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Full text of "Horatio, viscount Nelson; a catalogue of the books, pamphlets, articles, and engravings relating to Nelson in the Norwich Public Library"

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City Librarian 

Reprinted from the Norwich Public Library's '^Readers' Guide 
Vol. 4, No. 4, 1915 


1915 _ • 


' \ 



in 1798, 

from Captain Mahan's "Life of Nelson," New Edition 
(published at 7/6 net). 

By kind permission of the Publishers, 







. "Thine island loves thee well, thou famous man. 

The greatest sailor since the world began." — Tennyson. 

There is none like him, and there shall be none. I " We hear our Seaman's call 

When England bears again as great a son. 
He can but follow fame where Nelson led. 
There is not and there cannot be but one." 


In the roll of battles won 
For he is England's admiral 
Till the setting of her sun." 




Nelson's Writings. 

General and Biographical. 
Lady Hamilton. 
Naples and Caracciolo. 
Death and Funeral. 



Lord CoUingwood. 
St. Vincent. 


Relics, Celebrations, Exhibitionj 

Monuments, etc. 
Nelson in Fiction. 

In the extensive collection of literature relating to Norfolk and Norwich, 
which forms an exceedingly valuable part of the Reference Department of the 
Norwich Public Library, is a large collection of books and pamphlets relating to 
Lord Nelson, Norfolk's most illustrious seaman. The following annotated and 
classified list of all the items in the collection or in the general library relating to 
Nelson (comprising 218 books, 39 pamphlets, 8r articles in periodicals and 
composite works, and 31 prints) will also serve as a select Nelson Bibliography, 
as it includes, with very few exceptions, all the important English books on 
Nelson. It contains several items published before Sir J. K. Laughton's 
bibliography, but not included therein. For the titles of important foreign 
books on Nelson, readers are referred to the excellent annotated bibliography 
appended to Sir J. K. Laughton's The Nelson Memorial, 1892, which has been of 
much assistance in the annotation of the present catalogue. 

The entries of books published without a date have the abbreviation n.d. 
(= no date) after the titles, but wherever possible the date of publication has 
been added in square brackets. The absence of the name of the place of publica- 
tion means that the book was published in London. 

In the present catalogue only a few of the numerous magazine articles on 
Nelson have been included. Readers desirous of making an exhaustive study of 
the articles in periodical pu^ications may obtain references to a great number of 
them by consulting the indices cited in the " Bibliography " section of this 

A reproduction of the Nelson portrait drawn by John Whichelo is given in 
No. I of Vol. 4 of the " READERS' GUIDE," which also contains a brief 
biographical sketch of Nelson. 



AdmiraIvTy Library, Subject catalogue of printed books. Part i : Historical 
section, pp. 374. 1912. 

This section comprises all the printed books in the Admiralty Library bearing on naval 
history and biography. 

Annual Literary Index. 1892-19 10. 

An index to periodicals and to general literature. Most of the volumes give references to 
articles on Nelson. The title was altered in 1905 to Annual Library Index. 
British Museum. Catalogue of additions to the manuscripts in the British 
Museum in the years 1894-1899. pp. T14-128. 1901. 

Gives particulars of the Nelson papers, now in 91 volumes, which were purchased for the 
nation from Alexander Nelson Hood, Viscount Bridport. 

— Catalogue of printed books. Need.-Neth., columns 73-79. 1893. 
Supplement. N.-Oze., columns 61-62. 1904. 

Each volume gives particulars of numerous books and pamphlets on Nelson. 
Laughton, Sir John Knox. Nelson bibliography. In his "The Nelson 
Memorial," pp. 335-351. 1896. 

Arranged in alphabetical order by authors' names. At the date of publication the author 
believed that his list contained "every work on the subject which has any biographical, 
historical, or literary value, and a great many that have none." 

Second edition, pp. 335-351. 1899. 

Laughton, L. G. Carr. Bibliography of naval literature. In Lean's Royal 

navy list, pp. 685-718. 1907. 
New York Public Library. Selected list of works in the Library relating to 

naval history, naval administration, etc, pp, 145, New York. 1904, 
Poole's Index to periodical literature; and five supplementary volumes, to 1906. 

These volumes give numerous references to articles on Nelson, 
" Review of Reviews." Index to periodicals. 1891-1902. 
Most of these volumes give references to articles on Nelson. 

Royal United Service Institution. Library catalogue. Part 2 : Subject 
index to January ist, 1908 ; with catalogues of accessions to the library, 1908- 

Watt, Robert. Bibliotheca Britannica. 4 v. 1824. 

In vol. 4 under the headings " Navy, British," and " Nelson, Horatio," are given the titles 
of numerous books and pamphlets, with references to the author entries of them in vols, 1 and 2. 


Nelson, Horatio, Viscount. The dispatches and letters of Vice Admiral Lord 
Viscount Nelson ; with notes by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas. 7 v. Port., 
plans. 1844-46. 

This invaluable collection of correspondence and other documents, public and private, covers 
the period 1777-1805. Sir J, K. Laughton (in Did. of Nat. Biog., vol.40, 1894) regards it as *" the 
only work treating of Nelson's professional career which is to be implicitly trusted." Reviewed 
in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, vol. 56, 1844, pp. 775-785. On these letters is based 
E. Hallam Moorhouse's article " Nelson as seen in his Letters," in The Fortnightly Reviexv, 
vol. 110, new series, 1911, pp. m-Tn. 

— Letters and despatches of Horatio, Viscount Nelson, K.B. ; selected and 
arranged by John Knox Laughton. pp. xx., 456. 1886. 

A selection, chiefliy from the seven volumes edited by Sir N. H. Nicolas, with a few addi- 
tions, " made with the view of bringing within a moderate compass Nelson's own exposition of 
his professional life." Reviewed in The Edinburgh Review, vol. 164, pp. 542-575. 1886. 

— The Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton ; with a supplement of interest- 
ing letters by distinguished characters. 2 v. 18 14. 

" This work probably owed its existence to the distresses of the unfortunate woman to 
whom the Letters were addressed ; and its appearance was justly and emphatically denounced 
in the " Edinburgh Review" [vol. 23, 1814, pp. 398-410], Such parts of those letters as are un- 
objectionable will be found in this collection,"— Sir N. H. Nicolas (in 1844), 

— Nelson's words and deeds : a selection from the dispatches and correspondence 
of Horatio Nelson ; ed. by W. Clark Russell, pp. vii., 224. 1890. 

The object of the book is " to submit the character and the more conspicuous of the features 
of the career of Horatio Nelson as they are described by his own pen," Most of the extracts 
are made from Nelson's unofficial letters. 

— Letters of Lord Nelson to Sir Thomas Troubridge. In Mrs. Herbert Jones' 
" Some Norfolk worthies," pp. 13-49. Port. 1899. 

Reprinted from The Century Magazine, November, 1888. The letters treat exclusively of 
the expedition to the Baltic, and they range from March until May, 1801. 


Nei<SON, Horatio, Viscount. Sketch of my life. In his " Dispatches aud letters," 

vol. I, pp. 5-15, 1844. 
Stokes, Hugh, Compiler. What Nelson said ? as found in his letters, dispatches, 

and the published notes of his private conversation, pp. 47. 1905. 
Collection of Nelson's sayings, with the view of illustrating his genius. 


Ai<ivEN, Joseph. Ivife of Lord Viscount Nelson, K.B. pp. xvi., 319. Pott. 1853. 
Abridged edition ; w^ith an introduction by Hugh Reginald Haweis. 

{Rotctledge' s world library), pp. 160. 1886. 
[Barker, M. H.]. The life of Nelson ; revised and illustrated with original 

anecdotes, notes, etc., by the Old Sailor, pp. 486. Port., plan. 1839. 

'* The fullest collection of facts and anecdotes relating to Nelson yet given to the Public. 

Every printed authority has been consulted, and much new information inserted from the 

innumerable scattered Notices in Magazines, the " United Service Journal," Professional 

Newspapers, etc."— Sir H. N. Nicolas (in 1844). 
BERESFORD, Lord Charles, and H. W. Wii,SON. Nelson aud his times, pp. viii., 

232. Illus., ports, n.d. [1898]. 
A popular account of Nelson's life. 

— Nelson and his times. {Her Majesty's Printers' Pictorial Library, vol. 2, no. i). 

pp.24. Illus., ports. 1897. 
Browne, G. Latham. Nelson : the public and private life of Horatio, Viscount 

Nelson, as told by himself, his comrades, and his friends, pp. xxxi., 472. 

Illus., ports. 1 891. 

" He has endeavoured, by a crude and miscellaneous compilation of paragraphs from other 

writers, to patch together something that may pass for a life of the hero ; but the statement 

that his life 'told by himself, his comrades, and his friends,' is as inaccurate as the general 

effect of the whole."— T/ie Athenceum, Dec. 20th, 1890, pp. 847-848. 

Cai^IvEnder, Geoffrey. The life of Nelson, pp. xxxviii., 154. Maps, ports., tllus. 

A biographical sketch for youthful readers, reprinted from Sea Kings of Britain, 1911. The 
introduction deals with books about Nelson, the ships he sailed in, naval wars in his lifetime 
prior to the battle of St. Vincent, and naval tactics and manoeuvres. Has a glossary (3 pp.) of 
naval terms. 
Charnock, John. Biographical memoirs of Lord Viscount Nelson, etc., with 
observations, critical and explanatory, pp. xviii., 429., 79. Illus., port., plans, 

The appendix of 79 pages consists of " Letters written by Lord Viscount Nelson, illustrative 
of various events related in the memoirs of his life," and " Ceremonial for the public funeral of 
the late Vice-Admiral Horatio Viscount Nelson." Captain Locker, the author's friend, supplied 
information regarding Nelson's early life, and many letters from Nelson to Captain Locker. 
The letters were inaccurately printed by Charnock, but were correctly printed in the seven 
volumes edited by Sir N. H. Nicolas. 

Churchill, T. O. The life of Lord Viscount Nelson, Duke of Bronte, etc. 
pp. viii., TOO. Illus. 1808. 

"A wretched compilation, intended as the vehicle of some equally wretched engravings." 
Sir N, H. Nicolas (in 1844). 

Clarke, G. S. Nelson. In the " Nineteenth Century," vol. 41, pp. 893-906. 


A biographical sketch of Nelson, being a review of Capt. Mahan's "Life of Nelson," which 

the author regards as "incomparably the best life of Nelson that has yet appeared." 
Clarke, James Stanier, and John M'ArThur. The life of Admiral Lord Nelson, 

K.B., from His Lordship's manuscripts. 2 v. Illus., ports. 1809. 

Sir J. K. Laughton in 1896 (The Nelson Memorial) regarded the work as " the fullest and in 

many respects the best biography, but crowded with irrelevant and doubtful matter." Based 

on an extensive collection of letters and documents lent to the authors by various persons. 

The work has formed the basis of all subsequent biographies of Nelson. 
2nd edition : The life and services of Horatio, Viscount Nelson . . . from 

His Lordship's manuscripts. 3 V. Illus., ports, n.d. [1840]. 
Clarke, Richard. The life of Horatio, Lord Viscount Nelson . . comprehending 

authentic and circumstantial details of his glorious achievements under the 

British flag, aud a sketch ^f his parliamentary conduct and private character ; 

with biographical particulars of contemporary naval oflficers ; to which is added 

a correct narrative of the ceremonies attending his funeral, pp. 560,, 15. Jllus., 

port. n.d. [1813]. 

The book is litfle more than a gross plagiarism, with occasional additions, of Joshua 

White's " Memoirs of the professional life of the Right Honourable Horatio, Lord Viscount 

Nelson." 1806. 


Cl^owKS, Sir W. Laird. The genealogy of Nelson. In the "Nineteenth 
Century," vol. 42. pp. 755-765. 1897. 

C01.OMB, Philip H. Nelson. In "From Howard to Nelson: twelve sailors" ; 
edited by Sir John Knox Laughton. Port. pp. 435-468. 1907. 

Duncan, Archibald. The life of the Right Honourable Horatio Lord Viscount 
Nelson . . . including ample and authentic accounts of the brilliant victories 
obtained by his skill and intrepidity over the combined forces of the enemies- 
of England in various parts of the world ; with particulars of his political and 
private character, interspersed with interesting anecdotes of distinguished naval 
officers who have shared in the glorious achievements of this gallant British 
hero ; to which is added a full account of the ceremonies of his funeral, 
pp. vi., 419., 10. Illus., ports., plans. London: printed and published by James 
Cundee and J. Nuttall, Liverpool. 1806. 

"This book, of no particular merit or value in itself, appears to be extremely rare." — Silt 
J. K. Laughton in his Nelson Memorial. It is not noted in Allibone's Dictionary of English 
and American Authors and Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica, and it is not in the British 

Ei.i,iSON, Owen, Editor. Lord Nelson: naval hero. {The biography books). 

pp. 96. Port. n.d. [1908]. 
Oye, Clara E. E. Nelson : his life as told by himself, pp.88. Illus., port. 1905, 
The author believes that in many of the earlier biographies contemporary gossip and 

prejudices have been permitted to colour many of the actual facts so that Nelson's character 

has been misjudged. The present short sketch consists chiefly of quotations from Nelson's 

own words and writings. 

Hannay, David. Horatio, Viscount Nelson. In "Encyclopaedia Britannica,'^ 
vol. 19, pp. 352-358. 1911- 

— Nelson and his biographers. In " Macmillan's Magazine," vol. 76, pp. 92-105. 
• 1897. 

Harrison, James. The life of the Right Honourable Horatio Lord Viscount 
Nelson. 2 v. 1806. 

"This Memoir was w^ritten under the dictation of Lady Hamilton, with the view of 
supporting her claims upon the Government ; and it is disgraced by disparaging, and unjust 
allusions to Lady Nelson."— Sif N. H. Nicolas (in 1844). "No one statement in it can be 
accepted unless it is independently confirmed from other sources."— Sir/. K. Laughton in his 
Nelson, 1895 . 

Holme, Richard H. Horatio Nelson : England's sailor hero. pp. xii., 412. 
Ports., illus. n.d. [1905]. 

A popular account of Nelson's life arranged in five sections : Previous to the battle off Cape 
St. Vincent; Battle ofFCape St. Vincent ; Battle of the Nile ; Copenhagen ; Trafalgar. 

Hooper, James. Nelson of Norfolk : Norfolk centenary souvenir, 1905. pp.^ 
63. Illus. , ports. Norwich: E. C. Stringer. 1905. 

" An attempt to bring together, in text and illustrations,, some of the most salient facts in 
Nelson's life, some of the most interesting of his surroundings, more especially of those- 
connecting him with his native county."— Pf^ace. 
JoNKS, Mrs. Herbert. Lord Nelson. In her " Sandringham, past and present," 

pp. 257-268. 1883. 
Kerr, Mark. The spirit of Nelson. In the '' Nineteenth Century," vol. 72,. 
pp. 852-868. 1912. 

A brief pen-portrait of Nelson. 
LamarTine, A. de. Nelson (i 758-1805). pp.112. Paris : Hachette et Cie. 1853. 

" Southey boiled down and translated into inflated French."— Sir/. K. Laughton in his 
Nelson Memorial. 
Lang, John. A life of Nelson, pp. viii., 296. Illus, map. n.d. [1914]. 

Simple account, for juveniles, of Nelson's life, his battles, and his adventures. His friend- 
ship with Lady Hamilton is dealt with as briefly as possible, and no attempt has been made to 
treat of the political condition of Europe during Nelson's later life. 
Laughton, Sir John Knox. Horatio, Viscount Nelson. In " Dictionary of 
National Biography," vol. 40, pp. 189-207. 1894. 

— Horatio, Viscount Nelson. In ** Chambers's Encyclopeedia," vol. 7, pp. 432- 
434. 1901. 

— Nelson. {English men of action), pp. ix., 240. Port. 1895. 

a short life of Nelson. " Henceforth Laughton's, not Southey's " Life of Nelson," will be 
the popular Life, if readers desire something more than good literature, and if they retain any 
preference for historical accuracy."— T/lpe Saturday jRewiew, Aug, 24, 1895, p. 243. 




lyAUGHTON, Sir John Knox. The Nelson memorial : Nelson and his companions 
inarms, pp. xvi., 351. Illus., ports. 1896. 
No. 37 of 100 large paper copies. 

Second edition, pp. xvi., 351. Illus., ports. 1899. 

Forms a complement to the author's Nelson, in the " English Men of Action " series. 
Dwells on the principal incidents of Nelson's life, describing the influences which tended to 
form his character, some of the men from whom he derived his inspiration, and some of those 
who worked with him. " The author has here portrayed him as a man, with a man's passions 
and a man's weaknesses, but as a man of transcendent genius, endowed with th^t grandest 
attribute of genius, the capacity of taking infinite pains." —Pre/ace. The appendices include a 
chronology and a bibliography. Reviewed in The Spectator, Nov. 14, 1896, pp. 677-678. 

lylvOYD, Frederick. An accurate and impartial life of Viscount Nelson . . . 
comprehending authentic and circumstantial details of his glorious achieve- 
ments, together with private anecdotes and various interesting particulars 
never before published, pp. iv., 303. Port. Ormskirk : J. Fowler. 1806. 
Not given in Sir J. K. Laughton's bibliography. 

Lodge, Edmund. Horatio, Viscount Nelson. In his " Portraits of illustrious 
personages of Great Britain," vol. 12. 1834. 

Illustrated with an engraving of Nelson by VV. Finden, from the original of Hoppner. 

London Magazine. Nelson centenary number. Vol. 15, no. 87, October, 1905. 

Has articles on " The fighting life of Nelson " by James Barr ; " Nelson and the Victory" 
by Walter Wood ; " Nelson's Nonpareil " (Lady Hamilton), by Rudolph de Cordova. 

JklAHAN, A. T. The life of Nelson: the embodiment of the sea power of Great 
Britain. 2 v. Illus., ports., maps, plans. 1897. 

Second edition, revised, pp. xix., 764. 1899. 

The author was an American naval officer and historian. " Of Nelson the seaman . . . 
Captain Mahan stands now and henceforth as the one incomparable exponent."— QwarierZy 
Review, vol. 187, 1898, pp. 126-152. Also reviewed in Edinburgh Review, vol. 186, 1897, pp. 
84-113; Fortnightly Review, vol. 61 new series, 1897, pp. 895-910 (by W. O'Connor Morris); 
Nineteenth Centurv, vol. 41, 6897, pp. 893-906 (by G. S. Clarke), and Saturday Review, vol 88, 
1897, pp. 363-365 (by P. H. Colomb). 

— The strength of Nelson. In " The National Review," vol. 46, pp. 413-427. 

The author finds the strength of Nelson in his " inborn natural power to trust." 
MaTCHam, George. Notes on the character of Admiral Lord Nelson in relation 
to the journal of Mrs. St. George, pp. 15. 1861. 

Reprint of a letter to the Editor of "The Times," Nov. 6th, 1861. 

— Observations on No. ccxxi of the Quarterly Reviezv, with reference to Admiral 
Lord Nelson, pp.12. Salisbury: Clapperton. [1862]. 

" Mr. Matcham, Nelson's nephew, was either very young when he last saw his uncle, or very 
old when these pamphlets were written. In either case, his recollections are of little value as 
evidence." — Sir J. K. Laughton in his Nelson Memorial. 

Matcham, M. Eyre. The Nelsons of Burnham Thorpe : a record of a Norfolk 
family compiled from unpublished letters and notebooks, 1787-1842. pp. 306. 
Illus., ports. 1911. 

A memoir chiefly grouped round the Rev. Edmund Nelson, Nelson's father, and his sister 
Catherine who married George Matcham in 1785, and died in 1842. Compiled chiefly from 
letters to Catherine from her father after her marriage. Presents a picture of Nelson's home 
at Burnham Thorpe. The latter part of the book tells the story of Lord Nelson at sea, 
Trafalgar, and his death, concluding with an account of the movements of Earl Nelson, the 
Boltons, and the Matchams. Reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement, June 15th, 1911i 
p. 228. 

A memoir of the life of Admiral Lord Nelson, pp. 20. Norwich : J. Payne, n.d. 
{circa 1801]. 

A memoir of the life of Admiral Lord Nelson, with an appendix, containing the 
most authentic accounts of the actions at Aboukir, at Copenhagen, and off 
Cape Trafalgar, with plans explanatory of the situations of every ship in the 
hostile fleets at the time of commencing those engagements ; 2nd ed. pp. 26. 
Plans. London: print^ for B. Crosby & Co. [by Bacon, Norwich]. n.d. 
[1806 ?]. 

Memoirs of the life and achievements of the Right Honourable Horatio Lord 
Viscount Nelson ; by a captain of the British Navy ; 3rd ed. pp. 116. Port. 

Sixth edition ; to which is added, a particular account of the funeral pro- 
cession, pp. 124. Port. 1806. 


Memoirs of the professional life and glorious achievements of the late Vice- 
Admiral, Lord Nelson ; to which is added a circumstantial account of the 
grand funeral processions, and of the interment of this illustrious hero. pp. 
46. Illus.^port. Norwich: Stevenson and Matchett. n.d. [1806]. 

MOORHOUSE, E. Hallam. A century's praise of Nelson. In "The National 
Review," vol. 46, pp. 332-339. 1905-6. 

Selections of the written praise, in prose and verse, of Nelson. 

— Nelson in England: a domestic chronicle, pp. xi., 274, Illus., ports. 1913. 

The author attempts '* to trace all the English allusions in his [Nelson's] immense corres- 
pondence, to follow him to the places that he knew and visited," depicting the " many quiet 
years, many peaceful pursuits in Nelson's life when neither battle nor the beloved woman was 
the principal motive of his existence." — Foreword, " Miss Moorhouse's volume is a pains- 
taking compilation which will add a touch here and there to the portrayal of Nelson's per- 
sonality."— T/ie Times Literary Supplement, March 13, 1913, p. 106. 

Morris, William O'Connor. Horatio, Viscount Nelson. In " Encyclopaedia 
Britannica"; 9th edition, vol. 17, pp. 321-324. 1884. 

— A study of Nelson. In " Macmillan's Magazine," vol. 63, pp. 429-436. 1891. 
Navy and Army Ii,i,ustrated. Nelson and Trafalgar : special double number. 

pp. 48. Illus., poris. Oct. 2ist, 1897. 
Nelson, Horatio, 3rd Earl. The Nelson whom Britons love; 2nd edition. 

pp. xii., 115. Illus., ports, n.d. [1909]. 
Nelson, Thomas. A genealogical history of the Nelson family ; with an 

introduction by the Earl Nelson, pp. 67, xxix. King's Lynn: Thew and 

Son. 1908. 
Parsons, G. S. Nelsonian reminiscences : leaves from memory's log. pp. 332. 

Illus. 1843. 

"The recollections of his boyhood by an elderly man, and not to be implicitly trusted." — 

Sir J. K. Laughton. (Did. of Nat. Biog., 1894). 

Pearson's Magazine. Special Nelson centenary number. Vol. 20, October, 


Has the following on Nelson : — Nelson's life : the dates of its chief events. On the Nelson 
portraits ; by Horatio, Third Earl Nelson. Stories of the little Admiral ; collected by Turner 
Morton. The romance of the "Victory"; by Marcus Woodward. Where Nelson was born 
and bred ; by M. Tindal. The battle of Trafalgar ; by B. Fletcher Robinson. The Nelson room 
at Trafalgar: by S. Bridge- Worth. 

Quarterly Review, vol. 94, pp. 384-422. 1854. 

A review of Lord Holland's Memoirs of the Whig Party during my time, in which 
references are made to Nelson. 

— Vol. Ill, pp. 41-72. 1862. 

A review of the Autobiography of Miss Cornelia Knight, 2 v., 1861, in the course of which 
references are made to Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton while at Naples. 
Scott, A. J. Recollections of the life of the Rev. A. J. Scott, D.D., Lord 
Nelson's chaplain, pp. vii., 302. Port. 1842. 

Recollections compiled by his daughter and son-in-law many years after the incidents had 
taken place. 
ReES, Abraham. The Cyclopaedia. Vol. 24. 18 19. 

Has an article of 13 pages based on information in the Quarterly Review and more par- 
ticularly in The Naval Chronicle. 
Russell, W. Clark. Horatio Nelson and the naval supremacy of England. 
(Heroes 0/ the nations) . pp. xiv., 357. Illus., ports. 1890. 

No. 114 of 250 large paper copies. Written with the collaboration of William H. Jaques. 
"The book is sadly wanting both in accuracy and appreciation." — The Athencsum, May3L I890» 
Sellar, Edmund Francis. The story of Nelson. Illus. n.d. [1906]. 

Brief biographical sketch for juveniles. 
SOUTHEY, Robert. The life of Nelson. 2 v. 1813. 

The first edition of an expansion of the author's article in the Quarterly Review, vol. 3, 
I8I0, pp. 218-262, based on the lives of Nelson by Charnock, Harrison, Churchill, and Clarke and 
M'Arthur, and possessing no original matter. Numerous editions have been published. 

Second edition. 2 v. 1814. 

Seventh edition, pp. vii., 352. Illus. 1844. 

Another edition ; with a preface by J. K. Laughton. pp. xvi., 326. Illus. ^ 

ports. 1 89 1. 

• Another edition. {CasselVs National library), pp. 192. 1891. 

Has a brief introduction signed H.M. 

Another edition ; with introduction, notes, and appendices, by David 

Hannay. pp. xxii., 399. Ports. 1897. 



The Standard." October 21st, 1905. 

Has several articles on Nelson including "The true Lady Hamilton," by Walter Sichel; 
" The boyhood of Nelson : his Norfolk home," by Harold Simpson ; '* The band of brothers," by 
W. H. Fitchett ; Unpublished letters of Nelson ; " A hundred years after : Battle of Trafalgar," 
by W. H. Fitchett; '' Les legons de I'historie" ; a French appreciation, by J. L. de Lanessan ; 
"A forgotten Nelson hero," by Judge Prowse. 
Thompson, G. The life of the Right Honourable Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson, 
Barou of the Nile, etc. pp. 317- foii- 1843. 

Not given in Sir J. K. Laughton's bibliography. 

Tucker, John Montmorency. The life and naval memoirs of Lord Nelson ; 

compiled from original documents and other authentic sources, pp. viii., 464. 

Illus. , ports, n .d . [1850 ?] . 

" Of no authority. The engravings are rude, and the anecdotes unauthenticated." Sir J. K. 

Laughton in his Nelson Memorial. 
United Service Gazette. Trafalgar centenary number, pp. 48. Illus., 

ports. 1905. 

Reproductions of photographs, paintings, and engravings illustrating, in a sequence. Nelson's 
career. Concludes with an illustrated article on "The Nelson Centenary Exhibition at the 
Royal United Service Museum, Whitehall," by B. E. Sargeaunt. 
United Service Magazine. Trafalgar centenary number. No. 923, October, 


Con^en^s.— Preface, by the Earl of Rosebery. Nelson and Trafalgar; by the Earl Nelson. 
" He was a man to love " ; by Admiral Sir R. Vesey Hamilton. The personality of Nelson ; by 
Capt. A.T. Mahan. Recent calumniators of Nelson ; by Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge, "The 
standard " ; by the Earl of Selborne. Nelson and his times in relation to our empire to-day; 
by Sir John Colomb. Nelson's tactics at Trafalgar ; by Admiral Sir E. R. Fremantle. Admiral 
the Lord Collingwood ; by Sydney Denton. The Navy in 1805; by J. K. Laughton. The Army 
in 1805 ; by J. K. Laughton. The Army in the year of Trafalgar; by J. W. Fortescue. Nelson 
and duty ; by A. W. A. Pollock. 

Wheeler, Harold F. B. The story of Nelson, pp. 256. Ports., illus. 1911. 
Popular account of Nelson's life, for juveniles, told in his own words as much as possible. 

White, Joshua. Memoirs of the professional life of the Right Honourable 
Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson . . . comprehending authentic and circum- 
stantial details of his glorious achievements under the British flag, and a 
sketch of his parliamentary conduct and private character: with biographical 
particulars of contemporary naval officers, pp. xvi., 305. Pott., plans. 1806. 

" A bookseller's work made up for the occasion, and of little value: it contains, however, 
one or two letters, and perhaps as many facts, not printed elsewhere."— S«»* N. H. Nicolas 
(in 1844). 

3rd edition ; to which is added, by way of supplement, a correct narrative of 

the ceremonies attending his funeral, pp. 419., 77. Illus., port. 1806. 

Nelson's Birthplaoe. 

Cross, F. J. The birthplace of Nelson : Burnham Thorpe and its associations. 

pp.32. Illus., ports. 1904. 
Hooper, James. Nelson's homeland : being a topographical description of 

North Norfolk . . . including Burnham Thorpe. {The Homeland pocket 

books), pp. XV., 192. Ports., illus., -map. 1905. 

The object of the book is " to give some byway sketches of those shoreland districts of 
Norfolk amidst which Nelson was born, districts which he loved so well, and with which his 
peerless name is twined in unforgettable associations."— /♦t^rorfuciton. 

L.,J. A. Nelson's birthplace. In "The Argosy," vol. 69, pp. 32-36. 1899. 

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Mag., May, 1888) severely, but unjustly, criticising Jeaffreson's examination of Lady Hamilton's 
claims, and especially in reference to the entry of the fleet into the harbour of Syracuse." — Sir 
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By two French authors who, while not attempting to diminish Nelson's glory as a naval 
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cruel by nature, insubordinate towards his superiors, the adversary, not only of the liberal 
views that do honour to England, but of all that did not proceed from the Divine Right." 
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The author was surgeon to the Victory in the battle of Trafalgar, and his account is the 
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This comprehensive work is the standard history of the royal navy. Vols. 3 to 5 cover the 
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Popular account of Nelson's fights, in which are interwoven the narratives of Nelson, his 
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contributed an introduction pointing out "' any evidence which throws new light on the 
occurrences of the day, or tends to contradict the received ideas as to the tactics of the 
commanders or the doings of particular ships. No attempt has been made to rewrite the 
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Sir J. K. Latcghton in his Nelson Memorial. 

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Sir J. Jervis, near Cape St. Vincent, Feb. 14th, 1797, the Dutch fleet by Admiral 
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Seriesof stories for juveniles forming "pictures of real naval life in the days of Nelson, 
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were not yet historical events, but fresh personal adventures."— /'r^/ac^. Includes a good des- 
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*' Illustrated with eight plans showing the positions of the two fleets at different periods of 
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Not given in Sir J. K. I^aughton's bibliography. 
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Battle of Trafalgar. 

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Gives a list of the documents and books consulted, and the published diagrams re- 
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The author is a well-known authority on naval matters. Deals systematically and 
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famous battle besides Nelson, and describes the higher diplomacy and statesmanship which 
decided the object to be attained, and the parts played by the military as well as the naval 
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Nelson's famous Memoraudum of his plan of attack upon the enemy at the battle of 
Trafalgar, was written on board the •' Victory " while lying off Cadiz, on the gth Oct., 1805, for 
the instruction ot his captains. It was purchased in 1905 by Mr. B. M. Woollan, who bequeathed 
it to the British Museum. This pamphlet also contains two Despatches of Vice-Admiral 
Collingwood after the battle of Trafalgar, the General Orders, dated Oct., 22, 1805, lists of the 
fleets engaged, and several illustrations of the " Victory," besides other illustrations. 

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"An attempt not to ' write up ' the year of Trafalgar, but to condense the evidence relating 

to it into as small a compass as possible, and, by making the actors and documents tell the 

story in their own words, to eliminate altogether the voice of the twentieth-century author." — 


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** The Times." Thursday, November 7, 1805. 

Gives CoUingwood's despatches and an account of the battle of Trafalgar. 

— Trafalgar and the Nelson touch. September i6th, 19th, 22nd 26th, 28th, and 
30th, 1905. 

Series of six articles " from a correspondent " dealing with the battle of Trafalgar: (i) The 
problem ; (2) The Memorandum [of Oct. gth, 1805], its genesis ; (3) The Memorandum, its. 
content; (4) The advance; (5) The attack ; (6) Conclusion. For references to the correspondence 
thereon consult Palmer's " Index to the Times Newspaper," autumnal quarter, 1905. 


Relics, Celebrations, Bxhibitions, Monuments, etc. 

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exhibited on the occasion of the Nelson centenary, pp. 107. Ports., illus, 


Covers the period 1546 -1805. 

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H.R.H. Prince Albert to Greenwich Hospital was obtained by Sir Nicholas 
Harris Nicolas; together with copies of letters, and other original documents, 
relating to Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton, now in the possession of the 
editor, and intended by him as an appendix to the Despatches of Lord 
Nelson ; also some unpublished particulars of the trial and execution of 
Caracciolo, and the capitulation of the castles of Naples, pp. viii., 62. 1846. 
" Contains .some interesting letters and other original matter. As to the " Statement," see 
Nicolas, vii. 351." — Sir J, K. Laughton in his Nelson Memorial. 

— The Nelson sword v. Lord Denman's law ; or, what is libel } Being illustra- 
tions of the summing up of the judge, the shrewdness of counsel, the triumph 
of "The Times," and the sagacity of the eminent solicitor of that impartial 
journal, as displayed in the recent trial of Evans versus Lawson for libel, in 
the court of Queen's Bench, Gunpowder-Plot-Day, 1847 : T. A. Evans plaintiff 
in the above case. pp. 45. 1848. 

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Reprinted from the " Norfolk Chronicle." 
A Form of prayer and thai^sgiving to Almighty God ; to be used in all churches 
• and chapels ... on Thursday the fifth day of December, 1805, being the day 
appointed by His Majesty's royal proclamation for a general thanksgiving to 
Almighty God, for the late signal and important victory obtained by His 
Majesty's shipe of war, under the command of the late Vice Admiral Lord 
Viscount Nelson, over the combined fleets of France and Spain. By His 
Majesty's special command, pp. 11. 1805. 


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Royal United Service Institution. Catalogue of the exhibition of Nelson 
relics in commemoration of the centenary of the battle of Trafalgar. Com- 
piled by A. Leetham, and B. E. Sargeaunt. 2nd ed. pp. 48. Illus. 1905. 

The Times, October, 1905. 

Contains reports and correspondence on the centenary celebrations. For references to the 
pages see Palmer's "Index to the Times Newspaper," autumnal quarter, 1905. 


{For list 0/ articles, etc., on the portraits see page 11). 
The following list of portraits is arranged according to the names of the 
artists, the unidentified portraits being placed at the end. The figures in small 
type are the actual measurements in inches of the engraved part of the plates, 
unless otherwise stated. The following are the abbreviations : W.L. = Whole 
Length ; T.Q.L. = Three Quarter Length ; H.L. = Half Length ; Eng. = Engrav- 
ed ; Pub. = Published. 

Abbott, L. Nelson. H. L., looking to left, wearing hat; vignette; with 
facsimile of autograph. Eng. by W. Read. Pub. by Richard Bentley, London. 

Stipple and line. 4 x 3j. 

— Same portrait; in oval. Eng. by Ridley. Pub. by J. Sewell. 1801. 

Stipple. 35 X 3, Plate to European Magazine. 

— Same portrait ; in oval ; with facsimile of autograph. Eng. by Ridley. Pub. 
by Vernor and Hood. 1805. 

Stipple. 5k X 3. Plate to Monthly Mirror. 

— Same portrait ; in oval ; Eng. by P. Roberts. Pub. by Bunney and Gold. 1800. 

Stipple. 4j X 3i. 
BeECHEY, ^Vr William. Horatio, Lord Viscount Nelson, Duke of Bronte, K. B. 
Engraved from the original picture in St. Andrew's Hall, Norwich, painted 
at the particular request of the Corporation of that City. Eng. by Edward 
Bell. Pub. by J. Freeman and E. Bell. 1806. 
Mezzotint. 25 x 17. 

— Same portrait ; H. L., looking to right. Eng. by Thomas Hodgetts from a 
picture by Sir William Beechey, R.A. Pub. by Colnaghi and Puckle. 1840. 

Mezzotint, ii^ x gj. 
BowYER, R. Nelson. H.L., looking to the right; in oval, surrounded by 
clouds ; above, the name Nelson enclosed in oval formed by a snake, below, 
a naval battle. Eng. by E. Scriven, from a miniature for which Lord Nelson 
sat to Mr. Bowyer. Pub. by R. Bowyer, London. 1805. 
Stipple and line. Plate mark : 9| x 7. 
CORBOULD, H. Horatio Nelson, 1797. Bust on pedestal, and surrounded by oak 
and laurel. Drawn by H. Corbould. Eng. by Scriven and Mitan. 
Stipple. 72 X 5j. 
De Koster, S. Horatio Nelson, Lord Viscount and Baron Nelson. Left profile ; 
vignette Drawn from life the nth Dec, 1800, by S. De Koster. Eng. by T. 
Burke. Pub. by S. De Koster. 1807. 
stipple. i| X if. 
Devis, a. W. Lord Viscount Nelson, in the dress he wore when he received his 
mortal wound. H.L. looking to left. Eng. by E. Scriven. Pub. by Cadell 
and Davies. 1806. 
Stipple. 4i X 3|. 


Grignon, C. Earl Nelson, from a sketch taken from life by C. Grignon at 
Naples, 1797. T.Q.L., seated, directed and looking to left, arm over back of 
chair. Vignette. 
'■ — Same portrait ; Drawn on stone by C. Conzens ; M. and N. Hanhart, lyith. 
Printers. Pub. by Henry Brooks. 
Lithograph. 9j x 8. 
HOPPNER, J. Nelson. W.L., standing, looking to left, with hand on rock ; 
naval engagement in background. Eng. by A. H. Payne. Pub. by Brain and 

Stipple and line. 5| x 4|. 

— Same portrait; H.L. Eng. by T. Woolnoth. Pub. by Charles Knight and Co. 

Stipple. 5 X Ah Plate to C. Knight's Portrait Gallery. 
Lucy, Charles. W.L., Nelson in his cabin on board the Victory. 

Line: Proof before letters. 7 x 5j. A large engraving of this picture was done by C. W. 
Sharp, and published in 1854. 
Ormk. Admiral Nelson receiving the Spanish Admiral's sword on board the 
San Josef, Feb. 14, 1797. Eng. by J. Rogers. Pub. by The London Printing 
and Publishing Co. 
Tresham, Henry. H.L., vignette; below, verse signed H. Tresham. 1806. 

Admiral Sir Horat. Nelson, k.b., Besieger der Franz Flotte bey Abukir am 
Nilfluss. H.L., in oval on pedestal. Eng. by Ph. Jos. Fill. 

Line. 5\ x 3i. 

Horatio Nelson, Esq., now Lord Nelson, k.b., from an original picture painted 
in the year 1786. H.L., directed and looking to the right, wearing hat ; in 
oval. Pub. by Harrison, Cluse and Co. 1799. 
Stipple. 4i x 3j. 

— Same portrait; H.L., directed and looking to right, wearing hat; in oval. 
R. Shipster, del et sculp. Pub. by R. Shipster, Woolwich. 1797. 

stipple. 4i x 3^. 
Horatio Nelson. H.L., looking to the left; in oval ; with facsimile of autograph. 

Eng. by Chapman. 
Horatio Nelson. H.L., directed and looking to the left, in wreath of laurel and 
oak. Eng. by P. W. Tomkins. Pub. by Stevenson and Matchett. Norwich. 

stipple. Plate mark 6| x 4I. 
The Right Hon. Visct. Nelson, from an original painting in the possession of 
Alexander Davison. H.L., looking to the left. Eng. by I. T. Wedgwood. 


Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk : the birthplace of Admiral Lord Nelson. 

Line. 2| x 4|. 
Emblematical monument erected in the Guildhall of the City of Norwich for the 
preservation of the sword presented by the late Lord Viscount Nelson. 
Designed and executed by Jeremiah Freeman. Eng. by E. Bell. Pub. by 
J. Freeman. 1806. 

Line and Stipple, iij x 7. 
Medal struck by Alexander Davison. Eng. by P. Roberts. Pub. by Harrison, 
Cluse, & Co. 1799. 

stipple. Plate Mark 7J x 4^. 
Monument in Guildhall of «the City of London in commemoration of Admiral 
Lord Visct. Nelson, Duke of Bronte. G. Ballisat, delt. ; T. Wagemau, sculpt. 
Pub. by John Clark and Geo. Ballisat. 1810. 
Stipple. 2i| X 13J. 
Nelson monument Bt Yarmouth. 
Line. Proof before letters. 


Sepulchral monument of Nelson. Antonio Canova, Sculpt. Eng. by Henry 

Moses. Pub. by Septimus Piowett. 1828. 
lyine. Plate mark 8^ x 95. 
A superficial, but, perhaps, for the moment, not unacceptable Memorial of Lord 

Viscount Nelson, Nov. 12th, 1865: a facsimile of his Lordship's Hand-writing, 

being the Direction of a letter addressed to the Commissary of the University 

of Cambridge. Excudit I. Fisher, Nov. 12th, 1805. 

To Alexander Davison, Esqr., this design for a monument to perpetuate the 
memory of Admiral Lord Visct. Nelson, Duke of Bronti, etc., is dedicated 
by . . . Chas. Middleton. C. Middleton Archt. Invt. et delt. Pub. by 
Colnagi and Co. 1806. 
19 X 12i 


Baii^EY, H. C. The god of clay. 

Relates the principal episodes in Napoleon's career. Nelson and Hood are among the 
Bl,ACKMORE, R. D. Springhaven : a tale of the great war. 

story of the threatened invasion of England by Napoleon in 1805. Napoleon and Nelson 
make their appearance, and the battle of Trafalgar is one of the scenes. 

Brady, Cyrus Townsend. The two captains : a romance of Bonaparte and 

Story of Nelson and Napoleon, in the Mediterranean, opening in 1793 and concluding with 
an account of the battle of the Nile. 

Capes, Bernard. The extraordinary confessions of Diana Please. 

Story of an adventuress who goes to Paris, and finally becomes involved in the insurrection 
at Naples in 1799. Portrays Nelson, Lady Hamilton, the King and Queen of Naples, and 
describes the execution of Caracciolo. 
ChamieR, Frederick, Capt. Ben Brace, the last of Nelson's Agamemnons. 

Virtually a life of Nelson, supposed to be told by Ben Brace, who describes himself as 
" Nelson's coxswain and valet." The author claimed in 1835 that " the biogrrai>hical part con- 
cerning Lord Nelson is more correct than any which has yet been published." Sketches the 
naval battles during the period 1797-1816. 

— Tom Bowling : a tale of the sea. 

Account of naval events in Nelson's time, commencing about 1780. Lieut. Richard Bowen 
is one of the prominent characters. The capture of Martinique in 1794, and the events of the 
subsequent year occupy a considerable portion of the book. 

Cooper, J. Fenimore. Wing-and-Wing ; or, Le Feu-Follet. 

Describes the adventures of the gallant Raoul Yvard, a captain of a French craft, a leading 
feature of the book consisting in bringing together sailors of different nations— English, 
French, Yankee, and Italian— and putting them in the same scenes on the waters of the 
•Mediterranean during 1789-99. Nelson is one of the characters, and the Caracciolo incident 
forms part of the story. 

Crouch, Archer Philip. Nellie of the " Eight Bells." 

Tale of the days of Nelson, centering round a young girl at the " Eight Bells" Inn at Ports- 
mouth. Part of the story is concerned with the sea. Nelson, and the battle of Trafalgar. 
Doyle, Sir A. Conan. Rodney Stone. 

Picture of English life in the early days of the Nineteenth Century, with glimpses of Beau 
Brummel, Nelson, Lady Hamilton, and other celebrities. 

Eden, C. H. Afloat with Nelson. 

A story of naval adventures from the battle of the Nile to that of Trafalgar. For juveniles. 
FiTCHETT, W. H. The Commander of the Hirondelle. 

Graphic description of naval life in Nelson's time, including the battle of St. Vincent, and 
Nelson in the Mediterranean and the West Indies. For juveniles. 

GiLSON, Charles, Capt. The lost empire. 

Relates the scheme of Napoleon, when confined in Egypt by the battle of the Nile, to make 
a counter-attack in India, in alliance with Tippoo Sahib. The hero is a British naval officer, 
taken prisoner from Nelson's fleet, and the action takes place in several countries. 

GOODSALL, Robert H. In Nelson's day. 

A story of naval adventure from the battle of the Nile to that of Trafalgar, For juveniles. 
Harrison, Frederick. " England expects " : a story of the last days of Nelson. 
A tale for juveniles, relating the adventures of two boys who first become messengers 
between Lord Barham and the Admiralty, and are finally present at the battle of Trafalgar. 
HEnty, G. a. At Aboukir and Acre. 

The background of this story for juveniles is the operations of Nelson and Abercrombie in 
connection with Napoleon's invasion of Egypt. 

NELSOjsr. > . . :;* *. v> ^> ^ ', 19 

HenTy, G. a. By conduct and courage : a story of the days of Nelson. 

A naval story for juveniles in which Nelson figures. Includes an adventure in Corsica with 
Nelson, and accounts of the battles of Camperdown and St. Vincent. 
Hutchinson, Horace G. A friend of Nelson. 

story of Nelson and the Baltic campaign in 1801. 

Kingston, W. H. G. Dick Cheveley ; his adventures and misadventures. 

A sea story for juveniles, in two chapters of which a sailor recounts his life and adventures 
when under Nelson. 

LBIGHTon, Robert. With Nelson in command. 

story of the battle of Copenhagen, in which Nelson, Hardy, and Hyde Parker appear. 
h^MON, Ida., pseud. (Mrs, Ida Hildyard). The turquoise ring. 

story of adventure, for juveniles, in which Nelson appears, and the battles of Copenhagen 
and Trafalgar are included. Half the action takes place at Yarmouth. 

McIl^WRAiTH, Jean N. A Diana of Quebec. 

A romance of Canada of the days of French-Canadian hostility, opening in 1782. Nelson as 
a fascinating little post-captaiu, makes love to the heroine. 

Marsh, Frances. A romance of old Folkestone. 

story of the daughter of a great French house who married an English admiral at Folke- 
stone. Among the characters are Nelson, I^ady Hamilton, and Romney. 

Oi^wvANT, Alfred. The Gentleman : a romance of the sea. 

story ol a Napoleonic plot to capture Nelson in 1805, immediately before Trafalgar. The 
author of the plot is "The Gentleman," a flashing swordsman of the Irish I^egion, and the 
scene is the strip of Sussex coast from I,ewes to Pevensey, and the sea, 

Oxi,EY, J. Macdonald. Diamond Rock. 

The naval adventures of a youth during the years 1803-05 at the West Indies, concluding 
with his service on board the " Victory" at Trafalgar. 

Pickering, K. In press-gang days. 

A sea story for juveniles, including the battle of the Nile. 
Row^E, John G. In Nelson's day. 

Sea story for juveniles, opening at the end of the year 1792 at Cromer, where part of the 
action takes place. Nelson is a prominent character, and the battles of St. Vincent and 
Trafalgar are described. 

RUSSEI,!,, W. Clark. The yarn of Old Harbdur Town. 

A love story, giving a picture of sea and harbour life in 1805, and a glimpse of Nelson on his 
way to Trafalgar. 

Schumacher, Henry. The Fair Enchantress : a romance of Lady Hamilton's 
early years. 

Deals with l^ady Hamilton's relations with Romney, and her career to the time of her 
marriage with Sir William Hamilton. Has good illustrations of Romney's portraits of I<ady 

— Nelson's last love. 

Sequel to '* The Fair Enchantress." 

Shaw, F. H., Capt. In the days of Nelson. 

Astory, for juveniles, of a boy's adventures among pirates, and during the battle of the 

Si^ADEN, Douglas. The Admiral : a romance of Nelson in the year of the Nile. 

" I have endeavoured ... to present the character of Nelson exactly as it was in 1798 and 
the first half of 1799 ; and to present a general view of the historical events in which he formed 
the central &gure."— Preface. The author studied the most important works dealing with 
Nelson, and a large part of the book is in Nelson's own words. 

Stabiles, Gordon. For England, home, and beauty : a story of battle and the 

story, for juveniles, of naval life on shore and at sea, including an account of Nelson at the 
battle of Trafalgar. 

— Hearts of oak : a story of Nelson and the navy. 

' With the exception of Nelson's early days at Burnham Thorpe, the story deals solely with 
his doings and deeds afloat from the time he joined the service until his death at Trafalgar. 
Watson. Helen H, (Mrs. Herbert A. Watson). Andrew Goodfellow. 

A romance of Plymouth in the year 1805. The principal character is a naval lieutenant who 
is fatally wounded at Trafalgar? Nelson figures in the tale. 

Wood, Walter. Peter the powder boy. 

story for juveniles, telling of Peter, a powder-monkey on the "Victory" at the battle of 
Trafalgar, and his subsequent adventures at Gibraltar and elsewhere. 


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