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O R^ A 


or T H X 

P L* A N T S 






V O L. I. 







K I N G. 

Y^ERMIT, Sir, a fervant rendered happy 
Jl by Your Majefty's benevolence, to obey 
the impulfe of gratitude, which urges him 
to lay at Your Majefty's feet, this attempt 
to make public the prefent ftate of the Royal 
Botanic Garden at Kew, 

Smal) as the book appears, the compofition 
of it has coil him a large portion of the leifure 
allowed by the daily duties of his ftation, du- 
ring more than fixteen years : in all that time 
it has been thought worthy the affiftancc 
of mei> more learned, than himfelf ; a cir- 
cumftance, which flatters him with the hope, 
that it may not be found utterly unworthy 
of Your Majefty's infpeftion. 

As throughout his life he has unremit- 
tingly attended to the ftudies of Horticulture 

A 2 and 


and Botany, he may, without prefumptlon, 
expert to have the fruits of his labours receiv- 
ed with candour, by the cultivators of thofe 
valuable fciences; ftiould they be approved, 
his gratification will he extreme ; but his am- 
bition has ftill a higher aim : the approbation ^ 
of a Royal Mailer, to whom he is attached by 
every tie that gratitude, as well as duty, can 
impofe, is what he feeks to deferve; and^ 
Ihould Your Majefty be gracioufly pleafed to 
crown his labours by a fingle fentiment of 
applaufe, it will latisfy, to the utmoft, tb« 
. moft elevated wiflies of his heart] who is, 

with unfeigned humility, 

and uninterrupted attachment. 

Your Majefty's moft devoted fervant. 



IT has been thought ptopet, in order that this 
work may not be fwelled with unneceflary fy^ 
tionymsy that the plants defcribed in the Species 
Plantarum and the two Mantifla's <^ the elder 
LinnseuSi fliould fimply be referred to thole books, 
with the addition ^nly of references to the works 
of Jacquin, Curds, L.'Heritier, and the Flora 

The Supplementum Plantarum of die younger 
Linnaeus was not publiflied till great progrefi had 
been macje in compiling this Catalogue i plants 
that were inferted in it before the time of that pub« 
licadonj will therefore frequently be found to have 
the fame fynonyms as are given in it i all that hav« 
been added fince are referred to it in the fame 
manner as otjiers are to die works of the Father i but 
errors which too frequendy occur in the Son's publt« 
cadon, are, wherever thqr have been difcoversd^ 

A3 AU 


All plants that arc not defcribcd by cither of the 
• Linnasus's have every fynonym of careful writers, 
that could be difcbvetcd^ annexed to them. 

• • 

When the younger Linnaeus was in England, in 

1781 and 1782, he compofeda trcatife on the Palms 
and Liliaceous Plants, extrafti of which, as far aa 
was thought likely to be ufcflil to this Catalogue^ 
he communicated to the Author; this Manufcript 
• is quoted under the abbreviation of Linn. fit. His 
deathi which happened (bon after his return to 
Sweden, prevented its publication 1 but it is in the 
poflellion of Dr. James Edward Smith, of London, 
^ are al(b the libraries and collections of both the 
Father and the Son. 

References are frequently niade to the works of 
M. L'Heritier, under Plants of which he has not 
yet publiihed either defcriptions or figures; thefe 
are taken from communications this gentleman 
frequently made, during the courfc of printing, of 
every thing he had prepared for the prefs. Bu^ as 
the public will in due time be put into poflellion of 
the whole, little need be faid on this fubje&. 

. Throughout the whole of this Catalqgue, an at« 
tempt is made to trace back, as far as poflible, how 
long each Plant has been cultivated in the Britilh 
Gardens, and to fix, with as much predfion as the 
nature of the fubjeft woiild allow, the epoch of iu 


♦ PREFACE. vu 

ihtrodu&ion. This, like all new undertakings^ 
will be liable to many conredtions. For the ufe, 
therefore, of thofe who may undertake to improve 
it, a chronological lift of the printed authorities that 
have been made ufe of is annexed. 

i55i. Turneir*s herbal, part i* 

1562. — — . .i-i . part 4. 

1568. — — — part 3^ 

2570. Lobelii adVeriaria. 

2^96. Catalogus horti Johannis Gerardi. 

2597. Gerard's herbal* 

2605. Lobelii adveriariorum pars altera, 

2629. Parkinfon's paradifus. 

1633, Gerard's herbal, .enlarged bj Johnfon* 

1640. Parkinfoh'; herbal. 

2648, Catalogus horti Oxonienfis. 

1656. Catllogus horti Johannis Tradefcanti, ' in mufeo 

2658. Catalogus horti Oxonienfis, curt Pk Stephani et 

Gid. Brownei. 
1680. Morifoni hiftoria Plantarum Oxonienfis, pars 2. 
2683. Sutherland's hortus Edinburgenfis. 
1686. Raii hiftoria plantarum, torn i. 
1687; —-«- — — -i torn. 2. 
2691* Plukenetii phytographia, pars i & 2* 
1692. — -* — -*. — pars 3. 
2696. — ♦ — — — -* pars 4) feu Almageftunu 
2699. Hiftoria plantarum Oxonienfisi pars ^ ahfoluta a 

J. Bobartio, 
1700. Plukenetii mandfla almagefti, 
2704* Raii hiftoria plantarum, tom« }« 
2705* Fliikenc^ anialdiCttm. 

A 4 2711— 

viii PREFACE.* 

I7ix-*I7I5. Petiver's botanicum hortenfe, in the Philofo- 

phical Tranlkaions, vol. ^^y 28, 29. 
7x6« Bradley's hiftory of fucculent plants, i decade. 
717. — ——— — — — a decade. 

724. Catalogue of trees fold by Robert Furber, in Mil- 
ler's Gardener's and Florift's didionary. 

725. Bradley's hiftory of fucculent plants, 3 decade. 

727. — — — — — — — 4and 5 decade. 

728. Martyn plantuiun rariorum decas i. 
72f . — — — — —.— decas 2. 
73«. — — —— — — decas 3. 

Catalogue of plants propagated for ialc in the gar* 
dens near London. 

Miller's gardener's di&ionary, ift edition. 

Dillenii hortus Eldiamenfis. 

Martyn plantarum rariorum decas 4. 

— i — — — — — decas 5. 
739. Rand horti Chelfeiani index. 

Miller's gardener's di&ionary, voL 2* « 
743. ■ I 4th edition. ' 

y^.8. ■ 5th edition. 

^52. ■ 6th edition. 

755*»i76o. Miller's figures of plants defcribed in th« 

gardener's didionary. 
759. Miller's gardener's didionary, 7th edition. 
768. — — — — — —. 8th edition. 

Whether Miller's dictionary, and eipccially the 
fecond volume of the edidon of 1739^ ctn be con- 
fidered at fufEcient authority for concluding the 
plants mentioned in it to have been adually culti- 
vated in England at the time of its publication^ 
may be a matter of doubt. Lyte's Herbal is an 




aftual tranflation of Dodooanis; and ParkinibQ^s 
Paradifus terreftris litde better than a compilatioii 
from other books. Miller's didtionary is certsuoly 
a more original work than either of thefe; it is 
feldom, however, if ever> that the author has 
quoted either of thefe books as authority, without 
having been induced by ibme additional reafon, to 
believe the plants alluded to were aftually culti«* 
vated here at the time ftated. 

Several Manufcripts preferved in the Sloanean 
CoUedion at the Britifh Muleum have been 
made ufe of in this part of the Work, particularly 
N* 3370, intitled, Horti Rcgii Hamptonienfis 
cxoticarum Plantarum Catalogus; to which an<* 
other hand-writing has added, by Dr. Gray. On a 
blank page in this book is the following memo- 
randum : ** This Catalogue I took from one 
*' which the Intcndant of the garden they were in 
•' at Hampton-Court, lent to me upon the place, 
" with liberty fufficient to infpeft the Plants : they 
*^ were brought from Soefdyke, a houfc belonging 
" to Mr. Bcntink, afterwards Earl of Portland, 
« about the year 1690, and given by him to King 
" William." 

The abbreviation Br. MuJ. H. S. fignifies the 
Sloanean Hortus liccus, kept in the Britifh Mu- 
feum^ fix>m whence much information, principally 
coocemiog the Pkmts cultivated by the Dutehefs 



of Beaufort, has been obtained. R. S. means tfie 
ipecimens of Plants annually, in obedience to* Sir 
Hans Sloane's will, prefented by the Company of 
Apothecaries to the Royal Society, part of which 
are depoiited in theiibrary belonging to that body, 
in Somerfet Place, and the remainder in the Britifh 

On the authority 6f various letters and Other 
papers contununicated by Michael CoUinfon, Efq; 
many Plants are faid to have been introduced by 
his father, Mr. Petet CoUinfon, of Mill Hill- 

Mr. Knowlton, formerly Gardener to James Shc- 
rard, M. D. at Eltham, gave a variety of ufeful 
information, to which his name is always annexed^ 
He died in 1782, at the age of 90* 

Mr. James Lee, iiurferyman at the vineyard, 
Hammerfmith, who remembers the gardens of 
Archibald duke of Argyle, at Whitton, near 
Hounflow, cultivated with much care and liberal 
expence, has furnifhed the Author with a lift of the 
Trees that were introduced by his Grace. 

From his own memory the Author ftates leveral 
Plants to have been cultivated by Mr. Ph« Miller^ 
in the Phyfick Garden at Chelfea, though no refe-* 
rence is made to them in his Gardener's Di£lionary# 

Some Plants are by tradition known to knre 


P fe E F A C E. ti 

been introduced by Robert James Lx)rd Petre, bpC 
the times when are utterly forgot i to remedy, 
as much as {x>iEb!e^ thii inconvenience, they are 
always dated as haying been introduced before 
1742^ the time of his Lordlhip's death* 

Mr. Miller, in his Didionary, oftcrt mentions 
Plants as having been fent to him by Dr. Houftoun, 
but he frequently omits the time when he received 
them; thefcj therefore, are in like manner ftated 
as having been introduced before the period of the 
Dodor's deceaie, which happened in 173 J. 

. As the figure of Calceolaria Fothergillii differs 
a little from the defcription, it is neceflary to aien« 
tion, that the defcription was made in 1779, from 
a weak Plant, the firft that flowered in England 2 
and that the plate is from a drawing, taken fince 
the letter-prcfs was printed, from a flrong healthy 
plant : hence it is alfo, that no reference is made 
in the text to this figure. 




JEt. ac. naU curiof. hStii phyfico^medica Academise Cseflk^ 

reae Naturae Curioforiun. Voll. X« Norimbergae^ 

1777— 1754. 4to* 
X?. acad. patav. Saggi fcientifici e letterarii dell' Aca^ 

demia di Padova. Tom. t* Padova, 1786. 4to. 
j£l. gotbob^ Kongl. Gotheborgfka Wetenfkaps och Wiu 

terhets Samhallets Handlingar* Wetenlkapft AfdeU 

ningetu Gotheborg, 1778) feqq. 8va 
J£i» harlinu Verhandelingen uitgegeeven door de HoI«« 

landfe Maatfchappye der Weetenfchappen te Haarlem* 

Haarlem, 17549 feqq. 8v(X 
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nico-medica. Bafileac> 1751, feqq. 4to. 
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fiques de Lauianne. Tome i. Lauianne 1784. 4to» 
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holm, 1776, feqq. 8vo. 
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toralis Scientiarum et Elegantiorum Literarum TheOi- 

doro-Palatinx. Mamihemii, 1766, feqq. 4X0. 
As. parif. Hiftoire de TAcademie Royale des Science% 

avec les Memoires de Mathematique et de Pbyfique* 

Paris, 1702, feqq. 4to. 
Jn. pitrop. h&SL Academiae Scientiarum Imperialis Pe«t 

tropolitanae* Petropoli, 1778, feqq. 4to« 
Jtn.Jtockbohn* Kongl. Vetenfkaps Academiens Handling 

gar. XL Tomer. Stockholm, 1739— 1779* 8vo. 
Kongl. Vetenfkaps Academiens nya Handlingar. Stock* 

holniy 1780^ feqq. 8vo* 


Jr. ukf. Hiftoire et Memoires de rAcademk Rojalt 

des Sciences, lafcriptions et Belles Lettres de Tou* 

loufe. Touloufe, 1782^ feqq. 4to« 
JUini b$rt. famef. Tob. Aldini rariorum plantarum quae 

continentur in Horto Faroefiano defcripdo. Ronu^ 

1625. ^'^* 
jBUon. piiem. Car. AUioni Flora Pedemootana* Tomi IIL 

Auguftae Taurinorum^ 1785. foU 
JBp* exot^ Profp. Alpini de plantit exoticU libri IL Ve« 

netiis, 1629. 410. 
Arduin. anitmdv. Petr. Arduini animadverfionttin botans- 

canim fpecimen I« Patavii 1759. Specimen II. Ve» 

netiis, 1764. 410* 
Jublet guian. Hiftoire des plantes de la Guiane Fran^oifis^ 

par M. Fuiee Aublet Tomes IV. Paris, 1775. 410. 
Baub. hi/i. Hiftoria pUntamm univerGdis Job. Bauhini eC 

Job. Henr. Cberleri. Tomi III. Ebroduni, 1650. 

i6si* fol. 
Baub. fin. Cafp. Baubini Pinax theatri botanici. Baffles^ 

1671. 4to. 
Birg. cap. Petr. Jem. Bergii defcripdones plantarum ex 

Capite bons fpei. Stockbolmiae, 1767. 8vo. 
B^gius m iSciirheter. Tal om lackerheter billet lor K. 

Vet^nflcaps Academien af Bengt Bergius. Stock- 

bdm, 1785. 8vo. 
BiJLijfi. BaT. Befleri Hortus Eyftettenfls. 161 3. fol. 
Blair's ht. ejfays. In Patr. Blair's botanick eflays, Londoq^ 

1728, 8vo i a plate infcribed : Tbefe, and many other 

fucculent plants, arc to be fold by Mr. Thomas Fair« 

child at Hoxton, 
Bhc. natf. Mufeo di piante nire, di Don Paulo Boccone. 

Venetia, 1697. 4to. 
B9cc.Jic. Icones et defcriptiones rariorum plantarum Si- 

ciliae, Melitae, Galliae & Italian i gudore Paulo Boc« 

cone. Oxonii, 1674. 4to. 



B^^rb• lugdb. Herm. Boerhaave Index alter plantarum 

quae in iiorto -Academise Lugduno Batavae aluntur. 

Tomi IL Lugd« Batav. 1726. 410. 
B^m fl. Jinenfy Mich. Bojrm Flora Sinenfis. ViemuCy 

1656. f6|, 
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rum. Decades V. Londini, 1716-^1727. 4to. 
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plantarum. Gedani, 1739. 4to. 
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Patr; Browne. London, 1756. foL 
Bvrm* afr. Jo. Burmanni rariorum Africanarum planta-i 

rum Decades X. Amftelaedami, 1738. 1739* 4to. 
BuTff^ fi» cap. Nic. Laur. Burmanni prodromus Florae 

Capenils; 10 Flora Indica. Lugd. Batav. 1768. 4to. 
jBtfr/n. ger. Nic. Laur. Burmanni de Geraniis Diflerta* 

tio. Lugd. Batav. 1759* 4to. 
Burm. ind. Nic. Laur. Burmanni Flora Indica. Lujgd. 

Bat. 1768. 4to. 
Burnt. zsyL Jo. Burmanni thelaurus Zeylanicus. Amftc* 

laedami, 1737. 4to. 
Buxb. cent* Joh. Chr. Buxbaumii plantarum minus cog« 

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a Joach. Camerario. Francof. ad Moen. 1586. 4to. 
Canuh luz. Herbarum in Infula Luzonum nalcentium, a 

Ge. Jof. Camello obfervatarum fyllabus ; in Tomo 

IIL Hiftoriae plantarum Raji. 
Gamer, bort* Joach. Camerarii hortus medicus et phflofo* 

phicus. Francofiirti, 1588. 4to. 
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the Bahama Iflands, by Mark Catefby. II Vols. 

London, 1731. 1743* fol. 
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Paris, 1785, feqq. 4to. 



Ckf. CUT. p^. Car, Clufii cime pofteriores. Antverpis^ 

i6ii. fol. 
i3uf. btft. Car. Clufii rariorum plaiitanim hiftoria. Ant* 

verpiaci i6oi. fol. 
CoLi^br. Fab. Coluixinae minus cognitafum ftirpium 

sxffo^if. Romae, i6i6. 410. 

|Horti Medici Amftelodameniif lariorufli 
Cmnu am/lel \ plantarum defcnpdo ct icoQcs, au&ve 
Cemm. hort. > Jo- Commelino. Amftelodami 1697. Pan 
altera, audore Cafp. Commdino. ijou 
Comm. pitr^p. CommenCarii Academise Scientiarum Iak 

perialisPetro|ylitanae. TomiXIV* Petropoli, 1729-^ 

1751. 4ta 
(jumm. fraL Ca(p. Commelini prcludia botaaica. Lugd^ 

Batav. 1703. 4to. 
C^mm. rar. Cafp. Commelini plants rariores et exoticae 

horti medici Amftelodamenfis. Lugd. Batav. 1706. 4tow 
Commentat. gotting* CommentaCiones Socletatis Regis 

Scientiarum GoCdngenSs. Gottingae, 1779 feqq. 4to. 
Cook^s voyage. A voyage towards the South Pole, and 

round the World, iirtht years 177a— I77Sj by James 

Cook. II Vols. London, 1777* 4to« 
Com, canad. Jac. Cornuti Canadenfium plantarum hiftora* 

Parifii^i 1635. 4ta 
Curtis lond. Flora Londinenfis, by William Curtis. Lon^ 

don. fol. (quoted as far as N°6o.) 
Oiriis maga%. The Botanical ma^zine. London, 17879 

feqq. 8vo. (quoted as fiir as N° 49, publifhed June u 

CjriU. neapoL Dom. Cyrilli plantarum rariorum regni 

Ncapolitani fefciculus i. Neapoli, 1788. fol. 
Dabl tfh/. ht. And. Dahl Obfervationes botanicae ^irca 

fyftema vegetabilium divi a Linne Gottlngs, 1784 

cditum. Havniae, 1787. 8vo. 



BOOKS 0~^°''^''\^U, 

TV Paris, 1735- *°^- . , _ .t Arbuftes, qui «» 
cddvot TO F»»« "f n. pm, 1755- *«V , 


Du Rot $hf. bot. Job. Phil, du Roi diflertatto fiftens ob- 

fervadones botanicas. Helmftadii, 1771. 4tQ. 
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wards, 2d part. London, 1747. 410. 
Eint pi&* Plantae et papiliones rariorcs, depi^ et aeri 

incife a Ge. Diop. EhreC Tabulae XV. Londini, 

1748— 1759. fol. 
Evefyfifs kalend. horU Kalendarium hortenfe, by John 

Evelyn. Printed with the following : 
Evilytfs fyha. Sylva, or a difcourfe of Foreft Trees, by 

John Evelyn. London, 1664. fol. 
Fahricii it. mrveg. Joh. Chr. Fabricius Reifc nach Nor- 

wegen. Hamburg, 1779. 8vo. 
FiiulUe it. Journal des obfervations faites fur lea cdt«s 

orientales de I'Amerique meridiomde, par le R. P. 

Louis Feuiliee. Tomes III. Paris, 17 14, 1725. 410. 
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Daniae et Norvegiae, editae a Ge. Chr. Oeder, Odi. 

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1737. 8vo. 
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plantarum quas per ^gyptum inferiorem et Arabiam 

Felicem dctcxit Pet. Forikal. Havniae, 1775. 4to. 
F&rfi.Ji. au/lr. Ge. Forfter Florulae Infularum Auftra- 

lium prodromus. Gottingae, 1786. 8vo. 
F^rjl. giH. Chara^res generum plantarum, quas in iti- 

nere ad Infulas Maris Auftralis colleger unt Joh. Reinh. 

Forfter et Ge. Forfter. Londini, 1776. foL 
Forfi. pi. ifctd. Ge. Forfter de plantis efculentis Infularum 

O^eani Auftralis commentatia Berolini, 1786. 8vo. 
Fuchf. hiji. Leon. Fuchfii de hiftoria Stirpium commen- 

tarii. Bafileae, 1542. fol. 
Vot, I. a Furbif's 

xnii 60 O Its QJJOTEb. 

Purler's catah A catalogue of plants fold by Mr. Robert 

Furbcr ; in the 2d volume of the Gardener's and 

Florift's diSioiiary, by Ph. Miller. London, 1724. 

Gartn.fenu Jof. Gscrtncr de fruflibus ctfcminibus plan- 

tarum. Stutgardia:, 1788. 4to. 
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vence, et principalcment aux environs d' Aix, par Mr. 

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cse. Argentorati, 1785. 4to. 
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Pctropoli 1747 — 1769. 4to. 
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botanies. Tiguri, 1773. fol. 
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Batav. 1762. 4to. 
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1743. 8vo. 
Gunn. norv. Jo. Em. Gunneri Flora Norvcgica. Pars 

Prior. Nidrofiae, 1766. Pars Pofterior. Hafhise, 

1772. fol. 
HaU. htft. Alb. V. Haller htftoria ftirpium indigenaruni 

Helvetiae tnchoata. Tomi IIL Bernae, 1768. fol. 
Hannov^ magaz. Hannoverifches Magazin, 1783. 4to. 
Heijieri Brunfuigta. Laur. Hcifteri defcriptio BruitfVigias, 

novi generis plant*. Brunfvigje, 1753. foL 




Arm* hifdk. Pauli Herixiaiiiii catalogue Hortt Academici 

Lugduiio*Batavu Lugd. Botav. 1687. 8vo. 
Hgmu pan P. Hermanm Paradiiiss Batafug, Lugd. 

. fiatav. 1705. 4to. 
Htrt. angL A catalc^ue of Tree$, Shnibi, Plants, and, 

Flowers^ which are propagated for lale m tha Gar- 

dcna near London. L<mdon» 1730. feL 
H$rt, cliff: Car* Linnxi Hortus CKfibrtianiis. Amfte-* 

lodanri, 1737* foi. 
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Ting der Dteren, Pknten en Mineraalen, volgens hct 

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Chemiam et Hiftoriam Naturalem fptftaatuu V<d, L 

Viodobons^ 1786. 4ta 
Jacpu hift. N« J. Jacqaitt iUodaniai flirpiw» Aittrrica^ 

nanun hiflmw Vkimp^ l^^• Uu 

a a jMfk. 


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coUegit et delineavit Eng* Ks^mpfer. (not yet pub- 

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a 3 Matthix 


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Mem. pour Pbijl. nat. de la Suijfe. Mcmoires pour fervir a 

rUiftoire phyfique et naturelle de la Suifle, rediges 



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tnetamorphofibus Infe6loniin Surinamcnfiiiin. Hagae 

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Turin, 1766. 4to. 
Metub. hwt. weijfenjl. Vcrzeichnifs auflandjfcher Biiume 

a 4 ynd 



und Stauden des Luftchlofles Weiflenftein bey Cafleli 
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feqq. 4to. 

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tarum, quae in horto Procopii a Demidof Mofcua 
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zcn des RufEfchen Rcichs. III. Theile. Peterlburg, 
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Pet. gaz. Jac. Pctivcr Gazophylacium naturae et artis. 



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-^1703. 8vo. » 

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Society of London. London, 1665. feqq. 410. 

PiccivoU hitrU panciaU Hortits Panciaticus, o fia catalogo 
delle piante efoticbe, e dei fiori efiftenti nel Giardino 
della Villa detta la Loggia, preflb a Firenze, di pro- 
priety dell' ill. Sig. Marchefe Nice. Panciatichi, dc- 
fcritto da Giuf. Piccivoli. Firenze, 1783. 4to. 

Pkfs garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden, by Sir Hugh 
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nici. Londini, 1700. 4to. 

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iientes plantas quas olim Car. Plumierius detexit et 
depinxit^ edidit Jo. Burmannus. Amftelaedami, 1755 
— ^^1760. fol. 

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latinatu Eledorali fponte nafcentium. Tomi IIL 
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dini, 1686— -1704, fol, 

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nicarum. Londini, 1724. 8vo. 

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pendiarius. Londini, 1739. 8vo. 

Rafs litters. Philofophical letters between the late Mr. 
Ray and feveral of his correfpondents, publilhed by 
W. Dcrham. London, 1718. 8vo« 

. Rea's 


Rufsjkro. Ftora, or a complete Florilcge, by John Rca. 

London, 1665. foL 
S4pi» ht. La Bocaaique naiie a la portee de tout le 

moode^ ou cdledion des plantes d'u&ge dans la 

Medecine, dans les Aliniens et daas les Arts ; par les 

Sr. et De Regnault. Paris, 1774* fbl. 
ReJban cantatr. Rich. Relhan Flora Cantabrigienfis* 

Caotabrigise, 1785. 8vo. 
Retzii 6bf And. Jah. Retzii obferrationum botanicarum 

Fafiac. I~IV. Lipfix, 1779 — 1786. fol. 
Rgtxii fcand. A. J, Retzii Fione Scandinaviae prodro- 

mii& Holmiae, 1779* 8vo« 
Jtheed. maU Hortus Indtcus Malabaricus, adornatus per 

Henr. van Rheede van Draakenftein. Tomi XIL 

Amftekedami, 1678—1703. foh 
Ricbardbift. du Tonqtun. Hiftoire naturelle, civile et po« 

litique du Tonquin, par M. T Abbe Richard. I'omes 11, 

Parts 1778. i2mo« 
Jtiv. fnon. Aug. Quir. Rivini Ordo plantarum, quae funt 

flore irregular! monopetalo. Lipiise, 1691. fol. 
Siv* ftnt. A. Q^ Rivini Ordo {dantaniin^ quae funt flore 

irregular! pentapetalo. Lipfise, 1.699. fol. 
Rob. ic. 319 plates of plants engraved by Nic. Robert, 

A. Bofle et Lud. de Chailillon. fol. 
JUthsheytr. Albr, Wilh. Roths beytrage zur Botanik, 

I, 2. Thcil. Bremen, 1782, 1783. 8yo. 
Rsy. lugjb. Adr. van Royen Florae Leydenfis prodro« 

mus, exhibens plantas qu« in Horto Academico 

Lugduno-Batavo aluntur. Ludg. Batav. 1740. 8vo. 
Rumpb. amb. Ge. Everfa. Rumphii Herbarium Amboi- 

nenfe. Partes VL et Au^rium. Amftelasdami, 

1750—1755. fol. 
Rufp.jin. Hear. Bernh. Ruppii Flora Jenenfis. Fran- 

cof.etLipf. 1726. 8yo. 



Sabmm'sbtri. Will. Salnuxi's Englifli herfaaL U Volt. 

London, 1710^ 1711. fol. 
Sauv* mn^. F. B. de Sauvages mediodus foUomniy km 

plantsB Floras Moafpelienfis, joxta folionun ofdinem 

digefts. La Hayc, 1751. 8vo. 
Scbmid. ic. Caf. Chriftoph. Schmidel Icones plantarum. 

(Norimbergae) 1762. foL 
Scbreh. gram. }oh. Chr. Dan. Schrebers bdcbreibung dor 

Grafer. Leipzig, 1769, feqq. fol. 
Stop. cmrn. Jo. Ant Scopoli Flora Carniolica. Tomi IL 

Vienna 1772. 8va 
Scip» infukr* J. A. Scopoli deliciaB Florae et Faunaa Infii* 

bricx. Partes HI. Ticini, 1786— 1788. fcL 

fA vojrage to the Iflands Madera, Barbadoiy 
Nieves, S. Chriflopher't, and Jamaicay 
with the natural biftory of the hift of tho6 
Iflands. II Vols« London, 1707, 1725. foL 
Sntmrat it* imL Vojrage aux Indes Ortentales ec i la 

Chine, par M. Sonnerat. Tomes li. Paris, 2782. 

Sonnerat iter n§v. gain. Voyage i la NouveUe Guin^e^ 

pax M. Sonnerat. Puris, 1776. 4to. 
Sp. pL Car. Linmei Species plantarum. TomilL Holmix, 

1762, 1763. 8va 
Sp.pL id. I. — — Tooiin. Holmiae^ 

1753. 8vow 
SutherL hort. idin. Hortus Medicus ICdinburgenlis, or a 

catalogue of the plants in the Phyfical Garden at 

Edinburgh, by James Sutherland^ Edinburgh, 1683. 

Swartxpnodr. Nova genera et Ipecies plantanim, feu 

prodromus defcriptionum vegetal^ilium, quae iiib iti- 

nere m Indiam Occidentalem an bis 1783—87 digeftt 

Olof Swartz. Holmiae, Upf. ct Ab. 1788. Svo. 

tsLviii BOOKS QJU O T E D. 

Sj/l. not* id. 10. Car. Linxiaei Syftema Naturae. Edido 

Decima. Tom. II. Holmiae, 1759. 8vo. 
Sjfi. not. eJL 12. Car. a Linn^ Syftema Naturas. Edido 

Duodecima. Tom. IL Holmia, 1767. 8vo. 
Syjt. nau vol. 3. ■ ■ Tom. IIL Holmiae, X768. 

Sj/t. veget. Car. a Linfi6 Syftema Vegetabilium. Edido 

Decima quarta>curante Jo. Andr. Murray. Gotdngae, 

1784. 8vo. 
SyJ{. vegiU ed.i2* ■ Edido Decima tcrda. Ootdn- 

gsect Gothse, 1774. 8vo. 
Tabem. biji. Jac. Theod. Taberna^ontani Krauterbuch. 

3 Theile. Bafel, 1664. fol. 
Thunb. Alot. Car. Petr. Thunberg Praefide Diflertado de 

Aloe. Upfaliae, 1785. 4to. 
Tbunb. Erica. C. P. Thunberg Praef. Difll de Erica. 

Upfaliae, 1785. 4to. 
Thunb. Ficus. C. P. Thunberg Praef. DifT. Ficus genus. 

Upf. 1786. 4to. 
Tbunb. Gardenia^ C. P. Thunberg Diff. de Gardenia. 

Upf. 1780. 4tQ. 
Thunb. Gladiolus. C. P. Thunberg Diff. Gladiolus. Upf. 

1784. 4to. 
Tbunb. japon. C. P. Thunberg Flora Japonica. Lipfiasy 

1784. 8vo. 
Thunb. Iris. C. P. Thunberg Diff. Iris. Upf. 1782. 

Thunb. Ixia. C. P. Thunberg Diff, Lria. UpC 1783. 

Thunb. nov. gen. C. P. Thunberg DiflC Nova Planta* 

rum Genera. Pars I— V. Upf. 1 781 — 1784. 

Thunb. Oxalis. C. P. Thunberg Diff. Oxalis. Upf. 

1 78 1. 4to. 


BOOKS CLtJd TED. txix 

Thunb. Protia. C. P. Thiinbcrg DilE dc Protca. UpC 

1 781. 4to. 
Titt.pif. Mich. Aug. Tilli catalogus plantarum Horti 

Pilani. Florentue, 1723. fol. 
T9urn. cor. Jof. Pitton Toumefort CoroUariuni inftitu^ 

tionum rei herbariae. Parifiis, 1703. 410. 
Tomm. infty, J« P. Touroefoit inftitutiones rei herbariae. 

Tomi III.' Lugduiri 1719. ^to. 
Ttftrm. iu Relation d'lin voyage du Levant, par M. Pitton 

de Tournefort* Tomes IL Paris, 1717. 4to. 
Trew ehrtt. Plants fele^lae, quarum imagines pinxit Ge* 

Dion. Ehret^ collegit et illuftravit Chriftoph. Jac. 

Trew. Norimbergae, »75o— 1773, foK 
Trew Silignu Hortus nitidiffimus, five amGeniffimorum 

floruoft imagines, qaas collegit Chr. Jac. Trew, in 

xs incifiu vivifque coloribus pi£bs edidit Job. Mich. 

Seligmann. Norimb. 1750, feqq. fbl. 
Turn. herb. Will. Turner's herball. London, 1551. fol. 
Turn. herb. part 1, 2i edit. — — The firft parte. CoUen, 

1568. fol. 
^rt 1. ' The feconde parte. Collen, 

1562. fol. 
fart 3. ■ i The thirde parte. Collen^ 

1568. fol. 
t^ailLparif. Seb. VaiUant Botanicum Partfitnfe. Leide et 

Amfterdam, 1727. fol. 
IVak. brit. Flora Britannica indigena, or plates of the in«^ 

digenous plants of Great Britain, by John Walcott. 

Bath, 1778. 8vo. 
fVebirdec. Ge. Hcnr. Weber Praefidc Di£ PlanU- 

rum minus cognitarum decuria. Kilonic, 1784. 

fFiium. pbytanth. Job. Wilh. Weinmann Phytanthoxai- 



conogn^hia. IV. Bi&nde. R«genfburg^ I737'**X742- 

foL ' 
Zsmn. bift. Jac. Zanonii rariorum ftirpium hiftbrnu 

Bononiae, 1742. fol. 
Zuc€aini monogr. Diflertazione concemente riftoria di una 

pianta panizzabile dell' Abiffinia, conofciuU da quei 

popolt fotto il nomc di Te^ dal Doct Attilio Zuc- 

cagni. Firenze, 1775. 8vo. 


D, S. 



Dry Store. 




Green Houfe. 


















. -. 








Clajfis I. 

M O N A N D R I-A 


C A N N A. 

QroUa 6-partita, cre^: labio bipartito, revoluto. 
Sijlus lanceolatus, corollae adnatus* Cafyx J-pbji- 

I.e. foliis ovatis utrinque acuminads nervo&* Sp» inJicM^ 

a flore toto nibefcente, foliis elliptico-ovatis. rubra* 

Common Indian Reed, or Shot. 
$ petalis interioribus eredis luteis, nedarii lacinia re« • lutea* 
voluta lineolis rubicundis irrorata, foliis ovato-el« 
Yellow Indian Reed. 
y petalis interioribus ere^s coccineis, ne£hrii lacinia coccinea* 
revoluta lutea lineolis rubicundis irrorata^ foliis ova* 
Canna coccinea. MiU* diff. 
Scarlet Indian Reed. 
i petalis interioribus reflexis coccineis, nedarii lacinia patens, 
revoluta lutea lineolis rubris irrorata, foliis lancco- 
Spreading-flowered Indian Reed. 
Nat. of both Indies* 

B Cuk. 


Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H^rt. Ger. 

Fl. moft part of the Year. S. If. 

glauea. 2. C. foliis petiolatis lanceolatis enervibus. Sp. pL I. 
Glaucous'-leavM Indian Reed. 
Nat, of America. 
Cult. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. DiU. elth. 69. 

/. 59./. 69. 
Fl.]u\j. S. v. 

A MO MUM. Gen. pi. 1. 
Cor. 4. fida : lacinia prima patente. 

Zingiber. I. A. fcapo nudo^ fpica ovata. 5^. pi. i. Jacqu. borf. i. 
p. 31. /. 75. 
Narrow-Ieav'd Ginger. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cub. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. dia. edit, u 

Zingiber i. 
/7« September. S. y. 

ZerumbiU 2. A* (capo nudo, fpica oblonga obtuia. Sp* pL I. 

yacqu. hort. 3. p. 30. t. 54. 
Broad-leav'd Ginger. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Qdt. 1690, in the royal garden at Hampton-court* 

Catal. mfcr. 
FL September — November. S. ¥• 

Granum J* A. fcapo ramofo breviifimo. Sp. pL 2. 

paradifi. Grains of paradife. 

Nat. of Guinea. 

Introd. 1785, by Meffirs. Lee and Kennedy* 
FL ' S. %. 



C O S T U S. Gm. pi. 3. 
Cler. interior inflata, ringens : labio inferiore trifido. 

I. CosTus. Sp. pL 2. &rMc». 

Arabian Coftus. 
Nat. of both Indies. 

Of//. i752,byMr.Ph. MiDer. MU.dia.i£uh. 
FL Auguft. S. V. 

MARANTA. Gin. pi. $. 
dr. ringens, 5-fida : laciniis 2 alcernis patendbuf • 

1. M. culmo ramofo. Sp, pi. 2. arun£^ 

Indian Arrow-root. naaa, 

Nat, 6f South America. 
IntroJ. before 1732, by William Houftoun) M. D* 

Martyniic.^ p. 39. 
FL July and Auguft. S. If. 

CURCUMA. Gin. pi 6. 

Stamina 4 fterilia, quintofertili. 

I. C. foliis lanceolatis : nervis lateralibus numerofilH- Intga. 
mis. Sp,pL 3. 
Amomum iCurcuma. Jacqu. bort. 3. p. 5. t* 4. 
Long-rooted Turmerick. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Qdt. 1 7S9> by Mr. Philip Miller. MiH. dia. idit. 7. , " 
FL Auguft. S. y. 

K^MPFERIA. Gin.pL 7. 
Cor. 6-partita: laciniis 3 majoribus patulis, unica 
bipardta. Stigma bilamellatum. 

I. K. foliis ovatis feffilibus. Sp. pL 3. GaUmgiU 


B % Nat. 


NaU of the Eaft Indies. 

Introd* 1724, by Charles Dubois, Efq. MiU. ic. i8. 

FL June— September, S. If. 

CaL o. Cor. i-petala, campanulata, plicztsu 'Sem* i* 
nudum, inferum. (Stam. i. f. 2.) 
iTiHa. !• B. cade erefto glabro, floribus diandris. %?. vegets 
St. Jocqu. bort. I. ^. 2. /. 5,6. 
. Upright Hogweed. 
Nat. of both Indies. 
Inirod. before 1733, by William Houftoun, M. D. 

Mil. di£i. edit. 8. 
Fl. July— September. S. V. 

2. B. caule laevi diffufo, foliis ovatis. Sjft. veget. 52. 
Spreading Hogweed. 
JVtf/. of both Indies. 
Oilt. 1690, in the royal garden at Hampton-court. 

Catal. mfcr. 
Fl. Auguft and September. S. %. 

fiandens* 3. B. caule eredlo, floribus diandris, foliis cordatis acuds.. 

Bjlft. veget. 52. Jacfu. hort. i. p. 2. t. 4. 
Climbing Hogweed. 
Nat. of Jamwca. 
Cub. 1 69 1, in the royal garden at Hampton-court. 

Pluk. pbjt. MI 3./. 7. 
FL April— —September S. ^ . 

Cal. ventriculofus, integer. Petala o. Sem. I. 

htrlaaa. I« S. herbac^ patula, articulis apice compreffis emargi- 
nato^bifidis. Sjft. veget. 52. 


liONANDRiA liONOOTNiA. fialioonua. i 

Marih jointed Gla(s-wort» or Salt-woct. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL Auguft and September. H, 0« 

3. S. articulis obtufis bafi incral&tis, fpicis ovatit. Sp. mrMc0. 

Anbian jointed Glais*wort. 

Nat. of Arabia. 

Cult. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 

FL S. h. 

HIPPURIS. Gin.pLii. 
Col. o. PitaU o. Stigma fimpiex. Sim. I. 

i.HippURis. Sp.pLe. Qtrtislmd. vufgarin 

Nat. of Britain* 
FL May. H. H. 


CaL i-phyllus, 5-dentatiis. Or. o. Sim, I. lUc^ 
fquamae baccatae, fruAiu indudentiet. 

I. POLLICHIA. '^?!^ 

WhorlJcav'd Polllchia. ^"* 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. ^ttiam Pa* 

Ifitr^. 1780, by the Countefs of Stradimore. 
i7. September. G.H.^. 

DiscR. CauUs teretes, tomento raro pubelcentes» nu 
mofi. Folia verticillata, verfus unum latus vergen- 
tia, lineari-lanceolata, acuta, integerrima, glabra, 
¥ix uncialia. StipuU plurimae, membranaceae, lan- 
ccolatae, perfiftente$, insequales, pleraeque fefquili- 
neares. Flons feffiles, congefti in capitulum, axil* 
las trium yel quatuor foliorum occupans. 



D I G Y N I A. 

C O R I S P E R M U M. Gtn. fU n. 

CaL o. Pitala 2. S€m. I. ovale, nudum. 

b^fffipif(h> I* C. floribus lateralibus. Sp. pL 6. 
Uum. HyffopJeav'd Tick-feed. 

Nat. of the South of France and Ruffia. 

Culu 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand, chelf. 

FL July. H. ©• 

ffuarro^ 2. C. fpicis fquarrofis. Sp.pL 6. 

fum Rough-fpiked Tick-feed. 

Nat. of Ruffia. 

Cult. iys9y by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. dia. edit. ;• 
Fl. Auguft and September. H. 0« 

Cal. o. Petala 2. Capfula 2-locularis, 4-fperma. 

vema. !• C- foliis fuperioribus oyalibus, floribus ahdrogynis. 
Sp. pi. 6. 
Vernal ftar-headed Chickweed. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. April July. H.^ © . 

eutumna^ 2. C. foliis omnibus linearibus apice bifidIS| floribus 
Us. hermaphroditis. Sp. pi. 6. 

Autumnal ftar-headed Chickweed. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. Auguft and September. H. O. 



Cal. 3-fidus« Petalaoi &jii.i. calTcebsccatow 

1. B. capitdlis fpicatis tenninalibtts. 5/. fL 6. c^U^ 
Berry-headed Strawberry Bfite. <"«■• 
Nat, of Auftria. 

Cub. 1633, by Mr* John Parkinfoiu Gtr. ewme. 326. 

/. 8. 
PL May ^Auguft H. . 

2. B. capjtellis Iparfis latenJibus. Sp. pL j. virga^ 
- Slcnder-branch'd Strawberry Blitc, ittm. 

Nat. of France^ Spain, and Tartary. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MO. Ma. tUt. 7. 

FU May— -'September. H« O* 

B 4 Claffis 

Clajfts 11. 

D I A N D R I A 


NYCTANTHES. (Scabrita. Linn.mmU.i.) 

Corolla hypocrateriformis : lacinm trupcatae. Cafjftdm 
bilocularis, marginata. Semina folit^ria. 

Jtrhcr I. Nyctanthes. Sp. pi. 8. 
trtjlts. Scabrita triflora. Linn, nutnt. 37. 

Scabrita fcabra. Sjft. naU ed. 12. /• 115. 

Square-ftalked Nydanthes. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Introd, 1781, by Sir Jof. Banks, Bart. 

FL S.l^. 

JA SMI NUM. Gen.pLij. 
• Corolla hypocrateriformis. Bacca dicocca. Semina 
folitaria, arillaj;a. 

Sambac. i. J. foliis oppofiUs fimplicibus ellipticis ovatis fubcor- 
datifque membranaceis opacis, ramulis pedolifque 
pubefcentibus, laciniis calycinis fubulatis. 
Ny£tanthes Samb&c. Sp. pi. 8. 
a flore fimplici. 

Single-flower'd Arabian Jafmine. 
fi floribusniultiplicatis, laciniis oblongis acutis tubobre- 
Common double Arabian Jafmine. 
y fioribus plenis, laciniis fubrotundis tubo longioribus. , 
Kudda-mulla. Rheed* mah 6. p. 89. /. 51. 
Great flower'd double Arabian, or Tufcan Jafmine. 
Nat. of the Eaftlndies. 



Cub. 1730. Hort. at^l. i^. 7. 

FL moft part of the fummer. S. 1^ • 

1. J. fbliis oppofitis fioiplicibus lanceolatin nttidisi hdatis gkMcmu 

calyGinis fubulatis. 
NyAantbes glauca. Ltnn.fuppL 82. 
Jafminum Africanum fdiis fditarii$, floribut Tulga* 

tiori fimilibus. Gmwr. rar. $• ttA* 5. 
Glaucous-leav'd Jafmine. 
Nat. of die Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Framis 

Introd. 1 774* 
/?. Auguft. G.H. 1^. 

3. J. foliis oppoficis tematis, fcdiolis ovatis fubcordati£* aauniamu 

que undulatis, ramulis glabris teretibuSi coroUae la* 

ciniis tobo xqu^bas. . 
Jafminum azoricum. ^/^ pL 9. 
Azorian Jafmine. 
Nat. of Madeira* 
CuU. 1 731, in tbe rojal garden at Hampton-court. 

Mill. dUl. edit. I. ff. 9. 
/7. May— —November. G. H. 1^ • 

4. J. foliis alternis tematis: f(Jiolis obovatis cuneiformi* JruiUam. 

buique obtufis, ramis angulatiS) laclniis calycinis 

fubuktis. <»' 4 - 

Jafminum fruticans. Sp. pL 9. 
Common yellow Jafmine. 
Nat. of the South of Eurq)e, and the Levant. 
Cult, 1597, by Mr. John Gerard, dr. birb. 1129. 
FL May Oaober. H. 1^ . 

5. J, foliis alternis acutis temads pinnatifque, ramit an- hutima. 

gulatis, laciniis calycinis breviflimis. 


lo DiANDRiA MOHdGYNiA. Jafminunu 

Jafminum humile. Sp. pL 9. 

Italian yellow Jafmine. 


Cult. 1730. Hort. angl. t. 6. 

FL July September. tt. 1& . 

odoratiffi" 6. J. foliis alternis obtuiiufculis ternatis pinnati(que, ra- 
tnum* ^ mis teretibus, laciniis calycinis brevtffitnis. 

Jafminum odoratiffimum. Sp. pi lo. 

Yellow Indian Jafmine, 

Nat. of Madeira. 

Cub. 1730. MtU.di£f. edit. X. 

FU May November. G. H. ^ . 

ffficinali. 7. J. foliis oppofitis pinnatis : foliolis acuminatis, gem^ 
mulis ere6Hufculis. 
Jafminum officinale. Sp. pL 9. 
Common white Jafmine. 

Cub. 1597. ^^^' *^*' 745- /' '• 

FL June— Oaober. H. t • 

grand!' 8. J. foliis oppofitis pinnatis : foliolis obtufiufcuIi$> gem« 
fiorum. mulis horizontalibus. 

Jafminum grandiflorum, Sp. pi. 9. 

Spanifh, or Catalonian Jafmine. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cult. 1629. Park, par ad. 406. n. 2. 

fl June Oaober. G. H. 1^ . 

C»r. 4-fida. Bacca tetrafperma. 

vulgaris z. Licustrum. Sp. pi lo, Curtis hnd. 
Coomion Privet 




Nat. of Britain. 

FL June and July. H. 1^ • 

P H I L L Y R £ A. Gm. pL ig. 
Cor. 4-fida. Bacca monofpemuu 

1. P. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis integris feiratiiqiic 
Phillyrea media. Sp. pL 19. 

a foliis oblongo-lanceolatis. 

Phillyrea liguftrifolia. Mill. dia.. 

Phillyrea III. Of hifi. i. p. S^^fig^ 

Privet-lcav'd Phillyrea. 
fi foliis lanceolatis, ramis ereAis virgatis. 

Long-branched Phillyrea. 
7 foliis lanceolatis, ramis divaricato-pendulis* 

Drooping Phillyrea. 
i foliis oblongo-lanceolatis, ramis fubere^s. 

Phillyrea Oleae Ephefiacae folio. Pluk. aim. 295. /• 
310. /. s. 

Olive-leavM Phillyrea. 
f foliis ovali-oblongis obtufiufculis. 

Box-leav'd Phillyrea. 

Nat. of the Soudi of Europe. 

Cub. 1 597, by the Earl of EiTex. Ger. hgrb. 1 209./. 2. 

FL May and June. H. ft • 

2. P. foliis lineari-Ianceolatis integerrimis. Sp. pi. lo. ' 
a foliis lanceolatis, ramis re£tis. 

Phillyrea IV. Quf. hiji. i. p. S^^ fig- 
Common narrow-leav'd Phillyrea. 
P foliis lanceolato-fubulatis elongatis, ramis re^s. 
Phillyrea rofmarinifolia. Mill. di^. 
Phillyrea V. Quf. hiJi. i. p. 52. 
Rofemary-Ieav'd Phillyrea. 











1% DiANOJiiA MONOOYMiA* PhiUyrca. 

brachia- 7 foHis oblongo-lanceolads brcvioribus, ramis divsui- 
ta. catis. 

Dwarf PhiUyrca. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Oilt. 1597, by the Earl of EfTex. Ggr. herb. 1209. 

Fl. May and June. H. 1^ . 

latifoUa. 3. P. foliis ovato-oblongis fubcordatis ferratis. 

PhiUyrca latifolia. Sp.pL 10. 
laevis. a foliis ovatis pkuiis obfoletc ferratis. 

Phillyrea latifolia. HftU. didi. 

PhiUyrca arbor. L^h. ic. 2. p. 132. Bauh. bift. i. p. 
540. fig. 

Smooth broad-lcavM PhiUyrca. 
fpinola. fi foliis ovato-oblongis acutis argute fcrnitis planis. 

PhUlyrca fpinofa. Mill. dUl. 

PhiUyrca latifolia fpinofa triphyUos. Plui. aba* 295. 
/. 310./4. 

PhiUyrca L Cluf. hift.i. p. S\. fig. 

Prickly broad-lcavM PhiUyrca. 
obliqua. 7 foUis lanceolato-oblongis acutis ferratis oblique flexis. 

PhiUyrca II. Oufi bift. 1. p. 52. fig. 

Ilcx-lcav'd PhiUyrca. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1597, by Ac Earl of Effcic Ger. berb. 1210. 

Fl. May and June. H. li . 

O L E A. Gen. pi. 20. 
Cor. 4-fida : laciniis fubovatis. Drupa inonofperma. 

europaa* i. O. foliis lanceolatis integerrimis, racemis axUlaribus 



Olea europaea. Sp. pLi\. 
a foliis lancedads plants fubtus incanis* 

Common European Olive. 
fi foliis lineari-Ianceolatxs planis fubtus argenteis. 

Long leav/d European Olive. 
7. foliis oblongis planis fubtus incanis* 

Broad-leavM European Olive. 
i foliis lanceolads fubtus ferrugineis. 

Iron-coloured European Olive, 
t fdiis oblongis oblique flexis fubtus pallidis. 

Twifted-leavM European Olive. 
i foliis oblongo-ovalibus, ramis patentibus divaricatis. 

Box-leav'd European Olive. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cub. 1648, in Oxford garden. Hort. exm. edit I. 

Fl June Auguft. «. H. t . ft 7. >. «• f . G. H. li . 







2. 0. foliis ovatis integerrimis, racemls paniculseformi- captnfis. 
bus divaricatis. 
Olea capenlis. Sp. pi. it. 
a foliis ovato-oblongis rigidis planis, petiolis rubris. coriacea* 

Sideroxylum foliis fubrotundis integris. Burm. afr. 

234. f. 81. / 2. 
Leathery-leav'd cape Olive. 
fi foliis dlipticis undatis, petiolis viridibul. uiululata« 

Sideroxylum foliis oblongis integris. Burm. cfr. 233* 

t.Si.f. I. 
Wave-leav'd cape Olive. 
Nat of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cuit. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. DiJJ. iltb. 193* 

/. 160. f. 194. 
FL June-—— September. G* H. li . 




3^ O. foliis lanceolato^ellipticis integerrimis, racemis an- 
guftatis, bradeis omnibus perilftentibus connatia 

Olea americana. Linn. mant. 24* 

American Olive. 

Nat. of Carolina and Florida* 

Cub. 1758, by Mr, Philip Milkn 

/y.June. G.U.Ji. 

ixcel/a. 4*0. foliis eUipticis integerrimis, racemis anguftatis, 
bradeis perfoliatis: bafeos cyathiformibus perfif- 
tentibus ; fuperioribus deciduis magnis foliaceis. 
Laurel-leav'd Olive. 
Nat. of Madeira* Mr. Francis Majfoiu 
Introd. 1784. 
Fi G.H. t. 




5. 0. foliis lanceolatis ferratis, pedunculis lateralibus ag* 
gregatis unifioris. 7bunb. japon. 18. tab. 2* Sj/i. 
veget. 57. 

Quaj-6u OJb. it. 250. 

Sweet-fcented Olive, 

Nat. of Cochinchina, China, and Japan. 

Introd. 1 77 1, by Benjamin Torin, Efq. 

Fl. July and Auguft. G. H. Ti . 

Cor. 4-fida : laciniis longiffimis. J)rupa nucleus 

r. C. pedunculis trifidis trifloris. Sp. pL 1 1. 
a foliis ovato-ellipticis. 

Broad-leav'd Fringe-tree. 
fi foliis lanceolatis. 

Narrow-lcav'd Fringe-tree. 



Kat. of North America. 

Itarod. 1736, by Peter Collinfon, Efq, CoB. nfcr. 

/7. June and July. H. t. 

STRING A. GifupLii. 

C^r. 4-fida. Capfula bilocuhris. 

1. S. foliis ovato-cordatis. Sf, pU 1 1. 
a floribus caeruleis. 

Common blue Lilac. 
$ floribus violaceis. 

Common purple Lilac. 
y floribus albis. 

Common white Lilac. 

-ATtf/. ofPerfia. 

QJt. 1597, by Mr. John Gerard, dr. herb. X213. 
/. 2. 

FL April and May. 

H. ??. 

2. S. fbliis lanceolatis. Sp. pL 11. 
a foliis fimplicibus, floribus caeruleis. 

Blue Perfian Lilac. 
foliis fimplicibus, floribus albis. 

White Perfian Lilac, 
y foliis pinnatifidis. 

Cut-leav*d Perfian Lilac. 

Afe/. ofPerfiai 

Cuh. 1658. Hort. oxon. ed. 2. p. 83. 

FL May. 

H. li. 

ANCISTRUM. Linn, fuppl. 10. 
Cat. 4-phyllus. Cor. o. Stigma multipartitum. Dru^ 
pa exfucca, hifpida, i-loctilaris. 
I. A. caulibus fubdemerfis, pcdunculis fcapiformibus, 
fpicis oratis, foliolis oblongis integerrimis acutis 









Shining Anciftrum. 

Nat. of Falkland Iflands. 

Introd. 1777, by John Fothcrgill, M. D. 

-KL May and June. ^ G. H. If. 

Descr. Cauks breviffim!, decumbentes. Folia plu- 
rima, fubradicalia, approximata,' imparl pinnata, pa- 
tula, bi- vel triuncialia : foUola plerumque oSojuga, 
feflilia, fupra nitida, fubtus albida, carinata : carina 
apiceque pilofo, bilinearia, patentia. Petioli bafi 
diJatati, vaginantes, ciliati. PeduncuU communes 
plerumque folitarii^ longitudine foliorum, teretes, 
villofi, interdum folio uno alterove inftru£H. Spica 
muldflora, vix femuncialis. Bra^ea longitudine 
germinum : inferiores apice iiffie ; fuperiores inte- 
gerr imae. Calycis foHola extus et apice pilola, vi- 
ridia, vix lineam longa. Stamina longitudine caly- 
cis, atro-rubentia, Germen fupra medium denticulis 
quatuor obfoletis notatum, pilofum. Stigmata faf- 
ciculat^ atro-fanguinea. 2>rtf^tf fupemeinaequaliter 

tatibro^ ^ A* caulibus demerfis, pedunculis fcapiformibus, fptcis 
fum* elongatis, foliolis oblongis incifis villofis, frudibus 

undique armatis. 

Agrimonia decumbens. Linn.fupph 251. 

Hairy Anciftrum. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Maffon. 

Intr§d. 1774. 

FL ai?.v. 

Descr. Cafycis fdiola extus villofiuicula, bilinearia. 
Filamenta calyce pauIo breviora. Anthera bifida. 
Germen villofum, undique glochidibus obfitum. 
Stigma multipartitum : lacinuHs fubulads, brevibus^ 
patentiffimis. Drupa quadrilinearis, tomentda, 
undique glochidibus pedicdlatis armata. Nux la- 
cunofa, per tegumentum drupae glochides exferens. 



CIRC A E A. 24. 
iJor. dipetala. CaL diphyllus, fuperus. Seau I. b3o- 

u C. caule eredo^ nuremis pluribus, foliis ovads. * Sjfl. bttettana. 
veget. 58* Curtis loruL 
Enchanter's Nightfhade. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June ^Auguft. H. %. 

2. C. caule proftrato^ racemo unico^ foliis cordads. Sj/l* alpina. 
veget. 58, 
Mountain Enchanter's Nightihade. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June*— —September* H. V. j 

Cor. Limbo 4-partito : lacinia infima anguftiore. Cgp^ 
fula bilocularis. 

• Spitata. 
I. V. (picis tenninalibas, foliis ieptenis verticiUatis, caale fiblrica* 
fubhirta Sp. pL 12. 
Siberian SpeedwelL 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Intrpd. 1779, by Chevalier Thunberg* 
FL July and Auguft. H. !(. 

a. V. fpicis lenninalibus, foliis quaternts quinifque. Sp. vlrgini" 

pL 13. <«• 

a iloribus albis. 

Virginian white-flower'd SpeedwelL 
fi fliM'ibus incarnatis. 
Virginian bluOi-flower'd SpeedwelL 
Nat0 of Virginia* 

C Cub. 

« t& DIANDRfA MOKOOYNIA. Vcronlca. 

Qilu 1 7 14, by the Duchefs of Beaufort Br. Muji 

H.S. SJjb.fiL 42. 
Fl. July— September H. 7{« 

J^uria. %. V. fpicis, foliis ternis aequaliter ferratis. 

Baftard Speedwell 

NaU of Siberia and Germany* 

Cult. 1 73 1, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. di£f. edit. i. 

no. z. 
FL May and June H. % • 

mariti" 4, V. fpicis terminalibus, foliis ternis insequaliter ferratis. 
«»<'• 13. 

a flore cacruleo. 

Blue-flower'd Sea Speedwell. 
(3 flore albo. 

White-flower'd Sea Speedwell. 
y flore incarnato.. 

Fleih-coloured Sea Speedwell. 

Niat. of the European Sea^coafts. 

Cultj 1570, by Mr. Hugh Morgan. Lobel. adv. 145. 

Fl. June Auguft. H. U. 

hngifolia. j. V. fpicis tcrminalibus, foliis oppofitis lanceolads fer- 
ratis acuminatis. Sp.pL 13. 
Long-leav'd Speedwell. 
Nat^ of Ruifia and Auftria. 

Ckilt. I73i> by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL diH. edit u 
no. 3. 
. FL July September. H. If. 

ittcana* 6. V. fpicis terminalibus, foliis oppoiitis crenatis obtufis, 
caule eredo tpmentofo. Sp. pL 14.. 
Hoary Speedwell. 


DiANDRiA MONooYNiA. Veronica. 19 

Nat. of RuiSa. 

Ckib. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL di£L i£u 7. 

fu. 14. 
FL July September. R %. 

7. V. (pica terminal i, foliis oppofitis crenatis obtufis, caule J^^^^^ 
adfcendente fimpliciffimo. Sf. pL 14. 
Upright fpiked male SpeedwelL 
Nat. of England. 
FL June ^Auguft. H. V. 

& V. ipicis terminalibus, foliis oppofitis obtufe (erratis bfhrida* 
fcabris, caule eredo. Sp. pL 14. 
Welih SpeedwelL 
ASif. of Wales. 
FL June— Auguft. H. V. 

^. V. fpica terminali, foliis linearibus pinnatifidis fub« ^nKat0m 
fafciculatis : laciniis filiformibus divaricatis« 
Veronica pinnata. Linn. mant. 24. 
Winged-lcav*d SpeedwelL 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Introd. 1776, by Chevalier Murray. 
FL July. H. %. 

ToN. racemo fubfpicato terminal!, foliis pinnatifidis laci- lacimaia. 
Jagged-leav'd SpeedwelL 
Nat. of Siberia. 

IntroJL 1780, by William Pitcairn, M. D, 
FL June and July. H, It • 

I i.V. ipicis terminalpnis, (bliis lanceoUtis incifo-pinnati* incij4% 
fidis glabris. 
Cut.leav'd SpeedwelL 
Nat. of Siberia. 

C a Inir$i. 


Introd. 1779, by Meilrs. Kennedy and Lee. , 

FL July, and Auguft. H* If. 

officinalis. 12. V. fpicis lateralibus pedunculatis, foliis oppofids, 
caule procumbente. Sp. pL 14. Curtis ktuL 
Officinal Male Speedwell. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL May— July. H. V- 

dicsiffata. 13. V. fpicis terminalibus paniculatis, foliis oblongis in- 
tegerrimis laevigatis coriaceis, caule frudcofo. 

Crofs-leav'd Speedwell. 

Nat. of Falkland Illands. 

Introd. 1776, by John Fothcrgill, M. D. 

FL July and Auguft. (5. It li . 

DfiscR. Frutex ramoflffimus. Rami teretes, gla« 
bri, cicatricibus pedolorum fubannulad. FoUm 
oppofita, aoita, margine cartilaginea, poUice paulo 

, brevionu Petioli breviffimi. Racenu ipiciformes 
e fupremis axillis oppoiiti, brachiad, nunierofi, 
pauciflori) foliis breviores. BraHea ad bafin pe-- 
dicellorum ovatae, patentes, ciliatse, fefquilineares. 
Bra£ieola dux oppofitae> ovatae, minuta?, in me* 
dio fuiguli pedicelli*. Calyx fere tetraphyllus, feC- 
quilinearis. Corolla infundibuliformis, alba. Fila^' 
monia corolla breviora, alba. Jnibora cordatae. 
Germen ovato-oblongum, glabrum. Stylus fubu- 
latus, brevis. 

♦♦ Corymbofo-racemofa. 
apbylla. 14* V. corymbo terminali, fcapo nudo. Sp. pL 14. 
Naked-ftallc'd Speedwell. 
Nat. of Switzerland, and Italy. 
Introd. 177s, by the Dodors Pitcairn and FothergilL 
FL May, H. W- 

15, V, 

DiAKDRiA MONooYNiA* Vcronica^ 21 

15. V. coiymbo termmali, caule adfcendente dipbyUo, btUuSiim 
fbliis obtufis crenatis, calycibus hirfutit. Sjft* des, 

^^i^' 59- 
Daify kav'd Speedwell. 
JNat. of the Alps of Switzerland. 
Introd, 1775, by die Dodors Pitcaim and FotbergilL 
FL June and July. H H . 

i6. V. corymbo terminally foliis lanceolatis obtufiaiculis fruticu^ 
crenatis, caulibus fruticulofis.- Sjf/t. vigit. 59. I^fa* 

Piirple-ftalk'd evergreen Speedwell. 
NaU of the Alps of Switzerland and Auftria* 
Cub. 1 748, by Mr. Philip Miller. MiH Sa. edit. 5. 
m. 14. 
. FL June and July. H. I3 . 

17, V. corymbo tenninali, feliis oppofitiS| calycibus M^ina* 
hifpidis. Sp.pL 15. 
Alpine Speedwell. 
Nat. of Scotland, 
i^/-May. H. It. 

i8. V.corymboteniiinali,foliisoppoiidsglabriulculis,pe. faxOAUu 
dunculis folia floralia fuperandbus. Linn.fupfL 8 j* 
Veronica fruticans. Jacfu. vituL 200. 
Veronica alpina frudcans Serpylli majorls folio ion* 

giore. Plui. abn. p. 384. /. 232. / 5. 
Veronica. HaU. hiji^ n. 545. 0i 
Rock Speedwell. 
Nat. of Auftria and Switzerland. 
Ifftrod. 1768, by Profeflbr dc Saufliire. 
/?. Juno. H. V. 

19. V. racemo terminali fubfpicato^ feliis oratis glabris firpyllifs- 
crenatis. Sp.pLiS. Curtis hnd. ^^* 

C 3 Smooth 

aa piANPRiA MONOOYNIA. VcTonica. 

Smooth Speedwell, or Paul's Betony* 

Nat, of Britain. 

/y. May- July. H.V. 

Becca^ 20. V. racemls lateralibus, foliis ovatis planis^ caule re- 
hungar pente. i6. Curtis lond. 

Brooklime Speedwell. 

tfat. of Britain. 

FL May and June. . H. Of. 

AnagaU 2i. V. racemis latcralibus, foliis lanceolatis fcrratis, 
^'•' caule ereSa Sp. pi i6. Curth loiuL 

Long-leav'd water Sp^well. 

Nat. of Britain. 

^ijuly. H.O. 

fcHtittata. 22. V. racemis lateralibus alternis : pedicellis pendulis^ 
foliis lincaribus integerrimis. Sjfi.veget.^. Cur^' 
tis kfuL 

NarrowJeav'd water Speedwell. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL June and July. H. V . 

Teucri^ 23. V. racemis lateralibus longiffimis, foliis ovatis rugofis 
"^' dentatis obtufiufculis, caulibus procumbentibus. 

5# viget. 59. 

Httngarian Speedwell. 

Nat. of Germany and Hungary. 

Cult. 1 596, by Mr. John Gerard. Htrrt. Ger. 

FL July and Auguft. H. V. 

proftrata. 24. V. racemis lateralibus, foliis ovato-oblongis ferratis, 
caulibus proftratis. Sp. pL 17. 
Trailing Speedwell, 
Nat. of Germany and luly. 



Iwtrod. 1774, bj Chevalier Murray, 

FL May and June. H« If. 

25. V. racemis lateralibus paucifloris, calydbns hirfuds, mtntamu 

foliis ovatis rugofis crenatis petiolatis» canle debOL 
Sp. pL 17. Curtis hnJL Jac^ aujhr. 2. p. t. 
t. 109* 

Mountain Speedwell 

Nat. of Britain, 

Fl May and June. R 11. 

26. v. racemis lateralibus, Miis ovatis feffilibus rugofis Chanutm 

dentatis, caule bifariam pilofix Sjfl* vigit. to. ^^« 

Curtis loruL 
Wild Germander, or SpeedwdL 
.Ml/, of Britain. 
FL May and June. H. If. 

27. V. racemis lateralibus, foliis pinnatifidis glabris acutis mtntu&s^ 

bad attenuatis, calycibus inaequalibuSy pedicelUs 

capillaribus bnidea longioribus. 
Veronica orientali$.- MlLdi£f* 
Veronica auflriaca, J9. Sp» pL 17, 
Oriental Speedwell 
Nat. of the Levant 
Cub. 1759, by Mr. Philip MUIer. MIL £a. iHt. 7. 

n9. 12. 
Fl July and Auguft. H.*K. 

28. V. racemis lateralibus, foliis multipartitis pflofiufcu- mubifida. 

lis :. laciniis linearibus : bafeos divaricatis, calyci- 
bus inxqualibus, pedicellis longitudine bra^arum. 

Veronica multifida. Sp. pi 17, (exclufo fynony- 
mo Buxbaumii.) Jacqu. aujir. 4* p. 15. t 329. 

Veronica auftriaca, «• Sp. pi i7« 

C 4 Multifid 


Multifid Speedwell. 

Nat. of Auftria. 

Cult. 1 748, by Mr. Philip Miller. Afttt. diet. edit. 5. 

no. 17. 
Fl June— Auguft. H. If. 

urtUa'^ 29* V. racemis laterafibus, foliis cordatis feffilibus argute 
fili(i- . ferratis acuminadS) caule fti:i£i:o> foliolis calycinis 

Veronica urticxfolia. Jacqu^ ^ujir. i. f* J7, t. 59. 

Linn.fuppl. 83. 
Veronica foliis hirfutis nerrofis feffilibus cordatis 

l^nceqlatis ferratis, floribus racemofis longe petio^ 

latis. Hall. hift. 535. 
Nettle-lea^'d Speedwell. 
Nat. of Auftria and Switzerland* 
Introd. 1776, by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquin. M. D* 
Fl, June and July. H. % . 

Uftifolia* 30. V. racemis lateralibus, foliis cordatis feffilibus rugofis. 

obtufe ferratis, caule ftri<%o» foliolis calycinis quinis. 
Veronica latifolia. Sp. pL 18. 
Veronica pfeu4o-chamacdrys. Jacqu, aufir. i. p. 37. 

t. 60. 
Broad-4eav'd Speedwell. 
Nat. of Aifftria and Switzerland, 
Introd. 1775, by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquin, M. D. 
FL May and June. fl. % . 

# * ♦ Pedunculii untfUris. 
agriftis. 31- V* floribus folitariis, foliis cordatis incifis piedunculo 
. brevioribu5. Sp. pi: li^ Curtis knd. 
Nat. of Britain. 

FL May and June. H. © . 

3a. V. 


32. V. floribus folitsuriis, feliis eordads incifis peduncido arvinfU. 

longioribus. Sp.pLi8. Qtrtts bfuL 
Corn SpcedwdL 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL May. H. O. 

33. V. floribus folitariis, fbliis cordatis planis quinqudo- bidirif$^ 

bis. Sp, pL 19. Curtis lond. t*^* 

Ivy-lcavM Speedwell. 
NaU of Britain. 
Fl. April— June. H. ©• 

34. V. floribus folitariis, folils digitato-partitis, pedun- triphyUos. 

culis calyce longioribus. Sj/l. veget. 60. 
Trifid Speedwell. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/7. April and May. H. 0« 

35* V. floribus folitariis, foliis digitato-partitis, pedun- vima. 
culis calyce brevioribus. Sjft. veget. 60. 
Spring Speedwell 
Nat. of England. 
FL April and May. H. G. 

36. V. floribus folitariis fubfeflilibus, foliis oblongis fub- rMuaut. 

dentatis, caule ere£lo. Sp.pL 19. 
Roman Speedwell. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Introd. I77S> by Monf. Thouin. 
FL May and June. H. O* 

37. V. floribus folitariis feffilibus, foliis lanceolato-linea- pingrU 

ribus glabris obtufis integerrimisi caule excSto. ^* 
Sp. pL 20. . 




Knot-grafs-Ieav'd Speedwell. 

Nat. of the North of Europe. 

Qilt. 1680. Morif. hiji. 2. p. 322. no. 19. 

FL May and June. 

H. 0» 

J U S T I C I A. conf. Gen. pL 27. 
, Cor. i-petala, irregularis. CaL fimplex. Capf. ungue 

elaftico dii&liens : Diffipimentum contrarium, ad- 

fixangu^ I. J. herbacea, corollas labiis integris, braSeis cunei- 
laris. formibus, fUiis elliptids, ramis fexangularibus> 

antheris parallelis. 
Jufticia fexangularis. Sp* pL 23. 
Chick-weed-leavM Jufticia. 
Nat. of South America. 
Cult. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mitt. diH. voL 2. 

no. I. 
jFAJuly. ^ S. G. 

coccinea. 2L J. fruticofa, coroUis bilabiatis : labio fuperiori indi- 
vifo, foliis bradieifque fpicarum ellipticis acumi- 
natis, antheris parallelis. 

Jufticia coccinea. Aublet guian. lo. /. 3. 

Scarlet-flower'd Jufticia. 

Nat. of South America. 

Introd. about 1770, 

Fl. February. S. ^ . 

EchU' Z* J- fruticofa, corolHs bilabiatis : labio fuperiori lineari, 

UM. fpicarum brafkeis ovalibus cufpidatis ciliatis, an-^ 

theris parallelis. 
Jufticia Ecbolium. Sp, pi 20. 
Long-fpiked Jufticia. 
Nat. of the £aft Indies. 





Cub. i759» by Mr. Hiilip MiUer. MB. Jia. i£t. 7, 

110. 8. 
FL March ^Auguft. S. h • 

4. J. herbacea, corollis bilabiatis divifis, foliis ovatis acu- 
minatis, paniculis axiliaribus, braAea extima li- 
near! duplo longiore, antheris divaricatis. 

Dianthera malabarica* .Linn*/uppL 85. (exdiiib fy* 
nonymo Rheedii.) , 

Malabar Jufticia. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Introd. 17859 by Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart. 

/y.Auguft. S. O* 

5. J. herbaicea, coroUis bilabiatis : labio fuperiori indi- pi^^raUs. 

vifo, foliis lanceolatis petiolatis, fpicis paniculads, 

bnifle^ minutis, antheris binis* 
Jufticia pe^ralis. Jacqu. biji. 3, /• 3, 
Dianthera pe6loralis. Sjfi. veget. 64. 
Forked Jufticia. 
A^tf/. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd^ 1787, by Mr. Alex. Anderfon. 



6. J. herb^cea hirta, corollis bilabiatis divifts, foliis Ian- dliaris. 

ceolati^ obtufiufculis, floribus axiliaribus fpicifque 

foliofis, antheris parallelis appendiculatis. 
Jufticia ciliaris. Linn./uppL 84. (exclufis fynonymis 

Burmanni et Hermanni.) 
Jufticia ciliata. Jacqu. hort. 2. p. 47. t. 104. 
Ciliated Jufticia. 

Introd. 1780, by Monf. Thouin. 
i7. June— Auguft. . S. ©. 

7- J- 


Adhato* y« J. arborea, corollis ringentibus^ foliis ova^o-lanccobtis 
^^* acuminatis, bradeis ovato-ellipticis foiiaceis, an- 

theris parallelis. 
Jufticia Adhatoda. Sp. pi. 20. 
Malabar Nut. 
Nat. of Ceylon. 
Cub. 1699, by the Duchefs of Beaufort. Br. muf. 

8I$an. mfs. 525 and 3329. 
FL May and July. G. H. If? . 

mrchioU 8. J. fruticofa, coroUis ringentibus, pedunculis axillaris 
^^* bus folitariis unifloris, bradeis calyce brevioribus, 

foliis lanceolatis feffilibus, antheris bioatis appendix 
Jufticia orchioides» Linn. fitppLZ^. 
Broom-leav'd Jufticia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Ataffin. 
Introd. 1774. 
FL Auguft and September. G. H. ^ • 

hjffopifih' 9. J. fruticofa, coroUis ringentibus, foliis lanceolatis, 
''^* bradels calyce brevioribus, laciniis calydnis ob- 

longiS) antheris binatis appendiculatis. 
Jufticia hyiTopifblia. Sp.pL 2i. 
Hyflbp-lcavM Jufticia, or Snap->tree. 
Nat. of the Canary Iflands. 
Cult. 1690, in the royal garden at Hampton-court. 

MtU. ic.g. /. 13. 
FL March ^Auguft. G. H. li . 

GRATIOLA. Gen.pL 29. 
Cor. irregularis, refupinata. Stamina 2 fterilia. Capf 
2-locularis. CaL 7'phyllus ; 2 exterioribus pa«> 


bi'ANDRiA MONOOTNiA. Gnttioh. 29 

i.G. floribus peduncubtiS) foGis lanceoiads ierrads. ^kimJiL 
Sp. pL 24. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 
(mU. 1568. Turn. herb. part. 3. f^ 33. 
FL June— Auguft. H. %. 

2.G. foliis ovaK-obloiigi% pedunculis uoifloriSy caule Mmmt^ 
repentc Sp. pi. 24. "^• 

Thyme^leav'd Gratiola. 
Nat. of both Indies and the South Sea Iflaodt, 
Intrdd. 1772, by MonC Richard 
FL July— September. S. V. 

SCHWENKIA. p. syj. 

Cor. fubaequalis, fauce plicata glandulodi. Stam* 3 
fterilia. Qipf. 2-Iocubris, polyfperma. 

i.ScHWEMKiA. Sj/l. veget. 64. ameriea^ 

Guinea Schwenkia. •^* 

Nat. of Guinea. 

IntroJ. 1 78 1, by Meflrs. Kennedy and Lee. 
Fl. Auguft and September. S. t . 

CALCEOLARIA. Linn. mant. 143. 

Cor. ringens, inflata. Capf. 2-locuIaris, 2-valvis. 
Col. 4-partitus, xqualis. 

I.e. foliis pinnatis. Linn. mant. 171. pinnata* 

Winged-leav'd Calceolaria. 
Nat. of Peru. 

Introd. 1773, by Sir Jofcph Banks, Bart. 
fi July ^Oaober. S. ©• 

2. C. 

. JO 

/ FethiT" 


DiANDitiA MONOOYKT A.' Calceolaria. 

2. C. fbliis fpathulatis integerrimis, pedunculis fcapifbr- 
mibus unifloris. 

Spatula-oleav'd Calceolaria. 

Nat. of Falkland Iflands. 

Introi. 1777, by John Fothcrgill, Al. D. 

FlMzy Auguft. G. H. * • 

Caules vix uncialef, prope radicem fubdivifi. Folia 
cppolita, pedolata, obtufa, fupra ptloia, vix uncialia. 
PeduncuU terminales, folitarii vd gemiiii, l^retes, 
foliis duplo longiores. Calycis labiiiix acutse, apice 
infiexae, extus piloTas, trilineares. CoroUa labium 
fuperius reniformi-fubrotundum,.ere3um,- fornica- 
tum, flavum, calyce paulp brevius ;. labiutn inferius 
defcendens, fuperiori quater longius, antice dilata^ 
tuni) inflatum, fubtus dilute flavicanS| fupra ad la- 
tent rubicundum, antice luteum maculis rubrisy 
prope palatum flavum : Faux magna, aperta, tetra- 
gono-ovata. Filamenta corolla^ lateribus ad bafin 
faucis inferta, fubulata, Anthene fubrotundae, 
magnse. Stylus craflus, longitudint ftaminum. 
Stigma incraflktum, planum* 

PINGUICULA. Gen. pi 20. 

Cor. ringens, calcarata. CaL bilabiatuS| 5-fidus. 
Capf unilocularis. 

vulgaris* 1. P. ne£bu-io cylifidraceo longitudine petali. Sp. pi, 25. 
Common Butter-wort. 
Nat. of Britain* 
FJ. May. H.n* 


FailV, / / /ii.7 


'/zlc^o-^o/rui 7:/o^^?^l^^^y. 

t /^f/J^ W y/>. M>. 



Or* ringens, oalcarata. CaL a-phjUus, cqualis. 
Capf. unilocularis. 

1. U. nedari(A:onico, fcapo paucifloro. Sp. pi. 26. vulgaris. ^ 
Common Hooded-Milfoil. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. June and J11I7. H. V . 

2. U. nedario carinato, Sp. pL 26. mnor. 
LefTer Hooded-MilfoU. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. June and July. H. V* 

VERBENA. Gm. pi. 32. 

Cor. infundibulif. fubaequalis, curva. Cafycis unico 
dente truncato. Semina 2. f. 4. nuda. {Stam. a* 

f' 4.) 

I • V. diandra, fpicis longiffimis carnofis nudis, foUis Ian- $n£ca* 
cedato-ovatis oblique dentatis, caule htxi. Sp. 
pL 27. 

Indian Vervain. 

Nat. of Ceylon. 

Ckb. 1732, by Mr* Philip Miller, R. S. no. 547. 

FL Auguft and September, S. O* 

^. V. diandra, fpicis longiffimis carnoTis nudis, fdiis jamaU 
fpatfaulato-ovatis ferratis, caule hirto. Sp* pL 27. ^^ifi'^ 
Jamaica Vervain. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies* 









Qih. 1714, by the Duchefe of Beaufort. Br. mvf. 

if. 5. 136. yi/. 45. 
FU June September. ' S. ^ . 

3. V. diandra, fpicis laxjs, calycibus fruSus reflexis ro- 

tundato-dtdjmis hifpidis. Sp. pL 28. 
Mexican Vervain. 
' Nat. of Mexico. 
Cub. 1726, by James Sberard, M. D. DHL ebb. 407. 

t. 302. /. 389. 
FL Auguft and September. S. 7|l • 

4. V. tetrandra, fpicis capitato-conicis, foliis ferratis, 

caule repente. Sp. pL 28. 
Creeping Vervain. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 
Introd. before 17339 by William Houftoun, M. D» 

Mill. d!^. edit. 9. 
Fl. moft part of the year. S. If • 

5. V. tetrandra, fpicis fafciculatis, foliis lanceolatis am- 

plexicaulibus. Sp. pi. 28. 
Clufter-flower'd Vervain. 
Nat. of Buenos Ayres. 
Cub. 1 732, by James Sherard, M* D. Dill. ebb. 406. 

t. 300. /. 387. 
Fl. July Oftobcr. H. * . 

6« V. tetrandra, fpicis longis acuminatis, foliis haftatis, 
Halberd-leav'd Vervain. 
Nat. of Canada. 
Cub. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. diei. e£t. u 

no. 4* 
Fl. June— Auguft. H. V • 


DIANDRIA M0N007KIA* Vctbcna. 33 

7. V. tetrsuidra, ^icis filiferniibus, foliis indivifis Ian- earpSna. 

ceolatis ferratis obtuiiufcuUs fubfeiilibus* Spec. 

pi. 29. 
Carolina Vervain. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cuh. 1732, by James Sbenurd, M.D. DiB. ekb. 

407. t. 301./, 388. 
/7. June^-*— September. H. V« 

8. V. tetrandra, fpicis filifbrmibus paniculatis, foliis in- urticifi-' 

divifis ovatis ferratis acutis petiolads. Sp. pL 29. Im» 
NetUeJeav'd Vervain. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL diff. edit. 

X. n. 3. 
FL July September. H. %• 

9. V. tetrandra, fpicis laxis folitariis, foliis trifidis in- Aublitid. 

Verbena Attbletia. Jacpi. hprt. 2. p. 82. /. 176. 
. Ritzius a^.ftockh. \^^1* p* 144. t. 5. Mtdicus 
aSl.palat. vol. 3»phyf.p. 194. /. 7. Linn.fuppl. 86. 
Obletia. Journ. de Rotitry introd. i.p. 367. t. 2. 
Buchnera canadenifis. Linn, fhant. 88. 
Cut-leav'd Rofe Vervain. 
Nat. of America. 
Intrad. 1774, by Monf« Richard. 
Fh June and July. H. i . 

10. V. tetrandra, fpicis filiformibus panicuktis, foliis officinalis. 

multiiido-laciniatisy caule folitario. Sp, pL 29. 

Curtis land. 
Officinal Vervain. 
Nat. of Britain, 
i/y. June«-— «September« H. i . 

D II. V* 

^j4 DiAND&iA MONOOYKiA. Vcrbcna, 

fupina. II. V. tetnmdra, fpicis filiformibus folitariiS) folits In* 
pinnatifidis. Sp. pi. 29* 
Trailing Vervain. 
Nat. of Spain and Portugal. 
Cub. 1640. Park. tbeaU 675. /. 2. 
Fl. June and July. H. 0« 



L Y C O P U S. 
dr. 4-fida: lacinia unica emarginata. Stamina dif^ 
tantia. Semna 4, retufa* 

1. L. foliis finuato-ferratis. Sp. pi. 30* Curtis knd. 
European Lycopus, or Water-Horehound. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL July September. H. 1*. 

2. L. foliis aequaliter ferratis. Sp. pi. 30. 
Virginian Lycopus. 

Nat. of Virginia. 

Cult. 1760, by Mr. James Gordon, fen. 

Fl. Auguft and September. H. V* 

Cor. 5-fida : lacinia infima patendore. Stamina ap- 
proximata. Cafyx fubcampanulatus. Sem. 4, gibba. 

€4trulia. X. Amethystea. Sp. pL 30. 
Blue Amethyft. 
Nat. oJF Siberia. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. £a. i£t. 7. 
FL June and July. H. Q . 



C U N I L A. Gfn.pLzS' 
dr. ringens : labio fuperiore ereSto^ plana FHamenia 
caftrata dua Semina 4. 

!• C. fbliis ovads ferratis, corymbis terminalibut dicho- mariatuu 
tomis. Sp% pL 30. 
Mint4eav*d Cunila. 
Ndt^ of North America. 
Ckb. 17609 by Mr. James Gordon. 
/X July September. H. If. 

2. C. foliis oblongis bidentatis, floribus verdcilladi. Sj/l. pukgUi^ 
veget. 67. dts. 

Pennyroyal-Ieav'd Cumla. 
NaU of Nordi America. 
/ii#rM£ i777»byMon£ Thouin. 
/lAuguft. H. ©. 

dr. ringens : labio fuperiore rellcxoi Integra CaL 
iiliformis. Simina 4. 

J. Z. capitulis terminalibus, foliis ovads. Sp. pL 31. tapit0i4U 
Oval-leav'd Ziziphonu 
Nat. of Syria. 

Cult. 17 si^ by Mr. Phil. Miller. MO. di£f. ti. 6. »• f. 
Fl July and Auguft. H. Q* 

2. Z. floribus lateralibus, foliis lanceolads. Sp. pi 31. - i$nukr% 

Spear-leav'd Ziziphora. 
* Atf/. of die Levant. 

Oik. 1752, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MilL £a. edit. 6 «. 2. 

Fl June and July. H. . 

D i 3. Z. 


acinoidiSn 3. Z. floribus lateralibus, fbliis oratis* Sp. pL 31. 
Thyme-leavM Zisiphora. 
Nat. of Siberia* 

Introd. 1786, by Williain Pitcairn, M. D. 
FL July and Auguft, H. If. 

MONARDA. G€n.pL27' 
Cbr. inaequalis : labio fuperiore lincari filasienta invol* 
vente* Sanina 4. 

Jjftulofa, I. M. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis cordatis vifiofis pkni& 
Monarda fiftulofa* Sp. pi. 32* 
Purple Monarda. 
Nat. of Canada. 
Cub. 1656, by Mr. John Tradcfcant, jun. Mufl 

Trad. 148. 
Fl. June Auguft. H. If. 

Mngata. 2. M. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis bail rotundato-attenuatis 
villofis plants. 
Long*lea?M Montrda. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1761, by Mr. James Gordon. 
FL July September. H. If. 

£dpna* 3* M. floribus capitals fubdidjmamis, cade acutangolo. 
Scarlet Monarda, or Ofwego-tea. 
Nat of North America. 

Introd. 1755, by Peter CoUinfon^ Efq. CoH m/cr. 
Fl. June ^Auguft. H. Of . 

n^^ 4. M. fonis ovato-lanceolatis cordatis gk^ris mgofis. 
White Monarda. 
Nti. of North America. 



DiAMDRiA MOwoGTiriA. Mooaida* 37 

Gib. 1 761, by Mr. James Gordon, 

Fl Jal7'--.-Sepcember. H* If. 

5.M.floribiisyeiticilbti%€oraDbpitiidi«it»bnAti8C^ tunBtiUu 
lorads. Sjft, vfget. 68. 
Spottsed Monarda. 
Nat, of Maryland and Virginia. 
Oik. 1714, by Mr. Thomas Fairchild. Pki^iph. 

tranf. ». 346. p. 358. tw. 109. 
#L June Oaoben H. « « 

Or. insequalis: labio fuperiore bipartita PilameHta 
longa, curva, fim{£cia cum dente. 

1. Rosmarinus. Sp. pi 33. tffidnaUh 
Common RoTemary. 

Nat. of die South of Europe and the Lerant 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard* H§rt. G$r. 

FL January ^May. H. ^ . 

SALVIA. Gen. pi 39. 
Cor. insequalis. Filamenta tranfverfe pedicello affixa. 

f . S. ibliis lanccobtis dendculads, floribus pedunculatis. ^sgyptia^ 
Sjft* v^it. 68. Jacfu. bort, 2. p. 49. /. io8. ^a. 

Egyptian Sage. 

Nat. of Egypt and the Canary Iflands. 
Introd. i770,byMon£ Richard. 
FL June and July. H. 0* 

2. S. foliis lineari^blongis dentato-pinnatifidis, verticillis ditttata. 

bifloris, laciniis calyciais obdifis. 
Tooth-leav'd Sage. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Pr. Maffkn. 
. D 3 Intf^JU 







■ DiAKDRiA MoHocrwiA. Salvia* 1 

G-H. ^. 

Introd. 1774. . 

FL December and January, 

3. S. foliis lanccolatts, calycibus diphyllis. Sp. pL 33. 
Cretan Sage. 

Nat. of the Ifland of Candia. 

Cult. 1760, by Mr. James Gordon. 

FL June Auguft. H. ^, 

4. S. foliis radicallbus lyratis dentatis, corollanim galea 

breviffima. 5^. pi. 33. 
Horminum virginicum. Sp. pk 839* 
Lyre-leav'd Sage. 
Nat. of Virginia and Carolina. 
Cub. 1 728, by James Sherard, M. D. DiU ebh. 219. 
FL June Auguft. li.%. 

5. S. foliis linceolato-ovatis integris crenulatis, floribus 

fpicatis, calycibus acutis* Sp. pL 34. 
Garden Sage. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1 597, by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. herb. 623. / i. 
FL June and July. H, b« 

6. S. tomentofa, foliis petiolatis nigofiffimis trilobis : lo* 

bo intermedio produ£lo oblongo; laterailbus ovatis 

obtufis. Linn.JiippL 88. 
Three-lobed .Sage* 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cub. 1 597, by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. herb. 623./ 2. 
• FL June and July. H. 1^, 

7. S. foliis lanceolaio-ovatis integris crenulatis, floribus 

fpicatis, calycibus obtufis. Sp. pL 34. 
Apple^beariog Sage. 
; iVtfL of the Ifland of Cuidia* 


DIANDRIA 1I01I00TNIA« Salvia. J9' 

• Cub. 1699, by the Hon. Charles Howard. Mtrif, hi/f. 

FL Jvij and AugtifL H. V. 

8» S. fbliis bblongis crenatif , coroflanim gaka fani-ofbU virUBu 
culata, calycibus frudUeris reflezit, ^^^34* 
Jacqu. ic. mifcelL 2. p. 366. 

Green-topp'd Sage. 

Nat. of Italy. 

irtr^d. 1776, by Monf. Thouiiu 

FL July and Auguft. R O* 

9. S. foiiis obtttfis crenatis, brafieit fummis fterilibus H§rmi'm 

majoribus coloratis. Sf. pL 34. a^t^ 

a coma violacea. 

Purple-topp'd Sage. 
(3 coma rubra. 

Red-topp'd Sage. 

Nat. of die South of Europe. 

Cub. 1 597> by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. herb. 6a8./ a. 

• /yi June and July. H. Q. 

le. S. foiiis oblongis cordatis rugofis crenatis> pilis caulis ^rgata* 
calycifque apice glandulofis. 
Salvia virgata. Jacqu. h$rt. I. ^. 14. /. 37. Sjft. w- 

get. 70. 
Long-branch'd Sage. 

Cub. 1 758, by Mr. Phihp Miller. 
FL July— November. H. %. 

il. S. foiiis cordatis rugofis biferratis, bradeis coloratis fihiJIrUm 
flore brevioribus acuminatis, ptlis caulis calycifque 

I> 4 Salvia 


Salvia fylvcftris. Sp* pi. 3V J^^i^^ ^^fir. 3. p. 7. 

/. 212. 
. iSpotted-ftalk'd Bohemian Sagp, 
Nat. of Auftria and Bohemia. 
Cult. J759, by Uf. Ph. MiUcr. UiU. 4i{i. edit. 7. 

Sclanea 8. 
/v. June Oaobcr.. H.%. 

fumorofa. I2. S, foliis cordato-Ianceolatis ferratis pjanis, binfteis 
coloratis, corolla^ labio ip^o refiexOb f^. pi %%. 
Spear-leav'd Sage. 
NaU of Auftria and Tartary. 
Cub. 1728, by Mr. Ph. Miller. R. S. no. 342. 
FL June Oaoher. H. V . 

fyriaca. 13* S. foliis cordatis dentatis : jnferioribus repouadis, 
bradeis cordatis brevibus acutis, calycibus tooicn^ 
tofis. Sjft. veget. 69* 

Syrian Sage. 

Nat. of the Levant 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller.. MIL diH. ^dit. 7. 
Sclarea 6. 

i7.July. G.H. 1^. 

vifcofa. 14. S. foliis oblongis pbtufis jerolb-creiiatis vifcidis, floribus 
verticillatis, bra£teis cordatis acutis. . Jacqu. ic. 
mifceU. 2. p. 328, 
Clammy Sage. 
Ai?/. of Italy. 
. Jnfrod. 1773, by John Earl of fiutf^ 
FL May and June. H. IJ. 

pratinjis. 15, S. foliis cordato-oblongis crenatis: fiimmis am- 
plexicaulibus, verticillis fubnudis, coroUis galea 
gjutinofis. 5}y?. veget^ 69. 
Meadow Sage, or Clary. 


i>iAirDRiA MOWOOTNiA. Salvia. 41 

. <Mrr. ofEnghmL 

FL May— ^November. R %. 

1 6. S. foliis cordatis lateribus fublobatis \ t$wmiM feffi- in£€0. 

libus, verticillk fubnudis rcmodfioMH '/*>'• 37- 
inani. 318. ^iiffK. A^/t. i. f. 33. fc 78. 
. Indian Sage. 
. Nat. of India. 

Ouk. 1731, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL £a. eSt. i. 

Sckfca 5. 
FL May July. . H. %. 

17. S. fUiis ierratis finuatis faeviiiiculiSy GOfoBii calyce Vfrheim* 

anguftioribus. Sp. pL 35. ^^ • 

. Vervain Sage, or Clary. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June Odober. H. i .%. 

i8. S. fcabra, foliis lyratis dentatis nigofit, canle pani- fcahrOm 
culato ramolb. LinrujuffL 89. 
Rough-leav*d Sage. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Ft. Majin. 
Intr$iL 1774. 
FL moft part of the Smnmer. G. H. 1^ . 

19. S. foliis ferratis pinnatifidis rugofiffimis, (pica obtufa, clanJefti^ 

eoroUit calyce anguftioribus. Sf. fL jjb, na. 

Cut-leav'd Sage. 
• A«f. of Italy. 
Cult. 1768, by Mr. Ph. Milkr. MIL dUl. idit. 8. 

Honninum 2. 
FL Mzy ^July. H.t. 

20. S. foliis ovatis cordatifque eroforfinuatis i radicalibus auftriaca. 



petiolatis, caule fubaphyllo^ ftanunibus corolb da« 

plo longioribus. 
Salvia auftriaca. yacqu. auflr. 2. p. 8. f. II2. Sj^* 

veget. 69. 
Auftrian Sage. 
Nat. of Auftria. 

Itttrod. 1776, by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquin, M.D. 
Fl. June and July. IL %. 

difermas* 21. S. foliis cordato-oblongis erofis, ftaminibus corollam 
. asquandbus. Sp.pL 36. 
Long-fpiked Sage. 
Nat. of Syria. 

Introd. 1773, by Chevalier Murray. 
F/.J«ly. H.lf. 

rugofa* 22. S. foliis cordatis oblongo-lanceolatis erofo^crenatis 
nigofis pilofiufculis, ftaminibus corolla brevioribus* 

Wrinkle- Icav'd Sage. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfhiu 

Introd. 1775. 

FL July and Auguft. G. H. ^ • 

Obs. Valde affinis Salvias difermas ; vix difiert nifi 
ftaminibus brevibus iaucem tantummodo aequan- 
tibus. Flores albi. 

nubia. ^2' ^' ^^'"^ oblongis fubcordatis inaNjuilateralibus ru- 
gofis crenatis baft fubauritis. 
Salvia nubia. Murray comm. gotting. 1778. pag^qo* 

tab. 3. Sjifl. vegetai. 70. 
Nubian Sage. 
• Nat. of Africa. 
Introd. 1784, byMonC Thouin. 
Fl. June and July. G. H. .V* . 

MixUana* 24. S. foliis ovads utrinque acuminads ferrads. Sp. pi 37. 


DiANDRjA MONOGYNiA. Salvia* 43. 

Mexican Sage* 

Nat. of Mexica 

Cub. 1724, Ity James SheranI, M. D. Dili M. 

339. /. 254./ 330. 
//.May ^July G-H. 1^. 

Z5* S. foliis fubcordatis, corcjlarum gaka barbata, caly- fimmjkm . 
cibus trilobis, caule frutefcente. UHiriiitrftirf* 
nov. p. 41. f. 21. 
Salvia Leonuroides. Gbxin olf. h§i. p. 15. tai. 2* 
Shining-Ieav'd Sage. 
Nat. of Peru. 

Introd. 1783, byMonil Thouiiu 
FL moft part of the Siuniner. G. H. }}, 

a6* S. foliis cordads acutis tomentofis ferratisi corollit foccluOm 
calyce duplo longiohbus anguftioribus. 
Salvia coccinca. LintufuppL 88. (exclufo loconatalL) 

Murray eommtntat. getting. 1778. p. 86. tah^ u 
Scarlet-flower'd Sage. 
Nat. of Eaft Florida, Mr. John Bartram. 
Cult. 1774. 
Fl raoft part of the Year. S, 1^ . 

27. S. foliis pvatis, pecidis utrinque mucronatis, fpicis bi^anUa* 
imbricatis, calycibus trifidis. Sp. pi. 37. 
Spaniih Sage. 
Nat. of Spain and Italy. 

Cult. 1739, by Mr. ?h.Miilcr.RajuLcbil. Horminumi. 
Fl. June and July. H. G . 

a8. S. foliis inferioribuS lyratis ; fummis cordatt5> floribus aijffimca^ 
verticillatisy calycibus mucronatis ciliatis. yacqu. 
U. colL I, p. 122. 



Abjrffinian Sage. 

Nat. of Africa. 

Introd. 1 775, by James Bruce, £fq. 

Fl. June and July. GM.%. 

^iTttciU 29. S. foliis cordatis crenato-dentatis, verticillis fubnudis, 
*^^ ftylo cor<41ae labio inferiori incumbente. Sj^m 

veget, 70. 
Whorl-flowcr*d Sage. 
Nat. <rf Germany. 
Cub. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutberL 

hort. edin. 156. 
FL June November. H. %. 

naptfilia. 30. S. foliis cordatis crenato-dentatis : inferioribus haC. 

tatis lyratifque, verticillis fubnudis, labio fuperiore 

Salvia napifolia. Jacqu. Imi. 2. p. 71. t^A. 152. 

RapeJeavM Sage. 

Introd. 1776, by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquin, M. D. 
Fl. June and July. H. %. 

ghtttn^. 31 • S. foliis cordato-fagittatis fcrratts acutis. Sp. fl 37. 
Yellow Sage, or Clary. 
Nat. of Germany and Italy. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H9rt. dr. 
Fl. June— -November. H. if, 

eanarieH" 32. S. foliis haftato-triangularibus oblongis crenads ob- 
fo* tufis. Sp. pL 38. 

Canary Sage. 

Nat^ of the Canary Iflands. 



Cub. i697» by tfa^Ducbcft of Bcaufint. Br.Mf 

Sloan, mfs. 3357. fiL 62. 
FL June-— Sqytember. G. IL 1^ . 

33. S. foUit fubf oCiiniKs liBrratit : bafi tnincatis tettads. ^^Hcatuu 

Mue-flower'd African Sage. 
Atf/. of the Cape <rf^Good Hope. 
GMir. 1739, by Mr. Ph. Miller. RamLcbtLn. tu 
FL April*~-Jiiii& G. H. 1& . 

34. S. foliis fubrotundis integjcniniis : bafi tmacads den- surHk 

tads. Sp.fl. 38. 
Gold-flower'd African S«ge. 
AGi/. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1 731, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MlL£a.e£t.i. 11.13. 
/7. May— November. G. H. 1^ . 

35*8. foliis obovato-cuneiformibits dentimhiri» dudis» pamaila* 
caiile fruteiSDeilte. Litm. mani. 25. ^^* 

Panicled Sage. 

Nat. of the Cape (^ Good Hope. 
£Me. 1758; by Mr. Ph. Miilen MIL k. 15a k 

225, / 1. 
FL June September. G. H. 1^ . 

36. S. foliis mgofis cordatia obloogts villofis faiatis, Silana. 

bradeis coloratis calyce longioribus coacarit acu- 

minatis. Sjfl. vigit. 7 1 • 
Common Clary. 
Mi«. of Syra and Italy. 
Qdt. 1562. Tunu herb, fart 1. yU 7a 
FL July— September. EL # • 

37. S. 


eerato^ '37. S. foliis rugofis pinnatifidis lanatis, verticOlis fuminis 
pbylla. ftcrUibus. Sp. ph 39. 

Horn-Ieav'd Sage. 

Nat. of Perfia. 

Cuh^ before 1699, by Jacob Bobart Msrifhifi. ^ 
/. 393. no. 6. / II. i. 13. / 6. 

Fl July and Auguft. H. 9 . 

Mtbiopis. 38. S. foliis oblongis erofis lanatis, verticillis lanatis, co- 
roHae labio crenato, bradbis recurvatis fubfpinofis. 
Sjft. veget. 71. Jacqtu auftr. 3. p. 7. /. 211. 

WocJly Sage, or Clary. 

Nat. of Auftria. 

Cub. 1570. Lobil, aio. 242. 

Fl May and June* H. ^ • 

pinnata. 39. S. foliis lyrato-pinnatis. Sjfl. veget. 71. 
Wingcd-lcav'd Sage. 
J\S7f. of the Levant 

Cub. 1739, in CheUba garden. Rand, chilf. 176. n. 9. 
FL July. H. ^ . 

orgiHtea. 40. 9« foliis oblongis dentato-angulatis lamtis, verticillis 
fummis fterilibus, bradeis concavis. &p* pL 38. 

Silvery-leav'd Sage, or Clary. 

Nat. of the Ifland of Candia. 

QJt. 1768, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Milh ds&. e£t. K 

Fl. May ^Auguft. H. * . 

iirato^ 41. S. foliis pinnatifidis rugofis villofis, caule paniculato 
pbjlUidiSm ramofiffimo. Lintu mant. 26. 

. ^ Branchy Sage. 
Nat. of Egypt. 


i>iAiY4>itrA uoNOOYKtA. Salvia. '47 

Introd. ijjiy by Mon£ Richard. 

FL June— — Auguft. H. ^ . 

42. S. fbliis cordads iiuequaliter bail excifis, caide nudo, MMiOMh 
fpicis ante florefcentiam cernuis* Sj/l. vegit. 72. 
Nodding Sage. 
Nat. of Ruffia. 

Inhrtd. 1780, by Peter Simon Pallas, M.D. 
FL June— ^-September. H. %• 


C»r. inaequalls: labib inferiore multifidoi ' capillari* 
Senu ly perfeAum* ' 

I. C. foliis ovatis caulibufque glabris. canadtn^ 

Collinfbnia canadeniLi. Sp^pL 39. ^* 

Nettlc-leav'd CoUinfonia. 
KaU of North America. 
Introi. 1735, by Peter Collinfon, Efq. G/t tffcr. 
FL Auguft Oaoben H. if. 

su C. foliis ovatis fubcordatis pilofiufculis, caule pilofiuf- fcaMup^ 
culo (cabrida cula. 

Rough-ftalk'd Collinfonia. 
Nat. of Eaft Florida. Mr. John Bartram. 
Cub. 1776, by John FothergiU, M. D. 
Fl* G. H. If. 




D 1 G Y N I A. 


CaL Gluma 2-valvi8, i -flora. Cor. Gluma a-valvis, 
acuminata, ariftata. 

4doratunu I. A. fpica ovato-oblonga, flofculis fubpedunculatis arif- 
ta longioribiis. Sp. fL 40. Gurtis land. 
Sweet- fccnted Spring Grais, 
NaU of Britain. 
/I May. «. U. 

C R Y P S I S. 

Cah Gluma 2-valvis, i -flora. Cor. Gluma ;t-valviS| 

aculeata. i\ Crypsis. 

a Schoenus aculeatus. Sp. pL 63. Scbrei* gram. 2. p* 
62. t. 32. 
Phleum fchoenoides. Jacqu. au/lr. 5. p. 29. /. app. 7. 
Anthoxanthum aculeatum. Linn.fuppl. 89. 
fi Phleum Ichoenoidcs. Sp% pL 88. Jacqu. ic. coUeit. i. 
p. III. 
Prickly Crypfis. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Introd. 1783, by Monf. Thouia. 
FL Auguft. H. ©. 





PIPER. Gm. fL 43* 
CtfiL o. Cor. o. Bacca moooTpennau 

I. P. fbliis lanceobto-cvads quinqtienerviis nigofis. Sp. AmaUg^ 
pL 41. 
Rough-leav'd Pepper. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 

Qdt. 1759^ by Mr. Ph. Miller. AOl. Ha. i£L 7. «. 3* 
Fl. S. h . 

a. P. foliis cordatis pedolads, caule herbaceo. Sp^ pL 42* pelb$d^ 
Shimng-leavM Pepper. dmm» 

Nat. of South America* 
^^'- I759> by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. diO. i£t. 7. 

n. 2. 
FL April S eptember. S. Q. 

3. P. rdiis obovatis enerviis. Sp. pL 4a. ^khMk* 

filunt-Ieav'd Pepper. liuwu # 

Atff. of the Weft Indies. 
Cuk. 1739, by Mr. PhUip Miller. Rani. cb$L Sau- 

Fl. April— —September. S. V : 

4* P. foliis verticillatis rhombeo-OYatis integerrimis pe» p^tfjl^* 
dolatis trinerviis pubeicentibus. €njmu 

Piper obtufifolium. Jacqu. ic. colUH. l. p. 14X. 
Many-fpiked Pepper. 
Nfii*^ Jamaica. 

£ Intni. 


IntrmL 1775, hj John Fothcrgin, M. D. 

FL S. If. 

fukbiU 5> P* f<3i]is quaternis fiibfeffilibiis oUongb cnerviis inte- 
bmu gerriniisy fpicis termioalibus. 

Small-ieav'd Pepper. 

Nat. of Jamaica. Thomas darkj M.D. 

Intrad. 1778, by Mr. William Forfyth. 

FL July September. S. V . 



Clajfts III. 

T R I A N D R I A 


€kiL o. Cor» i-petala, bail hinc gibba, (apcnu Sim. !• 

t. V. floribus monandris caudads, feliis lanccdatii in* m^nr. 
tegerrimis. Sp. pL 44* 
Red Valerian. 
Nca. of France and Italy. 

Cub. 1597, ^7 ^^« J<^ Genu^ dr. birh. SS^*f <• 
Fl. June Oaober. H. %. 

%. V. floribus monandris, ibliis pinnatffidis. Sp. pL 44* ^akitra* 
Cut-leavM Valerian* fa. 

Nat. of Portugal. 
Odt. 1683, bj Mr. James Sudierland. SutbirL h$rt. 

idin. 348. m. 4. 
fl. May ^Juljr. H. ©. 

3. V. floribus diandris ringendbus, foliis ovatis feffili- e$rnuc$* 
bus. Sp. pi. 44* t^* 

Purple Valerian. 

Nat. of Barbary, Spain, and Sicily. 
Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Htrt. Ger. . 
FL May ^Auguft. H. ©. 

4« V. floribus triandris dioicis, foliis pinnatis integerrimis. Jmca. 
Sp. pL 44. Curtis land. 

£ » Marlli 

|t TRiANDRiA MONOOYKiA. Valeriana. 

Marih Valerian. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL May and June. H. %. 

ffflcinalis. 5. V. floribus triandris, foliis omnibus pinnatis. Sp, 
Officinal Valcriaiu 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June—— September. H. If. 

Pbu* 6* V. floribus triandris, foliis caulims {unnatis s radical- 
bus indivifis, Sp. pL 45. 
Garden Valerian. 
Nat. of Germany. 
Cult. 1597, ^^* *^*^ 917*/ '• 
Fl. May July. H. %. 

trtptms. 7. V. floribus triandris, foliis dentatis : radicalibus cor- 
datis, caulinis tematis ovato-oblongis. Sp. pL 45. 
Jacqu. auftr. 3. p. 58. /. 268. 

T^rec-leav'd Valerian. 

Nat. of the Alps of Switzerland; 

Cult. 1739, '>y Mr, Philip Miller. MIL JUi. voL 2. 

M. 2. 

FL March May.- H. If . 

montana. 8. V. floribus triandris, foliis ovato-oblongis fubdenta^ 
tis, caule fimplici. Sp. pL 45. Jacqu. auftr. 3^ 
p. 38. /. 269. 

Mountain Valerian. 

Nat. of Auftria and Switzerland. 

Cult. 1 739, by Mr. P. Miller. MIL dia. voL 2. n§. 4. 

FL June and July. H. If. 

iulej*i>fa^ 9. V. floribus triandris, foliis radicalibus lanceolatis in- 
teger rimisi rcliquis pinnatifidis. Syjl. veget. 80. 



TmAMDRiA MoxooririA« Vaieriaoa. 53 

Tuberous-rooted Valerian. 
Atf/. of the South of Europe. 
.CbiSr.J739, by Mr^ Philip Miller. Rand. cbiL m.€. 
Fl May and June. H. %. 

10. V. floribus trtandris, ibliis cauUnts cordatis femtis ffrgtmk^ 
petiolatis : fumixiis ternads* Sf. fL 46. 
Pyrenean Valerian. 
Nat. of the Pyrenees. 
Cub. 16929 by Charles Dubois, I,ts{. PUt. pbjt. 

t. 232./ r. 
FL May and June. H. If. 

11. V. floribus triandris, caule dicbotomo^ foliis linea- 

ribus. Sp. pL 47. Curtis bmL 
a Valeriana caule dichotomo, foliis lanceolatis integris 
firudu fimplici. Hort. cliffl 16. 
Corn Valerian, or Lamb's-Lettuce. 
fi Valeriana caule dichotomo, foliis lanceolads ferratis, 
frudu inflato. Hort, cliff. 16. 
Bladder-cupp'd Corn Valerian. 
Y Valeriana caule dichotomo^ foliis lanceolatis dentatis, 
fhidu fexdentato. Hort. cliff. 16. 
Coronate Corn Valerian. 
Nat. of Britain, 0. of the liland of Candia, 7. of Por« 

FL April— June. . H. O, 

12. V. floribus tetrandris sequalibus, foliis pinnatifidis, 

feminibus palex ovali adnatis. Sp. pL 4^. 
Siberian Valerian. 
Nat. of Siberia. 
Cuh. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. di£l. aSt.y. 

no. 8. 
FL May and June. H. O . 

• E 3 TAMA- 







TAMARIND US. Gen. pi. ^. 

CaL 4-partitus. Pttala 3. NeSiarium (etis 2 brcvi- 
bus Tub filamentis. Legumen pulpofiim* 

inJica. i. Tamarindus. Sf. pL 48. 

Nat. of Egypt, and both Indies* 
Gdt. before 1633, by Mr. Tuggy, Ger. mac. 1607. 
Fl. June and July. S. t . 

C N E O R U M. ifi. 
CaL 3-dentatus. Petala 3, aequalia. Baeea 3- 

tricoccunu' i. Cneorum. Sp. pi. 49. 

Nat. of the South of France and Spain. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
Ft. May— —September. G. H. 1^^ 

COMOCLADIA. Gen. pi 49. 

Cal 3-partitus. Cor. 3-partiu. Drupa oblonga: 
nucleo bilobo. 

integrifh' x. C*. foliolis integris. Sp. pi 49. 
ii^ Intirc-leavM Maiden Plumb. 

Nat. of Jamaica. 

Introd. 1778, by Mr. William Forfyth. 

Fl .S. b. 

MELOTHRIA. Gen. pi ^o. 
Cal. 5-iidus. Cor. campanulata, i -petala. Bacca 
3-locularis, polyfpernuu 

pendula. x.Mslothria. Sp. pi ^(^ 

Pendulous Melothria. • ' 



Hat. of America. 

Otb. 1759, by Mr. Philip MiDer. MIL £8. i£t. 7. 

FL June and July. - S. Q* 

O R T E G I A. 51. 

Col. Srpbyllus. Cgr. o. Cap/, i-locolaris. Sm. plu- 


I. O. floribus fubverticiUatis^ caide fimplicL Sjft. tf^amc^ 
V€geU 82. 
Spanilh Ortegia. 
Nat. of Spain. 

£W/. 1768, by Mr. Philip MiUer. MlLdi&.i£t.%. 
FL June and July. H. H. 

2. 0. floribus foIitariisajunaribixSjCattledichotomo. 8j/l. £^h9t^ 
vegit. 82. ** 

Ortegia dichotoma. JUkm in mijcitt. taurimff* 3. 

p. 176. i. 4. /• I. 
Fork*d Ortegia. 
Nat. of Italy. 

IntroJL 1781, by Monf. Tliouim 
FL Auguft and September. H.K» 


CaL 5-phyIIus. Cor. 5-petala, minima. Capf. 4«Jo^ 
cularis, 3-valvis. 

I. LoEFLiKOiA. Sp. pL 50. ii^anUa^ 

Spaniih Loeflingia. 
Nat. of Spain. 

Introd. 1770, by Monf. Richard. 
//•June. H.©, 

E4 POtYC- 







POLYCNEMUM. Gm. f. sy> 
Cal» S-pbjfliis, Pfiala 5, calycifonnia. Sou i^ 
I. Totrcnuvu. Sf. fL 50. Jtf^faf. amftr. 4. /• 
34- ^- 365. 
Trailing Poljcnenum. 
Nat. of Italy, France, and Gennany. 
Cub. 17^8, by Mr. P^ip Miller. 
/I July. H. 0. 

CROCUS. GfH. pi. 55. 

(hr* 6-iKUtita, squalis. Stigmata convoluta* . 

U C. fpadia univalvi radical!, coroUx tube longiffimo. 

Sp. pi 50. 
a Crocus autunuialis, foliis anguftioribus margine re- 
volutis. S]/t. vigit. 83. 
Saffron Crocus* 
Crocus vemalis, foliis latioribus margine patulo. Sjfi. 
Vfgit. 83. Curtis magaz. 45. Jacqu. auftr. 5. p. 47. 
/. app. 36. 
Spring Crocus. 
Nat. of England* 
FU «. Oaober, ft February. H. If. 

I X I A. Gen. pi 56. 
' &r. 6-partita, campanulata, regul^s. Stigmata 3. 

1. L fcapo unifloro aphyllo breviilimo. Sjji.. veget. iJL 

13- ^ 75* 
Rofe-colour'd Ixia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1758, by Mr. P. Miller. ASH. ic. 16a t. ^^ 
FIM9LJ. G.H.1f. 

2. L fcapo unifloro brevifftmo, foliis angulatis caulinis^ 

ftigmatibus fextuplicibus. Sjfi. veget. id. 13. p. 76. 
. ^ Tbunh. Ixia, n. 3., 



Crocus-leav'd Ixia* 

Nat. of the Alps of Italy. 

Cub. I739>b7 Mr. Philip Miller. Rand. ebeL Bul« 

Fl. March and April. H. U* 

3* !• floribus racemofis, bra£lets integris, fdiis enfifor- aulica. 
mibus planis nervofis laevibus. 
Clttfter-flower'd Ixia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis MaJJin. 
Intr9i. 1774. 
FU April. G. H. V. 

4* I. foliis linearibus, axillis buIbiferiS) floribus altemis, huMftra. 

ftaminibus latendibus. 8f. pL 51* Thunb. Ixia^ 

If. 17. 
Bulb-bearing Ixia, 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. * 

Cub. 1758, by Mr. Philip MUlcr. Aftll. /V..158* 

/. 236. /. 2. 
FL May and June. G. H. If . 

5* I. foliis enfiformibus glabris, floribus altemis feflili- urijlata. 
bus, fpathis Ipngitudiiie tubi laceris, 
Ixia ariftaca. Thunh. Ixia^ if. 15. , 

m corollis purpureis. 

Ixia uniflora. Linn. mant. 27. 

Ixia grandiflora. Houtt. hifi. not. I2. p. 29. tab. 77. 

fig» 3* de la Roche pL nov. p. 23. 
Purple-flower'd bearded Ixia. 
$ corollis violaceis : laciniis margine ftraminels, 
Ixia fpliis gladiolktis nervofis, fpatha lacera* MilL 

ic. 158. t. ^37./ I. 2. 
Vjdct-flowcr'd bearded Ixia. 

• Cub. 


Cub. 1758, by Mr. PhiUp MiUer. MUL U. be. at. 
FJ. Apra. G.H.V. 

ViUf/a. 6. L foliis oblongo-lanceolatis acuds vSlofis fubplicatb 
diftichis, tubo fpathx aequali. 
Dark red Ixia. 

Ate. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
IntrtkL 1 778, bj Patrick Ruflell, M. D. 
FL Auguft. G. H. %. 

Jkxuofa. 7. I. foliis HnearibiLS racemo flexuofo multifloro. Sf. 
pi. 5%. 
Bending-ftalk'd Ixia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Qood Hope, 
Cub. 1757, bj Mr. Philip Miller. A£n. U. 104. U 

156. /. 2. 
Fl. May. G. H. %. 

fol^a-* 8. T. fi^is Ilnearibus, fcapo fpicis phiribus. Sf. pL $u 
cbia. Ixia creda. Thunb. Ixia^ n. 18. 

Many-fpik'd Ixia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult! 1757, by Mr. Philip Miller. ACU. ic. 104. L 
15s. /. 2. 

/•A May and June, G. H. K. 

hngs/h-- 9«I. foliis enfiformi-linearlbus ftriSis, tubo filiform! 
''^' longiffimo. 

Ixia longiflora. Serg. cap. 7. 

Ixia paniculata. De la Roche pi. nov. 26. t.l. 

Gladiolus longiflorus. Linn.fuppl. 96. TbwA. Gla^ 

diolusj n. 22. • 
Long-flower'd Ixia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Mapn. 
. . Intrei. 


InirmL 1774. 

FL April ^Junc. G. H. %. 

10. 1, fidiis linearibus ftridiSy fpica (fifticha imbricata. platUap* 
Gladiolus alopccuroidcs. Sp. fL 54. Tbmnk. Gla- ^^* 

iiobtSy iu 14. 
Fox-tsul Ixia. 

Nat. of die Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 17749 by Mr. Francis MaSSatL 
FL June and July. G. H. 1{. 

21. L foliis enfiformlbus ftriads, fpica elongata. Sp. fcillaris. 
pi. 52. 
Squil-flower'd Ixia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FJ. January. G. H. V. 

la. I. polyftachia, foliis enfiformlbus nervofis margine margins* 
incraflatis, fpicis pluribus adpreffisy tubo incurv(^ ^'* 
ftigmadbus bifidis. 

Gladiolus nurginatus. Ltnn.fuppL 95, Thunb. Gla* 
di$liiSj n. 20. 

Broad-leavM Ixia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majfen. 

Introd. 1774. 

FL June. G. H. !(• 

23 I. foliis fubenftfonnibus glabris, racemo terminali, patent^ 
cofoUis campanulatis patulis : laciniis alternis an- 
gufti<Mibtts, fiJamends eredHs. 
Spreading-flower'd Ixia. 
. Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1779, ^y William Pitcaim, M. D. 
FL ApvU. G.H.lti 

14. 1« 


maculata* 14, L foliis enfifbrmibus, floribus alternis, petalis bofi 
obfcurls. Sp. pi. 1664* Thunb. Ixia^ n. 19. 

Spotted Ixia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cuk. 1757, by Mr. Philip Miller. MilL ic. 104. 
t. 156./ I. 

FL May and June. G. H. V . 

deuffa. 15- !• f<>Ii>s lanceolatis nervoTis, floribus alternis fefflibus, 
tubo bra£teis breviore, laminis obtufis ; cxteriori- 
bus bafi maculatis carinatifque. 

Copper-colour'd Ixia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Aiajifu 

Introd. 1774. 

RMay. G-H.V. 

Descr. Folia lineari-Ianceolata, acuta, integerrima, 
plana, glabra, nervoia, fpithamaca. iSc<7^«x teres, gla- 
ber, limplex. Floret xemoiu J3rtf/?^ir dux ad bafin 
finguli germinis, latae, membranaceae, fiffie, vix fe- 
munciales. Corolla monopetala, regularis, fulva; 
Tubus cylindraceo-campanulatus, anguftus; Lim-- 
bus fexpartitus: ArnW^ ovatae, obti^fae, leviter emar* 
ginatse, uncia longiores, inferne in ungues latos at<^ 
tenuatae : tres exteriores inferne gibbae (unde limbus 
bafi e trigono urceolatus) in medio macula atro-ru- 
bente et carina intus elevata notatae, fuperne patulae ; 
tres/»/m^/ierediufculac, planx, immaculatae. Faux 
macula virefcenti flava, ftellata. 

§rocata. 16. 1, foliis enfiformibus, floribus alternis, tubo longitu* 
dine bra^arum, corollas laminis ovatis integernmis 
bafi hyalinis. 
m floribus croceo^rufefcentibus. 

Ixia crocata. Sp. ph 52. Tbunh. Ixia^ tu 20* 



Common Crocus-flower*d Ixia, 
fi floribus laete rubris. 
Red Crocus-flower'd Ixia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Ob. 1758, by Mr. Philip MiUer. MO. it. i6a t. 

FL May and June. G. H. %. 

jj» I. foliis lineari-lanceolatis, floribus alternis feflUibuSy JfnaSda^ 

tubo bradeis longiore^ laminis orato-oUongis. 
a laminis cuneiformi-oblongis obtufe emarginads bafi patida^ 

Spreading fqualid fxia. 
foliis Aridis, laminis ovato-oblongis integerrimia bafi ftridju 

Upright fqualid Ixia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majin. 

Introd. 1774. 

FL May. G. H. y. 

- Obs. Varietas a. Ixia crocatae valde a^s, fed dif- 
fert laminis coroUae juiguftioribus, magis pellucidis, 
ideoque venis extantioribus ; leviter emarginatis* 
Color etiam coroUae in hac pallide rufefcens, feu for* 
dide carneus, cum parvo flavedinis. 

Descr. Varietatis 0. Folia acuminata, ftrifb, pla- 
na, glabra, vix fpithamxa. Scopus teres, glaber, 
foliis duplo longior. Flores remoti. Braffea duae 
ad bafin flnguli germinis, membranaceae, apice fiflae, 
vix femunciales. Corolla monopetala, pallide lutea, 
venis obfcuris : Tubus infundibuliformis ; Limbut 
fexpartitus : lacinla ovato-oblongae, obtufiufcalaci 
integcrrimae : exteriores prope apicem interdumrubi- 
cundaej interior urn una csetcris paulo latior. 

18. L 


€bimnjts. jg. I. fdiis eniiformibus, floribus remotis, panicula di- 
chotoma, floribus pedunculatis. Sf. pL 52. 

Chinefe Ixia. 

Nat. of China. 

£aib. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dUt. edit 7. 
no. J. 

FL June and July. H. y. 

G L AD I O L U S. Gen. pi. 57. 
Cor* 6-partita, irregularis, inaequalis. Stigmata 3. 

emmu-- i.G.foliiscnfiformibus, floribus diftantibus. Sp. pi, ^x, 
^'' Thunb. Gladiolus^ n. 9. 

a flore rubro. 

Common red Corn-flag. 
$ flore incamato. 

Flcfli-criour'd Corn-flag. 
y flore albo. 

White Corn-flag. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Oilt. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

FL June and July. H. % • 

tubijlorus* 2. G. foliis lineari-lanceolatis villofis fubplicatis (capo 

• longioribus, tubo longiflimo, fpathis hirfutis. 

Gladiolus tubiflorus. Linn.fi4ppL 96. Thunb. Gladio^ 
lusj n. 23. 

Long-tub'd Corn-flag- 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majfhn. 

Introd. 1774. 

FL June. G. H. ». 

Dkscr. Folia fpithamaea et ultra. Scapus teres, vii- 
lofus, digitalis. Flores fefliles, fubfecundi. Bra^ea 
tres, ad bafin fmguli germinis, hirfutae, acumtnatae : 
exterior fefquiuncialis ; interiores dimidto breviores. 
Corolla tubus filiformi-cylindraceus, fpathis dupio 



longior, e violaceo albus. LMus infundibulifor- 
ini% fexparcitus : lacinia lanceolatae^ acuminata^, tu- 
bo quater breviores, ftramineae : tresfupirhrntxtnL 
medium reflexae, bafi notatae macula bifiirca rubra, 
et in medio lateralium macula angulata ruberrima ; 
lacinia ins infmores immaculatae. Stigmata fubcu- 
neiformia, fupra viUoia. 

3. G. foliis oblongo-lancedads rillo&s plicatis, tubo fpa- pEcatuSm 

this longiore. 
Gladiolus plicatus. 53. Thwtb. Gladiolus^ n. 24* 
Hairy Corn-flag. 
I/at. of the Cape of Good Hope* 
Cult. 1757, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil. ic. 103. /. 155. 

FL May and June. G. H. ^ • 

4. G. foliis lineari-lanceolatis villofts plicatis, tubo fpa- JlriQut. 

thae aequali. 
a corolla faturate caerulea^ tubo et bafi laciniarum e 
purpureo nigris. 
Upright blue Corn-flag. 
^ corolla pallide purpurafcente, tubo caeruleo. 
Upright purple Corn-flag. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majpau 
Introd. 1 77+. 

5. G. foliis lineari-cruciatis, corollis campanulatis. Sp. triflis^. 

pl' S3- 

Square-ftalk'd Corn-flag. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Gilt. 1745, by Mr. Philip Miller. Trew. ihrH. 10. 

'• 39- 
Fl. May and June, G. H. V. 

6. G. 



6. G. foliis linearibus utrinque cariiutis glabiis^ tub^ 

fpathis limbifque breviore,ftigiiiatibus indivifis com* 
. Spotted-ftalk'd Corn-flag. 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope* Mr. Francis MaJJiiu 
,IntT9d. 1774. 

FL April and May. G. H. V. 

Descr. Caulu fefquipedalis, teres. Folia caule lon« 
giora. Fhris fuaveolentes. 7vbus fubcylindricus,, 
femuncia pauIo longior, albidus. Limbus fubcam- 
panulatus, fubringens : lacinia ires fuperions bbo- 
vato-oblongae, tubo duplo longiores, pallide viola- 
ceae ; tres inferions anguftiores : intermedia longi- 
tudine fuperiorum, infra medium flavicans^ late- 
rales breviores, medio flayx, 

7. G. foliis lineari-lanceolatis nervoiis glabris, floribus 

fpicatiS) lacinia fuprema reflexa, ftigmatibus fubbi- 

Blufh-colour'd Corn-flag. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope* Mr. Francis 

Introd. 1774. 

FL June. G. H. V. 

Descr. Corolla tubus anguftus, comprelTus, parum 
incurvuS) fefquiuncialis, pallide rubens. Limbi la^ 
cinia fuprema oblonga, acuta, medio concava, 
ibique dilatata, fupra medium reflexa, ex albo in- 

. carijata, longitudine tubi ; lacinia ium lateralis ob- 
longo-lanceolatae, patentes, apice reflexae, incarnatae, 
fuprema paulo breviores ; lacinia tres inferions li- 
neari-lanceolatae, eredio-patentes, fupra medium pa- 
rum refiexse, ex albido-incarnatse, in medio macula 
rubra tranfverfa notatae, fuperioribus paulo bre- 
viores ; intermedia caetcris acutior. Filamenta alba, 


. THIANDRIA IfOMOOYKtA. Glsdiolus. 6$ 

laciniis corollz dimidio breviora« ^berm bb« 
longae, lineares, ereSbsy canruleac. Sfjbis albtit, fila* 
mentis longior. Stigmata tria, patula, apice dilatatti 
in laminas bSoba^ margine idllofitt, 

S. G. foliis Iinearibus glabris, floribut ^Mcatit diftand- fVfffi^'^ 
bus, lacixiia fupreou reda^ ftipnatibut (pathiilaria 
Gladiolas anguflus. Sf* fL 53* 
^Narrow-leav'd Corn-flag. 
^ Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
QA. 1757, bf Mr. Philip Miller. MUL u. 95. 

/• 142. /. 1* 
Fl May and June*. G. H. %. 

9* G. foliis lanceolato-enfifbnnibus plants, fiiiaoe labii JUnmim 

fuperioris trilaminato : kminis imguiformibiis per- 

pendicuiaribus, bradeis aruminarit* 
Yellow Corn-flag. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Wlttiam 

Introd. 1780, bj the Counteft of Stradimore. 
FL February and March. G. H. V . 

Obs. Diffisrt a Giadido fecurigere bra^s acumi« 

natisy corolla tota iitfenie flava, et foliis poulo latio- 


lOu G. foliis lineari-ei^ormibus planis, fouce labii fu« ficurigef. 

perioris trilaminato: lamim's unguiformibus per- 

pendicularibus, bradeis obtufis. 
Copper-colour*d Corn-flag. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Maffin. 
Introd. 1774. 
FiUxf. • 

P Db80&, 


DfiSCR. FJia glabra, ffHthama lot^iofa* Sca^ te- 
reduiciilus, foliis paulo brevior, interdum lamofiis. 
Bra&€^ breves, ovatae, obtufie, interdiim apke iiici« 
£b, tnembnuiaceae. drvIU pallkic ftilvae. Taha 
infundibulifonnis, uncia brevior. Limbms fezpoiti- 
tus : lacini^t ohlongo-ovatae, obtuiae, interdum ob- 
Iblele emarginatx, tubo breviores : tres Jyperkni 
in (auce notatz mactila flava margine rubicundo 
circumfcripta, ibique au&e laminis tribus com- 
preffis, obtufis, perpendicularibus, fiavis, diametio 

ANTHOLYZA. Gin. pL s9. 
Or. tubulola, irregularis, recurvata. G^ Ivkau 

rlngens. i« A« corolbe labiis divaricads, &uce comprefla. Sp. 

pi. 54. 
Narrow-leav'd Antholyza. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cub. 1759, by Mr. Philip MiHer. Mtt. £a. i£u j. 

no. I. 
Fl. May and June. G. H. %. 

plicata* %. A. foliis plicatis, caule ramofo hiritito, ctuoUa ringente 
fiaminibus breviore. Linn. JnppL 96. 
Pkuted-leav'd Antholyza. 

A^if.ofthe Cape of Good Hope. Ifix. Fronds Maffnu 
Intrad. 1774. 
FL April G. H. «. 

Cnnma. 3. A. coroUis reAis : labii quinquepartiti lobis duobia 
extimis latioribus adfcendendbus. Sp. pi. 54. 
Scarlet-flower'd Antholyza* 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. I7s6, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL U. 7S- ^ 113- 
'FL May and June. G. H. It . 

4. A. 

TRiAKDRiA MOKOOYKiA. Andiolyza* '67 

4* A. cordlis inturvsttb: labii quinqaeportili I6bts duo- mM^pica^ 
bus alternis patulis ma^bu^ lanceolads, Sp^ 

BroadJeavM Antholyza. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Oik. 1 759» by Mr. Philip Miller. 

Ft. May and June. G. H. 1(. 

5. A. coroIUs infiindibulifomiibus, folils enfifo>mibus« Mtrims^ 

Sj/I. vegit. 87. 
Red^flower'd Antholyza. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cub. 1750, by Mr. Philip Miller. Trew* ehret. 11. 

/. 40. 
Fl. May and June. G. H. K . 

6. A. corollis infundibuliformibus, foliis linearibus. Sj/t. Mma'* 

veget. 87. nflUu 

Dwarf Antholyza. 
A^. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1754, by Capt. Hutchinfon. Mill. u. 198. 

/. 197. /. 2. 
FL May and June. G. H. If • 

A R I S T E A. 

Petala 6. Stylus declinatus. Stigma infundibulifbf- 
me^hians. G^g^ iniera, polyfperma. 

I. Aristea. 
Ixia africana. Sp. pi. 51. 
Moraea africana. Syjl. veget. 93. 
Gra&-leav*d Ariftea. 


F 1 Nat. 


Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

JfOrod. 1774, by Mr. Francis Mailbiu 

FL April ^Junc. G. H. If. 

I R I S. sq. 

Cor. 6-partita: Fetalis altemis reflexis. Stigmata 

• Barhatm mtHarm petakrumnJUxonm. 
Jiifiana. I. !• corolla barbata, caulc foliis longiorc unifloro. Sf. 

^* 5S- 
Chalcedonian Iris. 
Nat. of the Levant. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. dr. 
Fl. March and April. H. If. 

fionnti* %. I. corollis bafbatis, caule foliis altiore fubbifloro, flo- 
««• ribusfcflUibus. SS^ 

Florentine Iris. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr.. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

FL May and June. . . H. If • 

3. 1, corollis barbatis, caule foliis longiore muldfloix)^ 
floribus inferioribus pedunculatis. Sp. pi. 55. 
German Iris, or Flover-de*luce. 
^Nat. of Germany. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
Fl. May and June. H. If, 

lurida^ 4.1. corollis barbatis, caule foliis altiore multifloro, pe- 
talis exterioribus revolutis ; interioribus ere&o-in- 
flexis fubundulatis fubemarginatis. 
Dingy Iris. 




Nat. oTdie Soudi of Europe. 

Cuk. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 

FL Aprn. H. If. 

DsscR. Pitala ixttrUra retraflexa, atro-purpurea, 
infn medium lituris ilavicantibus omata; barba 
lutea. Pitala inieriora obovato-oblonga, exterio- 
ribus pauIo breiriora; lamina purpurafcente; un* 
gue fqualide lutefcente. Stigmata fqualide lute- 
fcentia, fupeme pallide purpurafcenda, 

Obs. Forte varietas Ireos iambuciiue, fed omnino 

5. 1, corollis barbatiS) caule foliis altiore multifloro, pe* fanAtuu 
talis deflexis planis; ere£tis emarginatis. Sf.fL ^^* 
55* J^^i^* bo^* I. /• I. /• 2. 

£Ider«fcented Iris. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

CWr, 1748, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mitt. £a. idit. 5. 
no. 28« 

//.June. H. V. 

6.1. corollis barbatis, caule foliis altiore multifloro^ fqttalins. 
petalis deflexis replicatis \ ereSis emarginatis. Sp. 
pi. 56. 
Iris variegata. Jacju. au/lr. i. p. 7. /. 5. 
Brown-flower*d Iris. 
Nai. of Germany. 

Qdt. 1768, by Mr. Philip MiOer. MO. dia. edit. 8. 
FL June. H. %. 

7.1. corollis barbatis, caule fubfoliofo longitiidine fdio- vari^^m 
rum multifloro. Sp. pi. 56. Curtis magax. i6. ta. 

Variegated Iris. 
Nat* of Hungary. 

F3 Culf. 

70 TRiAHDRiA' M090CVK14 Iris; 

Cult. 1597. Ger. herb. 51. f.U 

Fl. May and June. H. %. 

hijhra. 8. !• corollis barbads, caule foUts breviore trifloiro. Sf. 

Two-flower'd Jris. 

A'a/. of Portugal axid Spain. 

Qdt. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard« Htrt^ Gtr. 

FL April and May« H. H . 

irlfiata. 9.1. corollis barbatis: barba criftata, caulc fubuntllora 
longitudine folioruni) gemuDibus trigonis, petalis 

Crefted Iris. 

NaL of North America* 

Introd. 1756, by Peter CoUinfon, Efq. CoH. mfcr. 

Fl May. H. %. 

Dbscs. iK^^^rAT repens. Ctfir/ii coiDpreiItt% yix di- 
gitalis, inferne veftitus foliis eniiformibtis. Pitala 
extiriora oblonga, obtufa, Integra, c^rules^ medio 
lutea, criftis tribus longitudinalibus undulatis loco 
barbae; P</aZ(7 i«/^0rj parum anguft]<Mra, toCa c»- 
rulea.. Filanunta et Anihirm pallide iiavefcentes. 
Stigmata dilute cxnilea, petalis breviora. 

pumla. 10*1* corollis barbatis, caule fpliis breviore unifloro. 
Sp. pL 56. Curt. mag. 9. Jacqu. ^ufk. i.p. 5. t U 
Dn^arf Iris. 
Nat. of Auftria. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

#7« April. u.^. 

dichitim XX* !• corolla tenuiffime barbata, caulc tereti elongato 
Mtf. paniculato, ramis alternis divaricatis bi^feaqu^i- 

floris. Linn.fuppL 97. 



Fork'd Irif. 

Nat. ol Sibeniu 

iMtrii. 1784, by Mr. John Bell. 

fl Augi^ R %. 

* * Imterbes^ fetalis defiexis Umlms. 
I2.Lc<»rolli« iinbeii>ibus, petalis mterioribusftigiiiatr mi* Pfiui d^ 
noribus^ foliis enfiformibus. Sp^pL^S. QirtUlmuL ^^nu. 
Yellow Iris, or Flower-de-luce. 
JVtff. of Brkaiiu 
PL ]us^ H. V. 

13.1. corollis imberbibttSy petalis interioribat jNttentifS* fdrtuEffi* 
mis, caule uniangulatoi fbliis enfifbrmibut, Sf. m'* 
pi. 57. 
Stinking Iris, or Gbdwyn. 
.Mrf. of Britain. 
FL June. H. If. 

14. 1, corollis imberbibus, germinibua trigonis, caule fiirlca* 
tereti, foliis linearibus. Sp. pL 57. J^m* •ufir^ 
J. /• 6. /. 3. CmrA% magax. 5a 

Siberian Iris. 

Nat. of Siberia, At^ria, and Switzerland. 

Qik. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H$rt. Gir. 

FL May and June. H. If. 

15. 1, corollis imberbibus, germinibns fitbtrigonis, caule V0fictbr. 
tereti flexuofo, foliis cnfifprmibiu. Sp.pLyj. Curt, 
mag. 21. 
Variotts-cdour'd Iris. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cab. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. Z>ilL tbh. 

tab. 155. 
FL May and June. H. if. 

F 4 x6. 1. 







l6. L corollis imberbibus, germinibus trigonis^ anile 
ancipid. Sp. pL 58. 
Virginian Iris. 
Nat. of North America. 
Qdu 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
/ZJunc. H.%. 

17. 1, corollis imbcrbibus, germinibus trigonts, peCalis 
bafi foveolis glandulofis. Sp. pi. 58. 
Martinico Iris. 

Utft. of the Ifland of St Lucia. 
Introd. 1782, by Mr. Alexander Anderfon. 
//.June. S. If. 

x8. 1, corollis imberblbus, germinibus fexangularibus, 
caule tereti, foliis fublinearibus. Sp. pi. 58. Jatqu. 
auftr. I. p. 6. /. 4. 

Spurious Iris. 

Nat^ of Germany. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr, Philip Miller, Mil. £a. edk.^. 
na. 14. 

F/.July. H.U. 

19. 1, corollis imbcrbibus, germinibus fexangularibus, 
caule fubtereti, foliis enfiformibus ftriatis. litm. 
wiant. 175. 

Pale yellow-flowerM Iris. 

Nat. of the Levant. 

Cult. 1 759, by Mr. PhiKp Miller. Mtt^ dia^ idit. 7. 
no. 9. 

//.July. H.%. 

aO« L corollis imberbibus, germinibus fexangularibus^ 
caule tereti, foliis enfiformibus : radicalibus longif- 


TltlAKDltlA MONOOYHfA. IHs. 73 

Iris halophila. Pallas iur i. p. 733. «/• 3- /• 7 13. 

tah. B. Jig. 2. 
Long-leav'd Int. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

jHtmL 1780, by Peter Simon PaOas^ M. D. 
//• July Sepcember. H. %. 

21. h coroUis imberbibo^, germinibut (exangularibusi gramma. 
caule ancipiti, foliis luKaribus. Jacju. 
auftr. 1. p. 5. /. 2. 
Gnds-leav'd Iris. 
Nat. ct AuShnau 
Cub. jsgj* Ger. birb. 52. / 5. 

- 92. 1, corellis iinberi>tbus, caule tinifloro foUis breviore, ivrw. 
radice fibred Sp. pL 58. 
Spring Iris. 

Nat. di North America. 
GJt» 173% by Mr. Philip Miller. JUSU. dia. wL 2. 

FL April and May. H. % . 

23. 1, coroflis imberbibus, foliis tetragonis. Sp. pL 58. tubir$fa. 
Snake Vhead Iris, 
Nat. of the Levant. 
Cuk. 1597. ^^^* ^^^' 94* /• ^« 
Ft. March and April, « H. %. 

24* I. coroDis imberbibus, floribus binis, ibliis flibulato- JHph 

canaliculatis caule brevioribus. Sp. pi. 58. • 
m Iris bulbola latiibiia caule donata. Baub. pin. 38. 

Great BulboTe rooted Iris. 
f Iris bulbofii caeruleo violacea. Baub. pin. 40. 
f mall Bulbofe-irooted Iris. 



Neu of the South of Europe. 

Cub. 1633. Gir. imac. 99. /• i. 

FL June. H. %. 

firfica% 25. 1. coroBa imbeibi, petalis interioribns hrerifimis 
patentiffimis. Sjft. vig. eJL 13. p. 79. Curu tmg. u 
Perfian Iris, 
Nat. ofPerfia, 

Cuk* 1629. Ptfr/. faraJL 172, /i^. 2. 
/7. March. R If. 

Si^rinm 26. 1. coroDis imberbibus, foliis canaltcidatis, bulbts ge- 
cbium. minis fuperimpolitts, Sp. pL 59. 

Grocus-rooted Iris. 

Nat. of Spain and Portugal. 

Ckb. 1397, ^^^» *''*• 94- / '• 

/iMay. H.V. 

M O R £ A. Gm /Jl 6a 

Or. hexapetala: Pitala 3-interiora patenda; rclt-> 
qua Ireos. 

vegeta. >• M. Miis caimlicuhtis, Spic. plant. {9. 

Iris plumaria. Sjfi. vigtt. 89* 
a Moraea fpatha biflora, caule planiMo^ floribus Ouno* 
ribus. MilL k. 159. t. 238. / i. 
Small-flower'd Gmfi-leav'd Monea. 
9 Moraea fpatha uniflora, caule planifblioi floribus ma« 
joribus. AES. ie. 159^ t. 238. / i. 
Great-flower'd Gra&^leay'd Moraea* 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cidt. 1758, by Mr. Philip MiUen MU. u. be. eh. 
FLMzy. G.fl%. 


TRiAH?iL|A tconooTviA* Monea. 75 

a. M. fbliis gladiatis. Limt. mmU. a8. inJin^ 

SwoNiJeaWil Mona. ^^ 

J^ pf the Cape cf Gpod Hope. 
Qik. 1758^ by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL ic 159. 

/£ May and June. G. H. K. 

3* M. caule ancipiti uni-feu bifloro, foliis cnfiformibus : Ar/rm* 
infiinis fubfidcatis, floribus terminalibus, Linn. 


Dark-flower'd Monca. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

IntrmL I786> by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

FL G.H.h. 

WACHENDORFIA. Gut. pi. 6t. 

C$r. H^Eapetala, iaaeqiialit, iirfera. Qiff tiilecula. 

1. W. fcapo fimplici. Sp. pL 59. ihjrffkm 
Sioiple-ftalk'd Wachendorfia. ^^ 
NaU olOin Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. JUUk £fi. $£i. 7. 

FL May nd jun^. G. H. V. 

2. W. fcapo polyftachyo. Sp. pi, 59. pauioi-^Mm 
Paniclcd Wachendorfia. **• 
iSSit of the Cap* of Good Hope. 

Intrpd. 1767, by Mr, William Malcolm. 

Fl. Fcbnia7. G. H. U. 



C O M M E L I N A. Gen. pi. 6%. 

Car. 6-petaIa. NiSaria 3, cniciata, filamends pro- 

* DtpdahBy &b dui petalm mafora. 
ammMms. x. C coroUis inaequalibus, foliis ovato-lanceolatis acu* 
tis, caule repente glabro. Sp. pL to. 
Common American Commelina. 
Nat. of America. 
Cub. 173a, by James Sherard, M.D. DiB. ebb. 93. 

t. 78, / 89. 
FL June and July. H. O- 

afrkana. !• C. coroDis insequalibua, foliis lanceolatis glabris, icaide 
decumbeitte. Sp. pi 60. 
African Commelina. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

• Ckfr. 1759, by Mr. Phnip Miller. JISB. Ha. eHi. j. 

Me. 3. 

FL May Oaober. S. %. 

$ri&a. 3* C. condlis inaequalibus, foliis <mitD-IniceoIatis, caulc 
eredo fubhirfuto fimpliciffima Sj/l. vegit. 94. 
Upright Virgi^tian Commelina. 
Nat. of Virginia. 
Cub. 1732, by James Sherard» M.D. DHL ibk 91* 

t. 77. / 88. 
FL Auguft and September. H. If, 

* * TripetaU : Zanoniae Plumieri, petalis 3 majmhtt^ 
tuiero/a. 4. C. coroUis aequalibus, foliis feffilibus ovato-lanceolatis 

fubciliatis. 61. 
Tuberous-rooted Commelina, 
Nat. of Mexico, 



Cyr. 1732, by James Sherard) M.D. DilLM.^ 

#.79./ 9a 
PL June and July. S. %. 

5. C. coiollis ieqiialibiis» pedoneiifis incrafiti^ foltis ZotiwiW. 

lanceoUtis : vaginis tuoiidit maigtne ^iTf"tit|, bnc« 

teis geminis. £jy7. vegit. 94. < 
Gentian-kavM Commeliiia* 
A^. of the Weft Indies, 
a*. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. AGO. Ha. idh. ^. 

/I July ^peccmbcr. S.%. 

6.C coroilis xqualibus^ Miis bnceohtis, floribns pa* JpiraU. 
fliculatis. laim. nmnt^ 1 76. 
Spear-leaWd Commelina. 
Atff. of the Eaft Indies. 
ImroJL 1783, by John Earl of Bute. 
Fi July and Augttft. S. ©• 

C A LLI SI A. G^ii.y.63. 

CaL 3-phyllus. Pnala 3. jAahir^ gminx. Caff 

I. Callxsia. Spec, plant. b%. npins. 

Creeping Callifia. 
Ifat. of the Weft Indies. 
IntroJL 1776, by John Fothcrgill, M, D. 
FL June and July. S. %. 

S C H O E N U S 65. 

(?/M»ferpaleaceaB, univalves, congcftae. Gw-.o. Sm.i^ 
fubrotundum, inter glumas. 

I. S. culmo tercti, foliis margine dorfoque aculeatis. Marlfcm. 
Sp.pLf>i. ^ 


79 THiANDRiA iroNOOYKiA* Schoeina* 

Piicldy Bog-nifli, or baftsurd Cyperus. 

Nat, of England. 

Fl July and Auguft. H. %. 

2. S« culmo tereti niido, rpiculis ovitis fifciculatisj invo* 
^^* lucro fuUiexaphytio, fiJits canaliculads* 5^« 

CluftcrM Bog-nifh. 

Hat. of the South of Europe, and the Levant. 

Intr^d. 1781, by P. M. A. Brouflbntt^ M.D. 

Fl. H. V. 

mgruans. 3. S. culmo tereti nudo, capitulo ovato, involucri di- 
phylU valvuia akenir fubuhta longa, . Sf* pL 64. 
Black Bog-rufli. 
Nat» of Britain. 
FL July. H. V. 

ferrugi^ 4^ S. Culmo tereti nudo, fpica duplici, involucri valvuia 
neus. majore fpicam sequante. Sp. pL 64. 

Rufty Bog-ruOi. 

A^/. of Britain, 

Fl. July. H. If. 

cmpTif- S' S« culmo fubtriquctro nudo, fpica diftichii, involucro* 
fif» monophyllo. Sp. pi. 6$^ 

Comprefs'd Bog-rufli. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. July. H. t. 

Mus. 6. S. culmo fubtriquetro foliofo, floribus feTcicialatiS) 

foliis fetaceis. Sp. pL 65. 
White-flower'd Bog-ruflK 
Nat. of Britain. 

/y. July. ^ H. V. 



Gbmut pakaceaci diftiche imbricatK. Qr. Ob Siml i. 

J. C culmo compitflb bafi vilcido^ fioliiS afperif apice vi/c^ 
Clammy Cypenis. 
Nat. of Jamuca. 
Imrcd. 178 1, by Monf. Thouin. 
FL May— Aoguft. S. %. 

2. C. culmo oUbkCe triquetro pioftnto^fpicis fiibquater- 

nis fefflibus. *^- 

Cyperus pamiODicus. y^cpu auftr. ^ f. 2^ Uk. 
app. 6. Lbm.Jitfp. 103. 

Dwurf Cyperus. 

AEvf. of Hungary. 

Inirod. 1781, by Abb£ Pourret. 

FL July and Auguft. R O* 

3* C. culmo triquetro fbliofe» umbella fblioG fupiade- lm^9$. 
compofita, pedunculis nudis, Ipicis altemis. Sf. 

Sweet Cyperus. 

Nat. of England. 

/"/.July. H.lf. 

4. C. culmo triquetro nudo^ umbella triphyfla, pedun- flagons* 
culis fimplicibus insqualibus, ipkis confertis Ian* 
cedatis. Sf. pL 68. 
Yellow Cyperus. 
* i\^tf/. of France and Germany. 
Intrad. 1776^ by Mon£ Hiouin* 
FL July—— September* H« ^ • 

5. C. 



fufcuu 5* C* culmo triquetro nodo^ umbella trifida, pedunculis 
fimplicibus inaequalibus, ipicis conferds lineaiibus. 
Sf. pi 69. 
Brown Cyperus. 

Nat. of France, Germany, and Switzerland. 
Introd. 1777, by Mr. Thomas Blackie. 
Fl. Jiily September. H. e« 

aUimi^ 6. C. cuImQ triquetro nudo apice altematlm feliofo, pe- 
fiUus. dunculis lateralibus proliferis, Liniu nuaU. 28. 

Alternate-leav'd Cypenis. 

NaU of the Ifland of Madagafcar. 

Introd, 1 781, by Monf. Thouin. 

Fh February and March. S. V. 


Gbpiut paleaceae^ undique imbricatse. Cur. ^ ^^9^1 1, 

• Spica untca. 
fahfftris. i. S. culmo tereti nudo, fpica fuborata terminal!* ^p. 
Marfli Club-rufli. 
Not. of Britain. 
FL]vly. H. V. 

effpit9» 2. S. culmo ftriato nudo, (pica bivalvi terminal! longi* 
r^* tudine calycis, radicibus iquamula interftindis. Sp. 

pL 71. 

Dwarf Club-rufli. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. July. H. If. 

actenla' 3. S. culmo tereti nudo fetiformi, fpica ovata terminall 
^^' bivalvi, feminibus nudis« Sp*pL 71. 



Needle Upright Club-nifh. 


FL July. ft If. 

4. S. culmls terctibiis midis altcxnis, caule faliofb flacci- fiutoMU 

do. Sp.fLju 
Floating Club^ruflu 
Nat, of Britain. 
FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

•♦ Cubfu tereti p§h^acbi$. 

5. S. culmo tereti nudpi fpicis ovatis pluribus pcduncu- lacuftriu 

latis termlnalibus. Sp. pL 72. 
Tall Club-rdh, or Bull-rufh. 
NaU of Britain. 
FL July and Auguft. H. 4. 

6. S. culmo tereti nudo^ fpicis fubglobofis gtomeritis pe- /r«Zj/l 

dunculatis, invducro diphyllo ioaequali mucronata cbmws. 

Sp. pi. 72. 
Round-headed Club-ruflu 
Nat. of England. 
FL July. H. %. 

7. S. culmo tereti nudo^ capitulo latmali conglohatOi nmmms. 

braaea reflexa. Sp.pL72. Jat fm. au/r. 5. p. 2 j. 

Roman Club-ruQi. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
IntroJ. 1779, by Jofeph Nicholas de JacqiiiiH M. D. 
FL]uiy. aV. 

8. S. culmo nudo fetaceoi fpica terminal! firffili. Syfi» fitaauu 

veget. 99, 

G Lcaft 


Lcaft aub-ro(h. 
NaL of England. 
FL July and AugufL !!• 0« 

* * ^ Cuhno triqtutroj pamcmla nui^u 
mticrona^ 9. S. oilmo triangiilo nudo acuminatOi ^cis conglo- 
''^* mejpatis feffilibus lateralibiis. Sj^. viget, lOO. 

Pointed Qub-ruih. 

i^. of England. 

FL July and Auguft H. If « 

* ♦ ♦ ♦ CmUm triqtutra^ panicula fdUacea, 
martti^ 10. S. culmo triquetro, panicuJa conglobata foliaceay fpi^ 
^fo^* cularum Iquamis trifidis : intermedia fubidata. Sfn 
pL 74. Curtis land. 
Round-rooted Sea Club-rufh* 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL July September. H. If* 

btzuLe. U.S. culmo triquetro nudo, umbeQa fbliola prdifera, 
fpiculis fubrotundis. Sp, pi, 75. 
ClufterM Club-ruih. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Jntrod. 1 776, by Lady Ann Monfon« 
FL Auguft and September. S. If « 

fylvaA* 12^ S, culmo triquetro foliofo, umbelta fdiacea, peduncu- 
^uu lis nudis fupradecompoiitis, fpicis confertis. ip^ 

Wood Club-rufli, or Millet Cypcrus Grafs* 

Nat. of Britain. 

fL July and Auguft. H, If • 



KYLLINGIA. Lmn. fufpL it. 

Jmet^M ovatum f. oblongmn, imbricaCmii. Fkns 
caiyce corollaque bivalvi. 

I. K. c^pitulis tenninalibus fubtemis glomentit.lcfili- triafs. 
bus. Linn. fufpL I04m 
Schcenus niyeus. Sjft. veget. id, t^ p.%U 
Three-beaded Kyllingia. 
Nat. of both Indies. 
Introd. 1776, by Mon£ Tliouiiu' 
FL September ^November. S* %• 


Glttma paleaceae, undique imbricatae. Grr. o. Srm. l, 
Lana longiffima cindum. 

I. £. culmis vagtnatis teretibus, fpica icario&. Sp. vugsna* 
pL 76. Curtis hnd. ^«* 

Mountain Cotton^grafs, or Hare's-tail Ru(h. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL March and April. H. 1(. 

3U £• culmis teretibus, foliis planis, fplcis pedunculatis. pftffta^ 
Sp. pi. 76. Curtis lend. '*'♦*• 

Common Cotton-grafs. 
Nist. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H. H. 

N A R D U S. Gen. pL 69. 
CaL o. Cor. 2-valvit. 

I. N. fpica fetacea reda fecunda. Sjft. vegit. X02. Jlrilia. 

Nat. of Britain. 

/7. June and July. H. TJ. 



L Y G E U M. Gen.pL-jo. 

Spatha l-phylla. CirtlU biiue fupra idem germen. 
Abr bilocularis. 

Spartm. i. Lyceum. Sf.plj^. 
Rufh-leav'd Lygeum. 
Nat. of Spain. 

Intrtd. 1776, by Meflh. Kennedy and Lee. 
FI. May and June. ^ 'f* 



D I G r N I A. 

CaL 2-Talvislaiiugine imrolucntus. Gpt. ft-Tilvii. 

I. S. florRms paniculatis, foUis plamt. Sj/l. V€git. lOj. fffiom^ 
Common Sugar-cane. '^'** 

Nat. of both Indies. 

Cuk. before 1 597, by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. birk 35. 
Fl S. U. 

P E R O T I S. 
CaL nullus. G^. bivaWit: valvnbe squaki ariftade. 

I. Pbrgtis. UtifiSs^ 

Saccharum fpicatum. Sp. pL 79. 
Spiked Perods, 
Nat. of die Eaft Indies. 

Jntr^d. ijjjj by Daniel Charles Solaoder» L.L.D. 
FL Auguft and September. S. O. 


CaL 2-vaIviS| i-florus, carinatus, aequalis, marginibus 
interioribus redis. 

I. P« pamcula mutica fubovata fpiciformi, gliimis oalyei- canariim* 
nisnavicidaribus integris,coroUaquadrivalvi: val* fo* 
vulis cxterioribus lanceolatis gklviss inlerioribua 
Phalaris canarienfis. Sp. pL 79. 
Manured Canary-grafi. 
Nat. of Britain. 

FL June— -Auguft. H. ©. 

G 3 • a. P. 


aquatua. 2. P. panicula mutica cylindracea firiciforini, glumis caly- 
cinis navicularibus fubdenticulatis, corolla trivalri: 
valvulis interioribus villofis ; cxteriore miauta fu- 

Phalaris aquatica* Sp* pl^ 79. 

Water Canary-grafs. 

Nat. of Egypt. 

Inirod. 1778, by Monf. ThouiiL 

FL June and July. H. . 

fbUoides. }. P. panicula mutica cylindrica fpicirormi, glumis caly« 
cinis carinatis integerrimis fcabriuiculis, corolla 
bivalvi glabriufcula. 
a glumis calycinis nudiufculis. 
Phalaris phleoides. Sp. pL 80. 
Phleum pratenfe fi. Hudf. angL 26. 
Naked-cupp'd Canary-graft. 
arenaria. glumis calycinis ciliatis. 

Phleum arenarium. Sp. pL 88. 

Phalaris arenaria« Hui^. angL 23. 

Sea Canary-grafs. 

Nat. of England. 

FL July and Auguft. H. O 


4. P. panicula ovata fpiciformi, glumis calycinis navicu- 
laribus : dorfo dilatato, arifta receptaculi glumis 

Phalaris ucriculata. Sp. pL 80. 

filadder'd Canary-grafs. 

Nat. of ltz\y. 

Introd. 1777, by MonC Thouin. 

FL June— Auguft. H. O. 

paradoxa, 5. P. panicula mutica oblonga fpiciformi, glumis calyci- 

TRIANDftlA DIOYHIA. Phalariv 87 

nis navicularibiis unidentaDs» coroDa bindvi gb- 

b^^ ilofculis infimis premorfis. 
Phalaris paradoxa. Sf. pi. 1665. 
Briftly^fpiked Canary-grafs. 
-Afe. of the Levant. 
JnirotL 177!) by Monf. Richard. 
FL June and July. H* 0» 

6. P. panicula muticacylindrica fptdfonni, glumisoily- pamculs^ 
cinis carinatis fupeme gibbis, corolla bivalvi glabn. te. 
Phleum paniculatum. Hudf. ongL 26. 
Panicled Canaiy-grafi. 
^at. of England* 
Fl July. H. O. 

P A S P A L U M. Gen. pLjs^ 
CaL 2-valvis, orbiculatus. Cor, ejuidem mAgnitudU 
nis. Stigmata penicilliformia. 

I. P. fpicis alternis, rachi membranacea^ floribus alter- firMcw* 
niSfCalycibusmultmervusextu^lcrobiculatis. Linn, latuau 
mant. 29. 
Dimpled Pa/pal um. 
Nat. of the £aft Indies. 
Introi. 1778) by Sir Jofeph Banks^ Bart* 
FL July— — September. S. 1(» 

a. P. fpicis paniculatie verticillato-aggregatb. Sf^pk %u panicula* 
Panicled Pafpalum. * tunu 

Nat. of Jamaica. 
Introd. 1782, by Monf. Thouim 
FL July and Auguft. S« O « 

3. P. fpicis duabus : altera fubfeffili^ floribus aCuminatis. diftichum. 
Sp. pL 82. 

G4 Two 


Tw6-fpiked Pafyalum. 

Nat. of Jamaica. 

Introd. 1776, by John Fothcrgill, M. D. 

/•/.July. S. *. 

P A N I C U M. GiH. pi. 76. 

CaL 3-valvis : valvula tcrtia minima. 

♦ Sphata. 
Jiriceunu 1. P. fpica tcreti, involucris fetaceis villofis unifloris Ion- 
gitudine flofculorumy foliis platiis. 
Silky Panic-grafs. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. lySOyby John Earl of Bute. 
PL June— -September. S. © . 

virticiU 2. P. fpica verticilbta, racemuKs quaternis, involucellis 
latum. unifloris bifetis, culmis diffufis. Sp. pL 82. Curtis 

Rough P^ic-grafs. 
Nat. of Eqgland* 
- . /y.July. H. 0. 

flaucitnu 3, P. fpica tereti, involucellis bifloris fafciculato-pilofo, 
feminibus undulato rugofis. Sy/i. veget. 105. 
Glaucous Panic-grafs. 

Nat. of both the Indies, and North America. 
Introd. 1771, by MonC Richard, 
/7. June and July. H. ©• 

viride. 4- P* ^P»ca tereti, involucellis bifloris fefciculato-pilofis^ 
feminibus nervofis, Sp. pi 83. Curtis knd. 
Green Panic-grafs. 
Nat. of England. 

Fl July and Auguft, ft 0. 


TlllAKbRIA DltlTVIA. Pa&kui. if 

5. P. IpkM ^ompoRn, : ^c«dis gloneniit ielb iauafau i ^ tffftW fc 

ti8» pedmiciilis hiriiiin. 5f. //. ^3. 
Italian Panic-grais. * 

J^/i/. of both Indies. 

aib. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. RamL chilf. >i«. 3. ' 
FL July and AugufL S. Q. 

6. P. fpicit alternts fecuadii: Ipiculii fiibdtviCs, glumis Qiucf* 

fubariftatis hifpidis, rachi trigona. Sp. fL 84. ^'* 

Crov^s-foot Panic-grais. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Jntrod. 1 781, hj MooC Thoiiia. 
/"it Jul J and Auguft. t. O. 

7. P. (picis alternis conjugactfque : (piculis fubdivifis, Cna 

glumis ariftatis hi^dis, rachi quinquangulari. Sp. t^^* 

fL 83. Curth Und. 
Thick-fpiked Cock's-foot Panic-graft. 
Nat. of England. 
/7.July. H. O. 

8. P. fpicis alternis fecundis muticis, ovatis fcabriS) rachi cohnum. 

tfc/etiufcula. Sp. pL 84. 
Purple Panic-grafs. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cult. 1699, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. Muf 

Shan. mff. $25 and 3349. 
Fl July and Auguft. S. O • 

9. P. fpicis digitatis bafi interiore nodoGs, fiofculls ge- fangui-^ 

minis xDuticis^ vaginis fbliorum pun£latis. Sp* '^^^ 

pi. 84. Curtis land. 
Slcnder-fpiked CockVfoot Ptoic-graft. 
Nat. of England, 

FL Auguft. H..O. 

• 10. P. 


DaQjkn. lOu P. rpids digitads pateatibus bafi interiore viHofis, 
fioribus folitariis, larmcatis repeatibus. Sf. fL 85. 
Creeping Panic-grafe. 
Nat. of England 
/I July. H,V. 

fiBfirm. 1 X. P. fpicis fiibdigitatis approximatis ereftis linearibus : 
lachi flexuofa: dendbus bifloris : altero feflOL 
Sjfi. veget. 106. 

Clofc-fpikcd Panic-graft. 

Nat. of North America. 

Itttrod. 1 78 1, by Mcmf. Thouin. 

FL July September. H. 0. 

♦ ♦ Paniculata. 
^^hta- 12. P. panicula patente, ftaminibus piftillifque coloratis, 
turn. culmo ramofo. Linn. mant. 30. Jacqu. iV« 

Golor'd Panic-grais. 

Nat. of Egypt. 

/i»fr«^. 1771, by Monf. Richard. 

Fl. July and Auguft. S. ©. 

reptns^ 13* P. panicula vlrgata, foliis divariCatis. &p. pL 87. 
Slender Panic- grafs. 

l^at. ■ . Cultivated in the Eaft Indies 

Oaudi Rufely Efq. 
Introd. 1777, by Patrick Ruflil, M.D. 
FL July September. S4 O* 

miliace^ 14- P* panicula laxa flaccida, foliorum vaginis hirtis, glu- 
um* mis mucronatis nervofis. Sjft. vegetk io6< 

Millet Panic-grafs. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cult. 1597. Ger. herb. "3. 

/•/.July. S.G. 

• 15. P* 

TRIA^HORIA DIOTHIA. Pllliciim. 9! 

15. P. puiicidt ofiilkri crefim palcole^ frlionmi vigU f^Biig 

nis hirtis. Sjft. vegit, 106. 
Hair-panided Panic-gnfi. 
Na of Vifginia and Januuca. 
Qdt. 1758; by Mr. PhiUp MiUer. 
fl June ^Aiiguft. S. ©. 

16. P. panicula racemis lateralibus fimplidbtts feliis- kt^kB* 

OYato-hnceoIatis coUo pOofis. Sf.fL9b. ""*> 

Broad-kav'd Panic-grafa. 
Nat* o{ North America. 
ItUnd, 1765, bj Mr. Jdin Cree. 
/?. Auguft and September. H. 1(. 

17. P. panictdatum lamofiffimum^ foliis ovato-oblongis srhn^ 

acuminads. Sp. fL 87. ^««- 

Tree Panic-graft. 
Net. of the Eaft Indies. 
/itfradL 1776^ by MonC Tbouin. 
/I March and April S. 1^. 

18. P. panicula virgata, glumis acuminatis beyibua : ex- virga^ 

tima dehifcente. Sp. pL 87. twn. 

Long-panicled Panic-grafs. 
Nat. €3S North America. 
Intnd. 1781, by Mr. William Curtis. 
FL Auguft and September. H. %. 

P H L E U M. GiH.pL^^. 

CaL 2-valyi8, feffilis, uniflorus, truncatus, furcatus : 
FahuLf aequales : marginibus redis. Cfr» 2-vaI- 
vis, inclu(a. 

X. Phleum. pratenfg. 

m Phlcum 

^ TklAirORlA OIOrVYA. 

vidgWBw « Phleom ^nca cyUadrica longiffsna, culmo reAcx ^/. 
^/. 87. 
Meadow Cat's-tail Gra&. 
nodoiuin. p Phleutn fpica cylindrica, cvhno adUbendentc^ ibliis 
obliquis, radice bulbofiu Sjfi. not, 92. 
Bulbofe Cat's-tail Grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 

//.July. a It. 

Cal 2-valvis. Cor. i-valvis. 

inJUus. T. A. fpica tereti, involucellis fetaceiii ftfciculads biflo- 
ris, pedunculis villofis. Sj/i. vigtt. 108. 
Panicum alopecuroides. Sp.pL^i. 
Giant Fox-tail Grafs. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 

C«/r. 1748. JktilL diS!. edit. $. Paniaim6. 
Fl. July Oaobcr. S. © . 

lulbofus. fm A. culmo ereAo, fpica cylindrica, nuUce bulbofa. 
5j/?. veget. 108. 
Bulbous Fox-tail Grafs. 
Nat. of England. 
iF/.July, H. V. 

fratnijis. ^. A. culmo fpicato ere£lo, glumis villbfis, corollis muti- 
cis Sjft. viget. 1 08. Curtis lond. 
Meadow Fox-tail Grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL May. H. %. 

€igriftis. 4. A. culmo fpicato crcfto, glumis l«vibus. Sj/i.vigit.icli. 



Alopecunis mjofiiroides. Ciartis kmL 

Field Fox-taO Graik. 

Nat of BritaiiL 

FL ]vij and Auguft. H. % . 

5> A» ciUmo fpyali^ ittfraiftti^ CQgoflU iimtici$» 8]0.vqtrt. gemc^tom 
108. CurtifkMsL tus. 

Flote Fox-tail Grafs. 
A'tff. of Britain. 
ft Mayw,— Auguft. H.U. 

M I L ru M. Cfin ^ 79. 

CaL 2-valvis, unifl<Miis : valvulis ftibxquafibus. Ctr. 
breviffima. Stigmata penicillifonnia. 

I. &i pamcula fiib^ucata^ floribus ariftatis. Sp^pL^u ki^^ 
YeUov-fpiked Miliet-grais. mm. 

Nat. of England. 
FL June and July, H. O. 

%. l/L racemis digitatis, calycum valvula extarior^ cilja- amlci^ 
ta. Linru mant. 184* matu 

Spotted Millet-grafs. 
Nat. of India. 

Introd. 1778, by Sir Jofcph BaolU) Bart 
FL July— — September. S. 0. 

3. M. floribus paniculatis diiperlis muticis. Sp. pL 90. iffifum. 

Curtis knd* 
Common Millet-grafs. 
Nat. 61 Britain. 
/7. June and July. H. V. 

4. M. floribus paniculatis ariftatis. Sp. pi 9a paraiiMm 
Black-ieeded Millet-grafs. <^ 



Nat. of the Soudi of France. 
Introd. 1 771, bj Moii£ RichanL 
Fi July. 

H. 0* 

A G R O S TI S. Gen.pL%Q. 

CaL a-valvis, luiiflorus, corolla pauIo minor. Stigwuh- 
ta longitudinaliter hifpida. 

• Artjtata. 
fiicaven* I. A. petalo exteriore arifta reda ftrida longiffiroa, 





panicula patula. Sjft. veget, 1 10. 
Silky Bent-grafe. 
Nat, of England. 
FL July, 

H. o* 

2. A. panicula ifubfpicata, ramis ramuli(que £i(ciculatiS| 

valvulis calycinis alteraque coroUina ariftatis : ari- 
fta corollina breviffima. 

Alopecurus ariftatus. Hudf. angL 28. 
a paniculae ramis divulfis. 

Alopecurus monfpelienfis. Sp. pL 89. 

Great bearded Bent-grafs. 
P paniculas ramis adpreffis. 

Alopecurus paniceus. Sp.pL 90. 

Small bearded Bent-grafs. 

Nat. of England. 

FL]u]j. ' H. ©. 

3. A. petalo exteriore arifta terminali reda ftrida medio- 

Millet Bent'grafs. 
Nat. of Spain. 

Introd. 1778, by MonC Thouin. 
FL July. H. U. 



4« A. caljcibus elongads, petalonim arifta dorfidi le- canimi. 
curva, culmis proftratb fubninofis. S]fi.vigtt. tia 
Brown Bent-gnfe. 
.AStf. (/Britain. 
FL July and Augoft. H. V . 

• « MdUm. 
5* A. paniculae ramulis patentibiis mttdcis^ culmo it- ,Jl§hmft* 
pente, calycibus zqualibus. Sj/l. vigit. iiu ra. 

Creeping Bent-gni&. 
Nat. of Britain* 
FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

6. A. panicuh capillari patente, calycibus fubulatis aequa* ufitk'^ 
libus hiipidiufculis coloratis, floicults muticaa. 5/* ^** 

Fine Bcnt-gra& 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. Auguft. H. V. 

7* A. panicula laxa, calycibus muticis aequalibus^ culmo tfZkb 
repente. Sjft. veget. ill. 
White Maiih Bent-graft. 
Nat, of Britain. 
/•/.July. ^ U.%. 

8. A. panicula oblonga congefta, calycibus coroUilque mtxlca-- 
acuminatis fubscqualibus muticis* Linn. mant. 31. ^* 
Mexican Bent-grafs. 
Nat. of South America. 
IntTML ijSOy by Mr. Gilbert Alexander. 
FL June September. S. %• 

^ A. panicula contra£b mutica, racemis lateralibus imSca^ 
cx^EHs aherois. Sp. pL 94; 


f6 V&tANDRiA D.IGYNiA. AgTOftlS. 

IndiasL Bent-grafs. 

/if/ro^. 1773, by John Earl of Bats. 

FL July and Auguft. S. Q « 

•*♦ Cruciate, 
knku 10^ A. fpicis fubternis umbeHsitis, flofculis muticis oblon- 

gis acutw: valvulis calycinis febsqualibiiSy foliis 
vaginifque glabris. 
Forked Bent-grafs. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. John Gtrard Koenig, M.D. 
Jmtrod, 1778, by Sir Jofeph Banks^ Bart 
FL J^ly and Auguft, S. . 

iompldm }|, A. ipicis umbellatis glabris, valvulie exterioribus ca- 
^^^^* lycinis ariftatis, foliis complanatis vaginif<|ue glabris. 

Flat.ftalk*d Bcnt-grafs. 

Nat. of Jamaica. Mr. Gilbert AUxandtr. 

jMrod. 1779. 

FL July and Auguft. S. V • 

A I R A. Gen. pL 8i. 

CaL 2-vaIvis, 2-florus. Fkfculi abfque intexjedo 

• Muttca. 
ajtiaticM* !:• A. ponicula patente, floribos muticis bevibus calyc« 
longioribus, foliis pknis* Sf. pL 95. Curtis huL 
Water Hair-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H. % . 

♦♦ Ariftata. 
c^ffit^ % A. foliis pbLQiS) panicula patente, petalis baft villofis 
ajiftatifque : arifta reds^ brevi. Sp. pL 96. 



Turfy Hair-grafs. 


ft Auguft. H. V. 

3« A. fbliis fetaceis, culmis fubnudis, panicula divaricata, Jlixttofiu 
pedunculis flexuofis* Sf. fL 96. 
Heath Hair-graft. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL Auguft. H. %, 

4. A. foliis fetaceis : ftimmo fpathaceo paniculam infcme tamfans. 
obvolvente. Sp. pi. 97. 
Grajr Hair-grafs. 
Not. of England. 
FL July. H. v. 

5* A. foliis fetaceis : vaginis angulatis, floribus panicu- frac^x. 
lato-fpicatjs, flofculis bail ariftatis. Sp. pU 97. 
Curtu land. 
Early Hair-grafs. 
J\^. of Britain. 
//.June. H. ©. 

6. A. foliis fetaceis, panicula dlvaricat% floribus ariftatis ^^ry^* 
diftantibus. Sp. pi. 97. phjlUa. 

Silvery-leav'd Hair-grsiTs. 
^0/. of Britain. 
FL July. H. ©. 

M £ L I C A. Gen. pL 82. 
CaL 2-valyiSy 2-florus. Ruditmntum floris inter 

I. M. flofculi itiferioris petalo exteriore ciliata Sp. «V*tff«i 

H Ciliated 


Ciliated Melic-grafs. 

Nat. of the North of Europe. 

IntrotL ijyiy byMonf. Richard. 

FLJuly. H.V. 

nutans. 2. M. pctalis imberbibus, panicula nutante finaplici. Sf. 
pL 98. 
Mountain Melic-graTs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. June and July. H. If. 

UHsfiora.' 3.M. panicula rara, calycibus bifloris: flofculo alter© 
hermaphrodito; altero neutro. RitTui obf. i.p. la 
If. 9. Curtis bfuL 

Melica nutans. Hudf. angl yj. 

Single-flowered Wood Mclic-grafs. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. May and June. H. If. 

imruka. 4. M. panicula coarflata, floribus cylindricis. Zjft. 
veget. 113. Curtis lond. 
Aira cxrulea. Sp. pL 95. 
Purple Melic-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. ' 
FL Auguft. ft If. 

abijjima. 5. M- pctalis imberbibus, panicula ramofiffiauu % 
pL 98. 
Tall Melic-grafs. 
A^t of Siberia. 

Intrei. 1770, by Mon£ Richard. 
Fl. Auguft. H. If. 



P O A. Gifu pL 83. 

Gf£ 2-vaIvIs, multiflorus., Spicula ovata: valvulis 
margine fcariofis acudufculis. 

I. P. panicula diffufa, fpiculis ibcfloris linearibiia. Sf» apioticiu 
fl. 98. CMTtis bnJL 
Water Meadow-grafi. 
Nat. of England. 
FL July. H. %. 

2. P. panicula difftifa ramofii&may fpiculis fczfloris cor- g^ina. 
datis. Sp. pL 99. 
Alpine Meadow-graft. 
Nkt. of firitain. 
FL June and July. H. %. 

3* P. panicula fubdifRifa, fpiculis trifloris bafi pubefcenti* trhiaUs^ 
bus, culmo eredo terctL Sp. pi. 99. Curtis lofuL 
Common Meadow-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
fL June Auguft. H. %. 

4« P. panicula diffiifi, fpiculis quadrifloris pubefcentibus, anguftifi' 
culmo eredo tereti. Sp. pL 99. So. 

Narrow-leav'd Meadow-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL July. H. ©. 

5. P. panicula ereda, fpiculis trifloris glabris, caroDis Gtrari^ 
acuminata calyce duplo longioribus. Ger. pr90. 91. 
/. 2. / I. 
Poa G^erardL Jllion. ptdenu x p* 245. 
Panicled Mcadow-grafs. 

Nat. of the Alps of France, Italy, and SwitzerlandL 

Jntroi. 1775, by die Dodors Pitcairn and Folliergilll 

. FL April and May. H. O- 

Hi 6. P. 



fratefifis. ^ 6. P. panicula diffufk, fpiculis quinquefloris glabris, 
cuimo ere£lo tereti, Bf. pL 99. Gurtis lond» 
Great Meadow-graft. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fljmt. H.n. 

annua. 7* P- panicula difFufa angulis redis, fpiculis obtufis, 
culmo obliquo compreflb. Sp. pL 99. Curtis bnd. 
Annual Meadow-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
JF/. April September. H. 0. 



8. P. panicula difticho-fecunda ovata inferne patula, ra* 

mis fubtematts, fpiculis glabris, foliis planis, cul- 

mis adfcendentibus. 
Poa maritima. Hudf. angL 42. 
• Sea Meadow-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H. if. 

9. P. panicula patente, pedicellis flexuofis, fpiculis fer- 

ratis decemfloris, glumis trinerviis. Sjfi. veget. 114. 
Spreading Mcadow-grafs. 
Nat. of Italy. 

Jntrod. 1776, by Monf. TTiouin. 
FL July. H. O. 

mljigmtca. xo. P. panicula capillaEi laxa erefb, fpiculis quadrifloris 
laevibus lineari-lanceolatis, foliis glabris fubconvo* 
Poa abyffinica. Jacju. ic. mifiiU. 2. p. 364. Sjft. 

veget. II \. 
Poa Tef. Zuccagni monogr. cum fig. 
Tef* Ludolf. atbi9p. 1. 1. r. 9. n. 2. CMumnt, p. 137. 



Smooth upright Meadow-grab. 

Nat. , Cultivated ia Abjflixiia« Ji 

' Brucff Elq. 

/»/r«£ 1775. 

FL Auguft and September. 

G*H« 0« 


II. P. panicula laxa patentiffima capi]Ian> foliis piloiis, iOfilhriu 

culmo ramofif&mo. Sp. fl. lOO. 
Hair-panicled Meadow-grais. 
Nat, of Virginia and Canada. 
Introd, 1781, bj Mon£ Tliouin. 
FL Odober and November. H. 0« 

V%t ?• panicula oblonga capiUari fubverticillata, floribus tnnlk. 
.fexiloris minutiffimis hutantibus. S^. vtgit. 1 14. 
Small Meadow-grafs. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Introd. 1781, by Mond Thouin, 
Fl. July and Auguft. S« O* 

13. P. panicula lanceolata fubramola iecunda: ramulit rigida* 

alternis fecundis. Sjft. Vfgii. 114. Curtis UmL 
Hard MeadoW'grafs. 
Nat. of England. 
FLJuly. H. ©. 

14. P. panicula fecunda coardata, cukno obllquo com- amfriffa* 

preflb, Sp.pL 101. 
Creeping Meadow*grafs^ 
Nat, of Britain. 
FL June. H, ©. 

15. P. panicula attenuata, fpiculis fub-brfloris mucrona- 
tis fcabris, culmo incurvo. S^pl 102. 

H 3 Wood 



Wood Meadow-graft. 

Mat. of Britain. 

FL June, H. %. 

hS^ x6« P« panicula fecunda patentiulculay fpiculis quadri- 
floris. Sp. pi. Z02. 
Bulbous Meadow-grafi. 
Nat. of England. 
FL July. H. U. 

trtflata. xy. P. panicula fpicata,. caljrcibus fubpilofis fubquadriflo- 
ris pcdunculo longioribus, petalis arifiatis. Sj/l, 
veget. 115. 

Aira criftata. Sp. pi. 94. 

Crefted Meadow-grais. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

€iUaris. x8. P« panicula contrada^ glumarum valvulis interiori- 
bus pilo(b*ciIiatis. Sjft. veget. ii5« 
Ciliated Meadow-grafs. 
Nat. of Jamuca, 
Introd. 1776, by MonC Thouin. 
Fl. July and Auguft S. ©• 

B R I Z A. Gen. pi. 84. 

CaL 2-valvis, multiflorus. Spicula difticha: valvu- 
lis cordatis, obtufis : interiore minuta. 

mn$r* l- B, fpiculis triangulis, c^yce fiofculis (7) longiore. 102. 
Small Quaking-grafs. 
Nat. of England, 
Fl. June— Auguft. H. V. 

• 2.B. 


2. B. fpiculis ovads, caljce flofculis (7) i^ualL % vtrpu. 

>/. 103. 
Spanifh Qtiaking-grafs. 
Nat, of Spain. 
/«nWl 1787, by Mr. 2icr. 
FL July. tt 0. 

3. B. fpiculis ovatisy calyce flofcuUs (7) hrertore. if. fmdis. 

pi. 103. 
Middle Quaking-grafs. 
Hat. of Britain. 
/H June and July. H. If . 

4. B. fpiculis cordatis, flofculis feptendecioi. Sp. pL 103. maxinm. 
Great Quaking-grafs. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cidt. 1633, G^r. emac, 87. / 3. 

/7. June and July. H. O • 

5* B. Ipiculis lanceolatisy flolculis vigtAtu Sp. pL XOJ^ Eragr^ 
Branched Quaking-grafs. ^^** 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Introd. 1776, by Monf. Thouia 
Fl. July and Auguft. H. O* 

D A C T Y L I S. C«i. //. 86. 

Cal 2-vaIvis, compreflfus : altera valvula majore ca- 

I. D. fpicis fparfis fecundis numerofi^ floribus arfte im- qntfit'- 
bricatis, culmo ereAo. rrioiSm 

Da£lylis cynofur6ides. Sp. pi 104. (exclufis fyno- 

nymis Loeflingii et Raji) 
American Coek's*foot-grafs. 

H 4 Nat. 


iSf Nat, of North America. 

Introd. 1 78 1, by Mr. Wflliam Curds. 

K Auguft and September. H. %. 

Jhi^A 2. D. fpicis terminalibus fiibgeminis, floribus lemotis 
adpreflis, culmis foliifque ftridis., 
Dadylis cynofuroides. Loejl. it. 115. Htu^. ongL 43. 
Sea Cock's-foot-grafi. 
Nat. of England. 
FL Auguft and September. H. V. 

patim. 3. D. fpicis fparfis fecundis paucis, floribus arde imbri- 
catis, caule decumbente, feliis patentiffimis. 
Spreading Cock's-ibot-graft. 
Nat. of North America. 
Introd. 1 78 1, by Mr. William Curtis* 
FL July and Auguft. H. V. 

lUmsfa^ 4. D. panicula (ecunda glomerata. Sp. pL 105. 
'^f Rough Cock's-foot-grafe. 

Nat. of Britain. 
FL June and Auguft. H« %. 

CaL 2-valvis, multiflorus. JSUapt. proprium unila- 
terale, foliaceum. 

irlftatm. i. C. braaels pinnatifidis. Sp. pL 105. 
Crcftcd Dog's-tail-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL Aiguft. H. %. 

Hhinatus, 2. C. brafteis pinnato-paleaceis ariftatis. Sp. pL 105, 




Kough Dog's-tail-gnifi. 

Nirt. of England. 

17. Auguft. Re. 

3* C. fpica compofita : fpiculis fparfis : fru£Bferit enc- miatfirm 
tis, calycibus uni-biflorifque : glumis obtufis navi* *'''* 
cularibus : carina obtufa, cordllis acuminatit. 
Phalaris erucaefermis. Sp* pL 8o. 
Linear-fpikcd Dog*s-tail-gra&. 
NaU of Ruflia, and Hudfon't Bay. 
Intni. 1 773) by Monf. Richard. 
FL July. H. O. 

4* C. (pica fe(;unda, calycis gluma interiore fpiculii fub- Lamm 
je£bL 10$. 
Imbricated Dog's-tail-graft. 
Nkt. of Spain. 

Intrtd. 1776, by Monf. Thouin. 
Fl. July and Auguft. H. O . 

5. C. fpiculis altemis fecundis feffilibus rigidis obtufis dtanu 

appreffis. 105. 
Rigid Dog's-uil-graft. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Intr^d. 1776, by Monf. Thouin. 
FL Jvij. H. 0. 

6. C. bradeis integris. Sp. pi. 106. Jacqu. ic. mifall. caruUus^ 

2. p. 66. 
Blue Dog*s-tail-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl.]M\y. H.U. 

y. C. fpicis digitatis incurvatis^ culmo eredo compreflo^ coraca^- 
foUis fuboppofitis. Sp. pi. 106. ^^* 



Thick-fpiked Dog's-tail-grafi. 

Nat, of India.^ 

Cub. 1714, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort Br. Ahf. 

H. S. 138. foL 27. 
FI. JuljN— September S. 0* 

itgyptius. 8. C. fpicis digitalis quaternis obtufis patentiffimis mu- 
cronatis, calycibus mucronatis, caule repente, fbliis 
oppofitis. Sy^. veg. 117. 

Creeping Dog's-tail-grafs. 

Nat. of Africa, Afia, and America, 

Inirod. 1770, by Monf. Richard. 

Fl. July September, H. 0. 

inJUus. 9. C. fpicis digitatis linearibus, culmis compreffis dedi- 
natis bafi nodofis, fbliis alternis. Sf. pi io6. 

Indian Dog's-tail-grafs. 

Nat. qf both Indies. 

Cub. 17 14, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. Muf. 
H. S. 137. fol 21. 

/y. Auguft. S. 0. 

. virgatus. 10* C. panicula ramis fimplicibus, floribus feffilibas fub- 
fexfloris : ultimo fterili ; iniimis fubariftatis. Sf. 
pL 106. 

Fine-fpiked Dog's-taiUgrafs. 

Nat. of Jamaica. 

Cub. 1727, by Mr. Philip Miller. R. S. ir#. 273. 

J7. July September. S. %. 

aureus. Ii« C. paniculae fpiculis fterilibus pendulis teinatis, flori- 
bus ariftatis. Sp. pL 107. 
Golden-fpiked Dog's-tail-grafs. 
Nat. of the South of Europe, and the Levant. 
Introd. 1770, by Monf. Richard, 
Fl. July. H. 0. 


TRiAVOftiA ^loyniA. 107 

F E S T U C A. 
CaL 2-valvis. Sficula ohlonga^ ttiedufcuhl glmnts 

* Paniada ficunda. 

1. F. panicula fecunda : fpiculis eredlis, calycii valvuU hnmn^ 

altera Integra, altera acuminata, Sjjl, viget. Ii8. ^'* 
Barren Fefcue-grafs. 
Niaf. of Britain. 
FL May and June. H. Q» 

2. F. paaicula fecunda coarAata ariftata, culmo tetra-. §Vin0, 

gono nudiufculo^ foliis fetaceis. Sp» pL io8» 
a Gramen foliolis junceis brcvibus majus, xadice nigra* 
Baub* pin. 5. 
Sheep's Fefcue-grafs. 
Feftuca fpiculis viviparis. FUfutc. tJLi.n. 94. vivipara. 

Viviparous Fefcue-grafs, 
Nat. of Britain. 
/7- June and July. . H.I*. 

3« F. panicula fecunda fcabra, ipicxdis fexfloria ariftatis : ruhra. 
flofculo ultimo mutico, culmo femitereci. ip. 
pi. log. 
Red Fefcue-grafs. 
^f$f0 of Britain. 
FL June, H. 1*. 

4. F. panicula fecunda oblonga, fpiculis fexlloris oblon- duriufcu-^ 
git lacvibus, foliis fetaceis. Sp. pL io6. ^* 

Hard Fefeue-grafs. 
MuL of Britain, 
/i May and June. H. 1*. 



^lathr. 5* F. panicula fecunda ertStz, fpiculls fubariftatis : ez- 
terioribus teretibus. Sp.pLiii. 
Tall Fcfcuc-graf$. 
Nat of Britain. 
FL July. H. %. 

ngurus. ' 6. F. panicula fpicata, calycibus minutiffimis mudcis, 
floribus fcabris : ariftis longis. Sj/i. vigii. Ii8. 
WaU Fcfcucgrafs. 
tfat. of England. 
F/. June and July. H. O* 

mniglu^ 7* F. panicula fubfimplici coardata fecunda ere^ arifla- 
^'* ta, calyce univalvi^ ilofculis diftantibus. 

Lolium bromoides. Hudf, angL 55. 

Sea Fefcue-grafs. 

Nat^ of England. 

FL June and July. H. 0. 

• ♦ Panicula ^quali. 
dicum* 8. F. panicula ereda, fpiculis fubovatis muticis, calyce 
^^^^ flolculis nujore, culmo decumbente. Sp. pL i lo. 

Decumbent Fefcue-grafs. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL July and Auguft. H. H, 

Jbiitans. 9- F. panicuh ramo(a ereda, fpiculis fubfeffilibus tere- 
tibus muticis. Sp. pi. in. Curtis lond. 
Flote Fefcue-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H. If. 

fofyeifta. ZO. F. panicula coardata, fpiculis linearibus, calyce flof- 
culis longiore, foliis bail barbatis. Sp. pL iia 
Bcardcd-leavM Fefcue-grafs. 



Nat. of Spain* 

Introd. 1 78 1, by Mon£ Thouin. 

FL June and July. H. O* 

B R O M U S, Gen. pi. 89. 

CaL 2*yalvis. Spieula oblonga, tere% difticha: ariiU 
infra apicero* 

1. B. panicula patente, fpiculis ovatis : ariftis re£tis, k* ficaltmiu - 

minibus diftin£tis. Sj/l. viget. 119. 
Field Brome-grafs. 
Nat. of England. 
FL May and June. H, 0« 

2. B. paniculs^ erediuicula, fpicis ovatis pubeicentibus : mMu. 

ariftis redis, fbliis moUiffimc viUofis. Sjjl. vegeU 

119. Curtis Uni. 
Soft Brome-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
//•June. H. 0* 

3. B. panicula nutante, fpicis ovatis : ariftis divaricatis. fqumr^^ 

Sp.pL 112. >'• 

Corn Brome-grafs. 
Nat. of England. 
FL July. H. n. 

4. B. panicula ramofa nutante fcabriufcula, fpiculis linea- a^. 

ribus fubteretibus decemfloris pilofls ariftatis, cul- 

mo foliifque hirtis. 
Bromus afper. Linn.fuppL lit. Sjft. vegit. id. 14. 

Bromus hirfutus. Curtis lond. 
Bromus nemoralis. Uudf. angL ti. 2. p. 51. 



Bromus ramofus. Hudf. angl ed. x. p. 40. ij/i. 

vegeU ed. 1 3. p* 102. (non 103.) 
Bromus montanus. Pollich palaU 116 » Ritzii fcmi^ 

din, 124. Retzii obferv. 2. /. 7. »• 4. 
Wood Brome-grais. 
Nat of England. 
FL July and Auguflf. H. ©• 

Jiirilis. 5* B. panicula patula, fpiculis oblongis diftkhis, glumis 
fubulato-arifbtis. Sp. pL ii'^. Curtis land. 
Barren Brome-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H. G • 

arvififis* 6. B. panicula nutante, fpiculis orato-oblox^s^ Sp^ 
pi 113. 

Corn Brome-grafs. 

Nat, of Britain. 

/y. July. ttV. 

ttSorum. 7. B. panicula nutante, fpiculis linearibus. Sp.pU 114. 
, Nodding-panicled Brome-grafs. 
Nat. of Europe. 
Introd. 1776, by Monf. Thouin. 
FU July and Auguft. H. f. 

giganti" 8* B. panicula nutarite, fpiculis quadrifloris : ariftis bre- 
us. vioribus. 11^. Curtis land. 

Tall Brome-gra(s. 

Nat. of Britain. 

J7. Auguft. H.%. 

rubens. 9' B. panicula fafciculata, fpiculis fubfcflUibus villofis : 

ariftis ere£bis. Sp. pi. 114. 

Spanifh Brome-grafs.' 
^ ^ Nat. 


Nat* ot Spain. 

Introd. 1776, by MoaL Thouin. 

FA June. H. V. 

10. B. panicula rariwe patul<v-erBda, ipiciil|s linearibus : madritin-^ 

intermediis geminis, pedicellis fuperne incraflktis. fi^* 

Sjft. Viget. 120. 
Bromus muralis. HuJf, angL eJL 2. p. 50. 
Bromus piliatus. Hudf. angL uLi.fK^o* 
Wall Brome-grais« 
JMfff, of England 
/Z June and July. H, G. 

1 1. B. Ipiculis alternis fubfei&Iibus teretibus, culmo indl- pimtafus* 

vifo. 5/. ^115. 
Spiked Brome-grafi. 
Nat. of England. 
PL May and June H, % . 

12. B. fpicis duabus ere6Us alternis. Sp. pi 1 15, itjtachj^ 
Two-ipikcd Bromc-grafs. «. 
J\Stf. of the South of Europe, and the Levant. 

Intr9d. 1772, by Monf. Richard. 

FL June. H. O. 

S T I P A. 90. 

Cd. 2-vaIvis, unifionis. Cor. valvula exteriore arifta 
terminali : bafi articulata. 

1. S. ariftis lanatis. Sp. pL 115. pmnata. 

Soft Feadier-grafi. 
NiaU of England. 
i7.JulyandAuguft, R It. 

a. S, . 


juftaa. 2. S. ariftis nudis redtis, cajycibus femine longioribi0y 
fblii$ intus Isevibus. Sjj/i. Vigit. X2I. 
Rufh-leav'd Featfaer-grafs. 
Nat^ of France and Switzerland. 
Jntrod. 1772, by MmL Richard. . 

A V £ N A. Gin. fL 91. 

CaL a-valvis, multifiorus : arifta dorfali contorta. 

fibirUa. 7. /V. paniculata, calycibus unifloris, feminibus hirfutiS| 
ariftis calyce triplo longioribus. Sp. pL iij. 
' Sibefia(h Oat-grafs. 
JSTtf/. of Siberia. 

Inirod. 1777) by MeflTrs. Kennedy and Lee. 
/Z July and Auguft; H. V-. 

* • • 

ilaiitr, % A. paiiiculata; calycibus bifloris, flofculo hermaphro- 

dito fubmutico, mafculo ariftato. Sjift. vegiU lai. 

Curtis Und* 
Tall Oat-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/7. July and Auguft^ H. «. 

penfyha^ 3. A. panicula attenuata, calycibus bifloris, feminibus vil- 
^'^; lofis, ariftis calyce duplo longioribus. Sp. pL iij. 

. Penfylvanian Oat-grafs. 

Niat. of Penfylvania. 

IntrPiL 1785, by William Pitcairn, M.D, ' 

FA July. ^ • H.©. 

kefltngi' 4. A. panicula *contra£b, flofculis binis hirfutis: alcero 
^"^* * ped*inculato, apice biariftato» arifta Intennedia 

longiori, Sji/f. veget. I2l. 
Spanifh Oat-grafs'. 

TRXA^DRiA DiayKiA. Aveoa. 113 

tJat, of Spain. 

IntrtJ. 1770, by Monf.Ricbar4 ' 

U. June and July. H^ O^ 

5» A. pajiiculata, calycibus difpermis, feminibus bcfibus, /ativih 

alteroariftato. Syft^ vigit. IZ2^ 
a Avcna nigra. Baub, pin. 23. 

Cultivated Black Oat. 
a Avena alba« Bauh.pih. 23% 

Cultivated White Oat» 


F/.Jviy. ..H. ©. 

^6« A. paniculata,t:alycibus trifloHs, receptaculo calycem nuda^ 
excedente, petatis dorfo ariftatisi tertio flofcula mu« 
" tico. Syji^ vigit, 122. * ' 

' Naked Oat» 
FL July. H. ©• 

7. A\ paniculata^ calycibus trifloris, Aofculis omnibus fittuu 
ariftatis bafique pilofis. Sjft^ vegiU 122. 
Wild Oat-grafs» 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL Auguft. tt. V% 

& A. fubrptcata, calycibus fubtriflofis bafl pilofis^ foliit *^ubefceus% 
planis pube^centibtts. Syft. VigeU I22. 
Soft Qat-grafs. 

Nat. of Britain. ♦ 

JI June an J July* ^ H. 1t» 

9. A. paniculata, calytibus quinqueAoris : exterioribus Jkri&u 
flofculis ariftifque bail pilofis \ 'Viterioribus muticis* 
Sp. pi: II 8. Jacqu^ ic% folUSfn l»^. 90s 
Bearded Ott'-erafs» 

I NaU 


Nat. of Barbary. 

Introd. 1777, by MonC Thouiii. 

15: July. H.©. 

JlgVifam. If). A. pankida laxa, calycibus trifloris brevibiM, flofcidis 
omnibus arifta&s. Sf. fU J 1 8. Curtis hnd. 
Yellow Oat-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
-FA July. K%. 

fiagiUs. IX. A. fpicata calycibus quadrifloris, flofculo longioribus. 
Sjft. tfgit. 122. 
Brittle Oat-grafs. 
Nat. of ^pain and Portugal. 
IntrU. 1770, by MonT. Richard* 
Fl July. H. 0. 

fratinfis. I2. A. fpicata, calycibus quinquefloris. Sp. pL 1x9. 
Meadow Oat-grafs. 
Nat, of Britain. 
FL July. H. %. 

L A G U R U S. Gen. pL 92. 

CaL 2-valvis: arifta villofa. Cor. petalo exteriore 
ariftis 2 terminalibus ; tertia dorisdi retorta. 

0^atus. I. L. fptca ovata ariftata. 119. 
Oval-fpiked Lagurus. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cub. 1640. Park, theat. 1166. ir. i. 
Fl. July September, H. ©. 



A R U N D O. Gen. pi. 93- 
CsL 2-valvis» /Z^^k/i coogefU) laxia cinfii. 

I, A. calycibus muldfloris, Ipicis ternit rcfflibns. Sf. Bamhs. 
pi 12a 
Bamboo Reed-gnds, or Cane. 
Nat of India. 

Cult. 1730, by Mr. Philip MiBer. JLS.m. 409. 
FL ^ S.I9. 

2U A. calycibus qninqiieflorisy paiucok di£fu£^ culnio i)MMr. 
frudcofow Syjl. VigeL 123. 

Manur'd Reed-grafs. 
$ Anindo indica iaconica verficdor. MilL dlB. Terfico- 

Striped Reed.giafs. lor. 

Nat. of the South of Europe; 

Oik. 1648, in Qxftrd Garden. Htrt. mm. i£u l» 

FL July and Auguft. H« %. 

3. A. calycibus quijxiuefloris, paniculalasca. Sp. pl^ J2a phrMpnU 
Common Reed-graft. tis. 
AtfiL of Britain. 

FL July September. H. V. 

4. A. calycibus unifloris, panicula tit8tiL% Mm fiibtus tpigij^u 

glabris. Sp. pi. 12a ^ 

Small Reed-grafs. 
Nat. of England. 
/I July. H.V. 

5. A. calycibus unifloris Isvibus, corollit laouginofisy CalamOm 

culmo Tamofo. Sjft. vegH. 123. grofltu 

Wood Reed-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 

FL June and July. H« 1(. 

la 6. A. 



arenaria. 6. A. calycibus unifloris, foliis involutis mucronato- 
pungentibus. Sp* p'A 121. . * ' 

Sea Reed-grafs* 
Nat. of Briuin. 
/7. June-aiy July. H. If. 

tdbrata. 7* A. calycibus carinatis unifloris, corollis glabris bafi 
penicillis duobus lanuginofis, foliis planis. 
Phalaris arundinacea. Sp.fL 8o« 
Reed Canary-grafs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
■ . . • /"/.July. H. V. 

. L O L I U M. Gen. pi. ^S. 
, CaL i-'phyllus, fixus, multiflorus. 

I. L. fpica mutica, fpiculis compreffis multifloris. Sp. 
pi. 122. 
Perennial Darnel, or Rye-grals. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FJ. June- ^ H.%. 

2« L. fpica ariftata, fpiculis comprei&s multifloris. Sj^/l. 
vegit. 124. 

Annual Darnel-grafs. ^ ' 

JVtf/. of Britaifu 
, FL July and Auguft.. . • H. G«" 





ROTTBOELLIA. Linn.fuppL 1 3. 

Rachis articulata, teretiuicula, in plufibus filiformis;. 
CaL Dvato-lanceolatus, planus, fimplex vel biparti- 

tus. Flo/cult alterni in rachi fiexuofa. ' 


t. R. fpica terdti fubulata, gluma'calycina fubulata ad«- 
prci&i bipartita« Linn. fuppL u^ 

jSgtlops ' 


MgHofs incurvata. Sf. pi. 1490* 

Sea Hard-grafs; 

Hat* of £ngland. . • - 

FL July and Auguft ' H. A. 

E L Y M U S. G/n. >i 96. 
QJ. lateralis, a-^valvis, aggregatus, multiflorut. 

1* £• fpica ereda ar£b, calycibua tomentoGt flolculo antism 
longiortbus* Sp. pL laa. rius. • 

Sea Lyme-^rafs. 
Nat, of Britain. 
/7. May and Jttne« R V. ' * 

a. £. fpica pendula ar^ fpiculis binatift caljfte longio-. fiUrkus. 
ribus. Sp. pL 123. 
Siberian Lyme-grafi. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Cult. 1958, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
f7. June and July. H. !{• 

3. E. fpica nutante patul^ fpicolis inferioribus tematis ionaden^ 

fuperioribus binatis. Sp. pi. 12^. J^* 

Canadian Lyme-grafs. . "' ' 
Nat. of Canada and Virginia/ 
^Introd. be^re 16^ by (he Rfv. John -Banifter. 

Morif. hijl. 3..^. 180. w. 10. 
/7, July and Auguft. ^ . H. !{• 


4. £• fpica ere6hty fpiculis trifloriS| inToIucro ftriat<N vttgm^ 
• Syfi. vign. 125. ^ ^ €us. 
Virginian Lyme-gnUs. 

. Nat. of Virginia. 
' Intr9d. 1781, bjrMr. William Curtis. 

FA. - ' H.U. 

I J $. £• 


Caput 5* E. fpiculis biflortSi kwolucrU kfaom 
nudufs. Sp. pi. 123. 

Portugal Lyme-grafs* 
. A2i^. of Portugal. 

Introd. I784>by MonC Thoutn. - 

FL July. H. O. 

H]/hix. 6. £• fpica ereAa, fpicniis iiiToIucro deftttutis paCentK. 
bat. Sjfi. Viget. 125. 
Rough Lyme-grafi. 
Nat. of the Levant, 
Introd. 1770, by Monf. Richard. 
FL July and Auguft« H. O* 

S E C A L E. Gin. pL 97. 
Col. oppofitus, i-valvis, i-florus^ foh'tarius. 

tifiali^ I. S. glumarum ciliis firabris. Sp. pi. 124. 
hyber- ^ Secale bybernum Yd majus. Baub. pin. 23^ 
num. Winter manured Rye. 

vemuoL fi Secale vemuoi vel minus. Baub* pin,. 23. 

Spring manured Rye. 


FL June and July. H. 0« 

HORDEUM. Gem. pi. 99. 
Cal. lateralis^ bivalvis, unifloros^ ternutf. 

vti^pirt. I« H. floiciJis omnibus hermapbroditis ariftatis ; ordiai- 
bus duobus ere&ioribus« Sp. pi. iz^ 
Spring Barley. 
/v. July. H.©. 


a. H. flofculis omnkus hemuip&roditk aiflatia, femiiti- bexafiU 
bus fexfariam squaliter pofi^ Sf. pL ilj^ ^^^''^ 

Winter Barley. 
FLJvij. Re. 

J. R. lofeulb latenlibtts mafeuSi iii«Ciei% ftmbiilMit 4d§IM«il 
angularibus imbricatis. Sf. fl. 125. 
Common Barjey. 
F/.July. H. ©. 

4« H. flofirulis bteralibus mafeuBs mufids, feminibus ZiHritWw 
angularibus patentibus corticatis. Sf. pL ii^ 
Battledore Barley. 

FkyAf, H.e. 

5. H. floTculis omnibus fertilibus temis ariftatis» iavv- hJhffim 

lucris fetaceis bafi ciliatis. Sp. pL 125. 
fiuHxNis Barley. 
Nat. of Italy and the Levant. 
Jutrai. 1770^ by MonC RiahanL 
Fl. July, H% %. 

6. H« floiculis latendibus mafeulis ariftatisy involiioiit m^ rim am 

intermediis cSiatis, Sp. pL 12& Qtrtit ImuL 
WaU Barley. 
>Jto. of Britain. 
Fl. April-— Auguft» IL 0* 

7. H. floiculis omnibus ariftatis : bteralibos m«feuliS| tratitifi^ 

lAToIuccllis omnibus icabridis. 

I 4 Hordeum 



Hordeum^pntenfe. Hudf. angL 56. 
^ , " ^ Hordieum murinum $. Sp* pL 126* 
Meadow Barley« 
JVtf/. of England. 
i7. June and July. Elf. 

juhaUm^, .8« H. arlftis involucrifque fetaceis longiffimis. Sp^ pL 126. 
Long-bearded Barley.. 
Nift. of Canada and Hudfon's-bay. 
Jtttrod. 1 7 82, by the Hudfon's-bay Company. 
. FL July and Apguft. H. ^ . j 

TRLTlCUM. G^^99. 

CaL 2-yaIvis; folitarius, fubtriflorus. Flu obtufiuftu- | 

lus, acutus. I 

mftivwru !• T. calycibus quadrifloris ventricoiis glabris imbricatU 
ariftatis. Sp. pL 126, 
Summer Wheat, 

Nat. ' ] 

/7. July. HL0. . 

hjber* 2. T. calycibus quadrifloris ventricofis laovibus fmbn** 
«Mn> catis fubmuticis. Sp. pi. 126. ' | 

Winter or Lammas Wheat. I 

Nst. ! 

FL]m\j. H.i. I 

iurgi-, 3.T. calycibus quadrifloris ventricofis viilofis imbri- 
^f* eatis obtufis. • Sj/^. veget, 126,. 

Turgid pr Cone Wheat, 


4. T. calycibus bifloris nudis^ flofcuUt longiffnie srifia* f^lmcwfu. 

tis, racheos dentibus barbatis. Sp.pLuj.' 
Polifh Wheat 

Cut. 169a. Pluk. fhyt. U 231. / 6. 
/JLJuly. H.©. 

5. T. calycibus truncads quadriiloris, flofculis ariftatis Spibs, 

hermaphroditis : intermedio iieutro. Sf.pL ilj. 
Spe)t Wheat 
Fl. July and Auguft. ' H. * . 

6.. T, calycibus fubtrifloris : primo ariftato j intennedio nutidCH* 
fterili. Sj/l. veget. 126. ^*«» 

One grained Wheat 
Nat. . 
Cub. 1658, in the Oxford garden. Hort. oxon. id. %. 

fl. July and Auguft. H. © . 

y. T. Ipica ovata comprefla bifaria, glumis calycinis co- fr9ftr0* 
rollinifque glabris, ariftis fiofculo brevloribus. ^^^* 

Triticum proftratum. Linn.fuppL' 1 14. 

/Lgropyron triticeum. Gartner nov. comm. pitrefm 
XIV. pars I. pag. 540. tat. 19. Jig. 4. 

Trailing Wheat-grafs, 

Nat. of Siberia. 

Jntrod. lySO) by Monf. Thouin* 

FLJunt. H. ©. 

* . • • 

9, T. calycibus truncatis qulnquefloriSi foliis.i'nvolutis. jwuium. 

Sp. pf' 128; 
' Sea Wheat-grafs,' 
Nat. of Britaii^ 
«July, H:U. . 

Ill TRiAKDRiii vterntM. Triticviiu 

PiftiUm ^ T, calydbus qxaiMom fiibulatis 9cmmtu&^ (ctm 
planis. Sji/l. vegiL 127. 
I^og^s-grais or Couch-gnfi, 
Nat^ of Britain. 
Tl July and Avguft; H. %. 

tiHittimu xo« T. calycibus fubquadrifloris : flofculis muticis acu« 
ttS) fefiis fetaccis. Sf. ph X2jrt 
Dwarf Wheat-grafi. 
NaU of Spain. 

/jv/rodl X781, by Monf.Tbouin« 
/7. Jtdy. H. ©• 

umlaUm X I. T. calycibua unilatendibus altemia mudcis. £ank 
raU. numt. 35. 

Poa loliacea, HttJf. angL 43. (fed fynonyma cauts 

Spiked Sea Wheat-graft* 

Hat. of Britain. 

/£ June and July« H. 0% 

umoloUSfu XX T. fpiculis lineari-Ianceolatis carinalis diftiehisw 
Cynofurus ficulus. Jacqm. obf.%^ p^ 22. /• 43. 
Gnunen paniculis elegantiffimi% denfi% ficuluou 

Toum. infl. 522. 
Gramen filiceum paniculis integris« Bccu J^ 6a^ 


Linear-fpiked Wheat-gnrfs. 

.MiT. of Italy. 

Cuti* 1 758) by Mr. Philip Miller. 

FU July— 1-Septcmbejc H. C)« 




MONTIA. Gm.fL loi. 
Gd. 2-phy)his. Or. i-petala, irfeg;ulaiis, Cb]^ 
i4ociilariS) 3-vidni. 

Y. MoNTiA. j>. ^/. 129. CkrAt knd. fmttma. 

Water Chick-weed, 
ASif. of Britain* 
Fl. April apd Majr. R. q. 


Cal]dlus. P//tfZ0 5. Gqy: i4oculari8p fubcj- 
lindracea, apice dehilcent. 

i; H. floribus umbeUada, 8p. pi 130. umheBa* 

Umbd'd Holofteum. tw/u 

A'tf#..or England. 
Fi Jdy and Auguft. H. O • 

KOENIGIA. LimLm»t.i. 
Cat. 3-phjllus. dr. nulla. Sem. i, ovatum, nudum. 

I. KoiNiGiA. Linn. mant. 35. iflan£ca. 

Iceland Koenigia« 
Nat. of Iceland. 

Intfd. 1773, by Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart 
/7. April. H. 0. 

POLYCARPON. Gen. pi. 10$. 
Ctl. 5-phyUu8. Petala 5, minima, ovata. Capf. 
i-locularis, 3-valvi8. 

I. PoLTCAEPON. Sp.pLi^i. tttraphjU 

Four- lum. 


Four-leavM Polycarpon. 

Nat. of England. 

FL July. , H. ©• 

MOLLUGO. Gem.pLiQ6. 
Cah 5-ph7llus. Cor.o. Caff 3-loculari^ 3-valvis. 

verticil' i. M. foliis verdcillads cuneifonnibus acuds, cauk fiil>* 
1^^' ' divifodecumbente^pedunculis unifloris. ji^^il 131. 

Whorl'd MoUugo. 

Nat. of Virginia. ' 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MtJL £&. f£t. 7. 
no. \. • 

FL June~— Augitft. K O • 

M I N U A R T I A . Gen. pi. 107. 

CaL 5-phyUus. Cor., o. Capf. i-locularis, 3-valvis. 
Sent. nonnuHa. 

dicbotom 1. M. floribus conferds dicbotomis. Sp. pL ijl* 
•■^* Fork'd Minuartia. 

Nat. of Spain. 

IntroJ. 177 1) by M<m)£ RichanL 

FL June and July. - H. O* 



Clajfts IV. 



P R O T E A. Gin: pL no, in. 

Ccr.^ 4-petaIa (petalis fubinde vario modo cohaeren- 
tibusj. Antbersg infertae petalis infra apicem. 
Sem,^!, fuperum, nudum. 

• Pinnatx : foliis pinnatis^filiformibus, 
I. P. foliis bipinnatis filiformibus hirtis, pedunculis ca» Sirraris. 
pitulis longioribus, fquamis caiycinis ovato-lanceo- 
latis hirtis. Thunb, Protea^ ». 6. Sjft. vegit. 136. 
Cut-leavM Protca. 
Nat. of the Cjipc of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1 786,^ by Mr. Francis Ma/Ton. 
Ft. G-H. %. 

* 2. -P. foliis bipinnatis filiformibus,, capitulis fpicatis dif- AUatdn 
tindtis. Thuni. Protean «. 11. Sj/l. vigit. 137. 
Spiked Protea, 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
'Introd. 1786, by Mr. Francis Maflbn* 
PL G. H. b. 

♦ • Dentatae : foliis dentatisj calhfis. 
3. P. foliis qdinquedentatis glabris, caulc erefto, capitulo Conocar-' 
terminali. Thunb. Prot. ». 14. S^. veget. 137. ^* 
Tooth'd.lcar'd Protca. 





NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1774, by Mr. Fnacis Maflbn. 

G« H. ^« 

**^ ActwGt: /iliis fiSformShiSyfuhulatis. 
4* P. foliis filiformibus, floribus racemofis ecalyculatis 
glabris. Tbunb. Protea^ »• 20. iSj^. vegit. 138. 
Pine-leav'd Protea. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1 780, by Mr. William Forfyth, 
FL G.H.1&. 

racimrfa. S» P. foliis fiIifonii3>as, floribus cacemoCs calycubtds to- 
mentofis. Thunb. ProttOy n. 21 • Sjfi. vigit, 138. 
Downy-llower'd Protea. 
.A^. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
Fl. G. H. %. 

* ^ * * Lanceolatae : foliis elUpticis et Umciokiu 
MHlaaa. 6. P. foliis ellipticis, floribus racemofis ecalyculads. 
Tiunb. Protea^ n. 33. tab. 2. %?. vegit. 139. 
Widow-wail-Ieav'd Protea. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Msfit^ 
Introd. 1774. 
Fl. G. H. li. 

mmbiHa" 7* P* foliis ellipticts, capitulis terainaliibus, bra£bis mut- 
ta. tifidis. Thunh. Protea^ n. 34. 5;^. Vig€t. 139. 

Umbel'd Protea; 

A^i7/. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 2787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

Fl. G.H. %• 



t. P. fcliis ellipdcis glabrisy aqntulo termiiudi tomentofo. Jmuaris. 
Unmi. Prrtio^ m. 35. UA. 4. Sjfi. v$git. 139* 
Lincar-lcav'd Protea. 

Nai. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. FrmuUMtJim. 
IntroJL 1774. 
FI. G.H. «. 

9* P. fdiis lineaii-cuneifonnibtts fericeis, capitulo ter- thurta. 
mtnati fericea 
Gray Protea. 

Ml/, of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Framis MaJJin. 
Introd. 1774. 
Fl. Julj and Auguft. G. H. 1^ • 

la P. fotiis lanceolatis acutis capttuloque tenainali ro- ScofymMs* 
tundo glabris. Thunb. ProUa^ n. 36. £{/7. w^. X39« 
Small fmoodi-leav'd Protea. 
Hat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
IntrttL 1780, by die Couateft of Strathmore. 
JI May and June. G. H. 1ft» 

If. P. foliis lahce<dato->elIipttcis capituloque terminal! milR/ifa, 
oblongo glabris. Thunb. Protea^ n. 37I Sjfi. 
vegti. 139. 

Honey-bearing Red-bark'd Protea. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

/a/fvi. 1774, by Mr. Francis MaiToo* 

FL December ^February. G. H. 1^ . 

12. P. foliiis lanceolato-cuneifoimibus incanis, capitulo pbtnufa^ 
terminali oblongo, petalis inferne glabris, fuperne 
pilofis : pilis longiflimis. 
Feather-flowered Protea. 

Nat. of die Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Maffin. 
Introd. 1774. 

Fl. June Auguft. G. H. 1^ . 

13. P. 






t^TRANbRIA IfONOOtlriA. PrOttfl« 

13. P. feliis ellipticis obtufis callofis obliquis, capitulh 

terminalibus ramulorum glabris. Thumb. Prvtea^ 

n. 40. tab. 4. Sjft. vegit* 140. . 
Small-flower'd Protea. 
Mit. of the Cape of Good Hope« 
Jntr^ I774> by Mr. Fnuicis Maflbn« 

Fi. Auguft. cat. 

14. p. foliis ellipticis glabris acutiB callofis^ capitulo 

terminali involucrato, involucro longo acuto pal- 
lido. Thunb. ProtiOy ir» 41. Sjft. vegtt. 140* 

Pale Protea. 

Nat of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. i774,b7Mr.Ft-anci8Maflbn. 

i7. June. * G. H. 1^« 

15. P. foliis ellipticis glabris acutis callofis, capitulo ter« 

minali involucrato, involucro longo acuto con- 
colore. Tbunb. Pretea^ »• 42; Sj/l. VigeU 140. 

Cone-bearing Protea. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

ait. 175a, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dia. i£t. 6. 
no* 3. 

F/. April. G.H. lb. 

16. P. foliis ellipticis glabris obtufis, capitulo terminali 

involucrato, involucro brevi obtufo. Thunb. Pr§L 

». 43. Sji/l. vegtt. 140. 
Branching Protea. 
Nat, of the Cape of Good Hope* 
Introd. 1774) by Mr. Francis Maftbn. 
i7. April. GwH. 1^. ' 

JlroblKna* XJ* P* f^^iis elliptico-oblongis retufo-callofis capituloque 
terminali glabris. Tbunb. Protea^ s« 44* S^fi^ 
Vigit. 140. 



Obtdi>lca?M Protea. 
ASi/. of the Cs4pe of Good Hope. 
Inirod. 17749 by Mr. Francis Maflbo. 
^ilMarcli. G.ILl^. 

18. P. foliis lanceolads fericeis, caule firutkofi)^ o^Milia JkBpm. 

oblongis involiicntu. Tlnmbm PnUa^ n. 47. 

Sjift* vigit. 14a 
WiUow*lear'd Protea. 
Ail/, of the Cape of Good Hope. 
/n/rMT. 17741 by Mr. Fnuids Afaflbn. 
FL G.tLh. 

19. P. ioKis lanceobtU argtenteo-ttxnentofit ciliatist 4trgmUg» 

caule arboreO) capttulis globolis. Tbm/it. PnU^f 

n. 48. Sj^. Vigit. 141. 
Siltery Protea. 

A'tfT. of die Cape of Good Hope. 
Cub. 1693. PbH^ifh. troff m. 198. p. 664. 
/lAuguft. G.H. b. 

• • • « • Oblofigse : foliis obUngis. 
aa P. foliis oblongif glabris, capitulo oblongOi iquamis ^uiifiu 
calfcijits apice barbads. Tbunb. Prctia^ n. 53, 
Sjft. Vigit. 141. 
Oblique-leav'd Protea. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
liitriJ. 1786) by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL G.H.h. 

31. P. foliis oviris glabris odlofis, capitulo ovato, corol- t§tt0» 
lis cylindricis hirtis. nunt. ProtiO^ n. 54. Sjft. 
Vigil. 141. 
Upright fmooth Protea. 
AW. of die Cape of Good Hope. 
Intrii. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FU . G.H. 1^. 

K aa.P- 


bsrta. 22. P. foliis ovatis gbbris, floribus lateralibus. Thuni. 
Prvteoy If. 55« Sjft. Viget. 141. 
Hairy Protea. 

J^^•.of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 17749 by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL G.H. 1^. 

puhtra. 23. P. JToltis ovatis capifulifque terminalibus tomentofls. 
Thunb. Protea^ n. 56. Syjl. veget, jj^u 
Downy-leav'd Protea. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
tnirod. 1774) by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
i FL G.H.^. 

•••••• Rotundatx : fiUit fiArstundis. 

ijna'' 24* P. foliis fubrotundis petiolatis gbbris. Tbunk. PrtUa^ 

rridiS. n. jg. Sjft. Vigit. 142. 

Round-leav'd Protea. 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

FL G.U.\i. 


CaL communis imbricatus ; ^r^r/srj infundibuliformisy 
infenis. Recept. paleaceum. 

bngifolia. <• G* caule fruticofo^ foliis omnibus lineari-lanceolatis 
/ integerrimis, capitulis axillaribus. 

Alypum five Hcrba terribllis procerior, cortice ci- 
nereo fcabro, folio acuminato longiore. Skan. 
jam. i2^hijf. i. p. 19. t. 5./. 3. 
Long-leav'd Globularia. 
Nat. of Madeira. 

Introd. 1775, by Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart 
FL July and Auguft. G. H. 1^ . 

a. G. 


a/G. caule fradcolb^ fbliis lanceolatis tridentadt in« Afypum* 
tegriique, xapitalis tenninalibtts. 

Globularia Aljpum. Sp» fL 139. 
* Three-^oodi'd-leavM Globularia. 

Nat. of die Soudi of Europe. 

CWA. f 739. MB. dia. wL 2. «. 4. 

FL Augttft— November. G. H. 1^. 

3. G. caule herbaceO) fdiis radicallbut tridcntads i cau- vulgMris. 
linis lanceokuis. 
Common Globularia^ or Blue DaiQr. 
Nat^ of Europe. 

Qth. 1739. AftlL £&^ v§L 2. n. i. 
FL May and June. R V. 

4* G. foliis radicalibus crenato-aculeads ; caulinis inte- Jpi^fi^' 

gerrimis mucronads. Sp. pLiy^ 
Prickly-leav'd Globularia. 
Nat. di Spain. 
Oii. before 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dUt. 

i£t. 6. Mi 6. * 

FL May. G. H. %. 

5. G. caule fubnudo^ foliis cuneiformibut tricufpidads : crriifJU^ 
intermedio minimo. 5^.^.139. y^^ft^auftr.^ 
p. 26. /• 245. 
Wedge*leav'd Globularia. 
Nat. of Hungary^ Auftria, and Switzerland. 
QJt. 1759, by Mr. PhUip Miller. MU. dUt. idit. 7. 

no. 5* 
FL June and July. H. V . 

6.G. caule nudo^ foliis integerrimis lanccolads. Sp. nudicau^ 
pL 140. Jacqu. auftr. 3. p. 17. 1. 23O. ^'* 

Naked-ftalk'd Globularia. 

K 2 Nat. 


.Mil. of Auftriau 

Ckft. i739,byMr.FhiUpMUler. MUL£a.V9L%. 
iw. 2. . 

CEPHALANTHlis. G#ii. ^. 113. 

CaL communis o; pnprita fuperus, infimdibulifer- 
mis* Reapt. glob(^um, nudum. Sun. i, lanu- 

•eciditttam !• C. foliis oppofitis ternatifque. Sp. pL 138. 
Of* American Button-wood. 

' iST^. of North America. 

' Intrcd. I735»by Peter ColOnfon, Efq. CMnfrnfi. 
./7. Auguft.. H. Ift. 

DIPSACUS. Gin. pL 11^ 

CaL communis polyphyllus ; pnprlns fuperus* Riopi. 

fuUmunu i • D. foliis feffilibus. ferrads. Spl pi 140. 

a Dipfiicus fylveftris. Curtis knd. Jacqu. nnfir. 5. p. u 

t. 40a. . 
* WildTcafd. 
fiittvust $ Dipfacus fativus. Baub. pin. 385. 
Manured Teafd. 
Nat. of BritaSn. • 
KJuly. H. *. 

lacinia* 2. D. foliis connatis finuatis. ISp. pL 141. Jacpu . 
tns. aufir. 5. p. 2. i. 403. 

Cut-leav'd Teafd. 
Nat. of Germany t 
Cuh. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. Suibirl. bmrU 

iJin. 104. n9. 5. 
FL July and Auguft. H.t. 



3. D. foliis peAcifidB appendiculads. Sp. pL t4X* Omr^ fU^. 
hni. Jacfu. euftr. 3. p. 17. t. 248. 
Small Tcafel.^ 
AStf. of Britain. 
WAuguft. »•#•* 

S C A B I O S A. G^k ^iL 11$. * 

Gi/. communis polyphyllus ; prtprius dupleic, fiqienii. 
Ric^U paleaceum £ nudum* 

* ConttuRs quadrifidis. 
I..S. coroOuIis quadrifidis «qualibu% calycibtts imbri^ ' tfj^iM. 
catis, floribus cemuis, foliis pinnatis : foliolis laaocor 
lads ferrads. S]ft. viget. 143. 
Alpine Scabious. 

A^. of Che Alps olf Switzerland and Italy. 
Ck*, 1570, feyMr. Hugh Morgan. Uhil. av.lL%%. 

J?/. June and July. H. U. 


2. S. corollulis quadrifidis fubradiantibus, calycibus im- ripi$. 

bricads obtufis, foliis lanceolatis ferrads auriculads. 

Sjft. vigit. 143. 
Rough-leav'd Scabious. 
Nat. of die Cape of Good Hope. 
^^•X73i|l'7^- Ph. Miller. A£ll.£a.i£i.un.ii. 
FLJuij. / G.H.%. 

3« S. corollulis quadrifidis sBqualibus, calydbus paleiique trm^U 
auiftads, (bliis radicalibus lyradsi caulinis pionadfi- v^tta. 
dis. Sj/l.vtgit.i^i. 
Tranfylvaniaa Scabious. 
Nat. of Tranfylvania. • 
' Odt. 1699, by Mr. Jacob Bobart Mrs/ bift. 3. 
/. 46. n§. 13. 

K3 4*8« 

134 * TBTRAMDRiA icoHOOTKiA. Seabbfa, 

firiacM. 4. S. c«>roUulis ^uadri6dis «quain>ii3, calycibus imbricatif 
paleifque ariftatts, cauk iiicbotoaio> fdiU lancoobtis. 
Sjft. veget. 144. 
. Syrian Scabious* 
ITat. of SyriJU 
Qdt. 1699, by Mr. Jacob Bobart Mnrif bijf. 3. 

p. 46. »0« 14* / 6. 1. 14 / 14* 
f/July. H-^. 

4rtt/»irtf. 5. S. corollulis quadrifidis aqualibus, calycibus imbrica^ 
ta, tis : fquamis oblongis obtufis, foliis linearibus gla* 

bris intBgris bafique pinnadfidis. 

Scabioia attcnuata. lann. fuppL il^^ 

Narrow-leav*d Scabious. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope, Mr. Frantis Majfa. 

Introd. 1774. 

FL July September. G, H. \ • 

kueofh- 6. S, corollulis quadrifidis fubaequalibus, fquamis calycinis 
tba. ovatis imbricatis, foliis pimiatifidis. Sjfi^ Viget. 144. 

Snowy Scabious. 

Nat. of the South of France. 

Cuk. 1739. MIL dUI. vol. 2. n. 3. 

FL September and Odobcr. H. V. 

Succi/a. ?• S. corollulis quadrifidis aequalibus, caule fimplici^ ra- 
mis appro;dmatis, foliis lanceolato-ovatis. Sjft. 
vegit. 144. CurtU kwd. 

DevU's-bit Scabious. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL Auguft Oaober. H. %. 

itttegrifo' ^* S« corollulis quadrifidis radiantibus, folns uidivifis : 
Ua. radicalibus ovatis ferrads ; rameis lancedatif^ caule 

herbaceo. Sjft. vtget. 144. 
Red-flower'd Annual Scabious. 



Nai. of Fnuice and Switzerkiid. 

Ckft. 1748, by Mr. Phflip Miller. MIL £a.€St. 5. 

FL Ju n e A uguft> 


9. S. coroDulis quadrifidis radtandbiu, foliis laoceolatis Marica. 

pinnadfidis : lobis fubimbricality caMic hi^ido. 

Sjft. vigit. 144. 
Giant Scabious* 
Aiif. ofRuffia. 

IntrotL 1779, by Chev» Thunberg, 
FL June and July. H* i . 

10. S. coroUulis quadrifidia radiantibus, foliia pionadfi- arvtnfiu 
dis incifis, caule hifpido. S]ft, vigeU 144. Curtis 

Field Scabious. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL July Oaobcr. H. V. 

I r. S. corollulis quadrifidis radiantibus, fdiis omnibus ^hatk4* 
indivifis ovato-oblongis ferrads, caule hifpido* 
Sjft. veget. 144. Jacqu. aujhr. 4. f. 32, /• jfiX. 
Broad-Ieav'd Scabious. 
Nat. of Auftria and Switzerland. 
CuU. 1748. Mill ££!. id. 5. 
./•/.July. H.V. 

^* Corollulis fuinqueJUit. 
12. S. corollulis quinquefidis, calycibus breviiCmis, foliis 
caulinis bipinnads filiformibus. Sjfi. veget. 145. 
Cut-leav*d Scabious. 
Nat. of the South of France. 
Qilt. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller^ Rand. ehet. 

no. 10. 
FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

K 4 13* S. 



€9bimha^ 13. S. coroUuIis quinquefidis radiaadbusy foliis ndicalU 
^* bus ovatis crcnatiss caulinis pinnatis fetaceis. 

Sp.pL 143. 

Fine-leaT'd Scabious. 

\A^. of Britain. 

FL July and Auguft. H. %.- 

Jf^* * . 14. S. coroUis quinquefidis aequalibus calycebrevioribtts, 
fdiis lyrato-pinnatifidis. Linn. numi. 196. 
Scabio(a divaricata. Jacqu. bort. x. 'p. 5. f. 15* 
Sicilian Scabious. 
Nat. of Sicily. 

IntrU, 1783, by Abb^ Pouoret. 
FLAngaSt. H.0. 

mmiU 15. S. coroUuIis quinquefidis radiantibus calyce brevio- 
^* ribus, foliis pinnatis : fummis linearibus integer- 

rimis. Sp. pL 144. 
Sea Scabious. 
^/. of Italy and France. 
Cuk. 1683, by ^r. Janies Sutherland. StitherL 

bort, iJin. 310. no. 2. 
FL July. . H.0. 

'• ■ ' . 

JfiBata^ ^ i6.*S. coroUuIis quinquefidis radiantibus^ foliis difleSisy 
' i'*ecq>taci^is fion^ fubrotundis. Sjfl* vigiU 145. 
Starry Scabious^ 
Nat. of Spain. . . .' 
Cuh. 1596, by Mr* John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
/7. July arid Auguft. H..©. 

proUfira. i J* S. coroUulis quinquefidis radiantibus, floribus fubfeffi- 
libus, caule projifero, foliis indivifis. Sjfl. veg. 145* 
Prolific Scabious. • . '^ 

• ' Nat. 


Hot. oi Egypt. 

Qik. 1768. MIt. £a. i£i. 8. 

J7. Juljr and Auguft. H. O-^ 

18. S. coroUulis qfinquefidis nuliandbits, fbliit diflefiif, ^trtfwr^ 

receptaculis flonim fubulatit* Sjft. vigiUV^it fur$m. 
Sweet Scabious. 

Nai. , . • 

Cuk. 1629. Park* paroiL 324. «• 3. 
FL July— <— September. H. J • 

19. S. corollulis quinquefidis radiantibus, foliis pinna- argmtia. 

tifidis : laciniis linearibus, pedunculia longiffimiSi 
caule tereti. Sjft.'vegit. 145. ' ** 

Sflvery Scabious. 

Nat. of the Levant. * • ^ ^ 

Qdt. 1713, by Mr. Thomas Fairchild. Pbikfipb. 
tranf. n. 337. p. 58. n$. 88. 

J7. June— -Odober. H. U. 

20. S. cordluHs quinquefidis aequalibus, fbliis fimplid* afticumam 

bus incifis, caule fruttcofo. Sffi. viget. 146. 
African Scabious. 

Nat. of Africa. . ^. 

/mrvM/. 1690, by Mr. Bendck. Br. Muf. SUan. 

V'- 337<^ ' • • 

FAJuly Oaober. . G. H. li. 

21. S. corollulis quinquefidis/ foliis lanceolatis fubinte- eretUa. 

gerrimis^ caule fruticofo. [Sj[/l. Vigit. 146* 
Cretan Scabious. 
Nat -of Candia and Sicily. 
£Wr. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hol^. Gtr. . 
'K June-— Oaobei. G. H.1&. 

fta. S. 


138 TrrRANDRiA MONOOTNiA. Scabio& 

gramni'- 22* S. coroUuIis quinquefidis radiandbus, foliis lineari- 
fili^ lanceolads integerrimis, cauk herbaceo. Sjfi. 

vegiU 146. 
Grafs-leav'd Scabious. 
Nat. of the Alp$ of Switzerland and Italy. 
Qdt. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutberL 

bort. tdin. 310. n$. 3. 
Fl. July. G. H. %. 

faUefiina. 23. S. cordlulis quinquefidis radiantibus : laciniis omni- 
bus trifidis, foliis indivifis fubferratis: fimums bafi 
pinnadfidis. Linn. manU 37. Jacju. bort, i« 
p. 42. /. 96. 

Paleftine Scabious. 

Nat. of Paleftine. 

Introd, 1771, by Monf. Richard. 

Fl. July and Auguft. H. 0. 

§cbr$Uu^ 24. S. corollulis quinquefidis radiantibus, foliis bipinna- 
^^•, ds linearibus. Sjfl. vegit. 146. Jacpu au/ir. 5. 

^.19./. 439. 

Pale-¥rfaite Scabious. 

Nat. of Germany. 

Cub. 1 7 39) by Mr. Philip MiUer. Rand. cbil. n$. 19. 

FL July and Auguft. H. i . 

fafpcfa. 25. S. corollulis quinquefidis inaequalibus, caule her- 
baceo ereAo^ foliis pinnadfidis, feminibus ariftads 
plumofoque-pappofis. Sj^ Vigit. 146. 

Downy-headed Scabious. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Oik. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. RMni. del. no. 23. 

/I July. H.G. 



KN A UTI A. Gin.fLu6. 

C0I communis oblongus, fimploc^ 5-io*floniss pr§^ 
/n'tfi iimplex, fuperus. Chnlhila iixcguizte^ JU» 
€ept nudum. 

I. K. foliis lAcifis, coroUulit quinb caljce longioribut. mitttaBu 

Sjfl. viget. 147, 
. Oriental Knautia. 
Nat. of the Levant. 

Qtit 1713. Philofiph. tranf. n. 337. p. 58. m. 87. 
FL June September* H, O* 

SPERMACOCE. Gin. pt. ii^. 
dr. i^petala, infundibulif. Semina 2, bidentata. 

1. S. glabra, foliis linearibus, ftaminibus inclufi% flori- tenui$r. 

bus verticillatis. Sjft. VigeU 148. 
Slender Button-weed. . 
Nat. of America. 
Cult. 1 732, by James Sberard, M. D. DHL ibb. 370. 

Fl June Auguft. H. © . 

2. S. glabra, foliis lanceobtis, rerticillis glbbofit, Sp. vtrtiaL 

pi. 148. l^t^* 

Whorl'd-flower'd Button-weed. 
Nat. of Africa. 
C^k. 1732, by James Sberard^ M.D. DilL ibb. 369. 

FL June Auguft. S. Ifr . 

3^ S. hifpida, foliis obovatis obliquatis. f^. vigit. 148. bifida. 
Briftly procumbent Button-weed. 



JSTiif. of Che Eaft Indies. 

Intro4* 1781; by Sir JoTeph Banks, Bart 

FL Auguft and September. S. O* 

S H £ R A R D I A. rao. 
(hr. li-petala, infundibulif. Sitmna a, tridentata. 

€arvin/n. i. S. fdiiis omnibus verticillatis, floribus terminalibus. 
- Sp.pLi^ Curtis hmd. 
Com Shenurdia» •or field Madder. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL May and June. H. O- 

AS FERULA. GeH.pI.121. 
Csr. i-petala, infundibulif. Semina 2, globola* 

$derata. i* A. foliis odonis lanceolatis, florum fiif9iculis pedun« 
culatis. Sp. pL 150. Curtis bud. 
Sweet'lcented Woodroof. 
. ' Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. April — *.June. H. V. 

€rvenSsm 2- A. foliis fenis, floribus feffilibus aggregates terminali- 
bus. Sp.pLiSO. 
Field Woodroof. 
Nat. of France and Germany. 
Intred. 1 772, by Monf. Richard. 
FL July. .H. ©. 

taurina. 3. A. foliis quatemis ovato-lanceolatis, floribus fafcicu* 
-*' latis terminalibus. ' Sp. pi. 150. 
BroadJeav'd Woodroof. 
Nati of the Alps of Switzerland and.Italy. 
Cuk. 1739, by Mr. PhUip MlUer. Raud. cbeL Ru* 

/i April— June. H. ». 

4- A* 


4* A. foliit quaternis oblongis lateribus revolutis ob- craJj^iSa. 
-tuiitilctilis pitbeibentibiis. Uim. mant. 37. 
N4it. of die Levant. 
lMtr9d. 1775, by Monf. Thouin. 
FLJuac. , H,V. . 

5* A. foliif linearibut : inferioribus fenis s intennediis tinffrnM. 
quatemiS) caule flaccido^ floribus plerifque trifidit. 

Narrow-leav*d Woodroof. 

Nat. ofFruKCy Sweden, and Siberia. 

Qtbi 1 764, hy Mr. James Gordon. 

/Z. June and July. H. K. 

6. A. foliis quaternis linearibus : fiiperioribus oppofitii, €ynamii^ 

caule ereAcs floribus quadrifidis. Sjft. veget. 149. ^tf« 
Small Woodroof or Squinancy-wort 
. JVii^. of England. 
PA July. H. V. • 

7. A. fb&is quaternis ellipticis enerviis beviufculis, pe« lavigaia* 

dunculis divaricatis trichotomis, feminibus fcabris. 

Sjfi. Vigit. 149. 
Shining Woodroof. 
Nat. o( the South of Europe. 
Intrtd. 1775, by Mon£ Thouin. 
Ft. June. H. It. 


Or. l-petala, infundibuliformis. Capfula 2-locuIa- 
ris, 2-rperma, fupera. 

I, H. foliis radicalibus ovatis, caule compofito^ pedun-* cmruUa. 
cults primis bifloris. Sp. pi i%%. 



Blue-flower'd Houflx>iusu 

Nat. of North America. 

Ifdrod. 1785, by Mr. Archibald Menzies. 

FL moft part of the Summer. 

ft It. 

GALIUM. 125. 

Ctr. i-petala, plana. Sim. 2, fubrotundap 

• Fruiht glabra, 
rtibmdes. x. G. foliis quatemis lanceolato-ovatis aequalibus fubtus 
fcabris, caule eredo, fhidibus glabris. Sp. pL 152* 
Madder-leav'd Ladies Bedftraw. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
IntroJL 1775, by the DoSors Pitcaim and FothergilL 
/7. July. * 

palufiri* 2. G. foliis quaterms obovads insequalibus^ caulibus 
diffufis. Sp. pi. 153. 
White Ladies Bedftraw. 
.Mtf. of Britain. 
FL ixiXj. . H. %. 


3. G. foliis fubquatemis linearibus Isevibus, caule debili 
fcabrO) feminibus glabris. Sp. pi. 155. 
Mountain Ladies Bedftraw. 
Nat. of England. 
/7. July. H. V. 

ftltgino" 4* G. foliis fenis lanceolatis retrorfum ferrato-^aculeatis 
fi^' mucronatis rigidis, corollis frudu majoribus* Sp., 

M 153- 
Marfh Ladies Bedftraw. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL July and Auguft. H. V. 



5* G. foliis ienis lanceolatis carinatis fcabris retrorfiun Jhurium. 
aculeatis, geniculis fimplicibiis, frudibus glabris. 

Corn Ladies Bedftraw. 

Nat. of England. 

FL June. H. ©. 

6. G. foliis oAonis hifpidis linearibus acumioads fubim- fufiUtuiu 

bricatis, pedunculis dichotomit. Sp* pL 154. 
Leaft Ladies Bedftraw. 
iVb/. of England. 
FL July and Auguft. H. %, 

7. G. foliis ofionis linearibus fulcatis, ramis floriferis verum. 

brevibus. Sp. pL 155. 
Yellow Ladies Bedftraw, or Cheefe-rening. 
Niatm of Britain. 
FL July and Auguft. H. V. 

8. G. foliis oAonis orato-linearibus fubferratis patentif- M$Uug$^ 

fimis mucronatis, caule flaccido, ramis patentibus. 

Sp. pL 155. 
Great Ladies Bedftraw. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H. ^ . 

9. G. fidiis ononis lanceolatis laevibus margine fcabris, fyhatU 

pedunculis capillaribus, caule ereSo glabro tereti. ^^*^ 
Galium fylvaticum. Sp. pL 155. 
Wood Ladies Bedftraw. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1713. Philofipb. tranf. n. 337. p. 4a. no. 32. 

^/- July. H. V. 

la G. 


Kniffdi^ 10. G. foliis fubfeptenis lineari-lanceolads Isevibus, pe* 
um. dunculis capillaribus, caule ere^ tetragono. 

Galium linifolium. MilL di^. 

Rubia laevis linifoiia montis Virginia. BarreL k* 583. 

Flax^leav'd Ladies Bedftraw. 

NaU of the South of Europe. 

<^^- I7S9> by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL Ma. idit. 7. 
' no. 8. 

FL June and July. H. V. 

rigidttnu !!• G. foliis verticillatis linearibus fupra Icabris, pam- 
culisdivaricatis, cau^e ere^tereti pilofo^fcabriuf- 
culo. / 

Rigid Ladies Bedftraw. " ^ 

Introd. 1778. 
/y. June. . ftU. 

crtfta^ 12. G. foliis odonis lanceolatis laevibus, panicula capil- 
turn. lari, petalis ariflitis,' feminibus glabris. Sjft. 


Galium Ixvigatum.* Sp.pLi66jm 

Bearded Ladies Bedftraw. 

Nat. of Jtaly. 

Introd. i77S> by Mr. Thomas Blackic 

Fl.]u\y. H.-U. 

glaucum. 13. G. foliis verticillatis linearibus, pedunculis dichoto-> 
mis, caule Ixvi. Sjift. veget. 151. Jacqu. auftr. t. 
p. SJ. t, 81. 
Glaucous Ladies Bedftraw. 
• iVtf/. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 171 3. Philofoph. tranf, ». 337. p. 191. m. 48. 

'FL June September. H. If. 

• Fruihi 


* Fruau hljpidi. 

14. G. foliis quatcmis lanceolads trinerviis glabrisycaule hrtaU. 

tte&Oj feminibus hifpidis. Sp.fl. 156. 
Croft-leay'd Ladies Bedftraw. 
NaU of Britain. i 

FL June ^Auguft. H. % . 

15. G. foliis quaternis fubovalibus pilofis enerviiSy femi- pll^km. 

nibus pilofis. 
Hairj Ladies Bedftraw. 
Nat. of North America. 
Introd. 1778, by John Fotfaergill, M.D. 
FL June and July. H. U • 

i6. G. foliis ononis lanceolatis carinatis fcabris retror- faring. 

fum aculeatis, geniculis viUofis, fnidu hifpida 

Sp. pL. 157. Curtis Und. 
Common Ladies Bedftraw, or Cleavers* 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL May-^— Auguft. H. © . 

J7. G. foliis verticillatis linearibus, pedunculis bifidis, part/unfi. 
fru^Ubus hifpidis, Sp. pL 157. 
Snail Ladies Bedftraw. 
Nat. of England. 
• /Z July and Auguft. H.Q. 

CRUCIANELLA. Gen. pL 126. 
Cor. i-petala, infiindibulif. tubo filifermi ; limbo 
unguiculato. CaL 2-phyllus. Sem. 2, linearia. 

1. C. ere£b, foliis fenis linearibus, floribus fpicatis. Sp. anguftU 
pi. 157. folia.. 

NaiTow-leay'd Crucianella. 

• ' L Nat. 

14^ TtTiLAKDRfii M6noo¥NfA. CracianeUa. 

N^t. of the South of Fitace. 

Cub. 1659, in Oxford Garden, Hort. oxtm. tdh* % 

/Z June and July. H.O, 

latifQlia. 2. C. procutnbens, foliis quaternis lanceolads, floribus 
fpicatis. Sp. pL 158. 
Bn3ad*leav'd Crucianelia* 
NaU of the South of France. 
Cult. 1633. Ger. emac. 1119. /• 4. 
FL June and July. H, 0. 

maritima. 3. C. procumbens fuffruticofa, foliis quaternis mucit>na« 
tis, floribus oppofitis quinquefidis. Sjft.vegeUi$u 
Sea Crucianelku 
N^t. of the South of France. 
Cub. 1640. Park, tbiot. 275. fw. 6. 
FL June and July. G. H. % . 

R U B I A. Gen. pi. 117. 
Ci^r. i-petala, campanulau. Baaa 7^ mono^rmae. 

tin^orum. i. R. foliis annuis, caule aculeato. S^, veget. 152. 
Dyer's Madder. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cub. 1597. G/r. A/rA. 961. / I. 
/7. June. H. %. 

peregrin %» R. fdiis peptoaantibns liaoaribus iiipra bevifaus. Sj/l. 
*^» vegH. 152.. 

Wild Madder. 

Nat. of England* 

KJuly. H-«. 

3. R, 

TETltAHDltlA M<^N<H2YVIA« Rubia. I47 

3. R. foliis perennandbus fenis eUtpticis lucidis, caule lucUa. 

htYu Sjft. v€gii. 152. 
£liiniflg-kanr'd Madder. 
Nat. of Majorca* 

Introd. 176a, b/ Mr. Jamea Gordon. 
/I July. G.H. li. 

4. R« foliis perennandbus ellipdcis margine carinaque fruttc9fa. 

acukadS) caule frutefoente alpero. 
Rubia frudcola. Jacftu ic. c0lUn. i . ^. 7 1. 
Prkkly-leav'd Madder. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands. Mr. Francis Majfon. 
Introi. 1779. 
Fl September. G. H. 1^ . 

5. R. foliis perennandbus linearibus fupra fcabris, Syft. anguftifi^ 

vtgtt. 152. Im. 

Narrow-leav'd Madden 
Nat. of Minorca. 
IntroJL i772,byMonf. Richai>d. 
FL July aad Auguft. Q. H. V. 

CATESB^A. GifL pL 130. 

CSr. i-petala, infundib. longifima, iupera. Stamina 
^ inbm fimcem. Baeca pdyTpessuL 

I.CATBS»iEA. Sp.pklS^ fpm^ 

Lilly Thorn. 

Nat. of the Ifland of Provideaoe. 

Imnd. ijz6^ by Mr. Mark Catelby. MilLdUt. iSt. 8. 

FL moft part oiF the Sununer. 8. IS^ • 



I X O R A. Gin. pi. 131. 

Cor. i-petala, infiindib. longa, fupera. Stamina fupra 
faucem. Bacca 4-fperina« 

cHclma. 1. 1, foliis ovalibus femiamplexicaulibus, floribus faici- 
culatis. Sp.pLisg* 
Scarlet Ixora. 
Niert. of the Eaft Indies. 
Introd. 1690, by Mr. Bentick. Br. Muf. Skan. mjf. 

FL July and Auguft« S. 1^ . 

MITCH ELL A. Gen. pi ly^ 

Cor. I -petals, fuperae, binae eidem gertnini. Stigm. 4^ 
BaccahifAdij 4-fpemia. 

ripens. I. MlTCHELLA. Sp. pL l6l. 

Creeping Mitchella. 
Nat. of North America. 
Introd. about 1761, by Mr. John Bartram. 
/y. June. H. 1^. 

Cal. 4-iidus. Cor* 4«'fida. . Bacca 4^4^rma. 

amtrica^ l. C. foliis ferratis fubtus tomentofis. Sjft. vigit. 153. 
w» American Callicarpa. 

Nat. of North America. 

Introd. 1 724, by Mr. Mark Catefty. Mitt. dia. i£t. 8. 

Fl' S. t. 



WITHERINGIA. VHrntiirfirUimgl. 

Ctr. fubcampaunilata : tubo qitadrigibbo. GiA mini- 
mus, obfolete 4-dentatu8. Peric. 2-loculare. 

I. WiTHBRiNGiA. VHirtUfiTt. oHgh toh. z. Jilauacig. 

YcDow-flowcr'd Witheringisu 

Nat. of South America. 

Cub. before 1742, by Robert James Lord Petre. 

FL moft part of the year. S. V. 

Descr. CauUs herbaceus, vix pedalis, teres, e lateribus 
petiolorum decurrentibus angulatus, fordide ruber, 
villofiuiculus. F^lia alterna, gemina, ovato-oblon- 
ga, acuta, integerrima, pilofiufcula, palmaria. PetioR 
vix unciales, fupra duobus canaliculis exarati, rubi- 
cund!. UmbilU multiflorae, axillares, feffiles. P/- 
Junculi teretes, glabri, femunciales. Corolla dilute 
lutea : Tuhus fuburceoiatus, gibbis quatuor obtufe 
tetragonus, diametro fefquilineari ; lacinise limbi 
trilineares. Filanunta albida, extus glabra, intus 

B L ^ R I A. Gm. pL 139. 

CaL 4-partitus. Cor. 4-fida. Stamina receptaculo 
inferta. Capf 4-locularis, polyfperma. 

I. B. antheris muticis exfertis, calycibus tetraphyllis, erimdes. 

bnbSleis ternis longitudine calycis, fbliis quaternis 

oblongo-acerofts pilofis imbricatis. 
Blaeria ericoides. Sp. pL 162. 
Hcath-leavM Blaeria. 
Niat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
IntroJ. 17749 by Mr. Francis Mailbn. 
/7. Auguft— i-November. G. H. b • 

L 3 a.B. 


mufcofm. 2. B. antberis muticis (ubexfertts, calycibus monophjrilis 
piloiis, corollis campanulads fuperne pQofis, flori- 
Im9 sxillafibusy ftigittatibus pekads. 

Mo6-lea^'d Bberia. 

^tf/.ofthe Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis AAifin. 

Introd. 1774. 

FL June ^Auguft. G. H. 1^ .. 

B U D D L E A. Gen. pL 14a 

CaL 4-fiifan. Cer. j^&isu Stamina ex incifiiris. 
Caff. 2-ftilca, 2-IociiIaris, polyfpenaa. 

globe/a, I* B. fbllis lanceolatis, capitulis folitariis. 

Budleja globofa. Hope in aSf. barUm, vfiL 20. part. 2. 

pag. 417. tab. II. 
Palquin. FeuiUee it. 3.^. 51. /. 38, 
Round.headed Buddlea« 
Nat. ofChfTi. 

Intrad. 1774* by Meflrs. Kennedy and Lee. 
FL May and June. H, 1^ . 

fahifoUa. 2. B. fpliis lanccolato-ovatis cordatis rugoCs. 
Lantana ialvifolta. Sp. pi. 875. 
Sage-leav'd BudcUea. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1760, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FL Auguft and September, G. H. ^ • 

PLAN T A G O. Gen. pL 142. 
CaL 4-fidus. Cor. 4-iida: limbo reflexo. Stamina 
longif&ma. Capf. 2-k>cularis, circumfcifla. 

* Scap$ nuio^ 
^^r. IP. p. fbllis ovatis glabris, fcapo tereti, (pica flofeulis im- 

bricatis, Sp. pi. 163, . Curtii lond^ 

a Planfago 


m Phditago latxMk vulgiurii. Pari. iAm#.493» 

Great Pkntuau 
p Plantago major panicula fpar£u Baui» Ufi. j* p. 503. 

Bcfom PkntaiiL 
7 Plantago httfbliarofea9flor]ktfqiit£ia 4^ difpoficii. 
Baub. pin. 189. 

Rdfe Plantain. 

Nat. of Britain. 

/»/. Majr— *July. H. V. 

2. P. foliis ovads fubdenticu]atis pubdcentibiit norem- maxima* 

nerviis, fpica cylindrica imbricata, feapo tereti. 
Plantago maxima. Jacqu. ic. cM. i. /• Sa* 
Plantago. GmelJA. 4. f. 71. /. 35. 
Broad-leav'd Plantain* 
NaU of Siberia. 

Cnh. 17639 by Mr. James Gordon. 
FU July and Auguft. H. V. 

3. P. foliis ovatis glabris, fcapo angulato^ (pica flofculia afiatica. 

diftin£tis. Sp. pi 163. 
Asiatic Plantain. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Intr^i. 1787, by Monf. Thooin. 
/%JuIy. H.O. 


4. P. foliis ovato-Ianceolatis pubefcendbus, Q>ica cylin- miiia. 

drica, fcapo tereti, &p. pL 163. Curtis hnd. 
Hoary Plantain. 
Nat, of Britain. 
/XMay ^July. H.V. 

L4 5.P- 


virpmca* 5. P. foliis lanceolato-ovatis pubefirentibus fubdenticu- 
latis, fpicis floribus remotis, fcapo tereti. Syjl. 

v<?*'. 155* 
Virginian Plantain. 
Nat. of North America. 
Introd. 177S) by Monf. Thouin. 
FL June— -September. H. ©• 

Mbijlima, 6. P. foliis lanceolatis quinquenervtis dentatis glabris, 
fcapo fubangulato, fpica oblongo-cylindrica. Sp^ 
pL 164. 
Tall Plantain. 
Nat. of Italy. 

IntrcJ. 1774} by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquin, M.D. 
FL June and July. H. % . 

lanceola" 7* P* Mollis lanceolatis, fpica fubovata nuda, fcapo angu- 
ta. lato. Sp. pL 164. Curtis knd. 

Rib- wort Plantain. 

Nat. of Britain. > 

FL May ^July. H. %. 

Lag9pus. 8. P. foliis lanceolatis fubdenticulatis, fpica ovata hirfuta, 

fcapo tereti. S^. veget. 155. 
Round-b6aded Plantain. 
Nat. of Spain and Portugal 
Qib. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutberL bort. 

idin. 273. no. 5. 
/7. June and July. H. If. 

Ittfitamta. 9* P* ^^^"^ lato-lanceolatis trinerviis fubdentads fubpilo* 
fis, fcapo angulatO) fpica oblonga hirfuta. Sp. 
pL 1667. 
Portugal Plantain. 



Nat* of Spain. 

Jntrod. i78i,b7P.MA. Brouflbnet, MD. 

FL July and Auguft. H. ](« 

10. P. Ibliis lanceolatis obliquis viUofit^ fpka cyUndiica MiMU 
ereda,, Tcapo tared. S]ft.v^»\%fi. 
Woolly Plantain. 
Nat. (^France and Spain. 
Introd, 177O) by Monf. Richard. 
FL June— —September. H. %. 

X I. P, foliis linearibus planis, fcapo tereti hirfuto^ ^ica a^ina^ 
oblonga ereda. Sjft. vigit. 156. Ja<fu. bmi. a. 
/. 58. /• 125. 
Alpine Plantain. 

Nat. of Auftria and Switzerland. 
Introd. 1774^ by William Pitcairn, M.D. 
FL June and July, Jf. %. 


12. P. foliis femicylindraceis integerrlmis bafi lanatit, maritima. 

icapo tered. Sp. pL 165. 
Sea Plantain. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl^ July. a %. 

13. P. foliis fubulatis triquetris ftriads fcabris, fcapo fubulata, 

tereti. Sp. pL 166. 
Awl-leav'd Plantain. ' 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Introd. 1773, by John Earl of Bute. 

^'- July- H. %. 

14. p. foliis linearibus dentatis, fcapo tereti. Sp. pi. 166. Oralis. 
Buckfliorn Plantain. > pus. 
Nat. of Britain. 

FL June Auguft. H. © . 

15. P. 


larflingiL I5« P. foliis linearibus fubdentatis, fcapo tereti) fpica 
ovmta : hn£lm carinatn moDbranaceis, Sp. 
pi. i66. Jacqu. hart. 2. /v. 58* 1. 126» 

Narrow-leav'd Plantain. 

Na. of England; 

FL July aad Avgaft. H. O* 

•* Cornier armfi. 
PJylliunu 16. P. caule ramofo herbGK:eo, feltis lub^n^s rec«rva- 
tis, capituli^ aphyllis. Sp. pi. 167. 
Clammy Plantain. • 

A^4f . of the South of Europe, and the Canary Iflanck. 
Cult. 1561. Turn, hirb^ part. 2. y&/. 1 05. verfi^ 
FL July, H. O. 


f^uarrd" jj. P. herbacea^ caulibus ramofo (fifflifis dccumbentibus^ 
foUis linearibus integerrimis, capitulis fquarrofis* 
JHurraj in eommentaU getting. ijSi. p.. 38. fab. 2* 
Sjft. veget, 156. 

Plantago acgypttaca^ J^^^i^. ic. colUSi. i. ^•45. 

Leafy-fpiked Plantain. 

Introd. 1787, by Mr. Zicr, 

FL Auguft and September. H. O* 

indice. s8. P. caule ramofo berbaceo, foliis integerriniis reflexia 
ciliatis, capitulis foliofis. Sj/fi^ ^V^* 1^* 
Indian Plantain. 
Nat. of Egypt and India. 
Cult. 1683, by Mr. Jamea. Sudietland. S^ttberL tort, 

edin. 280. no. 3. 
, FL July and Auguft. H. O ^ 

Cynopu 19. P. caule ramofo fruticofo, foliis filifbrmibitt integer* 
rimis ftri£lis, capitulis fubfoliatia. Sp. pL 167. 



Shrubby Plantain* 

Nat. of the South of EuropCr 

Cidu 1596, by Mr. John Gerard Htft. Gff. 

FL May— Auguft. H, h • 

SCOPARIA. Gin. pL 143. 

CaL 4-partitu8. Cor. 4-partita, rotata. Caff, t^ 
locularis, 2-vaIvis, polyfperma. 

I. S. foliis ternis^ floribus peduncidatts. Sp. ft. l68» duUis. 
Sweet Scoparia*^ 
Nat. of Jamaica. 

Cult. 1730^ by Mr. Philip Milkr. R, S. tu. 450. 
FL Ju n e ■ September. S. O* 


CaL 4-fidus. Cor. 4-iida, patens. Stamina brevia. 
Caff. i*Iocularis, circumfciila* 

I. Centunculus. Sp. pL 169. Curtis Imi. minimus. 

Small Centunculus, or Bafbrd PimpemeK 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June July. H. ©. 

SANGUISORBA. Gin. pi. i^. 
CaL 2-phyIIus. Qemun inter calycem corollamque, 

I. S. fpicis ovatis. Sp. pL 169. ffficinalii^ 

a Pimpinella fanguiforba major. Bauh. pin. i6a 

Common Burnet-Saxifrage. 
9 Pimpindla major rigida praedta auriculata Sabauda. 
Bocc. muf. p. 19. t. 9. 
Ear-leav'd Burnet-Saxifrage. 
Nat. a of Britain, and $ of Italy* 

FL June Auguft. H. % . 

2. S^ 


media. 2. S. fpicis cylindricis. Sp* pL 169. 
Short-fpiked Burnet-Saxifrage. 
Nat. qf Caiuda. 
Introd. 1785, by Mr. John Bell. 
FL July —September. H. % . 

tanaden^ 3. S. Ipicis longiffimis. ^ Sp. pL 169. 
fo* Canadian Burnet-Saxifrage. ' 

Nat. of North America. 

Cuk. 1640. Park. theaU 583. / 4. 
' FL June September. . H. 1{. 





C I S S U S. Gen. pi. 147. 
Bacca i-fperma, cin&ibdyce CoroUaque quadripartita. 

I. C. {bliis cordatis fubquinquelobis tomentofis. Sp. 

pi. 170. 
Vine-leavM Ciflus. 
Nat. of India. 
/if/r0^ about 1772. 
Fl.' S. %. 

%. C. foliis fubcordatis nudis fetaceo^ierratis, ramulis te- 
retibus. Sjft. veget. 158. 
Heart-leav'd Cifiiis. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 
Cult, before 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. AftU. dia. 

edit. 8. 
Fl. S. h . 

3. C. foliis ternatis obovatis ^labris camofis incifis. 
Syjl. veget. 158. 
Three-leav'd Ciffus. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 



Cub. 16929 in the Rojral Garden at Haaipton^K^ourt 

Plui. pbyt. t 152./. 2. 
/• S. b. 


NeStaria 4, cyathiformia, petalis incumbentla. C9r. 
4-petaIa. CaL caducus. Siliqua. 

I. Epimedium. Sp.pLjju al^mm. 

Nat. of the Alps of Italy. 
CuH. 1590, by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. herb. 389. 
FL April and May. H. %. 

C O R N U S. Gtn. pi. 149. 

Involucrum 4-phyllum faepius. PetaU fupera, 4. 
Drupa nucleo 2-loculari. 

* Involucratm. 

1. C. herbacea, ramis binis. Sp. pi. 171. fuicica. 
Herbaceous Dogwood. 

Nat. of Britain. 

/7.June. H.V. 

2. C. herbacea, ramis nullis. ^j^. fL 172. LHerit. canadm^ 

com. n.2- tab. i. fi^* 

Canadian Dogwood. 
Nat. of Canada. 

Introi. 1774, by John Fothergill, M.D, 
/7. Auguft. H. V. 

3. C. arborea, involucro maximo : foliolis obcordatis. JkrUa* 

Sp. pi. iji. 
Great-flower'd Dogwood. 



Nat. of North America. 

Cult. 1739, by Mr- Philip Miller* MJL Ha. ^L 2. 

m. 3. 
/7. April and May. H. ft. 

mafitda. 4. C. arborea, umbellis involucrum aequantibus. Sfm 
pL 171. 
Cornelian Cherry or Dogwood. 
Nat. of Auftria. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. HorL Ger. 
FL February April. H. \ . 

♦• Nuda. 

fanguU 5. C« ramis re&is, foliis ovatis concoloribus, cymis 
*^^' depreiEs. VHtrit. com. n. 5. 

Cornus fangvinea. 5p. fUi'ju 

Couunon Dogwood. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. June and July. H. 1^ . 

Jiriaa. 6. C. ramis patulis, foliis ovatis fubtus femigineo ieri- 

ceis, cymis deprefSs. UHertt. com. n. 6. tab. 2. 
Cornus fericea. Linn. mant. 199. 
Cornus Amomum. A£ll. dUf. 4u Rot hort. barhecc. 

164. obf, hot. 7* 
Cornus femina, floribus candidiffimis umbellatim dif- 

pofitis, baccis cteruleo-viridibus. Gron» virg. 20. 
Cornus americana fylveftris, domefticae fimills, bacca 

caerulei colons. Plui. pb/t. t i6g. /. J. 
Blue-berried Dogwood. 
Nat. of North America. 
Culf* 1 759) by Mr. Philip Miller. AfiiL di&. ^MO. 7. 

«• 5. 
77. Auguft. H, t. 

7. C. 


7* C. ramis recurvatis, foliis lato^ovads fubtus canis, albs. 
cymis 4rp]«fi<. VHerit. e$rm. n. 7. 
CornHS albft. Liniu mmH. 40. 
Comus tartarica.. Mill. JUQ. 
Whitc-bcrricd Dogwood. 
Nat. of North America and Siberia* 
Cub. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MilL dla. $JL 7. 

«. 7. 
Fl June September. H. \ . 

8. C. ramis ftridis, foliis ovatis concoloribus nudiuiculis, JlriiUi. 

cymis paMcuIatis, VHtrit. am. n. 9. tab. 4. 
Upright Dogwood. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
Fi June and July, H. ^. 

9. C. ramis ereAis, foh'h ovatis fphtus canls, cymis pani- paniada* 

culatis. VHtrit. com. n. 10. tab. 5. ta. 

New Holland Dogwood. 
Nat. of North America. 
Quit. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
Fl. June and July. H. 1^ . 

la C. folii3 alternis. Linn, fuppl. 125. UHerit^ C9m. abimifi* 

n. I r. tab. 6. lia. 

a ramis rtbris. coraflina. 

S.ed-twtgM Alternate-leay'd Dogwood. 
ramis viridibus. virefccns. 

Grecn-twig'd Alternate-leav'd Dogwood. 
Nat. of North America. 
Qdt. 1760, by Mr. James Gordon, 
FL September. H. %. 




SAMARA. Linn, mant 144. 

CgL 4-ph^llus. Cor. 4-petala. Stam. fetalis inferta. 
Drufa i-fperma. 

pentan^ i. S. foliis pentandris^ foliis ellipticis. 
^^* Pentandrous Samara* 

. Nat, of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. about 1770. 

^ FL November February. G. H. 1^ . 


CaL a Petalum trilobum later! germinis inlidens. 
Anther a petalo accretae. Bacca i-(perma. 

inconfpi' I. Chlorakthus. Swartz in pbilrftpb. tranfoB. vol 
««J» 77. fag. 359. tab. 14. VHerit. fert. angL tab. 1. 

Nigrina fpicata. Thunb*jap9n. 65. 

Tea-leav'd Chloranthus, or Chu4an. 

Nat. of China. 

Introd. 1781, by James Lind, M.D. 

FL moft part of the year. S. 1^ . 

MONETIA. VHeriti€rJlirp.nav. 
CaL 4-fidus. Pet. 4. Bacca f 2-locularis. Sem. folitaria. 

barleri' «• Mok«tia. V Heritier ftirp. nov. p. 1. 1. 1. 

mdes. Azima tetracantha. de Lamarck encyclop. i. p. 343^ 

Four-fpin'd Monetia. 

A&/. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cult. 1758, by Mr. Philip MiBen 

FL July. S. h • 



,. J 


F A G A R A. Gen. pi. 150. 

CmL 4«fidui. Cirr. 4-petila. Ck/f bivalvis, mono- 

1. F. ibliolis emargiiutis. Sp. pi 172. Puma. 
Lentifciis4eair'd Fagara. 

Nat. of J&maica. 

Cub. 1768, by Mr. PhUip Miller. MU. Ha. sdk. 8. 

Ft Attguft and September. S. b* 

2. F. fofiolis crenatis. Sp. pL 172. Piperita. 
A<h-leavM Faganu 

Nat. ofJupSLtk. 

Intr^d. 1773) by Sir James Cockburn, Bart. 

Fl. Sepiember. G. H. ^ . 

3. F. articulis pinnarum (iibtus acoleads. Sp. pL 172. Tragoitt. 
Pr|ckly-leav'd Fagara. 

Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

^*- i7S9i by Philip Miller. MiU. SBf. edit. 7. 

Schinus 2. 
FL 3. IS?. 

^GIPHILA. X/«. mant. 144. 

Gi/. 4-dentatus. Cbr. 4*fida. Stylus femibiiidus. 
Baeca 4-fperma. 

I. ^GiFHiLA. Linn. mant. 198. martinU 

Martinico ^giphila. eenfis. 

A"^. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. 1780, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL November. S. % . 



C U R.T I S I A. 

CaL 4«>part. PeU 4. Drupa fupera, fubrotunda, fuc- 
culenta: NucUo 4-5-locuIari. 

faginea. i. Curtisia. 

Sideroxylon foliis: acuminads dentatis, frudu mono- 

pyreno flavo. Burm. afr, 235. /. 82. • 
Bcech-leav'cKJurtifia, or Hadagay-trcc. 
Nat. of the Capt of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Maffan. 
Fl. G.H. b. 

P T' E L E A. Gen. pi. 152. 

Cor. 4-petala. CaL 4-'partitu89 infenis. FmBut 
membrana fubrotunda, centro monoQ>ermos. 

trifoUata. !• P. foliis ternatis. Sp.pL 173. 
Shrubby Trefoil. 
Nat. of Carolina and Virginia. 
Cult. 1724, by James Sherard, M. D. DiU. ebham. 

FL June and July. H. 1^ . 

L U D W I G I A. Gen. pL 153. 

Cer. Cetrapetala. CaL 4-partitus, fuperus. Cap/. 4- 
gona, 4-locularis, infera, polyfperma. 

alurrnfo^ i . L. foliis alternis lanceolatis, caule ere6ia Sjft. veget. 
''^- i6r. 

Alternate-leav'd Ludwigia. 

Nat. of Virginia. 

Introd. before 1752, by Thomas Dale, M,D. MIL 

din* edit. 6.- no 1. 
FL June and July. H. 0. 



OLDENLANDIA. dn. pi. 154^ 

Cbr. tetrapetala. Cah 4-partitus, iuperus. Capf 2- 
locularis, infera, poljrfperma. 

1. O. pedunculis multifloris, foliis lineari-lanceolatis. corymhofa. 

Sp. pi. 174. 
Hyflbp-leav'd Oldenlandia, 
Niat. of Jamaica* 
IntrMl. before 1739, by Mn Robert MiDar. Mil. diSl. 

vol. 2. 
FL June Oaobcr. S. . 

AMMANNIA. Gen. pi. iss* 

Cor. 4-petala, calyci inferta, vel nulla. Cal. i-phyllus^ 

plicatus, 8-dentatus, inferus. Cap/. 4-Iocularis. 

J. A. foliis femiamplexicaulibus, caule tetragono, ramis latifolia* 

eredis. S^. vegeU 162. 
Broad-leav'd Ammannia. 
Ai/. ofthe Weft Indies. 
Introd. about 173 1, by W. Houftoun, M.D. AftlL 

diSi. ed. 8. n. i. 
FL July and Auguft. S. ©. 

2. A* foliis femiamplexicaulibus, caule tetragonoi ramis ramojior. 

patentilfimis. Syjl. veget. 162. 
Branching Ammannia. 
Nat. of Virginia. 

Cult. 1759. Mill. din. ed. 7. «• 2. 
/7. July. H. 0. 

3. A. fcliis lanceolatis bafi attcnuatis, caule ramofo, diiilU. 

floribus fafciculatis axillaribus,capfulis bilocularibus. 
Clufter-flower'd Ammannia. 
Nat. of the £aft Indies. 

< M 2 Introd. 


Introd. 1778, by Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart. 

FL July and Auguft. S. . 

Descr. Calyx angulatus. Petala pallide purpurea* 
Pilamenta fundo calycis inferta, edque brevionu An- 
thera ovatac^ flavae. Copula ovata, bilocularis, 

ISNARDIA. Gtn. pi 156. 

C^r. nulla. G?/. 4-fidus. Gz^4-locularis,cin£kftfi^rr. 

paluftris. 1. Isnardia. 5/. ^/. 175. 
Marfli Ifnardia. 

NaU of Europe, North America, and the Weft Indies. 
Introd. 1776, by John FolhergUl, M. D. 
/ZJuly. H.Q. 

T R A P A* Gtn. pL 157^ 

Cor* 4-petala. Cal. 4-partitU8. Nux f^inis 4 op- 
poiids cindb, quae calycis folia fuer^. 

nsians. t. Trapa. Sp. pi. 175. 

Floating Water-caltrops. 

Nat. of Europe. 

Introd. 1 781, by Daniel Qiarles Solander, LL.D. 

FL June— —Auguft. H. 0. 

E L iE A G N U S. Gen. pi. 159. 

Cor. nulla. CaL 4-fidus, campanulatus, fupems. 
Drupa infra calycem campanulatum. 

angif/i'^(h 'v^* inermis, foliis lanccolatis. 5jy?. vegei. 163. 
lia* Narrow-leav'd Oleafter. 

Nat. of the South of Europe, and the Levant. 

TBTltANDIllA M0N0GYNI4* fUragDUS. l6j 

Odt. 1633, by Mr, John Parkinfon* Gtr. emac. 1491. 


FLJuly. H, 1&. 

2« E. inermis, foliis oblongis ovatis opacis. Sj/f. vegit. ^rwttaEt. 
Oriental Oleafter. 
Nat. of the Levant. 
Introd. 1783, by Mr. J<An Grae0er« 
Fl. - Q.H. b. 

STRUTHIOLA. Linn.mant.^. 

Cor. nulla* G?/. tubulofus : ore glandulis 8. Bacca 

exfucca, mono<penna« 

l» S, glabra. Linn* moot. 41. 0rg6ia. 

Smooth Strutbipla, 
Nixt. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cub. 1758, by Mr. Philip MiUcn 
FL June Auguft. ' G. H. ^ • 

R I V I N A. Gen. pi i6a. 

Cor. 4-petala, perfiftens. Cal. nullus. Bacca l- 
fperma : Semine lentiformi. 

I, R. floribus tetrandris, foliis ovatis pubefcentibus. hfimiUs. 

Rivina humilis. Sp. pi. 177. 
Downy Rivina. 
Cuk. before 1699, in Chelfea Gardeo* Aimf. bift. 3. 

p* s%% no. %i, 
Fl. moft part of the year. S. h • 

. 2. R. floribus tetrandris, foliis ovatis laBvibus* lavis. 

Rivina laevis. Linn. mant. 41, ^iz, 

M 3 Smooth 


Smooth Rivfiia. 

NaU of the Weft Indies, 

Cult. 1733, by Mr. Philip Miller. R. S. mo. 586. 

FL moft part of the year. S. Ifp. 

e^andra. 3- K.- floribus oftandris, foliis ellipticis glabris. 
Rivina ofbuidra. Sp. pL 177. 
Climbing Rivina. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Cub. before 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dia. 

edit. 6. n. 2. 
FL S. 1^. 


CaL urceolatus : dentibus 2 oppofitis, alternifque mi- 
nimis. Cor. nulla* Capf. i-fperma. 

mon/pe- I* C. foliis hirfutis linearibus. Sp. pL 178. 
Kaca, Hairy Camphorofma. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1739. MilLdi3. voL 2. Camphorata i. 

FL Auguft and^ September. G. H. t • 

ALCHEMILLA. Gen. pi. 16$. 
CaL 8-iidus. Cor. o. Sem. x. 

vulgaris. I. A. foliis lobatis. Sp. pL 178. 

a Alchemilla vulgaris. 319. 
Common Ladies Mantle, 
hybrida. Alchemilla alpina pubefcens minor. Trntmef. inft. 
Pubefcent Ladies Mantle. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June — — Auguft. H. % . 

2. A. 


2. A. foliis digitatis ferratis. Sp. pL 179. alpina* 
Alpine'Ladies Mantle. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. July. U.n. 

3. A. foliis quinatis multifidis glabris, Sp. pU 179. pifita- 
Fivc-lcavM Ladies Mandc. ' phyUea. 
Nat. of the Alps of Switzerland.' 

Cuk. 1748, by Mr. Philip Miller. MiU. dUl. edit. 5. 

no. 5. 
FL June and July. H. If. 


A P H A N E S. Gen. pi 166. 
CaL 4-fidus. Cor. o. Bern. 2» nuda. 

1. Aphanes. Sp. pi. 179. arven/ts. 

Parfley Piert. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/'/.May. H.O. 

H A M A M £ L I S. Gen. pi. 169. 

Im/olucr. 3-phylIum. CaL proprius 4-phyllu8. Pe^ 
tala ,4. Nu9c a-cornis, 2-locularis. 

I. Hamamelis. Sp. pL 180. virginica. 

Witch Hazel. 
Nat* of North America. 
Intrad. 1736, by Peter Collinibn, Efq. ColL mfs, 
FL November May. H. % . 




C U S C U T A. Gen. pL 170. 
Cal. 4-fidus. Or. i-petala. Caff i4ocularIt, 

iurop^a. I* C. floribus feffilibus. Sp.pL i8o. 

Kat, oJF England. 
Fl. July. tt ©• 


H Y P E C O U M. Gen. pL 171. 

&/• 2-phyllus. Petala 4 : exterioribus duobus lado- 
ribus, 3-fidis. FruSius fUiqua. 

I. H. filiquis arcuatis compreffis articulatis. Sp. pL i%u 
Procumbent Hypecoum. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cult, before 1597, by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. herb. 

909. n. 3. 
Fl June and July. H. G» 

pendulum. 2. H; filiquis ccrnuis teretibus cylindricis. Sp. pL l8i. 
Pendulous Hypecoum. 
Nat. of the South of France. 
Cult. 1640. Park, theat. 372. / 2. 
^ FL June and July. H. 0. 



ILEX. Gen. pi 172. 

Cal 4-dentatus. Cur. rota(a« itylm o. Bacca 

I, I. foliis ovatis acutis fpinofis nitidis undulatis, floribus 

axillaribus fubumbellatis. 



Ilex Aquifbltum. Sp.pLi%u 
m Ilex aculeata baccifera. Batib. pin. 425. vulgaris. 

Common Holly. 
& foliis dentatis fpinofis integrUque* hetero- 

Various JcavM HoUy. phyUa* 

y foliis craffioribus aequatiter iemtii. ciiffilb* 

ThickJcav'd Holly. lia. 

} foliis anguftioribus recunralis* Tecurva* 

Slender Holly, 
ff foliis Tupra echinatis. ferax. 

■ Hedge-hog HoUy. 

NiaU of Britain. 

Fl. May and June. H. ^ . 

2. 1, foliis ovatis acutis fpinofis glabris planis,floribus ad $paea. 
bafin ramulorum annodnorum fparfis. 
Carolina Holly. 
Nat. of Carolina. 

Cuh. 1744, by Archibald Duke of Argyle. 
/Z. May and June. H. Ife. 

3. 1, foliis ovatis cum acumine inermibus fubintegris. Perad$. 

Thicfc-leavM Smooth HoUy. 
NaU of Madeira. 

IntroJL 1760, by Mr. James Gordon. 
/7. AprUandMay. G.ftl^. 

4. L foliis eHiptico-Iancedads acutis deciduis farads: PnW- 
ferraturis muticis^ ijr/. 

Deciduous Holly. 
A^#. of Carolina and Virginia. 
Cub. before 1760^ by Archibald Duke of Argyle. 








5* L foliis alternis diftantibus fismpervirentibus lanceo- 
latis ferratis : ferraturts acuminads. 

Hex CaiBne. Sp. pLiSi. 
a. foliis lanceolato-oblongis ferrads. 

firoad-leav'd Dahoon Holly. 
fi foliis lanceolatis fubintegerrimis. 

Narrow-leav'd Dahoon Holly. 

Nat, of Carolina and Florida. 

Introd. about 1726, by Mr. Mark Catefby. J£IL 
di£f. edit. 8. ». 3. 

FL Auguft. H. % . 

6. 1, foliis alternis diftantibus oblongis obtujiufculis ere- 
nato-ferratis : ferraturis muticis. 
CaiHne Paragua foliis lanceolatis alternis fempervi- 
rentibus, floribus axillaribus. MilL diS. ic. t 83. 
f. 2. 
Caffine vera Floridanorum arbufcula baccifera, alater- 
ni ferme facie, foliis alternatim fltis, tctrapyrenc 
Plui. tnant. 40. /. 376. /. 2. Catejh. car. 2. p. 57. 

South-Sea Tea, or Ever-green CaiEne. 

Nat. of Weft Florida. 

Cult. 1700. PluJ^. mant. loc. ctt. 

Fl. H.b. 

COLDENIA. Oin. pi 173- 

.CaL 4-phyUus. Cor. infundibuliformiSk StyU\. Sim. 2, 

I. CoLDENiA. Sp. pi. 182. « 

Trailing Coldenia. 
Nat. of die Eaft Indies. 

Cub. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MlLdUi. edit.*]. 
Fl. July and Auguft. S. 0. 



POTAMOGETON. dn. pi. ij^ 
CaL O. Petala 4. Stylus a Sem. 4. 

1. P. foliis oblongo-ovatis petidads natantibus. Sp. pL natans. 

Broad-leav'd Pondweed. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL Auguft. H. V. 

2. P. foliis cordatis amplexicaulibus. Sp. pL i8a. perfoRa* 
Perfoliate Pondweed twtu 
Nat. of Britain. 

FL June and July. ; H. V . 

3* P. foliis ovatis acuminatis oppofitis confertis, caulibus itnfum. 
dichotomis, fpica quadriflora. Sp. pi. 182. 
Forked Pondweed, or Lefler Water-caltrops. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/'/.June. H. 1(. 

4. P. foliis lanceolatis planis in petiolos definentibus. lucem. 
Sp. pi. 183. 
Shining Pondweed. 
Natk of Britain. 
Fl. June. H. V. 

5* P. foliis lanceolatis altemis oppofidfve undulatis ferratis. crijpum* 
Sjft, Viget. 169. Curtis lond. 
CutVd Pondweed, or Greater Watpr-caltrops. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/*il May and June. H. 2(. 

6. P. foliis linearibus obtufis, caule compreilb. Sp/pL 183. compre/^ 
Flat.ftalkM Pondweed. fum. 








5. L foliis alternis diftantibus (emperv 
latis ferracis : ferraturis acuminati 

Ilex Caffine. Sp. pL iSi. 
a. foliis lanceolato-oblongis ferratis. 

Broad'leav'd Dahoon Holly. 
fi foliis lanceolatis fubintegenimis. 

Narrow-lcav'd Dahoon Holly. 

Nat of Carolina and Florida. 

IntroJ. about 1726, by Mr. Mark 
di^. edit. 8. n. 3. 

FL Auguft. 

6. 1, foliis alternis diftantibus oblongis 
nato-ferratis : ferraturis muticis. 
Cafline Paragua foliis lanceolatis a 
rentibus, floribus axillaribus. M 

/. 2. 

Caffine vera Floridanorum arbufoula 
ni ferme facie, foliis alternatim 1 
Pluk, mant. 40. /. 376. /. 2. Cat 

South-Sea Tea, or Ever-green Caffi 

Nat. of Weft Florida. 

Cult. 1700. Pluk. mant. he. cit. 


C OLDEN I A. Oen. i 

Cal 4-phyllus. Cor. infondibuliformiSk 
bilocularia. ^ 

I. COLDBNIA. Sp. pi. 182. 

Trailing Coldenia. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cub. 1759, by Mr. Philip MUIer. MXy 

Fl. July and Auguft. 



X ^^ 

^•»*.cr.:.Nfe, * - 

H. li, 


'— ^ •.-*- 


Clajfts V. 



HELIOTROPIUM, Gai. y. 179. 

dr. hypocrateriformis, 5-fida, interjeSis dendbus : 
fauce clau(a fornicibus. 

firvoia^ i. H. foliis lanceolato-ovatis, caule fruticofo) (picis nu- 
num. merofis aggregato-corymbofis. Sp. pL 187. 

Peruvian Turnfole, or Heliotrope. 

Nat of Peru. 

Cult. 1757. Mm. ic. 96. 1. 144« 

FL moft part of the year. S. h . 

inditum. 2. H. foliis cordato-ovatis acutis fcabriufculis, fpicis fo- 
litariis, frudibus biiidis. Sp. pL 187. 
Indian Turnfole, or Heliotrope. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

Cult. 1 7 13. Philofiph. tranf n. 337. p. 60. no. 95. 
FL July an J Auguft. S. ^ • 

farviflo^ 3. H.. foliis ovatis rugoiis fcabris oppofitis alternifque. 
''''^- Ltnn. mant. 20 1. 

Small- flower'd Turnfole, or Heliotrope. 

Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

Cult. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. Dill. eltb. 178. 

/. 146./ 175. 
Fl. July and Auguft. S. . 

4* H. 


4. H. foliis ovatis integerrimis tomentofis rugofis, (picis europsg-- 

conjugatis. Sp. pL 187. Jocqu. aufir. 3. f. 4. wn. 

u 207. 
European Turnfole, or Heliotrope. 
Nat. of Italy and France. 
Cub. 156a, by William Turner, M. D. Turn. hnh. 

fart. 2. yy. 13 verji. 
Fi Juno Oaobcr. H, . 

5. H. foliis ovatis integerrimis tomentofis plicatis, ipicit fitpinunu 

folitariis. Sp. pi. 187. 
Trailing Turnfole, or Heliotrope. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1640. Park, tbiat.j^jji. no. 2. 
FL June and July. H. G • 

6. H. foliis lanceolato-linearibus glabris aveniis, fpicis curajfa^ 

conjugatis. Sp. pi 188. vicum. 

Glaucous Turnfole, or Heliotrope. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Cdt. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MilU din. edit. 7. 

no. 7. 
FL June and July. S. O- 

MYOSOTIS. Gen. pL iSo. 

Cor. hypocrateriformis, 5 -Ada, ema'-ginata : fauce 
claufa fornicibus. 

I. Mi feminibus Ixvibus, foliorum aptcibus callofis. Sjft. fcorpi-* 

veget. 1%^ Curtis lond. oides. 

m Myofotis foliis hirfutis* Hort. cliff. 45. arvenfis. 

Hairy Moufe-ear Scorpion-grafs. 

|3 Myofotis foliis glabris. Hort. cliff. 46. paluftris, 


176 . pxNTAVDniA MONOcyviA. MfoTacis. 

Marih Moufe-ear Scorpion-graft* 

NaU of Britaia* 

FL AprU ^Auguft. H. %. 

Lfifpula. 2. M. feminibus aculeads glochidibus, foliis lanceolads 

pilofis. Sp. pi. 189. 
Prickly-feeded Scorpion-graft. 
NmU of Europe. 
Cult. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutberL hmrt. 

tdin. 100. no. 3« 
J57. April Auguft. H. ©. 

apula. 3. M. feminibus nudis, foliis hifpidis, racemis foliofis. 

Sp. pi. 1.89. 
Small Scorpion-grafs. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1768, by Mr. Philip MiUer. MIL dia. e£t. 8. 
jF/. June and July. H. 0. 

LITHOSPERMUM. dn. pt. iSi. 

Cor. infundibuliformis : fauce perforata, nuda. CaL 


ffficinale. I. L. feminibus Ixvibus, coroUis calycem vix fuperanti- 
bus, foliis lanceolatis. Sp. pi. 189. 
Officinal Gromwell. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. May AugufL H. V. 

Mfvenji. 2. L. feminibus rugofis, corollis vix calycem fuperanti- 
bus. Sp. pi. 190. 
Alkanet GromweU, or Baftard Alkanet. 
Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. May and June. H. Q • 

3. L. 


3. L. rainis floriferis lateralibus, bradeU cordatift am- #n/3v- 

plexicaulibus. Sjfl. veget. 185* taU» 

Anchuia orientalis. Sf. pi* 191* 
Yellow Gromwdl) or Buglo& 
Nat. of the Levant. 
^^* 17139 ill Chelfea Garden. PbibJipL iroff. n. 

337* P* ^^* ^' 94* 
FL May and June. G.H.%. 

4. L. feminibus laevibus, corollis calycem multoties fa- pmfur9* 

perantibus. Sp. pL 190. Jacqu. aujlr. i. p. xi. <^ruUtmu 

/. 14. 
Creeping Cromwell. 
Nat. of England. 
FL June. H. V. 

5. L. fruticofum, follis linearibus hifpidis, ftaminlbus /rutic9* 

corollam fubaequantibus. Sp. pL 1 90. fi^* 

Shrubby GromwelK 
Nat, of the South of Europe. 
Qilt. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. Sutherl. hort. 

idin. 24. no, 5. 
FL May and June. H. Of. 

A N C H U S A. Gin. pL 182. 

Or. infundibuliformis : fiiuce claufa fornicibus. Senu 
bad infculpta. 

I. A. foliis Unceolatis ftrigofis integerrimis, panicula 
dichotoma divaricata, floribus pedunculatis^ calyci- 
bus quinquepartitis : laciiiiis fubulatis. 

Panicled Buglofs. 

Nat^ of Madeira. Mr. Francis Majfon. 

N Introd. 



Intr$i. 1777. 

FL May and June. H. ». 

Obs. Facile dignofcitur calycibus ulque al bafia quio- 
quepartitis, et qaod letiqnis tatagis flrigafiu 

§jf!cinaUi. 2. A. fi>liis lanceolatis firigofis, fpicis fixundis imbrica- 
tis, calycibus quinquepardtis. 
Andiu& officinalis. Sp. pi. igr. 
Officinal Buglols. 
NaU of Europe. 
(;;ir/M748, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL £a. uEt. $. 

Bugloffiim 7. 
FL June Oaobcr. . , 

3* A. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis integris, floribus Ipica- 
ds, calycibus quinquefidis. 
Anchufa anguftifolia. Sp. pi. 19K 
a Bugloflum creticum majus, flore albo. Boerb. kg^. 
I. p. 189. 
White-flower'd narrow-leav'd Buglofi. 
fi Bugloflum credcum majus, flore purpuialcente. 
B§irb. bigdb. i. p. 189. 
Purple-flower'd narrow-leav*d Bugloft. 
Nat. of die Soudi of Europe. 
Cub. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MiU. dia. tJSt. 7. n. % 
FL May and June. H. %. 

mmbtlafa. 4* A. ftrigofa, feliis lincaribus dentads, pedicellis braAea 
minortbus, calycibus frudiferis infiads. Sp. pL 191. 
Wavcd-leav'd Buglofs. 
Nat. of Spain and Portugal. 
Qik. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. AM. £H. V9L%. 

Bugloflfum 6. 
FU July and Auguft H. %. 



5* A* tolllento£^lbGis lauHCohtis obtafigi ftiminilnif co- thOiris^ 
rolla brevioribus. Sf* pL 192. 
D]«rs Buglofs. 
Ate. cfMontp^er. 
Cuk. 1683, bj Ms. James SodMrianaJ. SmOfgrL Imu 

edin* 24. 110. 7. 
j^iL Jtine.-.«--Oaobt& H.l|. 

6. A. pedunculis dtphjrIKs capitatii* ^/i fL §gil* /n^ervU 

Ever-green Buglofi^ or Albuiet. '**'• 

.il Maxcb-— ^Jitly. H. V. 


Cor. infundibulifonnis : &uce cbufii fsnixAmx Simins 
deprefla, interioie tuitem latere ftjto afiixa* 

1. (X ftaminibus corolla breTioribus, foliis lato-lanceo- ^ffmrnalu 

latis bafi attcAuads comentolk feflilibus, laciniis ca- 
Ijcinis oblongis* 
Cynogloilura officinale* Sp. pi. 1 92* Qtrth loni^ 
a. Cynoglofliim majus vulgare. Bauh. pin. 257. 

Officinal Hound's-tongue. 
fi Cjnoglafliiin fempervirem. Baub. pifu ±yf. 
Ever-green Hound's-tongue. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL Oy May^— September. ^ May and June. H, O* 

2. C* coroHis calyci fiibaequalibas : laciniis fiibroQindo^ fi&wiu * 

dyatacis> foliis lanoeolatis t(xnentolis: fiiperioribua 
bafi cordatis. 
CynogloffiuD folto laoHi incano, flore cienileo ftriis 

'mbris variegato. Aifrif. htdf 25K, hijt. j, p. 4^ 
iAnddrz HoundVtongue. 

N» Nat. 


Nat. of Madeira. Mr. Francis Majfon. 
Introd. 1777. 

FL Auguft* H. %. 

Obs. Flores pallide caerulei vel pallide purpunifcen* 
teS) venis (kturate coloracis pulchre pi&i. 

ebeirifoH" 1« C. coroUis calyce duplo longioribus, foliis lanceola- 
unu tis. Sp. pi. 193. 

Silvery-leav'd Hound's^tongue. 

Nat. of Spain and the Levant. ^ 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H^rt. Ger. 

FL June and July. H. i • 

apenni" 4. C. ftaminibus cordlam aequantibus. Sp. pL 193. 
num. Apennine Hound's-tongue. 

Nat. of the Alps of Italy. 

Cult. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. M£t. edit. I. 
w. 3. 

FL April ^June. H. g . 

Snifoli' 5. C. foliis lineari-lanceolatis glabris. Sp. pi. 193. 
^''- Flax-leavM Hound's-tongue, or Venus's Navel-wort. 

Nat. of Portugal. 

Cult. 1 731, by Mr. Philip Miller. MilL ££f. tdit. i. 
Omphalodes i. 

FL June— — Augufl-. H. O* 

On^hah* 6. C. repens, foliis radicalibus cordads. Sp. pL 193. 
A^» Curtis mage%. 7. 

Comfrey-leav'd Hound's-tongue. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cuk. 1633. Ger. emac. 806. /. 4. 

FL March ^May. R % . 



PULMONARIA. Gin. pL 184. 

Ckr. infiindibulifbrinis : fauce pervia. CaL prifmatico- . 

I. P. foliis hirfutts: caulinis oblongo-Iaocedatif am- mgu/Rfh^ 
(rfexicaulibus ; radicaltbus ellipticis. ^^^ 

Pulmonaria anguftifolia. &f. fL 194* 
• foliis non maculatis. 

Pulmonaria IIL auftriaca. Quf. hift. -2* /• 169. 
cum fig. 

Narrow-lcav'd Lung-wort • 

fi fbltis maculatis. 

Pulmonaria faccharata* Min. £5i. 

Pulmonaria V. pannonica. Quf. hift. 1. p. vjo. cum 


Spotted narrow-leav'd Lung-wort. 

Nat. of Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland. 

Qib. 1731. MU. di£f. ed. i. n. 4. 

FL April and Maj. H. V. 

a. P. foliis hirfutis : caulinis ovato-oblongis ; radicalibus ^ctnalis. 
Pulmonaria officinalis. Sp. pL 194. 
m Symphytum maculofum f. Pulmonaria latifolia. Baub. 
pin. 259. 
Common Lung-wort. 
$ Pulmonaria vulgaris latifolia, flore albo. ToumcK 
infi. 136. 
White-flowerM Common Lung-wort. 
Nat. of Briuin. 
FU March May. H. %. 

3. P. calycibus abbreviatis quinquepartitis hitpidis^ foliis panUul^ . 
ovato-oblongis acuminacis pilofiufculis. '^* , \ 

N 3 « floribut 

%%% ' PENTANiDftiA MOiroorHM* PhUbomtisl 

a floribus cxruleis. 

Bluc-HowcrM pinicrfl Limg-wort, 
$ floribus •IbU. 

Wfaite-flower'd panicrj Lung^wort. 

Nfit. of Hudfon's Bay. 

Introd. 1778, by Daaiel Charles Solander, LL.D. 

Fl May and June. H. If « 

virgtnka. 4. P. calycibus abbreviads glaberrlmiS) fdits laoceolads 
. Pulmonaria virginica. Sf. pL 194^ 
Virginian Lung-wort. 
Nat. of Virginia and Maryland. 
Cub. 1699, in Chelfea Garden. Mortf. htjt. 3. f \li\- 

no, 6. 
FL March ^May. H. %. 

WMrHinuu 5. P. calycibus abbreviaCis, f6liis ovatis, caule ramofe 
procumbente. Sp. pL 195. 
Sea Lung*wort. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FLJuly^ H.G* 

SYMPHYTUM. Gin. pL 1^5. 

CordU limbus tubulato-ventricofus : fauc# daufii ra- 
diis fubulatis. 

ffficinali. l« S. foliis ovato-lanceolatis decurrentlbus. Sp. pL 195. 
Curtis lond. 
Common Comfrcy, 
N^» of Britain. 
FA May Oaobcr. H, %. 

tuhifo^ 2. S. feliis femidecurrentibus : fummis oppofitis. Sjflk 
fi""^ veget. 187. JaQ(iu. aujtr. 3. p^ 14. /. 2^5- 



Tuberous-rooted Comfrey. 

Nat. of GeonMtft Fntnce, aad Spain. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hwt. Gtr. 

//.MayandOaober. iilf. 

C E R I N T H E. 6r/i. ^f. 186. 

Corotta Iknbus tiibuli«6-ventricoras : fauce pervia. 
Ssmm 2, bilocularia. 

I. C. foliis amplexicaulibus, frudibus geminis, oorollis my9r. 

obtuTiufculis patulis. Sp. pL I95. 
m Cerinthefloreexrubropurpurafcente. Baub.pinAi%. 

Great Purple Honey-wort. 
$ Cerinthe flore flavo afperior. Baub, pin. 258. 

Great Yellow Honey-wort. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Get. 

Fl. July and Auguft. H. © . 

Z* C foliis amplexicaulibus integris, frudibus geminis, miW. 
corollis acutis claufis* Sp.pLi(j/b. Jacqu. auftr. %. ' 

p. 15. t. 124. 
Small Honey-wort« 
Nat^ of Auftria. 

Oib. 1570, by Mr. Hugh Morgan. Lobel. adv. 172. 
Fl June Oaober, H» i . 

O N O S M A. Gen. pi. 187. 
Cor. campanulata : fauce per via. Semina 4.. 

i. O, foliis lanceolatis bifpidis, fru£bbus ere£tis. Sp. pi. tchioidis. 
ig6. Jacqu. auftr. 3* p. 52. /. 295^ 
Hairy Onofina. 

N 4 Nat. 


Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutberL btrU 

e£n. 24. n. 6. 
FL March ^Junc H. 1{, 

B O R A G O. Gen. pi 188. 

Corotta rotata : fauce radiis clauia. 

9ff!cinaUs. i. B. foliis omnibus alternis, ca]ycibus patentibus. Sf. 
pL 197. 
Common Borage, 
, Nat. of England 

FL June September, H, 0« 

in£ca. 2. B. foliis ramificationum oppofitis amplexicaulibus,^ pe- 
dunculis unifloris. S^. vegit. i88. 
Indian Bor^^ge. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MilL Jia. edit. 7. 

FL June ^OiSober. G. H. 0, 

efricana. 3. B. foliis oppofitis petiolatis ors^tis, pedunculis mylti- 

floris. Sjft. vegit. 1J88. 
African Borage. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr.- Philip Miller. Mil. dia. e£t. 7, 

w. 3. 
FL July and Auguft. G, H. , 

frientalisn 4« B. calycibus tubo corolla br^vioribus, foUis cord{itis« 
Sp. pi. 197, 
Oriental Borage. 
Nat, of the nei|;bbourhood of Conftantinople. 


Cuk. ijSh 1>7 Mr. PhUip MiUer. MIL Jia. tdit. 6« 

FL March May. H. %. 


CaU fnxdus comprdTus : lameUis plano-paralldis, 


!• A. calycibus fru£his compreffis. Sp. pL 198. pr^eum- 

Procumbent Afperugo. Am/. 

Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. April and May. H. Q. 

LYCOPSIS. G«f, ^/. 190. 
Qnrolla tubo incurvato. 

!• L. foliis integerrimis, caule proftrato^ calycibus fruc- vifica* 
teicentibus inflatis pendulis. Sp. pi. 198. ^^* 

Bladder-podded wild Buglofs. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Introd. 1770, by Monf. Richard. 
F/. June and July. H. O* 

2. L. foliis integerrimis, caule eredo, calycibus firudef- ptdltu 
centibus inflatis pendulis. Sp.pL 198.^n 
2. p. 53. /. 188. 

Dark*iIowerM wild Buglofs* 

Nat, of Germany. 

Introd. 1785, by William Pitcairn, M.D. 

Flf June and July. H. * . 

^ L. foliis lanceolatis hifpidis, calycibus florefcentibus ^nunpu 
ere£tis. Sp. pi. 199. Curtii lond. 
Small wrld Buglofs. 
N^t. of Britain. 

FL June and July. H. 0. 


E C H I U M. Gen. pi 191. 
C$r. irregularis : hytet tuula. 

frutic9^ !• £• caule fruticofo^ foliis lanceolatis bad attefniatis 
frm. ' villotb-ftrigofis aveniis, foliolis calycitiift lancedaCis 

Echium fruticofum. Sp. pi. iqq* 
Shrubby Veer's Bu|^. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Qilt. 1759, by Mn Philip MiUen MU. SS. tA. J. 

90. 7. 
* Fl. May and June. G. H. 1^ • 

€an£'^ 2- E. caule fruticofo, foUis lancedatis nervoiis ramifijue 
^^^* hirfutis, foliolis calycinis oblongis lanceoladlqqe 

acutis, ftylis hirtis. 
Echium candicanfi. Linn, fuppl. 131. Jacjiu ic. 

collet. I. ^. 44. 
Hoary Tree Viper's Buglofs. 
Nat. of Madeira. Mr. Francis Maffm* 
Introd. 1777. 
F/. May. G. H. 1^. 

giganti' 3. E. caule fruticofoj foliis lanccohtis bafi attenuatis pi- 

«^ • lofis : pilis breviffimis, braSeis calycibufquc ftrigo^ 

fis, ftaminibus corolla longioribus. 

Echium giganteum. Linn. fuppL 131. 

Gigantic Viper's Buglofs. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands. Mt. FVancis Afaffhu 

Introd. 1779- 

FL July — — September. G. H. 1& • 

JirUiunu 4« E. caule fruticofo ftri£lo ramofo, foliis oblongo-lan« 
ceolatis pilofis, coroUis fubcampanulatiS} ftaminibus 
corolla longioribus. 


FBSTANOftlA iiONO#T«IA. Echitm^ It/ 

EdMnftriami. ZiMuyi^liSX. 

Upright Viper's Buglofc^ 

Atff. oftheCanaijUbmb, Mt. FrMos Aitfin. 

IittroJ. 1779. 

AMoftpaitoftheytar. G.H.^. 

5. £, foliis radicalibus ovatis lineads petiolatis. Limn* flantagt» 

Plantain-leav'd Viper's BugloA. 

Ai?/. of Italy. 

Introd. 1776, by Mon£ Thouiiu 

fl Juiy-^^Oafiben H. 0. 

6. £• caule Izvi, foliis lanceolatts mrfi^ nuu^iiie carina laviga^ 

apiceque fcabris. Sp. pL 199, ^^'^ 

Smooth-ftalk'^i Viper's Bugiofs. 
Nat. of the Cape «f Good ,Hopc. 
Introd. I774» by Mr. Francis Maffon, 
FL June and July, G. H. 1^ • 

7. E. ;caule herbaceo pilofo, foliis linear! -lanceoTatis flri- HaUcunu 

gofo-4iirfutis : inferioribus nerrofis, coroUi^ fiib9» 

qualibus^ ftaminibus corolla longioribua. 
Echium italicum. Sp. pL aoo* 
Wall Viper's Buglofs. 
Nat. of England. 
^ FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

8. E. caule tubcrculato-hlipido, foliis eaalinis lanceo- vulgare. 

lads hifpidis, floribus fpicatis lateialibus. Sp. pLioo. 
Common Viper's Buglofs. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL July and Auguft. H. i . 

9. E, 







9* £• corollis ftamina aequantibus : tubo caljcibiu lm« 
viore. Linn. mant. 42. 
Violet-flower'd Viper's Bugloft. 
Nat. of Auftria. 

Jntrod. 1780, by Cafimir Gomes Ortega, M. D. 
FL July. tt 0. 

10. E. calycibus fniAefcentibus diftantibuS) caide pro- 
cumbente. 8p. pL 200. 
Cretan Viper's Buglols. 
' Nat. of the Levant. 

Cult. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland, SutberLhirt. 

idin. 108. no. 2. 
FL July September. H. * • 

ix« £. caule ramofo^ foliis caulinis ovatis, floribus foli* 
tariis lateralibus. Sp. pL 200. 
Oriental Viper's Buglofi. 
Nat. of the Levant. 
IntroJ. 1780, by Monf. Thouin. 
/7. July. RO, 

12. E. corollis ftamine longioribus. Sp. pi. 20a 
Portugal Viper's Buglofs. 
Nat. of the Soudi of Europe. 
Cult. 1 731, by Mr. Philip Miller. MB. diG. e£t. u 

Ft. July and Auguft. H« 0« 

Baeca fuberofa, bipartlbilis : fmgulo difpermo. 

I. M. caule fruticofo, foliis petiolatis, corollis faypocra- 
teriformibus. Linn.fuppl. 132.* 
torn. 2. tah. I. 
Shrubby Meiierfchmidia. 


PBNTANDHiA MONOOYNIA. McflcrfiJunidku 189 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands. Mr. FroMcis Majfim. 

Introd. 1779. 

FL June Oaoben G. H. 1^ . 

a. M. caule herbaceo, foliis feffilibuS) corollis infundi- Arptxia. 
buliformibus. Linn. fuffL 132. 
Tournefortia fibirica. Sp. pL aoa. 
Hefbaceous Meflerichinidia. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Introi. 1780, by Pittr Simon PaOaSy M. D. 
FL H. %. 

TOURNEFORTIA. Gen. pi. 192. 

Bacca aJocuIariS) difperma, fupera, apice duobus 
poris perforata. 

I. T. foliis ovatis acuminatis glabris, petiolis reflexis, volubilis. 
caule volubili. Sp. pL aoi. 
Climbing Tournefortia. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 
Cuh. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. AftlL di£l. vol. a. 

Pittonia 4. 
FL July and Auguft. S. 1^ . 

2* T. foliis lanceolads feffibilibus, fpicis fimplicibus re- bumiUs^ 
curvis lateralibus. Sp. pL 202. 
Dwarf Tourneforda. 
Nat. of South America. 
' Cuk. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL £a. i)oL %. 
Pittonia 3. 
FL Mzy and June. S. 1^ • 

3* T. foliis ovatis integerrimis nudls, fpids cymoiis. cpn^a* 
Sp. pL 202. Jacqu. ic. coUi&. i.p. 96. 
Broad-leav'd Tournefortia. 


15^ MNTAHDUTA MOWOOYfflJI. Toumc&ltSa. 

Cult, 1777, by Mr. William Malcolm. 

FL]viy. - d. ^. 

fiffrmA-- 4i T. felUt fubluiceobtxs ineanisy cacde fiiffiirticofo. jj^. 
f^.^ fl 202. 

Hoary-leav'd Toumefbrtia. 

JV2if. of Jamaica. 

Cub. I768> by Mr. Philip Miller. MS. £». aSt. 8. 
no. 7. 

« 8.1^. 

NOLANA. GetupL 193. 

Cbr. campanulata. Stylus inter germina. 5<iii. 5, bao* 
cata, bilocularia. 

prorata, i. Nolana. Sp. pi. 202. 
Trailing Kolana. 
Nat. of Peru. 

Ck/r. 1761, by Mr. Philip Miller. Phiif. tr4n^a. 
voL 53. /* 130. 
^ /Z July September. H. ©. 

A R E T I A. Gen. pi. 195. 

Cbr. hypocraterif. 5-fula : tubo ovato. Stigma de- 
prefTo-capitatum. Capf, i-locularis, globoia^ fiib- 

tehetua. T. A. foliis imbricatb, itoribtis iobfeffilflms. C^. vegii^ 
' Imbricated Aretia. 
Nat. of Switzerland. 

Introd. 1 775i by the Dodors Fitcairn and FothergiOr 
FL tL%. 

' a. A. 

FSKtil*DI.IA ItONQQYlilA. Amku 


2. A. fcliis linearibus patendbiift^ fl«rilMift peduftculads. a^m. 

Sjft. vegit. 192. Jacpu mtfir. 5* p. 36. U aff.'i8. 
hmcm^k^y'd Aretm* 
Nat, of Switzerland. 

Jnir^ 177s, by the DoAors Pitcwa a«d Folhergill. 
FL H. H. 

3. A. foliis linearibus ncurvsli^ floribm fuMefilibus. Fitalia^ 

Sjft. veget. 192. na. 

Primula Vitaliaiuu Sp. fL ao6. 
Grais-leav*d Aretki, 
NaA of the Pyrenees, 
/n/m/. 1787, by Monf. Cels. 
Fi. fill. 

ANDROSACE. Gen. pi 196. 

InvJucrum umbellulx. CorolLee tubus ovatus: ore 

glandulofp* Capf. i-Ioculoris^ globo(a« 

1. A. periantfaiis fru&uum maximis. Sp. pL 203. Jatqiu maxima* 
auftr.\. p. 16. t. 331. 
Oval-leav'd Andro&ce. 
NaU oi Auftria. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard* H^rt. Ger. 
FL March ^June. H. ©. 

%. A. foliis fubdentatis, pedicellis longifimis, coroUis ca- glongafa* 
lyce brevioribus. Sjft.viget. i<^i. Jacqu. aujir. ^ 

p* 16. u 330. 

Clufter-flower'd Andro&ce. 

Nat of Auftria. 

Introd. 1776, by MonC ThoUin* 

/X April. ajid Miiy; H. O* 

3. A. foliis lanceolatis dentatis glabris, periantfaiis angu- 
A latis corolla brevioribus. Sp. pL 203. 



s^a i>B)lTAirDRiA MoKooTNiA* Aodrolace* 

Toothed-lcavM Andro&ce. 
Nat, of Ruffia and Lapland. 
Cult. 1755, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL U. 20. t. 30. 


FL April and May* H. Q. 

viOrfa. 4. A. foliis pilofis, perianthiis hirfutis. 8p, pL 203. 
Jacqu. auftr. 4. p. 16. /. 332. 
Hairy Androface. 
Nat. of Auftria and Switzerland. 
IntrotL 1768, by Profeflbr de Saufliut. 
FL June Auguft. H. V. 

i^/7^tf« 5- A* foliis lanceolatis glabris, umbella involucris mul- 
toties lorigiore. Sjfi. veget. 192. Jacqu. aujhr.^ 

^ 17- ^- 333- 
Grafs-leav'd Androface. 

Nat. of Auftria. 

/«/rtfJL 1768, by Profeflbr de Saufliire. 

FLJunc H. It. 

carma. 6. A. foliis fubulatis glabris, umbella involucrum sequante. 
Sp. pL 204. 
Awl-leav'd Androface. 
Nat. of Switzerland. 
Introd. 1768, by Profeflbr de Sauflure* 
FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

PRIMULA. Gen. pi 197. 

Involucr. umbellulae. CorolLe tubus cylindricus : ore 

acauEs* i* P* ^Uis rugoCs dentatis fubtus hirfutis, (capis unifloris. 
^a^ftf. m^^£ I. p. 158. Ji. x« 



Primula veris y. acaulis. Sp. pL 205* 

Primula vulgaris a. Hudf. ongL 83. 

Common Primroie. 

Nat. of BritaiiL 

FL April and May. H. V. ' 

2, P. foliis rugofis dentads hirfutis, fcapo multifloro : flo- ilatior^ 

ribus exterioribus nutantibus ; medio ereSa Jacfu. 

mfcett. 1. p. 158. n. 2. 
Primula veris |B. elatior. Sp. pL 204. 
Primula vulgaris ^ Hudf. angL 84. 

Nat, of Britain. 
/7. April and May. H. If . 

3. P. foliis rugofis dentatis fubtus hirfutis, fcapo multi- officinalis. 

floro : floribus omnibus nutantibus. Jacqu. mi/cell. 

Primula veris a. officinalis. Sp. pi 204. 
Primula veris. //iwjC angL 84. 
Common Cowflip. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/Z April and May. H. It . 

4. P. foliis oblongis dcnticulatis undulatis fubtus fari- farinofa. 

nofis, umbeUa crcfia faftigiata, coroUae limbo piano. 
PrimuU farinola. Sp. pi. 205. Jacqu. mi/cell. i. 

A 159- »• 4- 
Bird*s.eyc Primrofc, or Cowflip. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL May and June. yj^ -jj ^ 

5. P. foliis ferratis glabris. Sp. pi. 205. Jacqu. mi/cell. Jiuricula. 

I. p. 160. «. 9. iii^r. 5. p. 7. /. 415. 
a Sinicula alpina lutea. Bauh. pin, 242. 

O ^ Yenow 


Yellow Auricula, or Bcar*s-car- 
P Sanicula alpina purpurea. BauL pin. 242. 

Purple Auricula, or Bear's-ear. 
7 Sanicula alpina flore variegato. Baub. pin* 242U 

Variegated Auricula, or Bear's-ear. 

Nat of the Alps of Switzerland and Auftria* 

Cult. 1597. Ger. herk 640. 

FL April and May. H. If. 

villo/a. 6. P. foliis ovato-cuneiformibus dentatis camofls pubef- 
centibus, fcapo umbellato, corollis glabris. 

Primula villofa 0. pubefcens. Jacqu. mtfcelL i. p. 159. 
n. 6. tab. iS.fig. 2. Curtis magaz. 14. 

Hairy Auricula, or Bear's-ear. 

Nat. of Carihthia and Switzerland. 

Introd. 1768, by Profeffor de Sauflure. 

Fh April and May. H. %. 

gUitimfa. 7. P. involucro longitudine florum feiElium, foliis lanceo- 
latis glutinofis. Linn.fuppL 133. Jacqu. ndfceU. I. 
p. 159. K. 8. aujir. 5. p. 41. tab. app. 26. 

Clammy Primrofe. 

Nat. of the Alps of Carinthia and Tyrol. 

Introd. I777> by Meflrs. Kennedy and Lee. 

/*/. April and May. H. V. 

C O R T U S A. Gen. pi. 198. 

Corolla rotata : &uce annulo elevato. Capf. i-locula- 
ris, ovalis, apice 5-valvi. 

Afattbio" !• C. calycibus corolla brevioribus. Sp. pi. 2o6. 
//. Bear's-ear Sanicle. 

Nat. of Siberia and Auftria. 



Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Gir. 

isi April Ijunc. " H. 1(. 


GrffiZircainpanulatajIacero-inultifida. Caff. lAocijhiiSj 
apice muiddentata. 

I. SoLDANELLA. Sp. pL 2o6. Jacqu. auftr. up. ii. a^ina. 

t, 13. Curtis magaz. 49. 
Alpine Soldanella* 

Nat. of the Alps of Switzerland and Auftria* 
Cult. 1656, by Mr. John Tradcfcant* Muf. Tradefi. 

FL April. H. !(• 


dr. rotata, reflexa. Stanu tubo inddentia. Caff, i- 

locularis, oblonga. 

I. DoDECATHEoN. Sp. pL loj. Curtis magoz, I2. Mea£a. 
Virginian Cowflip. 
Nat. of North America. 
CulU 1744) by Peter Collinfon, Efq. Catefb. carol. 

append, i. 
FL April ^June. R If . 

CYCLAMEN. Gen. pi. 201. 

dir* rotata, reflcxa, tubo breviffimo : feuce prominente. 
Batca te£bi capTuIa. 

I. C. foliis orbiculatis cordatis integerrimis. ^oum. 

Cyclamen coum. JI4ill. di£l. Curtis magaz, 4. 
Round-Ieav'd Cyclamen. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 

O 2 Qib. 

^9^ PBNTANDRiA iiONOOYNiA. Cyclameo. 

Cub. 1731. ABIL di&. i£t. I. n. 4. 

Fl. February. R %. 

iurip^" 2. C. foliis orbiculatis cordads crenads. 
'^"'' Cyclamen europaeum. Sp. pL 207. Jacpi. aufir. 5. 

/• I. /. 401. 

Common european Cyclamen. 

Nat. of Auftria. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard* Hm. Ger. 

27. April H.V. 

perjicum^ 3. C foliis oblongo-ovads cordads crenads. 

Cyclamen perficum. MiU. di£f. Curtis magaz. 44. 

Perfian Cyclamen. 

Nat. of die Ifland of Cyprus. John Sibthorpy M. D. 

Cub. 1731. AftU. diSf. edit. i. n. 5. 

FA February April. G. H. If. 

bederafo^ 4. C. foliis cordatis angulads dendculads. 

Hum. Cyclamen europxiun. Mill. di£i. Regn. b$tan. 

Ivy4eavM Cyclamen. 

Nat. of luly. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hart. Ger. 

F/. April. H.11. 

MENYANTHES. Gen. pi. 202. 
Corolla hirfuta. Stigma 2-fidum. Cap/, i-locularis. 
Nymphoi' I. M. foliis cordads integerrimis, corollis ciliads. Sp. 
^^^- pi. 207. 

Fringed Buck-bean, or Water-lily. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL June and July. H. If. 

ovata. 2. M. foliis ovatis petiolatis, caule paniculato. Liftn. 

/«/^- 133- « , . 


PBNTANDRiA MONOGYNiA. Mcnyanthcs, 197 

Renealmia capenfif . Hnitt.nat. biJl.S.f. i^s^t.^j. 

Oval-leav'd Buck-bean. 
Mit. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Itttroii 1786, by Mr. Francis Maflon. 
#1 Mayr and June. G. H. V . 

3. M. foliis tcmatis. Sp. pi. 208. Oirtis ImL trifilisita. 

Common Buck-bean, or Marfh TrcfoU. 
Nat. of Britain. 

^'•J"'7- H.V. 

HOTTONIA, Gin.pL%02. 

CfTolla hypocratcriformis. Sisnnina tubo corolbe im- 

pofita. Capf. i.locularis. 

I. H. pedunculo verticillato-multifloro. Sp. pi. ao8. pabtOris. 
Curtis land. n* J • 

Water Violet. 
Nat. of Enghnd. 
FL Jdj and Auguft. jj. %. 

Or. campanulata, interne ftriis 5, mellifcris, longitudi- ' 
nalibus. Stigm. 2-fidum. Capf. globofa, 2-valvif . 

J. H. foliis pinnatifidis. Sp. pi. 208. virgini* 

Virginian Watcr-lcaf. cwn. 

Nat. of Virginia and Carolina. 
Cult. 1739, by Mr. Philip MUlcr. Rand. cbil. 
FL May and June. H^ ^^ 

2. H. foliis lobato-angulatis. Sp. pi. 208/ canadtnfi. 

Canadian Water-leaf. 
Nat. of Canada. 

O3 Cub. 


Cult. 1759^ by Mr. PhiKp Miller* 

FL May. H. V. 

£ L L I S I A. Gen. pi. 244. 

Qr. infundibuliformis, angufta. Bacca ficca, biIocuIari% 
bivalvis. 5<in. 2, pundata : altero fupra altenim. 

Ny^ilea. i • Elli5ia. Sj/t. veget. 195. 
Cut-leavM EUifia. 
Nat. of Virginia. 
Cult. 1755, by Peter CoUinfon, Efq. Ehret m§v. t^^ 

nat. curiof, 2. p. 330. t. j. f. !• 
/y. July and Auguft. . H. ©. 

Cor. rotata. Capf. globofa, mucronata, lO-valvis. 

♦ Pedunculis mubijloris. 
vulgaris. i« L- paniculata, racemis tertninalibus. Sp. pi. 209. 
Curtis lond. 
Common Loofe-ftrife. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL July September. H, K. 

Epbeme-' 2. L. racemis terminalibus, petalis obovatis patulis, fo- 
^^'^ liis lineari-lanceolatis feffilibus. 

Lyfimachia Ephemerum. Sp. pi. 209. (exclufo fyno- 
nymo Buxbaumii) Murray in commentat. g^ing. 
1782. p. 9. /. 2. 
Lyfimachia Otani. D^4ff^ arag. 22. tah 2. /I I* 

(qui vero folia inpun£bta efle dicit) 
Lyfimachia ialicifolia. MiU. di£l, 
Ephemerum fpurium Lobelii. Rah. ic. 
Willow-leav'd Loofc-ftriFe. 


MNTANDRiA MONOGYNiA. Lyfimachm. 199 

NaU of Spain. 

Cub. 1 73 1, by Mr. Philip Miller. AtilL diff. id. i. 

n. 5. 
Fl July September. H. If . 

3. L. racemis terminalibus, petalis lancedatis patulis, Jiriifa. 
foliis lanceolatis fefElibus. 

Upright Loofe-ftrife. 

NaU of North America. 

Introd, about 1781, by Mr. William Curtis. 

Fl July and Auguft. H. TJ. * 

Dbscr. CauU s trt&us^ tetragonus, glaber. Folia in- 
tegerrima, acuta, glabra, punftata. Racemi fimpli- 
ccsi Pedicelli fubverticillati, filiformes, unciales. 
BraSiea lanceolatae, breviffima. Calycis lacinise 
lanceolate, glabrae, rubro maculatae. Petala ca- 
lyce triplo longiora, lutea, pundis et lituris rubris, 
maculifque duabus facurate rubris. Stamina corol- 
la breviora. 

4* L. racemis terminalibus, petalis conniventibus, fta* dubia. 
minibus corolla brevipribus, foliis lanceolatis pe- 
' Lyfimachia atropurpurea. Murray in comntinUit. 
goiting. 178a. p. 6. tab, i. 
Lyfimachia Ephemerum. A^IL di£f. 
Lyfimachia fpicata purpurea minor. Buxb. cent, i. p. 

^- 33- 
Purple-flower'd Loofe-ftrife. 

Nat, of the Levant. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dia. edit. 7. 

n, 4. 

FL July and Auguft. H. i p 

5. L. racemis lateralibus pedunculatis. 8p. pi 209. thyrJiJU- 

O4 Tufted ^^- 

aoo piNTANDRiA MONOOYKIA. Lyfimaclua. 

Tufted Loofc-ftrifc 

Nat. of England. 

FU May ^July. R V. 

• * PiduncuUs unifloris. 
pun&ata^ 6. L* foliis fubquatemis, pedunculis vcrticillatis uniflo- 
Four-lcavM Loofc-ftrifc. 
Ail/, of Holland. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. PhQip Miller. MU. £a. edit. 7. 

no. ID. 
FL July and Auguft. H. V. 

ciUata. 7. L. petidis ciliatis, floribus cernuis. Sp. pL 2io« 
Ciliated Loofe-ftrife. 
Nat. of Virginia and Canada. 
Oik. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dia. edit. 7. 

FL July and Auguft. H. If. 

Linum 8. L. calycibus coroUam fuperantibus, caule eredo ra* 
JiiUatum. moiiffimo. Sp. pL 211. 

Small Loofe-ftrife. 

Nat. of Italy. 

Introd. 1776, by Monf. Thouin. 

FL June. H, ©. 

tunurunu 9« L. foliis ovatis acutis, floribus folitariis, caule pro* 
cumbente. Sp.pL %ii. Curtis knd. 
Wood Loofe-ftrife, or Pimpernel. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FLlAzy July. • IL%. 

Nummu^ 10* L. foliis fubcordatis, floribus folitariis, caule repepta, 
laria. Sp. pL 211. Curtis hnd. 



Creeping Loofe-ftrife, or Money-wort. 

J^. of Britain. 

Fl JuDc znd Jvdj. H.%. 

ANAGALLIS. Gin.pLic6. 
Cnr. rot&ta. Qi^. circumfciila. 

I. A. foliis indivifiS) caulc procumbente. Sp. fl» aiz. Arvn^. 

Curtis knd. 
a Anagallis jAceniceo flore. Baub. pin.2%1. 

Red PimperneL 
B Anagallis cxnileo florc, Baub. pin. 7,$2. 

Blue Pimpernel. 
7 Anagallis terreftris flore albo. Bxj.fjn. 282, 

White Pimpernel. 

Nat. of Britain. 

/7. July September. H. ©. 

% A. foliis indivifis, caule ereSo. Sp. pi. 211. wwmttL 

Italian blue PimperneL 
Nat. of Italy. 
Cub. 1648, in Oxford Garden. Hon. $xm. idit. i. 

p. 4« ^» o. 
Fl. May September. G.H.%. 

3. A. foliis cordatis amplexicaulibus, caulibus com* latifiUa. 

preiSs. Sp. pi. 212. 
Broad-leavM Pimpernel. 
Nat. of Spain. 

Cub. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. di£l. idit. 7. 
/•/.July. H.0. 

4, A. foliis ovatis acutiufculis, caule repcntc. Sy/l. vegit. tineJla. 

196* Curtis knd. 



Lynmachia tenella. Sp^ pL zii. 

Creeping Pimpernel, or Purple Money^wort, 

Nat of Britain. 

FL Auguft and September. H. 1[. 

S P I G E L I A.. Gen. pL 209. 

Cor. infiindibulif. Cap/, didyma, a-Iocularis, poly- 

Antbel' I. S. caule herbaceo, foliis fummis qaatemis. Syjl.viget, 

Annual Worm-grafs. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL ££l. edit. 7. 

no. I. 
FLJuly. ' S.O. 


ffutrilan" 2. S. caule tetragono, foliis omnibus oppofitis. Sjfjl*, 

Lonicera marilandica. Sp. pL 249. 

Perennial Worm-grafs. 

Nat. of North America. 

Cult. 1694, by Mr. Bobart. Br.muf. Shan. mfs. 3343. 

FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

AZALEA. Gen. pL 212. 

Cor* fubcampanulata. Stam. rcceptaculo inferta. Capf 

nudiflora. i. A. foliis ovatis, coroUis pilofis, ftaminibus longiflimis« 

Sp. pL 214. 
coccinea. a floribus coccineis. 

Deep fcarlet Azalea. 



floribus laturate rubris^ calycibus minuds* rutilaiiB. 

Deep red Azalea. 
7 floribus pallide rubicundis : tubo bafi ruhrpi calyci- carnea. 
bus foliaceis. 

Pale red Azalea. 
9 floribus aibidis, calycibua mediocribus. alba. 

Early white Azalea, 
t florum limbo pallido ; tubo rubro, calyce parvo^ ramu- bicolor. 
lis pilofis. 

Red and white Azalea. 
i floribus rubicundis : lacinia infima. alba, caljcibus papilio- 
foliaceis. nacea. 

Variegated Azalea. 
n floribus carneis ufque ad bafin quinquepartttis. partita^ 

Downy Azalea. 

Nat, of North America. 

iTttrod. 1734, by Peter Collinfon, Efq. C^. mfs. 

FL May and June. H. Ti . 

2. A. foliis margine fcabris, coroUIs pilofo-gludnolis. vifcofa. 

Sp. pi. 214. 
a floribus albis, ramis diflufis, foliis faturate viridibus odorata. 
Common white Azalea. 
fi floribus albis: carinis camels, ftylis elongads apice vlttata. 
rubris, foliis pallidis ovato-oblongis. 
Whitc-ftripM flower'd Azalea. 
> floribus albis ad bafm ufque divifis, foliis laturate vi- fifla. 
ridibus lucidis. 
Narrow- petai'd white Azalea. 
t floribus albis, foliis fubtus glaucis, ftylis corolla Ion- floribunl 
gioribus. da. 

Cluftcr-flower'd white Azalea. 



004 pxNTANDitiA M0N007NIA. Azalea. 

{^aiica* ff ioribus albis, fbliis utrinque gbudss jumoribus fii- 
pn pilis adiperfis. 
Glaucous Azalea. 
Nat. of North America. 

Jntrod. 1734, by Peter ConinTon, Efq. CoU. m/i^ 
FL ij and t, June, and a, ft and y, July and Auguft, 

procum* 3. A. ramis diffuTo-procuinbentibus. Sp. pL 215. 
bins. Procumbent Azalea* 

Nat. of Scotland. 

/7. April and May. H. 1^, 

PLUMBAGO. Gen. pi. 213. 
C§r. infundibulif. Stamina fquamis bafin coroUae clau- 
dentibus inferta. Stigma 5-fidum. Sem. i, oblon- 
gum, tunicatum. 

iuropeaa. i« P. foliis amplexicaulibus lancedads fcabris. Sp. pi. 

European Lead-wort. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1597, by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. herb. 1069. 

FL September and O^ber. H. l(. 

zeylanica. 2* P* foliis petiolatis ovatis glabris^ caule filiform!. Sf* 
pi. 215. 
Ceylon Lead-wort 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cult. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. dia. edit, u 

no. 2. 
FL April September. S. t . 

^^* 3* P* foliis petiolatis ovatis glabris fubdenticulatis, caule 

geniculis gibboiis. Sj/l. veget. 199. 



RoTe-coloiir'd Lead-wort. * 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Introd. 1777, ^ J^** FothcrgiD, M.D. 

Fl. July. S.1^, 

4. P. foliis petiolatis ovatis glabri% caitle flezuob-fcaa- Jiandens. 
dente. Sp. ^215. 
Climbing Lead-wort* 
Nat. of South America.* 
Introd. 1778, by Henry de Ponthteu, Efi|. 
FI. July and Auguft. S. h - 

PHLOX. Gen. pi. 11^. 

Cor. hypocraterif. Filemmta inaequalia. StigmM 
3*fidum. CaL prifmaticus. Capf. 3-locularis9 1- 

1. P. foUis lanceolatis planis inarglne fcabrisy caule Isevi, fanicnhn 

corymbis paniculatis, coroUae laciniis rotundatis. ta. 
Phlox panicubtsL Sp. pi. 216. 
PaniclM Lychnidea. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cult. 1732, by James Sherard, MD. Dill. eltb. 205. 

/. 166. / 203. 
Fl. Auguft and September. H. If. 

2. P. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis fubundulatis margine undulata* 

icabris, caule Isvi, corymbis paniculatis, corcJlae 

laciniis fubretufis. 
Wavcd-leav'd Phlox. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cult, ijsg, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FL July and Auguft. H. V . 

Obs. Flores cxrulei. 

3. p. 







3* p. foliis ovato-lanceolatis undique Ixvibu^ caide 
^ glaberrimo, racemo paniculatx). 
White-flowcr'd Phlox. 
Niat of North America. 
IrttroJ* about 1766, by Peter CoUinfon, Efq. 
FL July and Auguft. H. 1|: • 

Obs. Flores albi, leviter fuavedentes. 

4* P. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis giabris, caule fcabriuf. 

culo, racemo corymbofo* 
Phlox maculata. Sp, ph 2i6. J^icqtu hcrt, 2. p. 58. 

/. 127. 
Spotted-ftalk'd Lychnidea. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cult. 1 759, by Mr. Philip Miller. AftU. dia. edit. 7. 

m. 3. 
FL Auguft. H. %. 

5. P. foliis lanceolatis laevibus, caule fcabro, corymbis 

fubfaftigiatis. Sp. pL 2 16. 
Carolina Lychnidea. 
Nat. of Carolina. 

Cult, before 1728. Mart. dec. i. p. lO. 
FL July September. H. V. 

6. P. foliis lineari-lanceolatis glabris, caule ertStOy co^ 

rymbo terminali. Sp. pL 2ij^ 
Smooth Lychnidea. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cult. 1 731, by Mr. Philip Miller. AC//, di^. edit. i. 

Lychnidea i. 
FL June Auguft. H. V. 

7. P. foliis lato-lanceolatis : fuperioribus alternis^ caule 

bifido, pedunculis geminis. Sp. pL 217. 



Early-flowering LTchnidcft. 

Nat. of North AmeVica. 

Cub. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. MU. ic. 137. 

/. 205./. I. 
FL April«-^— June. H. % . 



Cor. canipanulaU) plicata. Stigmata 2. Cap/. 2-10^ 
cularis : loculis difpermis. 

• CauU volutin. 
J. C. follis iagittatis utrinque acutis, pedunculis fubuni- arvenfts. 
iloris. Sjfi. veget. 200. Curtis land. 
Small Bind-weed. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June — — September. H. % . 

2. C. foliis fagittatis poftice truncatis, pedunculis tetra- fepium. 

gonis unifloris. Sp. pi. 218. Curtis lond. 
Great Bind-weed. 
Nat. of Britoin. 
FL June September, H. %. 

3. C. foliis (agittatis poftice truncatis, pedunculis tereti- Scamm-^ 

bus fubtrifloris. Sp. pL 218. nia. 

Scammony Bind-weed. 
Nat. of the Levant. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
FL July and Auguft. H. % . 

4. C. foliis cordatls acuminatis Ixvibus, pedunculis uni- fibiricus. 

floris. Linn. mant. 203. 
Sibirian Bind-weed. 
Nat. of Sibiria. 




Introd, 1779, by Meflrs. Kennedy and Lee. 

FL July and Auguft. H, © • 

farino-' $* C. fbliis cordads acuminatis repandis, pedunciilis tri- 
fiu. floris, caule farinofo. Lintu mant. 203. yacqu* 

horU I. p. 13, t. 35. 

Mealy- ftalk'd Bind-weed. 

NaU of Madeira. 

Introd, 1777, by Mr. Francis MaiToil* 

FL May and June. 6. H. 1{ . 

Medium* 6. C. foL linearibus hafhtto-acuminatis : auriculis den* 
tatis, pedunculis unifloris, calycibus iagittatts, caule 
volubili. Sji/t. vegiU 200. 

Arrow-headed Bind-weed. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Introd. 1778, by Mr. William Roxburgh. 

FL July and Auguft. S. . 

tridenta" 7. C. foliis cuneiformibus tricufpidatis, baft dilatata den- 
**'• ' tatis, pedunculis unifloris. Sp. pL id. i. p. 157. 

£ volvulus tridentatus. Sp. pL id.'2. p. 392. Burnt. 

iruL jj.t. 16. f. 3. 
Convolvulus indicus barbatus minor, foliorum apici- 

bus lunulatis. Plui. aim. iij. t. 276. /. 5. 
Sendera-clandi. Rheed. maL ii. p. 133. t. 65. 
Trifid Bind-weed. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Introd. 1778, by Sir Jofcph Banks, Bart. 
FL July and Auguft. ' S. O . 

pandura^ 8. C. foliis cordatis integris panduriformibus, calycibus 
tus. laevibus. Sp. pL 219. 

Virginian Bind-weed. 

Nat. of Carolina and VIrginisU 


n^TANDRiA MOKOOYNiA. ConVt>lvuIui. d09 

Oilt. 1 732, by James Sherard, M. D. DHL ekb. loi. 

Ft June— --September. G* H. V* 

9: C. foliis cordads integris trilobiiqiiei coroDil indi- bidiraa^ 
vifis, fruSibus credis. Sp. pL 219. ^'* 

Ivy-leavM Btad'-weed. 

Nat. of Afli^ Africa, and America« 

Cub. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. DilL ilth. 97. 
^.81./ 93. 

FL June and July. H. Q. 

10. C. ibiiis cordatjs trilobis, cordlis (emiquinquefidiS) Nth 

pedunculis petiolo brevioribus. Sp. pL 219. 
Blue Bind-weed. 
Nat. of America. 

Gi//. before I597,by Mr. John Gerard. Gir.birh.ii^. 
FL July— September. S. ©. 

11. C. foliis cordatis indiviAs, fru£libus cernuis, pedi- purpuric 

cdlis incrailatis. Sp. pL 219. ^* 

m Convolvulus purpureus folio fubrotundo. Baub. pin* 
Great purple Bind-weed, or Convolvulus major. 
Convolvidus caeruleus minor, folio fubrotundo. DilL 
iltb. 97. /. 82. / 94. 
Small purple Bind-weed. 
Nat. of America. 
Cub. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. DilL ebb. 

he. eit. 
FL June September. H« © . 

12* C. foliis cordatis indiviils, caule fubpubefcente, pe- ebfcurut. 
dunculis incraflatis unifloris, calycibus glabris. 
Sp. pL 220. 

P Hairy 


Hairy Bind-weed. 
Nat. of the £aft Indies. 
' Cult. X 732, by James Sherard, M. D. DilL ehL 9S. 

f. 83*/.9S. / 

!^/. July and Auguft. ^ S. 0* 

Satatas. 13* C. foliis cordads haftatis quinquenerviis, caulc re- 
pente hifpido tuberifero. Sp. pL #20. 
Tuberous-rooted Bind-weed. 
Nat. of both Indies. 

Cult. I597i by Mr. John Gerard. Gtr. bsrh. ySo. 
Fl. S. V. 




14. C. foliis cordatisy pedunculis umbellatis, caule volu- 

bill. Sp. pL 221. 
Umbel'd Bind-weed. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. 1774, by George Young, M.D. 
FL June and July. S. %. 

15. C. foliis cordatis pubefcentibus, caule perenni villo- 

fo^ pedunculis multifloris. Sp. pL 221. 
Canary Bind-weed, 
Nat. of the Canary Iflands. 
Cuk. 1690, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. Mif 

H.S. 139.^/. 63. 
Fl. May— —September* G. H. ( • 

16. C. foliis cordatis, pedunculis incraflatis calycibuf* 

que laevibus, caule muricato. Linn. mant. 44. 
Rough-ftalk'd Bind-weed. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Introd. 1777, by Daniel Charles Solander, LL.D. 
FL July and Auguft. S. 0* 



1 7* C. foliis cordatSs angukds^ caule membranaceo-qua- Tw^* 
drangulari, pedunculis multiSoris. Sp. pL 221. tbunu 

Square-ftalkM Bind-weed. 

Nat. of Ceylon. 

Cult. 1759^ by Mr. Philip Miller. MU. £a. i£t. f. 
m. 31. 

FL S. V. 

iS. C. foliis cordatis fubtus tomentofe-fericeis, pedtuieulis Jfrnfm. 

petiolo longioribus umbdliferisy calycibus acutis^ 

caule volubili. 
Convolvulus (peciofus. Linn.fitppL 137. 
Convolvulus nervofus. Burm* iruL 48. /• 20.^ X. 
Broad' Icav'd Bind-weed. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Intr^ 177S, by Sir Jofeph Banks, BarL 
FL S.1&. 

19. C. ca Je volubilt| foliis ovatis fubcordatis obtufis ob- Jalstpa. 
folete repandis fubtus villofis, pedunculis unifloris* 
Convolvulus Jalapa. Linn, ruant. 43. 
Jalap Bind-weed. 
Nat. of South America. 
Intr$J. 1778, by Monf. Thouin. 
FL Auguft and September. S. 1^. 

ftO. C. foliis cordatis llnuatis fericels : loins repandis, ^hm» 
peduiKulis bifloris. Sjft. veget. 202. oidis. 

m Convolvulus argenteusAltheae folia^S» 

Mallow-leav'd Bind-weed. 
fi Convolvulus argenteus elegantiffimus^ foltif tenuiter 
incifis^ Tcurmfi in/i. 85. 
Silky-leav'd Bind-weed. 
NaL a. of the Levant -, $. of Sicily. 

Pa Cub. 








Qth* 1656, by Mr* John Tiafefcamt, Jim. Trad. 

nutf. 104* 
FL June— —September. G. H. If • 

ai» C« foliis pinnato-palnuitis (ermtis, pedunculis filifor* 
mibus paniculatiS) caljcibus bevibua. S]ifi. vegct. 
Jagged-leavM Bind-weed* 
If at. of Egypt. 

ItUrod. 1770, by Monf. Richard. 
FL June and July. G. H. %. 

22. C. foliis palmato-pedatis quinquepartitis, peduncu- 

, lis unifloris. Sp. pi. 222. 
Long-fruited Bind-weed. 
Nat. of South America. 

Qib. 1752, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL £a. edit. 6. n. 27. 
FL July and Auguft. S. 0* 

23. C. foliis digitatis quinis pilofis integerrimis, caule 

pilofo. Sp. pL 223. 
Fivc-lcav*d Bind-weed. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
QiH. 1759, by Mr. PhiUp Miller. MB. Ma. i£t. 7. 

n$. 12. 
fL Auguft and September. S. Q. 

•• CauUntnvoluhilu 

24. C. foliis cordato-ovatiS) pedunculis unifloris : bnc- 

teis lanceolatis, flore feffili. Sp. pL 223. 
Small-flower'd Bind-weed. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cab. I739» by Mr. Ph. Miller. RaiuL cbeL n. 14. 
FL June Auguft. H. . 

25. C. 


»5, C* foliis lanreabfis fericds lineatis pctioiad^ peiJim- SusUu. 

culis bifloris, calydbiis fericets fuMbliaoeit. Sp. 

pL 224. 
Dwarf Bind* weed. 
Mtt of Fnuice and Spain. 
Ctk. 1714, by the Dutcheft of Bcaiilbrt Br. Mtf 

H. S. 139. f$L 17. 
FL June. R V» 

«6. C. foliit lanceolads tomentolis, floribnt lunbdla- Ou^mm. 

tiS| caljcibus hiriutit, caule erefla Sj/I. ngpf. 

Silverj-Ieav'd Bind-weed. 
Nat. of Spain and the Lerant. 
QJt. 1739. Xanii. ehtlf. m. 6. 
FL May September. G. H. % . 

27. C. fioGis lineari'lancedads acotis pilofit, pednncolis Qmis^ 
inferioribus foliis longioribus fubbifloris, calydbua ^''^ 
oblonfo-lanceolads hirfutis, 
m canUbus decumbentibut. 

Convolvulus Cantabrica. Sp. pLid.%.p. %%%. Joiq. 

tfi^.3.^. 53./.296. 
Decumbent flax-leav'd Bind-weed. 
$ caule eredo ramofo. 

Convdvulus Cantabrica. Sp. pi. id. 1. p. 158. 

Upright flax-leav'd Bind-weed. 

Mn. of die South of Europe. 

Cub. 1743, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. dUl. edit. 4. 

m. i6. 
Fl. moft part of the Summer. G. H. b • 

)8, C. fUiis linearibus pilofiufculis, pedunculis fubtri- fcfparivu 
iloris, calycibus fericeis ovatis acutis, caule fhiti- 
Cofo| ramis virgatis. 

P 3 Convolvulus 





piWTAir&RiA MONPcriifA. CotivolviAts* 

CenvdYuliis fe<»parius. U^* fuffL ii%. 

Coovolvulus linarifplius. ACM. £&. 

Broom Bind-wecd. 

Nai. of the Canary Iflands. 

Cab. 1768, by Mr. Philip MiUer. Mtt. 4!% ^. S. 

FL Augvft and Septottbcr. G. H. 1^ . 

1^ C. foliis •blongo-lanceolatis bad attenuads fi4>pilo- 
iis, ramis floriferis pedunculifque paniculatis. 

Ornvdvulus floridas. Linfu /ufpl* 136. Jacqu. it. 
(pIM. I. p. 62. 

Many-flower'd Bind-weed. 

Nat. of die Canary Iflands. Mr. FtmKis Maffi^. 

Introd. 1779. 

FL Auguft and Septemben G. H. 1^ • 

30. C. foliis lanceolato-ovatis glabris, caule decIinatOi 

floribtts folitariis. Sp. pL 225. Curtis magaz. 27. 
Trailing Bind-weed» or Convolvulus minor. 
Nat. of Barbary, Spain, and Sicily. 
Cub. 1629, by Mr. John Parkinfon* Park, parol 

361./. 3. 
FL June Auguft. H. 0. 

31. C« foliis reniformibus, pedunculis unifloris. Sp. 

pi. 226. 
Sea Bind-weed* 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H. 0< 

Pes ca-^ 3t« C. foliis bilobis, pedunculis unifloris. &p. pL 226. 
frm. Thick-leav'd Bind-wecd. 

J^«.ofthe£aft Indies. 

Introi. ;i770, by Mont Richard. 

FL June and July, S. 0. 

33- C. 

PBNTANDRIA JiONOGYNIA. Convolvului. tlj 

3^ C. fbliit emarginatis bafi biglandulofisy pcdunculia hn^gnm 
triiioris. Sp. pL 226. /*• 

Broad-leav*d Bind-weed. 
Nat. cf South America. 
iMtrad. before 1726, by Mr. Mark CateOjr. MO. 

Ji£f* edit. I. iM. 4. 
FL S.V. 

I P O M GE A. GiH. pL ai6. 

Cor. infiindibultf. Stigma capiuto-globofiim. , Capf. 


1. 1, foliis pinnatifidis linearfbus, floribus fubfolitariis* ^uam§^ 
&^^^. ^A/. 

Winged-leav'd Ipomcea. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cuk. 1629. P(irk. parad. 358. no. 3, 
Fk July «— -September. S« 0« 

2. L foliis pinnatifidis linearibus» floribus racemofis pcn«> rvira. 

dulis. Syft, vigtt. 204. 
Polemonium rubrum. Sp. pi. 231. 
Upright Ipomoea. 
Nat. of Carolina. 
Ctt//. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. DiU. tbb. 

321. r. 241. /. 312. 
K September. S. l^. 

3. L foliis cordatis acuminatis bad angulatts, pedun- cucinea. 

culis multifloris. Sp. pU 228. 
Scarlet-flower'd Ipomoea, or Convolvulus. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MiU. dia. edit. 7. 

FL June— — 'September. H. O* 

P4 4.1. 


kcunrfum 4. 1, feliis cordatis acuminatit fcrobiculatis bafi angtila- 
tis, pedunculis fubunifloris flore brevioribus. Sp* 

Starry Ipomoea. 

Nat. of Virginia and Carolina. 

Qib. 1640. Pari, ibeat. 164. no. 5. 

/I July. Ito. 

iwhro/a. 5* I* fbliis palmatis : lobis feptenis lanceolatis acuds in- 
tegerrimis, pedunculis trifloris. Sjfl. V€get. 204. 
Tuberous-rooted Ipomoea. 
NaU of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. 1780, by Mr. Alexander Anderfon« 
FL S. %. 

hna ncx. 6. L foliis cordatis acuds integerrimis, caule aculeate^ 
floribus ternis, corollis indiviiis. Sp. pL 228. 
Prickly Ipomoea. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. 1773, '^y J^*^" ^*^' ^^ i^tic. 
FL July and Auguft. S. O^ 

friloia. 7* L foliis trilobis cordatis, pedunculis trifloris. Sp. pL 
Thrcc-lobcd Ipomoea. 
Nat. rf the Weft Indies, 
Cttlt.iys<h ^y ^- Pbilip Miller. Milt. ££i. edit. 7^ 

no. 6. 
Fl. June and July. H. Q, 

hederifi'- 8. L foliis trilobis cordads, peduncuTis multifloris race-* 
Ka. mofis. Sp. pL 229. 

Ivy-leav'd Ipomoea. 

Nat. of South America. 
. Ittirod. 1 773, by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquin, M. D- 

/V.July. H,©. 


9. L fbliis cordatis acuminatis pilofis, floribus aggregatis, tamnlfrm 
Sp. pL 230. ^^* 

Tamnus-IeavM Ipomoea. 
Nat. of Carolina. 
Qik. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. DilL ebb. 

Fl. July. H, o. 

10. 1, folits palmatis, floribus aggregads. Sp. ph ^30. P^f 5<- 
Palmated Ipomcca. i^^^* 

^17/. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cnb. I732» by James Sherard, M. D. DHL ibb. 429. 

/. 318./. 411. 
Fl. Auguft. S. e* 

LIGHTFOOTIA. VHeriHir fert.angl 

dr. 5-petala, fundo claufo valvis ftaminiferis. CaL 
5-phyllus. Stigma 3-5-fidum. Ca^. 3-5-locula. 
ris, 3-5-valvis, femifupera. 

I« L. foliis petalifque lanceolatis. VHerit. fert. angL pxycoecn^ 
tab. 4. dis. 

Lobdia tenella. Linn. mant. I20. 
Lance-leav'd Lightfootia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
fntrod, 1787, by Mr, Francis Maflbn. 
/7. July, G-H. b. 

%. L. foliis fubulatis, petalis linearibus. VHerit. fert. fiAtdata. 
angL tab. 5. 
Awl-leav'd Lightfootia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfon. 
Jntrod. 1787. 
/•A Auguft, G. H. V. 



Cor. 5-partita, fundo claufo valvis ftaniiniferis. Stigma 
3-fiduro. Gig/I 3-IoculariSy fupenu . 

t^ende^ I. P. fbliis pinnatis, floribus erc^s, calyctbus corcUae 
um. tubo longtoribus. Sp. pL 130. 

a flore cxruleo. 

Blue-flower'd Greek Valerian. 
|3 flore albo. 
White-flowcrM Greek Valerian. 
Nat. of Britain. 
#7. May July. H.V. 

reptans. jt. ?• foliis pinnatis feptenis, floribus tenniiudibus nu- 
tantibus. Sy^. veget. 205. 
Creeping Greek Valerian. 
Nat. of North America. 

Cult. 1758, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MtU. ic. 14a /. S09. 
FL April and May. H. !(• 

CAMPANULA, dn. pi. 2iS: 
Cor. campanulata, fixndo daufe valvis fiaminiferis. 
Stigma 3^iiduni. Capf. infera, pons lateralibus 


• Foists lavioribus angufiiorHus. 
anifia. i. C. caulibus unifloris, foliis ovatis glabris integerrimis 
fubciliatis. Syft. veget. 2o6. 
Ciliated Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Switzerland. 

JntroeL 1775, by the Do£lors Pitcairn and Fothtrgill. 
FI. June and July. H. V. 

grandi^ 2. C. foliis ternis oblongis (erratis, caule unifloro> flore 
y^''^» patula Linn./uppi. 140. Jacqu. bort. 3.^.4. t, 2. 


PXHTAWDRXA ifovooYviA. Campaouls. S19 

Great-flower'd Bell-flower. 

Nat. of Siberia. 

Jmrod. 1782, by Mr. John BelL 

FL July. H. v. 

3.C. foliis radicalibus reniformibus j caulinit Uoeari- nhauB^ 

bus. 5^. pL 232. Curtis ktuL f^^^^ 

a Campanula minor rotundifoliavulgmist B^ub.pimg^ 

RovhdJeav'd Bell-flower, or Hare BcUs. 
fi Campanula minor rotundifolia alpina.^ 

Small Round-kav'd Bell-flower. 
' Nai. of Britain. 

FL June and July. H. V • 

4. C. foliis omnibus conbtis ferrads petiolatis glabris, carpati* 

ramis filiformibus unifloris. '^* 

Campanula carpatica. Ja^u. bwi. u p. 22. /• 57. 

Linn.fuppL 140. 
Heart-leav'd Bell-flower. 
Nat. of the Carpatian Alps. 
IfitTML 17749 by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquin, M.D. 
FL June and July. H.%. 

5. C. cauliculis teretibus ftri£Hs glabris^ foliis lineari- LpMim" 

lanceolatis denciculatis, corollis fubinfundibulifor- ^f* 

mibus trifidis quadrifidifque. 
Campanula Lobelioides. Linn.fuppl 140. 
Small-flower'd Bell-flower. 
Nat^ of Madeira. Mr. Francis Majfon. 
Introd. 1777. 
FL July and Auguft. H. ©. 

6. C. foliis ftri^Stis : radicalibus lancedlgto-ovalibus, pa« patula^ 

nicula patula. Sp. pL 232. 


sao pBNTANDRiA MONOOYNiA. Campanula* 

Spreading BeQ-flowen 

Nat, of England. 

FL July and Auguft. H. # « 

Rafunm 7. C. Mm luidulatis : radicalibus lanceolatCMnralibuSy pa« 
tuba. nictila coarfiata. Sp. pi. 232. 

Efculent Bell-flower, or Raminons. 

<A^. of England. 

FL July— ^-September. H. f • 

perJUifo^ 8. C. foliis radicalibus obovatis, caulinis Ianceolati>- 
Ua. linearibus fubferratis feffilibus remotis. Sjft. veget^ 


Peach-leav'd Bell-flower. 

Nat. of the Northern parts of Europe. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hvrt. Gtr. 

FL July--~Septeinber. H. %. 

pyramid 9* C. foliis Isvibus ferratis cordatis: caulinis lanceola- 
^li^* tis, caulibus junceis fimplicibus, umbellis feffilibus 

Iatera!tibus. Sj/l. veget. 206. 

Pyramidal Bell-flower. 


Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

FL July Odober. H. If, 

america' 10. C. foliis cordatis lanceolatifque ferratis, petiolis in-* 

^* feriorum ciliatis, floribus axillaribus feffilibus, co- 

rollis quinqueparcitis plaiiis, ftylis corolla longio* 


Campanula americana, Sp. pL 233. (exclufis fynony- 

mis, qus fequends) 
American Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Penfylvania. • 


F2NTANDRIA MONooYNiA. Campanula* ftai 

Introd. 1763, by Mr. John Bartraia. 

PL July, H. ©. 

II. C. foliis oblongis crenatis bevigatis: caulinis Ian- niiiJa, 

ceolads fubintegris, coroUis campanulato-rotatis. 

UHeriufert. angL 
Campanula americana minoT) flore cseruleo patula 

lUi. ic. 
Trachelium amcricanum minus, flore caerulco pa- 

tulo, Dod. mem, 1 19. iai. 1 18. 
Smooth-Ieav'd Bell-flower. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1743, by Mr. Philip MiUcr, AftIL £a. i£t. 4. 

w- 13- 
FL July. H. V. 

22. C. foliis lanceolatis: caulinis acute ferratis, floribus lUifolia., 

paniculatis nutantibus. Sp. pL 233. 
Lily Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Intrad. 1 784, by Monf. Thouin. 
FL moft part oif the Summer. H. %. 

23. C. foliis rfaomboidibus ferratis, fpica fecunda, caly« rhmM" 

cibus dentads. Sji/l. veget. 2o6. dia, 

Germander-leav'd Bell-flower. 
Nat. of the Alps of Switzerland. 
Introd. I775» by the Dodors Pitcairn and Fothergill. 
/y.July, H.V. 

♦ ♦ Foliis fcabris latioribus. 
14. C. foliis ovato-lanceolatis, caule fimpliciflimo tereti, latifoUa. 
floribus folitariis pedunculatis^ fruflibus cernuls. 
Sp. pL 234. 
Broad-Ieav'd Bell-flower. 









Nat. of Britain. 

HJuly. H.%. 

15. C. foliis cordato-lanceolatts, caule ramoTo, floribus 

fecundis fparfis, calycibus reiiexis. S]/l. veget. 207. 
Ncttlc-lcav*d Bell-flower. 
Nat. of the South of Europe, 
Cidt. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. Suthnl bort. 

4£n. 64. no. 3* 
FL June and July. H, it . 

16. C« foliis ovato-Ianceolatis iubtus icabris feflSlibus, 

caule paniculato. Sf. pL 234. 
Panicled Bell-flower, 
^tff. of Italy. 

Introd. 1773, by John Earl of Bute. 
FL Auguft and September. H. % • 

17. C. caule angulato, foliis petiolatis, calycibus ciliatis, 

pedunculis trifidis. Sp. pi. 235. 
Great Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

j8. C. caule angulato ftmpHci, floribus (eflilibus, ca- 
pitulo terminal!. Sp. pL 235. 
Clufter'd Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL May September, R It. 

19. C. hifpida, floribus feflilibus, capitulo terminal, fo« 
liislanceolato-linearibusundulatis. Sp. pL 23$. 
Waved-leav'd Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Sweden and Germany. 


//i/fW. 1783, by William Pitcairii, M. D. 


PL ]vL\y. 

U. i. 

* * * CaffuUs okeffis calycis Jinubus refUxis. 
ao. C. ca^fulis quinqudocularibus obte^, caule fitn* Medium* 

plici credo ibliofo^ floribus ere6tis. Sp. pL 236. 
Canterbury Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Germany and Italy. 
Qik. 1597. Ger. herb. 362. 
FL June— September. H. S . 

21. C« capfulis quinquelocularibus obte£ti% caule fim- iarhata. 

pliciffimo unifolio, foliis lanceolads, corollis bar« 

batis. Sp. pL 236. 
One-leav'd Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Italy and Switzerland. 
Introd. 1775, by the Doflors Pitcaim and Fothcrgill. 
FL June and July. H. V. 

22. C. hifplda, fpica laxa, floribus alternis, foliis linear!- JpUata. 

bus integerrimis. Sjft. veget, 208. 
Spiked Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Switzerland. 

iMrod. 1786, by William Pitcaim, M. D. 
FL]\jij. H. *. 

23. C. capfulis trilocularibus obteAis, caule paniculato. Jibtrica. 

Sp. pL 236. Jacqu. aujlr. 2. p. 60. /. 200. 
Siberian Bell-flower. 
Nat. of Siberia and Auftria. 
IntroJ. 1783, by William Pitcaim, M.D. 
FL July and September. H. S • 

24. C. capfulis quinquelocularibus, foliis ellipticis fer- 
ratis glabris, floribus fubpaniculatis quinqueparti- 
tis, caulibus fruticofls carnolis. 



124 PENTANDRIA AlONOdYlllA. CzttipZhvA^ 

Campanula aurea. Lirm.fuppL 141. 

Golden Bell-flower. 

Nat. of Madeira. Mr. Francis MaJJin. 

Introd. 1777. 

FL Auguft and September. G. H. 1^ • 

' Spiiulum. 25. C. caule ramofiffimo difRifo, foliis oblongi^ fubcrena- 
ds, floribus folitariis, capfulls prifmadcis. Sj/f. 
veget. 209. 

Venus's Looking-glafs, or Bell-flower. 

NaU of die South of Europe. 

Cult. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutherL bort. 
edin. 250. no. 2. 

/Z May— i^july. H. G. 

bybrida. 26. C. caule bail fubramofo ftri£to, foliis oblongis crena- 
tis, calycibus aggregates corolla longioribus, cap- 
fulis prifmaticis. Sp. pL 239. 

Corn Bell-flower, or Codded Corn-violet. 

Nat. of England. 

Pi, May July. H. © . 

Prifma- 27. C. capfulls linearibus bllocularibus, foliis lanceola- 
tocarpus. ds laxc ferrads glaberrimis, caule decumbente. 

VHerit.firt. angi t. 3. 

Long-capfuled Bell-flower. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfotu 

Introd, 1787. 

FU September. G. H. Q. 

ferfrUa* 28. C. caule fimplici, foliis cordatis dentads amplexi- 
t^* caulibus, floribus feffilibus aggregads. Sp. pL 239. 

Perfoliate Bell-flower. 

Nat. of North America. 

^EMTANDkiA MONOOYNiA. Campanula. 225 

(hit. i68o. AArif. bift. 2. p. 457. M. 23. f. $.U%. 

/7. June. H. 0. 

29. C. foliis cordatis quinquelobis petiolatis glabris, hiJira^ 

caulc laxo. Sp. pi. 240, ^'^ 

lyy-leav'd Bell-flower. 
Atf/. of England. 
FL May Auguft. H. %. 

30. C. caule dichotomo, foIHs fef&libus : fuperioribus op- Erinus. 

pofitis trident^ds* * Syjl. veget. 210. 
Fork'd BeJl-flower. 

Nat. of Spain, Italy, and the South of Fnuice. 
Cuh. 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. MU. £a. idit. 8. 
Fl. July and Auguft. H. Q* 

R O E L L A. Gen. pi. 219. 

Cor. infundibulif. fiindo claufo valvis ftaminiferis. 
Stigma 2-fidum. Cap/. 2-locularis9 cylindrica, 

1. R. foliis ciliatis: mucrone redlo. Sp. pi. 241. ciliata. 
Ciliated Roella. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Intred. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

FL July September. G. H. 1^ . 

2. R. herbacea diflfufa, foliis ovatis recurvatis dentatis, fquarr$^ 

floribus terminalibus aggregatis. LinrufuppU 143. fa. 
Trailing Roella. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
/ijune. G. H.V. 

CL 3- R- 




3* R» follis lanceolalis cili^tis dtcurmitibus. VHait. 
. fert. angL tab. 6. 
Decurrent Roella. 
Nat. of the. Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfm. 

* 7/. September. ' G.H.O. 

' ris. 


P HY T E U M A. Gen. pi 220. 

Cnr. rotata, 5-partita: laciniis linearibus. Stigma 
2. f. s-fiifum. Cap/. 2. f. 3-locuIariS) infera. 

1. P.capitulo fubrotundo, foliis Ferratis ; radicalibus cor- 

datis. Sp. pi. 242. Jacqu. auftr. 5. p. 18. /. 437. 
Rou|id4)eaded horn'd Raippion. 
Nat. of 'England. 
Fl June-: — ^Auguft. H. % ^ 

2. P. fpica oblonga, capfulis bUocularlbus, foliis radica- 
. libus cordatis. $p. pL 242. 

Spiked horn*d Rampion.' 

Nat. of Europe. • . . 

Cult. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutberL hort. 

idiv. 290. no. 3* 
Fl June. ... H. If. 

TRAC HELIUM. Gen. pi 221. 

€irjnfundibulifbrmis. 5//^«« globofum. Cap/, txi- 
locularis, infera. 

raruU-'. '• Tracheuum. Sp. pi 243, 
if/w. - Blue Throat- Wort. 

Nat. of Italy, and the Levant. 

Cult. 1739. A£ll. dia. vol a. If. r. 

Fl July September. H. * . 


flMTANOItlA MONOOYblA. ikVf . 

S A M O L U S. Ggn^fh aaa. 

Gn bypocrateriformis. Stamina munita fquarnvKi 
corollsr* Caff, i-loculatis, inftra. . . 

•• Samolus. 5^^7.243. Curtis UnJL ' vakrm^ 

Waier Pigtipemcl, . *** 

-M?r. of Britain. 
i^AJune Auguft. H*%. 


Gn infundibuliformis. Capfula 2-locuIari8> ii&ra, 
polyipenna, fubrotund% coronata. 

1. R. foltis feffilibus, paqicula dichotoma* Sp» pk 243. amirica- 
American Rondeletia. ^"^^ 

Nat. of the Weft Indies.. 

Cult. 1748, by Mn Philip Miller. AfiU. iia. idit. 5. 

t. R« fdiis petiolatis ovato-oblongis acutis piloiU| pa- hirta* 
niculis trichotomis axillaribus. 

Hairy RondeleCia. 

Niat. of Jamaica. 

Introd. about 1776, by John Blackburne, Efq.. . 

FL June— — Auguft. 

Obs. Valde affinis R. odirata^ diflert vcro inlIoref« 
centia axillari et foliis majoribus, acutioribus, fupra * 
non fcabris, bafi vix cordatiS) petiolitque longiort- 
bus. Tubus corollas huic calyce duplo tantum Ion- . ■* 
gior. Stylus extra &ucem exfertus. Stigmata erec** 

' ta, connivemia* Corolla e luteo rufefcens. 

0^2 SOLAN. 

228 riNTANDRIA M[0N00yKlA« 

SOLANDRA. Swartz. 

Cor. infiindibuliformis, maxima. CaL tandem rum- 
pens. Stdm. inclinata. Bacca fupera, 4-locularis9 

gratuB^ I, SoLANDRA. Swartz in a£i. Jlockbolm. 1787, pag^ 
fi^^^ 300. to*. II. 

Great-flower'd Solandra. 

NaU of Jamaica. Mr. Francis Maffon. 

Introd. 1781. 

/7. March. S. 1^. 

PORTLANDIA. Gen. pL 227. 
Cor. clavato-infixndibulifornjis. Anthers loi^tudi* 
nales. Capf. pentagona, retuCi, bilocularis, poly- 
fperma, coronata calyce 5«ph]dla 

granH" l. P. floribus pentandris. S^. veget. 213. 
flira. Great-flower*d Portlandia. 

Nat. of Jamaica. 

Introd. 177s, by Ellis, Efq. 

Fl. July and Auguft. S. ft. 

CINCHONA. Gen. pi. 21%. 

Cor. hypocrateriformis. Capf. infera, bilocularis : 
diflepimento intus dehifcente. Sem. alata, im- 

caribaa. i* C. pedunculis unlfloris. Sp. pi. 245. 
Caribean Cinchona. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. 1780, by William Philp Perrin, Efq. 
FL S. t. 



C O F F E A. Gen. pi 230. 

dr. hypocrateriformis. Stamina fupra tubum. Bacc^f 
infera, dirperma. Senu ariUata. 

I. C. floribus quinquefidis difpermis. Sp. pL 245. araUca% 

Nat. of Yemen. 
Cub. 1696, by BiOiop Compton* Douglas btftory 9f 

the Coffee-treej p. 21. 
FL Odober and November. S» T^ • 

CHIOCOCCA. Gin. pi. 231. 

Gr, tnfundibuliformis, aequalis. Bacca i-locuIarU, 

2-fperma, infera, 

!• C. foliis oppofitis, Sp. pL 246, ractmtfa. 

Oppofite-leav'd Chiococca, or Snow-berry. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 
Cult. 1729, by James Sherard, M. D. Lill. tkb, 306. 

/. 228. / 295. 
FL September. S. ( • 

HAMELLIA. Gen. pi 232, 
Cor. 5-fida. Baeca 5-locularis, infera, polyiperma. 

X. H. foliis laevigatis, tubo corollae ventricofo. VHerit. iramS* 
fert. angl tab. 7. Jkra» 

Great-flower'd Hamellia. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. 1778, by Thomas Clark, M. D. 
Fl September-— —November. S. ^ . 

Q.3 LONI. 


L*0 NIC E.R A. Gw. pL 2jj. 
Orr« monopetalay irregularis. Bacca polyfpermai 2-' 
locularis, infera* • 
♦ Periclymena caule volubtlu 
Caprifo* l. L. fioribus ri^gentlbus verticillatis terminalibiis, fb-* 
Uunu liis deciduis : fummis connato-perfoliatis. 

Lonicera Caprifolium. Sp. pL 246^ ^Jac'qu^ auftn 4* 

alba* m Caprifolium itglicum perfoliatum praecox. tiart. 

angU p. 14. no. 3. tab: 5. 
Italian early White Honey-fuckle. 
rubra. e Caprifolium italicum. Hort, angh ^. 14. iw. i. tab. 5. 

Italian early Red Honey-fuckle. ' 

. iVtff. of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard.. Hort. Gtr. 
Fl. May and* June. H. 1& • 

£oica.^ 2* L. verticillis iubcapitatisbra^ieolatis, foliis deciduis 
fubtusglauci^: fummis Qonnato-perfoliatiS) coroUis . 
ringentibus b'kfi gibbis. ' * 

- * . Lonicera dioica. Sjft.yeget^^i^. 

' "^ Lonicera media, Murray in nov. comm. gotting. 1776, 

p 28. t. 3. (exclufis fynonymis Miileri)^ 
Glaucous HOney-fuckle. 
* Nat. of North America. 
Iritrod. 1766, by Peter Collinfon, Efq. 
/^/.JVpe and July. H.fe, 

fft^ervl" 3* L. fpicis fubnudis-terminalibus, foliis oUongis : fum- 
Tens. • mis connato-pcrfoliatis, qorollis Aibaequaiibtts : Mbo 

, . fuperne ventricofo. • • - . 

. Lonicera femperviren?, Sp. pi. 247. 
major. ^ foliis fubrotjindis. ^ ' . 

. Great Trumpet Honey-fuckle< 

rsiTTAVDiiiA MOKpoiriiiA. Loniecf^ ^ Iji^ 

# feliis obldngis. ' oiinor. 

Small Trumpet Honey-fiickk. 
* Nat. of North America. 
QJi. 16^6, by Mr. John Tradefeant, Jun. Mrf. 

Fh May Auguft. H. ft . 

4* L. floribus verticillati» terminalibiis, foliis peremian- grelM. 

tibus obovatis fubtus glaucis, fummis cooiiato-fub* 

perfoliatis, corollis ringentibus. 
Periclymenum americanum. MiU9di&m . * 

Evcr-^ecn Money-iiickle. • 
Nau of North America* 
Cuh. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rani, chtlf. Ca- 

>7:June dftober. H. ft; 

-5. L/ floribus ringendbus verticillatis, bradeis laevibui^ in^kxa. 

foliis pererniaiitibus glabris qblongis: fupcrioribus 

connato^perfoliatis : fummi^ dilatatis. 
Minorca Hbney-fuckle. 
A^// of Minorca. 
Intr&d. about 1772, by Monf. Richard. 

BL June September. H. ft . 

Obs. FolU minora et anguftiofa quam in pleriique 

fpeciebus hujus generis, * * ' 



6. L. floribus ringentibus capitatis terminalibus,- foliis 
deciduis : omnibus diftindis. 
Lonlcera Periclymenum, .*5^.^/. 247. Curtit lond. 
a Periclymenum non perfoliatum germanicum. Bauh. vulgaris. 
ptn. 302. - ^ ' ' 

Common Wood-bine, or Honey-fuckle. • 
fi Caprifolium germanicum flore -rubello ierotinum. ferotlna. 
Hort. angh p. 14. n, 4. tab.^y. 
hate Red Honey-fuckle. * * . 

0.4 .' y'Cttprifo- 


belgica, y Caprifolium germanicum floribus fpeciofis. H»rU 
angL p* 15. n. 5. tab, 6» 

Dutch Honey^pfuckle. 
<|uercifo- i Periclymenum' foltis qucrcinis* Merr. pin. 92. 
Ua* OakJcav'd Honey^-fuckle. 

JVirr. Oy and ly of Britain. 

/•/.May ^July. H, 1&. 

• • Chamsecerafa pedunculis bifioris. 
nlgTM. 7. L. pedunculis bifloris, baccis diftinSis, foliis ellipti- 

cis intcgerrimis. Sp. pi 247. Jacqu. auftr. 4. p. 7, 

Black-berried upright Honey-fuckle, 

NaU of Switzerland and France. 

Cult. 1683. SutberL hort^ idinb. 77. ff.' 2. 

/V, March and ApriL H, t. 

Uitarica* 8* L« pedunculis bifloris, baccis diftindis, foliis cordads 
obtuiis. 5^. pL 247. y^cqu. ic. coUeSi. I. ^. 34. 
Tartarian upright Honey-fuckle. 
Nat. of Ruffia. 

Cult. 1 752, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MiU. di£l. edit. 6, ». 7, 
Fl. April and May. H, ^ • 

Xyhfii' 9- L. pedunculis bifloris, baccis diflin£lis, foliis integer-. ' 
unu rimis pubefcentibus. Sp. pi. 248. 

Fly Honey-fuckle. 

Hat. of the North of Europe. 

Cult. 1683. Sutherl. hort. edlnb. 77. «. 3. 

Fl.M2iy. U.h* 

pyrenaU jo. L. pedunculis bifloris, baccis di(UQ<SHs, fdiis oblon- 
^^ gis glabris. Sp. pi 248. 

Pyrenean upright iloney-fuckle, 

Nat, of the Pyrenean Mountains. 


Cub. 1739, bj Mr. Philip Miller. Rand. cb$l. Xj^ 

FL Mxy. Hi h • 

I Z. L. pedunculis bifloris, baccis coadunads didymis fo« al^gimt. 
Mis ovaliJanceolatis. Sj/I. viget. 2l6. Jacfu. 
auftr. 3« p. 40. /• 274. 
Red-berried upright Honey-fuckle. 
Nat. of Switzerland and Auftria. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. dr. 
K April and May. H. b. 

1% L. pedunculis bifloris, baccis coadunato-globofis, carulia* 
ftylis indivifis. Sp. pi. 249. T^^jv* au/ir. 5* 
^. 35. 17, 

Blue-berried upright Honey-fuckle. 

A<7/. of Switzerland. 

Cult, 1724. Furber^s catal. 

FL March and April. H. h • 

• * • Caule ere£iOy peduncuUs multi/hris. 

13. L. capitulis lateralibus pedunculatis, foliis petiolatis. Symph^^ 

Sp. pi. 249. ricarpos. 

Shrubby St. Peter's Wort. 
Nat. of Virginia and Carolina. 
Qilt. 1730. Hort, angl. t. 20. 
PL AugL.ftand September. H. ^. 

14. L. racemis terminalibus, foliis ferratis. Sp. pL 249. DierviU 
Yellow-flower'd upright Honey-fuclde. ^* 
Nat. of North America. 

Cub. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand. cheL p. 68. 
/v. June. H. b* 


ij4 i»Ei^TAirt>AtA u^v^orvtA. 

T R I O S T E U M. Gen. pi. 234; 
Or. monopetala^ fubsequalis. CaL longitudine coroHae. 
* Bacca 3 ^ocularis, monofperma, infera. 

fiffdlia** x« T. flortbbs vertkillatis feffiltbus. Sp.^ pL 250. 
turn. Fcvcr-root. 

Nat. of North America. 

Cult. 1732, by. James Sherard^ M.D. DilL this 394. 

^ 293- 
iPAJurie and July. H. V. , 


Car. 5-petakl, ant nulla. ^^»a.nuda, folitaria, in^raL 

/7(ar« aggregatk 

tfiRa. !• C. erefta, foliis lanccolatis. 5^. pL 25O. 
Jamaica Button-tree.' 
ATtf/. of Jamaica. 
Cidt. 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. Ha. i£t. & 

If. !• • 

Fl. • ' . S. ft. 

MIRABILIS. G^ik /r/. '241s. 

Or. " infundibul. fupera. CaL inferus. Neitarlum 

globofum, germen includens. 

Jalapa. i* M. floribus congeftii terminalibus erefiis. Sp. pL 252* 
a Jalapa fiore purpureo. Toumef. inji. 129. . . 

Common Marvel of Peru. 
Jalap'a fiore flavo. Tournef. inft. 129. 

Yellow Marvelof Peru. 
y Jalapa florc exalbido. Toumef. tnft. 129. 

White Marvel of Peru. 
i Jalapa flore ex purpureo & lutco mixto. Twmfn 
rnft. 129. 
Ycllow-ftripcd Marvel of Peru. 


PXHTAirOltlA MOHOOtNIA* MlttblKs. IJf 

Nat. of both Indies. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hert. Oir. 

• ^ijunc September. H. If. . 

Si M. ficfrfbilfli lefliilbuf ftxiDaribtls tttS&i fotitaris. S^i iiV^tl^ 

^7.252. ~* 

" Forked Marvel of Peru. 

• :A^f. of Mexico. 

Introd. before 1728, by Charles Du Bois, Efq. Mart. 

Ate. I. ;. 2. 
FL July. S. V. 

3. Ml floribus congeftis longifltmis fiibnutantibiis ter- hngijhra. 
^ihinalibus, foliis fubvillofis. Syji. veget. 219. 
'Sweet-fcented Marvel of Peru, 
Nat. of Mexico. 

OJi. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil, din. iiit. ^. 
FL June September. H. It . 

C O Vii%. Gtn. pi 243. . 

.G^t monppetala, irregularis. Cal. fpinofus. Capf. 
5-valvis, fupera. 

I. CoRiS. Sp.pL 252. . moHjhe* 

' MontpcHer Coris. ^^W- 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cub. 1739. Mill. di£l. vol. 2. 

FL Jane and July, G. M. J . 

V E R B A S C U M. dn. pL 245. 
Cor. rotata, fubinzqualis. Capf. 2-locularis, 2-valvis. 

I. V. foliis decurrentibus utrinque tomentofis, caule Tbapfus. 
fimplici. %?• veget. 219. 



Great broad-leav'd MuUeiiu 

Nat. of Britain. 

FU July and Auguft. H. ^ . 

Thapfi' 2, V. foliis decurrentibus, caule ramofo. Sjfi. Viget. %\f^ 
i^'^ Baftard Mullein. 

Nat. of England. 

FL July and Auguft, H. i , 

iBoerhaa^ 3. V. foliis fublyratis, floribus feffilibus. Linn. mant. 45. 
viif Annual Mullein. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1758, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MiO. ic. 182. /. 273. 

FL July. H. O. 

banwr' 4. V. foliis ovato-oblongis bad attenuatis tomentofis ob« 
rhoidale. folete crenulatis, racemis fpiciformibus eloiigatiS| 

fafciculis florum ebracSeatis. 

Madeira Mullein. 

Nat. of Madeira. Mr. Francis Majfon^ 

Introd. 1777. 

FL June— —Auguft. G. H. ^ , 

Lychnl' 5. V. foliis cuneiformi-oblongis. Sp. pL 253. 
^^^* a Verbafcum mas, anguftioribus foliis, floribus pallidis« 

Bauh. pin. 239. 
White Mullein. 
P Verbafcum lychnitis florc albo parvo. Baub. pin. 2J^ 
Small-flower'd white Mullein. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. June — Auguft. H. g . 

pbhrno' 6. V. foliis ovatis utrinque tomentofis : inferioribus pc- 
ides. tiolatis. Sp. pi. 253, 

Woolly Mullein. 




Qib. I739i by.Mn Philip Miller. Rand, ehilf. n. 2. 

FL June and July. H. i • 

7* V. foliis fubvilloCs nigofis : caulinis fubfeffilibus aequa- ferrugU 
liter crenatis; radicalibus oblongis cordatis du- ngunu 
plicato crenatis. 

Verbafcum ferrugineum. MiU. di£i. 

Rufty Mullein. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Qilt. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutbtrL bort. 
edin, 51. 

FL May Auguft. H. %. 

8. V. foliis oblongo-cordatis petiolatis. Sp. pL 253. nigrum^. 
Black Mullein. 

Nat. of England. 

FL June Auguft. H. %. 

9. V. foliis ovatis nudis crenatis radicalibus, caule fubnu- phcpnia^ 

doracemofo. Sj/f.viget.n^. Jacqu.aujlr,2.p.i^. urn. 

t. 125. 
Purple Mullein. 
Nat, of the South of Europe. 

Cult, 1597, ^y Mr. John Gerard. Ger. herb. 633./. 2. 
FL May ^July. H. i . 

10. V. foliis amplexicaulibus oblongis glabris, peduncu- Blatta^ 

lis folitariis. Sp, pi. 254. "^• 

a Blattaria lutea, folio Icngo lacinlato. Bauh. pin. %j^o* 

Yellow-flower'd Moth Mullein. 
(8 Blattaria alba. Bauh, pin. 241. 
White-flower'd Moth Mullein. 
Nat, of England. 

FL July and Auguft. H. i . 


%3$ fSNTAtfDRIA MOKOGYKIA. VerbafcdRl. ' 

Jmuatim. il. Y.- foliis radicalibus pinnatifido-repandis tomftntofisi 
caulinis amplexicaulibus nudiufculifli ntmois primii 

* oppofitis. &p* pL 254. 

ScoU *p-leav'd Mullerm 

NaU of Montpellier and Florence. 

Cult. i73f ) by Mr. Philip Miller. MO. ii£L edit. i. 
». 7. 

FU July and Auguft. H, * .' 

OJbeckiu 12. V. folits incifis nudis, c^ule ficdiofe, calycibus lana* 
iisj.pedunculis bifloris. SppfL2$S*' 
•Great-flower'd Mullein. 
Nat, of Spain. 

Introd. 177 s, by Monf. Thouin. ^ 

FL Jaly and Auguft. H. ^ . 

mycMu 13. V. foliis lanatis radicalibus^ fcapo nudp* . ^S^^. ^. 255. 
♦ Boragc-leav'd Mullein. 
Nat. of the Pyrenees. 
Ckilt. 1731. MIL diii. idtt. i. n. 8. 
./XMay. H. V. 

DA T U R A. Gen. pi. 246. 

Cbr. infandib. plicata. Cal. tubulofus, angutatus, de- 

ciduus. Capf, 4-vaJvi$. 

fertfx. 1. D. pericarplis fpinofis ere£Us ovatis : fpinis fupremia 

maximis convergentibus. ^p^pLT,^^*, 
Rough Thorn-apple. 
Nat. of China. 
, Cult. 1 731, by Mr. Philip Miller. . AftlJ. diSf. edit. i. 
Stramonium 3. 
FL July—September. S. 0. 

2. D. 

' FIVT^NDHIA MONOGYIflA. PitUnii ttjf 

^.D^-pencvpiis j^ofi&erediSPvatiHfi>Ui$ watis gU- Stroma 
bris. Sp. pt. 255. ««^. 

Common Thom«app]e. 
JVii/. of England. 
/7.JUI7. H.0. . 

3« D. pericarpiis fpinofis ere£tis ovatis, foliis cordatis Tatula» 

glabris dentatis. Sp. ph '256. 
. Blue Thorn-appk. 

Cult. 1686, by Mr. John Ray, JH^j. hiJI. i.p. 748. • 
FLJxAj. H.O. 

4. D. pericarpiis tuberculatis nutandbus globofis, foliis faftuofa. 

pvatis angulatis. Sjfl. veget. 220. 
Purple Thorn-apple. 
Nat. of Kjgypt. 
• Cuh. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. dUi. edit. i. . 
Stramonium 6. 
fl. Jiily ^November. S. . 

5. D. pericarpiis fpinofts nutantibus globofis, foKis cor- Mrtfl. . 

dads fubintegris pubefcentibus. Sp. pi. 256. 
Hairy Thorn-apple. 

Nat. of Afia, Africa, and die Canary Ifland^.- 
Cki&. 1759, by Mr. Philip MiUer. Mil. dUl. edit. 7. 
*Fl. Junc-^— ^September. S". O . 

6. D. pericarpiis glabris inermibus ereSis, foliis glabris, Uevis. 

caule fiftulofo herbacea 
Datura laevis. Linn.JuppL 146. 
Datura inermis, Jacqu. hort. 3. p, 44. /. 8a. 
Smooth-capful'd Thorn-apple, 
Nat. of Africa. 

IrUrod. 1780, by Monf. Thouin, 
/y. July— September. S. ©^ 



_j-f- r. D. pericarpiis glabris inrrmibus ntitaimhig^ casks' 
b-reo. Syjh veget, X2a»> 

yat. of Peru. 

Irkr^ 17831 by MaaCTbooiiL 

/^Auguft. S.1^. 


Ccr* infundibuL obtit£k Stanu incliinta. d^ opcr- 
ctilata, 2*Iociilaris. 


!• H. foliis amplcxicaulibus finuads^ floribos fedBibus. 
S^. ^/. 257. 
Black Henbane. 
NaU of Britadn. 
/7. June. a*. 

. .»<»^. Hk H. foliis petiolatis finuatis obtufis, fiaribas fiibfefSli- 

bus. Sp.pL^si- 
White Henbane. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cub. 1570. Lobel. aJv. loj. 
FL Auguft. H. O. 

<^'t^J• J. H. foliis petiolatis erofo^dentatis acutis, floribns p&- 
dunculatis, frudibus pendulis. Sp. pi. 257. 

Shrubby Henbane. 

Nat, of the Levant. 

Cult. 1640, by Mr. John Parkinfon. Pari. tbtoL 
362. / 3. 

Fl. March — r^aobcr. G. H. * . 

kiluh* 4* ^'' '^'"* lanceolatis dentatis : floralibus inferioribus 
'- ^ binit, calycibus rpinofis. Sp. pi. 258. 


^iiTFAVDRiA itONOOTtfu. Hyofcyainns. 24s 

Dwarf Henbane. 

Cub. 169 J, by BifllQp Complon. Pbti.piyt. U 37./ 5. 
FLJuly. H.O* 

5. H. foliis oratis integerrimis, caljcibus ialatis fub- phyfabi- 

globofis. Sf. pL 258* ^^ 

Purplc-flower*d Henbane. 
JSTtf ^ of Siberia. 

IntrecL 1777, by Meflrs. Gordon and Graefler. 
FL March and April. . H. If « 

6. H. foliis ovatis inlegris, calycibus inflads companu* Scfip^Som 

lads laevibus. Sj;^. vigeU 22l« 
Nightfhade-lcav'd Henbane. 
NaU of Carniola. 

Introd. 1780^ by Mr« Danid Grimwood. 
/y.May. . «.«• 


dr. infundibul. limbo plicata StanL inclinata. Cap/^ 
a-valviS) 2-locuhris. 

I« N. foliis lanceolads fubperiolatis ampIexicaulibuS| fruticA^ 
floribus acuds, caule frutefcente. Sj/l. vegeL 22I« 

Shrubby Tobacco. 

J^at. of China. 

Cult. 1^99, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. muf. 
Sloan, mfu 525, and 3349. 

FL July and Auguft. G. H. 1^. 

a. R foliis lanceolato^ovads fefliUbus deourrendbus, flo- T^abuwm. 

ribus acuds. &p. pi 258. 
a Nicodana major latifolia. Bauh. pin. 169. 
JBroad*leav'd Virginian Tobacco. 

R 9 Nicodaiui 


angufti- Nicotiana fbliis lanceolatis acutis feflilibus, calycibus 
folia. acutis, tubo floris longiffimo. AlilL di^. 

' Narrow-leav'd Virginian TobaccOt 

l^at. of America. 

CulU before 1570. LobeL adv. 251. 

Fl. July and Auguft. H. 0« 

rMca. Z* N. foliis petiolatis ovatis integerrimis, floribus obtu* 

fis. Sp. pL 258. 
Common Tobacco* 
NaU of America. 
Qdu 1 731, by Mr. Philip Miller. MU. diSf. edit I. 

If. 4* > 

Pi July September. H. 0. 

fanicula* 4. N. foliis petiolatis cordatis integerrimis, floribus pa- 
ta. niculatis obtufis clavatis. Sp. pL 259. 

Panicled Tobacco. 

Nat. of Peru. 

CulU 1 739, by Mr. Ph. MUler. MU. dUi. vol. 2. n. 4. 

/7, July September. S. 0. 

5. N. foliis petiolatis cordatis intcgerrimis, floribus racc- 
mofis fecundis ringcntibus. Sp. pL 259. 
Clammy-leav'd Tobacco. 
Nat. of Peru. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil di^. edit. 7. • 
Fl. July- — September. S. ©. 

A T R O P A. Gen. ph 249. 

Cor. campanulata. Stam. diftancia. Bacca gIobofa» 
^ . ♦ 24ocu}aris. 

Mandra'^ !• A. acaulis, fcapis unilloris. Sp. pi. 259. 
gora. Mandrake. 



Nat. of the South of Europe and the Levant. 

Gub. 1562. Tum., birb* part 2. yStiL 46. 

FL March and April. Hr !{• 

2. A. caule herbaceo, foliis ovads integris. Sp. pL 260. BiUadmm 
Curtis hnd. Jacqu, auflr. 4. p» 5, /. 309. **• 

Deadly Nightfliadc. 
Nat, of Britain. 
Fl. June and July. H. If. 

3w A. caule herbaceO) foIiis finuato-angulatif^ calycibui phyfaU* 
claufis acutangulis. Sp. pL 260. ^'^ 

Blue-flower'd AtrofNi. 
JW/. of Peru. 

Cir//. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MM. dUi. tdit. ^. 

Phyfalis IJB. • . 

/7. July September. S. 0. 

4. A. caule fruticofo, pedunculis confcrtis, foliis cordato- frutrfcifu, 
ovatis obtufis. Sp^ pi. 260. 
Shrubby Atropa. 
Nat. of Spain. 
Cult. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. AHIL iiH. W. 2. 

Belladona 3. 
FL January ^March. S. .1^ . 

P H Y S A L I S. 250. 

dr. rotata. Stam. conniventia. Bacca intra calycem 

inflatum, bilocularis. 

♦ Pirenms. 

I. P. caule fruticofo, ramis reais, floribus confcrtis. Sp. fmmfirtu 

Clufter!d Winter Cherry. * 

R a Nat. 

a44 PEKTAN0AIA MOKdoTKiA. PhyfalU. 

Nat, of Spain an^ Me»co. 

Cult. 1596; by Mr. J<An Gerard. H$ti. Ger. ^ 

F:. July and Auguft. G. H. 1^ . 

arijiata. st. P. caule fruticofo, foltis oblongts integris glabris, ra- 
. mis petiolis pedunculiique lanuginofis, denticulis 

calycinis ariftads. 
Bearded. Winter Cherry. 

Nat. of jthe Canary Iflands. Mr, Francis Majhfu 
Jntrod. I779» . 
FL G. H. 1^. 

curajfa* 3. P« caule fruticofo, foliis ovatis tomentofis. Sp. pL 261. 
Vica» ■ CuraiTavian Winter Cherry. 

Nat, of South America. 

Cult. 1699, by Vifcount Falkland. Mrif. btfi. 3. 

#. 527. «• 26. 
• ■ FL June — —September. S. v.. 

v^o/^. 4« P* foIiis geminis repandis obtufis fubtomenCofis, caule 
herbaceo fuperne paniculato. Sp. pi. 261. y^cqu. 
hort.2.p. 64./. 136. 

Clammy Winter Cherry. 

Nat. of America. 

Cub. 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. Dill. tbb. it. 
/. 10./. la 

27. July. 

fen^lva^ 5* P» foliis ovatis fubrepandis obtufis nudiufculb ; flora* 
mica. libus geminis, caule herbaceo. Sp.pL ibjo. 

Penfylvanian Winter Cherry. 

Nat. of North America. 

Cult. 1726, by Mr. Philip Miller. R. S. ». 207. 

/7. July— —September* ^ H. If . 

«• P. 



6*. P. foliis geminis integris acuds, caule htrhactto in- Mtken^ 
feme fubramofo. Sp. pL a6a. V* 

Common Winter Cherry. 
NaU of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1597. Ger. herb. 271. / I. 
FU July September. H.: 1( • 

7.P. pubefcens^foliiscordatisintcgerrinut. Sp.pLitjo. p^^ia^* 
Peruvian Winter Cheijy. "^* 

Nat. of South America, 
Jnttvd. about 1772. 
FL April Oaobcc S. !&. ' 

•* Annua, 

8. P. ramofiffima, ramis angulads glabris, icdtit otatis angulata. 

dentatis. Sp. pL 262. 
Tooth'd-leav'd Winter Cherry. 
' Nat. of both Indies. . 

Qilt. 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. Dili ibL 13. 

t. 11. f. 12. 
FL June— —September* H. • 

9. P. ramofiiSma, folits villolb-vifcofis, lloribits pendu- pubtfant^ 

lis. Sp. pL 262. 
Woolly Winter Cherry. 
Nat. of America. 
Cult. 1739^ by Mr. Philip. Miller. Rand, chilf. Al- 

kekengi 7. 
Fl. July and Auguft. S. O* 

IO.P. ramofiffima, caule procumbente tered hirfuto, fo- proftrata. 
His fubcarnofis. UHerit. Jlirp. nov. p. 43.' t. 22. . 
Jacqu* ic. coUe^, i. p. 99. 
Trailing*blue-flowcr'd Winter Cherry. 
Nat. of Peru. 

R 1 • V Intt'od. 


Introd. 1782, by Monf. Thouin. 

FL Auguft and September. S. • 

numtna. xi.P. ramofiffima, pedunculis fru<%feris 6>liQ villofo 
longioribus. Sp. pL 263* 
Small Winter Cherry. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Odt. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL Ha. edit. 7. 
FL July and Auguft. S. Q . 

prmnrfa. 12. P. ramofiffima, foliis villofis, pedunculis ftri^lis. Sp^ 
pi 263. 
Hairy annual Winter Cherry. 
Nat. of America. 

Cub. 1726, by Mr. Philip Miller, R^ S. no. 203. 
FL July and Auguft. H, . 

S O L A N U M. Gen, pi. 251. 

Ar« rotata. Anthers fubcoalitae, apice poro gemino 
d^fcentes. Bacca 2-locularis. 

• Inermia. 
0uri0ila'9 I, S« caule inenni fruticofo, foliis ovatis integerrimis 
tnnu tomentoils, ftipulis femicircularibus. VHerit.. 

folan. tab. i. 
Ear-leav'd Nightfliadc. 
Nat. of the Iflands of Ms^iagafcar, Mauritius, and 

Intrad. 1 77 3, by Monf. lUchard. 
FL S. 1&. 

PfeuJon 2. S. cai^le inermi fruticofo, foliis lanceobtis repandis, 
iapfi^unu umbellis feffilibus. Sp. pL 263. 

Shrubby Winter Cherry, 

Not. of Madeira. 


r«NTA!iDRiA MONOGYNiA. Solanwn*- 347 

' Cub. 15969 by Mr. John Gerard. H9rL Ger. 
FL June S eptember. G. H. 1^ • 

3. S. caule inermi fruticofo^ folits geminis : altero mi- Sphjlbm^ 
nore, floribus cymofis. Sp. pL 264* 
ITwo-leav'd Nightihadc. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. ^ 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FL June and July. S. li* 

4* S. caule inermi fruteicente flexuolo, fidiis fuperiori- Dulea^ 
bus haftatiS) racemis cymofis. Sp. pL 264. Curtis ^^^^* 
u Solanum Icandens feu Dulcamara. ifyj.,. 

Common Woody Nightfhade. 
B Solanum dulcamanim a&icanum^ fdiis craffis hirfuf 
tis. DilL eltb. 365. /. 273./. 352. 
African Woody Nightfliade. 
Nat. a. of Britain \ p. of Africa. 
FL June and July. a. H. (9. G. H. « • 

5. S. caule inermi fubherbaceo angulato flexuoib fcabro, quircifi^ 

foliis pinnatiiidis, racemis cymofis. Sjft. Vigft. 223* ''^* 
Oak- leav'd Nightfhade. * r 

Nat. of Peru. 

Introd. 1787, by Monf. Vare. 
Fijuly. H.V. 

6. S. caule fufTruticofo inermi glabexrimo, foliis pinnati- ladnia* 
. fidis : laciniis lanceolatis. acutis, paniculis axiUari- tuau 

bus binis ternifve. 
Cut-Jeav'd Nightfliade. . . ^ 

. Nat. of New Zealand. Sir Jrfe^ Bantfj Bart 
JntroiL 1772. 

FL July and Auguft. S. « . 

R 4 7. S, 



radicans* 7- S. cauie incrmi herbftceo Isevi teretiufculo proftrtto 
nuiicante, foliis pinnacifidis^ racemis cymofis. Sp4. 
pL 264. 

Climbifig Nightlbftde. 

Nat. of Peru. 

JntroiL 177I9 by MonT* Richard* 

FL July and Auguft, <J. If . If . 

raeem^ 8. S. caule inermi fruteTcente, foliis lanceohtiB repandit 
y^ undulads, racemis longis re^tis. L/m. man/. 47* 

Wave-leav'd NightQiade. 

iVd*, of -the Wcfl Indies. 

JntroJL xySi) by Mr. Francis Mailbn* 

FL S.%. 

emjmUm 9. S. •caule memii lufiruticofo^ fbtiis ovato-Ianceohtis 
*/um* integrisbafiacuminatis,floribu9corymbofis. JL'^^p- 

riufolan. tab* 3. ^^^ftt. tc. coBe^. i. /• 78. 
Oval-leav'd Nighrfhade. 
JVSif. rfPeru. 

IntrodJ i'}%by by Monf. Thouin. 
17. July. 

honarim JO. S. caule fubinermi fruttcofot foliis ovato-oblongis fi* 
^nft^ nuato-repandis fcabris. S^. vegit. 223. 
Tree Nightfliade. 
Nat. of Buenos Ayres. 
, 'Cult. 1 727, by James Sherard, M, D. Dill. ebb. 364. 
/•a72./.35J. * 
FL Juno September. G. H. 1^ • 

macr9^ U.S. caule inerme fufFruticoics foKis caneacis ivpandis 
iarpofu glabris. Linn., mint. 205. (exclufo iynoiiyiBtt 

Smooth flefliy.leav'd Nightihade« 


Nat. of Peru. 

Cuk. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL k. 196, 

/. 294. 
FL moft part of the Summer. S. T^. 

12. S« caule inermi herbaceo^ fcins piitnalis integenimiSy tuherp* 

peduiiculis.fubdivifis. Sp. fi. 165.' Z"*^ 

Tuberous-rooted Nightfliade, or Common Potato. 
NaU of Peru. 

Cult. 1597, by Mr. John Gerard. Gir. barb. 781. 
FL July and Auguft. H. O^ 

13. S. caule inermi herbaceo, foIi!s pinnads iacifis^race- Lycopef" 

mis fimplicibus. Sp. pL 265. Jicum. 

Nat. of South America. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. dr. 
FL July— — S^tember. H. O* 

14. S. caule inermi herbaceo, foliis ovatis dentato-«an- ulgrttnu 

guladS) racemis diiiichis nutantibus. Sfft^ Vigit. 
224. Curtis hn4. 
m Soianum officinarum. Baub. pin. i66. vulgau 

Common Nightfliade. ' ****»• 

$ Soianum ramis teretibus villofis, foliis angulatis fub- villo« 
. villofis. Sp. pL zbb. fum. 

Yellow- berried Nightfhade. 
y Soianum ramis angulatis dentatis, fbliis integerrimis guine. 
glabris. Sp. pL 266. ', ^'^^•- ^ 

Large black-berried Nightfhade. 
i Soianum ramis. angulatis dentads^ foliis repandis virgini* 
glabris. Sp. pi. 266. c"n^ 

Small black-berried Nightfliade. 
I Soianum caule inermi herbaceo glabro, foliis ob- rubrum. 
longo-oyatis acuminatis dentads glabris^ umbellis 
nutandbus. MU.di£f. 



Red-berried Nightfhade. 

Nat. m. of Britain, jS. of Barbadoes, y. of Guinea, 
I. o{ Virginia, and f . of the Weft Indies. 





15. S. caule inermi herbaceo^ foliis ovatis repando-ao- 
gulatis, peduncuiis fertilibus unifloris cernuis. Sp, 
pi 265. Jacqu. bcrt. i. ^ 4, f. 12. 

Ediiopian Night(hade. 

Nat, of China. 

Cult, before 1597, by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. beri. 

^/. July- G. H. 0. 

i6. S. caule inermi herbaceo, foliis ovatis tomentofisi 
peduncuiis pendulis incraflacis, calycibus inenni- 
bus. Sjifi. veget. 224. 

Large-fruited Nightfhade, or Egg-plant 

Nat. of Afia, Africa, and America. 

Cult, before 1597. Gir. berk 274. 

/y. June and July. G.H.0, 

17. S* caule fubinermi fruticofo, foliis lancedato-ellipti- 

cis integerrimis fupra glabris j fubtus tomentofiSi 

C3rmi8 farinofis. 
Solanum fubinerme. Jaequ. hift. 50, 
Spcar-leav'd Nightfliade. 
Nat. of the Weft indies. 
Introd. 1 778, by Mr. Gilbert Alexander. 
Fl. July and Augiift. s. 1^ • 


18. S. caule fubinermi fuffruticofo radicante, turionibus 

muricatis, foIii« oblongo-lanceolatis integris pu- 
befeentibus. LHerit.felan. tab, 6. * 



Melongena laurifolia, fru£hi turbinato, variegato. 

FeuilUe it. 2. p. 735. /. 26. 
Warted Nightihade* 
Niat of Peru. 

Introd. 1785, by Monf. Thouin. 
Fl. S.h. 

• • Jculeata. 
19. S« caule aculeato hirto, fbliis cordato-oblongis quin- campi'^ 

quelobis : finubps obtuiis clcvatis. S^. veget, 225. '**'^'!/^* 
Purple-fpin'd Nightfhade. 
Nat. of America. 
Cub. 1732, by James Shcrard, M.D. DilLehb. 

361. t. 268./. 347. 

Fl^J^^y- G.H. ^, 

W. S. caulc aculeato fniticofo, foliis cuneiformibus an- in£cum. 

gulads fubvillofis integerrimis : aculeis utrinque 

reSis. Sp. pL 268. 
Indian Ntghtfliade. 
Nat. of both Indies. 
Cu/t. 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. DilLeltb. 

362. /. 270./ 349. 

^/•July. S. 1^. 

%l. S. caule aculeato annuo, foliis haftato-angulatis : carolU 
aculeis utrinque reftis, racemis laxis. Sp. pi. 268. «^^* 
Carolina Nightshade. 
Nat. of Carolina. 

Cub, 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. Dill. ebb. 
, 361. f. 269./ 348. 

FL July September. G. H. If. 

%% S. caule aculeato fruticofo tereti, foliis pinnatifido- fidomeunu 
finuatis fparfe aculeatis nudis, calycibus aculeatis. 
Sj/l. vegit. 225, 



Black-fpiii'd Nighdhade. 

Nat. of Africa. 

Cult, fjziy by Mr. Philip Miller. AfiU. Sa. e£t.t. 

n. 12. 
FL June and July. G. H.. ( • 





23. S. caule acaleato fruticofo, foliis cordatis repandis 

margine albis^ Syft. vegit. tTJb. L'Herit. JUan. 

tab. 1 1 • Murray in commentat. getting*, 1 783. p.lU 

tab. 4* yacqu. ic. colU&. I. p. 50. 
White Nightfliadc. 
Nat. of Africa, yaaus Bruci^ Efq, 
Introd. 1775. 
FL ijaoft part of the Summer. G. H. % . 

24. S. caule aculeato fruticoTo, foliis cordatis a«guhto* 

lobatis integris fubineroiibus fubtus toniciitiofiufcu- 
lis. V Herit. folan. tab. 9. 
Solanum ftramonifolium. Jacqu. ici mijcill. 2* p. 298. 
. Broad-Ieav'd Nightfliade. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. 1 778, by Meflrs. Kennedy and Lee. 
FL June— September. S. % . 

25*. S. caule aculeato fruticofo, foliis cordatis integris, 
corollis fubirregularibus, anthera ima produ^ore« 
V Herit. folan. 

Canary Nightfliade. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands. Mr. Francii Majfon^ 

Introd. 1779. 

FL March and April. G. H. ft. 

26. S. caule acukato fruticofo, acukis acerolis, foliis cor- 
• datis inermibus fubrepandis ; tcnellis purpureo- 
pulverolentis. 5/. pL 269. 




Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

aUt. 1731, by Mr. PhiUp Milkr« lOL dia. eHu i. 

Fl. June and July. G. H. 1^ . 

, 27. S. caule acuteato fruticofo, foliis lanceoUtis acumina- igmtaiu 
tis baft utrjnque revolutis, racemis fimplicibus. Sp. 
fL 270. Jacfu. hart. 1. /. 5. U 14. 

Red-fpin'd Nighdhade. 

Nat, of South America. 

Cub. 17 14, by the Dutchcfe of Beaufort. Br. Afuf. 
U.S. 112. foL 28. 

• FL March November. S. li . 

Cor. rotata. Bac<a exfucca. 

I. C. caule herbacco, pedunculis folitariis. Sp. pi. 270. annuuffu 
a Capficura filiquis longis propendcntibus. Tournef. 
infi. 152. 
Long-podded Capficum. 
$ Capficum caule herbacco, fruftu rotundo glabro. Mitt. 

Cherry Capficunu 
y Capficum caule herbaceo> fru(9u ovato. MilL dxQ. - 
Olive Capficum. 
Nat. of both Indies. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

• Fl. June and July. S. ©. 

a. C. caule fruticofo l«vi, pedunculis gcminis. Lmn. taccatum. 

mant. 47. 
• Small-fruited Capficum, or Bird Pepper. 
Nat^ of both Indies, 




pbktaKdria monogykia. Capficunt# 

Cult. 1 731) by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dUl. e£t. u 

«. 15. 
FL June— -September. S. 1^ . 

3. C. caule fuffrutefirente, frudibus incraflatis variis. 
Linn, mant, 47. 

Hesu:t-{hap'd Capficum, or Bell Pepper. 

NaL of both Iildies. 

Gdlt. 1 759, hj Mr. Ph. Miller. MilL din. edit. 7. «. 3. 

/•/.July. . . s.n. 

4. C. caule fruticofo fcabriufculo, pedunculis folitariis. 
S^. veget, 227. 

Shrubby Capficum. 

Nat. of both Indies. 

Cuh. 1656, by Mr. John Tradefcant, Jun. Trad. 

tnuf. 95. 
FL June— —September. S. \* 

STRYCHNOS. Gen.pLzsz. 
Cor. 5-iida. Bacca i-locularis, cortice lignofb. 
Nnx'vo^ I. S. folils ovatis, caule inermi. Sp. pL 271. 





-^at. of the Eaft Indies. 
Introd. 1778, by Patrick Ruffell, M.D. 

S. (. 

C E S T R U M. Gen. pi. 261. 

Or. infundibuliformis. Stam. denticulo in medio. 
Bacca i-locularis, polyfperma. 

I. C. filamentis dentatis, pedunculis fubracemofis folio 
aequalibus. VHerit.Jiirp. nov. 70. 
Ccftrum nodurnum. Sp. pU 277. 



Night-finelling Ceftnim. 

Nm. of the Weft Indies. 

GdSr. 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. Dili. ebb. 183. 

/. 153./ 185. 
#7. Novcmben S. 1}. 

1, C. filamentis denticulatis nudifve, fbliis ellipticis co- 

riacets nitidiffimis, pcdunculis petiolo brevioribus. 

VHerit.Jfirp. ncv. 69. /. 34. 
Laureola fempervirens amencana, latioribus foliis, flo- 

ribus albicantibus odoris. Plui. aim. 209. /• 95*/. I« 
Lawrel-leav'd Ceftrum. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Cub. 2691, in the Royal Garden at Hampton.court« 

Plui. I. c. 
PL Auguft. S. J} • 

3. C. filamentis edentatis, tubo filiform!, pedunculis 

breviffimis. UHeriuJiirp. nov. 72. 
Ceftrum vefpertinum. Linn. mant. 206. 
Clufter-flower'd Ceftrum. 
Nat. o^the Weft Indies. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil. diSl. edit. 7. n. 5. 
PI. May ^July. S. h • 

4. C. filamentis edentatis, laciniis corollae fubrotundis 

reflexis, foliis lanceolatis. VHerit.Jlirp. nov. 74. 
Ceftrum diurnum. Sp. pi. 277. (cxclufis fynonymis 

Plukenetii ct Feuillei). 
Day-fmelling Ceftrum. 
' Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Cult. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. Dill. eltb. 186. 

/. 154./ x86. 
PL November. S. h* 


5. C. filamentis edentatis, ftipulis lunatis. 
Jlirp. nov. ji. t, 35, 








Hediunda jafmiano Sore. FiulU. k. 3. p^ 25. f. sa 

Ear- leaved Ceftrum. 
" NaL of Peru. 
Intro(L about 17749 byMonf. Richard. 
/7. June. S. fe. 

L Y CI U M. Gen.pJ.262. 

Cor, tubulofa, fauce dattfa filamcntorum barba. Bac^a 
2-locularis, polyfperma. 

japonic I. L. inerine, foliis ovatis nervoTis planis, floribus feffili- 
'««• bus. Thunb.jap. 93. ^^ 17. Syft. vegeU 22i 

Lycium fixttdum. Linn.fuppL 1 50. £{/?. vr^//. 228. 

Lyciutn indicum. Retz. obf. 2. p. 12. »• 21. 

Japan Box-thorn. 

Nat. of Japan. 

/v/r«^ 1787, by Monf. Cdi. 

/y. moft part of the Summer. G. H. b* 

cfrum. 2. L. foliis linearibus. Sp. pL 277. 
African Box-thorn. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1 712, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. Muf.. 

H.S. 137. ye/. 58. 
FL June and July. G. H. ^ . 

boerha" $• L« fpinofum, foliis ovatis integerrimis acutis glaucis, 
viafoli'- floribus paniculatis. Linn. fuppL l^O. Sj/i.veget. 

«»«• 228. 

Lycium heterophyllum. Murray commenlat. getting. 
1783. p. 6. ^ 2. Sjy?. viget. 228. 

Ehretia halimifolia. L" Herit. Jlirp. nov. 45. /. 23. 

Gbucous-leav'd Box-thorn. 

Nat. of Peru. 

/fl/roil 178O) by Moot Tbooiiv 

/i April. S. t. 


pENtANDkiA monooyhia. Lyclum. 257 

4. L. foliis oblongo-Iancedlatis, ramis angulatis. barbarwn^ 
a ftylo longitudine ftaminum. vulgarc 

Lycium barbarum. Sp. pi. 277* 
Willow-leaT'd Box-thorn* 
^ ftylo ftaminibus longiore. chinenfe* 

Lycium chinenfe. A£ll* diff% 
Chinefe Box-tfaoriik 
Nat. of Europe^ Afia^ and Africa. 
Cub. 1709, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort Br. Muf. 

H. S. 137. yi/. 54. 
FL May Oaober. H. 1^ . 

5. L. foliis obliquis, ramulis flexuofis teretibus. Linn, iur^a'^ 

mant. 47. am. 

European Box-diorn. 
Niat, of the South of Europe. 
IntroiL 1780, by Peter Simon Palla^ M.D. 
FA H. %• 

JACQ.UINIA. Gen.pl2S^^ 

Or. lO-fida. Stam. receptaculo inferta. Bacca 


I. J. foliis obtuiis cum acumine. Sp. pi 272. 
Obtufe-Ieav'd Jacquinia. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

Cuh. 1768, by Mr, Philip Miller. Mil. £a. edit. 9. 
FL S. b. 

a.. J. foliis lanceolatis acuminatis. Sp. pi. 271. 
Prickly Jacquinia. 
Nat. of South America. 
Cult. 1729, by James Sherard, M. D. DHL eltb. 14S. 

/• 123./ 149. 
FL S.t. 





C H I R O N I A, Gin.pL 255. 

Ctr. rotata. PifiiOum declinatum. Stanu tubo co- 
rollae infidentia* AfUhera demum Ipirales, Pgric, 

hiccife* X* C. frutefcens baccifera. Sp. pL 273. 
ra. Berry-bearing Chironia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cub. 1 759, by Mr. Ph. Miller* MIL dki. edit. 7. n. 2. 

Ft. June and July. G. H. 1^ • 

fruit^cim. 2. C. frutefcens, foliis lanceoUtii fubtomentofis^ calyci* 
bus campanulatis. Sjft. vegit. 229. Curtis magaz. 

Shrubby Chironia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cub. 1 756, by Mr. Philip Miller. MiU. U. 65. t. 97. 

FL Jun e September. G. H. 1^ • 

. C O R D I A. Gen. pi 256. 

Cor. infiindibuliformis. Stfhts dichotomas. Dmpa 
nucleis 24ocularibu6. 

Myxa* u C. foliis ovatis fupra glabris, corymbis later^ibufl^ ca- 
lycibus decemftriads. Sjft. veget. 230. 
Smooth-IeavM Cordia. 
Nat. of Egypt and the Eaft Indies. 
Cult. 1640. Park, tbeat. 252. n. i. 
FL S.h. 

Sebefiena. 2. C. foliis oblongo-ovatis repandis fcabris. Sp. pi 274. 
Rough-leav'd Cordia. 
Nat. of both Indies. 


Cub. 1728, by James Sherard, M. D. DiH. M. 340. 

'• ass/ 331- 
FL S.h' 

3. C. fUiis cordato-ovatis integerrimis, floribus co- CglbcH* 

rymbofis, calycibus interne tomenftSt Sj/ft. vegit. ca. 

Long-leav'd Cordia. 
tfaU of Jamaica. 
Cub. I7S9, by Mr. Philip Miller. MB. £a. aSt 7. 

Addenda. Coilococcut U 
FL S. Ifr. 

4. C. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis utrinque ^Ubris: fufe* Fattig^ 

rioribus ferratis, ramulis piloiis. nuia. 

Patagonula americana. Sf. fL%\%. 
Spear-leav'd Cordia, or Patagonula. 
Nat. of South America. 
Odi. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D« DHL ibL 304. 

/. 226. /. 293. 
/y. June— Auguft. S. ^ • 

E H R E T I A. Gin. pi. 257. 

Ba€ca 2-locuIaris. Sim. folitaria, bilocularia. Stigma 

1. £• foliis oblongo-ovatis integerrimis glabris, floribus tinifiRa. 

paniculatis. Sp. pLzj^ 
Tinus-leav'd Ehretia. 
Ifat. of Jamaica. 

Introd. 1734. AfilL JUl. idit. 8. 
FL June and July. S. J} . 

2. E. foliis ovatis integerrimis laevibus, floribus fubco- Sourri'm 

rymbofis, calycibus glabris. Sp. pL 275. . ^<'^* 

S a Oval- 


Oval-leavM Ehretta. 

Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

Cub. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 

FL S.h. 

T E C T O N A. Linn, fuppl 20. 

Cal campanulatus. Cor. campanulata, 5-fida. Drupa 
ficca, calyce iriflato fcariofo tefta : A«ArquadrUocu- 

grandis. x. Tectona. Linn. fuppL 1$!. 

Thcka. Rheed. mal 4 p. 57. /. 27% 

Jatus. Rumph. amh. 3. p, 34. t. 1 8. 

Indian Oak, or Teak-wood. 

Nat. of India. 

Intfod. 1777, by John Walfli, Efq. 

FL S. t. 

V A R R O N I A. G/«. ^/. 258. 
Cor. 5-fida. Drupa nucleo 4-locuIari. 

curajfa^ l. V. foliis lanceolati?, fpicis oblongis. Sp. pL 276. 
ifica, Long-fpikcd Varronia. 

Nat. of South America. 

Introd. about 1778, by John Hope, M.D. 

FL S.t. 

CHRYSOPHYLLUM. G/«. ^i 263. ^ 

Cor. campanulata, lO-fida : laciniis alternis patulis. 
Baccaio^fpermz. . 

Cainito* Y. C. foliis OTatis parallele ftriatis fubtus tomentoTo- 
nitidis. Sp. pL 278. 
Broad-leav'd Star Apple. 


psNTANDRiA MONooYKiA. Chiyfophyllum. a6i 

JV5rf. of the Weft Indies. 

Cub. 1739, by Mr. PhUip Miller. Rand. cbiL Cai- 

nito X. 
FL S. b« 

a. C. foliis (alcato-oyatis fubtus tomentofo-mtidis. Sjifl. argiti" 
veget 232. ''*'"• 

Narrow-leav'd Star Apple. 
Niat. of Martinico. 
Cuk. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FL S. 1?. 

A R D I S I A. 

Qr. 5-partita. CaL 5-phyIlus. Antbera magnae, erec- 
tae. Stigma fimplex. Drupa fupera. 

I. A. racemis axillaribus fimplicibus, foliis obovatis mar- ixitlfal 
gine cartilagineo-ferratis. 
Laurel-leav'd Ardifia, or Aderno.^ 
NaU of Madeira. Mr. Francis MaJ/in. 
Introd. 1784. 
Fl. G.H. b. 

SIDEROXYLON. Gen. pi. 26^. 

Qr, lo-fida : laciniis alternis incurvis. Stigma fim- 
plex. Bacca 5-rperina. 

X. S. inerme, foliis perennantibus obovatis, pedunculis imrmi. 

teretibus. Syft. veget. 232. 
Smooth Iron-wood. 
NMt. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1729, by James Sherard, M. D. Dill. ebb. 2S7. 

t. 265. f. 344. 

/^/.Juiy. G.H. b. 

S3 2.S. 

a62 PENTANDRiA MONOCYNiA. Skieroxyloii. 

melano* 2. S. inerme, foliis perennantibu$ lanceolatis, pedunculis 
phlits. angulatis* Linn. mant. 48. Jacqtu b§rt. i. f» 29. 

/• 71. 

Laurel-leav'd Iron- wood. 

Nat. of the Cape of Uood Hope. 

JntTML 1783, by Mr. John Graeficr. 

FL G.H. li. 

firkfum. 3. S. inerme, foliis ovatis fubtus tomefitofo-fericeis. 
Silky Iron-wood.* 

Nat. of New South Wales. Sir Jofeph Banks^ Bart 
Jntrod. 1772. 
FL S. b. 

//ff^AT. ^ S. fubinerme, foliis deciduis lanceolatis fubtus tomen- 

tofis, pedunculis filiformibus. Sjft. veget. 232. 
Silvcry-leav'd Iron-wood. 
Nat. of Carolina. 
Introd. 1765, by Mr. John Cree. 
FL July and Auguft. H. \* 

lydoUis. * 5. S. fpinofum, foliis deciduis lanceolatis. Sjifi. veget. 232, 
Willow-leav'd Iron-wood. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cult. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FL Auguft. H. 1^. 

JpinoAwu 6* S. fpinofum, folis perennandbus oblongis glabris. 

Sideroxylon i'pinofum. Sp. pL 279. (exclufo fynony- 

mo Rhedi.) 
Lycio (imilis frutex indicus fptnofus^ Buxi folio. Qm-- 

nuL amftiL i. p. 161. t. 83. 
Thorny Iron-wood, or Argan. 
N$ft. of Morocco. ' ^ 


Cuh. 171 1, by the Dutcheft of Beaufort Br. itof. 

H. 8. i4i./ii 39. 
FLjvAj. S.*. 

R H A M N U S. G€n. pL 265. 

d^ tubulofus: fquamis ftamina municncibus. dr. 
nulla. Bacca. 

♦ Spinofi. 
I.R. fpinis terminalibus, floribuS quadrifidis dioicis, fo- cathartic 
liis ovatis, caule credo. Sjft. vegit, 23a. cms. 

Purging Buckthorn. 
Nat of England. 
Fl» May and June. H; 1^ • 

2. R. fpinis terminalibus, floribus quadrifidis dioicisi cau* infi£l9rim 

libus procutnbentibus. Linn, mant 49. «/• 

Dwarf, or Yellow-berried Buckthorn. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cub. i683) by Mr. James Sutherland. SutberL btrt. 

tMn. 291. IT. 3. 
FL June and July. H. ^ . 

3. R. fpinis termiaalibus, foliis oblongis integcrrimis. OUdides* 

Sp. pL 279. 
Olive-leav'd Rhamnus. 
Nat. of Spain. 

IntrpJ. iji6f by Cafimir Gomex Ortega, M.D. 
FL O.H. 1i. 

4* R. ramuHs fpinefcentibus, floribus quadrifidis trifidifvc crenula-^ 
dioicis, foliis oblongis obtufe ferratis femperviren* ^^' 

TenerifFe Rhamnus. 

S 4 Nat. 


Nat. of the Ifland of TencrifFc. Mr. Francis Maffin. 

Introd. 1778. 

/I March. G- H. 1&. 

faxatUis. 5. R. fpinis terminalibus, floribus quadrifi4is dioicis, fo- 
liis oblongis ferratis glabris annuis. 
Rhamnus (axatilis. 1671. yacqu. auftr. I. 

P' 33- '• 53* 
Rock Buckdiorn. 

Nat. of Switzerland, Auftria, and Italy. 
Introd. I775» by the DodorsiPitcairn and Fothcrgill, 
FL May and June. H, 1^ • 




•* Imrmes. 

6. R. {nermis, floribus monogynis hermaphroditis erec-f 

tis, capfulis tricoccis^petiolisferrugineo-tomentofis. 

5jy?. vegit. 233. Ja^qu. bort. 3. p. 28. t. 50. 
Pubefcent Rhamnus, or Red-wood. 
Nat. of the Bahama Iflands. 
Introd. 1726, by Mr. Mark Catqfby. MIL di^. i£t. 

8. Ceapothus arborefcenSt 
/7, June. S^Ji.' 

7. R, inermis, floribus monogynis hermaphroditis, foliis 

oblongo-ovatis ncrvofis fubundulads, caule volubili. 
Rhamnus volubilis. Linn./uppL 152. 
Twining Rhamnus. 
Nat. of Carolina. 
Cult. 17 14, by the Dutchcfs of Beaufort. Br. Muf 

FL June and July. H. ^ . 


8. R, inefmis, floribus monogynis hermaphroditis umbcl- 

latis axillaribus, -calycibus glabris, foliis ovatis in** 
tegerrimis lineatis. 
Rhamnus Frangula. Sp. pL 280. 





Berry-bearing Alder. 

Nat. of England. 

/?. April and May. H. 1^. 

9. R. inermis, floribus monogynis hermaphroditic, caly- UtlfiU* 
cibus villofis, foliis ellipticis integerrimis • VHtriU ^* 
fert. ongL n. 4. tab, 8. 
Azorian Rhamnus. 

Nat. of the Azores. Mr. Frmuis Majfmu 
Introd. 1778. 
i^ijuly. H.%. 

IC. R. inermis, floribus hermaphroditis racemofis, foliis gkmdfib^ 
ovatis obtufe ferrads glabris bail glanduloiis. f^* 

Madeira Rhamnus. 
Nat. of Madeira and of die Canary Iflands. Mr. 

Francis Majfin. 
Ifttrod. 1785. 
FL G. H. %. 

II.R. inermis, floribus hermaphroditis fubtrigynis axil- tttipticus. 
laribus fubumbellatis, foliis ellipucis acutis inte- 
gerrimis fubtus villofiufculis. 

Rhamnus arborefcens minor, foliis ovatis venofis, pe- 
dunculis umbellulatis alaribus, rru£tibus fphsricis. 
Brown* jam. 172. /. 29. f» 2. 

Oval-leav'd Rhamnus. 

Nat. of Jamaica. 

Cub. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 

/7. Auguft. S. %• 

p2. R. inermis, floribus polygamis, ftylo fubtriplici, foliis PrinH'- 
ovaus fet-ratis. V Htrit. firt. angL n. 5. tab. 9. ^'» 

Celtis foliis fubrotundis dentatis, flore viridi, frudu 
luteo. Burm. afr. 242. tab. 88. 


a66 PBtfTAWDKiA MovoGTiriA. Rlmuiit. 

Prinos-kaT'd Rhamiww. 

.Ml/, of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Gdt before 1 7 79. bj Rob. Edw. Lord PeCie. 

Fl. Aoguft and Scpianber. G. H. ( . 

wKjflaA^ 13. R* tncniiisy florftos hernaphroditi^ ftigoalB Criplic^ 
<t^* foliis cordads, ramis dirhiferis. 


Nat. of Africa. Jmrns Bmuy Elq. 

Introi. 1775. 

FL November. S. ^ • 

Desck. CamUs fruticoruSy teres, decempedalis, debi- 
lis, cirrhis feandens. FmSm altenn, brevifime pe» 
tiotata^ cordata, obtufii cum animinr mioutts in- 
tegerrima, fupn glabra, fubtus pilofiufciila, iincia« 
lia. Crrhi ex axiUis fuperioribus^ folitarii, fioipli- 
ces. StipmUe ad bafin ramulonun^ fiibuIaCs, cadu- 
cae, trilineares. FUres umbeOati, ajdBares. (kfyx 
monophjOus, ex albido virefirens, extus leviter pii- 
« befcens. Tubus turbtnatus, diametro bflincari. 
Limhis quinquepardtus : hciniac e lata bafi ovatae, 
acutae, patendififme» lineam loogie. Pgtak quin* 
que, margini receptaculi inter hcinias caljcis in- 
ferta, albida, cymbiibnnia, hteribus comroluta, fta- 
mina inclucientia, divergentia, calyoe brevionu Fi- 
lamsnta quinque, intra bafin petalonim inferta, fili- 
fonnbi. jfftthera fubrotondae^ panrae. Gtrwun 
immerTam in Receptacuk niveo, titbum caljcis re- 
plente. Stylus triqueter, viridis, brevis. Stigmm 

giU^Uhiu 14. R. inermis, floribus faennaphrodttis, Miis oivalibas 

acvminatis ferratis fubtus reticulatis. VHtrk.Jert. 

mngU ff. 2. 

Alder-leav'd Rhamnos. 




Introd. 1778, by MefEri. Lee and Kcnneity. 

FL May. H. 1^ . 

15. R« inermis, floribus dioicis, ftigmate triplici, foliis jOatir* 

ferratis. Sp. pL 281. «»'• 

a foliis ovato-oblongis aeqiialiter ibndt. ladfblius. 

Common Alacernus. 
fi Alatemus foliis lanceolatis profiinde ferratis glabris, an^fti. 
MIL dia. fiJuM. 

Jagged-leav'd Alatemus. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cuh. 1629. Park, parai. 603. 
FL April— June. H. 1^ . 

•*• AcuUati. 

16. R. aculeis geminatis : inferiore reflexo, floribus tri« PtJimrm. 

gynis. Sp. pL 281. 
Common Chrift's-thom. 
Nat. of die South of Europe. 
Cuh. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H9rt* Ger. 
FL June and July. H. h • 

17. R. aculeis folitariis recurviS| pedunculis aggregatis, Jujuia. 

floribus femidigynis, foliis retufis fubtus tomento- 

fis* Sp. pL 282. 
Blunt-leav'd Rhamnus. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Oik. 1 731, by Mr. Philip Miller. MOL di£l. idit. i. 

Ziziphus 3. 

1 8. R. aculeis geminatis : idtero recurvo, floribus digy- ZtTBfflmi. 

nis, foliis ovato-oblongis. Sjft. vegit. 235. 
Shining-leav'd Rhamnus. 



Nat. of the §outh of Europe. 

Cuh. 1640. Park, ibtat. %$i. 

FL Auguft and September. H. 1^ . 

P H Y L I C A. GiH. pLi66. 

Perianth. 5^pairtituni, Curbinatum. Petala 0. Squanut 
5 ftamina munientes. Caff tricocca, infera. 

gn€9tdes. 1* P- fol"s lincaribus verticillatis. Sp. pL a83, 
Hcath.leav'd Phylica. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. MO. dia. edit i. 

Alaternoides 2. 
FL September March. G. H. % . 

pMcffru 2. P. foliis linearibus acutis ptlofis fubtus tomentofis, flo- 
ribus fpicatiSy bra&eis villofis foliiformibus. 
Downy Phylica. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fram'uMaJfou 
Jntrod. 1774. 
FL February April. G. H. % . 

griM^ 3. P. foliis linearibus pilofiulculis fubtus tomentofis 
ivf. margine revolutis^ capitulis terminalibus, floribus 


Phylica eriophoros. Berg. cap. 52. 

Elichryfum xthiopicum frutefcens, Coridis foliis in- 
canis, capitulis parvis glomeratis, inter ramiilos 
difperfis. Plui. amalth. 72. t. 445. /» i. 

Pal^.flower'd Phylica. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1 774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

/7, November. G. H. %• 



4* p. foliis lineari-fubulatis : fummis hirfutis. Sp, pL pltamfiu 
Woolly-leavM Phylica. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. MUler. Mil. dia. i£t. 7. n. 2* 
Fl. March May. G. H. 1^^ . 

5. P. foliis oblongis cordatis acuminatis ptloTis fubtus ^tuufiu 
tomentolis, floribus fubcapitatis. 
Phylica callofa. Linn.fuppL 153. 
Hcart-leavM Phylica. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majffou 
Introd. 1774. 
FL March and April. G. H. 1;^ . 

6« P. foliis oblongis cordatis acuminatis fubtus tomento- J^icat4u 
fiS) fpicis cylindraceis, floribus longitudine bra£lea- 

Phylica fpicata. Linn.fuppL 153. 

Spiked Phylica. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majpm. 

Introd. 1774. 

FL November and December. G. H. 1^ • 

7* P. foliis ovato oblongis fubtus tomentoils, floribus buxiftBm. 
Phylica buxifolia. Sp. pL 283. 
Box-leavM Phylica. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Milh dia. edit. 7. n. 3. 
FL moft part of the Year. G. H. b • 



C E A N O T H U S. Gen. pL 267. 

Petala 5^ laccata, fornicata. Bacca ficca, 3-locularis, 

anurtca' • I. C. foliis trinerviis4 Sp. ph 284* 

nus* American Ccanothus, or New Jcrfey Tea. 

Nat. of Carolina and Virginia. 

Cult, before 1713, by Bi£hop Comptoii. MU. ic. 57. 

Fl. July Oaober. H. h . 

afiaticus. 2. C. foliis ovatis enerviis. Sp. pL 284. 
Afian Ceanothusl 
Nat, of Ceylon. 
Introd. 1781. 
FL S. t. 

africanus. 3. C. foliis lanceolatis enerviis, ftipulis fubrotimdis. Sf* 
pi. 284. 
African ever-green Ceanothus. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 17 1 2. Philofoph. tranf, fu 333. p. 421. «. 77. 
/y. March and April. G. H. 1^ . 

A R D U I N A. Linn. mant. 7. 

Cor. i-petala. Stigma 2-(idum. Bacta a-locularit. 
Serru folitaria. 

hijj^inofa. I- Arduina. Linn. mant. 52. 
Two-fpin'd Arduina. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cuh. 1 760, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil. ic. 200. /. 30a 
Fl. March Auguft. G. H. 1^ . 



M Y R S I N E. Gen.pLib(f. 

Cor. femi 5-fida, connivens. Germen corollam replens. 
Baci^ i-fperma: nmcU9 5-loculari. 

1. M. foliis ellipticis acutis. ffrUanm. 
Myrfine africana. Sp. pL 285. 

African Myrfine. 

Nat. of die Cape of Good Hope. 

Cmlt. 1691, in the Royal Garden at Haoipton*court. 

Plui. phyt. t. 80. / 5. 
FL March May. G. H. ??. 

2. M. foliis obovatis obtufis apice emarginato-dentlcu- ntuft^ 

Hound-leav'd Mjrrfine, or Tamaja. 
Nat. of the Azores. Mr. Francis Majfin. 
Inirod. 1 778. 
FL June. G. H. t . 

CELASTRUS. Gen. pL 270. 

Cir. 5-petaIa, patens. Cap/. 3-angularis, 3-locularis. 
Sem. csdyptrata. 

1. C. inermis, caide volubili, foliis ferrulatis. Sp. pL 285. fimukm. 
Climbing StaiF-tree* 

Nat. of North America^ 

Introd. 1736, by Peter CoUinfon, Efq. C§U. nfi. 

FL May and June. H. "h • 

2. C. inermis^.feliis ovatis utrinque acutis laxe dentatis Cajfom" 

perennantibus, floribus axillaribns, V Htrit. fort. ^'« 

angL n. 2. tab. lO. 
Crcnated SuiF-tree. 
Nai. of the Canary Iflands, Mr. Francis Majfon. 



Jntrod. I779, 

FL Auguft and September. G. H. ( « 

9^ogonu$. 3« C. inermis, foliis ellipticis angulatis fubenervibus 
perennantibus, capfuUs biyalvibus monoiperiiiis, 
VHiriufert. angi n. 4. 
Angular-leav'd StafF-tree. 
Nat. of Peru. 

Introd. 1786, by Monf. Thouiiu 
FL Oaoher. S, 1^. 

undula'' 4. C. inermis, foliis fuboppofitis lanceolatis undulatis^ 
'«^- capfulis bivalvibus polyfpcrmis. VHeriufert. ang. 

n. 5. 

Wavcd-leavM Staff-tree. 

Nat. of the Ifland of Bourbon. 

Introd. 1785, by Meflh. Lee and Kennedy. 

FL S. 1^. 

.luxifili' 5« C. fpinis foliofis, ramis angulatis, foliis obtufis. Sp. 
ms. pL 285. 

Box-leav'd Staff-tree. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Oilt. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL di&. idiu 7. «. 4. 

FL May and June. G. H. % • 

pyracan^ 6* C. fpinis nudis, ramis teretibus, foliis acutis. Sp. pL 
thus. 285. 

Pyracantha-leav'd Staff-tree. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope* 

Cult. tjS2y by Mr. Ph. Miller. MS. £a. iiiu 6. n. %. 

FL moft part of the Summer. G. H« 1^ • 

Uuidus, 7. C. foliis ovalibus nitidis integenimis marginads. 
Linn, tnant. 49. VHerit.Jlirf. mv* p* 49« t. 25. 



Shining Staff-tree^ or Small Hottentot Cheny. 
Ai/. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1722, by James Shcrard, M.D. Kmwbou vfcr. 
FL April September. G. H. .^ • 


Cor. 5-petala. Cap/. 5-gona, s-locularis, ^-yalvis, 

colorata, Sem. calyptrau. 

1. E. floribus plerifque tetrandris, pedunculis com- tunfauu 
prei&s multifloris, ftigmatibus fobulatis, foliis gla* 

Evcnymus europaens, a. tcnuifolius. 8p. pi 286. 
Evonymus vulgaris. Scop. cam. i. /. 166. Du Rd 

hmrU harhece. 122. 
Common Spindle-tree. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl May and June. H.h. 

a. E. floribus plerifque pcntandris, cortice lavi, pedun- JgHMut. 

culis filiformibus tcretibus multifloris. 
Evonymus europaeus, ft latifolius. Sp. pi. 286. 
Evonymus latifolius. Scop. earn. i. p. 165. Jacfu. 

aujir. 3. p. 48. t. 289. Du Roi hort. barbicc. 226* 
Broad-leav'd Spindle-tree. 
Nat. of Auftria and Hungary. 
Cult. 1730. Hort. angl. n. 2. 
/7. June ;md July. H, ^^ 

3. E. floribus tetrandris, cortice verrucofo^ pedunculis 

filiformibus tcretibus fubtrifloris. 
. Evonymus europjeus,y, leproius. Linn, fuppl. 154. 
Evonymus verrucofus. Scopolt camioL j. p. 166. 
Jacqu.auj^r. j.p;20.f.4q. Du Rn bort. harbicc^ 

T EvonyoMit 



d74 MNTANDRiA MOKooYNiA. Evonymus. 

Evonymus ii. Cuf.hiji. i. f* 57. 

Warted Spindle-tree. 

Nat. of Auftria. 

Cuh. 1763, by Mr. James Gordon. 

FL May and June. H. ^ . 

air9pur^ 4. £• floribus tetrandris, pedtmcuUs compreffis mul- 
pureus* tifloris, ftigmatibus tetragonis truncatis. 

Evonymus atropurpureus. facqu. borU 1. p. 55. 1 120. 

Purple- flower'd Spindie-tree. 

Nat. of North America. 

Introd. 1756, by Meflrs. Kennedy and Lee. 

/ijuly. H. ^. 

america' 5* E. floribus omnibus quinquefidis^ fidiis firffilibus. Sjfi, 
nus. veget. 238. 

Ever-green Spindle-tree. 

Nat. of North America. 

Cuf^* 17139 by Bifhop Compton. Philofipb. trwif. 
»• 337- /• 64. n. 107. 

/y. June and July. H. l^. 

D I O S M A. 271. 

Cor. 5-pctala. NeHaria 5, fupra germen# Cap/. 3. f. 
5y coalitae. 5#;n. calyptrata. 

pppofitifo' i^ D* foliis fubulatis acutis oppofitls. Sp. pL 286. 
lid» Oppofite-leav'd DioTma. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

Fl. March July. G. H. &. 

birfuta^ a. D. foliis linearibus hirfutis, Sp, pL 286* 
Hairy-leav'd Diofma. 


rtlVTAKDltlA MOHOOYIIIA. Diofixmi VJ^ 

Nat. of the C^ of Good Rope. 

Cub. 1 731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. £&. •£u i. 

Spiraea 4. 
/y. March— —^SepCemben O. H. 1^ • 

3* D« foliis lineari-lanceolatis fubtus convexis bifariim iftc^iitu 
imbricatis. &f. pL 287. 
Sweet-fceoted Diofma* 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Ckb. 1756) by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mill, ic. t^t.iTjf. 

f. 2. 
FL March September. G. H. 1^. 

4. D. foliis ovatis mucronads imbricatis ciliads* Sjfl. smMca-^ 

veget. 2J9. '*• 

Imbricated DioTma. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hopo» 
Introd. 1774, by Mr. Francis Mailbiu ^ 

i7. April June. ' G. H. %. 

5. D. foliis kinceolatis ciliads rugofis. Sjft. veget,. 239. iiUaieu 
CiKated Diofma. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1 774, by Mr. Francis Maflbif. 

FL April and May. G. H, 1^ . 

6. D. fdiis lanceolato-oralibus dppofitis glaAduIo&>- crenatOm 

crenatis, floribus folitartis* Sjft. veget. 239. 
Crenated Diofma. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introi. 1774, by Mr. Francis Mallbn. 


T % 7. D, 

17 6* 



J. D. foliis ovato-oblongis, floribus foiitariis tenniiuli- 
bus. Sp. pi 287. 
One-flower'd Diofma. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Jntrod. 1775, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL < G. ft t. 

pulcbiSa. 8. D* foliis ovatis obtufis glandulofo^renatis, floribus 
geminis axillaribus. Sp. pi. 288. 
Oiral-leav'd Diofma. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Intr^ 1787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL G.ILli. 

B R U N I A. Gen. pi. 274. 

Flcns aggregati. Filam. unguibus petalonim infertau 

Stigma 2-fiduin. Sefn. folitaria, bilocularia. 

mdijbrtt. i. B. foliis imbricatis triquetris acuVis. Sj/f.vfget. 740, 
Imbricated Brunia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. X 786, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL aftl^. 

lanugino" 2. B. foliis linearibus patulis apice calloiis. Sp. pi. 288. 
A Hcath-TcavM Brunia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Ii^rod. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

FL moft part of the Summer. G. ft 1^ . 

abrota^ 3« B. foliis lineari-lanceolatis patentibus triquetris apice 
noides^ callofis. S/fc. pL 288. 

. Thymc-leavM Brunia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FU G.ft%. 



4* B. foUis linearibus triquetris, calyce radiante : foUoliS rM£giM. 
intimis cdoratis. Sjfl. veget, 240. 
Fhylica nuliata. Sp. pL 283. 
Radiated Brunia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
IntrotL 1787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL G. H. 1^. 

I T E A. GiH. pi 275. 
Petala longa, calyci inferta. Capf i^locularis, 2-valvi3« 

1. 1, fbliis ferratis. VHerit.Jlirp. fuv* frirgiuuM. 

Itea virginica. Sp* pL 289. 
Virginian Itea. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1744, by Archibald Duke of Argyle. 
FL June Auguft. H. IJ . 

a. I. foliis integerrimis. UHirtUjlirp. n$v. tab. 66. Cj/rilUu 
Cyrilla racemiflora. Limu mant. 50. Jacqu. ic. c$lL 1. 

p. 162. 
Endre-leav'd Itea. 
Nat. of Carolina. 
Introd. 1 765, by Mr. John Crcc. 
FL July and Augiift. G. H. 1^ . 

C E D R E L A. G$n. pi. 277. 

CaL marcefcens. Cor. 5-petala, infundibulifbrmis, 
bail ad \ receptaculo adnata. Capf. lignola) 5-locu- 
laris, 5*valvis. Sem. deorfum imbricata, ala meni- 

I» C. floribus panlculatis. Sp. pL 289. $JUrata. 

Barbadoes Baftard-cedar. 
Nat. Qi the Weft Indies. • 

T 3 Cuk. 


Oik. 1739, by Mr. Pbilip Miller. JUnJ. ehii p. 1 14. 
n. 23. 

, FL 8. t. 

Or, 5-petaIa. Drupa ovata, ntici 2-loculari« 

niifttali. !• Eljbodbndrum, Jacqu* ic. Sj/i. vigit. 241. 
Oriental El^od^ndrum. 

Introd. about 177 1) by Mr. John.Bufh. 
/7. S. b. 

MANGIFERA. Gin.pL2y9. 
Cor. 5-petala. Drupa renifpnnis. 

indUs. I. Mangifera. Sp* pL 290. 
Nat. of ^ Eaft Indies. 
Cuiu 1690, in tHe Royal Garden at Hampton^couit. 

CataL mfcr. 
Fl. S.t, 


H I R T E L L A. Gen. /i 28a 

Pitala 5» Filanunta longiffima, perfiftentia, (piralia. 
Bacca i-fperma. Stylus lateralis. 

I. H^RTELLA. Sp. pi 290. 

American Hirtella. 

J«7/. of the Weft Indies. 

Introd. 1782, by Mr, Alexander Anderfon. 

FL S.t. 



RISES. Gin.fL aSi. 

Petala 5 ttjlamina calyci infcrta. Stylus 2«fidu8. 
Bacca polyfperma, infera. 

* Ribefia imgrma* 
I* R. inerme, racemis glabris peiidulis> floribiis planittf- ruirum. 

culis. 5^. pL 290. 
« baccis rubris* ntdlum* 

Red Currant* 
fi baccis albis. . album. 

White Currant* 
^at, of Britain. 
FL April. H. 1& . 

2. R. inenne, floribus racemofis planiufculis, pedicellii glandsih^ 

calycibufque pilofis: pilisglandulofis. fanu 

Ribes glandulofum. TVebtr dec* plant, min. cogru f. 2. 
Ribes proftratum. VHiritierJUrp. mv. p* 3. tab* 2« 
Giandulous Currant. 
Nat. of North America. 
Intnd. 1777, by John FothergiU, M.D, 
/7. April and May. H. 1^. 

3. R. inerme, racemis ere£tis, bra£leis flore longioribut. 9^nwik 

Sp. pi. 2gi. Jacqu. auftu X. ^. 29. /• 47. 
Alpine Currant. 
Nat. of Britain. 

/v. May.« 


4. R. inerme, racemis pilofis, floribus oblongis. Sp. pi tugruou 

Common black Currant 
Nat. of Britain. 

FL April and May. H. "& . - 

T4 J.R. 


fhriduiiu $• R. inerme, racemis pendulis, floribus cylindrici^, 

bradeis flore vix hrevtoribus. JJHeriuJiirp.tuv.^, 
Ribes americanum. AftlL di£l. 
Ribes acnericanum nigrum. Moencb bort. wetffenft. 

104. tab. 7. 
Ribes nigrum 0. Sp. pi. 291. 
Ribeilum nigrum pendlvanicum, floribus oblongis* 

Dill. ilth. 324, t. 244. / 315. 
• , American black Currant, 

Cuk. 1732, by James Sherard^ M. D. DilL ebb. 

be. cit. 
FL April and May. H. % . 

♦ • GrofTuIaris aculeate, 
£acaju 6. R. foliis incifis, aculeis geminis ad gemmas. Liniu 
tba. fttppL 157. 

Two-fpinM Goofebcrry. 

Nat. of Siberia. 

Jntrod. 1 78 1, by Mr. John Bufli. - 

FL H. i. 

Orojpda» 7* R* ramis aculeatis, petiolorum dliis pilofis, baccis 
tia. hirfutis. Sp. pi. 291. 

Common Goofeberry. 

Nat. of Europe. 

Cult4 1629. Park, parad. 561. 

FL March and April H. fe. 

Vvacrif' 8. R. ramis aculeatis, baccis glabris, pedicellis bni«^ 
t^u monophylla. Sp. pL 292. 

Smooth-fruited Goofeberry. 

Nat. of Europe. 

Cult. 1597. ^'^- ^^rb. ir43. 

FL March and April. H. ^ . 



9. R. ramis undique aculeatis* Sp, pi, 291* cxyacan* 

Hawthorn-leav'd Currant. tboides, 

NaU of Canada. 

Cuh. 1705, by Mr. Reynardfon. Pluh amabh. 212. 
FL April and May. H. \ . 

10. R. aculeis fubaxillarlbus, baccis aculeatis racemofis. cjmjfbati. 
Sp. pi. 292. Jacqu. bort. 2. p. 56. U 123. 
Pricldy.fruitcd Currant. 
Nat. of Canada. 

Oub. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL dla. edit. 7. k. 5. 
-^^ April. H. t. 

G R O N O V I A. 282. 
P^/a/tf 5 etjlamina calyci campanulato inferta. Becca 
ficca, monofperma, infera. . 

I. Gronovia. Sp. pi. 292. fcandem. 

Climbing Gronovia. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 
Introd. 1731, by William Houftoun, M.D. Mart. 

dec. 4. ^. 40. 
Fl S.T(. 

H E D E R A. G«f. fl 283. 
Petala 5, oblonga. iS^rr^ 5-rperma, calyce 'cin£ta. 

1. H. foliis ovatis lobattfquc. Sp. pi. 292. Curtis lond. HeUx. 
Common Ivy. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. September. H. t • 

2. H. foliis quinatis ovatis fcrratis. Sp. pi 292. qulnque-- 

Five-lcav'd Ivy. fi^^^\ 

Nat. of North America. 



€ub. 1629. Pari. paratL 60^ f. 7^ 

FL June and July. ^ H. Ife . 

V I T I S. Gin.pLo!i^ 

PfUda apice cohaerentia, emarcida, B4K€a 5-lpeniiay 


vinifera. I. V. foliis lobads flnuatis nudis. Sp. pL 293. Jacpu 
ic, cM. I. />• i6o« 
Common Vine. 

Nat. of moft of the temperate parts of the Worid. 
Fl. June and July. H. ^ . 

Labrtif' 2. V. foliis cordads fubtrilobis denutis fubtus tmnento- 
'^« fis. Sp. pL 293. 

Downy-leav'd Vine, 
' Nat. of North America, 
Cult. 1656} by Mr. John Tradelcan^ Jan. Trad. 

FL H.^. 

vulpina. 3. V. foliis cordads dentato-ferratis utrinque nudis. Sp. 
pi. 293. 
Fox Grape, or Vine. 
Nat. of Virginia. 
Cult. 1656, by Mr. John Tradefcant, Jun. TraJ. 

muf. 177. 
FL Hh. 

laciniofa. 4. V. foliis quinatis : fdiolis multifidis. Sp. pL 293. 
Parflcy-leav'd Vine. 
• Nat. 

Cult. 1656, by Mr. John Tradcfcant, Jun. Trad. 

muf. 177. 
FL June and July. H. IE; • 



5. V. foliis fupradecompofitis : foliolis lateralibus pin- arbona. 
natis. Sp» fL 194. 
Pepper Vine. 
Nat. of Nprth America. 
Odi. before 1700, by Samuel Reynardfon, Efq. Pink. 

manU 85. f. 412./ 2. 
PL July— —September. H. ^ . 

LEE A. Linn.manU 17. (AquiUcia. Ltnn.maut.ij^^.) 

Cor. i-pet. Ne£f. i-phyll. tubo coroljae impoficum, 5- 
fidum, ere£him. BaccM 5-rpenna, infera. 

1. L. caule tercti pubefccnte. Ltnn. mant. 124. ^equata. 
Shrubby Leea. ^ 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Intrcd. before 1777, by Mr. James Lee. 

^/- S. t. 

2. L. caule angulato fimbriato, Linn^ mant. 124. crijpa. 
Fringed-ftalk'd Leea. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1767, by Mr. William Malcolm. 

PL Oftober. S. V. 

LAGOECIA. Gw. //. 285. 

Imfolucr. univcrlale et partiale. Petala 2-fida. ^«w. 
folitaria, infenu 

I. Lagoecia, Sf, pi 294, CumiMt^ 

Wild Cumin. des. 

Nat. of the Levant. 
C/i/f. 1708, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort Br. Muf. 

H. S. 137. foL 6. 
//.June and July. H. o. 



CLAYTONIA. Gen. pL tZj. 

CaL 2-valvis. Cor. 5-petala. Stigma 3-fidiiiiu G^ 
3-valvis, i-Iocularis, 3-ipenna, 

virginica. i. C. foliis lineari-lanceolatis, petalis inCegrts.^ 
a foliis linearibus, calycibus obtufis. 
Claytonia virginica. Sp, pL 294. 
Virginian Claytonia. 
fi foliis lanceolatis, calycibus acutiufculis* 
Spear-leavM Claytonia. 
NaU of North America. 
Introd. before I759> by Mr. John Clayton. ACIL 

Sff. edit. 7. 
FL March May. H. %. 

HELICONIA. Ltm. mant. 147. 

Spathee. CaL o. Cor. 3-petala. NcHartum 2-phyl- 
lum. Peric. tricoccum. Sem. folitaria. 

Bibai. • '• H* ^^^'^ oblongis, fpathis n^vicularibus patentibus 

Mufa Bihai. Sp. pL 1477. 

Baftard, or Wild Plantain. 

Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

Introd. 1786, by Mr. Alexander Anderibn. 

FL S. It. 

Obs. Linnaeus iilius infuppUm. plant, p. 157. fub no- 
mine Helicons Bihai tres plantas diverfas confim- 
dit, banc Americanam et binas Africanas, Strelitz* 
iam nimirum Reginae, et aliam ejufdem generis 
ipeciem fioribus albis et foliis reticolatis. 


1 11/ 

i A 

f fffff'^ /'nt/ r^f . 

. //'^ 

' I 





wtbit. CaL o. Cor. 3-petaIa. NeGar, 3-phyOuiii, 
|cnitalia involvens. Peric. 3-locuIare, polyfper-. 




jBconia Biliai. J. MU. iV. taL 5, 6. 
Una-leav'd Strelitzia. 
' IT. of die Cape of Good Hope. 
• \rmL I773> by Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart 

April and May. S. "fy . 

iscR. Folia omnia radicalia, pedolata, oblonga, 
btegerrima, margine infeme undulato crifpoi gla- 
kerrinu, fubtus glauceicenfia, coriacea, pedalla, 
lerfiftentia. Petioli fubcompreffi, tripedales et ul* 
Ira, craffitie poUicis, vagtnantes, eredi, glabrf. 
tcapus longttudine et craffitie petiolorum, ereduS|' 
teres, teftus vaginis alternis, remotis, acuminatiS| 
riridibus margine purpurafcente. Spatba univer* 
\X\t fpithamaea, extus viridis, margine purpuraf- 
dens ; fpathse partiales albidae. Pttala lutea, qua- 
Iriuncialia* NeQurium cznileum. 
Is. Differentia fpecifica Heliconiae albae in Linn. 
\pph 157. hujus eft plants, fed nomen triviale ad 
jliam pertinet fpeciem Africanam, in hortis Eiiro^ 
keis nondum obviam* 

IaCHYRANTHES. Gen.tJ.288. 

. 5-pbyIIus. Cfr. o. Stigma 2*fidum« Simina 

L caule fruticofo eredo, calycibus reflexis fpicae ad- a^era* 
preffis. Sj/l. vegeU 246* 

m Amaran* 

&86 pENTANDHiA MOVOGYifiA. AdiTnitithes. 

ficula. a Amaranthus Siculus (picat^s. Bocc.Jic. i6. f.9. 

Upright Achyranthes. 

indica. fi Amaranthus fpicatus zcylanicus, foliis obtufis^ amaral 

tho ficulo Boccone fimilis. BumL zeyl. l6. t. ^f. \ 

Dwarf Achyranthes. 

Nat* a. of Sicily ; &. of both Indies. 

Cub. 1713. Phikfrph. iranf. n. 337. p. l8i. ft. 17 

Fl. moft part of the Yean S. ^, 

lafpacea, ^. A. caule fruticofodifFufo proflrato, f^cit interjnq)tisl 
flofculis kitefalibus otrinque fafciculo fctaruia loid^ 
fiato. Sji/l. veget, 246. 

Reading Achyrandies. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

G»&. 1 7 595 by Mr. Ph. MiUsr. MO. £eu 4£t. 7. «. 3. 

FL Auguft Oaobcr. a ^ . 

murtcata. 3. A. caule fruticofo patulo, foliis altemis> floribus fpi* 
catis remods ovatis, calycibus fquarrofis. &^.. 
Viget. 246. 

Prickly Achyntnthcs. 

NaU of Inifia. 

Intrdd. 1777, by Monf. Thomn. 

FL Auguft November. S. If. 

luvea. 4. A. foliis verticiliatts ovatis tomentolts^ corymbiBconi- 
paAis dichotomisy floribus coroUatis. 
White Achyranthes. 

Nat. of the Canary lilands. Mr* Francis Majfon. 
Introd. 1780. 
FL May July. G. If. 1^ . 

C E L O- 



C £ L O S I A. Gen. pi. 289. 
CkL s-phyUus, coroHs 5*petalae &cie. Stam. bait 
jie£burto plicato conjun£b« Caff* horisontaltter 
X. C. feliis hnceolatn, ftipuKs fubialcatis, pedancuHi arftntitu 
angiAitis, fpicis fcariofis. Sp. pL 296. 
Silvery.fpiked Cdofnu 
Nat. of China. 
' Cmk. 1 7 14, by the Dutcfaefi of Beaufoit. Sr. Muf. 
H. S. 131. y>/. 70, 
FL Ju n e S eptcmben S. O . 

2. C. feliis oblongo-ovatis, peduncalis teretibos fiib« crijiata. 

ftriatis, fpicis oblongis. Sjft, veget. 247. 
a Amaranthus panicula conglomerata. Sauh. pin. I2i. 

Common Celofia, or Cock's-comb. 
$ Amaranthus major paniculis furre£):ts flavefbentibus. 
Herm. hgdb. Jp. 

BuflF-colour'd Celofia, or Cock*s«comb. 

Nat. of Afia. 

Cult. 1570. Lobil. adfo. 95« 

FL July— —September. S. © • 

3* C. foliis ovato-oblongis, caule aflurgente panicula- panicula^ 
tO) fpicis akemis terminalibus remotis. Sj/l. vega^ to. 

Panicled Celofia. 

Nat. of Jamaica. 

Intrad. about 1732, by William Houftoun, MD. 

MU. dia. edit. 8. 
Fl. moft part of the Summer. 


4. C. foliis ovatis ftriSis inauriculatls, caule fulcato^ 
ipicis multiplicibus criftatis. Sp. pi. 297. 




Scarlet Celofia, or Chinefe Cock's-comb. 

ATtf/. of China. 

Cuk. 1597. Ger. herb. 254. / 2. 

FL July— — Septsembcr, S. Q, 

uflnnfis. 5** C. foliis lanceolato-ovatis lineads acuminatiffimis, fti* 
pulis falcatis, fpicis criflatis. Sp, pL QJifj. 

Branched Celofia, or Cock's-comb. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cult. X7391 by Mr. PhQip Miller. Rand. chiL Ama- 
ranthus 8. 

FL July September. S. 0. 

Mmf9^ 6. C. fpicis compadis cylindraceis^ ramis brachiatis, fo* 
nia. liis fubulads. 

Celoiia Monfonia. Ritrii obf. bot. %. p. 13. n. 26*. 

Illecebrum Monfoniae. Linn,fuppL 161. 

Amaranthoides fpicatum indicum ramofiffimum Sper*- 
gula; foliis, fpica alopecuroide Candida. Pluk. 
mant. 11. /. 334. f. 44 

Downy Celofia. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Introd. 1778, by Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart. 

FL Auguft and September. S. 0. 

trigyna. J. C. foliis ovato*obIongis, racemo laxo, piftillo trifido. 
Linn. mant. 212. Jacqu. bort. 3. p. 12. /. 15. 
Oval-leav'd Celofia. 
Nat. of Senegal. 

Introd. 1777, by Monf. Thouin. 
FL Auguft and Oftobcr, S. ©• 

meKfi^ra. 8. C. foliis cuneiformibus acutiufculis, fpicis globoGs 
lateralibus. Sp. pL 298. 
Knotted Celofia. 


Aaf. oT the Eaft Indies. 

Introd. 1780. 

FL July and Auguft, & O • 

9. C. caulibus decumbentibus, peduncuHs longiffimis proctmtm 
aphyllis, fpicis ovatis approximatis, capfiilis com- ^^^* 
preffis criftato-alatis. Sjfi. veget. 247. 
Gomphrena internipu. VHerkierJiirp.fmf*p.^.t.^ 
Procumbent Celofia. 
Nat. of S. Domingo. 
Introd. 1784, by MonC Thouin. 
FL July. S. ©• 

ILLECEBRUM. G/«. ^/. 290. 

CaL 5-phyllus, cartilagineus. Cor. nuHa. Sttgm. fim* 
picx. Gflfg/T 5-valvis, monofperma. 

I. I. foliis ovatifi pilofiufculis, fpicis lateralibus^calycibus lanatuH. 
Illecebrum lanatum. SyJI. vtget. 248. 
•a ipicis fubaggregatis folio brevioribus, ramis lon^is 
Achyranthes lanata. Sp. pL 296. 
Small woolly Illecebnmi. 
$ fpicis folitariis ramulorum patent'mm* 
Great woolly Illecebrum. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cult^ 1(191, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-cmirt 

Pluk.pbyt. t. 75. /. .8. 
Fl. moft part of the Year. S. # . 

2« I. foliis lanceobtis tomentofis, fpicis cylindraceis nu- javamm 
merofis terminalibus. atm 

Illecebrum javanicum. Syjt. vegit. 248. 

U Celofia 


Cdofia lanatau Sp. pL 298. S^ v^et. 247* 

Spear*Ieav'd Illecebrum. 

A^r. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cub. 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. MU. £a. diL 

a Celofia lanala; 
FL moft part of the Summer* & %> 

vifticiU 3, 1; floribus vwrdcillattf nudis^ caMlibui^ procombenti- 
'*'«««• bus. Sp. pi. 298. 

Verticird Illecebrum, or Knot-grafi» 

Nat. of England. 

17. July. Rtf. 

Juffrutl" 4. 1, floribus lateralibus folitariis, caulibus fuffhiticofis. 
€^um. Sp. pL 298. 

Shrubby lUecebnun, or Knot-gra^. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cub. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL Ha. vol. t 
Paronychia 4. 
FL May Auguft. G. H. 1^ . 

tfr^tf- 5. 1, floribus fubfafcicuhtis, fi^is lanceolatis ftricds 
^"^ ariftatis. 

Bearded Illecebrum. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands. Mr. Francis JUbfiu. 

Introd. 1780. 

FL June and July. G. H. ^ . 

Farmfm 6. I. floribuabradeis nitidis obvallatis, caulibus procumk 
chia. bentibus, foliis laevlbus. &jjl, v^gtt. 248. 

Mountain Illecebrum, or Knot-grafe. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1640. FarK tbiat. 445. n. i. 

FL May Auguft. G. Ff. «. 



7* L floribus bnuSeatis fub&ictculatis, pedunculis dicho- dSvarica^ 
tomis paniculatis, Miis ovato-oblongis petiolads. /MRb 
Forked IHecebntm. > 

JV^tf/. of the Canary Iflands. Mn Francis Maffm. 
Introd. 1779. 
/7. July and Auguft. O. H. O* 

8. 1, caulibas rq)entibus piloiis, foliis ovatii mucrdnatfs : Achyrtrnm 
dppofito minore, capitulis fubglobofis fubrpidofis, tba% 
Sp. pL 299. 

Creeping lUeccbrem. 

JN^. of Buenos Ajres. 

Cub. 1732, by James Slierard, M.D. DiU. $kh. 8. 

Fl June ^Auguft. S. %. 

9. 1, caulibus repcntibus biferie tomcntofis, foKis lanceo- fiJJiU^ 
latb fubfeffilibtts, capitulis oblongis glabris^ &jfi^ 
veget. 249. 
' SeflUe.flower'd Illccebrum. 
Ai/. of the Eaft Indies, 
Jntrod. 1778, by Monf. Thouin* 
FL July Oaobcn S. ©• 

G L A U X. Gen. pL It^u 

CaL i-phyllus. Qr. nulla, Capf. x-locubfis, 5-valviSy 

I. GtAux. Sp. pi. 301, nuniA^ 

Sea Milk-wort, mtk 

Nat. of Britain, 
FL May and June, H, i( , 

Ua PL0C4^ 


P L O C A M A. 
Ctr. 5-fida. Cal. 5-dentatus, fuperus. Bacca 3-locu- 
laris. S^m, folitaria. 
pendula. i. Plocama. 

Pendulous Plocama. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands. Mr. Francis Maffin. 

Introd. ijjg. 

FL G. H. U. 

T H E S I U M. Gin.pL 292. 

CaL l-phyllus, cui ftamina infcrta. Sem. i, inferum. 

LimphyU i. T. panicula follacea, foliis linearibus. Sjfl, vegtt, 249. 
lum. Common Thefium, or Baftard Toad-flax. 

Nat. of England. 

FL June and July. H. %. 

umheBa' 2. T. floribus umbellatis, foliis oblongis. Sp. pi. 302. 
ttn^ Umbel'd Thefium. 

Nat. of North America. 

Intred. 1782, by John Hope, M.D. 

/7»June. H. It. 

amplexi* 3. T. racemis terminalibuS) foliis cordatis feffilibits. lAim^ 
€auU. ff^ant. 213. 

Hcart-lcav'd Thefium. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1787, by Mr. Francis Mallbn. 

FL G. H. b . 

RAUVOLFIA. Gen. pi 293. 

Contorta. Bacca fucculenta, difpermg. 

mtiia. !• R- glaberrima nitidifUma. Sp. pi. 303. 
Shining Rauvojfia. 



Nat. erf' Sooth America. 

Cuh. 1739, by Mr. Pb. Miller. MtH Ma. vol %n.u 

FL June -September. S. % . 

C E R B E R A. Gen. pi 294. 
Contorta. Drupa monofperma. 

1. C. foliis ovatfs. Sp. pi 303. jBwiaj. 
Oval-leavM Ccrbera. 

Nat. of Brazil 

Oilt. 1739, by Mn Philip Miller. MB. dUi. v^f. 2. 

Ahouai i. 
Fl June and July, S. Jf • 

2. C. foliis linearibus longiffimis conf^rtis, Sp. pi 304. Tbevtfia. 
Linear-leav*d Cerbera. 

Nat. of South America, 

Jmrod. 1735, by Mr, Robert Millar, MU. di£f. 

vol 2. Ahouai %• 
FL S, t. 

GARDENIA. O^n. pi 296. Linn, fuppl 23. 

Contorta. Bac€a infera 2-f. 4-locuIaris, polyfperma. 
Stigma lobatum. 

♦ Inerrms. 
I.G. inennis,foIiiselllptici9,corollis h)rpocrateriformibu8, jhrida. 
calycinis laciniis verticalibus lanceolato-fubulatis. 
Gardenia florida. Sp. pi 305. Thunb. gardenia^ «. 2. 
« flore fimplici. 

Single-flower'd Gardenia, or Cape Jafmine. 
$ ilorc pleno, 
Double-flower'd Gardenia, or Cape Jafmine, 
Nqt. of Cochinchina, China, Japan, and the South- 
Sea Iflands. 

U 3 Introd, 

$94 PENTANDRtA MONOGTNfA. Gardenia. 

Introd, about 1754, by Capt Hutcbtiifbii. PhS. 

trdnfaa. vol. 51. pag. 933. 
Fl July Oaobcr. S. li . 

Thuntef" 2* C^. xnermis, foliis ellipticis, corollis hypocrtterifonni- 
^/ii« bus, calycibus latere ruinpentibu9 : lacintis apico 


Gardenia Thunbergia, Thunb. gardeniay n. 3. Lini. 
fuppL 162. 

Thunbergia. Montin aSl.Jlocib. 1773. ^. 189. f. II. 

Bergkias. Sonn^rat kir m^. guin. p. 48. /• l^^ i8. 

Starry Gardenia. 

^«/. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. I773> by Sir James Cockbum, Bart 

FL S. t. 

latifoUa* 3* G. inermis, foliis obovato-fubrotundh, eorollis hypo- 
crateriformibus, laciniis calyciiiis fidutlatis obtuTe 

Broad-leaved Gardenia, 

Nat. of the £aft Indies. 

Introd. I787> by Richard Anthony Salifbury, £fq« 

FL S.». 

Roth" 4* G. inermis, foliis oblongis, corollis infundibulifbrmi- 

manma* bus, laciniis calycinis fubulads. 

Gardenia Rothmannia. TbunB. gardenia^ »• 6. Linn, 
fuppl 165. 

Rothmannia capenfis. Tbunberg aSI. Jtockb. 1776. 
p. 65. /. 2. 

Spotted-flower'd Gardenia. 

Nah of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Miffiiu 

Introd. 1774. 

FL S.^. 


piHTAND&iA MOKOQTViA. Gardenia. 19$ 

5* G* fpinis oppofitb foliis longioribiis» genninibut gh« dmKit9» 
bris, ''**• 

Gardenia dumetorum. ^//ziV $lf. ht, 2. ^. 14. n. 31. 

Gardenia fpinoia. Linu^fufpL 164. (diJHnSm a Gar* 
demajpinoja Tbunbirgu e China.) 

Spiney Gardenia. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. John Gtrard Kmtigj JM. D. 

IntrotL 1777, by Sir Jofeph Banks^ Bare 


6. G. fpinis oppofitis floribufque foliis brevioribiiS| ra- acukaUu 

mis glabris. 
Randia aculeata. Sf. pi. 214. 
Round-leav*d thomey Gardenia. 
JS&f. of the Weft Indies. 
Introd. before 1733^ by William Houftouni M.D. 

MU. ££i. edit. 8. 
Fl. S.^. 

V I N C A. Gen. pi. 295. 

Contorta. Folliculi 2, ere6bi. Semina nuda. 

1. V. caulibus procumbendbus, foliis lanceoIato-oTatii, aimr. 

fioribus pedunculatis. Sp, pi. 304. Curtis knd. 
Small Periwinkle, 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl March September. H. 1i^. 

2. V. caulibus t re£tis, foliis ovati% fioribus peduncula* maJ9r. 

tis. Sp. pi. 304. Curtis lond. ' 

Greater Periwinkle. 
Nat. of England. 
FA March— September. H. lb* 

Ui 3-V. 



r£MTANi>&lA MaNOGYKIA. Vinca. 

3. V. cade frutefcente eredo, floribus geminis feffi- 

libuS) foliis ovato-oblongis^ peddis bafi bidentads;* 

5^. vegeU 252. 
a florecarjieou 

Madagafear red Periwinkle, 
^ fiore albo, uxnbone carneo. 
Madagafcar white Periwinkle. 
JVbr. of the Eaft Indies. 
QilU 1757, by Mr. Philip Miller. AfiU. sc. 124. 

t. 186. 
FL moft part of the Year. S. ^ . 

4. V. caule herbaceo ere<So, foliis lanceolatis acutis. 
Vinca parviflora. Retzii obf* hot. 2. p. 14. n. 33. 
Vinca pufilla. Linn.fuppL i66. 
Cupa-veela. Rheed. maL 9. p^6i, U 33* 
SmalUflower'd Periwinkle. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
. Introd. 1778, by Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart 
Fl. Auguft, S. 0, 

N E R I U M. Gen. pi. 297. 

ContQrta. FoUlculi 2, ereSi. Sem. plumofa, Or^ 
tubus terminatus corona lacera. 

Oleander^ !• N. foliis lineari-lanccolatis ternis, foliolis calycinis 
fquarrofis, neSariis planis tricufpidatis. 
• Nerium Oleander, Sp, pK 305. (exclufc lynonymo 

a flore rofeo fimpHci. 

Common Rofebay, or Oleander, 
6 flore albo. 

White Rofcbay, or Oleander, 
y flore plenOf 



Double Rofebay, or Oleander. 

Nat. of Spain, Portugal, and the Levant. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard, Hort, Ger. 

FU June Oaober. G. H. 1^ . 

2. N. foliis Imeari-lanceolatis ternis, foHoIis calycinis 
eredis, ne£briis aiultipartitis : laciniis filiformibus. 
Tsjovanna-areli. Rheed. mal. 9. p. i. /. i» 
Belucta-areli. Rhad. maL 9. p. 3. t. 2. 
Sweet- fcented Rofebay, or Oleander. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cub. 1758, by Mr. PhUip Millcn 
Fl. June ^Auguft. S. 1^ . 

3* N. foliis oblongo-ovatis, pantculis ternunalibus. 
Nerium antidyfcntericum. Sp. pL 306. 
Oval-Ieav'd Rofebay. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
iHtrod. 1778, by Patrick Ruffell, M.D. 
Fl. S. t. 

4« N. foliis ellipticisi pedunculis ex dichotomia ramorum 

geminis, bifloris* 
Nerium coronarium. Jacqu. ic. colUSf. i. pag,^ 138. 
Jafminum zeylanicum folio oblongo, (lore albo pleno 

odoratiflimo. Burm. zeyl. 129. /. 59. 
Flos manilhanus. Rumph. amb. 4. p. 87. /. 39. 
Nandi-Ervatam major et minor. Rheed. mal. 2. 

p. 105. /. 54, 55. 
Broad-leav'd Rofebay. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Cult. 1770, by Mr. James Gordon. 
FL moft part of the Summer. S. fj . 







£ C H I T £ S. Gfif. pL 299. 

Contorts. FoBUuB 2, longi, TtBX. Sem. papgcbu 
Cor. infundibuliformls, fauce nuda. 

fiihirfQa^ z. £. pedunculis racemofiS) fblus fobovatis dbtufis mo- 

cronatis. &p. pL 307, 
Oval-leav'd £chites, or Sayanaa-flowvr* 
Nat. of Jamaica. 
Ckk. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller, I£IL Ma. i£t. 7. 

Apocynuin 4. 
i7. S- h. 

toruhfa* 2. £• pedunculis fubracemofiS) foliis lanceolatis acuoi- 
natit. Sp. pi. 307. 
Climbing £chites» 
Nat. of Jamaica. 

Intrad. 1778, by WiUiam Wright, M.D. 
FL S.^. 

umheUa* 3. £. pedunculis umbellatis, foliis ovatis obtufis mucro- 
^^ iiatis, caule volubili. Sp. pL 307. 

UmbelM Echites. 

Nat. of Jamaica* 

Jntrfid. before 1733, by William Houftou% AID. 
ACU. dia. idit. 8* Apocynum obliquum. 

FL S.h. 

PLUME RI A. Gin.pL2(fi. 

Contorta. Folliculi 2, reflex! . Semimi membrane 
proprix inferto. 

rutra, I. P* foliis ovato-oblongis, petiolts biglandulofis. Sp* 

pL 306. 

Red Plumeria. 


PEKTAWDRiA MOHOGYir I A. Piwneria» ^99 

Hen. of Jamaica. 

Cult. 1690, in the Royal Garden at Hamptrwi-comt. 

CaiaU mfcr. 
FL July and Auguft. S. 1^ . 

2. i*. foliis lanceoktis revokads, pedunciilis fupenie tu- 4i^. 

berofis. Sp. pL 306, 
White Plumeria. 
Nat. ot Jamaica. 
Jntrad. before 1733,^ by William Houftoiuii M.D. 

Mil. dia. edit. 8. 
FL July and Auguft. S. 1^ . 

3. P. foliis lanceolatis pedolatis obtufls. Sp, pL 307. iitufa. 
Blunt-leav'd Plumeria. 

Nati of the Weft Indies. 

Jntr0d, 1783, by John Greg) Efi). 

Fl. July, S. 1& . 


Contorta. FolUculi 2, horisBontales. Sim. pulps 

1. T. foliis oppofitis ovatis, floribus lateralibus glomerato« chrifolia. 

umbellatis. Sp. pi. 308. 
Citron-leav'd Tabernxmontana. 
JNiat. of Jamaica. 

Cult. I739> by Mr. Philip Miller. Mand, chL 
Fl. S. li. 

2. T. foliis oppofitis ovalibus obtufiufculis. Sp. pi. 308. lauri^iSa* 
LaureUleavM Tabernacmontana. 

Nat. of the Weft Indies. » 

Oilt. 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. ££f. edit. 8. 
FL &.h. 



300 PBKTANDaiA MONOGYNiA. . TabcniaemontaQa. 

Jmfonia. 3. T. foltis alternis ovato-lanceolatis^ caulibus berixiccis 
Tabernaemontana Amfonia. Sp. pL 308. 
Alternate-leavM Taberiuemontaiuu 
Nat. of North America. 
Oilt. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
/7. May and Ju^ie. H.l(. 

angu/fifi^ 4. T. foliis linearibus fparfis, caule pilofo herbaceo. 
^^* Narrow-leav'd Tabernaemontana* 

Nat. of North America. . 

Introd. 1774, by Mr. James Gordon. 

FL May and June. H. IJ. 

C E R O P E G J A. Gen.pL 30a. 

Contorta. FoUicuU i; ^reSi, Semina plumofiu C^ 
, rolla limbus connivens. 

fagittata. i. C. umbelli$ fubfeffilibus, foliis fiigittatis. Limu ma«U 

its. • , 

Arrow-leav'd Ceropegia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope, 
Intrcd iJJSi ^7 ^* Francis Maflbn, 
FL G.H.h. 

D I G r N I A. 

P E R I P L O C A. Gen. pi. 303. 

Contorta. Ne6larium ambiens genitalia, filamenta 
5 exferens. 

trmca. I. P. floribus interne hirfuiis tertninalibus, Sjft^ vegtt. 



Common Virginian Silk, or Periploca* 

J\^. of Syria. 

Cuk, 1597, by Mr. John Gerard, dr. berh, 754. 

FL July and Auguft. H. 1^ • 

2. P. floribus interne hirfutis pantctdatis, fbliis lanceolato- Sicanune. 

ellipticis. Sjft^ veget, 256. 
Green Periploca. 

Cub. 1775, by John Fothergill, M. D. 
/I July. G. H. t. ^ 

3. P. coroUis glabris, cymis trichotomis, foliis oblongo- Istvigata. 

lanceolatis bcvibus, caule glabro. 
Smooth Periploca. 

Nat. of the Canary Illands. Mr. Francis Majpm. 
Introd. 1779. 
FL G. H. t . 

4. P. caule hirfuto. Sp. pi. 309. a/ricdna. 
African Periploca. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult. 1726, by Mr. Philip Miller. R. S. no. 209. 

FL June— -September. G. H. t • 

CYNANCHUM. Gen. pL 304. 
Contorta. NeSiarium cylindrlcum, 5-dentatum. 

1. C. caule volubili per^nni aphyllo. %?• veget. 257. vtminaU. 
Naked Cynanchum. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL diif. edit. 7. 

Euphorbia. 15. 
FL D. S. ^. 

a. C. 

30^ pBMTAHDitxA DiOYViA. CyoaMhufa 

actaum. 2. C. caulie yolubili herbaceoi kXus cordstto-oUongis gh- 
bris. 3 10, 
Acute- Ictt/d Cjnanchiiin. 
JS^. of Spain and Sicily. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H9rt. Ger. 

fiibirofunu %• C. caule volubili infeme fuberofo fiffby Mis corihtis 

acuminatis. Sp. pi. 310. 
Cork-barkM Cjnanchom. 
.A^. of America. 
Cult. 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. DilL eltb. 308. 

U 2291/ 296. 
/7. July Septenber. & 1& . 




4. C»canlc volubHi fruticofo infems fuberofi> fiflb^ Mis 

ovato-cordaris. Sp. pi. 31a 
Hairy Cynanchum. 
Aj/. of America. 
Introd. before 1733, by William Houffoun^ M.D. 

Mil. Ji^f. idit. 8. 
^i &lfr. 

5. C. caulc volubili, foliis fubtus villofis oUongb cotda- 

tis : fmu claufo, petalis apice crifpis. 
Periploca florum divifuris cifcinad* et crifpts. Pbaa. 

ic. 210. tab, 216. fg. I. 
CurlM-floWer*d Cynanchum. 
Nat. of South America. 
Cult, before 1741, by Robert James Lord Petr«. 

^/•J^^iy. S.\. 

6. C. caule volubili herbaceo, foIiis rcniformi^cortbtis 

acutis. Sp. //. 311. 
JMontpelier Cynanchum. 


piHTANDitiA i^ioYViA. Cynanchvm. 303 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Qtb. 1597, by Mr. John Gerard. Gsr. ini. 718. 

AAtfgufl and September. H.^. 

7. C. Qitde vdubili fnitefcente, foliis cordatis acuds, pe- ixtenfum. 

duficulis elongatis : pedicellis filiformibus, corollis 

margiae biffiuti% foUicuUs ramenticei^ 
Cynanchuoi eztenfiiiD. jf^fu^ u. tmfflL a. f* 353. 
Cyiu^Khum eordUUium* RitxH 1^ Ail: 2, /^ 1 5. % 37. 
Hairy-flower'd Cynanchum. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Imtr$i. 1777, by Patrick RuffeU^ M. D. 
Fl. July and Auguft. SL Ifr • 

8. C caule eredo diraricato, foliis cordatis glabris. Sp. mStum. 

^311. Jacqm.UfrL\.f^t^UnlL 
Upright Cynanchum. 
Nat. of Syria. 

Oib. 1640. Park, tktat. 385. /. x. 
FL Jidy and Auguft. S. 1^ . 

APOCYNUM. Gin.pLzos. 
C$r. campanulata. Fihminta^^ cum ftaminibua alterna. 

1. A. caiik redmfculo herbaceo^ fcdtis ovatis udrinqu9 andrrfa-- 

gbibriS) cymis terminalabus. Sp, pi. 311. mifohunu 

Tutfan-leavM Dog's-baoe. 
Nat. of North America. 

Cub. 1731, by Mr. Ph. Miller. JMilL dia. edit. i. n. 4. 
FL July— September. H. V. 

2. A. caule re^liufculo herbaceo^ foliis oblongis^ cymis cannaU' 

lateralibus folio longioribus. nunu 

Apocynum cannabinum. Sp. pi. 311. 



504 p£MTANDRiA DI07NIA. Apoqrnunl. 

Hemp Dog's-bane, 

Nat, of North America. 

Cttlu 1699, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort Br. Mt^. 

Sloan, mffl 525 and 3329. 
FL July and September. H. %. 

3* A. caule rediufculo herbaceo, foliis oblongis cordads 

glabris, cymis folio brevioribus. 
Apocynum fibiricum. Jacqu, bort. 3. p. 37, t: 66. 

Sjft. veget. 258. 
St John's-wort-Icav'd Dqg's-bane. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1758, by Mr. Philip MIHer. 
/•i June and July. H.%. 

viHitwn. 4. A. caule re<3iufculo herbaceo, foliis ovato-Ianccolatis. 

Sp.pL 311. 
Spear-leav'd Dog's-bane. 
Nat. of the Iflands in the Adriatic Sea. 
Cuk. 1690, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court 

CataL mfcr. 
FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

ASCLEPIAS. Giti. pL 306. 

Contorta. Ne^aria 5, ovata, concava, comiculuxn 

• Folits oppofitis plants, 
undtdata. i. A. foliis fef&libus oblongis lanceoiatis undulatis gla- 
bris, petalis ciliatis. Sjft. veget. 258. 
Waved-leav'd Swallow-wort 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1783, by Mr. John Grsefer. 
/ijuly. G.Vl.\. 

2. A. 

PBNTANDKIA DICrNlA. AfclcpiaS, 305 

^ A. foliis cordato-lanceolatis undulatis fcabris oppofitis, crij^ 
umbella terminali. Linn.fufpl. 170. 
Currd-leav'd Swallow-wort. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope, 
Intr^ 1774) by Mr. Francis Maflbiu 
FI. G.H.^. 

5. A. foliis obovato-oblongis, petiolis breviffimis, coroU fr9CirM» 

lis fubcampanulatis. 
Afclepias gigantea. Jatqu. obf 3. p. 17. t. 69, Houtt. 

not. hiji. 7. p. 749. /. 44. 
Z}Z'r2ick» Le Brun it. perf. ^.315. /. 184. 
£elI-flowerM gigantic Swallow-wort. 
Nat. ofPcrfia, 
-Cult. 1714, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. Muf. 

H.S. 135. >/. 18. 
FL July ^September. S. ^ . 

4. A. foliis obovato-oblongis, petiolis breyiffimis, laci- gigantea. 

niis corolla reflexis involutis. 
Afclepias gigantea, Sp. pL 312. (exclufis fynonymis 

Plukenetii et Alpini.) 
Curl'd-flower'd gigantic Swallow-wort* 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
€aiJt^ 1690, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court 

Catal. mfcr. 
FL July— i — September. S. 1^ . 

^ A* foliis ovaltbus fubtus tomentoiis, caule fimpliciiS- ^riacM. 
moy umbellis nutantibus. Sp. pU 313. 
Syrian Swallow-wort. 
Nat. of Virginia. 
Cub. 1629, by Mr. John Parklnfon. Fa^h paraL 

443-/ 3U 
/y. July and Auguft. , H. 1*. 

X 6. A. 


wttctna. 6. A. kiaXs ovatis fubtus piloiiufcuiis, ouile fimpEciy 
umbellis nedariiTque eredis. Sp. fl 313. 
; Oval-leav*d Swallow-wort, 
NaU of North America. 
Qilt. 1732, by James Sherard, M.p. DtlL $kb. 31. 

/. 27, /. 30. 
FL July and Auguft. H. it 

purpu* 7* A. foliis ovatis (ubtus vlUofis, caulc itmplici, umbel* 
rafcens. lis ere^iSf ne^riis refupinatis* &p. pL 31^. 

Purple Virginian Swallow-wOrt. 

Nat. of North America, 

Cult.'iy2^ by James Sherard, M.D. DilL dik 32. 
/. 28. /*3i, 

FL Auguft and September. H. %. 

' variiga^ 8. A. foliis ovatis rugofis nudis^ caule flmplici, umbeDis 
ta. ' . fubfeililibus : pedicellis tomentofis, Sp. pL 312* 

Variegated Swallow- wort. 
. Nat. of North America, 

Qilt. 1696. Pluf. akitf 34, /• 77. /. I. 

FLJtilY. H.%. 

curaffi" '^. A. foliis lanceolatis glabris mtidis^ caule fimplici, 
ifica^ umbellis eredis folitariis lateralibus, Sif/l. vigit. 

CuraflTavian Swallow-wort 

Nat, of South America. 

Cult. 1692, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court 

CataL nfcr. 
/ZJune September. 5.%. 

nivfOm IO..A, foliis ovato-lahceoktis glabriufiruliS) caule fimplici, 
umbellis eredis lateralibus folitariis. &jji. Vig. 259. 
Almond-leav*d Swallow-wort 



Mit. of Nortb America. 
• Ctdt. 1732, by James Shcrard, M. D. D»i7. M. 3J.. 

t. 29. /• 32. 
FL July ^September. Rll. 

f l« A. foliis lanceolatis acuminatis glabris oppofitit bl(t pafvijb^ 
attenuatis, caule fuffiruticoro trtSto^ umbdlis late- ^^* 
ralibus folitariis.. 
Small-flower'd Swallow-woit. 
. Nat. of Carolina andfaft Elorida. • '' 
JDrtrod. 1774, by John Fothergilly M.D« 
#7. Jdy Odobcr- G1 H. V. 

12* A. foliis lanceolatis, caule Ikperne divifo, umb'elli^ im^mt^ 
creftis gemmis«- Sp. jpL 314. ^tf^fjv. jior/. a. ^^» 
^ 49. r. 107. 
Flcfli-colour'd Swadlow-wort. . - 

JWb/. of North America, 
Culu i7Ji. ^//* ^V7« /^^ I. Apocynum 2. 
/y: July and Augut ^ R IJ. 

13. A. foliis ovatis bafi barbatis, caule credo, umbellk VlfuiUx^ 

proliftrtft. Sp» pL 314. ,uunu 

u Aiclepias albo flore. Baub. pin. 303. 

White officinal Swallow-w^. 
$ A(c]ef>ia8 foliis ovatis acutis, caule infirmo^ umbtllis lutea. 
fimplicibus. Mill. diSi^ 
Yellow officinal Swallow-wort. 
A^ of Europe. 

Cult. 164a Park, tbeai. 388. / I. 
FMMzy AuguiL* , H.V* 

14. A. folitt oratis bafi barbatis, caule fuperne fubvo* nigra* 

lubili. Sp. pLyS* 
filack Swallow- wort. 

Za Nai. 


Nat. of France and Spain* 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard* H^rt. Ger. 

FL June ^Auguft. H. IJ. 

• ♦ Foliis lateribus revolutts. 
mrhortf' 15- A. foliis revolutis ovatis, caule fruticofo fubvillofo* 
tem. Linn, mant* 2 1 6. 

Tree Swallow-wort, 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cuh. 1 7 14, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort Br. Abtf. 

H. S. 132. fol. 22. 
/7. December. G.H.^. 

fruticofa. 16. A. foliis revolutis lineari-lanceolatis, caule fruticofo. 

Sjft. veget. 260. 
Willow-leavM Swallow-wort. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1 7 14, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. Mvf 

^'S, i33./«/- 67. 
FL June September. G. H. ^> 

Jibirica, 17* A. foliis revolutis linear! -lanceolads oppofitis ter* 
nifque^ ^aule decumbente. Sp. pL 315. 
Siberian Swallow-wort. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Cult^ 1775, by Mr. James Gordon. 
Fl. July and Auguft. H. V. 

iftrticiU 18. A. foliis revolutis linearibus verticUlatiS) caule ercfia 
^^^ Sp. pi 315. 

Whorrd-leav'd Swallow- wort. 

Nat. of North America. 

Cklt. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL £a. i£t. 7. 

n. 4. 
FL H.-W. 

• •• Folut 


♦•♦ FoRisabemiu 
19. A. foliis alternis lanceolatis, caule divaricato piloib. tuberofa. 
Sp. pL 316. 
Tuberous-rooted SwaDow-wort, or Orange Apocy- 

Katn of North America. 
Cult. 1690, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court 

CataL mfcr. 
FL July September. H. %, 

MELODINUS. Linn.fuppl. 23. 
Bacca bilocularis, polyfperma. Faux corolU coronata. 

I. Melodinus. Forjl. gen. 19. Linn, fuppl. 167. fiandens^ aufir. 20. 
Climbing Melodinus. 
Nat. of New Caledonia. 
IntroL 1775, by John Reinhold Forfter, LL.D. 
FL S. li. 

STAPELIA. Gen. pi 307. 
Contorta. NeSlarium duplici ilellula tegente genitalia. 

I. S. denticulis ramorum patentibus, floribus peduncn- variega* 
latis, corollis glabris fupra rugulolis : laciniis ovatis ^^* 
acuminatis planis. 

Stapelia variegata. Sp. pi. 316. Jacqu. nufcelL I. 
p. 27. /• 4. Curtis majgaz. 26. 

Variegated Stapelia^ 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Intred. 1690, by Mr. Bentick. Br. Muf. Sloan, mjf. 

Fh June and July. D. S. ^ . 

a. S. denticulis ramorum ereflis, floribus pedunculatis^ birfutu» 
corollis fupra rugulofis centro hirfutis margine ci»> 
liatis: laciniis ovato-oblongis acutis planis. 

X 3 , Stapelia 


Stapclia hirfute. Sp. fl 316. Jacqu. mfielh l. 

p. 28. /• 3. • 

Hair]( Stapelia. 

Nat. of the Caple of Good Hope. 
. Introd. 17149 by Trofeflbr Richard Bradley. BraiL 

fucc. 3. p. 5.V. 23. • *' . 
'/7. June and July. D. S. %.. 

^«ZJ^« 3* S. fubhexagona cre£h, aculeig patentifSmts, floribus 

' feffilibus aggregatifi : corollaruzn laciniis lahceola- 

tis fupra holofericeis replicatis. 
Black-flower'd Stapclia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis MaJJiiu 
Introd. 1774. 
' ' Fl. Auguft and September. D. S. ^« 

ariicula-^ 4* S. articulis ramorum oblongis teretibiis redculadm. 
ta. obfolete verrucofis : fpinulis minutis, floribus fub- 

feffilibus, coroUis fupra papillofis : laciniis triangu- 
laribus, . 
Jointed Stapclia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis MeH^fiu 
'Introd. 1774. 
Fl. Auguft and September^ * D. S. % • 

mammiU 5« S. denticulis ramorum obtufo mucronacis. IJhju 
laris»' mant. 216. 

Prickly Stapelia. * 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. IT j^yhy Mr. Francis MaJ/in. , 

Fl June and July. D. S, % • 

' ' . H E R*N I A R I A, G/ir, pi. 308. 

CaL S-partitus. Cor. 0, Stanu S fterilia. Capf. f-fperma, 

glabra. 1. H, glabra bcrbacea, Sp, pi, 31 j» 


nMTANDRiA DioY^fA, HoiiiaruL ^11 

Smooth Kupture-WOft. 
. All/, of England. 
/I July. .. H. ©. 

a. H. hirfiita herbacea. 8p. pi. 317. iftif/itftf. 

Hairy Rupturt-worW ^ 

Nat of England. 
FL July and Auguft. Hfa. 

CHENOPODIUM. Gen. pi. 309. 

Cal. 5-pbyUus, 5-gonus« C?r. 0. Sim. i^ lenticulare^ 

♦ FoUis angtdofis. 
I . C; foliis triangulari-fagictatis integerrimis, fpicis com- Bonus 
pofidsaphyllMaxillaribus. 5^.t;<f«26i. Curtlsknd. Hinri* 
Angular-lcavM Goofefootg or Englifli Mercury, ^^^ 

Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. May Auguft. * H. If. 

%. C. fdiis triangularibus fubdentatis^ racemls confertis urbiaim. 
Ar^iflimis cauli approximatis longiffimit, Sp^ pi. 
Upright Goofefoot 
Nat. of Britain, 
/7, Auguft. . . H. ©. 

3. C, foliis rhombeo-ovatis lanceolatifque : inferioribus Atripli* 
iinuato-dentatis, paniculis axillaribus ramofis, caule ci$. 
• credo. . 

Cheiiopodium Atriplici<». Linn.fuppL 171. ' 
Chenopodium purpurafccns. Jacqu. bort* 3. p. 4^. 

t, 80. 
Purple Goofefoot. 
A^tf/. of China. 

X 4 Intr$d. 


Introd: 1780, by Monf. Thouiiu 

FL Auguft and September. S. 0« 

rubrunu 4« C. foliis cordato-triangularibus obtufiufculis dentati^ 
racemis ercdis compofids fubfoliofis caule brevio- 
ribus. Syjt. vegeU 261. 

Red Goofefoot. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL Auguft and September. H. d- 

maralem 5. C. foliis ovatis nitidis acutis dentatis, racemis ramoCi 
nudis. Sp. pL 318. 
Wall Goofefoot, or Sowbane. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL Auguft, H. 0. 

fir^timmu 6. C. foliis deltoideis finuato-dentatis nigofis glabris 
uniformibus, racemis terminalibus. Sp. pL%\<j. 
Fig-Ieav*d Goofefoot. 
Nat. of England. 
FL Auguft and September. H. Q. 

sibum* y. C. foliis rhomboideo* triangular ibus erofis poftice in- 
tegris : fummis oblongisi racemis ere£tis. Sp. pk 
319. Curtis Uni. ' 

Common Goofefoot. 

Nat, of Britain. 

FL July. H. Q. 

Stride. 8. C. foliis rhomboideis dentato-finuatis, racemis ramoCs 
fubfoliatis. Sp. pL 319. Curtis-hnd. 
Green Goofefoot. 
' Nat. of Britain* 

FL Auguft. H. 0. 

hybridunu 9. C. foliis cordatis angulato-acuminatia, racemis ramo^ 
iis nudis. Sp, pL 319. Curtis UtuL 



Baftard Goofefoot. 

Nat. of Britain. 

PL Auguft — ^Oaobcr. H. © . 

10. C. foliis oblongis iinuads, racemis nudis muldiidis. Sotryt. 

Sp. pi. 320. 
Cut-leav'd Goofefoot. 
Niat. of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1551. Turn, herb.^gn. G u 
PL June September. H. © • 

11. C. foliis lanceolatis dentatis, racemis foliatis fimpli- amhnfi^ 

cibus. Sp. pL 320. ^idii. 

Mexican Goofefoot. 
Nat. of Mexico. 

Cult. 1640. Park, theat. 89. n.i, 
PL June Oaober. H. © . 

12. C. foliis ovato-oblongis dcntatis, racemis aphyllis. anthel-^ 

Sp. pi. 320. minticuftu 

Shrubby Goofefoot. . 
Nat. of America. , 
Cult. 1732, by James. Sherard, M.D. Dill. iltb. 

77. /. 66. /. 76. [ 
PL July and Auguft. G. H. 1^ . 

13. C. foliis ovato-oblongis repandis, racemis nudis fim- glaucum 

plicibus glomeratis. Sp. pL 320. 
Oaic-lcav'd Goofefoot. 
Nat. of England. 
/•/.July and Auguft. H. 0. 

* ♦ Foliis integris. 

14. C. foliis caulinis lanceolatis obtufis; ramorum ob^ laterali. 

longis, pedunculis lateralibus folitariis uniiloris. 
Branching oblong-leav'd Goofefoot. 


JI4 • TtjfTAVDHiA oiGYNiA. Cfaeoopodium. 

. . Nat: • 

Introd, 1781, by P.M. A. BrouflmeC^ M.D. 
' • FL Auguft and September. 5. 0- 

FiAmrm, ^S- ^« ^^* integerrtaits rlioinbeo-ovatis, floribus cott- 
glomeratis axillaribus. Sp.pL^U. 
Cbenopodium olidum. Curtis knJL 
Stinking GoofefoOt. 
A2i/..of Britsum 
FL Auguft. If. 0. 

po^ptT" l^* C. foliis integerrimis ovatk, cade decunbente, q^ 
' mioii* mis dichotomis aphyllis axillaribus. Sp. pL 321* . 

Qirtis btuL 

Round-leav'd Goofefooti, or Alfeed. 

Nat. of England. 

FJ. July and Auguft. . H. 0. 

Sctparia^ 17* C. foliis lineari^lanceolatis phois integerrioiis. Sp^ 
pi. 321. 
Linear-leav'd Goofefoot, or Summer Cypreis, 
Nat^ of Greece. 

Cult. 1633. Ger. emac. SS^f- ?'• 
/7. Jui\e — — September. Ht • 

martti* 16. C. foliis fubulatis femicylindricis. ' Sp. pi. 321, 
"W^^ Sea Goofcfbot. 

Nat. of Britain. 

K Auguft. ^ H. 0.- 

miftattoL 19. C. foliis lanceolatis fubcamofis integerrimis, corym- 
bis dichotomis ariftatys axillaribus. Sp. pL 321. 
Beai:ded Goofefoot. 
^^ of Virginia and Siberia. 
htrod. 1 77 r, by Monf. Richard. 
FL Auguft.- H. &. 



BETA. Gifi. fh 310. , 
CaL 5-pb7llus« Cer. o. Sem. reniforme, intra (ub- * ' 

flantiam bafeas calycis. 

1. B. floribus geminis. 5^/?. veget. 262. maritU 

Sea Beet. * "^• 

JV!t/. of Britaiik .' , 

FL Auguft. H. ^ . 

^ B..floribtis ternis. Sjfi. veget. 262. Gchu 

White Beet 

jWSrf. of Portugal*. 
• C«//. 1656, by Mr. John Tradcfeant, Jun. Trad. 

FL Auguft. H. J . 

,3. B. floribus congeftis, foliis inferloribus o?atis« . vulgaris. 

Se^a vulgaris. Sp. pi. 322. 
« Beta rubra vulgaris. Saub. pin. ji8. 

Red Beet. 
$ Beta pallide virens major. Bauh. pin. ii8. 

Green Beet. 


Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hortl Ger. 

FL Auguft. . H. * . 

4. B. floribus congeftis, Mollis omnibus Unearl-Ianceola- patula. 
tis, ramis div'aricatis. 
Spreading Beqt. 

/^/. of Madeira. Mr. Francis Majin. 
Jntrod. 1778. 

/y. Auguft. G,^. *. ' 

Obs. Caulis brevls, vix pedalls, ramofiflimus: rami 
longi divaricatU Calycis foliola bafi dilaUta^ non 
• yero dentata. t 



S A L S O L A. Gen. pi. ju. 

CaL 5-pbylIus. Cor. o. Capf. i-iperma. Sem. coch* 

XaU. ■ '• S. herbacea decumbens, foliis fubulatis fpinofis Icabrisy 
calycibus marginatis axillaribus. Sj^. veg. 263. 
Prickly Salt-wort* 
NaU of Britain. 
FL July and Auguft* H. 0« 

Soda. 2. S. herbacea patula, foliis inermtbus. Sp. pL 323. 

Jacqu. hort.i, p. 28. /• 68. 
Long flefhy-leavM Salt- wort. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Culu 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil. diet. edit. 7. n. 3. 
FL July and Auguft. H. • 

fativa. 3* S. herbacea diffii(a, foliis teretibus glabris, floribus 
conglomerads. Sp. pi. 323. 
Cultivated Salt-wort. 
Nat. of Spain. 

Introd. 1783, by Abb^ Pourret. 
Fl. Auguft. H. K, 

altijjhna. 4« S* herbacea ere£bi ramofiffima, foliis filiformibus acu* 
tiufculis bafi pedunculiferis. Sji/l. veget. 263. 
Grafs-leav'd Salt-wort. 
hfat. of Italy. 

Introd. 1775, by John Earl of Bute. 
Fl. July and Auguft. H. Q. 

faya. 5' ^* herbacea ereiEtiufcula, foliis linearibus fubcamofis 

muticis, calycibus fucculentis diaphanis. Sj/l. veget. 
263. Jacqu. hrt. 3. p. 44. /. 83. 
• Strip'd. 


Strip'd-fbdkM Salt- wort. 

Nat. of Aftracan. 

IfttroJ. 1782, by P. M. A. Brouflbnet, M.D. 

Ft Auguft and September. H. O* 

6* S. frutefcens, ramis dtfFufis, foliis lanteolatis fericeis, firiaa. 

calycibus tnuticis. 
Chenolea difFufa. Tbunberg nov. gifu I- /. lO. %?. 

veget. 247. 
Silky Salt-wort. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FL Auguft and September. G. H. ^ • 

7. S. frutelcens proftrata, foliis linearibus piloiis inermi-t frojiratm. 

bus. &p. pL 323. Jacqu. auftr. 3./. 52. /. 294. 
Trailing Salt-wort. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Introd. 1780, by Peter Simon Pallas, M.D. 
Fl G. H. b. 

8. S. fruticofa ere£la, foliis filiformibus obtufiuiculis. fruticofa. 

Sp. pi 324. 
Shrubby Salt-wort, or Stone-crop. 
Nat. of England. 
FL Auguft. H. b • 

9. S. fruticofa patula, ramulis hirfutis, calycibus fpino- muricata% 

(is. Sj/t. veget. 263. 
Baffia. j^lUoni in mi/cfll. taurin. 3. p. 177. /. 4.^ a. 
Hairy Salt-wort 
Nat. of Egypt 

Jntr9d. 1773, by John Earl of Bute. 
FL July and Auguft, H. O . 



GOMPHRENA. Gen. pi. 214. 

CaL coloratus : exterior 3-phyIlu8 : foliolis 2 ccni- 
niventibus carinatis. Petala 5 rudia villoia. Nee^ 
tarium cylmdricum^ 5-dentatum* Caff i-fperma. 
Stylus femibifidus. 

ihbofa. I- G* caule credo, foliis ovato-lanceolatis, capitulis fo- 
litariis, pedunculis diphyllis. Sp. pL 326. 
Annual Globe Amaranth. 
Nat. of India. 
Cub. 1714, bj the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. Muf: 

H.8. 133. foL 12. 
jy. May Odober. S. O. 

piTinnis. ' 2* G. fbltis bncedatis, capitulis diphyllis, flofculis pe- 
rianthio proprio diftin£lis. Sp. pi. 326. 
Perennial Globe Amaranth. 
Nat. of South America. 

:Cult. 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. DilL ebl. 24. 
' . ' . /. 20. /. 22. 

/7. July Oaober, S. It. 

;fe O S E A. Gen. pi. 315. 
CaL .5«phyllus. Cor. o. Bacca i-fperma. 

TtrvatM'- I. BosEA. Sp. pi. 326. 
^^ Golden-rod Tree. 

Nat. of the Canary Illands. 

Cult, before 1728, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. £a. 
tdit. 8r 

FU G. H. b. 


• . FINTAHDklA DIOrif f A. Jl^ 

U L M U S. Gin. pL 313. 

Cah 5-iBdiis. Cor. 0. Bacca exfucca comprefib- 
membraimcea. • 

I. y. ioL ilupIicato-ibrratU : bafi nuequaUbus. Sp. pL emnpff^ 

327. tfis. 

a Ulmus vulgatiffima folio' lato icabro* Ger. inu 1480. vulgaris. 
Re^.fyn. 468. HuJf angL X09» «• 
Ulmus campeftris. ABU. di&. Du Rti tort* bark 

Common Elm. ^ ' - 

$ Ulmus minor folio angufto fcabro. Ger. em. 1480. ftri£bu 
Raj.fyn.^fx). Hu^. angL 109. /3« 
Ulmus iadva. MU. ££t. Du Rm b^ri. barb: 509*.. . 
. Comifli £lnu 
* y Ulmus fdlio latiffimo fcabro. Ger. em. i^%i. Raj. latifolia. 
fin. 469. Hudf. angl. 109. y. 
Ulmus Icabra. JUKIL dki. Du Rd bort. barb, ad* 

ditam. , 

Wjtch Elm, or Hazel. 
J^ UUmis folio glabro. Ger. em. 1481. R/f/. fin. 469. glabra. 
Hudf.angt, 109. i. 
Ulmus glabris. Mill. di^. ^ 

Smooth Elm. 
f Ulmus Hollandica^ fpliis ovatis acuminads rugofis in- fungoia. 
sequalitcr ferratis, (ortice fungofb. MilL M^. Du 
Rat bcrt. barb. 505. •» 

Dutch Elm*' 
Nat. of Britain. 
. FL April and May. H. 1i . 

1. U. foliis sequaliter ferratis : bafi insequalibus. Sp^ pL ameriea* 

327* ^^* 

a foliii ovatis rugofis fcabris, nmis rubris. rubnu - 



Ulmus altitudinis et craiStiei i^inoris, foliis ladoribos 

rugofis. QayUn in Gronov. virg. 39. 
American red Elm. 
alba. fi foliis oblongis fcabris, ramis albicantibus. 

Ulmus procerior foliis anguftioribus, trunco per inter* 
' Talla vintinibus denfe congeftis Infra ramos obfito. 
Oa^ton in Gron. virg. 39. 
American white £lm. 
pendula. y foliis oblongis gjabriufeulis, ramis pendulis. 
Drooping American Elm* 
Nat. of North America. 
Cu/t. 1752, by Mr. James Gordon. 
Fl. H. h. 



3* U. foliis oblongis glabriufculis aequaliter ferratis bafi 
fubxqualibus, floribus feifilibus. 
Hornbeam -kav'd Elm. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cult. 1 760, by Mr. Janus Gordon. 
FL Rli. 

4* U. foliis aequaliter lerratis : bafi aeqoalibus. Sf, pL 

Dwarf Elm. 

Nat. of Siberia. 

In trod. 1 771, by Monf. Richard. 

FL H. t. 


HEUCHERA. Gin.flyio. 
Petala 5. Capf. 2-roftris, 2-locularis. 

. Heuchera. Sp. pL 328. 
American Heuchera, or Sanicle. 
Nat. of Virginia. 
Cult. 1704. Raj. hiji. 3. p. 509. 
FL May ^July. 



V £ L E Z I A. Gen. pL 447, 

Car. 5-pctala, parva* GaU filifonnis, 5'<icntatiis. Caff 
i-locularis. Sem. plurima, ierie fimplici. 

X, VzLsziA. Sp. pL 474* fipda* 

Rigid Velezia. 

Introd. 178S) 1>7 Cafimir Gomez Ortegat NL D« 
*Ab/. of Spain. 
FL July. H. ©.. 

S WERT I A. Gen. pi. 321. 

Cor. rotata. NeSlarifiri pori ad bafin laciniarum co- 
rdllx. Capf. i-lociilari% 2-valvis. 

1. S. corollis quinquefidis, foUis radicalibus ovaliWui. firamu 

Sp. pi. 328. Jacqu. aujlr^ 3. p. 25. U 243. 
Marlh Swerda. 
Nat. of England* 
FI. July. ^ H. U. 

•GENTIAN A. Gm. pL 312. 

Cor. monopetala. Capf. 2-valvis, i*loculari$: Reap* 
taculis a, longitudinalibus. 

* Conllh quinquefidis fiibcampaniformikut* 
u G. corollis quinquefidis monogynis, paniculis tricho- vijiofa. 
tomis, braSeis perfoliatis, foliis oblongis trinerviia. 
Clammy Gentian. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflanda. Mr. Francis Majfen. 
Introd. 1781. 
Fl G. H. V: 

2. G« corollis fubquinquefidis rotads verticiOatis, caly- lutea^ 

cibus Ipathaceis. Sjfi. veget. 267. 

Y YeBow 


Yellow Gentian. 

Nat. of the Alps in Europe. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Ibrt. Gtr. 

/7. June and July. Rlf. 

purpura. 3. G. coroUis fubquinquefidis ctntpanulatis verticiUatis, 
calycibus truncatis. Syjl. veget. 267. 
Purple Gentian. 
Nat. of the Alps in Europe. 
Introd. 1768, by Profeffor de Sauffurc. 
Fl. H. %. 


punHata. 4. G. coroUis fubquinquefidis campanulatis punAatis, 
calycibus quinquedentatis. S^. veget. 267. yacqu. 
at^r. 5. p. 42. tab. app. 28. 
Spotted-flower'd Gentian. 
- Nat. of Ac Alps in Europe. 
Introd. 1775, by the Doctors Pitcairn and Fotfaergill. 
Fl. July. H. l|. 

5. G. corollis quinquefidis campanulatis oppofltis feffili- 
btisy foiiis amplexicaulibus. Sp. pL 329. Jacqu. 
aujir. 4* p' IS' *' 3^8. 

Swallow-wort-leav'd Gentian. 

Nat. of Auftria and Switzerland. 

Ckb. 1629. Parkin/, parad. p. 350. n. 2* 

FL July and Auguft. H. V . 

Pneum$^ 6. G. corollis quinquefidis campanulatis oppofitis pe- 
nantbc. dunculatis, foiiis linearibus. Sp. pi. 33a 

Marfh Gentian, or Calathian Violet. 

Nat^ of England. 

FL Auguft and September. H. IJ. 

7. G. 


7. G. corollis quiaquefidis campaaulatis veotticofis rer- Sapoiuh- 

ticillatis, folHs trinenriis. Sf. fL 330. ^'^' 

Soap-wort-leav'd Gentiaa. 
Nat. of Nordi America. 
Intrid. 1776^ by Mr. Wifliam Ywrng* 
FL Auguft and Septrmber* IL !(• 

8. G« corolla quinquefida campanulata caulem excedcnte. mauUt. 

Sp. pL 33a Jacqu. auftr. 2. p. 2i. /. 23$- Curtis 

magaz» 52. 
Dwarf Gentian, or Gendanella. 
Ma. of the Alps in Europe. 
Cub. 1629. Park, parai. 351. / 3. 
Fl April and May. H. V« 

* * CmiOts quinquifi£s infun£bultftrmhn. 

9. G« corolla quinquefida infundibuliformi ferrata, fblils tavMrka* 

ovatis obtufis. Sj^. v/^e/. 268. 
Bavarian Gentian. 
A27f. of Switzerland and Germany. 
/ntr^d. iJJSy by the Dodors Pitcairn and FoCbergilL 
FL H. %. 

io« G. corollis quinquefidis infundibuliformtbus, caule Cmtauri^ 
dichdComo, piftillo fimplici. Sj^. VfgtL 263. ^tm 

Chironia Centauriuni. Qtrtis hnJ. 
Centory Gentian, or Lefler Centoiy. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL June ^Auguft* H. O • 

II. G. corollis quinquefidis infundibuliformibusi ftyltt nmritmuf* 
geminis, caule ^chotomo paucifloro. LiufL mant* 

Procumbent Sea Gentian. 

Y2 Nat. 






Nat. of the South of Europe, and the Azores* 

Introd, I777f by Mr* Francis Mailbn* 

FL July and Auguft. G. H; It. 

12. G* corollis quinquefidts hjrpocrateriformibus fauce 

barbatis* Sp. pL 334. 
Autumnal Gentian* 
NaU of Britain* 
/y. Auguft. H.0. 

• * * CoroUis quadrifidis. 

13. G. coroUis quadrifidis fauce barbatis. Sp. pL 334. 
Field Gentian* 

NaU of England. 

FL Auguft. H. 0. 

14. G. corollis quadrifidis imberbibus, floribus verticil- 

latis fei&libus* Sp: pi. 334* Jacqu. auftr, 4. 

p. 37. U 372. 
Crofs-wort Gentian. 
Nat. of Auftria and Switzerland. 
Ckib. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
FL June and July. H. %. 

PHYLLIS. Gen. pL 323. 

Stigmata hifpida. Fru£fi/. fpar&* 

NMa*. 1* P. ftipulis dentatis. Sp. pL 335. 

Baftard Hare's*ear. 
Nat. of the Canary Iflands. 
Cult. 1699, by the Dutchcfs of Beaufort* Br. AHf 

Shan. mjf. 3343* 
#7. June and July. G. H. 1& . 



F A L K I A. Ltnn. fuppl 30. 

CaL campanulatus, 5-fidus. Cor. campanulaU. 5/i]f- 
maiM orbicularta, peltatsu Sgnu 4, arillata. 

1. Falkia. Thunh. nov. gen. 1. p. ij. Linn.fuppL an. npitu. 
Creeping Falkia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr, Fraw$ Majfon. 
Jntroi' 1774* 
Fl May ^Auguft. G. H. V. * 

E R Y N G I U M. Gin.fl 324. 
Fkra capitati. Receptaculum paleaceum, 

I . E. foliis radicalibus lanceolatis ferratis \ floralibus jhuI- fottidum 
tifidis, caule dichotomo* %?• veget* 270, 
Stinking Erj^go. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Qilt. 1 7 14, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort Bn Muf. 

H.S. 139. yi/. 3. 
FL Auguft Oaober. S, % . 

2« E. foliis gladiatis ferrato-fpinofis : floralibus indivifis, aquatic 
caule fimplici. Sp. pi. 336, ^^'w* 

Mar(h Eryngo. 

Nat. of North America. 

Introd. before 1699, by the Rev. John Banifter. Abrif 
htft. 3. p. 167. n. 21. 

Fl. July September. H. If t 

3. E. foliis radicalibus ovalibus planis crenatis, capitulis planum 
pedunculatis. Sp. pi. 336. Jacfu. auflr. 4. p. 48. 
Flat-leav'd Eryngo. 

Y3 Nat. 


NaU of Europe. 

Cult, 1596, by Mr.. John Gerard. Hm. Ger. 

FL July— -Scptembcn H. %, 

fufUbmu 4* E« foliis nulicaliims oblongis incifia, caide didKHixnoy 
capitulis feflilibus. Sp. pL 337. 
Dwarf Eryngo. 
NaU of Spain and the Levant. 
£«//. i759,byMr.Ph,Miner. Ma.£a.i£t.j.n.S. 
i7. June Auguft. BLlf. 

mariti' 5* E. foliis radicalibus fubrotundi^ plicatis fpinofis, ca- 
mum* pitulfs pedunculatis, paleis tricufpidatis. S][fi. vegtt. 


Sea Eryngo, or Holly. 

Nat. of Britain. 

77. July — i-Oaober. H. %. 

iompej^ 6. E. foliis radicalibus amplexicaulibus pinnato-lanceo- 
in. latis. Sjft. vfget. 271. Jacqu. auftr. 2. p. 35. 

'• «5S- 

• Common Eryngo. 
Nat. of England. 

Fl July and Auguft. H. If. 

amithjf^ 7. E. foliis radicalibus tcifidis bail fubpinnatis. Sjfl. 
tinum. vegiU 271. 

Amethyftian Eryngo. 

* Nat, of Styria. 

Cuh. 1664. Evelyn's kaUnd. bort. 73. 

Fl. July and Auguft. R V. 

B$urgdtu 8* E. foliis omnibus digitatis laciniatis fuborbiculatis, 
capitulis fubrotundis, paleis fubulatis integris. 
Eryngium Bourgati. Gouan illu/ir. p. 7. r. 3. 


PENTAKDRIA OIGYKIA. fjyilgium. $2r/ 

Eryngium pallelcente. MilL di£l. 

Cut-Ieav'd Eryngo. 

Nat. of the South of France. 

Cub. 1731, by Mr,Pb.MUlen AfslLJiSf.edit. i. n.6. 

FL June-^Auguil. H. % • 

9. £. foliis radicalibus corditis indtvifis ; caulinit digi- alpinunh 
tato-laciniatis, capitulis fubcylindricis, involucre 
pinnatifido frondofO| paleis trifidis. 

Eryngium alpinum. Sp. pL 337. Jacqu. ic. 

Alpine Eryngo. 

Nat. of tbe Alps of Switzerland and Italy. 

Cult. 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. MU. diet. edit. 6. 
n. II. 

FL July and Auguft. H. If . 

HYDRO COTYLE. dn. pi. 325. 

Umbella fimplex : Involucro 4^phyllo. Petala Integra. 
Sim. femiorbiculato-comprefla. 

1. H. foliis peltatis, umbellis quinquefloris. Sp. pi. 338. vulgaris. 
Common Marfli Penny-wort. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. May and June. H. V • 

2. H. foliis reniformibus dentato-crenatis. Sji/i, veget, afiatica. 

African Pcnjiy-wort. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies, and of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. I774» by Mr. Francis Mafibn. 
FL July and Auguft. G. H. K. 






S A N I C U L A. Gen. pL 326* 

VmbiUa conferCae, fubcapita^ae. PruEtus icaber. Phre$ 
difci abordentes. 

1. S. Ibliis radicalibus iimplicibus, flofculis omnibus 

feffilibus« Sf. pL 339. 
Common Sanid^ 
Nat, of Britain. 
Fl June and July. H. It . 

2. S. flofculis mafculis pedunculatis ; hennaphn)ditis fef- 

iUibus. Sp. pL 339. 
Maryland Sanicle. 
Nat. of Virginia and Maryland. 
IntroJ. 1765, by Mr. John Cree. 
FL June and July. H. V . 


ASTRANTIA. Gen. pi 327. 

tnvducra partialia lanceolata, patentia, sequalia. Ion* 

Floras plurimi abortientes. 

^^ M 339- 

giora, colorata. 

1. A. foliis quinquelobis : lobis trifidis. 
Great Black Mafter-wort. 
Nat, of the Alps in Europe. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

Fl, May September. H. V. 

2. A. foliis digitalis ferratis. Sp, pi, 340. 
Small Black Mafter-wort. 

Nat/of the Alps of Switzerland. ' , 

Cult, 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mill. die!, edit. 7. n, 3. 
Fl, May and June. H. if. 



BUPLEURUM. Gen.fl.Z2%. 

InvQlucra umbellulae inajora, 5-phylla. Pet. involuti. 
Fru^us fubrotundus, compreflus^ ftriatus. 

• Herhaaa. 

1. B. invducris univerialibus nullis, . foliis perfoliatis. r9tun£m 

Sp. pL 340. folium, 

Round-leav'd Hare's-ear, or Thorow-wax. 
Nat. of £ngland. ^ 

FL June and July. H. O • 

2. B. involucellis coadUnatis ', univeriali triphyllo. Sp. fttUiXtum. 

pi 340. 
Starry Hare's-ear, 
Nat. of the Alps of Switzerland. 
IrUrod. 1775, by the DoAors Pitcaim and FothergilL 
Fl May ^July. H. TJ. 

3. B« involucellis coadunatis; univerfali pentaphyHo. pitr^nmu 

Sp. pL 340. Jacqu. ic. colleSf. i. p. 209. 
Rock Hare's-ear. 
Nat. of the Alps of Switzerland. 
Introd. 1768, by Profeflbr de Sauflure. 
FL May July. H. %. 

4* B. involucellis pentaphyllis orbiculads; univerfali tri- anguk^ 
phyllo ovato, foliis amplexicaulibus cordato-lancco* fonu 
latis. Sp. pi. 341. 

Angular-lcav'd HareVear. 

Nat. of Switzerland. 

Cub. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL £a. edit. 7. n. 2. 

FL May July. H. %. 


330 PENTAKORiA DI07NIA. Bupleurum. 

lengif$U'' 5. B. involucellis pentaphyllis ovatis^ univeriali fiibpea* 
urn* taphyllo, foliis amplexicaulibus. Sp^ pL 341. 

Long-leav'd Hare's-ear. 

Nat, of Germany and Switzerland. 

ajt. 17 13. Pbilofopb. tratf. n. 337. p. 190. «. 47. 

/•A May: July, H.^. 

fikatvm. 6. B. involucellis pentaphyllis acutis ; umveriali fiibpen- 
taphyllo, foliis lanceobtis, caule flexudb. &p. pL 
341, Jacqu. auftr. 2. p. 38. /. 158. 
Twiftcd-ftalk'd Hare's-car. 
Nat. of Germany, 

Cuh. 1 739, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MtU. dl&. v$L 2. «. 2. 
FL May September. H. Tf . 

idontites. 7, B. involucellis pentaphyllis acutis ; univerfiJi tri- 
phyllo, flofculo central! altiore, ramis divaricatis. 
Sp. pL 342. Jacqu. hort. 3. p. 47. /. 91. 
Narrow-leav'd Hare's-ear. 
Nat* of Switzerland and Italy. 
Cub. 1 759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil. Ji^. edit. 7. m. 3. 
FL June— Auguft. H. G. 



8. B. umbellis compofitis fimulque fimplicibus. Sp. pi. 

Dwarf Hare's-i^ar. 

Nat. ci Spain. 

Introd. 1778, by Monf. Thouin. 

FL July and Auguft. H. O • 

9. B. umbellis fimplicibus alternis pentaphyllis fubtri- 

floris. Sp. pL 343. 
Leaft Hare's- car. 
Nat. of England. 

FL July and Auguft. H. Q. 

10. B. 

psKTANORiA DiGTWiA. Buplcunim. 331 

la B. caule eredo p^niculato, fblils linearibus, involu- junciuau 
cris triphyllis, involucdlis pentafrfiyllts. Sp. pL 

Linear-leav'd Hare's-car. 

Nat. of France and Italy* 

Cult. 1722, in Chelfea Garden.^. 

FL July and Auguft. H. O. 

XI. B. caule ramofo aphyllo, foliis radicalibus decompo- nudum. 

litis planis incifis, involucris invducellifque Ian- 

Naked-ftalk'd Hare's-ear. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1778, by Patrick RuiTell, M.D. 
FL Oaober. G. H. If. 

*♦ Frutefceniia. 

12. B. frutefcens, foliis obovatis^integerrimis. Sp» pL frutic9* 

• 343- ' ^^^* 

Common fhrubby Hare*s-ear. 
Nat. of the South of France, and the Levant. 
Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
FL July and Auguft. H. 1^ . 

13. B. frutefcens, foliis lanceolatis coriaceis obliquis. coriaci" 

V Merit* Jilrp. nov. tab. 67. *'»• 

Thick-leav'd (hrubby Hare's-ear. 
Nat. of Gibraltar. Mr. Francis ^ Majfon. 
Introd, 1784. 
FL G.H. \i. 

14. B. frutefcens, foliis linearlbus, involucro univeriali fruticef^ 

partialiquc, S/>. pL 344. ^^^^ 

Grafs-leavM (hrubby Hare's-ear. 
jVtf/. of Spain. 


33% t>ENTANDRIA DIGYNIA. Bupleunum 

Cub. 1 739, by Mr. Ph. Miller. J£IL £a. vol. 2. «. 14* 
Fl AuguA and September. G. H. 1^ . 

iiffomu. 15. B. fratefcens, foliis vemalibus decompofids planis 
incifis; aeftivalibus fUiformibus smgulatts trifidis. 

Various*leav'd Hare's-ear. 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cub. 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. MllL £a. tdit. 6. 

II. 19. 
FL Juno Auguft. G. H. ^ . 

HASSELQUISTIA. Gen. pi -^i. 

Car. radiatae: difci mafcuke. Sem. ambitus gemi- 
na^ margine crenata j MJci folitaria, urceolata, 

agyftia- i. H. foliis pinnatis : foliolis pinnatifidis. Sj/l. vegd. 
^^- 275. Jacqu. bort. i. p. 37, /. 87, 

Egyptian Hailelquiftia* 

Nat. of Egypt 

Cub. 1768, by Mr. Philip MiUcr. AdiU. dUf. i£t. 8. 

/v. July. G. H.0. 

eordata. 2. H. foliis cordatis. Linn.fuppL 179. Jacqu^ bort. x. 
p. 91. /. 193. 
Hcart-leav'd HalTcIquiftia. 

Introd. 1787, by Mr. Zicr. 
/ijuly. H.O. 



TORDYLIUM. G^.pl.yyy. 
Our. radiatae, omiies hcrmaphroditap. FntBus fubof' 
biciikbn> ■uurgine crenatus. Inv^btcra longa, in- 

I* T. involucris umbdla longioribus* Sp. pL 345. Jyriaemiu 
Jactpt. hart. I. p. 21. f. 54. 
Sjrian Hart-wort 
Nat. of Sjiisu 
' Of//. 1 597, by Mr. Jcriin Gerard. . Gm ift/rt. 885. f.i. 
FLjvdj. H.0. 

a* T. involucris partialibtis longttudine floruni» foliolia tficinale* 
ovatis laciniaris. Sp. pL 345. 
Officinal Hart-wort 
Nat. of England. 
/7.JUI7. H.0. 

3. T. umbeDuIis remods, folixs pinnads : pinnis fubro* aptdunu 
tundis laciniatis. Sp. pL 345. 
Small Hart-wojt. 
Nat. of Italy. 

Cub. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand. £htL «. 4. 
FA July. H. 0. 

4« T. umbellis confcrtis radiads, folidis lanceolads in- maxi-- 
cifo^ferrads. 5^. pL 345. Jacqu. auftr^ 2/ p. 26. ^ftum* 
1. 142. 

Great Hart-wort. 

Nat. of Italy. 

Cult. 1683, by l/iu James Sutherland. SutberL bort. 
*din. 336. »• 6. 

-PA July. H.0. 



C A U C A L I S. Gem. pL III. 

Gv. radiatae: difci mafciibe. P/J^inflezo-coBrg^iBfla. 
FrtiQus firtis hilpidus. Invtlmcrm inli^nu 

gramS" I* C* inrolucris fingulis pentafdiyllis : foliolo unico du- 
^^^rmm plo on^re. Sj/l. vegtL 275. yacftu inyfr. !• /u 33. 

Great-flower'd Caucalis. 

.Ml/, of the South of Europe. 

Jnir9d. 1775, by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquio, M.D. 

FL July and Auguft. H. G . 

Jift9plr^ 2. C involiicro univerlalt fuhnuno, umbella bifida, inyo* 
^* lucellis pentaphyllis. Sjft, veget, 276. 

Caucalis pumila. Jacqu. bort. 2. p. 92. 1. 195. 

Finc-leav'd Caucalis. 

Nat. of England. 

FL July. H. G- 

htifoBam 3. C. involucris involucellifque membranaceis, umbella 
univerlali fubquadriradiata, feminum fetis confertis 
hifpidis, foliis pinnatis incifis pilofis. 

Caucalis ladfolia. Sjft. veget, 276. Jacpu b§rt» 2. 
p. 59. 1. 128. 

Tordyliuni latifollum. Sp, pi. 345. 

Broad-leav'd Caucalis. 

Nat. of England. 

FL July and Auguft. H. G - 

^rvinjis. 4« C. involucro univerfali fubnuUo^ (eminibus oratis, 
ftylis reflexis, foliis decompofids : foliolo extimo 
lineari^lanceolato, caule ramofiffimo. 
Caucalis arvenfis. HudfangL 113. (excluib fynonymo 
Scandicis infeftx.) 



Caucalis hdvedca. Jocqu. b^rt. 3. ^ I2« l» l6u 
Corn Caucalis. 
^/. of Britain. 
PL Auguft. 

5. C. involucris polyphyllis, (eminibus ovads, ftylis re^ AnthriJ^ 

flexis,' folib decompofitis : foliolo extimo linearis cms. 

Caucalis Anthrifcus. Hudf. angl 1 14* 
Tord]^iuin Anthrifcus. Sp. pL 346. Jacqu. auftr. 3. 

p. 34* /. 261. 
Hedge Caucalis. 
JVtf/. of Britain. 
/Z Auguft. H. ^. 

6. C. umbellis fimplicibus fubfeffilibus, foliis fiiprade- nodofa* 

Caucalis nodofa. Hudf. angl. 1 14. 
Tordylium nodofum. Sp. pi. 346. 
Knotted Caucalis. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/7. May Auguft. ' ^ tto. 

A R T E D I A. Gen. pL 33a. 

Invobtcra pinnatifida, Flofculi diici mafculi. Frulhis 
fquamis hifpidus. 

I. Artedia. Sp. pi 347. fyuamata. 

Fennel-leavM Artedia. 
Nat. of the Levant 
Introd. 1788, by Monf. Thouin. 
Fl July. G. H. O. 



D A U C U S. Gen. pi 333. 

Cor. fubradiatse, (mines bermaphrodits. Fm&us pilis 

Carota* !• D. feminibus bifpidis, pctiolis fubtus nervofis. Sp* pL 


a Paftinaca tenuifolia (ativa radice lutea. Baub. pin. 
Yellow Garden f arrot 
P Paftinaca tenuifolia (adva radice atrorubente. Baub. 
pin. 151. 
Red Garden Carrot. 
Nat. of Britsun. 
FL June and July. H. t . 

mauri" 2. P. feminibus bifpidis, flofculo central! fterOi camofoy 
tanicus. receptaculo commyni hemifphxrico. Sp. pi. 348. 

Fine-lcav*d Carrot. 

Nat. of Spain. 

Cult. 1 768, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dia. edit. 8. 

FL June and July. H. S • 

Fifnaga. 3. D. feminibus laevibus, umbella univerfali bafi coalita. 
Syji. veget. 277. Jacfu. hort. 3. p. 17. /. 26. 
Spaniih Carrot, or Pick-tooth. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. iS9h ^y ^^' J***^ Gerard. Ger^ berb. SSs-f- 2. 
H June Auguft. ^ H. O- 

GingiM^ 4. D. radiis involucri planis : laciniis recurvis. Sp.pL 348. 
«««• Shining-leav'd Carrot. 

. .Nat. of the South of France. 



Gib. 1722, in Chelfea Garden. R. S. n. i6. 

FL June and July« H. • 

5. D. feminibus triglochidi-aculeatis. Sjft.veget. 277. murica* 
PricUy.fecded Carrot. tox. 

Nat. of Barbary. 

Qilt. 1699. J^^ &^. 3* p^ 308. ff.4. 
/ZJuly. H. *. 

A M M L Gen. pL 334. 

Involiura pinxatifidau Cor9lla ndiztsc^ omnes herma- 
phroditae. FruSlus laevis. 

1. A. foliis inferioribus pinnatis tanceolatis ferratis; fu** . majus. 

perioribus multifidis linearibus. Sp. pL 349. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cub. 1597, ^7 M*"* Jo^** Gerard, dr. herb. 881./ i. 
/*/. June and July. H. . 

2. A. rbllis fupradecompolitis linearibus, feminibus mu- ctptkum* 

rrcatis. Linn. mant. 56. Jacfu. hort^ 2. p. 92. 

/. 196. 
Prickly-fecded Bifliop's-weed. 
Nat. of Egypt. . 

Introd. 1773, by John Earl of Bute. 
FL July. H. 0. 

B U N I U M. Gen. pi 335. 

Corolla uhiformis. Umbella conferta. FruRus ovati. 

!• BuNiUM. Sp. pi 349. Curt. lond. Bulbocaf^ 

Earth-nut. tanum* 

NaL of Britain. ^ 

Fl May and June. H. V. 



C O N I U M. Gen. pL 336- 

Involucetta dimidiata, fubtriphylla. FruHus fubglobo- 
fus, 5-ftriatus, utrinque crenatus. 

macuh' i. C. feminibus ftriatis. Sp. pL 349. Curtis UmL 
'«''»• Jacqu. aufir. 2. p. 36. t. 156. 

Common Hemlock. 

NaU of Britain. 

FL June and July. H. * . 

Africa* , 2. C. feminibus muricatis, pet!oli$ pedunculifque laevU 
'*'""'• bus. Syft. vegei. 278. Jacqu. bort. 2. p* 91. /. 194. 

Rue*leavM Hemlock. 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cub. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL dUi. eHu 7. n. 3. 

FL June— —September. S. 0. 

S E L I N U M. Gin. pL 337. 

FruGus ovali-oblongus, comprellb-planus. In medio flria- 
• tus. Involucr. reflexum. Petala cordata, xqualia. 

paluftre. 1. S. iublaAefcens, radice unica. Sp. pL 350. 
Marfli Sclinum, or Milk-parfley. 
ATtf/. of England. 
FL July and Auguft. H, If. 

Carvifom 2. S. caule fulcato acutangulo, Involucro unlveiiali cva- 
Ua. nido, ftylis eredis^ petalis conniventibus. Syjl. 

veget. 278. Jacqu. auftu l.p. 13. ^ 16. 

Caraway-lcav'd Selinum. 

Nat. of Auftriaand Siberia. 

Introd. 1774, by Monf. Richard. 

FL July and Auguft. H. %. 

3. s. 


3« S. inrriucro univerfidi nu]lo» piftillit divaricatiflittis% Siptiiri. 
Sjft. veget. 279. Jacqu. bort. I. f. 44. #. 6f • 
Fennel-leav'd Selinum. 
Nat. of lulj. 

Introd. 1774, by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacqiii% M. D. 
i7.July. H,V. 

4. S. umbellis confertit, involucro univerfidi rellexo, ie- MmnUm 
minum coftis quinquc membnuMceis. Sf. pL 351. ^^ 
Jacqu. bort. i. ^ 25. /• 62. 

Annual Selinum. 

Nat. of the South of France. 

Introd. 1 77 1, by Monf. Richard. 

FL July and Auguft. H. O. 


FruHus ovato-oblonguS) ftriatut. Pit. inflexa, emar* 


l» A. friiis bipinnatis planis, umbelk hemifphasrica, &« Libama 
minibus hirfutis. 8p. pi. 351. Jacqu. auftr. 4* ^'^; 
p. 48. r. 392, 
« Libanotis minor, apii folio. Baub. pin. »57. 

Mountain SpigneL 
$ Athamanu pyrenaica. Jacqu. bm. au p. 93. 1. 197. 
Pyrenean mountain Spignel. 
Nat. of England. 
/7. June and July. H. V. 

a. A. folioHs pinnatis decuilatis incifo-angulads, (bmini- CWtM* 
bus nudis. Sp. pL 352. Jacqu. auflu I. ^. 44* /. 69. TMI* 
JProftd-Ieav'd Spignel. 
Nat. of Europe. 

CWf. 1597, •>/ Mr. John Gerard. C/r. Urh. Zs^^f* ^• 
/"A July and Auguft. H.V. 

Z 2 3. A. 

340 PBMTAiTDiiiA DiOYNiA. Athamantsu 

^irica. ' 3. A. foliis pinnatis incifo-angulatis, Linn. mant. 56. 
Siberian Spignel. 
J\^/. of Siberia. 

Ifiirod. 1771, by Monf. Richard. 
Fl July and Auguft H. TJ. 

CMdinfa" 4. A. foliis fubbipinnatis : foliolis deorfitm imbricatis, 
/tf. umbella lentiformi. S^. veget. 279. 

Clofe-headed Spignel. 

Nat. of Siberia. 

IntroJ. 1 773, by John Earl of Bute. 

i7. Julyu—Septembcr. H.IJ. 

OriofeU^ 5* A. foliolis divaricatis. Sp. pL 352. Jacqu. aufir. i. 
num. ' . p. 43- A 68. 

Divaricated Spignel. 

Nat. of England. 


JUwk. 6. A. foliis infcrioribus nitidis, umbcllis primordialibus 
fubfeffilibus, (eminibus pilofis. &p. pi 352. 
Flix-weed-leav'd Spignel. 
Nat. of Sicily. 

Cult. 171 3. Pbilofiph. tranf n. 337. p. 189. «. 48. 
^/. June and July. H. V. 

. annua. 7. A. foliis multipartitis : laciniis linearibus tcretiufculis 
acuminatis. Sp.- pi. 353. 
Annual Spignel. 
Nat. of Candia* 

Introd. 1770, by Monf. Richard. 
i^/.july. H.©. 



PEUCEDANUM. Gin. pL 33^. 

Fru£iu$ ovatus, utrinque ftriatus, ala cin£his, /«v»- 
lucra breviffima. 

X. P. foliis quinquies tripartids fUiformibus linearibus. ffftcihak. 

d Feucedanum gennanicum. Baub. pin. 149. 

Common Sulphur-wort. 
Feucedanum majus italicam. Baub. ph. 149. 

Italian Sulphur-wort. 

J\rtf/. «. of England, 9. of Italy. 

/7. May and June. H. If; 

2. F. feliolis pinnatifidis : lacinlis oppofitls, involucro Silaus. 

univeriali diphyllo. Sp. pL 354. Jacfu. aujlr. \. 

p. 12. /. 15. . 

Meadow Sulphur-wort, or Saxifi^e. 
Nat. of England. 
/•/.June Auguft. H. T(. 

3. F. foliolis pinnatifidis : lactnulis triiidis obtufiulculis, BlfttUum. 

Sp. (L 354. Jacqu. auftr. i. p. 45. U 70. 
Small-headed Sulphur-wort 
Nat. of Germany. 
Intr^d. 1774) by Monf. Richard 
Fl. June and July. H. V . 

4. P. foliis tripinnatis : foliolis caulinis lineari-Ianceola- aunum. 

tis ; radicalibus oblongis multifidis. 
Golden Sulphur-wort. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands. Mr. Francis Majfon. 
Introd. 1779. 
FL June. G. H. * . 




C&ITHMUM. Gm.pL340. 

FmMm ovalts^ compreflut. Phfculi fliqualts. 

mariii'- I. C fbliolis lanceolads carnoiis. Sp. pL 354. Jatqu, 
«*"*• Awt. a, j\ 88. /. 187. 

Sea Samphire. 


/7. July.— ^September. H.V. 

latifoE" % C. foliolis cuneiformibus fiffis. 

'^'"* Crithmum latifoliunu Linn, fippl. iZo. 

Wedge-leavM Samphire. 

Nat. of the Canary Illands. Mr. Francis Majfw. 

JfOrod. 1780. 

//•July. G.H.*. 

C A C H R Y S. Gin. pL 342. 
Fm^us fubovatus, angulatus, fuberofo-corticatus. 

ZJhand* X. C. foliis bipinnatis : fbliolis linearibus acutis multifidis, 
^'* feminibus fulcatis Icvibui. Sjl/i. Vigii. jHq* 

Smooth-Jeeded Cachrys. 

Nat. of Sicily. 

Cub. 1597, ^y ^"'" J^^ Gerard. Ger. beri. 858./ 3. 

Fl. July and Auguft. H. V. 

Jknk. ' 2. O. foliis bipinnatis : foliolis linearibus acutis, femioi- 
bus fulcatis hifpidis. Sp. pL 355. 
Hairy-feeded Cachrys. 
Nat. of Spain and Sicily. 

Qilt. 1739^ by Mr, Philip Miller. RanJ^ cbek, n, %. 
FL Auguft, H. X^ 



FERULA* Gm. pi. 343. 
FtmSus ovadis, comprdlb-planus, ftriis utriaque 3. 

1. F. foliolis lincaribus longiffimis (Implicibus. Sf. pU ctmimmis. 

Common Gigantic Fennel. 

Nat. of the S<5uth of Europe. 

Cuh. 1597, by Mr. John Gerard. Ger. btrk 898. 

/*iL June and July. H.1(. 

2. F. foliis fupradecompofitis: fpliolis lanceolatQ-Iioea- glauca. 

ribus planis. Sp. pL 355. 
6laucous Gigantic FenneL 
N^^ of Sicily and Italy. 

Cuh. 1768, by Mr. PhUip Miller. JkBO. dUi. edit. S. 
Fl June and July. H. % . 

3. F. foliolis laciniatis : lacinulis tridentatis iq^u^ibus tingittmM. 

nitidis. Sp. pi 355. 
Tangier Gigantic Fennel. 
Nat. of Spain and Barbary. 
Cuk. j683> by Mr. Jai:net Sutherland. Su$hirl. hm. 

idin. 119. . 

FL June and July. H. t • 

4. F. foliorum pinnis bail nudis: foliolis ictaceis. Sp. mintalis. 

pi. 356. 
Narrow-leav*d Gigantic Fennel. 
Nat. of the Levant. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL dia. idit. 7. n. 5. 

FL a-u. 

5* F. foliolis appendiculatis, umbellis fubfeffilibus. Sp. nM/Ura. 
pL 356. Jacqu. auftr. 5. p. 28. tab. app. 5. 

Z4 Knotted 


Knotted Gigantic Fennel 

NaU of the South of Europe. 

Qdt. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller, MiH di£i. iilu 7. n. 7. 

FL June and July. » H. IJ. 





LASERPITIUM. Gin. pi. ^j^ 

FruElus oblongus: angulis 8 membranaceis. Pet. 

iiiflexa, emarginata, patentia. 

1. L. foliolis cordatis incifo-ferratis. Sp. pL 356. Jacfiu 

aufir. 2. p. 28. U 146. 
Brosul-leav'd Lafier-worL 
Nat. of Europe^ 

Cult. 1640. Park, tbeat. 952. / i. 
FI9 June and July. H. %. 

2. L. foliolis trilobis incifls. Sp. pL 357. 
Columbine-leav'd LaiTer-wort. 

Nat. of the Levant. • 

Cult. 1640. Pari, tbeat. 952. «. 4. 

Fl. May ^July. H. V. 

3. L. foliolis cuneiformibus fiircatis. Sp, pL 357. 
French LaiTer-wort. 

Nat. 6f the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland, Sutberl. btrt. 

edin. 186. ». 2. 
/7. June and July. H. %. 

. 1^. foliolis lanceolatis integerrimis feflUibus. 

Narrow-leavM Laflcr-wort. 
Nat. of the South of Europe, 
Cult. I7S9, by Mr. Ph. Miller, MlUUf.edit. 
FL June and July. 

Sp. pi. 


FBNTAKDRiA DioYMiA. Laferpitlum. 345 

5. L. foliolis ovali-lanceolatis integerrimis petiolads. SiUr. 
Sp. pL 357. Jacqu. auftr. 2. p. 27. /. 145. 
Mountain Lafler-wort. 
Nat. of Auftria, Switzerland, and France. 
Cub. 1640. Pari, tbeat. 909. f. I. 
FLU^y July. H.V. 

6. L. foliis fupradecompofitis lineart-fubulatis glabris, luctduHU 

involucris univerfalibus pinnatis. 
Laferpitium foliis triplicato pinnatis, pinnulis Ian- 

ceolatis, involucris femitrifidis. HaH blft. n. 796. 
Shining LaiTer-wort. 
NaU of Switzerland. 

Introd. 1775, by the Dodors Pitcairn and Fothergill. 
tl July. H. rf . 

7. L. foliolis linearibus. Sp. pi. 358. firuUta* 

. Fennel-leav'd Lafler-wert. unu 

Nat. of the Levant. 

Ckib. 1768, by Mr. PhiUp Miller. MIL diSf. edit. 8. - 
//.June. H.11. 

HERACLEUM. Gen. pi. 345. 

' FruHus ellipticus, emarginatus, compreiTus, ftriatus, 
marginatus. dr. difFormis, inflexo-emarginata. 
Involucr. caducum. 

I. H. foliolis pinnatifidis Isevibus, florlbus uniformibus. ' Sphondy^ 
Sjft. veget. z^2. Hunk 

Common Cow Farfnep. 
Nat. of Britain, 
FL Mzj—Jtily. H. )l. 

2. H. 


anguftifi* 2. H* fbliis cruciato-pimutis : foliolis linearibiiSi coroOit 
Uunu florculofis. Sjft. ^iget. %%%. 

a Heracleum anguftifbUHin. Jacqu. Mu/tr. 2* /^ 46. 

'• 173- 
Narrow-IeavM Cow Parfiiep. 

HefHcleum longifolium. Jacqu.aufir. %.p.^. U 174. 

Long-leavM Cow Parlhep. 

Nat. au of England; 0. of Auftria. 

Fl June and July. H. % • 

fbiricum. 3. H. foliis pinnatis: fiDlioIis quinis : intermediis feflOi- 
libuS) corollulis uniformibus. Sp* pL 358* 
Siberian Cow Parfnep. 
Nat, of Siberia. 

Cuk. 1768, by Mr. PhQip MiUer. MA £a. t£u %. 
Fl. May July. Hi. 

PanaciS. 4. H. foliis pinnatis : foliolis quinis : iatermediis feffili- 
. bus, floribus radiatis. Sp. pL 358. 
Palmated Cow Parfiiep. 
Nat* of Italy and Siberia. 

Cuk. IS97> by Mr. John Gerard. Gtr. birb. 850./ 1. 
Fl July and Auguft. H. g . 

auftria^ 5* H. foliis pinnatis utrinque nigofis fcabris, floribus fub- 
'«^- radiatis. Sjfi. veget. 282. "Jacqu. auflr. i. p. 38. 

Auftrian Cow Parfnep. 
Nat. of Auftria. 
Cult. 1748, by Mr. Philip Miller. AftO. dia. edit. 5. 

Sphondylium 7. 
^FL June and July. H. %. 

alpinum. 6. H. foliis fimplicibus, floribus radiatis. Sp. pL 359. 
Alpine Cow Parlhep. 



Ar##. of the Alps of SwitserUuid. 

ait. i739» l]7 Mr. PhiUp Miller. HamL cbeL 

Sphondjlium 3. 
//.June and July. H. V. 

LIGUSTICUM. G0fi.fL3i6. 

FruBus oblongus, 5-rulcatus utrinque. Or. cquales : 
PetaUs involutis, integris. 

I.L.{bliif muldplicibus: Ibliolis fupcrofl iociiU. Sp.pL Levifiim 
359. cum. 

Common Lovage. 
Nat. of the Alps of Italy. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hmrt. Git. 
FL June and July. H. %. 

2. L. foliis bitematis. Sp. pi 359. fc9ticum. 
Scotch Lovage. 

Ate. of Britain. 

FL June— -Auguft. H. %. 

3. L. foliis multiplicato-pinnatis: foliolis pinnatim in- pilcp^ 

cifis. Sp. pi 360. Jacqu. aujir. 5. p. 33. /. app. 13. w'^- 
Hemlock-leav'd Lovage. 
Nat. of the Alps of Switzerland. . 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Gtr. 
FLUwj ^July. H. V. 

4. L. foliis bipinnatis : foliolis confluentibus incida inle- au/iria* 

gerrimis. Sp. pL 360. Jacqu. auftr. a. p^ 3a. '"^ 

t. I5i» 
Auftrian Lovage. 
Nat. of Auftna. 
Qdt. 1 759, by Mr. Ph. MiUcr. A£IL £a. edit. 7. n. 3. 

FL June Auguft, H. n. 



peregrin 5. L. umbelbe primariae involucro fubnullo; lateraGimi 

HutiL \^ mcmbranacea: radiis fuhnunofis. Sjft.v^A 

283. Jacqu. bert* 3. p. 13. /. i8. 

Parfley-leavM Lovage. 

Nat. of PortugaL 

Introi. 1776, by MonC Thouin. 

/VL June and July. U.t. 

candid 6. L. foliis fupradecompofitis : Ibliolis cimeifbmiibus in- 
catu. cifis glabris, inyoliicro iinivcrlali diphyUo fubfolia- 

ceO| coftis feminum membnnaceis glabris. 

Pale Lovage. 


Introd. about 1780. 

/7. July and Auguft. H.%. 




ANGELICA. GiH.pL 347. 

Fru^lus fubrotundus, angulatus, folidus, ^lis reflezis. 

CeroUa aequales : petadis incurvis. 

1. A. foliorum impari lobata Sp. ph 360. 
Garden Angelica. 

Nixt. of Lapland. 

Cult. 1568. Turn. herh. part 3. p. 5. 

fl. June ^Auguft. H. i . 

2. A. foliolis aequalibus ovato-Ianccolads ierratis. Sp. pL 

Wild Angelica. 
AT^f. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H. If. 

3. A. foliis divaricatifSmis : foliolis ovatis femtts, cade 

pedunculis verticillato. Linn. mant. 217* J^cfu. 
bort. 2. p. 60. t. 130. 


rSNTAKDRlA DIGYKIA. Aogdica. ^49 

Whorrd-flawer'd Angelica. 

AJrt. of Italy? 

Introd, 17749 b J MonC Richard. 

FL July. H. %. 

4. A. eztimo ibiiorum pari coadunato : fbliolo termi- atrofUT' 

nali petidato. Sp. pi. 361. puna. 

Dark-purple Angelica. 
Nat. of Canada. 

CmU. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mitt. £a. idit. 7. n. 4. 
FL July and Auguft. H. K . 

5. ^ foliolis aequalibus ovatis tncifo-ienatis. Sp. pL hcida. 

361. Jacfu. bort. 3. ^. i6. /. 24. 
Shining-leavM Angelica. 
A!si/. of Canada. ' 
Cub. 1640, by Mr. John Parkinfon. Park, tbtat. 

FL July and Auguft. H. i • 

S I U M. Gen. pL 348. 

Fru&us fubovatus, ftriatus. Inv^lucnm polyphyllum. 
Pitala cprdata. 

I. S. foliis ptnnatis, umbellis terminalibus* Sp. pL 361. • latifiH" 
Jacqu. auftr. I. ^. 42. /. 66. urn. 

Great Water Parfnep. 
Nat. of England. 
FL July and Auguft. H. K . 

a. S. foliis pinnatis, umbellis axillaribus pedunculatis, angujfifi* 
involucro univerfJi pinnatifido. Sjfl. veget. 284. ttunk 
Jacqu. auftr. i.p. 42. /• 67. 
Narrow-leav'd Water Parfiiep. 
Nat. of Britain. 

FL July. H. %. 



ludiflo^ 3. S. foUis pinnatis, umbeUis axilkribiit fdBStMU Sp. 
rum; pi 361. 

Creeping Water Paifii^ 

N4iL of Britain* 

FL July and Auguft. H. If. 

Sifamm.. 4. S* foliis pinnatis: floralibus ternatis. Sp. pi. jfiu 

QJt. 1597, Oer. herb. 871. 
FL July and Auguft. H. V. 

figiMm. 5* S. folus pinnatis : folioiis lanceolatis fubintegerrimis. 
Sp* pL 362. 
Virginian Water Parlnep. 
Nat. of Virginia. 

httmL 1774, by Mr. Witliam Young« 
/I July and Auguft. EV. 

Falcaria. 6. S. foIioIis linearibus decurrentibus connatis* Sp* fl 
362. Jacfu. aufir. 3. ^. 3a. t. 257. 
Decurrent Water Padhep. 
NaU of Europe. 

Ck//. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MlLHa. i£t. 7. «. 5* 
J7. July and Auguft. H. V. 

S I S O N. Gin. pi. n^ 
Fru£ius ovatus, ftriatut. Invduera Tub f-^phyOa* 

Jmmum. !• S. foliis pinnatis, umbellis ere^s* Sp. pi* 362* 
yiifyif. A^/t. 3. p. 13. f. 17. 
Field Hone-wort. 
Nat. of England. 
FL July and Auguft. R / . 


riNTAND&tA DIGTKIA, Sifofl. 35I 

2.S.iUiispiiiBatia,unibdlisceniiiM, 8f.pLjjbi2. J^cqu. fegHmm. 
faff. su/. 63. f. 134. 
Corn Hone- wort. 
JSflit of Efl^laiid. 
/£ July and Auguft. H. 9 . 

3* S. foliis tematis. Sp» pL 363. camuUrfi 

Three-Ieav'd Hone-wort 
Nltt. of North America. 
IntroJ. before 1699, by William Sherard, Efq. AUrifi 

bift. 3.^.301. ».4, 
FL July and Augoft. H. %. 

4* S. repensy umbellis bifidis. Sp^ pU 363* inunda* 

Water Hone-wort. ^**» 

Nmt. of Britain. 
/*A May and June. H. 0« 

5. S. foUoIis verticillatis capillaribus. &p* pi. 363. VirticiU 

Whorrd-leav'd Hone-wort. '^««- 

Nat. of Britain. 
HAuguft. H.V. 

B U B O N. Gin. pi. 350. 
FruSfus ovatus, ftriatus, villofus. 

I. B. foliolis rhombeo^vatis incifo^deatads : dentibiit maciJinU 
acuminatiSi umbellis numerofUEmis, fcminibus hir* ^^* 

Bubon macedonicum. Sp. pL 364. 

Macedonian Bubon, or Parfley. 

NaU of Barbary and Greece. 

Qib. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

FL June Auguft. G. H. if . 



Gnlba-» 2. B. foliolis oyato-cuneiformibus acuds argute ierrati% 
*<<^ umbellis paucis, feminibus glabris, caule fhitefcente 

Buboh Galbanum. Sp. pL 364. Jacqu. bort. ^p. 21. 

t. 36. 
Lovage-IeavM Bubon. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard, -fftr/. Ger. 
Fl July and Auguft. G. H. % . 

laviga^ 3. B. foliolis lanceolatis obtufiffime obfoletiffimeque cre- 
tum. natis, feminibus glabris, caule frutefcente. 

Smoodi Bubon. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majnu 

Introd. 1774. 

FL December— —February, G. H. Ij^ . 

gummfi^ ^» B. foliolis incifis acuminatis : inferioribus latioribus, 
^''^ feminibus glabris, caule frutefcente. 

Bubon gummiferum. Sp. pL 364. 

Gum-bearing Bubon. 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult. 1 731. MIL dUf. idit. I. Ferula 7. 

/7.July. G.H.\. 

C U M I N U M. Gen. pL 351. 

Fru^us ovatus, ftriatus. UmbiUula 4* Invducra 


Cfminunu i. Cuminum. Sp. pL 365. 
Atf/. of Egypt. 
Cult. 1594, by Sir Hugh Plat Plafs Garden f 

Edtn^ part 7,. p. 1^^ 
FL June and July. H. O . 



CE N A N T H E. dn. pL 35a. 

Flofculi difFormes : in difco feffiles, fteriles. Fru^hts 
calyce et pifiillo coronatus. 

1. CE. ftolonifera, foliis caulinis pinnatis filiformibus fif- fift^<^ 

tulofis. Sp. pL 365. 
Common Water-dropwort* 
NaU of Britain* 
i7. June and July. * H. It. 

2. CE. foliis omnibus multifidis obtufis fubaequalibus. crpcats^ 

Sp. pi 365. Jacqu. horU 3. p. 3a. /. 55. 
Hemlock Water-dropwort. 
NaU of Britain. 
-FA June. H. V. 

3. GEL umbeHiIlarum pedunculis marginalibus longiori- prolifera^ 

bus ramofis mafculis. Sp. pL 365. Jacqii. bort. 

3. ^ 35./. 62. 
Prolifcroos Water-dropwort. 
Nat. of Sicily and Italy. 

Cub. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand, chel ». g. 
FL June and July. H. If . 

4. CE. fruftibus globofis. Sp. pi. 365. gl^Ua. 
Globular-headed Water-dropwort. 

Nat. of Portugal. 

Cult. 1739, by Mr. Phih'p Miller. Rand. chiL n. 8. 

FL June and July. H, t . 

5. CE. foliolis radicalibus cuneatis fiflts ; caulinis integris pimpiml' 

linearibus longifTimis fimplicibus. Sj/l. veget. 286. loidgs^ 
Jacqu. aujlr, 4. p. 49. /. 394. 
Parfley Water-dropwort. 

A a * Nut. 


Nat. of England. 

/7Juno. H.T(. 


FlrfcuU difci minores. Fruffus ovatus, Izvis, coro^ 
natus perianthio et ptftillo. 

cquatU I. P. folionim ramificadonibus divaricatis. Sp. pi 366. 
cum. Water Phellandrium. 

Nat t)f Britain. 

FL June and July. H. S . 

MutilU^ 2. P. caule /ubnudd, folils bipinnaitls. 5/. pL 366. 
/^» 7^^?«« tfJ^^- !• ^ 35- ^* 56. 

Alpine Phellandrium. 

Nat of the Alp^ of Switzerland and Auftria. 
Introd. i774j by the Doctors Pitcaim and Fotiiergill. 
FL July and Auguft. H. If. 

C I C U T A. Gen. pL 354. 

FrtUlus fubovatus, fulcatus, 

vtnfa. !• C. umbellis oppofitifoliis, pedolis marginatis obtufis. 
Sp. pL 366. 
Water Hemlock. 
Nat of Britain. 
/7.July. H.V. 

iE T H U S A* <?^a. ^. 355. 

Involucella dimidiata, 3-phyIla, pendula. Fru&us 

Cynapim I. X.* foliis conformibus. S^. Viget. 286. GurtU bnd* 
* urn. Common Fools Parfley. 


^at, of Britaiik 

FL Auguft and September, H. O- 

a. JE. folns radicalibus pinnatis, catdinis multipartitp- Bunlut% 
fetaceis. Sj/i. vegtt. 28^6. 
Coriander-leav'd Fools Parfley, 
Nat. of the Pyrenean Mountains, 
Introd. 1778, by Monf. Tbouiii.. 
i^/.July. H. *. 

3, ^ foHls omnibus HiHltipaFdfo fetaceis: foliolis fub- Mnaiu 
verticillatis, caule paucifolio, vaginis petiolorum 
dilatatts ventricofis, involucro imiverfili mono- 

^thuia Meum. Sjfi. vfget. 287, 

Athamanta Meum. Sp. fh 353. 

Meum AthamanticHm. Jofqu. aiffir. ^f^t*t 303. 

Common Spignel, or Bawd-money, 

2/ifiL of Britain. 

FL AprU Jane. H. % . 

4* M. folir$ oinmb^s nraltipaitito-fe^ceis : foliolis fub* fitug. 

verticillatis, caule multifolio, vaginis petiolorum 

angttftis, involucro univerfali polyphyllo. 
Fioe-leav'd Fools Parfley. 

introd. 1781, by Monf. Thouin* 
FL Auguft and Scptcipl)c^ H, if, 

CORIANDRUM. €en. pL 2S6. 

€hr. radiata: Petala inflexo-emarginata. Jnvalucr. 
univer/ale I'^phy&Mm: Partialia iimidiaitau FruC" 
ius fphxricMS. • 

I. C- fruialbgs gIob9fis. Sp. pi 3^7, fattvum. 

A a 2 C9§amQa 




Common Coriander* 
NaU of England. 
27. June. 



2. C« frjLi£libus dtdymis. Sp. pL 367. 
Small Coriander. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cult 1739) by Mr. Philip Miller. RanJ. cheL n. 2. 
/7. June and July. H. 0. 






S C A N D I X. Gift. pi. 357. 

Cor. radiata. Fru£ius fubulatus. Petala emarginatSL 
Flofculi difci fsepe mafculi. 

1. S. feminibus fulcatis angulatis. Sp. pi. 368. *fat^. 

aujir. 5. p. 48. tab. app. 37. 
Sweet-fcent^d Cicely, or Myrrh. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. May and June. H. %. 

2. S. feminibus roftro longiflimo. Syji^ veget^ 287. 

Jacqu. auJir. 3. p. 35. t. 263. Curtis Imd. 
Corn Cicely, or Shepherd's-needle. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/7. June and July. ' H. . 

3. S. feminibus nitidis ovato-fubulatis, umbellis feffilibus 

lateralibus. Sp. pi 368. Jactpt. auftr. 4. p. j^rj. t, 390. 
Garden Cicely, or Chervil. 
Nat. of Europe. 

Cult. 1597. ^^^' *^''^- 882. yi I. 

FI. May and June. H. ©. 

4. S* feminibus ovatis hifpidis, corollis uniforitiibus, 

caule laevi. Sp. pi. 368. Qtrtis UmL Jacfu. aujhr. 

a. />. 35. /. 154. 



Rough Cicely, or ChervO* 

Nai, of Britain. 

FL May and June. H. • 

5. *S. (eminibos fubulatis hifpidis, floribus radiatis, cau- nfiri£sm 
libus laevibus. Sp. pL 369. 
Radiated Cicely, or Chervil. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Culu 1713. PbiUfopb. trarf. ». 337. p. 41. n. 30. 
f1. May and June. H. O • 


Involucr. reflexum, concavum. Pitala inflexo-cor- 
data. FruSus oblongus, Isvis. 

I.e. caule laevi ftriato: geniculis tumidiufculis. Sjfl. fyhiftn* 
veget. 288. Jacqu. auftr. 2. p. 31. /. 149. Curth 

Wild Chervil, or Cow-weed. 

Nat. of Britain. 

>/, May and June. H. %. 

2. C. caule laevi geniculis tumido ; bait hirto* S][fi. hulbdfimu 

viget. 288. Jacqu. auftr. i. p. 40. t. 63. 
Bulbous-rooted Chaeroj^yllum. 
Nat. of Europe. 
Cult. 1739, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Rand, cbih Myrr- 

his 5. 
FL June and July. H* i • 

3. C. caule fcabro : geniculis tumidis. Sp. pi. 370. itmulum 

Jacqu. aufir. i. p. 41. /• 65. 
Rough ChaerophyUum. 

A a 3 Nat. 





PENtAH6ftlA bfOtHlA. GltlBMphyllllth, 
Nat* of Britain. 
FL July and Auguft. H. # . 

4* C. cauk aequali, foliolis incifis acutis, fruSibus bia- 
riftads. Sj/i. viget. a88. Jacqu. aufin a. f. jo. 
/• 148. 

Hairy-leav'd ChaerophyQum* 

NaU of Switzerland. 

£!»&. 1768, by Mr. Philip MiHer. Mtt.£a.edltX 

fL June and July. H. V. 

5. C. caule aequali, foliolis ferratis integris, fruflibus 

hiiriftatis. %?. vegei. i88. Jacqu. guftr. 1.^32. 

/• 150. 
Aromatic Chaerophylhim. 
Nat. of Germany. 
Cult. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
fl June Auguft. H. «. 

6. C. caule acquali, foliolis incifis, feminibus coloratis 

fulcatis muticis. SjiJl. ^tget. 288. Jacqiu atfir. l. 

p. 40. t, 64. 
Golden Chaerophyllum. 
Nat. of Germany. 

Cult. 1570, by Mr. Pcnn. Lbbel aJh. %^^. 
FLJuly. H.lf. 

Fru^us fubrotundus, compreflus, medio gibbus, mar- 
gine cindus. Petak inflexo-tmafginata^ 

OJIrutbU I. Imperatoria. Sp. pi 371. 
**^ Common Maftcr-wort. 

'Nat. of Scotland. 

FL May ^July. M. If . 



S £ S £ L I. Gen. pi 360. 

XJmbella globofx. Invducr. foliolo uno alcerove. Fruc- 

I. S. petiolis ramiferis membranaceis oblongis integris, monta* 
foliis caulinis anguftiffimis. Sp. pU 372. ^^^* 

Sefeli multicaule. Jacfu. bort. 2. p. 59. U 129* 

Long-leav'd Meadow-laxifrage. 

Nat. of Italy and France. 

CkIl 1658, in Oxford Garden. Hart. oxan. gdit. 2. 
p. 109. 

Fl June and July. H. If . 

a. S. petioUs ramiferis membranaceis oblongis integris:. gUnuunu 
foliolis fingularibus binatifque canaliculatis Jievibus 
petiolo longioribus. Sp» pi* 372. Jacqtu cufir» 2. 
p. 27. /. 144. 

Glaucous Meadow-fiixifrage. 

Nat. of France. 

Odt. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIU. dia. i£u 7. ». 3. 

Fl July and Auguft. H. %. 

3. S. petiolis rameis fubmembranaceis laxis integerri- ^ifia^ 
mis, foliis fiipradecompofitis : foUoUi kinceolatis tunu 
ariftatis, fruAibus ovatis. 

Ligufticum lucidum. Mill. di£f. 

Bearded-leav'd Meadow-faxifrage. 

Nat. of the Pyrenean Mountains, 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller, Mil. diff. idit. 7. 
Ligufticum 4. 

Fl. June and July. H. ^ . 

A a 4 4. S, 



mara- , 


4; S. fbliis radicalibus : foliolis imbricatis. Sjfi. vtgd. 
289. Jacqu. bort, i. p^ 20. ^ 52* 
MillfoiUIeavM Meadow-faxifrage. 
Nat.' of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1759. JUill. diSl. iJUt. 7* IT. 6. 
FL June and July. , H. Q. 

5* S. caule akorigido, foliolis linearibus fafclculatis. Sf. 

pl' 373- 
Hard Meadow-faxifrage. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1656, by Mr. Jdin Tradefcant, Jun, Trd 

mttf, 168. 
FL Oaohcr. H.J. 

6. S. involucellis connato-monophyllls. Sp. pi 37f 

Jacqu. aujir. 2. p. 26. /. 143. 
Various-leav'd Meadow-faxifrage. 
Nat. of Auftria. 
Cult. 1656, by Mr. John Tradcfcant, Jun. Trai 

muf. 122. 
FljyAy. H.lf. 

T H A P S I A. Gen. pi. 361. 

Fru£ius oblongus, membrana cindus. 

vittofa. I, T. foliolis dcntatis villofis bafi coadunatis. Sp^f* 

Deadly Carrot. 

Nat. of France, Spain, and Portugal. 
Cult. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand. cheL n, i. 
FL June and July. H. %. 



PASTINACA. GiH.pL if>2. 

Fru&us cllipticus, compreflb-planus. Petala invo- 
luta, Integra. 

1. P. fbliis fimplicibus cordads lobatis lucidis acute ere* ludda. 

natis. Lim. mant. 58. G$uan iUuftr. 19. U If, 

1 2. Jacqu. hort 2. ^ . 94. 7. 199. 
Shining-leav'd Parfhep. 
Nat, of the South of Europe. 
Intrad. 1771, by Monf. Richard. 
FL June and July. H. t . 

2. P. foliis ftmpliciter pinnatis. Sp^ pi. 376. fativa^ 
Garden Par&ep* 

Nat, of England. 

3. p. foliis pinnatis : foliolls bafi antica excifis. Syjf. Opopa^ 

veget. 290. natf. 

Paftinaca Opopanax. Gouan illuftr. 19. /. 13, 14, 

Rough Parfncp. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Ctdu 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. dia. idit. i. . 
n. 3. 

FL June and July. H. V, 

S M Y R N I U M. Gen. pi 363. 
Fru&us oblongus, ftriatus. Petala acuminata, carinata. 
I. S. foliis caulinis fimplicibus amplexicaulibus. Sp. pi. ptrfoUa- 

Perfoli^fe Alexanders* 
Nat. of Candia and Italy. 









PENTAWDRiA DiOYKiA. Smjmiuin. 
Ckfi!f.i596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort.Gir. 

^ FL May. 


2* S^ fbliiB Cftttlinis tematis petiolatis ferrads. ip. pL 376. 
Common Alexanders. 
Nau of Britain. 
/7. May and June. H. f. 

3. S. foliis pinnatis ferratis ; pofticis ternati% flofculis 
omnibus fertilibus. Sp. pL 377. 
Golden Alexanders. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cak. before 1699, ^J Mr» Jacob Bobart. Mm[* 

/i May and June. H.1{. 

A NET HUM. Gin.pLih^ 
Trutlus fubovatus, compreffiis, ftriacus. P^ala invo- 

luta^ int^ra. 
I. A. frudibus compreffis. Sp. pi 377, 
Common DiU. 
NaU of Spain and Portugal. 
Cvh. 1597. Ger. herb. 878. 
/5iL June and July. ff.^. 

2. A. fru£Hbus ovatis. 
Common Fennel. 
Nat. of England. 
/7. JulyundAuguft. 

Sp. pi. 377. 


C A R U M. CtfupL 36s. 
Fruaus ovato-oblongus, ftriatus. Involuer. t-fhyl- 
lum. Pitala carinata, inflexo^emargina|». 

I. Carum. Sp. pU 378. Jaciiu. mjlr. 4. p. 49. 1 393- 


Nat. of Britain. 

tt M»y Md June* fl% ^ • 


Fntllus ovata*obIongus. Pitala infiexa. Sttpnata 

J. P. foliis pinmdt t ftliolis radkalikiB fubrdtancfts ; faitifra^ 
fiimmis linearibus. Sf. pL 378k ^iic^u^ o^fiK 4. ^^' 
^ SO. U 395. 

Small Burnet-faxifrage. 


FL June**i^^Aii|ufL H. % . 

2. P. foliolis omnibus lobatisti imparl triloba Linn, magna* 

manU 219. Jacqu. aujir. 4. p* 50. /. 396. 
Great Burnet-faxifrage. 
NaU of England. 
FL Auguft. H. H^ 

3. P. foliis radicalibus pinnatis crenads ; funimis cunei- piregri^ 

formibus incifis, umbellis nubilibus nutantibus. ^^^ 

Syji.viget. 7X^1. Jacqu.hort.2.p.hl.Uiii. 
Nodding Burnet-faxifrage. 
NaU of Italy. 
Cult. 1739) by Mr. Philip Miller, kani. cliL Api^ 

um 13. 
Fl Juhc and July. tt. % . 

4. P. foliis radicalibus trifidis incifis* Sp. pi. 379. j6i!/um. 

-AT/i/. of Egypt. 

Qilt. 1 J51. Turn. herb, part l.Jign. Dj. 
Ft. July. H.0. 

5- P. 

564 PBKTAKDRiA DiGYNiA. Flmpindla. 

dioica. 5. ?• umbellis nuinerofi£Eunis compofitis fimidicibudqae, 

floribus dioicis. 
Pimpinella dioicsu Sjft. Vigit. 291. Hudf. a^U ei 2. 

p. 128. 
Pimpinella pumlla* Jacqu. auftr. i.p.ig.t 28. 
Sefeli pumilum. Sp. pL 373* 
Feucedanutn minus. Hudf. angh ed. !• p, loi. Umu 

mant. 219. Sj/l. veget. 280. 
Leaft Pimpindl, or Burnet-(axifrage« 
^tf/. of England. 
FL May and June. H. %. 

A P I U M. Gen. pL 367. 

/Vft^srf ovatus, ftriatus. Involupr. i-phyllum. Petak 


Petrofi' ilhn foliolis caulinis linearibus, involucellis minutis* 
linnnu Sp. pi. 379. 

a Apium (ativum. Riv. pent 88. 

Common Parfley. 
fi Apium criipum. Riv. pent* 90. 

Curled Parfley. • 

y Apium radice efculenta. Hort, upf 67. 
■ Large-rooted Parfley. 
Nat. of Sardinia. 

Cult. 1551. Turn. herb, part r. fign. D iiij. 
FL June and July. H. i . 

gravida 2. A. foliolis caulinis cuneiformibus. Syjf. veget. 292. 
lins. m Apium paluftre& Apium officinarum. Baub. pin. 1$^' 

fi Apium dulce, Celcri italorum. Tourn. infi. 305. 

Nat. of Britain. 

Fh June and July. H. ^ . 



«G OP ODIUM. GitufLjI^i. 
Fru&us cfvato-oblongus, ftriatut. 

I. HL fbliis caulinis fummis ternads. Sf. pU 379. Podagra* 

Gout-wecd. ^^' 

Nat. of Britain. 
FA May July. H.V. 


RHUS. Gen. pL 369. 
Cal. 5-partitus. Pitala 5. Bacda i-fperma. 

I. R. foliis ptnnatis obtufiufcule ferratis ovalibus fubtus Coriaria. 
YiQofis. Sp. pL 379. 
Elm-lea vM Sumach. 

Nat. of the South of Europe, and the Levant. 
Cuk, 1648, in Oxford Garden* Hort. oxon. edit. 1. 

p. 44. 
FLJ\x\y. H. T?. 

a. R. foliis pinnatis lanceolatis argute ferratis : fubtus typhinumm 
tomentods. Sp, pi. 380. 
Virginian Sumach. 
Nat. of Virginia and Carolina. 
Cuh. 1629. Park, par ad. 609. / 6. 
/7.Jaly. H. t. 

3« R. foliis pinnatis lanceolatis ferratis utrinque nudis, glahrum^ 
floribus hermaphroditis. 
Rhus glabrum. Sp. pi. 380, 
Scarlet Sumach. 


^S6 Vt^TAVp^tA TItlOVKIA* RhuS. 

Nat. of North America^ 

Cult. I7a6j by James Sherari^ M. D* DUU iltb. 313. 

'• ^43- /• 314- 
FI. July and Auguft; H. 1^ • 

tkgam* 4* R. foliis pinnatis lanceolatis fefratis iitriiM}ua nidi% 

floribus dioicis. 
Rkus glabrum panicula fpecioia cqccine^* CaUfi. 

cQT% (tpp* 4'* ^* 4* 
Carolina Sumach* 

NaU of South Carolina^ Mr* Abrk QiUjbj^ 
Introd. 172k 
//.July. , H. ^. 

Virnix, 5. R. foliis pinnatis integerrimis annu!$ opaci^i petiolo 

integro aequali. Sjft. vegeU 293. 
Vsurniih Suoiach. 
Nat. of North America- 
Culu 17 1 3, in Chelfea Garden. PUh^ph* tr$r^. 

»»337.>wo. «. J56. 
i^ijuly. H. 6. 

fucceda^ 6. R. foliis pinnatis integerrimis perennantibus lucidisi 
neutn* * petiolo integro aequali. Linn. mant. 221. 

Red Lac Sumach. 

^tf^ of China and Japan* 

Introd, I773> by John Blake, Efq. 

/"/.June. G. lit. 

CepallU 7« R* foliis pinnatis integerrimis, petiolo membcaoaceo 
»«/«. articulato. &p. pL 380. 

Lentifcus-leav'd Sumach, 
Nat* of North America. 
Cult. 1697, *>y *« Dutchcfs pf Beaiifprt. fr. ilbf^ 

Sloan, mjf. 3357. fol 56, 
i^/> Auguft and September, H. h * 



C« IL foUis ternatii : foliolis pedolatts oratis nudif ia« raJit^iu, 

tegemmis, caule radicante. Sp. fL 381. 
m Toxicodendron amplexicaulci foliis minoribut gla* opacum. 
bris. Dill. ebb. 390. 
Common upright Poifon^oak, or Sumach. 
$ Toxicodendron redlum, foliis minoribus glabris. Dill, lucidum* 
eltb. 389. /. 291. 
Smail-leav'd Poifon«oak, or Sumach, 
Nat. of Virginia and Canada. 
Qdt. 1727, by James Sherard, M.D. Dili ibb. Uc. 

Fl. June and July. . H. 1^ . 

9« R. foliis ternatis : foliolis pedolatis angulatis pubef- Toxico^ 
cendbus, caule radicante. Sp. pi 381. dendron. 

Trailing Poifon-oak, or Sumach. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cult. 1640. Park, tbtat. 679. / 5. 
FA June and July. H. ^ . 

la R. foliis ternatis : foliolis petiolatis ovatis fubtus to- Comnia. 
mentofis remotiffime ferratis. Sp. pi. 381. 
Jamaica Sumach. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 

Introd. 1778, by Thomas Clark, M. D. 
FL S. t. 

ii.R. foliis ternatis: foliolis feffilibus ovato-rhombeis aromati* 
incifo-ferratis pilofiufculis. ^^^* 

Aromatic Sumach* 

Nat. of Carolina, Mr. Jobn Bartranu 
Introd. 1772. 
/v. May, H. li. 

12. R. 






12. R. foliis ternatis : foliolis feffilibus cuneifornii-rhoQPi 

beis incifo-ferrads glabris. 
Sweet Sumach. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FLMsLy. H. 1^. 

13. R. foliis ternads: foliolis fubpetiolatis rhombds an- 

gulatis fubtus tomentofis. Sp. pL 382. 
Woolly-leav'd Sumach. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1694, by Mr. Jacob Bobart. Br. Muf. SUan. 

Fl. G.H. b. 

14. R. foliis ternatis : foliolis obovatis integerrimis fef- 

fdibus utrinque pilofls. 
Rhus villofum. Linn.fuppl. 183. 
Rhus africanum trifoliatum majus, folio fubrotundo 

integro moUi et incano. Pluk. aim. 319. t. 219. 

Hairy Sumach. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1714. Philofopb. tranf. ff.'346. p. 364. n. 1 30. 
F/.July. G. H. ]&. 

vinunaU. 15. R. foliis ternatis : foliolis Hneari-lanceolatis integer- 
rimis glabris bafi attenuatis; intermedio fubpe- 

Willow-leavM Sumach. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Ma£in. 

Introd. 1774. 

FL G. H.%. 

16. R. 



k6. R. fbliis ternatis : fdiolis petiolatis lineari-lanceola* cngufUfo^ 
tis integerrimis fubtus tomentofis^ S^ fL 38a. ^'^^ 
Narrow-leav'd Sumach. 
iV^r. of the Cape oS Good Hope. 
Cub. l^t^* PbilofipL tranf. n. 346. p. 364. 17. 129^ 
Fi G. H. b. 

17. R. folKs ternatis : foliolis feffilibus lanceolatis levw laviggm 

bus. S>. ^/. 1672. '«»• 

Smooth-Ieav'd Sumach. 
Atf/. of the Cape of Good Hope^ 
Cult. 1^58, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FL X}.n.J2* 

18. R. fbliis ternatis : foliolis feffilibus cuneiformibus incidum. 

Ixvibus. Sp. pL 382. 
a Rhus arboreum trifoliatum latifblium. Burm* afu 

252. #. 91. /. 2. 
Great Shining-leav'd Sttmacbw 
fi Vitex trifolia minor indica rotundifdia. Comm. hptf. 

I. p. 181. f. 93. 
Small Shining-leav'd Sumach. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope^ 
Cult. 1697, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Br. Muf. 

Sloan, mffl 3343. 
fL July and Auguft. G* H. ^ . 

kg. R. foliis fimplicibu^ oWatis. Sp* pi. 383. Jacqu. Qtlnus. 
auflr. 3. p. 6. r. 210. 
Venus's Sumach. 
Nat. of Italy and Auftria.. 

Cult. 1656, by Mr. John Tradcfcan^ Jun. Trad. 
. muf, 102. 
i^i June and July. - H.T^. 

B b 




VIBURNUM. Gin.fL 370, 

Gril 5-partitus,' fuperus. Cor. i-fiiz, Bficca t-fpcritt^ 

Tinus. ^ ]» V, foliis integcrrimis ovatk: tumificauonibuft vtna- 
itim fubtus villofot-glandulpfis. Sp. }L 383. <ir- 
tts magaz. 38. • • 

' hlmm. « Mil* o^ali-oblongis f«bctis margiac^e hirixu 

Tinus I. auf.-htft. i. p. 49. 

Hairy Laureftine. 
lucidum. /B foliis ovato-oblongts utrinque glabri^ lacidik 

'Viburoum luqiduad* Jl£il» diff^ 

Tinus II. Quf. bift.i.p. ^(^.fig. 

Shining Laureftine* 
vtr^A* V fcliis lancmlalA-obloiigiB margin* vtnifqiie fubtili pt'- 
tunk lofis. 

Tinus III. Chf hift. r. p. +9. Jig. 

Common Laureftine. 
ftridum. i foliis ovatis undiqUe birds rigidis* 

Upright Laureftine. 

AJ7/. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr* John Gerard. Hirt. Gtr. 

FL moft part of the Winter. H% % . 

nudum. 2. V. foliis ovalibus fubrugofis margine revolutis obfo- 

lete crenulatis. 
Viburnum nudum. Sp. pL 383* dji Rot bort. barbecc. 

2. p. 484. . 
Oval-lea v'd Viburnum. 
'Nat. of North America. 

Cult. 1758, by Mr. Ph. MiBcr. MIL ic. i8> t. 274. 
PL May and June. H. % • 

CaJ/inol^ 3» V- foliis lanceolatis laevibus mmiiginc rcYoliftis #bfo- 
^**'* Ictc crenulatis. 


I'tNTANDRIA TRIOYKIA. ViburnUltl* yj\ 

Vitntmum Caffinoides. 8p. pL 384. (exclufis f/Ao» 

Thick-lcav'd Vibttmunu 
Nat. of North Americal 
Culu 1 76 1, by Mr. James Oordoiu 

4* V. foliis lineari-lanceolads fupra nitidis obfolete fer- nitiJtmu 
ratis integrifve. 
Shimng-leav'd Viburnum, 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1758, by Mn Chriftophcr Gray, 
/7. May and June. H. U . 

5. V. foliis lanceolatis laevibus remote ferratis bafi inte- Leviga-^ 

.gerrimis. turn. 

Viburnum Caffinoidcs, MlLdiH. du Rot hvri. bar^ 

beu^ %\ p^ 486. • 
Cafline Peragua. Lim. manU a20» 
Nat. of Carolina. 
Cult. 1724. Furber's catal 
FL July and Auguft. H. 1^ , 

6. V. fcJiis obovato-fubrotundis oraltbtifque glabris ar- prumfgm 

gute ferratis, petiolis marginatis. Hum. 

Viburnum prunifolium. Sp. pL 383; 
Viburnum Lentago. du Rot hort. barbeec. 2. p. 485, 

M$ench hort. wiijfmjl. 140. tab. 8^ 
Plum-leav'd Viburnum. 
Nat. of North America. 
Cuh. 1731. MiUJdUi^ edit, u Mefpilus 11. 
FL Ma^ and June. H. ^ . 

B b at 7. V. 


Juntago. 7* V. foliis lato-ovatis acumLoatis argute ferratis, petio- 
lis marginatis crifpis. 
Viburnum Lentago. Sp. pL 384. 
Pcar-lcavM Viburnum. 
Nat of North America. 
Culu 1 76 1, by Mr. James Gordon. 

/I July. m. 

dentatum* 8. V. foliis ovatls dentato-fcrratis plicatis. Sp. pL 384. 

yacqu. horU I. pi 13. /. 36. 
lucidum. a foliis utrinque glabris. ' 

Shining tooth'd leay'd Viburnum, 
p^bef- $ foliis acuminatis fubtus villoiis. 
ccns^ Downy tooth'd-leav'd Viburnum. 

Nat. of North America. 

/pf/r^^. 1736, by Peter CoIlinfon^Efq. CoU.mjf. 

Fl. June and July. H. h . 

Laniana. 9. V. (bliis cordads ferratis venofis fubtus tomentofis. 
Sp. pi. 384. Jacqu. aufir. 4. p. 21. /. 341. 

europa;- a foliis minoribus obfcure viridibus. 

""*• Common way-fiiring Tree, or Viburnum. 

grandifo- foliis majoribus bete viridibus. 

Rum. Large-lcav'd way-faring Tree, or Viburnum. 

Kat., a. of Britain ; ^. of North America. : 
f7.June. H. i. 

gcerifaili'- la V. foliis lobatis, petiolis Isevibus. Sp. pi 384. 

««• Maple-leav*d Viburnum. 

Nat. of Virginia. 

Ifitr9d. 1736, by Peter ColUnfon, Efq. C$Jl. mf 
Fl. ]viy. H.%. 

Opului. XI. V. foliis lobatis, petiolis glandulofis. Sp. pi. 384* 
curopaea. ramulis viridibus opacis. 



Marfh Vibtirnuoi, or Gelder Role. 
ramulis rubicundis luctdis* amcricao 

Red-twigM Marih Viburnum, or Gelder Rofc, "*• 

y Sambucus aquatica flore globofo plcno. Baub. piiu rofea* 

Snow-ball Viburnum, or Gelder Rofe. 

Nat, a. of Bvitain ; p. of North America. 

FL May and June« H. 1ft • 

C A S S I N £• G^. pi. 371. 
CaL 5->partitus. P^ala 5* Bacca s-fperma. 

1. C. folus petiolatis ferratis ovatis obtufis, ramulis te« iopenfis, 

tragonis. Linn. mant. aao. 
Cape Caifine, or PhiUyrea. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1 726, by James Sherard, M« D. Dill. elth. 315. 

/. 236. /. 305, 
FL July and Auguft. G. H. 1^ . 

2. C. foliis/eifilibus integerrimis obovatis coriaceis. Sjfl. Maur§m 

vegei. 295. €inia* 

Great Hottentot Cheery. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good ll<tp^ • ' . 
Jntrod.i6qOy by Mr. Bentick, fir, Muf, Sl^an^ ^-ZZI^ 
F/.J\i]y and i\uguft. G. H. ^ • 

SAMBUCUS. G^.pl. 372. 
Cal. 5*partitu€. . Cjrr. 5-fida. Bacca 3-fpenna. 

I. S. cymis trifidis, ftipulis fbliaceis, caule herbaceo. Ebulm. 
Sp. pi 385. Curtis land. 
Dwarf Elder. 
Nat. of Britain. 

Fl. June and July, H. If. 

B b 3 2. S. . 


canaden^ 2. S. cymis quinquepartitis, foliis ftibbiptnnatit, cauie 
. Jif^ .. frutcfccntc. Sp. pL 385. 

Canadian Elder. 
Nat. of Nordi America. 

Cult. 1 768, by Mr. Philip Miller. MJl. £&. tdH. 8. 
i7. June— — Auguft. H. %. 

nigra. 3* S. cymis quinquepartitis, caule arboreo. 5^« ph 385. 
puUa. a Sambucus frucSbu inumbella nigro. jBtfi/i. pin. 456. 

Common filack-berried Elder.' 
' viridis. Sambucus fru£hi in un>be]]a viridi. Bauh^ pin. 456. 

Green-berried Elder. 
bdoiate* 7 Sambucus laciniato foliot Bauh. pin. 456* 

Sambucus laciniata. du Hii bort. barbecc. %. p. 4L3« 
5jj^. w^ff. 296. 

Parfley-leav'd Elder. 

A'tf/*- of Britain. 

/7. May ^July* > H. %. 

ratimffa. 4. S. racemls compoHtis ovatis, caule arboreo. Sp. pL 
386. 3^tf^fi/. ic. c$tti3. I. ^. 36. 
^ • Red-berried Elder. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1596, b/M«J<Jin Gerard. Hort. Ger. • • 

Fh April and May. R 1^. 

S P A T H E L I A. Gen. pL 373. 

CtfA 5-phyllu8. Petala $.- Cap/. 3-gona, 3-locularJ5« 

Sem. folitaria. 

Jin^ItX* I» SPATHBLIA. Sf. pi. 386. . 
Rhus-leav'd Spathelia. 

Nat. of Jamaica. " . • 

Jntrod. 1778, by WiUiam'Wrigh^ M. D. - 
FL S. %. 



8TAP4IYLEA. 174. 

Col. 5-partitus. Pitala 5. Capf. inflatac^ coxinztx. 
Sem. Zj gloliofii cum cicatrice. 

I, S« foiiis plnnatis. ' Sp. pL 368. pimt^tUk 

Fiverleav'd BUdder-outt 
i^at. of £nglai¥}« 
FL Apra.~-Juap, * " H. J& . 

i 2. 8, (bliis tematis. Sp. pL 368. trifiKs^ 

Three-Ieav'd Bladder-nut« 

iy&/. of Virginia. 
^ Jntrod. before 1640, by Mr, JobnTradffi^antt Sen. 
^ Pari, tbeaf. Hlf* 

*-' ' FU May and June. H, 1& • 


T A'M A R I X. Gtn. pi. 375. 

' Cal S'partitu?. Pitala 5. Capf. i-lpcularis, 3-iral- 
vis.' Sim. pappola. 

'I. T. floribus pentandris. Sp.. pL 38^ * galBca. 

• French Tamarifk. 
Hat. of France, Spain, and Italf * ' • 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. /2ar#. 6/r. 
/I May Oaober. If. IJ. - 

2. T. floribusHlecandris. Sp. pL 387. girmanim 

German Tamaritk. " o; 

Atf/. of Germany. . * ' 

C«//.iS96, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort.Gir* ' 
Fl, June— —September. H. % . 

Bb4 XYLO^ 


XYLOPHYLLA. Linn. mant. 147; 

CaL 5-partituSy coloratus* Cor. Q. Siigmatufiasxn^ 

Capr, 3-Ioculari8, Sem. gemina. 

MfoUa» I* X. foliis rhombeis crenads : crenis approximatis flo- 

XylophyUalatifolia. S^. vegeU 296. (exdufo fyno* 
nymo fpecierum plantarum.) 

Hemionitidi affinis americana epiphyllanthos, folia 
fimpliciter pinnato^ Hippogloffi aemulo, radice rep- 
tatrice lignofa, ad* fbliorum crenas florida. Pluk. \ 

phyUt.zt.f.l. I 

Broad-leav'd Sea-fide LaureU 

Nat, of Jamaica. > i 

Introd. 1783, by Matthew WaHcn, Eflj. 

i^iAuguft Oaobcr. S. I&. 

fakata^ %• X. foliis linear! Janceqiatis crexatis : cTcnis remotis 

I Xylophylla falcata. Swariz prodr. 23. m 

Pbyllanthus Epiphyllanthus. Sp. pL 1392. (ezclufo i 

fynonymo plukenetii akero.) 
Narrow-leav'd Sea-fide Laurel. 
ffaU of the Bahama Iflands. / 
Cub. i739> by Mr. Philip Miller, MIL £a. W. 2^ 

Addenda. Phyllanthos, 
JP/, July and Auguft. S.. \. 

ramfi^^ 3* X. foliis ellipticis, floribus axillaribus. 
ra^ Pharnaceum fufFruticofum. Pallas iu 3. p^ 716. teK 

E. jig. 2. 
Siberian Xylophylla. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Introi. 1783^ by Mr. John Bell. 
/7,Auguft, H. t. 




T U R N E R A. Gen. pi. 376. 

CaL i-MuSy inifundibulif. exterior i-phjSlus. Pitala 5, 
calyci inferta. Stigmata multifidau Ca^. i-locu* 
laris, 3-va!vis. 

J. T. floribus fefiUibus petiolaribus, fdm bafi biglandu- mkiifJia. 
lofis. Sp. pL 387. 
Elm-leav'd Turnenu 
Nat. of Jamaica. 

Cub. 1733, by Mr. Philip Miller. R. S. »• 597. 
/I June— November. S. i. 

% T. pedunculis axillaribus aphyllis, foliis apice ferra- ciftoides. 
tis. Sjfl. veget. 297. 
Betony-leav'd Turnenu 
Nat. of Jamaica. 
Jntrod. 1774, by Monf. Richard. 
fl^ June ^Oaobcr. S. . 

TELEPHIUM. Gnu pL 377. 

Cal s-phyllus, Prtala S, reccptaculo inferta. Capf. 
i-loc'ularis, 3-valvis. 

I. T. foliis alterni?, Sp, pi. 388. imperoH. 

True Orpine. • 

Nat. of the South of France and Italy. 
Cult. 1739. Mil. di£i. vol. 2. Telephium I. 
ft. June -Auguft, ^ H. If, 

C O R R I G I O L A. Gen. pi. 378. 
Gf/t 5-phyIlus. Petala 5. Semen i, triquetrum. 

t. CoRRiGioLA. Sp. pi. 388. Btorabu 

3aA9rd Knbt-grafs, 



%A^» of England. 
FL July and Auguft. 


PHARNACEUM. Getupl^g. 
Col. 5*phy]lus^ Cor. o.. Ca^. 3JocuIaris, polylpernuu 

Cerviana» i« P. pedunculis fubumbellatis lateralibus aoquaptilms fo- 
lia lin^aria. Sp. pL 388. 
Umberd Pharnaceum. 
Nat. of Ruffia and Spain. 
Intrad. 1771, by Monf. Richards 
FL June. R ©• 

incanunu 2. P. pedunculis communibus longif&mis, foliis Uneari* 
bus> ftipulis pilofis. Sjft, veget*, 297. 
Llnear4eav'd Phamaceum. 
NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1782, by George W^nch, Efq. 

FL moft part of the Summer. G. H. ( • 


duboto^ 3, P. pedunculis axillaribus elongatis dichotomis, foliis 
^'^'^^ verticillatis linearibus. Linn, fuppl. 186. 

Fork'd Pharnaceum. *^ 

Jfat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1783, by John Earl of Bute. 

FL July. . $•©. 

/• . , • 

A L S I N £. Gin. pLzSo. 

CaL 5-phyllu8« Petah 5, xqualia. Capf, i-locularis, 

nudta. I* A. petalls bipartitis, foliis ovato-cordatis. Sp. pi 389. 
Curtis lond. 

FENTANDHIA T&IOTtflA. AlfinC. 219 

^/. of Britain. 

/!! April Oaober. H. Q. 

a. A. petalis iotegris brevibus, foliis fetaceis, caljcibu$ fmumia'- 
ariftatis. Sp., pL ^Sg. '^' 

Briftly Chickweed. 
Nat of the South of Europe. 
Inired. 1777, by Anthony GouaD) MD. 
PL June. H. J » , 

D R Y P I S. G^«. pL a?!^ 

Giil 5-dentatus. P/^^Ai 5. Qt^. circumfcifla^ mo- 

I. Drtfis. Sp. pL 390. Jncpt^ htrU 1. ^^ 19. /• 49. j^iff^. 
Prickly Drypis." 
Ai3f. of Barbary and Italy. 

Introd. I775t by Jofeph Nicholas de Jacquin, M. D. 
FL Juxie and July. H. ^ . 

CaL 2-phyUus. Petala 5. Sim. i, alato-triquetrum. 

I. PoRTULACARiA. Jacqu. coUi£i. I. pag. i6o. tak 22. qfra* 
Craflula Portulacaria. Sp. pL 406. 
Claytonia Portulacaria. Linn. mant. 21 f. 
Nat. of Africa. 
•Cv/^ 1732, by James Sberard» M. D. DilUn. ebb. 


K G.H. li. 



B A S E L L A. GetL pL 382. 

CaL a Ctr. 7-fida : laciniis % oppofitis ladoribaSi 
tandem baccata. Sem. 1. 

mira. j. B, foliis planis, pedunculis fimplicibus. Sp. fL 390. 
Red Malabar Nightfliade, 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Ckk. 1739, by Mr, Philip Miller. Rand. cM. m. i. 
Fil July— ^November. S, ^. 

i^Ehk 2* B. fbliis ovatis uiidati% pedunculis fimplicibus folio 

longioribus* Sp. pL 390. 
White Malabar Nightihade« 
Nat, of China* 
Qib. 1691, by Bilhop Compton. PM. pbji. t. 63. 

Fi July— ^November. S. i . 

SAROTHRA, Gen. pi. 383. 

CaL 5-partitus. C»r. 5-petaIa. Capf i-Iocularis, 
3-valvis, cdorata. 

Gentid^ !• Sarothra. Sp. pi 391. 
midiu Baftard Gentian. 

Nat. of Virginia and Penfylvania. 

Intr^d. 1 7681 by Mr. John Bartram. 

FLJuly. . H. ©• 




PARNASSIA. Gifupljli^* 

Cttl 5-partitus. Pttala 5. NeSfttria 5, cordata, ci* 
liata apicibus globoCs. \Capf» 4-vaIvit. 

I. Parnassia. Sp. pL 391. paluftris. 

Grafs of ParnalTus. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/7. July and Auguft. H.K« 


GiiL'5.pbyllus. Ctr. 5«(ida, lotata. Capf. 3-locularis. 
Sim. folitaria. . 

I. E. foliis obcordatis obtufis pilofis pettolatis, caule dif- glJiMtdiSm 
fufo, pedunculis trifloris. Sp. pL 392. 
Chickweed-leav'd Evolvulus. 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Introd. 1771, by Monil Richard 
FL June and July. S. 0« 

2« E. foliis lanceolatis villofis feffilibus, caule ereAo, pe- Bnifiltus. 
dunculis trifloris longis. Sp. pi. 392. 
Flax-leav'd Evolvulus. 
Nat. 4of Jamaica. 

Introd. 1782, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
/7. Auguft and September. S. Q. 




A R A L I A. Gen. pi 386. 

* Involucr. umbellulae. CaL 5-dentatus, fupcrus. Cmr^ 
5-petala. Bacca 5-fperma. 

capitata. i- A. arborea, foliis fimplicibus ellipticis integerrimis, 
paniculis tcrminalibus : floribus feffilibus capiuds* 
Swertz prodr* 55. 

'Aralia capitata. Jacqu. hiji. i(^ U 6u 

Clufter-flowerM Aralia, 

Nat. of the W«ft Indies. 

/ff/r««& 1778) by Mr. WillUtn ForfTth* 

/iLAuguft. S. t. 

jpinofa^ 1. A. arborefccnsj caule folioHfquc aculcatis. 5^. pi 392. * 
, Thorny Aralia, or Angelica-tree. 
Nat, of Virginia. 

Cultj, 1688) by Bi(hop Compton. Raj. hiJI. 2. p. 1798. 
/7* September. H^b* 

racemofa. 3. A. caule foliofo herbaceo laevi. • Sp. pi 393. 
Berry-bearing Aralia. 
Nat. of Canada. 

Cult. 1731, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MiU. diff. edit. i. n. I. 
Fl June— September. " H. V^ 

nudicaU' 4. A. caule nudo, foliis binis tcmatis. 8p. pL 393. 
^'^- • Naked-ftalk'd Aralia. . 

Nat. of Virginia and Canada. 

Cult. 1 731, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mill dia. edit. i. n. %. 
. i7. June and July. H.V. 



S T A T I C E. G^. ^. 388. 

&/. i-phyllus» integer, plicatus, fcariprus. Pet. 5. 
Senu I, fnperum. 

t* S. Tcapo fimplici capitato, fquamis calydnit fubroditi- Jmuria. 
dis obtufifllmis, foliis linearibus. 
Scaticc Armerta. Sp. pi. 394% 
« Caryophyllus montanus five mediterraneuK, JLtt. sc. major. 

Great common Thrift. 
Caryophjilus mttrinus Mmiitm minimus, L^. ic. 452. minor. 
Smidl common Hirift . . 

Nat of Britain. 
Fl. May July. H. %. 

7m S. feapo fimplici capitato, fquamis calycinis ovatts acu- Cephas' 
minatis. ' ^^^'» 

fitttite Armeria major, yac^u. hrt. t.p. i6. f. 42. 
Statice Pfeud-arqicria. Syji, veget 300. 
Large fimple-ftalk'd Thrift. 
NaU of Algarbia. Mr. Fr. Mafin. 
Introd. 1775, by Jofeph Nicholas dc JaCqutrt, M.D. 
FL May ^July. ' M. if. 

3* S. fcapo paniculato ; ramis triquetris, foliis linearibus gramnU 
canaliculatis. /oImh 

Grafs-lcavM Thrift. 

Introd. 1 780, by Mr. William Malcolm. 
Fl. June and July. G. H. If . 

4. S. Icapo paniculato tereti, foliis laevibus enerviis fub- Limm* 
ttts fnttcronctts. Sj^. vrget. JOO. •'^ 

Commpn Sea Thrift, or Lavender. 


. j84 PB^TAtXDVLtA PBHTAGYKIA* Statletf* 

Niat. of England. 

FL May ^July* H. If. 

iorJata. 5- S. fcapo paniculato^ foliis fpadiulatis teCiiCs. Sf. pL 

Blunt-IcavM Thrift. 
Ifat. of the South of Europe^ 
Gilt. 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller^ MO* £a^ edk, 6. 

Limonium 9< 
/7, May ^July. H.V* 

nticuU^ 6. S« fcapo panicuhto proftrato^ ramis fterilibus retro^ 
^^« flexis nudis, foliis cuneiformibus muticis. Sj/l. veg^ 

Matted Thrift, or Sea Lavender. 
Nat. of England. 
FL July and Auguft. ^ H. If * 

ecbioidis. 7. S. fcapo paniculato tereti articulator foliis fcabris. 

Sjfl.veget. 301. 
Rough-leav'd Thrift. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cuh. 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL diS. edit. 6. 

Limonium lO. 
FL July and Auguft. . G. H. * . 

fpeciofa. 8. S. fcapo dichotomo ancipiti, foliis ovatis mucrooatls^ 
floribus aggregatis. S^. veget. 301* 
Plantain-leav'd Thrift. 
Nat. of Ruffia. 

Introd. 1776, by Chevalier Murray. 
FL July and Auguft. H. <f • 

tatarUa. 9. S. fcapo dichotomo, foliis lancedatis mucronads, flo- 
ribus alternis diftantibus. Sf^ pL 395. 



Tartarian Thrift. 

Nat. of Ruffia. 

Gilt. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dUi. i£t. u 

Limonium 5. 
FL )unc. H. If. 

to. S. caule ramifque paniculatis triquetris, foliis obo- piStnata^ 
vatis.petiolatis, fpicis fecundis. 
Triangular-ftalk'd Thrift. 
Nat. of the Canary Iflands. Mr. Francis Majfoiu 
Introd. 178a 
FL September and Oa^ber. G. H. ^« 

II. S. caule fruticofo: fuperne nudo ramofo, capituUs juffiruti^ 
feflilibus, foliis lanceolatis vaginantibus. Sp. pL ^^Jo* 

Narrow-leavM fhrabby Thrift. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Introd. 1 78 1, by Mefls. Lee and Kennedy. 
FL mod part of the Summer. G. H. 1^ . 

tT,. Si caule ftuticofo foliofo, floribus folitariis, foliis mnopeta^ 
lanceolatis vaginantibus. Sp. pL 396. * *^ 

Broad-leav'd fhrubby Thrift. 
Nat. of Sicily. 

Gilt. 1 732, by Mr. Philip Miller.. H. S. n. 533. 
FL July and Auguft. G. H. ft • 

23. S. caule hefbaceo, foliis radicalibus alternatim pin* Jinuata. 
nato-fmuatts ^ caulinis ternis triquetris fubulatis 
decurrentibus. Sp. pL 396. 
ScoUop-leav'd Thrift. 
Nat. of Sicily and the Levant 
Cult. 1 73 1, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL iia. tdil. u 

Limonium 6. 
FL moft part of the Summer, G. H. !( . 

C c 24. S. 




14. S. caule crifpo, foliis elltpticis integri% (picis ftcun* 
dis. Linn.fuppL 187, L* Hiritier Jliff. 9UV. 25. 
f. 13. 

Currd Thrift. 

Nat. of Barbary. 

/»/rtfi 1784, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

FL moft part of the Summer. G. H. Of. 

L I N U M. Gen. pL 389. 

Cal. S-phyllus. Pitala 5. Cap/^ 5-vailviSy lO-IocuIa- 
ris. .£^m; foil tar ia« 

* Foliis aUemis* 
ufttatijj^ X* L. calycibus capfulifque mucronatis, petalis crenatisy 
mump foliis lanceolatis alterniS| caule fubfolitario* Sp. 

pi 397. Curtis Und. 
Common Flax. 
NaU of Britain* 
KJunc. H.O. 

piretme. % L. calycibus capfulifque obtuGufculis, foliis altemis 
l^ceolatis integerrimis. Sp. pi. 397, 
Perennial Flax. 
Nat. of England. 
FL June Auguft. tt. V. 

iMritf- 3. L. calycibus acuminatis, foliis lanceolatis fparfis ftric« 
»/^. tis fcabris acuminatis, caule tereti bafi ramofo» Sp. 

pi 398. 
Narbonne Flax. 
Nat. of the South of France. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MlLdi^. edit. 7. n. 3. 
FL May ^July. . G. H. V. 


FiiiTANDitlA PMntAcrnth. Unum. 387 

4. L. calycibus acuminadsy foliis ovato-lancttolatis t^xuku 
acuminatis reflezis Icvibus, fiiamends coiuuds. 

Linum fylveftre caeruleam folio acuti. Bawb* froJU 
107. fin. 214. 

ReflexM-leav'd Flax. 

Nat. of die South of Europe. 

Intni. 1778, hj Cafimir Gomez Ortega, M« D. 

//.July. H.V. 

5* L. calycibus acuminads, foliis fparfis lineari-fetaceif tinwftJi* 
rctrorfum fcabris. Sf. fl» 398. yacfiu au/lr. 3. ««"• 
p. 9./. 215. 

Narrow-leav'd Flax. 

Nat. of England. 

17. June and July. H.lf. 

t. L. calycibus fubulatis acuds, foliis lineari^lanceolads gattUum 
alternis, panicule pedunculis biflorlsi floribui fiib- 
lefliUbus. S]ft. vegit. 302. 
Annual Yellow Flax. 
Nat. of die Soudi of France. 
Introd. 1777) by MonC Thouin* 
/IJuly. H. O. 

7* L. calycibus ovatis acntts oraticis, fofiis lanceolatis : maritime 
inferioribus oppoflds. Sp. pL 400. Jacqu* h§rt. !• utm 
^ 72. 1.154. 

Sea Flax, 

Nat. of die Soudi of Europe and die Levant. 

CuJt. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. HorL Gtr. 

FL July and Auguft. H. % . 

8. L* calycibus rotundads obtufis, foHis linearibus acu- alpimtm% 
tiufculis, caulibusdeclinatis. Sjft. vtgit. 302. Jacqu. 
mufir<.j^ p.Xl,t.j;iU 

C c 2 Alpine 


Alpine Flax. 

NaU of the Alps of Auftria. 

Introd. 1775, by Monf. Thouin. 

Fl. July and Auguft. H. % . 

0u/lrta'^ 9. L. calycibus rotundatis obtufis, foliis linearibus aoi- 
<««• tis re£Uufculis. Sjfl. veget. 302. Jacqu. aufbr. 5. 

f. 8. u 418. 

Auftrian Flax. 

Nat. of Auftria. 

Jntr$d. 1775, by Monf. Thouin. 

FL June and July. H. * .. 

fujfrutU 10. L. ibllls linearibus acutis fcabris, caulibus fufihiti* 
cofunu -cofis. 5^. pi 400. 

Upright Flax. 

Aiitf. of Spain. 

JntrU. 1787, by Monf. Thouin. 

i7. Auguft. G. H. t. 

arhre^ 11. L. foliis cuneiformibus^ caulibus arboreicentibus. 
"^* Sp. pL 400. 

Tree Flax. 

^17/. of the Ifland of Candia. 

Introd. 1788, by John Sibthorp, M«D. 

FU G.H. 1^. 

«• Foliis oppdjhis. 
sfricM' It. L. foliis oppofitis lineari-lanceolatis, floribus terou- 
«««• nalibus pcduncuUtis, Sp. pi. 401. VHeriUjlirp. 

mv. torn. 2. tab. 3. 
Shrubby Flax. 
Nat. of Africa. 

Intred.ijji^ by Monf. Richard* 
/7. June and July, G.H. 1^. 

13. L. 


13* L. foliis oppofiti$ ovato-Ianceolatis, caule dicfaotomo^ eatbarti'^ 
coroUis acutis. Sp. pL 401. Curtis bnd. CMm 

Purging Flax. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL Auguft. H. 0. 

14. L. foliis oppofitis, caule dichotomo^ AorOm tctran- Ra£$bi. 
dris tetragynis. Sp. pi. 403U 
Lcaft Flax, or AU-focd. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FLAuguik. H.©. 

D R O S E R A. G^. pi. 391. 

Cal. s-f^das. Peiala $. Gig/: iJocuIaris, apiccS-valviJ. 

Sijtt. plurima. 

1. D. fcapis radicatis, foliis orbiculatis. Sp. pi. 401. ntmtdi^ 
Round-lwv'd Sundew, or Rofa-folis. filia. 

Nat. of Britain, 
FL July and Auguft, H. © . 

a. D. fcapis radicatis, foliis oblongis.^2' bngtM^ 

Long.leav'd Sun-dew. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/Z June and July, H.©. 

G I S E K I A. Linn. mora. 554. 

Cal. 5-phyllus. Or. 0. Capfula 5, approximatab, 


t . GiSEKiA. Linn. mant. 562. thanut-^ 

Trailing Gifekla. ciuits^ 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 
Introd. ijS^j by John Earl of Bute. 
^''>^«- S.©. 

Cc 3 CRAS- 


C R A S S U L A. Oen. pL 392. 

Cal 5-t>hyIlus. Petala 5. Squama 5 nedarlferat ai 
bafin genninis. Caff 5, polyfpennae. 

€0ccifua. I.e. foliis ovatis planis cartilagineo-ciliatss bail connato- 
yaginantibus. S^. vegit. 304. 
Scarlet-flowerM CraOiila.. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
IrUrod. 1714, by Profeflbr Richard Bradley. BradL 

fucc. 5. p. 7. /. 50. 
FL June ^Auguft. D* S. 1^ • 

fiffoUa^ ^ C* ^ol"^ lanceolatis feflUibus connatis canaliculatk. 
ta^ CraflTula perfoli&ta. Sp. pL 404. 

Perfoliate CraflTula. 

Nat of the Cape of Good Hope. 

CW/. 1725, by James Shtrard) M.D. DilLekh^iij^ 
t 96. f. 113. 

PL July and Auguft. D. S. % . 

^^tmA. 3- C. fruticofa) foliis fubulatis fupra planis connato-per- 
foliatis laevibus patentiiSaiis, pedunculis elongatis^ 
floribus cymofis. 

CrafTula ramofa. Thunb. nov. a^. naf» cur. 6.^. 341. 

CraflTula dichotoma. Linn.fuppL 188. 

Branching Craflula^i 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majjkn. 

Introd. 1774. " 

Fl July and Auguft. D. S. 1& . 

ixpdffi^ 4.C. foliis femicyllndrico-fubulatis fupra canaKcuIads 
patentibus, pedunculis ^xillaribus foiitariis unifiorisy 
caulibus dichotomis, 
AwUcav'd CraflTula, 



Nat. of ^ Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Maffitu 

Introd. 1774. 

Fl. June and July. D. S. O • 

5. C. foliis femicylindraceis acutis fiibtiis gibbU bevibus M0&V« 
fuberedis, cymis terminalibus compofitk. 

Crafllila mollis. Thunhgrg nov* aif. ac* mM. air. 6* 
' p. 340. Linn.fuppl 189. 

Fig Marygold-lear'd Craffiibu 

Nat. of die Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majfon. 

Introd. 1774. 

/7.Auguft. D. S. t. 

6. C. Mils (itbulatis fubincunris ebfidete tetragonis pa- tetragcma. 
tentibus, caule eredo arborefceote xadicante. Sjft. 

Square-leav'd Crafllila. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1 7 14, by Profeflbr Richard Bndley. Bradl. 

Jucc. $.p. 18. /.4i. 
FL D.S. b. 

7.C, foliis coiMuitis oblongis remotis planis, caule fimplici, ntroflixa^ 
cyma compofita, pedicellis retrofra£tis. ThutAtrg 
nov. a€l. not. cur. 6. p. 338. Lmn.fuppl. i88. 

Orange-flower'd Crafllila. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Maffon. 

Introd. 1788. 

Fl. June. 

G. H.©. 

8. C. caule herbaceo, foliis cordatis feflilibus, peduncu- 
lis fubterminalibus axillaribus approximatis umbel* 
ChanncllM Craflbla. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Maffon. 
C c 4 Introd. 








D. S. ^ . 

Introd. 1774. 

Fl. June-— Auguft. 

9* C. cauleherbaceo dichotomoy foliis fefiUibus obloago- 
watis cordatis pbnis, pedunculis axillaribus oni* 

Craflula centauroidcs. Sp^ pL 404. 

Ccntory-flower'd Craflula* 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd* 1774) by Mr. Francis Mailbm 

FL May and June. D- S. i ^ 

10. C. caule herbaceo dichotomo, foliis feffilibus ovato« 
oblongis canaliculatis recurvatis, pedunculis axil-* 
laribus unifloris. 

CrafTula dichotoma. Sp, pL 404. 

Fork'd Craflula. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1774> by ^r. Francis Maflbn. 

FL June and July. D. S. ©• 

IX. C. caule herbaceo dichotomo fcabro, foliis lanceo« 
latis, floribxis ultimis fafcicubtis. Sjft. veget. 305. 
« caule fcabrido. 

Rough-ftalk'd clufter'd Craflula. 
^ caule glabrato. 
Smooth-ftalk'd dufter'd Craflula. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
JntroJ. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL June and July. D. S. ©• 

12. C. caule herbaceo dichotomo^ foliis ovato-oblongis 
carnofis reflex!?, floribus in dichotomiis peduncu- 
latis : pedunculis turbinatis. 
Rcflex'd-leav'd Craflula. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Adaffin. 



Intrni. 1788- 

/7,July. G. H. O. 

Obs. Affinis CraflTuIae glomeratae^ a qaa difiert fbliis 
brevioribus reflexis, pedunculis turbinads germen 
inferum mentientibus, calycibus obtufis, corollU 
calyce fere longioribus. 

13. C. foliis ovatis acutis quadri&riam imbricatis brvi- tnibrica^ 

bus, floribus axillaribus feffilibus. ta. 

Imbricated Craflula. 
NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Iniroi, about 1 7 60, by Mr. Clark* 
FL June. D. S. t • 

14. C. foliis oppofitis obovatis fubcultratis obliquis con* tultrata. 

natis integerrimis. 
Craflula cultrata. Sp. pi. 405. 
Sharp-leav'd Craflula. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
^^^- I732> by James Sherard, M.D. DilL ebb. 

115./. 97./ 114. 
FL July and Auguft. D. S. % . 

15. C. foliis oppofitis ovatis obliquis integerrimis ^cu- Miqua. 

tis diflinSis: margine fubcartilagineis. 
Cotyledon ovata. AfilL di£f, 
Oblique-leav'd Craflula. 
Nat of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 17599 by Mr. Philip Miller. MlLdi^. edit 7. 

Cotyledon 8. 
FL April and May. D. S. "^^ . 

j6, C. foliis fubrotundis carnofls fupra punAatis, caule Cotyledon. 
arboreo. Sj/l. veget. 305. Jacqu. mfceiU 2. p. 
995. tab. 19. 




Cotyledon arboreicens. Ji£U, ££f. 

Tree Craffula. . 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult. 1739. MIL di&. vol. 2. Cotyledon, i. 

FI. ' D.S.^. 

abaidis. iy. C. foliis ovatis diftin^'s acutis ciliatis, cade Cm- 
plici pSlofiufciilo^ racemo compofito: nunis pi« 
niculxfbrmibus. ' 

Spiked-flower'd Craflula. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Mtffw. 

Introd. 1774. 

Ft. June Auguft. D. S. *. 

Descr. G7ft/ii vix fpithamaeus. F^^/itf carnofa, gla- 
bra, pundis minutis rubris impreffis adfperia, uo- 
cialia. Racemus terminalis. Peiunculi diftanteSi 
patentes, fubdivifi in cynias trichotomas. Caljas 
foliola glabra, lineam longa. Petala calyce dupio 
longiora, alba, Inferne Tirefcentia. NeStaria lutea. 
FilanufUa alba. Anthtra f4ibrotund«| parvae. 

iopitetta. 18. C. fbliis oblongo-Ianceolatis acutis connatis ciliatis, 
caule laevi, racemo elongato : floribus iafciculatis 

Craflfubicaptteila. ThuMb.nov.a^.nat.cur.O.p.^yf^ 
Linn.fuppL 190. 

Square-fpiked CrafTuIa. 

iVi/. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr.Mafiiu 

Introd. 1774. 

-F/. July and Auguft. D.S.*. 

iiliata. 19. C. foliis oppofitis ovalibus planiufculis diftinflis ci- 
liatis, corymbis terminalibus. Sp. pL 405. 
Ciliated Craffula. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

riMTANORiA pfiHTACrifiA. Cfaflula. J95 

Cub. 1732, by James Shcnrd, M.D. Di/L'ibt. 

ii6. /. 98./. ii6« 
FL July and Auguft. D^ S. If. 

ao. C. fdiis oppofitis patenttbus connatis feahrit ciliatls, fiaira, 

caule retrorfum fcabro. Sp, pL 405. 
Rough-Ieav'd Craflfula. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 173a, by James Sheraix]» M.D. Dill. tkb. 

117. /. 99, /• 117. 
FL June and July. D. S. li • 

21. C. foliis alternis fubfpathulatis acutis int^errimis, JP^fa* 

racemo compofito. 
Alternate-leavM Craflula. 

Ar<7/. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mx.Fr.MaJhu 
Introd. 1774. 
FL July. D.S.i. 

22. C. foliis oblongis bafi attenuatis remote crenatis, diffufom 

pedunculis oppofitifoliis aziUaribufque folitariis. 
Diffiife CraiTula. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfon. 
Introd. 1774. 
FL July. D. S. 0. 

23. C. foliis petiolatis cordato-fubrotundis acudufculis fpathula* 

crenatisj corymbis pantculzformibus. ^^* 

Craflula fpathulata. Thunbirg mv. a&. nat. cur. 6. 

/• 330. 
Crenated Craffiila. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfon. 
Introd. 1774, 
FL July and Auguft. D. S. t . 




Us. . 





24. C. foliis oppoiitis ovatis pundatis ciliatis : inferio- 

ribus oblongis* Sf. fL 406. 
Dotted Crafluhu 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cub. 1759, by Mr. PhUip Miller. AM. JiO. i£L j. 

If. 7. 
FL Aprils— Auguft. D. S. 1^ • 

25. C. caule fruticofo, foliis cordatis perfbliatis acamina- 

tis planis patentibus intra marginem pundatis. 
Marginated Crafliila. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majgnu 

FL July and Auguft. D. S. % . 

26. C. caule frudcorO) foliis petiolatis cordatb obtufis 

integerrimis, cjrmis paniculaeformibus. 
Craflfub cordata. Tbunb. n§v. aS. not. cur. 6. p. 330k 

LifuuftippL 189. 
Heart-leav'd Craflula. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfw. 
Introd. 1774. 
FL Mzj Auguft. D. S. It • 

27. C. caule fruticofo, foliis ovatis bail attenuatis conna* 

tis integerrimis intra marginem punt^tis, cymts 

Snowy CrafTuIa. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope* Mr. Fr. Maffw. 
Introd. iTJi^ 
FL September and 0(9ober. D. S. 1^ • 

28. C. farmentis proliferis determinate folioHs, foliis pa« 

tencifltmis imbricatis. Sj/i. vegiU 306. 
Starry Crafliila. 



Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope* 

QUl 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. Dili. M. 

119. /. 100./. 118. 
fZJuly. D-S.V. 

29. C foliis fparfis femicylindraceis glabris, floribus late* mbgns. 
ralibus fditariis fubfei&Kbus, rarnis vOIoiis. 

Craflula rubens. Sjft. veget. 306. (exclufo fynony* 
mo Oederi) AUion, pedenu 2. p. 123. 

Sedum caule hirfuto, ramis ftmplicibus, floribus in alis 
fefiilibus. HalL lift. 960. 

Sedutn arvenfe flore rubente C. B. La Chinalin a£f, 
iehet. 7. p. 331. tab. Ii. 

Hardy Annual Craflula. 

Nat. of Switzerland and Italy. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Philip Millen 

Fl. May and June. H. O . 

Descr. In noftra planta: Caulis teres, pubefcens, 
decumbens, ramofus. Itami adicendentes, villofi, 
digitales. Folia fparfa, feffilia, glabra, craffitie 
pennz gallinx, verfus apicem parum attenuata, 
ibique nibicunda, inferiora fere uncialia, fuperiora 
icniim breviora. Fbres in ramis inter folia, fparii, 
remoti, folitarii, breviffime pedunculati. Calycis 
foliola carnofa, extus convexa, villofiufcula, lineam 
longa. Petala calyce triplo longiora, alba, carina-* 
ta : carina villofiufcula, rubicunda. NtSlaria alba, 
minima. Filam$nta petalis pauIo breviora. jfnthi-* 
ra fubrotundar, parva^, rubicundae. 

30. C. caule herbaceo, foliis patentibus, floribus verticil* verticiU 
latis ariftatis. Sjft. veget. 306. (exclufo fynonymp ^'*"' 

Whorl-flowcr'd Craflula. 

. . Jntrod. 


Introd. 1788, byMr.'Zicr. 

/7. July, H.O. 

MAHERNIA. Lim. want. 8. 

CaL 5-dentatus. P/tala 5, Neffaria 5, obcordata, 
filamentis fuppofita. Ca^. 5-loculari$» 

finnatOm i. M. fbliis tripartito-pinnatifidis. Syjt.vegtt. 308. 
Hermannia pinnata« Sp\ pL 943. 
Winged Mahernia. 
NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Intrdd. 1774, by Mr, Francis Maflbn. 
Ft. June— Auguft. G. H. Ifr . 

SIBBALDIA. Gen. pi 393. 

Gal lo-fidus. Petala 5, calyci inferta. StyU e latere 
germinis. Sim. 5. 

Cum* I. S. foUolts tridentatis. Sp. pL 406. 
Trailing Sibbaldia. 
Nat. of Brit2un. 
FL July and Auguft. H. %. 




M Y O S U R U S. <?/«. ^ 394. 

Cd. 5-phyIlus, bafi adnatus. NiSlaria 5, fububta, 
petalifbrmia, Benu numcrofa. 

I. Myosurus. Sf. pL ^Q'j. Curtis knd. mmnus. 

NtU cf Britain. 
FL April and Maf. H. O . 

CaL a Pit. 5. NeQaria 5, pedicellata. Capf. i^rpennac. 

I. Zanthorhiza. VHeriturJtirp. nnv. p* 79. t 38. apiifoKa. 
Parfley-leav'd Zanthorhiza. 
Nat. of North America. 
Introd. about 1766, by Mr. John Bufli. 
FL February April. H. ]&• 



Clajfts VL 



BROMELIA. Gen. ph 395. 

Cat. 3-fidus, fuperus. Peiala ^ Squama nedarifera 
ad bafin petal!. J^ofca g-looiilaris. 

Ananas. I. B. fbliis ciliato-fpinofls mucronatis, fpica comofiu 
Sp. pi. 408* 
a Ananas aculeatus, frudu ovato, carAe albida. Tnw* 
ebret.p. 1. /. a. 
Queen Pine-apple, 
pyrami- & Ananas aculeatus, fru£hi pyramidato, carne aurea* 
dalis. Tournef, inft, 653. 

Sugar-loaf Pine-apple. 
lucida. r Ananas lucide virens folio vix ferrata Dili ebb. 25. 

r. 2I./..23- 

King Pine-apple, 
viridis. i Ananas aculeatus, frudtu pyramidato ex viridi flavef- 
cente. Mill. diSf. 
Green-fleih'd Pine- apple. 
Nat. of South America. 
Introd. 1690, by Mr, Bentick. Br. Muf. Shan. mjf. 

FL March and April. S. 1^ • 

Pinguin. 2. B. foliis ciliato-fpinofis mucronatis, racemo terminal!. 
Sp. pi 4c8. 
Broad-lcav'd Wild Pinc-applc 



Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

Qdt. 1690, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court. 

CataL tnfcr. 
FL March and ApriL S» 1^ • 

P I T C A I R N I A. VHeritler fert. angl (Hcpctis. 
Swartzprodr. 56.) 

CaL 3-ph7llus, femifiiperus. Petala 3. Squama ne£b« 
rifera ad bafin petalorum. Stigmata 3, contorta. 
Caff. 3, introrfum dehifcentes. Sem. alata. 

I. P. foHis ciliato-fptnofis, pedunculis germinibufque gla- iromelia* 
berrimis. folia. 

Pitcairnia bromeliaefolia. V Herit. fnrt. angl. tab. 1 1. 
Scarlet Pitcairnia. 
Nat. of Jamaica. 
Oik. 1 78 1, by Lord Afhburtom 
FL June. S. % . 

a. P. foliis ciliato-rpinofis, pedunculis germinibufque to* angufii 



Narrow-leav'd Pitcairnia. 

Nat. of the Ifland of Santa Cruz. 

Ifttrod. 1777, by John Ryan, Efq. 

Fl. December and January. 

S. 1^. 

3. P. foliis integerrimis baft fubrpinofis. 


Broad-leavM Pitcairnia. 

JVi/. of the Weft Indies. 

IntraJ. 1785, by Mr. Alex. Andcrfon. 

/y. Auguft. 




fisxAH^iLf A iioironrirfii* 


CaL 3-fidus, perfiftens. Or. 3-fida, campanulata. 
Capf. i-locularis. Senu pappofiu 

Ungulata. i* T. fbliis lanceolato-iingulatis tntegerrimis bad veo- 
tricofis* 8f. fL 409. 
Tongue-leav'd TillandGa. 
Abf. of Jamaica. 

Ovilr. 1776^ by Mr. Jaaica Gonktti 
FL S. %. 





CaL 3-pkylhis. Pttala 3. FiUmunta villis articiib- 
ds. Q>^. 3-locularis. 

I. T. ere£b laevis, floribus congeftis. Sp. fL 4.1 1. 

Common Virginian Spider-wort. 

NaL of VtrgiDJa and Mar}dand. 

Introd. before 1629, by Mr. John Tradefcant^ Sea. 
ParL parol. 151. /. 4^ 
I /I May Oaobcr. H.Tf. 

^ T. ereda bcvis, pedunculis foUtariis longiffimts. f/. 

Grafs- leaved Spider-wort. 
Nat. of Che Eaft Indies. 
. Introd. 1776, by John Fothcrgai, M. D. 

FL July and Auguft* S* V« 

3^ T. procumbens hirfiita. Sp, pL 4iau 
• Knotted Spider-wort. 

Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

Jtttrod. about 1783. 

/'iLJuly. S.%. 

ntXkiit>tLiA MOKOOYfitA. Tradefcantuu 

4* T. repens laeviS) fpathis dipbyllis imbricatif« 
vegit. 315. Jacpi* b^rt. t. f. 64* f% 137, 
Commelina criftata. Sf^ fU 62* 
Creftcd Spider-wort. 
Nat. of Ceylon, 

Introd. 17704 by Monf. Richard, 
/y. July— ^-September. S. ©4 

5. T. acaulis laevis, foliis obroi^-laAceolatis canalicu- 
latis camo(?s dtfcoloribus* 
Trade&alitia dilcolon VHtriU fert^ angL tab. I a. 
Tradefcantta fpathacca. Swartz prddr* 57. 
Purple-leav'd Spider- wort. 
Nati of South America. 
Intrcd. 1783, by Matthew Wallen, Efq* 
FL moft part of the Summer. ' S. If * 




P O N T £ D E R I A. Gen. ph 399. 

Cor* i-petala^ 6'-fida, bilabiata. Stamina 3 apici, 3 
tubo corollas ijiferta. Caff. 3-locularis. 

2 « P4 foliis eordatis, floribus fpicatis. Spi ph 41 2* 
Hcart-lcav'd Poiltcderia. 
Natt, of Virginia. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. MiUer. MIL dUfi edit* J. n. U 
FL July and Auguft. H. if. 


H^MANTHUS. Gem pL ^00. 

Tnvducr. 6-phyllum, multiflorum. Cor. 6^ partita, 

fupera. Baeca 3-locularis. 

!• H. foliis linguiformibus plants laevibut huAii adpreffis cdccineus. 
bifariis, umbeUa coardtata fidligiata involucro bre- 
viorii limbo patulo. Linn.fiL 

D d 2 Usemanthus 

404 HEXANDRiA MONOOYNiA« Haemaothus. 

HaeoianthiiS coccineus, Sp. pL 412. 

Scarlet Hsmanthus, or Blood-flower. 

Nat of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult. 1 731, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL £a. tdiu i. 

Fl. Auguft Oftobcr. G. H. %, 

punUeus. 2. H. foliis oblongis ellipticis acutis retufis unduktisi 

umbella coardata faftigiata, limbo fiaminibufque 

eredis. Linn. fiL 
Haemanthus puniceus. Sp. pL 413. (exclufis fyno- 

nymis Sebae, Swertii, Morifoni et Rudbeckii.) 
Waved4eav'd Haemanthus, or Blood-flowtr. 
Nat. of Africa, 
Cub. 1 722, by James Sherard, M. D. Dill. eltb. 167. 

1. 140. /. 167, 
F/.May ^July. G-Elf. 

pubefcens. 3. H. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis undique hirfutis, umbd- 
la faftigiato-rotundata, limbo ftaminibufque eredis. 
Haemanthus pubefcens. Linn.fuppl. 193. 
Downy-lea v'd Hermanthus. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majjiiu 
Introd. 1774. 
/7. Auguft. G.H.lf. 

ciliaris. 4. H. foliis lanceolatis glabris ciliatis, involucro lato um- 
bella rotundata breviori, limbo reflexo. 
Haemanthus ciliaris. Sp. pi. 413. 
Amaryllis ciliaris* Linn.fuppl. 195. 
Fringed Haemanthus. 
Nat, of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL G. H. «. 



KHXANDRi A MONOGVN JA. Hxmanthus* 40^* 

{, H, fbliis bifanis oblongis planiufculis glabns p^dun- Uxicari^ 
oulis fpatha floreque longioribu*!, Linn. jiL ^^^ 

Amaryllis difticha, Linn, fiippL 1 95. 
Fan-lciv'd Hrcmanthus. 

N^it. of the Cape of Good Hope, Mn Fr. Majfan. 
Introd* ^774- 

n G.H,at* .^^ 

ffH, foliis fctacciSj icapo fi]iformi bafi rj>irali f^exuofoi fpi rails ^ 

involucris fabulatis umbeUa j-4-fiora brcvioribus, 
Linn. fiL 

Spiral-flalk'd Hxmanthus. ^^m 

Nai, of the Capeof Good Hope* Wm^^ 

Intr^d* 1774, by Mr- Francis Maflbn. *^* 

FL September, G. H, V- 

M A S S O N I A. Linn.fuppL 27, 

[C?^. infera, limbo 6-partItCK Fikm. coUo tubi impo- 
Hea, Q/))/ 3-alaca, 3'1ocuJariiJ, polyfperma. 

j. M. foliis fubrolundis f>atentibu8, laciniis coroUx pa- latifolia^ 

tulis, TAB. 3. 
- Maflbnia latifolia. Linn.fufpL 193. 
' MaiTonia depreflsu Houtt. nat. htft. 12. p. 424^ /. 85. 

i >; I- 

^ Broad-Ieav'd Maflbnia. 

; Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfon. 
\ Introd. 1775. 
FL March and AprU. G. H. If. 

» M. foliis oblongo^lanceolatis ere£tis, laciniis corollas anguft'f 

reflexis. TAB. 4. /^^'^* 

Maflbnia anguflifplia. Linn. fvfpL 193. 
Narrow-leav'd Maflbnia. 

D d 3 Nat. 


Nat. of Ac Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. 

Introd. 1775. 

Fh March and April. G. H. %. 

GALANTHUS. Gen^pl ^01. 

PitaJa 3, concava, NeSfarium ex petalis 3, pain's, 
emarginatis. Stigma fimplex, 

nivaEsn i. Galanthus. Sp^ pL 413, Jacqu. aujiu 4. f 7. 

'• 313- 
Common Snow-drop, 
Nat. of the South of Europe, 
Cult. 1597. Ger. birb. i20,/ I. 
FL February and March, H. V- 

LEUCOJUM. Gin. pi 401. 
Or. campaniformis, 6*partita, apicibus incraflata. 
Stigma Amplex, 

permim* I.L.fpathauniflora, ftyloclavato. Sp. pL j^i/^ Jacftt 
auftr. 4. p. 6. /• 3I2, Curtis magaz. 46. 
Great Spring Snow-drop, 
Nat. of Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. 
Cuh 1596, by Mr, John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
fl. February and March. H. V. 

mftivum. %* L* fpatha multiflora, ftylo clavato. Sp. pi. 414* 
Curtis kfuU Jacqtu ouftr. 3. p. 2, /. 203, 
Summer Snow-drop, 
Natn of Exigland. 
//, April and May. H. V. 

mitum^ 3* L. fpatha multtflora, ftylo filiformi. Sp. fh 414. 
naU. Autumnal Snow-^drop* 


Tai.s. VfliJa^s.-^cji 

f 1 1 


^A'}h^* /-fr: «a^/ 

_ /r/r^'oy/i^Tn^ ri^/yn/TTf^^iHi 





Nat. of Portugal 

Introd. 17(5, by Mr. Jolhva BKX>ks, 

n. StptQiaUr. H. %. 

4. L« ipatha diphylb multHIora : floribus eredis, ftjdo - Jlrunmm 
bafi inflato globofiv TAB. 5. lA'w- 

Criiuim tenellum. Linn, fuf^ 194. (exclitfo fyno- 

iV<f r. of the Cape of Good H^pe. Mr. Fr. MaJJiau 

Introd. 1774. , 

Fl November. G. H. V. 

PffiCR. Radix bulbofa. Wifi omnia radicalia^ bafi 
vagina inclufa, filiformia,'p^rum compreffi^ glabra, 
fcapo longiora. XJmbeUa terminalis, pauciflora. 
PedumuU iUiformes, glabri, inaequalec, unciales et 
biuncialea. Spatba univerfaUs bivalvis: vahmUk 
lanceolatae, cnembranactfle^ altera femuncialis, alte- 
ra ter brevior. Spatba partialis nulla. Petala fex^ 
alba, oblongo-lanceolata, patentia, tres lineas longa : 
tria. intirhr.a obtufiufcula \ ixteriora acuta, carina- 
ta: carina obtu(a, vireicente. Filamenta lex, re- 
ceptaculo inferta, fubulata, aequalia, alba, petalis 
breviora. Antbera fubrotuadbr, paryas, fufoe. (7/r- 
men inferum, fubgloboium, trigonum. Stylus bafi 
in corpufculum germine majus, inferne plicatum, 
iofiatus, dein fubulatus obtufe trigonus, Icngitu- 
'dine ftaminum. Stigma obfolete trifidum. Capfula 
fubglobo(a, glabra, trigona, feu potius quafi e 
tribus compofita, trilocularis, trivalvis. Setnina 




TULBAGIA. L!nn. manU 148. 

Cor, infundibulif. limbo 6-fido, Ne^arlum coronans 
faucem. Capf fupera, 

^tUaceOf U T. ne£brio monophyllo fexdentato. 

Tulbagia alliacea. Linn.fuppL 193. 

Tulbagia capenfis. Linn. manU 223. ^a^qu. hert. 2, 

^. 52. M15, 
Narciffus-leav'd Tulbagia. 
ffaU of the Cape of Good Hope, 
Introd. 1774, by Mr. Francis MaiTon, 
fLMzy. G.H.n. 

NARCISSUS. Gin. pL 403. 
Pitakty sequalia : NeSiario infundibuHfonni, i-pb/Oo. 
Stam. intra ncdarium, 

f$eticuu !• N. fpatha uniflora, ne£lario rotato breviffimo feariolb 
crenulato. Sp. ^/. 414. 
a Narciflus albus, circulo purpurqo. Baub. pin. 48. 

Poetic Narciflus. 
P Narciflus medio purpur^us multiplex. Bauh. pin* 54< 
Double White Narciflus, 
N(it. of France and Italy. 
Cult. 1570. Lohsi. adv. 50, 
Fl. April ^4 May, H. If. 

Tfiud$» 2f N. fpatha uniflora, ne£brio campanulato ere£lo crifpo 

Narcif^ aequante petala ovata. Sp. pi. 414. 

J^^^* fg Narciflus fylveftris pallidus calice luteo. Baub. pin. 52* 

Common Narciflus, or Daflbdil. 

|3 Narciflfus fylveftris multiplex calice carens. Baui* 

pin. 54. 

Common Double NarciflTus, or DafibdiU 



Nat. of England*. 

/Z March and April , U.%. 

3* N* fpatha uniflora, ne£bu*io campanolatomargtne pa- H^^hr. 

tido crifpo squante petala. Sp. pi. 41 5. 
a NarcilTus albus, calice flavo, alter. Bauh. pin. 5a« 

Two-color'd Narcifllis* 
Narciflus major. Curtis tnagaz. 51 • ' 

Great Narciflus. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cub. 1629. Pari, pared, 68. n. u 

FL April and May. H. Of. 

4. N. fpatha unifiora, nedario obconico eredo crifpo fex- $mn$r. 

fido aequante petala lancedata. Sp. pl-^iS* Curtis 

fnagax. 6. 
Small Narciflus. 
Nat. of Spain. 

Cub. 1629. Park parai. 105. ». 3. 
FL March. H. V. 

5. N. fpatha fubbiflora, floribus cernuis, petalis refiexis, trian>* 

ftaminibus tribus longioribus. Curtis magaz. 48. dNu^ 
Nslrcifliis triandrus. Sp. pi. 416. 
Rufli-leav'd Narciflus. 
Nat. of Portugal. 

Cub. 1629. Pari, parad. 93. f. 2. 
Fl. April and May. H. V . 

6. N. fpatha fubbifflora, neSario campanulato trifidp criinta* 

emarginato petalis triplo breviore. Liun. mant. 62. '^^* 
Oriental Karcifliis. 
Nat. of the Levant. 
Cult. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 




410 HXXANDRiA MONocyKiA. Narciffus. 

aiortts^ 7* N. fpatha Aibbifiora, ne£brio campanulato ttxkAo I»vi 
dtmidio petalis breviorC) foliis femicy&idricis. Sjfl. 
veget. 317. 

SweeNfcented Narciffus. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Ckih. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 

FL April and May. H. V. 

Tazetta. 8.N. fpatha multiflora, neftario campanukito pticaco 
truncato triplo breviore petalis, fdUs plants. Sffi, 
veget 317. 

Polyanthus Narciflus. 

Nat, of Spain and Portugal. 

Cult. 1597. Ger. hifh. ItO. f. 8. 

FL March and April. H. %. 

9. N. fpatha uniflora, nedbrio turbinato petalls naajorc, 
genitalibus declinacis. Sp. pL 417. 
Hoop-petticoat Narciflus. 
Nat, of Portugal. 

C«/f. 1629. Pari.parad. 107./. 7. 
Fl. April. H. %. 

ID. N. fpatha multiflora, ne£brio campanulato brevi, fo- 
liis fubulatis. Syjf. vegtt, 3x7. Curtis magax. 15* 
a flora fimplici. 

Single JonquilU 
flore pleno. 
Double Jonquill. 
Nat. of Spain. 

Cub. 1597. ^^* ^'^^* 'l^- 
FL April and May. H. «. 

PANCRATIUM. Gin. pi. ^o^ 
Petala 6 : Ne£iario i2-fido. 5^^;ij. neflario impoficsu 

mexica^ \. P. fpatha biflora. Sp. pi 418. 

»«/». Mexican 


HBXANO&IA iiONOOTNiA. Pancracium* 4tt 

Mexican Pancratium. 

Nat. of Mexico. 

^^* 17329 by James Sherard; M, D. DiU. ebb. 

999. /. 22a. / 289. 
/yiAuguft. S.lf. 

a. P. fpatha multiflora, foliis lanceolatis, corolla bciniia carihfm 
linearibus tube longioribus. **■• 

Pancratium caribxum. Sp. pL 41 8» 
Caribean Pancratium. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies. 
Jntrod. 1730^ by Mr. Philip Millfr. Mart, diC* 3. 

p. 27. • 
JiLmoft part of the Summer. S.l|:. 

3. P. fpatfaa multiflora, petalis planis, foliis liogulatis. mariii* 
Sp. pL 418. num. 

Sea Pancratium, or DafFodil. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cuk. 1629, by Mr. John Parkinfpn* Park, parade 

FLUzj. H. It. 

4* P« fpatha multiflora, foliis linearibus, ftamlnibus nee- caroUnla-^ 
tarii Jongitudine. Sp. pL 418. '^'^^ 

Carolina Pancratium. 
Nat. of Jamaica and Carolina. 
Oih. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mill di&. idit. 7. »• 6. 
/y. July and Auguft. S. 1( . 

5. P. fpatha multiflora, foliis enfiformibus, ftamlnibus iUj/rUum^, 
ncvbrio longioribus. Sp, pU 41 8. • 
lUyrian Pancratium. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1615, by Mr, John Parkinfon. Park.parad. 96. 
FL G. H. n. 

6. P. 





6. p. fpatha ihultiflora, foliis lanceolato-linearibus bifa- 

riis, corollae laciniis linearibus tubo brerioribus, 

ne£brio fubintegro. 
Pancratium littorale. Jacqu. bert. 3. p. 41. /. 75. 

Sj/i.vegit. 3 1 8, 
Pancratium foliis enfiformibus, fpatha multlflora^ flo- 

ribus magnis candidis fragrantibus. Trew. ebret. 6. 

/. 27. 
Tall Pancratium. 
Nat. of the Weft Indies, 
Cult. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
Fl. moft part of the Summer. S. %, 

7. P. fpatha multlflora, foliis linearibus, corolkc laciniis 

lanceolatis tubo brevioribus, finubus laciniarum 
nedlarii ftaminiferis. 

KarciflusJeav'd Pancratium. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cult. 1776, by Mrs. Theobald. 

FL June Auguft. S. %. 

Descr. Folia fefquipedalia, femunciam lata. Seapus 
ere£lus, compreiTus, pedalis. Spatha oUongo-lan- 
leolataS) acuminatae, albid??, marcefcentes : exte- 
riores majores, fefquiunciales. Flores fuaveolentes, 
pedicellati. PedicelU trigoni, vix femunciales. C$^ 
rolla monopetala: Tubus cylindrico-trigonus, vi- 
refcens, vix biuncialis, craffitie pennae anferinae; 
Lhnbus campanulatus, fexpartitus : lacinia lanceo- 
latae, acutae, tubo paulo breviorcs, niveae^ extus medio 
virefcentes. NeSfarium campanvilatum, corollae la- 
ciniis brevius, fexfidum : laciniis bifidis. Filamenta 
alba. AntMra flavae. Stilus declinatus, virelcens. 
Stigma obfoletc trilobum. 

8. P. 

HEXANDRiA MONOGYNiA. Pancratium« 413 

9. p. fpatha multiflora, foliis ovatis nervofis petiolads. tfmM- 

Broad-leav'd Pancradam. 

Nat. of Amboiiuu 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MlLdUi. edit. ;• n. j. 

FL April. S, It. 

C R I N U M. Gen. pi 405. 
. Cor. infundibuliformis, femifexfida : tubo filiformi; 
limbo patulo rerurvato: laciniis fubulatis canall- 
culatis. Filamenta fauci tubi inferta^difcreta. . Linn. 


I. C. foliis oblongo-lanceolatis margine glaberrimis ; amnrUet' 
apice contrado-unguictdato, floribus pediccllads, a<<ml 
tubo limbo breviore. Linn.fil. 

Crinum americanum a. Sp. pL 419. 

Great American Crinum. 

Nat. of South America. 

Cult. 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. Dill. elth. 194. 
/. 161. f. 195. 

fl. July and Auguft. S. If . 

2. C. foliis lanceolads cartilagineo-crenulads apice pro- eruhef" 
AwOto explanato, floribus fe/filibus, tubo limbo Ion- cens. 
giore. Linn. fil. 

Crinum americanum 0. Sp, pi 419. 

Crinum foliis carinads. A^ll. ic. 73. tab. no. 

Small American Crinum. 

Nat. of the Weft Indies. 

Cult. 1 756, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. ic. he. cit: 

F/. at various Seafons. S. 1(. 



Gr/infera, infundibulifonnis, hexapetaloidca^ rcgularis. 

ufidfitta^ * I. Agapanthus. 

tuu Crinum aTricanum. Sp^ pi. 419. 

Tulbaghia. Heijleri Brunfaigia^ pag. X. ndt. (h)* 

Mauhlia africana. Dahl obf. bot. 26. 

African blue Lily. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cub. 1692, in the Royal Garden at Hamptoo-coiirti 
Pluk. pbyt. t. 195. / I. 

Fl. Auguft January. G. H. %* 


Car. tubulob, clavata, curva, 6-fida : lacinbe ovaCo^ 
oblongs. Fikm. tubo inferta, apice conniventiai 
Linn. fiU 

rniguftiftH I. C. feliis obtufe carinatis redis, florlbus cernuis. Imu 

Crinum anguftifolium. Linn.fuppL 195. 

Narrow-leav'd Cyrtanthus. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Mafiiu 

Intr$JL 1774. ' 

FL July. G. H. %. 

ohllqtius* 2. C. folils plants obliqurs, ftoribus pendulis. Lirtn.fi4 
Crinum obliquum. Linn, fuppl. 195. 
Amaryllis umbrella. L* Merit, fert. angl. tab, 16. 
Oblique-leav'd Cyrtanthus. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Mfffm* 
Introd. 1774. 




C$r. iiexa{>etiIoi<ieB> irregularis. Fikminta fiioci tuU 
infertai decliiuta, insequalia proportione vel direc- 
tione. Linn. fil. 

1. A. fpadu indivifa obtufa,'fiore feffili, corolla campa- lutetu 

nulata ereda ball breve tubulola, ftaminibus eredis : 
alternit brevioribus. Linn. fiL ' 

Amaryllis lutea. Sp. pL 420. 

Yellow Amaryllis, or Autumnal Narcifius. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger* 

Fl. September. H« 1(. 

2. A. fpatha diphylh uniflora, corolla infundlbulifbrmi Pumilhm 

squall : laciniis revolutis, ftaminibus inclinatis : al- 
ternis brevioribus. 

Dwarf Amaryllis. 

Nau of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Maffon. 

Introd. 1774. 

FL November. G. H. V. 

Descr. Folium radicale> lineare, inferne anguftatum. 
Scopus teres, palmaris, virefcens. Flos termlnalis, 
folitarius. Spatha diphylla : foUola lineari-fubulata, 
bafi invicem amplexa, tubo corollx longiora, vi- 
rentia. Corolla tubus infiindibuliformisy uncialis, al- 
bidus, externe lineis fex elevatis notatus, interne li- 
neis fex rubris cum prioribus alternantibus. Limbi 
laciniae oyato-oblongae, acutae, reflexae, tubo Ion- 
giores, extus albidae, intus lateritiae. Filamenta fi- 
liformia, tubo infra fauccm inierta, apice inflcxa, 
albida: tria alterna breviora. Anthera oblongS| 
incumbentes, lutese. Germen oblongum. Stylus 


4ii HBXAKDRiA MONOGYKiA« Amaryllis. 

filiformis, ftaminibus longior, albidus. Stigma tri- 
fidum : laciniae lineares, rubicundae, apice albae. 

Jtmiuifc9. 3» A. (patha bifida acuta, flore pedicellato^ corolla cam- 
panalata fubzquali ere£b bafi breve tubul<^ fta- 
minibus declinatis ^equalibus. Linn.fiL 

Amaryllis AtamaTco. Sp. pL 420. 

Atamafco Lily. 

Nat. of North America. 

Cultn 1680, by Mr* Charles Hatton. Mortf. lift. «. 
p, 366. »• 30, 

/7.May. H.V. 

firnufijj^ 4* A. fpatha indivifa, flore pedicellato, corolla bilabiaU 
9HU nutante profunde fexpartita, genitalibus declinatis. 

Linn. fiL 
Amaryllis formofiffima. Sp.pL/flo. Curtis magaz.^j. 
Jacobea Lily. 
Nat. of South America. 
Cult.' 16 sSy in the Oxford Garden. Hort. axon. id. 2. 

p. 116. 
FL May and June. S. %* 

regime. 5. A. fpatha fubbifiora, pedlceltls divaricatis^ corollis 
campanulatis breve tubulofis nutantibus, fauce tubi 
hirfuta, foliis lanceolatis patulis. Linn. fil. 

Amaryllis reginae. Sp. ^/. 421. ' 

Amaryllis fpatha multiflora, corollis campanulatis 
aequalibus, marginibus undulatis. Aiill. tc* p. 16- 
t. 23. (crrore fculptorisj reftius 24.) 

Mexican Lily. 

Ndit. of America, 

Cult. 1725. MU. ic. loc. cit. 

Ft. May and June. S. %• 



6. A. ^tha fubbiflora, coroUis erediufculis bail tubulofis, purpurea* 

fauce tubi glabra, foliis lineari-lanccolatis. Linn. jU. 
Crinum fpeciofuni. Linn^fuppL 195. 
Purple-flower'd Amaryllis. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majfon. 
Introd. 1774- 
' FL G.H,V. 

7. A. fpatha fubbiBora, pedicellis ere£Us fpatha breviori- iquiftrism 

' bus, tubo filiform! horizontal!, limbo oblique patu- 
lo furfum curvo, fauce pilofa* Linn.fii 

Amaryllis dubia. Linn. am. ac. 8. p. 254. 

Lilium americanum puniceo flore, Bella domla dic- 
tum. Herm, par. i<)^. cum fig. 

Lilium -rubicundum. Merianfurin. 22. tab. 22. 

Barbadoes Lily. 

Nat, of the Weft Indies. 

Introd. I778,by William Pitcairn, M.D. 

FL G.U.%. 

8. A. fpatha fubbifiora, coroUis bafi tubulofis nutanti- 

bus, fauce tub! glabra, fcapo compreHb, foliis oblon- 

grs bafi attenuatis. Linn. fil. 
Amaryllis reticulata. VHerit.fert.angU t. 14. 
Fbt-ftalk'd Amaryllis. 
Nat. of Brafil. 

Introd. l^^^^ by Edward Whitalcer Gray, M. D. ' 
/7. April. S. If. 

9. A. corollis ere£tiufculis hexapetalis : laciniis planis, 

fcapo compreiTo, foliis acute canaliculatis obtufe 

carinatis glaberrimis. Linn. fiL 
Amaryllis Belladonna. Sp. pi. 421. J. Miller illujtr. 
Amaryllis fpatha rouhiflora, corollis campanulatis 

aequalibuS) genitalibus declinatis. Ph. ATtll. ic. 

p. 15. /•24. (errore fculptoris i ref3ius23.) 

£ e Belladonna 




Belladonna Lily. 


Introd. about 1712. MIL it. be. ctU 

FL July September. H. %. 

vhtatiu 10. A. floribus pedicellatis, corollis cuneiformi-infiuidi- 
buliformibus, petalorum exteriorum rachibus inte- 
riorum margin! adnatis, fcapo tereti, ftigmatibus 
fulcatis. Linn. fU. 

Amaryllis vittata. VHeriUfert. angL tab. 15. 

Superb Amaryllis. 


Introd. 1769, by Mr. William Malcolm. 

FL April and May. S. %. 

falcata^ II. A. corollis pedunculatis eredis hexapetalis, fcapo 

comprefla longitudine umbellaC) foliis planis humi 

adpreflts margine falcatis albo-cartilagineo-ciem* 

tis. .£/»». JiL 

Crinum iaicatum. Jacqu. b$rt. 3. p. 34* t. 6o. Sjfl. 

v<^''^ 3'9- 
Stckled-leavM Crinum. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Jrttrod. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL G. H. If. 

cmata. 12. A. floribus fefSlibus^ corollis bafi tubulofis: tobo 
fpathis limboque longiori curvo^ limbi laciniisob* 
longis ariftatis : lacinia infima divaricata concava. 
Linn, fiL 

Cape Coaft Lily. 

Nat. of Guinea. 

Cult. 1740, by Robert James Lord Petre. Eira* 
piei. t.^. f.%\ 

FL June and July. S. %• 

13. A. 


13. A. floribus pedicelladsy fpatfaa 12 — 20 flora^ corollis bngifilia. 

bail tubulofis : tubo curvo brevi, limbi laciniis 
lanceolatis obtufis, foliis lato-fubulatis canalicu* 
latis apice flaccidis. Linn, JIL 

AmaryUis longifolia. Sp. //• 421. 

Long-kav'd Amaryllis* 

I/ai. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

IniroJ. 1773, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

FL July. G. H. V. 

14. A. floribus pedicellatis, cordlis bafi tubulofis : tubo nvoluta^ 

filiformi brevi curvo^ foliis linearibus anguilis ca« 
naliculads longis ab ortu flaccidis* Linn. JIL * 

Revolute Amaryllis. 

Ngt. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfvn. 

lMtr§d. 1774. 

FL September. G. H. if. 

Descr. FoKa bipedalia, femunciam lata, canalicula* 
ta. Scopus pedalis. Umbtlla 4^^ flora. Fbres 
fuaveolentes. Tubus trigonus, virefcens, inflexus. 
Lacinia biunciales,. intus albae, extus fecundum 
medium dilute rubentes, ad medium revolutae. 

15. A. floribus pedicellatis ere^liufculis, corollis infundi- auna* 

buliformi^clavatis fubhexapetalis : laciniis lineari- 
lanceolatis, genitalibus redtis, foliis linearibus * 

ere£Hs canalicuktis margine reflexo glabro. Linn^ 

Golden Amaryllis. 

N^iU of China. 

Intr^JL l^^^y by John Fothergill, M.D. 

FL Auguft and September. S. V. 

DssCR. Fi^/ftf linearia, carinata, margine parum xt^ 

flexa, fefquipedali), vix unciam lata. Scopus pa«> 

rum compreflits^ vix bipedalis. Spatha diphylla, 

£ e 2 lanceolata^ 

4^ HEXANDRiA MONOG7NIA. Amaiylli$« 

lanceolata^ marcefcens, triuncudis, 5—9 florae Pt-^ 

dicelli ihaequales, longiores unciales, ad bafin brac- 

tea fufFulci membranacea, lanceolata, pedicdlonuA 

. longitUdine. Corolla infundibuliformis, lutea. 7k- 

* bus trigonus, vix femuncialis. Limbi laciniae li- 

neari-lanceolatae, . apice incraflatae, fubunciiiatBy 

duas cum femuncia-Iongae, obtufe carinaUe, can- 

nis virefcentibiis. * FilanuntafA\xQX inferta, reda: 

tria altecna corolla longiora, alterna breviora, ad- 

4>ida« ^ Anthera lineari-oblongae, redae, p^ide 

lutefcentes. Gertnen ovatuin> obtufe trigonuiA. 

Stylus filiformis, redfus, ftaminibus longior, albi- 

. dus. Stigma tripartibile, coccineum. 

* mentalis. l6* A. fpatha multiflpra, floribus pedicellatis fexpaitid$ 
pedunculis fefquibfevioribus irregularibus, genni- 
nibus cuneiformibus aiigulatis; Linn, fil^ 
Amaryllis orientalis. Sp. pL 422. 
Broad-leavM African Amaryllis, 
Nat. oF the Cape of Good Hope. ' ' 
*' /if/rdrf. 1767, by Mr. William Malcolm. 

FC , ' G-H.V.. 

ftmienjis. ij. A. petalis linearibus planis, genitalibus re^ufculit 
coroUa longioribus, ftigmatrbus partitis revoluds. 
• • ' l»lnn, fih . . * 

' Amaryllis farnienfls.' Sp. pL ^2i., 
Gucnifey Lily. 

Nat. of Japan and the Ifland of Guernfey. 
Cult. 1(359, ^y General Lambert at WimUeton. 

Douglas dofcT. ofibeGuernfty Lily^ pag. Ii. 
Fl. September and Oaober. G. H. V. 

undulata. 1 8* A. petalis linearibus Cahaliculatis lyidulatis, genita- 

HEXANDRiA MONOGYNiA. Amaryllis. 421 

libus deflexis* corolla brevioribus, ftigmate obfo>^ 

Amaryllis undylata. Sj/l. veget. 320. Jacqu, Urt, 3. 
p. II. t. 13. Marburg ic. 13.* J^Fr. ASlUr ' 

Wavcd-flowcrM African Amaryllis. 
i\^^ of the Capeof Good\Hope. 
Introd. about 1767, by John Blackburne, Efq. 
FI. April- ^June. G. H. If. 

19. A. petalis lanc'eolatis undulatis, genitalibus deflexis ra£ata* 
', divergentibus corolla duplo longioribus, ftigmate 

obfoleto. Linn. fiL - . • • 

Lilio-Narciffus V .^ Trno Seligm, t. 35. 
Snowdrop-leav'd Amaryllis. 
Nat. . ' . •• 

Cult. i7s8,-by Mr. Philip MSUcr. 
/yijunc. •. G. H. V. ,. ' 

BULBOCODIUM. Gen. pi. ^oj. .. 

C27r. infundibulif.'hexapetala: unguibus anguftis fta- 
miniferis. Cap/, fupera. ' 

I. B. foliis lanceolatis. Sp. //. 422. Vfmum^ 

Spring-flowexing Bulbocodium. 

Nat. of Spain. 

Cult. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. di^. idit. u 
Colchicum 7. 
. .f/. March. ttv. 

ALLIUM. 409, 

Cor. 6-partita, patens. Spatba multiflonu Vmbillm 

congefta. Cap/, fupera. 

* Folia Paulina plana'. Umbitta capfulifira. 

I. A. caule planifolio umbellifero, umbella globofii, ftami- An^th^ 

E c 3 Aibiis prafum. 


nibus tricufpidatis, petalis carina fcabris. Sp^pL 

Great round-headed Garlick. 
Nat. of England. 
. PL July and Auguft. H. %. 

Porrum. 2. A. caule plaiiifolio umbellifero, ftaminibus tricufpida- 
tis, radice tunicata. Sp. pL 423. 
Cdmmon Leek. 

Cub. 1597. Ger. herb. 138. 
FL April and May. H. } . 

Uneare. 3. A. caule planifolio umbellifero, umbella globda, ila« 
minibus tricufpidads coroOa dupio longioribus. Sp. 
pi. 4^3. 
Linear-leav'd Garlick. 
Nat. of Siberia. 

Cult. 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mill. dia. edit. 8. 
/y-Junq. H.V. 

yiSioria-- 4« A. cau1« planifolio umbellifero, umbella rotundata^ 

Hi* ftaminibus ianceolatis corolla longioribus, ibiiis 

ellipticis. Sp. pi. 424. Jacqu. aujlr., 3. p. q. t. 2l6. 

Long-rooted Garlick. 

Nat. of the Alps of Italy, Switzerland, and Auftria. 

Cult. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand. chtl. n. ir. 

FA May. H. V. 

fuhbirfu' 5. A. caule planifolio umbellifero, foliis inferioribus hir- 
^'^''^ futis, ftaminibus fubulatis. Sp. pi. 424. 

Hairy Garlick, or Diofcorides's Moly. 

Nat. of the South of Europe and the Levant. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

RMay. , H. It. 



6* A. caule planifeUo umbellifero, ramulo bulbiiero^ fta- magicwiu 
minibus fimplicibus. Sp. pL 424. 
Homer'i Garlick, or M0I7. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H9rt. Ger. 
K June and July. H.lf. 

7* A* caule plantfolio umbelliferOi ftaminibus filifonni- Mquunu 
bus flore triplo longioribus, foliis obliquis. Sp. pi. 

Oblique-leavM Garlick. 
NaU of Siberia. 
Cult, before 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. diff. 

edit. 8. 
/7.June. H. If. 

8. A. caule planifolio umbdlifero^ umbella ikftigiata, rrfium. 

petalis emarginatis, ftaminibus breviffimis ilmplict- 

bus. Sjft.vigit.yLi. 
RoTe Garlick. 

Nat. of the South of France. 
Cuh. 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. di£l. idit. 6^ 

n. 20. 
Fl. June. H. %. 

* * Folia caulina plana. Vmbilla bulbifera. ^ 

9. A. caule planifolio bulbifero^ bulbo COmpofito^ flami- fativmu 

nibus tricufpidatis. Sp. pL 425. 
Cultivated Garlick. 

Cult. 1551. Turn. birb. part i. fign. B. iiij. 
/y: June and July. H.lf. 

10. A. caule planifolio bulbifero, foliis crenulatis : vagi* Scorodo* 

nis ancipitibusi ftaminibus tricufpidatis. Sp.pL^%i. frafum* 
£ e 4 Rocam- 


« Rocambole Garlick. 

Nat. of Hungary^ Denmark, arid Sweden. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. Jdin Gerard. Hort* Ger* 

Fl. July: 

arenari' 11. A. caule pl^nifolio bulbifero, -vaginis teretibus, fpa-. 
^^ tha mutica, ftamihibus tricufpidatis. Sp. pL 426. 

Sand Garlick. 

Nat. pfBriuin. 

jP/.Junc. H. V. 

carina* 12. A. caule planifolio bulbiiero^ ftaminibus fubulatis. 
^^^.•. Sp.pL^l6. 

Mountaifi Garlick. 

Nat, of England. 
• FL May and June. H. It- 

•♦•* Folia caidind teretta. 
fpharoci' 13. A. caule teretifolio umbellifero, folib femiteredbus, 
pbalon. ftaminibus tricufpidatis corolla longioribus. Sp. pL. 

426. . 
Small round-beaded Garlick. ^ 
Nat. of Italy, Siberia, and Switzerland. 
, * 'Cub. 1759. Mill. Ji^. edit. 7 Ji. 12. 

Fl.Ju\y. H.V. 

parvifio* 14. A. caule fubteretifplio umbellifero, umbdla globofa, 
rum. 'ftaminibus fimplicibus corolla 'longioribus, fpatha 

fubulata. 'Sp. pi. 427. 

Small-flower'd Garlick. 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Introd.' i 78 1, by Monf. Thouin. 

Fl. H.V. 

15. A. 


15. A. caule fubteretifolio umbcllifero, pedunculit cxte- d^gm* 
riof ibus brevioribus, ftaminibMS tricufiMdatis» Sp. deM4m 

Purple-headed Garlick. 
Nat. of Switzerland. 
.. , Odt. 17669 in Oxford Garden. . 

Fl. July. H.n. 

i6. A* caule teretifolio umbellifero, floribut * pendulis^ fimtmu 
petalis ovatis^ ftaminibus corolla longionbut. Sf. 
pL 428. Jacqu. auftr. 2. p. 25. /. 141. 
Sulpbur-color'd Garlick. 
Nat. of Auftria. 

Cuh. 1768, by Mr. Philip Millerl MU. di^. sdit. & 
• FL June and July. H. H . 

17. A. caule fubteretifolio umbellifero, floribus pendtilis . pallinu 
biuhcatis, ftaminibus fimplicibus coroUam »quan* 
tibus. Sp. pi. 427. 

Palc-flower'd Garlick. 

Nat, of the South of Europe. 

Introd. I779> by Abbe Pourr^t. 

FL June and- July. H. %. 

l8« A. caule fubteretifolio umbellifero, peduncplis capiU panicula' 
laribus eiFults, ftaminibus fubulatis, fpatha longif- turn* 
fima. Sj(/i* viget, 322. 
Panicled Garlick. 

Nat. of the South of Europe and the Levant 
/nrrM/. 1780, by Sig, Giovanni Fabroni. 
^Fl. H.V. 

19. A. caule teretifolio bulbiferoi ftaminibus tricufpida- vimaU. 
\ tis. Sp. pi, 428, 








Qtaw Garlick. 
Nat* of Britain* 
FL June. 


20. A. caule teretifolio bulbifero^ foliis (cabris femitere- 

. tibus fubtus fulcatis, ftaminibus fimplicibus. Sf^ 

Purple-ftriped Garlick. 

Nat. of England. 

iPAJuIy. H.H. 

• ♦ • • Folia radicalia. Scopus nudus, 

21. A. fcapo nudo ancipid, foliis linearibvs planis, ftami- 

nibus tricufpidatis. Sp. pL 429. 
Flat-ftalk'd Garlick. * 
NaU of Siberia. 

Infrod. 1785, by William Pitcairn, M.D. 
J7.July. H.lf. 

22. A. fcapo nudo tereti, foliis fubulatis, umbella globo- 

fa, ftaminibus tricufpidatis. Sp, pU 429. 
Afcalonian Garlick, or Shallot. 
NaU of Paleftinc. 
Cult. 1633. Ger. emac. 170. / 4. 
FL June and July. H. If. 

23« A.* fcapo nudo ancipiti, foliis linearibus fubtus con- 
vexis laevibus, umbella fubrotunda, ftaminibus 
* fubulatis. Sp. pL 430. 
Narciflus-leav'd Garlick. 
Nal. of Germany and Siberia. 
. Cult. 1 596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
/7. June and July. H.V. 

24* A- 


t4« A. fcapo ottdo fubtriquetro, foliis linearibut planit intdfntm, 
fubtus caruiatis, umbella fiiftigiata florifiera, fta*» 
minibus fimplicibus. 
Carolina Garlick. 
Nat» of Carolina. 

Intrcd* 1776, by the Dutcheft Dowager of Portland. 
J7. March and April. H. %. 

25. A. fcapo nudo ancipiti, foliis linearibus canaliculadi ongMln 

fubtus fubangulatis, umbella faftigiata. 8p. pL A^ 

430. Jafqu. auftr. $• P* tl. t. 423. 
Angular-ftalk'd Garlick. 

Nat, of Germany and Siberia. ^ 

Qtlt. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. HamL chiL n. 6. 
Fl. May. H. H. 

26. A. fcapo nudo tereti, foliis linearibus, umbella ere6b> Mtgnim 

petalis eredlis, fpatha mucronata bifida* Sp» pi. 

Allium multibulbofum. Jacqu. auftr. I. p. 9* /. I0» 
Broad-kav'd Garlick. 
Nat. of Auftria. 
Odt. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
Fl June and July. H. !(• 

27. A. fcapo nudo triquetro^ foliis lanceolatis petiolatisi urfimmu 

umbella faftigiata. Sjft. veget. 3234 
Ramfon Garlick. • 
Nat. of Britain. 
^A AprU and May. H. K. 

28. A. fcapo nudo feliifque triquetris, ftaminibus fim- trifm* 

plicibus. Sj/i, viget. 323. trunu 

Triangular Garlick. 
Nat. of Spain. 



Cult. 1768, by Mr. PfaiKp Miller. ''MU.£a:e£t. Z. 
' FL May and June. G. H.lf. 

Cepa^ 29* A. (capo nudo inferne ventricofo loagiorc foliis te- • 
retibus. Sp. pL 431. 
. ' Common Onion. , 

/ ; Nat. ^ ' 

' /v. June and July. ' . . H.%. 

* M»Iy» '30* A. fcapo .nudo fub^ylindrico, foliis laQceoIads feffili- 
bus, umbella faftigiata. Sp. pL 432. 
Yellow Garlick, or Moly. 
• Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cult. 1604, by Edward Lord Zouch. LM adv. 2. 

p. 502.. 
/y.June. ^H.«. 

tricoccum. 31* A. fcapo nudo femitereti, foliis lanceolatp-oblongis 

planis glabris, umbella globofa, feminibus folitanis* 

Three-feeded Garlick. 

Nat. of North America. Mr. tFllHam Toung. 

Introd. 1770. 

FiyAyl '• • H-Tf. 

fijtulofum. 3^' A. fcapo nudo adaequante folia teretia vcntricofiu 
♦ Sjft\ veget. 323. ' 

Welfh Onion. 

Nat. ^ . • 

Cuk. ifcg./ Park, parad. 51 1. / 4. 
• Fl. April and May. ^ ' H. U- 

ScbaewH '33. A-* fcapo nudo adsequante folia tcretia fubulato- * ' 

prafum. filifocmia. Syjlrveget. 324. ' 

Common Gives. 

. 'Nat. of Switzerland and Germany. 

• (kh* 


Cub. 1 597., Ger. berK 139* / i. 

#7. May. * . * H.«. 

34. A. fcapo nudo tereti,.foItis remicylindricis, ftamini- fiirUum» 
bus fubulatis. Sjfi. veget. 324* * 

Allium Scfacenoprafuin p* Sp. pL 433. Afurrof nw. 

commt gotting. 6. pp 33. /. 4* • • . * . 

Siberian Garlkk. . . ' * 

• NaU of Siberia and North America.' ' , 
Introd. 1777, by Chevalier Murray. ' 
/IJulyatidAuguft. ' • ' H. Of, 

25- A. (capo nudo tereti longiffimo^ foliis linearibus ca* ffaciU. 

naliculatis, ftaminibu9 fubulatis bafi connatis. 

. Jsunaica Garlick. 

Nat. of Jamaica. 

/»f^a^. i787,byHintonEaft, Efq. * 

• i?i February. S^V. 

DescA. Folia narciffina, pedalia, Scopus tripedalis, . 

tenuis. Petala ereda alba, unguiculata : ungues 

inferne cum ftaminibus connata in tubum viridem. 

Forte fui generis planta. . 

. • 
• •• 

L I L I U M. Gen. ph 410. 

Cor. 6-petala, campanulata : linea longitudinal! ne£bu- 
rifera. Capf. valvulis pilo cancellato conn^xis. ' 

I. L. foliis fparfis, corollis campanulatis : lotus glabris* eanS' 

sp^pi-m- . ' '" , 

m Lilium album* flore ^reAo et vulgare. Bauh. pin. 76* 

Common White Lily. ' 
f Lilium album floribus* dependentibus five piferegrK 
num. Baui. pin. 76. 
Nodding-flower'd White Lily. 

* • ' Nkt. 


4JO b'bxanoxia monogyhia. lilium. 

Nat. of die Levant 

Qtk. 1597. dr. berh. 146. 

FL June and July. H. %. 

2. L. foKis fparfis, coroUis campanulatis eredis : intus 
fcabris* Sp. pi. 433. Jacqu. aufir. 3. p, 14. U 226. 
Curtis magaz. 36. 
a Lilium purpurocroceum majus* Baub.piu. 76. 

Bulb-bearing, or Orange Lily. 
Lilium pbceniceum* Baub. pin. jji 

Purple Bulb-bearing Lily. 
y Lilium bulbiferum minus. Baub* pin. 77. 
Small Bulb-bearing Lily. 
, Not. of Itely, Auftria, and Siberia. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 

FL June and July. H. %. 

,p$mp0ii' 3. L. foliis fpards fubulatis, floribus reflexis, coroDis re- 
«*»• vdutis. Sp. ph 434. 

Pomponian Lily. 
, Nat. of Siberia and the Pyrenees. 

Cult. . 1 629. Park, par ad. 32. /• 3. 

Fil May and June. H. If. 

tbakiio-' 4. L. foliis fparfts lanceolatis, floribus reflexis, corollis 
^ • revolutis. - Sp. pi. ,434. Curti$ magaz. 30. 
Scarlet Martagon Lily. 
Nat. of the Levant. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Get. 
FL ]une. H.V. 


fuperbum. ; 5« L. foliis fparfis lanceolatis, floribus ramofb-pynunida- 
• tis reflexis, corollis revolutis. Sp. pL 434. 
Great yellow Martagon Lily. 



Nat. of North Ameriou 

Cult. 1738, by Peter Collinfon, Efq. Trew. ebrii.t. 

t II. 
FL June. H.%. 

6. L. foliis verticillatis, floribus rtflexis corollit xerolu^ Mni^. 
tist 8p. pL 435. Jjrfir. tfjj^r. 4* p. 27* A 351. £«*. 
Purple Mart3igon Lily. 
i\^. of Germany and Hungary. 
. Ckb. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard H^rt. dr. 
.//. June and July. H.lf, 

7« L. foliis verticillatis, floribus refiexis, corollis revoluto- canaia^ 
campanulatis. S^fi. veget. 314. 
Canada Martagon Lily* 
Nat. of North America. 
Cub. 1629. Park, parai. 32. / 2. 
Fl July and Auguft. VL %. 

%. L. foliis verticillatis, flore ereAo^ corolla campanula* canfAat'^ 
ta, pctalls fclElibus. &p. pi 435. ^'5^* 

Kamtfchatka Lily. 
Nat. of Kamtfchatka. 
Intrad. 1783, by Mr. John Bullu 
/^i May. H. %. 

9* L. foliis verticillatiS) floribus eredis, corolla campa- phtladiU 
nulata, petalis unguiculatis. Sp. pi. 435. pbiatau 

' Philadelphian Martagon Lily. 
. Nat. of North America. 

Cult. 1757, by Mr. Philip Miller. MiU. ic. liC. t. 

165. /.I. 
/7.July. H.V. . 




Cor. 6-petala9 campanulata, fupra ungues caVitate iiec« 

tarifera. Sta?ru longitudine corollab. 

imp$rut» '• P* racemo comofo inferne nudo, fbliis integerrimis^ 
Bs^ Sp. pi 435. 

Crown Imperial. 

A5i/.of Pcrfia? 

CulL 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Gtr. 
• R March and April. H. TJ. 

fiffUa. !• F. racemo nudiufculo, foliis obliquis. Sp. pi. 436. 
Perfian Fritillary, or Lily. 
AS?/, of Perfia? 

Ciik, 1596, by Mr. John (^erard. Hort. dr. 
. /£ April and May. H. If . 

Milea^ 3* F. caule fubunifloro, foliis omnibus alternis. Sp. pi. 
gris. 436. Curtis lond.- Jacqu. auftr. 5. p. 45. U app. 3a. 

Common Fritillary. 

Nat. of England. 

//.March ^May. H. It. 

E U C O M I S. VHertt,fert.angl. 

Cor. infera, 6-partita, perfiftens, patens. Filam.h2&. in 
ne&arium adnatum connata/ 

1. E. fcapo clayato, foliis lato-lanceolatis acutis. 
Fritillaria nana. cap. 9.. Linn, nuait* 223. 
Orchidea capenfis Tulipa flore rofeo. Fet. gas^ 

t. 85. / 6. 
Dwarf Eucomis. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introi, 1774> by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL May. G. H. U, 

2. £• 



X £• firapo cylindrico, foliis linguiformibus obtufis hu- regia. 

mi adpreffis* 
FritiUaria regia. Sp. pi. 435. 
Tongue^leav'd Eucomis, or Fridllary. 
i\^/. of the Cape of Good Hope* 
Cult, 1709, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort. Bn Muf 

H. S. 138. foL 64. 
Fl. March May. . G. H. If . 

3* E. icapo cylindricO) foliis ovato-oblongis undulatis pa- undulata^ 
tentibus, corns foliis longitudine fere racemi. 
Waved-leav'd Eucomis or Fritillary. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. about 1760, by Mr. Philip MiUer* 
Fl. March — -May. G. H. V. 

4* E. fcapo cylindrico, foliis oblongo-lanceolatis canali- punBata% 
culatis pateiitibus, corns foliis brevibus, racemit 

Eucomis punftata. VHerit.fert. angl. tab. 18. 

Afphodelus comofus. Houtt. nat. hiji. 12. p. 336* 
tab, 8 j. 

Spotted Eucomis. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good. Hope. 

Introd. 1783, by Mr. John Grsefer. 

/7. July. . G.U.%. , 

U V U L A R I A. Gen. pi. 412. 

Cor. 6-petala, erefta : NeSfarti fovea bafeos petali. 
Filamenta breviflima« 

X. U. foliis amplexicaulibus. Sp. pi 436. amplexim 

Hcart-leavM Uvularia. fi^^* 

Nat. of Germany. 

F f Cult. 

434 HEXANDRiA MdvocTttiA. VruUrlsu 

Cub. 1752, by Mr. Ph. Millen MIL di^. edit. & «. a. 
FL May. H. n. 

laaciola* 2. U. folils perfoliatis ovato-lanceolads acuminatis, 
ia. Polygonatum ramofum flore luteo minus. CSnte. 

canad* 40. tab. 41. 

Spear-leav'd Uvularia* 

Nat. of North America. 

Introd. 1785, by Mr. Archibald Menzies. 

FL July. H. V. 

peffilia' 3« U. foliis perfoliatis ovatis. 

t^* Uvularia perfoliata. Sp. pL 437^ 

Perfoliate Uvularia. 

Nat. of North America. 

Introd. 1734, by Peter Collixifon, Efq. CoIL ttfcr. 

FLM^y. H.%^ 

G L O R I O S A. Gen. pi 413.. 
Cor. 6'petala, undulata, reflexa. Stjhis obliquus. 

Juptrha. I. G. foliis cirrhiferis. Syft. veget. 325. 
Superb Lily. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies, and of Guinea. 
Introd. 1690, by Mr. Bentick. Br. Mrf. Shan. n^. 

FL July and Auguft. S. If. 

ERYTHRONIUM. G^«. ^/. 414. 

Cor. 6-petaIa, campanulata: Ne£tario tuberculis a, 

petalorum alternorum bafi adnatis. 

I^em ca* I- Erythronium. Sp. pL 437. Jacqu. avfir. J; 
nit* p. 31. tah. app. 9. Curtii magaz. 5. 

JDog's-tooth Violet. 



^ai. of Siberia, Italy, and Virginia. 
Cult. 1596, by Mr. JcAn Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
• FLMMh. H.K. 

T U L I P A. Gen. pi 415. 
Cor. 6-petala, campanulata. Stylus nullus. 

t. T. flore fubnutantc, foliis lanccolatis. Sp. pi 438. fyheftrU. 
Italian Yellow Tulip. 
Nat. of the South of Europe* 
Cult. 1597, '^y ^^* J^" Gerard. Gtr. herh. 116. 

Fl. April and May. H. If. 

a. T. flore ercao, foliis ovato-lantcolatis. Sp. -pi 438. gefneria^ 
Common Tulip. ^^* 

Nat. of the Levant. 

Cult. 1577, by Mr. James Garret* Ger. herb. 117. 
Fl April and May. H. V . , 

5^ T, caule multifloro polyphyllo, foliis linearibus. Sp. hreywom 

. M438. «^* 

Cape Tulip. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Intr^d. 1787^ by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
' Fl]}Ay. G.H.V. 

A L B U C A. Gen. pi 416. 

Cor. 6-petala : interioribus conniventibus \ exteriori* 
bus patulis. Stylus triqueter. 

• Stamnibus tribus fertilibus. 
1. A. petalis interioribus apicc glandulofis inflexis, foliis at^Jprnim 
fubulatis canaliculato-convoiutis. Dryander in aSf. 
Jhekh. 1784. p. 292. Jacqu. ic. 

F f 2 Tall 





Tall Albuca. 

Nat. of the Cape 6f Good Hope, 

Introd. about 1780, by Meilrs. Kennedy and Lee. 

FL April and May, G. H. If. 

2. A. petalis interioribus apice glandulofis inflexis, foliis 

llneari-lanceolatis planiufculls. Dryandir in aS. 

Jiockh. 1784- p. 293. 
Albuca major. Sp. pL 438. 
Great Albuca. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. about 1767, by Mr. William Malcolm. 
FL May. G. H. if. 

3. A. petalis interioribus apice glandulofis inflexis^ foliis 

lineari-fubulatis canaliculatis. Dryandtr in e£i. 
Jlockh. 1784. p. 294- 
Albuca minor. Sp. pL 438. 
Small Albuca. 

Njat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1768, by Mr. Ph. Miller. 
FL May and June. 

MIL dlQ. edit. 8. 

codfUata. 4. A. petalis interioribus apice fornicatis, foliis glabris, 
pedunculi^ longitudine bra(3earum. Dryandtr inaSm 
Jlockh. 1784. p. 295. 
Channel-leav'd Albuca. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Francis Majfen^ 
Introd, 1774. 
FA May. G.H.Tf. 

; • ♦ Staminibus omnibus fertilibus. 

' 5. A. petalis interioribus apice fornicatis, foliis glabris, 
pedunculis longifSmis. Dryanderin aSf.Jiocib. 1784. 
p. 296. 




Upright-flower'd Albuca. 

Nat. of the Cape of Cood Hope. Mr. Francis Majfon. 

Introd. 1774. 

FLMzj. G.H. If. 

6. A. petalis interioribus apice fornicatis, foHis pilofo- vlfcopt^ 
glandulofis. Dryanderin a£l.fiockh. 1784.^. 297. 
Albuca vifcofa. Linn, JuppL 196. Tbunberg in a&^ 

ftockh. 1786. f. 58. 
Vifcous Albuca. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. about 1779, by John FothergiU^ M. D. 
FL May and June. G. H. % . 

GETHYLLIS. Linn, fup^.ij. 
Cor. 6-partita. CaL o. Bacca clavata, radicalis, 

I. G. foliis lineari-filiformibus fpiralibus villods^ limbt viHofi. 

laciniis ovato-oblongis. Thunb. mv.gen. i. p.i\. 

n. 3. Linn. fuppL 198. 
Papiria villofa. Thunb. in a£l. lund. \. f. III. 
Hairy Gethyllis. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FU G.H.V. 

2« G. foIiis linearibus fpiralibus ciliatis, Hmbi laciniis dliariu 
ovato-oblongis. Thunb. nofo. gen. l. p. l^ n. 2. 
Linn, fuppl. 198. 
Papiria ciliaris. Thunb. in aG. lund. 1. p. ill. 
Fringed Gethyllis. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
ItUrod. 1 788, by Mr. Francis MafTon. 
Fl. G.H.%. 

F f 3 3- G- 


/piralis^ 3* G. foliis* linearlbus fpiralibus glabris, limbi laciniis 
oblongis. Thunb. nov. gen. i. ^. 14. n.. 1. Liwk 
fuppL 198. 
Gethyllis afra. Sp. pi. 633, 
Papiria fpiralis, ThunL in aSi. lund^ I. p. ill* 
Spiral GethyHis, 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
• G///. 1780, by John Fothergill, M.D. 
/-/•July. ' G.av, 

H Y P O X I S. G^n. pl^A^J. 

Chr. 6-partita, perfiftens, fupera. Cap/, bafi anguftior* 

gri^a» I. H. pilofa, capfulis ovatis. Sp. pL 439. 
Ercd Hypoxis. 
Nat, of North America, 
Introd. 1784, by Mr. William Young, 
FL June. H V, 

dicum^ 2, H. pilofa, capfulis clavatis. Sp. pi 439. 

t^ns^ Trailing Hypoxis. 

Nat. of Jamaica. 

Cult, 1755, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL ic. %t. t, 39./2, 
FL moft part of the Year. S. % , 

pU(ata^ 3. H. fcapo unifloro triquetro, foliis lanceolatis pUcatis 
villofis. Linn.fuppL 197. 
Fabricia plicata. Thunberg in Fabric, it. norvig* 29* 
Plaited-leavM Hypoxis. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1788, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL G. H. If, 

fiellata. 4. H. fcapo upifloro, foliis linearibui; ftriads, pctalis 
maculatis. Linn. fuppL 197, Sj/l. veget. 326. 


KSXAKD&IA MOtfOCYKIA. ^ypoxis. 435 

Fabricia ftellata. Tbunterg in Fabric, it. mrveg. 27. 
I Amaryllis capenfis. Sp. pL 420. Sjft. veget. 319. 
Sp6tted-flower*d Hypoxis. 
Nat* of the Cape of Good Hope. 
ItUrod. 1788, by Mr. Francis Mailbn. 
FL G. H. It. 

5. H. foliis linearibus, fcapis umbelliferis vcl unifloris. aquatica. 
Linn. fuppL 197. 
Aquatic Hypoxis. 
Nat* of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Jntr^d. 1787, by Mr. Francis Mailbn. 
FL G. H. U. 

6« H. foliis canaliculatis glabris ciliato-ferratis, fcapis fcrrata» 
unifloris. Linn, fuppl. 197. 
Fabricia ferrata. Thunberg in Fabric, it. norveg. 29. 
Channel-leav'd Hypoxis. 
N^a. of ihe Cape of Good Hope. 
Jntrod, 1788, by Mr. Francis MalTon, 
i7.July. G.H.K. 

7* H. foliis lineari-enfiformibtis villofls, ftigmate iun[dici villofa. 
trigono acuto. Ltnn. fuppl. 198. 
Fabricia villofa. Thunberg in Fabric, it. norvig- p. 31. 
Hairy Hypoxis. 

Nat. pf die Cape of Good Hope. Mr.Francis Majfon. 
Jntrod. 1774. 
FL moft part of the Sumaier, G. H. 3( . 

ORNITHOGALUM. Gen. pi. ^t8. 

Cor. 6-petala, ere£b, perflfiens^ fupra medium patens, 

Filamenta alterna bafi dilatata. 

It O. fcapo diphyll0| pcduncqlo uniAoro. Linm miant. 62. uniJU* 

Ff4 One. ''«'"* 

440 HEXANDAiA MONOGYNiA. Omichogalum. 

One-flower'd Star of Bethlehem. 

Nat, of Siberia. 

Introd, 1 781, by Baron Claes Alftroemer. 

FL H- It. 

niveum* 2. 0. racemo paucifloro^ petalis lanceolatis, foliis filifor- 
mibus canaliculatis, filamentis fubulatis. 
Snowy Star of Bethlehem. , 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfotu 
Jntrod, 1774. 

Fi. Auguft. G. a V. 

Descr. Folia glabra, vix digitalia. Scopus foliis 
brevior. Pedunculi vix femimciales. Bra£iue ob- 
longae, acuminata^, breviffims. Petala quadrilinca- 
ria, alba : tria exterlora carina virefcente. Fikt'^ 
menta petalis dimidia breviora, nivea: alterna fef- 
quilatiora. Antbera flavae. 

timbella" 3* O. corymbo paucifloro, pedunculis bradeis longtori- 
turn* bus, filamentis fubulatis. 

Ornithogalum umbellatum* Sp. pL 441. Jacfu. 
du/lr. 4. p. 22. t. 343. 

Umbel'd Star of Bethlehem. 

Nat. of England. 

FL May and June. H. If. 

luteum* 4* O. fcapo angulofo diphyllo, pedunculis umbellalis 
fimplicibus. Sp, pL 439. 
Yellow Star of Bethlehem. 
Nat., of Britain. 
FL March and April. H. If. 

minimum. 5. O. fcapo angulato diphyllo, pedunculis umbellatis ra- 
mofis. Sp. pi. 440. 
Small Star of Bethlehem. 


Nat. of S;ii^deii. 

Cub. 1739, by Mr. Ph. Millen MIL £^. v§L 2. n. 8. 

FL H.V. 

6. O. racemo longiffimo, petalis linearibus obtufit, fih« tynfm* 

mentis lanceoiatis aequalibus, ftylo longitudine fta* ^''*'* 

Omithogalum pyrenaicuixi. HuJf. ongL 143. jMCfu^ 

aufir. 2. p. 2. /ii^. 103. 
Pyrencan Star of Bethlehem. 
Nat. of England. 
/Z June and July. H. If . 

7. O. racemo longiffimo, petalis lanceolato-oblongis, Jta€hy$» 

filamentis late lanceoiatis : alternis dimidio bre- ^f* 

Omithogalum pyrenaicum. Sp. fL 440. (exdufis 

fynonjrmis Halleri et Clufii.) 
Clofe-fpik'd Star of Bethlehem. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Introd. about 1771. 
/•/.April. H.V. 

8. O. racemo longiffimo, foliis lanceolato-enfiformibus. latifoU* 

Sp. pi. 440. «»«• 

Broad-leav'd Star of Bethlehem. 
Nat. of Egypt and Arabia. 
Oilt. 1629. Park, parad. 137. / 2. 
i7. June. 'G. H. !{• 

9. O. racemo conico ; floribus numerofis adfcendenti- pyramid 

bus, petalis elliptico-oblongis plants, ftaminibus ^^* 

lanceoiatis aequalibus, ftylo breviiEmo. 
Ornithogalum pyramidale. Sp. pi. 441. 
Pyramidal Star of Bethlehem. 


4^% xszAVDftiA MovooTNiA. Omitfaogalmu 

Nat. of Spain and Portugal. 

^^* X739» by 1^* P^* Millar. JI£ll.Js^.wl. %. m. i. 

/Z June and July. H. K. 

^rMatm. ta 0« corymbo mtdtifloro, filamentis fiAuhtisy corolk 
bte campamilata : petalis ezl]eri4iribiis obibk tri- 

dentatis. ' 

Orntthogalotii arabicuni. Sp. fi. 441. 
Great-flower'd Star of Betfalebem* 
Nat. of Egypt and Madeira. 
Cult. 1629, by Mr. John Parkinfixi, Pari, fmrai. 

137-/ I- 
FL March and April. G. H, l{. 

thyrfiides. II. O. corymbis mttltiflorts racftniformibus, fflausentss 
alternis furcatis, foliis lanceolads. 
a floribus loteis, bradeis pedunculo brevioribus. 
, Ornithogalum dubium. Houtt^ not. btft. 12. f. 309, 
t. 82. /. 3. 
Yellow-flowcr'd Spear-lcavM Stat of Bedddiem. 
^ floribus albis, bradieis longitudine pedunculi. 
Ornithogalum thyrfoides. Jacqu^ bort. 3. p, 17. f. 28. 
Ornithogalum racemo conico laxo, pedunculis Ion* 

giffimis, floribus eredis. Mill. ic. 128. t. 192, 
White-flower'd Spear-Ieav'd Star of Bethlehem,, 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1757, by Mr* Philip MjUcr. f^U. tc. be. aU 
Fi.]upe. G. H. V, 

fauda^ 1%. O. racemo longifiimo, fdiis lanceolato-linearibus, 
tum^ corollis patentibus, ftaniinibus dilatatis : alternis 


Long.fpik'd Star of Bethlehem* 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. FuMaJffin. 


HEXAHBRiA siOKOOTNiA. Omidiogaliiiiu 443 

IfOrod, 1774. 

FL February ^Auguft, G. H. If • 

Descr. Tota planta glabra. FMm fefquipedalia, 
foTquiunciain lata. Scopus teres, tripedalis. Racemui 
fefquipedalis : pfduncuH fparfi, fub anthefi potentes^ 
vix unciales. BnfSiem hactci$iXy fiibulatc, longi* 
tudine pedunculonim, membranaceae. P^tata fe<. 
muncialia, alba, vitta longitudinali vkidi. Fiktmn^ 
U petalis breviora, alba. Sfflus trjqucter, dXbvh 
longitudine ftaminum. 

1 3* O, floribus fccundis penduUs, iieAario ftaauiieo cam- tmtans^ 
panifbrmi, Sp. ph 441. Jacqu. aufity 4. /• |. U 301. 
Neapolitan Star of Bethlehem* 
^0f. of Italy. 

Cult. 1633. G/r. imac. i68* / 9» 
FU April and May. O. H. 1(. 

S C I L L A. Gen. pi 419. 
Cor. 6-petala, patens, decidua. Filamenta fUiformia« 

|. S. nudiflora, bra£leis refra£Us. Sp. pi. 442. 
a SctDa vulgaris radice rubra. BauL pin. 73^ 

Red-rooted officinal Sqqil. 
^ Scilla radice alba. Bauh. pin, 73. 

White-rooted officinal Squil. 

Nat. of Spain, Sicilyp and Syria. 

CuJl 1648, in Oxford Garden. Hort. mm. edit. i. 

FL April und May. G. H. K. 


%. S. racemo conico oblongo 
Italian Squrl. 

Cult. 1629. Park, par ad. 131. yj 6. 
/7. April. 

Sj/I. vegeU 3a8, 




peruvia^ 3* S. corymbo conferto conico. Sp* pU 442. 
na. a flore cxnileo. 

Blue-flow^r'd Peruvian SquiL 
(3 flore albo. 
White-flower'd Peruvian SquiL 
NaU of Portugal and Spain. 
Cvlt. 1629, i)y Mr. John Parkinlbn. Park. paraL 

125./ 7. 
FL May, H. %. 

ammna. 4. S. floribus lateralibus alternis fubnutantibus, fcapo an- 
gulato. &jft. vegit. 328. Jacqu. auftr. 3. p. 10. U 21& 
Nodding Squil. 
Nat. of the Levant. 
Introd. about 1600^ by Edward Lord Zouch. LAeL 

adv* 2. p. 486. 
Fl March and April. H. % . 

eampanu* 5. S. bulbo folido, racemo mukifloro oblongo^fubconico, 
^^^* corollis campanulatis eredis, brands bipartitis 

pedunculo longioribus, foliis lanceolatis. 

Scilla hiipanica. ATM, di£i. 

Hyacinthus fiellaris, faturate caeruleus. Battb. pin. 46. 

Hyacinthus hifpanicus ftellato flore. Cluf. oir.pffi. 2C. 

Spanifh Squil. 

Nat. of Spain and Portugal. 

Cult. 1 759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil. iia. edit. 7. n. t. 

FL May and June. H. 1^. 

bffoUa. 6. S. floribus racemofis, foliis lanceolato-Iinearibus Tub- 
binis in fcapo elevatis. 
Scilla bifolia. Sp. pi. 443. Jacqu. aujlr. 2. p. il. 
/. 117. • 
a Hyacinthus caeruleus mas minor. Fuchf. hiji. 837. 
Two-leav*d Spring Squil. 

fL HprJn- 


Hyacinthus ftellatus, albo flore. Quf. blft. i.f.l%^ 
White-flower'd Spring Squtl. 
Nat. of France and Germany. 
Qib. 1597, ^y ^* J^'^'^ Gerard. Ger. birb. 98. n. u 
FL February and March. H. %. 

7. S. bulbo tunicatOy racemo paucifloro bra^ato, corol- verrm^^ 

lis campanulatis, foliis linearibus canaliculatis ra« 

dicalibus plurtbus, 
Scilla yerna. Hudf. angL 1^%. 
Small Squil. 
Nat. of England. 
Fl. June and July. H. % . 

8. S. racemo oblongo conicO| petsdis lineatis. Sjfi. veget. tujitam€0 

Portugal Squil. 
Nat. of Portugal. 

Introd. 1777, by Edward Whiukcr Gray, M.D. 
//.May. H. v. 

9. S. racemo cylindraceo multifloro, petalis germine hyacinths 

fefquiloDgioribus, pedunculis coloratis, foliis lanceo- ^'^^* 

Scilla hyacinthoides. Sy/i. veget. 329. Gouan iUuJir. 

Hyacinth Squil. 
NaU of Madeira. 

Introd. 1778, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FU Auguft. G. H. V. 

ID. S. foliis filiformibus linearibus, iloribus corymboHs, autumna^ 
pedunculis nudis adfcendentibus longitudine floris. ^^* 
Sp. pL 443. 
Autumnal Squil. 



Nat. of England. 

FL Auguft and September. H. %• 

C Y A N E L L A. Gen. pi 420. 

Cor* hexapetala : petalis 3-inferioribus propendentibus* 
Stamen infimum declinatuniy longiua. 

bitea. I* (^« foUis endformibus, ramis ereffis. Linn. fuppL 20i. 

Yellow-flowerM Cyanella. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1788} by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
/I July. ^ G. H.Tf, 

capenjis. 2. C. foliis undulatis, ramis patentiffimis. Sjft, vegitn - 
329.. Jaequ. hart. 3. p. %U t. 35. 
Purple-flower'd Cyanella. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cuk. 1 768, by Mr. Philip Miller. MU. Ha. edit. %. 
FLJixiy. G.H.%. 


C$r. 6-partita. NtBarium ex valvulis 6) gcrmen t&« 


hUeus. I. A. caule foliofo, foliis triquetris ftriatis. Sp. pU 443* 

yacqu. hort. i. p. 32. f. 77. 
Yellow Afphodel. 
Nat. of Sicily. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Get* 
FLUzy ^July. H.«. 

ramofus* 2. A. caule nudo, foliis enfiformibus cannaiu laevibitf* 
Sp. pL 444. 
Branchy Afphodel, or King's Spear* 


MnAHDHiA MONocrNiA. Afphodcluft. 447 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cuk. 1 596^ by« Mr. Joha Geraid. Htrt. Gtr. 

FLUzy. H.%i 

3. A. caule nudo» ibiiis ftriais fubtilads flmtis fiibfiftii- fiftuli^ 
loCs. Sp. pl» 444* 
Oniofi'kav'd Afphodd. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cub. 1 596, by Mr. John Gerard. HtrU G^r. 
Fl. June ^September. G. H. V. 

ANTHERICUM. Gen. pi. 422. 
Cor. 6-petaIa, patens. Ca/f. ovata. 

I. A* foliis planisglabris lineari-lanceolatis acutis, fcapo Jhribim^ 
fimplici, racemo multifloro cylmdrico compafto, Jum. 
petalis patentibus, ftaminibus glabris. 

Thick-(piked Andsericum. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr* MaJJin. 

Introd. 1774. 

Fl. March and April. . G. H. V. ' 

% A. foliis planis, fcapo ramofo^corollis revolutis. Sp. rtoolu* 
pi. 445, turn. 

Curl'd-flower'd Anthericum. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult. 1731, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. M. e£u 1. 

Phalangium 6. 
FL September— —December. G. H. !(• 

3. A. foliis lineari'fubulatis planis, (capo ramofo, pedun- ramofum. 
cutis folitariis, corollis planis, piilillo redo. 
Anthericum ramofum. Sp. pL 445. Jacqu. aujlr. 2. 

p. 39. /. 161. 
Branchy Anthericum. 


44^ HBXANDRiA MONOGYNiA. Antheticum; 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 

Cuk. 1597, Gtr. herbm 44. /• !• 

FL May and June. H. If. 

iffftum, 4. .A. fbliis planis, fcapo ramofo^ peduncolis aggregatis, 
corollis planis. 
Afphodelus foliis plants, caule ramofo^ floribus iparfis. 

Mil. ic. 38. t. 56. 
Tall Anthericum. 
Nat. of the Ca;^ of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1 75 1, by Mr. Philip Miller. ACU. ic. be. cit. 
FL Auguft and September. G. H. %. 

triflorum. 5* A. foliis canaliculato-enfiformibus, fcapo fimplici, 
braSeis I'emotis trifloris. 
Thrce-flower'd Anthericum. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1782, by George Wench, Efq. 
FL November. G. H. %. 

tanaltcu^ 6. A. foliis fubcarnofis pilods enfiformi-triquetris latere 
latum. anguAIori canaliculatis, fcapo fimplici. 

Channeled Anthericum. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. MaJJin. 
Introd. 1774. 

FL April. * G. H.V. 

Descr. Scapus teres, pilofus. Racemus multiflorus: 
pedunculi teretes, glabri, vix unciales. BraSe^ha* 
ceolats, acuminata?, fub antheii pedunculo breviores, 
glabrae. Petala patula, alba, dorfo fordide vireicen- 
tia, femuncialia. Filamenta fubulata, alba, petalis 
/breviora, hifpidiufcula : tria alterna breviora, minus 
hifpida. Stylus longitudine ftaminum. 

7.A. I 

MEXANDRiA MONOOYNiA. Anthcricum, 449 

7. A. foliis'linearibus canaliculatis glabris margine car- Albucri-* 
tilagineiS) fcapo fimplici. ^'« 

Stripcd-flower'd Anthcricum. 
' NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr» Majfon^ 
Introd. 1788. 

FL Auguft. G. H. If . 

Obs. Fetalis luteis, carina virtdi, apice fornicatis, re- 
fert Albucam, fed difFert petalis interioribus patulis 
et filamentis fupra bafin non coznplicatis. 

8. A. foliis plants, fcapo fimpliciffimo, corollis planis, LiUar^. 

pidillo declinato. Sp. pL 445. Jacqu. bort^ I. p. 

36. t. 83. 
Grafs-leav'd Anthcricum. 
NaU of the Soifth of Europe. 
Cult, 1597. Ger. herb. 44./! 2. 
FL May and June. H. % . 

9. A. foliis planis, fcapo fimpliciffimo, corollis campa- LiliaJ^ 

nulatis, ftaminibus declinatis. Sp. pi. 44s- trunu 

Savoy Anthcricum, or Spider- wort. 
NaU of the Alps of Switzerland. 
CulU 1629. Park, paraJL 151./. i. 
F/. May and June. H. Of • 

10. A. foliis carnofis teretibusii caule fruticofo. Sp. pi. frutef^ 

445. €im. 

Shrubby Anthcricum. , 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Oilt. 1702, in Chelfea Garden. PluJU amalth. 168. 

FL moft part of the Summer. G. H. 1^ • 

11. A. foliis carnofis fubulatis planiufculis. Sp. pL 446. JBoridiU 
Aloe-leav'd Anthcricum. 

Nat. of the Cape of Oood Hope. 

G g Culu 

4|o HEXANORiA MOHooYNiA. Anthcricum. 

Cult. 1732, by James Sberard, JM D. DilL ehb. 

312. t. 232./. 299. 
FL moft part of the Summer* G. H* V. 

^phodiU 12. A. foliis carnofis fubulatis iemiteretibiis ftridis. Sf. 
«<^J* pL 446. Jacqu. bort. 2. p. 85. m8x. 

Glaucous-leav*d Anthericum. 

Nat, of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL diSl. edit. 7. 11.6. 

Fl. moft part of the Summer. G. H. V. 

annuurru 13. A. foliis carnofis fubulatis teretibus, fcapo fubrace- 

mofo. Sp. pL 446. 
Annual Anthericum. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cub. 1748, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dUf. edit. $• 

Phalangium 4. 
FL June and July. H. ©. 

bifpiduM* 14- A. foliis carnofis compreffis hifpidis. Sp. pL 446. 
Hairyrleav'd Anthericum. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 17749 by Mr. Francis Mailbn. 
/7. May and June. G. H.Tf» 

•Jfifra'* 15* A. foliis eniiformibus, filamentis lanatis. Sf. pL 
gum. 447. 

Lancafhire Anthericum, or A^hodel. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL Auguft. H. If. 

ealycu^ lb. k. foliis enfiformibus, perianthiis trilobis, filameatb 
latum. glabris, piftilHs trigynis. Sp. pL 447, 

Scotch Anthericum, or Aiphodel. 

Nat. of Scotland. 

FL July and Auguft. ' . H. « • 

1 7- A. 

HBXAKDitiA M0NOOYiiiA« Anthericum. '451 

17. A. foliis filiformibus tcretiuicttlts icabridiS| filamen- fiifimu. 
tis glabris, petalis lanceolads. 

Thread-leav'd Anthericum. 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Ft. MaJJon. 

IntroJ. 1774. 

/7. April. G. H.K. 

DsscR. Scapus filtformls, pedaEs, foliis brevior, bad 
rufefcens, maculis pallidis. Pitala tria exteriora 
intus albida, extus yiridia } tria interiora alba, ex- 

' Cu8 linea viridi. 

L E O N T I C E. Gen. pi. 423, 

dr. 6-petala. NeHarium 6-phyllum, unguibus corol« 

Ise infidehs, limbo patens. CaL 6-phyllus, deciduus. 

1. L. foliis decompofitis : petiolo communi trifido. Sp. LiMt$m 

pi. 448. pitalum. 

Nat. of the Levant. 

Cuk. before 1597, by Lord Zouch. dr. btrh. 182% 
FL ' G.H. v. 

2. L. folio caulino tritemato, florali biternato. Sf. pi. ThaU&r^ 

448. •uhs. 

Columbine-leav'd Leontice. 
Nat. of North America* 
Introd. 1784, by Mr. William Young. 
/7.May. VL.%. 

ASPARAGUS. GfH. pi 42^ 

CfT. 6-partita, ere£b: petalis 3 interioribus apice 
reflexis. Bacca 3-locularis, 2-fperma. 

1. A. caule herbaceo tereti eredo, foliii fetaceis, fti« ffffcinalu. 
pulis paribus. Sjifl. vegit. 331. 

G g 2 Commoo 


Common Afparagus. 

Nat. of England. 

Fl. June and July. H. if. 

sUcEnM' 2. A. caule inermi tereti, ramis declinads, foliis fetacds. 
tus. Syft. veget. 332. 

Long-leav'd Afparagus. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1787, by Mr. Francis Mafibn. 

FL G. 

retrofrac^ 3. A. aculeis folitariis, ramis teretibus reflexis retro- 
tus. fradifque, foliis fafciculatis fetaceis. Sjft. vegtt 


Larch-Ieav'd Afparagus. 

Nat. of Africa. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL JUf. edit. 7. n. 5. 

FL Auguft and September. G. H. 1^« 

afiaticus. 4. A. aculeis folitariis, caule eredo, ramis filiformibuSi 
foliis fafciculatis fetaceis. Sjji. veget. 333. 
Slender-ftalk'd Afparagus. 
Nat. of A&z. 

Cub. 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. MtU. dUf. edit. 8. 
FL G.H.fc. 

Mus. 5« A. aculeis folitariis, ramis angulatis flexuofis, fcliis 

fafciculatis triquetris muticis deciduis. Sjft. vegei. 


White Afparagus. 

Njat. of Spain and Portugal. 

Cub. 1640. Park, theat. 455. /• 5. 

FL G.H. i. 

acvtifiU^ 6. A. caule inermi angulato frutic(^o» foliis aciformibus 
MS. rigidulis 

H£XANDRiA MONooYNiA. Afparagus. * 453 

rigidulis perennantibus mucronatis aequalibus, Sjft. 

v^^^'- 333- 
Acute-leav'd Afparagus. 
^at. of Spain^ Portugal, and the Levant. 
Cuk. 1739, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil. di^. voL 2. n. 5. 
FL G.H. b. 

7. A. caule inermi angulato fruticofo, foliis fubulatis ' aphjttus. 

ftriatis inxqualibus divergentibus. Sjft, veget. 333, 
Prickly Afparagus. 
Nat, of the South of Europe. 
Cult. 1640. Pari, theat. 454. / 4. 
FL G. H. b. 

8. A. fpinls quaternis, ramis aggregatis teretibus, foliis captnfiu 

fetaceis. Syft. veget. 333. 
Cape Afparagus. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1691, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court. 

Pluk. phyi. t. 78. /. 3. 
FL G. H. %• 

9« A. fdiis folitariis lineari-Ianceolatis, caule flexuofo, farmentim 
aculeis recurvis. Sp. pL 450* fus. 

Lincar-leav'd Afparagus. 

Nat. of Ceylon. * 

Cult. 1 7 14, by the Dutchefs of Beaufort Br* Muf 
H.S. i^i./oL 26. 

FL Auguft. G. H. lb • 

D R A C ^ N A. Linn. numt. 9. 

Cor. 6-partita, ere£b. Filam. medio Aibcrafllora. 
Bacca 3-locularis, i-fperma. 

I. D. arborea, foliis fubcarnofis apice fpinofo^ Sjift. veget. Dra€i» 


G g 3 Afparagus 


Afparagus Draco* Sp. fL 45i« 
Dragon Tree. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cuh. 1640. Park, tbeat. 1531. 

FL D.S,1t» . 


ferna. 2. D. arborea, foliis lanceolatis acutis, Sjifl. veget. 334* * 
Purple Dracaena. . ^ 

Ail/, of China. 

Introd. 177 1, by Benjamin Torin^ Efq. 
FL March and April. S, %^ 

marginal 3* D* frutico^, foliis dentato-fpinofis, racemis axilUrihil^' 
t€. baccis polyrpermis. 

Aloe purpurea, de Lamarck gncfcL i. f. 85. 

Aloe-Ieav'd Dracaena. 

Nat. of the Ifland of Bourbon. 

Introd. 1766, by Monf. Richard. 

FL April. $i' 

tnJifrHa* 4* D* herbacea fubcaulefcens, foliis enfiformibus. 

v<?''- 334« 
Dianella nemorofii. d^ Lamarck encjcL t. p. TJii^ 

Sword-Ieav'd Dracsna. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. L 

Qilt. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. * 

//. Auguft. ^T^ 

hrealiu ' 5« D. herbacea fubcaulefcens, foliis ellipdcis* TaI^. 6, 
Oval-leav'd Dracaena. ;' 

Nat. of Newfoundland, HudTonVBay, and puiiil'^ 
Introd. 1778) by Daffid Charles Sdander, Ll^k^ 
FL June. KT" 



CONVALLARIA. Gen. pf. 42$- 
Gr. fexiida* Bacca maculoia, 3-locuIari8^ 

* Lilium convallium T. corsUss campanuktis. 

1. C. fcapo nudo femitereti, foliis cUipticis. majalism 
Canvallaria majalis. £/• ^/. 451. Qirtishnd. 

a flore fimplici albo. 

Sweet-fccnted Lily of the Valley. 
flore pleno. 

Double LUy of the Valley. 
y flore rubro. 

Red-flower'd Lily of Ac Valley. 

NaU of Britain. 

/I June. H.V. 

2. C. fcapo nudo ancipiti, floribus racemofis fecundis, japMka* 

foliis linearibus fcapo triplo longioribus. Linn. 

fufpL 204. Thunb. jap. 1 39. 
Grafs-leav'd Lily of the Valley. 
Nat. of Japan. 

Introd. 1784, by Mr. John Graefer. 
/7.June. G.R.%. 

* * Polygonata T. corollis infundiMtfomuhus. 

3. C. foliis vertjcillatis. Sp. pL 451. VirticiU 
Whorl-leav'd Solomon's SeaL ^<^^^* 
Nat. of the North of Europe. 

Cult. 1656, by Mr. John Tradefcant, Jon. TratL muf. 


FL May. H. %. 

4* C. foliis alternis amplexicaulibus, caule ancipiti, pe- Polyj^p^ 
duncults axillaribus fubunifloris. Sp. pL 451. natum. 

G g 4 • Polygo- 

45^ HEXAKDRIA MONOGYNiA. Cotivallaria. 

a Polygonatum latifolium flore majore odoro. Baub, 
pin. 303. 
Common Solomon's Seal. 
fi Polygonatum Hellebori albi folio, caule purpurafcentc 
Hellebore-leav'd Solomon's Seal, 
Nat. of England. 
A May and June. H. !{. 

mubiflo" 5* C. foliis alternis amplexicaulibus, caule tereti, pe- 
^tf* dunculis axillaribus multifioris. Sp. pL 452. 

a Polygonatum latifolium vulgare. Bauh. pin. 303. 

Broad-leav'd Solomon's Seal 
$ Polygonatum humile Anglicum. Raj^fin. 263. 
Dwarf Broad-leav'd Solomon's Seal. 
Nat. of England. 
FL May and June. H. V. 

♦ ♦ ♦ Smilaces T. coroUis rotatis. 
raamofa. 6. C. foliis feiEIibus, racemo terminal! compofito. Sp, 
pL 452. 
Clufter-flower'd Solomon's Seal. 
Nat. of Virginia and Canada. 
Cuh. 1656, by Mr. John Tradcfcant, Jun. Tradn 

muf^ 155. 
/7. May and June. H.V. 

Jlittata. 7. C. foliis amplexicaulibus plurimis. Sp. pi 452. 
Star-flower'd Solomon's Seal. 
Nat. of Virginia and Canada. 
Cdt. 1640, by Mr. John Parkinfon. Park, thiot. 

697. / 7. 
Fl. May and June. H. V. 

ki/olia. 8. C. foliis cordatis, floribus tetnindris. Sj/l^ v^/#^ 335* 



Leaft Solomon's Seal. 
Nat. of the North of Europe. 
Cub. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil diSf. vol. 2. 
Smilax ^5. 
' FL May and June. H. V. 

PO L I A N T H E S. Gen. pi. 426. 

Or. infundibuliforoiis, incurva, aequalis. Filamentm 
corolbe fauci inferta. Germen in fundo corollae. 

I. POLIANTHES. Sp. pi. 453* tubtr^iU 

Common Tuberofe. 

Nat. of the Eaft Indies. 

Cult. 1664. EveL kalend. hort.6s. 

FL Auguft and September. O. H. If. 

HYACINTHUS. Gen. pi. j^zj. 
Cor. campanulata : pori 3 melliferi germinis. 

1. H. corollis campanulatis fexpartitis apice revolutis. nonfcrif^ 

Sp. pi. 453. Oirtis lond. tus. 

Common Hyacinth, or Harebells. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL March ^Junc. H. %. 

2. H. corollis campanulatis fexpartitis, racemo cernuo. cernuuu 

% ^- 453- 
Bending Hyacinth. 
Nat. of Spain. 

Cub. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL di^.'eJit. 7. «. 4. 
FL April and May. H. %. 

3. H. petalis exterioribus fubdiftindis s intserioribus coa- fintinuu 

dunatis. Sp. pL 453. 


45S HEXAKDRiA MONOoyNiA. H^acinthus. 

Late-flowering Hyacinth. 

Nat. of Spsun and Barbarj* 

Cult. 1759. MU. Ji^. id. 7. u. 2. 

/y. June. H. V. 

dnuthyji 4. H. corollis campanulatis femifexfidis bafi cylindricis. 

Ameth3rft-colour'd Hyacinth. 

Nat. of Spain and Italy. 

Cub. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Afill* diff. edit. 7. n. 5. 

Fl. April and May. H. V. 

rev9lutusn 5. H. corollis campanulatis fexpartitis revolutis, ibiiis 
oblongis undulatis. Linn.fuppl. 2044 
Wave-lcav'd Hyacinth. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Ataffin. 
Introd. 1774. 
FL Au^uft. G. H. V. 

9rtenta^ 6. H. corollis infundibuliformibus femifexfidis bafi ven- 
'**• tricofts. Sp. pL 454. 

Garden Hyacinth. 

Nat. of the Levant. 

Cub. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H^rt. Ger. 

FL March and April. H. if. 

romanuT. 7* H. cordlis campanulatis femifexfidis racemofisi fia- 
miiribus membranaceis. Linn. mant. 224. 
Roman Grape Hjracinth. 
Nat. of Italy. 

Introd. 1786, by Mr. John Grsefer. 
FL May. H. V. 

Mifcari. 8. H. corollis ovatis : omnibus cqualibus. Sf. pi 45f 
Mulk Hyacinth. 


HBXANDRiA MONOCYNiA. Hyacinthus, 459 

Nat. of the Levant. 

CulU 1597. Ger. birb.' 10$. / I. 

FL April and May. H. U. ' 

9. H. corollis fubovatis, Sp. fl 454. man/In^ 

Feathered Hyacinth. /*"• 

Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Cuit. 1629. Park.parad. 117. /• S- 
FL May and June. H. V, 

10. H. corollis anguIato«cylindricis : fummis fterilibus €$mofus. 

longius pedicellatis. Sf. pL 455. Jacqtu auftr. 2« 

p. 1 6. /. 126. 
Purple Grape Hyacinth. 
Nat. of the South of £ur<^. 
Cidt. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. H»rt. Gtr. 
FL May. H. It. 

11. H. cordlis globofis uniformibus, foliis canaliciilato- hitrj^ideu 

cylindricis ftriftis. Sp. pL 455. 
Blue Grape Hpcinth. 
A27/. of Italy. 

Cult. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hart. Gtr. 
FL April H. 1|. 

12. H. corollis ovads: fummis feflUibus, foliis laxis. racetm^ 

Sp. pL 455. Jacqu. auftr. 2. p. S2. *. 187. >*• 

Qufter'd Grape Hyacinth. 
Nat. of the South of Europe. 
Qdt. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. lUrt. Gtr. 
FL April. H.%. 








Cor. 6-partita : PetaU 3 exteriora difformia. Caff. 
3*alata: loculamenta polyfperma. Sem. globofi^ 
receptaculo affixa. Linn. fil. 

I. L« coroUis campanulatis : petalis tribus inteiioribus 
longioribus, floribus feiiilibus, foliis lanceolatis fca- 
po brcvioribus. 

Phormium Hyacinthoides. Linn.fupph 204. 

Phormium orchioidcs. Thunb. nov. gen. 5. p. 95. 

Hyacinthus Qrchioides. Sp. pi. 455. 

Spotted-leav'd Lachenalia. 

NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Cult. 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. dia. e£t. 6. 
Hyacinthus Orchioides 2« 

FU February April. G. H. H . 

a. L. coroUis campanulatis : petalis tribus interioribus 
longioribus, floribus brevii&me pedunculatis hori- 
zontalibus, foliis lineari-oblongis fcapo longioribus, 

Pale-flower'd Lachenalia. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. I782>by George Wench, Efij, 

Fl. March and April. G. H. V. 

Descr. Petala exteriorahdXi in tubum extus gibbum, 
caenilelcentem, connata, oUonga, obtufa, alba, in* 
fra apicem gibbo riridi notatae \ intert$ra obovati, 
apice patentia, alba, carina verfus apicem pallide 

3* L. corollis campanulatis : petalis tribus fuperioribut 
longioribus, floribus pedunculatis, foliis liAeari- 
fubulatis canaliculatis. 
Mixed-colour'd Lachenalia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fn Mtfin. 


HBXANDRiA MONooYNiA. Lachcnalia* 461 

Introd. 1774. 

FL February and March. G, H. If. 

Descr. Folia glabra, fupra maculis obfcure rubeiK> 
tibus adfperfa, fcapo longiora. Scapus eredus, 
femiteres, vix fpithameus, maculis fordide rubris. 
Racemus muhiflorus : PeduncuU ere<%i, filiformes, 
albi, fefquilineares. BraSlea ad baftn fmguli 
pedunculi, e lata bafi ovatA, acuminata, concava, 
patentiffima, albida, pedunculo brevior. Petala 
exteriora bafi in tubum extus gibbum connata^ 
oblonga, obtufa, alba, fuperne rubentia, infira api* 
cem gibbo retufc : fupremum (fcapo proximum) tri- 
lineare; duo inferiora breviora. Petala interiora 
oblonga, minus obtufa, prope apicem carinata, ca- 
rina rubra : duo fuperiora longitudine fupremi ex« 
terioris ; iniimum longitudine breviorum exterio- 

4* L. corollis cylindraceis, petalis tribus interioribus trUiUr, 
duplo longioribus emarginatis, floribus peduncula** 
tis pendulis. 
Phormium Aloides. Linn. fuppL 205. Tbunb. nov. 
gen. 5. p. 94. &yjl, veget. 336. 
» fbliis lineari-lanceolatis, petalis interioribus apice 
Lachenalia tricolor. Jocqu, ic. Sjfl, vegeU 314. 
Narrow-leavM thrcc-colour'd Lachenalia. 
$ foliis oblongo-lanceolatis, corollis flavis bafi rubenti- 
bus, apice viridibus. 
Broad-leav'd chree-colour'd Lachenalia. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1774, by Mr. Francis Mallbn. 
/7. April. G. H. V. 

5. L. corollis cylindraceis, petalis tribus interioribus pindula. 
longioribus integris, floribus pedunculatis pendulis. 


4^2 HEXANDRiA icoKOOTNiA. Ladiciialia. 

Pendulous Lachenalia. 

Nau of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Msjitu 

tfttrod. 1774. 

Fl. March and April. G- H. If. 

Descr. FoKa oblongo-lanceolata, fucculenta^ laevia, 
fpithamaea* Scopus eredus, teres, craffitie pennae 
anferinae, foliis paulo longior, fupra medium maculis 
nonnullis rubefcentibus adfperfus. RaamMS pauct- 
florus: floribus diftantibus,cemuis: PeduncnliSi-' 
former rubentes, femunciaies. Bra^ea ad bafin 
finguli pedunculi, ovata, acuta, breviffima. Petak 
exterUra bafi in tubum trigibbum connat% rubra, 
apicibus virentibus : infimi apex incrafiatus, intus 
fornicatus, fupra depreflus. Petala intmora obtu- 
fiffima, inferne flavicantia, linea dorfidi mbente; 
fuperne e purpureo rubicundae, margine et medio 

viridis^ 6. L. corollis cylindraceis : petalis tribus exteriariboi 
longiffimis fubulatis. 
Hyacinthus viridis. Sp, pL 454. Jacju. ic. mifcdL a« 

V Green-flower'd Lachenalia. 

[ NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 

I htrod. 1774, by Mr. Francis Maflbn^ 

//.Auguft. G.H.K. 

I L A N A R I A. 

Cor. fupera, lanata, fikimentis longior: limbo 6-par- 
tito, patulo. Peric. 3-locuIare. 

I plum/a. I. Lana&ia. 

\ Hyacinthus lanatus. Sp. pL 455. 

'. Woolly Lanaria. 


Ndi. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1787, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 

Fl. G-H.V. 

A L £ T H I S. Gen. pi. 428. 

Ctr. infundibuHformis. Stamina inferta laciniarum 
bafh Caff 3-IocuIari8. 

I. A. acauHs, foliis lanceolatis membranaceis, floribus farin»fa^ 
altemis. Sp. pL 456. 
American Aletris. 
NaU of North America. 

Cult. 1768, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MU. dia. id. %. 
FL June. H. If. 

2» A. acaulis, foliis lanceolatis undulatis, (pica 0Tata9 capinfiu 
floribus mutantibus. Sp. pi. 456. 
Wavcd-lcav'd Aletris. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1 7681 by Mr. William Malcolm* 
FL November April. G. H. 1(. 

3. A. acaulis, foliis lanceolatis glaucis, floribus nutan- glauca. 
tibus: limbo patente. 

Glaucous Aletris. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Introd. 1781, by George Wench, Efq. 

FL January. G. H. 1{. 

Obs. Diflert ab Aletri capenfi foliis glaucis vix un« 
dulatis, quae in capenfi maxime undulata, fuperne 
laete virentia. Limbus corolla patens, laciniis lon-< 
gioribus quam in capenfi, obtufis quidem> fed non 
rotundis ut in ilia. Flores minoreS) anguftiores* 

4* A, 


Uvaria. j^ A* acaulis, icapalongiore foliis enfiformibus carinatf»fft 
Aletris Uvaria. Sj/i. vigeU 337, 
Aloe Uvaria. Sp. ph 460. 
Great Orange-flower'd Aletris. 
NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cub. 1707, in Chelfea Garden. Br. M^. Sloan, nfir. 

3370- . 
FL Auguft and September. G. H. If . 

fumla* 5. A. acaulis, fcapo breviore foliis linearibus acute ca« 
Small Orange-flowcr'd Aletris. 
NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr. Fr. Majfa. 
Introd. 1774. 
FL September November. G. H. If • 




6. A. acauliS) foliis lanceolatis carnofis, floribus gemi« 

« natis. Sp. pL 456. 
a Aloe zeylanica pumila, foliis variegatis. Comm* bort 2. 
p, 41. t. 21. 
Ceylpn Aloe. 
Aloe guineenfis, radice geniculata, foliis e viridi et 
atro undulatim variegatis. Comnu bort. 2« p. 39. 
t. 20. 
Aletris guineenfis. Jacqu. bort. i. pm 36. /• 84* 
Guinea Aloe. 

Nat. a. of Ceylon ; 0. of Guinea, 
Qilt. 1690, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court 

CataL mfcr. 
HJune ^November. D. S.V. 

fragrans. 7- A. caulelcens, foliis lanceolatis laxis. Sp. pL 456. 
Sweet-fcented Aletris. 
Nat. of Africa. 

Cttfr. 1768, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL dia. id. %. 
FL February and Manch, S. 1&. 



YUCCA. Gen. pL 4^9. 

Ctr. campfiumlato-patens. Stylus nuUus* Cap/^ 3-^ 

Z, Y. feliis integerrimis. Sp. pL 456. gkri^a. 

Superb Adam's Needle. 
Nat. of America. 
Cub. before 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. LobeL adv. 2« 

p. 507. 
FL July and Auguft. H. 1^ . 

a. Y. foliis crenulatis ftridis. Sp. pi 457. MfiKa. 

Aloe-leav'd Adam's Needle. 
Nat. of South America. 
Cult. 1696} in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court. 

Catal. mfcr. 
Fl. Auguft and September. G. H. 1^ . 

3. Y. foliis crenatis nutantibus. Sp. pi. 457. draconis% 
Drooping-leav'd Adam's Needle. 

Nat, of South Carolina. 

Cub. 1732, by James Sherard, M^ D. Dill. ebb. i^yj. 

/. 234./ 417. 
FL Odober and November. H. 1^ • 

4. Y. folijs ferrato-filiferis. Sjft. veget. 337, JUanunti* 
Thready Adam's Needle. j!f» 
Nat. of Virginia. 

Cult. 1675. Mori/, hijt. 2. p. 419. «. 2. 

Fl. September and Odober. H. 1^ • 






cens. ' 






ALOE. Gtn. pL 430. 

Car* crc£b, ore patuloi firndo neAarifero. FHam^ re- 
ceptaculo inferta. 

X, A. ramis dichotomis, fjpliis enfiformibus ienads. 
Tbunb. Aloe J n. i. LinfufupfL 2o6« 
Smooth-ftemM Tree Aloe. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 17801 by Mr. William Forfytfa. 


2. A. foliis cavlinis dentatis amplexicaulibus vaginaoti- 
bus, floribus corymbofis cernuis pedunculatis Aibcy- 
lindricis. Sjfi. vegiU 337. 
a Aloe foliiis ampkxiquilihus reflexis, margtne dentads, 
floribus cylindricis, caule frudcofo. AfilL di& 
Nacrow-leav'd Sword Aloe. 
$ Aloe foliis ladoribus amplexicaulibus, margine JCt 
dorfo fpinofisi floribus Q>icad$, caule fcudcoiix 
MU. di£f. 
Brpad-leav'd Sword Aloe. 
7 Aloe feliis dentads ere«%s (iicculendjbus IbbMlads, flo- 
ribus luteis in diyrfo dependentibus. ARU. £G. 
Barbadoes Aloe. 
9^ Aloe [vera) foliis longiflimis et anguftiflimis, mar^i* 
nibus (pinofis, floribus fpicatis. MilL £^% 
Succotrine Aloe, 
t fdiis purpurafcendbus fubtus infeme maculads : ma- 
culis parvis fubrotundis. 
White-fpined glaucous Aloe. 
t Aloe caule brevi, foliis amplexicaulibus bifariam ver- 
fis, fpinis marginis ere^s, floribus capitatis. Aftll* 

Rcd-fpined glaucous Aloe. 

« foliis 


n foliis lineatis, fpinis nibris. 

Red*ipined ftriped Aloe. 
9 Aloe foliis ao^exiciiulibus nigricantibus undique 
fpinofis. AfilL M£l. 
Great Hedge-hog Aloe. 
I Aloe africana maculata (pinola minor. I>iIL $hh. l8. 
/• 15./ 16. 
Great Soap Aloe. 
» Aloe foliis latioribus amplexicaulibus maculatis mar- 
gine fpinofis, floribus (picatis. A£tt* diif. 
Common Soap Aloe. 
X foliis maculatis marginibus et carinae apice femilads. 

Hollow-Ieav'd perfoliate Aloe. 
|i foliis planis fubere£Us marginibus et pagina inferiore 
Upright perfoliate Aloe. 
p Aloe {brtuioribus) foliis amplexicaulibus utraque 
IpinofiS) floribus fpicatis. Alill. ££i. 
Short- leav'd perfoliate Aloe. 
i Aloe foliis eredis fubulatis radicatis andique inerme 
fpinofis. Hort. cliff. 131. 
Dwarf Hedge-hog Aloe, 
t Aloeafricanamitrxformis fpinofiu Dill elth. 21. /• 17. 
Great Mitre Aloe. 
9 foliis ovatis brevibus diftantibus fubtus tuberculatis. 
Small Mitre Aloe. 
NaU of Afi-ica. 

Cuk. 1596, by Mr. John Gerard. Hort. Ger. 
Fh moft part of the Year. D. S. V . 

3. A. acaulis, foliis trigonis cufpidatis ciliatis, floribus 
fitbfpicatb ereAis cylmdricis. Tbunb. Aht^ n. 7. 
Aloe pumila 3. r. Sp. pL 460. 
ft Aloe africana humilis aradlnoid^a* Cmm. prat 78. 
t a7« 

H h 2 CommoA 









lia. . 




Common Cobweb Aloe, 
pumibu $ Aloe africana minima atroviridis, fpinis herbaceis nu* 
merofis ornata. Boerh. ludgb. 2. p. 131. cum. fig. 
Small Cobweb Aloe. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
, Cub. 1725. BraJl.fucc. 3. p. 12. /. 30. 
FL moft part of the Year, D, S. 5 . 

4. A* acaulis, foliis trigonis cufpidatis papilloiis, floribus 
racemoiis cernuis cylindricis. Tbufib. Aloiy n. 8. 
Aloe pumila a. 0. 7. Sp. pL 460. 
a Alpe africana margaritifera, folio undique vemicis 
numerofifCmis ornato. Bradl.fucc. 3.^. i. /. 2i. 
Great Pearl Aloe. 
Aloe africana margaritifera minor. Dili eltb. 19. 
/. 16. / 17. 
Small Pearl Aloe, 
minima, y Aloe africana margaritifera minima. Dill. eltb. 20. 
/. 16./. 18. 
Leaft Pearl Aloe. 
Nat. of the Cape of Hope. 
• Introd. before 1725, by Profeflbr Bradley. BradLfucc. 

he. cit. 
Fl. moft part of the Year. D. S. ^ . 

verruco* 5* A. acaulis, foliis enflformibus acutis papillofis difti- 





chiS) floribus racemofls reflexis clavads. Thunb. 

Jloiy n. 9. 
Aloe verrucofa. MU. di£f. 
Aloe difticha 0. Sp. ^/. 459. 
Warted Aloe. 
Nat. of Africa. 
Cult. 1731, by Mr. Philip MiUer. MIL dia. fdit. l. 

n. 20* 
FL moft part of the Year. D. S. ^ , 

6. A. 


6. A. acaulis, fdiis acinacifbnnibus papiDofiS) floribus carinata. 

racemofis cernuis curvatis. 
Aloe carinata. MilL dUl. 
Aloe difticha 7. Sp. pL 459. 
Aloe africana feffilis, foliis carinatis venucofis. DiU. ^ 

ilth. 22. t. 18. /. 20. 
Keel-leavM Aloe. 
NaU of Africa. 
Cult. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. DtB. tlth. loc. 

FL June and July. D. S. b • 

7. A. fubacaulis, foliis acinaciformibus glabris pifUs, flo- macuIaU* 

ri bus racemofis cernuis curvatis. Tbunb.Aloe^n. 10. 
m foliis acutis. pulchra. 

Aloe foliis linguiformibus variegatis, floribus pedun- 

culatis cernuis, ore inaequali. ASU. U. 195. /. 292. 
Narrow-leav'd fpotted Aloe. 
foliis obtufis cum acumine. obliqua. 

Broad-leav*d fpotted Aloe. 
NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL sc. he. at. 
FL July and Auguft. D. S. 1^ . 

8. A. fubacaulis, foliis linguxformibus denticulatis gla- lingua. 

bris diftichis, floribus racemofis eredis cylindricis. 
Thunb. Aloe^ n.\l. 
Aloe linguxformis. Linn. fuppL %of>. 
a foliis anguftioribus longioribus. angufti* 

Aloe linguiforme. Mill. diSl. folia. 

Aloe difticha a. Sp. pL 459. 
Common Tongue Aloe. 
9 foliis latioribus brevioribus. craflifo-> 

Thick-leav'd Tongue Aloe. lia. 

}fat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 

H h 3 Cult. 


FL mbft part of the Year. D. S. b- 

pEcatiSs. 9. A. fubacaulis, foliis lingueformibus laevibus diftichis, 
floribus racemofis pendulis cjlindricia. 
Aloe difticha t. plicatilis. Sp» pL 459. 
Kumara difticha. Midic. Theodorsy p. 70. tdh. 4. 
Fan Alojc. 
Nat* of Africa* 

Cuh. i73i,byMnPh.Miller. MiU.££l.$dit. 12. 
FL Jtme and July. D. S. 1^ . 

variiga^ I0» A. fabacaulis> foliis tnbxm pidis canalicubtb: angiu 
^^» lis carttlagineis, floribus racemofss cjliiKlrids. 

Thunb» AUiy n. I2. 
Aloe variegata* Sp. ph 459* 
. Partridge-breaft Aloe. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1720, by Mr. Thomas Fairchild. Blait^s ht. 
effaysy tab. 

FL moft part of the Summer. D. S. ^ . 


vjfcdfa. XI* A. fttbcaulefcens, foliis imbricatis trifariis ovatis, flo- 
ribus racemofis cernuis cylindricis. Tbunb» Abi^ 

ATae vi(co(a. 5>. pi. 460. 

Upright triangular Aloe. 

Nat. of Africa. 

Cult^ 1732, by James Sherard, M.D. Df77. Mb. 15. 

/v. June and July. D. S. 1^ . 

j^iraHs^ x 2. A. fubcauleicens, foliis imbricatis odofariir ovatis^ Ho* 
ribus racemofis recur vis* Tbuat. AUe^ n* 14. 
' Aloe fpiralis. Sp. ph 459* 

a ibiiis 


a foliis fpiraliter imbricatis. 

Imbricated fpiral Aloe. 
foliis quinqueiariam imbricatis. 

Five-fided fpiral Aloe. 

Nat of Africa. 

Cult. 1732, by James Shcrard, M.D. DHL ehb. i6. 
f.13./. 14. 

FL Jtine and July. D. S. ^ . 

13. A. acaulis, foliis <tolnquefarii$ deltoideis. Tbwib. 

Jhey fu 15. 
Aloe retufa. Sp. pi. 459. 
Cufhion Aloe. 

Nat. of the Gape of Gooid Hofili. 
Cub. 1720, by Mr. Thomas FaircKkL Blalr^t hot. 

ijfaysj tab. 
FL]\mz. D. S. 1i. 





AGAVE. Gen. pi. 431. 
Cor. ere6la. Filammta c6r6lfai lon^iora, erefta. 

1. A. acaulis, foliis dentato-fpinoits. 
• fUiis margine concoloribus. 

Agave americana. Sp. pi. 461. 

Common american Agave. 
foliis margine fufcis. 

Agave Karatto. Mill. dUf. 

Red-fpined American Agave. 

Nat. of South America. 

Cuh. 1640. Park, tbeat. 150. 

Fl. Auguft Oaober. * D. S. ^ . 



2. A. acaulis, foliis dentatis. 
Agave vivipara. Sp. pi. 461. 
Hh 4 




Viviparous Agave. 

Nat. of America. « 

OdU 1731^ by Mr. Philip Mfllcr. MIL di^. edit, u 

Aloe 7. 
FL AuguO: Oaobcr, D. S. %• 

vtrgtnica. 3. A. acaulis herbacea, foliis dentato-fpinofis. 

Agave virginica. Sp. pi. 461. Jacqu. ic. 90/. 2« 

Virginian Agave. 

Nat. of Carolina and Virginia* 

Introd. 1765, by Mr. John Crce, 

FL September, D. S. V, 

hrlda. 4. A. fubcaulefcens, foliis dentato-fpinofis. 
a foliis latioribus. 

Agave Vera Cruz. Mill. di£i. 

Broad-leav'd Vera Cruz Agave. 
$ foliis anguftioribus. 

Agave rigida. MiU. di^. 

Narrow-Ieav'd Vera Cruz Agave. 

Nat. of South America. 

Cult. 1 73 1, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL di^. edit. i. 
Aioe 4. 

FL D. S. 1^. 

iuberofa. 5. A. caulefcens, foliis dentato-fpinofis, 

a fpinis folitariis. 

Agave tuberofa. Mil. di£l. 

Single-fpined tuberous-rooted Agave. 

^ fpinis duplicibus. 

Double-fpined tuberous-rooted Agave. 

' ^ Nat. of America. 

Cult. 1739, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Rand. cheL Aloe 34. 

FL D. S. 1^. 

Obs. Hasc cum praecedenti> dubise ipecies^ ignota 


6. A. 


6. A. caulcfccns, foliis intcgerrimis. ff^tida^ 

Agave fcstida, Sf. pL 461. 
Foetid Agave. 
Nat. of South America. 
Oik. 1690, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-^ourt. 

CataL mfcr. 
FU D. S. \. 

ALSTROEMERIA. Gen. pi. i^yi. 

Or. 6-petala, fupera, irregularis, Starn. declinata. 

X. A.caule eredlo. Sp. pi. 461. Jacqu. hort. i. p. 20. Pelegri'^ 
t. 50. «»• 

Spotted-flower'd Alftroemeria. 
Nat. of Peru. 

Introd. 1753, by Mef&s. Kennedy and Lee. 
fL June September. G. H. If. 

%. A. caule adfcendente. Sp. pL 462. Ligttu 

Striped-flower'd Alftroemeria. 
Nat. of Peru. 

Introd. about 1776, by John Brown, Efq. 
/7. February and March. S. %. 

Cor. campanulata : tubo cylindrico. Stam. declinata. 

I. H. corollis flavis. Sp. pi. 462. yacqu. bort. 2. p. 65. Jlava^ 
t. 139. Curtis magaz. 19. 
Yellow Day Lily. 
Nat. of Siberia and Hungary. 
Cult. 1597, ^y Mr. John Gerard. Ger. herb. 90. /. i. 
FL June. H. %. 

a. H. 

474 HEZANDRiA MONooYNiA. Hemerocallis. 

fnhfa. 2. H. corollis fiilvis. Sp. pL 462. 
Copper-colour'd Day Lily. 
Nat. of the Levant. 

Cult 15979 by Mr. John Gerard* Get. herb. 90. /• 2. 
Fl. July and Auguft. H. %. 

A C O R U S. Gen. pi. 434. 

Spadix cylindricus, tedus flofctilis. Cor. 6-petal2, 
nudae. Stylus nuUus. Caff. 3*loculans« 

Calamus* i. A. fcapi mucrone longiffimo foliaceo. 
Acorus Calamus. Sp. pi. 462. 
Sweet Acorus, or Flag. ^ 
Nat. of England. 
FL June and July, H. % . 

grami'* 2. A. fcapi mucrone fpadicem vix excedente. 
nius» Chinefe Sweet-grafs. 

Nat. ■ ■ . Cultivated in China. 

IntroJ. 1786, by Allan Cooper^ £fq. Commander of 
the Atlas Indiaman. 

FL February. D. S. V. 




Spadix cylindricus, tedtus flofculis. Cor. 6-peta]2| 
nudae. Stylus nullus. F^lliculi i-fpermi. 

I. O. foliis lanceolato-ovatis. Sj/fi^ veget* 340. 
Aquatic Orontium. 
Nat. of Virginia and Canada. 
Introd. 1775, by John Fothergill, M.D. 
FL June. H. Of. 

2» O. foliis enfiformibus venofis. Tbunh. jap. 144. Ic. 
Kempfer* 1. 12« Sj/l. veget, 340, 



Japan Orontittin. 
Nai. cfjzpuu 

ItttraJ. 1783, by Mr. John Graefer. 
./7. Januarj. D. S. If < 

JU N C U S.^zi^ 
CaL 6-ph7lIus. Cor. o. CaJ^fl i-locularh, 

* Qibnis muUs* 
!• J. eulmo (ubhudo tereti mucronatcs poaicula termt* 4uUhUm 
nali, invducro diphyllo ipinofo. Sp. pi. 463. 
Sea Rufh. 
Nat of England. 
K July and Auguft, H. V, 

a* J. culaio nudo ftiiSbOy capitulo laterali. Sp. pi 464. C9ttibm$^ 
Round-headed Rufli, r^^^^- 

Nat. of Britain. 
FL June and July. H« V . 

3. J. culmo nudo ftrifb, panicula lateral!. Sp, pi. 464. ^fffyiiSm 
Common foft Ru(h. 

Nat. of Britain. 

K May ^Auguft. H. «. 

4. J. culmo nudo filiformi nutante^ panicula laterali. fUfimiu 

Sp. pi: 465. 
Leaft foft Ruflu 
Nat. of England. 
FLAugntt. H^lf. 

5. J. culmo nudo^ foliis floribufque tribuB terminalibus. trifidus. 

Sp. pi 465. 
Three-flower'd Rufls. 



Nat. of Scotland. 

Fl. July, tt %. 

fquarr^ 6. J. culmo nudo, foliis fetaceis, capltulis glomerads 
A» aphyllis. Sp. pi. 465. 

Mofs-rulh, or Goofe-corn. 
' Nat, of Britain. 

Fl. June. H. %. 

♦ * Culmis foUoJts. 

0rticula* 7. J. foliis nodofo-articulatis, petalis obtuiis. Sp. pi, 
ius. 465. 

Jointed Rufh. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL July and Auguft. H. V. 

htdhfusm 8. J. foliis linearibus canaliculatis, capfulis obtufis« % 
pL 466. 
Bulbous RuOi. 
JV^/. of Britain. 
K Auguft. H.V, 

lufmius. 9. J. culmo dichotomo, foliis angulatis, floribus folitariis 
feffilibus. Sp. pi. 466. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl July and Auguft. H. %. 

pikfus. 10. J. foliis planis pilofis, corymbo ramofb) floribus ib- 
litariis. //«i^ ^nf^/. 151. 
Juncus pilofus. Sp. pL 468. Curtis UnJ. 
Hairy Rufli. 
Nat. of Britain; 
FA April and May. H. V. 

II. J- 


1 1. J. foliis planis pilofis, coiymbo decompoiito, floribus fylvati^ 

fefciculatis feflUibus. tiudf, ongL 1$!. Curtis lond. ^^^* 
Uat. of England 
FL May. H. If. 

12. J. foliis planis rubpiIofi% corymbis folio brevioribus, nmus. 

floribus fafciculatis. Sp. pL 468. 
Whhe-flowcr'd Rufh. 
Niat. of the' Alps of Switzerland. 
Irttrod. 1770, by Monf. Richard. 
FL June. H. %. 

1 3. J. foliis planis fubpiloHs, fpicis feiSlibus pedunculatifque. campifm 
Sp. pL 468. Curtis lond. 'w. 

Field Rufh. 
Nat. of Britain. 
/7. April. H.V, 

A C H R A S. Gen. pi. 438. 

CaL 6-phyUus. Cor. ovata, 6-fida: fquamis totidem 
alternis interioribus. Pomum lo-loculare. Sem. 
folitaria, hilo marginali, apiceque unguictilato* 

X. A. floribus folitariis, foliis cuneiformi-lanceolatis. Sp. mamme/i, 

pi. 469. 
■ Mammee Sapota. 
Nat. of South America. 
^'^- 1739) I7 Mr. Philip Miller. MO. di^. vol. 2. 

Sapota 2. 
FL S. ^. 

2. A. floribus folitariis, foliis lanccolato^vatis. Sji/l. Sapota. 
veget. 342. 
Common Sapota. 


47$ HEXANDftiA MoirocYKiA. Achns. 

Nat; cxf South America. 

Cuk. 1739, by Mr. Philip Milkr. 'MIL Jiff. vol. a« 

' Sapota I* 

FL S.lfr. 

JaSctfoUa. 3* A. floribus confcrtis, foliis lanceolato-ovatis. Sf. 

Waiow-leav'd Sapota. 

NaU of South America, 

Cub. 1 758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 

FL S,li. 




P R I N O S. Gen. pi. 441. 
Cal. 6-fidus. Cor. i-petala, rotata. Baua S-fpemz, 

1. P. foliis longitudinaliter ferratis. Sp.pLJ^JU 
Deciduous Winter-berry. 

Nat. of Virginia. 

Intred. 1736, by Peter CcXlmCon^ Efq. OB. 9^ 

/7. July and Auguft. H, 6. 

2. P. foliis lanceolatis obtufiutculis glabris apice fenads. 
Prinos gtaber. Sp. pi. 471. (exdufis iynonymis.) 
Ever-green Winter-berry. 

Nat. of Canada. 

Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL £^. tdk. 7. «. 1 

FL July and Auguft. H. 1ft • 

3. P. foliis eUipticid acuminatis Iambus apice fub&ni- 

Sbining Winter-berry. 

Introd. afaoue 1778^ by Mr. Jaoiet Gordon, 
FL]\x\j. G.H.J. 


If«XANPSllA M^KOCViriA^ 479. 

fi U R S E R A. Gfn. pi 440. 

Cat. s-phyllus. Cor. 3-peUla. Capf camoia, 3-valvis, 

I. BuRSBR A. Sp. pi 471. gummfe^ 

Jamaica Birch-tree. ra. 

Aif. of the Weft Indies. 
Cult. 1690, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court 

Catal mfcr. 
Fl S. }&• 

B£RB{:RtS. Gen. pi 441. 

Cal 6-phyllus, Petala 6 : ad ungues glandulis 2* 

Stylus o. Bacca 2-(perma. 

1. B. pe4vnculis ^cemqfis. Sp. pi 471. vulgaris^ 
a ^inis triplicibus, ferraturis foliorum fetaceis elongatiS) rubra. 

baccis rubris. 
Common Berberry. 
f fpinis multiplicibus, ferraturis foliorum fetaceis elon- violacea. 

gatis, baccis violaceis. 
Purple-fruited Berberry. 
y ipinis triplicibus, ferraturis foliorum remotis brcviiS- canaden* 

mis. &• 

Bcrberis canadenfis* Mill di£f. 
Canada Berberry. 

Nat. a. $. of Britain ; y. of Canada* 
Fl April and May. H. 1^ . 

2. B. ptdunculls uniftoris. Sp. pi 472* (Titlca. 
Cre^ Berberry. 

Nat. of the Ifland of Candia. 
Cult. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil, Jiff^tdU. 7. iK 3. 
Fh April and May. VL I7 • 



CANARINA. Lim. mant^ 148. 

QiL 6-*phylIus* Cor, 6-fida, campanulata. Stigmata 6. 

Caff, infera, 6-locularis, polyfperma. 

Campo'- I. Canarina* Sj/i. veget. 344. 

•*^» Campanula canaricnfis. Sp.pLi^li. Sj^.vigit.iog. 

Canary Bell-flower. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands* 

Cult, 1696, in the Royal Garden at Hampton-court. 
PluL aim. jff. t. 276. /. I. 

Fl. January March. G. H. It . 

FRANKENIA. Gen. pL ^5. 
Cal. 5-fidus, infiindibulif. Petala 5. Stigma 6-parti- 
turn. Capf. i-locularis, 3*va]vis. 
kpuis. i; F. foliis linearibus confertis bafi cillatis. Sjft.veget. 

Smooth Frankenia, or Sea Heath. 

Nat. of England. 

77. Auguft. H. V. 

fuheru^ 2. F. foliis obovatis retufis fubtus pulveratis.' j^j^ 
knta. Dufty Frankenia. 

Nat. of England. 

FAJuly. H.O* 

? E P L I S. Gen. pL 446. 

Perianth, campanulatum : ore i2-fida Petala 6y 

calyci inferta. Caff. 2-locularis. 

P^rtula. '• P* floribus apetalis. Sp. pi. 474. Curtis bmL 
Water t^eplis, or Purflanc. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL September. - ' H. O . 



D t G r N I A. 

O R Y Z A. Gin. pL 448. 

evil Gluma a-valvis, i -flora. Ctt. 2-vsdvis, fubaequa« 
lis, femini adnafcens. /" 

I. Oryza. Sp. pL 475, fathii. 

Common Rice. 
* NaL / 

Cult. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand, cbth 
Fl.J\Ay. S.©. 

ATRAPHAXIS. Gin. pi. ^q. 

Cak 2-phyUus. Pitak 7^ finuata. Stigmata capitata. 

Sitn. I. 

t. A. ramis fpinofis. Sp. pL 475. VHirit. Jtirp* n$v. jpiaffir* 
27. t. 14. 
Prickly-branchM Atraphaxis. 
Nat. of the Levant 

Colt. 1759, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL dia. idit. 7. n. z. , 
FLAugdL G. H. 6. 

1« A. inermis. Sp. pi. 475. mndalata^ 

Waved-leav'd Atraphaxis. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope* 
Cub. 1732, by James Sherard, M. D. J>ill. iltb. 

36. /. 32. 
Fl June and July. G. H. 1^. 

I i ^TRIGn 


TR I G Y N I A. 

jR. U M £ X. Gen. pL 451. 

CaL 3-phylIus. Petala 3, conniventia. San. I, 

♦ Hermapbroditl : ^valvuUs jl^is granub notatis* 
Patten^ I. R. floribus hcrmaphroditis : valvulis integcrrimis: 
'^^* unica granifera, foliis ovato-lanceolatis. Syji. veget. 

Patience Dock, or Rhubarb. 
Nat. of Italy. 

Cult. 1597, by Mr. Jqhij Gei^rA G$r. herb. JiS-/- S- 
JPi June aiyl July- H,)l. 

fanguU 2* R* floribus hertnaphroditis : valvulis integerrimis : 
neus* Ulrica granifera, fi^i^^ cordsito-kuKedpds. Sp* fl. 


Bloody Dock. 

Nat^ of England. 

iV. June and J^ily. H. If. 

crljpuu 3' ^* floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis integris grani- 
feris, foliis lanceolatis yaduliiti^ acutis. ip. pL 
476. Curtis land. 

Curl'd Doct. 

Mat^ of Britain. 

Fl. June and July. U, K. 

paludofus. 4* K.» floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis integris grani- 
feris, foliis cordato-lanceolatis obtufiufculis^ yerti-> 
cillis diftin£iis foliolo fubje^s, 
R^mef paludofus. Hu^ angL 154. 

tt2XAKDRIA TftlCYKIA* RuOieX* ^^J 

MaHh Dock. 
A^tf/. of Britain. 
^ /7. Auguft. H. If* 

5* R. floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis integerrimis 

graniferis, foliis lanceolads glabris acutis integer- HyJrola^ 
rimis bafi attentiatis. pathum. 

Rumex Hydrolapatfaum. Huif. angL 154. 

Water Dock. 

Nat. of England* 

FL July. H. It. 

6. R» floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis dentatis : apice firJUari^ 

fubulato : omnibus graniferis, (dim lanceoktis* ^^^ 

Rumex perficarioides. Sp. pi. 477. 
Arfinart-leavM Dock. 
NaU of Virginia. 

Introd. 1773, by Chevalier Murray. 
FL June and July* H. O* 

7. IL floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis trifido^fetaceis : i^gfptius* 

unica granifera. Sp, pL ^Tj. 
Egyptian Dock. 
Nat. of Egypt. 
Cuh. 1739, by Mr. Philip Milltr. Itand* cbiL La- 

pathum 14. 
FL June and July. H. Q. 

8. R» floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis dentatis : apice Antatus. 

lanceolato : omnibus graniferiS) foliis lancedatis. 
Rumex dentatus. Linn. mant. 2a6. 
Dentated Dock. 
Nat. of Egypt. 
Cult. 1732, by James Sherard^ M» D. DilL M. 1^1. 

u 158. /. 191. 
FL July and Auguft. ' H. 0. 

I i a 9* R. 


marttU 9. R. floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis dentatis gni- 

^us. niferis, foliis linearibus. Sp. pL 478. Curtis knd. 

. Golden Dock. 

NaU of Britain. 

FL July and Auguft^ H. If. 

acutus. , 10. R. floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis dentatis gra- 
niferis, foliis cordato-oblongis acuminatis. Sf, pL 
478. Curtis lond. 

Sharp-pointed Dock. 

Nat. of Britain. 

FA June and July. H. V. 

$htujif9li^* II* R. floribus hermaphroditis: valvulis dentatis grani- 

us. feris, foliis cordato-oblongis obtufiufculis crenuta- 

tis. Sp. pL 478. Curtis lond. 

Blunt-leav'd Dock. 

Nat. of Britain. 

JPAJunc and July. H. If. 



1 2. R. floribus hermaphroditis: valvulis dentatis: fub- 
unica granifera^ foliis radicalibus pandurifonni- 
bus. Sp. pL 477. 

Fiddle Dock. 

Nat. of Brit2[bi. ' 

Fl. June and July. H. %. 

*• Hermapbroditi : valvulis Jloris grano deftitutis. 
13. R. floribus hermaphroditis : Valvulis dentatis nudis, 
pedicellis planis reflexis incraflTatis. Sjft. veg. 347. 
Bafil-leavM Dock. 
Nat, of Italy. 
Cult. 1683, by Mr. James Sutherland. SutherL k§rt. 

idin. J. n. I. 
Fl. June. H. ©. 

, 14.R. 


14. R. floribus hermaphroditis : valvulis lacvibus, caule Lunaria^ 

arboreo, foliis fubcordatis. Sp. pt. 479. 
Tree Sprrel. 

Nat. of the Canary Iflands. 
Culu 1698, by the Dutcheft of Beaufort. Br. Muf. 

Sloan, mjf. 21^%. 
FL June and July. G. H. Ifc . 

15. R. floribus hermaphroditis geminatis: valvularum veficari- 

alis omnibus maximis membranaceis reflexis, fo- us. 

liis indivifis. Sp. pi. 479*. 
Bladder Dock, or Sorrel. 
Ngt. of Africa. 
Cult. 1656, by Mr. John Tradefcant, Jun. Trad. 

Fl. July and Auguft. H. . 

16. R. floribus hermaphroditis diftin&is: valvulse alte- rofeus. 

rius ala maxima membranacea reticulata, foliis 

erofis, S)iJl. veget. 347. 
Rofc Dock. 
,JV^/. of Egypt. 
Cult. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand, chel 

Acetoia 11. 
Fl. July and Auguft. H. CJ. 

17. R. floribus hermaphroditis diftimSlis: valvulis cor* tingita' 

datis obtufis integerrimis, foliis haftato-ovatis. ^us. 
, Sjft. veget. 347. 
Tangier Dock* 
Nat..o{ Barbary and Spain. 
Cult. 1680, by Robert Morifon, M.D. Morif, hijl. 

2. p. 583. n. 8. / 5. /. 28. / 8. 
Fl. H. It. 

113 18. R. 


JcHtatus* ' t8* R« floribus hermaphrodttis, icius cordato-hafiadsi 
caule tereti. Sjfi. Vigtt. 347. 
French Sorrel. 

Nat. of France and Switzerland. 
Cub*^ 1633. Gir. emac. 397. /• 4. 
FL June and July. H. %, 

digynus, 19. R. floribus hermaphroditis digynis. Sp* pL 480. 
Mountain Dock, or Sorrd. . 
NaU of Britain. 
/7. June and July. H. IJ. 

♦ • • Floribus diclims. 
alpittus. ao. R. floribus hermaphroditis fterilibus femiaekque : 
valvulis integerrimis nudis, foliis cordatis obtufis 
rugofis. Sp. pL 480. 
Alpine Dock, or Monk's Rhubarb. 
Nat. of France and Switzerland. 
Cub. 1597. Ger. herb. 313. / 6. 
FL June and July. H. V. 

fpinofut. 21. R. floribus androgynis : calycibus femineis mono- 
pbyllis : valvulis exterioribus reflexo-uncinatis. 
Sp. pi 481. 

Prickly-fccded Dock. 

Nat. of Candia. 

Cu^f. 1683. Sutherland, hort. edin. 49. 

FL June and July. H. 0« 

tuberdjiu, 22. R. floribus dioicis, foliis lanceolato-fagittati^i ramts 
patentibus. Syjl. veget. 348. 
Tuberous-rooted Dock. 
Nat. of Italy. 

Cult. 1748, by Mr. Philip Miller. MIL dia. tSt. 5. 
Acctofa 9. 
. FL H. H. 

23- R- 


2> R. florlbus dioicis, foliis oblongts fagittatis. Sp. pL Acetofa. 
Garden Sorrel- 
Nat. of Britain. 
/Z JiHic and July. H. V. 

24. R. floribas dioicis, foliis lanceolato-haftatis. Sp. pL Acctrfella. 
484. Curtis lond. 
Sheep's Dock, or Sorrel. 
Nat* of Britain. 
FLMxy ^July. H. If. 


25. R. floribus dioicis, foliis omnibus petiolatis haftatis : 
auriculis fimplicibus divaricatis, caule ere£to. 
Rumex anfolius. Lirm. fuppl. 212. 
Rumex abyflinicus. Jacqu. hort. ^ p, 48. t. 93. 
Halbcrd-leav'd Dock. 
Nat. of Africa, yanus Brncey Efq. 
Introd. 1775. 
FL December April. . G. H. t . 

FLAGELLARIA, Gen. pi 450. 
Cal. 6-partitus. Cor. o. Ba€ca i-fperma. 
I. Flagellarxa. Sp. pi. 475. indica. 

Indian Flagellaria. / 
Nat. of the Eaft Indies and Guinea. 
Intro(L 1782, by the Earl of Tankerville and Dr. 

FL * S. 1?. 

TRtGLOCHIN. Gen. pi. /^SZ^ . 
CaL 3-phyUus. Petala 3, calyciformia. Stylus 0. 
Capf, bafi dehifcens. 

I. T. capfulis trilocularibus fublinearibus. Sp. pL 482. palujlre. 
I i 4 Mar(h 


488 HEXANDRIA TRIGVNIA* Triglochitt^ 

Marih Triglochin. 

Nat, of Britain. 

FL July and Auguft. H. ^ • 

wiariti" d. T. capfulis fexlocularibus ovads. Sp. pL 483. 
Sea Triglochin. 
Nat. of Britain. 
FL May and June. H. %^ 

MELANTHIUM. Gen. pi. ^s^ 

Cor. 6-petaIa. Filamenta ex elongatis unguibus corolls. 

virgini" I. M. floribus paniculatis, petalis unguiculatis extus hir- 
^^- futis. 

Melanthlum virginicum. Sp. pi. 483. 

Virginian Melanthlum. 

Nat. of North America. 

Cult. 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. dla. edit. 8. 

Fh June and July. H. % . 

latum. a. M. racemo oblongo, petalis (effilibus, foliis glabris 
lanceolato-linearibus : caulinis remotis. 
Spear-leav'd Melanthium. 
Nat. of North America. 
Introd. 1 7 7 0, by George W. Earl of Coventry. 
/'/.June. ^ H.V. 

capenfe. 3. M. petalis punftatis, foliis cucuUatis. Sp. pL 483. 
Spotted-flower'd Melanthium. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1788, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
Fl. G.H. If. 

vlride. 4. M. pedunculis unifloris cernuis. Linn.Jiippl. 213. 
Green-flower'd Melanthium, 


REXANDRiA TRioYHiA. Mdaathium. 4?9 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope* 

Introd. 1788, by Mr. Francis Maflbn* 

Fl^ G.H.V. 

5. M. foUis triquctris glabris caulc longioribus, floribas iriifu$* 

fpicatis. Linn, fuppl. 2 1 3. ^'"'^ 

Ru(b-lcav'd Melanthiutn. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1788, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FA June. G. H.ll. 

6. M. corolla monopetala, foliis cucuUatis lanccolaris. mnopeU^ 
' Linn.fuppLzi'^. SyJ{.vegit.l^<). ^^*^ 
Mclanthium fpicatum. Burnt. Jl. cap. it. Houtt.nMU 

bift. 12. p. 429. tab. 85. /. 2. 
Wunnbca capenfis. Thunl. nov. gen, i. p. i8. 5j^. 

v^i^f' 348. 
Onc-pctaVd Melanthium. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1788, by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
PL G. H. Tf . 

M E D E O L A. Gen. pi. 455. 
Cal. o. Cor. 6.partita, revoluta. Bacca 3-fpcrma. 
I, M. foliis verticillatis, ramis inermibus. Sp. pL 483. 
Virginian Medeola. 
Nat. of Virginia. 

Cult. 1768, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mitt. di£f. edit. 8. 
Fl. June. H. V. 

a. M. foliis alternis ovatis bad fubcordatis obliquis. 
Medeola afparagoides. Sp. pi. 484. S^. veget. 349* 
Dracaena Medeoloides. Linn.Juppl. 203. Syji. veget. 

Broad-leav'd Shrubby Medeola. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 






HiXANDRiA TRioyiriA. Medcoia. 

Cub. 1702, by the Dutchefe of Beaufort. Br. Muf 

ILS. i2S.fiL 16. 
FL mdl part of the Winter. G. H. 1^ . 

3. M. foltis alter^is ovato-lanceolatis* 
Medeola anguftifolia. AHIL di^. 
Afparagus africanus fcandens Myrti foiio anguftiore. 

TilLpif. 17. 1. 12:/. 2. 
NarrowJeav'd Shrubby Medeola. 
NaU of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Cult. 1752, by Mr. Philip Miller. Mil. iia. edit. 6. 

Afparagus 12. 
fl. December-— -March. G. H. 1^ . 

T R I L L I ir M. Gin. pL 456. 

CaU 3-phyllu8. Cor. 3-pctala. Bacca 3-lociilaris, 

cernuum. i. T. flore pedunculato cernuo, Sp. pi. 484. 
Stalk-flower'd Trillium. 
Nat. of North America. 

Cult. iTS^y ^y Mr. Ph. Miller. Mil ££!. edit. 7. «. i. 
FA April. 

fifdi. 2. T. flore fefflli ereSo. Sp. pi. 484. Curtis magaz. 40. 

Seffile-flower*d Trillium. 
Nat. of North America. 
Introd. 1765, by Mr. John Cree. 
PL April and May. H. %. 


COLCHICUM. Gen. pi j^sy. 

Spatba. Cor. 6-partita: tubo radtcato. Capfula 3, 
connexas, inflatae. 

X. C. foliis planis lance(rfada ere^s. Sp. pi. 485* 

« flore 

HIXANDRIA TltIO?lllA^ ColchicUID. 4^ 

a flore iimplici. 

Common Meadow Saffron. 
fi flore pleno. 

Double-fiower'd Meadow Saffir^m 

Nat. of Britain. 

FL September and Oaoben H. If . 

a* C» foliis undulatis patentibus* Sf. pL 485, varuga^ 

Variegated Meadow Saffron. ^«w«» 

Nat. of the Greek. Iflands. 
Qdt. 1629. iSS'f- 5- 
Fl. Auguft O^obcr. G. H. V. 

H E L O N I A S. G^», ^/. 458. 
Qr. 6-petala. CaL o. Capf. 3-loctilaris. / 

1. H. foliis lancedatis nervofis. Sji/i. viget. 349. iullata^ 
Spear-leav'd Helonias. 

Nat. of Penfylyrania. 

Oilt. 1758, by Mr. Ph. Miller. MIL ic. l8i. t. 272. 

FL April and May. H. %. 

2. H. foliis caulinis fetaceis. Sp. pL 485. A/pbodeU 
Grafs-leav'd Helonias. 9tdiu 
Nat. of Penfylvania and Virginia. 

JntroJ. 1765, by Mr. William Young. 

FL May and June. H. 1{. 


Gz/. 4-phyllus« Qr.o. Sem. i: apiceariflidreflexis. 

J. P. floribus hexandris. Sp. pL 486. 






Common Guinea Hen-weed. 
NaU of Jamaica. 
Cub. 1758, by Mr. Philip Miller. 
FU June and JuLy. 

S. 1^. 

,2. P. floribus o£bndris. Sp. pi. 486. 
Dwarf Guinea Hen-weed. 
-Wi/. of the Weftlndies. 
Cub. 1739, by Mr. Philip Miller. Rand. cheL 
^L June and July. S. % . 


A L I S M A. Gen. pL 4.60. 
Cal. 3-phyllus. Petala 3. Senu plura. 

Plantago. i. A. foliis ov^tls acutis, frudibus obtufp trigonis. 
pi. 486. Curtis land. 
Greater Water Plantain. 
Nat. of Britain. 
Fl. June and July. 



Damafi^ 2. A. foliis cordato-oblongis, floribus hexagynis, capfulis 
niunu fubulatis. Sp. 'pL 486. Curtis land. 

Star-headed Water Plantain. 

Nat. of England. 
. , /I June Auguft. H. If. 

Ranun^ 3. A. foliis lineari-Ianceolatis, fru£libus globofo-fquarro- 
cuhidis. fis, Sp. pi. 487. 

Lefler Water Plantain. 

Nat. of Britain. 

R Auguft. H. V. 



Clajfts FII. 



TRIE N TALIS. Gen. pi. ^6u 

Cat. 7-phyIlus. C«r. 7-partita, xqualis, plana. Bacca 

I. T. foliis lanceolatis integerrimis. Sp. pL 488. iurop^ea. 

Common Trientalis, or Chick-weed Winter-green. , 
Naf. of Britain, 
/v. June. H. V. 

DISANDRA. Ltnn. fuppl 32. 

Cai fub 7-partitus. Cor. rotata, fub 7-partita. Capf 

2-locularis, polyfperma. 

I. DiSANDilA. S^. vegeU 352. prejirattu 

Trailing Difandra. 
Nat. of Madeira. 
Introd- about 1771. 
FL moft part of the Summer. G. H. V. 

-« S C U L U S. Gen. pL 462. 

Cal, i-phyllus, 5-dentatus, ventricofus. Cor. 5-petala, 
insqualiter colorata, calyci inierta. Capf. 3-locu- 

I. IE. foliolis feptenis. iTtppo* 

iEfculus Hippocaftanum. 5/. pL 488* Cujia^ 

- • • Common ^^^^ 

494 ItEPTANDRtA MOKOGYNIA. ^fcutus* 

Common Horfe Chefnut. 

Nat. of the North of Afiau 

Cult. 1633, by Mr. John Tradefcant Ger. emac. 1443. 

FL April ^nd Majr. H. 1^ . 

fiava. %. J£,. foliolis quinis^ corollx laminis cordato-fubro > 

tundls } unguibus calyce duplo longioribas« 
Yellow-flowcr'd Horfe ChcfiiuL 
, Nat. of North Carolina. 
Cub. 17641 by Mr. John Greening. 
/Vl May and June, ' H. b« 

Pavia. 3. IE. foliis quinis, corollae laminis obovatis ; unguibus 
longitudine calycis. 
^(cu]u6 Pavia. Sp. pi. 488. 
Scarlet-fiower'd Horfe ChefnuL 
' Nat. of Carolina and Florida. 

Cult. 1 7 12. Philofopb. tranf. n. J33. p. 424. n. 86« 
FL May and June* H. 1& • 

D I G r N I j^. 

L I M £ U M. Gem pi. 463* 

Cal. s-phyllus. Pitala 5, zqualia. Q^. globofi, 


afrtca* i. Lim£um. Sp.pL^SS. 

num% African Limeum. 

Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope« 

Inirod* X774» by Mr. Frauds Maflbiu 

Fh G.H.K. 




S A U R U R U S. Gen. fl 464. 

Cd. amentum fquamis i-floris. Cor. o. Germina 4. 
Bacca 4, monorpermae. 

I. S. caule foliofo polyftachyo. Sj/f. veget. 353. €imuusm 

Lizard'8 Tail. 
Nat. of Virginia. 

Cub. 1759, by Mr. Philip Miller. MilL dUt. idii. 7. 
Fl. September. H. %• 

APONOGETON. Linn.fuppL^. 
CaL amentum. Cor. o. Capjiila 3-fpermse. 
J. A. fpica bifida, foliis lineari-oblongis natantibns, brae- diftachf* 

teis integris, floribus polyandris. oju 

Aponogeton diftachyon. Linn, fuffl. 215. Tbunb^ 

nov. gen. 4. p. 74. cum fig. 
Broad'leav'd Aponogeton. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1788) by Mr. Francis Maflbn. 
FL Moft part of the year. G. H. If. 

Obs. Linnaeus in fupplemento banc fpeciem cum 

fequenti confimdit, dum ftamina a fei ad duodecim 

variare dicit 

%. A. fpica bifida, foliis lineari-lanceolads erefiis, bradeis angufiifom 
bipartitis, floribus hexandris. ^'<«k 

Narrow-leavM Aponogeton. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. Mr, Fr. Maffin. 
Introd. 1788. 

FL Moft part of the year. G. H. %. 

You It I i 8 Dbsce. 


Descr. Folia anguftiora quam in praecedenti, utrin* 
que attenuata. Raches pallide rubri. FUra pauci* 
Brailea albs, bafi rabnt> ad bafin fere bipaititae 
(vel, ii mavis, bins) : lacinix lineari-oblongae* 
Siamna fex, bradeis ter vcl quater brevionu Styli 


S E P T A S. Gen. pi. 465. 

CaL 7-partitus, Pitalm 7. Germina 7. Ceffukt 7, 

tsf$r^^ I* Sbptas. Sp. pL 489* 
Rouxid-leav'd Septas. 
Nat. of the Cape of Good Hope. 
Introd. 1774, by Mr. Francis Mallbn, 
Fl. Aaguft and September. G. H. If .