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By C. C. FELT ON, 






'^<k.A^ ^.ry i-/-'-^''' ^.sb-.VM-r 



Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846, by 


in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachosetta. 






In the present edition of the fliad, the text has been carefully 
revised. A much larger body of annotations than was contained 
in the former editions has been subjoined to this, and a small portion 
only of the old notes has been incorporated with the new. It would 
have been a pleasing task td furnish a minute and critical com- 
mentary upon the whole Iliad ; but such a commentary would have 
enlarged the work greatly beyond the plan which had been deter- 
mined on. It was thought better to explain in detail a portion only 
of the Iliad, — a portion which would probably embrace nearly all 
the peculiarities of the Homeric language, — and to prepare notes of 
a more general character for the rest. The student will, therefore, 
find the remarks upon the first book much more numerous and par- 
ticular than' those upon the remainder of the poem. On the other 
hand, such passages as the shield of Achilles, in the eighteenth 
book, are illustrated with a fulness of discussion which their general 
interest, as pictures of antif^ue life, seemed to warrant. 

Ill the Preliminary Remarks to the notes, an attempt has been 
made to sketch- the leading features of Hellenic life in the Heroic 
and Homeric ages, and to trace the growth of Epic poetry from its 
primeval sources to the full tide of song in the Iliad and Odyssey. 
Several views ther^ set forth are to be regarded as probable approx- 
imations only to a true picture of ages and states of society, the 
poetical remains ot which are the only documents of their history. 

At the close of the Preliminary Remarks, an extract of some 
length is given from the chapter in Mr. Grote's History of Greece on 
the Homeric poetry. This work, of which two volumes only have 
been published, displays great learning, and rare powers of histor- 
ical combination and critical analysis. I have cited the passage al« 
Hided to, not because I am prepared to adopt the conclusion it tm-' 


bodies respecting the construction of the Iliad, but because that con- 
clusion has been drawn by the inrh^pendent studies of a v.e)! trained 
English mind ; and as it was published while the notes were pass- 
ing through the press, and as several years will probably elapse be- 
fore the completion of the history, it was thought desirable to lay at 
once a critical judgment of such iiigli authority before the American 

In the preparation of tliis edition, a great variety of works have 
been freely used. Illustrations or quotations taken from them are. 
marked by the initials of their authors. The principal books con- 
sulted are Heyne's Homeri Ilias, Bothe's Homcri CanmnOj Humeri 
Iiias von G. C. Crusius, Grammalisch-Kritische Anmerkungen zur 
J/tas (ies Homer von C. F. Stadelmann, Koppcn's Anmerkungen 
zu Homers Ilias, JMontbel's Observations sur Vlliade ((''Hom^r^t 
Spitzner's Homeri Ilias, Wolf's Vorlesung^n vJier Homers Ilias (edr 
ited by Usteri), and Wolf 's Vorlcsungen uber die Alierlhumswissen- 
schaft. Other subsidiary writers have also been consulted, and infor- 
mation drawn from them combined, as far as was practicable, with- 
in the limits of the editor's plan. Mr. Hope's valuable and elegant 
volumes on the of the Ancients , and Mr. St. John's lej^rned 
work on the Manners and Customs of Ancient Greece, the rich fruit 
of a lifetime passed in study and travel, should be particularly men- 
tioned. The excellent Lexicon of the Poems of Homer and the Ho^ 
meridce, ably translated by Professor Smith, supplies, to a great ex- 
tent, the place of a verbal commentary on Homer, and ought to be 
in the hands of every student of the poet. 

Tlie Illustrations of Mr. Flaxman are not so generally known in 
this country as they ought to be. No modern sculptor, according to 
the opinions of the best judges, has imbibed more thoroughly the 
spirit of grace and beauty which belongs preeminently to ancient 
art. His mind may be said to have been cast in a Grecian mould ; 
he had the; same intuitive perception of the beautiful, the same love 
of simplicity, the same power which belonged to that intellectual 
people of embodying, in perfect forms, the ideal creations of gen- 
ius. He spent seven years in studying the remains of antiquity at 
Rome ; and no man was ever more fitted by pature and education to 
revive and reproduce the elegant simplicity of the works of the an- 
cients. His Illustrations of Homer, designed originally for bass- 
reliefs, were welcomed, po their appearance, by the applause of all 


Europe. They have heen repeatedly published in England, France, 
Germany, and Italy, and have taken, by universal consent, a place 
among the happiest modern representations of the spirit of the an- 
tique. They hold the same rank in art that Goethe's Iphigenie 
holds in literature. The republication of these Illustrations, it is 
believed, will be an acceptable service to the readers of Homer, ex- 
ecuted as they are in the purest Grecian style. Mr. Flaxman illus- 
trated the Poems of Hesiod and the Tragedies of ^schylus in the 
same classical and spirited manner. As a general remark, it may 
be observed, that the art and literature of the ancients explain each 
other to a degree unknown in modern times. There was a peculiar 
connection between them ; they were different developments of the 
s^une ideas of the beautiful. The sculptor, the poet, the architect, 
each shedding light upon the others, wrought under the animating 
impulse of the most delightful country and climate, with a common 
sensibility to the beauty of proportion, and a similar abstinence from 
excess in mean^ and effects, — a temperance which lies at the foun- 
dation of good taste. Homer's compositions were the source from 
which the artists of Greece drew their ideal forms of gods and god- 
desses and heroes. The whole compass of ancient poetry was, in 
fact, reshaped in the marble of the Grecian sculptors, and delineated 
anew on the canvass of the painters. The noble figures on the Par- 
thenon, chiselled under the eye, if not by the hand, of Phidias, the 
broken remains of which are even now the best teachers of the 
highest style in the art, sprang ii^to being from the same kind of in- 
spiration as that which spoke in the rhapsodies of Homer, and the 
Tragedies of iE)schylus and Sophocles. This is the bond which 
holds together Grecian art, song, and philosophy, in immortal unity 
and beauty. It appears necessary, therefore, to look beyond the 
words and forms of ancient literature, if we would understand it in 
a lil)eral way ; and to see how the same spirit which breathes from 
the poet's page was embodied in the works of the artist. To repre- 
sent the principle of this union to the young readers of Homer, the 
truly Grecian Illustrations of Flaxman have been inserted in their 
proper places. The engravings are executed by Mr. Andrews, a 
gentleman of well known taste and talent in that branch of art. 

The questions of the existence of Homer, the original unity of 
the Iliad, the mode of ^ts composition, and the occasions on which 
it was delivered, are touched upon in the Preliminary Remarks. I 


will merely say here, that I can see no reason to doubt the per- 
sonal existence of Homer, or his authorship of the Iliad< There 
are, with few exceptions, a harmony of parts, and a consistency 
among the different situations of the same character, which mark 
the whole as substantially the production of one mind ; but of a 
mind as comprehensive as the forms of nature, the aspects of life, 
and the powers, propensities, and passions of man, — of a genius 
as varied, versatile, and dramatic as Shakspeare's. Then, too, it 
may be remarked, that some of the chief personages in the Iliad 
are not completely exhibited, unless the situations in which they 
are placed in different parts of the poem be taken into consideration. 
Achilles, for example, in the first book, displays the ungovernable 
impetuosity of his temper, and justifies the character given of him 
oy Horace : — 

^' Impiger, iracundus, inczorabilis, acer." 

But in the interview with the ambassadors sent by Agamemnon 
to his tent, he shows himself courteous, hospitable, and eloquent. 
After the death of Patroclus, the higher qualities of his character, 
his strong affections, his heroic virtues, are magnificently developed, 
yet with a large and consistent admixture of his old ferocity. 

This, however, does not preclude the supposition that the inci- 
dents and characters in the war of Troy had been often handled by 
singers before Homer. Indeed, his whole manner of dealing with 
them seems to show that he took up the legendary types of the sev- 
eral heroes, and infused fresh life into them, without essentially 
changing their outlines ; as a modem poet would use the traditional 
character of the Cid, or Hagen, or Parcival, or Arthur, without ven- 
turing to displace the legendary figures by creations of his own. 
Shakspeare did so in several of his tragedies. The sculptors and 
painters of Greece practised upon the same principle. The tradi- 
tional form, expression, and attributes of each mythological person 
were followed by the artists of later times, however much their gen- 
ius and skill may have enabled them to excel their predecessors in 
the execution of the details. 

Nor do I see much reason for supposing that Homer composed 
the Iliad as one regularly planned and developed work. The prob- 
abilities tend the other way. There is no great room for doubt, 
that the story or stories of the Iliad rest on a historical basis ; map^p 

P&£FAC£. IX 

of the details, however, are to be regarded as the fictions of the 

The facts or legends on which the poem may be said to be histori 
cally founded admit of being concisely stated. The inmiediate cause 
of the Trojan war was the abduction of the beautiful Helen from 
Sparta, by Alexander, or Paris, son of Priam, the king of I'roy. 
The early people of Western Asia and of Greece appear to have 
sprung from the same origin, and probably spoke the same lan- 
guage. Their manners, customs, and mythology, according to Ho- 
mer and Herodotus, were nearly alike. Before the Trojan war, 
piratical expeditions from Greece to Asia, and from Asia to Greece, 
were the common enterprises of the daring spirits of the age, who 
carried off men, women, children, and cattle. It became a favorite 
enterprise for adventurers to seize upon beautiful women of high 
rank, the abduction of whom was a matter of pride and triumph to 
the successful marauder. Herodotus, in his First Book, mentions 
several instances. In consequence of this state of things, Tyndareus, 
king of Sparta, required of the chieftains who sought his daughter 
in msu-riage to bind themselves beforehand that they would unite to 
restore her, should she be stolen in this manner from the husband 
she might choose. She was married to Menelaus. Shortly after this 
event, Paris, who appears to have been a kind of picatical dandy, 
visited Sparta, and was hospitably entertained by Menelaus, whom 
he had the insolence to rob of his beautiful wife, and a large amount 
of treasure. The chieftains of the different states were now called 
upon to fulfil their promise, and a large armament was assembled at 
Aulis, under the command of the two brothers, Agamemnon and 
Menelaus. The numbers furnished by the respective chiefs are 
given in the catalogue or muster-roll of the army. 

The Grecian forces, brought together in this manner, and enter- 
taining these expectations,, sailed for the Troad. The war was 
prosecuted with various success, on the plain of Troy, for nine 
years ; during which many neighbouring cities were plundered, and 
their inhabitants killed or sold. In the tenth year, the city was taken 
and laid in ruins. But the action of the Iliad embraces only a few 
days of the last year. Their number is variously estimated from 
forty to fifty- three. The epic narrative begins with the quarrel of 
Achilles aad Agamemnon, and ends with the burial of Hector ; 
consequently, before the capture. of Troy. Suclv is.a sketch of the 


groand-plan on which the divine genius of Homer raised a super- 
BtTucture BO magnificent. 

The state of society and character of the age must be kept in 
mind by the reader of Homer. Though raisei^ considerably above 
barbarism, the marks of primitive simplicity were still discernible. 
Communities were governed by hereditary chieftains, whose powers 
were not defined with much precision, but depended in a great 
measure on the personal qualities of the individual. These chief- 
tains were in general distinguished by strength and prowess, and 
were expected to lead their subjects in expeditions for plunder and 
in battle. Their genealogies braced their origin back into the myth- 
ical times, when the gods walked the earth and allied themselves 
with mortals. A divine ancestry, more or less remote, was the pre- 
rogative and the glory of the leading heroic families of the Hellenic 
race. They are variously styled in Homer, kingSf chiefs, leaders, 
and shepherds of the people. Associated with them was a BovXf,, 
or council of state, whose advice was sought in political affairs, and 
sometimes even an assembly of the people was convoked to delib- 
erate on questions of general concern. In the great enterprise 
against Troy the champions were doubtless animated not so much 
by the desire of avenging the insulted honor of Menelaus, as by the 
hope of returning laden with the rich spoils of Asia ; for the king- 
dom of Priam, according to several intimations in the Iliad, was at 
this period in a^ highly prosperous condition, and the customs of war 
sanctioned the merciless sacking of cities and the selling of cap- 
tives into slavery. 

The Homeric poetry is essentially popular, and deeply grounded 
in the universal nature of man. It speaks to the common passions 
of the human heart, and, like the drama of Shakspeare, which in 
vitality of character it most resembles, profoundly engages the in- 
terest and sympathy of readers or hearers, apart from all that is lo- 
cal in coloring and temporary in form. Homer's rhapsodies were 
the most popular poetry, when they were rhythmically chanted by 
the minstrels in the festive halls or under the open sky at the Pan- 
egyries, or recited by public authority at the splendid Panathenaic 
assemblies in the violet-crowned city of Athena; and now, amidst, 
the altered relations of the world, they share with the plays of the 
great Englishman in a popularity coextensive with civilization, and 
not approached by any other works of uninspired man. Every cul* 


tivated langunge has inmslations of them, executed with various 
degrees of fidelity. Chapman, Hobbes, Ogrilby, Pope, Cowper, 
Macpberson, Sotheby, and our countryman, Mr. Munford, have la- 
bored^ in difieren^t modes and with different fortunes, to render them 
into English. From recent iadiealions, k ^eenis i^robable that a 
translation into English hexameters wiH soon be added to the Eng- 
lish Homeric library. The Germans have long possessed, in the 
hexameter translation by Voss, an admirable representative of the 
Greek. A writer in Blackwood's Magazine has published two 
books of the Iliad, the first and the twenty-fourth, which, in their 
rhythmical movement, give a vivid idea of the measure, as well as 
the spirit, of the originaL 'Mr. Shadwell has also made a suoeessful 
attempt in the same Homeric styie. A complete translation of the 
Iliad and Odyssey, in free and fbwing English hexameters, would 
be the highest triumph of the translator's art. 

But, popalar as the Homeric poetry is even now, in order to ap- 
preciate it fully we must study ourselves into the Homeric age. 
The Grecian epic was a species of story-telling, abundant as the 
modern novel, for the entertainment of assemblies of men, on festive 
occasions, in princely halls, at Araphietyonic gatherings, or at re- 
ligious solemnities. It was delivered in a species of musical recita> 
tive, with a slight accompaniment of the phorminx, like the mio* 
strelsy of the Minnesingers and Troubadours who sang to the 
cithern in the baronial castles of the Middle Ages. 

The peculiar genins of the Homeric language is worthy of 
special attention. There is a certain point in the progress of every 
people, when their speech is most fitted for poetical composition. It 
is when they have risen above the state of barbarism to a condition 
bf some refinement, yet uncorrupted by luxury, and before the intel- 
lectual powers have been given much to political or philosophical 
speculation. Then the rudeness of language is softened down, but 
the words are otill used in their primitive meanings. Tkey are like 
coins, lately from the mint, with the impressions unworn by long 
and various use in the manifold business of life. The numerous 
secondary meanings which the ever-increasing intricacy of the so- 
cial relatione, and the new views and abstract ideas of science, im- 
part to words, sometimes to the concealment of their original signifi- 
cation, have not yet confused or effaced the images they at first pre- 
sented. Such was the character of our own noble language in the 


time of Kllzahelh. Tlio words of Shakspcare niiH Massinger have 
a truth to nature, a clearness and graphic power, a directness, force, 
and freshness, which few subsequent writers have been able to rival. 
Such was the condition of the Greek language in the age of Ho- 
mer. Fornned under the genial influences of a sarene and beautiful 
heaven, amidst the most varied and lovely scenery in nature, and by 
a people of a peculiarly delicate orgnnization, of the keenest suscep- 
tibility to the beauty of sound as well as form, and of the most cre- 
ative imagination, combined with a childlike impulsiveness and sim- 
plicity, the language had attained a descriptive force, a copiousness, 
and harmony, which made it a fit instrument to express the poet's 
immortal conceptions. Its resources were inexhaustible. For every 
mood of mind, every affection of the heart, every aspect of nature, 
it furnished clear, appropriate, and graphic expressions. Its words 
and sentences are pictures, in such living forms do they bring the 
thing described before the reader's eye. Frederick Jacobs says, fan- 
cifully, yet truly, that the language of Ionia " resembles the smooth 
mirror of a broad and silent lake, from whose depth a serene sky, 
with its soft and sunny vault, and the varied nature along its sunny 
shores, are reflected in transfigured beauty." It was vivid, melodi- 
ous, and rich ; strikingly objective or concrete in its general charac- 
ter ; a charm to the ear, and an unspeakable delight to the imagina- 
tion, of a simple, hearty, but refined and beauty-loving people. It 
was copious and infinitely flexible in phrase, free and graceful in 
movement, unconstrained in structure, and obedient to the airy im- 
pulses of feeling, rather than to the formal principles of grammar. 
It expressed the thoughts and passions of robust manhood with the 
artless and unconscious truth, and sometimes almost the prattle, of 
the child.* Its freedom from constraint, its voluble minuteness of 
delineation, its rapid changes of construction, its breaks, pauses, 
significant and sudden transitions, its flexible irregularities, exhibit 
the intellectual play of national youth, while the boldness and splen- 
dor of invention it displays, and the majestic sweep of imagination 
which adorns it, bear the impress of genius in the full strength of 
its maturity. 

* The analogies between the language of Homer pnd that of children and 
uncultivated people ar^ ingeniously traced by Nast, a German scholar, in a 
treatise entitled Vber Homei'S Sprache aus dem Gesichtspunct iluer Analogie 
mit der Algemeinen Kinder- und Volkssjprache. 


Tones and gestures of the living singer also formed a part of 
the poet's expressive power, and these must be reproduced by the 
imagination^ of the modern reader. The dramatic scene, as con- 
ceived by Homer and enacted by the rhapsodist, must be made to 
pass before the eye of the mind, revived and restored, with its Ionian 
accompaniments, by the force of fancy, aided by the resources uf 
learning. '* Almost five centuries had passed," said the great 
scholar cited above, '' before the poems of Homer were imprisoned 
in written charaoters ; and even then, mindful of their original des- 
tination, they flowed more sweetly from the tongue to the ear." * 

The movement of the Homeric hexameter is singularly adapted, 
by its dactylic and spondaic rhythms, and the variety of its cssural 
pauses, to the free and excursive character of the epic. It seems to 
have been taught to the early Hellenic singer by the Muse herself, 
or to have flowed from some natural fountain, some vocal Castaly 
of song. It retains its native freedom under the restraints of the 
written character, and the discipline of conjectural criticism. I do 
not believe in the necessity of filling out its quantities to the read- 
^*s eye, by making the text bristle with uncouth digammas, as 
Payne Knight has done in his attempt to exhibit Homer, as it werie, 
in ffuris naturalibus, and Mr. Brandreth, to a less objectionable ex- 
tent, in his otherwise elegant edition. The musical recitation of 
the rhapsodist ^enabled him to satisfy the demands of the ear in a 
much more simple and natural way. Under the management of the 
Ionic minstrel, time, within certain limits, was a variable quantity. 
The axiqfakoi, fiUov(joi^ doXtxoovQOty — the ?ieadless, tailless, long' 
tailed, and other anomalous verses with polysyllabic names, are the 
inventions of technical metricians. 

Thus the author of the Iliad enjoyed very great advantages for 
the poetical handling of his subject ; and his genius was on a level 
with his situation. We should not expect, in the work of an early 
poet, the various humors and characters which grow out of modern 
society ; but we shall find in Homer a wonderful power in the delin* 
eation of such characters as belong to the Heroic age. The various 
personages of the Iliad come bodily before us ; we see them act, 
we hear them speak ; but we neither see nor hear the mighty con- 
juror who has summoned them around us. Every hero bears him 
self throughout consistently with the poet's leading idea of the char . 

* Classical Studies, by Sear*, Edwards, and Felton, p. 276. 


aister. There is no confusion, no contradiction, no indistinctness in 
the scenic representations. The voyage, the council, the battle- 
field, the storm, are all described with equal power, truth, and 
knowledge. The hospitable entertainment, the eloquent debate, the 
ardor of friendship, the love of country, and the happiness of do- 
mestic life, are depicted with a warmth of coloring which shows the 
familiarity and fondness of one who has known them all. The 
pictures he has drawn with such unrivalled simplicity, life, and 
beauty, are the combinations and reproductions of scenes with which 
his own eye was familiar, to which his own heart was bound, from 
which his own imagination gathered its materials. The speech- 
es of the ambassadors in the tent of Achilles, the lament of Aga- 
memnon over his wounded brother, the interview between Hector 
and Andromache, the visit of Priam to the Grecian camp, the short 
but animating harangue of Achilles, urging the Greeks to imme- 
diate battle after the reconciliation, with numberless others, dis- 
play the original and transcendent genius of the poet, 

I have briefly referred to the peculiarities of the country and the 
state of society in whidi the Iliad was produced. I will remark, in 
addition, that books of travels in Greece and Asia Minor afford the 
most valuable illustrations both for the Iliad and Odyssey, and par- 
ticularly in throwing light upon descriptions of natural scenery. 
This kind of illustration, though too much neglected by commen- 
tators on the ancient classics, has given, so far as it has been eat- 
ployed, a fresh interest to the study of antiquity. Mr. Wood*s 
Essay on the Original Genius of Homer is a fine example of what 
may be done in this way. Mure^s Journal, Wordsworth^s Picto- 
rial Greece, and his Athens and Attica, are among the best of the 
recent English works of this kind. A man of classical taste, who 
should make a careful survey of Greece, and study her present lan- 
guage, superstitions, customs, traditions, and antiquities, with this 
single object of illustrating the ancient classics, might render the 
most important aid to the critical labors of the closet. Such a man 
was Karl Ottfried Miiller. The highest expectations of the scholars 
of the whole world were excited by his visit to the renowned soil 
of Hellas ; but his death on the scene of his enthusiastic researches 
disappointed these hopes, and filled the lovers of learning with sor- 
row. To such a scholar, every hill in Greece is venerable with his* 
toric associations and imaginative superstitions. True, indeed, as 


Jacobs says, " the ancient riTeis, some yet called by their fonner 
names, steal mournfully through a desolated land ; the gods that 
once dwelt on their banks and in their grottos have vanished ; and 
the wondrous strains which told the history of every fountain, hill, 
and woodland to the listening ear of a free and susceptible people 
have died away." Yet the banks of every river still possess a mag- 
ical attraction for the man of letters by the charms of legendary 
lore, by the triumphs of genius, by the teachings of philosophy, 
-or by the deeds of historic renown. The clear stream of Grecian 
poetry has reflected, in images that never will fade, every feature 
of the lovely country through which it flowed during the classic 
ages. It has echoed the sounds, and painted the sights, of that 
home of artists, poets, orators, and philosophers, that fair land of 
heroes and gods. 

Cambridge, October^ 1846. 

I A I A J O S A. 

Rogatur ab initio Musa, ut cantum prsBcipiat de cladibus ad 
Ilium, Achillis iram consequutis (1-7). Venit in concionem 
Achivorum Chryses, sacerdos Apollinis, filiam saam redemptu- 
rus, bello nuper captain, et honoris cauaa datara Agamemnoni 
(8>21). Illo cum ignominia repulse, Amestam luem Apollo 
per exercitum spargit (22 - 52). Uabet concionem Achilles ob 
placandura deum, in qua Calchas vates calamitate eos levatum 
iri reducenda Chryse'ide censet, auctore imprimis Achille 
53 - 129). Ita irritatus Asamemno atrocia jurgia nectit cum 
Achille ; et Chrysie quioem filiam reddere non recusat, sed 
illi, quod premium virtutis retulerat, Briseidem eripit, quam* 
vis obnitente Nestore (130-311 et 318-347). Hac incensus 
injuria statuit acer juvenis se cum Myrmidonibus a belli soci- 
etate seJHBgere : quod propositum a matre ejus Thetide con- 
firmatur, que et supplicanti ultionem promittit (348-427). 
Interea publice lustraiur exercitus, et sacra fiunt Apollini 
(312-317) : turn Chryseis domum reducitur una cum nostiis 
piacularibus, quibus mactatis scelus expiatur (428-487). 
Thetidi jam Olympum adeunti Jupiter occulta annuit, vic- 
tores in prceliis fore Trojanos, donee Achilli ab Achivis satis- 
factum fuerit (488-533). Junonem, infestam Trojanis, pun- 
gunt hsc clandestina consilia ; inde rixatur cum Jove super 
coenam (534-567). £a re contristatur omnis consessus 
deomm, quot tandem ad hilaritatem zeducit Vulcanus 

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I A I A J O 2 B. 

Japiter, illatam Achilli injariam ultanis, tpeciem ntxstur- 
nam mittit ad Agamenmonemy qiue eum ad committeiiduiii 
proslium spe victohsB incitet (1-4U). Sub lucem Agamemno 
rem et impetum suum aperit primoribus Achivorum; moz 
concionem habet universoram Ml - 100). Placuerat ei, ad 
tentandam populi fidera, cui dimdebat, consilium repetendte 
patriae simuiare : eo audito, statim multitudo bello feaaa tumul- 
tuari et navigationem parare coepit (101 - 154.) Seditionem de 
compacto et Minervse monitu comprimit Ulysses, ad sii^plos 
precibus, minis, opprobriis usus ita, ut concionem restituat 
^155-210). Thersiten, turpem et maledicum hominem, qui 
aiscessum urgere non desinit, ^avius castigat ad terrorem 
oeterorum (21 1 - 277). Sic cohibitum Fulgus flectitur tandem 
corapositis ad persuadendum orationibus ulyssis ac Nestoris^ 

?ui et Vetera promissa expetunt, et osteitis utuntur ad spem 
lii cito ejcpugnandi ; Agamenmo autem indicit proelinm, et 
ardore pugnandi omnium animos implet (278-393). Jam 
armatur exercitus; primores apod Ag[amemnonem, nuustata 
majore hostia, epulantur; csBteri passim per tentoria cibum 
Bumunt sacraque faciunt, et a suis quaeque natio ducibus 
instructa in aciem prodeunt (394 - 484). Hoc loco inseritur 
accurata enumeratio navium, populorom, ducum, qui AgtL 
memnonem ad bellum Trojanum sequuti erant (485 "7^). 
Item Trojani, comperto quid minentur Achivi, duce Hectore 
in campum egrediuntur et ipsi et socii^ quorum omnium breyior 
recensus adjicitur (786-677). 

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28- IA1AJ02 B. 

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IAIAJ02 II. 33 

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tJtAJOi n. 96 

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IAIAJ02 11. 27 

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I A I A J O 2 r. 

Primo concorau proelii Paris sea Alexander fortiMimuro 
qaemque Achivonim od pugnam proTocat ; sed, ut Menela- 
um conspezit de curru deailientem, abjecto animo refiigit 
(1 - 37). Paallo post idem, Hectoris voce correptus, ofiert se 
certamini sin^lari cum Menelao de summa belli ineundo ; 
qua conditione accepta, poscit Menelaus, ut sponsio interpona- 
tur, praesente Priamo sancienda (38-110). Igitur arma depo. 
nunt exercitus ; sacrificia ab utiaque parte parantur : interim 
Helena ex turri Priamo et senioribus Trojanis demonstrat 
duces Achivorum in campo subjacente (111-244). Vocal us 
supervenit Priamus, comite Antenore ; foedusque ictum anti- 
quo ritu hisce legibus, ut, uter alterum Ticisset, Helenam 
ejusque opes haberet, Trojani autem inferioies Achivis gravem 
multam penderent (245-301). Post Priami discessum arma 
capiunt Menelaus et Paris, et in spatium certamini dimensum 
procedunt: at superatum Paridem clam surripit Venus, et 
incolumem in ipsius cubiculum asportat (302 - 3d2). In eun- 
dem locum adducit ilia Helenam, qufe primum reluctans novo 
marito ignaviam exprobrat, mox tamen eum in gratiam recipit 
(383-448). Itaprsmiis deas fruentem adversarium frustra 
quoerit Menelaus, dum Agamemno publice repetit pactum 
pretium victorise (449-461). 

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I A I A J O 2 J. 

Quum ex fcedere Helena Ackivis reddenda, infestsque 
acies dirimendse etisent, superato Paride; Juno in concilio 
deorum indignabunda, ita non ezpleri odium Buam in Troja- 

N noSy Jovi eztorquet, ut ipsi concedat Hii ezcidium (l-4l)). 

Minerva, ipsa quoque Trojanis inimica, Junonis hortatu ad 
terram missa, persuadet Pandaro Lycio, ut jacta in Menelaum 
saffitta pactionem conturbet, ac novam beUandi cansam serat 
(50- 104) : at non letali vulnere percussum Menelaum arces- 
situs medicus curat Machao (105 — 219). Interea runas 
aimati ad pu^nandum se referunt Trojani, dum Agamemno 
catervas Achivorum obit ; nonnullorum, ut Idomenei, Ajacum, 
Meatoria, qui jam in procinctu stabant, alacritatem laudans ; 
aliorum, ut Meneathei, Ulyssis, Dioinedis, qui recentem 
impetum nondnm senserant, cunctationem reprehendena 
(220 - 421). Quo facto, prcelium instauratur, in quo Trojania 
Mara et Apollo, Achiyia prieter alia numina Minefva animoa 

' addit; casdesquefiunt mutuie (422-544). 

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I A I A J O 2 E. 

SUm^em Trojanomm continuant Achm; ante onmesinEu^ 
niB Diomedea, Minenrae, Martem ab acie aeducentis, pnesidio 
ferocissimus (1-94). Sed ipse a Pandaro yulneratna, etiam 
vehementius ssevit in hoates (95-166): Pandaruzn, antea 
peditem, nunc ex JEneie curru pugnantem, interficit (167-296) ; 
iEneam, amici corpaa teg«ntem, aaxo sauciat (297 - 310) ; 
Veneri, filium ex puffna efierenti, plagam in manu infligit 
(3] 1-351). Venus, ab hide edueta, curra Martis revehitur 
ad Olympum, ubi earn mater Dione ainu fovet, alii dii leniter 
irrident (352 - 431). ^neam, a Venere destitutum, Diomedis 
furori enpit Apollo, et in arce Trojana recreandum curat, 
simul Martem in aciem reyocat (432-460). Mars ad rem 
fortiter gerendam horUtur Troianoa, quibus statim ^neaa 
integer aubyenit (461-518). Nee se^iua pugnant Achiyi, 
ccdunturque ex utrisque multi, in his Tlepolemus ab Sarpe- 
done ; tandem pelluntur paullatim Achiyi (519-710). His ita 
laborantibus ex Olympo opitulatum yeniunt Juno et Minerya 
(711-777), ac yoce Junonis denuo incenditur turba, Miner- 
yse autem monitu et ductu Diomedea ipsum Martem yulnerat 
(778-863), qui ex campo repente ^ Olympum redit, ibique 
■anatur, aequentibua etiam deabua (864-909). 

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1 A I A J O 2 Z, 

' Tfojanoram acie in fngam inclinante, Helenus vates Hecto- 
rem hortatur, ut publicam obwcratiouem Minenre in arce ha- 
bendam indipat (1 -101). Erso is, celeriter restituto prtBlio, 
pergit in urbem : in eo proelio Diomedea et Glaucus, dux Ly- 
cioruin, ad certanien progressi, priusquara manus conserejrent, 
paterna inter se* hospitia recordati, facta armorum permuta- 
^'uoipe, deztras jungunt (102-236). Hecuba et CEterae matro- 
nic, de Hectoris et procerura Trojanorum conailio, pepl^ini in 
«dem MinerviB inferunt, votaque pro salute patriae nuncupant 
(237 -'311). Interim Hector domi desidentem Paridem objur- 
gando in aeiem.redacit (312-368) : uxorem Andromachen, in 
edibus ^liis fhuitra qussitam, tandem urbe egrediensad por- 
tam Scaeam una. cum puero Aatyanacte obyiam. babet, dtque 
ultimum alloquitur (369-502). Mox fratreili in via armatus 
consequitur Paris (503-529). 

6 [JL I X i a. I ' 

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I A I A J O 2 H. 

AchiTos, vquis adhue seu prospehs annis certantes, urgent 
Hector et Paris, in prceliuni reveni (1 - 16) : quod ut tandem 
dirlmatur, de Minerv«e et ApoUiois consilio, Heleniqae suasa, 
fortissimus quisqae ab Hectore ad pugnam ain^ularem provo- 
catur (17-91 ). Menelaum^ qui se alacrem ostendit, coeteris cunc- 
tantibus, deterret Agamemno (1)2 - 122) ; moz, a Nestore in- 
Btigati, surgunt ad diinicandum novem heroes, ex quibus sorlis 
eventus designat Ajacern Telamonium (123-205). Congredi- 
untur Hector et Ajax, acriterque depugnant, donee sub noctem, 
viribus pares, datis invieem muneribus, discedunt (206-312'). 
In epulis publicis Nestor censet corpora csesorum sepelienda 
et castra munienda : in Trojanoruni concione Antenori, pacis et 
Helenee cum opibus restituenda; auctori, respondet Paris, nihil 
se propter opes, sed eas propriis adjectis, redditurum (313- 3G4). 
lUud responsum altero die Priamus ad Achivos perferri, atque, 
ut Trojanorum quoque corpora crementur, inducias iniri jubet 
(365 - 420). Post hsc sepulturam curant utrique suorum, si- 
mul Achivi navalia sua muro fossaque cingunt ;' quae opera Nep- 
tunus inter deos non sine indignatione miratur (421-464). 
Coenam nox sequitur minax tonitribus (465 - 462). 

"E X T o g s X a I Atavjos (ji o v o- 
/bca/ia N € X g S V avaigsais. 

t^^g iinmr nvUioy iUoovro ipaldifiog "Extw^ * 

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''Jig aga xdi Tf^taeaatt isXdofiivoiaiy ^oyifr^y. 

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AQVu-vatifaoria Mfviad^ioVf ov xo^vvif ri^g 
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I A I A J O 2! e. 

Deo8 ad concilium vocatos vetat Jupiter neutri populo in 
acie adesae, curruque vehitur ad ldain(l-52). Inde pro- 
spicitmane dubia victoria pugnantes ezercitus, deinde for- 
tunis eorum fatali lance pensitatis, dejectisque fulminibus, 
exitia Achivis portendit (53 - 77). lis, usque ad munimenta 
compulsis, adiutorem Neptunum Juno frustra espetit ; mox 
inclamando animos reddit Agamemno, et propitium Jovem 
ostentum significat (78 - 250). Jam Achivi, aliquamdiu superi- 
orea, novo impetu repellunt Trojanos, quorum multos saeittia 
configit Teucer, vicissim ab Hectore vulneratus (!i^l -334). 
Rursus in fugam vertuntur Achivi, quum Juno et Minerva 
auxilii ferendi causa Trojam proficisci parant ; sed conspectas 
atatim ex monte Jupiter per I rin rejicit (335-437). Ipse ad 
Olympum reveraus contumaces deaa acri objurgatione inceaait, 
Achivis etiam majores clades in crastinum diem minatur 
(438-484). Finita ob noctem dimicatione, babitaque con- 
cione, Trojani victorea in ipso prcelii loco excubiaa obsidionis 
instituunt, atque, ut inaidiaa hostibua aut navigationem prs- 
cludant, crebroa per urbem campumque ignea accenaunt 

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113 IAIAJ02 e. 

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IAIAJ02 VIII. 113 

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1AIAJ02 vin. life 

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I A I A J O 2 I. 

Apnd AchivoSy et praeterito discrimlne perculsos, et instante 
conterritos, clam ab Agamemnone proceres convocantnr, qui- 
bus rex consilium fugae et properande per noctem navigationi» 
indicit (1 - 28). A turpi incepto dehortantur eum Diomedes ac 
Nestor (29 - 76). Ezcubiic locantur pro munimentis castroruni, 
in Agamemnonis tentorio coena paratar proceribus, post cob- 
nam soUicite agitur de Achille placando et ad exercitum redu- 
cendo (79-1J3). Ipse Agamemno illi, si iracundiam suam 
publicae necessitati remiserit. et intactam Briseidem et exiniia 
dona promittit (114 • IGl). His cum conditionibus mittuntur 
viri a Nestore delccti. Phoenix, quern Achilli pater rectorem 
juventB addiderat, Ajax major, Ulysses, duo caduceatores 
(162-184). Legatos amice excipit Achilles, scd eorum, qnam- 
vis accuratasi graves, blandas orationes et omnia Agamem- 
nonis promissa adspernatur; prseterea Phccnicem apud se 
retinet. cum eoque in patriam propediem se rediturum minatur 
(185-668). Ita postquam irritam legationem renunciarunt 
Ajax et Ulysses, ^raviter afflictos principes confirmat Diome- 
des, et ad pertinaciam pugnandi hortatur (669 - 713). 


Jig oi fiiv l^oifg (pvlayag ^ov * avxaif 'jlxaiovg 
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I A I A J O £ K. 

Agamemno imomnis cum fratre Menelao lectis eyocuit 
Nestorem et alioa pnncipum, cum iisque ezcubias ad foaaam 
obeunt (1-193). Conauio ibi, ut in trepidia rebua, habito, 
mittunt apeculatorea in caaira Trojana, Diomedem atque Ulya- 
aem (194-271). Mis allquantum proffreaaia pra^pea ayia pro' 
aperum augurium affert (272 - 298). Eodem tempore Achivo- 
rum conailia exploratum prodierat Trojanua quidam, Dolo, 
Hectoria promiaaia incitatua, quem, ad navalia quum maxima 
tendentem, illi comprehendunt (299-381). Hie quum yitam 
aibi deprecatua, omnem aitum castrorum, et^ ubi Rheaua, rex 
Thracum, tenderet, indicavit, proditor a Diomede occiditur 
(382-464). Jam pergunt ad cubilia Rheai, quem modo aub- 
yeniaae cum inaignibua equia audierant ; et ipaum quidem cum 
duodecim aociia obtruncat Diomedea, equoa avertit Ulyaaea 
6465 - 503). Heroea, a Minerya moniti, ne ape plura pnedandi 
aiutiua morentur, dum Apollo Thracea et Trojanos excitat, 
■alyi ad auoa reyertuntur (504 - ^79). 


JllXoi fiiv naga privalv agiatrjeg Havaxatwr 
Evdoy navvv/iot, finlaxbi dtdfitjfiivoi vTtvt^ ' 
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1AIAJ02 X. 167 

AvroQ insl atp^v xvfia &aXdaafig idQci noXXny 
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I A I A J O 2 A. 

Instructus Bplendidis anniB A|rameiimo mane copias raaa 
in aciem educit, simul Hector et alii prineipes Trojanonim 
(1 - 66^. Insolita virtute Agamemnonisi quae et inco^itam 
turbam inflammat, Trojani commoventur, ma^na clade accepta 
(67-162). Hector ipse, ad urbis usque moenia repulsus, Jovis 
jusifu impetum furentis adversarii declinat, donee ille sauQius 
prcclio egreditur (163-283). Quo facto, Hector ad pu^an- 
dum redit, et novum ardorem injicit suis (284 - 309). Ac; 
inclinatam restituunt Diomedes, Ulysses, Ajax : sed Diometf 
a Paride yulneratus, cito ad naves revehitur (310-400) ; it 
Ulysses, yulneratus a Soco, atque, eo transfixo, a Trojanis 
cumventus, ope Menelai et Ajacis dimicationi eripitur C4 
488; \ mox Paridis sagittis vulnerantur M achao et Euryp 
(489-596). Machaonem, Nestoris curru preetervehent 
conspicatUB Achilles, Patroclum mittit prtesentia cognitut 
(597 - 617). Is ubi Machaonem agnovit. a Nestore miserriuk 
fortunam prrelii edocetur ro^aturquc \ ut vel Achillem 
auxilium Achivis ferendum imploret, vel ipse, Achillis ar 
indutus, hostes terreat (618-803) In reditu Patroclus I 
rypylum ex vulnere sgrum offendit, eiqne in tentorium del 
medetur (804-848). 

^ui y a fi k \iiv o V o ^ dfiaxsia 

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"JlQfvd-^f IV' a&avaTOiai ^oiog tpigoi ijdi /Sgotolair* 
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XA1AJ02. XL 1 

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Ev vrivol ylaifvgffai ifUtiV ig narglda ya7ap.] 

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IJIAJ02 XL 161 

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I A I A J O 2 M. 

Achivi, intra murum compulsi (myiMun diit opus, ab i 
Btatim post ipsam urbem deletum), Trojanos jam nayiSut 
imminentes yident, jam fossam transffressuros (1 - 59j. Rei 
diificultate primnm attoniti» moz, Po^damantis monitu, de 
curribus deacendunt, et in quinque catervas divisi incnmint 
(60 - 107). Asius, unam portarum ez curru aggpredi ausus, a 
duobus llapithis cum magna clade suorum rejicitur (108-194). 
Int'austi augurii interpretation a Polydamante facta, Hectorem 
non deterret a- persequendis iioBtibmi (195 > 250). Hi, etsi 
procelloso vento impediti, munimenla sua acriter defendunt, 
imprimis duo Ajaces (Sol -289). Alia parte Sarpedon et 
Glaucus irruunt, quibus se opponit Menestheus, ab eoque 
arcessiti, Ajax major et Teucer (290 - 377). Sarpedonis socius, 
JCpicleSy ab Ajace, Glaucus a Teucro sauciatnr; tandem a 
Sarpedone pinna muri revellitur (378-399). Lycios, muram 
perrupturos, etiam nunc fortiter arcent Acnivi \ Hector autem 
portam ingesto saxo discutit, suisque viam ad naves aperit 

T 1 1 X ^ f^ ^ X * *• 

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I A I A J O 2 N, 

Trojani passim stiperato maro csdunt Achivos, ^uum Nep- 
tands, miseratione commotus, clam Jove, tuendis navibus 
auxiliator accedit (1 - 42) : qai primum duos Ajaces, turn coe- 
t«ros principes, hamana specie ladutus, ad obsistendi pertina- 
ciamjcohortator (43-124). Igitur Ajaces et alii Hectorem in 
media acie ab excidio navium arcent (125-205) ; mox Ido- 
meneus, a Neptuno in arma instigatus, assompto Merione, ad 
sinistram afflicUs succurrit (206- ^). Exinde atrox prcplinm 
conseritur^ in quo Trojan is Jupiter, Achivis Neptunus favet, 
inter Achivos Idomenei imprimis virtus spectatur (330-362). 
Is Othryoneum, Asium, Alcathoum interncit ; idemque cum 
Merione, Antilocho, Menelao, adversus iEneam, De'iphobum, 
Helenum, Paridem prospere dimicat (363-672). Etiam Hec- 
toreih, medio, quem dudum tenuit, loco sic urgent Aiaces et 
alios eatery ae, ut gradum jam referant Trojani : sed roly da- 
mantis oonsilio firmatus Hector repente collectos in hostem 
ducit (673 - 808. ) Noyam pugnam ciet Ajax, et ingenti utrim- 
que clamore certator (809 - 837 ). 

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IAIAJ02 XIII. 211 

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I A I A J O 2 S. 

Clamoribus pngnsB exterritiu Nestor egredittur tabernacalo 
■uo, in qao adhuc Machaonem recreabftt, ut, quo res loco sit, 
ezploret (1-26). Obyiam ei veniunt ez vulneribus apgri, 
Agamemno, Ulysses, et Diomedes^ eadem de causa progress! ; 
quorum primus, de belli ezita pridem anzins, nunc, yallnm 
prorutum videns, rursus fugam meditatur (27 - 81 ). Hoc con- 
silium improbat Ulysses, Diomedes autem persuadet omnibus, 
ut in prflelium redeant suosque prnsentia certe atque hortatu 
adjuvent \ simul euntem Agamemnonem solatur, et ezercitum 
confirmat Neptunus (82 - lo2). Interea'Juno, ut Achiyorum 
laborem sublevet, ornat paratque se ad Jovem in Ida uzoriis 
illecebris deleniendum ; quam ob rem a Venere cestum mutu- 
atur, et ez Lemno arcessit Somnum, qui deum in soporem 
conmiittat (153-351). Huic tempori insidiatus, Somno auc- 
tore, Neptunus, fortunam Achiyorum promptius auziliando 
restituit ([352-401). Hector, ab Ajace ictu'lapidis percussus, 
deficit animo, atque a sociis suis asportatur curaturque (402- 
439). Jam renoyatis animis pugnanles Achiyi Trojanos a 
nayibus ayertunt, Ajace imprimis minore fugatos persequente 

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IA1AJ02 Xiy, S15 

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I A I A J O 2 O, 

JnpUer •xperMctoi ptlU vldet Trojwiw, AoliiTM open 
ferente Neptuno (1 *• 11). Ita^tte aspere increpite Janoni im- 
pefat, ut ex Olympo aavocei Irim et ApoIIinein ; his ae mi- 
nistrb OBunim ad Trojanas vires restituendaB \ sitnul oninem 
fatorum Mriem usque ad ezeidiom nrbis proKlieit (]2-77^. 
£z Junopei in de^rum sed«m reTena, Mars audit de cede 
filii sui, Ascalaphi, et statim ad ultionem ezardescit ; furorem 
ejus reprimit Minerva (78 -. 142). Apollo et Iris deveniunt ad 
Jovem, cujns missu hxc Neptunum minaciter conterritnm, 

3 nam vis lelaetasteiB, oo^t, ut bello desistat (143 ^^ 219); 
Lpollo saaatum Heotmem erigit, eoque in pujniaiii reducto, 
fortunam Trojanorum instaurat (220-280). Hector fortissi- 
mos Achivorum adortus, imbellibus ad naves degressls, partim 
trucidat, partim in fugam vertit, pnceunte deo, qui commoti, 
a>gide Acnivis pavorem incutit, Trojams autem, delcto muro, 
viam munit ad classem ezscindendam r2Bl-389;. Cl re 
aniinadveraa, Patroclus ab Eurypylo reait ad Achilleniy ut 
eum eztremo discrimini auxiliatorem exoret (390 * 404). In- 
terim acerrime pro navibus propugnant Achivi, pluribus ab 
utraaue parte cadentibns (405 - 590) : tandem illi, see dispersi, 
receduot intra ordinea navium, a quibus Ajaz Telamonius 
conto armatusignem defendit, quo iam Hector navem Protesi- 
lai se exusturum minatur (591 - 740). 

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lAIAJOS XV. 243 

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I A I A J o s m 

Patroelo deprecanti pennittit Achilles, laii et armii et co* 
piis ad pognam exire, ea lege, ot, Trojanos a navibus depuUne 
contentiM, majori ne m pericolo objiciat (1 - 100). Jam ipoe 
debilitatas Ajaz obsUre non valuit, quin ig^ia inferretur navi 
(101-123). Quo yiao, Achilles ultro amicum in arma Tocat, 
ordines auonini instroit, alloquitor, libatione et precibus fVisia 
dimittit (124 - 256). Repente conspectus Myrmidonum doc- 
tor constematos hostes Achillis specie fallit, navem oppu^a- 
tione liberat, incendiom restinguit (257-305) ; proBlium primo 
committit* apud naves mox cibco pavore fuffientes supra val- 
lum et usque ad campi aperta compellit (^)6-4l8); deinde 
congressus Sarpedonem, Jovis filium, perimit, ultore caedis 
relicto Glauco (419-507). is cum Hectore et aliis Trojano- 
rum gravi certamine Achivis, spolia detrahentibus, corpus 
Sarpedonis eripiunt: quod, jussn Joyis, lotum unctumque 
Apollo tuetur» ab amicis in Ljciam deportandum (508 - 683 j. 
Illo rerum successu ferox Patroclus Trojanos ad urbem perse* 
quitur, mummque ejus scandit, sed ab eodem deo detruditur 
(684-711); tamen Hectori ruraus irruenti fortiter obsistit, 
aurigam ejus Cebrionem necat, spoliatum cadaver abstrahit 
(712-782); denique complures ex turba interficit, donee ip- 
sum, vi ApoUinis attonitum et arrais exutum, Euphorbus sau* 
ciat. Hector prosternit, qui et Automedonti instat, Achillis 
curriun propere ad naves agenti (783 - 867). 

tfig ol (ih nsffl njog ivaaiXfioto fuxxorto * 
llaTffOxXog d ' *Jx^^'^ nafflajaro, notftiri, Xaar, 
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IAIAJ02 XVI. 263 

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I A I A J O 2 P. 

OeeiM Patroclo «rma detrahenlem Evphotbam interficit 
MeneUm (1 - 60) : Hector autem, ApoUinis motiitn, ab inse- 
quendo Automedonte reversus, eJLUvias aafert, dum Menelaas 
Ajacem majorem ad cadaver tuendum arcessit ; quin illad ooo- 
oue mutilatuni abstulisset, nisi Ajaz accurrisset (61-1^). 
Ajaci cedit Hector ; 0ed, Glaaci objurgatione stimulatus, moz 
Achillia armis superbiena redit ad corpus eripiendum, ac for- 
tinimum quemqae auorum in candem pugnam accendit; 
■imul, a Menelao convocatl, advolant atrenuissiiui Acbivorum 
(140-261). Sic uno in loco acerrima dimicatione orta, Mene- 
lau8 et Hector cnm caterris uteraue suis ancipiti fortuna in 
dirersa oontendunt : tUi, ut Patroeli corpus defendant ; hi, ut 
ad ludibriam trahant (263 - 425 ). Achillia equis, casum Pa- 
troeli dolentibus, vigorem reddit Jupiter, eoeque in f)r(Blium 
reducit Automedon, socio assumpto Alcimedonte (426-483). 
Statim adoriuntnr curmm Hector, iEneas, alii, ttt nobiles eqttos 
capiant ; at irapettim eorum fbrtiter sustinent Achivi, qui etiam 
cadaver propugnant, quum Menelaum novis viribus implet 
Minervai Hectorem hortatur Apollo, annuente Jove (464-51)6). 
Tandem inclinat Aohiva acies, ipse etiam Ajax Telamonius 
trepidat : cujus jussu Menelaus Antilochum capsi Patroeli et 
accepts dadis nuntiiun ad Achillem mittit (597^701); idani- 
qae Menelaus cum Merione cadaver ad naves deportare audet, 
comitatu firetus Ajacum, ingruentes hostes arcentium (702- 

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966 IAIAJ02 p. 

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I A I A J O 2 2. 

Accepto nantio de nece Patrocli, Achilles planctui et lamen- 
tis indiuffet (1 - 34). His lamentis ez man ezcita Thetis cum 
cohorte Nereidum ad filium consolandam venit ; quern quum 
ulciscendi Hectoris cupidissimurn videt, quamvis id statim ipsi 
fatale futurum sit, cupidinem ejus in posterum diem difiert, 
quo ei nova a Vulcano fabricanda arma perlaturam se promittit 
^35- 137). Nereidibus domum remissis, Thetis ad Olympum 
festinat, dum proelium renovatur super Patrocli corpore ; quo 
tandem potiturus erat Hector, nisi Achilles, monitu Junonis, ez 
fossa Trojanos truci adspectu voceque terruisset, et funestam 
ad mcBnia fugam fecisset (138-231). Interim Achivi corpus 

I qusrant, 

iu acie objiciant trucidandos ; sed prudens consilium displicet 
Hectori et populo (243-314). Noctem in armis pervigilant 
Trojani : AcluTi, praeeunte Achille, Patrocli casum deflent| 
cadaver curant, lectoque componunt (315-355). Ad Olym- 
pum, ubi Jupiter modo conjugem* objurgabat, quod Achillem 
concitasset, eadem noctepervenit Thetis, inque domo Vulcani 
amice ezcipitur ([356-427): qui ei facile ezoratus clipeum 
ezimia arte et reliqua arma fabricatur (428- 617). 

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1 A I A J 21 1\ 

Orta luce Thetia Achilli arma Vulcania affert, earaque rur- 
■na ad belli societatem impellit ; Patrocli autem corpus diyinis 
perfundit odoribus* ut ad sepulturam integrum duret (1 - 39). 
Achilles, advocata concione, iracundiam suain abolitione dep9- 
nit,atque e vestigio proelium postulat (40-73). A^amemno 
vicigsim confitetur errorem guum, simul reconciliato dona 
ofiert, per Ulyssem le^atum promissa : sod eorum ille negli- 
gena, quippe ultioni intentus, proelium poscere instat C^^" 
153j. Tandem denique cedit Uljssi, exspectandum esse 
monenti^ dum copisD pranderint, recipitque coram concione 
dona et ipsam firiseYdem, contentionis causam, quam intactam 
reddere se Agamemno per sacrificiuni adjarat (154-^5). 
I>ona ex publico loco in tabernaculum AchilUs transferuntur, 
ubi mulieres Patroclum gemuni, et ipse denuo lamentatur 
heros; qui, exercitu cibum capiente, pertinaciter abstinet 
(2276-339). Is igitur a Minerva ccbIo demissa recreatur, mox 
novis armis accingitur, currum conscendit cum Automedonte, 
atque, auditis ex altero equorum fatis suis, prodlgus vita in 
aciem educit (340-424). 

'^Qrvd-*j Xv* id^avaxoiai q>oo»g qtigoi iJcJi ^QOiolair* 
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1 A I A J O 2 T. 

Utroque ezercitu instmcto, Jupiter diis ad concilium yocatia 
permittit, ut quisque, utri velit, succurrat, ne excidium Tro- 
janis AehilliB saeyitia maturetur (1-30). Ita ad bell am pro* 
ficiscuntur Juno, Minerva, Neptunus, Mercurius, Vnlcanus, 
Achivia opem laturi ; Trojanis, Mars, Apollo, Diana, Latona, 
Xanthus, Venus : eorum ingressum coelestis fragor ac tremor 
terrae concelebrat (31 - 74). Ante initum proelium Apollo iE- 
neam concitat contra Achlllem, Hectori instantem ; interim 
dii, Buasu Neptuni, seorsum ab acie eonsidunt (75 - 155). Va« 
lias provocationes sequitur certamen Achillis cum ^nea, 
quem, regno inter Trojanos fatis destinatum, Neptunus per 
nebulam periculo eripit H 56 -352). Hector, Achillem aggres- 
Burus, revocatur ab Apolline ; Achilles quum alios Trojanorum, 
turn etiam Polydorum, Priami iilium, interficit (353-418). 
Jam fraternam necem ulturus cum Achille congreditur Hector, 
quem ipsum quoque nube circumdatum Apollo subducit (419- 
454). Cateros Trojanos dolore percitus Achilles adoritur, 
campuroque fceda strage cassomm atque armorum complet 

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I AI A J O 2 «>. 

Trojanoft |Murtim ad urbem, jiartim in Xantbnm (Seaman- 
drum) agit Acliillesi et multis in fluniine trucidatis, Xll ju- 
yenes yinctos inferiis Patrocli servat (t -33). Ibidem Ljcao- 
nem, Priami filium, quamvis sttpplicem (34->135), raox et 
AsleropiBum, duoem PVeonum, cum aliia huids gentta, inter- 
ficity Fiuvio irriso, ut imparl (136-210): caeaemque continua- 
Imt, nisi Xanthus vi cadaverum obstrui se dolens, alveo eum 
excedere jussisset Vix excesserat, quum rursus insilit; at 
FluviuB eum suis fluctibiui mergere furit,et eg^essam inaequi- 
tur (211-271). Jam in undia luetanti yirea addunt Neptunus 
et Minerva; Xantho autem, qui irritatior etiam Simoentis 
opem invocat, a Junone objicitur Vulcan us, qui campum et 
Fluyium exurit, nee flammas cobibet, nisi eadem dea auctore 
(272 -> 384). Oriuntur deinde singulares contentiones cstero* 
rumdeorum: Martis, Minerve, Veneris ; Apollinis, fileptuni ; 
Junonis, Dianae ; Mercuxii, Latonee (385 - 513). Post nee in 
Olympum revertuntur dii prseter ApolUnem, qui Trojam ver- 
sus pergit, dum Acbilles ferro ssvit per campum, ahos eom- 
gellit in urbem; quibus portam teeludi iubet Priamus^5]4- 
43). Uli ne in fuga opprimanturi Apollo Acbillem primum 
immisso Agenore distinct, mox ipse, Agenoris specie indutus, 
fallit fugiendoy et ab urbe abstrahit (544 - 611). 

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I A I A J O 2 X 

;■ Uterqae ezercitUB se ez caxnpo in tutum receperat, quiMB 
Achillem, a persequendo Apolline redeuntem, solus manet 
Hector, parentibus ez muro flebiliter revocantibus (1-89). 
Frustra : hinc enim pudor, htnc alii aflectus ilium loco cedere 
prohibent; adspectu tamen yiri ezterritus fngit* insequeute 
eum Achille ac ter circum mcenia age nte (90-166). Inter 
ha^c Jupiter, vicem Hectoris miseratus, tentatis fatorum Ian- 
cibus, illi necem appendit, quern ab Apolline statlm desertum 
Minerva, specie fratris Defphobi, ad dimieandum hortatur 
(167-247). Ita heroes congrediuntur singular! certamine, 
in quo Minerva Achillem pnesens adjuvat, Hectorem atroci 
dolo'deludit^248-305). Tandem hunc, maxima contentione 
pugnantetn, Achilles hasta transiigit, armis spoliat, insultandum 
fcedandumque prsebet suis, et religatum curru ad stationem 
navium raptat (306 * 404). Hectoris sui interitum plorat omnis 
eivitas, lamentantur ez muro spectantes parentes et domo 
ezcita Andromache (405-515). 

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1AIAJ02 XXII. 351 

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lA I A J O 2 

MyrmidoDes circa Pairocli lectum in armi9 decurruiit, 
proeunte Achille, qui iisdem moz epulum funebre prsebet, 
ipse apad Agamemnonem ciBnat, et in alterum diem ezBe<|uiai 
indicit (1 - 08). Inaeqnente nocte per quietem offertur ei ima* 
go Patrocli, justa funebria poscentis (59- 107). Agamemnoii 
nis JU88U mane convehuntur ligna, afiertur corpus/ comis 
conspenum Achillis et aliorum, ezstruitur rogus, et mactatig 
ad eum multis victimis et XII juvenibus Trojanis, aceenditur, 
ardetque flatu Bore«et Zephyri, dum Hectoris corpus a Veoere 
et Apolline curatur (108-^^). Prozimo die leguntur et in 
urnam conduntur Patrocli ossa, ez ipsius voto olim cum Achil- 
lis reliquiis socianda; ezcitatur etiam tumulus subitarius 
(226 - 256). His in defunoti honorem adjicit Achilles certa- 
minade vario genere, in quibus prtemia et munera merent 
principes Achivorum : equis, Diomedes, Antilochus, Menalaus, 
Meriones, Eumelus, Nestor (257 - 650) ; pugilatu, Epeus et 
Euryalus (651 - 699) ; luctando, Ajaz Telamonius et tflysses 

SrOO - 739); cnrsu, Ulysses, Ajaz minor, Antilochus HAQ -797); 
ecertando armis, Diomedes et Ajaz Telamonius (796-825); 
disco, PolypcBtes (826 - 849) ; sagittando, Meriones et Tencer 
(850 - 883) ; jaculando, Agamemno et Meriones (884 - 897). 

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JA1AJ02 XXIII. 373 

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1 A I A J O S SI. 

Ludif peractM, eoBnv ■omnoque w dant Achivi ; Achilles 
noctem iniomiiem ducit, maneque Hectorem curru religatam 
circa tumalttm Patrocli raptat (1-18). Earn contameliam, 

{dares per dies repetitam, inter decs, partim dolentes, partim 
etantes, miseratus Apollo, qai corpus adhac integrum serra- 
bat, graviter conqueritur (19 - 54). Ita^ue Jupiter per The(i- 
dem, ab Iride arcessitam, imperat Achilli, ut ab sevitia desis- 
tat, et corpus redimentibus tradere ne recuset ; timul ejusdem 
mandatu Iris cohortatur Priamum, ut oblato redemptionis pre- 
tio filium recipiat (55-186). Geruntur hxc duodecimo post 
mortem Hectoris die, <}Uo Friamus sub noctem, Hecuba et 
ceteris omnibus remotis, qui iter morarentur, pretiosa dona 
colligit, bisque currum onerari, ab Idso prascQue ducenc|um, 
sibi uium parari jubet (187-282) ; tum libatione facta, et dez- 
tro omine accepto, iter ingreditur (283 - 330). Ei Joyis missu 
occurrit Mercurius, a quo per sopitos vigiles ad tabemaculum 
heroTs deducitur (331-467). Achilles, a rege supplice facile 
exoratus, pretium redemptionis accipit, corpus ei lotum et 
yestibus inyolutum restituit, undecim dies induciamm ad 
sepulturam concedit, coBneeque adhibitum honestissime dor- 
mitum dimittit (468-676). Prima luce postridie, Mercuric 
duce, Priamus ad urbem refert corpus, cujus yisendi causa 
obyiam effusi Trojani lamentantur; moz in aula positum, 
prater conductos cantores, plorant Andromache, Hecuba, 
Helena (67 7-7 76). Ezstructo deinde rogo, celebratur funui 
com epolo (777 - 804). 

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lAlAJOS XXIV. 376 

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IAIAJ02 XXIV. 877 

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Ov yag fiBilt^og taxt najtig tsog iw dat Ivyfffj * 

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Ovdi jI fiQi slntg nvxivov inog, ovri x«y aUl 

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"Jlg oiy ' aftipltnov Termor "ExjoQog innodiftoiik 




The first aathentic date in Greek chronology is the Olympuid of Con»- 
boB, B. C. 776. The Ionic migration took place one hundred and fortj 
years after the fall of Troy. The interval between these events cfaronolopsts 
have no means of determining ; the precise date, therefore, of the war of 
Troy, on which the Homeric poetry is founded, it is impossible, by any com* 
binations or calculations, to establish. The chronology of Eratosthenes, as 
stated by Clemens and explained by Clinton (Fasti Hellenic!, Vol. I., p. 
124), pkoes the fall of Troy in the year B. 0. 1183. Apollodorus gives 
the same, and he is followed by Diodonis, excepting that, by a slight 
difference in the mode of calculation, the latter adds one year to the era ; 
and this, viz. 1184, is the date which is commonly received. Newton, 
however, brings it down to B. C. 904. Taking the statements made by 
Isocrates respecting the Return of the Heradeids in three oi his orations, -~- 
Archidamns, the Panathenaicus, and that on Peace, — and adding to 
them eighty years for the inter\'al between that event and the Trojan war, 
Mr. Clinton obtains dates var^nng from that of Eratosthenes by forty or 
fifty years. The iidl of Troy is fixed by the Parian Marble at B. C. 1 209; 
by a calculation founded on the statements of Herodotus (II. 1 4.5) at 1 260 
or 1270, and as deduced from the Life of Herodotus at B. C. 1270. Per- 
haps, if we assume the first quarter of the^twdfth century B. C. as the 
period within which the Trojan war took place, we shall come as near the 
actual date as can ever be expected. 

The Heroic age is commonly regarded as embracing the period between 
the first known appearance of the Hellenes in the north of Greece, and the 
return of the Greeks from Troy. The personages, whose names and exploits 
fill up the real and fabulous history of this age, are called heroes, — an 
of honor, but of doubtfVil etymology. In Homer we find it given to leaders, 
kings, and priests, seemingly implying nobility of descent. The wars, expe- 
ditions, and adventures of this legendary age are the principal material out 
of which the creations of Greek poetry arose. In this age lived Bellerophon 
and Perseus; in this age, Hercules performed his marvellous deeds, and 
IbeseuB rivalled him in heroism, besides being the first political reformer ; 

398 NOTES. 

Minos established his commonwealth in Crete ; the deadly war between 
Thebes and Aigoe, more than once afterwards the subject of tragedy, waa 
waged; the Argonautic expedition, and its story of love, desertion, and 
murder, took place, — adventures as renowned as the tale of Troy itself; 
and then the events which the genius of epic song has emblazoned with 
unequalled glories, the beginning, the progress, and the end of the war 
which laid the capital of Priam in ashes, and filled the states of victorious 
Greece with revolution, disaster, and woe. The fates of the great families, 
whose names and sufferings fill this part of the Heroic age, are familiar to us 
in the masterpieces of Attic tragedy. 

To g3 back a few steps in the Heroic history. The celebrated hero Per- 
seus was the ancestor, removed by three d^prees, of Hercules, whose 
mother, Alcmena, was a granddaughter of Perseus. Before the birth 
of Hercules, his parents were forced by Sthenelus, another son of Perseus, 
to quit Mycenae, and take refuge in Thebes. In this way, the legitimate 
heir to the throne of Myceme became, by birth, a Theban. Sthenelus re* 
served Myoens and Tlryns, and bestowed Midea on Atreus and Thyestes, 
the sons of Pelops. Eurystheus, the predestined enemy of Hercules, sucr 
ceeded his father Sthenelus, and, alter the death of Hercules, pursued his 
children, who fled for refuge into Attica. The implacable chieftain demanded 
their surrender of Theseus, the Athenian monarch, and an invasion of the 
Attic territory was the consequence of his refusal. The army of Eurystheus 
was defeated, and he himself fell by the hand of Hyllus, the eldest son of 
Hercules. Atreus, the uncle of Eurystheus, succeeded him on the throne. 
His sons were Agamemnon and Menelaus, the famous leaders of the Grecian 
armament in the war of Troy. Agamemnon succeeded Atreus ; and his 
brother Menelaus, having married Helen, the daughter of Tyndareus, king of 
Laconia, became, by the resignation of his father-in-law, master of that 
country. Thus the house of Pdops rose to great sfdendor and power. 
Their dominions were richer and more extensive than had as yet fallen to 
the lot of any princely family in the Heroic times ; but their subsequent 
caUimides afforded the poets a favorite theme for pathetic delineations of 
human sorrows and solemn reflections upon the shifting destinies of man. 
As one ci them sings : — 

^ For, when a house is whelmed by heavenly wrath, 
Woe never fails, but steals from age to age ; 
As when the billow, urged by Thracian blasts 
And rolled across the sea-swept Erebus, 
Upheaves the dark and tempest-driven sand 
IVom the abysses underneath the sea. 
And the lashed shores reecho with the sound." 


Of the institutions belonging to the eaxtier portions of the Heroic age vm 
know but little, except so fhr as they are shadowed out in the descriptions 
of Homer. A warlike race of nobles appear to have overspread the country, 
without any very violent revolutions ; and the institution of slavery existed 
in very remote antiquity. In the petty wars between rival states, and in 
the piratical expeditions, which had an almost exact parallel in the adven- 
tures of ^e Northern sea-kings, captives wer6 constantly taken, and gen- 
erally reduced to douiestic servitude. The princely houses traced their origin 
to the gods, and rested on this high genealogy a part of their claims to su- 
periority over the common freemen ; yet mere illustrious' birth was not 
sufficient to secure a permanent influence and control. The chief was called 
upon to lead the armies in war, and to stand among the foremost in battle. 
His personal presence must be imposing, by a robust frame and lofty stature ; 
he must awe his troops by his fiery eye, and stir them up by his sonorous 
voi<«, as by the sound of a trumpet ; he must surpass them by his skill in 
martial exercises, his patience under fatigue, and his love of hazardous en- 

The only form of government known in the Heroic age was the 
kingly. Aristotle declares it to have had its origin in the ftee choice of the 
people, who conferred the royal office in honor of distinguished public 
services. If this assertion is correct, the Heroic times have been but re- 
peated in the history of the Germanic tribes, and in the origin of most of 
the monarchies of modem Europe. But if the monarchical form sprang up 
in this manner, it soon became hereditar}', through the influence and the 
increasing power of some distinguished families. .The later forms ot the 
Heroic government exhibit the people divided into smaller bodies, which may 
be called tribes and clans, growing, it is likely, out of the simplest combina- 
tions of social life, and each having originally a patriarchal head. This 
feature, also, has been repeated in modem histoiy. The sacrifices performed 
by the chiefs and kings continued, from the remotest times, to be their bond 
of union. The officiating at these sacrifices, the command in war, and the 
admmistration of justice were the three principal functions of the Heroic 
kings ; but their powers, in these three respects, are not defined with much 
accuracy. We may naturally suppose that the authority of a military 
leader, in warlike expeditions, would be more ample and imperative than that 
of a priest officiating at solemn national sacrifices, and merely representing 
the people over whom he presided. It would appear from the representa" 
tion on the shield of Achilles, that justice was administered by an assembly 
of elders. Taking this description as a tme picture of Heroic manners, w« 
must suppose that the judicial function was not nnifbrmly exerdsed by the 
king, ^ at least, personally. Other passages exhibit the kmg as preriding 

400 NOTES. 

«nrer fhe laa tt n bfedcbiifii and tMeny and prononnciiig tentenoe in the nima 
and with tha asaent of the whole body. In general, the kingi appear to ha,v% 
tranaacted no official buaineas without the aanction of the chiefs^ and some^ 
timca of the chicfe and the people together. Even in the camp, Agamemnon 
calls together the whole aimy, on great occasions ; and poptdar assemblies in 
times of peaoe transacted affiun of every description. With Bach indefinite 
powem, it ia plain ttiai the royal authority must hove THried perpetually 
with the personal qualities of the individuals who hdd it. It fiimished am- 
ple means for personal aggrandizement hi the hands of an ambitious and 
able lender. Ttenachns, in the Odyssey, says, with much simplicity, *^ It 
is no bad thing to be a long ; his house grows rich at once, and himself 
more honarod." A portion of land was set apart for the loyal service ; am- 
ple presents were bestowed upon the king, and, m fiu^ eoostituted an fan- 
portent part of his revenue. Even the administration of justice was paid 
for by gifts from the parties concerned. 

As to the principles on which the government was maintained and in- 
dividual ri^ts protected, we must not look for that regularity and order 
and certainty, in the Heroic age, that we expect to find in dyilized com- 
munities, under wliatever political forms, at present. Human and divine 
rights were not established by any tbmg like legislative assembUes, but 
grew up firom long-continued usage, judicial decisions, and the principles 
of natural equity. But, in the absence of any established power to 
enforce them, the foar of divine anger and the force of public opinion 
must obviously have been the chief restraints upon the insolence of the 
rich and great. No publie notice was taken of > private fonds, unless the 
parties agreed to submit to the award of the tribunals. In quanels which 
tended to disturb the public peace, the community interfered so far as 
to compel the injured party to accept a customary compensation ^m the 
aggressor. Ev6n the blood of a murdered kinsman might be atoned for 
at a stipulated price. Herodotus describes a practice among the Lydians 
and Phrygians, according to which the manslayer withdrew into a forrign 
land, and remained there until he had been purified by expiatory rites. The 
fugitive was shielded from injury by the sanctity with which his person wa» 
supposed to be sumyunded. The story of Orestes, who was pursued by the 
Furies after the assassination of Oytemnestni, is a good illustration of th» 
religions instinct with which the ancient Greek shrank from the pollution of 
blood, espedaBy the Uood of kindred, and the solemn expiations by which 
such a crime was to be atoned. If the rights of individuals were thu9 
ilenderiy protected, the nratual rights of independent states were even less 
definitely settted. Individuals of two tribes or nations, not in dose aniaaoe- 
«r amity with eadi other, made no scruple to exercise hostilities and tM^ 


atioiu. Piracr, according to Thucydides, was imirersallj an honorabie 
occupation. Yet sometimes neighbooring states united for religions or 
political purposes, and an imperfect feeling of national unity early pervaded 
the Hellenic tribes ; and the contrast between Greek and Barbarian, which 
afterwards grew so marked and broad, in the pride of national enthusiasm, 
b^gan to show itself, bat only in the Hdlenic oonsdoosness of possessing 
a more harmonious language. 

In tracing the manners of the Heroic age, no trait ia more striking and 
more honorable to the Grecian character than the institution of marriage, 
in the form of monogamy. The relations of the sexes were not marked by 
that refinement which Christianity has imparted to modem manners, yet 
the pictures presented to us in the Iliad and Odyssey are by no means un- 
pleasing, even compared with the manners of our own times. The beauti* 
ful scenes between Hector and Andromache ; the passionate lore of Achilles 
for Briseis ; the nuptial rejoicing described in the Iliad; the dance of youths 
and virgins ; the lovely but guilty Helen, whom the consciousness of her 
error never leaves ; the exquisitely drawn character of the Phaeadan prin* 
cess Nausicaa, whose maiden modesty, filial tenderness, and simple woman- 
ly delicacy make her one of the noblest creations in the whole circle of 
ancient poefry ; the conjugal devotion and unwavering fideUty of Penelope ; 
the queenly Arete, wife to King Alcinoiis, who shared his power, and whom 
the people gazed upon as a goddess whenever she walked abroad ; are po- 
etical creations, it is true, but must have been borrowed from actual life* 
They are unquestionably bright and glowing transcripts of individual qualities 
with which the poet was himself familiar, and by which his noblest strains 
were mspired. But, on the other hand, the simplicity of Heroic life sanc- 
tioned many customs which aftertimes rejected, and imposed upon women 
many tasks that were afterwards performed by slaves. The princess carried 
the urn, and drew water from the ri\'er with her own hands. The first 
meeting of Odysseus with Nausicaa was on a washing-day, when the princess 
and her Phsacian maids had gone to the river to perform the very neoessary 
but not very romantic task of cleansing her father's and brothers' soiled 
clothes. Other services, still more at variance with modem notions of re- 
finement, appear to have been performed by maidens of the highest rank. 
Nestor's daughter assists Telemachus in bathing, anointing, and dressing ; and. 
Odysseus accepts the same kind of attendance in the house of Alcinoiis. In 
marriage contracts^ the father's authority seems to have been absolute, and 
the agreement was ratified by the mutual exchange of presents, according 
to the wealth of the parties. If the contract was broken by the wife's infi- 
d^ty, the presents received by her friends were restored ; but if sbfi waa 
34 ♦ 

4ffSt NOTES. 

"Ibieed to mam to lier Ditber, without her own fimlt, Ae was allowed to 
cany back her portion with her. 

It has been remarked, that ^ one 'of the noblest and most amiable sides 
of the Gre^ character is the readiness with which it lent itself to contract 
intimate and duraUe friendships ; and this is a feature no less prominent in 
the eulieet than in later times.** The frienddiips of Hercules and lolaus, 
of Theseus and Peuithoiis, of Orestes and Fylades, of Achilles and Pa* 
trodus, are renowned in European poetry. Some of the most passionate 
scenes in the Iliad delineate the sorrow of Achilles for the death of his 
friend and companion in arms. 

Another feature of the Heroic age, and, indeed, characteristic of that 
state of sodety, was the tie of hospitality. Many pleasing fUustrations 
of this occur in the Odyssey. The stranger appears at the threshold 
of a princely house. He is received with open arms ; no question is 
asked, until he has partaken of the hospitable cheer immediately set be* 
fore him by the master. Thus Athene, in the form of Mentor, is received 
by Telemachus. Thus Telemachus is welcomed at Pylos, by Nestor, who 
coolly asks him, after the banquet is over, *^ Whether he is voyaging 
upon some business, or only roaming over sea, like a pirate, beaiiiig 
mischief to others.** Thus Odysseus is treated in the delightful scenes 
at the court of King Alcinous. The laws of hospitality are enforced still 
more strongly, in the Odyssey, by the belief that the gods themselves some* 
times visit the cities of men in the likeness of strangers ; a thought ex- 
• pressed in the language of Scripture, " for some have entertained angek 
unawares.** The connection of hospitality often bound together individuals 
and families of different and distant nations, and was transmitted from 
father to son, retaining ito sacred meaning from generation to generation. 
In GD» of the batties of the Iliad, an Argive and a Lycian hero are restrained 
from mshuig into single combat by the accidental discovery that this he- 
Feditaiy bond exista between them. Tliey pledge mutual /Hendship, and 
ratify it by an exchange of arms. In short, the tie of hospitality was the 
freemasonry of the Heroic age. 

Oosely connected with this topic is that of the convinal usages (^ the 
Gredi Heroic age. These are all descriljed with admirable simplicity, both 
in the Iliad and Odyssey, and they agree in many points with patriarchal 
customs anciently existing, and others still preser\'ed, in the East. " The 
Hero and the Patriarch,** says Coleridge, " are substantially coeval ; but the 
first wanders in twilight, the last standi) in the eye of Heaven. When three 
men appeared to Abraham in the plains of Maihre, he ran from the tent- 
door to meet them, brought them in, directed Sarah to make bread, fetehed' 
from the herd himself a calf, tender and good, dressed it, and set it before 


ihmk ; when Ajax, Odysseus, and Phoenix stand before Achilles, he roshet 
forth to greet them, brings them into the tent, directs Patrodns to mix the 
wine, cuts np the meat, dresses it, and sets it before the ambassadors. The 
son of Peleus sits down to eat, and the sons of Jacob sat also before Josqph ; 
the practice of reclining at meals, which afterwards became uniTersal, was 
miknown to dther." An expression in the Siadi describing sacrifioesy and 
feasts that followed them, ~* 

tiurk^ ?«•«! x»rk /tn^i l»aiii ««! ^jrX^y;^?' lT»ravr9y — 
^ but when the thighs were burned, and they had tasted the entrails," — 

has puzzled critics not a little. These fostidious gentlemen, forgetting 
that herpes and patriarchs had stronger stomachs than themsdves, ha> 
endeavoured to make ^irX-dyx*'^ mean erery thing else except attrails 
— they have interpreted it heart, li%'er, lights, and kidneys, and many 
other things. A few years ago, Mr. Stephens, the American traveller, in the 
course of his wanderings, fell in with a patriarchal old Arab, who received 
him with great hospitality, killed a lamb and cooked it, and they all sat 
down together and ^^xdyx** l«'««-acyr«, — feasted on the entrails,-^ with the 
keenest relish, just like the heroes at Troy. 

The guests, it seems, were ranged along the walls of the banqueting* 
room, each with a table to himself. In the palace of AleinoUs, who lived 
in more luxury than any other Heroic per8<mage, the feast consisted of 
sheep, hogs, and oxen. Instead of drinking wine with his guests, the host, 
sent a portion of his dish to their tables. Thus, in the seventh book of the* 
Iliad, Agamemnon compliments Ajax with the whole backbone of an 
Ox. Wine was used principally to make libations to the gods ; but the 
proper '^ornaments" of a feast were the song and the dance. The 
minstrel was an indispensaUe perscmage at every entertainment, jnst like the 
bards at the baronial castles of the Middle Ages. Thus, Demodocus, at the 
feast with which Akinoiis entertahis Odyssens, sings a lay of the war of Troy 
that moves the heart of the unknown hero to tears. The dance is then ex* 
hibited by youths tniined in the art, under the eye of judges appointed to 
control these amusements, and accompanied by the bard in a sportive 
lay. Other gymnastic exercises conclude the entertainment, amidst the ap« 
plauses of the spectators. All this is very much like the present Turkish 
and Egyptian customs, except that the danoen now employed by them are 
women, and the exhibition has become indecent, if the description of trav* 
ellers is to be relied on. 

The customs of war, as represented in the Iliad, are 'characterized by 
all the ferocity of a barbarous age. Quarter was never given ia 
battle, except, for the sake of ransom. The ara^or of the dain was al- 


ways stripped off by the slayer ; the naked coqwe was tbe object of hard 
and bloody fighting ; if the enemy gained possession of it, he deprived it 
of burial rites, — the heaviest calamity which could befaU a Grecian soldier, 
— mutilated it, and exposed it to vultures and the wild beasU. The contests 
of the Greeks and Trojans over the body of Patroclus fill up no small por* 
tion of the Iliad ; and the indignities inflicted by Achilles upon the coipse 
of Hector present one of the most revolting pictures of the atrocious usages 
of andait warfare. 

Beligion is an importaiit element in the character of every people. It 
has powerful bearings upon intellectual culture, the fine arts, and poetry. A 
picture of the Heroic age, without an outline of the religion of that age, wou(d 
be very defi»ctive ; and yet the subject is encompassed with so many diffi- 
culties,and the few fiicts known are so entangled in the theories of the learned, 
that a satisfactory view, in brief or at length, cannot be presented ; — that 
view will probably come the nearest to being satisfactory, which is shortesL 
It is easy to invent a plausible explanati<«, ia the absence of authenticated 
facts ; and it is equally easy to refute that exphination by another just as 
good. It would be superfluous to recount all the theories of schohurs and phi- 
losophers on this subject A few leading ideas are all that I shall endeavour 
to suggest. In the first place, it appears that the mythologies of which 
we have any knowledge point to one great idea, which preceded them all, 
and oonstitnted, in fact, their common point of departure, — and that is, 
the idea of the unity of Crod. It seems probable that monotheism is the 
fundamental religion of all mankind ; the religion with which man begai], 
and the religion with which he will end. In the Eastern religions, it was, 
without doubt, the great primeval idea. Whether it came teom an original 
and direct reveUtion, or was an innate idea, or. the earliest lesnlt of reflec- 
tion, must be decided by each one according to his own theory of metaphys- 
ics and religion. Fh>m whatever soonse it was derived, it appears to be 
the only rational origin of all other religious opini<«s. . But in Egypt and 
the Oriental nations, the great idea was lost sight of in the multitude of 
secondary ideas that were embodied in the popular mythologies. The de- 
generacy continued, until it seems to have reached its lowest pdnt in th« 
worship of brutes and in the practice of obscene religious rites. From the 
midst of thu debasement, even as new forms of life and beauty spring ftom 
the midst of conrupticm, the old religion again arose, and was embodied, in 
the thedogy of Moses and the Jews. But that portion of the original race^ 
which overspread the North and the South of Europe, left the first abodes of 
man before this'utter debasement took pUice. They carried with thein from 
the highlands of Upper Asia the simple religious notions, and the primeval. 
osRmonies by which religious feelings were uttered. The mythologies of. 


Nbrtfaem Europe, of the ancient GermanB, and of Greece bear a doae fiunfly 
naemblance, and betray marks of a common parentage. Th^ hsr% goda 
with common attributes ; •'— there is an Apollo of Che North, the god of 
song, and a Mars like the Grecian Ares, only more bloody. These mytholo* 
gies were susceptible of numerous modifications, aocor^ng to the different - 
habits the diverging branehes of tlie original wandering race were led to 
ibnn, the climates to which they were subjected^ and the scenery in which 
they lived. There are indications of monotheism running through the Ho- 
meric poetry. A not indistinct consciousness of this great truth appears to 
betray itself in incidental expressions, and to be shadowed out in many my- 
thological allusions. The divine power is often spoken of in the abstract, or 
rather in the singular number, as God. It is true, that, in the super- 
natural Biachinery of the Iliad, Zeus often appears as the &ther of god* 
and men, to whose nod all beings and all things are s«bjected ; — ^ this is an 
engrafting of the old idea- upon the subsequent impersonations of nature. 
Again, Zeus appears as the successor of a more ancient d3nia8ty of gods^ 
whom be has dethroned, and in whose stead be reigns ; -^ and this is a dark 
revelation of preexistent and less individualized religions conceptions. Againj 
Zeus appears to be himself subjected to a mysterious power, — a Fate,~- 
searcely named, and not described, except by a dread and mysterious attri- 
bute of irresistible strength, controlling the gods themselves. This shows 
the conflict between the old system and new creations of popular fiuth. In 
short, the cycle of religioua Ideas is continually revolving. We read the 
past in the history of the present. Simplicity precedes oom]ilezity, in one agr 
as in another. Men begin with a belief in one God; — a few ages pass, and 
th^ worship many gods. The polytheism of Egypt comes to a stand, ami 
a new order springs up in the monotheism of Moses. The monotheism of 
Moses degenerates into a system of ceremonial rites and priestly observances, 
and then the original religion reappears, in a higher form, with stronger 
sanctions, in the teachings of Christ. But, despite these solemn sanctions, 
and this sublime purity which hallowed the first development of Christiani- 
ty, the old process is renewed, and the Blessed Virgin and the whole calen- 
dar of saintB tell again the story of heroes and demigods, and form a sn* 
pematund assemblage on a Christian Olympus. 

To return to the Greeks. They sympathized de^y with every thing 
that was addressed to their senses. The imagination of the eariy Greek 
attributed life to aU the objects by which he was affscted, precisely as a child 
of firely sensibility creates fimn the tree, the stream, the wind, the storm, 
beings of eonscioos action. Every appearance of nature suggested to him the 
idea of superaatund power, and by degrees this power aawimed, to his mhid, 
the Ibrm ef distinct personality, and was clothed with, the attributes of hia: 

406 KOTES. 

own lictiiie, but enlai^ged and idealized. Hnman pasnons and affectiomi, 
alaoy prompting to kind or violent actions, would aoon be regarded as inde- 
pendent powers, would be invested with names and personality, and share 
with the phenomena of external nature in popular veneration and religious 
•worship. In a mountainous country, Pan, the shepherd-god, would naturaUy 
be worshipped; along the coasts, and on islands agitated by the eternal lash- 
ing of the ocean waves, temples and altars would be raised to Poseidon, the 
earth-shaker. Among a people advancing in the arts, the mysterious genius 
of improvement and disoovery, embellishing civil life with its beautiful crea- 
tions, and purifying it from the rudeness and licentiousness of the savage 
state, would be embodied in the lovely and majestic form of the virgin god- 
dess Athene. The terrors of battle, the enjoyments of peace, the affections 
of domestic life, are by degrees all personified, until a mythology^ is formed, 
addressed to the imagination, and chexished in the popular heart Then 
poets arise, and seize the already existing creations of superstitious faith, 
and make them agents in fictitious scenes. They animate them with new 
life, give them a new hold upon the popular heart, and connect them indis- 
solubly with human afiectiona, by assigning them an influence over the 
course of human affairs proportioned to their dignity. In this way, proba- 
bly, the gods of Olympus gradually acquired their attributes and forms ; so 
spnjog up the Nymphs of the fountain, the stream, and the sea ; so the 
Graces, the Dxyads, the Furies, and all that beautiful assemblage of imper- 
sonations with which ancient poetry and art are alive. Homer and the 
poets who preceded him took up the popular mythology as they found it 
ready to their hands. They did not create it; they consecrated it to new 
uses, and gave it new charms in their songs. But, without doubt, the influ- 
ence of poetry strengthened the hold of these imaginary personages over the 
popular mind, and gave a clearer outline to their several qualities and attri- 
butes. A regular national worship wouM thus grow up. A sort of estab- 
lished church, with ceremonies, sacred rites, solemn chants, sacrifices, and 
prayers, extended itself over the states of Greece. 

The indicationerin Homer of an eariier and ampler belief have already been 
mentioned. The characters of his divinities confirm the preceding explanation 
of their origin. They are actuated by human pasatvns and affections ; they 
quarrel with each other, like angiy men and women ; they are bribed with 
gifts ; they have their partialities and antipathies, their loves, jealousies, and 
hates ; — all of which point to their origin in the nature of man. But the es- - 
tablished church of Greece, though it had its foundation deep in popukur feeling 
and fiiith, was soon impugned by the doubts and arguments of dissenters ; and 
here again modem history supplies us an exact parallel with antiquity. Hie 
philosophers and thinking men could not £ul to perceive the absurdities of- 


the national rdi^on, considered as a system of morals and of religploas fiuth; 
but to call it in question would be to incur popular odium and the anathe* 
mas of the church. To avert this danger, they formed their esoteric schools, 
and professed openly the people's faith. The Sophists charged Socrates with 
introducing new gods, ^- in other words, with renouncing the old theology, — ~ 
and the charge cost that great man his life. 

The dear delineations of Homer enable us to form probably an accurate 
picture of the state of knowledge and of the arts in the Heroic age. The 
most general summary is all that can here be given. Greece, the JEgetai 
Sea, the regions of Asia Minor, Egypt, seem to have embraced nearly the 
whole range of their geography. All beyond is dark and obscure. Thdr 
notions of distance may well excite a smile. The long voyage home ftom 
Priam's kingdom, which caused such anxiety in the Grecian councils, is now 
performed by the French steamers, with perfect accuracy, in less than two 
days. The largest ships mentioned in the Homeric catalogue carried a 
hundred and twenty men ; but twenty rowers are repeatedly spoken of as the 
sufficient complement of a ship. Naval architecture was rude, and navi- 
gation was merely the art of following the windings of the coast by day, 
and hauling the ship on shore by night. Astronomy consisted in the simi> 
plest observations of the moon and stars. Commerce was known, but not 
held in high repute. The common arts of life appear to have made con- 
siderable progress. Houses, furniture, and clothing are described as costly 
both in materials and workmanship. The palaces of princes are filled with 
a profusion of magnificent objects, which indicate not only great skUl, but 
at least the elements of refined taste. The wonderful shield made by HephsBstoe 
for Achilles was the work of a god for the greatest of heroes ; but, as the 
gods themselves were created out of mortal attributes, so the works of the 
gods sustained an analogous proportion to the works of men. 

The shield of Achilles was probably copied, in its main design, fh>m work- 
manship which the poet actually saw, with the addition of poetical orna- 
ments and supernatural splendors. At any rate, Mr. Flaxman rivalled 
HephsBstoSy and reproduced his famous work, with a masterly delineation of all 
the scenes which are drawn ui)on it in the Iliad. Though the Homeric 
pictures of Heroic life may have been highly colored, there can be little 
doubt that they are taken substantially from the life which existed in the 
poet's own age. The arts appear to have been rapidly advancing, and ar- 
tificers were held in great honor. The carpenter, the soothsayer, the phy* 
sician, the bard, and the warrior ranked among the most distinguished 
and illustrious personages ; Od^-sseus was a skilful carpenter, ship-builder, 
and upholsterer; Achilles was a capital cook. The art of war was sunple, 
.as in the eariy campaigns of modem Europe. Contests were geaerall;^ 

408 ^ IffOTES, 

decided by fhe petBonal tuednty and bnveiy leif the diieftaiiu. Their 
■trengtih and hardihood were great, indeed, but were rivalled, if not sui^ 
passed, by the knights and barons of the Middle Ages. Poetry and music 
were held in the highest estimation, and formed a part of Heroic education* 
The bard appears, on all occasions, as a person of unquestionable con- 
ttderation. He sings at the feast, he propitiates the gods with sacred 
diants, and he Is sometimes intrusted with the administration of the 
most important affairs. The other arts — architecture, sculpture, &c. — ap- 
pear only in the most general descriptions. The palaces of princes and the 
temples of the gods were adorned with much splendor, and probably -were not 
ttefldent in urdiitectural proportions. The customs which gave rise in sub- 
sequent ages to many of the most beautiful productions of the chisel, — 
dancing, united with music and poetry, and consbting of graceful and har- 
•nonions movements, •— already existed in high perfection. The gannent 
woven by Helen contained an embroidered battle-piece ; Penelope . gave 
• another to Odyssens^ npiesenting a chase, woven in golden threads. The queeb 
«f Troy offiBTB to Athene an embroidered robe, which is laid upon the 
.ftnees of the goddesa. In the pabioe of Alcinoiia, golden statues of yontha 
atand on pedestals, holding torches to light the hall at night. All these indir 
cate devly enough that the imitative arts were not unknown to tha poet ; 
and that ^ey were generally, if not nmversally, consecrated to religious 

Such is a rapid and very imperfect outline of tha Heroic age, ac- 
cording to the delineations of Homer alone. The picture which his poetry 
presents is remarkable for its clearness, fulness, and strength. If it "had 
been composed after a profound study of the principles of art, it could not 
have been executed with a nicer observance of just proportion and delicate 
coloring, or with a mora vigorous exhibition of character. It is, indeed, the 
great historical painting transmitted to ns by the genius of the remotest 

The Homeric poems, by which aro meant especially the Iliad and Odyssey, 
are usually caUed epic, and considered the best, as they are tbe most ancient, 
of that species of poetry. We do not generaUy form to ourselves a very 
distinct notion of what is essential to constitute an epic poem. The ancient 
critics took the Homeric works as they found them, and constructed their 
theories upon the real or supposed practice of the author. In this way 
the critical canons of Aristotle were formed, and from his canons modem 
systems have been derived. It is evident that principles drawn fVom a small 
number of examples are likely to be wrong, when brought to a general ap- 
plication, unless, indeed, they are supported on some imiversal ground <rf 
philosophy and human nature. It has so fared with the criticism of Arit- 


totk, exoeHent' in its way, and with the proper limitations ; yet predi- 
cated upon the accidental condition, in which the Homeric poems were intn>« 
dnoed into Greece. Modem poets have 9onsidered them as comprising the 
whole substance of the rules which regulate the epic song. Those, therefore, 
who have aspired to the haaot and dignity of this species of poetry, with 
few ezceptions, have imitated, not the essential spirit, but the accidental 
form, which these productions happened to take ; and it ikiust be confiessed, 
the majority of modem epics are not very easy reading. MQton thought 
supernatural machinery necessary to an epic, because Homer and Yiii^l used 
it ; he must, therefore, task his powers of sublime description to the utmost^ 
in depicting the battieS of the angels. He has given us, no doubt, sceneS) 
whiofa^ as mere scenes addressed to the imagination, are hardly to be parallel^! 
ed for grandeur of conception and sjdendor <yf language ; but we cannot 
hdp feeling tlieir utter inoongraousness with modem and Christian concep- 
tions of celestial bdngs. We read them with a profound dislike, both foi^ 
their grossness of representation, and. the closeness of their resemblance to 
ancient paganism. Camoens, the P(»tuguese epic poet, carried this absurd 
theory still farther, and^ not content with the supematund apparatus of a 
6orrapted Christianity^ foreed into a most unnatural conjunction with it the 
old pagan m}'thology ; — Bacchus, Venus, the Yirgm Mary, and the Genius 
of the Indian Ocean are the strange jumble out of which he built his epic 
Wonders; These fantastic results flow from neglecting to attend to the real 
spirit of the ancient epic, and to watch its natural growth in the wants, 
maimers, custonis, and opinions of its age. If we set up the Iliad as the 
model epic, it is plain that the Odyssey must be placed in another 
dask Hie one describes a general war of the combined Grecian states in 
a national enterprise, — the other narrates the adventures of a single hero^ 
in his' long and perilous voyage home. But they are both epics, though 
they have little in CoAimon, except the language, the metre, and a general 
reseniblanee in the- pictures of society they present to us. 
' What, then, is an epic poem? We shall, perhaps,- be able to answei^ 
the question indirectly, by tracing the origin and progress of epic poetry. 
The ^earliest poets sang of the gods, and gave utterance to religious senti« 
mehts ; — they were, in Act, religious teachers^ and received from, and gave 
ba<^ to,- the people the deities dothed with thebr several attributes. The 
next step in the progress of poetiy was to celebrate the deeds of heroes 
in strairts addressed to the natural sympathy whidi all men feel for the 
doings of their brother men. When sodal and politicid lift had advanced 
so for as to admit the existence of powerful diiefo recdving theii friends 
And dependents into the banqueting^hall^ the sacred bard was a welcome 
^ilesl, and his Ia3r8 of heroic deeds were considered the griiatest ornament 

410 NOTES. 

of tlie brffliant festive scene. The Homeric poems themselves show ooii* 
dusivdy that such was the actual fact. What themes were handkd by 
these old minstrels, — PhemiuS| Demodocns, and the long train of for- 
gotten singers, who chanted the preludes to the immortal songs of Homer? 
What but tales of war, and piracy, and plunder ? what was their strain 
but the animating recital of actions which the bold listeners were them- 
selves performing every day, -^ recitals to move their spirits, and stir them 
anew to martial exploits ? The greatest of the minstrels is himself our 
witness. It is a story of Trojan adventure that Demodocus chants at 
the feast of Alcinoiis, in the presence of Odysseus. Indeed, it is no learned 
theory which thus explains the origin of epic poetry ; it is historical feet, 
growing out of human nature. The bards of the Middle Ages did the same 
thing precisely, without knowing it had ever been done before. The baro- 
nial castles of Germany, England, and Scotland were a new edition of 
the dwelling-places of the Phcenician king, of Menelans and of Nestor. 
The animating songs of the wandering minstrel, accompanied by the lyre, 
to which the chivalrous reveUers listened with delight, were only the echoes 
team those antique banqnetings. The wild forays of semi-barbarous chief- 
tains, the battles to which they gave occasion, — Chevy Chase, and a 
thousand others, commemorated in the ballad-poetry of almost every Eu- 
ropean people, — the exploits of the Cid, of Robin Hood, of the old Goman 
heroes in the Heldenbuch and Nibdungenlied, — are a repetition of the 
antique Heroic G}'cle of actions, sentiments, and manners, — they are the 
Heroic life lived over again, and again sung to the lyre with the same ao* 
oompaniments, in the presence of applauding revellers. 

Among a simple people of lively imaginations, so pleasing a thing as 
minstrelsy would plainly excite much attention, and excellence in its prac- 
tice be entitled to marked honors. The finer intellects among the people 
would be devoted to it, and an animated rivalry for popular favor would 
stimulate them to extraordinary efibrts after excellence. The excitement 
of immediate rewards, and the certainty of that sympathetic applause so 
dear to the poetical heart, would carry on the spirit of song through youth, 
manhood, and old age. Inspiration would not die out with the thronging 
cares of middle life, nor the fire of creative energy be extinguished by the 
cold air of the world. The bard of such an age enjoys the twofold advan- 
tage of being devoted singly to his art, and pf mingling on terms of famil- 
iar intercourse with other classes of men. He has the privileges of caste, 
but feels the generous and liberalizing infiuence of an unrestricted social life 
and universal sjnnpathy. He is first a man, and then a poet ; he is an 
artist, but excelling in common sense. lie is no misanthrope, telling men 
that he is among them, but not of them ; Ins affections and sympathies are 


broad as hunian nature, and his song is but the harmonious utterance of 
them, addressed to the universal human heart. Poetry of a genial and 
healthy kind, and strictly expressive of the national character, under such 
circumstances, springs up speedily into a vigorous growth. The fiivorite 
occupations of men are warmly described, and the adventures which call out 
an immediate admiration are told in modulated measures. The names of 
men who have made themselves famous in warlike enterprises become the 
favorite themes of the bard. One great quality after another is assigned to 
them, one marvel of valor after another is attributed to their prowess, until, 
by degrees, a fidl-formed character, graced with those traits which command 
men's sympathy or admiration, stands out, in the popular traditions and 
national poetry, a type of the national spirit, and a symbol o£ its progress. ^ 
Thus the characters of Agamemnon, of Menelaus, of Hector, Diomedes, 
and Ajax acquire their grand outlines in the successive songs of the He- 
roic bards. And thus, in modem times, the fiivorite hero of Spain, that 
impersonation of Spanish chivalry, grew into the bold and wonderful char- 
acter of the Cid, in the beaulifhl old ballad-poetxy of that country. The 
same phenomenon has been exhibited by every other modem nation. As 
time advances, some one great action, by which the spurit of the united na- 
tion is roused into a free development, gives a new impulse to the spirit of 
song, and combines the scattered elements into a hamionious whole. Around 
this action, as around a central point, the heroic personages cluster, taking 
their place almost with scientific precision. The bards resume the stram, 
and, in the absence of historical memorials, picture out the traditional scene, 
according to their conception of its character, or as their imaginations repro- 
duce it. Gradually the heroic kys, accumulated by the kbors of succes- 
sive bards, revolve around this great national action, and, in the dim dis- 
tance, and amid the shadowy forms of the past, where fable and fact are 
confounded, seem to form a part of its real events. One after another, the 
series of exploits, — the preparation, the action, the conclusion, — in 
the language of Aristotie, the beginning, the middle, and the end, — are 
embodied in the chanted verse, repeated, improved, and perfected by some 
great and fortunate genius, until all the parts harmonize, as the odors in a 
painting are harmonized imperceptibly by the softening hand of time ; and 
the national epic stands revealed, with its basis of historical fact, — con- 
centrating, in proper groups, all the heroic characters that the spirit of 
national enterprise has produced, all the marvellous legends that the 
credulity of early ages has believed, all the gods and goddesses of a teem- 
ing national superstition, all that is great and gjood in the domestic life of 
the human personages with which the scenes are filled, — their passions, 
their faults, theur virtues, as well as their actions, — and all the wisdom, elo-^' 

412 NOTES. 

qiMDoe, and art, which have sprang up m the progress of the nationai 

As great heroic names are formed, so are great poetic ones. Amidst 
the straggles of mind for excellence, some will of course surpass others ; 
some will be the favorites of the hour, and their songs be sought after with 
more eagerness than those of their brother bards. The names of these 
more saccessfol minstrels will become famous in their day, and will be trans- 
mitted to posterity with ever^increasing renown. The songs they have 
composed and chanted pass along in the memories of men, to be chanted 
anew in solemn ceremonies or festive rites of after^times ; but, in the ab- 
ienoe of literary history and discriminating criticism, their compositions are 
gradually altered, though their general spirit, form, and structure are pre- 
flfrved. The bards of lesser note are likewise forgotten, though some of 
their productions maintain their hold upon the &vor of the popular heart. 
By degrees the greater name is made the type of the poetical cyde to which 
he belongs ; the herrac lays concentrate around him, and are called his. 
And thus a surpassing genius is formed, who bears the honor of the great 
national *qNC, toward which the ten thousand rays of poesy have been,' 
age after age, oonveri^g. He concentrates in himself the qualities, attri- 
butes, powers, and poetical ideas of many individual men, with such addi- 
tions as fiction and imagination may choose to throw aroimd him. As, in 
needing fiom a dty by night, the lights of its thousand habitations gradu- 
ally blend into a single luminous point, — as, in gazing into the heavens, wei 
behdd, in the twinkle of a single star, the intermingled rays of a whole sys- 
tem of shining worlds, — so, when we turn the mental eye towards the deep 
daikness of the past, we behold the concentrated brilliancy of a thousand 
lesser luminaries in the star of Homer, which glows triumphant on the 
brow of the night of antiquity. 

The productions of such an early age as we have been describing have 
more of the spirit of life, than the creations of an age of print. They are 
the spoken word, the chanted song, modulated by the l^ie. The bard 
devoted himself to song with his whole soul ; for it was the severest intel- 
lectual effort, and a matter of immediate personal concern. He was 
compelled not only to invent, but to remember. Dependent on the vigor, 
freshness, and clearness of his intellectual powers, he was ever urged to 
keep those powers brightly burnished, llien, after all the silent toil in 
the chambers of the mind, in the studied arrangement of his rhythm, he 
had, instead of the sober excitement of the press, the thrill of immediate 
Sjrmpathy, and the inspiration of tumultuous applause, amidst which his 
imagination strack out a brighter flame than solitary study kindled. Kor 
would these in stantan e ous flashes of beauty and sublimity be forgotten, when 


fSbA next trial of his powers came. Memory retained the happy tonduss 
which struck the right chord and drew a rapturous response from his audi- 
ence, and he repeated them before a new audience with greater perfection 
and higher success. Thus the poetic power was deveIoi)ed, strengthened, 
and perfected by many successive trials and a laborious process of art. 
His repetitions of the chanted song are the early bard*s revised editions of 
his poems, with this advantage, that his corrections are tested at the mo- 
ment by their effect upon the living heart. His memory, thus exercised, 
acquires a grasp and retentiveness which astonish the poets of a later age. 
He carries in it an interminable series of lays, which the habits of his daily 
life compel him to hold in readiness at a moment's warning. 

In this way the early popular poetry of all nations is preserved. And 
many of the best collections of it are made from the living lips of those 
who have received it from tradition, and treasured it up in their memory. 
Thus Walter Scott procured many of the best pieces in his Border Minstrelsy, 
and thus Mr. Fauriel gathered the greatest part of his collection of the Kleph- 
tic Songs. The race of minstrels continues far longer in the ages of literary 
civilization than we are apt to imagine. The lay of the last minstrel has 
not yet been sung. In Greece, to this day, interestmg events are chanted 
by wandering bards, who gain a precarious livelihood by the exerdse of their 
ancient craft. The striking incidents of the late Greek Revolution are thus 
commemorated, and no doubt a traveller of taste might •easily write down 
from the reciter's mouth enough to make a modem Iliad. Scio, the reputed 
birthplace of Homer, which still preserves the name of the blind old bard, 
was the scene of the most terrible and bloody massacre of the whole war ; 
and since that desolat'ng event, all its fearful incidents have been recorded 
in the pathetic chants of other blind bards, who live on the bounty extended 
to them by their compassionate hearers. The exploits and death of Marco 
Bozzaris are renowned in popular laj-s, like the riiapsodies of Diomede and 
Patroclus in the Iliad. 

In some respects the poet of such an age as the Hertuc enjoys advantages 
over his more learned successors. He knows with more speed and certainty 
when he has struck a happy vein. He reads it in the glistening eye, ha 
feels it in the deep stillness, he hears it m the tumultuous appUuse. But 
whoi his age is gone by, lettere and the arts change the aspect of life, and 
g:ve a new tone to intellectual pureuits, a new character to intellectual 
amusemmts. The records of history and the creations of poetry are pre- 
served by other arts than the art of memory. The cold parchment takes 
the place of the living bard, silent letters on the written page succeed the 
expressive tones of the spoken voice. Readers stand in the place of hearers, 
and the poet's strain is silently perused in the study or by the fireside ; fait 
35 ♦ 

414 NOTES. 

iSToeatkMi of the Muse ia but « figure of speedi ; hia lyn siiiks into • 
metaphor ; the exdtement of thronging muldtudee dies away ; the sym- 
pathy of many human hearts beating in unison is known no more. The 
poet himself is but the cold image of what he was. Sitting at his solitary 
desk, he broods over his unaginary scenes, and his hand transfers them, by 
a mechanical process, to the page before him. His own judgment is his only 
guide in the composition of his verse. He is inspired by no delighted listen- 
en, and sympathizes no more with listening men. There are no sparkling 
eyes, there is no doquent silence, and no loud applause, to tell him that the 
chords of the human soul are trembling to his touch ; but all these thrill- 
ing accompaniments are generalized into that spectral abstraction, the 
reading public The knowledge of his success must come slowly, and may 
come too late. His bookseller's leger is the exponent of public sympa- 
thy ; the judgments of the Quarterly Reviews, prepared in a solitude like 
his Own, are the tones of i^plause or dissent which readi his ear. But the 
Heroic bard has no vexatious examination of bookseller's accounts, no con- 
flicting judgments of reviewers ; he reads his sentence in a nation's eyes. 
In the unlettered Heroic age, there can be no such thing as a bad poet. 
Men will not listen to him who delights them not ; — his occupation is not 
gone, it never comes. The bird that cannot sing and will sing is made not 
to sing, or rather he who feels not the impulse within never attempts the 
task which nature never intended him to perform. Heroes and heroie 
deeds he sings not of, because he has no one to sing them to ; he knows 
that he cannot seize the hardy chieftains in the festive hall by the button, 
and pour into their reluctant ears his tiresome lay. The pain of unsuc- 
cessful attempts is never felt by him, because there are no opportunities for 
sodi attempts even to be made. 

Sttdi being the origin and growth of early epic poetry, it is evident that 
the poems, constructed at Uter periods, upon the same formal principles, are 
in essential principle quite different. The age of speculative philosophy 
succeeds that of unspeculating belief. The gods walk no more among men ; 
the forest is deserted by the Dryads ; the mountain stream is inhabited by 
its Nymphs no longer ; the ocean is disenchanted ; the phenomena of nature 
are subjkted to the scrutiny of sdence, and the reign of wonder is suc- 
ceeded by the reign of truth. Critics, like Aristotle, examine the poetie 
monuments of the past, and lay down rules for the future. The mytho- 
logical personages, who mingle freely and naturally in the actions of men at 
an early period, are resolved into mere poetical machinery ; and epic poetiy, 
instead of being a natural growth, becomes an artificial work. The supa> 
natural beings are introduced because they appear in the model epic, but the 
warmth of actual belief exists no more. The poet may possibly think thai 


his mythology is still reyerenoed in the popular fluth, that it is believBd 
In by the vulgar ; but, being a philosopher himself, he regards it as a 
mechanical contrivance to carry on the epic action, or at best resolves it into 
that most lifeless and tedious of all compositions, a prolonged allegory. Such 
is the origin of the .£ncid, the Pharsalia, and of most modem epics. I 
am not disposed to deny to these works the honors of the epic name, but 
they must constitute a separate dass from the Homeric epic The ballad 
poetry of Germany and England, — the songs which celebrate the exploits 
of the Cid, — and especially the old German Book of Heroes, and the Ni- 
belungenlied, — come much nearer the original epic spirit* They differ from 
the Homeric poems in being less complete and harmonious developments of 
their age and oountiy, — less perfect utterances of national spuit, — less 
finished works of art. They have not been, like the Homeric poems, the 
constant study, the admiration, and the wonder of the national youth. They 
liave not formed the character, inspired the courage, of nations, been chanted 
on national festivities, and made the foundation of subsequent national 
literature, like the Iliad and Odyssey ; partly because they had not, in the 
peculiar drcumstanoes of the times in which they were produced, a united 
national ^urit for their motive power, and partly because they were addressed 
to men of less exquisite physical and intellectual organization than the 

If this view of the character and history of ancient Greek Heroic poetry 
be correct, there can be no question of the genuineness of the Iliad and 
Odyssey, — that is, no one can doubt that they are, in fact, the authentic 
exposition of the spirit of the Greek Heroic age, in a series of lays, gathered 
around the first great national enterprise of the Hellenic race, and mar- 
shalled under a great name, that stands as the type or representative of the 
rhapsodists and poets who gradually collected the materials out of which 
the master wrought tliat magnificent creation. But it was almost the uni- 
versal belief of antiquity, that Homer was the exclusive author of all tbe 
poetry that passes under his name. The science of historical criticism 
was nnknown to the ancient writers. They received traditional fame, 
they adopted traditional names, with unhesitating credulity. They seemed 
to foiget, or to be ignorant o^ the tendency, inevitable in all human 
affairs, to blend fiction with truth, and imagination with fact. In an 
age, like the present, of vduminons historical records, how difiUcult it is to 
escape error, even in regard to events that are passing in our immediate 
neighbourhood, perlmps under our ^'ery eyes I But when we go back to 
such an age as the period between the Heroic times and those of P^des, 
BOW is it possible that a mass of poetry, like the Iliad and Odyssey, which 
we know from history was in existence at the same time with an im- 

416 KOTES. 

nnmber of Uya now lost, and was chanted in sepante portions, on 
different occasions, by numberless ifaapsodists, — poetry composed for this 
reiy purpose, and by no means to be read, as it now is, by men of taste, or 
retired scholars, — how is it possible to believe, that these poems, even if a 
quantity as great as theirs had been produced by a single bard, were en* 
tirely separated fix>m the works of kindred and oontemporaiy poets, 
guarded firom all admixtures, protected fix>m all alteration, and handed down 
precisely in their original form, to be studied by the men of a more culti- 
vated age? 

In ancient times, not only many traditions were handed about concern- 
ing Homer, but many biographies, more or less marveiloua, weite actually 
composed. Of all these works, two now remain to us, — the life of 
Homer, attributed to Herodotus, and another, bearing the name of Plutarch. 
Critics have concurred in pronouncing both of these biographies forgeries, ~^ 
but whether forgeries or not, they have no historical value beyond the 
interest that naturally attaches to them, as records of ancient traditions 
concerning the mighty master of song. These traditions agree in the 
fact that the poet was a native of Asiatic Greece, and that his mother*s 
name was Critheis. It was afl&rmed by some, that his father's name was 
MflBon, and that he was bom near Smyrna, on the banks of the river Meles, 
— hence two of his epithets, MaM>nides, and Melesigenes. The origin of 
the name Homerus has been variously explained. Some say that it came 
from his blindness^ the lonians calling blind men Homeroi, because they 
were compelled to follow, iftn^Uuvj guides. Another story is, that the Lydi- 
ans, having resolved to abandon Smyrna on account of an investment by 
the iEolians, ordered all who wished to follow them to leave the city, and 
that Melesigenes declared he would accompany them, iftn^tif^ from which he 
acquired the name of Homer. Another explanation is i /tn o^Sv^ — he that 
sees not ; — another, that the poet was delivered up by the people of Smyr- 
na, as a pledge, or hostage, «/»if^«f . Other explanations equally trivial and 
groundless have been given. The biogn4)hie8 go on to state, that Homer 
became a poet and schoolmaster at Smyrna ; that he travelled, by the ad- 
vice of Mentes, a foreign merchant, visiting all the countries then known ; 
tliat in Ithaca he contracted a disease in the ej'es, which cost him his 
sight. At Phocfea, it is said, another schoolmaster, of the name of 
Thestorides, procured a copy of his verses, which he carried to Chios and 
recited 'as his own. Homer followed him, and resided a long time, wealthy 
and honored, at Bolissus, a town in Chios. According to one story, he died 
at lo, on his way to Atiiens, in consequence of falling over a stone. Ao<* 
cording to Plutarch, he was cauti<med by a response from an oracle to beware 
of the young men's riddle ; and being once on his way to Thebes to at* 


ted ft poetical oontart at the feast of Saturn, he landed on the Uaad of 
lo, near the shore of which he saw some young fishermen in a boat. He 
asked them if they had any thing. In the language of Coleridge, *^ the 
young wags, who, having had no sport, had been diligently catching and 
killing as many as they could catch, of certain personal companions of a 
race not even yet extinct, answered, — 'As many as we caught we left; 
as many as we could not catch we cany with us.' 

Homer, bemg unable to guess this riddle, died of a broken heart, and 
thus fulfilled the oracle. Such is the ridiculous catastrophe of this idle 
atory. Putting together all the information and all the traditions antiquity 
has transmitted to na, we have only two or three fincts,—- that Homer 
was an Asiatic Greek, that he was a great travellflr, that he chanted 
songs like the other bards, that he surpassed them all in genius, that the 
distinguished excellenoe of his songs caused so huge a body of them to be 
preserved, and that he may at the dose of his life have been blind. 

A word or two on the question whether Homer was or was not actually 
the author of the poema which now pass under his name. Some have 
altogether denied the existence of the poet Homer. Others admit his ex<» 
istence, but , deny him the authorship of the Iliad and Odyssey. Another 
questioQ has an intimate connection vrith this, — whether, admittmg that 
there existed such a poet as Homer, the art of writing was known in his age, 
and was employed by him. Some affirm that the Sidonians had finequent in* 
teroourse with the Greeks on the one hand, and with the Jews on the other ; 
and that, as the art of alphabetic writing had long been known to the hitter 
nation, there is no intrinsic improbability in the supposition that the Phoeni- 
cians and Sidonians may have communicated it to the Greeks; and If so, the 
Homeric poema were probably committed to writing immediately on being 
composed. Others assert, that, although the art may have been known to 
Homer yet it was so little practised by his contemporaries, on account of the 
scarcity and costliness of the materials, that he could not have written out 
at length the songs he composed for the purpose of chanting at public and 
private festivals, but that he would be much more likely to adopt the cus- 
tom of preceding bards, and trust to his memory alone. Others still believe 
that the greatest of poets could neither read nor write, and that he gradu- 
ally composed in his mind, and stamped upon his memory, the greater part, 
if not the whole, of the poems now attributed to him ; that other bards 
learned them from his own lips, and handed them down to their suc- 
cessors ; and that they were thus preserved until a later age, when liter- 
«jy cultivation had been introduced into Athens, and when the Homerio 

418 KOTES. 

poema were ooUected, radaoed to writiiig, and so transmitted to modern 

The first doabt of the personal existence of the individual author of the 
Iliad and Odyssey was expressed by Hedelin and Perrault, two French- 
men, who maintained, that the Iliad is a compilation of minstrdsies, put 
together by successive editors, the work of many poets of the Heroic age, 
who Bang of the wars of Troy and the exploits of the heroes engaged in 
thepn. Thlt theory was afterwards adopted, and developed with great in- 
genuity and learning, by Heyne. Wood believes in the individual existence 
of Homer, but thinks it impossible that he should have known any thing 
of alphabetic writing ; and rests his opinion chiefly on the &ct, that, in the 
viWd and comprehensive picture of civil society which the Homeric poems 
present us, there is nothing which conveys any idea of letters or of reading; 
that there is no allusion to the terms of those arts, either in the Iliad or 
Odyssey; the nearest approach to them being a symbolical or picture 
letter earned by Bellerophon to the king of Lyda. There are, moreover, 
strong testimonies that the art of writing came late into Greece. AH trea* 
ties, contiBcts, and stipulations, m Homer, are verbal, enforced by signs, 
solemn allusions, and appeals to Heaven. Memorials of the dead were 
mounds of earth, sometimes with a rude column to denote the distinguished 
rank of those buried beneath them. Thus Hector desires to be commemo- 
rated, should he fall in single fight with Ajax, trusting the particulars of 
his fame to tradition alone. Homer has no aUusion whatever to written 
laws, or written documents of any kind ; but laws, histories, genealogies, 
and every species of record, were, like the fictions of the poets, intrust- 
ed to verse, accompanied by music, and chanted on high festivals to the 
people. It must be confessed, I think, that these considerations have great 
wdght, and the argument might be strengthened by carrying it out at 
greater length. W<df *s Prolegomena to Homer contains the most systematic 
and masterly discussion on the subject, though new light has been thrown on 
the question since his day, and his opinions have ceased to be the prevailing 
belief of the learned worid. He maintains, that ndther the whole Iliad, 
nor the whole Odyssey, is the work of one author. The outiine of his 
argument is this, — that, for reasons already mentioned, the art of writing, 
if invented in Homer*s time, was not applied to the writing of books, — 
if Homer did not know how to write, he never could have ibrmed the idea 
of composing books of such extent, — that such a whole was not in keep- 
ing with the civilization of his age. In addition to this, there is in the 
Iliad a great inequality between the first and the last book, — from the nine- 
teenth to the twenty-second, the tone of thinking and expression diflbrs 
firom the first part of the work, — and firom the eighth book, marks of the 


process of connecting ihe rhapsodies together an plainly perceptible, final* 
Ij, in the time of Homer, the language was not carried to such a point of 
grammatical and metrical perfection, as it appears to have attained in the 
Jliad and Odyssey. The result of all these inquiries is, that neither of these 
epics belongs to one author, or to the same age. Several parts of the Iliad 
are wholes, by themselyes ; the seventh, eighth, and ninth books are entirely 
occupied with the victorious exploits of Hector. Some parts, such as the 
catalogue of ships, the funeral games, the story of Dolon, were afterwards 
inserted. Such is, in substance, the view of Wolf. 

Most scholars are now agreed that there was a Homer, — the great- 
est of the epic bards ; that he sang, in separate chants or riiapsodies, the 
exploits and the heroes in the war of Troy ; but that other bards sang 
more or less upon the same themes, and theur productions were not always 
distinguished, in the tradition, from his ; and that, in fact, the Iliad, at 
least in its present form, is chiefly the work of this great Homer, but 
was put together from the mass of his productions, in the form in which 
we now have them, by collectors several centuries after his age. This ia 
certainly a rational belief. The poems must have been composed by some- 
body who had some name, — and Homer is the name which has ocmie 
down to us from very remote antiquity. Some portions of the Iliad and 
Odyssey m|iy not be his, because it is not likely to have been possible to 
preserve an individual's songs tired firom admixture through a series of 
uncritical ages, especially when we consider the popular use for which they 
were composed. 

A brief notice of the manner in which these poems have been preserved to 
us will be appropriate to this place. Their birthplace was Asia Minor, or the 
Greek Islands, and according to tradition they were introduced into Greece in 
the following manner. Lycurgus, the Spartan lawgiver, being on his travels in 
Ana, found the Homeric poems enjoying a high {Mpular favor, and, by some 
means or other, carried back with him into Greece these works, which had 
greatly delighted him. Whether they were by him reduced to writing or 
not b disputed. Another story is, that Solon, the Athenian, made the first 
46llection of the Homeric verses, and ordered the ihapsodists to recite them 
in a certain order of narrative. Pisistratus, afterwards, aided by a large 
number of the poets of his age, made a regular collection of the Homeric 
poems, reduced them to writing, and arranged them nearly in the order in 
which we now possess them, and directed that they should annually be sung 
by the ihapsodists at the feast of the Panathenea. They afterwards under- 
went repeated revisions, alterations, and additions, and were finally ehaK>rBt* 
ed into their present form by the scholars of Alexandria, who divided them 
into twenty-four books, according to the letters of the alphabet. Theaa 

420 NOTES. 

idiobn wen eaBed IKaskenastai or editon ; and it is to them we owe the 
nUd and Odyssey in their pvesent form. Several editions are particnlarly 
mentiooed by the ancient authors, after the collection by Pisistratns and 
the PistBtratidie ; there was one by Antimachns, a poet of Odophon ; anoth- 
er by Aristotle, which Alexander the Great eorre6ted, and kept in a predons 
casket taken among the spoils of the camp of Darius. Tliere were also 
editions existing in diflferent cities, and not attributed to particular editors, 

— of idiich the Bfassiliotic, Chian, Aigive, Sinopic, Cyprian, and Cretan 
are mentioned. Among the multitude of critics, Zenodotus, Aristoph- 
anes, the inventor of accents, ind Aristarchus, are particulariy cdebrated. 
Aristaichus lived in the reign of Ptolemy Philometoi^, in the second century 
before Christ. After a severe revision of the existing text, he pubUshed a 
new edition of the Iliad, which is supposed to be the baas of the now gen- 
erally received readings of Homer. These few fects will serve to show in 
a clearer light what deviations from the original must have been made, in 
the long period of time from the Homeric age to that of Pisistntus,— ^ 
from Piastratus to the Alexan<!bian critics, — fitnn these last, through the 
Middle Ages, in contequence of the changes to which the manuscripts were 
exposed, by the ignorance of copyists, and the presumption of the grammari- 
ans In making corrections of the text and rejecting such passages as they 
thought interpolations. We have, then, no reason to attribute to these 
poems a strict unity, subjecting all the parts to a predetermined plan. 
"Whatever apparent unity exists in them depends upon the uiiity of epic 
spirit which pervades the Vhole mass of the poems, and upon th6 form 
which succesMve editors have given them. 

The language <^ the Homeric poems shovrs two thmgs, — ^ that it had 
been long cultivated by the bards, before the date of these poems, and that 
it has undergone a great deal of critical revision since they were reduced to 
writing^ . lliere was neviBr a happier invention for poetical and musical 
eflbnt tiian the Homeric hexameter. Hie felicitous comMnation of sounds, 
and syllables, and pauses, — the pleasing variety of spondees and dacijlee^ 

— make it, even under the disguise of our barbarous pronunciation, the 
most ftill, flowing, and majestical form in whidi poetry has ever been em- 
bodied. But I do not suppose the laws, so rigidly insisted on, of long and 
'short sylbbles, were miderstood or thought ot by the Heroic bards. Afttf 
the general iiiodulatioh of the m^ure was determine^ by a happy musical 
insttnict, great liberties were taken in the execution of idl the details. Even 
in modem languages, we -know how frequentiy 'k syllable commonly- shot! 
is lengthened by being set to a long musical note,' — in ikct, that the length 
bf syllables in gimeral depends not so much upon any inherent <}Ua)ity, as 
^pen' the musical notation in singing, or the long-drawii sound- expre^vt 


cf some emotion in common speech. This was inobably tiie case, mora 
or less, in chanting the Homeric poetry, though nnder greater restrictions. 
The consequence was, that^ when these poems were not only chanted, but 
read, — after they had been taken down from the lips of the rhapsodists, and 
particularly when the annual chanting of Homer had given way to the more 
artificial exhibitions of the tragedies, — there was scarcely a line that could 
be brought entirely under the rules of the hexameter, and the critics were 
driven to various devices to subdue the reftactory spondees and dactyles. 
They made a short vowel long by doubling the following consonant. They 
filled the requisite number of syllables by inserting a vowd, or dividing a 
diphthong, where the time was originally occupied by a muncal note. A 
hiatus they supplied by supposing the existence of a guttural or semi-con- 
sonant sound, which they represented by a character called the digamma. 
The orthography of the language, as we now have it, is to some extent 
the work of critics, who lived not only long after the age of Homer, but 
kmg after the poems of Homer had ceased to be delivered as they had 
been originally, — long after they had ceased to be songs, and had been 
elaborated into books. These inventions of the editors are, perhaps, the 
best substitute we can have for the original music, which periBhed with 
the voice of the singer ; but, with all their aid, we must have lost for ever no 
small part of the charm to which these venerable compositions owed their 
marvellous power. 

This adaptation to musical purposes had a great influence upon the eariy 
character of the Greek language. It led to the selection of melodious forms 
and combinations to a very remarkable degree. In the Homeric poetry, 
sound corresponds to sense, and thought is expressed by metrical modulation, 
in a manner inexplicable without referring to its early musical characteristics. 
It may be safely affirmed that no language was ever unfolded under mora 
favorable circumstances for the perfect expression of human thought. In 
the bland climate of Asia Minor, and on the lovely islands of the .£gean, 
among a i)ieopIe rendered social and cheerfid by the agreeable position they 
occupied, and versatile by the activity of their governments, the language 
early acquired that copiousness and flexibility which made it an instrument 
of unrivalled power, for the expression of every shade of thought, and the 
description of all objects as they appeared to the senses. The point of sociail 
progress indicated by (he Homeric poems was one most favorable to the 
formation of a fk^e, fiill, and harmonious poetical phraseology. Luxury 
had not yet corrupted the vigor of national manhood. Speculative philoso^ 
phy and practical grammar had not involved, and spiritualized, and shae* 
fcled the energies of speech. Language was no longer rude, as in its fint 
CHMys towaids a vivid expression of. wants and feelings ; . and yet the §nfc 

422 NOTES. 

BMUungs of the worda, the primitive utterance of the heart, were flesh and 
dear. Intricate social relations had not yet introduced those manifold 
lecondaiy significations, which, in a hi^^y artificial nation, almost obliterate 
the original impress stamped upon the ^language. It had grown up among 
a people whose minds were touched to the finest issues, a people of the most 
delicate physical and intellectual organization. Poetry had been the only 
form of speech employed in intdlectnal productions ; oral communication 
was then the only mode of imparting these intellectual productions to others ; 
and harmony, vivid representation, and deamess were absolutdy essential 
to any one who sought to command the attention of his fellow-men. The 
resources of the language had, therefore, become inexhaustible. It had the 
most appropriate expression for the drde of ideas fiimiliar to the age ; and 
for every possible appearance and combination of appearances in nature it 
possessed the most expressive imagery. Its words seem at times almost 
the thing itsdf they represent ; its sentences are frequently pictures. 

The flexibility of the Homeric language and the variety of its forma 
•re such, that it was formerly the custom of grammarians and teachers to ex- 
plain them by callmg this one Attic, that iBolic, that Doric, and so on ; as 
if Homer and hia oontemporazy poets had composed thdr songs in a medley 
language compounded of all the local dialects in Greece. The absurdity of 
this 8U|^>osition may be seen by imagining what would be the efiect, if an 
English poet were now to write an epic, diversified by a choice sdection 
of the idioms of half a doxen provinces, — with here and there a pithy ex- 
pression flom the slang of the Cockneys. I suppose the truth to have 
been nearly this. Among the .£gean islands, in Asia Minor, and among 
the inhabitants of Attica, who were all bound together by the doeest nation- 
al affinities, and bore the general name of lonians, the same hmgnage sub- 
stantially was spoken. Of course, there must have been local varieties, as 
we see among the dialects of the present age. The islands, the provinces, 
the towns, probably had words, intonations, and expressions peculiar to 
themsdves. But, as in modem nations there is a cultivated language, freed 
fiom local peculiarities, and adapted to the general use of writers and edu- 
cated men, — the High German, among the Teutonic tribes, — the Tuscan, 
in the Italian states, — the language spoken by the educated in the metropo- 
lis of the British dominions, — so in the Homeric age, there was a general 
language, cultivated by the poets, purified from the vulgarisms of local dia- 
lects, and adapted to the w^nts of the most cultivated classes. If we bear 
in mind, also, the fact, that the bards travdled from place to place, like the 
jninstkels of the days of chivahy, and must, therefore, have used a language 
intelligible to all within the drde of theur wanderings, the supposition Just 
haiarded will appear natural, probable, and even necessary. Hie Homarie 


language may, therefore, be considered as the nniyersallj onderBtood and 
most cultivated form of poetical speech among the Greeks. Afterwards, 
indeed, provincial peculiarities grew into independent dialects, which attained 
to a high degree of beauty. The Ionic retained much of the old Homeric 
softness and liquid flow. The Doric was marked by a rustic force and pic- 
turesque liveliness. The Attic was the language of tragedy, of comedy, of 
history, philosophy, eloquence, and polished wit. In this respect, the Greek 
language presents a phenomenon which has but partial analogies among the 
modems. The Scotch has been called the Doric of English literature, and, 
inleed, the description is very appropriate. But the fact, thit different 
dialects were considered in the literature of Greece equally djusical, and 
that particular dialects were set apart for particular kinds of potiry, has no 
parallel among the nations of our own time. It may be explained in part 
by the fact, that the Greeks, when they became a writing people, were more 
inclined than men now are to write as they talked, — having no literary 
capitals to legislate for literature, and no dictionaries to control the uses of 
words ; that peculiar social or political circumstances caused the different 
species of poetical compoution to be cultivated in different places, — and that, 
when the form, measure, and dialect of one species had thus been established 
by usage, they were adopted for that species, by the writers in other parts 
of Greece who wished to try their hand in the same. As all these dialects 
sprang from one common root, they would all speak to the general Hellenic 
feeling, and would have a genuine national force. 

If we look into the story of the Iliad, as we now have it, we shall see 
still further reason to question the unity and completeness which have so 
generally been attributed to that poem. Had one individual poet sat down 
to plan an epic poem, with all the prescribed supernatural machinery, with 
a beginning, a middle, and an end, according to the rule of Aristotle, he 
would probably, in some way or other, have given a complete picture of 
the action he intended to celebrate. The assembling of the Greek arma- 
ment at Aulis, — the voyage to Troy, — then the nine years* warfare under 
the walls of the city, — the death of Hector, — and the sack of the city, 
would have been brought forward with equal prominence. But the story 
of the Iliad, as we now have it, begins with the quarrel of Agamemnon 
and Achilles about a captive girl, m the ninth year of the war. Achilles, 
in anger, withdraws from the Grecian camp, and the siege goes on without 
him. A series of combats follows, in which the Greeks, deprived of the 
aid of their, swift^footed champion, suffer defeats and slaughter. In the 
mean time, other and inferior heroes come forward, and, by their marvellous 
prowess, become the leading figures in the picture of war. The bravery 
of Diomedei*,Ajax, Menelaus, is commemorated in separate chants. But 

424 NOTES. 

the Tn^ana, led on by the crested Hector, drive back the Greeks, evea 
to the ramparts of the ships. All the principal heroes are disabled or 
wounded, and the prospect of utter defeat stares the Greek chieftains in the 
fiioe. Agamenmon, at length, convinced of his fault, and anxious to call 
back the angry hero to the scene of war, sends an embassy with proposals 
of ample reparation. The proposal is haughtily rejected. The war again 
proceeds, with varying success, the Greeks are driven within their walls, 
and the Trojans, led on by Hector, are threatening to fire the ships. The 
battle wavers. Hector is wounded, and the Trojans are repelled from the 
fleet. At length, things have come to so desperate a pass, that Patrodus, 
the companion and brother-in-arms of Achilles, entreats him to carry succour 
to his suffering countrymen. Achilles consents that Patrodus shall put on 
his armor, and go forth to battle. The appearance of this champion, dad 
in the terrible armor of the leader of the Myrmidons, restores the nnking 
fortunes of the Argive host. But Patrodus is at length slain and despoiled 
of his armor by Hector ; and the furious combats for the possession of the 
dead body follow. The Gredu prevail, and bear it back to the camp. 
Achilles is overwhelmed with sorrow for the death of his friend, and sur- 
renders himself to unrestrained lamentation. This calls his mother Thetis, 
with a band of Nerei'ds, from the sea. She finds him eagerly bent on ex- 
acting a bloody vengeance from Hector and the Trojans ; but, as his armor 
is in the possession of Hector, she resorts to Vulcan, who forges him a 
shidd of marvellous workmanship, a breastplate brighter than the blaze of 
fire, a strong and curiously wrought hdmet, with a golden crest, and metal 
greaves. AchiUes reodves the arms, and becomes reconciled to Agamem- 
non, who sends him precious gifts, and restores the captive Briseis. After 
giving some time to lamentation over the dead Patrodus, he mounts the 
car, and rushes to the fidd, cardess of life, and longing only for vengeance. 
And now ensues the most terrible conflict of the war. The Trojan and 
Grecian champions are arrayed in deadly hostility, and the divided deities 
participate, according to their several likings, in the battle. The warfare is 
maintained with unabated vigor, and the description rises in magnificence, 
as the action draws towards its dose. At length, both armies are withdrawn 
from the fidd, and Achilles and Hector alone remain. A single combat 
follows, and Hector faUs. Achilles insults the body of his foe, lashes him 
to his car, and drags him down to the Grecian camp, in sight of Priam 
and the Trojans, who from the walls gaze heart-stricken upon the dreadfii] 
scene. On the return of the Greeks to the camp, the games are performed 
in honor of Patrodus, the frmeral pile is built, and twdve Trojan youths 
are immolated to his manes. These ceremonies continue twdve days after 
Hector's death. Priam resolves to visit the Grecian camp, and to suppli 


cate Achilles for the restoration of the dead body of his son. He is en-- 
couraged by an auspicious omen, and departs "with precious gifts by which 
he hopes to propitiate his stem enemy. He is met by Hermes, in the form 
of a young man, who guides him to the tent of Achilles. The Grecian hero 
receives him kindly, and, overcome by pity for his imequalled woes, consents 
to surrender the body of Hector. It is borne back to the city, and met 
with loud lamentations by the inhabitants. Funeral rites are performed over 
it, and the poem closes, — 

^ Thus they performed the funeral rites of Hector, the tamer of horses." 

Xow it seems plain, from this sketch, that the artificial unity and com- 
pleteness of the epic are wanting in the Iliad. Nothing is said directly of 
the events which preceded the quarrel between Agamemnon and Achilles, — 
of the causes of the expedition, — the landing at Troy, — and the battles 
of the first eight years. They are alluded to in some of the speeches, but 
in such a manner as to show that they were supposed to be familiarly 
known, — in other words, had been already sung ; and they did unquestiona- 
bly belong to the cycle of epic songs which were chanted by the bards. It 
does not appear fi^m the Iliad, as we now have it, that the war was brought 
to a conclusion in the tenth year, and that the capital of Priam*s kingdom 
was laid in ruins. There is no necessary, though there may be a natural, 
connection between the death of Hector and the destruction of the Trojan 
city. For aught that appears in the Iliad, the Trojans might have been 
finally victorious over the Greeks ; — they had suffered no more in the pre- 
ceding combats ; they were in their own country, with the advantage of 
natives contending agdnst invaders, -vdth the resources of still unexhausted 
wealth, and supported by numerous allies. The events which followed 
Hector's death are as necessary to the completeness of the epic action as 
those which preceded the quarrel of the Grecian chie&, and, like them, were 
celebrated in the songs of the bards. The entire epic — not an epic planned 
by one mmd and executed by one hand, but the epic which had the unity 
of one national enterprise, and attained its completeness by the labors of 
innumerable singers, ammated by one national spirit to celebrate the ex- 
ploits of favorite heroes — consisted of this whole cycle of songs, and ex- 
tended as far as the cyde of the actions themselves. Our present Iliad 
is but a series of these songs, commemorating a small portion of these 
actions, in a natural order, but -without any descriptions of what has pre- 
ceded, or any but slight intimations of what is to follow. It has. indeed, in 
itself, a certain imity and wholeness, as it now exists. The quarrel of Aga- 
memnon and Achilles and the death of Hector are two of the most im- 
portant events in the war, and, between these two events, the most decisive 

426 NOTES. 

bittlei took place. In the histoiy of each hero there is another kind of 
imitj and completenees, — the unity of individual action, and the com* 
pleteneas <^ indiyidual character. In each battle there is again a similar 
unity and completeness, — the banning, the middle, and the end, insisted 
on by the critics. Each battle, then, is an epic poem, — the adventures of 
each hero are an epic poem, — the Diad, as ire have it, is an epic poem, 
— the whole series of ballads or songs about the Trojan war are an epic 
poem ; and, if the whole national existence of the Greeks, from Theseus 
down to Capo D'Istrias, had been chanted by the bards, and these chants 
brought together by ingenious scholars and editors, the whole mighty mass 
would have been but a single epic poem. As the long series of figures 
sculptured by Phidias for the frieze of the Parthenon, representing the 
fabulous combats of the Centaurs and Liqiitlue, have been partly mutilated, 
and partly destroyed, — yet the remaining groups have an exquisite com* 
pleteness in themselves, and perfectly exhibit the action they were designed 
to embody, though taken out of their place in the wondrous original proces- 
rion formed by the creator's hand ; so has time dealt with the songs of the 
Heroic bards, destroying some, and mutilating others, — but leaving the 
groups, the figures, and the actions, which, in th«r present state of sever- 
ance firom the great heroic array to which they originally belonged, con- 
stitute the noblest monument of the poetical genius of man. 

It has been said, and justly, that in the Homeric poetry we see nothing 
of the poet's individual feelings, but every thing of his subject. The re- 
mark is true. A multitude of noble figures are summoned before us ; num- 
berless heroic scenes pass m review ; the whole great spectacle of war is 
exhibited ; but the mighty hand that conjures up this world of wonders is 
unseen. What the poet himself thought we know only by inference. How 
fiur he believed in his mythology we can judge only by applying the general 
principles of the philosophy of human nature to the common characteristics 
of his age. What manner of man he was we know not ; did he live in the 
midst of sufierings, — was he prosperous, was he sad, or gay, — we cannot 
answer. How could we know any thing of all these matters ? The bard 
had to jnng, not of himself, but of others ; he must utter, not what he felt, 
but vihat the heroes did. What cared those burly champions for the re- 
fined abstractions of an individual's sentimental musings ? The poet must 
lay his own personality aside ; he must become the mou&piece of his times, 
and give utterance to thos^ things which command the attention of living 
and acting men. Hence, the objective character of his poetry is not so 
much a peculiarity of his individual genius as the consequence of subject- 
ing his individual genius to the imperative requisitions of his age. Such 
was the case ^ith the single poet ; but when we consider that the whdf - 


body of the Heroic poets ifnronght under the same restraining influence, we find 
another reason why the whole body of epic poetry is free from individnal 
peculiarities of thought and sentiment, — and why we must read it, not as 
the embodied tliought of this or that man, but as an authentic utterance of 
the moral and intellectual convictions of a whole age or a whole people. 

For the Greeks the Iliad had a great charm, in the dramatic manner in 
which the personages of their mythology intermingled with the human 
actors. Formed, as those personages were, from the phenomena of nature 
and the passions of man personified, there was nothing shocking to Grecian 
piety in bringing them upon scenes of human afikirs, and subjecting them, 
to a limited extent, to the accidents and reverses of the fortunes of mortals. 
They have th^ favorite heroes, by whose side they stand in battle, and from 
whom they avert the flying arrow. They interpose their divine shields 
to protect them from the edge of the sword and the point of the jav^in, 
or snatch them from defeat, shrouded in a dark doud. Nay, the gods them- 
selves are driven in dishonor from the field, gashed with wounds, from whidi 
streams the blood. Ares receives a thrust which makes him roar as loud as 
the shouts of nioe thousand; Aphrodite is wounded by Diomedes, and betakes 
herself to her mother's arms for cure and protection. To the >nvid imagina- 
tion of the Greeks this seemed all natural and consistent ; and the immoral 
doings of the blessed inhabitants of Olympus little less so. Their quarrels 
and family jars, the termagant conduct of Here in her domestic colloquies 
with Zeus, were all right and proper, because they saw in them only 
human life carried out upon a grander scale. 

Action, then, human and divine, is the life of the Homeric poetry. It 
goes on simply and uninterruptedly, but calmly. It is a great action, which 
the whole nation looked back upon with pride, and with which they con- 
nected sentiments of the most exalted patriotism. Thdr own ancestors were 
the heroes whose names had been immortalized in the Homeric songs ; their 
own familiar jdaces were those which the Heroic recollections and traditions 
clustered around. In these poems most of the real, as wdl as the fabulous, 
history of the Heroic times was embodied. They are, besides, an encydo- 
poxlia of the knowledge of the age, adorned and set forth with all the splen- 
dors of the most brilliant imagmation. 

That such were substantially the origin, growth, and primal character 
of the Homeric poetry can scaroeJy be doubted. The questions as to the 
authorship of the Iliad ; how far one mind may have created it ; whether 
it is to be considered a combination of minstrekies composed by a great 
number of «m)«i, and put together by persons of subsequent times, — or sub- 
stantially the work of one poet, but interpolated, in the progress of time, 
with passages from other poets bdonging to the same period, and resembling 

428 NOTES. 

him in diaracter ; are not wholly dependent on considerations like the pre- 
ceding. I am BtiU inclined to the opinion indicated in the preface, that 
Homer was the author of the Iliad, — with the qualification, however, that» 
ih>m the circumstances of the case, many changes of phraseology must 
have been made, and many passages from other minstrels, possibly some 
of considerable length, may have been interpolated. Probably the Diad 
was not composed with a view to that strict unity and coherence of parts 
which modem critics are naturally disposed to look for in an epic poem. 
Mr. Orotei in the second volume of his " History of Greece," now in the 
course of puUication, has some excellent remarks upon this subject, which 
I venture to quote, notwithstanding their length. The entire chapter 
(Chap. zxi. Vol. IL) on the Homeric poems deserves a careful perusal 

" Admitting, then, premeditated adaptation of parts to a certain extent, 
as essential to the Iliad, we may yet inquire whether it was produced all 
at once, or gradually enlarged, — whether by one author or by several; 
and if the parts be of different age, which is the primitive kernel, and 
which are the additions. 

" Welcker, Lange, and Xitzsch treat the Homeric poems as representing a 
aecond step in advance, in the progress of popular poetry' : first comes the 
age of short narrative songs ; next, when these have become numerous, 
there arise constructive minds who recast and blend together many of 
them into a larger aggregate conceived upon some scheme of their own. 
The age of the epos is followed by that of the epopee : short spontane- 
ous effusions prepare the way, and fiimish materials, for the architectonic 
genius of the poet. It is farther presumed by the above-mentioned au- 
thors that the pre-Homeric epic included a great abundance of such 
smaller songs, — a fact which admits of no proof, but which seems coun- 
tenanced by some passages in Homer, and is in itself no way improbable. 
But the transition from such songs, assuming them to be ever so numer- 
ous, to a combined and continuous poem, forms an epoch in the intel- 
lectual history of the nation, implying mental qualities of a higher order 
than those upon which the songs themselves depend. Nor is it at all to 
be imagined that the materials pass unaltered from their first state of iso- 
lation into then* second state of combination : they must of necessity be re- 
cast, and undergo an adapting process, in which the genius of the organ- 
izing poet consists ; and we cannot hope, by simply knowing them as they 
exist in the second stage, ever to divine how they stood in the first 
Such, in my judgment, is the right conception of the Homeric epoch, —^ 
an oiganizing poetical mind, still preser\ing that freshness of observation 
and vivacity of details which constitutes the charm of the ballad. 

^ Nothing is gained by studying the Iliad as a congeries of fragment! 


ono« independent of each other; no portion of the poem can be diown to 
have ever been so, and the supposition introduces difBiculUes greater than 
those which it removes. But it is not necessary to affirm that the whole 
poem as we now read it belonged to the original and preconceived plan. In 
this respect the Iliad produces upon my mind an impression totally diflfeient 
from the Odyssey. In the latter poem, the characters and incidents, are 
fewer, and the whole plot appears of one projection, from the beginning 
down to the death of the suitors ; none of the parts look as if they had been 
composed separately and inserted by way of addition into a preexisting 
smaller poem. But the Diad, on the contrary, presents the appearance of a 
house built upon a plan comparatively narrow and subsequently enlarged by 
successive additions. The first book, together with the eighth, and the 
books from the eleventh to the twenty-second inclusive, seem to form the 
primary organization of the poem, then properly an Achilla ; the twenty- 
third and twenty-fourth books are additions at the tail of this primitive 
poem, which still leave it nothing more than an enlarged Achilldis ; but the 
books from the second to the seventh inclusive, together with the tenth, are 
of a wider and more comprehensive character, and convert the poem from an 
Achilla into an Iliad. The primitive frontispieoe, inscribed with the anger 
of Achilles and its direct consequences, yet remains, after it has ceased to be 
coextensive with the poem. The parts added, however, are not necessarily 
inferior in merit to the original poem ; so far is this from being the case, 
that amongst them are comprehended some of the noblest efforts of the Gre- 
cian epic. Nor are they more recent in date than the original ; strictly 
speaking, they must be a little more recent, but they belong to the same 
generation and state of society as the primitive Achillas. These qualifica- 
tions are necessary to keep apart difierent questions, which, in discussions 
of Homeric criticism, are but too of%en confounded. 

" If we take those portions of the poem which may be imagined to have 
constituted the original AchillSis, it will be found that the sequence of events 
contained in them is more rapid, more unbroken, and more intimately knit 
together in the way of cause and effect, than in die other books. Lachmann, 
indeed, and other objecting critics, complain of the action in them as being 
too much crowded and hurried, since one day lasts from the beginning of the 
eleventh book to the middle of the eighteenth, and there is no sensible halt 
in the march throughout so huge a portion of the journey ; he likewise ad- 
mits that those separate songs, into which he imagines that the whole Iliad 
may be dissected, cannot be severed with the same sharpness in the books 
subsequent to the eleventh as in those before it. There is only one real 
haltrng-pUoe fh>m the eleventh book to the twenty-second, — the death of 
Patrodns ; and this can never be conceived as the end of a separate poem. 

430 NOTES. 

fhoogh it is a capital step in the development of the Achilla and brings 
about that entun revolation in the temper of Achilles which was essential for 
the purpose of the poet. It would be a mistake to imagine that there ever 
could have existed a separate poem called Patroeleia, though a part of the 
Iliad was designated by that name ; for Patroclus has no substantive posi- 
tion.; he is the attached friend and second of Achilles, but nothing else, -^ 
standing to the latter in a reUition of dependence resembling that of Telema- 
chus to Odysseus. And the way in which Patroclus is dealt with in the 
niad is (in my judgment) the most dextrous and artistical contrivance in the 
poem, — that which approaches nearest to the neat tissue of the Odyssey. 

** The great and capital misfortune which prostrates the strength of the 
Greeks, and renders them mcapable of defending themselves without Achilles, 
is the cUsablement by wounds of Agamemnon, Diomedes, and Odysseus ; so 
that the defence of the wall and of the ships is left only to heroes of the sec- 
ond magnitude (Ajax alone excepted), such as Idomeneus, Leonteus, Poly- 
poetes, Meriones, Mendaus, &c. Now it is remarkable that all these three 
first-rate chiefs are in full force at the beginning of the eleventh book ; all 
three are wounded in the battle which that book describes, and at the com- 
mencement of which Agamemnon is full of spirits and courage. 

" Nothing can be more striking than the manner in which Homer concen- 
trates our attention in the first book upon Achilles as the hero, his quarrel with 
Agamemnon, and the calamities to the Greeks which are held out as about to 
ensue firom it, through the intercession of Thetis with Zeus. But the ind- 
dents dwelt upon from the beginning of the second book down to the combat 
between Hector and Ajax in the seventh, animated and interesting as they 
are, do nothing to realize this promise ; they are a splendid picture of the 
Trojan war generally, and eminently suitable to that larger title under which 
the poem has been immortalized, but the consequences of the anger of Achil- 
les do not appear until the eighth book. The tenth book, or Doloneia, is 
also a portion of the Biad, but not of the AchillSis ; while the ninth book 
appears to me a subsequent addition ( I venture to say, an unworthy addi- 
tion), nowise harmonizing with that main stream of the Achillcis which 
flows from the eleventh book to the twenty-second. The eighth book ought 
to be read in immediate connection with the eleventh, in order to see the 
structure of what seems the primitive Achillcis ; for there are several passa- 
ges in the eleventh and the following books which prove that the poet who 
composed them could not have had present to his mind the main event of 
the ninth book, — the outpouring of profound humiliation by the Greeks, 
and from Agamemnon especially, before Achilles, coupled with formal ofiera 
to restore BrisSis and pay the amplest compensation for past wrong. The 
words of Achilles (not less than those of Patroclus and Nestor), m the elev- 


cntfa and in the following books, plainly imply that the hniniliation of the 
Greeks before him, for which he thirsts, is as yet future and contingent ; 
that no plenary apology has yet been tendered, nor any offer made of restore 
ing Bris^ ; while both Nestor and Patrodus, with all theur wish to induce 
him to take arms, nevertheless view him as one whose ground for quarrel 
stands still the same as it did at the beginning. Moreover, if we look at 
the first book, — the opening of the Achilleis, — we shall see that this pros- 
tration of Agamemnon and the chief Grecian heroes before Achilles would 
really be the termination of the whole poem ; for Achilles asks nothing more 
from Thetis, nor Thetis any thing more fnm Zeus, than that Agamemnon 
and the Greeks may be brou^t to know the wrong that they have done to 
their capital warrior, and humbled in the dust in expiation of it. We may 
add, that the abject terror in which Agamemnon appears in the ninth book, 
when he sends the supplicatory message to Achilles, as it is not adequately 
accounted for by the degree of calamity which the Greeks have experienced 
in the preceding (eighth) book, so it is inconsistent with the gallantly and 
high spirit with which he shines at the beginning of the eleventh. The 
situation of the Greeks only becomes desperate when the three great chiefs, 
Agamemnon, Odysseus, and. Diomedes, are disabled by wounds ; this is the 
irreparable calamity which works upon Patrodus, and through him upon 
Achilles. The ninth book, as it now stands, seems to me an addition, by a 
different hand, to the original Achilleis, framed so as both to forestall and to 
spoil the nineteenth book, which is the real reconciliation of the two inimical 
heroes ; I will venture to add that it carries the ferocious pride and egotism 
of Achilles beyond all admissible limits, and is shocking to that sentiment of 
Nemesis which was so deeply seated in the Grecian mind. We forgive any 
excess of fury against the Trojans and Hector, after the death of Patrodus ; 
but that he should remain unmoved by restitution, by abject supplications, 
and by the richest atoning presents, tendered from the Greeks, indicates an 
implacability more than human, and certainly such as neither the poet of the 
first book, nor the poet of the last twelve books, seeks to portray. 

" It is with the Grecian agora in the beginning of the second b<^k, that 
the Uiad (as distipguished from the Achillas) commences, — continued 
through the catalogue, the muster of the two armies, the singly combat 
between Menelaus and Paris, the renewed promiscuous battle caused by the 
arrow of Pandarus, the (Epipolesis or) personal drcuit of Agamemnpn round 
the army, the Aristeia or brilliant exploiu of Diomedes, the visit of Hector 
to Troy for purposes of sacrifice, his inter\dew with Andromache, and his 
eombat with i^jax, — down to the seventh book. All these are beautiful 
poetry, presenting to us the general Trojan war and its conspicuous individ- 
uals under dififerent points of view, but leaving no room in the reader's mlq4 

434 NOTES. 

count whidi we now find at the end of the seventh book. But it win at 
once appear that there was some difficnlt^r in finding a good reason why the 
Greeks should begin to fortify at this junctnre, and that the poet who dis- 
covered the gap might not be enabled to fill it up with success. As the 
Greeks have got on up to this moment without the wall, and as we have 
heard nothing but tales of their success, why should they now think farther 
kborions precautions for security necessary ? we will not ask, why the Trojans 
should stand quietly by and permit a wall to be built, since the truce was 
concluded expressly for burying the dead. 

" The tenth book (or DOloneia) was believed by some of the andent scho- 
liasts, and has been confidently set forth by the modem Wolfian critics, as 
originally a separate poem, and inserted by Peisistratus into the Iliad. How 
it can ever have been a separate poem I do not understand. It is firamed 
with great specialty for the antecedent drcnmstances under which it occurs, 
and would suit for no other place, though capable of being separately redted, 
inasmuch as it has a definite beginnmg and end, like the story of Nisus and 
Euzyalus in the Madd. But while distinctly presupposing and resting upon 
the inddents in the eighth book, and in line 88 of the ninth (probably the 
appointment of sentinels on the part of the Greeks as well as of the Trojans 
formed the dose of the battle described in the dghth book), it has not tha 
slightest bearing upon the events of the deventh or the following books ; it 
goes to make up the general picture of the Trojan war, but lies quite apart 
from the Achilleis. And this is one mark of a portion subsequently inserted 
-^ that, though fitted on to the parts which precede, it has no influence on 
those which follow. 

" If the proceedings of the combatants on the plain of Troy, between the 
first and the dghth book, have no reforence dther to Achilles or to an 
Achilleis, we find Zeus in Olympus still more completely putting that hero 
out of the question, at the beginning of the fourth book. He is, in this last^ 
mentioned passage, the Zeus of the Iliad, not of the Achilldis. Foi^getfiil of 
his promise to Thetis in the first book, he discusses nothing but the question 
of continuance or termination of the war, and manifests anxiety only for the 
Ovation of Troy, in opposition to the miso-Trojan goddesses, who prevent 
him from giving efiect to the victory of Menelaus over Paris, and the stip- 
ulated restitution of Hden, — in which case, of course, the wrong offered to 
Achilles would remain unexpiated. An attentive comparison will render it 
evident that the poet who composed the discussion among the gods, at the 
beginning of the fourth book, has not been carefhl to put himself in harmony 
either with the Zeus of the first book or with the Zeus of the eighth. 

** So soon as we enter upon the eleventh book, the mardi of the poem be- 
comes quite different. We are then in a series of events, each paviog the 


wmy fat that whicb follows, and all condacing to the result promiBed in the 
first book, — the reappearance of Achilles, as the only means of saving the 
Greeks from ruin, — preceded by ample atonement, and followed by the 
maximum both of glory and revenge. The intermediate career of Patroclus 
introduces new elements, which, however, are admirably woven into the 
scheme of the poem as disclosed in the first book. I shall not deny that 
there are perplexities in the detail of events, as described in the battles at 
the Grecian wall and before the ships, from the eleventh to the sixteenth 
books ; but they appear only cases of partial confusion, such as may be rea- 
sonably ascribed to imperfections of text; the main sequence renuiins coherent 
and intelligible. We find no considerable events which could be left out 
without breaking the thread, nor any incongruity between one considerable 
event and another. There is nothing between the eleventh and twenty- 
second books which is at all comparable to the incongruity between the Zeus 
of the fourth book and the Zeus of the first and eighth. It may, perhaps, 
be true that the shield of Achilles is a superadded amplification of that which 
was originally announced in g»ieral terms, — because the poet, from the 
eleventh to the twenty-second books, has observed such good economy of his 
materials, that he is hardly likely to have introduced one particular descrip- 
tion of such disproportionate length, and having so little connection with the 
series of events. But I see no reason for believing that it is an addition 
materially later than the rest of the poem. 

" It must be confessed that the suppo