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Full text of "Howland-Crocker-Jenkins-Holbrook : a genealogy--the following pages are gathered in compliment to my children and their descendants, to show some of the lines of my descent, ... to Weymouth, Mass. about 1635"

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;A (Genealogy 






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Plymouth, ibjb-y ; lUini^table, ibS2 


Weymoutli, Eiiff., to Wi-y mouth, Mass., about /OjJ 

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GENEALOGY, v. ■ ■ 


HowLAND — Jenkins — Holbrook. 

I. John Rowland, a " Mayflower " pilgrim, came to 
New England in 1620. He was then in his minority, 
and was an apprentice to Gov, Carver, and a member 
of his family. He was married in Plymouth, to Eliza- 
beth, daughter of John Tilley, both of whom were fel- 
low-passengers with him in the " Mayflower." He lived 
for awhile in Plymouth, was one of the first settlers of 
Duxbury, remaining there a few years, when he re- 
turned to Plymouth, and settled in a locality called 
Rockynook, in what is now Kingston, where he died. 
I copy the following, relating to his death, from the 
Old Colony Records: "The 23d of fVbruary, 1672, 
Mr. John Rowland, senior, of the towne of Plymouth, 
deceased. Ree was a godly man, and an ancient pro- 
fessor in the wayes of Christ. Ree lived untill hee at- 
tained abouve eighty yeares in the world. Ree was 
one of the first comers into this land, and proved a use- 
ful instrument of good in his place, and was the last 
man that was left of those that came ower in the shipp 
called the May Flower, that liued in Plymouth. Ree 
was with honor interred att the towne of Plymouth, on 

the 25th of February, 1672." His widow, Elizabeth, 
died December 21st, 1687, aged eighty years. Their 
children were Johg, Jabez, Isaac, Joseph, Desire, Hope, 
Elizabeth, Lydia, Ruth, Hannah. 

2. John Howland, junior, the first child of John, 
senior, and his wife Elizabeth, was born in Plymouth, 
Feb. 24, 1627. He died in West IJarnstable, Mass. 
He was married in Plymouth, Oct. 26, 165 1, to Mary 
Lee. She was daughter of Mistress Mary Lee, who 
died in Barnstable, October, 1681, having lived with 
her son-in-law, Howland, eight years. I think her 

, father was Robert Lee. Their children were i\Liry, 

Elizabeth, Isaac, Hannah, Mercy, Lydia, Experience, 
Anne, Shubal, John. 

3. Isaac Howland, the third child of John, junior, 
was born in West Barnstable, Nov. 25, 1659. He died 

i in West Barnstable. He married Ann Taylor, of Barn- 

stable, daughter of Edward and Mary (Menks) Taylor. 
Their children were Ebenezer, Isaac, Hannah, Mary, 
Anne, John, Noah, and Joseph. 

4. Joseph Howland, the eighth child of Isaac and 
Ann (Taylor) Howland, was born in Barnstable, July 

''*~" 30, 1702, where he died. He was married to his first 
'. wife, Rachell Crocker, Jan. 10, 1739. He married, for 

his second wife, on May 16, 1746, Maria Fuller. His 
, " children were Hannah, Mary, Rachell ; and Ann by his 

} second wife. 

[v 5. Mary Howland, the second child of Joseph and 

1 Rachell (Crocker) Howland, was born in Barnstable, 

Aug. 9, 1 740, where she died. She was married, by 
i » Rev. Oakes Shaw, Oct. 22, i 761, to Lot Jenkins, son 


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of Samuel and Mary (Hinckley) Jenkins. He was 
born March 13, 1737. Their children were Chloe, Lot, 
Philemon, Achsah, and Mary. 

6. Mary Jenkins, the fifth child of Lot and Mary 
(Howland) Jenkins, was born at Barnstable, Aug. 15, 
1773, and died at Wellfleet, Feb. 9, 1827. She was 
married at Barnstable, Nov. 23, 1793, to Joseph Hol- 
brook, son of Thomas and Hannah (Hardhi^ Hoi- , 

brook. (See Holbrook.) 2021461 

Crocker — Howland — Jenkins — Holbrook. 

1. Deacon William Crocker came with Rev. Mr. 
Lothrop and his church, Oct. 21, 1639, to Barnstable, 
Mass., and his brother John, the following spring. 
John left no family, but William's posterity are very 
numerous. He married, for his first wife, in 1636, ' 

Alice , who was the mother of all of his children, 

seven in all. 

2. Dea. Job Crocker, fourth child of Dea. William^ 
born in Barnstable, Mass., March 9, 1644-45, married, 
for his first wife, November, 1668, Mary, daughter of 
Rev. Thomas Walley, the then pastor of the Barn- 
stable church. She was born in London, England, 
and there baptized, April 18, 1644. She came over 
with her father, in the ship " Society," Captain John 
Pierce, and arrived in Boston May 24, 1662. She 
died about the year 1676, leaving two children. He 
married, for his second wife, July 19, 1680, Hannah, 
daughter of Richard Taylor of Yarmouth, Mass. He 
had, by both wives, eleven children. 

3. Samuel Crocker was the second child of Deacon 


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Job Crocker and his first wife, Mary. 'He was born in 
Barnstable, Mass., May 15, 167 1. He was married, 
Dec. 10, 1696, to his tirst wife, Sarah, daugliter of 
Robert Parker ; and for his second, he was married, 
April 12, 1719,10 Judith Leavet, of Rochester. By 
his first wife he had thirteen children ; by the second 
wife he had two children. 

4. Rachell Crocker, the twelfth child of Samuel 
Crocker and his first wife, Sarah Parker, was born in 
Barnstable, Mass. She was married, Jan. 18, 1738-39, 
to Joseph Rowland, son of Isaac and Ann (Taylor) 

5. Mary Rowland, second child of Joseph and 
Rachell (Crocker) Rowland, married Lot Jenkins. 
(See Jenkins.) 

6. Mary Jenkins, daughter of Lot and Mary (Row- 
land) Jenkins, married Joseph Rolbrook. (See Rol- 

Jenkins — Rolbrook. 

1. John Jenkins came from London, in the " De- 
fence of London," in July, 1635. Ris first wife came 
in the " True Love," in September, the same year. 
For his second wife, he married widow Mary lOwer, at 
Barnstable, Feb. 2, 1652. 

2. Thomas Jenkins, the sixth child of the above, 
married I^xperience Runblin, daughter of James, jun- 
ior, and granddaughter of James Ramblin, the emi- 
grant, who was the ancestor of Vice-president Hamlin. 
You will see that this branch have droppetl the " b " in 
their names. 


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V . ) 

3- Samuel Jenkins, the fifth child of Tliomas above, 
lived first at " Skonkonot," the Indian name of a place 
now called "Hamblin's Plains." When Ichahod Hinck- 
ley moved to Tolland, Conn., about 1730, he soKl his 
farm to Samuel Jenkins, and it is now (1S85) owned by 
Braley Jenkins, a descendant, who lives in the identi- 
cal house that Ichabod Hinckley built in 1 700. The 
deed of Ichabod to Samuel has always remained in the 
; house. Samuel Jenkins married Mary Hinckley, 

1 daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Cobb) Hinckley, 

:, . . and she was the third generation of the Gov. Hinck- 
r : ley. 

' 4. Lot Jenkins, the sixth child of Samuel above, 

was married, Oct. 22, 1761, by Rev. Oakes Shaw, to 

Mary Howland, daughter of Joseph and Rachell 

(Crocker) Howland. Mary Howland was the fifth 

, generation from John Howland, who came in the 

v ■ :. ^' •' Mayflower," in 1620, with the family of Gov. Jolm 

f' ;. ■' 5. Mary Jenkins, the fifth child of the above Lot 
I Jenkins, married, at Barnstable, Nov. 23, 1793, Josejjh 

Holbrook, of \Vellfleet. He was son of Thomas and 
I . Hannah (Harding) Holbrook. (See Holbrook.) 


I. Thomas Holbrook ( aine, says Savage, fruin Wey- 
mouth, England, to Weymouth, Mass., before 164 i, with t 
his wife. Experience, daugliter of Hopestill Leland, and .' 
brought with him a son John, born in 161 7. He filled 
many offices of trust ; and I think he married" a second '" 
wife, for it is recorded of him that he died at an advanced 

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age, about 1674 to 1676, leaving a widow, Joanna, who 
died before April 24, 1677. 

2. Captain John Holbrook, son of the above, was 
born in 1617, and died in 1G99, aged eighty-two years. 
He married three wives : first, Sarah ; second, Elizabeth ; 

, third, Mary. Captain John was a man of great courage, 
and quite wealthy for those days, and held many offices 
of trust. 

3. John Holbrook, the first child of Captain John, 
married Abigail Pierce, and settled in Scituate, IVIass. 
His wife was daughter of Captain Michael Pierce, who 
was slain at Attleboro. 

4. John Holbrook, the eighth child of John and 
Abigail (Pierce) Holbrook, married Sarah Chrittendon, 
May 3, 1709, and lived at Scituate. 

/ 5. Thomas Holbrook, third ciiild of above, settled 
in Eastham, now Welllleet, and married, Jan. 2, 1 734-35, 
Margaret Doane, who lived to the age of ninety-five 
years, and died about 1808. 

6. Thomas Holbrook, the third child of the above, 
married, for his first wife, Hannah Harding j for his 
second wife, Jerusha Sweet. There are no children 
recorded as of the secund wife, so I should say that 
Hannah (Harding) Holbrook was the grandmother of 
Jesse Holbrook. • 

Holbrook — Jenkins. , , ' 

Joseph Holbrook 7 ( Thomas 6, Thomas 5, 
John 4, John 3, John 2, Thomas i), son of Thomas 6 
and Hannah (Harding) Holbrook, was born in Well- 
fleet, Mass., Aug. 6, 1 77 1, at 5 a. m. He died in 1852, 



;J- ,:,•.,,) ; • .■ 

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'■'il (■):.■ - ■ i'l J„ t ■■'■ ■ ' W 1 t.V.i ;'. 

iit\:: ,r:; j- 



aged eighty-one years. He was married at Barnstable, 
Nov. 23, 1793, to Mary (sometimes called Polly) 
Jenkins, daughter of Lot 4 and Mary (Rowland) 
Jenkins. She was born in Barnstable, Mass, Aug. 15, 
1773. She died in Wellfleet, Mass., Feb. 9, 1827, aged 
fifty-four years, six months. Their children were : — 
[ I ] Thomas Holbrook, born in Wellfleet, Mass. Dec. 

8, 1794, at 7 A. M. He died Nov. 30, 1880, in Well- 
fleet. He married Mary Smith, daughter of James 
Smith, of New Bedford, Mass. They had eleven chil- 

[2] Hannah Holbrook, born in Wellfleet, Mass., 
July 19, 1797, at 7 A. M. She died in East Boston, 
Jan. 20, 1869, aged seventy-one years, six months. She 
married, in Wellfleet, Masr,., Oct. 23, 1819, David Young 
Dyer, son of Micah and Bethiah ^Gross) Dyer. He 
was born in Wellfleet, Mass., July 30, 1794. He died 
in East Boston, Mass., Dec. 5, 1870, aged 76 years, 4 
months, 5 days. They had eleven children. 

[3] Joseph Holbrook, born in WeUfleet, Mass., Sept. 

9, 1799, at 2 A, M. He died May 23, 1866. He mar- 
ried Temperance Holbrook, who died at Melrose, 
Mass., June 27, 1877. They had six children. 

[4] Sally Holbrook, born in Wellfleet, Mass., Feb. 
12, 1802, at 3 A. M. She died in Boston, Dec. 19, 
1883,. aged 80 years, 10 months, 7 days. She was 
married in Wellfleet, Mass., April 2, 1820, to Micah 
Dyer, junior, son of Micah and Bethiah (Gross) Dyer. 
His father was of the fourth generation of the celebrated 
Dr. William Dyer, of Barnstable, 1653, and one of thi 

■ : '■■■ ..:l' * 

l;!;J, 1 i . V- 


•t •;■ ' I 

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■I-;- 1" 

V ^ .. . - ■:, .r^;:i4. 

I )■ i) ■■'-' 

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I •( If' 

,•1 ! 'V 

first settlers of Truro, about 1686. The mother of Mi- 
cah Dyer, junior, was one of the celebrated ten sisters, 
daughters of Deacon Thomas and Abigail (Young) 
Gross, and a direct descendant of Isaac Gross of Boston, 
Mass., 1630, and of John Hinckes, who came from 
England in 1670. John Hinckes was Chief Justice and 
Councillor of the Province of New Hampshire, by ap- 
pointment of King James H. He was also named in 
the Commission of William HI, a Councillor for New 
Hampshire. Micah Dyer, junior, was born in Wellfleet, 
Mass., July 6, 1797. He died in Boston, Mass., Jan. 
12, 1885, aged 87 years, 6 months, 6 days. They 
lived happily together for 63 years, 8 months, and 1 7 
days ; had eleven children, and lived to bury all but 
three of them. 

[5] Mary J. Holbrook, born in Wellfleet, Nov. 8, 
1804, at 7 A. M. She died in Wellfleet, Mass., June 17, 
1828. She was married in Wellfleet, Mass., April, 
1825, to Collins S. Cold. 

[6] Jerusha Holbrook, born in Wellfleet, Mass., Nov. 
25, 1807, at 8 p. Ri. She married R. Arey, Dec, 

[7] Samuel Waterman Holbrook, born in Wellfleet, 
Feb. 26, 18 10, at 3 A. m. He died at Boston High- 
lands, Mass., Oct. 17, 1884. He married, first, Dec, 
1830, Sally Lothrop, of Barnstable. He married, sec- 
ond, Betsey Robinson, of Falmouth, in 1837. He 
married, third, Hannah A. Hill. For his fourth wife he 
married Harriet E. Hill. By the different wives he 
had seven children. 

;vi. u-iii 


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I .■!>• . '■■.■..■ .■ VI • :'" ;■ I ,..0 ^ -r'i^ >/'r":( 
: TV.,. -.^ . 

[8] Jesse Holbrook, born in Wellfleet, Mass., April 
12, 1813, at 7 A. M. He married Mary Witherell, by 
whom he had seven children. As this is the only living 
member of this very respectable family, we shall con- 
tinue this under No. 8, giving a full history of his 
branch of the family. 

[9] Chloe Holbrook, bom in Wellfleet, May 28, 
181 5, at II A. M. Died young. 

[10] William A. Holbrook, born in Wellfleet, April 
15, 18 1 8, at 4 A. M. Died young. 

Holbrook — Wiiherell. 

Jesse Holbrook, the eighth child of Joseph and 
Mary (Jenkins) Holbrook, was born in Wellfleet, Mass., 
April 12, 181 3, at 7 a. m. He was married to Mary 
Witherell, Nov. 20, 1831. They had seven children; 
viz., Benjamin R., Catherine S., Mary Y., Sarah D., 
Flora A., Charles B., Francis H. ; Benjamin R. died 
in infancy. 

Mary Witherell was the daughter of Benjamin R. 
Witherell, Esq., of Wellfleet, and was born Oct. 22, 
18 13. They celebrated the fit"tieth anniversary of 
their marriage Nov. 20, 1881. Benjamin R. Witherell 
was born in Wellfleet, Barnstable County, He was the 
son of William and Ruth Witherell, and was born Nov. 
6, 1783, and died Nov., 1849. His first wife, Mary 
Bickford Young, a daughter of Moses and Thankful 
Young, was born Feb. 23, 1787, and died June 9, 1816. 
His second wife was Martha Higgins, and was daughter 
of Payne and Elizabeth Higgins ; born Dec. 15, 1782 ; 
died June 17, 1863. 

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<J'»vU,.ii-'t 1.1... .yiiVi.i ikj 

NOV 5 m^ 

I am indebted to James M. Burgess, Esq., who has 
so kindly looked up the genealogy of my ancestors. 

Jesse Holbrook. 

y^' r. mi