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in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Hullabaloo, Volume VI 

The Eckerd College Yearbook 

August 2000-May 2001 

Enrollment: 1,572 

4200 54th Avenue South 

St. Petersburg, PL 33711 


OpeNiN9 ^ 
MoadejviieS 3a 

OrgaNszatioj^s 118 






Ever feel like you are PA££rTJ6 
and dont know how to stop? It is a 
normal feeling of college students, 
especially if you are jumping PTltJO 
numerous commitments. 'But while 
you may feel that you are falling, it 
is in a positive direction, ^ere at 
Eckerd there have been a lot of 
questionable encounters with a 
wrong fall. Jiowever, all of the falls 
are placed into the right hands, and 
this year a lot of ends were tied as 
the student body began to settle in 
once again and fall into ^£ACE. 

13y Jessie Green 

004 Opening 

One. Imo. I lin("....H'MIV l.cUra stiiJciits 
hit (hp \\a»»'S iliiriiiii, hioh tiiU'. IVaoh trips 
are a (-oiisfanl aiitl I'jtort'tl passtimr uheii 
th<' .Sdii is boatiiiudomi. photo h\ Uod^ 

Michael Porl«'P ami CoJ\ Samlall block a 
ilcfciuU'r while Re<i»ie Atkins dribbles down 
the fielil in an attempt to iyiife the offense, 
photo b\ Jessie (in'en 

Diirlno the canoe race, one of the e» enfs of 
liinlvinpics in Atitiniin lerin. ne>v 
freshmen are brought touefher as a team. 
Ihe I'lniUmpics uere opiiani/ed bv complex 
w hich competed for the co*eted Tiki j/od. 
photo bv .lessie (ireen 



A XciiCe Fine o£ cl Tutce 

I reshniiin trie iemamlf/ chooaes a I'lt to play while Iw llnishcil 
arraiKiinti li'm room at llw bc«inwn«, of fhr yvar. Posters, 
hlackllnhls. anil stickers are popiilare clioices of ilecoratioiis 
ailorninii, the ilonn rooms of stiuleiifs. photo h\ .Ulrian Sfeuart 

Joanna (ireiner and \eha Jinilia hanil out canily il(irin» the 
Circle A I rick or Treat . This proiifam six es nntlerprix iletifil 
youth a unique opportunity to celebrate Halloween, photo hy 
Ishley llopson 

006 A Little Fun at a Time 


l'oniifr\ Maffrrson hloMS htihhies nf the I'rsf'nal of 
llojx: The miniial ciciif is a sviilor rMiiiiivmenl in 
uhirh the .•ifdilfiifii present their projects from Quest 
of Meaninii on the ipiail to the entire sftiilent lioilv. 
ptioto hy liii/rcti Itichanlson 

Hit me! Stiulents risk it all at 
Casino M<i,ht iliirin« liittimn 
Term. II inniniifi nere traded 
for raffle tii-kets and liopes of 
ninnini^ prizes SiK-li as new 
towels, heacli chairs, and 
other necessities for life in 
riorida. photo h\ Adrian 

U'A. Micliael 111. and Kenny Vila 
Halloween dance as the /'(Hi cr 
The Halloween dance was held at 

at Snell Isle, photo coiiiiesy of 


Student Life 


A FhAt Steb 

♦ Sii/A lloll iiml llrilliir\ IIhoik- sm c .siioii com-.s at 
Irr.shnmi ri'ii.ifniioii. Spoiiaorfil h,\ I COS. thv .siioii <i>iio' 
were I) chillini lulililion to Ihr olhrnMiir .fcorMii^ ilin . 
pholohy Iniiiiii/ii //ml rt • Sfmi Ihal wheel! Irrnhnuit lr\ 
their link on the roiilellr wheel iliirini Caximt Miilil. Iiiiniii,e 
Cat proi itietl tioitie ,s»riii(;iiii; tiiiies tlfihntl ""^ "'i^t. plioto 
hy Ulriaii S/cii art ' /.eta reaiilent.s father for their firs/ 
eompley ineelinil at the heiiiminii, of the year. The purpose 
otthe meeting if to c,et to Hiimi everyone ^oii are Vnine, 
with, ami also to learn the riile.i anil reinlation.1 oftlonn life, 
plioto liy I.Wiiii Stewart ♦ I he <'/».<« iif 2001 reieii <•.< their 
hker,l College medallions at I eslii al of liihts. Hem lloul 
Chapin ilistrihiiteil the meilallion.t. .tMiiholi/ini » passage of 
rites into the I ikeril Community, plioto h\ \ilrian Stew art ' 
Kimmie Sihillhainmer tops off a p\ramiil »ith her resilient s 
.losliiia Sparks, .lentil lle.s.s. Mik Imloini. I'at Snrlter. anil 
./<>'•/ Ilrnnier. the pynmiil was an offerinii, to the Tikiiful at 
limhmpies. photo hy .lessie Crien 

008 Autumn Term 

Student Life I 009 

ludividualt 'Expctatimi^ 

^\ ^*fl. 


MicbvUo ravel. Wi, Viv/ki ami Manly ^U■Uvu^^ aom-b 
fbnuiiih a ho\ of nv^% chthr.s yybih on fbcir trip to 
i.vnador. hecaii^e o( an tmfortnnatv inculent nbrrv tbeir 
laijSfls.t' Hfl-f "ittifiplaccil" h\ tbv airline, pboto fOfirfr.ty 
oflcah KosmitJa 

/ena />ari.s fakea time out to help out tbv /r.s.s 
prit rlrililoJ ilnnnti a i'irlcv h Halloween party. Members 
took kills tbronoht tbv ilonnn (or canth. photo by 
lirittney lioone * (ireti^ \enbrn\ .searches for a new 
camera at a H al Mart in Hawaii while on \\ inter Term. 
It's hartl to travel anil stay away from Imeriean culture, 
photo by inJrew HicbanKson • Me\ Mareiello anti 
tindsey Belcher pour some soup in Crossroatis Vafe. 
I ooil sen ices experienced major chanzt'S c/Hfii n; II inter 
Term, leadini^ to better preparation and presentation of 
food, pboto by lirian liedar * Oanin Sealy dance.s 
durintl fbe makinsl of his own music i ideo. During 
Xufumn Term students could perform and ba%r their 
dance lideo diiitaliy produced and receive their (mn 
fopy by the end of fbe nii^bt. photo by Xdrian Stewaii. * 
I.eah hosmifis realizes ber mistake and bits her bead in 
diss^ust duhnii^ soccer intramurals. She tpiicUy put on 
ber same face and was hack defending, herself . photo 
courtesy of I.eab hosmifis * Ihirini^ Suhs. Soccer, and 
Sun. the Skull Vatrol made a thrilling appearance tn spirit on the field durinti a women's match. Tree 
lied Hull and subs were distributed at the event, photo 
hx Jessie (ireen 

010 Students 

F(ut Ui t(te Sun 

Chris Hiibhml. .;<»■ Wahlc. Kiaii l/iiwc. 

Kdiii Disehiim. mil.lohii Aan/cii.ft; 

rc/ii\ III II An^ spring *►" ''"'''* 'shiul trip. 

(hillini with (rienila a popiihr oilit ih 

diirini all H iii^T Irnn <7a.<.s<'.s. pholo by 

Ifah honiiiilis 


The Florida Life 

h:,rl:< /'-■./.TS.M ,1,1,/ UuUI l/i//,T /»/.-/. .-mII>„,,I.-. Onl „ 

irtiuhmvii's I'riik. 1'rrpjriiiii.iipnpiiuiil is oiu- oi 
JhWi-s iif iiii/irfrmi/ irortirs. I'holo h\ /frioii /(ci/oi 
Thr riorith mm sliml\ .irlx hrhiiul rhapri piiml. 
Iirratbhl*inil .•itin.srfs ifi one iiapt'ct tif t.ekcrti i 
other mllrir.l enjoy, pholo h\ Ikiao lleihr ' Sophomore 
Lrie lam pmhllea the l*ayttL in Itoeti i'lei^a lh\. ha\liLii are 
the Olimher one piere o( rernatiomi eipilpmeol ».«■</ h_\ 
atliilent.f. plioto hy Irah Ho.imitis ' ? wears his hallooil 
hat proilill\ at lestit al of Hope. Meatheruas lieaiMliI 
(liirinii this y ear's fe.itii al that altraiteil a larSr iron </. 
photo li\ li/nnii Sten art ' frasih eirls hani oiilsnie of 
their ilonn on the la» II ilnrinii the e\eellent Slimiy 
iveather Slwleots alw a\s lake <iJi .ili/r;V llf the hot rays, 
photo l,\ Itrian lleJar 


Student Life 013 

WenSd Eitcmiiitotd 

014 I Winter Term 2001 

Oa/ino <" '*'' W"' histrian !//»>■. Tint II anwr hkc<i in the phrnomenal u>»r atop a snow 
cm ervil knoH. Thr Gcnnonv II infer term wafi Oiled with mpectavalar mountain i iVii.*;, 
photo h\ Brian HeJar * /"ni elins, through meiliet al (iennany . lihan Heilar in shackled at a 
eastle. Xnmerou.s castles and cathedrals were commonplace on the trip, photo h\ hristin 
lo(^en * Ihirini^ the l.ipiador II inter Term, ap to fii e people at a time crossed a 
suspension bridge to see this hreathfukino waterfall at Dei its Cauldron. The students hiked 

daily to the scenic surroandiniifi. photo by leak 
hosmitis * Kyan Morse checks out bis ne^^ 
friend, the sea lion, in the (iahpa!>_os islands. Ilie 
stndent.s enjoyed warmer weather than that of 
sunny Tlorida. photo by leah hosmitis * Sally 
lioht foot crabs duke it out on the rocky shore in 
the (jalapaiiits islands, t hiqtie sea life %yas a f^eat 
addition to the Sisibtseeinilof the trip, photo by 

leah hosmitis * hell\ Mohr. Brltfney Boone, and 
Hilt Tatam smile at a monestary oierlookiml the 
cliffs ofMefeora. Greece. The students on the 
Greece \Mnter Term eii joyed beautiful snowy 
weather, photo by Maria Janus/ * Diana Huestis 
captures some photos in the sparkliuii blue waters of 
Trench Polynesia. Scuba diyino was a hiohliobt of the 
llawaii/lrench Polyieaia II inter Term, photo by 
Johan Sund * This church in Otaialo. Tctiador is 
part of the traditional (owit square. Across from it 
would be a small park and «<)i cni/iir'/i/ center, 
photo by leah hosniifis * Melissa horpalski and 
Ainanda Hon stroll through thejunsfe in Vhiansi Mai. 
Thailand ridini, their elephant. The ofoup studied 
international business between jumi/e o(pf-a'Ways. 
photo courtesy of -imanda /ion * The colorful 
mimosa trees were in bloom all across the Galapo!>ps 
oceatislde durins, the Winter Term trip, photo by 
leah hosmitis * Durinti a morning, hike in 
Tandayapa near Quito. Tcuador. than Morse and 
.lohn han/ewski experience a ^ortieoos suimse in 
the i'loiid Torest. photo b\ John hare/ 



Student Life I 015 

WUuUf, lUei, oiul WlU 

Alt ahaiuloncd boat is pnahetl info the manz^oica of 
cmapiia III Imii'himn 'a Creek. Boata dotted the ahore of 
iTonchmen ',s Creek and /eta beat-b after heino tonsed and 
turned in the lanii' \tates. pbofo bv Adrian Sff%%art 

A snake slithers to biober tifound during the monsoon 
rains of a hurricane. A flooded campus causes all species 
to search for <//^ ^ound until the water subsides. * 
W ater i^ses ahoie the sea wall on a clear dai, durini^ 
hurricane season. Manx students take this opportunity to 
swim around just outside of campus. * The ominous 
clouds loom oirr sun briilhtened palms by Zeta pond. 
I A en thou'ih the sun shown bright, the darks clouds moi'ed 
in with torrential downpours. * Standing on the sea wall 
students let the waies crash them down durini^biofi tide. 
Lien thouflb campus didn't close, many students chose to 
iiet out of the flooding conditions of campus. * The 
pond b\ the i>^m turned into a lake as the rain kept falling 
luckil\. the dorms stayed dry this year. ♦ A rainbow 
colorfull\ breaks tbrouofi the clouds, sheddinoa new hope 
on the dark and drears day. One benefit of hurricane 
is the raiits keep i eoftation a crisp efeen. 

016 Hurricane Season 



.^* . ^'^^V 

0f '^P' 


m 1 

M(^fie ttum EC 

The year was a great one for the Student Liaison Committee and the Academy of Senior 
Professionals and Eckerd Students. Charged with promoting student/ASPEC interaction, the 
committee, assisted by its student members of Nancy Bernhardt, Erica Chaney, Shannon 
Ellison, Jennifer Kingsley, Brian Redar, Garvin Sealy, and Paige Speiss, provided a variety of 
activities and dinnere for all to enjoy. 

Autumn Term 
A5PEC mem- 
bers partici- 
pated in a 
number of functios, including airport pick-up for students, meeting students and parents at 
registration, playing pirates, and assisting with the Hometown Dinner. Members were also 
involved with "Into the Streets' to increase community service awareness. 

Several large gatherings took place at Lewis House. Students unable to travel at Thanks- 
giving enjoyed a home-cooked American meal complete with pumpkin pie. A large international 
group attended a career night in early April. Shannon Ellison and Paige Speiss worked with 
Ginny Oppenheimer and Betty Belting of ASPEC to organize a cookout with ECOS. Ford Schol- 
ars and ASPEC were entertained with a candlelight dinner In February. All of these events 
provided an opportunity for Eckerd students to meet many ASPEC members and converse 
about career adn other interest choices. These activities definitely lead to future contacts. A 
showcase of French films was also a regular feature at Lewis House. With an opening of 
"Madam Posa," students continued to meet at Lewis House on Thursday nights for this 
cultural experience. Other events during the year included game nights, study breaks, and bake 
night. ASPEC members also attended numerous campus events such as Swing Night, where 
they jitterbugged the night away, and Subs, boccer, and Sun, where the largestturnout of 
ASPEC membersat an Eckerd event occurred. 

A significant event took place In the spring when students, 
professors, and ASPEC members took part in a clean-out and new 
planting of native greenery around Lewis house. Finally, to increase 
future interaction, a proqram as been developed with CALA to open 
opportunities for interships with ASPEC members. 

I'red ioinar an J RosfT .hcUc 
partieipafc In the hjlloon /o.s.s" 
tlnrin« I imlyinpiin in Xiitwiin 
Term, photo eoiirte.iy of ChiieU 

rortt ami IV/'/.C Si-luthr.< rnjtn ii mral »ri7/i iiicmhcr.'i 
(if 1,S/V <■ 0/ 11 i/.iiiicr lichl In Irtil.i lliwiii: 7/ic illimrr 
prnt lilrtl 11 chtutcr for .ffhtthrii lo illficuna aapvclfi o( 

i-arrrr.'i. * Ihitinii a .^tttitlv hreak/ilame iiltlbf, an 
iikrril .■iliitlrni laniKi iliirlnii a n'onic of plrllonai^ in/ft 
Iwr 1 V/7 (■ rii »/.«. ♦ Cofla.1 (lirarJii.t ami V/i/i oi llainji 
ihal Willi <llnn^ Oppenhrlmrr iliirlnii an Inlitnalliinal 
ii-lloirlhrr In Iriil.t llmiKr. ' SImlrnla. WI'IC 
mrmhrra. and Ihr /,(■ Comnuinih lialhir iliirlmi a Irrr 
rr.'ilorallnn planllnti aromul Ivu lii llnii.'^f' ami Ibr aca 
Mall. * \ honlrrooltrtl Tbanhnilt Inii tllnnrr a» alh 
bnn'J/y \SVH' mpmbcrs ami Mtnlvnh 11 bn drrlilril to 
.•ipcml Ibr bnllila\ Inidbrr. ' Slmlinh ami XSI'IC 
mrmbrrs zalber arouml Ibr tiflU iliirlmi " ttliQ at Irw l:t 
bon.>ir. pbolo:i rtmrfr:i^\ of i'bnrk ltlanr^\ 


Academy of Senior Professionals 

Student Life I 019 

Rfmtlitfi' Reggae 

020 Springtopia 

Student Life 


• ^ 

Gmd UcMwii 

Kekerd fitndentii ief dtmii with the mtifiie of the 2001 
Spriiiii hall held at the Henaissonee I iiiov He.^ort m 
downtown St. Veterabiiri. The ^emi formal dattee iiiw 
the calinination of an aefiiityfilled week. 

* \anr\ henihardf ebat:* with Hrifitin Ciolden while 
Jonathan Ihiin. hethanv ilUott. and lee Oowoiui take a 
break from the dance floor. * Inn Barrios ninr^s the 
hand of a i>'«p.s/ afi he enter.>i the Spring Hall. .1 eafih bar 
wafi 111 ailable for tbofie oi er 21. * L\ e Hrot prepares a 
plate of food before nhe hitfi the dance flimr. //on* 
d'oemreii were aened thnwoboat the nioht. ♦ Brian 
levefi. Skip herifen. and Jennifer Wooiin rel±\ fora 
moment before jampiml baek on the danee fifoor. • 
i'arlv Herdine and (Una Skurka .siriMii "" ".* <''"^'"a "2oot 
Stiit Hiof". I I ahety ofnwfiii- was played, allowing 

to show their. skills on the floor. * Spring 
lialliaestS dance the inVfi/ mtii*. Approximately 630 
people attended the Spring, Ball, photos by .bnanda 
Howey and Bnan Hedar 

022 Spring Ball 

LeoKiuHg ttie> Jland^ 

024 Festival of Cultures 

Student Life I 025 

VeHwi Siucet Xtenm 

I \ ITS room at Ij-kertI la dcconifctl to pcrlrctlon. 
wlu'thcr it lie a snitv in Oiiu-tia or a aiiiiilc in 
Ihntt: llir ta.ftf iiiav i an. Iiiif each at intent 
apfiula alioiit nine nionths in tlicir tlonii rooiiia. 
\Mwtlwr ifa yyilli I'ricnils lianii,inii, out ami 
partvinii or rcacarcltinil llw uch for tlicir next 
paprr. a atiiilcnts room is tlirir home. \o matter 
what ailorna our walla or what aita oil our 
ilcaka. tj'kfril afiiilenta arc comfortalili' in every 
»a\. shape, anil form. 

026 Autumn Term 

Student Life I 027 

Jewt ChiCCiit' 

Adam Hnoh:i and Rvan Zalen'^iki shoot 
pool in the rvc room in linUscy Hall, 
Pool tablea and some arcade "ames 
were added to £,'/! e students another 
place to bano on the weekends, photo 
bv Brian Itedar 

* lindsex hraaf/ and Mark Mueller enjoy hnub outside (p( 
the I'ab. U the end of the \ ear. the I'nh heslan sen ioii '"''' 
nislhfs on the weekend, photo b\ \manda llo%\e% ' 
Sttidentsjitnt af an on campus concert to reliex e some 
Stress, photo h\ \driao Stewart • I'hiHtostie isot sore 
what to do in this sdnatioof photo M Christine <iiUi!i,an * 
Students cbill In the mailho \es after momin», classes. * 
hex in Hansen is bappi to he w ith bis friends. Ilaniini out in 
a room with friends is the most popular wa\ to la\ hack and 
relax. • \monda /ion. \mv liarrios. and hhstin McCoy 
make some new friends af Hallow een Horror Milbts at 
I nit ersal Studios. Orlando. Manv sfmlenfs opt to n» off 
campus to loiuvSf around and hat e fun. photo courtesy of 
hristin McCoy 



Student Life I 029 

Going, Goiug, Gcme 

I Smith aiul luryit Snbh vxit the •^Mit,w.<itini affer 
H-emrnf oxprdm: * Jnfinnnn drrrmf olt .s/Hi7r.s 
at tlw tlioriiiltf that jihv it; mm an l.vkvnl tipnUiate. * 
Intrnni ti'c.sitlplit (irtw HotrhU.-ifi .•ipeak.f nonw wonhi of 
»iStfom to fhp jVnit//jii<r.s ami tbvir families attrmlinil 
rommrnecmnif. • The Chss of 2001 listen to tlw 
pommrnvpmpnt aiUlress at fbrir tipuhmtion rrr*'««nii. 
♦ Mpsiitn hornifl. \^ith bpr robe offuml iliploma in 
haml. u iilhi tfirowib tbp timul one hsf time u ith ber 
mother, photos h\ \mamla llow e\ 



Student Life I 031 


Geififcg 4>once 'Oi^teciituc 

4 .^mJ 

/./I'c AiioMii ir(»r/</ II »/<■ ii.s ii SHrii ii or oC i7/ 
iliiriii" the lloloi-aiiat. spr-jks annually to the freshmen clxfs 
(liirinii the U eatem Heritaiii' In a (ilohal Context tonrae. photo 
l,y \i,k (halt 

Doii'J, Horiiiiian conteinplatea "The Three OoJdessea" at the 
lirltish lliston Mtiseiim »hile stmlsimi ahroail diirUnl, II inter 
/(•nil. More than (i(t\ percent o( IcUenl stinlenf.f stiitly ahroail 
at aoiiie point iliirinii, their i-olle'if career, photo courtesy of 
l>oiiii liortifiian 


Getting Some Direction 

I'rofp.'ySor Mrvlav teaches atiulenls about the 
ei-olooiciti role ol'smul Junes </«riii»'a hlolo«^\ field 
trip at lort DeSoto. Marine Science courses regularly 
trai el into the field for hamls on study, photo hy 

Brandon Koth prepares 
to spit a cricket diirins, 
the lestiial of Hope 
celebration. Cricket 
Spittino Mas one of the 
hiohliohts of the annual 
festival at »hich 
seniors promote 
community sen ice 
throu«h ofoup 

M Niajop reaSoN Fop StUdeNtS to 
attei^d COLLege iS Fop tH^ acadei^lic 

aspect; ivjajops aNd career goaLS pLavj 
Large r^Les ^n cHooSsNg 3 School. 

FcKepd aLSo oFFepS otHef options 
tHat HeLp StUdeNtS get dipectioi^. 
EacH StUdeNt Has a IvieiMtop W^tHiN 
tHeir I^iajop to HeLp gU'de tHeiVj 
dUr*Ng tneif ^ears Here. mlso, 
*#J^ FreSHI^ieN ape rec|i;ired to taRe 
^ WeStepN Heritage jUSt aS ^eiMiopS 
yiaSt taRe Quest Fop MeaN^Ng. 
THeSe eXtpa Steps FcRepd taReS 
eNSUre tnat StUdeiXtS W'LL N^t o|>iL\j 
gaiN practicaL eXpepiei^ce Fop uFe 
aFtep cOLLege bUt tnevj W^LL aLSo 
HeLp tne StUdeNtS FaLL iNto pLace 
WneN tHe\j becoivje e^cofVipaSSed ^N 
aLL aspects OF StUdNet uFe. 


Academics 033 



Imagine trying seven different majors, after Jiaving 
come to Eckerd certain you were going to be a jnarine 
biology major and then realizing it was not for you. 
Ruth Costley, a sophomore here at Eckerd, came to this 
college for the same reason as the majority of freshmen, 
to study marine biology. She had wanted to study in 
this field because she loves the ocean, and what better 
place to study! But then she realized she hated the 
amount of time required for labs and zvas repulsed by 
the idea of dissections in some of the required lab 
classes. She has since considered seven other majors, 
including math, physics, art, psychology, and is cur- 
rently a marine geophysics major. Her story is typical 
of many students who come here to study marine biol- 
ogy, and then opt to change majors. 

Yet there are many other majors here at Eckerd. 
Freshman Tasha Lailer is studying psychology, which 
she chose to major in after having taken a class in it in 
high school, which she felt was both interesting ami 
fun. She also feels that it will be a rezvarding career, 
working with people and trying to figure out how the 
mind works. Many choose their majors based on 
classes they have taken or their ideas about what a 
career will be like. Senior Jolie Santiago became a 
computer science major because there is a lot of job 
security in that field and she likes analyzing things. 
Junior Randy Cline is studying history because he likes 
learning about the decisions that have been made in the 
past and how they have affected the world today ami 
what their effect may be in the future. 

Choosing a major is often difficult, but in the end, 
students find their path and fall into place. 

By Doug Borgman 

* /Vofif.s.sor kirk U aii" tli.sciiKSr.s the concrpt of Haiku wilh .•ifinlciifa tltirin« 
II csVcni llcrHaof. lai-h prot'r.f.for of U HOC in i-onaUlcml an r\pcrf in their »i\ en 
ficlil. ' Mathia llotltif focH.Sr.s <iii the niiniifc ilrtails of a inariiw hioloii^s lah. 
.Marine Science i.s the ninnher one major at i.ckerJ. photo h\ IHana lliie.'yti.f 

Wkere do yoii 
see yoi^rself 
in 10 i^ears? 


"\ see myself 
so mew ke re. 

-T.J. Degnan 

♦ hemp Talhof (riiiht) . an Ulinisslons Coinmelor. explahia part of the proeean of 
rc'iiafrafion to a iirti lekcvtl stinlcnf ami her father. Iresliinaii reii^istration is the 
fcc/oiiiiiiiio' of a sfiiileiit'a i-olle'ie career, photo hv AJrian Stewart ' I'aiil 
Hiotfiiht. a oreatiie uritin«!ifiiilent. stares at his iwielinprotifess. US. The current 
.'itaelt is 97.5 pa«es of his hoi* typed in 8 point font. Paul has been reaiUn« Since asf 
three ami urote his first short stor\ at sei en. photo h\ l)o(i« ISor»iiian * Tai 
Hooers ami Josh lleinen display their hooth Jiiriw^ Quest for Meaniwi. one of the 
reqnireinents ofseiniors hefore lifailiiation. photo h\ \Jrian Stewart. 

"A successful 
cnmlnul de- 
fense uttor- 

-Darcy Schoening 

YieuY the 

-Ryan McCormick 



"I see mbjself 
us u senior ut 

-Mike Miller 
Academics I 035 



After you finish all of your classes, pmss all of your 
comprehensive exams, and pay off your student account 
there is still one thing left to do: FIND A JOB! The 
Career Seroices office is behind each student 100% of 
the ivay during the process. Whether it is bringing in 
companies to do interviews or holding resume writing 
sessions, a student has every opportunity to find a job. 

One unique forum this year was the Dress for 
Success 'workshop/ fashion show. Held in Fox Hall, 
students were on the catwalk strutting their business 
looks and also shoxving what not to wear. They also 
demonstrated the proper attire for casual Fridays. This 
event helped students to see first-hand how to dress for 
an interview and in the business world. 

Also held each year is the Career Fair This major 
event brings in businesses from the Tampa Bay area to 
showcase their open positions and start recruiting. 
Most students bring their resumes and start the job 
hunt. Companies at the fair range from local resorts to 
the FBI and Secret Service. Bringing the companies to 
the students is an effective way to showcase openings. 

From how to eat and how to dress to building an 
effective resume, the Career Services office does their 
best to make every opportunity available for any stu- 
dent looking to enter the ivorkforce. 

By Brian Redar 

The models sif of a "Itiucb" table diirini 
casual TriJay. khakis or hliiejeaiis is a 
foinmon qiiesHon »here casual I'riday 
is obsened. photo by Adrian Stewart 

the students iinolied uilh the Ifress Just like (iucci models, students head 

for Success ei ent shoti their styles out do^^n the catwalk in both professional 
in the llouiih Quad. Heady for business! and unprofessional dress. Aiio»i7ii(>' 
photo by . {drian Stewart what to wear on the job is i ci^' 

important, photo by Adrian Stewart 

036 I Dress for Success 

" ' % ^ 

DireetoT o( Seeiirit\ Ihn Ihrto Alcps 
onf of his nonnal tircaa hhiea to strut 
the suit ami tic look yon noiild near in 
an intenit'^^■ photo h\ Adrian Stewart 

Xancv lirmhardt poses on the catwalk 
(or the women to see a professional 
business outfit, photo h\ Adrian 

Jon l.eieqiie feels like an Armani model 
in his business dress. .Ion »'<)/ the 
practice needed for his job intenicw. 
photo by Adrian Stewart 

I'hil Ihstie sports the jacket and fie for 
his day on the job. Press is lei^ 
Important diirin« an inteniew: photo 
by Adrian Stewart 

Academics I 037 



Life is all about "falling into place" We all spieiid our 
lives learning and hopefully finding what it is that makes us 
feel like we have fallen into place. Life is about finding the 
friends, lovers, peers, and career that makes us feel content. 
Eckerd helps you find your place in life. Believe it or not, 
many of the requirements at Eckerd are helpful in your quest 
to fall into place. 

Many of the requirements for graduating from Eckerd 
are academic based, but others are based on other important 
aspects of learning, the social and cidtural aspects. There is 
the overall requirement of 32 courses but this is broken down 
into specific requirements depending on the major Out of 
those 32 courses you must complete perspectives form vari- 
ous areas of study, such as, aesthetics, global, and environ- 
mental. This requirement requires a student to take courses 
he or she may not otherwise take. Although this may seem 
unnecessary, it can really help you realize what field you 
ivould like to study. Imagine knowing nothing about Psy- 
chology, for example, but after taking the course as a per- 
spective you realize you want to major and pursue a career 
in Psychology-this happens more often than you may real- 

In addition to the course requirements there are the four 
short terms: Autumn Term ami three Winter Terms, which 
can expand your outlook in many different areas. Many 
students also take the the opportunity of winter term to study 
abroad. Many students dread the zoriting portfolio require- 
ment but others would argue it beats English 101 any day. 

There are also College Program Series requirements, 
which are arguably worthwhile. Many students enjoy the 
lectures and events while others woidd rather not attend. 
Nonetheless, it gives you a chance to learn about different 
topics from professionals. There are also cultural and social 
events incorporated into the College Program Series, sucJi as, 
holiday events, music, and art events. 

These requirements combine to help you choose the path 
that interests you the most, in essence, find your place. 

By Ashley Hopson 

.for l.irsrr iisrs tin- llhran rfnonrccs to ilo rcudtrch. 0\er the next 
fm yrar llir school will hiilhl a ik'H lihrar\ n'Ht'arch center with titate- 
oftheart tecbnol«^. photo hy t»i3iii/:i llowey 

Keiin Sbalile drifts asleep diirinoan anions nisfif ofsfudvino. Most 
stiitlents find collesie life strenoas. especially diirini, exam week, 
photo by \inamda //otret' 

WKat's the 
to Cheat? 

038 I Required Courses 

'Jake ly^our 
professor out 
jor drinks." 

-Harley Causin 

,/ Kciie : Kraiu prcparm for clasa hy aftidyiii'i in fhr sfiiilrnf 
loniiii): U.iiM .'ihiJcnf.s iifili/c the lonntif ior a (fii'wt plarr to 
slmh luif.'iiih- of their ilonn rooms, photo hy Imanda Honey 

-Kyle Hayes 

answers in 
to the room." 

-Richard Brunette 

Learning styles are the way 

you learn best. But do you know 
which category you fall under? 
Find the statements you agree 

1. 1 prefer to hear a book on 
tape rather than reading it. 

2. 1 prefer reading to hearing 
a lecture. 

3.When 1 am alone, I usually 
have music playing or hum or 

4. 1 can always tell direc- 
tions like nortJi and south no 
matter where I am. 

5. 1 love to write letters or in 
a journal. 

6.When I talk, i like to say 
things like, "1 hear you, that 
sounds good or that rings a bell" 

7. 1 love working with my 
hands and building or making 

8. When others are talking, I 
usually am creating images in my 
mind of what they are saying. 

9. Without music, life isn't 
any fun. 

10. When looking at objects 
on paper, I can easily tell whether 
they are the same no matter 
which 10 ay they are turned. 

11. I usually say things like, 
"I feel, I need to get a handle on 
it, or get a grip" 

12. When 1 recall an experi- 
ence, I mostly see a picture of it in 
my mind. 

1, 3, 6, 9-you are an AUDI- 
TORY LEARNER. You learn best 
by hearing information. 

4,5, 7, 11-you are a KINES- 
best by doing things that apply 

2, 8, 10, 12-you are a VI- 
SUAL LEARNER You learn best 
by seeing information, whether 
written or pictured. 

Academics I 039 



Eckerd students enjoy the opportunity to explore 
the world, discovering more about themselves and other 
adtiires in their journeys. The students and faculty 
come from many diverse places, and with the help of 
the International Education Office, they experience 
many new places, hence the phrase "The world is our 
campus" And the world really is our campus, with 
students travelling to six of the seven continents, the 
destinations ranging from tropical destinations such as 
Madagascar and the Galapagos to more civilized areas 
such as London ami Rome, and their is even a semester 
at sea. No matter what the destination, students 
exprience a new way of life. Here is a short list of 
foriegn customs: 


In most countries other than 
America, the act of saying hello re- 
quires more than a simple handshake. 
In Japan, you need a formal boiv. If 
you think this seems awkward, try 
Trance, where the usual greeting 
involves a kiss on both cheeks-whether 
you're a girl or a boy. 


Hand signals can be just as 
informative, and offensive, as the 
spoken word. On a visit to Australia, 
former president George Bush raised 
his hands in the "V for Victory" salute. 
Little did he know that the sign was 
considered very offensive in Australia. 
In Italy, tugging on the ear is also an 
offensive gesture. 


Certain habits at a dinner table, 
such as burping, might seem rude in 
Arnerica. But in Japan, a burp is 
considered a compliment for a good 
meal. Also, in Saudi Arabia, the way 
you serve a guest a cup of coffee 
determines whether you want the guest to stay or leave. 

Sean Miirpfy an J Mat^e MeHenry spent the vtinlcrbi the 
Oalapa^os, pi<- fared hire in front of their /ii*i» (faaHers- 
They saw iiant fortokies (rieftt) and hiked around iubalh 
towela. /)/m/(i.s- coHrfr.s.v ofMarde MeHd^r^' 

\NhciVs v\o\AY most 

memorable experience 



"Clnkik)iKi0 In 

-Kevin Hansen 

Study Abroad 

Erin Goodwill and Jenny Brunmetf spent HT in AT, pictured here in front 
of the Vnited iXationa Buildino. photo eoiirtesy of Erin Good»'in * 
Jennifer H bods spent H T in French Polynesia, pictured here at a hotel in 
Fiji, photo hv Adrian Holmes * As^up of students studied Native Ameriean 
spirituality over H T m Ghost Ranch. Mf. Vietured is a ^uy named Dave, who 
Emily Vfhite met n-hile there, photo byEmihi' Mhite. 

aKitt dnnklnQ 
kava in Fiji." 

-Peter Zdrojewski 



-Mike Fedder 
Academics 041 

ChaiiJrj Dreher explain.^ her QUI 
project to Taylor Smith at the Fefithal 
of Culture. Inderelaintmen can oet an 
idea of»hat to Jo for their projeel.t hy 
wjllJni through the displays, photo by 
Adrian Stewart 

Alt Academy l*rep student is easfir to 
particpate in this projects display. 
Cricket ."^pittino and free throw shootins, 
w ere part of this years festit al. photo 
by Adrian Stewart 

^ M^ 

Unique in its learning environment, Eckerd offers 
many innovative teaching techniques. One of these 
strategies is the senior year Quest for Meaning course. 
This class, comparable to the freshman year Western 
Heritage, is required of all seniors before graduating. 

One component of the class is the fall semester 
Festival of Hope. During the fall students form small 
groups. These groups then volunteer 40+ hours of 
community service. The Festival is their chance to 
show the Eckerd Community what they have learned 
during their experiences. Volunteering ranges from 
beach clean-ups to zoorking with underprivileged kids 
to helping victims of abuse and rape. Needless to say 
our students are vital members of the St. Petersburg 
community during this course and most continue their 
service during the remainder of the year 

The Festival of Hope is an excellent environment 
for underclassmen to gain knowledge of community 
service, which is highly encouraged within Campus 
Activities and Campus Ministry. Not only is the Festi- 
val a College Prograrn Series, but it is a an opportunity 
to see what fellow classmates are involved in and to 
learn of numerous options to serve. 

By Brian Redar 

Thomas I.endrihas adds his ()»ni 
personal touch to the poster at this 
QTM table. Activities were an addition 
to most of the displays, photo by 
Idrian Stewart 

042 Festival of Hope 

I'atfy .Manfeioa and Kicky '/.asfr wateh 
the cnnid as fhe\ mine about all of the 
project displays, photo hy Adrian 


S£R(//A^e THE V/ORU> 

Academics I 043 

(ftokiiig a Kante 60^ Yfuutde£i 

harl lAaita. I'vter H/iiga. a/i</ Haren liichka create adtertisemeiit 
sisfta for the Kiiib^y Uuimimenl. l.C .tpoiitiored free food and 
enferfahimenf for the event. 

Idalee Brandel chats about her day with her fnend Colleen 
Rain.fe\. \t l.ckerd. friendships that are made usually last a 
lifetime. phot« by Brian Redar 


Making a Name for Yourself 


Shideiifa AiiHtj oaf in Kappa lotinae phvin«pool. lack 
of a .'yhnlciif center led reniilenfs to purchase 
entertainment iteiiif for their complewn. 

Hejiidents ofl¥ji>ch and other international Mtident.s 
play erieket In the donn courtyard. Stmlentx are ,iAriM> 
iiiio/i ed in sporfa for fiin..from beach lolleshall to 
cricket to wiffle hall, photo by Dotii, Borynan 

FcKerd CoLLege W^ULd N^t eX^St 

W«tHout its spectacuLar aNd diverse 

StUdeNt bod^j. ^tiJdeNtS UV®, ©at, 

go to cLass, aNd HaNg ^ut 

togetner, l^iaRiNg FpieNdS Fop uFe. 
ReSideNce HaLLS provide a CLoSe KN't 
FaiV|iL\j iN WHiCH eacH StUdeNt pLa^jS 
a poLe. WHetHer 't iS COivjFortiNg a 
StOdeNt aFtep a bad test op 
opgaN'ZiNg aN ©V^Nt, SttfdeNtS I^iaK© 
a Naivje Fop tneNlSeLVeS. OUF 
StUdeNt bod^ SavjS nqope about 
EcKePd tHaN does aN^tH*Ng eLSe. 
We IvjaKe tHe CHaNg^S Hepe^ aNd W© 
ape tHe o^eS WHO uve Hepe 2»4-/7. 
W® Ivii/St deFiN'teLvj FaLL iNto pLace 
as FpieNdS iN opdep to captUPe tHe 
NieivjopieS oF aLL otfp FUN tilvjeST 

Album 045 

liiiw to Cclohnitv.' Iraiikcnt'eltl thrown up her unilS niul cheers, . 
lor she has just haiuleJ in her loii»-tiine-sla\ eti ot er Ihesis project. .1 
creatne nritiito major. Lli/aheth Jceided to »Tlte a screen pla^ for her 
last project here at ickerd. 

A'ei in Marshall show S his musical talent diirins, a 
Resist to Lxist concert. He.'tist to l-\ist '/ 

participated in numerous actiiist 
demonstrations, photo h\ Adrian Stewart 

II hile walkin« hacii to her dorm room after a 
lon« momini, of \anc^ Bernhardt reads 
her mail. Checking, mailboxes is the hiohlioht of 
the day for man^ .•itudents. photo h\ Brian 

Lrica Chaney and himmie Sehillhammer hai e 
some fun at the iesfii al of Hope, the finale of 
Quest for Meaning. QI'M is a required class for 
seniors that focuses on communit\ 
involvement projects, which are showcased 
during the festival. 

Alemdar. Serra 
Human Development 
Aloise. Jaclyn Nancy 


Asher. Jennifer Lynn 

Marine Science 

Atkins. Reginald Morley 


Baldwin. Linda Marie 

Barnes. Casey Michael 


Beckett III. John Lewis 


Beres. Dustin J. 

Marine Sci7Uis. Arts 



Berg. Kristen Marie 

Environmental Studies 

Bernhardt. Nancy Ann 

International Relations/French 

Bittner. John Henry Fritz 

Creative Writing/Lit. 

Blitch. Rebecca Eileen 

Religious Studies 



Boothe. Erik Samuel 

Int'l ReliPolitical Science 

Boroden. Travis Christopher 


Briegs. Kathleen M. 

Marine Science 

Bulfinch. Brittney June 

Environmental Studies 

^ I: 




H hcro'a the parly?? Itri-iv O'Hara and .]crr\ 

Tim Merichho laUea a moment out ofhig hiis^ 
Conu-s an- ail ,/r,'.s.s<-./ up ami ready lo head off •>'''"<'"''' '<• ••"'• rchx and enjo,y the company of 
to the Snell Isle I inox for Palmetto '''■'' '^'■'"''•''- ''"' " "-■* '""''"''' '" """"''•'"'•''■ 

Prodaetion .s Halloween Costume Ball. "'■''' '■''■'--• ''"' "'i '"'••**' "' " ""'"'"""•• 



Carasei. Ana Ueronica 

(nternational Relations 

Carbine. Charity Anne 

International Relations 

Carlson. Alice Joyce 

Int'l ReUPolitical Science 

Carnes.JerroM Keith 

'^ - 

Computer Science 


Caya. Christine Robin 


Creative Writina/Literature 

'7'>-"">. .--^ 

Cebula. Mary Frances 


. ^/ «, » t 

Chaney. Erica Denise 

Environmental Studies/Literature 

Chesnutt-GoMen. Kristin Michelle 

Int'l Relations/Modern Lana 

Cocca. Jill Rae 


Jiifiii llrrrn shoieln in the ;i<>tr oiul hiiproi rJ Icsler Slfiiiiiinn rnjoys a rrlaxiii" hrt'nk in the 
caMrria (iwii while atiidenta watch, amused at qtiail between classes. Iniler trees anil on /^v^ . 

the funny sis/if. nicnit- fables, .ftmlents scatter aroiiml eainnus to oRp 

lake ath anta«e of "ooil weather ilurin» the '•'. ':>*'. 




I.iiulscy Kraaf/ and I'oafas (irrardos ft()()»iV' a^ 
fhr Sin«lrtl Out U'tcr I'artx. Main .•itiiilfiita 
ihnccil fhr iiiVA/ atnn. ciijiniiiii i-ach other and 
the afiiionphcrc. photo hy liriaii licdar 

\\ ill Seiiffert belts out a ehord »ith the I'lih lull 
of atiideiits at Alcohol In areiiesn Meek's 
karaoke \i«hf. photo h\ biianda IJowey 

Jonathan Datin and Mark loiinshiir\ fake a 
break from their patfinil and drit /liji diirin« a 
•iolf toiirnaiiwnf. I he ilolf team tia.s a i-lose- 
knif ifoiip ofs,ii,ys nho hiini^onl toiiether 

Cole. Jonathan Russell 


CortelN. Raimondo 

Political Science 

Crawford. Morgan 

Environmental Studies 

Croley. Meredith Rebecca 


Dahm Jr„ Richard Michael 

Digital Media & Communication 
Daizell. Elizabeth Louise 

Human Development 

Davidson. Kenneth Robert 

Human Development 

Davin. Jonathan Marc 

Int'l RelVPolitJcal Science 

Album I 049 

Deford. Tina Marie 

Marine Science 

OelToro. Artnina Christine 

International Relations 

Oenzer. Matt Joseph 

Oicitson. Kevin Scott 
Environmental Studies 

Dinerman. Jennifer Sophie 

Human Development 
Dostie. PhiKp Thomas 


Dreher. Chandra Ann 

Marine Science 

DubaL Parag Manoj Kumar 

Computer Science 

/>r»'»r O'lhra phxa the uiiifiir nl :i iioii 
lienomitiatiotial Hon Icr in OrilTni Chupd. 
Stmlriil Ministry ('oon/iiw/or.s shared Ihrir 
musical ministries with the campus frequently, 
photo h\ Xmamla llo\fe\ 

At an open mic nii^ht lor 
Thnrsilay 's at the I'tih. 
Matt (jelieran captures 
the crowds heart with his 
musical ahillties. photo 
h\ \ilrian Stewart 

\fti\ator Jennifer 
Dinerman ami Director of 
Campus l(7ii i/ics Heece 
lloherson nVioi e to the 
loaniii' music at I ii ii /.(' 
I ei^asf ilnrimi \iitiimn 
Term, photo h\ \ilrian 

050 Seniors 

hri.itrn M\:ihr:ill ami i'<uiiifr\ Maffcraon t-oiiqiicr the »i .11 cs iliiriii'i our hurricane 
Ihrt'ot. It I'll with a 1 oltiiitcvr <'i aenafion. inanv afiiilenh sfavril on campus to 
vnjoy the hiVA 11 imla anil tnlvn. 

Oiiwila 1st floor Sittinti (I to It): l.lisa Jc Joni,. \aron lhrlc\forn. Toininv 
\oriliiiann. Sean /V.sA. Morsi/in Stailrv. ami Tainara Oliier. Stamlinilfl to II): 
Stanley hinnett. ile\ Ihnn. Lauren Waters, (ireii, Onorafo. Oaia Mei<isl rienJ. Ian 
I'itchforlh. Marde MeHenr\. ami Jen l.merson. 

Dunsky. Andrew James 

Creative Writing 

Eg£ers, Hillary Jane 


Emerson. Jennifer Anne 

Marine Science 

Finne. Erika Lynn 
Human Development 
Fischer. Sarah Marie 

Fisher. Tanya Louise 

Creative Writing 

Frankenfeld. Elizabeth Norene 

Marine Science/Creative Writing 


International Business 

Garrett. Morean Janel 

Environmental Studies 

Album 051 

Gascoyne. WilHam Matthew 

Creative Writing 

Gerardos. Constantine George 


Goodnight. Rebecca Roene 

Marine Science 

Greenwait. Julianna U. 

Griffin. Brittany Renee 


Hendrickson. David GilNs 


.l/aiiii/ii" fht'ir booth at the I'l-sfiial of Hope, 
thr.fv sfinlcnt.'i aharc their <-\pcrieiici'S from the 
Uliimnt IHtifita lAliieaiton I'rojcct. photo hy 
Ailriaii Stewart 

Tryin« to ii'iii firxt prize at haraoke iiioht. these 
.•itailents .s'//i» their hearts out to the rrontl. 
J'alinetto proi itleJ prizes for i arioiis eate«ories. 
photo h\ {inaiula Ho\\e\ 


Cleion Ihinhar helps his frienil's ilaii»hter cheer on flie laih Tritons at a 

home hasMI'all liame. Lcl^eril fans of all a<i,es helpeil cheer on the sports 

teams to t ictor\ ■ 

ICOS I'resiilent llice 

Carlson hands I'almetto 

I'roilactions chair 

Mor<i!}n Stailev a i^ift at 

the annual (Hi er's 

ISampiel. The liampiet 

recotiftizes students. 

chilis, anil 

oriianizalions for their 

e\ceptional ser\ ice to 

the stiiilent lioih ami 

Seniors TckenlColleiie. photo 

hy . \inanila llowey 

Amanda Zioit and Mike Mlcctla lonnip on an 
Siddharth Dhanan vnjova a oamc of enckcl »ifh hi.i Mends in front of Oine«a halconv in the »ann ni<i,hf air. The 
\lnha complex. Many international students from I'rasch House Mould Italconies can he a quiet place for friends to relax 
join in the e\ enin" fan. photo In l)oii» lioniman and talk. 

lAe hrot. Denise Rattan, and Mark Maeller 
choM do»n on a pancake dinner sponsored h\ 
Campas Mini.itiy in front ofOriflin Chapel. The 
dinner was complete with fresh fruit and drinks, 
photo h\ lirian Hedar 


Holfeltz Joshua Robert 

Creative Writine/Literature 

Hopkins. Amanda Elizabeth 

Marine Science 

Hunter Jeannie Marie 

lacadoro. John Paul 
Computer Science 

Jacobs. Kristopher George 


Janoski. Stefanie Lee 

Marine Science 

Kakoullis. James 


Karabel. Cemil 

Int'l Business 

Kelieher. Me£an Rita 


Kiteore. Brian Howard 

Environmental Studies 

Koenis. Mefian Mary 


Krot. Eve Marie 

Marine Science 

Album I 053 

Iii</r('<' liiffrrer Ueka his fccf in for the steal dinini, a home soccer match, 
{lulree's leadership helped keep morale hi«h on the team, photo by Brian 

.Jennifer lieflridoe dances on a table at the 
Caribbean Reofifle lest in the Hons,h Quad. The 
et ent »as Sponsored b\ Palmetto I'rodiictions 
and Campus Actii ities. 

trie Oadol. \anc\ liemhardt. and An»ie Maitner 
practice job inteniens diirino Dress for Success 
nioht hosted by Career Senices. 

Lament. Tracy-Ann 

(nt'l Relations/lnt'l Business 

LaRocco. Jennifer May 

Creative Writing/Literature 

Lee. AneeNna Donzero 

Classical Humanities 

Lofaren. Sabra Marie 


Luekin& MeNssa Joy 


Lynen. Karen Downs 

International Relations 

Mack Garcia. Marline Vvonne 

International Business 

Maitner. Angela Therese 




Manteiea. Patricia 

(nt'l Relations/Political Science 

March. Amber lym 


Marshall. Nevin Charles 


Martin. Shawn Palmer 


Martineau. Emily E. 


Matterson. Christopher A. 

Marine Science 

McGill. Shannon Oenise 

American Studies/French 

Meador. Mary Monica 

Human Development 

; Mehan. Amy Elizabeth i 

Religious Studies 

Morian Shilry Omciiit iiul VhorTirM row (I to Rh Iriii {luleraoii. Jen Tomborski- 

natchci as Taryii Sahia Sitting (I to R): hihlcy Karaha.s. Aiioie AJtman. MditiHa leiiUno. Wke 
thnnvs darts darinil M^ycrx. halhrrine Court. Standing, (I to R): lina Roue. Trieia Schlei«, 
the g'aiiie ni&ht. photo JaeUe Toth. Kim Lucia. Knslen MeCoy. Gretchen Zienier. 
by Adrian Stenart 

Album 055 

McNulty. Sara Ann 

Mei£s-Friend. Gaia 

Melville. Brooke Ann 

Marine Science 

Merichko. Timothy Allen 

Political Science/Sociology 

Michael. Julie 

Uisual Arts 

Moore. Stephanie 

Marine Science 

Myrshall. Kristen Lvnne 

Marine Science 

Nannev. Rebecca Anne 

(nt'l Relations/Psychology 

Narcisi. Vincent Alex 


Tim Mrrirhko anil Am Inih Ihsiiiitiy-jk)- n-crii c 

Ulain /)iM anil \n in 

3tiar</.s I'roin Sails Holt iiin/ Shannon iH'iSon at 

Marshall listen to 

thv annual (i'n cr'.s liniincl. photo h\ . bnanila 

SjX'akrrs iliirin'i the 

How r\ 

taio lull protest. Ilie 
talliS »ere I'ollotu-il In 
a inareh to the laro Hell 
ilo»ii the street. 




loean Litmpino caticrly walls lor the hall to he fhro»n to him (or the out 
at first banc. .1 (oiirxear mvmhvr of the baseball team. lo»an has \u>rk 
hard both on and off the field, photo bv Xieli Oaiilt 

Pace. Richard Alan 


Paul. Shannon 

Environmental Studies 

Pavel. Michelle Kristin 

International Business 

Perera. Nishan 

Marine Science 

Album I 057 

Potter. Matthew David 

Creative Writing 

Powers. John Joseph 


Pregracke. Sarah Elizabeth 


Rayo. Andrew Eueene 

Relisious Studies/Biolosy 

Roberts. Joseph Charles 


Robinson. Peter 

American Studies/British History 

Roche. Debra Jean 


Roever. Christopher Paul 


SfiiJyiiti^ infcnai-ly lor hvr coinprchcnsire 
rxainlnafioita. \aiu\ licmhanU » rites doHii 
some notes In her tlonii room, photo hv 
Ajnanda //omo 

Senior hern lieaeh tiriies fo» arils the hasM tliirinua mateh up a«iiinst 
rioritia Soiitliern. I^err^. a starter (or the Trirons, was a top fronteoiirf 
player, photo hy AiVA (iaiilt 

I ilfonp of liirls hiiiifi out ami ehat after classes in the Upha eonrtyard. 
(iroiips of friends ran he found eyei;}»here on campus lakinii, a break 
from their stressful classes. 



Tanya Timhfr rct-ehvn 
an iMi .ifi/ ,1/ thr Honors 
Com oi-aflon fhv ni<i,bt 
hi'l'orc lipuhiafioii. 
photo hy . biianJa llone,y 

Oineoa 3rd HoorSittinii,: (I to llh iJKa Aooiiiiii. fiicarda Hir.liliiT. 
Racbi'l Parks. Jam' Tucker. Irica Garrison. Tricia hians. Standin«(l 
to H): John lacailoro. Cnstal tonllolilt. Trie Oailol. Bridoett 
tonlioldt. Tom UUiiifill. Hill (iasn\ynv. Ahb^- Bercnbak 

Roth. Brandon Michael 


Sabia. Tarvn Elizabeth 

Uisual Arts 

Schillhammer. Kimberley A. 

French/lnt'l Relations 

Seab*. Garvin Raymond 
Uisual Arts/Human Dev't 
Seuffert, WilKam James 

Political Science 

Shaddock. Tami Lvnne 


ShiPlett. Alexander Morgan 


Smith. Christine Anne 

Myth & Cultural Studies 

Smith, Ewan Alan 

^ History 

Album I 059 

Official Eckertl i'ollcoc sfaJiiatc Vice Carlaon Is Icil out of the 
o\inna.'<iam hv Dean of laciilfy llo\d i'bapin Jiiriii'S, tin- coinmeiu-ciiwiit 
recessional, photo h\ XinanJa Ho»e\ 

Jeannie llanter opns from ear to ear »hile .•ia\in>i her «ooilh\es at the 
lifvdiiation party ■ photo h\ hiiamla Ho»e\ 

Snider, Laura Beth 


Soderman. Josef Urban 

International Business 

Sponaugle. Courtney Michelle 


Stailey. Morgan Bree 

Comp. SciVUis. Arts 

Suchak. Uishal Avinash 

Comp. Science/Math 

Trouteaud. Alexander Robert 


Uana. Michael A. 

Computer Science 

Uerma. Amit Ranjit 

Comp. Sci./lnt*l Bus. 

Ware. Raeni Beth 

Waters. Lauren Marie 

Marine Science 

Wilson. Jennifer 
Wotfson. Monica Lynn 

Marine Science 



IhUon - Iroiit nn\ (I to Rh 
Maria hiifc. biM I'licftmann. liiii/p 
Hunt. Oinn Mihcrti. I liarho/a. 
Riifhie KeiJ. Amy hilhcrf. liriaii lianics. 
and BranJon fhi <'ii. Ikeh nm: Jrii 
Riltcr. /.rill Sfiiicic. Mfi^ Cook. h\lf 
Uayca. .hmie VartiK. livan McConiilck. 
Mike I'orter. Matt llan.tcn. Ihii" 
SebiieiJcr. and Sean Maiial'orf. 

\h Soath a to R): hat I'ithcvii,. .tiilia 
Hiiddletitoii. /.Vila lh\ Is. Iiraiid\ Iniifam. 
and Racharl Thompson. 

lU-rkclry lloiiAc (I. to R): ./c.s.siVa day. 
Scott (jrahain. .tor Rolicrtx. Mary / //r-ii 
liroytn. and llvjandro Molina. 



Xli Aii.s/ (I to IV: \mtre\r Dimsky. 
lirciuhn Shvchaii. Daatin Heekman. and 
Roh I'fttmaii. 

James Itoiisf ironf ro» (I to ID: Julie 
Z()//iii:iiiii. )()AiA(> 1 ama'^iichi. John 
Dietlrii-h. haiinth Ihaanayake. ISraillev 
lonnlain. Meti, Heifer, and Shei^l 
\f einstein. Ihi-kron: briftne\ lioone. 
lilant-a (ian-ia. I I'l ien Ihlcker. \iUt\a 
Sarao'Ji. Iric lord. Shannon i'oiifinho. 
letter Chilli"' /'oiiji. iiiiJ lyiia/i</a llowey. 

Album I 063 

Kyjii McConnIck rclawa In his room 
after a /oii;; (h\ of c/a.s.scs. , Iffrr lonti, 
trccheroiiK ^cekiiaya maiiv afinlciils 
opt for a lo» key ei {•iiln». 

Sitfino oiifniJp of the Hiai/fcdW.s. Mcole 
Hinehaaoh reaJs Ihrouifi some 
homework before heaJiiiooii to class, 
photo h\ ISriaii ReJar 

Sharroil Mci'ree shoots the free throw 
ilnrioi. an ei ent at the iestix al of Hope. 
U ith skills like this. It uas iio nonJer 
that Sharroil »i as a member of the Triton 
basketball team. 

I he number I soicer fans show their 
stuff at one of t lie men's home liames. 
The soii-er teams tireu lari^e crowils 
iliirinil their fall seasons, photo by 
lirlan lietlar 

Jay lless strolls tlown the waterfront 
path heatleil to tlie lioaflioiise for I.C 
Sill traininii,. \ot only ^yas .lay 
imohetl with I.CSAU. but he also 
reeelieil bis ratinii;! for other watercraft. 
photo In lirlan lle<lar 



./H/if /.ollmati chill.f on her hvaeh chair in 
the sun cafehina, some raxs iihi'/c 
trof/«iii£, oil Aonicirort. II ftcii time is 
limit e J. students i,et son aii,* ii a^ 
possible, photo h\ ISrian Reilar 

Jonathan I'leeae strams his »nifar to 
take his mind off of classes. Musical 
talent can he foiinil in all .'ihapes anil 
fonns throii»hotit campus, photo h\ 
Adrian Stewart 

Brianna lindofen enpns a hearts houl 
of soup at dinner in Crossroads 
Cafeteria. Man\ neM dinin» options 
became aiailahle after Winter Term, 
photo h\ Brian Redar 

Album 065 

Seotf Coleman adjusts 
the lines on his boat 
before seffino out for a 
sunset sail. Xameroiis 
activities were available 
for students at the 
waterfront, photo hy 
lirian Kedar 

Xale Ihrrell and l{o\ie 
lioddrean prepare for 
their Halloween ni<iht 
out. I'almetto 
sponsored a dance at 
the Snell Isle I inov. 
photo by Ihiiii 


Ackerman. Jessica Kay 

Africk. Dora Judith 

Aliberti. Gina Marie 

Allevne. Malene Chaani 

Alleyne. Micha Giselle 

Al-Mubarak. Firas 

Al-Muhairi. Sultan Saeed 

Al-Nuaimi. Mubarak Omar 

Ananda. Pradip Kumar 

Anderson. Gory Allan 

Antonaras. Emanuel Anthony 

Apaar. Kelly Elizabeth 

Arauz Membreno. Jose Rene 

Arao. David Ryan 

Arkin.Dayna B. 

Balcker. Wiuien 

Balla. Marton 

Barnes. Brian Patrick 

Barratt. Clare Louise 

Barrett. Nathaniel Stone 

Barwick. Brenna Sue 

Barrios. Amy 

Baumaardner.Jaclyn Kristin 

Baykal. Arda Neiat 

Bayly. Andrew P. 

Belter. Maraaret S. 

Belanaer. Stephanie Dawn 

Berdine. Garly Jane 

.has IJiHii.s ami l.ori 
llich smnck fhi'lr 
tonuiii-s on A«'i in 
llaimrn. looking for 
low. Kniii H.w fakinil 

limha Still'naii takcf 
inventory on the I'ooil 
in Mailaec lioathonsc. 


Holly Sweat and.lohn I'ower.f c/kiii on their lien ami .1err\'a ice ereain 
while siffinooiitalde of their complex. 

Album I 067 

Beston. Gabriela Ann 

Bhatt. Shakti 
Blazanovic. Aleksandar 
Bobb. Jamie Autumn 
Bone. Emily Suzanna 
Bonebrake, Tara Jane 
Boone. Brittney Leieh 

Borecki. Laura Kathleen 

Boudreau. Roxanne Marie 

Bradley. Melissa Marie 

Brady. Melanie Elizabeth 

Brainerd. Benjamin Arthur 

Braly. Jill Marie 
Brandel. Ida-Lee Mei-Hsien 

Brantley. Kristen Denise 
Brouah. Nathan James 
Brown. Martin Brandon 

Brown. Mary Ellen 

Brownell. Marsaret Anne 

Brunetto. Richard Paul 

Bruneer, Joel Conway 

Bryant. Charles Gyude 

Buchanan. Brandon Scott 

Buchholtz, Theresia Josephine 

Buck, Bradley L. 

Burroughs. Henry B. 

Butts. Renee Nicole 

Byrnes. Theresa A. 

./c.s'.s'ica day ahtwln 
pool ill the LiiulSfy Hall 
oamvroom. The 
makcah'it'l room wan 
i-oinplclr »lfh pool 
tahlfS and an-aJea. 
photo h\ linanJa 


Mill House Iroiit row 
(I to ID: Julio Ortiz, 
lirctt Starter, mil/ llriaii 
Cliah. Sceoiiilro»: 
Ihii Carney. IJi/ahfth 
Orahain. Srrrna I hi is. 
icrrsa II ini-raiit/. anil 
Carolyn l.arkin. Hack 
ro»: \atc I A ans. Scott 
Hraillcy. Oracson 
Morris. Iz/fqairl 
(i)-noia. Trade l.ckerl. 
helly Ihmii^an. Inn 
llohler. anti Srtli Scott. 


hirln lloasi' Siltiiit^ (I. 
to 10: Ida lev ISranili'l. 
. lU'lwkah iiiHvr. him 
(ioiHrvx. ami Mflonex 
Saho. Staiulln«: 
Melissa Rat, UK. 
Mil-had ISoriiiti- 
ISn'iiJan Mci'Uiskcy. 
i anil Matt Taylor. 


Ihirinii Hiirjokf nf fhv I'lih. Ttwrrsli) lliiflihol/. Ijiulaev hraal/. I.iiulsf\ 
Xickol. jiiil Carly Siiiilh /jcrliiri/i :i aontl lor the cnuul. I'almvtlo 
I'rtuliicfioii:! !;;ii <■ pri/cii huSftl on falvnt ami shit: photo In \.maiula 

Ocnthnhi Honsriroiit foil (I to ID: loaiinia loi/Ulea. .Ivir\ i'aniea. ami 
Antboin lilair. SecomI ro» : liramlon Oik'ii. Dan- Mocvri. l/i.s'.sM 
Qiiisforl'l'. ami liu/rcii l.amprrt. Hack ro»: MailvlUw iraiu-o. i'ourtnt'y 
Jachion. li/iicc McLean. .)a\ {rc.tfy. Matt Skomasa. ami Wivir O'llai-a.\ 11 ilf\ rarrifs a pail ol' water thromib an f^- 
ohstarl)' coiintr at the I r.ttit al ol' Hope. i| 

Acliiitira al different hootks atlileJ fan to the 
ei ent. 

bill lialhhone earriea her panrake.i haek to a 
table at the Campus Ministry pancake dinner, 
photo by Brian lletlar 

070 Underclassmen 

Uiaasen Hoin^rl'ront 
row a to ID: \i<k 
Irakaua. Jay //<»■. 
./<«'/ Bnin«fr. and 
Jeiiica Harhofflc. Back 
row: MifhacI I'cfplaki. 
Jonathan lanJoy/i. Pat 
Surher. Mf'ian lUerg. 
Chryatal lIulcbiAon. 
Michael DWinhra. 
Thomas Uaifwd. and 
Melissa horpalski. 

I{< hecea Hooper makes 
1 1 ( tiino plans with a 
Ini nd. photo h\ Brian 
It) dar 

^2^ r^^ 

Cadenas. Alejandro 
Canty, Anthony Mark 
Carlson. Lauren Anne 


Chambers, Amanda Lea 

Chandlwala, Shanawaz Aboobakar 

Chapman. Jeremy Lee 


Chrlest, Heidi Lee 

Chvatal, Jessica Anouchka 

Coleman, Scott Lansina 

Cooper. Timothy James 

Cortina. Marco Daniel 

Crais. Erica Rachael 

Cushina.Theo Galen 

Daily. Lisa Ann 

Danzer. Karl Ryan 

Darr. Robert John 

Dasanayake. Kavinda Chetiya Bandara 

Davis, Anne C. 

Dauis, Serena Lucia 

Deanan, Thomas James 


DiGualielmo, Joyce Pamela 

Dow, Ian Mathew 

Drain, Monica Rose 

Duch, Taylor Cameron 

Ducharme, Carl Edwin 

Album I 071 

\et\ton'Troiil nm 
a fo K): Ryan rrSciUs. 
Stephanie SaiierW a/As. 
Ilradlev fitu-k. iric I.Jii.x. anil 
Vasf Spieaa. Second ro»: 
Sean Murphy. Tama 
llikahratoiieh. Sarah Oari-ia. 
hafhryn I arner. Ihvna 
Irkin. lirooke yiallera. i'ma 
Ippolitl. liia Statreia. and 
I'hil IhsHe. Back nm; 
Adam Schenek. I.rif 
I'emandey. Ben Beriier. 
\iek B\rd. I.aiira I'lifhalskl. 
Daie Milln. and Collin 

I'reeman I'ronf 
ro» (I to R): l)elane\ 
Mvnell. liiiip Slin«liil'f. 
ChriMie Treseinan. 
Srotf RoederAheiiner. 
ili.-iha Qninn. .lohn 
Ira/ier. and .loith 
Winnifk. Back row: 
I aii('.s".sa Vniofaniti. 
Ikilah Idnerfon. 
Mrt^inia Tomoni. I'nrax 
Bhaltia. Tamara 
(irindle. Ben Collins. 
\dain lh\. .loanna 
Hardin. Meeuhan Casey, 
and Barr\ larkin. 


Enfilund. Carolyn Christine 
Ensminaer. Ericka Lynn 

Evans. Karl Lee 

Farrell. Lauren Shelley 

Fedder. Michael Wyeth 

Ferauson. Suzy Christina 

Feyes. Brian Christopher 

Fiaueredo, Christopher M. 
Flynn. Kelly Elizabeth 
Ford. Eric Franl<lin 
Fountain. Bradley David 
Freeman. Nicole Lynn 
Funk. Rebecca Matthea 
Gadsden. RaequelM. 

Cafinon. Zachary Dennis 
GaJdos. Matthew Steven 
Garcia. Blanca Catalina 
Garcia. Maria Francisca 
Gasperi. Guillermo Jose 

Gates. Krista Marie 
Gauvreau. Robin Ryerson 


■ fcics compleh-ji hvr homework 

in the Ihukiey Hall hib. The 

I side room was ahvays a quite 

I fiaeAi toift away andsttidy for 

Ihc nia/it. 

Chase Brooks is all 
smiles after he linishes 
his last elass of the 
\ ear. photo hy lirian 

/'.inii'ii llotise Iroiil row 
a to ID: lau <r!i/V. «,-// 
II arc. iiik/ t'orev 
I'l-hiqiiiii. Scioiiil row: 
iliooie llnm IK'//, ./iiniiiica 
I rirtlrn l*:^ liiulscx 
I'lwlits Urhnie II //.soil. 
iii<f Chn>(oplwr lliihhartl. 
I'm I. rim \iiole 
lint hrnei lirian Oiiie. 
/>r<>i I hoiiipson. liarl 
Dm h iriiic Jenn Martin, 
ami ,hson I'ariilinv. 

llisha liassam ami 
Justin loni^ ira/A hack 
from c/ii.s.scs fhroniih 
the lloutih Quail. 


Jen IJnrrson lenp.i onto Tonv Jones' hack in 
hopen o( a ride lo their ear. photo h\ Voiii, 

Lisa Johnson, ft I ofSeotf House. sT'i'-'' 'fO"' 
to ear as she enters her ilonii room after a I'tn 
ni«ht on rounds. 

Ili/.sofi House I ronf 
ro» (I to H): Sarah 
I'etree and Carolyn 
l.nifnnd. Second row: 
Hachel l'a\ ne. liiin 
Mortimer. Melanie 
Mettetal. and hells 
Smith. Third rosy: 
Carta Stehman. Sara 
lUitremhIe. iJi/aheth 
I aoan. Samantha Hawk, 
and lindsas U Hey. 
Hack row: Shanas\a/ 
Chandiwala. Josh 
(iasperi. Ihl e (iirard. 

\ico Jansen. Hill 
Comer. Mkola l.e«ftic. 

\hhijeet Chatidhars. 
John lomi". and 
Chhhra I'resan. 

lynnea IMIaan lifahs a 
ha<l of chips from the 
piih. amonil other 
items. Meal cards 
could he used in the 
I'lih instead of eatinii, in 
the cafeteria, photo hy 
.bnanda Honey 


Gilliaan. Christine Marie 

Gilloaly, Marianne Lindsay 

Goldoni. Lauren Lee 

Corker. Belit 

Gormlev. Joseph Patrick 

Graham, Cara yictoria 

Gray, Patrick Lathem 

Green. Jessica Rachel 
Greiner. Joanna Marie 
Hadlett, Gretchen Jean 
Haaood, Thomas Ward 
Hardin, Joanna Guit 
Harris, Ericka Susan 
Hayes, Kyle Edward 

Hickson. Heather Marie 
Hieains. Paul Murphy 

Hieley. Anaela Marit 
Hinebauah.Celia Nicole 

Hollwea, Terill Anne 
Holmes, Jeremy Cassel 

haf<' lleilmaii. \icole 
Uwchaniift. ami Morsflit 
Crawforit viijov a 
iU'licioiiS lunch on the 
I'lib I'atio coartesy of 
i:COS Jiirin« Alcohol 
hi arriK'.s.s Mt'cL 
Sfailcnfn also 
participalcil in a kco 
roll ainon'X other 
actit itU'S. photo by 
llrian Ucilar 

Doiio/as HoiiseTront 
row (I to R): Tina 
IM'ord. Imi/iia DelToro. 
\\ omie Praabid. and 
l'cso\ I'ilippakis. Second 
row: Oabriella Beston. 
Sarah Jndiion. li/ Clark, 
and Monica Ihain. Back 
row: Melanie Bradx. 
I'haae Broohi. Joyce 
lh(in0ielmo. Meoan 
lU-rkau. Maria 
Slonecipher. Katie 
Ipshfir. hats BrisjS^. 
Irene lilippakia. and 
Christina Cardone. 



iPPoliti.Lisa Marie 

Iro. FlorJan Felizian 

Irwin. Kevin 

Ishizaki. Kyoko 

Izquierdo. Andres 

Jacobs. Laura Michelle 

Jacobsen. Lynn Rose Day 

Jankovic. KristiJan 

Jindla. Neha Renee 

Johnson. Christina Marie 

Johnson. Jennifer A. 

Johnson. Kristin Oma 

Jones. Alexander James Henry 

Joreensson. Jonathan Matthew 


Kemp. Contina Denise 

Kern. Dara Leish 

Kina. Emily Robin 

Kinasley. Jennifer Irene 

Kinasley. Sarah Weir 

Kirschenheiter, Cherylanne Marcelle 

Kolman. Amanda Beth 

Koski.Amy M. 

Kosmitis. Leah Michelle 

Kunkel. Roaer McKichan 

Landon.Kimberly Ann 

Lauer. Gregory G. 

Laux. Eric Gregory 

hiiox House hnccliii» 
(I lo R): Maria Jaiw.t/. 
Hlith i'oMli'\ . Jramit-a 

\ckmnan. ami IsAoA 
Mistr\. Sfaiulinn: 
IHaiia lliwsHs. Joe 
Carroll. Julian 
liifhartl.ton. Micba 

\IU\iw. Mah'iw 

\llc\ DC. I'aiilic 
Soniul/. dan in Scaly. 
Stcph J a//, lanic i'nsfr. 
Car.fon InroMaaki. 
Hci-ea Thomas, lasha 
lailcr. Sunlit Halhoil. 
ami Matt Dcn/cr. 

076 Underclassmen 

lU'hvcca Ooodniofif 
and liroky lilitch 
call out the /i/ii«'o 
nninhcrs dnrinti, Hie 
U elcoinv hack 
/j/im'o vienf. photo 
h\ bnanda llouvv 

nffTE Hit* 

KMv Hclliiuui <;VY.s fhe cunwiii specs from 
hn Sinifh before heiuUn» oiif to an Info 
fhe Sfreefs sife fo f-Ae pbofosfaphs. 
phofo h^\ Adrian Sfewarf 

Oherti, House Ironf K<»« (l fo Rh 
Miirlene Oinuiil. hat IU\yce. Emlh 
WVife. Celine lliels. Mike Insalafo. a 
friend. Jiilien Penile, and Paul M. 
WiVo'i'iLS. Hack ron: lirooke lacev. 
Sahrina Sfein. Kath\ \fkins. .Jeff Smith, 
Tom Webster. .}eremy Chapman. 

Corey Peloipiin entertains the cro»d 
durinil an open mic niti^bt in the Pub. 
Students .shared their talents throusfi- 
ouf the year at lahous Pub events- 
photo by iXmanda f/o»i«^v 

Album 1 077 

\ii Mrsf SIffintid. fo IV: Ihiin Sihwah. Mcoan 
Murphy. Morilan (hircll. Jen hiii<<,flc\ . l/nr/ 
D'Oiiol'rio. aiK* llr.s Cril): Staiulinii: .hincs 
Ihrilifrr. hii I'ifchl'oiih. Joe /icscr. Tyler 
Khskoty, Jiul Vhrix WrooA.s. 

Stew Itlihinaa ami bin 
(rii'iiils pose for a 
pbolotifapb before 
beailiiiif, of to a Jaiu-e 
offcampiia. Many 
stnilents atteiuleil 
tiaiice fiiiiitioits with 
tbeir frieiuls for a "ooil 
time, photo by Ihlin 


\iiiu-\ riciniii'i mill her 
Mhnv (reshnwn I'riciuiji 
help lit the rcfvelliiu 
ci'iitcr iliiriiiii Into the 
SfiTcfa III liitiiinii 
Ifnn. Sen iff 
op\}ortiinHie!n iirr 

.l/tl iM «>• Jl yilnhle (III ;lll</ 

itiT citinpii.-i. photo hy 
li/mii St CM art 

Leekley. Elisabeth Curtis 

Leas. Julie Kristi 

Liepkalns. Justine Suzanne 

Lipscomb. Kristen J. 

Lockard, Julie Ann 

Loizides. loannis M. 

Lonaworth. Jennifer Lea 

Luchka. Karen Lynn 

Ludwia, Ashley Frank 

Lynch, Ryan Lorina 

Ma. Andrew Chuna Hsun Adams 

Machado. Marcos Pimenta 

Maddux. Heather Nicole 

Mallik. Arjun 

Markham. Kyle Dean 

Martin. Julia Johanna 

Martinez. Lourdes Gabriela 

McCarroll. Leanne 

McCombs. Stephanie Rae 

McCormick. Ryan John 

McCoy. Kristen 

McHenry. Maraaret Carhartt 

Mclver, Amanda Mae 

McLauehlin. Ryan Patrick 

Mettetal, Melanie Lee 

Miller. Ryan Charles 

Mills. James Dauid 

Moiseochik, Shenan Elizabeth 

Hpinlcr.foii llotisc (I. 
to R): Michael Vhyton. 
Sfephani Xontootl. 
I.aiira Dante. Jonathan 
llalhreich. Heather 
MaJilin. hriaten 
I'inanni. I.rin Sttilt. 
Samantha : {ndress. lUck 
I'omper. lirian Keilar. 
anil hristin I'hesnoft- 

Album I 079 

Ti^iiio to aiiiiise 
Kfrcusfal day in the 
I'oliiutto Oin,r. Jen 
Ishvr pats on hfrpi'i 
fare. Sfnihnts »ho 
put in many hoiirif to 
rliiha anil or'iani/ations 
al»a\s need a laiisji Of 
^»i () diirini, lon« dava. 

kvnnvdr lloiiae Ironf 
nm (I fo li): Jonathan 
l.vivaqm: Ocorie 

I.COOftt. />r«'M 
^Jorjii.soii. l/rv Jaoohs. 
liarl l\ ana. (ircii laiwr. 
/<■<• \apiiiT. and Man- 
I'anio. Hack row: Matt 
Jones. Matt I'ofter. 
trie ShepperKon. Craio 
Uhenia/. (iai^ 
Siillii an. Matt Reiian. i 
\<VA Hapkoch. Carlo 
Hihera. \aron (Utile, 
and Thoinaa 


Monastesse. Nicole Denise 
Moraan. Amber Janee 

Moraanstein. Emily Chaia 
Morris. Gracson Dubois 

Mortimer. Kimberlee Anne 
Mueller. Mark Stephen 

Murphy, Meaan Loudounia 

Murphy. Sean Tremere 
Nelson. Gina Marie 

Nickel. Lindsey Amanda 

Niemiec. Anaela Natalie 

Norton. Layne Eiseman 
Norton. Scott Elliott 

Noyes. Kristine Marie 

Nulph. Shannon Marie 

O'Flaherty Jr., Patrick James 

OrbaneJa. Iniao 

Ormsby. Andrew William 

Ortiz, Juho A. 

Olson, Kristine Paula 

Ouchakour, Said Mhamed 

Palermo, Maryann Catherine 

Parent, Paul Normand 

Parker, Katie 

Paroline. Jason Allan 

Parsons. Ashley Lynn 

Pasco, Tiffany Elizabeth 


Female students strut their stuff durins, 
Eeherd's icrsion ofSini>/ed Out in the Houih 
Quad. They all had a chance to »i in an fi eninii 
nith /,('■>■ ()»i7i liretl ha\do. photo hy /Wan 

Ihsen House - front row: lynnea PpAaaii. 
Second row (I. to H): Sara Holers. Joanna 
Oreiner. \eha Jindia. and ISecca I'unk. Ihck 
row: A.^oAo Ishi/lii. Lauren Markland. Crislin 
Carry. Roshan lAldy. Soitja Skoisfed. and Ann 

Mark Mueller answers the phone in the campus 
activities office tlurin« his work .ttudy. II orh 
study is available in almost every office on 

Meoaii Horst works on Christmas iifts as part of 
an Earth Society and Campus Ministry' lift- 

Album I 081 

leiohfon House - Ironf 
rim (I to R): Meoan 
Horst. Jereim llolmca. 
Jaoqueline Ki'lly. and 
laiira .lacohx. Seeoiid 
row: /rj/iA (iaido. Ian 
Ross. bidrr» Ua.Jill 
liralv. Samanfha 
lloiiAotiA'Ai. Raqiirl 
Gadsden. Lricka Harris, 
and linker March. ISacU 
row: Haivi \fur/er. 
Aiifhon\ l'i//o. Tbeo 
Cashin<>. I'efer Hintia. 
Jonathon Miilshrnok. 
hri.sta dales, and l.rin 

/^J ^^^ 


AnVa I rohiierafh. liecky 
Day. and l.indsry Kraal/ 
pill (HI a show for I he 
croud at Karaoke nitlhl 
ill the I'lih. photo In 
Amanda Howes 

lilanca Oarcia Hashes 
her brushes after 
apply inn her artistic 
desiiins to the IX' 
Coinmiinity murals 
diirina, a campus 
community day in lln 
Uou<i,h Quad. Sliidcn 
»i ere able lo paint 
uhatet er came to thii- 
mind, with the miiril.-' 
later bein^ biimi, around 
campus, photo by 
. liiimida Howey 


Pavislaniti, Uanessa Lynn 
Peloquin, Corey Joseph 
Perry, Meahan Rebecca 

Petree. Sarah Ann 

Petrosky. Sara Nicole 

Phelps. Lindsey Diana 

Piantedosi. Jason Michael 

Poppa-Turner. Jordan D. 

Rahman. Syed ShuJuar 

Ramii. Shiven Kirtikumar 

Ramsey, Colleen Joosons 

Ratcliff, Melissa Nicole 

Redar, Brian John 

Reddy. Emily Jean 

Reid. Ruth Ann Melissa 

Revo, Shauna F. 

Rezende. Eduarda Leao 

Rich,Lori Elizabeth 

Richardson, Andrew Scott 

Riaall, Leah Oriel 
Ritter. Jennifer Theresa 

Riutta, Aaron Lee 

Rivera, Justin Kalei 

Rollason-Reese, Cathryn Hayes 

Ruttan, Denise Noel 

Saksefski,Kathryn Anne 

Sandall, Cody Bryan 

Sanez, Maria Ana 

Hiibhanl HooM- Ironf ro» (I to R): Jonathan Shafer. Karen l.uchka. I'lixha Siilliian. Emih 
}lor«an.ttcin. ami .lleh<andar Bla/anotic. Back ro»: Jeff Swertman. Rate Banks. Richard Travers. 
Dare Paoe and (iin«er. Atanai.'ia Raivana. Steie Simpson, and Dair hane. 

Stiidenl.t eroMd the Mc \rthtir Center 
S,yinna.'iinin to .sA(m their spirit for the Triton 
h3.skethall teams at the 2000 Midnisftt Madness. 
Daiie (all. host for the niofit. kept students 
psyched nith contests and iiiiea\fays. in- 
betneen team introductions, photo hy Jessie 

Album I 083 

Sassine, Kim Anne-Elizabeth 

Sawyer. Oerel< Edward 

Schillina. Eric Liuineston 

Schmin, Christopher Edward 

Schneider. Douelas Raymond 

Schoenly. Kimberly Ann 

Seiple. Garrett James 

Senoussi, Meriam Dalila 
Seraeant. Sarah Elizabeth 

Seruis. Robert W. 

Sheridan, Timothy Patrick 

Sl<omasa. Matthew Charles 


Skurka.Gina Marie 

Smith. Taylor Edwin 
Soto. Jessica Carina 
Spiess. Pase Caroline 
Staat. Sarah Christine 
Stallone. Leah Marie 
Staureva. Ana Stefanova 
Stehman. Caria Marie 

Stodard. Christopher Michael 

Street. Kelly Annette 

Sutera. Monica Lucia 

Swanson. Lauren Hyde 

Takizawa. Adriana 

Tallman. Cordelia Kirkendall 

Tamborski. Jennifer 

BcnriM lloiitjp iroiif ro\% (I. to H): Ihra hem. Moarcfii Oanlner. irin Van: anil ha(\ Schiil/. 
Srcoiul roH ; Mike Cm onrs. i'viifhia (iantii. Miriam Seiiimsai. hari Kra.fiwr. Mian Sanvy. 
l.fcUry. and JeSSira Mfl.iiekir. Hack ro^^: Michael Imtalaco. CiaiTeff Seiple. Hill llolcoillh. (irei>^ 
Inman. Andre Steele, and Stephen hans,. 

{ndre (ion/ ales receiie.'i hia urislhand from 
, lji2,7r Maitner at the Singed Out after party in 
lax Hall. Students (»i er 21 receix ed »i risfhantit 
to allow them to alcohol at the ei ent. 



lihUflry lloiiSf ■ rnml n»ii (I. to li): Kr'u-ka Ijinininiifr ami Jeiiiiil'i'r lifffr'uloc. Secoiul nnr: hn 
Smith. Christina Horn. Ilaehrl Xohlofm. Cara UyV/ii Mallik. ami H\,w Morsi'. Back row: 
(iracnon Morna. lirett havdo. him I'atrick I ershach. Morit/ Thimm. ami lirian Brill. 

A.iivii hichka .ii/i vrtiars lirv I'ooil Jiirimi, an 
{li-ohol 111 arrnc.'i.-i ti rt'k (am-lion. 
Ilciu'f.friifatiif.f ol'lf»i.->l.itiir Council .uul the 
I COS I \rrnlif r lio.inl planni'il .u-ti\ ilivn «'i <'!;% 
</.!/ to im-rrativ know IrJuf abotil alcohol anil its 


Scotf lloiiar ■ I'ronf row (I. to Hh //.sa Johnaon. Tim Cooper, \iite Ihrrrlf. Ro.xxic Bondrraii. ami 
hrxin Ihn.srn. Back ro»: Collrrn lllaiw\. l/<'\ Walher. Malt (iajilos. I.rin Cuuuhy'w. l/rv Caiisin. 
lhws,liorz/naii. Hvaii l.yiicli. and Hirtianl llnmt'tto. 







tiiminie Schlllhnmiiifr and Brian Hfilar worli a( 
fhc IUiJ» vi.fer trin-k at Ke»ua<' I'ml. Sfiulvnh 
oicr 21 Hire ahlv to ptirehasc hvvr or nine 
sprit /cm. photo h\ linaiula llonty 


I'rasrh front ro» (I. to Rh laiira iiorei-ki. Kristin Oliver, harin Schmiil. Corinna Orietta. 
Ca.sev liames. anil l.oiirJes Martinez. Seconil roir: Je.s.sica C'hiatal. lirenna lkr»icL Dora ,11'ricL 
Kohin (iainreaii. Xli-ole Mr<i,in. Shiien Hamji. 1/im Wooils. Iheo lamias. Marline I'ontaine. Mshel 
Siichak. anil l\\\lor Sinitli. Hack row: Michael liimi. Marconi Machailo. llivelino Thomas. 
HImanshii Kaptir. ISreiulan I'hilip. and Jean Marc Talma. 

Taylor. Matthew 

Thimm, BJorn Moritz 

Thomas, Tara Elisabeth 

Thompson. Corrine Lynn 

Tiedemann. Erica |V)aria 

Tillman-Youns. Christa Danielle 

Tornoni, Veronica Uirainia 

Torok. Joseph Julius 
Toufali. Thraithmas Louise 
Trammel. Kathryn Louise 
Trask. Kimberly Stevens 
Tucker. Michael Keatina 
Tummala. Sulekha Rao 
Upshur. Katherine duBois 

Uscicki. Amanda Grace 

Ualier. Decorah Gay 

UanNesse. Rodney Roaer 

Uarner. Kathryn Elizabeth 

Uescoui. Ualentina 

Uicelli. Marc Anthony 

Uichich. Eric Jon 

Wark. Sarah Elizabeth 

Warren II. Willie James 

Watters. Lacie Brooke 

Webster. Thomas Hatfield 

White. David Euaene 

Williams. James Lamar 

Wilson. Kend rick 

Album I 087 

Stdilcntji attriiiliii" iiii 
open mic iii«hf in fhe 
I'lih liafvn silenfh to 
fhv pert'oniuT on afatit'. 
»aitin<i for their ehani-t' 
to ahare their talents, 
photo b\ Adrian 

Morris House Front row (I to K): Sean Burton. Ileth I'en^. ami lauren Ooldoni. Hark rotr: Ihn 
MeCarron. Sii/^y Ferotison. Sabrina FJmonston. I'eler /Jrojenski. ,IW<> Miller. Tai Koiiers. Adrian 
Sfe^^'art. and Jeff Simpson. 

Wilson. Melanie Rose 

Wincrantz. Teresa Maria 

Wise. Stephanie Lynn 

Wray. Stacey L. 

Wriaht. Abigail E. 

Yamaeuchi. Yukiko 

Yau. Roven Benjamin 

Youne. John Clayton 
Young. Martin Edward 

Yuzer. Bora 
Zaser. Richard Joseph 
Zion. Amanda Marie 

Copley House 


Mrmbers oflC listen 
to the speaker on the 
floor darin« a 
leilislafhe Council 
litre fino. I.C Series the 
stmlent body in many 

JH '■"""•''■■ 

(i.wdhi House ■ Front roir (I to W: Siilekha 
I iiiiimala. Clare Barratt. Sara Petrosky. 
Maryanne IhakaUs- Jessiea B_\rd. bioela 
Meiiiiee. \an(\y Bernhardt. Second row: Ashley 
I'.irsons. Stephanie Wise. Heather Hickson. 
tindsey Kraat/. Cristi Pari. Julie fromm. Sarah 
I raiiie. and Bethany tJliott. Ihird row: 
Stephanie MeCoinbs. Ijnily Dove, laura Scherf. 
.leannie Collier. Jessica James, laura McCarthy, 
and Brenda Melausfilin. Back row. lauren 
Varrell. leti/ia Sihe.^tri. Jamie Curtis, hirk 
Tallman. and Sarah lano. 

Beecher House - Front rotr (I to B): Ciracson 
Morris. Ainber Haley. Safiya Sawney. Christine 
lessard. Ore« Halli«an. Juana Canajalino. and 
Kyle Dauifterty. Second row: John Ihedrich. 
1 a.sir harim. Amanda Ooden. Jennifer Ciaramella. 
I inily Reddy. Mahmoud LhRaheed. Joseph 
ToroL Brett Kaydo. and Jeremy Rawson. Back 
row: Shauna Revo. Sprint Elli.ion. Jesse 
Swanson. and Sarah Marchant. 




Chaplain Mona Baoasao 
.sif.t with SMC lie Krof 
diiriii!>, a ceremony in 
OrifUn Chapel. Mona 
trained Student 
MiniMr\ Coordinators 
to he leadino e\ainples 
throiiohoiit the 
residence halls. 

.h.-talina speaks with Reece Hoherson and Tony /VofV-.s-.s-or /.<' Ciras.'io exits Commeni-emenI 
liriniello at registration. Select facnlf\ and staff ceremonies at the Mc Irthnr «\mnasiom. 
were ill iii7iift/r for (/iiestions dnrinii, the process. I'rofessors in cap and </()»rii followed the ne» 
photo by Amanda Won rv lif^ulnales in the recessional, photo In \inanda 


090 I Faculty/Staff 

Basasao. Mona ■ Chaplain 

Badeley, Gala - Banner and Data Systems 

Bhasin. Balblr - Professor of International Business 

Bowman. Myles - Associate Director of Residence Life 

Carter. Nancy - Professor of Humanities 

Chittick. Andrew - Professor of East Asian Humanities 

Ellis. Harry - Professor of Chemistry 

Epstein, Joan - Professor of Music 

Fernandez. Eduardo - Asst. Professor of Physics and Mathematics 

Flaherty. Mike - Professor of Sociology 

Gold. Helene • Library Services 

Henry. Patrick - Assoc. Professor of Sociology 

Hotchkiss. Eueene - interim President 

Howard. Jeff - Professor of Psychology 

Kelly. William - Asst. Professor of Rhetoric 

Lanoue. Darryl - Asst. Professor of Management 

Meese. George ■ Professor of Rhetoric 

Mets. Lisa - Executive Assistant to the President 

Meyer. Mary ■ Assoc. Professor of Politcal Science 

Rice. Richard ■ Professor of Theater 

Schwarz-Muller. April - Asst. Professor of Human Development 

Sizzo. Steve - Professor of International Business 

Smith. Marion - Professor of Uocal Music 

Smith. Nancy - Asst. Professor of Biology 

Soli. Alan - Assoc. Professor of Chemistry 

Thompson. Joel - Professor of Marine Science 

Wallace. Richard ■ Asst. Professor of Environmental Policy 

Wolfman. Melissa ■ Executive Secretary to the Dean of Students 

EchertI I'otlcie 
Admi.t.tionii Coinvii'lor 
Maria AIoii dcscribi;s 
the r('»i.strjtioii process 
fo one of her new 
eollea'iiies. Maria, an 
Eekerd "WJ. /.s a pro of 
resiafrafioii at-fii ificit. 
photo hy .hnanJa 

J'roft'sitor hirlt U,i/i» 
nil p,s ml interactive 
presentation to his 
Heritage class on the 
lei els of hell in Dante's 
bifemo. Each Herifaue 
professor taasjit the 
mill ersal material in 
their own style. 

Album 091 

♦ Michael III mid \aron lhrl('\ i-om coinr t-jcf to (iicc au'm'n.s/ 
thr hall iliirino an intramural aoccvr match. Intramural sportu 
offered (/on/i.s the chance to «et some recoi^nition ami .sA<ni 
their complex pride, photo h\ Krian liedar * Dnstin Ueekman 
keeps hi.t eve on the hall a.s Ac step.-y in for the steal, i.ekerd had 
awesome defense d(irin« the season and showed their 
competitiieness diirins, all matches, photo h\ Doii'J, ISoriiman 


Team Unity 

Thr nonipii'x banMhall team liafhera on fhr hciieh 
tlnrinila flinroiif for an inspirational chat from Coach 
Shiiltm to finish up their liamr. The bio fimr 
Sunshine State Conference meant bio time ehallenoes 
on the court for the laJv Trittins. 

The Lckerd College 
Cheerleaders spark 
the eneri^y of the 
crowd durino a 
home basketball 
oame. The squad 
frequently threw 
spirit items into the 
cnnyd to iet 
ei er^one on their 
feet and cheerins,. 

M I^iajop CO|vlpoNeNt OF coLLege 
uFe iS atHl^ticS. EcKerd ^S N^ 
JiFFereNt tnaN tH© otHerS, W«tH 

Sports ocurr*Ng ^n tH© water, o[>i 

tH® atHLetic ReLdS, aNd ^N tH© 3)5^1. 
ReceNtL^j EcRePd HaS SeeN aN 
iNcpeaSe iN tH© HON^rS g^VeN ^Ur 

teaivjs: tH© Tr«toN ^aiUNsr teai^ Had 
a peceNt appearaNce at Nat'^NaLS, 

tH© M^N'S V/OLLe\jbaLL tea|Vl iS go*Ng 

Fop a D'VSioN 1 Nat'^NaL titL© aFtep 

WNN'Na DiViSiON 11 Last vjeap, aNd 
tH© MeN'S BaSKetbaLL teaivj H^Sted 

aNd iviade aN appeapaNce in tn© 

DiViSioN II ^oijtH RegiONaLS. THeS© 
acco|V|puSHNieNtS ap© N^t poSSsbLe 

W'tH^ut tH© teaiv| i;N't\j tnat aLLows 
tH^Se gpoupS to FaLL iNto pLac©. 

Sports 093 

Gaining Cjoals 

In oialLj their third 
JiiLl season in the Sun- 
shine State Conjerence, 
the Eckerd College 
women.'s soccer team 
displaijed the tenacitij 
and maturity ojf veterans. 
Scoring 10-6-1 In tke 
reQuiar season and 4-2 in 
conference plaij, the 
Tri.tons were able to paral- 
lel opponent's talent and 
ability i.n a conjerence 
that included six nation- 
allg ranked teams. 

"We came across \Nith 
a stronger team tkls 
\^ear." remarked center 
midjielder Cadij Dolan. 
"We had more in-depth 
players who were com- 
mitted, to tke ckallenges." 

"As tke season pro- 
gressed, we kept getting 
better and better." stated. 

In a display of fancy footwork. 
Stephanie Sch\Mthe Schooled the 
competition Soccer 101 style! photo 
hy Jessie Green 


1st Team All Conference 


p 2nd Team All Conference 




All Americans 



iTont row (I. to R): Amy Howell. I anessa ISarhosa. Monica Carrasco. Ihnv Mo. Second row: Head Coach Sis&i Nasfile, Mesftan 
Perry, .lessica Hums. Kathy IflJns. Cady Dolan. Shenan Moisechiclt. lori Rich. Kristen Brantley. Mas<^ie Roberts. Back roir: 
Trainer Cindy. Sahrina Stein. Rohyn Steinweo. Stephanie Schwohe. Brooke lacey. Jennifer Stone. Andrea Micka. Andrea 
Matarar/o. Carrie Bi^an. Joanna II ihor«. Samantha II ood. Trainer Mcole Browiiell. 

midfielder Lori Rich. 
Halfback Monica 
Carrasco replied. "Being 
tke underdoes, we actu- 
ally rose above everyone's 

'Tke players really 
committed tkemselves." 
said Head, CoackSiggi 
Nagele. 'Team morale 
was wond,erfal. Everyone 
got along well both on 
and off the field." 

This cam^araderie 
and dedication brought 
the team closer than ever 
before to the perform^ance 
levels o_f sack conference 
craskers as Lynn and 

"We keld, Lynn and 
Barrij to the bitter end." 
recalled RobynStelnweg. 
"It took everytkmg oat of 
everyone placing, every- 
one on tke bench, the 
coack, tkej^ans! Tkose 
were tke games tkat 
skowed tke trae keart of 
the team.." 

Overall, tke Eckerd, 

Women's Soccer 

II ith defense hein" key. . \nJrea 
Matarav/o fakes out the offender and 
steals the hall. Teammate Ihwn llelo 
moves in to help with the offense, 
photo hy Jessie Green 

women were ranked 25tk 
In tke nation, tkejirstjbr 
tke yoang team. \n a 
season wltk some room, 
for improvewient, the 
wowien's soccer team 
skowed tre me nd,o as 
potential tojrll tkejreld 
Wltk a championship in 
the gears ahead. 
By Marc Vicelli 

Cady Dolan ruhs elbows with a defender 
in a race for the ifftal. the T.ckerd 
women pro\ ed they w ould fiofit back 
durinii rouiifi. physical iames. photo by 
.lessle Green 

Jennifer Stone speaks 
out about her season 
saying, "We met most of 
our goals this year and 
can only hope to meet 
all of them next season!' 

Dawn Delo a sophomore 
says "The unity and 
friendship of the team 
was strong both on and 
off the field. By far, this 
was the best season 

Sophomore Brooke 
Lacey gives her feelings 
on the season saying 
"Being a close group, 
next year we should be 
able to work together 
towards all of our goals 
and have fun!' 

Kathy Atkins gives her 
two words on the season 
"We were pimpin' this 
year and I look forward 
to the ride next year! 

♦ Joanna II Ihori, tirihhiea the hall 
</<)»! II (iehl toward the «oal in excellrnf 
offriiiyi' while her opponrnt fries to 
jump in from hchiml. photo h\ Jessie 
(ireen * Jane Bxers stops the 
offense <lea<l in their tracks. II hen it 
came to defense and slide tackles, the 
Tritons nere definitely on top of their 
tiame. photo hy Jessie Green 

Sports 095 

Freshman Andrew 
Ma says "This being 
my first year in 
colliegate sports i felt 
that we had a very 
competitive year!' 

Junior Steven 
Yeager says "Being 
hurt doesn't make for 
an enjoyabable sea- 
son, but I'm looi<ing 
forward to a strong 
season in the falK' 

Junior Jermey 
Clubb voices his 
opinon about the 
season "I rule!" 

Sophomore Said 
Ouchakour has these 
words to say about 
the season "The 
season was pretty 
tough, but we had a 
lot of fun and great 

♦ C/ lirook.'i iiim/.s up I'orfhr kick. 
Chaxr'a aprril an J !ioilit\ »i a.s a i ainahic 
aasel to the team fbroasjiodf the 
.spa.soii. photo h\ ,Ms,siV Green * Josh 
Hoelfelf/ .strikes asflinst the defender 
and drii es toward the sflal. Josh 's 
veteran abilities and leadership both on 
and off the field aided the team against 
the many toiisfi conference riials. 
photo by Jessie Green 


Men's Soccer 

Scorinf^^ Success 

A (^ifficnit yearjbr the 
Tntons still proved memo- 
rable. 'The season had its 
aps and downs, and in 
betweens," stateci Coach 
Jim DiNoble. Although 
having a record of 7 - 12 
m the regular seasoi^ and 
3-4- in the conference, the 
men's' soccer team moved 
up a spot in the conjer- 
encejrom last gear. Inju- 
ries hit hard and key 
plagers were out, but the 
men's soccer team kept up 
good morale and coH-tin- 
uedjighting. 'There was 
good leadership, tverg- 
bodgjound their role," 
said Coach DtNoble. 

'Our conference is 
tough. Every game is a 
challenge," coKij^sserf 

.Aitdree Bitterer jumps in front ol'hi.t 
opponent to earn the head ahot (or 
Eekerd. -bidree uas a atrono plaver for 
the Tritona. photo b\ Ihuis, llorsfiian 



Cleai^water Christian 


Christian Brothers 




Northeast State 




St. Leo 


North Florida 






Mars Hill College 


Milligan College 








Florida Tech 


Florida Southern 




Front nm (I to R): Modesto Saiy. Chip Atkins, (iareth 11 hitimi,. Michael Porter. Skip Bersfen. Codv Sandall, Dustin Heckinan. 
-Ls.s/. Coach Chris \aii«hn. Head Coach Jim IH.Kohle. Said Oiichakoiir. Jon Silt a. Je(( Benif/en. .\rda Bxkal. John Miilshenoek. 
.Andree Bitterer, kvle Markham. Back row: Trainer .Mcole lironnell. Michael Chxton. Chase Brooks. Mike Qiii«fe\. R\an .\r«o. 
Verr liertilsson. hrisjans Streips. t)a\ e I'aof. Steven Jaeoer. Jeremy Chihh. Brian Teyes. Marconi .Marchado. Bojan .lleksic. 
.Andrew .Ma. .Marcos Marchado. Trainer Cindy. 

Coack DiNoble. Indeed, 
Eekerd- had a tall order to 
fill going up agaikist 
suck giants as tgnn, 
Barrg, Rolliias, St. Leo, and 
a host o_fotker tougk 

"We had to stick to- 
gether. We had tojigkt, 
and that's what we did," 
explained forward Andree 
Batterer wko was tke 
team's lead scorer and 
named an all C0Ki|^rei4.ce 
plagerfor the secoKict 
straight gear. 

Higk pomtsjbr tke 
seasoi4. included a win 
over Florida Teck and 
some phenomenal come 
back wins. The men's 
team, down 3 - 1 to St. 
Leo, came back in tke last 
two vninutes of the game 
to tie it up and conse- 
guentlg won in overtime. 
In tkejinal game o_f tke 
season against Rollins, 
d-own 2 - 1 , Tke Tritons 
rallied buck to score two 
goals m tke last two 

minutes of plug. 'To see 
that comeback is jast 
awesome. Yon could, j^el it 
insid.e goa," defen- 
sive mi4field.erSkip 
Berg re n. 

"Wken goa measure 
success as j'ar as tke wag 
tke team dealt witk 

♦ I'reparinn for the thro»in. /».»/»■ 
Markham searches for a teammate inra,v 
from the defense. A frehsman. .Markham 
San incredible plaxins, time, photo hy 
Brian Redar ' Skip Bers/'en leaps 
01 er the competition in hopes ofifttins, 
his head on the hall. The llorida Tech 
defender »i u.s no match under the power 
of Skip, photo by Doii^ Borspian 

tklngs and hung In there 
and worked, hard and 
had some nice come_from. 
behind victories, and the 
wag wejinisked,, tke 
season was good," ex- 
plained Coack DiNoble. 
Bg Marc Vice Hi 

Sports 097 

Telieio I clfoii follows fhroii«h on her shot behind the 
defender from I'lierfo Rico /{a^a/iioii. lelifla'a 
defenninafion drii es her past moat defenders, phofo h\ 
Xiek Oaalt 

Kelly Reese dhi es </«»rii the lane 
ahead of her opponent into offensii i 
territory. Iheqaick Triton 
offensit e led to many fast break 
.tcores. photo b\ Sick (iaiilt 

Boun^^ing iSacR 

r.ycited about the start of their .sea.son these women's players sliow their 
spirit t the crowd, photo b\ lirian liedar 

Hack row a to R): haty Cole, tli/alieth tally, \oreen McCallwii. herr\ Reach. Meredith 
Cook. Rachael Thomp.son. Mcole Ihielwner. and him irask. Iront row (I to R): Vena 
lh> is. Jen Ritter. lirandi I'rinole. hells Reese. Julia lliiddleston. Haley llord. lelecia 
lelton. and Myonitra iaiilk. 


Women's Basketball 

Kufy i'oir miil Hai-bael Thompnoii mufch 
lip lo their post hopiiio to makf the 
break ami .score. Ihe t»o >i c/'c key 
assets iiiuler the basket for the Irirons. 
photo b\ ISriaii Heilar 

lelieia I elton concentrates on her free 
thro» ilnrinti, one of the home liaines. 
lelieia 's skill let el siirpasseil most of 
her opponents, photo h\ Mck (iaiilt 

The Tritons listen to Coach Shiiltes 
iliirin" a time out to strensfhen their 
offensii e and ilefensii e strategies. Ihe 
nomen irort lianl on the court to nin 
them their ga/iics. photo h\ Brian KeJar 



i'leion Dunhar leaps over a iloriJa 
Southern pla\ er for the aeore on a lay- 
up. Clexoii coiisistenh added 
excitement for the croti yyith numerous 

Dai id inthon\ \t aits under the basket 
after putting up a .shot from a rebound. 
David was a stron'ipost pla\er for the 
Tritotts »ilh many key plays, photo b\ 
Xlck Oault 

Lester Chani^roni^ runs onto the court durinii, the player 
announcements. I sfron«pla\er for the Tritons, tester 
added excellent offen.'ie and defense to the team. 

I'oint !laurd hendrick II ilson eyes his teammates for the 
perfect pass, liendrick's ama/in« abilities lielped the 
Tritons with their execution of plays. 

100 Men's Basketball 

Ihfaxiic Smifh »orhl the hall /onan/.s Ihr haskd. I ttut 
time I'liiycr of the II I'vk. Tinv's oflensr tu.s no match 
(or hia ilrlriiilrrs. 

Sinking: the (Shot 

Ihck ro%y (I to Rh Michael Kodniifie/. 
John lieckett. Sharroil Mcl'ree. heiiii 
lyona. Thoma.t RohertMrn. Ihta^^ne 
Smith, lirian Sfapf. heiiJrick 11 i/.so/i. 
Jaaoii I'elker. ami Raqnel Oadnen. 
I'ront Ron (I to R): Iric lord. Moroaii 
Orender. (Vni in Thompsoii. .loaef 
Soderman. Dai id bithom. Cleion 
Ihinhar. Charlea Bryant, and lester 
Chans, iono. 



ht'lls Sfrrrf piif.i hvr hair up hvforc fakinn ht-r place 
oil the court. I frannl'cr f his y far. hflls .Sini so/ik- 
Sfeat plaxinii, time on the iirtoii MpiaJ. photo hy 
ISrian Heilar 

l\elly Jacknon uteps out from her team lineup tiApii 
introilliceil to the cro»il. Iielh 'a settinti ahilitiea 
created a^ye)iome anil po» erl'iil play.-i lor her 
teammatea. photo hy ISrIan UeJar 


Courtside Confidfance 

i.mily hinii, ami liana Schwab .fef up their block at the 
net. .Scrolls' />/(>(A.sA% the I riton.s were ke\ to 
yvinninti, their matches, photo b\ llrian Heilar 

102 I Women's Volleyball 

\ssistant coaches Samlra Campanella anil Haiiih i'line 
net the bench cleareil oil' hel'ore a match, lioth /nil e 
ama/lml i olle\ ball careers of their «»i ii ami t'/i e back 
to the women's team the talents they learneil. photo 
b\ lirlan lieilar 

Kriii Johnson «3/ei> at her opponents In 
antmpat'ion of the hall. Lrin's defenne 
and offeiiae proied valuable (or the 
Tritons, photo h\ Brian Redar 

CoCaptain Maria Stoneeipher eve.t the for the approaching hit. Maria's 
fastactin" defense helped the Tritons 
nith their excellent offen.^ire moves, 
photo hv Brian Redar 

Members of the men's volleyball team 
cheer on the women diirinoa home 
match. The men supported the ii omen 
at both home and a» ay matches, photo 
bv Brian Redar 



DorairKgpting Defense 

The 2001 Tnton men's 
volleijball team, encoun- 
tered another utstand- 
mQ volleijb ail season, in 
addition to brinQing 
back thirteen plaijers 
Jrom Last season and 
assistant coach Decorah 
Vaiier, the team, also 
added Dexter Rogers as 
their new head coack. 
Rogers brought witk him 
international experLen.ce 
Jrom kis davjs on the US 
National team. 

Tke starting six of 
Jesse Blazek, Joey Cask, 
Jason Partington, Bran- 
don Rotk, Ri-ckg Zager, 
anct Ranctg Ciine were 
anstoppabie. Their team.- 
work is anmatcked,, and 
It Led tkem to anotker 
undefeated regaLar colle- 
giate season. Tkeg also 
won aLL of tkeir major 
tournaments during the 
regaLar season, including 
the SSCVL Regionals and 
Ckamptonskips, tke 
Tennessee tournament, 
the Marijland tourna- 
naent, and tke Palm 
Beack Atlantic tourna- 

After a National 
Ckampionskipjinisk m 
Division II oj'NIRSA last 
gear. Dexter led the gags 
into tke Division I na- 
tional tournament in 
Kansas Citg. Ajter going 

llrml I'om-h l>r\frr Kftgrrs n'll rs thr 
Trifoiu^ some .s7r!i/rgi> fhomihf.'i iliirins, 
a time out ot thr \ational 
Champion.fhip.f. I)iiriii« his llrst season. 
I>c\lcr dniAhnl with oiiA I /■ollriiiatr 
loss- photo h\ lirion Redar 

104 Men's Volleyball 

Ironf ro» (I to H): .hiiws Millijiiis. Joey Cash. Jason I'artlnotoii. ami Ihtlil Uhitr. Hack row: _bn/f<"H lampert. AiulreM' 
Costa. ISriaii Hcilar. Tim Wanirr. Ifraiuloii Hoth. Jamrs Innsfroiio. Kicltv '/.a«cr. Ailam Schcnclt. Kaiuly Clint: Head Coaeh Bexter ' 
Hos,<TS. Mike I'ellvtier. Jesse ISla/ek. Jordan I'oppa. and issisfant Coach Decorah Vaiier. 

undefeated tke jxrst two 
dags o_f tke tournament, 
tke Tritons Losttkeir 
match in three against 
tke University ojf Illinois. 
Tke 9tk place jinisk m 
Division 1 was considered 
a victorijfor the powerfal 

Tke Tritons second 
squad also had a success- 
ful season, adding to 
their list three remark- 
able freshmen. Under tke 
leadership of captain 

Andrew Costa, tke team 
worked kard togetkerjbr 
some excellent wins dar- 
ing tke season. Tke 
second team also won an 
exkibition match against 
members of the United 
States Paralgmpic team. 

Tke team is looking 
jbrward to anotker oat- 
standinQ season next 
year witk tke Loss ofonlij 
three players. 

By Brian Redar 

Jason l':irflnnf<tii ami Hicks '/.a<<f'r relax 
hctwt'cn matchva at I'alm IScach Iflaiille. 
U Inninii ct <-i\ foiiniamcnf fhf\ played 
III. the Iriton's llrst team was usually 
t'oiiiul on the i-onii all day. photo ftv 
lirian liedar 

Seniors Klck\ '/.aii,er and Joey Cash 

concentrate on the position ol' the hall 

before jninpinii, into place for a powerful 

block. Their skill helped the Tritons '^o 

901 colles/ately in the past two years. 

photo by Brian Redar 

\rike Velletier 'glides hack down to the 

court after a powerful hit a«ainst two 

defensii e blockers. II ith two stronii^ 

middles, almost no ipiick set by the 

Tritons was lilockcd! photo hy\iek 


Jesse lila/ek tosses the hall for his 
sen e diirin'i a match at the \IltS.-l 
iXational Championships in Kansas City. 
Missouri. The Tritons llnished Dth in 
l)i\ision I. photo by lirian Redar 

Treshman Adam Schenck «lides a hall 
Ol er the net while teammates Tim 
\\ arner and Andrew Costa watch for a 
tip off the potential block. The 
freshmen on the tram were key players 
diirino the season, photo l>y Sick (fault 

* The chrrrlrailcrs 
peri'onn iliirin« haKHinc lor 
the crowil. They often 
thre» spirit itenia into the 
crowd to boost the ^yellinii,. 

* Shannon \orth sprinsjfi 
to the iifoiind Jurin« a 
dance routine. The Intiels 
were frequent performers 
diirino the home basketball 
•>ames. * Tront row: 
hristine Olson. Julie 
lockard. [nne Dat is. \an 
1 ates. Jessica day. Jolie 
Sanfiaoft. hack row: 
Wchelle Pavel. Joanna 
Oreiner. Hope Michaels. 
Morgan Oarrett. * \nne 
and llntlsey show off their 
talent durin« their routine. 

* Julie "Tjfc.S the crowds 
attention and keeps them 
screaming,. * l/isAii 
Kassam and Tar\n Sahia 
draw the fans' attention 
durino one of their dances. 

* Shannon \orth and 
Christie ISliiOfS entice the 
cheerin« ."itudents with 
their own dance routine. * 
Tar^n Sahia performs with 
a .•imile on her face. Taryn 
enjoyed her last year on 
the dance team, always 
keeping the crowd enter- 
tained. * \t the end of a 
routine, the dance team 
knows their hard work has 
paid off with another 
outsfandinn performance, 
photos by lirian lledar 

Cheerleading/Dance Team Angels 

getic Movco ment 

Sports 107 

♦ Meoan Horst racc-i .side h\ .•iUle tilth an 
opponent during a cross coanfry meet at 
I'SI'. Speed and endurance play a central 
role In women's cross countr\. * (I f« 
R) Alisa Ma//«H-chi. Kri.stiii John.soii. Leslie 
Steininan. Lindsev IJelcher. Jessica 
Ackennaii. Me»aii llorst. Coach Kav 
Wtinderiich. Oina AliberM. ♦ .lonafhan 
Da» in s>\inii,s iIomii fhe fain\a.\ t>ii his wa\ 
fo a birdie. 1 he !i,olt' team t're(|tieiifed area 
cooiifrA clubs for their pradices. * I ronf 
row: 1.) IJdbiie. Mark loiiiisbiirs. Maff 
Den/er. Back nm: Jonafhaii Da* in. Scoff 
BoneA'. Kvie McCarfhv. ♦ I'nshinsi^fhe 
limif. lindsev Belcher makes the pass for 
the Tritons. She kept her sii^hf .set on the 
person in front of her and sIomIv crept to 
the fop of the pack. ♦ Scoff lione^v 
follows fhroiisih on his .swini^and Matches 
doM n fhe fain>av to see if he hit the lifeeii. 
■f he Triton 'iolf team was a sfron&hold 
ddrin'ifhe season. 

108 Golf/Cross Counuy 

♦ Kriatin Johnson perse} crvs as she breaks an av 
from fhe pack and towards the ne\t ninner. 
II omen's cross coiintn offers iiiaii^ self challen«es 
and can help voii physically compter your ooals. * 
T.). Mark. Scoff, ami Dan Carin'v Ifoii on their cliibs 
before their ne\f fee oH'. The I'nnlo* in" afotij) of 
ifiym cnjoved all their time on fhe cour-se. 

ouiig)e of Action 

IB^ -^ 


. ltlllgT 

O"- - ' 










liiif i 




Mali Deii/cr and K;s1e McCartlrk' head dm»ii Me»aii Hor.sf works t«mard.s her feaminafe .le.s.sica Ackennaii to .stav ahead of 
fhe fain\a\ fmxards the yv en after their the pack. With continued peak performance, the Trifon.s ran ahead of of 
tccoff. their compelilor.s. 



Euoh\ bpianie iiik- ofthv most popular .tpoii.t oii the Ickcnl cHiijias this 
nea.ioii. In (act. I COS CI en spoiiMtml free I'ooil iliirin" oik' (••' their home 
mali-hes. U hether for the hlootl. mud. and .sii eat. orjii.ft for pure enjo\ ment. 
.'jtiident.'i were definilel\ iiitereiited in the sport. 

110 Rugby 


Sports 111 

Kale llrilman >"« iii-is hi<^h on the hall 
Jz/riiis a .-ien ire. Her po» rrfiil sen <■ 
« iS hani to return. 

l]}ilrra llonitxrilt attack.-! the hareh in 
bonniht hall, imlrea'.'i .•ifrenith helpeil 
her to return Jifdciilt p/a.«.s. 

Uomr/iVi /ciiii/.s- Team (I to K): hate Heilinan. Imlrea llomtieJt. Sahra /ofn'mi, 
Jesiiira I'hi atal. and hri.->tin lof'iren. 

112 I Tennis 

. l/?«*r a Irfmcndoua play Kate Ueilmsn 
and Kristin iafiiffn <-ehhnte with tiioh 
fii es. Thf tandem vi ere hard to mat'-h 
when thf\ had tht'ir o'a/np fat-fS on. 

Krisfijan Jankm if leapa toward the 
retamini hall (or the smash play. His 
tremednus abilities were an asset on the 



A.l\vay s ( /Advantage 

Saira lofifen returns the hall 
to her opponent. Sahra's 
senior leadership was key 
durino the women 's season. 

■* '■^-'' - '-* --^ ., H ^ .. ^ * ,^ „„ < t 4, 4 > :„<^o 
• ' • ' * t t *..*~ ■■ <."z^ 

ShJkhagf Sinsfi eyes his opponent diirins. a match. 
Concentration can he the deciding (actor in all tennis 

Sports I 113 

.-Ittoie Aitinan .•fai/s one in the 
plate. bis'iV.s senior leadership on the 
mound ira.s an adtanta^e to the Trltona 
diirino their neason. 

Allhley BarabaS n/zis /<) piek iip the hall 
on an infield hit. .-IshJev 'g hard practice 
enabled o^eaf plavs from her diirina the 

Meloney Sabo arii.s her 
helmet before heading to the 
plate to hat. Sabo '.s 
iipperciasa leadership helped 
keep the team focused diirin» 
iames. photo by /{nan Kedar 

114 I Softball 

Kelli I ielder \fhlps the ball in from the outfield on an 
oma/ inn play. I ielder's .ftreiinth made ei en lonii, hits 
easy to (jraft. photo b\ Sick Oaillf 

,-linv Kilhert watches the pitcher and 
prepares for her sprint to second, 
bin's speed and quickness ^^ere assets 
for the teams steal record, photo b\ 
llrian Hedar 

helix Jackson looks for the si«n before 
steppins, into the ho\ at the plate. 
Jackson ph^ys soffhall in the sprin" and 
I olleyhall diirinii the fall, photo fcv 
Brian lledar 

Members of the »i omen 's Softball team enter the i^^mnasinm together darin« 
Midnisfit Madness. Man^y l.ckerd sports teams support each other dimn» their 
respectite oames and matches, photo by Jessie Oreen 




Sports Collage 

Sports 117 

"Beyaud ike Ca££ oh 'Duly 

118 I Beyond the Call of Duty 

Sfiidenfs vote on a major issue durins, the ueeUv 
iejiislafn e Coiinell meefiii". IC is coinposril of dorm 
presidents and o(( campus representatives and is an 
oriiani/ed hodv under H'OS. 

Jamie Thompson. Charlotte 
Maee. and Kristin Harrison sit 
at the IX- SIR table at the cluh 
fair to help recruit some urn 
talent. I.ekerd's annual cluh 
fair«iies students the chance 
to enlist and ini estimate the 
»hole arrav of IX'OS 
sponsored clubs, photo by 
Adrian Ste»art 

To iNVOLVed FcKepd StUdeNtS, 
tHepe does N^t SeeNj to b© e^otrgH 
Hours iN tH© da\j. Pressures Fro|Vi 
acadeivjicS ^jeaPN Fop our atte^tiON 
as tne Focus iS put o|>i otHep 

obugatiOjMs. JugguNg activities, 
SociaL uFe^ aiMd cLassWopK gets 

StpeSSFUL at ti|V|eS, bUt eve^tUaLL^ 
evep\jtH*Ng See|V|S to FaLL iNto pLace. 
LtrcKiLvj, FcKepd oFFepS NJNiepouS 

cLUbS aNd opgaNizatio^s tnat caN be 

used as outLetS to tHe StpeSS oF 
evep\jtH«Ng eLSe a COLLege StUdeNt 
deaLS W'tH. THe SKILLS LeaPNed b^j 

papticipatiNg *N tnese extpa- 

CUPPiCULapS IvjaRe evep\j IvjoivjeNt 
WeLL WoptH goiNg above aNd be\joiMd 
tHe caLL OF dUt\j. 



}[embers of le^inlath e Council take a 
vote by hand Jurino one of their Snmlay 
nioht meetinSff in I'ox Hall. This body 
wan effective in inakiminameroiis 
changes on eamptiA. 

Shannon rlliaon. Director of Academic 
: \ffairsi ietii into an entertaining, mood 
while Mary and l^reaidenl Alice CarlKon 
prepare to hand out shirt. -i to the cro»d. 

Parliamentarian Tim MerichUo and 
director of Academic Affairs Shannon 
lllison speak with Chaplain Mona 
liaiflSao at the Thanksifvini, Dinner. 
This ex ent alloMed international 
students and bnericans the 
opportunity to share a feast tosf'ther. 
photo by Jessie Oreen 

Organization of Students (ECOS) 

Members of le<<iMal'ne Coancil and 
ASI'LC tiofher at lewis House fo enjoy a 
harhetfiie. The cooperation between 
ICOS ami ASriC is an integral 
component oi'an academic opportunity 
oil campus. 

IX'OS hrsideni Alice Carlson and ISA 
/'resident Cost as Oerardos refien their 
remarks before takin« the podium at the 
ThanliSiiit I'lia Dinner, photo by Jessie 

Director of I inance Amanda Zion enjoys 
a catered meal behind Xl: durino an 
I COS sponsored event. Students were 
entertained with music, food, sand 
volleyball, and frisbee. 

Amanda Ho%^ey and.lessie Green Aaii» 
lip their committee banner at the 
campus mural paintins. day. Students, 
faculty, and staff all took part in 
paintin« anyfhin« of their choice on a 
mural to be displayed on campus. 

Organizations I 121 


2000 2001 ICOSKxeiiifhv Hoard (l to K) 

Shannon llli^on. lUreetor of \ctiJeni!e UTa/rs 

Tom Miller. /Van of Stiidenh 

Alice Car/.s"*)!!. I*re.s'nlent 

.-IjnanJa /.ion. Director of linanee 

Sally llolf. I ice I're.fident 

Reeur Kobrrson. Director of Campna ictliitie.t 

Academic Affairs Committee - Iheresia 
Buehhoh. Amanda llowey. Sliannon 
Ellison. Blaca Oareia. and Rachel 

legi.slatii e Council - I'ront r<)»r (I to R): 
Theresia Bachhol/. Cat KollasonReese. 
Alex Caiisin. Josh Sparks. Karl i.vaits. 
Jessica Soto. Tiffam I'asco. Dai id 
Hendrickson. Second row: Alice 
Carlson. Brittney lioone. Amanda Zion. 
Melanie Mettetal. Shannon l.llison. 
Ganin Seal\. Carl Dnchanne. haren 
liichka. Jason I'iantedosi. i.rin Tellino. 
Salh Holt, liacl^ roi%: Rachel Kohlsfen. 
Leah Rinall. Deter llinna. ttohhy Sen is. 
Justin l.ono. I'at 0'ilahert\. (iracson 
Morris. Sprini^ illison. (ires, Onorato. 
and Tim Merichko. 

The IiCOS Rwcnthc ISoarJ 

foiiiipitiilitte.'i uiiW f hankie Interim I round ofapplmiae in n'/i en to 

I'residcnt Ocne HotchUas (or hit inemherji of the ReniJential life staff for 

oiitstanilinti, sen ice to the entire l.ckenl their Sen ice Jtirin« the \ear to the 

(■<>//«•«> community. stmlent hoily. 

Shannon Lllison and.lmanda Zion thank 
Director of Security Ihn Barto at the 
Giver's Banquet for his hard work and 
dedication to the student body. 

Alice Carlson presents I ice IWsident 
for finance Janice Stroh »ith a token of 
appreciation for her Support oflX'OS 
and its biidsft. 

Organizations I 123 

Col.ditor-mi'h'wf lirian Kcilar explains 
aoinc of the eoinpiifrr fcehitiqiics to 
/>()«£ lioixmaii ami lamarj I'harroii in 
the yearbook ot'llee. 

-'biiaiii/a Hoy\e\ setn ready to head out 
Into the ahysa ofcampaa to take 
pletiire.t. \JI photos, except select 
portraits, \\ere taken hy staff meinhers. 



kyle Marhham. Sports Lditor. hansfi out 
at a restaurant in II ashiniiton. DC 
Jurimi the \CI'/CM\ Xational Media 

The Hullabaloo Yearbook 

Co Uitorin Chief liii/r<'»l Richardson 
smiles with ijlrlfriend and staff member 
lirittney lioone at the Cheesecake 
iactory in \i ashiniiton. I>C. 


lirian Rnhr ir()rA.s on enferini, a layout 
info fh<- compiifcr to makr ileatlline. 
Many lafr ii/g'A^s were spent In the staff 
iilfinhprs as deadlines approached. 

bnanda //oirp,^. Co-nditorinChief 
Jessie (ireen. Ashler Uopson. and 
Adrian Stewart discuss plaiui for the 
year oi er dinner durins, the staff trip to 
the XatJonal Media Conference. 

Organizations I 1 25 

Rotvn Yati aliecst iinilaliona for the 
Triton tianqticf at the riul offhryrar. 
The Triton ho.-ifrd this n rnf to thank all 
of thrir staff and contrihiitors ilnrini, 
the course of the year. 

Caniliee Cannichael stares hiankh at the 
computer screen while lr\ino,to think 
of a eye catchinii layout for her 
\ieMj)Oints section, photo hy lirian 

126 The Triton 



LtlitorinChicI' l.mily Moroansfein <;ii vs 
her vyca a break I'roin the coinpiiter sfare 
nhilr Leah Hi«all prepavrs an article to 
he ii\pnt info the compiifer. photo h\ 
Brian Reilar 

l.riea Crai^ sorrams in horror at the 
thoiioht of an all niiihter in the Triton 
olfiee. Most .ftaff inemhera Spent more 
time in the office than at clans. 


I ilitor in Chief V.mily Morianstein sits 
II ith her coworker Amifla Ui<<fe\ at the 
annual cinh fair in the lloiiiih Quail. 
This time is n.feil to recruit ofl'ice staff, 
writers. aiiJ photosfaphers. photo hv 
Adrian Stewart 

Organizations I 127 

Wrccfor Morion StaiIcA hanis tip a 
poster at rrafusfntion imitina, all 
stiiJents to a Welcome Back liiaii in the 
Hoiiih Quad, photo b\ Ainaiula Ho«e^ 

Vile Irlieefta prvparcn papemori in 
the I'almcffo office before bookiit" an 
ei ent. Mike 'n /in oh emenf in the sTf^iip 
helped make it a MireejiK. 

Patriek helh and lindney kraal/ di.ieii!'.-' 
an /jproHi/iig Palmeffo e\ ent. Ph. the 
Assiftanf Ihreetor of Campus Icti^itiea. 
asshyted Palmetto \yitb all of their 
planninti and biid«etin«. 


Palmetto Productions 

Kecpins, herself entertained. Jrnn , hiher .ttlrhi her snout up (or all to see. 11 ilh 
numerous hours ifitini^ into each event, stall' members temleil to act sillv after a 
while, photo In lirian Uedar 

I'almctfo I'rodiicf ioiis Board - Ironf row (I to R): PatricU Kellv. Tivyn Sabia. Moriyii 
Stailov. Laura Scherf. Back row : Tiffanv Sfoens. Mike IVIiceHa. Thcresia Biiohhol/,. 
liiidsfA Kraaf/,. .Ainv Barrios. 

Orsanizations I 129 

Chaplain Mona Bagasao and Tmor 
perform a iiiitar duel at the 
bileniationa] TTuiiAjjo'i'i iiio Ihiiner in 
Fox Hall. Thig event allowed atiidentg. 
faealty. and staff of all baeksrounds to 
Join together in thankg. photo bv Jessie 

Richard Hallin. Dean of Admissions, 
shows his ftwhninsi personality as he 
completes paperwork while ytearinihis 
froihat. Dean Hallin's work with 
current and prospective students u> 
strengthened with his character. 

.Am\ Tepro\ieh. Ajisistant Director of 
Residence life, enerietieally waies to 
eieryone who's around. Amy's 
pa.fsionate desire to work with college 
students made a perfect match with her 
po.tition in the OfCice of Student 
.Affairs, photo h\ Brian Redar 


Facultv/Staff Interaction 

Skip makes balloon bats durinsi an ei ent 
with the ISest liuddies Club. Skip could 
he found at almost ei ei^ major campus 

Mvles Bonman. Associate Director of 
Resideiife life, participales in the dunk 
contest diirino AJochol Awareness 
yveek. Myles used all of his pocket 
change to fl^ to dunk his fellow 
students that he works with. 

Professor Peter Mexlan works with his 
itarine Science class out in Boca Cieia 
Bay on a project. All Marine Science 
classes iniohe work out in the field, 
photo hy Douo Borsptan 

Members of the Financial Aid staff help 
process paperwork durin« registration 
in Fo.\ Hall at the he«innins^ of the 
school, year. Registration is one of the 
few chances that campus offices s,et to 
interact with the entire student bod,y. 
photo by Amanda Howe,v 

Orsanizations I 131 

Stiideiif.f enjoy a Chn.slhn Coffcchoiim' at the Viib 
during an rt rnt ho.fteJ hy i'ampiiK Miniafi^. which 
ineliiJpil a local Chrinfian hand. 

hate Meacham. Intern for Campus Ministry. e\plalns 
the rales of the Lasler e<J<i, hunt around the chapel. 
Manx stiidentsjoined in the Lasfer celebrations at 
Griffin Chapel. 

Student Ministry Coordinators lieeky lilitch. Hehecca 
Ooodni»ht. and .fenn Isher participate in the faster 
roft carry during one of the etents held durinti^ the 

132 Student Ministry 

Andre\\' Bhek ami l.mih Heddx enjoy some of the 
fegth it lea inelmliii" the La.tter e»» hunt held around 
the chapel and Chapel I'ond. 

Organizations I 133 

LC Otitreifh SUndlni (I to R): 
Amanda Wotie*. Me^an Berkaii. 
Siilekha Tiimmala. Angela \!emiee. 
Clare Barratt. Aimee Melean. Aiufha 
hanfiam. and I'mdjiey nelpii. Slttino: 
Gina Sktiri^. There.<h Biiehholz. and 
Mas»ie Bromiell. 

Larfh Soriefy (I to TO: liiea.'! Seipp- 
H iliiam^. Lmma Thompson. Aj<hlev 
Hopson. Morian Crawford. Molly 
Roekamann. Tommy \ordman. hatie 
Tripp. Me^an Homt. hat Piehei in. 
Alaina Tomberlin. and l/arl Mueller. 

Ihiriniiihe Cireir h fhlltmrrn Trick or Tri'at I'art,^. Mfole lliirhinner. Karharl Thomp.ton. and Cor\ Andrnfon (far riiht) .fcnr 
rrfre.-ihwrnt.'i before ii alkins. the iijntiip thronsfi the dorms for eand\ . Manx litudents decorated their halls in anticipation of the 

134 I Service and Leadership Clubs 

J ^ 

Megan Horst. Moth Bockamann. Joyce 
DiGu0ielmo. and Mandv Guide 
creathelx desisfl holiday sjfts during 
an Earth Soviets event in the Pah. 

Justin Riivra »ne.s his helping hand 
during a campus cleanup day 
sponsored hy the Earth Society, photo 
hvAmanda Ho\yey 

Ste\e Hahinas. member of Best 
Buddies, sells green rice krispy treats 
to a .student outside the mailboxes to money (or an upcoming club 
event, photo by Brian Redar 

Omieron Delta Kappa Honor Society 
Standing (I to Eh Patricia Manteiga. 
Bethany Elliott. Jamie Thompson. 
Chris Matteriion. Kimberly 
Sehillhammer. Tim Merichko. hat 
Bronii. Kris ten Phillips. Oanin Sealy. 
Ian Smith. Sally Holt, and Joe Roberts. 
Front row: Alice Carlson. Ali Pool, and 
Castas Gerardos. 

Organizations I 135 

I'rior to hiK hell leM. Chris 
Stoililanl taken time to stretch. 
Alt essential part of Jiijitsii is 
ha\ iii'i a relaxeil hoJy to irort 
HiV/i. photo hy Kriaii Keilar 


.]oe\ Tarahoretti swinifi Lauren 
H aters at a .stri';i<; cliih ei ent in 
l'o\ Hall, t'rior to the ai-fiial 
e%enf. lessons »ere offered 
freeof charsf. photo hy Adrian 

Justine l.iepkalns and Iric 
I ernandev enjoy a niiifit of 
S»in<i dancinn in I'ox Hall. The 
Sx^in'i cliih frequented area 
e\ ents as »ell as hostinn, their 
own lialas. photo hy , {drian 


Hobby Clubs 

Mcmher.t of Ihsfthir practice 
their comhaf in Slater's H ooila. 
In aihlilion to afternoon 
eients. the «foup ^^onld aluo 
boat e%enin<i feasta in the 

Swini, i'liih ■ Back ro^^ (I to R): Chris Stoddard. Paoe Spiess. Carly 
lierdine. (Una Skiirka. Tiffany Pasco, and Taylor Smith. Vront row; 
Matt Medeiros. . liigV/a \ieiniee. Clare Barratt. Salekha Tammala. 
laiiren Waters, and l^rica Cheney. 

r J 



M'-- - " ^^^^m 







Wwriiia a belt test for Jtijitsii. 
LsA hidwio demonstrates a 
moie on .fiistin Kiiera. ITie 
club would brini, in a Sensai for 
rafln«;i throughout the year, 
photo by Brian Kedar 


Hajimari Xo Miehi ,]iijitsu - Back row (I to R): Chris Stoddards. 
I'radip Inanda. Lsh ludwio. and Sam I'ierre. Second row: Mtt 
Medeiros. Paoe Spiess. AJIison Herron. and .lustin Rivera. Front 
Row: Sen.'iei Rich Harris. 

Organizations I 137 

Members of the Surf Club 
enjoy a barbeque in Kappa after 
a da\ ofaurfino and fun in the 
nun. The Kurft-lub coiudanth 
monitors the ^^a^e.s on both 
eoants for the best opportunity 
to SFob the boards and head 

Women's Club Volleyball ■ 
Back row (I to W: I anessa 
Barbo/a. 0/iia SUirka. Carly 
Berdine. Miien Baleker. .ViiiK-.* 
Benthardt. Lriea Chaney. and 
Amanda Sampaio. Iront ro\f: 
Jen kins;<ley. Jenn Asher. and 
Jill law. photo courtesy of 
Jen hinasley 

Durino the canoe relay in 
Frenchman's Creek durins. 
Autumn Term, these freshmen 
enjoy the nater more than the 
race, photo h\ Jessie Oreen 


Club Sports and Activities 

Brian likke-CoHina Icap.t in front of his 
opponents to cafeh the dine iliirin« a Ultimate 
Disc competition on the intramural field, photo 
bv Adrian Sfe^^arf 

Durinii a name ni«ht in Vox Hall, students enjoy a 
friendly oa/iip of billiards. In addition to pool 
tables, pinball machines and other entertainment 
was proiided. photo by Adrian Steyrart 


II /// Seiifferf citferfaiivi fhe crmfd \\lfh his local 
abilities. In jJilition to .s/iig'iiio. 11 ill is also a incinbcr 
of the Search anil Keseiie team, photo hy {inanila 

Julia llmhileston 
seranaJeJ h\ the karaoke 
master as her friend Zena 
Dai is smiles at her «ooil 
fortune, photo by 
. biiaiiJa llo»ey 

liei-ky Day. Ilndsey hraat/. Urn \lerichl,o. and Mark Mueller 
enthusiast Icalls enjoy the talents of their friends at a AiinoAc 
nliiht In the I'uh sponsored by I'almetto I'roducflons. photo In 
Amanda //<mr\ 

lyndsle \iekel captures the heart of the croud iiith her ama/.ins, 
I olce. In addition to sln'iinii. lyndsle ;i/.s<) enjoys aetin«. photo 
by Imanda H<mr* 

140 Karaoke Night 

Tim Mciiehkt) crarhy a 
Sfin dnvini^ bin ilchiit as a 
.so/o artist. Sol onh did 
Tim start his solo career, 
hut later ill the ei eiiiii«. 
he joined up with bis 
friend H ill Senffert to 
attempt a duet . photo bx 
Amanda Uowe^ 

Shelh hidd coiii-eiitrates 
on her moiinii^ Mords of 
the soil". seiidiii« a calm 
mood across the crowd, 
photo h\ Amanda Ho»'ey ISraiidel entertains the entire »fonp with a 
stiiniiiii»pert'onnance other favorite Ivries- photo hy 
Ajnaiida Honev 

Jessica Soto searches for the perfect 
sonii to belt out to the audience. 
Whether couiitr\ or rock, the fans were 
pleasantly impressed with the talent of 
their peers, photo by bihiiula Howey 

Organizations I 141 

142 I Faces of Eckerd 

Organizations I 143 

Ye€W4> Gmie 3g 


Years Gone By 

4 /ars'c sfoiip of sfailcnfij chrrr on the Trifon.-i aoceer 
team to a »riii diirin« one offhr fall mafehes. 
SliiJrnh are ahvavs atipporfliio each other in and out 
of the f/ii.s.sroom. photo hyjensie Green 


Maria hate hides her faee 
while li/ Pel ries cheers at the 
start of a ne\%\\ear back with 
all other friends. The Urst 
»eek back students share 
their hilarious Stories of the 
past summer. 




Ever^j ^ear approXi|viateL\j 1600 

StUdeNtS jOiN ©acH otHep ^N 0|Jr 

spectacaLar WateprroNt cai^ipus. Fop 

IMilMe IvjooitHS W© SHape IvieivjorieS aNd 
eXper«eNceS W*tH ©acH otHep. MaK'Ng 
FpieNdSHipS to LaSt a UFetilvje. Coi^ie 
tH© IVjiddLe OF Ma^j We pLaN 0|Jr 

departures aNd sa\j our FareWeLLS. 

Fop 1/4 OF us We W«LL be LeaV^Ng 
tHe coiVjFortS OF tne paSt Foup 
^eapS; otHep W'LL petUPN 'N tHe FaLL 
For aNotHep \)eap OF boNd«Ng aNd 
eXciteivjeNt. TflPoUgH aLL oF oup 
^eapS We Have beeN SUppopteJ b^j 
FpieNdS aNd FajvjiLVj, bUt ivjost 

iNipoptaNt - our papeNts. 
THaNK ^oij For snapiNg ^^up Love 

ovep tHe vjeapST 

Parents Ads 145 



on fulfilling your 

fore^/er UyvOn^ crur Bright Spot, 
Mom/, Kctndy, (M^id/VhdlCp 


on a job well done. 

Love Mom and Dad 

Emily Chaia Morganstein - 

You've learned to play from friends, fam- 
ily, and from listening to your Self. All who 
love you think you have a sound-of -angels 

When times are hard and you're discour- 
aged, think of those who played with you, 
and now live, love, and laugh with you even 
from a distance. Te amo, Querida. Mom 

Taryn Sabla, 

May you alwyas 
experience suc- 
cess. You are 
masterful at 
what you do and 
who you are. 
You have 
touched lives with a heart that's 
both joyful and wise. Proudly we 
congratulate you. You are the 
sunshine of our lives. 

All of our love, 

Mom, Dad, Matt, Pop <& Gram, 

and the Nutters 

146 I Ads 

JollE AlNIN 


Your work is to discover your 
world and then with all your 
heart give yourself to it. 

All our lovey 
Dad and Mom 

Ads I 147 

L.(iri5Li(ic A. SdULJi 

You have come a long way 

We are very proud ojfyou 
and ijoar accowipllshyiientsl 

Mom.& Rich 

Brian ReJar 

Bnan...u'ere you a l/ttle cold during 
Winter Break back honf]e in Indiana? 

We are very proud of what you have accon}- 

piished during you two years at Ecekrd. Keep 

up the good job and enjoy the Florida sun! 

love Worn and Dad 

Lots of 

success in 
Have Fun, 
Work Hard! 
Love, Dad 

Seer T. Murphy 


We love you... 

v^iom, Dad, Sarah, 
Clover and Reilly 

To oy. voa we<'e "Coon+ry" 

when coon+ry wayn'+ coo(.' 

^/ow yooVe "Coon+ry" 

+0 evei'yone a+ ^chooi! 

We (ove yo(i and are vei'y proud of yoa.' 

^oye Morv*. {>ad» and Joe 



News Flash! 
Ian Smith Graduates Eckerd 

Ralph and Susan Smith and all of Ian ^s friends, relatives and 
colleagues at FPMI Communications, Inc., are proud to an- 
nounce that Ian joins the Eckerd Alumni Class of 2001. 
Ian was accompanied through his years at Eckerd by his faith- 
fid Miata. Both (pictured at left) made it through 4 untroubled 
but eventful years. 

Ian emerges from academia with his own web-design company. 
Site sbxSmith. com 

Throughout Ian 's academic career he also sen-ed as the most 
outstanding Webmaster for FPMI Comnmnications, Inc. Check 
out his work at 
Way to go, Ian! 



J £ 

Joey, Antftonij, and 'Jhui 

The Cashes 



'We're proud of i/our accompfisftments! 
'I'ofleybatt has tak^n you far, and you 
earning your bachebrs in Business zvitt 
tak^e ifou anywhere you want to go. 
So reach for the stars! 

We Love you and Qod B[ess you! 

iybur 'Tamifxj 

150 Ads 



When I dropped you off that first 

day for Kindergartea 3 dreamed of 
fhe day 1 would watch you Qraduafe 

Thai day has eome and I am 


It seems like yesterday we were 

just two sisters tiiat neyer got along. 

Btit now you've graduated college snd you're 

one of my best frfends. 

Congratulations and 

Good Luek wHh your future. 

~bve, Nancy hne'" 

Ads 151 

S^L^^:-C^^^-.i^\i-,--<'^-^^'i.-V^^^ J 



May the sun and the stars 
always shine on you as 
you follow your dreams. 

We are so proud of you 
for just being you. 


Mom and Dad 

"y^au'ae came a iang. (ua^ SluSl^!" 

Cang^tatuiatiam an a dieam came tnue. 
cm au% iouc, 

3add Sex^la JCeii^ 
dduanna ^eau Cfith 

152 Ads 

Kari A Higgs 

Care Bare, 

Dreams do come true! 

We love you so much, 
Ami and Doug 

CamiUc Church 


Your family loves you. 

We wish you much 

success and happiness in 

2001 and beyond. 




May your accomplishments bring you success and 
happiness in the future. you can always count on your 
family for love and support. 


154 Ads 

d'--^'^ t^TorSus' ond makes us 
Dream honors 

^C^o^Ja..a.-s o. .o. .raduat-o • 
'oZ Mom. a.d Jeff 


to the Hulla6al®® 2000-2001 
Patrons who helped make this book possible: 





from the Hullat>al®® 

Ads 155 

I n r t-( .2 hollo w 

Where the w i ii e ; b • 1 1 cm n e l 

and brouQht from the ope 



v/ ' 


"he chilled Jrac 
he smiles in 1 1. 
rjckling from the 

n d r 3 i r» the s O u n c 


*. --\, 


:r~"i ^x 



The kappa Tribe Kla of knalen M\sbrjll. 
}leaan HorM. Aisa./o/iiwoii. anil .lease 
Bla/ek take on the of the romplexen 
»ilh their freshmen at Tunhmpies. photo 
hy Jessie (ireen 

Amanda Uo\\e\ and lirittney lioone fake a 

break from their i oliinfeer »ork diirlns, 

Into the Streets. Many students 

I olanfeered for the day at i arioiis non 

profit or»anl/ations. photo b\ Idrian 


Tim Meriehko waits to »o flyin« into the 
bucket of water during, a dunk tank eient 
during XJcobol Am arene.^S »eek. photo liv 
lirian Redar 

166 Closing 



Bver feel like you are falling and 
dont know how to stop? Bventu- 
ally you will come to a stop; 
whether it be at the end of your 
years at Bckerd or because of dra- 
matic changes in your life. Once 
you hit the ground you will be look- 
ing at life with a new perspective. 
Chings will be clear and concice; it 
will all make sense. So while you 
fall into place, keep in mind every- 
thing will slow down and you'll 
bounce right back up. 

Sy 'Brian lledar 







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