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1994 HOWLER 



3 0399 0648993 K 




0a^^ CoV'f^tAi&.v 

1994 HOWLER 

Volume 92 

Wake Forest University 

Winston-Salem, NC 27109 

CopyrSgkt 1994 by tKe Holler staff, D. Brent Willi 
No part ol tnis door may oe reproduced in any 

1, Editor, and the Publications Board of Wake Forest University 
witbout prior consent of tbe editor or the Publications Board. 



Student Lire 






Aas, Inaex, and Closing 




The Howler, now in its ninety-first 
year of publication, is a unique pub- 
lication just as Wake Forest is a unique 
school. The name Howler originated on the 
old campus. A monthly newsletter was posted 
on a tree which served as the campus bulletin 
board. The tree "howled"out information to 
those who walked by. The first Howler took 
its name from this tree and the newsletters 
posted on it. The original goal of the Howler 
was to create a picture of student life on cam- 
pus for the year. This is still our main objec- 
tive. Pictures should be able to speak for them- 
selves. Therefore, we have limited the amount 
of words in this edition to let the pictures tell 
the story of the student year at Wake Forest. 

Breni Williamson, photo on previous page by i 

-'pen in ^ 

pcnin^ 5 

6 Oj>enin^ 

Opening 7 



opening 9 

1*^ ■ -^penin^ 

opening 11 


' )penin^ 

Opening 13 


B — - -^ ^^H 


."^f** . '* V ^•. \4 VV 



Opening 15 

S T U D E N 


What is student life? For 
most students, it encom- 
passes everything that happens dur- 
ing the school year - good and bad. By com- 
bining these events, the college experience is 
created. The college experience at Wake For- 
est is one of the many things that sets this 
school apart from all others. From the first 
day of freshman orientation to Opening Con- 
vocation, Homecoming to Lovefeast, and 
Springfest to Graduation, the college experi- 
ence is created. Daily activities also build 
this experience: you can wander over to 
Benson Center where you can watch a movie, 
play video games, work out for a while, or grab 
a snack and talk with some friends in the food 
court. Go for a long walk or run through 
Reynolda Gardens in the afternoon, and then 
go to a concert that evening. Volunteer a 
couple of hours a week. If you have a spare 
moment, you can find something to do at Wake 
Forest that fits the definition of student life. 


StuJent Life 17 



h e 
1 994 aca- 
endar is 
differ en r 

19 9 3- 

demic cai- 
The pow 

ers tliot be completely eliminated fall 
break, lengthened the Thanksgiving 
break to a week, started the exam pe- 
riod the day after classes ended, gave 
us virtually a month for our Winter Re- 
cess, and eliminated the Good Friday 

Even the Convocation schedulers 
broke with tradition. The official opening 
of the school year took place on a later 
date - September 30. 1993. nearly a 
month after classes began - and at o later 
time - 4 P.M.. in hope that more students 
could attend. Those that did witnessed 
one of the most noted historians of our 
time speak: Arthur Schlesinger Jr. au- 
thor of the work The Disuniting of 
America . 

In his 50 minute speech, he focused 
on the growing multicultural movement 
and some of its possible negative ramifi- 
cations, two being the falsification of his- 
tory to ignore the contributions of white 
males and the eminent warfare of 

In retrospect, no two people even 
heard, nevertheless interpreted, his 
speech the same way. The speech, if 
anything, touched ideas basic to our ex- 
perience and opened our minds to rec- 
ognize that which lay ahead. But i 
guess that is the point of Convocation. 

Opening Convocation 

Student Life 19 


Ideally, a yearbook should be a reflection of 
the time in which it was created. So, this year, 
the Student Life section in The Howler in- 
cludes a little bit about the real world (not too 
much, this is Wake) and a special Mini-Mag 
of sorts starting on Page 48 that focuses on 
issues prevalent on campus this year. Read 

Above : On one battle front. First Lady Hilary Rodham Clinton presses on for 
Health Care Reform. Top Right : War - and U.N. intervention - seems to be a 
recurrent theme In 1993-1994: Conflict in Somalia as "warlords" struggle for 
power; conflict in Bosnia as reports of human nghts atrocities and tales of "eth- 
nic cleansing" pour from the most violent region in the former Yugoslavian re- 
public. Bottom Right : Finally, the dream of "Peace in the Middle East" may be 
rr-..'ized when Israel's Prime Minister Yitzall Rabin and the Palestine Libera- 
tion Organization's Yasar Arafat signed a peace treaty that marked an amaz- 
inely major step towards a resolution of the Palestine legitimacy question that 
js lasted for decades. 

TKe Y. 

ear in Keview 



from RM Md APPhoio&mccs '" IRWS^ 

knt£i: President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al C^r.- ,„„, „f d , ■ 

.pnl. causmg furor ,n the MTV world. """" ^'^ '""'>''" °' '^'= beanie based grunge music as its lead singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 

Student Life 21 


2 Parent s Weekend 

StuJent Life 23 

24 TaU^atm^ 




^^HJ^^L > ^^H 


^^^^^^^B^ ^^^^1 



pr ■ ^;J 




StuJent Life 25 


V. I I 




^^^^Hfr ^mSl '^'^ - oi^lk] 



-J-r^""^^ ^^•^^Bji^ 


Joe Weeks 

Student Life 27 

Project P 

u M P K I N 

3fi Project Pumpkin 

Student Life 31 

Project Pumpkin 

Project Pumpnin 

Student Life 33 

Threepenny opera 

October 8-9, 13-17 

Fall Mamstagc Plays 

Speed the plow 

november 5-6, i O- 1 4 

Student Life 33 

Fall ring shows 

Fall Rin§ Snows 



not photogrophed: 

lirrni Vi,mumst 

Stuaent Liie 37 


Len Lassiter 
Katliryn Swaney 
Mark Morris 
Blake Eiiav'sky 
Mr. Kato 
Ted Doughterv' 
Mrs. Kato 

Justin Clioulociias 
Dr. Sarah Catron 
Dr. David Catron 
Daniel Walker 
James 1 losie 
Craig Hunter 
Ashlev Cannon 


Mark Hal 

Catlieiiiit" Hciwarcis 
Micliael Briggs 
Allison Cato 
Kat Haines 
. \my Cook 
Chris Mitchell 
Meredith Moocix' 
Mar\' Blake 
Titfan\' Massing 
Joe Ponnkacz 

Whitney Fishburn 
Matthew Rudd 
Christina Benson 
Matthew Stanard 
Baker Breezoale 
Kath\' Jones 
\ innter French 
Brad AdderK- 
Janet Honekins 
Rob\n Brooks 
Ani\' Baggio 

^>^^M:/y :-o£; - ■ ;:-^-^fe^:C^j^v::%:fe .. 

Student Liie 

Fall Overseas 





^^H^^^Hii^':~i''^- r 


Wn^-^mmS^/rmQF\ M^ /f*' 


Karen Blue 
Doug Forciham 
Will Garin 
tihn Glancy 
Heather Halpin 
Afi/i Haywood 
Noell Howell 
Jeff Joseph 

Fall Overseas 

uliin phitlits aninrsy oj Ann ((uyuncxf 

Brooke Lawrence 

Pete Milner 

Brian Mitchell 

Sean Moran 

Leigh Shaniwn 

Jude Stewart 

Adrienne Vogel 

Professor: Robert K/iofr (Art) 


photos counesy of Julie Ouniop 

James Barkman. Eric Boone. Jona DeCristoJoro. Julie Dunlop, Margaret Eagles, Aimee 
Ezzell. Stan Ezzell. Antliong Furnelli. Rob Gilmortin. Allison Hull. Emily Jenkins. 
Marlene Mancuso. Felicia McCrary. Sam McGee. Stephanie Mohl. Diem Nguyen. 
Elizabeth Oelrich. Zoe Poulson. Matthew Rogers. Jeffrey Shantz. Professor: Charles 
Kennedy (Politics). 

Stuci Life 41 

Special deliveries 

Tom Peluca and 

Student Life 43 


Jlki^ ■ 

folk dance group 
September 17, 1993 


^^^^K . " kii. Jl 

•"'•^•r^)b^,. - ■ 


# 1 'j 


^■.^;-^j ft 

October 29, 1 993 


p-.'.— ::r^s:b^^iv 



Secrest artist series 





Alexaneder Lazarev, Con( 

Secre«t Artist Series (Fall) 



Paul winter 


with the 
Dmitri Pol^ovsky 

december 3, 1993 

Kecia Lewis-Evans 
of the Paul Winter Consort 

Stuaent Life 45 





Student Life 47 

On the next ten pages are bits and pieces of 
life that together give a sense of this time, 
this place. In no particular order... 


•Winter Wonderland 

One can doubt that the powers that be in Admissions land will include this in 
their brochure. On the night before registration for the second semester, the 
entire Eastern seaboard was sealed in one huge sheet of ice. Registration contin- 
ued behind schedule, and the sloppy, wet weather continued for much of the 


Conflict between men and women on this campus seems to a 
bit of a tradition. This year was no exception. "The ADMIN- 
ISTRATION" revealed plans for a more equitable redistribu- 
tion of Greek lounges. During Rape Awareness Week, 
PREPAR - in conjunction with several other campus organiza- 
tions - sponsored events to inform the campus of the many 
dimensions of relationship abuse and to remind the campus 
body of rape's far too prominent position on campus. Most 
visible of all, though, is the Old Gold and Black coverage of 
the topic. Articles delving into the pressing issue of "Why 
Deacs Don't Date" graced the editorial page several times 
throughout the year, and no one could miss the weekly front 
page Sex - Wake Forest style article series. 

Men and Women 

Tne Year in Review 


3 Gratuitous Quad Photo 
I [r~n What's a Howler 

What's a Howler without a quad rolling shot'? 
Granted, less traditional is the picture of the alum- 
nus and future Deac partaking in the ritual, but 
this year, the emphasis has started to focus on the 
bigger issue: Who's going to clean it up? 


Academic Computing 

The information superhighway 

has reached WFU and students are 
taking advantage of all that it has 
to offer. From a good workstation 
neighbor, anyone can learn how to 
get on the Black life IRC channel, 
hock CD's, or track reports of hu- 
man rights violations all over the 
world. The AC isn't just for check- 
ing e-mail anymore. 

Student Life 49 


Substance Abuse 

• Substance abuse must be a big issue on this dear campus; otherwise, every 
Waice Forest Mom and Dad would not have received a letter during the 
Winter recess about its prevalence. It is difficult to estimate the number of 
pot smokers or any other illegal substance users on campus and even more 
difficult to get a publishable picture of this sort of drug use. Yet, obvious to 
even the most naive student is legal substance abuse. Alcohol is every- 

Ine Year in Re 

All pholos by HoUy 

StuJent Life 51 



• Something "artsy" is always going on. Some show. Some art open- 
ing. Some sculpture project in the post office. Increasingly, student 
art is contributing to the overall appearance of the campus and the 
overall spirit of the student body. 

Tne Year in Re 


7 . Party at WAKE Radio House 

What are the associations with this phrase'.' Live bands? 
Cigarette smoke? Men with long hair? Body piercing and 
tattoos? How about good, pure fun for a diverse segment of the 
campus community? 

All phonos this page by Laura Kccncy 

Student Life 53 


. Big People on Campus 

Those pictured are just samples of all the speakers who came to campus this year: Poet and personality Nikki Giovanni, the 
many speakers involved in the Ethics in Communications symposium, poet Cornelius Eady, and so on. And so on. 


ChainiKiii Alk-nolATM 

Cliff Whanon. Founder's Day Speaker 

William F. Buckley, "Firing Line" host preparing to facilitate/instigate 
a forum on health care reform 

William Collins Jr speaking at the dedication of the Collins Dormatory 

(formerly South) 

The Year in R 

I MB y ^ Mountain Bikes 

I \ "^ They are as abundant as squirrels on this campus. 

1 Q Volleyball 

Student Life 55 

K? if '■ISW!---'' I i i 1 J' 


Xne Year in Ri 

StuJent Life 57 

Spring mainstage shows 


APRIL 8-17 

Student Life 59 

ring shows 



bprin^ '^^^S Snows 


Ploys not photogrophed: 





Student Liie 61 

sp rin g Overseas 

Dawn Aufjarth. Leah Austin. Scolt Carlson. Geoffrey 
Connor. Tract Carrie. Angela Goldman. Sage Hamilion. Erin 
Harzinskj. Gage Hederman. Kristina Hemphill, Meredith Lee. 
Kari Lester. Gloria Mollick. Jennifer Moore. Joanna Morgan, 
Allison Pierce, Deanne Randolph. Sharon Slaughter. Jamal 
Thotnas, Marguerite Titttle. Allen Zoccolillo. Professor: Jen- 
nifer Sault (Romance Languages). 

Spring O 

Jennifer Ametrano. Michael Annsiroivj. wuiiki liim-dci). CJiristopluT ciambarella. Rebecca Clemens. 
Heather D'Agnes. Africa Dalton. Angela Uenisun. Melwra Dennison. James Deweij. Kerry Felclmann. 
Sherry Godfrey. Jenny Hinson. Daniel Mackinnon. Amy \ioyer. Rebecca Murray. Todd Porter LiesI Rose. 
Jennifer Scholp. Sara iraigle, Karen Van Horn. Thomas Wilson. Harriet Wood. Professor: Jane Albrecht. 

Student Life 


StPrinQ Ouerseos 


V.---. I ■ 1 P' 

■ j.iiP!^ 1 1 

'>4 Spring Overseas 

f'/i()f()s f/^i/s pof/f by .Stiru Ihirnnqun 






t 'Ml 











L' iitili -n photos by Leslie Aiin Hunihy 

Student Life 65 

Major I 


Here at all-American Wake Forest, not much out of the ordinary really took 
place in the spring. Other than visits from the Lemonheads and George 
Winston (not photographed at the request of the artist), the biggest attrac- 
tion for the typical student was the great outdoors. Blessed with such 
glorious Spring weather, all those healthy enough flocked to the Magnolia 
Courtyard, Davis Field, or the beloved Reynolda Gardens for fun in the 
sun, Wake-Forest stvle (TRANSLATION: frisbee and hacky sack). 

Spring Attractions 



Student Life 67 

I 1 1 I 1 


■^^^BS:;^^ ■^^B^^t;_^__^^HHBH 

^^^m ^^^BflB' 

1 |[ Mf^" W 


^^ wf^r ^^^^^R 

WBi.. 1 

The chamber music society 
of lincoln center 

jonuory 29, 1 994 

f^ spring Secrest Artist Series 




march 25, 1 994 

StuJent Life 69 

Sprin g fest 19 9 4 


Student Life 71 

Sp r i n g f e s t 
19 9 4 


V .^'^ 








^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B. ^^wV' 



^^^^^^^^P ^^^K 

Student Life 73 


moy 16. 1994 



Student Life 75 



Graduation speaker 
jack kemp 

Student Liie 77 


Why are we here at Wake Forest? For 
most of us, the answer would be 
for the education. The quahty edu- 
cation that Wake Forest provides would not 
be possible without the administration and fac- 
ulty. Even though the people in Reynolda Hall 
are often criticized, they have been the ones 
who have steered the school onto its present 
course. What makes the academics really work 
is not the administration, but the faculty mem- 
bers who teach the 3,500 undergraduate stu- 
dents. From the lab TA to the Reynolds Pro- 
fessor, they all give us the top quality educa- 
tion that we are here to receive. From Ac- 
counting to History, Music to French, and Eco- 
nomics to Philosophy, all the classes combine 
to provide the liberal arts education for which 
Wake Forest is nationally known. 


cmics Liivision 

Academics 79 



Nicholas Zachos 


CDean ojtfie QoflcQe 


.^fimtntstratlon and (planning 

Matthew W. Smith 

qjice cpresWmt 
for 'Clnl-verstt-^ cl^etotlons 

qjice cpresUfent 
for cpuHlc ^olrs 


3^lnancUiI ci^esourcc Qffma^etmnt 

and Measurer 

Cfofin G. 'Wiftiard 

Mjlthew W, Smith 

amf Counsef 

COlce cPresUent 
Jbr Spedof fPro)ccts 

(Etfwin c\Vifson 

f[)lce cpresWent /or Qtiufent gife 
am( (^nstructlonaf (Resources 

^Kenneth ^\ck 

,\nne BuftardI 

..^fsistont to the cprest<{ent for 
SperfnT cpro)«:ts 

of thcCclU^ 
cfof^ A- *Hafe 

Academics 81 

oj the QdSe^ 
cWiftiam g. 'HamUton 

oj the Cottcgc 
^Patricia Johansson 

oj the Summer gession 

'^uta iy\. '^cake 

( onnne Woodcock 

cpean of tfie gcfioof oJCQuslness 
atut >\f countarurY 

(J^ana cj. ^Johnson 

oJStiufent Services 

^Harofcf Cf^'Hofmcs 

oJS^'"'^"' C[)eve{opment 

Nicholas Zachos 

t^Hprnarct '■T^tpcrr-^ 

QaHos O- 'Hofcfcr 



^Ecfwin G. ^Wifson 

^Wltson, a p\Siar ojtfie <^WaR;e 'forest community, retires 

CJJ'^ J^nrf-^ Qro\e 

y\fxcr forty- six years ojajjlfialion 
with '-Wake forest, Jour as a stucfcnt and 
forly-t\s'o as an cmpfoycc, ^J)r. '^Kd%s'\n Q. 
'^Wifson saicf goocf-bvc to fiis a(ma mater 
when fie rctirccf at the end of the spring se- 
mester. 'He startccf his davs a\ 'Wafce as a 
member of the cfass oj \^A3. y\Jtcr re- 
ceiving his t^^\^asters ancf ^^Ph. ']). Jrom 
'Harvarcf, he began teaching in the 'Engfish 
(fepartment in I 'Id I. 'He then serverf as 
(J^ean ojthc Coffcgc Jrom 1958-1967. he- 
Jore becoming the cprovost Jor t\venty-three 
years, 'His fast years here have been spent 
as the 'X)'ce-'T'resi£fcnt Jor gpeciaf 
<jProiects, ancf his Jinaf semester \vas com- 
pfetecf in 'Joncfon where he %vas "-Director 
oJ (-Programs at '^Worreff 'House. 
Q^hroughout his estcemccf career at '-Wake, 
he continuecf to teach cfasses Jor the 'En- 
gfish tfepartment. 

'J)r. "^Wifson witnessed the move oJ 
the campus in 1 95b, which he befieves "gave 
'Wake (the i opportunity to become a stron- 

ger ancf better cncfo\vccf institution". 'He be- 
fieves the move not onfy gave the city oJ 
'Winston -gflfcmjinanciaf support, but afso 
gave 'A\ake 5^orest the cufturaf support a 
goocf university neecfs. 'He is especiaffy 
pfcasccf that 'Winston -^^fcm isjinaffv em- 
bracing (^Wake as "their" universitv, instcacf 
ojan outsicfc institution. 

^]3eing at 'AVakc has been an inspi- 
ration Jor <J)r. '^Wifson. 'He commentecf, 
"^1 fike being on a coffegc campus- there's 
something invigorating about it", '^or him 
"the university is the stucfents ancf the teach- 
ers", not the grouncfs or focation. 55"^''^ stu- 
cfents became his Jriencfs ancf he af%s*ays 
Jouncf them to be a "very attractive ancf ap- 
pcafing" group. 'He Jeft the stajj'was "more 
than just interesting" ancf goocf to work with, 
but afso "pcopfe "IJincf a fot ojsatisjaction 
in being ^\•ith". y\[f in aff, CJ)r. '^Wifson thinks 
the peopfc are what makes 'Wake the pface 
it is, ancf that they "cfominate what is goocf" 
about the university. 

QNJot (pictured 

Associate fProvost 

<J)lrector, CJJenson Qenter 

^Wetlc cpirector 



E. Pendleton Banks, Mary Jane Berman, Dorothy J. Cattle, David K. Evans, Beverlye Hancock, 
Myrna Mackin, Christine Maletta, Stanton K. Tefft, David S. Weaver (Chair), J. Ned Woodall 


^W ^^^9 

r '^\ :.^w'.AMki:i^ . 


\ 3\ ^ 



\ > _ 

Holly T.itki'U 1 

Bernadine Barnes, David L. Faber, David Helm, Mix Hitchcock, Robert H. Knott, 
Laughlin, Margaret Supplee Smith, Harry B. Titus, Jr. (Chair) 

84 Faculty 

i hcrnxstvY 

I Tassicar ^nguages 

Nina S. Allen, Dave Ander- 
son, Carole Browne, Robert 
Browne, William E. Conner 

(Chair), James Curran, 
Ronald V. Dimock, Gerald 
W. Esch, Herman E. Eure, 
Steve Gatesy, Mordecai J. 

Jaffe, Katiileen Kron, 
Raymond E. Kuhn, Hugo C. 

Lane, Gloria K. Muday, 

Wayne L. Silver, Rosanne 

Spolski, Peter D. Weigl 

Michelle Baillargeon, 

Nea! Busch, Huw M. L. 

Davies, James C. Fishbein, 

Philip Hammond, Roger A. 

Hegstrom, Willie L. Hinze 

(Chair), Charles Jackels. 

Susan Jackels, Jane Joseph, 

Bradley Jones, Dilip 

Kondepudi, Abdu Lachgar, 

Gordon Melson, Ronald 

Noftle, Robert Swofford, 

Michael Thompson, Mark 


John L Andronica (Chair), 
Alice C. Goodman, Mary L. B. 

Pendergraft, James T. 
Powell, Robert W. Ulery, Jr. 






Allin F. Cottrell, Donald E. Frey, Claire Holton Hammond (Chair), J. Daniel Flammond, 

Paul F. Huck, Michael S. Lawlor, John C. Moorhouse, Perry L Patterson, Robert M. Whaples, 

John H. Wood, Andrew J. Yates 

John Anderson, Johnne W. Armentrout, Pat Cunningham, Tom Elmore, Bob Evans, 

Marjorie A. Johnson, John H. Litcher, Leah P. McCoy, Joseph O. Milner, Dianne Mitchell, 

Linda L. Nielsen, Mary Lynn B. Redmond, J. Don Reeves, Leonard P. Roberge, 

Catherine E. Seta, Loraine M. Stewart, Marianne A. Schubert 

8r> Faculty 

I ,m^ cvman i^ Q^ssian 

v^tcaftR S>iSp^^^ Science 


IPff ^l^l^T ^^ 

W^fmke^^SfMiM i:- 4^KL^ 

wQ^b^ ^^ *«^^Bkfei^f^^^A 



r ^ 1 

r ^ 

Hi ' M^^w^ 

llnllv T.ia.ClI 

Timoth\- F. Sellner (Chair), 

German: Christa G. Carollo, 

Rebecca Duplantier, Perry 

Patterson, Stefanie Tanis, 

Larry West 

Russian: William Hamilton, 

Kurt Shaw 

Donald B. Bergey, Michael J. 

Berry, Peter H. Brubaker, Leo 

Ellison, Jr., Bobbi M. 

Goodnough, William L. 

Hottinger, Patty C. Kennedy, 

Stephen P. Messier, Barbee 

M. Oakes, W. Jack Rejeski, 

Paul M. Ribisl (Chair), 

David H. Stroupe 

James Barefield, Richard C. 

Barneit, Simone Caron, 

Kevin Doak, Paul Escott, 

David W. Hadley, J. Edwin 

Hendricks, Michael L. 
Hughes, William K. Meyers, 
Anthony Parent, Susan Z. 
Rupp, Michael L. Sinclair, J. 
Howell Smith (Chair), Sarah 
Watts, Alan Williams, Rich- 
ard L. Zuber 





athcmatics ^ Qomiputcr Qcxcncc 

Edward E. Allen, Eva M. Allen, John V. Baxley, Jennifer J. Burg, Daniel A. Canas, 

Richard D. Carmichael (Chair), Jule M. Connolly, Fredric T. Howard, Elmer K. Hayashi, 

David J. John, Gene T. Lucas, Ellen K. Kirkman, James J. Kuzmanovich, J. Gaylord May, 

W. Graham May, James L. Norris, Robert J. Plemmons, Stephen B. Robinson, 

Wesley E. Snyder, Stan J. Thomas, Todd C. Torgersen, Marcellus E. Waddill, David C. Wilson 


ifitar^ gcicncc 

Kenneth Walker, David Bumgarner, Rufus Gatlin, 

William Pedersen, Frank Williamson, Stephen 

Huebner, Lewis Green, Clifton Lowery 

88 Faculty 

Susan Borwick (Chair), 
Stewart Carter, Louis 
Goldstein, Peter Kairoff, 
David Levy, Dan 
Locklair, Teresa 
Radomski, Pamela 
Howland, George 
Trautwein, Martin Prov- 
ince, Brian Gorelick, 
Patricia Dixon, Kathryn 
Levy, Barbara Trautwein 

Gregory Pritchard 

(Chair-Fall), Robert 

Helm, Marcus Hester, 

Charles Lewis, Ralph 

Kennedy, Win-chiat Lee 

(Chair-Spring), Charles 

Kinlaw, Hanna Hargrave 

Paul R. Anderson, 
Keith D. Bonin, Robert W. 
Brehme, George 
Holzwarth, Natalie 
Holzwarth, William C. 
Kerr, G. Eric Matthews, Jr., 
Howard W. Shields 
(Chair), George P. Will- 
iams, Jr., 
Richard T. Williams 






David Broyles, Jack Fleer (Chair), Ricliard Sears, Katy Harriger, Charles 

Kennedy, Kathleen Smith, Brian Crisp, Wei-chin Lee, David Weinstien, 

Carl Moses, Jerry Pubantz, William Schmickle 

Robert Beck, Deborah Best, David Catron, Robert Dufort, Mark Leary, 

Charles Richman, Charles Williams (Chair), Terry Blumenthal, Dale 

Dagenbach, Philippe Falkenberg, David Hills, Cecilia Solano, Christy 

Buchanan, Sarah Catron, Kelly Kyes, Catherine Seta 

90 Faculty 

^J^ cfigion 

Fred Horton (Chair), Ralph 
Wood, James Martin, Charles 
Talbert, John Collins, Stephen 
Boyd, Alton Pollard, Kenneth 
Hoglund, lllrike VViethaus, Philip 
LeMasters, Thomas Liebschutz 

^J^ on 

omancc ^JJiguagcs 


Kathleen Glenn, Milorad 
Margitic, Candelas Newton, 
Sarah Barbour, Mary Friedman, 
Antonio Vitti, Kari Weil, Byron 
Wells (Chair), Stanley Whitley, 
Jane Albrecht, Gunnar Ander- 
son, Debra Boyd-Buggs, 
Constance Dickey, Ramiro 
Fernandez, Judy Kem, Linda 
Maier, Stephen Murphy, Juan 
Orbe, Eva Marie Rodtvvitt, Guy 
Arcuri, Martha Golden, Sabine 
Loucif, Bill Raines, Jennifer 
Sault, Walter Shaw, Alison 

Smith, Florence Toy 

cRoof oj business ^ ^countancy 










H U- 

Helen Akinc, limit Akinc, S. 

Douglas Beets, Sayeste Daser, 

Arun P. Dewasthali, Jonathan 

Duchac, John Dunkelberg, Eddie 

V. Easley, Stephen Ewing, 

Thomas S. Goho, J. Kline 

Harrison, Earl Clay Hipp, Jr., 

Betsy Hoppe, Dana J. Johnson 

(Dean), Paul Juras, Horace O. 

Kelly, Dale R. Martin, Locke 

Newlin, DeLeon E. Stokes, 

Thomas C. Taylor, Olive S. 

Thomas, C. Michael Thompson, 

Ralph B. Tower, Jack E. 

Wilkerson, Jr. 



Charles Longino, John R. Earle, Catherine Harris, Willie Pearson, Philip 

Perricone (Chair), Kenneth Bechtel, Beverly Wright, Ian Taplin, Kevin 

Everett, Doug Pryor, Ralph McNeal 


peech (jommunicatxon 

Julian C. Burroughs, Jr., Michael Hazen (Chair), Jo Whitten May, Allan 

Loudan, Jill McMillan, John Llewellyn, Randall Rogan, Mary Dalton, 

Margaret Zulick, Andrew Leslie, Susan Faust, Mardene Morykwas, Karen 

Oxendine, Ross Smith 



James H. Dodding, Harold C. Tedford, Donald Wolfe (Chair), Darvvin 

Payne, Mary Lucy Bivins, Jonathan Christman, John Friedenberg, 

Patricia Toole, Mary Wayne 

q\ot cpicturecf 
ast y^ian ^Jfig^^g^s and ^craturcs 

Janice Bardsley (Coordinator), Patrick Moran 


Andrea Atkin, Anne Boyle, Russell Brantley, John Carter, Justin Catanoso, Nancy 

Cotton, Kate Daniels, Mary DeShazer, Julie Edelson, Marianne Eismann, Bashir El- 

Beshti, Helen Emmitt, Andrew Ettin, Doyle Fosso, Julie Grossman, James Hans, 

Dillon Johnston, Wayne King, Scott Klein, Philip Kuberski, LeeAnna Lawrence, 

Robert Lovett, Thomas McGohey, Dolly McPherson, Barry Maine, Allen 

Mandelbaum, Teresa Michals, William Moss, Gillian Overing, Elizabeth Petrino, 

Thomas Peyser, Mark Sexton, Robert Shorter, Gale Sigal, Claudia Thomas, Edwin 

Wilson, Dee Perry, Connie Green 


CWonor gocieties 


^pRa CEpslfon ^cfta {(prc-g^d\cmc) 


Chad Achilles 
Allan Acton 
Jill Alikonis 
Stuart Allen 
Raaj Am in 
Robert Anderson 
John Andrews 
Michael Azrak 
Julie Baak 
Brent Baroody 
Lawrence Bass 
Deborah Bilder 
Marshall Bovelsky 
Golden Buckland 
Brandon Busbee 
Laura Carr 
Jason Cheney 
Edward Chung 
Sarah Clayton 
Mary Coggins 
John Cole 
Jacqueline Coley 
William Crook 
Heidi Cruz 
Craig Czyz 
Peyton Davis 
William Davis 
Alexander Davit 
Nicholas Digges 
Jennifer Digits 
Joshua Dixon 
Megan Doolittle 

Jeffrey Drees 
Bryan Edwards 
James Edwards 
Tina Evans 

Colleen-Mara Finn 
Douglas Fox 
David Geier 
Alex George 
Kristen Gill 
Karen Gilliam 
Lynda Gioia 
Emily Graham 
Lindsay Gray 
Keith Gray 
Mary Beth Green 
William Greene 
Heather Halpin 
David Hammett 
Denise Hartoin 
Scott Hines 
Bill Hinsley 
Jenny Hinson 
David Houghton 
Erin Ingram 
Betsy Jackson 
Lyell Jones 
Lisa Kafer 
Elaine Khatod 
David Kirby 
Alex Kline 

Joseph Kurkjian 
Laura Lawrence 
Laura Layman 

Sarah Long 
Nancy MacLaurin 
Robert Martin 

Michael McCulloch 
Paul Mcintosh 
Katherine Meares 
Margaret Meyer 
Daniel Munn 
Todd Nebesio 
Sarah Newell 
Alisa Niksch 
David Parker 
Laurie Penhall 
Victoria Pharr 
Sherry Phillips 
Bradley Pitts 
Tammy Plyler 
Julie Poison 
Todd Porter 
David Priest 
Cynthia Pruitt 
Lewis Reynolds 
Thomas Rhodes 
Greg Robinson 
Rebecca Roman 

Alpha (^K^oppa ^clta (Sociofog^) 

Lorraine Henry 
Shawn Young 
Parul Lisa Shah 
Jan K. Stewart 
Heather Hutchens 
Stacy L. Howard 
Jennifer Grishkin 
Kristen Holm 

Judith Shannon 
Natalie Kroovand 
Derek B. Rogers 
Melissa Lawrence 
Shannon Zeigler 
Sarah Roda 
Shannon Moore 
Kimberly Mayee 

Jana DeCristofaro 
Melissa Dyer 
Heather Hanes 
Jessica Davey 
Camille Corio 
Alyssa Midla 
Melanie Angiollilo 
Marlene Mancuso 

Jennifer Ross 
Kerry Rotondi 
David Sarkarati 

George Scott 
Parul Shah 
Amy Shaw 
Charles Shorte: 
John Shuman 
Hatai Sinthuse 
Jennifer Sipos 
Tina L. Smith 
Alicia Staub 
Carmine Stengone 
Stephen Stoll 
Brian Sumner 
Brian Swain 

John Tobler 
Alejandro Traveria 
Ellen Volpe 

Mark Walter 
Deborah Warren 
Kristin Winkle 
Jennifer Woods 
Nathan Woolwine 
Brian Yamada 

Tarnetta Jonej 
Ami Laton 
Shannon Farn 
Mary Whitehe, 
Travis Greene 
Katherine Poll 
Ashley Ray 
Michael Briggs 

94 Honor Societies 


Cgeta Qamma Qlffna 


David Babinski 
Tyler Bouldin 
Eric Burrell 
Carlos Centurion 
Dawn Dusza 
Kimberly Erickson 
Lucienne Fischer 
Elizabeth Hawkins 

Lisa Hedden 
Robert Jones 

James Loving 
Brian Melton 
Joseph Minko 
Heather Neill 

qydta cpfii ^Ra 


Jelle-Johan Abma Nicole J. Dorthe 

Keith Atkinson 
Susan Dee Aust 
Carl H. 
Amy Bushar 

Andrew Huck 
Matthew Jones 
Helen J. Knapp 
Sarah J. Kuseske 
Sarah Marhevsky 

CEttt Sigma cpRl 

(Cf assies) 

Michael Absher 

Brent Baroody 
Perry Bell 
Jennifer Bergelin 
Brenda Blakeburn 
Tiffany A. Bodem 
Cayce Butler 
John Cimaroli 
Louis Cosentine 
Jim Coston 
Colin Creel 
S. Tate Day 

Joseph Desiderio 
Julie E. Dunlop 
Mac Dunn 
Dale Earnhardt 
Mark Forester 
Carolyn Frantz 
John Gregg 
Jennifer J. Helton 
Melvin Herndon 
Katie High 
George Holding 
Heather Hutchens 
Josh Jones 
Craig Joseph 

Stephanie Neill 
Mark Northan 
Carol Owens 
Amy Ragan 
Heather Ring 
Jacqueline Simko 
June Stroh 
Whitni Thomas 

Bruce Marsh 
Cassey Paul Nix 
Brent M. Powers 
John Rinker 
John Wiggins 

Hank Kennedy 
Laura Kroger 
Kari Lester 
Mary Elizabeth 

Robin E. McGurkin 
Paul Mcintosh 
Leigh Miller 
Kevin Muse 
Laura A. Negel 
Michelle A. New 
Alisa L. Niksch 
Tammy Plyler 

Elizabeth Rief 
Benje A. Selan 
Jeffrey D. Shantz 
Todd Stillerman 
Bob Stitcher 
Michelle R. Taylor 
Shay Viehman 
Jason Walker 
Jill Weiskopf ' 
Anne Wells 
Tom Wise fji 





QrOldcn ^^Kj^ (^^acfcrsFiip) 

Jennifer Abraham 
Chad M. Achilles 
Benedetta Agnoli 
Victoria Anderson 
Leslie Ashburn 
Mila Assenova 
Hope Austin 
Brian Averette 
David Babinski 
Amy Barnard 

Amy Benton 
Lauren Bianchi 
Paul Blackburn 
Karen Marie Blue 
Michael Bochicchio 
Tyler Bouldin 
Victoria Bowden 
Christopher M. 

Teresa Brown 
Eric Burrell 
Katie Burroughs 
Brandon Busbee 
Christa Busfield 
Cayce Butler 
Nicole Carlucci 
Gregory Carpenter 
Laura Carr 
Margaret Cato 
Carlos Centurion 
Nicole Chabra 
Jason Cheney 
Chris Chleborowicz 
John Alex Cimaroli 
Tara Cioffi 
Neil Claussen 
Sarah Clayton 
Estelle Cline 
Michael Cody 
Mary Anna Coggins 
Linda Colder 
Robert Cole 
Jacqueline Coley 
Jeanine CoUetta 
William Crook 

Honor Societies 

Chloe Dallaire 

Heidi David 
Alexander Davit 
Nicola Dawkins 
Jana DeCristofaro 
Janet DeMott 
Jennifer Digits 
Molly Dillon 
Jennifer Dinsmore 
Joshua Dixon 
Kristen Doermann 
Michelle E. Dubois 
Julie Dunlop 
Konyka M. Dunson 
Elizabeth Eagleson 
Jason Edmisten 
Bryan Edwards 
Mark Edwards 
Bruce Evans 
Shane Evans 
Aimee Ezzell 
Kerry Feldmann 
Douglas Flagler 
Kristin Fink 
Whitney Fishburn 
Emily Fitzgerald 
Douglas Fordham 
Lynne Foster 
Cynthia Fotta 
Thomas Fouts 
Douglas John Fox 
Loraine Vera Fuller 
Alex George 
Emily Giffin 
Renae Gillis 
Robert Gilmartin 
Carmen Gladding 
Robert Goodman 
Christine Grack 
Michael Graham 
R. Craig Green 
J. Christopher 

Jennifer Grishkin 
Phillip Groutt 

Christian Guhl 
Nathaniel J. Hardy 
Melissa Harris 
Joseph Harrison 
Denise Hartoin 
Melinda Hasty 
Elizabeth Hawkins 
Lisa Hedden 
Jason Henson 
Stephen Hess 
Kristen Hicks 
Donna K. High 
Daniel Hilty 
Tad Holtzclaw 
Terry Hornung 
Jeffrey Houser 
Stacy Howard 

Allison Lee Hull 
Craig Hunter 
Heather Hutchens 
Sharyn Ingram 
Jennifer Jackson 
Julia Jackson 
Martha Jaquith 
Tammi Jelovchan 
Diana Johnson 
Josh Kelly Jones 
Julie Ann Jones 
Marion Ben Jones 
Thomas Jones 
Robert Jones 
Lee Kaminetz 
Christine Keeley 
Jill Suzanne Kelly 
Kristen Kingsley 
David R. Kinkead 
Alex Kline 

Geoffrey Kuffner 
Sarah Kurzmann 
Scott Lamanna 
Tommie Lassiter 
Melissa Lawrence 
Colleen Marie Lee 

Ann Mary Leist 
James Loving 
Rachel Ma'Luf 
Christian Mauro 
Marc Mayhew 
Jason F. McBrayer 
Meredith McCall 
Elizabeth McGee 
Samuel McGee 
Jennifer McGough 
Paul Mcintosh Jr. 

Katherine McLean 
Patrick McNutt 
Katherine Meares 
Michael Melkonian 
Margaret Meyer 
Kevin Middleton 
Deana Miller 
Leigh Wayne Miller 
Michaele Milligan 
Joseph Minko 
Shannon Moore 
Monica Moorefield 
Susan Morris 
James Morrison 
Lisa Namath 
Paul Navarro 
Heather Neill 
Craig Nelson 
Amy Nigrelli 
Alisa Niksch 
Mark Northan 
Karen Nunley 
Carol Owens 
David Parker 
Christine Parks 
Victor Paul Pauca 
Victoria Pharr 
Dane Phillips 
Sherry Phillips 
Allison Pierce 
Rebecca Plesko 
Julie Poison 
Gabrielle Ponzi 
Todd Porter 



Andy Posey 
David Priest 
Amy Ragan 
Alysa Reid 
Mary Renner 
Jennifer Rhodes 
Ryan Kevin Rich 
Heather L. Ring 
Bradley Ringeisen 
Sarah Eloise Roda 
Derek Rogers 
Jennifer Ann Ross 
Michael Roth 
Ben Rowe 
Matthew Rudd 
David Sarkarati 
Holly Charlotte 

Jennifer L. Scholp 
Brad Schomber 
David Schwartz 

Letishia Seabrook 
Anne Shaffer 
John Shuman 
Dena Silver 
Jacqueline Simko 
Allison Smith 
Matthew Stanard 
Anne Stepan 
Jan Stewart 
Sondra Stokes 
Amy W. Streit 
June Stroh 
Monica Stucky 

Lisa Sturtevant 
Laura Surovi 
Jimmy Swain 
John Hunter Tart 
Shannon Teague 
Jason Thompson 
Maureen Tobin 
Howard Townsend 
Alejandro Traveria 
Deborah Urbach 

Van Der Sluys 
Karen Vlahutin 
Ellen Volpe 

Daniel Walker 
Steven Walker 

Mark W. Walter 
Tonya Warden 
Elizabeth Warner 
Deborah Warren 
Scott Watson 
Eugenia Weir 
Norbert Weldon 
Sarah Welsh 
Jennifer Werner 
Brian Yamada 
Ellen Zaks 

^ Otnlcron ^efta ^pslfon (^Economics) 

Jelle-Johan Abma 
James Barkman, Jr. 
Charles Baum II 
Thomas Bissette 
Matthew Blake 
Michael Bochicchio 
John David Burger 
Charlita Cardwell 
Carlos Centurion 
Corey Chapman 
Robert Crowe 
James Dewey 
Konyka Dunson 
Andrea Ebbers 
Robert Scott Edler 

Kerry Feldmann 
Douglas Fordham 
John Rea Gatlin 
Elizabeth Gay 
David Geier, Jr. 
R. Craig Green 
Douglas Hankins 
James Hanson 
Joseph Harrison 
Brant Hellwig 
Kathryn Hines 
Kelly Jean Hogan 
Sharyn Ingram 
Gerrick Johnson 
John MacDonald 

Cortney Midla 
Heather Moore 
James Morrison 
Michelle New 
Michael Norton, Jr. 
Felton E. Parrish 
Joseph Peery, Jr. 
Dane Phillips 
William Pittard IV 

Manning Rountree 
William Rowe 
Fernando Saenz 
Magdalena Sancho 

9Pl ^^ ^pslfon (^V^thematics) 

Allison Aden 
Shelley Brock 
Cristin Burke 
Philip Castevens 
Misha Clark 
Eric Clymer 
Michael Graham 

Brant Hellwig 
Terry Homung 
Sharyn Ingram 
Chris Kimmer 
Ann Leist 
Chris Meta 
James Morrison 

Felton Parish 
Paul Pauca 
Jennifer Rhodes 
Michael Roth 
Manning Rountree 
Matthew Rudd 
Mark Schofield 

Stephen Scarpino 
Jennifer Sklenka 
Lisa Sturtevant 
William Thomas 
Pieter Derek 

Van Zandt, Jr. 
Norbert Weldon 
Julia Lee Whiteley 
Christopher John 

Mary Williams 
Jeremy Zeichner 

Alan Sumner 
Wayne Tarrant 
Hunter Tart 

Kelly VickerS 



-< i?? 




Omlcron ^efta Q^^^ppa 

(^leadership /Qcholarship) ^ |* . H 


Allison Aden 

Karen Clark 
Estelle Cline 
Jessica Davey 
Nicola Dawkins 
Adam Dolder 
Julie Dunlop 
Mark Edwards 

Melissa Egerton 
Kimberly Erickson 
Douglas Flagler 
Meredith Gaskins 
Anna Sue 

Rebecca Gentry 
Kristen Gill 
Keith Gray 
Noell Howell 

Ashton Hudson 
Julie Ann Jones 
Marion Jones 
Constance Marks 
Christian Mauro 
Leigh Miller 
Stephanie Neill 
Karen Nunley 
Todd Porter 
Heather Ring 

Derek Rogers 
David Schwartz 
Juana Seabrook 
Marisa Sechrest 
Allison Stewart 
Monica Stucky 
John Hunter Tart 
Rebecca Thompson 
Laura Wilson 

cphl A[fha oJIReta (^istor^) 

Taylor Arnold 
Brian Averette 
Amy Barnard 
[ferry S. Bell 
Lee Seabrook 

Karen Marie Blue 
Michele Bollinger 
Douglas Carriker 
Christopher G. 

James Davis 

Richard Diamond 
Jonathan R. Dols 
Michael Eagan 
Shana L. Eagle 
Mark Edwards 
Shane Evans 
Douglas Flagler 
Emily Fisk Giffin 
Randal Lee Hall 
Mallory Herrman 
Kristen C. Hicks 
Noell Howell 

9Psi Oil (Cps-^cRorog^) 

Leslie Ashburn 
Richard Bednarski 
Melissa Berry 
Amy Benton 
Tanya Burgos 
Britt Boshamer 
Teresa Brown 
Cristin Burke 
Nicole Chabra 
Anna Coggins 
David Cunningham 
Lori Dawkins 
Molly Dillon 
Kristen Doermann 
Jennifer Downey 

Honor Societies 

Michelle DuPont 

Shannon Garrell 
Eric Gerber 
Angela Goodman 
Casey Goodman 
Elizabeth Gore 
Christine Crack 
Allison Grayson 
Sadarryle Hill 
Kathy Hines 
Julia Jackson 
Sarah Knowles 
Laura Lawrence 

Richard Hughes 
Jennifer Jackson 
William Jones 
David R. Kinkead 
Kevin Knohl 
Keith Allen Levi 
Scott Nesbit 
Julie R. Peery 
Michael Peil 
Dolly Pressley 
Alysa R. Reid 
Mary Renner 

Elizabeth Marsh 
Chris Mauro 
Elizabeth McGee 
Jennifer McGough 
Katherine McLean 

Shannon Moore 
Jennifer Morello 
Kevin Muse 
Michelle Parks 
Victoria Pharr 
Rebecca Plesko 
Mariah Ramsey 
Kathryn Seni 

Kristina Reynolds 
Erik A. Schwanz 
Matthew Stanard 
William Stillerman 
Brian Sumner 
Maureen Tobin 
Deborah Urbach 
PieterVan Zandt 
Angela M. Vaughn 
John Wiggins 
Darlene Woltman 

Allison Smith 
Nancy Stacy 
Amy Streit 
Melanie Stutler 
Orlanda Taylor 

Wendy Wago: 
Scott Watson 
Alicia Webb 
Anne Wells 
Amy Young 
Ellen Zaks 


A ' 

roque Orctiest 


Condi. I 



CPRI Cgeta ^^jOppa (Schofarship) 

Allison Aden 

ila Assenova 
Hope Austin 
Michael Azrak 
Amy Noel Benton 
Deborah Bilder 
Eric Burrell 
Brandon Busbee 
Gregory Carpenter 
Carlos Centurion 
Tara Rose Cioffi 
Karen Clark 
Geoffrey Stuart 
Chloe Dallaire 
"ames Davis 
enhifer Digits 

isten Doermann 
Dawn Dusza 
Kimberly Erickson 
Aimee Ezzell 
Lucrenng. Fischer 

Charles Lee Flake 
Carolyn Frantz 
Erik Van Froelich 
Trina Gabriel 
Alex George 
Emily Fisk Giffin 
Matthews Grant 
R. Craig Green 
Jennifer Grishkin 
Randal Lee Hall 
Melissa Harris 
Joseph Harrison 
Denise Hartoin 
Anne Heinemann 
Brant Hellwig 
Stephen Hess 
Kristen Hicks 
Kristen Hohn 
Stacy Howard 
Noell Howell 
Christopher John 

Gordon Hull 
Sharyn Ingram 
Julia Lee Jackson 
Martha Jaquith 
Christopher James 

Christopher Todd 

Geoffrey Kuffner 
Tommie Lassiter 
Melissa Lawrence 
Keith Alan Levi 
James Loving, Jr. 
Nancy MacLaurin 

Mariah Ramsey 
Mary Renner 
Kristina Reynolds 
Heather Ring 
Bradley Ringeisen 
Derek Rogers 
Manning Rountree 
William Rowe 
Jennifer Sklenka 
Anne Stepan 
William Stillerman 
June Kazuo Stroh 
Thomas Taylor 
Andrew Thompson 

Constance Marks ""^VtMejandro Traveria 
Samuel McGee Cnferie Helen 

Katherine McLean 
Brian Melton 
Cortney Midla 
Jeffrey Muday 
Christine Parks 
Sarah Phillips 

Karen Vlahuti 
Elizabeth Warne 

Sigma "^u ^efta ((EngfisR) 

Jennifer Abraham 
Hope Austin 
Mary Caroline Bell 
Rebecca Bergholz 
Danielle Blood 
Stu^t Bumham 
Kat^ Burroughs 
Reic| Carpenter 
Myra Caudle 
Amy Cook 
Brian Cornell 
Katheriiie Darby 
Michael DeFrank 
Elizabeth Dowling 
Julie Dunlop 
Aimee L. Ezzell 

Carla J. 
Elizabeth Fettweis 
Laura M. Fiorini 

Douglas Fordham 
Mary R. Fordham 
William Garin 
Chris Gatewood 
Erik K, Godwin 
Joy Goodwin 
Nathaniel Hardy 
Melissa Harris 
Matthew Hartney 
Ann Haywood 

Jenny Hinson 
Heather Hutchens 
Martha Jaquith 
Tammie Jelovchan 
Steven P. Keenan 
David Kinkead 
Jeremy Kuhn 
Sarah Kurzmann 
Sarah Marhevsky 
Cameron Marshall 
Allison McWilliams 
Meeker >, 
James B. Moore, 
Samantha Moore 


Heather N. Pa^' 
sons *^ 

Gabrielle Ponzi 
Allison L. Reid 
Liesl Rose 
Manning Rountree 
Jennifer Schiller 
Anne E. Shaffer 
Sumner Smith 
Wade Solomon 
Megan Steintrager 
Jud^ S. Stewart 
Monica Stucky 
Christy Thomas 
Deb(M"ah Urbach 
Jamie Vacca 
Elizabeth Warner 
Sarah Welsh 
Jennifer K. Werner 





The Wake Forest Demon Deacon ath- 
letic teams continued their success in 
1993-94. While the football team ad- 
justed to a new coach, the men's cross coun- 
try team won the ACC title. It was announced 
that women's soccer will become a varsity 
sport. Men's basketball finished third in the 
ACC and made it four straight trips to the 
NCAAs. Women's tennis advanced to the 
NC AAs for the first time ever. Men's golf fin- 
ished 15th in the NCAAs. Women's golf won 
the ACC, NCAA Regionals, and finished 8th 
in the NCAAs. Baseball had it's first national 
ranking in 17 years. Not bad statistics con- 
sidering Wake Forest is one of the smallest 
schools competing in Division 1-A athledcs, 
often matched up with school's five times our 



Sports Division 

Sports 101 

J_yetermined to outrun the competitiolN 

The nationally ranked men's 

cross-country team, coached by 

John Goodridge. had the 

experience, talent, and depth to 

win the ACC and Regional 

Championships, as well as make 

a good showing at the NCAA. 

They proved their motto " The 

team, the year" to be true. 


E. Carolina Invit. 
WFU Classic 
Greensboro Invit 
Paul Short Invit. 
Jeff Drenth Memor. 3rd of 6 
N.C. Intercollegiate 10th of 10 
ACC 1st of 9 

NCAA Dist. Ill 1st 
NCAA 20th 

1st of 10 
1st of 5 
1st of 4 
3rd of 10 

ALI,-ACC Runners 

Stuart Burnham 

Brant Armentrout 

Kyle Armentrout 

Pat Phillips 

Dennis Hearst 


V Academic 

Stuart Burnham J 

A pack of Wake Forest 

runners including senior 

Stuart Burnham, sophomore 

Marc Davis, and junior Craig 

Longhurst get to the front of 

the pack early in the race. All 

three tied for first place with 

a time of 15:54. 

CrOBS Country <^S^^ 

Top Left: Wake Forest freshman Knox 
Robinson keeps in stride with an East 
Carohna runner during the 5,000 meters. 

Top Right: After a well run race, freshman 
Jon Russell takes a rest. 

Bottom Left: During the Wake Forest Clas- 
sic, sophomore Eric Pragle helps lead his 
team to victory. 

Sports 103 



unning the extra mile 


Francie Goodridge's runners 

openned the season ranked 1 6th 

nationally. They won three meets 

this season and produced an 

All-American. Although injuries 

hindered their chances at an ACC 

championship, they had a 

tremendous season. 


Eastern Carolina 1st of 10 
WFU Classic 1st of 5 

US Naval Academy 1 st of 3 
Paul Short Invit. 9th of 10 
Drenth Memorial 3rd of 9 
NC Intercollegiate 9th of 10 
ACC 5th of 9 

NCAA Dist. Ill 7th 


21st Place NCAA 

Nicole Stevenson 

Top: A determined Cindy 

Moreshead, sophomore, 

strides past an East Carolina 


Bottom: Freshmen Sarah 

Lawlor and Helen Lafaye run 

strong in the woods during the 

Wake Forest Classic. 

Cross Country 4^^—^ 

Top Left: Freshmen Liz Cotter and 
Margi Rubiera take a few minutes 
to warm up before attacking the 
5,000 meter course. 

Top Right: Sophomore All-Ameri- 
can Nicole Stevenson and senior 
Jennifer Finnegan run ahead of the 

Bottom: The Wake Forest runners 
get out in front of the pack early in 
the race. 

Sports 105 


akes leaps and bounds in the AC\^ 

In the second year as a 

scholarship sport, Jennifer 

Averill's field hockey team 

improved their record from 3-12- 

3 in 1992 to 10-9 in 1993. A win 

over Duke snapped a 35-ganu' 

ACC losing streak dating 

back to 1979. 


Record 10-9 

WFU Opp 

American 1 

James Madison 2 7 

Catawba 5 

Appalachian State 3 

Kent 2 1 

Davidson 1 

Redford 3 2 

Maryland 4 

Duke 1 

William & Mary 2 3 

Richmond 3 

Longwood 1 

Louisville 4 

Bucknell 2 

Virginia Tech 2 

North Carolina 4 

Davidson 3 2 

Virginia 4 

VA Commonwealth 1 5 

ACC Tournament 

Duke 2 6 , 

Top: Jennifer Averill gives her team 

some last minute pointers during 

halftime at Campus Stadium. 

Bottom: Freshman Amy Shenasky 

takes a shot on the goal after 

receiving a pass from sophomore 

Christen Horsey. 

Field Hocke 


Top: Freshman Amanda Pipkin stretches out her stictc 
in order to deflect the ball. 

Left: Junior Colleen Lee gets the ball free from the 
Louisville defender. 

Right: Freshmen Nicole Serluco and Amy Shenasky 
celebrate after one of the four goals scored against 

Sports 107 

Top: Junior Ann Nickol and 

freshman Betsy Taylor focus on 

the ball about to be hit by 

freshman Susan Bowman. 

Bottom: Sophomore Melissa 
Wasowski gains possession of 
the ball from a Duke defender. 

108 FielJ Hocte 


Left: Freshman forward Susan Bowman led 
the Deacons wilh 21 points on the season. 

Right: Freshman Betsy Taylor moves the ball 
upfield while persued by a Virginia Tech 

Bottom: In a 2-0 victory over Virginia Tech, 
junior Tippi Pitman and sophomore Melissa 
Wasowski try to get a good shot on the goal. 

Sports 109 




asses around the competitioJ. N 

Despite losing five key players 
from the previous year, Walt 

Chyzowych's soccer team was 
nationally ranked as high as 

10th. The Deacons encountered 

some tough losses and finished 
6th in the ACC. 


Record: 7-8-3 


Syracuse 4 

James Madison 1 

Queens College 2 

ASU 2 


Cal-Berkeley 2 


East Carolina 2 

Maryland 2 


N.C. State 

The Citadel 7 

Furman 1 

North Carolina 2 


South Carolina 

Robert Morris 

ACC Tournament 

A'irginia 4 

Top: Freshman Giorgio Tsie 

dribbles the ball upfield past 

the Furman defenders. 

Bottom: During halftime. 

Assistant Coach Jay 

Vidovich gives Senior 

forward Steve Gillmor 

a few pointers. 


Left: Junior Steve Schumacher heads upfield 
to gain an advantage over a Duke University 

Right: Jelle Abma, a senior defender, powers 
the ball towards the goal on a comer kick 
against North Carolina. 

Nicholas Zachos 

SfHJrts 111 


Left: Senior Jim Hendrix works to get the ball out of the box 
while goalie Tim Woods dives to assure a failed goal attempt. 

Right: Senior defender Thomas Finlay competes for possession 
of the ball in a physical game against Duke. 

112 So 


Top: Brad Collins is 
congratulated by Kwasi 
Ankrah after one of his 
three goals against the 

Left: A newcomer to 
Wake Forest's front line, 
Sebastian Mandart. 
warms up before a game. 

Right: Senior Kwasi 
Ankrah goes head-to-head 
with a Citadel defender. 

Sports T13 


Left: Kwasi Ankrah uses his 
body to protect the ball against 
an Appalachian State tull-back 

1)4 S. 

Top Left: Early in the second half against Citadel, Steve 
Schumacher uses a bicycle kick to turn the ball away 
from Wake's goal. 

Left: Junior Andrew Chang tnes to control the ball 
while passing a Queens College defender. 

Right: Freshman Josh Timbers proves to be an offensive 
threat for Wake Forest. 

All pholos this page by Nicholas Zact 





rovides the air show with new directio 


With few returning starters from 

the offensive and defensive 

lines, the Demon Deacons 

new coach Jim Caldwell 

had a rebuilding year They 

adjusted well to a new 

offense that became known as 

the "Air Show." 






12 27 

N. C. State 






North Carolina 









Florida State 


Georgia Tech 









John Leach 

Todd Di 


Walter Rasby 
Dred Booe 

As senior Mike Green kicks-off 

against Georgia Tech, the special 

teams unit sprints down field. 



Top: Sophomore quarterback Rusty LaRue rifles the 
ball out to a wide receiver in the game against N. C. 

Left: Freshman Jerome Simpkins asks the crowd for 
noise in an effort to stop the third down conversion. 

Right: Head Coach Jim Caldwell looks over his 

playsheet during the Duke game. 

Sports 117 

IIS Foothall f>y 

Top Left: Running back Ned 
Moultrie runs uptield during 
the game against Duke at 
Groves Stadium. 

Top Right: Senior John Leach 
picks up a few more yards for 
his ACC record of 329 rushing 
yards against Maryland. 

Bottom: Junior Roger Peltus 
lues to avoid being tackled by 
,1 (jeorgia Tech player 

Sports 119 

Bottom: In a game against North 

Carolina State, Todd Dixon carries 

the ball while linebacker George 

Kinney prepares for a block. 

Nicholas Zachos 

120 FootUll 

Top: Senior Ned Moultrie looks upfield for running room while senior 
Mitch Kennedy prepares to take out the defender. 

Bottom: Senior Mike Green follows through on his punt to Duke after a 
stalled Deacon drive. 

Snorts 121 



ighting the competitiolN 

For the 4th season in a row Dave 

Odom's Demon Deacons used their 

outside game to advance to the 

NCAA tournament. The ACC 

recognized guard Randolph 

Childress (1st team) and forward 

Trelonnie Owens (2nd team) as AU- 

ACC performers. 


/ Record: 21-12 



75 59 
71 65 







App. State 









Florida State 






Georgia Tech 




North Carolina 




N.C. State 



Rhode Island 



Florida State 






Georgia Tech 



North Carolina 



N.C. State 63 
ACC Tournament 

Georgia Tech 74 
North Carolina (OT) 84 



NCAA Tournament 

College of Charleston 68 
Kansas 58 



ens BasfcclLall ^^ 

Opposite page: Senior small forward Marc Blucas 
launches a three-pointer over Eric Montross during 
Wake's 68-61 win over UNC. 

Top Left: Coach Dave Odom calls the "thumbs up" of- 

Top Right: Senior Trelonnie Owens dunks on Clemson's 
Wayne Buckingham and Sharone Wright in the second 
half of the Deacon's victory over Clemson. 
Bottom Left: Junior guard Randolph Childress and head 
coach Dean Smith show opposite reactions to an official's 

Sports 12.'{ 



IL 1U^ Ull lO.) Ji 

Top: The Coliseum scoreboard reads the final score of Wake's 
second consecutive home victory over UNC. 

Top Left: Senior Marc Blucas dribbles the ball around UNC 

center Eric Montross. 

Top Right: All-ACC junior Randolph Childress shoots a pull- 
up jumper from the free throw line. 

Right: Freshman Tim Duncan dunkin' during the Winthrop 


Mens BasRctball 

Top Left: Senior center Stan King gets 
the first dunk of his college career in the 
game against Canisius. 

Top Right: Senior Trelonnie Owens puts 
the shot up on the glass after getting 
around the UNC defense. 

Left: Senior Charlie Harrison looks to 
make a pass while he is heavily guarded 
by a Clemson player. 

Nicholas Zachos 

Sr..',.!,; 125 






Top Left: Senior Charlie Harrison dribbles and looks 

niside during the N. C. State home game. 

Top Right: Freshman walk-on Marc Scott gets his first 

college minutes during the ACC contest against Clemson 

Left: FreshmanTini Duncan swats away a shot during 

the N. C. State game. 

Right: Sophomore Rusty LaRue looks to drive on UNC's 

Donald Williams during Wake's victory. 

Mens Basketl,all 

Left: Junior Randolph Childress goes inside for the lay-up 
against Clemson. 

Top Right: Marc Schoone, Bobby Fitzgibbons, Stan King, 
Scooter Banks, and Ricardo Peral attentively watch the 
action during a home contest. 

Bottom Right: Senior Marc Blucas dribbles between his 
legs as he prepares to make his move against the UNC 

Sports 127 

Top: Senior Marc Blucas and Randolph Childress 

talk about a play during the 

Maryland game. 

Top Right: Junior Randolph Childress fakes the 

Clemson defender into thinking that a three pointer 

would be attempted. 

Right: Senior Charlie Harrison charges through 

UNC's Jeff Mclnnis to attempt a lay-up as Tim 

Duncan watches the play. 

Men's Basfccltall 

Top Left: Trelonnie Owens, senior, puts up a hook shot in the 
lane over Clemson's Devon Gray. 

Top Right: Outstanding freshman Tim Duncan goes for the 
jump ball at the beginning of the N.C. State game as official 
Lenny Wirtz looks upward. 

Left: Sophomore Stacey Castle looks up the court on a 
fast break play. 

Nicholas Zachos 

Sports 129 




asses around the competitio 


Wake Forest women's 

basketball started and ended 

strong with an 8-19 record. 

The team struggled with 

injuries during the middle of 

the season; however, they 

won the Old Dominion-Dial 

Classic and they finished 

10th in the nation in 3 

point field goals. 



[ Record: 8-19 \ 





Old Dominion 



App. State 





















North Carolina 



Georgia Tech 









N.C. State 



Florida State 












North Carolina 









Florida State 



Georgia Tech 



N.C. State 






ACC Tournament 

Florida State 






2nd team All-ACC 

y Nicole Levesque 


oinen-8 Baekettall ^^^ 

Opposite: Senior Nicole 
Levesque attempts an acrobatic 
lay-up around a Georgia Tech 

Top Left: Karen Freeman 
ponders what coaching move to 
make next during a late-season 
home game. 

Top Right: Freshman Stacey 
Hawes launches a bomb against 
Georgia Tech in the Coliseum. 

Left: Sophomore guard 
Gretchen HoUifield dribbles the 
ball as she looks to make a pass 
to an open teammate. 

II photos by Nicholas Zachos 

Sports 131 


Left: Senior Nicole 
Levesque drives through 
the lane for an easy lay- 
up against Clemson. 

Comne Woodcock Nicholas Zachi 

Sports 133 

Top: Senior AII-ACC selection 

Nicole Levesque handles the 

basketball against a tenacious North 

Carolina defender. 

Right: Freshman Lindsay Seawright 

shoots a jumper over the back of a 

North Carolina Tar Heel. 






Women 8 BasRetball 



Top Left: Sophomore Val Hodge moves the 
ball around the perimeter looking for the open 

Top: Senior Amy Wallace takes the short jump 
shot over a Georgia Tech defender. 

Left: Freshman Lindsay Seawright takes the 
shot while Rae Anna Mulholland awaits the 
possible rebound. 

Nichola.^ Zachos 

Sports 135 


rives for succes 


The men's golf team, led by 

coach Jack Lewis, recovered 

from an 8th place in the ACC's 

to finish 4th in the NCAA 

Regionals and 15th in 

the NCAA Championships. 

The team was ranked as high 

as 2nd in the nation during the 



PING/Golfweek Invitational 


Taylor Made/Red River 


Jerry Pate Collegiate 


GolfWorldJ Palmetto Dunes 


Puerto Rico Challenge 


ImperiaLakes Classic 


RoXtyJGolf Digest Collegiate 


Carpet Capital Classic 


PING Intercollegiate 


ACC Championships 


Palmetto Intercollegiate 


Wofford Invitational 


NCAA Regionals 


NCAA Championship 



Ron Whillaker 

Kevin Kemp 

ACC Freshman of the Year 

Justin Roof 



Senior All-ACC golfer Ron 

Whittaker watches his ball as it 

approaches the green. 

1 !6 Men's Golf 



Sports 137 




rives to the to 


The women's golf team claimed 

the ACC Championship, then 

went on to win the NCAA 

Regionals and finish 8th in the 

NCAA Championships. Junior 

Stephanie Neill took 

All- American honors for 

the second straight year. 


Lady Tar Heel Invitational 


Lady Kat Invitational 


Furman Lady Paladin 


Golf World Palmetto Dunes 


Arizona Invitational 


Betsy Rawls Longhorn 


Lady Gamecock Invitational 


USF Invitational 


ACC Championship 


NCAA Regionals 


NCAA Championships 



Stephanie Neill 


Stephanie Neill 

ACC Coach of the Yeai 

Dianne Dailey 



Junior Stephanie Neill knocks her 

shot from out of the trees and back 


a play at the ACC Championships. 

138 Women's Golf 






g¥- :m^JP^i 


fif: W^^^^J 

■■-. Km. ■ T- 

Top Left: Sophomore Kim Marshall watches her ball after 

a powerful swing. 

Top Right: Sophomore Tori Boysen keeps her head down 

as she strokes a putt into the hole. 

Bottom Left: Freshman Sonia Bauer hopes her shot from 

the fairway reaches the green. 

Bottom Right: From left to right: Coach Dianne Dailey, 

senior Nicole Dorthe, junior Stephanie Neill, sophomoreTori 

Boysen, freshman Sonia Bauer, and sophomore Kim 

Marshall hold their ACC championship trophies and 


All photos by Biem WiUiamson 

Sports 139 


lides into placJC/ 

Coach George Greer led the 

baseball team to a 22nd place 

rank, the first time in 17 years the 

team has been ranked 

nationally. They also tied a 

school record for wins and won 

30+ games for the 7th straight 

season. The team finished 7th in 

the ACC. 




Maryland- Easlem ShoTC 


Maryland- Easiem Shore 


Maryland- Eastern Shore 


Appalachian Siaic 














Fairlcigh Dickinson 


Illinois- Chicago 


New Hampshire 


New Hampshire 


North Carolina 


North Carolina 


North Carolina 

10- 1 

Florida Stale 


Florida Suu 


Florida Stale 




UNC- Greensboro 




UNC- Wilmington 


UNC- Wilmington 


UNC- Ashcville 


UNC- Ashcville 


North Carolina A&T 


UNC- Ashcville 














UNC- Greensboro 




UNC- Greensboro 


Georgia Tech 


Georgia Tech 


Georgia Tech 


UNC- Greensboro 


NC Stale 


NC State 


NC Stale 












ACC ToumwnenI 



Georgia Tech 


Ronda Slate 




Phoio'. Ihi". page by Brent Willia 





^^S^ ^^r ^^!^ ^fpeT'mi' 

--J* — ■^!^ 

Opposite Top: All-ACC pitcher/designated hitter Bret 

Wagner, junior, steals second base against UNC- 


Opposite Bottom: Junior Mark Melito grounds the ball 

into the dirt during a game against Georgia Tech. 

Top: Junior catcher Kyle Wagner takes off to catch a 

foul ball hit by a UNC player. 

Left: The infield gathers on the mound. 

Right: Pitcher Bret Wagner releases the ball towards the 

plate. He recorded 107 strikeouts on the season. 

Sports 141 

Top: Junior Mark Melito is hit by a pitch during the Georgia 
Tech game. 

Left: A Wake Forest player is held on first base by a UNC player 
Right: Senior Brad Pryce makes a solid hit into right field. 





Left: Junior Ross Atkins hurls the ball towards the plate for 
one of his 65 strikeouts of the year. 

Right: The Wake Forest dugout has the rally caps on to inspire 
the hitter to knock in a run. 

Bottom: Sophomore Josh Moody slides into home while fresh- 
man Adam Zajac congratulates him at the plate. 

Nicholi^ Z^chos 

Sports 143 

Top: First baseman Jason Kramer, junior, holds a UNC- 
Wilmington player close to the bag. 

Left: The action in the infield picks up as Jason Kramer tags 
a Rorida State base runner out on his way to second. 
Right: Sophomore pitcher Bobby Wood prepares to release 
the ball towards home plate. 


Top: Junior catcher Kyle Wagner goes into theFlorida 
State dugout to attempt to catch the foul ball. 
Left: Freshman David Barrett takes a swing at the ball 
during Wake Forest's 10-7 win over UNC- Wilmington. 
Right: A Wake Forest player catches the infield hit and 
makes the quick toss to first base. 

Sports 145 

prints to the finisJrl 

Under coach John Goodridge, the 
men's track and field team continued 
to improve. The team finished 6th in 
the ACC Indoor Championships and 
7th in the ACC Outdoor Champion- 
ships. Excellence in distance events 
and the shot put should continue 
into the future. 



Joe Hilton Invitational 

Double Dual, Kent, OH 

ACC Indoor Championships 

NCAA Indoor Championships 


Wake Foret Relays 

Raleigh Relays 

Colonial Relays 

Duke Invitational 

Sea Ray Relays 

Duke/Maryland Dual Meet 

ACC Outdoor Championships 

Penn Relays 

Wolfpack Twilight 

Blue Heaven Classic 

NCAA Outdoor Championships 

All- ACC 

Andy Bloom 

Above: In the 3000 meter run seniors 

Kyle Armentrout and Pal Phillips, 

juniors Craig LonghursI and Paul 

Kinser, and sophomore Marc Davis 

cross the finish line together at a home 

dual meet against Duke and Maryland. 

Below: Junior Andy Bloom, the Indoor 

ACC Shotput Champion, competes at 

the Raleigh Relays. 


Track ^^ 

en 8 I rac 




1 ^ 






^ \ 





Above Left: Junior Steve Guerrini makes his 
way over the water followed by senior Pal 
Phillips in the 3000 meter steeplechase. 
Middle Left: Head Coach John Goodrich 
gives junior Warren Sherman a pep talk 
before his leg of the relay. 
Bottom Left: Junior men's track manager 
Arron Marlowe-Rogers rarely gets a chance 
to sit back and take in the action. 
Above: Pole vaulter Ed Smith, junior, 
improves his mark at a meet at Campus 

Sports 147 



tdistances the competitio 


The women's track and field team, 

under the direction of coach Francie 

Goodridge, finished 6th in both the 

ACC Indoor and Outdoor 

Championships. ACC Indoor 

Champion in the 800m Mia 

Richardson helped led the 

team to success. 



Virginia tech 

Double Dual 

ACC Indoor Championship 

George Mason 

NCAA Indoor Championships 


Wake Forest Relays 

Raleigh Relays 

Duke Invitational 

Duke/Maryland Dual Meet 

ACC Outdoor Championship 

Penn Relays 

Wolfpack Twilight 

Pre-NCAA Meet 

NCAA Outdoor Championship 


Mia Richardson 

Chrissy Person 

Kate Weber 

Above Right: During the Wake Forest 

Relays, freshman Outdoor MVP 

Chrissy Person gets out of the slartmg 

blocks for a fast 400 meters. 

Below Right: Junior Jennifer Finnegan 

hands off to sophomore Nicole 

Stevenson in the distance medley relay. 

women's Track f%^—^ 


Above Left: Freshman Patricia Hatchett launches the shot 
put for a personal record during the Raleigh Relays. 

Above Right: Three Wake Forest runners lead the pack in 
the 3000m in the double dual meet against Duke and 

Left: Head Coach Francie Goodrich congratulates junior 
Lori Archer on her improved split times. 

Sports 149 


\^ ourting Victor X 

The men's tennis team, under coach 

Ian Crookenden, struggled against 

tough ACC foes. The doubles team 

of Scott Athey and Quentin Huff 

won the ACC #3 flight title, while 

the team finished 7th in 

the conference. 


Record: 12-14 





George Washington 


William and Mary 


Old Dominion 


South Florida 






Flonda Slate 




Middle Tennessee Slate 


Virginia Commonwealth 


.South Carolina 


Virginia Tech 


Georgia Tech 




East Carolina 


East Tennessee Stale 


College of Charleston 


James Madison 




North Carolina 


NC State 






Georgia Tech 



\ Michael Stump 


^reshman Charles Einwick 

powers his 

serve to his East Carolina 


1.50 Men's Xenn! 

• o 


II photos by Brent WiUi 

Top Left: Sophomore Michael Stump puts a spin on his 

return to catch his Duke opponent off-guard. 

Top Right: Junior Quentin Huff, team most valuable player, 

keeps an eye on his serve to the NC State opponent. 

Left: Junior Jason Marler attacks the net with a volley to 

take the point form his East Carolina opponent. 

Right: Senior Scott Athey, winner of the ACC #3 doubles 

title, approaches the net in the match against Duke. 



aking Wake tennis histor X 

Under the direction of Coach Lew 

Gerrard, the women's tennis team made 

school history by appearing in the 

NCAA Championships, and winning 

the first round match. The doubles 

team of Liz Barker and Dana Evans 

reached the semi-finals of the NCAA's, 

the first time ever for a Wake women's 

team. The team finished fourth in the 

ACC and was ranked as high as 1 1th in 

the nation. 


Record: 16-7 

Syracuse 7 

William and Mary 9 

Georgia Tech 9 

South Florida 7 

Florida Stale 4 

Miami, FL (: 

Fonda C 

Texas i 

Tennessee 7 

Texas Christian t 

Duke 2 

Notre Dame 5 

Furman 5 





NC State 




North Caro 









NCAA Championships 





Terry Ann Zawacki 
Maggie Harris 


Liz Barker 
Dana Evans 


Senior All-American Liz Barker powers 

a serve to her opponent from #1 ranked 


152 Womeii g Tennis 







Top Left: All-ACC sophomore Terry Ann Zawacki 

stretches to get more power into her serve. 

Top Right: Sophomore Patty Murren fires her first serve 

towards her Tennesse opponent. 

Left: All-ACC freshman Maggie Harris serves as she 

battles for singles victory against Texas. 

Right: Junior All- American Dana Evans volleys the ball 

to her opponent from Tennesse. 


omething for EveryonJZ/ 

New intramural director Max Floyd 
quickly made many changes in the 
IM system. These changes ben- 
efited Greeks, independents, and 
any others who participated in IM 
sports. IM and club sports provide 
the Wake Forest student a chance to 
compete— either seriously or 
just for fun. 

Intramural Sports 


Co-ed Softball 

Water Polo 












Iron Deac Biathlon 

Club Sports 



Ice Hockey 

Women's Soccer 

Men's Soccer 


Co-ed Tennis 

Men's Lacrosse 



Women's Lacrosse 

Club Sports Union 

ilV IM anJ Club Sports 


Sports 155 

Sports 157 

heer Wake athletics to victor X 

Beth Alderson 
Craig Emrick 
Eric Hughes 
Keely Hutchison 
Tina JabaU 
Courtney Krenach 
Ami Laton 
Andrew Leger 
Holly Litten 

Leigh Wayne Miller 
Daniel Murawski 
Robbie Parrish 
Jeff Perry 
Brad Pitts 
Courtney Pruitt 
Paul Sprui 
Scottie Stone 
Danica Williams 


Jennifer Felts 
Jason MuUaney 

158 Ckeerlcaa^ 



Top Left: Freshman Joe Michalski and junior Leigh Wayne Miller. 
Top Right: Junior Eric Hughes and sophomore Courtney Krenach. 
Bottom Left: Juniors Jeff Perry and Ami Laton. 
Bottom Right: Junior Robbie Parrish. 

Brent Williamson 

Sports 159 


The Greek system at Wake Forest 
underwent a tremendous change 
this fall. The groups that were 
known as societies ceased to exist. They 
were replaced by national soroities. This 
change was welcomed by some, but also 
resisted by many. By the end of the school 
year, most people had adjusted to the new 
soroities, but the memories of the societ- 
ies will remain forever. The fraternities 
on campus are affected by this change due 
to revisions of party and alcohol rules. 
This change will affect the campus for 
years to come. Greek activities, such as 
Greekweek, Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund 
Drive, Derby Days, Pledge Nights, and 
parties, remainded the same and were a 
vital part of Greek life at Wake Forest. 


IfiO Greekg Division 

CjreeR8 161 

Heather Aitken, Lucy Anderson, Hope 
Austin, Kelly Blue, Tammie Brush, Jen 
Collins. Kate Darby, Rebecca Duncan. 
Mary Beth Fahnestock, Katie Floyd. 
Jamie Fraser. Amanda Freedle, Rebecca 
Gentry, Andrea Hershberger, Shannon 
Hutcherson. Andrea Lupo, Meredith 
McClain, Alix McCourt, Amanda 
McMakin. Heather McMurray, Sue 
Morris, Kelly Murphy. Yen Nguyen, 
Mary Sue Pelroshius, Emily Ra.scoe, 
Elizabetli Rief. Rachel Samacki, Caren 
Stubenrauch, MelLssa Thomas. Karen 
Van Horn, Katherine Vickers, Adrierme 
Vogel, Shelby Wallach, Tonnye White, 
Eugenia Yee. 

'2 Sororities 



AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha aka 

Sadarryle Hill, Nilaya Baccus, 
Michelle Taylor, Monica Jessup, 
Tirzah Davis, LeShawndra Price, 
Kesi Kindle, Cherie Craine. Patrice 
Reives,Palinda Carrington,Kelly 
Thonpson. Jennifer Martin, Kendra 
Riley, Ayanna Baccus. 

Greeks 163 


Cbl Owega Fideies 

KriMin Allrcd. Jen Aimrunno. Ashley ArmMnmg. Tanya Augu^ison, 
Beihony Aa*;tin. BcUsy Axseilc, Leigh Banholdwn, Amy Hciroc*, 
Mary Caroline Bell. Mar>' BUkc, Daniclic Blood. Amk Bn:uer. 
Meredith BurgfSK, Ann Paricc Busby. Heidi OiriW. Oaibi^mc Chri%- 
nan. Cindy ChriMmana. Man Cliflofi. Mary Ann Cook, Dua-» Cfw^an. 
Molly Dillon. Kannn Donnelly, Olwyn Donnelly, Jennie Dunbar, Jvn 
Eariy. Sally Scott Edwands Kerry FL-ldmonii. Katv Ford. Nicoir FiinK.. 
Tori Ganiian. Annie Ceii. RcnacGilhs. Cackie GoJwin, J..<|j Cof.-. 
Julie Haitock. Deni« Hanoin. Shclk-y Ga^^L-ll, Eli/iihcih Ha*kin>^. 
Mary HibbiK. Gcnn Hobbs. Traccy Hofan. Jill Ikcnbcrry. Jen Jones. 
!Ur3- Peyton Jnyner. Hillary Kann. Jennifer KcJlh. Calherinc Kcllum. 
Hope Lake. SarHh Utile Ann Marie Longshore, Julianna Lowe, Laura 
Li^in, Jennircr McCrary. icunic Murklin, Allii^on Moflin. McrcUilh 
Mfluldln. Km Mcbag. Nicole Miller, Sara Ncstrud, Becky Plc^o, 
AUiAon Poc. Pam Pricc-WiHiaras, Courtney Pruitt. Jen Ross. Hnily 
ScteUcnffa^cr.JennySchuh. Jennifer Scruggs, Leigh Shantmn. Dcnn 
Silver. Ai-hley Simmom^, Jill Thorjx;, Jamie Vacca, Sally Vuccu, 
KarhJecn Vance EJizaheiJx Wamer. Sarah Waqhbum, Grace Wcaih- 
cr!.TBTa NVi:«. Jufio Whilcley. Usa Wlhelm. AUiwnVWUiams. Allison 
Zclhki. JulJc Almond. Kcmhy Bacon. Shannon Bailey, Krisu-n Bauer. 
Molly Bcur. Carol Cash. Koiyo Ooud. CaKilino Coin, Emily Ciilp. 
Kim DolliLS. Elizabeth Demon, Charic Dtnwan. Kelly Duranl. Anihcr 
Evans, Jenny Fowne.s.TrishCibbs,Bclsy6rah^r,L.inOant. Bmiidnm 
Jones, Jen Kolesar. Joanne Lapiwlw. .Sai-.ih l^wkw, Kn'.t<.-(i LmdNirg. 
McKcftiDc Lov:locc. KeJIy Ma^on. Eon Mc&miick. /^calhor Mcmll, 
Kalhcnnc Miller. Kin-rcn Nobman, RoNcnciry Nye. NcU F^ttman. ME, 
Price, Val Ranw*. Kmhannc Roy. Titmmy Slowik. Caroline Slanlcy. 
ScoOicSlone, Simcn Stowtr>. Kiin Tcmpk'lon. 

104 SororiticH 





Mia Pelta Pelta AAA 

I Adfli 

. Mic 


mbrtHc Aiiiv Barnard. LauTCn Bianchi. Kriswn 
Blix, Alkio BlombcT^. Kafcit Blui'. Honnic Bui^er, Tara Capiizi. 
Nicole Carlucct. Janice Casanova. Jeanint Ccno. Tata Cioffi, 
Calhencic Clayton, Sicila Clinc. Jacqnc Colcy, Su/aJine Crumlmg. 
Nathalie Dallon, Lyn Dawkin*. Karoliw Duc^wl. Emily Fiugcrold. 
Kali Floumoy. Jennifer Fori, Trcs Fox, Elbal^eih Cay. Carmen 
Cladding. Heather Halpm. Traccy Hillega^-s. Kctly H.>gan, .Slaty 
Howarii Jen Jackson. Toiiimi JclovcKan. Krislin Jofinwii, Meg Kcmr- 
Kristen Kingsicy, Brenda Kramar, Sarah Kurzmann, Caihy lacava. 
Laura Laytnan, Kari Liisicr. Saruh Lowder, Mary Eli^ahcih Ma-wn. 
Belh McKifincy. Parker McLean, Trish Michaod, Amandu Muelchi. 
Lilian Nash. Sarah ParVcr. Uur i< Penhali. Kim Picciom.-. Siacy Ptcva, 
Suzanne Pohlnumn, Ashley Prince. Rebecca Rams. Ktjii Reynolds, 
jenny Rhodes, Lauren RuhardMim, Heather Ring. Mcrediih Rohcrt^, 
BccVj- Salisbury, Heather Saunders. Jen Schiller, Jen .Seholp. Kaly 
Sec, PanjI Shah, Anne Siepan. S*.mdro Slokcs, Monica Stocky. Kaihryn 
Sfttincy, Holly Tackcii, KimberfyTdl. Sarah Ttwslec. CVbhic Urtwch, 
Anna Gregory Wagoner, Wendy Wagoner, Rebecca Wilson. Eliza- 
beth Wlhers, Elixaheih Wtxxls. Jc^ica Wrighi. Pamela 7-odj'r. U-iih 
Adamson. Karen Baker, .Sandra Benson. Kelly Bohfett, K:uhy Brown, 
Henec Davis. Anna Diiio, Meg Dowell, Reih Fi'iher, Colleen Fraser. 
Mafy French. Ctnny Galloway, Jen Caromr. Chris Goff. Jeon .Ano 
Grant. Mary Beth Crivn. Sarah Griffin. Amy Gu(hrie. Hotly HaJtiJian. 
Taryi Hannell. Mao' Kaihryn Hosiinnky. Kim Kanoff, Kim L«ng, 
Dabncy Maner. Amanda McGrady, 1-aurie Mk-Guckin. P-jigr McLean. 
Meredirh MitSer. Sarah Mof^te, Jcre Nelson, Jc<*ic3 Pcier;or,. Sucy 
Qtnroz. Meredith Riuook. Kun Sklcmclca. Shannon ^onneH L.o 
Tullis. Eli?iibelh Turk. Lindscy Ucheiroih. Mereduh W.)vnc, Jem. 

Greeks 165 



Mia framma Delphi 

Morianofl Balie, Chnstina Beason. Crystal Bowie. Jen- 
nifer Brodcn. Shelley Brock. Carrie Buckley. Katie 
Burroughs. Anna Caiclwell, Wendy Carr. Rebecca 
ChildrcKii, Canie Cook, Amanda Crane, Courtney Cuff. 
Sandra Daniischek. Jona DcCri-itoforo. Kori Deer. 
Mehera Dcnnison, Ttrtsa Oingboom. Aniando Edwards. 
Kccry &.pinola. Pafricia Fchf. EUzahcih Fettwcis, Julia 
Flan;tgflii. Jennifer Ford. Emily Giffin, Amy Gloizbach, 
Angela Goldman, Stephanie Goldstein, EUcn Gores, 
Limhay Gray, Jenniler Hall. Elizabeth Haskell. Mary 
Hickcy. Jenoifcr Hoffman, Jenny Howard. Ryan Hudson. 
&in Johnson, Kaiterinc John.>;on. Elaine Khalod, AUlsod 
Kiehl. Shelley King, Laura Kroger. Rachel Kuhn. Nancy 
LcCroy, Colleen Lcc, Sarah Long. Teresc Mack, Eliza- 
beth Marsh, Michelle Mozor. Ann McC-aulcy. Meredith 
Moody, TamarH Nicholsvon. Anne Nickol. Tracey 
Parringtpn. Heather Porsotis, Dorcne Pepin, Kathleen 
Powers, Mjchelle RcL'is, Jcnnjfcr Richmond, Jennifer 
Rosso, Eicni Roumcl. Christina Smilh. Jcancnc Snyder, 
Jordana .Sternberg, Amy Walkci . Suzanne Webb. Anne 
Well!., Julie Wiley. Devon Williamt^. Marilce Winter, 
Laura Wootton, Floy Wright . 

166 Sororities 


AZ0 Pelta Sigma Theta AZ0 

Melanie Branham, Nicola Dawkins. 
Traci Cuthbertson, Darnetha Lincoln, 
LaDonna Hairston, Letishia Seabrook, 
La Ycnga Cannon, Renee Canody, 
Alvera LeSane, Rochelle Winston, 
JoVonne Mason, Melissa Harris, Nia 
Ricks, Trasha Davis, Yalaunda Thomas, 
Courtney Hill, Curtina McQueen, An- 
drea Gambrell, Jacqueline Johnson, 
Kristen Gil!. Alice Pickens, Tangela 
Home, Catherine Richards, C. Jennifer 
Coble, Candace McCain, Julie 
Nennstiel, Tracy Conner. 

Cjreeks 167 



1 VJL'^I 


'it^^^^^^^^i/A ' r- ^Wj^i "U^^^fc^^ 


»' *, l^lft' 


1^ ^ 

KA0 Kappa Alpha Tbeta Thymes 

BeLsy Allen, Korfie Anderson, Leslie Bacquc. Meliwa Berry, 
Bnx)k Blackman. Michelc Bollinger, Michelle fioyd. Robyn 
Brooks, Teresa Brown. Diane Borke, Charily Bumenc. Ashley 
Cannon. Parice Ca/pc"'", Alliiton Caniiheni, Juhe Clark, Many 
Clark. Rebecca Oemens. Casey Ciine. Laura Coaklcy, Anna 
Coggins. Mofldi Conklin, Heidi Corl, Usa Cort, Becky Daigneau. 
TVia Daniels, Jessica Davey. Kaiie Davis, CaiJierine Edwards, 
Carta Fachimann, Shannon Farrell, Karen Gilliam. Christina 
Hobib, Leigh Hale, Jennie Hail. Fleming Harris, Candie Hayes, 
Tori Hayes, Kim Hensley. Nicole Hinkley. Jenny Hobbs, Jonessa 
Howard. Beverly Huffmeller, Sarah Huni. Betsy Jackson. Shelly 
Jacobs, Laura Jtrfinson. Charioue Knapp. BiDoke Lawrence. Meg 
Lewis. Liz Ley. Lisa Locke, Claire Maddrey. Suzie Martin. Kate 
McCourt, Eliiabcth McGe«. Laura McCcc, Sharon McGee. Lisa 
McKinnon, Kale McKune. Amy McMahafl, .Shannon Moore. 
Mclifi,^ Murphy. Mami Neely, Kelly Ncsbrtt, Carol OwenK, Kim 
Pajidien. Ji!! Paulsen, Natalie Pcretti, Brittany Plunketu Kate 
Poller. 2oe Pouhon, Kalhcnne Purycar, Amy Ri^an, Nell 
Rjtndall, Ginny Reeve?. Elizabeth Rciler, Amber Rice. Becky 
Richards. .Siacy Saladin, Erica Samchalk, Nancy Scarborough, 
Tracy Seilcr. Sharon Set^xr. Kelly Shoemaker, Jennifer Smith, 
Usa SnodgntsB, Elizabcih Slanton. Janice Sloughlon, Erin 
Tallardy, Meg Talc, Susan Taylor. Ixigh Ann Thomas. Paulo 
Tipton. Krisiin Tyrniil, Leslie UMcy, Stephanie Warren. Jill 
Weiskopf. AmyWilhams, Tamaru Williams. Harriet Wood. Jody 
Wooleri. Salty Wootcn. Lucy Yarbrough. Crystal Vaworski, 

1^8 Sororities 







f^k 1' A 

Lynks Kappa Pclta 

i\f^ nf>r>ti0^n(^^J^ 

Enn SuUJvan, H«alhcr Nciil, Jocelyn GUrootir. Rebecca BiMgholz, 
ChKsifl BuKfield. Laura Cline, Jennifer Morello, Kan Hyatt, 
Viaoha PhaiT. Elizabeth RecK, Maiy RentKr, Shannon Teague, 
Chrisliana BoshaoKc, AJi&on Grey, icttuifer Cmhidn, Jeruufcr 
Rogers, Amy Young, Dcirdrc Alexander. Linda Coldet. Catherine 
Coleman, ieunifer Crosse. Nicole ProuJjt. Ashley Ray. StcjAanic 
Rueter, Kaihcrine Salisbury. K^eo Thompsoa. Jill Alikocm, Mila 
AsscDOva, Katheri]ieAxfcBd.JulieBaak.CyB(hiaPQtta. Je:^-« 
Siimtein. April Ardcn, Kathleen Becker, Kristin Catr. Rebecca 
Finley. Tonya Fowler, Tiffany Filmcl, Bcfiy Gasparioi, Taylor 
GoodofHjgh, Karl ria HaJ^-cram. Kadffirine Hoft, Lisa HicVs. Jen 
Hift. Elizabeth Kanavich, Katy Koppcfihoefcc, Jamie Kotcrba, 
Elisfl Lemiic. Erin Lynch, KnfliBfl Olsen. Jennifer Owen. Jodi 
Pn;u»scr, TifTany R«ce, Heather Smith. Jetinifer Todd. Mu^- 
ret Fcinberg, Kathryn Haines, Whitni Thomas, Laura Bowles, 
Suuin Crawford. Rachellc Fasen. Ocana Fuodcrburk. Emily 
Hoban, Heidi Klemm, Melissa Mojgan. Jennifer RogcrK, Cada 
Badgen. Vak,ae Sarth. Kaibenne Brown, Tiffany Buifesoo. Am>' 
Counu.Tftsh» Cox, Pattie Davenport, Elizabeth Davis, Suxanne 
DsviR, Alli.^on Dean, Michelle DeMenc?.«s, t^isien Gadd. 
Mcliflda Harhai, Erica Hetrick. K^tbenne High. Amy Hyatt. 
Leslie Jacksoo. Corinnc James. Marls McCJurc. Elizabeth 
McMahon. Shanmm Meeker, Heather Moore. Wendy Mumford, 
'Ikra Murphy, ftitricia Munen, Jill O'Callaghan. Canicron Powell, 
Amy Price, Kristin Proud. Laura Shelley. Jill SkowroneV, 
Kolherinc Spurlock. Xandra Tonmermans, Christine UUoni, 
Laura Ward, Teresa Whipple, Kr«tin Winkle Amy Wootcn. 

'I ' llilllliy«H>IIFM"MB^MI"l' 

Greeks 169 

KKr Kappa Kappa ^amma soph 

Amy Adams. Lori Arctwr, So ftusi, Kale Baldwin. AllisMi Bench, 
Megan Blasi, AJison Boojict, TVler BouMin, Baker Breazeale, Kara 
Campwi. Catherine Coleman, Bctiy Cracker, icnny Cuihbcrtson, 
Ashley Davis. ChJiriotte Diiloo. Christy Dunkenbcrg. Tina Evans. Zoc 
Evans, Carolt Faircknh, Jand Fans, Serena Fisher. Caroline Filzpatrick, 
Kelli Funkhouser, K^c Gage. Meredith Ga-ikins. Anna Calewood. 
Jean Gilham. Mwsy Gilnwre, Erin Gtancy. Kaly Gofdon. Emily Gra- 
ham. Tricia Grant, Amy Cuslafsoa. Betsy Hagc, Liz Hall, Brooke 
Harris, Tracy Hanman, Anne Hcdgecoe, Trish Henderson, Meg 
Hofcnflslcr, Amy HoHis, Chrt-iiy Hood. Rebecca Homer. Laura Horton. 
Kim Howdcn, Betky Uwin, Jennifer Jones. Julie Joocs, Kaihy Kelly, 
Amy Kowakki, Tammy Kubiszyn, Bmnda Langcnhacher. Jennifer 
Lehman, Amy Lewis, Hotly Mascl. Shannon Mathers. Carly Meeker. 
Leigh Wayne Miller. Kireien Minidi, Whitney Miic, Ashley Moser, 
Tracy NickcrvOo, Karen Nunlcy. Jcnn Peterson, Ashley Phelps. Tippi 
Pilman. Mdisha Plaia, Kelite Rt«d, Ami Riscasii. Kelly Rogers, Mariss 
Sechrest, Kalhryn Scni. Eifecn Smith, Susan Spell, Shannon Stokes. 
Beth Strickland, Mary 2. Strum. Chris Thayer. Rebecca Thompson, 
Mindy TiSchlcT, Tlsh Turner. Jessica Wadkm'i, Jennifer G. Webb. Liftd- 
nay Webb, Gini Weir. Sukoo Yelverton, Shannon Zazworsky. Laura 
^^ickennan. Traccy Abbott. Noel Bayard. Su^an Bciris, Coleen Brad- 
ley, Jessica Buriey. Ktlly Danielnk, CoijnjM-7 Dennis. MciisM ^cnon, 
Toncy Fiok, L^onti: ReL^hman. Jena Girouard. Liza Granl. Becky 
Graves, Amy Crcgg. Merrie Halch, Tracy Hauk, Kathy Hennt«y. 
HiJIftiy Jooetv. Halley Kehoc, Lisa KJuepfel. Allison Lawson, Kalic 
Msloncy. Jenny Manlcy. Linnca Olson, Chrissy Person, 
Mary Kiflherinc Raincy. Lee Rhoadcs. Allison Rose. Amy Rownbcrg. 
Burch Rountree. Anne Salsbury. Tilfttny Sctiaefer. Holly Scott. Amy 
Sloan. Mcianic Smith. Stacy Smith. Sarah Rvbum Stamton. Belsy 
Taylor. Liz Wilson. 

170 Sororities 


strings PI Ma Phi 


, ,r f) /I /'o A fV'A (*( 1 

MeUmk Angiollilo. Jes Arlhut Jcwie BaLsr. Shannon Bangs. Ati 
Banks. Katherine Berhnger, Nikki BlackmeT. Ton Boyseo. Jackie 
Bradley, Jessica Breen. Liz Briggs. Amy Bomgardocr, Slcph 
Bums. Cayce BuUer, Matelinc CiKhdolIai. Emilie Ciacys. Kelly 
C3eaiy, Hgadar Cowan , Cokm Creedon, Jnlie Cnik, NocUe Davis, 
Anne Deal. ShannoB Dieast, .Melissa Dyer. Margarci Eagles, 
EW>ciN. Amy Edgy, Amanda Edmoads. Soren Feincr. i 
Femg. Colleen Finn. Jeflaifer Fcw-ler, .Mary Bc^ Foster, * 
Gahk. Allison Cassner.Ti&ny Gilbert. Rebecca Gootfrich. A 
GraysoQ. Mindy Grove, McdaJn Guiick. Rebecca Hanaick, ICmSe" 
Harrison. Naialie Harvey, Jen Hcnderwin, Kale Holland. Mandy 
Hooien, Cauisien Horsey. Jen Hunt, Em Jenkins. Siephanie 
Jenkios. Diana Johnsoa. Emily Jones, Cray«)D Jones. Alisoa 
Joyce, Lori KoNTlch, Erika KiK2er, Karen Lau, Nicole Levesque, 
Kixsteo M^oney. Mariene .Mancu.<o. CSffissy Madaga. Michelle 
Mayer, .Megan McLaughlin, .AlHson -Mc WJUJams. AJexa Memory. 
Mai^ann Me>w, Alli.'WMi Milter. Kabe Mills, Erin .Mtirdo>;k. Kim 
Nitoll. Mary Nix, Jamie NtwflwuR. Beih Oelrich, Jute Poison, 
Amy Price. Allison Hcid, Andrea Rinaidi, Julie Ri««u, Robta 
R(^>erts, Heatht Rogers, Jwdan Rose. Lisa Rupinski. Barbva 
Salisbury. Amanda Schsaffcr, Hollt;. Singletcm. Jen Stiee, Andrea 
Sovich. Alida Staub, Allison Siewao, Sac Sullivan, SatnTesdmcr, 
Hiliaiy ThcjdLSIon, KimTljonias. Shelby Thoreion, Becky Tonc>, 
SKphanie Vercb, Khslcn Walls, Melisia Wa-ww^ki. Chnsye 
Welch, Nikkj Wcllman, Ginger White. Kim Wilson, Eon Wilt, 
Anpila Wtenn. Jo Anna Wychc. Becky Zarger. Debbie Zarw 

Greeks 171 

AOA Alpha Phi Alpha AOA 

Eric Boone, Jeffrey Bradsher 
Brian Broome, William 
Caddell. Melvin Herndon, 
Steven LaDew, Slephei 

172 Fratemiti 

fcM-MJmJUgggWH— 1 

AZO Alpha Sigma Phi AZO 

Jason Albano. George Andrus. Matthew 
Beldnei, William Braxton, William 
Chambliss, Brian Chnuira, Brendan 
Fleming. Aaron Gibson. Chris Gillis, 
Jonathan Goldberg, Bradley H;i]l, Joseph 
Hall, Barry Hargreaves. Adam 
Haussermann, Thomas Honaker, Gerrick 
Johnson, Jamie Keller, Darren Koepp. 
Kevin Kohl. James Lewis, Arthur Mailm, 
Jeffrey McInlosh, Stephen McKnighl, 
Matthew McNcel, Lance Murchisoii. 
Michael Norton. Matthew Robida. Philip 
Sagan, Jacques Senechal, James Sherreli, 
Michael Smith, Matthew Thompson. Ja- 
son Viiic, Thomas Webei. Gamck Witt, 
.Adam Wogan, Joseph 'laiiismski, Joshua 
Youna, Albert Zcllers 


Ben Holland. Brian Patterson. Dave 
Cunningham, Raymond Rock. Brent 
Williamson, Brian Melton. Erik 
Godwin. Sean Everhart, Matthew Rudd, 
Kurt Horstmaiin, Jason Conley. Brian 
Yamada, Alex Kline, Mike Fall, Brad 
Schomber, Steve Hess, Sanjay Saha, 
David Geier, Pete Schumacher. Matt 
Spevak, Tim Gupton. Joe Weeks. Jeff 
Peny, Mike Kerns. John Dewire. Brian 
Mitchell. Greg Bayer, Bill Spagnardi, 
Bill Hinsley, Joe Desiderio. Jay Lennan, 
Mike Kauffnian, Jon Loewen. Brian 
Best, Aaron Man7, Desmond 
Nakamoto, Robin Parihar, Brian Wilson, 
Gen Yasaki 

17-; Fratemltie 


AKE Pelta Kappa EpsiloM ake 

Alex Beurle, Keith Bodie, Doug Bolt. 

Parker Brooks. Drew Brown, Blake 

Budiiey. Steve Bumgamer, Scott Carlson. 

Mark Cassei. Chris 

Eiic ColdwcU. Chris 

rel, Joe Blah. Flash. Bran- 

;be Early, Cabin Bi)>, Matt 

erse, Chachi. Mike 

Wa. Dana Gross, Matt 

Nankins. Josli Harrison. 

;t, Beef Curtains. Scoit 

Larson, Patrick Lawless. 

ard, Jason Little, Craig 

'ellegrino, Ev;ui Pe\erle\. 

liter, Ralph Rossi. Lu!ah 

Shwee, Gerhil. Telly, Kevin Sproti. Tabio. 

Rob Stenhouse. Derek Van Zandl. V.ul.j. 

Gus Wakat 

Cjreeks 175 

AEd) Pelta Sigma Phi AZO 

Heyward Armstrong, Ryan Ball, Lacy 
Ballaid, Eric Biederbeck, Ryan Bookout, 
Gray Crawford, Gabriele De Mori, Ryan 
DiCrescenzo, David Dunn, Cameron 
Fogle, Doug Gesiorski, Brian Gibson, 
John Hilu, Greg Huepper, Adrian 
lapalucci, William Jones, Christian Kaley, 
David Katona, William Keible, John 
Levenson, Matt McKay. Robert Pugliese, 
Lewis Reynolds, Peter Richter, James 
Rutberg. Michael Seezen, David Stevens, 
Lee Upton, Jay Wadsworth. 

17f> Fraternities 


^S^I^ii^lkJ-Sa^^^^K^i^' 1 

». -In 

tf^Jla^r"''^K2.-'' '. 

l^'4r'J^^flff^T^ ^J^^^S5^^HK 



/^^■l^ ^B^^^ 



Kappa Alpha 


David Adams, David Alexander, Michael Arnold, 
William Baker. Robert Boone. Owen Bouton. Daniel 
Bradley, Brandon Busbec, Clayton Chc«k, David 
Childs. Ryan Cook. Craig Czyz. Charles E>aiiiel, 
John Davis, Robert Dean, Russell Dilijon, Manhew 
Emench, Wiltiam Fayssoux. Charles Felmlee. Aaron 
Gallagher, Michael Graham. Kelly Greene, Frank 
Gristina. David Hammelt. Dudley Hammon, 
Cteighion Hilben, Christian Hines, Robert Holding, 
Jason James, Kevin Johnston, Robert Koger, Timo- 
thy Leadbelter. Harper Lee. John Matthews. James 
Matlox, James McCormlck. Louis McWhoner, 
Michael McWhoner, Paul Melton. Clay Millener. 
Jason Mil ler. Edward Moore, John Moser, Benjamin 
Muslian. Joseph Parrish. Chns Poole. Brian Price, 
Charles Pniden, Bradley Pugh. Manning Rountree, 
Ban Sanerfield. Owen Schiano, Chase Scott, Mat- 
thew Simpson. Jonathan Smith, Adam Stone, 
Jonathan Thomas, Christopher Van Dyke, John 
Virdin, Leonard Waldron, Steven Walker. Joseph 
Wall. John Ward. John Wright. Charles Young. Ja- 
son Zaks. Ronald Zazworsky. JarrettZimmeiTnan 

Crreeks 177 



Kappa Sigma 


Andrew Allen. John Allen, John Andrews. Charles 
Amislrong. Michael AtLee, Mark Bennett, Ttmolhy 
Berghoff. Paul Bernadas, William Bishop, Seth 
Bohart, Robert Briiian. Williara Buck, Michael 
Callahan, Joseph Canlrell, Patrick Clark. Robert 
Collins, Gregory Cran, Robert Crowe, Patrick Cullen, 
Steven Dapkus. Jason Douglas, Brock Fankhauser, 
Carl Fantasia. Brian Filzpatrick, Ryan Flax, Christo- 
pher Frank land. Wiliard Freeman. John Godsoe, Brian 
Graham. Clint Guyaux.WiUiani Hanlon, John Haring, 
Todd Hawk. Mark Stewart Hayes, Michael 
Hildebrandt, David Hiliabrand. Thomas Horner, 
Steven Kaska. John Kciley. Kevin Kemp, George 
Koundourakis. Clayton Lane, John Latham, Marty 
McConchie, Jonathan McCracken, Michael 
McCoUoch, Peter McDowell. Paul Mcintosh. Ian 
McKtnley, Timothy McPeak, Joseph Meadows, 
Duijcan Memory, Fletcher Nielson, David O'Leary, 
John Ouiland. James Poweski, John Prout, William 
Schweickcrt. Peter Sccber, Bradley Simpson, Stephen 
Simpson. Jonathan Stevens. Christopher Taylor, Brent 
Valego. David Vallicre, Erik Van DcrSande, Ron 
Whittakcr. Breton Williams. 

)78 rratemilics 


Q^o Owega Psi Phi Q^o 


Keith Alexander, George Banks, 
Kevin Cole, Omari Simmons, 
Charles Watkins, Shawn Young. 

Brent WiiliamsoR 

Greets 179 

phoios Ihis page hy Allen Slruni 

OKA Pi Kappa Alpha OKA 

Brelt Banks, Jeff Baxter, Richard 
Brookshire, Dennis Casey, Michael 
Clancy, Christopher Cox, Powell Draper, 
Jeffrey Drees, Christopher Evensen, Craig 
Gi'.mour, Elihu Godshalk, Andrew Hano, 
Loyd Henderson, Jon Hirsch, William 
Kahn, Devin Klepper, Chad Lisowe, Bret 
Marchant, Robert Martin, Mark Maxson, 
Jeffrey Miller, Bradley Mode, Paul Mory, 
Edward Muns, Charles Parsons, Shawn 
Randall, Benje Selan, Allen Strum, 
Frederick Tangeman, Bradford Thomp- 
son, Brian Valente, William Zak. 

180 rratemitiOK 



Sigma Chi 


Benjamin Adams, Brian Adams, Jason Alien. Alan Ander- 
son, Robert Anderson. Scoll Athey, Ross Atkins. David 
Beardsell, Rodrigo Bedoya. Aibcn Bell, Thomas Bissettc, 
Jeffrey Blackburn. Chad Blankenburg. Everett Boiion. 
Richard Bolton. Earle Burgess. Eric Burrell. Thomas 
Canx)il, Bruce Carter, Paul Celi, Scott Commins. Geoffirey 
Connor, Robert Cricksbank, Karl Davis, Lee DeHihns, 
James Dewey, David DiMaities, Jeremy Doyle, Kevin 
Eckhardt, William Flippin, Henry Garrard. Thomas 
Gatewood. Joseph Gibbes, Thomas Ginn, Matthew Glos, 
Eric Gompers, Graham Goodrich, Daniel Gormley, John 
Green. William Griffin, James Hamby. John Hamrick, 
SljUman Hanson. Brant Hellwig, Tad Holtzclaw, J'arker 
Huitt, Benjamin Johnson. William Keilett. James Kelley. 
William Kennedy. Todd Kilbaugh. Randall Kirscb. Jo- 
seph Kuricjian, Ryan Lakenan, Jason LeVasseur. Brian 
Lee. Thomas Leek, Turner Lewis. Scoit Linch, John 
Lubas, Jason Marler, William Martin, David McConnell, 
Charles McFadden. Colin Menitt, Scott Miller, Sidney 
Mitchell, Michael Moody, Jason Moss. Ryan Mount. V^^il- 
liam Oelrich. Charles Pumam, Thomas Rhodes. Jonathan 
Rowell. Matthew Rush. Andrew Ryder. Scoit Shaw. Sh- 
annon Shipp. Christopher Solomon, James Stone, 
Randolph Stone. Todd Turner, Patrick Vrana. Brett We- 
ber, Jonathan Wiliiams, Nathan Woolwioe. Frank Young. 




Sigma Nu 



John Adino]fi. Loren Ayer. Brian Baker, Garrelt 
Baker, Rick Bednarski, Brandon Bemley, Jon Boyer, 
Carlos Centurion. David Chapman, Chris 
Chleborowicz. Steve Citarella. Chad Curry, Matt 
Dymmel. Jason Edmisten. Pat Fleming, Bill 
Freehling. Preston Fuller, Jake Garbarino, Robert 
Gayle. Rob Gilmanin, Allan Gray. Bill Greene, Nate 
Hardy, Jeff Hendrix, Jason Henson, Chris Holfelder, 
Jeff Houser, David Howard. Matt Hughes, Peie 
Imhof, Lukas Johnson, Lyell Jones, Malt Jones, 
Scott Jones, Bob Kelly. Darren Kennedy, Shannon 
KUkelly, Bryan Lamb. Dan Latimer. Ren Leathers. 
Andrew Lewis. Mel Lewis, Erik Lisher. Chris 
Mauro, Oscar Martinez, Marc Mayhew. Chad 
Maynor, Travcrs McLoughlin, Bob McMahon, An- 
drew Mills, Pete Mohler, Jason Moore, Camper 
Mundy. Dan Munn. Todd Nebesio. Mark Norris, 
Ryan Nusbickel, Tripp Parker, Robbie ParrLsh, Keith 
Peacock. Carl Peluso, Rodney Perdue, Matt Phillips. 
Nathan Ranlala, Mark Schofield, Steve Skarky, 
Brian Sloan. Brian Swain, Charles Turner. Kris Vess, 
Brian Ward, Toby Weyer. Bill Williams, Jeff Will- 
iams, David Willis. 

^ ^ 






182 Fraternities 


ZOE Sigma Phi EpsiloM ZOE 

Thco Abbott. Kevin Amcrio. Charles Anderson. Greg 
Angilly. Tommy Altride. Frederick Booth, Christopher 
Buttimer. Jeremiah Carter. Seih Chait, John Cimaroli. 
James Clarke, Willjam Crook, Carl Daniels, Steve 
Dettor. Richard Diamond. Jeffrey Dunn. Gregg 
Femstrom. Clif Ferreli, Robert Gefaell. Neil Gray. Wrl- 
Uam Griggs, Joseph Grimpel, Jeff Gulini. Brion Hanibel, 
Matthew Hartney, William Hodgson. Paul HoduUk. 
David Houghton, Stuart Jackson. Lawrence Jones. Tho- 
mas Jones, Ryan Klein. Rob Lawrence. Andrew Leger. 
Paul Lejuez, Craig Luthy, Edward Mauzy. Mark Miller, 
Briati Miner, Michael Morris, Patrick Murphy. Ethan 
Myer. Jeffrey Naper. Christopher O'Keete, MatlJiew 
O'NeiU, Jason OUtsky. Mark Paccione, Louis Panigrosso. 
Daniel Penn. Michael Peiry. Ryan Piatt, Brent Powers. 
Aaron Msco, Micbael PurcelL Thomas Ricks. Lawrence 
Robinson, Robert Rodgers. David Sarkarati. Robert 
Schoft. Spencer Schreckenguust, Jeffrey Scoln. Anthony 
Sgambari. Thomas Shiels, Charles Shorter, Keith 
Sicgner, Darrin Skinner. Carmine Siengone. Randy 
Sirube, Brian Sumner. Todd Sumner, Jeffrey Tecau. 
Blake Tenore, Robert Tufly. Scott Vantre, Michael 
Warner. Michael Waxelraan, Adam Weinberg. Bu-ti-; 
Wetmore. Durward Williams, John Willis, Timothy 
Woods, George Yohrling. 


Gene Bordinger, Brad Bradley, Scott Cmaa. Ben Davis. Rob 

Gooding, Andy Hcrsman. Dave Jackson. Mark 
Jones, Brian Joyce, Lee Kaminetz, Jim Moore, Mark 
Roberts, Todd Slillerman. Brian Thacker, Dave 
Ulmer. Tom White. Ryan Bifulco, James Chin, Jim 
Ciendenning, Tom Cook, Eric Futch, John GatUn, 
Brian Harhai, Scott Kedersha. Pete L^wis, John 
MacDonuId. Ryan McNally, Mike Newton. Derek 
Peterson, Brad PilLs, Mike Vaughn. Brian Whinelt, 
LaneBeshears, Matt Boone, Brad Carmichael. Mike 
DeFrank, Burt Falgui, Sam Fasulo, Rob Filiijpone. 
Rick Hershberger, Herb King, Alex MacPherson. 
Grant Morrison, Jason Palangio. Derrick Pittman, 
AJ. Rollins, Pete Sangimino, Eric Schaefer. Sean 
Stoke. Andy Vanderveer, Patrick Whalen, Mark 
Young. Tarique Zahir, Ben Applebaum. Brett 
Balsinger. Brian Berklich, Matt Borgman, Matt 
Fearrington, Warne Fitch, Mike Futia, Chris 
Gcrecke. Ross Kuhner, Matt Mazzola, Joe 
Michalski, Russell Pcmberton, Todd Sninski, Dave 
Spangler, John Stillerman, Murphy Yates. 

184 Fraternities 



Tau Kappa EpsiloH tke 

Joshua Baker, Charles Banks, Jason 
Bartholomew, Robert Cockman, Mark 
Duncan, Casey Gardner, Jeffrey Hooker, 
William Hooker, Kevin Knohl, Fernando 
Llorens, Jonathan Mclnnis, Stephen 
Petry, Todd Schaeffer, Erik Schwanz. 
Robert Smith. 

Cjrecks 185 


Tbeta Chi 


Allan Acton, Robert Autiy, Walt Bailey, James 
Barkman, Dan Brienza, Tom Burnett, Clay 
Busker, Doug Caniker, John Cathcart, Stephen 
Chisholm, Jason Copeland. Russ Daniel, Paul 
Davis, Alex Davit, Rusty Dement, Ted 
Dougherty, Blake EUavsky. Brian Flagler, 
Doug Fordham, Rob Funderburk, Eric Gerber, 
Jamie Glasgow, Adam Goodman, Matthews 
Grant, Chris Greenawalt, Sam HoUeman. Russ 
Hubbard, Ashton Hudson, Jon Hudson, 
Garrick Isert, Joe Koufman, Kenji Kuramoto, 
Mick LeGrande, Shawn Mattingly, Ryan 
McCollum, Travis McCollum, Will McGhee, 
Brent McKinney, Patrick McLaughlin, Chris 
Mitchell, James Morrison, Jason Mullaney, 
Paul Navarro, Mark Northan. James O'Neal, 
Russ Parson, Phil Petru, Marty Pinne, Todd 
Porter, Carl Reagan, John Rinker, Jeremy 
Schwer, Chris Shrevc, Eddie Southern. 
Stephen Stoll. Andy Thompson, Michael 
Walter, John Waiters, Woody Weldon. 

186 Fratcmitiefi 

* -> '•i -. 

AO^ Alpha Phi Omega AOQ 

Emily Ansell, Carolyn Annstrong, Debbie 
Bilder, Michael Bochicchio, Scott Brown. 
Nicole Chabra, Jason Cheney, Ed Chung. Mark 
Ciampa, Sarah Clayton. Canaille Corio. Kasey 
Cox, Beth Crawford, Heidi David, Alan 
Dcaton, Matt DeFrank, Becca Dick, Shana 
Eagle, Ryan Edmiston. Whitney Fishburn, 
David Grimes. Joe Guttmann, Ann Haywood. 
Tami Heidinger. Kathy Hines, Vicki Ho, 
Kristen Holm. Craig Hunter, Aileen Hurley, 
Stacy James, Catherine Jones. Tricia Jones, 
Christie Keeley, Jiil Kelly, Grace Kunjukunju, 
Robin McGurkin, Michelle New, Alisa Niksch, 
Mike Norton, Christy Parks. Kelli Pitts, Tajnmy 
Plyler, Joe Pomykacz, Mariah Ramsey, Heather 
Rotondi. Julie Rowland, Steve Saraorodin, 
Shawn Settle, Anne Shaffer, Amy Shaw. 
Heather Shnider, Matt Siiinard, Jan Stewart. Ja- 
son Thompson, Debbie Truesdeil, Debbie War- 
ren, Fby White, Karen White. 


Panhellenic Council 

InterFraterwIty Council 

Breni Williamson 

188 IFC and Panlicllcnjc 

Jl organizalions were conlaclcd rhiw times for nuucnol All photos 
1 Ihi-i seclion noi crcdilcd have t>c«n provided hy Ihe organizaiion 

Vt rhank them for their cooperaiion 


National Affiliatioh 

Grcefe8 189 

Pcrby Pays 

190 Derty Days 

Fledge Nights 

Greeks 191 


192 Grr. I.A,.h 


nmimj i 

Greeks 193 

Iy4 GrccRweek 


Brenl Williamson 

Greets 195 

The Party Scene 

196 The Party Scene 

^W PI ^ !■ UB ■■■ 

Boih page phoios. except one noied, by Holly Tack 

Greeks 197 


^reek Life 







198 Greek Life 


Greeks 199 

^reek Life 

Lance Murchtson Holly 

200 Greek L;fe 

Greeks 201 


From sports related clubs to publi- 
cations, from religious or- 
ganizations to student activities, 
and from academic groups to student gov- 
ernance, students can find a group that fits 
their interests. And if you can't find a club 
that represents your interests, you can al- 
ways start your own group. The activifies 
of each group varied this year. Student 
Government passed many resolutions to 
protect the student's interest. Student 
Union provided activities for the student 
body every day of the year. Volunteer Ser- 
vice Corps expanded Project Pumpkin and 
other events. The Catholic Community 
provided worship for many students. 
Women's club soccer prepared to make the 
transition to varsity status. The Old Gold 
and Black produced a newspaper every 

202 Organizations Division 



Organizations 203 

American Marketing Association 

Samantha Adams, Kevin Black, Marcus Blucas, Tyler Bouldin, Laura Bowles, Jeffrey Bradsher, 
Steve Bumgarner, Catherine Coleman, Carter Cook, Brent Costner, Betsy Cracker, Kori Deer, 
Kim Erickson, Rob Funderburk, Kevin Gentry, Jean Gilham, Renae Gillis, Brooke Harris, Jeff 
Hendrix, Holly Hinkeldey, Meg Hoffmaster, Sally Kearney, Kristin Kirchhofer, Amy Kowalski, 
Meghan Larabee, Brett Ledgerwood, Mark Meetsma, Vassiliki Menegakis, Nicole Miller, Michaele 
Milligan, Katie Mills, Susan Morris, Mary Sue Petroshius, Nicole Proulx, John Richardson, Nia 
Ricks, Erica Samchalk, Holly Schellentrager, Stranny Scherba, Katy See, Dena Silver, Christy 
Smith, Lisa Snodgrass, April Stephenson, June Stroh, Gini Weir, Brent Wooten, Elizabeth Walsh, 
Joanna Wyche, Bryan Chitwood. 

Baptist Student Union 

Megan McLaughlir 

204 Organizations 

•(• » y IB f^ * ^ M -^ «.V, « , St.: 

Black Student Alliance 

Black Student Alliance Executives 


Shannon Zazworsky (President), Tish Turner (Vice President), Jenn Peterson (Secre- 
tary), Betsy Cracker (Treasurer), Kelli Funkhouser, David McConnell, Jody Wooten, 
Janet Paris, Ashley Davis, Julie Jones, John Parker, Scott Cummings, Liz Marsh, Scott 
Smith, Heather Nunez, Kenji Kuramoto. 

Organizations 205 

Catholic Community 

Kevin Mournigham, Ina Wilson, Aileen Hurley, Scott Hines, Kathy Hines, Karen Vlahutin, 
Kate Huyvaert, Father Kurt Kreml, Shawn Adams. Not Pictured- Michele Bollinger, Kristin 
Tyrrell, Rachelle Fasen, Michael Marino, Lisa Sturtevant, Ryan Bifulco, Tom Cook. 

Chi Rho 

Back Row: Jamie Rorrer, Scott Kyles, Jud Hollifield, Aaron Mercer, Colin Creel, Matt 

Shurts, Brett Queen (Business Manager). 

Middle Row: John Branham, Charles Turner, Jeff Hall, Kyle Thompson, Martin Allen 

(Music Director). 

Front Row: Chris Irwin, Rodney Allen (Chaplain). 

^^ Organizations 


Choral Union 

Ecumenical Council 

Organizations 207 

Dance Company 

Photos this page by Taryn Hartnett 

208 Organizations 


Fine Arts House 

Habitat for Humanity 

Organizations 209 

Honor Council 


210 Organizations 


The Howler 

Brent Williamson: Editor-in-Chief 
Jeanie Veazey: Business Manager 
Connie Marks: Student Life Editor 
Wendy Coulson: Sports Editor 
Rachel Sheedy: Classes/Academics Editor 
Holly Tackett: Photography Editor 
Kristen Blix: Greeks Assistant Editor 
Drew Davis: Sports Assistant Editor 
Lori Shores: Sports Assistant Editor 
Kim Turner: Student Life Staff 
Beth Fisher: Student Life Staff 
Emily Freeman: Student Life Staff 
Jenny Braden: Student Life Staff 
Kate Brewer: Student Life Staff 
Marty Montagno: Sports Staff 
Mindy Grove: Academics Staff 

Or^anizationB 211 

Sara HarnnpUin 

Lilting Banshee Comedy Troupe 



mm m '^^ ^ ^^ 


Nia House 

Holly Tackett 

212 Organizations 

**■ " MWIMJMM 

Model United Nations 

Vanessa Lantin (President), Paul Navarro (Vice President), Brendan Fleming (Trea- 
surer), Jon Hansen, Andy Howard, Jaak Rannick, Jeremy Schwer, Geoff Michael, Katy 
Hurley. Not Pictured: Robert Autry, Joe Dubner. 

Peer Health Educators 

Megan Blasi, Anna Coggins, Kim Erickson, Amelia Fettig, Casey Goodman, Nate Hardy, 
Amy Kowalski, Kari Lester, Sarah Marhevsky, Tammy Nicholson, Heather Nunez, 
Mary Sue Petroshius, Andrea Rinaldi, Leigh Ann Ruggles, Tony Sgambati, Jeanie Snyder, 
Debbie Urbach, Ellen Volpe, Ginger White, Ina Wilson, Ellen Zaks, Shannon Zazvvorsky. 




The Old Gold and Black 

■■'-ItJI - 





Michael Peil (Editor), Nicola Dawkins (Managing Editor), Chris Wickland (Business Manager), Robbie 
Zalzneck, (Assistant Business Manager). News: Brian Uzwiak (Editor), Sarah Knowles, Brian 
Dimmick, Mark Stewart Hayes, Mike Janssen. Editorials: Lori Donath and Terese Mack (Editors), 
Robyn Reed. Perspectives: Sara Harrington (Editor). Arts and Entertainment: Rachel Sheedy 
(Editor), Teresa Dingboom, Brian Smith, Ryan Bowles, Allison McWilliams. Sports: Steve Welgoss 
(Editor), Cayce Butler, Chris Graham, Jan Badgett. Insight Page: Kelly Blue and J. Hunter Tart 
(Editors), Eddie Southern. Forum Page: Scott Walker, M 

ary Leigh Cherry. Photography: Holly Tackett, Allen Strum. Graphics: Derek Carter and 
Diana Steinway (Editors). Advertising: Chris Julich, Eddie Myrick, Rick Hershberger, Susan 
Roberts, Chris Collier. Office Staff: John Grimaldi, Kevin Nicastro. 

214 Organizations 




1 photos, except one noted, by Sara Hamngtoi 

Organizations 215 

Peer Ministry 

Megan McLaughlin 

Physics Society 

Sara Harrington 

216 Organizations 



Breat Williainson 

Pre-Law Society 

Presbyterian Student Group 

Steve Mealor, Rev. Stewart Ellis, Karen Sell, Mallory Herrman, Charlotte Knapp, Brent 
Williamson, Craig Hunter, Mary French, Kathy Jones, Catherine Jones, Beverly HufTstetler, 
Ryan Weimer, Doug Stockenberg, Mack Barr. 

Organizations 217 

Project Pumpkin Leadership 

218 Organizations 


President's Cabinet 

Lori Arthur, Clif Ferrell, Jessica Davey, Africa Dalton, Kazan Fayez, Rebecca Gen- 
try, Steve Mealor, Jen Moore, Leigh Ann Ruggles, Todd Turner, Jill Weiskopf, Brent 

Program Planning Council 

Nicholaa Zachoa 

Publications Board 

Brent Williamson, Jeanie Veazey, Brittney Campbell, Mehera Dennison, Michael 
Peil, Chris Wickland, Holly Tackett, Allen Strum, Jill Weiskopf, Ken Zick, Dr. Phihp 
Perricone, Dr. Dillon Johnston, WajTie King. 

Organizations 219 

Photography Staff 

Holly Tackett (Howler Photo 
Editor), Allen Strum (Old Gold 
and Black Photo Editor), Joe 
Weeks, Anne Buffardi, Lance 
Murchison, Steph Goldstein, 
Nicholas Zachos, Brent 
Williamson, Taryn Hartnett, 
Corinne Woodcock, Sara 
Harrington, Kory Garretson, 
Laura Keeney, Ronnie 
Angerer, Megan McLaughlin, 
Tom Burnett, Taylor Arnold. 

1 ^ 

ill i-- i*^> 

W^- ^^"'^^''H^^^^^^MffP'^^^^^H 

220 Organizations 


Sara Harrington 

Organizations 221 


The Student 

Sara Harrington 

Mehera Dennison (Editor- Fall), Brittney Campbell (Editor- Spring), Chris Gatewood (Po- 
etry), Cayce Butler (Prose), Holly Tackett (Photography), Elisabeth Bohlander, Tom Burnett, 
Julie Dunlop, Traci Hartman, Chris Kimmer, Sarah Marhevsky, Kitty Meares, Brian Mitchell, 
Jim Moore, Rab Nalavala, Kathryn Sears, Megan Steintrager, Jude Stewart, Dillon Johnston 

Tokai House 

222 Organizations 


Screamin' Demons 

Sara Harrington 

Safe Rides 

Betsy Hage (President), Jody Wooten (Vice President), Kitty Meares (Secretary), Vol- 
unteer Coordinators: Jennifer Jones, Harriet Wood, Robyn Brooks, Public Relations: 
Clayton Cheek, Jonathan Smith, Advisor- Natascha Romeo. 

Organizations 223 

ROTC: Demon Deacon Battalion 

224 Organizations 


Photoe both pagea taken by ROTC, printed by Holly T 

Organizations 225 


Student Union 

Courtesy of Student Umoc 

Program Council: Rebecca Gentry, 
Ashton Hudson, Kenji Kuramoto, Pati 
Beauchamp, Nathan Rantala, Sarat 
Raman, Eric Williams, Andrea 
Hershberger, Brent McKinney, 
Mary Lynn Pickel, Anissa Davis, 
Megan Williams, Allan Acton, Cherie 
Craine, Sherell Silver, Rebecca 
Duncan, Christina Habib, Fletcher 
Nielsen, Linda Colder, Jeff Benfield, 
Kristin Tyrrell. 

Executive Council: Rebecca Gentry 
(President), Ashton Hudson (Vice 
President), Kenji Kuramoto (Trea- 
surer), Pati Beauchamp (Dircetor, Cul- 
tural Division), Nathan Rantala (Direc- 
tor, Special Events Division), Sarat 
Raman (Director, Entertainment), 
Mark Hall (Director, Student Union), 
Deb Holcomb (Assistant Director, 
Benson Center). 

226 Organizations 

Photos OQ this page courtesy of Student Ui 

Organizations 227 


Student Government 

Student Government Executives: Russ 
Hubbard (Secretary), Jill Weiskopf (President), 
Allison Stewart (Treasurer), Darren Thompson 
(Speaker of the House). 

228 Organizations 

Photos this page by Taylor Arnold 

Student Alumni Council 

Lance Murchison 

WAKE TV Steering Committee 

Pati Beauchamp, Steve Bumgamer, Benedetta Agnoli, Tycely Williams, Cooper 
Bane, Stefan Turkheimer, Christina Habib, Karen Hillenbrand. 

Organizations 229 

WAKE Radio 

Jill Alikonis, Mike Allen, Russ Allen, Ronnie Angerer, Ben 

Applebaum, Bill Armstrong, Kristie Bailey, Laura Bain, 

Andy Baker, Brett Balsinger, Curtis Beech, Brian Berklich, 

Matt Boone, Brian Brady, Chad Bredernitz, James 

Brockman, Cedric Broady, Katie Brown, Leon Bullard, 

Scott Bunn, John Burger, Jonn Buzby, La Cannon, Drew 

Carpenter, Doug Carriker, Kevin Cellura, Mary Leigh 

Cherry, Caroline Coin, Geoffrey Connor, Brent Costner, 

Grey Crawford, Chad Curry, Heather D'Agnes, Jennifer 

D'Orsi, Mark Dailey, Brent Daniel, Wade Davis, Alex Davit, 

David DiMatties, Lori Donath, Brent Driggers, Bill 

Duncan, Erin Dunn, Michelle Elmore, Shane Evans, Beth 

Fettweis, Kyle Forst, Kelley Franks, Mike Futia, Chris 

Gatewood, Sherry Godfrey, Alison Grey, John Grimaldi, 

Megan Grover, Joe Guttmann, Brion Hambel, Jessica 

Hannah, Nate Hardy, Joe Harrison, Ryan Hatcher, Ben 

Holland, Kristen Holm, Mike Janssen, Lars Jensen, Carol 

Johnson, Laura Keeney, Will Keible, Kathryn Kreihng, Ken 

Lachlan, Mick LeGrande, Jay Lerman, Mel Lewis, Rob 

Lewis, Daniel MacKinnon, Jeff Madden, Connie Marks, 

Liz Mattson, Chris McClay, Travis McCollum, Brian McKee, Ryan McNally, Quentin McPhatter, Kevin Middleton, Chris Minter, 

Tommy Mitchell, Marty Montagno, Kam Moody, Samantha Moore, Craig Ness, Jamie Nordhaus, Lisa O'Donnell, Leah Palmatier, 

Louis Panigrosso, Emily Paris, Jim Passaro, Carolyn Pasternak, Cameron Pearce, Dorene Pepin, Dave Prevette, Sarat Raman, 

Elizabeth Ress, Leigh Rodwick, A.J. Rollins, Matt Rudd, Brandon Saul, Fred Saunders, Kathy Scott, Chris Seitz, Rachel Sheedy, 

Jeremy Shelton, Dave Sherrill, Heather Shnider, Matt Shurts, Andy Sisk, Sharon Slaughter, Brian Sloan, Gavin Smith, Robert 

Smith, Sharon Smith, Brian Smithwick, Jennifer Snee, Jeanie Snyder, Jay Sones, Fiorella Speziani, Megan Steintrager, Diana 

Steinway, Rob Stenhouse, Jude Stewart, Tyl'^'" Stone, Laura Strandhoy, Chris Strange, Stephan Streibig, Mike Strohl, Susan 

Swanson, Leigh Thomas, Andy Thompson, John Tobler, Debbie Truesdell, Brian Uzwiak, Karen White, Floy Wright, DeVoe 

Yates, Brian Yeazel, Nadia Zaidi, Missy Zetick. 

230 Organizations 



Wesley Foundation 

Women's Basketball Pep Band 

Neil Claussen, Patti Clinard, Julia Coley, Chris Coussens, Becca Dick, Ian Dixon, 
Dave Durham, Mark Edwards, Kimberly Elledge, Ron Elledge, David Grimes, Amanda 
King, Laura Kroger, Karen Manship, David Midjette, Jennine Poorbaugh, Chris 
potocky, Jamie Roreer, Heather Rotondi, Beth Stroupe, Tracy Thompson, Nate Tilman, 
Jennifer Whitfield, Megan Williams, and Barbara Trautwein (Director). 

Organizations 231 

Women's Club Soccer 

F'hotos ihis page by Joe Weeks 

232 Organizations 


Women's Studies House 

WorldNet: International Club 

Paul Pauca (Vice President), Taylor Arnold (President), Fernando Llorens, Liza 
Zavaleta, Orsola Pignatti, Kam Moody, Boyana Radenska. 

Organizations 233 

Organizations Not Pictured 

Accounting Society 
American Chemical Society 
Anthony Aston Players 
Anthropology Club 
Asian Student Association 
Black Christian Fellowship 
Circolo Italiano 
Club Sports Union 
Co-ed Tennis Club 
College Democrats 
College Republicans 
Communications Association 
Concert Choir 
Cycling Club 

Economics Society 
El Club Hispanico 
Environmentally Concerned 

Organization of Students 
Episcopal Student Union 
Equestrian Club 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
French House 
German House 
Gospel Choir 
Handbell Choir 
Harbinger Corps 
History Society 
Huffman House 
Ice Hockey 
Italian House 
Jazz Ensemble 
Judical Board 
Karate Club 
Lacrosse Club 
Literary Society 
Luthem Campus Ministry 

234 Organizations 

Madrigal Singers 

Math/ Computer Science Club 

Marching Band 

Marketing Society 

Men's Club Soccer 




Outdoor Recreation and 

Adventure Club 
Pep Band 
President's Aides 
Presidents' Leadership Retreat 
Politics Club 

Resident Student Association 
Rugby Club 
Russian House 
Sailing Club 
Society for Human Resource 

Management sjcs^^ 

Student Ambassadors ^^^^ 

Student Budget Advisory Committee 
Student Counselors 
Student Government Race 

Relations Committee 
Student Government Program 

Planning Committee 
Symphonic Band 
Volleyball Club 
Volunteer Service Corps 
WAKE Radio House 
WF Students for Life 
Wesley House 
Women's Issues Network 
Women's Lacrosse Club 
Wrestling Club 





All organizations were contacted twice for in 
formation. Those not pictured did not repsond 

Organizations 235 


Wake Forest is a unique school, 
mainly because of the small 
size of the student body. With 
only 3,500 undergraduates, the campus is 
small enough that you can see a friend as 
you walk to class, but large enough that 
you can see students that you have never 
seen before while eating in the Pit. The 
people at Wake Forest are the ones who 
contribute to the sense of community that 
has thrived on campus over the past 160 
years. Every year, as new students enter 
this community in the fall, the community 
extends to welcome them. As seniors 
graduate in the spring, the community 
gathers to wish them well at commence- 
ment. All the classes — freshmen, sopho- 
mores, juniors, and seniors - help make 
Wake Forest the community that it is to- 

236 Cla 


Classes 237 



Allan Acton, Raleigh, NC 

Samantha Adams, 

North Palm Beach, FL 

Donald Adderly, 

Hamilton, Bermuda 

Allison Aden, Jackson, MS 

Heather Aitken, 

Hilton Head, SC 

Michelle Albertson, 

Piano, TX 

Deborah Alexander, 

Ooltevvah, TN 

Jill Alikonis, Cincinnati,OH 

Carson Allcorn, 

Jacksonville, FL 

Martin Allen, Owensboro, KY 

Rodney Allen, Pinnacle,NC 

Kevin Amerio, Wycoff, NJ 

Roaj Amin, Warminster, PA 

Lucy Anderson, Charlotte, NC 

Victoria Anderson, 

Ormond Beach, Fl 

Taylor Arnold, Matthews, NC 

Sherry Arrington, 

Walnut Cove, NC 

Jennifer Arthur, Rockville, MD 

Lori Arthur, Prosperity, WV 

Leslie Ashburn, Raetord, NC 

Hope Austin, Boone, NC 

Brian Averette, Durham, NC 

Katherine Axford, 

Scranton, PA 

Loren Ayer, La Mesa, CA 

David Babinski, 

Marshfield, MA 

Nilaya Baccus, 

Camp Springs, MD 

Lauren Bach, Springfield, VA 

Andrew Baker, Athens, OH 

William Baker, 

Stone Mountain, GA 

Peter Ballard, Palm Beach 

Gardens, FL 

Cuu of \ 99 ^ 

Brett Banks, Bernardsville, NJ 
Kevin Barfield, Fort Mill, SC 
James Barker, Glen EUyn, IL 
Wendy Barrett, Charlotte, NC 
Patricia Beauchamp, 
Advance, NC 

Johnny Shelton Beck, Jr., 
Lexington, NC 
Brian Bennett, Radclift, KY 
Amy Benton, Swansboro, NC 
Rebecca Bergholz, Aiken, SC 
Rachel Berry^ Burke, VA 

Lauren Bianchi, 
Huntington Station, NY 
Edward Bigelow, 
Burlington, NC 
Deborah Bilder, Wellsboro, PA 
Kevin Black, Frankfort, KY 
Paul Blackburn, Shelby, NC 

Matthew Blake, Shelby, NC 
Chad Blankenberg, 
Monticello, IL 

Danielle Blood, Brookline, MA 
Marcus Blucas, Lake City, PA 
Kelly Blue, Ft, Worth, TX 

Jonathan Bobalik, 

Kingsport, TN 

Douglas Boertje, Knoxville, TN 

Michele Bollinger, 

Westminster, MD 

Alison Bonner, Shelby, NC 

Britt Boshamer, Charlotte, NC 

Brad Bradley, Germanton, TN 

Dan Bradley, Savannah, GA 

Jacquelyn Bradley, Bcrwyn, PA 

Jeffrey Bradsher, 

Hurdle Mills, NC 

Lee Brantley, Marietta, GA 


Earl Braden Brasfield, 

St. Louis, MO 

Daniel Brieiiza, Princeton, NJ 

Natalie Britt, Lumberton, NC 

Shelley Brock, 

North Potomac, MD 

Glenn Bromley, MercerviUe, N] 

Tamara Brush, LewisviOe, NC 

Hannelore Burger, 

Logansport, IN 

John Burger, Yardley, PA 

Cristin Burke, 

Myrtle Beach, SC 

Tom Burnett, Greenville, SC 

Stuart Burnham, Spokane, WA 

Eric Burrell, Franklin, NC 

Katie Burroughs, 

Cininnati, OH 

Clay Busker, Geneva, IL 

Ellen Bylsma, 

Grand Rapids, Ml 

Chris Campbell, Irmo, SC 

Drew Carpenter, 

Rocky Mount, NC 

Gregory Carpenter, 

Charlotte, NC 

Douglas Carriker, 

Wilmington, NC 

Myra Caudle, Hamlet, NC 
Paul Celi, Wellesley, MA 





Nicole Chabra, 
Falls Church, VA 
Nicole Chilivis, Atlanta, GA 
James Chin, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Stephen Chisholm, 
Marietta, GA 

Christopher Chleborowicz, 
Pine Knoll Shores, NC 

Heidi Christ, Houston, TX 
Edward Chung, 
BiriTungham, AL 
Mark Ciampa, Eatonton, GA 
Karen Clark, Atlanta, GA 
Suzanne Clarke, 
Richmond, VA 

Sarah Clayton, Gainesville, FL 

Patricia Clinard, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Laura Cline, Hickory, NC 

Geoffrey Coates-Wynn, 

Boone, NC 

Natalie Coffer, Raleigh, NC 

Jacqueline Coley, Belvoir, VA 
Julia Coley, Huntersville, NC 
Sherri Coll, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Karen Connell, Smithtown, NY 
Carter Cook, Charlotte, NC 

Chris Copeland, 
Murfreesburo, TN 
Christopher Costner, 
Chatham, NJ 
Duren Cowan, 
Greensboro, NC 
Jennifer Cox, Kingsport, TN 
Betsy Cracker, 
Germantown, MD 

Matt Crosby, Decatur, GA 
Robert Crowe, 
Wilmington, DE 
Suzanne CrumJing, Burke, VA 
Courtney Cuff, Athens, GA 
Traci Cuthbertson, 
Cleveland, NC 



Russ Daniel, Atlanta, GA 

Robert Davenport, Irmo, SC 

Heidi David, Cincinnati, OH 

Anissa Davis, 

New Orleans, LA 

Karen Davis, East Bend, NC 

Karl Davis, Dover, MA 

Peyton Davis, Norcross, GA 

Todd Davis, Westbury, NY 

Trasha Davis, Charlotte, NC 

Alexander Davit, 

Sao Paulo, Brazil 

Sandra Dawitschek, 

Waynesville, NC 

Nicola Dawkins, 

College Park, GA 

Tate Day, Winston-Salem, NC 

Russell W. DeMent III, 

Raleigh, NC 

Joe Dickson, Chattanooga, TN 

Jennifer Digits, 

North Dighton, MA 

Molly Dillon, Hickory, NC 

Andrew Dinh, Beckley, WV 

Jennifer Dinsmore, 

. Charlotte, NC 

Michael Dixon, Columbia, SC 

Kristen Doermann, 

Gaithersburg, MD 

Powell Draper, Burlington, NC 

Brent Driggers, Columbia, SC 

Kristen Duplessie, 

FrankUn, MA 

Michelle Dupont, 

Ft. Myers, PL 

Tyler Durham, 

Fayetteville, NC 

Dawn Dusza, Lake City, PA 

Matthew Dymmel, 

Greensboro, NC 

Andrea Ebbers, 

Midlothian, VA 

Robert Elder, Wyckoff, NJ 




Bryan Edwards, 
Henderson, NC 
Mark Edwards, 
Spring Hope, NC 
Michelle Elmore, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Edward Ergenzinger, 
Dover, MA 
Kim Erickson, Raleigh, NC 

Matthew Etter, Vermilion, OH 
Sean Everhart, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Razan Fayez, Clemmons, NC 
Morgan William Fayssoux, Jr., 
GreenviDe, SC 
Charles Flemlee, 
Lynchburg, VA 

F. Clay Ferguson, Salem, VA 
Colleen-Mara Finn, 
Manhasset, NY 
Jennifer Finnegan, Sidney, NY 
Lucienne Fischer, FFO, AE 
Julia Flanagan, Exton, FA 

Brendan Fleming, 
Augusta, GA 
Massie Flippin, Tyro, VA 
Katie Floyd, Lexington, VA 
Jennifer Ford, Fanwood, NJ 
Katv Ford, Henderson, NC 

Scott Frailey, Lancaster, PA 
Claire Fritz, Emmaus, PA 
Robert Funderburk, 
Lilburn, GA 
Trina Gabriel, 
SherriUls Ford, NC 
Katherine Gage, 
Charleston, WV 

Kimberly Garner, Boone, NC 
Allison Gassner, Norriston, PA 
Anna Gatewood, 
Americus, GA 
Robert Gayle, Roanoke, VA 
Rebecca Gentry, Forest, VA 


Classes 24:i 


Nicholas George, 

Rockville, MD 

Emily Giffin, Naperville, IL 

Jean Gilham, Atlanta, GA 

Karen Gilliam, Whiteville, NC 

Renae Gillis, Salisbury, MD 

Carmen Gladding, 

Cooksville, MD 

Erik Godwin, 

Flower Mound, TX 

Rob Gooding, Raleigh, NC 

Brian Gracely, 

Birmingham, MI 

Michael Graham, Roswell, GA 

Elizabeth Granger, 

Edgewater, MD 

Alison Grey, Dunwoody, GA 

Joseph Grimpel, 

Breezy Point, NY 

Jennifer Grishkin, Augusta, GA 

Amy Gustafson, 

Carrollton, GA 

Bonita Hairston, 

Lexington, NC 

Jennifer Hall, Milwaukee, WI 

Stillman Hanson, 

Greenwich, CT 

Barry Hargreaves, Turnersville, 


Sara Harrington, Sanford, NC 

Joseph Harrison, Decatur, AL 

Trad Hartman, 

Lookout Mountain, GA 

Denise Hartoin, 

Cincinnati, OH 

Natalie Harvey, 

Hilton Head, SC 

Shelly Hassell, Isle of Palms,SC 

Betsy Haze, Durham, NC 

Lisa Hedden, 

Lawrenceville, GA 

Jennifer Helton, 

Boiling Springs, NC 

Jeffrey Hendrix, 

West Chester, PA 

Lorri Henn', Charlotte, NC 


Johanna Hensley, 

Asheville, NC 

Jason Henson, Hatfield, PA 

Melvin Hemdon, 

Lynchburg, VA 

Andrea Hershberger, Lodi, OH 

Sadarrs'le Hill, Fairmont, NC 
Holly Hinkeldey, Slidell, LA 

Jon Hirsch, Lake Bluff, IL 
Ernie Hobbs, Hertford, NC 
Heather Hoch, Raleigh, NC 
Tracey Hogan, Atlanta, GA 
Ben Holland, 
Morehead City, NC 

Sam Holleman, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Tangela Home, 
New London, NC 
Terry Hornung, 
Timonium, IVID 
Stacy Howard, Greenville, SC 
Ashton Hudson, 
Burlington, NC 

Brady Huggett, Winthrop, ME 
Robin Hughes, Tampa, FL 
Parker Huitt, Rock Hill, SC 
Heather Hutchens, 
Beckley WV 
Julia Jackson, Clemmons, NC 

Classes 24.5 


Martha Jaquith, Lexington, KY 

Christopher Jensen, 

Florence, SC 

Steve Jepson, Savannah, GA 

Monica Jessup, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

David Johnson, Knoxville, TN 

Laura Johnson, Beachwood, NJ 

Meredith Jones, Mequon, WI 

WiDiam Jones, Wilmington, DE 

Lee Kaminetz, California, MD 

Steven Keenan, 

North Kingstown, Rl 

Robert Kelly, Bryn Mawr, PA 
Meg Kemp, Reidsville, NC 

Todd Kilbaugh, Greer, SC 

Jennifer King, 

Traverse City, MI 

Stan King, St. Albans, NY 

Devin Klepper, 

Sherwood Forest, MD 

Charlotte Knapp, 

Lake Charles, LA 

Gary Knight, Halifax, VA 

Kevin Kohl, 

Virginia Beach, VA 

Michael Kolb, Atlanta, GA 

Luka Korzeniowski, 

Philadelphia, PA 

Amy Kowalski, Dallas, PA 

Kurtis Krake, 

Merritt Island, FL 

Brenda Kramar, 

Lynchburg, VA 


Kathryn KreUing, NY City, NY 
Natalie Kroovand, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Geoffrey Kuffner, 
Hyde Park, NY 
Rachel Kuhn, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Grace Kunjukunju, 
Winston-Salem, NC 

Ted Kunkel, Windennere, FL 
Scott LaManna, Salisbury, NC 
Bryan Lamb, Nashville, TN 
Brenda Langenbacher, 
St. Louis, MO 
Vanessa Lantin, 
Winston-Salem, NC 

David Larson, 
Montgomery, AL 
John Latham, Dunwoody, GA 
Nancy LeCroy, Lexington, NC 
Dwaine Lee, Murrieta, CA 
Nicole Levesque, Salem, NH 

Keith Levi, Raleigh, NC 
Andrew Lewis, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Kelly Little, Clenamons, NC 
Kevin Long, Atlanta, GA 
James Loving, Jr., McLean, VA 

Craig Luthy, 

New Providence, NJ 

Nancy MacLaurin, 

ColUnsville, CT 

John Mann, Woodbridge, VA 

Jodi Marcussen, Danville, CT 

Elizabeth Marsh, Duck, NC 

AUison Martm, Hickory, NC 
Deborah Marxen, 
Wilkesboro, NC 
JoVonne Mason, 
Fayetteville, NC 
Meredith Mauldiii, 
Greenwood, SC 
Mateland Mayes, 
Kernersville, NC 

Classes 247 


Meredith McCall, Roswell, GA 

Meredith McClain, Brick, NJ 

Jennifer McGough, 

St. Louis, MO 

Robin McGurkin, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Lisa McKinnon, 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Patrick McLaughlin, 

Lumberton, NC 

Parker McLean, 

Lumberton, NC 

Amanda McMakin, 

Owingsville, KY 

Eric McNaughton, Atlanta, GA 

Steven McQueen, Star, NC 

Steve Mealor, Memphis, TN 

Mark Meetsma, Allentouan, PA 

Michael Melkonian, 

La Grange, IL 

Brian Melton, 

South Charlestt)n, WV 

Duncan Memory, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

William Mendenhall, 

Pfafftown, NC 

Colin Merritt, Greenville, NC 

Margaret Meyer, Red Bank, NJ 

Ryan Michel, Lompoc, CA 

Jennifer Middleton, 

Orange Park, FL 

Nicole Miller, Sahsbury, MD 

Michaele Milligan, 

Columbia, SC 

Katherine Mills, 

EUicott City MD 

Christopher Minter, 

Bridgeton, MO 

Rich Miraglia, 

Pocono Lake, PA 

Sidney Mitchell, Greenville, SC 

Amelie Montagliani, 

Morgantown, WV 

Jennifer Moore, Asheville, NC 

Lavastian Moore, 

New York, NY 

Renee Morin, Yorktown, VA 




Susan Morris, 

Chelmsford, MA 

Kevin Mournighan, 

McLean, VA 

Jason MuUaney, Clearwater, FL 

Camper Mundy, 

Gainesville, GA 

Daniel Munn, Monkton, MD 

Kelly Murphy, Batron, Fl 
Timothy Murphy, 
Stillwater, OK 
Edward Myrick, 
Lighthouse Point, FL 
Lisa Namath, Olney, MD 
Jeffrey Naper, 
Luthersville, MD 

Heather Neill, Duluth, GA 
Julie Nermstiel, 
Springville, NY 
Scott Nesbit, Augusta, GA 
Kelly Nesbitt, Charleston, WV 
Michelle New, Wayne, PA 

Tracy Nickerson, Athens, GA 
Amy Nigrelh, Sheboygun, Wl 

William Nolan, Atlanta, GA 

Mark Northan, 

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

Christopher O'Keefe, 

Massapequa, NY 

William Ober, Simsbury, CT 



Michael Orebaugh, 

Earleysville, VA 

Trelonnie Owens, 

Evergreen, NC 

Mimi Parikh, Rochester, NY 

Sarah Parker, Richmond, VA 

Christine Parks, 

Oak Ridge, TN 

Michelle Parks, 

Catlettsburg, KY 

Russell Parson, Fargo, ND 

Victor Pauca, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Michael Peil, McDonough, GA 

Dorene Pepin, Conyers, GA 

Rodney Perdue, 

Thomasville, NC 

Jermifer Peterson, 

KnoxviJle, TN 

Mary Sue Petroshius, 

Libertyville, IL 

Victoria Pharr, Gainesville, GA 

Aishley Phelps, Lexington, NC 

Patrick Phillips, Boone, NC 

Mary Lynn Pickel, 

Kingston, TN 

Kelli Pitts, Raleigh, NC 

Eva Marie Poehling, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Suzanne Pohlmann, 

Kensington, CT 

Kathleen Powers, Burke, VA 

Michael Preisano, 

Runnemede, N] 

Ashley Prince, Whiteville, NC 

Charles Pruden, Norcross, GA 

Robert Pugliese, Nutley, NJ 

Mariah Ramsey, Decatur, GA 

Kellie Reed, Wilson, NC 

Elizabeth Rees, Columbia, MD 

Kacey Reistad, 

Putnam Valley, NY 

Elizabeth Reiter, Clinton, NC 




Marc Renault, Taylors, SC 
Larry Scott Reneger, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Mary Renner, Baltimore, MD 
Ron Rennick, Vero Beach, FL 
Kimberly Reynolds, 
Marco Island, FL 

Kristina Reynolds, Miami, FL 

Jennifer Rliodes, 

Huntsville, AL 

Tad Rhodes, Wilson, NC 

Marcella Ribetti, 

Pordenone, Italy 

John Richardson, Lowell, NC 

Nia Ricks, Charlotte, NC 
Elizabeth Rief, Tampa, FL 
Andrea Rinaldi, Loveladies, NJ 
Brad Ringeisen, Norfolk, VA 
Mark Roberts, Reading, PA 

Meredith Roberts, 
Springfield, VA 
Renee Robertson, 
Montevallo, AL 
Angela Robinson, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
Greg Robinson, Bedminster, NJ 
Raymond Rock, Jr., 
Winston-Salem, NC 

Derek Rogers, Vero Beach, FL 
Jennifer Rogers, Charlotte, NC 
Benjamin Rosenthal, 
Tampa, FL 

Michael Roth, Savannah, GA 
Heather Rotondi, Brick, NJ 

William Rowe, Lexington, NC 
Leigh Ami Ruggles, 
Raleigh, NC 

Erik Runge, Pocahontas, AR 
Dana Rusher, Salisbury, NC 
Sarah Salisbury, Raleigh, NC 

Stfiior i ^ 

Classes 251 

Frederick Saunders, 

Atlanta, GA 

Stranny Scherba, Flossmoor, IL 

Margaret Scott, Salisbury, NC 

Letishia Seabrook, 

Columbia, SC 

Peter J. Seeber, Langhorne, PA 
Glyrm Servy, Augusta, GA 

Scott Shaw, Rock Face, GA 

Warren Shennan, 

Kingston, Jamaica 

Lynn Shiels, Dover, DE 

Charles Shorter, 

Ceder Grove, NJ 

John Shuman, Long Beach, CA 

Mehssa Sigler, Roanoke, VA 

Morgan Sills, 

Southern Pines, NC 

Dena SUver, Lev^fiston, NY 

Jacqueline Simko, 

Willingboro, NJ 

Laura Ashely Simmons, 

Lenior, NC 

Chnton Simon, Shreveport, LA 

HolUs Singleton, Raleigh, NC 

Steve Skarky, 

Oklahoma City, OK 

Jennifer Sklenka, Marietta, GA 

Sharon L. Slaughter, 

Bristol, TN 


Angel Smith, 
Summerfield, NC 
Christina Smith, Danville, VA 
Scott Smith, Raleigh, NC 
Sharon Smith, Chatham, NJ 
Siminer Smith, Asheville, NC 

Edward Southern, 

Charlotte, NC 

Andrea Spangler, 

Greensboro, NC 

Steven Spencer, Concord, NC 

Drew Squires, Charlotte, NC 

James Stanley, Danbury, CT 

Owen Stepp, 

West Palm Beach, FL 

Jordana Sternberg, 

Northbrook, IL 

Jan Stewart, Atlanta, GA 

June Stroh, Pasadena, MD 

J. Ken Stuckey, Columbia, SC 

Lisa Sturtevant, Vernon, VT 
Erin Sullivan, Roswell, GA 
Brian Sumner, Atlanta, GA 
Eric Taylor, Elizabethtown, PA 
Kevin Taylor, 
Winston-Salem, NC 

Kristina Taylor, Flat Rock, NC 
MicheOe Taylor, 
Greenville, NC 
Orlanda Taylor, Hopkins, SC 
Wendell Taylor, Richmond, VA 
Shannon Teague, Hickory, NC 

Brian Thacker, Greensboro, NC 
Christy Thomas, Crozet, VA 
Kim Thomas, Atlanta, GA 
Melissa Shea Tliomas, 
Jacksonville Beach, FL 
William Thomas, 
Hackettstown, NJ 


Zeb Thomas, Myrtle Beach, SC 

Andy Thompson, Roswell, GA 

Darren Thompson, 

Annapolis, MD 

David Thompson, 

Bermuda Run, NC 

Kimberly Till, Birmingham, AL 

Ben Tomlin, Lockhart, TX 

Howard Townsend, 

Lake City, SC 

Alejandro Traveria, 

Jacksonville, FL 

Byron Tubb, Brentwood, TN 

Tish Turner, Cary, NC 

Mary Underberg, 

St. Petersburg, FL 

Lee Upton III, Carlisle, MA 

Deborah Urbach, 

Longwood, FL 

Leslie Utley, Ashevilie, NC 

Jamie Vacca, Statesville, NC 

Cherie Vandersluys, 

Huntington, CT 

Scott Vantre, Philadelphia, PA 

Regina Veazey, Olney, MD 

Joseph Veneziano, 

Sturbridge, MA 

Katherine Ventura, 

Weatogue, CT 

Stephanie Verch, 

Charlotte, NC 

Karen Vlahutin, 

Parkersburg, WV 

Heather Voelkel, 

Covington, LA 

Ellen Volpe, Rochester, NY 

Casey Walvoord,Columbia, SC 

Tonya Warden, East Bend, NC 

Elizabeth Warner, 

Charlotte, NC 

David Wasilewski, 

Salisbury, MD 

Scott Watson, Highlands, NC 

Jennifer G. Webb, 

Chapel HiU, NC 





Senlor x 

Jennifer R. Webb, 

Plymouth, MN 

Adam Weinberg, Durham, NC 

Anja Weinhold, 

Winston-Salem, NC 

Jill Weiskopf, Clifton, VA 

SheUey Wells, Windermere, FL 

Sarah Walsh, 
Oklahoma City, OK 
Jennifer Werner, 
West Gorve, PA 
Tara West, Akron, OH 
Thomas White, Charlotte, NC 
Tonnye White, New Bern, NC 

AUison Williams, 

Moreland, GA 

Durward Wilhams, 

Chapel Hill, NC 

Brent WilUamson, Taylors, SC 

Rochelle Winston, 

Ashland, VA 

Marilee Winter, St. Louis, MO 

Ehzabeth Withers, 
Douglasville, GA 
Richard Woodruff, 
North Wilkesboro, NC 
Elizabeth Woods, Leeds, AL 
Jody Wooten, 
Millers Creek, NC 
Angela Wrenn, Oxford, NC 

Floy Wright, Arden, NC 
JoAnna Wyche, Cleveland, TN 
Eugenia Yee, 
Winston-Salem, NC 
George Yohrling, Gastonia, NC 
Amy Young, Mendham, NJ 

Ginger Yowell, Richmond, VA 
Shannon Zazworsky, 
Atlanta, GA 

Kristin Zeier, ParkviDe, MO 
Patricia Zoder, Gatlinburg, TN 

C. lasses 2.').: 


Ashley Ackerman 

Hunter Adams 

Jamile Adams 

Phillip Adams 

Aduni Akerele-Ale 

James Akers 

Deirdre Alexander 

Kristin Allred 

Kristen Ambrose 

Jennifer Ametrano 

Ashley Armstrong 

Michael Armstrong 

Mila Assenova 

Tanya Aiigustson 

Laura Bagwell 

Lacy Ballard ffl 
James Barkman 

Brent Baroody 
Brendan Bartley 

Charles Baum 

Katy Becker 

Amy Beirnes 

Mary Caroline Bell 

Perry Bell 

Jeff Benfield 

Christina Benson 

Melissa Berry 

Michael Bochicchio 

Tyler Bouldin 

Victoria Bowden 

Michelle Boyd 

Amy Boyer 

Chris Branand 

Melanie Branham 

Michael Briggs 



CULU. o f l99^ 

James Brockman 
Jennifer Brown 
Laura Brown 
Sherry Brown 
Golden Buckland 

Leon Bullard 
Kimiley Bullock 
Ami Parke Busby 
Christa Busfield 
WiUiam Caddell 

Anna Caldwell 
Kim Caldwell 
Renee Canody 
Jennifer Cardoza 
CharUta Cardwell 

Laura Carr 
Christian Carter 
Michael Carter II 
Jeanine Certo 
David Chapman 

Jason Cheney 
Jason Chokel 
Claiborne Christian 
Chris Ciambarella 
Catherine Clark 

MaryAnna Coggins 
Linda Colder 
Angela CoDins 
Robin Cook 
Chris Cordone 

CamOle Corio 
Lisa Cort 
Beth Crawford 
Robert Cruickshank 
Julie Cruit 



Heidi Cruz 

Emily Cummins 

Africa Dalton 

Christopher Daniels 

Duane Danner 

Katherine Darby 

Lori Dawkins 

Christopher Dawson 

Angela Denison 

James Dewey 

John Dewire 

James Dodge 

Adam Dolder 

Loralee Donath 

Louis Dow 

Christina Dunkelberg 

Shana Eagle 

Margaret Eagles 

Jason Edmisten 

Catherine Edwards 

Aimee Ezzell 
Jennifer Feore 

Amelia Fettig 
Nikki Finger 

Whitney Fishburn 
Brian Flagler 


Ryan Rax 
Elizabeth Fleming 

Lynne Foster 
Amanda Freedle 

Arlethia Friday 
Loraine Fuller 

Andrea Gambrell 
Jake Garbarino 
Chris Gatewood 
David Geier 
Maria Gibbs 

Rahul Gidwani 
Jocelyn Gilmour 
Erin Glancy 
Sherry Godfrey 
Craig Goodmark 

Allison Grayson 
Craig Green 
John Greenawalt 
Bryan Gregory 
Jennifer Grosse 

Steven Guerrini 
Timothy Gupton 
Joseph Guttmann 
Kathryn Haines 
LaDonna Hairston 

C lasse 



Jeff HaU 

Jennie Hall 

Jessica Hannah 

Nathaniel Hardy 

Brian Harrell 

Kelly Harrington 

Stephanie Harris 

Brian Hayes 

John Hayes 

Ann Hajrwood 

Tamara Heidingeo 

Patricia Henderson 

Kimberly Hensley 

Kristen Hicks 

Donna High 

Christopher Hill 

Daniel Hilty 

Bill Hinsley 

Jenny Henson 

Katy Holland 

Greg Huepper 

Eric Hughes 

Sarah Hunt 

Shannon Hutcherson 

Peter Imhof 

Jennifer Jackson 
LeAnne Jackson 
Carmen Johnson 
Erin-Joy Johnson 
Jacqueline Johnson 

Paula Johnson 

Donna Johnson 

Josh Jones 

Nathan Jones 

Tarnetta Jones 



Kirsten Mahoney 

Constance Marks 

Arron Marlowe-Rogers 

Cameron Marshall 

Andrew Martin 

LaTina Martin 

Shayn Martin 

Tiffany Massing 

Christian Mauro 

Marc Mayhew 

Randle McClure 

Travis McCollum 

David McConnell 

Alexandra McCourt 

Elizabeth McGee 



Pau] Mcintosh 
Ryan McNally 
ADison McWOliams 
David Miller 
Deana Miller 

Jennifer Miller 
Scott Miller 
Andrew Mills 
Heather Moore 
Jason Moore 

Jennifer Moore 
Michael Moore 
Samantha Moore 
Sean Moran 
Jennifer MoreOo 

JoAnna Morgan 
Lance Murchison 
Rebecca Murray 
Kenneth Myhre 
Stephanie Neill 

Jill Nichols 
Kimberly NicoU 
Alisa Niksch 
Michael Norton 
Charles O'Keefe 

James O'Neal 
Carol Owens 
Everett Padgett 
Tracey Parrington 
Robert Parrish 

Michelle Parsons 
Catherine Peacock 
John Peeler 
Laurie Penhall 
Jeffrey Perry 



Dane Phillips 
Cindy Pierce 
Kathr\'n Pinder 
Marty Pinne 
Bradley Pitts 

Stacy Pleva 

Tammy Plyler 

Allison Poe 

Todd Porter 

Zoe Poulson 

Dolly Pressley 
LeShawndra Price 

Pam Price- Williams 
David Priest 

Nicole Proulx 
Katherine Puryear 

Amy Ragan 

Regan Reding 

Allison Reid 

Amber Rice 

Catherine Richards 

Sean Richardson 

Julia Ristau 

Lawrence Robinson 

Tonya Rockemann 

Rebecca Roman 


fcw w 


Ai " 









, 1 


i i 

.T— -M-- 

m p. 

Christine Rose 
Jennifer Ross 
Stacy Saladin 
Katherine Salisbury 
Erica San\chalk 

Steven Samorodin 
Jennifer Sanderson 
Holly Schellentrager 
Jennifer Scholp 
Brad Schomber 

Peter Schumacher 
David Schwartz 

Katherine See 
Victoria Settle 

Rob Shaffer 
Shannon Shipp 

Chad Simpson 
Hanna Sims 
Jessica Simstein 
Rahul Singh 
Jennifer Sipos 

Darrin Skinner 
Brian Sloan 
Patrice Slone 
Gavin Smith 
Robert Smith 

Classes 2<i5 


Marc Sneed 

Lisa Snocigrass 

William Spagnardi 

Matthew Spevak 

Carol Stanchina 

David Starmer 

April Stephenson 

JOl Stephenson 

Allison Stewart 

Karen Stoffan 

Shannon Stokes 

Julianne Surface 

Jimmy Swain 

Holly Tackett 

Paige league 

Karen Thompson 

Rebecca Thompson 

Maureen Tobin 

David Tucker 


Traci Tucker 
Garrick Updegraph 
Karen Van Horn 
Mike Vaughn 
Katherine Vickers 

Jay Wads worth 
Christopher VVahl 
Len Waldron 
Daniel Walker 
Amelia Wall 

Joe Wall 
Tonya Walser 
Michael Walter 
Brent Watkins 
John Watters 

Joseph Weeks 
Norbert Weldon 
Steven Welgoss 
Andy Wells 
Virguiia White 

Shannon Whitehead 
Cheri WilUams 
Jonathan WDliams 
Thomas Wilson 
Abby Wood 

Harriet Wood 
Brent Wooten 
Sally Wooten 
Laura Wootton 
Brian Yamada 

Nadia Zaidi 


SopKonW ^ 

Jacqueline Adams 

Leah Adamson 

Patricia Allen 

Charles Anderson 
Dale Anderson 

Robert Anderson 

Melanic AngioUilo 

David Anthony 

Trina Ardrey 

Keith Atkinson 

JoAnne Austin 
Betsy Axselle 
Kristin Bailey 
Garrett Baker 
Joshua Baker 

Valerie Barth 

Jason Bartholomew 

Gregory Bayer 

Laura Belcher 

Brandon Bentley 

Kristin Blanchat 

Kristen BUx 

Melissa Boddy 

Ryan Bookout 

Victoria Boysen 

Jennifer Braden 

Erik Brandsma 

Scott Brawley 

Anne Breuer 

Cedric Broady 

Scott Brown 

Brittney Browning 

Valencia Burford 

Charity Burnette 

Craig Buszko 



Cjulu. of l99^ 

Jasmin Bynum 
Brent Byrum 
Michelle Cable 
Bradley Carmichael 
Maura Carney 

Jimmy Casey 
Madeline CashdoUar 
Mark Cassel 
John Cathcart 
Virginia Chalkley 

WiU Chambliss 
Christal Chapman 
Rebecca Childress 
AOison ChristofoU 
Stephen Citarella 

Michael Clancy 
William Clark 
Neil Claussen 
Jennifer Coleman 
Chris ColUer 

Caroline Coin 
Katrina Conley 
Geoffrey Connor 
Carrie Cook 
Christopher Cooper 

Jason Copeland 
Leon Corbett 
Wendy Coulson 
Christopher Coussers 
Tasha Cox 

Susan Crawford 
Coleen Creedon 
Colin Creel 
Chad Curry 
Lou Cuthbertson 


Heather D' Agnes 

Tria Daniels 

Katherine Davis 

Elizabeth Davis 

Sharrika Davis 

Allison Dean 

Matt DeFrank 

Michael DeFrank 

Gabriele DeMori 

Joseph Desiderio 

Jonathan DiGiambattista 

Elizabeth Dowling 

Irvin Drummond 

Rebecca Duncan 

William Duncan 

Erica Dupree 

Amy Edgy 

Melissa Egerton 

Stephanie Evans 

Chris Evensen 

Carla Fachtmann 
Marybeth Fahnestock 

Rachelle Fasen 
Amanda Faulk 

Laura Fiorini 
Keith Fish 




Bryan Fleming 
Patrick Fleming 

Andrew Fletcher 
Kathryn Flournoy 

Kyle Forst 
Jay Foster 

Mary Beth Foster 
Susannah Franklin 

Kelley Franks 
Jamie Fraser 
Tiffany Frimel 
Deana Funderburk 
Ben Gaddy 

Stacey Galik 
Brian Gannon 
Louella Garris 
Elisabetta Gasparini 
Jennifer Gentry 

Joe Gibbes 
Kristen GiU 
Craig Gilmour 
Stephanie Givens 
Brandon Goldsborough 

Classes 271 

Adam Goodman 

Taylor Goodnough 

Graham Goodrich 

Rebecca Goodrich 

Warren Goodrich 

Julie Grabarek 

Emily Graham 

Bernice Grant 

Liza Grant 

James Gray 

Travis Greene 

John Gregg 

Sarah Griffin 

Stephany Griffin 

Paul Griggs 

Grace McClam Gulick 

Mark Gustafson 

Scott Habeeb 

Christina Habib 

Todd Hairston 

Elizabeth Hall 

Rebecca Hamrick 

Lousia Hann 

GilHan HarreU 

Ralph Harris 

Catherine Harrison 

Katherine Hart 

Alexander Harvey 

Mark Stewart Hayes 

Adam Heaney 

Gaye-Taylor Hederman 

Loyd Henderson 

Kathy Hennessy 

Rick Hershberger 

Brian Hipp 



SopUmiAO ft^ 

Emily Hoban 
Jenny Hobbs 
Lori Honeycutt 
WUliam Hooker 
Rebecca Horner 

Janet Houchens 
Jenny Howard 
Matthew Hughes 
Keely Hutchison 
Cavella Ijames 

Chris Irwin 
Garrick Isert 
Kathleen Jaske 
Kristin Johnson 
Brian Jones 

Jeffrey Jones 

Lyell Jones 

Matthew Jones 

David Kammann 

C las-ses 


Beth Kanavich 
Kim Kanoff 

Michael Kauffman 
Paul Kehoe 

Christopher Kelly 

Jason Kendelhardt 

Christie King 

Herb King 

Paul Kinser 

Lauren Kirby 

Randall Kirsch 
Helen Knapp 

Katie Koppenhoefer 
Lenore Kralovich 

Courtney Krenach 
Tammy Ann Kubiszyn 

Sarah Kuseske 

Kimberly Lang 

Rusty LaRue 

Daniel Latimer 

Karen Lau 

Sean Law 

Stacey Leaman 

Ren Leathers 

Meredith Lee 

Ann Leist 



Elisa Lemire 
Bradley Leon 
Jason Leiman 
Amy Lewis 
Elizabeth Ley 

Erik Lisher 
Stacey Lobban 
Lisa Locke 
Monica Locklear 
Jonathan Loewen 

Kevin Lott 
Andrea Lupo 

Erin Lynch 
Alexander MacPherson 

Colleen Maguire 
Bret Marchant 

Sarah Marhevsky 
Jennifer Martin 
Lisa Martin 
Oscar Martinez 
Mary Elizabeth Mason 

Nicki Matthews 
Ann McCauley 
Maria McClure 
Jennifer McCrary 
Stephen McLeod 

Sopko t Hiy fcXr 

Amy McMahan 
Heather McMurray 

Shaiinon Meeker 
Karen Meyer 

Kevin Middleton 
Jonathan Miller 

Mark Miller 
Kirsten Minich 

Charles Money 

Kryssa Mooney 

Cynthia Moreshead 

Charles Morrison 

Paul Mory 

Jason Moss 

Amanda Muelchi 

Kevin Mullis 

Tyanna Murbach 

Desmond Nakamoto 

Rab Nalavalfl 
Jeffery Neal 

Todd Nebesio 
Jera Nelson 
Craig Ness 




^A^I lMA\^jL^\*AK^i 

Yen Nguyen 
Casey Nix 
Jamie Nordhaus 
Ryan Nusbickel 
Kristina Olsen 

Heather Paisons 
Leah Pahnatier 
Emily Paris 
Kimberly Paschen 
James Passaro 

Harry Pastuszek 
Jill Paulsen 
Carl Peluso 
Natalie Peretti 
Michael Petrv 

Evan Peverley 
Kimberly Piccione 
Ryan Piatt 
Brittany Plunkett 
Jennine Poe^rbaugh 

Brent Powers 
Jodi Preusser 
Amy Price 
David Pride 
Courtney Pruitt 

Susie Purviance 
Valeria Ramos 
Wallace Reagan 
Robyn Reed 
Megan Reif 

Josh Reincrt 
Michael Ricciardelli 
Decca Riedel 
Kendra Riley 
Deborah Robson 



Sopki> i »uy fc4 

David Simmons, Jr. 
Ginny Sue Smith 
Heather Smith 
Keith Smith 
Michael Smith 

Stacy Smith 
Wade Solomon 
Chris Souther 
Andrea Sovich 
Mary Susan Spell 

Dionne Spralls 
Jeffrey Starling 
AUcia Staub 
Stephen StoU 
Jim Stone 

Susan Stowers 
James Strain 

Joseph Strelka 
Mary Strum 

Tom Stuetzer 
Ashok Sundar 

Erin Tallardy 
Meg Tate 

Classes 279 

Brad Tliompson 

Kyle n-iompson 

Tracy Tliompson 

Elizabeth Timmer 

Paula Tipton 

Mindy Tischler 

John Tobler 

Jennifer Todd 

Rebecca Toney 

Wykesha Tripp 

Elizabeth Turk 

Charles Turner 

Marguerite Tuttle 

Kristen Tyrell 

Christine Ullom 

Erik Van Dersande 

Peaches Van Every 

Chris VanDyke 

Kristopher Vess 

Shay Viehman 

Jessica Wadkins 

Paula Walker 

Sharon Walker 

Claudetta Wall 

Kristen Walls 

Brian Ward 

Anneinarie Wasilauskas 

Melissa Wasowski 

Meredith Wayne 

Ryan Weimer 

Burns Wetmore 

Toby Weyer 

Rebecca White 

Jennifer Whitfield 

Julie Wiley 


SopVtOW^iy fcir 

Amy Williams 
Danica Williams 

Eric Williams 
Rufus Williams 

David Willis 
Laura WUson 

Pressly-Aim Wilson 
Rebecca Wilson 

Marc Wisehart 
Jeff Wolford 
Jennifer Woodall 
Jennifer Woods 
Michael Woody 

Amy Wooten 
Rie Yokoyama 
Tarique Zahir 
Debra Zamt 
Marian Zetick 

David Zins 

Classes 281 

frt x Vvi H tn 

Tracey Abbott 

Jonathan Adinolfi 

Jane Ahn 

Carol Albert 

Elizabeth Allen 

John Allen 

Maythi Alvarez 

Louis Amoroso 

Ronald Angerer 

EmOy Ansell 

Benjamin Applebaum 

Heyward Armstrong 

Stephanie Arnold 

Keisha Arrowood 

Michele Ashe 

Ayanna Baccus 
Kemby Bacon 

Shannon Bailey 

Michael Baird 

Brian Baker 

Karen Baker 

Brett Balsinger 

Shannon Bangs 

Lori Bare 

KeOy Barham 

Mack Barr 

Marianna Batie 

Charles Bauer 

Amanda Baxter 

Noel Bayard 

David Beardsell 

Jennifer Beck 

Elizabeth Bell 

Sandra Benson 

Brian Berklich 



CiAix fl f 1997 

Ashley Berry 
Brian Best 
Ashely Beuttell 
Stephanie Birkitt 
Nicole Blackmer 

Rebecca Blevins 
Cara Bobbitt 
Kelly Boblett 
Jennifer Boone 
Matthew Borgman 

Owen Bouton 
Susan Bowman 
Robert Brachow-ski 
Jenny Braden 
John Bradford 

William Braxton 
Katherine Brewer 
Michael Brignati 
Sean Britain 
Parker Brooks 

Andrew Brown 
Elizabeth Brown 
Katherine Brown 
Mayea Browne 
Maria Bruck 

Chris Buck 
Nicholas Burik 
Tiffany Burleson 
WiD Burns 
Tim Burroughs 

Christopher Buttimer 
Brian Calhoun 
Jennifer Camalier 
Tammy Campbell 
Tonya CampbeU 




Karen Conboy 
Donna Contestabile 
Heidi Cort 
Amy Counts 
Heather Cowan 

Erin Crabtree 
Amanda Crane 
Gray Crawford 
Patrick Cullen 
Emily Culp 

Todd Curtis 
Becky Daigneau 
Mark Dailey 
Kim Dallas 
Brent Daniel 

Patricia Daniel 
Kelly Danielak 
Pattie Davenport 
Drew Davis 
Laura Davis 

Renee Davis 
Suzanne Davis 
David Deal 
Nathan Dean 
Jude DeCicco 

Michelle DeMenezes 
Sarah DeRamus 
Lauren DeSanty 
George Demetriades 
Rebekah Demshar 

Elizabeth Denton 
Shannon Dienst 
Brian Dimmick 
Teresa Dingboom 
Anna Ditto 


Ian Dixon 

Joseph Dobner 

Charee Duncan 

Mark Dunn 

Kevin Eckhardt 

Amanda Edwards 

Troy Eldridge 

Kimberly EUedge 

Kerry Espinola 

Amber Evans 

Jennifer Faw 
Manuel Fernandez 

Rebecca Filbey 
Torrey Fink 

Jessica Finley 
Elizabeth Fisher 

R. Warne Fitch 

Francis Scott Florio 

Raymond Floyd 

Elizabeth Foster 

Jenny Fownes 

Christopher Frankland 

Katherine Freed 

William Freehling 

Emily Freeman 

Mary French 


2.S<> FresKr 

frfciVi>»\fc »^ 

Lilli Fryer 
James Fullerton 
Kristen Gadd 
Carol Garland 
Jennifer Garone 

Chris Gerecke 
Jena Girouard 
Janette Glaser 
Amy Glotzbach 
Christy Goff 

Jonathan Goldberg 
Laura Goodman 

Peter Goodwin 
Ellen Gores 

Elizabeth Graber 
Jean Ann Grant 

Rebecca Graves 
Todd Gray 
Mary Beth Green 
Thomas Green 
EmOy Greenwood 

Victoria Gregg 
Emily Griggs 
Mindy Grove 
Kathryn Guiney 
Jeffrey Gulini 

Classes 287 


Caroline Gupton 

Garrick Gupton 

Aaron Guyer 

Ranya Habash 

Jason Hade 

Brion Hambel 

David Hammett 

Katie Hanna 

Mindy Harhai 

Andrew Harris 

Robinson Harrison 

Wendy Hasenkamp 

Meredith Hatch 

Wesley Hauser 

Candace Hayes 

Paula Hayes 

Victoria Hayes 

Jared Heiman 

Kirsten Heins 

Stephanie Henderson 

Erica Hetrick 

Jon-Paul Hickey 

Katherine High 

Russell Hightower 

Kathy Hilhard 

Vicki Ho 

Michelle Hocke 

Judson Hollifield 

Thomas Honaker 

Jeffrey Hooker 

Laura Hooper 

Lorin Hord 

David Howard 

Jason Howard 

Jonessa Howard 



frfclkiHfa v 

Ryan Hudson 
Beverly Huffstetler 
Johna Hughes 
Rehekah Hughes 
Kathleen Hurley 

W. Kyle Irwin 
Tina Jabali 
Leslie Jackson 
Shelly Jacobs 
Michael Janssen 

Allana Jeffries 
Jennifer Jei\kins 
Beau Johnson 
Lukas Johnson 
Catherine Jones 

Lawrence Jones 
Craig Joseph 
Lisa Kazakos 
Jed Kelley 
WUliam Kennedy 

Sam KerUn 
Elaine Khatod 
Allison Kiehl 
Amanda King 
Kurt Kissling 

Andrea Kolski 
Lisa Korpan 
Laura Kroger 
Renee Kroll 
Ross Kuhner 

KeUy LaChapeUe 
Chris LaDuca 
Helen LaFaye 
Ken Lachlan 
Marcus Lam 



Christina Larsen 

Allison Lawson 

Paul Lejuez 

Christopher Leonard 

David Leonard 

Neville Letzerich 

Melvin Lewis 

Turner Lewis 

Holly Litten 

Jason Little 

Randy Little 

Ginger Lohr 

Laurie Long 

Melissa Looney 

Jennifer Loughrey 

Randy Luciano 

Tenley Ludewig 

Jody Ma 

Scott MacDonald 

Jennifer MacNeil 

Aime Mackovic 

Claire Maddrey 

Katie Maloney 

Dabney Maner 


Karen Manship 

David Marshburn 

Charlotte Martin 

John Massey 

Christine Matlaga 

James Maynor 

Michelle Mazor 

Spencer McCall 

Kimberly McClintic 

Marty McConchio 


Vrfclkn^fc iv 

Elizabeth McCubrey 
Mary McElwee 

Charles McFadden 
Amanda McGrady 

Melissa McGuire 
Daniel McKeithan 

Katherine McKune 
Paige McLean 

Elizabeth McMahon 
Paayal Mehta 
Alexa Memory 
Robin Merrell 
Louisa Meyer 

Emily Meyers 
Joseph Michalski 
Noell Michalski 
Cla)' Millener 
Katherine Miller 

Meredith Miller 
Melissa Minot 
Candace Modlin 
Martin Montagno 
Grant Montgomery 



fruWiMt nr 

Keith Peacock 
Cameron Pearce 
Russell Pemberton 
Christine Person 
Henry Persons 

Orsola PignatH 
Amanda Pipkin 
Nell Pittman 
James Plaster 
Jessica Plumpton 

Donald Pocock 
Christopher Potocky 
Cameron Powell 
Abigail Price 
Josh Price 

Eloise Prijoles 
Kristin Proud 
Bradley Pugh 
Jason Putnam 
Mary Katherine Ramey 

Tesh Ramey 
Jennifer Ramseur 
Jaak Rannick 
Amy Raphael 
Meredith Razook 

Jessica Reed 
Michael Reed 
Mary Reeves 
Lewis Reynolds 
Phillip Rhiner 

Jennifer Lee Rhoades 
Jamie Rhodes 
Jason Riegler 
Brian Rieth 
Snow Roberts 



Matthew Robida 

Knox Robinson 

James Rorrer 

Kerry Rotondi 

Steve Royals 

Gregory Rush 

Charles Sain 

PhiUp Sagan 

Lysandra Salmon 

Anne Salsbury 

Elaine Sanderlin 

Tara Sanders 

Brandon Saul 

Tiffany Schaefer 

Christina Schippers 

George Scott 

Holly Scott 

Katherine Scott 

Sandra Scott 

Michelle Scriven 

Brooke Seaford 
Thomas Segars 
John Sena 
Jeremy Shelton 
Cyril Shepherd 

Heather Shnider 

Lori Shores 

W. Matthew Shurts 

Keith Siegner 

Jeff Sigmoii 

Kimberly Sklenicka 

Jill Skowronek 

Amy Sloan 

Melanie Sloan 

Tammy Slowik 




Josh Smith 

Kelly Smith 

Melanie Smith 

Tina Smith 

Brian Smithwick 
Todd Sninski 
Andy Snyder 
David Spangler 
Nathan Spees 

Fiorella Speziana 
John Spitler 
Richard Spooner 
Caroline Stanley 
Kaci Starbuck 

Margaret Stewart 
Emily Stieler 
Shannon Stinnett 
Scottie Stone 
Janice Stoughton 



Christopher Strange 

Garrett Stringer 

Beth Stroupe 

Todd Sumner 

Angel Taylor 

Brooks Angel 

Fleurtashia Taylor 

Susan Taylor 

Jeff Tecau 

Kimberly Templeton 

Crystal Thomas 
Elizabeth Thomas 

Leigh Ann Thomas 
Patricia Thomas 

Jessica Thompson 
Nathan Tilman 

Alexandra Timmermans 

Jennifer Trafton 

Leona Trombly 

Ted Tseng 

Mark Tucker 

Stefan Turkheimer 

Kimberly Turner 

Lindsey Ueberroth 

Brian Ulrich 

Ramsey Umar 


Cheryl Walker 
Chad Ward 
Laura Ward 
Melodie Watts 
Victoria Weaver 

Suzanne Webb 
Tammy L. Wells 
Kimberly A. Whatley 
Karen White 
John Whitmire 

William Williams 
Nathan Wilkins 
Megan Williams 
Tycely Williams 
Brian Wilson 

Scott Wilson 
Erin Wilt 
Kristin Winkle 
Vann Winslow 
Corinne Woodcock 

John Wright 
John Yarbrough 
Lucy Yarbrough 
Gen Yasaki 
Devoe Yates 

Murphy Yates, Jr. 
Cr^'stal YavvoTski 
Peter Zambito 
Karen Zavvoysky 
Katherine Zelasko 

Jarrett Zimmerman 

Classes 297 




Like the school year, the book must 
come to a close. For many, the 
end of the school year is a time to 
wrap up loose ends and finish things that 
have been put off as long as possible. The 
closing of the yearbook is the same. This 
section is made up of advertisements, the 
index, editor's note,closing photographs, 
and other loose ends. The photographs 
have been picked to give a parting glance 
at the 1993-1994 school year and to 
showcase some of the photo staff's best 

298 Division ra^e 


Ads, Index, and Closing 299 


















15)1 Soul,"! 3lr3llor3 Rd 


;*4 Funtime Blvd. 


3480 Vest Mill Rd. 


4459 Indiana Ave. 
at Notlh Point 


3500 Yadkinville Rd. 
Old Town 


Village Shopping Center 
Clemmons. NC 


304 N. Main St. 
Kernersville, NC 


M I 

^ j4ee ^iotfft ^etOeti 'TieetU 


■;(!n AJs 



Class of 1994! 

Weyerhaeuser Engineered Strand Products coniniends 

you on your achievements and wishes you 

success in your professional endeavors. 

Weyerhaeuser Engineered Strand Products, 

the leader in oriented strand board technology, 

salutes tlie leaders of tomorrow... 

the Wake Forest University 1994 Graduating Class. 



Summit Credit Union 

serving our members 
in a progressive and 
professional manner 

since 1935. 

2283 Cloverdale Avenue 

Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

(910) 722-306.5 

Serv'xnq employees and their families of: 
IVake Forest University;, Bowman Gray School of 
Medicine. North Carolina Baptist Hospital 
Telephone Employees and other Select Employee 
Groups in North Carolina. 

/\ Weyerhaeuse 

Monday thru Friday 

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

2:00 p.m. ■ 6:00 p.m. 

Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 


1449 Trademart Blvd. 

Winston-Salem, NC 27127 

Office: 785-9228 

Office: 785-9397 

David D. Harris, D.V.M. 

Charles J. Bocholis, D.V.M. 

Joel L. Fox, D.V.M. 

AJs. InJex. and Closing 




719 Coliseum Drive, Winston-Salem, N.C. 








ArvhiPects, FA 


PO BOX 11032 



2 7 116 
TEL 910/725'1371 
FAX 910/725-1465 

Lloyd G Waller. Jr FAIA 
Presidem/Senior Pnncpa; 

P. O. BOX 5496 



Sky Irak, RB / Pnestman 
MQ, Peltibone, Rammax 



Res #(919) 584-8717 

FAX #(919) 697-9212 

3133-A Cedar Park Rd 

Greensboro, NC 27405 



3950 N LrbertySI 

nston-Salem. NC 27105 

(910) 744-7930 




THOM McCaffrey 

(910)661.33£X) FAX 910-«61-3313 


-Since 1921 - 

Contractors for Tile, Marble, Terrazzo. Mosaics 

Stone and Dex-0-Tex Products 

345 Witt Street 

Winston-Salem, NC 27103 

Ptione (910) 765-3050 






P.O. Box 5098 
1221 National Dr. • Winston-Salem. NC 271 13-5098 

Ifearbook Press 


Congratulations Graduates 


NC (800) 223-9656 
FAX (910) 777-0588 


Sponsorship and advertising support for The Howler 
Yearbook was professionally solicited b\ YEARBOOK 
PRESS OF AMERICA LTD. All inquiries by faculty ad- 
visors, editors and publisher's representatives are wel- 
comed. Please call (800) 388-4600. 

The Design Professioimls Offering: 



& Interiors, Inc. 

141 North Green Street 
Winsion-Salem, NC 27101 

SpdLc Pkiiiiiing 
Qualiiy Office 
Furnisfimgs for 
FA't;r\' bu(igei 

• Wall Coverings 

• .'Accessories 

• Draperies & 

• Carpeling Steelcase Stow &• Davis 
For more information tiboiit the servicer we offer, 
pleaieiairrj^ S272 

'MY2 Ads 



SJNC£ 1942 

MacThrift Office Furniture 

Is Proud To Be A Sponsor of 


And Congratulates Wake Forest's 

Graduating Seniorsl 

We appreciate your biinnesi 
Remember us for all ijoiir oti'ice 
lurniture needs 

MacThrift Office Furniture 

Clemmons, NC 
1-40 at Exit 184 


149 ComtonaDle Sleeping Rooms 

IncluGing 3 LLDtury Surtes 

Ouiacwr Pool 

f)205 Ramada Dnve 
Clemmons. NC 27012 

(Q|9i :bf)->3121 
(919) 7(y)-32b9 FAX 




■For all your hne dining needs' 

Featunng Daily 

Bring the Ramify' 

Open Daily 
Breaklasi 6 00 a m ■ 1 1 30 a r 
Luncn 11 30 am - 2 00 p n 
Dinner 5 30 p m - lOOOpn 

Come Out and Enpy our Casual. Related Atmospher 

Convention Center 

Oer 6500 Square Feet Professional Siati I 

of Meeting Space for Plan Your Nert 

Ycur Next Party or Renearsai Dinner 

Function Pecepiion. Chnsin, 

Parry or Business 

I' Meeting 

Give Us A Call' 







Aparlnient Rentals 

Residential & ConimcrciaJ 
Sales and Management 

3773 A Vest Mill Road • Winston Salem. NC 27103 
19101765-6698 Fa.x (9101 760-4940 


Executive Offices: 

1373 Westgate Center Drive 

Post Office Box 24189 

Winston-Salem, NC 27114-4189 

Computer Output Bureau 

• QMS Color Printer Output 

• .^M Color Prooter 

• Color Drum Scanning 

• 4-Color Separations 

• Wide Film Output - 29'x44 ' 

• IS" Wide Paper Output 


722-4604 Mechanical 
Fax 723-2071 
1-800-742-8085 ^^•"^'"^ 

Kl.Sh Burke St., Winston-Salem * MatroColor Transfers 

M'n-//n> //((■ riuid for /y years • 4-Color Process Proofs 



We Lonlinue lo expand our sor\iccs [o hei 
Ner\e our customers. For the very best in 
prepress production, please give us a call 

Ads. Index, and C losino 





A Shol in the Dark 37 
Ahboll.Theo 183 
Abbolt. Tracey 170, 282 
Abma. Jelle 95, 97, 111 
Abraham. Jennifer 95, 99, I6,s 
Absher. Michael 9.^ 
Accounting Society 234 
Achilles, Chad M 94, 96 
Ackemian, A.shley 256 
Acton, Allan 94, 186, 226, 238 
Adams, Benjamin Phillip 1 8 1 , 256 
Adams, Brian 181 
Adams, Da\'id 177 
Adams, Hunter 256 
Adams, Jacqueline 268 
Adams, Jamile Amoa 1 70. 256 
Adams, Samantha 204, 165. 238 


, Sha 


Adamson. Leah 165, 268 

Adderly, Donald 238 

Aden, Allison 97, 98, 99, 165. 238 

Adinolfi. Jonathan 182. 282 

Agnoli. Benedetia 96. 229 

Ahn. Jane 282 

Aitken. Heather 162. 238 

Akerele-Ale. Aduni 256 

Akers. James 2.56 

Akinc. Helen 91 

Akmc. Limit 91 

Albano. Jason 173 

Albert. Carol 282 

Albertson. Michelle 165. 238 

Albrechl. Jane 63. 91 

Alderson. Beth 158 

Alexander. David 1 77 

Alexander. Deborah 238 

Alexander. Deirdre 169.256 

Alexander. Keith 179 

Ahkoms. Jill 2.3(1. 94. 169. 23S 

Allcom. Carson 238 

Allen. Andrew 178 

Allen. Betsy 168 

Allen. Edward E 88 

Allen. Eluabelh 282 

Allen. Eva M, 88 

Allen. Jason 181 

Allen, John Russell 178, 230,282 

Allen, Martin 206. 238 

Allen. Mike 230 

Allen. Nina S. 85 

Allen. Patricia 268 

Allen. Rodney 206, 238 

Allen, Stuart 94 

Allred, Kristin 164, 256 

Almond, Julie 164 

Alpha Delta Pi 162 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 94 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 1 63 

Alpha Kappa Delta 94 

Alpha Phi Alpha 172 

Alpha Phi Omega 187 

Alpha Sigma Phi 173 

Alvarez, Maythi 282 

Ambrose, Kristen 165,256 

Amencan Chemical Society 234 

American Marketing Association 20- 

Amerio. Kevin 183. 238 

Anielrano. Jennifer 63. 164.256 

Aniin. Raaj 94. 238 

Amoroso. Louis 282 

Anderson. Alan 181 

Anderson. Charles 183. 268 

Anderson. Dale 268 

Anderson. Dave 85 

Anderson. Gunnar 91 

Anderson. John R 81. 86 

Anderson. Karlie 168 

Anderson. Lucy 162. 238 

Anderson. Paul R. 89 

Anderson. Robert 181. 94. 268 

Anderson. Victona 96. 238 

Andrews. John 178. 94 

Andronica. John L. 85 

Andrus. George 173 

Angel. Brooks 296 

Angerer. Ronald 22(1. 230. 282 

Angilly.Greg 183 

Angioihlo. Melanie 94. 171.268 

Ankrah. Kwasi 113. 114 

Ansell. Emily 187. 282 

Anthony Aston Players 234 

Anthony. David 268 

Anthropology 84 

Anthropology Club 234 

Applebaum. Benjamin 184. 23(1. 282 

Archer. Lon 149. 170 

Arcun, Guy 91 

Arden, April 169 

Ardrey, Trina 268 

Armentrout, Brant 102 

Armentroul. Johnne \V 86 

Armentrout. Kyle 146. 102 

Armstrong. Ashley 164. 256 

Armstrong. Bill 230 

Annstrong. Carolyn 1 87 

Armstrong. Charles 178 

Armstrong. Heywaid 1 76. 95. 282 

Armstrong. Michael 63. 256 

Arnold. Michael 177 

Arnold. Stephanie 282 

Arnold. Taylor 220. 233. 98. 238 

Arrowood. Keisha 282 

Amngton. Sherry 238 

An 84 

Anhur. Jennifer 171.238 

Arthur. Lon 219. 238 

Ashbum. Leslie 96. 98. 238 

Ashe. Michele 282 

Asian Student Association 234 

Assenova. Mila 96. 99. 169. 256 

Athey. Scott 151. 181 

Alkin. Andrea 93 

Atkins. Ross 143. 181 

Atkinson. Keith 95. 268 

AtLee. Michael 178 

Attride. Tommy 183 

Auffarth. Dawn 62 

Augustson. Tanya 164. 256 

Aust. Susan Dee 95. 170 

Austin. Bethany 164 

Austin. Hope 96. 99. 162. 238 

Austin. JoAnne 268 

Austin. Leah 62 

Autry. Robert 186. 213 

Averette. Bnan 96, 98. 238 

Averill. Jennifer 106 

Axford. Katherine 169. 238 

Axselle. Betsy 164. 268 

Ayer, Loren 182. 238 

Azrak. Michael 94. 99 

Baby with Bathwater 36 

.. Ava 

163. 282 


Baak. Julie 94. 169 
Babinski. David 95. 96, 

Baccus, Nilaya 163, 238 
Bach, Lauren 238 
Bacon. Kemby 164. 282 
Bacque. Leslie 168 
Badgett. Carla Jan 169. 214 
Bagwell. Laura 256 
Bailey. Knslin 230. 268 
Bailey. Shannon 164. 282 
Bailey. Walt 186 
Baillargeon. Michelle 85 
Bain. Laura 230 
Baird. Michael 282 
Baker. Andy 230. 238 
Baker. Bnan 1 82. 282 
Baker. Garrett 182. 268 
Baker. Joshua 185. 268 
Baker. Josie 171 
Baker. Karen 165. 282 
Baker. William 177, 238 
Baldwin, Kate 170 
Ball, Ryan 176 
Ballard, Lacy 176, 256 
Ballard, Peter 238 
Balsinger, Brett 184, 230, 2 
Bane, Cooper 229 

, Shan 


Banks, Ali 171 

Banks, Brett 180. 239 

Banks. Charles 185 

Banks. George 179 

Banks. Pendleton 84 

Banks. Travis 127 

Baptist Student Union 204 

Barbour. Sarah 9 1 

Bardsley. Janice 93 

Bare. Lori 282 

Barefield. James 87 

Barfield. Kevin 239 

Barham. Kelly 282 

Barker. James 239 

Barker. Liz 152 

Barkman. James 41. 186. 97. 256 

Barnard. Amy 96. 98. 165 

Barnes. Bemadine 84 

Barnelt. Richard C. 87 

Baroodv. Brent 94. 95. 256 

Ban-. Mack 217. 282 

Barrett. David 145 

Barrett. Wendy 2.39 

BARtenders 205 

Barth, Valene 169, 268 

Barthold.son, Leigh 164 

Bartholomew, Jason 185,268 

Bartley, Brendan 256 

Baseball 140 

Basketball, Mens 122 

Basketball, Women's I 30 

Bass, Lawrence 94 

Batie, Mananna 166, 282 

Bauer, Charles 282 

Bauer, Knsten 164 

Bauer, Soma 1.39 

Baum, Charles 97, 256 

Baxley. John V. 88 

Baxter, Amanda 282 

Baxter, Jeff 180 

Bayard, Noel I 70, 282 

Bayer, Gregory 174.268 

Bear. Molly 164 

Beardsell. David 181. 282 

Beauchamp. Patricia 96. 98. 226. 229. 2.39 

Bechtel. Kenneth 92 

Beck. Jennifer 282 

Beck. Johnny Shellon. Jr 239 

Beck. Robert 90 

Becker. Kathleen 169. 256 

304 Index 

Bednarski. Richard 98. 182 

Bedoya, Rodrcgo 181 

Beech, Cunis 230 

Beets. Douglas 91 

Beimes. Amy 164. 256 

Belcher, Laura 268 

Beldner. Matthew 173 

Bell, Albert 181 

Bell. Elizabeth 282 

Bell. Mary Caroline 99. 164,256 

Bell. Perry 95 

Bell. Perry S. 98. 256 

Bench. Allison 170 

Benfield. Jeff 226. 256 

Bennett. Brian 239 

Bennett. Mark 178 

Benson. Christina 166. 256 

Benson. Sandra 165. 282 

Bentley. Brandon 182. 268 

Benton. Amy Noel 96. 98. 99, 239 

Bergelin, Jennifer 95 

Bergey, Donald B. 87 

Berghoff, Timothy 178 

Bergholz. Rebecca 99. 169,239 

Berklich, Bnan 184. 230. 282 

Berlinger. Katherine 171 

Berman. Mary Jane 84 

Bemadas, Paul 178 

Bems. Susan 170 

Berry. Ashley 283 

Berry. Melissa 98. 168. 256 

Berry. Michael J. 87 

Berry. Rachel 239 

Beshears. Lane 184 

Best. Brian 174. 283 

Best. Deborah 90 

Beta Gamma Sigma 95 

Beurle. Alex 175 

Beuttell.Ashely 283 

Bianchi. Lauren 96. 165. 239 

Biederbeck, Enc 176 

Bifulco, Ryan 184, 206 

Bigelow, Edward 239 

Bilder, Deborah 94, 99, 187,239 

Biology 85 

Birkitl. Stephanie 283 

Bishop. William 178 

Bissette. Thomas 181. 97 

Bivins. Mary Lucy 93 

Black Chnstian Fellowship 234 

Black. Kevin 204, 239 

Black Student Alliance 205 

Black Student Alliance Executives 205 

Blackburn. Jeffrey 181 

Blackburn. Paul 96, 239 

Blackman. Ixe Seabrook 98. 168 

Blackmer. Nicole 171.283 

Blake. Mary 164 

Blake. Matthew 97. 239 

Blakebum. Brenda 95 

Blanchat. Knstin 268 

Blankenburg. Chad 181.239 

Blasi. Megan 213. 170 

Blevins. Rebecca 283 

Blix. Knsten 211. 165. 268 

Blomberg, Alicia 165 

Blood, Danielle 99. 164, 239 

Bloom, Andy 146 

Blucas, Marcus 123. 124. 127, 128. 204. 239 

Blue. Karen Marie 40, 96, 98, 165 

Blue. Kelly 214. 162. 239 

Blumenfeld. Carl H. 95 

Blumenthal. Terry 90 

Bobahk. Jonathan 239 

Bobbitt. Cara 283 

Boblett. Kelly 165. 283 

Bochicchio. Michael 187, 96. 97. 256 

Boddy, Melissa 268 

Bodem. Tiffany A. 95 
Bodie. Keith 175 
Boertje. Douglas 239 
Bohart. Seth 178 
Bohlander. Elisabeth 222 
Bollinger. Michele 98. 168. 206. 239 
Bolt. Douglas 175 
Bolton. Everett 181 
Bolton. Richard 181 
Bonin. Keith D. 89 
Bonner. Alison 170.239 
Bookout. Ryan 1 76. 268 
Boone, Enc 41, 172 
Boone, Jennifer 283 
Boone, Matt 184. 230 
Boone. Robert 177 
Booth. Fredenck 183 
Bordingcr. Gene 184 
Borgman. Matthew 184,283 
Borwick, Susan 89 

Boshamer, Christiana Bntt 98, 169, 239 
Bouldin. Tyler 204. 95. 96. 170. 256 
Bouton. Owen 177. 283 
Bovelsky. Marshall 94 
Bowden. Victoria 63. 96. 256 
Bowie. Crystal 166 
Bowles. Laura 204. 169 
Bowles. Ryan 214 
Bowman. Susan 108. 109. 283 
Boyd. Michelle 168. 256 
Boyd. Stephen 91 
Boyd-Buggs. Debra 91 
,Boyer. Amy 256 
Boyer.Jon 182 
Boyette. Sandra 81 
Boyle. Anne 93 
Boysen. Victona 139. 171.268 
Brachowski, Robert 283 
Braden. Jennifer 
Bradford. John 283 
Bradley, Brad 1 84. 239 
Bradley. Coleen 170 
Bradley. Daniel 177,239 
Bradley, Jacquelyn 171,239 
Bradsher, Jeffrey 172. 204. 239 
Brady. Bnan 230 
Branand. Christopher M. 96. 256 
Brandsma,Enk 112,268 
Branham. John 206 
Branham. Melanie 167. 256 
Brantley. Lee 239 
Brantley. Russell 93 
Brasficld. Earl Braden 240 
Brawley. Scott 268 
Braxton. William 173. 283 
Breazeale. Baker 170 
Bredemitz. Chad 230 
Breen. Jessica 171 
Brehme, Robert W. 89 
BreuerAnnc 164,268 
Brewer, Kathenne 211,283 
Brienza, Daniel 186, 240 
Bnggs. Liz 171 
Bnggs. Michael 94. 256 
Bngnati. Michael 283 
Bntain. Robert Sean 178.283 
Bntt. Natalie 240 
Broady. Cednc 230.268 
Brock. Shelley 97. 166. 240 
Brockman. James 230. 257 
Bromley. Glenn 240 
Brooks. George Parker 175. 283 
Brooks. Robyn 223. 168 
Brookshire. Richard 180 

n. Jennifer 257 

n. Kathenne 169. 283 

n. Kathy 165 

n. Katie 230 

n. Laura 257 

n. Scott 187. 268 

n. Sherry 257 

n. Teresa 96. 98, 168 

ne, Carole 85 

ne, Mayea 283 

ne, Robert 85 
Irowning, Bnttney 268 
Iroyles. David 90 
Irubaker, Peter H. 87 
ck. Maria 283 
er, Anne 164 
Brush, Tamara 162,240 
Buchanan, Christy 90 
Buck, William Chns 178.283 
Buckland. Golden 94. 257 
Buckley. Came 166 
Budney. Edward 175 
Buffardi. Anne 220 
Bullard. Leon 230. 257 
Bullock, Kimiley 257 
Bumgardner. Amy 171 
Bumgamer. David 88 
Bumgamer. Steve 175. 204. 229 
Bunn. Scott 230 
Burford. Valencia 268 
Burg. Jennifer J. 88 
Burger, Hannclore 165,240 
Burger, John David 97, 230. 240 
Burgess. Earle 181 
Burgess. Meredith 164 
Burgos. Tanya 98 
Bunk. Nicholas 283 
Burke. Cristin 97. 98. 240 
Burke. Diane 168 
Burleson. Tiffany 169. 283 
Burley. Jessica 170 
Burnett. Tom 186. 220. 222. 240 
Burnette. Chanty 168. 268 
Bumham. Stuart 99. 102. 240 
Bums. Steph 171 
Burns, Will 283 

Bun-ell, Eric 181, 95, 96, 99, 240 
Bun-oughs. Julian C. Jr. 92 
Bun-oughs. Katie 96. 99. 166. 240 
Burroughs. Tim 283 
Busbee, Brandon 177. 94. 96. 99 
Busby. Ann Parke 164.257 
Busch. Neal 85 
Busfield. Christa 96. 169.257 
Bushar. Amy 95 
Busker, Clay 186. 240 
Buszko. Craig 268 
Butler. Cayce 214. 222. 95. 96, 171 
Buttimer. Chnstopher 183, 283 
Buzby. Jonn 230 
Bylsma, Ellen 240 
Bynum, Jasnun 269 
Byrum. Brent 269 




Brown. Andrew 175, 283 
Brown, David G. 80 
Brown, Elizabeth 283 

Cable. Michelle 269 
Caddell. William 172, 257 
Caldwell. Anna 166. 257 
Caldwell. Jim 116. 117 
Caldwell. Kim 257 
Calhoun. Brian 283 
Callahan. Michael 178 
Camalier. Jennifer 283 
Campbell. Bnttney 219. 222 
Campbell. Chris 240 
Campbell. Tammy 283 
Campbell. Tonya 283 

Ads, Inaex, ana Closing 305 


Campisi, Kara 170 

Canas. Daniel A. 88 

Cannon. Ashley 168 

Cannon. La Yenga 1 67. 230 

Canody. Renee 167, 257 

Cantrell. Joseph 178 

Capizzi.Tara 165 

Cardoza, Jennifer 257 

Cardwell, Charhta 97. 257 

Carlson. Scott 62. 175 

Carlucci. Nicole 96. 165 

Carmichael. Bradley 184.269 

Carmlchael. Richard D. 88 

Carney. Maura 269 

Carollo. ChristaG. 87 

Caron. Simone 87 

Carpenter. Drew 230. 240 

Carpenter. Gregory 96. 99. 240 

Carpenter. Megan 284 

Carpenter. Patrice 168. 284 

Carpenter. Reid 99 

Carr. Knstin 169 

Carr. Laura 94. 96. 257 

Carr. Wendy 166 

Camker. Douglas 98. 186.230.240 

Carrington, Palinda 163 

Carroll. Sarah 284 

Carroll. Thomas 181 

Carson. Ashley 284 

Carter. Bruce Christian 181.257 

Carter. Derek 214 

Carter. Jeremiah 183 

Carter. John 93 

Carter. Michael 257 

Carter. Stewart 89 

Carter. Timothy 175 

Caruthers. Allison 168. 284 

Casanova, Janice 165 

Case. Anita 284 

Casey. Dennis James 1 80. 269 

Cash. Carol 164 

Cashdollar. Madeline 171, 269 

Cassel. Mark 175. 269 

Castevens. Philip 97 

Castle, Stacey 1 29 

Catanoso. Justin 93 

Cathcart, John 186. 269 

Catholic Community 206 

Cato. Margaret 96 

Catron. David 90 

Catron. Sarah 90 

Cattle. Dorothy I 84 

Caudle. Myra 99. 240 

Caudle. Neal 284 

Cell. Paul 181. 240 

Cellura, Kevin 230 

Centurion. Carlos 182. 95. 96. 97. 99 

Certo. Jeanine 165. 257 

Chabra. Nicole 187. 96. 98. 241 

Chait. Seih 183 

Chalkley. Virginia 269 

Chambliss. William 173.269 

Chang. Andrew 115 

Chapman. Christal 269 

Chapman. Corey 97 

Chapman. David 182. 257 

Charlton. Paul 284 

Cheek. Clayton 177. 223 

Cheerleaders 158 

Chemistry 85 

Cheney. Jason 187. 94. 96. 257 

Cherry. Mary Leigh 214. 230. 284 

Chi Omega 164 

ChiPsi 174 

Chi Rho 206 

Childers. Jeff 284 

Childress, Randolph 122. 123. 124. 128 

Childress, Rebecca 166, 269 

Childs. David 177 

Chihvis. Nicole 241 

Chin. James 184. 241 

Chisholm. Stephen 186, 241 

Chilwood, Bryan 204, 284 

Chleborowicz. Chris 182. 96.241 

Chmura.Bnan 173 

Chokel. Jason 257 

Choral Union 207 

Chnst. Heidi 164. 241 

Christian. Claiborne 164. 257 

Christman. Ed 82 

Chrislman. Jonathan 93 

Chrislmann. Cindy 164 

ChriMofoh. Allison 269 

Chung. Edward 94. 187.241 

Chyzowych. Wall 110 

Ciambarella. Christopher 63. 175.257 

Ciampa, Mark 187. 241 

Cimaroli, John Alex 95,96. 183 

CiofTi. Tara Rose 96,99. 165 

Circolo Italiano 234 

Cilarel la. Stephen 182.269 

Claeys, Emilie 171, 284 

Clancy, Michael 180, 269 

Clancy, Ryan 284 

Clark, Catherine 257 

Clark, Julie 168, 284 

Clark, Karen 98. 99. 241 

Clark. Many 168 

Clark. Misha 97 

Clark. Patrick 178. 284 

Clark. William 269 

Clarke, James 183 

Clarke, Suzanne 241 

Classical Languages 85 

Claussen, Neil 96, 269 

Clayton, Catherine 165 

Clayton, Sarah 187, 94. 96. 241 

Cleary. Kelly 171 

Clemens. Rebecca 63. 168 

Clendennmg.Jim 184 

Clifton, Mari 164 

Clinard, Patricia 241 

Cline, Adam 284 

Cline, Casey 168 

Cline, Estcllc 96, 98, 165 

Cline, Laura 169. 241 

Clinkscales. William 284 

Cloud. Kaiya 164. 284 

Club Sports Union 234 

Clymer. Eric 97 

Co-ed Tennis Club 234 

Coakley. Laura 168 

Coates-Wynn. Geoffrey Stewart 99.241 

Coble. C. Jennifer 167 

Cockman. Robert 185 

Cody. Michael 96 

Coffer, Natalie 241 

Coggins, Mary Anna 94,96,98, 168,213, 

Colder, Linda 226, 96, 169, 257 

Coldwell, Eric 175 

Cole, John 94 

Cole, Kevin 179 

Cole. Robert 96 

Coleman. Catherine 204. 169. 170 

Coleman, Jennifer 269 

Coley, Jacqueline 94, 96, 165.241 

Coley. Julia 241 

Coll, Sherri 241 

College Democrats 234 

College Republicans 234 



Collena, Jeanine 96 
Collier. Chris 214. 269 
Collins. Angela 257 
Collins, Brad I 13 
Collins. Jen 162 

Collins. John 91 

Collins. Knstie 284 

Collins. Robert 178 

Coin. Caroline 230. 164. 269 

Commins. Scott 181 

Communications Association 234 

Conboy. Karen 285 

Concert Choir 234 

ConkJin. Mandi 168 

Conley, Jason 1 74 

Con ley. Katnna 269 

Connell. Karen 241 

Conner. Tracy 167 

Conner, William E. 85 

Connolly. Jule M. 88 

Connor. Geoffrey 62. 181. 230. 269 

Contestabile. Donna 285 

Cook. Amy 99 

Cook. Carrie 166.269 

Cook. Carter 204, 241 

Cook, Mary Ann 1 64 

Cook, Robin 257 

Cook, Ryan 177 

Cook, Tom 184, 206 

Cooper, Christopher 269 

Copeland, Chris 175, 241 

Copeland, Jason 186,269 

Corbett, Leon 269 

Corbett. Leon H. 81 

Cordone, Chris 257 

Corio, Camille 187, 94, 257 

Cornell. Brian 99 

Cort. Heidi 168, 285 

Con, Lisa 168. 257 

Cosentine, Louis 95 

Costner, Christopher Brent 204, 230,241 

Coston. Jim 95 

Cotter. Liz 105 

Cotton. Nancy 93 

Cottrell.AllinF. 86 

Coulson. Wendy 211. 269 

Counts. Amy 169, 285 

Cousser^, Christopher 269 

Cowan, Duren 164,241 

Cowan, Heather 171, 285 

Cox. Christopher 1 80 

Cox, Jennifer 241 

Cox. Kasey 1 87 

Cox.Tasha 169. 269 

Crabtree. Enn 285 

Cracker. Betsy 204, 205. 170. 241 

Craine. Cherie 226, 163 

Cran. Gregory 178 

Crane, Amanda 166, 285 

Crawford, Beth 187, 257 

Crawford, Gray 176, 230.285 

Crawford. Susan 169. 269 

Creedon. Coleen 171. 269 

Creel. Colin 206. 95. 269 

Crickshank, Robert 181 

Crisp. Brian 90 

Crook. William 183. 94. 96 

Crookenden. Ian 150 

Crosby. Matt 241 

Cross, Scott 1 84 

Cross-country 102 

Crowe, Robert 178, 97, 241 

Cruickshank. Robert 257 

Cruit, Julie 171, 257 

Crumling, Suzanne 165. 241 

Cruz, Heidi 94, 258 

Cuff, Courtney 166, 241 

Cullen. Patrick 178, 285 

Gulp, Emily 154, 285 
Cummings, Scott 205 
Cummins, Emily 258 
Cunningham. David 98. 174 
Cunningham, Pat 86 
Cunan, James 85 
Cume, Traci 62 
Curry, Chad 182, 230, 269 
Curtis, Todd 285 
Cuthbenson, Jenny 170 
Cuthbenson. Lou 269 
Cuthbenson, Tract 167, 241 
Cycling Club 234 
Czyz, Craig 177, 94 


Dagenbach. Dale 90 

D'Agnes, Heather 63, 230, 270 

D' Orsi, Jennifer 230 

Daigneau. Becky 168, 285 

Dailey, Dianne 138, 139 

Dailey, Mark 230, 285 

Dallaire, Chloe 96. 99 

Dallas. Kim 154. 285 

Dalton. Africa 63. 219. 258 

Dalton. Mary 92 

Dalton. Nathalie 165 

Dance Company 208 

Daniel, Brent 230, 285 

Daniel. Charles 177 

Daniel. Patricia 285 

Daniel. Russ 186, 242 

Danielak, Kelly 170, 285 

Daniels. Carl 183 

Daniels. Chnstopher G. 96. 98. 258 

Daniels. Kate 93 

Daniels. Tria 158, 270 

Danitschek, Sandra 166 

Danner, Duane 258 

Dapkus, Steven 178 

Darby, Katherine 99, 162.258 

Daser. Sayeste 9] 

Davenpon, Pattie 159, 285 

Davenpon, Roben 242 

Davey, Jessica 219, 94, 98, 168 

David, Heidi 187, 95, 242 

Davies, Huw M. L. 85 

Davis, Anissa 226, 242 

Davis, Ashley 205. 170 

Davis. Drew 211. 285 

Davis, Elizabeth 169. 270 

Davis. James Benjamin 98, 99, 184 

Davis, John 177 

Davis, Karen 242 

Davis, Karl 181, 242 

Davis, Katherine 168.270 

Davis. Laura 285 

Davis. Marc 146. 102 

Davis, Noelle 171 

Davis, Paul 186 

Davis, Peyton 94, 242 

Davis. Renee 165, 285 

Davis, Sharrika 270 

Davis, Suzanne 159, 285 

Davis,Tirzah 163 

Davis, Todd 242 

Davis. Trasha 167. 242 

Davis. Wade 230 

Davis. William 94 

Davit. Alexander 94. 95. 186,230,242 

Dawitschck. Sandra 242 

Dawkins, Lori 98, 165, 258 

Dawkins. Nicola 96, 98, 157,214,242 

Dawson, Christopher 258 

Day, S. Tate 95. 242 

De Mon, Gabriele 176.270 

Deal. Anne 171 

Deal. David 285 

Dean. Allison 159. 270 

Dean. Nathan 285 

Dean. Roben 177 

Deaton. Alan 187 

Debate 234 

DeCicco. Jude 285 

DeCristofaro. Jana 41. 94, 96, 166 

Deer, Kori 204. 1 66 

DcFrank. Matt 187, 270 

DeFrank, Michael 99, 184,270 

DeHihns, Ue 181 

Delphi 166 

Delta Delta Delta 165 

Delta Gamma 165 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 175 

Delta Phi Alpha 95 

Delta Sigma Phi 176 

Delta Sigma Theta 157 

DeMcnezes, Michelle 169,285 

DeMent, Russell W. [II 1 86. 242 

Demetriades. George 285 

DeMott. Janet 96 

Demshor, Rebekah 285 

Denison. Angela 63. 258 

Dennis. Counney 170 

Dennison, Mehera 63. 219. 222. 166 

Denton, Elizabeth 164, 285 

DeRamus. Sarah 285 

DeSanty, Lauren 285 

DeShazer, Mary 93 

Desiderio, Joseph 95, 174,270 

Dettor, Steve 1 83 

Dewasthali, Arun P 91 

Dewey, James 63, 181. 97, 258 

Dcwire, John 174, 258 

Diamond, Richard 183, 98 

Dick, Becca 187 

Dickerson, Chris 175 

Dickey, Constance 91 

Dickson, Joe 175, 242 

DiCrescenzo. Ryan 176 

Diensi, Shannon 171, 285 

Digges, Nicholas 94 

DiGiambattista. Jonathan 270 

Digits. Jennifer 94. 96. 99. 242 

Dijon 39 

Dilhon. Russell 177 

Dillon. Charlotte 170 

Dillon. Molly 96. 98. 154. 242 

DiMatties. David 181. 230 

Dimmick. Brian 214. 285 

Dimock. Ronald V. 85 

Dingboom. Teresa 214. 166. 285 

Dinh. Andrew 242 

Dinsmore. Jennifer 96, 242 

Ditto. Anna 165. 285 

Dixon. Ian 286 

Dixon. Joshua 94. 96 

Dixon. Michael 242 

Dixon. Patricia 89 

Dixon. Todd 118, 120 

Doak, Kevin 87 

Dobner, Joseph 213.286 

Dodding. James H. 93 

Dodge. James 258 

Doermann. Kristen 95. 98. 99. 242 

Dolder.Adam 98, 258 

Dols, Jonathan R. 98 

Donath. Loralee 214.230,258 

Donnelly. Karina 164 

Donnelly, Olwyn 164 

Dooliltle. Megan 94 

Donhe, Nicole J. 95. 139 

Dougherty. Ted 185 

Douglas. Jason 178 

Dow. Louis 258 

Ads, Index. anJ Closing 307 


Dowel I. Meg 165 

Dowling, Elizabeth 99. 270 

Downey, Jennifer 98 

Doyle. Jeremy 181 

Draper. Powell 180, 242 

Drees, Jeffrey 180, 94 

Dresnok, Jason 175 

Driggers. Brent 230, 242 

Drummond. Irvin 270 

Dubois. Michelle E, 96 

Duchac. Jonathan 91 

Duessel. Karolme 165 

Dufort. Robert 90 

Dunbar. Jennie 164 

Duncan. Charec 164.286 

Duncan. Mark 185 

Duncan. Rebecca 226. 162, 270 

Duncan. Tim 124. 126. 128. 129 

Duncan. William 230, 270 

Dunkelberg, Christina 170,258 

Dunkelberg, John 91 

Dunlop, James 175 

Dunlop, Julie E. 4 1 , 95. 96, 98, 99, 

Dunn, David 176 

Dunn, Erin 230 

Dunn, Jeffrey 183 

Dunn, Mac 95 

Dunn. Mark 286 

Dunson. Konyka M. 96. 97 

Duplantier. Rebecca 87 

Duplessie. Kristen 242 

DuPont. Michelle 98. 242 

Dupree. Erica 270 

Durant. Kelly 164 

Durham. Tyler 242 

Dusza. Dawn 95. 99. 242 

Dyer. Melissa 94. 171 

Dymmel. Matthew 182,242 

Eagan, Michael 98 
Eagle. Shana L. 98, 187,258 
Eagles, Margaret 41, 171, 258 
Eagieson, Elizabeth 96 
Earle, John R, 92 
Early, Abram 175 
Early, Jen 164 
Earnhardt, Dale 95 
Easley. Eddie V. 91 
East Asian Languages 93 
Ebbers. Andrea 97. 171.242 
Eckhardt. Kevin 181. 286 
Economics 86 
Economics Society 234 
Ecumenical Council 207 
Edelson, Julie 93 
Edgy, Amy 171, 270 
Edier. Robert Scott 97 
Edmisten. Jason 1 82, 96, 258 
Edmiston, Ryan 187 
Edmonds, Amanda 171 
Education 86 

Edwards, Amanda 166, 286 
Edwards, Bryan 94, 96, 243 
Edwards. Cathenne 168. 258 
Edwards. James 94 
Edwards. Mark 96. 98. 243 
Edwards. Sarah Scott 164 
Egerlon. Melissa 98. 170. 270 
Einwick. Charles 150 
Eismann. Marianne 93 
El Club Hispanico 234 
El-Beshti, Bashir 93 
Elder. Robert 242 
Eldridge, Troy 286 
Ellavsky, Blake 186 

Elledge. Kimberly 286 

Ellis. Stewart 217 

Ellison. Leo. Jr 87 

Elmore. Michelle 230. 243 

Elmore. Tom 86 

Emerich. Matthew 177 

Emmitt, Helen 93 

Emrick. Craig 158 

English 93 

Environmentally Concerned Organization of 

Students 234 
Episcopal Student Union 234 
liquestnan Club 234 
Ergenzinger. Edward 98. 243 
Erickson. Kimberly 95. 98, 99,204,213.243 
Esch. Gerald W. 85 
Escolt. Paul 87 
Espinola. Kerry 166,286 
Eta Sigma Phi 95 
Etter, Matthew 243 
Ettin. Andrew 93 
Eure. Herman E. 85 
Evans. Amber 164, 286 
Evans. Bob 86 
Evans. Bruce 96 
Evans. Dana 153 
Evans. David K. 84 
Evans. Shane 230. 96. 98 
Evans. Stephanie 270 
Evans. Tina 94. 170 
Evans. Zoe 170 
Evensen. Christopher 180.270 
Everett. Kevin 92 
Everhart. Sean 174. 243 
Ewing. Stephen 91 
Ezzell.Aimee 41. 96. 99. 258 
Ezzell. Stan 41 


Faber. David L, 84 

Fachtmann. Caria J. 99.168.270 

Faircloth. Carole 170 

Falgui. Burt 184 

Falkenberg, Philippe 90 

Fall. Mike 174 

Fall Ring Shows 36 

Fankhauser, Brtxrk 178 

Fantasia, Carl 178 

Fans, Janet 205, 170 

Farrell, Shannon 94, 168 

Fasen, Rachellc 206, 169, 270 

Fasulo, Sam 184 

Faulk, Amanda 270 

Faust, Susan 92 

Faw, Jennifer 286 

Fayez, Razan 219, 243 

Fayssoux, Morgan William, Jr. 177, 243 

Fearrington, Malt 184 

Feely, Theodore 175 

Fehl, Patricia 166 

Feinberg, Margaret 169 

Feiner, Soren 171 

Feldmann, Kerry 63,96. 97. 164 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 234 

Felmlee, Charles 177 

Felts, Jennifer 158 

Feore, Jennifer 258 

Ferguson, F. Clay 243 

Fernandez, Manuel 286 

Fernandez, Ramiro 91 

Femslrom. Gregg 1 83 

Ferrell, Clif 183, 219 

Fcttig, Amelia 213, 171, 258 

Fettweis, Elizabeth 99, 166,230 

Ficca, Matthew 175 

Fidelcs 164 

Field Hockey 106 

Filbey, Rebecca 286 

Filippone, Rob 184 

Fine Arts House 209 

Finger, Nikki 258 

Fink, Kristin 96 

Fink.Torrey 170, 286 

Finlay, Thomas 111, 112 

Finley, Jessica 286 

Finley, Rebecca 169 

Finn, Colleen-Mara 94. 171,243 

Finncgan, Jennifer 148,243 

Fiorini, Laura M. 99, 270 

Fischer, Lucicnne 95, 99, 243 

Fish, Keith 270 

Fishbein, James C. 85 

Fishbum, Whitney 187. 96, 258 

Fisher, Elizabeth 165,211.286 

Fisher. Serena 1 70 

Fitch, R. Warne 184,286 

Fitzgerald, Emily 96, 165 

Fitzgibbons, Bobby 127 

Fitzpalrick. Brian 178 

Fitzpatrick, Caroline 99, 170 

Flagler, Brian Douglas 96,98, 186, 258 

Flake, Charles Lee 99 

Flanagan, Julia 166, 243 

Flax, Ryan 178, 259 

Fleer, Jack 90 

Reishman, Leonic 170 

Fleming, Brendan 173, 213, 243 

Fleming, Bryan 271 

Reming, Elizabeth 259 

Fleming. Patnck 182.271 

Flemlec. Charles 243 

Fletcher, Andrew 271 

Flippin, William Massie 181,243 

Florio, Francis Scott 286 

Floumoy. Kalhryn 165,271 

Floyd, Katie 162. 243 

Floyd. Raymond 286 

Rynn. Michael 175 

Fogle. Cameron 1 76 

Football 116 

Ford. Jennifer 166, 243 

Ford, Katy 164, 243 

Ford, Laura 83 

Ford, Mike 82 

Kordham, Douglas 40,96, 97, 99, 186 

Fordham, Mary R. 99 

Forester, Mark 95 

Forst, Kyle 2.30, 271 

Fort, Jennifer 165 

Fosso, Doyle 93 

Foster, Elizabeth 286 

Foster, Jay 27 1 

Foster, Lynne 96, 259 

Foster, Mary Beth 171, 271 

Fotta. Cynthia 96. 169 

Fouts. Thomas 96 

Fowler. Jennifer 171 

Fowler. Tonya 169 

Fownes. Jenny 164. 286 

Fox, Douglas John 94.96 

Fox, Tres 165 

Frailey. Scott 243 

Frankland. Christopher 178, 286 

Franklin, Susannah 271 

Franks, Kellcy 230,271 

Frantz, Carolyn 95, 99 

Eraser, Colleen 165 

Eraser, Jamie 162. 271 

Freed. Kathenne 286 

Frcedle. Amanda 162. 259 

Freehling. William 182.286 

Freeman. Emily 211. 286 

Freeman, Karen 131 

Freeman. Willard 178 

French House 234 


French, Mary 217. 165. 286 

Frey. Donald E, 86 

Friday. Arlclhia 2.59 

Fnedenberg. John 9.^ 

Friedman. Mary 91 

Frimel. Tiffany 169,271 

Fritz. Claire 243 

Froelich. Erik Van 99 

Fryer. Lilli 287 

Fuller, Loraine Vera 96, 259 

Fuller, Preston 182 

Fullerton, James 287 

Fumo. Nicole 164 

Funderburk. Deana 169, 271 

Funderburk. Robert 186,204,243 

Funkhouser, Kelli 205, 170 

Fumelli, Anthony 41 

Flitch. Eric 184 

Futia, Mike 184. 230 


Gabriel. Trina 99. 243 
Gadd, Kristen 169,287 
Gaddy, Ben 271 
Gage, Kaiherinc 170,243 
GALEA 234 
Gahk. Staccy 171, 271 
Gallagher, Aaron 177 
Galloway, Ginny 165 
Gambrell, Andrea 167, 259 
Gannon, Brian 271 
Garbarino, Jake 182, 259 
Garbarino, John 1 75 
Gardner, Casey 185 
Garin, William 40. 99 
Garland, Carol 287 
Garman, Tori 164 
Gamer, Kimberly 243 
Garone, Jennifer 165,287 
Garrard, Henry 181 
Garrell, Shannon 98 
Garretson, Kory 220 
Garris, Louella 271 
Gaskins, Meredith 98. 170 
Gasparini, Elisabetta 169,271 
Gassell, Shelley 164 
Gassner, Allison 171. 243 

Galesy, Steve 85 

Galewood, Anna Sue 98, 1 70, 243 

Galewood. Chris 222. 230, 99. 259 

Galewood. Thomas 1 8 1 

Gatlin. John Rca 97. 184 

Gatlin. Rufus 88 

Gay, Elizabeth 97, 165 

Gay le. Robert 182. 243 

Gcfaell. Robert 183 

Geier, David 174, 94, 97, 259 

Geil, Annie 164 

Gentry. Jennifer 271 

Gentry. Kevin 204 

Gentry, Rebecca 219, 226, 98, 162, 

George, Alex 94, 96, 99 

George. Nicholas 244 

Gerber. Eric 186. 98 

Gerecke, Chris 184. 287 

German & Russian 87 

German House 234 

Gerrard. Lew 152 

Gesiorski, Doug 176 

Gibbes. Joseph 181,271 

Gibbs. Maria 259 

Gibbs.Trish 164 

Gibson. Aaron 1 73 

Gibson. Brian 176 

Gidwani. Rahul 259 

GiBln. Emily Fisk 96,98. 99, 166,24 

Gilbert. Tiffany 171 

Gilham. Jean 204. 170. 244 

Gill. Kristen 94.98. 167. 271 

Gilliam. Karen 94, 168, 244 

Gillis, Chris 173 

GiUis, Renae 204, 96, 164. 244 

Gillmor, Steve 114 

Gilmartin, Robert 41,96, 182 

Gilmore, Missy 170 

Gilmour, Craig 180, 271 

Gilmour, Jocelyn 169, 259 

Ginn. Thomas 181 

Gioia. Lynda 94 

Girouard. Jena 170, 287 

Givens, Stephanie 27! 

Gladding, Carmen 96. 165, 244 

Gladding, Samuel T 81 

Clancy, Erin 40, 170, 259 

Glaser, Janette 287 

Glasgow, Jamie 1 86 

Glenn, Kathleen 91 

Glessner, Michael 175 
Glos, Matthew 181 
Glotzbach. Amy 166, 287 
Godfrey. Sherry 63. 230. 259 
Gtxishalk. Elihu 180 
Gixisoe, John 178 
Godwin, Cackie 164 
Godwin, Erik K. 99. 174.244 
Golf. Christy 165.287 
Goho, Thomas S. 91 
Goldberg, Jonathan 173, 287 
Golden Key 96 
Golden, Martha 91 
Goldman, Angela 62, 166 
Goldsbtirough, Brandon 271 
Goldstein. Louis 89 
Goldstein. Stephanie 166,220 



Gooding. Rob 184. 244 

GiKidman. Adam 186, 272 

Gixidman, Alice C. 85 

Goodman, Angela 98 

Goodman, Laura 287 

Goodman, Robert Casey 96, 98, 2 1 3 

Goodmark, Craig 259 

Gtx>dnough, Bobbi M. 87 

Goodnough. Taylor 169. 272 

Goodrich, Graham 181. 272 

Gixidrich, Rebecca 171. 272 

Goodrich, Warren 175, 272 

Goodridge. Francie 104. 148 

Goodridge. John 146. 102 

Goodwin. Joy 99 

Goodwin. Peter 287 

Gordon, Katy 170 

Gore, Elizabeth 98 

Gore, Jodi 164 

Gorelick. Brian 89 

Gores. Ellen 166. 287 

Gormley. Daniel 181 

Gospel Choir 234 

Grabarek, Julie 272 

Graber. Elizabeth 164,287 

Gracely, Brian 244 

Grack. Christine 96. 98 

Graduation 74. 76 

Graham, Brian 178 

Graham. Chris 214 

Graham, Emily 94, 170. 272 

Graham. Michael 177, 96, 97. 244 

Ads, Idex, and Closing 309 



Granger. Elizabeth 244 

Gram. Bemlce 272 

Grant. Jean Ann 165.287 

Grant, Liza 170. 272 

Grant. Lori 164 

Grant. Matthews 186. 99 

Grant. Tncia 170 

Graves, Rebecca 170,287 

Gray. James Alien 182,272 

Gray. Keith 94, 98 

Gray, Lindsay 94, 166 

Gray, Neil 183 

Gray, Todd 287 

Grayson, Allison 98, 171. 259 

Green, Connie 93 

Green. John 181 

Green. Uwis 88 

Green. Mary Beth 94. 165,287 

Green, Mike 116, 121 

Green, R. Craig 96, 97, 99. 259 

Green. Thomas 287 

Greenawalt. John Christopher 96. 186,256 

Greene, Kelly 177 

Greene, Travis 94, 272 

Greene. William 94. 182 

Greenwood, Emily 287 

Greer, George 140 

Gregg, Amy 170 

Gregg, John 95. 272 

Gregg. Victoria 287 

Gregory. Bryan 259 

Grey. Alison 230. 169. 244 

Griffin. Sarah 165. 272 

Griffin, Stephany 272 

Griffin, William 181 

Griggs, Emily 287 

Griggs, Paul 272 

Griggs, William 183 

Grimaldi, John 214, 230 

Grimes, David 187 

Grimpel, Joseph 183, 244 

Grishkin. Jennifer 94. 96, 99, 169,244 

Gristina, Frank 177 

Gross, Dana 1 75 

Grosse. Jennifer 169.259 

Grossman. Julie 93 

Groutl. Phillip 96 

Grove, Mindy 211, 171, 287 

Grover. Megan 230 

Guerrini. Steven 103. 147, 259 

Guhl, Christian 96 

Guidy, Matthew 175 

Guiney, Kathryn 287 

Gulick, Grace McClain 1 7 1 . 272 

Gulini. Jeffrey 183287 

Gupton, Caroline 288 

Guplon, Garrick 288 

Gupton, Timothy 174,259 

Gustaf son. Amy 1 70, 244 

Gustafson, Mark 272 

Guthrie. Amy 165 

Guttmann, Joseph 187,230,259 

Guyaux. Clint 178 

Guyer, Aaron 288 


Habash, Ranya 288 

Habeeb. Scott 272 

Habib, Christina 226,229, 168, 272 

Habitat for Humanity 209 

Hade, Jason 288 

Hadley. David W. 87 

Hage. Betsy 223. 170 

Haines, Kathryn 169, 259 

Hairston. Bonita 244 

Hairston. LaDonna 167. 259 

Hairston, Todd 272 

Hale, Leigh 168 

Hale. Toby A. 81 

Hall. Bradley 173 

Hall. Elizabeth 170.272 

Hall. Jeff 206. 260 

Hall. Jennie 168. 260 

Hall, Jennifer 166. 244 

Hall, Joseph 173 

Hall, Mark 226 

Hall, Randal Lee 98, 99 

Hallman, Holly 165 

Hallock. Julie 164 

Halpin, Heather 40, 94. 165 

Halverson. Karina 169 

Hambel.Bnon 183, 230, 288 

Hamby, James 181 

Hamilton, Sage 62 

Hamilton, William S, 82, 87 

Hammctt, David 177, 94, 288 

Hammon, Dudley 177 

Hammond, Claire Holton 86 

Hammond, J. Daniel 86 

Hammond, Philip 85 

Hamnck.John 181 

Hamrick, Rebecca 171, 272 

Hancock, Beverlye 84 

Handbell Choir 234 

Hancs, Heather 94 

Hankins, Douglas 175, 97 

Hanlon, William 178 

Hann, Lousia 272 

Hanna. Katie 288 

Hannah. Jessica 230. 260 

Hano. Andrew 1 80 

Hans. James 93 

Hansen. Jon 213 

Hanson. James Stillman 97, 181,244 

Harbinger Corps 234 

Hardy, Nathaniel J. 96, 99. 182, 213, 230, 260 

Hargrave, Hanna 89 

Hargreaves, Barry 173, 244 

Harhai, Brian 184 

Harhai, Melinda 169.288 

Haring. John 178 

Harrell. Brian 260 

Hanell. Gillian 272 

Harriger. Katy 90 

Harrington, Kelly 260 

Harrington. Sara 214. 220. 244 

Harris. Andrew 288 

Harris. Brooke 204, 170 

Harris. Cathenne 92 

Harris, Fleming 168 

Harris, Maggie 153 

Harris, Melissa 96, 99, 167 

Harris, Ralph 272 

Harris, Stephanie 260 

Harrison. Cathenne 272 

Harrison. Charlie 125. 126. 127. 128 

Harrison, Joseph 96. 97. 99. 230. 244 

Harrison. Joshua 1 75 

Harrison. Katie 171 

Harrison. Kline 91 

Harrison. Robinson 288 

Han. Katherine 169. 272 

Hartman. Traci 170,222, 244 

Hartnett, Taryn 220, 165 

Hartney, Matthew 183. 99 

Hartoin, Denise 94. 96. 99. 164. 244 

Harvey. Alexander 272 

Harvey, Natalie 171, 244 

Harzinski, Erin 62 

Hasenkamp. Wendy 288 

Haskell, Elizabeth 166 

Hassell, Shelly 244 

Hasty, Melinda 96 

Hatch, Meredith 170,288 

Hatcher. Ryan 230 

Hatchett. Patricia 149 

Hauk, Tracy 170 

Hauscr, Wesley 288 

Haussermann, Adam 173 

Hawes, Stacey 131 

Hawk. Todd 178 

Hawkins, Elizabeth 95, 96, 164 



Hayashi. Elmer K, 88 
Hayes, Bnan 260 
Hayes, Candace 168.288 
Hayes. John 260 
Hayes, Mark Slewan 178. 214. 
Hayes. Paula 288 
Hayes. Victona 168,288 
Haywood. Ann 40, 187. 99. 26 
Haze. Betsy 244 
Hazen, Michael 92 
Health & Spon Science 87 
Heaney. Adam 272 
Heam. Thomas K. 80 
Hearst. Dennis 102. 103 
Hedden. Lisa 95. 96. 244 
Hederman. Gaye-Taylor 62, 272 
Hedgecoe, Anne 170 
Hegstrom, RogerA. 85 
Heidingeo. Tamara 260 
Heidinger. Tami 187 
Heiman, Jared 288 
Heinemann. Anne 99 
Hems, Kirsten 288 
Hellwig. Brant 181, 97, 99 
Helm. David 84 
Helm. Robeil 89 
Helton. Jennifer J. 95. 244 
Hemphill. Kristina 62 
Henderson. Jen 171 
Henderson. Loyd 180, 272 
Henderson. Patricia 170.260 
Henderson. Stephanie 288 
Hendricks, J, Edwin 87 
Hendnx, Jeffrey 182. 204. 244 
Hendrix.Jim 112 

Hennessy. Kathy 1 70, 272 

Henry, Lorraine 94. 244 

Hensley, Johanna 245 

Hensley. Kimberly 168,260 

Henson, Jason 182, 96, 245 

Henson, Jenny 260 

Hemdon, Melvin 172, 95,245 

Herrman, Mallory 98,217 

Hershberger. Andrea 226, 162, 245 

Hershberger, Rick 184. 214, 272 

Hersman,Andy 184 

Hess. Stephen 96, 99, 174 

Hester, Marcus 89 

Hetrick, Erica 169, 288 

Hibbits, Mary 164 

Hickey, Jon-Paul 288 

Hickey, Mary 166 

Hicks, Kristen C, 96, 98, 99. 260 

Hicks. Lisa 169 

Hidden in the Picture 61 

High. Donna 96. 260 

High, Kathenne 95, 169, 288 

Hightower. Russell 288 

Hilbert. CIcighton 177 

Hildebrandt, Michael 178 

Hill. Christopher 260 

Hill, Courtney 167 

Hill, Jen 169 

Hill. Sadarryle 98. 163. 245 

Hillegass, Tracey 165 

Hillenbrand, Karen 229 

Hilliard. Kathy 288 

Hills. David 90 

Hiltabrand, David 178 

Hiltv. Daniel 96. 260 

Hillz. John 176 

Hines, Christian 177 

Hines. Kathy 97.98. 187. 206 

Hines. Scott 206, 94 

Hinkeldey, Holly 204, 245 

Hinkley. Nicole 168 

Hinsley, Bill 94, 174,260 

Hinson, Jenny 63. 94. 99 

Hinze. Willie L. 85 

Hipp, Brian 272 

Hipp, Earl Clay Jr. 91 

Hirsch, Jon 180, 245 

History 87 

History Society 234 

Hitchcock. Alix 84 

Ho.Vicki 187. 288 

Hoban, Emily 169, 273 

Hobbs, Ernie 245 

Hobbs, Genn 164 

Hobbs, Jenny 168, 273 

Hoch. Heather 245 

Hocke, Michelle 288 

Hodge, Val 132. 135 

Hodgson. William 183 

Hodulik. Paul 183 

Hoffman. Jennifer 166 

Hoff master, Meg 204, 170 

Hogan. Kelly Jean 97, 165 

Hogan, Tracey 164. 245 

Hoglund, Kenneth 91 

Holcomb, Deb 226 

Holder, Carlos O. 82 

Holding, George 95 

Holding, Robert 177 

Holfelder, Chris 182 

Holland. Ben 174. 230. 245 

Holland. Katy 171,260 

Holleman, Sam 186, 245 

Hollifield, Gretchen 131. 132 

Hollifield. Judson 206.288 

Holhs. Amy 170 

Holm. Knstcn 187, 230, 94. 99 

Holmes. Harold R. 82 

Holtzclaw. Tad 181. 96 

Holzwarth. George 89 

Holzwarth. Natalie 89 

Homecoming 26. 28 

Honakcr. Thomas 173, 288 

Honeycutt, Lori 273 

Honor Council 210 

Hood, Chnsty 170 

Hooker, Jeffrey 185. 288 

Hooker, William 185. 273 

Hooper. Laura 288 

Hooten, Mandy 171 

Hoppe, Betsy 91 

Hord, Lorin 288 

Home,Tangela 167. 245 

Homer. Rebecca 170, 273 

Homer, Thomas 1 78 

Hornung, Terry 96, 97, 245 

Horsey, Chnsten 106. 171 

Horstmann. Kurt 174 

Horton. Fred 91 

Horton, Laura 170 

Hostinsky. Mary Kathryn 165 

Hottingcr. William L. 87 

Houchens. Janet 273 

Houghton. David 183, 94 

Houser, Jeffrey 96, 182 

Howard. Andy 213 

Howard. David 182. 288 

Howard. Frederic T. 88 

Howard. Jason 288 

Howard. Jenny 166. 273 

Howard. Jonessa 168.288 

Howard. Stacy L. 94. 96. 99. 165, 245 

Howden, Kim 170 

Howell. Noell 40. 98. 99 

Ads, Index, and C^losin^ 311 


Howland, Pamela 89 

Howier 211 

Hubbard. Russ 186, 228 

Huck, Andrew 95 

Huck. Paul F 86 

Hudson, Ashlon 186, 226, 98, 245 

Hudson, Chnstopher John 96, 99 

Hudson, Jon 186 

Hudson, Ryan 166, 289 

Huebner, Stephen 88 

Hueppcr, Greg 176, 260 

Huff. Quenlin 151 

Huffman House 234 

Huffsletler, Beverly 168, 217,289 

Huggett, Brady 175, 245 

Hughes, Eric 158, 159, 260 

Hughes, Johna 289 

Hughes, Matthew 182, 273 

Hughes, Michael L. 87 

Hughes, Rebekah 289 

Hughes, Richard 98 

Hughes, Robin 245 

Hunt, Parker 181, 245 

Hull. Allison Lee 41,96 

Hull, Gordon 99 

Hunt, Jen 171 

Hunt, Sarah 168, 260 

Hunt, Stephan 175 

Hunter, Craig 187, 217, 96 

Hu^y, Aileen 187, 206 

HiSiy, Kathleen 213,289 

Hutchens, Heather 94, 95, 96, 99, 245 

Hutcherson, Shannon 162, 260 

Hutchinson, Keely 158, 273 

Huyvaert. Kale 206 

Hyatt, Amy 169 

Hyatt, Kan 169 


lapalucci. Adrian 175 

Ice Hockey 234 

Ijames, Cavella 273 

Ikenberry, Jill 164 

Imhif. Peter 182. 260 

In Search of Another Comer 37 

Ingram, Erin 94 

Ingram, Sharyn 96, 97, 99 

InterVarsity 210 

Irwin, Becky 170 

Irwin, Chns 206, 273 

Irwin, W. Kyle 289 

Isert, Gamck 186, 273 

Italian House 234 


Jabali, Tina 158,289 

Jackels, Charles 85 

Jackels, Susan 85 

Jackson, Betsy 94, 168 

Jackson. Dave 184 

Jackson, Jennifer 96, 98, 165,260 

Jackson, Julia Lee 96, 98, 99, 245 

Jackson, LeAnne 260 

Jackson, Leslie 169, 289 

Jackson, Stuan 183 

Jacobs, Shelly 168, 289 

Jaffe, Mordecai J. 85 

James, Corjnne 1 59 

James, Jason 1 77 

James, Stacy 1 87 

Janssen, Michael 214,230,289 

Jaquith, Manha 96, 99, 245 

Jaske, Kathleen 273 

Jazz Ensemble 234 

Jeffries, Allana 289 
Jelovchan, Tammi 96, 99, 165 
Jenkins, Emily 41, 171 
Jenkins, Jennifer 289 
Jenkins, Stephanie 171 
Jensen, Christopher 246 
Jensen, Lars 230 
Jepson, Steve 246 
Jessup, Monica 163, 246 
Johansson, Patncia 82 
John, David J. 88 
Johnson, Beau 289 
Johnson, Benjamin 181 
Johnson, Carmen 260 
Johnson, Carol 230 
Johnson, Dana J. 82, 91 
Johnson, David 246 
Johnson, Diana 96, 171 
Johnson, Donna 260 
Johnson, Erin-Joy 166,260 
Johnson, Gerrick 173, 97 
Johnson, Jacqueline 167,260 
Johnson, Katherine 166 
Johnson, Kristin 165, 273 
Johnson, Laura 168, 246 
Johnson, Lukas 182, 289 
Johnson, Marjone A, 86 
Johnson, Paula 260 
Johnston, Dillon 219, 222, 93 


, Kev 


Jones, Bradley 85 

Jones, Brandom 164 

Jones, Brian 273 

Jones. Catherine 187. 217, 289 

Jones, Emily 171 

Jones, Grayson 171 

Jones, Hillary 170 

Jones, Jeffrey 273 

Jones, Jen 164 

Jones, Jennifer 223, 170 

Jones, Josh Kelly 95, 96, 260 

Jones, Julie Ann 96, 98, 170,205 

Jones, Kathy 217 

Jones, Lawrence 183, 289 

Jones, Lyell 182, 94, 273 

Jones, Manon Ben 95, 98 

Jones, Mark 184 

Jones, Matthew 95, 182,273 

Jones, Meredith 246 

Jones, Nathan 260 

Jones, Roben 95, 96 

Jones, Scott 182 

Jones, Tametta 94, 260 

Jones, Thomas 183, 96 

Jones, Tricia 187 

Jones, William 176, 98, 246 

Joseph, Craig 95, 289 

Joseph, Jane 85 

Joseph, Jeff 40 

Joyce, Alison 171 

Joyce, Brian 184 

Joyner, Sara-Peyton 164 

Joyner, William G. 81 

Judical Board 234 

Julich, Chris 214 

, Paul 91 


Kafer, Lisa 94 
Kahn, William 180 
Kairoff, Peter 89 
Kaley, Chnstian 176 
Kaminetz, Lee 184, 96, 246 
Kammann, David 273 
Kanavich, Elizabeth 169,274 
Kann, Hillary 164 
Kanoff. Kim 165, 274 

Kappa Alpha 177 

Kappa Alpha Theta 168 

Kappa Delta 169 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 170 

Kappa Sigma 178 

Karate Club 234 

Kaska, Steven 178 

Kalona, David 175 

Kattwinkel, Julia 251 

Kauffman, Michael 174,274 

Kazakos, Lisa 289 

Kearney, Sally 204 

Kedersha, Scott 1 84 

Keeley, Christine 96, 187 

Keenan, Steven P 99, 246 

Keeney, Uura 220, 230 

Kchoc, Halley 170 

Kehoe, Paul 274 

Keible, William 176,230 

Keith, Jennifer 154 

Keller, Jamie 173 

Keliett, William 181 

Kelley, James 181,289 

Kelley, John 178 

Kellum, Catherine 164 

Kelly, Christopher 274 

Kelly, Horace a 91 

Kelly, Jill Suz^ne 96, 187,261 

Kelly, Kathleen 170,261 

Kelly, Roben 182,246 

Kern, Judy 91 

Kemp. Jack 77 

Kemp, Jim 118 

Kemp, Kevin 137, 178 

Kemp, Meg 165, 246 

Kendelhardt, Jason 274 

Kennedy, Charles 41, 90 

Kennedy, Darren 182 

Kennedy, Hank 95, 261 

Kennedy, Mitch 121 

Kennedy, Patty C. 87 

Kennedy, Ralph 89 

Kennedy, William 181, 289 

Kerlm, Sam 289 

Kerns, Michael 174,261 

Kerr, William C. 89 

Ktiatod, Elaine 94, 166, 289 

Kiehl, Allison 156, 289 

Kilbaugh,Todd 181, 246 

Kilkclly, Shannon 182 

Kimmer, Christopher James 97, 99, 222, 261 

Kindle, Kesi 163 

King, Amanda 289 

King, Christie 274 

King, Herb 184, 274 

King, Jennifer 245 

King, Shelley 166 

King, Stan 125, 127, 246 

King, Wayne 219, 93 

Kingsley, Kristen 95, 165 

Kinkead, David R. 96, 98, 99 

Kinlaw, Charies 89 

Kinney, George 120 

Kinser, Paul 146, 274 

Kirby, David 94 

Kirby, Lauren 274 

Kirchhofer, Kristin 204 

Kirkman, Ellen K. 88 

Kirsch, Randall 181, 274 

Kissling, Kurt 289 

Klein, Ryan 183 

Klein, Scoii 93 

Klemm, Heidi 169 

Klepper, Devin 180, 246 

Kline, Alex 174, 94, 96, 261 

Kluepfel, Lisa 170 

Kluttz, Camille 261 

Knapp, Charlotte 217, 158, 246 

Knapp. Helen J. 95,274 


Knight, Christine 261 

Knight. Gary 246 

Knohl. Kevin 185. 98 

Knott, Roben H. 40. 84 

Knowles. Sarah 214. 98. 261 

Knudsen. Christopher Todd 95.96,99 

Koepp. Darren 173 

Roger. Robert 1 77 

Kohl, Kevin 173, 246 

Kolb, Michael 246 

Kolesar. Jen 1 64 

Kolski, Andrea 289 

Komich, Scott 1 75 

Kondepudi. Dilip 85 

Koppenhoefer. Katie 169.274 

Korpan.Lisa 289 

Korzeniowski, Luka 246 

Kolerba, Jamie 169 

Koufman, Joe 1 86 

Koundourakis, George 178 

Koutsogeorgas, Chns 261 

Kovitch. Lori 17). 261 

Kowalski.Amy 204. 213. 170. 246 

Krake, Kurtis 246 

Kralovich, Lenore 274 

Kramar, Brenda 165.246 

Kramer. Jason 144 

Kreiling. Kalhryn 230, 247 

Kreml, Father Kurt 206 

Krenach, Courtney 158, 159. 274 

Kroger. Laura 95. 166. 289 

Kroll, Renee 289 

Kron. Kathleen 85 

Kroovand, Natalie 94, 247 

Kuberski, Philip 93 

Kubiszyn, Tammy Ann 1 70. 274 

Kuffner, Geoffrey 96. 99. 247 

Kuhn. Jeremy 99 

Kuhn. Rachel 166, 247 

Kuhn, Raymond E, 85 
Kuhner. Ross 184, 289 
Kunjukunju, Grace 187,247 
Kunkel, Ted 247 
Kuramoto, Kenji 186, 205, 226 
Kurkjian. Joseph 181. 94 
Kurzmann. Sarah 96. 99. 165,261 
Kuseski. Sarah J. 95,274 
Kutzer. Erika 171 
Kuzmanovich, James J, 88 
Kyes, Kelly 90 
Kyles, Scott 206 

LaCava. Cathy 165, 261 
LaChapelle. Kelly 289 
Lachgar,Abdu 85 
Lachlan, Ken 230. 289 
Lacrosse Club 234 
LaDew, Steven 172, 261 
LaDuca, Chris 289 
LaFaye. Helen 104.289 
Lake. Hope 164 
Lakenan, Ryan 181 
Lam. Marcus 289 
LaManna, Scott 96, 247 
Lamb. Bryan 182. 247 
Lane. Amanda 261 
Lane. Clayton 178 
Lane. Hugo C. 85 
Lang, Kimberly 165,274 
Langenbacher. Brenda 170 
Lantin, Vanessa 213. 247 
Upinski, Joanne 164 
I-arabee. Meghan 204 
Larsen. Christina 290 
Larson, David 175, 247 

LaRue, Rusty 117, 120, 126, 274 

Lassiier, Tommie 96. 99 

Latham, John 178, 247 

Latimer, Daniel 182, 274 

Laton, Ami 94, 158, 159, 261 

Lau. Karen 171, 274 

l^ughlin. Page 84 

Law, Sean 274 

Lawless, Patrick 175 

Lawlor. Michael S. 86 

Lawlor, Sarah 104. 164 

Lawrence. Laura Brooke 40,94, 98,168,261 

Lawrence, LeeAnna 93 

Lawrence, Melissa 94, 96. 99 

Lawrence. Rob 183 

Lawson. Allison 170. 290 

Layman. Laura 94, 165 

Leach, John 119, 120 

Leadbetter, Timothy 177 

Leake, LulaM. 82 

l-eaman, Stacey 274 

Leary, Mark 90 

Leathers. Ren 182, 274 

LeCroy, Nancy 166, 247 

Ledgerwood. Brett 204 

Lee, Amy 261 

Lee. Bnan 181 

U-e. Colleen Mane 96, 107, 166, 262 

Lee, Dwaine 247 

Lee, Harper 177 

Lee, Meredith 62, 274 

Lee. Wei-chin 90 

Lee, Win-chiat 89 

Leek. Thomas Spencer 181,262 

Leger, Andrew 183. 158 

LeGrande. Mick 186. 230 

Lehman, Jennifer 170 

Leist, Ann Mary 96,97,274 

Lejuez, Paul 183, 290 

LeMasters, Philip 91 

l^mire, Ehsa 169,275 

Leon, Bradley 275 

Leonard, Chnstopher 94, 290 

Leonard, David 290 

Leonard, Jonathan 175 

Lerman. Jason 174,230.275 

LeSane. Alvera 167 

Leslie. Andrew 92 

Lester. Kan 62, 213, 95, 165. 262 

Letzerich. Neville 290 

LeVasseur. Jason 181 

Levenson. John 176 

Levesque, Nicole 131. 133. 134, 171, 247 

Levi, Keith 98,99.247 

Levy, David 89 

Levy, Kathryn 89 

Lewis. Amy 170, 275 

Uwis. Andrew 182. 247 

Uwis, Charles 89 

Uwis, James 173 

Lewis, Meg 168 

Lewis, Melvin 182,230,290 

Lewis, Pete 184 

Lewis, Rob 230 

Lewis, Turner 181, 290 

Ley, Elizabeth 168.275 

Liebschutz. Thomas 91 

Lilting Banshee Comedy Troupe 212 

Linch. Scott 181 

Lincoln. Dametha 167 

Lindberg, Kristen 164 

Lisher. Erik 182, 275 

Lisowe. Chad 180 

Litcher. John H. 86 

Literary Sixiety 234 

Litten. Holly 158, 290 

Little, Jason 175, 290 

Little, Kelly 247 

AJs. Index. Closm^ 313 


Little, Randy 290 

Litlle. Sarah 164 

Llewellyn, John 92 

Llorens. Fernando 185. 233 

Lobban. Stacey 275 

Locke, Lisa 168, 275 

Locklair. Dan 89 

Locklear. Monica 275 

Loewen. Jonathan 174. 275 

Lohr. Ginger 290 

London 40 

Long, Kevin 247 

Long. Laune 290 

Long. Sarah 94. 166 

Longhursl. Craig 146. 102. 262 

Longino. Charles 92 

Longshore. Ann Marie 164 

Looney. Melissa 290 

Lott. Kevin 275 

Loucif, Sabine 91 

Loudan. Allan 92 

Loughrey. Jennifer 290 

Lovefeast 46 

Lovelace. McKenzie 164 

Lovetl. Robert 93 

Loving. James. Jr 95. 96. 99. 247 

Lowder. Sarah 165 

Lowe. Julianna 164 

Lowery. Clifton 88 

Lowcry. Cullen 262 

Lubas. John 181 

Lubin. Laura 164 

Lucas, Gene T 88 

Luciano, Randy 290 

Ludewig.Tenley 290 

Luhr. Elaine 262 

Lupo. Andrea 162. 275 

Luthem Campus Ministry 234 

Luthy. Craig 183. 247 

Lynch. Erin 169, 275 

Lynks 169 


Ma,Jody 290 

MacDonald. John 184, 97. : 
MacDonald. Scott 290 
Mack. Terese 214. 166. 262 

Mackin. Myrna 84 

Martin. I^Tina 262 

MacKinnon. Daniel 63. 230 

Martin. Lisa 275 

Mackovic.Aime 290 

Martin. Robcn Shayn 94. 1 80. 262 

MacLaunn. Nancy 94. 99. 


Martin. Suzie 168 

MacNeil. Jennifer 290 

Martin. William 181.262 

MacPherson. Alexander 18^ 


Martinez. Oscar 182, 275 

Madden. Jeff 230 

Marxen. Deborah 247 

Maddrey. Claire 168. 290 

Masel. Holly 170 

Madrigal Singers 234 

Mason. JoVonne 167, 247 

Maguire. Colleen 275 

Mason, Kelly 164 

Mahoney. Kirsten 171. 262 

Mason, Mary Elizabeth 95, 165,275 

Maier. Linda 91 

Massey, John 290 

Maine. Barry 93 

Massing, Tiffany 262 

Major Attractions 42 

Math/ Computer Science Club 234 

Maletta. Christine 84 

Mathematics & Computer Science 88 

Maloney. Katie 170.290 

Mathers, Shannon 170 

Ma'Luf. Rachel 96 

Mathews, Christopher 94 

Mancuso. Marlcne 41. 94. 


Matlaga, Christine 171.290 

Mandart, Sebastian 113 

Matthews. G, Eric, Jr 89 

Mandclbaum. Allen 93 

Matthews, John 177 

Maner, Dabney 165, 290 

Matthews, Nicki 275 

Mangum, Rachael 290 

Mattingly. Shawn 186 

Manlcy. Jenny 170 

Mattox. James 177 

Mann, John 247 

Mattson. Liz 230 

Manship. Karen 290 

Mauldin. Meredith 164. 247 

Marchani. Bret 180, 275 

Mauro. Christian 96. 98. 182.262 

Marching Band 234 

Mauzy. Edward 183 

Marcussen. Jodi 247 

Maxson. Mark 180 

Margitic. Milorad 91 

May. J, Gaylord 88 

Marhevsky. Sarah 213. 222 

95. 99. 275 

May. Jo Whiiten 92 

Marie. Eva Rodtwitt 91 

May. W. Graham 88 

Marino. Michael 206 

Mayee. Klmberly 94 

Marketing Society 234 

Mayer. Michelle 171 

Marklin, Jeanie 164 

Mayes. Mateland 247 

Marks. Constance 98. 99. 2 


Mayhew. Marc 182. 96. 262 

Marler Jason 151. 181 

Maynor. James Chad 182,290 

Marlowe-Rogers. Arron 147 


Mazor, Michelle 166, 290 

Marsh. Bruce 95 

Mazzola, Matt 1 84 

Marsh. Elizabeth 98. 166. 205.247 

McBrayer, Jason F. 96 

Marshall. Cameron 99, 262 

McCain, Candace 167 

Marshall, Kim 139 

McCall. Meredith 96. 248 

Marshbum. David 290 

McCall. Spencer 290 

Martin, Allison 164, 247 

McCauley. Ann 166. 275 

Martin, Arthur 173 

McClain, Meredith 162, 248 

Martin, Charlotte 290 

McClay. Chris 230 

Martin, Dale R, 91 

McClintic. Kimberly 290 

Martin, James 91 

McClurc. Maria 169. 275 

Martin, Jennifer 163, 275 

McClure. Randle 262 

.314 Index 

McCollum, Ryan 186 

McCollum. Travis 186, 230. 262 

McConchie. Many 178,290 

McConnell. David 181. 205. 262 

McCormick. Erin 164 

McCormick, James 177 

McCourt, Alexandra 162,262 

McCourt, Kate 168 

McCoy, Leah P 86 

McCracken, Jonathan 178 

McCrary, Felicia 41 

McCrary, Jennifer 164, 27,S 

McCubrey, Elizabeth 291 

McCulloch. Michael 178, 94 

McDowell, Peter 178 

McElwee, Mary 291 

McFadden, Charles 181, 291 

McGee, Elizabeth 96, 98, 168, 262 

McGee, Laura 168 

McGee, Samuel 41,96, 99 

McGee, Sharon 168 

McGhee, Will 186 

McGohey, Thomas 93 

McGough, Jennifer 96, 98. 248 

McGrady, Amanda 165, 291 

McGuckin, Laurie 165 

McGuire, Melissa 291 

McGurkin. Robin E. 95. 187. 248 

Mclnnis. Jonathan 185 

Mcintosh. Jeffrey 173 

Mcintosh. Paul 178. 94. 95, 96, 263 

McKay, Malt 176 

McKee. Bnan 230 

McKeithan. Daniel 291 

McKinley, Ian 178 

McKinney, Brent 186. 226 

McKinney. Elizabeth 96. 165 

McKinnon. Lisa 168. 248 

McKnight. Stephen 173 

McKune. Kathenne 168.291 

McLaughlin. Megan 220. 171 

McLaughlin. Patrick 186. 248 

McLean. Kathenne Parker 96. 98. 99. 165, 248 

McLean, Paige 165, 291 

McLeod. Stephen 172. 275 

McLoughlin. Travers 1 82 

McMahan.Amy 168. 276 

McMahon. Bob 182 

McMahon. Elizabeth 169. 291 

McMakin. Amanda 162. 248 

McMillan. Jill 92 

McMurray. Heather 162. 276 

McNally. Ryan 184, 230, 263 

McNaughton. Enc 248 

McNeel. Matthew 173 

McNutt. Patrick 96 

McPeak. Timothy 178 

McPhatter. Quentin 230 

McPherson. Dolly 93 

McQueen. Curtina 167 

McQueen, Steven 248 

McWhorter, Louis 177 

McWhorter, Michael 177 

McWilliams, Allison 214, 99, 171, 263 

Meadows, Joseph 178 

Mealor, Steve 217. 219. 248 

Meares. Kathenne 94. 96. 222. 223 

Meeker. Carly 170 

Meeker. Shannon K. 99. 169. 276 

Meetsma. Mark 204. 248 

Mehta. Paayal 291 

Melito. Mark 141. 142 

Melkonian. Michael 96. 248 

Melson. Gordon 85 

Melton. Brian 174, 95. 99. 248 

Melton. Paul 177 

Melzig, Kns 164 

Memory, Alexa 171, 291 

Memory, Duncan 178, 248 

Mendenhall, William 248 

Menegakis, Vassiliki 204 

Men's Club Soccer 234 

Mens Golf 136 

Men's Tennis 150 

Men's Track 146 

Mercer, Aaron 206 

Men-ell, Robin 291 

Memll, Heather 164 

Memtt, Colin 181. 248 

Messier. Stephen P 87 

Mela. Chris 97 

Meyer, Karen 276 

Meyer, Louisa 291 

Meyer, Margaret 94, 96, 171, 248 

Meyers, Emily 291 

Meyers. William K, 87 

Michael. Geoff 213 

Michals. Teresa 93 

Michalskl. Joe 184. 159.291 

Michalski. Noell 291 

Michaud.Tnsh 165 

Michel. Ryan 248 

Middlelon. Jennifer 248 

Middlelon. Kevin 230. 96. 276 

Midla. Alyssa 94 

Midla. Cortney 97. 99 

Military Science 88 

Millener. Clay 177, 291 

Miller. Allison 171 

Miller, David 263 

Miller, Deana 96. 263 

Miller. Jason 177 

Miller. Jeffrey 180 

Miller. Jennifer 263 

Miller, Jonathan 276 

Miller, Kathenne 164, 291 

Miller, Leigh Wayne 95,96,98,158, 159, 170 

Miller, Mark 183, 276 

Miller, Meredith 165, 291 

Miller, Nicole 204, 164, 248 

Miller. Scott 181. 263 

Milligan. Michaele 204. 96. 248 

Mills. Andrew 182. 263 

Mills. Kathenne 171.204.248 

Milner. Joseph O. 86 

Milner. Pete 40 

Miner. Bnan 183 

Minich. Kirsten 170.276 

Mmko. Joseph 95. 96 

Minol, Melissa 291 

Minter. Christopher 230. 248 

Miraglia. Rich 248 

Mitchell. Bnan 40. 174. 222 

Mitchell. Chns 186 

Mitchell. Dianne 86 

Mitchell. Sidney 181. 248 

Mitchell. Tommy 230 

Mize. Whitney 170 

Model United Nations 213 

Modlin. Candace 291 

Mohl. Stephanie 41 

Mohler. Pete 1 82 

Moilick. Gloria 62 

Money. Charles 276 

Montagliani, Amelie 98, 248 

Montagno, Martin 211,230,291 

Montgomery, Grant 291 

Moody, Chns 292 

Moody, Kam 230, 233 

Moody, Meredith 166 

Moody, Michael Josh 143,181 

Mooney, Kryssa 276 

Moore, Edward 177 

Moore, Heather 97, 169, 263 

Moore, James B. 99 

Moore, Jason 1 82, 263 

Moore, Jen 219 

Moore, Jennifer 62. 248. 263 

Moore. Jim 184. 222 

Mtx>re. Lavastian 248 

Moore. Mary 292 

Moore. Michael 263 

Moore. Samantha 230. 99. 263 

Moore. Sarah 165. 292 

Moore. Shannon 94. 96, 98, 168 

Moorefield, Monica 96 

Moorhouse, John C. 86 

Moran, Patrick 93 

Moran, Sean 40, 263 

Morello, Jennifer 98, 169. 263 

Moreshead. Cynthia 104.276 

Morgan. JoAnna 62. 263 

Morgan, Melissa 169 

Morie, Bradley 180 

Morin, Renee 248 

Morris, Michael 183 

Moms, Susan 96, 162,204, 249 

Momson, Charles Grant 184,276 

Momson, James 186, 96, 97 

Mory, Paul 180, 276 

Morykwas, Mardene 92 

Moser, Ashley 170 

Moser, John 1 77 

Moses, Carl 90 

Moshtael, Sepehr 292 

Moss, Jason 181, 276 

Moss. William 93 

Moultrie. Ned 119, 121 

Mount, Ryan 181 

Moumighan, Kevin 206, 249 

Moyer, Amy 63 

Muday, Gloria K. 85 

Muday, Jeffrey 99 

Muelchi, Amanda 165, 276 

Mulholland. Rae Anna 132, 135 

Mullaney, Jason 186, 158, 249 

Mullen, Thomas E. 80 

Mullis, Kevin 276 

Mumford, Wendy 169, 292 

Mundy, Camper 182, 249 

Munn, Daniel 94, 182,249 

Muns, Edward 180 

Munz, Aaron 174 

Murawski, Daniel 158 

Murbach, Tyanna 276 

Murchison, Lance 173, 220, 263 

Murdock, Enn 171 

Murphy, Kelly 162, 249 

Murphy, Melissa 168, 292 

Murphy. Patrick 183 

Murphy. Stephen 91 

Murphy. Tara 169, 292 

Murphy. Timothy 249 

Murray. Rebecca 63, 263 

Murren, Patncia 153, 169 

Muse, Kevin 95, 98 

Music 89 

Mustian, Benjamin 177 

Myer, Ethan 1 83 

Myhre. Kenneth 263 

Mynck. Edward 214.249 


NAACP 234 
Nagcl. Scott 292 
Nakamoto. Desmond 174. 276 
Nalavala, Rab 222. 276 
Namath, Lisa 96. 249 
Naper. Jeffrey 183. 249 
Nash. Lillian 165 
Navan-o. Paul 186, 213, 96 
Neal, Jeffery 276 
Nebesio.Todd 94, 182, 276 
Neely, Mami 168,292 

Ads, Index, and Closing 315 


Neeiy. Meredith 292 

Negel. Laura A. 95 

Ncill, Heather 95. 96, 169. 249 

Neill. Stephanie 138. 139. 95. 98. 2 

Nelson. Craig 96 

Nelson. Jera 165. 276 

Nennstiel. Julie 167. 249 

Nesbii. Scott 98. 249 

Nesbill. Kelly 168. 249 

Ness. Craig 175. 230. 276 

Nestrud. Sara 164 

New. Michelle A. 95. 97. 187. 249 

Newell. Sarah 94 

Newhn. Locke 91 

Newton. Candelas 91 

Newton. Mike 184 

Nguyen, Diem 41 

Nguyen, Yen 162. 277 

Nia House 212 

Nicastro, Kevin 214 

Nichols. Jill 263 

Nicholson. Tamara 166,213 

Nickerson, Tracy 1 70. 249 

Nickol.Anne 108, 166 

Nicoll. Kimberly 171, 263 

Nielsen, Linda L. 86 

Nielson, Retcher 178, 226 

Nigrelli,Amy 96, 249 

Niksch.AhsaL. 94,95,96, 187.263 

Nix. Cassey Paul 95. 277 

Nix. Mary 171 

Nobman. Kirstcn 164.292 

Notsinger. John 292 

Noftle. Ronald 85 

Nolan. William 249 

Nordhaus. Jamie 230. 171. 277 

Norris. James L. 88 

Norris. Mark 182 

Nonhan. Mark 186. 95, 96. 249 

Norton. Michael 97.173. 187. 263 

Novick. Ashur 292 

Nunez. Heather 205. 213 

Nunley, Karen 96. 98. 170 

Nusbickel. Ryan 182.277 

Nye. Rosemary 164. 292 

Nylor. Michelle 292 

Owen, Jeffrey 292 

Owen. Jennifer 169 

Owens. Carol 95. 96. 168. 263 

Owens. Trelonnie 122. 123. 125. 129. 250 

Oxendine. Karen 92 

Oxenrider. Leigh Anne 292 


Oakes. Barbee M. 87 

Ober. William 249 

O'Callaghan. Jill 169 

Odom. Dave 122. 123 

ODonnell. Lisa 230 

Oelrtch. Elizabeth 41. 171 

Oelrich, William 181 

O'Keefe. Charles 263 

O'Keefe. Christopher 183.249 

Okehie. Laura 292 

Old Gold and Black 214 

O'Uary. David 178 

Ohtsky. Jason 183. 292 

Olsen. Krisima 169. 277 

Olson. Linnea 170. 292 

Omega Psi Phi 179 

Omicrnn Delta Epsilon 97 

Omicron Delta Kappa 98 

O'Neal. James 186.263 

O'Neill. Matthew 183 

Opal. Charlotte 292 


Orbe. Juan 91 

Orchestra 234 

Orebaugh. Michael 250 

Orser. Paul 83 

Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Club 234 

Ouiland. John 178 

Overing. Gillian 93 



Paccione, Mark 183 
Padgett, Everett 263 
Paisons. Heather 277 
Paitsel, Brian 292 
Palangio. Jason 184 
Palmatier. Uah 230. 277 
Panigrosso. Louis 183. 230. 292 
Parent. Anthony 87 
Parent's Weekend 22 
Parihar. Robin 174. 292 
Parikh, Mimi 250 
Pans, Emily 230, 277 
Parker, David 94, 96 
Parker. John 205 
Parker, Sarah 165, 250 
Parker, Thomwell 182, 292 
Parks, Christine 96, 99, 187,250 
Parks, Michelle 98. 250 
Pamngion. Tracey 166. 263 
Pamsh. Felton E. 97 
Pamsh. Joseph 177 

Parrish. Robert 158. 159. 182. 263 
Parson. Russell 186.250 
Parsons. Charles 180 
Parsons. Heather N. 99, 166 
Parsons, Michelle 263 
Paschen. Kim 168. 277 
Passaro. James 230. 277 
Pasternak. Carolyn 230 
Pastuszek. Harry 277 
Patterson. Bnan 1 74 
Patterson. Perry L. 86. 87 
Pauca. Victor Paul 96. 97. 233. 250 
Paulsen. Jill 168. 277 
Payne. Darwin 93 
Peacock. Catherine 263 
Peacock, Douglas 292 
Peacock, Keith 182. 293 
Pearce. Cameron 230. 293 
Pearson. Willie 92 
Pedersen. William 88 
Peeler. John 263 
Peer Health Educators 213 
Peer Ministry 216 
Peery. Joseph 97 
Peery. Julie R. 98 
Peil, Michael 214. 219. 98. 250 
Pellegrino. Michael 175 
Peluso. Carl 182. 277 
Pemberton. Russell 184. 293 
Pendergrafl. Mary L. B. 85 
Penhall. Laurie 94. 165, 263 
Penn, Daniel 183 


Holly Tackcn 

Pep Band 234 

Pepin, Dorene 230, 166, 250 

PeraLRicardo 127 

Perdue, Rodney 182, 250 

Peretti, Natalie 168, 277 

Perricone, Philip 219, 92 

Perry, Dee 93 

Perry, Jeff 174, 158, 159,263 

Perry, Maragel R. 82 

Person, Christine 148,170,293 

Persons, Henry 293 

Peterson. Derek 184 

Peterson, Jennifer 170,205,250 

Peterson, Jessica 165 

Petrino, Elizabeth 93 

Pelroshius, Mary Sue 162,204, 213, 250 

Petru, Phil 186 

Petry, Michael 183. 115. 277 

Petry, Stephen 185 

Pettus, Roger 119 

Peverley, Evan 175, 277 

Peyser, Thomas 93 

Pharr, Victoria 94, 96, 98, 169, 250 

Phelps, Ashley 170, 250 

Phi Alpha Theta 98 

Phi Beta Kappa 99 

Phillips, Dane 96, 97. 264 

Phillips. Matt 182 

Phillips, Patnck 102, 146, 250 

Phillips, Sarah 99 

Phillips, Sherry 94, 96 

Philosophy 89 

Photography Staff 220 

Physics 89 

Physics Society 216 

Pi Beta Phi 171 

Pi Kappa Alpha 180 

Pi Mu Epsilon 97 

Piccione. Kimberly 165,277 

Pickel, Mary Lynn 226, 250 

Pickens, Alice 167 

Pierce. Allison 62. 96 

Pierce, Cindy 264 

Pignatti, Orsola 233, 293 

Pinder. Kalhryn 264 

Pinne, Marty 186, 264 

Pipkin. Amanda 107. 293 

Pitman. Tippi 109. 170 

Pittard. William 97 

Piltman. Demck 184 

Pitlman. Nell 164. 293 

Pitts. Bradley 94. 158. 184,264 

Pitts, Kelli 187, 250 

Plata, Melissa 170 

Plaster. James 293 

Piatt. Ryan 183 

Plemmons. Robert J. 88 

Piesko. Rebecca 96. 98. 164 

Pleva. Stacy 165. 264 

Plott. Ryan 277 

Plumpton. Jessica 293 

Plunkett, Brittany 168,277 

Plyler, Tammy 187, 94, 95, 264 

Pocock, Donald 293 

Poe, Allison 164, 264 

Poehling, Eva Marie 250 

Pohlmann. Suzanne 165, 250 

Politics 90 

Politics Club 234 

Pollard, Alton 91 

Poller, Kathennc 94. 168 

Poison. Julie 94. 97. 171 

Pomykacz, Joe 187 

Ponzi. Gabnelle 97. 99 

Poole. Chns 177 

Poorbaugh. Jennine 277 

Porter Todd 63. 186, 94, 97, 98, 264 

Posey. Andy 97 

Poiocky. Chnstopher 293 

Poulson, Zoe 41, 168, 264 

Powell. Cameron 169. 293 

Powell. James T 85 

Powers. Brent M. 95. 183. 277 

Powers. Kathleen 166. 250 

Poweski. James 178 

Pragle. Enc 103 

Pre-Law Society 217 

Preisano. Michael 250 


Presbytenan Student Group 217 

President's Aides 234 

President's Cabinet 219 

Presidents' Leadership Retreat 234 

Pressley. Dolly 98, 264 

Preusser, Jodi 169, 277 

Preveite, Dave 230 

Price, Abigail 293 

Price, Amy 169, 171, 277 

Price, Brian 1 77 

Price, Josh 293 

Price, LeShawndra 163, 264 

Price, Mary Elizabeth 164 

Price-Williams, Pam 164, 254 

Pride, David 277 

Pnest, David 94, 97. 264 

Prijoles. Eloise 293 

Prince. Ashley 165. 250 

Pnsco, Aaron 1 83 

Pritchard, Gregory 89 

Program Planning Council 219 

Project Pumpkin 30, 32 

Project Pumpkin Leadership 218 

Proud, Knstin 169, 293 

Proulx, Nicole 204, 169, 264 

Prout, John 178 

Province, Martin 89 

Pruden. Charles 177, 250 

Pruilt, Courtney 158, 164, 277 

Pruitt, Cynthia 94 

Pryce, Brad 142 

Pryor, Doug 92 

PsiChi 98 

Psychology 90 

Pubantz, Jerry 90 

Publications Board 219 

Pugh, Bradley 177, 293 

Pugliese, Robert 176, 250 

Purcell, Michael 183 

Purviance, Susie 277 

Puryear, Kalherine 168, 264 

Putnam, Charles Jason 1 8 1 , 293 


Queen. Brett 206 
Quiroz. Stacy 165 

Ads, Inaex. and Closing 317 



Radenska, Boyana 233 

Radomski, Teresa 89 

Ragan.Amy 95. 97. 168. 264 

Raines. Bill 91 

Rainey, Mary Kalherine 170. 293 

Rams. Rebecca 165 

Rainwater. Adam 175 

Raman. Sarai 226. 230 

Ramey. Tesh 293 

Ramos, Valeria 164.277 

Ramseur. Jennifer 293 

Ramsey. Manah 187. 98. 99, 250 

Randan, Nell 168 

Randall, Shawn 180 

Randolph, Deanne 62 

Rannick, Jaak 213, 293 

Rantala, Nathan 182, 226 

Raphael, Amy 293 

Rascoe, Emily 162 

Ray, Ashley 94. 169 

Razook, Meredith 165. 293 

Reagan, Wallace Carl 1 86, 277 

Reding, Regan 264 

Redmond, Mary Lynn B- 86 

Reece, Tiftany 169 

Reed, Jessica 293 

Reed, Kellie 170, 250 

Reed, Michael 293 

Reed, Robyn 214, 277 

Rees, Elizabeth 169, 250 

Reeves, J. Don 86 

Reeves, Mary Ginny 168,293 

Reid, Allison L. 99, 171,264 

Reid.AlysaR. 97.98 

Reif, Megan 277 

Reinert, Josh 277 

Reiss, Michelle 166 

Reislad, Kacey 250 

Reiter, Elizabclh 168, 250 

Reives, Patrice 163 

Rejeski, W. Jack 87 

Religion 91 

Renault, Marc 251 

Reneger, Larry Scott 251 

Renner, Mary 97, 98, 99, 169, 251 

Rcnnick, Ron 251 

Resident Student Association 234 

Ress, Elizabeth 230 

Reynolds, Kimberly 165.251 

Reynolds. Kristina 98, 99, 251 

Reynolds, Lewis 176, 94, 293 

Rhiner, Phillip 293 

Rhoades, Jennifer Lee 1 70, 293 

Rhodes, Jamie 293 

Rhodes, Jennifer 97, 165, 251 

Rhodes, Thomas 94, 181, 251 

Ribctti. Marcella 251 

Ribisl, Paul M, 87 

Ricciardclli, Michael 277 

Rice, Amber 168, 264 

Rich, Ryan Kevin 97 

Richards, Becky 168 

Richards, Catherine 167, 254 

Richardson, John 204, 251 

Richardson, Lauren 165 

Richardson, Sean 264 

Richman, Charles 90 

Richmond, Jennifer 166 

Richter, Peter 176 

Ricks, Nia 204, 167, 251 

Ricks, Thomas 183 

Riedel, Decca 277 

Rief, Elizabeth 95, 162, 251 

Riegler, Jason 293 

Rieth, Brian 293 

Riley. Kendra 163. 277 
Rinaldi. Andrea 213, 171, 251 
Ring, Heather L, 95, 97, 98. 99. 155 
Ringeisen, Bradley 97. 99,251 
Rinker, John 186, 95 




Ristau, Julia 171, 264 

Roberge, L,eonard P. 86 

Roberts, Mark 184, 251 

Roberts, Meredith 165, 251 

Roberts, Robin 171 

Roberts, Snow 293 

Roberts, Susan 214 

Robertson, Renee 251 

Robida, Matthew 173,294 

Robinson, Angela 251 

Robinson, Greg 94, 251 

Robinson, Knox 103, 294 

Robinson, Lawrence 183, 264 

Robinson, Stephen B. 88 

Robson. Deborah 277 

Rock, Raymond, Jr 174, 251 

Rockcmann. Tonya 264 

Roda, Sarah Eloise 94.97 

Rodgers, Robert 183 

Rodwick, Leigh 230 

Roe, Elizabeth 278 

Rogan, Randall 92 

Rogers, Derek 94,97, 98. 99. 251 

Rogers. Heather 171 

Rogers. Jennifer 159. 251, 278 

Rogers, Kelly 170 

Rogers, Matthew 41 

Rollins, A,J. 184, 230,278 

Roman, Rebecca 94, 264 

Romance Languages 91 

Romeo. Natascha 223 

Rorrer. James 206, 294 

Rose, Allison 170, 278 

Rose, Christine 265 

Rose, Jordan 171 

Rose, LiesI 63, 99 

Rosenberg, Amy 170 

Roscnberger, Karen 278 

Rosenthal, Benjamin 97, 251 

Ross, Jennifer Ann 94, 97, 164, 265 

Rossi, Ralph 175 

Rosso, Jennifer 166 

ROTC 224 

Roth, Michael 97, 251 

Rolondi, Heather 187, 251 

Rotondi, Kerry 94, 294 

Roumel, Eleni 166, 278 

Rountree, Burch 170 

Rountree, Manning 177, 97, 99 

Rowe, William 97, 99, 251 

Rowell, Jonathan 181 

Rowland, Julie 187, 278 

Roy. Katharine 164 

Royals. Steve 294 

Rubiera. Margi 105 

Rudd, Matthew 97. 174. 230 

Rueler, Stephanie 169 

Rugby Club 234 

Ruggles, Leigh Ann 213, 219, 251 

Runge, Erik 251 

Rupinski, Lisa 171 

Rupp, Susan Z. 87 

Rush, Demetris 278 

Rush, Gregory 294 

Rush, Matthew 181 

Rusher, Dana 251 

Russell, Jon 103 

Russian House 234 

Rutberg. James 176 

Ryan, Marc 175 

Ryder, Andrew 181 

Saenz, Fernando 97 

Safe Rides 223 

Sagan, Philip 173, 294 

Saha. Sanjay 1 74 

Sailing Club 234 

Sain. Charles 294 

Saladin. Stacy 168, 265 

Salamanca 63 

Salisbury, Barbara 171 

Salisbury, Katherine 169, 265 

Salisbury, Sarah Rebecca 165,251 

Salmon, Lysandra 294 

Salsbury, Anne 170, 294 

Samchalk, Erica 204, 168, 265 

Samorodin, Steven 187,265 

Sancho, Magdalena 97 

Sanderiine, Elaine 294 

Sanders, Tara 294 

Sanderson, Jennifer 265 

Sangimino, Peter 1 84, 278 

Sarkarati, David 183, 94, 97 

Samacki, Rachel 162 

Satterfield, Bart 177 

Saul, Brandon 230, 294 

Sault, Jennifer 62, 91 

Saunders, Frederick 230, 252 

Saunders, Heather 165, 278 

Savinsky, Chnstopher 278 

Scarborough, Nancy 168 

Scarpino, Stephen 97 

Schaefer, Eric 184 

Schaefcr, Tiffany 170,294 

Schaeffer, Amanda 171 

Schaeffer Todd 185 

Schcllentrager, Holly Charlotte 97, 164, 204, 265 

Scherba, Stranny 204, 252 

Schiano, Owen 177 

Schiller, Jennifer 99, 165 

Schippers, Christina 294 

Schmickle, William 90 

Schofield, Mark 182, 97. 278 

Scholp. Jennifer L, 63. 97. 165. 265 

Schomber. Brad 174. 97, 265 

School of Business & Accountancy 91 

Schoone, Marc 127 

Schott, Robert 183, 278 

Schreckengaust, Spencer 183 

Schroeder, Sarah 278 

Schubert, Marianne A. 86 

Schuh, Jennifer 164, 278 

Schumacher, Peter 174,265 

Schumacher, Steve 111, 114, 115 

Schwanz, Erik A, 98, 185 

Schwartz, David 97, 98, 265 

Schweickert, William 94,97, 178 

Schwer, Jeremy 186. 213 

Scola, Jeffrey 183 

Scott, Chase 1 77 

Scott, George 94, 294 

Scott, Holly 170, 294 

Scott, Katherine 230, 294 

Scott, Marc 126 

Scott, Margaret 252 

Scott, Marguerite 278 

Scott, Sandra 294 

Screamin' Demons 223 

Scriven, Michelle 294 

Scruggs, Jennifer 164, 278 

Seabrook, Juan Letishia 97, 98, 167. 252 

Seaford. Brooke 294 

Sears, Kathryn 222 

Sears, Richard 90 

Seawright, Lindsay 133, 134, 135 

Scchrest, Mansa 98. 170 

Secrest Artist Series 68. 44 



See. Katherine 165,204.265 

Seeber. Peter J. 178. 252 

Seezen, Michael 176 

Segars, Thomas 294 

Seller. Tracy 168 

Seitz. Chris 230 

Selan. Benje A. 95. 180 

Sell. Karen 217 

Sellner.Adam 278 

Sellner. Timothy F. 87 

Sena. John 294 

Senechal. Jacques 173 

Seni.Kathryn 98. 170 

Seriuco. Nicole 107 

Servy. Glynn 252 

Seta, Catherine E. 86, 90 

Settle, Victoria Shawn 187,265 

Seizer, Sharon 1 68 

Sexton, Mark 93 

Sgambati, Anthony 1 83, 2 1 3 

Shaffer, Anne E. 97,99, 187 

Shaffer, Rob 265 

Shah. Parul Lisa 94, 165 

Shannon, Judith 94 

Shannon. Leigh 40. 164 

Shantz, Jeffrey D. 41,95, 175 

Shaw, Amy 187, 94, 278 

Shaw, Kun 87 

Shaw, Scotl 181, 252 

Shaw, Walter 91 

Sheedy. Rachel 211, 214. 230, 278 

Shelley, Laura 169, 278 

Shelton, Jeremy 230, 294 

Shenasky, Amy 106, 107 

Shepherd, Cynl 294 

Sherly, Douglas 175 

Sherman, Frank 175, 278 

Sherman, Warren 147, 252 

Sherrell, James 173 

Shemll, Dave 230 

Shernll, Tasha 278 

Shields, Howard W, 89 

Shiels, Lynn 252 

Shiels, Thomas 183 

Shipp, Shannon 181. 265 

Shnider, Heather 187, 230, 294 

Shoemaker. Kelly 168. 278 

Shores, Lori 211, 294 

Shorter, Charles 183, 94, 252 

Shorter, Robert 93 

Shrevc, Chris 186 

Shuman, John 94, 97, 252 

Shuns, W. Matthew 206, 230, 294 

Siegner, Keith 183, 294 

Sigal, Gale 93 

Sigler, Melissa 252 

Sigma Chi 181 

Sigma Nu 182 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 183 

Sigma Pi 184 

Sigma Tau Delta 99 

Sigmon, Jeff 294 

Sigmon, Reid 278 

Sills. Morgan 252 

Silver. Dena 204, 97, 164, 252 

Silver. Sherell 226 

Silver. Wayne L. 85 

Simko, Jacqueline 95, 97, 252 

. David Jr 279 

, Laura Ashely 164,252 
Simmons, Oman 179, 278 
Simon, Clinton 252 
Simpkins, Jerome 117 
Simpson, Bradley 178 
Simpson, Matthew 177 
Simpson, Stephen Chad 178.265 
Sims. Hanna 265 
Simstein, Jessica 169. 265 
Sinclair. Michael L. 87 
Singh. Rahul 265 
Singleton. Hollis 171. 252 
Sinthusek. Hatai 94 
Sipos. Jennifer 94. 265 
Sisk.Andy 230 
Skarky. Steve 182. 252 
Skinner. Darrin 183. 265 
Sklenicka, Kimberly 165, 294 
Sklenka, Jennifer 97, 99, 252 
Skowronek, Jill 169, 294 
Slaughter, Sharon L, 62. 230, 252 

Sloan, Amy 170, 294 



230, 265 

Sloan, Melanie 294 

Slone, Patrice 265 

Slowik, Tammy 164. 294 

Smith, Alison 91 

Smith, Allison 97, 98 

Smith, Angel 253 

Smith, Brian 214 

Smith, Christina 166, 204.253 

Smith, Ed 147 

Smith, Eileen 170 

Smith, Gavin 230, 265 

Smith, Ginny Sue 279 

Smith, Heather 169, 279 

Smith. J. Howell 87 

Smith. Jennifer 168 

Smith. Jonathan 177. 223 

Smith. Josh 295 

Smith. Kathleen 90 

Smith, Keith 279 

Smith. Kelly 295 

Smith, Margaret Supplee 84 

Smith. Melanie 170. 295 

Smith. Michael 173, 279 

Smith, Robert 185, 230. 265 

Smith, Ross 92 

Smith. Scott 205. 253 

Smith. Sharon 230. 253 

Smith. Stacy 170. 279 

Smith. Sumner 99. 253 

Smith, Tina L. 94, 295 

Smithwick, Bnan 230, 295 

Snee, Jennifer 171,230 

Sneed, Marc 266 

Sninski.Todd 184, 295 

Snodgrass, Lisa 204, 168, 266 

Snyder, Andy 295 

Snyder. Jeanette 166.213,230 

Snyder, Wesley E. 88 

Soccer 110 

Society for Human Resource Management 234 

Sociology 92 

Solano, Cecilia 90 

Solomon, Christopher 181 

Ads, Index, and Closing 

Solomon, Wade 99, 279 

Sones, Jay 230 

SOPH 170 

Souther, Chns 279 

Southern, Edward 186,214.253 

Sov)ch, Andrea 171. 279 

Spagnardi, Wilham 174,266 

Spangler. Andrea 253 

Spangler, David 184,295 

Speech Communication 92 

Speed the Plow 35 

Specs, Nathan 295 

Spell, Mary Susan 170,279 

Spencer, Steven 253 

Spevak, Matthew 174,266 

Speziani. Fiorella 230. 295 

Spiiler. John 295 

Spolski. Rosanne 85 

Spooner, Richard 295 

Spralls, Dionne 279 

Spring Attractions 66 

Spnngfest 70, 72 

Sprotl, Kevin 175 

Spruill. Paul 158 

Spurlock, Kathenne 169 

Squires. Drew 253 

Stacy, Nancy 98 

Stainton, Sarah Rybum 170 

Stake, Sean 184 

Stanard, Matthew 97, 98, 187 

Stanchina, Carol 266 

Stanley, Caroline 164. 295 

Stanley. James 175. 253 

Stanton. Elizabeth 168 

Starbuck. Kaci 295 

Starling. Jeffrey 279 

Starmer. David 266 

Staub, Alicia 94, 171, 279 

Steintrager, Megan 222. 230. 99 

Steinway. Diana 214.230 

Stengone. Carmine 183, 94 

Stenhousc. Robert 175,230 

Stepan.Anne 97. 99, 165 

Stephenson, April 204, 266 

Stephenson. Jill 266 

Stepp, Owen 253 

Sternberg, Jordana 166, 253 

Stevens, David 176 

Stevens, Jonathan 178 

Stevenson, Nicole 148, 104 

Stewart, Allison 228, 98. 171. 266 

Stewart. Jan K. 94. 97, 187. 253 

Stewart. Jude 40. 99, 222. 230 

Stewart. Loraine M. 86 

Stewart, Margaret 295 

Stieler. Emily 295 

Stillerman, John 184 

Stillerman, William Todd 95.98, 99, IS 

Stinnett, Shannon 165, 295 

Stitcher, Bob 95 

Stockenberg, Doug 217 

Stoffan. Karen 266 

Stokes, DeLeon E. 91 

Stokes, Shannon 170, 266 

Stokes. Sondra 97. 165 

Stoll, Stephen 186, 94, 279 

Stone, Adam 177 

Stone, James 181, 279 

Stone, Randolph Tyler 181,230 

Stone, Scottie 158, 164. 295 

Stoughton. Janice 168, 295 

Stowers. Susan 164. 279 

Strain. James 279 

Strandhoy, Laura 230 

Strange. Christopher 230. 296 

Streibig. Stephan 230 

Streit. Amy W. 97. 98 

Strelka, Joseph 279 

Strickland. Beth 170 

Stringer. Gan-ett 296 

Strings 171 

Stroh, June Kazuo 95, 97, 99, 204, 253 

Strohl, Mike 230 

Stroupe, Beth 296 

Stroupe, David H. 87 

Sirubc, Randy 183 

Strum, Allen 180, 214, 219, 220 

Strum. Mary Z. 170.279 

Stubenrauch, Caren 162 

Stuckey, J. Ken 253 

Stucky, Monica 97, 98. 99. 165 

Student Alumni Council 229 

Student Ambassadors 234 

Student Budget Advisory Committee 234 

Student Counselors 234 

Student Government 228 

Student Gov. Program Planning Committee 234 

Student Gov. Race Relations Committee 234 

Student, The 222 

Student Union 226 

Students for Life 234 

Stuetzer,Tom 279 

Stump, Michael 151 

Sturtcvanl, Lisa 206. 97, 253 

Slullcr, Melanie 98 

Sullivan, Enn 169. 253 

Sullivan. Sue 171 

Sumner. Alan 97 

Sumner, Brian 183, 94, 98, 253 
Sumner, Todd 183, 296 
Sundar, Ashok 279 
Surface, Julianne 266 
Surovi, Laura 97 
Swain, Brian 182, 94 
Swain, Jimmy 97, 266 
Swaney, Kathryn 165 
Swanson. Susan 230 
Swofford. Robert 85 
Symphonic Band 234 

Tackett. Holly 

211, 214. 219. 220, 222. 165. 266 
Tailgating 25 
Talbert. Charles 91 
Tallardy. Erin 168. 279 
Tangeman. Frederick 180 
Tanis. Slefanie 87 
Taplin. Ian 92 
Tarrant. Wayne 97 
Tan, John Hunter 97, 98,214 
Tate, Meg 168. 279 
Tau Kappa Epsi Ion 185 
Taylor. Angel 296 
Taylor. Betsy 108. 109. 170 
Taylor. Christopher 178 
Taylor, Eric 253 


Taylor, Fleurtashia 296 

Taylor, Kevin 253 

Taylor, Krisiina 253 

Taylor, Michelle R 95, 163, 253 

Taylor. Orlanda 98, 253 

Taylor, Susan 168, 296 

Taylor, Thomas 99 

Taylor, Thomas C. 91 

Taylor, Wendell 253 

Teague, Paige 266 

Teague, Shannon 97, 169, 253 

Tecau, Jeffrey 183,296 

Tedford, Harold C. 93 

Tefft, Slanlon K, 84 

Templeton, Kimberly 164,296 

Tenore, Blake 183 

Teschner, Sam 171 

Thacker, Bnan 184, 253 

Thayer, Chris 170 

The Country Wife 59 

The Heiress 58 

The Stonewater Rapture 60 

Theakslon, Hillary 171 

Theatre 93 

ThetaChi 186 

Thomas, Christy 99, 253 

Thomas, Claudia 93 

Thomas, Crystal 296 

Thomas, Elizabeth 296 

Thomas, Jama] 62 

Thomas, Jonathan 177 

Thomas, Kim 171, 253 

Thomas, Leigh Ann 168, 230,296 

Thomas, Melissa Shea 162,253 

Thomas, Olive S. 91 

Thomas, Patncia 296 

Thomas, Stan J. 88 

Thomas, Whitni 95, 169 

Thomas, William 97, 253 

Thomas, Yalaunda 167 

Thomas, Zeb 254 

Thompson, Andrew 99, 186,230,254 

Thompson, Bradford 180,280 

Thompson, Darren 228, 254 

Thompson, David 254 

Thompson, Jason 187, 97 

Thompson, Jessica 296 

Thompson, Karen 169, 266 

Thompson, Kyle 206, 280 

Thompson, Matthew 173, 94 

Thompson, Michael 85, 91 

Thompson, Rebecca 98, 170, 266 

Thompson, Tracy 280 

Thonpson, Kelly 163 

Thornton, Shelby 171 

Thorpe, Jill 164 

Threepenny Opera 34 

Thymes 168 

Till, Kimberly 165, 254 

Tilman, Nathan 296 

Timbers, Josh 115 

Timmer, Elizabeth 280 

Timmennans. Alexandra 169,296 

Tipton, Paula 168, 280 

Tischler, Mindy 170, 280 

Titus, Harry B . Jr 84 

Tobin, Maureen 97, 98, 266 

Tobler, John 230, 94, 280 

Todd, Jennifer 169, 280 

Tokai 38 

Tokai House 222 

Tomlin, Ben 254 

Toney, Rebecca 171. 280 

Toole, Patricia 93 

Torgersen, Todd C. 88 

Tower, Ralph B. 91 

Townsend, Howard 97, 254 

Towslee, Sarah 165 

Toy, Florence 91 

Trafton, Jennifer 296 

Traigle, Sara 63 

Traulwein, Barbara 89 

Trautwein, George 89 

Traveria, Alejandro 94, 97, 99, 254 

Tripp, Wykesha 280 

Trombly, Leona 296 

Truesdell, Debbie 187, 230 

Tseng, Ted 296 

Tsie, Giorgio 1 1 

Tubb, Byron 254 

Tucker, David 266 

Tucker, Mark 296 

Tucker, Traci 267 

Tullis, Lisa 165 

Tully, Robert 183 

Turk, Elizabeth 165, 280 

Turkheimcr, Stefan 229, 296 

Turner, Charles 182, 206, 280 

Turner, Kimberly 211,296 

Turner, Tish 205, 170, 254 

Turner, Todd 181. 219 

Tuttle. Marguerite 62, 280 

Tyrrell, Knstin 168,206,226,280 


Ueberroth, Lindsey 165, 296 

Ulery, Robert W, Jr 85 

Ullom, Chnstine 169, 280 

Ulmer. Dave 184 

Ulrich. Brian 296 

Umar. Ramsey 296 

Underberg, Mary 254 

Updegraph, Gamck 267 

Upton, Lee III 176,254 

Urbach, Deborah 97, 98. 99. 165.213,254 

Ulley. Leslie 168. 254 


214. 230 


Vacca. Jamie 99. 1 64. 254 
Vacca, Sally 164 
Valego, Brent 178 


Valliere, David 178 

Van Der Sande, Erik 178,280 

VanDerSluys. Cherie 97, 98. 99. 254 

Van Dyke, Christopher 177 

Van Every, Peaches 280 

Van Horn, Karen 63, 162,267 

Van Zandt, Pieler Derek 97, 98, 175 

Vance, Kathleen 164 

Vanderbloemen, Brian 175 

Vanderveer, Andy 184 

VanDyke, Chris 280 

Vantre, Scott 183, 254 

Ads, Index, and Closing 


Vaughn, Angela M. 98 
Vaughn. Mike 184. 267 
Veazey. Regina 211.219.254 
Veneziano. Joseph 254 
Venice 41. 62 
Ventura, Kathenne 254 
Verch, Stephanie 171. 254 
Vess. Kristopher 182.280 
Vickers. Kathenne 97. 162, 267 
Vidovich, Jay 110 
Viehman. Shay 95, 280 
Virdin,John 177 
Vitti. Antonio 91 

Vlahulin. Karen 206. 97, 99, 25 
Voelkel. Heather 254 
Vogel, Adrienne 40. 162 
Volleyball Club 234 
Volpe. Ellen 213, 94. 97, 254 
Volunteer Service Corps 234 
Vrana. Patrick 181 
Vuic, Jason 173 


WaddillMarcellusE. 88 

Wadkins. Jessica 170. 280 

Wadsworth. Jay 176. 267 

Wagner, Bret 141 

Wagner, Kyle 141, 145 

Wagoner, Anna Gregory 165 

Wagoner. Gwendolyn 94. 97.98, 165 

Wahl, Christopher 267 

Wakat. Marshall 175 

WAKE Radio 230 

WAKE Radio House 234 

WAKE TV Steering Committee 229 

Waldron. Ixonard 177,267 

Walker, Amy 166 

Walker Cheryl 297 

Walker, Daniel 97. 267 

Walker. Jason 95 

Walker. Kenneth 88 

Walker Paula 280 

Walker. Scott 214 

Walker. Sharon 280 

Walker. Steven 177. 97 

Wall. Amelia 267 

Wall.Claudetta 280 

Wall, Joseph 177,267 

Wallace, Amy 135 

Wallach, Shelby 162 

Walls, Kristen 171, 280 

Walser, Tonya 267 

Walsh. Elizabeth 204 

Walsh, Sarah 255 

Walter. Mark W, 94.97 

Walter. Michael 186. 267 

Walvoord. Casey 254 

Ward. Bnan 182. 280 

Ward. Chad 297 

Ward. John 177 

Ward. Laura 169. 297 

Warden. Tonya 97. 254 

Warner, Elizabeth 97, 99, 164, 254 

Warner, Michael 183 

Warren. Deborah 94. 97. 187 

Warren, Stephanie 168 

Washburn. Sarah 164 

Wasilauskas. Annemarie 280 

Wasilewski, David 254 

Wasowski, Melissa 108, 109, 171, 28 

Watkins, Brent 267 

Watkins. Charles 179 

Watson, Scott 97. 98. 254 

Watters.John 186. 267 

Watts. Melodic 297 

Watts. Sarah 87 

Waxelman, Michael 183 

Wayne, Mary 93 

Wayne, Meredith 165, 280 

Weathers. Grace 1 64 

Weaver. David S. 84 

Weaver. Victoria 297 

Webb. Alicia 98 

Webb. Jennifer G. 170. 254 

Webb. Jennifer R. 255 

Webb. Lindsay 170 

Webb. Suzanne 166. 297 

Weber Brett 181 

Weber. Kate 148 

Weber Thomas 173 

Weeks. Joseph 174.220.267 

Weigl, Peter D. 85 

Weil, Kari 91 

Weimer. Ryan 217.280 

Weinberg. Adam 183. 255 

Weinhold. Anja 255 

Wemstien. David 90 

Weir Eugenia 97, 170.204 

Wciskopf. Jill 219. 228. 95. 168. 255 

Welch, Chrissie 171 

Weldon, Norbert Woodruf 97, 1 86, 267 

Welgoss, Steven 214.267 

Welker. Mark 85 

Wellman, Nikki 171 

Wcllman. Ron 83 

Wells. Andy 267 

Wells, Anne 95. 98. 165 

Wells. Byron 91 

Wells. Shelley 255 

Wells. Tammy L. 297 

Welsh. Sarah 97. 99 

Werner. Jennifer K. 97. 99. 255 

Wesley Foundation 231 

Wesley House 234 

West. Larry 87 

West.Tara 164, 255 

Wetmore. Bums 183, 280 

Weyer, Toby 182. 280 

Whalen. Patrick 1 84 

Whaples. Robert M, 86 

Whatley. Kimberly A. 297 

Whipple. Teresa 169 


. Bri 


White. Foy 187 

.322 InJe 




" r^m 


' .' ^ 

Holly Tacketl 

While. Ginger 213. 171 

Wilson. Pressly-Ann 281 

White. Karen 187, 230. 297 

Wilson. Rebecca 165, 281 

White. Rebecca 280 

Wilson, Scott 297 

White. Thomas 184. 255 

Wilson. Thomas 63, 267 

White, Tonnye 162, 255 

Wilt,Enn 171, 297 

White, Virginia 267 

Winkle. Kristin 94, 169, 297 

Whitehead, Mary 94 

Winslow,Vann 297 

Whitehead, Shannon 267 

- Winston, Rochelle 167, 255 

Whiteley, Julia Lee 97, 164 

Winter, Marilee 166, 255 

Whitfield. Jennifer 280 

Wise, Tom 95 

Whitley. Stanley 91 

Wisehart, Marc 281 

Whitmire. John 297 

Withers. Elizabeth 165. 255 

Whittaker, Ron 136, 178 

Witt, Garrick 173 

Why the Lord Came to Sand Mountain 60 

Wogan. Adam 1 73 

Wickland, Chris 214, 219 

Wolfe, Donald 93 

Wiemken. Christopher John 97 

Wolford.Jeff 281 

Wiethaus, Ulrike 91 

Woltman, Darlene 98 

Wiggins. John 95. 98 

Women's Basketball Pep Band 231 

Wiley, Julie 166. 280 

Women's Club Soccer 232 

Wilhelm, Lisa 164 

Women's Golf 138 

Wilkerson. Jack E. Jr. 91 

Women's Issues Network 234 

Wilkins, Nathan 297 

Women's Lacrosse Club 234 

Williams. Alan 87 

Women's Studies House 233 

Williams. Allison 164, 255 

Women's Tennis 152 

Williams, Amy 168, 281 

Women's Track 148 

Williams, Breton 178 

Wood,Abby 267 

Williams, Charles 90 

Wood, Bobby 144 

Williams, Chen 267 

Wood, Harriet 63. 223. 168. 267 

Williams, Danica 281 

Wood. John H. 86 

Williams, Devon 166 

Wood. Ralph 91 

Williams, Durward 183, 255 

Woodall. Jennifer 165. 281 

Williams. Enc 226. 281 

Woodall, Ned 84 

Williams. George P., Jr. 89 

Woodcock. Connne 220, 297 

Williams, Jeff 182 

Woodruff, Richard 255 

Williams, Jonathan 181, 267 

Woods, Elizabeth 165, 255 

Williams. Mary 97 

Woods, Jennifer 94, 281 

Williams, Megan 226, 297 

Woods, Timothy 183 

Williams, Richard T. 89 

Woody, Michael 281 

Williams. Rufus 281 

Woolwine, Nathan 181, 94 

Williams. Tamara 168 

Wooten, Amy 169, 281 

Williams. Tycely 229. 297 

Wooten. Brent 204, 267 

Williams. William 182.297 

Wooten, Jody 205. 223, 168, 255 

Williamson. Brent 174. 211, 217, 219, 220. 255 Wooten. Sally 168. 267 

Williamson. Frank 88 

Wootton, Laura 166.267 

Williard. John G. 81 

WorldNet: International Club 233 

Willis, David 182, 281 

Wrenn. Angela 171,255 

Willis, John 183 

Wrestling Club 234 

Wilson, Brian 174. 297 

Wright, Beverly 92 

Wilson, David C. 88 

Wright, Floy 230, 166, 255 

Wilson, Edwin 81. 83. 93 

Wright, Jessica 165 

Wilson, Ina 206, 213 

Wnght,John 177, 297 

Wilson, Kim 171 

Wyche,JoAnna 171, 204.255 

Wilson, Laura 98. 281 

Wilson. Liz 170 

Yamada. Brian 174, 94, 97. 267 
Yarbrough. John 297 
Yarbrough. Lucy 168. 297 
Yarusinskt. Joseph 173 
Yasaki. Gen 174. 297 
Yates, Andrew J. 86 
Yates, DeVoe 230.297 
Yates. Murphy. Jr 184.297 
Yaworski, Crystal 168, 297 
Year in Review 20 
Yeazel. Bnan 230 
Yce. Eugenia 162. 255 
Yelverton. Susan 170 
Yohrling, George 183. 255 
Yokoyama. Rie 281 
Young. Amy 98. 169. 255 
Young. Charles 177 
Young. Frank 181 
Young. Joshua 173 
Young. Mark 184 
Young, Shawn 179, 94 
Yowell. Ginger 255 

Zachos, Nicholas 220 

Zahir, Tarique 184, 281 

Zaidi, Nadia 230. 267 

Zajac, Adam 143 

Zak, William 180 

Zaks, Ellen 213. 97. 98 

Zaks, Jason 1 77 

Zalzneck, Robbie 214 

Zambito, Peter 297 

Zarger, Becky 171 

Zamt, Debra 171,281 

Zavaleta, Liza 233 

Zawacki, Terry Ann 153 

Zawoysky, Karen 297 

Zazworsky, Ronald 177 

Zazworsky. Shannon 205. 213. 170. 255 

Zeichner. Jeremy 97 

Zeier. Kristin 255 

Zeigler, Shannon 94 

Zelasko. Katherine 297 

Zellers, Albert 173 

Zelski, Allison 164 

Zetick, Marian 230,281 

Zick, Kenneth 81,219 

Zimmerman, Jarrett 1 77, 297 

Zins, David 281 

Zoccolillo, Allen 62 

Zoder, Patricia 165, 255 

Zuber, Richard L. 87 

Zuckerman, L^ura 1 70 

Zulick, Margaret 92 

AJs, Index, anJ Closing 323 


Business Manager 
Photography Editor 
Faculty Advisor 
Student Life Editor 
Student Life Staff 

Sports Editor 
Sports Staff 

Greeks Staff 

Classes/ Academics Editor 

Classes Staff 

Brent Williamson 

Jeanie Veazey 

Holly Tackett 

Dr. Philip Perricone 

Constance Marks 

Jenny Braden 
Kate Brewer 
Beth Fisher 
Emily Freeman 
Kim Turner 

Wendy Coulson 

Drew Davis 
Lori Shores 
Marty Montagno 

Kristen Blix 

Rachel Sheedy 

Mindy Grove 


The 1994 Howler is the 92nd edition of the 
Wake Forest University yearbook. The Howler is 
produced by the Student Publications Board of Wake 
Forest University. Opinions expressed are not 
necessarily those of the trustees, administration, faculty, 
staff, or students of Wake Forest University. 

The Howler offices are located in room 500, 
Benson University Center. All correspondence should 
be sent to P.O. Box 7306, Reynolda Station, Winston- 
Salem, NC 27 109. Our phone number is (910)759-5289. 

This edition was printed by the Delmar 
Publishing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our 
representatives were Brian Hunter and Liza Weam. 

Copies of the book are provided as part of 
tuition to all students of Wake Forest University. 
Funding is provided by the University through the 
Student Budget Advisory Committee in an allocation 

This edition contains 336 pages and has a trim 
size of nine by twelve inches. The press run was 2675 
copies. Paper is 1 00 pound gloss. Four color processing 
is on 64 pages and spot color (PMS 34 1 ) is on 40 pages. 
The cover material is satin wine with warm gray 
silkscreening. The cover was embossed for the type and 
the four color tip on. The cover photograph was taken 
by Brent Williamson. Endsheets are Royal Felt Sand. 
All photographs have a 1 point close register tool line 
border Type styles used in the book vary. 

All pages were designed on Macintosh LC II 
and LC III computers using Aldus PageMaker 5.0 and 
Apple LaserWriter Ilg. Pages were submitted on disk 
to Delmar for publication. 

Color and black and white photographs for this 
edition were taken by members of the Wake Forest 
University Photography Staff. Black and white film 
used included Kodak TMax 100, 400, and 3200 film. 
All black and white photographs were developed and 
printed in the staff darkrooms, located in Room 506, 
Benson Center Color slides were taken on Kodak and 
Fuji film and processed locally by Photo Lab and Talton 
Professional Photofinishing. All portraits were taken 
by Thornton Studios of New York City, New York. Our 
representative was Michael Sawchuk. 

Advertising was solicited by Yearbook Press 
of America, Marietta, Georgia. Our representative was 
Larry Kraus. 

This book is copyrighted © 1994 by the editor- 
in-chief and the Wake Forest University Publications 
Board. All rights reserved. No portion of the 
publication covered by copyrights herein, including 
individual photographs, may be reproduced in any form 
or by any means without the prior expressed written 
permission of the editor-in-chief or the individual 

.124 Staff anJ Coloplio 



Being editor of a publication like the Howler is a true 
inonor. Once. To do it twice is not exactly an honor. Had I the 
chance to decide again whether or not to be editor for a second 
year, I would have said no. As they say, hindsight is always 
20/20. Having gotten that off my chest, let me say some things 
about this year's book. The 1993 Howler was a return to the 
basics. Having received many compliments about the book (thanks for all of them), we made very few changes 
this year. We continued to place primary value on the photographs, but added some copy. In addition, the book 
is 100% indexed (first time since 1991). Thebook was turned in on time for the second year. For the first year 
in recent memory, the book came in under budget. If you have any problems or complaints with the book, 
remember that anyone can join the staff at anytime - help is always welcome. 

I have many people to thank for making this book a reality. Jeanie, thanks for taking care of the 
business stuff. Connie, the student life section looks great. I am still cursing the Jacksonville Old Style font, 
but Americana looks good. Good luck editing the book next year as you take the Howler to the next level of 
excellence. Kim, Em, Beth, Kate, and Jenny, I enjoyed working with you and I hope you keep working with the 
Howler. Wendy, sports looks great and hopefully you like how it turned out. Lori, Drew, and Marty, I hope you 
enjoy working on sports again next year with Wendy and I will miss the laughs at sports staff meetings. 
Rachel, academics and classes were boring tasks, but you handled them well. Kristen, thanks for coming on 
board at the last minute and doing greeks. Hopefully next year you can get started much earlier. Holly, this 
book would not be possible without your photos. I have never seen anyone print so many photos at a time as 
you did on several occasions. Have fun doing it again next year, and don't let the OG&B get on your nerves too 
much. To the rest of the photo staff, thanks for your work. I can not imagine trying to put together a book 
without photos. Dr. Perricone, thanks for being there for us. I know you felt like you didn't do much, but you 
let us learn how to do it ourselves, which is a great experience. Thanks to Brian Hunter for getting Liza Wearn 
to help us out as you moved on to a different job. Liza, you dedication was appreciated. Thanks also to Vice 
President Ken Zick for writing me recommendations and for being there to bounce around ideas with. Thanks 
also to Mike Ford, President Hearn, Paul Orser, Deb Holcombe, Mark Hall, Legal Affairs, and other 
administrators for helping me over these two years. Special thanks go to John, Dan, Theresa, Barb, and Renee 
in the Sports Information Office, not only for help and advice, but for letting me help out in your office. My 
parents and sister deserve thanks for listening to me complain over the past two years. A final thanks goes to 
the entire Wake Forest community for helping me put the book together. 

Wake Forest was a very special place for me for four years. I will miss it deeply over the years. I will 
miss my Chi Psi fraternity brothers. I will miss the gang on the 5th floor of Benson. I will miss all of the 
people that I have had the chance to become friends with over my four years. I will miss the faculty members 
who have taught me. And I will miss the sweet smell of tobacco floating over the campus as I run past the 
chapel on a clear spring night. True, there are many things that I will not miss. But the Wake Forest experience 
has been kind to me, and I feel I am a better person because of it. As I go off to Richmond for graduate school, 
I will always keep my memories of Wake Forest alive. Goodbye and have a great life. As you look at this book 
years from now, I hope it reminds you of your friends and all of the good times of the past year and I hope that 
they mean as much to you as they mean to me. 

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