh^'utl. cot &r frnin 
tbe boiiflc*, but otx no e miuonw, and on tbo otitaido of tbo town, Tbo 

bnu iu wbicb tbo Aoaur i>, iif jual niiv of tbo «^«/, it bx^ tfthoufh 
it vere otilir ifibabit«d b/ k««pttrt of lodsiue-bouMa for tmnpa. and 
I beliovo naainlj u la It m a ftort of TinloK* lancL Tho ebitrch- 
jmrd, though not moro tbon two Imndrtd jarda ulT, ia oo* of tbo 
OBOtt rnprctable, aivl tUe potfa boiuo rl^n b tbo verj ffntcdcst. 
Oiw DatunUly tbiuka bow muoh caaioT it ia to TnfUntUfi ft imd poot 
Uiaa a Uvlog ooa 

A cfaurabjvd in thia put of tbo cannijj haa a «in£uVkriuiperfcti> 
%n Snglub «y». Aa von apprnAoh tbo Scoitiab bordor, joa mo th« 
boadalouaa ^t^ uUrr lujd tutUr, luid tlw altar-toiuba mon mmL 
nora mawro^ At Oulwlc tho h«aiUtoiiwa bad ntl^inrd tbo boi^jbt 
of flx or »v«Q &ct at Icaiit, artd vma datplj i^nrvvd with coftta of 
armaf ftcuoar tb« to|rtbuth<>iiotha wboltcuurvliyurd isawi1dorac«a 
of m^ and jton^oroua roonninaiitik Ppdinionta and ftntablatam^ 
Grcctaii, (Sothic^ and nncdctcript ; pillan uid oboUflkHi votno of thorn 
at leaat tvrviiiy Uvl b^h — I uiv tio ria{^or«Uoa ist 1U« locoiint** 
atattd thick and oa atla^dea. To onr oy«t> acciuUMnod Ut aachadiffbroot 
iin ai>d charad4zr ol cbcirchyard tocnb^ tbaj ara prrfiMtly aatoabb* 
h^ I (u:a4(iar \htjrv \^ Htono «riDttth in tho flinoral nontimmta of 
Ihi* cburobniinl to taiild A tokitnblA atrnet of honam. You irould 
ihifik that all the ciantit, and indocd all tbo ffrat people of all toritf 
Scotlaod bad «nir j>rudtiOMl, b^d Laro cbowo Uieir avpultiiro. 
OBtliitiaTia BEul fi^intie atractnrea of ftwaboDe, waate tA aopw 
wbito, far dyen^ imcuDoiiger^ gardener^ slatets, ^aaara^ omL the 


Th« plou^ n«t0 oo % ni: 
baunaut, m tb« ocDtn of wl 


ploeo of imrUo laid on a poluhed 


I bad to nf^rct cninftiiig Rt DmnfricA tli«thK«io«isofBaniil,siid 
th« MmuoIl mond of tho Enmily, nod of tlko kohIua of tlie poo^ Ur. 
Hi'Di&nnid Mr. Bobert Bunm, tLe poct'a «tdeit aoq, naidn at 
Dumfriot^ but vu tbcD Abivtjt at BrlTturt, la Irekod, irbero I ifto* 
vr^rdi Mkv bim. uid w** tbucJi atmok wiUi ki* iDirJUjTcuco ftod P'Ctti 
iuforiQftUon. Coloiiol ukd Al^or Bujus bod just vticU-d IXmifr^c^ 
but were gODo kito Uie HightandA. with their tneml Ur. U'DUnni^ 
Tlio fooliagn wUb which 1 <juittcd DmafHcA wore Uioao whiob vo 
oftou weigh upou j^>u Jn (»ut«mpbtit;4' thd c)o«iiw Meoea of poetiT 
liTcs. "Ttie life of tba poot at Duxnmoi,* snlM^rt CtMU)ab«nr 
*" waji au imLoDpy oso ; hu AibuAtloii wan dccradifig. snd bi» Uioobu 
mrn>w * BeMCOJig <o this aa 1 prooeedM by the mul tovtvdA 
Molfttt tbi« mvlaaobolj Uoea of Wcrdcwi^b r«eitfmi to lue wHb 
pcculkr cflbot ; — 

Au hvLi*^ ; iiiE b ^rr4; 






) of ttie |K«t is by no nufttis veofonnftblv to ibe bea( 
portnJta or him ; uid Nfttvno, w £f nMeotiog the wretdied Oftri* 
<kttin> of bcr (rtcuHio ■!>«, bo* olnadj began to dofaoo Aod oocrodc 
JL The l«ft hand on tho |>)ough is much decv«<^ w<^ the iiffHt 
btckd hokbug t^ booQet is eomerwhst so toa At hii foot liM 
wluit I RjppOM mm tho okb of hii iortacr toDab, with Ihu Uucnjp- 
tlom: *']d memoTj of Bob«ri Buros^vbo died tba SUt of JuiV. 
JT3€^ tit Uio 37tii jtar of bid £igi?. Aitd MuweU BuTTia, who dtod 
the d5th of April, 1700^ i«>d £ jour* uid moctbi. FMod* 
Walbo* Bunu. who died Uie 9th of Juu«, 1606, sMd H ye&n. 
His tenia. The rcmoiov of Burm rvmvod mt> tbu v&ult b«Iow ISth 
of Sffptcxubor, 161& Afid tu4 two «on& AUo, the romaiiu of Joui 
Amiour, rdiot of tbo Po«i, borti Fob. 1760, died S6tii of AUrcL 

^o loag IaIui ij»CTLfiiioii nuotEoiteJ br bin bUignph«TB, a 
nMUiifevt ftbrnirditr on tbu tomb of a uiu> ulce Bunitt. uid wbosd 
C|itt^)b ouffht to 1)0 mtolligibic to oil bU countr^tucn, ii. I aumhmb^ 
rmovod, £r I dkl not obsoxvo it ; luii Uio ftboro Kii|tUih lo* 
aQripUoOt of the degnnoa of wbiob, however, uothinR oui be nid. 

Tbo ffdm of tb« ia4Uw)1ouiu iUolf u« keptlookod, ocd ILo mona- 
nuot w^ ODcloaod within l plikia ruling, 

Bomo oocntJVQiim wtn jiut ntuiding at the gnto with tbdr platdA 
en Ihelr ubiruldora maku:^ tboir obiiorvvUow M X uriTod at tt, J 
atood and hrtonod to theoL 

Ut IfoM, — " Jlj, tbnro ^taods Robio, ctiJI hobling the plcpu^ hut 
th* wont of it J!S lie Laa got no horso» t^ Hr 

2d Jtfdv*^*' At. that 19 chtldiMh. It in ju«t like a ht3y on ■ Sunday 
w^ neitfl hiBWcIf to tbo idoogbi and fuuica ho in a ploughing vthm 
It Dvror TOowk It would liavo beea a deal boltvr if jrou could but 
hftTc fecn cv^>n the honwi* tAiU* 

2ti Jfaii^>" A^, c»r if he had been sitting on tufl ploogb, at 1 haro 
■pco liim •omc<Uuicn in & plctun-." 

Ut if«Hb>^ Bitt Coib 11 WTill drawn, ia not iho I Tbot ann vlucb 
■he holds up the manUo with, ie vtry voll «i«oated,*' 

9J Aftfih— " Ii*o k pit^ tliough that tW MuJptor did Dot logl; ftt his 

m ewit btffore tn pet the only buturn on tbst is to be seeo.* 

atf -ttie.— ** Wh 1, wh*re in tbo buttoa t * 

JU Jfiis,— " JuflE itiidor Uk buuu^ ; uid tt'« ooi tbo wrotig ■•do." 

bf Msft-'^^ Oh : it doM not aignifj if it be * donblo-hEviutcd coot, 

peibApfl Bobm buttootd his coat di^brvnt to other- folbi, for Im 
WM «a anco chieL.* 

id Mg»^^' But it^H only Mio^i><brc««tcd and it is quite wron^" 

Tbo Eton unbnt^onod nnd then buttonod tbnr ooabi nn s^n to 
M&UTr thnnAcIrA j wxd thur ikoidod that it waa a gniat bloader. 

I tnouflbt Uiore vm muon aoimd tutat in thiur crilicum. The 
■nc9i>Tkaifi2i>'ooftboimwoseiaietooiniftc^,aDd tbealaeDiceoftiio 
borMa too httlc Bujua would haro Iook«d qoil* a» w«il aUudiug 
at the ^cfuili, and tooldng up inspired by tto moae without tier 

S0$ ZJJKf^ 

likebort^I kouina, DDitlien ebe to b« maol nero V9 tIi 

vbo 1ia?o '.oinbei and obelisks flt for gouaLnd SgyP^*^** Hunolia ; 
Bud ftlateni and cw|ient«n, irlio wu» wcitttoaaed to dirnb hi^ vh«n 
ftUv^ iMve bil EODnimiAQtd ftkoifieaat of Uteir nowbig oIiAr%cW. 
11»M ibr oistrie and <rvcErioDik t£ctfo of gQt>M«lj^ writcn to tin «^^ 
W^Tea, Bed Mlin* of the citj. 

Your lirat ri«v of tlui churcbfftrd Btriktf joii bj thft etnD£« mM 
of Uicew poudctDUa mouumotitd. A row vi vocj uacncol oinbl Id net, 
8tAD<tH ^rt thf w.'iti null U tho stneL Two of Uima, noA dibpl- 
ditod, and of <}oep tcA utoiH^ b>vo » rcnr ^Dffobkr look. Thor IwTtt 
latlu iu.tcHpliotn^ whicb un cmiiillj dUapMBtod Due to Pnooki 
Iniog h\t{y »jdian«U tbo LBtki tongue wilh bl« bo«t of rjrtue^ sad 
thoa tAkoft 10 En^btth, tbiu >* 

004 t*« fnr m* » ((owii pMirvf^i 
Vqi Uiig mil niuaiiy Tuv* I wfinl.* 

Bomala maiuoleaiD oncupt0Ji» an ntftrl^f OB pooiblo, tho Ofmtn of 
4bo ftrtber enilof tliBoburchyBid opi>*wit« to tbo antnuoOf Bod % 
broad wbUl loads up to it. It etond/i, ju it «tioiild do, orrrlookkig 
the plewaQl floldn in thn outiddrtH of th6 tovu, ami ibccgu, liko tbo 
|Kwt liimaelf, to baloDg bBlf to mn imd bolf to nAiuiu It b « BOvi 
of Uttlo tmnploi wbicU kI ■ dieUacti cabsUm tbo oro u you ^>pro*cli 
tlut aldo or tlio town, uid roaundB jou of Uiot of Oam^ at 
nomptf^ii, It \a opta OQ thivo sidon. ftuvpt tat ino pitcfl, tlia 
v.^ct border of vchicb cniia«>ts of altvnwttng 8ooit«h IbwUov and 
qiear-htfiKlA. A onviplO of lotiio piUmi at ocb ootdot aitpport h pn>- 
j«otifig oorofcOi luid aboTo tbb riMV bo octopus tcpcntnctaro vJt^ 
wcAi««t aurom tbo Irotitom of wbiidi »^ii run tltiHlfo-lioad]*! oim> orcr 
«ach KAitvaf , nnd in irirtaouRtcd bjr a donw. Tbc baaoinoot of tbo 
83UiB0loiiia i« of tr^ntto. Tho biijldins ut cndoacd b7 in iroa 
tiuUi^ and the liUlo gat« ia front of Uio arcrik to Ud uolockei, ao 
that jon nrny appMach ai»d riov tho inoaiumeiit tbroo^ tfaa irxm 
grto& Tboana lanlaoUd a]mr«|>ratc)]rmth vanptufcuidaof «vep- 
ffraoDB* aud on oaco eddo ik tb!o gato aUiiida couapicwxttlj (Lo 
§co<tti«H tbutlo. 

In tJie ccatro of the mavolcjiim floor, a brgo flAg witb four tniD 
ria^io it> markn th« cnlnujco b> tho vAuJt WJcw. At iko back 
etands TriTnwtlirs monumciit of tbc ]>oi;t. It conniHtw of a ftgurv <if 
IhJiu, of tho aiio of liTo, in vhita nurbK at tho plou^ and OqCU) 
hin lawkt, appo&iing %o LiBi- TKui n a fbaicdo figun in aU^raSevo 
on tho ttall, aoicc^nhat abovo and in front of bim. 8ho ii in tbc act 
of throwiDE bor maiitlo, atabroidorod with Sootob ihuUv^ over binv 
aocoirdin^ ta hia own worda— '■TIm poatiD F!^^^ ^ ^^ oouni 
found me, as iha pfopZkotia bard Ebjuk did Elkfa^ it tho ploi 
aed Uu«« L«r inirpiitD^ manlk over ma." Boina atamii vith 
left bond on one m tha pl<u^ etilla^ aihI vitb tbo ollk«f bolda Im 
bcnnot to hu breaid, n\h, vith on air of niirpme and doroUoo^ 
bo gMW on tho mot* or genitu of hu ]>iWtrT, lU anwam m a 
abort ooat^bnoobrvocbo^MMlolMrt^tcni. Tbo oicouUod iaaa-oo, 




8iKfc WW tha Lollj wid all-«nibraoiDg spirit of that nui wbocn 

hard dogroftOsU ix^ r«t kmf/ Md o^ill toto iitUire«ii woo. 

Shribkiiig £r««a tlia world, h« jvt dand to hvth Uiu world from 

ivfaich bo ahniol^ with tho forro of » oioEit, otkI tb« jiutico of vore 

■ thaa an Ari(tid«A. Uf tbo ctoroli, b« yot wtuiaod imnlj it* 

[ cnoNy and tb* foUits of it« minutor* ) iu politiofti opcnicn L« wo 

; froft am lAdigoAtt igftituit oppreMioii. Jhe D«g?o vuinod bin blood 

. Into a BTCDiaUiy that produced th« lOOit Btfootivo iitmiDft on hia • 

tinliilf thn vorm b*nv«iU hi* fwt (tbarad iu tui t«udivibf*iiL Tliu* 

I 1m vi&od tUiough lifc^ Ahuimiag its tumulto uad it« bighwajt, ooa 

r^fi iU mtohticat kbourom. Id hii wvttj tiiCtv won found no frar, 

no oompwoingt ofUn iboroxighlT idmuul nothing can vuriuutf tho 

.' POQDd mind of bin compoEitioiiH ; hftmittd br doluAono orvn to the 

: M/impt at siiiddob thm i3i no dclunodi in "hi* page^ All thiMi; i* 

bri^btv dvor, uid ooooUtont. l-i^« hi« Diviuo Moat^^, bv mnj trtiljr 

bo nu4 to htxe boon bruiaod for oar Akco. An a man, D«Ttwu 

' ttrrron onuld vnnquUh btcor and un&t him fof &ctiro hfc ; but m & 

! pott hd r«* iLho^ all nvrrtta, all t«rR>ns into tbu uohlvitt baroUm^ 

mod fittod uul will oociiniu to &t otben for lifle^ oo Ion; «> juict tiu) 

^ TlgPTOQo thought^ tho Toost hcAutjM piotVf luu tho Inicob huiuD 

I CTmpathUo oamuiADd lli* bomaao of nuAkitul. Thor* la no «Til«r 

lAio vuTpDioM Oowpor w « xnani ftnd reJtsioiui po«L Full of j>ow«r 

■nd fceJinic, ha often equob iu nolctnn di^ty uilton hiiDMtt Ho 

in OH iiiippbuiv^ kH TiMiiLg witliAiit ht« «pi]|rvinmHUc RmutnoflO ; ba 

in ui fervently Chriatkii u MontgouorT, md in iutonfo love of 

r aatare ihtm a not duo <i1 our uigut buu of iUiiBlmiui writon irbo 

lyftutpunM biiiL Ho fthoiric tbti aoowt ^ bin ^Wp and a&titiog bttuAi- 

^■neut to tuituro, in tbo lore of Hira itbo cnode iL 

" IU N Cbo fH n up. ithoiD Hw craih nukK ft». 
And all Hfv «1**H ttfaUv. TTivn'k not * vl«ln 
That laclldli fu*. tfmtrint** tft J\U l-vm, 
On vLcJ Aic<ind h>n^ bul ]>• C-t^U i\ (if 
Uj^ *j much c«H V duiian hJt itrva4 viLlir*. 
Ub Ic4k« iibfDp4 into itu T«rtad bid 
Of Xilan laO Ibuufb p«or pcrbMoa^ «aiDpu*t 

WtlbrbOM VhHBBUflBffrPa flUi*! tai hi* ctfh^ 

Cttib Itw dillitlilful lEirnKv all bit gan. 
01i m ttw mtfiiflUliiB, and t^ Tillvf i hki, 
Ada Alt Ht^ltr^at artn^— 0|« tati^iff 
VfMi A LiTnpTtely ifaAl Donr t«ii |b«L 
lltii wTiq wiTit AJi^ nitDilcfv* Inf |iitd 

AbJ inillJfif lAjr— 'Hy rMMr madt fluiD ad I ' 
A» ih*f ii4( hfi T>f ■HvallHrttbi. 
Anil iff nrr c(ni>h**L« of Ulctnl ui. 
ui4H «r> >>»T n^^ vli4 ><«n of tvlr )Tr. 
WUvc Man wKli pnltr, tuX vAh* *bJWd mTiO 
WiLb vvnhl Uivuf'^" w llial unviafttO lor* 
Tlui (fliaacdj wid liulli, lait ntft upiwliU t wuiM 
S« cMUd Ttrb lKaul7. &t r-bdiraus aun r 
Vv^iwnwif nUrouE v«iiv>> 7V ibai mip 
fbi toiJMl i4 iml jifi OBV ■tale mica fud 

to fHa^ or bi ihr chtac. Ift aMR «r dance. 
A VNMp |lli# hiv wW iiHiniMrbol 
Of WBivalUii, ani let Di> i}«jji i wrrnj. 
Ayirryialg iiabif* ai hi* r^Uirr'* 'nflt:. 
AMhaaailfbatDVear pjuTiUu j«. 


BiMMll • nan VHiAM vitt • OhU, 
U kn rowtnailM. vteM* fc iflcv 

Fvrvvfad HtVK UMifliVtfi Dim tt« ■ mI^ 
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IT^uBlBSCttrvelTanv ground m EbgUiui w wdl faioiro ic iinm»- 

Ftion OS tho bounb of CWpur ti Olaoy And W^atoti ; thor* U BhU 

uhAt ia w> intcmttrijp to Uio Lover of monl ind nligionft yodby, 

[Th«rc the beauUIUl but unbApf^ poet Mcroftd tc hftT« cmtcd a new 

F world mii of ttfikaovn pntuiUt in wtdab hiaiMlf sod tutt &34iiii4ib tfau 

rt^nvinii, lAdjr Ait»t<iQ and l^dy Hcniudli^ tbo Unodkmortioai^ Mid 

lltw nM% ptftrcd s jwrt o: tho suaplcirt and moAt luAnnl ahamotor, 

nod whicfa fucap««d th» wholo paUio tnbd. lli# liff^, th« ajiirit, 

rAnd tb» po«tfj of Cowpor prcoeot, whea takra togotUer, ft looat 

nai:nUr comUnAttoa Ho wm timid in bin hftbit. jct bold in Iiib 

vntioff i cat'luicboLy in tbi) toMi of kw micfl^ Wt full of fim and 

IftjfuJncfli in hb oorroKpondeEkOe ; wTot<4iod to an extnovdinoEy 

pMtgT««. be ytit nudo tlio whole Dation mertj mik bia John Gflptn 

and otboT hunor«uii wriUii^ ; daiqiairing vrta '>f HArl'd nierry A^d 

of aUrttioo, hk ralipoua pocAiy k cl t£a moat obwrrful utd otbd 

tjiui&phflAd; 0id obanuUr; 

' an MOl ffinilii, bop* iMiaaiM bu tijrt. 

Tfa« MQI« of IHBCT kUdlN laU pVdHL" 

1^U«d witb thia joyow ttsiuuio^ vbanrrir bs turns bit cijfl oa tb« 
Boaat apacUc^ of creation^ bo fada tbcroa of »ob)ost |:nktxi- 
Qo looks into tbo bc*TMiB| and eaDoUlcoa i^ 



<n nnn,. mI I'fcnlkfMIl 

VtUk UL lUi TLUj'iir lub^un^ «f vim.*^n« ftel. task r. 

Hft vritlng<t of CViirpOT Irrtifr «\wy«hrtw Ut tliat mail MinnAn 
which » eUrmllj prvuhing in the opcti «ir ; to ihoX U<«pc3 of the 
dold uid th< Tormtf wliicb^M^ the wvp*J of Clir&nt, U tlie ntiov or 

th4t livi-^ «^Hioh iiviTllfnp^ Ihu miivn*< ; wlii-^h jmU ilown ftll 
wotfti-iaii bittctui'j^ b him who linUfnii to U ; wfakb, tiri^tg {M.-rfoct, 
"cvla out nil ft^," B^iwt vhtcb U>o gURcm of bivou nnil tbc 
t(rn>r% of fiuiotioii cmnot otAiiil. It bum thia wh^^Ji Kmlnl ht« 
«DQfid«d vtMrit b«noath tbo bough* of Yiurdtj Cluffc, uhI <Aa« 
honliig hb iMupka wtUi » BootUmg rhxhocw tti tbo chrlbof VTwlotu 
IThMi V9 foQov biM fboQitopft t£w, w« ktmovhiit woildor UiaI 
ftcdua iHi niukiabittaiictoiLld m utmituro him ; biit the gkrjr cuxm 
frou witfatn, uvl out of the mBlMislA et ao ordimi^ val£ h* oouU 
raiHH * bfill^juit ■upflrrtmctUFo f^r otcRiity. 

^ViUiam Cowp«r wa« torn ia Lho pv«0DAgi? of Grtflt BcrUump- 
■tctui Tbo IlirmiQgbtm mitwny whlrlB yoM aow pcoit Uto i^Mt^ or 
you moj, if j'oa plcwo, alight tnd miu^dt tlut houxo h*Uowoil tj 
HLO lOiTtt of 1 mother such as bo haa d«ccrihei and bf tho rococd of 
H iit tltOM ioitniuUd rvives of th« tcm on raceirifig ber plcftum 

" ITbfP' <mf>f «f tf vt)i our nunv la hninl m v^i*. 
Children Tiut l^Inc hflT* »t"T n>w n'»r»rt* Il*«i 
And TttTdllki prttn-- '!'■'." "v 

1ft tfUtel miBl]« vaiiir, r.i-i -i.tvi '*('^'t1. 

nit fov Wcuina a Tilatnrj' I^Klf tnur^ 

Am oof* wt nUvd ibt pHUin) bsut* vur vvd.** 

CowpvT VM oi ftohool ftt llarkct-strDcL HcirifnT^i^trc, Uivn at 
^OTtimiutar ; afUr which he was ftrtfolod for three jam to Sir. 
Ghflfinunif « nottdtor. Aft«r qtuttmg Ur Qhapnmap bo outcrod thv 
Imiitr Tomplo. w a malAr Uw Muoont : where his aswcoati^ vm 
Tbtulow, ftnemrda tha waU-kuowu Lord Chai»^lor,Boo[wl Thon- 
too, o&d Cohuaa. Covmr'efiunilj^VM well ooiuiooUd, both on th« 
fttbcKs anci mother's Mo, uid bo bad cvnr prosptot of ^niM»- 
nueat; but thb the MDsitiT«iicn of faia nniira pnrertM Bring 
««poot4sivc37 ttppoiatod to the cffloo* of Beading Clerk, Clerk of tbe 
Private Oom.uuUecs in the Houm of Lords, and Clerk of tbo Joor- 
soh^ bo WW BO orerwboliaod by being aDexpocUdlj Oftlkd on 1o 
discharge bin d'ity pnblkl; beforo Ibo Houae, that it tiaecUled his 
isind, 1m prcopects of « woddly utUm w«t« for vw uror, &Dd lo a 
State of tfae naoat aetlicd nkekncholv b« wis oomimttod to tbt nre 
of Dr. GettWk of SL jUboD'e. Ia tbo munn>«r of IT&S bo quhied 
SI. Albia'i^ Bod retired to private kxigingv iu the town of 
Htmtiiusdofi. Tbere h« waa» aa by a dii-ect act of rn>irideQDe^ 
Ud to ibe soquakitaDoo of the fjuA^j of tbo jLar. Mr. U&wln, fXM of 
the dcifjmen of tbo phca. Oovpvr liad attended hi* chircb -, and 
hna intcrMtingapiKaruioe haTing attrvl'vl the oCt«it£o:i of hU >iia 
Willian CWwuufno Uuvrfn^bo foUovriJd Lia iu hit lyiliUfy mik, 





) tad Idtre^iiotd IsimwIT to HinL Thkinmploibotdooidod, vlyftho 
ViTj tarn of bmrai, th^f irhcl9 dCBUnr of tbe poot, and probflbly 

' sMorttJ hiio aa ft pwt ta th« worid. With tM« hxtiiiy ba (int4ffMl 
into tl:e mM ftfTecUoDaU leUmacj, Thev Wf r^|>0OpU «A«r bu own 
boartt pMU, mtclHgeutr vxd tQOctt. amiable, ibe father wa«, bow* 
«T«r, BooD aJInr UUfd hy &fft!l frnm hiu borai^tbtaon wuhinuMilf 

' bocomo a minbtei, ood tb« vidotf, tbe efer-to>b»-loT«l Maty 
Unviiit njtUod vitb tbe anffering poet to Oliioj, at tb« hiiriution of 
tb« lUv. Johu Ntwton, th« cUtgyBun 11i«r4*, vHar* Hha watchHl f^vAT 
bin vitb iho tender HUdtudooT a mothur, To her* b all pro- 
babitiW, vr« owculJ thai wo powaM ia t^c poiTtTy cfCowper 

With bin life hfrr w« nn rmuU fttmiliu- by bin jv««tTy and lettonir 

Aod tbf^ biogtvphy of Hnjlpj'. Hia loog rctunii of mcUiDcbdyt ^^ 

wntii^ of poeuy, wbictt Mrs. Udwid mimeirtAd to him to divert his 

tikougbta, hi> g^nlMiiDg^ tia walkn, his tamo bana, his siwofiuiYa 

ftoquAmtonom vitb Ijuiy Aoatou, Lady Hcsketh. and tbo like^ all this 

W« Iedov. ^Vhot pArtiouUily concoms us iv, ths i>ra«ont autesod 

r^pdaiaaeea of bin homoa and hauota bdr*. To tnoae tho a«M«a is 

I bdir Si^. FrniiL Iba Wolviirtoii itation, on th« Nortb-wcidcna lul* 

vu Ml cimiubus Mts you dowo, an«r a rnD of lucw mil««, at tba 

Biui Ian, ID tbtt cpadotui, atiU, and tnaDgular inar^eit-placft of Olnor. 

BvO) icun, printA bar* tnnda im moat aocunislj aoqii^ntod «ith 

; ttia place, 'the liouao oocnpied by Cowpfrr ^ttmdA imr tho oastom 

• oovnor, loAUy ovcrtappbg all t^e rett. Tboro am tbo otbor qnlM) 

^ ootUgMlCQ hoittm MrtUttiQK a««v rigbt and Joft, tbo tali cibn-tres, 

■ tfae pun^ the old ooU^D siooe tock-ap houaa. 'ilis houBe whteb 

^vaa Cowpw'A cuJeos aa impcaxng appcanoioo id a jNcturs^ and in 

' rsatitjr b a buibUne of oonAdenble aU« ; but it must ajwap bava 

boca iiit«nuiUj tit lU-limahMl boaae. Ua himself, aud bis fneuda, 

OOBparvd H U> 4 priaon. It had do cbarma vliat«T«r of location. 

. OppOBiU to it cftma crovdiag up ftomo oooimoa direUioga, behind 

; li^ tlie gsrdeiii on a dead fiaL uuL thsreflDTo wiUi do ritrndiona bat 

math as aii aoa a poot'tt taagUatioD ^vo it. It wm, (or aomo yaaca 

after he ^tted it, mhabiUd by a suj|EeaEL Be hod, ic bfs tanii 

lo&g Jdl it ; and it now wa* divided into thjvo toncmonta. Cue waa 

^bltlotfnMiin^abopbtbvotlivrfaTt in front vwt an infuittebM^ and 

the badt part a worubop of ■otno VimL Tbo honae vaa altograer 

dis^ and dssoIMo, gold bore &o tEinrkn of baviog at any ticne been 

flftiatrtfl ia aaupcrior atyU^ Tltat whioh vaa oaoo tlio ^rdoa vat i 

ncnr divided into a tMudc-jvd and a scpaU garden aurroimdad bj a 

lu^ aUmo vaU Tbey show ui ftpplo-troe in K which thsy mj 

' Onrpcr planted. Tlio other aad mam (lortion of tbonrdKins out 

'«fffc^Uieat«iewall»andlhstcceRatoitwaafroni a diaUntpartof 

the tonu Tlus gaidevi waa new in the pompon of Mr. Morra, a 

ouwtcr Uaotsaafcer, vkot WTtb m cddiuco focJi^p of roepeot fbr ih« 

port's meruory, not only rftaimrd it as nn^ aa possible in the sUta 

ia wb»b it was in Covpoi'a tUoo, but bad tfae most cood-nAtcred 

phaaMOra in aUovtn|; otnuicota to aco it Tho nomoai I pnaonUd 

cnyeeU ai Ua door, he casta oot actioipaiinff mj object, with tfas 

koj, and proffefed bis ovij fuidanoe. In the garwi^ about the 



«MllTV^ VtiO Jfana* O0Vp«KA ■BDUUM'JlOVUIb It h ft UU» I 
WttmBsnt, (■■ Oowptr de««db«» it hintfdft ia tmc at bis Wt 
much htair th«a a atduMhAcr. U » of tiiabM*, taioei tod ~ 

put to hit oim boase* and • ^aan oD«y nrruis u wiudov, cud^^ 
«n)»di4T, uwl looking icrvM tb* o«xt orchard to Uie 

<f Botevto vUtuto ovooot »Uait ofid^bl i« H, Bxcc|il fai I 
^■tfhir, it loim har% boMi & rcsolar viod-tiftix It H of con 
vntt«ft dl oT«r with TQiva^aodlDwvibcd with &4m««u Anmtdi 
tttaad »Tp qgnj c tt % md in Uio ^rd«ii resuki rftnous old fi-Ut* 
•4ikli wiM tli«r# m OowpsHli ttOMb «id nui# of LLf-in, c* dn 
sUated bjUnx TbebtdEof vouMlowcottui^ wiUitUcir «iiid 
lerd viihUw v«r7 euth, 0bis0 iKrt of ibo boiuiduy wall ; ibJI 
ordiarcL tD irtai nf tbe soinaMr-lHHifB* immm «« iti Oo«|i«^« M 
It will be neoUieGtod ttftt* In order to nv* bimaalf tlu traiUii 
joing rnund tbrough tfae town, 0»wper bad » gftU: put out inlolli 
OKMfd, and uio4fa« into Iho orchard ai th« lUctorj. in arhicb Mj 
Ua Mod Ur. NevUcL Hv wid a pound a j«ar for Uun am' 
hlaiMiglkboiii'aorcfaanl,but lud, by tZiJB mcani net oalyarorys 
ooi to ih« T^nKoago Apcmnl to him, U\i * vIwiIh -ittirt 
ofoRiMfdik Hu* 3&D raratin^ A cockftdetabb oiteat of < 
bouBdad, for Iha OBoat part, br tba bacb of tha town he 
•antfl a littla qvurt Pf^cav in vhich Hm port cmiU rambU 1 
at ht> own pkMra. Tba PanoDoge^ * jdain, modam, and mM 
tMUUiQ^ b Dot jtrj dutaut from tiM noot of tbo fumocMB 
MBdov*r H pac^ t£i ofanrab apin. OfMoaonct h«]pr«fl«otiagl 
afUn tba foH mad hit Mmda oaod to go Co aad fro tli«« H««< 
ttitb Ui gmatoM Mmdriiip for Covpor, bvt wttb bis avrora wlj 
daalkiarian ff«digio% wbkh to OovpoiV griering aoirit wi 
and pv-oaUating : tboii, a bipnj <an0i^ tb* Uvolr aad 
iAd iriitf ladj Awtat^ to mom w# o«« 4cbn tiupui aad lliftj 
T6olivo]j,nmod,«aa tbialadl^r «bafiiu&g m ibo wl foe tW 1 
ukd tb* omapatiotti of tJbo poet She weot^ and Umo «■ 
daJig^tful ADd true-aouM ooutu^ t^dr Hesnih, a slater 
IJnvitt vaa a atolhtf to tb« poet. Sbe pad Uvad nnoh 1 ~ 
Iba dun in «bkh Oovper wl bendf, menj coid|] 
lui|^i«a end loved eMJiotkordcaHf as coa«io«. Tb* bene* 
whon ahe had g«w avaj d^plerio^ aa bLkbtod uid Loat Ear J 
■kot bar oQ bcr fttum to ber mUto bu»£a vUov ; todlM*! 
beart a»d & fnirse «i|iiaUr opeD, iho bieteiiad to tvDtw the bUreelM 
ef bar jo"'h. ^iht touwEo tfao poet^ Ulb oa happr^ea MKb bKily 
eolf «wd naeke bin IWe !■ ttotbioc foore deuinitftil than tor^ 
b^ tb* boaUn^fMih £m* of Cowperbtougbt amud bim et < 
*|] bia oldaat eiM bort fricoida— hie aith and Idii, who lud ikdi 
bhn a wrc<k, aad fimod bin a caUaat baric, wUnc oo tbe brighm] 
na of ^oin to a auued imtaorfaui^. 

Udj Ifeabothi aotive in her fcittto— m ■be wa* baaattfhd I 
pMttm and in ai^if a tni* akiirly •onl kit 00 timo \n mn 
OntportoaiDOrceaitaUeboQieeiutuijlibourhood. Oftbal 



«n luiTQ upoltei). Thn >itiittJon of nin4>7 U od the flat, DMT fbo rim 
OnMv ftntl mibjoct to its fogs* Ttie to«m was dull It is mnob doit 
u it «v»ibKi;oiioof tfaoscT plaon thiit uv tho UukabetwDtn toWTA 
nad tiUj^bii. 1u fnuant papiiLaifm u only iLlCNl. In mtcb n pljuMv 
thorfforet OTory maji knev ul hia tieiftlibouiv oonoema* ItmM too 
upotiKl a ii\Mcv fuj » imn of CowptiT''a ^ij dUpositiotii and yoi bad 
nftne of thAt brnrtlo which sJtmw a nlimntiui tn gvt niit of it mta tfca 
couDtiy. Removing from it to the country vas but pasun^ fh>in 
iiUlluevB to vUJUiean. Ute coootn' arouod Oliiey, monrarVr is L/ i>o 
EfiMM jvfcrikingio itn fhftturos It U liko « ihauiund nOmr porta «f 
Eds^<^ somovhftt flat. Tet HometrLat uudiUatiu^ and ntbor caked 
of irecB. WcBtuOf to wbidi bo nov romoTod, voa nbmit a loila vmI- 
vanl Af OlTNiy. It Mm An h[g)i«r pvund, nvorlMking the rallej of 
the OuML It l» a imflj) viJLnge, convbUofl: of a few i]eta«lK^ bini«c« 
on each «d« of tbe road, Tbo Holt stood at thLa eud^ uid tli« iK^t 
littia chuTvili At tha nth«r. Tmm gjMr aloing tbn «triMrt> and Covper 
nroooimood It od» of tbe prettint tillag«a of England. Luckiljr fao 
kid aoitbor aom al) the viliaoca of England, nor tbo Oiiuat aoinorT 
of thin or otbcr caiihtririL To bim, thif»ivr<^m, tho muntr; waa all 
that ba ima^Md of hveiy, and aU that b« dt«ir«d. It avrcr tired, 
i( uurur ]o»t ita hohl U|}ou Ida fuicj and bia heart. 

IUbIm «d of IMh sooiwry around Wntou ; Kod iu iwltiuf out ibr 
thftt TillAgA from 01n«7, V« tal:t tho tntck vbiob, nvcn bnforo b« 
wpnt to live thiMo, waa bia dail/ and peculbut/ faiv-urite walk. 
Advouciuf; uut uf Olncj Ktrect, we arc at c&oo vu ou mmi dvccni od 
tho hi^bvAT, At ft niibi'H dwUiioa bftfora iia llo Wnton aod ita 
vooda ^ ita litUo ohuroh-ioirer ora-Iooking the valley of the Ovm, 
Behiud oa Lea Olavj, ita IaIL CEburoh vpin mlnff aobljr into tbo akj ; 
and clfwo bmifatb it tbe Ohm «ca«f]fea ioto tu^1« avatpiDg rouod 
tk* tfuUr}iaIl« whicb liguro id tbo po«1i^ vorii^ and tfieo gOM iD 
MvonU diQ'frcnjt sUt^uiui, »s bo aaji^ lad^ along a flna atrSteh of 
gEV^n maad&«i^ Ja vbieh tbe aoanes of Th« Dof and Watei^lily, 
ftnd Tbo Poplar FS«ld occur. On tbl» ccainoKe atood Covper olt<Ot 
wiUi Mary Vawin on bin arm ; aiul thus ho addruniLO htTj aa ba 
dcacriboii most vividly tbp> view -^ 

" Arid wttnet*. a«r onnr«lpa nS nr *id)tiy 

Ha L««kt4 ln1niD^ vltb r^»^>* »Dch vl*rp, 

And V4tMf1t4 vkiVH* rcuB^t Blonp intnlr^^ 
Wln>4« k f nr lIUl Ekmi h>«1 JmiMait Iar^ , 

Ttaod LiHMHi na pnli* of nuiirt ncnt iliuif*! 
And ih*i DBF n«nin« mw not caiJuim di 

Sdi t*niiinh «nd >it twflPifl «f U4iiii ur 
■uv «ft vpon JOR nnifnaviH our pn 

Tlif ninllw wind, fccve* rcnwiPui ihtl A Ufv, 
W]i)lt tdpulndn. fte4l>« tl th« «rr, 


in* limnAnf l*un. thmt ttnn^tL nw tnmt lb* tivk, 
Tba jcnndf bviId <liiiliilah«d to ■ Ih^ i 


Cf iwna mE«d, vUb call)* tprtiVkM ^M, 
Cuniiiielt ibff rr* aJafur bit iMiieiu nun* 
tidiidited, t>«n,fMiro»t*dliitlwtbBQk, 
flIuA ii*T« o'RlMksd, «ir fttvuiat «lni. 
Thai *ri<*ia Uib her^nnvini Blliin koi ; 
TbU< br btrnd. nd ovvrAvtn uu tttiaoii 
Tteb U «Un B4IUD ftluit bUqi tbt vtlt, 
Tliv lilopUtf Iwd ti«*^ Into iht fluoiUj 
Dtipltiliif on Uf TViri >L04 tilt |IV« 
Dt ntigt-nm W«atSr> lumbfrlrtti laain tov«, 
T*ll >|tlri. fiuKh vlkk^ A* >ipurti] uf 4L*4i1ll D*Ua 
JujI andiilMH upcn Ibt lU^Olric »W» 
Of vtr*, b>ii^, «ni nnaikiiif vUUfv* nnDU." 

WoaliouIdnoioBut tottoUoD tiuii bobiaii lay OTcr(Mo^,jliioire JhJf 
th9 chorch towiar ftod lull of Clifton, th* fttumpt to mk to wMdt 
Jbmu tb8 ii^iUoi or Cowper'A vcr; liuiDonnu pocao, Tb« DivUvBMd 
TnrdleEV^ Boforo ua, ^a wo ftdTwocci, — ibo OuW tooftdovB bolow oq 
our leftt ftsd pkin» mkod fum-k&d«, on our hshtir-tlid puk of 
WoitOQ dwpla^ ita bwiuv aad iHocw, uud fiw muwa of tre«& It 
will b« rooollooted hj aQ IoT«ra otCowpor tlut bars Ured Sir JobD 
ft&d Lwlr Thiockmortoa OoTpn'A kiod and oordifll fbends, wbo, 
«T«n beloro U107 knew iLim, urov open their poik uid til their 
AwnoitTPi to hid ; ood who, irhoQ Umj did k&ow bico, dkl oU l&U 
goneroiifl pooplo of wedth ftnd iDt^imaoo oould do to oODtrJboto to 
AM happbovi Tha tUUm 4Im1 o»Uto aon wboUj belongad U> Ukmd, 
«iid tfao ball w»i & aooMid bomo to Cow^, olv&y* op«a to bJm *tib 
• «vm wo)eoiin9> and an eu^, aanBHiDtiia spint of fffoaLM fH«ad- 
aUp ; IMf Thioctoiorton bomlf volununly b^oomlo^ tbo tran- 
•cnber of bia Hoi&m', «rben Ms joaog friend, Bono, ttit bun. la tbo 
wholo of OUT litontiua than ia no mora ba&utiAjl iutaDoa of tbo 
Intorcaaraoof iha litamiymaa and hiaveallbjoei^kbouiartbaa tbat 
of Offwpor Ktd the Ibrookmortcm. Thair reward wia the pkasnra 
tber oondrred : and a^ tnora, tba Braoa tbey hava ttaa wod> 

The ThTockcuortonfl harbi^ otiwr and axtoaalvo eotatee^ the auo- 
ocoadfftf of Oowp«T'e ftJeode luro doeortcd thia. Tha booao k puUed 
dovn, a wall k« built acroia tha bottom of tba eourt-jvd vbicti outa 
off ftoim Tiow what waa tbe gudco. Otaoa growa tbjcUy Ui tha 
oourt, the oatfaaot to which ia still mwked hj tbo ^^lUtv of a gate- 
vur bcantu vaiea. Acjoas tba court ata oractad a priest's bousa aorl 
Cbtbolio obapeJ,— tba Tbrookmortooa wi«n aad an Oicbolicr-«Dd 
bojoiidtbeMaUfl«ta^tiwatabloe^ooaabOiottM^AcL.bf9afinga 61o«k- 
tower, and shovlof that tbla waa onoa a CBOtlafiEUUiS reiidasoo. At 
tho end of tba old Uiatohod ouUraUdiag ^ou a«o tba word acBooi* 
paiat«d i U ia tba v&Di^ acbool ^Citbobo, of ooone^ aa ara aU, v 
noarlr OL the inhabiUxtta A pair of gaUwaj pUbn like tboaa 
wbkb led to Iha bouaa, mark Uia amUaaoo to tba viDaev a imio 
be]r<>od tbe bouse. Oa the wpcdttc Mo of tbo road to the booM ui 
kha park, aad* direotU orooarto lo the housa, beinjE ttkea out of tho 
mi^iatbawoodhDdwiUttDMatnwbiohCowtwao nmeb daUshUd 
to taipMft 




Tb6 bouw cT Oowpn*, Wcstoti lodge, itoiidii oq Uid ri^t lund, 
about Uu>CDulniof tie irillB|t«^ adjiriuiit)^ a picLtvrvaqvooJdordiAi^ 
liid InM, vhidi in bii tim« stood in tbo aanet opponto, however, 
faftve bMo lulled- A f«w doom od tbit nde of the Lodxc ia k public 
faoitto, with th« VAnilr Cvk ujioa iU ingo, »ad bwiou tUo ouoo of 
Oo'Vrper'A Cnk, The Loilgo is ft good uad plconn^ but not laiiKo 
bouie. Tito Tunwtto nt tho hMd od thU arUda npr«*onU tho tne 
npoaiio w a/im ^MntHiij^ wiiich J4 uol Ibu (kcL xlw rooio on tbu 
ti^i haod WM Cowpnr'n Btndy. In bin bodrooro, wbJob » ftt the 
lad of t^ houiM OTortookitia tli« gui*l«n, «UU remain two Hum, 
whldi bo wroto wbeu abouL to baw iPoatau Jot KotfuIL, vboco 
ho diod. As bis farowoU to tbji plooo, tho bftppooit of bk lifo, when 
fab owD hMilth« tod thit of bi« dmr and vtiwnblo frt«nd, ALn. 
UnwiDj WTt» botU failiui^ aud idpoivj iboliugn lmuijt«d biiu, tho*o 
I1d«0 pttwoM a doop inUriMU Tluj «• wnttca on the bcvd of a 
panel of 0D« of tb« wJadoiraliatUra, DAT ih« toprigHt-bimd oomor ; 
nudwhvutbo ptiutler hun boou rupuutoif t^^xui baa bnii o&iv/uUj 

" F>iT*Bll, 4tmi ■«■«. fat er« elMfd M fM ! 
Ob ffii wtifti lurtdir muil I nov DiefL tof* roit r 
Jo? F 7t. 
^ '^ «Hvh«M ill I ffvt 
July 7t f irvi.- 

nM wotdn and daks slcLnd jtiat u here givtto, and mttlc Ut nOQ^ 
nao9 to Ibottc tinea, uid hu rcaUcfti atAto of ndnd, r«p«afcJDg tbO 
cbte of both DXHJth «i3d jwt, 

Frooa tbi« roon Covpor used (o bata a tItw of bb ^vcurito 
ahrabbvr^, and boyond It, up Um hilL pleaaaut crofta, Tho abmbborv 
wasgcDmllj admired, being a dellgbtfal little bLbyrinih. compoara 
<if flovtrioj ahrubx with grarct wki^ and icata placed at a^pto- 
jpriai* diaUnoea. m gAi^ a bu&aoroua aooouol to Ha^ l«7 cf tbo 
«reotioa of on* of tbeae arboun. '^I laid to 8am. 'Sftm, builJ no 
m abed in the gordon witb ao^tttng yna can fini^ and nab* it mdo 
aod rouf b, Ilka oD« of Ukwo at E&rtbAXD; 'V««,atr/ MjaSun; and 
abvigbtwa^ hmng bb own Eoddlo and the owpenteKa together, baa 
bniU ma a tbing fit for Stowo gardcna. la net tbis reialioaa 1 
1 tbreatan to ioaoibo £t tbuA : — 

Boufb too ipA ihtbeh. tat ibiu ii cndrd." 

AnthbeudcabasnoirbeeiiaHerod. Arard baa been made behind, 
vltb outDiiildiiigB* aod tbo ^rdou eut aff with a brUk walL 
No4 far from this bouBO a narrow laue tunm up^ ondtned oq 0D9 
' hj tha pati nlL lliroagh tbis oM ntoie wall, now wdl 
lod with nuuaoa of ivy, there lutod to b« ft door, «l wbkb 
t>ar bad a k^. which lei him at anoe into tba wild«rneaa» In 
wUdenMM^ which ia a wood laown flill of nndorveod, through 
_jb walks ate out winding In aO dtrMtlooa, rou «om« upon vl»t 
eallad tba Temple. l\ie» an open Oothiaiilcore,haTiiigiu front 
open amee, acuttered with aoma tne*, amonot tbem a fine old 
hot^mdckaodin W tbo tbkk woo<L H«o Oowpor uacd to sit 



mudi, deliglited with tbo pcffcct uul dttjt Moliu*ob TbQ templa 
£« DOW &at fiklUoff to <lc<3«9'. Ttvimsb a uovt vixuUag itmlk to U>e 
Idt yoa ood» <raT (o tbo patIe, which ia wptntcd ftttm Ifae viJdor- 
luoi fa/ a ttunk tooe. A brood grw vkU runs tloog the bead cf 
th£« fffr, batwMD it Bjul Ibo wiIueanoM, «iiil here yci fiod the two 
lunfi under the trem, wbioh mmik the grftve of tvo faTMirfte dco 
oF tbfl llircakDxirtoiiM, for which Cowpor coodettcuUijJ to mu 
epttaphe, wliiob »tll] lem^iD, eod tno^ ba fbiujd in hk poou*. 
^Aler« is olao a figure cf a lioD, eouohant, on a pedctUL beomig tbi« 
innonptlon : ^Uortuo Lcoao ciiam licpore* icHulUnt, 1ttL5* 

fmu ilua froirit «Jj«i> niUJ> i>ul the fine lima aventM^ of a! loeet * 

qntrter ef a mile lofliit terniijiatod liy the aicoro. £vnjr scmv) ftod 
everj spot cf grouna whleb i)fQioQta itnii berc, is (o be (vtuid m 
OowpcA pcctry, ihiriicrukrl/ id the flr^t boi^k of hU Tktk — Tb« 
SofJL Tbo Sofe WEVi Iiut « book to h&nff hk Uieoie upon i his real 
thrmc b bixvAlk throiufa tbiftpftrkftiid iUDoigbbowiood, pcutic** 
WIv Ibti- CnaftreauOt elo«Liie ile boughe Jmvv with Ul tbu Kdema 

ftud iiii^iiig ^rooe of k Gotbio ofttbGcrol niftlc. To the Hcbt tbe 
pu^E dotoeiuU la a rordjiiit iilopo,iONtt«rG4 vrith oeblo treos. There^ 

lu tiio vtUe)', orar tbo roiid to CHnoj* ia tbo Spiiiuj, witb it* ruUfto 
mou'houae, Ittuntod by Cbwper; iked where he wrote thotae tmM 
fuU of the Mpgvt, oddMt iDohuacbolf wbkh eir*r opprosiod A guitb- 
l«a beotti bfi^piDu^— ~ 

'*0h> 1>A]TT ■lik-^f, Co ni' unMvtti 

There, too, b the t^ojT, but wbcve il biu fref>d itiiolf 1Vo«u tbe wood, 
in tbe nifltto brid^ cqiuUy oalcbmed by bim ; uid beyond it m 
tb» fi^Mx, t>:<i Pnjianf t Kent, now growii ftotix % kboitxer'ft oobtan 
fthrouded io trten, Ui a QoiiBJdenblo AinD-hoiure, with it« Hdcs am 
bniildiDgi; oonsp&oueua ou vi opea ctainenccb Still berood are tbe 

w«U kDowD to tbe readers of Oovper ; jmd tUis old chme xtreUbM 
«waj Tor four or Sto imjlea towarda CMHe Aubby. 

In tTArvniiig Uirt i>4rlt to n^iwb tbo woode uid Y»nlly OmV ve 
ootne into a geouinclr egnoultund region, where a aort of peopled 
tfoUtndo m oDjoyed. SvoUin^ routidi^ «ratnctia«,with little voifteya 
^■rrndsid; betwvon Uiotu ; her* ancL tbont a ^nn'hri4;«o cf tbi« hkhI 
rustic deAcrijTtioii ; the i>laugh juhI its whintlinj foUower turoing up 
tbo inddj noil ; and tbe paric, dtii|>}AyiQ£ from Aa bilti and delh ita 
ooatnst i>f iii^blr OjnbrHjfTOoH trOM, abovred vbera Covp^r hftd 
ofUxu ddightcd nimaelf^ oiid vheooe he had drawn omcb of hi* 

" yoir rvtn tbt tfw ■ 
Ane puM ve Eh'rf tiiKulMiic Atlfbi 
KttiJu In lu eaDmind- Th* thr^faM Iidt* 
PduriDuiTU a?My imiuili fl'qiAc [,tbf. 
Al am. piHvtHln Bt ■ f cnam, vher >nt 
Tbff nliiaWltUi Ml Mftiieml b? 4vcm<k 
bcb IB nil flli«t«k nn 9\U*bk tS Ihp itfiA. 





TTie v>io thii incvu U BUM* avllUr bfi 
V«cH«ou«« ud linpaliBDl of di tif . 

or vh, vr Huh, <jT VhTi, dLi»nr<lt|^ <1illif> 
Theit. 1d>I bfbind i rtitnpf (inund, iha *«h1 

At ttta p<MDt of view you (liKt tho po«t*s pralM« of tho wcaocrj 
mon fkiQjr juatiflptl ttmu ^uvvp'brru i»lsc^ The ptuk liein> Ilua a^ hoIgulii, 

[ivoi blnU or iU Mcludcd delH that a^e piqiu&t to tho >iiugii»tioa. 
1 Blall tiio wiilk, uf n miti; or mon^ to Uio Bnuirnt obnw is •quaJljr 
,rMttVfti Th4T vn^t (iiti'ijtp nf the fonit which fttrofcolu* Deforo 
I ^f«A t d«p fi^eluiif i>f oiii^Dce uid andecit kdoss. 7ou dwciood 
i> » nUvyi mud KilwK'k*B t^ubuitijf wood tf{iroiidi» itMjf bvfbn vou 
I tho QpluM Toil pikwi through It. lOiA comp cat opponto to a 
ud^ iutiL-huusQr iwhcn*, In tb« cpcciDg of the foravt, jou i«o Iho 
uuuua of n-ry uic-Jmit ooltA standing Jivr« aiid IhKrv. Ton foil 
[that von Am on a npot that Kaji mstiniAinod itn connexion vith tho 
^world of ft tboiiHAfLd yrars ^ -, tni) unld thoM TcnomUo troi«, yau 
■uou MM UiD uuo wtiich Lj' its bulk. iU buUow Iruuk, Kud lu 1iT]>^<d 
And di1inidAt«d crown, nordn not ta ho pointod out &« the Varult 
Oak. 3*m Cowper vu fond of aittiog within tbo hotlov boll for 
liOQiv ; ■round blia etrvtohicg %\tv uld noudis irilli ihoir ftolilude and 
.the cntm of voodkod birdA. The funn which ha hfti ooofemd on 
I trov hu coftri; proved ila destiuctioQ. Wholo arm* uul grot 
9M of its trunk bnvo bocn out kww wiLU luifts n^itl uo, and luw, 
I prefmn dilTczvint ^rUolec A-^iik. i\io Morquiji of KortJiazn^ton. 
I vbou the cbvH bdoDgs. fans hid mulUtudpo of naiU diivcn in to 
p ih« iirogram vf this dcalruutioii, hut fiinlio^ tbal uot vulXcicatf 
E offiiod A boani bejuinjf ibis UkAcription: — ''Out of r»p«ct to 
lb& momoty of tho povt Cowm, the AUrtiain of NoTtbunptoci is 

fi^Uoak^lJ^ d<viruuia fjrpnworoug thUcak. Nolicvin h<mbjtpr*o. 
Kt a.uT ppmnn doCbcii^ orotber«i«o inmri^ it, wili ho prosecutoa 
Fftccordiiifi to Ikw" In st«ppii]g round the Tftnll^ oal:, It ^tpemd 
to liitt Ui boi Ht th« foot, abuut thirUK'ii y^rdn in cirvuiiifervniL 
Etotj «tcp here nhiiwii jou tuman picture sketched bj OovpttT. 

"I icTimLiuwi pTiId* rtalu «maM 
<yarop in» ^aHj vgod ttat klclfti ibc vlld. 
A iBtatnnil MtA U*clr*« ll^K Ibitn 4*1 

Of •Hmbi, or M W*l. «f *ac4 mirlxInM 

Ftvm M* HfitiMornvd penk^ Htri-tvt^g Ttn I 

TIhV plvl Iti'lr fkk»l «i*i rtJ 0'f9y hHln*. 

Thm avuh *r tifir. Tbr »VMtf» vlM l^nm vidt 
tlittr AuiMrlBf r^^ tnil ilio** a tiwD? ■!% 

.^ £KaT» its hcftUu, MOi 
cru^or pknwv w into tli»ri»' 

tottki^mniiiwl i1 AsudtbM;la« 

viftdiMitlBiparUitfexi«t«DM. Hovmir 

ryowb t^ froait ol MiUle lib «ui bcMl «f i 
I «r Ua bvorfU to tkdr mfow-mea «bcli« 
Moiva be «Q&n«d, W the iootenr tf tb« 

^^ «■!• of afl hit Bielb ukd lw«t ha« 
;faiOBa<rftt#nnUJifg«af taodwn 


of tif!^th, both tbe pcot , 

iir»^ta III, in Korfilk ; «lw j 


tw wriior tii mnH hm boon uma AogUefeodl brlur ««q 
flftlMB thftn Mm- T^hah With ftTorx ucwia of giTbiBtotiteinibSo 
ftgood memoJT of her, I b«1iflTo no audi is in exurtcDco ; at oU i^rcnbi, 
Ibftve net bocQ «A^ bo find ooio. Tha fbiUovlM brief pftriif^ulan* 
hare bMD ftoteW br & priTaU hand : " Mm TIgho ww bom in 
DubUp, in 1771. Uar fttbttr, the Rot. William Bbohford, iras lilirariw 
of Mni^'a Kbnkry, St. Sopalchn, la that dly. Her niotbor, Tb«o* 
dmia T»£h«<. vu ouo of • faini^ wfaoM teit hM tw^u, and ib, RM^imft, 
«oiinty WicUow. In 1793, M>« BlnchlbTdr tbc^ but uiDol««[i, ro«r> 
ri^ hcT DMUAfD, Hoiinr TtjEbe, «f Woodctoek, M-P. foir Kilkcnuj m 
thi» IrUb I^Uamcuit^ uid author of a CouaU HivtOT? of KUk«tioy. 
OoDUDDpUcn wu hnrrdJUrj in Um rjgh6% fiuntlj, and lU fttal 
aeadi ripecod vriik bor vrouaniiaod. Sao rai oonftt«rtt1j afijc4«d 
«iUiiUatt«iid4nti^laagciDiT,do|VeMJoii,ai¥J vant ofB]rpetil«, Wjlb 
the liroGta of Phayaher which ran throiuli Ibar cditioua prcYioua to 

her OcQib, alio built an b<lditifin to the Orphan AjjIoid in Wichfoir, 

thBOoa calWibtf Pavcho waid. HhediedoQ thoSltbof UaichjaiO^ 
Rnd va8 hiiTird at woodttoe^ in KitkoQDj, beneath a iiionuBDMit br 
FliuEuait, froiu tbo Arioat marble of ItftSy. Mn, BODMI10, BaouD, aod 
Mooro, L>>vv dtiue hoiii40« to bor gofiiuat m lamuut^d orcr it« edJpNh 
^'c^tU, 313 Ihij <>'oo4ea AcDbroHiaiin^' with the auitrUiicA of Hr. 
TiioMhj Hdkldf, boA pmid her a Tor7 hlfb oora[ilim«iit^ But btt- 
^ilitira. hor bcantT, and her virtiaei bftvo nott ia tM> boon adoquaUly 

1iictitr«d in asj bTcgrapbioa] notioe of bcr that I bavo t«4n. Tho 
B19 oditkon of Pijoho «oateiDo Rome aAbotmg dlu^ionA to btr, in 
tba iiToboe whtt«n b; her huabuid, who ooos aflor fi^wod bar to 

How IHtJe ia known of Mn*. Tigbc, when 00 ehoH ac aoooiwit ia 
tba b««t that A ooutttir^mui of bortt cao fumifth f and rron in thai 
ibor« an acrlovi erron*. So fju* fn>[n hor mouumcnt Imd^ oT tte 
fiaodt mublo of lUlj^ It ii ef a atono &ot &ner U*n PortAAiid rtoiia, 
if AO fiiM^ 80 fbr from hor boab&nd aoon laUowlog her to tho craris 
JfliiL Tlgbo dliod in IdlC^od her buabud was UvUig at tho timo or 
Un; HomaaA viait to Woodfftook m IS31- llo noit hairo aurriTad 


MD^ TlffftlL 

ber oboTD twcaW jmu Id Mtil H«inBii«'a mm tcconai «f ] 

viftitto VocdBto«,«fa0BpUkH<ifitiatfaopJ«aQiHic(i9 "Un. 7^2110 
pused tb«ht«atycaA<irber bS^ mul nou- irbera •!» k buried f 
jct in tho BUOo TgJums with P^jobo, (Idll C(lLtjoii,pL30<t,) tbirrotiift 
" Sonoott irrltUo ml Woodstock, in the ootiut^ uf EuUeiinj, tba »cii 
of Wdlibin TigU^ Juuu 3i>, ISOC^" i,<<. cmlj nuio monthn before her 
dcetb. For uij>oIf, I <xiufiiu uiy Igconmctr of the CatAm vhioh might 
connect 1h«eo sinnseJ; cbflhiiuj mccudU of s pqmUr podcm^ 
of M weilUij hiwlyj tatt vrko luod little more tWi fbrtj jtm 
egix I boped to pun the DoMcettfy liiibROAtlaii on tbo apot, wfakA 
1 &ftd« B loqpf Joum^ purpotelj to visit Whj 1 Jid dm, noftiu 

The poamof Pm^Uowu quo wbtdi cbaroiod me iat«««aly et tm 
tarlj eAr& Tht*ro va« & toua of lievji eud t«tid«r fMliog perrMUng it» 
vrliich t«uoZ)od th« fmithful btuirt, ttud took poaitoraioa cf erenr 
ncunittUily. There waa m Icqu of luvUiwhul)' uiujio io It, iBrbkL 

seamad ifia ra^rolfid eipnMiou of ibe cuajwiouaoeie of t Doi faiNof 
dnlh* It waa cow veu known thAt the joimg end bceutifu1]>o«t<tt 
tfudoul. Tiiolifbwhiclie1taUTod^«rowiijcd vith«ve^^acdendgnce 
thel Qod ooofari ou the brisht ouea of the earth, od IhoMi who mn 
tobe)iv^grer«kUoiuof thohMren towbicbir«AncaUKl, fttid to 
wliioh tbej are huitcuuDg, Touth, boutj, fbrUuus ell ^lonflod b; tbo 
emmutiooa of k Irensoeudent mind — voe saeUined ewaj. end then 
wie m oed fuoin&tiou throru ova- both b«r fate end her voric Tb» 
doticeoy, tlio patbody tbo eubdnodead piuiQod, yrlintcDw pcuaiou of 
tJiu puem, ware ell cijculeled to erJjie on tba klodnd ep&nt of youtb^ 
end to moke jou iu bv« witli the writer, Sha ouim before the 
lougiuetioii ia tbo ooEabiacd witcbcrr of Williant ^niuo, vid Ibo 
pur« loTcluiae of e aereph, vbioh had out tiiiaohod ujion ttie ceri^ on 
wxDc ccUaUel tnittuotn, ftud w«e ijoDe for eter Ber own I^^e, in 
tbo lUtJib of har nddcet houfr jeeming for tbo mujreiioa of the 
lost heeven uid the lout IwerCt wes not mom tendefly btentiful to 
the iffin^imlion tbiw bvi^elt 

Suub VM t}io effect of tbo IWdbe on Ibo glowing, ecDVttirv^ j^ 
inmuAiue uuud. How much tn this effect hM in menjr oiioi been 
tbe rcenlt of tbc quiuk fueliiim end magnii^iog fiuicy of TOatb itedf I 
We hevo roturncJ to our idol ui Inter joen^ end £oimd it olejr. Bat 
tbW ie not tbo cew with ^obe* Aft«r tb'^ btpee of netty joeiiL 
efter the damcbenting edWt« of oiperiuna*, Bf^<Tr th« etjojuaont of 
e veet fjianlity of new poHrr of e eploudour oud powor etich es no 
ooe nco of tbe «orid ei^er b^oro intboHed, we r«i(iro to tbo poem 
of Un. TigborendetiUfiikd It fall of htmixly. Then is epuM&d 
flnoixj-of dictiPD, e rich euJ tl«q> Iutuiquj, that uc Uic filtiof 
Tebkle of e «Uif7 lUll of iateroe^ 4nd Acoacry full of «sohAntmcnt. 
Spite of the iucong^ty of enp:rening on a Oreciec fable tbo knigbt- 
emnliy of the lUbddle AgiH> and tbo mllecory t^f niiU Ut<r dijjv ^v* 
fbBnw tba ddepl/'tri'^d Pn^chn tbrousb all her ordoeh with unnbet* 
ins <»t. Tbe rj^Mit Uland of FloMiin>, t)ie mom mdiuit Dtrmttj 
OfliOrev the fatel twnwitjr, tbo wvcpiugeud outoaat IVvdie weodac^ 
Ing on tfaroQih Hit forpte uid wildtmcwni of hor eeitblj p«naDO^ 

M9B, TiaiUL W 

Ibe iDjBt«noU3 Ipijffht, \ho tmrcpjd M^ulro of tlio •tvij hnw,mi^ 
, ill ftk«tcb«ti vif.h tL« gtuniuv ]Hrt)Ciil nf jvH^trj, aikI w<4 fr>Uow thi^ 
Eartuu«a af the v^ouiiertrv vdth evc><lccpmii]g «utTaDOciu«aL 
NODO but SpcDMir hriowU hu #xoollod Urv. Tlglio In tho field nf 
AllcgOf7- rasuoQ iii tho fmrn of tho liuti mMuvd tij t.Hi* Knight ; 
P«ycbo betn^cd by Vanity ojnd FUttcry to Ambition ; the Ikiwer of 
LooveUvUebt; tbo AtUMrkaorSkuidor ; thit OmiIc of siupvoioEi ; tbo 

Court of ^DJeen ; tlie Jriur ]<l>nd of ImLfluraon^ ; «iul tbe fituki 
triumph via Apothou^l* of tlis p^Lo uul, — ato all Tigoroualy coo- 
«atto^ and wwouUd wub a UvUig ditUnoimH. 7l>o plowur« vlth 
Ejwhieh^MpurBu«d bar U«k i* v&prciu«d ia the grwjaful opriui*^ 
flta&iM of UM fifth cAnta 

Chami of mj lit* AtiA anlkn nf n'r<^r«r 

And airt m* Jjniiuhui fi^uiil to dnUra 

■niofvl foini* vnuttimM^ fiiif. 
Aiui bear itic Inilprtulvir bunHij 

Krijhi 4* t?i« Tn*<air oloiu* nf ti;niiiinrW*t 
Thr'trv«iii> v>ii'h li'ihtkikf *4'\\l tnwMtat ItetIL, 
And Jmir my vttturLAJr da^t dHviVf. 
CoifiiJibrLr«lil4 tbmt in:cJi1 itirn rvsv^if. 
Aim oElitr tuartt Tit n*lBliE4 rhh ihi ilnln; 

WlHii quU4 »iirb4loii nurflia Hit ftutUeat ptllli 
AaA All iM tffj fuibf uv Tinlihc^ from my bnlb. 

Vifl lal Tl|1i>* hll" *oiit f^rriLa^fi UK ktir* n ; 
Tha vaiH vlikfli (Li«n IXlj luCituilt, I'vlcnigi 
Whdi ifivuflli lI (htrm iii> mmrimii trnt (liv owVh 
ThOMb Ikf lQ%«d P4reljc MiiLic fuf I'm AioUt, 
BlUl»ii«Jli(it4lait>«vlui^>n-Lr fttriCm: 
Aixd *1iA. t«up«d |W>u) (uiitijtl. tLpa hbl l«vn 
Ti> till <tnBf ■jl<nl Wu1|]'>«nlt^0iW Otim, 
Hun iiuil iTif Lf4;iquU iuuh Oar lurp^ TMv; (Oiln I* 

Uoora hna moordnj his ndmintloa of PMyndw ui a tjiric of vlucdt 
t «Uuu4 ortf not tluf tflut «tpmBivo, 

l"«i Ulvri hu pij bnul lU =•! 

llDiitf Dn«a f rat, MpUT* * tmli. 

a* iviiTi U '(«(. tv *vt4i taijfu. 

" BUp tvTV t 111 $H ii.f 4pEirii: of Amt. 
nti» ihf hlfi^ ElAvifl ii^^ *u thiDt. 
Tlirn ^ff1]rAiDf»c4 thr %±ne. 
And <i«iiU7«iwi wvn 4iiuuE 

A lUryriiand tti^ bmp^ fimidl 
ftuEh p«rfiiia« fl'a tlimi *ltan «fa«df * 

I bftd alwiyv b«Da nracb struck idth UkA poetry of AEn. 
_.^ .. Sba itwmod A umLlahty botvaen tb« dsatiDj; of Lhi» pttt- 
flTo pootev and OCT own. Sim iiaJ b«r in hor imwinati^ii Wbdi 
ib* vnto Tba Orarv ofa Poet«M ; and tbe coooluduig sUnxu vo 
pftriundkdj doHsciptm of Mzm. Ti^IVa spirit. 



** ihH ruMt ]«n ■DiTw in inj •aaf« 

A tolo* ODl lou4 Mt 4«vpl 
TlH fjorlout mmm* of cuiti uiiib|i, 

no* tttmt aultt iboa nwp I 
■■ VThpTr cauMii ihoii Itx on froftal fnuTid, 

I'll} tciLi^f r l^oiijrhla iii'l fiiRli ' 

Anil }itj thg port> v^v ] " 

Tb w*a eertiiiL^ unong nt^nWA glonoua boven that Uri; T|r1t« 
potuod her iibj& Rcbuuia, in Wi^klov, 1a taud to luve b««Q mt 

extremely bvAutitVil, asd calculAt<dto call forth tha po«Uefacul^ 
wbon it uiutH. All tbe wa^ from Dublin to BMUinft la tlirmish » 
rich and InTaJy <liftiHct. Tc is a gold ^MtHot, much gold bcm^ found 
in it« etreuiu upva^ of i^\rtj ^mh b^ tbe getting of wliKb waa 
pul a tdop to by Qovieniment 

A& pEoii iipfiTvacb Roiaiinft ilu bilbi bocoiaa IvglMr, and rour v»j 
li«0 umnigTi ibe most buutlfiilty voo<led valldya. At tbe inn ot 
AnIifbTd-bndge ^ou b&T« tU« ceJebAted Deril'tt-glea od ooo b«ii^ 

nnri Itouhniw on tha olhirr- Th)>i tbm 1U« a mlln or metro frcm ihm 
inn, nrd h about a intlo and ft ^lalftbroufib. It in iiurow, ibe fatUa 
on either baud are ktJly, botil, oraggj, and fluoJv vooded ; mod akag 
tlii> hoti4»Q nnui, d«*p and dJirk OTnr lU rodk^ b*d, ibo rinr Varlrao^ 
Tbis rirw ruaa down aad ct««&«a tbe rood onr tbe inn, and thoa 
tak«M it9 way by Roauuiit Boianua u perb^vi « mile dovn tba 

vallaj fV^i^m uta inn. llto bouA« la a |)]alik old bnvk liAUMt, fit for 

a oouiiU;y Aqui>e.. It liea lo« in the ntoodov noar the Hv«r, and 
around it> on Doth itidoa of tba waUr^Ui« sIothm ar* dotted vrtb tba 
mfMt bf«»tlfid and ImiiriHTit ir«MW Tlin imu-k tX Koaanna bi fnd*Ml 
emui^tly beautiful with ita wood. Tlie treoa arc tbickljr acatkvvdL 
and a great proportion <>f tbcta arc iJm^ tba aoft ddkato fottage of 

which givaa n pocolUr «luLrict,<r t^i 1}m tte^ttitry. Thn lil^wiy, fbr 

tb« vbolo kngtb of ib« pork aa yon proeeod iviranbi Baifadnun, ia 
couiploteJy aiobed orer with nugaiflooit bcocbc*^ pnwenting a 6na 
naliuW araada^ Oo tbo right, ih* gmuiid KHcon^a fdr a milo or 
mora, covared vitb rkb noMui of "Koal Di taci, vthiaber«r ^fvy 
you tnra, towania the diidant biUn, or pumuing toot vay dcwn 
thr vnUfiy, all U Aim fiiiry IhiuI <->r LugL^t^- «iul rloknaaa It b a 
rcffioa worthy of ihi^ authur of I'sycho, wonbj- to iuBcire hei h^tor 
tt/iil infud; and wd rcjoioo that t*o Ikir, and geatliL and ^jool % 
■turii luul thara bar lot ca«t. Ta bor povnaa >na adari—a a oma t4> 
the VartTM :— 

" ftvHC «n iIt iMnkt, O Tulne r ■htn n mora 

Tti»lT T*tv*iTtr4arBf11>l«n>MTl] ihvilm: 
Wlipn frAftut («]hh «T lOfMit Icfihln tiomt, 
_ Vvfvlil <he ffowTih ind opa Qric Ht*^ >***■ 

** And vtrnt Or •b«*h at ana^ mnn ffervU boun. 
T« tM t Ih* n*«niiMi of ihT tTifWflnt b<mn^ 

Tat MbUiu OoiAt In pudJif crivoi f*iio«i i 
tWIr wtotAlou ray dtft iMnat «a flw4, 
VUte t«» and >aapt lU ngr »*l I 


f unnnti^ ioi^ Mm ikllndcii to her fhTonnto HoMmnA^ bad to htr 
-iH^t&ut bcvBTi" wtichr I l>elk«To. aitU nouuifl, Indeed Ro«um 
v\)l ilmyi be inuraiiiig to tin; lovvn of gootto bnule virtutr uid 

Hrrolto Iit*^ 1icfT«4 mod wwed 

Woodotook, wboro ^e ditd, Ilea, I mi|Tpoeo, fertr or 6Clr mOco 
disttfitt ^n Kilkftriny, It U huieJI^ bMutiml, tKongn Jti a cftfl>rri>nt 
rtjl& U iititt ou ft Uigh, rouud, swelling hUJ,— a good tnodent maa* 
•Jcin. Tou AM it pTiu'otf Ml you diiv« over » countnr Ina buuUfol 
thjui that fthout Itvttnnft. Thcint ift a Ada Tftllfi]% iumg w!aIciK llie 
nrer Nc» nuta, toiid opkoidld manaa of irood, two moM in le^^ 
ud mcadowH <v the deepnA gnen ; pjxI beyond »««Ua up Ihft «teep 
round htn, oATflTMl al*o vlth flu* tJinhi=T to Iha top, ^i^ht hiiiidt«d 
fleet in deration. The vbole is bold, amplo^ aztd improscdTe, To 
raeoh tbe houae, you paw through the riUage of Iiuieniiiogue, at the 
bot nf th«t h{[\ Ami th^n ht*^a th» tons and tiU^ii ftfi^vnt, A «ii^ 
udenblo way up jou arv masted b^ amul lod^ ^toi, and there 
enter a Ooe and well kept park, m wbioli thu n^tnccB oTtbo carriage 
roailij which ara dailj HWjipl, iinii thn Hkilfiillj- <lumnt«cl miMM of 
fine tr«e», mank of wealth, aod a pOdo ioiL Ooth«toporthehiU 
■tanda tlio doom, oommanding noble rle«« dowu into tbo aupcfb 
Vila b^ow. And ovM- a wliU ftit^mt of oouijlrj^ 

Id InvelliDg botwMD these tiro aat^ti^ a mbd like that of Mn. 
15^10 would l^od Kxncrj Eot tuitrior to that iiomcdtatolv If isg 
•round both of th«m. In <m«dir«otina fthn miriifc tjaveraa tA9 oala* 
bntod divtriot of Gloodaloueh, or the vale of ua Seten ChuKhci ; 
In another ibo minbt daacend ttie vile of Aroca. and onva aooa of 
th* CUi««t p«Tt« ofCoriow it> KtllcMwy. I tonk tfak Mtar roat« No 
part of Eudand ii n^iro beautiful, or inon rioily csuttiv^tcd than 
nmoh of thin: thkk woodji, tbrtilo fleldi^ woU-to-do ^ITnffcn, ud 
S<MtiM&(«i'o hcuaw kboundod. From ibn UnU k^nm nf TUtlidnun 
we began to de<oend npddij into the valo of Av^ca, and pwiod tho 
Meeting of tho Wat^n ju«t bnfoia dark. The rali^ oo for. had a T017 
dl0hf*nt ehuwl^^ to what I expected, I ifnaghi«il it to im > milo or 
two lODj^ aoft. flowing and vordaut. On tbe ocotiuj, it in dgbt 
&iki In langth, and Em to mo a character of gnotooei aol attan- 
MmnoA* About it tt i« whnt tbef^Tmarifl oJl * mmjt ftf^**»wa wajt 
the word. Vou d(»cand dcfim and dowi^ and leal niai a deopttr 
onuitrv ia ctili bchiw jvw. To ma it bad a fooling ■■ if dMCCndug 
from tlio Alpa into a chAmpaigii countr^^ IjOQg langea of billa cq 
ftthcr hutd oTtr and inon tAnninatod, an if to adnut of a waj into 
the coaijtry beyond, and iben bfgan agUn, wtib tho rivor wudartng 

on Mill far brtuw MS ; oud ban dmI th«« itaimdoua mKM* of lof^ 

roclL open aiAdow*, and bold, hi^ wooda. ^"hcM wdto tbo foatun* 
of thlA RtnUnj and gr«at ralley* 

Al th« bridgff, whore tho flnt cnaeting of tbo wntora takea plaooh 
that iL tbe loteijng of the two straaakii^ Avonbrg and AToomors, 
vhlcb thenoe bocoma tha A vco^ the driT*r of ibe car nid— " Fertiaps 
jonr honoor knowfl UiAt this n tbo 3d«oting d tho Waten. It w«b 
favo that Uoota softd* his spoeoh 1 " 



W9v«n not thtfak *Th« dfirw libocttfd, Int in r^in j aei \i ^ 
enlrtrf nsag lut vfaip otcrthm tni he hmX^ cfT Um buii Undl 
qmU grt « liwip. W%«i tbn- dJd drav cut of Uu var. ti « 
«l«i^ pttriKM^ to til* vToogMiU. Tli»fi»ct itsUwy wa«iJi(' 
«a4 wiiaM to mv* a wfj Miaal doajedtMM of oWpOMl 
ihVB, Ibt WooiM Bralg* i&&, ftC U» Mtom or Uw vuh I 
■ Pi^iPiiww* «r tlwT^ of AiU^v, ud Um pUn of Um i 
VHttaf «CIIm witem it tiio fTwi Rsortof ttsvsUan, The i 
bmlM anch io«ai« L A bcod of ttei^ opeuitf ofi 
mmIov, iwrTowa>J I7 Ub tt>«Ur <Aolhtd with folW mJ I 
itv«* ranuBf on to tteir ngrfing, giro m feaUnc of itmI nd ^ 
iwrtartnn, Uml po8Ced,i« i hiTtHid, MriMaChriow U»£j~ 

Bil at BoMOM ttd at W^oMock, nj bop* of obUinlog M<» I 
tomittnn regardn|> Mim. "n^b^ «f wtiaf mom pu&Uufi, cr 1 ' 
B tJ <«4 BaMW?>BJ viUi bcf^ vtt«^ with ooe CAoqitMH, 

lin *niEh» «M in aOftJ ;-h/ W numnon ; 
non ttt a^. In lU isj Tuita to nourkAbfe 
J I hare tvcvifw tba utnoBt oomtoj from tU* p 
of f^Dn bottM* ifti »MDe> wUdi it «» mj ol^iMi t& ««L 
wkcrotmiuioailootobiinbiofiWideof^^ebrabNl fvrvorKi 
aati^ly Doi oi^lfaHi^f abown to tho infaUcv 1 Iuto vriiUn ivi' 
OWMT to rv^iMt oppertaailj of emnining tZiesiu la ndi 
pobhwoa of tlw U^n4 nuk btro not, ia a atngle inaUncv, j 
ibe liB^btMt idoetoaco to eonbflrotc to tlui mfbRoftljan «ikjcb 1 
ftrtbapnUki Ia aocM owe* tbej faore tbcioadt«B gooo dcTvo E 
Uw cooaifj to gm no tbo nwoti^ tod thrown omd pc' 
cbkii*^ nd tbo hko deposUoviB «Ciifo objooU. vlih Uko 1 
•ctm mianfitj. Ia «t«CT otbor eiwh 10 invukUr ban I ' 
tbo OMot Mipa^ §KOMea gif«D br tiio pmeootioQ of mf uqi 
Ibot 1 batv kog oeand to csnj % lotCcr of iabvdactiou ; ntl 
Uam boinc oooaaderod vfemotj oDOnclt I foond it egnllfl 
InlMd «wi|i wttb the IWiM 

JA KMHa^ Mr. Dm TS^i& •■ Um peopb kmilUrljr cmll bhOf I 
Iditf MtDMU,«M pdnM ovl to mo In ft woibMn^waa' 
tbo MOidov beloro hio booM^ bMkdUng b» bnUocb ivfaldi | 
tboPBk On oiUo; tbo Mrruit who ovno to ibo door wb 
Hfko WM ot hom^ b« finrtt aa a i^rird tuticUa. torn 
MiDcy tflid bo would ooci 1 9tf« bim mj c«i^ ; ood tbongb boj 
ooebvmvtvoowdloo loonM in tho nkoodoiv, to whom 1 1 
bis aitvntioiv bo ^017 oobcotilj BiAKhfil into tb* hrioMi onl n 
oajbig bo VII not ifL A ooAf-^rident tratb, IbqabMifUmil 
vio at bonH^ ciplKbkiDs tbot I bod ooao from &iriBadtOod f 

6k^0<± HAfVHfTvLbotaho WM&Wli^Ulil OMlM Mtf dOI 

I thou bqnind wbra Mr. Tlgbe night be rtpectod in, m I ;_ 

XMNO VB^POt MHOff tbO ITOPT'^tWIltT Of ICOQUIIff flum p^^^^ 0191 

10E8. TiGnm 


n309t lik^y At nil o^cIock. tiii diiinrr hour" 1 promined to coU on 
tny nvtty towAniH Avoc*, AlxiQt huJf'U^ri'hour tioforo that tliiic, that 
I Plight not inif^-fcna with Mr. Tigta'H illmior hour. 1 ilid »cl Mr, 
Tigbe wtn now aAvadUig in fain field, ttcrt a himdred nnh froia hJH 
hmuv. Ah «i>oa u t\m avrntnl ApDCArad, ho amurcdiiM EkEr. ll^Mt 
wiu not ftt homn ; be could not Uu vhen be ^oa. 1 {mEPcdUtely 
dirndcd hut attention to whero ho ttood looking «t nemo nwu at 
^>rk., T(lc! mxii did u<it o];o<4o to tmo him ; miid, uniier thoclroum* 
Bt»ti(YH. it vnu not far mo to eidraDCft And arloKtt Urn, II ww 
eridoQt that tho mem bid hi> cue ; tho roitftor did not cbocw to bo 
M^n. I tbtrrforo uti^antod my t<*r uid ordered tlie dHvo' to driVD 
off. The ffiiirit of Ibe place wem mi)iable. A villiiijr nuAtoT malitf 
a willing cuitL Wei], na Mr Tijno ww matiiw ewi^ and Mi^ Ti^bo 
ijvu:* 'yiW ^ 1 liAili! ikUlvu to RuAAciui, iLot much vjiwr C^ OLy njJt ; 
—but thfiD th«Te vui WooiIbUiuL 

1 drove fiity miL«i aoniut the ooimt^, and fonud mTvelf %i tho 
dr^or of WiroilktocL. Woodiitock ui a •uoiv hcuso ; ood ucra, tbcre- 
fciro, I iLDticipated no diffioulty of at Jcest obtainiin & Might <tt th» 
portrait or BtAtuo of the late cbvnniDg pootoai. But unrorttinBtclf, 
— wliat in EtigUnd noulit Imvo becQ modt fartuiiaW,^51r, T^he wm 
At liom^ftad tho HCTTUjt oo opetdof t^odooratocioo icformed nu 
tlutt tbo Uoiuie was never ahotva irhen tho fiunilj vm there. Having 
written OD jQj cord wbftt wm m/objoot) tlul I hod undo thejoomoy 
from Eufflflfid hv \U uid added tho namo of » santlomaa wallknova 
to Mr. llghe, who hu3 vialied mo to do a^ 1 ns|uasled the aomnb 
to praacul It to Mr. Ti^htu lie did •«; utd retumni mpn^ "Mr, 
line Bftid 1 >vu at liburty to mo \X\m eraundst but nob tho bouse ; 
and hi> bod uolliiDg further to h^ ! * 

Iklv naltiumUinctit itiiiv lio ioiaguiod, llio mrrvit aocfiicd a Tc^y 
doorat* modaat sort of ft^Uow, and I said — ' Good boarcma I dow 
Mr. Tiribe think I am come aJJ the uraf ^^^^ Bi^laod to am hW 
GTOUnda nbcQ tea thowuuid uonintrx aquirce coiUd obow mucb Qnor t 
WoA there no picture of Mm, Ticho, tho pootook that I aifbt be 
allowed to aaoV* '< Ho th^nught Doi ^ he did not Lnov.* '-Was 
tWo no al»tuD 1 ■ " Ho thoiJsht not \ ho uoTt r haLid i/f my," 

How Imig t»d ho been there ? '^ "FivoynnL" "AndDeTorhnH 
ofa statuo or a moDument to Mra.Tlgh«« thio pootcMl" 'Ho^ 
Dcvor I ITo had mror beard MrBi T^b^ iUv pv«(o« epoLoa of in 
tfa« bunilj ! Bat if tiiore vera aoj motjumcnt, it luuc^i Iw at the 
chuTch at fniMntiogue I* I Ibanjced him for bia inUUig^uce^ tho 
oiilr xUmpw of infonnatlou I had got at Boeaaaaf or woodfttocfct 
ana drove oK 

The i&att«r vaa n<vir daar. Tha TAry aemants who had lind jeui 
is tho Choiilj bad never haaid tho name of Mm. TJghe, tbo pooteae, 
mcntionedl Thf^w prcAoiit TigW bid t>Mn ina/^n^ the duiffbteiii 
oT lfirii»--tliiR AdAu^tJTrof thoDuieofBii^inoM, M^IkaTt^i^ 
a (Uv^t«r of Lord CrofLoa. TUity were aehamed, probftblf , Ibat aat 
ol thair name should tavo deiniled bacself by writing poetrTt ttfaka 
a wan or worsan witbott an aero may do. When i reached ths 


ohttrch •£ Iiuuntiogoo^ ib» matter reetlrcd % MO«t sMdfig < 
JlnuaUuu, Tliecv^ suns cgwucli, wmb Uiq tDomuEmth i& a omall 
DtfRUolouDi b tho churcfajttrd. tt in a rooitmbeiiA flgun*, laid on 
« ^TftniU ftlUr-thAped b&nEDcoL The fi;w 1b of « fpeeeucw 
re wu iTjIiuS PortlBJid otoDiL juul k Uhtg oii iU aido «» ua & a«l^ 
bttUff nud, bjrtha p«rH)Q woo ihoirrd it. to H th« liosition in vlilch 
dw died, on coming Jn ham » wt3k, Th» eioouUoii of th* wboU Ift 
vury urJia&r;, kuO if reoUv bj FIaudui* diBi^btjH nunc uf bisraiii'Mh 
i UV0 MCQ tniicli botUr uuiigi by a ootnmon utononmoiL Them is 
a little (ui^ tittLog at th0 bout, but Uim bu norvr boeo b^teiiMl 

ilu«ii 1>^ t;<^(tjmL Tbu luuiitunonl wui^ uu (loubtk evicted bj tlk0 

widower of tbo pooteat, wbo wtt a mmi <ir ckiwcal tart^ ftbd, I 
bvIiQvo^BiiKliAiUol»dto1i«r. There voa do inKriiitioD]^ put npoo 
Ibc Uiuil?, tbuuj^b vuwt Wkid to \to vrniUta hj bur uiwbaud, u«d luiag 
beoD cut in atono r<iir tlto pujpoae. In tho will nt tha b*ck of th« 

tion, tnliiub I uxidailuud wa* lyic^; About ai tlio boiuw^ but iionit^W 
^flbrt had bueo mde tfl put t& up. tbontb tt would not rv<iujo an 
bour'j* vcErk, uid though Un. l^gno hao booa then dood u uul 
thhly ycHTN ! 

TliiB Wis dedsivo! If tbcw two centlanen, nophevs of iho 
p^tccn, ^Kho Are enjoying (ho two Bplofidid Mtoto uf tbo fluiul^. 
WoMltfluck uid Bowa^ show tbuji bttlv rcmet tu tlm oaly one or 
tbub- Dttnu tbtt erer ItRcd it Above tJio ooU it umot to b« oq>eot«d 
tlmt thoT wiU flbow tniicb odoHmj to fftrajwcriL Well » tt Ibfti 

Mj?k Ttjtno rfijifcd bcff ivku luorjiiitjcutf that or iuuuottAl rcnc^ A&d 

wrot« Mr own opitAph, in tbo hcvtA of all tU« pure wad briig, mA 
on A fltoDo wkion sordid rtktiftst *tm fonder of wtb tbta i ~ 
axuy coimiipi U> tLo vbbriou of a Imubcr-coooL 

Tluit tbcNo nopbfiWH of tbo pootco* ik» hxfk aftn lb» cwtli wbtoh 
hM hiwbAiul left bohind bto^ thoiigh not aft4»- tbo lAonc^ I Icttraod 
wbik iraitlng io tbovilkgoforifae seitoQ. I foil bto coQVt'rwfctton 
witli tbo wonum at tho GO>tlA|^ If/ nbidi 1 Atood# II wan a* 
fol]i>wTi :^ 

^^,— "Wall, your kndjord bu a &do o^tato b»r«. I bop« be is 

VoAT*.— *^Wel1, your honour^ vtiry good, rory good,* 

.^^.— "Vorjgoodi WhatdoyouoiilYiMTS^tod? 1 find 
Aud insli uotious of gooduiVH don't idwwya ifroo." 

F4ucbw<— '■ W^Ut yoiU^ honour^ wo may aiy be li mixed ; 
yotr booour." 

^'.^- How mind 1' 

KOOd tOQ1&' 

A;^— ^ How MM thai r 

F«wA.— ^Whyt ywur boDOtir, »• wmo Isadnvmrd in oor noU tad 
tbe»qtxtnaeattWmy buaband, and told bim that if b« dbd not pa; 
oil noit quofior, bo vuukl eeil un up. Uy buabwid bqg^ ^ wcmU 

"^ Why, your bnoour.jonMo leant 07 that ho na tof^ 




"O ^«i 

HfiS. TtOHV. 

ive lilm 4 IJttlc more tune, tit a oeicbbotir aaiil ho btd aovoe i 
H bim. ui^ vouli Uko iHut of our knd at n good rent, uid ' 
yro thoOd be kble iu ujr ■ but ncnr wc ^t Uttk, «ail t)x« oliib 
venj niooya ukJ Umw fiord to meal «nd be. *0b !'«ud thoMju 
'if7Otj>re0OiiBgto|:«tall that numfij, jou viU bo alila to jttj me 
rvut 1 mtat b^r* twi> |iouij(l» trytnx more I ' " 
&<^— * Biit. iiunilj', ho did DO >iKb thing t" 
^oMn- — ^'But b« did it, yriar bnndur. Tbo ociHbtonir iiuf no 

lDoni7*-it ne a Liim ; b« cai^r tooli tbo &>Id of ua at ttJl j we Der«r 
wttra^bbto ce: A pf any more inm uiyoiw tiiui wogavo; but vihcn 
tnf kuabftod wnit to pa^ U10 rent at t^o rteit rcnt-dtj, the steajinl 
noiidd ooi tttkfl iL iJ4 MiJd ha bad ordcni lo bar* two poundB a-jmr 
EDora ; tnd fnmi tbol day vc bovo bod it nvralarly bo pi^" 

Wiial a bll out of tb« poai? <^f Pvycbe to tbo jroD rMlit«(i of 

81bo» tbo pvbUtttiAQ cif tbe fint ftditim. ] bovc rcwivcd a litilt 
hifbfrnaUoiinMmctiiiff Uixllftbo. Mra^EtinorWAT^, of South&mp- 

toOi wbn at*t<Q iicmrVr U? 1w ib« da^ij^liUfr uf Ihu first oiTUiiiii to Um. 

H«ii;7 Titfho, «bo ft^AA bn>ught tip m a viiitef with her, b« Icindlr 
fbnvirdcd the following puticalviL Tho Bw, WjiliuD liJacLford, 
tliQ laibor of Ura. l^bv* kK« «ajB| waa tiu4 oalj bbraiiui of Maivb'n 
libwj, but tvctof m St Wflrburyb'v diorch. io DubUo. TbAt b» 
died of a fmr, UaTinff a fkmil; of ton jcaih^ cbitdnm. Mrs. WaH 
■iiiiciTia (bat conauiEi|jiioD rm not in tbo iUaubfoni Twmfy -, and iliai 
Mri.Tfi|lio^ vork* vtra not publubed till afWr facr death, and tfaii 
tbo prwoodi of tho «lo vmt to tho fiinda for the njpprvt of on 
biettuitioD foiuKUd ood oaUhtUbnl bv li«r tnotber, BlrK Blacbfonl, 
in DaUin. a&d called "^Tbe Boum of Refu^" ioteoded for a hoiM 
for IVchaIo iwrvuitA out of pkec, and educatuig then) for iwrnca> 

Tbia in UdaMy at variAcioo with tlio a4»ouiit abvadj given ijet it 
abould be oonoot^ for Um. Ward ttida—" WbcD I aud Ui^ llsh^ 
works ware Qot pubUihad Ull after bcr death, 1 ahould hov a «io^>tid 
twoliw eopiea li 'iSrcbo/ which «bo ]mA pnatod honolf fbr her 
i»areat and dimreit iriendB, of vhotD idj molbcr w>a cno. I ba^o 
iht little Toltiaic now in my |ioneaMon, with my motbor^a nam* 

irriilva hj Mr^Ti|tb«, and a pavltaJt of hfr, gir«n by Mn. lUach- 

ferd aa the biubcHl token of afffctioD to my mother, ber nicee \ and 
Ura. Blaofafora ooiuadet«d it the best that hod boeo taken of her 

Aa to the mode of ber death, Mia. Ward vayv— ■' For many yeara 
jjrcrioud toiler death. Mix Tighe bud ]c«t all power of loovcmrait in 
her hn;* aiwl feet, and nan <tktrM h<tta nunn in tttom. 8he ooiiU 
luit, tberefbrcv bAve dkd on hvr rvtuni frdm a walk ; nor did abe dio 
ia the attitudo repreAcatcd ia tbe i;ic4ii:im!nt crcctod to her memofy 
itt Woodatook. bbe died io tho |»oift^oii in wbLch^ for nuine tii&o 
before ber dettth, Abe bftd beea acvnudomcd to Mleeip,— aittins 01 
low atocL leamiig baci in (ho aaay-obatr in whidi abo used 10 

Thn BoT. CL BoUiiarBt Woodtnut Ua also rery kindly brvarded t# 
lue a uunwcript kticr of the Bev. S. I^erot, woo Bpent oMue time v 


tb* httdij aX BomuuL. and wu mrtioakrly utmck wttfa Mra. Ucnij 
Ti^o, tho uitbor of PfeycbOL Ilia wtiote oceoimt b bigtily istcnttV 
in^ Mkd p«irha|« <ToiitvDJ* nioru infonnBlicti rv«|i>ctjng ib* GLinkl/ 
thAD Um pu^Uo k likely to obtAiu. The lettvr to ftddrawd bj ibje 
reverend eondetikAn to niM vifc. It u doted July, ITBfl >-> 

" r Itiijl iLfArrI mitub <»r tKe ominty of Wiclelow, u conUinfaig Ui« 

mcttt ronintie viev* and onobftuting KafDM io Irelaod, aad «Bp«^klIj 
KD c«Ut« coltod BoMima, vfaoro il very opulcitt fomtlj reidde of too 
HUM or T^«v «nd vhuro *v*fj «zt«m*J jilvMure tmr<td iUolf to 
tli« fwious «DM« of \hti bappf VLsitimU. 

* Vou may mfipoare Uiat I wiw not without a mib to «oe thn Edoo 

»r dtOlghte, Wid MtUif^ tlioii^bt of rvdjong mr diteirvK ; wbvo, io mj 

til«uaug wtoEi»hiDm% 1 reooivod a letter of ic^'ilAtiofli Crom Dr. 
M'Dowul, vrittcu at Mra. Tighc's t^utst, to iq>end 9000 diip at 

* I Vtfni dewQ Inat Uoaidny* ia cornpanj vith Mr uad 3ft«. KvUj : 
the fonoerftttoaof Judge Kelly, Uie uttc^adinghtnrcdMn^'ncbc. 
T turncid thHw till y«4t« looraiEig ; but nh. tb« «4irmpturiiig 
pldop f It IB impOMblc for mo to dcMribe it. Never did tnj ima- 
gtmtian point I'uuduo itMlf k> fill} of Nftturci's svoetih EvotrUiiiig 
thnt ooiufd ipmttfr Ibo mo<t d«]ic«ti> tejto ftboundi thtT*i t bv ettr, 
tbv eyc^ tbo Koeu, aJl **ore chutnod tt once. Nature in ber rtobeM 
foLuflt^ ber EDO«t vtried beauty, b«rr trnoet di^xkitv, tml i^niid bor 
Hv««rt««t poTfim«e, litorAlly diMpb^riKl henclf ia Ihi* ooLrtoing 
licmeEUie ; whilo the combined fAmily firoduoed tho man oScct upcvi 
itit henrt vithm dfwni, tbat N'«taro does upon tb» mdioo witbouL 

*" Mtk TigVi? i* a vridow }§Ay of nbout fbrtyfiv^ y«Ari of ege, of 
Mtrong Mniui, friendly manaiM^ tuid, khoro lUl, irith ft boift vmmly 
dfrroted to TvtigtoiL fiho bu three eoos : odo taa ft aaat id th« 
Hcu>e of Pftrliunaot 1 the youngoet livM with b«r t ftnoUMr* Ur. 
Heniy Tlgbc, bftving Ifttely tnnried, ia biuldinff biiuelf ft bouM dw 
his motht^e. iH all the oion 1 ever nw, 1 bevor waft ■■> unKAi 
inlwrvjilttd bt thfi gLoce of a moiaoiit (u whon my eye* Gr*t Mt oo 
him- f ^cted Iporoeiredftlltbodignitj^ftiid fmabwMofftRoiafta 
ill bu countoDonoe end iMinng ; nor wu 1 diMppoiated. ] fovfid 
hiiLi th* idol of aH bie ftoqnaiiitutoii. One tking tlooe bevftatft-^ 
oh, that Hoftreu wodd bleee bito with H !^tbe oao thing fieodfU. 
Hi4 lady in young, torelT, ftzid of ftWMt auu»l«[^ united with ft« ewect 
u ffirui, Slw onlofvd tno room, aoon efter I c«mo to Rg«4utiA« vith 
ft chftfilet of rotea about her hood. * Whoro,* I tboughtf ' vtc« tho 
be«att«« of tho ^irden and ttao parioor to united bftFote r ludecd^ 
I fvltrajMlf ftftoa ooobaated growid, VDua«d with 4 ploMmg dteuo, 
too rotaftotio to bo trucL 

'' Tbm UdicH bcttidoft fona tbo foeoftlo dindoti of thft &nxUr ; tli« 
ftldMi tH Mrh, K'-Uy. She ia not diatin^ulied by tho regukritv of 
her ftoufue, nor the delioMy of her ooBiplcnoa ; but her miM ia 
tforiohed with >uch «toroa of grAmafttieftl, '^■inirftt pbUJcwc^toftl, 
ftiid hintor&Mi knowUd^ ee 1 never met with in odo of her Mx 
b^ore, Sb« paiutB tdminblr. I do bot jMrotend to bo ft cocmaiaMur 
in pftudbig ; Imt, «■ w«U »■ t ooukl judges abo mUm tho boldDCB oT 




Bspolda with thd im&gmatioQ and delicacj of & pTpritmij and the 
flowing pencil of a ituben& I noticed a Jewiah hign-pries^ irhom I 
nviuuieejna^ogue last year, and two other gentlemen of London, 
vbolubd nt at her reaueat. With &11 theae accompliahmenta, she dis- 
wren a modesty ana homiJity which, united with a atrong under- 
■Uodzng and a aevout heart, aot her as &r above the common level 
df aortela aa tho summit of the Alps riaes auperior to the valea 

'MiB Carolina is remarkable for nothing but an amamg vivacity 
■Bd ocoitinaal flow of apiritaf unleas it be those aooomplisfamBn(^ 
vU^ are common to the familv— a fluencv in the French langua^ 
nd m eiegani touch of the narpsichora and organ. The third 
intlo ii a cousin ; but I was not enough in her company to asoer- 
tib mooh of her oharacter. The last thing she talked to me about 
VM tba wiah ahe had to enter a nnnnerv, and take the veil. Hot 
dnantioa aeema naturally recluae, tbougn not unamiable." 

To this pleasing insight into the &mi1y of the Tigh^ ra which the 
f]ft#Bi^ With the roses in her hair, and ner husband, with his noble 
vma aqieot, conatitute the chief figures, Mr. Pierce adds a mention 
•ftitfpriTatatutorof the youngest son, and the curate of the parisht 
rto bad a hooao in the comer of the orchard. He also informs us 
•C tlis beoerolenoe of the elder Mrs. Tishe, her schools for poor 
AQdraa, and of her preaaing desire that no should coroe and settle 




* J- 

Wt como cow to OQ0 whoao hotae tuvX hauiLi on Uro tuli *** 

John Ecata wm oQtt of U(tt« ftw«et and gkiHoua ftpitiu wbo 
IQeo tli« &ii|;ot foooBvcainn of oli^ to dfKJwr^ aobto diviue v*fi-^ 
ni>t to duvU hcTP- run\ vthiireaL cIo^ihie with Um ffcryDCj* 
kwoM life. UU] bodilj vttikb appcm bit*. iiAautii«d for Ui« c>cawM^ 
suil u • uiiAtf u A *hiid<»w, u rcftdj to diMolvo Uk iusUul ^ 
oceoflMn ia bctvrL Tb«j Ap«ftk utd pus smj into tlie h«bce W 
ftomwbf^jioo tliv-vouEvc: but Iboirv^fib wowin— tlwBJ*'*!'"' ^^ 
^id Aptfithf 4iid |Kirtcf^likc tbc citoirio biQQkoot iu tlt« vo 
oortlL, quickcftiD^ uhI viUUiiiiff the aouU <i En«n to tlio cun - 
Th«; boooEuo F*^ ^^ ptrod of our utuM ; tb«7 an ■> ttsrvtaJW 
tJku ^iiuvut mttd Lbe progrcw ol uir inioUcctoal bcttig ft> tbi Upl 
tho nKimiog d«T of auumicf, tbe morning dad ibo vrmnt ^^ij^ 
wiy of tbo*' snai corapoouaLa of iiaKm, tb« aky, tba sm. or V 
EikouulAb, from vluch so Umw iIif itiuij- rtiwrit of liv^ut; ; i^ 
Ivrti \ — liVD, not lU vwM tn&leriol luachincj ; not » aniBud u i jirf n*ft 

It yM4« »fc*- ri ■» »■» >tfw. 



not mcrv mciL of tha vorld^ monvy-tottiEig, bouNo-bwIding; knd- 
purcb— in)t croalurvfli, but AnuU of God sud of #tpcrailj. " Mad Ut** 
nut by lircftd aJtmc^ but by «very woffd vhich proccfidi out cf ih% 
ciouLh of God," ttod wluoh diwjtodi to earth bj his |vopt«tat 
whoih«r of pnMO or vf jioobrr. It *• lij fctM iD«<tifttion of nuch ptm 
find •en^hJo intolIi^enoM, locit our tnio pcjcfaologitti fnait ocd 
GOttttitutioii oio buiJt up, For, vrtated to tak« onr )i1hc<« in th# 
gp— t futun of the imivonH, Muiil tb« «|>thttinl rvvcUbou of aJl 
thipg* Bpiritmil, ve mu3i be naatd mibvUntidlr fmm tbc mctio Acim 
of imiuoftAlilj vithin uv into " fi|4rit» of jun noD m&da Mnffct* 
W« KDtiAt bo cMhpoMd of iLi^ Hpiniud •lenMata of biwiti-, iluNi|^ 
MUUBlaoD and veixoro of dl mtvUcctoftl thinoL giowii^ hy tha duJy 
AbsOTfrtdOD of diviiM eeatmcrp bbo nfiirituaT bodio«^ inooqiontA of 
lovis of light, of Ii>ftyftf^|>ir«tiAtm ftjid l«udor««ido«in«jof tboi:^;bl« 
thftt coidprvfaond the irorid, and bcarta th&t ombmco it vttli » diviuo 
cnpoctty of »0e!otioiL A> «e wilk on our dttlj vay, ocd «}onff tbo 

miiddi«t ^tlu> vf li^ uiiid mir ovtit caiv* Mid lDU<4iD<«nt wo £> ttO% 

jmd ouiuot walk uiillcbt Tbc lUiover <f God*t bcDodiotioaa hn» 
on UA ; tho «iuiHbiDe of hit vomoIom gifti mnround* tm From liii* 

owp a|}|iciiTit0i men, wbcth^ Ifring or doiuij ■' ihf rofroHtiEiiciitji from 

hi* proMiiuo' mch vti, fodt into unhand vutftAiii tm. Words Bpok«n 
thouiudt of jcan ago nted, liko the vbvpcr of ft btocco, into oar 
boaDCDO, Acd bcooiao bright |;uc«1« ib/Bn ; miutlc, ftili of dcop movlnn, 
h«Td Iwt j«stard«y fr«mi t£e )ip« <f tbd ia■pi^^ toucbcH Uku iqinoc 
of happinott vrilbiD um. Tbo tbmigfaU oiad •outiaianta of poeta uid 

phl]oMptk«r«^ *^ boMitilUI eiccic^Iiigh'," afond ftrouad u> Uko the iracBi 

ftiid tba 6owara of our wajside ; and &ciii t^tij point of be^Tcti 
■nd «arth ore roBccUd upon u* tbo floiwioff vmterv, tba oool fonst 
-V^**. the btitbt uid ghlUriitf aUni of tb^ mind, vtltich Lui boca 
poured tiutni^ t myriad of vehicUa and % tout [>f iu*ra dovn upon 
urn bera. Tbe ligtt and oohiiir ood wi^nuth which mutura our rorj 

ooiTi Mill frultfl o«rae from tho Min. Tlui* kto ho rnoni iuhcr*Dt iu 

thiA udher tttith Uiaa our ovii lifb a. Ail th&t ve barD and oiijoj 
mutt «oiiM fhxn other worlds to uo. Our nutoriol oltiaeDla ore 
■turtelnod by the aireugUi »iA Lfo imuing from the loflEilto heAiPMU i 
and theooa too d«ioeucC in >tiU Q^ore «ttivreal actuality, all that our 
>oul* ore nuide oC 

Of ibo clflM of Mwift bat rcniilondeiit meaMDfen by irbom tboM 
mtui^trtticos oro pedbnoed, tieitber oitt« nor any otber bittoty ood 
funhttb a apodtnen mora be«uUfuJ iMn Jdm K«aU. Ue voa of 
feoUnff and "uoagiaAtioo aJl oompeot" Hi» DOtun woa o«io puro 
man of tbe tiring light of poetry. Oa ibla worid and Ha covconw 
heoottldtakeiii>£oH»dtDe7oi>uIdtakenoaeonb^m. TbavorkUy 
ftod tbc worldly iHno ooold not «oaipirriuiid hiai, could not ^mp*- 
thifto vith liim. To tbom hii iririd oivaam Of the intoUoct vux 
inaiiii««« ; bia etuber^noe of oileetia] gula woa oxtraranfioo ; bin 
nnvravUliaciiia wa* otSknatmsj i hi* toro of tbo uiuvorau ntoiii and 
not of froei diiti&fiiioOH of prida oad portr, vaia tNoeoo. As of tho 
liJ^boot and diriuMt of God a nuao^ngcn Co earth, Uioy cri«d " Avay 
■vithhim, hok twifit to live |* and tho body, that idcvo mirt ISS. 



tbat tavn ahmtow'liko body, &1nttdj Ikiliog b«fori> tbo ferr«nc7 of 

boforstho hitU^r fr^Bit^vind of b&»> critidsixu 

It WAA h ditrk and wrotohcd tinw wii«n K<uit9n»do bu «pp««rMic« 
AmoTiEMt \i% Wnr, tnd pnrtr. ttid pocuktioo OD tlw ODo aiia, and 
rmmtowDt ftnd diacootiuit on tboothnr; thaiMQona^forllitf gainer 
louniBuuDg htAcnfi at all coHb^ond thocqo&l noocMiljr for tbclcocr 
dnopng tbi« rtiioou» cnft to tb« ipround, bad bftuied iDto ItUratore 
00 Attodoin ^irit From ttiR roul «pint, rchiuji, iu ^vorj tnth 
iacBnirttoD, tanWod thfr moot ratblcva wkI uilmmAa uvftulta. The 
stroDcgvr ^omtav>r of it bIckkI; the wooltor or Enor« Mmitjrv ML 
KooU wu on* of tbo kttor, Jto bod soul onougb for nojthing^ bul 
hia/^4rnfb« yraa fcoblo, and auiiJc It unll ba on« of tho "duaDtog 
Bpou vhidi wiU for cvirr diiiK, not to the ooiinttj, biit to tbo tta 
But it is to tho «VGr|a*ting honour af Lsigh Himt, tluit, lihnMlf a 
oritto &4 woU in » pooti bo ja«voT dippod hb* niuiJ tu th« bLi>od of tbo 
iofiocoQtA tic never aIov ono nf tho«o mortjrn whoio gloiioas 
torabs wo DOT build whh oduQfLntino ftt4>noi of ^mir^tios, t4^|?«r- 
iiig thd ofcuaat with tbo toan of oor lovo* Hioiavlf unftUod, and 
«bot At. QXkd cruellr wounded bj tbo arehon^ fac not only turaod wd 
nunfiUjr defonded htms^I, bat aproad tbo abiald of nii hc*ri to 
protect tbose whowura riauwia|f to fccoomo Ibnnid&bto riralaui tbo 

fubUo ranid It ia a Blorj that it poeulinr, and poonliarij bcautifn), 
hat amic tbat iron i^(< of a murdtroua critidam, ht voa fear ovor 
found in cj«ae onioa and oomDauoJiaD with tbo monuag ateni of 
po*tn'. Thflv tnily • wnff toflrthor.** TVj acomol by an inatiiici 
of lii% to flock to htm, and hj ui iiuttinot o^inally aaro and nnaolfoh 
bo feltatonoetbctroUia^aad wiihopoc hiuad and heart niaiDtAta«d 
tlifin. It waa in tba pa^oa of the laarcinT that, aioid Kpoctcuna 
of yciung poeta, I drat loado soqtuiDtance with tba mfoi&emi 
oomiolof fctotAon roading Chapmaa'B Homor, and with Sboll^a 
Hymu to IntoUootoal Beauty, From that honr there couhl bo do 
quastion bat tbat groat man ««» cotno uaoapt us : thoaa man 
who, in Gwt> " turn tbo world npaido down." and by which turning 
opaldo doffD, the only procwa, tbo aapa atid ncorpioiM of cnalioe am 
ahook out of it^ aod »U iti strong-nxitod Ihbrioa of pmiidioa and 
priio m-o toppled ioto tho dual TiQ dootb, ih« aouu of tbfaa 
mm Duvor ocMod to m^vtAta that bfovo union tbut hma, bnt 
auud &huw, ni^apraMntAtioi^ ond tho nU«t onalau^tn n^m tho 
OTQ^ f f tho alionis wNit oo faUcaing tho world with tUo«o oioanataom 
of aplflndid and nnahaokled thouf^t, wbioh are now rooognved a» 
amongst tho moat praotrma of tha luttonal praporty. Who in futiiin 
darn will not pmy that bo miuhi hovo b<nn ■■ oao of tb«M T 

It » to Uio aoeoimt by Leigh Hant, in hia " Byron 4Dd aoiM of hfn 
CoatemporahM." that wo owo almost oil that we know of tbo life 
and bnuatii of Koata. Prom tiua wo kom that *■ Ur. KoaU'a oripA 
wwoftbohnmbtaatiloKsription. He ww bom Octobtr 29, ITH^ol 
a IiTory fliablaa in Moorftalda, of which bit grand firtber waa ^M- 
prii^tor. Uo noTor *poka of it^por-haM c^^^ of a potaoual awcnaaa 
wbiobthc vcrh3bair«iupet«to(L An«T r«coiTlngthenidiawatanf 






« JM^nl iMl-ac*4i'>n %i Mr. ObHcv'ft »qHv>1 U &if)fl(l, ho wu bowid 

tffiniiiiv til Mr Huiiiuourl,&«urKi7tK], m Churcb'^trrct, Etlnotrloti ; 

I ha tDcmiQi hAViog tatdo % jmt even of ihi^ ^o ^■<1 not Uko to 

hnvmnM of it ; &t 'aico dijKi«inin^ ih«m for thrir mcMinrvw, and 

hIT fbr MoK wotk tnKitigi to be nif>red h^ tbi^m, &Ir- CUrhr. 

.bn ■c^oolniantrr'ii tuti, A reader nf fEfEtiiimn ilifc^mmtrnt^ bau 

'i wiib grc«t vnmth iha guiiuA iluL 1i« «uv iu tho ji^u&g 

4i tufl it VM to &lr. Ckrie I wu indcbttd for mj (.oqiuiutanoii 

lumtt in kifl vwia4iaAit<4 ^^t k>i( no thno ui introd^cii^ 
' to Uu be«t |u4^gi^of poetjj, unon^ ttum to Olivia. 
Mp HontiiptfChLrlvA Lucb, imd oth<rft. lU rt«d to Uwoi, 

*'«« run Mtaisg iwTf tmAtn^'t Dotaa, 

- Mvh tan I fivfiUc<l In ITirmlin* •Tcul^. 

Web WiiibhiMf Irt AMI^^o^'^-' 
OA «tf ICH aftfr Hr*l>*f ru4 I tin<L l*IO, 

Th*l AHVWcml Hvmer Filed u tit Atnmei 

m I hemrA OAfioiAn tfrftli *ul Tout! 4i»l b(>ld> 
7\i« *I4 I ikm -vim valfh#i «f Ll4 tk4H« 
iHivi « »e« triMct ivlDik bit* Mt Ifn. 

UvHandtf Ibe rariAr— flfil feJl Ma tdiB 
I^Ud ■! wh >*h*r wtlh ■ *iM *<irui1kc. 

Iii«^ afoa * peak in Duvq.'* 

I po«U b«ctia« qw^lily fnmfliar nnd fttmovt ins4panh3f. 

, ««lk«>l. Mid taUEcO lr>^uthi^r ooutiiiuUj ; a&rl Mf. Hiiii% 

bvttlAiM ]iArtifcl«ni of Kmtft'n hftuntji mt thin poHivi ^Kloh 

iffae to be obUinel ''Thfuolum^contAinltiE thoabovft 

Us aji*, ** ««■ pTibttAhod m IfilT.vhi'ii tlie ftUUior w«ji in 

I ltt»n4j.Ant j«ir T\m poma with which it bf^na mui Humciitjvil 

^kia hj % fleLxhtfol ttunmur daj, » ho Ktood bwiiie tbe Gat« tbat 

' I Ihxn tl« lMtt4t7 ou UiU3p«t44d Hoatb into ft fleld^ Cup 

1 ; wul til* Imt ponm. tbo oa« mi SLup flfir) roetTy, tu occit- 

1 by hb alMplog b odo uf th« «n4tim in the Va1« of IluUth. 
bnt un« tbat rroDl4 to tbe vidl» j, bcctfmiiig frotu the tam« 
1 m«(ttk«i thoHi tidn^ «lii«h uovlook tnTJBl bec*(ua hi* 
viU DiA tbiti them bo tvontf yeftra beooe. It wft« in tb« 
1 line mniiiDtf from tbo tfmA twtwem UfttxpateMl and HIgb- 
_b* fi^ of UJjritpita HHU thftt meeting ou one day ho fint 
r Ibo Tidii&i#^ ir tbo iLiJniirvr of Ur KntM** povtr; doM not 
t^ Unt In fpiTBtkin, b<? oii|(bt to li«coT»e BMuntotM wKh It, 
"T ifiut ilBown. It hu D*ffn tko p*c«d 
1 \ And fnjq<i*nUy, liko tbo rt*l of th* 
3Cj£i^j'^rTir.-,n'^l. uy Mr. CoIenUgA ; ao tb4t tntti^d of 
iB, which £■ lh« luuno it u lmo<"n by *on «vth>' H hu* 
hora rftIM PoetS-lfldi«, vbich b «n ftppoUitkoi it riahlj 
^. U OiviilM U» ^rosEKto of Lonii AlAOAlktld tnd .Soutb- 
mnnlSHf iUiou|jh tffcM ttod alopl&g okmIovhi lod boingDob 

in Uia botoQf for whloh tliEa |rtut of On ati^\ibwitbowl of Lundon 

Mr, Utiat WJ4 at thin timo living at HflDipsUttil, ia Um Va]« of 
Ilfltlll), H,iil ibu LouM Hi whioh it in aaJil K£iiii« wrote tb» licAuUAU 
pwm (^n Sl««TpAnd Pnotrr wu hin. Thon iaftnoilur tujt t» thi« 
■oeotuit that cCccvrTW Utontioo, ujd Uiat », Uid d^tv oT Um puUi- 
ca4ioD ^r Kvflts'a fint ntmiM vo1mu«. TluB im I&IT ; iti lljltt bo 
pahliiihcd hin Foidftition : aiH tho :±nth of Juno, IflSO, hit tKird 
VQluitto, l^mia nod other Poems, vm |iiibliali«d; uid i>d tb« i7tk of 
Dccvmbor of Um BftiDU vfur li« died at Bi^mo. 

liut UiA wbalA af hiii pAetical ^fb, fttiin ihft Mn* nT hU hivi 
•BuU volOTiM U> his d«Ltb, wu but ihovt thrc« 7<«t& During tbo 
gnntcr pirl uf tbot purtcKl h« foil hb t^wmb, comumijtioii, was 
marUd. Vet tt-h«t pnignwa in the iJordopntont of hu p«v«nit uvl 
tlw maturing of h\n juSgmeoU wid feeling of ait, was muiir«st«d iu 
Uiat flbon 4]aui ami xiador Uumni uirauuMBucios T Tlw Hist rohima 
WM ft mtiiiiLa cf imtnatuM ton«« And QfurattM atyln, but with 
diiQg» which <bncrU>d ^o glorious dawn nf & abort but illiwtriovA 
dttT. Tb* EadjDikin b^d uiucb vxtnv^^^tioo, li ikm a )x>eti(»l 
nffarvtAdonca Ilia nund of tbo wntor W4> huintixl hy crowd* or 
iian^nailniQK And *C0Q«i cf wondnr, Aod dtMEOft of htmuAyt cbiefl/ 
frurii ibfl old nijtbdofEiiNd woHJ, but uim^ with tb^ faBwon fbr 
living Tutuni. ttni tho w&riacAt f«iUiJgtt of jrouUi- It bmii|^t fiir^ 
warathodtfitioaorGrotxvjUjd imcAXod tlic:a nith the fiMicoamd 
tondenifiia of laoii, luid lUl Ihu yuuibral ^lov vUlcfi tbiia rdguvd la 
tba ponft hcftrt T^o romd w pounnx ovnr from inUw br* 
menutioQ, bnt ocnid tho luaaiotu foam rww atroAma «f Ihtt rkbovt 
wiu« jjf povirj^ ivhicli nvor caoM ftom the y'utu^ of tbts world. 
Ttio PL>it vobm«p Luuio, UabeUik ^ ahowHl buw tbft bmdjr liiinor 
bad ckorvd iiNcdf, koA hcco^aa Hpint bnght Mid Rtraig. Tbercwaa 
Aim, QBWtttod pi&Q u»d jjiiTjKbHi, in oHjh cijm|w«Ltion,aiMlftaU«i|j 
ponr of jiidsmaDt powin^ up amid aU tbe viitil impubod uf tbo 
bnkin that AtOI Tunatned Tivid &■ over. Tha ntjio wm wondnrfully 
□oiidiiuflod, And Uio dcocripUvo urn wvll a« <xtu«upilv« fucuUr bM 
juoiunod a tieoot Aod louitieu whiob mm D3t» and ia not, usd rci^ 
bably norer will be^ aurpanod by anj other poot For ]jtoom to 
Jufltifjr ti;no bl^b tomui^ it io ijitlj osocmatj to oyvu tbv UvUo 
vohima^ aod opon it Almocil &ijpivhim. How powerimatid tender ia 
tho TJirrtttiTo of JjaboUii: hov Hob And gonprotu aod diaato and 
wull weigbod la tbe wboloof St. A^e^ Sno; bow fuU of ibe wul of 
poetry M tbo (Mo U> tho Kightlnjalo I Perhaps tbcro u ik> pact, 
linug or doad. oxoept BbAkapoaniv who can |irctei>d to a&jtbMig like 
the foliclty of upltbol wblch dAneteriJKfl EcaU. Oho word or 
pItnvaiiiUioeaBaoBof A vbolo deoortplioQor»«ntim«Dt^ It Uliko 
tbtt dull auboitanco of tho CArtb vtrudc throng hj atoctrio fitna and 
oouvortod into win* of fpM nnd diamouda. For a pluoo ot p«trtbc4 
And invofitiva doaoription. tbtt piasaco from Lftinu, vboto— Xyolua 
gODO to bid the guwta to bin :vi<dJiiig-«IjAn>iA in bcr UDtiiNj exctto- 
tiual vmolon bswdf aod hor douiuu |)owc» lu adormny hariwlaoc^ 


Til* Ml« hn kfvit M tOitlAif «hua «f ihT< 
Bf aOvwii flravt, tmho %ti1 a mtnii^ hrf. 

LfflH <tM gill Ia tonimon dtJl lif- IJh— 

Hia Tea III h h'afi r— ti ir & iT'>di itnurfnum'**, 

rtlwrtl Sri'- ' ' I ', tibfl ladrc" 


Iht 4U *). -- - .. -L'-'. . irjrt nil vhrjK* 

Omr. «h4 v'* we 4*( vuliUi anvilia-k. 

Tknt va« t«4M*f vln^. lUI In ■!i<iti tivc 
TW fltftoV toinntl4iHm ihtuwvltb «Ufl4»«»J tt^M- 
A huoifeif «u*V. Mr. pnTLAfft- «nd Irnic 
■Dfi^linat cC TU iWrf r"it. iu&i)r n^rvi 
TlBfafMul^ w ftuful tCr vhitrrrkuin oHfM Ur- 

Of mIb Mil pUBU£ii, md fium rilhcf »1iTc 

Ulfb » IM ikidal, in nskiir sT Ibt lirn^c, 

Taqfatefh •■« ihtfklivApiiMdIhi. ut/i to^n. 

fnvBCMktt-Alt ibrlr *»Bi bnnrtrainid 4 cca 

AU4HrDttoi*aHt|irAA>: HlJTlMMiaill 

Tb4* na ■ acniBB (/ Iboih aiivl||ii «i Dvn xsU tv ■«11. 

^ — H W Uf a uniMlfd ffful 

Te*ali^ B>ib odftuiL l^mU nrkl ilmi. 

Bitattf^ parH ifrattt, mrl ■• il* wni, 

uiHiflHd ter iltviiM Hnintft to*iirkh 

TKt iWUfid iflgnJMir t€ «iich noak kiiU e^k^c : 
Bttvwn ilH rf *lan# aartM ipIaIr ti nni, 
^*m*Jvp«r ptH^"! lb*". >««i "'"* tu'a 

AptmiiV ttt, Ibt fMvd «l »clri*tU. 

Aid tbH Uttc^BAWf nh daw. bvt^Hd, u4 «lfll, 

Conrlrt* Ittd rtmij In lii i«*tU ruOt, 

^diBeripUod of tAmiA uniicri^iDg tho tnotainorphovU by vlitA 
pmn) from tbe fcnii of a iMp«nt to that of & bcaQtiAil touuh, 
btrwlMia tot iU pow^r nod pvec^oa of LngtMgOL 

- Utft ^ bstdf, Ua ■RpBl ttCT 1i«|VI 

Flo* WMtt fh««ri, MMltTii ^iL.>. TlitifT^lib bnpmu 

ViitonOM drwavTv' < 

Bfr «TM in oniif* Aif^i <iEUf. 

B«,«IhHL, Mil i>Uk •< < ■ rl» 1*41, 

Yha (4l*«f* Hi tmnaMvil itnH|lriijL lit> «*iih 

Hi* vrtlU4 rtooi <i«iiTulHd vllh icw^l ^m: 

A 4««|^ vp4nabn 7*lla« iHk tb* ^^« 

DC *i hft inildM mpoaid MiJr*i fiv« ] 

Am* At t^ inr* BfevUhM cti* ■■■!, 

Ipalli aU bur atlvvr nuU, nd tatdgn brr^i ; 

Ub1*ft9m«f »UkrtrHvklJnt<,arF»*k<, vl !«•«» 

iAflAf la m mu tlUt fr« bW Via iit/f^vI 

Awl fVUjin VBHt ; nt k3I thtw hr-fl, 

>III1 *b«iw k«f ■ftwb J tUit iHAlahviJ. ^«o iba 
K«|tt4 ■■' 4iQp|pc«r«d u kUEldtal.v ; 
And VI |1« ai' b«r nav tt-ic* Imno u^ 

*|IA UkaUtftil ifriL-ahi ]]f (Ttrxi i^ktit kAir 



nil* movt nipiilkifiiil tnpfcy of hia ffeniim. bowervr. i» tfc* ftw — rt l 
of Hvptriott. Oa thi« votm, wbJcU 1im MinaUinf wt. coti^l 
nd mMi)/ ftkout h» 0vinB yen a co«c«0loa of Uw BiifoldiM«lw 
ftino«ait infiiiiU ftCDtn of ■* the TVQon VMt the iWnT^ divtn* * la fl^J 

fkbt, ADd (&• lATig* ttatmtct of Uio critka^ sum bia tart, al 
I* abandonMl tiu tftik. viil vent tnrih ttt die. How toitdittifl air 
tba taoncDAaaoM u tha ahoci prefhov afixcd to titit TiiUBt bf lb 
poUMan I— *■ If anr aiiokify fa« tboughi nec««uiy for tht iffi^ , 
Hie« of tb« ivflnulmr poem of Utpcreok tb paliJftbaraMto 
•tau tkt Umj aJoct* ua rapoudblo. u it wan prated it flor 
|iarticuUr requnt, iod contm; to tb^wUti of iho aatboe. Hi 
u«tm «u intMidtid to baio bcm of i»\ral Imgtli wiUi EvUTtfW 
MitharMffdioaginmto tfaat wori: divooun^ tfa« autW ta 
Ttoomttac*" CUi a «Htio vrcoi rtad tha piiiga vitbout sogm ci» 
pnpctlot) f lad v4o alMU ^kiQ n^t tb« •tftk ■opbuw that nnlall 
tfiUcwa Qortf oxtinpiuhAd geoono poetry I 

Mr. Hunt mra of Koata, that "he cDjojcd Uia usnil tmilMrf 
srealiMaaviUi«ll«lia<D bekuair, nnctfring it daUghtfuJ u> bo okU^ 
tar bin, anil ui equal, but not u ptnicr, to <il>1i|ih It tm i . 
HMUro to bin tntrad^ to bare him m thojr bouBM^ aad h^ did »l 
pudga it." 

Bt vu ■omotimea a ngalar inmate with Mr. Host al EffW 
T6w^ and tued to rambte about the 0v««tvaU» of Uampsbid «d 
Uigbgalo to bia baaffV ooatctit **When Eadjnka *«« pvbliiM 
bosaeUTkOKit Hanpat«ftdwiUibisfH«odCbarUeBrowa, abofr 
tMukd bim DOBt affectioauta^y tbroogk a loc^iudeerBreata^j 
■nd witb whom, to ibdr j^w motuel oojoymcntt be kftd tobM ( 
a jotnoT tuto SooUwd. TIm lakoo ind laountaiiia of th« ^«rfb 
dwightan hitt aieaodin^. Uo b«hebl Ibem «:ilh &ii epie f^a 
Afttfrwvdi ha w«ai labo tbo 8imtb, And hummtod kn the Ub «f 
WiffhC HawaiLalio,inl>QTOiuhinL IbapcafccatobieKn^yBU 
b dkeil fMm Te^maoutii. 

0& Ur, 1trown*« Jetriu b^ad a •eoood tlaw, *&lr K«at^* i 
L«i|h Hunt, ** «a* too i]rt«aaootDpaiirhhii,uid caiiM to r«Qlii 
laoi whtQ hn bat and \>nl rotaiuv of pocroa *ppeand, oon 
Luaia^ IwUwJU, Ibo Eve of fit Agnco, ud the D»bJo fti 
BjrMriccL I ftOMSkbar CbarUa Luub'a deUvbt and 
radHig this work; how plaaaed be wae wiUi the _.. 

ho caaa upoo that pido n^ioa ; witb tbo flm dariOf antidf 
thai pamgi of thft afoond poetn,— 

a«4«t*ri tail namirti' 

ead whb the deeorlptiou, et onoe doliceto eod forgeouer of A^ 
pcuriog beMath the paialc<d wiDdov * 

"Hiia must have breo inunadinteiv befbrs thaTCWigpoMa|dMa 
Bn^LM^d in tbo Tein qucvt of bralth. Then m m Toiy aaectttf ^ 
puaice iu ^. Uiafs Imof mcmoar of him. which abeam wtai^ 

tbe BUto of mind of tlilii fino yottn^ po4t tt tM« <«Wft Tbc litmtor 
bad ■triokoD bin, iliNth wi« pu«jr vttfa binii ftniJ Iho poio of ^eiv 
tivDS Q&tfvurod of ft ntujn w hclpitig hii oUier a>emica to pull 
him down. " SoEtlitf litm omx;' mytlir. Hunt, " chango ooimtcttuioo 

ill A maiinar mora Wftrroing t,1i»n nvuoJ, »« h^ KiniKi lilmtlj «yflnf < 
iJbt country out of tbc^ window. I prfsocd him to Itt ma kncv bow 
b« feft, in ord^T thAt he luijcht cuAbU me to do wbftt I conJd for 
bifu : «ipr>A ithioh ho mid, tbtt his fr^tin^ wra dmovt mi^rfi Ihjui 
hv ccnld btor, Mnd ifaat bo kutd for hla mch*. 1 propow?d ihni ' 
V* BhoTilJ toko ft c«aeh mnd rido tboiit ibo countiry tog«tbor, to fftfy* 
if poMibt<s Ibr iinTn«di«to imprc«*ion, vhioti wK« •oan^tin^ ftll that 
VFtM formidAble, «ad would casnt to notbinA He ftoquicactHl, mid 
wu restored to himitlf. It wu^ ncTortulMk on lii« munc dnv, 
vitLiiL^ iMi ib(!> liAii'^h \a Wolt-vftlk, ftt Ujunjurtow^ noRiwt thtf btdktlij 
thftt bo tui<l rou, w;Lh ODftocuatoiDod teon in hU d je«, thtt ' hti be«ui i 
wu lircttkltiff/ A drtubtf boworor, vm npoD hftn it lltftt tlmoi, vhk3i i 
h« nfUnrArdfi liul rrahBi^n (a knov wim gro<ju3tll«Oii ; uid during lilft 
rwidmoe ftt Ui« laat bouM that be oooupicd before ho wcot ftbroftd^ J 
bb WW ftt tintoo more than tnuqiiiL* 

ThU liotuwt, It ftp^iWATN, ivft* in \VfTnt«nrlb-pUci\ T)own«}iir^hU]t 
Uujlp«t«^ by PotLiI feiErovt ; hd J nt tbc Mat door lived the jouitt : 
lodj to wbom b« invi PD^'aguU' Mr. Hunt ftoooropnnfed EcaU BuaJ 
ttiift young Udy to Uia pbf* of ^wbftrkttiori fn ft mAoh, vid ftftv^ 
tbempftn. UwftflftmcettryinjjDiomvPt Nojtbtrof Ihcu entep-l 
Uinoa ft hope to wo each oth«r bgvn Jn life, jel cocb cod^ voared 

in mbdOA tno ftiailingA of UMdi ft mnmRnt to iat> nt4*ni\ciii rti oiitwftnl 

cdopoeure, EHtta wftAftooompaoivtioD hia voyago bjtb^teiceUoDt 
«rt^t> Ur Sevom. vad wbo, to qtiot« o^u tb« Mmo oonpetent fto 

tbuHij, pHtfAHad d1 Ibftl OAiiliI r4«nn»in#nil bim for ft fianifAnion ; 
^-olil fti;quaiulftu<v>{Li{i, gr*.-ut "TTm**-^ irjorita, ftCti^u tfTD(li.-ruuti0» ftnd 
ft mind oapctble uf Bppn^^'intiijg that of a jioqI. Tbcy firift vroDl to 
NnptPA, nnii ftft#rvaTilj4 1j:i Ki->oti% whftm thi<y i^r-j^i|i£ri) thn 
b^uM, ftl tbu tonitfr of lb« Pjuta di i^pagniL Ut. iie\-em _ 
nvvenU vketchoft of Ecot^ Ixith a<i tbo vojuo tnd ftl Bomor ftuJ 
vhilft thnro AnUhed ft portnul of han for tho Ffttf Lord Jadf^y. vho 
b«d«poi«iibttiMlBom«hrorhimin tbeEiiDbuTgbRot^iir. AtBom^ 
on Uio SJtb of Uvsmbm, tbflO, u ftlmdj otftted, John KvOUdiwf 
in tbn ftrmn of his /Hond. connpli^tAly wnm otit, nt tb« ftgn of twnnti 
four, ftud loogiog for retaaae. Hov ilio ciruuiuiiUDcw of tbttUC 
wcftriumH mnjudii uft of bis bmgiiij; for dittxh in bis ininUtiblc i 
to tba NigbtingftJo! 

■ Oh te ■ Oniaibi aT tIio^* tHtf biih Nmu 
tToeUd t lADf «f> 1ft ih* tffV^Mvi4 twtt. 

Ihh tat k T#aL*r fult of tTi* vann unitlt^ 
full ot 11b tru*. iliD lijMihfuJ llLp^O£(*n<, 

Tfcfll I aint drtalL utd tutv iha ««rM iintHV, 
ABd ^i Ihn Wc «ir«]r iaio tbc lm>i 4Ja j^ 

300 KEATB. 

" Ttic fKBWAy, dliiolTe, WiA quite foriFFt 

What ttiDu imong tbe leAvfi haal never fcDQini» 
The 'wtaiiaets. the [evert »a^ Ihe frel, 
Herc, wbeie men aU and lieu eec^i other ^roin; 
Wliere p^*7 lEiikei « fcwt ud^ lutl gre^ hain; 
Wliflv ^Qulh ^oiTi pale, ud ip«tire (htn. and dleii 
Wli«v but (D (blni. ki (o be nJII or lorrow^ 
And Jeaden'eyril dmiDiri : 
Wben beauty caunal keep her luslroui eyn. 
Or nov Ivva pine it Lhem beyond iD-morraw." 

*^ A little before he diedj he said that he ' felt the daiaies growiikg 
over him.* But he made a stitl more touohin^ remark resMcting 
hia epitaph. ' If any,^ aaid he, * were put over him, he wisihea it to 
coDsist of nothing but these worda :'^Hefe lien one whose itame wm 
writ in water ;'■'— ao little did he think of the more than promisa ho 
had given ; of the fine and kating things he had added to the stock 
of poetry. The phyaiciaoa espreasod their astonishment that ho had 
held out so long ; the limgs turning out, on inspection, to have been 
almost obliteiated. They aaid he muet have lived upon tho mere 
strength of t^e aptrit within him He was interred m the English 
buryiug-ground at Bomo* near the monument of Caiua Coatios, 
where hia friend and poetical mourner, Mr. Shelley, was shortly to 
join him." 

Such is the brief but deeply interesting account of John Keats, 
drawr mostly from the written narrative, and ^irtly ftv^m tho con- 
versation of "hia true friend and fellow-poet. It is not poaaible to 
close it mmorejustor appropriate words than thosoof this admiring 
but discriminatmg friend ; — "^ So much for the mortal life of as true 


KtAn VM tbo aiartTT of pofftrr, but Shellqr v«n tho taorirr of 
opiaiaa. Kmt-i dtired to wHto m a new veto, to4iarcfu<d dl tlte 
old autoii« nf cdticUm, ta poitr oat luM heart, uid all his fiukOM^ id 
th*t mj oiilj wbidh Komod uaturiLlljr to belong to Uwm ; vid tbifi 
vuA ttitiM ««]ouyIi to liriuj clovu uuou him Ihe TeoiWttiioa of all tbu 
rulo^ftnd-lino meu of liUnturo. But, beaidm th^ iLeftU kept «u»- 
T^ioua oompauf. fTuot auil Sbdloj wcro ootorunu xndloLlii ; uiil 
Hunt ■&<! ahi*Ucj vert ha ftiendft. *T^II eqo what ooc\paaj jou 
kcois vid I will U^ you wh&t jou on," to an old proverb^ aud m» id 
JoUtJ KcttU'* CUM nuHt pmoidu/ ni>pLiod. Dut SbeUov wm perb^M 
th» luoort tbriiiff u ho wm tbo momt ^endld oCTifiiaer of nxKlevu 
timea. Bom of a ^-ood hmUr, «ducfttiM Jo tLe highest ftcboob of 
ortbnlojLT, il VHt to tbo jiubLc, wbiab looLnt fur * uov obotu^a 
of tboolosUto <if thiiUH, A moAt exii^pnrftliutr circQDulaiiofi thnt, in 
hif vor7 teeoA, be fttouki avt aU tbodc eipootatlotu, utd all \\ia proa- 

pcoLa of bin ona vorldly vdvonUgUf at dofiui»v and UpKUj btov 

fiJiAKlf (be dinoaploci of atboinio. The frot ia lyrtry vw to bo 
deplored. It becaiuo tbo aourca of bliehi anj miMry to blniiolf 
iluQUzh his wholo lifch It aL'«£ut«4 liin iricudo uid 1kiiii]j ; it oooa- 
tkood on oxait«m(ttit of icry bigotry u>d (^rtj wiatb, which, in 
tbvlr tmllod vinkmoe, ««i« fonM U]><-n bts h«flj}, azid deslru^riag 


^kff iirOD tlM part of SU1« 
U VH !&• Kt oTm Mllr Odsh 

nallT I 
U «7v» W [to i««£u> b 

MJiMUIWUllllfc H>«MlMl 

BBiM bfwu wriwmi 
bmi^ If » miM Mil 
to Aow kka br« ~ 
KtBtfatewteaof Ai 

MO*iM IW It mAncd to U » < 
M& fcMB M lb Hit >ftd «u«>dtM «r t 

pMvecntMB, btti to) 
to ttdM tifao lute Qvwidif 
*D« 4» tiuv; H bA poorl 
Ckriil Wt « rievJOBi exuirii tffi 
BvtUUMtoitf lU <M« ' 
of ttbdimr»- w^ k tfa 1 

b» 1VM aOBB to tacit MidBI 

Ibv tW ocDvcndoQ of tiiuw wbs I 
left oa Uw otiiix thn ^ 
Ba Iwi^ht DO «adk toiqgi vdh i 

ibri^ ViiB li» MopW IBB tBd ibIM npoQ bin 1 
lihaa Ab pBdfaiBBi oiMeii wd 704 did not YoOov bin 

[ jsi did not ToQov huL h|| 

Brt> : — * £ji< ib/tm akoa ; jb know not vbat mBnner of cprit ^ 
tlBv fibifcnr In ifci-n1 tba ipirtt of UBQuvtk^ii^fti^ 

■ iifcirhiiiiM ■ iiii Hill niin Yith ii^sdd. 

ill MifUcttM^ ciwtihr iBd InBtev^f tfuapad on hU 
hlgW^ iMih bT b CkratkB ; for tb« moA dutinaliui 
bar Chtfal «M— bvn aheB^vWAarvtlaopfUofhla 
L iJl wliQ btv bim Ukftt tilt ftUft ir» hii smmI I 



"book. BeT«n«nt«d tho6hftracrt«r of Christ, wdcKim&n raonfjlty 

fiftrriod out hie preoepta. Jiia dolight va* to do good, to a>Tufort and 

■luuit Uio poor- It vaa him ceol tot troth uid far t^o good of tnui- 

kiu4 irhidi )«d biio, in his iudwiaUoQ agtifui thoao who oppraved 

Uwm imd imposeil upoa them, Go Jnp too br io bib attftck oo tboAo 

«wuiMii ukd pftM tK> bonloTB irhibh divU« trath tmax otror> For 

bin cccitoUDtloua opuiioD ho au7lflc«<] oaM, loamir, tJio vorld^B 

^Mtcom, fbrtuitfi ftuu Crioodtthip. Nei^r tnui there M gvnerouB ft 

>IuiuiL *o truly Mid f^irvly poocical a natoro. Othoni bk po«tA in 

Ittlr book* luid cloectfl ; tho poet'8 boiiI Ln bim waii tb< vpfiit of all 

Qnr* umI ftll occaslon& Ula omidud to bia &ieud Huirt vtia a mig- 

f &lfi«orit «K*ni|t1o of thiM, Mr. Hunt hinwdf t«JU lu that ho at odoo 

presuDtod him with fotirtoflii himdrod pouada to frve bim from cm- 

barrttaffiu«ntfl^ and he meant to do more, aa latautiCD trbioh hitt hou 

hoA aohlj romtfrnbarod, Wh*n> ai« tko «eiiiaon«iu« maIoU wLo cau 

.•hovlikodmdaT "So itm" Ri^ys Ur.nLiiit,'*ploUB towards uutura, 

towards hia Meeds, tovarda the vbole humac raw* tovarda tho 

F Bkcan«t insect of tha fornvL Uo did biioaoir an iiguiUoo with tho 

; public in tifuig tho popular namo of tiio Supronio Botng luoonaidff- 

attfiy- Uu identJtiocf it aololy irith tho TUlfiar and tjraaiiica] tioiioxia 

of a God, (culo tJitiT tbo worat humui £abio>n, ud did not ouffl* 

cioQlly Tt^Ucct that it was oAoo ua«d by a junior dovotioa to eipntto 

a BvriM (T tho great Uovcr of tho oDivotw." 

Tho Hcao HMroui^ octhuaiaatio >|>irit waa tho lirtng and glowing 

prificiplo of bio pootry. With an Ltoagtoation oapablo of aoariiw 

' into the hlghoat and mo«t c;horoai rogtOD«t ud dmvtng thence looat 

■rgooue ooloun^ aod moat aubiime, ^dritual, aad booutifxil limgoty, 

I prtoohod loTo Slid tondomeaa to the whole ihmilj of iDtn, ucopt 

to UraQta aod impofltore. For hbciiv of e^ery kiitd he was naay 

io die. For knoTrlod^ and tnitb, and kindaflu^ ho dodjod onlj to 

live. Ho vManjc lualanoo of tho union of tho Giiuet moral itaturo 

I lud the finett gonlua. If h» orrod, the Torld took ample vodmoco 

fnpoQ bim for it; whilo ha xitifemd iu rotum hiauupleat bfnviDg 

foa tho world It woi long b speciea d hareqy to noDtjon hia name 

Lbi aocMty— that is pusiDg fu»t away. It vaa ooit nid thai ho norer 

I oould fcocomo populnv and thorafciro tho miaohiof bo oo^d do vaa 

I Qtnitod Ho i& bcoocao popular, nod tho good that ho is likoly to do 

I vtU ho unlinitod. The poopla mad bicn ; though «o uu^ woudorat 

ti, tbny cximprchead lum, — at l«a»t ao fu aa the prinoipl«« of fnotkna 

aijd progrcsa are oouoerned ; sud in tbeoo ho vill Dot lead them 

ulraj- Tlo ii tho herald of odvaiuso, a^d ovoty year mnat fix him 

. tDore witl^lv and fixtoly in mein** heart*, llov tmly Aitm 1» iWaariho 

LluusoU and his "'■■''*" in Iaoi^ tho poet of the ilorolt of lalam >«* 

" T««, Iran 'be mmt6t *f mj roulKfld our, 
AAii Timi th* Iw sT taid« ma of h •!< 

from wtiau««w mr vifctma tbauftit f U Mt, 

Itm t HltKU4 1t*f"*f 10 ua^ld 

DodrlDndf bairiHi Hwimj venSi haw tail i 
Tiw*t ^** !>*■■ Mn. m^ VMm taplT* i« v^i 

^btD Ibrf htIC CTV ^P«ti « C«R Jul Af JSR. 



^ In vrtti tiiiaoXitn pinftii i^iil. ml ■ftp* 

llv unUrt^i lA 

ih*1> Imvh- td imffer Til'nd r 

And iBUAjTi-i' 

p r,_.,,_. ,!,,„ n,,.- '. -inTi tXre^, 

Airt n*t »r 

.1 , 

And nwTlak-' 


with h' " ■ 

■ :i^H. ■-...* LM^ML^tEi utcalnk* 


iiff aopa i»M irnu: 

Af il < 

.lit ti r>pi *nd •Umi. 

L4K uiluijk,^ . .^,.M 

k.^ .>j.Tc> inwietTOfnEiLijisbLi imokm 

AtuuuO. fftr f?4<l<Bi luvf, a'»4 lb< iruie Iao 

or tnOrl rf|4klli^ and ]<(««• u(t«Ja 

TolMto TlS(liIcia|kAi«trfUib» *otU to iVN 

Alt vnrltt W ««iui ii> ikftt <hHn^ lit tir«r 
Itf r.r iirmr cmiiu. Idm. vldrk fsfH^r 
TMiih4r[*. run^U iJt ■gtufi* la alvy ^ 
Whlob mioA xhy tc^H MrvngOi now itmnf In vUv nnj.* 

ThiN titnordirauy mim« And tho nai»t pirclj poetic scniuA of ^ 
A^ftcaieftlir^ei^ittiigKcEiia; thU groat Mid fcar]cKi,«i4 yat \vl 
bmioUo of frotdomi w&om iiiUikdc*) on euocooduif wen it u jiu| 
slUo to ckloiilatc, Tnixed, it ii tnjo. frith a Mcpitioil kcren dccjit 
bft dvplorodj wcM ft donendfttit nf a tnic povtjo lini^ tbt of Sir F 
8i4lii''V. tl< vt>u< tfOiti At PxirlJ-jjljiCf*, in ifunoJi, <m Uia 4tli of Au 
]7<^i'tLf wutbo QldcvtMiiori^ir'l'iniathjrShollcy. Bait,orOkAU»-' 
QwiDg ilk thnt county ; Ait-1 hisi Kti, P«roy Floronco Shcfloy, dow 
txMn tlw fjuoily hlK Hin fiiTiuIy cooooxioEis boIop||9d lo Ifao Whig 
ftHstoormU c^f tlio Elouho of Commoflui; and Mr IfiiDt bni, in j" 
circivnatAunM of lucb birth nnd oinnniion, hit poHiapi npoo I 

Jbot irlui^ Aojmtf' Uiu mjvUir/ of * [oiiid Lko tihcllo/A rusbiag , 

tho utnau courM ho di<i ''To ft tnim of ^ponitu," bo ohm 
"«aidov0d vitb ft mctftphysicA] ftcutaocw to diMum iiuUi And j 
hood, mtid li strong fttUBibitU/ iv gi^v waj W L» Mtm of it> «uob wi 
oriciorhowevorrffqxctftblo in thonrditutypobt of vJcw.waftDCt tlM 
very luckicxt th^t could have liAppcn^d for the purpooo of keeping 
tuoi wiUiia orduiwy lwund«> With wrhftt fnlingB i» bulb tv opna 
its eyu Upon thiA vorid, ttnongirt tho ooiit raapcoUbte of car m««<» 
pBrtyeeDtrj t AmomjglicaDcodooittndictionAof ftU*ortail Auoug 
the CbriMiao'a doctrlaoa luvt tho worldly prapolioe*! Ausoutf loi- 
hiiaton and thoir choplftioa 1 Amoajrbocicfioad buAgcr^ ikoti-«pi»' 
oopftUaa bishops, rakish old gAQtlomea, $aA aoro fllAitUm jooiig 
oooM, iriio sro old Lq tho folly of imttug^iKa f 1b «horl, a»ui^ ■& 
thioao profmwd domuidA of whftt it Mht md Qohio, uixod viih raft] 
i&aulofttionft of what ia vrobg Btid flill of bTpocriiQr t * * * Ur. 
Shelloy hogon to think at a rrry c^fiy aatt uul to think loo vf Uu«p 
ftaoDTftliw. Hg nw that At emrj mp la lifo noiae oamproBiu vrai 
expeotod botweeo tbo truth wbioh b««aA told bo WAtont to TMbkl«v 
osd ft oolottriaff ttiid a doublo tooAiug of i^ which fuivod lum upoo 
tke TiolAtlOB.*^ 

ThiA Utf no doubt, the great •ocrat of both the poblo reaolvo of 
Sh^ltcy to batvt «i odco misr from thi« cctiveiitMOftl bbyrintK Aad 
r>f ttm kogth t) ivIiJch thit JTaiMtiui of bin oSort oftmcd him. H» 
Mw tbAt intUi Aui fhlv»}io<t4 n'irt? so infintAt'^lT tnilod in aU thtr 
oduGfttioQ, Ur<^ umI puipgooi of tbo oUbb bjr wbkb ko kba «ttmiui»tod. 



thit ba mcpvetcd t^ mxdo toixCuro m ovnjUiiBg ', ud Uia my 
oflbri neOMHVj to dev bunsfllf of Uuh ntabe <if lJuu|p^ ptnn^od him 
inta tba natiin] remit of rowUng indbciiRimiUilT, in tho ca«A of 
Chriatiuiilj, tbo eivd vjth tbo cbAff. At cvetj Mhcol to vLiob T» 
WW wntvhvfuum tbotftiuiityflleui luihtLj^. EduuHtiouuuaiuouldvd 
to & fnttt n^otiil pkii, to a fiitnro vuppori of a chan^b Acd a puiy. 
'nifl DobI* Iwut of tbo boy rrbcUod uiuTivt thU •ocnlioo <tf bulb to 
juttfrvcA, and I htUv^e at cvirrj scZiwl Lu viLich \vc muXy bL^jwimI b 
firm TMohv norvr to b^td to it. Be iv&s hroujjM up for tbo f^rwt 
««v«n or oi^t yo^n \n tho niironiBtit of Fteld-plao* wiib b» flftorn, 
nroot¥A[i); Uiu HKuo «xlu(»li<jD »• ttivj ; Hid 1mi»M| it i» vtalvdf be 
nrrer «bo««d tbe lourt toato Cbr tlio aporU or AimiMOiieot* of boyw. 
Oipt«ia BMwin,wbo !■ a roUtiv*, t«lla tm tbit it wu not Etoo, but 
8ioQ Huu*^ Ihrvalfonl, to vMvh Iji: ulluijim l£i be* iulnvJuutorj 
alaDM to toe RoTolt of Isloin. Mcdwiii w» Slielkij^i nobool-foUov 
tfaerc« %nd mth, ■* thin place w«a » HrCeot boll to Shelley. Uia ikuv 
*a^ v<r|£EiE iiiiiuJ wiu Hlioi:kttil by tbo hvgtuiiD ai^ niMtufniM nf bi« 
new comiiuiioimt ; Lut tUoiigh forced to M mitM Uum, be irua not ^ 

■"Tjrauoy,' ooutinuu* b(^ "|:cEnonk1]TproJiicriilynuii;TiQOODanon 
miod*,— not to with SbtfUi^y. D^ubtlto much ot ki« hfttred of 
opptronon nuy bo attribub^d to what hi; aaw uiit nufftfvl at thia 

jtcLml - and Mt odiiiu:* wa> thu reooUsotloa of tbu plaioo to l>otb Od 
ufLthAt vni uovrr mJuleitaatibjiMtof 00&T«vBatio4iJiiaftorlil»u He 
WW, aa a >ob<iolboy, oioccdioglr abj, bwhful, aixL nM>rretl ; iod«Hl, 
tbo^^h pcoiiliarly jgtntle axtd elegant and re£ijvd iu hii loauncnt. be 
never entirety ffut ril of his difl[ideao»-'6tuI irbo woiUd have viabed 
beabooldl vbttii the chancier of true gciuuji. ho «iia ever modMt, 
huiublu, aiid urv|iurtd to aokuowledflrr lanrit nbfrrcvcr b? found It, 
without naf denra to ibine himaelf by luttbic^ \ fed of otben.* 

Vet It waa thia gmUo and tkj boy, who had ao uorly neolvod to 
be ** Jimt. auti Ctdt, and luiU," that v^ta rxiMd by bia aeoiaa of truth, 
and bit abbonvDco of opprccsaioa, to inake tbe luost hM and dotei^ 
miaed aUod agviiut tuijust and degnding ouatovna, hovtv^ tauo- 

ttoucd try UniD, iilacc, oi- jKntrmn. At Eboit, whither bo went at ihe 

t of tbirtecu, ho roae tip atoutly io oDpoutJoo to tho mtMa of 
jrio^ He ov^uiiaed a cou^piraej aga^ud it, and for a lune ocn- 
polled it to paiisc. WhUa tbua reaiptlng whogl tjrutnj, bo wa» 
roadiof cloouI>- Qcito&ik romtuow and poetrr: a&d to BEisvr'a 
ifooaora, ind tbe ^o«t sboriea and tegonda oT tbo Bbu*k JfonaU baa 
[ boQD tiwotd hla foodnoia to- tho romantic^ the nuureUoius aad tbo 
mjsttc. Hini miad v«s tapMIy unfoUiuf:, and to tbe bifl^ pttcb of 
bia tuoral uaUinp aod ainiw tbiMe lUiuu fnoi tbe dotlicat^ to Uw 
IUtoU of Jolam boar tottctdng tcatlmoojr .-^ 

"TlMwaCatrantAdnai vtw mMt, 4w Irtik4, vf.*«erfa 
TtH flOUM M WWi bit WBfflO #» JMlh fU Wt. 
1 4* WlB4f>W* vWI ia« h«« vMA t«M 
My tfttirt *lvf» t ■ fmk V4r-<4V« U vu 

n« hBia nd cnUs« OftA «f Vfiwu ■■4 ta Eml 



*' Ana ihfn 1 f lufit^l mj hjmdh mtS lot>t^ iraMkA— 

.nuL niiM w» D'U TJ] mhTll 1117 rmrntnKi^ 
ViTitEii |H»iimi f^rlr vtrnt drjiv vn ihe auiiuf (fottid''* 

AM ju>T. 4nd cn«» «iiJ milil, If Lb m« Ue* 
Hurh pDWvr ; fer I fm ▼pktt 10 bcbjU 

Titr >*LfliTk lid III* ■iTbBH •1)11 ipTWJhla* 

WlI^ol]t nrvr^PBich ordtKk-* I t^m tuiiinlM 
tt) Vttn. mr li™! tf^"* r*tnb) fvid 1 *t* tut^k andkalA 

" And frvm^htfliDv dlil I - ^ ' 'iumfh^ 

HHip tiifivMsr fronlorii" '<f kdc«) 

Vrt noihiar ibiimj mmi (fci 

I fvM W Hifni trill rnm wn i^r>ir •tois 
l< mlghi *«lk HDTtlt U vta jamni manVliul.'* 

Thift wwr bojpui in uimciitat Oifonl lit hftd left Eton, it b on* 
il«mtooJt b*for« tho iw iinl tim^ imil in midmmu4ik>* of I1U nvitfUuaee 
to tbo prMtJow vrhitih be tbero Jbund inooiuQatcftt vitli hi* idofui df 
Mdf-rc^Mot : vhftt ww to be hoped from Oiford 1 Th« ooct«gt Into 
whiob £u« MOOD foil witli tb« PrJiioif«J of UnivonilY OoU«g«» on thoo- 
logiool uid metapbyiuaU qooitioiv, ouicktjr I«cl to bii expuitkiD. No 
drcatrntanoo in lut hkrtoij bu mtAo no mnch noin m tbiii ; on it 
i<imodth««rhol««bAf«at«r<ifb£idMftIiij. Hv wiuiupoDnlonachmo 
of fttbniam. In the KevMooUJrUnnxiue for 1833 bgiTen "Tm 
Ujjftorj of Shelley* Ex|»ilnoii from OxfordJ' From lEii ftocount^ 

noUubg cni:]it hnvo bMn nor* unfoeliitj] nnJ tynuintoU Utui tho 

condiu^ tff ihc Priodpal od tbw oocftsdoD^ It appriLm tJiu^ Shnlloy 
cud sonio of his ooiapuuoeM bftd iodul^cd thomiHlvotmpuidiDg th« 
fegidaiv. Th«j h»d raad» s oftrtliiL MiAlvnii* of T-«ok# on tb* Humtti 
Uadof^uidini;, otid Uumc^M Enavii, particiikrtjr tbo hlUCy m wis 
otutooiAry with ttioio who nMd tho lCthioi,ftDd othor trrtttcaM of 
Alirtotloi for th«ir d!i>gri< u . Thoj prtQt«i » ^tJabu* of Uiv**, and 
dittJIoDgodf iiot odjthoboadjiorhoaMf,but othere to tnvwer tboiD. 
"It Wt" Mjn tho «nt«r, "ix«r«r ofTetud for mW: tt wm not «d- 

droBMd to thogODOTA) r>fc J iir> but to tbo mvlApliVHioinn a]<>ao i ami 

it WM to nhort, that tt onlj dftdj^od to pi>int out tho lino of ufto- 
siftst It vu» ill tnxth, a |i^ftAl iwnio ; & 09m|iciuliQiui doiuAl of 
•Torj ^ogiiUo^ ia ord«v to put tbo vImIo qcso in proof. It w«d a 
fnicoal laodo oi Mjriiyi,— tou oflbr mo and tu, tbcn provo it ; aad 
tbm it w&A imd<n&>od by hu uoin catKlid tad intvlU^ent oor- 
r«aHQd*ait& Jix it was ebortor, » it wiw p1aiiioT> uid iwrb^po, m 
•rwr to proToko ditcuMioo, s littlo bolder thio Ilumo'v Emj 
h book vblob (}ccai>i<fl A oon«i>icunU9 ploMt in tbo librtn- of ey 
•tuidani Tiut doctriiM, if it dnarro tbo nam*^ wm pmdt-^v himil 
tfaa nitCAtmry uid locvitAUo oonsequenoo of Lxb'tf pbUooopbj, i 
of Ihft tfajtery that all knowlodfo f* ft<tfa withont. f wiUivti' 
joar oonoliunoQii, hu opponant raigbt Mt ; Ibon you mtiat Auay I 
of HuQio;f donytbcak;b4tyoa tautftdenytttoMOif Lo^kAilao; attd 
wo wilJ go boiit tojothar to Pkto. Suck waa tho uatial oouraa of 
•rgomoQt t «Mnot£Uft«, Hvwiirof, bo r««t«d on nor* d«eiia1, Uddiag 
Ua •dTumiffy to otriot proot and dflritin^ ativitttb from bia woofc- 
laa ThfiYOimxFliConMtuvaodthaiDfntJvtflx tht^ loT» 

roigoMuw^ Viq bamiia* b« uiund a soblftj^y in the fion 



ocmtendifig nimtU, He lOTod truth, iind touglit it nvcryirlKre, lod 
at ftU huwdft, faktihl; ADd boldlj, Utn a nun vho dcHrrv^il to AdiJ 
\i ; but Iw abo iWrljr IotmI victory iii d*Wv^ and viLnn iJotwto r<jr 
ita own MikcL Kcver vu there ik m^re imcxcqitiimablc dinjiuUnt. 
B* wu eitfor bejro&d tbeuo«t ftrdoit, but norer nngi^ aoa never 
p*rw>tuJ ; be wa« the onir uvutr I wiir kmrw who <1r«w av«f7 aigu< 
ment IroiD tbo oaiufd of tiiQ tnitigi uid nho imtvct could b« pr>toEod 
to doMsend to pflnocml oointcDtioiii.''^f . SA ^ /'ii^f //. 

TllU i*m w^diflftt^at Uiino; to th» fnil and ofTi-Miun AiAUnuui 

put forth to tbfi world, thtt Sh^Qe; ^Towi-dly, with hjH lULmu* put 

to r«fm» It, fmr iht* 44k ft luiif fn^m tttA iii^n lov« of ^LtbttLJtni }Aa 
Um di^[rtcclul veib tbc n^uimor of hiv ^ipulnoiL He mm sunpcotciil 
of thin pWDpMet ; it U nud that ** n port, meddling tutor of A collfigo 
fit itiTmfir )wl«,» miui af >A inAiiJHt>noi]]i And iMiufl|iicioii> iMjitfrif'^" 

had M«rvtljr deciouiioed him to the maater w the uit^or ot il ; %niX 
thftt forUuM |ue«aof tnaMO, Le wu, «■ he hoped, Ap«di!y cnnchM 
with ih« EnoU ■plfinitM b«n»>fEc3i«^ aiuI f njJfy mawU » IiihImjii T Thv 
KiiKber hinwelT u dencrib^d by n third l^Hjv >« ft hmd poiwcwing 
iHutfaBrmtollftctDorcruditiau. "ItlunkGod, headd«, "thftt J lure 
iMT«r Bfim that mfto ftino* ; ha in goii» to hiit b«d, and tU«r* t^t litm 
■leni. While bo lived he nte freely of the eobolu'e br«ed, v3d dnuk 
freelr of biflcup; tad he wi» uutained throughout the vhole tcim 
tif hm HxutMK*, vholly and uuuit nobly, by then Morad ftinda thet 
wi^rc cunaocTHtcd by otir piouu foreJfttheis to the ftdriuioeiue&t of 
learning. El the rcngcuice of the oU-piticDt and long-ooDtcmood 
Ood oui «v«r bo rouBf<H, it iv)U nuvlj b* by idtoo luch aaicrlbva 1 *" 

But lot u« too in what nunoer thie ewoliea BceotiaD ox dealt with 
thai afdout y«t prntlo tthpling of aeveutevo — for let it bo iviii«tn- 
Wrtid h* vuKinly of that ag«\— «nd M uiam whfttwaathooondilicni 
of tbo tuiTenitj at that time> in wbioh it wm made a mortal oGTeDco 
in a Tounf and snaloua vpiiit to diapute inetaphyaioal pointa. 

' whotboroueh djH|iuUlioni^'' mj* tlw wrlLar ka Uur Nevr ftfoftthly, 
"were deoomua <t profitable du^ be pediapa doubtful ; there ma 
bo no do4btf bownrer, ainoo the awe«t gc]itleae>e of Siielley waa 
4sa'>i1y arirt iuttarjtSy hwnyiMi by th* luiM itiltuuncH* «if frionilly a^dno 

mtivu, that Lad wl-ii the \n*a*. dimiiiod of hia^hlffn auadficd the 

Eoprkty of punutog tiia metaphyvical inquinoa with Ioib ftrd«4ir. 
a ob*d>«ooe wouLI hare Immi prompt and pArfcct. Not ooly txaci 
an aalaUry Mwliee httm bog iMi;Wied at OxtOrd at that time, ud 
i^ wbcdonme dudpliiM fldkin into decay* hut the apJendid eg(i>w* 
tncDtn of tho nmramHy warn poMdy atxiAo<1, Tha n*kli>ut nuib'^ 
riticn oS the ooUe^e were> too ufUa, meo t<f tie lowest orq^in ; or 
mean and aovdid loda ; ihBtittate of ercvy literary altaiomeul, vior^ 
tlui hriaf and uurow «oiima of Toadiuf by whJeli Iha divgnw wm 
' attaiatd ; th» ndgar Aooa of vujnr frtbaia ; wiUumt Uberality. and 
f -waatiog the phuiimd aad xympaUuea of geoUeniML A total iMgteci 
of all kunnkg. mt una»mlv tnrWIeckc*; tho tnott Aocutmia irragu- 
1antU«, o|iyci atxd liaUttiMl dninkociueff, \'too> and vii>lNio«, vera 
t4demt«d oc vucomced with the bi4C0lajciq>haiicy, that the pro«i)«ct 


of ptrpotaal Howrtaouimw Might ftfl dio «il)ogQ» vftli 
offorlttne. WlMiNivth«ranjj-«xflrolBMl power i/ooakWi 
«reis«^ it dflmoa«lnt«d Uie utUr isopuv^ of our utiin>rthf . 
br oJvaeiiQVi, ignonooo^ niul ii^iutM. It « few ganileBon 
WttiU«cl to feUowihips^ Uiej «er« ah«j« •bMot ; iW ra* 
penuna <if litonrj prtUiuioiic^ or disCki^iubod b^ M^|ju«hi|h 
ihty lad &d dbw ia tbv govemmonl gf Ui« ounHe-" — f 

It it lltltng itAt tb» world «hov)U know kow u3 bj v i 
iris ttijwUi?*! fnxn Oxibrd. L«i na An tho DuaMr ijq «tLL-u ;l « 

* A> \h» Una wta Wnrint to ft akac^ uul * gnmi pwi rl ri 
bo«]o «o wore ntding Ug«tW 0til rsmunDd imfl&bM. n b 
n^Tood ta inoreiM our oicrtioi», md to mtM at ad oarij ttoVL 
wm4 ■ fiiiA ApHnjt nnrnln; An taiAj^^j In Uw jmt ISII^ »kft 
wvit to tjbelle^'tf rootns: b« na&Uwt; btttb^tfa 1 hftdcMQs* 
oiir \naV* bo ruvbrd in. Bo ru UvrlbCr «fflt»t«il 1 uitMi 
InquirM wb4t lufl kapfwoAd, ■ 1 hin MpAEWL^ bo m^d, v Boao 
holud racororvd hicDMf » UtU«. 't am «xpeIlod ; I wu a«id 1 
vMUnly a tvw uhMta a^ ; I wont to tbo ooninxiD itv-tn, wb0v 
fymad our BDidri«r, ukd two or tbrM» of th« MIovi. TlU tuMi 
pradoMd ftcopr^ tbeliUlei^UftbfA^iadaiked m^ tf 1 wmti 
RMlfaor of it Ho spofce in & nuSe, ftbrxipt, tod iMolent itja^ 
b«flpd to b» bfcvGoail f<ir whiil purpdoo ho pat tb« q«oik>au I 
Mv««r WW jimo ; but tbo aagtttr kmcUj ukd uicti^ nparial 
* An yon th^ ftOtJior oi Uiui book ( * " If I on juid|p* ftom 7« 
nuuuMr," I wdt'vQu iro ivwJnKl to puiiGfa tta,ifl«fa««iU*ilB« 
Mn ihBt ti M far wnrk- If rou cmi provnt^tit b, pfodootlB 
AVMOOM ; KUfeMthnrjuit nor Uwfiil t^ intorro^do m* in ma 
OMC 01^ for oueb ft j^irfom^ SwAi ptoooodbkgi wouli Wvttc 
court at ioqiUiiton^ but oat froe nofta m ft flrw conuirj^*' ** Da Vi 
ohftoo0 to tai7 that thii M yiouf oKapodtioQ T" tbe lawUr niUnii 

".Sbi^tlnj ccau^HmeA Bracdk of hvi violmi nnd Mii|.iiii]tiiiiMj 
deportuvnl, ttTifWi 'I bikv* «iptrioaood tjmtBiij oftd i^" 
boloro, otkd I well £oov what Tulpir iiwoJoo«o b : biii I nrrer 
witti wh imwotibj trtttmont 1 to&d hiia oilmlT. bat firmlf. 
I VI* i«Mlrod Mt to tfmrvf m quMtkoM refpodin^ tW p- 
eotkut ott Ibv tabic* *TbA,' Mil ba. foiowd/-, 'juu «m dpcU 
ml t dofttro TOQ *riO qait tbe oolkft auW tomx»mw oatikgi 

ArwtUrtcolonooof oipuhooa, rad^dnvn up in ilaoftf%*i 
bmdod to blm, iin4or tb« moI of tli* oo&m So moaaUooi ^ 
tl^pil itl4 Um iiulr^o tOND to o&o of SbolkA flriknr-otadtf 
fav tmuwlUtfllir wnto » ftnvMudnooa to w nantrr uid 
Milntrt lUiMitHnfftbitbtbiBUilf^oruijcifw «b« in IK*< 
mts^ljwtMwvllbi tnAlod iBUMHM»*&MUiiM*r Tbn^ 
WW lint bo ■«■ inmodlbtdy tmaUd tn tbo hmio crmd' 
QftIM bolW tbw ttibwtfl *Ibe uvr? uid tnnaUod «ir, 
tci t rtatomowt Maamdeotod to tho <mor «f tbfl oitfofl 
MMinbTod ta ooMBft iHJiMltoifc wwojOiog to orirtHJiwd 



' bev to mo I but & itfttivo ttvUuct told m*. u mod h T «ritvr<il ibo 
' Koom, that lb wu utaSkir of Mrtv ; tbdl Kbiie\-er coM <.vjk-Lli4to 
jllio IftTour ol pfttfiotas vm to W dcoia without acrapU ; Aud wL^I- 

[ «iihouL rflDaomjL* The sum qiMat^oo m put to lum, Le rpfousl 
[ io aumrer it^ oni bo ma aldo oipcDod witb tbo mudo aumiuijjr 

I Hhu w«t« SbftD^j uid 4Dotlkot vouth of ^i^t^^D ftipfUod oiul 
[iHttQdod for life with tLs oitigtska of athcwo^ Thcf woro cKf>cUc<l 

[lOfftTlrtQOusiMl^tgwiiMaUMiflDivaA trumpeted fthroii^ rmoia 

[ TUBPd «cio Hum to * binhopnor 4Dil otLon, no doubt, to what ibey 

I Wftfitod 60 KTD lukanMd tbv rmm sptrit« of tb>> Mitb ff^r tfao 

L worldlj bcoefit of tha hora nf Bpiconu. If fiU txiutbn w«re t^valeii 

j tbia bruUUjr at that a^Vlriiii doubfa b«fTt ^haocrt cvtry tn&n, Aod 

Fiaoro oipMiuLy tbo canuwt and bqiiiriiuc. what wotitd biMomo of 

f oar finMt 4Dd nobUflt ctunct«mt WLon tuon twgia lo titxAy the 

I Sroi«iiid* ol ihoologjr, thcj ntiwt sUid^, ttxi, wh»i i* advuccd bj the 

tmioaBn. Tho oootc^iucooe i* at oqoo, that ftU thAt hai be«ci i«- 

I nived u bet b^ uoqujOHtioDine bojrtUMsd fiik to th>» groand, sad 

I tb<? h«T* to hogn MoUn, and tcvS tbrouffh doubta nnd BbiWtJao, ttkd 

uud iho MouMu of dei|iur, mIL the cridoooa on which txr ftJtb i^ 

buDt Smi* <m •&/ 000 of tb(»^ ioqnirtra «t thb peculiar ortfa^ 

nd eipel hiDo for aih«ncni rniiL if ho bo * miia of <|iu<^ fc«liiigiv 

■Ddabijth»nant,^i>u wiU pretty certainly tnakn him tbftt for whidh 

joiib**e ctl^atiwii him. Ilw prido will xmiuj viih hu doub<< 

klo di him, to pftnfy him, tui it vvn^ into iuoomUo iroboUrC It 

hrouLd b# t bniUJ uid murdoroixM prococbira. QaA peoi»3im bid 

ribe woral efiM oa Shalfej. Tb< cooMoqaoncot »«ro 4 40H of r^ 

Epailiikl40Q«f him bjhb Author aad fkntilj, who btd b«u)t tho I^bcafc 

vorfdJy bopQ« on bit talmtH. There wm a fierce hue oai ay 

«et Qp ftfW him in th« werld, and Lh^ Ufry nejit ynr saw him 

r iH down uid write Qimod U*b. Tlie »«taocA of th« poriioii of hi» 

"' «re tho lM*t dffcQbiblo of taiy portioa of it. Ht leemed 

Um unbftppv, Ajvl |>E]t into A fncrv aota^DOuUc teatperezaeoi 

baa pubUo rxptilfiioifi from ccUon, wLiob ho Mt meee doqJ.T 

Gnft Vtf OAtiinJ to him, or «Quld haro unmtif had be beco trmted 


At this p«T;od ho modo hiv fimt unforluftato menuget with a 
I vomaa of hiueblt «Ut]oii« iumI, »i it jumredt ^^f very wkoeo* 
; inii>i IVy MiAnted, txttl in bcr d:aitT«e8 sue, some Une 

drow»> d hufAolf' DilEorififE 1^ I do most widelj Iran 

Hoy, both in bin idew rfgixrdiiig Chnstuiiity mad raattiftipk H in 
^ 1nit jiiM to my thit they who kixrv him beat, liad hin Mixind wife, 

the oclohrfttvd dmightcr of <wIi<lfntod wvctU^ Oodwin and Marv 
/Volatoaercft, mart omiiLaliixUT nmcrZ tboir osauniiicc* that *'ia m 
I did, at tliA time of ooiDg <^^ bolicved himself jtudifiod io his 
□Boinooe, whih> the rafiovu aU* of |>orori;r, uuJ Uiv L^nd of frituda, 

dUAbl home to hiro the ted rtAlitiun of iiStC For bis tmni ai 
' I peviod, tba direct fruite of the dobohAing outnge* on hn mr 


Kit]T« DotQw, «bo^ statod. b* floffontd decfdr imd wwnlj. Od« i 
hk biugmb««m vm, '■Kobody oouftd UawnC tiM otUaftfophe of 
vifelacwiwmttrtt Dittorij than Itedid. For k tjcui it torn hM I 

For atioub two fMin oftor hU «rif«'* doftib ho ftMiu«d t^ Im i 

■ tiering about tn iiuc«t of nMrt> tad oot fipding iL Ho wu u oiwl 
ttm» at Ibo iMcA on 4 ptigritnAgD to Souuiej, of vhie^ vbflo! 

* Cobxidgo hMTtJi fiv Binit, '^ wlty did h« iio£ com* to ibo 1 I oknild 
f bar* uDdonAoou him.'* Moat truo. He vam in LookdoiL aod M3y OtmI 
r BiiOTtH it nut, oddly enough kqit by a pccwxi nuMd (lodirin, wid 

■ Aoonnriioiu* 10 UablttJMi^iJMAt, u^tt to HaiAla»«1r»«ltftf«kaow» 
M lodpttfi of huL He ttm alao iu Dubliii, uid ijt Nortii WaIm^ 
vhoTOfia tl>o ftlMoaco of tUa Imdjorrl, Mr. Mnddoofc^mojlraflrtltaanr 

■ ttdo momdfi^ hi* — ab^nhmoint o^^uiuit ibo •••, SIuIIaj put h» 
I nuno At th« b«nd ^^sulftcriptToii p«|>er for £50\ soJ, c^rrytne it 
I nniud thoncii^bbaurhiioiJirmiMdt viun euflioitiCEtto pravimtthinlrulf 
[ Ttomui wnrk ^iiitiy Jiaatri3y«d- In 1B14 Im tnado t tear on t)j« con 

ttaont, MHitiiig Fruioe, SwitMtluicij tha Raun; and '^ Rhmc, t}ie 
mfl^ifloetit aoeoMy of whidi pnxlujSAd the moat vUikios effiMs 00 
^ hw OfeiniL In IBIS h« nudo a tMtr along fJio *ointhoni coant of I>^ 
'voQvhin^ and tb(*u reiiticg a bou«« on l&ibo[)agatQ beath, osi Um 
bocdctK of Windsor for«nV Ha npolit tbo aumnicr mouUta in nitnl< 
uating oir*r tlw AOtri-u hu hjtd vmt«d, aud proJuod tbt-m bi* t-oaai 

of A^utor^ or ihv Spirit of SolitudcL The next mr W again riidted 
tUe eootuwQL Uc wvi oow marriod to Mary VroManorvIl Qodvift, 

' ^ho aooMD|>a&iod kbo. Tb*y ftied lluur rvudiuio* fer m Uino on Ibo 
bank* oftbo LakoofOtiiMn 

Qtra SluUey aud Lord Bjtoo ^ivt met; they had corr«i|MMMiad 
bdfoM, bat boro biigati that h«ud*fjip wb&«h «ontribtit«d ao palp^b^ 
to the puriTication and vluvHtiou of toae in the bi|;ber poetij of 
tijT<a. They aeomod equally ploaeed vitb eaoh other Btron van 

I oeoupylag Uto Villa Diodati ; a nanM ooonool^d with MiK^n, and 
pertupa one of the noble ^oM'a raaiaooa for obooaiiig it a> a ra- 

Hitldenoe, iShcdIey eo^igod one juat bdow it, in a moert wqii»al«ral 

■ npoL Iboro vaa no aeeoH to it io a carriaga, it atood only M|iapa1od 
from tbe hkt bj a AinaU ganlen, mnoh uver:grovu bj-tcoea^ and 
a poUtvi^ UinHigb the TiDcyaM <rt OifrcUU oouununiaabed inth 
it, 7h« two porta •nt«md do«plj litto poetical dkaquhdUnciv Ko4biE^ 
could be inor« opponta than thvir lutui^s, and ttotr t^outio t«n- 
dwoiua^ Shelley vaaall Inu^iiaUou ; Uyroo had a atrong toiHlaa^ 

I to tb« aatual, «r to that vludi nivst toll ui>on the ganotal nrjind: 
< Ebeiluy was puraly apjritital ; Bjrcm had much oftbn vrorfd En hmt: 
\ Sbeliey wm aU g«Qerod4ty ; Bj roo. wati a ervtal abow of it, hod a 
Ifoimndonji daub <^ tbe ivUUL Still, th<^-had muiy thkkg" in cofn- 
tuon. llkey wuiv food of boating and pittol abootlag ; they mn 
]ier««cul«d bw public &|>rrJoo ; thoy had tiroken fhwa all boi)4e ef 
ordiaary lUlth, iful wqw tn**" in 'hTHTr]i*«;on n»d «pMidfttion a« lli« Sirdi 

vera Lo itM^r flight wirr tbrir bc«U. Tiioy mwod togotber round 
tJie U:e, and veto nay iwar boing k«t iu a it<mn upon 11. llMy 
viaitvd logabv MaUWio and Cktviiat *^ the «lf<^i '>f tb« aemiory 





with tlio KouveUe BeloUo io hi* tuDd, vi* entnadiMc. 

ii]jrij Laufc^npc, uid irbtlo vplking Uh Uic iu«ok walk 

Iwloimiiig to QibbonV touM^ he ooold Dot ImId mj id;, " Gibbon btd 
« oola ■nd nnimpwionod ipbit. I aever fdt more mohoiitfon to 
nul Hi Uw frcjudjcoa whioh otuj>g to «uch a thing, Uiau iww that 
Julia uid dutdi^I^iuaiuie ud th* Bonwo Ecnpto. oonnpel me to ft 
co&tnrt hctvera Boitfieftu uid Qibboo.* Hia lliio* on th« Bridpe of 
Anv vkI ]jiiiIIjiBDtoIiitel]e<;tu<lB»ulj wDrowiitUm *t thU ttuic. 

The p«dU ftH Ura. Shill^ ««M ttuartAntly tof I'thtsr, mi m ihtt 
wSitr tanid that aubHtoo 1000017, io flov WAtlwr, aiM id Um «T«oiqga 
at «adi otho^a hoDocA ; and, during a w««k of mo, thoy horrSBeil 
thMDadna with Qfliman nhoit lltf)n(^1f at^d ^kto <k niatiml cbolUnn 
towrito<acboTiAorthvirown» To thiM woov« thnV«niTnTn whJoli 
via*, na iiA finit aiip«mic«t attrib^iied U> Lord BjrroD ; but M-n m 
it«1itT writUa bv bin Tun »tollit« of ft nbjndaxw PoUdori, Bjrun 
wToU a atoTT cttIM Th« HftiTU^ of Bfdfi&tgor, which wiw to nArnil4T 
tha clroumaUDooB of bis owD|---«a h« va« nov amailtjjK ttiiitv^r I1i«t 
reoflui roftiMl <if hia vifo to tiro vith him ; bu1,ou bou-iug from 
Eoglaad that t&dy ^tod wu ill, vith an impube that did biiu 
bocbour, bo thrust it into tho fin>> Wb&t StLoQay irrot« Jik9 tiot 
•M»ear, hut th« prodnciion ot hiri. ShrUcy voa FrankeuMtuD. 

On hia retuiD to Bngbuii, in tho Mitumo of that )var, ho had to 
cudun; the uuBoty of bLa two cbildrcn bciiij takcp from Itliii hr thu 
<>]mi of Cbaaoerv, on the ground of bin di)iho]i<f tD rov«a]ud robgino, 
uid tho &utho««h^ of Quffoa Mab, a vork publiabcd without hi4 
oonacut. It wo at this poriod that he wrat to lire at Qnat T/Utr- 
I0WB, in BtKUDshamnhiro. Mr*. Sh«UoT vaja :—'* SbeBer'a cboioo of 
abodo wfti liiad^cdiSdlT l>f thi« towo baiDJE at E» groat dtttasoa fn»m 
LcddoQ, Aod ita u^ghbourho^ to tho lliamea* l^o poem of tha 
B«f olt ot latam wu writtoQ to hi* boat, oa it fioated imdcr the 
beech groTca of Bifthatu, <t doriiig wandarbus iu the ii^bthboxiruia ' 
vooutrr, aliioli ia dwtiiigxiiahod for its poculjar bcautj. llio chalE 
htib hrrak iato cli& that otorbaAj tbo lliaaieAi or form Talleys 
ctotbvd with bwch. Tbo wilder portioi; of the oouiitrj jh rcndrrcd 
biwil;ful bv cJiiiWruLt votetolioQ • ai^d tho cuItiv^Uid (Mid U i«rtj- 
cularlr fcrtl)«. With all this waalth of mttin, which. «tLbur m the 
form of veutlemeffi'a parka, or soil dcdlcatod to agrioullurv^ ficnrithea 
apMind, Marlowo ^^vt iiihi^it«>l — 1 hop« it in a]l«Ttd oow^p^bj^ a Tttrj 
noor popqktion, Tbo women nr* loco-nkakvir^ and lo*e tbair heaha 
Dj aedenliiiT labour, for which tbo; ar« vm ill paid. Tho poor-laws ' 
ground to tho dttvt nob ouljr tho pwniOTfc out ik<^o who had rioon , 
|u«t abora that vtato, ftnd waro oUiffid to pay poor-rat«L Tba ^ 
ofaaage prodooed hy ptacc foDowioig a Jong war, and a bad bamat^ 
brovuht with IhvciiUto moot heari-rendiag evib to Ibe poor. fihelUj^ 
ailbrdod what aQoTiatbn ha could. In winter, whilr bringing out ' 
bb poon, bo had a aovora attach of cphthcdinia, cfiu^bt wbiLn TiniCiujE 

tbo oait«g?Vk I tzmotioo thmo ibing^ for tbia laiuvlo apd activr 
tfjnpathjr wiih bin fbllow^rcaturra girca a thovuaDd-fold intcnist 
to hla spoGuktioiv, MoA atainpa with R«Iity bin pleadit^ for tbi^ 
bumaa raoo.** 



Sbfiilej doci not tttta to bttrci had oujr aoquiiiit4noe at SUHowv, 

or in Iho noighbdtulLt'KML — --t vnn eixiplj lb* ofaaru of tb« ^i^tnlrj 

aod tberirorhere vrhidi&ltmoUdlLim: but Uu fricud Mr. Ptaoock, 
nutiior <tf HcaiDonc HoU, ¥rafl ruudiug tb^re aX Ibo time, ett£Mr 
■Xrnvrii tlioro by SliMUytarSh«IloT by hta- HiiHcifffl AtAoda m a Ba« 
uptu ralluy, on' tbe baak^ of Uie TbauiM. Tbtf rivur littv b beMtifbl, 
rujming buiLfuJ through tbo mcrat bMuUhil mtiodova, l«r«I a* ft 

uitUDt WTOid Ui0 river, Ui«tt& meailove &r« boondeil hj ^Cvp Hlb 
oloUied with DoUft vooris ; mid a more cbarmiag Koene for mtfog 

ov«rii8ns i&d dip loTiD^j iuto th% vtivn^ whkbt from niMiing ovvr 
A <:lttUc boUooi, dTo ad truit|)UCtii riMfl/ m tbo air tta«tf ; and st 
tbo tbHous tuTQB of ttiD rrror ooff f«aturaa of bawty ibku ]r^Mfr'~ 
iiApeniinK woods wliicb invito ^ou to land end stroU &wnr iiU4> 
tli«ia ; Ai>liUi:7 nlkyit, vhtn bouie or nan ta not aotn ; bjkT thaci» 
uAui. iTiiltitilnt fiinn«, Bud bitla mrrnO vrith fiookK Ko vonltfr 
thnt Shoilc^ was kII jnimm^r tlMitiog upon tbi* fiaa river, tttd 
huTirlftUiis in thd commwiUon of nH MilemlJd povm. A UtUa bttkm 
thu lown ntmidH tho villiwa of lMlc< Maftotfci, witb itn grvy chumh, 
aad olil muicr-houao, called BiMham Abbay, unJd itn fiaae ti^ ; and 
arcu&d, a lovely M«u«t of tbe aoftly flowing, boaatlful nrcr, tho kval 
muad*, wtd t\tv hilU And iroodiL On Ibu olher tide of Lh« to«rT\ iho 
coufitry u of ttiat clear, biight njiiM^ct, vith ita tiling fanwi tod 
lwbit«d diuniw of bcocb on iw«LlIiig luJbt, wbioU slvayi coario • 
ohalk iliirlritf^ Tb^ tovn itwif i* satall. aihI iiit«Dacty auiel The 
bouMa aro knr oad doan tooldng, aa if nr> amoko eror fell oc tfaaiD 
frooi tbo pufv diapboaoiM fdr. itco&HUiAortbr^optfiidpalnroria^ 
vometbins ni tbo bhape of tb« lott«v T, with •om* nDotlvr un«& Ifi 
pa«Dg u<Qg it. yoQ would not au«{»int it of Ifaat intcniv povtrtj 
wfafcb Ura. sholfoy jptoka of, thooglx, tnna tho wrctcbod deproRtfoo 
of thn bnidJaofriwnTiiig, it may cxiat. Tbe h«iuMa lutvo > Doai 
nunlatun took, and Uio people took cheeifal, boaJtby, and Uut voDtoD 
of a very ifrooUde cipio^ulou of oouut^oanoa. 

fluoh WM tbe np<»l nhvra SbtrUi^y rvaidocl eigfat«nil-tbirty yeaf* 
a^o. Hill bouv wm in tlia ntndn anwi-^a )oi^ «iiiooocd dwoDiiig, of 
tbat iipee^ofl of iionilcflcrij't srcbtttctur* wb^ oAoo ww thoiv^ 
nr4bi<v Woaaw it h«d pobtod windowa, aad battlMDcoU. It cnuct 
bare boon tfaen a apaoiotui and a Tory pIcMaat icMdeneo ; it ia now. 
jm i» tte lot of molt plaoM iu wbleb povU Uve livod, dnubicd aaa 
daaaevaUd. H i« liirided into tbrao tonocmmlj^ a aelio<il. a |N4vato 
honao, and a potbooM. I eoUirod Ibo hitlor, and with a itnnpr 
focUiiA In o luso roooi with a boarded floor, and which had pro* 
bably hfipn fUi«tt^*a dining-mwnj wm a hot*, ett bar fart tik)ri^l oW^ 
and a numbo; of viaiton vera dhukin^ on bnefao abpg tbe waU^ 
whkib atill bom traoeo, amM disflnraoMint aod suiius of fonnor 
taal*- Tho gfurdKn bi>blod haJ arwntly Iwwn riiiMiultN^ arul vm^ 
pkaaant Tbcro won nmahuof tilMiT«igrvDntTvti&,andeiraniouDd 
on wbidi mw aome decUooua cypreaaco, wboro had oridcntly stood 
■ •TiminoaMiivMifL 1^1111 waa 9000. Ihn garden waa dividtd mo tut 




lonij portloDfl w Uiore wen dow tomota, uul all tridoDoe* of cmre 
bod vwiikbed ttom iL Aloujf Ibo «ida of Jt, liowovor. kj m Ona omo 
i&mHow, tnd thn vtia ruD wmNi thin to aoratt BVMtJy-wootM billM. 
It ivftfl ft iu4-kacholjr thkig U> go ht/^ tu tlw Unso whofi Sbelkj, tnd 
hb wifc aad tnvamt yniHwd in Uiis pu'dni, dnjojiug it and tin Mir* 
Ittiindlnffiiuitt AMiioi%«rKi tONflftolwbit tuuTbeva U:^ saliwqutfEil 

AJOonpA tbo poor of tlto town the miwinbfunco of hk bea«- 

; vOil«o« and un«Rmniio|[ kindneM h^\ utill i^hrociicleni : btit fitim 

' the otlMT cltfMWi ]ittl« «ouid be Icerun], ind llut ]|{>t wbit tbr 

[ mooMr; «^ mdk • nuui dtturvMh Otiv okl rttiopkccpoTr not Cu- from 

I Ua booH^ reiDMnborod him, aftd '' h«^ hia obildren did net tiLo 

^afUrbifD." -Wfavr -Ohf bow»aver7b«dEuui!* «Inl-^! 

: wfaatbodMctioiuididlivdDl'* *'Oli ! 1 beg jxiur [vHoa? he lUdito 

had actioDK Ihiit I i/vi-r h^nt df. hut, otj the fi^tnur. be Wkui uti- 

oommotitj |Food to lUe pour; biit thea^'' *-B«it thai, wbAtf" 

*'Wto~, U did DDt bclicTC in Uio doll!" Such an the fralta at 

h4^t U«diiD0i fo vain bas Ohrirt taid, *' Bjr thalr,/hn6 aUt 70 

hnow tben." I b«ggad tho poor mtn, of whtan 1 fouDJ tih«llflf 

hoDght no grocerutt, at lowt to lonvo biu to the JodsoMot of m 

I OooTaodof Chriftf* vbocafn«l4>ae«kanil to save all Uint myir» l»ii; 

. and to bdeve thow gm^t amuittaoes of the fl|o«pal, that th« |ir>dinL 

"vhcubo bad oocbiailted all kind of critnoi^ RiundEiPtvi4jr«peci£uu 

I'hul a Tond btber ; Ibat h^ (hat bath not oharity i« aa a aoutHlinf 

IbcMa and a tinkling cymW; vid tbat h6 tbat loveth Intaoaalj, 

> Ihcugfa bt» nur tbiul crrooroiuJj, will rtand a v«rjr &ii olauioa with 

the Iwior ofVve hirua«t^ 

•- But jjcAj- vlut boa beoonw of Uu0 Mr. Sfcelkj, theo T ** aakid th« 
nuui*a waffl, wlio hod oonie frota on inner room. ' Bv wa« d^rownod/' 
I miUtd, * Ob 1 thatV Jurd what ona ixJ^it have exp«cted. Dmwnad I 
LiM-^Hmetcf T af, jcut what w(» ni^t \m! »id Wd cuu to. He 
^WM al««j» oa (he wator^— dwaya boating, boatiiiSy-^i«<ver ouv but 
«1iaD Na wan in that boat Do yon know wbal a tpridE *» pW*d 
UmbvannowMl* •'No." " Ho called hk booi ■ /^ujn; and 00c 
mcmdng bo Ibuid tho nan>e kcg^oocd, by a piooe of cbufc, with tbo 
wiMd*k>nd*—i'a^AiM4. Thirn an ckT«v fvUowa h«r<u as well MID 
LoodoD, dind you* But Mr.HboUey «i0 not oSteuMd. He oaly 
loujbod; fur.youBotyhodidnot beUovoiiiadovLl,audaobo tboofibt 
thnro Doulil m ELOihtoi; wniof. Ha lucd to aajr, when ho hiwn of 
vridioiltjmft. 'All, poor poopbf! U'h ooIt ipionDM; ir ibi^y knew 
^^betUrr, they'd do bcti«r ;' Oh ; what dutn—i and hnlbDiirr I to 

[•icua«flin,andf««1 no9i>JtrJ«*)^<><KV*0Un«t^<^*^<>«Ml'' I ioiind 
f Uw( U16 crabbed creedwDaa had been uura too Long Mtm too. Uv 
faiub about cbnly wan thrown avmy, and 1 moved nHf Ual 1 mjMlf 
Cot hith ia JoRuaClirlat, who wonU not ooodiffiiui ovon the adnUoroM 
at the desire of tb» nogefiil and tbo iODSual, ibonbl be found 
waatiBg ui boly iudi^putiofli too. 

U was tn vain that I iuqwvd aiikOotfit tbo daaa of little gentry 
III the nlaea lor i&fbretttktt about ghaOey— 4hey kDOv nolbing of 
any euai penoii. At ktigthj aftor muefa msaicbif and Uie rannttifi 

ftl4 BBEUXT^ 

lo arid fro of wvUmi fran tba inn, T wiu dimfitd to an timSmf 

. aufgncm vho hod attc&di.Hi i\JtDO«t nvuryV^dy for tkA lint hUZ-cooUiff, 

IX found biOL An old nun of neorlj niuc^tj. IT* n^cnUeolod SlieUt; ; 

^liftd Attfndful Lint, btit ktsw? littlo bhoiit hint. Flewaa« vion Uft- 

iddii nuui, be bud ; kept no comfnnj but Ur. Bi«odc4^ ftDd tJul 

^ lilfl boftl, wd vu DoTvr i«ra in tbo tovo biii be had ^ book Jn 

■lim bftnd, vid wi> radiiig u h^ mmt oJi^g- The olcl gcoUffUfttt, 

|h^|io««T<ir, kindlj vent hj> Mttuit to i>oint ont Shol1o/« Iuhim lo tm, 

and M I nrturniM itp tlto itrrxTt, I mw him Atu>dka|[ b(kr*-hnd(d oo 

I'tho pavrtncnt b4>fi>re hin doo^ in uHiro diuttrana wHh wion* 

^ poigbljonm. My iDquiriM had rvidenUj ATOUAOd 1h» MAriwrcati 

CimoBllj. Oq oomEni: up, tbe old centJeiiiaQ InqaJred Murlj If 1 

«antfd to l««m morn jvt iihoiit Ur,Shdtttv.^-'T hid TiunkDa liUlc or 

noticing. 1 replied that 1 s^otM be wry Upfiy' ■'llien,'* uaid he, 

**004D« ia, Sir, (in* I bnvi> Mnt for a j^mUNiMD vho knows aU attont 

hint/' I entend, knd found a tall. v«D-4»Misd mm. vith • vm 

, floUnm Btpoot "It is tho f^nim of tbv nkm,* md l to m^adt 

r WiCfa a very aolnnin bov ho aroei^ and with verj solena bo«a «e 

^ vat down enpatittt to f^ub othrr. "I am bqipf to biAr/' I wdL 

"Lfaal yDu Knew Mr. SbeUor, and ca& giva no aooio DuiJoilan 

- ngaidinz h)a raldenco hersH." ^ X can, Strr h« rei4i«d, wrlh aoothtr 

[WotaD Sow. [ wfcitcil i» bftv n«vtt«--Jitut 1 wailod in rain. Thai 

;' ilr. 8bQU«7 had liTod therB, acid that bo had loD« left tbont, 4Dd thai 

'hia houaowiadovn t^e street aad that ha naa a tmj oiUaordiDUjy 

' loan — he knew, and I Ininw; hat that via all : not a woffd of him 

66iaa or hia njiuffk >t Uailowe cuu* oat of tba ■otoiHA hmln of 

that ufigo Holotan maa But at lecigth a dcf^tw of Intorvat ai>|i«arEd 

L to pthar in bin <^mlu anri brigltcn in bu oyoL "'Tluulc Qod t*" I 

l-«diunHdl| JDwtrdJy. "Tho mau ia alow, but it b oo&tii|E now.* 

1 Bitt noiAh opeood, and ta eiid, " 0ut pmVi &!« . what bacsDM of that 


I «Vbit, (fid ;on DOW hoar!" leidaiDUMl. ** Did it navtr r«uh 
f Jiarlowo— but thirtv nUlaa trttn Leodoi&^iliat ami atoi7 ot bda 
td«ath, wbio3i (fPOiLLKl a ac(u«dfin throti^Mint tho dritivrd wtwld 1* 
fKOitbo thing had MT«r pfnotntod i^ Una BcDotiaD dcuaoiMBa <l 
hat plaw ! 1 root u|>, awJ now bowed aolemnty toe, " Aad pmy 

'■ what famllj migbt bn lo^vo T ^ ahlod tlio Boloiim porunagn, m 1 van 

' haatiug away. ** V<>u will kam thai," I aaid, atill g4tug away, ** &u 
ttio Baronetage^ if aticli a book «rar Tvaohoa Jdu-tovo^' 

I haeUnad toih* inn whfirviny duiu irwi itAndin^ rradjr formj 

I departure, and vaa J&at in tho act of eiiteriDff it, wh«K i heard a 

^ pr^ of outcry, penwifod a aort qC biuUe hdiuid nw^ amd tuniog 

my lit^l, auv iliii taD and foJivan man haidiGg with Koga and aniioai 

atridca >Jt«r met 

" YoQll excuse mo. Sir ; you"Ll i^icuao ne^ I iMnk ; but ! eartU 
l^ialat* lo yi-iii a facl^ uid I thtnk I ir^V vcuturtk to n<rUto ta you a faft 

Iwnurct^J «ritb tJie Ut« Ur. Shtilic-y." "l>t>,'^ aaid I ''I Uiiak L 

\ wt//,* repbod the tall atout inac heaving a doop dglk, aod eroctlog 

bimaiir tA hi«k ftdl bdtght, Ihr aboi^ my hMbd, ai>d eavtrng a moat 

AwTut gUuoe at the aky. » I /iiJvX I wiU,^l tAM 1 oiay vMitUM." 





"It h oerUlnlj loraMhiiw t«it lid udi^oiiiuiDft" 1 md to CErvMlf; 
" but 1 wbh lie vould on^ bring tt onxt.*" *" WdJ, iboo," oouuim*d 
hm, with »no^b«T hfftTr? of h.\n fm^macoM cliiMt, asrl uii>thi>r gntti 
guM» Bt tho dihtftnl hoHron. " I cortuntjr vUi mcutioii it It ma 
tbia. WbL*ii Ur.Sbdll^j left hUrtowo, he onLerod tdX bU blUt lo be 

pttiJl, taoiit bonntinibf^, ^vrriihinlj^. moit iK^kOunbl^; and thoj wora 

|»iJ — ftA— eiccpt — miua ! Thcroj Sir ! it i* out ; cutiw JU-vtcu40 
jt ; Init I !Lm Klad It tM oitc^" 

■ Whftl ! n bill ! " r Mol&iined, in proTMiiiidABt Mit4U)uibEnA(it. " a 

" All, ^r ! alt! «vi>[7tfcbff of the «vnt i frvei^ ahiUlog, I assire 

r jou, bu bnr-ti paid, but txtj tittjA UMount ; and jt \nu m j fintlt ; I 
dooH know bow in th* world 1 t<trg<A to scud it id.' 

"What," wSd I» **4re^u not ibfr iiqiiiro lioreT WLat are ^out" 
*Oh, Lord ! no, Sir ! 1 am no ncjuirn beta! 1 am a tzwlc«Kum f 
I tm— iu tbo MTittvl vmjr f * 

*DTiT« OD f I eald, spiliwlDg Scto tbe carrla^, 'drlie lib« the 
Drtfoit of Wuoil^ «ut of tViis pla^o-^-Shelloy » rc9iieiab««d in 

hUArlova beCMiM tb«ro wu one bOt lefl UDpdd 1" 

Tbcra ftjaJfi toboiL^- It wouM b«a curloua tbinglf tlwmn^ilio 

^d»rma bitnnfllf ino«t tfaorou^lj md nniverivJ^ flnnoiav *>kil wilbi 
About in Uw oomfortablo pnvuiuion of tt, conJd >M bis Ium mipMd 
upon tbd <xiiinti^, What kq odd fifE^^o It would miluti A bw 
uobU mt« ttfaooting bcro and thvn^, but aU aroiind vbatvait pab*hcii 
oir nnvimttcl couatrr, what ctiijluininatcd roponUt wb&t teort« of 

'oWlTlonofhiiDamoI 5h^]lA7UT*<l,andHiirerw1,uidfpcirt UtoM^f 
f<:>r nuuiVindr uid in the place vhtfTtt ho bat livod in Kng^d, witbin 
tliirtf milM €f tbo gTMt motropoUs cf nmtuk uid kAovlcdni, h* in 
coj^ rtDaraobcrvd bj ft bad Joko oa his boat, bj bbi dkbaUel of ibo 

fidarO, and b^a fbrgotton wL W«ro it not fbngotten^ bo bad bc««i 
•Oi Xhrti/ jsmMtii. 

On tbo tScbof31ai^l6l8,8h«Itejqaitt«d fiD^wd ooco aoi^ 

. D# vaa nevoT to ntnm. Hia own fuo And tbat of Bttoo wrtv 

Rweodfirfol^ ftliliu. Tlio two fraatet, oiovt oripoaL moat powoM, 
and tndiMatiil pocla of tbo agc^ wcro driioD Into «ziU Ipf ^n paUJo 
fooling of th«ir lymintry. Tb^ oonld not bring tbamaalTea to tbiiik 
041 pouticd qooatioiu wilb a krgo party, nor on n&eioua odioi vilh 
a atdl lar^r ; and ntrrv Apoolca of vltanoratioD ana tnwult waa lot 
utoTV tipou ttit-iu. Afl if ^Aritjr aud foTMannce bad booD btmihati 

^ qualitioH, aud wrath and oaJiunny CbriatiaD virUioik fcio Britkh 

Kublic mat lofliljr' roBolvod not to do aa CbHat miaircd thcon^ 
) loT* tboae who hat«d thou and doHpitofuU^ natfd tbcni, but to 

hale th^se who ]o^-«d tbom, wd hod ni>ble virtvea. tbougb ikity 
/bad tbrtr cfrorn. Their frrrora abould bavo bm> Imwutvd, aud 

ibWr clwtrlrMD rhfnt^d w much as potiaibla ; but Uk«ffi* la Do bw, 
-bouan or dtviiu, tbat onn reJcam u* from the b« of Iovf, aad ibd 
[ooaniDandDf ■vveotrtimoBiavta ftffglviJiioiBaDritnuriw. Both thorn 
^greaiuModiediD thrirokiltf of bsirwt— the wnrkl bad ita will tor 

tbe tliats uhI tbo joiiriU of thno doa^l outoadta niuU sow IkaTO tholi 

wUl, in tbcir duatblaw tolutPct>> to tbp end vf tiiDb 



If anj ODO wotiH know wh^t Rort of ft outt thu noml mocMtVi 

EboUoi^^ wv, lu*. him Kttd the eloquMit Bococmt cf blm ftnd ba lib 

ftt UKlonl, in tbu Nomt UDiithly ftu^uiuo foir 183% vnltcct bj oo« 
[ who Tu hi* Jhund ofid ooropanioa* and nbo, Mr^ ^fUli^y ukvv, las 
d»crlbcd him mott fbitUSilly. Tlioro wo find hha full ivf jro«] for 
loumn^; moat x«akiiia in ftooiimiilatiajF kaovlodsu: oitiilcintc iq 
kindikcu : iudifimiit aguruit all i>pprQuioa to nukU or to oniiiMk 

K«Vor AblinK to riwli in ca wfUuMMog auj ortiolty, or luvriod; of «fij 

ctlaiuily, lottbjp Uio ouc^oud tdlevi&t«l£«otiter- PcUoffwetjAod 

. flin M % obild, mUuv htf paper boata CQ vrerx pool mmI stroua, or 

[ lunbUtig ior And wtiLD over um eountry la camaaV t4lk anj d-»op lore 

of 4ll Dfttim. He w«« rewlr to coreu oUkbeii, to ranb even oa 

irjiatcn luid iHffi^kn^ to nin br refnatuDect for vUning MO|ile bj 

Um w^jnd^ pj«dgui]| ovob hia CiroiL)4U luicraMo^^t hifl Adify mraoi 

[«f t«creat«oii, to SBsiift « poor old Euau. Such vna tb^ dmiidful a«ft* 

I tore llmt nmet be cipeUcd from cnJktgoi, have hia obildrcu t<m froei 

^Jiiu ki [wv«tit ibfl eMkUtoiokiluD of hbt rkrtu«a, ftod to W hootod 

[,«ut of hin nfttiie butd. Yet unid all Uxo mgMi tb«t tbu indicted 

Ion bim, be vw rvcr rudr HtQI to do a aubUmo ftood, or enter with 

|<ibe wtf^ hovvtk rvliJtb iulo tbc twTMt JoIeol Nothkiii; <an cobrej 

> more fivia idea of tbc latWr dinptwitiocL— which ta uct tbttlof ft 

Dftu jiyidetDftticdIjr moUdoiuL vrhidh in the true spirit of irick«dDO« 

— thou to<|iiot<ftjolcor*iUtod to bim \'j tba writer of thc«o «TtJale% 

md tee the muiner in which tt vea epioynL 

''Ivftiwtlkiif cswaA(nioon,in tbenuume^on the «««tonisida 
of thai ahori vtreot Je*dui|[ from V^onf -«cn> to CowDt^^nloD, wW^ 
puvenger n cvnctftl; luTJtcd, w a pervooal &vour to the do- 
QdB&t, to preoetd etnughtwaj to Ukhgftto or KDntinli tosn, ftod 
wmwU ia cftUodj I bhinti. J«iii««'«trort. I wm sbotit to onvr Co^ut- 
gKdeEi, vhen an Iriah Ubounr, whom 1 met beftring an tany^y bo^ 
ftoooatod me aomewhat rough] j, and aakoi vrhy 1 had run a^unift biin. 
~ lokl biai bnoilr ihfti ho wm mbiftkea. Wbeih«r MCDObedy h«4 
tmllj puMbed w« nuiv or he onljr aou^^l to quaind, and ftlthcu^ 
, douitfcttk ntttfided m vmUj row nrakrfy, and the iroek vru 
-~^7 drawiu to ft cJaeti h« vae andbio lo sfnxi till Sukday (W « 
thnd, 1 inov not, but bediaoounad for acmelUre with the 
eooeof ft man whoeaoddeni hinuelf injnrad or inmltodtftnd 
I 0(»icAndod, b«Ae^ fffoboldoned bj mj lon|t ei^oiMi^ with a ocirdiel 
invitotioii just to piuih bim afaic. Sererftl peiaoui^ t»t T017 unltkv 
I ooitQi&o, had peered roiiiMl biro, and appoarod to rngard bins 
h ajnupalbj. vTbca lie ptUMd, 1 oddrtMcd ta biua. eloirlj aikd 
. atfy, and it ahonld aaem with pW gnvily, thoao word** >* oeaiij 
aa [ cm recoUeci tlicm :— ' I have put mj hand inio the hampar: 
I bftv« l»«3E<id upoo Ibfifserod boHciy; I have e<itoQ ointof th* dnua! 
1 bftTv drank, a»d waft wet pleav^d ; I hare bM, tM tutmf, and it 
ia finaihol \ ' ' Haio yna. Str 1 ' ioqulred the aatauibMJ Irnhmao ; 
Aod hoi TVArd frio^A biMooU/ pre^aed round bim with, — ' Wb«ra 
ia the bftinpcr,IWUlrr—-WlfttWloyrftod the like. And Udicd 
from biaown countty^that it to aa;', the boskei'woaiiei^ anddM^y 

begftli to intdrrvg^ta bim; — ■Xoif, loaj, PU, whcro ban jou LftOfi 





^rinltin^t — WhathftTO jou hRdl* I iarnod, tbcrcforeL to ttao right^ 
ItA^jii^ thtu w«toi]D(k4 DfophyUi, vboon 1 had thiai mantel, to ei* 
pouDd tha myxiio wi>nl> of inituMmi am fa» ivralcl to niv b]i|iiiiiti*iB 
oompftiuoBi- Jut I wdlc#<l ftlowlv ucJer tli4 pUzaui^ nod thrvngh tho 
atr^tta uud oourU tovairdii the Wnn^ T marrellcd at tho fngtmiitr of 
Ofptiinui.^ir he tr«iro indcvd Ihr iTivtTif<<rnftb»£lmiHiniajimjwtm«ii; 
tli4t bo viN Md to derw wont* tlut, tmpeHiectlT ■» I lad repeaud 
ttwiD, and la the tattered fhignicnt that )uis WAchod mi, ven able to 
aootiiD people m mvnfEO 4nd liarb^rou^ «« Umi» to whoiu I l>ad a4- 
drm*d thmi, ind vrhich, nn Ibo apolrwata for thmc vntirrabltr ritMi 
■flbm^ vcn nunifivtl^ well adapted to iuolto peniona vh<:t htMr tbctu 
^0- th« timi Um«, luverw rud* the; ni» bo, to aak ouMitionB. 
WonU ibat otn awaken ornioaitf eten in ibe atiHgiah iimUMit of 
a vlld aan, aui mi v^tvn tiie itttot oT kooirkttgD '. 

^Kfmr iMywj; Hri^f it j* fritUbi^l ■ " ^iclaimol Shelley, onuriw 
rith CQtbiaiiaatio lUJj^t at mj whimaioal advoTitiiTa A thouAod 

iai be atfude abijut tlw hwiBO. and b hJi tmmblcn out of doooa, 
he «tOi> and Tftpoat tbn myatlo wrmh of iiutialioD. but alirajB 
ith an onarKT of muuier, aad a r^nutnoe of tooo and g«atQre, 
would lutvu pnrreutcd the n^dj aooe^itaccti v^iich a adm, 
toolaM doliTer; bul oncn prociirvd fov them. Hott oAm would 
I throw dmm hia book, c^p bia banilar lad etartiog from hia a«at, 
CET Kiddoulv, with a ibnUiiu ruoo, *■ 1 barv inidt JTm^ qw/djt ; and 
nia diild-likfr, this freaU aad ;r«aUT ki&d, and if id«d woolil 
ara kt Uiiu, tbia lighb'bnwUfU mnti, tbna then (quitted Gugla&i- 
Tte Bjrroiii h** *<oitght a hame in Itidjf. H» liv*fl m vadwi* dtlea. 
_d wme lber» his vart 1^u«at work\ aniongHt tl^<rm iVoEnotboua 
Tubou&l; Tlu C«ttoi; HeUaa; pait of RoaolBnd uid ficloa; bla 
lo r.i1>f*rt7, iiai-Ija|'a th» vftry linnt odi? in^ laQ]fuagie> acd 
linly in it^ tkacviptiuu of Atboot oeror excelled a bdjt pieco 
' deacriptLun hi any langnigo ; Adooala, an ekff on tho &tih of 
JToaU^ hiid thrut* wrj m^lnnchol; vetaoA writ1«a in the Ba^ of 
Na|iAea. lb «n« ilrowtityl. na i^ wiU kDOWD, by the naking or h£a 
boat in u oqiull, in the Gulf uf ^petia, iu Ibo auinmeT of Ifii^ at the 
ga of Ibiny. 

Sbelley vould hare e^lojwd thb portaon of bid 1iC« bf-yoml ill 
otitfns bad ho beeu in boMUi mad nptnuc lie inn united to a wncnan 
worthy nf hinx aad vfao could pouialo* of all hit inteltpctiial pl^a- 
n. Cbddron wtto fcrowiufr arouotl him, and be wia Ihirij iti tJut 
uiifid ouuiiiiy^ »urfV(U]dnl by the raoaitia cf tbrmcr art and 
iry, and under that iue aky, p«trmg out itom heart and braio, 
ouikaiid iDi|i*u<:aikfd,and iBmoFtalworki. But hie health fluted 
Ltaixlthedutoof caluuuiy worv makUftg Ia hia hooo«njdiipn»olao| 
■ptritNv and aappios bia oooatitution. I can tadf allow myaelf 
i few ptMiof gUiiooa at hit homes in Italy, of whiA Hre. 8hoUcy 
t xiviui ui auvl* tleJiitbirijl Hkoluhoti tu the uotA tu her eJitlou M 
r buabanira pootoa. 

llwy wf^ttt tUjrci td Vilao. add viid^cd lh« Lako of Cofoo : UMa 
abugtol'uu, If|^ari4,lh«halhBuf liun^TiiiuiC9»£bia,BaiD0T 



Haploi^ ftnd buk to Rcdnti for tho Klnter. Then ha diJetj wrW 
hill pAMDnthniiH. In 1:^18, thov w«f« at th« TtothJi nf I^rnn, vlHr« 
Sfatijler linUIied lUHalJod and HoIojl Thimoo bo viatt«d Vetuoi^ nad 
oQouiMDd « homo leat him bj Lkird i^Ttva, it Ceita. *I Quicctni vr» 

A rill[L hrjilt oa lh« cito of ft Copuohin ornivnfit, 'UcncJiHlMd wh«u tb« 

f^ooh rappreiMd rdigiou* acuatn. It woa ■ituikt««l «q tfag tsij 
ororiwnglii^ brow of t uv blQ, lit tbo foot of » »a^ of bld-b«r odm. 
Th« hoijwo tfM ohMTftil und pli^Muii : m Tii>^Uwliu«l wnlV, or pt^ 
goloyfta it a ci^lod i& ItoluTL led from tha fajdJ-iloor to « Jiuni&itr- 
bouM at Uio ond of tbo gardan, «hi«b SlnUoy nuulo hU vtiKlji And 
111 ivhtoh tic btf^Q th« l*i!oin«t1wu« ; u>d herA «l«iv 04 b* neotkOMd 
in A Ifrtter, bo vroto JoIUn nnd 3lnddilOb A «li^t aTiii<^ vilb 
ft vood m ItH dopth, divided thn f^hrUn frDizi tbo hill, oQ wfalcb stood 
tho rxiim of th« ftTiri«at natb of Kite, irhovr Atkvk nivuif« vaU hi*o 
fbrth ft& echo, uid from iriioM mod orwiooa owUt ud bftU H'Sud 
Jbrtb ftt night* ■■ tht GrcMOQt moon sunk bofad&d tb» black uxl 

faA^r/ hftUlMaNtbt. Wi> l-pnknd fWini t.K» j^rdmi oiyir lh« wide pZ«tU 
of Lombardy, bounded to tho west bjr th« £kf Apmrniooi ; wbtM Ip 
the CMt, tb« honioD vha Initt In mmj dtMonce. AfUr tito pi> 
ture«que btit licnil«d virv of Tiio\t«tAiii, nriiioi, nod rhMiiitit irood 
ftt tho Both* cf Luooft, there VM «ouMthii3{[ j&fimtolT grfttif^ring 
to the «yo In tho wide nuage of proapeot oomiEanded'by our xttm 

Horo tbof Io«t A littlo g^rl, and quitting tbo noi^hbovitbood tf 
V«kice, ihey i^rocoedMl aouUiward, tibollipy wwt doltgbtcd bcjood 
•xptHBioQ vith tho ftoon«rv uid onti^uitiM of Itely. ■■ Tbo lupwt 
of its QAtoro, it« Binav sV, it« nnjMtio stnem*. tbft lujnsuvt 
v«g«utt<m of the ooaair^, ud tho DObU m&rU«-hulh oUU«, «^ 
ctjitatsd bioL. Tha fint ontruioa to Homo opanod to him & nooo* of 
rviDftiiid of aocMiit grtodour tbtt Uf turpwod bi,« lapnctatioiw ; 
ud tho unflsMkoble moiiiv of ^'Jtplea tod Ito odtuvm mdmX to tho 
iroprvaMon do roo«vvd ta ibo tnuuocndmt «nd ^oriom bcantf 

Tho winter wu spent ftt Pfaplei^ w^ore tho/ UT«d in tittor »otitud«t 
»t gwOy •DJoywd thaif »xcrur«ioiu nloog ito •tumy hi», rtr JDlo h> 
bouicifEtl onviroa». Prom XApW thor roUiniod to Hocu«, whato 
thojarnv^'J In March, ]@I0. tl^re tw htd the nid Mft aiwouiit of 
tbo atorj of tha Ooooi put into tbcir A«iid«, and viait«d tbi^ Dona 
end Ooloona pdaooa, wboro tb« pertnita of Bcatiioo vem to bo 
found. H^ beaaty ca«t tho To^octton of Ita |:noo omr hor ap^i^bi 

atory. Biid SlielLty coDcoivod th# anbjoci of hi4 nti^N'rlj dmnift, fa 

Rome thoy loat thnir ^M«at child, a vorj hrcXy ntA ctigagnkg boj ( 
and, quUttrtt tho otonal city, took tbo tilUt. V'jiLaovaiJo, bcivom 
LflghAm autTMaota N«n\ wbero Ihpy nvii'M dxirinf tbft «iimmir> 
* Our riikt" aav4 Ura. Shalhij,' WM Nituatod ia the mjiuit of a podetv I 
tbo pnsuiti aaog ta th^y woricoi hoiKatb onr windowa, dud&g tfao 
Haat of a vary hot aoatrrQ : %a4 in Lho m*ninc t^ wat#T-«b«<d 
eraokad iatiuipro|p*aa>of iri^tion vtinfcon.aiidthafirO'Qieadailud 
iUDOfi|t tho ccynla hedipia ; ruiuro wa> bright, anmifiuij^ anil bbetrftilf 
or divernAttd by atoniLa of a ma)oatio lormrt nif\ aa we liarl tanrar 
beCora witnoiaod. 





I htxut ikon VTM ft Bort itr tomott. 7b«o k 

J, fjrtwnllr TOftW- Thi* tm0 wu t«y afoMll, yot 

FtooM, bat paud, ^Ua Sbtlle; loadfl hn stody : JtlocM 
iwido nmpoct ef C^rtAe couctry, end cocnsiikAdori a vi«iv or 

I QKflt piotuTMUeLT ia tbe^ vr?nf driven ocrMa uio ocoiui' 

ti»M tbv <brk ItiHd ckud* dipp«l touirdji tbo vBTes. nod 

Mvod osmnb, uid M«tt»red b^ tbe Umpccd. At otfaor timvs, 
\ ^Miltitf BQSlfbt uwi b04t iiMife it almoMt intolenblo to 9nrj 
kv| butshtUvy baAk^l fa both^ukd bin h-uiUti »nd tfpitrU r«viT«d 
' rtiwtrinfliMQoa la thia^rr evil fcu wrote the principal port 

1W fpMii part «r iks yo4T 1S19 ha Tiot^aot, yihant S1i4l1vj- 
f tevcrnl hconi lUIy In iho <bUf rj« sttidyuig tho worka of nrt, 
nUi^ t)Ot«k Ibe munner oT ldSl> woa tiwiii ehioftv ai tho 
I df OuibtfKs '^v^r Pitt, vboTD 8h«JiaT dqhJ* % itoUun- joanipy 
ntAtfHfif note at the butUai woaUier of Uio immboii, to tbo 
|vf Jhmte 9aa Belvghno^— « mccnUio on vhich vtuiilft i 

I obyol. maefa fWquntt^J : luod duriTii; thin aifot^iUnn tio 
ttie idM of Tbo Wit^b r4 Atlria ; and iiuu]ntijii.i-ly ou hia 
i iil« dovD uid wrote it in three dim An om^owuij of tbo 
da uiniJAt«d tbo baoao, i^d «ouj»od tWa to quit San QuiUuio ■ 
rmamdto PiM- 

\ lQ21,U)«Spiiibh verolatMrn oiatcd tbrougbcub Italy a jdmilar 
In KftpJM, OoDA*, Pi«do»nt, dxnoct evorywborD, tbc v^irii 
't ibo«v«I itMflft umI fibdky, atill at iW, evrnpathtaod 
•tiHlly vith th4M xacfvtmtmUL Tficn omo Uia nom of 

:^ innmctinn, fti^ ttiO bottb of N»vuinO| vbicK put tbo 
■ttobi«3oy: ocd m tfau cxnlUiian h« itroto IIl-IIuk. TbcM 
t M<tn to bftvo i:iTan a rww Ufo to him. He hid aov 
boo&r *i>^ ^"*i^ auliug it i>n thf* Aittiw It wo.'t « jiUoMOt 

Mjo UnLShcUcy, bri^t in all tvt ShdWn h»tth ; yai h^ 

dtDOoIf grvfttty. Bo m in bigb ontidpAUoti i^r tho arrival 

~~ Ukt ; Add »t Ibio juiictur<v tbo soir 1u|f>py poot uid bit 

' tbifir loot nnuiro, I^et tia ^to tbo doeply interevUng 

_ . abi^Upr'a La*t booo, in tho worao of bu rifiod vifc 

vbo/ of SfOxio utof c<»iMil«rKbb* viUtiif lujil iHdtridiO by a 

' pramAatorT into o lorfer and a muuJDr one, Tbia t»wn of 

10 uliiated mi tho wUro point, and in tbo de^itb of tbo 

, vtiicdi \.v*n Um iiHUv of Ui0 towik, U lI«o vilUgo of 

Uot botutf. Com Ikligni wjio dooc to UlIb village ; tbo 

Eto tbo door, a irti-cp hiu ■bdurtod it bthiad- Tbo pro* 
O POtMo van ii0»n«; ba IimI IxTipiri tr>irKctaUq^ h«UMi 
nit r/ ibo bill bobitsd, but bio tnjLlndj- pnTcatod it* bUiif 
, «»J Lt wi btling into niip. Uo bad^aadtbio to tbeltalkna 
10^ oynwkm of Joddod tnadiM^a, roofed up tbc oUvoo 
_. lo, ami [kittiillorTfib tJ^K. TfarttavrcmuoallyyoaDc: 
bUlAoci WM mun in Eu|[liih 'juCo Umq I owr ii^w c1b»- 
6omo flu volautond Dei ti«e« lnt«n&hij^ tbeir 

dftric, niiij foUagOt aod fbnoed fTMip* wUob lUU hwmi inT>nt 
ui tiuu tfaey AtiatMt U» un v^ a aoim of li>vcliiiteH. Tbd j 
w«fl, indMM, of unimneuiuile bmotj; tlw Moo oxieut oT . _.. 
tlM> «lRiuMt liuiiUkjCJccil UBf, Uw iiHr ouUfi of LoHci, ftliuUiuj^ It tji 
to th« cMt, umI diUttAt FoHo Vbumv to tLu west : the Tvintia fomtf 
of uocdptUusrodEi^ Uat bouod in tbe b(!«cb, near vhicfa tiuxrt wis 
«iilj A viDdiog rugged lAth tom&rdo Lurtci, omI niiua cu tlw othsr 
pidD ; th« iiiMen ftn» k«viDg do atcidA nor abiii(lor*ronnDcl « |>»- 
tnn ffiiioh n odo r«6 tii Saltmtoc Bon'» UoibHfttnft only, ^oaxotimm 
tlio Huiuililno Tntiwh«d vbcn tlM droooo ngoaf^-ilii! puonutP, iii« 
vtori vTM milnl on tb&i fllioro. t^ eaIm ftiad tfiUAUh Hut h4iM 
oitr fint airivid, auirouiuied ttu tay with foam ; Uw tiawting wiikI 
svHil roUEul our expooad bouvc* nzu ttkn >ca ronrct) uiiruuiitUuglj, 
■0 tWirealaioiitlWMourMJrmoD baudbbip. Atutlivr iaam 
miniiliuio uid nwha inrostod mkuuS akr, and tbo nob tmtaof Italiaa 
bcikvdi bathed the HOroo iu bH^tt uid uToi^Tuyia^ buo^ 

" Thv nUivM von wilder tb^ri the place. Our Dtsar oeagfalNnui^ 
i>r Siat Ar;iu>s w«ro more like shragea timn onj Mopla t ifvtr b»- 
forv llvL}d AEitoug. Mauj a ugbt thirj |«mmhI od tua iMMch, iiilr^iti^. 
ur ntbtr tiowLuf ; tho wocm dancinj^ ubuut uDODjc the wnvot Uut 
bn>lLo At tbeir foet tboadu Janninsaguiist tkor9c£^a&d j^iiiiir'f lu 
Ibvlr l-juil^ wild cftotw. Wo ooiud gvt do vrovinicoa oi^iuvr Una 
&inuut lit m diatAOM of three citlis and a half oft with ilm inrrcot 
nf tbtMargm botw«cu ; and rvijD thoiyi th« Jiuppl/ «ia doftMil 
Had wa Ikoq wrooked i>q vi iidjKid uf tliu HviitL Soml wo «oahl 
noFDblf baro felt ourae<tr«a further from cJTiUutiev ud oomfatt ; 
but wbcro tho aun ahinoi^ tho Utt«r bojocDU au iiiinrnrwBTj hixuiy, 
Olid wo bad ouou^ aodcity ataoiif otir«u^wt. Vet, I ccufew boooa- 
fcofiping bMama i^ber a tuilaome taak. tHpcc^lt^ aa I waa auflMiif 
in my boohb, and oould not oxort myiwif actii-dV." 

Tu l>ii» wild reg£oa thuy bul coww to indul^u SbaJJay'a poeHkn Ibr 
boatings Nowa cuoa of Ijfigb Hunt bavins afrinid a'< Viaa. 8ha1bif, 
and bill friend Onvtam EUorkor WiUiazna, aot out to wHconio hut^ 
au<l wora on Uvoir rfflurn to Lvrici, wlictn ibo fatal Vi\mU coxne 
on, find th«j went down iu a moaneoU The partifukia of thU etnotk, 
and thi) nin^ilar aocno of tbir btimlttf of Iho body by hu fnioda, 
Byvi.i», Hufit, Trolawijifj^ auU CniitAin WMuduf. bato booti oj TivMly 
niialfd by llr Hunty ba to be uioiliar to orory oofv ai]J<ll^7 had 
, gofko dovn with tho buit vohnno of KeotA. tho Uunia, ^, in hw 
^ck«t |H#ukPt» whiTO it wio fOuad opca. Tba b^llca cawo oo abofv 
naor via Bogrio ; but hid boon ao tong in tba aoa as to ba uiuh 
dftooiDpMod wood woa, tberdbrev ooUuctcd on tbe atrand, aikd (hoy 
war* btirtil In tbn old olaiilcal alylo; Ibo niaadCoona bay ^J ^jjOdfa^ 
aaya Ur. ilunt. ia on tbe right of Ibia tcitot, LM^m u« ibir Ivft, at 
oqual ifisUDoca of about tvcpty-two milodL IW bcttdlanda |w^ 
)wthig boUly and far tuto Lbo acu, fovm a doop and daap7iifiut tfuif, 
iHUi a hoavy awoU and ft atronif auteaL gvaoraUy nujnt&if : 
Into it. 

60 aodod thb (utfB0fdliia>7 nun hk ahorl, bnl vwntfcd 
»llaoatial Ufi* } aod hia aaheo w«ro bonotf ixar bid tritaui JoAii 






EMi«i tmdor % booatifjj ruioid tov«r in tho Engluh buriAl-grciiad 
Bt Rom«L It WM renurkabl«^ tiaX SheUv^r ftlvayg mid tijatuo prr^ 

Mc&tiiikMit of OTil «V4rr ouno to Ura, cioupt *» an uhmxiioI uIijrAtJi>ik 

ol spiritt. Whoa b« vd« IjuI toon, nuit buforo ombftrkin^ for hid 
ntaTDi lis was wid to bo to caont bnliiut iptntii. On ^o cou* 
irijj, Jin, Bbslloj nyn,— ^'ir oror oh&doir of eriJ d«rItoaad tb« 
pitttOQt bour, Ruch ircm over my mz&d irboii thrj weot. During Uiv 
v^oteof our KUyht htaid ui KaWoMpmeutBrnccitof ooming^til 
broodod oror mjr miiifj, and ooTorod lbi« bnuUfiii jilii«o ftod goiUil 
Bummer with the ahftdov of oomiDg mtMrTH * * A T»gu« upMK 
tationof fmlihooknaoto Agonjftndl cduU kquwIv bring mTseu to 
lot tbom icL** Th« vc«7^>wui7 &r ibo pUco, Mio MT^ «Mmod 
unMrthl^ in lU oxceeii ; tho tli»t«x)Oo thej vero ft«m AU algiiB of 
driluatioci, tho ab at their £ect» lU munouring* <ir ita roBncgs for 
itrvv in Ibofr oiuia, le4 Iha toiad tf> bri>od ovir AtTtogo thotiglitA, uid 
Liftiuff it fnfm «very-day hfi% i^aumsI it to bia fiuuilinr wilh th« umoaL 
"Shcilfl}',** obo adih^ "had Dow, «a it acomcd, Umost [Uitioipfttod hifl 
ovn diMitioy ; and vrboa tbo miod fiffar«* om >kiff wmppod fhnii 
Biffb t b/ tb« thoniler-atonii, u it wu Wi *oeu ufHui tbo purpU m 
lUfl Ih^ as the cloud of Uio t«izipeot puMed nv&yr uo vigu muaiim 
ol whorv It ]xad bcvD, — who but will rogoud u a pvopluoy tho la^t 
Bt&iua of Ibt? Aduuata f — , 

'The liruEt. wliAMnt^Kl I 1i*v« lPV4lL«d m tcnff, . 
l><*c«ail* t/ii uio I uiv ayirlr* kvk Lt 'Jilvm 
riirfnn IbritiOFr. ^ftnn tbalrimMuiF i^Liunit. 
V^OH HO* (rtivivvfi Iv £b* lt*i>^Ei4 ikTi'ii^ 
Tb« mBtfT «4rtli Ud tibcnd tU« Arqrlitai 

VUI»I bvmlnr inmiuh lb* iDmoM ml of lUaVM. 


hi Tbe tbanl liTi* of En^uid 1 b»Ta alre*^ reoordod Bf 
tvo of the tiKAt ^tCTtvtin^hnuitiof LordBmo, — N>w«mI 
and AiiDMlejr lUU. Id Uut p*p«r »o wiQ ti3u ft no«o ' 
ttdil cvoaemUvv muti^ «f lua uuuU and nWdeo. 

Loird Bpon wu, tb ippeftn^ born ia Loodoft, in Ve , 
HoUo»4itmt, am lu« laotliir w«i on her v^y from Fnaov't*| 
luid. Ua BiuUiort wlioivi bbtory tuJ iU-«tarnvl idutu^i 
Ininnii th[riu{[b Mooto'a lUb of tbe poet, h«d >OMm|)«iU 
to FtucefooB tflcr tluir muniM^ to avoid Ujoswm of cli 
tm hrr |>rD|ie<iT, tb« cndtion of nor Jifrtpilod faivbuul, vldefa 
tnafria^ boil Draught npui ber. Thm amam, nhn bid 
th« ^fiiAUt 4>r Ncmtcftd, in XotimgbAiiMltiiVE. mnc« tba 
UtfUTY VlMr, u'tivii k wrui vTBDled tu Sir J^Uu Jlynm, 
oUloa Tho littTi* Sir Jnhii njrio. hjbl diftUn^kiud 1 
gifftUj in the civil voT^ hut i^il of Ute jouv beoa mub 
■piouotu fi>r tUo^r povort; ud cooeutrcH/. Hli gnuid 
dontmodorft BjTCn» wko«) riune mil ft1«raj« b^ reneml 
tli*ii«ntt^t'€ of tho liuffenngv of hioiMtf jmd oiyw, in o( 
of th9 wr«ok of tho Wigor, utd vho mn iiill better fctxiws 
MUne of " FaQj*«rc«tber ^wfe," from Um iun|ultr fret tWi b* 



put to m»f trpcn wbcA hokling tbo ruilc oi odmtnU, <ui6 b oommuid 
of th« ftwt for the protectioo of Lha Wv«t Indict vilbout tticoim- 
toriDg Uia DMflt Umj>«tttuoua wtolttfr The father of Lord Bjrroo, 
CiLptam BjrroD, ftppeon to haro boca odq «f the moat unwinciplcd 
ukd diuipMd uwQ of bis dftr. He rui off vitb llk« vifo of Lonl 
C^notftlien to Uie ocotlneul ; uid tlue* of «nume, Icodlug to a 
ditoroc^ ho uumiod Ladj CnndoiiliM^ vid lukd b^ b«r oiw dmightcr, 
tha prMGDt HoQ. AiwwU Ldigb, ibe itife of Colonel Leleli- La4y 
(knnutlwa did not iTvo kmg ; ftod <or«f«d wilh debt, koJ pumied 
b/bwigry credJlotv, Qip(*iii ^n>n lookod out for natoc vctiiiLQ of 
fortni^o to viv-liiuizo touB own oocoforl. This spooice vf Ic^^zcd 
rol>bflry, that ia, of ftritoUng « ftnDpt« ftnd tiiumi>OctiD(; TouttD to 
plixoder vndor tho ONtrtion of tbo Uvn, iuttofto of ruaiuuR tbo 
nuud of h^^^g or truuport&tiuu b^ llw raore mlj^ motuod of 
bifhin^ robboTj, boiui^'brtAkinft or fbracn; n one no bafaioDablaL 
tiut OSMD blw CbptoixL ^Ton vtM not iSlcely t& bottgia oi Jt. Of mil 
0pod«a of theft, it ia tW ino«t daM«rdlr aud deflpicobttf, be«mno it 
£■ pwfonacd uooer Uie voerod tuuno of aBbtHion, Tbc vampirr who 
nsfiftfia to Miok tlio blooi of tbo *otootod vLctiin, laAkcfi hn aiipmdi 
with ^tten«« tad rovn vt the d«0p«t attiLchiiMvt, of the mooi 
etertMl teadcroiMiL and prcUctioc from tbo ilbi of life. EJq wkt^ the 
botrt of Ibo ooofidl^ wocoaa by t1i« ^4MBt boa^ ftoi tbea delibo- 
r&tely prooe«d0 to tho 4lt«r to prvnouucc bfffon the *Jl-«eeii« Ood 
the tt£ao fold felMbood, 'to lovu &iid comfort," uid ''cbemb till 
dontb," tho b al p l flw omturo Ibftt ■■ biiuliog bonolf fiv Wo to Tuba 
aod deoeptioo. Ono would tbinV it wero oooush for « mid to feel 
u h« ftJUuk thnn btfbn tiod ui^l miui, tbat he is « more Mekw of 
orvuture oor&fortii ood vroxldlj honour vbilo bo b woddbig ft Hck 
wil^ ; b«il knowioglj to h&ro picitMl uut his pnf wuler tbe pvetcooe 
ofb>viDghorabor0 4llof bor»ei,iDcrd«r to huid <mr ber eetato 
to Uocraditon, to defray tbo oeona of bio g^iobling ond liottiUnw* 
lien, tbit <&aiv4«rb«i a inonator of oo nroIUag a iind. tbat 
soUiing but tho gnuHinl DorruptUo of oodetj ihroi^ tbe nMttum 
of ooovvnt Jooftb*m, ooold atvx, ham from tbo oipaUintuig oxoontiou 
offaiftfoUoira Then uocueiorp«oulikreai«ratioo of this Und. 
^oeo vbcro tbo property of tbo notiro ie elmoet wbo1);f deoftsded 
iot tbo Hquidotuo ek iho domoo-loTor^a debti^ nod tbo wUb in Utt to 
lTk8taiktvi«otu b«au7. Ibo mairna^ of OapC^n fijroo wu ono 
verr much of thirkifKL Uia «Ub*e moat eoarertibJe proftorty, u 
bau ibavol^MlIaonfi■lu3HG■^ttOD07■eeuritWwarebeAtD7diBpoB«^ 
of 1 tbeu woDt the tjiab«r from bpr istetM, tbm tbo eeUico thcot- 
ootT«e, oil uuounUng to probably ^SOjOOO, leoviiu ber a noro eniuii^ 
of ^tt3l Tbo prcportv gooe to tLio mit^^ Uio bttpy bnobond 
tftaU IniDg upon ber, ud upbnided ber «Hb the weol of further 
ntooa to eocitnbuto to liia reokloei Hoi With oub extorted from 
> ber DOW ■OT'Cro ^ovnrtf. bo «t lon^tb liiciily dciiKfliKl a^In for tbo 
OOtttbuDt, uid died ftt Vftlmciemiee Ui I7dl, wben Byroa wu tbroo 

8uoh irore tbe eirAVDAleBOM ki wUdi Lord 9]rvoD ontctvd tbe 
world. If he wife Ibe prey of Tiolant ntmhmi if bo, to<^ bod a 




icbdmcj to diMJpfttkfl ; if Im ID Aitiiro yttirm InUovod hb Mr 

Ibonuu^biMiuucaMforblm, di««iilh>Qliv«tElv7tw)L fl 
ftUlMr «««Mitih*ac4itai7 inatuMwof ' — rf''"^'J- "i'Trni jBim 
■ad vutefbbm. H» ipMi qaoI^ to wbocM tiu* umI dlndMi 
Mopartjr b« mMCMlod, mi <if the b^o vtozBp, Bin rioleuM U I 
lo liii wifo^ ^■ttwtipa fr o m hisa ; be kaftl killed tiu noxi nnirthn 
Iff. OiATDftiftf ID n duel ; be bwl thtt^ ia$ coicbiEifta ; Jj# hu Mh 
exWmm pknttttioiu oft bu <i»Ut0« with tba tronvd PDTHI 

Vt prVTVai^ig ^ Kin'» cfij«yCDBIt of il'Oir |wDfit, bocoOM MtM 

owkdedhink Th^ con, And ftbo hiBp«iukoa,d:icdb()brDtim 
tk» vifelMB ukI childlwa old lord htA ledamoodjuuiMlitigTB 
itk Um docByiag Abfccj of Kowiefrd, vhicfa tkDtAteucd io drof) mm 
tii>cm,Mdiii«ftbeft^(»fcriflk«taui th«lie«rtb,«iid ftond b^A 
vfacils peimii populatuxi of tho oouqUt rouod. 

fiock vne tlM|«torDAlliEioA0oof LordBTran; Lk QMl«rMl iM^ 
norv m«r«l,«u not tlw Iom &»7uid vakwili& His noibcrv 
m litUo fat wotno, of fc nwteidtaMa l«DpPiwn<fity^-m gnl 
nodtiiibtwM iniicka««T«tedbTUwOBt»(fooii bco- wviu tfObelM 
uid tnufl 111 bfr ki!!bu>^ vhidt tb« boa* cbject «f hk mvTHi 
vtth bdr raTCttkd io ill ib UackovK, Sha uipcund fell Muigtf 

pSMion, vitL verj tittla judgBkcui tv doutrJ Umiu. f?bv kih ^--f;^ * 

dutnctkn of her child, feud ui^d to itpofil him i> tll«^ tiitnoot ciunii# 
■t Uie some time tlwi W lantiom oocvoofullj brc4c cut po Ofr 
ptrUiodaljr feguiiAi )U9 fnmkv^ ihfet «1m vuuld fling Uio tOBp or pi' 
fei his IimJL vh«k fe nun) child. 

At tho 1^ of «[«vea bcoittht to Boi^tt feoil wHh feUtbktt 
oartnl fitv m kini, inUoducvd to tbe ninoufe feod ghramj tUd* « 
hk fMD&QiM^ vith tlu nUrioa of thoir VMObt dobA fUi fed mM' 
bm^ DO «ODd«r thai en M* pccaUferiy aewiUv* nkid tbe ini|ii i Mi* 
bvcBum ili?e|L Ho i^rvw w % Bjrrua in iba cooenihuitjr tm ««^ 
<diferftctor>iUoH of hii Jifa : liko ha fttfacr, lik noMla «vr» aol r<^ 
nio*, hi* hftU.t* miro &ot vorj t«»pmt* ; he, too, marritd lo Rfi' 
thv WMlu vf hu lfeijdi|fei)d uuitiw Ida wiftr to liti* «br«feiLMd^ 
thcra ft 0QADpu«tivBtjr mrijr amth. Hap[itlT tltfira wm mphaldj 
hka fefe otheral {irtnciplo, vhkh pap a^iJgW obj«ct t« Uw aim ^ 
of hl» |«flak«a fend oavrykr* thw bad of kto dWIntnlihrf 
fatbeffe. Il« wMfebompOfthnod tbodivinagift oTpoeln oovni . 
in loaDo d«gr*a, kia berMstfeij imiMtoodtj mto fen enaobUviiili* 
nMKtt. Hin vttj dmi^mUoam extcoiilcd Ll> lc:io«Udfo of il»tf> 
luaami Qfeton ; &nd If thtff led htna too freqtiifiitl^ to feeek lo i^ 
bolSifa senfeuiliiy, they oouiptDed htm to d«pkt, in tlM fe U w^ 

eviUUr pDiwu «>oe. Ho vfes fe nimiffo lolitun of thfe po«t Mil Oi 
Ufea of tlia vorld ; of tbi» ndicol aud the ttivtoorai ; oT tiie wMlff 
fet crecdaj fend ibp «onibi|Tpvr uf tbo Pivbw Beiue ui tbo ouU^i^ 
fvf bk ToHix WhII wm It for him nnd tb* voAl, ihnt hU ofef^ 
JW9 vero cfeAt feiuiikt Ibe beauty and tbo Aotitwk uf tialunc>»^ 



» mM irandAT wbol)^ Afatbdoncd to tfao tnfineiLoee of bMtli ftod 

rivtr *Dd fonMt ; md t)i*t th« pK«ipoot of vuioomti? 

did Dot come in to disturb thcuK uidiMnceit tlU thej bftd 

ft lifo-Joag pomr CTtf btiD. TJujgimudotir of tiftltiretftuuot 

a port, ibotMxoit* bdJ ttiUiooa 1iv« durinc thciir wholo omt- 

aud&t its moM gtorifnia diifilimt, andniTD littlftcnoremDti«cil 

Ui rook* U»l toYor around tbeni ; bat viharc tbo epftric of 

Um kUDt. it U Mira to mil it forth. 

v/ vho vwA, tfavD. tbo ^ttrlienl e^vum <f lord Byroa'ii lift^ 

let bfluutirisodAt Uid infloeocv Tfhi;b tlierextrcEUMujioti hlio, 

ittttfouani— I witii wktob bo cLuriAbod ^lo ruvtnoiy of Uwov 

VibMigtf •Eprened ia 01119 of liia jur«uUe poeiikt. 


!■ fiw v| Ihff Bitiilvfiq "f ^airrr r>*r : 
BMtai* m tt« 104^*, vtwrt Ih* tiMtv-ntk* n\nnf*t 

Boiq4 <teti villi* •uiuiiht Ibonft ticrnffiCt «u i 

" Ait '. Om ■¥ yoBPf toitup* It iitEUni:) wtutprad ; 
Ur Hp «■« IB« tonfaVt. tny <Ida1( au lh> pLi-ld i 

(It 4-h'^uri* l>*f pfnil>*< HIT DiiinniT K'liOnc], 
\a .'AJIf I Mini* riJAit^ lJ<* piiio-rrrmTd iladv: 

(f«r« fttr^ iviUnra A' :r,i - i- iEi«ie 

■■tr r«*o rat altMivtl t^ Itw ' 

[TW Mfiog tbutt ardcut in foutb vm voiuilly rWid t£> tlin Inat 
^ ikfut ivo yam bnforc bk deotb, no irroto Ibiu iu Th* 

"It* «hvOn4Hi<i 111* Ill^Viaadi' ivdUiifiiMuo 
Whb lot' »*(li pAi. iWi ibivi ■ iUidrtJ bu I 
Iti^ UcKh ni4( a ntcHLl^i lataititi fHT> 
A»il eUi? Qkj ■adiKiktla Hi hU mifid'f viDtitvc. 

ACwr4 o* Alp< ind ^v^ iht Ar*Dn>i-*J 
fttw*' T^""-"", iHl mhall iTt* aU'p 

Bfll "vvM iMT an loktr ^h' '<"^ 114 tU 
nuv Krf»rr li*U me In tht'-r rl.nltln/ tbnll ; 

AwS Lntti luUiA «iJJi Ida tui^kviT tt'ttljirfi 
WiiBij CaliKOKTiaii'B vaU Lh' rtitrcUit mounl, 
AiU III All li b^a> vlih LA*uJtc'i «kBf fmnV* 


dtf D>r AbtidMU Wfts Uio plAC» wli«r* th^ cbUf |«Jt of tb# 

a hood of B/roft wu lEjiFctv lEc t/fnt thither an an uimod- 
A, ittd tbarftt uid in tlie ooi^hbotiHajf Highlands, he oou- 
tiU hi bte filovviitb jvnr. vhca iho tUl«- fell to bim, ind Ju 

uobt t^ bifl mothor to E^ifliutd. AbuTvlm^u la n rrtjr which 

bira itof^u A vvrj duknuiif atKHk for n hoj of BjrutL'a (lujiotii- 

^5 Hth'^r U> xibc Id th« thn>n^ of IajIh of Lia own 4gQ in tU 

ii'-iaQ«.tfi(l '' ! . - Ift hbnftt ft marUft, iir tmx 

" lAroU t« coniitrr md «itjo^tiklura 

stfjrD aa e^utl seit. jut^^u HrejeU|de vbo 4re iactmed 



to think that 4 gnui dool of ibo ouUimo toDO of aoOM of L, 

poetry, as that of th« Cliild« Hvold, cf tie aeniimcat, AloioittMfiP 
iDCfitttlitr of liDt Uijuru of IdldOtiHe, ami of nuaj of bi» nmilor 
puORw tcrDugbout hw wrk*y w^ve nasuiDMl hj biu Ai will «i»<l Ibr 
«6bot Hwy do not see lnow Uieae thiiipt <ouIid proored firom lb« 
Huo miiid IB ibo rhodooionUde oFioac^ of bia tnottt fiuaiHu- kU«i^ 
or tho tkng and wild htitnour of tnot^ put* of Don Juui. Qow 
^ttko do each poncnsa know of tLe humaa mic<l J Did not l^m *>' 
Bbaaber, and Uarj io H«ii'«i. end the UotUr'a Srtunkj Nkbt all 
prciOiMMl firomi ibo bwq mind, iu)d ovo of tbo euwt Muiwtl coiiiu tliat 
eirer lii«tl T Did out tli« aiablioui soac«a of the Iliad, and the faattk 
of the bvg^tv in tb« UdfBs&T, and the trick of Ulj-wei in the cava 
of Polypli4mo, wbon bo ObUoa biOLBotf Noraui — u> Ihiit «h«n Klj- 
phorne n»»td onit as thoj put out bia efa* and he told bia Qergblxnua 
vbo ouoo niiiriuig to mqulK wliat waa tlie ictattcr, tbat Koaua bart 
bjEOf thoj roplrcd. 

"tt ne BUB burl Uifv^ vhr ^h* than 


and marcbrnl avikj witticiut holpiog Idia — did noi tb«ae mceed 
the NAiDA tnin^ ? Did Dot tho paov of Hood, and tbo aoovr faaj^ul .^ 
Sugeuo Aiwii, ftnd tbo Song or tbo Shirt, proceed from one and ifav 
■ante lumd 1 Uf(r not Jobu OlJpia and tbo U>fUon( tftviiiB of pfeiv 

Stnlr^proriTAlfrcim tbatofCovnnrl DiduotCbattertonwritnociiallT 
y DiE^, and tbo tra^odr of Ellal In foot, we taiAi run tliroittb 
tbo wbi<lu circuit of jkpi^Ic; anil prow litoimtur^ ati^ abow tbat Ibe 
mooflji of fliir niTiidH fiiv lu lorioitn uid ebain^eabLB ae thoaa of aa- 
fj^rnal DAtiutL Tbo very gmvcat, the moat atcodfiud of itt tiava ear 
traunitli/ijM IVuui nft-l t4> uaj, fh^m fVivfilouit to Uie blfbcAt tone of 
the higbnt lurpoHc, witb a mpidity tliat u Biippoeed to bfJetuf 
only to tbo most changeful at tui. Tbom i\ in Ikct^ no aiic£ 
chaij)>*lpoEL| no «ucb kAl^doAccpo iw tbn buruAn uuid, U|^ and 
■haiti>« paiin orer uh, and coiiuimD)<Kt« thf^ir IuhUvs or their i^Ioom. 
FoctA give una turn upardowu^aiid tbc imagoa of our toain pnawot. 
new and ovw aavt arranjivincutN. But In aU tbU ^Anp tburo la no 
nurrs chanoa* hi teaa coimiAiou i eTer^movGDicut dependa on a fixed 
principle. Porbapa there baro been fen- cuod iq wboca oirotinkHtaneaa, 
jtrcametanciM of pbyvkml oj^fuilziitioc, of lif^ and cdiucalioc^ th^ 
riabed and nuvk habitual ao ruenj viLr]t*d rnoeda aa fu Lord Bnvm. 
Thrown at a rery oarlT a^ iitto tbo boetom of a boautifaf and 
ootHarv natiirc bo iE^bilcd a ErroJbund mod vtnocro ton of uotom 
uid BoiittuIeL Sent early to public Hboob to battle Ua wej atnodpi 
bup of bia own aBe> and vitb a poraoua) d«foet wbkb often eniK 
Jrated bim to nilleTy. bi> aiLtivo npadt tnodo him briaUe up owl 
rtiov fi^bt, aa ho did afUrvrorda witb bia reriewca^ Rafacd to nok 
and wealth, and, spite of hia <3<ooked foot, cudonred with, in all 
other n^pecUf n voqr Quo betson, bo wu lixl to plungv into 4lm 
diaftpatioiu of yoanic mini <if bu dean and be thua aoqeiirad a touo 
cf tiWrttniain that trar efkemrda, under the aam« oiromDntaDcca^ 

vna HLini to ab^w tiatif. Lod by bi> qoidt pddbo of ri^t aod wnx|r* 

Bodby tiiaibrewdinatifbtuito cbaraeur, to dce|iM prkotenil a^ 




Afid vputTod OD br the npirit of ttw Uim. 
«ti^ abroad vWo bo tnTcUod^ ho JmhtbiKl a iplHt of ecqrtv 
» Bfia ndJoftlbm aa prinorpliH. Prom tl]«fa« ntunoi hp win bflgtit 
to «ibilut tho mofft oppotito phuMw of cbunwtcr. In AoUttidft titd 

ha «■■ pomi'nv and tnun wwAimental- -in Hucietj hn wu eon^vUt, 
fold of pimatiial jobiMV ntirioaL lie vrots lik« & ndiod, and spoto 
Ue* tti vlHtocivt. In him CMIdo Borold and Don Jiuui,thoflUblIiiio 
■oil tlM liuHminw the DoUa and tlia m««n, th« MircurLie and tba 
tAoder, bho Tolop^ioui and bcautifoUj apiritiia], the pioiu and tba 
laiplotai^ vara all ocnbodied. Uo vai dU ihmo hy tunjsv Ai^d Id 
aQ, fbr the moRiftibp moat sitioeinik lAke «t irmlrtmii-nt of muxy 
Btnn^ eacfa bad it* pomtiar taiM^ and aaawcirod f&ltbfuli^ to tti 
aKtoraftl itDpolao. Uiutllkrioua aa wero Lia moods* yen migbt In 
aojr ^^Tun drciimatanoea tiava pndlcatad vhich of tbem voutd 
pravuL Tho» vouMbenowwuaUt^in tfaafoo«oftheAJpa, thorv 
would bo no Jtublimitjr lathe cHy Mloon. If bebad toapou In the 
House of Lonl^ bie nxeoh hj tbo spirit nf ftntA^mmi mmtd 
MBitradJr ba ndioal ; did he eome in o>titact with thu actual mob^ 
bavoQMoMahiiaKdf ill Uwhautvurvf tbe&natoomL Witb Nature 
be vaa ashamed or tood and his doong* Ani MLyinoA aiuMint Ihem, 
vHbciimbai>aaaabam«d<ifnatuT«aud poMry. Ba would laofb at 
bla owD fligbta of aautiawut. Ho woa a uuuij«idod momitvr, ahov- 
Ibc now aabthne and now ip^toHiiij^, but vitb a Cr«ilJDic in tlie d«plhB 
ofUa soul that be ought to be aouiethiug giaaUr Umlu be waa or 
dand toba. 

To f(f> ImoV, bow^o^wr, from lilft flhanujUr in himaolf. Aberdefo 
proatDtod t> tbe ioj ample food fur two of bia p^vpeIlaIUM^ thoao 
tvwofda Uio oajfTjriDeat vt iMture and oiidvt)r, Tha oowitr^ mund. 
tbofj|b not tubUmfl^ ia beautlflil. Tlie asa ia at bond, an ever snuul 
and diniuc et^jecL The Dee oomoa wbidiag from the tnouaUuu of 
the veat t&ough a va3o of JunaatlovoluLcisH, the Dun from the north 
thrxmsb eoeuea perhapH atiti mora ainkiog^ There i« an ftirofAuti- 
quitj about the towu. with Ita obi <Jinrobea, ooUagaSp and towen^ 
thatia peouUarij pldulug; ami the eouatfy baeUkeviae a primitive 
iCiok that wiOB at once on tbe apeoUtor. To a trAvwlUr fnoin th« 
aouth, the apporaaob t« it bjr aea ia nry atiikin^— 1 dj not m»& the 
iflunediato aimrooch, for Uua a Hai, but tlio uusHt vuvn^^a uut rrx>in 
Edinbiirzlu Thw wholn cowt in l>lcnk. ynt grMni, and pni^cntiii^ ti> 
the a«e bold and Utne-wom roclu. For a eonaidonble part of the 
waj Uivj appear to be uf red Buid»tun», jmhI an tbimrfons «coat)od 
OBt mto tha boldfet nvcn, ht^owi^ and promootonoa iauffinaDle- 
Bore aikd tfaeve are d«ep^ dark caveniat into which tha aaa nubM aa 
Into tba own petKLUar deuB ; iu o^er plaote it Tuw uot out tutliefl vid 
deornva throdgb iiuniUtotl mdca, ukI jou aoo tbe li^ii through 
them dSnli^big other rocka behiad, One of tban0 m noted tor pre- 
aeuiUig, (y ewet of b^^bt bvliiiid it| lli« ii|i|icKiiuic0 uf n Ijuljr in 
white, aUodiDf at the mouth of a imvc, tnui hvcktmug with hvr 
faaod Aafouaklni alonathaooiMteof Fifo, Forfiu*,Kiocardin«,add 
AUecdeen, Uuee rocke and cmtwae (reemt wor-uttw lunup wbde all 

titft country nbovo Ihnn f» now gr»oDt emiJiDg, ftAd cultmtd, Uioigli 
fomeri^ it iuii8t b&T« bi^ti uvaee InilMil, gtviug riM to Htrau^ 
«up«fvtittoii« tuid IfiMuda. Bk^k uttU towiu *var aod Alton fctrvtSi 
alcotf iho ft1)Oro E tSoc^b stood, tb^ ooantr; t> vtrj btm cf ton. 
DuQdfier /Lrtiroaili, bfontrfse, bj« eood largo t^wm ; ukd tbfVe An 
th* T^fU of Arbroith Abt>oy md Oumint.tar (^lutlo, villi crthcrii of 

1«» coUk DiuuioUtr cftijoot be powel inibout ibbking of Old 
UortaJftj, vbora Scott fotmd in the cburchfftnl tbONi roftortng tiM 
infteriiitionii on the gnmvtonoi of the CoT«ncuit«r« : nornm Vr\ mn 
oU-fiubioii«d hotiAO on Iho btro nptoDds nbow StoauhftTttn, a« tbo 
idK>do of Bnrday, tb* wrlt«r of the c«obret«<l Apology for QuAtattDO* 
and in our do,/ for thjit of fain pfdistriui dt«oonduitt CtpUin Bu>* 
aioT, Hew BQgujAr U9 tho rdi#ctioiu whaoh aHm «n bunan life 
And Il« ooinbln«t]oE» whon puing on mich a plftco ftft tlktn ! Wbai 
hhnttM indnoe a nun at ono taao to ^ forth from a rmnoiA homh 
and *;']iUiT old houM like tbin, to mtnglo with tbo fonaetit of the 
tlmoiv — to Become *D ActiTo apo4tl« of Quoicrfjrm, and tha oxpitfdtor 
of itB faitlL ; aiiid auother. noarlj two fvnturLm afUrw&nh. to maroh 
out of the nxae houM down into England, not for an oihtlxtion of 
Qu^ariaia. but of PodofftrlAnlinn — not of reajMiit^ but of leaMnf 

Sowera t Wlijr v^oald thar, borne, jtut that houso and Sta fatnil^. b« 
mtiDod to produce grtot Quakon^ onding in groat vulkcn oikI great 
br c wBT* t Bow often in my hnybood hod 1 raid liarcLiya prdbca to 
hk ApolJogirr dated from '■Uri' in tiootlnnd, tbr I'Uoo of my Pfil- 
ffina^ and addrattod to Ring Cbarlw II, bj " Itobcrt fiaiday, tfaa 
MPFrait of JoauN OirUt, called by God to n dlupccMtloai o^ tbo 
Oo0p«] ravealed aorrw in thia oqf h^" &o. And th^nv it idood, bigK 
baiv, indvolitory, olidting tbo odflcot compound ideuiaif 'bopaiuia 
hervEij/'Mocrdliig to thopbrawofaoloTiiynianof tbotbn«, or ratbor 
of Qiuk«ri«ni, Loudon porter, and Talking matclioa B^ntt tjmo I 

Botond tiK the ooaab booosnea more and mora wbot a oolUd 
irun-luundr >nd tbo rock»»pmbab1y of tm\ or vbtnatono— «t yoQ 
Advanoo Dorlliir&rd staod up tn tbu sat, \t]axk nad ourdlod aa it laew, 
and worn into carerrm and peqiondioular iridootiuca, exactly an yoti 
MO tbum in BoiFick'a wood-outa. Stopping tbon on hud ai Abw- 
dM% bov agreeablo ia tbo ohaugo I Vie crity. built oT a groy ar>d 
lustrow gruLito, b&ft a k>ok of clcanDeaa and ncatneci almoat ioccn- 
ovdvvUcL diuoo tbo dajv of Dyron'fi boyhood, great tnuA haTo t»m 
ihit obangoa, Tbo nuuu atriMtfi ara all oviiirntly now ; uid on tuA* 
vaachig into Union-otrMt, tbo ^eat ahvot wludi traremoa almovt 
tbo wholo longU] of th* dty, a inJlo In Icngtb, and aoTonty fboi wtdf^ 
TOii aro «tTiKk vltb » i>1i^u<Ant fRirprisa. Tbe vidtfa and oit«nl, tfao 
handiobio jvl pUin' Luildmga of oleui granito, and tbc buo pubEo 
buUdiia^ ruQblo lu diflTcrtot diroctbnsi, aro fhr mora than you ai- 
pectad >n a town mo ftr norlir* On tbr Tir«<rynu sm an imnoaing 
MMiobUgo of aliipa i you dud tbo MatuoLiaI CoUcgo dov bmlt ta ^ 

* tn th« cTDliv «r tht torn It cMrttd * cnnllc tttiu« oT Cu Ubi IHtt of Omlia_ 

■rKtv- "ttrl" t<|4M Av TiHtn-'ir .(i^'rilmVim, Hill ujifclAvd unffca^ "be 
e«ar«Aie «1 «IL It b U» pbl> of Uonluu 1 '' 

vwy cnueftil «ljte ; tad a mitrkuULouAc, 1 mippow, id nteni, con- 
v»iimoooramaigco)ir(il>iiud3Uppl/, iiifc-riortcDoncf ia thr kingdom. 
Hi* oldrti tiltvMj:. irncb %M wtm* in riiptiincfi in Bttoii'a tJTiM^ u« i 

nmoh mon lik« vW 7011 would bftv« looked for— o( » Dirrov«r «i4' I 
Tooni ordinnrv cbmcter 

Aboitit a rnila to tba north of tha naw town Km OJd AtttrdMUL Tb 
luir&iiciug Urtmr^a it ;ou bwxuno trrtrj mocnvnt more ftTO« of ita 
for (Tinier antiquity. II kiolu m If it md a Hied att«cbiaienl to ths 1 
jiAAt, And hnd rafiBftd tA movft^ Thora u n niiiotuooi^ a aUtkmftriiMM-] 
aboui it Ooo old boiiM pr nU* tftor ijioUi«t sUnda in \i» gvdott J 
or oouri, as It Las done Jbr cmariovL Tbe country About baft an old] 
SftioQi loolc. It oainwl mv awnr into Crr^rmanv, with iti wifoticod ] 
flaJtU of com and poUlo^s ; viliaifcii amu in tho dinttnoo, ^o an- ■ 
fenced, hilt with a raw troui dujitcrcd abon^ thtjm ; iLod iho Cf^unti^ 
nUzofi, elC(^pt inr tin oom. To tho right lay tbo urn. U> tho Irft thif 
open country; mid on before arove, one bcy^n<i the othor, tovoruid 
ntn of an nntJquo diatvottTr, aa of a very anaiont city* PnMotlj \ 
IrnnB ffi thtf eon«ffl>— KinfT*'^ Coll^igf^ witli tli« rojt} frown of SM>t- 
knd surmouiiiinfi Tta tower, in fine and unpla diiD«inon>,i and it* 
cQurU and curriaura Bcmi tlirou^U tho andont gateway. Tlioi, on 
11)0 othor bftod. tto «qLJAlly antttjuo gutawftt to tho ynrk r4 Mr 
Pdwb Leibfi, witli iU (wo toll roiiTjd towon of most ancwut faabion, 
with gaUorice and B|>im a^rtuuuLttrd with crvBOQuta. Thva, onwinta. 1 
tho ancscikt, massy cathodral, with ita two stons flpirea, and tall'^ 
wovtcm window of bam'roui^ nurow windowUta, and pooderoua 
waU» ruAiui^i; aloiiie tho niadaidis with a ojjiii;); of a yard high, and 
atucooed Evcrythjng had a hcayy, audcnt, and Gcinnaji Ghar«ct«r. 
1 ooEild hnvo iniagtnod myaoLf in Saxony or Pranconia; and, to I 
ai[j(i]iviit tlri! illiJAJoii, a TTuifiiUi at a lxjIUm douri iiK|uiHng tho limo 
of dtkf. tcceirccl the jmani.-r, *'h^f tv^ oa near aa pOMbb *balf 
two" in rUt-dmtock Still fnrtbor to inorraiBt» tho lUusJonr tlie 
peo|>bD talked of the brulK* lu* " t^hv." 1'njljr, Ihr nTf Htf uf ucoituHCBi 
and tho fufliijoa ot a fui^t^no time, » fir a& rckUw to oar country, 
lay over tbo wbolo pbue^ 

I libd ifoiv to iiiqtiiro toy way to tho bnff of IUuouuJ«j a vpot 
whicL uukM a oorutpiciiouH fij^urD in Byroxra bfiyiib biactory, "'HiO j 
hnaof Don," t^ya be htmaqZf in a nc>to in Don J^iaa Canto X. I 

&3O1O, " near tho 'auld town ' of Abcsdno, vilL jU *mt> arch, and ] 
block doonaabnonctieain, in in nay memory bh yctttcntny. latiU j 
ramemlicfl'tthon^ porhapa I majEDuquotOptbo awful iirorerb whidi 
EMdo mo p&uflo lo oroaa it. and yvt loan over it with a <L£Ml>ih I 
dolij^t, haing an ooly mo, at toait Ijy the TDQth«r'a ajde^ llio A^ing 
ae reooUfOt«il by toe wa« thia* bat I h&ve nevw beanl or aeon n' 
•iaea 1 waa niD« jeara of k^ .^ . 

■ •rtffnf n«ltfDun1r. «Wh< Etinvtfi UitiyvV. I 

Wr atiMi-i HUP m ■ nujt'4 H ftal. " 

pv*ri ifHli UkQU &\' " 

How kccurato wvi hia roccfiloction of thia old bndi:«: a proof of the 
»lcii^ht with which he had onj>>yod Ihiit ecoM^. Wo are told that ■ 
oti hcJidty afl«rtbQoi]a ho w^d get dovti to tho a o aaido and End J 



gmX uauAomQnt tbora Ucf vtm Una »• joii bdow ; uul It will 
MBOvn ih»t Um «rhaU m/tliftt b» li»d to oocoo frfioi IfovAlflnk«a 
VM AiU of a •porit «od an Mpoert to bll deep into tbe hrart *j{ aa 
QubiTO poet Thofo u a noff and dinoi way dow froia tho citj 
tu^orvr to tbo Ma^ and from tb« new bridg* of Don tlio vtov «>f tbo 
oU bridge ia Tory pioturettque. It is OM UU eny poinUd orch, witb 
oottdfM About it on botb ndoo on tlio kigh luiiks of the Doii, «Dd 
nulUt with tniuaaa of InwA Oa tiio low ground below tb« brid^ at 
the loft-buid end atftodt a vbito houa^ ftud littLa lidi«nDiMV butA or 
ahtfda xMttorod here Had tbeni. Ou tho otbar bank of the riror Uio 
gntiind U blgh and kntJly. Cluiupa of tro«o a—m to dOM b upon 
th« bridge, and behind ^d above thom b a Utile croup ot fiaoai^ 
iaaD*a luMaeb i^vil the but« of BaJgotmlo. Uelow tJLo oridge Um 
rit«r w4(kiu out into n brood oiiptuo*. acid batwaon bigfa, bvocaof 
hvakM. coma dowo t> the iw bridgo and tbanoa to tbe Ma 
Duadowa, wbero tbo wbito billow* are aora obailng eacfa oUmt al Ua 
Euoutlu AboTO tb« bridcc thp liwr ia cUrk and d«vp, and tbo bigb 
banka are orerhiing vnth woi^d. The vallaj of tho Don ^itove It 
verv i)]oturMquo with wooda and rocka, ud in imlivoned vHh inllla 
ana uctoHu* 

Ttko Tiffw troca tbo bridge itvdf down into tUo rivsr w atrikiog, 
I auppoat It xaxm bo for^ or fiflv f«ot from icn cvatro to tfao vculor, 
ri>t B miui livitig oloaa bjinld m^ thki lin i^n^ law % mUtr Unptrttat 
It for n va^. Tho bridgo ia romarlctUj BtroDjJy biii^t Ic la aald 
to hAiie tiaao built in tho tJino of l^rucv, /9t it baa b^ no nwaiu a TCfjr 
an«i«ot look, and brdiw mf •oljdgnuiitjt m not rtr^Iik*^ to fulfil tbo 
i>n>rihocyof tta Ul iTet Mr Chamb«ta, b tiia "PkoUue of Sooi- 
Iat>l/' aan tkla aapentHton boa Dot alwajn boon oonfincd to ebUdrau, 
for onr UtA TCjuI nf AbafdMin, vKo wm ut only aon, aud roda a 
ftiTiNirito hatm^ which wa^ " a maro'a ^ fual.*" aJwyi dMnountod 
on Approocbiug tluA bridge, and tisnl tu Iuxtci hb hano led oror ai 

u litUii dljttnnea nfW him. Thr pocipjn no4r dii imC now M«tn to 

partake of iL " Fall 1 " aaj thor, " ay, whoa Ibo roc^ ctt wUdi ii 
u bna«d UHV It iti, m rutflf Uko a Bulid Vlvoo of rook itaalf ; and b 
in prHWAAnJon ol fimda \oTt in IfliiA, by Sit Alnxuidi^ Kay, which 
though tlieo only prodadng t&vo and forty ahillii^ ^ jov; baro wo 
aoeuniuiated that tuf^y biv iioi oiU/ amiit; aufflviiTDt to maintain It lo 
nipair, but hftTia biiilt tho new bn^ At eofh and of tho hridgyi y«m 
OM Borer^ large iMn rinfcr in tlui wall Thoaa, I vaa loll, wen to 
vecurft ropfla or duuoa hx fjvni wLiob to auipODd acaflkldJug 1^ ibo 
roTWiir of tba bridgio on tho oitCsido. Evenr can ia thna takoa at il 
<■ Sbe ia T«rra Hdi, it the auhi brig,*" aaid the mia tolore meiiliofiedb 
"She haflboco renmuaeAil labor Ibno, fgr bofore thu tivw brig w«a 
buittyibo wafltbooulymaaoaof uHtng tothoiiarthoui&tnF--tlwm 
waa no fordii^ the river And tho new brig boa beoo UuTt vl' her 
moovy, Ajf owrr aiipouoo of it, mn brig aa the oew aao b wttb h<r 
ftvD gnnilQ orcciM ; aikd tbo aulJ bnc cit^a lOlV. ib*yHw t^ taLo tni9 
of her too. But livt'B T«rra weli off lu Ibe world yet, fcr all thai, 
abu baa plenty toft tot hvrneU." 7bu» do Uioy talk of tbo auhl hdg 
aa if aha wmt h waattby oU biiy. U bowerer, any ooo ahould |^j 



^-H^--'- -— ji* 'yt 

, I would ootmatl lum to go by tiw 
HB^m^'"ii /— .yyM— IFT ^^ but to 1>« canrftiJ to ioqmn ttl6 

Tbtfj muAt ftcik too Tor " Tbc ftuld bii; <■" Doo.*' for tbo ntmo of tho 
bm of Baleounk H««uia knt^wn to few of tlw youngirr geDtnUosi- 

Id N«v AbordoMi, the aduufvr of hard Bj^uu wiU aUo DftUirdlj 

matk to uko & bJu)o« &t tb« diflumDl houaea in which hr* lived u 

k t^d with bid mother. Tbi^e nro iii (juoen-fArMt, ouc at ucatIj 

Bftdi cod cf tJie atro«t ; oDo bt tbo Loii*o m Broad'«trcct, Uion coou* 

pied hj Mr. Loaliftt fithtr of the pT«««nt ■iinwcui of that Dftm« : and 

. 0D9 ia VUgi&ia-«tt««l, not fiir from the <bcka. lli« visitor will cot 

k bo tnriffiMd to fiod uat ^om ore but ordiiiftrj houtfoi in ofduurr 

^vtrart^ifi l^«rttl,wh«D ho rcoolfeou UiAt Mn^Bjion wu tiuQ Induced 

bytbemfttriiuomalrobhoT^ofliOT-bimh^dtoaDiiioomeof lS3A&;cAr, 

ftod th^t bcr dSbotd, that is. thc» furnitu/c of tho Lod^n^Bi fto.^ whcm 

^ aold on hor totting out with hor boy for En&lAnd. wDOuated onlv to 

74L 17^ 7J. In UiMa housM ftU« vta merolr a lodger. The D«fit 

■ittutioti frhioh abo oooupied wa« Id Ur. LoftJii*'* hotuo io BtokI- 

ttrvou <ivcr d shop, AIT IhM* fhcm m itifl wiU biowit- Tho 

ftcboob to which Bjron went is AberdoHi 4re obo otJocU of inter«^ 

That in Lvng-acrti, kept br k Ur. Bowori whom ho <ul> Bodrjf Bowv, 

% mjx^ty bo tt^i. givoD him on Account of bi« dapporaca^ wbm 

ft coounodi doj-Aoboolt whoTo litUo boys uid firls w«r« «ont dHd* 

«ip«UT tc bo out of th« w«ijr mt bom*. Tbj« Mhoal \ym lon^ bmoi 

' clMca. Tho noit Hchcol to whiL^h ho wont, nnd where he ocoitiauod 

to fo till ho Uft Abnrdcirn, waa th<' jcmmmnr «choi>L Thu, of oooiiie, 

rMnoiiH, kcul though it hmi bw& oociokUmblj «&lai^od hiooo BjroA 

m there^ the rooim in which ho htudiod OMitmneo exoetlj ns it won 

Bt thnt tiino. It in on ordinal^ ocliootrootn. with benobcv uid dpikn 

ijut d«op with hundroihi of nrimtt> and hmdn^U of other fjaiuLW 

|iririt^ und wntUa orer then with ink, Aud the wkUa odoncii in 

the lilcu stylo, OB wolL OA with groto«quiO fiffnrvA ilrewn with the wdb 

of ddioolbojfL Amidst tbio m^littido of oanMiL tho Rev. Dr. 3I«1- 

viu, thf4 muAtor it the Uma of mj viiit, unxred me tbot diligent 

Mttfoh lutd been nando to diicorer tb&t of tt^ron, but in Tain. 

, ^Hicfo oro muij of hiii old cehoolCDUowa atill liviog in (hu pluai, ond 

nil BOem to toocjtoct him u '^ a niMhioroun uroliin." It murt. 

bowoTor, bo recuiloded that Bjron w» lUtlo uk^to thiui Uin yean of 

■go wheat bo left Ahordooo, and that inia thcu furtj'««Tcn jOKn 

Hie plAoo to whioh porhupa atUl more totoncrt will attach, ccno^ctod 
vitb tho poct'# bofbovd id tbia port of tho eoontt^, ii IkllAt«T, 
vlior* hin mcAbor won advljod %o tnko blm oq rocovomg ft«m tbo 
«CirlM fover, in ITSCl It wouid Bpp«nr «a If Un. Bjron, OiS wsU on 
bor cAiUd, TOB ^fi doU^tod with tbo rondonoe tbm^ ■■ to ntvra 
Uiitbor the two f[>llowing sununcriL ThoM iro ill tho opportnniti** 
; tii«o ooold poaaibty hl^ for tb«7 laft for BodUkd ta tbo auUnm of 
[ 1700, on tho death of tbo <dd Lord Bfixm. Th«T voiw ib« ounaoaor 
^gMufanOM bffiv bowtvor, that awcko the pootio fooling in him. Ho 
I bm la ths midst of tbo soost beautiful mountain >cen«f7, mid 



lookttd htiA to bifl Lbodo borv v Uio miM deUdotw pcrie<l b tii 

Tho vttb of th« Deo. or tbf De^«ide, aa Uie/ ctll it, fell Uu 
froin AbordvoD. % dkUnod of fi>riy mikid, ie fino ■ bcAatiiU)* 
br plftc««, tba hilb ui tdci ftdrAne^ bccou* mvnr uid moiv' i 
You pus tbo cmUo of Dnm, ooft of tta* oUoai inlubH«d c«iU« 
Bcotboid t « Miiil of tho Bu7ii«4«, 04 fiSbbop Buntoi'* line, iidj 
Ritiukttd on tfao right hsid on nuti^ ffround* sod Tuiotut « ' 
i&totuting |3ftOM. Oat it in t» yon apjirouh EUlotor t^ 
■oonocj bvooftuw aiottt Mtrikin^ It bcoocniv tmljr liiehUff^L 
tuUNget loftjibftRvgm', out freckled. I1^ftr«»ia b^t^bvt 
tctapCHt-tintfd gn»nto,^aTiri|r ui oir of miUMtio dtfOlMtioo* 5 

riM pw^od anil tiiilitiUrr^ nnJ ih^tiT stAf oovorocl wiih MriLji 

■■ it vor^ briatlLMl uith bkck ftnd ■biiq>-]oolHii0mot fcna^ Sub 
of tho hills nm iloiv Uio side of tho Doe, oovmd wilb H^Kt^ 

«xf>ctl7 ■!« Uio otovp JiUick Foro«t hiUv mv in tbo Daiidtiboitf^MJ 
Aa tou Bpproodi Bollnter, tbo vtdioj oxpOAdSb Too ee# ft 

of j^rofia DMnloiri uid ■ uut vhilo vilUgo vtiotduin^ ttorova Jl(li 

jt» churdi liftuLff ha »pire lAto the cIcm' ur, vhpo Um iDountan 
flveop round id a fino cluua of p(«kod kilbi, utni dOM it Iil Al 
Do&4ido Ibvro u» «^<u1Ut%1«<1 hiud, but, with the eirvpUA' 
tbla mmAow, oa vhich BfJl^tor utondii til >h now hill, dufc fia« 
4nd moorkod ; wbilfi Mov, on tho bkcks of tho wloduig undifJ 
Di!«^ btroU woodfl pmwut Uwnnulvt^ iii Uut poculior htMtf 
Inily bolongiriff to tho Highland*. On j^\r right flr>t bofcl 
the dark hoight ol Culbloon, mouiionocl bj Bjroo In hk 


" When I Mtflom* dirkfinii«tnMiBRmi*itei:tj, 

then "MorrcDt ntnvikcit vlih fiiiow ;" ond Lodi-CM-wirr lifU 

lonff and loftj over tho bwer tfaaina thkt dcoc tbo viUaT 

BilUtorr tbau|;h m n«ftt rtUftge now, did sot oxbt «b«i Ihno 
hcn^ Thero wre b f«ir ootUgiA for tho qm of vMiton^ iimt 
other ude of the pn«eQt bridge, but thooe vho ouim to dnat tt 
WktorVf gdiLciaiUj li>cftUHl thomoelTai in liirii>-houMB oo imot «lli 
could to ** the ireUH." vhioh aro tvo nUea ckmti tbe oppoBita hM 
of the Dee. Uis. ^ron dioeo her euntncr roddenoe in oie oi tt 
luont thototitfblT oedudcd and outpof-tbo-vmld ipol* «hkh U 
poanbio to liiul ptrbipi^ in tb* whole iaUnd U li«fl Ibor 1 
bobw BftUatcr, on tlie mxae ride of the rhor la the apKa& tfait ■ 
tvo mtluA bojond '' Uiv m^lld' u Ihcjr call tbdtu aoino cbilfbtf 
oprin^ whiuh ih&uu from thebill^ftJid vhich Dowbrhw noeypMI 
to Bo&ator in eununer. Tou ptoo^vd t> them ohmg Cbc f««t of Q 
Itllls, and at tbo foot oLw of » duk piuo wogd. Tbc rirer b kb 
jou : ebo» TOU ar« ibno moimtoiD fomti, and the war Um __, 
timoa throtigh tho wood. Under beofihas. «bicti ibodo Um « 
tbcTD arc bcncboi act at intomiis, 00 thftt • mote cbanoiiigs 



Iha nobl« mounUin vlem opposite to jou, cannot vcH b« con- 
d. At about tvo mflaA on tho road, uftor puamg tjndor 
ipeodouji tlvrk uUOb that vbow IheoiBcIircB above the on^^g;/ aijd 
p forest, jou fltad ft Goii}ile of mws of hoLis^ and here ara th« 
evm iBAuiE^ oiut of pipm koto atooe baaiu& Ooirtg atill forirvda, 
Gcano out upon thu wilO inoorUadeb Abavo yon, en Iho fwht 
id, riae the do»>lat4 hilla : below, otx iha loft, vandere od lh« Dw& 
id itH blrci voods; aod tha vnJl«y is oaa of ^oee twa^ of 
^IM boutVt wbicdi tjorbaf H tU« HidJmidB onlv Afaovr. It is a ■» 
bsaU^-oIid Jittio hP^ apnnkl^ viUi tho ligbt 8r»»D l>iich-tr«Mt 
' fa««o aad thisra adatk Soot«fa 6r. It ia a ftirj land of panAa 
Xjr anoti an ammn to bvlong to old rxTmancv, uid whcr« tbo 
'faopla of oid rotoaooi might be mot without wonder. And tbroueb 
all gt>a8 th4 annnd of tbn Hr>}r hl-o h diidantocMii. Tboae whobava 
beeoi in tbo Hi^liUnJv Itnow n^iJ rfo^ovl eu^ TOOoecii so ciupH«d 
with tha crimiofi hiutber, aa boautifiod with tbo lisbt-biut] Cbirj 
birch ivoodn. Still tho vrny leoda on till you como dr>wTi to tba I>rav 
irboro it iiwkT« a wi<lr» vLif tjilcudid *irti«p dopp tHcl'jw tbo baok on 
which 7011 arr, and tboD you wonder whero oac be Ballatnoh, tha 
houw roti Horik, Ut jctn mm no honae at all ! In tba bircb wood» 
howpvcf-, ¥"» ijitvr ilincorn ooo whito ooUa^, boiJ tbat moot b« itk 
No ! To tbat cotlogo I wont tad out cama a woniui with »eotaol» 
on and hetv Bible open in hor hand. I aakod if aha oould tdl ma 
when ildUUrich wrus uid I expoot«d hor to my — " Hon ! " but sho 
lod in a low, quiot voioe— " I vilJ «how you, for it it not outr to 
" And ao on wo wait for another ituuior of a milo ; wnon 
ling Ut « littli) bidden v*JJoj ninoiu^ ot r'tjgtit anj^lrv fjvta tbo 
r up into tbo moorlaadii; nbo Hhowed ma a mnoke riung aboro 
troca, and told me thoro I vbould find the bouac. 
And borv wu tli« pbioo to which Bjrrou'« luotbor luoj to rWi/r En 
aomcaor montha trota Aberdeen with her boj. Tbo vaJlejr ia 
dad bj a wild brook hidden tuaong giren alden^ and ita nlopea 
OfV hutig utth tlifr lutivo bbiih and * few o*k^ At tho ujiper end 
MAnda A fjm3i-bi:>L;a»L biit this ia oaw ; aod thio fiutncr, to ahow no 
(ho hotute ju which Bjrun lived, took mo ijito boa fiirm vard, Tho 
bouBo Hm. BjroD Inhftbitod \m now a bftro, or nort of bftylvrt rvtbcr, 
FId hia yard. It waa ^lactly ono of the oua^tor4ed, toui; Hicblaud 
lUt^ aad ia now included m the quaidinnde of his fiirm-^ufd ; but 
ha bod in wbiob Bxron uwd to lio u vliiJ thcr^ It t* oao of tho 
tel cupboard sort of boda that ar« o<rioraou in H^tihud huta. 
'Tbara it atanda amov^ tbv atraw. Tba faimor aaj^ many peopla 
^ooflDO to oeo tbo plac<h and oorcral haro tri«d to buy tbo bod frcia 
bin, but tbat he abould think it quito a ebana to aeil it. 
Ima^no, then, Mrs, Byron Unog hero hilf & century aee, and 
TOu a boj of o-bout ten yewo of ago [ 00041 «Aor wbi<b hol«ft for 
ifllond to bo oonvtrted odt of a poor ilijtblaad boy into a lord, 
Tboro waa probably Another hut or ao no«r, h thore ia now, but that 
Wai all Tdo boouM thoj tirod in wue but a hut itttdC Tbeto ww 
[ao Ikllatcfr thcD. TbxL has apranv up u&dor tbo manafDiaaat of 
Ur. ParquhartOD, the laird of BallaUr. Tbcfo waa obtX ^ water 



imdng UroED Uio noorlaad rockB> and uo h(ni«« ftt Ett bmt Uxuw ' 
buta DMT BiUtttcr bridge, whore Lcirdii EWmutv lxhI KeniMdj, cad 
saDOO Af their jorifll oompanfoiiu, iv>tnriOiiiii up hinv ti8»d b> «oayi 
ftiid tc dhiik tho vjitom, iu ord«r to ruoictij Uieir drinkbg too oudi 
whibltj. Them wim u> uajribf;« tvad tlwii. Hiarv wki oo adUv«l«d 
iDMdow. All T» mooarlond, uid viwdii, nnd wiM iiManUiikiL Itko^ 
WOA <i rtido rowl at tbo nuLrgtn of tho riT«r, but so stony that lu 
c&rruKu fX'uld cuaI u|)ua it^ N«j, Uhi pnscnDt ALniMn na)^ thtt 
vhcn DO cftOM) to live horc, thoro won uo road into thin Ijttkn hiildn 
valla^. Tbent «m qo bridgo ovar tho bronk, Viit tb^j wot throajb 
■uiiu thv ^iVBit atoaiHi «£id tbst wilt;trijt ukiuff uty trauble to put 
thom oudo. There waft no garden, and ttiere va« no fleU. Anaai 
roM^ M tbej do now, dark moorluid mountaxDi, and Iho little bjadh 
bowl ebwim aoJ the Uaic^ cattts rwiu*tL ovw tfas ^"^ffiT* litiillMvy, 
Uid barah Mattered vallej. ■« they do etiU, exoept witya tbo little 
drck of ouhivation tbftt the nreaeot teiuiit hia txuulB. 

Whet b iilnuo lot e (dTiUnn women and bcr only eoDt Uov ho 
got tto &r Around ab he did ia to me a tninob. Ho odveoeed UDth* 
tiUoy quite to Braocnar, end tbcro vno uo cerniae road Ibiuarl 
Thero wte ua turn pilhC rood from AberdeoD Airier Uiau Iu&ikJmtj^ 
half way to BiUatcr, tiftr-ttis yean eco, and tbat then nudo «m 
the fltvtturapabe rood ioAlMcileenebirei SoagcDtlcmanorAbMdaaa 
■eaiuiMl rncL Firtliei^ eD naa n ta<m tiftch, iu which m hon« ooiiU 
(0. Vet the boy Byreu, with his Ucoe l<«t^ eud vun* lame ba mi^ 
aoooi^ing to tho« nbo knew him, and plenty of vnoh nuaftb^ 
rambled elL about thlt» wiltl rogli>n. Th« pavAMu vitik whick he 
tnTetwd those bccow ia oii^rewed in hia pD<«u to }Urj DtiS, the 
eqtully bcbmed ol^jeot of hie boyiaU benft 

* Wben I WTtd A TQuni nirhlandcf flu nw 0uk ttnal^ 

An4 Mntm4 I 

Dr t]>* KkfiT 4^ Ell* it-nipfti l^Kl 4>lh«rp4 WIcfw i 
Anil r^idfi u thi nprki ■fiT> mT InlBfirT rtn. 
H«*d I «•!■ ivi itTHl UirT< >*Ai n'nlrrf] tajqiat 

ftol ilO] 1 punier u tmoliOD Uie MUr 

At T lUl. *hcf> ■ Our tn ittr p««4|^4rT*mt «(ld. 
Onr buMe Alone on itiT t*>«oiD im|ii¥t*nl, 

Ana few TVR ml' tfrjit, fur inf w|ih»viir« 
And yurentfrniy lh4Ufb(i> for mx «al vm mbvou* 

^*ak ptOUntfeiE la iniiiTiffeln I l^iindvd 4ul>^| 

That hi^ «u iutenaety happy bei« the poftxr And memiOfJtv of bia 
whoU life testify. That he inuat havD atrolM far and wide, ooi m 

|i« eMin, wUh hU do^ far hia gUjde, ie no doubt true ; biit, lanw a« 

he wait, it lurp^an Lttle lew thaa miraculous " i mind htm w«aJ,' 
aaJd a ahepbc-rd etJU bring in the vaU«y naar the brnt ; " lie waj 
just tticL A boy ae yon," pouttit^ to a boy of dereu or twelve ) 




i to fOfty ftboct iri' Q» bgra His feM wra Ml tuntcd b, 

i hm nmd to liA mm ov*r Um otfa«r u bo walfcod ^ aad whcti bo 
h^ vooU Kunotiinca cAtoh ooa n^nit tho ntbir, ftnd tuublo 
riMclcftndh«ei& Wo bowd that in Ecjlud he hid got Im IM 

■ vooh & boy cfNiU got oboct tborc, error tbo roigb luoUi ncd 
f tho dMtnut toouDUnw, tt «tnui£9 onou^h. Wo <1«> ii<?t tear tli«t 

ooax^max lum. Mn. Bjron, hy oil ooooant^ vui not weU-fitUd 
rBuoohwAUdn&brloMclimbiafE np hillH ; toI it id<|uil(T ccrUm 
' he nunblod far uail wii^ ka^C i* i« n3"«A pn>bab]«, kkuno. 
L-Am^rr, MorroD, otid OAlblrvc, am th» gnodfeftturcA of Uio 
Qtuu oMottTt *°^ i^ ^ evKkdtt that the wild and btnotiftil 

I of tbe D«04ul«f ami the nxMUtun* ArcAUid. hod nUdo a 

lod midibLo unprccBtori <iii his ima^natiixi. It ujust the 
to avak* tbo yoti, whnrtt tte >oul oiuL tbft or^Dixati'Mi of 

t pivl exitft* Tb* il»op »olitudo ; tbo ittora noniitaiiiB, viUt all 

_iif ihtum nf itfrnn inil fnimMiir — uo« bhulns and biiminc out 

^AllllMbcigbtiMMor a elm- nun, now vofUj bcatnki^ bcoioath tbo 

{ligfalvf OTWtiiigf <uiJ nov bbuk M mMkight bt^io&th BEbomy 

tairibllj fvrth&tJODttteirtthleiimli^txvxujianini ToUcf 

Ivam, aid tho totuid oTvolcvs, km the mini bnu^ of 

tk>«, hntb-ffad bilh and oofl glm^ nhore the ^iinAi hnip Its 

r and AacroAb tavncbaiorer the lov«3x hanb«11 and the Mcrat 

Um grooM, wm tb* uDOBory whiA mimoinidftd tt* t>oy 

I doriag ibo suuBur oiottthii ; and tbo U7 ■■ im Uiher tu tbo 

.'enldnc^vt ovor nflcTwai^r £roau bmd to huid, all that vm 

7 ttil Miblim* in ntttanL 

M be VfeA iBow oiUhI upoa U/ '^7^-^ 

lOsKMiechaogad la Bu^^d ; MililuOu to t-iiies ; pcn^erty to 
<t# ; and th* noMolw obttenri^ of tho jtiTcnib a>niintalii 
Jrrvr to thlff end uaiiouuwd Ihnae. 
BcLn. htrwfWt (|u1tUng thie Ikvourlto *oenu of \h^ t^ariy Itfo of 
V "hk^ bo nuvoF •goiD riiiited. 1 mtivt notion it uriiUr tho 
L vhloh ft hAfponod to i>r«*mt to mr from tbo porticolir Udm 
fmjminl^ It wonon the t^th of Angunt, liwt oce we«k«fLcr 
'^iKffBDOfieecncnt flf thv crtiiipi9-«bootiiigoefESOD| and «Tiirry inn oq 
^rnid WW crowded witb Aportnaen and tbdr nrrontH, Lord 
dllt on bla wi^ to biji Kboottng gioti&d ta Brsciikar, vm lay 
hbmron thi- m«)1 frtiru Abameen : and hla wHt« aoai]aiTt& 
I tba iporU of Tviou« cotintiieo, the capTcaUsH iun bov- 
t<if tbc tH>rtli of ISttrope. tti partkiilar or BuAota, aaade hto 
MOM of tbeits, VI owH MX or UiR di'-fP'i-ltoiJttnif of B^aunla^* 
ifwtiotUrapoTt— rayinttnrtiae^ But the wtather of thtt wet 
DMf via at thl« tJnM ontngeoonlj njny. luid from cvvrj wiy- 
iBD thr TngtiHtvctA fiuvm of j{M>Tijur}i>it wtrn v^a^IvIa A« ve 
0|i at tba vdlo^ ^f BaDCbory^the door wna tliron^ vHth 
' Mmsta, ord a geutkanas at on open upper windov, efNOf 



uimIowIj thoHbotvtfrjp douil£» bvigiiig upon ibo hlllJi, otngbt «i^it 
of Lord i^jiUiirnigb, md imlToH oitL, fn m Utn^ at tnatntiai^Ty ^nJtea- 
tjon (laickl^mlAji^inicictoiQekiitihj&lf, — "lU! Cnal onjoutb«t«t 
Q«ra I bavu boufi t;^«au four ^ytt, Axul nuUUiig b\it thu Mtiftntddad 
nki. Not a fimt har« ] fct boan >btft to «flt upmi tho lif^Ui, TbM* 
MMniiof OJC^ 

" VVlto b ibat who adJjotocA yoii so TatnUiArtT I ^ 

•'Oh! it u Sir John Gao^l" Poor &r John! WUl ft ^mw 

On wcut tho oonoh. At Dolktcr, ■csit^Uio doorvw* tfan>ng«d 
Tilh livL-ry M^rmnta : th« nin vui USug in tarr«fibi ; tbnn wwn 
nine ftliooiiiig gyatlcEDca ia the boujw, not ono of whom couU aUr 
out. Aacf Wi^luucltoaii, Lord CUltsra^ w«nt wlUt Uw mail 
to Brnanur, And I, with eipuuldd umbrril^ ibbumI forth to laplAtw 
the nejghbuurliood aa wU ut I luiglit, but mts apvodilv drircq biclc 
wdId by tbo ili^ln^iu; miiB, vbicb niivlv «>vjy ttijfbuHv lUi actual 
nVtr. TL<^ noit dny vm Sitodfty, and Iha aiid roM «Ha » liiiiitji 
and ti'trmtb wbich ikeemcd ti> aay^** 0<iQlleiDeo aportBiDOD, joa 
bIjoU Kt lv«Bt harq fair woathot for diunib.'* A mora alorkiiw i1m^ 
nuvcr vuMnt dovo otvt xnountAin vid EQoorlaad : aiHlfrv m tbo 
aoeuw OQ which ftno sumrDer v«at^r ooafen a gr«*t«r btAUlj ibui 
OD thoH nrotmd Ehklliktcr. AJvug tb«ae ])l«uaiit valleje tbs couuti7 
pooplcv oil ho^b ftod oaiisatian, in coraidi oonvcmfttioQ Arvanked 
aloD^ to sni] IVotn church. I tflimbed tbo dork Eooorlu»J bill^ 
wLcro Lbo wild floclu xxiddod ^vny ot tbo proMbcii cC ft Mnoger, 
Aii<^ tlw £n>uw roGto up in whole cotojrv* vitb ft •tftitlicff vhitr ftnd 
H^tiftn^ cHm, ftnd gjued down into tbo vftk« on thn mut Jorol^ 

I'ttlo homcAtoaJjv <ia tholr criirjuon LeAtfaevy kftr>Ilj^ amid Uistr 
bfuiitiful bttlir wood]Aii<lB of btn^ Above troM on cvnrt aide Um 
MoUmn ftcd drcftry bulbi of Loob'Dft-gin', Morveii, ftjid Culb)o«a 

li vM ft dA^ ukd A aceoc ftUkongMt « thoiuaad, JTijiht fcU ; itkuniing 

■ffun roAe^MoTiduv moruijia I BuadT«dft of uiitoiu ftportoiiiea 
tuvuffbonttbu Hi ^ hlhT'^Wfti^n frh'^ffin<l*f^r^^iHriifti^^^fi>ftU ''^f*} * ift 

" Av^ lb* VIA* Ml H «hHi«k tlH wtritt viHdd 4nv« |« 

When T !o61ud out of my bodfocm window^ tbora wora nua ftod 
boTB atftndJng ia froot of the Ian, cftstlng drtary looks ti tbft n^od 
ftnd lo^Niireepim cuTtAiua of dooda thkt rtifoudel ever; hill. Aod 
tboa lon^g looti at tbo viD^Towi^ if tbft ali^Uftt pouiblo bru«kft 
lu tbow cbuds ooouiTod, bcpiog to b« coUod ftod «ngi^ed ■> euJdoft 
ftnd ^am&^ftrHen od uio hi\h. Koep«n wero WftUun^ ftboin, ftt>il 
biioguig boa of «bot ia. Moo ftad Emjm, uMtdy ioobng n<t ftod 
dlrt^r M if Uiay hod tninpod with th«ir etroog ilioeft ftoiM dkUnoft 
out of the coontfj to com* hiUier, «ikai tbete if tbqr tteugbt It 
wo"«]d uika vt^i AIM tboj ofttt kuowing lock« tt the doude aod idkook 
Ibeir boftd*. But iwoq ! u if in rerr darperfttion, thcro wore diM 
let lOOMb which nn beJtcr nkcltor wor tfae brJdn tovftrdx tbo hilb, 
fall oT ««g«r Ef9 for the h[ioH ; and Riy* full of ^ntlecteii, ibr«« or 
four toother, inured oloM^ in white b«tet or ^ued and turmd-Qp 



wfrlfi-MWftkoB. acid thtok iboctins-j»ekota> doao bnttoii«d up, witb 
tbeir pUA enct ftt thoir odci^ iwttuifr off for tbeir fthoo4i&s ^uods. 
Ttifij w«n dMormiood to be ibt lli«rlr sUtloiu, p«rtm|>« Moe t«ti 
vnllflA oCr and tako Uig ofaonoo of • obtmee in tho ««MLor. Good 
iuck i> tl^um 1 

I tookmj'Wtt^bwki^BhitoAtwrdonii and lot al FUiicboiT, tlio 
ihfi-clAor abll CTcwdfid wrtt Ut«i7 M«rnuit% aud poor Sir John tiuc*l 
dtiU seaUil at the MJfwoDt wmdow^ with loDff U3d BieluMboly fiioe. 
wabdiiiw the doudaT Truly tbo ■porting, nut 1«m Uiu ihtf Chrixtian 
UId* bM ltd eroaaoa »nd ila mortiBofttkiiiB. 

LonlVrroDTs ni«t ionrn*; iDteEDglwid weavitb bfa motlicr, to 
*o» Ida ftoeefltnd flbim— hie «i)bey and «eUt« of Ketrvtoiui It iru 
ft cocuidcfftUe «top frcdsi tiko foanu over tho sbop at Aberdoeo, or 
tbe)iltl«biit ftiBoUatricb^vith l£3/.a^7Mr, But j«t for ft lord U 
ms no TM7 manttfi:«Dt Bnbj«ct Df ooDtompbtioa Thoecuto bad 
bocD dreoduiUv drcadoi of wood, and ebowod a aiody «*^*-'"*" of 
meam Ufid, the n^taL of a mai part of whiah vould bo bigb at 
tun tthiUiage an acre. Ttui old abbo^ wa^ dilapLdat«d, and nenacine 
in vonouA pboeo to tumbb in* Tbo gonLcnii vrore a wUdomow 

Ritv chfltad Dp Ifat iw irblcb lit* blDomtd In lb* vxr* 

Thn pU» wait, Aflitr a tima, kaanl to Lnnt Orof d« Ruthrn, «ho Ut 
ruin take ila oaarae. aa tha old lord had dene. Wheu Iba old Wd 
dkdl, the boat of cviokota which be had fod are noid lo have takcd 
inuxudbU flfghfc uwuing f^rtii in luob a tnin thot tbi> iHrvarabi oould 
aoaroelf moTe witliout tnadixi^ on Iheu. WLitd Lord Orej^a Ifasa 
waa oat, bo and bia boundH took thdr flight in liko manner ; bvt 
thin WAA vnAiA ynnnt ftftdtrwwljt, and for tbo |irwiAivt Mnt Bjron 
betook Iwtaatf to Nottbfiham, and placed her ion nndar tbo cara of 
Mr. Bagcrv. the priiidpu Bdioolmaatcr tbera> and under thah of m 
qiu«k, mui TAvnrvlnr, to Atr^ugbbm bk twit. TbAnmi tbA7 mnorad 
to LoodoQ. wbare thar rwidM lo SloaDO«fTMeh aod IfyrMi me 
iieiittoDr.Qta]nia^acfioal&tI>nIwidi. Iboooe ha waa nmoved to 
HiirMfv; end during Ifaa joant bo apont tbsta lAtm. Pmn want to 
rtaide amin tt Nottingham, aod aftarwanla tt Scmtbw«ll, wTth occ** 
atooal TMA to Bath and Chdtoobata. Banaw ami Cuobrid)^ wocv^ 
ofttmnm^ fhr thn <liiof part of the jaara of bia minority, loi propv 
hcoML b«t tha Taicattoea vera obom ^wnt at Southw^ witli &i> 
qneotTWta lo Newitoad aud Anaaab^, Before bfi) toinocitv, bow* 
mvn, aspdrad, I^^ Graf do Ratlijm nnd qnittAd New«taad< Jaavbiff 
it in a def^oraUe eUta of dilapidatioi^ and Lord ^froa inciirr»d 
great nptnoe in ivnairiog the tliM^, nmoh Indeed bajocid the rcoob 
of bia raaoiuoiw. Hie inosma wm mall, for tbo boH part of hie 
oneoalfal propcv^ bad bato eold by t^ kta lofd, eepedellj tho 
Bodidalo aetaie, wbioh wee afterwarda reoovand. Tbm aOoweooo tor 
hia odacation waa aS that bo oonkl ckhn ftom hia tmatote^ and hia 
iaothoi'aiDudlinoonowM(Aadoat bjapeuiooofdOIMLpareinnEn. 






th# MiU tQcurrod hf him Tor Uw vopaire tif Nnwilagil nol 

kgallj rooOTonbl^ » tb«^ von incurred by % miDOTr WBuiud ftr 
ytara xtvpta^ | <kod tb» importuoitj of hh oroditors «ru ono of tliD ' 
atrougoBt mcAitM for hia mtIt tr^velUcis Abr<iaLd T^ biltir* oif hU 
liope oT nmrrTiDg AUm (Jh&wortii, md addiuA her oitat*^ vtiidi «d- 
joinod hu ovn. Co KovKtsoflf woi^ both j& A&otioii 4rad id poioi ol 
lortuDO, ft 9«voni blov. Qi9 «cibftnikaa&eDta foully cooapolbd bfai 
1^ a»U Nevsteui, ftncl to caake a aarinc if gowmMfy, vbicb» to m 
pttrMn tjf hk pocuUftr tom[>«nuMiit, holHUi, and opAnjuas, won ott>- 
uId to roMuH m troubJe and diraoioo. From theM etaam hii li£i 
becuae uiu«tUed and anbiUored ; axid vounly had ho roAebvd the 
poriod at tthtbh hii bmo ought to havo mftdo ^ ttiitivo kad tko 
proUilMi uxl bapfMlt of ftU kndfl to hio, irhoD ho abftodociod a f^^ 


bior I 

Of Urn «lLrnp« ho mtda tlmKir aI*!}!!*. 

AqA wi hhI dftfik tirclr Mui%umB r bf <*■> ciri 

HlBUtlf Utf wbM lu Etui bHfi : «« the tr* 

And on lb* aliorv bv tm i woAdcnr."— fAi iVaiit. tM^ x. p. fit 

or NowBEtood uKi JUnvBler 1 have gtv«a a paitiuuhr moeoiut n 
tbo RunU lifg of EngUod To thoM I tnuct r^on and lava oe^ to 
add that, in tba haudii of Lord Bjrou's old sohoolfiUov Oolooal Wild- 
mao, Nowiiaod hi raalorol tad laahstainad aa ail loren of lEnfl^ufa 
pniiuA would wiflh it to b«, and ia «Torop«ii to th^ Muvv^. Sma 
tliat aooouct^ too, tho old ball of Aimsdej baa mdcir^me a nmo- 
vition, &Dd tbu tooao of mobocbolr deaertioo aod Av»y ibcrc 
ddttoribvJ; «iiftU now only b tbo rotutaa wlueh^ roootdod it bi 
tho praaoot papor SoutbwoU and Harrow will chMy donouwl ovr 

SontliiroII, doi^ the poriod f^ hia Harrow aobool Hfo, bMttM 
a most bronrito reaoit oihifl. Bia mothor h&d erttlad don Uun, 
£ody and mind won Dowin propm* of oxpanaion towaria niMhood- 
Uia ralinh for ftdOMiy, hia loro of frmo, and hia lovo of pootry, wOTo 
oraiy day mon and more doTolopttig tbeDValraB. BtX ha world yet 
waa only tbo Khool world. Ue waa ahy la ge&enl aodely. Ren, 
bowwvr, h4 fonsed a mup (>f frfamda of auporior tiato and odtua- 
ticip,mwho9aqajot]imoaro1ohebeoataaBpoed£i?alhooa; and for 
atttoo into thia ciralo laa leemed to tbri>w huutnlt with all bin heart 
aod ^ontbfid ootbuxiaAci' Tho PiNtta, ibn B«>^on^ tlu LoaeraAa, 
Jbo. war* hiaMeiidt. Here bo uoodtoapeodhia Aummaf ncaUow; 
haro it aoama lu speot nnriy tho whole of oco y«or. Hit dogu, hie 
horvMi, fiffiof at Eoarki, awimming, oad prirato thoatrio^ vato lUa 
■musonuiti^ aad br a time 8oqUiw«11 wu hia worid. Tb« HfolU 
w«ro hu great fricodi^ and there howect ia end oat, OMot hia erm^ 
inpi or apecit hIa daja* to hia mat oonteotaMCil X widar and ft 
pmr world had tiot jwt oponad upoD hlnv atid Ibr a aaaaoti Sooth* 
ml aod hia fricnda there were «t«ryllkiD|; to him. Of oourae^ in ' 
tbit UtUo <irol« he wu tho great hero; it la Dot oAob -that a Uttlo 
oatfacdiiltowiiOBSGatobahvolL>ffd: lathing ooold bo dano without 
faim t vnrj fiattoriog atteiitaxi awatt«d him i aad Ear ft tlnw be vaa 


t iKtrld, tor tbo litlle oo« ol 

-intui bo hud &llcn dcvrplj in 

'.-uraf nl bv IJi* unMt xuliiuatu 

' ^bU penoQ> of vctj rdlofHl 

L^ dntt volume to [rtvu, irith 

in^ni &>ultiv«ll ttiAt ii(t Duile 

; » TOun; friend Mr,, Bincn Dr 

. ' Bur quAkorton, to Vihom b« 

L hL-i Iloun» cf IJJoQMB. Bui L« 

.u<l si^ii Bdmethiiig loo of London, 

I 1^1 vMiuhod, And v« find him tto- 

"Oh ! Soutbwell, SoulhirvJl, Low 

^i A^iw I ourve tho 1i«Ary houn I driggcd 

lUsi^ WDOM Uio Hobaw1» nho mtiabit your 

>r rf 1).^ bv mwDt tbcnj, Ub boun cArtomiy 

-< only oa lookino; bock frotn ■ «j 

liim. No one wbo now viriU UtAt 

J «amr»od tbAt a tiDcao no Mill thoi^gb m 

\ ikc4 loit{[ hold a viiLHt cf m rottlcm ft omkm. 

hb bu) long lefl Uio place at tho tim* of id; 

sLiM »t NoUlodiaAi : oUiorv vcro dead. MIm 

|ir. thf) rtttve vliieAi iiernMn^tT nod ratuio cnAd« h) 

Mr Deocbor, toou mN fttill iiriD^ and bid Dot 

^Uwstunrof taumtod on thaogot TObUnuKl 

I vtt Af% in Mt, indebted for tbe eiporhnftit4 on 

bitm Um tht If«w Poor Lav. Thdt, kowo\or, is 

bfc§ !:«□« Appcariog ^^'^^l ^^^o bo iM tnt^rastiiig oa 

iT LorH Bjrron, vAtomt influMios wom m> gvAt with 

,UEa to coajinut hi* firat Tolonio to tbo fluAV. 

inmsiVt ot IMA that I |ttJd tbo rifiX alreadj idod- 

jlolL Tb* dAV| ftr a wrmdiT. vn» fi]3« - for & coor* 

imm pHMd. Tbo litUo iwm looked vorr plcMUit 

T 009 Ili»wk bow A catbndnl ti)wn (lofs )ook ; 

un9^ if oaaduno thvn bo, A fi^nr ihopk, Ibot 

' ffiytO' f flOt ■Onui timo \ A brsB ipp. tbAt EOnUft, 

^MiiotiiMn, or it couU not oiist ; « aumbor 3 

Juir n|»OMat gudoEiVr full of iomk, and fiTMo pbU 

( m don !■ ^ (Toater ood amajtvr piaoeB^ ninid 

I tvsr7«baroiiipTdcQa,oroft«^uuliDcadova; 

aioft 10 rvMvabU uad ptoJbundly oi]«it 

& bunai^roiiodi 

bwifl IN &M^aiidpra«iiitaitpcoinuiiiaof raxiooB 

pl^a asoamt Sax^n to tb« PitrpaiidlcuUr^ AU ii in 

~iai to tbo timo in wbkh tbo vcvfc waadoDo,«iid 

. umamtiom Tbo inaftJe ia parUookjrljr Mat : 




ftni tho roftdm^^lnik n a bran wgle, wliioli, haTiog bcMn fbood 
the bottom of the Uk* ^l Kv««£oikd. wti^rr* U in mipfkOMd to l«v» 
b«aa tlurowi^ at th* Jb»cnxithQ of tho nbbAf , br Um tnookii moU 
bt ui obJBCt OQ vtiioh Lord Byron would look vnUi grcftt ioierat. It 
ocotamM writing ooiknoct«d witb the catAW, wMcfa tbi «a(i7 mmfct 
might iruh !a diMFtm^. 

Wo looked into tlie mlna of tbe oU poJ^* ftdjoomiu tha miuflop- 
ytrd, vrbora Cwdiiud WoImj wu 0Dt«rtaui«d od hi< uvt jootdot to 
vorkp oDi] found oiji^t«« id • lovvlj mitJDD, tho wlU of mieh 
woni Uio grtjr soii irrogular rutnn €>T thm AQdent fabric ; uad Uw 
boose^ runnifijc Along o»o Ktdc of tt cndootljr, thouj^ old, brnlt partlf 

ont of iU EKiAtoriftl, Ewr^ OYM Icoowa bov rtinmiint^ i|Ti«fh im oU 

hoaao loolv ; — iVt low rvi^ ite irregiikr mndowi, im froai iwrtJ; 
orortitiiig with nmat, jtumme*, and fig* ; tho i^xn pordit uul tho 
p««p« of ^«lly |iictun«, or rstlur tlw fruooa of tbo pktoiiti^ vU 
ourUioi^ And fiimiturv--tlio AttributoA of woslth ; mA the grWh 
swAnl of tbo courifptnkai, filling with ItN rolTct ttva atc* boraMU 
tiu old And Rinad wUIa- 

lTtid«r Uu oEtlffiEig ^dAtii^ of Dr. Culi-prt, I wtiL rMuxl to wa 
tiio pcopio with whoin &>-roii u«ed to AWKdate. UcibrtuDAt^tvv Wm 
Pi^tt w«fl ia Laadoxi ; wo had a ojIfBapM of bor ontrAiMo-bul, And 
thai WAS idl Tho houao ia ono of &oao oid-JhAbiomoJ. nJW daikldi 
bouaea^ that odu aeta in auob plooca ; oud in tbo littU wen biaa|S of 

bualAi, Afq)anintlj phrannlnglou ■pAeiin^nA. 

Wo w«Dt ihoo to tho houHU irber« Itfroo^ notber Bvvd. It b At 
tha oppoAito end of tho town, or TiJ)Ag& It ia otUfd Biupga Maoor. 
and nlAnda «A tho top of a rioplpg yoaa, oiPod Rurygo Orwim, and 
At tbo baok lookiQg oror & plouoot tfUvtob of oouotiy towaHft 
BnonUoJd. The bvu«o !o a good, Ium and obeoHhl abode ; but bM, 
ft OBBffta, boon ooaaidnnblj 0DlAr«»d rLdo* Mrm. Byron livnd in it ; in 
fkut, anothov balf built to it in flhODt. UnJucldty, tho lady wbo now 
tubftblU ^ wao bbouut too; flc tbatwo osuM IcarunotliiQ^ pArtieolv 
About itw Tt w^ii undcTSaing {laiiiting, And wa «nt«Twl it« %ad walfcoJ 
about tha Iowot rocmiS, wbJob an good modcn rooms Hio hall bM 
A number of middling |>oftndt^ Apparentij belot^^ng to tba ladT** 

fiunil;: aMnryCbi^lm;alAdyof tbanhmaof UaoojAllfT.jMten^ 

without A John nr TbomM tolUa iiAme,Jwt tboe— ^ Bar. Jtokno,* 
a eAiHl^b&lr«J aohcoltnMtoT'looking umL leaoing oo Ma etbov, and 
appAFootlj tmng ia kok v^rv Ml of tfAuntAtion. fHo pNAtmi voa 
vmy ftm&y ; ft wta that of a llttlo gtrl of about flvA or lix narA oM, 
In A loOM draa^ and tier bair armgod in a Torj ^figgtm Ibahkm 
with tiirfo oatri^ fhatbapa. 8bo Acfopaad tho ofttitra or tha pjirtixrc; 
nod atood fodnj yoti, aod od oaob hand a whiU robbit w«a Ptftjj 
ivtrliig HD and toolEing At her ; and utMlcr the fisuraa atooa llio 
munaa^MAAT Roonr. ItAvr T-&W, and Minr BvnuiL Ton wooU 

itOAgioo that twt> of tba oa&hb won tbe oADkos of tba rftbbil* ; butt 
lufectfrtba^ Ato aU her own uomea, abe liaTing^ in after jMeSt l>Mn 
twioA momfld. 

til tbU toutflion Djrrm probably wrote mAuj of th« pocim in Ui 
UouraofldloDMB^buttioilheEii^iabBAnio andSootohr " 



yr\itoh tho fOod My df tbo bou>* oUb* to Imvo bora ivrlttni thon. 
** ovcTj lia« of thona." fVo never mw tho «tt«tii of tbo Edtnbursb 
Hoview tiU fao bod cntirtlv Idt SouthvtlL Tha homo irbon) Bttod 
iMvd to Join In i^int^f iriittriaAlfl, tb*t of Mr. LrfMOrof^ fcva ih«D 
oocvfiicd l^ a Un. UcathoolCL 

Id nmiig from cno pl&co to inobhor, wo woot ronod by tbo OtmAv 
tho MNUfi in wbich Jtjrrotfi luwj to bblhit^ ajitd «bi«ro bo iivvd foi 
* lady's tliimblo, which bo took From hoc work-l)t>i ukd throw in- 
Tho Oraet w a more brooks and for tbo mott mit 90 ibftllow tbU 
A Dun iroald laooh ftooncr ctaoL hi* fikuU in It than diT* vory cloop* 
imloM It woro ab<^o th« mUL wlion tbo «tt« » dazimwd up, or jtut 
beloir the mill-wheel by tbo iniilgo, but that ui too tmhlic^ oeiiig in 
lb* high roftiL Suob tf Southirall, in NottbigbaEaAliir*^ wliieb wUI 
alwajB be Kviogl^ BMociiLte^ wLtb ono «f tbe luLppjuat [loriodfi of the 
life of Lord BjiDn. 

HuTow >>ouig lo ti9v tbo mot]<opcllll^ wUl OAtunllj draw m&nj 
^itONt &a anouker of ibe bftppiest tfceiiM oS Bfroqt^ youthful Uib. 
Bore h4 r«|>r(«M3tA himseli bo buvu bc^ii einiaoctlj Juippy : vul 
«lw^e Loobad btitk to tbb poriod «f hia ^outh with p*rtictil&r aSto- 
tion. Tho ndhooltooiD nrtiofo be Btudiod, th« ti>iDb whne bo oied to 
ell m tbo chnrd^Brd, uiil tbe spot where hto Dstoral daughter, 
Allci^nk i* horiwL wOi alEvan ^irito » livolj inirmiL ThU torahia 
tftiUoaliqd bj-iho hoy> at lUrroir, " Ityron'h tcmb ;" Aini it« id^ntil^ 
!■ vcfj ftoeurmtolr liird by hlmtelf in m lett«r lo Mr. Morny, whoa 
^viDg f&rc«tioa tor Uio intonttent of hie daoflbtcr, ** Tbcm ui & npot 
m tb# dtmbwd, oov tbo footpath, on the brow of tb« bill lookiDg 
lovmb Windsor, mod a U>mb, uiid«r a bm inw, bMrins Uw nara^ 
«f Paaohia or PeMbj. wbure I uaud to ait for ho^re «Dd houro WhMi 
a boy. Thin rrm my IkvearAo Apot ; but aa [ wish to erect a tablet 
to ber meoiory, Umi body 1m1 better be depofjtdd in the oburdi. 
y««j tbo dMT on tho left hund ■* you oolcr, ihera u a mooumeixi, 
with a tablet conteming thceo words :— 

■ n« SMBV wvpa OV TiTlii^ ««EMl dllMt 
Our tosn bfCBin* m. «■<■! wr ■ria' It Juii i 

rta> iHt ud UfbeU sf hcc Ion aid viiIhl'^ 

I rwolUet them after aorantooa yom &ot from aajftblcf nmarlcaUo 
in tbcsD, but because, ftom my seat ui tbe fiU^ry, 1 !^ geiwrafly 
my oToa tunwd iovAnte that monuioeQt- Ai ooftr is aockTonient 1 
ooula wii^ AUegra to be buried, uid cm tb« w»l] a ULEirble tablet 
placed, with these wonk i-^ 

In Hmn tT fvt 

[>*urM*T of <■- eTLerd Sriot* 

la lltlr. April >Oib. IBlp 
Afvd Ovb vtart «•! tfarao luaiafti 


TbeasBiV uhnotioglaodmarlDibo theYintoTivbowill fiud tbe paUi 
to tbo tomb btnoatb lbs large Hm well tndted* and tbe view tbm 
of«r tba Ut etretduDg oomitryi blhAi aa vcO u^bl draw tbe ntnsiug 




tmst of the youngpc^t Opptein Mfidwiu my^ to nv tbe Dun# of 
BjtoQ ■■ cttrrod *t iturov, in ikriM pboes io ray Inr^ ohafoict ciT a 
a praMoUnMiDt of his fiitnit fsme* or s pMgo of liu uiUtktt to 
Mature it.* ThoDb^-erouiid aiul cHekfit-gnmnd vill kIm be rMtcd 

fiiMbidA>lp1iOr,«'tbQabar«alaTeZTidcftor vhat "Syroa ud hi9 
(xrt«mjMimn«a w«re hi IMr tim& ao oue ww a noon tfaorough 
BohoojWY, in al] tbe eb)Djtn«ci of pk^ and jr<ot)thrbl pranki; tukn 
Lord BjTOD, sa he himMlf in vereM addr«M«d to oae or hw tchcol- 
comriida eUows tjs uid u &11 Ma sdioolftUOTrs teeltiy oT hioL 

"Tplwhm r<iiiAiiECi>*iiL> UniFffilnf tAorwH i1w«^ 
Oar irnrCi, I'HT tniilU*, viti cut tnnlii vvn oat : 

TOfilhCf J'llncd m rikilcl'i mtl'lj toll. 
Or *huTii lilt ]>fic]uE« uF ih< flr«E*i ipoUi 
Or ?Ju^|l*<I T'TlQ 1>ir fttra diftiDkeir >hMV» 

Ib r*rrf •1nn*rtl iKirl^BnfvA, iha kvnr, 

AH* aJl ibM tooUui khocdd V. ^ui the dud*." 

But tho whole of thu poem, called Chtldiih Rcoo11ccUocll^ poUiaftiad 
in tho Eloura ftf idl^noiis &« Gllnl bj tbe dmnue of rocoUoeted who«l 
dclitzhtit ai Uvrrav. Hm bid AcbooIfuUaw^ mnoogst otbcci^ «en> 
Ijord Gtr«, fcr whom throtigh UTo ho rotohwd tbe vameat Dit*efa- 
mooti Ia>M DcUvmv, th« Ehilic «f DoneU to whom bo MldT««eM| 
antt of hiK cwljr poeina, Colonel WiUmivi, w(u> literwards purchased 
Kcwnt<wl, Lord JoooLtd, tJie Bm. WiUjim Hftm««a^ An Ue a^^ 
'' P. lltiiit#r« Ouivoiv LciOA IVtUnalL vcr« tnj prSadpA] fUooda. 
Cliovt Domrt, Colonel Gordon, Do Batli, Clandf^i, vtd Jobo ff^ng- 
field, were cny juniom and hvouritox" lant, and not least, tho kto 
Sir ttub«r( Rol wba hU vcUtnpoturj, luid it im now with TOf^ odd 
foolingn that wo read the aneodow in BjTOa*i lififi Uut wbtn a {EfB**^ 
follow of a t»j^tjTant, who elaimod ht^ I'doI u t fo^ vm fiviog 
him ft cMtigation^ Djroii came and proposed to aharo (t. " WHlo 
thoatnpo wore micoeedioR each olber, and poor Poelwrtthiuciuider 
tham, Bj^roQ nwandfolt for the muie^yof hia fntnti ; andoluiou^ 
he koew tbat ho m^ not etioof ono^fjfi to fight •••••• with aaj 

hope of suMaa, and that itwati dini^riuua vtvn to Apprcftch hJm, 
bo tdviLOOid to the ftocno of octicn, und with a bluiih of n^ toara 
in IdiB ejoei aad t votco iremMJoi; btrtw^tn Urror and IndigcAtcon^ 
aakod Ta37 humbly if • • • • • • would be jcJeescd to toll him 

' how marjr stripoa be meant to infliot I '— ' Why' returned tiw 
Djieoattobor, 'ma liicJo ivtoal, wh^l i* iLat to yi>u I' — ■Bocooac^ 
if too F^Mac, nudBrren, boldiug out hi* ord, 'I wocdd take 

With ftarrowj, vo take loave of tke mra of inooeeot boyhood. 
HIa reoionl to Quiibridff& and hu now lon^ nsidaooe* in London, 
l«d him haU) tboa* dJuipaUonfl ami w-nauatitjea which oontinned to 
OMt a (ttd fodl on tho grvotor part of hia after ILfft To Ou&brid^ 
ho neT«r app«ajcd much attach^ tnd mtber rtmM tbere ooo^ 
aloDaih aa a ncecMttjr for taking bio il«gre<^ than frMQ anj pltaaora 
he hadia thopUoft ll;a reoiaa in Trinity CoUag<^ Chmbttdyc^ an 




itj irtuoh vlQ tbors Attnet the ftttcotioD of tbi 
, noept Ibfl Commouets' Imll, la which the 1 
towd 'iboui ftfaitit^ of him bj TtofwaldaoD bM been er«ct«il. 

ItwMditrinfl hu hning li «tudoat of ChmbridfEe that N«wfUt4i 
•bbejftU into bis huHbLb^tho «nik«th>Dof Li>rdVn^do Bntbjn'ft 
loiao, uid tbat ho voofc tbilber,iaa f«pUTvditto^o«tuQo;H«nt,«kn4 
fimubed it >t ui •xp«PM fbr bojroDd liu n«cmrc«i it tlw ti: 
Bc», with hftl^a-doion of Uji fellov-oolh^ins, amoni^ vhom i 
IboTOjolavormc] oarljlovt Chvlea SldmKf lUUbow*, bo qwB 
ft nckofy tina Ho bad sot ft sot of moxM drwNB from * nu^j 
qoffndo waci^ouia in Loodon, Aod in tfaee* tbej uiwd to «it up a]1 
night, drinlintf fLnit full of nproivrioua tndrrimrmt. '^Our hour ^f 
rinniL*' wvh Ur, Matthcwv himRcIf, "nm odo. It wiui frcqucuUj 
Phvt tvo beforo ttio bnaklM pait; broko up. ThcD for tbo axout^ ■ 
inonts of tbo moraing^ ttcvo ir«rv rrdJing^ frodnK* sin^o-vUclEt or" 
«hutt1('-cock, in tho giMt room \ ptftctUiDs ^b th<» poi^toU in tbo 
hxll ; Tftllcin^ riding, «rioktt| eailiDg on tbo Iftke, plniDg vrih tbo 
bmr, or tpc^aiDg tbo woU. B«tw«OD tcntk «nd eight wo dinod i 
aati onr orwiotf katfd fron tbftt tnac till odo, tvcv or threa ' 
tbo tDOinioit The «Ti>iiiDg'fl diT«tsJono laa^ tudly bo cooocivo 
I xnavt Dot oeah th^ custcim of h*fid i n g round, oftor dinAor, 
removal of tbo olotli, a faiimui bIcuU, ul«d with burguodf. 
rwoUivig cm oboio* nands ud th« Hhtat wioMof Frmoo. vo< 
jounwd to too, whoro wo CLmusod oanohc* wHb rcodisgi or innrovb 
conTomtion, o«fih ftocordiiiR to hia AuiC7 ; utd »flor nndwidut^ d 
rvtirvd tor«oL" 

It moir wpII bo ima^Dcd vbftt * oc«Dd*l thia oocftaioi»d id 
noifcbbonibood. Dunof! thi« timo tbon wero oUll work-pe- 
•inp](^od in tbe r^poira oT tb« home, ukd I n>coDoct ft mutorj 
tcroTf who ot the ma« tloto wfto dmn^ work for mj Ibtbor o di 
mUet 0% rcktinjr to our MtonTabntont tbo BMop <» of tban gn^ ' 
roiatartfS. Bfron hinwejf says that 

Vow hpTiun i^rlt wfv knrtn m ting aFiH (tall*-* 

And tbo ponoEL boro relvm^ to porticulorlj mootioood tvtn jYtnng 
dumKl drased in bojb olothn that Bjron h^ tbere^no doabl tbo 
Mmo vbo 900a ikft«r IiTod with him «t BrompUifi and wed to ride 
ftbouton bdroolHW^ vHb h'm «t Brtebton. B«TO«itibti tinu bio 
dog BoftUvvn died, mnd bod tbo w«l)-laown tomb ruif^ ^ him f 
tho^rdonwhoro thop<wtbiiaootf propoood toUeu Hctohooutj 

himia*3r IT lib vritirjjf liU Acorll^og Englbh Bnn^ uid &t<M 

view^ra, wbch hpp(«TFd (bout tbo ticno tbat be como of igo, 1 
Hmpljr Bveogcd bim of Ibo Ediijburgb roriowom. Btoi^ M 
infDTttui tut, about Un tbouoand i>'-tuixLi tn dvbl, fao loft bia iooti]«r 
in pcfloe«icci of N«itfti««id tnd wt out on bin foreign toor. In two 
fOftTB b« Totunied to Englvid. not oatf triumpEutt by Ibo grat 
nnpnlftrily of bin Mtlro ovor aXi kb onioniM, but having in bis port- 
Kjbo tbo tiro flnt cftutoo of bta ininiitablo Cnilde HftiokL Ttotu thia 
momeut bo wv tbe nxwt oelobnted edou ^ faia ogc^ and that al thjo 



vitli ftll bin «cli><miod botiaati* Frcta the vumi t^J^agj ni] 

wtf gf IwuutjT'fviir, 
Vltll ftll bin «cli><i 

friondlrw, bcaumo lutcoft&octcd, tufto «f bin rack, tiTin^ UNui tmB 
duLa Biui I(xWijij«, fur Ilia fow coUogv ft^i(i» vDr« *wltfrod «U«ri > 
iu tiitt warld, 1)6 DCOAma tt oaoB tb* yrMt Uoc ckf «U cinb*. L«lj 
BoUiudr B<^en^ Uoonv ^ i<w<o Li« frwDi^. lie wm teM#< ] 
Ml &II ASduM bv ftrtetconitle b]iu-«ioeU£i|;> bikI gitvim «( pvAJ 
pirtim. 3ui IiIb vob for four or flv* F*'?* ^^^"^ of tta oi ' 
|i«rfe«t OJroeca iatoiitttiotL of wonhip and dimpatJoQ ; M 4m 
ibia ixriod 1» [>OTind out tto QliLoar, tlu brld« of .AMtai^l 
Oornur, iu»l l^tr^ poonu of gpMt iiffour «Dd bettittv; uiil nav bl 
>«oiMtQd tpmt,bii£l>]riio0i«ttii> rMdung tbtt lisiait of pii6ril 
wvUUk and gloi^ wliJcu b« ftft^nranli mouiiMd to. Tbaa ana Ui ] 

topinttOQ from bm viid 

TIlU marr^i^ provod tbo bUght of hta vhob lif«k W» 
no flcsiro 1o piYito tho iny«t«rifii with wliioli it jm fttill ■imnmniirf^J 
Init in juxtioQ to all ptatat^ m ii« bound to notioo tl» i 
IkcU Wbkli luw boL^n ftdvuiood cm oaeb bM^^ W« ito qM < 
tlkOm from thv ucnd pniuoy of domoBtio lif# i tiioj or* luth « ] 
b»v« bBcn put into prini voIuntArilj by tlko paitioa UimiiMlira. 

To tho la«t Lort Byroa otreiaUil lu pn>t«riuig Uml bo Mvtr bat J 
tboeouNof liiB vi/ali mtlidrmvral from hiic; but Ia4j E^ma,iil1 

SperftdilcuwdtobttUognptoauiovhudoceu^hAft ualp ' 
Etwon Uiat obo boUma him Umbo^ tr i:ot nib U> m 
^oro irero owuks which might giTo hxin on air of greoK violaae. _^^ 
«sdt«tiwni H4J bafl c&ndiilly avonrod tbe fwtt tbj[t ko nurifd tf 
boirvM in fniUr to rid hiamtU of a bo«v;y v«jdit af dobt. IJ« ^ 
vulatod on bor wealth -* to gUd bi* wMto.*" But tbo«igh Ua «i 
cTontttally brought bfiu a atabBlaulbd fortune, thuro m iw oifc 
believ^Uuil itwiu pot iaimioediateiaoDejr' Uia oradito*i,b 
niabod upon lum fruu alt axdoi^ JD the n^ipocdtjao xhmi m^ 
fftot. Tb«jr surtouudod him ILko a atnrm of bometa ; and loi 
(TomcAtio repoM, b« Ulk va biinMlf that ki Ifae Anc joar 
marriace, bo bod luuc oxcoutious loriod on bia xoodm mm 
«av«d Hati & priaon bj bw peenco. No vomlar, tben, 
QXollaUo t<mpeT*meiDt «» luhod to a pitdi of fbrj littJa 

In o^er to eitticAte Hna from tbia Urribia coodition, l^y Bjim 
aoi out on a Tint to bar fidfaoTp to codcftvcor to jmoora ua wm 
noooHUT to4ppoiM tbo ODportuiMlo OToditon. From all Uatl^ 
appeared, they nait«d in tbo ttmoBt barmca^, I^y ^roi ffM 
wrote to bim wnife on ibo Jomtey, witii ewr bm of afiaotW 
aad yqtfnrtoad of tTtnruiitgi.« Utter fanpberfctbnraawit^d' ' 
•bo woikld oome no more- Why not t Ladj ByrOQ barMlT 
to Tboiuui Uvora na the rwaon, tbat abo tbwirbl bim b_ 
ftttTod toliiv with bio. Pt't rtSr anr-amr a clic«ifuliuidnTrAki&A5 
nir is order to aacape from falm in salbty t H«i9 be* tbo vj>W^ 
wbicb «« deairt mI to pukeimte^ bot it la toa^to p«rattiTetb«~ 
of ttiia aurprbtagi and doariy UDCipocicid otcb^ on bla [coal 



lODUtiTo natarc TIm liood that b» btfljer«d otretohod out to aid 

and tbat to aAotli* hita^ wa« ^withilmvn ; a fiirjoun itAvni <i ftbiu« 

im utuntidintelj upon biui from the public, &ud (bo finUh vu put 
to mortal ^nditrmiwo. Boaialud, no it min^ bj iho abhontooA of 
hiH eoiicittT, of t}ut oouQtT^ which front woniiiI|ipLn|| tornvd no 
■udiiffilv to douctUQuo him, for tbo abamfoamoBt by b wife wu Ukeo 
n^mtol of •oue hidoouM goilt^ bo iront IbrUi never to rvtiiro- 

Tbo lim^tii of thbwork «rUl naowaajilj oooiliMi May miout* Jioo^unt 
of tbfl hMim«9 uiJ liauAU <tf our pooU to tbooo only whicb lie witbb 
th« Britmb inkv i 1 obalJ, Ui«reJoro onlj iununttnJjr tnco the pro- 
mavof ByrOD^i vuxdacJOfaMiid ftbodo* from tUa p«vlod ; and b«foM 
doing this. 1 will pouit out ia a few tiiL«» tbe mldeaoca wbSob Ita 
ooenpjed iliLrint' u>« five r^wt of lu« London bSa. Beforo ho ««nb J 
abrOM, Cvurdor'ji bold, Dunat** bot^V both in JUbwoari* rtnw^ J 
and 6> StJamMTa-AtntU ivero bia booioa On bia rotmn fro«a bill 
flwt tour be toult, an a MM for aervn jcan lj«m Lord AHborpa, ft] 
tuiU uf rooEuii in tbo Altriuy, llLotaftr of h^ tnAmed tiib vaof 
diieflvspentat 13,PiccadLUr-C«moa Tbechibswhicbbofreqiuntodj 

In bi« first tcou- bo tr«v«s>d Potiugvl, Spuiv Grw«F, atid 'Hirkoj;! 
trao]cin|r hia «ay m tj^t, by tba oompoaitioti of Childo EarolXI 
ffov, IcvTiBg trtikiid htm a dfaolaKd batrtti, aauilod bitWrl/ r - 
tbat public irbich hiid ■■> rvceuiljr cUrourod wiUi oridity bit «ploud 
noomo, tBKar^ed a* an fofldd and a dcaparvus bo «cot fimn 
fiold of WaU*Horj uraaia batgiiim, along tbo Bbliu^ tliroiyh Swii 
land into Itilr, vhicb b««uno hm MOOMt ooutni^, vvlDkLmg hiei \ 
a fov lEionlbA birfDvo litA dco-th. Kvcry atop of bu pfogreoi 
iiluattat*d bf tHuioptw of Milua stiQ moTO bdUiant tbau before. 
FroA tha niocrumt tb«t at mtdHoo bo excbunod 

•' 8i^. fat Ay tiHd it «n AA Mf Irt-t «uir,* 

till tbfii tu wbkh bo «ooc3udtti witb hi* auUimo opoaAropbo to I 
Ooeaii, b«adn]ioe«fh)raAIpU> AIpinibongntttMtoptua. Bn 
oDO tbat tnooi lb« baidta of tba fibiuo fa nada to f»L wbat additluut 
ohaAna bo boa voattorcd along tboto i aod bow i&iUiHcl; inforior i 
allp oton ibo uio«t oatbuaiaatio asd oLabaruu^ daaoniitiotiK of rb 
aoniciT, ftou oUior pfiia. 

Frrwni dVithf «lOtBTid vliwitocIUiH. 

W^Av Uiv*>1 *r ^*Ut% khwJlf •*4t1> 

BcfVfca iWlafeLi tlHttt bew Ibf <iM. 

All hUl< ■» >i^ otili lilwwA«4 VKtm. 

A«l Of >it vblib mnlw van «b4 Tint. 

Viu*'* rui feUiM Vint aAMtf tUm t^tm. 

■* An' ■ w:ih d(vp htvp *T«. 

wwk ...,-.» ..< ih« fMtdiiii 
ar<i < riwiidtnr. 



VolmiM vf doMRption oonld not ^roTon ma rlriJ « IfvHaf e/ 1 
obvMtmtio IMOTM of ib> villmr or Um Khut£ «4 tbno la 
Ad4 thoa Ibrou^ tbo Alp^ "Thft p«Uott of Kfttom' ^p 
ftdvMMvd mto iWjV Uio ULd of 4i>a>ont ut, bcrotg ilicJi. 
otrnu tiihiro. At Q«««rT& ti« Ml In with Shtdoj fo tbe Int 
UM luac«fortb UktM tvo greet po«4a bocuao frkiMb. At Xh 
on thokko of OtiWT^lM ipeiiitiM intamn, thcaiadrmooJ tolb 
oofl took ID LiA 4b«do in Vebloo^ when, In tie ulaoo UoanutDh 
tha Oaad Gnodo, hi Ured tUl D«oember, ISlft «.*>. oboot tfam 
His noxt f«n»ro vaa to B«T«aD%iAflr0hclittda|Ac(D(Uil 

tn th* Goiodoti m1«o«. InUwtutunmof 16Si b»oaitt4 

hftfin^ raided uiero not two jetn, and took tip Us raidott 
FSn, la tho tAufiwadu ptUm on tho Arao, trbidi bo iTcBcrtto 
lftrf«BaoQ^for«cuT«oii. In Ih^nntuinnof 1£iShioqdU«dl 
for Ocno^ hftviikg resided at ?bt & fnr. At Godoa be inUA 
tho TilU 8alQ£u> Hi Albvo, ODO of tbo vubortB of tbfti cu^.iImi 
bo ooDtluiMd to live UU the Julj of 18S3, not qiiite & rov, Wba A 
B»t wl for On>ece> when ia e lev inoDtlEis Ue DXjJcteftoe ten 

or lAird Brtoci^ «bgdoe uid uodte of Ufo we b«vo BOint 

d»npaieiaHoore*9Ub,iQSholb^B<MlCkptdn Uod«t»'« 

omyvbere be recotbied tnie to bin scfaotHbov beUtft of riAiif 
hofwbeok, ewLmmiBg, firing witb pwUdo ; to bin lore of bol i 
Kowfbnnilknd ^o^ Uooro dMcnbon bii booM io Voiloi « 
dunp^oolina *"■"■"■* one *te"™t cennL "As vo ffrop^divnrei 
nftor Um,* bo Mn ** wocgh tbc Amk Lxll^bocriod ovt,'KNpiin 
of (he dos:* Mid before wKlwil piwvi^tifd mhoj^pftoco (utb«r/lU 
oerO| or tlint mcnkor viU flj nl jdu,' e ourioun proof of bii fiM 
to tjJ tbo teiUe of nl4 vMth, end of the noft of BneoiMte «U 
TittTFAPi ftt N«wvt«ftd bod to onconntfr