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Full text of "Hopewell Church records : Wayne County, Illinois"

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The HF Group 
Indiana Plant 
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Copied by Virginia Anderson 
Fairfield, Illinois 

Allen County Publie Ubffly 

900 Webster Street 

PO Box 2270 

Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 

I have designated the pages containing the list of members as A, B, G, D, M, 
F, and G. This is an approximation of the time period covered by a particular 
list. List "F" does not seem to have teen used. 

I find that the minutes and the lists of members do not agree in places. Mem- 
bers were added to the lists with no mention in the minutes, or vice verso, 
so the time periods for the lists are not firm. 


John Atteberry 

Polly Butler ) 

Pheby Butler 

Felix Potter ) 

John Atterberry 

Jra. Wheeler 

J. '..'. Baird 

Gather! n Hodg 

J. If. Beard 

wife Aterbary 

J. ':',. Baird 

Margaret Murphy 

J. IT. Baird 

Mary M, Musgrave 


18 54- 1860 


abt. 1370 


Atteberry, Allen, E. G. 
Wife, E, G 
Barbary, A 
Eliza, B, C, D, E 
Elizabeth L. , B 
John, A, C 
Nathan , A 

Richard, B, G, D, E 
Sarah, A 
Sari, G 

Baird, Daniel K. , C, D 

Elizabeth, A, G, D, E 

J. W., Jacob W., A, G, D, 

Lucy (Bird), E, F, G 

Blissit, Anna, B 

Martha, D, E, F, G 
Sary Jane, G. D 
Solomon, A, G, D, E 

Buckels, Biers (?) , A 

Butler, Pheby, B 
Polly, A 

Carter, Hannah, A 
Caudle, Isham, D, E, F, G 

Sarah, D, E, F, G 
Ghurchwell, Mahala, E, F, G 
Clark, Alexander, G, D, E 

Harriet, G, D, E, F, G 
Close, George, A 

Neomi , A, B 
Gopelen, Elviry, D, E 

Janes, D, S 
Corsey (?) Matilda, G 

Day, David H., S, G 

James, E 

Manerve V. , S 

Susan J. , E,G 
Doris, James, A 

Liddy, A 

Felix, Polly, B 
Fitsjerels, Susannah, A 
Friend, Ephraim, E, F, G 

Julia, G, D, E, F, G 

Gray, Lucy, F 

Susan, Susana, D, E, G 
R. S., D, E 

Hall, Hannah, A, G, D 
Lapsley, A, G, D 
Nancy, A, G, D, E 

E, F, G 

Harl, Jane, A, G, D, E, F, G 
Hodge, Catherine - D, E 

Holley - E, F 

James S. - E 

Polly A. - E, F, G 
Howard, Jane - D, E, F, G 

Samuel - D, E, F, G 

Kennedy, Elizabeth - D 

Nancy - D, E, F 
Kimmel, Elder John - B 

Polly - B 
King, Nancy - B 

McCullough, Julia - A 

Polly - A, G, D, E, F, G 

Wm. - A, B 
Martin, Abraham - B 

Elizabeth - D 

J. - D 

Jep, Jepsey - E, F, G 

Polly - B 
Meeks, Elizabeth - E, F 

Hardin - A 

Margaret - E, F, G 

Nancy - A, B, G 

Pradi - A, C, D, E, F 

Sarah - A 
Murphy, Dicy - A, C, D, E 

Jefferson - F, G 

John - D, E, F, G 

Lucy - D, E, F, G 

Margaret - F, G 

Priscila - D, E, F, G 
Musgraves, Almarine - G 

Mary II. - G 

Moses J. - D, E 

Samuel - G 

Nunn, Margret - D, E, F, G 
Wm. - E, F, G 

Odell, Balus - D, E, F, G 

Parmer, Granville - A 
Pendleton, Benjamine - A 

Eliza - A 

Samuel - A 
Potter, Elizabeth - B, G 

Felix - B, C 

Reed, Martha Ann - C 

Thomas, Tom - C, D, E, 

F, G 


Renfro, Elizabeth - A, C 

Nancy - C, D, E, F, G 
Nathan - A, C, D, E, F, G 

Rhodes, Isaac - E, F, G 

Martha A. - D, E, F, G 

Simpson, Isabel - E, G 
Smith, Mary - G 
Slade - G 

Tombs, Mary - D, E, F, G 

Rebecca - D, E, F, G 
Urn. - D, S, F 

Wade, Henry R. - G 
Walker, Charity - B 

Elder I. - B 

Isaiah - A, C 
Watkins, Marian - G 

Polly - A, G 
Wheeler, G. H. - G 

Wm. - G, D 

Wood, Sarah - E, F, G 


Atteberry, Alen, c 
R. f c 

Richard, a 
Stout, c 

Baird, Elizabeth, a 
J. W., a 

Bird, Lucey, b 
Bleset, Blissit 

Martha, c 

S. , Solomon, a, b 
Caudle, Codle 

I. , Isham, a, b, c, d 
Ghurchwell, Mahala, b 
Clark, Alex, a 
Copelan, Copeland, 

J. 9 James, b 
Corsey, Cowsay (?) , Matilda, c 
Crask, Chrast 

James, d 

Joseph c, d 

Musgrave , Almarine , d 

Bro . , b 

Mary, d 

Samuel, d 
Nunn , Wm . , b , c 
Cdell, Balus, B., a, b, c, d 

Eliza, d 

Potter, Phelix, b 

Reed, Thomas, T. , a, b, c 
Renfro, Nathan, a, c, d 

Nancy, a, d 
Rhodes, Isaac, b 

Martha An, a 

Simpson, Isibell, c 
Smith, Mary, c 

S., a 

Slad, c 
Stewart, David, b 

Day, David H. , c 

Manervy V . , b 
Susan S. , c 

Friend, Ephraim, a, b, c, d 

Gifford (Giford) Sary, c 
Gray , Bro . , a 

R. S., a 

Hall, Bro. , a 

L., a 

Nancy, b, d 
Hodges, Catherine, b 

Holly, a 

J. S.,b 
Hon, J., b 
Howerd , Bro . , a 
Huges (?), A., b 
Hunsinger, J., John, a, b 

Tombs, Bro. , a 
Mary, a 

Wade, H. R., c 
Watkins, Marian, c 
Wheeler, Charles, c 
Williams, N., a 
Wood, Sarah , b 
Wootin, Wooton 

J., d 

P., c 

Jones, James, c 

Martin , J . , a , c 

Jepsey, c 

Sister, a 
Meeks, Elizabeth, c 

Margaret A. , b 

Pradi, Pridi, P., a, b, c 
Murphy, J., c 

Jefferson, c 

John, c, d 

Margaret , c 

Porcilear, d 



Atteberry, Arterberry, etc, 

« Barbary 10,15 

« Eliza 8,12 

« Elizabeth 4 

- " J 1,2,3,4,8 

" Jno 2,4,5 

« John 3,7,10,12,15 

'■ N 3,4 

« Nathan 2,4 

« Richard 8,9,11 

« Richard, Jr 11, l4,18 

" Richard, Sr 12,13,14 

« s 14 

ii Sarah ..., 1 1 +,15 

BAIRD, Bro 3,8,9 

" D.K 17 

« Daniel 15 

" Elizabeth 8 

« J.W 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 

11, 12, 13, lU.15,16, 17 

" Jacob W 5.18 

« Sister 17 

BIRD, James 1 

n Susan 1 

BLISSIT, Anna 1,7 

h Bro 3,7,9.12,13.1 1 +.15.17 

- » Martha 17 

ii S 2, 3, 4, 5,8, 10, 17, 18 

" Sarah Jane 15 

» Soloman 2,9 

BROWN, William 1 

BUCKELS, Sister 7 

BliTLER, Fhebe 8,l4 

h Polly 7 

CARTER, John 2 

•» M 13 

•« Miles 2,12,l4,l6 

" Sister 3,4 

CAUDLE, Isham 12.lU.17 

« Sarah 17 

CLARK, Mr 1,3 

« Alexander 16,17 

» Harriet l6 

CLAY, C.H lU.15 

CLOSE, Bra 7 

" George 1 

ii ft eomi 1 

» Sister 3.5.8 

COONROD, James 12 

« John 1 

■• Stephen 1 

DAY, James IS 

DEWEY, Israel 3.4,5 

DORRIS (DAVIS), James . 3.4 

" J 1,4 

« Bro 4 

DOTY, J 6,7,14,15 

" J errymi ah 6 

« S 14 

FELIX, sister 4,5 

FRIEND, Julia Ann 15 

GRAY, R.S 2,12,13,14,16, 

11 Susannah 17 

HALL, Bro 3,8,13 

« L 4,6,7.9,11,14 

" Lapsley 2,5 

HARL, HURL, Jane 2 

" Sister 17 

HORD, E.C 4 

HUME, Joel 1 


" Adam 6,12 

» Elizabeth . . 18 

« J ...., 16 

" John.Jno ,,. 1,2,3,4,12,13,14 


H Levis 18 

JERLS, Susan 14 

KELLY, Landon, Landron. 6 

KENNEDY, Elisabeth .... 17 
11 Nancy 17 

KIMMEL, John 1,2,3,4 

" Mary 3 

M Sister 3 

KING, Nancy 5 


MARTIN, Abraham, Abram ...2,11 

h Elizabeth 17 

« J 17 

« Polly 9 

McCULLOUGH, Bro 3.4,5,8 

•' Julia 12 

" Mary .... 2 

« Sister 3,5 

« Walker 15 

« William 1,2,4,5,6 


« Benjamin 13 

« H 1 

" Harden 2,3,4 

« John 11 

" Nancy 9 

M Pradi, Pridy, Predi, 

p 2,5,7,8,9,11 


" Sally 11,12,13,14 

« Sarah 2 

» Sister 11,12 


MURPHY, Davis 11 

« Dicy ., 2 

" J 12 

« Jefferson 2 

« Jesse 6,7 

■ John 17,18 

" Lucy 17 

H Priscila 17 

NATIONS, 1 12 

ODELL, Balus 18 

PALMER, Granville 3,4 


H Benjamine .... 4 

" s 1,3,4 

» Saml 2,4 

POTTER, Bro 8,12,13,15 

» F, Felix 8,9.10,11, 

" Sister 9 

RAWLS, ROLLS, Polly 14 

REED, Martha Ann 15 

« T, Thomas 15,16,17,18 

BEflFHO, Nancy 15,18 

■ Nathan 8,12,14,18 

SEXTON, Charles 2 

SIMPSON, T, Tolliver 2,5 

H William 12 

SIMS, James 2 

SMITH, slade 17 

STEWART, David 1,3 

" Jonathan 1,3 

TAYLOR, James 1 

THOMAS, Bro 12 

■ William 6,12,13,14 

TOOMS, Rebecky 17 

M William 17 

UPTON, Richard 2,12 

" William 12 

WALKER, Bro 1,3,17 

" Charity 5 

" I, Isaih, Isaah .. 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 

WATKINS, Mary 1,2 

■ William 1 

WHEELER, William 16,17 

WHITING, Charles 2,3,l6 

WILLIAMS, Arter, Arther ..2,3 

" Christena 1 

M John 2 

" N, Nathaniel ... 16,17,18 
" S, Stephen 3,4,6,7 

WILSON, Eliza ? 1 

" Silas 11,13 

Index by Shirley Hannaford 


^ * This is taken fron Church Record of Hopewell Church 



George Close, Wayne County, Illinois, August the 5th ,1820)" 

Article I We believe in one only living and true God; the Father, 

the Word, and the Holy Ghost. 

2nd We believe that the Scriptures of the old and New Testament are 

of Divine Authority, and the only rule of faith and practice. 

3nd We believe in the doctrine of original sin, and that all Adam's 

posterity are sinners by nature, and that they have neither will nor 

power to deliver themselves fron their condemned and sinful state 

by their ability which they possess by nature. 

4th V/e believe in the doctrii.e of election by grace, and that God 

chose his people in Christ before the foundation of the wor Id. 

5th We believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God only by 

the imputed righteousness of Christ 

6th We believe that God's elect shall be called, converted, regenerated 

and sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and that good works are the fruits 

of the faith of God's elect, and follow after they are born of the spirit 

of God, and only justify them decleratively and are evidences of their 

gracious state. 
7th V/e believe the Saints shall persevere in grace and never fall 
finally away 
Sth V/e believe that baptism and the Lords Supper are ordinances of 

Jesus Christ, and that believers a^e the only nroper subjects, and 
that the only true mode of baptism is by emmersion. f 

9th We believe in the resurrection of the dead and a general judgment 
10th V.'e believe that the punishments of the wicked and the joys of the 

righteous will be eternal 
11th We believe that not Mininstei" has the right to administer the 
ordinances of the gospel only such as have been regularly baptised 
called and come under the imposition of hands of a presbytery by the 
authority of the Church of Christ. 

12th We believe in the sanctity of the first day of the week or Lords 
Day and that it ought to be observed and spent in the public or private 

worship of- God, and thaton it we should abstain from our worldly 
concerns except in ca~es of necessity and mercy. 

The names of the following were under the phrase "done at the 

place of George Close Wayne County Illinois August the 5th 1820": 

James Bird Mary Watkins 

Stephen Coonrod , Ileomi Close 

William Watkins James Taylor acting clerk 

John Coonrood 

Susan Bird 

Anna Blissit 

CHURCH OF CHRIST (State of Illinois) 

In the year of our Lord 1845 it wa;3 held with the Mt Gilead Church, White 

In the year of our Lord 1846 it was holden with Mt Pleasant , White County 

In the year Ad l647, it was held with Long Prairie, Edwards Co., 111. 

In the year AD 1848 it was holden with Hopswell Church, Wayne Co., 111. 

In the year of our Lord 1849 it was holden with the Mount Hope Church, 
(I believe they mean New Hope Church) in White Co., 111. 

In the year of our Lord 1850; it was holden with the Burnt Prairie 
Church Wayne County, Illinois; and 

In the year 1851 it was holden with the Long Prarie Church-; Edv/ards Co 

In the year I852 it was holden with New Hope Church, White Co., Illinois 

In the year I853 it was holden with Little Flock Hickory Hill, Wayne Co. 

In the year 1854 with the Providence Church, Wayne Co., Illinois 

In the year I855 with Mt. Pleasant Church White County, Illinois 

In the year I856 with Burnt Prarie Church, Wayne County, Illinois 

In the year 1857 with Long Prarie Church, Edwards County, Illinois 

In the year I858 with Mt. Pleasant Church, White County, Illinois 

In the year 1859 with Hopewell, Wayne Co., Illinois 

In the year i860 with Providence, Wayne Co., 111. 

In the year 1861 with Long Prarie, Edv/ards County, Illinois 

In the year 1862 with Mt Pleasant, White County, Illinois 

In the year 1866 with Hopewell , Wayne County, Illinois 

(I do not know why the gap from 1862-1866. Could it be 
because of the Civil War) 
In the year 1867 with Little Wabash White County, Illinois 

In the year 1868 with the Long Prarie Edwards County, Illinois 

In the year 1869 with Buck Prairie, Edwards County, Illinois 

In 1870 with Grayville ( a town on the Big Wabash River) 

In 1871 with Mt. Pleasant White County, Illinois 

In 1872 with Little './abash, White County, Illinois 


WABASH AJSeGlATKSN -Hopewell Record Book 1&45 

1st we do agree that the church meet once a monthand that meeting open 

at twelve Oclock by singing & prayr , & sitting in conference 
2nd The moderator shall first procede to invite visiting Brethren 
belonging to the Baptist Union in good standing to a seat with us; 
and then to procede to inquire for peac* and refference. 
3nd The moderator shall be deemed a judge of order & shall have a 
right to call order at any time. 

4th Only one person shall speak at a time & shall arise from his 

seat & address the moderator when he is about to speak. 

4th Only one person shall speak at a t ime, & shall arise from his 

seat & address the moderator when he is about to speak 

5th The member thus speaking shall not be in errupted unless he deviate 

from subject in hand, & any motion made & seconded sha}.}.\ come under 

the considera tion of the church unless ..dthdrawn by him who made it. 

6th V/hen any motion is taken up by the Church & and the question 

called for; the moderator shall take, the que stion and pronounce the 


7th No member shall speak more than three times to any subject without 

leave of the Church. 
8th The moderator shall have the same privilege of speech as another 
member if his scat be filled but shall have no vote unless the church 
be equally divided. 

9th Any member nowingly suffer their children to go to dancing 'frolicks 
while under there tuition shall be dealt with as in other offences - 
10th Any member failing to fill his seat on days of business shall 
shew cause for there none attendance, and '■give satisfaction if called on. 
11th Any member reflecting on the Judgment of the Church shall be 
dealt at the ddiscretion of the Church - 

12th All motions shall be decided by a majority except that of fellowship- 
13th Any member absenting themselveis while in Church conference 
without* leave of the Church shall be dealt with at the discretion 
of the Church 

14th Any member violating these rules shall be reproved at the 
discretion of the Church- done by order of the Church 


December 23, 1961 

In the early 1800 ? s there was 2, number of Regular Ba ptist 
Churches fo lined in Southern Illinois. The oinutes of the Church 
Records at first called them "Regular Baptist Church of Christ" . 
Then would be added the local name Regular Baptist Church of Christ of 

Hopewell, of Mt. Pleasant, of New Hope, White County, of Bucks Prairie, 
of Long Prairie, of Edwards County, of RJt. Gilead, of Little Flock of 
Hickory Hill, of Little I/abash, of Birk's Prairie, of Pleasant Union, 
of Salem, and later of Carmi, of kaunie , of Crossville, and of Calvin. 

Hopewell Church was organised at "the place of George Close, Wayne 

County* Illinois August the 5th 1820." Those in attendance were: 
James Bird Mary Watkins 

Steohen Coonrod Neomi Close 

William Watkins James ' .. .. Taylor, acting Clerk 

John Coonrod 

Susan Bird (Taken from Church Records) 

Anna Blissit copied as near the original as possible 

" At our March meeting in the year of our Lord 1345 in consequence 
of a desturbance (disturbance) in the church elder John Kimmel being 
conerned (concerned) in it, andthe Church deviding (dividing) at that 
time, they having the Church Book in their possession and refusing to 

p-ive'it uo we therefore lost our records for several years, 7 

Jany 13th" day 1345 Curch meeting 

The regular Baptist Church of Christ at Hopewell, met and after 
divine Service; nroceded to appoint brother John Hunsinger MD (Moderator) 
nrotemito invite' visiting brethen to a Seat in council and 3 inquired 
'for peace and refferences, 4 on motion took up a charge against 
Elder" John Kimmel from report, for having made false Statements, at a 
Mr Clarks J P where a trial was pending between himself <x brother 
David Stewart; as admr (Administrator) of Jonathan Stewart, the Church 
appoint Brethren to wit William HcCullough S. Pendleton, B Pendleton, 
J Dorris H. Meeks, & J Atterberry as a committy; to examine in to 
the truth of the matter & the coramitty, after gaining all the information 
thav could at present, reported that they believe there was Some 
-rounds for the charge, and on motion of the Church the case is referred 
till next meeting for trial; & say they request the Bro Clark to 
write to Sister Christena Williams; & Bro Wm Brown memoers of _ the 
little '.'abash Church to atten our next meeting as witnesses; in the case 
also request Bro D Stewart ; nd 3ro Joel Hume to attend with us at that 
time. 5th they sa- the next meeting to be at the Schoolhouse near 
Wm IlcCullou-h 6th on amplication of Bro Walker a letter of _ dismission 

was granted to Sister El? Wilson and the Bro Clerk authorised to 
wrife Said letter — 8'* , "* , f (eii»*.-*.tfc«-u»rfe „*,**>,*+** 

The Rerular Baptist Church of Christ met at Hopewell, on Saturday 
before the 3 Lords day in February A D 1345, and after prayer proseeded 
to 1 business to appoint Brother John Hunsinger; MD P^otem 2 to 
inquire for ~ e ace & references, 3 took up the fetference Irom last 
meeting respect in- ohe charge against Elder John Kimmel, and agree 
to mend said minits so as to read in making false Statements, at a 
Mr Clarks J P (Justice of Peace) by Saying that Johnathan Stewart, 


forgive him a certain debt, or, meeting of him at a Mr Arter Williams 
ferry, when Said Stewart was horse hunting it being the debt then in 
cmestion, 4 after having the testimony, relating go the matter, 
agree to refur the matter to a comr.itty, consisting of the following 
named Brethren to wit; Mm McCullough Saml Pendleton; Pradi Keeks, 
Harden Keeks, Lapsley Hall, I-Iathan Atterberry, Solomon Blissit who 
reported back not agreed; 5th the Church then voting on it a majority 

say retain him in fellowship Elder John Kimmel, then adjourn till time 
and place appointed. — 

March the 15 day 1345 Church meeting 
The regular Baptist Church oT Christ at Hopewell met at the School house 
near Br Wm McCulloughs- Elder John Kimr.iel being under Sensure of the 
Church; and also under dealing, went forward and sung and praid; and 
contended for the moderators place and the Church urged on him to 
take his seat and let the Church choose her Moderator & he would not 
therefore a majority of the Church, withdrew to Brother Wm McCulloughs, 
to wit the following Soothers and Sisters, S Blisset J W Baird & wife; 

L Hall ft Wife; V/m McCullough & Wife; Isaah Walker; Saran Meeks; 
J Atterberry & Wife; Mary Watkins; Mary McCullough; Jano Hurl (Harl); 
Dicy Murphy; the above named Brothers and Sisters; taking thBre seats 
& after prayer procededto business, first, the Church say that Br 
V/m McCullough serve then as Moderator. & Jno Atteberry as Clk (Clerk) 
for the oresent day. 2nd the Church Say that She continue the Charge 
a~ainst Elder John Kimmel for failing to give general Satisfalction 
to the Church at our last meeting, 3 on motion the Church Say that 
She call on four of hir Sister Churches; for helps; to wit; Mt. Pleasant, 
Burnt Prarie; Mt. Taber; ft New Hope and -appoint the following oretnern 
to see them, Br I Walker, to Mt Pleasent, J W Baird to New Hope; L Hall 
to Burnt prarie ft Mt Taber.- 4 on motion the Church took up a charge 
ac-ai st Elder John Kimmel; for not adhering to the rules of the Cnurch, 
then adjourned; till time & place - John Atterberry Clk protem. .7m 
McCullough D MD 

March the 19th 1845 Call meeting for business the regular baptist 
Church of Christ at Hopewell, met at Bro S Blissits; and after divine 
Service, proceded to business the Church appoint Bro J. Atterberry 
MD ft Isaiah Walker clk for the day 2 on motion ft Second the Church Say 

that She notifv Elder John Kimmel to attend with us a, our next 
meeting in corse to be at this place ft Br S Blissit ft Jno Atterberry 

attend to the Same. Jno Atterberry MD protem Isaiah walker Clk prt 

at hooev/ell 
The resular Baptist Church of Christ met on Saturday before the 
third Sundav in April 1S45 at Bro S Blissitsft after worship Receded 
to business" 1st called on Elder Charles Whiting MD prt * Bro John 
Hunsinr-er Clk protem.2nd to invite visiting bretnern to a seat in council 
Sh us 3th to" inquire for peace ft references; 4th after reading the 
procedings from two of the last meetings, took up the charge against 
Elder John Kimmel, ft called for the helps from Mt. f^X^An lfcilJS 
nresart to wit: a C Hunsinger, John Williams; Charles Sexton. Burnt 
Erairie'T (for Tdliver) Simpson, R S Gray, Jeff erson^Iurphy; New hope 

Church John Carter, Miles Carter, ft Richard Upton; Mo Taber Church, 
James Sims; Abram Marten, the afore named brethren o eing J^esent , 
were received as helos, with this Church, to act as a commit oy in 
Seltllng the difficulty existing in Sd Church; the Church Says they 



request the Sd coimnitty to hear the testimony and Say whether the 
charge against Elder John Kiramel, has bin support el or not & report 
back to Said Church, their decision. Said charge against Said Kimmel 
exists in the following, for making false statements at a Mr Clarks JP 
in Saying bro Johnathan Stewart, forgave him a certain debt on meeting 
of the Sd Stewar t at a Ilr Arther Williamses when Said Stewart was 
hunting of his horses, Said debt being then, claimed against the Said 
Kimmel, by bro David Stewart, Administrator, of J Stewart bro Kimmel 
being duly notified & not appearing, the commit y proceded to hear the 
evidence & after v:itli drawing a few minutes returned and Say they 
consider the charge fully sustained against Elder John Kimmel, taken 
up by Hopewell Church the Church Say they exclude Said Kimmel from 
the fellowship of this Church and she no more accountable for his conduct; 
it is further agreed by this Church to appoint bro John Atterberry and 
S Blissit to wait on the Said Kimmel and demand his credentials, - 
5 agreed to hold our next meeting at 3 Blissits. John Hunsinger 
Clk protem, Charles Whiting 1 ID protem 

Kay 17th 1&45 the Regular Baptist Church of Christ at Hopewell , met 
according to appointm&nfcnd after divine service; ^roceded to business; 
first appoin ed brother Israel Dewey LID for the day; & Jno Atterberry 
Clk 2nd callcf for peace and references 3 the Church Say that she 
discharge br John Attcrbez'ry and S Blissit as discharging their duty 
in calling on John Kimmel for his credentials, which he refused} to give 

up, 4 the church Say that she v;rite a friendly letter to Br Whiting 
and Br Williams, to attend us at our next meeting in corse to be at 
i : r John Atterberrys, then adjourned till time & place apointed. 
J Atterberry Clk protem I. Dewie MD protem 

June 14th 1S45 Church meeting 

The Regular Baptist Church of Christ .. at Hopewell met according 
to appointment & after divine Services set in order (the writer always 

makes a capital "3" ) but for convenience I am going to discontinue 
making capitas "S" for small words in the middle of sentences.) 1st to 
Bro S Williams md protem J Atteberry Clk protem 2nd on motion the 
Church say that Brother McCullough, Bro Walker, Bro Baird, bro Hall, 
bro Blisset & br J Atteberry see those brothers & Sisters that has not 

met with us the three last meetings, & request them to attend with 
us at our next meeuii. r : in course; and appoint Sister Close & Sister 
McCullough to see Sister Kimmel Cc request hir to attend at our next 
meeting to bee at the School house near bro McCulloughs, then adjourned 
to time and place. Bro 3. Williams md protem. J Atterberry Clk protem 

July the 19th lo45 Church Meeting 

The Regular baptist Church of Christ at Hopewell met according to 
appointment, & after divine Service set in order 1st the Church 
say Bro John Hunsinger be our moderator to day & John Atterberry Clk 
2nd the charge taken up against Mary Kimmel and she excluded, for 
deniin<^ fellowship with the Church 3nd a charge taken up against 
S Pendleton & wife, B Pendleton, N Atterberry, Harden Meeks & wife 
Granville Palmer, & James Davis & wife, (could be James Doris & wife. The 
"v" looks like J cwo "d's"for aytending with Kimmel in disorder, & 
absenting themselves from the Church the three last meetings, and the 
Church appoint bro McCullough, L Hall, to see S Pendleton & wife, B Pend- 

leton, Sister Carter; Harden 




pare 4 

& J Atterberry & J W Baird to see Granville Palmer & James Davis(or 
Dorris) & wife, N Atterberry, & request them toattend with us at our 
next meeting in course Sc give satisfaction Tor their non attendance 
with us 4th agree that I. Walker, J W Baird prepair a letter to the 
next association; and present it at the next meeting for inspection: 
& agree to send one dollar, for minits, then adjournd till time & place, 
appointed Jno Huflsinger Md & J Atterberry Clk 

August the 16th day 1S45 Church meeting 

the Regular baptist Church of Christ at Hopewell persuent to 
adjournment, & after prayr set in order 1st the reference took up 
against the brethren <Cc Sisters, that hasnot attended with us, ft; the 
brethren discharged that went to see them 2nd trie Church say that 
Benjamine Pendleton, Nathan Atterberry, Granville Palmer Harden 
Meeks & Wife is no more of us & is excluded from us. the case of 

5 Pendleton & Wife, Sister Carter J (here it looks like J Doris & V7ife) 
refered til some future period 3th on motion the letter to the 
association called for and received also appointed brother I. Walker 

J W Baird, & Wm McCullough to bear our letter to the association ;& in 

case of failure bro L Hall; 4th the Church say our next meeting 

in course be at the meeting house, I.Walker Md protem, J Atterberry Clk 

September 20th 1S45 Church meeting 

The Regular baptist Church of Christ at Hopewell met according to appoint- 
ment and after divine service prseeded lsip appointed Elder S 'Williams 
Moderator & bro Israel Dewey Clk 2 the reference called for 1 
against brother Doris & wife, & Sister Carter & they excluded for 
refusing to hear the voice of the Church, & setting with Kimmel in 
a Church capasity and him Excluded from the Church 3nd took up a 
charge against Samuel Pendleton & wife, & Sister Felix, for attending 
with Kimmel in disorder & appointed bro Mc Cullough & Jno Atterberry 
to see them, & request them to attend our next meeting. 4 apDointed 
bro L Hall second trustee of Hopewell Church, then adjourned till time 

6 place appointed. Stephen Williams Md protem Israel Dewew Clk protem 

.October the 19th 1S45 Church meeting 

The Regular Baptist church of Christ of Hopewell met at bro S Blissits 

5c after divine service proceded 1st the church say that Elder 
Stephen Williams , stand mod; for the present day; 2nd invited 
visiting brethren to a seat in council with us 3nd inquired for 
peace Sc refferences 4th the charge called for against brother S 
PendletonS: wife c°c Sister Felix, at our last meeting, the brethren 
appointed to see & talk to the above nnmed brother Sc Sister report 

' that the have seen bro Pendleton & from what he says they were 
satisfied it was not .orth while to attempt to restore them 5th the 
church say that Bro S Pendleton Cc wife are no more of our body & we 
hold our selves no longer accountable for their conduct 6th appoint 
brother L Hall to see Sister Felix;; & report at our next meeting 
7th a letter of dismission, granted to sister Elizabeth Atterberry & 
the Clk reouested co writeoae, S v th the Church say hir next meeting 
be at the s'chool house near bro McCulloughp Elder S Williams Md 
E C Hord Clk protem 

November the 15th 1845 Church meeting 

The regular baptist Church of Christ at hopewell met, according to 
appointment & after prayr set in order first the refferences of Sister 
Felix iai d • . 



over & Sister Close appointed to see hir & report hir mind towords the 

Church 2nd the Church say bro J W Baird be hir Clerk; 
eth the Church say bro I. .Talker bo hir standing Moderator Tor 
Hopewell Church. Isiah .J&lker Mdr T. Simpson Clk pro (Tolliver Simpson 

December the 20th lb 4 45 Church meeting 

The regular baptist Church of Christ net < t divine service set in 
order 1st invited visiting brethren tQ a seat in council with us. 
2nd called for peace & 3th business called for & the church 
say hir next meeting be at the sch^olhouse near bro Mc Culloughs then 
adjourned to time & place Israel D^wey Hd Prot J'..' Baird Clk 

( f rom now on I will copy the business part only) 
January 17th day IS46 

3th business called for, then taken into consideration our losing 
of our church book inconsequence of desturbance talcing place at 
our last March meeting in which case v/e lost our records for some 
years past, then adjourned to time 0: dace appointed Isiaih Walker md 
Jacob V7 Baird Clk 

February the 14 day IS46 Church meeting 

The church sit in conference, say that o r next meeting in course be at 

the School house near ..m McCulloughs Isaiah .Talker Lid J '.'7 Baird Clk 

March the 14th day l&l+o Church meeting 

3nd business called for, cc'the Church say our next meeting be ft the 

meeting house, then adjourned ;.o time <: dace appointed x. '.Talker Md 

J. W Baird Clk 
April the loth day IS46 Church Meeting 
3nd the refference of Sister Felix took up and Sister Close; & Sister 

McCullough ; appointed to see Sister Feli>: and report at our next 
meeting in course, 4 a letter received from our Sister Church how Hoee 

for our friendly hel >.' in council in their next meeting, the letter 
received; and J .T Baird & brethren .7m McCullough Jno Atterberry, t 
I. Walker, volunteered to go at the request of our Sister Church 
liew Hope then adjourned uo time and place in corse 1.. Talker Md 

J J Laird Clk 
May 15 lS4'» Church meeting 

2nd peace and refferenoea called for and the refference of Si;ter Felix 
took up £i Sister Felix is ex/eld from us and is r.o more under our 
watch and care 3nd received Sister Charity .'Talker by letter, and 
4th received a letter from our Sister Church of Idea hope for our friendly 
aid in the case of brother Israel Pe e; r '■ , bro Jno Atterberry, «7m Mc- 
Cullough; S Blisoiu "- J '..' Baird is appointed to go at the request of 
our sister of Mew nope 3th the Church took in to consideration as 
the having of brother I. .Talker ordained as a gospel minister; and the 

church say ;hat she sen.', to our beloved Sister Churches for their 
Ministerial aid on chat occation, at our meeting in July next; to 
commence on friday before the third Sunday in that month, Mount Pleasant 
Mount Gilead and ton:; Prairie, and that brother fm McCullough _& brother 
T Simpson volunteer oo go with him go Long Praiirie, M to Mt Gilead 
J W Baird and Jno Atterberry, M to Mt rleasaut Lapsley Hall & Pradi 
Meeks. then adjourned til time & place in course 

Isaih .Talker md 
J J Baird Clerk 
June 20 lo46 Church meeting 

3 a door opened for. the, reception of members and received fancy "m^ °y 
letter, then adjourned till ti riG anQ \ place 




July 17th day I646 Church meeting 

The Regular Baptist Church of Christ at Hopewell met on fridav before 
the 3 Sunday in July I046 (after peace and references came ) 4 the 
refference of one Ordination of Brother Isaiah ..'alker taken up and 
refered until tomorrow 5 the c urch say the Clerk prepair a letter to 
the association against no::t meeting then adjourned till tomorrow 

J '.: Baird Clerk Stephen V/illiams MDr 

Saturday July 13th day I846 

1st to chose Brother J Doty as moderator 2 visiting brethren invited to 
a seat with us 3 the refference of the ordination of Brother Isaiah 
'.'.'alker took up fro::; yesterday, and the nresbatry received from our 
Sister Churches ; from Lone, Prairie Elder Jerrymiah Doty, and Elder 
C. S. Madding, from Mt Gilead Elder »'m Thomas, and from Mt. P]e asant 
brethren Adam C. H unsinrer and Landrn (Landon) Kelly, the Church 
received Elder Jerrymiah Doty and Elder C 3 Ma den (Madding) from 
Long Prairie and Elder .7m Thomas from lit Gilead. and [ brethren 1 Adam C 
Hunsinger and Landron Kelly from Mt Pleasant , as a presbytry; the 
presbatry then proceded to the examination of brother Isaiah './alker 
and then to the Ordination of him to the administration of the Gosoel, 
and its ordinances the Church then opened a door for the reception of 

members, then adjourned til time ajid place in course 
J V. T Baird Clk Jerymiah Doty Mdr 
July 19th day l£46 

the above named Presbatrie give up to Brother Isaiah 'Jalker his 
Credentials in the presents. of the Church at their request . 

J ■.! Baird Clerk " I 

August 15 day 1846 Church meeting 

The Regular baptist Church of Christ at Hopewell met according 

to appointment, and after divine service proceded to business first 
to invite visiting brethren ,o a seat in council .;ith us. 2 peace and 

refferences called for 3 the refference of the Church letter called 
for, and the letter read and received by the Church to be our letter 
to the association 4 the church say that Elder I. 'Jalker Br L Hall <Sc 
J W Baird bear this our letter and .contrabution. nd the Church say 
we send one dollar contrabution. the Church then adjourned till time 
and place in course. J \J Baird Cle:pk & I. talker Moderator 

■ September 19 day I&46 Church Meeting 

(Order of business as usual) 3 the next meeting to be at Jesse Murpheys, 
then adjourned to time & place J './ Baird Cleric & I. walker modr 

Novemberl4 day I646 Church meeting 

The Regular Baptist Church of Christ at Hopev;ell (business as usual) 
3nd a request from Haw Creek. Church to help the come to a disolve, at 
their next meeting the Church say she ansv:er their request by sending 
Elder I. "..'alker and brethren Wra McCullough and J ':! Baird, to be at 
their next meeting, 4 the Church say the next meeting be at the School 
house, near McCullouyhs then adjourned I. talker Md J vJ Baird Clk 



Dec 19th I846 Church Meeting 

The Regular bansist Church of nh-r-i <*i- a - Li rt> , ,. -n 

appointment; and after sinjng & pSir so t in oroS ?S?° r f 1 ?5- t0 

brethren invited to a seat with us 2nd fr ?*„: « ? lst visitln ^ 

and find all in peace; Ttheihur^h"^^^ ^eetin^be^t 16 " ** 
Br L Halls then adjourned J W Baird Gil Isiian' WaSJklr mdr 

Jany the 16th day l347Church meeting 

February 20 I847 
, ? r 5 e 5 ? f ^ busin ess as usual ) 2nd the Church say Br Predi Meeks *nH 

f^/f^V ? her n:)ne a ^endance with us 4th ?he Church lavs^that 
adubt (adopt) the articles of faith of the Skillet orH o I i 
for .heirs, the adjourned Isaiah Walker MDr J W Baird ClS 

March 20 1S47 Church meeting 

(order of business as usual) 2nd the reference;, of Sister Pollv Butler 

remains for next meeting 3 the reference of Sister BuckXs tool u 

and she considered no more of us then adjourned J 5 Baird Clk I. Wall* mdr 

April 17 1847 Church Meeting 

(order of business as usual! p ace and referrence called for Sc the 

fefference of Sister Polly Butler left for next meeting 2nd the Church 

say they have a yearly meeting the friday before the 3 Sunday in August 

next and that, we address a letter to Elder J Poty and C S Madden S 

likewise to Elder Stephen Williams I50 be with us on that orison th „ 

adjourned Isaiah Walker MDr J W Baird Clk ocassion then 

May 15th day I847 Church Meeting 

( .n^ e n S f ^ US i ne 5 a as , UGual > 3 th* refference of Sister Polly Butler 
read and discharde taken up against hir, and the Church say Pollv 

ifclurse "J w"SSrS ^V'^'l^ ^^ ttU ^ ^ **« 

j£J?THW? y Uh? ° hurch m ? t . Jul y 17 1^47 Churchmet sent one dollar 
contribution L or the association : Church met August 13th day I847 
Oct 16 day 1S47 Churchmet and agreed to meet at Jesse Murphys' next time 
November the 20 day 1847 Church met and agreed to meet at «B? S Blissit » 
next time 

December the 13 1847 Church meeting 
(order of business as usual) 3 a door was ooened and received by 
e ? P f T ri ^ n u e Anna 31lS3it - 4 received a letter" from our Sister Church 
at Mt Tabor requesting aid to come to a disolve, and we answered their 
request by sending Br I. 'Walker, L hall, and JW Baird to meet them on 
baturaay beiore the 2 Sunday in Jany 184$ the Church say our next meeting 
be at Br Hall, chen adjourned (Clerk and moderator as above ) 

Jany 15 I84S (order of business as usual) next meeting to be at 
br p ridi Meeks 




Feby 19 day I848 Church meeting 

3 business called for the Church say that she send two brethren to wit 

J W Baird and John Atterberrv to see old Br Close; and know his 
reasons for never filling his sear, with, and report to next meeting, 
likewise the Church say Sister Close; and Elizabeth Baird go and 
see Sister Phebe Butler and know hir reasons for never filling hir seat 
with us. and report at our next meeting 

March the id day 1848 Church meeting 

order of business as usual) the refference of old brother Close took 
up, and after hearing all that could be heard on the case the Churdh 
say that; old Father Close is no more a member with us, for he denies 
the faith, and is guilty of disorderly conduct; and never fills his 
seat with us. 3nd the refference of Sister Phebe Butler laid over to 
our next meeting in course 

April 15 day 1348 Church meeting "the refference of Sister Phebe 
Butler is left for a future period 
Kay 20 day IS48 "All in peace" 
June the 17 I848 "All in peace" 

July 15 1348 Churchmeeting (order of business as usual) 3 the Church 

say the Clerk prepair a letter to the Association for inspection 
at our next meeting. 4 this Church say she answer the r equest of New 
Hop e Church by volunteers and br I. Walker br Baird, Pradj Moeks . 
J Atterberry, and Nathan Renfro and then adjourned 
August the 19 day 1848 "All in Peace" , I 

September the loth I848 (order of business as usual) 3 a door was 
opened for the reception of members and received Richard Atterberry 
and Eliza his wife by experience; then adjournea 
Setober the 14th I848 Brother Isaiah Walker requested a letter of dismission 

which was granted him. 
November the 18th I848 the of Sister Pheby Butler took up 
and the two Sisters discharged (to see her) and the refference left 
as it was, 2nd a letter received from the brethren at the Hickory 
hill (probably Little Flock Church, Hickory Hill township) and 
answered by sending brebhern Pradi Weeks, S Blissit and Bro Baird to 
meet with them. 

December 16th I848 2nd the refference of Sister Phebe Butler, discontinued 
then adjourned til time and place in course J W Baird mo pro and Clk 
March the 17 1849 "find all in peace" 

April the 14 day 1849 request Brother Potter to serve us as moderator. 
Brother Potter mod protem 
May the 11 day 1849 "All in Peace" 
June the 15th day 1849 "All in peace" opened a d or for the reception 

of members and received Br Felix Potter bv letter 
July 14 day 1849 "All in peace" 
Aug 18th 1849 "the c urch say she send one dollar contrabution to the 

Association and the church brethren McCullough Baird and Hall be the 
delegates. September the 15th 1849 All in Peace 

Oct the 15 day 1849 All in peace the Church say o r next meeting be at 
brother Blissits 

Nov 17th 1849 the next meeting to be at J <// Baird 
December the 15 1849 the Church say our next meeting be at Bro P. Mecks 



Dec the 15th 1849 no new business nc::t meeting to be held at Br 
P. Keeks then adjourned 

Jan 19th 1850 "door was opened Tor oho reception of members and 
received Elder Isaiah Jalker by letter, a^sg Sister Folly Martin c .me 
forward and was restored into fellowship by the Church . 4 the Church 
say our next meeting be at Br Richard Atteicberry Junr then adjourned 
in peace Felix Potter md J \J Baird Clk 

J any the 29 IC50 the door of the church being opened from yesterday; 
received Sister Nancy Meeks b ir letter lik 

Febuary the loth day I85O "Church say our ne::o meeting at Br Blissits; 

March the 16th lo50 Church received Sister Elisabeth Potter by 
letter 4th the Church say she '."ill build a meeting house after bhe 
model of Lit Pleasant meeting house and the Church appoint L Hall 
Solomon Blissit and J './ Baird a building committy to select a place 

to build on and report at cur ae:ct meeting 

i.pril 20 day 1^50 Uom.itty drew u a su script ion payor for money 
to build the Church 

Kay the lSth I85O the Church say 'chax, she send a friendly letter to 
our Sister Church of Long Prairie, Edwards County, requesting fche, to 
give Dr rotter his credent! Is; ir, the bowels of Christian love, aj we 
do believe the Lord is a making i,|i:.i a blessing ^o us 



June 15th I85O Church meeting 

The Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Hopewell met according 
to appointment, and after divine service sot in order; 1st visiting 
bretheren invited to a seat with us; no 2 peace called for; and 
Brother John Atteberry, talked to the church about a report, in cir- 
culation, about him and his wife; and the church say she is satisfied 
with Brother Atterberry, 3nd the Church say she take up a charge 
against Sister Barbary Atteberry, for faltsly accuseing hir husband, 
of thing that he is inocent of; and she says she send Brethren 
Isaiah V/alker; F, Potter; and J W Baird to see Sister Atterberry 
4 the refference of last meeting called for, and it reported to the 
Church; and the Brethren discharged; Long prairie Church granted the 
request of our letter; 5 the Church say that the clerk prepare a letter 
for the association against nex'o meeting; and that it be inserted in it 
that we want the association put back to the time it used to be held; 
and then she concluded in peace. ..Felix Potter mod J W Baird Clk 

July 20th 1350 Church meeting 

The Regular baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Hopewell met according 

to appointment, and after singing and prair sit in order 1st visiting 

brethren invited to a seat ;ith us2nd peace and referrences called 
for and the referrences of the meeting h use took up, and the committy 

report the sum of one hundred oen dollars; and fifty cents , subscribed 
for building the meeting house and the committy instructed to 'go on with 
it. 3 the refference, 01: Sister, Barbary atteberry took, and she called 
on 00 answer to the charge .and Sister Atteuerry, failing to give 
satisfaction 'was excluded from the watch care of this church, ajnd is 
no more of us; 4th the letter ,0 the association red and received by 
filling, up the blanks; 5 the Church say that brethren F. Potter, 
Elder I. Jalker, J ii baird, u;iu in else of failure, S Blissit bear 
this letter, and contrabution; and .da,; one dollar be the sura sent 
then concluded in neace. F Potter uodr J .7 Bale I Clk 

August the 17 day 1350 Church meeting 

The Regular baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Hopewell; met, according 

to appointment ; and after divine service set in order 1st visiting 
brethren invited to 2 seat with us;, no 2 peace and referrences called 
•for; and find all in peace; nd3 the Church say that; Br Blissit, and 
Br Hall; sell the old meeting house for what it will fetch; then 
concluded in peace; F Potter "nodr J .7 Baird Clk / Church met 14 3eptl350 
Church met October the 19* 1350 November 16, 1350 December 14 1850 
January IS 1851 Feb 15 day I85I All these meetings had no how business 



March. the 15 day 1351 Church meeting 
(order of business as usual) 

3rd item ; "then the Church say she put out three subscription papers 
to raise funds for our meeting house; one in the hands of Bro John 
Atteberry ; one in the hands of friend Joh n Meeks. and one in the 
hand 01 friend Davis Murphy ; the Church gave Bro' Isaiah Walker a 
letter oi dismission; then concluded in peace 
J W Baird Clk Felix Potter Mod 

Church was held April the 19 day 1$51- May the 17 day IS 51 - June 14 
day 1851 

July the 19 day I85I Churchmeeting when peace and referrences called - 
for n Br Pridi Meeks, brought an accusation against himself which was 
received. 3nd the Church that the clerk prepare a letter against 
next meeting for the association for inspection and that we appoint 
our delegates to the association." 

August the loth day 18 51 Church meeting 

(order of business as usual) 

the 4th item of business was: "Then S iste r. Sally Meeks, requested 

the Church to strike of hir name from tne Churclibook, which was 

referred to our next meeting in coarse F Potter modr J 17 Baird Clk. 

September, the 20 day 1^51 Church meeting 

"the fefference of Sister Sally Meeks is continued to next meeting, 
and the Church say the moderator a point tv/o members to see Sister Mocks 
and he .say L Hall, & J \'l Baird, sec Sister Meeks, and report at our 
next meeting, then concluded in peace. " 

October th 18 day lb v 51, Church meeting 

(order of business as usual) 2nd oeace & u refference called for and 
the refference of Sister Sally Meeks took up and the report of the 
Brothren received & the y discharded from that duty; then the Church 
say that she take up a charge against Sister Milks, for reflecting 
on the judgment of the Church which -./as lone, then the Church say she 
send a member to let Sister Miiks know that if she has any defence t o 
make she can make it at next meeting; and the Church say Br Richard 
Atteberry see Sister Meeks and report at our next meeting in course 

November 16,1561 Church meeting 

"The report of Br Rich ard Atteberry respecting Sister Meeks received 
and him discharged from that duty 2nd the Church say that refferonce 
be laid over till May, meeting; next, then we say our meeting bhis 
winter be held at the scnool house near Silas 'Jilsons then concluded" 

December 20 day 1851- Church meeting- Jany 17th day 1852- Church meeting 

February the 14 day 1$52 Church meeting 

The Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ called Hopewell met 

according to appointment and after divine service set in order. 

1st visiting brethren invited to a, seat with us nd2 peace & referrences 

called fo r and find all in peace 3 then a door was opened for the 

reception of members & received Brother Abraham Martin by relation and 

then concluded in peace 

Note the new term "Predestinarian "I added at the following month 
March the 20 day 1852 Church Meeting 
'The Regular Predestinarian Baptist Church of Jesus Christ called Hopewell 

met according to appointment. "(No new business.) 




May 15th IS52 Church meeting 

The Regular Baptist Church of Christ called Hopewell met -references 

called for, when Br Blisset laid in a charge aginast himself, first 
for sending a note to brother Potter about some money instead of 
going to see him his self and then for getting in a pashion (passion) 
afterwards; for which things he was sorry and wished the church and 
Br Potter to forgive him, for which the church forgave him. then he 
laid in a charge against Br Potter for false statements respecting 
lent money that Br Potter had got from Br Blissit and about twenty 
five cents, that Br Potter did owe him, the charge was taken up by the 
Church, and they not feeling themselves able 00 settle it we agreed to 
call on our Sister Churches to wit New hope, Burnt Prarie, and Mount 
Pleasant to aid us in ohis mater -Sister Sally Meeks referred to meeting 

June the 19th 1852 Church meeting "Sister Sally Meeks is referred to 
our next meeting in corse; then the reference of Br Blissit & Br Potter 
took up and letters and messengers received from Mt Pleasant brethren 
John Hunsinger, Adam C. Hunsinger, k James Coonrod; from New Hope, 
Miles Carter, Wm Upton, and Richard Upton & F Nations; & fron Bt Prairie 
R. S. Gray, Wim Simpson, & Richard Atteberry Senr and they took in 
Brethren Isham Caudle and J. Murphy into the committy; after the 
committy returning to themselves awhile and hearing all the testimony 
on both* sides , we the committy, upon due consideration believe that 
Br Blissit had no right of presenting the charge against Br Potter 
before the church that he did and we do not believe that he sustained 

such charge; and has thereby injured Br Potter and is in justice 
bound to make satisfaction to Br Potter for the same and the Church 
say she "receive the act of the committy 4ncl the Churdh granted Sister 
Julia McCullough a letter of dismission then adjourned to time in course 
J W Baird Clerk John Hunsinger MD protem 

July the 17 day 1&52 Church meeting (order of business as usual) 
"the Church say Sister Miids case be refered to next meeting and that 
Sister Eliza Atteberry see Sister Meeds, and request her to attend 
our next meeting and speak for hir self". (My personal opininm is 
that Sister- Meeks must have been a good paying member or had a good 
baying husband) 

August 14th lSfi2 Church meeting Br Thomas is chosen as moderator for 
the day . the third order was "the reference of Sister Meeks red and took 
up by the Church for investigation and the Church say she rescind the 
charge t:>ken up by the Church against Sister Meeks; and she is restored 
in peace with us. 4 ^ e chm . ch say she take up a charge against B r 

Predi Meeks for unchristain like conduct in meeting and the Church 

say the case of Br Meeks is referred to next meeting; and that Brethren 

John Atteberry, Nathan Renfro; and J T .V Baird labour with Br Meeks 

and reoort at next meeting the same meeting "Br Pradi Meeks came 

forward and gave satisfaction to the Church for his outbrake and was 
restored again; then concluded in peace'.* Wjn Thomas modr protem 


September the 18th 1852 Church meeting 

(order of business called for as usual) 3rd peace and referrences 
called for; and Br Blissit rose and said he had done rong with 
Br Potter and he was sorry for all the rongs he had done to Br Potter 
then the report of the committy was called for read and discussed; 
and the church Br Blissit has done all that is required of him to do 
in the case of Br Potter; and Br Potter would not receive the acknow- 
ledgment; then a comrnitty of Brethren to wit John Humsinp;er R S Gray 
Richard Atteberry Senr; M. Carter; and J W Eaird went out wwith 
Br Blissit; and Br Potter and tried to reconcile the matter and Br 
Potter would not have them; they then returned to the house, and.! 
Br Blissit rose a second time and acknoleded he was sorry for all the 
rongs he had ever done to Br Potter; and the Church was satisfied with 

the acknowledgement; and Br Potter would net receive it. 4 the minit 
of the day called for read and received then adjourned til time and 
place in corse. Br Win Thomas, mod protem J W Baird Clerk 

October the loth day 1352 

(Business as usual) "the Church say our next meeting be at the school 

house near Silas l/iisons 5th the Church say she enter a charge against 

Br Potter for not going with the Church, in the acknoledgement of 
Br Blessit, and the charge be refered till next meeting for triel 

November the 20 1852 

"The refference of Br Potter; red & took up by the Church & the Church 
say she exilude Br Felix Potter from the , fellowship of this Churph; 
therefore we are not accountable for his conduct then came to a close 

December 18 1852, church meeting 

"next meeting be at friend Ben.jamin Meeks " 

January the 14 day 1853 

"the next meeting be at Br Halls" 

February the 19th I853 

"the Church say our next meeting be at J W Bairds" 

March the 19th 1853 

" and nothing comeing before the Church; she say our next meeting 

be at; Br Blissits; then concluded in peace " 

April the 16th day 1853 

3rd order of business: "the Church say she send two brethren to see 
Sister Sally Meeks and know hir reasons for not filing her seat at 
meeting, and they say L Hall and J W Baird go and se r Sister Meeks 
and conclude in peace J W Baird Clerk and modr protem 

May the 14 day 1853 

"the reference of the members sent to see Sister Sally Meeks was read 
and Br Hall reported that we went tc see Sister Sally Meeks ; and she 
was not at home so we did not see her; 2nd then the Church say she 
do away the reference of Sister Meeks then closed in peace. 

July the 16 day I853 Church meeting 


July the 16th day 1853; Church meeting 

3rd order of business; "the Church say the clerk pre pair a letter to 
the association against next meeting and present it them; for the 
inspection of the Church then adjourned till time and place incorse " 

August the 20 day 1853 Church meeting 

3rd order of business: " the referrence of the letter for the 

association called for, read and received; the Church then apointed 

brethren J W Baird; L Hall; and S iBlissit; and in case of failure, 

R. Atteberry Junr ( Richard Atteberry Junior) and the Church say we 

send seventy five cents contrabution to the Association. and then adjourned 

Wm Thomas moderator J W Baird Clk 

September 17th 1853 Church meeting 

(order of business as usual) no new business 

October time for meeting but no chorum; (Quorem) so nothing done 

May Meeting 1854 

The Regular Baptist Church of Christ called Hopewell; met according 
to apointment and after singing and prair set in order; 1st peace and 
refference called for 2nd business called for, and the Church. say she 
take up a charge against Sisters Sarah Atteberry, Sally Meeks; Phebe 
Butler Susan Jerls (this v/ord must have been spelled according to 
sound. I cannot think of such a name in this area) ; and Polly Rolls 
(Could have been Bawls, perhaps) {the .handwriting is readable jbut 
are they spelled right) for declaring an unf ellowship for us; by 
joining" a Church of a nother faith and order therefore they are no 
more of us and we are not accountable for t them, adjourned Baird Clk and mdr 

June 17 1354 

No new business. 

July 15th 1854 Church meeting 

New business: the Church say our day of meeting be on the Saterday 
before the second Sunday instead of the third as has been 
•4th the Church say she appoint two more trustees, to act with Brother 
L Hoel (Hall); and that they be Jacob T .'/ Baird and Solomon Blessit 

Aug 1854 Churchmeeting 

New business- the Church sends three delegates to the association and 

seventy five cents in "contrabution" J W Baird Clk R. S Gray modr pt 

Nov 11, 1854 Church meeting 

3rd order "Business called for and a motion was made to recind the act 

of the exclusion of Br Potter; and that we send to Long Prarie and 

Little flock Churches for helps to aid us in this present dificulty 

and that J W Baird % & L Hall go to Little flock and Richard Atteberry Jr 

& N Renfro go to Lon<- Prarie and request helps from them to meet us 

at our next meeting C H Clay moderator J W Baird Clk 

Dec 9 I854 Church meeting 

new business: 3rd "peace and refference callef for and the reference 

of Br Potter ? ; and the committy received; from Lonn; Prairie 

J. Doty, S. Doty h Br Misinghamrner ; From Little flock C H Clay; 

I Coddle (Caudle) ; & S. atteberry, and they took in John Hunsinger, 

A C Hunsinger & Miles Carter & Richard Atterberry Senior and that 


they set as a committy; the committy retired awhile & then returned & 
reported that they had done the very best they cold do in the case; 
& here is the report: Je the committy on examination of the proceeding, 
hold in the case of Br Blissit, & Potter recorded in the Bhurch Book 
have cone to the conclusion that according to the requirements of the 
went to Be Potter, according to the l#th of Mathew and tried to 
have given satisfaction to Br Pot-per & the Church received the reoort 
of the committy. 4 the Church say Br John Atteberry get a letter of 
dismission from this church J W IBaird Clerk John Hunoinger modr 

Jany 1^,1^55 Church meeting 

4th on order : "business called for; & Br Potter gave satisfaction 
to the Church; & is fully restored; to fellowship with us. 
John Hunsinger modr J W Baird Clerk 

Feby 10, 1855 

business was called for. when as letter was received and read from 
Barbary Atteberry, wishing to be restored to fellowship in this church; 
& the Church say Sister Barbary Atteberry is restored to fellowship 
with us; and at hir request we grant hir a letter of dismision from 
this Church. J W Baird Clk John Hunsinger modr 

March 10th 1855 Church meeting 

Br C H Clay moderator "business was called for; when Br Potter 1 rose 
& let the Church know that a reconcila tion, had taken place between 
him and Br Blissit; then closed 

April 7th 1S55 Church meeting 

"door was opened for the reception of members Sc received Sister 

Julia Ann Friend by letter, then concluded in peace. 

Appil 8th Received Nancy Renfro by experience 

Kay 12 1$55 a door was opened for the reception of members ; and 
received Daniel Baird, Sarah Atteberry; Thomas Reed, and Martha 
Ann Reed all by experience. 4 the Church say J V7 Baird is released 
as trustee, and that '.Talker McCuHough is apointed a trustee of 
Hopewell Church in Bairds stead, then concluded in peace. 

June 7 I855 Church meeting 

Sarah Jane Blessit was received into the Church by experience 

4 business called for "and the Church say vie change our days of meeting 

to the third as it used to be 5 the Church say she receive the deed 

made to the Church trustees, for the meeting house ground; then 

concluded in peace J Doty modr J » J Baird Clk 

July 1855 "the Church say the clerk prepair a letter to the 
association by next meeting and we say in our letter, we do not wish to 
reunite with the little './abash association on the account of the 
great distance that some of the churches would have to go. then the 
Church say she change our days of meeting agin to the second as we 
had it before then Brother Potter requested a letter for himself and 
wife; which was granted then cone to a close in peace J Hunsinger mdr 


Aug 11 1855 sends three representatives and one dollar to the Association 

Sept 10 1855 —Nov 10 1855 — No new business 

March I856 "the Church say Br Thomas Reec; be an assistant Clerk 

April 9,1856 -- May 10 18 56 No new business 

June 7, I856— July 12, I856- No new business 

Septl5, I856— Oct 11, I856--N0V I856 No new business 

Dec 13 I856-- Jany 17, 1&57- Feb 14, 1357- Received Br Isaiah Walker 
by letter . (Hwas an Elder or minister) 

March 14, 1857 Brother Isaiah Walker is "to be our standing moderator" 

April 18, 1857 - No new business — May 16, I857 "the Church say 
our July meeting be a communion meeting with us. then closed in peace" 

July 14, 1857 - "The church request Br John Hun:inger a deacon of 
Mt Pleasant Church to assistour deacon tomorrow in communion, and we 
the church say we select one of our members at our next meeting to 
be deacon with us. I.Walker mdr J W Baird Clk 

Aug 15, 1857 "we send a request to Burnt Prairie and Mount Pleasant 
Churches for ministerial aid and deacons; to assist us in the 
ordination of a deacon at our October meeting and we likewise say 
our stated times for communion be at our May and October meeting. " 

Sept 17, 1857 — 0ctl7 1^57 — the ordination of a deacon took up 
the delegates from the following churches to wit; Burnt Prairie 
R. S. Gray; from Mt Pleasant; J Hunsinger and N Williams; together 
with ^lder Charles Whiting from Little ./abash Church and Brother 
Miles Carter from N^w Hope Church svhich cammity together with 
Hopewell church proceded 1st to choose Elder Charles -'hiting moderator 
and then proceded to the ordination of Br 'xhomas u eed 

Nov 14, 1857 — No new business Dec 19, 1#57 No new business 

Jan 16, 1858 -- Feb 20, I858— May 15, 185# 

March and April wet days no one out 

June 19, I85S —July 17, I858— Aug 14, I.S5S. Send $1.50and three 

delegates to the association 

October I858 "Received a request from our Sister Church called 

Mt Pleasant by the hands of Br Whiting for aid in their next meeting 

for the ordination of one minister and two deacons, we answer request. 

Feb 19, I859 — March 19, 1^59 a door was opened for members and 
received Harriet Clark by letter and Alexander Clark; and Wm Wheeler 
by experience 



March 19, 1859 --April 16, 1859 -- May 14, 1359— no nev; business 
July 16, 18592-?- Aug 20, 1859 three delegates picked for the 
association and ^1.50 in money 3rd "we say we send three members 
to see Er Pridi Meeks and request him to fill his seat at next meeting rt 

September 17th 1859 "the reference of Pridi Meeks taken up and the 
Church say she will act on it then by motion and second the Church 
say they expell Bro Pridi Meekd from the fellowship of this Church " 

October 15, 1659 November 19, 1859 - Dec 17th, 1859 no new -business 

Feb 18, I8o0--"the church say she grant the request of Mt Pleasant 
church and send send the following named delegates to assist in the 
ordination of bro Nathaniel V/illiams and brother ^lade Smith " J W 
Baird and V/m^Delegates from Hopewell 

April 14, i860 — May 19, i860 — July 14, i860 — no new business 
July 14, i860 — Aug 18, i860- Sends &1.25 to the association 

Sept 15, i860 - Oct 20, i860 2the church granted Br talker a letter" 
November 17, i860 — Dec 15, i860- no now business 

Jany 19, 1861 "a dificulty comeing wur> with D K Baird against T Reed 

a coin-nitty was chosen; and they settled it then 2nd the case of 

Sister Harl with Br Blesit, was taken up and settled then come to close." 

Feb 1861-no meeting 

March 16, 1861- "peace and'reff erence called for, when old Sister 
Baird complained of bad treatment by Br T Heed and of his using 
unchristain language; .hen to Church, colled a commity of brethren, 
who with the parties; when Brother Reed aeknoledge he had done ron"; in 

using the language; and the Sister said' she would drop it; the 
Church received the report and retained the Brother. 3 the reference of 
last meeting being settled . 4 the Church called Elder K. V/illiams to 
the pastorial care of the Church then -losed. J 7/ Baird Clk I. V/alker md 

April 20, 1861" At therequest of Br Thomas Reed the Church say he is 
released of the deaconship of this Church." 

May 18, 1861 — June 1861--- July 20, Idol "received a letter from our 
Sister Church by the hands of Br R 3 Gray 2: J Martin from Burnt 
Prarie for helps to disolve that Church at their August meeting. " 

August 1861 a door opened for oho reception of members & received 
R S Gray a. Susanah Gray by letter then we say R S Gray be our Deacon 
to fill our vacancy . we send one dolar and fifty centd to the 
association. : ' S. Blisit, R 3 Gray and Alexander ClarS to be delegates 
"redeived J Martin & Elizabeth by letter" 

Sept 14, 1861— Oct 19, 1861— Nov 16, 1861 "received Br V/m Tooms by letter 
Dec 14, 1861-- a door was opened for members and received Nancy Kennedy 
by experience Sundav the 15th the door btill boing open and received 
Martha Blisit , P£iiirdJ ; a^nyohy , Rebecky Tooms; and Elisabeth Kennedy 
by experience". 

Jan4 iS62 at a call meeting received Lucy Murphy by letter and John 
Murphy by experience and baptised five then closed in peace. 

Jan 18, 1862 a door was then opened for the reception, of members; and 
received Br Isham C-udle; and Sarah his wife by letter and Predi 
Meeks by rcctorat i on then closed in peace 

» \ 

August 1865 Church Meeting 

The Regular Baptist Church of Christ cald Hopewell met acording 

to apointment and after divine service sat in order 

1st Visiting brethren invited to a seat with us 

2nd Peace and reference cald Cor 

3rd The reference of last meeting taken up 

4th The letter read and recevd by filling up the blanks 

5th The folowing brethren ware chosen to bare this our letter 

Thomas Reed, S. Blissit, Balus Odell N. Williams Moderator, T. Reed Clrk 

September I865 Church Meeting 

...."the church apoints the folowing brethren to the office of deacon 
Balus Odell, John Murphy and apoints the folowing brethren to visit 
Mount Pleasant S. Bliset R Atteberry and request her ministerial aid 
at our next meeting for the purpose of ordaining deacons..." 

October I865 

... "thereference from last meeting respecting the ordination of 
Br John Murphy and Balus Odell as deacons was taken up the committee 
appointed to visit Mount Pleasant asking for ordained helps made 
report that they had clone so and that Mount Pleasant Church has 
responded. Elder John Hunsinger, N. Williams, and Lewis Hunsinger 
were received and to-ether with Br„ R. S. Gray an^ Jacob Baird the 
old deacons of Hopewell Church were choses as a presbytery to ordain 
the aiove mentioned brethren. The commit te then organised by 
a pointing Elder N. Williams moderator andJohn Himsinger Clerk qf 
the Committee afore named Br John Murphy Balus Odell presented to the 
committe when after examination preceded to ordain them. Elder John 
Hunsinger offercin the ordaining prayer. ^Brother John Hunsinger being 
further selected to give said deacons their charge as to their duties 
of said office after which whey were presented to and received by the 
church extending to them the right hand of fellowship the church 
then on motion agreeable to the former request ofR S. Gray J Baird the 
former deacons again to releas them from further liability as to said 
office and adjourned in peace and order" 

■Feb 1866.... "the Church say Brother B. Odell is th^ir Clerk . The 
Church say she grants brother Nathan Renfrp an -Nancy Renfro his wife 
a letter of dismission also Sister Elizabeth Huntsinger a letter of 
dismission. Ordered B Odell 00 w rite said letters which he did and 
handed to them...." 

April 14th 1366 ... " the Church say they choose Elder John Huntsinger 
as Moderator for twelve month. ... " 

December 15, i860. . . ."Peace & reference callejj for The reference taken 

up from October meeting and the following Brethren appointed trustees 

of Hopewell Church to wit brother Solomon Blisit B. Odell P. Meeks ( Pridy) 

done and signed by order of the Church. Balus Odell Clerk. Elder John 

Hunsinger, moderator 

Febuary the 15th 1868... "the Church take up a charge against Brother 

James Day for un Christan lik conduck and apoint the folering 

brethren to visit said brother and report at our next meeting" 

Balus Odell Clerk J. Hunsinger Modera tor 

April IS, 186S. "by motion & second the church excluded brother Day 

from her fellowship. " 




June 9, 1862 - Received Elizabeth Baird by experience. S. Smith, Mod. J. W. 
Baird, Clk. 

July 1862 - send R. S. Gray, I. Caudle, R, Atteberry and S. Blisit, the alter- 
nate to the Assoc. N. Williams, Mod. J, W. Baird, Clk. 

Nov. 15, 1862 - Church say she release the former Clerk at his request and 
apoint Br. T. Reed their Clerk. J. Hunsinger Mod., J. W. Baird, Clk. 

Dec. 20, 1862 - motioned and seconded that Brother Baird hand the Church Book 
of B. Prairie over to his successor in of is. ? Williams, Mod. T. Reed, 
Church Clerk. 

June 20, I863 - the Church says she grants Brother J, (?) Martin and Sister 
Martin their letter. 

Aug. I863 - Door of the church was opend and receivd Brother Friend by lette r. 
Brother Gray and Brother Baird in cas of failure Brother Bliset and 
Brother Richard Atteberry (no explanation as to the purpose of these 


April, 1864 - Charge taken up against Brother Hall for riotous conduct. The 
church appoints the following brethren a commity to visit Bro. L. Hall 
and report at the next meeting. Bro. Baird, Brother Clark. 4th The 

church agrees to apoint the following Brethren T. Reed, P Meeks, S Blisit 

Trustees. N. Williams, Mod. T. Reed, Clk. 

June, 1864 - Case of Bro. Hall. Church agrees to exclude Bro. Hall. (Notes 
I believe Balus Odell joined by experience - the name was difficult to 

July 1864 - Received Mary Tombs by experience. 

Aug. 1864 - Following brethren appointed barers, Balus Odell, S. Blisit, T. 

Oct. 1864 - Church say she takes up a charge against Bro. Caudle by report 
for drinking too much liquor and apointed the following brethren to 
visit = Balus Odell, Nathan Renfro, P Meeks. 

Nov. 1864 - Church discharges Bro. Caudle from her church fellowship. 

Mar. I865 - Received Martha An Rodes by experience. 

Jan. 1866 - Grants Bro. Reed's request of letter and Bro. Caudle rite it. 

Church rescinds her act of last meeting concerning the money made up for 
the use of Bro. Tombs. Church say she sen the folowing brethren to 
visit Bro. Howerd and report at next meeting - ? Friend, P Meeks. The 
church say she releases Bro. Williams from pasterial care of the 
church. N. Williams Mod., T. Reed, Church Clerk. 

Apr. 1866 - Bro. Nathan Renfro and Nancy his wife returned their letter. 
Received Bro. Holly Hodges by relation. 

- b - 

Kay 1866 - Motion and second the church take up a charge against Sister 
Nancy Hall for failing to fill her seat at our regular meeting and 
denying fellowship with some of our members. Appoint a committee to 
visit Sister Hall - Bro. Ephriam Friend and wife, Bro. Pradi Meeks. 
John Huntsinger, Mod., B. Odell, G. Clerk. 

July 1866 - Reference taken up against Sister Hall. Church excludes Sister 
Hall. The church liberates Bro. I. Caudle to exercise his gift in a 
public way. 

Aug. 1866 - Following named brethren chosen to bear letter to the Assoc. - 

Bro. I. Caudle, Solomon Blissit, B. Odell and Bro. Pradi Meeks in case 
of failure. 

March 1867 - Received Isaac Rhodes and Margaret A. Meeks by experience. I. 
Caudle, Clerk Protem, Elder John Huntsinger 

May 1867 - Sister Sarah Wood joined by letter and Manervy V. Day by experience. 

June I867 - Request ministering brethren of Mt, Pleasant and Providence Church 
to visit us and appoint Bro. I. Caudle and S. Blissit to visit Provi- 
dence and Bro. J. Copeland and P. Meeks to visit Mt. Pleasant Church. 
7th Inasmuch as Bro. Musgraves has absented himself from the church for'.' 
some time we agree to send Bro. B. Odell, P Meeks and I Caudle to 
visit said Bro. to obtain his reason and report at next meeting, 

July 1867 - Manervy V. Day, J. S. Hodges departed this life in July I867. 

Aug. 1867 - Following chosen to bear letter to the Assoc. - Bros. B. Odell, 
S. Blissit, I. Caudle and in case of failure, P. Meeks. 

Oct. I867 - Sister Mahala Churchwell joined by experience. Wm. Nunn by re- 
lation . 

Nov. 16, I867 - During the past week Bro. Alex Clark and Sister Catherine 
Hodges departed this life. 

May 1868 - On Saturday evening at Brother Ishem Codies, Sister Lucey Bird 
joined by experience. 

June 20, 1868 - Church sends I. Codle to Long Prairie; S. Blisit and I. Codle 
to Litle Wabash; and B. Odell and I. Rhodes to Mt. Pleasant for minis- 
terial aid to attend at our next meeting. 

Aug. 15, 1868 - Bro. James Copelan granted letter of dismission. 

Nov. Ik, 1868 - Bro. Thomas Reed joined by letter. Balus Odell, Church 
Clerk; Phelix Potter, Mod. Protem 

Jan. 16 , I869 - Received a letter from Little Wabash by the hands of Bros. 

David Stewart, J. (?) Hon and A. Huges. Agree to send 3 of the brethern 
towit; B. Odell, I. Caudle, P. Meeks. 

Mar. 20, I869 - Church appoints Bro. Thomas Reed Trustee of Hopewell Church. 

Apr. 17, I869 - Sary Giford joined by experience. 

Jan. 15 t 1870 - Resinds the act of receiving Sary Gifferd for failing to com- 
ply with the requirements of the church and the mode of baptism. 

May 15, 1870 - Bro. Jefferson Murphy and Margaret, his wife, joined by leter. 
Galled Elder James Jones to take the pastorel care of the church for 
one yeare. 

Aug. 20, 1870 - Bro. David H. Day and wife Susan S. (?) Day joined by ex- 
perience. Sister Isibell Simpson joined by experience. 

Oct. 15, 1870 - Sister Elizabeth Meeks granted letter of dismission. Alen 
Atteberry and wife joined by experience. 

Dec. 17, 1870 - 2 members joined at Bro. Wm. Nunn's and order the names in- 
roled at the proper place on Ghurch Book. (Note: no names given.) 

Feb. 1871 - Church take up a charge against Bro. Pridi Meeks for not filling 

his seat on days of meeting and appoints the following brothers to visit 
said brother, to wit: Bros. John Murphy, Nathing Renfrow and Epragm 
Friend. Balus Odell, Clerk* I. Caudle, Mod. 

Mar. 18, 18 71 - Bro. Pridi Meeks excluded from the fellowship, 

June 17, 1871 - Sister Marian Watkins joined by experience and Sister Mary 
Smith by letter. 

July 15, 1871 - Bro. Thomas Reed granted letter of dismission. 

Oct. 14, 1871 - Sister Matilda Cowsay (?) joined by letter. 

Dec. 16, 1871 - Church agrees to give Sister Martha Bleset $500 (must be $5.00) 
for taking care of the church house one year. 

July 20, 1872 - Church releases Bro. John Murphey from the deaconship and 
apoint Bro. Jeferson Murphey to fill the vacancy. 

Aug. 1872 - Bro. Charles Wheeler joined by experience. 

Oct. 19, 1872 - Bro. H. R. Wade joined by letter. Received a letter from 

Little Flock church by the hand of Bro. Stout Atteberry to investigate 
a matter with them. Church agrees to send Jeferson Murphey, I. Codel 
and B. Odell. 

Nov. 1872 - Church called Elder P. Wooton to take the pastorial care of the 
church for one yeare. 

Apr. 19, 1873 - Bro. Jepsey (?) Martin granted letter of dismission. 

July 19, 1873 - Elder Slad Smith received by letter. Bro. J. Martin granted 
letter of dismission - also Bro. J. Murphy and wife. 

- d - 

Aug. 16, 1873 - Bro. Odell acknowledges a wrong and was forgiven. 

Sept. 20, 1873 - Received a letter from Little Flock Church by the hands 
of Bros. Joseph Ghrast and James Chrast requesting us to visit them 
at their Oct. Meeting. 

Oct. 19, 1873 - Sister Nancy Hall made her acknowledgments and was forgiven 
and restored to fellowship and a letter of dismission was granted. 

Feb. Ik, 1874 - Received by experience Sister Almarine Musgrave. 

Mar. 1874 - Church authorize the Clerk to enrol the names of some members 

not received at the church, towit: Samuel Musgrave and Mary Musgrave. 

Apr. 187^+ - Sister Eliza Odell joined by experience. Church take up a charge 
against Bro. John Murphey and wife for non attendance their regular 
meetings. Appoint the following named brethren to visit them towit: 
Isham Caudle, Balus Odell, Ephram Friend. Received a letter from Little 
Flock by the hand of Bro. Joseph Crask requesting us to visit at their 
May meeting. Church granted letters of dismission to Bro. Nathan 
Renfro and Nancy, his wife; Bro. Samuel Musgrave, Sister Almarine, his 
wife; also Sister Mary M. Musgrave. 

May 1874 - Church excludes Bro. John Murphey and Porcilear, his wife. B. Odell, 
Clk; Elder J. Wootin, Mod. (Note: Porcilear - Priscilla (?) ) 

At this point the church book was full.^ave not been able to locate the 
later books. Mr. Upchurch had the 1st books, and later Mrs. Homer Davis, his 
step-granddaughter had them. She gave them to Asa Wilson, who was 
going to put the books "where they could be seen, but not taken away". 
Asa Wilson died in 1962, and I have found no one who knows what he did 
with the books. We have checked the Fairfield Library, Wayne Co. Histor- 
ical Society, the library and historical society at Carmi, 111., also 
the Historical Commission of the Baptist Churches at Nashville, Term. 
Anyone have any ideas where else to look? 



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